Digital Collection Management: Moving or Removing Items or Collections


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Digital Collection Management: Moving or Removing Items or Collections
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Taylor, Laurie N.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Curator tools
Metadata updates


At UF, each digital collection is under the purview of one or more Curators or Program Directors, with collaborative support from the Head of Digital Development & Web Services and/or Digital Humanities Librarian. For scholarly digital projects and archives, teaching faculty partner and collaborate with Curators/Program Directors following the processes for their collections. This documentation provides an overview on digital collection management in terms of process notes for moving or removing items or collections.

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Other than temporarily removing an error item for a short period for correction and reloading, items and collections are rarely moved or removed. Rather infrequently, but more so that removals, items that a re online may need to be updated mad e dark which means making the item publicly inaccessible and dark archive only or otherwise updated in a way that changes the object online Items If an item that i s online needs to be changed, the item metadata mus t be updated to reflect the change to users who may have the permanent link and to ensure support for reproducible research processes in the event that the item has been cited. For example, if an item that is online needs to be changed to be made dark the process for this includes updating the metadata to state what th e change was (m ade dark and publicly inaccessible ), why ( to th e greatest extent possible), and the date of the change as well as to add notes on any other relevant information to public and internal note fields The metadata updates are necessary for operating a trusted repository system with active users, supporting research and citation trails, and general user and internal communicati on support Collections Collections sometimes move as a result of their growth and development ( e.g., to split into multiple collections ; better align physical and digital collections for curatorial management support; etc. ). When needed, any o changes are handled by carefully updating and remapping any existing codes, links, and records to ensure that there are n o errors or confusion for users, with great care taken to ensure full support for permanent links and general user ease concerns Prior Documentation P rior version last update d 24 July 2010 :