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Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Economic Library List No. 23

Washington, D. C., May 1941


Selected References on the Industry, 1929 to 1940

Compiled by Louise 0. Bercaw
Library, Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Adams, Richard Laban. Almond production abroad; statistics, technique,
and economics (with special reference to France and Italy). 74pnp.,
processed. Sacramento, Calif., California almond growers exchange,
1939. 281.3946 Adl
Published in the interests of the California almond producer.
Bibliography, p. 74.

Adams, Richard Laban. post of producing almonds in 1937. 8pp., pro-
cessed. rBerkeleyr University of California, College of agricul-
ture, Agricultural experiment station c1939] 281.3946 AdlC
Contribution from the Gianmini Foundation of Agricultural Eco-

This list supersedes a typewritten list of the same
title, dated Mar. 29, 1941.- References, many of-which
have not been examined, are arranged alphabetically.
References on diseases and on statistics are listed sep-
arately under those headings. Call numbers following
the citations are those of the U. S. Department of Agri-
culture Library.
The following sources were examined in the compila-
tion of this list: Card catalogues of the libraries of
the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the U. S. Bureau
of Agricultural Economics; the Botanical Catalogue of
the U. S. Bureau of Plant Industry; Agricultural Eco-
nomics Literature, 1929 to 1940; Agricultural Index,
1928 to Feb. 1941; and Experiment Station Record,-v. 6C,
1929 to v. 82, June 1940.

. J


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Dec. 4, 1937. 6 P112

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1938. 6 C12

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1939. Jan. 1940. 23 N472

Burtis, Edgar L. Nuts twenty million dollar industry. U.S. Dept.
Agr. Bur. Econ. Agr. Situation 22(11):19-20. Nov. 1938. 1 Ec7Ag
This short article on the nut situation includes statistics of
production and consumption of almonds and other nuts.

California. Dept. of agriculture. Division of markets. California al-
mond growers industry and marketing problems. Report of observa-
tions and recommendations. 39pp., processed. rn.p., 19333
280.2946 C12C
"Walter E. Packard, consulting economist, prepared this report
for the Division of an interpretation of the grower
attitude study made by him for the Division of Markets, Materials
obtained by the Division of Cooperative Marketing of the Federal
Farm Board in its study of the California Almond Growers Exchange
were drawn upon as a portion of the factual background for this
Summarized by John E. Pickett in Pacific Rural Press, May 6,
1933, pp.334-335.

California. Dept. of agriculture. Division of markets. A study of the
attitude of the almond growers with respect to the California al-
mond growers exchange, by Division of markets, California State
department of agriculture, Walter E. Packard, Roy Minturn, W. R.-
Robbing, 0. L. King, January 23, 1933. 51pp., processed, cnepc3
1933. 280.2946 C12

California almond growers exchange. The case of the California almond.
industry in respect to reciprocal trade agreements (with special
reference to pending negotiations with Italy) For the information
and guidance of the Committee for reciprocity information, Washing-
ton, D.C. Prepared and submitted by the directors of California
almond growers exchange. 61pp., illus. San Francisco, Calif.,
1935. 285.3946 C12

California almond growers exchange. Managers report. San Francisco.
94.69 C122
Library of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has reports for 1916/17,
1922/23-1926/27, 1932/33-1936/37.


California almond growers exchange. The minute book, v.1, Apr. '1922-
v.3, no.2, Nov. 1931. Issued irregularly. CSan Francisco, 1922-
19313 94.69 C1221.I

California almond growers exchange. : Statement of 'board of directors...
with respect to necessity of an almond marketing agreement. 6pp.,
processed. ESan Calif.,- 1935? Pam. Coll.
"Adopted unanimously December 12, 1934."

Carrante, V. Bud mutation .n horticultural plants. L'Italia'Agricola
69(10):350-370. 1932. 16 Itl
"This is a general discussion of the subject, supported by illus-
trations and descriptions of fruit mutations in the orange and. lemon
and by references to other mutations in the almond, Walnut, grape,
and potato." Expt. Sta. Rec. 69:28. July-Dec. 1933.

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Almond, pp.865-869.
List of almond breeders, p.884.

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1930. 6 P112

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dell'Agricoltura 19(l):91-124. Mar. 31, 1939. (Issued by Italy.
Ministerio dell Agricoltura e delle Foreste. Published by the
Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, P6.ome, Italy) 16 Y92
This is a rep-ort on the extension and production of the almond
tree in the various communes of Ap-ulia, including its distribution
and density of culture; tlhe Ap-ulian varieties of almond tree; the
stages through which the, product goes after it leaves the hands of
the producer; and the commercial classification and export of al-
Fite, A. B. Almonds. N. 1.ex..Agr. Expt.'Sta, Bull.171,'7pp. State
College, 1929.
"Based on the results of a variety test started in the spring of
1915, information is given on the blooming habits, cultural require-
ments, time of blooming, and varietal characteristics. In six of
the seven years covered, practically all of the nuts were killed by
frosts which followed blossoming, leading to the observation that
the almond is useful only for ornamental or shade purposes in this
region." Expt. Sta. Rec. 61:141. July-Dec. 1929.

Fluharty, L. V., and ITilcox, F. R. Enterprise efficiency studies on
California farms. A progress report, Calif. Univ. Col. Agr.
Agt. Ext. Serv. Cir. 24, 79pp. Berkeley, 1929.
"The tables in tabular form the cost of pro-
duction and efficiency factors involved in the studies carried on
throughout the state."
Almond cost account data, Stanislaus 1928, p.51.


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Jour. 41:722-726. Mar. 1938. 23 So84

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monds. Indus. & Engin. Chem. 22:1128-1131. Oct. 1930. 381 J825

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6 012

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1931. 6 C12

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June 9, 1928. 6 P112

Klein, J. Vegetable milk in infant feeding. Archives of Pediatrics
50(3):205-210. 1933. 448.8 Ai-27
"The author reviews briefly the literature on the composition,
preparation, and value in infant feeding of coconut milk, almond
milk, and soybean milk, and presents two case reports showing rapid
improvement, with complete healing, of seborrheic eczema in infants
on substituting commercial soybean milk for cowls milk." Expt.
Sta. Rec. 70:130. Jan.-June 1934.

..La Notte, Francesco S. LWandamento climatico in rapporto alla produzione
delle mandorle. Annali di Tecnica Agraria,. anno 4, fasc. 5-6, Nov.
1931, pt. 1, pp.611-639. 16 An73
The effect of rainfall, humidity, temperature, light and wind on
almond production is studied.

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Almond growerst exchanges, Sacramento, Feb. 1, 1930. Amer. Bee
Jour. 70:121. Mar. 1930. 424.8 Am3

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Includes information on almonds.

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almond candies, Calif. Cult. 72:12. Jan. 5, 1929. 6 C12

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Pacific Rural Press 132:657. Dec. 12, 1936. 6 P112

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coo, 1931. 94.6 M83
Review by C. A. Reed in Jour. Heredity 24:356-358. Sept. 1933.
Includes a chapter on the'almond.

- 5-

Mortara, Giorgio. La produzione agraria e industrial in Italia nel 1937.
Giornale degli Economisti 53(l):33-39. Jan. 1938 -280.8G43
This article on the agricultural and industrial production in
Italy for 1937 is a discussion and analysis of two tables of data
1) on agricultural production, and 2) on industrial production. In
table I figures of quantities produced in 1929, 1935, 1936, and 1937
are given for wheat, almonds, and numerous other crops. Adapted
from Agr. Econ. Lit. 12(5):483. May 1938.

Pascual, A. Almond growing throughout the world. Inte6inatl. Inst. Agr.
Internatl. Rev. Agr. 31:133T-148T. Apr. 1940. 241 In82

Pease, V. A. Notes on the histology of the almond. U.S. Dept. Agr.
Jour. Agr. Res. 41(11):789-800. Dec. 1, 1930. 1 Ag84J
"A careful histological study, especially of the tissues surround-
ing the embryo, was made of the nuts of four domestic soft-shelled
and four imported hard-shelled varieties of almonds. The chief dif-
ference between the two types of nuts lies in the structure of the
cells of the outer epidermis 9of the testa, the modified epidermal
cells of the soft-shelled varieties being only slightly lignified as
compared with those of the hard-shelled varieties. These cells,
characterized as stone cells, were longer in the hard-shelled varie-
ties, the ratio of length to width being approximately 2 to 1 as com-
pared with 5 to 4 in the soft-shelled nuts.
"The author deemed it likely that a satisfactory method of distin-
guishing the different varieties in the shelled state may be devel-
oped on the basis of this work, thus preventing misrepresentation or
adulteration." Expt. Sta. Rec. 64:427. Jan.-June 1931.

Pickering, A. R. Problems of the California almond industry. In Ameri-
can institute of cooperation, 14th."American cooperation, 1938,
pp.621-624. Washington, D.C. r19383 280.29 Am3A 14th

Pickett, John E. Almond growers are cracking down. Pacific Rural Press
136(21):494. Nov, 19, 1938. 6 P112
A discussion of the almond situation and of the'highlights of the
convention of the California Almond Growers Exchange.

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Press 121:302. Mar. 14, 1931. 6 P112

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"Summarizes the results of tests carried on over a 10-yr. period
with peaches, prunes, pears, apricots, and-almonds." Expt. Sta.
SRec. 78:46. Jan.-June 1938.

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fertilizer with special reference to the almond. Amer. Soc. Hort.
Sci. Proc. (1935) 32:46-50. 1936.

- 6 -

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di Tecnica Agraria 5, no.2, I, pp.140-148. 1932. 16 An73
"Of 10 varieties tested at the agricultural. institute at
Portici, the Tricala with semi-thick shells and the Nocellara with
thick shells are deemed the most valuable because of their resist-
ance to frost and their consistent fruitfulness." Expt. Sta. Rec.
67:397. July-Dec. 1932.

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SWales 42:153-154. Feb. 1931. 23 N1472

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SIAlta, -1934. 94.61 R44

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6 C12

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cots, peaches, and almonds, trans. titles Gartenbauwissenschaft
9(6):500-508. 1935. 80 G195
"Chiefly in tabular form, there are presented the results of
self- and cross-pollination experiments with varieties of apricots,
peaches, and almo-,'s, supplemented with information on the germina-
tion of the pollen with and without the presence of pistil tissue.
Of 31 apricots, 46 peaches, and 4 almonds, 19, 33, and 0, respec-
tively, proved adequately self-fertile. The remaining peaches and
apricots are said to be under further study to determine their
definite status." Expt. Sta. Rec. 75:49-50. July-Dec. 1936.

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1938. 80 G1623

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er 23:214. April 1936. 80 M72

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Review by C. H. Chapman in Home Acres 16:171. Apr. 1929.
For information on almonds consult the index under the subject,

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San Francisco, March 24, 1932. Pacific Rural Press 123:310.
Apr. 2, 1932. 6 P112

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change3, San Francisco, April 8, 1932. Pacific Rural Press 123:358.
Apr. 16, 1932. 6 P112

-7 -

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dale, Jan., 1929.. Pacific Rural Press 117:138.- Feb. 2, 1929.
6 P112

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3, 4. Dec. 1, 1934. 80 C12
Gives a history of the cultivation of the almond. .

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Almonds. Selected references on the culture of almonds and the
economics of the industry. 5pp., typewritten. [Washington, D.C.]
June 11, 1929.

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quality, and size requirements of United States and state standards
for fresh fruits and vegetables and legal standards for dairy pro-
ducts. 19pp. Washington, D.C., U.S. Govt. print, off., 1937.
158.241 Ani
"Prepared under the direction of S. P. Kaidanovsky...J. C. Jack-
son, H. A. Mereness, Ellen D. Riley, and T. E. Wilson."
Information on almonds is given in Chart S.

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tion of foods...volume I, Cereals, starch, oil seeds, nuts, oils,
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Almond, pp.476-485.

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Varieties, pp.20-28; Crop harvesting and handling, pp,79-96.
"In 1918, the California Agricultural Experiment Station pub-
lished Bulletin 297, The Almond in California, by R. H. Taylor.
This bulletin was revised in 1925 by G. L. Philip and published as
Circular 284, under the same title. The present circular retains
such information from these two publications as is now considered
useful and adds much new material to bring the subject up to date."

Wood, Milo N., and Tufts, W. P. Two new almond varieties are released.
Pacific Rural Press 136:234. July 9, 1938. 6 P112

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Harpareil. U.S. Dept. Agr. Cir. 542, 13pp. Washington, D.C.,


Zagami, V. The antineuritic vitamin (B1) content of some seed oils
ctrans. title Quaderni della Nutrizione l(4):284-294. 1934.
389.8 Q2
"Following the technic proposed by G. Amantea of determining
the tberiberi quotient QbI in pigeons, and considering the anti-
neuritic. value of corn oil as 1, the following vitamin & values
were obtained: Almond 0, walnut 1.12, pippin 1.56, peanut 2.75,
pistachio 4.06, sesame 4.06, pine 9.25, and stnflower seed oil
26." Expt. Sta. Rec. 77:135. July-Dec. 1937.


Canonaco, A. The drying up of the young branches of almonds in rela-
tion to some fungi Etrans. title Rivista di Patologia Vegetale
26(5-6):145-164. 1936. 464.8 R52
"The author reports his study of an almond tree blight shown due to Phomo-psis amygdalina n. s-p." Expt. Sta. Rec. 76:817,
Jan.-June 1937. -

Dippenaar, B. J. Anthracnose disease of almonds. Farming in So. Africa
6:133-134, illus. July 1931. 24 So842

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num Brizi. So. African Jour. Sci. 28:267-273. Nov. 1931.
515 WoS4
References, p.273.

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Agricole du Midi. Bulletin Trimestriel 31:122-128. July 1929.
14 F849

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almonds. Farming in So. Africa 8(89):296. 1933. 24 So842

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the anthracnose disease of almonds. So. Africa. Dept. Agr. Bul.
116, 12pp. 1932. 24 So84P no.116
Bibliographical footnotes.

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amygdalus). Indian Jour. Agr. Sci. 10:96-97. Feb. .1940. 22 Ag83I

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mond trees in Victoria. Proc. Roy. Soc. Victoria (n.s.) 46:214-219.
.May 7, 1934. 514 M482 n.s., v.46
References, p.219.
Bacterium tumefaciens.

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76:176. Feb. 14, 1931. 6 C12

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"AedQphronus echinatus, feeding on the young shoots of newly
planted almond trees in the Transvaal; Mimaulus sulcatifrons,
feeding on tobacco leaves and destroying the seedlings in the
Transvaal; Lalagetes leuro-ps, the adults of which were found feed-
ing on grapevines in the Cape of Good Hope; Diaphna nociva, seri-
ously injuring pine trees by boring under the bark and partly into
the wood in the Cape of Good Hope; and' Catoptes instabilis and
C. fraudator on turnips in New Zealand, are described as new." -
Expt. Sta. Rec. 66:558. Jan.-June 1932.

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Phytopathology 20:265. Mar. 1930. 464.8 P56
Sclerotinia fructicola.

La moniliose du pecher et de lamnandier Sclerotinia cinerea (Bon.)
Schr'ter. Morocco. Direction Generale de lAiriculture, du Comn-
merce et de la Colonisation. Service de la Defense des Vegetaux.
Memento 22, 7pp. Sept. 1934. 24 M82M no.22

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464.9 At4

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410 P83

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fruit tree seedlings. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. Proc. 31, Sup.,
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"A record is presented of the results of .tests of a large num-
ber of peach, nectarine, apricot, plum, cherry, pear, quince,
apple, walnut, and almond seedlings of known ovule parentage on
a soil at Delhi, Calif., presumably heavy and uniformly infested
with a nematode (Heterodera marioni)." Expt. Sta. Rec. 73:318.
July-Dec. 1935.

Wilson, Edward Elmer. A case of almond blossom infection by Coryneum
beijerinckii furnishing inoculation the following year. Phyto-
pathology 24:11.43-1144. Oct. 1934. 464.8 P56


Abstract of paper read before the eighteenth annual meeting of
Pacific Division of American Phytopathological Society at Berkeley,
June 18-19, 1934.

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fection by Sclerotinia laxa. Phytopathology 30:27. Jan. 1940.
464.8 P56
Abstract of paper presented at 31st Annual Meeting, American
Phytopathological Society, Dec. 27-30, 1939.
In apricot and almond trees.

Wilson, Edward Elmer, and Serr, E. F. Preliminary tests to determine
effect of arsenite sprays on sporodochia of sclerotinia laxa and
on control of brown rot in blossoms of almond and apricot. Phyto-
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Bibliography, pp.39-40.

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Diseases, pp. "L-87.


Bercawi, Louise 0., comp. California. An index to the state sources of
agricultural statistics. Pt.1. Fruits, vegetables and nuts; an
index to the official sources. U.S. Dept. Agr. Bur. Agr. Econ.
Agr. Econ. Bibliog. 31, pt.1, sections 1 and 23 724pp., processed.
Washington, D.C., Jan. 1930.
Almonds, pp.479-498.

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and nut crops as of 1939. 29vp. Sacramento, California Cooperative
crop reporting service, 1940. 252.09 C125
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in cooperation with California Dept.
of Agriculture.
Also published in Calif. Dept. Agr. Bul. 29(2):49-77. Apr.-
June 1940.
Acreage in almonds is given for counties and the state on p.20.
Acreage for the state by varieties is given for the years 1914-1939
on p.22.
Blair, R. E., Schreiber, W. R., and Guellow, C. NIT. California fruit and
nut acreage survey 1936. U.S. Dept. Agr. -Agr. Adjustment Admini
Statis. Pub. no.l, 176pp. Washington, D.C., Jan. 1938.
1.4 Ad47St no.l

- 11 -

Issued with the cooperation of the Bureau of Agricultural Eco-
nomics, the Works Progress Administration and the California Depart-
ment of Agriculture.
Acreages of almonds by crop-reporting districts and counties as
of 1936 (by years of plantings and bearings and non-bearing acreage
as of 1936) and by varieties, are given in tables 117-126, pp.124-

California Fruit News, v.102, no.2715, pp.1-12. July 20, 1940. 80 C12
This is annual statistical number. Among the statistics given
are production of California almonds, annually 1910-1939, U.S. im-
ports of almonds, annually 1929/30-1938/39.

Colvin, Esther M. List of periodicals containing prices and other
statistical and economic information on fruits, vegetables and
nuts. U.S. Dfpt. Agr. Bur. Agr. Econ. Agr. Econ. 3ibliog. 55,
238pp., processed. Washington, D.C., 1935.
A part of C.W.A. Project F-1.
References to almonds may be found through consulting the index
under the subject Almonds.

Elsworth, R. H. Statistics of farmers cooperative business organiza-
tions 1920-1935. U.S. Farm Credit Admin. Coop. Div. Bul. 6, 129pp.
Washington, D.C., 1936. 166.2 387 no.6
Table 33, p.73 gives statistics of quantity of almonds, pecans,
and walnuts handled by cooperative associations, as percentages of
production, and the number of associations reporting, annually,
1920/21-1934/35. A chart on p.74 shows quantity of almonds sold
or for sale and quantity marketed cooperatively, 1920-1934.

Gries, Caroline G. Foreign trade of the United States, annual, 1790-
1929. Nuts, domestic exports, imports, reexports, and niet balance,
quantity and value. U.S. Dept. Agr. Bur. Agr. Econ. Div. Statis,
and Hist. Res. Rpt. F.S. 51, 35pp., processed. Washington, D.C.,
July 1930. 1.9 Ec752
Almonds, pp.6-13.

Nemir, Albert S. 1937 review of United States foreign trade in edible
nuts. 16pp., processed. cWashington, D.C.? U.S. Dept. of com-
merce, Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce, Foodstuffs divi-
sion, 1938. 157.55 R3223
Includes statistics of almond production and imports.

Newman, Paul. Trends in nut acreage and nut consumption. Oreg. State
Hort. Soc. Rpt. (1937) 29:147-152. 81 0r32
Includes almonds.

-12 -

Poole, James. Some economic aspects of the filbert industry, with par-
ticular reference to trends in the supply of filberts and. of other
tree nuts. 20pp., processed. Washington, D.C., U6S. Dept. of
agriculture, Agricultural adjustment administration, General crops
section, June 9, 1937, 1.94 Sp3Sef
Almonds, p.10. Figures for almonds are given in tables on ppl17-'a
20 which give annual supply of principal tree fruits in shelled
equivalent, orchard-run production of tree nuts, and imports of
shelled and unshelled tree nuts into the United States, annually

Stover, H. J. Statistics pertaining to the almond industry (Data com-
piled by H. J. Stover, Giannini foundation of agricultural econom-
ics,*.,for use at an almond hearing of the Agricultural adjustment
administration at Berkeley...January 7, 1935) 2c193pp., processed.
Berkeley, California, Agricultural experiment station, 1935.
281.3946 C12
Sources of data at foot of tables.

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Agricultural statistics 1940. 737pp.
Washington, D.C., 1940. 1 Ag84Yas 1940
Contains the following on almonds:
Table 223, p,3.75, gives production, season average price per ton
received by farr ers, and farm value, California, annually 1919-1939,
and United States imports, annually 1919-1938.
Included in Table 658, p.497, are statistics of imports of al-
monds, annually 1913-1938.
Imports of shelled almonds into the United States, by country of
origin, annually 1931/32-1938/39, are given in Table 660, p.524.

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. cFinal crop report of the year.j U.S. Dept.
Agr. Crops and Markets 17(12):257-294. Dec. 1940. 1 Ag84Wcm
Production of almonds in California, 1939 and 1940, average
1929-38, is given on p.284. Production of almonds, annually 1919-
1940, is given on p.285.

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Agricultural marketing service. Farm produc-
tion, farm disposition, and value of certain fruit and nut crops
1937-1939. Peaches pears grapes cherries plums prunes -
pecans cranberries and miscellaneous fruits and nuts, by states.
20pp., processed. Washington, D.C., May 1940. 1.942 F22F22
"The estimates of production for the crops shown herein are
those which have been previously published by the Crop Reporting
Board (except cranberries, for which see table on page 18). The
latest 1939 production estimates for peaches in the 10 early South-
ern States, and cherries in California, were released in May 1940.
All other 1939 production estimates (except cranberries) were pub-
lished in the December 1939 General Crop Report."
Almond statistics are given on pp.18-20.

- 13-

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of agricultural economics. Agricul-4
tural outlook charts 1940. Fruits and nuts. 62pp., processed.
Washington, D.C., Oct. 1939. 1.9 Ec7O0fr 1940
A table on p.55 gives per capital United States production and
imports for consumption of almonds and other nuts, annually 1922/23-
A table on p.56 gives estimated consumption of specified nuts,
including almonds as a percentage of estimated consumption of all
tree nuts, United States, annually, 1922/23.-1938/39, year beginning
A chart and a table on p.59 show California almond production
and farm price and United States imports for consumption, annually
1919/20-1939/40, year beginning August 1.

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of agricultural economics. Revised
production estimates of fruit and nut crops, revisions established
in 1937 for specified years. 40pp., processed. Washington, D.C.,
Mar. 1938. 1.9 Ec7lRpe
Statistics of production of almonds in California, annually, 1919-
1936, are given on p.30.

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of agricultural economics. Revised
production of almonds, filberts, pecans and walnuts (English) 1919-
1936. 5pp., processed. Washington, D.C., July 20, 1937.
1.9 EcT7lRpr

U.S. Dept. of commerce. Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce. Edible
nut trade news, v.1, no.l-ll; 17ov. 2, 1932-June 9, 1933. Processed,
EWashington, D.C., 1932-333 157.54 Ed4
Ceased publication with v.1, no.11, June 9, 1933.
Contains "cabled" information on prices quoted at Yew York, pro-
duction, exports, etc., of.almonds and other nuts.

U.S. Dept. of commerce. Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce. Food-
stuffs division. General information on almonds. 9pp., processed.
Washington, D.C., 1930. 157.55 G28
Sources of information on almonds, p. 9.

U.S. Dept. of commerce. Bureau of foreign aniid domestic commerce. Food.
stuffs division. United States imports of edible nuts Cmonthly3)
1933-date, Processed. Washington, D.C., 1933-date. 157.54 CIm3
"Statement No.3054...Preliminary statistics."
Information is given'by countries and for different kinds of
nuts including almonds,


No. 1. State trade barriers; selected references. March 1939; Revised
June 1940.

No. 2. The frozen food industry; selected references, January 1937 to
March 1939. April 1939.

No. 3. High drafting in cotton spinning; selected references. April

No. 4. Egg auctions; selected references. July 1939.

No. 5. Acts administered by Agricultural Marketing Service. October

No. 6. Periodicals relating to shipping. October 1939.

No. 7. Electrical properties of cotton; some references to the litera-
ture, 1931-date. November 1939.

No. 8. Sea island cotton; selected references. November 1939.

No. 9. Cotton picking machinery; a short list of references. March 1940:

No. 10. The tomato industry in Puerto Rico and Cuba; a short list of ref-
erences. June 1940.

No. 11. The dairy industry in the United States; selected references on
the economic aspects of the industry. July 1940.

No. 12. Planning for the farmer; a short reading list of free and inex-
pensive material, July 1940.
No. 13. Indirect flood damages; a list of references. August 1940.

No. 14. Relocation of farm families; selected references on settler re-
location. September 1940.

No. 15. Homestead tax exemption in the United States; a selected list of
references. October 1940.

No. 16. Mate; a list of references. October 1940.

No. 17. Exhibits; a selected list of references. November 1940.

No. 18. Food and cotton stamp plans; a selected list of references. Nov-:
ember 1940.

No. 19. The banana industry in tropical America with special reference
to the Caribbean area, 1930-1940; a selected list of refer-
ences. January 1941.

No. 20. The sunflower, its cultivation and uses; a selected list of
references. April 1941.

No. 21. Delta county, Colorado; a selected list of references. April

No. 22. Relation of environmental factors to cotton fiber length;
selected references in English, 1915-1939. April 1941.

No. 23. Almonds; selected references on the industry, 1929 to 1940.
May 1941.

l l .....::".. **'::


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