Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds


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Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds
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United States -- Bureau of Biological Survey
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey ( Washington )
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,..- x. P! ,! pt i -* *. ., L

S. R. A.-B. S. 72. T-s Sd S, i tTmbher, 1930

United States Department of Agriculture




lu~c wt. i ,i,,,
SMigrati'il itiin- ---- --------------------------------- 1
_Cii.Y.Uji1uD i nt:l t,'- 1 a ,id (great Britain for the ii,tection of mni-
,.ratoir lr s i fi i til I T,-a il' ? IttC' 1 -id ('Li:i. 7----------------------------- 7
Migratory bird lrvaty act--------------------------------------------------- 1
L.acev Art. ruhlatin inti.r-t:t, ,.,nimerce in wild animals------..--------------- 12
Law Irit(ecting wilhdl ;imil al;id an iirds and their .g^- and G'overuxuent property on
Felr' ml refut,'1s_--------------------- ---------------------------------- 13
Regulations gu %*rniii. iriii uili ni>tiional 'rr,'>--------------------------- ---- 14
Firv on Ithe pulilic ill iii-iiii------------------------------------------------ 14
I'rovisions of r:iriflf act r.uilati i- importation of iluniiiai,. :Jlnv.. etc ------ --- 14
Canndian tariff act p l)roiliitiii.L importation of pluiiia.' iinul,, ,O-,. and certain
birds-------------------------------------------------------------- 17
Officials from whom cripies of game laws nii.iy be obtained---------------------- 18

[As approved a;id prnimil ':it.,l !, the Prsident JTly :21. 1918, and .amended October 2'5,
1 1S1,,; Jil" ". 1' .1",: .l v y 9, 11;._i March :1 1 and May 17. 1921 : March S. 1, ; Aril
10 and .Iune 11, 19::;; April 11 and July 2, 1924; .llun 22, 1925:; March -. April 22,
and June 1. 1!-1'"1i; April 4 and -1 and SIpttt'il er 6, 1I'27 ; March 2, .Jl.. 1:1. and
.uiz.ust 16. 1928 ; April 2:.; and D)ecember ,1, 192'; May 23 and August 2... 1.,'3,.]

Regulation 1.-Definitions of Micrat.ory Bird;
Migritonry lI)irl. inc(ludi l in the terms of the c' ii,'iition 1,.vei'ii lthe United
States ;it l CGrv;t Britain for the plvtccliiiin of iiL-ritory biril',-. eii,'lu lcdl
Au,,ust 1G. 1)16, are 1. ; ,is i s:
1. If ir'tfiory yeumc bii d.-:
(a) Anmtid(o., or waltrfowl, ilffludiLd li Irnnit. wild diuk-L<. ,,-,. :iild -wn:i:.
(b) Griii(l n r O ie'iilite-. iiiclulini little brown, s;,illllill]. and wi0( iuii -'' ,.rtii'-<.
(o) R;illidel. or rnils, inchi'liig ii, f. gallinul,,.-. sand :s,';: ;i il o1li, ri:il<
(d) Linuicolao, or lil're birds, iiliilui l av ,'ct t cuirle vs. d,'\\it, l_,ri-. go',l i[-.
k llits, o y.s.-t ri ';ifl-litq'.--. il lil.-Ir,,in.%' |ld,,v, r-. -;n;ip l il.,t'rs, sa il's'. stilts, s n ri tb ird s.
iurnst'lo \villet.. \vi ,i < -ik. andl yell i\\ -
(e) C 2. .iru totrjjy in r'i'r fOlu. b Cuird.,': (.'Ceko ,,l-; tliwi'- an d other wo. ip, ,.kens
iiil-hihawki s or lil-!,:nt., aild \\hip-irl, r-will-; swifts: hn1iiiliii_'birds l 11' :itIch-
t'l's ; 1iiiliiiii kIs, LmUc.kid w lirkNh-. aid(I oriul,- ; grO-l';i1< ; t:!ii: ia i iiiirll 1i- and
other .:w;lli1,'\'s; w:mxw ini ~; ili t'-s;, vi' i,,-- \, :'rii!er's Jiltiits et siv -,. anId
brown Ihraliors; wN'nr.iis; brown e.rciTlUrs; 111utlhlCha s clii(k:mio,.- :iiid tiitLuicc;
kinglits ;.iid g,..nat c.atclieTrs; roblins and other t'lirsuics; a1!t .ll -i11'r" I',rr iliii:
lirdts which ted initirely or likelyly on iii.vt-;..
3. Other HniiaratorI ?onqa ,' bird.'": Aiuk-. atilh1tt, 'titt'r ,i'r i'"ilnm tr, Z.;-iii,.rts,
,.relies. guillv iiots, 1 Tills., ho ii'.. jail i'r. l i-. nii 'rr -. pIto lelt-. 1iIlil'-. -i.;ir-
waleils'. and I ,nIs.
[As nindeil July 9, 19211.]

1 Summnrized inforinatioii c',i,'.i iininZ iI'iln se ss on -,s O .ii,. licenses. ..: limit,. [',,-
sSsioilI, sale. iiiterstitt tr.lnsI',,rt:iii i' .iiil provisions r latiTi : to iIin ,i'lrttIl .ii,'. an1id
g;ine ralsd i captiiyisep in ciiy i ublilih dI in the annual l'.in'mers' Bulletin i i,, I nitred Slates
Department of Agriculture on tlie aiii laws, which imay be had from the ;,11lillie it
upon request.
1181790-30-- 1 1

,,,,s,^^ --- "


. I. t t i- IN


Regulation 2.-Definitions of Terms
For the purposes of these re-unilations the following terms shall be construed,
respectively, to mean-
Sc'rctfiry.-Tlhe Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.
Pcr.or)n.-The plural or tile simnular, as the case demands, including ndi-
viduals, associations, partnerships, and corporation-, unless the context other-
wi se requires.
Tikl'<.-The pursuit, hunting, capture, or killing of migratory birds in the
manner and by the ime:iitn- specifically peri-mitted.
Olpcn casxon.-The time during which mitgratory birds may be taken.
Tra n.Nport.-Shi piing. transporting. carrying, exl),p rating, receiving or deliver-
ing for shipment, t transportation, carriage, or export.

Regulation 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May be Taken
The migratory game birds speitified in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
during the open seas-on with a gun only, not larger than No. 10 gauge, fired
from the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and -10
hereof; they miay be taken during the open season from the land and water,
with the aid of a d,,og. the iiue of decoys, and fromn a Wind or floating device;
but nothingff herein shall be deemed to permit the use of an automobile, air-
plane. powerboat, sailboat, any boat under sail, any floating device towed by
powerboat or sailboat, or any sinkbox (hattury), except that sinkboxes (bat-
teries) m;y be used in the takihig of migratory waterfowl in coastal sounds and
bays (including Back Bay, Princess Anne County, State of Virginia) and other
coastal waters; and nothing herein shall be deemedd to permit tlie use of an air-
plane, or a powerboat, sailboat, or other floating device for the purpose of con-
uentrating, driving. rallying, or stirring up mii gratory waterfowl.
[As amended July 28, 1919; March 3 and May 17, 1921; April 4, 1927; March 2, 1928;
and April 23, 1929.]

Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possesion of Certain Migratory Game
For the purpose of this regulation, each period of time herein prescribed as
an open s',a,-ii shall be construed to include the itrst and last days thereof.
Waterfowl (except wood duck, eider ducks, and sxvans), rails, coot, gal-
linules, woodcock, Wilson snipe or jacksnipe, and mourning doves may be taken
each day from half an hour before sunrise to sunse-t during the open seasons
pre-'ribed therefore in this regulation by the means and in the numbers per-
mintted by regulations 3 and 5 hereof, respectively, and when so taken may be
1,.i--(.-,ld any day in any State, Territory, or District during the period con-
stitutinh the open -,:l- on where killed and for an additional period of 10 (lays
next sue'-eetl lg -a;id open .-:ison, but no such bird shall be pos-essed in a State,
Territory, or District at a time when such State, Territory, or District prohibits
the pi--es-ion 1 litereof.
11Waterfowl ((.f.'ipt iro,,l (duIc, (id,'r duv.is. (ind sians), coot. and iilHfson
.0iipfr or j,',oII. ail,,.-The Ol). -e;itsoiis for \.:iterfo\l (except wood duck. c:der
du"..:-i : id swais), 'oot. and \Vilsii sn'lpe or .lack.tiipe :.hall be as follows:
In Miainte. New lIlaln-liire, Vermont, Ohio, We-t Virinia. MiLlian. Wiscon-
sin. Mitnni-ita, Io\vw;i, North Dakota. South Dakota, Nebralka. K1;sas. Colo-
rado, Wyoiiiiir. Montaina, Ne\aii:t. and that portion of Iltdaho oinplirising the
councils of Boundl ry, Bonner. K,,.tvn:.i. Il.riewl.\i, and Shosuiune. the opt-en
:,;i- :-Iall lie from Septe(mniber 16 to Dci..iil ier 31;
In New York (excepl)t Lniw I-l;iiid), Illinois, and Missouri the open season
shall 1 friii S.,'tiiil .r 24 to January 7;
In M:iac--;whusetts, Rhode I-la:nid. Cominiticut, PcI,-y'lvania. Indianaa, Utah.
I'l;iho ('*x-i..(I in the ilti tiies of Botiundary, Bonner, Kocitennai. Ih.new.ah. a:nd
Slioshone). ('ilifornia, O(ego,ii. and Wnsliiiniin the open seas, -l sla ll be from
O'tt-oli- 1 to J.jiimuary 15;
Ili tit oiii',n ii of New Yirk kn o\wn\ :1-4 imiL Island, anid in New Jersey,
Del;i \\wre. Oklallion;i. New\\ Mexico, A\rizoia. and in ithat portion of Texas lying
\ve'-t and lorith of a line leiii onil the Rio Griii'le directly w.est of tlhe town
of Del RItio, Tex:s ; liiictr. : i-t to Il(ie town ,Iit' Dcl Rio; tlhieti.e easterly following
the centerr of tlii, main tra(k of the Soulltierii Pailife Itailr,,:d throiurl llie towns
of Spofford, UlvaIld. ;iimdl Honido: liiiee to 1lie li,'int where the Southern Pacific
{;tilro;idl r,-- th, e lilteritationial & Great Nornliert' Railroad, at or near San

[S. R. A.


Antonio(,; tlienee f,,ll,,wilig tle nit r of lit Ie iiak of -.aid Iitrrii'r:itionIal Gr-:tt
Northerii Railr'4ai inll an e'iti iy lirei'tion, to Ilvie pollit in 1lt' city of Aitllstili,
whelhre it joins ('oiizre'.;s Aveniue. iewar thet Illt'rii.lit iuii;il & Gri:il Nor:inTii ijil-
road (dthllt ; tflelieiti ss l 'l a idi CriiLre"ts Aveniil' to ile vlft.l" of the maim tr:ick
of the Ilou'-toii & Texa ('Celtrail Ilami'roIl \li''.e -:iid tri ('ek j,,ini" -;id (I i'r,--.
Aveiett, at or inear tilt- Ill-mtisi & Txas Central I;iilr,,:id deplt; 1111,111. follow-
ing tiht' enter line of till tr;tck of said H,,t:-stoii & T'.xa;i. C 'itral I;iilr.;id in .111
easterly direction thr'in.il lilt- t,\v\ -s of -.lini (Gii iirl.-'-. alid r'P.i-tlal i. to tilhe
poilt where s.iid riilriad riu--e,, tilt- Br:tz,.s River; theiit'e with till center iof
said Blrazos livver ill ;I ge. e'l ir1ltlirly dirfrltioli. to tile miont <'TI -,Lid rivpr
vwhiere thit- Br;i iii ',]t brai ell of tlilt (i;ulf Cobl,'iadl) & S:inthi Fe I:tiil\\;y Cr ('-,s
the s;ii.'e; Iliciwt. \itli the v'iit'r of ill( trel;k of tilt' .aid Gull'f, Colorlad.i & S:nta
Fe' Il;ilw\ay ill alI -:ite'lly directitol tlhii'iiih tihe to\vii- of Na:;i-;,,t;i. Mnt-
gomnery, adil CI'nroe, to the point at or Ii',ar C,\'el:iiid1. whier. -:iid Gulf, Colo-
rad, & Sa;ta Fe Rail\vvy <'ri:'-, flii* HIIn-tlii ]'.;ist & W,-t 'l',,x;is Ilil\\wiy;
tlhencie with tlie center of !;iid IIll-t(,i E ;ir & Wt,-t Tvx;is- ILail\%.iy tri1,L. to
the pinlt in .;id line, wi-i.' it strikt's-; tilit Loui:iiama line the opif n son shiaull
be from Of'tfb'r 16 to JaIn iir!/ .1 :
In that piti, nm of Texas lyiw-', south and e.-t of the line above d.1.-cril.d tli,
Opeli season ill hit,1 fli- in Noveinlicr 1 to January 31;
In Marylatid. ilt. District of Coliibl'i;i. Vir _iiiii;. Kenim.ieky, Ttriew-(ct. North
Carolina. Soutli Carolina, Geo".ia. Florida, All,;iNim-i, Mi-si:-il)pi, A'k~il-;ts.
anid Louisinia tlih o-i'i sea-m shliall be fr'ill November 1 to J.iuliuary 31; and
In Alaska the open sei-on .liuall be from Setenmler 1 to Ie'eiiiber 15.
Rail. and fallin tiils ( 'I.J.i -oo/f.-The open sc-:'i-i 'ii frI s' Irat and otlr rail
andi galliniles exceptt coot) shall be from Sepltemilber 1 to Noveiiiler :.11. exi.llt
as follows :
In Mas-aelmi-etts the open seaioii sliall be from October 1 to December 15;
Ii New York the olpeni seaon' s1,ill li from S'epttember 24 to Noveimb,-r :VO;
In Louisiana the open season shall be frmni November 1 to January 31.
Wood('-,cOk.-Tlhe ipleni seasons for wood' i,.k shall be ;a-s f'illows:
In Mainlle. Net-w JIapilI.slLire. Ve ri omt. New Yolk. and North D1ikta the ,,pen
season shall lie from 01toilper 1 to October 31;
Ini Mas'ai''e.tts. IRhoilde Island, and Connecticut the ,lpe :.se;ian '-h;ll be
from Octobler 20 to Nwvember 19;
In New Jer-Ty, P'eIInsylvaInia. Ohio, Indliani;. Mil'il;;iu. Wisconsin, and I,\w;i
the opI-i -eason sli:ll be from Oet',ler 15 to November 14;
In Maryland. the Di-trirt of Columbia, ail, Mli--',uri the o0,'1i -,ia.on -li;ill
be fl'roll Nnve er 10 to Dtecombitr 10;
In Del:aware, Vir'iuii;i. We-t Vir-Aini;i. Kentiiky. Ark;i,-;i-. and 0 kbtliria
the opn sIi .-)i,( shiill be from Noveme,,r 15 to De, -h.Cber 15; and
In North Carolina. South Car olina. Georgia. Al;i ,ln a. iMi--i-silpIi. and Luisi-
ana tie <'peii se is, ii sliaill })e 1'r'iii D,,'enber 1 to I,,i.IIler 31.
Do',i .v.-Tlie (,]'ei i -,Ostli for nmourniii_ du;", shall be ;i- folloh,-:
In Del;ivw;ire. MI' ryl;iid, \ 'in-Jiliz. Ter, l,-.,., Ke tucky. Illiilis. Mi!, i'r...I:.
Nehbra-?-k;i. K;!,-:! --. M ,-.,uri, .Ai'l,1.;n ..-. Oklah,,1:a. New ),.exco, Utah. Arizoiiti,
,lifrnia. Neva'!a. IJalio, and Or,e.on tlie open -,.;t-on .l-hill be I',,iit Seu'lemler
1 tip D itlu,'pr 15.
In th:rt portion ofTex;is lyin: wett and i i'rth of a line ",.:inning i tl.i" io
Gr.i',1. direl-itly w,-t of the town of Del Iio. T,"\aI-: tl,,'- i ;t'at to tl., to" i1
of Iel Iti, ; till'i,. ('vo-tirly followiii the 4e.,nter o rl' Ilaill traI' k of tl,
S..iillitrn Pacific rItilrrid thiroulh the ,,\\': s of S:offord. U',;ide. ;!,iil ll,',,Il]
tlhie t. to tlil 1,,int wli1.he thile S,.h the It' P'1 I ,. ; l',,d:!', cros--i the Int,' r Iliwal
t& Gr't'It N rNtli- rn i;Liil tl. at or lTn: I S;11 Antl't io l l..e f' 1lowi-., Ilite (!'ell -
of tl.e r;ik of -:iid Tiiternatioil:t1 & (litaI Norlt,.rr li.ilr'md ii an east'rly
(liretTi,,!i. to tile point in tlile -ity" or AustinI, where it joinr ('oi _rI -s Av, ilt1.
nej ;, t!r,. Iiiterim tifi'ri l & C r,*.:I f N orth,.rtI l;l ilrn tI d i, 'Ir.t: tl., ':, 4e a'r,-. -;lid
-,, '..; -s .Ave.1111e, to flit, center o'," tlie 111:1i1L talck t,!"' t i, < ;-hi, & Tex:[.; C,.?I-
trail I;il;R ,ad \Nlitre -:iid tr:i, 1: ,io .- -;I iH i0.-r.,l-l Av,.iiu,. at or i:,.r T tthe
Hi' (i-li & T, x.i- "',itF ril R tilr' :Ad 1 p t :follo i tin .. ', ,I.ter lile of the
tt'a 'k of s id l lOustoii & Tl.x;a- C(- iili:il l;;ilr,:;id iln :mil e;-i,.rly ,i','t. i i tlit'oilii
tlbe tow'ls l'l-t i O id'liiii'l. ;IlAd P '1eii llim to t(ie 1,iif w le-:e -.,:d r' iilr,:Ld
crosses thle Brazs- Ui\ter;: tli'ie witli tie c,..t.,r of -aid Br:iz..-s Iiv,,r in a
vIieeral Ilortlierly directiii., to tile p- int onl -.lid riveV wC.,,\ l11eo Ile'.:Il:1'nt
Ili'lIlnli of the Gullf. (',,na'o \ S;Inui;I Fe l:ili1way ,'r--.s t1le h S.ilml : lilii'' with
tlhe (elenter of the track of the saId Gulf, Co,;.rilo & Saaia l'e I :ilr,,: ,, in an

B. S. 72]


easterly direction through the towns of Navasota, Montgomery, and Conroe, to
the point at or near Cleveland, where said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad
cros-cs tlt. Houston Ea-t & West Texas Railway; thence with the center of said
Housztoin East & West Texas Railway track to the point in said line, where it
strik,-s the Louisiana line the open sc'ivxon sJhall be from September 1 to
Octo btr 31;
In that portion of Texas lying. south and east of the'line above described
the open -easion shall lit', from October 1 to Novvenlyer 30:
Ini Siuthl Carolina, GCergia, Alabama (except in Mobile and Baldwin Coun-
tie-s), Mis-i-s ppi, and Louisi;ina the open s-eason slhall be from September 1
to Septemb er 30 and frim November 20 to Janu;ary 5L;
In that portion of Aiilabaia comprising Mobile and Baldwin Counties the open
season .s-hall be frnii Noveimber 1 to Jamiary 31;
In North Carolina the ,,pen season shall be from November 20 to January
31; and
In Florida (except in Dade. Monroe. and Broward Counties) the open season
shall be from Octolber 16 to January 31.
In fltiat portion of Florida comprising Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties
the open setas(on shall be from September 16 to November 15.
[As :imt'civil'd October 25.) 1918; July 28, 1919; July 9, 1092) : May 17, 1921; March 8.
1922; June 11, 1'23; April 11 and July 2. 1124; June 22. 192.-); M;irch 8. April 22. and
June 18. 19,21 ; April 4 and 21 and September 6. 19'27 ; March 2, July 13. and August 16,
192.s ; April 23 and December 31, 19*'); May 26 and Au-u!-t 25, 149:',.]

Regulation 5.-Daily Bag and Possession Limits on Certain Migratory Game
A per-on may take in any one day during the open seas ns prescribed therefore
in re,.ulation 4 not to exceed the following numbers of migratory game birds,
which numbers shall include all birds taken by any other pIers,, who for hire
acconip:,nies or assists him in taking migratory birds; and in the case of ducks
and geese wlien so taken these may be possessed in the numbers specified as
D v'Ls (c.rucpt wood du.ks and eider duik.-)).-Fifteen in the a--regate of all
kinds, and any person at any one time may 1,s.-e-s nor more than 30 ducks in
the ;i, regate of all kinds.
G<''.oc.-Four in the aggregate of all kinds, and any riorson at any one time
may possss not more than eight gee-e in the ai-'rcgate of all kinds.
Bran t.-Eight.
Rails and gllinules (except sora 111l coot).-Twenty-five in the aggregate of
all kinil. but not more than 15 of any one species.
Sol ,.-Twenty-five.
WVilsovn ii,' or jOae1,'..lipC.-Tventy.
1 o,,,d(ro '-,.-.-Four.
Do r,'. (m oFu r 1 ,i) .-Twenty-five.
[As amended October 25, 1918; July 2S, 1919; Mairch 3, 1921; March 8, 19206; April 4,
1907; and December :;1, 1929.]

Regulation 6.-Shbipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds
WVat,'rfowl (except wood duck, eider duck-. a id sw ans), rails, coot, _,a1linulos.
woodcock. Wilo.-in snipe or ja,'k-nipe, and mflmirrin-u" dovtes and parts thereof
legally 1::kt-n may 1w tranm-.iirt(d in or out of the State whre talk en during the
r-, live open s,;isoi- in that State, and imay be imported from Canada dur-
im,: the open -,:io, in the Province whiN'r1 t:akemm. in anlly 1malie.1'r, but not more
than llthe inullb'.' llirr.t''f thiat ma:iy bo taLoen in two days by otn person under
tle-, '..I' ( 1:itions b1:ll le transported by one person in onie calendar week out
of the State wVl'irO taken; any such mir-ritory a nmo lbird- or pia'rts thereof in
tranlsit du rii- the qoen s-'a i1111111'li:if(1ly snl'ic' ]iii', such open T( s1' '-i, not to (xci', 5 (ld ys. necessary to
deli,',r tie -:ii ,e to their desli nation, and ma'y be po< tory. or District duririir the p'riod co'i-tit ilinii the op.n -wan where killed,
:mrl1 for an additi'm,:l lp,'rioii of 10 days nexl :' cs.e'lii. -aid open season : and
any Iil-li'e in wliich m1 ligIratory .,'ime bir--s or parts tliereof narp trainsporte(d
shall l, e the Jniir andl ad1ir'ss of the -liipper and of the con.imiuee and an
a. e st at, .m, .t of the numbers and kind-, of birds contained therein clearly

[S. R. A.


and conspicuously inarked on the out -ide ilj.reiIf; bul n .ucli bird- .1I;ill be
transported from any State, Territiry, or D)istrict to or tlirl,,gli ;mi',lirr State,
Territory, or District or to or tlhr'ougl a l'rovinicc of til. D-1'iiiiin1,n of 'alinda
contrary to tiie law'; Ot tiie Slate, Territory, ,r District, or PrIvin, I. of tile
Dominiiiu of (Cana:da in wlicli tilty \ \ere tak,.n or 4 r1 i which they al. tr;ijs-
ported; nur .-hall any '-uII birl.- be transporli.d idntl any St:te, Terriliri, ,,r
District frliii ;mnoitlicr St:ite, Territ,,'ry, or Dii-lir.t, ipr from aliiy State, Territ 'r\,
or District into any PlI',ile of the I),,Dn'illioli of _';i:wol:i at a tili,, Wn'II :-ichli
State. 'Territory, or Districl. or I'rvince 'ft tIle Domiion ,If I.' I1 111a pr-ltibilits
the posse.-sion or tral-jorting 1 hiereof.
[As amntud d October '5, l'j18; July 9, It'.i-i; March %, 19)-,;; and April l 4, 1927.]

Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nongame Birds by Eskimos and
Indians in Alaska

In Ala-ka 1'-kiiiius :IIkd Inli: .zi, may take for the u-e of tlheiI-el've: and their
immedii.,te f:iailie-, in any u1aJiiIr and at any time, ;-l ,111d-1'L and ti:ini-ort
aluks, aukl.t guillC Iiuts, murIre. and Iullihii, ani their (,4-, for f,..d and ll.ir
skins fur clotlihlg.

Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl

1. A person mlay take in any manner andi at any time migratory waterfowl
:.nd their egzs for pro,':.a-atin.r iiulrjioj:.-, when authorizuLd by a 'ierliit i.--ui d
by the Secretary. Waterfowl and their f..-s so taken iiiay be p,.'-'-.--:d by
ile lpt.lliitt.v' Nalll IlIi:y be uil anld tiranSl)Oprtetdl by lim for 1po'-';ltiiL: purlip,-' .-
to any per.>oii holdinxi a permit i^-ued( by the ScrcItary in accor, la -i. with the--
provisions of tliis regulation.
2. A jiper-un autillolizel by a permit i-u_.,1l by the SeUreTtary may posc-t.,-,
buy, sell. andl trmai- rt migratory watiilouwi and their ii, rv'.i-, and i.-l- il
al1y annIiller ;li'l at any tinin for 1p ,';i,. .,tiii- turil,,-.'-; and ,ii.i;ralory watir-
fowl, except the bird,. tIaki-.ii under ,ia:r:g'riph 1 of this s.:ulati. 1, so lps'-,l
may be killivl by him at any t il,(c. in Ianlly in:1n:1r, 'xi-clt that they mnia.v le
killed by :liti'iinj- only *,l'riri'_ tilt,' en o'-:ti-,',l for 'A .iterfo'\ in Z ,. S';:te
where killed, and the :lrc:'-t'-s. \X'itli heads and feet attzacled thereto, of tlhe
birds so killed mllay be sold andl trai,-,iortid by him in any manner al1 ;at
alily time to anly pr'>sol for a:-tl.il co1i'uILimptioll, or to the keI! o! a I,',,I.
restaurant, l ri birding h,,n-.-. -'_i:iil il';ili r in I;::,at or in e, or a ,1 i fl. for
sale Ir sel'i,- to tlclr illI',llr>, W]h, lmay U' -s'..'..- :ill t;rt i'--' f,'i actual
con-,umrii in w\itli,'ut ; pIermit, but no ni'-ritory \va,-i'-i",wl kill'-, Ihy si,'Ait-
in.l sli;ill eI, b(u u:1ht or -,lhd wiilt-- i-.ic. h lbird before ati:iii,il the ; i' ',f 4
week- shall havc' haid removed fr,,ni the web of ()ii, foot a punltiol tln-r .f in
the form of ;i V liare e'J1iuli t,, iike a pel iiiow'ilt, well-il'iined mark. which
shall lie .-itli iellt to iei IntiCi'y it as a bird rni-'d in dii n,.ri;aion un<,r a
3. Al\y packl:.,o in which su'li \';:tterfowl or i;irls -]i. reof or their ',i--s are
tran-i,'rrtedI -i;ill liave pilaiinly I ai d (on-licuotusly iiii: kl.. on the oiitsid' tl0,.r,..'l
thle naile and adldr'-.-- of li il. i little. thew number of hi' irwit. lthe i11,iW
a;ld adnlt'-l-; if thle C( ctl.-iiie, a1ld ;inl accurate statment f ltle niiil" il
kindls of bi:-d- or ,-s ciI-ntaIliei t; .nr,.i.
4. Ai'ili'iatiii'- for 1',rmits nilut be adlre'-- ,1 to ti, 1 .i tary of A..i.. lli lire.
W n, sliihr"rii. D. (.. and niiiust '.llti linl !II fll,,\ing info,:' ition: Nain.l :til
address of anotlia]it; place when- the ti)l: -. I -n.- is to be carried o ii'i ll ,'cl' of
ar'es (if lid u-,i, in the bi,-iii-- and, wheth'Tr owned or le;i-',l by the appti-
calnt ; i lmu ih'eor 'if .1;ieh s. .'i,' of w;itert'ow; in l,,1 --.iojn If alpplit:illt : i,;iet-s If
le(iE's :andl iiijider of birds or f i-' (, er.ch si .cio- if ,r.i'l--1,)n is I.-h' il to
take w:Lterfiowl or their ,.';S and the l:L''tiCul:Ir '1c,,.lity \li,,re it is il,-irl to
lake .'lici waterfowl 41r ,.''--.
5. A person ,.r:aied a lp'rlilit uwid.-ri this ri.rulati'in shall ka'l, !>nok.,k nmd
record which .huill correctly set forth ill' tintil miiild'er ,o each -''ii'" it' \v:;iter-
fowl anil their -:s Is.'-'-'d on tile ,lIeo of :pplic.:tion for the l1permilit and ill 1
the 1st dlay of e;,hl Januuarly next fclli\\win- : al-o for eali 'al,'lila Vr year durin-
the life of the Iperni t tie total ininilier ,if '; cli -',riez ra,:red ;anl killed.
number of e:cteh specites and te li'ir .- ld and trais] irted, :iiiit',r in wliilih
.ucli waterfowl 1and eg.s were tran-qprtel. name and aildress of iach pel rs', In
from or to whom waterfow\\l annd ,.'s were plurchassed or sold. tlgellier with the

B. S. 72]


number and species and whether sold alive or dead; and the date of each trans-
action. A report selltting forth this information shall be annually furnished the
Secretary duriiz the month of January for the preceding calendar year.
6. A permitted shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized eml)loyee
of Ihe United Stai(te Delpartm et of Agriculture to enter and inspect the prem-
ises \\ire op'-rations are bein1 carried on under this regulation and to inspect
the boi,,k- ;nil rlec,.,rs of such permitted relating thlreto.
7. A pernit iksucd under this regulation slmll bIe- v;ilid until revoked by the
Se.rtt ;ary uniles, otherwvi-ce specified therein, shall not be trans-ferable, and may
1v revoked by tlhe Secretary, if the permitted violates any of the proviAons of
the migratory bird treaty act or of the re-ulations thereunder. A permit duly re-
vok.d by the Scr'iet ry shall be surrendered to him by the person to whom it wvas
issue(d, oni demand of any employee of the United States Delll'a rtment of Agricul-
ture duly authorized to enforce the provisions of the migratory bird treaty act.
8. A person may po-"-- and transport for his own use, without a permit,
live iiii.gr:-itory waterfowl now lawfully poss.:sed or hereafter lawfully acquired
by him, but he may not luirchase or sell suticli waterfowl without a permit. A
State or municipal game farm or city park may possess, purchase, sell, and
transport live migratory waterfowl without a permit, but no su cli waterfowl
shall be purchased from or sold to a person (other thi;n such State or municipal
game farm or city park) unless he has a permit. The feathers of wild ducks
and wild geese lawfully killed and feathers of such birds -eized and condemned
by Federal or State game authorities may be possessed, bout-ht, sold, and
transported, for u-e in making fishing flies, bed pillows, and mattresses, and
for similar c, iiinicrci:al purposes, but not for millinery or ornarimeital purposes.
[As amended October 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; and April 10 and June 11, 1923.]

Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes

A person may take in any manner and at any time migratory birds and their
nests and eggs for scie itific p)urposevs when authorized by a permit i -ued by the
Secretary, which permit shall be carried on his person when he is collecting
specimens thereunder and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see the
same, except that nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any
migratory game bird on any day from sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.
Application for a permit must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C., and must contain the following information: Naine and
address; of applicant, his age, and name of State, Territory, or District in
which specinicis are propos-ed to be taken, and the purpose for which they
are intended. Each application shall be aceomlpanied by two certificates certi-
fying to the fitnIss of such persmi to hold a Federal permit. Tlese certificates
will be accepted from well-known ornithologists, prinii'ipals or superintendents
cf educational or zoological institutions, officials or nIepi-iers' of ziiological,
natural-history, or other scientific organizations, or instructors in zo(ology in
high schools, coll. :es. or universities, or by any one of the above together with
a certificate by the chief game official of the State in which the applicant is a
resident or of the State in which lie desires to conduct his operations.
The permit miny limit the number and species of birds, birds' nests, or eggs
that may be collected thereunder, and may authorize the holder thereof to
pc,-st-s. buy, sell, exchange, and tra;isport in any manner and at any time
migratory birds, parts thereof, and their nests and eizgs for -cientific p)urpl)oses;
or it may limit the holder to one or more of these privileges. Public museums,
zoological parks and societies, and public, scientific, and e(ducatti inal iniistitu-
tions ,1,1y p,,ssess-, buy, sell, exclian.Lge, and transport in any niiimner and at
any time migratory birds and parts thereof and their nests and eg'rs for
scientificc purpoises. withliut a permit, but no specimens shall be taken without
a permit. The lhiiiii;e and skins of migratory .;iime birds legally tahelhn may
be lo--e'--esd aild transported by a person without a perminit.
A taxidhe.'ist, when authorized by a permit issued by the Secrelary, may
,,,,s~. filbuy, s(ll. (ex.a,:ige, and transport in any nini:,1ier and at any time
iiiri ;liory birds and parts thereof legally taken, or he mi:iy be limited to one
or iiiwiie of Ihoese privileges. A taxidi r-mit granted a permit under this regi-
lation sli.ill keep books and records correctly seating forth the name and
addlre-s of each p'cr-on delivering a4d h slpecinien of a mi,.igratory bird to him
togeliher with the name of v:ie l species, the date of delivery, the disposition of
tsucli slpecilien, and the d1al, lihereof, which said books and records shall be

[S. R. A.


available for ii .ipectiio at ;ill la-''l:iaIle lin'iirs on reqiir..st by any dlil3
authorizeil repre.--nviia live of llthe DI)e': rirlaizil ,,if A. ri,'ii irii,..
Eacii l, perilit sha1 ll le vi'lid litllil revoked by tl,. Seri',.. t.r. uless omhl \i.-e
sp)ecilie'id ll4Teein. S1.a1ll i1,t be tr;n.-fer;ille. iin1 -luill be rev,,.':il'' t l < di--
erettion of the Secret:ry. A liptrmit duly rev'ki.d by i. i ,''et :r, slrll he
sultrrellered to himl by the lI'"->il to \\lihomi it ''.:'s i-.-e',. ',11 'Witi diol of ;::I
emldoyee i'l le. United St:ite'. Dela;rtveniit ,i '. A:ririilture duly authIiri-..,l
to e.lfirce. tlle' 1r1(vi-ioI.- of ilil 1ii r:.Iatory bird r.-:itvy act. A l '-i',i holl.'1ir
a 1ii-riit under this I1u-1l1tion :,.i;l1 r11'1i aiiiilly to I(he Secretry m1 or bvfoiei
the 10tli dliy of JINln;iry during ti4' life of IHlie ,rlmit the nlii l'er of -kits. i s,
or e,.-'. of v;lclih p(,iwu- collected, bought, sold, reeivi o--i ia'lt
exchi;m-ieil. or trLiil.liiirted during the pn'eceding ('nltiii.l;ir yri.:r.
'ov rv [l;t'i pollc('l .l. i1]l i have cli',.:rly Iia l c .'II-liiiii isly iiitut'lit'd 'ii lihe outside theil('if 1lhe
in1111 e a4ll addiv-4 of ilfe ..-,uder, thlie lnuilleiH' of the itl'riit in every c;i-tl
wit ni a lierlil is required, thle naile anild ;lddr.- 41. the consi05 .rr. a state-
ielit thlat it co t'lili- spi'cillu'is of birds, their ii.-t- or e.- for scientific
pu'Iio-,s. and, \vlit-ijtver .1cl. a l; h'ik',ge is ttraispi)orted or oiff. red for I r:i'lilsporta-
liion i riii tli-' Dominion of C:,i;ida into the [liled States or t'irini the Vlited
States into thle 1)miiiiiion of (tan;i;i i. a acel irI:le "t :t nliiit olf li' 4'i oitt' iitS .
[As anim.-ml'd October ,5. 1918 M:;irch 3. 19,1 ; Jimn 11, 1 n: ; and April .2 1'_..]

Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Birds Injurious to Property
Wlieii information is furnishlied Ihe St-.cri-tary thai any spciits of iiiirAtory
bird lias 1ect11)i.e, under extraordinary conditions, .seriously injurious to agricul-
ture or other intert'-ts in any 1iirticular coinimiunity, :in investigate iin \ill be
made to determine the iamnirr and extent of the injury, whlietlwr the birds all,',.,l
to be doing tlhe d:amage should be killed., and. if so, during_ what times and by
what means-. Upon his determination all a pn lprliri;ite order will be imade.

Regulation 11.-State Laws for the Protection of Migratory Birds
Nothing in tlhsi' regulations shliall be con-.i lrd to permit the takin g. l'c-,e-
sion. sale, purcliase, or transportation of migratory birds, their nests, anld 4, ,
contrary to the laws and regiilatioins of any St4ate. or Territory, or District
made for the purpose of giving furthinr protection to miaraitory birds. their
nests,a ndl egg,., when such laws and it.gulations ar' not inconsistent with lit-
conventiol1 bet wehoen the United State, and Great Britain for the protection of
migratory birds concluded Aii-,.Z.t 16. 1916. or the migratory bird treaty :ci
and do not extend the open sea:.,,ins for such birds beyond the dates prescribed
by these regulations.
[Added by proclamation of October .25, 1918, as amended July 9, l_0.]

[39 Stat. 17021

Whereas a convention between the United Staites of .\Ameriec and the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the prnte-tion of li'iiLratlory birds
in tlie United States anid ('aiiad:iv was. concluded and signed1 by their re-i active
plenipotentiari(e- at Washil.gtoin on the 16th day of A.ngn-t, 1916), tlhe oriiniial
of which convention is vordil for word ;ias follows:
Whereas many species of birds in the course of their animal i.igrani,,'ls
traverse certain parts of tlte United Sta.tes and tihe Dominion of Caimada; and

2 Sigr.d ,t Wna-hingt'n. Aug. 16, 1916; ratitic:iT iin nilvistdi by the Senate Aui. 2.9, rati-
fied by the P'resi(hlent Sept. 1, and by Gri-at I'.rit:iiii Oct. '20 ; ratitiitions .xcli.iigil Dec.
7; proclaimed Dec. 8. 1916.

B. 8.72]


Whereas many of these species are of great value as a source of food or
in destriying insects which are injurious to forests and forage plants on the
public domain, as well as to agricultural crops, in both the United States
and Canada, but are nevertheless in danger of extermination through lack of
adequate protection during the nesting season or while on their way to and
from their breeding grounds;
The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond
the Seas, Emperor of India, being desirous of saving from indiscriminate
slaughter and of insuring the preservation of such migratory birds as are
either useful to man or harmless, have resolved to adopt some uniform system
of protection which shall effectively accoplndish such objects and to the end
of concludiiing. a convention for this purpose have appointed as their respective
The President of the United States of America, Robert Lansing, Secretary
of State of the United States; and
His Britannic Majesty, the Right Hon. Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice, G. 0.
V. 0., K. C. M. G., etc., His Majesty's ambassador extraordinary and pleni-
potentiary at Washington;
Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers,
which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and adopted
the following articles:
Article I

The high contracting powers declre that the migratory birds included in the
terms of this convention shall be as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Ainatidae or waterfowl, includin- brant, wild ducks, geese, and swans.
(b) Gruidae or cranes, including little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes.
(c) Rallidae or rails, including coots, gallinules, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae or shorelbirds, including avocets, curlew, do(iwitchers, godwits,
knots, oyster catchers, phala;ropes, plovers, sanzdpipvrs s.nipe, stilts, surf birds,
turnlst[nel willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) (Columbidle or pieons, inclu ing doves and wild piaeons.
2. Migratory iirsrtivorous birds: Bobolinks, calhbirds, cliiik;idees, cuckoos,
flicker.-, flycatchers, gr'siheaks, humming birds, kinglets, martins, me;.i dowlar'ls,
nighthawks or bull-bits, nut-hatches, orioles, robins, shrike'o, swallows, swifts.
Iti.i., u.. titmiice, thrushes, vireos, warblers, wax-wings, whippoorwills, wood-
yiorhirs. and wrens, and all other perchig birds which feed entirely or chiefly
o1 ilset,. s.
:'.. Other migratory noiia,:ine birds: Auks, auklets, bitterns, fulmars, gannets,
grl,.1,s. guillemots, gulls, herons, jae:,rs. loons, murres, petrels, lpfhiiis, shear-
w\;.ivts, and tern, .
Article II

The hi-,h contracting powers agree that, as an effective nme:as of preserving
mil;Ir.tory bird-, there -li;ill be established the folliiwinug clo:-e seasons during
which no hunting shall be done except for sciutific or prola-atinz purposes
under permits ib- ued by proper authorities.
1. The cl',M( :S.ison on iigr;,tory game birds slh;ll be between March 10 and
Septemb er 1, except that the close sislon oni the Liiniico1;ie or shorue'irds in the
M;iritini Provincs of C;ii;idai and in tho-, States of the United States border-
ing on lie Atlantic Ocean which are -itu1lited wholly or in 1)part north of Cliesa-
p1;ike11 Bay -h.lill be between FVeli'iiiry 1 and Aiu-iist 15, and t Indi;-a, imaiy
take at any time sc.,ters for food but not for a;le. The season for hunting
sli:ill be further r- l(ricte(d to such period l iot exce('ld:i three and oiie-luailf
nwi,,ths :-is the high contracting p,-wers may -,verally deem appropriate ;and
defin, by law or reniflotion.
2. The c1,i'-,o -.;s l on irr;itory in.sectivirois bir'-b shall cmiitinue throughout
the i: ir.
:.. ''Thle (l,-'P siloson1 on theirr migratory n il.uil1e birds shall 'continue through-
out the y *: r, except 11:it lN-kiinoms a-il liliii;s inmy take at any e'aisoii auks,
aildh l s. guilleh ,,l-. m r11111 ,,'. ni(d iitlins. and( their i,"z for food aiid their skins
for cltliing, but the birds and eiLs so taken sluhall not be sold or offered for sale.


Article III
The high contracting powers agree that ill'inriin the period of 10 vr' next
following the going into effCt of this conventiln Ilir't .shli:ill In' : ,'i!tiIII.,u.s
close season oil the following migratory "a.1m birds, to wit:
Band-tailed pigeons, little br 'wii. :-;iiidhill. andl whoinihi 'ra 'e-. :IH-wi Culr-
lew, and all shilrelbird, (except the black-bri-;.'ted :aid uolleii liver, Wil-,'n or
jack snipe. wiouodcock, and tihe greater anld le.-,,r yellowlegs) ; lprivided thlit
during such 10 years the close sea.,,,s on cranes, .wains, ;ind curlew in !lie
Province of British Columbia shall lie made by the primer authcoritie- ,,f fliat
Province within the general dates an(d limitations, elewlhere prescribed in this
convention fur the re-pective groups to which these birds belong.

Article IV
The high c,.'itractilg puwers agree tli at sp.lial prilt(.etiun shall be giv'-n the
wood duck aiid the eider duck either (1) by a cl,,:e sea.-on extecIdiung over a
period of at least 5 years, or (2) by tlhe crilli.-lIIIIent of refuges, or (3) by
such other regulations as may be deemed appropriate.

Article V
The taking of nests or e'-gs of migratory .-ame or inu.sectivorous or no-rzame
birds sl-hall be prohibited, except for scientific or' proiagatinr purpot.e- under
such laws or regulations a, the high c.iitractizng powers iay severally IeLem
Article VI
The high contra,:ctng rowers a.ree that the shilipmnent or export of mi'..r;itory
birds or their e^rs from any State or Pnr\ iji:e, during the continmiin'e of tle
close season in -ucli State or Province, shall be prohibited ex(.ept for -,cievititic
or propagatinL" purIposes. and the international traffic in any birds or ^*.
at such time captured, killed, taken, or shipped at any time contrary to the
laws of the State or Plrovince in which the :-anle were captured, killed, taken,
or shipped sl-Iall be likewise prohibited. Every I Itckag e cu4 1aiuzinig migr:i t-,ry
birds or any parts thereof or any eggs of migratory birds train-lprtedl. ior
offered for trai-lportation from the United States into the Diminion of C(anada
or from the Dominnion (if Canuida into the United St ites, ,all l;ave the ziwine
and address of the shipper and an accurate statement of the cuuntitis clearly
marked on the outside of such package.

Article VII
Permits to kill any of the above-nramed birds, which under extr;'irdiiir:ry
conditions may become seriously injurious to the agricultural or other ilitere-.ts
in any particular cniiiiunuiiy, may be :.-sued by the proper authorities of the
hiurli contracting powers under suitable regulati,,ns prescribed there or by tlieum.
re.-pectively, but _uch p.erumiits shall lapse or mnaty be canceled at any tilmiLe .viuen.
in the opinion of said authorities, the particular exigency has pa.-sed, and no
birkls killed under this article shall be shiplped. :old, or offered for -ale.

Article VIII
The high (ontracting powers agree tliemiselves to take, or propose to their
respective appropriate law-makinz bodies, the nece-sary measures fur insuring
the execution uf the present convention.

Article IX
The present convention shall be ratified by tliv President of the United State-
of America, by and with tlie advice and consent of the Sena.te theeif, and by
His Britannic Majesty. The ratificatins shall be exlchauged at Wasliinu'ton as
soon as possible, and the convention shall take effect on the date of the exchange
of the ratifications. It shall remain in force for 15 years, and in tlhe event of
neither of the high contracting powers having given notification 12 months
before the expiration of said period of 15 years of its intention of terminating
its operation, the convention shall continue to remain in force for 1 year and so
<,n from year to year.
1181790--30-- 2

B. S. 72]


In faith whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the present con-
vention in duplicate and have hereunto affixed their seals.
Done at Washington this 16th day of August, 1916.
And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and
the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the city of Wash-
ington on the 7th day of December, 1916:
Now, therefore, be it known that I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the United
States of America, have caused the said convention to be made public, to the
end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and
fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this 8th day of December in the year of our
Lord 1916, and of the independence of the United States of America the 141st.
By the President:
Secretary of State.

[Act of July 3, 1918. 40 Stat. 755-U. S. Code, Title 16, Secs. 703-711.]
An Act To give effect to the convention between the United States and Great Britain for
the protection of migratory birds concluded at Washington, August 16, 1916, and for
other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled, That this act shall be known by the
short title of the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act."
SEC. 2. That unless and except as permitted by regulations made as herein-
after provided, it shall be unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take,
capture or kill, possess, offer for sale, sell, offer to purchase, purchase, deliver
for shipment, ship, cause to be shipped, deliver for transportation, transport,
cause to be transported, carry or cause to be carried by any means whatever,
receive for shipment, transportation or carriage, or export, at any time or in
any manner, any migratory bird, included in the terms of the convention between
the United States and Great Britain for the protection of migratory birds con-
cluded August 16, 1916, or any part, nest, or egg of any such bird.
SEC. 3. That, subject to the provisions and in order to carry out the purposes
of the convention, the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized and directed, from
time to time, having due regard to the zones of temperature and to the distri-
bution, abunda ne, economic value, breeding habits, and times and lines of migra-
tory flight of such birds, to determine when, to what extent, if at all, and by
what means, it is compatible with the terms of the convention to allow hunting,
taking, capture, killing, possession, sale, purchase, shipment, transportation,
carriage, or export of any such bird, or any part, nest, or egg thereof, and to
adopt suitable regulations permitting and governing the sanme, in ac.cordnnce
with such determinations, which regulations shall become eff.,:tive when
approved by the President.
SEc. 4. That it shall be unlawful to ship, transport, or carry, by any means
whatever, from one State, Territory, or District to or through another State,
Territory, or Di4trict, or to or thrniiruuh a foreign country, any bird, or any part,
nest, or egg thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped, transported, or carried at
any time contrary to the laws of the State, Territory, or District in which it
was captureLd, killed, or taken, or from which it was shipipel. tr.1m-p))rt-d, or

3 Constil timnmlity of the treaty and act of July 3, 1918, sustained by the United States
Suprrinn. Court in a decision rendered Apr. 19, l'i>u, in the case of the State of Missouri
v. Ray P. Holland (252 U. S. 416) ; see also U. S. v. Lumpkin (276 Fed. 550). Cnnada,
by an act of Parliament aplprv'cd Aug. 29, 1917, gave full effect to the treaty and pro-
rnulwit0id ri-gil.itions tIirepiindt-r May 11, 1918. lbhe validity of the act of the Dominion
Parlia ri.nt was upheld by the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island in a decision
(Michaelmnas f-.rw, 1r.2 ') rondilred in the ciast of the King v. nussll C. Clark. For full
text of the ':;riinlia n niiigr:itory-bird treaty act and rvgilatioiins, communicate with the
Couimi.biouecr, National Parks of Canmida, Ottawa, Ontario.

B.,S. 72] LAWS 1FL.\TING TO GA\ MI: AND B1i!;:,S 11

carried. It shall be uiilaw\viii to inmptort any bird, ,r any pirt, ii-1. *i- e'g
thereof, captured. killed, taken, sliijilled. traiismlirltd, or 4,'rried, 1 1r1.ry1 to
the laws of any Province of til Dominion of Clinadatl in which the saniis- xs
captured. killed, or taken, or from wlhiclh it was shillped, trti11-lported, or ,:rri,.
SEC'. 5. That ainy einpl,,yee of tli' Dip:irtmient of Azri'ulli ire uthiihriz,.,l by
the Secretary of Agriculture to enfrcel the lirovisioins of Ithis act shall li:aie
power, without warrant, to arrest any 'p rsIn, c'iii miittiil,.. a violaitiiii of this :i t
in his presence or view and to take such pers.-ii iiiiiedii:tely for cx;iiiinlitioil
or trial before an officer or c,,lirt of coinipAteint jurisdiction; shall li;ive po\sr
to execute any warrant or ot]:ir pr(ii e-s isu-.ed by an illi'-ir or c.uirt of com-
peteut jurisdiction fur the en forcewiicnt of the plrouv+-iiolns of this act; and -lhiall
have autliiority, with a search Warra nt, to secir.ch any place. Thle -u'dr:l juize.-,
o(if the courts established undlcr the laws of the United St.tic, :iid United
States commiissioners may, within their reslp)ective jurisdii tios, upon lproper
oath or afllirmation showing ,probatble cause, isi-ue warrants in all -.nlb c;,-e...
All birds, or parts, nests, or eggs thereof, captured, killed, t;ike-ii, shiplt.dl.
transported, carried, or possessed, contrary to the proiu-ions of tbis act or ,of
any regulations made pursuant thereto, -hhall, whlien found, be scized by any
such employee, or by any marshal, or deputy mar, lil, and, ul1un conviction of
the offender or upon judgment of a court of the United States that lil, :taine
were captured, killed, taken, shipped, transplorted, carried, or po-sest.-d con-
trary to the provisions of this act or of any regulation niade Iursumi t thereto,
sliall be forfeited to the United States and disclosed of as directed by the
court having jurisdiction.
SEC. 6. That any person, association, partnership, or corporation who shall
violate any of the provisions of said convention or of this act, or who shiall
violate or fail to comply with any regulation made pursuant to this act, shall
be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined
not more than $500 or be imprisoned not more than six imolths, or both.
SEC. 7. That nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the several
States and Territories from milking or enforcing laws or regulations- not inc. n-
sistent with the provisions, of said convention or of this act, or from niikii,. or
enforcing laws or regulations which shall give further protection to mii-.ratory
birds, their nests, and eggs, if such laws or regulations do not extend the
open seasons for such birds beyond the dates approved by the President in
accordance with section three of this act.
SEC. 8. That until the adoption and approval, pursuant to section 3 of this
act, of regulations dealing with migratory birds and their nests and eOs. su.ch
migratory birds and their nests and eggs as are intended and used exclusively
for scientific or proipagating purposes may be taken, captured, killed, p,,s:-Cssed,
sold. purchased, shiliped. and transported for such scientific or lrin ,'a;tilli.g
purposes if and to the extent not in conflict with the laws of the State, Terri-
tory, or District in which they are taken, captured, killed, p()sses-cd, sold. or
purchased, or in or from which they are shipped or transported if the p;n'kli;ec
.ontaiinilz the dead bodies or the nests or eg(s of sih birds when -liilipi-d :iid
transported shall be marked on the outside thereof so as accurattely and (c.i;irly
to showv the name and add4lres of the shipper and the contents of the ',;i'k:i-e.
SEC. 9. That the unexpended balances of any suin1s appropriated by thlie agri-
cultural appropriation neacts for the fiscal years 1917 and 1918, for enforcing I
the provisions of the act approved lMarch 4, 1913, rel;ilinLr to the protection of
mig-ratory game and insectivo)rous birds, are hereby reappropriated an(l l aidle
available until expended for the expenIses.: of carryin.r- into effect the Iprivisio.ii
of this neact and reg'.ulations made pllrsu;inlt thereto, including the i:iymnent of
such rent, and the employment of such persons and mennas, as the Secrri-taryv of
Agriculture may deenm ec.,essary, in the Di.triet of Colunmbia and elsie'wlivre,
cooperation with local authorities in the protection of mi ratory birds. tndl
nece(.ary investigations c-i n nected therewith : Proridcd, That no pers' \-1io
Is subject to the draft for service in the Army or Navy sh;iall be ex'Nempt1ted or
exented from such service ly re:iim of his emplnoyenllt un ,der this a't.
SrFc. 10. That if any (cl;i-e. sentence, lp:ira r'raph, or part olf thli s act sh:;ill. for
any reason, lie nd.jidPed by any court of comlinetent jurisdiction to be invalid.
such judgnemmt Sh1all not affect, imipair, or invalidat, the, remniiinder tlert,,',f, liut
shall he confined in its operation to the ch.;i ii, sentence. pinlara:riph, or p::rt
thereof directly involved in the controversy in which su.11( julld!neTlt s1i.all Ihave
beon rendered.
SEC. 11. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of iliis
act are hereby repealed.



[S. R. A.

SEC. 12. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the breeding of
migratory game birds on farms and preserves and the sale of birds so bred under
proper regulations for the purpose of increasing the food supply.
SEC. 13. That this act shall become effective immediately upon its passage
and approval.


Federal laws affecting the shipment of wild animals comprise statutes regu-
lating interstate commerce by common carrier in the dead bodies or parts
thereof, and the importation of live birds and mammals from foreign countries,
as follows:
[U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]
SEc. 391. The importation into the United States, or any Territory or District
thereof, of the mongoose, the so-called "flying foxes," or fruit bats, the English
sparrow, the starling, and such other birds and animals as the Secretary of
Agriculture may from time to time declare to be injurious to the interests of
agriculture or horticulture, is hereby prohibited; and all such birds and ani-
mals, shall, upon arrival at any port of the United States, be destroyed or
returned at the expense of the owner. No person shall import into the United
States or into any Territory or District thereof any foreign wild animal or bird,
except under special permit from the Secretary of Agriculture: Provided, That
nothing in this section shall restrict the importation of natural-history speci-
mo'ns for museums or scientific collections, or of certain cage birds, such as
domesticated canaries, parrots, or such other birds as the Secretary of Agri-
culture may de.sigii te. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to
make regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this section.5 (Act
of March 4, 1909, sec. 241-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEc. 392. It shall be unlawful for any person to deliver to any common
carrier for transportation, or for any common carrier to transport from any
State, Territory, or District of the United States to any other State, Territory,
or District thereof, any foreign animals or birds the importation of which
is prohibited, or the dead bodies or parts thereof of any wild animals or birds.*
where such animals or birds have been killed or shipped in violation of the laws
of the State, Territory, or District in which the same were killed, or from
which they were shipped: Provided, That nothing herein shall prevent the
transportation of any dead birds or animals killed during the season when the
same may be lawfully captured, and the export of which is not prohibited
by law in the State, Territory, or District in which the same are captured or
killed. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 242-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. .'93. All li-,ck-ages containing the dead bodies, or the plumage, or parts
thereof, of game aninmails, or game or other wild birds, when shipped in Inter-
state or foreign commerce, shall be plainly and clearly marked, so that the
name and address of the shipper and the nature of the contents may be readily
ascertained on an inspection of the outside of such package. (Act of March
4, 1909, sec. 243-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. 394. For each evasion or violation of any provision of the three sections
1.9t preceding the shipper shall be fined not more than $200; the consignee
knowingly receiving such articles so shipped and transported in violation of
sid( sections shall be fined not more than $200; and the carrier knowingly
carrying or transporting the same in violation of said sections shall be fined
not more than $200. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 244-35 Stat. 1138.)
SEc. :8,95. That all dead bodies, or parts thereof, of any foreign game animals.
or game or song lpirds. the importation of which is prohibited, or the (load
boli,-;, or piarts thereof, of any wild game aninials. or game or song birds

SI't- sees. 2, 2:1. and 4 of the act of May 25, 19.''-3l Stat. 187-1.S--which was super-
m],,|i by sees. 241-'-44 of the act of March 4, 190(9---5 Stat. 1 1:;7-see secs. 391-394 of
U. S. C',dl, title 18; for sec. 5 of the act of May 25, 19ino, see sec. 395 of title 18; .ind
for see. 1. see sec. 701 of title 16.
S;e Joint regulations (S. R. A.-B. S. 69). off,.ctlve November 21, 1927, governing the
Importation of bo)bwhlte quail from Mexico, copies of which may be obtained free of charge
from thi- I. S. Department of Ariciilture, Waslihiiigtni. I C.
6See sec. 4 of the migratory bird treaty act, p. 10, which supersedes this part of the
facey Act relative to the liiiLrstate transportation of wild birds.


transported into anly State or Territory, Iir r''rn:Iiziin-r, ihri.ini for ii--,. c,',i-ujnit-
tion, sale, or storage thrii, .i.],l upn ailrrivail iin siilIi Siatr' ,r Territory i,,
subject to the pt'-raitioni aind, effect of thei lhi\-. ,f -ii'li St;(te ,i ',.rrit,'rv
enacted in th oxixrci,-e of its poli,. lpoWe.rs. to 1l't s:1111t. xi.llt ;ind in iIr1 .-:i -
znianier as thou.,hi s.uch :niiii:il (,r bird, lh:d l'' r ,i j ,ruldiiri 'l ill sirli, State 1 r
Territory, and ihall ',,t lie exemnp)t liern.er''in by rei.-,in of beit intr,,dur.'d
therein in original package- or otlierwi.-e. Tlii- act -h:ill niot prv]iit the ii-
portation. transportation, or s-:ile of bird,: or bird plinimin'- miinaif:,.tuirrd, froln
the feathers of barnyard fowl. (Act of May 25). I'.iii -.,*. 5--:; Stat. 1.)
[". S. C,,1.'. Title 1';. Conservation]
Sr.c. 701. That the duties :n, ii i,')\,'-- of the D,'-partn ient of A .riculture are
herebly enlilar'ed so :i- to include tl.' 1r,-erv;itinii. distrilbt i'im, intro, i ,ion. arid
re.-tirathion (if gaie birds and other wild birds.. The Sr.n-tary of1 A. ri,-ulturt-
is hereby authiriz.ed to a1nlit suclh nn'1;su. :- iii:y 1'V n. 'iL-c-ary ito carry 11ut
the plr pose's of this act and to 1uirc'h:i-e such game birds and other wild birds
as may be requiredil theref,,r, subject. h'\\ v,.',r to the laws of the vari,,uii- Zitcs
anl Territories. The ,,bije.t anid lurlw,-' of this ar't is to aid in the r,-ora-
tion of such birds. in this.-e parts of tl r- United St:,t',s a'lapi'ld thereto \lIcre
the same have liec)nie s,. irce or extiil-t. aliid il al-o to recnilate :'li, intri,'ilui ti,,n
of American or fr,''i-n bir-ds or aiiin:ils in bcalities wl-here tlihy hav. in],t here-
tofore existed.
The Secretary of Arric.ultur, sliall from time to time coll-ect anidl publi-h
useful inforinaition a- to the Ilip,,iagation, u-'-, and pre-ervation of such birds.
And the Serretary )f A.,rirulture -ll iiidl ke and piilili-h all iii-dtiil rul,.<
and rezulatins for ,arryin-, out the piirp i','-. 'f this act, and -hall ,*xi.cii, f,,r
said Iiprlpis.ses suclih Sni as Collgrts-. iainy aIppr,,Iri;!te thierifor. (Act of May
25. 19nO. se'. 1-31 Stat. 1P7.)

[U. S. C(,ii. Title 18, Criininal C,;,1 and Criminal Procedure]
SEC. 145. Whoever .shall hunt, trap. c.;iptmnr. w\il fully di-lurb, or kill any bird
or wild ainimil if any kind whatever, or t:4e ,.r destroy r ieo 1t,'_r of any s'-,li
bird on aniy laind of the United Srate \wliiii li:v, li.-ic 'i -ot al a't 'r r,,--er\ed
as refui'-rcs or birollinlg u' ound- for -uii bli,,u or :1nina:a1, by ;iny law, 1 r,,.1;i-
matioi. or Extiitive ord(ler, xt.x-'plt under -ii, rle.- and rvt-`1 tti,-nj as the
Secretary of Agriculture may, from time to tinl'. r,.,'rib,, ir who A all wi!!-
fully injure, molest, or des-triy any ij.r,,orty of the United Stat ,s ,in any sucb
lands shall be fitidl not iii .re ti..l S71,';1),. or imipri-,nled not more 1li:t11 -ix
n)montlis. ,r ,th. (Act of M;;ri L 4, 1909. -o"l. 4. as amen' ld April 15, 11'24.
43 Stat. ,^.)
[M. S. C,:,,h. Supi'lemeiit III, Titl,. 16. Conservation]
Svc. 7153i. Tliat ino lpr-,,ii sli.inl knowinrzly disturb, in.jtir. or destroy Ilny
notice... sitiiljoi'nd, fene. l nnilbiin.. di:,.li. dcalii. dike indlia ikl, ntit. flume, spillway,
or othLTer improvIemLent ,,r pirol'erty of the United :i;al.- on any ar,':t aqi;:,ii,
undlr this act, or cut, ur'n., or de-lriy any t in lir. OI:r-, or otwl'r ii tu".il
growth. on si, ;lre:i ,r oI. en iny ,ll ; of l1:e Unitod Siies wliili lerciof.'r,
has lieen or whi(h1i !ir'eaf'ter inz y I,. -.r ;ii:iLrt or r; -t.rvdl for the u ," tl.,.
Deii rtment of A\vri,'ultriii 1-s a ;mwiii '.ffe or :. a 1I'r,-,rvye or r_-orv-;ition and
breediiij gr,-und fr intlive birds, niilir :ni y 1:rw, proa..N iaation, or Ex- n.,ive
order, or (ivri py1 or 110 :;ilny part i11T!-.r'.t of enter tlir'. ,n for iiy pir ,-,. 'xcept
in aeodni'- l'1ct e with r',tiil:tioi-- of the S. .creti:ry of A-"i nlture: nor n s:l. 1 any
lier'soWL tlake an1y l)ird. ,in n,,-t or i." thli.if ;ln iy area a'o 'uire(l '11l, r tIlis
act. vx,' lit for s icili ili (,ir i rin iai. itin:r pur i ,,.- ul !,.r I-I IIliit of lir, SI,! r.i;Iry
of A.\'ri,'1i1ture; liUt ilnhin.. iln t is a -t ,Ir in a' iy i t.-_i tit t o(.r iinlrtler -li.ill
lit" 4,,1.st mlii, to r1,ev\enit ; lu; r-,it frut.Il e teriullt up11 ;!i-.y area ii'ic irlil ii.,ler
thlis i(.ct fur tlie lpnrprii-p of fi-liiiiL in :i','rd;iii', with the law ,If til. ST ate in
whric'h -in, i area is; I,.ated: Pr-',.d, i. Tli:iat ,ii'li I''r-, ii r-imipli' \wii the re,-u-
lations ,of the Se-reta:ry of A-.ricultlure ov.terinig su(h area. (Act of Ftbruary
18, 1929. sec. 10-45 Stat. 1222.)

B. S. 72]



[S. R.A.


Regulation T-7, effective October 1, 1919, of tlhe Regulations of the Forest
Service relative to National Forests, provides as follows:
The following acts are prohibited on lands of the United States within
nati,,n'al forests:
T'ie g,; or 1,ein upon any such land, or in or on the waters thereof, with
intent to hunt, catch, trap, willfully disturb, or kill any kind of game animal,
gatie or non-;imie bird, or fish, or to tiLke, the &-zs of any such bird, in violation
of the laws of the State in which such land or waters are situated.
Regulation G-30 authorizet- all forest ollice.rs to enforce the above regula-
tion and ;i,1-o to cooperate with State or Territorial officials in the enforcement
of local laws for the protection of birds, fish, and game.

[T. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any
timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public dumiain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn un;(tteunded near any timber or other inflammable material, shall
be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
(Act of Ahirch 4, 1909, sec. 52-35 Stat. 1098.)
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other
inflamiiiiiialde material upon the public domain shall, before leaving said fire,
totally extinguish the samo; and whoever shall fail to do so shall be fined
not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. (Act of
March 4, 1909, sec. 53-35 Stat. 1098.)

[Act of June 17, 1930-Public Law No. :;61, 2d Session, 71st Congress]

Title I.-Dutiable List

PAR. 704. Reindeer mea:t, venison and other game (except birds), fresh,
chilled, or frozen, not speci:illy provided for, 6 cents per pound.
PAR. 711. Birds, live: Chickens, ducks, geese. turkeys, and guineas, 8 cents
per pound; baby chicks of poultry, 4 cents each ; all other live birds not specially
provided for, valued at $5 or less each. 50 cents each; valued at more than $5
each. 20 per ceiitum ad valorem.
PAR. 712. Birds, dead, dressed or undressed, fresh, chilled, or frozen:
Chickens, ducks, g(ese, and guineas, 10 cents per pound; turkeys, 10 cents per
pound; all other, 10 cents per pound; all the foregoingr. prepl:ired or preserved
in any manner and not specially provided for, 10 cents per pound.
PAR. 715. Live animals, vertebrate and invertebrate, not specially provided for,
15 per centumi ad valorem.
PAR. 1518. Fenthelrs and downs, on the skin or otherwise, crude or not dressed.
colored, or otherwise advanced or m:it:ic.tured in any m: iner, not specially
provided for, 20 per centum ad valoreim ; dre-.ed, colored, or otherwise a(lvanced
or nimi:,nf:ictu'ed in any manniier, including quilts of down and other mainufac-
tures of down. 60 per centum ad va:loremi; feather dusters, 45 per centum u id
valire.m; artificial or orarnimontal feathers suitable for uie as millinery orna-
mients. (;W per c.t ium ad valorem; and all articles not specially pro-
vided for, o. l sd wliolly or in chief value of :miy of the feathers. *
above mn,.rtioned, s.hlill be subject to the rate of duty provided in this paragraph
for suih miati ierials, but not le.ss thin 60 per centurn ad valorem: Provided.
Thit, the iiportation of birds of parndise. aigrettes, egret plumes or so-called
.osprey plulnmf-, and the feathers, quills, heads. wiz-:, tails, skins, or parts of
skins, of wild birds, either raw or mimufaictured. and not for wientifle or educa-

B. S. 72]



tional purpi ,-'. is lt'r.ly !r,,iilied ; iit 'i l-i- prvisionl -ha:11l n t "p ly to 1I]..
featllher-. ir pliiiie-. of ui riii',-. ,,r t, 1lnh feathers ',r p iji'- (of iii,'t-!-st, f1wls
of ally kind: Pr'J riJl<,! furthl TI h i irl,,s 't ];ij:ldise. ;and tie, f *itih'vr-. IiLiA .
llheadl. wii.,.,. t;ail-. -kill-, or 1,:jrts ther,.,l". ;1t1l all :o\rJ\, itcs. r.'iet plumes. or
so-called ,,-.11r,'y l ".. and il]w f, ilh,.r. (pril-. h,'.id-, v '.- 1;iil-, skis. Ml
j;rits of skii,-. of(it wiild birds. ,.ili.r raiw 'r iii.iiiikoim ictured. ef like kind to ilhh--
the im pnlorl: ;iitln of \%lii.h i- pr',ljhii.'d y ]ti, foiLt.'iiL: prIr v siol f tihis ,.,rh-
gralph. Nhich i nll ;iy I' ft'un'd in ll I, Unitt', St t-:, Oil a dl after li- I' of thi
Act. excolt ;i-. to -iifli phii ,r',, or par'i.- ,f bird- in :'tii.il ii,-.. fr 1j,.-uiiil
ado;l-nInIIl anld wox,'pt -. ,'h I~ l, .:!'. birds or i1.irts tli,.r .ir f .1:i !iort< ,] *]r,' iI ro "
scientifi, or (01eliu'atiol .il jirl -.i-i-. sli.il 1 pr.rv--hlliK ,I for thlie 1iii'r'l -. of st-'ze .XI
to have li'e. iniii' rt.l unl:ilfully iv after Or.,lli-, 3. 1913. .,id ',f cll* ctr of1
cust',ll- -liill i/z' iw '-a iii-, uHill'-- the p,-c-.-,r ili-reof slh ll .-al: lish. to the
sati.t.faction iof ilw. colleclor thl:it the -.oiii' were iip'i'ted into C.,. ait, '1 State,.
prior to Ocioler 3. 191:". or i< to -minl plhiiiiii, or p;irts of 'irdk ili;Jt t1w \y WI-n
plucked or derived in the U'niti. S.;it.- from bir la\\ l'fully li,,r-in i: iil in ':I.-e
of seizure by ti1n' collhtftor. he shall pri-tr,,,,il as in ,i.-e of forf,.i iii'r for vi,,lation
of the' eu-tm- li\\<. and ti1, -aill e 'lull bo forfeited, unless lie u.1:iiiii:ilt .sliil.
in any l% .;l pircit-.lii.; to eni rirce -suc(h tfrlf iture, otli.r t1viil a .ri iiij;;l ii'- e'('U-
tion. ovt.rn.,ie the 1pr,'-Ulniptiii of ille.gal imiiiortation and .-1:ihblish that th,
birdl- or :lrthir t- :eized,. of like kind to th,-,' .iiiil,. i' ,,d0 the iliport:tion \'f liichi
Is priillitod is ahoyvi. were imported into the Uniled Slti.- prior to Oct','1i.r 3.
1913. or wfre pluikrdl in tin, Utnited Stat-. from biri',l- la fully Ilii; ,.in.
That whenever hird-, or pIlni;ige, the iihnpn't;ition of which i- ,'iihiluited by
the forep.,il1r rivisiimn, of thi-' iilraraili. arie forfeitf"1 to the CIvT'riiinit.
the Secur.tary f thlie Tr. ,a-,ry is herebly authorized to p)la(ce the' -;:Ime with tlh
dlepnrtiiiints or bureau-" of the Fed,,rral or State G'v'rninenIts Mr societi'- or
nluii-eiii.- for exhibition or siriitific or e(du-:itiinal purp'--.- lbut not firl sale
or p,.rs,'ii;l u-e: and in the event of such birds or plhiii:viLe not 1.'iii requireI
or de.,irend y either Fedieral or State G've-riiiiiiit or for cluc;ation:al purpl,,'-.' .
they ,hiall 1t. ,ie.tlroy.d.
Thlit niithii,- in t!.i- Act sh:ill 1 be eoli-tfl,.il to r'l't.l the pri visi,* of thil
Act of Ma rch 4. 1913. chapter 1-5 1 (Thirty- ,venth St;itut. at Larue. 8, s 847).
or the A.\t of July 3. 1918 (Fortieth Sramtutes at Lu ri-,,. ." 755;. or any o>I law of the United Sr;it,-. now of force, intel,,ll.d fior tlh( prote'-tion or pr -,rv;i-
tion of lird< within the Inited States,. That if ,n inv.-ti_;ationi ly the '*,l-
lector lefore s.izure. or before trial for forfeiture, or if at such trial if -.iirh
seizure li:s letn madie, it shall 1ie made to appiarm to tlhe collector, or the p",-e-
cutin.,g ,ti,. emr' of tin' G,,rver:mient, as ti. cae miny bhe. that no illegal imp,'rt:iti'in
of su1lh fetlwer. hais been mnle. hut tlh iat the p',.--:-eion, aciui-ition or iirii:s-
of such featlhier is or lias- le'ii nmile in violation of the prvi-,iils of tihe .Act of
March 4, 1913, chalptir 1-145 (Thirty--evvi-enth Statute-z at Lilira. lj_'e S47). or Ilh'-
Act tof July 3. 198S (F,,rrieth Statut''- at Lar'e, pa'._e 755). or any oti',r law of
the Inited St;ite-. n,,w of fore. intendl.d for the proterti,,n or pr,-er\ation of
birds within thle Uited1 State-. it -.lall ]w' the duty of the collector, or -.urh
prosecution., ,thli.pr, a- the :a-e imy ive. to rejitrt tl ie facts to tli. proper ofi.i:dl
of the United Stare-,. or Stare or Territ',ry c.lziari-d with the (duity l f enfw,'ci .:
such laws.
PAR. 1519. (a) Dre-zed furs; and dre--ed fur -.kin 6- (,xc'ipt silver or black
fox), and pl;atet. mnt liiiin,., strip-, and ,ri,-.,, of ir)-'-ed di',. I,,at. or kid
skins. 25 per centum ad valoreni ; all the foreu'- in'. if dyed, 3, pIer centum ad
(h) Mantufacture of fur (exc,',pt silver or blaw.k fox) fu'lrier atlvaneed tli .in
dressing. prepared for u-c as iaterial if lnot dyed. :,.-, per ceiltumi ad
valoremnc ; if ,dyed. 411 per ci'i'llul1 ;ll( v:l,'relli.
(c) Silver or lilack fox furs or "kint. dres-ed or umidre-s.d. nt specially pro-
vided for, 5() per centum ad valorem.
(e) Article-e whliolly ,ir partly manufactured (i .Ilidiii,' fur c.ilars, fur uff-;.
-and filr triminirn-.), wliolly or in .liier value of flUl, niit s-l.'t-i;lly prnvideed for,
50 per cenitum ad val',r,.n.
PAR. 1521L Hatters', furs. or furs not on tlhe skin. prepared for hatter-.'* ,,'',
Including fur skins carroted, 35 pI'r centum ad va.lorem.
PAR. 153,11. (e) Leather malI, fr,,m the hide-s or skin. ,f *
reptiles and bird.-. 25 per centumn nd v;lorem.
PAR. 151351. any prhifilition of the imlportantiiil (if f.-:itlrs in this
Act shall not be construed a ali'llyimzr to artifiial flies us'l for fi-himig. or to
feathers used for the manufacture of such( flies.


Title II.-Free List
PAR. 1606. (a) Any animal imported by a citizen of the United States spe-
cially for- breeding purposes, shall be admitted free, whether intended to be
used by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes, except black or
silver foxes: Prorided. That no such animal shall be admitted free unless pure
bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized
by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed : Provided further, That the cer-
tificate of such record and pedigree of such animal shall be produced and sub-
mitted to the Department of Agriculture, duly authenticated by the proper
custodian of such book of record, together with an affidavit of the owner, agent,
or importer that the animal imported is the identical animal described in said
certificate of record and pedigree. The Secretary of Agriculture may prescribe
such regulations as may be required for determining the purity of breeding. and
the identity of such animal: And proridc'd further, That the collectors of customs
s.lhall require a certificate from the Department of Agriculture stating that such
animal is pure bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a book of
record recognized by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed.
(b) The Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe such additional regulations
as may be required for the strict enforcement of this provision.
(c) the provisions of this Act shall apply to all such animals as
have been imported and are in quarantine or otherwise in the custody of
customs or other officers of the United States at the date of the taking effect
of this Act.
PAR. 1607. Animals and poultry, brought into the United States temporarily
for a period not exceeding six months, for the purpose of breeding, exhibition,
or competition for prize; offered by any agricultural, polo, or racing association;
but a bond shall be given in accorhInce with regulations pre-cribed by the
S.-.retairy of the Treasury; also teams of animals, including their harness and
tackle, and the \vagns or other vehicles actually owned by per-ons emigrating
from foreign countries to the United States with tlieir families, and in actual
i,4- for the purpo-e of such emigration, under such regulations as the Secretary
of the Trea-uiry m ;y pie-cribe; and wild animals and birds intended for ex-
hibition in zoological collections for scientific or educational purposes, and not
for .-ile or profit.
PAR. 1671. E'.s of bWrds, fish, and insects (except fish roe for food purposes) :
Provided, That the importation of eos of wild birds is prohibited, except eggs
of game birds imported for prop:; t ting purp, .-'- under regulations prescribed
by the Secretary of Agriculture, and specimens imported for scientific collections.
PAE. 1ln1. Furs and fur skins, not specially provided for, undressed.
PA,. 1(W,2. Live game animals and birds, impotied for stockingI puIrlposes. and
game animals and birds killed in foreinT countries by residents of the United
States and ini-orti'1 by them for noncommercial purposes; under such reg ila-
tions as the Si" rotary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Treasury shall
pV s.rilhe.
PAR. 1741. Pigeons, fancy or rncinz.
PAR. 17;1.. Skins of all kind., raw, and hides not specinlly provided for.
PAR. 1767. Specimens of natural history, botany, and mineralogy, when im-
porteil for scientific public collections, and not for sale.

Title IV.-Administrative Provisions
S.:i 527. (a) Imp' oirta/ion pro1 iibited.-If the laws or regulations of any
co.,lintry, dependency, pr'ivince, or other subdivision of government restrict the
tajirnv. killing, po--e-,ion, or exportation to tlhe United States of any wild
ti:mimii i 1 or bird, alive or dead, or restrict the expiirtation to tihe United States
of any part or product of any wild nmininal or bird, -whether raw or mannnufac-
tured. no s.clh in:imin:il or 1ii ,1. or I':1rt ir product thereof, shall, after the
e.xii ration of ninety days qftoi'r the eni;cti'eiit of this Act, be imported into the
'United Stti', from .siI(t country, d(l e ndePnry, prvince, or other subdivision of
government, directly or indirectly, uml,-- a,'coniiip:miied by a certification of the
United States c.,onrl, for the consular li'-trict in which is located the port or
pl;ice 'rmn which such iiiiiiialal or bird, or part or product thereof, was exported


from such country, dependi-icy, pIruViJi'e. r olhI'r :ul1,i'divi-i,,I 1t 'iveriei.l
that su ih aimmina;ial or bird, ,r Ipart or prn duct tvrie.rf, lII, l not ,.ii. a:,,jui i'd
or exported in violation of the lavw- or re.nllt i,,,i of such ,,niWl! ry, dei.,l,.ri ,,y,
provillce, oI other .-uldivi-in of iver' iih'liT.
(b) lr'rff uti .- A.\niy iii i ul n:iil or 1,irid. alit, or dead, or ;,iy l':iit ,,r pitdliict
thereof, wliether raw or Iim:i iIfila'llrt',-.. itliportid into tlit Ullit,' 1 Stia l l i vio;.-
tioii of tlit' provi.-i,,n an1d forleitt i re L iiiii tl ci i tle s tOll1 ;i Any .-,iwi irti'le "' forfI'ited 11.iy, in
tlhe di-crCe! inl of tlOt W .'r,.tftry of the Tre:-u4ry and un1i'r sl,.'i regI.Ltiions ;I- lh
imay pr.?wril,'. be pllitid with tli, d-pl>.rt, iinits ,r bureaus of thlie I'dtrAi or
St:ite G' '-trii it 1tS. Ir with ,ietii.'- or mIn--.tums, for exhil)iti>n or M-iultitie or
eduI('iti i 1111 purl,,s'.", or dtI.-troyedl. or (il\ce l)t in tlie caas+ of li,:t'-; or loi:, of
wild ,'ai'iIid:l-) ..o]d in iln ll,;iiIPt r pir'ovi,,u l, v lIvw .
(c) Sf-ctioll not to Iliply in c, rlain i.,ices.-The provisions of thi-s -,.ti'IJ
shall not ;ii'ply in the cnase (if-
(1) Prohibited ithporlitIions.-Artli<1,.< the inipirtation of \vihich i. ir'-lhilited
under ti, pi, is.i,-. of this Act, or of -trtlioin 241 of tlie 1'rimiinal C.d,., or of
ainy oilnhr liaw
(2) 'i'.'(' /tii7(' or d,,u dead, ,,r parts or p)rodluct- thereof, whether raw ,.r iifi..uifarn ',.,]. inTi'l''i,.
for -civintifi, or edu',-ational 11,Il'l' ,-'i ;
(3) Crtlai migriitI',r., 'hij, birds.-Mi.rt,.ry .' v ':I,:m birds (for which an
open st.a:,o is providtdil by the l:i\\% of the United Si;ites and anIy fore ,
co1nlltry wlii. is :t party to a tr,.itty with ithe Unit1il States, in elfi I on tle
dato ot" imprtati,,n. r,-latiin, to the protection of such mi.'r-tory -:ii.m, birds)
bi'i,-lit into the United Siatl., by bona fide -i.'rtsmin r"; Iiii i: fromin huniii
trial in .-iiwh country, if at the time of importatioi the I'',--,-ion of -ni i
birds is nut prohibited by the laws of such (.u-itry or of the United Stat,..


Tlhe importation of bird plutiumae into Ca0niida for millin,.y I'uri i .-.. i-
prolhilitcd by tiariff item 1212 under Schedule C (prohibited a-*to'.-1), as dded
by section 5 of the Canaldini cl-tumni, tariff act of 1914. Item 1212 rohibits
the entry of the fodli\vin-:
1212. Ai-i'rttte s. e' rt p1luh e0t'-, or s4'-i'a -i'rey plumi,'-. ailli tie feathers,
quill-, hlit ad,1.; \\ini-. tails, -kin-. or paIrtsn', l ilt, of wild birds ei,'.'r r:iw or
naliiI1;ntrtir,'d ; but this prvi-,in shall not come into ',ie.t ut.til January 1,
3915, aiZl .->h1l1 not alipply to-
(+,) The f:eatht.,s or plumes of ,-'trich'-
(b) The ll1iii:i,:e of the El:1i-h pai.a-.;int and the Ii,:in pleacoc'k;
(c) The plhininzaoe of wild ,irds ornia;rily Vu-,; ;i- articl.- of di, t;
(d) The pilu ijina:e of birds imn',irted alive; ii,'r to
(e) S.,iiiiens imIpo 1,td d),I l r r',,-tl: tifns of tle minister of customs f.'r any,
natural-history or other mini-,un or f.r 'i -,;' :iti ;i ,,-se s.
IDit 12214 iiiiilcvi S,.heule C (1)ll.iileld goods. a- added by the t'sto11,
tarliff act, effcI.eli ve May 24. 1922, prohibits ll'. ointry f tlie fw! ,1",x
12:4. (a) (omnu14ii monrnoose (l1 r,, ,. {/ri.i sp ) or Imnopse of any ;.,l
(b) Common myni.dl. CThiii..,. 11yv:;12., i-t ,K I nyitah., or any other s-, ...ic-s ,f
the -tailinl" family (Situirnidae)
(e) Java sparrows., ri e bird, iuline fi;i. 1., or ui' sp. ie.. of the weaver
birl family (P 'cid.ae) ;
(d) l-uro11ie.',in e-l1 fiif ,ch (Fl iiilla (-I,, lI, b ) ;
(C) Gret,: titi,,tio-. (Parw.s major).


Federal laws: Secretary of Agriculture,
W.i-liiiiLrton. D. C.
Alabama: Department of Game and Fish-
eries. M'Iont ,mniry.
Alaska: Executive Officer, Alaska Game
('mnimis>iinii. Juneau; or S. cretary of
Agriculture, Washlington, D. C.
Arizona: State Game Warden, Phoenix.
Arkansas: Secretary Game and Fish Conm-
mii,-1,n. Little Rock.
California: Ex'-cutive Officer, Fish and
Game Commi.-s.ii',. Russ Buiiildingl San
Colorado: State Game and Fish Commis-
sioner, Denver.
Connecticut: Supeiii iteridniit of Fisheries
and Game. Hartford.
Delaware: Chief Game and Fish Ward,,n,
District of Columbia: Superintendent
Metropolitan Police, WashijiLtuii.
Florida: State Game Commissioner, Tal-
Georgia: Game and Fish Commissioner,
Hawaii: Fi-shi and Game Division, Board
of Agriculture and Forestry, Honolulu.
Idaho: l'1!i and Game Wardent. Boise.
Illintois: ID)irector Department of Conser-
vati,,n. Spring 2fild.
Indiana: Superintendent of Fisheries and
Ga.ie. State House, Indianapolis.
Iowa: State Game Warden, Des Moines.
Kansas: State Fisli and Game Warden,
Kentucky: Executive A,_,it Game and
Fish Commission, Frankfort.
Louisiana: Commissioner of Conservation,
Court Buildiiii-, New Orleans.
Maine: Comminssioner of In i:hind Fisheries
mand Cf(,ae. State House, Aiisi.ta.
.lI>ryland: State Game Warden, 512 Mun-
sey Buildlii.-,. Baltimore.
la st.achusetts: ID)irector Division of Fish-
,ries and Game, State House, Boston.
Mlieh igii: Director Department of Con-
servation, I.i ii.-in- .
Minnesota: Gamnie and Fish Coiiiinis-ini-r,
1D)epartmient of C'onservation, St. Paul.
Mississippi: Secretary of State, Jackson;
or Sheriff or County Clerk.
Missouri: Game and Fish Commissioner,
Jefferson ('ity.
Montana: State Fish and Game Wardtni,
Xebraskan: State Game Warden, Lincoln.
Nevada: Sect'tary of State Fish and
Gamne Commiission, Ileno.
Net ir:i 1ii iiid i'e: Fish amid Game Com-
fiii '-Ii- ii '', I ', iIwlord.
Nevw Jersey: Secretar'y of Board of I'i-,h
mind 4Game Commiisi. ii1,i.r-. 'rri, toi.
New Ml4.x ico : State (Game aind Fish
\VWardeoni, Santa Fe.
New York: Secretary Conservaltion ID)e-
l;ii1tent; or Chief Game Protector, Al-
ba nv.

North Carolina: State Game Warden,
North Dakota: Game and Fish Commis-
,Kier. Sanish.
Ohio: Commissioner of Conservation. Co-
Oklahoma: State Fish and Game Warden,
Oklahoma City.
Oregon: State Game Warden, Portland.
Pennsylvania: Executive Secretary Board
of Game Commrnnilssioners, Harri-burg.
Rihode Island: Chairman Commi.ssioners
of Birds, Providence.
South Carolina: Chief Game Warden,
South Dakota: Director Division of Game
and Fish, Department of Agriculture,
Tennessee: State Game and Fish Warden,
Texas: Executive Officer, Game, Fish, and
Oyster Commission, Austin.
Utah: Fish and Game CommissIloner, Salt
Lake City.
Vermont: Fish and Game Commissioner,
Virginia: Executive Secretary, Cominmis-
sion of Game and Inland Fisheries, Rich-
VWashinh-ton: Supervisor of Game and
Game Fish, 404 Bell Street Terminal
(P. 0. Box 384), Seattle.
West Virginia: Game and Fish Commis-
sion, I'harlesrion.
Wisconsin: Conservation Commissioner,
Wryoiinag: State Game and Fish Commis-
sion, Cheyenne.
Canada: Coinmmissinner, National Parks of
Canada, Ottawa.
Alberta: Game ComnTissioner. Edmonton.
British Columbia: Provincial Game
WVarden, Vancouver.
Manitoba: Chief Game Commissioner, Win-
Newv Brunswick: Chief Gaime Warden,
Northwest Territories: Director, North-
west Territories and Yukon Branch, De-
partment of Interior, Ottawa, Ontario.
Nova Scotia: Miiti.ter of Lands and For-
'-tk. Halifax.
Ontario: Departiiirnt of Game and Fish-
'ir'. TW iron ti.
Prince .ilwward Island: Game Inspec-
tor. Provincial Treasury Department,
Quebec: General Superint Piide'it of Fikh-
eries -id Gaine. Quebec.
SN.-katehewan: Game Commissioner, Re-
g i na.
Yukon: Gold CorlnLnis.-i,'ner, Da\vsin.
Newvfoundland: Secretary, Gamie and In-
land 1.1Fislri- Board, St. Johns.
a4xvieo: S miento, San Jacinto, D. F., Mexico.


For sale by the Si,'rintendent of Docni.,-iits. W.i-liiiington, D. C. Price 5 ceuts

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