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Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Economic Library List Tfo. 16 Washington, D. C., OctobEr 1940

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A List of References I
Compiled by Annie I.. Hannay
*Library, Bureau of Agricultural Economics U DEPOSITORY

These references, many of which have not been examined,
were compiled'from Agricultural Economics Literature, v. 1,
1927 to v. 14, no. 8, Oct. 1940 and from the card catalogues
of the libraries of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and
the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Call numbers follow-
ing the citation arc those of the U. S. Department of Agri-
culture'Library, unless otherwise noted. "Libr. Cong." pie-
ceding a call number indicates that the publication is in
the Library of Congress.

cAlbes, Edward;j Yerba mate. the tea of'South Anericr; 13pp., illus.
Washington, D. C., Govt. print, off., 1)16. Libr. Gong. SB279. ACA6
At head of title: The Pan Anerican Union.
Reprinted from the T'ay, 1916 issue of the Bulletin of the Pan
American Union. 150.9 :176

Argentina's industries. National statistical department's survey of
yerba mate milling activities. Rev. River Plate 89(2536): 22-24.
July 19, 1940. 286.8 R32
A recent industrial statistical survey shows that in 1938 52.3
percent of the mate milled in Argentina was imported. Statistics
are given showing the activities of the Argentine mills in 19535
1937 and 1938 and'the production, consumption and import of mate
from 1935 to 1939. Production control has been instituted by
government decree. This is said to be made necessary by economic

Astarita, i. Ii mate, Bollettino della Associazione Italiana pro
Piante lIedicinali, Aromatiche ed Altre Utili 8(9-10): 162-164,
179-182. Sept.-Oct. 1925; 9(1): 8-9. Jan. 1926. 71.8 As7

pfparr a,/6

-2 -

Bordenave, Enrique. Yerba mate in the United States. Pan Amer. Union
Bul. 68(12): 845-853. Dec. 1934. 150.9 M76
The author urges increased consumption of yerba mate in th6
United States because of its beneficial effects on the health, and
because of the economic advantages of its export to the three pro-
ducing countries of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

Brazil. Laws, statutes, etc. R6solugao n. 4 do Institute national do
mate que resolve que os pregos mininos para os tipos de mate
padronizados destinados acs mercados de cons'uzo dos Estados do Rio
Grande do Sul e 1iato Grosso sao fixados de acordo con a proposta do
"Centro dos exportador6s brasileiros de erva'mate." Brazil.
Ilinisteri6 do'Trabalho, Industria e Comrrcio. Boletim 5(56): 64.
Apr. 1939. 9.2 Ag83
Published in the DiELrio Oficial, ';ar. 30, 1939.
Text of Resolution No. 4 of the National Hate Institute, resolving
that minimum prices for mate destined for the consuming markets of the
States of Rio Grande do Sul and "Iato Grosso be fixed in accordance
with'the proposal of the "Centro dos Exportadores Brasileiros de Erva
HMate, Ltda."

Brazil. Ministcrio da agriculture, industrial e cornmercio. Servigo de
inspecga'o e fomento 6.gricolas. *A explorag'o do mate. (Monographia
elaborada pelo Servico'de inspecgao efonmento agri6olas). ll6pp.,
illus. Rio de'Janeiro, Typ. do Servigo de informagoes do liinisterio
da agriculture, 1929. 77 B734E
From'"tinisterio da A;ricultura, Iidustria e Comnercio. Boletin,
anno 18, v. 1, nos. 4-5, pp. 439-495, 603-664. Apr.-D.'ay 1929
9.2 Ag83
Species and varieties of Ilex wiith Brazilian vernacular names,
pp. 6-25 (from Arruda Canara, Antonio de. !-Taienclatur. vulgar da
herva mate e affiness" 1928)

Brinkmann, Th. Der yerba mate Bau in argentir-ischen nationall Terri-
torium !iisiones als grundla-e bauerlicher siedlun. [Germany]
Reichsministeriin fur Ernahrung u. Landwiitschaft. Berichte iiber
Landavirtschaft (.7.)l1(3): 403-442. 1930. 18 G31
This is a discussion of the cultural and economic conditions of
production of yorba mate in the territory, of iTisiones in the extreme
northeast of Argentina. It'is peopled bt settlers of whom aany are
German or of German descent, and who are, for the most part, owners
of small or medium-sized forms. An unbiased account is given of the
difficulties to be overcome and the results to be hoped for in the
cultivation for commercial purposes of a product the use of which is
limited to a few countries of South America.

Brovmwn, Nicholas Edward. Parauay tea (Ilex paraguarieusis, St. Hil.)
Kewr. Roy. Bot. Gard. Bul. Misc. Inform. nos. 65-66, pp. 132-137,
142-143. 1892. 451 K51B
See alsb notes on Paraguay tea in no, 84, p. 367, Dec. 1893 and
in no. 138, pp. 142-143, June 1898.


Bullock, Dillm6mn Sanuel. Sarme notes on the yerba mate industry of
Argentina. Report no. 59. 5 typefiritten sheets. Buenos'Aires,
July 25, 19C2. Pam. Coil. Bullock.
Copy in library of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Butler, '.V7 illiam 1ill. 'Yerba nate tea: the history of its early dis-
covery in Paraguay, its preparation in that'country,'and in'lrazil,
and its introduction into the United'States. 32pp., illus.
Philadelphia, The Yerba mate tea co., 1900. Libr. Cong. SB279.X4B9

Byasson, 2. Note on mate or Paraguar tea (Ilex paraguayensis). Pharmnn.
Jour. and Trans. (s.3)8: S605-606. 1877-78. 6. P49
Also in" Reertoire de Pharr.macie et Journal de Chimie I.,dicale

Carrizosa, Eduardo. "La yerba mate." Sociedad de Agricultores'de
Colcm1bia. Revista Nacional de Agricultura 34(421): 497-501. July
1939. 9.4 P.72 1
Gives a brief history'of nat,, its geographical location, char-
acteristics, consumption, nutritive value and chemical composition
and possibilities of extracting caffein from it.

Chodat, Robert, and Sen-let, Alice. Sur le sapecage du mate et la
Presence de ferments dans l'Ilex Trsr.ra r-iensis. Societe de Physique
et d'1istoiro 1!aturelle de Geneve. Compte Rendu des, Seances
45(1): 55-58. Jan.-Mjar. 1928. 508 G29C

Clos, Enrique C., and Bellati, Jorge I. Biologfa floral de la yerba
mate (Illx paraxuariensis Seint-I-iIaire). Revista Argontina de
Agronor.a 4(4): 273-277, illus.' Dec. 1937. 9 R327
Bibliografla consultada, p. 277., Alberto J. Contribicion al 4studio'de la yerba mate. Trabajo
presentado al 4. Conrcso cientifico (1. Pal, american6) en Santiago
de Chile. Ed. 2, cor., 56pp. 1Du&nos Aires, J. Pcuser, 1915.
(Trabajos del Instituto de EotLanisa yT Farr.ncologIa. ._F6Lcultad de
Ciencias ?Tedicas'de Buenos Aircs. no. 20) 516 B363 no. 20
Bibliografia, pp. 55-5G.

Corr*a, V. A'sonbra dos hervaes -attogrossenses. 105pp. S. Paulo,
Edit6ra ltda., 1925. (C 2onograplias cuiabanas. Vol. TV) Libr.
Cong. SB279.1;4C6

Courtet, H. La culture du the du Paraguay (Yerba mate) dans la Iepub-
lique Argentine. Societe 1lationalc d'Acclimatation do France.
Bulletin 53: 11-14. 1906. 410.9 P21


Couty, Louis. Le mate et les conserves de viande. Rapport a son ex-
cellence monsieur le ministry de agriculture et du commerce...
Sur sa mission d-ens les provinces du Parana, Rio Grande et'les
etats du Sud. 242p'. Rio de Janeiro, Typographia-Nacional, 1880.
Libr. Conr. SB279.!'4C8

Demersayv, Alfred.' tude economique sur le mate ou the dr Paraguay.
45pp. Paris, Pouchard-'uzard, 1867. 63.4 D39

Fiebrig, Carlos. Las variedades de yerba. Asuncion. Jardin Botanico-
y Liuseo de ifistoria natural del Paraguay. Revista 3: 96-104. 1933.
451 As9

Fiebrig-Gertz, C. Trato L Paraguay Tee. '40pp., illus. Hamburg, Tropen-
verlag Fr. "!. Thadcen, [n.d.3 (iTeuos Handbuch der Tropischen
Agrikultur, Bd. 2, Liefermig 10) 38 1739

Furnus, Adolfo C. Cartilla del cultivo de la yerba -ate. Ar;entina.
1linisterio 'de Agricultura. Seccion Propaganda e Informes. Cir. no.
573, 31pp., illus. (Buenos Aires, Feb. 1926) 9 Ag87 no. 573

Geare, Randolph Illtyd. Yerba mate. Iferck'Es pt. 24(10): 242-243.
Oct. 1915. 396.8 T53T!

Gelodi, Alfredo. "'isiones; sus cultivos de yerba mate y tabaco.
Sociedad Cientifica Argentina. Anales 101(1-6): 155-215. Apr.-June
1926. 516 Sol

Girola, 'Carlos D. El cultivo d6 la yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis St.
Hlil.) La Plat?, Tall. "Sese,"!Arrendatarios Olivieri y Dominguez
ietc.] 1G14-1923. Cap. 1-20, illus. 77 G442C
:IT bering is confused. Some nurbcrs appear in various publica-
For list of "Publicaciones sobre yerba mate," see no. 8, pt. 2.

Girola, Carlos D. S6fisticaciones adulteraciones falsificaciones
de la yerla race. Sociedad Rural Argentina. Anales 52(1-2): 29-53;
102-110, illus. Jan.-Fcb. 1913. 9 Sol

Gurgel, Luiz. PriLmcira contribugto para o estudo do mate. Tistologia
e anat6mia dc a! mLnas veriedades de Ilex paraguariensis, St. i"ii.
Brazil. iiniste'io da AMricultura. ITstit--uto do QutLiea. Lemoria.
Io. 5, 91Ip., ilus. Tio de Janeiro, Pap. Americana, 1931.
385 P73 no. 3

Hauschild, WValter. Vber di6 bestandteile des mate. 31pp., illus.
Borna-Leipzig, R. IToske, 1935. 387.1 H293
Pro7otionsarbeit Eidg. tech. Hochschule, Z-Urich.


Herrero Ducloux, Enrique, and Herrero Ducloux, Leopoldo. Dat6s
analiticos de la yerba mate y sus falsificaciones, 163pp.
Buenos Aires, Inpr. de Coni hermanos, 1915. Libr. Cong. SB279.T 14H3
At head of title: Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
"De la Revista del Iluseo de La Plata, tomo XXIII (Segunda series,
tomo X)"
Bibliografia quimica sobre yerba mate y sus falsificaciones, pp.
Chicken, Cristobal Ii. lromenclati.ira botanica. Ilex pareIuayensis o
paraguariensis? Sociedad Cientifica Argentina. Anales 73(6):360-
362. June 1912. 516 Sol

Joyce, T. A. Use and ori-in of yerba mate. Nature 134(3393-3394): 722-
724, 760-7G2. ITov. 10-.nov. 17, 1934. 472 121
"Presidential address to Section I! (Anthropolony) of the British
Association, delivered at Aberdeen on September.10."

Joyce, T. A. Yerba mate. The tea of'South /hnerica. Pan-Amer. '.ag.
33(5-C): SO.-32S. ITov.-Dec. 1921. 110 P19
Bibliography, pop. -27-328.

Jurgens, Carlos. Uber kultur und gewinnung des mate. Berlin.
Botanischer Garten und !use;un. Notizblatt 2(11): 1-9. Dec. 29,
1897. 451 345N

Leguizanon, Honorio. La yerba-nate; question economico-social.
Sociedad Cientffica Argentina. Anales 76(5): 311-336, illus. Nov.
1913. 510 Sol

Lend-ner, Aifred. Contribuci6n al studio de las falsificaciones de la
yerba mate. 54pp. Buenos Aires, J. Peuser, 1917. (Trabajos del
Institute de Botani6a y Farmaoolocia.,.Facultad de Ciencias 1edicas
de Buenos Aires, no. 35) 516 B863 no. 35
"La traduccidn Castellana.,..fuei efectuada
Ildefonso C. Vattuonc."

Leroy, Arnould. Le mate, the du Paraguay. So6iete rationale d'Acclimata-
tion de France. Bulletin 37: 63-73. 1890. 410.9 P21

Loesener, Theodor. Beitrage zur kenntnis der matepflinzen. Deutsche
Pharnaceutische Gosellschaft. Berichte 6: 203-236. 1896. 396.9 D48

SLoesener, Theodor. Ueber Ilex paraguayensis St. Hil. uAd cinige andere
matepflanzen. Berlin. Botanischer Garten und 'Tuseum. Iotizblatt
1(10): 314-319. Sopt. 15, 1897. 451 B425
I.achtrage in 2(11): 12. Dec. 29, 1897.

Loesener, Theodor. Ucbcr mate oder Pararuay-th6e. Brandenburg.
Botanischer Verein. Verhp-ndlungen 35: 62-68. 1897. 451 B73V

-6 -

Macedo Soares, Antonio Joaquim de. 0 mate do Parana. Le mrnte du
Parana. The mate of Paran.a. Der mate von Parana. 19pp. Rio de
Janeiro, Imperial institute artistic, 1875. Libr. Cong.
SB279.I'4,H 14; .
Portuguese, French, English, German.

0 matte brasileiro. 0 Observador Economico e Financeiro 4(45): 41-54.
Oct. 1939. 280.8 Ob72
Follovring an account of the early and more recent history of
mate in Brazil the writer makes a thorough analysis of the work
of the 'Uacional institute d ::atte and its results. This Instituite
was created in 1933 and established fixed prices for the product,
which the writer finds wore unsuccessful.

riendive, Jorg- Ip. Aislianic-nto do alnhv-sanirina y do acido.urs6olico de
yverba nmatC. Kevista Ar,:_ntina Cde Agronomia 7(1): 55-56. Mar. 1940.
9 R327
3ibIliogra ia, 1. 5C,

Meoli, Gabriel. Las cenizas de la -'crba mate (Ilex'parayuavycnsis St.
Hil.) Estudio do su composition quimnica. 49pp. Buenos Aires,
-Est. Grc'ffi o Cazos, 1912. ('rabajos del Institute de Firamacologfa
de la Pacultad du Ciencias !icdicns de Buenos Aires. No..28)
51C P.83
Bibliografla, p. at end.

ilonteagudo, 7io I. E1 problema dlea yorba !mai,. Revista do Economfa
Argentina 22(261) 94-97. liar. 1940. 230.8 R325
A discussion of the yorbar. mate problem, bringing out production
-in Argentina and consumption in th-; counmtrios using the product.
The rritcr feels triat since ATgrentina does not restrict imports of
mato from Brazil and Paragu.ay, i- should adopt means for finding
now markets and carry on intensive prop-arnda for it. Tables and
noIa--r, on inP'i c x 7 -, .
graphs sho'.,. world consLumpntion and production of.mate.
lMoreau de'Tours, A. Le lat,"; Stude hi-oriq6, chimique et physiologique.
78pp., illus. -aris, r. Steirheil, 1904. Army '!ed. Libr.
Biblio7raphie, pp. 77-73.

,Uutinelli, Prturo. ILa yerba mate Argentina, su connosicion quimica y
caracteristicz: ;enerales. Argentina. I'linisterto de Agricultura.
Boletfn ZG(2): 137-171. Apr.-June'1934. 9 S633
Eiblio"rafia consultada, p. 171.

fleger,- F. r., auid Vsnino, L. Der. Paraguay-tee (Yerba mate), sein
vorkornLen, seine gewinnrunr, seine elgenschaift.-.n und seine bedexltung
als tenusunittel trnd handelsartikcl. 56pp., illus. Stutbgar,, F.
Grub, 1 J03. 77 :.I-
Litcrutur'.bersicht, pp. 51-56.


Nicastro, Carlo. II mate o te del Paraguay (Ilex paraguariensis St.
Hil.) Agricoltura Coloniale 22(11-12): 403-417, 465-469, INov.-
Dec. 1928; 23(1-2; 5-8): 19-29, 67-74, 221-230, 277-281, 324-334,
369-381, illus. Jan.-Feb., liay-Aug. 1929. 26 Ag82
Bibliozrafla consultada, pp. 380-361.
Pan American union. Brazilian mate institute. Pan Amer. Union. Bul.
72(7): 430. July 1938. 150.9 ?76
"By a decree-lawv of April 13, 1938, the 7Iational 'Pate Institute
of Brazil was created as an independent or-anization, to coordinate
;nd surer-7is the production, sale, and advertising of mate.."

Peckolt, Gustavo. 'erva matte. Alrna eak Aorfcola Brazilciro 10: 31-66,
51 bis-57 bis., illus. 1921. 9.2 A16

Perroncito, Edoardo. "La yerba-nate" 6 le sue propriety curative.
Torino. R. Accadcmia d'Agricoltura. Annali 0: 51-53. 1926.
16 T63

Pigeaux. Ilotc sur Ic rnate. Sociote national d'Acclimatation do France.
Bulletin 11: 344-345. 1864. 410.9 P21

La producci'n argentina de v'erba mate. "Revista de Econoama Argentina
35(222): 243-245. Dez. 1936. 280.8 R325
A table gives production, import, and consumption of yerba
mate annually from 1910 to 1935.

Reid, hl'Yilliam Alfred. In yerba mate forests of South America. Pan
Amner. Union. Commodities of Cnmerce Ser. no. 4, 23pp., illus.
i'ashington, D. C., 1926. 150.9 C732

Romero, Genaro. El porvenir de la yerba.-mate. 28pp. Asuncion. La
Tundial, Lontevideo y Estrella, 1915. Libr. Cong. SB279.L4R6

Scala, Augusto C. Contribucion al conocimiento histologico de la
yerba-mate y sus falsificacionos. La Plata. MIuseo. Revista 26:
69-165, illus. 1922. 516 L31R
Bibliografia, ps. 130-135.
"Catalogo de nombres vulrares," pp. 107-122.

Senglet, Alice. Le melanogenese chez quelques planes d'un interest
pharmaceutique. Societe Botanique de Geneve. Bulletin (2.ser.)
20(2): 385-457, illus. Tov.-Dec. 192,. 451 G233B
Bibliographie, pp. 453-4'j7.
Also issued as a publication of the University of Geneva.
Institute de Bota-ique no. 849, 77pp., illus. 1929. 451 G282

Sparn, Enrique. Bibliografia de la yerba mate (Ilex pairaii.ayensis
St: Hil.) Argentina. Academia Wacional de Ciencias. iscelanea
no. 22, 20pp. Cordoba, 1937. 516 C811!

-8 -

U. S. Dept. of coomnerce and labor.' Yerba mat. U. S. Dept. Co"nand
Labor. Daily Consular Rpts. no. 2247, 19pp. 7,ashington, D. C.,
May 2, 1905. 157.7 C7OD no. 2247

l7eevers, Theodorus. Di.e function des koffeins Lm stoffwechsel von
Ilex paragu&riensis St. Hil. Amster.dam. ?1oninklijke Alcademie
van Wetnschanpen. Proc. 52(3): 281-287. 1929. 503 Am8P

Yerba mate. A problem of over-production. Rev. River Plate 88(2509):
18-19. Jan. 12, 1940. 236.3 R32
The vrritcr points out that the yerba mnate problem in Argentina
is one "of cver-production, aggravated by continued importation"
and that Argentina, rrazil and Paraguay are'reducing their output
of the '.roduct. "The problem as a wholc, i.e. as affecting all
three producing countries, is one which seems to call for the
greatest ossiblo mneras'.rc of cooperation among those countries,
aiinc Drimnari i at finding new; markets, and at the more inten-
sified and assiduous 'cultivationT of the.marhets at present
being catered for."



1To. 1. State trade barriers; selected references. r[arch 1939; Revised
June 1940.

No. 2. The frozen food industry; selected references, January 1937 to
Tlarch 1939. April 1939.

]Yo. 3. High drafting in cotton spinning; selected references. April lC39.

No. 4. Egg auctions; selected references. July 1939.

'o. 5. Acts administered by Agriculturvl Harketing Service. Octob-r 1939.

No. 6. Periodicals r:latin- to shipping. October 1939.

Do. 7. Electrical properties of cotton; some references to the literature,
15l31-d-.te, ?bovrember 1939.

TVo. 8. Sea island cotton; selected references. iTovembcr 1939.

No. 9. Cotton picking machinery; a short list of references. March 1940.

No. 10. The tomato industry in Puerto Rico and Cuba; a short list of ref-
erences. June 1940.

7'o. 11. The dairy indus.-ry in the- United States; selected references on
the economic aspects of the industry. July 1940.

TPo. 12. Planning for the farmer; a short reading list of free and in-
exponsivc material. July 1940.

No. 13. Indirect flood damages; a list of references. August 1940.

No. 14. Relocation of farm fe-milics; selected references on settler relo-
cation. Scotumbor 1940.

INo. 15. ]oncstced tax exemption in tie United States; a selected list of
references. October 1940.

No. 16. Iate; a list of references. October 1940.

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