Planning for the farmer


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Planning for the farmer
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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics ( Washington, D.C )
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SBureau of Agricultural Economics

Economic Library List No. 12 Washington, D.C., July 1940

A Short Reading List of Free and Inexpensive Material

Compiled in the Library,
Bureau of Agricultural Economics


SCunningham, J.B., Johnston, P.E., and Mosher, M.L. Planning the farm
business. Examples, blank forms, and basic data on which to formu-
Slate the plan. 28pp. Urbana, University of Illinois, Agricultural
experiment station and Extension service in agriculture and home
economics, Oct. 1939. Free

heed, 2.H, Economic and social consideration in farm planning. Soil
Conservation 5(12): 285-287, 300. June 1940. (Published by Soil
Conscrvaticn Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.,
10i a copy)


Clark, Frederick P. Your home town; a community development handbook.
62pp. Concord, Now Hampshire State planning and development com-
mission, 1939. 25$

Colcord, Joanna Carver. Your community; its provision for health, edu-
cation, safety. and welfare. 249pp. New York, Russell Sage founda-
tion, 1939. 85$

Nason, Wayne C. Rural planning, the village. U.S. Dept. Agr. Farmers'
ul. 1441, 41pp. W.shington, D.C., 1925, slightly revised, 1935.
In addition to this bulletin, the Department of Agriculture has
for free distribution Farmers' Bulletin 1847, Rural Library Service
issued in 1940; Farers' Bulletin 1792, Hospitals for Rural Communi-
ties, issued in 1937; and Farmers' Bulletin 1804, Community Buildings


for Farm Families, issued in 1938.
Farmers' Bulletins 1325, Rural Planning: the Social Aspects, issued
in 1923; 1388, Rural Planning; the Social Aspects of Recreation
Places, issued in 1924; and 1667, Rural Community Fire Departments,
issued in 1931 are not available for free distribution, but ma be
purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C., for
5 cents each.


Allin, Bushrod W. The county planning project-- a cooperative approach to
agricultural planning. 19pp., processed. Washington, D. C., U. S. Dept.
of agriculture, Bureau of agricultural economics, 1939. Free
Address, annual meeting, American Farm Economic Association, Phila-
delphia, Dec. 28, 1939.

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of agricultural economics. County plan-
ning series rleaflets]i. Washington, D. C., 1940. Free
Prepared in cooperation with other agencies of the Department.
Seven of the leaflets planned for this series have been issued and are
available: Noil. County land use planning; No. 2. Membership of land. use
planning committees; No. 3. The land use planning organization; No. 4.
The scope of land use planning; No. 5. Pooling ideas in land use planning;
No. 6. Communities and neighborhoods in land use planning; No. 7. Rural
zoning and land use planning.

Young, Gladwin E. What is county planning? (As seen by the United States
Department of agriculture and its action agencies). 18pp., processed.
Washington, D. C., U. S. Dept. of agriculture, Bureau of agricultural
economics, 1940. Free
Address, Mid-West Sociological Society, Des Moines, Ia., Apr. 19,


Hynning, Clifford J. Sta-te conservation of resources. ll6pp. Washington,
D. C., U. S. National resources committee, 1939. Free

U. S, National resources committee. The future of state planning. 117pp.
Wshington, D. C., 1938. 25t from Superintendent of Documents, Washing-
ton, D. C.

U. S. National resources committee. Progress report, 1939. Statement of
the Advisory committee. 173pp. Washington, D. C., 1939. Free
Pages 24-122 report on State and regional planning agencies.



Allin, Bushrod W. Agricultural planning. 15pp., processed. Washington,
D.C., U.S. Dept. of agriculture, Bureau of agricultural economics,
1940. Free
Address, Texas Agricultural Workers' Association, Dallas, Texas,
Jan. 12, 1940.

Batman, J.W. Balanced agriculture in a democracy. U.S. Dept. Agr. Ext.
Serv. Cir. 320, 9pp., processed. Washington, D.C., 1940. Free
Presented at the Forty-first convention of the Association of
Southern Agricultural Workers, Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 1940.

Black, A.G. Toward farm security. U.S. Dept. Agr. Misc. Pub. 308, 2Zpp.
Washington, D.C., 1938. Freeoo

Branch, Melville C., Jr. Federal relations to local planning. U.S.
National Resources Planning Bd. Cir. XIV, 364pp., processed.
Washington, D.C., Dec. 15, 1939. Limited free supply.

Hill, Grover B. TWhat arc the anticipated goals of the new agricultural
conservation :rogram? U.S. Dept. Agr. Ext. Scrv. Cir. 327, 6pp.,
processed. %,ashingtcn, D.C., 1940. Free
Speech before the Southeastern States Intrarcgional Extension
Confor.2nce, Roanoke, Va., Feb. 19, 1940.

Hornme, Romon L. The farm business. Ed. 3, 55pp. Chicago, Ill., The
University of Chicvgo press c19383 25

Hubbard, Ursuila- P., cd. Handbook for discussion leaders. Americi's
problems as affected by international relations. ll2pp. Now York,
Division of intercourse and education, Carnegie endowvment for inter-
national peace, April 1940. 10$
In nine sections: 1. This shrinking world: what does it mcan. to
America? by Eugene Stalcy; 2. Towards an underst.manding of foreign
trade, by Oscar B. Jesncss; 3. The farmer's stlke in a new world
order, by Donald C. Blaisdell; 4. Our nation's health: an inter-
national problem, by Frank G. Boudreau; 5. Social nmi economic jus-
tice (Part I. Within the United States, by Smith Simpson; port II.
The International Labor Organization, by John G. Winant; part III.
The cooperative novoment, by Anders Hedberg); 6. Tio world Anerican
youth face, jy Dadloy Leo Harley; 7. The organization of peace, by
Jones T. Shotwoll and others; 8. Problems of the westcrn norld, by
Frederic 1. Ganzcrt. 9. Can wd the people solve our problems, by
Drumond Jones.
Reprint of sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 may be obtained at 10 cents

Lord, Russell. To hold this soil. U.S. Dept. Agr. Misc. Pub. 321, 122pp.,
Washirigton, D.C., 1938. Rostrictod free distribution; 45y r".
Superintendent of Documents, '1ashington, D.C.

Platt, Ferry L. Uncle Sam and the farmer. Social Action, v.4, no.4,
Mar. 15, 1938, 31pp. New York, Council for social action of the
Congregational and Christian churches, 1938. 10l

Public affairs comnnittc-. Farm policies under the Now Deal. Pub. Affairs
Pan, no. 16, 30pp. New York, 193P. 10$

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Planning for a permanent agriculture; including
a summary of the programs administered by the Department of agriculture
that influence the use of the land. U.S. Dept. Agr, Misc. *Pub% 351w
71pp. Washington, D.C., 1939. Free

U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of agricultural economics. The farm
outlook forl940. U.S. Dept. Agr. Misc. Pub. 379, 46pp. Washington,
D.C., 1939. Free

U.S. National resources committee. National resources planning facts.
llpp. Washin-ton, D.C., 1939. Free

U.S. National resources committee. Plannin- our resources. 35pp. Washing-
ton, D.C., 1938. .10 from Superintendent of Documents, Washington,

r- --






No. 1. State trade barriers; selected references. March 1939; Revised
June 1940.

No. 2. The frozen food industry; selected references, January 1937 to
Unrch 1939. April 1939.

No, 3. High drafting in cotton spinning; selected references. April 1939.

No. 4. Egg auctions; selected references. July 1939.

N.&. 5. ..Acts administered by Agricultural Marketing Service. October 1939.

No. 6. Periodicals relating to shipping. October 1939.

No. 7. Electrical properties of cotton; some references to the literature,
1931-date. November 1939.

No. 8. Sea island cotton; selected references. November 1939.

No. 9. Cotton picking machinery; a short list of references. March 1940.

No.10. The tomato industry in Puerto Rico and Cuta; a short list of refer-
ences. June 1940.

No.11. Tho dairy industry in the United States; selected references on the
economic a-speots of the industry. July 1940.

No.12. Plarning for the farmer; a short reading list of free and inexpen-
sive material. July 1940.


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