Fall armyworm


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Fall armyworm
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Benson, Mary F
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture ( Washington, D.C. )
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a, Male moth (or adult); b, eggs; c, larva; d, face 01 larva; e, pupa in
a cell; f, moth in resting posture; g, wing of female moth; h, feeding
injury to corn plant. (a, c, e, f, g, h about 1 times natural size;
b twice natural size; d 8 times natural size.)

(See other side for life history .ind contrtil)

b'ureaj of Ent ,n. 1-.%,V nj Plrt Q .uairinni,"
LcnicJ S.tt, & p-:Ekp R.nt- .f Agri.i lt.r, Picture Sheet No. 12

,.'.Y r P.. ,. I'

It.L phgyI ni. 1 'I, giI pn laI (S. il d A.) I

Lif hIistoryv
Th' fill riwvn\\-orin. kn Iow i piHnicipallyv is an enemy of growing
cornll, feed' s iI|)oJl iiily tvr li'llcultivated crops, such as alfalfa, cotton,
rrasstes. a iil iltd p1altis. T'he eggs; are ait! night on grasses or other
1)lanIts and ;icli ii autllt .ildas-. Ti youn()g larvae, caterpillars, or
"wonv11.." feiti lil' first ill coic(Ie'alinitrt e l(e groutil(l, )become full-
(gr)ni i ll bol)utit 20 (dlays. tiin enter lie soil ifor aI few iniClhes antd become
plI)pal'. I'llth' icli\V 1)PlupI Il st-1e lasls ;l)olit 10 (lays. After the
lilntlis tseit''rt' fromii tle pptipl cases tlhey oftei ly for minliny niles before
the lli In.a lst Iv..''s. As inlaid ls six (elerations m; Iav occur annually
in till' (;ill' Sitae's. l)lt illie insect does nlot survive lie winter farther
liort li xilrd. Ill a((litiolt to eating tn lit i)ledes of corn, thlie larvae may
io)'t' itot t lie eiars, particularlyy the shainks of tlhe ears, and feed ex-
tt'nsivelv tlierein.
I'Ulller somlle condo itionlls 'ef'etive control of tlie fall armvworm may
be s(ecurll' Ib1y (listril)buitiuig a poisoned bait made as follows:
\\it'at bran .............................................----------------------------------- --..... )0 pounds.
Pari- grecii or \vhiite arsenic--- --------- -- -.. -------... 2 p)Ouids.
I.w-ra inolasse.s.................... ..-----------------------............ 1 gallon.
W ater------........ ---.-. --------... --.. -----.........--------.. .......---------.. 5 gallons.
Mlix tlie poison an( )d bral tlthoroughlly, in a dry sttate; tlien dissolve
the ino(lasses ill the water and mix the liquid thoroughly into the poi-
solled bran:. Broadcast this bait over ground where grass crops are
infe-std,( ; or put) it in the leaf whorls of the corn plants, sprinkling it
thiuW// in flakes, not lumps.
WVARNING: Remember that paris green and white arsenic are
violent po)isois. Take ca.ire not to allow children or other persons, or
live-stock of 1any kind, to have access to the poison or to receptacles con-
taninlig thl e piSoui(o(Ild bait. The I)best way to dispose of surplus bait is
to broadcast it thinlly on thle ground illn a field.
When tllelt "vwormlls" are crawling over tlhe ground in large n umbers,
thev inavy be raailev t lrap )ed by plowing a furrow. They wvill fall into
this ;(id lcan llnll' be crltisheI( b )y dragging al log )i(back aid(l fortli in it.
Or. instadI oif dragging alIl log, post holes about 18 ichlies deep may be
d(1,r illn tli' ltolnm of ille filurrow to serve' as traps, ill which the worms
(;"ii I e kill d by cru lisliiig them or )y slspriliklillig thillIem witli kerosene.
1I; 1'(764


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April 19011 '. S. G'overnmiient Printing Office
"Fir -.lf' ly ill' Se i oririu ,itliiu if I)rw.iiin is, Washiington, I). (C'.- Price 5 cents

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