Florida Association of New York. 1822

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Florida Association of New York. 1822
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James David Glunt Papers (1797-1881)
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Territorial Florida, 1821-1845
Spanish Colony, 1784-1821 -- History -- Florida
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North America -- United States -- Florida

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At a meeting of the owners of lands in East /Fl/orida known
by the name of /Ala/chua tract, at Lewis' tavern /illeg./ New York
Novbr 4L 1822
Charles Graham Esq E. Huntington Robert /B/rown
M. E. Levy Thomas Gibbins Noah Al4wAis- L. -
Jos. F. White Mordicai Myers Garrit Sickels
Eliha Woodruff Jasper Ward Elias Haines
Gilbert Lewis Pr&ll /illeg./ Neh. Brush
Wm. Halsted Junr Thomas C. Doremus C. S. Halsted
Jos. Clark
Thomas G/iv/ens Esq was /line illeg./
/line illeg./
1. Resolved that Lot N? 28. 29. 36. & 37. being situated in the center
of the Alachua tract as p map made by M. Vignoles, the surveyor /,/
be reserved for the general benefit of all the owners in said tract.
2. Resolved that the residue of said tract be divided into twelve
equal parts subject to the approval of G. F. Arodondo & son
absent whereupon Jasper Ward & M. E. Levy were unanimously
appointed to make such divisions, Jasper Ward for himself &
those owning under him and M. E. Levy for himself Peter
Mitchel & G. F. Arodondo & son, and upon balloting for said
division J. Ward drew for himself and those owning under hi/m/
Six twelfths of said tract, which are letter A. & B. d/esi/gn/ated of/
a paper entitled/ the /illeg./tion of the Alachua Lots

Section Section Section Section
A. 1. 100..pr acre B. 3. 125. pr acre C. 4. 070 D. 7. 080
2. 125 10. 065 5. 095 9. 075
8. 070 15. 055 6. 080 12. 065
11. 065 23. 055 13. 055 20. 025
14. 050 29. 075 16. 055 26. 055
17. 075 31. 035 21. 045 30. 035
18. 025 33. 075 22. 055 32. 025
19. 045 38. 030 34. 080 37. 155
25. 045 39. 025 36. 125 41. 085
27. 105 42. 080 40. 43. 095
28. 105 45. 025 44. 5 49. 075
35. 110 53. 5 52. 110 54. 095
46. 075 59. 105 55. 085 56. 060
47. 010 60. 105 58. 085 57. 070
50. 080 63. 085 64. 020 61. 115
51. 10 48. 045 62. 100
11.75 11.75 11.75 11.75
average 731 Cents average 731 Gents average 731 Cents average 735 Cents
and said Levy drew for himself P. :Mitchel & Arodondo & Son letters C. & D.
being the remaining Six twelfths upon the same paper.









3. Resolved that a /tax/ of three /cents/ to /the/ acre in money be raised on
/illeg./ upon the tract with the exception of the four lots reserved and
/that/ the same be paid proportional by each individual owner
of /illeg./ tract and the same to be paid by three instalments the first to
r t
be paid on the 15. Novb. ins. the second on the 15. febry & May next
4. Resolved that a committee of three be appointed to receive the said
/illeg./ and that that committee consist of
Thomas Gibbins that they be styled the New York committee
Nehemia Brush & that Thomas Gibbins be appointed general
E. Huntington treasurer of said committee.
5. Resolved that every person holding lands in said tract has
appropriated /illeg./ acres upon /line illeg./ acres to be
appropriated /for/ /illeg./ benefit of said tract.
6. Resolved that a committee of three persons be appointed to
appropriate & distribute the Sunds already raised by tax in roads
& improvements &e, and that that committee do consist of
B. E. Levy that they be styled the Florida Commitee.
Peter Mitchel
Elias Haines
7. Resolved that the florida committee have power to engage
a Phisician & Clergyman to settle on the lands & there remain
for the space of three years & that they be engaged upon the
most advantageous terms that they cannot exceed tWo hundred
acres of lands out of lands already appropriated three town
Lots & /one hundred/ dollars in cash as /an/ inducement to each to
settle on the same.
8. Resolved that the New York committee be empowered to engage
ten families to settle on said lands the first years the said ten
families to be employed for the general benefit of the concern
and upon'their remaining on the settlement two years, on the
second year that they be entitled to receive rations from the
general concern /illeg,/ to fifty dollars each family as a
subsistence and that they cultivate lands for themselves
& upon their remaining in said settlement three years that
they be entitled to a deed of gift of one hundred acres of
land out of lands set apart for that & other purposes.
9. Resolved that any person.who will erect a saw-mill on the Alachua
tract & in the township of said tract shall be entitled to receive
gratuitous fifty acres of land adjoining the same taking the
mill-seat for the center of said fifty acres & he shall be obligated




(N.B. The top of the original is here badly deteriorated and only scattered
words are at all legible.)

to furnish /illeg. to almost end of line/ ten dollars p.-/illeg./
feet from the same /illeg./ five years from the time of taking possession of /illeg./
10. Resolved that it be recommended to all persons interested in /the/
Alachua Tract that if any misunderstanding /should arise/
between any of the associates that no litigation should /be/
entered into but that all di/ffeArences should be settled by arbit/ration/.

At a meeting of Proprie/tor/s of lands in the alachua tract
East Florida held at Lewis Tavern Bowry New York Novr 4t 1822
Present E. Huntington Gilbert Lewis Thomas Gibbin/s/
M. Myers Charles Graham Noah Jarvis
/Eli/ha /W/oodruff M. /Levy/ Garrit Si/ckles/
(next two lines are illegible)
Jasper Ward C. /S. Hals/ted Neh. Bru/sh/
Alexander /luir/
Shi/illeg./ Parker' wa called to the'.ochair.& A. M. Muir appointed Secret/ary/
The members of the meeting of the Iroprietors of the alachua tract
held on the evening of the fourth ins. was read &..dome alt/er/ations
made in the minutes approved.
On motion of M. Gibbins resolved that the 6th resolution
the minutes of the meeting of the 41b ins., be so amended so that
five persons compose the florida committee and that
M Eliha Woodruff &
Colo James J. Forbs be added to fill the vacancies /illeg./

(this line is completely illeg.)
& Gibbins, made a reportt which /illeg./ to alter the move /illeg./
division & which was laid beeee upon the table.
On motion Resolved that a corresponding committee of three persons/
be appointed to represent the New York interest in the Alachua tract
of land in East Florida and that
Colo Graham
Major Myers
Thomas Gibbins Esq. be that committee
On motion Resolved that the New York committee engage ten settlers
or families to settle without delay upon the alachua tract upon
such terms as the said committee may deem expedient
On motion Resolved that the New York committee apply to F. M. Arodondo
& Son for the assent to the division of the Alachua tract as made at
the meeting held on the 4 day of ovbr ins that upon obtaining
the meeting held on the 4L! day of Novb. ins. & that upon obtaining

-i f-i r

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such assent they rejectt the /several words illeg./ deeds to /illeg./ drawn
/illeg./ or their assent otherwise made obligatory upon them.
On motion Resolved that the said Committee have power-& they
are hereby authorized to advertise for families to settle upon the
Alachua tract & that they be authorized to contract for settlers
upon the said tract the settlement to be made immediately or at
a future day as the committee may deem expedient & upon such terms
as may appear to them most advantageous.
On motion Resolved that the corresponding committee be
authorized to inform Col. Forbes of his appointment.
On motion Re/solve/d that /illeg./ Rutan a Planter
/several words illeg./ acres /illeg./ /Ala/chua tract be /illeg./
/several words illeg./ present situationn that the said
se/tt/lement be cede/d/ /illeg./ upon receiving an equal number of
acres of as valuable land of the s/a/id Ala/chua/ tract from M. E. Levy.
On motion Resolved that at least a majority of the florida
Committee be necessary to draw a draft on the treasurer of the
These Resolutions being presented to M. F. M.
Arredondo Jun. as agent for F. M. Arredondo & Son
in S. Augustine E. Florida the 13 day of JanT 1823
for his acceptance & adoption as part
owners of the Alachua Tract he replied
before us the Subscribers that he in the name of the said
A/rredon/do & Son as their agent a/illeg. for several words/ ies to all
/entire part of line illeg./ exception
of his not paying any part of the /illeg./ or expenses
/illeg./, neither will he givee the deed in favour of Mr. Ward
for the said Thirty Thousand acres until he the said Ward
adjusts & pays his quota of the expenses made
from the time of the Tracts being taken possession of
to this day, and Pay also the balance due on the
Purchase Money, When he M. Arredondo Will Make
good his quota for the one eighth part of the ex-
pences & for which he Subscribe his name to bind
the parties Mutually M. Arredondo before fixing his
Signature he promises also that the Five Thousand
acres of Land to be given to M. Dexter & others for Services ren.

tl .





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should be deducted from the Whole map agreeable to the
different contracts

Fran. P. Sanches
Rn Dietz

F. M. Arredondo

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