Collapsing Serial Hierarchy


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Collapsing Serial Hierarchy
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Taylor, Laurie N.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Curator tools
Data migration
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Project Management
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At UF, each digital / data collection is affiliated with one or more Curators or Program Directors, with collaborative support from the UF Curator for Digital Collections and/or the Digital Scholarship Librarian and/or Digital Development & Web Services.
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This is a draft document. This draft document, if/when approved, will complement the procedures for moving or removal-to-dark and updating metadata for moved items. This is a procedure for supporting an instance where an item that cannot be online is placed online and must be fully removed/deleted.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Collapsing Serial Hierarchy SobekCM provides robust support for ha ndling sets of materials that are hierarchically organized, with this support most often used for serial hierarchy. Support for serial hierarchy is explained in the SobekCM for Curators and Collection Managers Trainings ( ) and in the documentation on adding new serial items ( AA00011590/ ) In some cases, a set of materials or serial may be accidentally loaded as separate items when it should be loaded as a serial. In most cases, the items need to be collapsed into a single serial item. Doing so ensures that users can find the full serial set, and ensures ease when adding new items to the existing serial item set. P lease note: not all serial items should be automatically collapsed ( e.g., a serial that is part of an archival collection ) so any work of this sort requires consultation with the Curator. Collapsing items into a single serial is often done by the Digital Production Services group as part of the digital curation processing. This is because collapsing is only done if there was an error or confusion in the processing, a nd so collapsing is an uncommon workflow and one best done by a centralized support provider Further, access to the online server files makes this process much easier and faster, and so DPS has the best access for this work. To coll apse items into a serial record : Find the best it em for use as the primary item. This is where the other serial items will be collapsed int o. This is often the oldest item, or it may be that there is an item with some of the serial items attached, whereas the others are single free floating items Identify all o f the existing items that need to be collapsed into the primary item Change the status to private for all of the items to be c ollapsed (not the primary item) Update the records for all of the items to be collaps ed to state:1 o Item loaded on DATE and made DARK on DATE after this single item was collapsed into the serialset record here: PERMANENT LINK TO TOP LEVEL OF PRIMARY SERIAL ITEM Add the exi sting it em information to create VIDs o n the primary item (documentation on adding new volumes : AA00011590/ ) Copy the files for all of the existing items from the online server files into a processing folder on the SAN o Rename the folders to the new BIBID_VID o Load the new files to the primary item Verify the loaded files online in the serial set with the collapsed hierarchy Verify that the new/ renamed BIBID_VIDs are archived under the new BIBID_VID For the existing items that have now been collapsed, return to those items and change the status from private to DARK 1 See examples in: l/AA00017119/00007