Rights and Permissions Statements in SobekCM at UF


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Rights and Permissions Statements in SobekCM at UF
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Taylor, Laurie N.
Yellapantula, Suchitra
Dinsmore, Chelsea
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Curator tools
Data migration
Data ingest
Project Management
Collaborative Teams


At UF, each digital / data collection is affiliated with one or more Curators or Program Directors, with collaborative support from the UF Curator for Digital Collections and/or the Digital Scholarship Librarian and/or Digital Development & Web Services.
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Information on the Rights and Permissions statements including the per item assignment of rights with the drop-downs for UF specific rights and Creative Commons in addition to options with the default metadata sets and user defined rights.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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The author dedicated the work to the Commons by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the work, to the extent allowable by law.
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Rights and Permissions Statements in SobekCM at UF Overview When creating a new item in the UF hosted instance of SobekCM, a standard rights statement is applied from the default metadata or default rights selected for a users account. Users automatically have the default metadata added, and users must choose to go into the system to change the default rights for their own accounts. In addition to system level settings for rights applied at the user level and with the different templates for default metadata for all items in that grouping by many users, users can also select rights at the item level which override the other settings. These options for applying rights support optimal production needs at UF and for partners, alongside ease for granularly assigning rights on a peritem basis.


Drop downs for User Selected Rights for Items Drop downs are in now in place for users to select rights on an item by item basis. The new rights statements for UF are selectable alongside the existing selectable Creative Commons rights. The newly added rights statements are thus within the same, familiar interface for users. Selecting one of the rights statements automatically places the statement into the text box for use as is or any minor editing, if applicable. The rights statements are selected under Edit Metadata and then Record Information. Screenshot after clicking UF Rights Statement tab, showing selectable options in the text listing below. Screenshot after clicking the Creative Commons tab, showing selectable options below.


Template and Default Metadata Default metadata sets can be created for any project, aggregation, and other needs. Most of the UF users use the IR@UF default metadata. The IR@UF default metadata can be changed by any of the SobekCM system administrators. The current IR@UF metadata is: Copyright Creator/Rights holder. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder. User Defined Default Rights for all User Items Users may select a default set of rights for all items submitted by the user. When users are logged in, they c an access their own default rights as well as the default rights for projects/aggregations under My Account. Collection or Aggregation Level Rights In addition to the default rights sets and user defined rights for all user items or on a peritem basis, ongoing work for updating existing collections, aggregations, and sets of materials is underway. The work required for these updates includes confirmation and liaising with each of the appropriate curators to inform them on the rights statements and liaise for any bulk or group application of statements to their materials that can be applied at a system level. Then, the Curator of the UF Digital Collections will liaise on next steps for the work to manually process other items in a systematic fashion for ev entual correction of all rights statements. Chelsea Dinsmore and Laurie Taylor have developed a first pass list of all 816 current aggregations and curators, for confirmation with curators for planning next steps. The first meeting has been requested with Special & Area Studies Collections with their curators for a group meeting to move the process on.