Orange Fantasia: An Educational Game App for Music Lovers

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Orange Fantasia: An Educational Game App for Music Lovers
Li, Shuang
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Gainesville, Fla
College of Fine Arts; University of Florida
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Project in lieu of thesis


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Aural learning ( jstor )
Educational games ( jstor )
Internet ( jstor )
Learning ( jstor )
Music education ( jstor )
Music learning ( jstor )
Musical games ( jstor )
Musical instruments ( jstor )
Social interaction ( jstor )
Social media ( jstor )


By the development of internet and technology, people are able to interactive with each other more easily. As an important aspect of interactive behavior online, or social media, game has more significance to the society, seen a great tool of education and ideas implantations. And music, as an artistic form, enriches people's spiritual life. The way music influences the people changes greatly by the flourish of Internet. People want to know about music and learn to entertain their life by music. More and more parents send their children to tutors for learning music and instruments, which gradually becomes the mainstream trend in life. Under such context, this is a study regarding music educational game (digital-based). It intends to interpret how to integrate music education and games well, and how to design a game with the aim or purpose of providing better music-learning experience with a specific framework. As a project-based thesis, to better illustrate the ideas and whole procedures of building up such a game, it's mainly based on a game I created, called Orange Fantasia.
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Digital Arts and Sciences terminal project

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University of Florida
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