High drafting in cotton spinning


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High drafting in cotton spinning
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Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Economic Library List No. 3

Washington, D.C., April 1939.


Compiled by 0. M. Shipley
Division of Cotton Marketing Branch Library,
Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Books and Pamphlets

Barnshaw, Charles. High drafting in cotton spinning. 127pp. London, E. Benn,
limited, 1930. 304 B25
"Although the main object has been to deal with high-draft arrangements,
I have found it necessary to refer to the character of the raw material
and to those preliminary operations which affect the process of drawing."

Noguera, J. Modern drafting in cotton spinning. 193pp. Leeds, Eng., Chorley
& Pickersgill, ltd. c19373 304 N68 1937
A new edition of the author's Theory and Practice of High Drafting in
Cotton Spinning.

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cManchester, Eng., Casablancas high draft co., ltd., 19343 304 N68

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draft spinning to mixing of Indian cottons. India. Indian Cent. Cotton
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I ...: Wh.

References in this list were taken
from Cotton Literature, Volume 1, ITNo. 1
to Volume 9, No. 2, inclusive, January
1931 to February 1939, and its prede-
cessor Current Literature on Cotton,
Volume 1, July to December 1930.

....... .... 11

2 --" -

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"This course of instruction on cotton spinning is one of a series of
texts on cotton yarn manufacture."
Conventional three roll drafting and long draft, pp.57-66.

Periodical Articles

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costs of the various systems. Textile Recorder 50(592): 22-25; (593):
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Letter to the editor.

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304.8 T3126
"German progress in the adoption of a single-process speed frame and
high-draft ring spinning, including the use of special condenser trumpets
on the draw-frame deliveries."

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Report of address at meeting of the "Preston and District Textile Society,
on March 15", 1935.
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Report of a lecture to the Manchester College of Technology Textile
Society, November 17, 1936.
High-drafting, single process lapping, high-speed winding and beaming,
warping from ring bobbins, "broken-back" rin; frame roller stands,, and
diameter and lift of ring bobbins are discussed.


Brandt, Carl. Super-draft roving. Early mechanisms coriplicated The modern
four-roll machine Some disadvantages Favorable points include sim-
plicity, flexibility, high quality of product and rapid investment return.
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Paper presented at annual meeting of Textile Division of American Society
of Mechanical Engineers.
A brief history of Saco-Lowell Roth better drafting. How long draft became
better draft A simple explanation of the three systems in use today.
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Describes the system.

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References: p. P243.
Paper read before the Silver Jubilee Conference of the Textile Institute,
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ing. Spinner 1(1): 6-11. June 1935.
In this article "an attempt is being made to present the relation be-
tween Preparation Costs and High Drafting in as general a way as possible,
the results being given not in absolute figures but in percentages, relating
to the ordinary conditions existing before the adoption of High Drafting.
The definite costs for any particular mill are obtainable by simply apply-
ing the corresponding percentages to the actual expenditure."
Also in Textile Mercury and Argus 93(2421): 149,160. Aug. 16, 1935.

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World 82(4): 738. October 1932. 304.8 T315
"It is the writer's opinion that... it is only a matter of time before
the mechanical defects will have been. overcome and mills will be saving
thousands of dollars by cutting out at least one process of fly frames
and making their filling with single roving."

Comparative tests on high-draft cotton spinning. Data of yarn quality and
spinning performance ri ring frames newly converted to high-drafting.
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A novelty in the high drafting system: the patented Deroubaix motion.
"The Deroubaix high draft system is characterized by the introduction
between thu middle and delivery rollers of an ordinary drawing system of
a small heavy roller and of a belt which passes round a framework and a
driving roller. The framework only supports and guides the edges of the
band leaving free the central part below the small heavy roller, so that only
a light pressure is exerted on the fibres at this point." Textile Inst.
Jour. 25(12): A533. December 1934.

Devaux system of high-draft cotton spinning. Textile Manfr. 63(753): 362.
Septei.ber 1937. 304.8 T3126

The economics of high drafting in cotton spinning. The cost of spinning cotton
yarns can be reduced by the adoption of high drafting. This article
stresses the necessity for spinners to consider the question from the
economic aspect. Textile Recorder 51(605): 28-29. Aug. 15, 1933.
304.8 T311

1- 5 -

Electric roll picker for long draft frames. Melliand Textile Monthly 3(6):
504. September 1931. 304.8 R21

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High draft drawing frame.

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June 1936. 304.8 Sal

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Process picking, high draft roving, long draft spinning, roll covering,
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An address presented at the convention of the National Association of
Cotton Manufacturers, Providence, R.I., October 6 and 7, 1937.

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"Abstract from a lecture by a representative of the Casablancas High
Draft Co., Ltd., to the Oldham Technical Association and Old Students
Union, October 3, 1935," giving a review of the Casablancas system.

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each zone. Textile Recorder 55(657): 48-49. Dec. 6, 1937. 304.8 T311
A description of the H. & B. Patent High Draft Speed Frame introduced
by Howard & Bullough, Ltd.

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"Some possibilities of the application of high-draft mechanism in mule
spinning and advantages which might be gained."

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cotton speed frame is provided as a single speed frame process and another
system uses a 4-line rollers frame. Textile Manfr. 63(752): 319-320.
August 1937. 304.8 T3126


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cottons of medium staple. Textile Manfr. 63(755): 451,456. November 1937.
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1938. 304.8 T311
"A new type speed frame and an improved ring spinning frame high
drafting system are described in this article."

Improved cotton spinning machinery. A modified Buckley opener, high draft
speed frames and ring spinning frames are described in this article.
Textile Recorder 56(666): 45-46. Sept. 6, 1938. 304.8 T311

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Reprinted from Textile Mercujry.

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day cotton mill operation. Textile World 87(13): 2662-2663. December
1937. 304.8 T315

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und.Weber 53(52): 1-4. Dec. 27, 1935. 304.8 Sp4I
Preparation costs in relation to high draft spinning.
"The author discusses the modifications in the preparatory processes
at the speed frames and the saving in the costs of these processes made
possible by the introduction of high draft spinning and calculates the
percentage saving in preparation costs for cases in which (a) the roving
frame is eliminated, and (b) all the speed frames are retained but the
drafts on these are reduced so that a coarser roving is produced. C."
Textile Inst. Jour. 27(2): A50. February 1936.

Long draft in N.C. mill. Advantages from installation of better drafting.
Eliminated 13 roving frames. Power and labor costs substantially decreased.
Breaking strength 25% higher. Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 48(7): 15-16.
Feb. 15. 1934. 304.8 W88

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July 1936. 304.8 W58
Methods of using the long-draft system are described.


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cotton manufacturing- Research and testing instruments Opening and
picking Controlled draft drawing Long draft spinning. Amer. Wool &
Cotton Reptr. 51(41): 23-24, 52-57. Oct. 14, 1937. 304.8 W88
An address presented at the annual convention of the National Associa-
tion of Cotton Manufacturers held in Providence, R.I., October 6 and 7,

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with long-draft modifications. Textile World 86(8): 1451-1452. July 1936.
304.8 T315

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"The studies which served as a basis for the results shown in this
report were carried on for two years in the laboratories of the Lowell
Textile Institute."

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40s to 60s cotton yarn. Textile World 86(10): 1812. September 1936.
304.8 T315
Fifth of a series of articles on the calculation of cotton-yarn organi-

Meynell, Henry. High draft cotton spinning. The Meynell patent washer roller.
Textile Weekly 18(456): 601,603. Nov. 27, 1936. 304.8 T3127

cMeynell, Henryj High drafting The three or four line system? What mill
r tests with Indian cotton have revealed. Textile Mercury and Argus
89(2323): 251,xi. Sept. 22, 1933. 304.8 T318
Extracts from a letter to the editor in which the author offers "to
prove that there is 100 per cent. more 'fly' off a four line than off the
Meynell system of three lines."

Meynell, Henry. A high drafting development. Textile Manfr. 60(718): 410,416.
October 1934. 304.8 T3126
"Comments upon principles and mechanism in high-draft spinning of

Meynell's W.T.R. high draft roller. A Henry Meynell lecture at Rochdale.
Textile Mercury and Argus 95(2488): 568. Nov. 27, 1936. 304.8 T318

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Indian Textile Jour. 44(527): 385,388. Aug. 31, 1934. 304.8 In2
"Tests carried out by the Technological Laboratory cIndian Central
Cotton Committee], though by no means complete, amply justify the assump-
tion, that a great economy would result by the introduction of either
the High Draft System A or C."

- 8 &A

A mill report on long-draft spinning on a large package frame. Cotton /
EAtlantaj 95(5): 414. March 1931. 304.8 0823 i

More mill tests on high drafting. The formation of "fly" at critical points.
Textile Weekly 12(291): 113-114. Sept. 29, 1933. 304.8 T3127
Table shows results of 11 high-draft tests on Indian cotton.
Also in Textile Recorder 51(607): 27-28. Oct. 15, 1933.

New long draft system. Textile Bull. 47(25): 44. Feb. 21, 1935. 304.8 So82
"A new system of long drafting brought out by the Belger Company of
Watertown, Mass." is described.

New system of high drafting for cotton spinning. Melliand 2(4): 584-585.
July 1930. 304.8 M48
The Leigh & Butler patent long draft system for cotton spinning.

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304.8 T3127
"In a lecture to the Ashton and District Mill Managers' Association,
Oct. 26, 1932."

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from Casablancas. Textile Weekly 22(561): 743,745-747. Dec. 2, 1938.
304.8 T3127
In a lecture to the Oldham Cotton Mill Managers' Association, November
18, 1938.

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61(724): 145-146, 154. April 1935. 304.8 T3126
"In a lecture to the Manchester College of Technology Textile Society."
"High-draft in cotton spinning is basically dependent on the degree
of control of individual fibres. Advantages of new roller weighting
arrangements and of a 'compound drafting' frame are also explained."
Comment by Henry Meynell, in Textile Manfr. 61(725): 192. May 1935.

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Fibre and Fabric 85(2478): 9-11. July 30, 1932. 304.8 F44

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ring frames from three roller lines system to four lines high-draft system.
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roving and introduction of high-speed slasher. Textile World (Ann. Rev.
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Review of 1937.

Pratt, Horace L. A million more long draft spinning spindles, with continued
development of long-draft roving Other advances. Textile World 87(3):
142-143. Feb. 28, 1937. 304.8 T315

" 9

Richardson, R.P. High drafting. Indian Textile Jour. 44(518): 65-66, 68.
Nov. 30, 1933. 304,8 in2
Abstract of a paper read before the Bombay European Textile Associa-
tion on September 21, 1933.
Discusses factors in drafting and popular high-draft systems.

[Rooney, Tom3 The Rooney hi-drafting system. Cotton cAtlantaj 100(1): 68.
January 1936. 304.8 0823
"The Rooney 'Hi-Drafting' system is applied on card room machinery
and prepares roving in such a manner that it can be spun on the con-
ventional spinning frame, where the only changes made are in the draft
gears... A sketch of an installation for roving frames is shown.N -
Textile Inst. Jour. 27(4): A157. April 1936.

Roving goes long draft. Change to single process promises to hold spotlight
as outstanding trend of 1937 in cotton manufacture. Textile World 87(4):
722-723. March 1937. 304.8 T315

Saco-Lowell better draft system; a critical study of its construction,
characteristics, and operation. Saco-Lowell Bull. 9(4): 1-7. September
1937. 304.8 Sal

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Lowell Bull. 8(5): 14-18. December 1936. 304.8 Sal

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47(6): 11,15,22. Oct. 11, 1934. 304.8 So82
A new long-draft single-process roving system developed by Saco-Lowell
Also in Cotton EAtlanta) 98(10): 66-67. October 1934; Amer. Wool &
Cotton Reptr. 48(41): 17-19. Oct. 11, 1934; Internatl. Cotton Bull.
13(49): 88,91. October 1934.

rSouthern textile association. Eastern Carolina division2 Long draft spinning.
Advantages of this method discussed by Eastern Carolina division of S.T.A. -
Application to old frames Reports on various tests with long draft.
Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 46(42): 13-14, 20-22. Oct. 20, 1932.
304.8 W88
Meeting was held at Henderson, N.C., October 7, 1932.
Also reported in Southern Textile Bull. 43(9): 10-11, 27, 32-33. Oct. 27,

cSouthern textile association. Gaston Ccunty division2 Spinning combed yarn
with longer drafts considered in Gaston Co. meeting. Textile World
83(7): 1098. June 1933. 304.8 T315
Meeting at Ranlo, N.C., &May 11, 1933.

[Southern textile association. North Carolina-Virginia division] Carding and
spinning discussions. North Carolina-Virginia division discusses humidity,
one and two-process drawing, card production, long draft roving, cleaners,
cork rolls, long draft aprons. Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 50(17): 17-20.
Apr. 23, 1936. 304.8 W88
Report of a meeting held in Greensboro, N.C., April 11, 1936.
Also reported in Textile World 86(6): 1098. May 1936; Cotton [AtlantaJ
100(5): 75-78. IYnv iQV

- 10 -

cSouthern textile association) Northern North Carolina-Virginia division.
Discussions at Greensboro meeting Long draft, cork rolls, one-procesf ::
drawing, rubber cots, control draft.. Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 50(44)i.
9-10, 14-15. Oct. 29, 1936. 304.8 W88
Also reported in Cotton cAtlanta3 100(11): 72-74, 123. November 1936.

rSouthern textile association. Northern North Carolina-Virginia division
STA division meets in Burlington. Again study long draft roving. Cotton
EAtlanta3 102(11): 73-76. November 1938. 304.8 C823
Report of meeting at Burlington, N.C., October 22, 1938.
Also reported in Textile Bull. 55(6): 15-16, 42-43, 46. Nov. 15,
1938; Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 52(49): 15-18. Dec. 8, 1938.

[Southern textile association. South Carolina division Cotton spinning dis-
cussions. S.T.A. South Carolina section discusses single and double
roving, spun rayon, cleaning, long draft. Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr.
52(43): 25-26. Oct. 27, 1938. 304.8 W788
Report of meeting of Carders' and Spinners' Section at Greenville,
S.C., October 15, 1938.

CSouthern textile association. Spinners' division) Spinning 30s cotton with
long draft made from seven-eights or longer staple various suggestions
as to draft, breaking strength, rolls and speeds cleaner and other
waste long draft on old frames. Amer. Wool & Cotton Reptr. 45(50): 15-
16, 18. Dec. 10, 1931. 304.8 W88
Part of discussion at meeting held at Spartanburg, S.C., November 20,

Spibey, Horace. High drafting main feature of recent developments in spinning
machinery. Textile Recorder 55(655): 39. Oct. 6, 1937. 304.8 T311

Tatum, C.S. Better management brings reduction of cotton manufacturing costs.
Textile World 79(6): 612-613. Feb. 7, 1931. 304.8 T315
Discusses oil spraying, long-draft spinning, improvements in looms,

Technical advances in cotton manufacture include new winders and the acceptance
of long-draft roving. Textile World 86(3): 446-447. Feb. 28, 1936.
304.8 T315
Review of developments in 1935.

The Trumbach self-contained high draft combing unit. Advantages claimed for
the ring grooved roller. Textile Mercury and Argus 88(2306): 413. May 26,
1933. 304.8 T318
"A high drafting system, which, it is claimed will draw piecings better
than ordinary spinning and which can be applied to any existing machine
without alteration to rollers, roller stands or cap bars, has been intro-
duced by the firm of J.O. Whitaker (Accrington) Ltd." The salient features
are outlined in this article.

- 11 -

biulow, J.L. Long draft in roving ard single vs. double roving in spinning.
Textile World 82(5): 966-968. November 1932. 304.8 T315
"Delivered before the meeting of the Textile Division of the American
Society of Mechanical Engineers, at Greenville, S.C.," Oct. 19, 1932..
Also in Cotton cAtlanta; 96(11): 25-28. November 1932; Southern
Textile Bull. 43(14): 6, 8-9. Dec. 1, 1932.

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97(7): 23-25. July 1933. 304.8 C823
Describes the installation at the Canada Mill, Cornwall, Ont.

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6-9. April 1934. 304.8 W58

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various methods, and men accredited with its success Elementary and
scientific aspects. Mfelliand Textile Monthly 3(5): 381-383; (6): 469-
471; (7): 565-566. August-October 1931. 304.8 M48

Twin-sliver cotton drawframe and single-process speed frame. High-draft is
applied to speed frames so that only one process is necessary, and draw-
frames are arranged to give double slivers of twice the fineness. Textile
Manfr. 63(747): 103-104. March 1937. 304.8 T3126

Two spinning problems: High drafting roller difficulties and a remedy. How to
avoid "crackers" and lumps. Textile '.ercury and Argus 40(2339): 32.
Jan. 12, 1934. 304.8 T318
Questions asked by F.W.H. and answers by a spinning authority.

The W.T.R. high-drafting system. Internatl. Cotton Bull. 15(58): 293-297.
January 1937. 72.8 In8

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43-45. February 1931. 304.8 T317

cWhitin machine works) Super-draft roving. Textile World 84(10): 1834.
September 1934. 304.8 T315
"In the new Super-Draft system the sliver passes first to a Thitin-
Casablancas high-draft slubber and then through a revolving piece so de-
signed as to insert a false twist which pulls in the selvedges. Finally
it passes through a regular set of drafting rollers. This system is
capable of drafts up to 40 and will produce roving as fine as 6.00-hank
from cans of finished drawing sliver. Tests have shown that yarn produced
by this process is at least equal to that produced from the same sliver by
three- or four-process roving. The amount of stretching, piecing and
fibre breakage to which roving is usually subjected is reduced in the
new process and creeling is reduced to a negligible factor, since on
5.00-hank roving, for example, a can will require 87 hours to run out.-
C." Textile Inst. Jour. 26(1): All. January 1935.

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No. 1. State trade barriers: selected references. March


No. 2. The frozen food industry: selected references, January 1937 to
March 1939. April 1939.

No. 3. High drafting in cotton spinning: selected references. April -1939.

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