Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds


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Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds
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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey ( Washington )
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S. R. A.-B. S. 77. Issued Au';-it, l'J:;2.

United States Department of Agriculture
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I' aV,
Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations------------------------------.---------
Convention between the Unitrd Statrs andl (riat B]ritain for ih, )iir'tection of mli-
gratory birds in the United States and Canada----------------------------- 9
Migratory bird treaty act---------------------------------------------------- 11
Lacey Act, re-ulaitgig intr.,tate cournnro, in wild aiiii:ii-l------ ---------- 13
Law protecting wild animals and birds and thb'ir *ig- and f;i\'Crwiine.t ipropcrty tuin
Federal re.lues ---------------------------------------------------------- 14
HIunting on national forests------------------------------ ------------------- 15
Fires on public dnain------------------------------------------------------- 15
Provisions of tariff act rei.rulating importation o(f plumni:1o, -:innm it, __-------- 15
Canadian tariff act prohibiting importation of plurit:igi'. mluog),-"L, and certain
birds--------------.--.---.-----..--.-----------.--------.-----.------------.. 18
Field service, Division of Game and Bird (', Trva,.'i Hin. lItrti.u 't (if iu ioicii-.l u,'ty_ 1!9
Officials from whom cupits of gaunr? liws iity be ,'tiinvdd---------------------------


[As approved and promulgated by the Presidnt July 31, 1918. and animended October 25.
1918; July 28. 1919: July 9, 1920; March 3 and May 17, 1921 ; March 8. 1922- A:,ril
10 and Junp 11, 1923; April 11 nnd July 2, 1924; June 22. 1125; March 8, Aipril 22.
and June 18. 1P26 ; April 4 and 21, arid Sptcinil"'r 6. 1,_27 March 2. July 13 annd
August 16, 1928; April 23 and December 31, 1929; Mi:tv 23 and August 25, 113'J;
March 17, August 25 and September 12, 1931; and July 20), 1932.]

Regulation 1.-Definitions of Migratory Birds
Migratory birds, inclurldd in the terms of the convention between the United
States and Great Britain for the protection of migratory birds, conclu'l.d
August 16, 1916, are ar follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae, or waterfowl, including brant, wild ducks, geese, and swans:.
(b) Gruidae, or cranes, including little brown. sandlill, and wlinopiiu, eranie.s.
(o) Rallid.oe, or rails, including coots., g limle-,, ind sora and other rails
(d) Limicolae. or shore birds, including avocets, curlevws, dowilllers, .,,i-
wits, knots, oyster catchlers, plialarolpes, llovers, indiiiiLrs, snipe, stilts, .-urf
birds, turnstone, willet, woodo'-k, and yollcwvlegs.
(e) Columbidae. or pi.eons, in'ludilg doves ;imid wild pig',onz.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Cii'-lhos; flicewrs andil tierr woodpo'el:-r-;
nighthawks or bullbats and whip-poor-wills ; swifts; hinnnimiiglrds:; flycatch-
ers; boblolinks meadow ;irkt, ind oriole.,; gro>1,ie:,k. ; talii.aigurs; mn:r'ti i-s ;ad
other swallows; waxwinigs; shrikes ; vire,,s; wa rblers : pipits; ca tl'ird-4 and
brown thrashers; wrens; brown c'repers -; nutli:it'l,'s; cbickadc'.s a;ind ii nice;
kinglets anrid gnat ca tehirs; roWlns and other thrnili-s; and all oilier p1i lii'i
birds which feed entirely or chiefly on in.o,'ts.
3. Other mni;gratory nongame birds: .\ uks, airli't,. bittern-, filrni 's. n;; '1 .fs.
grebes, guiliin'its., gull]-., herons, JiegiIs'. 100loon1s, iiiirt1 I tr'l-. piiliil-, liwa-
waters, and terns.
[As :miiended July 0, 1920.]
'I In the linlersts of economy In printinrg \;>' n.iii!',-. the ,I'r irtmr not's pz blicintion on
the gain ,' laws, hirtitnfore is-uz l ai nnlitlly ii tYii Im'.'.rin,,r,' I-ill.-t in serieS a.ii 'dirriinZ
summarized irionrmatin for e ah Sintor. will thi- y, :rr b, i iwlrul "'',! i--,',l :;n4 a
Mlscell;uIneous l'ublicntion, (;onie Inws for the S,. 193'2 3:3. Wluii it.'hil. il'l, can
be obtained from the Su perintnen Iril if Di' iii ant-. ,C ''vir r1 ,nt Printin- Oi li.., Wash-
ington, D. C.. at 5 cents each. Copi,,. for fri -,, di-tribttion will not be available. Persons
desiring information rv':ir4dinzr further restrirctonp set by site i law or r. i|nti,,i on
seasons. limits.q. pos sion. :indtl other hiintiilu |irovisinns. should coinituiilc.te with the
appropriate State officials, whose addresses are given n page 20 of this puildi' .ation.
1336G1 --32- 1


Regulation 2.-Definitions of Terms
For the purposes of these regulations the following terms shall be construed,
re:-pectively, to mean-
S'crretary.-The Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.
Pcr.on.-The plural or the singular, as the case demands, Including indi-
viduals, associations, partnerships, and corporations, unless the context other-
wise requires.
Tuke.-The pursuit, hunting, capture, or killing of migratory birds in the
manner and by the means specifically permitted.
Opcn.s(ason.-The time during which migratory birds may be taken.
Transport.-Shipping, tran sporting, carrying, exporting, receiving or deliver-
ing for shipment, transportation, carriage, or export.

Regulation 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May be Taken
The migratory game birds specified in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
during the open season with a gun only, not larger than No. 10 gauge, fired
from the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 10
hereof; they may be taken during the open season from the land and water,
with the aid of a dog, the use of decoys, and from a blind or floating., device,
except that in the taking of wild ducks not more than twenty-five (25) live duck
decoys may be shot over, and in the taking of wild geese in California the use of
live goose decoys is not permitted; but nothing herein shall be deemed to
permit the use of an automobile, airplane, powerboat, sailboat, any boat under
sail, any floating device towed by powerboat or sailboat, or any sinkbcx (bat-
tery), except that sinkboxes (batteries) may be used in the taking of migratory
waterfowl in coastal sounds and bays (including Back Bay, Princess Anne
County, State of Virginia) and other coastal waters; and nothing herein shall
be deemed to permit the use of an airplane, or a powerboat, sailboat, or other
floating device for the purpose of concentrating, driving, rallying, or stirring up
migratory waterfowl, and mourning doves shall not be taken at, on, or over,
or within 100 yards of, any place, area, or environment whatever, whereat cr
whereon has been placed, scattered, or distributed by the hunter himself, or with
his knowledge, any wheat, corn, or other grain, salt, or other food, designed,
intended or effective to bait, lure, attract, or entice such doves.
[As amended July 28, 1919; March 3 and May 17, 1921; April 4, 1927; March 2, 1928;
April 23, 1929; March 17, 1931; and July 20, 1932.]

Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possession of Certain Migratory Game
For the purpose of this regulation, each period of time herein prescribed
as an open season shall be construed to include the first and last days thereof.
Waterfowl (except snow geese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross's goo.se, cackling goose, wood duck, ruddy d(luck,
lbufTfhlread duck, and swans), rails, coot, gallimnules, woodcock, Wilson's snipe or
Ja.ikstiipe, mourning doves and band-tailed pigeons may be taken each day from
half an hour before sunrise to sunset during the open seasons prescribed therefore
In this regulation, except that the hour for the commencement of hunting water-
fowl, rails, gallinules, coot, and Wilson's snipe on the opening day of the season
shall be 12 o'clock noon, and they may be taken by the means and in the num-
b'rs permitted by regulations 3 and 5 hereof, respectively, and when so taken
may be possessed in the numbers permitted by regulation 5 any (day in any State,
Territory, or District during the period con-4tituting the open season where killed
and fcr an additional period of 10 days next succeeding snid open season, but no
such bird shill bie possessed in a State, Territory, or District at a time when
s,'-h State, Territory, or District prohibits the possession thereof. Nothing
heroin shall be d(emend to permit the taking of migratory birds on any refuge
esft:Iblishd'd under the migratory bird conservation act of February 18, 1929, nor
on any area of the United States set aside by any other law, proclamation, or
executive order for ui-e as a wild-life refuie except in so far as may be per-
mitted by the Secretary of Agriculture under existing law, nor on any area
:;i(j;i,.,nt to any such refuge when such area is designated as a closed area under
the migratory bird treaty act.
Waterfowl (c.r-iept snioir gcse in Florida and all Staecs north fliercof border-
ff on the Ailittlic Occcn. Ros.q 's goosc, cackling poo.sce, wood duck. ruddy duck,
ibufllicad dutck, and swans) and coot.-Tlie open seasons for waterfowl


(except snowv geese in Florida and all Statr's ,iiril, thfireof 1bordlrinig on 11..
Atlantic Oce~in. I 'oss's goose. 'ar'kliiti. -oose. \ Piil dur'k, run ly dutk, b1111ll'lt. .il
duck, and sw~ins), and coot, shill lie as follows:
In Maine. New Hai;l.pshire, VWrnollnt, Mnassachusett-.. Rhude Iland(]. Colni<.-'i-
cut, New York (except Lung I,.land), West Virgii;ia. Ohio, Indi ua, Illiois,.
Missouri, Kanlsas, Oklalihoma, New lMexic',, Ariz,.ona. Ida lo. ( ),2,,ii, and Wah--
ington the open seLason shall Le fromin ( october 16 to I centerer 15I
In Michigan, Wisconsin, Miiiji'-ot:a, Io\wi, Nehra-ka, SUithi 1)::kia. North
Dakota, Montana, Wyoming. Ct lorado, Utah, a nd Nevadla the open -,i -in slhall
be from October 1 to Noveiznhcr 3t);
In that portion of New York known as Long Iland, New Jer-ey, I'e- r.- 1-
v:inia, Delaware, Kentucky, California, anm in that portion of TX- lyil:
w.'st and north of a line hieginnin.g on the Rio G'ra iid, Rivr directly \ w ; ti
hlie town of Del Rio, 'Tex. ; thence ean-t to the ti wn .if Drl1i ll; tloni'cn .;t;i-ti I N
allowingg the center of the main track of the Southern IPar:.li R.iilr,,id th:o -h11
the towns of Spofford, Uvald,, and Ilondo ; thence to thle r,,int ler, thle
S,,uthern Pacific Railroad crosses the Inte' national & Grt.at Nortlrin lIailr.,;id
at or near San Antonio; thence following the center of ttheo tra' k of .:1:1l
International & Great Northern Railrotad in an ea-terly direction. to tl,. i',iit
in the city of Austin, where it joins Congrt--s. Avenue, near thl Iniei-iitti iinil &
Great Northern Railroad depot; thence across- C-11'.i'ir,.ss Aveiju" to tin- it:
of the main track of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad wliere .sid t :it!
joins said Congress Avenue, at or near the Hut-,'n & Texas central l Railroad
depot; thence following the center line of the track of said lI,,n-ton & Tex;:i,
Central Railroad in an easterly direction through the towiis of Ei'rin, Gidd zzs.
and Brenham. to the point where said railroad crosses t Hie Braz ,. River;
thence with the center of said Brazos River in a 'i-eneral inirllherly iinction.
to the point on said river where the Beaumont branch of the Gulf. C&!',rado &
Santa Fe Railway crosses the same; thence with the center of the track ,f tlhe
said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway in an easterly direction thrutilzh the
towns of Navasota, Montgomery, and Conroe, to the point at or near Ci veitiild.
where said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway crsses the Houston E;i.,t & WVest
Texas Railway; thence with the center of said Houston East & W st Tex:is
Railway track to the point In said line, where it strikes the Louisianla line.
the open season shall be from November 1 to December 31:
In that portion of Texas lying south and east of the line above d,-,-rilrl.
and in Louisiana, Arkansas. Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama. Ge"riia. S1iith
Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland the open sason shall 1'e
from November 16 to January 15;
In Florida the open season shall he from November 20 to Jan u iry 15: and
In Alaska the open season shall be from Septeniler 1 to Oct'-ber 31.
Wilson's snipe or jacksnipe.-TliThe open se;a,on-s for Wilson's snip'. w'r ik-
snipe, shall be as follows: In Maine, New Hampshire. Vermont, Mas-ahn- ts.
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (except Lon- Islhnd), Penn.syl'. zVn;i.
West Virginia. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana. Illinois, Wi.co.in. Minnesoa. Iw.i.
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota. North Dakta. Miitintna. Wyoming,
Colorado, Utah, Idahlio, Nevada. California, Oregon. and Wa-liington. the pewii
season shall be from October 1 to DUe,-niber 31;
In that portion of New York known as Ling IslInnd. and in New Jir-oy,
Delaware, Oklahoma. New Mexico, Arizona. and in that potrrin of Tex:i, ly' n
west and north of a line more particularly described in Ite plaraurralih e-t:b l ish-
ing the open seasons on waterfowl and coot the open -e;(slt'i shall lie fr,-In
October 16 to January 15;
In that portion of Texas lying south and east of the aforesaid line and in
Maryland, Virginia. Kentucky, Tenness:ee. North Carolina, S'-ith C:'s'ihna.
Georgia, Alabama. Missicsippi. Arkansas. and Louisianan. the open vta-on -L.ill
be from November 1 to January 15;
In Florida the open season shall be from November 20 to January 15: and
In Alaska the open season sliall be from Sfptember I to D, ,i.,nt-,r 15.
Rails and gallinules (except '.,ot).-The open .seas n for s,,,r:i ind ot',,r ra'ls
and callinules (except coot) shall be from September 1 to Novemiler :1h. ext'lit
as follows:
In Massachusetts the open season shall be from Octoler 1 to D,'''ir 15;
In New York and Washington the open seasOn shall blie frni Octorr 1 to
November 30;
In Louisiana the open en,-'nn zhnll oP frm N,,oemnler 1 to January 31: nn'l
In the District of Columbia no open sensnn.

B. 8. 77]


Woodcock.-The open seasons for woodcock shall be as follows:
In that portion of New York lying north of the tracks of the main line of the
New York Central Railroad extending from Buffalo to Albany and north of
the tracks of the main line of the Boston & Albany Railroad extending from
Albany to the Massachusetts State line, and in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
and North Dakota the open season shall be from October 1 to October 31;
In that portion of New York lying south of the line above described including
Long Island and in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wis-
consin, and Iowa the open season shall be from October 15 to November 14;
In ;M:issachu.ietts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut the open season shall be
from October 20 to November 19;
In Maryland and Missouri the open season shall be from November 10 to
Decemniler 10;
In Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
the open sea-on shall be from November 15 to December 15; and
In North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisi-
ana the open season shall be from December 1 to. December 31.
Doves.-The open seasons for mourning doves shall be as follows:
In Delaware, Mairyland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota,
Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona,
California, Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon the open season shall be from September
1 to December 15.
In that portion of Texas lying west and north of a line more particularly
described in the paragraph establishing the open seasons on waterfowl and coot,
the open season shall be from September 1 to October 31;
In that portion of Texas lying south and east of the aforesaid line the open
seasoon shall be from October 1 to Novembler 30;
In North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama (except in M,,bile,
Baldwin, and Washington Counties), Mississippi, and Louisiana the open
season shall be from September 1 to September 30 and from November 20 to
January 31;
In that portion of Alabama comprising Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington
Counties the open season shall be from November 1 to January 31;
In Flordia (except in Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties) the open season
shall be from November 20 to January 31; and
In that portion of Florida comprising Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties
the open ,eas< n .shall be from September 16 to November 15.
Band-tailed pigeons.-The open seasons for band-tailed pigeons shall be as
In California and Arizona the open season shall be from December 1 to
Dc'oinlber 15;
In New Mexico the open 5:eason shall be from November 1 to November 15;
In Washington and Onrgon the open season shall be from October 16 to
October 30.
[As anii.oled October 25, 1918; Jnlv 28, 1919; July 9, 10920;' Miy 17, 1921; March 8,
f1922; June 11., V1'23 ; April 11 and July 2, 1924; Juno 22, 192.:1; March 8, April 22, and
June 18. 19'12;; April 4 and 21 and September 6, 1!'27 ; I.Lirch 2, July 13, and August 16,
12.s; Apil "i:; and December 31, 111'2i ; May 23 and August 25, 1930; March 17, August
215, and ,.' ., 'r 12, 1i*:: l; and July 20, 1.32.]

Regulation 5.-Daily Bag and Possession Limits on Certain Migratory Game
A pi1,r-on miy t:,ke in any one day during the olpen sen sons prescribed therefore
in i,'gulation 4 not to (x eed the follow\'intg number- of migratory game birds,
wliicbh numbers shall include all birds :iml:hin by any otic'r per-h n who for hire
ac,-iiii:ni, ; or a--ts him in takig iii-iriiory birds; and in the case of duks,
g,-,, brant, and band-tail'd pi.gon-, when so taken tlihe.-e may bie possessed in
the nuniber-l specified(l as follows:
I'cLs ( .." I,.,l ,,ou/ dod'l., ruddy dIck, and bufflihdI( du('ck).-Fifteen in the
at i-r.'_i"t.. of all kin bl.-. 1it not more than live eider duck-:. and not more than
10 of alny one, or of the ;:uIr,.ztte of Iwc. or more, of the following species-
cani \.i,1:1, k. <1l,,';,l, gr,:iter -_c'iup, lc.ser sc(:iup, riliLnmeck. blue-wing teal,
grw.i-wiiig teal, cinnamon teal, .-iiveller, and gId(l\l l--si.ill be taken inl any
4i1'1 (1i*y; la il n ally Iir-I'i(11 at any on( ti( ie may possess not more lhan 30 ducks
in the aggregate of all kinds, but not mnire than 10 eider ducks and not more

[S. R. A.


than 20 of any one, or of tlhe apr-e:ita of two or mre. o(if the following
peie(.i s--e-.nvlas.ack, redhe lad, gi(.-iter -caupl, lh-,.r sr'i;up, riiili,'< k. bhii.-wi i"
teal. re(', ii-wing teal, cinn moiiii 'ii .ial, .-hovellr, andl g;d\\'all-- hLil I. -.,l
at ally one tilli'.
Geese (' .tt(' p jj snoir ceC c in I'lrorieQ (ii all .',tils j ',rlh thi, rcof Jb.',ili ;,,./ j i
t1ic .lajU tiu- ', i7 .i.y s f/i 1.0',. ,ild c.tcl c .-ll! .0,' .F' ) and brant.- Four ii, 11ie
ngglz. ,.;le of all kinds,. and anlly per'-in at aniy ,ii,' tili,, lil.y p,--e:-. not ii.,'1"
th i, .iulit aeese and brant in tin- ;L r',...te of all kii iI-.
Rails and gallinules (, crvpt .,'wi und ,',,,).-Ten ty-ive in tle O gWrrg.ite of
all kihd-., Ilt it 1n rel tlihanll 15 of ,iy one :-pc(iWS.
Solra.-Twe it y-ti v'.
Coot.-T'"iWt 'n1 y fi v'.
Wilon's snipe or jacksnipe.-Twenty.
Woodcock.-- 'ni uir.
Doves ( it riig).--l:ighteen.
Band-tailed pigeons.-Te '. ,ail any ipersoni at any one time may poncv.(e nt
exceediiin. ten (10) balid-tai!td( igie'i.
Tit' ',:: '- iii,, liHni .it- h-reil t<(,r' p i- re-cri.lwd -liall all1 as w .ll to dii'ks,
geese. lir:nit, and landl-tailetd lii. ,,iis tak.n in (':tirida and i'rougOlit into lhe
Unitel States as to those ilakll in t!ll' lilitcd States.
[As .iii. i:l.-d Octolipr 25. 1915; July V2, 1919 ; M.Mrch 3, V'121 ; March 8, I-'e ; April 4,
1927; December 31, 11129 ; March 17, 1931; and July 20, lo.,

Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds
Waterfwl (except snow geese in F'lorida and all States north thereof borlder-
ing on tie Atlantic Ocean, hRoss's gose, cackling gi,-'vc wood du. k, ruddy
duick, luillehead duck, and swans), rails, coot, gallinule, woodcock, Wi!sn's
snipe or ja leg-ally taken may be transported in any i, nneir in or out of the Suate where
taken during the respective open se(an',is in that State and wheln leg;illy liken
in al( (1x;\',rted from Canaua may lie imported into the United Stat, during
the upen ua;isul in the Province where taken, but not mire than the number
tlhe'ref tlhat may be taken in iwo days, or oine day in thle ca-. f baidl-tai1l.,l
l)i.geis.. by one 1persoli under these 'reLulati-.n, hlll lbe transportt-d by 4n1e
ierlstn in iine calendar week out of the Sr;tNte where taken or II''in Canada
inti the U'nited States; any such birds or parts thereof in trina Opeii sea -in mnay (continue in transit suchL additiin:il tinl1' iinm,.li.itely
suecreiling such open season, not to exceed 5 days, ne',es.-.nry to deliver tli,
,a'ine to tlieir destination, and may be pdis.M-.(d in any State, Territory, or
Di,4trict during the period( constitution the open -C:eason whore killed, an,] for an
additional period if 10 days next succeed'in-z -i id open .eason ; anil any pa, .kae
in \'licl uch bird-. or parts thereof are tran-ported shall have the na nl, nil
nd(ldre-s of the shipper and of the consi.n*'ee and an accurate st:itnionit of tlhe
nunmlbers and kin]ls of birilds or pals iohere-of (cont~Iined ti'.-rein tie;r'ly ;iii
C'1nsi:,u,-i'u-ly marked on the 'utside tiIC '0f; lbut no :-iiiih lird or l':u-F ttliret.,f
shall be tran-ported from any State, Territory, cr Di-tliict to or thrn.n-rh
an',,lier State, Territory, or District or to or throii"li ;i Provii-,e o,;' the
Di iiiiinn of Canada contrary to the laws of the State, Territory, (ir Di-i ri.t in
whi.li they were taken or from which tli-y are transport d; nir shall ainy
such birds or parts Ihhereof lie transpiatitd into any Sta;te, Territ,,r--. ir DIistrict
frin anotherr State Territory, or District, or Prviii',-e .of ilne Di,'nirii, of
C(;wni:i, or from any State, Territory, or Di-tiict Into aily Provi!jie %if tlite
DIwiiniion of Canada. at a time when :iny -'iwli State, Territory, ,,r D--tr),t. or
Pr,,inl-e of the Do mflinion (iof Canaida into whi,.li they ar'e train-pirteil priillit -
the fis.essi,,i or transportation thereof.
!As inirci, .I Oectdir.r 25. 1918; July 9, l120; March 8, 1922i; April 4, 1927; March 17,
1':1 ; .*i, l July 21, 1932.'

Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nongame Birds by Eskimos and
Indians in Alaska
In Ala-ka Eskimos and Indianq many take for the use of thwnd.oelrves and lier
iminwmediate fainilies, in any manner andl at any limp. anrd ,( s-,'.- ad transport
auks. auklets. .uillemots, murres, aiid pullins and their eggs for food irid their
skins for clothing.

B. S.77]


Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl

1. A person may take in any manner and at any time migratory waterfowl
and their eggs for propagating 1,urpu-es wheu authorized by a permit issued
by the Secretary. Waterfowl and their eggs so taken may be p)ossessed by
the pervmittee and may be sold and transported by him for prolpa.;ating purposes
to any person holding a permit issued by the Secretar'y in accordance with the
pro\ i.iiiiius of this regulation.
2. A personn authorized by a permit issued by the Secretary may posses-;,
buy, sell, and transport migratory waterfowl and their increase and eggs in
any in:miiuer and at any time for pr(olpagating purposes; and migratory water-
fowl, except the birds taken under paragralph 1 of this regulation, so possessed
may be killed by him at any time, in any manner, except that they may be
killed by shooting (only during the open season for waterfowl in the State
where killed, and the carcas:.cs, with heads and feet attached thereto, of the
birds so killed may be sold and transported by him in any mannimer and at
any time to any person for actual consumption, or to the keeper of a hotel,
restaurant, or boarding house, retail dealer in meat or game, or a club, for
sale or service to their patrons, who may possess such carcasses for actual
consumption without a permit, but no migratory waterfowl killed by shoot-
ing slall be bouglit or sold unless each bird before attaining the age of 4
weeks shall have had removed from the web of one foot a portion thereof in
the form of a V large enough to make a permanent, well-defined mark, which
shall be sufficient to identify it as a bird raised in domestication under a permit.
3. Any package in which such waterfowl or parts thereof or their eggs are
transported shall have plainly and conspicuously marked on the outside thereof
the Diame and address. of the permitted, the number of his permit, the name and
address of the consignee, and an accurate statement of the number and kinds
of birds or eggs contained therein.
4. Applications for permits must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture.
Washington, D. C., and must contain the following information: Name and
address of applicant; place where the business is to be carried on; number of
acres of land used in the business, and whether owned or leased by the appli-
cant; number of each species of waterfowl in possession of applicant; names of
spc-ies and number of birds or eggs of each species if permission is asked to
take waterfowl or their eggs; and the particular locality where it is desired to
take such waterfowl or eggs.
5. A person granted a permit under this regulation shall keep books and
records which shall correctly set forth the total number of each species of water-
fowl and their eggs possessed on the date of application for the permit and on
the 1st day of each January next following; also for each calendar year during
the life of the permit the total number of each species reared and killed,
number of each species and their eggs sold and transported, manner in which
such waterfowl and eggs, were transported, name and address of each person
from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or sold, together with the
number and species and whether sold alive or dead; and the date of each trans-
action. A report setting forth this information shall be annually furnished the
Seqtr-,f;iry during the month of January for the preceding calendar year.
6. A permit lee shall at all reaso:ible hours allow any authorized employee
of the United States Department cf Agriculture to enter and inspect the prein-
1-e- wh'ore operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect
the book; and records of such permitted relating thereto.
7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revoked by the
Secretary unless othorwie-( specified therein, shall not be tranzferabl,, and may
lie revo,.:ed by the 'S,,retary, if the pe(rnittee violafes any of the provisions of
tihe mi-'r.'tory bird treaty .nt or of the reo.-iulatiois. thereund(ler. A permit duly
revoked by the Se',r.e.i ry -Iill lie -n iendered to him by tlhe person to whom it
was i-e 'id, on '1,ri;'nd of any emplbiyee of the United States Dep:irtnient of
A'zui Iul lnr,, duly authorizedl to enfon-'e the plrovisions of the migratory bird
tro.:ly ;act.
.. A pi'rsso n m.y pos111ss and tran-port for hi4 own uie, without a permit,
live miL';-:i'lory w:.'terfowl now lawfully po-si-ecd or hern,.;ifter lawfully acquired
by ]him. but liv' n1ay lnot p1li).lms:e or sell ,'lhi waterfowl without a permit. A
Sl:1hte or lmuni trai,,sport live miior:tl.ry w: it rfow'l \\iihout a permit, 1but no such waterfowl
shall be purlhi-,ed from or suld to a jir.:on (other thlmin such State or municipal


game farm or city park') unmles- lie has ;i I. rnif TI7,1 ft.lli-r.s of Nild 1lii -
and wild gee e,, lawfully kill.ed. ndil fea ,.r-, by Federal Or St;ate gain, auItltrili m; 1 y 1le ,,--'--,1. loio lLt, :.,'I1, a ln
trai-hi'iorli filr use ill kii i--i t l g tli'-, bel) pilliiw -, a 1d ,,:tfl -.. ;I I
for ,.iniiilar co iiiin r'ciail puriio-' .-, lt1 11n1t for ml illilir'y ,r I rTi ;iii ,, 'Il.il ii*o 1p v-.
[As au(ii'nl, d Octobvr 5, 1918; July 9, '112o ; and April 10 and June 11, 1'-.,

Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Dirds for Scientific Purpos.cs
A person may take at any linnl' aiil in any i;lamnir i.i:itolv biil-1 .1ii,] their
nests a11d eg'g- for ?-ilentific puMri,,-C- W11ii-, autho'riz.'d by a pr.rmiit i-1-i 'iby 'l1 i
Secretary, which permit -hiall he carried on lis e;.'-,,'i whIt' li. i- col. ti ii
simes tlitereutliIe" ;in(l shal lie exliobited to amy .vi'rson 1'iil.i-ti 10 s
the samn:; except that iicliifig lit'r'ii, shall tl l' f'ii-'d to lrinit thlie taking of
any migratory g ime bird 4,n aiiy d1.y fruin suit- r to ,i:iLu-Iilf I,'t' :i,.f re
sunrise or th-. taking of inigratory -L;;,mw birds within a gun larger tliii 10 .,.
or from any automobile, a'irplaie, i,,we rl a t, .,illnmt, or any b,';it lill.r -;:il.
Application for a permit must be addir,.--t'd to the Scrvt-ta'ry of A(i ri'uit'::..
WV'a-hiiington, D. C., ',nd must contain tlie follou\iiig iriforiiaition: NiiLe aind
ad(drte: of the appli,.-a t, his age. and iinarie of State, Territory, or Distriuci in
which splecimens aire lpropio-cd to b" taknri. and the jIurpi,'>e for \\lhichi thl y
are intemdedl. Each :ptpllication shall be ac(: ,inied by t\,, certii,-.: c ,t-,rti-
fying to the fitness of such person to hiild a Federa;l prinit. Tli,-e rtifi.--if .-
will be accepIted fromn well-known ornirho1,;-,-.-:. prinip::i-s or supi'iiitt u,.let-
of edftl.ii;ional or zoological ini-titutions, ofliciai- or menfilir- ofi zool,';-:,l or
natural-histcry organizat ions, or instru',tors in z,,,,logy in high .i-1,,,i.-. cil, .
or university (. or by any one of the above togi thier with a ci(rtificate vy tlhe
chief game official of the State in which th, applicant i- a re-i,. .it or of tli
State in w-liich he desires to conduct his opt'ration-.
The permit may limit the niumiber and species of birds,. birds' lie-ts. or .:
that may be collected thereunder ind the places where they may be collect 'I1
and may authorize the holder thcr,' f to po-ess, lbuy, sell, ecl:! ;,:, and trans-
port in any maniner and at any time nigr;toryv bljiril-. pa1)rt-s tl.rt.iif, aiil th, ir
nests and( eggs for scientific ipurpo..es ; or it may limit the holder to one or :i;,re
of these privileges. Public mu-eums. zooloic:ial parks and .-dii ties. anl pub'i:W ,
scientific, and educational institutions rmay pcs'e--, lbuy, sell, "xIli: .. and
transport in anry manner and at any time migratory birds and p(l rts theLf
and their nests and (gg. for scientific purlpoes without a permit, but no -1.\ -
mens shall be take without a permit. The plumage and skins of mi mT.'',Iy
game birds legally taken may be possessed and transported by a person witl it
a permit.
A taxidermist, when authorized by a permit issued by the ,- rotary, may
possess, buy, sell, exchange, and transport in any manner and at aniy !iJni'
migratory birds and ,art.ts the(-ref legally taken, or hi, may be limited to ,,w,
or m,,re of these privileges. A taxidermist granted a It-rmit uui'.,'t :lhis r- --l-
nlation shall kelip books and record.;, correctly setting frill the :iime ;Iand
address of e:ach person delivering each sp. cimin. of a nmir:itory bird(l to him.
together with the name of each species, the date of delivery, the I i-i,,-itiu i f
such s'-pecimen, and the date ther,-of. which said luks- adiii recril- -i;:ll I,1
available for inspection at all r.;aon,.iliable liiiirs ,nl rqui.,.t by any duly alutho:'-
ized repres:entative of the Deliai' niemit of A..rieulture.
E:acl i permit shall be valid until r.vk .,il by tih,' Secre.tary unte-- o lirw,-.
sperifi, therein, -!hall not be 1 ran-ferable, and -balll ,1 !wv(',viale at tl t is-
cretiin of the Setere, ary. A pi-riit duly revoked by te S,,r-i i ry shall 1,
surroieilred to hiim by Ilh'- per-iin to whv i..i it w:a i--' d, on 'I N.a ;.-- .i any
emfl,!,,'' of the United Start- lPe,.,ri.i' mt ,'f A.rrii.l!llrt (luly auth,:.d
to 'iiior'e Ii" prol vi-ions of ti-e mimr;it,,ry bird i .re:ty a t. A i 'r- n liv,, .j
a Iernuit ulider this re.( ilation -h.,11 r'i,,rt ;! iin .ltly to the S, %'I i:: \ 01 C r
befi're thlI 10th d:(y of Ja'iuj:iry duri.,: lie, life ,,f (lie, 1.ntriut the nun'1 ir (,f
skin-, niests, or er"s of each '[,ecie. col'CtL<'. i,',, ht, ',dl, r,'-ive',]. i. .-- .
nmoulnted, vxcllnfg.i, or trtran-lort,'(d duringg the pr.-c-iliii'i c,ileil:ir year.
Ee'ry package in which minii;toly birds or Iheir ne-! or I- are 1 m:'ia
port, tl shall have clearly anmd co,-pl uiiu-ly n:rk.( o oin lI ,iut-ide (lri. t!",
name and aildiress of tih s iiei.r, llie n1iilii,' of the I1,,ritit in evlry ,*..e
when a permit is r( qulire Hlie nae n m ;a i ai llre.-.s (f il.. c, ti--ini'- a1 -fat-'
ment that It contains seiocineiis of birds, their n,.sts, or .gg- f''ir .sc; ,LIli,'

B. S. 771


purposes, and, whenever such a package is transported or offered for transpor-
tation from the Dominion of Canada into the United States or from the United
States into the Dcminion of Can;ida, an accurate statement of the contents.
[As anmendld October 25. 1918; March 3, 19)21; June 11, 1923; April 23, 1929;
March 17, 1I,31 ; and July 20, 1932.]

Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Birds Injurious to Property
Wliii information is furnished the Secretary that any species of migratory
bird has become, under extraordinary conditions, seriously injurious to agricul-
ture or other interests in any particular community, an investigation will be
n.ide to determine the nature and extent of the injury, whether the birds
alleged to be doing the dannmige should be killed, and, if so, during what times
and by what means. Upon his determination an appropriate order will be
Regulation 11.-State Laws for the Protection of Migratory Birds
Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to permit the taking, posses-
sion, sale, purchase, or transportation of migratory birds, their nests, and eggs
contrary to the laws and regulations cf any State, or Territory, or District
made for the purpose of giving further protection to migratory birds, their
ne-ts, and eggs when such laws and regulations are not inconsistent with the
convention between the United States and Great Britain for the protection of
miigraitory birds c included August 16, 1916, or the migratory bird treaty act
and do not extend the open seasons for such birds beyond the dates prescribed
by llise regulations.
[Added by proclamation of October 25, 1918, as amended July 9, 1920.1

[S. R. A.


[39 Stat. 1702]
Whereas a (.convention between the Unit(,l States of America and the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the protection of migratory birnls
in the United States and C inaida w-i q coin-hided and si-rned by Il inir res.pc plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 1;tli day of August, 1916, the original
of which convention is word for word as follows:
Whereas many species of birds in the course of their annual migrations
traverse certain parts of the United States and the Dominion of Canada; and
Whereas many of these species are of great value as a source of food or
In destroying insects which are injurious to forests and forage plants on the
public domain, as well as to agricultural crops, in both the Unitl'l States
and Canada, but are nevertheless in danger of extermination throu 'lg lack of
adequate protection during the nesting season or while on their way to and
from their breeding grounds;
The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Domininons beyond
the Seas, Emperor of India, being desirous of saving from indiscriminate
slaughter and of insuring the preservation of such migratory birds as are
either useful to man or harmless, have resolved to adopt some uniform system
of protection which shall effectively accomplish such objects and to the end
of concluding a convention for this purpose have appointed as their respective
The President of the United States of America, Robert Lansing, Secretary
of State of the United States; and
His Britannic Majesty, the Right Hon. Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice, G. 0.
V. 0., K. 0. M. G., etc., His Majesty's ambassador extraordinary and pleni-
potentiary at Washington;
Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers,
which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and adopted
the following articles:
Article I
The high contracting powers declare that the migratory birds included in the
terms of this convention shall be as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae or waterfowl, Including brant, wild ducks, geese, and swans.
(b) Gruldae or cranes, including little brown, sandhlll, and whooping cranes.
(c) Rallidae or rails, including coots, gallinules, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae or shorebirds, including avocets, curlew, dowltchers, goildwits,
knots, oyster catchers, phalaropes, plovers, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, surf birds,
turnstones, willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) Columbldae or pigeons, including doves and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Bobolinks, catbirds, chickadees, cuckoos,
flickers, flycatchers, grosbeaks, humming birds, kinglets, martins, meadowlarks,
nighthawks or bull-bats, nut-hatches, orioles, robins, shrikes, swallows, swifts,
tanagers, titmice, thrushes, vireos, warblers, wax-w\ings, whippoorwills, wood-
peckers, and wrens, and all other perching birds which feed entirely or chiefly
on insects.
8. Other migratory nongame birds: Auks. auklets, bitterns, fulmars, gannets,
grebes, guillemots, gulls, herons, Jaegers, loons, murres, petrels, puffins, shear-
waters, and terns.
Article II
The high contracting powers aLurev that, as an effective mean of preserrving
migratory birds, there shall be establislet'd th" following clos, sesons during
which no hunting shall be done except for scientific or propa:gating p)urpPises
under permits issued by proper authorities.

2 Signed at Washington, Aug. 10. 1916; rntification advised by the Senate Ang. 29, rati-
fied by the President Spt. 1, and by Gi-re;it Britain Oct. 210; ratlflcatiun exchanged Dw. T:
proclaimed Dec. 8. 1916.
13:1i;1 32-- 2

B. S. 77]




1. The close season on migratory game birds shall be between March 10 and
September 1, except that the close season on the Limicolae or shorebirds in the
Maritime Provinces of Canada and in those States of the United States border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean which are situated wholly or in part north of Chesa-
peake Bay shall be between February 1 and August 15, and that Indians may
take at any time scoters for food but not for sale. The season for hunting
slaiIH be further restricted to such period not exceeding three and one-hall
months as the high contracting powers may severally deem appropriate and
define by law or regulation.
2. The close season on migratory insectivorous birds shall continue through-
out the year.
3. The close season on other migratory nonarname birds shall continue through-
out the year, except that Eskimos and Indians may take at any season auks,
auklets, guillemots, murres, and puffins, and their eggs. for food and their
skins for clothing, but the birds and eggs so taken shall not be sold or offered
for sale.
Article III

The high contracting powers agree that during the period of 10 years next
following the going into effect of this convention there shall be a continuous
close season on the following migratory game birds, to wit:
Band-tailed pigeons, little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes, swans, cur-
lew, and all shorebirds (except the black-breasted and golden plover, Wilson or
jack snipe, woodcock, and the greater and lesser yellowlegs) ; provided that
during such 10 years the close seasons on cranes, swans, and curlew in the
Province of British Columbia shall be made by the proper authorities of that
Province within the general dates and limitations elsewhere prescribed in this
convention for the respective groups to which these birds belong.

Article IV

The high contracting powers agree that special protection shall be given the
wood duck and the eider duck either (1) by a close season extendiiig over a
period of at least 5 years, or (2) by the establishment of refuges, or (3) by
such other regulations as may be deemed appropriate.

Article V

The taking of nests or eggs of migratory game or insectivorous or nongame
birds shall be prohibited, except for scientific or propagating purposes under
such laws or regulations as the high contracting powers may severally deem
Article VI

The high contracting powers agree that the shipment or export of migratory
birds or their eggs from any State or Province, during the continuance of the
close season in such State or Province, shall be prohibited except for scientific
or propagating purposes, and the international traffic in any birds or eggs
at such time captured, killed, taken, or shipped at any time contrary to the
laws of the State or Province in which the same were captured, killed, taken,
or shilipcd shall be likewise prohibited. Every package containing migratory
birds or any parts thereof or any eggs of migratory birds transported, or
offered for transportation from tlhe United States into the Dominion of Canada
or from the Dominion of Canada into the United States, shall have the name
and address of the shipper and an accurate statement of the contents clearly
marked on the outside of such package.

Article VII

Permits to kill any of the above-named birds, which under extraordinary
conditions may become seriously injurious to the agricultural or other interests
In any p.irticular comniiunity, may lie issued by the proper authorities of the
high contracting powers under suitable re.:uilations prescribed therefore by them,
respectively, but such permits shall lapl-e or may be cancviced( at any time when,
in the opinion of said authorities, the particular exigency has passed, and no
birds killed under this article shall be shiilJ-ed, sold, or offered for sale.

B. 8. 77]



Article VIII

The high contracting powers ag.ree them-elves to take. or propose to their
respective appropriate law-making bodies, the necessary measures for iinsurinlg
the execution of the present convention.

Article IX

The present convention slI:ll be ratiliid by the President of the United States
of Amnier'ca, by and with the adlvi(ce and Cosetilt of the Sen.ate their 4,f, andi by
His Britarnnic Majesty. The ratifications sli;ill be e.cl;i-hnlad at Washl ini-zton as
soin as possible, and( the convention shall take effect on thtn date of the ex-
change of tlhe ratificatiiiis. It shall reinaiii in force for 15 years, and in the
event of neither of the high contr,'li ii po'.vers having 'ivcn notificition 12
montlihs before the expiratin of s id iieriod of 15 years of its iliitt.etion of
terinnating its o)pera('iion. the convention shAi.ll continue to remain in force for
1 year and so on from year to year.
In faith whereof, the respi.ectiv' plenipotentiaries have si-ned the present con-
vention in duplicate and have hereunto afiixed their ,eals.
Done at Waslhington this 16th day of August, 1916.
[SEAL.] Roia.:Kr LT.\Nsi'Nn.
[SEAL.] ('i-:.'l. S'PiLINO RICE.
And whereas the so:id convention lihas been duly ratified on both parts, and
the ratil(catii,,n of tlie two Governments were ex-ch;tnrd in the city of Wa-h-
Ington o(n the 7th day of December, 1916:
Now, therefore, be it known that I, WooDr)w WILSON, President of the United
St:ites of Amnerica, hove cau-ed the said convention to be made public, to the
erid that the same and every article and clause thereof may be o '.srved and
fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
In testimony whereof I have hereuIto se't my hand and cau-ed the seal of
the United States to be affixeil.
D.,ne at the (ity of W-liinggton this 8th d:;iy of D comber in the year of our
Lord 1916, afind of the ind*pet!ndence of the United States of Ani'rica the 141st.
By the Preirent:
Si crctul of State.

[Act of July 3, 1918. 40 stat. 755-U. S. Code, Title 16, Secs. 703-711.]
An Act To give effect to the convention between the United States and Great Britain for
the protection of migratory birds concluded at Waziliin;toni, August 16, 1916, and for
other purposes.
Br it enacted by the Senate and House of Rcprc.cnfaliro.q of the U'nitd
Slates of America in Congvrrs.. as.w short title 1if the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act."
SEc. 2. Tlhat unless and except as lpernitted by regulations made as herein-
after provided, it sliall be unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take,
capture or kill, po.sses, offt'r for srili-, sell. offer to purchasee. 1iur'h:ase. deliver
for shilpinment, ship, cause to be shiiped, dt-li\cver for transportation, Irninsport,
cause to lie trin-ported, carry or cause, to be carried by any ians whaler,
receive for shilinment, train'ipjortation or cairri;ige, or export, at any time ior in
any l annor, any iii._r:rtory bird, iinluded in the terms of the conventi, Ii between
the United Stattes and GC rca;t Britain for the prot ei ion of ini -,ratory birds cin-
cluded Aiu-.t 16, 916, or any p:lwrt, nest, or egg of any suchli bird.
SK('. 3. Tlh:it, subject to the [r-viiolns and in order to carry out the purpo-c-
of the convention, the Secretary of A.ri culture is aufl' irize.d ;ind diri,'ted, froni

3Constllutinnality of the treaty aid act of July .3, 1918, sustain.-d liv tlie United S:i NTsCs
Supr ine Court in a dihcisioi ririieel Apr. 19, 102''. in the case of the Sl i .te of Miss, ii
v. IN.y P. Hlolland (2.521 U. S. 416) ; see also I S. S I.uiinniii (n276 Fed. 1-I). (';a1a,6
by an act of Parliamenvit app)rov'd AuI. 2!. 1917. 'i ve full eiffct to the treaty a;vi pro
mulgated reguIntions thliereuinder May 11. 1918. Tli'1 validity of the act of the Dolminion
Pai-liinrent was uphlield by the Supreme Court of Prince Edward I h.:iil in a 'i-.ii'n
(Miclihaelnmas termn. 1L'0) rend.reil in lie case of the Kitin v. Russell C. ('lark. For full
text of the Canadian niigr tory-bird treaty act nn1d r'gulaltions, commun'icate with the
Commissioner, National I'urks of Cnadi:i. Oilawn. Ontario.



[S. R. A.

time to time, having due regard to the zones of temperature and to the distri-
bu:ion, abuIdanice, ec-onmic value, breeding habits, and times and lines of
migratory flight of ?-uch birds, to determine when, to what extent, if at all,
and by what meals, it is comlipatible with the terms of the convention to allow
hunting, taking, capture, killing, pOsssion011, sale, purchase, shipment, trans-
po0r:alion, carriage, or export of any such bird, or any part, nest, or egg thereof,
and to adopt suitable regulations permitting and governing the same, in
accordance with such determinations, which regulations shall become effective
wlien approved by the President.
SEc. 4. That it shall be unlawful to ship, transport, or carry, by any means
whtat.ver, from one State, Territory, or District to or through another State,
Territory, or District, or to or through a foreign country, any bird, or any part,
jne.-,t, or eg thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped, transported, or carried at
any time contrary to the laws of the State, Territory, or District in which it
was captured, killed, or taken, or from which it was shipped, transported, or
carried. It shall be unlawful to import any bird, or any part, nest, or egg
thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped, transported, or carried contrary to
the laws of any Province of the Domninion of Canada in which the same was
captured, killed, or taken, or from which it was shipped, transported, or carried.
SEhc. 5. That any employee of the Department of Agriculture authorized by
the Secretary of Agriculture to enforce the provisions of this act shall have
power, without warrant, to arrest any person committing a violation of this act
in his presence or view and to take such person immediately for examination
or trial before an officer or court of competent jurisdiction; shall have power
to execute any warrant or other process issued by an officer or court of com-
petent jurisdiction for the enforcement of the provisions of this act; and shall
have authority, with a search warrant, to search any place. The several judges
of the courts established under the laws of the United States, and United
States commissioners may, within their respective jurisdictions, upun proper
oath or affirmation showing probable cause, issue warrants in all such cases.
All birds, or parts, nests, or eggs thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped,
transported, carried, or possessed contrary to the provisions of this act or of
any regulations made pursuant thereto shall, when found, be seized by any
such employee, or by any marshal, or deputy marshal, and, upon conviction of
the offender or upon judgment of a court of the United States that the same
were captured, killed, taken, shipped, transported, carried, or possessed con-
trary to the provisions of this act or of any regulation made pursuant thereto,
shall be forfeited to the United States and disposed of as directed by the
court having jurisdiction.
SEC. 6. That any person, association, partnership, or corporation who shall
violate any of the provisions of said convention or of this act, or who shall
violate or fail to comply with any regulation made pursuant to this act, shall
be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined
not more than $500 or be imprisoned not more than six months, or both.
SEC. 7. That nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the several
States and Territories from making or enforcing laws or regulations not incon-
sistent with the provisions of said convention or of this act, or from making or
enforcing laws or regulations which shall give further protection to migratory
birds, their nests, and eggs, if such laws or regulations do not extend the
open seasons for such birds beyond the dates approved by the President in
accordance with section three of this act.
SEc. 8. That until the adoption and approval, pursuant to section 3 of this
act, of regulations dealing with migratory birds and their nests and eggs. such
migratory birds and their nests and eggs as are intended and used exclusively
for scientific or propagating purpose. may be taken, captured, killed, possessed,
sold, ll rcllased, slil)pped. and transported for such scientific or propagating
lpurposes if ind to the extent not in conflict with the laws of the State, Terri-
tory, or District in which they are taken, captured, killed, possessed, sold, or
pur,-liw,'d, or in or from which they are shipped or transported if llhe packages
coni a inig the dead bldi(s or the iiests or eggs of such birds wit'll sliipped( and
tr:-iuiiortd -liaIll ba marked on the outside tIhereof so as accurately and clearly
to show tl'e w:inie and address of tlhe shiplper and the contents of the package.
-.(%. 9. Tlihit the uitxp de ld Nil;iiaces of any sums appropriated by the agri-
cultural apprioprition acts for the lis.cal yeairs 1917 and 1918, for enforcing
the pirovisions of the act aliproved l March 4, 19)13. relating to the protection of
miir-Iatory g:ime ind insrsciiVrous '1Sirds, are here'ly reaPlpropriated and made
available until exp(ended for time expen'.s of carrying into effect the provision


of this act and regulations made pursuant thereto, including the payment fit
such rent, and the employment of such persons and means, as the Secretary of
Agriculture may deem necessary, in the District of Culunbi.i ;nd cl e here,
cooperation with local authorities in the protection of mitrratory birds., and
ne'es.sary investigate ins connected therewith: Providrdi, TtViat nm person who
is sulbje't to the draft for service in the Army or N:ivy hall lie exeilifteil or
excuned from such service by reason of his employment tiii:er this act.
SEc. 10. Thint if any clause, sentence, par:;igr:iph, or p:itrt of this act shall. for
any reason, be adjudged by any court of conipeLtent jurisdiction to 6,, invalid,
such judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the rein:1inder tlhi-ff, but
shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, ptnragraph., or p:irt
tLerei-f directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment sha;ll have
been rendered.
SEc. 11. That all neacts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this
act are hereby repealed.
SE0. 12. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the breedin of
migratory game birds; on farms and preserves and the ,ale of birdz so bred
under proper regulations for the lpurpo-e of increasing tihe food supply.
SBc. 13. That this act shall become effective immediately upon its passage
and approval.


Federal laws affecting the shipment of wild animals comprise statutes re-u-
lating interstate commerce by common carrier in the dead bodies or p -rts
thereof, and the importation of live birds and mammals from foreign countries,
as follows:
[U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEc. 391. The importation into the United States, or any Territory or Di-,rict
thereof, of the mongoose, the so-called "flying foxes," or fruit lbats. the En,.lish
spaarrow, the starling, and such other birds and animals as the Secreta.ry of
Agriculture may from time to time declare to be injurious to the interests of
agriculture or horticulture, is hereby prohibited; and all such birds and ani-
mals. .hall, upon arrival at any port of the United States, be de-troyed or
returned at the expense of the owner. No person shall import into thl, United
States or into any Territory or District thereof any foreign wild animal or bird.
except under special permit from the Secretary of Agriculture: Prridrd, That
nothinmz in this section shall restrict the importation of natural-history speci-
mens for museums or scientific collections, or of certain cage birds, such as
,domesticated canaries, parrots, or such other birds as the Secretary of Azri-
culture may designate. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to
maike+ renulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this section.' (Act
of March 4, 19(19, sec. 241-35 Stat. 1137.)
SFC'. 392. It shall be unlawful for any person to deliver to any common
carrier for transportation, or for any common carrier to transport from any
State, Territory, or District of the United States to any other State, Territory,
or District thereof, any foreign animals or birds the importation of which
is prohibited, or the dead bodies or parts thereof of any wild animals or birds.*
where such animals or birds have been killed or shipped in violation of the lavN-
of the State, Territory, or District in which the same were killed, or from
which they were shipped: Provided, That nothing herein shall prevent the
transportation of any dead birds or animals killed during the season when tlhe
same may be lawfully captured, and the export of which is not prohibited
by law In the State. Territory, or District in which the same are captured or
killed. (Act of March 4, 1909. sec. 242-35 Stat. 1137.)

4 Fur sees. 2, 3. and 4 of the act of M:iy 25. 1000-31 Stat. 1S7-1Sq--whlch wns. suiper-
seded, by sees. 241-244 of the act of Ma.irch 4, Mi1.'-3,7 Stit. 1137-see stCes. 291 -9. of
U. S. Cod,,, title 18I for sec. 5 of the Ret of M.iy 25, 1900, see sec. 395 of title 1S; and
for sec. 1. see see. 761 of title 16.
See Joint regulations (S. R. A.-B. S. 69). effctire November 21, 1927, governlna the
Impriation of bIobwhiite quail from Mxico,. copii. nf which may be obtained free of charge
from 1he I'. S. Department of A-rliculture, W.ishlii.ton. D. C.
.SPe sec. 4 of the migratory bird trculy :ict, p. 11, which supersedes this p.-:irt of the
Lacey Act relative to the Interstate trinisportatiou of wild birdie.


SEc. 393. All packages containing the dead bodies, or the plumage, or part
thereof, of game animals, or game or other wild birds, when shipped In inter-
state or foreign commerce, shall be plainly and clearly marked, so that tlhe
name and address of the shipper and the nature of the contents may be readily
ascertained on an inspection of the outside of such package. (Act of March
4, 1909, sec. 243-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. 394. For each evasion or violation of any provision of the three sections
last preceding the shipper shall be fined not more than $200; the consignee
knowingly receiving such articles so shipped and transported in violation of
said sections shall be fined not more than $200; and the carrier knowingly
carrying or transporting the same in violation of said sections shball be fined
not more than $200. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 244-35 Stat. 1138.)
SEC. 395. That all dead bodies, or parts thereof, of any foreign game anim:ilq,
or game or song birds, the importation of which is prohibited, or the Mdead
bodies, or parts thereof, of any wild game animals, or game or song birds
transported into any State or Territory, or remaining therein for use, consunip-
tion, sale, or storage therein, shall upon arrival in such State or Territory be
subject to the operation and effect of the laws of such State or Territory
enacted in the exercise of its police powers, to the same extent and in the same
manner as though such animals or birds had been produced in such State or
Territory, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced
therein in original packages or otherwise. This act shall not prevent the im-
portation, transportation, or sale of birds or bird plumage manufactured from
the feathers of barnyard fowl. (Act of May 25, 1900, sec. 5-31 Stat. 188.)
[U. S. Code, Title 16, Conservation]

SEc. 701. That the duties and powers of the Department of Agriculture are
hereby enlarged so as to include the preservation, distribution, Introduction, and
restoration of game birds and other wild birds. The Secretary of Agriculture
is hereby authorized to adopt such measures as may be necessary to carry out
the purposes of this act and to purchase such game birds and other wild birds
as may be required therefore, subject, however, to the laws of the various States
and Territories. The object and purpose of this act is to aid in the restora-
tion of such birds in those parts of the United States adapted thereto where
the same have become scarce or extinct, and also to regulate the introduction
of American or foreign birds or animals in localities where they have not here-
tofore existed.
The Secretary of Agriculture shall from time to time collect and publish
useful information as to the propagation, uses, and preservation of such birds.
And the Secretary of Agriculture shall make and publish all needful rules
and regulations for carrying out the purposes of this act, and shall expend for
said purposes such sums as Congress may appropriate therefore. (Act of May
25, 1900, sec. 1-31 Stat. 187.)

[U. S. Code, Title 18, Crinrinal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SECO. 145. Whoever shall hunt, trap, capture, willfully disturb, or kill any bird
or wild animal of any kind whatever, or take or destroy Ille eggs of any such
bird on any lands of the United States which have been set apart or reserved
as refuges or breeding grounds for such birds or animals by any law, procla-
mation, or Executive order, except under such rules and regulations as the
Sec'retary of Agriculture may, from time to time, pre.sribe, or who shall will-
fully Injure, molest, or destroy any prol)perty of the United States on any such
lands shall be fined not more than $51:)0, or imprisoned not more than six
m,,,tlis, or both. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 84, as amended April 15, 1924,
43 Stat. 98.)
[U. S. Code, Supplement IV, Title 16, Conservation]

SEC. 7151. No person shall knowingly disturb, injure, or destroy any notice,
signiboard, fence, building, ditch, d:ini, dike emb'ankment, flume, spillway, or
other improvement or property of the United States on any area acquired
under this chapter, or cut, burn, or destroy any timber, grass, or other natural

[S. R. A.


growth, on said area or on any area of the United States which heretofore
as been or which hereafter may be set apart or reserved fur the use of the
Department of Agriculture as a game refuge or as a preserve jr reservatlon and
breeding ground for native birds, under any law, proclhinution. or Exeeutive
order, or occupy or use any part thereof, or enter thereon for any purpose, ex-
cept in accordance with regulations of the S.icrctary of Atriulture; rnor !.hall
any person take any bird, or nest or eg,, thieri,,f on any ar-ai ;aciluiril under this
chapter, except for scientific or propagatin, purpcose- under pIrmit of tlhe Sec-
retary of Agriculture; but nothing in tils ch'ijt',r or In any r"-'ilfitl;oi there-
under shall be construed to prevent a person fi On entering upon -iny arv.i ac-
quired under this chapter for the purpose of fi.hiiig In a,'ord;n ec with tlhi 1law
of the State in which such area is located: Pioridod,, That such person icomles
with the regulations of the Secretary of ALriculture covering such area. (Act
of February 18, 1929, sec. 10--415 Stat. 1222.)


Regulation T-7, effective October 1, 1919, of the Regulations of the Forest
Service relative to National Forests, provides ns follows:
The following acts are prohibited on lands of the United States within
national forests:
The going or being upon any such land, or in or on the waters thereof, with
intent to hunt, catch, trap, willfully disturb, or kill any kind of game animal,
game or nongame bird, or fish, or to take the eggs of any such bird, in violation
of the laws of the State in which such land or waters are situated.
Regulation G-30 authorizes all forest ofli'ers to enforce the above regula-
tion and also to cooperate with State or Territorial officials in the enforcement
of local laws for the protection of birds, fish, and game.

(Act of March 4, 1900-U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any
timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn unattended near any timber or other inflammable material, shall
be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or othl,.r
inflammable material upon the public domain shall, before leaving said fire,
totally extinguish the same; and whoever shall fail to do so shall be fined
not more than $1,000, or imprison-.-d not more than one year, or both.

[Act of June IT, 1930-U. S. Code, Supplement IV, Title 19, Customs Duties]
Title I.-Dutiable List
PAR. 704. Reindeer meat, venison and other game (except birds), fresh.
chilled, or frozen, not specially provided for, 3 cents per pound.
PAR. 711. Birds, live: Chickens, ducks, g.ese, turkeys, nad guinens, S cents
per pound; baby chicks of poultry, 4 ceis ech; all other live birds Tt
specially provided for, valued at $5 or less .eacl, 50 cents each; valued at more
than $5 each, 20 per centumn ad valorem.
PAa. 712. Birds, dead, dressed or undre.s,:ed, fresh, chilled, or frozen;
Chickens. ducks. gese. and guinea-, 10 crits plr pi'u'id; turkeys, 10 cents per
pound; all other, 10 cents per pound; all the foregoing, preplired or preserved
in any manner and not .pecilly provided for, 10 cents per pound.
PAR 715. Live animals, vertebrate and Invertebrate, not specially provided for,
15 per Zeutum ad valoremn.



PAR. 1518. Feathers and downs, on the skin or otherwise, crude or not dressed,
colored, or otherwise advanced or manufactured in any manner, not specially
provided for, 20 per centum ad valorm; dressed, colored, or otherwise advanced
or manufactured in any manner, including quilts of down and other manufac-
tures of djown. 60 per centum ad valorem; feather dusters, 45 per centum ad
valorn :, aritiial or ornamental feathers suitable for use as millinery orna-
merits. (10 per cenCtum ad valorem; and all articles not specially pro-
vialed for, composed wholly or in chief value of any of the feathers, *
above ievuntioned. shall be subject to the rate of duty provided in this paragraph
for such materials, but not less than 60 per centum ad valorem: Provided,
That tlhe in.lportation of birds of paradise, aigrettes, egret plumes or so-called
osprey plues., and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or parts of
skins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, and not for scientific or educa-
tional purposes, is hereby prohibited; but this provision shall not apply to the
featlthers. or plumes of ostriches or to the feathers or plumes of domestic fowls
of any l.id: Provided further, That birds of paradise, and the feathers, quills,
he.ids, wings, tails, skins, or parts thereof, and all aigrettes. egret plumes, or
so-c.Illed osprey plumes, and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or
parts of shkins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, of like kind to those
the importation of which is prohibited by the foregoing provisions of this para-
graph, which may be found in the United States, on and after the passage of this
Act, except as to such plumage or parts of birds in actual use for personal
adornment, and except such plumage, birds or parts thereof imported therein for
scientific or educational purposes, shall be presumed for the purpose of seizure
to have been imported unlawfully after October 3, 1913, and the collector of
custmns shall seize the same unless the possessor thereof shall establish, to the
satisfaction of the collector that the same were imported into the United States
prior to October 3, 1913, or as to such plumage or parts of birds that they were
plucked or derived in the United States from birds lawfully therein; and in case
of seizure by the collector, he shall proceed as in case of forfeiture for violation
of the cu-4toms laws, and the samIe shall be forfeited, unless the claimant shall,
in any legal proceeding to enforce such forfeiture, other than a criminal prosecu-
tion, overcome the presumption of illegal importation and establish that the
birds or articles seized, of like kind to those mentioned the importation of which
is prohibited as above, were imported into the United States prior to October 8,
1913, or were plucked in the United States from birds lawfully therein.
That whenever birds or plumage, the importation of which is prohibited by
the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, are forfeited to the Government,
the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to place the same with the
departments or bureaus of the Federal or State Governments or societies or
mu-eums for exhibition or scientific or educational purposes, but not for sale
or personal use; and in the event of such birds or plumage not being required
or d,.ired by either Federal or State Government or for educational purposes,
they shalll be destroyed.
That nothing in this Act shall be construed to repeal the provisions of the
Act of Mairch 4, 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large, page 847),
or the Act of July 3, 1918 (Fortieth Statutes at Large, page 755), or any other
law of the United States, now of force, intended for the protection or preserva-
tion of birds within the United States. That if on investigation by the col-
lector before seizure, or before trial for forfeiture, or if at such trial if such
seizure lhas been made, it shall be made to appear to the collector, or the prose-
cuting ,fflcer of the Government, as the case may be. that no illegal Importation
of such fathers has been made, but that the possession, acquisition or purchase
of such feathers is or has been made in violation of the provisions of the Act of
M.irch 4, 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large, page 847), or the
Act of July 3, 1918 (Fortieth Statutes at Large, page 755), or any other law of
the United States, now of force, intended for the protection or preservation of
biriN within the United States, it shall be the duty of the collector, or such
pro-iecuting officer, as the case may be, to report the facts to the proper officials
of the United States, or State or Territory charged with the duty of enforcing
such laws.
PAR. 1519. (a) Dressed furs and dressed fur skins (except silver or black
fox), and plates, mats, linings, strips, and crosses of dressed dog, goat. or kid
skin-. 25 per centum ad valorem; all the foregoing, if dyed, 30 per centum ad

B. S.9. 771



(b) Manufactures of fur (except silver or black fox) further advanced] than
dressing, prepared for use as material if not dyed, 35 per centum ad
valorem; if dyed, 40 per centum ad valorem.
(o) Silver or black fox furs or skins, dressed or undressed, not specially pro-
vided for, 50 per centum ad valorem.
(e) Articles wholly or partly manufactured (including fur collars, fur cuffs,
and fur trimmings), wholly or in chief value of fur, not specially pruvidtd for,
50 per centum ad valorem.
PAa. 1520. Hatters' furs, or furs not on the skin, prepared for hatters' use,
including fur skins carroted, 35 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1530. (c) Leather made from the h:des or skins of *
reptiles and birds, 25 per centumrn ad valorem.
PAR. 1535. any prohibition of the importation of feathlIrs in this
Act shall not be construed as applying to artificial fliv, used for fishing, or to
feathers used for the manufacture of such flies.

Title II.-Free List

PAR. 1606. (a) Any animal imported by a citizen of the United States spe-
cially for breeding purposes, shall be admitted free. wvhetlier inteiided to be
used by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes., exc,'pIt bl.ick or
silver foxes: Provided, That no such animal shall be admitted free unless pure
bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a bonk of rTcord recognized
by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed: Provided further, That the cer-
tificate of such record nrd pedigree of such animal shall be pruducd and sub-
mitted to the Department of Agriculture, duly authenticated by the proper
custodian of such book of record, together with an -.ffidaivit of the owner. :'gent,
or importer that the animal imported Is the identical animal described in said
certificate of record and pedigree. The Secretary of Agriculture ni;iy pr-crilhe
such regulations as may be required for determining the purity of breedi.hz and
the identity of such animal: And provided further, That the collectors of cus-
toms shall require a certificate from the Department of Agriculture stating
that such animal is pure bred of a recognized breed and duly re-istwred in a
book of record recognized by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed.
(b) The Secretary of the Treasury maiy prescribe such additional regulations
as may be required for the strict enforcement of this provision.
(c) the provisions of this Act shall apply to all such animals a.
have been imported and are in quarantine or otherwise in the custody "e,
customs or other officers of the United States at the date of the taking effTi;
of this Act.
PAR. 1607. Animals and poultry, brought into the United States temporaril'.
for a period not exceeding six months, for the purpose of breeding, exhibitirm.
or competition for prizes offered by any agricultural, pIo, or racing ;i,''ciation
but a bond shall be given in accordance with re.:ul;itions prescribeLd by the
Secretary of tlhe Treasury; also teams 'if iinmals, including their h;irnt-,. :niit,
tackle, and the wagois or other vehicles actually wnried by persoh-z emigratiw.
from foreign countries to tlhe United St:ites with their families, and in actu;i:
use for the purpose of such emigration. under sueh regulating :,,s the Secrettarx
of the Treasury may prescribe; and wild aninials ail bird-, intpTnd]d fr e\x
hibition in zological collections for scientific or education l: puri,.se-. a'l not
for sale or profit.
PAR. 1671. Eggs of birds, fi-.h. and insects (exee;it tiih roe for food pit- .) :
Provided, That the impurtatii-n of egs of wild birdie. i.-' ;rhlihbited, cxr pit egg-
of game birds imported for pr'o)p;;g;ting jirpo-i ,S under ri'gflation, pre.
scribed by the Secretary of Agriculture, and speciii.i ns1 imported for .-cientlfic
collect ions.
PAR. 1GS681. Furs and fur skins, not specially provided for, nindrs-e.l
PAL. 1682. Live game animals and I :r!s, imiotoed for stotkinli pit"I oi-n. ndfl
game animals and birds killed in foreign "outrie. by residents of ,lir, FItled
States and imported by them for noncommercial purposes; undcr such rtegula-
tions as the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of thi Treta-iury shaU
PAR, 1741. Pigeons, fancy or rnwing.
PAB. 1765. Skins of all kinds, raw, and hides not specially provided for.
PAB. 1767. Specimens of natural history, botany, aind mineralogy, when Im.
ported for scientific public collections, and not for sale.



[S. R. A.

Title IV.-Administrative Provisions
SEc. 527. (a) Imnportation prohibited.-If the laws or regulations of any
country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government restrict the
taking, killing, possession, or exportation to the United States of any wild
maminmial or bird, alive or dead, or restrict the exportation to the United States
of any part or product of any wild mammal or bird, whether raw or manufac-
tured, no such mammal or bird, or part or product thereof, shall, after the
expiration of ninety days after the enactment of this Act, be imported into the
United States from such country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of
government, directly or indirectly, unless accompanied by a certification of the
United States consul, for the consular district in which is located the port or
place from which such mammal or bird, or part or product thereof, was exported
from such country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government,
that such mniminial or bird, or part or product thereof, has not been acquired
or exported in violation of the laws or regulations of such country, dependency,
province, or other subdivision of government.
(b) Forfeiture.-Any manimmail or bird, alive or dead, or any part or product
thereof, whether raw or manufactured, imported into the United States in viola-
tion of the provisions of the preceding subdivision shall be subject to seizure
and forfeiture under the customs laws. Any such article so forfeited may, in
the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury and under such regulations as he
may prescribe, be placed with the departments or bureaus of the Federal or
State Governments, or with societies or museums, for exhibition or scientific or
educational purposes, or destroyed, or (except in the case of heads or horns of
wild mammals) sold in the manner provided by law.
(o) Section not to apply in certain cases.-The provisions of this section
shall not apply in the case of-
(1) Prohibited importations.-Articles the importation of which is prohibited
under the provisions of this Act, or of section 241 of the Criminal Code, or of
any other law;
(2) Scientific or educational purposes.-Wild mammals or birds, alive or
dead, or parts or products thereof, whether raw or manufactured, imported
for scientific or educational purposes;
(3) Certain migratory game birds.-Migratory game birds (for which an
open season is provided by the laws of the United States and any foreign
country which is a party to a treaty with the United States, in effect on the
date of importation, relating to the protection of such migratory game birds)
br,,uirht into the United States by bona fide sportsmen returning from hunting
trips in such country, if at the time of importation the possession of such
birds is not prohibited by the laws of such country or of the United States.

The importation of bird plumage into Canada for millinery purposes is
prohibited by tariff item 1212 under Schedule C (prohibited goods), as added
by section 5 of the Cmin:dian customs tariff act of 1914. Item 1212 prohibits
the entry of the following:
1212. Aigrettes, egret plumes, or so-called osprey plumes, and the feathers,
quills, heaids, wings, tails, skiins, or parts of skins of wild birds either raw or
manufactured; but this provision shall not come into effect until January 1,
1915, and shall not apply to-
(a) The feathers or plumes of ostriches;
(b) The plumage of the English lihe;iasnt and the Indian peacock;
(c) The plumage of wild birds ordinarily used as articles of diet;
(d) The plumniage of birds imported alive; nor to
(e) Specimiens imported under rnigulations of the minister of customs for any
nitural-li.toryv or other museum or for educational purposes.
Item 1214 under Schedule C (prohibited goods), as added by the customs
tariff act, effective May 24, 1922, prohibits the entry of the following:
1214. (a) Common niongilgose (Hcrp'stes grisarus) or mongoose of any kind;
(b C(,inmmon mynaili. Cliiie'se mynali, crested mynah, or any other species of
the starling family (Sturnidne) ;
(c) Java sparrows, rice bird, nutmeg finch, or other spe-ies of the weaver
bird family (Ploceidne) ;
(d) luropean chaffinch (Fringilla coclcbs)
(e) Great titmouse (Paius major).

[Violations of Fe'leral ga eie laws may be rep,,rt.,l to tlie nearest iflfi iail li-itd. or to the
Chif, Bureaiu -4f Liulugical Survey, LUii ittd SUlatest DI 'p.i r, I'It ul A ,rii uiI U.'...
WNashiington, D. C.]
Harry B.Lrmeier------------------.-- 4)17 Sliollml.%cr Avenui., St. L-lu". Mo.
William L. Birsch ---------------------------P 0. Box 177, New W'i'z, N. C.
Eug.ene M. BIrin ------ ------------------'-,!) Old Sh"ll R.,d. Ml"'le. Ali.
Loulis A. Brainchaud --------------------lBiol'0ic.l Survey, Wa-liiiiL!oi, D. C.
B. R. Britton -----------------------------------Bx S, Soctirro, N. MItx.
M. A. Ch.ton----------- -----.- t Siuinil Strect, C0,'1.111u-:. Olii''.
F'ranuk Clark.o------------------------------------- Ix llti1, Iu.-toln, Tex.
Stephen Cree.h----------------------------------------lox B i;. Peoria, III.
P. S. Farnihaiu ---------------------------------------------O--- o, N. Y.
JI0111 Q. Il(liies-_----_ ------------------ --- OrleuI, Nelir.
F111 il A. J liils -1 ----------------------_1017 Third Slr-eot N., Watert,,w\n. S. I)ak.
Jay V. Kelsey --------------------------P. 0. Box 1-,25. D:iytoija Beacl. Fla.
Chester A. Leitr-llihardt --------------- 516 Post Offi'-C Buildi g, Portl;ad. Or1".
S. W. Liinebauh- ---------------- ------ ----------------- usllvil!e, Ky.
Lawrence J. Merovka -----------------318 Ftl.rail Buildin.", Meinllzis. Tenin.
John E. Perry----------------------------3519 The P..-t-o, Kansas City, Mo.
W. H. R;iusom -----------------------415 Post Oli...e, Building, SpIik;ne. Waslh.
George M. Riddick------------------------------ Box 815, Little Rick. Ark.
Kenneth F. Roahcn --------------------------Box 438S, Billings, Mnt.
B. J. Shaver-- --- --- ------ 456 Brainerd Avenue, St. Pa;ul, Minn.
B'rtrand E. Sminith_---------------------'- 21 R'semont Avenue. Portland, Me.
Albert Sthidliheir--------------------- 45 Loraine Avenue, Pleasantville, N. J.
Orin D. Steele--------------------------- 125 Willis Street, (Camihrid,-e. Md.
George Tonkin-------------------- 211 Post Office Building, Berkeley, Calif.
E. B. Whitehead-------------------- 522 Eatt Fiftieth Street. Savannah, Ga.
Ray C. Steele---------- Upper Mis.i.sippi River Wild Life and Fish Refuge,
Wicuia, Minn.
George E. Mushbach- ----------_---------Biear River Mi-_ratory-Bird l,'w:ize,
Box 603, Bri-lliain City, Utah.
George M. Bens;on----- ------- Lake Mailheur Bird Reservation, Voltaieo, Orfe.
Steven B. Cros.-ley------------------Bi'. L;ke Bird R.'servation. Ma.;iln. rk.
Geno A. Amniundsun ------------------ Niobrara Reservation, Vlefntine. Nvhr.
H. Harrison Hoyt-----------Wind Cave Game Preserve, Hot Spriwzs. S. DPk.
Almer P. Nelson-------------------------------- Elk Refuge. Ja.kson. Wyo.
Wesley D. Parker----------Sullys Hill Gamne Preserve, Fort Toliten, N. Dak.
Robert S. Norton------- --------------_Natioin;,l Bison Rang'e. Moiese. Mo3nnt.
Hugh M. Worcester ---Tule Lake and ('le:ir Lake Bird Reservations, Calif.;
and Upper Klaniathl Wild Life Refuge, Oreg.;
Box 156, Merrill, Orez.
Garnett W. Saye-------Savannah River Bird Reservation, 27 Ahercorn Street,
Savannah, Ga.
Harry E. Magbee----------- Blackbeard Island Bird Reservation, Sapeloe, Ga.

Paul T. Kreager----------- St. Marks Mi.gratory Bird Refuge. St. Marks. Fla.
William T. Krummes ..-_-Cres.-cent Lake Migratory Bird ltefuge. Mumpier, Nebr.
Peter J. Van Nuizen-----Blakwater Migratory Bird Refuge, R. D. No. 1,
Cambridge, Md.
Harold F. West-- -- Cape Romiain Migratory Bird Refuge, McClellanville, S. C.


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Federal Lawm: Secretary of Agriculture,
WVnshlnotnn. D. C.
Alaihnxnn: Department of Game and Fish-
erie-s. Montgomery.
AIlnakn Executive Officer, Alaska (-1neP
Conmmls:ion, Juneau; or Secretary of
Agriculture, Wn:iinrtnn. D. C.
Arizona: Stite (inm, Warden. Phoep.ix.
Arl;.'i ,nias: Secretary Game and Fish Com-
mission. Little Rock.
California: I'xcultive Offeicer, FIlsh and
Game Commission, 450 McAllister Street,
San Francisco.
Colornadot State Game and Fish Comnmis-
sioner, Denver.
Coinneeticut: Superintendent of Fislries
and Garnme, Hartford.
Delaware: Chief Ganme and Fish Warden,
DIt ricet of Coluimlia: Superintendent
Mferorolltan Police, WVishln'ton.
Florlde.: State Game Commissioner, Tal-
Geo-i'a: Game and Fish Commissioner,
HaITwaii: Fish nnd Game Division. Board
of A-ri iilture and Foresftry, Honolulu.
Idnlio: islh and Game Warlden. Boise.
Illinois: Director Department of Conser-
vation. Sprlnw.,fiell.
Indiinna: Supe. intendent of Fisheries and
Game. State House. Indianapolls.
Iow: State Game Warden, Des Moines.
Knn-ns: State Fish and Game Warden,
Kentucky: Game and Fish Commision,
Lonisilana: ConimiqIonnr of Conservotion,
Court Buildinm, New Orleans.
Maine: Conrmissioncr of Inland Fisheries
and Game. State House. Augusta.
Tnr-ylnnd : State Game Warden, 512 Mun-
gey BuIlldii,'. Baltimore.
Mnasseuhusetts: Director Division of Fish.
series and Ganie. 201) Somerset Str 'et,
Miclhi gan: Director Departmen t of Con-
servation, I.ansing.
M1innesota: Game anid Fish Commis.iriier,
Dei)artnrent of Conservation. St l'.aul.
!., i s',i wipij : Director of Con-.Irv;:ition,
StIate .inr arindl Fil C iommis.sion,
lii. ouri: Game and Fish Commissioner,
J,.frerson ( 'ity.
Montanna: St;lite Fii iand Game Warden,
I I elena.
Nebraska: State Game Wardien. Li:ulcln.
Nevada: Slcretavry of State Fish and
(Gaml]e ( "'iiiisiii--sion, Rlcno.
Neiv HIi! "ii ire: l':.li' and Game Com-
missioner, I 'ilt"' ird.
Newiv Jeisey: Secretary of Board of Fi-h
;1iil (ame Coj'missioners, Trenton.
Nefv 1!eixleo: Siatc Gaini. iiilI lF"i-lh
Warden. Santta Fe.
New Y p:iiartment ; or Directir of Fisheries Uand
GtI Ijii'. All,.i iy.

North Carolinat State Game Warden..
North Dakota: Game and Fish Commis-
sionc1. Bismarck.
Ohio: Commissioner of Conservation, Co-
Oklnhoina: State Fish and Game Warden,
Oklahoma City.
Oregon: State Game Commission, 616
Oregon Building. Portland.
Pennsylvanria: Executive Secretary Board
of Game Commissioners, Harrisburg.
Rhode Island: Chairman Commissioners
of Birds, Providence.
South Carolina: Chief Game Warden,
South Dakota: Director Division of Game
and Fish, Department of Agriculture,
Tenn esmee: State Ganre and Fish Warden,
Texan;: Executive Officer, Game, Fish, and
Oyster Commission, Austin.
Utah: Fish and Game Commissioner, Salt
Lake City.
Vermont: Fish and Game Commissioner,
Vir-innia: Executive Secretary, Commis-
sion of Game and Inland Fisheries, Rich-
Washtnien: Supervicor of Game and
Game Flish. 404 Bell Street Terminal
(P. 0. Box 384), Seattle.
West Virginia: Game and Plish Conrmis-
sion, Chlarleston.
Wisconsin: Conservation Commissioner,
Wyoming: State Game and Fish Com-
mission, Cheyenne.
Canada: Commissioner, National Parks
of Canada, Ottawa.
Alberta: Game Commissioner, Edmonton.
British Coluinibia: Gameo Commissioner,
411 Dunsmir Street. Vancouver.
M3anitoba: Director of Gaure and Fish-
eries, Winnipeg.
New run.iswiek: Chief Game Warden.
Northwest Territories: Dominion Lands
Administration. Department of Interior,
Ottawa. Ontario.
Nova Scotia: Minister of Lands and For-
ests, Halifax.
Ontario: Department of Game and Fish-
ories. Toronto.
Prince Edward Island: Gnnme Inspjec-
tor Provincial Treasury Delia rillent,
Q(uelbee: General Superintend,.nt of Fish-
cries and Gami,. Quebec.
Saskatchewan: ..iair Commissioner, De-
partment of Natural Rt-ources, Re-
Yulkon: Territorinil Secretlary. I awson.
NIvewfoiiundilianil: Secretary, Game iand In-
land l'islii'ie'- B'iard, StI Johns.
Metiico: Sceretaria de A.ricultura y Fo-
mento, San Jacinlo, D. F., Mexico.


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