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CLASSIFIED: Comics 9-12 | Dear Abby 12 | TV Listings 13 THE SUN: Police Beat 3 | Obituaries 5-6 | Legals 8 | Crosswords 9 | Viewpoint 10 | Opinion 11 VOL. 123 NO. 64An Edition of the SunAMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILYTHURSDAY MARCH 5, $1.00 Some sun and fog.84 65 High Low Look inside for valuable couponsThis year’s savings to date ...S UN COUPON VALUE METER CHARLIE SAYS ...Car-pocalypse? It’s more like car-mageddon out there!INDEX | 705252000258 Daily Edition $1.00 $42,997 e$42,989 n$44,020 DEFENSE: ‘IT WAS HIM’ RAYS SPRING TRAINING INSIDE TODAY’S EDITION:The question is not whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took part in the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s whether he deserves to die for it.THE WIRE PAGE 1 SPORTS: Lotto 2 THE WIRE: Nation 2 | State 2 | World 5 | Business 6-7 | Weather 8 Ladies jacket, $8 In Today’s Classifieds! Charlotte SunAND WEEKLY HERALDCALL US AT 941-206-1000 A community paper is a unique forum to help foster local debate. Reader personalities are as varied as the color spectrum. We appreciate all of them, including the bright reds. One of the more vocal members of the Punta Gorda Tea Party likes to take us to task. Some of his thoughts are below. “It is a mystery to us so-called ‘right wingers’ (as the Sun portrays us), why so many so-called intelligent Americans, such as you, have totally bought into the tactics of radical religion of environmentalism/eco-fascism. It appears many of the editors at the Sun are true believers of such radicalism and its ‘cause,’ and hence you automatically ally yourself with Saul Alinksy (Rules for Radicals) via his doctrine to defeat capitalism. The phrase used by Alinsky to marshal his troops/you for that cause is ‘The ends justify the means.’ “The environmental movement, which your paper is so enamored with, has been designated the spearhead of Agenda 21 for it has been chosen by the global elites to instill the required fear into Americans via outright liesThe environmental movement’s primary objective is to desensitize Americans to the effects of dictatorship and, under nancial pressure forced on most Americans, gain their acquiescence of tyranny. “I contend private ownership of land and unfettered private property rights (reective of the natural law of the Creator and validated by the U.S. Constitution) sets the solid base for wealth creation in the nation and for the American people. “Based on the constant drumbeat at the Sun of conveying your support for larger government, larger bureaucracies, bigger socialistic based programs, and more and more government spending, it is easy to reach the conclusion the Sun , based on its unyielding Green mindset, is readily willing to have government positioned to readily diminish the constitutional rights of Americans (via an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality) to reach the lofty, Utopian goal of Saving the Environment/ Planet, which intelligent people know (including Einstein) cannot ever be attained.” The dialogue we engage in with all our different types of readers is refreshing and stimulating. This reader does have a point. Your community newspaper believes the primary selling points of Florida are low taxes, sunshine and a clean outdoor environment for people to use their low taxes and sunshine to enjoy. Your community newspaper believes appropriate stewardship of the environment is therefore in the best interest of business. We also think that preserving green space actually lowers taxes for Floridians over the long term. Most studies demonstrate clearly that farm, ranch and forestland generate signicantly more in revenue than they require in public ser vices. Residential development consumes signicantly more in government services than it contributes in tax revenue. We know from Florida’s history that completely unfettered private property rights have caused great harm. Charlotte Harbor used to be full of shellsh, even supporting a commercial shellsh industry. Our permanently damaged harbor ecosystem struggles to support shellsh now. There is a balance between private property rights, which are about individual ownership and the environment, which is owned by all of us. Striking the right balance is sometimes difcult. The right balance can be hard for an Agenda 21, Saul Alinsky-loving, socialist, environmentally fascist newspaper, but also for Godfearing, Constitution-loving, real American tea party members. All the colors of the spectrum combine to create light. Maybe the Creator had the right idea. David Dunn-Rankin is president and publisher of the Sun. Email him at religion CHARLOTTE COUNTY — Transit manager Rick Kolar was among those able to exhale Wednesday, after a nine-car fatal pileup on the interstate the day before virtually gridlocked trafc in the area for most of the afternoon. “It affected about 200 riders,” said Kolar, who oversees Charlotte County’s bus services. “The phones were ringing off the hook. But everyone remained calm once they realized we can only get around at the same pace as trafc ow.” There were 22 Dial-A-Ride and Sunshine Ride buses on the roads — taking people home from places like schools and doctors ofces, for example — when the massive wreck happened just before 1:30 p.m. on the I-75 bridge over the Peace River. The wreck closed all northbound lanes for more than ve hours. The 200 bus passengers represented just a fraction of residents whose routines were disrupted. “Diversion onto U.S. 41 (from Edgewater Drive) didn’t help,” Kolar said. “It was quite the calamity.”Sign of the car-pocalypse?By ADAM KREGERSTAFF WRITERSIGN | 7 A ‘Star-Spangled’ shantySARASOTA COUNTY — The ight instructor and student pilot who walked away from their singleengine plane after it crashed Tuesday afternoon on Thomas Ranch, off U.S. 41 in North Port, were trying to simulate the experience of the engine going out when, according to Arne Kauithof, owner of the Florida Flight Training Center, the engine actually did just that. Flight instructor Mark Mikarts, 48, of Venice, and his student Ayhan Yildirim, 22, originally from Germany, went down during training after the plane’s engine went out while Yildirim was completing ight hours in a Cessna 152 plane to get his private pilot’s license from the ight school, located at 160 Airport Ave. E, Venice, Kauithof said Wednesday. Kauithof said crashes like this happen all the time, and he thinks “the news is making it look more spectacular.” “Everybody makes it a big deal,” he said. “It happens. Flight school owner: Plane’s engine went outBy ALLISON SHIRKSTAFF WRITERFLIGHT | 7 PUNTA GORDA — A judge has decided a local murder case has not been hindered, despite allegations of governmental misconduct and denial of due process because jail staff sent a recording of a privileged conversation between the incarcerated defendant and his lawyer to prosecutors. Twentieth Judicial Circuit Assistant Public Defender Toby Oonk, the chief APD in Charlotte, led a motion asking the court to dismiss a seconddegree murder charge — and charges in two unrelated cases, including armed robbery — against his client Dwayne Johnson. Oonk also had asked the judge, at a minimum, to disqualify the 20th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Ofce from trying the cases. Johnson is accused in the fatal shooting of Kello Bonhomme in September. The requests came after Oonk learned a privileged conversation between him and Johnson — who is in Judge: Murder case not affected by recordingsBy ADAM KREGERSTAFF WRITERMURDER | 6 DavidDUNNRANKINPRESIDENT AND PUBLISHERPUBLISHER’S INBOX SUN PHOTO BY ADAM KREGERSections of Edgewater Drive in Port Charlotte are expected to be closed until 2017 due to a road-widening project. Motorists in the area are being directed to go around the construction via U.S. 41, causing some trac delays. SUN PHOTO BY BETSY WILLIAMSUnder the direction of Capt. Brian O. Walden, the U.S. Navy Band from Washington, D.C., along with the Sea Chanters, performed Tuesday evening at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda to a sold-out crowd. The concert was sponsored by the Charlotte Harbor Chapter of the Military Ocers Association of America. See more photos, page 12. f -rynlf}cx y,.. y.xGn _.EI F1 4`6 -ii IIII II 1111111


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Clinton Burton ............................941-681-3000 SUN NEWSPAPERSMember of the Audit Bureau of Circulation GOVERNMENT TODAYBeaches and Shores, 9a March 5, Advisory Committee Meeting Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Manasota Key, 9:30a March 5, St & Drainage MSTU Adv Comm Special Meeting Tringali Comm Center, 3460 N. Access Road, Unit #1, Englewood. Marine Adv. Comm, 9:30a March 5, Pre-Agenda Meeting Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Board Co Comm, 10:30a March 5, Pre-Agenda Meeting Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Construction Ind, 6p March 5, Licensing Board Meeting Murdock Administration Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. EVENTSDeep Creek Elks 2763, Lunch With Kathy, Initiation @ 7pm. Fashion and Lunch, 11-2, Fashion Show hand crafted items body. $25. PGICA, 2001 Shreve St, Open to the public; 637-1655; Punta Gorda Elks, 11am-2pm Lunch; 3pm Tiki open; 5-8pm Dinner; 6:30-8:30pm Bingo @25538 Shore PG 637-2606, members & guests. Punta Gorda Elkettes, Elkettes Thrift Shop Open to the Public from 11:30am to 2:30pm @ 25538 Shore Dr., PG, 637-2606, ext. 451. GOVERNMENT TODAYDRC meeting, 9am, Development Review Committee, Conference Room 2, 1001 Sarasota Center Blvd., Sarasota. 861-5000. Parks Advisory and Recreation Council meeting, 2:30pm, 3rd-floor Think Tank, County Admin Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota. 861-0990. City Commission recognition meeting, 4pm, North Port City Hall, 4970 City Hall Boulevard, off Sumter Blvd. 429-7000. Planning Commission meeting, 6:30pm, County Admin Center, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota. 861-5000. EVENTSFree Tax Help, 9am-1pm, every Thurs., AARP Tax-Aide, San Pedro Catholic Church Activity Center, 14380 Tamiami Tr., NP Table tennis, 9-11 am, North Port Senior Center, 4940 Pan American Blvd., equipment provided, $2, 426-6276. Conversation Grp, 10 am, North Port Library, 941-861-1307, Bring a news article if you like or just come join in the discussion. Current Event Conv, 10-11:30am NP Senior Center 4940 Pan American Blvd 426-2204 Bring a topic or joke to share Join the conversation. North Port Moose, 11-2 Lunch.12 Euchre.4 Reception & Dinner-Supreme Governor Mr. Albert. Members/Qual.Guests Only.14156 Tamiami 426-2126 AMVETS Lunch/Dinner, Hot Lunch 11:30-2pm Ho-made Soup. Dinner 5-7pm-Liver&Onions Special. Full Menu also, Amvets Post 312, NP 429-5403 NARFE Chapter 1713, 11:30AM-1:00PM Olde World Restaurant. Speaker Bill Gunnin Exec. Dir. NPACC. 240-6127 for more info. Mexican Dominos, 12-3pm NP Senior Center 4940 Pan American Blvd 426-2204 These dominos have numbers not dots Join the fun Amvets 2000 Dinner, LAUX Soup/Sandw. Karaoke by Holly @ 7:15pm QOH @ 7pm 401 Ortiz Blvd NP 941-429-1999 Bingo, Bingo 5 pm to 9 pm, Kitchen Open 5-7 pm Limited Menu & Specials Night At The Races, Saturday 14th Steak Dinner 5-7pm $15 Tickets @ Bar, Races 7-9pm VFW Post 8203 4860 Trott Circle North Port. EVENTS TODAYBadminton, 9am 12pm, Englewood Sports Complex, 941-8611980. $2 to play! Crafty Ladies, Handcrafted items every Thursday 9-11:30am (except holidays). Oaks Cove, Gulf Cove UMC, 1100 McCall, PC. 697-5533. Beginners Line Dance, 9-30 to 11-30 American legion Post 113, 3436 Indiana Road Rotonda West. Phone Eve at 941 697 8733. Ewd Country Liners, 9:3011:30 AM, Christ Lutheran Church, 701 N Indiana Ave. Impvr/intermed. line dances. Public welcome. Nancy 474-6027. Plant Clinic, 10-Noon Got a plant/tree problem? Bring in a sample for diagnosis @ Eng/Char Library 3450 S McCall 475-6903. Lap Time, Bring baby/toddler for bounces, rhymes, music, stories; will transition to Story Time; 10:45am 100 W Dearborn 861-5000. Rotonda VFW Post, Food served daily from 11am-7pm. Daily, specials. Members & guests. Shuffleboard, games.697-1123. Story Time, Thursdays 11 am Stories, rhymes, music & play for children of all ages. Elsie Quirk Library, 100 W Dearborn. 861-5000. Englewood Bridge Cl, Contract bridge is played every Thu from 12:15 til 3:30 at The Hills Rest. RGCC, 100 Rotonda Cir, 698-7945, $3. Pickleball, 1pm 3pm, Englewood Sports Complex, 941-8611980. $2 to play! Ballroom Classes, Every Mon. Thru March 23, 4pm Beginner/ Intermediate Englewood Sports Complex for info call 941-496-9692. Dimly In The Mirror, 4:30 pm Bible Study, Eucharist at 5:30 pm, Light Supper at 6 p.m., then Bible study repeated at 6:30 pm. Entertainment, VFW Englewood, Music by “Kenny Rose” 4-7 p.m. Baby Back Ribs Avail. w/cole slaw & baked beans. Public Welcome 474-7516 . FRIDAY Crafting Cuties, Love to Craft?Join us at Rotonda W Comm Ctr,3754 Cape Haze Dr,Rotonda,Fridays @9:30 am. Call Kathy 460-4185. Line Dancing, 9:30 to 11:30 American Legion Post 113 Rotonda West High Beg / Intermediate. Phone Eve at 941-697-8733. | CHARLOTTE EVENTS | NORTH PORT EVENTS | ENGLEWOOD EVENTS Free Shredding With Food Donations, Bring your outdated personal and confidential papers to be shredded free at Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s Peachland office, 24163 Peachland Blvd., from 9 a.m. till noon on Saturday, March 7. Also, please bring nonperishable food items for the Homeless Coalition food pantry. Call 627-0038 for info. Arts Crafts Collectibles, Sales March 6 & 7, 9a-3p. All handcrafted items. Christmas is only 300 days away! Hot dog, Chips, Brownie & Drink $3 all day. Oak Hollow Clubhouse 1111 Forrest Nelson Blvd, PC. Music In the Park with Jim Morris, Punta Gorda Mural Society fundraiser on Sunday March 8, 1-4 p.m. Burnt Store Lakes Property Owners Park, Burnt Store Rd, PG. BYOB & BYO Chairs. Food & soda available for purchase. No rain date. Tickets $10 donation in advance, $12 at gate. Call 941-637-7830 or get tickets at PG Chamber of Commerce. Windmill Village Arts and Crafts Show, Enjoy the annual Windmill Village Fine Arts and Crafts Show. To be held March 8, 1-4p in the Clubhouse @ 215 Rio Villa Dr, PG. No pets please. Hearty Fish Fry this Friday, 4 to 7pm. Beer-battered haddock fillet or 8 jumbo butterfly fried shrimp, or shrimpfish, or baked fish 9-10 oz fillet (4-5:30pm only) w. french fries, coleslaw. $10 adults, $5 kids. Clam chowder $2, w adult platter only. Drinks-donation. Sacred Heart, 211 W Charlotte Ave, Punta Gorda 575-4606. Taxed Enough Already?, Thurs. 3-5 Potluck Bring a friend and dish by 5:40 for setup by 6. To Pray For Safe Passage for Part Timers. Meeting 6:30 Bayfront Center YMCA, 750 W Retta Esplanade Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941-637-7668 Speaker: Bill Truex, Chair of County Commission, PG Tea Party. Singles for Sail, Social Hour at 7 p.m., Thurs., Portofino’s Restaurant, 23247 Bayshore Rd., Port Charlotte. For sailors or people who are intrested in learning call Diane 916-0086 or Lin 204-3491. String Fever, 7 pm, Fri, Mar 6. Hear these world-class musicians play everything from Ravel’s Bolero to The History of Music in 5 Minutes. Tickets $20 available online (, at Box Office (941-322-7276), or at door. Location: 1st Methodist Church, 507 W Marion Ave., Punta Gorda. Patchouli Concert, “Patchouli” music duo of songwriter Julie Patchouli & master guitarist Bruce Hecksel delight with sparkling acoustic sound and their powerful contagious chemistry. Sat., March 7 at 7:30 pm at the Unitarian Fellowship, 1532 Forrest Nelson Blvd., PC. Call 941-505-9618 for info. $12 @door at 6:30 p.m. Featured EventsPAID ADVERTISEMENTS FL Civil War & Suwanee Divide, Fri, Mar. 6 — Noted author and historian Gene Jones will give an A/V presentation on Florida’s history and its little-known role in the Civil War conflict. Tickets $5. 8pm Green St. Church. Reservations 474-3764. Featured EventPAID ADVERTISEMENT North Port Book Fair, MEET THE AUTHORS! Some 40 authors with children’s books, fiction and nonfiction will be at this free commu nity event. Bring the family out on Sunday, March 8th from 11-4 p.m. to the North Port Library, 13800 Tamiami Trail. Featured EventPAID ADVERTISEMENTAfter playing several difcult musical selections, the North Port Wind Ensemble recently took straight superiors at a regional concert festival. The event was held at Riverview High School in Sarasota this past weekend. Students in bands from ve counties — Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and Hardee, which make up District 11 (there are 21 districts in the state) — took part. NPHS competes annually. “There were 36 bands at the festival. It is our annual Florida Bandmaster’s Association Concert Band Music Performance Assessment,” NPHS band director Owen Bradley said in an email. “It is designed as an assessment measured against a standard (Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor) reecting the achievement of the band.” He explained there are three stage judges and one sight-reading judge who listen to band performances and rate them. The sight-reading judge listens to the band in another room and the band has to play two selections they have never seen before. “The only possible combinations to result in a Superior rating are two Superiors and an Excellent with an Excellent or Superior in sight-reading,” Bradley said. “We earned Superiors from all the judges including the sight-reading judge and were one of only two bands (the Riverview Wind Ensemble was the other) to receive the highest rating. “We have done this several times in the past, but this year NPHS played very difcult music which made it very difcult to achieve such high marks,” he continued. “I am very proud of our students.” There are 53 students in the NPHS wind ensemble. They played “Americans We,” “Resting in the Peace of His Hands” and “Rhapsodic Episode.” Bradley said with three bands competing, NPHS had the highest number of students participating in the event, more than any other school in the district. The NPHS symphonic band was rated as excellent, and the concert band received a “good” rating. David Wing, band director at Woodland Middle School, touted the ensemble’s success on both his own and the Sun’s Facebook pages. “Many of these students are my former kids at Woodland and I am just so proud of them,” Wing said. “They made our community proud this weekend.” Eighteen high schools total competed at the event, held Feb 26-28. According to the Florida School Music Association, results from area schools are: The Charlotte High School freshman band was ranked as good, its concert band received a fair, and the CHS symphonic band was ranked as excellent. DeSoto County High School’s wind ensemble was ranked as good. Lemon Bay High school’s concert and symphonic winds bands both received an excellent. Port Charlotte High School’s wind ensemble received an excellent rating. Venice High School’s symphonic and concert bands were both rated as excellent. Email: annek@sun-herald.comNPHS Wind Ensemble excels at competitionBy ANNE KLOCKENKEMPERSTAFF WRITER ‘A Little Night Music’ in North Port Piano and vocal selections by Jeremy D. Silverman, soloist. Left: Kathleen Karpathy plays the xylophone during Sunday’s “A Little Night Music” show. Lorraine Wallace, principal cello player. The North Port Symphony’s next concert, “Back to the Future,” will take place at 3 p.m. March 29 at the Performing Arts Center, on the North Port High campus at 6400 W. Price Blvd. Online ticketing is available at www. Right: Second violinist Bobby Rumpf.SUN PHOTOS BY MONICA AMAYARight: Maestro Robert Romanski, North Port Symphony conductor, during Sunday’s concert, “A Little Night Music,” at the North Port Performing Arts Center. Karen Tuttle, North Port Symphony concertmaster, during Sunday’s concert at the NPPAC. I


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C Our Town Page 3 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS NORTH PORT — Toledo Blade Elementary School off East Price Boulevard was briey on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after a man pulled a gun on a parent in front of the school while the dad was waiting for after-school pickup, according to city of North Port spokesman Josh Taylor. Gerald Paugh, 74, of the 1000 block of Geranium Ave., was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault with a rearm for allegedly threatening a parent when he tried to park in the swale of Paugh’s front yard, located across from Toledo Blade, to pick up his child. Taylor said there were three victims involved in the incident, one who was an independent witness. No one was hurt. Sarasota County School District spokesman Scott Ferguson said the lockdown occurred around 3:10 p.m. Wednesday, and delayed dismissal by ve to seven minutes. The precautionary lockdown was a “code red” that requires little to no movement on campus and no movement inside classrooms, as well as locking all the doors and turning off all the lights.Report: CPA steals almost $200K from clientOSPREY — A certied public accountant was arrested Wednesday after a Sarasota County Sheriff’s investigation revealed he stole almost $200,000 from a 92-yearold client, a report shows. Brian Strand, 53, of the 600 block of Oak Bay Drive, Osprey, was charged with exploitation of the elderly Wednesday after Sabal Palm Bank representatives in Sarasota showed documents to investigators alleging that Strand had been misappropriating funds from the victim’s trust, an SCSO report states. After the victim was deemed incapacitated by a doctor in March 2010, Strand was named the successor of her trust. According to the report, bank reps provided bank statements to investigators showing numerous ATM transactions at Seminole Tribe casinos in Tampa and Immokalee, Fla. Strand withdrew $33,802 from the area casinos between June 2010 and August 2014, according to account records. Reps said the victim also held accounts at SunTrust Bank that Strand took over after the victim was deemed incapacitated, the report states. Authorities said account records showed Strand withdrew $28,789 from one account at SunTrust and $105,100 from another. The report shows most transactions took place in the form of counter-withdrawals — checks drawn on the account and automated clearing house transactions. Employees at Sabal Palm Bank noticed suspicious activity on the victim’s account in July 2014, and Strand admitted to authorities Dec. 1, after months of investigation, that he stole the money, and acknowledged he has a gambling problem. Authorities said Strand stole a total of $195,592.72 from the victim. He is being held at the Sarasota County Jail on $20,000 bond. Sweepstakes prize scam making the roundsNORTH PORT — A popular sweepstakes scam has begun to appear in the mailboxes of North Port residents, according to a city homeowner. The scam disguises itself as a mail-in claim for the recipient of the letter’s “$200,000 sweepstakes prize” from the “Incentive Awards Centre.” According to the letter, all a person needs to do to claim the money is sign and mail in an attached form on the letter, along with a $32 “required administration fee” by a March 23 deadline. The letter, which is signed and timestamped by an “A. Mills,” “J. Lamb” and “L. Travis,” states the recipient of the letter must mail in the payment and signed papers by the deadline in order for the alleged bureau to “expedite” the claim to a cash-value award. “As Director of the Incentive Awards Centre, I am delighted to be contacting you regarding this matter of GUARANTEED win-opportunity for cash and awards now available for release to you in the total amount of: $200,000.00,” the letter states. Residents are encour aged by the North Port Police Department to report any letters that seem suspicious, ask for money and/or claim the letter’s recipient has won money, to the NPPD, located at 4980 City Hall Blvd., off Sumter Boulevard. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests: Michael Christopher Aprile, 30, Wooduck Road, Port Charlotte. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000. Anthony Terrell Belvin, 17, of a withheld Punta Gorda address. Charges: manufacturing marijuana, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released to a parent or guardian. Laura Kathleen Calvo, 52, 6300 block of Falcon Drive, Englewood. Charge: DUI. Bond: $4,500. Ashley Leilani Campbell, 18, 1200 block of Navigator Road, Deep Creek. Charges: two counts of viola tion of probation (original charges: driving with a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: none. Jamie Lee Donaldson, 44, 300 block of San Carlos Drive, Punta Gorda. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000. Derek James Hastings, 21, of Johnstown, Ohio. Charge: DUI. Bond: $3,500. Joseph Paul Mazzoni, 31, 22300 block of Adorn Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: three counts of violation of probation (original charges: three counts each of sale of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: none. Ashley Ann Miller, 31, of Lee Street, Punta Gorda. Charges: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer and an off-bond recommit. Bond: none. Shannandoha Earl Nichols, 34, 17200 block of Seahorse Ave., Port Charlotte. Charge: habitually driving with a revoked license. Bond: $5,000. Robert Lee Pipes, 63, homeless in Port Charlotte. Charge: violation of probation (original charge: violation of the county’s open-container ordinance). Bond: $625. Richard Howard Schumacher, 25, 1400 block of Coral Ridge Drive, Punta Gorda. Charge: resisting an officer. Bond: $10,000. Michele Lee Shaw, 41, 21100 block of Wardell Ave., Port Charlotte. Charge: violation of probation (original charge: driving with a suspended license). Bond: $475. Ryan Paul Whiteaker, 31, 21100 block of Bersell Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: driving with a suspended or revoked license and violation of probation (original charge: misdemeanor littering). Bond: none. Nickalus Joseph Bessette, 18, 23200 block of McNamee Ave., Port Charlotte. Charge: failure to appear. Bond: $12,000. Matthew Adam Pierce, 28, homeless in Englewood. Charge: failure to appear. Bond: $14,000. David Lynn Young, 49, 300 block of San Carlos Drive, Punta Gorda. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000. The Punta Gorda Police Department reported the following arrests: William Dale Henderson, 52, 1800 block of Scotch Pine Court, Punta Gorda. Charge: disorderly intoxication. Bond: $1,000. Amy Colleen Parker, 32, 29400 block of Jones Loop Road, Punta Gorda. Charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond: none. The North Port Police Department reported the following arrests: Mark Alderton, 29, of the 7600 block of N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota. Charge: driving with a suspended or revoked license. Bond: $120. Sedecky Bailey, 39, 7500 block of Oxwood St., North Port. Charge: selling cocaine. Bond: $7,500. Joel Eldridge, 28, 2200 block of S. Salford Blvd., North Port. Charge: driving with a suspended licensesecond offense. Bond: $500. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests: William Conrad, 20, 500 block of E. Pine Ranch Road, Osprey. Charges: two counts of possession of controlled substances without a prescription, possession of narcotic equipment, DUI and providing a person younger than 21 with liquor-subsequent offense. Bond: $4,500. Hosannah Cousineau, 34, 3500 block of Becker Road, Venice. Charge: contempt of court (original charge: violation of probation for four counts of dealing in stolen property and four counts of providing false information to a pawnbroker). Bond: none. Jennifer Hauer, 30, 6440 block of Drucker Circle, Port Charlotte. Charges: two counts of uttering a forged instrument and grand theft. Bond: $4,500. Cornelius Jenkins, 22, 1200 block of Rice Terrace, North Port. Charge: battery. Bond: $500. Robert Krstec, 27, 8800 block of Alam Ave., North Port. Charge: violation of probation (original charges: three counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure and trafficking in stolen property). Bond: none. Jesus Mendes, 30, 1600 block of Phillip Place, Englewood. Charge: contempt of court (original charge: failure to appear for dealing in stolen property and providing false ownership information for pawned items). Bond: $100,000. Tiffany Meyers, 28, 2200 block of Woodmere Road, Venice. Charges: two counts of violation of probation (original charges: two counts of obstructing a crime investigation, two counts of trafficking in stolen property and providing false owner ship information to a pawnbroker). Bond: none. Robert Phillips, 31, 4200 block of Symco Ave., North Port. Charge: violation of probation (original charges: sell, manufacture or deliver schedule I or II drugs, and obtaining substances by fraud). Bond: none. —Compiled by Adam Kreger, Allison Shirk and Samantha GholarOfficials: Man threatens parent with gun near school | POLICE BEATThe information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff’s office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. adno=50480178 UVE CONCERT!811row sriv at zJIMhmekelcom{Songs to enDesperado Heartache Tonight Lyin' Eyes One of These NightsHotel California Take It Easy Tequila Sunrise Witchy WonsanMany More!TICKETS ON SALE NOW!Starting at $20 (plus tax& fees)Visit: www.TicketMaster.comor call 800-745-3000Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center75 Taylor St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950For more info call: 941-833-5444www.CharlotteHarborecc.comCHARLOTTE HARBOR EVENTCONFERENCE CENTERMARCH27 4120 5It 4rIrF Y' , CT"4"$120 5+tax/fees +tax/feesCENTER SEATING OUTER SEATINGHIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCE !Maybe Baby Do You Love MeEarth Angel This Magic MomentTry Me Stand By MeEveryday True Love WaysTravelin Man Hang On SloopyProud Mary That'll Be The DayMidnight Hour Do Wah DiddyTICKETS ON SALE NOW!Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference CenterBOX OFFICE TICKET MASTER941-833-5444


Our Town Page 4 E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS ENGLEWOOD — When Englewood reghters checked smoke alarms in man ufactured home parks recently, only six of 170 alarms were in working order. “And this is just manufactured homes,” Englewood Fire Prevention Coordinator Richard Chapman said. “Mainly what we’re nding right now, the average smoke alarm we’ve come across was manufactured in 1976 to the mid-1980s,” Chapman said. “The average residential smoke alarm only has a 10-year life span.” Englewood reghters have been conducting home safety inspections for mobile and manufactured home subdivisions within the re district. With clocks springing forward for daylight saving time Sunday, the reghters are encouraging residents to replace the batteries in their smoke alarms. Chapman also asks residents to check if their smoke alarms need to be replaced. Many residents might be surprised that their smoke alarms aren’t operable. The Englewood reghters do not carry 9-volt or other batteries typically used in smoke alarms with them, but they will change the batteries in a smoke alarm if asked. However, some smoke alarms are wired directly into the home’s electrical systems, and those homeowners may need to call an electrician to replace them if necessary. Oftentimes, too, Chapman said, the older designs of smoke alarms look like door bell alarms, not smoke detectors, and the homeowners do not recognize them as smoke alarms. Englewood reghters have been assisting senior residents with the replacement of the batteries or the installation of new smoke alarms. Thanks to a Federal Emergency Management Program grant administered by the state, the re district has provided new smoke alarms to lower income residents and seniors. The re district has some new alarms left, but the grant program funding has run out. Chapman doesn’t expect the grants to be funded any sooner than April. New smoke alarms — which Chapman estimates can cost $45 retail — are equipped with sealed, non-replaceable longlife batteries. According to a state statute passed last year, new or remodeled single-family and two-family residences are required to install smoke alarms with non-removable, non-replaceable batteries. Also, landlords are required to ensure their rental units are equipped with working smoke alarms. While the re district is concentrating its attention on manufactured homes, other residents can call Chapman at 941-474-3311 and schedule a home safety inspection. Charlotte County Fire/EMS also has a smoke detector inspection program. Residents served by Charlotte County can schedule appointments by calling the re department’s headquarters at 941-833-5600, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Charlotte reghters will check smoke alarms, replace batteries of working smoke alarms and assist residents with the installation of new smoke alarms that are not wired directly to home electrical systems.Email: reilly@sun-herald.comCheck your smoke alarmBy STEVE REILLYSTAFF WRITER A Punta Gorda man was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for ling nearly $2 million in false tax refunds between 2005 and 2009. Armand J. Croteau, 47, pleaded guilty in July of ling false claims with the Internal Revenue Service and for corruptly obstructing or impending the administration of the federal tax laws. According to court documents: Croteau led numerous false claims for tax years 2005 through 2009, seeking refunds totaling $1.92 million. He presented fraudulent forms 1040 and 1040X to the IRS, reporting excess withholding that was fabricated by him. He also made false reports on forms 1099-OID and on the tax returns. After being notied by the IRS that his income tax returns were frivolous, Croteau continued to le fraudulent income tax returns, and in order to obstruct or impede the administration of the internal revenue laws, he led false liens against IRS personnel, recorded false documents with the Charlotte County Clerk of Courts, and submitted fraudulent instruments to the Department of the Treasury in an attempt to discharge his tax liabilities. Department of Justice spokeswoman Amy Filjones said Croteau “stated during the sentencing hearing that he is involved in a paddleboarding business.” Sun reporter Adam Kreger contributed to this report.Punta Gorda man gets prison time for ripping off IRSNEWS-PRESS CROTEAUStrawberry festival funBoca Grande United Methodist Church is sponsoring a strawberry festival 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Crowingshield House and Boca Grande Community Center grounds, 131 W. 1st St. Live and silent auctions, food, handmade crafts, bake sale and more. This event will benet women and children in need. For more information, call 941-964-2479.University women to meetThe Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte Branch of the American Association of University Women will meet from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 12 at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club, 4400 Lister St., Port Charlotte. The guest speaker will be Martha Bireda, founder and director of the Blanchard House Museum of African American History and Culture of Charlotte County. She will talk about women involved in espionage during the Civil War; and the Bailey Brothers, for whom the Punta Gorda Airport terminal is named. Membership is open to anyone holding an associate, bachelor or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university, but the PG/PC branch also offers a Friends of AAUW membership for those who support the organization’s mission but do not have a degree. Anyone interested in learning more about AAUW should contact president Carolyn Brox at 941-5051944. Reservations for the optional luncheon should be made by calling Barbara Neizke at 941-639-4958 by Friday. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS adno=50477473 adno=489307 F ri en d Sp on so rs P ub li x S yb il L ev ie n P an th er H ol lo w De nt al M ya kk a Pi ne s Go lf C ou rs e H ow ar ds T ed K el lo g R os e Hu tc hi ns on H un gr y Ho wi es F ar m Bu re au , In c. K yl e Ku rt is S al on & S pa H om e De po t O ffi ce D ep ot G ol d Sp on so rs Orc hid Sho w & Sale Friday & Saturday, Marc h 6 & 7, 2015 10am-5pm $4 A dmissio n Plenty o f Parking! Over 9,000 sq ft of Sales & Exhibits Retail Orc hids & S uppli es A rtwork, Books, Raffles Free Professional Advice & Culture Information S how Loca ted I nside Fellows hip Hall E ngl ewood United Methodist Ch urch 700 E. Dearborn St. E ngl ewood, FL For Information D r. A da m Li pk in , MD P A Physicians Liaison S il ve r Sp on so rs 50477201 Where Shopping Makes Cents adno=50479000 Thomas Quigley, M.D. Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon F R E E E Y E E X A M F O R N E W P A T I E N T S complete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. O f f e r a p p l i e s t o n e w p a t i e n t s 5 9 y e a r s a n d o l d e r . Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants. Coupon Expires 4/16/2015 No Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. Code: CS00 w w w . d o c t o r q u i g l e y . c o m 20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A PORT CHARLOTTE 941-766-7474 2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL PUNTA GORDA 941-639-2020 330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO FARM CREDIT), ARCADIA 863-993-2020 engleaod-*ea Ordjid.4oci Ire el 1 \.., jo'u`r,-,-r. L U Englewood SunC A3 ti'1 3 'c._1:t,' r' fryiwfjj),.leaH4*rgArf2000& 15sk-"I a ~ c MtPtaR[[ 4''lSL'Y+'I` ' :''sS.s:CHARL01 1L JrU, 1 S PARK7 SPRING TRAINING BALLPARKSPRING TRAINING3 GAMES FOR $39Pick 3 games for $39-over 30% off single game pricing.*Fixed seating in Baseline Reserved seating category.RECEIVE A LIMITED EDITION"44 CHARLOTTE SPORTS PARK PHOTO BALLTODAYSPRIN6 TRAININ6 OPENIN6 D,* MILITARY APPRECIATION DAYvsR e s ' TvYSFirst pitch 1:05 p.m. RAYS MILITARY TSHIRTto the first 5,000 fansRAYS t 888-FAN-RAYSPnang vanes For the following games: 3/15 vs. NYM, 3/26 vs. NYY, and s/ 28 vs. BOS. 4/4 game oiIropicano Field not includedin 3-Game Pock. Seating for all games subject to availability.-----------------[EVE EKAM]FOR VIEW IPA7TENwww.doctorquigley.comOffer APPUM tonew pattenb 59 yam and olds-4* * 1Shop Charlotte


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C Our Town Page 5 CHARLOTTE Daniel R. BrumleyDaniel R. Brumley, 72, of Port Charlotte, Fla., died Monday, March 2, 2015, following an extended illness. He was born June 16, 1942, in Benton, Ark., to Houston and Clara Brumley. Daniel moved to Florida in 1965. He lived in Jacksonville, Fla., for eight years, and Port Charlotte for 41 years. He is survived by his wife, Mary; son, David; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild; sisters, Leona Gatlin and Sheila Morris; and brother, Houston Brumley. Funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date.Stanley Brzozowski Jr.Stanley Brzozowski Jr., 89, of Port Charlotte, Fla., and formerly of Orchard Park, N.Y., passed away Sunday, March 1, 2015. He was born Aug. 23, 1925, in Buffalo, N.Y., the son of Victoria and Stanley Brzozowski Sr. Stanley served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He was a retired Police Ofcer from the Orchard Park Police Department in New York, and served for 20 years as a volunteer reman. After coming to Port Charlotte, Stanley worked at Kmart for 14 years. He was a member of VFW Post 567 in Orchard Park, and Post 110 in Port Charlotte. Stanley loved his dog, Pugsley. Stanley is survived and will be greatly missed by his son, Ed of Port Charlotte; sister, Helen Jarocha of Orchard Park; granddaughter, Victoria Underwood; one great-grandson; and nephews, Charles and Hank Jarocha. He was preceded in death by his wife, Irene. A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, March 9, 2015, at Restlawn Memorial Gardens in Port Charlotte. Memorial donations may be made to an animal shelter of one’s choice. To express condolences to the family, please visit www. and sign the online guest book. Arrangements are by Larry Taylor Funeral and Cremation Services.Madeline B. DolanMadeline B. Dolan, 95, of Punta Gorda, Fla., passed away Tuesday, March 3, 2015. She was born Aug. 5, 1919, in Winthrop, Maine, the daughter of Wilfred and Rosa (nee Fortier) Bisson. Madeline grew up in Maine, and moved to New Jersey in 1951. She came to Punta Gorda in 1989 from Hamilton Township, N.J. Madeline was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and volunteered at Charlotte Regional Medical Center (now Bayfront Health Punta Gorda) for many years. She enjoyed playing Bridge with her friends. She is survived and will be greatly missed by her daughters, Jean (Thomas) Opsut and Maureen (Richard) Borland; grandchildren, Jennifer Opsut, Kimberly Pineda and Sean Borland; greatgrandchildren, Tyler Opsut, Ryan Pineda and Alex Pineda; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas E. Dolan Sr.; son, Thomas E. Dolan Jr.; and grandson, Thomas J. Opsut. Family services will be held later in New Jersey. Memorial donations in Madeline’s memory may be made to Quality Health of North Port, 6940 Outreach Way, North Port, FL 34287-3405. To express condolences to the family, please visit www. and sign the online guest book. Arrangements are by Larry Taylor Funeral and Cremation Services.William James DukesWilliam James Dukes, 61, died Sunday, March 1, 2015, at his residence in Punta Gorda, Fla. He was born July 16, 1953, in Akron, Ohio, to William Dukes and Margaret Wharton Dukes. William came to this area in 1968 from Akron. He was employed by Charlotte County, Fla., where he was a construction foreman. William loved to watch old Western movies and tinker around in his garage. He was of the Catholic faith. He is survived by his son, Michael (Kerri) Dukes of Port Charlotte, Fla.; daughter, Bonnie (William McAlonan) Fehr of Punta Gorda; and sister, Marcella Dukes of Port Charlotte. Memorial services are pending. Donations in his memory may be made to the Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte, FL 33980. Please visit the online tribute for William James Dukes at www. to sign the guest book and offer condolences to the family. Arrangements are by Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Port Charlotte Chapel.Noah Bert FarabeeNoah Bert Farabee, 79, of Punta Gorda, Fla., passed away Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015. Arrangements are by I.C.S. Cremation Society Inc.Eugene George LambertEugene George Lambert, 90, of Punta Gorda, Fla., passed away Sunday, March 1, 2015. He was born June 30, 1924. Eugene enjoyed boat racing, and was a member of the Masons for 65 years. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. He is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, Lorraine; son, Dennis (Connie) Lambert; and grandchildren, Sara Lambert-Welch, Carly Lambert and Mitchell Lambert. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 15, 2015, at the Charlotte Park Civic Association, 420 Pompano Terrace, Punta Gorda. In lieu of owers, please make donations in his name to the Shriners Hospital, or the Masonic Lodge in Punta Gorda.Donald E. LeningtonDonald E. “Don” Lenington, 87, of Punta Gorda, Fla., passed away Sunday, March 1, 2015. He was born Aug. 9, 1927, in Newton, N.J. Don served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He retired as a tool and die maker with Newton Plastics. Don and Joan moved to Punta Gorda in 1988 from Paulinskill Lake, N.J. He was a member of American Legion Post 103. He is survived and will be sadly missed by his wife of 63 years, Joan; daughters, Donna (Bill) Glunt of Pennsylvania, and Susan (Frank) Soars of California; son, Wayne (Lorene) Lenington of Connecticut; brother, Warren Lenington of Florida; four grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. A Memorial Service will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 10, 2015, at the River Forest Village Club House, 4300 Riverside Drive, Punta Gorda. Arrangements were made in Port Charlotte, Fla.Susan M. MouldSusan M. Mould, 75 years young, went home to Heaven to be with her loved ones who preceded her in death Sunday, March 1, 2015. She was born and raised in Utica, N.Y., by her beloved grandpar ents, Peter and Minnie Bach. Susan graduated from Utica Free Academy and worked for General Electric until moving to Port Charlotte, Fla., in 1985. She then went to work for Bon Secours-St. Joseph Hospital (now Bayfront Health Port Charlotte) in food service for 29 years. Susan loved animals, and enjoyed following the New York Yankees and the Syracuse Orangemen teams. She is survived and will be sadly missed by her sister, Carol; and brothers, George, Robert and Larry. She was preceded in death by her brother, Peter; and sister, Joan. Her cremated ashes will be interred at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, alongside her sister, Joan; and niece, Cindy. Donations in her name to Tidewell Hospice or to Charlotte County Animal Rescue will be greatly appr eciated. Arr angements are by National Cremation Society of Port Charlotte.Paul Vincent Shaver Jr.Paul Vincent “Vince” Shaver Jr., 85, passed away Sunday, March 1, 2015, at Tidewell Hospice in Port Charlotte, Fla. He was born Nov. 22, 1929, in Bryn Mawr, Pa., to Paul Vincent Shaver Sr. and Dorothy Althouse Shaver. Vince was a proud Navy veteran of the Korean War, and graduated from Drexel University on the Gl Bill as a mechanical engineer. He and his wife moved to Harrisburg, Pa., in 1978. Vince retired from Jackson Manufacturings (Black & Decker) in 1990. He and his wife Pat wintered in Punta Gorda, Fla., for the past 12 years. Vince was active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and the Harrisburg Area Canoe Club, and was a skilled sailor and cabinetmaker. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Roussel; children, Mary McCormick, Susan Loyd (John) Turner, Laurie Shaver and Jon (Helene Rutledge) Shaver; nine grandchildren; seven great-grandsons; sister, Helen (Carl Armagost) Hanson; brother, Jerome (Isabel) Shaver; brotherin-law, Richard Roussel; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his brother, Kurt Shaver. Memorial services will be held in Harrisburg. Arrangements are by Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home. | OBITUARIES Edward LukinEdward Lukin, 87, of Port Charlotte, Fla., died Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, at the Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Nursing Home in Port Charlotte. He was born Aug. 29, 1927, in New York, N.Y., to George and Rose (nee Holanik) Lukin. Edward grew up in a Czech neighbor hood on Manhattan’s East Side, where he learned to speak Czech before he learned English. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 15, but, when his mother discovered this, she made the recruiter release him due to his age; he re-enlisted as soon as he turned 17. Edward served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War. He returned to NYC after the war, where he married the love of his life, Margaret Virgin. Together, they move to Gunnison, Colo., where Edward attended Western State College on the GI Bill. After two years, he transferred to Penn State in State College, Pa.; during this time their two children were born. He graduated with a liberal arts degree and later earned a master’s degree from Hunter College in NYC. Edward retired after working more than 20 years as a social worker for the City of New York. Edward moved to Port Charlotte 20 years ago from Arizona, and joined the Marine Corps League of Charlotte County Detachment 756. He volunteered at ECHO in Fort Myers, Fla., and visited area nursing homes with his therapy dog, Amy, for many years. He was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed shing, hunting and camping. Edward taught his sons to appreciate the beauty of the Catskill Mountains. He loved animals and had a passion for gardening. Edward was an avid reader, who had an incredible vocabulary, and, in his earlier days, wrote poetry. His neighbors will recall the exotic plants that he grew and the wines that he made from tropical fruits. Edward will be remem bered by friends and family for his love of life, his zeal, and his commitment to any project or task he undertook. He will be missed by many, but he will not be forgotten. Edward is survived by his wife, Margaret A. Lukin of Port Charlotte; sons, Craig (Cindy) Lukin of Seattle, Wash., and Mark (Ann) Lukin of Margaretville, N.Y.; sister, Lillian Woessner of Arizona; brother-in-law, Arthur Weirgin of HoHo-Kus, N.J.; and grandson, Alexander Lukin. He was preceded in death by his parents. Services will be private. Friends may visit online at to sign the memory book and extend condolences to the family. Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home & Crematory Port Charlotte Chapel. OBITUARY POLICY Obituaries are accepted from funeral homes only. There’s no charge for publishing an abbreviated death notice. Full obituaries and repeat death notices will be subject to an advertising charge. Obituaries must be received by 2 p.m. for Tuesday through Saturday publication. For Sunday publication deadline is noon on Saturday. For Monday publication deadline is noon on Sunday. In Loving Memories must be received by 2 p.m. for Tuesday through Friday publication. For Saturday through Monday publication deadline is noon on Friday. The American ag accompanying an obituary indicates a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. Please send emails to DEATHS | 6 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS L e a v e a L a s t i n g L e g a c y L e a v e a L a s t i n g L e g a c y Leave a Lasting Legacy adno=50478816 Ask About Private Cremation Estate for You and Your Family9 4 1 6 3 9 2 3 8 1 941-639-2381 2 7 2 0 0 J o n e s L o o p R d . , P u n t a G o r d a 27200 Jones Loop Rd., Punta Gorda w w w . r o y a l p a l m m e m o r i a l . c o m www.royalpalmmemorial.comC E M E T E R Y A N D M A U S O L E U M S C EMETERY AND M AUSOLEUMS R O Y A L P A L M R O Y A L P A L M ROYAL PALM M E M O R I A L G A R D E N S M E M O R I A L G A R D E N S MEMORIAL GARDENS JAMES W. MALLONEE, P.A. LAW OFFICE JAMES W. MALLONEE PROBATE WILLS/TRUSTS GUARDIANSHIPS REAL ESTATE Office Hours – Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM 9 46 Tamiami Trail, #206, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 871 Bonita Bay Blvd. Suite #225, Venice, FL 34285 (941) 207-2223 (941) 206-2223 adno=50482142 iLluvlclcl'`<<1 it (_ (!) c1'I


Our Town Page 6 E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 ENGLEWOOD Richard Joseph BengesRichard Joseph “Dick” Benges, 77, of Englewood, Fla., and for merly of Dayton, Ohio, passed away suddenly Monday, March 2, 2015. He was born May 26, 1937, in Dayton, to Joseph and Loretta (nee Allen) Benges. Dick graduated from Patterson Co-Op High School in 1955. He worked, and retired after 37 years, from the Dayton Power & Light Company. Dick was a longtime member of the Falcon Club, and he enjoyed boating, shing and playing cards with his family and friends. He is survived by his loving wife of 50 years, Mary Ann (nee Heindl) Benges; daughters, Lisa (Kevin) Mosher of Beavercreek, Ohio, and Debbi (Steve) Huelsman of Tampa, Fla.; grandchildren, Daniel Mosher, David Mosher, Max Huelsman and Mia Huelsman; brothers, Robert (Dorothy) Benges and Michael Benges; brother-in-law, Jerry (Donna) Heindl; and many nieces, nephews and close friends. Dick was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Joyce Brose; and son, Dennis Benges. A funeral Mass will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, March 6, 2015, at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Englewood. In lieu of owers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Arrangements are by Lemon Bay Funeral Home and Cremation Services.Donald Lee KunfDonald Lee Kunf, 64, of Englewood, Fla., died Sunday, March 1, 2015, at Englewood Community Hospital. He was born Dec. 15, 1950, in Port Vue, Pa. Donald had been a resident of Charlotte County, Fla., for 20 years, coming from Philadelphia, Pa. He was a police ofcer for the Philadelphia Police Department for 20 years, prior to his retirement in 1990. A communicant of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Donald was a member of the F.O.P., and enjoyed deer hunting when he lived in Pennsylvania. He is survived by his loving wife of 26 years, Kathleen W. Kunf of Englewood; daughters, Samantha Ann Dickerson, Dana Cardenas and Megan Kunf; son, Donald L. Kunf Jr.; stepsons, Vincent, Thomas, Brian and Dennis Haughney; brothers, James Kunf and Dennis Kunf; and 11 grandchildren. A Funeral Mass will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, March 9, 2015, at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, 5265 Placida Road, Englewood. You may share a memory with the family at www. Arrangements are by Englewood Community Funeral Home with Private Crematory.Patrick Alan LaPergola Sr.Patrick Alan LaPergola Sr., 82, of Rotonda, Fla., passed away Tuesday, March 3, 2015. He was born March 30, 1932, in Philadelphia, Pa. Patrick was a Korean War Veteran. He led many organizations in Southampton, Pa., where he lived with his loving wife Maryann for 20 years, before moving to Rotonda in 1990. Patrick was very active in American Legion Post 113 as Commander, House Manager and running many Legion Charities. He is survived by his children, P. Alan LaPergola Jr., Robert John and Beth Ann (Danny Snellgroves); grandchildren, Brianna Martincek, Robert Jr., Kennyth, Corrigan, Bailey, Riley and Patrick; and great-grandchildren, Hailey and Alexis. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Maryann. Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, March 8, 2015, at American Legion Post 113 in Rotonda. In lieu of owers, the family asks for donations to be made to American Legion Post 113.NORTH PORT Carol D. Lynch-MillerCarol D. Lynch-Miller of North Port, Fla., passed away Sunday, March 1, 2015. She was a lifetime member of the North Port Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 8203, the North Port Moose Lodge and Eastern Star. Carol was deeply loved and will be dearly missed by her husband, James Miller; children, Linda Ruark of Streetsboro, Ohio, Thomas Smith of North Port, Tracy (Mike) Weeks of Vale, Ore., Leslie (Rick) Tesauro of Ravenna, Ohio, James Lynch of Kyle, Texas, and Jamie (James) Bessette of Birmingham, Ala.; beloved grandchildren; sisters, Andrea Stanovich of Oldsmar, Fla., and Bonnie (Bernie) Panovich of Rootstown, Ohio; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her sisters, Bernice and Joanne. No services will be held in North Port, but her children will plan a memorial service at a later date in Ohio. To express condolences to the family, please visit and sign the online guest book. Arrangements are by Larry Taylor Funeral and Cremation Services.DESOTO Sara Morris HamiltonSara Morris Hamilton, 84, of Fort Ogden, Fla., passed away Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, at her residence. Arrangements are by Paul Schelm Funeral Home, Lake Suzy, Fla.Dorothy WarehamDorothy “Dot” Wareham, 86, of Lake Suzy, Fla., passed away Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. She was born April 25, 1928, in Revere, Mass. Dot retired from Prince Spaghetti House in Saugus, Mass. She was a member of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. She is survived by her husband of 67 years, Wilson “Will” Wareham; daughter, Patricia (William) Stowell of Revere; sisters, Helen Cummings of California, Rosemary Cavanaugh of Malden, Mass., and Lorraine Byrne of Revere; brother, Robert Bell of Kittery, Maine; eight grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Lori Palladino; son, William Wareham; grandson, Chris; granddaughter, Tiffany; brothers, Albert, Joseph, Edwin, Thomas, John, Charles and James; and sisters, Mildred Hansen and Evelyn DiMarzo. Services will be private. In lieu of owers, donations may be made to the Make-AWish Foundation, One Bulnch Place, Boston, MA 02114-2931; or Tidewell Hospice Inc., 1144 Veronica St., Port Charlotte, FL 33952. Arrangements are by National Cremation Society of Port Charlotte, Fla.DEATHSFROM PAGE 5 FROM PAGE ONE MURDOCK — At a Charlotte County Commission meeting last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service presented Andy Stevens a service coin for his seven years of hard work in taking, from concept to reality, a first-ofits-kind Habitat Conservation Plan for scrub jays. The balancing act prescribed in the HCP allows for the endangered Florida scrub jay to be protected through mitigation of their habitats, while at the same time allowing property owners to develop their land without excessive regulation and cost. This week, Stevens, a 13-year county employee, resigned from his position as natural resources division manager. Stevens could not be reached for comment. Heather Bacus, the county’s human resources director, said Stevens’ announcement was unexpected. “In his resignation letter he just said it was beneficial to his longterm goals and objectives,” Bacus said. Stevens was hired in March 2002. Despite a brief turn as interim community services director in 2012, Stevens was the face of the natural resources division, working to maintain a sometimes fragile accommodation between man and wildlife, including sea turtles, iguanas and the only bird species unique to the state, the Florida scrub jay. Besides his groundbreaking work on the scrub jay conservation plan, Stevens also was in the news recently as the immediate supervisor of a county employee charged with abusing caged wild hogs. The employee was captured on film with a motion-sensitive camera using a spear and crossbow on trapped animals. After a six-week investigation, the employee was cleared of any blame. County Administrator Ray Sandrock said Stevens’ sudden departure on Monday was not linked to the controversy. “It’s not tied to anything else,” he said.Email: groberts@sun-herald.comCharlotte County official resignsBy GARY ROBERTSSTAFF WRITER STEVENS CHARLOTTE COUNTY — School Board members decided this week to keep two controversial history books that had been challenged by a group of local parents and activists. More than 100 people attended a meeting Tuesday in the Charlotte Technical Center auditorium to address the controversy. The textbooks were “World History Connections to Today,” a general 10th-grade history book, and “The Earth and Its Peoples, A Global History,” a 10th-grade Advanced Placement book. Opponents said these books contain inaccuracies and are biased in favor of Islam. About 30 people spoke out against the textbooks before the School Board voted to adopt them. “Some people have labeled us book burners, right-wing extremists, and Islamaphobes,” said David Morris. “I’m a part of the tea party, but I’m here as a citizen of Charlotte County.” But board members decided to approve a recommendation from a district subcommittee — composed of district ofcials, teachers, community members and a parent — to keep them in classrooms. “If you look only at the chapters specically devoted to Islam or Christianity, it does appear that Islam has more pages devoted to it than does Christianity,” said Barbara Rendell, vice chairwoman of the School Board. “However, if you actually go through both books, 1,000 pages each, as I have done, you will see that far more pages are devoted to Christianity.” Charlotte County Superintendent Doug Whittaker said the district would accept the books for the rest of the year because they adhere to state testing standards, and he didn’t see any biases or inaccuracies. The district can reconsider the textbooks during the next adoption textbook period early next year. School districts have to give parents an opportunity to object to textbooks under Senate Bill 864, which was passed last year. Following objections from some parents, a district committee in January examined seven citations in both books that had drawn criticism, such as: “Muslims profess faith in the same god as that worshiped by Jews and Christians.” Opponents said this was not true. They also argued the committee was stacked against them with more education ofcials on the committee than community members. “This is not just about the book,” L.A. Daniels, a Port Charlotte resident, added. “This is about all these people and parents who made the decision that they don’t want the product.” But Bryan Bouton, president of the Charlotte Florida Education Association, said: “Educators are the ones that should make the decision about what children should be taught in our classroom. This is not about the constituency. This is about the education of our children.”Email: sbrokaw@sun-herald.comCharlotte schools uphold history textsBy SOMMER BROKAWSTAFF WRITERthe Charlotte County Jail — had been recorded in November and sent by jail staff to prosecutors in January. After hearing two days of testimony and case law late last month at the Charlotte County Justice Center, 20th Circuit George Richards issued a written ruling this week denying Johnson’s motions to disqualify and dismiss. In his 19-page ruling, Richards noted that testimony showed: Privileged conver sations were recorded — perhaps as many as 1,900 — due to an issue with the video-visitation system provided by an outside vendor. Charlotte County Sheriff’s ofcials weren’t aware of privileged conversations being recorded. The video recording in question was sent by jail staff to prosecutors by mistake. The prosecutor who received the video le did not listen to the recording and notied her supervisor about it. It wasn’t even proven in court that the video recording was of Oonk and Johnson. The prosecutor who briey viewed it said she only saw what looked like an attorney’s ofce, and the le was labeled with Oonk’s name; she never actually saw Oonk. “Although a privileged communication was intercepted and momentarily viewed by a member of the State’s prosecution team, the Defendant has failed to make a ‘showing of preju dice in terms of injury to the defendant or benet to the State,’” Richards wrote. Oonk could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Shannon Doolity, the ofce head for the SAO in Charlotte County, said the prosecution side won’t be commenting since the cases against Johnson remain open. Court records show Johnson’s murder trial is scheduled to begin March 23 before 20th Circuit Judge Donald Mason. Mason, who was Charlotte’s ofce head for the SAO from 2008-2012, recused himself from hearing the defendant’s motions to disqualify and dismiss.Email: akreger@sun-herald.comMURDERFROM PAGE 1 Rummage sale at NPCUCCAn indoor early bird preview rummage sale will be held at North Port Community United Church of Christ in Decker Hall, 3450 S. Biscayne Drive, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. today. An early bird admission of $1 benefits North Port homeless. Additional rummage sale days are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday. This event is sponsored by the UCC Women’s Fellowship for the benefit of the North Port community. The public is welcome to attend. Call Kathy at 941-426-2390, or visit for more information.Short films take center stageAsbury Shorts, now in its 33rd season, is New York City’s longestrunning “concert” of independently produced short films specially selected from the world’s top film festivals. Asbury Shorts will premier at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, 75 Taylor St., Punta Gorda. The Punta Gorda production is directed by Doug LeClaire, with Nanette Leonard serving as executive producer. Tickets are $15, and can be purchased in advance or at the door. For more information, call 941-639-3720. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS t9[1TfWords of Comfort`Mid all thetraffic of theways,Turmoilswithout, within,Make in my hearta quiet place,John Oxenham hymn


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C Our Town Page 7 FROM PAGE ONE ENGLEWOOD — Despite some local residents’ bests attempts to halt development of an 11-acre parcel near the Pine Lake subdivision, Sarasota County commissioners approved it this week. In an 11th attempt, commissioners passed The Gateway Square and Villas rezoning plan 5-0, with some minor changes. The development includes 16 paired villas with 32 units and two ofce buildings, totaling 16,000 square feet. Commissioners in December ordered the property owner, Richard Tasca of Englewood Ventures Partners, and his team to meet with neighbors living near the project to address concerns including density, ooding, wetlands mitigation and cut-through trafc. Tasca reduced the number of proposed villas along the southern property line — which borders Pine Lake — from nine to seven. This left more open space between each of the buildings. The villas also were laid out to pair with the homes on the adjoining property. They were restricted to one story. There will be landscaping maintained by the development on both sides of the property. A 6-foot privacy wall would be built along the border before any houses are constructed. Tasca made other concessions, including reducing the overall density; eliminating a cut-through for trafc near the Pine Lake subdivision; removing proposed two-story villas; having only one two-story ofce building, for which he reduced the density; and adding a U-turn to State Road 776, if possible. Drainage and wetlands mitigation will be addressed through county regulations. Commissioners were told the development met the criteria of the S.R. 776 Corridor Plan required for land-use development in that area. While some residents wanted Tasca or the state to add a trafc signal at the intersection of S.R. 776 and Olde Englewood Road, Commissioner Charles Hines said it likely wouldn’t happen. “We cannot get a light there even if we say pretty please (to the state, after a study showed it wasn’t warranted),” Hines told a crowd of nearly 40 residents — some who spoke in objection to the rezoning of the triangle-shaped property. Longtime resident Lynda Geno still wasn’t pleased with the changes to the proposal from December. “What a smack in the face for us residents,” she said. “They proposed a meandering walking trail. Well, we already have a perfectly good sidewalk ... I wish the property could be donated for educational purposes. We just can’t handle any more trafc in this area.” Other residents call the land too fragile for all of the development. Some said the developer specializes in hard-to-sell properties and proposes unrealistic designs. One resident said it was unfair to new, unsuspecting homeowners whose houses would be built on the edge of the wetland. County Commissioner Paul Caragiulo said he wasn’t comfortable with the plan, but couldn’t nd a real reason not to approve it. Fellow Commissioner Alan Maio said he understood that some residents still wouldn’t be happy. “People have a right to sell their property,” he said. “There are stipulations that are attached to the property, not the company who its owned by. ... The fact is they complied with every thing we asked and gave more.” The county code allows 5.2 units per acre, and the proposal called for 2.9 units. The county requires 30 percent open space, where the project has 40 percent; and there were nine buildings proposed, and it was reduced to seven. The overall square footage of the project was reduced by 26,000 square feet, according to county planners. There was concern about drainage going into a nearby marina. Commissioners asked that staff makes sure it’s reviewed during site development. County Commissioner Christine Robinson said she had voted against different versions of the proposal several times, but this time she said there is a need for more villa-style housing for older couples and the workforce, “especially in Englewood.” She said improvements have been made which would positively impact the neighborhood, and the density issues have been cleared up, unlike with past proposals.Email: eallen@sun-herald.comSubdevelopment approved for Olde Englewood RoadBy ELAINE ALLEN-EMRICHCOMMUNITY NEWS EDITOR VENICE — A whistleblower in the city of Venice has come forward, claiming he was asked to cheat by his super visor on a Federal Emergency Management Agency test used by Utilities Department staff to earn credit toward their required Florida Department of Environmental Protection license. Administrative Services Director Alan Bullock said the complaint was received Feb. 26, and is under investigation. According to the complaint, it isn’t the rst time employees were given the answers to certain FEMA independent study tests on emergency preparedness, used for recertication. Some answers were given prior to the test; other times, the answers were provided verbally during the test or at the beginning of the test. The complainant said he was confused and knew it wasn’t right to learn the answers ahead of time, so he purposely failed the test, getting an estimated half wrong. The test, which he said was given on Friday Feb. 13, is a relatively new test, given for the rst time in October 2014. “I don’t know how the school can’t see that (cheating took place), or that it only took a total of 15-20 minutes per test all (two tests) coming in around the same time with 100 percent passing scores?” wrote the complainant. He claimed the answers were given verbally while the test was being conducted last month. The complainant, a eld operations worker in the Utilities Department, said his motive for ling the complaint was not just that it’s wrong, but that it was inappropriate behavior being pushed on new trainees, and interferes with proper promotions. “It’s doing nothing but hurting everybody within the department,” he told the Sun this week. “Especially the people that really try and do it on their own. The slackers are getting ahead of them. “I feel that I have been cheated out of many positions in the past by people who have cheated to be equal to my level of certication, or who surpassed me at the time,” he said. “No one likes being cheated out of a position, especially when you know that you know more than they do, but they have the certications or licenses they obtained by cheating.” The complainant spent around a third of the letter to the city on suggestions about how to control “the unethical activity.” “There really needs to be some kind of prevention,” he wrote. A few months ago in North Port, ve supervisors in the city’s Public Works Department were red for lying about helping employees cheat on FEMA certication tests. More than 60 North Port Public Works employees were required to complete FEMA classroom training and tests led by Rich Berman, the city’s Emergency Management coordinator, after approximately a dozen Public Works employees came forward in September saying they had cheated on the required FEMA tests. FEMA requires the Public Works employees to complete online training and tests, so that employees know what to do if they are the rst responders during a natural disaster. It’s not clear at this time how many Venice employees may have taken similar tests.Cheating alleged on Venice FEMA testsBy GREG GILESSTAFF WRITERA section of Edgewater closed this week for two years due to a widening project, forcing motorists to use U.S. 41. Some locals worry Tuesday’s accident exemplies the issue of closing a road as heavily traveled as Edgewater. Port Charlotte resident Dennis Peck weighed in on the Sun Facebook page: “Just hard to believe they couldn’t see this coming. Also, no planning for such an event as (Tuesday) when trafc was back all the way south to Burnt Store Road.” Another Port Charlotte resident on Facebook, Terry Hoffman, worries about spring training at Charlotte Sports Park causing more jams: “Just think about the trafc delays when the Rays start practice and 776 is slowed down with pedestrians crossing.” Wayne and Jean Sweeney live on Edgewater near the intersection with Harbor Boulevard, where the clo sure begins to the east. “It might be nice when it’s done,” Wayne said of the construction. “But right now, 41 is three times busier than normal. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is.” In his Facebook post, Peck said he saw an ambulance northbound on U.S. 41 struggling to get through snarled trafc earlier this week. He said the emergency vehicle was “not able to move forward on the road because cars could not get out of the way.” Charlotte County Fire/ EMS spokeswoman Dee Hawkins-Garland said it is important for drivers in bumper-to-bumper trafc to remember to keep an eye out for emergency vehicles, like Tuesday on I-75. “We try to stay on concrete,” she said. “Those retrucks are holding 1,000 gallons of water; to be on uneven ground is very danger ous. And ambulances are very heavy, too. So, we do the best we can to move through trafc (rather than go off-road). But still, we have people who don’t see us. When it’s gridlocked, that’s difcult for us.” Hawkins-Garland said motorists should remember to check their rear view mirrors for ashing lights, since sirens aren’t always heard. And, emergency vehicles in a hurry to get somewhere use the inside lanes on purpose so trafc is able move to the side of the road rather than into a median or left-turn lane — drivers should pull to the right. Moreover, seeing an emergency vehicle coming from behind doesn’t mean you should slam on the brakes — slow down, pull over and then stop. Hawkins-Garland said Fire/EMS was part of the planning process for the Edgewater closing, so emergency personnel know ahead of time what alternate routes to use for addresses in that area. As for other drivers getting around the area during the construction, Hawkins-Garland said they should just know to allow extra travel time. “And if you’re frustrated, just put on some calm music,” she said. “Eventually, you will get to your destination.”Email: akreger@sun-herald.comSIGNFROM PAGE 1 SUN PHOTO BY ADAM KREGERSections of Edgewater Drive in Port Charlotte are expected to be closed for about two years due to a road-widening project. INSIDE THE PILEUPThe Florida Highway Patrol on Wednesday released more informa tion about Tuesday afternoon’s nine-car pileup on the Interstate-75 bridge over the Peace River in Charlotte County. Authorities say Robert Long, 48, of Fort Myers, was driving a dump truck northbound at 1:23 p.m. when he failed to observe traffic stopped on the outside lane of the bridge. Long slammed into a Chevrolet Equinox driven by Charles Isenhower, 77, of Lebanon, Ind., who was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers in critical condition. He remained there Wednesday. His passenger, Patricia Isenhower, 72, was rushed to Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte and where she died. Long was cited for careless driving. Others involved in the wreck and taken to the hospital — all with minor injuries — included: Arnoud Aristide, 51, of North Port (Ford Ranger driver) Kyle Bohnstedt, 20, of Port Charlotte (Mercury Grand Marquis driver) Ally Hermance, 16, of Punta Gorda (Grand Marquis passenger) Kenneth Pianin, unlisted age, of Boca Raton (Suzuki SX4 driver) Susan Pianin, unlisted age, of Boca Raton (SX4 passenger) It has happened to me as well. It’s just bad luck.” Kauithof said Mikarts has worked at the ight school “on and off” for 20 years, and Yildirim has been taking classes for three weeks. According to a North Port Police Department news release, ofcers responded to the crash around 1:30 p.m., after a ranch hand on the Thomas Ranch property reported the downed plane. When authorities arrived at the scene, there were no victims around. An incident report states a witness said he saw the plane “in distress” around 11:15 a.m. when he was at Buchan Airport, 1390 Olde Englewood Road, Englewood. The witness said the plane was headed toward North Port, and he did not see the actual crash. The report states Myakka Pines Golf Club staff helped Mikarts and Yildirim after two men drove up to the nearby golf club in Englewood and said they were there to pick up an instructor and a student whose plane had just crashed. Staff said both Mikarts and Yildirim told staff they no longer needed help after they were picked up by ight school employees. The report states detectives went to Venice Regional Bayfront Health because ight school staffers said that is where Mikarts and Yildirim were being treated, but when detectives arrived, Mikarts already had left. He was asked by detectives to return to the hospital for questioning. According to Mikarts’ statement in the heavily redacted incident report, Mikarts called the ight school to notify staff after the crash, and an employee sent out two mechanics to pick them up. Golf club staff led the two out to the scene, who then drove Mikarts and Yildirim back to the ight school before going to the hospital, because Yildirim had a bloody nose and an abrasion on his face. Mikarts reported no injuries. Kauithof said Yildirim already had been in the air twice Wednesday, and Mikarts still was instructing students. According to the incident report, Mikarts told detectives that he has “sev eral” training certicates, has logged more than 6,000 ight hours, and has not been involved in any previous crashes. He said he is not sure why Mikarts didn’t report the crash, but Kauithof said he’s not sure if he even would have reported the crash. “It was standard protocol,” Kauithof said of the way Mikarts reacted. Mikarts and Yildirim could not be reached for comment. Kauithof indicated that it is common for landings to be made in grass elds, and when there is tall grass, it is harder to see the ground surface. Photos from the scene of the crash Tuesday show tall, overgrown grass at the ranch where the plane landed. North Port spokesman Josh Taylor said the Federal Aviation Administration was on-site at approximately 9 a.m. Wednesday morning conducting the investigation into the crash. Taylor said the FAA cleared the scene before 10 a.m. The FAA investigation into the crash is still ongoing, according to the NPPD release. Taylor also said the mechanic, 30-year-old Mark Alderton, who drove out to pick up the plane, was arrested by ofcers near the crash scene because he was driving with a suspended license.Email: ashirk@sun-herald.comFLIGHTFROM PAGE 1 R OA D. `' ,t , 1, sBRIDGE oRIC^ ROADCLOSED CLOSED 11 QLOSE: CLOSED


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The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C Our Town Page 9 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS Look for a third crossword in the Sun Classified section. SARASOTA COUNTY — Some Sarasota County commissioners would like to see more South County representation on the county’s Planning Commission. At Wednesday’s County Commission meeting, board members appointed Mark Hawkins of Sarasota to ll the seat left vacant by the resignation last month of board member Mike Moran, who quit to run for the Sarasota County Commission District 1 seat. The post will become available when commission Chairwoman Carolyn Mason reaches her term limit in 2016. Hawkins was chosen from a eld of eight candidates to take Moran’s place on the board. With his new appointment, Hawkins will have to resign from the county’s Charter Review Board. County Commissioner Christine Robinson initially nominated Andrew Stultz of Venice Wednesday — the board eventually agreed upon Hawkins — because, she said, the Planning Commission needs more members from the southern part of the county. “It’s very top-heavy right now,” Robinson said. She said geography alone doesn’t qualify a candidate for the planning board, but is something that needs to be taken into consideration in the interest of fairness. “The conversation is brewing down south right now,” she said. Commissioner Paul Caragiulo agreed, saying a candidate’s location in the county should be considered in any new appointments. After the meeting, Robinson said the nine-person Planning Commission should have at least one more South County representative on the board. “We have three, I would like to see four,” she said. A “local planning agency” like the county Planning Commission is mandated by state law to serve an advisory function to county commissioners on development issues like zoning and comprehensive plan amendments. Proposed changes are rst brought before the Planning Commission, and board members decide to recommend that county commissioners approve or deny the proposal. Regardless of the planning board’s recommendations, county commissioners have the nal say. Last year, the planning board suggested commissioners approve a zoning change for a 40-acre parcel along Morningside Drive at the corner of Pine Street in Englewood. That would have paved the way for Tromble Bay, a proposed development of 79 single-family homes. The proposed development was previously zoned for only one residential unit per every ve acres. Several proper ty owners on Morningside keep horses and other livestock. Some Stillwater residents — whose homes border the southern portion of the property and are separated by a wetland and other native habitat — also objected to the project. The Planning Commission reached an impasse in November and decided to neither deny nor recommend the zoning change. Tromble Bay developer, GBU Ventures LLC, revamped the plans to include a larger buffer between Morningside and the planned community. The planning board nally reached a consensus in December and suggested approving the zoning change. But the County Commission went against the Planning Commission’s recommendation for that development, generally agreeing the planned community was incompatible with the property’s existing use. However, on Tuesday, commissioners took the planning board’s advice and signed off a zoning change for a proposed 16,000-square-foot, mixed-use development at the corner of Old Englewood Road and State Road 776 in Englewood. Email: cburton@sun-herald.comCommissioners: South Sarasota County underrepresentedBy CLINTON BURTONSARASOTA COUNTY EDITOR SARASOTA COUNTY — Several local schools are getting brand-new computers this summer. Following the Sarasota County School Board members’ approval Tuesday night of a nearly $8.75 million contract with Hewlett-Packard, students at Englewood Elementary, Cranberry and Atwater elementaries, North Port High School, Taylor Ranch Elementary School in South Venice and Venice Area Middle School are all getting new school computers. “There are 11 schools with approximately 9,000 students who will see new computers this summer (when school begins in August),” said Joe Binswanger, director of Information Technology at Sarasota County Schools. “Every summer for the past seven years we have been replacing computers at nine to 11 of our 41 schools in the district.” Binswanger said the district used to replace school computers every ve years. However, all user groups (teachers, support staff and students) gave input to the IT department saying that was too long a time. The district switched to a four-year lease program with HewlettPackard for computers. The package includes warranties and IT support for all the equipment. Schools receive standard desktops for students and more specialized ones for teachers. At the high school level, some computers are designed for career and technical education programs. “We don’t just look at today’s needs for computers, but the needs of the computer users in four years,” Binswanger said. “We also make sure we have additional machines students need for testing. We have found this program is very successful.” The district doesn’t throw away its aging computers. Some are donated to the Texcellence Home Computer Program and others are sent to auction to earn the district money to reinvest in more computers. Nonworking computers are recycled. Since 2007, needy students have beneted from the Texcellence program, according to information on the program’s website. It was the brainchild of a teacher who recognized students without a home computer couldn’t complete homework, research projects or check their school websites. The teacher collaborated with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County and the School Board to give refurbished computers to students who qualied. To date, the Texcellence program has given more than 20,700 computers to students countywide, district ofcials say. Each year, about 3,844 are donated to students to keep. Criteria includes being on free or reduced lunch, having at-home Internet access and an email address, and completion of a basic digital literacy training program. Students and families who do not have at-home Internet access are encouraged to join the Comcast Internet Essentials Program before applying. Internet Essentials provides lowcost broadband Internet service at home for $10 per month. For more information about Texcellence, call Jennifer Sams at 941-9279000, ext. 31334.Email: South Sarasota County schools to get new computers By ELAINE ALLEN-EMRICHCOMMUNITY NEWS EDITOR I WEI 01 0 1 I


Our Town Page 10 E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 OUR VIEW LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters are welcome on virtually any subject, but we do have some rules. Please keep them to less than 250 words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All letters must be signed with full name — not initials. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, Letters to the Editor, 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980, or fax to 941-629-2085. Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at HOW TO SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOREmail letters to letters@sun-herald.comChairman — Derek Dunn-Rankin Publisher — David Dunn-Rankin Executive Editor — Chris Porter Editorial page editor — Brian Gleason Editorial writer — Stephen Baumann Editor — John Hackworth V IEWPOINTWhere are funds for the MSBU? Ignore silliness from hostile pundits Fossil fuels needed for survival Another view of water setting Beat goes on in Charlotte County Bible is faith, not science Cyclists should respect pedestriansEditor: To the MSBU. What did you do with all that money that we have been paying for 30 years to the MSBU to take care of our roads? Dan Gawenda Deep CreekEditor: The president would be wise to refrain from providing military equipment to Ukraine. Currently, Russia is providing covert aid to Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine, which is hostile to the western-supported government in Kiev. As soon as we start to provide overt aid to Kiev, Russia will certainly do the same and provide far more aid than they currently do. The conict will escalate with more innocents being killed and greater instability. The optimal solution is a diplomatic resolution in which Eastern Ukraine has substantial autonomy from Kiev. The Europeans should handle this conict. American involvement should be limited to humanitarian aid. We do not need another cold war. The Islamic State has attracted adherents within the Muslim community using a false nar rative that the West is waging a war on Islam. The president has wisely refused to call them “Islamic” because he under stands that to do so would only strengthen their arguments and lead to greater recruitment. He is being careful in his language for good reason. I do not understand why this is so difcult to understand. Why is this so controversial? Isn’t it more important to win this battle than to score political points? The president is the commander in chief and he needs to act in a way that will protect Americans and not to respond to some silly political argument from hostile pundits. Frank Vorlicek Jr. Rotonda WestEditor: The American people are being bombarded with infor mation, some true, some false and most of it somewhere in between. For example, the Keystone Pipeline, which has passed both houses of Congress but was vetoed by the president, ostensibly because he wants to retain his authority. Some would argue Editor: To all parties who believe that a water heater will run more economically if you turn the water temperature down to 120 degrees. Water heaters that are set to 120 degrees will not kill salmonella bacteria and anybody who tells you that that’s what your water temperature should be is feeding you a line of boloney. If you have a dishwasher in your home, you should have your water temperature set to at least 150 degrees. It does not cost very much to heat water to 150 degrees, and it costs only pennies to keep it at 150 degrees. The only way that you will know what your water heater costs to operate is to install a watt hour meter on your water heater. This is also the only way you can know what anything that you have, that is bundled in your electric bill, will cost you. Don’t be fooled by the power companies and by all the people who will make you believe that they have the answers. Just a note: Automatic egg washers are set at 140 degrees to be sure that the salmonella bacteria has been killed on the outside of the egg shells.Richard Eaton ArcadiaEditor: Ah yes, the well-oiled and nely tuned machine we’ve come to know as county government has again shown how efciently it’s being run. A recent Sun article detailed much-needed improvements to the storm drainage system in the parking lot at the Sports Park. So instead of doing the work when the park is virtually dormant between mid-September and February, let’s schedule this during the wettest time of the year and dodge between a 70-game Stone Crabs schedule and the ensuing rains. And the beat goes on! You were duped into another sales tax extension believing it would save your tax dollars. The Edgewater road project is nally underway. It was a touted project when the 2008 Editor: Here I go again. I can’t help myself, but I have to respond to the recent letters to the editor concerning Jesus Christ, the hot button social issues of today and the Bible in general. First and foremost, our world has achieved many great accomplishments through modern science and technology. Many people like to use science to argue against the Bible and disprove the stories in the Bible. But here is the problem, the Bible is a “faith” book and is not a “science” book. I do not fully understand it or can’t fully explain it and might not even like some of the things I read, but as a believing Christian, I proclaim it as the truth. I respect your right not to believe and do not judge or condemn you and I will not argue or debate you. I only say to you, not to believe is not the right choice or wise choice for me because I believe God’s way is sure and God’s way is certain. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see. There is nothing scientic about it. If that makes me simpleminded in the eyes of this world, so be it. I hope you respect my position as I do yours. P.S. I am no better than you and fall very short of living with Christ-like character, but I keep trying.Ken DeVries Punta GordaEditor: All the effort made to make Punta Gorda a bicy cle community omits any consideration or thought for pedestrians/walkers on the Harborwalk. In a recent article in the Charlotte Sun , Nancy Johnson stated, “Did you know that in Florida it is legal for bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk? If they do they must conduct themselves like pedestrians.” Many of the pedestrians on the Harborwalk are senior citizens (or small children) who get almost shoved off the sidewalk when bicyclists beep or yell “on your left” or “on your right” and then come hurtling through the walkway. Many of the bicyclists are renting bikes and are not skilled bicyclists. Some bicyclists almost run into the pedestrians. Pedestrians are forced to step off the sidewalk to give up the sidewalk for the bicy clists. The bicyclists rarely go into the grass — they force walkers off the walkway. How is this considered “conducting themselves like pedestrians?” Are there any rules or signs for any courtesy or consideration by bikers for walkers on the Harborwalk? It appears there will be no consideration for pedestrians until someone is seriously injured.Ann Pease Punta GordaLibraries inch back in serviceOne of the more noticeable impacts of the Great Recession on local government services came in libraries, with cuts in the number of librarians and hours of operation. In reality, it did not seem dramatic. Stafng in the Sarasota County library system dropped 23 percent between 2006 and 2013. Libraries opened at 10 a.m., not 9 a.m. The two libraries that had opened Sundays — the Jacaranda Library in Venice and the Selby Library in Sarasota — closed that day. Since 2013, stafng is back up a bit. A beautiful new Gulf Gate Library has opened. Plans are in the works for a second North Port Public Library off Toledo Blade Boulevard. Services are also returning in Charlotte County. Stafng was cut 25 percent, but is back up to 90 percent of pre-recession levels, said interim Division Manager Lanette Hart. Daily hours were trimmed at the Mid-County Regional Library. Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Englewood librar ies closed on Mondays. Port Charlotte Library closed on Saturdays. Port Charlotte opened Saturdays again this year, which is a good start. The Englewood Charlotte Library has been expanded. Plans are in the works for a new library in Punta Gorda and upgrades are in the pipeline at the Mid-County Library. More hours? More librarians? More materials? Fair to ask. It may well be that taxpayers and patrons are satised with the level of library services. If not, they need to make their feelings known.Detert takes on elder guardiansState Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, who has established her credentials as a champion of the rights of foster children in Florida, has turned her sights to a related issue this session: elder guardianship. A bill introduced by Detert would tighten the state’s guardianship system by creating the Ofce of Public and Professional Guardians, which would provide a level of oversight that doesn’t exist today. Many involved in elder guardianship believe the current lax system is open to abuse. As Detert recently told the Sun’s Steven J. Smith, “State and local constituents have complained that guardians are cutting them off from their relatives, taking over the relatives’ nances and running through their assets.” The new ofce would have the authority to review and investigate allegations of impropriety. It would put more bite into existing laws and offer more protections to a large and vulnerable population. We’ve come to expect that level of concern and compassion from Detert. Two years ago, she was able to shepherd a bill through the Legislature that brought better balance and common sense to the foster care system. Again, a vulnerable and often-overlooked segment of the community found the right person to pick up their cause. Detert’s bill is one of three introduced this session aimed at reducing loopholes in the system. One or another, it’s time to address the situation. extension passed as costing “X”dollars back then. Fast forward seven years and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that “X” has more than doubled. And who do you suppose is going to pay the overage? And the beat goes on! My heart goes out to the taxpayers engulfed in the Spring Lake sewer asco and residents of Deep Creek and Harborview over proposed road and sidewalk projects. But they say if you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. We had two qualied candidates who ran in the last election but instead we re-elect a physician and a photo-opping, hand-shaking career politician. They along with the rest of their clan have shown their distaste for the wishes of the taxpayers. And the beat goes on! Jack Simmons Port Charlotte PLEASE GIVE BLOOD HELP SAVE LIVESthat he is protecting his OPEC buddies. The pipeline would help to create a North American coalition and move us toward being the major oil producers who control pricing. The pipeline would join hundreds of others currently crossing our country. Do we really want our best friends and neighbor to partner with China against us? If the controversy is about moving away from fossil fuels and into “sustainable” energy, consider this: only about 4 percent of global energy is sustainable. Also consider the billions that have been spent to get to that 4 percent mark. Not to mention the negative impacts of solar and wind in the form of wildlife deaths, visual pollution and nancial boondoggles. Even the most ardent of environmentalists must realize that we have to survive until their Utopian ideas become reality.Victoria Vaughn Englewood


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C Our Town Page 11 VIEWPOINTThe legislative session is ofcially underway and the opening day was lled with the customary pomp and circumstance. Legislators’ desks were lled with owers, dignitaries were present, prayers were offered, patriotic songs were sung and the Senate president and speaker of the House presented their visions to their respective chambers. The governor gets the chance to address all 160 legislators in a joint session. This is a great opportunity for him to set the tone for the 60-day session; to set out lofty and ambitious goals; to urge the legislature to adopt his agenda; and to make his case to those who control both the policy and the purse strings. So how did Gov. Rick Scott do? This was Scott’s fth State of the State address and I think he’s getting a little better at public speaking. He started with an endearing and self-deprecating line about his “world-renowned oratorical skills.” This not only humanized him but it also lowered expectations. Scott has often mentioned that Texans know how to brag about their state and we should do that more in Florida. He used his address to the legislature and the TV audience to do just that. He rattled off all the positive economic indicators like reducing unemployment from 11.1 to 5.6 percent and adding over 700,000 private sector jobs. He bragged about a 43-year low in the crime rate, reducing debt, becoming the third largest state and attracting 97 million tourists last year. There is a lot of good happening in Florida and everyone loves to hear positive news. He stuck to two related and positive themes — Florida “exceptionalism” and making dreams come true. He highlighted several individuals and companies and focused on those started long ago that have become synonymous with Florida like Disney World, the Columbia Restaurant and Publix Supermarkets. For delivery, setting a positive tone and a cohesive theme, Scott fared well. He then ventured into the actual substance of the address outlining ve familiar goals. As he has done in his previous four addresses, he again expressed his desire to continue cutting taxes with his oftused phrase “Floridians can spend their money better than government can.” His tax-cutting wishes for this session include the tax on cellphones and TVs, the tax on manufacturing equipment and the sales tax on college textbooks. The Legislature loves to cut taxes and will most likely do so this year with increasing revenues making that possible. We’ll have to wait and see whether they will cut them in the areas Gov. Scott suggested or somewhere else. Scott’s second goal is a college affordability bill that will prevent increasing tuition — an admirable endeavor. While we all would like college to be affordable, we have to keep up with changing technology and recruit and maintain quality professors. College costs are paid for by a combination of tuition, scholarships and state investment. If we want to keep tuition low, we need to invest more or else we risk lowering quality. Scott’s third goal was to invest in workforce development. He listed $56 million of spending proposals, some of which appear to be ongoing. His fourth goal is to increase K-12 education funding. On the campaign trail, Scott boasted about historically high funding for education. Fact checkers deter mined the lump sum was the highest but since we had more students to teach; the per pupil funding was not. Scott vowed to increase per pupil funding to $50 more than the highest level funded under Gov. Charlie Crist. This is a large ticket item but with home values on the rise, an increase in property tax revenue will generate more for education without putting the entire scal burden on the state. Lastly, Scott expressed a commitment to environmental and agricultural programs and rattled off some promising funding numbers. Unfortunately, his actual proposal does not fully fund Florida Forever nor does it adequately address the voters’ wishes when they passed Amendment 1 with 75 percent of the vote. The Legislature will consider nearly 1,500 bills in the 60-day session dealing with a plethora of issues. The governor’s limited agenda was anything but bold. While I applaud his efforts to cut taxes, keep college tuition low, train workers, increase education funding and restore environmental funding — the devil is in the details and those were lacking in his address. Also lacking was any mention of expanding Medicaid or dealing with the billion-dollar shortfall in his budget due to the lack of federal dollars for indigent care. He also failed to address the suspicious deaths and corruption reported in our prisons, the crumbling prison buildings and the need for more funding and staff. Other hotbed issues that he ignored were school testing, solar power, gambling, medical marijuana, minimum wage, child deaths under DCF supervision, and criminal justice reform. What’s remarkable about the governor’s speech is what he didn’t say. Paula Dockery is a syndicated columnist who served in the Florida Legislature for 16 years as a Republican from Lakeland. Readers may reach her at PBDockery@ Scott leaves out important issues in State of the State Paula Dockery And you thought the Obamacare Web rollout had problems. Computer malfunctions, brand new curriculum standards and unparalleled stress have characterized the debut of the new Florida Standards Assessments. But could Florida’s testing debacle be alleviated by a stroke of the governor’s pen? On Monday, 36 of Florida’s 67 counties — more than half — experienced technical difculties with the new Florida Standards Assessment writing test, which was administered to eighth-, ninthand 10th-graders across the state. Log-on attempts failed, computers crashed, and unexplained error messages appeared on screens, according to Tampa Bay Times writer Jeffrey Solochek. And it’s only going to get worse in April, when fththrough 10-graders take FSA language arts and math exams online. “I can’t believe this happened on the rst day,” said Becki Couch, a current Duval County School Board member and the body’s former chairwoman. “We weren’t even testing all students.” “We can all say we’re ready but you really don’t know until you have everyone testing at the same time,” Couch said. Now we know. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Tenth-graders will have to pass the writing test in order to graduate. Couch, who is also former chair of the Florida School Boards Association’s legislative committee, reiterates the concerns of more than a dozen district superintendents, the teachers’ union and the FSBA. Florida Department of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart is downplaying the difculties, emphasizing that the writing-test period will go on for two weeks and that there are makeup days built into the schedule. At least one parent-advocate is not buying the state’s excuses. Colleen Wood, founder of the grassroots public education organization 50th No More, insists that the FDOE had to know how many students would be testing on Monday. She told First Coast News that with such high stakes surrounding the FSA, the FDOE should be “held accountable.” In the wake of Monday’s enormous computer-test debacle, Gov. Rick Scott should step in where the Legislature and the Department of Education have, as of yet, failed to do so. Last week, the governor surprised public school advocates by using an executive order to suspend an 11th-grade language arts test that most educators agree was redundant. Gov. Scott should now use his executive powers to relieve the stress and heartache of most of our 3 million public school students. Nerves are on edge not only because of the computer foul-ups, but also because the new test, the FSA, comprises measures of newly implemented curriculum standards. Many of the superintendents who publicly expressed reticence about administering the FSA wrote that they didn’t think teachers had time to fully teach the new standards to their students. Florida schools used FCAT 2.0 from 2011 through 2014, and prior to that, FCAT. Monday was the FSA’s debut. The governor should declare 2015 a “eld testing” year for both the FSA itself, and the computer infrastructure that’s supposed to support it. He should use his executive powers to ensure that student scores are used only as benchmarks, and that students are spared from any punitive consequences of this yet unproven instrument. We need at least a year to make sure this test is valid and reliable, to get the bugs out of the online system, and ascertain grade-level prociency for each subtest given. If Florida is serious about improving public education — and not just making a former governor look good for the White House in 2016 — we need to keep collecting data until we have two comparable sets of gain scores before we start basing life-alter ing decisions on the FSA. Sen. Bill Montford’s got the right idea. He pro poses a three-year “hold harmless” policy in SB 616. But that could take weeks to hash out in the Senate. Meanwhile, our students are suffering. The governor has the power to mitigate the damage now being wreaked by overzealous politicians. Declare that the 2015 FSA is a eld test only, and stop subjecting students to the extreme stress now being inicted by adults who clearly don’t know what they’re doing. Julie Delegal lives and writes in Jacksonville. She sent all three of her children to public magnet schools. You can reach her at Column courtesy of Context Florida. Gov. 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Our Town Page 12 E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS U.S. Navy Band enthralls audience Port Charlotte High School senior Nate Bell plays his clarinet alongside members of the United States Navy Band. Port Charlotte High School seniors chosen to perform Tuesday night with the band: Nate Bell on clarinet, Jordan Manalilli on bassoon, and Andrew Heavener on trumpet. Musician 1st Class John Armstrong plays the trumpet, under the direction of Capt. Brian O. Walden. Charlotte High School’s Sean Dash plays the snare drum. Lemon Bay High School seniors chosen to perform Tuesday night with the Navy Band: Shea Hutchinson on trombone, Hadassah Misner on ute, and David Sansord on bass clarinet.SUN PHOTOS BY BETSY WILLIAMSNJROTC members from both Port Charlotte and Charlotte high schools helped out with the concert. Charlotte High School seniors chosen to perform Tuesday night with the U.S. Navy Band: Justin Harmon on bass clarinet, Sean Dash on snare drum, and Jordan Webecke on alto sax. Former active-duty Marine Dave Isaacson stands and salutes during the singing of the national anthem. Lemon Bay High School senior Shea Hutchinson was all smiles after sitting in with the United States Navy Band. The Port Charlotte High School NJROTC Honor Guard presents the colors for the concert. Wearing his “dress” uniform, retired Chief Warrant Ocer 2nd Class Charles L. Meyers was among the sold-out crowd. Casey Campbell performed the song “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked.” During intermission, conductor Capt. Brian O. Walden signs an autograph for Je Hutchinson, whose son Shea, a senior at Lemon Bay High School, had been chosen to perform with the United States Navy Band Tuesday night. The Military Ocers Association of America sponsored Tuesday evening’s performance of the Navy Band and the Sea Chanters. Pictured here are MOAA members Charles A. Brox, Ennis J. Bisbano, Lee Hammer and Bob Neitzke. f fINA111,,,, < ,y.' I \Vf j / . \Ff

PAGE 13 THURSDAY MARCH 5, 2015 T he Wire INSIDE A storm stretching from northern Texas to southern New England is set to bring what could be winter’s last significant snowfall. — Page 5 — Winter storm could be last big one A House committee is inves tigating emails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who used a private account exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state. — Page 2 —Clinton’s email being probed STATE NATIONAL WORLD BUSINESS WEATHER 1. Ferguson cleared of charges The Justice Department cleared a white former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old. See page 1.2. Defense: ‘It was him’ Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took part in the Boston Marathon bombing; now his punishment awaits. See page 1.3. Old jawbone may shed light on evolution A fossil found in Ethiopia is the oldest known fossil from an evolutionary tree branch that eventually led to modern humans. See page 1.4. Extra oxygen may help fight cancer A study in mice suggests something as simple as breathing in extra oxygen might give immune cells a boost in attacking cancer. See page 1.5. Florida high court challenges new districts Florida’s highest court jumped into a long-running dispute that could alter the fate of the state’s 27 members of Congress. See page 2.6. Florida bathroom bill upsets transgenders Under the bill, transgender women would have to use men’s public bathrooms and transgender men would have to use women’s rooms. See page 2. 7. Coal mine blast kills 24 in Ukraine Ukraine suffered more tragedy when a methane gas explosion in a coal mine killed at least 24 workers and left nine missing. See page 5.8. US ambassador attacked in South Korea U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed on the face and wrist in South Korea. See page 5.9. U.N.: World is eating too much sugar The U.N. health agency says people should slash their intake to just six to 12 teaspoons per day. See page 5.10. 2015 Spring Training Preview All you need to know. See Sports.10 things to knowA federal investigation that cleared a Ferguson, Mo., police ofcer for killing Michael Brown concluded that the physical evidence and credible witnesses all bolster the ofcer’s account that he feared for his life when he fatally shot the black 18-year-old. The Department of Justice released an 86-page report Wednesday summarizing its reasons for not charging former ofcer Darren Wilson, who is white, with a federal civil-rights violation for the Aug. 9 shooting that sparked protests in the St. Louis area and across the nation. “Based on this investigation, the Department has concluded that Darren Wilson’s actions do not constitute prosecutable violations,” the federal report said. That mirrors the determination of a St. Louis County grand jury, which decided in November not to bring state criminal charges against Wilson. Here’s a look at some of the key Ferguson cop clearedBy HOLBROOK MOHR and DAVID A. LIEBASSOCIATED PRESS WRITERSEvidence backs police officer’s account in shooting AP FILE PHOTOFerguson police ocer Darren Wilson during his medical examination after he fatally shot Michael Brown,in Ferguson, Mo. FERGUSON | 4 BOSTON — The question, for all practical purposes, is no longer whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took part in the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s whether he deserves to die for it. In a blunt opening statement at the nation’s biggest terrorism trial in nearly 20 years, Tsarnaev’s own lawyer atly told a jury that the 21-year-old former college student committed the crime. “It WAS him,” said defense attorney Judy Clarke, one of the nation’s foremost death-penalty specialists. But in a strategy aimed at saving Tsarnaev from a death sentence, she argued that he had fallen under the malevolent inuence of his nowdead older brother, Tamerlan. “The evidence will not establish and we will not argue that Tamerlan put a gun to Dzhokhar’s head or that he forced him to join in the plan,” Clarke said, “but you will hear evidence about the kind of inuence that this older brother had.” Three people were killed and more than 260 hurt when two shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker bombs exploded near the nish line on April 15, 2013. Tsarnaev, then 19, was accused of carrying out the attacks with 26-year-old Tamerlan, who was killed in a shootout and getaway attempt days later. Authorities contend the brothers — ethnic Chechens who arrived from Russia more than a decade ago — were driven by anger over U.S. wars in Muslim lands. Federal prosecutors used their opening statements, along with heartbreaking testimony and grisly video, to sketch a picture of tornoff limbs, ghastly screams, pools of blood, and the smell of sulfur and burned hair in the streets of Boston. They painted Tsarnaev as a cold-blooded killer. Tsarnaev planted a bomb designed to “tear people apart and create a bloody spectacle,” then hung out with his college buddies as if he didn’t have a care in the world, prosecutor William Weinreb said. “He believed that he was a soldier in a holy war against Americans,” Weinreb said. By DENISE LAVOIEAP LEGAL AFFAIRS WRITERDefense admits Tsarnaev carried out Boston Marathon bombing AP PHOTOIt this courtroom sketch, U.S. Attorney William Weinreb, left, is depicted delivering opening statements in front of U.S. District Judge George O’Toole Jr., top right rear, on the rst day of the federal death penalty trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Wednesday in Boston. Tsarnaev, depicted seated second from right between defense attorneys Judy Clarke, third from right, and Miriam Conrad, right, is charged with conspiring with his brother to place two bombs near the marathon nish line in April 2013, killing three and injuring 260 people. TSARNAEVBOMBING | 4 NEW YORK — A fragment of jawbone found in Ethiopia is the oldest known fossil from an evolutionary tree branch that eventually led to modern humans, scientist reported Wednesday. The fossil comes from very close to the time that our branch split away from more ape-like ancestors best known for the fossil skeleton Lucy. So it gives a rare glimpse of what very early members of our branch looked like. At about 2.8 million years old, the partial jawbone pushes back the fossil record by at least 400,000 years for our branch, which scientists call Homo. It was found two years ago at a site not far from where Lucy was unearthed. Africa is a Fossil jaw sheds light on human evolutionBy MALCOLM RITTERAP SCIENCE WRITER AP FILE PHOTOThis jawbone fragment is the oldest known fossil from an evolutionary tree branch.FOSSIL | 4 WASHINGTON — A provocative study in mice suggests something as simple as breathing in extra oxygen might give immune cells a boost in attacking cancer. The immune system often can spot and destroy abnormal cells before they grow into cancer. But when tumors manage to take root, they put up defenses to block new immune attacks. Wednesday’s study takes aim at one of those shields. With the extra oxygen, “you remove the brake pedal” that cancer can put on tumor-ghting immune cells, said Michail Sitkovsky, director of the New England Inammation and Tissue Protection Institute at Northeastern University, who led the work. Here’s what happens: Tumors can grow so rapidly that they outpace their blood supply, creating a low-oxygen environment. The lack of oxy gen in turn spurs cancer cells to produce a molecule called adenosine, which essentially puts nearby tumor ghters called T cells and natural killer cells to sleep, explained phar macologist Edwin Jackson of the University of Pittsburgh, who co-authored the study. Lots of research is under way to develop drugs that could block the adenosine effect. But Sitkovsky’s team wondered if just getting more oxygen to an oxygen-starved tumor could strip away that defense. So they put mice with different kinds of lung tumors inside chambers that mimic what’s called supplemental oxygen therapy. Air is about Mouse study: Oxygen may spur tumor-fighting cellsBy LAURAN NEERGAARDAP MEDICAL WRITER AP PHOTOMOUSE | 4


Page 2 WIRE The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 NATIONAL/STATE NEWS TALLAHASSEE (AP) — Florida’s highest court on Wednesday jumped into a long-running dispute that could alter the fate of the state’s 27 members of Congress. The Florida Supreme Court held an hourlong hearing examining whether or not the Republicancontrolled Legislature outed voter-approved standards intended to stop legislators from drawing districts to help incumbents or members of a political party. A circuit court judge ruled last summer there was enough evidence to show that GOP consultants helped make a “mockery” of the process and ruled that two congressional districts were invalid. Legislators in August then drew new maps that altered seven districts and shifted nearly 400,000 voters in central and north Florida.There’s no timetable for when justices could rule, but a decision throwing out the current map could reverberate into the 2016 elections. The groups challenging the current maps want changes made to districts from the Panhandle all the way to Miami-Dade county.Most of the justices were silent as they heard lawyers for both sides clash over whether the Legislature intentionally violated the “Fair Districts” amendment passed by voters in 2010. A coalition of groups, including the League of Women Voters, maintains the districts violate the law. Justice Barbara Pariente had several pointed exchanges, including questioning why legislators deleted emails dealing with redistricting back in 2012. She also asked about private meetings held between top legislative leaders to discuss the nal maps that were eventually approved. Those facts were part of the “circumstantial” evidence cited by Judge Terry Lewis when he initially threw out the maps. Justice Charles Canady, however, questioned whether or not there was proof that the entire map approved by the Legislature had been drawn for “partisan” reasons. Sen. Bill Galvano, a Bradenton Republican who led the redistricting efforts last August, remained condent that the state Supreme Court would uphold the current districts. He argued that the new map passed last summer xed any of the “so-called nefarious activities” that had been faulted by Lewis. “I d on’t know how the Supreme Court can’t uphold it,” Galvano said shortly after the hearing. David King, an attorney representing the groups su ing the Legislature, asserted during the hearing that there were still problems with the map approved last year, especially with the district now held by U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown. Brown’s district stretches from Jacksonville to central Florida. King’s groups have suggested it should be redrawn to stretch westward to Tallahassee. King argued that GOP legislators want to keep Brown’s district as it is to avoid placing minority voters in other districts — and potentially having those districts change parties. “They are not just satised with landslide mar gins, they want avalanche margins,” King said of state legislators.Florida Supreme Court takes up challenge to new districts WASHINGTON (AP) — A House committee investigating the Benghazi, Libya, attacks issued subpoenas Wednesday for the emails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who used a private account exclusively for ofcial business when she was secretary of state — and also used a computer email server now traced back to her family’s New York home. The subpoenas from the Republican-led Select Committee on Benghazi demanded additional material from Clinton and others related to Libya, spokesman Jamal D. Ware said. The panel also sent instructions to technology companies instructing them to preserve any relevant documents in their possession. The development on Capitol Hill came the same day AP reported the existence of a personal email server traced back to the Chappaqua, N.Y., home of Clinton. The unusual practice of a Cabinet-level ofcial running her own email server would have given Clinton — who is expected to run for president in the 2016 campaign — signicant control over limiting access to her message archives.The practice also would complicate the State Department’s legal responsibilities in nding and turning over ofcial emails in response to any investigations, lawsuits or public records requests. The department would be in the position of accepting Clinton’s assurances she was surrendering everything required that was in her control.Congress said it learned last summer about Clinton’s use of a private email account to conduct ofcial State Department business during its investigation of the Benghazi attacks on a U.S. mission in which four Americans died.“It doesn’t matter if the server was in Foggy Bottom, Chappaqua, or Bora Bora,” House Speaker John Boehner said. “The Benghazi Select Committee needs to see all of these emails, because the American people deserve all of the facts.” The chairman of the Benghazi committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told reporters: “I want the documents. Sooner rather than later.”House committee subpoenas Clinton emails in probe AP FILE PHOTOThen-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testies on Capitol Hill in Washington, on the deadly September attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in 2013. WASHINGTON — With an eye toward a possible run for the White House, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio signed onto an extensive plan Wednesday to cut taxes for investors, parents and businesses in an effort to spur economic growth and create jobs. The plan would likely add billions to the national debt, though no ofcial assessment has been done. To address the nation’s nances, Rubio said, Congress should pair a “pro-growth” tax overhaul with signicant changes to Social Security and Medicare, a stand that could draw criticism from advocates for older Americans. The Florida senator joined with Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah to unveil the package Wednesday. It builds on a plan the two senators rst announced last year. The package would simplify tax ling for most families, reducing the number of income tax brackets from seven to two. It would eliminate investment taxes on capital gains and dividends, providing big tax breaks for wealthy families. It would boost the $1,000-per-child tax credit to $2,500 per child, and it would eliminate income restrictions on receiving it. The deduction for mortgage interest would be limited and all other itemized deductions would be scrapped, except for the one for charitable contributions. The standard deduction and personal exemptions would be replaced by a tax credit of $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for joint lers. Business tax rates for large corporations and small businesses would be reduced, though companies could no longer deduct interest on new debt, a big issue for many rms.Rubio-Lee tax plan rewards investors, parents, businesses | HEADLINES FROM AROUND THE NATIONJustices sharply divided over tax subsidiesWASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is sharply divided over the tax subsidies that make insurance affordable for millions of Americans under President Barack Obama’s health overhaul. The justices on Wednesday aggressively questioned the lawyers on both sides of the latest politically charged ght over the Affordable Care Act. Chief Justice John Roberts said almost nothing in nearly 90 minutes of back-and-forth, and Justice Anthony Kennedy’s questions did not suggest how he will come out. Opponents of the law say that only residents of states that set up their own insurance markets can get federal subsidies to help pay their premiums.Nations wouldn’t take man later shot by LAPDLOS ANGELES (AP) — U.S. ofcials say authorities were forced to release a foreigner before he was shot by police on Los Angeles’ Skid Row because no country would take him. The ofcials said Wednesday that France issued travel documents for a man identied as Charley Saturmin Robinet but rescinded them in 2013 after determining it was an assumed name. The man later told authorities he was from Cameroon and gave a different name, but ofcials from the African country there didn’t respond to attempts by U.S. immigration ofcials to reach them. Under a Supreme Court ruling, U.S. immigration ofcials cannot hold people indenitely.Calif. mom charged with manslaughter in death of infantWOODLAND, Calif. (AP) — The mother of an infant found dead near the Sacramento River was charged Wednesday with involuntary manslaughter and abusing or endanger ing the health of a child. Samantha Green, 23, of Woodland pleaded not guilty to the charges during a court appearance. Green was arrested Saturday in the death of 20-day-old Justice Rees, whose body was found Feb. 25 about 30 miles west of Sacramento. The mother and child were reported missing Feb. 23 after failing to show up for a family event three days earlier. She was found disoriented the next day, and the baby’s body was discovered after an all-night search.Two killed in Calif. shootings SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — Two people were killed and ve others were wounded in shootings at a Southern California nightclub and a nearby gas station early Wednesday, authorities said. Gunre erupted as up to 200 people led out of Stinger’s nightclub on the south side of San Bernardino shortly before 2 a.m., police Lt. Rich Lawhead said. One person died at the club and ve people were wounded, two critically, Lawhead said. Another person died in a second shooting minutes later at a gas station a quarter-mile away. Investigators said up to 40 rounds were red, and they are searching for multiple suspects.Deliberations at Arias trial to resume todayPHOENIX (AP) — Jurors at the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial went home Wednesday without delivering a verdict. They will continue to deliberate today on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death for killing her lover. Arias was convicted of murder in 2013 after a trial that became a sensation with its revelations about her relationship with victim Travis Alexander and the brutal way he was killed. That jury deadlocked on her punishment. If the current jury can’t decide on a sentence, the death penalty would be removed as an option and the judge would decide if Arias serves life in prison or gets a chance for release after 25 years. | HEADLINES FROM AROUND THE STATEFlorida bathroom bill upsets transgendersTALLAHASSEE (AP) — Transgender women would have to use men’s public bathrooms and transgender men would have to use women’s rooms unless they have a license or passport that proves they’ve completed their transition to their new sex under a bill that passed its rst committee. The House Civil Justice Subcommittee approved the bill Wednesday after listening to more than an hour of emotional testimony from transgender residents who oppose it and supporters who said people shouldn’t be using bathrooms designated for the opposite sex. But opponents said the bill was simply a way to discriminate against transgender people.Divided Senate panel OKs bill to limit some testingTALLAHASSEE (AP) — A measure to put some limits on standardized testing is moving in the Florida Senate after a strong debate. The Senate Education PreK-12 committee approved the bill Wednesday along party lines with Republicans voting yes. If the bill (SB 616) becomes law, it would cap how many hours students could spend on testing. The measure also eliminates some tests, including a test required of 11th-grade students. Gov. Rick Scott suspended the test for this year. Some senators said the bill did not go far enough. Sen. Dwight Bullard, a Miami Democrat, proposed several changes, but they were voted down by GOP senators.Disagreement surfaces after Bailey firingTALLAHASSEE (AP) — Disagreement is surfacing between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and other members of the Florida Cabinet over how to proceed in the aftermath of Scott’s controversial ring of Florida Department of Law Enforcement Chief Gerald Bailey. Aides to Chief Financial Ofcer Jeff Atwater, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a Cabinet aides meeting Wednesday that the governor’s ofce is moving too fast in developing standards for evaluating the performance of state agencies. The move to set performance standards for the agencies and the ofcials that run them stems from Bailey’s departure just after Scott won his second term in ofce. Gun found in student’s bag at schoolFORT LAUDERDALE (AP) — Authorities say a South Florida junior high student was caught carrying a gun and other items at school last week. Fort Lauderdale police report that the 13-year-old boy was taken into custody at Sunrise Middle School on Friday and involuntarily committed for mental health evaluation. Ofcials confronted the boy after another student was seen giving him a knife in the school cafeteria. A search of his bag revealed a .357 revolver, a knife, ammunition, a mask and reworks. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the school’s principal assured parents during a meeting Monday that students were safe. adno=50481223 THE SUPREME GOLF SWING PROBLEM Bring your 7 iron. Punta Gorda Charlotte Harbor Event Center (indoors) 75 Taylor St (41 & Taylor St) (I-75 exit 164) Mon. March 9 10AM OR 2PM Thurs. March 12 11AM


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 WIRE Page 3 adno=50429663


Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 ALMANAC Today is Thursday, March 5, the 64th day of 2015. There are 301 days left in the year. Today in history On March 5, 1770, the Boston Massacre took place as British soldiers who’d been taunted by a crowd of colonists opened re, killing ve people. On this dateIn 1766, Antonio de Ulloa arrived in New Orleans to assume his duties as the rst Spanish governor of the Louisiana Territory, where he encountered resistance from the French residents. In 1868, the Senate was orga nized into a Court of Impeachment to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson, who was later acquitted. In 1933, in German parlia mentary elections, the Nazi Party won 44 percent of the vote; the Nazis joined with a conservative nationalist party to gain a slender majority in the Reichstag. In 1946, Winston Churchill delivered his “Iron Curtain” speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. In 1953, Soviet dictator Josef Stalin died after three decades in power. Composer Sergei Prokoev died in Moscow at age 61. In 1955, Elvis Presley made his television debut on “Louisiana Hayride” carried by KSLA-TV Shreveport (although audio recordings exist, there is no known video footage of this appearance). In 1960, Cuban newspaper photographer Alberto Korda took the now-famous picture of guerrilla leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara during a memorial service in Havana for victims of a ship explosion. Elvis Presley was discharged from the U.S. Army. In 1963, country music performers Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins died in the crash of their plane, a Piper Comanche, near Camden, Tenn., along with pilot Randy Hughes (Cline’s manager). In 1970, the Treaty on the NonProliferation of Nuclear Weapons went into eect after 43 nations ratied it. In 1979, NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe ew past Jupiter, sending back photographs of the planet and its moons. In 1982, comedian John Belushi was found dead of a drug overdose in a rented bungalow in Hollywood; he was 33. In 1994, a jury in Pensacola, Fla., convicted anti-abortion activist Michael F. Grin of rst-degree murder in the shooting death of Dr. David Gunn; Grin was immediately sentenced to life in prison. Today’s birthdays Actor James Noble is 93. Actor Paul Sand is 83. Actor James B. Sikking is 81. Actor Dean Stockwell is 79. Actor Fred Williamson is 77. Actress Samantha Eggar is 76. Actor Michael Warren is 69. Actor Eddie Hodges is 68. Singer Eddy Grant is 67. Actress-comedian Marsha Warfield is 61. Magician Penn Jillette is 60. Singer Rome is 45. Actor Kevin Connolly is 41. Actress Jolene Blalock is 40. Actress Eva Mendes is 40. Model Niki Taylor is 40. Actress Kimberly McCullough is 37. Actor Sterling Knight is 26. Actor Jake Lloyd is 26. FARMINGTON, N.H. (AP) — Police in one New Hampshire town are handing out the kind of tickets you want to get — for free pizza and french fries. WMUR-TV reports inspired by how well residents in Farmington have handled a tough winter, police have been giving out gift cards for people using crosswalks and driving properly. The tickets, donated by a local business, will be handed out through the end of March. Police have no plans to give up issuing tickets for actual violations.ODD NEWSPolice issuing tickets for pizza, french fries FROM PAGE ONE ndings in the federal report:Robbery suspectWilson rst encountered Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, walking in the middle of a Ferguson street, just minutes after a report of a robbery at a nearby convenience store. According to Wilson’s testimony, after he told the two to move out of the street, he realized they matched the description of the robbery suspects. The Justice Department report says that police dispatch recordings and Wilson’s radio transmissions show that he was aware of the theft and had a description of the suspects as he encountered Brown, who was carrying stolen cigarillos.Vehicle struggleAfter the initial encounter, Wilson backed up his police vehicle and confronted Brown. A struggle ensued. The Justice Department report says that Wilson and other witnesses stated that Brown reached into the police SUV through an open window “and punched and grabbed Wilson.” The report says that is “corroborated by bruising on Wilson’s jaw and scratches on his neck, the presence of Brown’s DNA on Wilson’s collar, shirt and pants, and Wilson’s DNA on Brown’s palm.”Grabbing for gunWilson has testied that Brown reached for his gun during the struggle in his vehicle. The report says Wilson red two shots from the vehicle. Brown was shot in his hand. The federal report says autopsy results and the trajectory of the bullets back Wilson’s account. It says skin from Brown’s palm was found on the outside of the police SUV door, and Brown’s DNA was also found on the inside of the driver’s door. That would “corroborate Wilson’s account that during the struggle, Brown used his right hand to grab and attempt to control Wilson’s gun,” the report says.Hands upAfter the initial shots, Brown ran away from Wilson’s vehicle. The Justice Department report says Brown was not shot in the back, because there were no entrance wounds there. At some point, Brown stopped and turned around. Some witnesses have said Brown had his hands up in a sign of surrender — an assertion that became popular among protesters. The federal report notes that there are vary ing accounts of what Brown was doing with his hands. But the report concludes: “There are no credible witness accounts that state that Brown was clearly attempting to surrender when Wilson shot him.”Charging backWilson has testified that after Brown stopped running, he turned around and began charging back toward the officer. Wilson said he feared for his life as he then fatally shot Brown. The federal report says that all the credible witness accounts “establish that Brown was moving toward Wilson when Wilson shot him.” The report says the physical evidence — namely, blood stains on the road — also confirms that Brown moved toward Wilson after he turned to face them.FERGUSONFROM PAGE 1hotbed for human ancestor fossils, and scientists from Arizona State University have worked for years at the site in northeast Ethiopia, trying to nd fossils from the dimly understood period when the Homo genus, or group, arose. Our species, called Homo sapiens, is the only surviving member of this group. The jaw fragment, which includes ve teeth, was dis covered in pieces one morning by Chalachew Seyoum, an Ethiopian graduate student at Arizona State. He said he spotted a tooth poking out of the ground while looking for fossils. The discovery is described in a paper released Wednesday by the journal Science. Arizona State’s William Kimbel, an author of the paper, said it’s not clear whether the fossil came from a known early species of Homo or whether it reveals a new one. Field work is continuing to look for more fossils at the site, said another author, Brian Villmoare of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Analysis indicates the jaw fossil came from one of the earliest populations of Homo, and its age helps narrow the range of possibilities for when the rst Homo species appeared, Kimbel said. The fossil dates to as little as 200,000 years after the last known fossil from Lucy’s species. The fossil is from the left lower jaw of an adult. It combines ancestral features, like a primitive chin shape, with some traits found in later Homo fossils, like teeth that are slimmer than the bulbous molars of Lucy’s ilk. Despite that mix, experts not involved in the paper said the researchers make a convincing case that the fossil belongs in the Homo category. And they present good evidence that it came from a creature that was either at the origin of Homo or “within shouting distance,” said Bernard Wood of George Washington University. The nd also bolsters the argument that Homo arose from Lucy’s species rather than a related one, said Susan Anton of New York University. The new paper’s analysis is rst-rate, but the fossil could reveal only a limited amount of information about the creature, said Eric Delson of Lehman College in New York. “There’s no head, there’s no tools, and no limb bones. So we don’t know if it was walking any differently from Australopithecus afarensis,” which was Lucy’s species, he said. It’s the rst time that anything other than isolated teeth have turned up as a possible trace of Homo from before 2.3 million years ago, he said. “This lls a gap, but it hasn’t yet given us a complete skele ton. It’s not Lucy,” Delson said. “This is always the problem. We always want more.” Also on Wednesday, another research team reported in a paper released by the journal Nature that the lower part of the face of Homo habilis, the earliest known member of the Homo branch, was surprisingly primitive. That came from reconstruction of a broken jaw that was found 50 years ago. The nding means the evolutionary step from the Ethiopian jaw to the jaw of Homo habilis is “not so large,” said an author of the Nature study, Fred Spoor of University College London and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.FOSSILFROM PAGE 1 21 percent oxygen, but hospitals can give patients concentrations of 40 percent to 60 percent oxygen through masks to treat various disorders. The extra oxygen changed the tumor’s environment so that immune cells could get inside and do their jobs, the researchers reported Wednesday in the jour nal Science Translational Medicine. Tumors shrank more in the high-oxygen group, especially when the researchers combined the oxygen with injections of extra tumor-ghting T cells, what’s called immunotherapy. Extra oxygen had no effect in mice genetically engineered to lack those immune cells. Immunotherapy is a hot eld in cancer research, as scientists try to gure out how to spur the body’s own ability to ght tumors. The study is exciting, said immunologist Susanna Greer of the American Cancer Society, who wasn’t involved with the research and cautioned that it must be tested in people. “If this works, there is the potential that what they’re doing could very easily synergize with other cancer immunotherapies that we know work,” she said. “The beauty is that oxygen per se is so well-tolerated,” added Dr. Holger Eltzschig, an anesthesiologist at the University of Colorado in Denver who studies low-oxygen effects and also wasn’t involved in Wednesday’s study. He said the data was compelling enough to start testing the approach by adding supplemental oxygen to certain cancer therapies.MOUSEFROM PAGE 1 “He also believed that by winning that victory, he had taken a step toward reaching paradise.” Among the rst witnesses for the prosecution were two women who lost legs in the attack, including Rebekah Gregory, who walked slowly to the stand on an articial limb. “I remember being thrown back, hoisted into the air,” said Gregory, who had gone to watch the marathon with her 5-year-old son, Noah. “My rst instinct as a mother was, where in the world was my baby, where was my son?” She said she looked down at her leg: “My bones were literally laying next to me on the sidewalk and blood was everywhere.” She saw other peoples’ body parts all around her, and “at that point, I thought that was the day I would die.” “I could hear Noah, I don’t know how, but I could hear my little boy. He was saying, ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,’ over and over again,” she recalled. “I said a prayer. I said, ‘God, if this is it, take me, but let me know that Noah is OK.’” She said someone nally picked up her son and put him down beside her. Breaking down in tears, she testied that as she looked for the boy, she saw a woman dead on the pavement. A shaggy-haired, goateed Tsarnaev slouched in his seat and showed little reaction as the case unfolded. Apart from a question or two, the defense did not crossexamine the rst few prosecution witnesses. About two dozen victims who came to watch the case took up one entire side of the courtroom, listening somberly to details of the carnage. Several hung their heads and appeared to ght back tears. Prosecutors also showed the jury a gruesome video of people lying in pools of blood. The footage was punctuated by screams, moans and the crying of a boy. The ground was strewn with ball bearings and chunks of metal, and smoke wafted over the victims. Members of the jury watched somberly. Several grimaced, especially at the sight of a gaping hole in a woman’s leg.In his opening statement, the prosecutor also described how 8-year-old Martin Richard stood on a metal barrier with other children so he could get a good view of the runners.“The bomb tore large chunks of esh out of Martin Richard,” and he bled to death on the sidewalk as his mother looked on helplessly, Weinreb told the jury, with the boy’s parents in the courtroom. Because of a wealth of evidence against Tsarnaev — including a video of him leaving a backpack at the scene, and incriminating grafti scrawled on the boat where he was captured — legal experts have said there is little chance of escaping conviction during the guilt-or-innocence phase of the trial. Instead, they said, Tsarnaev’s lawyers will concentrate on saving his life by arguing that Tamerlan was the driving force in the plot. Clarke called the bombings “senseless, horribly misguided acts.” But she asked the jurors to “hold your hearts and minds open” until the penalty phase, when the panel will decide whether Tsarnaev should be executed or get life in prison.BOMBINGFROM PAGE 1 PHILADELPHIA — A storm stretching from northern Texas to southern New England is set to bring what could be winter’s last signicant snowfall for the East Coast. West Virginia and Kentucky were expected to get hit the hardest with 8 to 10 inches, while Baltimore and Washington, D.C., were looking at 6 to 8 inches of snow, said National Weather Service forecaster Bruce Terry. Philadelphia could get 6 inches and New York could see about 4 inches of snow. The temperature plummeted as the storm pushed east: In Arkansas, it dropped nearly 20 degrees in an hour from 71 at 11 a.m. to 52 at noon. Boston is a little more than 2 inches shy of its all-time snowfall record, and meteorologists were predicting 1 to 2 inches to fall. On Wednesday, schools from Texas to West Virginia were closing early and Penn State University canceled classes due to weather for the rst time in eight years. About 1,200 ights were canceled, including 600 in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth. Residents of Kentucky and West Virginia dealt with ooded roadways and mudslides. In Arkansas, high school basketball playoff games were postponed until today.Light at the end of the tunnel?Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, said the storm “might be winter’s last hurrah.” After the storm and maybe a couple of cold days into the weekend, the next couple weeks are forecast to be considerably warmer than normal for a large chunk of the country, Halpert said. But Halpert’s ofce, which does longer term forecasts, does predict colder than normal for snow-struck New England and only normal temperatures — which would be warmer than recent weeks — for the rest of the Northeast. Likewise, AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski says the storm could be winter’s “caboose.”Storm could be winter’s last big oneTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS AP PHOTOPeople walk over a snow-cleared path of the Boston Common on Wednesday in Boston.


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 WIRE Page 5 WORLD NEWS | HEADLINES AROUND THE WORLDKerry arrives in Saudi Arabia to consult on Iran nuke talksRIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Fresh from the latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Saudi Arabia Wednesday to ease Gulf Arab concerns about an emerging deal and discuss ways to calm instability in troubled Yemen and other Mideast nations. Kerry left the Iran talks in the Swiss resort town of Montreux and ew to Riyadh, where he will see the new Saudi monarch, King Salman, and meet separately with the foreign ministers of the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Sunni-ruled Gulf states, like Israel, are unnerved by Shiite Iran’s suspected pursuit of nuclear weapons and its increasing assertiveness throughout the region. U.S. ofcials say Kerry will reassure them that a deal with Tehran will not allow Iran to get the bomb and won’t mean American complacency on broader security matters. Iran is actively supporting forces ghting in Syria and Iraq and is linked to Shiite rebels who recently toppled the U.S. and Arab-backed government in Yemen. KERRYFormer chief of Bolivia drug police under investigationLA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — The retired police general who reorganized Bolivia’s counter-narcotics force after President Evo Morales expelled U.S. drug agents is under investigation for illicit enrichment and drug trafcking ties. A judge was to decide Wednesday whether Gen. Oscar Nina should be jailed. Nina’s wife and two children were ordered jailed late Tuesday for suspected laundering of illicit earnings. Interior Minister Hugo Moldiz cited “serious suspicions” that Nina and his family had links to drug trafcking. Prosecutor Gomer Padilla said investigators had discovered assets unsubstantiated by income but did not disclose their nature. Bolivia is the world’s No. 3 cocaine-producing country and a major transit and processing conduit for Peruvian cocaine. Morales claims Bolivia’s counter-narcotics efforts have improved since he expelled the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008.Turkey seeks EU help to stop migrant ‘ghost ships’BRUSSELS (AP) — Turkey is appealing to the European Union to help it combat the phenomenon of ghost ships used by smugglers to send hundreds of migrants at a time toward European shores. Turkey’s ambassador in Brussels, Selim Yenel, told EU lawmakers Wednesday that his country needs “proper information, coordination on these issues.” He called on the EU to provide satellite imagery and other intelligence. Two cargo ships were picked up in the Mediterranean in January with more than 1,000 migrants aboard, many of them eeing Syria. The EU has been seeking an explanation from Turkey as to how the ships could have left the southeast port of Mersin, near the Syrian border, and sailed for Italy without Turkish authorities noticing. DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — A rebel-held city scarred by months of conict in eastern Ukraine suffered more tragedy Wednesday when a methane gas explosion in a coal mine killed at least 24 workers and left nine missing. As rescue efforts stretched past sundown, separatist authorities were accused by Ukraine’s government of failing to do enough to save the lives of the miners. The blast occurred before dawn more than 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) underground at the Zasyadko mine in the city of Donetsk in the coal-rich Donbass region. Nearly a year of bitter ghting by pro-Moscow rebels and Ukrainian troops in the east has killed more than 6,000 people. Rebel ofcials said the accident was caused by the ever-present danger of methane gas, rather than artillery re. There were contradictory accounts of the toll of dead and missing by the rival authorities. The rebel government that controls Donetsk was slow to divulge information, while a senior ofcial in the capital of Kiev was swift to give a death toll of 32, only to retract it several hours later. The blast occurred as 230 workers were in the mine, and nearly 200 of them were quickly evacuated, but uncertainty lingered throughout the day about dozens of others. Rebel ofcials insisted into the afternoon that only one person had died. But a slightly wounded miner who gave his name only as Sergei told The Associated Press that he saw ve bodies being pulled out.Coal mine blast kills at least 24 in war-torn east Ukraine AP PHOTOUkrainian coal miners wait for a bus after returning to the surface of the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk, Ukraine, Wednesday. An explosion ripped through a coal mine before dawn Wednesday in war-torn eastern Ukraine, killing at least 24 miners. MOSCOW (Bloomberg News) — The murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was the last straw for Dmitry Ostashenko, who decided to give up his life as a logistics manager in Moscow and try to leave Russia with his wife. “We can’t live here any more,” Ostashenko, 31, an opposition activist like his wife, Inna Malashenko, said at the Sunday march to commemorate Nemtsov, carrying a sign that said “I’m Not Afraid.” Malashenko, 24, said, “We’ve tried to inuence things but we see that we can’t.” Russia’s liberal opposition is in despair after the Friday night slaying of Nemtsov in the Kremlin’s shadow. While the murder elicited international con demnation and sparked the largest opposition gathering since the protests of 2011-2012 against President Vladimir Putin’s rule, rank-and-le activists say the Russian leader looks stronger than ever. Putin gained from a peace agreement that helped curb ghting in Ukraine, easing international pressure as well as the threat of new sanctions on the ailing Russian economy. At home, Nemtsov’s assassination sent a chill down the spines of critics both inside and outside the ruling elite, said Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin political adviser who was sent to Ukraine by Putin to help manage Viktor Yanukovych’s presidential campaign in 2004. “There’s a sense of fear across the board,” Pavlovsky, who advised the Kremlin during Putin’s rst two terms, said by phone. “This will make people more loyal and obedient.”Russian opposition despairs as Putin remains strong LONDON (AP) — New guidelines from the World Health Organization are enough to kill anyone’s sugar high. The U.N. health agency says the world is eating too much sugar and people should slash their intake to just six to 12 teaspoons per day — an amount that could be exceeded with a single can of soda. The guidelines, released Wednesday, nalize draft advice rst released last year and are focused on the added sugars in processed food, as well as those in honey, syrups and fruit juices. The advice does not apply to naturally occurring sugars in fruit, vegetables and milk, since those come with essential nutrients. “We have solid evidence that keeping intake of (added) sugars to less than 10 percent of total energy intake reduces the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay,” Francesco Branca, director of WHO’s nutrition department, said in a statement. Experts have long railed about the dangers of sugar and studies suggest that people who eat large amounts of the sweet stuff are at higher risk of dying prematurely from heart problems, diabetes and cancer, among other conditions. To meet the lower threshold set by the new guidelines, Americans, Europeans and others in the West would have to slash their average sugar intake by about two-thirds.UN: World eating too much sugarUS ambassador to SKorea slashed on face and wristSEOUL, South Korea (AP) — U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed on the face and wrist by a man wielding a weapon with a 10-inch blade and screaming that the rival Koreas should be unied, South Korean police said. Media images showed a stunned-looking Lippert staring at his blood-covered left hand and holding his right hand over a cut on the right side of his face, his pink tie splattered with blood. The U.S. State Department condemned the attack, which happened at a performing arts center in downtown Seoul as the ambassador was preparing for a lecture, and said Lippert was being treated at a local hospital and his injuries weren’t life threatening. adno=50471075 Joseph H. Farag, D.M.D. 3441 Conway Blvd, Port Charlotte (941) 764-9555 We Accept Most Insurances Bring Sexy Back! Bad Breath may be a sign you have periodontal disease Charlotte County’s Premier LANAP Provider Laser Gum Therapy Call For A Free Consultation! adno=50481084


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ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, went to fitness experts across the country and asked for their top tips: Keep it simple. “People are intimidated by the intricate choreography they find in aerobic classes, so I tell them to find one of the freestyle classes that are popping up around the nation,” says Dr. Cedric X. Bryant, chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise. “One that I like is called Bokwa, where participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while moving to music in free-form rhythm.” ShopSmart notes that you can find a class near you at Get maximum results in minimum time. “Sprint training is a great time-saver,” says Robert DeCillis, strength and conditioning coach at Training for Warriors Long Island in Bellmore, N.Y. “That’s going as fast and hard as you can for short bursts, followed by recovery intervals of slower movement for 2 or 3 minutes, just enough time to catch your breath. When you do that you not only burn calories while you’re working out, you actually continue to burn afterwards.” Use a body bar in new ways. If you already use a body bar for moves such as biceps curls, overhead presses or squats, try this: Turn the bar vertically, place it about 1 foot to the right of you and loosely hold the top of it with your right hand. Then use it to anchor you as you do squats, plies and other leg exercises. Sit less, stand more. Research reveals that sitting for too long is hazardous to your health. You might even say that sitting is the new smoking. So don’t just focus on fitness during your time at the gym. Get your butt out of a chair and your metabolism increases by about 25 percent. Standing also helps to control blood sugar and blood flow throughout your body. Make your workout a moving meditation. “Whenever you’re walking, really focus on your steps,” says Ingrid Von Burg, a yoga instructor in Los Angeles. “Watch where your foot hits the ground — heel, middle, then ball — and listen for the sound it makes. Focusing on your feet allows you to quiet your mind and truly experience the moment.” Train for special fitness events. “First try a fundraising walk. Then go for a 5K,” says Dave Poland, owner of Better Health Pro in Stoneham, Mass. He says Couch to 5K (free at is a great way to get started if you’ve never run before. “When you’ve done that, try a 10K,” he says. Do crunches with a medicine ball. “Most people actually use their hip flexors to do a crunch, not their abs. Holding a 4-pound medicine ball between your thighs will take your hip flexors out of the movement and force your abs to do all the work,” says Chris Varano, fitness coach at Hilton Head Health in South Carolina. ShopSmart explains how to do a crunch correctly: Lie on your back with your knees bent, and put your hands behind your head, elbows out. Then curl your upper body up enough to look over your belly, just clearing the shoulder blades off the floor. Create a “power shelf.” Kathleen Lisson, a running coach in San Diego, says, “I stock healthful snacks at eye level in my fridge: hummus, cut veggies, low-fat cheese sticks, single servings of nuts and fruits. After a run, instead of justifying junk food, I turn to my power shelf.” Ease into it. “Go slowly,” says Jim White, owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, Va. “First take a 10-minute walk in the morning and do some gardening in the afternoon. After you’ve got that down, step it up to 20 minutes of walking. Then go to 30 minutes and walk a little faster. And so on.” Workout tips that work NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks sank Wednesday, pulling indexes further below record highs hit earlier in the week. The drop was modest but broad: nine of the 10 sectors in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index lost ground. Given the market’s recent run, it’s only natural for investors to turn cautious, said Terry Sandven, senior equity strategist at U.S. Bank Wealth Management. On Monday, the S&P 500 reached an all-time high while the Nasdaq crossed the 5,000 mark for the rst time in nearly 15 years. “We’re in wait-and-see mode,” Sandven said. “Prices are denitely stretched, especially when earnings expectations are being set lower.” The S&P 500 gave up 9.25 points, or 0.4 percent, to 2,098.53. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 106.47 points, or 0.6 percent, to 18,096.90. The Nasdaq composite fell 12.76 points, or 0.3 percent, to 4,967.14. Alcoa’s stock sank 4 percent following news that analysts at Bank of America cut their ratings on the aluminum giant. BofA’s analysts expect prices for aluminum to lose strength as China increases its exports. Alcoa lost 59 cents to $14.59. Abercrombie & Fitch posted quarterly prots that beat analysts’ estimates but its sales fell short. A top executive at the retailer warned that it will likely face trouble from a stronger dollar. Abercrombie’s stock plunged $3.72, or 16 percent, to $20.27. With all but 12 big companies in the S&P 500 having turned in their fourth-quarter results, overall earnings are on track to increase 7.7 percent, according to S&P Capital IQ. That’s much better than some had feared. Forecasts for the rst three months, however, have been slashed. In early December, analysts projected an 8.6 percent increase in corporate earnings for the rst quarter. Today, they expect them to shrink 2.6 percent.US stocks fall, pulling market further below record highs NEW YORK (AP) — Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson expects the price of oil to remain low over the next two years because of ample global supplies and relatively weak economic growth. “People need to kinda settle in for a while,” Tillerson said at the company’s annual investor conference in New York. In a presentation to investors outlining its business plans through 2017, Exxon assumes a price of $55 a barrel for global crude. That’s $5 below where Brent crude, the most important global benchmark, traded on Wednesday. It’s about half of what Brent averaged between 2011 and the middle of last year. The price of oil plunged in the second half of 2014 when it became apparent that production was outpacing global demand. The rise in U.S. production last year of 1.5 million barrels per day was the third largest in the history of the global oil industry, according to a recent report from BP. Meanwhile, weakening economic conditions in China, Japan and Europe slowed the growth in oil demand. BP CEO Bob Dudley made remarks similar to Tillerson’s in a recent call with investors. The CEOs comments reect an increasingly common industry view that new sources of oil around the globe, relatively slow growth in demand, and large amounts of crude in storage will keep a lid on prices for the foreseeable future. “When you have that much storage out there, it takes a long time to work that off,” Dudley said. The U.S. Energy Department reported Wednesday that U.S. oil supplies have grown to 444.4 million barrels, the highest level in at least 80 years.Exxon CEO: Get used to lower oil prices TILLERSON


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GT G oodyear26.57-.50 GOOGL G oogle A 578.33-.47 GOOG G oogle C n 573.37-.27 GPROGoPro n 43.01+2.71 GRAv jGrace99.18-.28 GPTG ramrcyP7.15+.01 GTEGranTrra g2 .75+ .15 GNIG NIron7 .55.14 GXPG tPlainEn26.32-.07 GEFG r eif A 43.66-.33 GRIFGriffin h 30.93-.87 GRPNGroupon7.98-.07 GSHG uangRy24.53-.54 HCAHCA Hldg74.93+4.14 HCPHCP Inc41.78-.44 H TWOHF2 Fin10.29+.09 H SBC H SBC43.76-.05 HAINHainCeles s 62.77+.43 HKHalconRes2.01+.03 HALHallibrtn43.07-.04 HYHHalyrdH n 45.41-.91 HBIHanesbds s3 2.32+.33 THGHanoverIns69.80-1.10 HOGHarleyD62.84-1.31 HLITHarmonic7.71-.01 HSCHarsco16.11+.11 HIGHartfdFn40.70-.55 HTSHatterasF18.19-.01 HEHawaiiEl3 2.54-.09 HCNHltCrREIT76.72.85 HCSGHlthCSvc32.40-.58 HLHeclaM3.27-.07 HLXHelixEn14.29-.51 HEBHemisphrx. 27+.02 HEROHercOffsh.61.08 HSYHershey101.53-1.02 HTZHertz22.55-.95 HPQHewlettP34.19-.38 HTHHilltopH19.00-.30 HLTHilton28.96-.31 HIMXHimaxTch7 .56+ .23 HFCHollyFront40.44-1.41 HDHomeDp114.76-1.31 HMCHonda33.08-.17 HONHonwllIntl103.05-.99 HZNPHorizPhm21.17+.21 HRLHormel57.95-.42 HSPHospira87.95+.24 HPTHospPT31.27-.25 HSTHostHotls20.90-.44 HNPHuanPwr47.42-1.21 HUB/BHubbelB110.40-2.20 HCBKHudsCity9 .91.02 HUMHumana160.22-.03 H BANHuntBncsh10.82-.10 HIIHuntgtnIng142.92+1.13 IAGI AMGld g2 .24.09 IBNI CICI Bk s 11.55-.13 I GTE I gate43.64+.92 INGI NG14.53-.03 EWZi ShBrazil33.26-.97 EZUi ShEMU38.48-.19 EWGi ShGerm29.42-.07 EWJi ShJapan12.26-.06 EWTi STaiwn15.88-.06 SLVi ShSilver15.49-.09 DVYi ShSelDiv78.57-.46 FXIi S hChinaLC42.02-.68 IVVi S CorSP500211.71-.89 EEMiShEMkts39.93-.44 LQDi S hiBoxIG120.27-.08 TLTi S h20 yrT126.45+.04 EFAi S Eafe64.54-.26 HYGi S hiBxHYB91.03-.17 IWMi S hR2K122.36-.38 HDViShCorHiDv76.97-.48 PFFi S hUSPfd40.04+.01 IYRi S hREst78.56-.66 ITBi S hHmCnst27.35+.12 IDAI dacorp61.02-.58 ITWI TW98.20-1.47 IBCP I ndBkMI12.85-.14 I FONInfoSonic h2 .71+ 1.01 IR I ngerRd67.00-.45 INGR I ngredion82.02-.46 IRCI nlandRE10.53-.14 N SPRInspireMD. 29-.26 IDTIIntgDv20.40+.09 TEGI ntegrysE72.46-1.44 INTCIntel34.12+.03 ICPTInterceptP266.49 + 19.13 INAPInternap9.69+.11 IBMI BM159.42-1.61 IGTI ntlGame17.96+.08 IPGI nterpublic22.39-.06 INTXIntersectns3.75... XONI ntrexon48.11-.04 ISRGIntSurg500.56-8.51 INVNInvenSense16.78-.09 EWUi Sh UK18.86-.09 ISISIsis70.16+1.50 ITUBItauUnibH12.27-.26 J-K-L n 27.72+.19 JDSUJDS Uniph13.19-.32 JPMJPMorgCh62.13+.16 JECJacobsEng43.78-.21 JAKKJkksPa c6 .62.14 JNSJ anusCap16.46... JBLUJ etBlue17.94+.06 JNJJ ohnJn101.65-.69 JCIJ ohnsnCtl50.70-.49 JNPR J nprNtwk23.21-.67 KBHKB Home13.91+.39 KKRKKR23.77+.30 KFHKKR Fn 4127.90+.04 KBIOK aloBios h. 76+.06 KSUKC S outhn116.14+.32 KK ellogg64.72+.45 KERXK e ryxBio13.26+.22 GMCR K eurigGM128.59-1.58 KEYKeycorp13.90-.10 KMBKimbClk108.37-1.01 KMI K indMorg41.04-.05 KMI/W SK indrM wt3.96+.01 KGCK inross g2 .70.04 KRFTKraftFGp63.19-.60 K TOSKratosDef5.79-.10 KKDKrispKrm21.13-.33 KRKroger69.65-.33 KLIC K ulicke16.20+.03 LBL Brands91.32+.04 LLLL-3 Com127.91-.92 LKQL KQ Corp24.03-.90 LTCL TC Prp43.62-.55 LSTRLandstar69.38-.95 LPILaredoPet11.82-.02 LVSL VSands57.00-.24 LHOLaSalleH38.67-.63 LEGLeggPlat45.37-.38 LVLTLevel354.70-.20 LXRXLexiPhrm1 .05+ .07 USALbtyASE5.92-.02 LPTLibtProp36.46-.63 LFVNLifevantge.89+ .00 LECOLincElec68.95-1.42 LLTCLinearTch47.55-.65 LINELinnEngy11.79+.12 LNCOLinnCo10.79+.19 LMTLockhdM198.97-.96 LOLorillard69.04+.18 LPXLaPac16.68+.07 LOWLowes74.02-.99 LLLumberLiq35.64-5.14 LUXLuxottica59.95-.32 LYBL y onBas A 87.24+.75 M-N-0 MTBM&T Bk122.45-.28 MBIMBIA9 .37+ .09 MCGCMCG Cap4.01+.03 MDCM DC26.87+.45 MDUM DU Res21.89-.12 MFAM FA Fncl8.03+.07 MTGM GIC Inv9 .36.07 MGMM GM Rsts22.08+.06 MM a cys62.89-.58 MGAM agnaInt g 108.60-1.10 MHRM agHRes2.69... MTWM anitowoc22.83+.29 MNKD M annKd5 .94.22 MFCM anulife g 17.21+.04 MROM arathnO27.61-.13 GDXJMVJrGold25.25-.61 GDXMktVGold20.04-.34 OIHMV O ilSvc34.97+.06 RSXMktVRus17.43-.50 PRBMVPreRMu24.55... MWEM a rkWest64.71+.06 MMLPM artinMid33.37+.37 MRVLMarvellT16.21+.21 MASMasco26.48+.09 MSTXM astThera. 57+.05 MAMasterCrd91.71+.74 MATMattel26.39-.52 MXIMM aximIntg35.39+.30 MKCMcCorm74.84-.41 MDRMcDrmInt3.43+.10 MCDMcDnlds100.25+.51 MCKMcKesson227.67-.02 MWVM eadWvco51.53-.34 MDGN M edgenics8 .10+ .26 MPW M edProp14.95-.17 MDTM edtrnic78.19+.16 MPEL M elcoCrwn24.94+.01 MRKM e rck57.88-.46 MCYM e rcGn54.58-.59 MDPM eredith53.85-.20 M TORMeritor14.01-.45 MACKM e rrimkP11.78+.06 METMetLife51.41-.45 KORSMKors67.14-1.20 MUMicronT29.27-.40 MSFTM i crosoft43.06-.23 MVISM i crovisn2.10+.04 MIDDMiddleby s 101.31-5.59 MSEXMdsxWatr22.25-.53 HIEM HowHiInc19.07+.13 MBT M obileTele9.25-.45 MBLYM obileye n 34.81+1.00 M DLZ M ondelez36.44-.20 MONM onsanto119.86-.34 MWWM onstrWw6.61-.11 M OG/AM oog A 75.06-.41 MSMorgStan35.09-.73 MOSM osaic51.90-.71 MSIMotrlaSolu67.64-.50 MYLMylan NV55.61+.17 NQNQ M obile3.92... NRGNRG Egy24.39+.25 DCM N TT DOCO18.26-.28 N XPI N XP Semi99.47+.74 NBRNabors12.84+.23 N SPHNanosphr h. 25-.11 NBGN BGreece1 .43.07 NFGNatFuGas62.30-.62 NGGNatGrid66.64-1.51 NHINtHlthInv70.42-.93 NOVN O ilVarco54.78+.34 N AVINavient n 20.01+.12 NKTRNektarTh13.39+.45 NEOGNeogen49.55+.05 NTAPNetApp37.80-.23 NFLXNetflix469.77-4.94 NSRNeuStar22.25-2.88 NGDNwGold g3 .71+ .02 NJRN J R scs s 29.95-.82 NEWMNewMedia24.15+.10 EDUNewOriEd20.00+.32 NYCBNY CmtyB16.62-.10 N YMT N YMtgTr7 .92+ .07 NFXNewfldExp33.18+.24 NEMNewmtM25.19-.43 NWSANewsCpA17.09-.12 NEENextEraEn101.39-.55 NINiSource42.45-.06 NLSNNielsenNV44.67-.16 NTTNipponTT31.39-.04 NKANiskaGsSt1.85... NENobleCorp16.22-.05 NBLNobleEngy47.21+.23 NOKNokiaCp8.05-.01 NATNordicAm10.20-.01 NSCNorflkSo108.94+.57 PALNA P all g. 27-.00 NTIN t hnTEn24.55-.12 NOCNorthropG163.93+.30 NRFNStarRlt18.57+.14 NWBINwstBcsh11.73-.07 NWNNwstNG45.86-.71 NGNovaGld g3 .38.14 NVSNovartis99.04-.02 N VAXNovavax8.83+.26 NVONovoNord47.05-.17 NVGNNovogen h3 .36+ .85 NUENucor47.41+.26 NADNuvDivA14.25+.10 NIONuvMuOpp14.44+.03 NQMN vIQl15.64+.10 NMAN vMAd13.83+.11 NUWNv AMT-Fr17.53+.18 NNPNvNYP14.86+.17 NPPNuvPP14.85+.09 JPC N vPfdInc o9 .62.01 NPFN vPMI14.01+.03 NPINuvPI13.97+.07 NPMNuvPI214.15+.07 NPTNuvPI413.38+.05 NQUNuvQInc14.11+.08 BXMXNuvEqtP13.31+.14 NVDANvidia22.43+.25 NXTM N xStageMd16.95+.29 OGEOGE E ngy31.72-.70 OASO asisPet14.33+.49 OXYO cciPet78.33+.32 OCFCOceanFst16.60+.12 OCNO c wenFn9 .05.20 ODPO fficeDpt9.45-.01 ONBO ldNBcp13.93-.10 ORIO ldRepub14.73-.21 OLN O lin30.25+2.15 OHIO m egaHlt40.11-.15 OMEO m egaP11.46+.07 O NNNOnSmcnd13.02+.15 OGXIO ncoGenex2.62+.02 O NCYOncolyt g1 .01.15 OKSO neokPtrs42.54+.03 OPKO pkoHlth14.37-.03 O RCLOracle43.61+.23 OWWOrbitz11.65+.06 ORBKOrbotch16.67+.23 OREX O rexigen8 .49+ .85 ONVOOrganovo5 .87+ .07 OFIXO rthofix lf33.34+.23 OSKO shkoshCp47.25-.43 OTTR O tterTail32.15-.25 P-Q-R P DLI P DL Bio6 .96.06 PCGP G &E Cp53.63-.08 PNCP NC92.07-.26 PNMP NM Res27.85-.28 PKXPOSCO63.13-.30 PPGPPG235.34+.80 PPLPPL Corp33.25-.25 PCARPaccar62.71-1.84 PANWP aloAltNet143.51-5.39 PP andora15.44+.01 P NRA P aneraBrd161.52-1.26 PGNP aragOff n1 .74.11 PKDParkDrl3.09-.11 PHParkerHan121.48-1.89 PTENPattUTI18.59-.19 PAYXPaychex48.79-.54 BTUP eabdyE6 .76.47 PBAPembina g 33.30-.04 PGHP engrth g3 .26+ .05 PENNP nnNGm16.13-.37 PVA P ennVa7 .03+ .20 PWEP ennWst g1 .95+ .02 P NNT P ennantPk9.65-.08 JCPP enney7.88... PAG P enske48.79-.97 PNRP entair64.39-1.48 PBCTP eopUtdF15.08-.12 PBY P epBoy9.15-.19 POMP epcoHold27.16+.05 PEP P epsiCo97.36-.38 PRGOPerrigo158.00+1.78 PETMP etSmart82.93... PBR/APetrbrsA6.21-.28 PBRPetrobras6.18-.23 PFEP fizer34.64+.08 PCYCPharmacyc230.48 + 13.72 PM P hilipMor82.17-.53 PHGP hilipsNV29.40-.27 PNXP hoenxCos56.98+.56 PNYP iedNG36.33-.61 PFNP imIncStr210.22... PNWP inWst63.07-.49 PXD P ioNtrl163.01+3.51 PBIPitnyBw22.48-.14 PAA P lainsAAP49.54-.09 PAH P latfmSpc26.60+.38 P LUG P lugPowr h2 .93.09 PCLP lumCrk42.94-.29 PIIP olaris153.25-1.82 PPO P olypore59.12-.10 POTP otash35.46-.08 DBVP wShCurH25.10+.06 BKLNPS SrLoan24.10... SPLVPS SP LwV37.85-.31 QQQPwShs QQQ108.45-.42 PXPraxair127.72-.61 PCPPrecCastpt213.52-2.17 PDSPrecDrill6.09+.04 P CLNPriceline1225.67 16.36 PFGPrinFncl50.48-1.34 PRAProAssur45.00-.36 PLDProLogis42.38-.27 SSOProUltSP133.54-1.08 EUMProShtEM25.67+.23 U VXY P UltVixST17.32-.04 UCOPrUltCrude8.66+.32 SCOPrUShCrde72.07-2.84 PGProctGam84.35-.81 PGRProgsvCp26.42-.37 SDSProUShSP20.86+.17 QIDPUShtQQQ35.31+.24 S QQQPShtQQQ25.13+.27 SPXUPUShtSPX34.90+.46 PSECProspctCap8.77+.06 PRUPrudentl80.60-.90 PEGPSEG41.33-.60 PSA P ubStrg195.18-1.74 PHMP ulteGrp22.15+.37 PMMPMMI7.32+.02 QEPQ EP Res21.62+.19 QIHUQ ihoo36046.13-1.01 QCOM Q ualcom70.85-.56 STRQ uestar23.04-.19 ZQK Q uiksilvr1 .90.09 RDNRadianGrp16.33+.10 RLRLauren134.94-.99 R AVNRavenInds20.64-.39 RYNRayonier27.25-.26 RTNRaytheon106.77-1.42 OR ltyInco50.34-.21 RWTRedwdTr19.14-.16 RGPRegncyEn23.87-.24 RFRegionsFn9.55-.07 RSRelStlAl58.05+.63 RGENReplgn25.11+.20 RSOResrceCap4.95-.03 ROICRetailOpp17.30+.08 R EXXRexEnergy4.93+.05 RAIReynAmer74.74-.68 RIGLRigelPh3 .08+ .26 RIORioTinto46.12-.93 RADRiteAid8.05-.05 ROKRockwlAut114.85-2.28 COLRockColl90.38+.18 ROGRogers77.96-.51 ROPRoper166.79-.56 ROSERosettaR18.38+.37 ROVIRovi Corp21.73-1.12 RDCRowan20.55+.03 RYRoyalBk g 62.01+.17 RCLRylCarb80.39+.73 RDS/BRoyDShllB65.97-.34 RDS/ARoyDShllA62.92-.38 RYLR y land45.51+.42 S-T-U STBAS&T Bcp28.88-.04 SCGS CANA55.18-.57 SLMS LM Cp9.46-.09 SMSM E nergy47.79+.12 DIAS pdrDJIA180.78-1.0 9 GLDS pdrGold115.11-.36 SPYS&P500ETF210.23-.89 CWBS pdrBarcCv47.61-.22 JNKS pdrLehHY39.40-.06 XOPS pdrOGEx50.86+.27 STMS TMicro9.27-.10 SBSSABESP5.40-.24 SBR S abnR44.52+.20 SAI AS aia Inc43.93-.44 JOES tJoe16.85-.20 CRM S alesforce64.88-2.0 7 SLXP S alixPhm157.13+.63 SBH S allyBty33.34-.56 SJTSJuanB13.70-.19 SNSanchezEn13.98+.97 S NDK S anDisk82.68+3.5 9 SD S andRdge1.74... SNYS anofi48.34+.26 SLBSchlmbrg85.14+.23 S CHWSchwab29.87-.08 BKHBlkHillsCp50.01+.26 BBR YB lackBerry10.84-.13 BMEBlkHlthSci43.00+.16 BX B lackstone38.61+.76 HRB B lockHR33.42-.29 BOBE B obEvans46.36 13.28 BA B oeing 1 54.35-1.2 2 BWAB orgWarn62.17-.80 SAMBostBeer261.62+2.7 5 BSXBostonSci16.79+.03 BYDBoydGm14.00-.32 BBEPBreitBurn7.81-.07 BGGBrigStrat20.39-.36 EATBrinker58.12-1.1 0 BMYBrMySq65.67+3.7 5 BTIBritATo b1 16.21-.02 B RCMBroadcom45.20-.23 B RCDBrcdeCm12.41+.02 BIPBrkfInfra44.53-1.3 1 BPLBuckeye76.70+.17 BWLDBuffaloWW187.43-2.6 3 CACA Inc31.91-.29 CBSC BS B 62.46-.34 CMSC MS Eng34.29+.05 CNHICNH I ndl8.13-.12 CSXC SX34.24+.12 CTICCTI B ioPh2 .46+ .04 CVRRCVR Rfng20.24+.34 CVSC VS Health103.08-.37 CYSC YS Invest9.08+.03 COGCabotO&G28.73-.46 CALMCal-Maine s 37.25-.54 CHYCalaCvHi14.85+.17 C AMPCalAmp19.02+.13 CCCCalgon20.77+.13 CRCCalifRes n7 .50.04 CWTCalifWtr24.54+.24 CPNCalpine20.76-.07 CLMTCalumetSp28.21+.02 CPTCamdenPT72.62-.51 CAMCameron48.10+1.87 CPBCampSp46.31-.64 CNICdnNR gs68.96+.56 CNQCdnNRs gs29.64+.07 CSIQCdnSolar30.18-.16 CSUCapSenL25.28-.06 CMOCapsteadM12.01+.03 C PSTCpstnTur h. 71-.01 CAHCardnlHlth89.03+.60 CFNCareFusion60.25+.12 CECOCareerEd6 .00+ .87 KMXCarMax64.69-2.70 C KECCarmike30.74-.13 CCLCarnival44.59-.10 CRSCarpTech40.95-.47 CRZOCarrizo48.86+1.11 CTLTCatalent n 29.77-.22 CATCaterpillar81.73-1.11 FUNCedarF55.76-.06 CELGCelgene s 119.57+1.10 CLDXCelldexTh29.30+2.93 CXCemex9.79-.19 CIGCemig pf4.06-.17 CVECenovusE17.83+.35 CNPCenterPnt20.74-.04 CENXCentAl16.51-3.28 CTLCntryLink36.25-.89 CVOCenveo2.15-.03 CERECeres h. 53+.08 CKPCheckpnt13.17-.28 CHFCChemFinl30.06-.28 LNGCheniereEn78.43-2.97 CHKChesEng15.49-.71 CVXChevron105.16... CBIChicB&I46.08-.36 CHSChicos17.98-.15 CIMChimera3 .16.02 CHDChurchDwt84.89-.60 CIENCienaCorp20.60-.15 CICigna121.86+.75 CBBCinciBell3.58+.09 CINFCinnFin52.37-.43 CRUSCirrus31.30+.44 CSCOCisco29.33-.21 CC itigroup53.67-.06 CTXSCitrixSys62.00-.43 CLNECleanEngy5.63-.06 CLFCliffsNRs6.72... CLXClorox109.93-.91 COHCoach41.95-.36 CIECobaltIEn10.15... KOCocaCola42.50-.45 CCECocaCE44.85-.75 CDECoeur5 .71.30 CTSHCognizTc s 62.06-.72 RQICohStQIR12.10-.04 PSFCohStSelPf26.67-.11 CLColgPalm70.68... COBKColonialFS13.50-.01 CMCSAComcast60.43+.47 CMAComerica45.68-.02 CYHCmtyHlt52.72+3.13 CYHHZCmtyHlt rt.02.00 CTGC mpTask7.34-.16 CRKComstkRs5 .40+ .09 CMTLComtech35.35-.14 CAGConAgra34.52-.44 C TWSConnWtrSv37.00-.15 COPConocoPhil64.25-.53 CNXConsolEngy30.29-1.49 CNSLConsolCom21.10-.12 EDConEd61.87-.30 CLRContlRes s 43.76+.15 CTBCooperTire38.26-.29 CSODCorOnDem31.64-.62 GLWCorning24.75+.15 CNDOCoronadoB3.23+.44 OFCCorpOffP29.17-.41 COSTCostco147.17-.20 C OTYCoty22.69-.05 DGAZ C SVInvNG7.02-.52 UGAZ C SVLgNGs2 .80+ .17 U WTI C SVLgCrde3.29+.26 XIVC SVelIVST33.17+.08 TVIX C SVixSht2 .01.02 CEQPCrestwdEq6 .37... CROXC rocs11.52+.22 CCKCrownHold52.32-.69 CMICummins143.95-1.41 CMLSCumMed3 .13.18 C YBECybrOpt9 .71+ .23 CYCC C yclacel h1 .10.32 CYCypSemi15.20+.04 CYTRCytRx3 .15+ .03 CYTC ytec s 52.19-.32 CYTXCytori h1 .14.06 D-E-F DNPDNP S elct10.49-.07 DHIDR Horton26.87+.30 DTED TE80.58-.14 DTZD TE En 6127.06+.05 DHRDanaher86.11-.94 DRIDarden62.89-1.00 A-B-C AES AES Corp12.75-.25 AF LA FLAC62.35+.07 GA SA GL Res47.94-.26 AKS AK Steel4.13+.07 ASMI ASM Intl46.85+1.2 3 TA T&T Inc34.00-.41 ABT A bbottLab47.01-.08 ABBV A bbVie60.27+.65 ANF AberFitc20.27-3.7 2 ACN Accenture90.91+.07 ARAY Accura y8 .65+ .06 A CHNAchillion11.63-.51 ACT Actavis296.14-.09 ATVI ActivsBliz22.93-.17 AEI SA d vEnId26.63-.08 AMD AMD3.05-.09 ABC OA dvisoryBd53.72-.16 AC MA ecom30.05-.09 AVAV AeroViron25.65-2.4 1 AEZS AEtern g h. 84+.11 AET Aetna101.75+1.9 6 AA gilent42.00-.26 AYR Aircastle23.15-.35 AR GA irgas116.14-.58 AKRX Akorn51.19+1.8 6 ALSK A laskCom1.69-.01 AL UA lcatelLuc3.83-.02 AA Alcoa14.59-.59 ALXN A lexion182.53+.02 BABA A libaba n 85.49+3.9 1 AT IA llegTch32.93-.32 AG NA llergan235.68+.82 AL EA llete52.76-.89 A RLP A llnceRs s 37.50-1.2 6 AC GA lliBInco7.56+.01 AB A lliBern28.50-.37 LNT A lliantEgy62.09-.55 M DRX A llscriptH12.32-.03 AL LA llstate69.50-.99 A LLY A llyFin n 20.87-.14 AN RA lphaNRs1.11-.02 AO DA lpTotDiv8.90-.03 AML PA lpAlerMLP16.90-.07 MO Altria55.79-.67 AMRN Amari n1 .69+ .15 AMBA Ambarella67.49+4.4 4 ABEV Ambev6.16-.15 AEE Ameren41.76-.43 AAL AmAirlines48.95+.18 AGNC A CapAgy21.38+.04 ACAS AmCapLtd14.88-.10 M TGE A CapMtg18.42+.09 AMZG AmEagE rs.22.14 AE OA EagleOut15.96+1.1 4 AEP AEP56.58-.15 AXP AmExp80.63-1.2 8 AIG AmIntlGrp55.38-.20 A RCP A RltCapPr10.10+.02 AWR AmStsWtr39.16+.01 AMT AmTower98.56+.28 AWK AmWtrWks53.43-.18 APU Amerigas48.76+.49 AMP Ameriprise133.62-.85 ABC AmeriBrgn103.48+.44 AME Ametek52.86-.68 AMGN Amgen159.19+.63 APH Amphenol s 58.24+.92 APC A nadarko83.35+.57 BUD ABInBev126.32+.05 ANN A nn Inc37.40+2.2 5 NLY A nnaly10.68+.08 ANTM Anthem146.55+.56 AN HA nworth5.24-.01 APA A pache66.53-.19 AINV A polloInv7.75-.06 AAPL A pple Inc s 128.54-.82 AMAT A pldMatl24.27-.22 WTR A quaAm26.29-.16 ARMK Aramark32.11-.36 A RCBArkBest40.03-.34 MT ArcelorMit10.66-.12 ACI ArchCoal1.15-.06 ADM ArchDan47.08-.44 A RNAArenaPhm4.32+.28 A RCCAresCap17.47... ARIA AriadP8.10+.15 ANET AristaNet n 67.42-1.9 7 A RRYArrayBi o8 .30+ .25 ARW ArrowEl63.27-.21 A RUNArubaNet24.40-.01 ASNA AscenaRtl13.38+.15 ASH Ashland128.67-.12 AZN AstraZen67.79-.49 ATML Atme l8 .82+ .20 AT OA TMOS53.12-.17 A TOSAtossaGe n2 .03+ .07 ADSK Autodesk62.52-.18 ATHM Autohome42.61+4.2 1 AD PA utoData86.58-2.1 3 AVGO AvagoTch129.40+1.1 8 AVY AveryD53.23-.03 CAR AvisBudg60.69-1.0 0 AVA Avista33.19-.37 AVP Avo n9 .10+ .28 AXPW AxionPw h. 24-.01 BBT BB&T Cp37.81-.36 BC EB CE g 44.41+.74 BGCP BGC Ptrs8.95-.19 BBL BHPBil plc48.50-.80 BP BP PLC41.53-.21 BPT BP Pru65.27-1.1 4 BIDU B aidu207.69+1.3 5 BH IB a krHu62.46-.19 BL LB allCorp71.30-1.0 0 B LDP B allardP w2 .27.06 BBD BcoBrad pf12.20-.52 SAN BcoSantSA7.20-.03 BKMU B ankMutl7.08-.01 BAC BkofAm15.84-.15 BMO BkMont g 61.32+.29 BK BkNYMel39.44-.21 BNS BkNova g 52.47-.23 OI LB a rcGSOil11.53+.35 BC SB a rclay16.03+.37 VXX B i PVixST27.22-.06 BC RB ard167.66+.48 BKS BarnesNob25.06-.07 ABX BarrickG12.15-.36 BAS BasicEnS v8 .04+ .39 BAX Baxter69.25-.17 BV Bazaarvce6.41-2.6 7 BZ HB eazerHm16.62+.11 BD XB ectDck148.36+2.1 0 BBBY B edBath74.36-.48 BMS Bemis48.24-.30 BRK/ BB e rkH B 144.92-1.0 1 BBY BestBuy39.79+.61 BI GB igLots47.41-.28 BIOC B iocept3.39+.01 B CRX B iocryst10.49+.43 B IIB B iogenIdc414.13+1.3 4 DOW 18,096.90-106.47NASDAQ 4,967.14-12.76S&P 500 2,098.53-9.2530-YR T-BONDS 2.72%...CRUDE OIL $51.53+1.01GOLD $1,200.60-3.406-MO T-BILLS .08%+.01 q q p p p p q q q q n n q q q q EURO $1.1074-.0104 Money&Markets 1,840 1,920 2,000 2,080 2,160 SOND JF 2,080 2,100 2,120 S&P 500Close: 2,098.53 Change: -9.25 (-0.4%) 10 DAYS 4,200 4,500 4,800 5,100 SOND JF 4,880 4,960 5,040 Nasdaq compositeClose: 4,967.14 Change: -12.76 (-0.3%) 10 DAYSAdvanced1194 Declined1911 New Highs107 New Lows37 Vol. (in mil. )3 ,327 Pvs. Volum e3 ,184 1,781 1,963 1110 1580 81 54 NYSE NASDDOW 18203.3718029.5018096.90-106.47-0.58%ts s+1.54% DOW Trans.9058.368963.119017.11-41.25-0.46%ts t-1.34% DOW Util. 587.19582.13584.10 -3.0 90.53%tt t-5.50% NYSE Comp.11018.8010941.1411004.68-46.54-0.42%ts s+1.53% NASDAQ 4973.334938.904967.14-12.76-0.26%rs s+4.88% S&P 500 2107.722087.622098.53 -9.2 50.44%ts s+1.92% S&P 400 1509.701496.991503.35 -6.3 80.42%ts s+3.51% Wilshire 500022255.7922048.8322158.52-97.27-0.44%ts s+2.26% Russell 20001232.621224.631230.73 -4.0 30.33%ts s+2.16%HIGH LOW C LOSE CHG. %CHG. WK MO QTR YTD StocksRecap Combined Stocks From the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. InterestratesThe yield on the 10-year Treasury held steady at 2.12 percent Wednesday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.NET 1YR TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG AGO 3.25 3.25 3.25 .13 .13 .13 PRIME RATE FED FUNDS 3-month T-bill.010 .01....05 6-month T-bill.080 .07+ 0.01.08 52-wk T-bill .260 .26....12 2-year T-not e. 660.68-0.0 2. 33 5-year T-not e1 .591 .610.02 1.54 10-year T-not e2 .122 .12...2.70 30-year T-bond2.722.72...3.65 NET 1YR BONDS YEST PVS CHG AGO Barclays LongT-BdId x2 .602 .59+ 0.013.43 Bond Buyer Muni Idx4 .284 .28...4.78 Barclays USAggregat e2 .232 .20+ 0.032.28 Barclays US High Yield 5.93 5.88+0.0 55 .17 Moodys AAA Corp Idx3 .733 .70+ 0.034.29 Barclays CompT-BdId x1 .911 .920.011.76 Barclays US Cor p3 .043 .01+ 0.033.01 Commodities Crude oil rose by more than $1 per barrel, its fourth gain in the last six days. The price of gold fell for a third straight day to settle at just above $1,200 per ounce.Crude Oil (bbl)51.5350.52+2.0 03.3 Ethanol (gal) 1.501.48...-7.8 Heating Oil (gal)1.901.94-1.9 7+ 3.0 Natural Gas (mm btu)2.772.71+2.1 04.2 Unleaded Gas (gal)1.931.95-1.2 4+ 34.2 FUELS C LOSEPVS. %CHG%YTD Gold (oz) 1200.601204.00-0.2 8+ 1.4 Silver (oz) 16.1316.26-0.7 8+ 3.6 Platinum (oz)1181.701189.60-0.6 62.3 Copper (lb) 2.68 2.67 +0.1 35.7 Palladium (oz)830.40831.15-0.0 9+ 4.0 METALS C LOSEPVS.%CHG%YTD Cattle (lb) 1.541.51+1.9 97.0 Coffee (lb) 1.341.26+6.1 819.5 Corn (bu) 3.823.82 -0.1 33. 9 Cotton (lb) 0.640.64-0.1 9+ 5.5 Lumber (1,000 bd ft)290.70294.40-1.2 612.2 Orange Juice (lb)1.181.16+1.3 715.7 Soybeans (bu)9.8910.09-1.9 63.0 Wheat (bu) 4.935.09-3.0 016.3 AGRICULTURE C LOSE PVS. %CHG%YTD USD per British Pound1.5261-.0105-.69%1.6674 Canadian Dollar1.2414-.0073-.59%1.1110 USD per Euro1.1074-.0104-.94%1.3735 Japanese Yen119.71+.02+.02%102.27 Mexican Peso15.0493+.0563+.37%13.2712 1YR. MAJORS C LOSE CHG %CHGAGO Israeli Shekel3.9900-.0009-.36%3.4880 Norwegian Krone7.7912-.0012-.93%6.0149 South African Rand11.7918-.0002-.24%10.7657 Swedish Krona8.3335-.0008-.67%6.4506 Swiss Franc .9629-.0019-.18%.8875 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST Australian Dollar1.2787+.0003+.02%1.1182 Chinese Yuan6.2715-.0070-.11%6.1433 Hong Kong Dollar7.7556+.0008+.01%7.7615 Indian Rupee62.280+.498+.80%61.850 Singapore Dollar1.3681+.0053+.39%1.2693 South Korean Won1101.15+3.1 1+ .28%1070.61 Taiwan Dollar31.44+.11+.35%30.33 ASIA/PACIFICForeign Exchange The dollar rallied against the euro and British pound, but it dipped against the Canadian dollar and was nearly flat against the Japanese yen. YEST6 MO AGO 1 YR AGO SALTScorpioBlk2.76+.06 S DRL S eadrillLtd10.80-.31 STXS eagateT58.08-.74 S HLD S earsHldgs38.86+.74 SSW S easpan19.00+.28 SRES empraEn107.91-.76 SNHS enHous22.18-.21 SHWS herwin285.91-.02 SFLS hipFin15.79-.13 SIDS iderurNac1.71... SLWS ilvWhtn g 19.90-.12 SPGSimonProp187.56-2.05 SIRISiriusXM3.94-.06 SKULSkullcandy10.45+.10 SWKSSkywksSol90.16+1.42 SWHCSmithWes14.34+1.29 SMSISmithMicro1.52-.01 SJMSmucker114.24+.12 SNAS napOn147.45-.47 SODA S odaStrm18.43+.17 S LRC S olarCap20.20-.26 SONS onocoP46.24-.39 SNES onyCp27.89+.06 SFUN S ouFun s6 .01.18 SORS ourcC70.98-.31 SJISoJerInd54.69-1.30 SO S outhnCo44.83-.32 LUVSwstAirl44.01+.05 SWNS wstnEngy24.90+.01 SSSSovranSS90.75-1.09 SE S pectraEn34.99-.33 SRCS piritRltC12.11-.11 SPLKS plunk63.67-2.01 SS print5.21-.03 XLBSP Matls51.37-.18 XLVSP HlthC72.58+.35 XLPSP CnSt49.56-.35 XLYSP Consum76.27-.40 XLESP E ngy78.65-.11 XLFSPDR Fncl24.31-.15 XLISP I nds57.20-.45 XLKSP Tech42.97-.17 XLUSP Util44.38-.25 SWKS t anBlkDk97.32-1.06 SPLSS t aples16.59-.22 SGUS tarGas7.54-.18 SBUXS tarbucks93.06-.94 HOTS tarwdHtl80.94-1.39 STTS tateStr75.13-.24 STOS tatoil ASA18.55-.07 STLDStlDynam18.45+.34 BEEStratHotels12.80-.18 SYKStryker92.37-.07 SPH S ubPpne44.19-.26 SUBKSuffolkBcp22.50-.11 SUIS unCmts67.04-.56 S NHY S unHydrl37.08-.55 SU S uncor g 30.14+.02 S UNE S unEdison22.40-.34 STIS unTrst40.96-.46 SPN S upEnrgy22.42+.40 SVU S upvalu10.18+.28 S WFT S wiftTrans28.06-.15 SYMCSymantec24.48-.29 SNVSynovus rs27.34-.13 SYYSysco38.81-.09 TMUS T -MobileUS32.68-.08 TALT AL Intl41.26-.64 TCPT C P pLn64.52-1.12 TETECO19.23-.05 TSMT aiwSemi24.33-.17 TLMT alismE g7 .74.01 TGTTarget77.72-.28 T ASR T ASER22.65+.72 TCOT aubmn72.29-.99 TCKT e ckRes g 15.02-.61 THCT enetHlth49.99+2.93 TENT enneco59.00-.57 TDCT eradata44.64+.59 TEXT erex26.34-.65 TNHT e rraNitro147.17+.46 TSLATeslaMot202.44+2.88 T EVATevaPhrm56.56+.10 TXNT exInst58.32-.25 TXRHTexRdhse36.57-.64 TGHTextainer31.50-.93 TXTT extron43.64-.24 TC T homCrk g1 .45.07 DDD3D Sys28.93-.32 MMM3M Co167.16-1.11 TIFT i ffany86.79-2.15 TWXTimeWarn83.08-.08 TKRT i mken42.55-.42 TIVOTiVo Inc11.56+.31 TMKT o rchmrk s 53.40-.56 TDTorDBk gs43.60+.20 TOTTotal SA52.82-.27 TMToyota135.52+.12 RIGT r ansocn16.60+.09 TRVT ravelers106.88-.52 TYTriContl21.97-.05 TYpT r iCntl pf50.40+.40 TSLT r inaSolar11.59+.51 TNETTriNet n 33.93-3.95 TRNT r inity s 32.78-.97 TBIT r ueBlue22.79-.37 TRST T rstNY6.74-.04 TUPT uppwre70.93-.18 FOXA21stCFoxA34.97-.67 TWTR T witter47.57-.14 TWO T woHrbInv10.41+.03 TYCT ycoIntl42.80-.32 TSNT yson41.40-.99 UDRUDR32.20-.02 UGIU GI Cp s 33.17-.26 UILU IL Hold50.62+.22 S LCAUS S ilica33.05-.45 UCTTUltraClean8.28-.08 UAUndArmr s 75.51-.93 UNFUniFirst118.33 -.44 UNUnilevNV43.46 -.18 UNPUnionPac s1 18.21 -.25 UNTUnit29.90+ .0 3 UALU t dContl68.67 -.33 UPSU PS B 100.42-1.0 8 URIUtdRentals92.34-1.9 7 USBU S B ancrp44.41 -.34 UNGUS NGas14.05 +.34 USOU S O ilFd19.01 +.52 XU SSteel23.24 +.57 UTXU tdTech121.04 -.66 UNHUtdhlthGp113.82 +.96 UVVUnvslCp48.10 +.28 UNMUnumGrp3 3.47 -.22 UECU r aniumEn1.46 +.16 V-W-X-Y-Z VFCV F Corp76.49 -.20 VALEV ale SA6.88 -.25 VALE/PV ale SA pf5.97 -.21 VRXV aleantPh203.15 +.54 VLOV aleroE59.08-1.0 0 VLYV lyNBcp9.61 -.06 VNQV angREIT82.89 -.80 VIGV angDivAp82.20 -.48 VWOV angEmg40.88 -.48 VGKV angEur55.30 -.20 VEA V angFTSE40.15 -.18 VVCVectren43.88 -.38 VEEV V eevaSys25.72-6.9 7 VTRV entas73.03 -.92 VRSNVerisign63.70 -.26 VZVerizonCm49.07 -.48 VIAB V iacomB70.86 -.62 VVI V iadCorp26.93 -.09 VIPS V ipshop s 24.49 -.16 VV isa273.75-1.5 5 VSHVishayInt14.29 -.07 VVUSV ivus2.98 +.19 VMWVMware86.08 +.11 VOYAVoyaFincl4 4.30 +.22 VMC V ulcanM84.60 -.17 WDFCWD 4083.08 +.28 WPCW P Carey68.74 -.51 WPXW PX E ngy11.11 +.43 WMTW alMart82.58 -.79 WBAW algBoots83.02 -.19 WREW REIT27.76 -.49 WMWsteMInc55.07 -.11 WATW aters120.24 +.71 WW ayfair n2 8.90+3.6 5 WFT W eathfIntl12.83 -.05 WBSW ebsterFn34.70 -.36 WTWWtWatc h9 .97.6 2 WRIW einRlt35.73 -.71 WFC W ellsFargo54.82 -.63 WENW endys Co11.02 +.02 WRWestarEn38.14 -.17 EMD W AstEMkt11.29 +.03 WIAW AstInfSc11.63 +.02 WDCW Digital105.36 -.21 WUWstnUnion19.65 -.07 WBKW estpacBk29.72 -.16 WYWeyerhsr34.27 -.54 WHRW hrlpl 2 11.49-2.9 8 WWA VW hiteWave42.48+1.1 5 WLLW hitingPet34.54 +.84 WFM W holeFood55.34 -.19 WMBW msCos48.90.2 5 WPZW illmsPtrs50.56 -.09 WINW indstr m7 .79+ .0 2 WECW i scEngy49.94 -.73 HEDJWT EurHdg64.56+ .3 7 DXJW TJpHedg53.78 -.11 EPIWT I ndia23.99 -.33 WWD W oodward48.63 +.09 W DAYWorkday82.64-5.4 8 WWE W ldW Ent17.16 -.10 WYNNWynn138.82-1.2 6 XLXL Grp36.65 +.43 XELXcelEngy34.58 -.11 XRXX erox13.37 -.06 X LNX X ilinx41.05 -.56 Y RCW Y RC W wde18.72 +.35 YHOO Y ahoo43.9 9+ 1.37 AUYY amana g4 .12.0 4 Y NDX Y andex15.76 -.19 YORWYorkWater22.72 -.32 YUMY u mBrnds80.08-1.4 3 ZAGG Z agg8.47 +.14 ZZ illowGp112.96+1.2 9 ZMHZ i mmer1 18.76 -.29 Z ION Z ionsBcp27.24 +.24 Z IOPZiopharm13.34 +.85 ZTS Z oetis46.23 -.31 ZF Z weigFd15.71 -.08 ZNGAZynga2.39 +.04 Stock Footnotes: Stock Footnotes: cld Issue has been called fo r redemption by company. d New 52-week low. ec Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging Company Marketplace. g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stoc k issue. pr Preferences. pp Holder owes installments of purchas e price. rt Right to buy security at a specified price. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year . s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi Trades will be settled when the stock is issued. wd When distributed. wt Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock. u New 52-week high. un Unit,, including more than one security. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankrupt cy law. Appears in front of the name. Stocks in bold are worth at least $5 and changed 5 percent or more in price. Underlining for 50 most actively traded stocks of the day. Dividend Footnotes: a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulativ e issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes: q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months. Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during th e week. S ource :M orningstar and t he Associated Press. T kr Name L ast Chg STOCKS LISTING CHANGE REQUESTS WELCOME!The Sun Newspaper is tweaking the way stocks are listed in the daily paper. We will continue to run a wide range of stocks, but we’re trying to eliminate stocks our readers don’t want. If you do not see your stock in the paper, please let us know and we will put it in the listings. Email the name of the company and the symbol to, or call 941-206-1138. You can leave the stock name and symbol on voice mail.


Page 8 WIRE The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 WEATHER Port Charlotte Tampa Bradenton Englewood Fort Myers Myakka City Punta Gorda Lehigh Acres Arcadia Hull Bartow Winter Haven Plant City Brandon St. Petersburg Wauchula Sebring Lake Wales Frostproof La Belle Felda Lake Placid Brighton Venus Longboat Key Placida Osprey Limestone Apollo Beach Venice Ft. Meade Sarasota Clearwater Boca Grande Cape Coral 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Source : 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.The higher the UV Index number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive AccuWeather. com composite of effective temperature based on eight weather factors.UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today Precipitation (in inches)Temperatures Gulf Water Temperature Source : National Allergy BureauPunta Gorda Englewood Boca Grande El Jobean Venice High Low High Low Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland direction in knots in feet chop City Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W WORLD CITIESCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W FLORIDA CITIES CONDITIONS TODAY TIDES AIR QUALITY INDEX POLLEN INDEX Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. ALMANAC Sanibel Bonita Springs Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows. North Port MARINE THE NATION Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Fronts Precipitation -10s-0s0s10s20s30s40s50s60s70s80s90s100s110sU.S. ExtremesThe Sun Rise Set The Moon Rise SetPossible weather-related delays today. Check with your airline for the most updated schedules. Hi/Lo Outlook Delays Minor Major Minor MajorThe solunar period schedule allows planning days so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during those times. Major periods begin at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours. The minor periods are shorter. AIRPORT SUN AND MOON SOLUNAR TABLE Publication date: 03/5/15698289908378 TODAY Some sun; fog, warm84 / 6510% chance of rainPartial sunshine82 / 6130% chance of rain FRIDAY Variably cloudy; a shower possible80 / 6330% chance of rain SATURDAY Partly sunny; a passing shower82 / 6430% chance of rain SUNDAY Variable clouds83 / 6430% chance of rain MONDAYAir Quality Index readings as of WednesdayMain pollutant: particulatesForecasts and graphics, except for the WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by AccuWeather, Inc. Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Wednesday24 hours through 5 p.m. Wednesday 0.00” Month to date 0.36” Normal month to date 0.39” Year to date 4.59” Normal year to date 4.62” Record 0.75” (2001) High/Low 85/59 Normal High/Low 79/56 Record High 88 (1997) Record Low 32 (1980) Today Fri. Today Fri. Today Fri.Apalachicola 74 50 r 58 45 c Bradenton 80 65 pc 78 60 c Clearwater 80 65 pc 73 59 c Coral Springs 85 69 pc 84 69 pc Daytona Beach 84 61 pc 69 53 sh Fort Lauderdale 82 71 pc 83 70 s Fort Myers 85 67 s 83 64 c Fort Pierce 85 64 pc 80 65 sh Gainesville 83 58 r 62 45 sh Jacksonville 85 53 r 53 40 sh Key Largo 82 72 s 82 71 pc Key West 82 73 s 81 71 s Kissimmee 86 65 pc 78 57 c Lakeland 85 65 pc 80 57 c Melbourne 85 67 pc 77 63 c Miami 85 71 pc 84 70 pc Naples 84 66 s 82 65 pc Ocala 84 61 pc 69 51 c Okeechobee 85 64 pc 81 64 pc Orlando 87 65 pc 78 56 c Panama City 71 45 r 54 41 c Pensacola 67 35 r 54 38 c Pompano Beach 83 72 pc 84 70 pc St. Augustine 82 59 c 59 46 sh St. Petersburg 81 65 pc 76 59 c Sanford 86 63 pc 74 54 c Sarasota 79 64 pc 78 61 sh Tallahassee 77 50 r 56 38 c Tampa 81 66 pc 77 58 c Titusville 83 65 pc 72 61 c Vero Beach 85 65 pc 80 66 c West Palm Beach 84 70 pc 84 70 pc Winter Haven 87 65 pc 81 57 cToday 2:32a 9:29a 3:22p 9:25p Fri. 3:06a 9:51a 3:35p 9:59p Today 1:09a 7:45a 1:59p 7:41p Fri. 1:43a 8:07a 2:12p 8:15p Today 12:14a 6:06a 1:04p 6:02p Fri. 12:48a 6:28a 1:17p 6:36p Today 3:04a 9:58a 3:54p 9:54p Fri. 3:38a 10:20a 4:07p 10:28p Today 12:14p 6:24a 11:58p 6:20p Fri. 12:27p 6:46a --6:54p SSE 7-14 1-2 Light S 6-12 1-3 Light 84/65 87/64 87/66 87/66 86/65 86/65 86/64 86/64 87/64 81/66 80/65 82/70 81/65 85/67 84/64 85/65 87/66 84/65 85/65 86/65 87/65 85/65 85/66 81/65 85/65 78/66 82/65 80/65 86/64 82/66 80/65 86/64 79/64 80/65 80/69 85/66 85/6670 Pollen Index readings as of Wednesday Today Fri. Today Fri. Today Fri. Today Fri.Albuquerque 49 25 s 57 29 s Anchorage 41 32 sf 40 36 sf Atlanta 54 32 r 47 32 pc Baltimore 33 11 sn 26 10 s Billings 44 31 pc 51 28 pc Birmingham 40 24 r 47 27 pc Boise 57 30 s 60 33 s Boston 28 13 sn 26 17 s Buffalo 13 2 sf 19 17 pc Burlington, VT 19 -3 c 23 13 pc Charleston, WV 25 8 sn 32 19 pc Charlotte 59 29 r 43 26 s Chicago 14 2 s 26 21 pc Cincinnati 22 -3 pc 29 21 s Cleveland 17 -3 s 24 19 s Columbia, SC 74 36 r 44 28 pc Columbus, OH 21 -5 sn 25 18 s Concord, NH 26 3 c 26 9 s Dallas 37 21 s 45 27 s Denver 39 21 s 49 21 pc Des Moines 19 15 s 42 29 s Detroit 20 4 s 22 19 pc Duluth 14 5 pc 30 19 c Fairbanks 37 21 c 32 24 sf Fargo 20 13 pc 35 24 c Hartford 26 4 sn 28 12 s Helena 48 28 pc 53 31 pc Honolulu 79 68 sh 77 67 c Houston 45 29 c 54 34 pc Indianapolis 19 -4 pc 25 22 s Jackson, MS 37 22 i 45 24 s Kansas City 29 21 s 50 32 s Knoxville 35 18 sn 37 21 pc Las Vegas 65 43 s 71 47 s Los Angeles 76 52 s 81 52 s Louisville 27 8 pc 32 21 s Memphis 28 12 sn 32 21 s Milwaukee 15 5 s 28 24 c Minneapolis 14 8 s 34 24 c Montgomery 62 30 r 52 29 pc Nashville 30 13 sn 33 21 s New Orleans 61 34 r 52 40 c New York City 29 15 sn 26 20 s Norfolk, VA 39 21 i 28 19 s Oklahoma City 37 20 s 49 27 s Omaha 33 22 s 52 29 s Philadelphia 32 12 sn 29 15 s Phoenix 73 49 s 77 54 s Pittsburgh 19 0 sn 25 17 pc Portland, ME 28 4 c 24 13 s Portland, OR 61 36 pc 64 39 pc Providence 28 9 sn 26 13 s Raleigh 54 23 sn 36 22 s Salt Lake City 47 29 s 53 30 s St. Louis 21 11 pc 41 32 s San Antonio 44 30 c 51 38 pc San Diego 72 51 s 77 51 s San Francisco 69 48 s 69 48 s Seattle 55 40 pc 58 41 c Washington, DC 33 17 sn 32 18 s Amsterdam 47 38 pc 48 39 pc Baghdad 72 44 s 73 46 s Beijing 47 27 pc 52 31 s Berlin 44 28 pc 46 34 pc Buenos Aires 80 66 s 81 68 s Cairo 72 53 s 78 55 pc Calgary 43 26 pc 48 20 pc Cancun 86 70 pc 87 69 pc Dublin 50 40 c 51 46 c Edmonton 37 28 c 39 21 sf Halifax 31 5 c 20 15 pc Kiev 40 30 pc 41 29 pc London 52 38 pc 53 43 pc Madrid 57 31 s 63 34 s Mexico City 78 45 pc 74 47 pc Montreal 14 -3 s 19 12 pc Ottawa 13 -6 s 19 12 pc Paris 49 31 pc 50 33 c Regina 25 15 pc 34 26 pc Rio de Janeiro 91 75 s 92 76 pc Rome 50 42 sh 53 40 pc St. John’s 31 5 sn 13 5 pc San Juan 83 74 s 84 74 s Sydney 80 61 s 82 66 s Tokyo 53 40 c 48 41 pc Toronto 16 0 sf 23 16 pc Vancouver 50 38 c 52 37 c Winnipeg 16 12 c 29 14 sf 83/65High ...... 88 at Fernandina Beach, FLLow ....... -23 at Lake Yellowstone, WYFt. Myers 85/67 sun none Punta Gorda 85/65 part cldy morning Sarasota 79/64 part cldy none Full Mar 5 Last Mar 13 New Mar 20 First Mar 27 Today 6:40 p.m. 6:35 a.m. Friday 7:31 p.m. 7:10 a.m. Today 6:49 a.m. 6:31 p.m. Friday 6:48 a.m. 6:32 p.m. Today 5:01a 11:11a 5:22p 11:33p Fri. 5:44a 11:55a 6:05p ---Sat. 6:29a 12:25a 6:50p 12:40p(For the 48 contiguous states yesterday) MONTHLY RAINFALLMonth 2015 2014 Avg. Record/YearJan. 0.64 3.67 1.80 7.07/1979 Feb. 3.59 1.24 2.43 11.05/1983 Mar. 0.36 5.10 3.28 9.26/1970 Apr. 2.00 2.03 5.80/1994 May 3.68 2.50 9.45/1991 Jun. 6.34 8.92 23.99/1974 Jul. 5.21 8.22 14.22/1995 Aug. 7.06 8.01 15.60/1995 Sep. 11.40 6.84 14.03/1979 Oct. 1.67 2.93 10.88/1995 Nov. 4.60 1.91 5.53/2002 Dec. 0.15 1.78 6.83/2002 Year 4.59 52.12 50.65 (since 1931)Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. adno=50480325


SPORTSThursday, March 5, 2015 @ S unCoastSports SunCoastSportsNow .com Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence INDEX | Lottery 2 | NBA 2 | Auto racing 2 | Golf 2 | Scoreboard 3 | NHL 3 | College basketball 3 | Quick hits 3 | Snowbird Classic 3 | Baseball 4 PORT CHARLOTTE — Alex Cobb can remember watching James Shields and David Price congratulate each other every time one of them was named the Tampa Bay Rays’ opening day starter, a role one of the pair lled every season since 2008. This year, Cobb is the one getting the congratulations. Manager Kevin Cash announced Cobb will get the ball on opening day against the Baltimore Orioles on April 6, giving the Rays just their fourth different opening day starter in the past 10 seasons. Chris Archer and Drew Smyly will start the second and third games of the season against the Orioles, respectively, and Jake Odorizzi will start the series-open er against the Miami Marlins on April 10. The fth starter won’t be decided until later in the spring. “Joy,” Cobb said of his reaction to the news. “There’s a lot of things on your short list of career highlights that you can say you’ve done. Obviously, being in the World Series and winning the World Series is at the top. Being an Opening Day starter falls somewhat shorter than that, but it’s right up on that list.” Cobb, who will make his spring debut on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, gets the nod after going 10-9 with a 2.87 ERA and a career-high 149 strikeouts for the Rays last season. At 27 years old, Cobb — who is the oldest pitcher of the 12 starters on the 40-man roster — will be Cobb gets the call for openerBy JOSH VITALESPORTS WRITER MLB: Tampa BayArcher, Smyly to follow in Rays’ pitching rotationSUN PHOTO BY KATHERINE GODINA Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb works with the catchers during the rst practice on Feb. 23 at Charlotte Sports Park. Rays manager Kevin Cash named Cobb the opening day starter on Wednesday, Tampa Bay’s fourth dierent opening day starter in the past 10 years. SPRING TRAINING GUIDEWHAT: Spring training opener WHO: Baltimore at Tampa Bay TODAY’S PITCHERS: Wei-Yin Chen vs. Nathan Karns WHEN: Today, 1:05 p.m. WHERE: Charlotte Sports Park, Port CharlotteIN TODAY’S PAPERThe Sun publishes its annual Rays spring training preview section to coincide with the Grapefruit League opener.COBB | 4 AP PHOTONew York Yankees inelder Alex Rodriguez waves as a fan calls out his name during batting practice before an exhibition spring training game against Philadelphia on Wednesday in Tampa. TAMPA — Alex Rodriguez returned to the New York Yankees after an absence of more than 17 months, lining a single into short left eld in his rst at-bat and going 1 for 2 with a walk in a 3-1 spring-training loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday. Greeted by a 10-second mix of boos and cheers from the crowd of 9,673 as he stepped into the batter’s box for his rst game following a one-year drug suspension, Rodriguez was wearing the Yankees’ white uniform with pinstripes for the team’s exhibition season home opener rather than the usual dark blue jersey used in exhibition games. “Once you hit rock bottom, any time you hear a few cheers these days is a pleasant surprise,” he said. Rodriguez swung at the rst four of 10 pitches he saw in three plate appear ances. Batting second as New York’s designated hitter, he swung past a pair of 91 mph pitches from Philadelphia’s Kevin Slowey in the rst inning. “I felt like I was swinging under water,” he said. “I was like, man, it’s been a A-Rod a hit in spring return By RONALD BLUMASSOCIATED PRESSRodriguez comes back to cheers, boos MLB: New York YankeesA-ROD | 4 Bigness, Mantas topple VerotBy CHARLES BALLAROSUN CORRESPONDENTFORT MYERS — The Lemon Bay High School baseball team chose the right time to put every thing together. The Manta Rays got the big two-out knocks, played great defense and got stellar pitching as they held on to defeat Bishop Verot 3-1 Wednesday at Swanson Field in a non-district game. Luke Conklin had a two-out, two-run double in the second inning that proved to be the game winning hit, while Alec Bigness kept the Vikings at bay on the hill for 523 innings. Lemon Bay coach Casey Hanrahan said he was the big reason for the win. “I can’t say enough good things about Alec. He works hard and keeps his composure on the mound,” Hanrahan said. “He was on tonight.” Bigness wasn’t over powering, as he allowed six hits, two walks and a hit batter. But he was able to dodge in and out of trouble by throwing the big pitch when he had to, as evidenced by the Vikings stranding 10 runners. Lemon Bay (4-6) took control in the second as Zach Pellicotti and Matt Molinari singled and were balked over by Verot starter Patrick Banick to put them both in scoring position. After two strikeouts, Conklin blasted one into deep left center for a double to make it 2-0. Thaddeus Ward drove home Anthony Tejada in the bottom of the second to bring Bishop Verot (6-3) to within one, but Bigness put the clamps on after that. “It was big for us to get those runs early so I can PREP BASEBALL: Lemon Bay 3, Bishop Verot 1 MANTAS | 2 UP NEXTLemon Bay: Vs. DeSoto County, Saturday, 1 p.m. AP PHOTODenver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning passes against the Bualo Bills last year during a game in Denver. A person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press that Manning will return for a fourth season in Denver and 18th in the NFL.ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Hold that gold watch. Peyton Manning is taking one more shot at the silver trophy. Weeks of speculation about the ve-time MVP’s future ended Wednesday with word that he’s returning for an 18th season in the NFL and fourth in Denver. A person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press that Manning will take a $4 million pay cut, from $19 million to $15 million, but that he can make it all back through performance incentives. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because there was no ofcial announcement of the deal. Manning, who is still scheduled to make $19 million in 2016 in the nal season of the ve-year contract he signed in 2012, will take his physical and sign his revised contract Thursday. Manning mulled retirement after the Broncos’ playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts. But he determined he still had the health and hunger to keep playing at age 39, when he tries to become the oldest QB to win a Super Bowl. “We’re just excited to have him back,” Pro Bowl running back C.J. Anderson told the AP. “Of course, he just wants Source: Manning to return after agreeing to pay cutBy ARNIE STAPLETONASSOCIATED PRESS NFL MANNING | 2


Page 2 SP The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 | THIS WEEK ON TRACKNASCAR SPRINT CUPKOBALT 400 Site: Las Vegas Motor Speedway (oval, 1.5 miles), Las Vegas. Schedule: Friday, practice (Fox Sports 1, 3-4:30 p.m.), qualifying (Fox Sports 1, 7:30-9 p.m.); Saturday, practice (Fox Sports 2, 11:30-12:30 p.m.; Fox Sports 1, 2:30-3:30 p.m.); Sunday, race, 3:30 p.m. (Fox, 3-7 p.m.). Race distance: 400.5 miles, 267 laps. Last year: Brad Keselowski surged ahead on the final lap when Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran out of fuel. Kese lowski also won the Xfinity race for his first weekend sweep. Fast facts: David Ragan is taking Kyle Busch’s spot in Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 18 Toyota. Busch broke his right leg and left foot in a wreck in the Xfinity race at Daytona. ... Brian Vickers is returning to Michael Waltrip Racing’s No. 55 Toyota, three months after corrective heart surgery. Next race: 500, March 15, Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale, Arizona. Online: www.nascar.comXFINITYBOYD GAMING 300 Site: Las Vegas Motor Speedway (oval, 1.5 miles), Las Vegas. Schedule: Friday, practice (Fox Sports 1, 4:30-5:30 p.m., 6-7:30 p.m.); Saturday, qualifying (Fox Sports 2, 12:30-2 p.m.), race, 4 p.m. (Fox Sports 1, 3:30-6:30 p.m.). Race distance: 300 miles, 200 laps. Last year: Brad Keselowski overcame electrical trouble to win. He also won the Sprint Cup race. Fast facts: The race is the third of the year. Tyler Reddick won the opener at Daytona. ... Denny Hamlin is driving Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 54 Toyota in place of the injured Kyle Busch. ... Dale Earnhardt Jr. is racing in the No. 88 Chevrolet. Next race: Axalta Faster Tougher Brighter 200, March 14, Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale, Arizona.. Online: www.nascar.comCAMPING WORLD TRUCKSNext race: Kroger 250, March 28, Martinsville Speedway, Martinsville, Virginia. Online: www.nascar.comNHRA MELLO YELLO DRAG RACINGNext race: Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals, March 13-15, AutoPlus Raceway, Gainesville, Florida. Online: www.nhra.comOTHER RACES World of Outlaws: Sprint Car: FVP Outlaw Showdown, Thursday, The Dirt Track at Las Vegas, Las Vegas; NAPA Wildcat Shootout, Saturday, USA Raceway, Tucson, Arizona. Online: — Associated Press Florida CASH 3March 4N .....................................3-3-7 March 4D ......................................0-9-3 March 3N .....................................8-2-9 March 3D ......................................5-5-5 March 2N .....................................7-4-9 March 2D ......................................8-4-7 D-Day, N-Night PLAY 4March 4N ..................................5-3-2-8 March 4D ...................................2-2-5-2 March 3N ..................................1-8-3-2 March 3D ...................................0-1-3-2 March 2N ..................................2-2-8-3 March 2D ...................................8-0-3-2 D-Day, N-Night FANTASY 5March 4 ..........................8-19-21-25-32 March 3 ..........................8-22-27-29-33 March 2 ............................3-5-10-16-27PAYOFF FOR MARCH 34 5-digit winners ...............$58,758.40 357 4-digit winners .....................$106 10,583 3-digit winners ..................$10 LUCKY MONEYMarch 3 ...............................4-24-41-42 Lucky Ball ............................................9 Feb. 27 ................................1-27-36-41 Lucky Ball ............................................7PAYOFF FOR MARCH 30 4-of-4 LB ........................ $1.7 Million 14 4-of-4 ......................................$560 40 3-of-4 LB ............................$429.50 785 3-of-4 ......................................$64 LOTTOMarch 4 ....................5-19-23-31-44-46 Feb. 28 .....................2-12-13-14-37-47PAYOFF FOR FEB. 280 6-digit winners ........................$18M 24 5-digit winners ....................$5,747 1,630 4-digit winners ....................$73 POWERBALLMarch 4 ..........................8-12-15-35-50 Powerball ..........................................32 Feb. 28 .........................11-17-25-28-46 Powerball ..........................................12PAYOFF FOR FEB. 280 5 of 5 + PB ...............................$80M 0 5 of 5 ...............................$1,000,000 4 4 of 5 + PB ............................$10,000 80 4 of 5 ......................................$100ESTIMATED JACKPOT $90 million MEGA MILLIONSMarch 3 ..........................9-11-42-44-50 Mega Ball ............................................3 Feb. 27 ...........................7-49-53-60-64 Mega Ball ............................................4PAYOFF FOR MARCH 30 5 of 5 + MB ..............................$15M 0 5 of 5 ...............................$1,000,000 0 4 of 5 + MB ............................$5,000 10 4 of 5 ......................................$500ESTIMATED JACKPOT $20 million Contact usM ark Lawrence Sports Editor Rob Shore Staff writer Josh Vitale Staff writer jvitale@sun-herald.comEMAIL: FAX: 941-629-2085 SunCoast Sports NowWhen news breaks, we blog it at Like us and share our photos on Facebook: SunCoastSports Follow us on Twitter for live event updates and breaking news: @SunCoastSports Corrections It is the Sun’s policy to correct all errors of fact. To report an error, call the sports department at 941-206-1175 or email to Submit a story idea: Email or call Mark Lawrence 941-206-1175. Email or voice message must contain name, address and phone number. Submit local golf scores: Email scores to Scores appear in the weekly Heralds. Report a high school result: Call 877-818-6204 or 941-206-1126 by 10:30 p.m. the day the event is held. GARAGESALELISTINGSALW AY SI NTHECLASSIFIEDS NBA ROUNDUP MIAMI — Dwyane Wade scored 25 points and added six assists, Hassan Whiteside grabbed 25 rebounds and the Miami Heat rallied to beat the Los Angeles Lakers 100-94 on Wednesday night. Wade’s last two assists set up Whiteside for crucial scores in the nal moments. The Heat held on to the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race and posted two straight home wins for the rst time in more than four months. Goran Dragic scored 21 points and Whiteside nished with 18 for the Heat, who got 15 from Luol Deng and won for just the fth time in 26 games when trailing at halftime.HEAT 100, LAKERS 94 L.A. LAKERS (94) Boozer 5-11 3-4 13, Kelly 1-2 1-2 4, Sacre 1-3 0-0 2, Clarkson 3-11 3-4 10, Ellington 6-15 0-0 14, W.Johnson 5-10 0-0 12, Lin 5-12 1-2 12, Davis 7-10 0-1 14, Hill 5-14 3-4 13. Totals 38-88 11-17 94. MIAMI (100) Deng 5-11 5-6 15, Haslem 1-4 0-0 2, Wh iteside 6-10 6-13 18, G.Dragic 6-10 8-8 21, Wade 7-17 11-12 25, Walker 3-10 0-0 8, Chalmers 1-3 0-0 2, T.Johnson 0-0 1-2 1, Andersen 2-8 0-0 4, Beasley 1-6 2-2 4. Totals 32-79 33-43 100. L.A. Lakers 25 26 22 21 — 94 Miami 28 18 30 24 — 100 3-Point Goals—L.A. Lakers 7-18 (W.Johnson 2-4, Ellington 2-4, Kelly 1-1, Clarkson 1-4, Lin 1-4, Hill 0-1), Miami 3-16 (Walker 2-6, G.Dragic 1-2, Andersen 0-1, Chalmers 0-1, Beasley 0-2, Deng 0-4). Fouled Out— None. Rebounds—L.A. Lakers 47 (Davis 12), Miami 66 (Whiteside 25). Assists—L.A. Lakers 23 (Lin 9), Miami 16 (G.Dragic, Wade 6). Total Fouls—L.A. Lakers 26, Miami 15. Technicals— Whiteside. A— 19,600 (19,600).Suns 105, Magic 100: In Orlando, Brandon Knight had 28 points and seven assists in his best game for Phoenix, and the Suns overcame a 15-point deficit to beat Orlando. Victor Oladipo led the Magic with a career-high 38 points. Nik Vucevic added 18 points.Suns 105, Magic 100PHOENIX (105) Tucker 7-10 4-5 19, Mark.Morris 11-17 1-2 23, Len 1-5 0-0 2, Bledsoe 3-7 6-6 13, Knight 7-15 10-12 28, Wright 2-6 0-0 4, Marc.Morris 2-8 2-2 7, Goodwin 1-4 0-0 3, Warren 2-5 0-0 4, Thornton 1-2 0-0 2. Totals 37-79 2327 105. ORLANDO (100) Harris 5-8 0-0 11, Dedmon 3-3 2-3 8, Vucev ic 8-16 2-2 18, Payton 4-11 1-2 9, Oladipo 15-25 4-4 38, A.Gordon 0-1 0-0 0, W.Green 1-8 0-0 2, Frye 1-4 2-2 4, Harkless 0-2 0-0 0, B.Gordon 1-3 0-0 2, Nicholson 3-6 2-2 8. To tals 41-87 13-15 100. Phoenix 22 21 34 28 — 105 Orlando 25 27 17 31 — 100 3-Point Goals—Phoenix 8-21 (Knight 4-9, Bledsoe 1-1, Tucker 1-2, Goodwin 1-3, Marc. Morris 1-3, Thornton 0-1, Mark.Morris 0-2), Orlando 5-20 (Oladipo 4-8, Harris 1-3, Payton 0-1, B.Gordon 0-2, Harkless 0-2, W.Green 0-2, Frye 0-2). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds— Phoenix 43 (Bledsoe 7), Orlando 51 (Dedmon 8). Assists—Phoenix 22 (Bledsoe 9), Orlando 21 (Payton 10). Total Fouls—Phoenix 15, Or lando 26. A— 15,822 (18,500).Cavaliers 120, Raptors 112: In Toronto, LeBron James scored 29 points and matched a season high with 14 assists, Kevin Love had 22 points and 10 rebounds and Cleveland held on late to beat Toronto. Celtics 85, Jazz 84: In Boston, Tyler Zeller banked in a shot from under the basket as time expired to lift Boston past Utah. Hornets 115, Nets 91: In New York, Al Jefferson and Gerald Henderson each scored 19 points, Marvin Williams had 18 and Charlotte routed Brooklyn in a key matchup in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Pacers 105, Knicks 82: In Indianapolis, George Hill scored a season-high 21 points, and Rodney Stuckey had 17 to help Indiana rout New York. Pelicans 88, Pistons 85: In New Orleans, Anthony Davis had 39 points, 13 rebounds and eight blocks in his first game back from a right shoulder sprain, and New Orleans won for the sixth time in seven games. Grizzlies 102, Rockets 100: In Houston, Marc Gasol made a jumper with 0.1 seconds left to lift Memphis past Houston. With the game tied, Gasol blocked James Harden’s layup with 6.4 seconds left to give the Grizzlies the ball back for his winner. Gasol finished with 21 points. Nuggets 100, Timberwolves 85: In Minneapolis, Kenneth Faried had 18 points and 14 rebounds to help Denver win its second straight since firing coach Brian Shaw. Thunder 123, 76ers 118, OT: In Oklahoma City, Russell Westbrook set career highs with 49 points and 16 rebounds, and added 10 assists for his fourth consecutive triple-double, helping Oklahoma City defeat Philadelphia. Westbrook became the first player since Michael Jordan in 1989 to post at least four consecutive triple-doubles.Wade, Heat defeat LakersBY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HEAT AT WIZARDSWHO: Miami (26-34) at Wash ington (34-27) WHEN: Friday, 7 p.m. WHERE: Verizon Center, city Washington TV: Sun SportsKINGS AT MAGICWHO: Sacramento (21-38) at Orlando (19-43) WHEN: Friday, 7 p.m. WHERE: Amway Center, Orlando TV: Fox Sports Florida AP PHOTOAdam Scott watches his tee shot on the eighth hole during a practice round for the Cadillac Championship in Doral on Wednesday. GOLF: Cadlllac ChampionshipDORAL — The year isn’t all that’s new for Adam Scott. He makes his 2015 debut at the Cadillac Championship with a new caddie he hired at the end of last year. He has a new daughter born last month. And what grabbed even more attention was the new putter he plans to use at Doral. Scott had enough time off during the nal months of his wife’s pregnancy that he began tinkering with a conventional putter, which he last used in competition at the Sony Open just over four years ago. He switched to a long putter, and since then has won the Masters and reached No. 1 in the world. A new rule on anchoring that takes effect in 2016 means a change was going to be inevitable. “Thinking a little more objectively about it at the back end of last year, I thought because I do have to make an adjustment by the end of this year, if I’m going to spend some time doing it I should try and start now and maybe nd the best solution,” Scott said. “I’ve putted lots of different ways at home, and probably going to putt with a shorter putter this week. It’s been feeling good. It’s not that big a deal. I did it for a long time that way.” Scott has gone nearly three months since he last competed and was runner-up at the Australian PGA Championship. He is keeping expectations at a minimum at a World Golf Championship that has brought together all the top 50 in the world ranking. It’s the rst time everyone in the top 50 has been together since the 2012 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island.By DOUG FERGUSONASSOCIATED PRESSFormer world No. 1 likely to go back shorter putterScott ready for season of change CADILLAC CHAMPIONSHIPWHEN: Today-Sunday WHERE: Trump National Doral, Blue Monster (7,528 yards, par 72) TV: Golf Channel, NBC to go out there and win that ring. And we’re just trying to go out there and help him win it. ... If he said he’s mentally and physically ready to play, that doesn’t mean it’s at a subpar level. It means it’s at a high level.” Manning, who won a title with the Colts in 2006, met with general manager John Elway a few weeks ago after taking some time to decompress from an arduous season and told him he wasn’t ready to retire. Reminiscent of Brett Favre’s annual irtations with retirement, however, this saga dragged on as the Broncos and Manning’s agent Tom Condon reworked the quarterback’s contract. The $4 million savings won’t drastically change Denver’s free agency plans. It gives Elway about $20 million to work with, but much of that will go to his own restricted free agents. After dealing with a nagging thigh injury that hampered his perfor mance down the stretch, Manning worked out this offseason in New Orleans with physical trainer Mackie Shilstone, renowned for helping athletes extend the twilight of their careers. On Feb. 12, Manning ew to Denver in team owner Pat Bowlen’s jet to meet with Elway, CEO Joe Ellis and new coach Gary Kubiak. He also huddled with offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, who replaced Adam Gase, Manning’s co-pilot in Denver’s offense who followed John Fox to Chicago. Kubiak has designed mainly West Coast offenses throughout his career that often require the quarterback to line up under center and roll out. Mobility has never been Manning’s calling card; he’s been most comfortable making quick throws out of the shotgun in recent years. Yet, Kubiak said it’s “easy to build a playbook” for Manning and noted that Joe Flacco, whom he tutored in Baltimore, rolled out a mere two dozen times last season. Manning is all in. “Aside maybe from Tubby Raymond’s Delaware Blue Hen Wing-T offense, I feel pretty comfortable playing in any offense,” Manning said recently.MANNINGFROM PAGE 1 pitch with the lead. Once I got that, I could go after the hitters and get weak contact,” Bigness said. “I wanted to go deep in the game and not throw many pitches.” The Manta Rays made it 3-1 in the sixth when Jaryd Clary singled, reached third when a pickoff throw went wild, and scored on Ryan Conroy’s sacrifice fly. In the bottom of the sixth Bigness loaded the bases. Conroy came in and forced Trevor Cramer to ground out to first to end the inning, then struck out the side in the seventh to win it. “Ryan is a horse and I’m proud of how he came in and performed,” Hanrahan said. “Conklin came through with a two-out hit. Hopefully this is a sign of the tide changing.” Trey Fields was 2 for 4 with a double. Pellicotti was 2 for 3 and also had a double for Lemon Bay. C.J. Alexander was 3 for 4, while Tejada had two doubles and a run for Bishop Verot. LEMON BAY 3, BISHOP VEROT 1Lemon Bay 020 001 0 — 3 8 2 Bishop Verot 010 000 0 — 1 7 2 Alec Bigness, Ryan Conroy (6) and Nick Beltz. Patrick Banick, Connor Malt (7) and Anthony Tejada. W: Bigness (1-1), L: Banick (2-1). Top hitters: Zach Pellicotti (LB) 2-3, double, run. Tejada (BV) 2-3, 2 doubles, run. Rec. LB 4-6, BV 6-3.MANTASFROM PAGE 1 PREP SCHEDULETODAY’S GAMES Baseball Oasis at Community Christian, 5 p.m. Imagine at Sarasota Christian, 7 p.m. Lake Placid at DeSoto County, 7 p.m. Softball Lemon Bay at Port Charlotte, 7 p.m. Lakewood Ranch at North Port, 7 p.m. Girls tennis Port Charlotte at Charlotte, 3 p.m. Barron Collier at Venice, 3:30 p.m. Boys tennis Charlotte at Port Charlotte, 3 p.m. Barron Collier at Venice, 3:30 p.m. Boys weightlifting Charlotte, Venice at Venice Tri Meet, 4 p.m.


The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 SP Page 3 Sports on TVGOLF7:30 a.m. TGC — European PGA Tour, Africa Open, rst round, at East London, South Africa 1 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour-WGC, Cadillac Champion ship, rst round, at Doral 6 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Puerto Rico Open, rst round, at Rio Grande (same-day tape) 4:30 a.m. TGC — LPGA, Women’s Champions, second round, at Singapore (delayed tape)MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL7 p.m. ESPN — Wisconsin at Minnesota ESPN2 — Arkansas at South Carolina ESPNU — Temple at East Carolina 9 p.m. ESPN — California at Arizona ESPN2 — Memphis at UConn ESPNU — VCU at Davidson FS1 — Colorado at Washington 11 p.m. ESPNU — Utah at Washington St. FS1 — Stanford at Arizona St.NBA8 p.m. TNT — Oklahoma City at Chicago 10:30 p.m. TNT — Dallas at PortlandNHL7:30 p.m. SUN — Toronto at Tampa BaySports on RadioMLB7 p.m. 620 AM — Rays Countdown To Opening DayNBA9:30 p.m. 620 AM, 99.3 FM — Portland at DallasNHL7 p.m. 970 AM — Toronto at Tampa BayGlantz-Culver LineNCAA BASKETBALLFAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG Wisconsin 6 at Minnesota Temple 6 at East Carolina Arkansas 1 at South Carolina at Charlotte 4 W. Kentucky UAB 4 at FAU Middle Tenn. 3 at FIU Texas St. 2 at Appalachian St. at Georgia Southern 5 Texas-Arlington at UTSA 6 Rice at Louisiana Tech 19 Southern Miss. at Old Dominion 15 Marshall Georgia St. 5 at La.-Monroe at La.-Lafayette 7 UALR at Arkansas St. 6 South Alabama at UTEP 12 North Texas at Arizona 19 California at UConn 7 Memphis at Davidson 2 VCU at Washington Pk Colorado at UC Davis 10 UC Riverside at Long Beach St. 11 CS Northridge at UC Irvine 15 Cal St.-Fullerton at Arizona St. Pk Stanford Utah 13 at Washington St. at N. Arizona 7 Portland St. Sacramento St. 3 at S. Utah E. Washington 8 at Idaho St. at Weber St. 1 Idaho Missouri Valley Conference At St. Louis First Round S. Illinois 2 Missouri St. Drake Pk Bradley Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference At Albany, N.Y. First Round Siena 3 Niagara St. Peter’s 4 Faireld Quinnipiac 6 Marist Ohio Valley Conference At Nashville, Tenn. Quarternals UT-Martin 1 Morehead St. Belmont 5 E. Illinois Atlantic Sun Conference Seminals at Fla. Gulf Coast 4 SC-Upstate at North Florida 13 Lipscomb Patriot League Quarternals at Lafayette 4 Boston U. at Bucknell 6 Holy Cross at Colgate 7 Navy at Lehigh 4 American U.NBAFAVORITE LINE O/U UNDERDOG Oklahoma City 5 (201) at Chicago at Portland 5 (205) DallasNHLFAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG LINE at Boston -200 Calgary +170 at Washington -140 Minnesota +120 St. Louis -140 at Philadelphia +120 at Tampa Bay -300 Toronto +240 at Florida -120 Dallas +100 at Nashville -145 N.Y. Islanders +125 Vancouver -180 at Arizona +160 at Los Angeles -170 Montreal +150TennisWTA BMW MALAYSIAN OPEN Wednesday At Royal Selangor Golf Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Purse: $250,000 (Intl.) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Second Round Jarmila Gajdosova (4), Australia, def. Luksika Kumkhum, Thailand, 7-5, 6-2. Elizaveta Kulichkova, Russia, def. Yulia Putintseva, Kazakhstan, 6-0, 6-2. Kurumi Nara (6), Japan, def. Magda Linette, Poland, 7-5, 5-7, 7-6 (6). Alexandra Dulgheru, Romania, def. Duan Ying-Ying, China, 6-4, 6-1. Julia Goerges (8), Germany, def. Kateryna Kozlova, Ukraine, 6-1, 6-2. WTA ABIERTO MONTERREY AFIRME At Sierra Madre Tennis Club, Monterrey, Mexico Purse: $500,000 (Intl.) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Second Round Kristina Mladenovic, France, def. Vera Zvonareva, Russia, 6-4, 6-2. Timea Babos, Hungary, vs. Sara Errani (2), Italy Ana Ivanovic (1), Serbia, vs. Pauline Parmentier, FranceBaseballSPRING TRAINING STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pct Chicago 1 0 1.000 Detroit 2 0 1.000 Kansas City 1 0 1.000 Oakland 2 0 1.000 Seattle 1 0 1.000 Cleveland 1 1 .500 Toronto 1 1 .500 Boston 0 0 .000 Houston 0 0 .000 Los Angeles 0 0 .000 Minnesota 0 0 .000 RAYS 0 0 .000 Baltimore 0 2 .000 New York 0 1 .000 Texas 0 1 .000 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pct Arizona 1 0 1.000 New York 1 0 1.000 Philadelphia 1 0 1.000 Cincinnati 1 1 .500 Pittsburgh 1 1 .500 Chicago 0 0 .000 MARLINS 0 0 .000 Milwaukee 0 0 .000 St. Louis 0 0 .000 Washington 0 0 .000 Atlanta 0 1 .000 Colorado 0 1 .000 Los Angeles 0 1 .000 San Diego 0 1 .000 San Francisco 0 2 .000 NOTE: Split-squad games count in the standings; games against non-major league teams do not. Wednesday’s results Philadelphia 3, N.Y. Yankees 1 Toronto 4, Pittsburgh 1 Detroit 5, Baltimore 4 N.Y. Mets 8, Atlanta 2 Cleveland 4, Cincinnati 2 Seattle 4, San Diego 3, 10 innings Oakland 9, San Francisco 2 Kansas City 13, Texas 2 Chicago White Sox 6, L.A. Dodgers 4 Arizona 6, Colorado 2 Today’s games N.Y. Yankees vs. Pittsburgh at Bradenton, 1:05 p.m. Atlanta vs. Detroit at Lakeland, 1:05 p.m. Baltimore (ss) vs. RAYS at Port Charlotte, 1:05 p.m. St. Louis vs. MARLINS at Jupiter, 1:05 p.m. Philadelphia vs. Houston at Kissimmee, 1:05 p.m. Texas vs. Kansas City at Surprise, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. L.A. Dodgers vs. Chicago White Sox at Glen dale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs (ss) vs. San Francisco at Scott sdale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. San Diego vs. Seattle at Peoria, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Oakland vs. Chicago Cubs (ss) at Mesa, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Milwaukee vs. L.A. Angels at Tempe, Ariz., 3:10 p.m. Colorado vs. Arizona at Scottsdale, Ariz., 3:10 p.m. N.Y. Mets vs. Washington at Viera, 5:05 p.m. Boston vs. Minnesota at Fort Myers, 7:05 p.m. Toronto vs. Baltimore (ss) at Sarasota, 7:05 p.m. WEDNESDAY’S LINESCORESTIGERS 5, ORIOLES 4At Sarasota Detroit 000 031 100 — 5 11 3 Baltimore 000 000 031 — 4 8 1 An.Sanchez, VerHagen (3), Krol (5), Al burquerque (6), B.Hardy (7), J.Valdez (8), J.Mantiply (9) and Holaday, Pina; Gausman, McFarland (2), Bundy (4), Roe (5), R.Webb (7), J.Keller (8), W.Wright (9) and C.Joseph, B.Ward. W—VerHagen. L—Roe. Sv—J. Mantiply. HRs—Detroit, Castellanos (1). Bal timore, Nix (1).ROYALS 13, RANGERS 2At Surprise, Ariz. Kansas City 603 101 020 — 13 15 0 Texas 011 000 000 — 2 9 2 Brooks, Pino (3), Ti.Collins (5), J.Gustave (5), B.Baumann (7), S.Alexander (8), L.Cole man (9) and Kratz, F.Pena; Lewis, Claudio (2), Gallardo (3), D.Martinez (4), Bonilla (5), A.Gonzalez (7), J.Eickho (8), M.Garcia (9) and Corporan, Alfaro. W—Brooks. L—Lew is. HRs—Kansas City, Hosmer (1), K.Morales (1), Rios (1). Texas, Ludwick (1).BLUE JAYS 4, PIRATES 1At Bradenton Toronto 100 200 100 — 4 6 1 Pittsburgh 010 000 000 — 1 4 0 S troman, Rasmussen (2), Redmond (3), S.Barnes (4), Schultz (5), R.Tepera (6), Albers (7), Hendriks (8), West (9) and D.Navarro, A. Jimenez; G.Cole, Worley (3), Watson (5), Liz (6), Bastardo (7), J.Hughes (8), Holdzkom (9) and Cervelli, W.Castillo. W—Redmond. L— Worley. Sv—West.PHILLIES 3, YANKEES 1At Tampa Philadelphia 010 010 100 — 3 8 0 New York (A) 000 001 000 — 1 5 1 Slowey, Clemens (3), E.Martin (5), Neris (7), De Fratus (9) and T.Joseph, R.Garcia; Eo valdi, A.Miller (3), Davies (4), D.Burawa (6), J.Pazos (7), W.Rodriguez (8), T.Webb (9) and B.McCann, G.Sanchez. W—Slowey. L—Eo valdi. Sv—De Fratus.ATHLETICS 9, GIANTS 2At Scottsdale, Ariz. Oakland 211 410 000 — 9 17 0 San Francisco 002 000 000 — 2 8 1 J.Chavez, Hahn (3), E.De La Rosa (4), Ote ro (5), Scribner (6), A.Castro (7), A.Leon (8), Whelan (9) and Bry.Anderson, C.Blair; Peavy, B.Lara (2), T.Blach (3), J.Gregorio (4), S.Casilla (5), A.Mejia (6), Partch (7), Gutierrez (8), Kontos (9) and Posey, Susac, Quiroz. W—J.Chavez. L—Peavy. HRs—Oakland, Canha (1).INDIANS 4, REDS 2At Goodyear, Ariz. Cincinnati 200 000 000 — 2 4 2 Cleveland 010 001 02x — 4 10 0 DeSclafani, Gregg (3), LeCure (4), Holmberg (5), Ju.Diaz (7), R.Iglesias (8) and C.Wallach, Barnhart; Tomlin, House (3), C.Lee (5), Maronde (6), Manship (8), W.Roberts (9) and R.Perez, A.Moore, J.Lowery. W—Manship. L—R.Iglesias. Sv—W.Roberts. HRs—Cincinnati, B.Hamilton (1).MARINERS 4, PADRES 3At Peoria, Ariz. San Diego 000 000 111 0 — 3 7 2 Seattle 100 001 010 1 — 4 13 3 (10 innings) Lane, Northcraft (3), J.Hancock (4), J.Jack son (5), Campos (6), Garces (7), Mateo (8), C.Rearick (9), T.Guerrero (10) and Federo wicz, Nieves; T.Walker, S.Gaviglio (3), D.Rol lins (5), Ca.Smith (6), F.Snow (7), R.Perez (8), Leone (9), Lowe (10) and J.Hicks, M.Dowd. W—Lowe. L—T.Guerrero. HRs—San Diego, Upton (1). Seattle, D.Peterson (1).WHITE SOX 6, DODGERS 4At Glendale, Ariz. Chicago (A) 013 020 000 — 6 9 0 Los Angeles (N) 001 001 101 — 4 10 0 Quintana, Penny (3), Surkamp (5), T.Danish (7), Phillips (8), Kensing (9) and K.Smith, Flowers, Brantly; Bedard, Nicasio (3), Frias (4), Santos (6), A.Liberatore (7), J.Ravin (8), B.Smith (9) and Grandal, A.Barnes. W— Quintana. L—Bedard. Sv—Kensing. HRs— Los Angeles (N), O.Dickson (1).METS 8, BRAVES 2At Kissimmee New York (N) 100 025 000 — 8 14 1 Atlanta 200 000 000 — 2 6 0 Gee, J.Velasquez (3), J.Leathersich (5), Z.Thornton (6), D.Alvarez (7), A.Morris (8), Goeddel (9) and T.d’Arnaud, Monell; W.Ro driguez, Avilan (2), Wang (3), Capps (5), Veras (6), Veal (6), M.Cabrera (8), B.Feigl (9) and Pierzynski, Y.Bello. W—J.Velasquez. L— Capps. HRs—New York (N), Monell (1).DIAMONDBACKS 6, ROCKIES 2At Scottsdale, Ariz. Arizona 000 001 230 — 6 10 2 Colorado 000 000 002 — 2 8 0 R.De La Rosa, C.Anderson (3), Blair (5), Ship ley (7), Runzler (9) and P.O’Brien, O.Hernan dez, Lalli; Lyles, J.Gray (3), Laey (5), Flande (7), Ja.Diaz (8), K.Roberts (8), Kahnle (9) and Hundley, A.Perez, T.Murphy. W—Blair. L— Laey.TransactionsBASEBALL American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Named Ramon Martinez special assignment pitching instructor. DETROIT TIGERS — Released RHP Joel Hanrahan from a minor league contract. TEXAS RANGERS — Agreed to terms with RHPs Luke Jackson Phil Klein, Nick Martinez, Roman Mendez and Tanner Scheppers on one-year contracts. Re newed the contract of RHP Shawn Tolleson. National League MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Assigned RHP Brooks Hall outright to Colorado Springs (PCL). PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Agreed to terms with RHPs Arquimedes Camine ro, Gerrit Cole, Brandon Cumpton, John Holzdkom, Nick Kingham, Stolmy Pimentel, Casey Sadler, Rob Scahill and Jameson Tail lon; OFs Ja Decker, Willy Garcia, Andrew Lambo and Gregory Polanco; Cs Elias Diaz and Tony Sanchez; SSs Pedro Florimon, Alen Hanson, Justin Sellers and Jordy Mer cer; and LHPs Bobby LaFromboise and Je Locke on one-year contracts. American Association AMARILLO THUNDERHEADS — Signed RHP Cody Fassold. GRAND PRAIRIE AIR HOGS — Signed RHP Brett Wallach and INF Matthew Burns. LINCOLN SALTDOGS — Signed RHP Zach Arneson. SIOUX FALLS CANARIES — Signed RHP Jeremy Strawn. Can-Am League NEW JERSEY JACKALS — Released INF Jeremy Barnes. Signed OF Chevy Clarke. Traded RHP Ty Kelleey to Fargo-Moorhead (AA) to complete an earlier trade. OTTAWA CHAMPIONS — Sold the contract of RHP Ethan Elias to the Arizona Diamondbacks.BASKETBALLNational Basketball Association NBA — Fined the New York Knicks an undisclosed amount for comments made by team president Phil Jackson for publicly discussing a player not yet eligible for the NBA draft. MIAMI HEAT — Assigned G Zoran Dragic to Sioux Falls (NBADL).FOOTBALLNational Football League DALLAS COWBOYS — Signed WR Cole Beasley to a four-year contract. HOUSTON TEXANS — Released C Chris Myers. NEW YORK JETS — Signed DE Ronald Talley. OAKLAND RAIDERS — Terminated the contract of S Tyvon Branch. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES — Released LB Trent Cole. WASHINGTON REDSKINS — Re-signed S Duke Ihenacho.HOCKEYNational Hockey League FLORIDA PANTHERS — Recalled Gs Dan Ellis from San Antonio (AHL) and Sam Brittain from Cincinnati (ECHL). SAN JOSE SHARKS — Signed G Aaron Dell for the remainder of the season. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING — Recalled C Vladislav Namestnikov from Syracuse (AHL). WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Signed D Tyler Lewington to a three-year, entry-level contract. American Hockey League ALBANY DEVILS — Recalled RW Alex andre Carrier from Orlando (ECHL). BRIDGEPORT SOUND TIGERS — Trad ed D Keith Seabrook to Rockford for future considerations. MILWAUKEE ADMIRALS — Recalled C Frederick Gaudreau from Cincinnati (ECHL). SAN ANTONIO RAMPAGE — Signed G Joe Howe to a professional tryout agree ment. TENNIS World TeamTennis SAN DIEGO AVIATORS — Named John Lloyd coach. COLLEGE BARTON — Named Thomas Goines women’s soccer coach. ETSU — Named Gary Downs running backs coach. MINNESOTA STATE-(MANKATO) — An nounced the resignation of women’s hock ey coach Eric Means.Pro basketballNBA EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic W L Pct GB Toronto 38 23 .623 — Brooklyn 25 34 .424 12 Boston 24 35 .407 13 P hiladelphia 13 48 .213 25 New York 12 48 .200 25 Southeast W L Pct GB x-Atlanta 48 12 .800 — Washington 34 27 .557 14 Miami 27 33 .450 21 Charlotte 26 33 .441 21 Orlando 19 43 .306 30 Central W L Pct GB Chicago 38 23 .623 — Cleveland 39 24 .619 — Milwaukee 32 28 .533 5 Indiana 26 34 .433 11 Detroit 23 37 .383 14 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest W L Pct GB Memphis 43 17 .717 — Houston 41 20 .672 2 Dallas 40 22 .645 4 San Antonio 37 23 .617 6 New Orleans 33 28 .541 10 Northwest W L Pct GB Portland 39 19 .672 — Oklahoma City 34 27 .557 6 Utah 24 36 .400 16 Denver 22 39 .361 18 Minnesota 13 47 .217 27 Pacic W L Pct GB Golden State 46 12 .793 — L.A. Clippers 40 21 .656 7 Phoenix 32 30 .516 16 Sacramento 21 38 .356 25 L.A. Lakers 16 44 .267 31 Tuesday’s results Charlotte 104, L.A. Lakers 103 Cleveland 110, Boston 79 Sacramento 124, New York 86 Atlanta 104, Houston 96 Chicago 97, Washington 92 Utah 93, Memphis 82 Denver 106, Milwaukee 95 Wednesday’s results Phoenix 105, Orlando 100 Indiana 105, New York 82 Cleveland 120, Toronto 112 Boston 85, Utah 84 Charlotte 115, Brooklyn 91 New Orleans 88, Detroit 85 Oklahoma City 123, Philadelphia 118, OT Memphis 102, Houston 100 Denver 100, Minnesota 85 Miami 100, L.A. Lakers 94 San Antonio 112, Sacramento 85 Milwaukee at Golden State, late Portland at L.A. Clippers, late Today’s games Oklahoma City at Chicago, 8 p.m. Dallas at Portland, 10:30 p.m.Pro hockeyNHL EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Montreal 63 41 17 5 87 171 139 LIGHTNING 65 39 20 6 84 213 171 Detroit 62 36 15 11 83 182 160 Boston 62 31 22 9 71 165 161 PANTHERS 64 28 23 13 69 156 181 Ottawa 62 28 23 11 67 176 167 Toronto 64 26 33 5 57 173 195 Bualo 64 19 40 5 43 123 215 Metropolitan Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA N.Y. Rangers 63 39 17 7 85 197 155 N.Y. Islanders 65 41 21 3 85 207 182 Pittsburgh 62 36 17 9 81 181 155 Washington 65 35 20 10 80 193 162 Philadelphia 64 27 25 12 66 170 186 New Jersey 64 27 27 10 64 144 165 Columbus 63 26 33 4 56 163 201 Carolina 62 24 31 7 55 144 167 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Nashville 65 41 17 7 89 193 158 St. Louis 63 40 18 5 85 197 159 Chicago 64 38 21 5 81 188 152 Winnipeg 65 32 21 12 76 180 175 Minnesota 63 34 22 7 75 179 163 Dallas 64 28 26 10 66 199 212 Colorado 63 27 25 11 65 167 182 Pacic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Anaheim 65 41 17 7 89 193 178 Vancouver 63 36 24 3 75 182 173 Calgary 63 34 25 4 72 178 162 Los Angeles 63 30 21 12 72 171 164 San Jose 65 32 25 8 72 185 183 Arizona 64 20 37 7 47 139 218 Edmonton 64 18 36 10 46 145 213 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. Tuesday’s results Minnesota 3, Ottawa 2, SO New Jersey 3, Nashville 1 Calgary 3, Philadelphia 2, OT Washington 5, Columbus 3 LIGHTNING 3, Bualo 0 Toronto 3, PANTHERS 2 Dallas 3, N.Y. Islanders 2, OT Anaheim 4, Arizona 1 Los Angeles 5, Edmonton 2 San Jose 6, Vancouver 2 Wednesday’s results Ottawa 3, Winnipeg 1 Detroit 2, N.Y. Rangers 1, OT Pittsburgh at Colorado, late Montreal at Anaheim, late Today’s games Calgary at Boston, 7 p.m. St. Louis at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Minnesota at Washington, 7 p.m. Toronto at LIGHTNING, 7:30 p.m. Dallas at PANTHERS, 7:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Nashville, 8 p.m. Vancouver at Arizona, 9 p.m. Montreal at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. ECHL EASTERN CONFERENCE East Division GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Reading 55 37 14 2 2 78 201 156 Florida 53 34 13 2 4 74 193 163 South Carolina 56 31 18 1 6 69 166 139 Greenville 56 31 22 1 2 65 169 169 Elmira 57 28 23 0 6 62 153 168 Orlando 53 26 21 4 2 58 171 166 Gwinnett 55 17 33 3 2 39 142 192 North Division GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Fort Wayne 54 36 12 3 3 78 193 153 Toledo 51 34 12 3 2 73 209 134 Cincinnati 54 26 23 1 4 57 149 157 Kalamazoo 54 26 23 2 3 57 165 173 Indy 54 23 23 4 4 54 146 167 Wheeling 53 26 26 1 0 53 157 162 Evansville 55 13 35 5 2 33 138 202 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Allen 54 37 10 4 3 81 225 156 Quad City 57 28 22 4 3 63 165 151 Tulsa 57 28 25 1 3 60 200 205 Wichita 54 26 21 2 5 59 164 176 Rapid City 57 27 25 2 3 59 171 175 Missouri 55 22 28 3 2 49 143 177 Brampton 53 18 33 2 0 38 135 206 Pacic Division GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Idaho 55 35 16 1 3 74 184 145 Colorado 57 35 19 0 3 73 195 164 Ontario 54 30 16 3 5 68 167 143 Utah 56 27 21 5 3 62 159 172 Alaska 56 27 23 3 3 60 186 186 Bakerseld 55 23 25 2 5 53 161 184 Stockton 56 17 38 1 0 35 154 220 Note: Two points are awarded for a win, one point for an overtime or shootout loss. Tuesday’s results Cincinnati 3, Orlando 0 Wheeling 5, Elmira 0 Missouri 6, Tulsa 3 Alaska 3, Ontario 0 Wednesday’s results Florida 3, Cincinnati 0 Tulsa 2, Quad City 0 Wichita 3, Rapid City 2, OT Kalamazoo 5, Evansville 4, OT Bakerseld at Colorado, late Stockton at Idaho, late Today’s games Cincinnati at Orlando, 7 p.m.College basketballMen’s resultsSOUTH Duke 94, Wake Forest 51 George Washington 67, George Mason 51 Houston 68, Tulane 63, OT Newberry 98, Catawba 87 Notre Dame 71, Louisville 59 South Florida 74, UCF 45 Tennessee 78, LSU 63 Vanderbilt 66, Mississippi St. 56 EAST Duquesne 81, Fordham 66 Miami 67, Pittsburgh 63 NJIT 71, Howard 62 Ohio St. 77, Penn St. 67 Providence 79, Seton Hall 66 Richmond 56, UMass 53 Saint Joseph’s 55, La Salle 50 MIDWEST Michigan St. 72, Purdue 66 St. Bonaventure 64, Saint Louis 48 St. John’s 67, Marquette 51 SOUTHWEST Cincinnati 56, Tulsa 47 New Mexico St. 69, Texas-Pan American 48 Oklahoma St. 82, TCU 70 WEST UCLA 85, Southern Cal 74 Wyoming 76, Utah St. 53 TOURNAMENT America East Conference First Round Albany (NY) 83, Maine 66 New Hampshire 67, Hartford 63, OT Stony Brook 62, Binghamton 57 Vermont 66, UMBC 39 Big South Conference First Round Gardner-Webb 72, Campbell 64 Longwood 65, Presbyterian 61 UNC Asheville 80, Liberty 70 ECAC Metro Quarternals Brooklyn 68, Centenary (NJ) 63 NYU 68, Rutgers-Camden 65 Staten Island 76, Lehman 65 GLIAC Conference Tournament Quarternals Ferris St. 79, Ashland 67 Lake Superior St. 78, Northwood (Mich.) 65 Saginaw Valley St. 69, Findlay 62 Walsh 77, Michigan Tech 58 Northeast Conference Quarternals Bryant 91, Sacred Heart 85, 2OT Robert Morris 91, Wagner 68 First Round St. Francis (NY) 79, LIU Brooklyn 70 St. Francis (Pa.) 73, Mount St. Mary’s 58 Ohio Valley Conference First Round Morehead St. 79, SE Missouri 74 Eastern Illinois 78, SIU Edwardsville 66BoxingFIGHT SCHEDULE Friday At Echo Arena, Liverpool, England, Zolani Tete vs. Paul Butler, 12, for Tete’s IBF su per yweight title; Richar Abril vs. Derry Mathews, 12, for Abril’s WBA lightweight title; Kevin Satchell vs. Luke Wilton, 12, for Satchell’s European and Commonwealth yweight title; Jazza Dickens vs. Josh Wale, 12, for the vacant British junior feather weight title. | SCOREBOARD STATE SCHEDULETODAY’S GAMES UAB at Florida Atlantic, 7 p.m. South Carolina State at BethuneCookman, 7:30 p.m. Savannah State at Florida A&M, 8 p.m. Middle Tennessee State at Florida International, 7:30 p.m. SATURDAY’S GAMES Miami at Virginia Tech, noon Florida State at Pittsburgh, noon Florida at Kentucky, 2 p.m. Tulane at South Florida, 4 p.m. Middle Tennessee State at Florida Atlantic, 7 p.m. UAB at Florida International, 8 p.m. COLLEGE BASKETBALL ROUNDUP Freshman Allen lifts No. 3 DukeDURHAM, N.C. — Freshman Grayson Allen scored a season-best 27 points, and No. 3 Duke routed Wake Forest 94-51 on Wednesday night for its 10th straight win. Matt Jones added 17 points for the Blue Devils (27-3, 14-3), who shot 58 percent and forced 19 turnovers in locking up the No. 2 seed in next week’s Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. Duke had a double-gure lead before the Demon Deacons managed their rst basket, scoring the rst 12 points and rolling to their 16th straight home victory in the ACC’s oldest series. Codi Miller-McIntyre scored 20 points for Wake Forest (13-17, 5-12). No. 12 Notre Dame 71, No. 16 Louisville 59: In Louisville, Ky., Demetrius Jackson scored 21 points and No. 12 Notre Dame made its final seven shots to pull away for a victory over No. 16 Louisville that clinched third place in the Atlantic Coast Conference. No. 23 Ohio State 77, Penn State 67: In State College, Pa., D’Angelo Russell scored 28 points and coach Thad Matta tied the school record for wins in Ohio State’s victory over Penn State. Matta is 297-91 in 11 seasons at Ohio State, tied with Fred Taylor. No. 24 Providence 79, Seton Hall 66: In Newark, N.J., Ben Bentil scored a career-high 21 points and added 10 rebounds and No. 24 Providence shot 67 percent from the field in the second half in rallying from a big first-half deficit to defeat Seton Hall.STATE MENMiami 67, Pittsburgh 63: In Pittsburgh, Sheldon McClellan scored 16 of his 20 points in the second half and Davon Reed tied a career-high with 19 as Miami kept its slim hopes of an at-large berth to the NCAA Tournament alive.BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wings edge RangersBY THE ASSOCIATED PRESSDETROIT — Marek Zidlicky’s power-play goal 1:09 into overtime lifted the Detroit Red Wings to a 2-1 victory over the New York Rangers on Wednesday night. Zidlicky, making his Red Wings debut after being acquired at the NHL trade deadline from New Jersey, punched the puck past goalie Cam Talbot in a scrum to give the Red Wings their second straight win. Justin Abdelkader also scored, and Henrik Zetterberg added two assists, for Detroit. Senators 3, Jets 1: In Winnipeg, Manitoba, rookie Andrew Hammond made 35 saves, and Kyle Turris had a goal and assist as Ottawa beat Winnipeg. Bobby Ryan and Erik Condra also scored for Ottawa (28-23-11). The Senators are 6-0-1 in their last seven games. With 67 points, Ottawa is four points out of a wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race. NHL MAPLE LEAFS AT LIGHTNINGWHO: Toronto (26-33-5) at Tampa Bay (39-20-6) WHEN: Today, 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Amalie Arena, Tampa TV: Sun Sports RADIO: 970 AM STARS AT PANTHERSWHO: Dallas (27-26-10) at Florida (28-23-13) WHEN: Today, 7:30 p.m. WHERE: BB&T Center, Sunrise TV: Fox Sports Florida | QUICK HITSMLS, PLAYERS AGREE IN PRINCIPLE TO 5YEAR DEALMajor League Soccer and its players’ union have agreed in principle to a ve-year labor contract, a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press, averting a possible strike ahead of Friday’s season opener. The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the agreement had not been announced. The deal, the culmination of talks that began last weekend, was likely to be announced later Wednesday night and would replace the contract that expired Jan. 31. MLS’s 20th season begins this weekend, with the defending champion Los Angeles Galaxy hosting Chicago in the opener. PRO FOOTBALLWith Peterson’s status in question, Vikings pay a visit: The Minnesota Vikings have made their in-person pitch to Adrian Peterson, the latest step toward resolving the star running back’s unclear status. General manager Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer spent about four hours at Peterson’s home north of Houston. KHOU-TV recorded video of Peterson emerging from the gated mansion wearing a white T-shirt and black workout pants to greet the pair with a hug. Spielman and Zimmer left together later, dressed in sport coats and blue jeans, while photographers from several media outlets captured on camera their departure in a gray car. The Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills agreed on a trade that will send quarterback Matt Cassel to the Bills next week and give the Vikings extra draft picks. — By The Associated Press


Page 4 SP The Sun /Thursday, March 5, 2015 PORT CHARLOTTE – Max Beermann hit two home runs and drove in six runs as the Villanova offense erupted for 25 hits in a 21-4 victory over Mount St. Mary’s at North Charlotte Regional Park. Beerman went 2 for 3 with a pair of three-run homers, including one in the third when the Wildcats pulled away for good with a six-run rally. Kevin Jewitt also homered for Villanova (4-7). Zach Call went 2 for 4 with an RBI, the only player for Mount St. Mary’s (2-4) with multiple hits. Villanova’s Mike Sgaramella pitched 513 innings and gave up three runs. He left the contest with a 14-3 lead that would grow from there. Mountaineers starter Nick DeCarlo allowed six runs in 213 innings.Beermann, Nova rip Mountaineers BASEBALL: Snowb ird ClassicSTAFF REPORT SNOWBIRD CLASSICTODAY’S GAMESNo games todayFRIDAY’S GAMESIllinois State vs. St. Joseph’s, 10:30 a.m., NCRP No. 6 Villanova vs. Indiana, 2 p.m., NCRP No. 6 Northwestern vs. Ball State, 5 p.m., SCRP Dartmouth vs. Indiana, 6 p.m., NCRP No. 3 long time.” He lined a soft single to left on an 89 mph 0-2 offering that was over the plate. That drew cheers from fans at Steinbrenner Field on a sunny after noon with a temperature in the low 80s. “It’s probably the rst spring training game in a long time that he’s been a little anxious,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. Rodriguez has had success against Slowey, going 4 for 9 during the regular season with two doubles and a home run. When Rodriguez came up again in the third, he grounded a 96 mph fastball from reliever Paul Clemens to shortstop for an inning-ending forceout. He walked on a full count in the sixth against Ethan Martin, loading the bases with no outs and the Yankees trailing 2-0. He has a little more than a month to show he should be in the lineup when the Yankees open their season at home against Toronto on April 6. “It’s going to take two or three weeks for me to kind of get a gauge where I am,” Rodriguez said. There appeared to be few fans wearing shirts with Rodriguez’s No. 13; there was a scattering of spectators with the No. 2 of Derek Jeter, the Yankees captain who retired at the end of last season. Rodriguez, who turns 40 in July, admitted in 2009 that he used perfor mance-enhancing drugs while with Texas from 2001-03. He served his suspension for violations of baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract and apologized to the Yankees, its management and fans, but declined to publicly discuss details of his conduct. The threetime AL MVP is owed $61 million by the Yankees for the nal three seasons of his contract. He has lost his third base job and is competing for at-bats at DH and as a backup at third.ARODFROM PAGE 1 Tampa Bay’s 13th consecutive opening day starter age 30 or younger. The only Rays pitcher over the age of 30 to start opening day is Tanyon Sturtze, who was 31 when he did it in 2002. “He was extremely excited,” Cash said of Cobb. “I kind of expected him to say, ‘Yeah, OK, whatever,’ but he was pumped. And you look back and you’re like, ‘Man, he’s had some good pitchers here that he’s had to wait in turn for Shields and Price and those guys.’ I think he looks at it as being an honor, because there have been some good ones here in the past that have done it. “I think for the organization, you respect what the other guys have done in Arch and Smyly. But Cobb, he’s right there with them. It’s always a tough decision, because we know everyone wants to do it, but at the same time, with the way Cobb pitched last year and also the work he’s put in this offseason — along with Arch — has been really impressive to watch.” With Price in Detroit after starting the last two opening days for the Rays, the choice entering spring training ultimately came down to Cobb or Archer. Cobb said he “obviously thought it was a possibility” that he would be chosen, but he would have had “nothing but excitement for him also” if Archer got the nod instead. Archer went 10-9 with a 3.33 ERA and 173 strikeouts in his rst full season last year, but he said it doesn’t matter to him whether he pitches the rst day or the fth day. “As long as I’m able to pitch every ve days in the big leagues on the highest stage possible,” he said, “I’m happy.” “It crossed my mind,” Archer said of starting April 6, “but in all reality, I knew that Cobb was going to be (the opening day starter). Everybody knew that Cobb was going to be the opening day starter. I thought about it and if there was a case to be made, I had a case. But I’m not selsh enough to let it upset me. It doesn’t even motivate me, because I’m still going to try to go out there and do the same thing.” Cobb acknowledged that being the opening day starter comes with added responsibility, saying “there’s going to be a lot of eyes looking at you and judging you on how you go about your business” and that the younger pitchers will look to him to “watch how you go about your business and try to replicate that.” But the best thing to do is embrace it, Cobb said. Especially if it means getting to start on opening day. “We open up at home every year, so the last three years that I’ve seen the opening day there, the energy and the excitement that I’ve seen, I’ve always wanted to be a part of it,” Cobb said. “I’ve been able to watch some really good pitchers in the past in our organization go out there and really feed off that energy, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing that.”Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or PAGE 1 MLB: Leading oLee, Darvish take the mound for spring debutsA look at the highlights of what’s happening all around spring training in Florida and Arizona today: Starter spotlight: Cliff Lee, who made his final start of 2014 on July 31 because of a strained left elbow, starts for Philadelphia against Houston in Kissimmee, Florida. Lee, the 2008 AL Cy Young Award winner with Cleveland, was sidelined from May 18 until July 21 because of a left flexor pronator strain, and cut short his third start back in the third inning. The 35-year-old was 4-5 with a 3.65 ERA in 13 starts. ... Texas’ Yu Darvish makes his spring debut after last season ended prematurely for him due to elbow inflammation. Darvish was shut down after a start Aug. 9. He was 10-7 with a 3.06 ERA. Welcome back: Left-hander Barry Zito takes the mound against professional hitters for the first time since 2013 when the A’s play the Cubs in Mesa, Arizona. In camp on a minor league deal with the team he won the 2002 AL Cy Young Award with, the 36-year-old Zito took off last year. Hoping for an encore: Clayton Kershaw makes his spring debut against the White Sox. Kershaw led Los Angeles to the NL West title last year, going 21-3 with a career-low 1.77 ERA. He won his second straight NL Cy Young Award and his first MVP trophy but faltered in the Dodgers’ first-round playoff loss to St. Louis. Star power: Indians outfielder Michael Brantley makes his spring debut after being slowed by a stiff back. An All-Star for the first time in 2014, Brantley finished third in AL MVP voting after batting .327 with 20 homers and 97 RBIs. Thumb test: Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun is going to test his surgically repaired thumb in a game for the first time when the Brewers play the Angels at Tempe, Arizona. Braun hit only 19 homers last year, and the 2011 NL MVP says the nerve problem in his thumb played a significant role. A little competition: St. Louis isn’t wasting any time getting a look at the three pitchers vying for the fifth spot in its starting rotation. Right-hander Carlos Martinez gets the ball for the Cardinals’ opener against Miami in Jupiter. Left-hander Marco Gonzales starts Friday against Houston, and lefty Jaime Garcia, coming off shoulder surgery, will start Saturday vs. Washington.BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AP PHOTOTexas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish throws during spring training baseball practice in Surprise, Ariz. on Feb. 22. Darvish is set to make his spring debut today. WEDNESDAY’S GAMES Linescores from Wednesday’s spring training games appear on PAGE 3. ST. LUCIE COUNTY — A New York Mets fan has put his displeasure with the team’s ownership on full display. Gary Palumbo, a 39-year-old from New Hampshire, paid to have a billboard with the message “Fred, Jeff & Saul, Ya Gotta Leave,” erected on Interstate 95, about eight miles north of Tradition Field, the Mets spring training home. The billboard is blue with white and orange lettering — Mets colors. The message is aimed at owner Fred Wilpon, president Saul Katz and CEO Jeff Wilpon. The Mets last made the playoffs in 2006. “Most Mets fans really dislike the Wilpons and don’t feel they’re capable of running a team in New York properly,” Palumbo told The Associated Press. “I completely appreciate that it won’t convince them to sell the team, but I hope it will add pressure.” Palumbo said he raised $7,000 for two similar billboards near Citi Field in Queens. Those billboards cost approximately $5,000, so he used the remaining money for the one placed in unincorporated St. Lucie County.Fan hopes billboard sends sign to Mets MLB BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cash: Don’t read anything into lineupPORT CHARLOTTE — The Tampa Bay Rays are happy to nally begin playing in games today. They might have been even happier if they began playing games one or two days ago. The Rays posted the lineup for the spring opener against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday. Some of the highlights include Tim Beckham playing second and batting leadoff, Asdrubal Cabrera playing shortstop and batting third, and third baseman Evan Longoria and rst baseman James Loney bat ting fourth and fth, respectively. Each position player is expected to play four or ve innings in the eld and get two at-bats before being subbed out for backups, which have already been decided. Manager Kevin Cash said there’s not much to read into the lineup and elding alignment, though, saying “we’ll see a bunch of different guys the next day.” As of right now, he said, the playing-time schedule through the March 10 split-squad games against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox has already been laid out. The pitchers, including starter Nathan Karns, are all expected to pitch one inning, though Cash said they could pitch a little longer if they get through that inning quickly. Today’s game will also mark the beginning of spring training for the new coaching staff, which features a rst-time manager (Cash), bench coach (Tom Foley), rst base coach (Rocco Baldelli) and third base coach (Charlie Montoyo). “Charlie and I will be doing a lot of communication,” Cash said. “It’s good for me, because I havem’t done that before. And it’s new for Charlie. He’s managed 18 years, but he’s never received signs. He’s always been the guy that gives them. We were talking about it (Wednesday) morning; pitch goes through the zone and we’re making eye contact right away.” Hello Oscar: Newly named opening day starter Alex Cobb learned a little more information about the lost dog he found on Harborview Road on Monday. A trip to the vet revealed the dog had an embedded chip in its shoulder, and they were able to use that information to trace the dog — named Oscar — back to a former owner in Fort Myers. The original owner said she gave up the dog to somebody else, and would attempt to work with Cobb to contact the most recent owner. “The people at the kennel said this happens all the time. People get a dog and decide they don’t want it, and they just let it go. So it’s looking like it’s a homeless dog for now,” Cobb said. “But we’re taking good care of him at my house. Him and Axel (Cobb’s American Bulldog) are becoming quite close.” Cobb said he still hopes he will be able to find the dog’s owner, but he has had thoughts of keeping Oscar if he can’t. There have also been some discussions about making the dog into team mascot, like the Milwaukee Brewers did when a stray dog named Hank wandered into their spring training complex last year. “His personality is starting to grow on me,” Cobb said. “(Wednesday) morning, I took him and my dog out, and they both went to the bathroom, looked at each other, sprinted at each other and both leaped into each other. Axel’s eight times the size of him, so it just bounced on it’s back. But it was fun. You grow attached to it.” Extra bases: The Rays had a short workout on Wednesday because of the annual Rays Charity Golf Tournament at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Bradenton, which benefits the Rays Baseball Foundation. Left-hander Drew Smyly was the only Rays pitcher to throw a live bullpen session Wednesday. The between-innings clock has been installed at Charlotte Sports Park and will be used during all spring training games, but Cash doesn’t anticipate it being a big transition. Tomorrow will be Military Appreciation Day at Charlotte Sports Park. The first 5,000 fans will receive a Rays military-themed t-shirt.Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or jvitale@ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MLB: Rays notebook TODAY’S RAYS LINEUPReplacements in parentheses 1) Tim Beckham (Ryan Brett) – 2B 2) John Jaso (Justin O’Conner) – DH 3) Asdrubal Cabrera (Hak-Ju Lee) – SS 4) Evan Longoria (Juan Francisco) – 3B 5) James Loney (Allan Dykstra) – 1B 6) David DeJesus (Corey Brown) – LF 7) Brandon Guyer (Joey Butler) – RF 8) Kevin Kiermaier (Mikie Mahtook) – CF 9) Curt Casali (Luke Maile) – C Pitchers RH Nathan Karns, RH Kevin Jepsen, RH Brad Boxberger, RH Steven Geltz, LH Enny Romero, LH C.J. Riefenhauser, LH Robert Zarate, RH Jhan Marinez 50477202 THE SUPREME GOLF SWING adno=50482127 PROBLEM Bring your 7 iron. Punta Gorda Charlotte Harbor Event Center (indoors) 75 Taylor St (41 & Taylor St) (I-75 exit 164) Mon. March 9 10AM OR 2PM Thurs. March 12 11AM Millions of recreational golfers are inconsistent arm swingers, can’t hit with their practice swing, do great on the range, but not on the golf course. Everyone will lower their score in this Revolutionary Golf School with U.S. Marine now Sports Scientist Stephen Cornetta. You will become a silky smooth power leg player and make it look easy. Enroll at class $14 Bring One Friend FREE with this AD Reservations not required (no small children please)


rt 6 1 1101IMILAmerica's BEST NEWSPAPERS


SPRING SCHEDULERays’ Grapefruit League slate.INSIDECover and all illustrations by Katherine Godina. All photography by Tom O’Neill and Katherine Godina.CREDITS6-7 5 4 3 5CAMP QUESTIONSQuestions facing the Rays this spring. OFFSEASON MOVESHow the Rays were built this year and a first look at the key arrivals. INTRODUCTIONSAfter a winter of change, introductions are in order. Stories on the new faces. THE SCHEDULERegular-season pullout.PERSONAL CONDUCTFans using loud, obscene or abusive language or engaging in any conduct detrimental to others’ enjoyment of the game will be asked to cease that conduct. They may be subject to ejection from the stadium if the conduct is deemed overly offensive. Fans observed breaking local laws are subject to ejection and prosecution. For fan and player safety, throwing objects onto the playing field is prohibited. Fans doing so are subject to ejection. Fans who observe others violating stadium policies should report the conduct to the nearest stadium personnel.THE ESSENTIALSFamily restrooms: Located behind sections 202 (first base), 215-216 (third base) and on the boardwalk beyond center field. Men’s restrooms: Located behind sections 205-206 (first base), 216 and 213-214 (third base) and on the boardwalk beyond center field. Women’s restrooms: Located behind sections 204 and 204-205 (first base), 214-215 and 215 (third base) and on the boardwalk beyond center field. ATM: Inside the team store. First-aid: On the concourse behind home plate, next to guest services. It is accessible from inside and outside the park. Guest services: Office is located on the concourse behind home plate and functions as the lost and found, an emergency telephone and a place to store strollers during games.CONCESSIONSHome Stand Concessions: Located on the main concourse behind section 217-18 (third base) and 202-03 (first base). Offers ballpark basics such as hot dogs, pizza and deli sandwiches. Hot Corner Grill: Located behind section 214, offers grilled foods such as chicken fingers, french fries, burgers, hot dogs and popcorn. Metro Deli: Located behind section 201 (first base), offers deli and heart-healthy items. Boardwalk Grill (cash only): The two portable locations are next to the Tiki Bar beyond center field and on the walkway along the left field line. Tiki Bar: Located on the boardwalk beyond left-center, offerings include beer — bottle and on tap — and a variety of liquors/mixers. The bar offers limited seating but provides a view of the game from an outfielder’s perspective. Tiki Bar stays open 1 hour after the last out.TICKETSCan be purchased online at raysbase, by calling 1-888-FAN-RAYS or at the Charlotte Sports Park ticket office. Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and travelers checks are accepted. Prices vary based on opponent. The ticket office is located to the right of the main gate. On days when no game is scheduled, the ticket office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday-Friday), and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturday). On days when a game is scheduled, the ticket office is open from 9 a.m. until 30 minutes after the final out. Groups interested in picnic area seating or groups larger than 20 should contact group ticket sales at 941-206-4487. Keep in mind: Everyone age 2 or older requires a ticket for entry. Shaded areas are typically in the upper rows (200 level), rows 8 and above along the first-base side and rows 14-16 on the third-base side. When facing the field and sitting in reserved fixed seats, seat No. 1 is always to your right in each section.PARKINGLot opens 3 hours prior to first pitch. Parking costs $10 per car. Handicapped parking is available on a limited basis in the parking area nearest the stadium. Avoid parking along either side of the entrance road into the complex. It parallels the third-base line and foul balls do reach the pavement. Stadium gates open 2 hours before first pitch. Plan for congested traffic on S.R. 776 at the stadium beginning about an hour prior to first pitch.PROGRAMSSouvenir programs and scorecards may be purchased from program vendors for $4.AUTOGRAPHSPlayers from both teams exit the field through a gate in right field, so the optimum spot to snag an autograph is along the first base/right field line. Fans are allowed to stand around the dugouts during batting practice, but must leave the area afterward unless they have tickets for those seats.ALCOHOLAlcoholic beverages may not be brought into the facility or taken out of the facility. Florida law restricts the sale of alcoholic beverages to those age 21 and older. All patrons will be required to show proper ID when purchasing alcoholic beverages. The stadium operators, Rays and vendors reserve the right to refuse service to any fan.DIRECTIONS2300 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte From U.S. 41 north, turn left onto S.R. 776 and proceed west approximately two miles. Complex is on the left. From U.S. 41 south, turn right onto S.R. 776 and proceed west approximately two miles. Complex is on the left. From I-75, take exit 179 (Toledo Blade). Proceed south about 6.5 miles. Turn right on S.R. 776 and proceed west less than one-half mile. Complex is on the left. Tip: If you’re not familiar with the area, U.S. 41 is also called Tamiami Trail, and S.R. 776 is also referred to as El Jobean Road.SCOREBOARDMESSAGESMessages or public address announce ments for special occasions, such as birth days or anniversaries, may be requested at the guest services office before the game or in advance by phone, 941-206-4487. Ballpark guide information on Page 2 obtained through the Tampa Bay Rays and Charlotte County.SMOKINGIs permitted in a roped-off area just off the main concourse on the third-base side. Smoking is not permitted elsewhere in the facility.BAGSBackpacks, purses, bags or packages larger than 16x16x8 are not permitted. All bags are subject to being checked by stadium personnel or security. Wrapped gifts are not permitted.BANNERS & SIGNSBanners, signs and flags (without poles) may be displayed in the stadium, provided that they are baseball-related and do not contain profanity, discriminatory language, indecent images, political statements, or commercial references. They may not be hung or obstruct the views of others. Management reserves the right to remove any sign or banner at any time.FOOD & WATERFood may not be brought into the park, except food needed for medical purposes. One sealed plastic water bottle no larger than one liter per customer, and children’s single-serving juice boxes are permitted. Cans, thermoses, ice chests and glass containers are not permitted.FANS GUIDE TO CHARLOTTE SPORTS PARK SUN PHOTO BY KATHERINE GODINATampa Bay’s new spring training merchandise sits in the Charlotte Sports Park stadium store, waiting for the crowds to arrive, prior to the start of spring training workouts last month.The Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training Preview section is produced annually by the Sun Sports department. Copy editing and page design by Billy Carlson, Denise DiRamio, Mark Lawrence and Rob Shore. The Rays Spring Training Preview section is a publication of the Sun Coast Media Group. Copyright 2015 FOUL BALLSFans may keep baseballs hit into the stands. However, fans are responsible for ensuring their own safety when balls leave the field of play. Fans should not interfere with balls in the field of play. 11THE ROSTERSpring training participants. Page 2 The Sun Thursday, March 5, 2015 624-4500 Team Eye Consultant Tampa Bay Rays and Charlotte Stone CrabsV o t e d B e s t Voted Best O p h t h a l m o l o g i s t Ophthalmologist f o r 2 0 1 1 t h r u 2 0 1 4 for 2011 thru 2014 READERS’CHOICEAWARD2 0 1 1 2011 READERS’CHOICEAWARD2 0 1 2 2012 READERS’CHOICEAWARD2 0 1 3 2013 READERS’CHOICEAWARD2 0 1 4 2014 adno=50477965 EYE CARECJ, ; tJF JJ --K Y jQ 2094J;l4.


Last year, Tampa Bay entered spring training with World Series aspirations. This year, they entered camp with a new frontofce leader, a rstyear manager and a revamped roster. Opening day is a month away, and the Rays have numerous questions to answer. Five of the most pressing:Can Matt Silverman and Kevin Cash replicate the success of Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon?Former executive vice president of baseball operations Friedman made most of the personnel decisions that allowed the lowbudget Rays to be competitive, and the affable, laidback Maddon was the manager that made everything tick on the eld. The biggest question entering this season — and beyond — is whether Silverman and Cash can replicate that success. Silverman worked alongside Friedman for years, and he already exed his new muscle with a series of offseason trades. Cash could never match the personality of Maddon, but he’s drawn rave reviews from the clubhouse in his rst spring as a manager. Whether Silverman’s offseason overhaul works and how rookie skipper Cash manages a freshly rebuilt roster will go a long way toward answering this question.Can the starting rotation be as good, or better, than it was last year?The Rays might not be most pundits’ pick to win the American League East, but many have argued their starting rotation is the best in the division. Cash and Silverman agree the rotation led by Alex Cobb, Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Drew Smyly will be Tampa Bay’s biggest strength. It could be better than a year ago if a few things break right: Cobb throws 200 innings for the rst time, Odorizzi improves on a 4.14 rookie -year ERA and Smyly builds off a career year. The Rays will need to choose someone, perhaps Nathan Karns or Alex Colome, for the fth starter spot to start the season, but the rotation should get a boost when left -hander Matt Moore returns from Tommy John surgery sometime in June.How will the Rays make up for what they lost on offense?Of the 13 position players on last year’s opening day roster, seven — Ben Zobrist, Wil Myers, Matt Joyce, Yunel Escobar, Ryan Hanigan, Sean Rodriguez and Jose Molina — have been traded or released. So how do the Rays replace their production? The obvious answers are newcomers Asdrubal Cabrera, John Jaso, Steven Souza and Rene Rivera. All should play crucial roles as the Rays try to improve an offense that nished 2014 ranked 27th in the majors in runs scored. But the key to Tampa Bay’s success at the plate lies in the hands of the returning players. Can Evan Longoria bounce back after a disappointing season? Can Desmond Jennings nally live up to expectations? Can Kevin Kiermaier improve on a solid rookie campaign? If the offense is going to improve, the Rays might need the answer to all those questions to be yes.Will the Rays regret trading Wil Myers?The loss of Zobrist likely hurts more in the short term: He was an extremely versatile veteran and a clubhouse leader. But the Myers trade is the one that will be remembered. When he won the American League Rookie of the Year award in 2013, the prize of the James Shields trade was considered one of the Rays’ central building blocks. Now, he’s wearing a San Diego Padres uniform. Whether the Rays regret the deal could depend on the success Steven Souza Jr. Acquired from Washington as part of the three -team trade that included Myers, the 25yearold outelder is rated by as the fth-best prospect in baseball entering the season. He was blocked from advancing to the majors in Washington by the presence of Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth. However, Souza has considerable talent: He hit .350 with 18 home runs and 75 RBIs in Triple -A last year. He has a denite shot at opening the season as the Rays starting right elder.Who is going to emerge in the middle ineld?The only thing clear going into the exhibition schedule is Asdrubal Cabrera will be an everyday player. Which middle ineld position he’ll play and who will play alongside him remain up in the air. Cabrera has said he’s comfortable playing both second base and shortstop, but he would like to stick to just one. Cash said there’s a chance he could switch often, though. The Rays have a number of options to play alongside Cabrera: Nick Franklin, Logan Forsythe, Tim Beckham and Hak -Ju Lee. Only two are likely to make the team. The next month will be used to see whether it will be the second piece of the David Price trade, the 2013 acquisition from the San Diego Padres or the former top prospects, respectively. — Josh VitaleFIVE SPRING TRAINING QUESTIONS Thursday, March 5, 2015 The Sun Page 3 adno=50478672 Voted #1 6 Years in a Row! P O R T C H A R L O T T E P O R T C H A R L O T T E PORT CHARLOTTE G O L F C L U B G O L F C L U B GOLF CLUB 18 Holes Before 12pm $57 After 12:30pm Sat. & Sun. 2 for $90 Restaurant open to the public (Breakfast, lunch & dinner served) Florida Residents receive $ 5 00 Discount! (w/driver’s license) 2009 2010 2012 2011 2014 2013 PORT CHARLOTTE GOLF CLUB 22400 GLENEAGLES TERRACE PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA 33952-5628 PRO SHOP: 941-625-4109 OFFICE: 941-625-4100 March Rates adno=50477787 PORT'TuilmWINNING GAME PLAN:1. Choose a designated driver.2. Grab a few cold ones.3. Relax and enjoy the game.4. Make it home. Safe!r-t,<. . 1C,Cl ct C3l `cceR(` tom" -FORT CEUERLOTTE! GOLF LU B.r:._ ,da '?r ,.cal ', ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _rO ,OF CM II. I,OF 0 pa ` 'b st of 4CO` (G 0Oi GN ,},s


HOW THE RAYS WERE REBUILT THIS WINTER AGE: 31 POSITION: Catcher BATS/THROWS: R/R HGT/WGT: 5 -10/214 ACQUIRED: In trade with Padres CONTRACT: 1 year/$1.2 million (arbitration eligible 2016 -17) CAREER: Longtime backup and career .228 hitter broke out last season, batting .252 with 11 home runs and 44 RBIs in 103 games. STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Rivera is a strong defensive catcher who has already drawn rave reviews from the Rays pitching staff. He’s inexperienced as a full -time catcher, though, having played 224 major league games since 2004. WHERE HE’LL FIT IN: Should play 100 -plus games as starting catcher. AGE: 30 POSITION: Reliever BATS/THROWS: R/R HGT/WGT: 6 -3/230 ACQUIRED: In trade with Angels CONTRACT: 1 year/$3.025 million (arbitration eligible 2016) CAREER: 13 -18 with a 3.97 ERA and five saves over seven seasons STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Jepsen has struggled in the past due to slumps or injuries, but manager Kevin Cash called his stuff “electric.” He’s coming off a career year where he compiled a 2.63 ERA over 65 innings. WHERE HE’LL FIT IN: Setup man or fillin closer in bullpen. AGE: 29 POSITION: Infielder BATS/THROWS: S/R HGT/WGT: 60/205 ACQUIRED: Free agent CONTRACT: 1 year/$7.5 million CAREER: .268 hitter who has averaged 17 home runs and 71 RBIs the past four seasons STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Solid, if unspectacular, hitter who can hit for decent average with mid teens power and some speed. He has the ability to play both second base and shortstop. WHERE HE’LL FIT IN: Will be an everyday player in the middle infield. AGE: 25 POSITION: Outfielder BATS/THROWS: R/R HGT/WGT: 6 -4/224 ACQUIRED: In trade with Washington CONTRACT: Under team control until 2020 CAREER: The 2014 International League (Triple A) Most Valuable Player has hit .130 with two home runs in 23 major league at -bats. STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Souza has talent, as demonstrated by a 2014 season in which he hit .350 with 14 home runs, 44 RBIs and 26 stolen bases in TripleA. But there could be a learning curve if he breaks camp with the Rays. WHERE HE’LL FIT IN: Should earn a spot in Rays’ outfield rotation out of camp. Page 4 The Sun Thursday, March 5, 2015 Transaction wireOct. 15: Signed free agent RHP Michael Kohn. Nov. 3: Designated LF Jerry Sands for assignment. Nov. 4: Signed free agent RHP Eduar Quinonez to a minor league contract. Nov. 5: Traded LHP Cesar Ramos to the Los Angeles Angels for RHP Mark Sappington. Sent LF Jerry Sands outright to Durham. Nov. 14: Traded RHP Jeremy Hellickson to Arizona for SS Andrew Velazquez and OF Justin Williams. Nov. 20: Selected the contract of CF Mikie Mahtook from Durham and invited him to spring training. Signed free agent RHP Bryce Stowell to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Signed free agent 1B Allan Dykstra to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Designated 2B Cole Figueroa, RHP Michael Kohn, C Jose Molina for assignment. Selected the contract of RHP Matt Andriese from Durham. Traded LHP Adam Liberatore and RHP Joel Peralta to Los Angeles Dodgers traded RHP Greg Harris and RHP Jose Dominguez. Nov. 24: Released 2B Cole Figueroa and C Jose Molina. Nov. 25: Signed free agent RHP Marlon Constante to a minor league contract. Nov. 26: Signed free agent RHP Thomas Lebron to a minor league contract. Sent RHP Michael Kohn outright to Durham. Designated 2B Sean Rodriguez for assignment. Signed free agent RHP Ernesto Frieri. Dec. 1: Traded 2B Sean Rodriguez to Pittsburgh for a player to be named and cash. Dec. 12: Obtained RHP Buddy Borden from Pittsburgh. Signed free agent C Sabriel Polanco, CF Corey Brown and 2B Eugenio Velez to a minor league contract and invited them to spring training. Dec. 16: Traded LF Matt Joyce to Los Angeles Angels for RHP Kevin Jepsen. Dec. 19: Traded RF Wil Myers, C Ryan Hanigan, LHP Jose Castillo and RHP Gerardo Reyes to San Diego Padres for C Rene Rivera, RHP Burch Smith and 1B Jake Bauers. Obtained RF Steven Souza Jr. and LHP Travis Ott from Washington. Dec. 23: Sent Brandon Gomes outright to Durham. Jan. 3: Signed free agent 3B Juan Francisco to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Jan. 5: Signed free agent C Mayo Acosta to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Jan. 10: Tampa Bay Rays signed free agent SS Asdrubal Cabrera. Traded 2B Ben Zobrist and SS Yunel Escobar to Athletics for CF Boog Powell, SS Daniel Robertson, C John Jaso and cash. Jan. 16: Signed free agent LHP Everett Teaford to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Jan. 21: Signed free agent LHP Robert Zarate to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Jan. 23: Obtained C Mike Marjama from Chicago White Sox for a player to be named. Feb. 2: Signed free agent 2B Alexi Casilla and RHP Ronald Belisario to a minor league contract and invited them to spring training. Invited non roster players RHP Andrew Bellatti, RHP Dylan Floro, C Luke Maile, RF Taylor Motter and LHP Jordan Norberto to spring training. Feb. 9: Signed free agent SS Jake Elmore to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. Feb. 23: Signed free agent RHP Reynier Montero to a minor league contract. 04ovol,N


Thursday, March 5, 2015 The Sun Page 5 Rays spring scheduleDate Opponent Time Mar. 5 Baltimore Orioles 1:05 p.m. Mar. 6 Minnesota Twins 1:05 p.m. Mar. 7 at Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton 1:05 p.m. Mar. 8 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05 p.m. Mar. 9 at New York Yankees in Tampa 1:05 p.m. Mar. 10 Pittsburgh Pirates (ss) 1:05 p.m. Mar. 10 at Boston Red Sox in Fort Myers (ss) 1:05 p.m. Mar. 11 at Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers 1:05 p.m. Mar. 12 Toronto Blue Jays 1:05 p.m. Mar. 13 at Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater 1:05 p.m. Mar. 14 at Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota 2:05 p.m. Mar. 15 New York Mets 1:05 p.m. Mar. 16 OFF Mar. 17 at Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater 1:05 p.m. Mar. 18 at Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin 1:07 p.m. Mar. 19 Minnesota Twins 1:05 p.m. Mar. 20 Toronto Blue Jays 1:05 p.m. Mar. 21 Minnesota Twins 1:05 p.m. Mar. 22 at Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin 12:37 p.m. Mar. 23 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:05 p.m. Mar. 24 OFF Mar. 25 at Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers 1:05 p.m. Mar. 26 New York Yankees 1:05 p.m. Mar. 27 at Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota 1:05 p.m. Mar. 28 Boston Red Sox 1:05 p.m. Mar. 29 at Boston Red Sox in Fort Myers 1:05 p.m. Mar. 30 Baltimore Orioles 1:05 p.m. Mar. 31 Boston Red Sox (ss) 1:05 p.m. Mar. 31 at Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota (ss) 1:05 p.m. Apr. 1 at New York Yankees in Tampa 1:05 p.m. Apr. 2 at Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater 1:05 p.m. Apr. 3 at Detroit Tigers in Lakeland 1:05 p.m. Apr. 4 Detroit Tigers in St. Petersburg 1:05 p.m.Home games in Port Charlotte shadedOVERVIEWPORT CHARLOTTE — The Tampa Bay Rays aren’t big on team rules. But after an offseason of turnover in the front ofce, coach’s locker room and clubhouse, they had to make one for camp: Batting practice jerseys are required during all workouts. “That’s a rule,” rstyear manager Kevin Cash said, laughing. “Just so I didn’t call Jake Elmore Logan Forsythe.” It makes sense that Cash might need the help learning names and faces in his inaugural season as the Rays manager, but the rule is probably necessary for the returning players and front ofce staff — and sportswriters — as well. There are 63 nameplates in the Rays’ spring training clubhouse, and 31 of them weren’t there a year ago. That’s one of the spring’s major themes. The next month of spring training games isn’t just about prepar ing for another season. It’s also about introducing a whole new club. “There are lots of ways to describe it, but I like to call it a reloading of the team and the organization,” President of Baseball Operations Matt Silverman said at the start of spring training. “We were able to bring on a number of new players in the organization at the major league level and the minor league level that are going to provide value and impact for years to come. Our internal expectations are still very high because of the players that we have, and we’re looking forward to a better season this year.” The changes came early and often once last season ended. Former Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman — the ar chitect of the previous nine Rays squads — left for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 14. Ten days later, former manager Joe Maddon opted out of the nal year of his contract. Silverman, who moved up to ll Friedman’s role, brought in 37yearold Kevin Cash as manager on Dec. 6, giving the pair 11 weeks to revamp a 77win Tampa Bay team before pitchers and catchers reported to spring training on Feb. 21. Revamp they did. Gone are Sean Rodriguez, Jose Molina, Jose Peralta, Jeremy Hellickson, Wil Myers, Ryan Hanigan, Matt Joyce, Ben Zobrist and Yunel Escobar. In their place are Erensto Frieri, Rene Rivera, Steven Souza Jr., Kevin Jepsen, Bobby Wilson, Asdrubal Cabrera and John Jaso. While it may seem like a rebuild on the surface, Silverman is adamant that it’s not. Many of the moves were made with the intent of infusing much-needed talent into the farm system: Eight of Baseball America’s top 20 Rays prospects joined the organization in the last calendar year. But the new president of baseball operations insists the talent level in the majors is just as high as it was last year, when many predicted Tampa Bay would be a World Series contender. Third baseman Evan Longoria is still the face of the franchise. James Loney will again man rst base. Alex Cobb, Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Drew Introductions abound after busy offseasonBy JOSH VITALESPORTS WRITEROFFSEASON | 11 When did you get introduced to the game of baseball? “I started playing baseball really, really young. I think I was 5 years old or 4 years old in a little league in Puerto Rico called Pampers, like the diapers. I started playing there, and since then I just loved baseball.” Was there a moment when you realized you could play professionally? “I have to say yes. Probably when I was 14 going 15, I started separating from the rest of the guys and started working more toward becoming a professional baseball player.” Was there a coach who put the idea of playing in the U.S. in your head? “At the beginning, it was my stepdad. He used to play baseball, not professional baseball, but he had some friends that played professional baseball like Rico Rossy, Oreste Marrero — they’re buddies. He’s the one who wanted me to get better and work with me, then before I signed to play professional baseball, Rafael Santo Domingo — he’s a scout right now for Seattle in Puerto Rico — he took me and worked every day.” Did you always have a feeling that you would one day make it to this point? “I worked for it. I knew I had the ability to do it. It took me a while, but I worked hard for the opportunity. In this business, you’ve got to work for it, win the job and just play 100 percent. Ever since I signed back in 2001, I wanted to be established in the big leagues, and hopefully, nally, I get the opportunity to.” PORT CHARLOTTE — The Tampa Bay Rays aren’t big on team rules. But after an offseason of turnover in the front of Introductions abound When did you get introduced to the Shop Now For Your Shop Now For Your O f f i c i a l M L B T e a m O f f i c i a l M L B T e a m Fishermen’s Village B-1 Punta Gorda 9 4 1 6 3 7 8 9 4 9 adno=50478633 Rays ~ Red Sox ~ Twins ~ Yankees House Banners Garden Flags Lil’ Teammates & MORE adno=50482020 **********Cahal flubeMarch 10th 2015 ;nGeorg e&Frlell. *L March 11th, 15Mile EdnaCott masoRMarch 16th, 2015 ,************last of theRed Hot LoversOV March 6th -14th 2015The NYe1vetI1akeYar sMa rch 26th 29 th 2015______________CHARLOTTECulturalCenter TheatreWIr r r X Nice 2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, FL1625-4175,xd #220 nglewoodchase Tickets Online at Event 3069 S. McCall Rd., Englewood, FLPaJU&JToffeasoG;o REM sQmm941-637-8949


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Page 8 The Sun Thursday, March 5, 2015 MANAGERPORT CHARLOTTE — Kevin Cash never knew what his fate would be when he walked into a major league clubhouse. A fringe player on whatever roster he was on, the former big league backup catcher knew getting designated or optioned was a real possibility every day. Now, as he replaces Joe Maddon and begins his rst year as the Tampa Bay Rays manager, that’s one of Cash’s biggest points of emphasis: He wants to introduce himself to all 63 players in the clubhouse, and he wants each of them to know where they stand as spring training games get underway. Since pitchers and catchers ofcially reported to camp on Feb. 21, Cash has been calling many of them into his ofce one by one. It’s a way to welcome the new players to a new organization and the returning players to a new regime, as well as a chance to tell them exactly what the Rays foresee their role to be heading into the spring. “I hope most of the people have appreciated coming in and talking to me,” Cash said. “The guys who are new to camp, new to the Rays, we felt (we should) introduce ourselves and kind of set that tone of communication early.” The idea isn’t a novel one — former skipper Joe Maddon did it — but it is one players appreciate. Reliever Ernesto Frieri, who signed with the Rays during the offseason, said he had similar meetings with his past managers: Bud Black (San Diego Padres), Mike Scioscia (Los Angeles Angels) and Clint Hurdle (Pittsburgh Pirates). None were as extensive as his meeting with Cash. “That was really nice of them,” Frieri said. “I know that he’s busy right now, but he takes the time to talk to each player. That shows a lot from him, and I really like that. And it’s not just me; you see him talking to a lot of people. That’s positive.” The idea came from Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona, who Cash coached under for two years in Cleveland and played under for three years in Boston. Even in Red Sox clubhouses lled with players such as David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Dustin Pedroia, Cash said Francona’s temperament was the same for everyone on the team. “He treated the 23rd, 24th and 25th players the same way he treated the superstars,” Cash said. “I don’t know if there are a lot of managers you could say that about. And I don’t know if he went out of his way to do that, to make you feel comfortable, but in the long run, he knew at some point guys like myself would be needed in 162 games. It was like, ‘We’re going to make these guys comfortable also.’” Cash has taken it further with the Rays: One day two weeks ago, the major league manager went out to the back elds and threw batting practice to the minor league players who had reported to camp early. “No one asked him to do it, but it makes a statement when your major league manager is taking time out of his day,” President of Baseball Operations Matt Silverman said. “He could be showering and cleaning up and going to play golf, but instead is out there working with the minor leaguers, getting to know them and establish himself.” For Cash, the two most important qualities in a manager are “consistency and communication.” Those are the two things he’s striving to provide most in his rst season with the Rays. “That was something that I valued a lot as a player,” Cash said. “That type of communication goes a long way. There’s some tough nights for younger players who don’t know, playing the guessing game of, ‘Is it me, is it my turn?’ So I think good communication and a level of consistency.”Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or stresses personal connectionsBy JOSH VITALESPORTS WRITER PHOTO BY TOM O’NEILLTampa Bay manager Kevin Cash hits ground balls to inelders during a recent workout at Charlotte Sports Park. Cash has been busy establishing lines of communication with every player in camp. PORT CHARLOTTE — Kevin Cash never knew what his fate would be when he walked into a major league clubhouse. A fringe player on whatever roster he was on, the former big league backup catcher knew getting designated or op Cash stresses personal connections when he walked into a major league How did you become a catcher? “I was in the Cape Cod League, play ing third base. We had two catchers go down in one night; one was sick and one got hurt, I think, and it was kind of like a volunteer, like, ‘Who wants to catch?’ I wanted to, so I went back there and had some success in the rst or second inning throwing a guy out, and there were a bunch of amateur scouts there. I guess the right people saw enough of what they needed to see, and that’s kind of how it started.” When did you know you wanted to become a manager? “I don’t know if there was ever a given point when I knew. When the Texas opportunity presented itself late in the year (2014) and the front ofce contacted my former front ofce in Cleveland, it was a shock. It wasn’t something that I was anticipating at this stage, but then as I started preparing for the Texas opportunity, I almost kind of gained some momentum and gained some condence in talking and being able to really process some thoughts moving forward.” How did Terry Francona shape your coaching philosophy? “I can talk all day about Tito and his philosophy and what I’m going to pull from him. The biggest thing I watch is the way he communicates with players. It can be your three-hole hitter or your backup catcher, and I got to be in that role playing for him, so I see how he treats people. I see how he treats his coaching staff, the personnel that’s in and out on a daily basis, and the quality of relationships he has formed with the Red Sox and his current team, the Indians. 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How did you get introduced to baseball? “That was at age 12. I remember that I was watching a game with my family, the last game of the World Series in 1997. Edgar Renteria was playing for the Marlins, and he got up with bases loaded, Game 7, tie game, inning 11. I remember. He got the base hit and they won it all, and all my family got excited, including myself. I feel like how my mom and my grandma and my cousins and all the people in my family that were jumping around and so happy and proud that I was like, ‘Dude. I want to play baseball like Edgar Renteria, and I want to make my family feel proud of me.’ The next day, I went to a eld, started practicing and fell in love with the game. And here I am right now.” When did you realize you had a chance to play professionally in the U.S.? “The very rst time that I threw a baseball and the coach (Marcial del Valle) told me that I had a really good arm. I had never thrown a baseball before, and I threw it and he was like, ‘Hey, dude, you threw it really hard.’ That made me feel so good. I remember that like it happened yesterday. It made me feel like I can do this, I can make it over there, because I had a lot of respect for that coach. And when he told me that, it gave me another excuse to keep coming to the eld, keep working and get better. That day I told myself I was going to be a big-league guy, that I was going to be on TV and make my family feel proud. That was the day I made the decision, and here I am.”Success starts with pitchingBy JOSH VITALESPORTS WRITER PHOTO BY TOM O’NEILLDurability is one of the key metrics for Alex Cobb heading into Tampa Bay’s season.STARTING | 11THE ROTATION PORT CHARLOTTE — There’s no denying Tampa Bay went through an overhaul this offseason. Manager Joe Maddon and executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman are gone. As are Ben Zobrist, Wil Myers, Matt Joyce, Yunel Escobar, Sean Rodriguez, Ryan Hanigan, Jeremy Hellickson, Joel Peralta and Cesar Ramos, among others. But Alex Cobb, Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Drew Smyly remain. And if the Rays nd success, these four will be a big part of the reason. Let us re-introduce you to the starting rotation. “In comparison, nobody is better than us,” right-hander Archer said of the team’s staff. “There may be some other teams with one guy that’s better than one guy, but, collectively, I think we’re better than anybody in the league.” It’s an argument that can be made given the success the Rays experienced even after former ace David Price was traded midseason. Tampa Bay nished the second half of the year with a 3.15 staff ERA, a mark that ranked fth in the majors over that stretch. Four of those starters return, and the staff will get a boost when former 17game winner Matt Moore returns from Tommy John surgery. Though Cobb, Archer, Odorizzi, Smyly or Moore do not t what Archer calls the “stereotypical denition” of an ace — guys who pitch 200 innings or win 20 games — all four have ashed enough ability to make those numbers at least a possibility this season. If one pitcher on the staff is truly primed to jump to that level, it’s Cobb. The right-hander compiled winning records with sub-2.90 ERAs in each of the past two seasons, averaging 10 wins and 14115 strikeouts per year during that stretch. The only thing missing has been durability: Cobb pitched 14313 innings in 2012 and 16613 innings in 2013, missing extended periods of time because of a concussion and an oblique injury, respectively. “(Pitching 200 innings), that’s always been my goal going into every season. Thursday, March 5, 2015 The Sun Page 9 adno=50481207 Herb’s Coins S TAMPS & B ASEBALL C ARDS 2348 Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte 941-629-5777 Florida Coin Dealer Since 1975 US & World Coins Buy & Sell Bullion Buy Scrap Gold & Sterling F R E E A P P R A I S A L S F R E E A P P R A I S A L S FREE APPRAISALS follow the leader Memorabilia, Coins, Silver, Gold, Sterling, Old Paper Money!!! Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. 7:00AM 3PM Sat 7:00AM 11:00AM Closed Wed & Sun W H A T W E C A N W H A T W E C A N WHAT WE CAN P A Y Y O U ! P A Y Y O U ! PAY YOU! Bring in Bring in Autographs, Autographs, adno=50477821 Jo'in us for FUNIBINGO-..,, Every Fridayand Saturdayat 10:45 a.m.DANCES Z --0Mondays at1:30&7p.m.Fridays at fg)1047 p.m. Vakc I W nu a ce teof Charlotte CountyYOUR Community Center2280 Aaron Street-Port Charlotte, FL-33952(941) 625-4175-www.theculturalcenter-comJSAGUTi1ennricatioii


PORT CHARLOTTE — The middle ineld was seldom a discussion topic last spring. It didn’t need to be. Ben Zobrist was going to be the second baseman and Yunel Escobar was going to be the shortstop. Neither fact was up for debate. That’s not the case this year. Zobrist (Oakland) and Escobar (Washington) are gone. In a spring training with few position battles — fth starter, fth outelder, backup catcher, bullpen — the middle ineld is perhaps the most intriguing. The Rays expect Asdrubal Cabrera to be an everyday player up the middle. They don’t know which position he’ll play, or which player will line up alongside him. There’s Tim Beckham, the No. 1 pick in the 2008 draft who is 15 months removed from ACL surgery. He hit .295 in 24 games across three levels of the minors last season and batted .276 with four home runs, 51 RBIs and 17 stolen bases in his last full year with Triple-A Durham. There’s Nick Franklin, a former topve prospect in Seattle organization who went 7 for 34 in 11 games for the Rays after joining the team in the trade that sent David Price to Detroit. There’s Logan Forsythe, a versatile former San Diego Padre who hit .223 with six home runs and 26 RBIs in a career-high 110 games at four defensive positions last year. There’s also Hak-Ju Lee, the organization’s fth-best prospect, according to; Alexi Casilla, a veteran journeyman with a career .247 batting average; and Jake Elmore, who has played for seven organizations in seven years with 87 games of major league service time. “We’re excited about the guys we have,” manager Kevin Cash said. “We have a lot of people who are going to be playing middle ineld, and we’re looking forward to getting a lot of looks at them.” It might take all of those looks to gure out which will join Cabrera on the major league roster. Cabrera has already said he’s comfortable playing second base or shortstop. Forsythe, Franklin, Casilla and Elmore have major league experience in both spots. Beckham and Lee primarily played shortstop in the minors, but Beckham spent time working at second base during his rehab assignment last year. That versatility means the Rays could give Beckham a shot at the everyday shortstop’s job and put Cabrera at second, or make Cabrera the everyday shortstop and platoon Forsythe and Franklin at second. Beckham, Forsythe and Franklin have minor league options remaining, so the Rays could commit to one or two of those players without fear of losing the other. “I don’t even look at it as a competition,” Franklin said. “Everybody is unique as it is, and everybody is a great player. So what it boils down to is not competition; it’s who can get it done the most consistently.” Either way, the starting middle ineld the Rays announce on opening day will be new. “I think anything’s possible. But it’s too early to tell,” Cash said. “How do you factor in some of the competition? We’ve got to see some of these guys play.”Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or infield provides the most intrigueBy JOSH VITALESPORTS WRITER SUN PHOTOS BY TOM O’NEILLTampa Bay inelder Tim Beckham has played primarily shortstop while rising through the Rays’ organization, but he started playing second last season. Tampa Bay inelder Asdrubal Cabrera is expected to be an everyday player at one or both of the middle ineld spots. MIDDLE INFIELDPage 10 The Sun Thursday, March 5, 2015 PORT CHARLOTTE — The middle ineld was seldom a discussion topic last spring. It didn’t need to be. Ben Zobrist was going to be the second baseman and Yunel Escobar was going to be the shortstop. Neither fact was up for debate. That’s not the case this year. Zobrist (Oakland) and Escobar (Washington) are gone. In a spring training with few position battles — fth starter, fth Was there a moment when you knew you had the ability to play professionally? “Probably as a junior or senior in high school. I played for Team USA, and I think I kind of knew then — I obviously knew I would go to college — but not really until junior or senior year did I think I would be playing pro ball.” Was there a coach that put that idea in your head? “My (Lake Brantley High School) coach, Mike Smith, he kind of compered me to (former major league inelder) Felipe Lopez going through there. Felipe was a good guy — I didn’t ever get to watch him, obviously, but he was the one that really informed me.” What’s the journey like getting from that point to where you are now? “It’s a grind, obviously. Everybody says that. It’s a grind at moments when things aren’t going as well as you want them to. It’s denitely humbling, but I enjoyed experience, honestly, because everybody really needs to go through that.”ONLINEFor breaking news on the Rays, follow us on Twitter @SunCoastSports and our blog: SunCoastSportsNow. com. Share your photos from your days at the Rays on our Facebook page, SunCoastSports. 1312 Market Circle, Unit #9, Port Charlotte 941-743-2646 w Hunter Douglas Alliance Dealer Fully Licensed And Insured Best Customer Service Anywhere! Over 80% Of Our Business Is Referrals! Residential & Commercial Do Your Windows Need A Treatment For The New Year? We Manufacture Shutters, Verticals, Draperies, Sunshades & Top Treatments. MADE IN THE USA! Providing Quality Window Treatments Sales, Service And Installation Since 1983. 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Unfortunately, I haven’t met that yet,” Cobb said. “It’s not due to the fact I haven’t tried to make sure in the offseason that I’m going to try to stay healthy to get to that point, it’s just things that have happened. I feel like I know what it takes to get to that point, I just have to stay on the eld.” Archer compiled a 3.33 ERA and 173 strike outs in his second full season. Odorizzi went 11-14 with a 4.12 ERA in his rookie campaign, and Smyly went 3-1 with a 1.70 ERA over seven starts for the Rays after coming over in the Price trade. “We’re right up to the top,” Cobb said. “Seeing what we did last year compared to the rest of the league, it’s very encouraging. And knowing how hard everyone has worked this offseason, there’s no reason why we can’t take a few steps forward. Compared to the rest of the league, we’ll see how that pans out. But I think we should be a better staff than we were last year.” On Day 1 of spring training, Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash said, “If you’ve got starting pitching, you’ve got a leg up going into the season.” If that’s true, this over hauled Tampa Bay squad has every chance to be successful this season. “I’m thrilled with the guys we have taking the mound,” Cash said. “All of these pieces are going to help.”Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or PAGE 9 AP PHOTOTampa Bay starting pitcher Chris Archer is one of the 32 players in Port Charlotte this winter who were here wearing a Rays jersey last year. But, this will be his second full season in the majors. Thursday, March 5, 2015 The Sun Page 11THE LAST INNING Spring rosterPitchersNo. Name B/T Hgt. Wgt. Date of birth22 Chris Archer R-R 6-3 190 Sept. 26, 1988 23 Jake Odorizzi R-R 6-2 190 March 27, 1990 26 Brad Boxberger R-R 6-2 225 May 27, 1988 31 Mike Montgomery L-L 6-4 200 July 1, 1989 33 Drew Smyly L-L 6 190 June 13, 1989 34 C.J. Riefenhauser L-L 6-0 195 Jan. 30, 1990 35 Matt Andriese R-R 6-3 215 Aug. 28, 1989 37 Alex Colome R-R 6-2 220 Dec. 31, 1988 38 Jeff Beliveau L-L 6-1 190 Jan. 17, 1987 40 Kevin Jepsen R-R 6-3 235 July 26, 1984 43 Ernesto Frieri R-R 6-2 205 July 19, 1985 45 Enny Romero L-L 6-3 215 Jan. 24, 1991 47 Brandon Gomes R-R 5-11 190 July 15, 1984 49 Kirby Yates L-R 5-10 210 Mar 25, 1987 50 Grant Balfour R-R 6-2 200 Dec. 30, 1977 51 Nathan Karns R-R 6-3 225 Nov. 25, 1987 52 Jose Dominguez R-R 6-0 200 Aug. 7, 1990 53 Alex Cobb R-R 6-3 205 Oct. 7, 1987 54 Steve Geltz R-R 5-10 210 Nov. 1, 1987 55 Matt Moore L-L 6-3 210 June 18, 1989 57 Jake McGee L-L 6-3 230 Aug. 6, 1986 58 Grayson Garvin L-L 6-6 225 Oct. 27, 1989 56 Burch Smith R-R 6-4 215 Apr. 12, 1990 71 Jordan Norberto L-L 6-0 195 Dec. 8, 1986 72 Jhan Marinez R-R 6-1 200 Aug. 12, 1988 73 Bryce Stowell R-R 6-2 205 Sept. 23, 1986 74 Dylan Floro L-R 6-2 175 Dec. 27, 1990 75 Everett Teaford L-L 6-0 160 May 15, 1984 76 Robert Zarate L-L 6-3 200 Feb. 1, 1987 82 Ronald Belisario R-R 6-3 240 Dec. 31, 1982 81 Andrew Bellatti R-R 6-1 190 Aug. 5, 1991 Catchers 9 Justin O’Conner R-R 6-0 190 March 31, 1992 19 Curt Casali R-R 6-2 230 Nov. 9, 1988 28 John Jaso L-R 6-2 205 Sept. 19, 1983 44 Rene Rivera R-R 5-10 215 July 31, 1983 60 Bobby Wilson R-R 6-0 220 April 8, 1983 67 Luke Maile R-R 6-3 226 Feb. 6, 1991 78 Mayo Acosta R-R 6-1 220 Nov. 20, 1987 Infielders 1 Tim Beckham R-R 6-0 195 Jan. 27, 1990 2 Nick Franklin S-R 6-1 190 March 2, 1991 3 Evan Longoria R-R 6-2 210 Oct. 7, 1985 10 Alexi Casilla S-R 5-9 170 July 20, 1984 11 Logan Forsythe R-R 6-1 205 Jan. 14, 1987 13 Asdrubal Cabrera S-R 6-0 205 Nov. 13, 1985 21 James Loney L-L 6-3 235 May 7, 1984 29 Ryan Brett R-R 5-9 180 Oct. 9, 1991 30 Vince Belnome L-R 5-11 205 March 11, 1988 36 Hak-Ju Lee L-R 6-2 170 Nov. 4, 1990 61 Juan Francisco L-R 6-2 245 June 24, 1987 63 Eugenio Velez S-R 6-1 170 May 16, 1982 68 Allan Dykstra L-R 6-5 215 May 21, 1987 80 Daniel Robertson R-R 6-1 205 March 22, 1994 83 Jake Elmore R-R 5-9 185 June 15, 1987 Outfielders 5 Brandon Guyer R-R 6-2 200 Jan. 28, 1986 7 David DeJesus L-L 5-11 190 Dec. 20, 1979 8 Desmond Jennings R-R 6-2 210 Oct. 30, 1986 20 Steven Souza Jr. R-R 6-4 225 April 24, 1989 27 Mikie Mahtook R-R 6-1 200 Nov. 30, 1989 39 Kevin Kiermaier L-R 6-1 215 April 22, 1990 64 Corey Brown L-L 6-1 210 Nov. 26, 1985 65 Joey Butler R-R 6-2 220 March 12, 1986 69 Taylor Motter R-R 6-1 195 Sept. 18, 1989 79 Boog Powell L-L 5-10 185 Jan. 14, 1993Smyly — and eventually, Matt Moore — are still in the starting rotation. And some of the new additions have been the talk of camp. Rivera, the team’s new starting catcher, has drawn rave reviews for his defensive acumen and ability to connect with pitchers. Cabrera, a Cash favorite from Cleveland, gives the middle ineld a two -time All -Star. Reliever Kevin Jepsen has impressed Cash as he tries to build on a career year, and fellow reliever Ernesto Frieri is said to be ready to get back to the form that saw him save 60 games from 201213. “I feel we’re a very competitive, good team,” Cash said. “I’m excited to come out and see the new additions and some of the returning players. I know as a group in here, we’re excited. We don’t pay much attention to what’s said outside of this group. We keep our thoughts to ourselves. But we’re very excited about starting spring and producing a good ball club.” Provided Cash can recognize them all by opening day, of course. “As long as they’ve got the jerseys on,” Cash said. “I’ll be all right.”C ontact Josh Vitale at 9412061122 or jvitale@sun PAGE 5 P090127.1 rfntbnrrn fbrrb bMAJORLEAGUESERVICE.Mike Martin, Agent t adno=50478624 LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES & DELIVERY SERVICE Aggregate Supplies Weed Matting & Edging Free Estimates Gas Fireplaces Concrete Statues Murdock Stones, Etc. offers delivery service at a nominal price. Our service area includes Charlotte Sarasota, Lee & Desoto Counties. 590 Pineville St. Port Charlotte, FL 941-629-6665 7621 Sawyer Circle South Gulf Cove, FL 941-698-9769 TOLL FREE 866-670-6665 WEB $ 28/ yd. Bulk Mulch Choose from Red Cypress or Gold Cypress. No Limit-Stock Up! Murdock Stones Etc. 941-629-6665 941-698-9769 With Coupon. Can’t be combined with other offers or coupons. 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Page 12 The Sun Thursday, March 5, 2015 Buy a regular priced ticket and receive an additional ticket for just $1! Enjoy items from our special $1 menu all game long! Every Tuesday receive $2 tickets, $2 parking, $2 hot dogs, $2 fountain sodas. Also enjoy $2 draft beers until the end of the 5th inning! If the Stone Crabs win, everyone in attendance wins a ticket to another Wednesday game! If the Stone Crabs lose, everyone still goes home with a prize! $1 12oz. fountain sodas and domestic draft beers and $2 domestic bottles until the end of the 5th inning! When gates open, enjoy FREE draft beer until the end of the 1st inning with the purchase of a special $15 ticket. Free draft beer available at the TIki Bar only. (Must be 21 or older). Great Fireworks and Giveaways every Saturday! All kids 13 and under eat free with the purchase of a regular priced ticket! adno=50482029 HEY BASEBALL FANS DAILYSPECIALSMORE FOR YOUR MONDAY THIRSTY THURSDAY$2 TUESDAY FREE BEER FRIDAYWINNING WEDNESDAY SATURDAY SPECTACULARSKIDS EAT FREE SUNDAYAPRIL MAY JUf1E1 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SATI 2 f' 3 5 &P11111 IFTI9 non6i 9 6:70 7:00 7:00 7:00 71005 6 7 8 1 3 4 6 FTM FTM FTM I I JVP JVP JVPnon 15 16 1? 11 Ju 1 !5 16 14: 7100 7100 10100 7:0023 21 2b if N 19 M 21 22 23 'k 22 23 2d 26 2719 20 21 22 21Phis BRD 13M B RD PNB PMB PMB JUP JUP JUP TAM TAM TAM BRD BRO BRD FTM CLR230 eao s:w 2so so 9aso s:so &70 030 700 700 7100 7:00 T:0026 n 2829 I W2 20 20 20BRD BRD BRO OFF FTM + CLR CLR CLR31aA0 &70 a17o 1:00 7100 7100JULY AUGUST SEPTE(T1BERSUN MON TUE WED THU FNI SAT SUN MUN TUE DYED iHU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU FAI SAT3 5PMB FTM FTM7:00 7:00 7006 6 1D J11 7 0PMB PMB BRE BRE . BRD BRD900 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 770014 15 16 17 18 112 13 9 l0 11 12OFF TAM TAM TAM MBRE BRE BRD PM8 PMB JUP , 1Tm +0;00 9:00 7.00 1 790 T9019 PO 2122 23 2d 26 10 1719 20 21 22 'iE CRUMB STL STL STL 1' DAY DAY DAY FTM FTM JUP JUP JUP.000 7:00 7:00 7100 7:00 00 700 7:00 700 TOO27 28 292d g::STL 25DUN DUN DUN DUN+A0 T 09 7:00 1.00 31 SYL70011 00 11M 011111111 1111111


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MIKE MYERS Page 15 BULLETIN BOARD | Page 3 ————— TIDE CHARTS | Page 4 ————— MAP OF LOCAL WATERS | Page 5 ————— FISH FINDER | Page 6 ————— FISHING REGULATIONS | Page 7 SEAFOOD RECIPES | Page 15 ————— FISH PROFILES | Page 14 ————— READER PHOTOS | Page 10 ————— BOATING CLASSES | Page 23 ————— SOLUNAR TABLES | Page 23 REGULAR FEATURES LETTERS TO THE EDITOR JOSH: Thank you for printing my picture and the story about the snook I caught. I’ve never had my picture in the paper before and I and my family back in Pennsylvania got a real kick out of it. Thank you! — Robert S. Bitner ROBERT: It’s always a pleasure to publish a shing story from a reader, especially one in which the magazine helped you have a better time on the water. I hope more readers will follow your example and share their stories with us. — Josh Olive, WaterLine Publisher JOSH: If it is high tide at El Jobean at 8 a.m., when will it be high tide at the U.S. 41 bridge over the Myakka River? Kayakers would like to know. — Kirk Bodwell KIRK: The answer depends partly on how fast the river is owing. The 41 bridge in North Port is about 7.5 miles upstream of El Jobean. Right now, high tides are running about 45 minutes behind the El Jobean predictions and low tides are about an hour behind. High tides arrive sooner because the incoming tide acts like a dam, backing up the river’s ow. To compare the tide times whenever you want, bookmark and The rst link will show you gauge heights at the 41 bridge. When you look at it, you’ll see it rises and falls with the tide. Adjust the graph to show just one day and you can approximate the tide times. The second link will show you tides at El Jobean. A little simple math will give you your answer. As we get into the rainy season and the river ows faster, you’ll see high tides arriving upstream faster and low tides arriving later. — Josh Olive, WaterLine Publisher JOSH: I turned the page and again a gun was pointing at me. Quit pointing a gun at me. — Jack Kartz JACK: My apologies. The reason for such a rude act is to illustrate how unpleasant it is to look down a barrel from the wrong end and so encourage readers to prepare for such an eventuality. If it’s that disturbing printed on paper, the actual experience must be truly life-changing. — Josh Olive, WaterLine PublisherIf you have a comment or question for WaterLine, email it to are welcome on any outdoor-related subject, but we do have some rules. Please keep them to less than 250 words. Letters may be edited for length as well as grammar and spelling. All letters must be signed with full name — not initials. Slanderous or libelous material will not be published. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse. The opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. WaterLine and Sun Coast Media Group take no responsibility for the content of these letters. I had a great chat the other day with a lady in one of our local tackle shops. We were talking about all the dierent sh you can catch in the area and she told me about a trip she and her husband had recently taken with a charter captain. I asked her what they had caught, and she said, “Well, we got a few big ones and a few small ones. I think they were jacks.” I said that many area anglers wouldn’t think that was much of a day on the water. She said, “Oh, we thought it was just amazing. We saw dolphins and pelicans and so many sh in the water. It was just like a nature documentary, only we were in it instead of watching it on TV.” She’s right — it really is. When one of WaterLine’s writers drops the word “paradise” in reference to Southwest Florida’s waters and wild places, it’s not just hyperbole. What we’ve got here is something really special, but it’s so easy to get jaded to it. It’s human nature to take things for granted. Some times, seeing things through someone else’s eyes helps remind us of what matters. I hope I never forget that, and if I do I hope someone reminds me. And I hope the same for each of you. Enjoy it and treasure it, because it really is unique and irreplaceable. A special place FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK JOSH OLIVE WaterLine photo by Josh OliveThis place is magical. Don’t forget it. IllUIUMMOMEM ADM nowI


Page 3 March 5, 2015 FREE LECTURE SERIESJ.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge (1 Wildlife Drive, Sanibel) will oer a series of free lectures on Fridays through April. Lectures will be held from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 3 p.m. March 6: Sarah Adams, “Memories of my Grandfather, Ansel Adams.” March 20: Author Marie Read, “Into the Nest: Intimate Views of Birds,” followed by a book signing. March 27: Peggy MacDonald and Marjorie Harris Carr, “Defenders of Florida’s Environment,” followed by a book signing. April 3: Jeremy Conrad, “Sea Turtles.” April 10: Jerry Lorenz, “Roseate Spoonbills.” Call the education center at 239-472-1100 for more info.HIKE THE HIGH MARSHJoin the Little Pine Island trail guide for a free morning hike through a restored area of salt ats, hammock and mangroves and return through a sea of softly waving grasses. Hikes will be held from 9 a.m. to noon each Saturday and Wednesday morning thru April 11. Hosted by the Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park. Advance registration is required; call 941-575-5861 to sign up.FISHING SEMINARSCapt. Chris O’Neill will give three seminars from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 7 at Cook’s Sportland (4419 Tamiami Trail S., Venice). The rst will be about inshore shing, followed by nearshore shing and snook. Seating will be available on a rst-come, rst-served basis. For more info, call 941-493-0025.FLY FISHING SCHOOLCB’s Saltwater Outtters (1249 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota) will host an Orvis-endorsed y shing school from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 7. The school will cover y casting basics, line control, shooting line and the roll cast. Instructor Capt. Rick Grassett will also cover leader construction, y selection and saltwater y shing techniques. The course will focus on basics but also work with intermediate casters on correcting faults and improving casting skills. Cost is $150 per person and includes the use of Orvis y tackle, a text book and lunch. Call 941-349-4400 to reserve a spot.GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUPIt’s time again for Charlotte County’s Great American Cleanup! Interested individuals and groups are encouraged to participate in this annual event, scheduled for 9 a.m. to noon March 7. Meet at Cedar Point Environmental Park (2300 Placida Road, Englewood) and clean up local parks. Come help clean up your community. This is our country’s largest community improvement event, engaging 4 million volunteers in 20,000 communities nationwide. Trash bags, refreshments and T-shirts (to rst 20 who register) will be provided. Just bring a commitment to help. Sponsored by Keep Charlotte Beautiful. For more info or to register, call 941-475-0769.CCA CLEANUPThe Charlotte chapter of CCA Florida will host a cleanup day from 2 to 5 p.m. March 7 at Bayshore Live Oak Park (23157 Bayshore Road, Port Charlotte). You’re invited to help local CCA members ll a dumpster with debris pulled from the Peace River and Charlotte Harbor. Along with cleaner water, there will also be prizes and giveaways. Come and invite your friends to spend a single day on the water that will contribute to many days in the future. For more info, contact Adam Miller at 941-270-0895.GUIDED MARSH TRAIL WALKSDr. David Cooper, a Florida Master Naturalist and CREW Land & Water Trust volunteer, will lead a humorous and informative 2.5to 3-hour guided walk at the CREW Marsh Hiking Trails (4600 CR 850 (Corkscrew Road), Immokalee) from 9 a.m. to noon March 7 and April 21. The public is invited to join him free of charge. Call 239-657-2253.DISCOVER PRAIRIE PINES PRESERVEEnjoy a free guided nature walk from 9 to 11:30 a.m. March 7 at Prairie Pines Preserve (18400 N. Tamiami Trail, N. Fort Myers). Meet in the entrance parking lot for a quarter-mile stroll along an accessible trail in a pine atwood. No dogs. For more info, call 239-707-2206.NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY MEETINGJoin the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society at 7 p.m. March 10 at Lemon Bay Park (570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood). Guest speaker Chris Meyers will provide an update on what’s hap pening in Sarasota County Parks. Chris has developed and managed several of Sarasota County’s nature parks. He is well-versed on the ora and fauna of these parks and will give us insight as to the status of the parks he is currently managing. All FNPS meetings, eld trips and special events are free and open to the public. For more info on this and other activities and events, go to Mangrove. FREE KIDS’ PROGRAMSThe Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center is now oering free Little Explorers programs for children 2 to 6 years of age. Introduce your pre-school er to the wonderful world of nature through age-appropriate stories, craft activities and outdoor scavenger hunts. All Little Explorers classes will take place at 10 a.m. in Alligator Creek Preserve’s brand-new Cani Children’s Corner (10941 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda). Upcoming classes are scheduled for March 10 & 24; April 14 & 28; and May 12 & 26. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more info or to register, call 941-575-5435 or email ashley@ AT THE CONSERVANCY Back by popular demand! The Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s (1495 Smith Preserve Way, Naples) environmental education lecture series continues in 2015 with new topics and some sell-out favorites. The popular series returns to Eaton Conservation Hall on select Tuesday evenings through May. Speakers: March 10, Elam Stoltzfus of Live Oak Production Group will talk about lmmaking in Florida. April 14, local author and lecturer Charles Sobczak will discuss the human footprint. May 12, Conservancy policy and advocacy staers Jennifer Hecker and Nicole Johnson will speak on oil drilling and water. General admission is $10 per person; free for members. Seating is space-available. To make a reservation, call Kelsey Hudson at 239-403-4228. FREE LECTURE SERIES OUTDOOR NEWS BULLETIN BOARD If you have a meeting, tournament, festival or other event you want included in the Outdoor News Bulletin Board, email it to Editor@WaterLineWeekly.comBULLETIN BOARD | 17 FISHIN’ FRANK’S FISHIN’ CLUB: Learn all about shing Charlotte Harbor. Meetings are held the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria (3883 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte). Call 941-625-3888 for more info. FISHING CLUB MEETINGS: The Gulf Cove Fishing Club meets on the second Monday of the month October through May at the Hope Lutheran Church in Gulf Cove (14200 Hopewell Ave., Port Charlotte) at 7 p.m. At each meeting, a speaker will talk on a timely topic. In addition to the meetings, the club holds a monthly shing tournament and a monthly picnic. For more info, call 941-698-8607. FREE SAFETY CHECKS: The Coast Guard Auxiliary conducts free vessel safety checks every Saturday morning from 8:30 to 11:45 a.m. at the Venice boat ramp (200 N. Seaboard Ave., Venice). They’ll make sure the safety equipment mandated by federal and state regulations is onboard. If an inspected vessel is found to be safe, a “Seal of Safety” is axed to it. For more info or to schedule an appointment, call Patrick Wheeler at 941-412-1026. WHAT’S THAT BIRD?: Volunteer bird interpreters share their expertise on ID and behavior of raptors, shorebirds, waterfowl and other avian visitors at Myakka River State Park (13208 S.R. 72, Sarasota). Volunteers set up scopes and help people identify birds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day of the week. VOLUNTEER AT SHAMROCK PARK: Shamrock Park Nature Center (3900 Shamrock Drive, Venice) holds its monthly volunteer work mornings from 8 to 10 a.m. on the third Friday of each month. For more info, call Jennifer Rogers at 941-8615000 or email her at CHARLOTTE HARBOR MULTIHULL ASSOCIATION: Members of this club for multihull owners, sailors or those who are inter ested in the exchange of ideas about equipping and sailing boats, share information about anchorages and cruising destinations, hold informal races that help to improve their sailing ability, and have local raft-ups. No dues. The club meets at the Panda Inn (3092 N. Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte) on the rst Monday of each month at 6 p.m. For more information, call 941-876-6667. HANG OUT WITH SCRUB JAYS: Spend the morning with the scrub jays at Oscar Scherer State Park (1843 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey) from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. This unique Central Florida experience includes a nature walk to see the park’s diverse ecosystems, native ora and fauna. Call 941-4835956 for more info. BIRD WALK: Search for Florida scrub jays, eastern towhees, brown thrashers, and other pine atwoods species with the Venice Area Audubon Society every Thursday at Oscar Scherer State Park (1843 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey). Meet at 8:30 a.m. at Nature Center. Two miles walking on sand trails. For more info, call Joyce Leary at 508-737-8954. SARASOTA FITNESS WALKS: Join Sarasota County Parks sta from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. each Friday for a tness walk through Rothenbach Park (8650 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota). The pace will be geared toward tness, aiming for a 20-minute-mile pace. The walk will cover approximately three miles in one hour of brisk walking. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife, but keep up the pace. Wear good walking shoes and bring your water bottle. Meet in the pavilion near the playground. Call 941-861-5000 for more info. SIX MILE CYPRESS SLOUGH PRESERVE: Take a leisurely stroll on our fully accessible boardwalk trail anytime dawn to dusk (7791 Penzance Blvd., Fort Myers). Visit our Interpretive Center to learn more about the plants and animals that live in the Slough or just talk to a friendly volunteer. The center is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is $1 per hour per vehicle. Reservations not required. No groups of eight or more. For more info call 239-533-7550 or visit LeeParks. org/SixMile. NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY MEETS: The Coccoloba Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society meets from 7 to 9 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium (3450 Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers). Meetings are free and the public is welcome. Call 239-275-3435. BOTTOM TIME DIVE CLUB: This Punta Gorda-based SCUBA club meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Call 941-7404245 or visit GUIDED HIKE AT ALLIGATOR CREEK PRESERVE: This CHEC preserve is located where freshwater and saltwater habitats meet along the edge of Charlotte Harbor. Free guided walks on the nature trails are oered each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10 a.m. Call 941-575-5435 for more info. ONGOING EVENTS adno=50478749 1189 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte 941-255-1555 15001 Gasparilla Rd Placida 941-697-1000 8311 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota 941-360-0088 Boat Sales Open 7 Days A Week All Locations! PONTOON BOATS Repower Specialists Repower Specialists Call KG 7 Days a Week Call KG 7 Days a Week 941-628-5000 941-628-5000 O v e r 5 0 M o t o r s I n S t o c k Fully-staffed Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repair, Restoration, and Fabrication Department. Specializing in Minor, Structural and Accident Repairs. When You Want The Best When You Want The Best FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED FOR OVER 33 YEARS IN CHARLOTTE COUNTY We Have 10 New Boat Li nes! We Have 10 New Boat Li nes! “We Want To Service Your YAMAHA Outboard No Matter Where You Bought It” NEW Boat Line NGMAN* n_ Y f r h00IIJ6f--'' ---'"` ` `...+ _-"-mil -idi11111111\\\\\\\\,\\;


Page 4 March 5, 2015 THURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAY VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W VENICE INLET 27.1117 N, 82.4633 W PUNTA GORDA 26.9283 N, 82.0650 W ADD 32 MINUTES TO TIMES FOR EL JOBEAN TIDES PLACIDA, GASPARILLA SOUND 26.8333 N, 82.2667 W ADD 28 MINUTES TO TIMES FOR LEMON BAY TIDES 06:29 -0.01 MATLACHA PASS BASCULE BRIDGE 26.6333 N, 82.0667 W MHHW 1.962, MHW 1.703, MTL1.076, MSL 1.070, MLW 0.449, MLLW 0.000 MHHW 1.407, MHW 1.175, MSL 0.784, MTL 0.768, MLW 0.358, MLLW 0.000 MHHW N/A, MHW N/A, MSL N/A, MTL N/A, MLW N/A, MLLW 0.000 MHHW 2.201, MHW 1.932, MSL 1.172, MTL 1.152, MLW 0.371, MLLW 0.000 All measurements in feet; see TIDE CHARTSTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAY THURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAY THURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAYMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Thursday 06:29 -0.01 feet L 12:25 1.25 feet H 18:14 0.41 feet L Friday 00:02 1.61 feet H 06:51 0.09 feet L 12:40 1.35 feet H 18:49 0.30 feet L Saturday 00:39 1.54 feet H 07:10 0.20 feet L 13:00 1.47 feet H 19:26 0.20 feet L Sunday 01:18 1.44 feet H 08:28 0.31 feet L 14:26 1.58 feet H 21:07 0.13 feet L Monday 03:01 1.32 feet H 08:45 0.42 feet L 14:57 1.67 feet H 21:54 0.07 feet L Tuesday 03:49 1.18 feet H 09:03 0.53 feet L 15:32 1.73 feet H 22:51 0.04 feet L Wednesday 04:49 1.03 feet H 09:19 0.65 feet L 16:12 1.76 feet H 00:00 0.01 feet L Thursday 02:23 1.50 feet H 09:32 -0.08 feet L 15:24 1.20 feet H 21:23 0.32 feet L Friday 02:59 1.45 feet H 09:56 0.01 feet L 15:38 1.29 feet H 22:01 0.22 feet L Saturday 03:37 1.38 feet H 10:20 0.11 feet L 15:58 1.38 feet H 22:40 0.12 feet L Sunday 05:19 1.30 feet H 11:45 0.21 feet L 17:22 1.47 feet H Monday 00:22 0.05 feet L 06:05 1.20 feet H 12:09 0.32 feet L 17:50 1.55 feet H Tuesday 01:07 -0.00 feet L 06:57 1.10 feet H 12:34 0.44 feet L 18:22 1.60 feet H Wednesday 01:59 -0.03 feet L 07:57 0.98 feet H 12:59 0.56 feet L 18:58 1.64 feet H Thursday 07:02 -0.04 feet L 12:49 1.07 feet H 18:58 0.27 feet L Friday 00:33 1.23 feet H 07:24 0.04 feet L 13:02 1.14 feet H 19:32 0.17 feet L Saturday 01:07 1.18 feet H 07:45 0.12 feet L 13:18 1.22 feet H 20:08 0.10 f eet L Sunday 01:43 1.11 feet H 09:07 0.20 feet L 14:40 1.30 feet H 21:48 0.04 feet L Monday 03:24 1.03 feet H 09:30 0.29 feet L 15:07 1.37 feet H 22:32 -0.00 feet L Tuesday 04:11 0.93 feet H 09:56 0.38 feet L 15:39 1.41 feet H 23:25 -0.02 feet L Wednesday 05:09 0.83 feet H 10:23 0.49 feet L 16:18 1.42 feet H Thursday 02:09 1.50 feet H 09:29 -0.05 feet L 14:59 1.27 feet H 21:25 0.32 feet L Friday 02:43 1.46 feet H 09:51 0.04 feet L 15:12 1.36 feet H 21:59 0.21 feet L Saturday 03:17 1.40 feet H 10:12 0.14 feet L 15:28 1.45 feet H 22:35 0.11 feet L Sunday 04:53 1.32 feet H 11:34 0.24 feet L 16:50 1.55 feet H Monday 00:15 0.04 feet L 05:34 1.22 feet H 11:57 0.34 feet L 17:17 1.62 feet H Tuesday 00:59 -0.00 feet L 06:21 1.10 feet H 12:23 0.45 feet L 17:49 1.67 feet H Wednesday 01:52 -0.02 feet L 07:19 0.98 feet H 12:50 0.58 feet L 18:28 1.69 feet HVENICE INLET PUNTA GORDA PLACIDA MATLACHA PASS 12:25 1.25 18:14 0.41 00:02 1.61 06:51 0.09 12:40 1.35 18:49 0.30 00:39 1.54 07:10 0.20 13:00 1.47 19:26 0.20 01:18 1.44 08:28 0.31 14:26 1.58 21:07 0.13 03:01 1.32 08:45 0.42 14:57 1.67 21:54 0.07 03:49 1.18 09:03 0.53 15:32 1.73 22:51 0.04 04:49 1.03 09:19 0.65 16:12 1.76 00:00 0.01 02:23 1.50 21:23 0.32 02:59 1.45 09:56 0.01 15:38 1.29 22:01 0.22 03:37 1.38 10:20 0.11 15:58 1.38 22:40 0.12 05:19 1.30 11:45 0.21 17:22 1.47 00:22 0.05 06:05 1.20 12:09 0.32 17:50 1.55 01:07 -0.00 06:57 1.10 12:34 0.44 18:22 1.60 01:59 -0.03 07:57 0.98 12:59 0.56 18:58 1.64 07:02 -0.04 12:49 1.07 18:58 0.27 00:33 1.23 07:24 0.04 13:02 1.14 19:32 0.17 01:07 1.18 07:45 0.12 13:18 1.22 20:08 0.10 01:43 1.11 09:07 0.20 14:40 1.30 21:48 0.04 03:24 1.03 09:30 0.29 15:07 1.37 22:32 -0.00 04:11 0.93 09:56 0.38 15:39 1.41 23:25 -0.02 05:09 0.83 10:23 0.49 16:18 1.42 02:09 1.50 14:59 1.27 21:25 0.32 02:43 1.46 09:51 0.04 15:12 1.36 21:59 0.21 03:17 1.40 10:12 0.14 15:28 1.45 22:35 0.11 04:53 1.32 11:34 0.24 16:50 1.55 00:15 0.04 05:34 1.22 11:57 0.34 17:17 1.62 00:59 -0.00 06:21 1.10 12:23 0.45 17:49 1.67 01:52 -0.02 07:19 0.98 12:50 0.58 18:28 1.69 15:24 1.20 09:32 -0.08 09:29 -0.05 . ,Jam. _ M1 j` i ,`AJAIf/....F .-. , lV<, 1-'ietL,'Lrv _., IL.9 y\ MA, K 1 N A4 VA1 1Ira >,01-rlow-24/7 LIFT STORAGE:READY WHEN YOU ARE-rwo 10,000-LBLIFTS AVAIL. NOW.COVERED STORAGEFOR BOATS UP TO 75'IFT,liTtra1ice,-V.lowPill,r .i0oWET SLIPS FORBOATS 20' TO 85'GASPARJLLA-M A RINA-15001 GASPARILLA RDPLACIDA, FL 941-697-2280GASPARILLAMARINA.COMMARKER 20ON THE ICW E]44


Page 5 March 5, 2015 GULF GULF GULF GULF GULF OF OF OF OF MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO -0.5 0 0.5 1 2 5 NAUTICAL MILESN C C H H A A R R L L O O T T T T E E H H A A R R B B O O R R MYAKKA RIVER SAN CARLOS BAY SAN CARLOS BAY SAN CARLOS BAY SAN CARLOS BAY SAN CARLOS BAY Sanibel Island Blind Pass Captiva Island N. Captiva Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island Pine Island P P I I N N E E I I S S L L A A N N D D S S O O U U N N D D Little Pine Island Pine Island Creek Matlacha Pass Cayo Costa Useppa Island Cabbage Key Captiva Pass Cape Haze Point Turtle Bay Bull Bay Devilsh Key Cayo Pelau Sandy Key Pirate Harbor Buzzard Bay Whidden Creek Catsh Creek Gasparilla Gasparilla Gasparilla Gasparilla Gasparilla Gasparilla Sound Sound Gasparilla Pass Gasparilla Island Little Gasparilla Island Alligator Creek Smokehouse Bay Coral Creek Stump Pass Placida HarborTHE WEST WALLTHE EAST WALL Johnson Shoals Venice Inlet Knight Island Don Pedro Island Buck Creek Oyster Creek Gottfried Creek LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY LEMON BAY Manasota Key Forked Creek Hog Island Myakka Cuto Tippecanoe Bay Icehouse Flats Whorehouse Point Grassy Point US 41 bridges Lyons Bay Dona Bay Roberts Bay Alligator Creek A BASIC GUIDE TO THE WATERS OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA This map is not intended for navigational purposes. Refer to a nautical chart for navigation information. & Two Pines PEACE RIVER BROUGHT TO YOU BY Cattle Dock Point Alligator Bay Caspersen Beach Manasota Beach Englewood Beach Jug Creek Shoal Burnt Store PUBLIC BOAT RAMPSSARASOTA COUNTY Blackburn Pt Boat Launch 800 Blackburn Pt Rd, Osprey Dallas White Park 5900 Greenwood Ave, North Port Higel Park 1330 Tarpon Center Dr,Venice Indian Mound Park 210 Winson Ave, Englewood Loreto Bay Access 800 Loreto Court, Nokomis Manasota Beach Park 8570 Manasota Key Rd Marine Boat Ramp Park 301 E. Venice Ave, Venice Marina Park 7030 Chancellor Blvd, North Port Nokomis Beach Park 901 Casey Key Rd Snook Park 5000 E. Venice Ave, VeniceDESOTO COUNTY Brownville Park 1885 NE Brownville St Deep Creek Park 9695 SW Peace River St Desoto Park 2195 NW American Legion Dr Liverpool Park 9211 Liverpool Rd Nocatee 3701 SW County Road 760 Lettuce Lake 8801 SW Reese StCHARLOTTE COUNTY Ainger Creek Park 2011 Placida Rd, Englewood Butterford WaterwayPark 13555 Marathon Blvd, Port Charlotte Darst Park 537 Darst Ave, Punta Gorda El Jobean Boat Ramp 4224 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte Harbour Heights Park 27420 Voyageur Dr, Punta Gorda Hathaway Park 35461 Washington Loop, Punta Gorda Placida Park 6499 Gasparilla Rd, Placida Port Charlotte Beach 4500 Harbor Blvd, Port Charlotte South Gulf Cove Park 10150 Amicola St, Port Charlotte Spring Lake Park 3520 Lakeview Blvd, Port Charlotte Rock Creek (Ainger Creek) Tarpon Point Part Island Captiva Shoal Indian Field Regla Island Patricio Island Venice Beach Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Cape Haze Marina — ICW #8 BOCA GRANDE PASS Venice Harbor Punta Gorda Punta Gorda Isles El Jobean Englewood Grove City Gulf Cove Placida Boca Grande Bokeelia Cape Coral St. James City fforninMARINA;.0 low MWM aIRILNI)LF FUN lis'tIVEf Alf,1 " g_ to ' p ,9't4mo41{ o Ova Pj.FRIENDLYFUN FESTIVECome for a lesson or rental...hang at our pool & cabanafor a true "destination paddle"Rent a GoPro video cameraFree LaunchingFree Delivery on all day local rentalsKayaks also available for you yakkers. 6We look forward to makingjour excursion awesome! fl(941) 504 1699 I hookedonsup.comLike us on Facebook for event updates! P a o aCSi!a p `dMARINA j L' 6950 Placida RoadEnglewood, FL 34224CapeHazeMarina.comDirectly across the ICW from f Palm Island Resort Rum Bayl -r t \ 60-7 9


Page 6 March 5, 2015 LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM VENICE TO PINE ISLAND INSHORE & FRESHWATER GULF & OFFSHORE BEST BETThe bite has really picked up in Lemon Bay, though a lot of them have been smaller sh. DOA CAL shad in natural sh colors have been fantastic. Flounder have been plentiful around Gasparilla Sound. Snook at El Jobean have been biting well at rst light, so long as the water is moving. Yo-Zuri 3Ds and MirrOdines are getting bit. Jacks to 8 pounds have been caught all over. Bass are hitting in the canals and golf course ponds; plastic worms are good. No reports this week. The sheepshead bite on the Venice jetties has gotten really good, with plenty of sh taking shrimp or sand eas. Warm water is heating up the bite. Redsh and trout are hitting Lucky Craft Gunsh and other topwaters if the water is calm enough or handpicked shrimp otherwise. Over-slot snook have been caught in Turtle Bay and El Jobean on big lipped plugs. Surf shing has been good, with pompano, whiting and ounder on Manasota Beach and at the south end of Gasparilla Island. A few are also biting in Lemon Bay Park. Red grouper and some big mangrove and yellowtail snapper are chewing hard in 85 feet and deeper. Anglers are also reporting a few African pompano and amberjack, plus some jumbo lane snapper. The nearshore reefs are holding lots of porgies, grunts and smaller mangs. Sheepshead are biting in and around the trestles, boat docks and passes. Bait with small shrimp or ddler crabs if you can catch them. Trout are very good on the ats. Try shrimp on a popping cork or any type of soft plastic. Don’t be surprised to hit a nice red in the same areas. Mangrove snapper and sheepshead are very good around structure, and we’re even seeing some on the ats. Both are eating shrimp, but I would recommend pieces of shrimp on a small larva jig for the sheeps. Snapper and black drum are being caught in the surf on larger handpicked shrimp. 6to 7-foot blacktip and sandbar sharks are eating mullet halves along the beaches. Snook are hot at El Jobean and in the Myakka. I would recommend live pinsh, large handpicked shrimp, swimbaits, or larger swimming plugs such as a Bomber or X-Rap. FISHING TIP OF THE WEEK: If you’re one of those people who believe that you’re not really fishing unless you get started when it’s still pitch-dark outside, you’re in luck. During the winter, fish are often lazy and unwilling to bite first thing in the morning. Once the sun warms things up, that’s when the fish really get going. In fact, in winter, the best bite is often at the end of the day. But summer is coming, and in summer the fish have the opposite problem — instead of being too cold to eat, they’re too hot to eat. That’s when the dawn fisherman has a leg up on the other guys. With the chill of the last cold front still lingering in their bones, the fish won’t be making this switch overnight. It will be a gradual transition. Right now, that means the best time to fish is — well, almost any time. Species that aren’t bothered by cool water such as flounder, cobia, trout and sheepshead will probably be eating just fine at dawn. Redfish, snook and tarpon, which prefer their water a bit warmer, will probably still be late risers. Want them all? There’s a sweet spot a couple hours after sunrise when the morning fish are still active and the afternoon fish have begun stirring. F ISH F INDER ROGERFINE BAIT & TACKLE North Port 941-240-5981 JIMFISHERMAN’S EDGE Grove City 941-697-7595 ERICCOOKS SPORTLAND Venice 941-493-0025Snook season is open, but the sh look a bit beat up already. Redsh are cruising the deeper troughs on low tides, especially near oyster bars. Trout action is picking up, with lots of 15-inchers and a few 20s. MirrOdines and Lil Johns are good choices. Whitebait and glass minnows are starting to get thicker. Bluesh and big ladysh have been crashing them on the deeper ats. Scattered pompano reports are coming in. Sharks are swimming around the ICW and o the beaches. Pinsh, Spanish mackerel and jacks are good baits. They may also eat the sh you’re trying to catch. Red grouper, mangrove snapper and a few cobia are coming in from the reefs. Anglers o Venice are reporting a few hogsh too. There are sheepshead all over — oyster bars, ats, piers, bridges — eating shrimp or crabs. Redsh are scattered on the east and west walls, with the shing better further south. Trout are in Alligator Creek eating shrimp or soft plastics on incoming tides. Pompano and a few ounder are outside the bar from Alligator Creek to Pirate Harbor. Sheepshead are biting on docks and rocks from Laishley Park to the ICW. Smaller sharks are popping up all over the Harbor. Cobia have been reported around Marker 2 and other similar structure. Spanish mackerel and a few bonita have been reported at 15 miles. Mangrove and lane snapper are biting on the nearshore reefs, along with some short red grouper. For keeper reds, move out to 100 feet of water. Some big amberjack have been caught on the deep wrecks. Cobia and tripletail are gathering near anything oating. Black drum are drumming in the Punta Gorda canals. Fish a shrimp on a No. 2 circle hook on bottom where there’s moving water around docks or points. The evening bite is best. The snook bite has been spotty, with the best bite at Placida and El Jobean. There are also some sh in Whidden Bay. Redsh are scattered all over on the east wall and in Pine Island Sound; shrimp, pinsh and whitebait are choice. Some good trout are coming from Bokeelia down the west side of Pine Island to St. James City. Bonnetheads are moving on the ats. A few cobia have been sighted in the center of the Harbor and on the west wall bar. The porgies and sheepshead are biting well on the nearshore reefs. A few oddball Spanish mackerel are showing up at 12 to 20 miles. Sandbar sharks are turning up at 10 to 15 miles over the reefs. Cobia, amberjack and red grouper are hungry at 20 to 30 miles. Bring shrimp, squid and sardines. If you can nd live pinsh or mullet, those work too. Mangrove snapper are stupid, both inshore and oshore. Inside, look at Alligator Creek Reef and the PGI canal mouths. Boca and Captiva passes have sh, and all the nearshore reefs. Shrimp! Rat reds are plentiful, but good slot sh are tough — a few have been seen on the ats o Pineland, but they’re not eating. Some Spanish mackerel are showing up at the south end of Sanibel. Warming water should bring snook out of the river over the next few days. The black drum bite has been good in the canals. Anglers are reporting a lot of baitsh at 15 miles and a few kingsh skyrocketing through them. Big red grouper and some truly enormous mangrove snapper have been caught at 28 to 30 miles. A couple of oddball dolphin have also been caught. The trout bite is decent in 4 feet of water. Fish around sandholes and dropos. There are lots of ladysh to avoid. A Z-Man on a 3/8-ounce jighead will get down to the trout fast. ROBERTFISHIN’ FRANK’S Charlotte Harbor 941-625-3888 JEFFCAPT. TED’S TACKLE Port Charlotte 941-627-6800 CHUCKLAISHLEY MARINE Punta Gorda 941-639-3949 BOBOLD PINE ISLAND MARINE St. James City 239-283-2548 LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND VENICE TO PINE ISLAND LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM LOCAL FISHING REPORTS FROM INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER INSHORE & FRESHWATER GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE GULF & OFFSHORE BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET BEST BET The bite has really picked up in Lemon Bay, though a lot of them have been smaller sh. DOA CAL shad in natural sh colors have been fantastic. Flounder have been plentiful around Gasparilla Sound. Snook at El Jobean Snook at El Jobean Snook have been biting well at rst light, so long as the water is moving. Yo-Zuri 3Ds and MirrOdines are getting bit. Jacks to 8 pounds have been caught all over. Bass are hitting in the canals and golf course ponds; plastic worms are good. No reports this week. The sheepshead bite on the Venice jetties has gotten really good, with plenty of sh taking shrimp or sand eas. Warm water is heating up the bite. Redsh and trout are hitting Lucky Craft Gunsh and other topwaters if the water is calm enough or handpicked shrimp otherwise. Over-slot snook have been caught in Turtle Bay and El snook have been caught in Turtle Bay and El snook Jobean on big lipped plugs. Surf shing has been good, with pompano , whiting and ounder on Manasota Beach and at the south end of Gasparilla Island. A few are also biting in Lemon Bay Park. Red grouper and some big mangrove and yellowtail snapper are chewing hard in 85 feet and deeper. Anglers are also reporting a few African pompano and amberjack , plus some jumbo lane snapper . The nearshore reefs are holding lots of porgies , grunts and smaller mangs . Sheepshead are biting in and around the trestles, boat docks and passes. Bait with small shrimp or ddler crabs if you can catch them. Trout are very good on the ats. Try shrimp on a popping cork or any type of soft plastic. Don’t be surprised to hit a nice red in the same areas. Mangrove snapper and sheepshead are very good around structure, and we’re even seeing some on the ats. Both are eating shrimp, but I would recommend pieces of shrimp on a small larva jig for the sheeps. Snapper and black drum are being caught in the surf on larger handpicked shrimp. 6to 7-foot blacktip and sandbar sharks are eating mullet halves along the beaches. Snook are hot at El Snook are hot at El Snook Jobean and in the Myakka. I would recom mend live pinsh, large handpicked shrimp, swimbaits, or larger swimming plugs such as a Bomber or X-Rap. FISHING TIP OF THE WEEK: If you’re one of those people who believe that you’re not really fishing unless you get started when it’s still pitch-dark outside, you’re in luck. During the winter, fish are often lazy and unwilling to bite first thing in the morning. Once the sun warms things up, that’s when the fish really get going. In fact, in winter, the best bite is often at the end of the day. But summer is coming, and in summer the fish have the opposite problem — instead of being too cold to eat, they’re too hot to eat. That’s when the dawn fisherman has a leg up on the other guys. With the chill of the last cold front still lingering in their bones, the fish won’t be making this switch overnight. It will be a gradual transition. Right now, that means the best time to fish is — well, almost any time. Species that aren’t bothered by cool water such as flounder, cobia, trout and sheepshead will probably be eating just fine at dawn. Redfish, snook and tarpon, which prefer their water a bit warmer, will probably still be late risers. Want them all? There’s a sweet spot a couple hours after sunrise when the morning fish are still active and the afternoon fish have begun stirring. There’s a sweet spot a couple hours after sunrise when the morning fish are still active and the afternoon fish have begun stirring. F F F F F F F ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH ISH F F F F F F INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER INDER ROGER ROGER ROGER FINE BAIT & TACKLE North Port 941-240-5981 JIM JIM JIM JIM FISHERMAN’S EDGE Grove City 941-697-7595 ERIC ERIC ERIC COOKS SPORTLAND Venice 941-493-0025 Snook season is open, but the sh look a bit beat up already. Redsh are cruising the deeper troughs on low tides, especially near oyster bars. Trout action is picking up, with lots of 15-inchers and a few 20s. MirrOdines and Lil Johns are good choices. Whitebait and glass minnows are starting to get thicker. Bluesh and big ladysh have been crashing them on the deeper ats. Scattered pompano reports are coming in. Sharks are swimming around the ICW and o the beaches. Pinsh, Spanish mackerel and jacks are good baits. They may also eat the sh you’re trying to catch. Red grouper , mangrove snapper and a few cobia are coming in from the reefs. Anglers o Venice are reporting a few hogsh too. There are sheepshead all over — oyster bars, ats, piers, bridges — eating shrimp or crabs. Redsh are scattered on the east and west walls, with the shing better further south. Trout are in Alligator Creek eating shrimp or soft plastics on incoming tides. Pompano and a few ounder are outside the bar from Alligator Creek to Pirate Harbor. Sheepshead are biting on docks and rocks from Laishley Park to the ICW. Smaller sharks are popping up all over the Harbor. Cobia have been reported around Marker 2 and other similar structure. Spanish mackerel and a few bonita have been reported at 15 miles. Mangrove and lane snapper are biting on the nearshore reefs, along with some short red grouper . For keeper reds, move out to 100 feet of wa ter. Some big amberjack have been caught amberjack have been caught amberjack on the deep wrecks. Cobia and tripletail are gathering near anything oating. Black drum are drum ming in the Punta Gorda canals. Fish a shrimp on a No. 2 circle hook on bottom where there’s moving water around docks or points. The evening bite is best. The snook bite has been spotty, with the best bite at Placi snook bite has been spotty, with the best bite at Placi snook da and El Jobean. There are also some sh in Whidden Bay. Redsh are scattered all over on the east wall and in Pine Island Sound; shrimp, pinsh and whitebait are choice. Some good trout are coming from Bokeelia down the west side of Pine Island to St. James City. Bonnetheads are moving on the ats. A few cobia have been sighted in the center of the Harbor and on the west wall bar. The porgies and sheepshead are biting well on the nearshore reefs. A few oddball Spanish mackerel are showing up at 12 to 20 miles. Sandbar sharks are turning up at 10 to 15 miles over the reefs. Cobia , amber jack and jack and jack red grouper are hungry at 20 to 30 grouper are hungry at 20 to 30 grouper miles. Bring shrimp, squid and sardines. If you can nd live pinsh or mullet, those work too. Mangrove snapper are stupid, both inshore and oshore. Inside, look at Alligator Creek Reef and the PGI canal mouths. Boca and Captiva passes have sh, and all the nearshore reefs. Shrimp! Rat reds are plentiful, but good slot sh are tough — a few have been seen on the ats o Pineland, but they’re not eating. Some Spanish mackerel are showing up at the south end of Sanibel. Warming water should bring snook out of the river over the next few days. The snook out of the river over the next few days. The snook black drum bite has been good in the canals. Anglers are reporting a lot of baitsh at 15 miles and a few kingsh skyrocketing through them. Big red grouper and some truly enormous mangrove snapper have been caught at 28 to 30 miles. A couple of oddball dolphin have also been caught. The trout bite is decent in 4 feet of water. Fish around sandholes and dropos. There are lots of ladysh to avoid. A Z-Man on a 3/8-ounce jighead will get down to the trout fast. ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT FISHIN’ FRANK’S Charlotte Harbor 941-625-3888 JEFF JEFF JEFF JEFF JEFF CAPT. TED’S TACKLE Port Charlotte 941-627-6800 CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK LAISHLEY MARINE Punta Gorda 941-639-3949 BOB BOB OLD PINE ISLAND MARINE St. James City 239-283-2548 What's better than a tackle sale?X!Llx!jjftF Air IL . W-L AL AW-Nj l m a D uc: Em^ n e7AGKKGvPUREFISHINGCQUANTLMLICK-EM-LURES PORT OPTICS-Ts Tackle Rol.. FINNoR\ / LEGENDARY TACKLE SINCE 1933'BOMBERLURESSE4 MN(RI CAN /ISNING WIR(6/$NINFRANkS rBAIT Et TACKLE------------


Page 7 March 5, 2015 State and federal regulations for Southwest Florida waters as of Feb. 10, 2015. All bag limits are per harvester per day. Other limits may apply. This chart does not include every law or regulation an angler needs to know. For full rules, visit and LICENSES Resident saltwater or freshwater: Annual $17, 5-year $79. If you sh from shore only, a license is required but is free. A combo license for both freshwater and saltwater shing is $32.50 annually. Nonresident saltwater or freshwater: 3 days $17, 7 days $30, annual $47. Free shore shing license not available for nonresidents. Annual shing permits: Snook $10, lobster $5, not required when no license requiredSALTWATER FISH Almaco Jack Bag limit 100 pounds in state waters; notes: 9,11,14 Amberjack, Greater 30” min. size; bag limit 1; season closed June 1-July 31; notes: 1,3,4,5,9,14 Amberjack, Lesser & Banded Ruddersh Slot 14” to 22”; aggregate bag limit 5; notes: 1,4,5,9,14 Black Drum Slot 14” to 24” (may possess one over 24”); bag limit 5; notes: 5,7,8 Black Sea Bass 10” min. size; bag limit 100 pounds; notes: 2,4,5,9 Bluesh 12” min. size; bag limit 10; notes: 1,5 Blue runner Bag limit 100. Bonesh Harvest prohibited. Cobia 33” min. size; bag limit in state waters, 1 per harvester or 6 per vessel, whichever is less; limit in federal waters, 2; notes: 1,5 Dolphin (Mahi mahi) Bag limit 10 per harvester or 60 per vessel, whichever is less (state waters only); notes: 5 Flounder, all species 12” min. size; bag limit 10; harvest by gig or spear permitted; notes: 2,5,8 Grouper, Black 22” min. size; bag limit 4; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,12,14 Grouper, Gag 22” min. size; bag limit 2; season open July 1 Dec. 3 in state and federal waters; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,14 Grouper, Goliath Harvest prohibited. Legal to target for catch and release in state but not federal waters. Grouper, Red 20” min. size; bag limit 4 in state and federal waters (Note: Bag limit will change to 2 in state and federal waters at a future date to be announced); notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,12,14 Grouper, Scamp 16” min. size; bag limit 4; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,12 Grouper, Snowy & Yellowedge Bag limit 4; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10Grouper, Warsaw & Speckled HindBag limit 1 per vessel; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10Grouper, Yellown & Yellowmouth20” min. size; bag limit 4; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,12 Grouper, Coney, Graysby, Red Hind, Rock Hind & Tiger Bag limit 4; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,10,12 Hogsh 12” min. size; bag limit 5; notes: 1,4,5,9 Mackerel, King (kingsh) 24” min. size; bag limit 2 (reduced to 1 in some state waters if federal waters are closed to harvest; see for current regulations); notes: 1,5 Mackerel, Spanish 12” min. size; bag limit 15; transfer of Spanish mackerel to other vessels at sea prohibited; notes: 1,5 Mullet, Striped & Silver Bag limit, Feb 1-Aug. 31, aggregate 50 per harvester or 100 per vessel, whichever is less; Sept. 1-Jan. 31, aggregate 50 per harvester or per vessel; bag limit also applies to mullet used as bait; harvest or possession of striped mullet prohibited in Punta Gorda between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1-Feb. 29. See Permit Slot 11” to 20” (may possess one over 20”; maximum of 2 over 20” per vessel); bag limit 2; hook and line gear only in state waters; spearing legal in federal waters; notes: 1,5,7 Pompano, Florida 11” min. size; bag limit 6; notes: 1,5,7 Pompano, African 24” min. size; bag limit 2 per harvester or per vessel; spear shing prohibited; notes: 1,5,7 Porgy, Red Bag limit 100 pounds; notes: 4,5,9 Redsh Slot 18” to 27”; bag limit 1 per harvester or 8 per vessel, whichever is less; transport limit 6 per person; gigging, spearing or snatching prohibited; illegal to harvest or possess in federal water; notes: 2,5,7 Sailsh 63” min. size from tip of lower jaw to center of fork; bag limit 1 any billsh (sailsh and marlin); Highly Migratory Species permit required to target or harvest in federal waters and all harvested sh must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours; notes: 5 Sea Trout, Spotted Slot 15” to 20” (may possess one over 20”); bag limit 4; notes: 2,5,7 Shark, all species 54” min. size except Atlantic sharpnose, blacknose, blacktip, bonnethead, netooth and smooth dogsh (only exceptions to 54” min. in federal waters are Atlantic sharpnose and bonnethead; bag limit in state waters 1 per harvester or 2 per vessel, whichever is less; bag limit in federal waters, 1 per vessel; may be harvested by hook and line only; Highly Migratory Species permit required to target or harvest in federal waters; harvest of lemon, tiger, sandbar and hammerhead sharks prohibited; notes: 1,5,7 Sheepshead 12” min. size; bag limit 15; notes: 2,5,7 Snapper, Cubera Slot 12” to 30” (may possess 2 over 30” per harvester or per vessel); bag limit 10 if under 30”; sh over 30” not included in aggregate limit; notes: 2,4,5,9,13 Snapper, Gray (Mangrove) 10” min. size in state waters; 12” min. in federal waters; bag limit 5; notes: 2,4,5,9,13 Snapper, Lane 8” min. size; bag limit 100 pounds in state waters; not included in aggregate limit; notes: 2,4,5,9,11 Snapper, Mutton 16” min. size; bag limit 10; notes: 2,4,5,9,13 Snapper, Red 16” min. size; bag limit 2; 2015 season to be determined; notes: 2,3,4,5,9,13,14 Snapper, Schoolmaster 10” min. size; bag limit 10; notes: 2,4,5,9,13 Snapper, Vermilion (beeliner) 10” min. size; bag limit 10; notes: 2,4,5,9,11,14 Snapper, Blackn, Dog, Queen, Mahogany, Silk & Yellowtail 12” min. size; limit 10 per harvester; notes: 2,4,5,9,13 Snook Slot 28” to 33”; bag limit 1; season closed Dec. 1-Feb. 29 & May 1-Aug. 31; $10 snook permit required to harvest when license is required, including free resident shore shing license; state regulations apply in federal waters; notes: 2,5,6,7,8 Tarpon Bag limit 1 per harvester per year; $51.50 tarpon tag required to harvest or possess, which is legal only in pursuit of an IGFA record; for seasonal Boca Grande Pass rules, see http://; notes: 6,8 Triggersh, Gray 14” min. size in state waters; 12” min. size in fed waters; bag limit 2; season closed until Dec. 31 in all waters; notes: 1,4,5,11,14 Tripletail 15” min. size; bag limit 2; may be harvested by hook and line only; notes: 2,5,7,8 Wahoo Bag limit 2; notes: 1,5 Lionsh Invasive exotic; kill on sight. No size or bag limits. Fins have venomous spines. NO-HARVEST SPECIES In addition to the species above listed, harvest of Nassau grouper, spotted eagle rays and sawsh is prohibited. Go to the website below for a full list of no-harvest species. Visit for full rules. NOTES1. Measured fork length. Fork length is the straight line distance from the most forward part of the head with the mouth closed to the center of the tail. 2. Measured total length. Total length is the straight line distance from the most forward part of the head with the mouth closed to the farthest tip of the tail with the tail compressed or squeezed together while the sh is lying on its side. 3. Bag limit zero for captain and crew of for-hire vessels on a paid trip. 4. Reef sh gear rules apply. Anglers must use non-stainless steel circle hooks when using natural baits, and must possess a dehooking device. 5. Must remain in whole condition (head and tail intact) until landed ashore. Removal of gills and internal organs OK. 6. Harvest by spearshing prohibited. 7. Use of multiple or treble hooks in conjunction with natural bait prohibited. 8. Harvest by snatching prohibited. 9. Except for sand perch and dwarf sand perch, sh designated as reef sh are illegal to use as bait in federal waters or aboard a vessel with a federal reef sh permit. In state waters, legal-size reef sh may be used as bait but must remain in whole condition and must be counted against bag limit. 10. Included in aggregate grouper bag limit of 4 sh. 11. Included in 20-sh reef sh aggregate bag in federal waters (also all tileshes). 12. Closed Feb. 1-March 31 ONLY in federal waters outside 20-fathom break.13: Included in aggregate snapper bag limit of 10 sh.14: Participation in Gulf Reef Fish Survey required to harvest beginning April 1. Register when renewing your license or at FISHLargemouth Bass* South of State Road 80; max. size 14”, bag limit 5 (may possess one over 14”) — North of State Road 80; slot 14”-22”, bag limit 5 (may possess one over 22”)*Sunsh (all species excluding crappie)* Aggregate limit 50Crappie* Limit 25 Buttery peacock bass Maximum size 17”, limit 2 (may possess one sh over 17”) Grass carp Must be released immediately Other exotic shes Please keep and eat or otherwise destroy; do not use as live bait. Unregulated species No bag or size limits on bown, pickerel, catsh and gar (except alligator gar; possession of this species is illegal). * Visit for full rules, including special management areas. F ISHING R ULES adno=50478771 MARINEMAX VENICE 1485 S. Tamiami Trail Venice, FL. 34285 941-485-3388 Store hours M-F 8-5:30 Sat. 9-5; Sunday 11-4 Satellite Location MARINEMAX CAPE HAZE 7090 Placida Cape Haze, FL. 33946 941-485-3388 Sales by appointment 57 Marinemax locations throughout the US to serve you MarineMax Fishing Team New, Pre-owned, and Brokerage Sales Getaway trips Full boat orientation & training by licensed Captain at delivery. Storage—Venice Location Inside and Wet Slips Travelift up to 50 feet Parts & Service Factory trained: Mercury, Mercruiser, Yamaha Professional electronics installation Bottom paint & fiberglass repair Mobile service available Service department hours: M-F 8-5 PM , Sat. 8-12 PM US 41 TAMI AMI TRAI L /NEAlfPIZ-44 :7y,II Y0 1' r*YAMAHA HARRIS


Page 8 March 5, 2015 ‘Shark Lady’ Eugenie Clark dies at 92As a schoolgirl in the 1930s, Eugenie Clark spent countless hours pressed up to the tanks at a New York City aquarium, absorbed by the alli gators, sea turtles and hundreds of species of sh just beyond the glass. There was one creature, however, that completely enthralled her. “If only,” she thought, “I could be in the water with a shark.” Clark eventually got her wish. She became an intrepid under water scientist with the nickname “Shark Lady” after she established a respected marine research labo ratory in Florida in the 1950s and became a best-selling author known for her ability to explain shark behavior and other mysteries of ocean life. Clark died Feb. 25 of lung cancer at her home in Sarasota, said her son, Nikolas Konstantinou. She was 92. Called Genie by her friends, she was the founding director of Sarasota’s Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, known internationally as a center for shark research. She wrote for National Geographic, appeared on programs with Jacques Cousteau and wrote popular books, including “Lady with a Spear” (1953), about her explorations in Micronesia and the Red Sea, and “The Lady and the Sharks” (1969). “Genie was aectionately known and respected as the ‘Shark Lady’ because her shark research was so innovative and she was dedicated to teaching the truth about sharks,” said Robert Hueter, director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote. “The studies she did in the 1950s and s were groundbreaking.” For example, Clark published the rst scientic study demonstrating that sharks can be trained. She taught them to release food by hitting targets with their snouts. “People generally thought that sharks are dumb eating machines. After some study, I began to realize that these ‘gangsters’ of the deep had gotten a bad rap,” she once told historian Carolyn B. Stegman. When Clark began her career in the late 1940s, marine biology was a “macho” profession, said George H. Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, who knew Clark for 40 years. “Guys were supposed to pull nets and dive. Genie jumped in with both feet, literally. She became one of the rst diving biologists.” During her seven decades in the eld, she made more than 70 dives in submersibles, to depths as great as 12,000 feet. One of her last dives was on her 92nd birthday last year, in the Red Sea. Clark was born in New York on May 4, 1922. Her mother, Yumico, was a Japanese immigrant and avid swimmer who married Charles Clark, the manager of the pool where she gave lessons. He died when their daughter was 2. The future ichthyologist began her romance with shes when she was about 9. Her mother worked at a Manhattan newsstand on Saturdays, and Clark talked her into letting her pass the time at the old Battery Park Aquarium. Soon she began to collect sh. By the time she was 13, she had hundreds of tropical sh in aquariums. At Hunter College she earned a zoology degree in 1942. She wanted to continue her studies at Columbia University but was discouraged by a professor who said she would prob ably end up being a housewife. She did marry — ve times — and raised four children, but without sacricing her career. (In addition to her children, who all learned to swim before they were 2, she is survived by a grandson.) At New York University she earned a master’s in 1946 and a doctorate in 1950. In between degrees she worked at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., where she learned to scuba dive from eminent sh biologist Carl Hubbs. In 1951 she went to Egypt on a Fulbright scholarship. During 10 months in and around the Red Sea, she collected 300 species of sh, including three new species and a few dozen poisonous ones. Her discoveries, and the novelty of her gender, earned her a write-up in the New Yorker under the headline “Fish Lady.” The next year, 1953, her autobiographical “Lady with a Spear” was published. One of the book’s admirers was Anne Vanderbilt, a member of the wealthy Vanderbilt family, who lived on the Cape Haze peninsula in Southwest Florida. She invited Clark to visit and wound up building her a small laboratory there which, in 1955, became the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, later renamed Mote after a generous donor. She left Mote in 1966 to teach at City University of New York and later the University of Maryland. She returned to Mote as a senior scientist in 2000. She published more than 175 articles in popular publications and scholarly journals such as Science. Her last article, on triggersh, came out a few weeks ago. Despite many close calls Clark was never bitten by a shark — at least not by a living one. Years ago she was driving to a lecture with a tiger shark jaw on the seat beside her. When she braked suddenly at a red light, she reached for the specimen to keep it from falling. The jagged teeth cut her arm, and, she told the Houston Chronicle, “I arrived at the school with my arm bleeding.” Tribune News Service Photo providedGenie Clark measuring a shark at her Cape Haze Marine Laboratory. adno=50478759 A r e a ’ s N e w e s t Area’s Newest C E R T I F I E D CERTIFIED M e r c u r y / M e r c r u i s e r Mercury/Mercruiser P a r t s a n d S e r v i c e Parts and Service M a r i n a MarinaW e S e r v i c e A l l B r a n d s We Service All Brands C o n t a c t U s F o r A l l Y o u r Contact Us For All Your S e r v i c e N e e d s Service Needs9 4 1 6 9 7 3 7 7 8 S e r v i c e 941-697-3778 Service 9 4 1 6 9 7 4 3 5 6 S t o r a g e 941-697-4356 StorageS e r v i c e @ P a l m I s l a n d M a r i n a . c o m 7 0 8 0 P l a c i d a R o a d 7080 Placida Road C a p e H a z e , F L 3 3 9 4 6 Cape Haze, FL 33946 ., Hr CcJ C'VVtCERTIFIES_;---MercLar /MercrUvParts and ServiceCofitict Us For All ' CQsrn 11.1ar{X41 87-435 StoreMERCURY


Page 9 March 5, 2015 Being in the top 10 on the last day of competition in the Bassmaster Classic has to be exciting. If you are still within reach of the leader, that’s the time to go for broke and swing for the fences. Knowing Bobby Lane, I’m sure that’s exactly what he did when he came up just short of being crowned the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion. When you put time in on the water in less-than-ideal conditions, you run the risk of not nding any sh that will bite. This was not the case for Lane, as he found quality bass for three straight days on Lake Hartwell during the Classic tournament. The only downfall he encountered was coming up one bass short of a limit on Friday. He still managed to come to the scales with more than 10 pounds and keep himself within reach of the leaderboard after day one. By the end of day two, both of the Lane brothers were in reach of rst place. Bobby was in the top 10 and Chris was just outside of it. A few years back it was a role reversal, with Bobby chasing Chris, but back then both Lanes started out the nal day in the Super Six. I remember what Bobby told me after that tournament. He said to me, “Bartzie, if I get that close I’m going for the win. Nothing else matters.” A true statement when rst place pays $300,000 plus countless sponsorship opportunities and second place pays $45,000. That is a huge dierence. So after seeing where Bobby was after the two days of shing this year, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He would go for the win at all costs and see what happened. Back in 2012, he dropped mightily in the stand ings with that approach. This year it almost paid o. It took local favorite Casey Ashley to outdo Lane and claim the top spot. It certainly wasn’t due to lack of eort. Lane weighed in a huge bag of sh that most of his competitors thought gave him the weight to beat. It wasn’t until the local pro walked to the stage that Lane learned he could claim only second place. To come that close and not nish in the top spot had to be gut-wrenching for Lane. Knowing that you left one bass out there to fall short of your limit on the rst day would only add to the heartbreak of what could have been. To get beat by 3.2 pounds when your average catch for the tournament is 3.5 pounds makes you lose sleep at night wondering “what if.” But my hat’s o to him for showing the resilience to come back, keep pushing and make it tight right down to the wire. I have to say, though, once again the brothers Lane showed why they should be feared even outside of our great state’s borders. In very un-Florida-like conditions, they both managed to place in the top 10. They have both shown that they can learn and adapt to any water you put them on. With one Classic title and an Angler of the Year title between them, I know there’s more hardware destined for their trophy showcases. They are fast becoming some of the greats of the bass shing world and I would expect that to continue for years to come. For those of you that caught my little “goof” in selecting Kevin VanDam as being a favorite in the tournament, I apologize. In a past column, I mentioned KVD being considered a favorite with the cold weather conditions. Well, much to my surprise, VanDam didn’t even qualify for the event. I guess the greatness that follows VanDam gets some to assume that he is always going to qualify for the greatest tournament in our sport. But that was not the case this year. My assumption led me to writing about something that could not even happen this year. For that, I apologize to all of our readers out there. I do appreciate those of you that emailed me and pointed this out. I will be the rst to admit that I am not above making a mistake, but I should know better than to assume anything in this sport. Now you know why my wife doesn’t allow me to gamble. You only get in trouble trying to be factual when you only have assumptions.Greg Bartz is a tournament bass sherman based in Lakeland. Greg shes lakes throughout Florida’s Heartland with his wife and tourna ment partner, Missy Snapp. Contact him at AP photoCasey Ashley won the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, beating second-place nisher Bobby Lane by 3.2 pounds. Oh so close TOURNAMENT BASSIN’ GREG BARTZ adno=50478895 aX1 11111 ikvl:4,TrV''fir` fir' LEWL10196EWES G It1V litG/ T rACKLEBolus lll f 11l 'ABSOLUT OPr_.,.,.,,J pep s mosaicVODKAPOItF n1 ; hL ti " r 15' ; ',1Z)SPORT OPTICS DR}l1Cl.' , 1 1 1 11 1 f l l 1 1 11 11 1 -9"111 MEL--'Visit to register online!=,:; or register in person at Laishley Marine or Capt. Ted's Tackle in Pt. CharlotteM"'-.`s lCall Tournament Headquarters at 941.637.5953 for more information


Page 10 March 5, 2015 R EADER P HOTOS WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS!Here’s how it works: Take pictures of your outdoor adven tures. Send your high-quality digital photos to Editor@, or send prints by snail mail to WaterLine, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980, ATTN: Lee Anderson . Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your prints returned to you. DO NOT send us photos of oversized or other release-only fish being poorly handled. Photos of such fish being gaffed, held by the lower jaw only or obviously damaged or dead WILL NOT be published, no matter how big the fish or how proud the angler may be. Capt. Margie Homan with a chunky 20-inch mangrove snapper. Jim Homan and a colorful yellowtail snapper. Dennis Chamberlin of Trenton, Mich., with a four-slice toaster he caught while jigging o the dock on Gasparilla Island. Mary Lathrope with a 32-inch slot snook she caught on a live whitebait shortly before the season opened. Je Bentley of Davisburg, Mich., with a lean and mean Gasparilla Sound snook. Topper Baxter showed the boys how to do it while shing with Doug Wright. Joe is all smiles over this redsh he caught while shing with his grandfather. Ron Conklin of Grove City caught and released this 29-inch, 8-pound Lemon Bay redsh. adno=50478762 260 Maryland Ave. Englewood, FL 34224 Open 7 Days Bait & Tackle and Gas Dock 6 AM :30 PM ‘’Great staff and everything we need for boating—you have to check it out!’’ FULL SERVICE Marina DIRECT ACCESS to the Gulf HIGH & DRY STORAGE for Boats RESTAURANT & BAR with Tiki Hut CUSTOMER SERVICE is our #1 Priority! WE HAVE THE BEST TECHNICIANS in the area Shop / bait / fuel (941) 697-2206 Office / boat storage (941) 697-4300 Boat service (941) 698-4757 Neptune Boat Rentals (941) 786-8372 Best Aftmwim in Florida with, dima access tothe gull'flew ,4 0 00010000---Swatitlide!wato..--_7: J,auRaa_BEER BAR...... .....STUMP PASS11 l 4=


Page 11 March 5, 2015 The rapid spread of lionsh into coastal waters of Florida, the Bahamas and much of the Caribbean has received mega-amounts of attention from shery managers and from concerned anglers in recent years. The footlong, frilly sh are native to the Pacic Ocean and, after somehow becoming established in our part of the world, have exploded in population. Some oshore reefs and wrecks are home to hundreds of the gaudy creatures, and it appears that not many of our native predators have as yet learned to eat them. Lionsh aren’t very big, but they’re hungry, and they’re very good at catching smaller sh. The main concern about lionsh is that large numbers of them may be able to eat enough small reef sh (including the juveniles of some species that are important to our sheries) that the ecosystem will be altered in a negative way. The FWC has encouraged the removal and destruction of lionsh by educating shermen and divers about lionsh, by relaxing licensing requirements for anglers taking lionsh, and by encouraging lionsh spearshing derbies. Some of these events have resulted in the capture of hundreds of lionsh, but the reality is that once a marine animal becomes as well established and as widespread as lionsh have, there is virtually nothing that humans can do that will have a signicant impact on the population. If the animals were living in a lake, we’d simply poison everything in the lake and then restock with the species that we want, but that won’t work with creatures in the ocean. In all likelihood, lionsh will be here forever. Lionsh are not the rst exotic species to have become established here, and are not the rst that were feared to have ecosystem-al tering impacts. I can remember when walking catsh arrived in Florida, and they were thought to be game-changers. A few years ago, snakeheads appeared in U.S. waters, and these mean-natured and aggressive creatures so captured our imagination that science ction movies were made featuring them. Remember the concern a few years ago when Asian green mussels were discovered on Flor ida’s West Coast? The exotic creatures which have received the most attention in Florida in recent years are undoubtedly the Burmese pythons which have become established in South Florida, primarily in the Everglades. There are hundreds of organisms sharing our state that are not native here. The list includes killer bees, re ants, feral hogs, German cock roaches (from tropical Asia, actually), Brazilian peppers, melaleuca trees, oscars, peacock bass, monk parakeets, English house sparrows, muscovy ducks, both green and spiny iguanas and many, many more. Ecosystems are naturally resilient, and they change over time as species come and go. Through the fossil record, we know a succes sion of new species has risen while others have become extinct. Yes, extinction is a natural occurrence — just ask a dinosaur or any of the other thousands of species that have vanished from the Earth. Changes in the mix of species in ecosystems is a natural process, and it usually works itself out. Some exotic critters, including hogs, re ants and sparrows, have been so common in Florida for so long that most of the people who encounter them here probably don’t even realize that they’re not native creatures. Look at some of the newly arrived animals mentioned above. When was the last time you heard anyone who sounded worried about walking catsh? They exist quietly and don’t seem to bother anyone. Snakeheads have become so well established in some of Florida’s East Coast fresh waters that there are now shing guides who specialize in guiding clients to trophy snakehead catches. Besides, I’m not sure that a snakehead could be much meaner than a good old Florida mudsh. Green mussels are growing on pilings in Charlotte Harbor along with native mussels, oysters and barnacles. If you look online for information on green mussels, you might nd a few recipes since we’ve discovered that they’re good to eat and there are now people harvesting them, but they’re not getting much other publicity. Pythons? Go to the Everglades and try to nd one. You probably can’t. Yes, they are there, and yes, they do eat native creatures. They’ll prob ably change the natural balance of things, but, media hype aside, the Everglades are not being overrun by the big snakes — and besides, there’s really nothing much we can do about them. Like so many of the other arrivals, they’re here and they aren’t going to leave. Many of the recent arrivals have been trans ported to Florida by humans, but creatures have been showing up in new places since way before humans entered the picture. Critters have been hitchhiking across the oceans on driftwood for millennia, and birds and bugs have long been lofted across continents and seas by wayward wind currents. This is not an endorsement of intentionally transplanting critters, which we should always avoid because, as the old commercial stated, it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. Since our plant and animal relocating actions often have consequences far beyond what we antici pate, we should try to avoid such introductions whenever we can. But when it does happen, nature has a way of absorbing the newcomers and accommodating them. We might not be happy with the results (I could do without re ants myself), but life goes on. My prediction: A decade from now, there will be a bunch of lionsh on our oshore reefs living alongside everything else, and we won’t be worrying much about it. After all, nature has managed to survive the antics of a far more destructive non-native species: Humans. Let’s go shing!Capt. Ralph Allen runs the King Fisher Fleet of sightseeing and shing charter boats located at Fishermen’s Village Marina in Punta Gorda. He is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer and is a past president of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association. Call him at 941-639-2628 or email Captain@ This, too, shall pass AROUND CHARLOTTE HARBOR CAPT. RALPH ALLEN WaterLine photo by Ralph AllenThis lionsh was caught this week in one of the 20-foot holes in Charlotte Harbor by the Iron Ox shrimp boat out of Fishermen’s Village. It was a little over a foot long. 941-474-0099 www.shorelinelumber.comO P E N T O P U B L I C D E L I V E R Y A V A I L A B L E OPEN TO PUBLIC DELIVERY AVAILABLE M a r i n e L u m b e r A l l T y p e s o f D e c k i n g Marine Lumber All Types of Decking B o a t L i f t P a r t s P i l i n g s & S u p p l i e s Boat Lift Parts Pilings & Supplies 3 0 5 5 S . M c C a l l R d . 3055 S. McCall Rd. E N G L E W O O D ENGLEWOOD NOW OPEN! adno=50478935 MARINE LUMBER YARD1 0 8 7 1 K e l l y R d 10871 Kelly Rd F o r t M y e r s Fort Myers 2 3 9 2 6 7 6 8 5 7 239-267-6857 1 0 0 5 S . E . 1 0 t h S t . 1005 S.E. 10th St. C a p e C o r a l Cape Coral 2 3 9 5 7 3 6 8 5 7 239-573-6857 25% OFF* Regular Price *Selected colors and lengths in stock only. Over 6,000 feet on sale AZEK PVC DECKING SALE D D0 0 -III'jTAM II.of Dedft


Page 12 March 5, 2015 Photo providedSteve Viveiros caught this redsh while shing from his kayak in the backwaters of the Myakka. We talked last week about all the changes that are coming soon. But before all those things can happen, we have to undergo a transitional period. That’s already underway, and on some days the shing is just incredible. On other days, it can be a tad frustrating to nd sh, because they may not be where you expect them. Let’s take a look at what’s happening now and over the next couple weeks and some ways you can maximize your chances of success. This wasn’t a banner year for sheepshead in the upper Harbor. Although we had a few cold spells, it never stayed chilly long enough to concentrate these sh around El Jobean or the mouth of the Peace River. What few sheepies did move in are now drifting back out, heading to the passes and the nearshore reefs and ledges. Fish are abundant there and should be for a little while at least. Trout are also on the move, making a push to the edges of the ats. As they gather here in loose schools, we should start to see more of the larger sh on a consistent basis. We’ll also see them starting to switch over their food choice. Shrimp are still great and will catch plenty of sh, but more anglers will be using whitebait or small pinsh. Big trout tend to prefer preying on sh. The timing of this switch should be good, as whitebait will start becoming more abundant (in theory, at least). Greenbacks have been here all winter, though not in abundance. Last year, we didn’t have good numbers of whitebait until July. When there are lots of greenies around, many predators become focused on them. Use them if they’re here, but don’t go crazy trying to nd them if they’re not — if the sh aren’t nding lots of them to eat, other baits will probably be more productive. No one really knows what caused last spring’s whitebait deciency, but no one wants to see it repeated. Just like any other sh, they can be overharvested and should be treated like a precious resource, not just free bait. Don’t take more than you need, and let the rest go on the ats, not at the boat ramp. Cobia and small sharks are starting to pop up all over, especially on the edges of the ats and on the nearshore reefs. When a cobia swims past, you need to be ready or you’ll probably miss your shot. I don’t like scrambling for a live bait, so I have a tarpon-class spinning rod rigged with a half-ounce bucktail and a black or purple plastic worm. When Mr. Cobia shows up, I put that in his face. Redsh are becoming more abundant and the average catch is getting bigger. Schools of baitsh will accelerate that trend and also move more sh onto the open ats. Right now, your best bet is to get in close and beat the bushes. If you get hung in the trees, try to retrieve as much of your line as you can. Dangling line is a death trap for aquatic birds. Snook are moving around a lot as they vacate their winter refuges and start their slow-speed migration to the beaches where they’ll spawn this summer. Since both snook and redsh are moving around a lot, it’s smart to check likely spots frequently. Just because there were no sh there three hours ago doesn’t mean they aren’t there now. Of course, the opposite is also true — a spot that was overrun with sh yesterday might hold none today. Groups of sh can show up and disappear with tidal changes, and sometimes even more often. Spanish and king mackerel are moving northward in the Gulf and will be following bait schools close to the beaches and occa sionally even inshore. These fast-swimming sh like to chase their food down, so trolled or quickly reeled spoons, jigs and other sh imitators are ideal. You can also drift with live whitebait (for the Spanish) or blue runners (for the kings) and let them chase their own. It’s not hot yet, but be sure to ice your mack erel or they’ll taste like Fancy Feast. With days in the high 70s and low 80s, it’s feeling a lot like beach weather. While the kids splash and the wife sunbathes, you can enjoy some good shing action. Whiting, sheepshead, pompano, ounder and a few early-arriving snook are showing up along the Gulf shores. The bite is best at rst light and dusk, and the closer you are to the passes the better. Walk out into the rst trough and cast upcurrent (north) more or less parallel to the shore. It’s often surprising how many big predatory sh are lurking just feet from dry sand. Fishing opportunities are showing up all over. This is a great time of year to be an angler in Southwest Florida. No matter how busy you might be, make some time to spend on the water — this really is something you just can’t miss out on.Robert Lugiewicz is the manager of Fishin’ Frank’s Bait & Tackle, located at 4425-D Tamiami Trail in Charlotte Harbor. Call 941-625-3888 for more information about the shop or for local shing info, or visit them online at It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting to It’s starting 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No, he isn’t dead (as far as I know), but he left us to take a job in Tampa. For those of you who are new to the area, Matt was WaterLine Weekly’s go-to writer for everything you would ever want to know about shore-bound angling (piers, bridges, docks, beaches, etc.). For those of you who followed Matt’s well-written and educa tional column — well, don’t expect that same level of aptitude from me. Matt actually knew how to put pen to paper. With spring just around the corner, and warmer weather and water coming with it, I can’t stop thinking about where I’d like to do my rst quiet, stress-free, alone-with-na ture shing trip of the season. In order to be stress-free, I’ll have to leave my boat at dock (I love my boat, but boat ownership can be quite stressful). Even though I’ll be bringing a friend along with me (just as a safety measure), I plan on shing far enough away from him that I won’t be able to hear a single word he mumbles. Now as far as the “alone with nature” part, well, the only way to truly become one with nature is to become part of it — and the best way to become part of Charlotte Harbor’s nature is to jump right into it with both feet and wade sh. Southwest Florida is loaded with great places to wade sh. If you’re fortunate enough to own a boat, your wade shing options are almost endless. For you guys without seaworthy trans portation, never fear — our area oers many places that you can drive to, park and wade out into the magic waters of our little slice of heaven. There are a few well-known places along the east wall with semi-easy access for anglers on foot. Pineland and Bokeelia both have shore access points for guys who like to wade. For those of you looking to sh in Lemon Bay, don’t overlook Indian Mound Park. It doesn’t look too shy when you’re sitting in the parking lot, but believe me, there are some trophy sh on those ats. If you’re just looking for somewhere a little less known, try looking at our area through the eyes of Google maps or Google Earth you’ll be amazed at some of the spots you’ll nd. What to bring? My rst suggestion would be to bring a friend, just in case something unfortunate happens. Waders are nice but not really needed in our area (unless you decide to wade during our three days of winter). Many people around here wade in just an old pair of sneakers, but it’s really not a good idea because they have a knack for falling apart while you’re in the middle of a bunch of razor-sharp oyster shells. Wading boots are a very smart investment — they’re not all that expensive and could help you avoid a walletbusting trip to the ER. A hat, sunscreen and a couple bottles of water will help keep you cancer-free and hydrated. Other things that will make your trip more enjoyable are extra hooks, oats, leader and lures, a knife, pliers, and a bait bucket or wading basket. Of course, you’ll need a rod and reel. Pretty much any reel in the 2500/3000 size range attached to a 7-foot medium/light rod will be sucient. My personal wade shing rig is a 3000 series Daiwa Ballistic reel on a 7-foot 6-14 or 8-17 Star Stellar Lite rod. I use the Ballistic for wading because it’s sealed to keep water out, and any wade sherman will tell you that your reel is likely to get dunked at some point. I sh the Stellar Lite because it’s tough enough to handle some abuse (like getting bent at an unnatural angle when a hooked redsh runs between your legs) and light enough to carry all day when there’s nowhere to set it down. My reel is spooled with 15-pound PowerPro line and I use a 30-pound uorocarbon leader. This setup will handle pretty much anything a wade sherman might luck into out there. If you’re shing for only trout, you can drop down to 20-pound leader, but if you’re looking for that monster snook then you might (will) want to go to a 40-pound piece of uorocarbon. A live shrimp is hands-down the best bait out there. It’s easy to get, easy to use and everything that swims eats it. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of toting around live bait, articials are the way to go. Soft plastics attached to eighthor quarter-ounce jig heads are always a good choice. Suspending twitch baits like the 17MR MirrOdine or the Sebile Stick Shadd account for many, many big sh each year, as do topwater plugs like the Rapala Skitter Walk and the Zara Spook Jr. When you’re trying a new wading spot, make sure you explore as much of it as possible. Throw your bait to as many shylooking spots as your arm will allow. No pothole or mangrove branch should be passed up. Wading is very dierent from typical boat shing. If you don’t catch a sh right away, you can’t re up the motor and zip over tot he next spot. On foot, you have to become a better sherman because your mobility is limited. Try to remember which areas produced best so the next time you can focus on those rst. Wading is a fun and productive way to catch sh, and it truly will make you feel one with nature. And before I forget, make sure to slide your feet instead of taking regular steps. We call that the stingray shue, and it is a mustlearn for all new wade shermen — unless you enjoy having stingray barbs jabbed into your calf muscle. P.S. — To those of you who know Matt, please don’t tell him I referenced him in my article. That would just let him know I liked his stu and miss reading it, and believe me, that’s not a good thing. Tight lines.Capt. Mike Myers, owner and operator of Reelshark Charters, is a full-time Charlotte Harbor guide. Having shed the waters all along the Southwest Florida coast for more than 35 years, he has the experience to put anglers on the sh they want. His specialties are sharks, tarpon and Goliath grouper. For more info, visit or call Capt. Mike at 941-416-8047. One with nature ANGLING 201 CAPT. MIKE MYERS adno=50478758 SALES SERVICE STORAGE 3340 Placida Rd., Englewood, FL 34224 941-698-1444 941-698-1444 2014 READERS CHOICE THE BEST 2013 READERS CHOICE Your Local Authorized Dealer for adno=50478756 Get What You Want Get What You Want See for yourself how a new standard has been set in inshore fishing and family boating. Get on board a Crevalle today and experience the difference! Family friendly boats focused on reliability, durability, and excellence in design. tlbilllidTUb 1111IIA ILMarine Trading Post FOUR LOCATIONS1156 N. Tomiomi Trail 4694 N Tomiami Trail 15600 Son Carlos Blvd #170 2397 Davis Blvd.N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903 Port Charlotte, FL 33980 Ft. Myers, FL 33908 Naples, FL 34104(239) 997 -5777 (941) 766-1044 (239) 437-7475 (239) 793-5800Hours: M-F 8-6 Hours: M-F 8-5:30 Hours: M-F 8-5:30 Hours: M-F 8-5:30Sot. 8-5 Sun. 9-3 Sat. 8-5 Sun. Closed Sat. 8-5 Sun. 9-3 Sot. 8-5 Sun. 9-3arinelignamics,`:= ice%,-arineD1yjnamics y -


Page 14 March 5, 2015 WaterLine photo by Josh OliveThe Fisheries Forum meeting wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but what it’s trying to accomplish is important.Why should you get involved in shery management? Because if you care about our sh, our shing and our environment, it’s the right thing to do. I was among about 70 attendees of the third Charlotte Harbor Fish eries Forum meeting last Thursday evening at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda. It’s a long drive from Englewood, but get involved and be part of the solutions or don’t complain! The forum organizers from the University of Florida and Sea Grant are there to help us identify, prioritize, address and more eectively deal with the issues we decide to work on. They are not there to x everything we consider a shery problem. I believe the term the orga nizers used to describe their contributions was “facilitators.” They are doing a great job. So we didn’t solve all the problems, but we did identify many commonly considered important. I’ll share a few now; when we get our notes back before the next monthly meeting, I’ll go into more detail. We must consider that there are lot of folks using our waterways. How to balance the wants and needs of so many anglers and boaters is more than enough to boggle most attempts to solve problems. Fortunately, many attendees felt strongly that some form of pole-and-troll zones (places where combus tion engines are not allowed to be used) are needed. These could help signicantly, if their placement is well thought-out and boaters follow the rules. We all understood that while the law enforcement agents we have are doing their best, the agencies are terribly understaed. Compliance will depend on peer pressure and outreach education. Clearly, discussions on any such zones need to include safety concerns allowing motor passage when lightning or other emergency conditions dictate speed. Maybe one of these days the county will dig up the study Ralph Allen, Robert Hill, and a bunch of us concerned boaters spent a couple of years compiling about 15 years ago. Unfortunately, politics and an election year frustrated us, and the CCBCC tabled it and then forgot about it. Then the Feds came in and enacted more restrictions because Charlotte County failed to address manatee zones. Anyway, the research was already done and could be easily updated. Another issue was habitat. We have more detrimental algae than attached productive seagrasses around the Charlotte Harbor water shed. Frequently, the agencies measuring grass acreage here rely too much on aerial photos, which can’t distinguish between the valuable sea grasses and destructive algae, so they don’t grasp the dramatic loss of critical seagrass habitats. Many discussed hatcheries and wanted to enhance sh stocks articially. No problem here. I personally worked for decades on a project then titled the Florida Stock Enhance ment Advisory Board, and we established the world-recognized standards and guidelines for shery aquaculture. All we need to do is nd the money and decide when, where, and what size sh we want to stock. Do we want stock enhancement, or do we want put-andtake sheries? There is no marine hatchery in Florida right now. There are folks working hard to establish one in Escambia County, funded by BP oil spill dollars. An Apollo Beach project is also in the works. Concerns about the commercial mullet shery were discussed. I can help describe this issue. The net ban requires seines or castnets to harvest mullet, which created a huge problem. A gillnet allows smaller sh to slip through and most larger sh won’t get their heads stuck in the gilling mesh. Mesh size determines the size of a caught sh. Castnets catch mullet of all sizes. Most of the smaller sh are males and not desired because the female’s roe or eggs are the big money market. The folks more concerned with their paycheck than the resource discard the male sh; some make an eort to return them alive, others don’t care. This is wasteful and results in dead mullet oating up on Gulf beaches in prime tourist season. This huge smelly mess is totally unacceptable. Much of the reason this happens is because it’s so easy to get the state restricted species license required to harvest and sell mullet. So we end up with a lot of amateurs with minimum experience involved in the shery. Plus, a lot of them are from out of town and really couldn’t care less whether our tourists come back next year. The mullet come in all at once because weather concentrates then pushes sh outside of closed areas so they can be caught. The sh houses get overwhelmed with sh — hundreds of thousands of pounds at once. Everything pours in at one time. In many cases, they stop buying the lower-value males, so what are the shermen supposed to do with them? These problems are being addressed locally and at the state level. It will be xed; it’s just at what cost to the commercial shery. Please note that there is not a problem with mullet stocks; just abuse by some so-called part-time commercial shermen and overwhelmed sh houses. Remember this is the biggest money opportunity for the shermen and sh houses, so they must help x this mess or lose neces sary income. We did discuss other topics, but I’m out of space this week. Thank you to the folks involved who helped provide ideas and concerns that outsiders wouldn’t have thought about. I hope to see you all at the next meeting.Capt. Van Hubbard is a highly respected outdoor writer and shing guide. He has been a professional USCG-licensed year-round guide since 1976, and has been shing the South west Florida coast since 1981. Contact him at 941-740-4665 or It’s worth your time A LIFE ON THE WATER CAPT. VAN HUBBARD SIZE LIMIT: Min. 12” at fork DAILY BAG LIMIT: 5 per harvester AVERAGE SIZE: 1 to 3 lbs STATE RECORD: 19 lb, 8 oz HABITAT: Hogfish are generally considered to be a reef species. Sometimes they can also be found around wrecks or other structure. Off our coastline, they often live over hard bottom. Almost unknown in inshore waters, these fish are more common offshore in water deeper than 30 feet. LEGAL GEAR: Spears, gigs, hook and line, seine, cast net FOOD VALUE: Considered a delicacy. FISHING METHODS: Hogfish are much more numerous in the Florida Keys and rarely targeted off Southwest Florida, though there are a few well-guarded locations where they are fairly common. Sometimes caught by snapper anglers using shrimp, which are a major part of the hogfish’s diet. Hogs are also a favorite with spearfishermen. In fact, this is one of the few species for which a significant percentage of the harvest is taken by spear. Although sometimes called hog snapper, these fish are actually members of the wrasse family. NOTES: Reef fish rules apply when harvesting. You must use non-stainless steel circle hooks if using natural bait and possess a dehooking device to be used when appropriate. FISH PROFILE HOGFISH 2301 Tamiami Trail No., Nokomis, FL 34275 2301 Tamiami Trail No., Nokomis, FL 34275 941-966-5477 941-966-5477 adno=50478705 ll I I I I';GO BKAYAKS, STANDUPPADDLEBOARDSSat., Mar. 14 -Sun., Mar.158:30AM-4PMOoww K.yawon. Wo.+drw.t L ILLL 1IltLJOIL,'l'c l I '+t_-..LLLU ! L l.t Lil, I,lt.L'.'/Ll'i li I.r r-1.'L'!{v''Ir1'lU I'.I,, ..,AOL


Page 15 March 5, 2015 WaterLine photo by Josh OliveThis Sea Tow life jacket loaner station is at the Laishley Municipal Marina boat ramp. Sea Tow wants to loan you a life jacket NEED A LOANER?Here’s where to nd the ve Sea Tow Foundation Life jacket loaner stations in Charlotte County: EL JOBEAN BOAT RAMP 4224 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte HARBOUR HEIGHTS PARK 27420 Voyageur Drive, Punta Gorda PLACIDA PARK 6499 Gasparilla Road, Placida PORT CHARLOTTE BEACH PARK 4500 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte SPRING LAKE PARK 3520 Lakeview Boulevard, Port Charlotte Sea Tow Services International, Inc., the nation’s leading marine assistance provider, and the nonprot Sea Tow Foundation are happy to announce that ve new Sea Tow Foundation life jacket loaner stations are now open at boat ramps in Placida, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. The Sea Tow Foundation loaner stations, which are stocked with life jackets that boaters may borrow free of charge for a safe and fun day on the water, are made possible through a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund as administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. “The Sea Tow Foundation is proud to make more than 40 life jackets available to boaters on ve life jacket loaner stands in Charlotte County,” said Gail R. Kulp, C.A.E., Sea Tow Foundation executive director. “Charlotte County and the MAC (Marine Advisory Committee) have been very accommodating and enthusiastic about helping us get this done.” Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor, which serves the Charlotte County boating community, helped to facilitate the life jacket loaner program on the local level. “I think it’s a phenomenal idea,” said Capt. Marcus Shore of Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor. “It’s a win-win for everyone. People usually won’t cancel their trip if they don’t have a life jacket, so this is a last-ditch opportunity to get people prepared to go on the boat. If it saves one life it’s all well worth it.” As life jackets become worn and sun-faded, Capt. Shore plans to replace them and then pass the older ones on to law enforcement for use as backup life jackets. “These new Sea Tow Foundation life jacket loaner stations will help to further the Foundation’s ongoing mission of helping to make boating safer and more enjoyable by encouraging boaters to wear life jackets while on the water,” said Capt. Joseph Frohn hoefer, CEO and Founder of Sea Tow. The Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Program has been funded through grants and private donations since it was started in 2008. Since then, more than 28,500 life jackets have been loaned free to boaters. For more information and a list of life jacket loaner stations in the U.S., visit 2 pounds flounder fillets 2 tbsp butter 1/2 cup chopped parsley 1/8 tsp fresh ground pepper 4 oranges, washed and sliced Preheat oven to 400F. Place fillets in a large baking pan. Dot each fillet with butter and sprinkle with parsley and pepper. Lay the orange slices over fillets. Bake for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 350F and bake for 20 minutes more or until the fish flakes at the touch of a fork. Serves 4. — Recipe adapted from Food.comA clip-n-save seafood recipe provided by FLOUNDER L’ORANGE 3/4 pound seatrout fillets, cut into cubes 2 tbsp water 2 apples, cored, peeled and cut into cubes 4 green onions, cut 2 red chilies, chopped 5 ounces plain yogurt 2 tbsp lemon juice Salt and black pepper to taste Arrange seatrout cubes on a plate. Add water and microwave for 3 minutes. Stir and microwave 1 more minute. Allow the fish to cool down, then mix with apples, onions and chilies. Mix yogurt with lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix through the salad. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Serves 2.A clip-n-save seafood recipe provided by TROUT APPLE SALAD— Recipe adapted from ONE CARD. ALL KINDS OF HELPGet our FREE App! Serving Charlotte Harbor and the Peace & Myakka RiversTrust the local experts. Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor \ 941-625-5454 \ 800-4-SEATOW us on Facebook Join now. Sea Tow Services International, Inc. 13. All rights reserved. adno=50478761 &X : SEnrcv.Joe Smith999-121212Gold2012 1t' Banbn Whab ooInooooe4dqsO0


Page 16 March 5, 2015 I am currently not on speaking terms with groundhogs from Pennsylvania or WaterLine publishers. I’m not sure who I am more upset with — Punxsutawney Phil for forecasting six more weeks until spring, or Josh Olive for jinxing us with his prediction that winter was over weeks ago. I blame them both because I am tired of this horribly chilly weather we have been having. I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 50and 60-degree days and hello to the 80s and 90s again. I like my weather like I like my music — nothing lower (or earlier) than 70s will do. Of course, with that warmer weather comes the onslaught of little paws pitter-pattering. Spring brings baby season, and we already have quite a few eastern gray squirrel babies at Peace River Wildlife Center. This species is known to breed twice a year, especially when food is plentiful. During a heavy mast year, when the oaks produce many acorns, older Southwest Florida females can produce a second litter in autumn (or in summer, in more northern climes). Most of the squirrels breed in the spring, though, and since our weather is relatively warm (if you ask anyone but me) that process has already begun. Some of our local squirrel populations take advantage of particularly mild winters to breed year-round. The eastern gray squirrel shows evidence of some pretty complex brain activity. He has spatial awareness and memory for the multiple caches of food that he hoards and stores in many locations. He uses both local and distant landmarks to revisit these sites and smell once he gets close enough to them. He will even use deceptive behavior to protect his caches from rivals. If he is being observed when trying to place food in a cache, he will prepare a site as usual (dig a hole in the ground or clear a crevice in a tree), pretend to place the food in it while hiding it in his mouth, and go so far as to cover the bogus cache site. Squirrels are one of a few mammals that can climb down a tree head-rst. They do so by rotating their ankles so that the claws on their rear feet point backwards. Most clawed mammals can climb up a tree and many can descend without jumping, but most, like cats and foxes, must do so backwards. Squirrel nests, or dreys, are large hollow balls composed of leaves and twigs, often lined with moss or feathers. They can be dislodged from their location in the fork of a tree by high winds or tree trimming. If there are babies in a disrupted nest, it’s important to leave the uninjured babies alone. The mother will retrieve them and move them to a safe location and a dierent nest. A squirrel’s gestation period is about 40 days. The average litter size is one to four, but can be up to eight. The young are weaned by 10 weeks and begin to leave the nest a couple weeks later. PRWC has admitted 11 baby squirrels already this season. They are currently in four dierent foster homes, where they will be fed via syringe with special nipples and cared for until they are weaned. At that time, the juvenile squirrels will be returned to PRWC and placed in communal pre-release cages to get them ready for survival in the wild. We antici pate the addition of many more baby squirrels over the next few weeks. Anyone interested in learning how to do mammal home care for PRWC is encouraged to call the oce at 941-637-3830 to schedule training. Our resident eastern gray squirrel, Leonard P. Squigford, is o display right now. He is going through some challenges in his “adolescence.” Born last November, he is now approximately 3 months old and is starting to mature. It is at this age that most people who thought it would be a great idea to raise a wild squirrel as a pet begin to believe perhaps those crazy people at PRWC were right after all. Wild squirrels do not make good pets (and it is illegal to keep them without the proper permits and licenses). Unfortunately, our little Squiggy cannot be released. He has a congenital condition in his brain that aects his balance and coordination. While that portion of his brain does not func tion normally, the rest of his brain works very well. He has been smart enough to take advan tage of the accommodations we have made in his habitat to learn how to feed himself and get around without falling great distances. He does not like the small cage in which he resides during the day while on display at PRWC, though. We have applied for a grant to build him a bigger habitat on site, but for now he lives with one of our caretakers and gets the run of the house when they are home. He could get out of his small cage onsite more often, but many of his handlers are having a dicult time adjusting to his needs. He doesn’t mind being picked up, but he knows his limitations and gets nervous if not held rmly enough. While the natural inclination is for people to handle him gently so as not to hurt him, he seems to realize that his uncoordinated movements could result in a fall if he were to jerk out of someone’s hands because they were holding him too loosely. So, while most people mean well, they frighten him and he, in turn, frightens them. He does not like to be mollycoddled. Like Carol Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged, he “likes the rough stu,” but understandably few people are ready for 50 shades of gray squirrel. So until we can build him a more appropriate enclosure at PRWC, he will be making only occasional appearances. Peace River Wildlife Center is a nonprot organization, dedicated to the care, preservation and protection of Charlotte County’s native wildlife since 1978. They are open seven days a week year-round, including holidays. Tours are oered from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. PRWC receives no government funding and relies entirely on private donations. For more info, visit PeaceRiver, email PeaceRiverWildlife@ or call 941-637-3830. Baby squirrels everywhere PEACE RIVER WILDLIFE CENTER ROBIN JENKINS, DVM PRWC photoClimbing is completely natural for most squirrels, but Squiggy needs a safety harness. adno=50429662 B O A T D E T A I L I N G BOAT DETAILING w w w . K l e e n B o a t s . c o m www.K leen B oats .com W E C O M E T O Y O U ! W E C O M E T O Y O U ! WE COME TO YOU!P r o f e s s i o n a l B o a t D e t a i l i n g Professional Boat Detailing3 0 y e a r s e x p e r i e n c e 30 years experience9 4 1 7 6 4 7 9 2 8 9 4 1 7 6 4 7 9 2 8 941-764-7928 6 0 9 6 1 8 0 1 1 3 6 0 9 6 1 8 0 1 1 3 609-618-0113 Covering Boats Since 1990 B O A T C A N V A S BOAT CANVAS r MOBILE SHOP (941) 255-0970fntb tbnr TOP NOTCH B O A T C A N V A S BOAT CANVAS CHARLOTTE HARBOR CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY, LLC Marine Upholstery Canvas Cushions Full Enclosures Biminis 941-979-5349 Lic./Ins. To Place Your Ad In The Marine Directory Please Call 941-429-3110 M A R I N E C O N S T R U C T I O N MARINE CONSTRUCTION Bennett Marine Construction, Inc. Seawalls Boat Docks Boat Lifts “Serving the Gulf Coast Since 1961” Call 941-697-3882 Englewood F REE E STIMATES ALL FUEL TANKS CLEANED fnbn 941-815-6631 Lic. Ins. 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Page 17 March 5, 2015 FISHING CLUB MEETSThe Englewood Fishing Club will hold its monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. March 12 at the Lemon Bay Park Environmental Center (570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood). The featured speaker will be Kim Massengale of Best Chance CPR, talking about shing medical emergencies and rst aid. Admission is free and open to the public. For more info, go to NATIVE DAYLearn how your landscape aects the environment at Plant Native Day, to be held March 14 at Cedar Point Environmental Park (2300 Placida Road, Englewood). Plant Native Day is a free educational program open to the public. Speakers will describe the what, why, where and how of creating a rain garden and highlight selected native plants that can be used in a moist environment. Native nursery and member-grown plants will be available for sale. Activities begin at 9:30 a.m. For more info, visit WILDLIFE SEMINARSA fascinating program for anyone who is interested in learning about animals found in Southwest Florida. Talks are held from 2 to 3 p.m. at Rotary Park (5505 Rose Garden Road, Cape Coral). Free and suitable for all ages. March 16: Florida’s Turtles. March 26: Aquatic Exotics. April 23: Coyotes. Call 239-549-4606 for more info.PEACE RIVER AUDUBON BANQUETThe Peace River Audubon Society will feature naturalist and nature photographer Reiner Munguia at its 38th annual Banquet and Silent Auction March 19 at Twin Isles Country Club (301 Madrid Blvd., Punta Gorda). A social hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by a buet dinner at 6:30 p.m. The silent auction will feature many items and gift certicates. Tickets are $30 per person. Reservation deadline is March 10; call 941-575-0651. For more info, go to & TOTS IN NATUREBring the wee ones (ages 3 to 5) to Cedar Point Environmental Park (2300 Placida Road, Englewood) for a play day in nature at 10 a.m. March 20 or April 3. This free one-hour program allows moms, dads and other caregivers a chance to experience the natural world of Florida with guided walks, puppets, crafts, stories, songs and more. Registration required; call 941-475-0769. FAKAHATCHEE ISLAND CRUISEThe Friends of Fakahatchee have announced their nal cruise of the season to historic Fakahatchee Island on March 21. Fakahatchee Island was once home to a thriving BULLETIN BOARDFROM PAGE 3 BULLETIN BOARD | 18 CHEC OUTINGSThe following free guided outings will be hosted by the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center. Walks are held from 9 to 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Wear sturdy shoes and bring drinking water for all outings. Call 941-475-0769 for info or directions. WALK AT TIPPECANOE ENVIRONMENTAL PARK (2400 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte): March 8. Habitats such as scrub, pine atwoods, marsh and wetlands occur in this diverse 380-acre Charlotte County park. Meet behind the Charlotte County Sports Park. BIRDING AT AMBERJACK ENVIRONMENTAL PARK (6450 Gasparilla Pines Blvd., Rotonda West): March 10. This 217-acre Charlotte County park hosts a huge variety of bird species. Many wading birds may be seen along the shores of Lemon Lake and the endangered scrub jays call this area home. SEAGRASS ADVENTURE WADING TRIP AT PONCE DE LEON PARK (3400 Ponce de Leon Pkwy., Punta Gorda): 10 a.m. March 10, 12 & 14; April 3, 18 & 30. Discover the Charlotte Harbor estuary and some of the unique animals that live where the river meets the sea. Registration is required ( or 941-575-5435) and space is limited. Sponsored by The Mosaic Company Foundation. SEAGRASS ADVENTURE WADING TRIP AT CEDAR POINT ENVIRONMENTAL PARK (2300 Placida Road, Englewood): 9 a.m. to noon March 12 & 23. Get wild and wet in Lemon Bay, searching for marine organisms such as seahorses, crabs and juvenile sh. Registration is required and space is limited. Sponsored by The Mosaic Company Foundation. WALK AT TIPPECANOE II MITIGATION PARK (16259 Joppa Ave., Port Charlotte): March 17. The scrub habitat of this 380-acre Charlotte County park is home to the threatened Florida scrub jay as well as gopher tortoises, indigo snakes and scrub wildowers. WALK AT ANN DEVER/ OYSTER CREEK PARK (6791 San Casa Drive, Englewood): March 20 & 30. Bobcats, pileated woodpeckers, gopher tortoises and various wildowers may be seen in the pine atwoods and salt marshes along the trail at this 263-acre Charlotte County park. WALK AT BILL COY/BUCK CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL PARK (5350 Placida Road, Englewood): March 28. This 80-acre Charlotte County preserve is comprised of scrubby and mesic atwoods that transition into coastal hammock and mangrove swamp along Buck Creek. adno=50482207 Gated Secured Camera Monitored Clean Hurricane Rated Covered Storage Gate Access 24/7 Punta Gorda’s Premier RV/ Boat Storage 150 Rio Villa Drive, Punta Gorda, Florida 941-575-7473 adno=50478744 2013 Voted BEST RV & Boat Storage F I N E B A I T FINE BAIT & T A C K L E & TACKLE adno=50478770 North Port’s Finest & ONLY Fishing Shop Wide array of LIVE & FROZEN BAIT Open 7 days a week 14503 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 (941) 240-5981 Fishing tackle Rod and reel repair Professionally guided fishing charters adno=50478755 M ARINE C ONTRACTING G ROUP M ARINE C ONTRACTING G ROUP Seawalls Caps Docks Boat Lifts Dredging S a v e S a v e Save $ 5 0 $ 5 0 $ 50 w / t h i s A d w / t h i s A d w/ this Ad (941) 505-0221 (941) 505-0221 Serving All of Charlotte County & Surrounding areas. Serving All of Charlotte County & Surrounding areas. Downtown Bait & Tackle Shop 941-621-4190 adno=50478768 120 Laishley Court, Punta Gorda (next to boat ramp) Live Shrimp Frozen Bait Kayak Rental Beer Ice Drinks Snacks ONE STOP for Bait, Tackle, All Supplies WLI m 0 BOLIFT -.7airSt I;_J _save$59 j cl. fl`W IN AdYour ticket to...2" :11. c. %ZIN EWEEK-BAIT 6t TACKLEI I 4Doggy Daycare & Boarding'Where a dog can be a dogoCAMP UIAll Day Play Certified Camp Counselors=' Free Web Cams ' All-Inclusive Pricing-large Indoor-Outdoor Play yards941-875-9410Wl.1;PBOW01.COi-PURTCH:,BLOTTIFACEBOOh.CO1-'r .iPBO\V\VOI PORTCH:RLOTTEFIREARMS INSTRUCTORSafety BILLY CARL Self-DefenseNRA Chief Range Safety OfficerNRA-Certified Law Enforcement InstructorConcealed CarryrA Basic Handgun *Tactical Shotgun`"State K Instructor K1300040Armed Security Guard Recerts941-697-6382 941-769-0767^4 rCBY.SPotteRVffj;p5?Have a sportsevent planned?Send us the info at s portsC,? and we'll list it + -Lin our community calendar. ` 11


Page 18 March 5, 2015 Page 18 March 5, 2015 community of farming and shing families and was rst inhab ited by the Calusa. On the way to the island, Everglades National Boat Tours will cruise among the mangroves of the Ten Thousand Islands. On the island, a Friends of Fakahatchee naturalist will lead a walking tour and describe the island’s colorful history. Cold drinks and snacks will be served on the boat. Bring bug repellent and wear long-sleeved shirts and closed shoes. The cruise leaves the Everglades National Park docks (815 Oyster Bar Lane, Everglades City) promptly at 2:30 p.m. and returns at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $80 per person; go to to reserve.BOBBY HOLLOWAY JR. MEMORIAL FISHING TOURNAMENTThe 17th Bobby Holloway Jr. Memorial Fishing Tournament will be held March 28 at Pineland Marina (13921 Waterfront Drive, Bokeelia). The event kicks o at 7 p.m. March 27 at Monroe Canal Marina (3105 Stringfellow Road, St James City) with the captains meeting, followed by the 7:30 a.m. shotgun start the next morning. This year, the tournament will have cash prizes for the combined weight of one snook, one redsh and one trout as well as the Edison Big Snook Award for a separate cash prize of $2,500. Teams will have the chance to take home up to $3,750 in winnings, making this the largest payout the tournament has ever oered. Registration is $300 for a team of up to four anglers and $50 for each additional angler. $50 late fee after March 20. Your entry fee includes captains dinner, ramp and parking fees, BBQ, sh fry and captains bag. All net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Bobby Holloway Jr. Memorial Fund to benet the youth on Pine Island and surrounding communities. For more info, rules and registration, visit or call Ernestine Squires at 239-281-8225 or Jennifer Glass at 239-851-8751. SEAFOOD FESTIVALThe 4th Annual Crawsh and Seafood Festival will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 28 at St. Martha Catholic School (4380 Fruitville Road, Sarasota). The Crawsh Festival is a great family-friendly event that has become quite a “foodie fair” in our town. There will be authentic Cajun food provided by restaurants and food trucks from all over the Tampa Bay area, live music from a local Cajun band, bounce houses, rock climbing, face painting, games for the kids and so much more! Admission is $5 per person. Call 941-925-2923 for more info.BIRD ROOKERY SWAMP WALKSJoin the volunteers on the CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trails (1295 Shady Hollow Blvd W., Naples) at 9 a.m. March 28 or 1:30 p.m. April 5 for a free, entertaining and informative 2.5-hour guided walk. Learn the history, see wildlife and enjoy the views. Call 239-657-2253.CCA BANQUETThe 25th annual CCA Charlotte Chapter banquet and auction will be held April 2 at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center. Join us for an evening of great food and good company! Cocktails, raes and the silent auction will begin at 6 p.m., followed by dinner and live auctions at 7:45 p.m. Auction and rae items will include local and exotic trips, artwork and sculptures, jewelry, Yamaha motors, Hell’s Bay boats, Pathnder boats, top-of-the-line shing tackle and much more. Single tickets are $100 (includes one-year CCA membership), couple’s tickets are $155, and corporate sponsor tables (eight seats) are $1,300. Go to to register or RSVP.SHARK’S TOOTH FESTIVALThe 23rd Annual Venice Shark’s Tooth Festival will be held April 10-12 at the Venice Airport Festival Grounds (120 E. Airport Ave., Venice). Gates will be open from 4 to 9 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $3 per person; children 12 years of age and under are free. All proceeds of the festival benet Special Olympics FloridaSarasota County. For more info and a schedule of events, go to AN EVENT COMING UP?Email your event info to at least one week before it needs to be published.BULLETIN BOARDFROM PAGE 17 Got an event coming up? Email it to Editor@ SIERRA CLUB OUTINGSAll outings are free of charge and the public is welcome to attend. Voluntary donations to the Charlotte Sierra Club are always gratefully accepted. Reservations required; call the listed number to sign up or ask any questions. HIKE SHELL CREEK PRESERVE: Join Florida Master Naturalists Jamie Reynolds and Jim Knoy from 8:30 to 11 a.m. March 5 for a guided nature walk in this protected preserve of pine atwoods and scrub habitats. 941-637-8284. STUMP PASS TO KNIGHT ISLAND: Join Dr. Bill Dunson from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 6 for a kayaking and hiking beach ecology tour. Provide own watercraft and PFD, and be able to swim. 941-423-2714. PEACE RIVER BIRDING PADDLE: Master Naturalist Rick Fried will lead trips from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 12, April 13, May 13 and May 28 to an island bird rookery. Lunch at Nav-AGator. Provide your own watercraft, PFD and lunch money, and be able to swim. 941-6378805. KAYAK AND GARDEN TOUR: Dr. Bill Dunson will lead a kayak trip and tour of his wildower yard, featuring more than 140 plant species, from 9 a.m. to noon March 15. This will be about a 5.5-mile round trip paddle. 941-423-2713. DON PEDRO ISLAND STATE PARK: Islanders and Florida Master Naturalists Merrill and Bob Horswill will be your guides from 9 a.m. to noon March 18. Launch from the park mainland and paddle to the island for a wildower hike and lunch at beach pavilion. Provide your own watercraft, PFD and lunch, and be able to swim. 941-445-6181. FOOTPRINTS TRAIL AT BABCOCK RANCH: Footprints Trail is a protected area of pine atwoods, prairie and cypress swamp habitats. Florida Master Naturalists Jamie Reynolds and Jim Knoy will identify and describe the plants and animals as you walk along from 8:30 to 11 a.m. on March 19. 941-637-8284. KAYAK MYRTLE CREEK: Paddle with Master Naturalist Jim Story from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 25 or May 8. Visit the only waterfall in this area, the Punta Gorda Dam, which contains the city’s water supply. Provide your own watercraft and PFD, and be able to swim. 941-505-8904. BABCOCK BIKE RIDE: Florida Master Naturalists Jamie Reynolds and Jim Knoy will lead this ride from 8 to 11:30 a.m. March 28 on the 5.5-mile paved road along Webb Lake, stopping to identify wildowers, wetland plants and birds. 941-637-8284. SHELL CREEK PADDLE: Join Master Naturalist Rick Fried from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 31 or April 9 for a guided tour of one of the prettiest waterways in Charlotte County. Provide your own watercraft and PFD, and be able to swim. 941-637-8805. PADDLE LETTUCE LAKE: Explore the wooded maze of channels from the lake out into the Peace River with Master Naturalist Rick Fried from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 22. Lunch at the Nav-A-Gator. Provide your own watercraft, PFD and lunch money, and be able to swim. 941-637-8805. adno=50478750 Call us for a FREE Estimate (609) 618-0113 or (941) 764-7928 Weekly & Bi-Weekly Washing Programs Full Detail Packages Stain Removal Bright Work Teak Cleaning & Oiling Full Waxing Full Compounding Vinyl Cleaning Canvas Cleaning Canvas Water Proofing Mold Removal Bilge Cleaning Cabin Detailing Cabin & Cockpit Carpet Cleaning Isin Glass Cleaning WE COME TO YOU Dockside Service Available Serving from Sarasota to Ft. Myers Detail University Certified Call us today for your FREE “on-site” estimate from one of or Detailed University Certified Crew Members!! Your Satisfaction is our GUARANTEE!! “There is No Job too BIG or too small for our Crew!” E-mail us at: Visit us on the web: Professional & Courteous 30 Years of Experience YOLO 941-504-1699 Located at Cape Haze Marina Authorized Dealer 6950 Placida Rd. Rentals Tours Lessons Sales Stand Up Paddle Boards & Kayaks Charlotte County ’ s #1 Paddle Sports Destination! adno=50478748 Call 941-429 311to list your boat today!D 9 D 9D O D-7i %_F W6Aem,v_J', law O a ' -Y = -. rig;^/1%sLLGot a boat to sell?Call 941-429-3110J_ _ '1C)II


Page 19 March 5, 2015 Page 19 March 5, 2015 LOCAL BOATING SAFETY PROGRAMS U.S. POWER SQUADRONSSARASOTA POWER SQUADRON — 941-400-6467ABC Boating Course ......................................................................................................................... 7 p.m. March 9 Paddle Smart ................................................................................................................................ 7 p.m. March 12 How to Use A Chart .................................................................................................................. 6:30 p.m. March 19 ABC Boating Course ........................................................................................................................... 7 p.m. April 6 How to Use A Chart ........................................................................................................................... 7 p.m. April 2 Using Marine Radio .................................................................................................................... 6:30 p.m. April 16 Using Marine Radio ......................................................................................................................... 7 p.m. April 30VENICE SAIL & POWER SQUADRON — 941-408-8591Call for upcoming courses.PEACE RIVER SAIL & POWER SQUADRON — 941-637-0766 Charting Seminar ..................................................................................................................... 8:30 a.m. March 14 GPS Seminar ................................................................................................................................. 9 a.m. March 21 ABC Boating Course (4-hour) ............................................................................................... 8:30 a.m. April 4 & 11 Hurricanes & Boats .......................................................................................................................... 1 p.m. April 11CAPE CORAL POWER SQUADRON — 239-549-9754Call for upcoming courses. — Provided by Mark Long COAST GUARD AUXILIARYPROGRAM DATES LOCATION CONTACTBasic Navigation/GPS .................................... March 7 ................................ Rotonda West ..............973-934-0321 Navigating with GPS ..................................... March 10 .............................. Punta Gorda ................941-639-3811 About Boating Safely .................................... March 13-14 ......................... Rotonda West ..............973-934-0321 About Boating Safely .................................... March 14 ..............................Englewood ..................941-697-9435 Navigating with GPS ..................................... March 16 ..............................Venice .........................941-492-5904 About Boating Safely .................................... March 16 .............................. North Port ...................941-223-9064 Basic Navigation/GPS .................................... March 21 .............................. Rotonda West ..............973-934-0321 Paddlesports America ................................... March 30 ..............................Venice .........................941-492-5904 — Provided by Dave Nielsen Everglades trust pushing for U.S. Sugar land buyProponents of the state using voter-ap proved Amendment 1 dollars to purchase U.S. Sugar land south of Lake Okeechobee said Feb. 27 they will continue to press lawmakers who haven’t shown interest in completing the deal. “They’ve been resistant to doing the will of the people, so that’s why we’re in this campaign mode, to try and see if we can’t change their minds,” Everglades Trust President Mary Barley said during a conference call. The call with the media came as the advo cacy group this week rolled out what it says is a six-gure TV, radio and online campaign in support of the sugar land purchase. The trust views the deal as the only option immediately available to send and store water from Lake Okeechobee south through the Everglades. The voter-approved constitutional amend ment is expected to generate about $757 million this year for land and water maintenance and preservation — up from around $470 million in the current budget year. Lawmakers will have to divvy up the money during the 60-day regular session that began this week. The Everglades Trust wants lawmakers to designate about $350 million to purchase 46,800 acres, of which 26,100 acres would be used for construction of the Everglades Agricul tural Area reservoir. The state has to exercise the deal by Oct. 12 or Florida would have to buy an additional 157,000 acres to get land for the reservoir. The News Service of Florida Photo providedSugar cane and water pollution just go together. adno=50478747 Surveys, Haul-outs for Boats up to 65 ft. with free Overnight Stay. Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repair Engine Maintenance and Repair by Experienced Technicians Professional Bottom Painting and Detailing Convenient Location with Deepwater Access Underwater Gear Reconditioned Marina Service Center Gasparilla Marina Service Center Located at Gasparilla Marina 15001 Gasparilla Road Placida, FL 33946 941-698-1750 Call 941-429-311r -__ _ _to list your boat today._1!1I MOjW-d 124_ T ISZ Ada uj I 1j.'fm"Nana_._ sGAsPARfLL A


Page 20 March 5, 2015 Page 20 March 5, 2015 The planning group for Venice Area Birding Association is always in search of new sites. We had heard about Myakka Islands Point, a small park in the Port Charlotte area that might be an interesting place to take our group. To nd out, we needed to go on an exploratory trip with someone who was familiar with the lay of the land. Naturally, we contacted our good friend (and Sarasota County environmental specialist) Nancy Edmondson. Besides being a great birder, she is an excellent source of infor mation regarding plants and our park lands. Myakka Islands Point is a 100-acre preserve. Most of it is in Sarasota County, but a small portion is in Charlotte County. Having good directions is necessary to nd this park. Once there, I think some of us wanted to buy prop erty and live in this beautiful, hidden-away area. Yep, I was one of those people. The day was very gray and overcast, and a damp mist was upon us. We hiked one side of the park on a short trail. We spotted some common birds — mockingbirds, cardinals and blue-gray gnatcatchers. We also saw a icker in the parking lot area. We were hiking along the trail when a great horned owl ew over some of the group. Our eagle eye Deb Johnson thought the owl was ying into a nest. I had been lagging behind, and when I caught up Deb had already found the nest, buried in the crook of a large tree. It was in a dark, wellhidden area. All we could see was one eye and two great horned owl ear tufts sticking up. That was a fun sighting, and it was amazing that Deb could even nd the nest. We headed back to the other side of the parking lot where the main trail was located. By this time, the mist turned into a light rain. As leader of the day, I suggested breaking for brunch and returning when the rain stopped. Everyone liked this idea, so we jumped into our cars. When we nished eating, we headed back to the park to resume our exploratory walk. On occasion, the sun actually tried to peep out from the gray clouds. The trail was muddy in some areas, and I expect parts of it will be underwater during the rainy season — something to remember when incorporating it into our birding eld trips. Across the road, we spotted an eagle just sitting on a post and an American kestrel in the distance. Good thing Tom had his spotting scope as we had to focus in to see that one. We had seen a urry Exploring Myakka Islands Point BIRDING ABBIE BANKS WaterLine photos by Abbie BanksA fun-loving group if ever there was one. rf rrntbbbf COASTAL FISHING COASTAL COASTAL FISHING COASTAL LAKE FISHING CHARTS LAKE FISHING CHARTS STANDARD NAVIGATION CHARTS STANDARD NAVIGATION CHARTS INSHORE FISHING CHARTS INSHORE FISHING CHARTS LARGE PRINT CHARTS LARGE PRINT CHARTS adno = 50478767 Call 941-429-311Qto list your boat todayD O DTIAMANOW TOrA"d4adi4-THE ORIGINAL-WATERPROOF CHARTSAWAAJ(INSHOREFISHING.. rteIBM WCUSTOM orCHART ;'I _`FRAMINGa ,a


Page 21 March 5, 2015 Page 21 March 5, 2015 THURSDAY Sunrise: 06:48 Sunset: 18:31 Moonrise: 18:40 Moonset: 06:34 Moon Phase Full moon Major Times 23:12 01:18 11:35 13:41 Minor Times 06:17 07:28 17:51 19:01Prediction: Good FRIDAY Sunrise: 06:47 Sunset: 18:32 Moonrise: 19:30 Moonset: 07:09 Moon Phase 99% waning gibbous Major Times 23:54 02:00 11:39 14:19 Minor Times 06:52 07:56 18:45 19:45Prediction: Good SATURDAY Sunrise: 06:46 Sunset: 18:32 Moonrise: 20:21 Moonset: 07:43 Moon Phase 96% waning gibbous Major Times 00:37 02:43 11:39 15:02 Minor Times 07:32 08:36 19:29 20:29Prediction: Good SUNDAY Sunrise: 07:45 Sunset: 19:33 Moonrise: 22:12 Moonset: 09:18 Moon Phase 92% waning gibbous Major Times 02:19 04:25 14:43 16:45 Minor Times 09:13 10:17 21:27 22:27Prediction: Good MONDAY Sunrise: 07:44 Sunset: 19:33 Moonrise: 23:04 Moonset: 09:55 Moon Phase 86% waning gibbous Major Times 03:03 05:09 15:28 17:30 Minor Times 09:44 10:48 22:11 23:11Prediction: Good TUESDAY Sunrise: 07:43 Sunset: 19:34 Moonrise: 23:58 Moonset: 10:34 Moon Phase 78% waning gibbous Major Times 03:49 05:55 16:14 18:16 Minor Times 10:31 11:35 22:57 23:57Prediction: Average WEDNESDAY Sunrise: 07:42 Sunset: 19:34 Moonrise: — Moonset: 11:16 Moon Phase 69% waning gibbous Major Times 04:36 06:42 17:02 19:04 Minor Times 11:17 12:21 — - —Prediction: Average SOLUNAR TABLES What is a solunar table? The sun and moon, even when they are out of sight, exert forces wild creatures can feel. These forces aect when sh and other animals feed. Weather and tide also play a role, but expect sh to be more active during the major and minor solunar times. of palm warblers and myrtle warblers when I heard a little dierent call. Sue Love and I fell back to see what it was and sighted a beautiful little yellow-throated warbler. We hiked on to see what else this day would bring. We saw that the trail turned into three trails. Nancy picked a trail and onward we went. A small ock of lesser scaup ew overhead. O in the distance we heard a pileated woodpecker. Along the trail and over the brush, we could see the Myakka. We could see it even better when standing on a bench. Maybe someday they will build a boardwalk down to the river so we can scope for ducks. At this time Nancy thought we should head back. We hiked back to the parking lot and once again spotted the icker. I guess he came out to bid us goodbye. As we were leaving, Don had to pull o the main road and get a better view of the Myakka and when he did this we sighted a raft of about 500 lesser scaup. We also added brown pelicans and cormorants to our list. We denitely will be planning a eld trip back to Myakka Islands Point. Although the birding this particular day wasn’t spectacular, it is a beautiful primitive area and well worth another look.Abbie Banks is a member of the Venice Area Birding Association, a group of folks who want to enjoy the environment and nature without the cumbersome politics of an organized group. For more info on VABA or to be notied of upcoming birding trips, visit html or email her at There’s a great horned owl there. No, really. Look right in the middle. Abel’s Marine 7341 Sawyer Circle Port Charlotte, FL 33981 941-698-4006 Abel’s Marine is your repower center Authorized Dealer Best of Englewood in Boat Repair Best of Englewood for Marine Supplies 2011 2012 2013 2014 The Area’s Newest Factory Authorized Stocking – Services – Warranty Suzuki Dealer adno=50478741 Call 941-429-311[I--to list your boat today"D O D-Aw 77VOMM71.---------------------sSUZUKIS` wZUKI p


Page 22 March 5, 2015 Page 22 March 5, 2015 After I nabbed a stringer of snook a few months ago, my WaterLine editor feared I might transcend my title as a fumbling sherman. Yes sir, Tommyboy was on his way to angling mastery. Soon I would be sucking down martinis with fellow shing legends and forget my humble beginnings. Well, boss, you don’t have to worry. I am still a full-blown ub-master and here’s the proof: Just recently I decided to swim with the shes. Not intention ally, but that’s the way it turned out. Let me set this up for you. It’s a sunny weekday afternoon. Tom (our hero) sticks a few rods in his car. He meanders down State Road 776 to the El Jobean bridge, where supposedly snook are hitting indiscriminately on all forms of soft plastic baits. Rather than walking out on the pier, Tom crosses over to try casting o the seawall. This is an area where the river bottom is paved with hundreds of snapped-o hooks and lines. Leaders and lures wiggle with the weeds. It is a common occurrence to get hung up here, and it takes Tom just a few casts to be common. Tom knows that short hard jerks of his rod are not the chosen method of extrication. That doesn’t stop him from trying. I’ll switch to rst-person narrative. On about the third major tug, my Exude thingie came loose and snapped straight back at my head. Keep in mind that the following events happened rather quickly. I ducked and stepped aside to avoid hooking an eyebrow, but managed to catch my heel on my tackle box. As I started to tumble backwards, both hands went out instinctively behind me to break my fall. And I watched my only rod and reel with a three-digit price tag sink into the drink. OK, up till now I have only been guilty of being a little clumsy and inexperienced. Here’s where stupidity enters the picture. I’m thinking, the water is only 4 feet deep at most. The tide is slack and there’s almost no current. All I am wearing is a pocketed swimsuit and a T-shirt. I gure I’ll just slip in and recover my gear. I put my wallet and my watch on my tackle box (smart move). Then I took o my worthless corroded tennis shoes (a lot less smart). Did you know that most seawalls were not designed for hopping on and o? There are no plastic handles or stairs, so being discreet isn’t easy. There were boats out in front of me, cars going past on the bridge behind me, and a few shermen farther down the wall. I tried to slip seamlessly into the water without drawing attention to myself. But, of course, that’s not what happened. I lost my grip on the wet concrete and splashed into the surprisingly cold water. I somehow ipped and landed on my feet. After recovering my senses (if they can be called that), l grabbed the rod and put it up on the seawall, which was now about a foot above my head. Mission accomplished. Except for one thing — rescuing the dripping dunce. I tried to scurry up the sharp rocks on the bottom, but only managed to shred some skin o my ankles. It hurt, but I barely noticed. I was anxious to get this over quickly with a smidgen of pride remaining. I was just inches away from getting back up onto the wall. I found the highest spot and was preparing for a nal upward lunge, when my right foot slipped down on the remains of what I presume was a broken beer bottle. I let out a little yell — actually, a mued scream. Actually, it wasn’t mued. So much for being discreet. The guys on the seawall noticed my dilemma, dropped their rods and ran down to help. They did not face an easy task. Lifting my carbohydrate-lled body was like trying to pick up a slippery 55-gallon drum. Thankfully, they were strong men with a better sense of balance than mine. My battered body and wounded pride were soon safe on the cement. I thanked them vociferously, but they were replying in another language. I don’t think they understood me. Luckily, the interna tional sound of stupidity crosses all language barriers. Anyway, thank you guys. Medical report: A few bruises and scrapes on my legs. A broken middle ngernail (which has impeded my road-rage response). A circle of minor cuts on my foot with enough blood loss to qualify for a shing purple heart award. And, of course, some ego damage. I went home and terried my wife with a dramatic re-telling of this fable. I limped around for awhile, hoping to garner some visible compassion. My wife does not suer fools lightly (which makes me wonder how we ended up together). But, at least for awhile, she was willing to let me watch old movies and eat potato chips in bed. That means a lot to an action hero like me. They tell me that almost every angler takes dunk in the drink sometime in their shing career, even if they won’t admit it. But they rarely plan the accident ahead of time like I did, so I’m feeling really special. Is the wet look back in style yet? Who you callin’ a drip? BEST OF THE FUMBLING FISHERMAN TOM JOHNSON Editor’s note: Although Tom has passed away, his writing is still in demand. Therefore, we will re-run one of his columns each month. adno=50478745 Ecologically Friendly Tank Cleaning Gas or Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning Fuel Filtration & Purifying Mobile Service 24 941.815.6631 John Ward, Owner We have changed our name! Formerly USA Fuel Clean & Go Fuel Service, LLC f`1Call 941-429-411xto list your boat-toay!Oft 1*I P."all'A ilk,, Aw,.. I1


Page 23 March 5, 2015 Page 23 March 5, 2015 1 1 1 1Duo ttouQNEWS RADIO1580 WCCFy e>THE WATERLINE RADIO HOUR IS BROUGHTTO YOU BY THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS:An authentic.-sEnglish styledpub, located inthe heart ofa Punta Gordaq.o8 Tamiami0 00 Trail North941-.t7i'-0866www.ThelceHousePub.comMETL, PaatApTAI N TED STAt KL E.4 1 11: 114 PCAN'T LISTEN LIVE? LISTEN ANY TIME ATa 10 a eCall 941-429-311f_to list your boat today!-D OI I IDi prP[Mc 'i^-iii a lt79 OCEAN ;,:: _ .


Page 24 March 5, 2015 WHITE SHARK CAUGHT FROM LANDA trio of anglers successfully caught, tagged and released a great white shark from the surf o Panama City Beach last weekend, possibly the rst time that a white shark has been caught from land in the Gulf. Derrick Keeny, Gabriel Smeby and Kyle Register were shing from the beach around 3:15 a.m. Sunday, when the shark, which they described as an adolescent male great white, struck Keeny’s line. When reached by phone, Smeby said it took about 45 minutes to get the 9-foot, 8.5-inch shark to the shore, where they took some photos, attached a tag to the animal and released it back into the water. Marcus Drymon, a marine scientist who specializes in sharks at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, conrmed that the animal in the photos is a white shark. Drymon said he wasn’t aware of a white shark caught from land in the Gulf in recent memory, but cautioned that people should not try to replicate the feat. “It is a federally protected species,” he said. “Obviously he let it go, which is the right call, but even it being out of the water long enough to measure it and take pictures is a problem.”DON’T EAT FUGU LIVERFive men were hospitalized this weekend after eating puersh liver at a restaurant in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture. Puersh, also called blowsh and known as fugu in Japanese, contains deadly toxins in parts of its body. Serving its liver is prohibited under Japan’s food safety law, but some gourmands consider it an exquisite delicacy. According to an ocial at the Wakayama city oce, the ve men pleaded with the restaurant owner to serve them fugu liver. About ve hours after the meal, the diners began showing symptoms of nausea, dizziness and diculty breath ing. All ve were hospitalized but are recovering, the ocial said. Wakayama city shut down the restaurant that served the fugu liver for ve days. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website, the toxins in fugu are more deadly than the poison cyanide and aect a person’s central nervous system. There are no known antidotes for these toxins.GULF OIL DRILLERS KEEP DRILLINGOil producers in the Gulf of Mexico are gearing up for a surge in production this year. Oil output from federal waters is expected to hit 1.55 million barrels per day in 2015, on par with the region’s 2009 historic high, according to government estimates. Production is expected to jump to 1.65 million in 2016. By all appearances, work in the Gulf is ramping up in spite of prices hovering at $50 per barrel, said Sean Shafer, an analyst with Quest Oshore, a Houston oil and gas industry research rm. That’s because drilling in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is costly and requires years of planning, Shafer said, and the growth in production now is coming from projects that have been in the works for several years. “If I’ve already spent billions of dollars on a project, I’m not going to turn around and say ‘Oil prices are low. I’m not going to spend that last $100 million on it,’” Shafer said. “Even if oil prices were at $20 per barrel, companies would still be going ahead and putting projects into production.” Shafer said companies that have new Gulf of Mexico projects on the drawing board could delay construction until prices recover. That could result in a slowdown in exploration activity in years to come, especially if prices stay low for an extended period, he said.WARMING WATER KILLS CORALSGlobal warming worsens a disease that has almost wiped out Caribbean coral reefs, according to a new study by researchers at the Florida Institute of Technology. In only 40 years, the iconic elkhorn and staghorn corals that have dominated Caribbean reefs for 3.5 million years have declined by more than 90 percent. The main culprit: A disease that causes dead, white bands across the coral. And ocean warming is playing a bigger role in the so-called “white-band” disease than previously thought, the researchers found. “Up until this point, people didn’t have any evidence between a warming temperature and this disease,” said Carly Randall, a doctoral student at Florida Tech and lead author on the study. Randall conducted the research with her adviser, FIT biologist Robert van Woesik. Their study — funded by a $257,000 grant from the National Science Foundation — is published in this month’s issue of Nature Climate Change. The branches of the two coral types they studied grow in the shapes of antlers. Elkhorn and staghorn corals provide foundations for coastal food webs, shoreline protection and erosion prevention. They also create habitat for important commercial and recreational marine life. The Florida Tech study suggests limiting the rate of ocean warming could help these two vital reef building blocks to recover. “It’s possible, if we reduce our emission of greenhouse gases,” van Woesik said.NATURE’S BOWLING BALLSDense clusters of large metal lumps scattered along the seaoor have been discovered by scientists trolling for deep-sea creatures between South America and Africa. The R/V Sonne, a German research ship, was several hundred miles east of Barbados in waters between 16,400 feet and 18,000 feet deep when a mesh net meant to capture marine life instead brought up balls of manganese ore that were bigger than softballs. A remote camera later revealed that the seaoor was littered with these round manganese nodules, some the size of bowling balls. The metal lumps, which most often look like pancakes, are formed of layer upon layer of metal ore that slowly crystallizes around a core. The core may be a fossil, a rock or fragment of another nodule. Scientists think the nodules grow very slowly, padding themselves by less than an inch in a million years. The largest nodules found by the R/V Sonne scientists could be as old as 10 million years. The origin of manganese nodules remains a mystery. Popular ideas include chemical reactions in seawater that are boosted by microbes, similar activity at underwater hot springs and the precipitation of excess metal from seawater.FIVE SIGNS THAT YOUR DIVE BUDDY SECRETLY HATES YOU He spits in your mask for you while you’re wearing it. He gives you the “wait here” signal while you’re still on the boat. He “forgets” to close your dry suit zipper. When you give him the “out of air” signal, he passes you his snorkel. You give him the “OK” signal and he gives you the nger. 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Must See! $21,000 2007 Seadoo 200 Speedster '.5llvn d Ilk'/1 =wry l`Jr 1 himiy Ir+T7Na fT JSnolonrul n.


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 1 TM 3650 Walmsley North Port, FL 34287 Single Family Home 3 Bedrooms 2 BathsListing Price $139,900 Sold For $134,000 Stay on Top of Sales and Prices in YOUR Neighborhood!Check the Listings inAREA PROPERTY TRANSFERS Every Saturday in Your Sun Newspaper`s Real Estate Classified Section HOMES FOR SALE1020 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: and place your ad. Click on Click Here to Place Your Ad Now and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT 5 FREE ADS PER WEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card 24 hours a day, 7 days week.ssi NEW! NEW! NEW! JUST COMPLETED ROTONDA MODEL HOME Open House Sat & Sun 1-4 PM. 33 Medalist Circle. 2,200 sq. ft., 3/2 w/den, 3car gar & pool. Superior quality const, luxury custom upgrades top-to-bottom & 1 yr builder warranty. Best new construction you can find! Just reduced over $10K. NO flood zone: 941-769-0200. FINDYOUR BESTFRIEND INTHE CLASSIFIEDS! HOMES FOR SALE1020 DEEP CREEK4/2/2/Pool 91 Catamaraca Ct Open plan w/family room On greenbelt, 2,298 air Formal Liv/Din $224,900 Suncoasteam Realty 941-235-7474 DEEP CREEK Spacious, Newly Updated 3/2/2! Hardwood Floors in Living & Dining Rm. Granite & Custom Cabs! $215,000. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office ENGL. HOMEFORSALEBYOWNER2,000+ SF, CAGED POOL& SPA. 5+MINSTO GULFBYBOAT, NOBRIDGES,W/ LG. LAGOONWMANATEES, NONEIGHBORSFRONT& REAR. 37X22+COVEREDBOAT DOCKWITHEXISTINGCRADLE WILLLIFT5 TONS. ADDITIONAL2 DAVITS& 92FT. SEAWALL. 941-697-7474 LAKE SUZY Exquisite Estate Property on almost an acre. 6/4.5/5 Courtyard Pool/Spa Home. Separate in-law suite. Gourmet Kitchen. 4,691SqFt $675,000 Remax Palm Bryan & Donna French 941-661-1202 HOMES FOR SALE1020 Burnt Store Isles Canal Front 2539 SQ FT home offers BIG water views large corner lot. NEW AIR CONDITIONER,2015 ALL NEW STAINLESS APPLIANCES IN KITCHEN!Family Rm / Great Rm Spacious kitchen viewing Beautiful Pool & Gorgeous water views. Spacious Living Rm & Dining Rm tray ceilings custom built in's .Master Bdrm/ bath Suite w Glass Sliders to pool /waterfront . OVER sized screened Lanai & Pool , heated self cleaning pool & spa is ideal for entertaining ! ALL with SPECTACULAR WATER VIEWS! New Listing.. $439,000 Call Judy Petkewicz 941-456-8304 Allison James Estates & Homes Prairie Creek Est. POOL Home Stunning Architecture ,Fabulous 5 Bdrm, 5 full +2 half baths, 5755 Sf under on PRIVATE 7 acres. Att 3 Stall Garage w Private Bonus Ste. Crown molding 3 Fireplaces Huge Master Suite with Firepl & adjoining private Den. Formal Dining Rm , Dramatic Great Rm w firepl , Living, kit/dining area . Pool & Private lake Views through out this home are spectacular! PUNTA GORDA RANCH & EQUESTRIAN COMMUNITY ! $748,900 JUDY K PETKEWICZ GRI CRS Allison James Estates & Homes 941-456-8304 REDUCED BRAND NEW 3/2/3 POOLHOMESINROTONDAWEST. A 5 GOLFCOURSECOMMUNITY! HOMESFEATUREWOODCABI-NETS, GRANITECOUNTERS, SSAPPLIANCES, BEAUTIFULMAS-TERBATHSW/ DUALVANITIES,GIANTWALKAROUNDSHOWER+ SOMUCHMORE. CALLRONMCGUIRETARPONCOASTREALTY941-223-4781 NEEDCASH? DEEP CREEK Immaculate 3/2/2, Split Bedrooms, Open & Airy, Kitchen w/Breakfast Bar & Nook. Large Fenced Yard. $162,000. Doris Walters, Bud Trayner Realty. 941-661-4019 OPEN HOUSE1010 03/05/15 HOMES FOR SALE1020 1335 ABSCOTT ST. PT CHARLOTTE 3/2/1 COMPLETELY RENOVATEDNew Kitchen, baths, tile, carpets & paint. $124,900. SUNCOASTISLESREALESTATE941-268-6820 SELLING YOUR HOME, CONDO, OR LOT? WE CAN HELP YOU. Advertise your home, condo, or lot with us and reach over 150,000 readers in Charlotte, Sarasota, & DeSoto Counties and online everyday. Ask about our 90 day special. Call one of our classified experts for all the details at 866-463-1638 Realtors Welcome! Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds! NORTH CAROLINA LAND $69,900.00 Lenoir...1.7 Acres... All flat land! Magnificent Location City Water, Phone, Deep Well, Cable, Electric and a Beautiful Relaxing stream! Taxes only $150.00 per year. OWNER FINANCING with small down. Call 941-496-9252 3/2/2 NEW CONSTRUCTION IN ROTONDA WEST Due to be Completed 4/1/15. Granite Counter-Tops, Wood Cabinets, Tile Flooring Throughout, 8 ft. Interior Doors, Step Ceilings & Crown Moldings, Huge Lanai, and More. This is a MUST SEE. $219,000.Custom Homes of Rotonda Inc. 941-769-0332 Lic# CRC1327567 OPEN HOUSE1010 11782 COURTLY MANOR LAKE SUZY OPEN SUNDAY 12-3 This huge custom built 3/3/3 residence is full architectural features and appointments to please the most discriminating buyer and comes with a million dollar view. $ 349,000 Fla Golf Properties 941-698-4653 Open By Apt. only 26081 PAYSANDU DR DEEP CREEK $249,000.00 Huge 2678 sq ft 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Estate Style pool home with great curb appeal. Mature landscaping, custom curbing and storage galore. $1500 Buyer rebate if purchased through Fla Golf Properties941-698-4653 26169 Explorer Rd. DEEP CREEK Open Sat 12-3 PM Rare 3/2/2 Villa Style Condo. Updated and move in ready w/low mo. fee of $260 includes W&S. $1000 buyer rebate if purchased through Fla Golf Properties 941-698-4653 T urnyou r trashinto cash! Advertise youryard sa l e! BAY INDIES RESORT COMMUNITY Come see what our lifestyle has to offer! 950 Ridgewood Avenue Venice, FL 34285 941-485-5444 Aged Qualified OPEN HOUSE! Saturday 10am-2pm 1000REAL ESTATEWe Are Pledged To The Letter And Spirit of U.S. Policy For The Achievement Of Equal Housing Opportunity Throughout The Nation. We Encourage And Support An Affirmative Advertising And Marketing Program In Which there Are No Barriers To Obtaining Housing Because of Race, Color, Religion, Sec, Handicap, Familial Status Or National Origin. 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Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds!


Page 2 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 PUNTA GORDA Beautiful 3/2/2 POOL Home on 2 Serene Tip Lots on Alligator Creek! Many Upgrades! Must See! $329,900. $299,900 Diana Hayes, Coldwell Banker Morris Realty 562-537-7290 REDUCED! PUNTA GORDA ISLES 2006 Custom 4/2+/2 POOL Home on Sailboat Canal w/Attached RV Garage! Open Floor Plan. High Volume Ceilings. 12K Boat Lift, 42` Dock & MORE! Minutesto Harbor! $59 7,500. John Littlejohn 941-380-5354 Coldwell Banker Residential RE PUNTA GORDA ISLES 3/2.5/2 Heated Saltwater POOL Home w/ Updated Kitchen, New A/C & SO MUCH MORE! 39 Dock w/ 20KLb Boat Lift! Minutes to Harbor! Move in Ready! $479,900. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty REDUCED Getthe Getthe WordoutWordoutAdvertise Advertise inthe inthe Classifieds! Classifieds! PUNTA GORDA ISLES 3/2/2 w/ POOL. 80` on Water. Min. to Harbor! Remodeled Kitchen, High Impact Windows & MORE! $329,900. Ken Poirier, Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office 941-661-9773 PUNTA GORDA ISLES 3/3/2 Canal Front Home with Dock, Lift, Pool, Fenced Yard & is Close to Harbor! New Carpet. $279,900 Now $249,900. Willie Keiser, Berkshire Hathaway FL Realty 941-276-9104 REDUCED! PUNTA GORDA ISLES Custom 2360sf 3/2/2 POOL Home on Sailboat Canal w/ Fabulous Expansive Water Views. 95` on W ater. Lots of Extras! $449,900. $429,900. John Littlejohn 941-380-5354 Coldwell Banker Residential RE REDUCED!! PUNTA GORDA ISLES 4BD/3BA/3CG with 2810SF. Loads of Extras & Upgrades On 2 Full Size Sailboat Lots. 160Ft On Water. $597,500. John Littlejohn 941-380-5354 Coldwell Banker Residential RE WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 PORT CHARLOTTE 3/2/2 Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift. Pool w/ Huge Screened in Lanai. Completely Renovated!! New Kitchen w/ SS Appliances, Baths, Tile & Paint. $249,900. By Appt. Only. 941-625-1952 PORT CHARLOTTE 3411 Pinetree St. GORGEOUS SUNSETS AND LONG WATER VIEW OF E. SPRING LAKE from this fantastic totally updated/upgraded 3/2 1800 SF waterfront home with your own dock, 10,000 boat lift, and cement seawall. Quick access (10-15 mins., 1 bridge) to Harbor $259,000 Patty Gillespie Re/Max Anchor 941-875-2755 PORT CHARLOTTE FSBO 3bd/2ba/2cg with cathedral/vaulted ceilings. 1,683 SqFt. Hurricane shutters, oversized lovely canal front lot with new dock, boat lift, 80 seawall. Many upgrades inc. Newer: trane a/c, security sys, roof 2014, and water heater. Clean/ Move in Ready. $267,500 540-686-5290 PORT CHARLOTTE Meticulously Upgraded 3/2 with Pool on SW Canal Boat lift w/concrete dock & Seawall. $379,500. Bill Jones Barnes & Phillips Real Estate 941-743-4200 PENDING PENDING PORT CHARLOTTE Spectacular 4/4.5/2 POOL Home w/ HARBOR VIEW! 6100+sf. Lrg. Family Rm., Formal Living Rm., Den/Office, Bonus Rm. Dock and MORE! $889,900. Marie Sellitto, 941-626-3770 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office PORT CHARLOTTELuxurious 3/2/2 HEATED POOL Home on Canal! $364,900. $339,000. Sue Ellen Fumich, 941-276-2894 Coldwell Banker Morris Realty, Inc REDUCED! PT CHARLOTTE 1700sf Home on salt water canal 2 bd 1 bth 11x77 ft dock 6000 lb lift, 10 minutes to harbor. PRICE REDUCED $134,900.00 BUY APT. ONLY 941-255-9911 CLASSIFIED ADSSELL WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 15562 Meacham Circle South Gulf Cove Custom built pool home. No Bridges, Gulf Access. Boat Lift & Dock. $599,000 Carolyn Cantin941-809-9661 Floridian Realty Services Sale Pending ATTN: All Boaters BIG & small! PUNTA GORDA ISLES Lovely CUSTOM 2000 BUILT 2363 SF Sail Boat Canal No BridgesQuick Direct Access to Port Charlotte Harbor to the Gulf ! Features Galore through out. Spacious Living area opens to Large Pool Area ALL Tiled & Screened Cage, pool bath. Gourmet Kitchen ! PRIVATE Spacious Master Bedroom /Bath Suite! Concrete Sea Wall +Dock 10,000 LB Boat Lift + shore power. Well maintained. CALL JUDY PETKEWICZ ALLISON JAMES ESTATES & HOMES 941-456-8304 ADVERTISE! 18442 DRIGGERS AVE PORT CHALROTTE 2br/2ba with 2 car detached gar. seawall Dock & boat lift. $140,000 Call 941-258-1364 $314,900 PUNTA GORDA Burnt Store Isles POOL HOME CANAL FRONT Access to Charlotte Harbor & Gulf, Seawall, Family Rm. 2/2 Full Bath, Spacious Florida Rm under air & screened pool area. 2 Car attached garage, Circular driveway, Spacious corner lot and Great water views JUDY K PETKEWICZ GRI CRS Allison James Estates & Homes 941-456-8304 HARBORTOWN MARINA CAPE HAZE PLACIDA OPEN SAT & SUN 1-4 PM Georgeous, large 1/1 in marina on ICW. Near 360 degree water views. Quick access to many Gulf beaches. Restaurants, fishing, boating just steps from your door. Decorator furnished residence, vacation home, or winter retreat w/ a great rental history. Only $179,900. Pet friendly. 941-769-0200 NOKOMIS WATERFRONT 2BR/2BAon Canal with access to Shakett Creek, Dona Bay, ICWW, Jettys and Gulf of Mexico. 1389sf, $225,000. 941-915-7113 HOMES FOR SALE1020 PUNTA GORDA 26055 Ancuda Dr. 3/3/2 Pool Home. Top of the Line Upgrades! Ready to Move In. Renovated & Reduced $204,900. Call Hollie Dustin, Home Choice Real Estate Inc. 941-5759775 or 941-916-2251 PUNTA GORDA, WOW! 2782 sf. of Beauty! Lg 3/2.5/2, POOL, Huge Bonus Room & Huge Kitchen w/ Granite Counters. Willie Keiser, Berkshire Hathaway FL Realty 941-276-9104 Finditinthe Classifieds! ROTONDA WATERFRONT HOME 23 MEDALIST TERR. Gorgeous 3/2 with den, Key West style metal roof, brand new top-ofthe-line heated, salt pool, cage and lanai. Granite/stainless kitchen, 8 ft. doors, many upgrades. You'll be amazed at the design and like new condition inside/out. Shown by appt. only! No flood zone. Asking $279,900. Owner moving and will look at all offers. 941-769-0200. SOUTH GULF COVEModel Home Located at 8042 Wiltshire Dr. 1672 to 2319 Sq. Ft. Waterfront Community On the Gulf of Mexico. Priced from the Unbelievable $170s 941-447-0003 SOUTH GULF COVE, 2008 4/2.5/2 HUGE Lanai. Pool. 2 LOTS. Shed. Irrigation Well. All Tile. Granite Kitchen. 10468 New Brittain $259,900 Marcia Cullinan 941-6625878 Michael Saunders & Co WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE BEST PROPERTIES SEE THE HARBOUR HEIGHTS AND DEEP CREEK EXPERT!479 Londrina 3/2/2 $174,900 2268 Oberon 3/2.5/2 $214,900 1301 Odyssey 3/2/2 $236,900 27412 San Marino 3/2/2 $262,900 4170 Enclave 4/3/3 $299,000 27089 Solomon 4/3/2 $464,900 3260 Peace River 3/2/2 $649,900 27097 Solomon 4/5/2 $869,900Prime Building Lots Available!Steve Vieira, REALTOR 941-258-2891 Coldwell Banker Residential R.E. Harbour Heights Office www.HarbourHeights HOMES FOR SALE1020 PORT CHARLOTTE 1314 Abalom St., DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH! Partially-renovated 3/2 2400+ SF Mediterranean-style with 64 scrd lanai overlooking very private rear yard. Walk to the elementary school! Quick access to I-75! City water & sewer! $170,000 Patty Gillespie Re/Max Anchor 941-875-2755 PORT CHARLOTTE 2/2/2 Split Plan 1500+SF Living Area, Enclosed Florida Room w/ CHA Living, Dining, & Family Room. Open Floor Plan! $99,900. 941-626-4841 Agent/Owner Needanew Home? LookintheClassifieds! PORT CHARLOTTE 22120 Lancaster Ave Beautiful 3/2 oversize 2 gar solar heat pool, on city water & sewer Vinyl fenced, tiled & laminate floors, family room view of pool. Come & see all xtra features, $169,900. Rose Padua Century21 Sunbelt Realty 941-624-3800 PORT CHARLOTTE 3br/2ba split plan home with (2) 2 car garages, RV Pad w/30 amp. Lg family room and large lot. Nice landscaping. Great Location 41/Midway area. 941-875-1643 or 352-622-2030 PORT CHARLOTTE Beautiful 3/2 Carriage Home in Heritage Oaks. Totally Redone. New Paint, Porcelin Tile Throughout. Granite, French Doors, Sky Lights, Enclosed FL Room. Upgrades. 941-875-9219 PORT CHARLOTTE, 3/2 Beautiful Home! Fenced Yard. Carport. Move Right In! Great Neighborhood. Close to ALL! Will Consider Rental. $127,000. 941-979-5918 or 941-249-9978 PORT CHARLOTTE3/2/2 POOL Home. 1984 House is Full of Upgrades! 1716 sq. ft. A/C. Huge Lanai and Pool. No Flood Zone. New York & Beacon. $165,000. $157,500. **CONTRACT PENDING*** REDUCED! HOMES FOR SALE1020 NORTH PORT 3/2/2 Cypress Falls (Gated) 55+ Resort Style, single family w/private pool. 2006 Built 1910 SF. Clubhouse, Fitness Center, & more. $299,995 Bryan & Donna French Remax Palm 941-661-1202 NORTH PORT 4398 Appleton Terr Light, Bright, Open Move-In-Ready Windermere-Built 1831 SF 3/2/2 on fully-fenced lot, tiled lanai overlooking tranquil private wooded setting. Tiled front entry with double doors. Brand NEW 15 seer AC. NEW well! NEW stainless appliances. Freshly painted. $175,900 Patty Gillespie, Re/Max Anchor 941-875-2755 NORTH PORT Gorgeous 3/3/3 POOL Home + Den in N. P. Estates on 3+ Acres. Open Floor Plan. Peaceful & Private. $479,900. $469,900. Teri Abraham, Vanderee & Associates 941-483-0884 MOTIVATED SELLER!! A PLACE FOR YOU AND ONE FOR THE KIDS/FOLKS NEXT DOOR! NORTH PORT 2525 Traverse Ave. Gorgeous 2200+ SF Custom-designed 3/2/2 on oversized canal front lot! Formal Living Room, Dining Room plus Family Room! Meticulous $214,900 NORTH PORT 2545 Traverse Ave. Dont Be Deceived by the exterior! Prepare to be Amazed! Immaculate, light, bright open Grean room Plan with 1 HUGE (23X15) bedroom, Plus separate efficiency apartment. A MUST SEE! $139,900 Patty Gillespie ReMax Anchor941-875-2755 NORTH PORT, 3/2/2 Split Florida Style. Move in Ready. Spotless! 1750 sf. Bright & Airy! Recently Remodeled! Valerie LaBoy Exit King Realty 941-564-5020 GETRESULTS USECLASSIFIED! ONLY4.5 %COMMISSION!WhenYou List Your Home With Me. Must Mention This Ad.Jeff Runyan 941-979-2843 Re/Max Palm


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 3 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 PUNTA GORDA, Partially Furnished 2BR/2BA DW Mobile w/ 2 Storage Sheds, Large Deck, Attached Sunroom in Beautiful Shell Creek 55+ Park. $42,900. 941-979-8342 MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE1095 2013 JACOBSEN RIVERSIDE OAKS No Carpet Allergy Free! Watch the Birds From Your Private Porch 2/2 Plus Bonus Room & MUCH MORE! Only $79,900 Call Mike 941-356-5308 SALE PENDING! FISHERMANS DELIGHT Lazy Lagoon Waterview 2005 2/2/CP fully furn, Resident owned 55+ Park, Access to Shell Creek. w/sunrm, LR, DR. Ex. Cond $65,700 941-505-0758 NEW 3/2 DblWide Delivered & Set-Up on Your Lot w/ Skirting, Steps & Air! Only $50,995 + Tax. Financing For ALL Credit Scores Avail! Prestige Homes, Punta Gorda 941-637-1122 OLD FLORIDA NEW HOME! Beautiful Punta Gorda Riveside Oaks Adult Community Under Constuction. Quality Stunning 1500 sq ft 2/2 + Bonus Room, 9 Ceilings laminate floors + much more amazing huge site w/ serene views of Alligator Creek. $119,500. Call Mike 941-356-5308 ON THE LAKE IN PUNTA GORDA Adult Comm. 2/2 w/ Great Views from Lanai. Updates Incl. New Laminate Floors & Updated! $59,985. Call Mike 941-356-5308 GreatDealsin theClassifieds! PORT CHARLOTTE Located on the Peace River! Sensational Panoramic Views! 2005 2/2, Den, Great Room, Palm Harbor 1450sf $99,900. Owner/Agent 941-204-2303 DUPLEXES FOR SALE1070 VENICE ISLAND, Walk to Venice Beach! 3 Apartments on Large Private Lot! Terrazzo Floors, Garage. By Owner. $399,900. 941-882-3538 APARTMENTS FOR SALE1080 8 RENTALAPARTMENTS2/2 Over 1000sf each. Gross income $67,200 Pt. Charlotte . Seller Financing! 941-625-6534 Ask for Dale! MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 PALM HARBOR FACTORY MODEL CENTERLarge sale of the year! New 2015 models are here! FREE HOME REMOVAL! CALL FOR INFORMATION! MOBILE HOME FOR SALE Oversized lot. Prestigious Park, Gated. #348 Avenue I $50,000/obo. Holiday Travel Park Condominium. 1475 Flamingo Dr. Englewood Fl. Sleeps 5 330-644-0148 *330-813-7149 MOBILE HOME REPAIRS Roof Overs Coatings Vinyl Siding Windows Doors Carports941-505-2441Lic# CBC1252070 PUNTA GORDA Shell Creek RV Park, 55+, 86 park model. 1/1, Furn., Pool, Clubhouse, and Marina. $10,900/obo 570-872-7647 VENICE RANCH MOBILE HOME ESTATESWALKING DISTANCE TO PUBLIX & CVS No Dogs, Cats ok! Call Jane 941-488-5672 55+ Lot Rental Community! PUT CLASSIFIEDS TOWORK FORYOU!FINDAJOB! BUYAHOME! BUYACAR! CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 PUNTA GORDA 2/2 3300 Loveland Blvd.#3404 condo,newly tiled and painted, all appliances, available immediately $80,000 860-3381773 PUNTA GORDA Manatee Alert!!! PGI/Tarpon Cove Condo 3/2 w/ 13k Lb. Boat Lift Direct To Harbor $525,000 Macks Dillon, Sun Realty 941-916-3022 RIVERWOOD Gated Golf/ Tennis Community. Spectacular View/Myakka River. Pristine Cond. 3/2/1 2,000+ SF. MUST SEE! For Sale By Owner. $284,900 941-276-4307 HE RITAGEOA K, P.C. RARELYAVAILABLE/2/2 SPACIOUS1561 SQ. FTA/C GR EENBELTVI EWRE DUCEDTO$177,900 BARBMCHENRY. 941 COLDWELLBA NKERMO RRISRE ALTY SALE PENDING! To Advertise in The Showcase of Homes Please Call 866-463-1638 or Email; VENICE ISLAND CONDO by owner 55+ 2br/2ba carport Nicely furnished and updated. Only $83,500 612-222-9449 VENICE Jacaranda Trace, 55+ Comm., 2/2, Great View from Balcony. Mr. Clean Lives Here! Nice Kitchen! $105,000 Results Realty Brenda Braden 941-716-3733 VENICE New on Market & Won`t Last! 2/2/Carport Furnished Condo Overlooking Golf Course. Pool, Tennis, Clubhouse & MORE! $179,900. Hans Kirsten, Bird Bay Realty, 941-485-4804 or 941-350-0441 TOWNHOUSES FOR SALE1060 DEEP CREEK2/2.5 w/ 12x12 Upstairs & Downstairs Fully Screened in Lanai in Lake Rio Town Homes HOA. Lake View! Close to On Site Pool. Unique Must See! $97,000. obo 313-300-7351 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 PUNTA GORDA 2/2/2 w/ Deeded Dock & Boat Lift! Open Floor Plan, SS Appliances, 2 Walk-In Closets in Master. $210,000. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office PENDING! PUNTA GORDA 3702 Tripoli Blvd. Beautiful 2005 2/2/2Villa w/ Den, Great Room, Breakfast Bar & MORE! Maintenance Free! $179,900. Sue Ellen Fumich, 941-276-2894 Coldwell Banker Morris RE Inc PENDING!! Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds! DEEP CREEK Beautiful Lake Views w/ this 2/2/CP Condo in Gated Community! Fully Furnished, Totally Renovated w/ Loads of Amenities! $124,900. $119,900. Elaine Martin Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office 941-661-4800 REDUCED! PUNTA GORDA ISLES Beautiful 2/2 Condo in Vivante! 1600+ Sq.Ft. Living Area! Cherry Cabs, Granite & LOTS of Amenities! $262,500. $254,900. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office REDUCED! PUNTA GORDA ISLES Bright/Sunny 2BR, Den, 2BA Condo. Enjoy the Privacy & Views. Tropical Waterfront Setting, Open Floor Plan, Split Bedrooms, 10 Ceilings, Private Garage & More! Willie Keiser, Berkshire Hathaway FL Realty 941-276-9104 PUNTA GORDA ISLES FSBO 3311 Purple Martin Dr. 3/2 1800 SF, partially furnd, View of salt water canal & Nature Park. Has a Pool, Dock, Tile & Carpet, S/S Appliances, Elevator. Small 12 unit complex. $275,000 763-242-8465 PUNTA GORDA ISLES Furnished 2/2/1 on Sailboat Canal w/ Deeded Boat Dock & Lift! 1427 sf., 1st Floor, Heated Pool, Tile, Granite Counters, $269,900. Elaine Martin Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office 941-661-4800 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 DEEP CREEK Fresh, Clean 1st Flr. Condo in Gated Comm. No Steps. 2BR/2BA New Flooring. $89,900. 440-521-7800 DEEP CREEK Furnished 2/2 Condo w/ Breakfast Bar, Great Room & Lanai w/ Waterview. Lots of Amenities! $73,900. $69,900. Sue Ellen Fumich, 941-276-2894 Coldwell Banker Morris Realty, Inc REDUCED! HARBORTOWN MARINA CAPE HAZE PLACIDA OPEN SAT & SUN 1-4 PM Georgeous, large 1/1 in marina on ICW. Near 360 degree water views. Quick access to many Gulf beaches. Restaurants, fishing, boating just steps from your door. Decorator furnished residence, vacation home, or winter retreat w/ a great rental history.Only $179,900. Pet friendly. 941-769-0200 PORT CHARLOTTE 2Bd Furnished Condo. River Views & Gulf Access. Heated Pool, & Amenities $139,000 Carolyn Cantin, Floridian Realty Services 941-809-9661 JUST REDUCED! PORT CHARLOTTE Beautiful Resort Style Harbor Point Condo Community! Furnished 3/2.5, Elevator & POOL. Gorgeous Resort Style Pool Views! $154,900. $149,900. Elaine Martin Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office 941-661-4800 REDUCED! ABargainHunters Delight Checkthe ClassifiedsFirst! AWhole Marketplaceof Shoppingisrightat your Fingertips! PORT CHARLOTTE RIVERWOOD Newer VILLAS For You Den, Tile Roof,2 Car Gar, Lanai, Views, All Appliances. EASY to Buy & Enjoy This Season! Carl Anderson Real Estate Broker 941-629-9586 PUNTA GORDA 2/2/1 1st Flr. Condo in Gated Comm! 3 Pools, Waterfront, Yacht Club, Dock and MORE! $114,900. Marge Trayner, Bud Trayner Realty, PA 941-380-2823 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 PUNTA GORDA ISLES Nighthawk Ct. The ONLY NEW Waterfront Home with 92 Seawall. 3/3/2 No Bridges, POOL, Gourmet Kitchen, Granite Tops, Tile. $499,000. $469,900. Chris Pelletier, Broker Pelletier Home Builders (941)-400-7730 REDUCED! PUNTA GORDA ISLES Well Maintained POOL & SPA Home! 4/5/4, 3600 sf. w/ Meticulous Detailing, Sauna & Steam Room! 156` on Canal, 30` Dock & Min. to Harbor! $587,000. $549,900. Marie Sellitto, 941-626-3770 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Fishermen`s Village Office REDUCED! GOLFCOURSE COMMUNITY1035 55+ Active Community Affordable Manufactured Homes!!! 1 Year FREEGolf Membership With New Home Purchase! Call Ted @ 800-538-2590 for Details or Please Visit Our GOLF COMMUNITY HOMESFree list w/pics of homes for sale in the areas best Golf Communities and Country Clubs.www.GolfHomes4Sale.comFree recorded message 1-800-862-7425 ID#5001Lisa Ziegler, Remax Platinum NORTH PORT BOBCAT TRAIL 3/2/2-1/2. Pool/Spa, 2006 Fero Custom Home. Panoramic Golf Course View, Full Hurricane Protection, Oversized Lot, Irrigation Well, Numerous Custom Features. $398,000 630-606-9300 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 Only 726 MLS Statistics as of 2/20/15 Houses, Villas, Condos are Available As of Today in Beautiful Venice, Florida Call us For Showings OR To List We do all of Venice & Area 941-485-4804 Sales 941-484-6777 Rentals


Page 4 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 OFFICE MANAGER/ SECRETARYFull Time Mon-Fri 8-4:30. Must be Proficient w/ Microsoft Word, Excel & be Mature, Organized, Detail Oriented. Call 239-777-7120 MEDICAL2030 Were Life Care Centers of America, the nations largest privately-owned skilled care provider. If you share our heartfelt approach to caring for the elderly, consider joining our family at Life Care Center of Punta Gorda. We offer competitive pay and benefits in a mission-driven environment.CNA'S F.T./P.T. 3-11, 11-7, DOUBLES W.E. PREP COOK: FULL TIME DIETARY AIDE\RELIEF COOK: FULL TIME DIETARY AIDE: PART TIMECome visit with us at 450 Shreve St. Punta Gorda EOE CAREGIVER For Group Home. Please Be Assertive. Immediate Opening 941-628-9030 CLINICAL CO-ORDINATOR NEEDED ToPerform & Assist Management Service Area. Plan Coordinate All Services Rendered by the Clinic. Navigate Outscouring Medical Services. Bachelors`s Degree a Must! Please Mail Resume to: Dr. Asperilla`s Office , 3300 Tamiami Trail Suite 102A , Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 CNA's / HHA's WORK WHERE YOU LIVE! WORK ON YOUR SCHEDULE! Busy homecare agency immediate openings. FT / PT hours available. Exp required. Visiting Angels Call 941-257-0306. Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds! COMMERCIAL/ INDUSTRIALPROP1620 1.4 acres CI (commercial intensive) on hwy 17 1.5 mi. from hwy 75, Fully fenced with 3 structures, 2 egresses, Great for boat, rv, auto Storage, Sales and repair etc. huge potential. See full details @ $499,000 Reduced to $349,000 941-268-7516 ARCADIA 5.26 ac By Owner! House & Shop, 800 ft. Hwy 17 Frontage, Zoned Comm. Info. 863-494-5540 or 863-244-3585 P ORT CHARLOTTE P r i me office space, 3 units 1,000sf. ea. Brand new. Sandhill Blvd. Turnkey/Fully built out. ( 941 ) -624-5992 2000EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT 2005Services 2010Professional 2015Banking 2020Clerical 2025Computer 2030Medical 2035Musical 2040 Restaurant/Hotel2050SkilledTrades 2060Management 2070Sales 2090Child/Adult Care Needed 2100General 2110Part-time/ Temp 2115Home Based Business 2120Seeking Employment PROFESSIONAL2010 PROJECT ASSISTANT Exp in project administration supporting Project Mgrs in all facets of projects. Proficient in Excel; attention to detail. SEND RESUME TOpmiller@earthbalance.comNO PHONE CALLS. TEACHER ASSISTANT NEED ED P/T for Port Charlotte Preschool. Must beFun, Energetic & 40 Hour Training Needed. Work 8:00am-5:30pm. Send Resume: rb CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 ADMIN ASST/ INSTALL COORDINATOR: F/T M-F 8a-5p AC or Constrc Exp PrefBut Will Train Right Person. Must have Quickbooks & Excel Exp, & Excep. Attitude & Organizational Skills. Must Pass Background ChkDFWP. NO PHONE CALLSApply in person. 24700 Sandhill Blvd, Deep Creek Getthe Getthe WordoutWordoutAdvertise Advertise inthe inthe Classifieds! Classifieds! LOTS & ACREAGE1500 NORTH PORT Prime building lot on Sumpter, East of I-75 across from Ibis St. Great Model home site. $6300. Phil (941)-457-6811 SO UTH VENI C E/ S ARA SO TA Beauitful Tree Lot. 9.77 Acres. Exclusive Estate Properties. Gated Community. Club House. Off River Rd, Myakka River Trails. Boat Access. $175,000 or trade 941-815-6204 NEEDCASH? HaveAGarage Sale! WATERFRONT1515 LEMON BAY FRONT LOT AC +/estate lot, 1600 New Point Comfort Rd., Englewood. Can be split into 2 lots. New 90 ft. dock &1,800 sq. ft. waterfront paver patio. Utilities in place. Owner financing possible $575,000. O.B.O Call 941-769-0200 NORTH PORTCANAL LOTS Also Grouping of adjacent standard size lots 3, 4, & 5. Buy 1 or Buy Trak at Discounted Price. All Lots well located. 941-286-7003 TRADE/ EXCHANGE1540 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! Exchange Possibility. Villa and/or SF House in Riverwood For Your Unwanted Rental Property, Duplex, etc. Trade Up Down Out Carl Anderson Real Estate Broker 941 629 9586 BUSINESS FOR SALE1600 PORT CHARLOTTE-BASED Growing Dry Ice Business No Competition. Turn Key. Deliver to Clinics. Great ROI. $49K. 941-286-4022 B.Y.O.B. Be your own boss or Open a Second location. This warm and friendly Salon has stood the test of time 20 YRS in the same location! Close to Condos, apartments, Cultural Center & Hospitals. Integrity R.E. of FLA 941-627-8948 SALON FOR SALE BUSINESS RENTALS1610 PORT CHARLOTTE 3315 Harbor Blvd, off US41 Retail or Office Space. Approx. 425 sqft. , All Tile Floor, Great Location. Call for More Details: 941-206-0201 EFFICIENCIES FOR RENT1350 HARBOUR HEIGHTS c l ose to river, newly renovated efficiencies w cable & internet, SunnybrookMotel 941-625-6400 ROOMS FOR RENT1360 PUNTA GORDA G reat L ocation Furn. w/ TV, kitch privdg. W/D $110/wk 941-883-1334 WM , 72 , Li ves on B oat S ee k s a Room For Rent Between Englewood & El Jobean While Boat in Yard. 941-204-0936 RENTALS TO SHARE1370 PORT CHARLOTTE person to share home close to shopping close to beach. Also Handicap Efficiency avail 740-490-8828 VACATION/ SEASONALRENTALS1390 HARBORTOWN MARINA, CAPE HAZE-PLACIDA Lrg, 1/1 condo w/ great water views on ICW. Heated pool/spa, minutes to pristine gulf island beaches. Restaurants & boating at your doorstep. Completely furnished w/laundry. Just bring your toothbrush and swim suit! Avail monthly this April through next season, book now. PET FRIENDLY. 941-769-0200 LOTS & ACREAGE1500 SELLING YOUR HOME, CONDO, or LOT?We Can help you.Advertise your home, condo, or lot with us and reach over 175,000 readers in Charlotte, Sarasota, & DeSoto Counties and online everyday. Ask about our 90 day special.Call one of our classified experts for all the details at 866-463-1638 Realtors Welcome! NORTH CAROLINA LAND $69,900.00 Lenoir...1.7 Acres... All flat land! Magnificent Location City Water, Phone, Deep Well, Cable, Electric and a Beautiful Relaxing stream! Taxes only $150.00 per year. OWNER FINANCING with small down. Call 941-496-9252 Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds! HOMES FOR RENT1210 ENGLEWOODLARGE 2/2/2 FL RM $975WEST COAST PROPERTY Mgmt ADVANTAGE REALTY INC.$1600....3/2/2 Pool Canal....PC $1600...3/2/2 Pool Svc Inc..PC $1200..3/2/2 1637 SF.........NP $1150....3/2/2 1346SF........NP $1050....3/2/2 1633SF........NP941-255-0760 800-940-5033 LET US RENT YOUR HOME Agent Available On Weekends We Forgive Foreclosures For Renters NEED A RENTAL Paradise Properties & Rentals, Inc 941-625-RENT P O RT C HARL O TTE 2 /1 w/ FL Room, Laundry Room & Shed. Updated, Super Clean. $675/mo 1st/Last/Security 941-276-3291 PT . CHARLOTTE LARGE 2/2/1 PET FRIENDLY $750 CALL REALTY MGT 941-625-3131 PUNTA GORDA G orgeous 3/2/2 POOL home waterfront in PGI $1790 yard/pool care inc. View at or call Realty Mgt 941-625-3131 Rentals & Property Management (941)629-1121 Real Living All Florida Realty SOUTH VENICE 2/2/2 732 Nectar Rd Inside w/d. Many upgrades throught with Lg. tiled lanai $1,300 941-928-0902 VENICE N ew l y D ecorate d . 3 Bdrm, 2.5 Bath in Chestnut Creek on Water. Scrnd. Pool, Dbl. Garage, Near Shopping. Available. $1500. mo 507-254-2437 or 507-450-2096 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT1240 P O RT C HARL O TTE 55+, 2 / 2 Furnd Near Cultural Center, Library, NO Pets, Avail May 20th $800/mo 989-780-2843 DUPLEXES FOR RENT1300 PORT CHARLOTTE Neat, Clean 2 Bed 1 Bath. Quiet Neighborhood. $775/mo 941-626-8447. APARTMENTS FOR RENT1320 NOW ACCEPTING WAITINGLIST APPLICATIONS941-473-0450 HERON COVE APTS 2BR/2BA $850/MO MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE1095 PUNTA GORDA 2014 CHAMPION MODELS Active Community! End of Season Blow Out Special! Make Offer! Call Greg 941-626-7 829 SOUTH PUNTA GORDA1997 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath in Gated 55+ Tropical Palms Park. Lanai, Carport & Shed. Clubhouse w/ Nightly Activities & Pool. $39,900. Can Help With Financing 320-282-2433 CLASSIFIED WORKS! VENICE Like new. 2004 Palm Harbor 2/2 w/ den in well maint 55+ community. fully furn. Tommy Bahama style. Includes raised enclosed lanai, dblwide car port, lrg storage rm & new central heat & air. A must see! $118,900. 941-493-0019 OUTOFAREA HOMES1110 GREENWOOD, S.C. For Sale or Trade. 4/3/2.5 Maintenance Free Home w/Low Taxes on 1.25 Acres of Wooded Setting. Seasons, Fishing, Golf, Superb Healthcare & Quality of Life. $265,000. 864-229-7786 HOMES FOR RENT1210 PORT CHARLOTTE 2/2/1 Saltwater Canal $875W E N EED R ENTAL L ISTINGS FULLPROPERTYLISTONLINEwww.almar-rentals.com941-627-1465 800-964-3095LETUSMANAGEYOURPROPERTY Almar Rentals & Management Services BAY INDIES RESORT COMMUNITY Come see what our lifestyle has to offer! 950 Ridgewood Avenue Venice, FL 34285 941-485-5444 Aged Qualified Rentals Starting at $875. 00 1st Month Special $199.00


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 5 GENERAL2100 DOCK HAND N ee d e d at Marina on Boca Grande. Call 941-964-0154 DRAPERY WORKROOM SEWER PT/FT, Seeks CoOperative, Non Smoker. Good Communication Skills. Positive Attitude, Follows Directions, Strong Work Ethic. (941)-486-1066 (Venice) DRIVERPART-TIME EVENINGS AND NIGHT SHIFT CDL required, local deliveries, must be able to lift 50 lbs. and operate pallet jacks. To fill out an Application Apply in person Mon.-Fri. 9-4 The Charlotte Sun Newspaper 23170 Harborview Road Charlotte Harbor Please, no phone calls We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required Seizethesales withClassified! FRONT COUNTER, Dolphin Cleaners M-F 1-7pm. Apply Dolphin Dry Cleaners Unit 604 Schoolhouse Square Or Call 941-743-3535 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! We have several open positions for Sales Representatives to promote the Sun Newspapers. We work in Retail Stores, high traffic shopping areas, special events, etc. This is an enjoyable year round position with potential to earn $100$300+ per day! Positive, professional work environment. Flexible hours. Must be outgoing, professional appearance, dependable and have reliable transportation and cell phone. Background check. For interview appointment call 941-623-2506. INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER CARRIERS NEEDED: The CHARLOTTE SUNhas home delivery routes available in various locations. Supplement your income with this great business opportunity. Earn $200-$300/week for a few early morning hours of delivery. Reliable transportation, a valid Florida drivers license and proof of insurance are required. Apply in person at the Charlotte Sun 23170 Harborview Rd Port Charlotte, Florida, or online at MAILROOM Supervisory Person:VENICE GONDOLIERmailroom is looking for a part time mailroom supervisory person for night shift in Venice. Good mechanical ability ability to supervise small production crew ability to operate equipment good communication skills. We are a drug and nicotine free workplace. Pre-employment drug/ nicotine testing required. Apply:VENICE Gondolier Print Center, 200 E. Miami Ave., VeniceOr SALES2070 Furniture Sales & Interior Designers PORT CHARLOTTE, FL STORE Join Baers Furniture, The Leading Premier Retail Furniture Store In Florida! Furniture Salespeople Needed Some Prior Sales Exp. Furniture Sales Exp. Is A Definite Plus! We Seek Energetic, Driven Individuals Who Want To Make Money! Excellent Compensation, Generous Benefits & Pleasant Working Environment. All F/T Positions. Nights & Weekends Req. APPLY IN PERSON: Baers Furniture 4200 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33952 EOE/DFWP CHILD/ADULT CARE NEEDED2090 CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Accepting Applications for AFTERSCHOOL PROGAM . Must be 18 or older, Call 941-627-4849 GENERAL2100 BUSY PUNTA GORDA Cabinet Shop Hiring All Positions. Qualified & serious inquiries Send Resume to COUNTER HELPP/Tneeded for Local Seafood Company. 941-380-9212 CUSTOMER SERVICE , F u ll time, Typing & people skills a Must! Friendly environment. Apply at Tile & Carpet World 4820 Tamiami Trail PC Btw 9am-11am 941-625-9825 DISTRIBUTION MANAGERS:The Sunis currently seeking full and part-time Distribution Managers in our Circulation Department. Our Distribution Managers work directly with an independent contractor network to manage home delivery and customer relations in Charlotte County. Responsibilities include contractor recruitment and orienting, meeting established service goals, resolving service errors, managing contractor draw, and insuring customer satisfaction. Must be able to work early morning hours, weekends and holidays in an office/warehouse environment and outdoors in various temperatures and weather conditions. Requires valid Florida drivers license and insurance. Must have reliable transportation to perform daily job responsibilities. Drug and tobacco free workplace. Pre-employment drug/nicotine screening is required. Apply at 23170 Harborview Road Port Charlotte, FL 33980 or E-mail resume to Getthe Getthe WordoutWordoutAdvertise Advertise inthe inthe Classifieds! Classifieds! SKILLED TRADES2050 DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS , FINISH GRADER OPERATOR, ROLLER OPERATORS FINISH DOZER & HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC NEEDED. Must Have Experience in FDOT Work. Apply at: 12409 SW Sheri Ave. Unit 101, Arcadia 34269 This is an E.O.E. Company Looking For Good Qualitifed MECHANIC, Valid DL & Own Transportation. Please Call 941-637-4694 or Apply In Person @ 4322 Duncan Rd. P.G. M ARINE F ORKLIFT O PERATORExperienced Only. Harbor at Lemon Bay. 900 S. McCall, Englewood. 727-735-5036 Now accepting applications for SURVEY PARTY CHIEF & INSTRUMENT OPERATOR. Call 941-628-9448 ROOFING TECH Entry or Advanced. CMM Commercial Contractors Inc 941-232-0888 WANTEDOWNERS/OPERATORS & COMPANY DRIVERS WITH A CLASS A CDL. To run dedicated loads between Ohio and Florida. Must have a clean MVR plus 2 years experience. Call Ken or Ray at 1-800-362-9779. Window & Door Manufacturing CompanyAccepting Applications for: PRODUCTION ASSOCIATEStarting hourly wage $11.69 Must have a High School Diploma or GED, Higher Education a plus, Good Work History, and Attention to detail.Apply in person only: 355 Center Court Venice, FL 34285 SALES2070 Advertising Sales ExecutiveThe Charlotte Sun is looking for "Winners" to join our team of professional Advertising Sales Executives. If you are never satisfied with average successes, are self-motivated, goal oriented, confident, enthusiastic and believe that the customer is all important, we would like to talk to you. The successful candidates must possess good oral and written communication skills, be organized and a team player. Sales experience a plus but we will train the right persons. We offer:Competitive salary plus commission Vacation Health insurance Sick and short term disability Training Stable company that is very Community minded and involved. Please send resume to: Advertising Director, Leslee Peth Charlotte Sun 23170 Harborview RoadCharlotte Harbor, FL 33980 Email: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drugand nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 EXPD CONV. STORE MANAGER /Assistant MGR 941-882-4015 S ERVER S , Full & Part Time, Day Shift, Yr rd position. Part Time Kitchen Help. Apply in Person Skyview Cafe 28000 Airport Rd Bldg 317 PG SKILLED TRADES2050 AC INSTALL, DUCT MECH, HELPER F/T, Exp PrefBut Will Train Motivated Person. Paid Vac & Ins. DFWPNO PHN CALLSAPPLY IN PERSON M-F 8A-5P. 24700 SANDHILL BLVD, DEEP CREEK IMMEDIATE OPENINGS LAKE EXCAVATOR Exp cutting slopes DOZER OPERATOR for dirt crew. For well-established construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to: EOE DFWP IMMEDIATE OPENINGS SHOP MECHANIC Exp repairing heavy machinery, must have own tools. For well-established construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to: EOE DFWP GETRESULTS USECLASSIFIED! MAINTENANCE ASSISTANTMonday Friday 8AM4:30PM Must have experience working at a long term care facility, Plumbing, Electrical and misc. repairs. Pay commensurate on experience. Great benefit package. Apply in person: QUALITY HEALTH CARE 6940 Outreach Way North Port (941)426-8411 or FAX Resume 941-423-1572 EOE Drug free work place MAINTENANCE POSITIONS (3)BAY INDIES IN VENICEis now accepting applications for basic maintenance positions. Applicants with experience preferred but will train. Bay Indies is a 1300 site 55+ community. If you are seeking long term employment and are dependable, positive and enjoy working hard, Please apply in person with resume to: Bay Indies 950 Ridgewood Ave. Venice, FL 34285 MEDICAL2030 EXP C ARE G IVERNeeded PT/FT in Asst. Living Facility. Young At Heart 941-629-4417 FRONT OFFICE , F u ll Ti me Clerical Position, Busy Medical Office. Experience Preferred. Email Resume to: MEDICAL BILLING POSITION MUST HAVE 1 YEAR EXPERIENCE Computer and 10 Key Efficiency Required. Experience in Medicare and Commercial Insurances Plus Input Claims, Processing Payments, Billing Research & Collections. Positive Attitude & Team Player. Paid Insurance and Vacation Benefits. State Salary Requirements & Experience. Email resume: jilld@sunletter.comOr Fax: 941-429-3111 Attention: Dept 4116All Emails/Faxes are Confidential www.HorizonTechInstitute.ComADVANCE YOUR CAREER Licensed & Accredited School Murdock Town Center on 411032 Tamiami Tr Unit 3YOUcan become a LPN within 11 months. Enrollment ongoing.Start Working In 2-5 wks! Classes Start Each Month Call For Class Dates Nursing Assistant (120hrs) Home Health Aide (75hrs) Phlebotomy Tech (165hrs) EKG Tech (165hrs) Patient Care Tech (600hrs) Job Assist. & Pymt. Plans Call Now to Register! 941-889-7506 PHLEBOTOMY,EKG, CNA, Classes Start Mar 30 LPN-Days & Weekends Class starts April 27 RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 AM &PM Cook, Sandwich Maker & Dishwasher. Apply @ Old World Restaurant 14415 S. Tamiami Trail North Port. EXPERIENCED SOUS CHEF NEEDED FT COOK NEEDED P/T DISHWASHER NEEDED P/T Various Hours Required.Rotonda Golf & Country Club 941-697-3343 RIVER CITY GRILL & ITALIARestaurantSeeking full and part time team members for the following positions. ALL KITCHEN POSITIONS LINE COOK PREP COOK DISHWASHER SALAD PERSON Apply in Person: 2-4pm Only! 131 W Marion Ave Punta Gorda, FL NEEDAJOB? CHECKTHE CLASSIFIEDS! MEDICAL2030 ENGLEWOODHEALTHCAREAND REHABCENTERISHIRINGCNAS FULLTIME& PARTTIMEALLTHREESHIFTSNEWSHIFTDIFFSAVAIL. LONGTERMCARE EXPERIENCEREQUIREDWEARELOOKINGFORCNASWHOAREPASSION-ATEABOUTPATIENTCARE ANDARECOMMITTEDTO PROVIDINGASUPERIOR EXPERIENCEFORRESIDENTS& FAMILIES. TOAPPLY, PLEASEEMAILPAYROLL@ ENGLEWOODHEALTHCARE.COM1111 Drury Lane Englewood Fl 34224 Ph. 941-474-9371 Fax. 941-475-6593 EOE DFWP CNASNEW WAGE PACKAGE COOK ASSISTED LIVINGThe Cook is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste, and consistency. Cooks are responsible for batch, a la minute, and line cooking techniques. He /she reports directly to theDirector of Hospitality. The Cook is responsible for following all standardized recipes and notifying the Director of Hospitality of any shortages or discrepancies in products or ingredients. The Cook is responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean at all times. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Ensures all food is prepared fresh and is of the highest quality Strictly adheres to all recipes, methods & instructions from supervisor Maintains an organized and efficient flow of production, with regards to changes in forecasts and menus Responsible for the food service for station Consistently checks temperatures in foods and follows proper procedures in regards to chilling, reheating, and holding food. Checks station prior to leaving to ensure cleanliness, proper disposal /removal of food, and proper storing and labeling HarborChase offers competitive wages and an excellent benefits package such as Medical, Dental, Vision & 401K Part-time team members receive benefits at 20+ hours. For consideration please apply in person to: HARBORCHASE OF VENICE (941) 484-8801 ph (941) 484-3450 fax 950 Pinebrook Road Venice, FL 34285 EOE M/F/D/V


Page 6 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 RELIGION CLASSES3096 Do YOU Know What You Need?Should you prepare a new will? An advance health care directive? A living trust? A power of attorney? A DNR order? If you have questions about these or other end-of life matters, you are invited to attend a free seminar on Sunday, March 15, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, at Gulf Cove United Methodist Church. The guest speaker will be Attorney Matthew R. Rheingans, an elder law specialist. He will address all of these things and more that you and your family may need to know, including specific requirements of the State of Florida. To attend, please register by Thursday, March 12, by calling the Gulf Cove UMC office at 941-697-1747; if no one answers, just leave a message which includes your name, phone number, and the number of people who will be attending. If you have any questions about the program, please call Jo Ann at 941-661-1976. GCUMC is located at 1100 McCall Road in Port Charlotte, just threequarters of a mile south of the Myakka River on Route 776. The churchs website can be found at: F AITH LUTHERAN CHURCH 4005 Palm Drive, Punta GordaVarious Days & Times CONFIRMATION/BIBLE STUD Y Adult Infomational Class 941-639-6309 OTHER CLASSES3097 CONCENTRATIVE MEDITATION with Linda Weser, 4 p.m. every Monday at Unity Church of Peace, 1250 Rutledg e Street, off Veterans Boulevard between Orlando Boulevard and Torrington Street, Por t Charlotte/North Port line. Free; open to the public. 941-276-0124 5000 BUSINESS SERVICES AN OCCUPATIONAL LIC . may be required by the Cit y and/or County. Please call th e appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify. ALUMINUM5006 CURTISALLENDESIGNS Aluminum & Remodeling Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Lanai Enclosures, Storm Shutters, etc. $500 off with this ad. Call 941-627-6085 AIRPORTSHUTTLE5008 FLORIDA AIRPORT SHUTTLE TRANSPORT $25 TO/FROM RSW Arrive @ RSW: 10:45am & 3:45pm Depart @ RSW 11:30am & 4:30pmPickup/Drop-off Locations:NORTHPORTBUDGETINNPORTCHARLOTTEDAYSINN. PUNTAGORDAPG WATERFRONTHOTEL300 941-451-1202 NEEDCASH? BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 GREAT BIBLE STUDY Dr. J. Vernon McGee Thru The Bible Radio Network 91.5 FM 6am & 9:30pm 91.3 FM 12:30pm & 7:30pm 1-800-65Bible (2-4253) LIC. CHRISTIAN COUNSELING941-876-4416Liberty Community Church North Port Charlotte TRAVEL/TICKETS3080 PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE tickets, 4. ft myers $185 941-993-8250 LOST& FOUND3090 CLAIM YOUR OAR AT THE NEW MARKER 4 BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10:30 AND 4. CALL 941-486-0500 O R COME TO THE FISHERMAN' S WHARF MARINA BAIT SHOP. FOUND : CAT i n V en i ce A rea. Black Tuxedo, Shaggy. 941-681-4574 ARTS CLASSES3091 ART IN S TRU C TI O N S Graphite & Water Color Pencil, group session w/affordable rates. No Experience Required Call 941-350-6491 Beginning watercolor classes with award winning artist Robert Broyles at North Port Hobby Lobby. Private lessons also avail Call 941-875-8163 Classified=Sales EDUCATION3094 AIRLINE CAREERS BEGIN HERE. Get FAA approved Aviation Maintenance hands on training. Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-7419260. MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a Medical Office Assistant! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Online training can get you job ready. HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed. 1-888-528-5547. EXERCISE CLASSES3095 GULF COAST ACUPUNCTURE 151 Center Rd. Wednesdays 5:30pm Thursdays 9:00 am Saturdays 8:30am YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Proceeds to Venice Wildlife Center Call Rick or Mary 941-488-1769 RELIGION CLASSES3096 BE G INY O URDAYIN BIBLE STUDY Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. Wednesdays 10AM-11AM. For more info 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte PERSONALS3020 L OO KIN G F O R A S ingles G roup For Mature Adults For Trips, Etc. New To Area. 239-851-5542 THE GIRL NEXT DOOR 941-483-0701 North Port THINGSTODO3030 ANNUAL CRAFT & Bake Sale! Sat, March 7th10-2pm, Punta Gorda RV Resort, 3701 Baynard Dr Lunch available 845-283-8145 CARD OFTHANKS3040 S T JUDE W O RKER o f Miralces Thank you For Answering My Prayer. CD ADVERTISE In TheClassifieds! SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION3060 CNA Training, HHA, CPR North port and Sarasota Onsite testing -Financing 941-429-3320 Imagine ED KLOPFERSCHOOLS OF CNA TRAINING 1 Week class $250 Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers. 1-800-370-1570 TRADITIONAL SHAOLIN KUNG FU CLASSES for Adults & children. FREE classes available. All areas. Call for more info. 941-204-2826 UNEMPLOYED? E arn Y our Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in Just 3 Wks. & Join the Ranks of Employed Truck Drivers Nationwide. Located Punta GordaFL. SunCoast Trucking Academy. 941-8550193 or 941-347-7445 BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 CAL VAR Y BIBLE CHURCH 1936 E. Venice Ave. Venice Friday at 9am. Study features video teachings of noted Bible Scholars on various subjects. For more info. Call Rev. Jones at: 941-485-7070 or visit C ARD PLAYIN G & D O MIN OS Free to Play at: First Presbyterian Church, 2230 Hariet St. Port Charlotte Starting at 1pm Every Wed. Call ( 941 ) -979-8239 for Info. COMMUNITY CENTER 4PM 7PM each Wednesday. Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. PC, Open to All Ages. For more info 941-766-9357 EDGAR CAYCE A . R . E . Search for God Study Grou p 6 PM 7 PM each Tuesday a t Venice Public Library More Info call 941-966-1964. FAITH BUILDER S A Basic Study to Build your Christian Faith. Call Pastor Martin at Christ the King Lutheran Church for times. 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte GULF COAST HEALING ROOMS If you need healing, we want to pray with you! Our prayer teams are available to minister to you by appointment. Thursdays 10 am-12:30 pm For apt. call p.863.558.7455 1538 Rio de Janeiro Blvd. Punta Gorda, Fl 33983 Jesus Still Heals Today! 3000 NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 GOURMET BURGERS And Southern style BBQ..... Its g onna be AWESOME!!! FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: and place your ad. Click on Click Here to Place Your Ad Now and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Somerestrictions do apply. LIMIT 5 FREE ADS PER WEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card 24 hours a day, 7 days week HAPPYADS3015 CHURCH OF LIGHT P syc hi c Fair. With Real Psychics! Sat March 7th @ Microtel 4056 Tamiami Trl. P.C. Info: 941-751-5683 Place your Happy Ad for only $16.25 3 lines 7 day. Add a photo for only $13.00! Please call (866)-463-1638 Cashinwith Class! GENERAL2100 G REEN H O U S E O PERAT O R , Experience a MUST! Part Time for small nusrey in North Port. 941-468-4372 SWIMMING POOL TECHNICIAN If You Are An Upstanding Person With Excellent Work Ethics. Applications Accepted Between 9 12noon. $12.00/HR TO START.Must Have Florida Drivers License & 5 Yrs Of Driving With Absolutely Clean Driving Record . Howards Pool World, 12419 Kings Hwy. Lake Suzy. NO PHONECALLS TECHNICIAN F/T f or b usy office and shop in Port Char., M-F, 9-5, light duties maintaining equipment. Send Resume THE CHARLOTTE SUNis seeking an Operator for our Packaging Department. Candidates interested in this position should be able to oversee a crew of 10 to 15 people and have working knowledge of or the ability to learn how to operate the following equipment: inserters, stackers, post-it note labelers, strappers, forkslift, electric and manual pallet jacks. The ideal candidate will be a mechanically inclined team player that will interact well within his/her department as well as with all other departments involved in the day to day peration of the paper. The ability to operate in a fast-faced, deadline oriented environment is required. In interested please contact Amy Honoosic via emailahonoosic@suncoastpress.comor call 941-206-1416 Please, no phone calls We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required WANTED: FULL-TIME BOAT DETAILER, w/ buffing exp. Call Larry 941-270-0408 WORKING SUPERVISOR , F/T, For Local Landscape Co. Lawn & Landscape Exp., DL a MUST! 941-268-1471 PARTTIME/ TEMPORARY2110 LOOKING FOR A GREAT PART TIME JOB? The Venice Gondolier Sun NightPress and Bindery is now taking applications for: Part-time positions for stacking and working in the bindery. Both day and night positions available.Requirements: Must be able to lift & carry 25 lbs. Pushing & pulling of 25 lbs or more. Must be capable of working at a fast pace. A pre-employment drug and nicotine screening is required. If you are interested in a great part time job, stop by and fill out an application (between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday Friday). Upon review, calls will be made to set up interviews.The Venice Gondolier Sun 200 Miami Ave., Venice, FL D.F.W.P. E.O.E. GENERAL2100 EXPD CLIMBER/ GROUNDS MAN Exc. Start Pay! Must Have DL! 941-769-8319 KITCHEN & HOOD CLEANER Must Be Able to WorkAll Shifts. Incl. Wkends. Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Hood & Ducts. Valid/Clean DL, Trans. & Climbing Ladders a Must. Drug/Alcohol Free Co. 941423-9149 or 941-915-2828 LAB O RER, Manu f acturing Company Needs 2 People to Work in Shop & Field. Construction Exp. & Small Electrical Tools Helpful. Willing To Train Right Person. Subject to Drug Screening, EOE Employer. Call 941-979-9410 Mon-Fri 9-4 Open Position for VET ASSISTANT w/exp involving spay/neutering, ]medical equip, specialized treatment of Dogs & Cats. Apply in Person Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., PC. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE POOL SERVICE TECH Full Time, Exp. Preferred, Will Train. Nice work environment. Must have 5 year driving record, 3 years clean. 941-637-6083 P OO L S ERVI C E TE C H, Full time, Experienced preferred. Good pay & benefits. Apply in person 781 US 41 By Pass So, Venice 34285 Economy Pool PRESSOPERATORVenice Gondolier press seeking experienced full time press operator with background with Goss Community single wide press. Supervisory experience a plus Good communication skills and ability to grow a good team atmosphere a must. Knowledge of 4 color back to back printing. Good mechanical skills knowledge of roll stands and stackers. Basic computer skills for reports. SCMG is a drug and nicotine free workplace. Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required. Apply: 200 E. Miami Ave., Venice or Send resume to: PT HOUSEKEEPINGfor retirement community in Venice/North Port Area. $11/hr to start. Fax Resume to: 941-423-8480 or email: WILL TRAIN THE RIGHT PERSON!Experience a Plus! HIRING ALL PHASESBrick/TilePlumberSteel & ConcreteDFWP CLEAN DL SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION INQUIRE AT:NAUTILUS POOLS18380 Paulson Dr. Port Charlotte, Fla. 33954(941)-624-5744


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 7 MOVING/HAULING5130 ALLTYPESOF CLEAN UPS! Same Day Service! 24 Hrs. a Day! 941-764-0982 or 941-883-1231 MOVING HELP $$$ Save $$$ Packing Loading Driving 30 yrs exp. 941-223-6870 ROBS ON THEMOVE , i nc. Moving and Delivery Honest, Reliable, Courteous! Grea t Rates!941-237-1823 SKIPS MOVING Local & Long Distance. 1 Item or Whole House! 941-766-1740 Reg.# IM1142 Lic/Ins PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING5140 Best Prices -Quality Job Best Coast Painting and Pressure Washing Residential/Commercial 10% Off With Ad! 941-815-8184 AAA00101254 STEVENS CUSTOM PAINTINGRes/Comm. Int/Ext FREE EST. Lic. & Ins. 941-255-3834 A 1 ROOF CLEANING & COATINGSPressure Cleaning, Exterior Painting. Commercial & Residential. Warranties! Free Estimates! (941)-485-0037 50% off Call Now to Lock in an Amazing Bang For Your Buck From a Seasoned Painter 941-468-2660 AAA00101266 former firefighter C.T. LANE PAINTING 10% OFF!Screen Stucco Repair Power Washing Driveways & MORE! Commercial & ResidentialInterior & Exterior 941-628-5297Lic./Bonded/Insurance D . A . C . PAINTING We do the best put us to the test! Residental, Commercial, Int & Ext. Power Washing Free Estimates 941-786-6531 Lic #AAA-1300027 & Insured DARINSPAINTING&POWERWASHING3RDGENFAMILYBUS. POWERWASHING, PAINTING& WALLPAPERINSTALLS& REMOVALS. FREEESTIMATES941-961-5878 LARRY ESPOSITO PAINTING INC Its Not What We Do, Its How We Do It!Free Estimates, 10% off Senior & Veterans 941-764-1171 lic & insured AAA007825 PAINTINGUNLIMITED Where Quality & Value Meet! Family Owned and Operated. Call Now for aFREEEstimate 941-979-7947 Lic. & Ins. AAA-12-00015 SERVINGENGLEWOOD, NORTHPORT,PORTCHARLOTTE, VENICEDANNY MILLER PAINTING, LLCINTERIOR/EXTERIORPAINTING941-830-0360 FREE ESTIMATESdanspainting4602@comcast.netLICENSED& INSUREDAAA009886 SUPERIOR PAINTING, INC. Full Spray Shop 941-474-9091Lic # AAA009837 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 C&D T ree & L awn S erv i ce Tree trimming/removal, lawn care & pressure washing. Lic & insured. Serving Charl. Co. 941-276-6979 Free Estimates FAMILY TREE SERVICE T ree Trimming, Free Estimates. Call Toda y 941-237-8122. Lic/Ins. FLORIDA TREE INC .Tree Trimming & Removal Stump Grinding Lawn Service Bucket Service 941-613-3613 pcftree.comLic./Ins. GENERAL LAWN & Landscape services. (941)-426-7844 Wright & Son Landscaping Inc ISLAND BREEZE LAWN SERVICE Residential & Commer cial 14 years experience Owner operated. Lic& Ins.Venice & surrounding areas. For free estimate call Keith 941-445-2982 J RIZTREESERVICES Specializing in Dangerous Tree Removal. Complete Tree & Palm Service. Servicing all Charlotte & Sarasota Counties FREEESTIMATES 941-306-7532 Lic & Ins J O HN EDWARD S LAWN SERVICE Mowing Most Lawns $30. as Often as You Need! Monthly Service, Free Estimates. ALSO Fertilizing, Shrubs, & Mulch. 941-483-0138 LAWN REPLACEMENTMaloneys SODCharlotte 941-637-1333Sarasota MILAZZOS LANDSCAPING 941-830-1005 Most lawns $25.00 Punta Gorda & Pt. Charl. ALLPHASESOFRESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPING, INSTALLATIONS,PLANTING, PEPPERBERRY CONTROL& PATIOS. N N O O W W A A C C C C E E P P T T I I N N G G N N E E W W L L A A W W N N A A C C C C O O U U N N T T S S ! ! 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 6 6 8 8 4 4 3 3 7 7 2 2 ISA Certified Arborist John Cannon FL-6444A South Sarasota & Charlotte Co. RAINSCAPE INC,Irrigation, Maintenance, Repair, Installation. Monthly Maintenance starts at $40. FREE ESTIMATES 941-888-2988 SANDEFURS HOME &TREE Maintenance Tree trimming, removal. We do it all!License/Insured941-484-6042 STEVES TREE & HAULING Tree Removal & Trimming 29 Years Exp. Lic/Insd Free Estimates 941-866-6979 Tremendous TreeWhy Should I Hire a Certified Arborist? 1. We Know What Were Doing! 2. We Have Proven We Know What Were Doing. Removal Pruning Stump Grinding Designs Quality Service! Locally Owned & Operated ISA Certified Arborist John Cannon, FL-6444 A 10% SENIOR DISCOUNT! 941-426-8983 Fully Licensed & Insured MASONRY5129 AST MASONRY,941-525-2435Over 20 yrs pavers, brickwork, concrete, stucco, stone & decorative concrete.NO JOB TOO SMALL!LICENSED,INSURED & BONDED HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT5100 GUTTERS , 6 S eam l ess. Ken Violette, Inc. (941) 240-6699Lic.CGC#060662/Ins. HANDYMANHome repairs. 30+ yrs Exp. Call 941539-1694 J o h n s R escreen i ng & Handyman Service . No Jo b To Small, Free Estimate s Lic9341./Ins.941-883-1381 KEN LAN C A S TER G UTTER S over 25 years Experience. Fully Insured. Free Estimates 941-916-3934 SLIDING GLASS DOOR REPAIRS Wheels Tracks & LocksLicensed & Insured, Free Est. since 1981 Call Bob 941-706-6445 Low overhead = Low prices! CARPENTER, INC. Handyman Rotten wood, doors, soffit, facia, etc. Phil 941-626-9021lic. & ins. TILE (Ceramic), Wood Flooring, Installation. Robert Jones Ceramic Tile (941)-204-2444Lic. #AAA006338/Ins. TILE remo d e l , b at h s, fl oors. your tile or mine. 941-625-5186,Lic.#AAA006387 WESTSHORE BUILDERS Remodeling Additions Home Repairs Free Estimates Lic. Residential Contractor 941-204-8237 WINDSAFEHurricane Shutters Your #1 Choice for Hurricane Protection. Rolldowns, Accordions, Impact Windows/Doors, Lanai Shutters, Clear Panels. $350 off Exp 2/28/15 . 1-800-691-3122 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE may be required by the Cit y and/or County. Please call th e appropriate occupational licens ing bureau to verify A JAMISON TREE SERVICE Complete & Professional 15% Sr Discount! FREEEST. LIC. & INSUREDENGL941-475-6611ORN. PORT941-423-0020 SERVINGCHARLOTTEANDSARASOTAFOROVER20 YEARS.JAMISON-TREESERVICEINC.COM ALTMANTREESERVICE Tree Trimming, Removal, Stump Grinding. Lic & Ins. Call Mike Altman 941-268-7582 AMERICANIRRIGATIONCall 941-587-2027 FREEESTIMATES!!! Licensed & Insured Charlotte Co. lic#AAA-1100010. Serving Charlotte and Sarasota Counties DP`s ABILITY TREE SERVICE Removals, Stump Grinding, Palm Trimming, Topping & Shaping. 15 Yrs. Exp. Free Estimates! 941-889-8147 Lic#00000192 & Insured. EXCAVATING/ BUSH HOG5080 BUSHBUSTERS INC."JUST GRIND IT!Brush Mowing Bush Hogging Pepper Trees Invasives Selective Lot Clearing941-456-6332 HANDYMAN/ GENERALREPAIR5089 A CARPENTER AROUND THE HOUSE for all your carpentry needs! James M. Okell 941-270-1693 rely on ray50 Year Resident Handyman Services Retired Master plumber & Builder941-539-2301Save This ad! HEATING& AIR5090 AC/DC AIR CONDITIONING . Free Service Call with repair. $39 Maintenance Special for New Customers Only.. 941-716-1476 lic#CAC181436 7 F LO -T ECH S ER VICES Air Conditioning/Heating, Plumbing, Heat Pumps, Service Contracts, Water Heaters, Pool Heaters, Repipes, Remodels, Sinks, Faucets &Toilets.941-426-3664If WaterOr Air Run Through It-We Will Do it!LIC# CFC1426781/LIC# CAC1817540 HONEST AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Comm. & Res. Serving Sarasota & Charlotte County. 941-423-1746 Lic. CA C056738 MAHLE COOL AIR & HEATINGRent to Own Your Home`s A/C. No Credit.. No Problem. Easy Payments Free Est. 941-584-6300 Lic#CAC1817878 S.O.S. A/C & Heat 941-468-4956 air conditioning systems low as $3175 installed installed 10 yr warranty 0% apr up to 5 yrs to pay! st. lic #CAC1816023 HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT5100 BOBS CABINET SOLUTIONS 35 yrs exp. All you r cabinet/counter top needs. (941)-276-0599 Lic22535 COMPLETE DRYWALL Hang, Finish, Patchwork, All Textures, Paint. Matt Potter 941-232-8667Lic.& Ins CRC1328482 SLIDING GLASS DOOR And Window Repair Lowest Prices GUARANTEED!!! 941-628-8579Lic#CRC1130733 BEST VALUE CONTRACTORS5054 TEDDY`S HANDYMAN & REMODELING, INC. No Job Too Big or Too Small! (941)-629-4966 Lic./Ins. Serving NP, Charlotte & PG CRC 1327653 COURIER/TAXI5055 SUNWISE AIRPORT VAN AND CAR SERVICE. VENICE 941-400-0034 OR 941-412-5630 DOOR TO DOOR ON YOUR SCHEDULE CONCRETE5057 A 1 ROOF CLEANING & COATINGS Decorative Concrete, Pool Deck, Lanai & Driveway Coating, Epoxy Flake Garage Floors, Poly Pebble Removal. (941)-485-0037 FLORIDA CONCRETE DRIVEWAYSSIDEWALKSADDITIONSRESIDENTIAL& COMMERICALNEWCONSTRUCTION941-628-5965 INS/LICCG034909 PRO PATH CONCRETE Driveways Patios Sidewalks PadsResurfacing Options AvailableFree Estimates 941-286-6415 Lic #AAA-11-00081 RICH LANDERS STUCCO, INC. Honest, Reliable work! LIC/INS New Const & Remodels. Rusted bands & wire lathe repair. spraycrete & dry-wall repair (941)-497-4553 Y Y ouSa ouSa ve ve BigBuc BigBuc ks ks Shopping Shopping Classifieds! Classifieds! WHY PAY MORE??? Concrete Driveways, Patio, Walkways. 941-237-6969 Lic/Ins CLEANING SERVICES5060 MRS . CLEANING UP! 1st class cleaning Service! Specials Now! $10% Senior Discount! 941-204-8057 Lic & Insured A&R PRO WINDOW CLEANERS In/Out, Tracks & Screens, Also Vinyls, Clean & Polish, H/W Team. Lic#25014 & Ins. 941-441-8658 RETRO WOMAN LLC Professional Home Cleaning & Organizing WeeklyBi-Weekly Monthly One Time 941-929-6257 Insured SHINEDERELLA Professional Cleaning . Affordable and Dependable, Free Estimates. Lic & Ins. 941-468-1947 Res. & Comm. ELECTRICAL5070 DRMELE C TRI C AL SERVICE, Plug Into Personalized ServiceElectrical Maintenance Repairs Troubleshooting 941-480-0761 941-366-364 6 LUMINOUS ELECTRIC NO JOB TOO SMALL! LIC# ES12000942941-623-9140 APPLIANCE SERVICE/REPAIR5020 DRYER VENT CLEANING & INSPECTION. $49 30 yrs. exp. (941)-889-7596 DRYER VENT CLEANING THE VENT DOCTOR Book Your Dryer Vent Cleaning and Save! 10% Off With This Ad! 941-268-9525 Competent, Thorough & Reliable. Lic. Fla. Home Inspector. ADULTCARE5050 A LENDING HAND , INC . Caregivers/Companions, Hourly or 24/7 Care 941-809-3725 AREYOUONLINE? INCREASEYOUR EXPOSURE! Addyourinternetaddress toyouradforalittleextra! SENIORS HELPING SENIORSLight Housekeeping, Meals, Errands and Companionship Licensed & Bonded 941-257-8483 CHILD CARE5051 ALL CHILDCARE FACILITIES MUST INCLUDE, WITH ADVERTISEMENT, STATE OR LOCAL AGENCY LICENSE NUMBER. FLORIDA STATE LAW requ i res all child care centers and day care businesses to register with the State of Florida. The Sun Newspapers will not knowingly accept advertising which is in violation of the law COMPUTERSERVICE5053 COMPUTER TUTOR (Your home or mine) ONLY $25.00 an hour! Please call Steve at: 941-445-4285 ANTHONYS COMPUTER SERVICE & REPAIR . ALLCOMPUTERNEEDS. SENIOR DISCOUNT 941-769-1415 B&B COMPUTERSOLUTIONSWEDOITALL! INTERNETANDWIFISET-UP HOMENETWORKING PRINTERANDROUTER INSTALLATION VIRUSANDMALWARE PROTECTIONANDREMOVAL TRAININGANDMUCHMORESENIORDISCOUNTS& SAMEDAY APPOINTMENTS, WHENAVAILABLECALLBILLAT941-441-5104 EXPRESS COMPUTER 7 Days. $55. VIRUS REPAIRS & CLEAN-UP! LOW FLAT RATES! 941-830-3656 DOOR To DOOR WE BUY BROKEN LAPTOPS! Lic./Ins. CONTRACTORS5054 EDWARD ROSS CONSTRUCTION Services, Inc. 941-408-8500 pool cages, Scr. lanais, etc... RML CONTRACTING SERVICES,LLCWINDOWS,DOORS & MORE. Acrylic Rms,Additions, Bath & Kitchen Remodels,Cu stom Screen enclosures.Locally owned w/ over 25+ yr s experience.CBC060490 941-232-6606


Page 8 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 LAKE SUZYAREA GARAGE SALES6003 SAT 8 : 30 1 NORTH SHORE CONDO CLUBHOUSE. Egret Cir, off Kingsway off Kings Hwy. Yard & Bake sale. Furn, linenes, kitchen, etc. Baked goods & coffee served. NORTH PORT GARAGE SALES6005 FRI.S AT. 9 2 8 15 9 Sanjacinto Ave. Handmade Sun Solar lamp post, lots of handmade jewelry, furn., & misc. HARBOR ISLES ANNUAL RUMMAGE SALE SATURDAY MARCH 7 8AM 1 PM Breakfast & Bake Sale!! Clothing Household Items Lawn Equipment Patio Furniture Tools Etc. S AT., 9 AM? 86 4 9 S humock Ave. 34287 Too Much to List! Something For Everyone..Come & See Us!! TALON BAY Community Garage Sale Saturday March 7, 2015 8 AM1 PM THUR.S AT. 9 AM?? 7236 Totem Ave., Karaoke cds $2.00, Karaoke player $19.00, Microphones, Peavey PR15 system $45, Hi-FI woofers, mid ranges, tweeters, all sizes from $2.00, Hand & Power tools, household items, 93 Capri conv., $2,900 OBO PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 BESURPRISED!! FRI. MAR6TH& SAT. MAR7TH9AM TO2PM 18651 ASHCROFTCIRCLEPORTCHARLOTTEFL33948 FOLLOWTHESIGNSTHESEFOLKSAREINTHEMIDSTMOVING, YOUKNOWMORETHENWEDO. EXCITINGITEMSPICTURESANDPARTIALLISTINGONWEB WWW.FLAUCTIONS.COMPHONE 239-826-1309 BUENAVISTACOMMUNITYTAGSALE. SAT. 8-3. 14 STREETS, 500+ WATER-FRONTHOMES. OFFHARBORBLVD, SOUTHOFEDGEWATER. FRI-SAT 9-2 NO EARLY SALES 22506 Westchester Blvd (Off Kings Hwy). 36 Vanity Top & Faucet, Highrise Ivory Stool, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Misc Tables, Round Pedestal Wood Kitchen Table & 4 Chairs, New Dark Brown Electric Loveseat Recliner, Cheerio Cabinet, Bedroom Furn, New Sampsonite luggage, 2 Light Oak Boyhill Book Cases, Power & Yard Tools, Fas Cross Dishes, Sm Kitchen Appliances, Womens Clothes 16-20, Bedding, Pet Door for Slider, Scrap Books Supplies & Cricket Express 12. PUT CLASSIFIEDS TOWORK FORYOU!FINDAJOB! BUYAHOME! BUYACAR! 6000 MERCHANDISE ENGLEWOOD GARAGE SALES6002 6660 LINO RD NORTH PORT, FL 34287 Thurs.-Fri. 10-4, Sat. 10-3 AWESOME FURNITURE & LOTSOFHOUSEHOLDITEMS.SOMETHINGFOREVERYONE!FORMOREINFO& PICTURESPRESTIGEESTATESALESTAMPA.COM FOUR FAMILY YARD SALE TODAY 9-31255 S. Maryknoll Rd. (Off Oxford) Lots of Miscellenous Items. FRI 8 4 SAT 8 3 1532 Overbrook Rd. Furniture, clothes, Lots of Misc. A Little Bit of Everything FRI O NLY 8 2 7084 Quigley St. MOVING SALE FRIS AT 8 AM2 PM 2 1 30 Arkansas Ave. Fabric, Quilting Supp., Sewing Machines, Kitchen, Vintage Jewelry, etc. FRI SAT . 8 12 9 D ory C t. Off Briggs Cir N, Rotonda Sands. HUGE Sale, Multi-Family, Everything from Household to Plants and in between. FRIDAY 9-3 8472 Button Quail Dr. Household Items, Wicker, Tackle, Golf Caddy & Balls, Router Table, Puzzles. SAT . 8 1 304 L a k e T a h oe Ct. (in Stillwater, off Medical Blvd) Clothes, Fishing items, Housewares, & More! S AT. 8 -1 S TILLWATER HOMES & VILLAS COMMUNITY SALE. OFF MEDICAL BLVD. DONT MISS THIS ONE! S AT. O NLY 8 -1 1090 LEE ST. MULTIFAMILY YARD SALE THURS & FRI 8AM 2971 Holly Ave. ANTIQUES FURNITUREGLASS WARES, CHINACROCKERYS, 1000S OF ITEMS + MORE. EVERYTHINE MUST GO! THUR S S AT . 9 -4. 7 0 5 0 Bargello St. Englewood FL. Moving everything must go!!!!! T urnyou r trashinto cash! Advertise youryard sa l e! LAKE SUZYAREA GARAGE SALES6003 MOVING SALE! FRI 8-3 SAT 8-1 12567 SW Pembroke Cir N Left on Kings Hwy @ Kingsway Country Club, Left on SW Pembroke. Sofa, Cat Tree, Tables, Kitchenware, Sm Appl, Linens, Clothing, Plant Stands, Comp Desk, Jewelry, Glassware, Art Deco, Wall TV, Dorm Size Refrig, X-mas, Fishing Poles, Tools, Bench, Outdoor Decorations, A/C, Crossbow Pistol. ALL MUST GO! WINDOWREPAIR5226 SLIDING GLASS DOORAnd Window Repair Lowest Prices GUARANTEED!! ! 941-628-8579Lic#CRC1130733 BEST VALUE SLIDING GLASS DOOR REPAIRS Wheels Tracks & LocksLicensed & Insured, Free Est. since 1981 visit us at www. Call Bob 941-706-6445 Low overhead = Low prices! 6000 MERCHANDISE GARAGE SALES 6001Arcadia 6002Englewood 6003Lake Suzy 6004Nokomis 6005North Port 6006Port Charlotte Deep Creek 6007Punta Gorda 6008Rotonda 6009Sarasota 6010South Venice 6011Venice 6012 Out Of Area 6015Flea Market 6020Auctions MERCHANDISE 6013 Moving Sales 6025Arts & Crafts 6027Dolls 6030Household Goods6035 Furniture 6038 Electronics 6040TV/Stereo/Radio6060Computer Equip6065Clothing/Jewelry/ Accessories6070Antiques & Collectibles 6075Fruits/Veges 6090Musical 6095Medical 6100Health/Beauty 6110 Trees & Plants 6120Baby Items6125Golf Accessories6128Exercise/Fitness6130Sporting Goods 6131 Firearms6132 Firearm Access. 6135Bikes/Trikes 6138Toys 6140Photography/Video 6145Pool/ Spa & Supplies6160Lawn & Garden6165Storage Sheds/ Buildings6170Building Supplies6180Heavy Constr. Equipment 6190Tools/Machinery6220Office/Business Equip & Supplies6225Restaurant Supplies 6250Appliances 6260Misc. Merchandise 6270Wanted to Buy/T rade ROOFING5185 Repairs, Roofing Replacement 30 Years Experience Discounts to Srs & Vets Free Inspections & Est.Call Hugh 941-662-0555RM COATS INC.Lic. CCC#1325731 Ins. LEONARDSROOFING&INSULATIONINC.FAMILYOWNED&OPERATED SINCE1969Shingle, Tile, Built-Up, SinglePly, Metal, Full Carpentry, Service Available Reagan Leonard 941-488-7478LIC# RC0066574 Getthe Getthe WordoutWordoutAdvertise Advertise inthe inthe Classifieds! Classifieds! PAUL DEAO ROOFING PROTECTINGYOURBIGGESTINVESTMENT. 22 YRSEXP. 941-441-8943 LIC#1329187 R . L . TEEL ROOFING Reroofs & Repairs Insurance Inspections Veterns Discounts 941-473-7781 RC29027453 Lic/Ins STEVE`S ROOFING & REPAIRSCall Steve & See What He Can Do For You! Voted Best of the Best 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014! Free Est. 941-625-1894 Lic. CCC1326838 941-483-4630 H Shingles, Slats, Metal, Tile, Repairs H Old Roof Removal Our Specialty H Full Carpentry H Free Estimates lic #ccc 068184 fully insured SOD5191 LAWN REPLACEMENTMaloneys SODCharlotte 941-637-1333Sarasota TILE/GROUT5195 LEMON BAY TILE O ver 20 years in the Englewood are a Owner/install Lic & insured 941-474-1000 WINDOWCLEANING5225 SQUEEGEEMASTERS Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, 20% OFF with this Ad. FREE Estimates 941-445-7285 Cell Lic/Ins. WE D O WIND O W S & PRESSURE WASHING. New Customers Specials Package Deals Residential & Commercial Free Estimates. Lic./Ins. (941)-661-5281 PRESSURE CLEANING5180 AAA P ower W as hi ng & Cleaning Dont live with MOLD! Driveway Specialists. 941-698-2418 BAILEYS PRESSURE CLEANINGTile roof Cleanings starting at @$150. Call 941-497-1736 POWER WASHING SPECIAL MOBILE HOMES, Manufactured and Single wide, $49.95 POWER DRYER VENT CLEANING$39.95 North Port Property Watch 941-876-1555 SAFE NO PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING Pool Cages, Lanais, Driveways, ETC! 941-697-1749 or 941-587-5007 SCREENING5184 ALL ABOUT ALUMINUM & SCREEN: Rescreen & new. 941-876-4779 wescreenflorida.comLic# SA37, AL0511993X CLASSIC ALUMINUM RESCREEN SERVICE INC. Your Florida Outdoor Living Experts 941-716-3984 941-799-0310 www.classicrescreen.comLic# CBC031986 Insured & Bonded DAVID WHITES RESCREENBUBBLEFREEGUARANTEESCREENREPAIR, VINYLREPAIRSERVINGSARASOTAANDCHARLOTTECOUNTIES. 941-525-4000 GULF COAST RESCREEN LIC& INSUREDFAMILYOWNED& OPERATEDSPECIALIZINGINRESCREENING,BUILDINGANDREPAIRING. SCREWCHANGEOUTS PRESSUREWASHING& PAINT-INGPOOLCAGES, LANAIS,FRONTENTRYWAYSETC... 941-536-7529 FREEESTIMATES RESCREENING by NORTHSTAR Free Estimates. 941-725-7599 Lic# CC20597 & Insured RESCREENING Special $55 Tops, $30 Sides. Complete $1295(to 1500SF) 941-879-3136 Lic. 22454/Ins. Southwest RescreenComplete Rescreening: $1,095 (up to 1,500 SF) Screen Repair & Pressure Washing.941-465-2318Free Estimates! Insured. ROOFING5185 GREEN ROOFING & WATERPROOFING TECHNOLOGIESFULLSERVICEROOFING CONTRACTOR30YRSPLUS LOCALEXPERIENCEMETAL, SHINGLES, TILE, FLATROOFS(ALLTYPES) REPAIRSCOMMER-CIAL/RESIDENTIAL. FREEWINDMITIGATIONREPORTWITHREROOFFORINSURANCE DISCOUNTS604 COLONIALN. NOKOMIS, FL 34275 OFFICE: 941-412-4047WEBSITE: WWW. State LiC #CCC1328613 PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING5140 SWEENEY`S PAINTINGPressure Cleaning MildewTreatment Painting Interior & Exterior Free Est. Sr. Discounts 941-916-1024 Lic# AAA0010702 We Do It A Shade Better! LARRY BATES PAINTING Free Estimates Locally Owned & Operated 941-625-1226Lic/Ins #RRR0002261 PETCARE5155 DOG CAREby day/week, exercise, fenced, loving home environment. 941-625-0853 PLUMBING5160 DO ALL PLUMBING LLC A Full Service Company for ALL Your Plumbing Needs. 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater Installed. $500. + Permit.(if needed)941-626-9353Lic#CFC1428884 CLASSIFIED ADSSELL F LO -T ECH S ER VICES Air Conditioning/Heating, Plumbing, Heat Pumps, Service Contracts, Water Heaters, Pool Heaters, Repipes, Remodels, Sinks, Faucets &Toilets.941-426-3664If WaterOr Air Run Through It-We Will Do it!LIC# CFC1426781/LIC# CAC1817540 LARRY`S PLUMBING , R e Pipes (Most in 1 Day) Beat An y Estimate Complete Servic e 941-484-5796 Lic.#CFC1425943 PLUMBER over 30 years Exp. $45 per hour. Permits & Inspections. Call 508-291-1274 Cell or Office at 941-575-1817 Lic & Ins. THINK PLUMBERS Are Too High? Give Us a Try! Retired Master Plumber. Ross & Son 941-204-4286Lic. CFC-1428339 POOLSERVICES5165 S trong P oo l S erv i ces REPAIRS & SERVICE motors, filters, leaks, tile, decks, heat pump Insured & Licensed Res. & Comm. 941-697-8580 RP0067268 PRESSURE CLEANING5180 FULL HOUSE PRESSURE WASHINGRates Starting At: Tile Roofs $150 Houses $65 Pool Cage/Decks $65 Driveways Exterior Painting, Pool Deck Coatings AND MORE!! 941-451-7550 Lic./Ins Kelly Browns Pressure Washing & trash removal Honest & Reliable, Reasonable Rates & Sr. Special $39.99 Free Est. Lic.# 1413989 941-626-1565


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 9


Page 10 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY btnnfbrnfbtnnnn nbtrfnrnrffr Saturdays in the Classi“ ed Section of the Sun! adno=8535382


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 11 BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY You can “ nd every business and service under the sun in the Business & Service Directory!Make your business a part of it! Call 866.463.1638 adno=8535383


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Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 13 Thursday TelevisionVEN-VENICE E-N-ENGLEWOOD SAR-SARASOTA PC-PORT CHARLOTTE ARC-ARCADIA SPG-SOUTH PUNTA GORDAMAR. 5PRIME TIME NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:3011 PM11:30 TSACDAORBABC E F40777107-7ABC7 News @ 6pm(N)ABC World News Tonight(N)To Be a Millionaire?(N)OK! TV(N)(HD)Greys Anatomy: The Distance Amelia begins surgery on Dr. Herman. S candal: The Lawn Chair White House must deal with their VP. (N)American Crime: Episode One Police investigate veterans murder. (N)ABC7 News @ 11pm(N) (:35)Jimmy Kimmel Live(N) ABC E F26---7117-ABC7 News @ 6:00pm(N)ABC World News Tonight(N)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)Entertainment Tonight(N)(HD)Greys Anatomy: The Distance Amelia begins surgery on Dr. Herman. Scandal: The Lawn Chair White House must deal with their VP. (N)American Crime: Episode One Police investigate veterans murder. (N)ABC7 News @ 11:00pm(N) (:35)Jimmy Kimmel Live(N) CBS E F11213213-555-WINK News at 6pm(N)(HD)CBS Evening News(N)(HD)WINK News at 7pm(N)(HD)Inside Edition(N)(HD)The Big Bang Colonizing Mars. Odd Couple Felixs birthday. (N)The Big Bang Christmas party. Mom Reginas changed. (N)Elementary: For All You Know Holmes and victim. (N) (HD)WINK News at 11pm(N) (HD) (:35)Late Show Will Smith. (R) CBS E F10101010---1010 News, 6pm(N)CBS Evening News(N)(HD)Wheel(N)(HD)Jeopardy!(N) (HD)The Big Bang Colonizing M ars. Odd Couple Felixs birthday. (N)The Big Bang Christmas p arty. Mom Reginas changed. (N)Elementary: For All You Know Holmes and victim. (N) (HD)10 News, 11pm(N) (:35)Late Show Will S mith. (R) NBC E F20---222-NBC2 News @ 6pm(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)(HD)Wheel(N)(HD)Jeopardy!(N) (HD)The Slap: Manolis Manolis asks Aisha to forgive Harry.(N)(HD)The Blacklist: T. Earl King VI Wealthy family auctions people. (N)(HD) (:01)Allegiance: Tipping Point Alex has his integrity questioned. (N)NBC2 News @ 11pm(N) (HD)Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon(N) NBC E F*888-8-8NewsChannel 8 at 6:00(N)NBC Nightly News(N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00(N)Extra(N)(HD)The Slap: Manolis Manolis asks Aisha to forgive Harry.( N) ( HD)The Blacklist: T. Earl King VI Wealthy family auctions people. ( N) ( HD) (:01)Allegiance: Tipping Point Alex has his integrity questioned. ( N)NewsChannel 8 at 11:00(N)Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon( N) FOX E F36---444-F OX 4 N e ws at Six Community news; weather; traffic; more. (N)J udge Judy Ex-lovers fight.(R)J udge Judy(R) (HD)A meric a n Idol : To p 8 G ir l s Perform Eight girls sing for spots in finals. Backstrom: Enemy of My Enemies Backstroms father. (N)(HD)F OX 4 N e ws at Ten Local news report and weather update. (N)F OX 4 N e ws at Eleven(N)T MZ( R) FOX E F13131313-13-13FOX 13 6:00 News(N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News(N)TMZ(N)The Insider Shoe model. (N)American Idol: Top 8 Girls Perform Eight girls sing for spots in finals. Backstrom: Enemy of My E nemies Backstroms fathe r . (N)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News(N)(HD)FOX 13 10:30 News(N)FOX 13 11:00 News(N)Access Hollywood(R) (HD) PBS E F30---333-BBC World News Ame rica Nightly Business Rep ort(N)The PBS NewsHour( N)(HD)Doc Martin: Behind the Scenes The early episodes.(R) (HD)Father Brown: Saving Souls, Solving Crimes A behind-the-scenes look at the sho w. (R) (HD)Suze Ormans Financial Solutions For You How to achieve financial ind ependence. (R) (HD) PBS E F#333---3BBC World News America Nightly Business Report( N)The PBS NewsHour(N)(HD)My Music: Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, and Forever Jackson 5, Diana Ross & Supremes perform to celebrate Motowns 25th anniversary. ( R)JJ Virgins Sugar Impact Secret Nutritionist JJ Virgin discusses the impact of sugar on overall health. (R) (HD) CW E F46---6216-The Big Bang Pennys lie. (HD)WINK News at 6:30pm(N)The Big Bang One night stand. 2 1/2 Men Exs sex change. The Vampire Diaries: Prayer for the Dying Merge ceremony.(R) (HD)Supernatural: About a Boy People vanishing and leaving clothes. (R)WINK News @10pm(N)(HD)Two and a Half Men Alans will. Mike & Molly Mike lured by car. CW E F44999---4King of Queens: Lyin Hearted King of Queens Fake husband. Mik e & Molly Mike lured by car. Mik e & Molly Car breaks down. Th e Vamp ir e Diaries : P rayer for the Dying Merge ceremony.(R) (HD)Supernatural: About a Boy People vanishing and leaving clothes. (R)Two and a Half Men Alans will. 2 1/ 2 Men Exs sex change. Fri ends Ro ss teaches Unagi. Fri ends Chicken pox blues. MYN E F38111111---14Celebrity Name Game(R) (HD)Family Feud(TVPG)(R)Family Feud(TVPG)(R)Entertainment Tonight(N)(HD)The Mentalist: Red Letter Day Owner of tourist town murdered. (HD)The Mentalist: Red Sky in the Morning Red John murder. (HD)Cops Reloaded(HD)Cops Reloaded Public sex. Hot Cleveland Injured actress. Cougar Wedding pictures. (HD) MYN E F*---898-American Da d! L ife support. Cleveland Obsessive crush. Family Guy: Love Blactually Family Guy Stewie in love. The Mentalist: Red Letter Day Owner of tourist town murdered. (HD)The Mentalist: Red Sky in th e Morning Red John murder. (HD)Law & Order: Special Victims Un it : M ercy Mom kills daughter. (HD)King of the Hill Fi nger cut off. King of Hill Co tton swindled. IND E F32121212-38-12Modern Embarrassmen t. (HD)Modern Family Hot neighbor. The Big Bang Pennys lie. (HD)The Big Bang One night stand. Anger The guys clash. (HD)Anger Inheritance.(HD)Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Mercy Mom kills daughter. (HD)The Office Celebration.(HD)The Office Dwights move. (HD)Family Guy: Love Blactually Family Guy Stewie in love. ION E F6622213261817Blue Bloods: Insult to Injury Woman threatens to kill self.(HD)Blue Bloods: Knockout Game Pregnant victim. (HD)Blue Bloods: Righting Wrongs Killed by lethal dose of anesthetic. (HD)Blue Bloods: Secret Arrangements Respected professor murdered. Blue Bloods: Custody Battle On-duty officer accused of murder. (HD)Blue Bloods: Above and Beyond Undercover detective murdered. (HD) ELBACA&E262626263950181First 48: Birthday Girl 48 Cell phone traced. 48 Strangling death. (R)48 Witness testimony.(:01)Nightwatch(N)48 Case may go cold. A MC565656563053231Under Siege () A warship with nuclear missiles is seized by terrorists led by an ex-CIA agent. Jurassic Park III () Dr. Alan Grant is deceived into returning to the island to help find a lost boy. Jurassic Park III () Dr. Alan Grant is deceived into returning to the island to help find a lost boy. APL444444443668130After Thaw(R) (HD)After Thaw(R) (HD)After Thaw(N)(HD)Cold Gold(N)(HD)Cold Gold(N)(HD) (:02)Cold Gold(R) (HD) BBCAM114114114114114189Kitchen Sibling rivalry. Kitchen Night.: Luigis Kitchen N.J. restaurant. Kitchen Providence. Kitchen(HD)Kitchen(TVPG) (HD) BET353535354022270MannsManns(R)Manns 48th birthday. All In(R)Game(R)BET Honors 2015 Culture and honors. (R) (HD) BRAVO6868686825451185(5:30)Theres Something About Mary () aaa Housewives(R)Melbourne(N) (:07)Vanderpump(R)Watch WhatAbout Mary COM666666661527190Nightly(R)Daily(R)South ParkSouth ParkBroad CityWorkaholicWorkaholic Tosh(R)Amy Schumer(R) (HD)Daily(N)Nightly(N) DISC404040402543120Alaska: Cattle Drive (R)Alaska Hay harvesting. Alaska: The River Wild Alaska Summer fishing. Alaska(R) (HD)Alaska(R) (HD) E!464646462726196S ex & City S ex & City E ! News( N) ( HD)W ho Wore W ith the K a rdashians Baby news. K ardash i an( R) ( HD)E ! News( N) ( HD) FAM555555551046199Boy WorldBoy World The Breakfast Club () aaac Teens in detention. Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist (, Comedy) The 700 Club(TV G) FOOD37373737-76164Chopped(R) (HD)Chopped(R) (HD)Chopped Coffee cake. Chopped Frog legs. (N)Beat Bobby Duff TillCutthroat(R) FX51515151584953Horrible Bosses () aaa Murdering employers. This Is 40 (, Comedy) aac Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann. Showcased is a comedic look inside the life of a not-so-average American family. (R)Archer Royal family. Archer: The Kanes Archer Royal family. Horrible Bosses () GSN17917917917934179184Fam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. Feud NewlywedNewlywed Fam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. Feud HALL55517-73240Waltons John accused. Waltons: The Roots Waltons Yancy steals. T he MiddleThe MiddleThe MiddleThe Middle GoldenGolden HGTV414141415342165Life(R)Life(R)Life(R)Life(R)Upper(N)Addict(R)Addict(R)HuntersHuntersHuntersHunters HIST818181813365128Pawn StarsPawn StarsPawn StarsPawn StarsPawn StarsPawn StarsPawn StarsPawn Stars Vikings King criti c i z ed.(:03)Gangland(R) (HD) LIFE363636365241140Bring It!(R) (HD)Bring It! Rival directors. Bring It!(R) (HD)Bring It! Mobile, Ala.(R)(:02)Bring It!(R) (HD) (:02)Bring It!(R) (HD) NICK252525252444252Sam & CatThundermanThunderman HauntedFull HseFull Hse Full HseFull Hse PrincePrin ceFriendsFriends OWN5858585847103161D ateline Stable death. D ateline( R) (HD)2 0/20 Family murde r . 2 0/20 Dis a ppearanc e s. U nder c over : Donatos 2 0/20 Family murde r . QVC14141491413150Isaac Mizrahi Live!PM Style Fashion and beauty. Denim & Co. Denim extravaganza. Shoe Shopping: Vionic SPIKE57575757296354Wrath aac Troy ( , Action) aaa Brad Pitt, Eric Bana. When a prince steals a mans wife, a war of epic proportions begins. (R) (HD)300 () SYFY6767676725364180The Descent Part 2 () aac Back underground. WWE SmackDown(HD)Wizard War(N)Close Up(HD) TBS59595959326252SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld Family GuyFamily GuyFamily GuyFamily Guy Big BangBig BangConan Adam Sandler. TCM65656565-169230Planet of the Apes () aaac An astronaut crashes onto a planet ruled by intelligent apes. (G)Arrowsmith () aaa A doctor visits the West Indies, where he tests a cure for a dreaded disease. Night Flight (, Drama) aac A man sacrifices safety for efficiency. (NR)Airport (, Drama) TLC454545455772139Big Fat Inspiring news. Wedding(R) (HD)Wedding(R) (HD)Wedding Risky invite. Myrtle Used car lot job. Wedding Risky invite. TNT61616161285551Castle: Countdown Preventing chaos. (HD)Castle: One Life to Lose Soap opera drama.ANBA Basketball: Oklahoma City Thunder at Chicago Bulls from United Center (Live) (HD)NBA Basketball: Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers(Live) (HD) TOON80801241244620257Titans Go! UniverseNinjaGoRegularKing HillKing HillClevelandClevelandDad(HD)Dad(HD)Family GuyFamily Guy TRAV6969696926066170Bizarre Foods: Paris Man/FoodMan/FoodUnknown(R)Unknown Mayan ruins. Layover: Los Angeles Bourdain Local cuisine. TRUTV636363635030183CarbonaroCarbonaro Jokers(R)Jokers(R)Jokers(R)Jokers(R)Jokers(R)Jokers(R)Jokers(N)GreenvilleHack MyHack My TVL626262623154244Walker: Mayday Walker: Last Hope Fam. FeudFam. Feud RaymondRaymondQueensQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250(5:00)Kingdom Crystal Skull () Fast Five (, Action) aaa Former cop and ex-con team up. Dig: Pilot Ancient conspiracy. (N)Dig: Pilot WE117117117117-117149Mary Mary(R) (HD)Mary Mary(R) (HD)Mary Mary(R) (HD)Mary Mary(R) (HD)Mary Mary(N)(HD)Match Made in(N)(HD) WGN1616161941119Home Videos(TVPG)Home Videos(TVPG)How I MetHow I MetHow I MetHow I MetOutlaw(R) (HD)Outlaw(R) (HD) SWENCNBC39393939-37102Mad Money(N)Greed A Ponzi scheme. Shark Tank(HD)Greed: A Widows Web Greed(N)American Vice(R) (HD) CNN323232321838100Situation Room(N)Erin Burnett(N)Cooper 360(N)(HD)Inside Man(N)CNN Tonight(N)Cooper 360(R) (HD) CSPAN181818183712109Politics & Public PolicyPolitics & Public PolicyPolitics & Public PolicyKey Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings FNC646464644871118Special Report(N)(HD)On the Record(N)(HD)The OReilly Factor(N)The Kelly File(N)Hannity(N)(HD)The OReilly Factor(R) MSNBC8383838318540103PoliticsNation(N)(HD)Hardball with Chris(N)All in with Chris HayesRachel Maddow(N)Last Word(N)(HD)All in with Chris Hayes SNN66611-11-SNN EveNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsSNN LateSNN Late ESNN Late ENews STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter(HD)ACollege Basketball: Wisconsin vs MinnesotaACollege Basketball: California vs Arizona(Live)SportsCenter(HD) ESPN23030303065974Horn(HD)InterruptnCollege Basketball: Arkansas vs South CarolinaACollege Basketball: Memphis vs Connecticut Basketball30 30 FS148484848426983NASCAR(HD)Crashed Ice: Belfast FOX SportsFOX SportsACollege Basketball: Colorado vs WashingtonACollege Bball(Live) FSN72727272-5677PanthersPanthersPanthers)NHL Hockey: Dallas Stars at Florida Panthers (Live) (HD)PanthersPanthersWrld Poker(Replay) GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf: Puerto Rico Open: First Round (Taped)Golf CntrlPGA TOUR Golf: WGC Cadillac Championship: First Round (Replay) NBCSN71717171546190(5:30)ProNASCARRoad to MercedesMercedes F1 Race To1: F1 Documentary Mercedes SUN3838401401455776LightningLightningLightning)NHL Hockey: Toronto vs Tampa Bay (Live) (HD)LightningLightningMountainKing of MUIMERPDISN1361361361369945250Liv and Maddie Relocating. (R)Liv Mind competition. (R) (HD)Austin Homecoming show. (R)Girl Meets World Art and mom. Rio (, Comedy) aaa Macaws mundane lifestyle is transformed by encounter with a free-spirited bird. (G)Jessie High school friends.(R)Dog with a Blog: Wingstan (R)Liv and Maddie Skateboarding. Austin & Ally Ally is recognized. I Didnt Do It Telepathy study. ENC150150150150-150380(:15)About Last Night (, Comedy) aac Kevin Hart, M ic h ael Eal y . Four sm i tten people d e cid e to take t h eir relationships to the next level. (R) (HD)Thunderball (, Adventure) Sean Connery, Claudine Auger. James Bond prevents villainous SPECTREs plan to detonate two nuclear devices.(:15)Flightplan (5, Thriller) aac Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard. A womans child vanishes during a flight and no one on the plane remembers her. HBO302302302302302302400The Fault in Our Stars ()(:45)Last Week John Oliver(R) (:15)The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (, Action) aac Lucas Black. A young man is sent to live in Tokyo and is introduced to drift racing. (HD)The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst Murder trial. (R) (HD)Togetherness A fundraiser. (R) (:45)Looking A funeral. (R) (HD)Cathouse: Menage a trois Three-way fantasies become reality. (R) HBO2303303303303303303402(5:45)Pacific Rim (, Action) Charlie Hunnam, Diego Klattenhoff. Giant robots piloted by humans fight off an alien menace threatening Earth. Girls Odd art show. (HD)Togetherness A fundraiser. Endless Love () aac Girls impassioned relationship with handsome young man has parents on edge. (HD) (:45)The Conjuring (, Horror) Paranormal investigators help family being terrorized by a dark presence. HBO3304304304304-304404Moonrise Kingdom () A young boy and girl run away from their New England town after falling in love. Looking A funeral. (HD)VICE Special Report:(HD)The Making of ...: Neighbors Last Week John Oliver(HD)Getaway (, Crime) ac Former race car driver is on a deadly mission to save his kidnapped wife. (PG-13)Grudge Match (, Comedy) Match between retired boxers goes viral. MAX320320320320320320420Closed Circuit Case of intrigue.(:25)You, Me and Dupree () Newlyweds cope with a rude and crude houseguest after he loses his job.(:20)That Awkward Moment (, Comedy) Zac Efron, Miles Teller. Three friends make a pact to stay single, though each accidentally finds love. Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (, Comedy) ac Eddie Murphy. Klump tries to rid himself of Buddy. (PG-13)Great Bikini Bowling Bash () MAX2321321321321321321422A Good Day to Die Hard () aa John travels to Russia to work with his son, who turns out to be in the CIA. Scary Movie 2 (, Comedy) ac Four students take part in a psychology experiment at a haunted house. (R)47 Ronin (, Action) aac Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada. Samurais avenge the death of their master and restore honor to homeland.(PG-13)Lingerie Investor exposed.(HD)The Legend of Hercules () SHO340340340340340340365(4:45)The Fifth Estate (, Drama) U.S. officials target whistleblowers. That Gal ... Who Was in That Thing: That Guy 2 (, Profile) The lives of eight working actresses. (HD) (:25)Legally Blonde () aac A frivolous college student gets serious about law when she enrolls in Harvard. Shameless: Tell Me You F**king Need Me Tough decisions.(R) (HD)Penn & Teller: The Boy Scouts House of Lies Marty in trouble. TMC350350350350350350385(:15)Love and Honor (, Romance) Liam Hemsworth, Austin Stowell. A young soldier in Vietnam returns to America to win back his ex-girlfriend. Mighty Joe Young (, Adventure) aa Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron. Zoologists discover a 15-foot gorilla, but a ruthless poacher wants him. (PG)Around the World in 80 Days (, Action) Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan. British investor, Chinese thief and French artist travel the globe in 80 days. 6PM6:307PM7:308PM8:309PM9:3010PM10:3011PM11:30 7:30 a.m. GOLF European Tour Golf Africa Open: First Rnd. (L) 11 a.m. SUN Womens College B asketball ACC T o ur n ament: Second Round, Game #1 Team TBA vs Syracuse Orange. (L) 1 p.m. GOLF PGA TOUR Golf WGC Cadillac Championship: F irst Round. (L) 2 p.m. SUN Womens College Basketball ACC Tournament: Second Round, Game #2 Virginia vs Miami. (L) 7 p.m. ESPN College Basketball Wisconsin at Minnesota. (L) ESPN2 College Basketball Arkansas at South Carolina. (L) 7:30 p.m. FSN NHL Hockey Dallas Stars at Florida Panthers from BB&T Center. (L) SUN NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs at Tampa Bay Lightning from Amalie Arena. (L) 8 p.m. TNT NBA Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder at Chicago Bulls. (L) 9 p.m. ESPN College Basketball California at Arizona. (L) ESPN2 College Basketball Memphis at Connecticut. (L) FS1 College Basketball Colorado Buffaloes at Washington Huskies. (L) 10:30 p.m. TNT NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers. (L) 11 p.m. FS1 College Basketball Stanford at Arizona State. (L)7:00 a.m. ABC Good Morning America Actor Hugh Jackman; gospel duo Mary Mary perform; Deals and Steals. (N) 7:00 a.m. NBC Today Actors Anne Heche and Jason Isaacs from Dig; author Gesine Bullock-Prado. (N) 9:00 a.m. CBS LIVE! with Kelly and Michael Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman visits; wildlife expert Peter Gros visits the show. (N) 9:00 a.m. MYN The 700 Club A man talks about how he was able to salvage his design business. (N) 10:00 a.m. CW Rachael Ray Rachael gives two women makeovers; egg-dyeing; Rob Benedict and Jason Ritter. (N) 11:00 a.m. ABC The View Cristela Alonzo guest co-hosts; actors Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton. (N) 11:00 a.m. CW Access Hollywood Live Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan chat with hosts. (N) 1:00 p.m. ABC The Chew Fashion expert Stacy London; trip to South Beach Food & Wine Festival. (N) 1:00 p.m. MYN The Doctors Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses a supposed link between cancer and deodorant. (N) 2:00 p.m. CBS The Talk Secrets & Lies actor Ryan Phillippe; Top Talker, actress Pam Chatman. (N) 3:00 p.m. NBC The Dr. Oz Show A new disease mistaken for chronic fatigue; a womans guide to mood swings. (N) 5:00 p.m. CW Dr. Phil A woman wants her daughter to apologize for not speaking to her in seven years. (N) 11:00 p.m. TBS Conan Adam Sandler; Jonathan Banks; Broods performs. (N) 11:35 p.m. ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live Actress Naomi Watts from Insurgent; musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen. (N) 11:35 p.m. NBC The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Actor Hugh Jackman from Chappie; Tiffani Thiessen from Dinner at Tiffanis; (N)Todays Live Sports Todays Talk Shows Convenient Complete SatelliteONLINE TV


Page 14 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 SAT . 8 2 2295 A aron S t. (Charlotte Towers) Flea Market! Wide range of items for Sale. Come see what our Vendors have to offer. S AT. 8 AM No early birds. 20302 Banner ave. Multi family sale household , clothes, baby items & toys. AdvertiseToday! S AT. 8 AM? 2229 1 Westchester Blvd. Unit 401 INSIDE CONDO SALE! 5 Pc. King Bedroom Set, Dinette Set, Hutch & Household Items!! EVERYTHING Must Go!! PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 S AT O NLY 9 -1 2096 Ellery St. LOTS of QVC Items! Crystal And Antiques. Something For Everyone. S AT O NLY 9 3 3446 Yukon Dr Fiberglass, Household, Small Tools, & some fishing items. SAT ONLY . 8 3 . 4404 BOGGS ST. ELECTRICAL WATER HEATER & PLUMBING PARTS Much More!!!! S AT. 8 ?? 4 88 C orrientes Cir. Exercise items, kitchenware, TVs, electronics, beddingQueen size, odds & ends. PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRI.S AT. 8 AM2 PM 18206 Bracken Cir. Tommy Bahama Kitchen table and many household items. FRI.S AT. 9 AM-4PM 15 0 Orlando Blvd.GARAGE & MOVING SALE! Generator, Pressure Washer, Books, Furniture, Knick-Knacks, Glasses & MUCH MORE!! GETRESULTS USECLASSIFIED! S AT 8 2 . 44 2 C rystal Ave. NW, off West Tarpon Blvd.. Rain or shine. Moving Sale. EVERYTHING MUST GO. PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRIS AT 8 2 33 4 0 Normandy Dr. 25 cent sale. Every item is 25 cents. FRI SAT 8 4 . 2293 Ri o D e Janeiro. Home decor, fancy old dishes, many items. FRI SAT 9 2 4280 J ames St. #8 Whidd. Ind. Pk. Clearance! Need Space! Furniture, tools, fishing, household, vintage stuff, lots of misc. FRI-SAT 9-3. Oak Hollow Clubhouse, 1111 Forest Nelson Blvd. ARTS & CRAFT COLLECIBLE FAIR. PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRI O NLY 7AM2 PM 21583 AUGUSTA AVE OFF EASY ST. TOOLS AND LOTS OF MISC. FRI SAT . 8 1 . 9218 Newnan Circle, Port Charlotte. GARAGE SALE...Furniture, household items, yard equip, tools, etc.Must See!!!!! Classified=Sales FRIS AT 1 0 2 923 & 939 Linnaen Terr. NW 3 FAMILY YARD SALE PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 ESTATE SALETHUR.-SAT. 8AM-4PM 3239 Jamestown St. (41 to Conway to Elmira, Left on Brooklyn to Jamestown St.) Furn., incl 2 Queen bdrm sets, household, linens, Ladies Clothing, Antiques, Glassware, Jewelry, Garage FULL! FRI & SAT 7 : 30 2 . 2268 Oberon Lane. Tools Tablesaw housewares,CarpetcleanerMust See!!!! CLASSIFIED WORKS!


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 15 SP20720 To Place, Correct, or Cancel Ad CALL Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM Fax : 866-949-1426 941-429-3110 Check Out More SUN Classified Ads Online UPDATED DAILY!!! 13487 TAMIAMI TR NORTH PORT S UN C LASSIFIED SP32226 Have a Garage Sale! Advertise it in the Classifieds. Call (941) 206-1200 Make Some Quick Cash! (941) 429-3110 A UCTIONS6020 JACK ROBILLARD, Auctioneers & Appraisers (941)-575-9758 A RTS A ND CRAFTS6025 ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS and plants, 2 boxes $10 941-235-1910 A UDUB O N N O RTH AMERICAN bird prints 6 prints $60 941-497-7230 DOLLS6027 AMERICAN GIRL J ose fi na Wood Table & chairs $100 941-474-0109 ABargainHunters Delight Checkthe ClassifiedsFirst! AWhole Marketplaceof Shoppingisrightat your Fingertips! GULF COVE /SGC G A R A G E S A L E S6014 FRI .SAT . 9 : 30 4 13662 Allamanda Cir. (776 to 771 toward Boca Grande, Left on Keyston, Right on Zorn, Right on Allamanda) Household, Some Furniture, Antiques & MORE! A UCTIONS6020 PUBLIC AUCTION Headquarters of Body Central Corp Tues. March 10th at 10AM 6225 Powers Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32217 Huge Sale! Vehicles, Forklifts, 50+ offices consisting of furniture, office equipment, computers, laptops, IT equipment, warehouse items & much more! 15%-18% BP Live/Online Assignment Case #16-2016-CA-000213XXXX-MA (800) 840-BIDS AB-1098 AU-3219 Eric Rubin NEEDCASH? ROTONDAA R EA G A R A G E S A L E S6008 SAT 8 2 30 A nnapo li s L n. Multi-Family Sale. Table Saw, Push Mower (Nearly New), Chain Saw, Fencing, Home Furn, Misc, Hand-Crafted Primitives, Household Goods & Much More THUR S FRI S AT 250 Sportsman Road $1/ea XL mens shirts, 2x & 3x womens blouses. New room size carpet remants, tools, silk trees, and much more. THURS .SAT ., 8AM 3PM, 196 Caddy Rd. 2 FAMILY SALE! furniture, riding lawn mower, 1000s of items. V E NICE A R EA G A R A G E S A L E S6011 C HARITY G ARAGE S ALE ! VENICEPRESBYTERIANCHURCH! SAT. MARCH7, 8-2, 825 Rialto. Household, Clothing, Tools, Sports, Furniture, & Much More! AdvertiseToday! FRI., MAR. 6 , 9 -1, S AT., MAR. 7, 8-2. Ladies Aux. of the Knights of Columbus 512 Substation Rd. (turn off 41 at Burger King) G ARA G E S ALE 2 11 2 MATTAMY CT MISC FURNITURE, PICTURES, AND TOOLS. P UNT A GORDA G A R A G E S A L E S6007 SAT . 8 4 24500 C a b ana Rd. Burnt Store Lakes Household, HD Clothing & Access., & Other Misc. THU-FRI 9 3 51 0 Marlin S t Sleigh Bed Bedroom Set, Living Room Set, 3 Pc Entertainment Set, Oak Dining Set, Wine Cabinet, Lots of Misc And Tools. THURS FRI8 3 . 3781 Hidden Valley Circle Punta Gorda, FL. Movin g Sale! ADVERTISE! ROTONDAA R EA G A R A G E S A L E S6008 FRIS AT 8 -4 7 G ol f view Rd. Washer & Dryer, Range, Ref., Tools & Household Furn, Kitchen Items, Pool Equipt. FRI. & SAT. 8am-1pm 17 Sportsman Rd. Held by the Ladies Missionary Support Group, First Baptist Chuch of Boca Grande, Old Town New 15` Canoe, Rototiller. Glasstop Coffee Table, Microwave, Upholstered Benches & MORE!! ALL Proceeds to Benefit Missionary Support! FRI., 8 am-1pm 38 S portsman Terr. Large Amount of Household Goods, Small Appliances & MORE! P UNT A GORDA G A R A G E S A L E S6007 FRI SAT 8 2 . 502 South Drive Punta Gorda, Florida. Small item YARD SALE! FRI-SAT 8-37 HOMES IN WOODLAND ESTATES. 25270 Roland Lane. 33955. Follow Bright GreenSigns on Burnt Store Rd. to Harborside Blvd. Vintage Hshld., Stained Glass, Glasstop Patio Set, Sm. Kitchen Appl., Wine Fridge, Saddles, Sm. Animal Cages/Carriers, Rabbits & Hutch, Kimono, Collector`s Sun-Bromeliads, Blackberry Phones, Bike, Toys & MORE!! FRI .SAT . 8 am? 600 T a hi t i Ct. 33950 ESTATE SALE! Furniture, Glassware, Fishing Equip., Gun, & MUCH MORE! FRI.S AT. 8 AM3 PM 45 2 1 Pelican Point Dr. Tools Christmas Items, Collectables, Household & MUCH MORE! RIVER FOREST VILLAGE 4300 Riverside Dr Trash & Treasures Sale! Saturday March 7th 8AM-1PM Household, Furniture, & More! SAT 9 1 4000 B a l H ar b or Blvd. Apt 424. MOVING SALE! Chairs Household, Kitchen. Much Etc. SAT 9 2 . 311 Gill S t. F urn., books, clothes, household misc. NO EARLY BIRDS. S AT MAR C H 7, 9 -4 4 088 Duncan Rd. 3,000 Sq Ft Indoor .Multi-Estate Sale. 1 Day Only. Antiques, Fishing, Tools, Clothing, Furniture, Collectibles. Too Much To Mention! SAT ONLY . 8 2 . 3615 Towhee Court. House dcor, furniture & MORE!!!!!! S AT.73 411 E. C harlotte Ave. First Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. Household, Commercial, Jewelry, Tools, Clothes. BBQ Starts at 11am. SAT . 8 1 S out h Sh ores Annual Treasure Sale Joins Burnt Store Marina Sale! (located next to Cass Cay Restaurant) NEEDAJOB? CHECKTHE CLASSIFIEDS! S AT. 8 -1 2 4 0 1 West Henry St. CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPARD. Furn., clothing, toys, elect., & Book Sale!! SAT. 8AM-NOON PG CHAMBER CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE 401 TAYLOR ST. & 225 W. VIRGINIA AV. PARKING LOT OF CENTENNIAL BANK & KOCH & COMPANY CPAS. P T. CH A RLOTTE /DEEP CREEK GA R A G E S A L E S6006 SAT . 9 3 26390 Vill a M ar i a Dr. CRAFT SALE! Punches, Stamps, Cricut, Dies, Books & MUCH MORE! S ATURDAY 8 2 309 1 Newbury St Garage sale. Harley Davidson Collectibles, Under Cabinet White Whirlpool Microwave, Stiga Ping-Pong Table, Misc. Household Items. THU-SAT 7:30AM 20295 Benton Ave. Huge Yard Sale, Something For Everyone! THUS AT 9 6 1 3 4 86 Jaeger Ave. HUGE SALE! John Deer Lawn Mower, Pressure Washer, Mantis, Tools, Clothing, Pictures, Bedding, Fans, Recliners, Lots of Misc. THU.-FRI. 8 2 22302 Augusta Ave. Books, RV Mirrors, Antiques & Much More! THUR.S AT. 9 AM-1PM 21363 Meehan Ave. Fishing rods, golf clubs, antiques, wicker, Dvds, CDs, Fishing boat. THURSDAY ONLY 8-? 1225 Joplin Ave NW. Furniture, Glassware, This N That. GETRESULTS USECLASSIFIED! P UNT A GORDA G A R A G E S A L E S6007 ALLIGATOR PARK ANNUAL YARD SALEFri.-Sat. March 13-14th 8-1. 6400 Taylor Rd. Lunch Served 11-1. Outside Vendors Welcome. Call 941-639-7222. FRI & S AT. 9 2 . 1741 Suzi Street. Tools, Marine, Auto, household, misc., March 6 & 7th, 9am 2pm FRI. 8-12 & SAT. 8-10 2601 Rio Grande. ESTATE SALE Assisted by the Isles Girls & Guys. (Dir: West on Aqui Esta; turn left on Coronado; turn Right on Rio Grande) Dining Room Table & 6 chairs; Server; Drum Table; Swivel Rocker; Chairs; Lamps; 4 Kitchen Chairs; Small Appliances; Microwave; Waterford; Hoffman Koos Twin Beds; Desk; Dresser & Mirror; Night Table; Bookcase; Grill; Lanai Set; Clothing; King Headboard w/Twin Beds; TV Stand; Chlorine; MIscellaneous Kitchen & Garage Items. Buyers are responsible for removal of all purchased items. Our Cashier has a list of independent movers.


Page 16 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 S TERE O SO NY 2 5 0 w in cabinet nice system $125 810-2829154 STREAMING PLAYER R o k u HD , like new $25 941-5056290 T . V . / VCR C om b o 13 T os hib a $29 941-549-2682 TV 4 2 S AM S UN G Flat screen works well upsized $245 941276-1881 TV PR O JE C TI O N 5 2 in mitsubi good picture $100 810282-9154 TV S ANY O2 5 good picture $25 941-473-0077 TV SO NY 5 2 Projector TV perfect $199 941-763-2581 V INYL T O C D TEA CG F3 5 0 makes it easy, VGC $195 931841-2666 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT6060 COMP . CURVE TABLE Hi g h back chair $100 718-9863608 DRIVE BA C KUP 1 60G B $2 5 941-637-7993 H O T S P O T Verizon Jet Pack $65 941-979-5134 KEYB O ARD/M O U S E C ordless $10 941-637-7993 LAPTOP TOSHIBA i3 1.80ghz,240ssd,6gb,win7 $300 941-626-0266 M O NIT O R A C ER 1 9 excellent condition $65 941-979-5134 PRINTER All in one. Print,scan, fax copy. $25 941-637-7993 ROUTER Li n k sys Wi re l ess B,2.4 GHz $20 941-505-6290 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 ASSO RTED JEWELRY your choice $4 941-467-2534 CLOTHING men s / woman s mint pants,tops more $3 941639-1517 DRE SS JA C KET S (2) leather mens new,choice $45 941467-2534 JA C KET mens denim Harley Davidson XL $30 941-4672534 JA C KET Womens Blk Leather Hip length, size S $8 941-8301531 JA C KET W O MEN S LEATHER SMALL $50 941-467-2534 LEATHER CO AT Black Ladies Full Length Sz small $75 941766-9138 LEATHER JA C KET G reySuade/cotton large $10 941445-5619 LEVI JACKET Wi nter M ens, Like New Size L $95 941-5057755 PRAYER SHAWL j ew i s h s il ver &white lg. $15 941-286-1170 WEDDING GOWN s i ze 14 2 piece london uk $260 941268-7571 WEDDING GOWN S z 2 4.Lace/Satin. $35 941-8301531 WOOL COAT MEN L ong, large,best quality $50 941875-9519 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 WANTED Old postcards (Pre 1950s), Stamp collections, old photographs and paper items. Collector pays highest prices. 207-7126216 or 941-493-4714 ALWAYS BUYING ANTIQUES, ART, SILVER NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUES (941) 639-9338 FURNITURE6035 SOFA & LOVESEAT I vory w/tapestry pillows exc $349 obo 609-350-2655 SO FA & L O VE S EAT muted f loral, very good condition. $95 for both 262-388-3559 PG SO FA & L O VE S EAT Tan. Palliser leather. $495 941-6377855 SOFA 100 x 34 cream /fl ora l , comfy $40 330-718-4764 SO FA FABRI C /LEATHER, bamboo trim $500 941-9141770 SOFA fl ower D es i gn new,72x38light col $160 718-986-3608 SO FA Leather, cream color good condition $150 651-4854984 SOFA Li g h t B urgun d y N ew, m i crofiber 2pillow $240 718986-3608 SOFA p l a id -non-smo k er $50 941-258-0810 SOFA TABLE All wood, 60X16X30 $100 941-681-6417 SO FA, G ENUINE Leather, Brown. Pillowed arms, beautiful cond., $1200 Value, Sell for $450, OBO 941-214-5173 TABLE & 4CHAIRS Lik e new $300 715-551-6890 TABLE &4CHAIRS w /l ea f $30 941-426-4151 TABLE 6C HR S glass top White Wicker 45x74 $295 937-4695113 TABLE g l ass r d 30 w /2 meta l chairs vgc $75 941-697-8732 TABLE HI T O P 4 0 granite, 2 stools $300 941-914-1770 TABLE roun d g l ass 42b amboo Frame $60 718-9863608 TABLE SET w i t h 4 c h a i rs, Light Solid Oak. With Leaf $150 941-423-6278 TELEVI S I O N S TAND In dark wood. $50 941-629-5418 TV ARMOIRE Great shape. Can deliver. $100 941-879-3334 TV CABINET Whi te L aqure f or 60 TV $50 941-486-0189 TV S TAND WITH DRAW S WICKER LOOK $25. 231-5479382 TV TABLE M o d ern w i t h g l ass shelves $45 941-893-7440 TWIN BED (1) S et 6 pc li te oa k Exc. $400 941-258-1592 ELECTRONICS6038 CD/DVD PLAYER sony $20 941-698-9798 CO MPA C T DI SC PLAYER model cd-1493 sm/fm $40 941-227-0676 DVD/CD PLAYER/VIDEO Magnovox(Sarasota $29 941549-2682 DVD/VIDEO PLAYER T os hib a works great $40 941-6282616 FLEX U S B CO NNE C T IN S PE C TION CAMERA $50 714-5992137 IPOD SHUFFLE 2GB , green, new cond. $10 941-626-9027 OUTDOOR WIRELESS SPEAKERS NIB $75 941-876-1923 SONY CDP CX400 system 400 CD disc capacity $50 941830-8589 TV 57BI G SC REEN /DVD System great $375 941-6269027 TV CABINET Whi te L acquer f or 60 TV $50 941-486-0189 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 HOME THEATER SYSTEM Pioneer 5.1 Nice $100 941-493-6309 FURNITURE6035 DRESSER 70W31H , BRN wd/rattan tr 6drws/1 ctr dr $100 941-474-3194 DRE SS IN G TABLE & S T OO L White Wicker $200 941-6390975 END TABLE dk wd 28wx24h/shelves,wheels EXC $50 941-474-3194 END TABLE/CANE d rs 28x28x21h/inner storage EXC $50 941-474-3194 ENDTABLES , 2 center ta bl e glass,mahogany $75 786306-6335 END TABLES TWO 24 no drawers $30 941-876-3979 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 3 pcs/whitewash $199 941-275-5837 FL OO R S EAT S 2 leather round, red & blue $120 941429-8221 FUTON COUCH f u ll s i ze woo d frame, Forrest green color $50. 231-547-9382 GLIDER ROCKER li g h t b e i ge exc cond $45 941-426-8393 GLIDER ROCKER/GLIDER STOOL blue exc cond $55 941-426-8393 HEADBOARD f u ll s i ze ? $50 941-879-3334 HUT C H 2 pieces solid light oak $400 941-697-6553 HUT C H DE S K 4 drawers, 2 shelves. $200 941-629-5418 IBUYFURNITURE Or anything of value! 941-485-4964 JAZZY SELECT6 , f our w h ee l s, about 2 yrs old, rarely used. $475 651-491-3784 LAMPS w / L amps h a d es $40 717-829-6525 LANAI CHAIRS O ut d oor L azyboy 2 Tan $150 941-7356595 LIFT C HAIR C ATNAPPER tan leather $450 708-860-6055 LOVE SEAT L aZ B oy, M a k es a Twin Bed. Never used. $200 941-697-5908 L O VE S EAT LT.Brown, exc. cond. $100 941-764-9471 L O VE S EAT, FABRI C greenish/good condition $99 941-275-5837 MATTRESS & BOX . New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 MATTRESS TWIN XL S erta IComfort Genius $499 941698-9899 MIRROR h a lf moon 35 x 75i n $35 941-763-2581 PARSONCHAIRS (8) cr me color, like new $400 941-4298221 PARSON CHAIRS 8 ,cr me clean & well Kept $400 941429-8221 PATI O C HAIR C U S HI O N S 4. 18Dia Olive Green $25 941-379-5586 PATI O C HAIR S (S arasota ) Four $29 941-549-2682 PATIO CHAIRS 2 w i t h cus h ions 1 rocker $50 941-4752777 PATIO UMBRELLA/BASE New Call for info $90 941979-8108 PI C TURE S (2) & LAMP S GO LF THEME $10/ea. 231-5479382 RECLINER E xce ll ent con di t i on ..cranberry color fabricBest Co. $100 941-473-9597 RE C LINER Lazy Boy. $35 941-629-8138 RE C LINER Micro f iberextra plush. Nice. $50 941-7661536 R OC KIN G C HAIR S table base, solid beech $125 941-4730077 S LEEPER SO FA & L O VE S EAT Very Good Condition $150 330-506-3429 S LEEPER/ SO FA FL O RAL 3 piece sectional $500 708860-6055 FURNITURE6035 BED (2) TWIN WHITE HEADBOARDS FRAMES $160 910-612-1272 BED MATTRESS & BOX . New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BENCH SEAT W/CUSHION hand painted $350 941-4298221 BOOKCASE 6 x 5 custom built $195 941-815-8218 BOOKCASE OPEN p l ywoo d $10 941-475-2777 BOXSPRING REGULAR s i ze Good condition. $10 941423-7771 CHAIR AND OTTOMAN Oversized 1 1/2 person $350 717-829-6525 CHAIR WICKER an d cus hi on Like new. $20 941-766-1536 CHAISE LOUNGE U p h o l stered;rose & Floral $100 941-575-9800 C HINA C ABINET glass shelves, lighted $399 941-3915263 COFFEE TABLE 36 w 8 s id e pedstl whtgr fx marb VGC $75 941-474-3194 COFFEE TABLE Beveled glass / 50X25X15 $99 941-681-6417 CO U C H & C hair Lzboy Recliners Ltr Md Br $300 941-7400248 COUCH &LOVESEAT bl ue green brown stripe $95 941426-8393 COUCH & LOVESEAT use d $30 941-426-4151 COUCH AND CHAIR Bl on d e wicker $415 717-829-6525 COUCH cocoa b rown exc cond. $135 941-426-8393 COUCH L azy B oy. E n d R ec li ners $50 941-629-8138 COUCH , FABRIC 90X36X36/blue/delivery $199 941-275-5837 CO U C H, LZB O Y, Light Brown Leather, ends recline, discoloration where people sit. Like exc. cond $250 941-629-9827 COUCH , RED , FAUX SUEDE 83x36x32 $149 941-275-5837 DESK c h erry woo d h as 8 d rawers $65 941-445-2078 DE S K DR O P lea f 3 drawers 42w x 41h $299 941-5648757 DESK WITH HUTCH an d d raws includes chair $25. 231-5479382 DINETTE S ET 5 piece, Bamboo 48 Glass Top, 4 chairs, Green . exc. cond. $125 941-627-9451 DINETTE S ET 5pcs. Wrought Iron, Chairs on Casters. $250 941-637-1628 DINETTE SET WOOD CHAIRS & TABLETOP $150 941-681-6417 DININ G R OO M S ET rect + (8) clean chairs $500 941-4298221 DINING SET 36 roun d table/4 chairs/wood $250 941-681-6417 DINING SET 48 g l ass, 4 pad.chairs,off white,exc. $225 941-505-2973 DINING SET All glass table/six wood chairs $349 941-275-5837 DININ G S ET outdoor resin f urniture $200 941-681-6417 DINING SET T a bl e & 4 c h a i rs, wood top, black legs, Good cond. $50 231-547-9382 DININ G S ET with 6 cushioned chairs Nice. $150 941-7661536 DININ G TABLE C hina C hairwood glass $400 239-2209948 DININ G TABLE/ 6C HAIR S 2 leafs $200 239-220-9948 DINNING ROOMTABLE 6 CHAIRS $400 941-697-6553 DRE SS ER & MIRR O R bamboo SALE $225 941-7632581 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 MATTRESS , QUEEN & BOX . Brand New Will Sell $175. Also Have KING. 941-629-5550 MIRR O R 44 x 2 4 vertical $30 941-627-6542 MIRRORS 36 x 30 , 30 x 24 , 26x21, each $39 941-3915263 MIXING BOWL , Fi re Ki ng. 4 qt. New.Glass. Nice. $10 941-421-9984 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: and place your ad. Click on Click Here to Place Your Ad Now and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT 5 FREE ADS PER WEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** N ee d to Pl ace a Classified Ad? Enter your Classified ad and pay with your credit card 24 hours a day, 7 days week PI C TURE, LAR G E. Palm Tropical plants 32x25 $35 941-356-0129 POPCORN MACHINE R etro. New in Box. $60 941-421-9984 RADIANT BARRIER Foil Insulation 4 x 250 $109 941-441-0252 R O B O TI C VA C UUM cleaner with charger $20 941-2270676 RU GS brns.blk,grn.4 to choose.(area rugs) 5x7. $65 941-235-2203 SEWING MACHINE f u ll y f unctional $45 941-475-2777 SO AP DI S PEN S ER in counter Brand new. $15 941-5051811 STEAM VACUUM HOOVER plus used $50 941-637-4668 SWIMMING POOL LOUNGE Like new. $70 941-876-3908 V A C UUM C LEANER Eureka, 12 amps $25 941-914-1770 V A C UUM Dirt Devil swivel glide very gd con $25 330506-3429 VANITY TOPSINK , f aucet 42x22 composite beige $140 718-986-3608 HOLIDAYITEMS6031 S ANTA COO KIEJAR on the in box. $30 941235-2203 FURNITURE6035 A NTI Q UE SO LID Wood Night Stand need finish $40 941223-7446 ARMOIRE CABINET S o lid oa k , Amish made $100 941-6254363 ARMOIRE CHERRY fi n. TV/closet/shelves $150 941624-0364 A UDI O CO N SO LE Radio/Record/Tape. $70 941629-5418 BARTOOLS 2 woo d 29 .c l ot h seats.ex.c. $70 941-235-2203 BAUMRITTER HUT C H Ethan Allen. Can Deliver. $300 941-879-3334 DOLLS6027 AMERICAN GIRL Ki ts D ay B e d Retired + bedding $100 941474-0109 ASHLEY BELLE D o ll s H orace & Juice; New in Box $20 941575-9800 D O LL A SSO RTED 1 6 $10 each 941-227-0676 MADAME ALEX blk cheerleader-ex cond $20 941-2580810 MR W O NDERFUL orig box $3 5 941-764-1503 MOVINGSALES 6029 M O VIN G S ALE By Appt Only. 87 Toyota Supra, Furniture, Household, All MUST GO! CASH ONLY. 941-698-1075 M O VIN G S ALE! TV S tand, S amsung TVs (46, 32, 19), Coffee Table, Accent Stands, 8x10 Rug, Pictures. All Like New. Best Offer. 330-962-2578 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 AS IANPrints ( 4 ) Matted & framed $30 941-627-6542 BAMBOO SHEETS N ew, Full, Queen, King. $40 941-421-9984 BEAN POT W/BOWLS BROWN $25 941-505-0094 BED MATTRESS & BOX . New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BED S KIRT king, beige stripe by Country Curtains $35 941625-4363 BED SKIRTS pa i r, new, b y Country Curtains $40 941625-4363 BEDDING Ki ng S prea d Pill ows Palm Prnt $100 941-7356595 BLANKET Q UEEN/FULL White thermal, silky border $8 941-276-1881 BREAD MA C HINE G ood condition. $15 239-537-2037 C ANDLE & V O TIVE/H O LDER S All different as new 12 $19 941-276-1881 CANISTERS(4) BLUE g l ass /Sil ver rooster tps $30 941-6240364 CEILING LIGHT TIFFANY STYLE 60D, NICE! $120 910-612-1272 CHAIR f o ldi ng carry case cuphold turqoise Unused $10 941-276-1881 CHINA SET 64 p i ece set made in W.Germany. $100 941-575-6332 COMFORTER , Ki ng 2 s h amsbedskirt, 3 valances. $40 717679-3819 COMPLETE BATH access linens silk plnt 14pc $59 941276-1881 CO RNER S H O WER MARBLE base Beige used. $100 941497-6271 DISH SET 15 pcs $12 . 00 ; Sil ver ware $6.00; Carpet Brand new $25.00 941-423-7771 DISH SET SANGO , 16 pc setting $20 941-637-9201 FAN ta bl e or fl oor $20 941 227-0676 FIESTA DISHES p i n k . 49 pcs. ex, cond. 8pl.s. $145 941-2352203 FL O RAL WREATH Multi-colored.Perfect yr round $25 717-829-6525 F O LDIN G C HAIR S 4 oak $20 each 941-227-0676 GRILL NATHANS El ectr i c. 10x14. $7 941-830-1531 IR O N G E C HR O ME VINTA G E XCD MANY SETTINGS $10 941-286-4894 LAMP S 233 hand painted palm tree $99 941-356-0129 LAT C H H OO KEDRU G new 3x5 1/2, $275 978-4076199


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 17 PHOTOGRAPHY/ VIDEO6140 TELAPHOTO CAMERA C ase 35mm case. New $20 941505-6290 POOL/SPA/ & SUPPLIES6145 **SPAS & MORE** new/used 110volt Plug ins. Trade ins Welcome! We Move Hot Tubs 941-625-6600 We Buy Used Hot Tubs FLOATING POOL LOUNGE Like new, $200 new. $70 941-876-3908 HOT TUB SEATS 5, WITH LOUNGER AND MAINTENANCE FREE CABINET. 110 OR 220 VOLT. CAN DELIVER $1,895 941-462-0633 P OO LFILTER HAYWARDModel C9002 good shape $100 941-575-1755 LAWN & GARDEN6160 22 G A S M O WER, 1 2 5 P S I air comp, lawn sprinklers, lawn trimmer $100all 941-875-9352 BB Q Webber. $45 941-889-7146 C u ddl e up b y t h e fi re ! Firewood Split, Bundled and ready for the firepit! Pine, Oak, or Citrus, 941-468-4372 ED G ER B @ D elec hduty new $25 941-276-0814 LAWN S PREADER very good cond. $20 941-426-7103 LAWN TRIMMER cra f tsman, electric $25 941-979-0412 PI C NI C TABLE Like New, G lass Top, Metal Table, 40X66 with 4 armchairs $45 941-830-8215 P O WER S WEEP Toro , electric, good cond. $25 941-9790412 P O WER WA S HER S tanley, electric $25 941-979-0412 PRE SS UREWA S HER excell 2400psi Honda 5hp $220 941485-0681 PU S H M O WER MTD PU S H Mower Like New $100 941485-0681 PU S HM O WER, C RAFT S MAN 21 6.75hp $150 941-485-0681 RIDIN G M O WER S NAPPER 11hp 30 cut $200 941-4850681 TABLE & CHAIRS ETC . Wrought iron 6 pieces $165 941-585-8149 TOP SOIL F or S a l e ! Pl eas e call: 941-468-4372 WEEDEATER 18V BAT & CHARGER ONLY X CD $10 941-286-4894 W EEDEATER gas (f eatherlite )) $75 941-626-4274 STORAGE SHEDS/ BUILDINGS6165 WEATHER KING PORTABLE BUILDINGS Purchase or Rent To Own! Free Delivery & Set Up. Ask Your Dealer, Mattas Motors About Options 941-916-9222 FIREARMS6131 BLA C K S EA M O DEL 5 9 mm. Brand New, Never used. $500 (516)-457-8772 BUYING WW II Memorabilia & GunsU.S., Nazi, Japanese Call Eric 941-624-6706 GUN & KNIFE SHOWVFW Post #7721 8 00 Neffs Way Naples, FL. Sat 03/07 9-5pm and Sun 03/08 9-4pm. CWP Classes $49.95 Admission$6.00 per Day or $8.00 for a Two Day pass. FREE PARKING (239)-223-3370 S I G 20 22 . Tac Pac, 9 mm Stainless Steel. Night Sight, Light/laster. 2 mags, holster, 2 grips.$760 CCP 941-628-1219 S TEYER 4 0 S& W. Witness tang 40 S&W s/s. Ruger 10/22 s/s. $550 ea 941-391-3528. FIREARMS ACCESSORIES6132 G UN C ABINET O ak, w/ etched glass front light and lock $120 941-456-3388 BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 BICYCLE M ans 26 10 sp d Beach Cruiser $50 941-6252779 BICYCLES (2)H u ff y cru i sers 24 in exc. shape $100 941625-2227 BICYCLES tw i n a d u l t $135 941-460-8507 BIKE 20GIRLS Sl um b er P arty NEXT Like NEW $40 941-2688951 BIKE 2 4 C RUI S ER single speed, good cond $50 941254-0383 BIKE girls good f or 6 to 9 yr old $35 941-276-0814 BIKE g i r l s H u ff y 24W/B as k et L/N $40 941-460-8338 BIKE RACK hi tc h mount 1 1/4 Yakima $65 941-2688951 BIKE S (2) C olumbia 3 S pd. His, Hers. $40 ea. Nice! (315)-225-1896 ELE C TRI C SCOO TER Vego S600 2-wheel sitdown $295 931-841-2666 RECUMBENT BIKE Burley Limbo 24sp ex cond $400 941-743-0582 ROADMASTER MT SPORT SX LADIES 26 18 SP $35 941505-1611 TRUCYCLE ADULT b ran d new, in the box! $275 941524-1025 TOYS/GAMES6138 BARBIE DOLLSCOOTER vespa barbie doll scooter $5 941-258-0810 PHOTOGRAPHY/ VIDEO6140 CAMERA WW2 16 m / m G un Camera x cond $75 941-2769283 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 2011 club car ds Custom Built. 48 Volt New Batteries (6-8 Volt). Pearl Yellow Paint. Custom Upholstery. Fresh Tires, Charger, New Lights, SS Hubcaps, Rearview Mirror, New Windshield. Local Delivery! $3,975 941-769-1431 GOLFBALLS use d30 f or 5.00 -punta gorda $5 941258-0810 GOLF BALLS , lik e new, mixed brands, per dozen $6 941-488-7774 GOLF CLUBS C a ll away 3W , Big Bertha & 4iron $70 941743-3582 GOLF CUBS G o ld en B ear, set of 14, bag, VGC, $70 931841-2666 GO LF W OO D S G raphite 1-7 $10 each 941-625-1537 HAND CART 2 Wh ee l cart & clubs $25 941-698-4724 TRAVEL BA G LK New Huge Pocket paid $120 selling for $45 315-964-2156 TR O JAN BATTERIE S S ix used 6-volt with exchange $150 941-423-3020 EXERCISE/ FITNESS6128 EX C ER S I S E C HAIR Abdomen blue $35 941-549-2682 TOTAL GYM E xce ll ent T op o f the Line. $349 941-505-7272 TREADMILL Pro f orm C rosswalk xt nice $150 941-2688951 TREADMILL Weslo C adenceXI 14x40 w/safety $175 941254-0383 SPORTINGGOODS6130 BEAR B O W, 90 LB ARR O W S , FISHING REEL, RELEASE, PROD HEADS, & TARGET $100 941451-1734 C AMPIN G C HAIR Almost new $25 941-257-8921 CANOE COLEMAN W/TROLLING MOTOR $350 941-505-0094 FIREWOOD No camping trip is complete without it! Pine, Oak, or Citrus Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! 941-468-4372 FI S HIN GS AND S PIKE S ( 1 0) ALL FOR $25 714-599-2137 FOSSBALL TABLE $100 941 468-8690 HORSESHOE SET REGULATION SIZE USA PRO $20 941-286-4894 JER S EY Donovan Mcnabb o ff icial Redskins $40 714-5992137 MI SC S PINNIN G REEL S ALL WORK GREAT $15 714-5992137 P OO L TABLE 3 x 2 . Like new $35 941-223-8308 SEEKING LARGES a l twater Fish/Fish Mounts-real or fiber glass. Call Bill 941-416-0397 S I G NED BA S EBALL DIMA G GIO &Mays Signed 1983 . $300 941-740-3286 S PINNIN G R O D 76 F O R 1530# MONO $35 714-599-2137 FIREARMS6131 (2) 3 8 S&W 2 b arre l ; 357 Rossi 4 SS Barrel; Mossberg 410 Shot gun 18.5 All Exc. cond. For details 941-882-4580 MEDICAL6095 JAZZY P O WER C HAIR by Pride ex. cond. $475 941-2351946 KNEE SCOO TER WITH BA S KET Roscoe Medical Knee Scotter white with basket $150 941-764-1691 LIFT C HAIR Brand New. Pride. $450 Firm. 941-764-8605 SCOO TER LIFT, Bruno S pace Saver. For inside of trunk. $300/obo 941-575-9023 SHOWER CHAIR V ery goo d condition $30 941-356-0129 S H O WER C HAIR W/ARM S LIKE NEW $40 941-268-8951 SHOWERCHAIR/POTTY PVC w/WheelsHealthline $140 941-268-8951 WALKER WALKER . U se d one month. $55 941-493-7794 W HEEL C HAIR extra wide excellent condition $160 941223-7446 HEALTH / BEAUTY6100 AROMATHERAPY OIL , Judith Jackson. New 16 oz $10 941-421-9984 C RUT C HE S Aluminum 4 6 to 5 vgc $10 941-627-6542 TREES & PLANTS6110 FRUITIN G MULBERRY Bush $15 941-204-9100 HAWAIIAN TI Plant Unique TI Plant $15 941-204-9100 HU G E DE S ERTR OS E S BI G Flowering $150 941-204-9100 VIBURNUMGREATFORPRIVACYHEDGE3GAL++ PALMS: FOXTAIL, SYLVESTERPIGMY& MORE. GREAT PRICESSUISNUSURY941-488-7291 PAPAYA C ARIBBEAN Red Fruiting Papaya $10 941-2049100 S TA G H O RN FERN call f or details $100 941-475-2777 STAGHORN FERN EXTRA Large Must See $125 315790-9217 S TAR FRUITTREE S Florida $30 941-204-9100 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 EZGO TXT 2 Passenger, high Speed. NEW BATTERIES! Factory Lights, Bag rack, Windshield Rain Curtains Sand buckets. Good Bushings, cables. Fresh tires 5 panel rear view mirror Trades considered Local Delivery $2,485 941-769-1431 EZGO TXT 2 Passenger rear seat Red sparkle paint New Batteries TODAY! Lights, Windshield, Bag rack, Sunbrella Rain Curtains Sunbrella Club Cover New Bushings, cables Fresh tires, 5 panel rear view mirror Trades considered Local Delivery $2485, 941-769-1431 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 R O UTER C ra f tsman Vintage $60 941-451-3958 S ILVERC ERTFI C ATE 1 93 5 C 1 dollar collector $10 941697-6592 S WAR O V S KI C RY S TAL several items,call $69 941-391-5263 TABLE S INdark wood. $ 15 0 941-629-5418 TREADLE S EWIN G MA C HINE Vintage Singer $50 941-4513958 W ATERF O RD BI SC UIT Barrel Cookie Jar Lismore $100 941445-8958 WATERFORD SHIPS D ecanter 10, no chips $100 941-4458958 WINE GLASSES (10) B eaut if u l mint pcs. Bargain! $30 941639-1517 MUSICAL6090 BA SS AMP Fender Rumble 75 2014 $200 843-735-8912 BA SS PEDAL Boss ME5 0 B Multi Effects Pedal l $225 810689-8151 B eg i nn i ng Pi ano l essons, For Adults, 16-99, 45 min./$20 En g l. 941-468-6899 Have Fun! DELUXE MEMORY M an e l ectro harmonix $200 941-5648757 DRUM C ARRYIN GC A S E XL 32x16x24 grt 4 drum kit $55 315-964-2156 MI C R O PH O NE S EVStudio RE18 Mics $50 315-525-4476 MIKES 3SHURE MODEL PE 585 $50 941-235-3303 PA MONITORS JBL B ase d Must be Biamped $150 315-525-4476 PA S PEAKER S 4INPUT S 28 200 W KUSTOM $150 941235-3303 PA SPEAKERS Vintage Altec Must Biamp $150 315-525-4476 S PEAKER S Peavey PR-15 pair good cond $200 941-5648757 VIOLIN STRADIVARIUS f or studentBeautifully restored! $499 941-575-9800 WIND CHIMES H an d T une d new in box all three $30 941740-2774 MEDICAL6095 BATHTUB & SHOWER GRAB BARS INSTALLED Dont Wait to Fall to Call! Free In-Home Evaluation 25 Years Experience CALL JIMS BATHROOM GRAB BARS, LLC 941-626-4296 ADULT DIAPERS 18PK l a d y maxi 38-50 wst Panty $11 941-740-2774 ALUM RAMP 8` , f o ld s i n h a lf , easy to carry $200 651-491-3784 BEDSIDE COMODE N ever Used! $40 651-491-3784 CRUTCHES woo d -a dj ust ibl e $10 941-445-5619 DI G ITAL B/P cu ff with case $30 941-623-3343 HEARING AIDBATTERIES s i ze 10 45 total $25 941-6233343 HEARIN G AIDFILTER S 2 7 total $15 941-623-3343 H O VER O UND M O T O RIZED WHEELCHAIR $375 941-223-8308 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 A N SO NIA P O R C ELAIN mantle clock no case repair $280 941-223-7446 BALLANTINE BEER Cl oc k B attery operated $25 941-7648669 BELLECK SHELL C reamer T r i dacna Yellow $30 941-4458958 BELLE C K S HELL C up & Saucer Vintage Neptune $35 941-445-8958 BOAC VINTAGE ste i n T ourq. w/coat of arms $20 941-6391517 CABINET Old E ng li s h cottage cabinet $285 941-815-8218 C ARNIVAL G LA SS VA S E S mint vintage pcs. Ea $20 941-6391517 CASHMERE/BEADED SWEATERS vintage $5 941286-1170 C A S T IR O N TRIVIT Vintage BARGAIN! $20 941-639-1517 CLOCK CINCY R e d s,one o f a kind! $25 941-474-4254 C L O WN CO LLE C TI O N Many to choose from. $60 941-6295418 C L O WN CO LLE C TI O N variety, figures, pictures $39 941-3915263 CO IN 1 9 1 9 WL hal f dollar f ine collector $50 941-697-6592 CO IN 1 963 Franklin hal f dollar xf collector $25 941-6976592 COORS LIGHTMIRROR NFL Official Sponsor $35 941-7648669 COUNTRY ANTIQUES SHOWDowntown Arcadia 121 W. Oak St Mar 7th 10am-2pm. 863-494-2500 DE S K W/IR O N legs f lip top $50 941-286-1170 DIMA GG I O & Mays S igned 1983 Baseball. $300 941740-3286 DINING TABLE W 8 CHAIRS Duncan Phyfe Good $499 941-575-9800 D O LL S W OO D and cloth with crochet dress $85 941-8158218 DRE SS ER 5 drawers. Walnut ex.c. $395 941-235-2203 DR O PLEAF TABLE 1 8 4 0 s table and 5 chairs $450 941575-9918 DRY S INK dark wood w / drawer $225 941-815-8218 EARNHARDT S R. S tand up. Cardboard. $20 941-764-8669 FANTAUTIC OAK h a ll seat $430. Cherry china cupboard $180. 941-421-4646. FLY TRAP GLASSS 29 diff er ent $300 941-286-3625 FLYTRAPSGLASS 29 Diff er ent $300 941-286-3625 G EI S HA G IRL P O R C ELAIN CUPS/SAUCERS&CRMR $35 941-505-0094 HEINEKEN W OO DEN S H O E S one pair. $25 941-764-8669 KITCHEN HUTCH sma ll w i t h etched glass $225 941-8158218 LICENSE PLATES NY , CN,TX,FL,MORE &up $10 941697-6592 MI C HEL O B ULTRAMIRR O R 2 Bike riders $20 941-764-8669 MILK GLASS FRUIT BOWL/PITCHER/GLASSES $25 941-505-0094 MIRROR , GOLD LEAF 23X27 $50 941-497-7230 MULTI FACEDVASE 10 very different $100 941-445-8968 MURAN O G LA SS clown tumbler/juggler $30 941-4743194 O LD F O UNTAINPEN S REPAIRED, BOUGHT, SOLD & TRADED. Call 941-743-7183 O X-Y O KE 1 00 year old hand carved vintage $75 941-6976592 SAMSONITE ROUND su i tcase faux alligator leather $40 941497-7230


Page 18 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 BUICK7020 2002 BUICK LESABRE 92K MI! $5,295 941-916-9222 DLR 2003 BUICK REGAL 4 D oor Good Looking, Great Running Rebuilt Trans. Good Tires & Brakes. $1,650. 941-505-8258 2005 BUICK LESABRE Custom, 59K miles $7,995 941-916-9222 DLR 20 1 2 BUI C K LA C R OSS E FWD PREM 3. 38K MI $18,988 855-242-9258 DLR CADILLAC7030 200 4 C ADILLA C DEVILLE 84K MI $5,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2006 C ADILLA C C T S 4DR LTHR 92K MI $9,897 855-481-2060 DLR 2006 C ADILLA C DT S 49K MI $10,990 855-280-4707 DLR 200 7 C ADILLA C DT S 4DR V8 LTHR 94K MI $9,785 855-481-2060 DLR 2014 CADILLAC ELR NAV 2,338 MI $47,990 855-280-4707 DLR CHEVY7040 1978 CHEVY EL-CAMINO Good Cond., Runs Good. 74K MI $3,500 941-627-4437 1999 CHEVY CAMARO, 11,050 mi, Conv SS, 320 HP, 6-sp man tran. Pristine!, $20,000 941-204-3612 1999 CORVETTE CONV. 6 SPD Z51 New Tires & Wheels $19,500 941-374-2562 200 7 C HEVR O LET HHR 100K MI. $4,900/offer. Trades up or Down. 734-552-6173 200 7 C HEVY M O NTECARLO 44K MI $9,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2008 CHEVROLET MALIBU LS, 4 cyl, auto, a/c, 112K, exc cond. $4950 941-650-5785 dlr 2008 CHEVY HHR LT 55K MI $10,987 855-481-2060 DLR 20 11 C HEVY IMPALA 34K MI $13,987 855-481-2060 DLR 2014 CHEVY CAMARO CONV 14K MI $26,989 855-242-9258 DLR 20 11 C HEVY C AMAR O COUPE 2SS 17K MI $26,988 855-242-9258 DLR CHRYSLER7050 05 CHRYSLER PT-CRUISER 2.4L TURBO CONV. 63,500 MI, Beautiful condition & maintained, always garaged. Automatic top, mechanics simple and quick. Osprey, $5,450/obo **SOLD!** MISCELLANEOUS6260 JFK BOOKS P res id ents statues $15 941-445-5619 LANTERN P OS T LI G HT READY TO INSTALL $19 941763-2581 LEAD MELTER 20 # cap. $150 941-624-4244 MA SS A G E TABLE case w wheels ec cond $125 941-2760814 N . C . STATE FLAG 3 x 5 100% nylon new $25 941-426-4151 N. C . S TATE FLA G 3 x5 1 00% nylon new $25 941-426-4151 NY YANKEES fl ag 3 x 5 new $20 941-426-4151 POKER CHIPS 500 c l ay P ro f . 5 colors w/case $55 941698-4724 P O R C H S WIN G Amish Built Oak High Back $150 941-8763979 PR O PANE G A S TANK S call Joe in Venice $30 941-493-6271 PR O PANE TANK 20 lb. f or barbecue grill $25 941-379-5586 RECORD ALBUM COVERS all kinds of Music. .50 Cent s each. Bulk Sale! 941-496 9252 RECORD COLLECTION includes album covers 5 0 cents each. Entire collection. 941-496-9252 SAMSONITE SUITCASE G oo d condition wheeled $18 941268-7571 S HELVE S HD f reestanding adj ustable $15 941-585-8149 SIGNED BASEBALL DIMAG GIO &Mays Signed in case. $300 941-740-3286 S UIT C A S E/W WHEEL S 22 blue $15 941-623-3343 S UIT C A S E/W WHEEL S 2 4 black $25 941-623-3343 TERRARIUM FI S HTANK 20X12x10 diff shells $45 941-698-4724 TIRE GOO DYEAR EA G LE R S A P215/55R17 $20 941-6247972 V H S TAPE S -M O VIE S Many to choose from $1 941-4455619 WANTED LAWNMOWERS DEAD OR ALIVE. Also used parts. Call 941-276-1765. WORKLIGHT Halogen Doub bulb 700watt $17 941-474-4254 WANTED TO BUY/TRADE6270 HAMMOCK FRAME 941-484-6086 WANTED : JEWELRY G ra d e Black Sharks Teeth. Call Mike 941-650-3030 7000TRANSPORTATION AUTOMOTIVE7005 WE BUY CARS Top Dollar for your car or truck Call us today BUICK7020 2000 BUI C K RE G AL L S 61K miles, $5,995 941-916-9222 dlr APPLIANCES6250 VACUUM CLEANER Hoover Elite. Lifetime filter $60 717-829-6525 WATER HEATER use d t h ree months $300 941-875-9806 W INE COO LER Holds 8 bottles, Black, Nice $30 941-379-5586 MISCELLANEOUS6260 BATHTUB & SHOWER GRAB BARS INSTALLED Dont Wait to Fall to Call! Free In-Home Evaluation 25 Years Experience CALL JIMS BATHROOM GRAB BARS, LLC 941-626-4296 1 T O NH O I S T construction workers use this $75 941445-5619 AFFORDABLE SMOKES$1.30/PACK$13./CARTON ROLLYOUROWNATHOME! TOPBRANDTOBACCOS, TUBES, CASES, RYO MACHINES& PARTSVAPOR E-CIGS E-LIQUIDMADEINUSA LOW PRICES! ROLL A PACK TOBACCO 2739 Taylor Rd. P.G. 941-505-2233 A IR PURIFIER austin health mate 1500 sq ft $125 941625-7900 BAMBOO POLES 2 1/4 to 1 dia x 8+ long $3 941-4266759 BASEBALL TICEKTS (2) RED SOXVS NY METS 3/16 JET BLUE $60 941-276-1354 BASEBALL TICKETS (2) RED SOXvs nyy jet blue 3/13 $75 each 941-276-1354 BASEBALL TICKETS (2) RED SOXVS TWINS SAT 3/7 $40 EA 941-276-1354 BA S EBALL TI C KET S (3) RED VSMETS JET BLUE 3/16 GMSR $30 941-276-1354 BASEBALL TICKETS (4) RED SOXVS RAYS 3/28 $50 each 941-276-1354 BBQ LIGHT Wi t h Cl amp ! $18 941-474-4254 BUDDAH S TATUE S ITTIN G Concrete 18H in-out door $45 941-698-4724 BUFFALO NY Ci rca 1840 s reprints 3,mat/frame $20 941255-0874 BUFFER C AR waxer $ 15 9 41276-0814 CARRYING BAG 39 x 16 x 20 great for decoys etc. $45 315964-2156 CHARTS W aterproo f Ch.Hbr/Wigg Pass,25x48 $15 941-505-6290 CHARTS W aterproo f F t. M yr. to Tampa 25x48 $15 941505-6290 CHIMES new l g se l ect. to $10 $2 941-426-4151 CO RAL BRAIN 20 lbs 1 0 x 12 $45 941-698-4724 DEHUMIDIFER KENMORE 50 pint $80 941-876-3979 EL C AIR M O VER $30 941-743-0582 FIREWOOD Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! Perfect for these cooler nights! Pine, Oak, Citrus 941-468-4372 GENERATOR 6500 BLACKMAX 5 GALS TANK. $300 941-6976553 GENERATOR TROY BILT 5000 watt, never used $350 941-637-4668 G RILL gas charbroil large 2 burner propane $75 941-2540383 PETSUPPLIES & SERVICES6236 CAGE , KENNEL , LARGE metal,quality $55 786-3066335 C R OS BY S ADDLE close contact 17-must see! $425 941268-5088 D OG C RATE with tray exc. 30x24x21 Arcadia $35 863993-1941 ENGLISH GIRTH L eat h er Gi rt h 48 1 side elastic $39 941268-5088 KENNEL Navy blue hard shell plastic kennel. Dem. 20x30x20 $30 269-365-7414 LIFE JACKET PET LIFE C r i tters Inflatable NEW Size M $35 941-505-7272 PET B OO K S Q ty 1-1 00 Dog, Cat, Horse, $1 & up 843-7358912 PET CONTAINMENT Wi re l ess Pet fence $75 941-740-4300 APPLIANCES6250 A / C 3 Ton C ondensing Unit $300 941-743-0134 A PPLIAN C E S ET Dishwasher, Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator. $350/all 941-764-8605 DRYER , KENMORE $100 941-257-8921 ELECTRIC RANGE , GE . New Free Standing, Black, Self-Clean, Glass top, more. $445 717-659-0146 ENCOREAPPLIANCES 4155 Whidden Blvd Unit 10 Port Charlotte. Great Pre-owned Name Brands for Less!! 30 day Warr. 941-979-5287 FRID G E side by side $ 1 00 ; RANGE glass top self cleaning $100 MICROWAVE $35 All white all good cond. obo 513-594-3030 North Port FRIDGE , Whi r l poo l , 21 . 7 C u. Ft. Top Freezer. Ice. $200. 941-484-8044 FRIGERATOR Mi n i (SARA SOTA)1.8 Cu. Ft. $49 941549-2682 FRI G ERAT O R WHIRLP OO L side by side, 22cf, white, 2 yrs. old, was $1000 new $400 317-933-3444 GAS CHARBROILGRILL l arge 2 burner propane $75 941254-0383 MI C R O WAVE ge Above oven $45 941-497-6271 MICROWAVE GE O ver S tove \ Bisque Exc Cond $75 906250-4497 NINJA kitchen system never used. $100 941-979-5134 OVEN ELEMENTS T op or B ottom $40 941-639-7890 RANGE WHIRLPOOL El ectr i c Range Ex cond, bisque $150 203-695-6510 REFRIGERATOR F r i g id a i re. White. Standard Size. $145 941-661-0883 REFRIGERATOR GE BISQUE S/S 25CF $240 941-629-7130 REFRI G ERAT O R G E White Freezer on top. $80 941-4976271 REFRI G ERAT O R Jenn-Air Side by side stainless steel refrigerator; like new; no dents or scratches; spotless inside; 35 3/4 x 26 5/8 x 70 1/4 $945 941-223-3652 RE G RI G ERAT O R Top Freezer Bisque Exc cond $175 906250-4497 ROASTER RIVAL 18 quart roaster oven never used $20 941-637-4668 S T O VE Whirlpool 4 burner stove autoclean $125 941875-9927 T O P RAN G E G E Bisque Exc Cond $175 906-250-4497 UPRI G HT FREEZER Kenmore. Works great $150 585-766-8092 OFFICE/BUSINESS EQUIP./SUPLIES6220 FILE C ABINET S auder 4 drawer with file set up $30 315790-9217 O FFI C E C HAIR S 3 $ 15 casters cloth $45 239-220-9948 OFFICE OUTFITTERS Pre-owned & new office furniture. VENICE 941-485-7015 OFFICE OUTFITTERS Pre-owned & new office furniture. VENICE 941-485-7015 SC ALE 1 00 lb. Mechanical Receiving Scale $15 941-2861170 Finditinthe Classifieds! RESTAURANT SUPPLIES6225 BUTCHER BLOCK stan di ng 24x24 w/oil $175 941-4976271 C A S H RE G I S TER S harp, electronic, Model XE-A102 $60; Fire Extinguisher Badger Wet Chemical 6 liters $100 941-426-4787 DI S HE S 7 0 restaurant dishes, assorted sizes, $500 941-7404300 G RIDDLE S TAR max, electric, 36, 3 thermostats $1,000 941-426-4787 IMPERIAL C HARBR O ILER 32 x 24,on stand. $300 941-421-9984 RESTAURANT BOOTH Bl ac k , New Condition, paid $700 Sell for $200 941-441-8255 CATS6232 NOTICE : S tatute 585 . 195 states that all dogs and cat s sold in Florida must be at leas t eight weeks old, have an offi cial health certificate and prop er shots, and be free of intes tinal and external parasites. DOGS6233 NOTICE : S tatute 585 . 195 states that all dogs and cat s sold in Florida must be at leas t eight weeks old, have an offi cial health certificate and prop er shots, and be free of intes tinal and external parasites. DOGS OF VENICE. Your Dog Groomed in my Mobile Salon. 15 Yrs. Exp. Call Stacy (941) 786-7877 FRENCH BULL DOG 2 males / 1 female: AKC,vet checked, 9weeks; Ready to go, 1st shot; dewormed. 941-473-3441 LIVESTOCK6235 ARABIAN GELDING HORSE , Bay 15 H, YOB 1999, Needs Exp. Rider. $800. obo 941-4750758 PETSUPPLIES & SERVICES6236 A & R Aqua Pros Inc Aquarium Services Installation~Maintenance Fresh & Saltwater Reef Aquariums Livestock Delivery 941-441-8658 Lic/Ins BUILDING SUPPLIES6170 A/C UNIT 3 TON outs id e runs good,central $465 786306-6335 CERAMIC BATH HLDRS NIB TOWEL/PAPER $10 941-286-4894 DRYER CO RD 5FT 3 WIRE/PRONG 250V LIKE NEW $5 941-286-4894 ELECTRICAL WIRE 10/3 SO cord black 30 $20 941-5858149 FAHRENHEAT 4000W h eater never used $100 941-4756424 FLUORESCENTBULBS B ox of 36 T-8 Bulb new $40 518858-0683 KITCHEN CABINETDOORS 32 hinged pieces $160 941268-7571 L OC KIN G C ARPET TILE S Grey, 10x10 coverage $50 941-879-3334 PIPE STAGING , 3 sets. $175 941-270-2912 R OO F TILE S O ver 200 tiles Beige.Must take all. Call after 9 a.m. Lv msg. $100 816835-6866 TILE o ff white 1 sq. 2 7 sheets $75 941-876-3979 TILE WHITE4 1/2 ea. X 4 $10 941-876-3979 TUB CO RNER white ready to install $175 941-763-2581 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 BELT S ANDER P O RTABLE Ryobi 3x18 $35 941-451-3958 B O LT C UTTER S HD insulated handles ex. cond. $25 941585-8149 CO RDLE SS DRILL/DRIVER Ryobi 12v 3/8 $25 941-4513958 DRILL PRESS D e l ta, Sh op M aster, Freud ROUTER with Table, 3HP. Case of 128 Router bits. Call for Prices. 810-964-9596 DRILL/ DRIVER accessories kit Craftsman 76 pieces $25 941-451-3958 DRYWALL TSQ UARE New 48x1/8. $9 941-474-4254 GENERATOR 5000H on d a 9 HP 25 cord 96 hrs. $400 941-585-8149 GENERATOR 6500 BLACK MAX 5 GALS TANK. $300 941697-6553 GENERATOR TROYBILT 120/240v 6000 watts $450 941-743-7991 LADDER Al um 28 ma k er i s Werner $120 941-204-1849 PRE SS URE WA S HER Troybuilt 2500 psi $220 941-485-0681 ABargainHunters Delight Checkthe ClassifiedsFirst! AWhole Marketplaceof Shoppingisrightat your Fingertips! RIDGID COMMERCIAL VAC 6.25HP16 gallon capacity $45. Call 941-629-6165. SCREW GUN f or D ry W a ll Corded Dewalt new cord $45 315-964-2156 SCROLL SAW C ra f tsman 16 $90 315-790-9217 TABLE SAW C entra l M ac hi nery 10 $100 315-790-9217 TABLE SAW C ra f tsman 10 $50 941-575-9918 TABLE SAW C ra f tsman 8 $80 315-790-9217 TABLE S AW Ryoai 1 0 with stand In exc cond $50 941786-7001 W EED EATER G as Hand Held Blower Light $50 941-4936309


Thursday, March 5, 2015 E/N/C The Sun Classified Page 19 TOYOTA7210 2012 TOYOTA SIENNA 20K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 14 T O Y O TA PRIU S NAV 26K MI $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR VOLKSWAGEN7220 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PAS SAT SUNROOF 23K MI $25,988 855-242-9258 DLR 2013 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA TDI TRIM 13K MI $23,988 855-242-9258 DLR VOLVO7230 2009 V O LV O S80 SDN I6 TURBO AWD 50K MI $15,988 855-242-9258 DLR ANTIQUES/ COLLECTIBLES7250 1975 MERCEDES450SL new tires/paint, only 2 past owners, 165K mi, red hard/soft tops $17,500. 207-329-2538 1 986 O LD S M O BILE C UTLASS 4dr, V6, Air, 54K Actual Mi. $5,000 OBO734-626-3362 SAVE THE DATE SAT., 3/7/15 9:30AM-12:30PMPUNTA GORDA KIWANIS SOCKS FOR KIDS PROGRAM 4TH ANNUAL FILL THE TRUNK CAR SHOW AT: CHARLOTTE HARBOR EVENT CENTER ASSISTED BY: THE VETERAN MOTOR CAR CLUB OF AMERICA S.W.F.L. REGION CAR ENTRY FEE$5.00 PLUS AT LEAST ONE PACKAGE OF ATHLETIC SOCKS OPEN TO ALL YEARS OF CARS OR TRUCKS! 15 JUDGES CHOICE TROPHIES PLUS PEOPLE`S AWARD TRAVELING TROPHY CONTACTS: LARRY TAYLOR KIWANIS CHAIRMAN 941-391-0988MIKE RUIZ KIWANIS ASST.941-249-0229DON/LEE ROYSTON V.M.C.C.A. CO-ORDINATOR941-626-4452 BUDGETBUYS7252 #1 TOP CASH PAID UP TO $5,000 CARS, TRUCKS,ANYCOND. 941-650-5785 1993 BUICK CENTURY SPECIAL 38,500 mi, $1500. SOLD 1st DAY!! MERCEDES7190 200 7 MER C EDE S -BENZ C230 94K MI $11,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 11 MER C EDE S -BENZ E350 NAV 76K MI $26,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 MERCEDES BENZ CLS63A 20K MI $69,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 2 MER C EDE S -BENZ 21K MI $33,189 855-242-9258 DLR MINICOOPER7192 2008 MINI COOPER 79K MI $9,911 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 0 MINI COO PER 46K MI $14,987 855-481-2060 DLR NISSAN7200 200 7 NI SS AN VER S A SL 55K MI $8,997 855-481-2060 DLR 2009 NISSAN ALTIMA 58K MI $13,987 855-481-2060 DLR 2010 NISSAN 370Z 50K MI $22,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 0 NI SS AN ALTIMA 84K MI $11,875 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 2 NI SS AN VER S A 4DR SL NAV 46K MI $11,985 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 3 NI SS AN PATHFINDER 39K MI $29,990 855-280-4707 DLR TOYOTA7210 2002 T O Y O TA CO R O LLA 4DR LE 70K MI $4,485 855-481-2060 DLR 2004 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 189K MI $9,978 855-481-2060 DLR 200 4 T O Y O TA RAV4 BASE 125K MI $7,685 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS BASE 50K MI $10,950 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS LEATHER. 84K MI $9,950 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 T O Y O TA SC I O N XD 83k MI $8,977 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 T O Y O TA S IENNA LE 69K MI $12,844 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 0 T O Y O TA CO R O LLA 64K MI $11,784 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 0 T O Y O TA PRIU S 26K MI $18,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 TOYOTA RAV4 BASE 76K MI $13,874 855-481-2060 DLR 2011 TOYOTA AVALON LTD 18K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 TOYOTA RAV4 36K MI $17,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 2 T O Y O TA CO R O LLA 35K MI $14,854 855-481-2060 DLR 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA 36K MI $12,985 855-481-2060 DLR 2012 TOYOTA SIENNA V6 Like new condition 18,000Miles. $19,985. 941-255-9887 HYUNDAI7163 2008 HYUNDAI AZERA LMTD 111K MI $8,975 855-481-2060 DLR 2009 HYUNDAI ACCENT CLEAN, LOW MILES $7,995 941-916-9222 DLR 20 1 2 HYUNDAI A CC ENT 4DR 55K MI $10,785 855-481-2060 DLR 2012 HYUNDAI ACCENT 54K MI $10,784 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 2 HYUNDAI A CC ENT 5DR GAS 22K MI $11,687 855-481-2060 DLR INFINITI7165 2011 ACURA RDX TECH PKG 36K MI $25,911 855-242-9258 DLR JAGUAR7175 2011 JAGUAR XF NAV 45K MI $29,911 855-242-9258 DLR 2010 JAGUAR XF 4DR SDN LUX 52K MI $23,526 855-242-9258 DLR 20 1 3 JA G UAR XF I4 RWD 19K MI $35,520 855-242-9258 DLR KIA7177 2006 KIA SORENTO (SUV) 4 dr, dark green. Sr. owned 121k mi, $5800 941-423-7771 Stock photo* 2010 KIA SOUL 5DR 38K MI $13,855 855-481-2060 DLR 2011 KIA RIO FUEL EFFICIENT. 60K MI $10,695 941-916-9222 DLR LEXUS7178 2006 LEXU S RX330 LTHR SNRF 87K MI $13,950 855-481-2060 DLR 2010 LEXUS IS 250C CONV. 15K MI $30,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 0 LEXU S I S 2 5 0C CONV. 24K MI $32,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 LEXUS IS 250C CONV. 37K MI $30,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 0 LEXU S I S 2 5 0C NAV. 23K MI $35,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 LEXUS IS 250C NAV. 33K MI $32,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 2 LEXU S I S 2 5 0C CONV. 31K MI $34,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2008 LEXUS LS 460 42K MI $28,988 855-242-9258 DLR MAZDA7180 2002 MAZDA MIATA-MX-5 CONV 104K MI $6,478 855-481-2060 DLR 2006 MAZDA 6 94K MILES $6,895 941-916-9222 DLR 2012 MAZDA MIATA MX 5 CONV 5,606 MI $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR ACURA7145 20 11 A C URA MDX 50K MI $29,990 855-280-4707 DLR AUDI7147 200 7 AUDI A4 20 T 4DR LTHR SNRF 66K MI $11,474 855-481-2060 DLR BMW7148 20 11 BMW 5 3 5I S E 1-OWNER. 75K MI $27,988 855-242-9258 DLR 20 1 2 BMW 33 5I TURBOCHARGED 12K MI $35,988 855-242-9258 DLR HONDA7160 2002 HONDA CIVIC 2DR EX 67K MI $8,957 855-481-2060 DLR 2002 H O NDA O DY SS EY EX LTHR RES 80K MI $7,985 855-481-2060 DLR 200 7 H O NDA A CCO RD 4DR LX 75K MI $11,454 855-481-2060 DLR 200 7 H O NDA C R-V EX 2WD 71K MI $12,745 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 HONDA CIVIC 62K MI $10,987 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 H O NDA C R-V LX 2WD 128K MI $9,987 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 HONDA PILOT 2WD VP 94K MI $12,985 855-481-2060 DLR 2008 HONDA PILOT LTHR 2WD 97K MI $12,875 855-481-2060 DLR 2009 HONDA FIT SPORT MT 30K MI $11,950 855-481-2060 DLR 2010 HONDA ACCORD 31K MI $14,774 855-481-2060 DLR 2010 HONDA ACCORD 40K MI $14,874 855-481-2060 DLR 2010 HONDA FIT SPORT 38K MI $12,997 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 0 H O NDA IN S I G HT 49K MI $13,758 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 0 H O NDA PIL O T DVD 85K MI $16,911 855-280-4707 DLR 20 11 H O NDA A CCO RD 59K MI $14,854 855-481-2060 DLR 20 11 H O NDA PIL O T 45K MI $22,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LX 20K MI $14,987 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 2 H O NDA C IVI C EX 4DR 57K MI $13,823 855-481-2060 DLR 2012 HONDA CIVIC LX 2DR 40K MI $13,987 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 2 H O NDA PIL O T 16K MI $27,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 3 H O NDA A CCO RD 26K MI $22,990 855-280-4707 DLR 20 1 3 H O NDA FIT 48K MI $13,987 855-481-2060 DLR 2013 HONDA ACCORD EX-L ONLY 10K MI $22,989 855-242-9258 DLR 20 1 3 H O NDA C IVI C LX 26K MI $15,911 855-242-9258 DLR FindyourBest Friendinthe Classifieds! GMC7075 20 1 3 G M C TERRAIN NAV 14K $27,990 855-280-4707 DLR JEEP7080 2012 J EEP G RANDC HEROKEELARE 4WD 37K MI $26,989 855-242-9258 DLR 20 14 JEEP WRAN G LER SAHA. 7,532 MI $31,910 855-242-9258 DLR LINCOLN7090 2003 LINCOLN TOWN-CAR 79,150 K, new tires, brakes, landau top, window tint, excellent condition. $5,500 obo 603-490-3924 CLASSIFIED ADSSELL MERCURY7100 1999 GRAND MARQUIS LS69k mi, Sr. Owned, 25mpg,Garaged, Only $3450/obo Call 941-786-5640 PONTIAC7130 1 99 7 P O NTIA C F O RMULA 73K MI $11,985 855-481-2060 DLR SATURN7135 PRO POWER AUTO SALES4140 Whidden Blvd Port Charlotte, 33980 01 L200 Sedan $3,175 02 L200 Sedan$3,599 04 Vue SUV $4,200 04 Vue SUV, AWD $4,599 06 Vue 4 cyl $5,200 07 Vue $5,495 06 Vue 6cyl $5,899 08 Vue XE $8,299 07 Sky Conv.$8,850 07 Outlook XE 8 pass $8,999 07 Outlook XR 8 pass$9,450 Used Saturn Parts & Service941-627-8822 USED CAR DEALERS7137 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222 Buy Here Pay Here SPG AUTO SALES 941-575-7076 11069 Tamiami Trail, PG Buy Here Pay Here WE FINANCE EVERYONE MUSTHAVEINCOME& CHRYSLER7050 2003 C HRYSLER PT C RUISERLMTD. Auto, 4 Cyl. 941-916-9222 dlr 2006 CHRYSLER 300C 4DR LTHR 99K MI $10,987 855-481-2060 DLR 20 1 2 C HRY S LER 300 M NAV 32K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR DODGE7060 2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 89k MI $8,995 941-916-9222 dlr 20 1 2 D O D G E G RANDC ARAVAN 66K MI $14,875 855-481-2060 DLR 2013 DODGE CHARGER SXT RWD 8,248 MII $21,989 855-242-9258 DLR 20 14 D O D G E C HALLEN G ER RT 2DR 29K MI $27,989 855-242-9258 DLR FORD7070 1998 FORD MUSTANG GT Needs motor work or use for parts $1600 941-549-5985 2002 F O RD THUNDERBIRD 127K MI $11,990 855-280-4707 DLR Lookingfor Adventure? Findit inthe Classifieds 2004 FORD EXPEDITION 144K Mi., Exc. Running Cond! $4,700. obo 941-639-2063 2007 FORD FUSION V6 73K MI $8,995 941-916-9222 DLR 20 1 2 F O RD F OC U S 4DR SE 69K MI $11,854 855-481-2060 DLR 2013 FORD ESCAPE SEL, Ecoboost. Touch Panel + Sync. Loaded! $19,900 315-9 64-2156 20 1 3 F O RD F OC U S 25K MI $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! 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Page 20 The Sun Classified E/N/C Thursday, March 5, 2015 MOTOR HOMES/ RVs7380 2 20 0 1 1 5 5 R R O O A A D D T TR R E E K K# # 1 1 S SE E L L L L I I N N G GC CA A M M P P E E R RV VA A N NRV WORLDINCOFNOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 I BUY TRAVEL TRAILERS, 5th Wheels Motor Homes & Trucks I Come to You! Call Dave Anytime. 813-713-3217 I WANT YOUR RV. Well Sell It FREE! SKIP EPPERS RVs941-639-6969 Punta Gorda Closed Sun. & Mon. GreatDealsin theClassifieds! NEWHOLIDAYRAMBLERSA MUSTSEEMOTORHOMEMANYMODELSRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 RV Collision RepairsCustomer and Insurance Modern shop, quality work! FREE ESTIMA TES .RV WORLD Inc.of NokomisFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41Nokomis 941-966-2182 RV SERVICE $PECIAL$ Lg. Parts Showroom Factory Warranty All models Wash & Hand Wax Brake Flush Roof Reseal RV Propane & Bottles Water Leak Test RV Wash New Tires & BalanceRV WORLD INC.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 Nokomis, 941-966-2182 RVSWANTEDCASH/CONSIGN/TRADECALL: MARKRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 SATURN TOW-CARS Starting at $2,500. Blue-Ox Tow hitches sold & installed. THE SATURN GUYS PRO-POWER AUTO SALES 4140 Whidden Blvd PC 33980 (941) 627-8822. WANTED All M otor Homes, TTs, 5th whls, PopUps, Vans conversion & passenger, cars & trucks. CASH paidon the spot for quick sale. 941-347-7171 RV/CAMPER PARTS7382 EVEN BRAKE S Y S TEM For Tow Car. Like New! $700 941-697-4426 PATI O RU G $30 9 4162 43091 PATI O RU G $30 9 4162 43091 T O W HIT C H BLUE O XTow Hitch $250 941-286-3625 WATER SOFTENER $125 941-697-0940 W INE G ARD C ARRY O UT Satellite TV Antenna and Mount $250 941-505-2672 CYCLES/MOPEDS/ SCOOTERS7360 1987 H/D FXRS/SE 33K mi, Exc. Cond. Garaged $7,000 941-661-7844 2000 H/D FXDS CONV 23K Mi. All orig, very good condition. Always garaged $5990 203-695-2880 2002 H O NDA VTX-1 800 Black. Many Access. 10,500 Mi $6,500 941-979-7656 2009Suzuki GZ 250. Low miles Helmet included $1,800 941-916-0470 HARBOR SCOOTERS for all your scooter needs... 3315 Tamiami Trl. PG We Repair Scooters too! 941-347-8705 Sym Scooters Are here! ATV7365 2004 ARTIC C at A . T . V . 250 4X4 Low hours, excellent cond. $ 2200 OBO. 941-468-3046 CAMPERS/ TRAVELTRAILERS7370 2007 CROSSROADZINGER 27, sleeps 6-8, exc. cond. $7,500, OBO 941-423-9718 OR 941-504-4858 2012 23F un Fi n d er Brand New, Never Used! $16,000/obo 941-460-6040 30 2015 PUMA RKSS , S uper slideouts, Loaded, Must Sell Now! $19,300 321-287-8747 33`6 FLEETWOOD 3 Slides. in a 5 Star Resort in Arcadia. $18,500. (304)-476-2202 MOTOR HOMES/ RVs7380 1999 WINNEBAGO Brave Class A 29, 74,439mi. extras, VGC. $17,500. 941-629-3536 2015 WINNEBAGOS2014 Model CLEARANCE!NO .1 SELLING R V RV World Inc.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41,Nokomis I-75 Exit 195 BOATREPAIRS/ DETAILING7337 W E S T S Y S TEM EP O XY new unopened $25 .941-505-1811 MARINE SUPPLY & EQUIP.7338 A N C H O R BRU C E G enuine 66lb / 30kg $249 941-5057272 CAT TRAX B eac h Wh ee l s launch you boat off the beach. $225 864-376-3725 COOLER IGLOO Whi te 150 Qt. Like New $65 941-4239371 DAVIT S , 1 000 lb Piling Mount, 3/4 HP, $550. 2000 lb Platform Mount, electric, $450 Both in Exc Shape. 860-751-9983 D O LLY TRAN SO M DINGHY/INFLATABLE/SMALL BOAT $25 941-505-1611 FL BOAT c h arts Mi sc b oat charts Fl $25 941-223-8308 OUTRIGGERS (2) sets an d 9 pole holders. Lees Miami $275 941-460-6180 941-473-6644 S HAFT AN O DE S 1 1/4 new 2 FOR$12.941-505-1811 TROLLING MOTOR Minnkota 75lb electric $325 941-485-1838 CANOES/ KAYAKS7339 12 FISHING KAYAK Paddle, vest $475 607-437-1025 FINDYOUR BESTFRIEND INTHE CLASSIFIEDS! KAYAK 14 WITH PADDLE & VEST $400. 941-698-1424 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 2014 LOOK 6` x 12` V-Nose, Drop Door, Like New! $2,200 Paid $2,700. 704-968-3244 2014 TRIPLE CROWN TRAILER 6x16 $1900 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2014 TRIPLE CROWN TRAILER 7x16 Car Hauler 941-916-9222 Dlr. 6`X12` KRISTI Like New! VNose, Tubular Steel Construction. $2,595 315-964-2156 6X10 LARK ENCLOSED V-NOSE TRAILER $2,095 941-916-9222 Dlr. CO MPLETE HD 15 000 lb wt Dist. Reese Hitch w/2 sway bars, $200 firm 941-916-1923 TRAILER 2008 GVR 5X8, 2200LBS, $1150/OBO CALL 941-204-3811 R O Y S TRAILER CO UNTRY NewPre-Owned CargoUtility Trailers Parts Repairs-Tires Welding. We BUY Trailers! Trades Welcome. Open Sundays 10am-3pm Ask For Shawn. 941-575-2214 4760 Taylor Rd P.G. TRAILER WIN C H o ff boat trailer $25 941-257-8921 UTILITY TRAILER homemade call for details $125 941-4752777 BOATS-POWERED7330 1 8 200 7 AN G LER 1 80 CC with 2007 Trailer. 115 HP Merc Optimax $12,995 941-625-0132 19 2006 GODFREY PONTOON Sweetwater Series. 8 Beam, Bimini Cover, AM/FM/CD, Live Well, 2 Anchors w/ Line, Fish Finder, GPS, Outboard Yamaha T50TLR 4 Stroke, Porta POtty, 3 Fish Chairs. 109 Hours On Motor. $9,680 941-639-5723 21 2007 SEA RAY LAGUNA B210SC, incls alum Trailer, 150HP Verado Merc OB, Full Bimini Top, Pwr Pole & Trim Tabs $18,900 941-374-2562 22 2006 SEA CHASER T-top. Set Up For Fishing. Stored Indoors Year Round. Many Extras. $17,500 941-697-4006 22 HURRICANE DECK BOAT 115HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard, Garmin Navagation system, Tandem 3 wheel trailer. $7,000 sold sold sold 22 SUNCRUISER PONTOON Boat 2004. 115HP 4stroke Johnson motor Trailer/ Marine GPS GREAT condition. Many extras. Ready for the water. $11,000. 217-493-9636 CLASSIFIED WORKS! SAILBOATS 7331 17 VICTORIA SAIL BOAT inclds trailer & motor. $4,500 303-517-4266 Punta Gorda 8 SAILING DINGHY w i t h oars, light weight, almost new $595 863-465-7554 Lake Placid MISC. BOATS7333 15 SQ bck G ruman C , trailer, new motor, boating gear. $2,000 OBO. 941-421-9760. DINGHY N ew, H an d cra f te d , Wood $399 OBO 941-625-4764 OUTBOARD/ MARINE ENGINES7334 O M C 4. 3 Engine parts starting at $10 239-218-5504 BOATSTORAGE/ DOCKING7336 DEEP WATER B O AT D OC K, P.G.I. In Isles,$150 per mo, up to 25ft. 941-626-9652 AUTO SERVICE & REPAIR7280 CHEVY an d FORD ve hi c l es Are Eligible For FREE Oil Change/Tire Rotation Combo! Visit www.Shop.BestMark.comor call us at 800-969-8477 VANS7290 2007 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY LMTD Van. 78k mi $10,795 941-916-9222DLR 2009 MAZDA 5 MINIVAN 57K Mi! 6 Psgr. Red w/ Tan Int. Clean! $8,750. 941-456-0053 2012 DODGE G ran d C aravan W HEELCHAIR van, 10 lowered floor & ramp. 941-870-4325 TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1996 DODGE 1500 Sport w/ bed cover. Exc Con. 125K MI. $3,900 203-695-2880 2004 DODGE DAKOTA 190,000 MIL, King Cab P/UBedliner, CleanRuns Great, $3,795 941-468-4259 2004 D o d ge R am1500 LIke New w/ Cap. 93k MI $10,995 941-916-9222 DLR APPLY NOW DONTWAIT. DRIVETODAYGUARANTEEDCREDIT BOATS-POWERED7330 14 MCKEE CRAFT CAT CA Y 50hp Yamaha, with bimini top $2,750 941-637-4668 16 2003 RANGER GHOST FLATS BOAT 90 HP Yamaha. 24VTM Pole Platform. Alum. Ranger Trailer. CC. Stored. SIndoors. $11,900 901-277-2200 16 FIBERGLASS BOAT Sebring w/ 115HP Johnson o/b plus boat trailer. Exc. cond. $3,600 941-4235717 or 848-448-0797 All reasonable offers considered. REDUCED!! 17 SEARAY 1994 Mercruiser 3.0 I/O, Alum Trailer. $3,500 419-236-6599 (Venice) 17 TAHOEQ3, Run About. 2002 Mercruiser 3.0L I/O, Incl. Trailer w/ Surge Brakes, New Bimini Top. Excellent Condition! $7,500. 937-382-0009 BUDGETBUYS7252 1 998 C HRY S LER S EBRIN G Conv. Loaded, Great Cond. 110K Mi. $2300 941-626-8448 1998 LINCOLN TOWN-CAR 106k miles, Runs well. $1100 . 941-429-2774 North Port AUTOS WANTED7260 We Buy & pick up junk CARS 941-661-1928 BEST $$ FOR JUNKERS Available 24/7 941-286-3122, 623-5550 WE BUY CARS RUNNING OR NOT! $400 CASH + UP Frank 941-276-0204 ALL VEHICLES Wanted Dead or Alive, Top $$ Paid Starting at $250$5000 Free pick up 941-623-2428 ALL AUTOS WANTED w i t h or without title, any condition, year, make or model. We pay up to $20,000 and offer free towing. Call Cindy at 941-565-1571 AUTO PARTS/ ACCESSORIES7270 5SPD TRAN/TRANS case $300 941-628-0628 7 00 R TRAN S MI SS I O N G M $475 786-306-6335 CAR STANDS $25 941 223 8308 CARB HOLLEY 650 $85 941-629-6429 CYLINDER HEADS 454 $350 941-629-6429 EL C AMIN O M O ULDIN G $8 5 786-306-6335 ELE C TRI C IMPA C T DRILL with charger in case like new 24 volt 4 sockett sizes $75 941306-8583 LEBRA '02 '04 T oyota C amry Front End Cover $39 b/o 941-676-2019 PORSCHE BOXTER 2007 Cover $100 518-791-4137 REAREND 1967 1969 $425 941-629-6429 REAREND 1967 1969 $425 941-629-6429 RIM S ( 4 ) 1 6 " Nissan oem each $20 989-790-0638 SEATS 1967 69 C amaro S eats $400 941-629-6429 S PARE WHEEL AND TIRE Toyota Camry 195/70/R14 $45 941-676-2019 TIRE S ( 4 ) P1 9 5 6 5R15 2 -very good cond & 2-fair cond $150 941-740-4300 TIRE S New take o ff s startin g @ $39.95 Installed & Balanced Call for Inventor y 941-639-5681 TRU C K BED Dodge Dakota 4 dr. $350 941-484-2383 TRUCK TOPPER Fib erg l ass 5x 6.2 w/ sliding windows $175 941-488-2786 Nokomis