Digital Collection Development & Management: Born-Digital Harvesting & Ingest


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Digital Collection Development & Management: Born-Digital Harvesting & Ingest
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Taylor, Laurie N.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Curator tools


At UF, each digital collection is under the purview of one or more Curators or Program Directors, with collaborative support from the Head of Digital Development & Web Services and/or Digital Humanities Librarian. For scholarly digital projects and archives, teaching faculty partner and collaborate with Curators/Program Directors following the processes for their collections. This documentation provides an overview of born digital harvesting and ingest processes, which are for ongoing publications and are parallel to the main digital curation work, in relation to digital collection development and management.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 2 Overview I n conducting digital curation already digital materials (both born and re born digita l) a re processed and curated into the digital collections. A t UF, much of th e digital curation work for partner and vende d materials is done by the Digital Development & Web Services team A ddition ally production staff harvest and ingest ongoing publications as occurs whe n publications s hift to born digital and workflows shift accordingly from digitization of print to harvest and ingest of digital materials This is the case with born digital newspaper files fr om publishers and s elected journals as well as with UF publications harvested into the IR@UF. I n consistent practice with other operations, Curators select materials for inclusion for born digital harvest and ingest. Curators review selected ma t e rials as needed when publications cease and alter Curators serve as key contacts for the publications when questions arise and the Head of Digital Development & Web Services and Digital Humanities Librarian serve as technical liaisons and provide support for Curators Born Digital Harvesting and Ingest Items, Lists, Queues The produ ction group supports many items harvested as born digital publications on an ongoing basis. The newspaper projects are l arge harvest queues : Florida Digital Newspaper Library, Curators Jim Cusick and Patrick Reakes Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library, Curator Program Director Brooke Wooldridge Other born digital items may be handled in different w ays S elect examples include: S cholarly journal s : J ournal of Undergraduate Research MaComere U F Publications : 2009 list : Many represented on the serials by college page in the IR@UF: ufirg/serials In addition to selecting and providing oversight for the harvest queues, Curators sometimes perform harvest and ingest for their collections for special projects Curators also sometimes perform ingest


Page 2 of 2 work for special titles and items where those are regularl y sent to the Curators directly by their contacts, when this ensure s easy, consistent and contin u ous commun i c a t ion and support.