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VOL. 2/ISSUE 44 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 04, 201435 cents Kerry Pepple doesnt know the mans name, where he came from, what his religious or political beliefs were. What Pepple remembers is his face as the man died in his arms. Pepple cant remember the exact day. Its shroudbers is a platoon being separated from others when But something about his aura sounds unmistakable shrieks of pain underneath all that seeming stillness. When we found them, they were all dead, except for one man, Pepple said. It was a terrible nists) took their clothes, their weapons. There was Pepple, a squad leader, took it upon himself to help the wounded man. I stayed with that man. I held him in my arms, he said. I watched him pass away. but something in him died, too. Before getting drafted in the late s, Pepple, now 66, married the girl he was dating in high school. She watched her young husband head to war. Pepple said what she greeted home wasnt him. When I got home, I was a different person, he said. I dont know if I realized that I was a different person. tiousness. She tolerated his emotional withdrawal at home. She tolerated them from when he got back in 1969 until 1991. She tolerated them from a man who wouldnt talk people in his life keeping him from falling through social cracks. Because of that, he for 15 years, and another at Jeep for 25. Id get drunk, Id go home and set my alarm clock, Pepple said. My shift started at 6 (a.m.). Id get a call at 8 (a.m.) asking if I was coming in. work was one place he found some relief from mental wounds that werent healing. Pepple had a short marriage in the mids. It lasted eight months. Then he marperiencing the health problems that come screening for post-traumatic stress disorNo, Pepple said. My wife was sitting next to me shaking her head. to my attention. That started balls rolling that found Pepapy to face the life-controlling pain head on. therapy with Jack Gamble, clinical coordinator. He said, Were not here to make you forget (traumas), Pepple said. Were here to bring out certain things and help you look at it and cope with it in a different way. Gamble said that the pair used cognitherapy is going to stuck points, those painful moments that a person is trying to to understand and challenge beliefs that emerged from them. medical knowledge for the fellow infantrymans death. Gamble had Pepple face the did, it became apparent that the soldier had suffered an irreparable deathblow beman. Thats exactly what he did, and he Veteran goes to war with PTSD Patrick McCallisterFOR VETERAN See PTSD page 2


2 SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE now takes some comfort from that realization. hard thing to do, Pepple said. Its hard to think about. It brings out your beliefs. Its hard to talk about. Institute of Mental Health, people are wired to detect and respond tially, is when a person remains in the alert state long after danger has passed to the point that its ly life. The institute reports that counselors, including himself, and two psychiatrists who prescribe and monitor medications when theyre needed. The center is in the process of hiring two more Some seeking counseling prefer same-gender therapists. He said about 65 percent of the patients are younger; they mosthandful of World War II and Koreseeking help for symptoms that go tient program. Gamble said admission into the program starts with doctors checking for medical conditions with symptoms similar injury. professional. Those experiencing acute symptoms, such as sudden relentless nightmares, should eiFriends and family members can call the Veterans Crisis Line if theyre concerned about a veteran. If there seems to be immediate danger, call 911. PTSD from page 1 stand maintained at the annual in Melbourne. It turned into hundreds, if not from home. assemble and ship the packages at the post in Jensen Beach on a regular basis, containing such needed items as personal hygiene products, but also specialized ones, depending on a particular units needs, according to post commander Bruce Hudson, a MaWar. with each box, he said. Bunker, which was to become the source of funding for the package project. The annual reunion in Melple to come and get their shots of booze, that is. Take a look at this, Hud son said, grinning, and turning around. On the back of his shirt is a list of actual injections, along with a place to tick them off as they are administered. You make a donation, drink your poison, and check off the list. When its full, you get anoth cate. The reunions are quite an occaker, Hudson said. Theres Taking care of the troops AMVETS post ships packagesHonestly, Id think it (would) be an honor to meet you gen tlemen and hear the stories of real heroes. From a letter to AMVETS Post 92, Jensen Beach, written by Marine Lance Cpl. Silva, a re cipient of one of the posts care packages STAFF See PACKAGES page 4


VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 3 Its hard to imagine a sharper contrast. Medals awarded to honor courage and duty found in the possession of common criminals. Sheriff William Snyder said 7. He spotted and stopped a rentlooking for in connection with recent pillowcase burglaries. The arrests of Marcus Strong, Gary ed a crime spree that extended all along the Treasure and Space coasts. warrant to look through the car, it found all the usual stuff medals. Basically, what our research medals from World War I that had been awarded to someone in three of the medals. down through a family, the lection-wise. That points more (to the conclusion that) theyre a familys heirlooms. The term pillowcase burglar is ation. These burglars, who seem in small teams. They typically do their illicit work in the midto late-morning hours when people are at work. One will knock on doors and signal others to where there are no answers. Team members will break into the backs of those houses, grab pillowcases and quickly stuff them with small items, such as jewelry, cash and nicely into their target areas upscale neighborhoods that arent gated. The professional burglars decorate the rented cars with temporary tinting and Martin Sheriff seeks war medals owner Patrick McCallisterFOR VETERAN apparently a team of heirlooms See MEDALS page 7 13282


4 SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE Publisher Partner Managing Editor Patrick McCallister Graphic Designer 407-286-0807 (please note county in the subject line) (772) 204-2409 e Voice of Experience always a crockpot going lots of food. leading to our best year we took in $10,160, said Richard the Korean War. One hundred percent of that goes to the packages, or to resupply the Bunker, Hudson said. It bill was astronomical, he said. package, including shipping. Theyre all longtime friends, he said. I beg em for money, and make the packages as personal as possible. If we know someone needs Heitmann said. We had (a unit) cook with, so we sent stuff they could cook. and ship fast, Hudson said. It only takes eight working days. Its phenomenal. letter tucked inside. back of their heads, Hudson know whats going on. come back. to thank you and the rest of the guys that helped put this care package together. inspired me to join. Now, (a) few years later, here I am in Hel PACKAGES from page 2 See PACKAGES page 7


VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 5 nationally. The unemployment eran peers nationally, according I think its a good (question), he said in a recent Veteran Voice question as well. Hart said that a new state pro gram could hold some answers ployment and Training Support, ganization earlier this year when omnibus bill did a number of things, but among them was cre and military community and to opment and implementation of a marketing campaign encouraging residence. trained for and transitioned into islature left how thats to be done Bottom line, businesses can get training, Sen. Garrett Richter, during discussion about the GI Bill. ment edged upward from 5.4 percent not seasonally adjusted in June to 6.0 percent in July. released its last jobs report before national unemployment rate increased from 6.1 percent seasonally adjusted to 6.2 percent during the same time. unemployment rate until the a group in the job market than in the job market; those 25 to about the same. Unemployment erans in the same age range, the rate is 12.7 percent. Hart said there could be a num ber of factors in play affecting I think that we do need to take a look at who they are and ask what do they require to assist them in their job search, he said. ing for work whats counted as unemployed the fourth-highest number in the nation. How states with more than a million ment rate was within national norms when looked at per capita. CareerSource head predicts VETS will help increase young veterans employment in Sunshine State Patrick McCallisterFOR VETERAN VOICEpatrick.mccallister@yahoo.comSee JOBS page 8 Indian River Colony Club Call:877-484-6178 The Place Patriots Call Home 55 + Active Retirement Community I n dian River Col ony C lub 1 936 Freedom D r ive Vi era (Mel b ourne), F L 3 2 940Ready to start the next adventure? So many choices, with the time to use them. Golf, tennis, dance, craft, ne dining and over 40 clubs & activities of all kinds! Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Single family homes on 453 lush acres in Viera. Initially home to Military Officers, IRCC now takes pride in accommodating all those who served, devoted to the traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces. 13270


6 SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE we are looking for you! president of the newly formed Beach. trade. group a kind of home base for ship along the way. We are not like other organiza tions, Klock said. We are going community, helping, i.e. Habitat (Were planning) bowling, soft ball tournaments and many more erans a chance to sit down and talk about our experiences, Klock said, as well as help getting through the bureaucratic maze of cial help. Im a people person, and I want to get the men and women out of their houses and do things in the community, he said. on its own, locally, right now, Klock said. But there is not another (organization) like this that I know of, so we (hope to) he said, they will stay closely and it is seeking companies to Klock said. We, the four board members, this for money, he said. We an ambitious project, upcomcamping trips, to help them cope with the transition from military us, Klock said. He said he and his group knows ing war about nothing, he said. But that is why the four of us are doing this. We are all from different ences, different stories to tell. on more than twice that number. Why does Klock and his cohorts want to make a group just for These men and women are coming home to nothing, and some do not know what is offered the four of us are doing this. We are all from different branches, ent stories to tell. tend to join existing organiza may not understand their unique For more information, contact Klock at douglasklock@bellsouth. netVictor Bravo wants vets from 1990 on to new group that includes you, OEF/OIF STAFF


VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 7 ure families in the windows. Sheriff William most pillowcase burglars any pause. being taken in a burglary. If a back door had been left unlocked and nothing displayed is said. from a number of places along the east coast the criminal cases against the three suspects are done. If they go unclaimed, a number of things could happen. Baldwin said the de partment could send the medals to an em to a military museum that will care for them properly. contacted by these organizations, particularly Baldwin said. the department identify the medals own er, call Baldwin at (772) 220-7060. Baldwin contact and help the department identify the medals. I just would really like to get them back to MEDALS from page 3 Honestly, Id think it (would) be an honor to meet you gentlemen and hear the stories of real heroes. Sending packages resulted in Hudwas a drone operator in an intelli gence unit. So grateful for their caring, Sex which she had mounted in a display thenticity, and a heart-felt note. the post and you guys do, Sexton wrote. The display occupies a pride of place at the post home. its from some of the troops to whom Scooter and Rust Bucket were two of these, Heitmann said. They belong to a motorcycle club, hence the handles. They just came right up to us at he said. But we really dont expect hours a day, and the next morning went right back out again. So I know what theyre going through. book but were always looking for more, Hudson said. We need addresses. With the reduction of forces ongo the need for packages from home might lessen, but wont disappear anytime soon. Well continue sending them as Hudson said, noting that the post just sent packages to Korea. The planning is, when the troop their bills, Heitmann said. more than 500 packages, and theyre not letting up. Anyone who knows of someone serving overseas who would appreciate a care package can visit facePost92 to leave an address.PACKAGES from page 4 with patient scheduling and accurred with the recommendamany cases, has already imple mented action plans and made the OIGs recommendations. We sincerely apologize to care in Phoenix and across the country, and we will work hard key action plans that expand for primary care, and accountability measures in response to In response to recommendations in the May 2014 OIG Interim Report, the following lists and into clinics. appointments nationwide were May 15 and June 15. Nearly 912,000 total refer on the electronic wait list 57 percent, and reduced the new enrollee appointment report in Phoenix to coordinate the acceleration of their care in lists or the facility electronic wait list. for appointments to community actions to address the issue of patient scheduling and access, working in close concert with said Interim Under Secretary of a more robust process for continuously measuring patient satisfaction at each site, and will expand our patient in the coming year, to capture through telephone, social media, and on-line means. Updating the antiquated appointment scheduling system beginning with near-term enhancements to the existing system and ending with the state-of-the-art, commercial off-the-shelf scheduling sys tem. clinics, to include interacting with scheduling staff to ensure all scheduling practices are ap conducted nationwide. employee performance plans to propriate scheduling practices amended. team to ensure leadership accountability for improprieties related to patient scheduling and access to care, whis tleblower retaliation, and relat ed matters that impact public ald announced in Phoenix that undergo an independent re practices beginning this fall by tions oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting the end of September to im nationwide.VA outlines actions to improve access to care, implement recommendations from IG


8 SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE HUD, VA and USICH announce 33 percent drop in veteran homelessness since 2010 Homelessness recently released an homelessness in the United States. ducted in January shows there This includes a nearly 40 percent sleeping on the street. denced-based practices like into stable housing as quickly as partment of Housing and Urban reducing homelessness among rating with our federal and local partners to ensure that all of the and an opportunity to succeed. partners should be proud of the homelessness, said Secretary of ald, but so long as there remains that homelessness is a problem across the country are meeting this costly tragedy with urgency safe and stable housing. To accelerate progress on meet spring 2014. So far, more than 210 mayors, county, and state oftheir communities. es to help communities pursue the goal of ending homelessness that target these resources stra homelessness in their communities in 2015. manent housing as quickly as possible, without unnecessary prerequisites; experiencing chronic homelesshousing opportunities, including eran experiencing homelessness and focus outreach efforts on Targeting rapid rehousing inshorter-term rental subsidies and ed back into our communities; into stable housing; Increasing early detection and housed; toward the goal, including the permanent housing outcomes; and Homelessness. nomic Opportunity reports that 766,000 of the states 1.6 million Hart said that one possible prob lem with unemployment among dont know about and/or use ex I still think theres a messaging gap, he said. Marketplace, a web-based em regional workforce boards. I think a lot of folks could still know its there, he said. JOBS from page 5


VETERAN VOICE THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 9 13236 SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!! Regular .................................... $18/yr ......... $12/yr PAYMENT OPTIONS Enclosed check payable to: VETERAN VOICE, LLC. #_____________________________________ SUBSCRIPTION/GIFT FORMMAIL SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT TO: ___________________________________________ _________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _________________________________________ ___________________________________________Veteran Voice is a weekly newspaper for veterans, active military, their families and their friends.e Voice of Experience County Veterans Service OfficersSt. Lucie County, Wayne Teegardin Phone: (772) 337-5670 Fax: (772) 337-5678 veterans@stlucieco.orgDorothy J. Conrad Building(formerly the Walton Road Annex Bldg.) 1664 S.E. 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The mission of Veteran Voice is to publish a weekly source of information that will provide, in one place, a listing of resources available to veterans, articles about changes in policies or organizations affecting veterans and events of interest to veterans as well as articles about veterans of interest to the general public. Veteran Voice LLC is organized as a partnership of experienced newspaper executives with an interest in veterans and in the communities of Florida veterans and friends. Veteran Voice is a start-up intended to ad dress a perceived lack of information readily available to veterans on programs and policies affecting them and objective reporting of veteran affairs to the public. To our knowledge, and based on comments from lead ers of local veterans organizations, there was no media or website currently meeting this need until the launch of Veteran Voice. We hope you agree, and will support this publica tion with your subscription. Without subscriptions there will be a limited number of people we can help, without which this mission will not be realized. As part of our commitment to supporting local veteran communities, readers and subscribers. Please let us know what you think by emailing or mailing your comments to us at 1919 S.W. South Macedo Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34984.OUR MISSION STATEMENTAND OUR OBJECTIVE13237






















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