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Palumbo, Luke ( donor )


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Order: Blattodea. Family: Blaberidae. Species: Blaberus giganteus. The Central American Giant Cockroach is one of the largest cockroaches in the world, with males reaching 7.5 cm and females 10 cm. Distribution: Endemic to Central America neotropics. The giant cockroach inhabits hollow trees, caves, and decomposing logs. The male cockroaches are extremely territorial and display strong social hierarchy. More dominant cockroaches will inhabit higher perches in the tree than less dominant cockroaches. Nocturnal. Diet: The giant cockroach is an scavenger and omnivore. Its diet consists of decaying fruits and plants, bat guano, seeds, dead insects, and other dead animals. In some parts of the world they are kept as pets. Encyclopedia of Life, ///

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