Migratory Bird Treaty Act regulations, 1935


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Migratory Bird Treaty Act regulations, 1935
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Issued Stpnember 1935

United States Department of Agriculture



[As approved 9nd promul.'atled by (ho President Jiuly 31. 1MS, and anmiond d Oct. '25,
1918; July 25. 1919; Jly 9, 1'-'2 1; Mar. 3 and May 17. 1t21 ; Mar. 8, 1'.-2; Apr. 10
and June 11, 1923; A.pr. 11 and .July 2. 1924; June 22, 1925: Mar. o, Apr. 22. rii.1
June 18, 1926: .Apr. 4 :tid 21. and Sept. 6. li)27: Mar. 2, .July 1:, and Aia. 16. l.-' ;
Apr. ";3 and Dec. 31, 19'!2:; May 2-; and Aug. 25, 1920; .Mair. 17, A'- 25. and Sept.
12. 1931; ; July 2o. 19:;2 ; Scpl. 11, 19:3 ; An;g. 20, 9;4 ; and Feb. 2, Ju ily ;O, A ^. 27,
and Sept. 23, 19;;35.]
Regulation 1.-Definitio;is of Migratory Birds
Mi-nratory bi rd., iniicluid'e in the tecrnis: of the convention betwti. the United
States and Great Britain for the protect i :n of iiiig.-at.iry bird*-, cinclu-,i.d
Augu-,t 16, 1916, are as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Ai .:tii'ae, or waterlowl, inelulini" li)n't, wild dudg-: g,,-e ., and -\\; a..
(b) Gruiihae, or crans,. includii;g little brown, .-.iindliill, and lwhoolnt -in<.r',.,
(c) Rallilac, or rails, ii.-luding coot., g: lli1iules aInd sora and otlwer roils.
(d) Limicolue. or shore birds, including avw Ct.-. curlews, dowitchers, god-
wits, kIots, oyster cat(c:L.s, phial;rI) es, plover-, sandl)iper-, snipe, stilts, surf
bird s, tuiirnstone-,, willet, wioo-'lt.k, and yellowl,,.
(e) Colunibid.e. or pi-, mn<. in'lu6ir:- d<,,t-4 and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Cuckoos; Ilickers and othilier woodl .. kers;
nightliha\wks, or bullbats, and wisip-pi .r-wil ls; swiats: Im iiinlir s: flwycJlt1-
ers; bbhilink menad,.w 1:rk-, a nd orilcs,.; gv,,-1eaks, tanagers, martins and
other swallows; waxwii.L;; shrike, vireit,; w.iriblei-. .ip)its; ca'dbir(s and
brown thrislierl's ; wr- is; brown creepers ; nuthatches ; ('hickadees iand titi,,;, ..;
kinglets a;d Ltialcattl, rs; robins and other thrushes; and all other perciiii"
birds which feed entirely (or chiefly on iii. -ts.
3. Other migratory nonzamre birds: Auks, anklets, bitterns, fulmars, galntetq,
grebes, guilleinits, gulls, heri',,s, j.'e.i.'.rs, loo1 s,, u11111irre-, pitlri'l-, pImliii ,, shear-
waters, and terils.
LAs amretind d July 9, 1920.]
Regulation 2.-DI)efinitions of Terms
For ili( purpv ,,cs of l.-,'' rc ul'i !i('!is the fellow :g terms shall !,w r., str c.l,
respectively, to mine';n alnd to ii:ilude-
,ccrcfr!-i.-Thel St-cretary of A-ricult r, of the United St:1te-.
Person.-Thie', plural or the singular, as the case deiiild.;ids, individ'i:als. clil-i,
associa tio ns, 1,artnersliips, and corporations, ulll'-.s the conte'ext otlierwi-e
T'uakc.-Hunt, kill, or capture, or at Iiept to hunt, kill, or itiitie.
Open sc-' .on.-The time (lriifi-. whliclh Ti-r-vatory bir. mIay be taken.
7Tn',n-,IS / 'i.-Shiippim1. tran.i ispori i1,. c'arryi'i. x,,rr ing, receiving, or deliver-
ing for shilii'unt, tran-l)or(ati':i. carriage, or export.
[As amenhni'd Aug. 20. 1l2,4 ; and July 30. 19l',2.]
1 Full text of thn MiBrntrry[ Bird Tr, a- dd(I J e_.u Mi. T.-T.l' ry 1 i'1 *:i.ty Act and ,,i'. r
Federal laws con,-,rniinr 'vili't.. fir U.. 4_t__ .. p.tIi,,l ih consultimi- S- rice
and Re ul:trv .\r iIuli,'lr, .m t, n B S 1s210 i,,'-,,,-(l.' rir 1-f iH ll ti:,n 1 Ii,. itL Ifurtlh,1r
restrictions on *:i"stisll i.: ind r i,--e.' ion limiil-. w,,d other 1 iwti *-' provisions should
communicate with apirrpu i.ite Statr uficril,. whose .:niir.-H ;ir. giv n on l';g' 8.
Note.-These regulations supersede tlfoswikued in ugust 1935.

131--35 [' S TORY
[_ 7 :5a U76 OE^S O

S. &L A.-B. S. 83


IRegulatien 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May Be Taken
The mi-,ratory z.me birds spiocifi'd in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
duriirg the open seas-', with a shot- iin only, not larger than no. 10 gaige, filed
from the shoulder, uxci.1,t a- .-'. finallyy permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 10
het c1.f, 1,it tly shall not bN t.-:i:..i wiNth or by m':-a s of any autinmatic-liading
or hand-operated rcI' aIin" shoi_ gun capable of holding more than 3 shells, the
nmaI-::zi ie of wvhi.- l-:I, not buL.i cut iff, or plunged with a one-piece metal or
wooden filler in- i..ii..le of removal thru'iTh the loa.dii.g end thereof, so as to
ruluvi-e the c:iai,-ity of sail gun to not more than 3 shells at one loading; they
may be t:ak n during the open season front the land or water, with the aid of a
dog, and from a blind, boat, or floating craft of any kind, except as hereii after
provided, not more than 100 feet from the shore line as determined by ordinary
high water or, where there is natural growth or vegetation existing beyond
such shore line, not more than 100 feet from such growth or vegetation pro-
trudling above the surface of the water at the time of takiing- such birds, except
that scoters (sea coots) may be taken in coa(,stal waters without reference to
such di:-tance limitation; but migratory game birds are not permitted to be
taken from or by aid of an automobile, airplane, sinkbox (battery), power boat,
sailbujat, any boat under sail, any floating craft or device of any kind towed by
power boat or sail.iat.
Waterfowl (except those taken under permit for propagation pursuant to
regulation 8 of these regulations) and mourning doves are not lieinmitted to
be taken with or by aid of corn, wheat, oats, or other grain or products thereof,
salt, or any kind of feed by whomnoever, or for whatsoever purpose, placed,
deposited, distributed, scattered, or otherwise put out in any environment what-
S, ever, whereby such waterfowl or doves are lured, attracted, or enticed to the
hunter; and in the taking of waterfowl, the use directly or indirectly, of live
duck or goie- decoys is not permitted; nor shall anything in these regulations
be deemed to permit the use of an airplane, power boat, sailboat, or other
fl,-ating craft or device for the purpose of concentrating, driving, rallying, or
stirring up migratory waterfowl.
[As nm, idd July 28, 1919; Mar. 3 and May 17, 1921; Apr. 4, 1927; Mar. 2, 1928;
Apr. 2:3. 1929; Mar. 17. 1931; July 20, 1932; Sept. 11, 1933; Aug. 20, 1934; and Feb.
2, July 30, and Aug. 27. 1935.]
Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possession of Certain Migratory Game
Waterfowl (except snow geese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross's g.iose, wood duck, ruddy (du(k. bufllehead
duck, and swans), coot, and \i1.on's snipe or jacksnipe, may be taken each
day from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m., standard time, and rails (other than coot), wood-
c,,,1., mourning doven, and band-tailed pigeons from 7 a. min., standard time, to
sunset O:',h day during the open seasons prescribed therefore in this regulation,
and they may be taken by the means and in the numbers permitted by regula-
tions 3 and 5 h.'reof, 're-piectively, and when so taken may lbe possessed in the
numbers pi rriitted by regulation 5 any dziy in any State, Territory, or District
during the period constituting the open season where killed and for an addi-
tional period of 10 days nex1 su,-,evding said open season, but no such bird
shall be po,,ss,.1-c-d in a State, Territory, or District at a time when such State,
Territory, or District prohibits the poss.sion thereof. Nothing herein, shall be
d,(ir -d to permit the t: king of migratory birds on any reservation or sanctuary
es:t:blished under the MA. 1raitory Bird Conservation Act of February 18, 11.29
(45) Stat. 1222), nor on any area of the United States set aside under any other
law, piro ,l )i ;ition, or TExec'iive order for u.-e as a bird, game, or other wildlife
resvi"va tion, breeding grounds, or refuge except ins''tar as may be pernlittedl by
the S' rotaryry of Agriculture under existing law, nor on any area adjacent to
any s;cli refuge when such area is de(-ignatcd as a closed area under the
MiAL:t story Bird Treaty Act.
Waterfowl ('tr'prit snow grosc in Florida and all Statc.q north thereof border-
ioyg oni thf Atlantic Ocuan, ARoss's yoose, irood duck, ruddyi duck, buffl'hcad duck,
1ad .,'II.'s), V.'ilson' ,,iiipe or jach:.nipe, and coot.-The iclpei seasons for
watei'rlio\\l ('xi'pt s. ow ..'., in Florida and all Stat(es north thereof border-
ing on tl], Atlantic Ocean, loss's g-,o'. wood duck, ruddy du' k. btiullIhead
(hi 1;, aInd ^vlii), Wil:wri's snipe or jacksnipe, nirid coot, in the several States
on\l Al; ka, shall be na follows, both dates inclu-ive:
In Colorado,, (',,CnI'tic'nt, Iditho, Illinois, Indiana. Iowa. Kansns. Maine,
Mussachu:-etts, Michigan, Miinnesota, Mi.ssouri, Montana. Nebraska, Nevada,

IS. R. A.


New IIil'-hqire, New Ytrk. il, lu, li in Liimig Island, North D.,kota, Ohio(. O(,), n ',,
Pcnis% Ivanii:i. 1Rl1oL. Island, Smiuth Dakota, Utah, Vermi'tont, Wi-ti-iisin, \Washiui:-
ton. and Wy.iuiini -. October 241 to N,,v.niber 19;
In Alaliiinn, Arizona, Ark;i,.a: Califorila. Diel:twa:ire, Florl:i, Ge)r"::t,
Kentuiky, Li.ni-iiiana, .Maryland, Mi-i--iippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Norith
Carolina, OkL.iuimln:i, South Carolina, Tenne.h-e. Texas, Virgiaizi ani West
Virginia. Novciber 20 to I),c(.inlwr 19; and
In Ala.-k:a wt-t of the 141st it-Tridian, September 1 to September ::,. and ,a-t
thereof. Spt!.!,i'r 20 to October 19.
Rails (t'.ryept coot).-The open seasons for rails (ex i-pt coot) shall 1,w fromia
September 1 to November 10. ,booth (iate." inclusive, x('xe(('tl as follows:
Was..hi l~iten and MI:-achusetts, October 1 to November 30:
New Yoik. lin11udiw Long Islannd, and W'-,..,sin. October 21 to Novermlbcr 19;
I.i;ui,-ij:ua. Nove1iber 1 to January 31; and
District of Colullbia. nm) op en e-.:ISo1In.
Woodcock.-Tfie tIpen s,:.asons for woo(lcock shall be as follows, both d(;t,.:;
Wi-,.i. September 23 to( Octobl)er 23;
M:;ine, New IHamonshire, Vermont, Michigan, and North Dakota, October 1
to Ot tober 31;
New York, include,' Long Island. Delaware. New Jet'-, y, Pennsyv vaniia, Ohio,
ILdiaa, a.nl Iowa, October 15 to Nolveihber 14;
M;,: ;chu;.t tts, Rlhode Island. aindI Comi:'ticut, O,.ltober 21 to Novo litr 1);
MIis' .'u-i, Novwnber 10 to D)cemnber 10;
Maryland, Viruinia. West \'ir'iia, Kentucky, Arkai-.s, and Oklaliuria,
Nox-ether 15 to I)December 15 ; and
North (Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, M! -'-i-Ippi, and L(uisi-
81an11. 1), teniler 1 to )'-cenlier 81.
Doves.-The ol,,i ,-ev.,.ons for mIouril ing doves shall be as follow -. both d(ates
lnclu-iv .:
Illini'k. Mi --.1ri, .Min\fiiesota, South Dakota Neolbra-]:.i. Katnsas, Utalh, Nevanda,
Idaho, ;id Ou.:.i. September 1 to) Decembecr 15; andI
Maryland. North Carolina, South Clarolina, A:I;il:Tii (excelp)t in Mobile, Bahldwin,
a1n1 WXashillgtoIn Counties), Louisiana, and Arizon ai, Septlember 21 ti). Januaryv 5;
That portion of Alabama coniprising Molbile, IIaldwin, an(d Washingitonu
Couniti.:-, Septeml.'er 21 to S"oteier anId Noveober 1 to Janiary .1;
Deli.ware, Virginia, Kentucky. Teni.--,.,, Arkans:ts, Oklahomi:i, arnl New
Mexico, September 21 to Decenihb'r 15;
California, in fish and :;',me districts 4, 41,,, and 4% as dFi.'d by State law,
Septetu11ber 21 to October 31 ; in the remaining districts of the State, Septemb'er
21 to September 20;
Ge'1,r-ial. September 21 to Octoler 20 anId Novembler 20 to January 21
lIorida, Stcptember 21 to Septeili.r 0 )()and Novemn!ir 20 to J,,i!.ai;y :1;
Mii'sissippi, Septe .ni. c21 to O october 5 and Noveember 20) to January 31
Thiat pi-rtion of Tt.:: north or norIhI,.. ly of a line beginning at 1i,1 Rio (:(n. '!o
v e-t of ID)el Rio, then(,(,ce to Pe.1 Rio, thence east aohing SoIuther I'Pa.itic Ra ilwy
to San Antonio, tlhence along nlc rnational-(reat Northern Railway to Austin,
thenivi, (-.at albng Houston and To.i:(. Central Railway to IBrazos River, thliei(c
north up Branzos River to where Be....fumi t mranci of (1Gulf. ('Colo'rat' & '-:ta F.e
Railway cros.-'s s;,ii river, thence e:ist alon (Inlf, ('olora(do & Santa Foe
Railway to intir',,-'tliOn with IHIoutn Ea'st & West Texas RailWa y at ('levi1:ind,
thence al Hoii I ouston East & \We(st Texas Roilway to the Loiuisiana horrder
except thle counties of Bastrop, B ;-;i: zos, IBurle- 1. Fayette, Grime-. Lee, L itne-
stton. MiAa:, Mo)ntogomlie'y, Rol',-.iscl, San J.acinto, Smith, WVaslington, and
Wood, S'epteirb,',r 21 to O(ctober 31; and
That portion of Texa- south of the above described boundaries and tlhe
countite- li,-reinabove excepted, December 1 to January 10(.
Band-tailed pigeons.-The opeti' s',isins for .aid-tailed pigeons shall be as
follows, both (lates inclusive:
California, December 1 to DPicmber 15;
Ariz,,i-a and Oregon, October 16 to October 30;
New Me(xico. October 1 to October 15; and
Washilngtmon, September 16 to September 30.
[As nuinil.il Oct. 25. 1918; July 2-". 1919; July 9. 1 '.",; May 17, in21 ; Mar. 8, 1922;
June 11, 1.)2 ; Apr. 11 and Ju'y 2. 1924 ; J3m,- 22, liz.-i; Mir. 8, Apr. 22, ,nd June 1S.
1126; Apr. 4 and 21 a1dj Sept. 6. 11i27 ; Mair. 2, July 1:8, nndl Ai: 16i 1t', :,; Apr. 23
and Dec. 31. 192, ; May 23 and Au,. 2:_. ila) ; Mar. 17, Ang. Z_. :ind Sept. 12. 1931;
July 20, 1932; Sept. 11, 193 ; Aug. 2'0, 1934; July Oi', Aug. 27, and Sept. 26, 1935.]


Regulation 5.-Daily Bag and Possession Limits on Certain Migratory Game
A I- ic:.n may lak,. in any one (lay during thle opri n u felons prescribed there-
for in it elationon 4 not to exceed the following numbers of inigratory game
birds, whiih numbers shall include all birds taki, i by any other pel'tron who
for hire ac('oni'j;iIi;:s or a-is.s1 him1 in taking such biids; and wLhcn so taken
tw,.' mly l)e p I sessd in the numtliers specified :is followxvs:
DciLs (f rccpt ,,ood duck, ruddy duck, and b'/if','cicad duck).-Ten in the
o-i'-,re o0 all kiltl-s, and any per'o011 at ally one tlie may pos5..s not more
than 10 dis ill the a -;'Lc.;ite of all kinds.
Geese and brant (c.r.cpl s)now ,resc in Florida (and all States north thereof
bordcring on the Atlantic Occan, and Rots s'.. gooe).-Four in the aggregate of
all kinds, and any person at any one time may possess not more than four
c. (s and brant in the aggre.Laite of all kinds.
Ra&lj (,.pil 'ora and coot) .-Fifteen in the agurvegite of all kinds, and any
p'.-'-in at any one time miay pw(,'-4's not more than 15 in the aggregate of all
Sora.-TTwenty-five, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than 25.
Coot.-Fifteen. and any person at any one time may possess not more than 15.
Wilson's snipe or jacksnipe.-Fifteen, and any pierstin at any one time may
Iposss-; not more than 15.
Woodcock.-Four, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than four.
Mourning doves.-Twenty, and any person at any one time may possess not
more thanl 20.
Band-tailed pigeons.-Ten, and any person at any one time may possess not
more than 10.
The pissssion limits hereinbefore prescribed shall apply as well to ducks,
geese, brhtnt, rails, Wilson's snipe or ji.-ksiiipe, woodcock, mourning doves, and
bn li-tailed pigeons taken in Canada or other foreign country and brought into
the United States, as to those taken in the United States.
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918; July 28, 1919; Mar. 3, 1921 ; Mar. 8, 1926; Apr. 4, 1927 ;
Dec. 31. 1929; Mair. 17, 1931; July 20. 1932; Sept. 11, 1933; Aug. 20, 1934; and July
80. 1935. ]
Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds
Waterfowl (,.xoept snow geese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
Ing on the Atlantic Ocean, R(oss's goose, wood duck, ruddy duck, bulehlead
duck, and swans), rails, woodcock, Wilsn's snipe or jackiiipe, mf;urning doves,
and band-tailed pigeons and parts thereof legally taken may be transported in
any manner in or out of the State where taken during the respective open
sat:sols in that State, and when legally taken in and exported from Canada
iiny be imported into the United States during the open season in the Province
where taken, but not niore than the nunlber thereof that nmy be taken in 1 (lay
by one prsni under tlioe', regulations shall be transported by one person in
1 calenrlar we( k out of the State where tak;ii or from Canada into the United
States; any such birds or 1,:irts thereof in transit during the open season may
continue in transit s,'-h additional time immediately succeeding such open
season, not to exceed 5 days, necessary to deliver the same to their destination,
and may li. pus-o.-cLd in any State, Territory, or District during the period con-
Flit'j tij.ii the open ',a,,ason where killed, and for an additional period of 10 days
Ext su',.,.,,ding said open s,:' s,, ; and( any liakage in which such birds or
parts thereof are tr. n;,s)ported slihall have the n:mie and addre-s of the shipper
and of the coi,-i._11 i.p and an accurate statement of the nunIbers and kinds of
biild, or a1,;rts ther'-,f contai1,d,1 therein clearly and consl)icuously marked on
the o1l,:i(de tii,,if .l'; but no such birds or parts thereof shall be transported from
aiy Sate, Terriltory, or District to or thr()uIrli another State, Territory, or
ID)i- t- ri't or to or through a Provimn,' of the Dominion of Canada contrary to the
la'.\ of the State, Territ(ry, or IDistrit in which they were taken or from
wtiicli they are tra-Iltorted; nor shall any such birds or parts th:'rcof be trans-
p1ri (MI into any State, Trritory, or Di)strict from another State, Territory, or
Di:-I rIct, or Province of the Dominli)n of Canadl:. or from any State, Territory,
or I)istdri't into any l'ri'inc('e or th(e I)ominiion of Canada, at a time when any
'c!, Sialte, Territory, or I)i-trict, or Province of the Domini(in of Canada. into
which they are trni plrted iiihibdts the possession or transportation thereof.

[S. R. A.

B. .- .3] MTIIThXTORY l1:D) T1'EATY ACT rFII1ATTO'"-, 1935 0

Migrat,)ry game birds imported fron coii'rtri,., ot!,'r tlmir Can:l .M iL':e-
t').'. 1'1111e birds rt" a a i"" :es' fIr w hinch :tnt (pen' a -,l s ii is pr 'rribo! l v ( 'F-
lati,,uii 4, laW uilly l. ii, in and ex lp rte fromt a f,, 'V in c i('uli Fry :(olti r li: n
C uii i:nl.i. for \ilii,.li ltiovisii ,r is l l,.r, inh ,l'w e il.- ) ..;iy I traiispi'rl,'d l< ;Hr1
p, s-e'<. ,] inl auly ,.;:(ite of t!:"' Uni!, d .'iit' '- during tin* ,' 1 s il'n prcs i'i ,1
by r' ::'l.attion 4 in si' Si .'tate for thlit -1 ,.ie ; a td for p'rio I (1 10 d;a.s ililline-
di.itely sli c', .., g siiL open ,i .',;{.l. andI! in l li t 1)- ricl oY f (C h(nuhiii ia durin 1 i
the ,l'peii ; .*;-on -,' plr''',. ib, I for M..riry id an li t lay- tI', 'r i ', il i iui r-;,
ITn f] i 1 ,.vItit:ir work not i,.". iiig ti-os l ielmit .I to I to akii il 1 .1 iv
1by In 'ullti'ri 5, if transport: iIatii.i i lld po ss sio (of .'l bi!-. ls in t pr'-hliiteid
by tlho1 liw- f s is h b Sta (Ie or D)ist' ri(t ;a' 1 if ill'l.'rt, d aidl l;i Li l rod ii i. k-
1lgi, r :nirked n-. hereinlifore provide, d.
[As :i. ri-t-I Oct. 2.-. 1918 ; July 9. 1:, : M ir. 8, 192; ; Apr. 4, 1927 ; Mar. 17, 1 1
July 21'. la*' ; Sr.t. 11. 19;:;; aud July ;i-, 1 .;., ]
Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nnngame Pir!ds, by Eskim;r,s and
Indians in Al.s1a
In Alaski Ei kiimos and irdi.ins iriy t.ik, lfor the uti, of ihennselv,-s and their
lini.iiili.ite fanirlies, ili any liannller al]nd at any time, and possess aind l',i-port
auk-., aukletst, gi.illt nots, murre-, and pullrii,! and their ,ggs for food and .lit ir
skins for clothing.
Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl
1. A pIer-uro aii;y take at any time mnigratory wvaterfiowl and theiir i ,' for
propagatinrg purl.oses when authoriztl by a permit issued by the Sec retary.
Wate(rfowl and their e."'- so takenii miaiy be pIo<, -si-! by the permnittie and i:ay
be s-old anil transported by him for propa'a';ting purpo(-'- to any p'er'son hold. ng
a pIerilt is.-.ted by the SecLretary in ac''ordulice with the provisioii- of telis
regular tion.
2. A JIL.rso)n authorized by a permit issued by the Si'reiary may posses., buy,
sell. and( tranispoIrt inigratory waterfowl and their in(r,.in e and g-- ij any
manner and at any time for propiagating purpo.tes; and migratory Naterfowi,
except the bird, taken under Iaragiajph 1 of this regulation, so k)io--, -.(1 may
be killed by him at any t1111 in any manner, except Illiat they niay be kil,.d by
shooting only during, the open s.aisoni for waterf-'w1 in the State where killed,
and the carcas's., with l:eads and feet atta'-l:i.d thereto, of the birds so kill.led
may be sold and transported by him in any winner and atit any t;'.e, to any
per-on for actual consumption, or to the k( (-per of a hotel, restaurant, or
boarding house, retail d al.r in meat or game, or a club, for sale or service to
their palr'n-s, who niay piosses such carc.;i::s for aclual consnllpliion without
a permit, but no iniira tory watcrlhwl killed by shooting shall be bought or sold
unless each bird before atit'ai.in.n the age of 4 weeks shall have had re!'roved
from the web of one foot a portion tlhereof in the form of a V large enoughh to
nimakht a lipetrm;ii'iit, well-defifId nimairk, which shall be sufficicint to identify it as
a third rai-ed in doiie:-'ication und(ler a permit.
3. Any paol.:;ge in w\hiich such waterfl,'\wl or parts thereof or their Le; are
transported shall have plainly and ciii,-)icu luily marked on the outside tli',-rc,1f
the name azrid aldresl's of the perinittee, the nullmber of his permit. thle raiile and
address of the on.signee, and an accur;iate .l.:tement of the nn],bie.r and kinds of
bird-; or eggs containi d therein.
4. Ar'plir'atio-ns for permits must be addre.,d to the S,,,ri'tary of Agri, u'tiir-e,
Waslihinglti, D. C., amid must c',ntain the following information: Name and
a(lddress of applicant; ilac'e where the lbiu *ir', is to 1I'- carried on; nninlier of
acres of land u-ed in the Iu i-iness and whet!ther owned or le.ia.-d by tli'. appli-
caint ; numib eir of e:ic'h specir's of waiterfowl In p',,r--iln of applicant; -m, ic', of
species and number of birds or e.s of each sIp,'ies If l' r:ii-'-ini is asked to
take waterfwl or their ,-, ; and the pariicul:ir loc:ility whjiri, it is dtsiredl to
take suhli waterfo,!-I or ecg.
5. A lpeis'i'nill git:ted a perimit undl'r this reo-uiiaion -lall kelp books and
'rec',rdl which srI:1 correctly set forth thle total nuinmb.r of ieah soi" i fs of
waterfriwl aind tiherir e.gs pi-s---e(d on the di:te of aipplih.ation fi"'r ftile l(ernlit
and ()on the 1st dlay of ei:,li January iilxt following; al-o for .ci(ih calendar ,e.ir
during til' life of the pern!it the total nwlui lr of each s.lice- r.ea':red :anid
killed, nu;ilber of each sl'ec'e. and hl.ir e-'- sold aid tran-p;iorted, nnn.i,'.r in
which -u'h waterfoiwl al(nd L,- e'e, transpi 'irti, namie and addIre- of -.;o h
l),er-,,n fri'lin or to whoinm waterfowl an(d e'-" wevre ,inrn-li:-,I or sold, l,''etlier
with the number aud s--.cies and whether &'.ld alive or dead; and the (.date


of each transaction. A report setting forth this information shall be annually
furnished the Secretary during the month of January for the preceding calendar
6. A permitted shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized employee
of the United States Department of Agriculture to enter and inspect the prem-
I.-es where operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect
the 1), ,k- and records of such p)ermittee relating thereto.
7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revoked by the
SP,,retary unless otherwise specified therein, shall not be transferable, and may
k, revoked by the Secretary, if the permitted violates any of tne provisions of
the Mi;r;itory Bird Treaty Act or of the regulations thereunder. A permit duly
revoked by the Secretary shall be surrenderedl to him by the person to whom it
was issued, on demand of any ,employee of the United States Department of
Agriculture duly authorized to enforce the provisions of the Migratory Bird
Treaty Act.
8. A person may possess and transport for his own use, without a permit,
live migratory waterfowl now lawfully posse,,ssed or hereafter lawfully acquired
by him, but he may not purchase or sell such waterfowl without a permit. A
State or municipal game farm or city p'rk may posse.-s, purchase, sell, and
transport live migratory waterfowl without a permit, but no such waterfowl
sliill )e I)urchased from or sold to a person (other than such State or municipal
game farm or city po rk) unle,.ss he has a permiit. The feathers of wild ducks
and wild geese lawfully killed, and feathers of such birds -eized and condemned
by Federal or State game authorities may be po-sessed, bought, sold, and
transported, for use in iimaking fishing flits, bed pillows, and mattresses, and
for similar commercial purposes, but not for millinery or ornamental purposes.
[As ameiided Oct. 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; Apr. 10 and June 11, liU23; and S, pt.
11, 1933.]
Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes
A person may take at any time migratory birds and their nsts and eggs for
scientific purp'-:e.s when authorized by a permit is.-.ued by the Secretary, which
permit shall be carried on his person when he is collecting specimens there-
under and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see the same; except
that nothing- herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any migratory
gwTiie bird during the open st'ason therefore betwven 4 p. in. and 7 a. min. of the
next succeeding day, standard time, or in any manner or by any means not
permitted by regulation 3 of th(se regulations.
Application for a permit must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Wa l in-iton, D. C., and must contain the following information : Name and ad-
dl-e of the applicant, his age, and name of State, Territory, or District in
w hich specimens are proposed to be taken, and the purpose for which they are
Intended, and the namine and addr( -.. of at least two well-known ornithologists,
princlipils or superintendents of educational or zoological institutions, officials
or 1n11nbers of zoological or natural-hi;tory orgn; iz:itiu1ns, or nstI-ructors in
z)oh;'-'y in high schools, colleges, or universities from whom may be ascertained
thle qualifications of the applicant for a permit.
The perlrit may limit the number and species of birds, birds' nests, or eggs
that wiay be collected thereunder and the places where they may be collected
and ,iiay authorize the holder thereof to pos:et-s, buy, sell, exc.anlige, and trans-
port in any nmnner and at any tine ni.-ratory birds, parts thereof, and their
1)sis9 and ..-. for scientific purpose< ; or it may limit the holder to one or more
of tli,-e privileges. Public nu' uiii, zoological parks, and societies and public
e-i',ntific and educational institutions may p.-sses<, buy, sell, exchliange, and
transport in any manner and at any time migratory birds and parts thereof and
their nests and cgas for scientific purpl'-es without a perinit, but no specimens
shall blie taken without a permit. The plumage and skins of migratory game
birds hle.ally taken riay lbe Ii.,ssessd and transported by a person without a
A taxidermni-t, when authi ,iz(cd by a ',irmnit issued by the Secretary, may
p,,- e-, buy, sell. exchange, and Ira.-1-p,,rt in any manner and at any time
Tiligr.itory birds and parts thereof legally taken, or he may be limited to one or
morn of these privihl.e,. A taxidermist granted a permit under this regulation
shall keep botlks and records correctly setting forth the name and address of
each pers, delivering each slwciiena of a migratory bird to him, tii 'ge(her with
thie ii: Ii of each species. the date of delivery, the disposition of such specimnien,
and the date thereof, which said bo,-;ks and records shall be available for inspeC-

[S. R. A.

B.S.S::] 1IG1A;A.I I[Y BII1L) TI;!:\'FY ACT IlK.. t'LATIONS, 1935 7

tlion at all ri'ai,,-,i le l iik- h i s on I ,'.iest b: :',.y duly 1utl i i ;/1d r' *l .. a've
of tie, I ,,,I iir I,.iit of A.\ ric'ut(lr'.
i::icli Ierimit shall !'. invalid ;: Ter .lune ", '-i .. '...li 's the dhate ol V is ma:.. e,
sh:,ll r,,t be t:!;ii ( .ih le, anld s' .'ll 1. ii n +,o:( a T a nI t in' tt e d+4 iciii of
the S. rr'ary. A l.rhit \'ocd by .' Sei all '* r. to ai
by tli,' pie: -,, to lhioin it yxa < i < u'..l, on de'u .ml +,f : ny i !:. e n h llit iit: I
Il tillrt t
:tit i Dep n! :It of Ain',- culture authriz d to t'I i' tl.. p .' -;( A of it.i
M.nitory Bird lr.ity A( t. A ,-r-,in h! ltdins a +'rti uidt i tliL + r ; i ain
shall rillort annually to Ii. S, rttavy 11 or I, ifore the lIth (Iy of july tt,.'
nuiiib,'r 01f .'-k'is.<, nest-. ,r ,.:*s of ea li sp~e ies coflcit'titd, l)'n -:.,t s Id, m t 'iu ,
p, ,.-- ,:,.d, iit'lliite L, ex'l:;i: .cd, ,r trIii+ .liprt..! Ou' ":,? Ii ,. !preHc( liiig 12 IoiIti.',
and failure to maIke such 11 .i[rt will lw caa-.- for refusal to renew the i "ilit.
.vry p;i,.i:iL'.' in w which I., It-",r. bit .I- or 11,ir it,-,t> or fu are 1 I..' o. *'tt I
[lh;itl l;iv. dearly tid ciiipi'u .ul and adlre,. of twie sender, tilhe iiit1i.r of the permiit hi every ,a- v.hen a
perillit is required, tlie i:;i iand addre-- of tihe consiz;ee, a ,tatemet l.,at it
cotntzlin.s s Icci iili-; of birl,. tlheiir e-t, or e.- for s-'ientifi, li 'l i,
whenever such a l'ael,.i:Ze is transIportd or offeit-.d for ti1 ,I!'V'r ,I'l fi tiii ld?
D ini:i iii) of C'n;!ial into thi Uitahd1 Slat('- or froin ill., Uniited Stat, into the
Dominionl of Ca:iniila. an :terlir;ite -.iltei,,It of tihe (.'ii ltiis.
[As aim in ld Oct. 25. 1918; Mar. 3, 19'_l ; June 11. 1, i: ; Apr. .:;, 1',9" ; Mar. 17. V':3,1 ;
July :2-, 1;. .2; Sept. 11. 1':;.; ; AIIL. "0. 1934 ; and July *;n, I1,;.,.]
Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Birds Injurious to Property
Community injury.-When information is furni.he d, the Secretiry that any
srprie of nm.,'ra lory bird has beoine.. u id'r e(,xtaordinary cond itioii. -,.riously
ijiuiiu'i to agriculture or other interests in any l,.rtiCulr coimmunity. an
investigation will be made to determine the nature and extent of thle injury,
whether thle thirds alleged to be d1,ig the dama;.Le ,li-,uld be killed, and, if so,
during what tinies and by what -means. Upon his determination an appropriate
order wel be made.
Specific injury.-Upon receipt by the Secretary of infornintinn from the
o\\uer, tenant, or shaie crt:lper tlhat mi- ,atory bird., are injuring his crro's
or other Iproplerty on the land on which he ,e-,ides. tz'ethelr with "a ,-Iitena nit
of tihe location of the land, the nature of the criip.-4 or property lbing injired',,
the extent of such injury, and the particular spc 'iei of birds comnlmi tili- the
injury. an investigation will be made by the Bure.iu of Biological Survey of
the Departnit of Azriculture, anid if it is delterin inrd fri"' su h inv.ti'.1anin
that thlie injury complai ned of is substantial and c;n be a!bated only by killing
the birds, or so many thereof as may lie nIece-sary, a permit to kill the birIls
will be i-stieed by tlie Chief of sa.id Buvreau. in which Iperillit will lie -,11 cifi.'d
the time during which, the iiea is and inettlhils by which, and ti, 1, rsoii or
perstnsii by whom the birdls ni:y be killed, and the disposition to I. made of
the birds so kill d. and such other restrictions :w itai 'y be d. ru-d -e'-stiry
and appropriate in tlie cirf'tmn-taniceq of the ialrti'iilari ca-e: Provi'l 4., how re r,
That in every permit issued as. afore-:aid it s-;all be spcr.fled lha;t no such
bird-. shall be, shot at or killed at any time or in any manner not authorized
by the laws of the State in which suli permit i.-; effective; and as to liizratt.ry
wa:terfoxwl, that they s rhill not be shot at or kill,.l (1) fr li any blindly, sink,
pit, o"r :ny olhier devii-c or mtnitais of otnIce 'ai.ett, whether' natu".il or artificial.
nimtvable or s.itatioriary, or on land or water; (2) IVy Iie;n 1i of any gun larv.er
than no. 10 gage, or of alny Limu to which a s-ilinrer 1''-, 1-eo n attacied or other-
wise affixed: and (3) by the use of decoys of any (Iescritiin, or of traps or
nets of any kind.
[As nniend.,d Ang. 20, 1934.]
Regulation 11.-State Laws for the Protection of Migratory Birds
Nothirig in these- reulationi-s -ill be c-.'n,-trued to 'crtnit the taki, pos.
slon. sale, r .i clia-t. or trannsportntion of tiihr:tory bird,. their ii'-trs. anld -:<
contrary to the laws arid rw'iltii,,s ot' aliIly State or Territory or District
madi for tl, p)urp'l, e:(' if giving firTil *r pr, election to ticirti :" birds, their
nests. and e-'.- w_ Ien su .li lw '- a d. r t-lnlatiii i are 1,t il ''.ii- -l,*r:t with the
coinvenli,,11 th i twel tIhc United S :t,.' indl Gr,.it Britain for the prot''clionI of
I[Pg,:.tnory bird-. c'rludd AiI-2ii-t 16, 1.1l6t. or the Mi-rat'rry Bird Tre .aty Act
and do not extend the op'en season. for such birds beyondl tle dateie prei-cribcd
by the-e regulations.
[Added by proclamation of Oct. 25, 1918, as ain.uded July 9, 1920.]


3 1262 09218 5312


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