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Charlotte Sun Charlotte Sun Feeling Fit PORT CHARLOTTE PUNTA GORDA NORTH PORT ENGLEWOOD ARCADIA SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2014 A WEEKLY SUN PUBLICATION PARKINSONS DISEASE How to be a Parkinsons disease fighter not a sufferer Page 5 COMMUNITY SERVICE Bigs in Schools mentorship program helps kids thrive Page 6 MISSION NUTRITION Spreads: Snack, wrap and appetizer workhorses Page 12 MEDICAL CARE New Venice clinic monitors patients on anticoagulants Page 8 VOL. 122 NO. 250An Edition of the SunAMERICAS BEST COMMUNITY DAILYSUNDAY SEPTEMBER 7, $2.00 705252000753 Sunday Edition $2.00 DID YOU MISS IT? GATOR HUNT BUSINESS GROWSNearly 6,000 permits were issued to the public this year, with each permit allowing a hunter to take two alligators from an assigned waterway. Feeling Fit has moved to a new day. Get your weekly dose of health and hope every Saturday! 92 72 High Low Look inside for valuable couponsThis years savings to date ...S UN COUPON VALUE METER CHARLIE SAYS ...Heres what I have to say about the alligator hunt: No comment!INDEX | $91,296CLASSIFIED: Comics 14-16 | Dear Abby 15 | TV Listings 17 THE SUN: Obituaries 5 | Viewpoint 8 | Opinion 9 | Police Beat 10 | Legals 12 SPORTS: Lotto 2 THE WIRE: State 2 | Nation 3 | Science 3,5 | Fashion 5 | Travel 6 | World 6-8 | Weather 8 Lamp, $20In Todays Classifieds! 60 percent chance of rain AND WEEKLY HERALDCALL US AT 941-206-1000 THE WIRE PAGE 1MURDOCK | 14 MURDOCK If baseball is your game, then Murdock Village is your diamond. A diamond in the rough. With that positive tone, the Charlotte County Economic Development website trumpets the potential of Murdock Village, a vast stretch of county-owned land that sits vacant near U.S. 41 and State Road 776. What that sales pitch omits, however, is that the diamonds luster has dulled over time. More than a decade of debt obligation has turned this once promising parcel into a money-sucking albatross that draws ire from taxpayers and sends ofcials scattering at the mere mention of its name. With an initial investment of $80 million, the county purchased the 870-acre Murdock Village property with the threat of eminent domain in 2003. The assumption was that consolidating the existing platted residential lots would facilitate a major redevelopment of the area. Moreover, county ofcials gured that if all the platted lots had homes, the cost to provide needed county services would outweigh the countys resources and tax revenue. Adam Cummings, a member of the County Commission at the time, recalls the fundamental problem was that the county was platted for more than 250,000 residential lots that could support a population of more than half a million people. This formula for growth without adequate commer cial and industrial land and necessary infrastructure was, and remains today, a recipe for disaster, he said. Charlotte County was already platted to be the size of Tampa, he said. The county was not platted as a community. It was platted to sell homes. While the countys original intent was a project of much smaller scale, the decision to pursue a more enter prising plan was born of good intentions, a booming real estate market and no small amount of irony. The reason for the really large expansion was to avoid taxpayer subsidization, Cummings said. Developers were clamoring for it. And thats what drove it. This went sideways because developers were telling us they would pay for it all if we added a residential component. Consequently, Charlottes initial investment quickly grew to $117.3 million, acquiring 3,000 properties that encompassed 1,100 acres, including more valuable frontage land along the major roads. Despite the controversy of using eminent domain as a weapon to purchase the land, of the 77 homes inside the village only three went through the eminent domain process, and all three of those homeowners agreed to a price. Cummings remembers one commission meeting, in particular, when an older woman approached the dais with a plea, Please, do not take my house. But while empathetic with her plight, Cummings explained that, if the commission did not act, more homes would have been lost in order to build the roads needed to support growth. M urdock V illage past, present and futureBy GARY ROBERTSSTAFF WRITER Murdock Village Timeline: Road to nowhere or path to future? See page14 GRAPHIC PROVIDED SUN PHOTO BY GARY ROBERTS A road in Murdock Village today. Developers were clamoring for it. And thats what drove it. Former Charlotte County Commissioner Adam Cummings The last of the grapes are ripening; the avocados should soon be ready for the table. Our suburban yard is not very large. Much of the front lawn on our crowded lot is given over to the half-circle of river rock designed to let our car exit to the street without backing up. Still, over the years I have been able to add to the landscape some of my favorite plants. Favorites are any that feed me. When we moved in 34 years ago, our house was the rst built in the Plantation subdivision. With a neighborhood pond on two sides, it is not surprising that when we visited the site during construction, a 10-foot alligator was usually resting in the driveway. With a beagle and a black lab ready to move in with us, a fence seemed prudent. We disguised it with ame vine across the back and Florida jasmine on the sides. There was room enough to mingle several Florida grape vines in with the ame vine. As the rst house, our fence was grandfathered in before the efforts of newer homeowners to regulate the neighborhood to look like a Michigan version of the Bahamas. In the front yard, an orange tree managed to reach fruit-bearing size before giving way to disease. Hardy and more generous in fruit was a Samoan coconut tree planted from a nut mailed from my brother Peters backyard tree in Hawaii. Visiting the sites of my old paper route in Miami Beach, I spotted a hedge with a handful of end-of-season Surinam cherries, which I pocketed and have since grown dozens of secondand third-generation shrubs. Since the demise of the orange tree, the cherries in early February are the rst ripened fruits of the season in our yard. They are followed in short order by ripening loquats. It is small, delicate fruit with two or three large seeds. Fully ripe loquats have a wonderful avor, something more delicate than a peach. The large tree in the side yard is the descendant of one at my nieces animal clinic in Santa Rosa County. Their season is all too brief. Today I enjoyed the last of the grapes. The avocados are now ripening. I am trying to determine their origin. All I remember is that years ago I planted several seeds from large avocado ovals that were particularly tasty. This offspring kept growing. It needed to be moved. In the process it lost its taproot, but four trunks emerged from the root structure. Last year it gave its rst sparse offering. I cant tell you what they tasted like as the squirrels identied each one just before it ripened. Nibbling at the neck of the fruit, they dropped it to the ground and, over the course of two days, devoured the not-yet-ripe avocado, leaving just the bare seed. This year, there are over a hundred avocados. The dark green pendants hidden by leaves of the same dark green. Someone told me that a Slinky toy, that metal coil of springs that can walk down the steps, wrapped around the trunk or branch could confuse and stop the squirrels So far, when I go out for my morning walk, there is no fruit on the ground and my avocados swinging like green Christmas ornaments from the tree are free of nibble marks. Perhaps, like me, the squirrels are visiting, saying, No, not ripe enough yet. Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of the Sun Coast Media Group. He can be reached at sneaky Slinky DerekDUNNRANKINCHAIRMANGOOD MORNING PUNTA GORDA Betty Ann Sullivan loves the idea of updating her Port Charlotte home. Running her ngers along the listello tile backsplash in a mock cabinet display at the Sun Coast Home & Garden Show, Sullivan imagines how it would look in her kitchen, and lets out a big sigh. You can dream, cant you, she said. If it was up to me, Id redo the whole house. To be sure, there was plenty of imagination and renovation talk exchanged Saturday between vendors and visitors at the second annual home show at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center. With the slightest hint of fall in the air, if imagination is again put Fans of flora, furnishings flock to Home & Garden ShowBy GARY ROBERTSSTAFF WRITERSHOW | 10 SUN PHOTO BY GARY ROBERTSRelaxing at Saturdays Sun Coast Home & Garden Show are Jason Carrington, left, and Brent Bookwalter of Florida Furniture Outlet in Port Charlotte. Jv ` I vAilit `.I.S)5 fit/ '7 ,.,tcc,y .M U R D 0 C KVILLAGE f SiTj',Ktii _e; .*-A4maAVIII III III IIII I I .4 I I I


Our Town Page 2 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Y holding auditions for fall mystery show SUN PHOTOS BY TAMI GARCIATiany Alix, child care director at the North Port Family YMCA, gives instructions to those auditioning for a murder mystery show as part of its Good Vibrations fundraising event Wednesday evening. Open auditions will also be held from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the North Port Y, 5930 Sam Shapos Way, o North Port Boulevard, for those ages 16 and up. Those planning to audition may just show up. For more information, call 941-429-2269. Keith Albee, 18, a senior at North Port High School, auditions for the North Port Ys murder mystery show recently. The Y is looking for 20 actors and actresses to ll the cast for the show. Illyria Spencer, 9, smiles while she watches auditions. The Ys Good Vibrations fundraising event, to be held Saturday, Oct.18, will support the Ys annual Kids Campaign which provides scholarships for families looking for assistance in youth programs. The audition panel, from left, Vaughn Phillips, 11; Kristen Szych, associate executive director at the Y; Tiany Alix, child care director; Tyler Gibson, site director; Illyria Spencer, 9; and Kierstin Carpenter, 12, watch actors as they perform skits during an open audition Sept. 3. The audition panel for the Ys murder mystery show watch Keith Albee, 18, and Emmery Ballard, 16, act out a requested scene.The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, Florida 33980-2100.Chairman .................................. Derek Dunn-Rankin .....................941-206-1001 Publisher ................................... David Dunn-Rankin .....................941-206-1003 Executive Editor ........................ 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All skill levels. 2101 Taylor Rd., PG, 639-6337 Shamanic Journey, 1pm-2:30pm, The Yoga Sanctuary, 941-505-9642, $30 FC Celebration & BBQ, FC Renewal Celebration BBQ Cookout w/baptism, communion & group vow renewal at Eng. Beach 5:30pm 475-7447 MONDAYClap, Tap & Jingle, 9:30-10:15am at Port Charlotte UMC 625-4356; Caregiver & child music and movement class. Deep Creek Elks 2763, Lunch With Amy 11-2:30 Mobile Food Pantry, 10a.m.-noon, Sacred Heart Church, Punta Gorda, 612-770-6619. Dem. Womens Mtg, 4300 Kings Hwy, Schoolhouse Sq 402, Port Charlotte, 11 am Port Charlotte Elks, Bar open at noon till ? Lunch sandwiches w/Christa. Kitchen Closed. Lodge Meeting 7pm Punta Gorda Elks, Lite Lunch 11am-2pm; Chicken Nite 4:30-7:30pm; Karaoke with Billy G 6:30-9:30pm @ 25538 Shore, PG, 637-2606, members & guests Fun With Music, An afternoon of music, dancing and fun! Mondays at 1pm. Centennial Hall, Cultural Center. $2. 625-4175 Civil Air Patrol, Join our Cadets ages 12-18 every Monday, 6-9pm at 7355 Utilities Rd., 941-6391711, Proud To Be: U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Open Mic Night, Presented by Peace River Center for Writers, 6:30-8:30 pm center stage Fishermens Village. 639-8721 TUESDAYCharlotte Carvers, Wood Carving & Burning every Tues @, Punta Gorda Boat Club, W. Retta Blvd., 8an to Noon. Please stop by for a visit. Clap, Tap & Jingle, 9:30-10:15am at Port Charlotte UMC 625-4356; Caregiver & child music and movement class. Deep Creek Ekls 2763, Lunch With Diane 11-2:30, Karaoke From 6:30-9:30, Dinner 5-8, Reubens, burgers spaghetti and more Port Charlotte Elks, Lunch 11-2, Dinner 5-7 Full Menu Members Only. Open to the Public Bingo 11am-1pm. Punta Gorda Elks, Lunch 11am-2pm; Investigation 6pm; Orientation 7pm @ 25538 Shore, PG, 637-2606 Music at Gilchrist, Amplified music at Gilchrist Park has moved to Tuesday. Musicians and music lovers welcome. Call Fred at 941-661-8627. American Legion 103, Aux. Bar Bingo @ 6pm. 5 cards for $1, 100% p/o on coverall! Canned goods=Free Cards!! 2101 Taylor Rd., PG, 639-6337 WEDNESDAYDeep Creek Ekls 2763, Lunch With Peggy 11-2:30 Project Linus, Crochet and knit for kids 9-11am Wed., New Day Christian Church, 20212 Peachland, Nancy 627-4364 Am Leg 110 Bingo, Early Birds 10:30 Hot Ball, specials. Am Legion Riders Port Charlotte Elks, Lunch Sandwiches 1 to 4. Dinner 5 to 7 Full Menu and build a burger. Queen 6:30. Music by D.J. Dan 6-8. Punta Gorda Elks, Lunch 11am-2pm;Dinner 5pm-8pm; Karaoke with Wam 6:30-9:30pm@25538 Shore, PG, 637-2606 members & guests Peace River Forum, Lunch meeting Isles Yacht Club. Former Rep Mike Grant on the Sales Tax Ext. Call Belinda Martin 639-3249. Guests $20, Yoga Beyond Asana, Wednesdays, September 10th 24th, 11:30 12:30pm, The Yoga Sanctuary, 941-505-9642, $45 Cribbage, Join us at the Cultural Center every Wednesday from 12:45-4pm in Centennial Hall for Cribbage. Call 941-625-4175 for info. | COMMUNITY CALENDAR Special Olympics Bowl-a-Thon, Sun., Sept. 28, 2pm to 6pm, Bowland, 3192 Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte. $25/bowler for 3games and shoes. Can sponsor a team of 5 Special Olympics Athletes or 4 of your bowlers and 1 Special Olympics Athlete for $125. 50/50 and other prizes. Contact office at 941-391-6906. Featured EventPAID ADVERTISEMENT Devon Poulos, aftercare counselor at the North Port Family YMCA, auditions. Y Aftercare Counselor Devon Poulos, left, acts out a scene with audition panel judge Vaughn Phillips, 11. 0


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 3 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS Have you ever considered teaching as an adjunct professor for your local college? At Florida SouthWestern State Colleges (FSW) Charlotte Campus in Punta Gorda, there are many opportunities for adjunct professors to teach one three-credit course, or up to 12 credits, per semester. FSW is a regionally accredited institution offering Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science coursework and degrees in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, the School of Business and Technology, the School of Education, and the School of Health Professions. Regional accreditation, coupled with articulation agreements, means FSW students credits will transfer to the state university system. Incoming adjunct faculty must hold the credentials required to teach these transfer courses. Typically, the requirements are satisfied by a doctoral or masters degree in the teaching discipline or a masters degree with a concentration (a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours) in the teaching discipline. There are also additional opportunities for teaching at FSW than just the traditional college credit courses. The Schools of Business and Technology, Health Professions, and Education each have Continuing Education programs. In these programs, some courses are credit and some non-credit, so faculty credentialing can be different. Demonstrated competency and workforce experience equivalent to the degree can substitute for formal education. For more information regarding the Continuing Education programs at FSW, please visit www. to learn more about the noncredit offerings. A third opportunity to consider is becoming an instructor for the Lifelong Learning Institute. LLI, an independent nonprofit affiliated with FSW, is committed to the advancement of lifelong learning that is, the continuing pursuit of knowledge to build skills for personal or professional reasons, to explore new ideas, enhance understanding, and enrich life. Lifelong Learning Institutes goal is to foster interest in noncredit education among adults, and to offer quality classes and programs in a campus atmosphere in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, personal finance and technology as well as providing a variety of educational opportunities outside the classroom. LLIs Curriculum Committee is currently building its Winter 2015 program and is looking for people interested in instructing. These can be one day, two-week or four-week classes. Some of the subject areas in which LLI students consistently request more classes are history, U.S./world affairs/ current events, travel, literature and art. If you have a passion to share your knowledge and experience in any of these areas, contact the LLI office at 941637-3533 or email Denise Demo Egbert is the Academic Services Specialist, FSW Charlotte Campus. If you have these credentials and a passion to teach, contact her 941-637-5616 or email back to college in front of the classroom CULTURAL CENTERDENISE DEMO EGBERT | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSNotice to contractorsThe state licenses for contractors expired on Aug. 31. The Charlotte County government requests a copy of a new contractor license and the $50 optional le maintenance fee by Sept. 12, so that contractors may continue to apply for permits, schedule inspections, etc. If updated license information is not received by this date, the Charlotte County government will be required to disable your license in its permitting system until they receive the information. For contractors that use the online system to obtain permits, if you get to the point in the process where you are asked to Select a License Type and nothing appears in the drop-down menu, it is most likely because your license or insurances have expired. Contractors may fax their information to 941-764-4907, or email it to BuildingSvcs@ Once your information has been received by fax or email, you may then call 941-743-1201 to pay the le maintenance fee over the telephone with a MasterCard or Visa credit/debit card. Vendors needed for Bayshore festCharlotte County Community Services seeks vendors for the Bayshore Wine and Beer Fest, set for noon to 4 p.m. Oct. 11 at Bayshore Love Oak Park, 23157 Bayshore Road, Charlotte Harbor. Spaces for selling food, crafts, and accessories are available to rent for $30 per space (insur ance will be required for all vendors). For more information, call Jill Boyd at 941-2355010, or email jill.boyd@ to exhibit in Punta GordaThe Arcadia Opera House Artists will exhibit their work until Oct. 3 in the Goff Gallery at the Visual Arts Center, 210 Maud St., Punta Gorda. This organization consists of 15 artists who have established an art gallery in the Old Opera House in downtown Arcadia. A wide range of art will be displayed, including abstract ism, impressionism and realism. Much of the art will be available for purchase. For more information about the Arcadia Opera House Artists, visit www. arcadiaoperahouse G e t H o o k e d G e t H o o k e d G et Hooked! R e a d W a t e r L i n e E v e r y T h u r s d a y o n l y i n t h e R e a d W a t e r L i n e E v e r y T h u r s d a y o n l y i n t h e R ead Wa terLine Every Thursda y only in th e rffntb trfnrtb 50474883 TUESDAY September 9th 11:00 AM Best Western Ambassador Suites 400 Commercial Court Venice 50474678 Where Shopping Makes Cents 486656 C o u n t r y H o u n d C a f e Country Hound Cafe OPEN 7 DAYS Mon.-Sat. 6:30am-9:00pm; Sun. 6:30am-2pm 1951 S. McCall Rd. (Palm Plaza) Englewood 941-474-7767 A w a r d W i n n i n g R i b s ! A w a r d W i n n i n g R i b s ! September Rib Fest MondaySaturday Night 1/2 Rack Full Rack All You Can Eat $ 9 99 $ 14 99 $ 21 99 (In House Only -No Carry OutWhile They Last) Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Specials Beer & Wine Take-Out Orders Welcome Fried Chicken Nightly Homemade Desserts (regular & sugar-free) Fried Chicken Fried Green Tomatos 486653 Soup or Salad plus 2 sides 50468657 Panther Hollow Dental Lodge has provided compassionate dental care to the residents of Charlotte County for over 40 years. 19240 Quesada Avenue, Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 Dr. Joseph C. Bender Dr. Robert G. Coseo Dr. Richard V. Gelder Dr. Malcolm H. Kerstein Dr. Timothy L. Palmer Dr. Ashley N. Reynolds Dr. John L. Watters Call us today to schedule an appointment! (941)-743-7435 50475291 Thomas Quigley, M.D. Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon F R E E E Y E E X A M F O R N E W P A T I E N T S complete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. O f f e r a p p l i e s t o n e w p a t i e n t s 5 9 y e a r s a n d o l d e r Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants. Coupon Expires 10/16/2014 No Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. Code: CS00 w w w d o c t o r q u i g l e y c o m 20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A PORT CHARLOTTE 941-766-7474 2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL PUNTA GORDA 941-639-2020 330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO FARM CREDIT), ARCADIA 863-993-2020 50468682 Our Talented Team of Orthopedic Surgeons is Growing! Steven R. Anthony, D.O. Pictured above from left to right: Gregory P. Gebauer, M.D., Dale A. Greenberg, M.D.,Robert Stchur, M.D., Jason Reiss, D.O., Ronald M. Constine, M.D., Nicholas J. Connors, M.D., Kenneth D. Levy, M.D. 941-639-6699 350 Mary Street, Punta Gorda 941-629-6262 1641 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Board Eligible Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship trained in Foot and Ankle Call for an Appointment! Seeing Patients beginning September 1 st 2014 Dr Adam Gutwein D M D .Accepting New PatientsPain free Dentistry Caring Environment Same Day Emergencies Children through Senior AdultsImplant Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Second Opinion FREE Most Insurances Accepted14884 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 Accepting New Patients 14884 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 Pain Free Dentistry Implant Dentistry Caring Environment Cosmetic Dentistry Same Day Emergencies Second Opinion FREE Children through Senior Adults Most Insurances Accepted 50470006 Thomas R. Cherpak D.D.S. Kristin A. Woods, D.D.S. Richard L. Ballentine, D.M.D. Michael A. Witsil, D.M.D. 941-426-8289 --q* *I,Shop CharlotteLargo Medical CenterA Teaching HospitalFLORIDA KNEE & ORTHOPEDIC PAVILIONbt gookdv;rw *va-0000'0?NORTH PORTDENTALAdvancedOrthopedicCenterREPAIR RESTORE RECOVERYfi\ 1T \ ,-----------------IE'J, IPKIr:IEN"www.doctorquigley.comOffer appliea tonew patleato 59l and older.---------------ho,e11`1t IHOLLOwDENTAL LODGE


Our Town Page 4 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS This wasnt the way a 16th birthday was supposed to be. As North Port resident Ashley Krueger sat with her parents watching TV at home at about 10 p.m., a call came in from her orthopedist, and the news he delivered was grim the teen had a very rare form of bone cancer called Ewings sarcoma, and was to report to All Childrens Hospital in Tampa rst thing in the morning to meet with an oncologist. Up until that point, Ashley had been an active teenager, even participating in the Black Knight Raiders, a very physically demanding sport at her school, Sarasota Military Academy. One of her parents, Pat Myers, explained how it was that they discovered on Ashleys 16th birthday that she was actually a very sick young woman. She was a Raider for a year and a half, and in October of 2010, she ran a couple of miles with a (heavy) pole across her shoulders, Pat said. Then in January, I saw a golf ball-size lump on her shoulder blade. Pat and Ashleys other parent, Cindi Krueger, took Ashley to her pediatrician, who then referred her to an orthopedist. Tests were run, waiting was done, and then the 10 p.m. phone call came. According to infor mation provided by the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, though Ewings sarcoma occurs infrequently, it is the second-most common bone tumor in children. It most often affects bones of the pelvis, the tibia, bula and femur, and can also begin in the soft tissues, the foundations literature states. This disease most often occurs in adolescents, with nearly half of cases arising between the ages of 10 and 20. As it turned out, Ashleys run with the pole across her shoulders did have a connection with the cancer, though it was not the cause of the disease. Pat believes that the heavy pole actually broke through a sac under the skin, exposing the cancer that was there. After her diagnosis, Ashley began a grueling year of treatments, and for a time, it appeared that she was doing a bit better. But in the early part of 2012, she developed a massive tumor on her thymus gland, an organ that lies just beneath the breastbone. The tumor was 6 inches big and was resting on her heart, Pat said. It had adhered itself to her heart, so it was inoperable. It was then discovered that Ashley had also developed T-cell lymphoma. Pat said that doctors at the time were not quite sure how to treat this new type of cancer, since they believed she had actually contracted it as a result of the medications she was taking for treatment of the Ewings sarcoma. Pat said the doctors at All Childrens Hospital and Moft Cancer Center, with whom the hospital is afliated, actually told her and Cindi that Ashleys medical condition had exceeded their knowledge base. Since that time, Ashley has been treated with various medications for the two types of cancers, and has been mostly conned to her home. Then, several months ago, she tested her doctors medical expertise once more. Back in June, she was Bayited from home after she passed out on our living room oor, Pat said. She went septic, but somehow pulled through. Two weeks later they said, You should be able to go home, but all these crazy things keep happening to her. No one is really sure what is causing the most recent medical developments, which include an inamed, infected gallbladder and some type of growth on her pancreas. The worry is that the growth could either be a new type of cancer or a cyst, which could also be a problem. Now 19 years old, Ashley has led a very unconventional life so far. In addition to, and because of, her medical condition, she lives primarily in isolation in her home, except for hospital visits. The outside world and the people in it are just too full of germs. Between the time she was diagnosed with the rst type of cancer and when they found the second cancer, Ashleys parents had tried to get her enrolled in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, because the one thing that she really wanted to do was see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Pat said she had several conversations with the foundation, but by the time they were ready to come through with a variation of Ashleys wish, she was already very ill again and could not travel. Two years after they rst contacted MakeA-Wish, with their daughter still very sick and awaiting testing for the growth on her pancreas, Cindi and her partner want to nally be able to make Ashleys wish come true. They have booked a trip for the three of them to drive up to New York City, with several stops along the way, to see the Phantom musical. Throughout the duration of Ashleys sickness, her family has depended on Cindis nursing salary and donations they have received from their community. For a long time they have not held any fundraisers, because they didnt think they were going to need the extra money. But Pat said that given the costs associated with Ashleys continued treatment, and the specter of what is to possibly come, there is no way they can make Ashleys dream of a New York trip come true without some type of assistance. For the past year and a half, it has been so good not to have to ask for something, and people here have been so generous, Pat said. Ive been working on the arrangements for this trip for her for more than a year, and no one is really offering any discounts. Is she healthy enough to make this trip? No, but thats why were going now. Pat and Cindi have set up a website where those who are interested in helping Ashley make the trip can learn more about her, and exactly what the trip will entail. If you would like to help, visit www.ashleystouch. com/trip.Family of sick teen raising funds for dream vacationBy DEBBIE FLESSNERSUN CORRESPONDENT PHOTOS PROVIDED BY PAT MYERSAshleys parents, Cindy Krueger and Pat Myers, hope to be able to take their daughter on a dream trip of a lifetime in October. When Ashley Krueger was a student at Sarasota Military Academy, she hosted Gov. Rick Scott on a tour of the school, which led to a long-lasting friendship. They are pictured here with former school principal Dan Kennedy. 50472649 STARTING AT $21,785!! 625-5056 1212 Enterprise Drive Port Charlotte, FL 33953 CONSTRUCTION RENOVATION POOL SERVICE & REPAIRS POOL SUPPLY STORE Lic./Insured Lic.#CPO56749 15 Readers Choice Awards! 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One per customer while supplies last.rxwnooisImpo,MLIEWOODFuOMUM IiNY& IMIIVAlE CREMATORY


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 5 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS CHARLOTTE Nancy Vetrone-BieniekNancy Vetrone-Bieniek, 72, of Punta Gorda, Fla., and Cleveland, Ohio, native passed away Monday, Sept. 1, 2014. She was born Dec. 9, 1941, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Marie (nee Becker) Keller. Nancy was a business icon and founder of Original Copy Centers Inc. She was an amazing woman of strength, beauty and generosity who left her mark wher ever she went. Nancy was the devoted wife of 37 years to Robert E. Bieniek; loving mother of John Vetrone, James Vetrone and Doreen (nee Vetrone) Buck; stepmother to Carrie (nee Bieniek) Passante and Brian Bieniek; caring sister to Charles Keller; and generous grandmother to Lauren, Logan, Eva, Roman, Soleil, Dominic and Genevieve. Nancy was preceded in death by her mother, Marie Keller; daughter, Laureen Vetrone; and brother, Alan Keller. The family requests memorial brick donations in Nancys memory be made to Ponce de Leon Conquistadors Foundations Inc., P.O. Box 510534, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0534.Sally Ann BuckSally Ann Buck, 80, of Punta Gorda, Fla., went to be with the Lord Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014, at Bayfront Health Punta Gorda. Arrangements are by Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory.Leo A. HarmsLeo A. Harms, 86, of Punta Gorda, Fla., and formerly of Alma, Mich., passed away Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014, at Tidewell Hospice, Port Charlotte, Fla. He was born Feb. 9, 1928, in Ithaca, Mich., and has been wintering in Punta Gorda for 19 years and moved to Punta Gorda permanently two years ago. Leo was a veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army. He was a retired welding supervisor for an oil renery. Leo was a member of American Legion Post 103 of Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda Elks Lodge, and Punta Gorda Moose Lodge. He was a loving husband, father, brother, grandfather and great-grandfather who will be missed, but not forgotten. He is survived by his wife, Roberta Harms of Punta Gorda; three daughters, Kimberly Mottlau, Karen Massaro, and Kathi Carter; two sisters, Donna Naffziger, and Louise Luneacke; a brother, Charles Harms; two stepsons, Barclay Mavis, and Kurtis Mavis; 17 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at a later date. Friends may visit online at to sign the memory book and extend condolences to the family. Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home & Crematory, Punta Gorda Chapel.Eric M. KlineEric M. Kline, 39, of Port Charlotte, Fla., passed away Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, at Tidewell Hospice, Port Charlotte. He was born July 9, 1975, in Lancaster, Pa., to Michael A. and Judith Kline. Eric enjoyed life to the fullest. He enjoyed paintball, s music and the movie Mad Max. Eric was a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend, and will forever be missed by all who loved and knew him. Survivors include his loving wife, of six years, Marie E. Kline; his ve children, Adriana, Briona, Hailey, Jason and Taylor Kline; his mother, Judith Kline of Port Charlotte; his sister, Kellie Kline; and two brothers, Shawn, and Michael Kline. He was preceded in death by his loving father, Michael Kline. A Memorial Service will be held at 11:30 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, at Roberson Funeral Home Port Charlotte Chapel. The Rev. J. Ralph Burton, Jr. will ofciate. Memorial contributions in Eric Klines name may be made to Tidewell Hospice, Inc., 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. Friends may visit online at www. to sign the memory book and extend condolences to the family. Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home & Crematory, Port Charlotte Chapel.Agnes Rebecca MyersAgnes Rebecca Myers, 94, of North Charleston, S.C., passed away Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, at her sons residence in Port Charlotte, Fla. She was born Jan. 12, 1920, in Cottageville, S.C., to Nathan Barto and Sarah Gruber. Agnes was a member of Northbridge Baptist Church in Charleston for many years. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend, and will forever be missed by all who loved and knew her. Survivors include her two sons, Frank D. (Patricia) Myers, and James D. (Sandra) Myers both of Port Charlotte; four grandchildren, Travis (Avelina) Myers, Denise (Mac) Golden, Denise (Jason) McAnany, and Christopher (Amanda) Myers; and eight great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her loving husband, Frank George Myers. Inurnment will be held at a later date at Riverview Memorial Park in Charleston, S.C. In lieu of owers, memorial contributions may be made to The Gideons International, P.O. Box 140800 Nashville, TN 37214-0800 or Tidewell Hospice, Inc. 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. Friends may visit online at www. to sign the memory book and extend condolences to the family. Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home & Crematory, Port Charlotte Chapel.Robert Edward ShafferRobert Edward Shaffer, 88, of Punta Gorda, Fla., went to be with the Lord, Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, at Signature Healthcare of Port Charlotte, Fla. Arrangements are by Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory.Claire C. TremleyClaire C. Tremley, 86, of Punta Gorda, Fla., was lifted into arms of the angels to eternal life Friday, Aug. 8, 2014. She was the daughter of Robert and Anna Cook, born Feb. 28, 1928, in Bayonne, N.J. Claire was a member of San Antonio Catholic Church. She will be greatly missed by her loving family including her daughter, Sharon; grandchildren, Stephen (Tiffany), Cassandra (Don), and Tommy (Kristin); great-grandchildren, Garrett, Nathan, Cayden, Jordan, Allison, and Hunter; brother, Ned (Helen); sister, Nancy (Tom); sister-in-law, Ann; many nieces and nephews; along with her best friends Ellie and Tony, and Toni; and special friend, Janet, who lovingly called her grandma. She was preceded in death by her brother, Bob. A memorial Mass will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, at San Antonio Catholic Church, Port Charlotte. In lieu of owers, memorial donations may be made to Tidewell Hospice, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. To express condolences to the family, please visit and sign the online guest book. Arrangements are by Larry Taylor Funeral and Cremation Services.ENGLEWOOD William John BraseWilliam John Brase, 87, of Englewood Fla., died Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. Arrangements are by Englewood Community Funeral Home, Inc. with Private Crematory.Gregory D. LawrenceGregory D. Lawrence, 61, of Englewood, Fla., died Fr iday, Sept. 5, 2014. Arrangements are by Lemon Bay Funeral Home and Cremation Services.Margit SzladkyMargit Szladky, 79, of Venice, Fla., passed away Friday, Aug. 28, 2014. Arrangements are by Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory.NORTH PORT C. Dolores St. GeorgeC. Dolores Dolly (nee Morin) St. George, 86, of North Port, Fla., formerly of Woonsocket, R.I., and Narragansett, R.I., passed away peacefully Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. She was born in Ayer, Mass., the daughter of Frederick Morin and Christine Bastine. She was the wife of Everett L. St. George, who preceded her in death. Mrs. St. George worked for the Ye Olde Fish & Chip Company and also worked as an ophthalmologist receptionist before retiring. An avid bridge and card player, she was the director of the Harbor Cove Bridge Club; and was past-president of the Knights of Columbus Auxiliary. She leaves a son, Robert D. (Lisa) St. George of North Kingstown, R.I.; former daughter-in-law, Freda St. George; brother, Donald Morin of Long Island, N.Y.; three grandchildren, Leslie St. George, Jeffrey St. George and Jenny Pacilio; and ve great-grandchildren, Serena, Madison, Silas, Michael and J.J. She was preceded in death by her son, Richard E. St. George; her parents, Frederick and Christine; her husband, Everett; and siblings, Frederick, William, Daniel and Joseph Morin. Visiting hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday, Sept., 8, 2014. Her funeral will be held at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, from the Fagan-Quinn Funeral Home, 825 Boston Neck Road, North Kingstown, with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Bernard Church, 275 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown. Burial will be private. A memorial service in Florida will be planned at a later date. In lieu of owers, memorial contributions to Home & Hospice Care of RI, 1085 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02904, will be appreciated. For information and condolences visit: www. faganquinnfuneralhome. com.DESOTONo deaths were reported in DeSoto Saturday. | OBITUARIES NancyT.LiebelMarch23,1931~July4,2014 AGatheringcelebratingNancyslifewillbeheld from4p.m.to7p.m.thisFriday,Sept.12,2014,at RobersonFuneralHomes,PortCharlotteChapel.A MemorialMasswillbecelebrated11a.m.Saturday, Sept.13,2014,atSt.CharlesBorromeoCatholic ChurchinPortCharlotte. MemorialdonationscanbemadetoSt.Charles BorromeoChurch,2500EasySt.,PortCharlotte,FL 33952;ortoacharityofyourchoice.Friendsmay visitonlineatwww.robersonfh.comtosignthe memorybookandextendcondolencestothefamily. Arr angementsarebyRobersonFuneralHomes &Crematory,PortCharlotteChapel. MemoiaSrvice ENGLEWOOD Russ Kyper wants to keep aoat the idea of a ferry crossing Lemon Bay from Blind Pass Beach to West Dearborn Street. For eight years or more, Kyper has envisioned a pontoon boat ferrying across Lemon Bay. Unlike a water taxi, the ferry would make regular trips from the bay side of Sarasota Countys Blind Pass Beach to docks on the mainland. Docks will be available on Harbor Drive at the west end of Dearborn Street, but the Englewood Community Redevelopment Agency is now constructing a 209-foot boat dock and a 128-foot shing pier on Lemon Bay at the Cherokee Street Park, which is off the west end of Green Street. Kyper said hes not alone and is working with a group that is creating the Spirit of Englewood nonprot. He envisions a solar-powered, commer cial pontoon boat that would carry 18 passengers per trip, possibly six days a week. Theres so much discovery left, and were in the very threshold of it, Kyper conceded. But he also said, We are trying to develop a beacon to attract people to Englewood and we want to develop a completely green project and something unique to Englewood. A business plan is now being developed, and if all goes well, Kyper expects the ferry could be launched in a year to 18 months. His initial estimate for the pontoon boat and other startup costs is $60,000 to $70,000. We are hoping to have donors, Kyper said. Also, he said the model for an Englewood ferry is the existing South Venice Beach ferry, operated by the South Venice Civic Association. They have a $90,000 annual budget, but most of their expenses are for their three captains, Kyper said. While association members could not be reached for comment Friday, the associations website at www.south describes the six-passenger ferry as shuttling members from the mainland to a 1,300-foot stretch of Gulf beach managed by the association through South Venice Beach Endowment Trust. According to the website, annual passes are $95 and monthly passes are $45. However, for Englewoods ferry, Kyper said, would be to offer daily passes, keeping in mind tourists and others who patronize either Dearborn Street businesses or Blind Pass Beach. We also want to work with the schools and utilize the ferry for educational purposes in the summer when its slow, Kyper said. The hope now is for more people to come aboard to ensure that the ferry becomes a reality. For more information, call Kyper at 941-4747632 or 941-468-1762. Email: reilly@sun-herald.comNo sinking the idea of an Englewood ferryBy STEVE REILLYSTAFF WRITER | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSPGPD to provide enhanced serviceThe Punta Gorda Police Department announced it will enhance its existing Away From Home Program to now include basic home-security checks for seasonal and vacationing residents. These checks are not designed to replace existing home-security measures; however they will provide an added measure in keeping your home safe while you are away. The PGPD has more than 60 volunteers dedicated to assisting the citizens of Punta Gorda. The departments volunteers serve in a variety of roles, including Marine Patrol, assisting in the Records section, and Volunteers on Patrol. In addition to their normal neighborhood patrols, the Volunteers on Patrol will conduct basic home-security checks for residents enrolled in the Away From Home Program. To register for the program, visit police_awayhome.html. Individuals who do not wish to register online, or who have questions concerning the program, can call the Police Department at 941-639-4111.Train Depot changes hoursThe Punta Gorda Historical Societys Train Depot, 1009 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda, will change its hours beginning Sept. 2. The Antique Mall and Museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call 941-639-6774.Free cruise offeredSeptember has been designated National Library Card Sign-up month. King Fisher Fleet, 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, will offer a free Sunset Cruise to individuals who obtain a new library card during the month of September. Interested library borrowers in Charlotte and DeSoto counties may sign up for a new library card at the front desk at any Charlotte or DeSoto county library. Once signed up, borrowers will receive a voucher for a free Sunset Cruise, which is valid for use during September or October. The Sunset Cruise is a 90-minute cruise that lets passengers enjoy a glorious Florida sunset over Charlotte Harbor while touring the waterfront. Advanced reservations are recommended. For the current schedule, more information and reservations, call 941-639-0969.Toys for Tots needs tablesCharlotte County Toys for Tots needs folding tables, either 6 or 8 feet long. If you are able to donate a table, call Carol Pickford, Charlotte County coordinator, at 941-626-6215. or-404


Our Town Page 6 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS | BIRTHDAYS Happy 13th birthday to Elizabeth Libby Myers on her special day Aug.18. Happy 2nd birthday to Jayme Reed on her special day Sept.5. CONTACT FOR BIRTHDAYSEach week in Sundays Charlotte Sun, we run free birthday announcements along with a photo. Email your .jpg photo of the birthday boy or girl of any age, along with the persons name, age, and birthday month and date, to Marion Putman, assistant Charlotte editor, at marionmputman@ Deadline is noon Thursday. Note: If you bring or mail in a hard-copy photo (to 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980), we will try to accommodate you, but we CANNOT guarantee the ability to return it to you. For more information, call Marion at 941-206-1183. Happy 7th birthday to Lincoln Robert Alwood on his special day Sept.6. Happy 30th birthday to Eric Dieter on his special day Sept.8. Happy 70th birthday to John Anthony Habeck Sr. on his special day Sept.10. Happy 7th birthday to Jackson Reed on his special day Sept.11. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSMeeting open to publicIn September 2014, Charlotte County Utilities (CCU) will begin a joint project with Charlotte County Public Works, which will include utility improvements, pedestrian pathways/sidewalks repairs, storm drainage improvements, and landscaping on Elkcam Boulevard between U.S. 41 and Midway Boulevard and Gertrude Avenue. This project may impact businesses and residents in the service area. CCU, Public Works and the contractors would like to address any questions that the public in the area may have as the project progresses. A meeting is planned to discuss what the project entails, what to expect as the construction is completed, and also offer an opportunity for individual questions with the experts from CCU, Public Works and OwenAmes-Kimball. The meeting will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte. The public is encouraged to attend this informational meeting. For more information, or if you have questions, call CCU at 941-764-4304.Dachshunds to compete in derbySalty Paws will hold its Fifth Annual Wiener Dog Derby at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 13 at Fishermens Village, 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda. All dachshunds, along with their owners, are invited to this event. Preregistration at Salty Paws is not required, but highly recommended. Preregistration fees are $5, or $7 the day of the event. Proceeds will benet dachshund rescues. The track is only 10 yards long, so even the smallest dachshunds are encour aged to participate. Other pets are invited to cheer on the wiener dogs. For more information, call Salty Paws at 941-575-7599. DOES YOUR BUSINESS QUALIFY? CALL 941-205-6402 BUSINESS Journal Absolute Blinds Has A Window Treatment For You Q UESTIONS & A NSWERS Westchester Gold & Diamonds, 4200-F Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, is known for unsurpassed quality, variety and pricing when buying or selling gold, silver, diamonds, Rolex watches and fine collectibles. Owner, Steve Duke, is on site to assist you with jewelry purchases and appraisals, or the sale of your old gold and other valuables. Specializing in preloved Rolex watches, new and estate jewelry pieces, oriental rugs, unusual gifts, paintings, rare collectibles, and more, Westchester should be your destination. The selection is amazing. This business is a community staple and is known for its generosity in giving back. Listen to Steve Dukes Friday morning show on 1580 AM radio each week 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. It is interesting, fun and always topical. The store is located in Baers Plaza, and the phone number is 941625-0666.Visit their website at Westchester Gold & Diamonds, Serving Charlotte County Over 37 Years Absolute Blinds has been in business in Charlotte County and the surrounding area for over ten years and has become one of the largest and most successful licensed window treatment companies in Southwest Florida. With unbeatable pricing, blinds made while you wait, free advice from a professional decorator, and the best selection available, Absolute Blinds can fulfill all your window treatment needs. An array of verticals, a selection of wood plantation shutters, horizontals, mini-blinds, pleated shades, top treatments, cornices, draperies and more is among their offering. Absolute Blinds is a Graber dealer and estimates are free. If you need window coverings for home or office, A bsolute Blinds is there to assist you. The store is located at 2842 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte and the phone number is 941-627-5444.Past and present customers can like Absolute Blinds Facebook page. For more information, visit their website at One of the best auto body shops in this area is Jackies Auto Body. With over 35 years of experience, Jack DAmico is second to none. Many local car dealers and car collectors bring their cars to Jackies Auto Body for first class auto body work, or a custom paint job. Jack repairs everything from minor dents to major collision damage, and will put your car in like-new condition. All types of insurance claims are accepted and Jackies is on the Preferred Insurance List. Jackies Auto Body repairs, paints and services almost any vehicle and uses the finest Sherwin-Williams paint products and materials as well as state of the art equipment. Stop by and meet Jack and Regina and receive a free estimate. Jackies Auto Body is located at 19888 Veterans Hwy., in Port Charlotte, and the phone number is 941-255-5967. Trust the pros to make your vehicle like new again. Q. My vehicle doesnt seem to be running properly. Is there a certified auto repair shop with reasonable rates in this area? A. For all your auto repairs give Dr. Ds Auto Repair a call. Dr. Ds repairs all types of vehicles including motor homes and four wheelers. At Dr. Ds you can count on the best service, diagnostics, repairs, replacement parts, etc. Only superior quality replacement parts are used and rates are very reasonable. Owner, Mike True, and his staff are all ASE certified and they offer the finest full service repair in this area. With the computerized engine analysis, you can be assured that the service required on your vehicle is necessary. True is well known as an excellent auto mechanic and the business enjoys an excellent reputation. Dr. Ds is located at 23415 Janice Avenue in the Whidden Industrial Park in Charlotte Harbor and the phone number is 941-743-3677. For the best service at a reasonable price, call or stop by Dr. Ds Auto Repair. Q. I want a new television and audio system with surround sound. Is there a local business with a good selection of electronics? A. Known for its selection of TVs, audio/video systems, antennas and repairs, Quality TV has a great selection of other products including security alarm systems, metal detectors, security cameras, blue ray players, tailgate portable antennas and used TVs with an inhouse warranty. Quality TV is a factory authorized service agent for most brands and is an authorized Dish Network and DIRECTV dealer/ installer and there is an on-site repair shop. Owner Mike Morales will match prices on any instock TV. Before you make your purchase, give Quality TV a call at 941426-1773 and allow them to give you a quote, or stop by the store located at 14212 W. Tamiami Trail, North Port, and see their vast selection. They can advise which brands are the best engineered to fit your needs. For more information, please visit their website at Q. Are pleated filters the best to buy for your air conditioner? How often should I change them? A. John and Carrie Gable at Dales Air Conditioning & Heating, recommend pleated filters, where the pleats/ apex of the pleat is spaced about 1 apart, are the best. The hypoallergenic filterswhere the pleats/ apex are 0 apart are generally too good. They are highly restrictive for airflow. They load and get dirty very quickly. As a general rule of thumb, you should inspect & change your filter, no matter what type, every 30 days. John and Carrie strive to educate their customers on how to keep their home heated and cooled in the winter and summer, and what to do to extend the life of the unit. You can count on the service, advice and fair pricing that you receive and a thorough and complete check at each service visit. Call Dales Air Conditioning & Heating 941-629-1712, located at 18260 Paulson Drive, Port Charlotte. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with 24 hours emergency service to their customers. Jackies Auto Body 19888 Veterans Highway, Port Charlotte Jackies Auto Body Where Local Dealers Go for Auto Body Work Absolute Blinds 2842 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, call 941-627-5444 Steve Duke of Westchester Gold & Diamonds, 4200-F Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte 50472039 I 44


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 7 Mull BellThe parents of Katherine Boone Mull and Mark Andrew Bell, both of Sarasota, Fla., are pleased to announce they are engaged to be married. Katherine is the daughter of Mark and Emily Mull of Englewood, Fla. She graduated from USF in Tampa, Fla., majoring in nance. Katherine is currently working at Sarasota Memorial Hospital as a CNA. Mark is the son of Sue Bell of Sarasota and Jerry Bell (deceased). He graduated from FSU in Tallahassee, Fla., majoring in business. Mark is currently working for State Farm Insurance as an insurance agent. The wedding is planned for Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014, at Manasota Beach Club in Englewood.Heises celebrate 65 years Happy wedding anniversary to our parents, Carl and Eleanor Heise, who celebrated their 65th anniversary Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014! Carl and Eleanor are originally from Port Jefferson Station, N.Y., where they devoted their lives to raising our family of ve children, Carl Jr. of New York, Sherry of Illinois, David of New York, Wendy of Delaware, and Terry of Florida. They were also blessed with six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. They retired to Southwest Florida in 1990, residing rst in Charlotte Harbor and most recently in North Port, Fla. Carl is a World War II veteran, having served in the Navy-Armed Guard.Higgins celebrate 65 years Nancy and Joe Higgins of Punta Gorda, Fla., celebrated 65 years of marriage Friday, Aug. 22, 2014. The couple, originally from South New Jersey, have lived in Punta Gorda for over 25 years. Nancy and Joe celebrated by watching their prized Philadelphia Phillies, dinner and drinks at The Elks Lodge in Punta Gorda, and dancing at The Moose Lodge in Punta Gorda. FAMILY ALBUM LA TIMES BEST-SELLER LIST FICTION1.Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, by Haruki Murakami (Knopf: $25.95) A Tokyo railroad engineer revisits his painful past. 2.Adultery, by Paulo Coelho (Knopf: $24.95) Beset with a midlife crisis a woman engages in an affair with a childhood friend. 3.The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt (Little, Brown: $30) A young man clings to a painting years after surviving an explosion at a museum that killed his mother. 4.California, by Edan Lepucki (Little, Brown: $26) A young married couple navigate a post-apocalyptic future where the wealthy hoard resources. 5.We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas (Simon & Schuster: $28) A New York Irish three-generational family deals with Alzheimers and other domestic travails. 6.The Magicians Land, by Lev Grossman (Viking: $27.95) In this final book in the Magicians trilogy, a grown-up Quentin finds his way back to Fillory. 7.All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr (Scribner: $27) A blind French girl and a German teenager meet in occupied France during World War II. 8.Big Little Lies, by Liane Mori arty (Putnam: $26.95) A murder mystery involving three uniquely different mothers whose kids attend the same preschool. 9.Dear Daughter, by Elizabeth Little (Viking: $26.95) Released from prison for murdering her mother, a former high-society girl searches for the real killer. 10.The Heist, by Daniel Silva (Harper: $27.99) Art restorer-spy Gabriel Allons hunt for a missing Caravaggio painting takes him across Europe.NONFICTION1.A Spy Among Friends, by Ben Macintyre (Crown: $27) The story of Kim Philby, a MI6 counterintel ligence agent turned Soviet spy during the Cold War. 2.The Organized Mind, by Daniel J. Levitin (Dutton: $27.95) The latest neuroscience research explains how organization can help manage the daily deluge of data. 3.The Grumpy Guide to Life, by Grumpy Cat (Chronicle: $12.95) The perpetually frowning felines devotional guide of uninspiring observations. 4.Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand (Random House: $27) The story of Louis Zamperini, a World War II bombardier, POW and Olympian. 5.Cant We Talk About Some thing More Pleasant, by Roz Chast (Bloomsbury: $28) The New Yorker cartoonist finds black comedy in her elderly parents decline in this graphic memoir. 6..Girlboss, by Sophia Amoruso (Portfolio: $26.95) Behind the scenes of the meteoric rise of the CEO of fashion retailer Nasty Gal. 7.Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book, by Diane Muldrow (Golden Books: $9.99) Practical advice from the classic childrens series. 8.When Paris Went Dark, by Ronald C. Rosbottom (Little, Brown: $28) A chronicle of Parisians survival and resistance under Nazi occupation during WWII. 9.One Nation, by Ben Carson and Candy Carson (Sentinel: $25.95) The neurosurgeon shares his observations on the ills afflicting American society. 10.In the Kingdom of Ice, by Hampton Sides (Doubleday: $28.95 The sinking of a polar expedition ship and harrowing survival of its crew in the late 19th century. FAMILY ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENTS$27 for a photo, up to 200 words $54 for a photo, up to 300 words Stop by your local Sun office to pick up a form. Resers celebrate 65 years Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Reser, of Rotonda West, Fla., celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary Fri day, Sept. 5, 2014. Leon Lee J. Reser, son of Lee Reser and Lucille K. (nee Moltz) Reser, married Ann Margaret Darr, daughter of Fred J. Darr and Alice (nee Brenneman) Darr, during a high Mass at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Oak Harbor, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1949. Mr. and Mrs. Reser settled in Bucyrus, Ohio and opened Lees Shoes, which is still in business today. Lee and Ann retired to Florida in 2004 after raising seven kids and serving the Bucyrus community and Holy Trinity Catholic Church for 55 years. They are active residents of the Rotonda West area and still serve their community and church families. The Reser Family includes Jim (Paula nee Adkins) Reser, Joe (MaryEllen nee Tiell) Reser, Jeff (Gayle nee Knappenberger) Reser, Joni (Denny) Jordan, Janice (Ed) Roman, Jack (Heidi nee West) Reser, Jill (Jonathan) Turner, Ray (Lisa) Reser, Ray (Dolly nee Bradley) Wilkins and Sue Bradley-Allen; many grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews. Countless extended family wish Ann and Lee a most happy anniversary. LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS SUN FILE PHOTOVolunteers Bob Woodward, left, and Bill McSharry collected a wheelbarrow full of garbage at a previous Great American Cleanup at Cedar Point Environmental Park in Englewood. Volunteers are needed for this years cleanup on Sept. 20. To register, contact the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at 941-475-0769.In the idyllic parks and preserves that connect to Lemon Bay, trash can often be found tucked among the roots of mangrove trees and along the shorelines, says Bobbi Rodgers. Rodgers, the environmental resources manager of the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, needs the communitys help to do something about it. The biannual Great American Cleanup, which takes place during the fall and spring of each year, is a way for Englewood to help remove the accumulated debris in these parks. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 20. Volunteers will meet at Cedar Point Environmental Park, 2300 Placida Road, Englewood, before fanning out to cover other locations like Oyster Creek Environmental Park or Buck Creek Preserve. Refreshments and trash bags will be provided. People who register are not obligated to stay for all three hours, Rodgers explained. Rodgers estimated the event has been held for about 10 years. She described it as a real social thing, noting that volunteers often meet like-minded people for the rst time. Rodgers said that both groups and individuals are common, and local families with kids, the Boy Scouts and the Charlotte Harbor Parrotheads (Jimmy Buffet devotees) often turn out. Volunteers unfamiliar with some of the trails are given the chance, in her words, to see new environments and explore what the parks have to offer. Rodgers said kayakers use it as a chance to do an outing while cleaning up. Most of the debris that is picked up comes from local waterways, she explained. Rodgers said little of the problem has to do with careless disposal of trash on the inland ground or in wooded areas. People take pride in their parks, and its the parks that immediately border the waterways that have the problem, like Oyster Creek, she said. Typical items deposited along the shores of creeks and inlets include bottles, foam cups and other items lost by boating parties, like seat cushions. Occasionally, unusually large items are found that have been dumped into the bay, like washing machine components and car bumpers. Rodgers said that she will submit data about the location of trash items to the Ocean Conservancy, a national nonprot agency with an ofce in St. Petersburg. The agency calculates where the debris originated, such as from boat trafc or water runoff, said Rodgers, and then deter mines what audience needs to be reached to increase awareness. Sometimes, though, the stuff that washes up isnt trash. Rodgers related an incident in the past in which a message-in-a-bottle was recovered by volunteers. The message was from a Dutch girl who was visiting Floridas east coast. Rodgers said the girl still corresponds with the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center. The event is part of a national cooperative effort of the same name orchestrated by Keep America Beautiful, a nonprot that engages some 20,000 communities each year and includes an estimated 4 million volunteers, according to its website, To register, contact the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at 941-475-0769.Volunteers needed for Cedar Point cleanupBy JOEL S. LANGHAMSUN CORRESPONDENT | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFLeague needs dry dog, cat foodThe Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte, needs dry dog and cat food. The shelter uses Purina brand dog chow, puppy chow, cat chow and kitten chow, but would be grateful for any brand of dry food. Some of the cats need Purina brand lamb and rice formula cat food as well. Bring all donations to the shelters adoption building. All donations are tax-deductible, and a receipt may be provided upon request at the front desk. For more information, call 941-625-6720. 3191 Harbor Blvd. Suite D, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 50472211 NEW DOCTOR IN TOWN Diabetes High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Thyroid Problems Arthritis Osteoporosis Memory Loss Cardiac Disease Prostate 941-613-1919 Tetyana Metyk, M.D. Internal Medicine Bethany L. Walden, Au. D Board Certified Doctor of Audiology Charlotte Hearing Center, Inc. Hearing Evaluations & Hearing Aids Since 1984 766-8886 Most Major Brands Available 21216 Olean Blvd., Suite 4 Port Charlotte Across from AAA Bldg. 50472200 629-4311 General Dentistry Implants Cosmetic Nitrous Oxide Dentures & One Day Repair Laser Periodontal Therapy 50472349 3440 Conway Blvd. #2A (Behind Post Office) Port Charlotte DR. SUSAN R. BROOKS Seniors are our Specialty NEW LOW COST DENTURES! HAVING A HARD TIME CHEWING? High SchoolFootballCheck out ourcoverageevery .. J'Wednesday,Friday, Saturdayand Sunday.AiA", iLets Each Wednesday webring you the latest onevents, restaurants,artists & more!T day


Our Town Page 8 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Buett does not deserve criticismEditor: Wow! Warren Buffett betrays America! Now, todays headline is pretty catchy alright! But the inferences that companies who adopt corporate inversions to reduce their U.S. taxes are without loyalty to the United States is just plain absurd. Warren Buffett did not make the decision for Burger King to acquire Tim Hortons Canadian restaurant chain, or to move the company HQ to Canada. Burger King isnt even an American company, having been acquired by a Brazilian conglomerate four years ago. But U.S. taxes will, as in the past, continue to be paid on every meal sold within the United States. People should know the much-criticized exodus of corporate headquarters in America is the direct result of our government having the highest corporate tax rate on earth, and this departure trend has accelerated signicantly in recent years. It will continue to do so until our Congress restructures our obscenely inequitable tax structure. Then foreign companies will move to the U.S., bring capital, increase our tax base, and create thousands of new jobs. By the way, Buffetts loyalty to America is fully intact. His Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate of some 200 companies contributes an enormous percentage of U.S tax dollars. And one more point: Buffetts job is not to make money for the U.S. government. His job is to create increasing value for Berkshire shareholders. And hes done a darn good job of it over the past 50 years.Frank Betz Punta GordaMultitasking with an apronEditor: In a century, will anyone really know what an apron was for? Not its chief use, shielding a dress from stains. I remember the one Grandma wore. It was something more: It was a handy pot holder when hot things needed to be moved from the stove. It was a hand warmer when it was cold. It was good for wiping sweat from a brow accustomed to a life of hard work. It was a basket for garden vegetables when harvesting began. It was an instant bag for carrying eggs from the chicken coop into the house. When unexpected company came to the front door (because everyone else used the back one), it was a duster that cleaned up faster than humanly possible. It was a good hiding place for when company came and you felt shy. In a pinch it was a washcloth to clean muddy faces and dirty ears. It was a hanky for drying up your tiny tears. No microwave or K-Cup or piece of technology can ever replace the feelings of home, comfort and love that the memory of that apron brings. I remember it when I put on my own apron. And when I cook for my little girl. Grandma is long gone but her memory is near when I gaze at my daughter. They look alike, somehow. And now, I have given her a tiny apron her very own.Kathy Y. OBrien Rotonda WestTired of paying for fancy trucks, etc.Editor: Here we go again. The Englewood Fire Department wants another higher tax assessment. Just imagine the current rate of $142.92 times each resident plus commercial and empty lots. Thats a huge amount of money for a handful of men and equipment. And they want more? Im so sick of seeing fancy re department cars, trucks, equipment and buildings. Especially when I think of the wonderful volunteer reghters that we all loved and respected. Now I see them and I think more overpaid government workers, greedy unions, special retirement and medical programs. Put all government workers on Social Security and Obamacare like we are forced to get. Better yet, we have plenty of good ol Florida boys in their trucks that would make a great volunteer re department and cut taxes majorly. Why am I so mad? I own a tiny mobile home park with 30 tiny homes and eight tiny efciencies and the re tax part of our taxes are higher than all our ad-valorem taxes combined. We are charged like large homes with attached garages, etc. Whenever I call for help, the re department tells me to sell my park. What would these poor people do? We are the lowest rent around and they must go to Helping Hand for that. Truth is, we are more likely to lose our homes to taxes than re. Help!Barb Green EnglewoodLocal business gets high marksEditor: With the hurricane season being uppermost in everyones mind, I thought it would be a good time to tell the folks about AADisaster Restoration Inc. Unfortunately, I have been plagued by water and mold problems. Not knowing who to turn to, I called our local chamber and they gave me several names. I called AAD and it was the best call I ever made. Owner Kevin Koch and his crew came immediately, found the problem and went to work, along with my plumber Tony. Walls, rugs, clothes, furniture and anything else in the path of destruction was removed and the work began. Clothes went to the Green Cleaners who did a fantastic job, huge fans were in place, what could not be salvaged was taken away. Several weeks later every thing came together, thanks to the expertise of Chris, Bobby and several others. I cannot say enough about their work ethic. Above reproach! You can call this company with complete condence.Barbara Joseph Port CharlottePresident Barack Obamas first-term foreign policy was epitomized by success in fulfilling his campaign promise to end the U.S. role in Iraq and by the stunning U.S. Special Forces killing of Osama bin Laden. Obamas second term, however, seems increasingly exemplified by last years withdrawn promise to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons and his all-too-public inability to develop and implement a strategy to halt the advance of the transnational Islamic State. For many critics, Obama had it wrong from the start. By completing the Iraq withdrawal started by former President George W. Bush, extending it to Afghanistan and minimizing any U.S. role in Syria and Libya, Obama abandoned American leader ship, his critics say, citing the anonymous administration officials statement that the U.S. was leading from behind. But Obamas initial steps met the American peoples expectations and displayed an appropriate purpose: reducing the over-commitments of the Bush years. The turning point came last year after Syria President Bashar al-Assad, beset by civil war, crossed Obamas red line when he used chemical weapons against his countrys civilians. That action killed nearly 1,500 people, including more than 400 children. After vowing a strong response, Obama undercut his promise by deciding to seek support from a reluctant, divided Congress backing that never came. Though Americans seemingly accept the presidents innate caution in some areas, such as his response to Russias aggression against Ukraine, his wavering on how to deal with Syria and counter the rise of the Islamic State has damaged public perception of his foreign policy performance. The problem may well be the sharp contrast between Obamas ability to implement goals on which he campaigned and his difficulty in coping with complex new developments that require U.S. reaction. Complicating his calculus have been the political missteps of Iraqi leaders, whose persistent sectarianism helped spur the rise of the Islamic State, and complex changing events that may prevent him from lowering the U.S. overseas Obamas difficulty pivoting on unexpected in foreign policy Carl Leubsdorf LEUBSDORF | 9 OUR VIEW LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters are welcome on virtually any subject, but we do have some rules. Please keep them to less than 250 words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All letters must be signed with full name not initials. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, Letters to the Editor, 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980, or fax to 941-629-2085. Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at LETTER SUBMISSION POLICYEmail letters to letters@sun-herald.comChairman Derek Dunn-Rankin Publisher David Dunn-Rankin Executive Editor Chris Porter Editorial page editor Brian Gleason Editorial writer Stephen Baumann Editor John Hackworth V IEWPOINT Dont ignore Vibrio vulnificus threat Beating the heat with a refreshing dip in area waterways carries risks ranging from rip currents to boating accidents to infectious diseases. Not exactly a chamber of commerce sentence, but it is far better to be informed of potential marine misadventures than to pretend theyre not out there. A report this week from the Charlotte County Department of Health about a third case of a waterborne bacterial infection follows Julys fatal infection in Sarasota County, one of two cases reported there that month. A second victim died earlier this summer in Lee County. The culprit is Vibrio vulnicus, a mouthful of a name for a microscopic organism that thrives in our warm, salty water. While many people are exposed to the bacteria, but dont develop symptoms, it is typically more dangerous for those with compromised immune systems, Ana Scuteri, a Department of Health epidemiologist, told Sun media partner WINK-TV. Symptoms of a Vibrio vulnicus infection include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pains. For those with compromised immune systems as a result of liver or kidney disease or diabetes, additional symptoms could include fever and chills, low blood pressure, redness, swelling and blisters on the skin. Typically the virus enters the body through open cuts or scrapes, but it can also be transmitted by eating raw shellsh. Theres no reason folks shouldnt enjoy our balmy waters this time of year, but everyone should be aware of any cuts that may become infected and get yourself treated if you notice the symptoms associated with Vibrio vulnicus.Harbour Heights Park project moving forwardWhile the completion of several park projects around the county hinges on the passage of the local option sales tax extension in November, several improvements are already in the pipeline, including at Harbour Heights Park. More than a year ago, county staff held a series of outreach meetings in the community. Last week, the window closed for potential bidders to perform the work. The outreach effort and investment commitment in Harbour Heights stands in sharp contrast to complaints raised earlier this week that the county wasnt investing enough in the community, prompting some to say they wouldnt support the sales tax extension. Its important for people in the community to make such decisions based on facts not perception. The fact is Harbour Heights is about to get a major makeover of its signature park. The park upgrades will include tennis court resurfacing, parking lot expansion and improvements, a recongured storm water system to alleviate ooding and a shufeboard court realignment, according to county parks director Tommy Scott. A separate project to improve and expand the existing boat ramp is also underway, with notices sent to prospective bidders interested in the ramp job, he said. All of the work is currently funded through the countys capital improvements budget. We commend the county staffers and Harbour Heights civic groups for working together to address issues at the park. The progress serves as a reminder that the best way to get things accomplished in any neighborhood is to participate in ongoing public outreach efforts. Informed citizens make for vibrant communities. D.Ery KingFeaiureaLAc T c`30'' ZRATEWards i 7r15'Vh ks7pi Lr cSTRiKE. AUTOr1Ai0[0aper hour


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 9 President Barack Obamas stated goal in the fight against the Islamic State, aka ISIS, is to reduce it to a manageable problem. What this means, he hasnt spelled out in great specicity. Presumably fewer beheadings. A slower pace of Western recruiting. Fewer genocidal threats against embattled minorities. A downgrading of the caliphate to a mini-state, or merely a large swath of territory in Syria and Iraq. The evil of ISIS has stirred nearly everyone around President Obama to ringing statements of resolve. Vice President Joe Biden says, We will follow them to the gates of hell. The president himself? He says it will be degraded to the point where it is no longer the kind of factor that weve seen it being over the last several months. Put to the rhythms of Winston Churchills famous call to arms in Parliament in June 1940, the Obama posture is, We shall degrade you, we shall lessen you as a factor, we shall make you manageable, we shall hope that the attention of this great continental nation turns to something else soon. What we have been witnessing the past few weeks is the intellectual collapse of Obamas foreign policy, accompanied by its rapid political unraveling. When Al Franken is ripping you for lacking a strategy against ISIS in Syria, you have a problem. The hoary hawkish cliches about the stakes in Iraq repeated over and over again by Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham through the years have proved correct. In 2007, McCain argued that if we failed in Iraq, these people will try to follow us home and the region will erupt to a point where we may have to come back or we will be combating what is now, to a large degree, al-Qaida. And so it is that seven years later, we are bombing Iraq as we battle an offshoot of al-Qaida amid fears that the terrorists will attack us here at home. It is not that the latest events in Iraq and Syria necessarily vindicate a rigorously McCainite foreign policy. You can believe ISIS must be defeated and still think that the Iraq War was a mistake and McCain and his allies are too recklessly interventionist. But events have vindicated the surge that devastated the forerunner of ISIS and demonstrated the folly of Obamas total pullout from Iraq. The strife-torn Middle Eastern country for which the dont do stupid stuff doctrine has been most consistently applied is Syria. Yet, in a country of roughly 22 million people, nearly 10 million are refugees or internally displaced, roughly 200,000 have been killed, and ISIS has established a base from which to launch operations in Iraq. This is not only a humanitarian catastrophe but a disaster for our interests, and more and more people are recognizing it as such. The political worm has turned so completely that even Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, the strictest of noninterventionists, now supports war in Iraq and Syria. The most prominent gure who is out of step with this new zeitgeist is President Obama. The other day, he explained that things arent as bad as they seem because social media is amplifying events. He has gone from blaming Bush to blaming Instagram. Does anyone really believe that if we were reading about a radical terror group of unspeakable savagery sweeping through the Middle East in the print editions of newspapers instead of on Twitter it would seem any less alarming? The social-media excuse is another evasion by a president who wants to avoid speaking too forthrightly about the threat of ISIS, lest he commit himself to the forceful action necessary to defeat it. When the only tool you have is a hammer, President Obama has said of President Bushs alleged approach to the world, every problem looks like a nail. By the same token, when the only tool you have is retreat, every problem looks manageable. Rich Lowry is the editor of the National Review. Readers may reach him at comments.lowry@ collapse of Obamas foreign policy Rich Lowry What is it that makes a powerful faction in our body politic demand tight money even in a depressed, low-ination economy? On Thursday, the European Central Bank announced a series of new steps it was taking in an effort to boost Europes economy. There was a whiff of desperation about the announcement, which was reassuring. Europe, which is doing worse than it did in the 1930s, is clearly in the grip of a deationary vortex, and its good to know that the central bank understands that. But its epiphany may have come too late. Its far from clear that the measures now on the table will be strong enough to reverse the downward spiral. And there but for the grace of Bernanke go we. Things in the United States are far from OK, but we seem (at least for now) to have steered clear of the kind of trap facing Europe. Why? One answer is that the Federal Reserve started doing the right thing years ago, buying trillions of dollars worth of bonds in order to avoid the situation its European counterpart now faces. You can argue, and I would, that the Fed should have done even more. But Fed ofcials have faced erce attacks all the way. Pundits, politicians and plutocrats have accused them, over and over again, of debasing the dollar, and warned that soaring ination is just around the corner. The predicted surge in ination has never arrived, but despite being wrong year after year, hardly any of the critics have admitted being wrong, or even changed their tune. And the question Ive been trying to answer is why. What is it that makes a powerful faction in our body politic call it the deation caucus demand tight money even in a depressed, low-ination economy? One thing is clear: Like so much else these days, monetary policy has become very much a partisan issue. Its not just that talk of dollar debasement comes pretty much exclusively from the right of the political spectrum; ination paranoia has, to a remarkable extent, become a matter of conservative political correctness, so that even economists who should know better have joined in the chorus. So we can focus the question fur ther: Why do people on the right hate monetary expansion, even when its desperately needed? One answer is the power of truthiness Stephen Colberts justly famed term for things that arent true but feel true to some people. The Fed is printing money, printing money leads to ination, and ination is always a bad thing is a triply untrue statement, but it feels true to a lot of people. And, yes, a tendency to prefer truthiness to more complicated truth is and pretty much always has been associated with political conservatism, and this tendency is especially strong in an era when leading politicians get their monetary theory from Ayn Rand novels. Another answer is class interest. Ination helps debtors and hurts creditors, deation does the reverse. And the wealthy are much more likely than workers and the poor to be creditors, to have money in the bank and bonds in their portfolio rather than mortgages and credit-card balances outstanding. Back in the Gilded Age, the elite mobilized en masse to defeat William Jennings Bryan, who threatened to take the United States off the gold standard; campaign spending as a percentage of GDP was far higher in 1896 than in any presidential election before or since. Are the wealthy similarly mobilized against easy-money policies today? As far as I know, we dont have rigorous evidence to that effect. There are certainly a lot of wealthy investors in the debasing-the-dollar crowd, but we dont know for sure how representative they are and you could argue that big investors should like the Feds expansionary policies, which have been very good for the stock market. But the wealthy may not trust that connection, in part because the inflationary s were very bad for stocks. And we do know that the very wealthy are much more likely than the general public to consider budget deficits our biggest problem, even though fiscal austerity is probably bad for profits. So perceived class interest is probably also a key motivation for the defla tion caucus. A side note: Europes wealthy arent as wealthy or inuential as their U.S. counterparts, but creditor interests are nonetheless even more powerful than they are here because creditor nations, Germany in particular, have ended up dictating policy for the whole of Europe. And the important thing to understand is that the dominance of creditor interests on both sides of the Atlantic, supported by false but viscerally appealing economic doctrines, has had tragic consequences. Our economies have been dragged down by the woes of debtors, who have been forced to slash spending. To avoid a deep, prolonged slump, we needed policies to offset this drag. What we got instead was an obsession with the evils of budget decits and paranoia over ination and a slump that has gone on and on. Paul Krugman is a columnist for The New York Times. He can be reached via obsession of budget deficits Paul Krugman profile. He lucked out when an inadvertent statement by Secretary of State John Kerry led to an unexpected agreement in which Assad turned over his chemical weapons to international monitors. But Obama gained very little from the low-key way he achieved his goal because, in the face of his not carrying out the attacks he pledged, the brutal Syrian civil war was dominating U.S. television screens with pictures of death and destruction. At several points, Obama has hurt himself with seemingly undisciplined comments that enhanced the perception of a president unwilling or unable to lead. An unnamed adviser used the leading from behind comment in an April 2011 article by The New Yorkers Ryan Lizza to characterize U.S. efforts to persuade its allies to take the lead in Libya. That remark has led to substantial grief for Obama, though for mer Pentagon official Lawrence Korb recently noted in The National Interest that the term could also fit the way President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Dwight D. Eisenhower sometimes dealt with international issues. In August 2012, Obama established the red line during a lengthy answer about a possible strategy in Syria, declaring a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. Assad crossed it, but drew no U.S. response. Last week, Obama created further uncer tainty in answering a question about possible congressional approval for air attacks against the Islamic State. I dont want to put the cart before the horse, he said. We dont have a strategy yet. Though the White House insisted that was interpreted more broadly than intended, Obama knows the 24/7 media age requires precision in everything he says, particularly about issues abroad. While the Middle East policy challenges are great and not easily resolved, those six words hardly helped. Obamas comments Wednesday in Estonia were far more coherent, though he left unclear whether his ultimate goal is to degrade or destroy the Islamic State. His strong rhetoric doesnt always fit his cautious actions. Like other presidents, Obama has encountered difficulty from problems not easily foreseen at the outset. Historys judgment may depend more on his reaction to the unexpected than his implementation of the expected. Carl Leubsdorf is Washington bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News. Readers may reach him at cleubsdorf@dallasnews. com.LEUBSDORFFROM PAGE 8 VIEWPOINT 50472321 '/'/, "C'C'/// !/1 01/1(1/ 1 L (I Zera, *S1e>tx zing c l'l ar(z./n irul ( u,'Routine Annual Visits Laparoscopv Surgeries Hvsteroscopic Pro-,'curesllladder & Rectal Prolapse repair Treatment Of Abnormal 13leediiiDialmosis & Trcatrnent O f ( v Inconti HenceNow A-ptiog New Nu-t-. PleaC,',L FAn .p--t--LYasmeen M. Islam, MDBoard Certified Obstetrics & G%,nccolo,rv941.625.5855HARBOR PROFESSIONAL CENTER3400 T:uniarni Trail, Suite #102, Port Charlotte


Our Town Page 10 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 FROM PAGE ONE CHARLOTTE COUNTY Beginning Monday, the Charlotte County Sheriffs Ofce will increase trafc enforcement at the following locations: Speed enforcement: Entire length of Gulfstream Boulevard, Englewood. Midway Boulevard, between U.S. 41 and Ohara Drive, Port Charlotte. Trafc light/stop sign enforcement: U.S. 17 (Duncan Road) and Regent Road, Punta Gorda. U.S. 41 and Conway Boulevard, Port Charlotte. The Charlotte County Sheriffs Office reported the following arrests: Terrance Riley Gilbert III, homeless of Punta Gorda. Charges: driving with a suspended or revoked license and violation of probation (original charge: DUI). Bond: none. Joshua James Goodwin, 22, 12400 block of Catalina Drive, Punta Gorda. Charge: battery. Bond: none. Erich John Waugh Collins, 22, 3700 block of Spoonbill Court, Punta Gorda. Charge: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond: $5,000. Jordan Robert Rios, 18, 300 block of San Carlos Drive, Punta Gorda. Charge: failure to appear (original charges: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: $16,000. Zachary Allen Knapp, 24, 500 block of Burland St., Punta Gorda. Charge: failure to appear (original charges: possession of less than 20grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: $9,000. Randy Charles Hunter, 63, 2400 block of Lakeview Blvd., Port Charlotte. Charges: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary of a dwelling or conveyance while armed. Bond: none. Jerome Edward Saxe, 56, 18700 block of Countryman Ave., Port Charlotte. Charge: DUI. Bond: none. Verna Lee Rossi, 42, 18400 block of Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte. Charge: battery. Bond: none. Deshawn Anthony Bond, 20, 2900 block of Cabaret St., Port Charlotte. Charges: three counts of violation of probation. Bond: none. Chad Allen Ackerman, 30, 22400 block of Catherine Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: eight counts of giving worthless checks for under $150 and violation of probation. Bond: none. Courtney Diana Marx, 18, 21200 block of Stillwater Ave., Port Charlotte. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000. Helen Marie Samuels, 51, 1100 block of Harbour Ave. NW, Port Charlotte. Charge: DUI. Bond: none. David Oliver Traumann, 41, 13100 block of League St., Port Charlotte. Charge: battery. Bond: none. Michael Joseph Lyons, 51, homeless of Port Charlotte. Charge: disorderly intoxication. Bond: none. Jessica Marie Haller, 23, 3400 block of Moncrief Ave., North Port. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000. John Donald McCauley, 62, of Myakka City, Fla. Charge: failure to appear (original charge: tres passing). Bond: none. Kristine Kelly Boblits-Cadenas, 41, of Fort Myers Beach. Charges: possession of harmful new legend drug without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license third of subsequent offense. Bond: none. Justin Noah Valdes, 33, 7300 block of Mamouth St., Englewood. Charge: felony battery or battery by strangulation. Bond: none. David William Faccadio, 39, of Bradenton. Charges: two counts of violation of probation (original charges: possession of less than 20grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: none. Glenn Allen Stapans, 29, of Venice. Charges: petty theft and resisting an officer or merchant during retail theft. Bond: none. Melissa Suzanne Stelmack, 30, 1200 block of Joplin Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: $15,000. Dayamise Morales Buergo, 38, 3100 block of Rock Creek Drive, Port Charlotte. Charges: DUI and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Bond: none. Compiled by Gary RobertsTraffic enforcement locations set | POLICE BEATThe information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriffs office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.into play, homeowners are turning their attention toward projects that brighten, accentuate and modernize lifes biggest investment. And everywhere they looked were the nest examples of home trends, craftsmanship and bargains available in the area. At Wanless Builders, the all-wood cabinets and countertops had drawn steady crowds all day, exhausting their supply of free pens, mugs and candy. Its been a really good show, Matt Wanless said. For more than 20 years the family business built custom homes up in Michigan, before moving their operation to Port Charlotte ve years ago, where three generations the elder Bruce, Matt and younger Isaac now do complete home remodeling, specializing in kitchens and baths. And the wife does the bookkeeping, added Bruce, the founder. Matt said customers are interested in all types of wood cabinets, but oak is carrying this day. The classic is coming back, he said. Eleanor Padilla and her husband, Victor, are looking for a kitchen counter and found a wide selection at Just Counters of Port Charlotte, including a granite countertop and price they can afford. When we walked in here, we had no idea how much it would cost. Now we know, said Eleanor of Englewood. Its very reasonable. Consumers also found answers to their questions at Friendly Floors, a Port Charlotte landmark for more than a quarter-century. There was lots to choose from and they were willing to work with you, said Nadine Schmoyer, who was shopping for oor tile for her PGI home. And while there, she discovered something new: a wood-grain ceramic tile. I dont want it to look like dark wood, though, she said, choosing a lighter shade. Another Punta Gorda resident, Bill Reilly, just moved to Aqui Esta from Rhode Island, so he has a few home projects on tap. Im just unpacking bins, he said. This is perfect timing for me. One job involves new ooring for his lanai and, he too, found the home show a learning experience. At Sunstate Resurfacing, Greg Carlstrom explained how epoxy oor coatings add protection, durability and a fresh nish to driveways, pool decks and, yes, lanais. Although Reilly is a former housing inspector, and plans to do a lot of the home improvements himself, he wasnt aware of the wonders of epoxy. Its been a very good education, said Reilly, nodding toward Carlstrom. He knows his stuff.Email: groberts@sun-herald.comSHOWFROM PAGE 1 SUN PHOTOS BY GARY ROBERTSThree generations from left, Matt, Isaac and Bruce represent Wanless Builders of Port Charlotte at the Home & Garden Show on Saturday. Patti Turner of Friendly Floors in Port Charlotte explains the ins and outs of ooring to Eleanor and Victor Padilla of Englewood. Bill Reilly of Punta Gorda gets some tips on home projects from Greg Carlstrom of Sunstate Resurfacing of Port Charlotte at the Home & Garden Show at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center. Chuck Trimmer, a technician with Quality TV of North Port, was on hand at Saturdays Home & Garden Show oering a free multi-sports package for Dish users, just in time for the kicko of college and pro football. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSPublic comments welcomeOne of Sheriff Bill Prummells goals for the Charlotte County Sheriffs Ofce has been to attain an accredited status for the Communications Center. That goal is closer to being realized. Between Sept. 17-19, a team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. will conduct an on-site assessment of the Communications Center to verify that the center meets the established professional standards. That means the center must comply with 213 state-of-the-art, nationally accepted standards in areas such as policy and procedures, administration, training, personnel services, operations and critical incidents. Sept. 18, members of the public are invited to offer comments about the Communications Center. Between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., call 941-833-1878 to provide comments and input to members of the assessment team. Telephone comments are limited to 10 minutes, and must address the agencys ability to comply with the CALEA standards. Written comments about the CCSOs Central Communications Centers ability to comply with the standards for accreditation may be sent to: Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Inc. (CALEA), 13575 Heathcote Blvd., Suite 320, Gainesville, VA 20155. For more information regarding the accreditation process, contact Professional Compliance Administrator Christine Goracke by email at, or visit Village to hold fall festivalFishermens Village, 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, will hold a Fall Festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 13. Family-friendly festivities will include: Metamasque face painting from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Salty Paws Wiener Dog Derby at 11:30 a.m. Chris G performing live music from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Live music and dancing with Peter & Edith from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Exhibitors and vendors throughout the village, featuring unique products and services. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, or to become a vendor, call Kathy Burnam at 941-575-3007.Monk to visit Wildlife CenterThe Peace River Wildlife Center, 3400 Ponce de Leon Parkway, Punta Gorda, will play host to Geshe Thupton Phelgye, a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism, from noon to 2 p.m. Sept. 13 at the center. Geshe Thupton Phelgye is a Tibetian Buddhist lama and former member of the Tibetan Parliament in exile. He is also the founder of the Universal Compassion Foundation, an animal rights activist, a past visiting global scholar in residence at Gonzaga University, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University. For more information, call 941-637-3830.AWL to hold Pets Remembered eventThe Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte, will host a Pets Remembered special vigil to honor past pets at 6 p.m. Sept. 14. There will be a lighting of remembrance candles, sharing of stories, your pets names read out loud during the ceremony, refreshments and a special gift. A $5 donation is requested for the lantern bag and candle. For more information, call 941-625-6720 or visit Thomas Quigley, M.D. Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon2 5 2 9 T A M I A M I T R A I L P U N T A G O R D A 9 4 1 6 3 9 2 0 2 0 No Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding t o the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance pl ans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. Code: CS00 50475290 F R E E E Y E E X A M F O R N E W P A T I E N T S 330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO FARM CREDIT), ARCADIA 863-993-2020 20600 VETERANS BLVD. PORT CHARLOTTE 941-766-7474 complete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. O f f e r a p p l i e s t o n e w p a t i e n t s 5 9 y e a r s a n d o l d e r Offer Does Not Apply To Freedom And Optimum Health Plan Participants. Coupon Expires 10/16/2014 ---------------------------------------------------------Ig4Q6AOQCA0 4GQOd PUNTA (RONDA Offer applies to new patients 59 ytane and older.FOR NEW FATR Nei S------------------------------------------------------I


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 11 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS COUNTY LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS The Charlotte County Commission is seeking a volunteer for the following appointments: Charlotte Ranchettes Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer to serve as an alternate member to complete an unexpired term that expires on March 11, 2016. Applicant must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Ackerman Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking six volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: five regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@CharlotteFL. com. Boca Grande Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking three volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: two regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit an application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@ Buena Vista Area Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking two volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: two regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Don Pedro & Knights Island Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer. Applicant must be a resident elector of the Unit and must provide a copy of their voter registration or similar proof of residency on the Island and reside in Zone 3 as shown on the district map. Terms: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application, rsum and proof of residency to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-5753600 or email Englewood East Non-Urban Street & Drainage Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer that must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the unit. Term: one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Gardens of Gulf Cove Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer to serve as a regular member for a three-year term from the date of appointment. Applicant must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@ Grove City Street & Drainage Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer who must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Term: one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950, call 941-575-3600 or email Gulf Cove Street & Drainage Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer who must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Term: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-5753600 or email Gulf Cove Waterway Benefit Unit Advisory Committee is seeking two volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: one regular member to serve a threeyear term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@ Harbour Heights Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer who must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Term: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Lemon Bay Street and Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking five volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: four regular members and one alternate member. The term lengths will be determined at the first regular meeting. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Northwest Port Charlotte Street and Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer who must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-5753600 or email Northwest Port Charlotte Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer who must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email Peace River Shores Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking four volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: three regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-5753600 or email South Bridge Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking five volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: four regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-575-3600 or email South Burnt Store Street and Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer to serve as an alternate member for a two-year term from the date of appointment. Applicant must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950, call 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@ Suncoast Waterway Maintenance Unit Advisory Committee is seeking four volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: three regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Submit application to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950, call 941-575-3600 or email MSBU-TU@ Tropical Gulf Acres Street & Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking three volunteers. Terms: two regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Applicants must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Submit application and rsum to Public Works Department, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; call 941-5753600 or email Enterprise Zone Development Agency is seeking one volunteer to serve a four year term. Volunteer must be employed by a Financial or Insurance entity located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone. Submit application and rsum to the Economic Development Office, 18501 Murdock Circle, Suite 302, Port Charlotte, FL 33948; call 941-764-4941 with questions; fax to 941-764-4947; or email: Murdock Village Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee is seeking two volunteers; one person to represent the Property Owner category (must own real property within the Murdock Village Redevelopment Area as described in Resolution No. 2003-081) and one to fill a Member-at-Large position. Both terms are for three-years, they are effective Sept. 20, 2014 and shall expire on Sept. 20, 2017. Please contact Kathy Knee for an application form at 941-764-4941 or by email at: Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals is seeking the following volunteers: one general building contractor, one mechanical contractor, one architect, one member to serve as an alternate. The alternate must be a licensed member of the construction industry. Terms are for three-years. Committee meets first and third Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in Murdock. For an application call 941-743-1300 or email Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is seeking the following volunteers to serve: one residential home builder, one for-profit provider, one real estate professional. Terms are for threeyears. The committee meets third Wednesday of each quarter. For an application, please call Joann Dillon at 941-743-1300 or email Joann. Childrens Services Council is seeking two volunteers, who must be a resident of Charlotte County and have maintained residency for 24 months. The commissioners will nominate six names to the governor, and two will be selected by the governor for appointment. To obtain an application, please contact Emily Lewis, Charlotte County Human Services, 1050 Loveland Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 33980; call 941-8336502; email or fax 941-833.6565. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSDachshunds to compete in derbySalty Paws will hold its Fifth Annual Wiener Dog Derby at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 13 at Fishermens Village, 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda. All dachshunds, along with their owners, are invited to this event. Preregistration at Salty Paws is not required, but highly recommended. Preregistration fees are $5, or $7 the day of the event. Proceeds will benet dachshund rescues. The track is only 10 yards long, so even the smallest dachshunds are encouraged to participate. Other pets are invited to cheer on the wiener dogs. For more information, call Salty Paws at 941-575-7599.Tom Petty tribute setThe Petty Hearts will pay tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at 7 p.m. Sept. 12 at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte. The Petty Hearts recreate an epic Petty concert with a night of nonstop top hit singles such as American Girl, Refugee, Free Fallin, I Wont Back Down, Mary Janes Last Dance, Runnin Down a Dream and many more. Tickets purchased in advance are $15 per person for Cultural Center members, or $17 for nonmembers. Tickets purchased the day of the show will be $19. Groups of 15 or more are eligible for a special rate. Tickets may be purchased at the centers information desk and theater box ofce, or online at www.the For more information about The Petty Hearts, visit www.pettyhearts. com. For more information about this event, call 941-625-4175. 50472869 487124 HOUSE OF SUBS 50472610 W h e r e t h e L o c a l s G a t h e r Where the Locals GatherS e r v i n g B r e a k f a s t a n d L u n c h D a i l y Serving Breakfast and Lunch Daily F a s t F r i e n d l y S e r v i c e Fast Friendly Service ( 9 4 1 ) 6 2 9 5 8 9 8 (941)629-5898M o n F r i 7 3 Mon-Fri 7-3 S a t & S u n 7 : 3 0 1 Sat & Sun 7:30-12 3 9 5 T a m i a m i T r a i l 2395 Tamiami Trail P o r t C h a r l o t t e Port Charlotte ( l o c a t e d i n B e l l P l a z a ) (located in Bell Plaza) Check our Daily Specials HOUSE OF SUBS 50472643 W h e r e t h e L o c a l s G a t h e r Where the Locals GatherS e r v i n g B r e a k f a s t a n d L u n c h D a i l y Serving Breakfast and Lunch Daily F a s t F r i e n d l y S e r v i c e Fast Friendly Service ( 9 4 1 ) 6 2 9 5 8 9 8 (941)629-5898M o n F r i 7 3 Mon-Fri 7-3 S a t & S u n 7 : 3 0 1 Sat & Sun 7:30-12 3 9 5 T a m i a m i T r a i l 2395 Tamiami Trail P o r t C h a r l o t t e Port Charlotte ( l o c a t e d i n B e l l P l a z a ) (located in Bell Plaza) Check our Daily Specials 50472867 941.766.0975 24700 Sandhill Blvd. Unit #3, Punta Gorda, FL 33983 CAC1813211 UP TO $685 OFF Not valid on prior purchases. Must present coupon. Expires 9/30/14 SUMMER Cash back BONUS on any Complete System. Not valid on prior purchases. Must present coupon. Expires 9/30/14 $75 OFF Any Repair Proudly serving all of SW Florida for over 14 years with over 25 years of experience! END OF SUMMER SAVINGS SPECTACULAR! Stay Cool, Save Money, Call Today! Air Conditioning, Heating, & Indoor Air Quality Dr. Qi Shao A.P., MD (in China), top senior Chinese acupuncturist with 39 years of experience, Specializing in: Immediate pain relief, Disc problems, Spinal stenosis, Arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Heel spur, Neuropathy, Hypertension, Diabetes, Smoke, Overweight, Digestive problems, Skin problems, and Sinus Practice: Chinese acupuncture, Class 4 laser, Chinese herbs. BEST Acupuncturist Least Expensive China Healing Center 12497 Tamiami Trail, #3 North Port, FL 34287 941-953-4888 941-564-6291 50469794 FREE Consultation For New Patients $30 Value Exp. 8/31/14 With this coupon a.....-_,.,\l 1,,Askarn more about the newest techniques in general dentistr,smile makeovers and imp lants. Call to reserve 914-9345Mlllall for a Free Consultation to determinesteps and costs for each individualJill Morfis DentistryFaci .t r..C;a ro!ir R19es to;ative?en USt nv1) -) l S\vil:t Roa(1Sarasota Florida 34231 LI941.914.93449.; cwww.SarasotaDentist.corn L s Jrsrnecpcrc:osa:c tc ; st aur;webs t'i r...r''`a\ 1 ,\I i 1 1 j1-iaTHEARTS America's#1 Tribute toTom Pettyand theeartbreakers!i411ickets: $17 in advance 4 $19 cultural center941.62.4175 x221 of ChazlMte Ceunty2280 Aaron St, Pt Charlotte


Our Town Page 12 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS | WEEKLY RECORDCharlotte County births Ava Brynn Lowe, to BethanyS. and Larry L. Lowe of Port Charlotte, at 4:27p.m. Aug.28. She weighed 6pounds, 1ounce. Hazel Lynn Johnson, to Jamie A. and Matthew D. Johnson of Englewood, at 6:41p.m. Aug.28. She weighed 7pounds, 0.04ounce. Ayden Jame Johnson, to Sarah and Cori Johnson of Port Charlotte, at 1:29p.m. Sept.1. He weighed 8pounds, 4ounces. Madison Nicole Faunce, to Tiffany Vannatter and Jonathan Faunce of Port Charlotte, at 2:05p.m. Sept.1. She weighed 7pounds, 11ounces. Jacob Ted Best, to Kirstin Higgins and Steven Best of North Port, at 5:16a.m. Sept.2. He weighed 7pounds, 15ounces.Charlotte County marriages Arthur Francis Falbo of Port Charlotte, and Vanity Joy Dickinson of Port Charlotte Lamard Pierre Louis of Punta Gorda, and Silotte Catabois of Punta Gorda Derrick Russell Bass of Noblesville, Ind., and Amy Arlene Dickerson of Noblesville, Ind. Jimmy Ray Jones of Punta Gorda, and Briana Michelle Bohn of Punta Gorda Larry Dennis Roduner of Port Charlotte, and Barbara Ann Roduner of Port Charlotte Brandon Michael Herron of Port Charlotte, and Alexandra Myriam Perry of Port Charlotte Keith Riotto of Englewood, and Lori Iris Miller of Englewood Zachary Andrew Dugay of North Port, and Cassandra Marie Bednarek of North Port Todd Jay Schlueter of Rotonda West, and Angela Marie Hamby of Rotonda West Raymond Frank Willis of Port Charlotte, and Florence Margaret Renzi of Port Charlotte Richard Daniel Leon Crum of Port Charlotte, and Christina Marie Jones of Port Charlotte Carlos Javier Morales of Punta Gorda, and Carmen Dannenberg Gutierrez of Punta Gorda Phaniel Desrosiers of North Port, and Ermanie Fortune of North Port Ian John Morton of Port Charlotte, and Lisa Marie Baird of Port Charlotte Nathan Brian Frook of North Port, and Jessica Amanda Sowers of St. Petersburg Nathan Thomas Wilmoth of Englewood, and Vickie Melinda Hill of Englewood Jeffrey Moustelier Hysons of Port Charlotte, and Nordwanna Venite Lubin of Punta GordaCharlotte County divorces Dora Ann Adamson v. Charles Mac Adamson Donald Deackoff v. Kimberly Deackoff Nelson Gaura v. Laura Gaura Jane M. Hammitt v. Michael Hammitt James A. Lamb v. Leah C. Lamb Rhett C. Magnon v. Gayle M. Magnon Tonya Grother McCandless v. John Glenn McCandless Lisa McLaughlin v. Terry McLaughlin | WINNERS CIRCLECharlotte Harbor Yacht Club Slam Bridge winners Sept.3: 1-Irene Runkle, 5190; 2-Geri Dempsey, 4610; 3-Bob Pandolfo, 4120. Mahjong winners Sept.2: 1-Carol Hyatt; 2-Jan Martin; 3-Judy Fiedler.Charlotte Square Condominium Complex Charlotte County Bridge Group winners Aug.30: Virginia Clayton, 5160; Trudy Riley, 4790; Jug Gogia, 4770; Marty Lauer, 4730.Chubbyz Tavern Big Dogs Live Trivia Challenge winners Sept.3: 1-The Bimini Bay Buddies, $50; 2-Its Only A Game, $25; 3-The Other Side of the Bridge, $25.Cultural Center of Charlotte County Duplicate Bridge Club winners Aug.26: 1-Warren Prince, Zenon Shpon; 2-Kathy Haag, Peggy Villela; 3-Fred Andreas, Chuck Skarvan. Aug.28: 1-Warren Prince, Chuck Skarvan; 2/3-Joan and Ted Walbourn; 2/3-Bob Mohrbacher, Diana Prince. Contract Bridge winners Aug.27: Joyce Weibel, 5440; Jini Clayton, 5160; Judy Taylor, 4870; Rachel Beck, 4600. Wednesday Double Deck Pinochle winners Sept.3: 1-Georgia Klemm, 1500; 2-Osborne Davis, 1498; 3-Tom Rutherford, 1494; 4-George Speidell, 1467. Thursday Night Double Deck Pinochle winners Aug.28: 1-Kathy Garbowicz, 1760; 2-Jim Conway, 1617; 3-Fred Smith, 1599. Friday Evening Bridge winners Aug.29: Jug Gogia, 5310; Marty Lauer, 4920; Blanche Thum, 4550; Jim Elsworth, 4550. Friday Night Euchre winners Aug.29: 1-Terry Pravettone, 73; 2-Bonnie Weithman, 70; 3-Georgia Klemn, 65. Pinochle winners Aug.30: 1-Joe Lupton, 711; 2-Sally Durbano, 706; 3-Terry Lyons, 646. Sept.2: 1-Virginia Clayton, 665; 2-Sally Durbano, 663; 3-Mary Lavine, 656.Deep Creek Elks Lodge Monday Bridge winners Sept.1: 1-Emily Hughes, 4750; 2-Nancy Nagrant, 4400; 3-Tom Zinnerman, 4360; 4-Fred Kuss, 4170.Isles Yacht Club Scrabble winners Aug.29: Judith Howell, 236; Sandy Robinson, 196; Marianne Schenkel, 176. Duplicate Bridge winners Sept.3: 1-Bob and Jackie Whitaker; 2-Bobbie Fischer, Sherry Lane; 3-Jan Savino, Pat Slaughter.Kingsway Country Club Ladies Bridge winners Aug.29: 1-Lois Purcell; 2-Marge Lincoln; 3-Judy Strub. Sept.3: 1-Nancy Anderson; 2-Carol Fisher.PGI Duplicate Bridge Club winners Aug.25: 1-James Kioski, Robert Rancourt; 2-David Baird, Chuck Pohle; 3-Steve and Marie Nadle. Aug.29: 1-Ken and Patty Earl; 2-Mary and Stephen Chupak; 3-James Kioski, Polly Engebrecht. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFVolunteer reading list createdThe Charlotte Harbor Writers group, with support from the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County, has created a list of volunteers willing and eager to read to the countys senior citizens. The list has contact information for 32 volunteers, and is available at no cost. There are two ways to use this list: 1.) Send an email request for the readers list to pgholmes@ When you receive the list, you may contact the volunteer readers directly and ar range for them to visit your facility and read to the elderly in your care. 2.) Send an email request for volunteer readers to pgholmes@; the date, time and the location should be included in the e-mail. Paul Holmes will then contact the volunteers and arrange for them to visit your facility. To use the list, email Paul Holmes at pgholmes@comcast. net. IN THECLASSIFIEDYOU CAN......,Find a Pet/Find a Car./Find a Job.,Find Garage Sales/Find A New Employee./Sell Your Home/Sell Your UnwantedMerchandise./Advertise YourBusiness or ServiceClassified -it's the reliablesource for theright results


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 C Our Town Page 13 50474857 `041%B A EM N T HMINNareULJJJrte, l'^; r1 y 1 r _y it 1 j ,t-4 is 77.L++illlllll /i_ vII 1 ,.r7go -I rLL -iIIrr arc'A -7 7_7 16jxas Ir ..T `w mmj I l l Ip IR t, artI AllIkWilI' iAMMr 't r yfill40 0 --a '-[1, Ls--15 Florida Locations Featuring The Finest Quality Home Furnishings & Interior DesignPORT CHARLOTTE SARASOTA FORT MYERS4200 Tamiami Trail 5301 Clark Road 4580 Cleveland Ave. B 1 S(North of Kings Hwy.) (At NE Corner of Honore Ave.) (At SW Corner of Colonial Blvd.)941-624-3377 941-923-4200 239-278-4401STORE HOURS: WEEKDAYS 10 AM to 9 PM SATURDAY 10 AM to 8 PM SUNDAY 12 NOON to 6 PMcomhoBAER'S WELCOMES THE DESIGN STUDIO SERVICES ARE We Export I 48 Hour Visit us at baers. cBrowse locations, collections,AMERICAN EXPRESSO CARD COMPLIMENTARY TO CUSTOMERS Worldwide Deliverytt promotions & much more.''On In-Stock Items. Ask Store Personnel For Details.' Savings based on Baer's retail. Baer's never sells at retai(MSRPI. Exc udes for traded items, rugs & chandeliers Design License RIB0000503. M 0 11


Our Town Page 14 C The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 There is no better reason for eminent domain than having to do more of it in the future, Cummings said. Development plans aboundAlso included in the newly acquired Murdock Village was parkland that the county already owned. It is this recreational asset, todays North Charlotte Regional Park, that remains the centerpiece of the property and is where baseball diamonds and soccer elds have taken root. One of the many proposals to develop Murdock Village is a plan to expand the baseball complex into a larger baseball training facility. Touting the chance of bringing Ripken Baseball to Charlotte County is the basis of Economic Developments online appeal for suitors. As recently as 2012, a feasibility study commissioned by Charlotte County and conducted by Ripken Design found that a new 40-acre sports complex, operating year-round, would reap $12.2 million in economic benet annually, with 130 jobs created. But this optimistic outlook depends on making the area a true destination, with an accompanying family-friendly entertainment district, a proposal that repeatedly has been brought up before. Murdock Village has never wanted for development plans. Bringing those ideas to fruition, however, has proven to be a much greater challenge. From the very beginning, in 2006, developers sought a piece of the action, their project presentations as ambitious as their prot motives. Some of the plans showed more than $1 billion in property valuation after development. Stock Development won the initial bidding war to develop the property, touting a potential to boost the residential property tax base by $908 million, plus another $354 million in commercial buildings. And there were other strategies set forth, many with detailed site plans. Most called for about 3,000 residential units and plenty of commercial, including a coveted town center. Another developer offered the county the opportunity to recoup its initial investment in nine years. Others just opened their wallets and offered cash for the property. The possibilities seemed endless. That is, until the unforeseen souring of the economy derailed all aspirations. Then the market went out from underneath us, said Cummings, who served as commissioner from 1994 to 2010. Nobody anticipated the bubble would pop as quickly as it did. Future potentialFast-forward to today, past a recession long and stagnant. Murdock Village continues to be a drain on county coffers. In addition to the $117 million purchase price, the county pays substantial interest on the original $93 million loan. Seven years ago, the county paid $30 million from reserves to pay down the mortgage principal on the property, resulting in an annual interest charge of $3 million on the property. That means, coming into 2014, the property has cost taxpayers a total of $138 million, and counting. The countys debt payments stand at $6,000 a day. But with the economic turnaround comes new hope. Tom Patton, county Economic Development director, said his ofce is working with Enterprise Florida to nd national site consultants looking for big pieces of land to accommodate big projects. Currently bound by non-disclosure agreements with different developers, Patton would not reveal specics but said timing, a longtime foe of Murdock Village, may nally work in the countys favor. Were just now getting into market conditions that war rant more interest in Murdock Village, Patton said. As were coming out of the economic trough, we have a better chance of something happening now, and I expect those discussions to continue. And past proposals may still materialize. Enticing scenarios of a water park, entertainment district and commercial center could, once again, gain traction. Noting that Murdock Village already is located within the Charlotte County Enterprise Zone and the Murdock Community Redevelopment Area, Patton said the county is prepared to offer additional incentives to invite capital investment. Another catalyst to develop the site is the recent acquisition of an Environmental Resource Permit, which provides preliminary environmental approvals for the area, facilitating future development. Normally, the ERP process can take up to two years for a developer to complete. County Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch, a chief proponent of actively marketing the property, said the Southwest Florida Water Management District, which issued the permit, also indicated a willingness to be exible and work with the county to develop the site. Its denitely a big plus that we have the ERP in place, Deutsch said. And its not cast in stone. With an improving economy, Deutsch is optimistic Murdock Village will eventually transition from a scal burden to a nancial boon. I think at some point in the future, Murdock Village can become a positive and one of our major economic engines, he said. Former commissioner Cummings, who has tracked this issue from the start, is equally hopeful, but offers a note of caution for Deutsch and his commission colleagues. There will come a day when the community will be glad they have that property, if the commission resists the temptation to give it away, Cummings said. Will they have the patience to wait for a good development, or will they sell out for the rst offer of smoke and mirrors?Email: groberts@sun-herald.comMURDOCKFROM PAGE 1 SUN FILE PHOTOA representative of Stock Development triumphantly waves the winning proposal after being awarded the contract to develop Murdock Village in April2006. However, the plan, along with many others, would fall victim to the failing economy. IMAGE PROVIDED BY CHARLOTTE COUNTYCharlotte County has been seeking a buyer for severalyears for 870 acres of county-owned land near U.S.41 and State Road 776, but has failed to close a deal. Original bidders for the right to develop Murdock Village lauded the potential for the site. They included: Lennar Homes proposal emphasized a return to Florida theme, replete with interpretive trails and signs describing the history of Murdock Village and Charlotte County. Stock Development, the first developer awarded a contract, estimated that building Murdock Village would boost the residential property tax base by $908million, plus another $354million in commercial buildings. Kitson & Partners, which has since turned its attention to developing Babcock Ranch, proposed an authentic down town as its signature element. Forest City envisioned a roundabout with a fountain in the town center reminiscent of St. Armands Circle near Sarasota, plus 3,700 residential units, a 15-acre government or civic site and 530,000 square feet of commercial space. Once built, Forest City proclaimed the town would be worth $1.7billion.MURDOCK VILLAGE BIDDERS 2006 2005Arthur C. Frizzell comes to Murdock as a railroad telegraph operator. He buys John Murdocks store, begins 30years of land acquisitions, and eventually owns much of what is considered Port Charlotte. Florida West Coast Land Development Co. buys 80,000 acres from Frizzell. Much is then sold to General Development Corp., which plats 70 subdivisions, including what is now Murdock Village. Nearly two squaremiles of Murdock Village is subdivided into 3,000 parcels on 98 platted streets. With only 77 homes and a handful of businesses, the Urban Land Institute recommends the county buy Murdock Village and unplat it. 2003The 1,100-acre Murdock Village Community Redevelopment Area is created. The county begins a $36million land-acquisition program, using eminent domain when necessary. Countys blighted determination is upheld in court.20021960s1980sThe 870-acre Murdock Village Redevelopment Plan is adopted in February, but bidding is delayed until land acquisitions are completed. Commissioners borrow more money, bringing land costs to $81million. Project goes to bid Dec.15. Six developers offer to make Murdock Village into a cosmopolitan nexus with a composite property value of up to $1.7billion. By October, Murdock Village holdouts must leave. The County Commission selects Stock Development to take on the Murdock Village project. Stock Development backs out of the Murdock Village Deal. The County Commission selects Kitson & Partners as the new developer for Murdock Village, hinging on a contract agreement. Kitson & Partners formally rescinds its weeks-old second offer to develop the property. Murdock Village remains undeveloped and has cost taxpayers a total of $138million, and counting. The countys debt payments stand at $6,000 a day. 1954 1918 Guiding ConceptsAddressing and clearing blighted conditionsDevelopment of a dynamic Town Center5 minute walk to parks, facilities and servicesCreation of a pedestrian friendly community Stock Development Concept Plan 2006 WhatisMurdockVillage? rf ntffbf nffbf fffb fbbftff bfbMurdockVillageVision:fbtftfff bfffb bfbffbfbtft fft fbffbbf fb fff fbfffbf f ffff fbff fbfHistory:btbf f bfbbfffbf f bffffffff bfbfbbfb fftfbbf bffff ff nbfffff bffbbfff fffbf bfbf f bfffff bfbfMurdockVillageCommunity RedevelopmentAdvisoryC ommitteebbffffftfffft fbfftf fffbffbf nfbfffbff ffbwww.CharlotteCountyFL. com/MurdockVillage.RealEstatefffftffbfff fntb fffbfff bffbf bfbffftfft ttbbfffff fftb tf f f bffffbff bbfffb ffb fffffffft bnffbfb bf ffEntitlementsftbffff ffbfff tffbftnbffbf nffbfbbffff bfff fbff fffb fbfffb btbbff ffbff ffffffbfff ffftfffbb rbfffffb b fbfbfbf fffbfbff bffbbff fff btbfbf bfffb bffffbbf fbf ftffft f ffffffbf fffConceptPlanffb 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D E N A V EB R I G H T O N A V EG I L E S S TB O N N I E A V ET I G A R D S T L U C K Y S TA N G E L A V EB R O N S O N A V E B R E A K S A V E W A R N E R A V E G R I S W O L D A V E L A W A V E B A R R O W S A V ELEMOYNEST A V E L L A S TG R E G G T O N A V E T R E S S A A V EW E N D Y T E RL A C O N I AD RB Y R O N A V EN A P L E S S TM ARIN E RWA YWH I T EH AL L A VEW A L S H A V EC O R D E Y A V E L E W I S A V E W A W A A V E L A R A M A C A V EA P P L E S TM E R C U R Y A V EW A L E N D A A V E T R O T W O O D A V EB U I C K A V EU R S U L A A V ED O G W O O D S TOD IN AV EF E R N W O O D S TZ O R I T A S TH I L T O N S TS A LLYSTB A L F O U R S TMAS COTSTR E D M O N D S T P E A S L E Y S TW A K E F I E L D S TH A Z E LA V EKE Z A R STP A U LA V EH O Y T S TK I N D R E D B L V DZ A M O R AA V ES T A R K E A V EBAMBOODRB R A C E A V EG A R V I N A V EL O R R A I N E D RP L A S S TT E N N E Y S T TOWER STI B I S S TO D O N N E L L B L V DW A R R I N G T O N B L V DT E A S TJ U L I A N O D RC R I T T E N D E N D RRAV I NE AV EW A N D A A V EP H O E N I X S TC R A N S T O N A V EE L J O B E A NR DR O YA L V I E W D R ES P OS I T O T E RE M P I R E S TS P E A R S TB U R N H A M A V EC U M B E R L A N D A V EW AYSTR I M B Y A V ESEEL EY DRB E A C H S TP R I M R O S E T E RS E Y M O U RA V EC O C H R A N B L V DFRANKLIN AVEH E M L O C K A V E C A S T L E A V EA M H E R S T S T L E A D E R S TC A S T L E R O C KL NP O T O M A C A V E M A P L E D A L E A V EO D E L L A V E OCE AN A V EC A R R O L S TOAKL E AF AVEB ELMONT A V EJ U P I T E RL ND E X T E R S TH A M M A C H E R L NG R E G U S A V EV E N A N G O S T W A L D E C S T T I O G A S TB A R C L A Y A V EH A R M O ND RB U TLER STM C A D A M A V EH A N L E YC TY O U N G A V E M A RK AVEB A N Y A N A V E U R B A N A V E S T I L L W E L L A V ETHOMPSON AV E N I X O N A V EB E N D W A Y D RR I CH L A N D D RC O M OS TT O P A Z S T K E N D I S S TT A N G L E W O O D A V EW A R D S TW A Y LAN D AV EORCHARD STWOO DSIDE STC AN BYA VEB A R G E R D RS K Y L A N D L NJ A R D I N S TL I N D O N S T S H E R W I N S TM I L T O N S T E U C L I D S TL O N G L E Y D RL Y NNE T T E A V ET O R R E N C E S TH O W E L L S TW Y A N D O T T E A V EB E L L E V I E W A V EE S T E R A V ER I C K A R D W A Y A V E W A D D I N G T O N A V EL I M E S TC R A W F O R D A V EW O O D W A R D S TC A M R O S E S TW I L L O W D RT REMBLY A VET U LIP STGOLIADAVEC H E S T E RD RBI SCAY NE DRC E D A R W O O DS TM A D E I R ASTJ E N K SD RP E M B R O K E D RC O L L I N G S W O O D B L V DN OR W AL K TERF R A S E R S T D O R I O N S TT A M I A M I T R LC H A M B E R L A I NB L V DF L A MI N G OB L V D05257 05256 03322 03321 03320 03317 03316 03315 03314 03313 03312 03311 03310 03308 03307 03306 03305 03304 03303 03094 03093 03092 03091 03090 03089 03088 03087 03085 02570 02567 02566 02562 02561 02560 02559 02558 02 557 02556 02550 02549 02548 02547 02546 02545 02440 02439 02438 02437 02436 02435 02434 02404 02400 02399 02398 02397 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N N E L L B L V D O D I N A V E W A L E N D A A V E C U M B E R L A N D A V E C O M O S T H O W E L L S T C O L L I N G S W O O D B L V D S A P P H I R E S T G O L D B U R N S T Land Information Section CHARLOTTE COUNTY CHARLOTTE COUNTYMurdock Village Public Access Murdock Village Public AccessCharlotte County Government"To exceed expectations in the delivery of public services." Stateplane Projection Datum: NAD83 Units: Feet Source: Community Development CCGIS, SWFWMD (Jan, 2011 aerial imagery) Public Works Metadata available upon request This map is a representation of compiled public information. It is believed to be an accurate and true depiction for the stated purpose, but Charlotte County and its employees make no guaranties, implied or otherwise, to the accuracy, or completeness. We therefore do not accept any responsibilities as to its use. This is not a survey or is it to be used for design. Reflected Dimensions are for Informational purposes only and may have been rounded to the nearest tenth. For precise dimensions, please refer to recorded plats and related documents. Copyright 2014 Port Charlotte, FL by Charlotte County Updated: 6/9/2014 1:36:59 PM M:\Departments\LIS\Projects\Murdock_Area\PublicAccessAerial.mxd by: JMacDonald 5721. 0 5001,000 250 Feet Murdock Village Boundary Murdock Gateway North Charlotte Regional Park County Owned School Board Property Florida Power & Light Property Privately Held Lots Roads to Remain Open Charlotte County School Board Baseball Fields Soccer Fields Barricade Public Park Access MURDOCK TIMELINE2014March 10, 2008Oct. 24, 2006 Aug. 4, 2006April 25, 2006FROM PAGE ONE FlawHMBERLL*AIN IUD I/JIIIJI t F _ TAMIAMI TRIL:E iRllli[ L,itTi tNll!l-FIIII flletiifliPllIla"i11L 1h rIIIOAII1!!I! lltiIIIt111l+' ';`!;_ !`f!;1Bi ;i'iEliifiID0i6C1 F i9p ',:"1Ip Ai`Si1i 'F 6) a i6ki/CCZ _:! i r'Rclcc :: inrran I ran n swwU, 4AiIla/P II yc?ie.,sonnu: .''+ .5a' `'% ir.li6'//Cr ft)'y1c,-Y"i ;'Gmay/ .a,d, Z ', ... 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PAGE 15 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 T he Wire INSIDE Obama received an enthusiastic welcome in Estonia from Baltic leaders who see American military power as the best safeguard of their own security. Page 6 President Obama goes to Europe But sales of the iconic blues fell 6 percent during the past year after decades of almost steady growth. The decline is being driven by women, but mens interest in jeans also is fading. Page 5 Yoga pants threaten jeans dominance The presidents of Ukraine and Russia on Saturday said the cease-fire between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels was mostly holding, but the truce still appeared fragile in its first full day as both sides of the conflict claimed violations. Page 7 Ukraine cease-fire appears to hold The Impressionist art move ment began Nov. 13, 1872, right around 7:35 a.m. local time. Thats the moment Claude Monet put brush to canvas to depict a hazy sunrise seen from his hotel room in Le Havre, a physicist says. Page 2 Time established on timeless painting More than 235,000 homes and businesses in the state are not equipped with meters, according to the most recent figures for 2013 collected by the State Water Board. Page 3 Drought lingers in California STATE NATIONAL WORLD BUSINESS WEATHER WARSAW, Poland Leaders in most Eastern European nations are just short of jubilant after NATO created a rapid-reaction spearhead force to protect the region from Russian bullying. They have long sought a commitment to allay their fears, especially following Russias recent aggression in Ukraine. But not all share in the joy. Some who spent decades under the Soviet yoke politicians and ordinary people think that the move could enrage Moscow and undermine the sense of security they have felt since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the expansion of NATO in the 1990s. The regions long-standing distrust of Russia became more acute following Russias annexation of the Crimea Peninsula and its role in the armed conict in eastern Ukraine. Poland, the regions largest country and most potent speaker, has pushed for a large, permanent deployment of at least two divisions of NATO troops on its territory as a deterrent to any such activity in Russias west.E. Europe mixed on NATOBy MONIKA SCISLOWSKAASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER AP PHOTOA destroyed Ukrainian army tank is seen near the village of Lebedynske, on the highway joining Mariupol and Novoazovsk, Ukraine, Saturday.NATO | 4Most leaders jubilant over new spearhead force FORT MYERS Thousands of hunters are plying Florida waters every night this time of year, searching the swamps for a prize alligator to take during the states annual 11-week public hunt. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issued nearly 6,000 permits to the public this year, with each permit allowing a hunter to take two alligators from an assigned waterway. Private hunts on farms and managed lands occur year-round, but between now and Nov. 1 the public gets its chance at gator glory. Driven by TV reality shows like Swamp People and Gator Boys which feature Louisiana alligator hunters and nuisance trappers in the Miami area the sport has grown four-fold Alligator business growsBy CHAD GILLISTHE NEWS-PRESS WRITER In this Aug. 21 photo, a just-hatched baby alligator is held by Kelvin Townsend at his farm in LaBelle, Fla. The farm harvests eggs from alligators on their property, and the young are sold. AP PHOTOSThis Aug. 21 photo shows the heads of taxidermy alligators on display at Townsend and Sons Gator Farm and Processing in LaBelle, Fla.ALLIGATOR | 4 WASHINGTON Congress returns to work Monday with a basic task act fast to keep the government open and then race home to campaign. After a ve-week summer break, lawmakers face a shortened September session with a tight must-do list: Pass a temporary spending bill to fund federal departments and agencies through mid-December and extend Congress task: Act fast on spending, return homeBy DONNA CASSATAASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER AP FILE PHOTOThis photo taken July 23, 2013, shows the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Congress returns to work this week with a rela tively short and simple agenda, vote to keep the government operating in the short term, then return home to campaign. CONGRESS | 4 WASHINGTON Bowing to political concerns, President Barack Obama will not announce any plans to take executive action to change immigration policy until after the November elections, despite promising in June he would act before the end of summer. White House ofcials began informing lawmakers and advocacy groups of the decision, with calls going out late Friday and continuing into Saturday morning, according to several people familiar with Obama to delay action on immigration ED OKEEFE and DAVID NAKAMURAWASHINGTON POST WRITERSOBAMA | 4 Lwf \Wry8.2C : i Y:trb.; ` Sx i .firuYyam, ALal r{WPa yy.' .vya' .u l yT uJ -7


Page 2 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 STATE NEWS PHOTO PROVIDEDThis shrimp isnt your average crustacean. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted several photos on Facebook from sherman Steve Bargeron, who watched a fellow sherman hook a massive crustacean at a dock in Fort Pierce, Fla. WaterLine Editor Josh Olive says that the creature in the photo is a mantis shrimp. Super-sized scampi? (Tampa Bay Times) State regulators have approved lowering rates for most homeowners covered by Citizens Property Insurance, the first widespread rate cut by the state-run insurer in years. Homeowners with multi-peril policies in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Citrus counties are all pegged to receive average rate cuts of 8 percent or higher, far better than the statewide average cut. The decision reflects a broader improvement in Floridas long-suffer ing property insurance market after eight hurricane-free years and a big drop in sinkhole claims, thanks to a new state law. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on Friday said the average Citizens homeowners rate will fall by 3.7 percent, slightly more than the 3.4 percent cut Citizens had originally sought in June. Rates will fall 4.6 percent, on aver age, for mobile home owners with multi-peril coverage. Citizens has previously said nearly seven out of 10 policyholders statewide would see lower rates if its filing were approved. The average multi-peril homeowners policy the most common type will have a rate of $2,383 for 2015, down from $2,538. Among bay area counties, Citizens in June had proposed average rate cuts for multi-peril homeowners policies of 8 percent in Hillsborough; 8.8 percent in Pinellas; 5.9 percent in Pasco; and 9.4 percent in Citrus. Hernando County policyholders faced an average increase of 0.4 percent. Citizens spokesman Michael Peltier said Friday afternoon that it appears those rates were approved as filed, though a formal county-by-county breakdown of approvals was not immediately available. The only slight tweak, he noted, is that the insurer is no longer planning to raise sinkhole rates in Hernando. Earlier, it suggested a 10 percent increase. The new rates are effective Feb. 1 for both new personal lines policies and renewals. Citizens, which insures those who cannot find coverage in the open market, is the largest property insurer in Florida with more than 933,000 policies as of July 31. That includes more than 200,000 personal lines policies in Tampa Bay. Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty held a rate hearing for Citizens on Aug. 27 and accepted consumer feedback as part of a 45-day review process. A rate decision for Citizens commercial accounts is still pending. Since 2010, state legislators have allowed Citizens to raise its rates up to an average of 10 percent a year. For most property owners, the insurer says, rates have caught up to become actuarially sound. In other words, the higher rates now reect the risk of insuring those properties.Insurer Citizens to trim rates | HEADLINE NEWS FROM AROUND THE STATE 1 dead after deputy-involved shootingST. AUGUSTINE (AP) Two St. Johns County Sheriffs Ofce deputies are on administrative leave after the fatal shooting of a suspect at a St. Augustine home. Sheriffs Ofce spokesman Kevin Kelshaw says the deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance early Saturday. Kelshaw says shots had been red at the home, and a female resident told deputies that Aaron Ray had possibly barricaded himself inside. Kelshaw tells The Florida Times-Union that while establishing a perimeter, deputies encountered Ray, who refused to drop his weapon. The deputies red at Ray, who died at the scene. Neither deputy was injured. They were placed on administrative leave, which is standard practice after an ofcerinvolved shooting. The shooting remains under investigation.Teen jailed for refusing to go to schoolST. AUGUSTINE (AP) The new school year began with a trip to jail for a Florida 14-year-old whose mother called police to report that he was refusing to go to class. The mother of the Murray Middle School student told a St. Johns County Sheriffs deputy that she already had taken away her sons cellphone, laptop and Internet access, but the teenager still refused to go to school Tuesday morning, according to an arrest report. The boy told Deputy Kenneth Carver that he wanted to attend school in New York, where the family had lived until about two months ago. The mother told Carver that her son had failing grades for skipping school in New York. Carver told the boy that he would be arrested for obstruction of justice if he refused to go to school. According to the arrest report, the boy responded: Do what you gotta do. Im not going to school. The boy was hand cuffed and taken to jail. He later was transferred into the custody of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and then released to his mother, according to The Florida Times-Union. The idea is for the judge to give orders for him to get into a program or counseling so he can adjust, said sheriffs Cmdr. Chuck Mulligan. His mom was just trying to get him to do the right thing.Police chief suspended over ticket quotas WALDO (AP) One of the two Waldo police chiefs suspended over the past month due to allegations of illegal ticket quotas has resigned. The north Florida town this week agreed to allow the Alachua County Sheriffs Ofce to provide security. Waldo Police Chief Michael Szabo was suspended Aug. 12 after a state investigation into the alleged quotas. The Ocala Star-Banner reports that Szabo resigned Friday evening. Szabos interim replacement was suspended after a group of ofcers complained at a city council meeting about the illegal ticket quotas. City Manager Kim Worley says the agreement with the sheriffs ofce gives her time to nd a permanent replacement who does not currently work for the police department. State authorities also are investigating the ticket quota and other alleged misconduct by Szabo.Caretaker accused of bilking elderly man of $855K(Sun-Sentinel) Things didnt seem right to a neighbor when he saw the caretaker of a 77-year-old man go from driving an older model Oldsmobile to a 2011 Porsche Panamera, authorities say. The neighbors suspicions led to a sheriffs investigation that found the caretaker had spent more than $855,000 of the mans money including about $70,000 for the Porsches purchase, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Ofce. The spending happened while the man lived in squalor, the agency said. The caretaker, Isabelle Schillo, 57, who lives next door to the man in Royal Palm Beach, was arrested Thursday on charges of fraud and elderly exploitation, records show. In a phone call Friday, Schillo said that the allegations against her werent true, but declined to say anything further. The investigation started Oct. 19 after the neighbor noticed the caretakers new Porsche, even though the man Schillo was supposed to look after hadnt been at his home, a sheriffs arrest report said. A sheriffs investigator met Schillo, who said he was at a rehabilitation facility and that she had been his caretaker for many years, the report said. An investigator who checked his home described it as despicable and deplorable. Trash was everywhere, toilets were broken with black stains, mold was visible and there barely was any food, among other issues. When asked about the mess, Schillo said those were the conditions the man wanted to live in, according to the report. Schillo said the man also wanted to give each of her sons $100,000 for their milestone birthdays at ages 25 and 30 and that she was given power of attorney, the report said. rfntbrfrnttrffrfnrfrrt fbffbtftrfttfbfrb rffffbrrfffff b 941-206-2505 ALWAYS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST 5.15 $20,000 minimum deposit. All deposits insured and guaranteed. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to availability. Rates may change without notice. Promotional incentive included to obtain yield. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Other rates available depending on deposit and length of term. 50472762 rfntbfrffr frnrtb rfrffrn rfrfnt brnftbr fn tt NikWallenda&DelilahWallendaf CASTLECONNOLLYTOPDOCTORS } VOTED 486376 rfr frntbbb rbrntb n tb r 50444351 50474677 R'.rl.L.1 fVOTEDDcCENTER FOR SIGHTSARASOTA I MANATEE I CHARLOTTE COUNTIES-, rH LOCAL='P,"pU,CA,) SL::PC ':PJc APEioi Sand -ee Slays Herewww.punki dod JwcemRENTAL FINDERSSUNNEWSPAPERS


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 WIRE Page 3 NATIONAL/SCIENCE NEWS (LA Times) The Impressionist art movement began Nov. 13, 1872, right around 7:35 a.m. local time. Thats the moment Claude Monet put brush to canvas to depict a hazy sunrise seen from his hotel room in Le Havre, according to Donald Olson, a physicist at Texas State University, San Marcos. The name Monet gave to that now famous work, Impression, Soleil Levant, (Impression, Sunrise) later was afxed to a school of art marked by its imprecise, subjective depiction of quotidian scenes, executed with loose brush strokes in vivid hues. Art historians have debated where and when Monets work was painted, with many disbelieving the abbreviated date that the artist brushed beside his name. Others even insisted the plummy skies streaked with orange depicted a sunset, rather than sunrise, over the port city on the Normandy coast. Olson, who dubs himself a celestial sleuth, pored over hundreds of photographs and scores of historical maps of Le Havre before determining the precise room that matched the artists southeast-facing perspective. EBays French site proved a boon scores of historical photos have been posted there, Olson said. Those helped him nd the structures depicted in Monets Le Grand Quai, painted from a balcony of the Hotel de LAmiraute. A bit of geometry and trigonometry led him to the precise position Monet likely occupied when painting. Olson next calculated the suns height from the horizon and its angle of rise, which determined the time of year and time of day depicted in the painting. He settled on late fall or early winter, at 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. local time. (Greenwich Mean Time had not been adopted as a worldwide standard, but Frances local times were within a minute of current measures, Olson said. France has since changed the time zone of Le Havre to GMT plus 1). Fellow Texas State physicist Ed Piner offered the next breakthrough, Olson said: The tall, multiple-masted ships depicted by Monet likely could not have been in the distant outer harbor unless tides were high. That suggests youre looking at a high tide, near a rising sun in a certain azimuth, Olson said. But that only narrowed the possibilities to 19 dates spanning from November 1872 to January 1873. Much to Olsons surprise, a trove of 19th century daily weather observations in Le Havre harbor went online recently. He matched the sky and weather conditions to six dates in that period, then narrowed them to two days when the observer noted easterly morning winds smoke in Monets painting drifts slightly from east to west. On Nov. 15, 1872, at 7:35 a.m., the weather observer noted light winds from the southeast with mist, fog and calm seas. All of the times I was considering were between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m., Olson said. So, on exactly the time of day I want to know about, we have a guy looking at the water and looking at the sky. The guy was out there every day at 8 in the morning. A weather report on Jan. 25, 1873, also matched conditions and other data, but curators opted for the November date, since Monet dated his painting .Physicist puts time on timeless Monet painting PHOTO PROVIDEDThe painting Impression, Soleil Levant, (Impression, Sunrise), thought to be the launch of the impressionist art movement, was painted at 7:35 a.m. on Nov. 13, 1872, according to physicist Donald Olson. KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) Rescue crews searching off Jamaicas coast on Saturday said they could no longer see debris spotted earlier, stymieing efforts to solve the mystery surrounding a small plane carrying a prominent upstate New York couple that went on a ghostly 1,700-mile jour ney after the pilot was apparently incapacitated. Jamaican ofcials said that possible wreckage from the single-engine turboprop Socata TBM700 was sighted Friday evening by a military aircraft ying off the islands northeast coast, drifting roughly 24 miles off the coastal town of Port Antonio. The islands military said in a statement that Jamaican and U.S. ofcials felt the sighting was consistent with that of a high-impact debris eld. But on Saturday Jamaica Coast Guard Commander Antonette Wemyss-Gorman said that the pieces of oating debris could no longer be seen. We would have to assume it may have sunk, she said. The area where the private French-made plane went down has depths of up to 2,000 meters (more than 6,500 feet), according to Leroy Lindsay, director general of Jamaicas civil aviation authority. Lindsay said that French authorities have volunteered to provide help to bring wreckage up from the ocean depths when it is found. The plane was carry ing Rochester real estate developer Laurence Glazer and his entrepreneur wife, Jane both experienced pilots. On Friday, U.S. ghters were launched to shadow the unresponsive aircraft observed the pilot slumped over and its windows frosting over. Ofcials say the plane slammed into the sea when it ran out of fuel at least 14 miles off Jamaicas northeast coastline. In a Friday statement, the Coast Guard 7th District command center in Miami said three people were reportedly on board the plane. A 154-foot U.S. Coast Guard cutter and a helicopter crew are aiding in the Saturday search off Jamaica. Son Rick Glazer said he could not conrm his parents were killed, adding that we know so little. But public ofcials offered their condolences for a prominent couple described as a linchpin in efforts to rejuvenate an upstate New York city stung by the decline of corporate giants Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox. Laurence Glazer co-founded Buckingham Properties and served as chief executive and managing partner, working alongside two sons. Overall, the company owns more than 60 properties in the Rochester area and in central Florida.Mystery shrouds US couples crash off Jamaica FRESNO, Calif. (AP) Although California is locked in a third year of historic drought, many homeowners and businesses still dont have meters telling them just how much water they are using. Thats changing, but some say its not fast enough. State law requires water meters by 2025, but the State Water Resources Control Board says dozens of water districts, many in the thirsty Central Valley, arent totally metered. More than 235,000 homes and businesses in the state are not equipped with meters, according to the most recent gures for 2013 collected by the State Water Board. An Associated Press analysis found that Californians who live in 10 water districts with the highest number of unmetered home or business all used more water each day than the state average. The number of unmetered homes and businesses represents a small fraction of water services statewide, but ofcials say every drop counts. Gov. Jerry Brown in January declared a drought emergency, and state ofcials in July approved nes up to $500 for residents caught wasting water. Some communities have put water cops on patrol. The states unmetered homes and businesses are another example of Californias struggle to track water use. A recent AP story revealed that many state agencies dont know if they are meeting the governors goal of conserving 20 percent. Another found that state regulators do not know how many trillions of gallons have been used by corporations, agricultural concerns and others with senior water rights. And only now is California moving to regulate groundwater pumping. Peter Gleick, who studies global water issues as president of the Pacic Institute in Oakland, said he would like every home and business to be tted with a meter today, rather than waiting more than a decade for the deadline. Its inappropriate in the 21st century for us not to be carefully measuring and monitoring our water use, he said. Especially in California during a drought. Residents of cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose have been metered for decades. However, many customers served by about 40 water districts in a 300-mile stretch of the Central Valley continue to pay a at rate, meaning they can use as much water as they want without seeing their bills rise.Drought lingers, yet some homes lack water meters $899 r fnrtb r r LIFESTYLE HEARINGrf ffntttbntft ft tnt tnttrt tftff HAS 3 CLINIC LOCATIONS! trrr rrrr rffr b f tf Hearing Loss 50471516 Beffer HEARING, Better PRICESNEW Advanced Digital AidONLY No Gimmicks -H$1250forNo LimitsAll Insurance PlansWelcomeHearing Aid WithWireless TV Package:oAre you tired of advertising fine print orseeing a low price that "won't work for you"?3 Small, Water Resistant, With 100% Digital Aids ga sytle start at $399.Wireless TV! Now Only $1299 Come See why we are voted #1PT. CHARLOTTE: 625-33662221-A Tamiami tr; NW Corner of US41 & Forrest NelsonVenice: 244-0892 Sarasota: 355-3277


Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 FROM PAGE ONE ALMANAC Today is Sunday, Sept. 7, the 250th day of 2014. There are 115 days left in the year. Today in history On Sept. 7, 1964, the controversial Daisy commercial for President Lyndon Johnsons election campaign aired on NBC-TV. (The ad, featuring a little girl plucking flower petals followed by footage of a nuclear explosion, was perceived as an attack on Republican nominee Barry Goldwater, who is never shown or mentioned.) On this dateIn 1533, Englands Queen Eliz abeth I was born in Greenwich. In 1812, the Battle of Borodino took place as French troops clashed with Russian forces outside Moscow. (The battle, ultimately won by Russia, was commemorated by composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovskys Overture.) In 1907, the British liner RMS Lusitania set out from Liverpool, England, on its maiden voyage, arriving six days later in New York. In 1927, American television pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth, 21, succeeded in transmitting the image of a line through purely electronic means with a device called an image dissector. In 1940, Nazi Germany began its eight-month blitz of Britain during World War II with the first air attack on London. In 1957, the original animated version of the NBC-TV peacock logo, used to denote programs brought to you in living color, made its debut at the beginning of Your Hit Parade. In 1963, the National Profes sional Football Hall of Fame was dedicated in Canton, Ohio. In 1977, the Panama Canal treaties, calling for the U.S. to eventually turn over control of the waterway to Panama, were signed in Washington by Presi dent Jimmy Carter and Panama nian leader Omar Torrijos. In 1986, Desmond Tutu was installed as the first black clergyman to lead the Anglican Church in southern Africa. Todays birthdays Jazz musician Sonny Rollins is 84. Actress Susan Blakely is 66. Singer Gloria Gaynor is 65. Rock singer Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) is 63. Actress Julie Kavner is 63. Rock musician Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) is 61. Actor Corbin Bernsen is 60. Actor Michael Emerson is 60. Pianist Michael Feinstein is 58. Singer Margot Chapman is 57. Actress J. Smith-Cameron (TV: Rectify) is 57. Actor W. Earl Brown is 51. Actor Toby Jones is 48. Actress Diane Farr is 45. Actress Monique Gabriela Curnen is 44. Actor Tom Everett Scott is 44. Actress Shannon Elizabeth is 41. Actor Oliver Hudson is 38. Actor Devon Sawa is 36. Singer-musician Wes Willis (Rush of Fools) is 28. Actress Evan Rachel Wood is 27. HARTFORD CITY, Ind. (AP) An attorney who habitually appears in court without socks faces sanctions including possible fines if he shows up without them again in one Indiana courtroom. Blackford Circuit Judge Dean Young issued an Aug. 25 order directing attorney Todd Glickfield of Marion to wear appropriate business attire, including socks and a tie, in future proceedings in Youngs Hartford City courtroom. Glickfield appeared without socks in Youngs court on Aug. 22. The order says that during a break in proceedings, the court advised Glickfield that he wasnt appropriately dressed as required by court rules. The order says Glickfield replied, I hate socks. The order also states Glickfield previously appeared in court without a tie and with an open-collared shirt.ODD NEWS Judge orders attorney to wear socks the decision. The decision comes just a few days after Obama hinted that he might delay a decision as he continues to call on Congress to take steps to overhaul the nations immigration laws. Senate Democrats have warned that any bold executive action ran the risk of upending the chances of several Democratic incumbents running for re-election in southern states, where Obama is unpopular and the issue of immigration reform isnt as urgent. Republicans must win six seats to take control of the Senate. The reality the president has had to weigh is that were in the midst of the political season, said a White House ofcial, who was not authorized to speak on the record, and because of the Republicans extreme politicization of this issue, the president believes it would be harmful to the policy itself and to the long-term prospects for comprehensive immigration reform to announce administrative action before the elections. Obama is scheduled to appear on Meet the Press on Sunday and is expected to discuss his decision. Republicans, who have vehemently denounced the presidents plans to take executive action, quickly declared the delay a result of cold political calculation. There is never a right time for the president to declare amnesty by executive action, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement, but the decision to simply delay this deeply controversial and possibly unconstitutional unilateral action until after the election in stead of abandoning the idea altogether smacks of raw politics. The decision is likely to infuriate many Democrats who have said Obama taking executive action before the elections could embolden Democratic base voters to turn out in key elections. And it denitely will infuriate members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who have been pressuring Obama to take action since he took ofce in 2009. There are more than 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States and how to deal with them has been the crux of the disagreement between the parties in Washington. Democrats and some Republicans support offering them a path to legal status, and potentially citizenship, but most of the GOP has refused to support such proposals.OBAMAFROM PAGE 1 the freeze on taxing access to the Internet. Votes also are set on largely futile measures designed to pack a polit ical punch eight weeks before an election that will determine control of Congress. Wasting no time, the House is scheduled to vote Thursday on the spending bill. Several lawmakers have clamored for giving President Barack Obama new authority to use military force against Islamic State militants who have seized parts of Iraq, terrorizing religious minorities and threatening the central government in Baghdad. The militants beheaded two American journalists in Syria, prompting calls for military airstrikes in that country. But the Obama administration has not indicated that it wants a congressional vote and there is little consensus in Congress on any legislation, or even whether its necessary. Sen. Jeff Sessions, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Obama can use force against the militants in Iraq or Syria based on the military doctrine that if someone is attacking you or your ally you can respond. The president ordering airstrikes or taking other military steps without a vote is within the realm of his power, Sessions, R-Ala., said in an interview. Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, the top Republican on the committee, has drafted a resolution authorizing Obama to use military force against Islamic State militants in Iraq, Syria and wherever else they threaten U.S. interests. Some Republicans are reluctant to give the president any new powers in the absence of a detailed strategy. Obama has pledged to degrade and destroy Islamic militants but has not come out with a strategy for dealing with the group. Republicans and some Democrats have seized on that concession, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., alluding to it in a campaign ad. Committee hearings and briengs from administration ofcials will be part of the September agenda, starting Tuesday when Obama plans to welcome the four bipartisan congressional leaders to the Oval Ofce for a meeting. During the week of Sept. 15, Secretary of State John Kerry is set to testify before Congress about the Islamic threat. That same week, administration policies will receive further scrutiny as a special House committee investigating the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, holds its rst public hearing. The high-prole session will focus on whether the State Department has put in place recommendations for improving security at U.S. embassies and diplomatic outposts worldwide. With an eye toward the midterm elections, House Republicans have scheduled a vote this coming week on a resolution that condemns Obama for failing to notify Congress in advance about the May swap of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, held prisoner in Afghanistan for ve years, for ve Taliban leaders.CONGRESSFROM PAGE 1 in the last decade, from 2,164 hunters in 2002 to 8,103 in 2011. The popularity of such shows has boosted the number of hunters as well as increased demand for alligator products and meat. Every little restaurant wants to serve alligator, said Kelvin Townsend, an alligator farmer and processor in LaBelle. And now that theyve seen the TV shows, everyone wants to kill an alligator. Alligators taken during the public hunt go from the swamp marshes to various markets leather goods, preserved heads and feet to be sold at gift shops, and as different meat products. All the work that goes into the process, and the number of people involved, make the meat and leather expensive. Cutlet and ribs go for about $18 a pound online and at specialty meat markets and delis. Hunters can make several hundred dollars during the public hunt, recouping their $272 harvesting permitting with pocket change to spare. The amount paid is based on the size of the alligator and the quality of its skin. Hunters can take their alligator to a processing facility like Townsend and Sons in LaBelle, keep the meat for themselves and sell the hide. Hunters also sell to middlemen buyers, companies that wait at public boat ramps, buy alligators from hunters and then take them to processing facilities. Processing facilities must be certied by the USDA in order to legally sell meat to the public or restaurants. Securing the certication which allows USDA to conduct random testing at meat plants is not the only challenge. The smell produced when skinning and processing alligator meat is somewhat gamey somewhere between a sh market and a pile of hamburger meat. The blood holds a certain smell on your hands, Shawn Townsend, of Townsend and Sons, says while sorting packages of gator sausage in a car-sized freezer. When asked if he eats alligator, he says: We call it gator Jell-O. If you havent skinned an alligator, its good to eat because you dont know that smell. Im just glad I dont cut up lobster and steak. Its a relatively new business model creating a demand for alligator leather products made in the United States, but Brian Wood, owner of All American Gator in Hollywood, says he sees great potential. European fashion designers buy alligator skins for a few hundred dollars and transform them into jewelry and clothes that sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Wood wants to see that business model on a more local level, either cut off the Guccis of the world or at least give them competition for leather products that originally come from states like Florida and Louisiana. Hes showed his alligator leather goods and products at the International Boston Seafood show for the last 16 years. He also travels to Las Vegas in hopes of building American brands that will, one day, sit alongside Prada and other European labels. Ive branched out into the leather because thats where the money is, said Wood. We do belts and purses, jackets, briefcases. We did a $36,000 three-piece couch. I just got two motorcycle seats in.ALLIGATORFROM PAGE 1 AP PHOTOIn this Aug. 21 photo, baby alligators hatch from their eggs at Townsend and Sons Gator Farm and Processing in LaBelle, Fla. The young are sold to buyers. The NATO summit in Newport, Wales, this week settled for less, after Germany and some other major members insisted they want to keep a dialogue open with Moscow. The summit decided on a new, rapid-reaction force of some 5,000 troops, a spearhead ready to deploy to any conict zone in a matter of hours. The command and key infrastructure is to be located near the Russian border. In Poland, many presume. We would have liked more but lets be happy with the decisions taken in Newport, Polands Prime Minister Donald Tusk said. We still have a lot of work to do to make this quantitative change satisfying. But, he insisted: This signal is very strong and our Eastern neighbor (Russia) cannot ignore it. As the summit deliber ated on Friday, Ukraine, Russia and the Kremlinbacked separatists signed a cease-re and the monthslong ghting in Eastern Ukraine seemed to be held back. On his way home from Newport, Polands President Bronislaw Komorowski made a stop at a NATO-linked multinational force in Szczecin, in northwestern Poland, that is to be strengthened under the new strategy. Some speculate Szczecin may host the command of the spearhead. Komorowski said he would like the new force to be linked to the maximum to the area of potential use because we expect that the area on (NATOs) eastern ank will be an area of more crises and more challenges. Polands former ambassador to NATO, Jerzy Maria Nowak, believes that NATOs decisions may be a comfort for some, but for Russia they may be a provocation and a violation of the agreements it has with NATO. In Estonia, which like Ukraine borders Russia and has a sizeable Russian minority, one political commentator remains optimistic and believes that plans to have key NATO command closer to Russias border shows the alliances readiness, preparedness or resoluteness which previously was absent. Russia is always doing things, they always need to show resolve, they are always pushing and intimidating as much as they can. But keep cool about these things. If you dont show youre ready to defend yourself, you are inviting trouble, Andres Kasekamp, a member of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, told The Associated Press.NATOFROM PAGE 1 (Washington Post) An estimated 19.3 percent of women have been raped at one point in their lives. Thats according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which Friday released results from a 2011 survey. Additionally, nearly 2 percent of men have been raped; nearly 44 percent of women and 23 percent of men have experienced some other form of sexual violence; and 15 percent of women and nearly 6 percent of men have been stalked. Sexual violence other than rape includes sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact and non-contact unwanted sexual experiences. A substantial propor tion of U.S. female and male adults have experienced some form of sexual violence, stalking, or intimate partner violence at least once during their lifetimes, the CDC report notes. Consistent with previous studies, the overall pattern of results suggest sthat women, in particular, are heavily impacted over their lifetime. However, the results also indicate that many men experience sexual violence, stalking, and, in particular, physical violence by an intimate partner. Both men and women tended to be rst victimized when they were young; 78 percent of female rape victims were rst raped before they were 25, as were 71 percent of male rape victims. Survey estimates show signicant proportions of women of all races and ethnicities have reported being raped: 32.3 percent of multiracial women; 27.5 percent of Native American women; 21.2 percent of black women; 20.5 percent of white women; and 13.6 percent of Hispanic women. The numbers are even higher when it comes to other forms of sexual violence; for instance, the majority of multiracial women 64 percent said they have been victims of sexual violence other than rape.CDC: Nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped aaaaaQTa b oO gon no@ dmti41


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 WIRE Page 5 SCIENCE/FASHION NEWSNEW YORK (AP) Americans obsession with jeans is beginning to wear thin. Jeans long have been a go-to staple in closets across the country. After all, not many pieces of clothing are so comfortable they can be worn daily, yet versatile enough to be dressed up or down. But sales of the iconic blues fell 6 percent during the past year after decades of almost steady growth. The decline is being driven by women, but mens interest in jeans also is fading. Why? People more often are sporting yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants and other athletic wear instead of traditional denim. The shift is partly due to a lack of new designs since brightly colored skinny jeans were a hit a couple years back. Its also a reection of changing views about whats appropriate attire for work, school and other places that used to call for more formal attire. Yoga pants have replaced jeans in my wardrobe, said Anita Ramaswamy, a Scottsdale, Ariz., high school senior who is buying more leggings and yoga pants than jeans. You can make it as sexy as skinny jeans, and its more comfortable. To be sure, the jeans business isnt dead: Customer Growth Partners, a retail consultancy, estimates denim accounts for 20 percent of annual sales at the nations department stores. But sales of jeans in the U.S. fell 6 percent to $16 billion during the year that ended in June, according to market research rm NPD Group, while sales of yoga pants and other active wear climbed 7 percent to $33.6 billion. And Levi Strauss, which invented the rst pair of blue jeans 141 years ago, is among jean makers that acknowledge their womens business has been hurt in part by what the fashion industry dubs the athleisure trend. Thats led them to create new versions of classic denim that are more stretchy and mimic the comfort of sweatpants. Its one of the few times jeans havent been at the forefront of whats trending. Businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis invented jeans in 1873 after getting a patent to create cotton denim workpants with copper rivets in cer tain areas like the pocket corner to make them stronger. By the 1920s, Levis original 501 jeans had become top-selling mens workpants, according to Levis corporate website.Jeans face shaky future amid yoga wear rage AP PHOTOIn this Aug. 19 photo, A.N.A. relaxed-t woven jogger pants, left, are displayed at a J.C. Penney store, in New York.(Washington Post) Nostalgia is a funny thing, and you may be missing out on some of your best opportunities for reminiscing. While youre likely to expect notable events like holidays and unusual activities to be more fun to think back on in the future, it turns out that the most mundane experiences can give you just as much pleasure. In a study published in Psychological Science, Harvard Business School psychologists had students create time capsules full of songs they were listening to, papers theyd written, social events theyd attended and records of conversations theyd had. The researchers had them estimate how curious and surprised theyd be by each record three months later. When they opened the capsules at the start of the next school year, the students were consistently more interested in the not-so-ancient relics than theyd predicted. Its no surprise that memories delight us. But the enjoyment of rediscovery has little to do with the excitement of the actual event. In another portion of the study, participants were able to accurately rank how much theyd enjoy reading about a special day with their partner, like Valentines Day. But they underestimated how much theyd like reading about a typical day with the same signicant other. People nd a lot of joy in rediscovering a music playlist from months ago or an old joke with a neighbor, even though those things did not seem particularly meaningful in the moment, Ting Zhang, lead author of the paper, said in a statement. The studies highlight the importance of not taking the present for granted and documenting the mundane moments of daily life to give our future selves the joy of rediscovering them. Of course, too much documentation can be a very bad thing: Previous studies have found that taking too many pictures during an experience can actually keep you from truly remembering it. But in that study, researchers suggested that interacting with the photos instead of just amassing more and more of them could solve the problem. You shouldnt go around photographing every moment of your life (or tweeting about it), but Zhang and her colleagues found that it only took a few snippets of text to remember a conversation. By keeping a daily journal or curating a slow and steady stream of personal photos, you reap enjoyment tomorrow from the mundane goings-on of today. Just be sure to go back and look at them.Memory: Its the little things Thomas Quigley, M.D. Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon F R E E E Y E E X A M F O R N E W P A T I E N T S complete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. O f f e r a p p l i e s t o n e w p a t i e n t s 5 9 y e a r s a n d o l d e r Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants. Coupon Expires 10/16/2014 No Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. 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Page 6 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 WORLD/TRAVEL NEWS (Bloomberg) With airlines packing more people onto every plane, frustration among U.S. passengers is boiling into rage over nuisances as minor as a reclining seat-back taking some personal space. Stress among iers is not going to go away any time soon, and the amount of trafc were carrying contributes to that, said Audrey Stone, president of Transport Workers Union Local 556, which represents Southwest Airlines ight attendants. An on-board outburst that forced a Delta Air Lines jet to make an unscheduled landing on Sept. 1 marked the third such case in a span of nine days in the U.S. As ight-crew members see it, the mix of peak vacation-season travel and fewer empty seats can produce a combustible outcome and the safest course can be touching down to ofoad a belligerent traveler. The problem with people in the back who are ghting over tray tables, or ghting over cellphones or whatever, is it can escalate, said Denny Kelly, a Dallasbased aviation accident investigator and former Braniff International Airways pilot. The last thing you want is a brawl in the back. Even before the height of the U.S. travel season, the industry was packing more people onto each plane. Airlines lled an average of 85 percent of their seats in May, according to Transportation Department data. A decade earlier, the gure for May was 75 percent. Every summer, with the load factor, youre obviously going to see some tension out there, said Tom Hoban, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association at American Airlines Group, the worlds biggest carrier. Its a long, hot summer. Matching seating capacity to travel demand has been a pillar of U.S. airlines rebound from $58 billion in losses during nine years ending in 2009. For iers, that has meant fewer trips with elbow room because of a vacancy in an adjoining seat. Passengers have a right to feel irritated at the conditions in coach cabins, said Bo Corby, a senior vice president at pilot career advisory rm Future & Active Pilot Advisors. Its very disturbing to try to work or eat a meal and have someone push a seat in your face, Corby said by phone from Seattle. Seat widths narrowed slightly in the past decade on short-range ights, to an average of about 17.2 inches, from a range of 17.5 to 18 inches, said Jami Counter, senior director of SeatGuru and TripAdvisor Flights travel websites. Where you really start to feel the squeeze is on long-haul aircraft, Counter said. Certain airlines have crammed 10 seats across in their economy cabin on select aircraft. Passenger disturbances worldwide occurred at a rate of one for every 1,300 ights from 2010 through 2013, according to the International Air Transport Association trade group. IATA has urged governments to change their aviation protocols to make it easier to charge offenders and for airlines to recoup costs for a diverted ight. I can tell you that it is a serious problem, said Perry Flint, an IATA spokesman in Washington. Unruly passengers triggered 59 enforcement actions by the Federal Aviation Administration through June. The 2013 total, which includes the summer season, was 167. The most was 330 in 2004, according to FAA reporting that dates to 1995. Oftentimes these are fueled by alcohol, said John Cox, a former commercial airline pilot who is chief executive ofcer of consultant Safety Operating Systems in Washington. Theyre in a conned space; you dont have people reacting in a normal way. You have all the ingredients for inappropriate action, and sometimes it happens. The FAAs cases reect reports to the agency by ightcrew members, and exclude violations that may be reported to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. The U.S. incidents spanning Aug. 24 through Sept. 1 involved passengers upset at reclining seat-backs, according to police and airline accounts. Delta Flight 2370 to West Palm Beach, Fla., from New York landed at Jacksonville, Fla., on Sept. 1 after a 32-yearold passenger resting her head on a tray table became angered when she was struck after the person in the row ahead reclined backward, according to a police report. The womans squabble with her fellow flier morphed into demands that the jet land, and she became combative to the point that they were concerned for the safety of themselves and passengers, the report said. She was taken off and later released by Jacksonville Aviation Authority police.Air rage: Fliers feud over reclining seats AP PHOTODelta Airlines ight DL370 from Managua Nicaragua crosses over a waxing crescent moon as it passes over Whittier, Calif., on approach to the Los Angeles Airport on Sept. 1. WASHINGTON (AP) For President Barack Obama, it was a brief glimpse of his good old days in Europe when the continent cheered his ascent to the White House. Obama received an enthusiastic welcome in Estonia from Baltic leaders who see American military power as the best safeguard of their own security. At the NATO summit in Wales, Obama won numerous statements of support for his call to confront Islamic State militants in the Middle East. I did not get any resistance or pushback, Obama said as he ended a three-day trip Friday. But Air Force One returned Obama to a far different landscape in Washington. At home, he has faced harsh criticism not only from Republicans, but also some Democrats, for being overly cautious in his response to the Islamic State militant threat and Russias provocations in Ukraine. A few days in the warm embrace of European allies was unlikely to shift that dynamic much. The criticism of Obamas foreign policy has put the White House on the defensive and driven down the presidents approval ratings on international matters. In Europe, too, Obama has struggled with allies who have quibbled about his perceived lack of focus on their region and resisted his calls for more aggressive action against Russia and in the Mideast. With those crises escalating, Europe appeared willing, even eager, to stand squarely with a weakened American president. During meetings in Estonia, Baltic leaders praised Obama and made clear their desire for a bolstered U.S. military presence. The president gave them most of what they wanted, agreeing to a NATO plan for a rapid response force with headquarters in Eastern Europe. We are grateful to the United States and to you personally for your leadership, your commitment, and your support to Estonia, Estonian President Toomas Hendrick Ilves said Wednesday. In Wales, it was Obama, with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who dictated much of the discussion during the two-day NATO meeting. They set the tone for the summit with a joint editorial released Thursday that urged their allies to put aside an isolationist approach and join a coalition to take on extremists in the Middle East. The support appeared to buoy the president. There was a notable difference between his demeanor during his news conference in Wales on Friday and his appearance before reporters at the White House a week earlier, when he conceded that he did not yet have a strategy for going after Islamic State militants in Syria. That one line set off a fresh torrent of criticism in Washington. Yet after his meetings in Europe, Obama condently embraced what he called a systematic and methodical approach to tackling the threat. That deliberation allows us to do it right, he said. While Obamas reception in Europe was warm, it hardly mirrored the heady days of his rst presidential campaign and early months in the White House when many European leaders and their publics were enamored with the new American leader. The president returned to Washington with only murky answers to the questions that dogged him when he arrived in Europe. For example, while there was widespread support for Obamas call to address the Islamic State threat, the alliance made no commitments. While individual nations, including France, Australia and Canada, appeared willing to join a coalition, it was unclear what they were willing to do. On Russia, European leaders rmed up plans for new penalties against Moscow and appeared in agreement with the U.S. to impose them regardless of whether a cease-re holds. But if that truce were to break, there was no indication that the West was ready to make stronger moves against Russia. Heather Conley, director of the Europe program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Obamas trip showed that American leadership is still very much in demand in Europe. But she said it will be the follow-up that determines whether Obama can keep up the momentum he built during his trip. It takes sustained policy focus and sustained leadership after the summit, she said. This is where the Obama administration has typically fallen short.Obama in Europe: World gets brief glimpse of good old days AP PHOTOPresident Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One at Royal Air Force Station Fairford, in Gloucestershire, Friday, for his return to Washington after attending the NATO summit in Wales. AKURE, Nigeria (Reuters) College graduate Omatayo Adeniyi stands in a humid tropical forest of southwest Nigeria and explains why he chose cocoa farming over a white collar job in the city. There is money in the ground. The future is bright. I hope to make one tonne of cocoa by next year, he says from his farm in Ondo State. Such optimism has for decades been rare among Nigerias cocoa farmers: Many abandoned their elds and moved to cities in search of alternative work after commodity prices collapsed in the mid-1980s and the countrys booming oil industry siphoned investment away from agriculture. But years of focus on oil revenues has left Nigeria with a lack of industrial diversity and made it over-dependent on energy, which uses a lot of costly equipment but employs few people. So while the economy has been growing at an average of 7 percent for the past ve years, it has failed to create jobs for many of Nigerias 170 million people. High unemployment and poverty levels have prompted the government to look again at cocoa with the aim of getting more people to grow a product for which prices have been rising. Adeniyis trees have been supplied by the government, which is also distributing plant pods and disease resistant seeds at subsidized rates, alongside cheap fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and training to improve practices. Agriculture Minister Akinwumi Adesina aims to boost production to 1 million tonnes a year by 2018 on a par with current number two global producer Ghana and approaching top grower Ivory Coasts projected 1.8 million tonnes for this year. Nigeria says its already on track to produce 500,000 tonnes of cocoa next year, double what it grew in 2012, and though analysts say that target may be optimistic, it is clear that no other cocoa growing country is boosting production as fast. Output from Africas top four growers Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia and Nigeria which makes up over 70 percent of global production, is projected to rise in 20132014 after staying at for two years, according to Africas Ecobank. Nigeria has been underperforming for many years because of a lack of investment and the discovery of oil. But in the last two years, theres been genuine commitment to develop agriculture, said Edward George, Ecobank head of research. Nigeria currently grows cocoa on less than a quarter of the 3 million hectares of land suitable to produce the beans, and the government is encouraging farmers to expand to the uncultivated savannah grassland.Nigeria nurtures once-unloved crop Sept 21 st Oct 12 th & Oct 26 th since 1995 M i n i V a c a t i o n Mini Vacation G e t A w a y Get-Away B I L O X I B I L O X I BILOXI 1 8 0 0 2 8 4 1 0 1 5 1-800-284-1015 ( 9 4 1 ) 4 7 3 1 4 8 1 (941) 473-1481 Escorted Motorcoach Groups Welcome! Convenient Pick Ups 486615 O n T h e R o a d O n T h e R o a d On The Road A g a i n T o u r s A g a i n T o u r s Again Tours Includes 4 Days/ 3 Nights at the NEW GOLDEN NUGGET Casino, 3 meals, $75 Free Play $219 ppdo FL ST#37304Wir Sprechen Deutsch Prices per person plus cruise taxes & fees. Subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Cash/Check Pricing. Ultimate Caribbean Dec. 2014Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman, Cartagena, Colon, Puerto Limon, Belize City & Cozumel.11-Night$999 Spring Venetian PassageNEW!Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Venice via Madeira (Funchal), Barcelona, Rome (Civitavecchia) & Naples. Features 3 nts in Venice.20-Day Cruise$2,099 Transatlantic RevelationsNEW!Sail from Miami to Rome via Tenerife, Malaga, Cartagena, Barcelona (overnight), Nice (Villefranche) & Florence/Pisa (Livorno), plus spend 2 nts in Rome.19-Day Cruise$1,149 50475269 487131 487132 Call (941) NEW-LOOK C HRISTOPHER C ONSTANCE MD BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON AND LASER SPECIALIST Call For Details on a FREE Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Laser Tattoo Removal 50468141 :L DDiOur rates include vthat theirs ;:o'r'tBUY OF THE CENTURYEaste'n anJ'lesterr Tar bsr 'c Iav C-u:se$299' in Balcony Cabin oitoardDduJ zyc ar .1 '11Jr'3lef''r7> Fr,I fii )'ifeccHAWAII & VEGASIncredbe 15 Da; Hawai cruse us' SIC5 a dayit ud rg a pre_ and pcst'cu' n Los AigelesAdJ a 5 day Vegas post To_( fu Jaot 5249RHINE & MOSELIInigre Eu'ote39 ; =r trcted ni apnaste is 'e -ire mre,'o 'J1 aces:sVsit Phs -;n id _u>'enrhu'aK le ns!e'Jan Zejrd muco ro eCOSTA RICA HUB & SPOKE11111111111137,77,11TTS0,7111ITF. esureyespeierceto Cen'ratA-ne-ca Thisu th E toSI e'o CJEta =rastar lute i 9the le -rt C1 ti -P c 'y L lr fi t Frl:u1'a"a tt9'an'o'e?t a' rii. 11r[BEST OF EMERALD ISLEEs0)"ed HLB 3 SP-Kor' c' relerd StaffL r i c h s in E l n arts n aes seebbvkn., i nun'arn.. b!a'eforc Crs'alFaetori acern, EJarre,' Caste and mmetYOU ARE INVITEDTO OUR TRAVEL CLUBSeptember 10. fpmLegendary Journeys Venice Office?C'_' darn 7r1 Sorr Cnt9 Local Fl i OfficesSPECIALS at www.LJ.nvdOPEN SUNDAY 106-US CALLS:A tSarawtW13nidiii i M-7968r r LaWlan:1904-0211;IIO D DOur rates uid,.de v4 nt lilt rs .to Y[BUY OF THE CENTURY$299" in Balcony Cabin 8tr.HAWAII & VEGASl if u5d:; J,_t <2.7RHINE & MOSELtl4q ., C,d ,COSTA RICA HUB & SPOKEBEST OF EMERALD ISLEC 'c I III C cord ,YOU ARE INVITEDTO OUR TRAVEL CLUBSeptember 10, fpmLegendary Journeys Venice Offce1:.., F ..OPEN SUNDAY 1060 CALLS ObLYSarazatwSradentan 063-79681 1CAS ILE ( (l\\YILLI


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 WIRE Page 7 WORLD NEWS | WORLDSyrian strikes on Islamic State stronghold kill 29BEIRUT (AP) Syria launched a series of airstrikes targeting a stronghold of the Islamic State extremist group on Saturday, killing at least 29 people, most of whom died when one of the missiles slammed into a crowded bakery, activists said. The eight airstrikes smashed parts of buildings, set cars alight and crushed people under rubble in the northeastern city of Raqqa, which is ruled by the extremist group, according to video of the aftermath uploaded to social media networks. At least 20 civilians were killed, alongside nine Islamic State ghters, said the Britainbased Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Most of the civilians were killed after at least one strike hit the Andalous bakery on a busy street, and the death toll was likely to rise, said the Observatory, which obtains its infor mation from a network of activists on the ground. The airstrikes were also reported by an activist who uses the name Abu Ibrahim and is a member of a media collective called Raqqa is being silently slaughtered. He ed Syria fearing for his safety and asked that his current place of residence remain anonymous.Monsoon rains kill 128 in Pakistan, 108 in IndiaISLAMABAD (AP) Heavy monsoon rains and ash oods have killed 128 people in Pakistan and 108 people in India, ofcials said Saturday, as forecasters warned of more rain in the coming days and troops raced to evacuate people from deluged areas. The annual monsoon season has struck hard across the region, leaving people to wade through rushing water in towns and villages across Pakistan and in Indian-controlled areas of Kashmir, where authorities say they are seeing some of the worst ooding in decades.Shadowy sale of Venezuela paper raises suspicions CARACAS, Venezuela (Washington Post) Through 15 years of roiling social change, the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal has been a go-to source for readers looking for tough coverage and criticism of the political upheavals brought by Hugo Chavez, the late president. So when reporters and editors came to work one day in July and learned that the paper had been sold by the family that had owned it for 105 years, they were anxious to know why. Yet there were no farewell speeches, no tearful goodbyes, and certainly no chance to meet the new owners. Nothing like that, said Juan Francisco Alonso, a reporter and union delegate. It was total opacity. The anonymity of the new ownership group and a dearth of information about the sale has many Venezuelans fearing it is the latest major media company to fall to what they view as an insidious new way for the oil-rich government to neuter its critics. After squeezing them into economic distress, it buys them out. With a little help from its friends. KIEV, Ukraine (AP) The presidents of Ukraine and Russia on Saturday said the ceasere between Ukrainian forces and Russianbacked rebels was mostly holding, but the truce still appeared fragile in its rst full day as both sides of the conict claimed violations. A statement from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenkos ofce said he and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed steps for giving the cease-re a stable character in a telephone conversation Saturday. But, it said, both leaders assessed the cease-re as having been fullled as a whole. A separate Kremlin statement about the call said There was a mutual satisfaction with the fact that the sides of the conict were overall observing the cease-re regime. Col. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraines national security council, told reporters that rebels had red at Ukrainian forces on 10 occasions Friday night after the cease-re was to take effect. In Donetsk, the largest city controlled by the Russian-backed separatists, the night passed quietly a rarity after several months of daily shelling in residential areas. But Alexander Zakharchenko, the top separatist leader from Donetsk, told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that the cease-re had been violated with two rounds of shelling in the town of Amvrosiivka, about 30 miles southeast of Donetsk. At this time the ceasere agreement is not being fully observed, he said. He didnt say when the supposed breach was to have occurred. Lysenko said Ukrainian forces were strictly observing the cease-re and suggested that Zakharchenkos claim was a provocation. Earlier Saturday, the mayors ofce in Donetsk said there had been no reports of shooting or shelling there although some shelling had been heard late Friday afternoon. The city council of the second-largest rebelheld city of Luhansk, which had endured intense ghting for weeks, also reported the night was quiet. Along the coast of the Sea of Azov, where rebels allegedly backed by Russian troops opened a new front two weeks ago, government and separatist forces were keeping a distance of about 12 miles between them, according to an AP reporter. The remains of a Ukrainian tank smashed by rocket re lay along the road, evidence of the ghting that raged until just before the cease-re.Ukraine cease-fire appears to hold AP PHOTOA soldiers boot lies near a destroyed Ukrainian army tank near the village of Lebedynske, on the highway joining Mariupol and Novoazovsk, Ukraine, Saturday. WASHINGTON (AP) For the struggling Spanish shopkeeper or the Portuguese restaurant owner, the European Central Banks latest economic stimulus plans wont likely provide much relief anytime soon. If ever. Confronting a stalled economy and painful unemployment across Europe, the ECB is doing what it can. It surprised economists and investors Thursday by cutting its benchmark interest rate to a record-low 0.05 percent. And it announced plans to pump money into the nancial system by buying bonds backed by assets such as auto and credit-card loans. But Europe faces a crushing array of problems from burdensome regulations to growth-killing budget policies that analysts say remain beyond the ECBs powers to x. Monetary policy cannot carry the entire burden of reviving growth in the absence of essential broad-ranging structural reforms, said Eswar Prasad, professor of trade policy at Cornell University. Among the businesses and individuals who in theory might benet eventually from the ECBs actions, optimism is scarce. In Spain, with its punishing 24.5 percent unemploy ment, hope is especially dim. Pablo Torres, who manages a shoe store in Madrid, said he expects the ECBs effect on the real economy will probably be none. In our case, Torres said, we are at a standstill, not getting ahead or going backwards, and the only thing thats helped us stay aoat is tourism. In Portugal, Jose Nunes Pereira, who opened a restaurant last month in a Lisbon business district, dismissed the ECBs rate cut as totally irrelevant. The cut wont trickle down to families, he said. Its a measure aimed at big companies, not small ones like mine. The ECB hopes to jolt a European economy at risk of sinking into recession for the third time since 2008. In the 18 countries that use the euro currency, unemployment is stuck at a collective 11.5 percent. (By comparison, the U.S. rate is 6.1 percent.) For those younger than 25, the eurozones rate is 23.2 percent. The ECBs goal is for lower rates to energize borrowing and spending, which would, in turn, encourage employers to hire. Banks and auto companies would lend more to consumers and small businesses if they knew they could package those loans into bonds the ECB would buy. Companies and consumers who cant get loans from Europes cautious and troubled banks would be able to borrow. Lower interest rates are also expected to reduce the value of the euro, thereby helping European companies by making their products more affordable in foreign markets. Indeed, the value of the euro fell after the ECBs announcement to its lowest levels in more than a year. The ECB is also trying to boost the eurozones nearly non-existent ination. Prices are rising just 0.3 percent annually, not even close to the ECBs 2 percent target. Ultra-low ination is unhealthy for an economy. It makes it harder for consumers, companies and countries to repay debt left over from the eurozone debt crisis. And it raises fears of an outright drop in prices deation that tends to stie economic growth and business prots. That happens because many people and companies delay purchases in anticipation of ever-lower prices.For Europes vast unemployed, hopes remain dim rfrfr rfntnbfrff 471153 09072014 rff r f ntbnr r fn tbf rfn tb rfntbbtntrf r bPPnbr rfntbnn n r bPPrfntbnnnttnfn ntrfntrfnn bPPnfb f fnnnrt nn nnntrr bPP nnnn tnt bPP CALL FOR DETAILS!tfntbtrtntnbfr rnrbrn bbr bPP 50472767 mw1I1 -in MW; F1 7-7-7-Adult and Pediatric DermatologyDiseases of the Skin, Hair & NailsSkin Cancer Detection & TreatmentSe,SK Cosmetic ServicesOpS Medicine for `ipC2484 Caring Way, Suite C Port Charlotte, FL 33952941-235-2111Email:;Ir .t.r .IJ9 A rnA JMao?uuoan BldScan withyour Smartphonefor more Laura IIIIIMM MM%h 6'


Page 8 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 WEATHER/ WORLD NEWS Publication date: 9/7/14 Port Charlotte Tampa Bradenton Englewood Fort Myers Myakka City Punta Gorda Lehigh Acres Arcadia Hull Bartow Winter Haven Plant City Brandon St. Petersburg Wauchula Longboat Key Placida Osprey Limestone Apollo Beach Venice Ft. Meade Sarasota Clearwater Boca Grande Cape Coral 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Source : 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.The higher the UV Index number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature based on eight weather factors.UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today Precipitation (in inches)Temperatures Gulf Water Temperature Source : National Allergy BureauPunta Gorda Englewood Boca Grande El Jobean Venice High Low High Low Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland direction in knots in feet chop City Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W WORLD CITIESCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo WCity Hi Lo W Hi Lo W FLORIDA CITIES CONDITIONS TODAY TIDES AIR QUALITY INDEX POLLEN INDEX Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. ALMANAC Sanibel Bonita Springs Shown is todays weather. Temperatures are todays highs and tonights lows. North Port MARINE THE NATION Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Fronts Precipitation -10s-0s0s10s20s30s40s50s60s70s80s90s100s110s(For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)U.S. ExtremesThe Sun Rise Set The Moon Rise SetPossible weather-related delays today. Check with your airline for the most updated schedules. Hi/Lo Outlook Delays Minor Major Minor MajorThe solunar period schedule allows planning days so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during those times. Major periods begin at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours. The minor periods are shorter. AIRPORT SUN AND MOON SOLUNAR TABLE86971041089892 TODAY Scattered Storms92 / 7260% chance of rainScattered P.M. Storms93 / 7360% chance of rain MONDAY Scattered P.M. Storms93 / 7350% chance of rain TUESDAY Scattered P.M. Storms93 / 7440% chance of rain WEDNESDAY Scattered P.M. Storms94 / 7440% chance of rain THURSDAYAir Quality Index readings as of SaturdayMain pollutant: ozoneForecasts and graphics, except for the WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by AccuWeather, Inc. Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday 0.00 Month to date 1.32 Normal month to date 1.64 Year to date 35.62 Normal year to date 38.83 Record 1.62 (1988) High/Low 93/73 Normal High/Low 91/74 Record High 95 (2013) Record Low 68 (1978) Today Mon. Today Mon. Today Mon.Apalachicola 89 74 t 89 74 pc Bradenton 90 77 t 91 77 t Clearwater 89 78 t 89 77 t Coral Springs 90 77 t 91 79 pc Daytona Beach 87 73 t 89 74 pc Fort Lauderdale 91 80 t 91 80 pc Fort Myers 90 74 pc 91 74 t Fort Pierce 89 73 t 90 74 pc Gainesville 86 70 t 88 70 t Jacksonville 87 71 t 89 71 t Key Largo 88 81 pc 89 81 pc Key West 89 82 pc 89 81 pc Kissimmee 89 75 t 90 76 t Lakeland 88 73 t 88 74 t Melbourne 88 75 t 90 75 pc Miami 90 79 t 90 79 pc Naples 91 76 pc 91 75 pc Ocala 86 72 t 86 71 t Okeechobee 87 73 t 89 75 t Orlando 89 74 t 90 74 t Panama City 89 75 t 88 74 sh Pensacola 90 74 t 88 74 pc Pompano Beach 89 80 t 90 82 pc St. Augustine 87 74 t 87 74 pc St. Petersburg 88 76 t 89 76 t Sanford 89 75 t 90 75 t Sarasota 91 76 t 92 76 t Tallahassee 91 73 t 90 72 t Tampa 88 76 t 89 76 t Titusville 88 74 t 89 74 c Vero Beach 87 73 t 88 73 pc West Palm Beach 89 77 t 90 79 pc Winter Haven 89 74 t 90 75 tToday 3:05a 8:16a 2:19p 9:40p Mon. 3:30a 9:10a 3:14p 10:16p Today 1:42a 6:32a 12:56p 7:56p Mon. 2:07a 7:26a 1:51p 8:32p Today 12:47a 4:53a 12:01p 6:17p Mon. 1:12a 5:47a 12:56p 6:53p Today 3:37a 8:45a 2:51p 10:09p Mon. 4:02a 9:39a 3:46p 10:45p Today 11:11a 5:11a --6:35p Mon. 12:22a 6:05a 12:06p 7:11p ESE 7-14 1-2 Light SSW 4-8 1-2 Light 92/72 88/76 90/77 89/78 90/77 90/74 91/75 91/75 91/74 90/75 91/74 89/74 89/74 90/73 91/73 88/76 90/74 90/79 91/77 90/77 91/74 89/75 90/77 89/74 91/76 89/78 89/79 91/74 90/7589 Pollen Index readings as of Saturday Today Mon. Today Mon. Today Mon. Today Mon.Albuquerque 82 61 t 83 63 t Anchorage 59 45 s 60 49 s Atlanta 87 70 t 82 68 t Baltimore 79 61 pc 75 63 sh Billings 85 54 s 84 50 pc Birmingham 89 70 t 90 70 t Boise 90 58 s 88 55 s Boston 78 61 pc 71 61 s Buffalo 72 52 s 77 60 s Burlington, VT 73 48 s 74 51 s Charleston, WV 77 60 pc 80 63 pc Charlotte 84 66 t 77 65 c Chicago 77 57 s 77 61 s Cincinnati 78 55 s 81 58 s Cleveland 73 54 s 78 61 s Columbia, SC 89 72 t 84 69 t Columbus, OH 79 57 s 81 62 s Concord, NH 76 47 s 71 46 s Dallas 88 73 t 93 77 s Denver 83 55 s 85 58 t Des Moines 74 56 s 78 65 t Detroit 75 55 s 77 59 s Duluth 74 55 s 71 59 pc Fairbanks 57 34 s 62 37 s Fargo 79 59 s 80 53 c Hartford 80 55 pc 75 55 s Helena 84 49 s 82 46 pc Honolulu 89 75 s 90 76 pc Houston 90 72 t 92 73 pc Indianapolis 77 54 s 78 55 s Jackson, MS 88 69 t 90 70 pc Kansas City 75 56 s 83 67 t Knoxville 82 64 pc 84 65 t Las Vegas 95 77 t 90 72 t Los Angeles 91 71 pc 87 68 c Louisville 81 58 s 82 60 s Memphis 85 67 pc 89 70 pc Milwaukee 74 57 s 74 61 s Minneapolis 75 58 s 73 63 c Montgomery 93 71 t 90 71 t Nashville 83 62 pc 85 64 s New Orleans 89 75 t 90 75 pc New York City 80 64 pc 77 63 pc Norfolk, VA 79 72 t 78 72 r Oklahoma City 82 65 pc 90 71 pc Omaha 74 58 s 81 67 t Philadelphia 81 64 pc 77 64 pc Phoenix 101 75 t 87 79 t Pittsburgh 74 54 s 76 59 pc Portland, ME 75 52 s 67 49 s Portland, OR 91 56 s 79 58 pc Providence 81 58 pc 75 59 s Raleigh 81 67 t 75 67 r Salt Lake City 88 65 pc 82 61 t St. Louis 79 56 s 82 66 s San Antonio 94 75 t 95 75 s San Diego 83 74 c 82 73 t San Francisco 72 56 pc 70 57 pc Seattle 84 56 s 72 56 pc Washington, DC 82 68 pc 78 68 sh Amsterdam 68 51 sh 65 51 pc Baghdad 108 79 s 106 77 s Beijing 85 62 s 83 60 s Berlin 79 57 t 72 52 pc Buenos Aires 70 56 s 73 61 pc Cairo 91 74 s 92 74 s Calgary 76 42 s 47 30 r Cancun 89 76 t 89 77 t Dublin 61 43 pc 61 45 pc Edmonton 65 32 r 41 26 sn Halifax 73 55 pc 69 56 s Kiev 74 49 s 75 50 pc London 69 48 pc 68 52 pc Madrid 85 60 pc 83 59 pc Mexico City 71 54 t 70 56 t Montreal 71 49 s 71 51 s Ottawa 70 47 s 73 48 s Paris 76 57 pc 75 54 pc Regina 77 48 s 58 36 pc Rio de Janeiro 80 67 s 81 67 c Rome 82 64 s 82 64 pc St. Johns 70 49 sh 64 47 c San Juan 87 76 t 87 77 t Sydney 64 50 sh 67 51 pc Tokyo 73 68 r 76 69 sh Toronto 72 55 s 73 58 s Vancouver 73 56 s 68 55 pc Winnipeg 73 54 pc 72 43 c 91/75High ................... 103 at Needles, CALow ........................ 23 at Stanley, IDFt. Myers 90/74 part cldy all day Punta Gorda 91/75 storms all day Sarasota 91/76 storms all day Full Sep 8 Last Sep 15 New Sep 24 First Oct 1 Today 6:36 p.m. 5:27 a.m. Monday 7:22 p.m. 6:33 a.m. Today 7:10 a.m. 7:42 p.m. Monday 7:11 a.m. 7:41 p.m. Today 4:27a 10:41a 4:56p 11:10p Mon. 5:20a 11:34a 5:48p ---Tue. 6:15a 12:02a 6:43p 12:29p MONTHLY RAINFALLMonth 2014 2013 Avg. Record/YearJan. 3.67 0.43 1.80 7.07/1979 Feb. 1.24 2.12 2.52 11.05/1983 Mar. 5.10 1.98 3.28 9.26/1970 Apr. 2.00 3.06 2.03 5.80/1994 May 3.68 2.76 2.50 9.45/1991 Jun. 6.34 10.50 8.92 23.99/1974 Jul. 5.21 7.38 8.22 14.22/1995 Aug. 7.06 9.29 8.01 15.60/1995 Sep. 1.32 11.12 6.84 14.03/1979 Oct. 3.48 2.93 10.88/1995 Nov. 0.01 1.91 5.53/2002 Dec. 0.97 1.78 6.83/2002 Year 35.62 53.10 50.74 (since 1931)Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. STOCKHOLM (Reuters) Bangladesh and India have long tried to stop people from defecating in outdoor public places a practice that spreads fatal diseases but Bangladesh has had much more success than the economic giant next door in getting people to use toilets. The percentage of Bangladeshis defecating in the open dropped from 19 percent in 2000 to just 3 percent in 2012, while nearly half the Indias 1.2 billion people still resort to streets and elds as their toilet of choice. So how did Bangladesh do it, and why India is still struggling? The key, according to World Bank water expert Junaid Ahmad, is shame. Several years ago, NGOs fanned out across Bangladesh and asked villagers to mark the outdoor public places where they were relieving themselves. They then mapped it out, showing the villagers that they were defecating right next to their homes and mosques putting their families and neighbors at risk of serious illnesses such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A and typhoid. This mapping exer cise stirred a collective sense of shame and a seismic shift in habits. What Bangladesh realized very early on was that sanitation is about delivering an infrastructure and about creating behavior change. You have to first recognize that its a behavior shift thats needed before you put in the infrastructure, Ahmad, the senior director of global water practice at the World Bank, told Thomson Reuters Foundation on the sidelines of a global water conference in Stockholm. Health message is not enough to trigger peoples shift. You have to understand the behavior, what triggers that change. By contrast in India, toilets were offered for free in a hope that people would simply start using them, but instead, people used the latrines for additional storage. In economics there are not too many goods in which if you put the price at zero the demand still doesnt move. Sanitation is one of these goods. Even if you build toilets and hand it to people they dont use it, he said. In 2013, Indias thenprime minister candidate Narendra Modi vowed to rst have toilets and then temples. Seven months later, two teenage girls were hanged from a tree when they went to relieve themselves in a eld in Uttar Pradesh. Inadequate sanitation costs India an estimated $54 billion a year. Ahmad stressed the need for more than just toilets to achieve univer sal access to sanitation. Its about well-functioning utilities, local governments, efforts on behavior change, he said. But the most important is to get citizens involved. When you get them involved this is when you scale up. Ahmad noted that India has its own sanitation success stories in Haryana, West Bengal, Kerala and Maharashtra states. In order to scale up those successes, he advises the central government to ensure that money ows to the states and to local governments.Expert: Even if you build a toilet, they may not come PARIS (AP) Things cant get much worse for French President Francois Hollande: The economy is lagging; his new government is already under re; and his private life has just been exposed in a ravaging book by the former rst lady. Adding to his concerns is the possibility that his chief rival conservative Nicolas Sarkozy will launch a political comeback this weekend. The developments have helped push Hollandes popularity to new record lows. Three polls released in recent days show that he has lower approval ratings than every other French president in modern times. This week, ex-partner Valerie Trierweiler described Hollande as a mean liar in a book released seven months after they broke up, amid reports that he was having an affair with French actress Julie Gayet. Not only did Trierweiler spread intimate details of Hollandes indelities, but she also depicted the Socialist leader as someone who despises the poor a grave political sin for a left-wing leader who won election in 2012 on promises of social justice. According to Trierweiler, Hollande once disdainfully referred to the poor as those with no teeth a reference to people who cant afford dental care. The expression shocked many and immediately became the top hashtag on Twitter in France, seized upon by Hollandes critics. Some right-wing activists dubbing themselves the no teeth movement held a small protest near the Elysee Palace on Friday evening.French president in public, private trouble Wanted A rcadia D esoto P laza (863) 535-5674 Port Charlotte T own Center Mall (Inside Sears) (941) 315-8644 Venice Inside Wal-Mart (941) 451-7069 Englewood Merchants Crossing (941) 526-0186 486624 1ja R i


Fast friends and running rivals SPORTSSunday, September 7, 2014 @ S unCoastSports SunCoastSportsBlog .com Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence Federer, Djokovic fall at U.S. Open, Page 9 INDEX | Lottery 2 | Shore lines 2 | Golf 2 | Community calendar 2 | Baseball 3-4 | Auto racing 5 | College football 6-8 | Tennis 9 | NFL 10 | Preps 11-12ESTERO For the rst time in his cross country career, Port Charlotte High School senior Tyler Fisher lost to a Tarpon on Saturday morning. Charlotte junior Marshall Dillon, who started running cross country last season and grad ually gained ground on Fisher throughout the year, placed third at the Estero DDD Invitational with a time of 17 minutes, ve seconds, seven seconds ahead of fth-place Fisher. I looked up (near the two-mile marker) and I saw him and I knew it was gonna be hard but I thought I could get him, Dillon said. I made my move right around the two-mile mark. He made me work so hard hes such a good runner. The two embraced after the race, congratulating each other on a strong start to the season. Theyve become very familiar with each other in the past 18 months, competing frequently at track meets as well as cross country meets. He kills me in track and I normally take him in cross country, so we kind of go at each other, Fisher said. Were rivals, but were friends, we are. When Dillon was new to cross country last season, Fisher helped show him the ropes for how to turn raw talent into success on the courses. And Dillon learned more by watching. We both support each other a lot, Dillon said. Hes a really great guy and hes really taught me a lot about the sport hes such a smart runner and hes taught me how to run smart. Charlotte and Port Charlotte go different ways for the rest of September, but will see each other three consecutive weeks in October and again at the district and regional meets. If BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: Estero DDD InvitationalPHOTO BY KELLI KREBS/FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESSCharlotte High Schools Marshall Dillon competes in the the Estero DDD Invitational on Saturday morning at Estero Community Park. Dillon placed third in 17:05.Tarpons Dillon, Pirates Fisher fuel each others competitive fire By ZACH MILLERSPORTS WRITER INSIDENorth Port girls transition in stride with third-place finish in Estero, PAGE 12He kills me in track and I normally take him in cross country, so we kind of go at each other. Were rivals, but were friends, we are.Port Charlotte High Schools TYLER FISHER on Charlottes MARSHALL DILLONRIVALS | 12 Pirates learn a lot in losingBy ROB SHORESPORTS WRITERAt least Port Charlotte High School wont have to go into October hearing whispers about whether its early schedule was suspect. On the other hand, the Pirates will not be going into October unbeaten either. And Venice already has the look of a monster after its 35-6 home victory over Port Charlotte on Friday night at PowellDavis Stadium. The Pirates have the look of a team going back to the drawing board. After Port Charlotte quarterback Anthony Stephens had a scintillating game in the opener against Lemon Bay, the Venice defense kept him under wraps, allowing 38 rushing yards. When Stephens went to the air, he was picked off twice. Port Charlotte clearly needs time to mature as a team. These arent last years Pirates that began the season already annoyed they got shut out of the postseason the year before, the team with Ian Bush, Greg Patton, Darren Price and Jake Hobbs on defense, among others. While Venice was held to a relatively modest 162 rushing yards it would have been an unthinkable total against last years Port Charlotte squad Indians quarterback Bryce PREP FOOTBALL REWINDSHORE | 11TAMPA Josh McCown folded his 6-foot-5 body into a cushioned seat in the players lounge at One Buc Place, his youthful face and full mop of strawberry blond hair worthy of a poster in the window of Abercrombie and Fitch. But at 35, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback is old enough to be president. Playing for his seventh NFL team, McCown still is appreciative of the trust shown in him by new Bucs coach Lovie Smith, who twice before (in 2011 and 2012) brought him back from football extinction to be the backup with the Bears. The truth is McCown never expected to nd himself in this position. He never had the strongest arm, threw the most accurate passes or won A trusting pair: Smith and McCown NFL: Tampa BayBy RICK STROUDTAMPA BAY TIMES PANTHERS AT BUCSWHO: Carolina (0-0) at Tampa Bay (0-0) WHEN: Today, 4:25 p.m. WHERE: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa TV: FOX RADIO: 103.5 FM, 620 AM, 1580 AM TICKETS: BUCS | 11AP PHOTOFlorida running back Matt Jones celebrates after scoring a touchdown on a 4-yard pass during the second half of Saturdays game against Eastern Michigan in Gainesville. Florida St. 37, The Citadel 12 Miami 41, Florida A&M 7 Maryland 24, South Florida 17 Alabama 41, Florida Atlantic 0 Oregon 46, Michigan St. 27 Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0 Southern Cal 13, Stanford 10 S. Carolina 33, E. Carolina 23SATURDAY SCOREBOARDGAINESVILLE Even with a headset on, Florida coach Will Muschamp could hear the chants. We want 70. We want 70. Muschamp didnt appease the home crowd. But at that point, the fans were just being greedy. Jeff Driskel threw for 248 yards and a touchdown in his return from a broken leg and the Gators ended a seven-game losing streak with a 65-0 victory over Eastern Michigan on Saturday. We havent been in that situation very often, Muschamp said. The Gators won for the rst time in 11 months and were downright UF snaps streak to open season COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Florida 65, Eastern Michigan 0By MARK LONGASSOCIATED PRESS WILDCATS AT GATORSWHO: Kentucky (2-0) at Florida (1-0) WHEN: Saturday, 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville TV: SEC Network RADIO: 620 AM, 930 AM, 1200 AM, 1460 AM TICKETS: INSIDE: Canes, Noles roll, page 6STREAK | 7 RobSHORE SHORE@SUN-HERALD.COMSPORTS WRITER FRIDAY NIGHT RECAPSSee a recap of Friday nights prep football games, including expanded game stats, and a complete list of state scores at ffJJLI tr l'at


Page 2 SP The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Contact usM ark Lawrence Sports Editor M ike Bambach Deputy SE Matt Stevens Assistant SE Rob Shore Staff writer Zach Miller Staff writer Josh Vitale Staff writer jvitale@sun-herald.comEMAIL: FAX: 941-629-2085 SunCoast Sports NowWhen news breaks, we blog it at Like us and share our photos on Facebook: SunCoastSports Follow us on Twitter for live event updates and breaking news: @SunCoastSports Florida CASH 3Sept. 6N .....................................6-1-4 Sept. 6D .....................................9-6-5 Sept. 5N .....................................4-2-1 Sept. 5D .....................................5-2-9 Sept. 4N .....................................0-2-4 Sept. 4D .....................................1-1-1 D-Day, N-Night PLAY 4Sept. 6N ..................................4-1-9-3 Sept. 6D ..................................9-7-8-0 Sept. 5N ..................................7-4-4-9 Sept. 5D ..................................0-1-0-6 Sept. 4N ..................................7-9-7-5 Sept. 4D ..................................7-2-3-2 D-Day, N-Night FANTASY 5Sept. 6 ...........................................N/A Sept. 5 .........................9-11-15-25-32 Sept. 4 .........................7-10-14-22-34PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 50 5-digit winners ..........................$0 314 4-digit winners ..................$555 10,001 3-digit winners ...............$18 LUCKY MONEYSept. 5 ...............................4-14-21-41 Lucky Ball ........................................17 Sept. 2 .................................1-9-14-18 Lucky Ball ........................................15PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 51 4-of-4 LB ..........................$500,000 0 4-of-4 ..........................................$0 41 3-of-4 LB ...............................$540 802 3-of-4 ...............................$55.50 LOTTOSept. 6 ....................3-11-13-22-44-46 Sept. 3 ....................6-15-16-20-29-32PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 30 6-digit winners ......................$21M 19 5-digit winners ..................$6,151 1,378 4-digit winners ..................$68 27,579 3-digit winners ..................$5 POWERBALLSept. 6 .........................9-29-31-43-50 Powerball ........................................18 Sept. 3 .........................2-16-43-45-51 Powerball ........................................35PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 30 5 of 5 + PB .............................$90M 0 5 of 5 .............................$1,000,000 0 4 of 5 + PB .........................$10,000 44 4 of 5 ....................................$100ESTIMATED JACKPOT $110 million MEGA MILLIONSSept. 5 .........................7-12-20-24-59 Mega Ball ..........................................7 Sept. 2 ...........................1-8-54-69-72 MegaBall ...........................................1PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 50 5 of 5 + MB ............................$33M 0 5 of 5 .............................$1,000,000 0 4 of 5 + MB ..........................$5,000 18 4 of 5 ....................................$500ESTIMATED JACKPOT $41 millionCorrectionsIt is the Suns policy to correct all errors of fact. To report an error, call the sports department or email to Submit a story idea: Email or call Mark Lawrence 941-206-1175. Must contain name, address and phone number. Submit local golf scores: Email scores to Scores appear in the weekly Herald sections. Report a high school result: Call 877-818-6204 or 941-206-1126 by 10:30 p.m. the day the event is held. This column should be read while listening to Something in the Cloud by Chrome (running time: 3 minutes, 13 seconds). Welcome to Week 1 of the NFL season, where your team will begin its march to the playoffs or start counting down to the springs NFL draft, sometimes depending on what happens today. Speaking of the NFL, consider for a moment how hard you would have laughed a year ago if you were told Josh McCown would be Tampa Bays starting quarterback right now. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday he was open to legalizing wagering on NBA games, saying, Its inevitable that, if all these states are broke, that there will be legalized sports betting in more states than Nevada. We will ultimately participate in that. Translation: We want our cut. Suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon will spend his downtime this season as the goodwill ambassador for the Sarchione Auto Group in Ohio. Wait a second dont most new jobs come with drug tests? Follow-up tests on former Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly show him to be cancer-free. Im sure hell take that over a Super Bowl ring at this point. Adrian Peterson predicted Thursday his rst rushing attempt of 2014 will be a touchdown. Shore Lines will predict the Minnesota Vikings rst play of 2014 will be a play-action pass. Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton will be two seasons away from free agency after this season. Do you suppose the Marlins brass was paying attention to how the Tampa Bay Rays dealt with the David Price situation? Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Johnny Football Manziel has applied for a trademark for Johnny Cleveland. Its always important to get those trademarks squared away before you start an NFL game. Division II school Tusculum College allowed minus 100 yards in a 71-0 victory against College of Faith on Thursday night. For a frame of reference, College of Faith could have taken a knee on every single snap and had a better yardage total than that. The San Francisco 49ers are getting hammered for (apparently) allowing defensive end Ray McDonald to play in the teams opener today in Dallas, even though he was arrested this week on suspicion of domestic abuse. Considering this is the team that let linebacker Aldon Smith play two days after a DUI arrest, its hard to see why.Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or shore@sun-herald.comMarch to NFL playoffs starts today SHORE LINES SHORE@SUN-HERALD.COMRobSHORESPORTS WRITER | CO MMUNITY CALENDARBASEBALLPort Charlotte Little League registration: Saturday, Sept. 20 and 27; at Harold Ave. Recreation Center; 10 a.m.-noon; season starts Sept. 29. Cost: $45/ player. Childs birth certificate and proof of residency documents required to register. Visit www.portcharlottelittle or call 941-629-0114.CYCLINGTrek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride: Sunday, Oct. 12, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Port Charlotte. Ride starts at The Bicycle Center on Tamiami Trail. To register, call The Bicycle Center, 941-627-6600. All proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research FoundationFOOTBALLBuffalo Bills Backers of North Port: Meet every game day at Buffalo Wings and Rings, corner of Price and Toledo Blade. Bring a non-perishable food item for the North Port Salvation Army food bank. New members welcome. Contact Betty, or 941-429-6835.GOLFTarpon Hoops Golf Scramble: Sept. 13 at Deep Creek G.C.; 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. Cost: $75/ player. To register or sponsor, call Mike, 941-661-9636. Inaugural Wolf Pack Golf Outing: Sept. 20, at Riverwood Golf Club in Port Charlotte. Cost: $75/player or $275/foursome. Proceeds benefit the Academy, Charlotte Countys alternative school programs. To register, call 941-255-7545.GYMNASTICSFranz Ross Park YMCA: Intro to Tumbling for ages 3-5. Register in person, online at or call 941-629-9622. Cost: $30/members, $60/nonmembers.RUNNINGTick or Trot 5K Trail Run: Oct. 18, 8 a.m. at Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park, Englewood. Cost: $20/ Zoomers and MTC members; $25/ all others before Oct. 5; $30/race day. Race day registration begins 6:30 a.m. Send entry and check to Zoomers, 8431 Creekview Lane, Englewood, FL 34224SOCCERFranz Ross Park YMCA: For ages 5-13. Register in person, online at or call 629-9622. Cost: $43/members, $65/nonmembers.TENNISJunior League registration: Travel teams for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players, age 8-18. Open to individuals in Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Deadline: Sept. 20. Teams consist of 6 to 8 co-ed players put together by the coach of the facility selected at registration. Season consists of 6-8 matches. To register, go to www. and follow links to preferred league area and participating tennis facility. Call Sue Zipay, 941-475-4489 Skill testing for juniors and seniors: Saturdays, 9-10 a.m., every other week through September. No fee. Register on Saturdays, 8-11 a.m., at Rotonda Park. Call Art, 941698-9480. GOLF ROUNDUPHorschel gets a do-overCHERRY HILLS VILLAGE, Colo. Billy Horschel made a 32-foot birdie putt Saturday to close a 7-under 63 and take a three-shot lead over Ryan Palmer into the nal round of the BMW Championship. Horschel, who had a chance to win the Deutsche Bank Championship before chunking a 6-iron from the 18th fairway on Monday, birdied 14 and 15 to take the lead. His birdie on 18 left him at 13-under 197. Palmer then answered with a 30-footer on 18 to draw within three. U.S. Open champion Martin Kaymer shot a 64 to get within ve, tied with Masters champion Bubba Watson (66) and one shot ahead of Rickie Fowler (66). Second-round leader Sergio Garcia faded, shooting 72 to fall seven behind. Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley, both of whom were well off the pace, withdrew before the third round began. Toledo takes Champions lead: Defending champion Esteban Toledo shot a 6-under 66 to take a one-stroke lead on Brad Faxon in the Champions Tours Quebec Championship. The 51-year-old Toledo, the only Mexican winner in the history of the 50-and-over tour, had a 10-under 132 total. He won this event called the Montreal Championship last year at La Vallee du Richelieu for his second Champions Tour victory. Faxon had a 68. Ace propels Storm: Graeme Storm of England fired a hole-in-one in his third round 6-under 64 to lead the European Masters in Crans-Sur-Sierre, Switzerland. Storms 16-under total of 194 was one stroke clear of Englishman Tommy Fleetwood, who shot 63 on the sunbathed, 6,848-yard (6,262-meter) Severiano Ballesteros course. Using a 6-iron in thin Swiss Alps air, Storm aced the 217-yard (198-meter) par-3 11th to win a car worth $186,000. Chalmers surges with strong finish: Greg Chalmers birdied two of the last four holes for a 5-under 67 and a one-stroke lead in the Chiquita Classic in Davidson, N.C., the second of four events in the Tour Finals. Chalmers, the 40-year-old Australian who finished 132nd in the PGA Tours FedEx Cup standings, had a 15-under 201 total at River Run. He had eight birdies and three bogeys in the third round. Adam Hadwin, the first-round leader after a course-record 63, was second after a 67. Australia rides big rally to victory: Minjee Lee shot a 7-under 65 and Su Oh had a 66 in Australias record comeback victory in the Womens World Amateur Team Championship in Karuizawa, Japan. Seven strokes behind leader Canada entering the day, Australia took the lead through six holes and finished at 29-under 547 for a two-stroke victory. Canada finished second two strokes behind.BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESSAfter a misre in nal round last week, he leads by three AP PHOTORory McIlroy, of Northern Ireland, chips over a stream to reach the green on the 15th hole in the third round of the BMW Championship on Saturday. McIlroy is tied for 10th, nine shots behind. | GOLF SCOREBOARDPGA Tour/ FedEx CupBMW CHAMPIONSHIP At Cherry Hills Country Club Cherry Hills Village, Colo. Purse: $8 million Yardage: 7,352; Par 70 Billy Horschel 68-66-63 Ryan Palmer 69-64-67 Martin Kaymer 68-70-64 Bubba Watson 70-66-66 Rickie Fowler 71-66-66 Sergio Garcia 68-64-72 Jim Furyk 70-68-67 Jordan Spieth 67-70-68 Graham DeLaet 68-68-69 J.B. Holmes 71-68-67 Morgan Homann 72-72-62 Chesson Hadley 68-70-68 Adam Scott 71-66-69 Rory McIlroy 67-67-72 Bill Haas 72-68-67 Hideki Matsuyama 69-67-71 Seung-Yul Noh 70-71-67 Ben Crane 70-70-68 Gary Woodland 67-73-68 Jimmy Walker 72-67-69 Ernie Els 70-69-69 Charl Schwartzel 72-66-70 Harris English 71-71-67 Camilo Villegas 70-71-68 Angel Cabrera 71-72-66 George McNeill 71-69-69 John Senden 73-66-70 Henrik Stenson 68-69-72 Kevin Chappell 68-72-70 Justin Rose 69-71-70 Tim Clark 71-69-70 Jerry Kelly 71-73-66 Freddie Jacobson 73-71-66 Chris Stroud 69-73-69 Geo Ogilvy 73-69-69 Cameron Tringale 70-73-68 Brian Stuard 71-69-71 Carl Pettersson 73-70-68 Stuart Appleby 71-71-70 Chris Kirk 71-70-71 Matt Every 68-73-71 Charles Howell III 69-72-71 Marc Leishman 74-69-69 Kevin Na 74-69-69 K.J. Choi 69-74-69 Brendon Todd 73-67-72 Zach Johnson 71-71-71 Kevin Stadler 74-69-70 Daniel Summerhays 75-68-71 Matt Kuchar 71-73-70 Graeme McDowell 73-72-69 Webb Simpson 73-72-69 Russell Knox 74-69-72 Brian Harman 73-71-71 Charley Homan 72-71-73 Erik Compton 69-74-73 Hunter Mahan 75-70-71 Matt Jones 73-73-70 Will MacKenzie 75-72-69 William McGirt 71-71-76 Russell Henley 68-74-76 Patrick Reed 77-70-71 Ryan Moore 80-69-69European TourEUROPEAN MASTERS At Crans-sur-Sierre GC Crans-Sur-Sierre, Switzerland Purse: $3.02 million Yardage: 6,848; Par: 70 Graeme Storm, England 64-66-64 Tom Fleetwood, England 64-68-63 Brooks Koepka, US 65-65-66 David Lipsky, US 67-64-66 Tyrrell Hatton, England 67-66-65 Jamie Donaldson, Wales 65-64-69 Richie Ramsay, Scotland 62-66-70 Shane Lowry, Ireland 66-65-68 Marco Crespi, Italy 69-69-62 Gareth Maybin, N. Ireland 64-67-69 Edoardo Molinari, Italy 62-70-68 Victor Dubuisson, France 65-67-68 Peter Lawrie, Ireland 69-70-62 Danny Willett, England 67-70-64 Lee Slattery, England TourCHIQUITA CLASSIC At River Run C.C., Davidson, N.C. Purse: $1 million Yardage: 7,317; Par 72 Greg Chalmers 69-65-67 Adam Hadwin 63-72-67 John Peterson 65-70-68 Scott Pinckney 66-68-70 Heath Slocum 72-69-64 James Nitties 71-66-68 Tom Hoge 73-63-69 Kyle Reifers 67-68-70 Carlos Sainz Jr 70-72-64 Roberto Castro 72-67-67 Colt Knost 67-70-69 Max Homa 70-68-68 Spencer Levin 72-65-69 Sam Saunders 71-66-69 Alex Prugh 72-67-68 Hudson Swaord 66-73-68 Johnson Wagner 70-69-68 Aron Price 72-66-69 Richard Sterne 69-69-69 Derek Fathauer 66-66-75 Will Wilcox 71-70-67 Harold Varner III 68-72-68 Jim Herman 72-67-69 Richard S. Johnson 69-69-70 Roland Thatcher 70-67-71 Chase Wright 71-72-66 Ryan Blaum 71-70-68 Jonathan Randolph 70-70-69 Nick Taylor 67-73-69 Tyrone Van Aswegen 71-69-69 Jamie Lovemark 67-72-70 Oscar Fraustro 67-71-71Champions TourQUEBEC CHAMPIONSHIP At La Tempete GC., Quebec City Purse: $1.6 million Yardage: 7,065; Par: 72 Esteban Toledo 68-66 Brad Faxon 67-67 Loren Roberts 67-69 Wes Short, Jr. 69-68 Jay Haas 68-69 Scott Simpson 69-68 Duy Waldorf 66-71 Kirk Triplett 70-68 Lee Janzen 71-67 Jim Carter 70-68 Scott Dunlap 72-66 Corey Pavin 69-69 Olin Browne 69-69 P.H. Horgan III 67-71 James Mason 71-68 David F rost 70-69 Doug Garwood 71-68 Jay Delsing 69-70 Mark Mouland 69-70 Je Sluman 69-70 Keith Clearwater 69-70 Fred Funk 68-71 Billy Andrade 70-70 Michael Allen 70-70 Bill Glasson 70-70 Jim Rutledge 71-69 Je Hart 69-71 Joe Daley 69-71 Grant Waite 73-67 Chip Beck 65-75 Craig Thomas 66-74 Anders Forsbrand 70-71 Mike Hulbert 70-71 Trevor Dodds 70-71 Joel Edwards 70-71 Gene Sauers 70-71 Dick Mast 73-68 Tommy Armour III 69-72 Je Freeman 70-72 Joey Sindelar 71-71 John Cook 71-71 Bart Bryant 71-71 Willie Wood 72-70 Hale Irwin 72-70 Bobby Wadkins 73-69 Steve Jones 69-73 Gary Hallberg 68-74 Tom Byrum 70-73 Remi Bouchard 72-71 Bobby Clampett 70-73 David Eger 69-74 Roger Chapman 72-71 Sandy Lyle 73-70 Rod Spittle 75-68 Blaine McCallister 68-75 Mike Reid 71-73 Mark Calcavecchia 71-73 Scott Hoch 70-74USGAWOMANS AMATEUR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP At Karuizawa, Japan o-Oshitate Course: 6,309 yards, par 72 i-Iriyama Course: 6,311 yards, par 72 Australia 144i-138o-134o-131i Canada 135o-139i-135o-140i South Korea 137i-140o-134o-139i Denmark 143i-139o-136o-138i Sweden 143o-135i-141o-138i United States 142o-140i-136o-139i Mexico 142i-139o-139o-140i England 147i-134o-139o-142i Japan 144i-132o-139o-147i Philippines 143o-143i-135o-142i AP PHOTOBilly Horschel reacts after putting out on the 18th hole to claim the lead after the third round of the BMW Cham pionship on Saturday. "IF. 1I


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 SP Page 3 ST. PETERSBURG The Tampa Bay Rays had never won a game that ended like this. Yunel Escobar scored on Nick Hundleys passed ball with two outs in ninth inning Saturday, giving the Rays a 3-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles. However it falls at the end, well take it in a good way, Rays manager Joe Maddon said. Escobar reached rst on a throwing error by shortstop Ryan Flaherty leading off the ninth, took second on Kevin Kiermaiers sacrice bunt and advanced to third on Curt Casalis yout. After Ben Zobrist was intentionally walked by Brad Brach (5-1), Andrew Miller relieved and threw a ball to Ryan Hanigan as Zobrist moved up on defensive indifference. Miller then threw an outside pitch that glanced off Hundleys glove and rolled to the backstop as Escobar sprinted home. Playing its 2,733rd regular-season game, Tampa Bay won for the rst time on a game-ending passed ball, according to STATS. Baltimore had not lost on a walkoff passed ball since at least 1974, STATS said. Its tough to lose a game because I dont catch the ball, Hundley said. I cant remember the last time I just at-out missed it. Brad Boxberger (5-1) struck out two during a perfect ninth to beat the Orioles for the second straight day. The AL East leaders were coming off a 9-2 homestand. Im not going to dwell on that, Baltimore manager Buck Showalter said of the ending. They have pitched really well the last two games, and thats been the difference. Baltimore had tied the score in the eighth when Rays closer Jake McGee walked Steve Pearce, pinch-runner Quintin Berry advanced when McGee made an errant pickoff attempt for an error and Nelson Cruz singled for his 94th RBIs. Delmon Young lined to third baseman Evan Longoria, who threw to second to double up pinch runner David Lough. Rays starter Drew Smyly gave up one run and four hits over six innings, and Baltimores Kevin Gausman gave up two runs and ve hits in seven innings. Tampa Bay will decide in the next few days whether to end Smylys season after 153 innings. Whether its the last one or one more, who knows? Smyly said. Just keep trying to nish strong. You want to end on a good note. Smyly is 3-1 with an 1.70 ERA in seven starts since Tampa Bay acquired him Aug. 31 from Detroit for 2012 AL Cy Young Award winner David Price. Chris Daviss 26th homer put the Orioles ahead in the second he is 2 for 11 against Smyly with a pair of home runs. Tampa Bay took a 2-1 lead in the bottom half on Longorias sacrice y and an RBI single by Wil Myers that went off the glove of center elder Adam Jones, who was trying to a catch at full extension. Longoria has 38 RBIs in 46 games since the All-Star break. Notes: Center fielder Desmond Jennings (sore left knee) missed his ninth consecutive game. It was 19 years ago Saturday that Baltimore great Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking the record set by Lou Gehrig. Orioles RHP Bud Norris (12-8) and Rays RHP Jeremy Hellickson (1-3) are todays scheduled starters. RAYS 3, ORIOLES 2Baltimore AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Markakis rf 4 0 1 0 0 2 .278 Pearce 1b 2 0 0 0 2 0 .287 1-Q.Berry pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 --Ke.Johnson 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .212 A.Jones cf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .285 N.Cruz lf 4 0 1 1 0 1 .257 2-Lough pr-lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .227 C.Davis 3b-1b 4 1 2 1 0 1 .196 D.Young dh 4 0 1 0 0 1 .293 Hundley c 4 0 2 0 0 2 .248 Flaherty ss 3 0 0 0 1 1 .201 Schoop 2b 4 0 0 0 0 3 .220 Totals 33 2 7 2 3 13 Tampa Bay AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Zobrist 2b 1 1 0 0 4 0 .272 DeJesus dh 4 1 1 0 0 1 .263 b-Hanigan ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .226 Longoria 3b 3 0 0 1 0 1 .255 Loney 1b 3 0 1 0 1 0 .281 Myers rf 4 0 1 1 0 3 .227 Joyce lf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .261 a-Guyer ph-lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .269 Y.Escobar ss 4 1 1 0 0 0 .248 Kiermaier cf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .262 Casali c 4 0 1 0 0 2 .175 Totals 30 3 5 2 5 8 Baltimor e 010 000 010 2 7 1 Tampa Bay 002 000 001 3 5 1 Two outs when winning run scored. a-grounded out for Joyce in the 8th. 1-ran for Pearce in the 8th. 2-ran for N.Cruz in the 8th. EFlaherty (6), McGee (1). LOB Baltimore 7, Tampa Bay 8. 2BY.Escobar (16). HRC.Davis (26), o Smyly. RBIsN.Cruz (94), C.Davis (72), Longoria (82), Myers (29). S Kiermaier. SFLongoria. Runners left in scoring positionBaltimore 2 (Markakis, A. Jones); Tampa Bay 3 (Kiermaier, Joyce, DeJe sus). RISPBaltimore 1 for 7; Tampa Bay 1 for 5. DP Tampa Bay 1 (Longoria, Zobrist). Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Gausman 7 5 2 2 4 7 106 3.83 Matusz 0 0 0 0 1 6 3.61 Brach L, 5-1 1 0 1 0 1 0 19 3.19 A.Miller 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2.13 Tampa Bay IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Smyly 6 4 1 1 2 8 96 3.24 Jo.Peralta H, 15 1 0 0 0 2 9 3.81 Beliveau H, 3 0 0 0 0 1 6 1.89 McGee BS, 2-18 1 2 1 1 1 0 18 1.36 Boxberger W, 5-1 1 0 0 0 0 2 12 1.92 Inherited runners-scoredA.Miller 2-1, Beliveau 1-0. IBBo Brach (Zobrist). PB Hundley. UmpiresHome, Gerry Davis; First, Greg Gibson; Second, Phil Cuzzi; Third, Will Little. T 3:06. A 17,969 (31,042).Passed ball opens the way for RaysBy MARK DIDTLERASSOCIATED PRESS MLB: Tampa Bay 3, Baltimore 2 USA TODAY SPORTS PHOTO BY KIM KLEMENTTampa Bays Yunel Escobar slides into home plate during the eighth inning of Saturdays game at Tropicana Field. Escobar also scored in the ninth inning, on a passed ball with two outs, to give the Rays a 3-2 victory against Baltimore Orioles. ORIOLES AT RAYSWHO: Baltimore (82-59) at Tampa Bay (69-74) WHEN: Today, 1:40 p.m. WHERE: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg TV: Sun Sports RADIO: 105.9 FM, 620 AM, 1220 AM, 1480 AM, 1530 AM, 1580 AM ARLINGTON, TexasThe Texas Rangers were in an impossible situation Friday when their manager quit, yet general manager Jon Daniels handled the questions ne with the exception of three. 1. Did J.D. think Ron Washington would have quit if the team had a winning record? 2. Was J.D. personally let down by Washington? 3. Was J.D.s relationship good with Wash? The answers to those questions should have been a swift Yes, No, and Its solid. J.D. paused, stumbled and was wishy-washy on all three before commenting in a way that suggested the answers were otherwise. The only reason Washington and the team gave for his resignation is personal reasons, which is so wide-ranging it potentially includes the death of a pet rock to the loathing of management. J.D. said Washington didnt fail another drug test, which we should believe. If he failed another drug test, it would have leaked. A club source said that the personal reason is not Washingtons health. Then why would third base coach Gary Pettis tell WFAAs George Riba, We just hope he has a speedy recovery? If Ron Washington left the Rangers for any reason other than a personal matter and he quit because he is sick of the job, shame on J.D., co-owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson. He was the best thing this team had going for it, and this exodus smells. The Rangers and Washington could not come to an agreement on a leave of absence, making it appear that the manager is using this personal reason to be gone for good. Washington was telling people that he will be back in baseball. He didnt say this, but hes not coming back to the Rangers. With this team rolling toward a 100-loss season despite the eighth-highest payroll in baseball, this is a heckuva time to quit on your team. Washington is not a quitter. Given the circumstances surrounding this management team and a former owner named Nolan Ryan, every conspiracy theory is in play until Washington reveals the exact reason why he left. This departure reinforces the perception that Jon Daniels is on a power staycation to mold the Rangers into his personal baseball vision, made possible by the blind support of Simpson and Davis. The role of the GM has changed dramatically since Washington entered baseball; now these guys, thanks to Oaklands Billy Beane, think they can and should do everything. Whatever the personal reason this is not the way Washington should go out. He is the most successful manager in team history, led this club to consecutive World Series, and was one of the more endearing gures in this town. He should eventually join this clubs Hall of Fame. We dont exactly know why Washington left, but it smells.A Texas-sized smell to exodus COMMENTARY: MLB Ron WashingtonBy MAC ENGELFORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM MLB ROUNDUPPrice fans 11, but loses againDETROIT Andrew Susac hit a two-run double in San Franciscos fourrun rst against David Price, and the Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 5-4 on Saturday. Buster Posey had a solo homer among his three hits as San Francisco won for the eighth time in nine games against Detroit, including a sweep of the 2012 World Series. Price (13-11) settled down after the rough start, striking out 11 in 823 innings. But the lefthander, who was acquired from Tampa Bay in a July 31 trade, dropped to 1-3 with a 4.91 ERA in his last four starts. Indians 3, White Sox 1: In Cleveland, Corey Kluber pitched a five-hitter to win for the first time in a month, and rookie Jose Ramirez hit a go-ahead triple in a two-run seventh inning as the Indians beat Chicago to close within five games of first-place Kansas City in the AL Central. Yankees 6, Royals 2: In New York, Brandon McCarthy won for the second time in six starts, and the Yankees feasted on Kansas Citys bullpen after Royals starter Danny Duffy left because of an injury following his first pitch. Kansas City, which had won four in a row, remained two games ahead of Detroit in the AL Central. Athletics 4, Astros 3: In Oakland, Calif., Jed Lowrie hit a game-ending RBI single in Oaklands three-run ninth inning. Lowrie, Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp had two hits apiece as Oakland snapped a threegame losing streak. The Athletics were six games back of the AL West-leading Angels coming into the day, but were also on top of the wild-card standings. Cardinals 5, Brewers 3: In Milwaukee, Matt Adams and Oscar Taveras homered, and St. Louis beat the Brewers to open a four-game lead in the NL Central. Braves 4, Marlins 3: In Miami, Evan Gattis hit a leadoff homer in the 10th inning to give Atlanta a victory over the Marlins. Gattis motored into third with a triple when the ball was originally ruled in play, but a replay review showed it hit the wall above a yellow line for his 22nd homer. Phillies 3, Nationals 1: In Washington, A.J. Burnett pitched seven innings, Ryan Howard had two RBIs and the last-place Phillies secured their first winning season against the Nationals since 2010. Dominic Brown homered for the Phillies, who have won their last five games against the NL East leaders and hold a 10-8 advantage in the series that ends today. Pirates 5, Cubs 0; Pirates 5, Cubs 3, 11 innings: In Chicago, Francisco Liriano struck out nine in six innings, and Pittsburgh beat the Cubs for its second win of the day. The Pirates also got a victory in 11 innings in the resumption of the suspended series opener. Josh Harrison hit a tiebreaking RBI single and finished with four hits. Reds 2, Mets 1: In Cincinnati, Todd Frazier and Chris Heisey homered for Cincinnati, and Johnny Cueto went seven innings. Fraziers second homer in two days tied it in the sixth against Dillon Gee (6-7). Heisey hit for Cueto with two outs in the seventh and connected for his eighth homer. Angels 8, Twins 5: In Minneapolis, Albert Pujols homered and hit a tiebreaking, two-run double in the ninth inning for his 2,500th hit, leading Los Angeles to its third consecutive victory over the Twins. Darvish will not pitch again this year: Yu Darvishs season is over. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said the 28-year-old left-hander will not pitch again this year. The three-time All-Star has not appeared in a game since Aug. 9 due to elbow inflammation. Texas began Saturday a major league-worst 53-88 and Daniel sees little reason to rush back the pitcher. That would be silly on our part, he said. Theres just not much to be gained at this point.BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPhillies win rst season series vs. Nats since 2010 USA TODAY SPORTS PHOTO BY RICK OSENTOSKIDetroits David Price pitches against San Francisco in the rst inning, when the Giants scored four runs in a 5-4 victory against the Tigers. Impressive rst for Royals rookie FinneganNEW YORK (AP) As if reaching the major leagues wasnt enough, Brandon Finnegan struck out Derek Jeter in his very first inning. The 21-year-old left-hander became the first player from the 2014 amateur draft to make his big league debut, pitching two perfect innings Saturday in the Kansas City Royals 6-2 loss to the New York Yankees. Selected in the first round from Texas Christian with the 17th pick overall, Finnegan signed for a bonus of $2,200,600. He relieved with Kansas City trailing 6-1 and retired John Ryan Murphy on a flyout to center with his first pitch, a 92 mph fastball. Finnegan struck out Jacoby Ellsbury on a changeup and Jeter on a 94 mph fastball. Finnegan was 2 when Jeter made his major league debut in 1995. 1 .r iwasto 0................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ .77111719


Page 4 SP The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 YANKEES 6, ROYALS 2Kansas City AB R H BI BB SO Avg. L.Cain cf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .293 Infante 2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .254 A.Gordon lf 3 0 1 1 1 0 .277 S.Perez c 4 0 0 0 0 0 .269 Hosmer 1b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .262 Willingham dh 4 1 1 0 0 1 .220 C.Peguero rf 3 0 0 0 0 2 .167 Moustakas 3b 2 1 1 1 0 0 .206 A.Escobar ss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .276 Totals 31 2 6 2 1 6 New York AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Ellsbury cf 4 1 1 1 0 1 .281 Jeter dh 3 0 0 1 0 1 .260 Prado 2b 4 2 3 0 0 0 .309 Teixeira 1b 4 0 1 1 0 2 .224 Beltran rf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .237 C.Young lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Headley 3b 3 1 1 0 1 1 .259 Ze.Wheeler lf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .234 a-I.Suzuki ph-lf-rf 2 0 2 1 0 0 .286 B.Ryan ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .203 J.Murphy c 4 1 2 0 0 0 .299 Totals 34 6 11 5 1 6 Kansas City 001 000 100 2 6 1 New York 102 120 00x 6 11 1 a-singled for Ze.Wheeler in the 5th. ES. Perez (8), Ze.Wheeler (2). LOB Kansas City 4, New York 6. 2BHosmer (29), Willingham (10), A.Escobar (30), Prado 2 (9), Beltran (23), J.Murphy (3). 3B Ellsbury (5). RBI sA.Gordon (66), Moustakas (51), Ellsbury (66), Jeter (40), Teixeira (57), Beltran (49), I.Suzuki (18). SFMoustakas, Jeter. Runners left in scoring position Kansas City 2 (C.Peguero, Infante); New York 3 (Bel tran, Ellsbury, B.Ryan). RISPKansas City 1 for 6; New York 5 for 10. Runners moved upC.Peguero, B.Ryan. Kansas City IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA D.Duy 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2.42 Hendriks L, 1-1 4 7 4 3 0 3 71 4.81 C.Coleman 1 3 2 2 1 1 25 5.79 Finnegan 2 0 0 0 0 2 26 0.00 L.Coleman 1 1 0 0 0 0 13 7.03 New York IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA McCthy W, 6-4 6 6 2 2 1 4 105 2.79 Kelley 0 0 0 0 0 4 4.34 Betances 1 0 0 0 0 1 9 1.41 Dav.Robertson 1 0 0 0 0 1 9 2.82 WP Hendriks. UmpiresHome, Gary Cederstrom; First, Chris Segal; Second, Lance Barksdale; Third, Kerwin Danley. T 2:48. A 45,262 (49,642).GIANTS 5, TIGERS 4San Francisco AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Pagan cf 5 0 0 0 0 2 .299 Panik 2b 5 0 0 0 0 1 .312 Posey 1b 3 2 3 1 1 0 .310 Pence rf 4 1 2 0 0 0 .297 Sandoval dh 4 1 1 1 0 3 .288 Susac c 4 1 1 2 0 2 .286 Arias 3b 4 0 2 1 0 0 .236 M.Duy ss 4 0 0 0 0 2 .182 B.Crawford ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 .234 G.Blanco lf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .260 Totals 37 5 9 5 1 11 Detroit AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Kinsler 2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .282 Tor.Hunter rf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .275 Mi.Cabrera 1b 4 2 2 3 0 0 .309 V.Martinez dh 4 1 3 1 0 0 .335 J.Martinez lf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .304 Castellanos 3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .264 Suarez ss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .247 a-Carrera ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .259 J.McCann c 3 0 0 0 0 0 .000 b-Avila ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .222 R.Davis cf 4 0 2 0 0 0 .286 Totals 36 4 11 4 0 4 San Francisco 400 010 000 5 9 0 Detroit 201 000 010 4 11 1 a-grounded out for Suarez in the 9th. b-struck out for J.McCann in the 9th. E Suarez (10). LOB San Francisco 6, Detroit 5. 2BSusac (5), Arias (8), Tor.Hunter (27). HRPosey (20), o D.Price; Mi.Cabrera (20), o Bumgarner; V.Martinez (30), o Bumgar ner; Mi.Cabrera (21), o Romo. RBIs Posey (79), Sandoval (67), Susac 2 (17), Arias (12), Mi.Cabrera 3 (97), V.Martinez (94). CSR.Davis (10). Runners left in scoring positionSan Francisco 3 (M.Duy, Arias, Panik); Detroit 2 (Castellanos, Tor.Hunter). RISPSan Francisco 3 for 9; Detroit 1 for 4. Runners moved up G.Blanco. GIDP Castellanos. DP San Francisco 1 (Arias, Panik, Posey). San Francisco IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Bmgrer W, 17-9 6 10 3 3 0 0 100 3.02 Machi H, 16 1 0 0 0 0 2 12 1.92 Romo H, 9 1 1 1 1 0 1 16 4.08 Casilla S, 15-19 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 1.75 Detroit IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Price L, 13-11 8 9 5 5 1 11 115 3.33 Coke 0 0 0 0 0 1 3.86 Inherited runners-scoredCoke 2-0. UmpiresHome, Mike Muchlinski; First, Mark Wegner; Second, Mike Winters; Third, Andy Fletcher. T 3:08. A 35,722 (41,681).ANGELS 8, TWINS 5Los Angeles AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Calhoun rf 5 1 1 0 0 1 .279 Trout cf 4 1 0 0 1 3 .284 Pujols 1b 5 3 3 3 0 0 .274 H.Kendrick 2b 5 1 4 3 0 0 .282 Aybar ss 3 0 0 1 1 1 .282 Freese 3b 4 1 2 0 0 1 .256 Jo.McDonald 3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .155 Iannetta c 3 0 0 0 0 1 .258 Boesch lf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .146 Cowgill lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .262 Cron dh 4 0 2 1 0 1 .270 1-Campana pr-dh 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.000 Totals 38 8 12 8 2 10 Minnesota AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Da.Santana cf 0 0 0 0 1 0 .320 a-Parmelee ph-lf 4 1 2 1 0 0 .259 2-Herrmann pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .152 Dozier 2b 5 0 0 0 0 2 .241 Mauer 1b 3 0 2 0 1 0 .277 K.Vargas dh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .304 Ploue 3b 3 1 0 0 1 2 .251 Arcia rf 3 0 0 0 1 2 .216 K.Suzuki c 4 1 1 0 0 0 .291 Edu.Escobar ss 4 2 2 2 0 0 .275 A.Hicks lf-cf 3 0 2 2 1 1 .218 Totals 33 5 9 5 5 8 Los A ngeles 111 000 023 8 12 0 Minnesota 021 200 000 5 9 1 a-was announced for Da.Santana in the 2nd. 1-ran for Cron in the 9th. 2-ran for Parmelee in the 9th. EDozier (12). LOB Los Angeles 7, Minnesota 6. 2BPujols (33), H.Kendrick (28), Freese (23), Mauer (23), Edu.Escobar (34). 3BH.Kendrick (4). HRPujols (25), o P.Hughes; Edu.Escobar (5), o Cor.Rasmus; Parmelee (7), o Roth. RBIsPujols 3 (87), H.Kendrick 3 (60), Aybar (61), Cron (30), Parmelee (25), Edu. Escobar 2 (28), A.Hicks 2 (13). SBA.Hicks (3). CSA.Hicks (2). SFAybar. Runners left in scoring position Los Angeles 4 (Aybar, Calhoun, Iannetta, Jo.McDonald); Minnesota 4 (Parmelee, Ploue, K.Suzuki, Dozier). RISPLos Angeles 3 for 9; Min nesota 2 for 9. Runners moved up K. Vargas, Arcia. GIDPDozier 2. DP Los Angeles 2 (Freese, H.Kendrick, Pujols), (Pujols, H.Kendrick, Street). Los Angeles IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Cor.Rasmus 1 2 2 2 3 0 36 2.81 Roth 2 3 3 3 0 3 31 7.00 Y.Herrera 1 0 0 0 0 11 4.35 Bedrosian 2 0 0 0 1 2 31 6.28 LeBlanc 1 0 0 0 0 2 13 8.78 J.Smith W, 7-2 1 1 0 0 1 1 12 1.98 Street S, 13-15 1 2 0 0 0 0 16 1.71 Minnesota IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA P.Hughes 7 7 3 3 0 8 103 3.55 Fien BS, 4-5 1 2 2 2 0 1 14 3.81 Burton L, 2-5 2 3 3 1 0 23 4.71 Swarzak 1 0 0 1 1 13 4.06 Inherited runners-scoredRoth 1-0, Y.Herrera 2-2, Swarzak 1-1. IBBo J.Smith (Arcia), o Swarzak (Aybar). HBPby P.Hughes (Iannetta). UmpiresHome, James Hoye; First, John Tumpane; Second, Paul Emmel; Third, Bill Welke. T 3:20. A 28,924 (39,021). ATHLETICS 4, ASTROS 3Houston AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Grossman lf 2 0 0 1 0 2 .211 Presley lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .249 Altuve 2b 4 0 1 2 0 1 .340 Fowler cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .271 Carter dh 2 0 1 0 2 0 .235 M.Dominguez 3b 4 0 0 0 0 3 .222 Marisnick rf 2 1 0 0 1 1 .248 Guzman 1b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .196 Corporan c 4 1 1 0 0 0 .241 Villar ss 2 1 1 0 2 1 .201 Totals 28 3 4 3 6 9 Oakland AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Crisp cf 4 0 2 0 0 0 .256 Moss 1b 3 0 0 1 0 1 .241 Donaldson 3b 4 1 1 0 0 0 .253 A.Dunn dh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .225 De.Norris c 4 0 1 0 0 2 .273 1-B.Burns pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 .000 Reddick rf 4 1 2 2 0 0 .252 Lowrie ss 4 0 2 1 0 1 .242 Fuld lf 3 1 0 0 0 1 .248 Sogard 2b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .222 Totals 33 4 9 4 0 6 Houston 000 002 100 3 4 1 Oakland 001 000 003 4 9 0 One out when winning run scored. 1-ran for De.Norris in the 9th. EVillar (14). LOB Houston 7, Oakland 5. 2BAltuve (40), Reddick (13). RBIsGrossman (33), Altuve 2 (49), Moss (78), Reddick 2 (42), Lowrie (43). SBCarter (3), Marisnick (2), V illar (15), C risp 2 (19). S Grossman, Marisnick. SFGrossman, Moss. Runners left in scoring positionHouston 5 (Guzman, M.Dominguez 2, Altuve, Presley); Oakland 2 (Donaldson, A.Dunn). RISPHouston 1 for 7; Oakland 3 for 7. Runners moved up Fowler. GIDPDonaldson. DP Houston 1 (M.Dominguez, Altuve, Guzman). Houston IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Feldman 8 7 3 2 0 6 116 3.99 Qualls L, 1-5 0 2 1 1 0 0 6 3.59 Oakland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Kazmir 6 3 3 3 5 8 92 3.42 Otero 1 1 0 0 0 1 15 2.10 Grgrsn W, 4-3 1 0 0 0 1 0 16 2.32 Qualls pitched to 2 batters in the 9th. Inherited runners-scoredQualls 2-2, Otero 3-1. IBBo Kazmir (Carter). Umpires Home, Doug Eddings; First, Cory Blaser; Second, Jim Joyce; Third, Marvin Hudson. T 2:40. A 28,668 (35,067).REDS 2, METS 1New York AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Lagares cf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .282 den Dekker lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .221 D.Wright 3b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .270 Duda 1b 3 0 0 0 1 3 .249 T.dArnaud c 4 1 2 0 0 1 .246 Granderson rf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .212 1-E.Young pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .225 D.Herrera 2b 3 0 1 1 1 1 .267 Flores ss 3 0 1 0 1 0 .246 Gee p 3 0 0 0 0 1 .000 Eveland p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Campbell ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .291 Totals 32 1 7 1 4 12 Cincinnati AB R H BI BB SO Avg. B.Hamilton cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .265 B.Pena c 4 0 2 0 0 0 .259 F r azier 1b 3 1 2 1 1 1 .278 Bruce rf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .216 Phillips 2b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .253 Negron 3b 3 0 1 0 0 2 .243 Lutz lf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .195 Bourgeois lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .300 Cozart ss 3 0 0 0 0 0 .226 Cueto p 2 0 0 0 0 0 .129 a-Heisey ph 1 1 1 1 0 0 .229 Ju.Diaz p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --A.Chapman p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 30 2 7 2 1 7 New York 010 000 000 1 7 0 Cincinnati 000 001 10x 2 7 0 a-homered for Cueto in the 7th. b-struck out for Eveland in the 9th. 1-ran for Grand erson in the 9th. LOB New York 8, Cincinnati 5. 2BT.dArnaud 2 (18), Flores (9). HRFrazier (25), o Gee; Heisey (8), o Gee. RBIsD.Herrera (7), Frazier (73), Heisey (19). SBE.Young (29), Negron (4). CSLagares (4), E.Young (5). Runners left in scoring positionNew York 5 (Lagares 2, D.Herrera 2, Campbell); Cincinnati 2 (Cozart, Bruce). RISPNew York 1 for 6; Cincinnati 0 for 3. Runners moved up Granderson. DP Cincinnati 1 (B.Pena, B.Pena, Cozart). New York IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Gee L, 6-7 7 7 2 2 1 6 104 3.74 Eveland 1 0 0 0 0 1 18 2.63 Cincinnati IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Cueto W, 17-8 7 6 1 1 2 8 116 2.23 Diaz H, 7 0 0 0 0 2 9 3.00 Chpn S, 30-32 1 1 0 0 2 2 28 2.36 UmpiresHome, Mark Ripperger; First, Ted Barrett; Second, Paul Schrieber; Third, Alfonso Marquez. T 2:47. A 33,762 (42,319).BRAVES 4, MARLINS 3, 10 INNINGSAtlanta AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Heyw ard rf 5 0 2 0 0 1 .274 Gosselin 3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .306 F.Freeman 1b 5 0 2 0 0 0 .289 J.Upton lf 3 1 1 0 1 1 .283 Gattis c 5 2 3 1 0 1 .273 Bethancourt c 0 0 0 0 0 0 .278 La Stella 2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .257 R.Pena 2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .228 A.Simmons ss 5 1 1 1 0 1 .243 B.Upton cf 4 0 0 0 1 3 .206 A.Wood p 4 0 1 2 0 3 .081 J.Walden p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --D.Carpenter p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Kimbrel p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 40 4 11 4 2 12 Miami AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Yelich lf 4 1 1 0 1 0 .293 Solano 2b 4 1 0 0 1 2 .259 Stanton rf 5 0 0 0 0 0 .293 McGehee 3b 3 1 2 2 1 1 .297 Ozuna cf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .264 Je.Baker 1b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .260 Hechavarria ss 4 0 1 0 0 0 .275 Mathis c 4 0 1 0 0 0 .199 Eovaldi p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .077 Da.Jennings p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Hatcher p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 a-L ucas ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .242 A.Ramos p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Cishek p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Valdespin ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .222 Morris p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Totals 36 3 7 3 3 7 Atlanta 000 300 000 1 4 11 0 Miami 000 100 020 0 3 7 0 a-ied out for Hatcher in the 7th. b-ground ed out for Cishek in the 9th. LOB Atlanta 10, Miami 6. 2BJ.Upton (31). HRGattis (22), o Morris. RBIs Gattis (52), A.Simmons (45), A.Wood 2 (2), McGehee 2 (68), Je.Baker (27). S Gosselin. Runners left in scoring positionAtlanta 6 (Heyward, La Stella 4, J.Upton); Miami 3 (Eovaldi 2, Je.Bak er). RISPAtlanta 2 for 10; Miami 3 for 7. Runners moved upF.Freeman, Stanton, Ozuna 2. GIDPJe.Baker. DP Atlanta 1 (Gosselin, La Stella, F.Freeman). Atlanta IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA A.Wood 7 6 2 2 2 5 107 2.90 Walden BS, 2-5 1 1 1 1 0 19 2.44 Crpnter W, 6-3 1 0 0 0 0 1 17 3.40 Kimbrel S, 43-47 1 0 0 0 0 1 14 1.61 Miami IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Eovaldi 6 8 3 3 1 7 105 4.19 Da.Jennings 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.96 Hatcher 0 0 0 1 1 13 3.30 A.Ramos 1 0 0 0 0 2 14 1.86 Cishek 1 1 0 0 0 1 16 3.55 Morris L, 7-1 1 1 1 1 0 1 6 1.86 Da.Jennings pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. A.Wood pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. In herited runners-scoredJ.Walden 1-1, D.Carpenter 1-0, Da.Jennings 1-0, Hatcher 2-0. IBBo Eovaldi (B.Upton). HBPby Eovaldi (J.Upton). WP J.Walden. UmpiresHome, Hunter Wendelstedt; First, Mike Estabrook; Second, Sean Barber; Third, Jerry Layne. T 3:28. A 25,485 (37,442). INDIANS 3, WHITE SOX 1Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Eaton cf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .306 Al.Ramirez ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .279 J.Abreu dh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .321 Gillaspie 3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .294 A.Garcia rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .238 Wilkins 1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .000 C.Sanchez 2b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .310 Jor.Danks lf 3 1 1 0 0 1 .195 Flowers c 3 0 1 0 0 2 .241 Totals 33 1 5 0 0 8 Cleveland AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Bourn cf 3 1 1 0 1 2 .265 J.Ramirez ss 4 1 3 1 0 0 .258 Brantley lf 4 0 3 1 0 0 .315 C.Santana dh 3 1 1 1 1 0 .229 Y.Gomes c 4 0 0 0 0 1 .287 Kipnis 2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .245 Aguilar 1b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .130 Chisenhall 3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .291 T.Holt rf 2 0 0 0 0 0 .283 a-Shuck ph-rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .165 Totals 33 3 9 3 2 7 Chicago 001 000 000 1 5 1 Cleveland 000 100 20x 3 9 1 a-fouled out for T.Holt in the 7th. E Flowers (8), Aguilar (2). LOB Chicago 5, Cleveland 8. 2BFlowers (15), Bourn (13). 3BJ.Ramirez (2). HRC.Santana (25), o Quintana. RBIsJ.Ramirez (11), Brant ley (88), C.Santana (72). SBJor.Danks (4), J.Ramirez (7), Brantley (19). Runners left in scoring positionChicago 2 (Eaton 2); Cleveland 5 (Y.Gomes 4, Brantley). RISP Chicago 0 for 2; Cleveland 3 for 8. Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Quintana 6 7 1 1 1 7 100 3.38 Putnam L, 4-3 1 2 2 2 1 0 27 2.15 Lindstrom 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 4.33 Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Kluber W, 14-9 9 5 1 0 0 8 104 2.47 UmpiresHome, Tim Timmons; First, Tim Welke; Second, Todd Tichenor; Third, Clint Fagan. T 2:46. A 17,367 (42,487).PHILLIES 3, NATIONALS 1Philadelphia AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Revere cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .314 Rollins ss 4 1 1 0 0 1 .244 Utley 2b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .277 Howard 1b 3 0 1 2 1 1 .226 G.Sizemore rf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .292 D.Brown lf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .233 Nieves c 4 0 0 0 0 2 .267 Asche 3b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .250 A.Burnett p 3 1 1 0 0 2 .140 Giles p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Papelbon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 33 3 6 3 1 12 Washington AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Span cf 4 0 2 0 0 0 .302 Rendon 3b 2 0 1 1 1 1 .279 Werth rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .288 LaRoche 1b 3 0 0 0 1 2 .259 Desmond ss 4 0 1 0 0 2 .246 Harper lf 4 0 1 0 0 2 .271 W .R amos c 4 0 0 0 0 0 .273 A.Cabrera 2b 3 1 1 0 0 0 .250 Roark p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .115 Detwiler p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 a-Schierholtz ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .186 Blevins p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 30 1 7 1 2 7 Philadelphia 002 001 000 3 6 0 Washington 000 010 000 1 7 0 a-lined out for Detwiler in the 7th. LOB Philadelphia 4, Washington 6. HRD. Brown (9), o Roark. RBIsHoward 2 (91), D.Brown (59), Rendon (76). CSSpan (7). S Roark. SFRendon. Runners left in scoring positionPhiladelphia 1 (G.Size more); Washington 2 (Desmond, LaRoche). RISPPhiladelphia 2 for 3; Washington 2 for 4. Runners moved upWerth. GIDPW.Ramos. DP Philadelphia 1 (Rollins, Utley, Howard). Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Burnett W, 8-15 7 6 1 1 2 4 99 4.29 Giles H, 9 1 0 0 0 0 2 16 1.16 Pplbon S, 35-38 1 1 0 0 0 1 8 1.64 Washington IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Roark L, 12-10 6 6 3 3 1 8 90 2.97 Detwiler 1 0 0 0 0 3 15 3.88 Blevins 2 0 0 0 0 1 18 4.88 UmpiresHome, Mike Everitt; First, Tom Woodring; Second, Chad Fairchild; Third, Adrian Johnson. T 2:33. A 37,408 (41,408).CARDINALS 5, BREWERS 3St. Louis AB R H BI BB SO Avg. M.Carpenter 3b 3 1 0 0 1 1 .274 Jay cf-rf-lf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .317 Holliday lf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .266 Grichuk rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .215 Ma.Adams 1b 4 1 1 2 0 2 .291 Jh.P er alta ss 4 1 1 0 0 1 .264 Y.Molina c 3 0 0 0 1 1 .285 Wong 2b 4 1 1 1 0 1 .251 Taveras rf 3 1 1 2 0 1 .230 S.Freeman p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --C.Martinez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250 Rosenthal p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Lynn p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .060 c-Bourjos ph-cf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .244 Totals 31 5 4 5 2 9 Milwaukee AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Gennett 2b 2 1 0 0 1 0 .297 d-R.Weeks ph-2b 2 0 1 0 0 1 .265 G.Parra cf 4 1 1 0 1 1 .265 Braun rf 4 0 1 1 0 1 .275 Ar.Ramirez 3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .296 Lucroy c 3 1 2 0 1 1 .301 K.Davis lf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .254 Overbay 1b 3 0 1 1 0 2 .246 Segura ss 3 0 0 0 1 1 .233 Lohse p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .127 a-Clark ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200 Estrada p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .097 b-Mar.Reynolds ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .198 Gorzelanny p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Jeress p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --W.Smith p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --e-E.Herrera ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .279 Totals 33 3 7 2 4 11 St. Louis 200 300 000 5 4 3 Milwaukee 200 001 000 3 7 0 a-ied out for Lohse in the 4th. b-grounded out for Estrada in the 6th. c-grounded out for Lynn in the 7th. d-struck out for Gen nett in the 7th. e-struck out for W.Smith in the 9th. EHolliday 2 (6), Ma.Adams (10). LOB St. Louis 2, Milwaukee 8. 2BWong (13), R.Weeks (18), G.Parra (21), Lucroy 2 (49), K.Davis (36), Overbay (12). HR Ma.Adams (14), o Lohse; Taveras (3), o Lohse. RBIsMa.Adams 2 (59), Wong (39), Taveras 2 (19), Braun (78), Overbay (34). Runners left in scoring position St. Lou is 1 (M.Carpenter); Milwaukee 7 (K.Davis, Clark 2, Ar.Ramirez, Mar.Reynolds, Overbay, G.Parra). RISPSt. Louis 2 for 3; Milwaukee 2 for 12. Runners moved upY.Molina, K. Davis, Segura. GIDP Braun. DP St. Louis 2 (Holliday, Holliday, Y.Molina), (Jh.Peralta, Wong, Ma.Adams). St. Louis IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Lynn W, 15-8 6 5 3 1 4 6 114 2.80 Freeman H, 10 0 0 0 0 1 9 2.23 Martinez H, 15 1 1 0 0 0 3 14 4.35 Rsenthl S, 43-48 1 1 0 0 0 1 9 3.32 Milwaukee IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Lohse L, 12-9 4 4 5 5 2 5 79 3.85 Estrada 2 0 0 0 0 2 32 4.75 Gorzelanny 1 0 0 0 0 1 13 0.46 Jeress 1 0 0 0 0 1 12 1.37 W.Smith 0 0 0 0 0 4 4.10 HBPby Lynn (Overbay), by Lohse (Lynn). UmpiresHome, Jerry Meals; First, Bob Davidson; Second, Chris Conroy; Third, Jordan Baker. T 3:02. A 39,042 (41,900). PIRATES 5, CUBS 3, 11 INNINGSPittsburgh AB R H BI BB SO Avg. J.Harrison 3b-ss 6 1 4 2 0 1 .315 C.dArnaud ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Mercer ss 3 0 0 0 1 0 .254 Watson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 e-Snider ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .259 Melancon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --h-T.Sanchez ph 0 0 0 1 0 0 .278 Holdzkom p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --A.McCutchen cf 5 0 1 0 0 1 .301 R.Martin c 3 0 0 0 1 2 .285 S.Marte lf 5 0 1 0 0 1 .273 G.Sanchez 1b 2 0 0 0 0 0 .231 a-I.Davis ph-1b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .234 N.Walker 2b 3 2 1 0 2 1 .275 Tabata rf 4 1 2 1 0 1 .292 G.Polanco rf 0 1 0 0 1 0 .240 Worley p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .071 Ju.Wilson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 c-P.Alvarez ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .231 J.Hughes p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Barmes ss 1 0 0 0 0 0 .228 g-Morel ph-3b 0 0 0 0 1 0 .136 Totals 39 5 9 4 6 11 Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Alcantara cf-2b 6 1 1 0 0 3 .214 J.Baez ss 5 0 1 0 1 4 .180 V albuena 3b 3 2 1 0 2 0 .249 Soler rf 4 0 0 1 0 3 .400 Coghlan lf 3 0 0 0 2 1 .277 Valaika 1b 5 0 3 1 0 1 .234 Watkins 2b 2 0 0 0 0 1 .387 b-Olt ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .138 Grimm p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 N.Ramirez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Strop p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --d-Lake ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .216 H.Rondon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Schlitter p 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.000 f-Kalish ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .237 W.Wright p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Fujikawa p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Jo.Baker c 4 0 0 0 1 2 .195 Wada p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .067 Villanueva p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Szczur cf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .214 Totals 40 3 7 2 6 15 Pittsburgh 100 200 000 02 5 9 2 Chicago 002 010 000 00 3 7 2 a-struck out for G.Sanchez in the 5th. b-grounded out for Watkins in the 5th. c-struck out for Ju.Wilson in the 6th. d-ied out for Strop in the 8th. e-grounded out for Watson in the 9th. f-grounded out for Schlitter in the 10th. g-walked for Barmes in the 11th. h-hit a sacrice y for Melan con in the 11th. EWorley (1), J.Harrison (6), Jo.Baker (2), Valbuena (8). LOB Pittsburgh 10, Chicago 11. 2BJ.Harrison 2 (33), N.Walker (21), Tabata (5), Valbuena (27), Valaika (2). RBIsJ.Harrison 2 (48), T. Sanchez (13), Tabata (16), Soler (11), Valaika (10). SBMercer (3), Valaika (1). CSA.Mc Cutchen (2), S.Marte (10). SFT.Sanchez, Soler. Runners left in scoring position Pittsburgh 5 (S.Marte 2, Mercer, R.Martin, A.McCutchen); Chicago 7 (Wada, Watkins, Olt 2, Valaika 2, Jo.Baker). RISPPittsburgh 2 for 10; Chicago 1 for 12. Runners moved upCoghlan, Kalish. Pittsburgh IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Worley 4 5 3 2 4 6 90 3.05 Ju .Wilson 0 0 0 0 0 2 4.22 J.Hughes 1 0 0 0 0 1 7 2.03 Watson 2 1 0 0 2 3 39 1.63 Melancon W, 3-4 2 1 0 0 0 3 24 2.07 Holdzkom S, 1-1 1 0 0 0 0 2 12 0.00 Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Wada 3 3 3 2 1 2 72 2.95 Villanueva 1 2 0 0 1 2 23 4.74 Grimm 1 1 0 0 0 2 11 3.73 N.Ramirez 1 0 0 0 1 1 16 0.94 Strop 1 0 0 0 1 1 15 2.32 H.Rondon 1 0 0 0 0 1 13 2.60 Schlitter 1 1 0 0 0 2 12 3.33 W.Wright L, 0-3 2 2 2 2 0 28 2.74 Fujikawa 0 0 0 0 0 1 4.15 Inherited runners-scoredJu.Wilson 2-0, Villanueva 1-1, Fujikawa 2-0. IBBo Worley (Jo.Baker). HBPby Wada (A.Mc Cutchen, R.Martin). WP Worley. UmpiresHome, Brian ONora; First, Dan Belli no; Third, Je Kellogg. T 4:19 (Delay: 1:52). A 35,541 (41,072).PIRATES 5, CUBS 0Pittsburgh AB R H BI BB SO Avg. S.Marte lf 5 1 2 0 0 1 .274 Mercer ss 5 1 2 2 0 0 .256 A.McCutchen cf 5 1 3 1 0 0 .305 N.Walker 2b 4 0 1 0 1 1 .275 G.Sanchez 1b 2 0 0 1 0 0 .229 b-I.Davis ph-1b 2 0 1 0 1 0 .236 Tabata rf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .288 c G.Polanco ph-rf 2 1 0 0 1 2 .238 Morel 3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .115 C.Stewart c 4 0 2 1 0 0 .282 F.Liriano p 1 0 0 0 1 0 .086 d-Snider ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .259 1-C.dArnaud pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 --Ju.Wilson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 f-T.Sanchez ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .278 g-Lambo ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .261 J.Hughes p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Cumpton p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .118 Totals 37 5 11 5 5 7 Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Alcantara 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .210 J.Baez ss 4 0 0 0 0 3 .174 Soler rf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .382 Castillo c 3 0 1 0 1 1 .235 Valaika 3b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .238 Olt 1b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .141 Lake lf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .214 Rosscup p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Fujikawa p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Vizcaino p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --h-Watkins ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .406 Szczur cf 3 0 0 0 1 1 .194 Doubront p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000 a-K alish ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .245 Straily p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 e-Coghlan ph-lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .276 Totals 32 0 6 0 3 11 Pittsburgh 101 000 111 5 11 0 Chicago 000 000 000 0 6 1 a-singled for Doubront in the 5th. b-singled for G.Sanchez in the 6th. c-struck out for Tabata in the 6th. d-walked for F.Liriano in the 7th. e-grounded into a elders choice for Straily in the 7th. f-was announced for Ju.Wilson in the 8th. g-struck out for T.San chez in the 8th. h-singled for Vizcaino in the 9th. 1-ran for Snider in the 7th. EJ.Baez (6). LOB Pittsburgh 10, Chicago 8. 2BN. Walker (22), Olt (5). HRMercer (10), o Vizcaino. RBIsMercer 2 (46), A.McCutch en (73), G.Sanchez (28), C.Stewart (8). Runners left in scoring position Pittsburgh 5 (S.Marte 3, Tabata, N.Walker); Chicago 3 (Olt, Alcantara, Szczur). RISPPittsburgh 3 for 11; Chicago 0 for 5. Runners moved upG.Sanchez, C.Stewart. GIDPA.Mc Cutchen, F.Liriano, Szczur. DP Pittsburgh 1 (N.Walker, Mercer, I.Davis); Chicago 2 (Valaika, Alcantara, Olt), (Castillo, J.Baez, Alcantara). Pittsburgh IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA F.Liriano W, 4-10 6 3 0 0 2 9 98 3.74 Ju.Wilson H, 16 1 1 0 0 1 1 26 4.14 J.Hughes 1 0 0 0 0 0 8 1.99 Cumpton 1 2 0 0 0 1 19 4.72 Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Doubront L, 1-1 5 5 2 2 2 1 81 2.25 Straily 2 3 1 1 1 3 42 7.36 Rosscup 1 1 1 2 0 18 13.50 Fujikawa 0 0 0 0 2 10 3.86 Vizcaino 1 2 1 1 0 1 26 9.00 Inherited runners-scoredFujikawa 2-0. WP Doubront, Fujikawa. BalkDoubront. UmpiresHome, Dan Bellino; First, Je Kellogg; Second, Chad Whitson; Third, Brian ONora. T 3:20. A 36,867 (41,072). | BASEBALL SCOREBOARD For Fridays late linescores, see Scoreboard, Page 9 | STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAGUEEast Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Baltimore 82 59 .582 7-3 L-2 43-28 39-31 New York 73 67 .521 8 4 5-5 W-1 36-33 37-34 Toronto 72 68 .514 9 5 6-4 L-1 37-31 35-37 RAYS 69 74 .483 14 9 4-6 W-2 33-41 36-33 Boston 62 79 .440 20 15 5-5 W-1 30-40 32-39 Central Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Kansas City 78 62 .557 6-4 L-1 38-32 40-30 Detroit 77 65 .542 2 1 5-5 L-2 35-32 42-33 Cleveland 73 67 .521 5 4 6-4 W-2 42-28 31-39 Chicago 63 78 .447 15 14 4-6 L-3 34-36 29-42 Minnesota 61 81 .430 18 17 3-7 L-3 30-41 31-40 West Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Los Angeles 86 55 .610 8-2 W-3 47-24 39-31 Oakland 80 61 .567 6 3-7 W-1 45-26 35-35 Seattle 77 63 .550 8 6-4 W-4 36-36 41-27 Houston 62 80 .437 24 16 7-3 L-1 35-39 27-41 Texas 53 88 .376 33 24 2-8 L-7 24-42 29-46NATIONAL LEAGUEEast Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Washington 79 61 .564 4-6 L-2 43-27 36-34 Atlanta 74 68 .521 6 6-4 W-1 40-31 34-37 M ARLINS 68 72 .486 11 5 3-7 L-1 39-34 29-38 New York 67 75 .472 13 7 5-5 L-1 33-35 34-40 Philadelphia 66 75 .468 13 7 7-3 W-2 33-38 33-37 Central Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away St. Louis 78 64 .549 7-3 W-1 44-28 34-36 Milwaukee 74 68 .521 4 1-9 L-1 37-33 37-35 Pittsburgh 73 68 .518 4 6-4 W-2 44-28 29-40 Cincinnati 67 75 .472 11 7 4-6 W-1 37-33 30-42 Chicago 64 78 .451 14 10 5-5 L-2 35-35 29-43 West Division W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Los Angeles 79 62 .560 5-5 W-1 36-34 43-28 San Francisco 78 64 .549 1 8-2 W-2 38-33 40-31 San Diego 66 74 .471 12 7 6-4 L-3 40-31 26-43 Arizona 59 82 .418 20 14 4-6 L-1 29-43 30-39 Colorado 57 84 .404 22 16 4-6 W-2 37-35 20-49 AMERICAN LEAGUE Fridays results Cleveland 2, Chicago White Sox 1, 10 in nings Kansas City 1, N.Y. Yankees 0 San Francisco 8, Detroit 2 RAYS 3, Baltimore 0 Boston 9, Toronto 8, 10 innings Seattle 7, Texas 5 L.A. Angels 7, Minnesota 6, 10 innings Houston 4, Oakland 3 Saturdays results RAYS 3, Baltimore 2 San Francisco 5, Detroit 4 Oakland 4, Houston 3 N.Y. Yankees 6, Kansas City 2 Cleveland 3, Chicago White Sox 1 L.A. Angels 8, Minnesota 5 Toronto at Boston, late Seattle at Texas, late Todays games Chicago White Sox (Carroll 5-9) at Cleve land (Carrasco 6-4), 1:05 p.m. Kansas City (Ventura 11-9) at N.Y. Yankees (Greene 4-2), 1:35 p.m. Toronto (Dickey 11-12) at Boston (R.De La Rosa 4-5), 1:35 p.m. Baltimore (B.Norris 12-8) at RAYS (Hellickson 1-3), 1:40 p.m. L.A. Angels (C.Wilson 10-9) at Minnesota (Darnell 0-1), 2:10 p.m. Seattle (Paxton 5-1) at Texas (D.Holland 0-0), 3:05 p.m. Houston (Keuchel 10-9) at Oakland (Ham mel 2-5), 4:05 p.m. San Francisco (T.Hudson 9-9) at Detroit (Lobstein 0-0), 8:07 p.m. Mondays games L.A. Angels at Cleveland, 1:05 p.m. Kansas City at Detroit, 4:08 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Toronto, 7:07 p.m. Baltimore at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Oakland at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Houston at Seattle, 10:10 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Fridays results Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs, susp. Philadelphia 9, Washington 8, 11 innings San Francisco 8, Detroit 2 MARLINS 11, Atlanta 3 N.Y. Mets 14, Cincinnati 5 Milwaukee 6, St. Louis 2 Colorado 3, San Diego 0 L.A. Dodgers 2, Arizona 1 Saturdays results San Francisco 5, Detroit 4 Pittsburgh 5, Chicago Cubs 3, 11 innings, comp. of susp. game Philadelphia 3, Washington 1 Pittsburgh 5, Chicago Cubs 0 Cincinnati 2, N.Y. Mets 1 Atlanta 4, MARLINS 3, 10 innings St. Louis 5, Milwaukee 3 San Diego at Colorado, late Arizona at L.A. Dodgers, late Todays games Atlanta (Teheran 13-10) at MARLINS (Hand 2-6), 1:10 p.m. N.Y. Mets (Za.Wheeler 9-9) at Cincinnati (La tos 5-4), 1:10 p.m. Philadelphia (Hamels 8-6) at Washington (G.Gonzalez 7-9), 1:35 p.m. St. Louis (Wainwright 16-9) at Milwaukee (J.Nelson 2-6), 2:10 p.m. Pittsburgh (Cole 7-5) at Chicago Cubs (T.Wood 8-11), 2:20 p.m. Arizona (Cahill 3-10) at L.A. Dodgers (Greinke 13-8), 4:10 p.m. San Diego (T.Ross 13-12) at Colorado (F.Mo rales 5-7), 4:10 p.m. San Francisco (T.Hudson 9-9) at Detroit (Lobstein 0-0), 8:07 p.m. Mondays games Atlanta at Washington, 7:05 p.m. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 7:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Toronto, 7:07 p.m. Colorado at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. St. Louis at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. MARLINS at Milwaukee, 8:10 p.m. San Diego at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. | STAT LEADERSAMERICAN LEAGUE Excludes Saturdays late games BATTINGAltuve, Houston, .340; VMarti nez, Detroit, .335; Beltre, Texas, .325; JAbreu, Chicago, .321; Cano, Seattle, .320; Brantley, Cleveland, .315; MiCabrera, Detroit, .309. RUNSDozier, Minnesota, 99; Trout, Los Angeles, 94; Kinsler, Detroit, 90; MiCabrera, Detroit, 88; Brantley, Cleveland, 85; Bautista, Toronto, 83; Donaldson, Oakland, 83. RBITrout, Los Angeles, 100; JAbreu, Chi cago, 99; Ortiz, Boston, 98; MiCabrera, De troit, 97; NCruz, Baltimore, 94; VMartinez, Detroit, 94; Cespedes, Boston, 93. HITSAltuve, Houston, 197; MeCabrera, Toronto, 171; Kinsler, Detroit, 169; Brantley, Cleveland, 168; MiCabrera, Detroit, 165; Cano, Seattle, 165; VMartinez, Detroit, 165. DOUBLESMiCabrera, Detroit, 44; Altuve, Houston, 40; Ploue, Minnesota, 40; Brant ley, Cleveland, 39; Kinsler, Detroit, 36; Trout, Los Angeles, 36; MeCabrera, Toronto, 35. TRIPLESBourn, Cleveland, 9; Eaton, Chi cago, 8; Gardner, New York, 8; Rios, Texas, 8; AJackson, Seattle, 6; Kiermaier, Tampa Bay, 6; LMartin, Texas, 6; Odor, Texas, 6; DaSanta na, Minnesota, 6; Trout, Los Angeles, 6. HOME RUNSNCruz, Baltimore, 37; Car ter, Houston, 36; JAbreu, Chicago, 33; Ortiz, Boston, 32; Trout, Los Angeles, 31; Bautis ta, Toronto, 30; Encarnacion, Toronto, 30; VMartinez, Detroit, 30. STOLEN BASESAltuve, Houston, 51; Ells bury, New York, 37; JDyson, Kansas City, 33; RDavis, Detroit, 32; AEscobar, Kansas City, 27; Reyes, Toronto, 26; Andrus, Texas, 25. PITCHINGScherzer, Detroit, 15-5; Weav er, Los Angeles, 15-8; PHughes, Minnesota, 15-9; Porcello, Detroit, 15-10; WChen, Baltimore, 14-4; Shoemaker, Los Angeles, 14-4; FHernandez, Seattle, 14-5; Iwakuma, Seat tle, 14-6; Kazmir, Oakland, 14-7. ERA Sale, Chicago, 2.09; FHernandez, Se attle, 2.18; DDuy, Kansas City, 2.42; Kluber, Cleveland, 2.47; Lester, Oakland, 2.54; Les ter, Oakland, 2.54. STRIKEOUTSDPrice, Detroit, 243; Scher zer, Detroit, 226; Kluber, Cleveland, 223; FHernandez, Seattle, 209; Lester, Oakland, 191; Sale, Chicago, 183; Darvish, Texas, 182. SAVESRodney, Seattle, 42; GHolland, Kansas City, 42; DavRobertson, New York, 35; Perkins, Minnesota, 33; ZBritton, Balti more, 33; Nathan, Detroit, 29. NATIONAL LEAGUE Excludes Saturdays late games BATTINGJHarrison, Pittsburgh, .315; Revere, Philadelphia, .314; Posey, San Francisco, .310; Morneau, Colorado, .309; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh, .305; Span, Washington, .302; Lucroy, Milwaukee, .301; DanMurphy, New York, .301. RUNSPence, San Francisco, 101; Rendon, Washington, 101; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 91; FFreeman, Atlanta, 89; Span, Washington, 87; Stanton, Miami, 87; CGomez, Milwau kee, 85. RBIStanton, Miami, 104; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 92; Howard, Philadelphia, 91; JUpton, Atlanta, 91; Desmond, Washing ton, 81; Holliday, St. Louis, 81; Duda, New York, 80. HITSPence, San Francisco, 172; Span, Washington, 165; Revere, Philadelphia, 162; McGehee, Miami, 159; DanMurphy, New York, 159; FFreeman, Atlanta, 156; SCastro, Chicago, 154; Lucroy, Milwaukee, 154; Rendon, Washington, 154. DOUBLESLucroy, Milwaukee, 49; Gold schmidt, Arizona, 39; FFreeman, Atlanta, 38; KDavis, Milwaukee, 36; Rendon, Washing ton, 36; Span, Washington, 36; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 35; JhPeralta, St. Louis, 35. TRIPLESDGordon, Los Angeles, 12; BCrawford, San Francisco, 10; Hechavarria, Miami, 10; Pence, San Francisco, 10; DPeralta, Arizona, 9; Puig, Los Angeles, 9; BHam ilton, Cincinnati, 7; JHarrison, Pittsburgh, 7; Revere, Philadelphia, 7. HOME RUNSStanton, Miami, 36; Rizzo, Chicago, 30; Duda, New York, 27; JUpton, Atlanta, 26; Byrd, Philadelphia, 25; Frazier, Cincinnati, 25; 5 tied at 22. STOLEN BASESDGordon, Los Ange les, 58; BHamilton, Cincinnati, 55; Revere, Philadelphia, 43; CGomez, Milwaukee, 29; EYoung, New York, 29; Rollins, Philadelphia, 28; Span, Washington, 28. PITCHINGKershaw, Los Angeles, 17-3; Cueto, Cincinnati, 17-8; Bumgarner, San Francisco, 17-9; Wainwright, St. Louis, 16-9; Lynn, St. Louis, 15-8; WPeralta, Milwaukee, 15-10; Ryu, Los Angeles, 14-6; ESantana, Atlanta, 14-7. ERA Kershaw, Los Angeles, 1.70; Cueto, Cincinnati, 2.23; Hamels, Philadelphia, 2.50; TRoss, San Diego, 2.60; Wainwright, St. Lou is, 2.69; Greinke, Los Angeles, 2.72; Lynn, St. Louis, 2.80. AP PHOTOA single by Clevelands Michael Brantley drops between Chicago White Sox left elder Jordan Danks (20) and center elder Adam Eaton in the fth inning of Saturdays game in Cleveland. The Indians won, 3-1. l-iIQQQf'2Q


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 SP Page 5 | AUTO RACING SCOREBOARDNASCAR NationwideVIRGINIA 529 COLLEGE SAVINGS 250 Friday At Richmond International Raceway Richmond, Va. Lap length .75 miles (Start position in parentheses) 1. (1) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 250 laps, 150 rat ing, 0 points, $47,100. 2. (3) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 250, 118.8, 42, $36,050. 3. (15) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 250, 119, 0, $22,025. 4. (2) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 250, 118.4, 0, $27,650. 5. (5) Brian Scott, Chevrolet, 250, 102.9, 39, $25,000. 6. (17) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 250, 98.2, 38, $23,950. 7. (12) Dakoda Armstrong, Ford, 250, 93, 37, $24,535. 8. (16) Elliott Sadler, Toyota, 250, 104.6, 36, $22,595. 9. (8) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 250, 94.7, 35, $21,950. 10. (14) Chris Buescher, Ford, 250, 88.2, 34, $23,025. 11. (10) Dylan Kwasniewski, Chevrolet, 250, 83.8, 33, $21,650. 12. (6) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 250, 104, 0, $15,575. 13. (4) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 250, 95.4, 0, $15,525. 14. (11) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 250, 83, 30, $21,475. 15. (9) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 250, 78.3, 29, $22,275. 16. (13) Ryan Reed, Ford, 250, 76.6, 28, $21,350. 17. (19) Cale Conley, Chevrolet, 249, 72.1, 0, $21,275. 18. (7) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, 249, 76.6, 26, $21,225. 19. (20) James Buescher, Toyota, 248, 68.1, 25, $21,175. 20. (18) Mike Bliss, Toyota, 248, 66.6, 24, $15,825. 21. (23) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, 248, 67.7, 23, $21,075. 22. (27) Kelly Admiraal, Toyota, 247, 55.6, 22, $14,945. 23. (34) Ryan Sieg, Chevrolet, 247, 57.8, 21, $20,860. 24. (29) Ryan Ellis, Dodge, 247, 56.8, 20, $20,720. 25. (32) Will Kimmel, Toyota, 247, 50.8, 19, $21,170. 26. (37) Matt DiBenedetto, Chevrolet, 246, 45.1, 18, $20,570. 27. (33) Hermie Sadler, Toyota, 245, 40.2, 17, $20,520. 28. (38) Joey Gase, Chevrolet, 245, 41.9, 16, $20,370. 29. (36) Cody Ware, Chevrolet, 242, 34.7, 15, $20,320. 30. (24) Je Green, Toyota, 192, 58.1, 14, $20,520. 31. (25) J.J. Yeley, Dodge, brakes, 120, 52.3, 13, $20,165. 32. (21) Jerey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, acci dent, 90, 56.3, 12, $20,080. 33. (39) Josh Reaume, Ford, oil line, 79, 35.3, 11, $20,015. 34. (26) Chad Boat, Chevrolet, accident, 71, 40.4, 10, $19,980. 35. (35) John Jackson, Chevrolet, brakes, 34, 33.2, 9, $13,907. 36. (30) Morgan Shepherd, Chevrolet, trans mission, 19, 39.4, 8, $12,880. 37. (22) Jamie Dick, Chevrolet, accident, 5, 33.6, 7, $18,820. 38. (28) Blake Koch, Toyota, vibration, 4, 31.9, 6, $12,741. 39. (40) Matt Frahm, Chevrolet, rear gear, 3, 30.2, 5, $12,620. 40. (31) Kevin Lepage, Dodge, accident, 2, 28.7, 4, $18,580.Race StatisticsAverage Speed of Race Winner 92.835 mph. Time of Race 2 hours, 1 minute, 11 sec onds. Margin of Victory 1.323 seconds. Caution Flags 6 for 38 laps. Lead Changes 0 among 1 driver. Lap Leaders K.Busch 1-250. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led) K.Busch, 1 time for 250 laps. Top 10 in Points 1. C.Elliott, 916; 2. R.Smith, 897; 3. T.Dillon, 874; 4. E.Sadler, 862; 5. B.Scott, 859; 6. T.Bayne, 832; 7. C.Buescher, 747; 8. B.Gaughan, 720; 9. R.Reed, 686; 10. J.Buescher, 671.Formula 1ITALIAN GRAND PRIX After Saturday qualifying; race today At Autodromo di Monza Monza, Italy Lap length 3.6 miles Third Session 1. Lewis Hamilton, England, Mercedes, 1 minute, 24.109 seconds. 2. Nico Rosberg, Germany, Mercedes, 1:24.383. 3. Valtteri Bottas, Finland, Williams, 1:24.697. 4. Felipe Massa, Brazil, Williams, 1:24.865. 5. Kevin Magnussen, Denmark, McLaren, 1:25.314. 6. Jenson Button, England, McLaren, 1:25.379. 7. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Ferrari, 1:25.430. 8. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Red Bull, 1:25.436. 9. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Red Bull, 1:25.709. 10. Sergio Perez, Mexico, Force India, 1:25.944. Eliminated after second session 11. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Ferrari, 1:26.110. 12. Jean-Eric Vergne, France, Toro Rosso, 1:26.157. 13. Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Force India, 1:26.279. 14. Adrian Sutil, Germany, Sauber, 1:26.588. 15. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexico, Sauber, 1:26.692. Eliminated after rst session 16. Pastor Maldonado, Venezuela, Lotus, 1:27.520. 17. Romain Grosjean, France, Lotus, 1:27.632. 18. Kamui Kobayashi, Japan, Caterham, 1:27.671. 19. Jules Bianchi, France, Marussia, 1:27.738. 20. Max Chilton, England, Marussia, 1:28.247. 21. Daniil Kvyat, Russia, Toro Rosso, 1:26.070. 22. Marcus Ericsson, Sweden, Caterham, 1:28.562.RICHMOND, Va. Brad Keselowski routed the eld Saturday night for his fourth win of the season, a victory that gives him the top seed in NASCARs Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. Keselowski led all but 17 of the 400 laps at Richmond International Raceway, where the last race of the regular season never shaped up to be the thriller NASCAR hoped. A new win-and-in format this year could have created a dramatic nal push for a driver to make the Chase, but nobody had anything for Keselowski. What a night. I pulled into Victory lane and I pinched myself once to make sure I wasnt dreaming, Keselowski said. These are nights you dont forget as a driver and you live for. There were two spots up for grab in the 16-driver Chase eld, but Ryan Newman and Greg Bife pretty much entered the race in control of their own fate. Newman never left anything to chance with a strong ninth-place nish, and Bife slid into the nal spot with a 19-place nish. When you are that far off, it is the hardest thing in the world to drive, Bife said. This is the toughest thing Ive ever done in my life, drive and try to stay in the top 20. Jeff Gordon, the points leader for much of the regular season, nished second. Clint Bowyer, who needed to win to guarantee his Chase berth, was a disappointing third. Bowyer was caught in the middle of a scandal at this race a year ago when his late-race spin set in motion a chain of events that helped then-teammate Martin Truex Jr. make the Chase at the expense of Newman. NASCAR eventually threw Truex out of the Chase, put Newman in and added Gordon as an additional driver. NASCAR was forced to call a caution with 71 laps remaining because a fan had climbed to the top of the catchfence that separates the track and grandstands. Most of the eld used the break to pit and Keselowski remained in control. Hamilton, Rosberg to duel again: In Monza, Italy, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are poised for another wing-to-wing duel in the Italian Grand Prix. After colliding in Belgium two weeks ago and ensuing disciplinary measures, the Mercedes rivals qualified 1-2 and it will be tough for the pair to avoid each other entering at the Monza circuit. Ive been racing for many years and I havent collided with too many people. So Ill just continue to race the way I do, Hamilton said after breaking Rosbergs stranglehold on pole posi tion. I just want to win the right way. Rosberg had taken four consecutive poles and six of the last seven.BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AUTO RACING ROUNDUPClinches the No. 1 seed in the Chase for the CupKeselowki wins in Richmond routNASCAR PHOTOBrad Keselowski (2) and Je Gordon (24) lead the eld to the green ag for Saturday nights NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Richmond, Va. Keselowski won to grab the top seed in the Chase for the Cup. 50449807 BEEP! .,BEEPIO 6EEP ICEP!el;ISSI ime EEPIP T E D P R I C I N G RE-OWNEDCHEVROLET T3U1C]K GMCSAVES YOU MONFy'-WE POST THE ACTUAL FACTORY INVOICEON EVERY VEHICLE SO YOU KNOW YOUSAVE THOUSANDS!'1 1ti I \ M1 I I. A. ?M M' I i I lil 0.&N 42008FIND ROADS 7 CH HHRLETNew 2014 Chevrolet New 2014 Chevrolet ""S sONLY A7984SPARK 1LS MALIBU 1LS 2s 000 1,11LEs201119,050 CRUZE LETONLY $12566 ONLY $#1543958. Plus tax and fees. #1302217. Plus tax and fees. $157984ONLYNew 2014 Chevrolet y New 2014 Chevrolet 27.000 MILES!et 2011SILVERAD01500 2WD IMPALA iLSCHEVROLET$ $ EQUINOX LTONLY 21,984 ONLY 24,280 oNW$179841 #2285466. Plus tax and fees. #1109636. Plus tax and fees. 3C,o00 MILESNew 2014 Chevrolet Equinox 2012CHEVROLETy I TRAVERSE LS?22,844 Ks314?1i ONW$21,48427,700 MILESOR ,LEFAOSR 2011#21J 1.3c -hc.1 IIrS 7 cU 1 IU] )Srll ''f,_)Jt!IatsiI .PlustaxancfeesWithappro.edcredit. CHEVROLETSILVERADONOWONLY 27,904SAVE OVER:'I : ooa IJILLS01$3,500 2014... GMCwaft YUKON#1 MULTImLINE s M# 3L1 NOW $1DEALER FLORIDA! ONLY 4PLATTNER'S BASED ON WRITTEN PRICE WITHIN 30 DAYS. INVOICE MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL DEALER COST. IL,SArcadia Chevrolet Buick 1-800-479-3838 ArcadiaChevroletBuick.comSALE HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM8PM SAT 9AM-6PM SUN CLOSED 7 210 South Brevard Ave. Arcadia SERVICE HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30AM 6PM SAT 8AM-1PM SUN CLOSED


Page 6 SP The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 MIAMI GARDENS Phillip Dorsett caught two touchdown passes, Duke Johnson eclipsed the 2,000-yard career rushing mark and Miami topped Florida A&M 41-7 Saturday night. Dorsett had scoring grabs of 4 and 32 yards from Brad Kaaya for the Hurricanes (1-1), who beat the Rattlers for the ninth straight time. Johnson had 97 yards on nine carries, including a 1-yard scoring run, and Gus Johnson ran 15 yards for another Miami touchdown. The win came in the 100th game of Miami coach Al Goldens career, evening his record at 50-50. Kaaya completed 12 of 22 passes for 177 yards, with the two touchdowns and two interceptions. Miamis Trayone Gray had a 10-yard touchdown run on the rst carry of his career with 4:17 left. John Boston recovered a botched punt snap in the end zone for Florida A&M (0-2). Brandon Norwood had 74 yards on three catches for the Rattlers. Florida A&M brought its famed band, and the Marching 100 as expected put on a scintillating show at halftime, replete with the performers lining up in a formation, a nod to the primary area code in the Miami area. By then, though, the game was decided. The Hurricanes got touchdowns on four of their rst six possessions, rolling out to a 28-0 lead late in the rst half. There were 27 plays in the rst quarter, with the line of scrimmage on every one regardless of who had the ball being in Florida A&M territory. Miami opened drives on the Rattlers 49 twice and another on their 13. Dorsetts 4-yard touchdown opened the scoring. His 32-yard catch in the back of the end zone late in the half made it 28-0, with Dorsett diving near the end line and staying in bounds. Johnson had a 1-yard run for Miamis second score, and his 55-yard carry highlighted the drive that was capped by Edwards touchdown and pushed Miamis lead to 21-0.MIAMI 41, FLORIDA A&M 7Florida A&M 0 7 0 0 7 Miami 14 14 3 10 41 First Quarter MiaDorsett 4 pass from Kaaya (Goudis kick), 11:27. MiaDu.Johnson 1 run (Goudis kick), 2:49. Second Quarter MiaEdwards 15 run (Goudis kick), 10:11. MiaDorsett 32 pass from Kaaya (Goudis kick), 2:02. FamBoston recovered fumble in end zone (Varnadore kick), :23. Third Quarter MiaFG Goudis 20, 2:11. Fourth Quarter MiaGray 10 run (Goudis kick), 4:17. MiaFG Goudis 23, 2:31. A 48,254. Fam Mia First downs 5 21 Rushes-yards 33-25 33-198 Passing 89 218 Comp-Att-Int 6-17-0 17-30-2 Return Yards 22 69 Punts-Avg. 10-38.7 1-43.0 Fumbles-Lost 2-2 2-1 Penalties-Yards 4-39 4-40 Time of Possession 29:32 30:28 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGFlorida A&M, Holloway 15-32, Hearns 9-10, Paul 2-2, Royal 1-(minus 3), Fleming 6-(minus 16). Miami, Du.Johnson 9-97, Yearby 14-95, Edwards 4-31, Gray 3-13, Heaps 1-1, Kaaya 1-(minus 1), Team 1-(minus 38). PASSINGFlorida A&M, Fleming 6-14-089, Royal 0-3-0-0. Miami, Kaaya 12-22-2177, Heaps 5-8-0-41. RECEIVINGFlorida A&M, Norwood 3-74, Glines 2-18, Williams 1-(minus 3). Miami, Berrios 6-63, Dorsett 3-44, Waters 3-42, Wal ford 2-31, Lewis 2-25, Jones 1-13.TALLAHASSEE Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston threw for 256 yards and two touchdowns and the top-ranked Seminoles cakewalked to a 37-12 victory over FCS opponent The Citadel. The 18th consecutive win set an FSU school record. Winston completed 22 of 27 passes and the offense scored touchdowns on all four rst-half drives and eld goals on his two third-quarter drives. The Heisman winner sat down with a 34-0 lead. The Citadel quar terback Aaron Miller completed 3 of 11 passes for 46 yards and a touchdown and ran for 61 yards. The Bulldogs (0-2) had eight rushers carry in their triple-option offense and the ground game accounted for 250 of the teams 322 offensive yards. The Florida State offense was able to drive up and down the eld with little resistance while its starters were on the eld. And they spread the ball around. Seven different receivers had a reception in the rst half as the Seminoles (2-0) scored touchdowns on four of four drives. Seven different players nished with a rush, including Winston, and 10 receivers caught a pass. In the choppy season-opening win against Oklahoma State, Winston seemed to force the ball to receiver Rashad Greene, who nished with 203 yards on 11 receptions. Karlos Williams was one of just two running backs to carry the ball against the Cowboys, and had 23 of the teams 31 rushes. Williams and running backs Mario Pender and Freddie Stevenson had six combined receptions for 46 yards. All-ACC tight end Nick OLeary was supposed to ease the losses of 2013 receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Kenny Shaw, but was also limited last week. He caught a team-high ve balls for 51 yards and a touchdown Saturday. He dropped what would have been another score. COLLEGE FOOTBALL: No. 1 Florida State 37, The Citadel 12PHOTO BY JOHN DAVID MERCER/USA TODAY SPORTSFlorida State running back Karlos Williams (9) carries up the eld against the Citadel Bulldogs during the rst quarter at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.FSU eases past CitadelSeminoles set school record, win 18th in a row By KAREEM COPELANDASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO BY STEVE MITCHELL/USA TODAY SPORTSMiami running back Duke Johnson carries against Florida A&M during Saturdays game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens. Hurricanes easily handle FAMUBy TIM REYNOLDSASSOCIATED PRESS COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Miami 41, Florida A&M 7 No. 1 FLORIDA ST. 37, THE CITADEL 12The Citadel 0 0 0 12 12 Florida St. 14 14 6 3 37 First Quarter FSUK.Williams 1 run (Aguayo kick), 9:48. FSUWilson 12 pass from Winston (Aguayo kick), 3:43. Second Quarter FSUD.Cook 5 run (Aguayo kick), 7:28. FSUOLeary 1 pass from Winston (Aguayo kick), :29. Third Quarter FSUFG Aguayo 22, 11:17. FSUFG Aguayo 27, 6:05. Fourth Quarter CitR.Brown 10 pass from A.Miller (kick failed), 10:12. FSUFG Aguayo 24, 4:47. CitSchoultz 10 pass from Allen (pass failed), :12. A 81,294. Cit FSU First downs 21 28 Rushes-yards 56-250 35-210 Passing 72 284 Comp-Att-Int 5-14-0 25-32-0 Return Yards 0 28 Punts-Avg. 4-47.0 1-40.0 Fumbles-Lost 2-0 1-0 Penalties-Yards 0-0 3-20 Time of Possession 33:35 26:25 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGThe Citadel, A.Miller 14-61, Stenson 5-45, Renew 15-41, Jackson 5-39, I.Smith 6-37, V.Miller 7-21, Allen 3-4, Doro gy 1-2. Florida St., D.Cook 13-67, K.Williams 9-66, Pender 7-38, Whiteld 2-33, Vickers 1-3, Winston 2-2, Maguire 1-1. PASSINGThe Citadel, A.Miller 3-11-0-46, Allen 2-2-0-26, Team 0-1-0-0. Florida St., Winston 22-27-0-256, Maguire 3-5-0-28. RECEIVINGThe Citadel, Schoultz 2-26, R.Brown 2-22, Glover 1-24. Florida St., OLeary 5-51, Greene 4-80, Lane 3-37, Wilson 3-35, Haplea 2-19, Stevenson 2-18, K.Williams 2-15, Pender 2-13, Harrison 1-9, Whiteld 1-7. RED WOLVES AT HURRICANESWHO: Arkansas St. (1-1) at Miami (1-1) WHEN: Saturday, 3:30 p.m. WHERE: Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens TV: ESPNU RADIO: 99.3 FM, 820 AM, 1040 AM TIGERS AT SEMINOLESWHO: Clemson (1-1) at FSU (2-0) WHEN: Sept. 20, TBA WHERE: Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee TV: TBA RADIO: 99.3 FM, 820 AM, 1040 AM | ACC ROUNDUPCLEMSON REVS UP OFFENSE IN ROUTCLEMSON, S.C. Cole Stoudt completed 22 of his 31 passes for 302 yards and No. 23 Clemson scored its highest point total in 33 years in a 73-7 win over South Carolina State on Saturday. The Tigers (1-1) gained 735 yards against the FCS Bulldogs (1-1), who were held to 44 yards. The 73 points were the most scored by the Tigers since an 82-24 win over Wake Forest in 1981 and it was their biggest margin since beating Presbyterian 67-0 in 1957. The Tigers are 29-0 against FCS teams. Virginia 45, Richmond 13: In Charlottesville, Va., Matt Johns led two touchdown drives and Eli Harold returned a fumble 22 yards for a touchdown as Virginia ended a 10-game losing streak. NC State 46, Old Dominion 24: In Raleigh, N.C., Shadrach Thornton rushed for 86 yards and three touchdowns for North Carolina State. Wake Forest 23, GardnerWebb 7: In Winston-Salem, N.C., John Wolford shook off three interceptions to throw for 291 yards and two touchdowns, and Wake Forest used a stifling defense to give new coach Dave Clawson his first victory. Duke 34, Troy 17: In Troy, Ala., Anthony Boone passed for 268 yards and a touchdown and ran for two more scores to lead Duke. No. 25 Louisville 66, Murray State 21: In Louisville, Ky., Louisville backup quarterback Reggie Bonnafon ran for two touchdowns and passed for another and Cardinals scored on nine straight possessions.ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE Atlantic Division Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Louisville 1 0 31 13 2 0 97 34 Florida St. 0 0 0 0 2 0 74 43 NC State 0 0 0 0 2 0 70 57 Syracuse 0 0 0 0 1 0 27 26 Clemson 0 0 0 0 1 1 94 52 Wake Forest 0 0 0 0 1 1 33 24 Boston College 0 1 20 30 1 1 50 37 Coastal Division Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Pittsburgh 1 0 30 20 2 0 92 20 Duke 0 0 0 0 2 0 86 30 Georgia Tech 0 0 0 0 2 0 76 40 North Carolina 0 0 0 0 1 0 56 29 Virginia Tech 0 0 0 0 1 0 34 9 Virginia 0 0 0 0 1 1 65 41 Miami 0 1 13 31 1 1 54 38 Fridays results Pittsburgh 30, Boston College 20 Saturdays results Clemson 73, SC State 7 Virginia 45, Richmond 13 Georgia Tech 38, Tulane 21 NC State 46, Old Dominion 34 Wake Forest 23, Gardner-Webb 7 Duke 34, Troy 17 Miami 41, Florida A&M 7 Louisville 66, Murray St. 21 Florida St. 37, The Citadel 12 Virginia Tech at Ohio St., late San Diego St. at North Carolina, late Saturdays games Pittsburgh at FIU, Noon Syracuse at Cent. Michigan, Noon Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech, Noon East Carolina at Virginia Tech, Noon Louisville at Virginia, 12:30 p.m. Kansas at Duke, 3:30 p.m. Arkansas St. at Miami, 3:30 p.m. NC State at South Florida, 3:30 p.m. Wake Forest at Utah St., 7 p.m. Southern Cal at Boston College, 8 p.m. | STATE ROUNDUPFIU ROUTS WAGNERMIAMI (AP) Alex McGough threw two touchdown passes to lead Florida International past Wagner of the FCS 34-3 on Saturday night. McGough, a true freshman making his rst career start, hit Jonnu Smith for a 41yard touchdown to cap a three-play, 52-yard drive on FIUs opening series. McGough connected with Cory White for a 1-yard score and the Panthers led 27-3 at halftime. Alex Gardner, also a true freshman, ran for 139 yards on 15 carries. His 62-yard run set up Whites TD reception. Richard Leonard had a 60-yard interception return for a touchdown and Austin Taylor had eld goals of 34 and 23 yards. Anthon Samuel ran for a 2-yard touchdown to cap the scoring for FIU (1-1). | BIG 12 ROUNDUPKSTATE SURVIVES IOWA STATEAMES, Iowa (AP) Jake Waters ran for an 8-yard touchdown with 1:30 left to push 20thranked Kansas State past host Iowa State 32-28 on Saturday. Waters threw for 239 yards and ran for a career-high 138 yards for the Wildcats (2-0, 1-0 Big 12). They trailed by as much as 28-13 late in the rst half before Waters rescued them on a game-winning drive. Waters followed a key 23-yard completion to Tyler Lockett with a 25yard run with just under two minutes left. Waters then capped an 80-yard drive that took just 1:31 with his second touchdown run of the day. Jarvis West caught and threw touchdown passes and ran a punt back for a third TD for Iowa State (0-2, 0-1), which was held scoreless in the second half. It was a tough loss for the Cyclones: They nearly knocked off a ranked opponent just a week after losing by 20 to FCS school North Dakota State. Kansas 34, Southeast Missouri State 28: In Lawrence, Kan., Montell Cozart threw three touchdown passes, two to Nick Harwell, and Kansas withstood a furious fourth-quarter rally by Southeast Missouri State. DeAndre Mann ran for 121 yards and freshman Corey Avery added 91 yards and a score, helping the Jayhawks (1-0) survive after blowing most of a 24-0 first-quarter lead down the stretch. Oklahoma State 40, Missouri State 23: In Stillwater, Okla., Daxx Garman went 16 of 26 for 244 yards and two touchdowns to help lead Oklahoma State. Garman entered the contest late in the first quarter, for injured starter J.W. Walsh, with OSU leading 10-6. It was his first game action since his junior year of high school in 2009. Tyreek Hill ran for 62 yards for Oklahoma State (1-1), while Rennie Childs added 39 yards and two touchdowns. Kierra Harris threw for 206 yards and two touchdowns on 14-of-21 passing, and ran for 45 yards, for Missouri State (1-1), which fell to 1-30 against FBS opponents. BYU 41, Texas 7: In Austin, Texas, BYU quarterback Taysom Hill ran for three touchdowns in the third quarter, hurdling a defender near the goal line on a 30-yard score, to lead the Cougars. BYU rolled up 550 yards rushing in a win over Texas in 2013. This time, the Cougars stuffed a Longhorns offense that started new quarterback Tyrone Swoopes behind a line missing three starters because of injury or suspensions. West Virginia 54, Towson 0: In Morgantown, W.Va., Clint Trickett threw two touchdown passes and ran for another score, leading West Virginia to a rout. The Mountaineers (1-1) scored on six of their first seven drives with little resistance and got the production from their running game that was missing in a season-opening loss to Alabama.BIG 12 CONFERENCE Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Kansas St. 1 0 32 28 2 0 87 44 Oklahoma 0 0 0 0 2 0 100 23 Baylor 0 0 0 0 1 0 45 0 Kansas 0 0 0 0 1 0 34 28 TCU 0 0 0 0 1 0 48 14 Texas Tech 0 0 0 0 1 0 42 35 Oklahoma St. 0 0 0 0 1 1 71 60 West Virginia 1 0 0 0 1 1 77 33 Texas 0 0 0 0 1 1 45 48 Iowa St. 0 1 28 32 0 2 42 66 Saturdays results Kansas St. 32, Iowa St. 28 Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7 Oklahoma St. 40, Missouri St. 23 Kansas 34, SE Missouri 28 BYU 41, Texas 7 Northwestern St. at Baylor, late West Virginia 54, Towson 0 Texas Tech at UTEP, late Fridays game Baylor at Bualo, 8 p.m. Saturdays games West Virginia at Maryland, Noon Iowa St. at Iowa, 3:30 p.m. Kansas at Duke, 3:30 p.m. Arkansas at Texas Tech, 3:30 p.m. Minnesota at TCU, 4 p.m. UTSA at Oklahoma St., 7 p.m. UCLA vs. Texas at Arlington, Texas, 8 p.m. Tennessee at Oklahoma, 8 p.m. 'V I lm.js---a,, sr4* 1


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Page 7 TAMPA C.J. Brown threw for two touchdowns and Avery Thompson recovered a blocked punt in the end zone for a fourth-quarter TD that helped Maryland beat South Florida 24-17 on Saturday. Marcus Leak scored on receptions of 10 and 44 yards for the Terrapins (2-0), who overcame six turnovers, including a pair of interceptions that stopped promising drives. We had every opportunity in the world to win that game, USF coach Willie Taggart said. We fought. Our defense played their tails off. Weve got to nd a way to execute and make plays. Thompsons TD put Maryland ahead for good with 12:25 remaining. Cornerback Alvin Hills late interception helped the Terrapins put it away. USF (1-1) lost quar terback Mike White with an arm injury on the rst play of the game. Backup Steven Bench scored on a 17-yard run and linebacker Auggie Sanchez scored on a 21-yard fumble return for the Bulls, who led 17-14 at halftime. Marlon Mack, the nations leading rusher after gaining 275 yards last week against Western Carolina, was held to 73 yards on 22 carries.MARYLAND 24, SOUTH FLORIDA 17Maryland 14 0 0 10 24 South Florida 7 10 0 0 17 First Quarter MdLeak 10 pass from C.Brown (Craddock kick), 7:02. USFSanchez 21 fumble return (Kloss kick), 4:04. MdLeak 44 pass from C.Brown (Craddock kick), 2:38. Second Quarter USFBench 15 run (Kloss kick), 11:27. USFFG Kloss 35, :00. Fourth Quarter MdBrooks 0 blocked punt return (Crad dock kick), 12:25. MdFG Craddock 23, 5:16. A 28,915. Md USF First downs 17 16 Rushes-yards 40-116 37-83 Passing 201 174 Comp-Att-Int 17-28-2 15-37-1 Return Yards 98 22 Punts-Avg. 4-47.0 8-39.0 Fumbles-Lost 7-4 0-0 Penalties-Yards 4-35 6-39 Time of Possession 27:07 32:53 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGMaryland, W.Brown 13-61, Reid 8-34, B.Ross 6-25, Goins Jr.1-4, C.Brown 10-(minus 3), Team 2-(minus 5). South Flor ida, Mack 22-73, Adams 1-11, Bench 5-9, Johnson 3-4, Tice 5-3, Team 1-(minus 17). PASSINGMaryland, C.Brown 17-28-2201. South Florida, Bench 14-36-1-162, White 1-1-0-12. RECEIVINGMaryland, Diggs 7-50, Long 4-42, Leak 3-72, Goins Jr. -17, Reid 1-12, B.Ross 1-8. South Florida, McFarland 4-55, Welch 4-43, Adams 3-49, Price 2-17, Mack 1-7, Tice 1-3.Terps gouge BullsBY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Maryland 24, South Florida 17Maryland sties USFs running game in victoryUSA TODAY SPORTS PHOTO BY JONATHAN DYERSouth Floridas Johnny Ward picks o a pass over Marylands Stefon Diggs during the rst quarter of Saturdays game. WOLFPACK AT BULLSWHO: N.C. State (2-0) at South Florida (1-1) WHEN: Saturday, 3:30 p.m. WHERE: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa TV: CBS Sports Network RADIO: 1220 AM TICKETS: 1-800-462-8557 | AAC ROUNDUPPUNT RETURN HELPS CONNECTICUT TOP STONY BROOK, 1916EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) UConns Deshon Foxx returned a punt 72 yards for a touchdown and the Huskies held off Stony Brook 19-16 on Saturday for Bob Diacos rst victory as a collegiate head coach. It took us 10 weeks last year just to get one win, Davis said. A win is a win. These guys fought hard defense, offense and special teams. UConn improved to 1-1 against the Seawolves (0-2), a FCS team that lost to Bryant a week ago, and outgained the Huskies in total yards 300-223. No. 4 Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7: In Tulsa, Okla., Sterling Shepard had a career-high 177 yards receiving and Trevor Knight passed for 299 yards and two touchdowns to lead Oklahoma (2-0). Dane Evans passed for 204 yards and Keevan Lucas caught 10 passes for 84 yards for Tulsa (1-1). North Texas 43, SMU 6: In Denton, Texas, Reggie Pegram rushed 21 times for 81 yards and a touchdown, and Jarrian Roberts had a 31-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown, leading North Texas (1-1) to a blowout win. SMU, which fell to 0-2, was held to eight yards rushing. Navy 31, Temple 24: Chris Johnson recovered Brendan McGowans lateral at the 10 to help the Midshipmen hold on for a victory over the Owls (1-1) in Philadelphia. Keenan Reynolds led a triple-option attack for Navy (1-1) that gained 487 yards rushing. Georgia Tech 38, Tulane 21: In New Orleans, Tony Zenon and Tim Byerly each rushed for two touchdowns to lead Georgia Tech (2-0), which rushed for 342 yards. Miscues by Tulane (0-2) set up four of Techs five touchdowns. Standings Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Tulsa 1 0 38 31 1 1 45 83 East Carolina 0 0 0 0 1 1 75 40 Memphis 0 0 0 0 1 0 63 0 S. Florida 0 0 0 0 1 1 53 55 Temple 0 0 0 0 1 1 61 38 UConn 0 0 0 0 1 1 29 51 Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Houston 0 0 0 0 0 1 7 27 C. Florida 0 0 0 0 0 1 24 26 SMU 0 0 0 0 0 2 6 88 Tulane 0 1 31 38 0 2 52 76 Saturdays results North Texas 43, SMU 6 UConn 19, Stony Brook 16 Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7 Navy 31, Temple 24 Maryland 24, South Florida 17 Georgia Tech 38, Tulane 21 South Carolina 33, East Carolina 23 Grambling St. at Houston, late Memphis at UCLA, late Thursdays games Houston at BYU, 9 p.m. Fridays games Toledo at Cincinnati, 7 p.m. Saturdays games Boise St. at UConn, noon Central Florida at Missouri, noon East Carolina at Virginia Tech, noon N.C. State at South Florida, 3:30 p.m. Tulsa at FAU, 7 p.m. SE Louisiana at Tulane, 8 p.m. | SEC ROUNDUPNO. 21 GAMECOCKS HOLD OFF ECU, 3323COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) Mike Davis ran for 101 yards and two touchdowns as No. 21 South Carolina bounced back from an embarrassing opening-week loss to Texas A&M to hold off East Carolina 33-23 on Saturday night. The Gamecocks (1-1) trailed 13-7 early on with the Pirates (1-1) threatening to put another Aggie-style beating on them. But behind Davis grinding runs and the defenses improving play, South Carolina found its footing in its rst win of the season. The victory was Steve Spurriers 200th as a Southeastern Conference coach at Florida and with the Gamecocks. Only Paul Bear Bryant with 292 and Vince Dooley with 201 have more than the head ball coach. Spurrier can tie Dooley next week against his old team when the Gamecocks host No. 6 Georgia at Williams-Brice Stadium. No. 2 Alabama 41, Florida Atlantic 0: In Tuscaloosa, Ala., Blake Sims passed for 214 yards and Jake Coker threw for 202 to lead Alabama in a game cut short by lightning. Its the first time two Alabama quarterbacks had thrown for 200 yards in the same game and the second most passing yards in program history behind Scott Hunters 484 against Auburn in 1969. Both quarterbacks got a chance to make a case for the Tides starting job in a one-sided game. The schools agreed to end the game with 7:53 left and Alabama (2-0) nearing the end zone again. The Tide outgained FAU (0-2) 620-145. No. 5 Auburn 59, San Jose St. 13: In Auburn, Ala., Cameron Artis-Payne rushed for three touchdowns, all in the first half, to lead Auburn (2-0). The Tigers had six touchdowns and 358 yards on the ground, including 112 from ArtisPayne. Quarterback Nick Marshall, making his first start of the season, ran for 103 yards, including a 27-yard touchdown on his final drive late in the third quarter. No. 12 LSU 56, Sam Houston St. 0: In Baton Rouge, La., Anthony Jennings threw three scoring passes to Travin Dural, running back Leornard Fournette scored his first touchdown, and LSU overwhelmed Sam Houston State. All three of Durals catches went for touchdowns, including a 94-yarder on the first offensive play LSU (2-0) ran. Fournette carried 13 times for 92 yards, highlighted by a 40-yard run. The highly hyped freshman struck a Heisman Trophy-like pose after his 4-yard touchdown reception, drawing a lecture from coach Les Miles. No. 15 Mississippi 41, Vanderbilt 3: In Nashville, Tenn., Bo Wallace threw for 320 yards and a touchdown, and Mississippi routed Vanderbilt in the SEC opener for both teams. Ole Miss (2-0, 1-1) scored on seven of its first eight possessions with the shortest drive covering 67 yards. Jaylen Walton started the scoring with a 20-yard TD, and ITavius Mathers and DeVante Kincade also ran for TDs. The Commodores (0-2, 0-1) still are searching for first-year coach Derek Masons inaugural win, but at least got their first offensive points with a field goal. No. 24 Missouri 49, Toledo 24: In Toledo, Ohio, Maty Mauk threw for 325 yards and five touchdowns, and Missouri gave coach Gary Pinkel a win against his former program. Mauk also ran for a touchdown, and the Tigers (2-0) never trailed in what was expected to be a tricky road game against one of the top teams in the Mid-American Conference. Missouri led 35-7 in the third quarter, and the Rockets (1-1) could get no closer than 14 points in the second half. Pinkel coached Toledo from 1991-2000 before taking over at Missouri. He is the winningest coach at both schools. Arkansas 73, Nicholls State 7: In Fayetteville, Ark., Brandon Allen threw four touchdown passes and Alex Collins ran for three more as Arkansas put an emphatic end a 10-game losing streak, the longest in school history. The Razorbacks (1-1) led 56-0 at halftime and outgained the Colonels 684-282 in total yards. Mississippi St. 47, UAB 34: In Starkville, Miss., Dak Prescott threw for 211 yards and four touchdowns while also running for 111 yards and a touchdown to lead Mississippi State past AlabamaBirmingham (1-1). The Bulldogs (2-0) have won five straight games dating to last season. Josh Robinson rushed for a career-high 124 yards and a touchdown. Tennessee 34, Arkansas State 19: In Knoxville, Tenn., Justin Worley threw two touchdown passes to Marquez North and ran for a third score to lead Tennessee. The Volunteers are off to their fourth consecutive 2-0 start, though they finished below .500 in each year of that streak. They play at No. 4 Oklahoma next week. Kentucky 20, Ohio 3: In Lexington, Ky., Kentucky quarterback Patrick Towles threw for 170 yards and rushed for 59 more to lead the Wildcats. Towles completed 17 of 31 passes and one touchdown and led the Wildcats to their first 2-0 start since 2011. Although Kentuckys offense wasnt as explosive as last weeks 59-14 rout of Tennessee Martin, it was enough to help the Wildcats avenge a 28-16 loss to the Bobcats in 2004.StandingsEAST Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Kentucky 0 0 0 0 2 0 79 17 Missouri 0 0 0 0 2 0 87 42 Tennessee 0 0 0 0 2 0 72 26 Florida 0 0 0 0 1 0 65 0 Georgia 0 0 0 0 1 0 45 21 S. Carolina 0 1 28 52 1 1 61 75 Vanderbilt 0 1 3 41 0 2 10 78 WEST Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Mississippi 1 0 41 3 2 0 76 16 Auburn 1 0 45 21 2 0 104 34 Texas A&M 1 0 52 28 1 0 52 28 Alabama 0 0 0 0 2 0 74 23 LSU 0 0 0 0 2 0 84 24 Mississippi St 0 0 0 0 2 0 96 34 Arkansas 0 1 21 45 1 1 94 52 Saturdays results Missouri 49, Toledo 24 Alabama 41, FAU 0 Tennessee 34, Arkansas St. 19 Mississippi St. 47, UAB 34 Kentucky 20, Ohio 3 Arkansas 73, Nicholls St. 7 Florida 65, E. Michigan 0 Mississippi 41, Vanderbilt 3 Auburn 59, San Jose St. 13 South Carolina 33, East Carolina 23 LSU 56, Sam Houston St. 0 Lamar at Texas A&M, late Saturdays games UMass at Vanderbilt, Noon UCF at Missouri, Noon Arkansas at Texas Tech, 3:30 p.m. Georgia at South Carolina, 3:30 p.m. Mississippi St. at South Alabama, 4 p.m. Louisiana at Mississippi, 4 p.m. Southern Miss. at Alabama, 6 p.m. Louisiana-Monroe at LSU, 7 p.m. Kentucky at Florida, 7:30 p.m. Tennessee at Oklahoma, 8 p.m. Rice at Texas A&M, 9 p.m. AP PHOTOKentuckys Dorian Baker tries to reach the goal line after a pass reception in front of Ohios Ian Wells. Baker was short and the WIldcats settled for a eld goal in a 20-3 victory over Ohio on Saturday in Lexington, Ky. dominant in the process. Florida nished with 655 yards, 27 rst downs and its most points in Muschamps four-year tenure. It was the programs highest scoring output since beating Citadel 70-19 in 2008. Sure, it came against a directional school that won two games a year ago. But it was just what the Gators (1-0) needed to regain a little condence after last years injury-fueled debacle. It felt good to win this game, defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. Its been so long, with the season we had last year and the stress. Every game were out to make a statement. That was one statement we made. Muschamps team nished 4-8 in 2013, the programs worst record since 1979, and lost its nal seven games. Driskel broke his right leg in the third game, and the Gators were unprepared to play without him. Muschamp red two assistants a day after the season, hired Dukes Kurt Roper to revamp a stale offense and vowed to compete for the Southeastern Conference title. Driskel looked comfortable in Ropers up-tempo, spread offense. The offensive line, which was often criticized last year, opened up huge holes in the running game. And maybe most importantly, the Gators showcased a number of playmakers. I dont think we were trying to make a statement out there, Driskel said. We were going out and playing hard, and when you have good play ers and you execute, thats whats going to happen. Kelvin Taylor, Matt Jones and Brandon Powell scored on the ground in the rst half, and Driskel joined the touchdown party with a 4-yard scoring pass to Jones in the third. Driskel completed 31 of 45 passes both career highs and wasnt sacked. Backup quarterback Treon Harris completed his rst two passes for touchdowns, connecting for 70 and 78 yards in the fourth quarter. Tight end Jake McGee was carted off the eld in the second quarter with two broken bones in his left leg and will have season-ending surgery. Left tackle D.J. Humphries chipped a bone in his left ankle and will miss two to three weeks.FLORIDA 65, E. MICHIGAN 0E. Michigan 0 0 0 0 0 Florida 17 13 21 14 65 First Quarter FlaFG Velez 33, 6:44. FlaK.Taylor 31 run (Velez kick), 6:00. FlaJones 40 run (Velez kick), 4:48. Second Quarter FlaB.Powell 12 run (Velez kick), 13:49. FlaFG Velez 36, 6:30. FlaFG Velez 29, :13. Third Quarter FlaJones 4 pass from Driskel (Velez kick), 9:18. FlaK.Taylor 6 run (Velez kick), 3:33. FlaDawson 36 interception return (Velez kick), 2:51. Fourth Quarter FlaRobinson 70 pass from T.Harris (Velez kick), 14:47. FlaHerndon 78 pass from T.Harris (Velez kick), 12:08. A 81,049. EMU Fla First downs 7 27 Rushes-yards 34-80 39-259 Passing 45 396 Comp-Att-Int 9-21-1 33-47-0 Return Yards 1 134 Punts-Avg. 10-43.2 3-48.3 Fumbles-Lost 4-4 0-0 Penalties-Yards 4-40 10-100 Time of Possession 24:17 35:43 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGE. Michigan, Allen 2-20, Bell Jr. 7-20, Jackson 5-16, Brumeld 4-13, Bolden 6-13, Lewis 1-4, Hill 7-0, K.Jones 1-(minus 1), Roback 1-(minus 5). Florida, K.Taylor 8-68, Jones 8-65, M.Brown 6-58, Masline 7-25, B.Powell 3-24, Herndon 3-11, Driskel 1-7, T.Harris 3-1. PASSINGE. Michigan, Roback 5-10-0-29, Bell Jr. 2-6-0-12, Bolden 2-5-1-4. Florida, Driskel 31-45-0-248, T.Harris 2-2-0-148. RECEIVINGE. Michigan, Russell 2-16, Creel 2-12, Jackson 2-1, Allen 1-7, Brumeld 1-5, K.Jones 1-4. Florida, Burton 7-42, Rob inson 6-123, Dunbar 5-81, Fulwood 4-22, Pittman, Jr. 3-20, M.Brown 2-10, Jones 2-9, Herndon 1-78, Worton 1-8, Showers 1-3, B.Powell 1-0.STREAKFROM PAGE 1 \T i I PIK.._ ., tea.-. Ly.r'-


Page 8 The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 | BIG TEN ROUNDUPNEBRASKA LOSES LEAD BEFORE AVOIDING UPSETLINCOLN, Neb. (AP) Ameer Abdullahs 58-yard touchdown after a short pass from Tommy Armstrong Jr. broke a tie with 20 seconds left and lifted No. 19 Nebraska past McNeese State, 31-24, on Saturday. McNeese State, a member of the Football Championship Subdivision, erased a 10-point decit to tie Nebraska (2-0) at 24 with 4:21 to play. The Huskers winning possession started with 1:14 to play, and they were facing thirdand-6 when Abdullah made his catch. No. 18 Wisconsin 37, Western Illinois 3: Tanner McEvoy overcame a slow start to throw for three touchdowns and run for another, and Wisconsin pulled away in Madison, Wis. Melvin Gordon ran for 38 yards on 17 carries with the Fighting Leathernecks (1-1) consistently stacking the box against one of the countrys best rushers. McEvoy shook off a couple bad throws early to finish 23 of 28 for 283 yards with one interception. Leading 9-3 at halftime, the Badgers (1-1) started moving by throwing on first down and using more play-action. Central Michigan 38, Purdue 17: Cooper Rush threw two touchdown passes and Thomas Rawls ran for two more scores for Central Michigan (2-0), which beat a Big Ten foe for the second time in three seasons and improved to 6-23 against teams currently in the conference. Purdue (1-1) hasnt opened a season with back-to-back wins over Football Bowl Subdivision opponents since 2005. Penn St. 21, Akron 3: Christian Hackenberg threw for three touchdowns and 319 yards in University Park, Pa. The Nittany Lions (2-0) totaled 425 yards total offense but two interceptions and a fumble kept Akron (1-1) within reach until late. The game featured 82 passes and 527 passing yards as opposed to just 175 on the ground. Illinois 42, Western Kentucky 34: Illinois quarterback Wes Lunt threw for three touchdowns, and Taylor Barton returned an interception for a late score to secure a comeback win in Champaign, Ill. Lunt was 35 of 50 with one interception for the Illini (2-0). Rutgers 38, Howard 25: Gary Nova threw four touchdowns and halfback Paul James had his second consecutive three-touchdown game to lead Rutgers in Piscataway, N.J. Nova connected with James on scoring passes of 69 and 31 yards and added tosses of 38 yards to Leonte Carroo and 19 to John Tsimis as the Scarlet Knights (2-0) scored 31 straight first-half points to overcome an early deficit. Iowa 17, Ball State 13: Iowas Jake Duzey caught a go-ahead 12-yard touchdown pass from Jake Rudock with a minute left in Iowa City, Iowa. Rudock threw for 322 yards and completed 9 of 11 passes on the Hawkeyes two scoring drives in the final 6 minutes. Iowa (2-0) forced a fumble on Ball States final possession to end the game. Ball State (1-1) turned two fumbles into 10 points, but the Cardinals couldnt get a stop late. Northern Illinois 23, Northwestern 15: Drew Hare passed for two touchdowns and ran for another to lead Northern Illinois (2-0) in Evanston, Ill. He got help from DaRon Brown, who hauled in the two TD passes and finished with six receptions for 128 yards. NIU is 5-3 versus Big Ten teams since Sept. 19, 2009. Minnesota 35, Middle Tennessee 24: David Cobb had 29 carries for two touchdowns and a career-high 220 yards, the most for Minnesota in nine years. Donnell Kirkwood also had a first-quarter touchdown run for the Golden Gophers (2-0), who rushed for 284 yards.BIG TEN CONFERENCE East Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Maryland 0 0 0 0 2 0 76 24 Penn St. 0 0 0 0 2 0 47 27 Rutgers 0 0 0 0 2 0 79 63 Indiana 0 0 0 0 1 0 28 10 Michigan 0 0 0 0 1 1 52 45 Ohio St. 0 0 0 0 1 0 34 17 Michigan St. 0 0 0 0 1 1 72 53 West Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Illinois 0 0 0 0 2 0 70 51 Iowa 0 0 0 0 2 0 48 36 Minnesota 0 0 0 0 2 0 77 44 Nebraska 0 0 0 0 2 0 86 31 Purdue 0 0 0 0 1 1 60 72 Wisconsin 0 0 0 0 1 1 61 31 Northwestern 0 0 0 0 0 2 39 54 S a turdays results Penn St. 21, Akron 3 Cent. Michigan 38, Purdue 17 Rutgers 38, Howard 25 Wisconsin 37, W. Illinois 3 Illinois 42, W. Kentucky 34 Nebraska 31, McNeese St. 24 Iowa 17, Ball St. 13 N. Illinois 23, Northwestern 15 Maryland 24, South Florida 17 Minnesota 35, Middle Tennessee 24 Oregon 46, Michigan St. 27 Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0 Virginia Tech at Ohio St., late Saturdays games Kent St. at Ohio St., Noon Indiana at Bowling Green, Noon West Virginia at Maryland, Noon Iowa St. at Iowa, 3:30 p.m. Miami (Ohio) at Michigan, 3:30 p.m. Minnesota at TCU, 4 p.m. Illinois at Washington, 4 p.m. Purdue vs. Notre Dame at Indianapolis, 7:30 p.m. Penn St. at Rutgers, 8 p.m. Nebraska at Fresno St., 10:30 p.m. | PAC-12 ROUNDUP SOUTHERN CAL EDGES STANFORDSTANFORD, Calif. (AP) Andre Heidari kicked a career-long 53-yard eld goal with 2:30 remaining, J.R. Tavai forced a fumble to end Stanfords comeback bid and No. 14 Southern California held off the No. 13 Cardinal 13-10 Saturday. With Stanford threatening to tie or take the lead, Tavai came from Kevin Hogans blindside to jar the ball loose. Scott Felix recovered at the Trojans 26-yard-line with 19 seconds to play, sealing new coach Steve Sarkisians rst major victory at USC. Colorado 41, UMass 38: Sefo Liufau threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns as Colorado overcame an 11-point third-quarter deficit in Foxborough, Mass. UMass had turned a 20-14 deficit into a 31-20 lead by scoring 17 points in a span of 2:54 late in the second quarter and early in the third. Then Colorado (1-1) scored on its next three possessions. Washington 59, Eastern Washington 52: Cyler Miles ran for three touchdowns rushing and threw for another in his season debut at quarterback, and Washington withstood seven touchdown passes from Eastern Washington quarterback Vernon Adams Jr., in Seattle. Utah 59, Fresno State 27: Travis Wilson threw a career-high five touchdowns and Kenneth Scott and Dres Anderson each had a pair of scoring catches for Utah in Salt Lake City. Wilson completed 11 of 20 passes for 181 yards and left the game early in the third quarter with Utah ahead 38-7. Cal 55, Sacramento State 14: Jared Goff matched his career high of four touchdown passes, backup Luke Rubenzer threw for one and ran for another, and California (2-0) raced to a 42-0 lead midway through the second quarter in Berkeley, Calif. No. 17 Arizona St 58, New Mexico 23: Taylor Kelly threw for two touchdowns and ran for another and D.J. Foster rushed for a career-high 216 yards for Arizona State (2-0), which grabbed a 22-0 first-quarter lead.PACIFIC-12 CONFERENCE North Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA California 0 0 0 0 1 0 31 24 Oregon St. 0 0 0 0 1 0 29 14 Oregon 0 0 0 0 2 0 108 40 Washington 0 0 0 0 2 0 76 68 Wash. St. 0 0 0 0 0 2 51 65 Stanford 0 1 10 13 1 1 55 13 South Conference All Games W L PF PA W L PF PA Southern Cal 1 0 13 10 2 0 65 23 Arizona 0 0 0 0 2 0 84 36 Ariz. St. 0 0 0 0 2 0 103 37 UCLA 0 0 0 0 1 0 28 20 Utah 0 0 0 0 2 0 115 41 Colorado 0 0 0 0 1 1 58 69 Thursdays result Arizona 26, UTSA 23 Fridays result Nevada 24, Washington St. 13 Saturdays results Colorado 41, UMass 38 Washington 59, E. Washington 52 Utah 59, Fresno St. 27 California 55, Sacramento St. 14 Southern Cal 13, Stanford 10 Oregon 46, Michigan St. 27 Arizona St. 58, New Mexico 23 Memphis at UCLA, late Oregon St. at Hawaii, late Saturdays games Wyoming at Oregon, 2 p.m. Illinois at Washington, 4 p.m. Army at Stanford, 5 p.m. UCLA vs. Texas at Arlington, Texas, 8 p.m. Portland St. at Washington St., 8 p.m. Southern Cal at Boston College, 8 p.m. Arizona St. at Colorado, 10 p.m. Nevada at Arizona, 11 p.m. AP PHOTOOregons Derrick Malone Jr., left, and Reggie Daniels, right, double team Michigan States Chris Laneaux, center, to force an incomplete pass during Saturdays top-10 battle in Eugene, Ore.EUGENE, Ore. Marcus Mariota threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns, including a pair to speedy redshirt freshman Devon Allen, and No. 3 Oregon prevailed over No. 7 Michigan States defense 46-27 on Saturday night. Mariotas three touchdown passes in what was considered a premier nonconference matchup gave him 69 for his career, an Oregon record. After falling behind 27-18 early in the third quarter, Oregon scored four touchdowns, including a pair of runs by freshman Royce Freeman, who nished with 89 yards on 13 carries. The loss snapped an 11-game winning streak for the defending Big Ten and Rose Bowl champion Spartans, who went 13-1 last season. Connor Cook threw for 343 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. The Spartans had the second-ranked total defense in the nation last year, allowing opponents an average of slightly more than 252 yards per game. But the high-ying Oregon offense combined with temperatures approaching 100 degrees appeared to wear on Michigan State as the game went on. The two teams both went three-and-out on their opening series and it appeared that defenses would rule the day. The Spartans broached Oregon territory midway through the quarter, but on third-and-10 on the 38, Erick Dargan inter cepted Cook and ran it back 36 yards. That was when the offenses took over. The Spartans 11-game winning streak included a 34-24 victory over Ohio State in the Big Ten championship and a 2420 victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl. The Ducks were the highest-ranked nonconference opponent the Spartans had faced since they played top-ranked Nebraska in 1996. It was the rst time that two teams ranked in the top 10 had met in a nonconference tilt at Autzen Stadium. The then-No. 4 Ducks defeated thenNo. 9 Stanford 52-31 in conference play in 2010.By ANNE M. PETERSONASSOCIATED PRESS COLLEGE FOOTBALL: No. 3 Oregon 46, No. 7 Michigan State 27Michigan St. win streak ends at 11Second-half surge carries Oregon | COLLEGE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARDSOUTH Alabama 41, FAU 0 Alabama St. 27, Tennessee St. 21 Appalachian St. 66, Campbell 0 Auburn 59, San Jose St. 13 Averett 20, Washington & Lee 17 Benedict 34, Lane 7 Catawba 35, Davidson 7 Centre 42, Hanover 17 Charleston Southern 16, Newberry 10 Chowan 26, Fayetteville St. 22 Clemson 73, SC State 7 Coastal Carolina 31, NC A&T 30 Duke 34, Troy 17 Emory & Henry 41, Ferrum 12 FIU 34, Wagner 3 Florida 65, E. Michigan 0 Florida St. 37, The Citadel 12 Florida Tech 54, Stetson 12 Furman 25, Mercer 20 Georgia Southern 83, Savannah St. 9 Georgia Tech 38, Tulane 21 Jackson St. 59, Va. Lynchburg 0 Jacksonville St. 26, Chattanooga 23, OT Johns Hopkins 42, Randolph-Macon 3 Kentucky 20, Ohio 3 LSU 56, Sam Houston St. 0 Liberty 17, Norfolk St. 0 Louisiana Tech 48, Louisiana 20 Louisville 66, Murray St. 21 Marshall 48, Rhode Island 7 Maryland 24, South Florida 17 Maryville (Tenn.) 41, Berry 14 Miami 41, Florida A&M 7 Mississippi 41, Vanderbilt 3 Mississippi St. 47, UAB 34 Morehead St. 49, Pikeville 36 NC Central 34, Elizabeth City St. 7 NC State 46, Old Dominion 34 New Mexico St. 34, Georgia St. 31 Presbyterian 69, Blueeld South 14 Reinhardt 52, Lindsey Wilson 48 Salisbury 41, Christopher Newport 32 Slippery Rock 37, Kutztown 26 South Carolina 33, East Carolina 23 Southern Miss. 26, Alcorn St. 20 Southern U. 56, Cent. Methodist 14 St. Anselm 23, Bowie St. 22 Stevenson 40, NC Wesleyan 19 Tennessee 34, Arkansas St. 19 Tuskegee 30, Alabama A&M 17 Valdosta St. 38, Albany St. (Ga.) 10 Virginia 45, Richmond 13 Virginia Union 12, Siena Heights 0 W. Carolina 45, Brevard 21 Wake Forest 23, Gardner-Webb 7 Warner 14, Webber 10 Wesley 35, Thomas More 20 West Alabama 44, Stillman 20 West Georgia 38, Mars Hill 26 William & Mary 42, Hampton 14 Wingate 38, Limestone 10 Winston-Salem 38, UNC-Pembroke 7 EAST Albany (NY) 19, CCSU 0 Alderson-Broaddus 57, Pace 37 Alfred 34, Husson 17 Army 47, Bualo 39 Bentley 27, Mercyhurst 21 Bloomsburg 24, Stonehill 7 Bridgewater (Mass.) 33, Gettysburg 32 Brockport 45, Oberlin 10 Bryant 40, Merrimack 14 Bucknell 22, Marist 0 Bualo St. 51, Cortland St. 48, OT California (Pa.) 33, Virginia St. 24 Castleton St. 20, Plymouth St. 13 Charleston (WV) 41, WV Wesleyan 21 Colorado 41, UMass 38 Concord 54, Glenville St. 27 Delaware Valley 30, Montclair St. 20 East Stroudsburg 43, LIU Post 35 Framingham St. 20, Endicott 17 Franklin & Marshall 28, Lebanon Valley 21 Gannon 23, S. Connecticut 7 Hiram 30, Westminster (Pa.) 27 Hobart 33, Dickinson 21 Holy Cross 29, Morgan St. 26 Indiana (Pa.) 41, St. Augustines 19 Ithaca 21, Union (NY) 16 James Madison 31, Lehigh 28 MIT 28, Pomona-Pitzer 18 Navy 31, Temple 24 Penn St. 21, Akron 3 RPI 29, Norwich 9 Rutgers 38, Howard 25 Sacred Heart 27, Lafayette 14 St. Lawrence 45, Coast Guard 14 UConn 19, Stony Brook 16 Utica 66, Misericordia 0 Villanova 50, Fordham 6 W. Virginia St. 19, Lock Haven 14 Washington & Jeerson 51, Wooster 17 Waynesburg 33, Muskingum 0 West Chester 35, New Haven 30 West Virginia 54, Towson 0 MIDWEST Adrian 35, Deance 13 Ashland 66, Lake Erie 21 Augustana (SD) 54, Minn.-Crookston 0 Avila 61, Haskell Indian Nations 13 Baker 20, Ottawa, Kan. 12 Bethany (Kan.) 21, SW Assemblies of God 14 Bowling Green 48, VMI 7 Butler 22, Wittenberg 16 Carroll (Wis.) 33, Lakeland 7 Case Reserve 30, Carnegie-Mellon 0 Cent. Michigan 38, Purdue 17 Central 31, Benedictine (Ill.) 7 Central St. (Ohio) 28, Clark Atlanta 18 Chadron St. 42, Missouri S&T 25 Chicago 28, Beloit 6 Concordia (Moor.) 40, Jamestown 13 Concordia (Neb.) 21, Sterling 15 Concordia (Wis.) 31, North Park 28 Culver-Stockton 41, Mac Murray 14 Dakota St. 41, Dordt 7 Dakota Wesleyan 23, Wis.-Stout 19 Dayton 23, Georgetown 14 DePauw 31, Sewanee 13 Denison 35, Earlham 6 Drake 13, Truman St. 7, OT E. Kentucky 17, Miami (Ohio) 10 Findlay 46, Hillsdale 38 Friends 33, Doane 7 Grand View 40, Graceland (Iowa) 10 Gustavus 44, Crown (Minn.) 17 Heidelberg 72, Alma 7 Hendrix 42, Westminster (Mo.) 28 Illinois 42, W. Kentucky 34 Illinois College 49, Aurora 6 Illinois St. 62, MVSU 0 Illinois Wesleyan 42, Franklin 35 Indiana St. 49, Tennessee Tech 14 Indianapolis 24, Saginaw Valley St. 10 Iowa 17, Ball St. 13 John Carroll 44, St. Vincent 0 Kansas 34, SE Missouri 28 Kansas St. 32, Iowa St. 28 Knox 26, Eureka 23 Langston 49, Lincoln (Mo.) 48 Loras 39, Elmhurst 17 Luther 35, Presentation 33 Macalester 17, Carleton 14 Marietta 29, Kenyon 11 Martin Luther 63, Maranatha Baptist 24 Mary 19, SW Minnesota St. 18 Millikin 66, Greenville 24 Minn. Duluth 20, Concordia (St.P.) 13 Minnesota 35, Middle Tennessee 24 Missouri 49, Toledo 24 N. Illinois 23, Northwestern 15 Nebraska 31, McNeese St. 24 North Dakota 16, Robert Morris 13 Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0 Ohio Dominican 59, Malone 14 Ohio Northern 31, Washington (Mo.) 24 Ohio Wesleyan 40, Bluton 20 Oklahoma Baptist 62, St. Mary (Kan.) 37 Olivet 41, Wilmington (Ohio) 24 Olivet Nazarene 41, St. Francis (Ill.) 10 Pittsburg St. 37, Northeastern St. 0 Robert Morris-Chicago 27, Wis.-Oshkosh 19 Rockford 34, Lawrence 6 Rose-Hulman 40, Kalamazoo 13 S. Dakota St. 44, Cal Poly 18 S. Illinois 38, E. Illinois 21 Simpson (Iowa) 43, Iowa Wesleyan 7 Sioux Falls 41, Minot St. 14 South Alabama 23, Kent St. 13 South Dakota 41, William Penn 16 St. Johns (Minn.) 27, Wis.-River Falls 8 St. Josephs (Ind.) 31, Valparaiso 10 St. Norbert 25, Carthage 13 St. Scholastica 28, Ripon 27 St. Thomas (Minn.) 22, Wis.-Eau Claire 17 Trinity (Ill.) 49, Concordia (Mich.) 3 Urbana 24, Virginia-Wise 13 Wabash 34, Hampden-Sydney 21 Wis.-LaCrosse 24, Dubuque 8 Wis.-Platteville 63, Buena Vista 3 Wisconsin 37, W. Illinois 3 Youngstown St. 34, Duquesne 23 SOUTHWEST Ark.-Pine Blu 31, Concordia-Selma 0 Arkansas 73, Nicholls St. 7 BYU 41, Texas 7 Bacone 24, McPherson 7 Baylor 70, Northwestern St. 6 Cent. Arkansas 26, UT-Martin 24 East Central 38, Ark.-Monticello 34 Harding 42, SW Oklahoma 9 Henderson St. 72, S. Nazarene 7 Houston 47, Grambling St. 0 Howard Payne 30, Trinity (Texas) 27 McMurry 26, Houston Baptist 17 N. Arizona 27, Abilene Christian 21 North Texas 43, SMU 6 Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7 Oklahoma St. 40, Missouri St. 23 Rhodes 34, Austin 13 Texas Lutheran 61, Sul Ross St. 15 WEST Arizona St. 58, New Mexico 23 California 55, Sacramento St. 14 Montana 48, Cent. Washington 14 Montana St.-Northern 40, Dickinson St. 17 N. Dakota St. 24, Weber St. 7 Oregon 46, Michigan St. 27 Puget Sound 13, Claremont-Mudd 10 S. Oregon 38, Carroll (Mont.) 35 Southern Cal 13, Stanford 10 Utah 59, Fresno St. 27 Washington 59, E. Washington 52 Whitworth 63, Lewis & Clark 10 Fridays late scores SOUTH McDaniel 34, Catholic 31 EAST Albright 25, Kean 14 Fitchburg St. 28, Becker 6 Mass.-Dartmouth 21, Mount Ida 14 Pittsburgh 30, Boston College 20 Salve Regina 33, Bridgewater, Mass. 27 Ursinus 47, College of N.J. 7 W. New England 38, Springeld 34 Westeld St. 30, Nichols 22 Widener 19, Rowan 7 William Paterson 36, N.Y. Maritime 20 Worcester St. 38, Anna Maria 6 WPI 29, Curry 7 MIDWEST Trine at Manchester, ppd. Wis.-Whitewater 73, Waldorf 7 WEST Nevada 24, Washington St. 13 Army nips BuffaloWEST POINT, N.Y. (AP) Larry Dixon ran for 174 yards and two touchdowns, Raymond Maples scored on a 4-yard run and had two receptions for 69 yards, and Army held off Buffalo 47-39 on a sweltering Saturday at Michie Stadium to start the Jeff Monken era on a positive note. Monken, who served as an assistant coach to Paul Johnson at Navy and Georgia Tech, was hired in December after a fouryear stint as the coach at FCS power Georgia Southern. Irish deliver a rivalry beatingBy TOM MUSICKTHE SPORTS XCHANGESOUTH BEND, Ind. One of college footballs oldest rivalries has come to a stop. Notre Dame might be just getting started. Notre Dame quar terback Everett Golson passed for 226 yards and three touchdowns Saturday, and a swarming defense lifted the No. 16 Fighting Irish to a 31-0 win against Michigan at Notre Dame Stadium. The Wolverines were shut out for the rst time since Oct. 27, 1984 at Iowa and for the rst time in the history of a Notre Dame rivalry that started in 1887 and spanned 42 games. Michigan exited the rivalry with a 24-17-1 series lead, but its offense struggled against a young, aggressive defense. Notre Dame (2-0) limited Michigan (1-1) to 289 yards of total offense and prompted four turnovers by Wolverines quarter back Devin Gardner a week after Michigans 52-point outburst against Appalachian State. Notre Dame provided timely plays on offense, as Golson maintained his hot start to the season after sitting out the 2013 campaign. The Irish built upon a 21-point halftime lead with Golsons second touchdown pass to wide receiver Amir Carlisle in the third quarter and a 43-yard eld goal by Kyle Brindza in the fourth quarter. Notre Dame opened the scoring when running back Cam McDaniel bar reled into the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown run with 1:50 remaining in the rst quarter. COLLEGE FOOTBALL: No. 16 Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0 Elftip,rS


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Page 9 Sports on TVAUTO RACING7:30 a.m. NBCSN Formula One, Italian Grand Prix, at Monza, Italy 2 p.m. NBCSN GP2, at Monza, Italy (same-day tape)CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE1 p.m. ESPN Hamilton at Montreal 4 p.m. ESPN Saskatchewan at WinnipegGOLF6 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, European Masters, nal round, at Crans-sur-Sierre, Switzerland Noon TGC PGA Tour, BMW Championship, nal round, at Cherry Hills Village, Colo. 2 p.m. NBC PGA Tour, BMW Championship, nal round, at Cherry Hills Village, Colo. 5 p.m. TGC Tour, Chiquita Classic, nal round, at Davidson, N.C. 7 p.m. TGC Champions Tour, Quebec Champi onship, nal round, at Quebec City (sameday tape)MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL1 p.m. FSFL Atlanta at Miami 1:30 p.m. SUN Baltimore at Tampa Bay TBS Kansas City at N.Y. Yankees 2:15 p.m. WGN Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs 8 p.m. ESPN San Francisco at DetroitNFL1 p.m. CBS Regional coverage FOX Regional coverage, doubleheader 4:25 p.m. FOX Regional coverage, doubleheader game 8 p.m. NBC Indianapolis at DenverSOCCER2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA, qualifying for European Championship, Germany vs. Scotland, at Dortmund, Germany 5 p.m. ESPN2 MLS, San Jose at PortlandTENNIS12:30 p.m. ESPN2 U.S. Open, mens doubles cham pionship, at New York 4:30 p.m. CBS U.S. Open, womens championship, at New YorkWNBA3:30 p.m. ABC Playos, nals, Game 1, Chicago at PhoenixPro baseballFRIDAYS LATE MLB LINESCORESMARINERS 7, RANGERS 5Seattle 020 032 000 7 7 1 Texas 000 112 001 5 13 0 Iwakuma, Furbush (6), Maurer (6), Beimel (7), Wilhelmsen (7), Medina (8), Rodney (9) and Zunino; S.Baker, Sh.Tolleson (5), Clau dio (7), Mendez (7), Cotts (9) and Telis. W Iwakuma 14-6. LS.Baker 3-4. SvRodney (42). HRsSeattle, K.Morales 2 (6), Zunino (20), B.Miller (10). Texas, Rosales (4).ANGELS 7, TWINS 6Los Angeles 110 100 030 1 7 13 0 Minnesota 110 101 002 0 6 11 2 (10 innings) Shoemaker, Morin (5), Salas (6), Y.Herre ra (7), LeBlanc (7), J.Smith (8), Street (9), Jepsen (10) and Iannetta, Conger; Nolasco, A.Thompson (6), Swarzak (6), Fien (8), Pressly (8), Duensing (8), Tonkin (8), Thielbar (9), Burton (10) and Pinto. WStreet 1-1. L Burton 2-4. SvJepsen (2). HRsMinne sota, Arcia (15).ASTROS 4, ATHLETICS 3Houston 001 102 000 4 7 2 Oakland 003 000 000 3 7 0 Oberholtzer, Veras (7), Sipp (8) and J.Castro; Samardzija, Cook (8), Abad (9) and De.Nor ris. WOberholtzer 5-10. LSamardzija 4-5. SvSipp (3). HRsHouston, Singleton (13), Carter (36).GIANTS 8, TIGERS 2San Francisco 132 101 000 8 15 1 Detroit 000 020 000 2 8 2 Peavy, Kontos (7), Lincecum (9) and Posey, Susac; Porcello, E.Reed (4), Farmer (6), K.Ry an (8), McCoy (9) and Holaday. WPeavy 4-4. LPorcello 15-10. HRsSan Francisco, Sandoval (16).PHILLIES 9, NATIONALS 8Philadelphia 000 001 123 02 9 11 2 Washington 200 120 200 01 8 14 3 (11 innings) Je.Williams, Lu.Garcia (6), Mi.Adams (7), C.Jimenez (7), De Fratus (8), Giles (9), Diek man (10), Papelbon (11) and Ruiz; Stras burg, X.Cedeno (7), Storen (7), Barrett (8), Thornton (8), R.Soriano (9), Clippard (9), Stammen (11), Blevins (11) and W.Ramos. WDiekman 4-4. LStammen 4-5. Sv Papelbon (34). HRsPhiladelphia, Howard (21), Ruiz (6), Revere (2). Washington, LaRo che (21).BREWERS 6, CARDINALS 2St. Louis 000 001 100 2 9 0 Milwaukee 002 022 00x 6 10 0 Lackey, Lyons (7), Masterson (8) and Y.Molina; Fiers, Duke (7), Broxton (8), Fr.Rodriguez (9) and Lucroy. WFiers 5-2. LLackey 2-2. HRsSt. Louis, Jh.Peralta (19). Milwaukee, K.Davis (22). DODGERS 2, DIAMONDBACKS 1Arizona 000 010 000 1 4 0 Los Angeles 011 000 00x 2 7 0 Nuno, E.Marshall (8) and M.Montero; Haren, P.Baez (7), Howell (8), B.Wilson (8), Jansen (9) and A.Ellis. WHaren 12-10. LNuno 0-5. SvJansen (40). HRsLos Angeles, Kemp (18). FLORIDA STATE LEAGUE PLAYOFFS Championship (Best-of-5) Fort Myers 2, Daytona 0 Sept. 4: Fort Myers 5, Daytona 1 Sept. 5: Fort Myers 5, Daytona 0 Saturday: Fort Myers at Daytona, late x-Today: Fort Myers at Daytona, 7:05 p.m. x-Monday: Fort Myers at Daytona, 7:05 p.m. SOUTHERN LEAGUE PLAYOFFS First Round (Best-of-5) Chattanooga 2, Huntsville 1 Sept. 4: Chattanooga 4, Huntsville 3 Sept. 5: Huntsville 9, Chattanooga 0 Saturday: Chattanooga 2, Huntsville 1 Today: Huntsville at Chattanooga, 2:15 p.m. x-Monday: Huntsville at Chattanooga, 7:15 p.m. Jacksonville 2, Mobile 1 Sept. 4: Jacksonville 5, Mobile 4 Sept. 5: Mobile 4, Jacksonville 3, 11 innings Saturday: Jacksonville 7, Mobile 5 Today: Mobile at Jacksonville, 7:05 p.m. x-Monday: Mobile at Jacksonville, 7:05 p.m. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE PLAYOFFS First Round (Best-of-5) Durham 3, Columbus 1 Sept. 3: Columbus 9, Durham 4 Sept. 4: Durham 4, Columbus 3, 10 innings Sept. 5: Durham 3, Columbus 2 Saturday: Durham 4, Columbus 2 Pawtucket 3, Syracuse 0 Sept. 3: Pawtucket 2, Syracuse 1, 10 innings Sept. 4: Pawtucket 8, Syracuse 2 Sept. 5: Pawtucket 7, Syracuse 6 MIDWEST LEAGUE PLAYOFFS Second Round (Best-of-3) Cedar Rapids vs. Kane County Saturday: Kane County at Cedar Rapids, late Today: Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 7 p.m. x-Monday: Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 7 p.m. Lake County vs. Fort Wayne Saturday: Lake County at Fort Wayne, late Today: Fort Wayne at Lake County, TBA x-Monday: Fort Wayne at Lake County, TBAPro footballNFL Thursdays result Seattle 36, Green Bay 16 Todays games Minnesota at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Bualo at Chicago, 1 p.m. Washington at Houston, 1 p.m. Tennessee at Kansas City, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Atlanta, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. JAGUARS at Philadelphia, 1 p.m. Oakland at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at Baltimore, 1 p.m. New England at DOLPHINS, 1 p.m. San Francisco at Dallas, 4:25 p.m. Carolina at BUCS, 4:25 p.m. Indianapolis at Denver, 8:30 p.m. Mondays games N.Y. Giants at Detroit, 7:10 p.m. San Diego at Arizona, 10:20 p.m. NFL INJURY REPORT NEW YORK (AP) The updated National Football League injury report, as provided by the league: NEW ENGLAND at MIAMI PATRIOTS: OUT: DE Michael Buchanan (ankle), DT Chris Jones (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: QB Tom Brady (calf), TE Rob Gronkowski (knee), DT Sealver Siliga (hand). DOLPHINS: OUT: DE Terrence Fede (knee), C Mike Pouncey (hip), LB Jordan Tripp (chest), LB Philip Wheeler (thumb). DOUBTFUL: T Billy Turner (foot). PROBABLE: S Walt Aikens (hand), LB Chris McCain (hip), LB Koa Misi (shoulder), CB Jamar Taylor (hip). CAROLINA at TAMPA BAY PANTHERS: QUESTIONABLE: QB Cam Newton (ribs). BUCCANEERS: OUT: DE DaQuan Bowers (abdomen), DE William Gholston (shoul der), S Bradley McDougald (knee), CB Rashaan Melvin (ankle), WR Louis Murphy Jr. (back). PROBABLE: RB Mike James (shoul der), CB Mike Jenkins (hamstring), RB Jor vorskie Lane (hand). JACKSONVILLE at PHILADELPHIA JAGUARS: OUT: TE Clay Harbor (calf), RB Storm Johnson (ankle), G Austin Pasztor (hand). QUESTIONABLE: WR Cecil Shorts III (hamstring), T Josh Wells (shoulder). PROB ABLE: P Bryan Anger (right groin), G Zane Beadles (calf), C Luke Bowanko (quadriceps), DT SenDerrick Marks (shoulder), WR Allen Robinson (hamstring), K Josh Scobee (right quadriceps). EAGLES: OUT: WR Josh Hu (shoulder), T Matt Tobin (ankle). QUES TIONABLE: RB Chris Polk (hamstring), CB Jaylen Watkins (hamstring). PROBABLE: WR Riley Cooper (ankle), WR Brad Smith (groin). NEW ORLEANS at ATLANTA SAINTS: OUT: S Marcus Ball (hamstring), RB Erik Lorig (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: WR Kenny Stills (quadriceps). FALCONS: PROBABLE: DT Corey Peters (Achilles), S Dezmen South ward (concussion). MINNESOTA at ST. LOUIS VIKINGS: OUT: RB Zach Line (ankle), LB Michael Mauti (foot), LB Brandon Watts (). QUESTIONABLE: DE Everson Grien (illness), T Mike Har ris (shoulder). PROBABLE: CB Jabari Price (shoulder), WR Rodney Smith (neck). RAMS: OUT: CB Trumaine Johnson (knee), C Barrett Jones (back). QUESTIONABLE: DE Eugene Sims (knee). PROBABLE: S Maurice Alexander (not injury related), LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar (shoulder), DE William Hayes (chest), T Jake Long (knee). CLEVELAND at PITTSBURGH BROWNS: OUT: DE John Hughes (hamstring), G Paul McQuistan (ankle). DOUBTFUL: DE Desmond Bryant (wrist). PROBABLE: CB Pierre Desir (knee), CB Joe Haden (foot), S Jim Leonhard (knee), LB Eric Martin (concussion), CB Buster Skrine (thumb), LB Christian Yount (shoulder). STEELERS: OUT: CB Brice McCain (groin), WR Lance Moore (groin). DOUBTFUL: WR Martavis Bryant (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: C Cody Wallace (nger). PROBABLE: TE Matt Spaeth (hamstring), LB Sean Spence (knee), C Greg Warren (knee). OAKLAND at N.Y. JETS RAIDERS: OUT: CB Chimdi Chekwa (knee). QUESTIONABLE: LB Nick Roach (concussion). PROBABLE: TE David Ausberry (knee), K Sebastian Jani kowski (right quadriceps), CB Taiwan Jones (knee), QB Matt Schaub (right elbow), T Menelik Watson (hip), DE LaMarr Woodley (not injury related). JETS: OUT: S Josh Bush (quadriceps), DE Ikemefuna Enemkpali (foot), CB Dee Milliner (ankle). PROBABLE: S Antonio Allen (concussion), LB Nick Bellore (calf). CINCINNATI at BALTIMORE BENGALS: OUT: RB Rex Burkhead (knee), WR Marvin Jones (foot). DOUBTFUL: LB Sean Porter (hamstring), WR James Wright (concussion). QUESTIONABLE: CB Darqueze Den nard (hip). PROBABLE: LB Vontaze Burct (hamstring), TE Tyler Eifert (shoulder), RB Cedric Peerman (hip), G Mike Pollak (knee), T Andre Smith (concussion). RAVENS: QUESTIONABLE: CB Lardarius Webb (back). PROBABLE: RB Bernard Pierce (concussion). BUFFALO at CHICAGO BILLS: DOUBT FUL: S Jonathan Meeks (neck), TE Lee Smith (toe). QUESTIONABLE: RB Anthony Dixon (hamstring), CB Stephon Gilmore (groin). PROBABLE: LB Randell Johnson (ankle), LB Brandon Spikes (knee), WR Sammy Watkins (ribs). BEARS: OUT: QB David Fales (right shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: RB Tony Fiammetta (hamstring). PROBABLE: S Chris Con te (concussion), C Brian de la Puente (knee). WASHINGTON at HOUSTON REDSKINS: OUT: LB Akeem Jordan (knee), CB Tracy Por ter (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: LB Brian Orakpo (ankle), TE Jordan Reed (thumb). TEXANS: QUESTIONABLE: TE Garrett Gra ham (back), S Shiloh Keo (calf). PROBABLE: CB A.J. Bouye (shoulder), T Tyson Clabo (an kle), LB Brian Cushing (ankle), DE Tim Jamison (groin), CB Johnathan Joseph (foot), LB Mike Mohamed (quadriceps), C Chris Myers (toe), NT Louis Nix III (knee), RB Jay Prosch (hand), G Xavier Sua-Filo (back), LB Justin Tuggle (knee). TENNESSEE at KANSAS CITY TITANS: QUESTIONABLE: DT Mike Martin (hamstring). PROBABLE: RB Jackie Battle (shoulder), QB Charlie Whitehurst (right nger). CHIEFS: DOUBTFUL: RB DeAnthony Thomas (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: CB Marcus Cooper (ankle), C Eric Kush (shoul der). PROBABLE: S Eric Berry (heel), DE Mike DeVito (hand), LB Tamba Hali (knee), WR Junior Hemingway (hip), WR A.J. Jenkins (concussion), LB Josh Martin (hip), RB An thony Sherman (back), DE Vance Walker (hand), WR Albert Wilson (ankle), LB Frank Zombo (groin). SAN FRANCISCO at DALLAS 49ERS: OUT: T Anthony Davis (hamstring), C Mar cus Martin (knee). QUESTIONABLE: WR Michael Crabtree (calf). PROBABLE: CB Chris Culliver (ankle), TE Vance McDonald ( hamstring). COWBOYS: OUT: DE Anthony Spencer (knee), T Darrion Weems (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: G Zack Martin (foot), DT Terrell McClain (ankle), WR Terrance Williams (back). PROBABLE: QB Tony Romo (back), DE George Selvie (shoulder). INDIANAPOLIS at DENVER COLTS: OUT: G Joe Reitz (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: S Sergio Brown (shoulder), C Khaled Holmes (ankle), LB Erik Walden (abdomen). PROBA BLE: T Gosder Cherilus (not injury related), C Jonotthan Harrison (hand), S LaRon Landry (not injury related), WR Reggie Wayne (not injury related). BRONCOS: OUT: G Ben Gar land (ankle), LB Danny Trevathan (lower leg). PROBABLE: WR Isaiah Burse (illness), CB Chris Harris Jr. (knee), DE Malik Jackson (not injury related), DT Terrance Knighton (knee), WR Emmanuel Sanders (thigh), G Louis Vasquez (back), CB Kayvon Webster (ankle). N.Y. GIANTS at DETROIT GIANTS: DNP: WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring), T James Brewer (back), DT Markus Kuhn (ankle). LIMITED: LB Jon Beason (foot), T Charles Brown (shoulder), G Brandon Mos ley (back). LIONS: DNP: S Don Carey (ham string). LIMITED: S James Ihedigbo (knee, neck), DT Caraun Reid (shoulder). SAN DIEGO at ARIZONA CHARGERS: DNP: S Jahleel Addae (hamstring), CB Chris Davis (ankle). LIMITED: DE Lawrence Guy (shoulder), DT Sean Lissemore (ankle), LB Manti Teo (foot). FULL: WR Keenan Allen (ribs), C Nick Hardwick (not injury related), CB Jason Verrett (shoulder). CARDINALS: DNP: RB Andre Ellington (foot), LB Alex Okafor (thigh). FULL: G Jonathan Cooper (toe), WR Larry Fitzgerald (knee), S Tyrann Mathieu (knee), LB Kevin Minter (chest), DE Frostee Rucker (back). CFL Fridays result B.C. 7, Ottawa 5 Saturdays result Calgary 41, Edmonton 34 Todays games Hamilton at Montreal, 1 p.m. Saskatchewan at Winnipeg, 4 p.m. Fridays game Montreal at Edmonton, 9 p.m. Saturdays games Toronto at Calgary, 7 p.m. Winnipeg at B.C., 10 p.m. Pro soccerMLS EASTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA D.C. 14 8 4 46 42 30 Sporting Kansas City 12 10 6 42 39 34 New England 11 12 3 36 37 37 Philadelphia 9 9 9 36 43 41 New York 8 8 10 34 41 39 Toronto FC 9 11 6 33 35 42 Columbus 8 9 9 33 35 34 Chicago 5 6 14 29 32 37 Houston 8 13 4 28 28 46 Montreal 5 15 5 20 27 45 WESTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA Seattle 16 7 3 51 48 35 Los Angeles 14 5 7 49 54 27 Real Salt Lake 11 5 10 43 40 31 FC Dallas 12 8 6 42 45 34 Portland 8 8 10 34 44 43 Vancouver 7 6 12 33 33 34 Colorado 8 13 6 30 37 46 San Jose 6 10 8 26 29 33 Chivas USA 6 14 6 24 23 44 NOTE: Three points for victory, one for tie. Fridays result Los Angeles 6, Colorado 0 Saturdays results Philadelphia 2, Toronto FC 0 New York 2, Sporting Kansas City 1 Montreal at Houston, late D.C. United at Vancouver, late FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake, late Todays games Chivas USA at Columbus, 3 p.m. San Jose at Portland, 5 p.m. Chicago at New England, 7 p.m.Pro basketballWNBA PLAYOFFS FINALS (Best-of-5) Today: Chicago at Phoenix, 3:30 p.m. Tuesday: Chicago at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Friday: Phoenix at Chicago, 8 p.m. x-Sept. 14: Phoenix at Chicago, 5:30 p.m. x-Sept. 17: Chicago at Phoenix, 9 p.m. FIBA WORLD CUP Saturdays results At Madrid France 69, Croatia 64 Spain 89, Senegal 56 At Barcelona, Spain United States 86, Mexico 63 Slovenia 71, Dominican Republic 61 Todays games At Madrid Serbia vs. Greece, Noon Brazil vs. Argentina, 4 p.m. At Barcelona, Spain New Zealand vs. Lithuania, 10 a.m. Turkey vs. Australia, 2 p.m. QUARTERFINALS Tuesdays games At Barcelona, Spain Q1 Slovenia vs. United States, TBA Q2 New Zealand-Lithuania winner vs. Tur key-Australia winner, TBAGlantz-Culver LineMAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLNational League FAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG LINE Atlanta -150 at Miami +140 at Cincinnati -115 New York +105 at Washington -140 Philadelphia +130 St. Louis -125 at Milwaukee +115 Pittsburgh -160 at Chicago +150 at Los Angeles -220 Arizona +200 San Diego -125 at Colorado +115 American League at Cleveland -230 Chicago +210 Kansas City -110 at New York +100 at Boston -115 T oronto +105 a t Tampa Bay -110 Baltimore +100 Los Angeles -145 at Minnesota +135 Seattle -145 at Texas +135 at Oakland -150 Houston +140 Interleague San Francisco -115 at Detroit +105NFLTodayFAVORITE O T O/U UNDERDOG New Orleans +1 3 (52) at Atlanta at St. Louis 5 3 (43) Minnesota at Pittsburgh 5 7 (41) Cleveland at Philadelphia 11 10 (52) Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets 4 5 (40) Oakland at Baltimore 2 1 (43) Cincinnati at Chicago 6 7 (47) Bualo at Houston 2 3 (44) Washington at Kansas City 6 3 (43) Tennessee New England 3 4 (47) at Miami at Tampa Bay +2 2 (38) Carolina San Francisco 3 4 (51) at Dallas at Denver 6 7 (55) IndianapolisTomorrowat Detroit 4 6 (47) N.Y. Giants at Arizona 3 3 (46) San DiegoTransactionsBASEBALLAmerican League NEW YORK YANKEES Recalled C Aus tin Romine from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL). National League LOS ANGELES DODGERS Selected the contract of OF Roger Bernadina from Albuquerque (PCL). Transferred RHP Josh Beckett to the 60-day DL. WASHINGTON NATIONALS Recalled OF Michael A. Taylor and RHP Ryan Mat theus from Syracuse (IL).FOOTBALLNational Football League ARIZONA CARDINALS Released LB Desmond Bishop. MINNESOTA VIKINGS Signed G Bran don Fusco to a contract extension. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Signed DL Kelcy Quarles to the practice squad. Released TE Allen Reisner from the practice squad. | SCOREBOARD | QUICK HITSCURRYS 3S SEND AMERICANS TO QUARTERSBARCELONA, Spain (AP) Stephen Curry made six 3-pointers and scored 20 points, leading the U.S. national team into the quarter nals of the Basketball World Cup with an 86-63 victory over Mexico on Saturday. The Golden State Warriors All-Star was 7 of 10 from the eld and 6 of 9 behind the arc, continuing to recover from a dismal start to the tournament for one of the games best shooters. Warriors teammate Klay Thompson added 15 points for the Americans, who advance to a game Tuesday against Slovenia. In other games Saturday, Pau Gasol scored 13 of his 17 points in the rst quarter as host Spain routed Senegal 89-56. France overcame an early decit to eliminate Croatia 69-64. Slovenia outlasted the Dominican Republic 71-61. Today, Lithuania plays New Zealand and Turkey faces Australia, while Argentina plays Brazil and Greece takes on Serbia. Glance at the regular season records and Phoenix would seem a shoo-in to win the WNBA Finals over the Chicago Sky. Not so fast. Chicago finally has all of its players, and the Mercury know the Skys 15-19 regular season record is deceiving. The Sky better be good, because Phoenix enters todays Game 1 with an 18-game home winning streak. The Mercury havent lost in Phoenix since May 23, to San Antonio in the third game of the season.FOOTBALLVikings sign guard to extension: The five-year contract extension given to right guard Brandon Fusco further solidifies an offensive line that has been one of the NFLs most stable the past few years. Fuscos new deal has a maximum value of $25 million if he plays through 2019, including $6 million in guaranteed money. The Vikings offensive line is entering its third season together. Defensive lineman Mike Martin will miss Tennessees season opener at Kansas City today. Martin missed all preseason with an injured hamstring and had been limited all week. The Miami Hurricanes are paying homage to Jim Kellys fight against cancer by posting a banner inside Sun Life Stadium bearing an image of Kelly and the words We Are KellyTough. Kelly played for Miami from 1979-82 and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as the Hurricanes Hall of Fame.SOCCERUnion shut out Toronto: Conor Casey and Andrew Wenger scored first-half goals in the Philadelphia Unions 2-0 victory over Toronto FC. The victory is Philadelphias second in three days against Toronto; Casey scored in both games. The Union (9-9-9) are 5-1-3 in their last nine games.BRIEFLYFrampton wins IBF super-bantam title: Carl Frampton won the IBF super-ban tamweight belt from Kiko Martinez of Spain by unanimous decision before an ecstatic home crowd of 16,000 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ryder Hesjedal of Canada won a mountainous 14th stage of the Spanish Vuelta in La Camperona, Spain, while Alberto Contador held onto the red leaders jersey for a fourth straight day. Contador increased his lead to 42 seconds over nearest rival Alejandro Valverde, who finished 22 seconds behind. NEW YORK Instead of Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer for the U.S. Open title, rst-time Grand Slam nalists Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic will vie for the championship after a pair of seminal surprises Saturday. First, Japans Nishikori became the rst man from Asia to reach a major singles championship match by staying fresher than Djokovic in stiing heat and winning 6-4, 1-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3. Then, Croatias Cilic used every bit of his 6-foot-6 (1.98-meter) frame to deliver stinging serves and at groundstrokes during a 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 victory over Federer. Its fairly simple, I think: Marin played great and I maybe didnt catch my best day, Federer said after his 1-hour, 45-minute loss. Thats pretty much it in a nutshell. So much for No. 1-seeded Djokovic facing the No. 2-seeded Federer in a matchup between men who have combined to win 24 Grand Slam trophies. In what some will see as a generational shift in tennis, Mondays nal will be No. 10 Nishikori against No. 14 Cilic. Thats going to be a sensational day for both of us, said Cilic, who at 25 is a year older than Nishikori. Cilic, forced to sit out last years U.S. Open during a doping suspension, is the rst man from Croatia to get this far at a major since his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, won Wimbledon in 2001. Thats nothing compared to Japans wait. Nishikori is the rst man from his country to reach a Grand Slam seminal since 1933. Very happy to make history, said Nishikori, who moved to Florida at age 14. He weaved his way through a pair of ve-setters totaling more than 812 hours while beating No. 3 Stan Wawrinka and No. 5 Milos Raonic, yet appeared much more lively as the temperature neared 100 degrees (37 Celsius) than Djokovic. Just wasnt myself, Djokovic said. Especially in the pivotal third-set tiebreaker. He missed a pair of backhands. He double-faulted. He missed a forehand, and another to end the set, then smacked a ball in anger. Making Nishikoris performance more impressive is that as recently as a few weeks ago, he was swinging a racket while seated in practice, unable to run because he had a cyst removed from the bottom of his right foot in August. TENNIS: U.S. OpenSemi surprises yield unlikely mens finalAP PHOTOMarin Cilic hits a return during his straight-set victory against Roger Federer during a U.S. Open seminal Saturday. For the rst time since the 2005 Australian Open, a Grand Slam mens nal will not include Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal. By HOWARD FENDRICHASSOCIATED PRESSNishikori and Marin take out top two seeds | TENNIS SCOREBOARDU.S. OPEN At The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York Purse: $38.3 million (Grand Slam) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Mens Singles Seminals Kei Nishikori (10), Japan, def. Novak Djokovic (1), Serbia, 6-4, 1-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3. Marin Cilic (14), Croatia, def. Roger Feder er (2), Switzerland, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4. Womens Doubles Championship Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina (4), Russia, def. Martina Hingis, Switzerland, and Flavia Pennetta, Italy, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. Boys Junior Doubles Championship Omar Jasika, Australia, and Naoki Na kagawa (6), Japan, def. Rafael Matos and Joao Menezes, Brazil, 6-3, 7-6 (6). Girls Junior Doubles Championship Ipek Soylu, Turkey, and Jil Belen Teichmann (6), Switzerland, def. Vera Lapko, Belarus, and Tereza Mihalikova, Slovakia, 5-7, 6-2, 10-7. OPEN GLANCETV: CBS, 4:30 p.m. ON COURT TODAY: Womens Semifinals: No. 1 Serena Williams vs. No. 10 Caroline Wozniacki. Mens Doubles Final: No. 1 Bob and Mike Bryan vs. No. 11 Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez. STAT OF THE DAY: 0 The number of Grand Slam titles won by the mens finalists, Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic. The last Grand Slam final without a former champion was the 2008 Australian Open between Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Women finalists test friendshipNEW YORK (AP) Back in May, in the aftermath of early losses for both at the French Open, good friends Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki who also was about a week removed from the end of her engagement to golfs Rory McIlroy flew from Paris to Miami and hung out. They went to the beach, to an NBA playoff game and posted photos of the good times on social media. Serena is a fun girl. Shes so nice to hang out with. Always makes me laugh and makes everyone around her laugh, Wozniacki said. Definitely a very inspiring person to be around. A few months later, here Williams and Wozniacki are, back at the top of their tennis games and back together, facing one another today for the U.S. Open championship. So when they were palling around in Florida, did they discuss the idea of turning their seasons around? No. Not at all. Not even once, said Williams, who is bidding for Grand Slam trophy No. 18, and U.S. Open title No. 6, including three in a row. We never talk tennis so much, since we spend so much of our life on the court. Same with me and (older sister) Venus. Last thing on our minds is tennis. It -


Page 10 The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 GRIDIRON GRIDGAME OF THE WEEK Indianapolis Colts (11-5) at Denver Broncos (13-3) 8:30 p.m. NBC Broncos by 7 Andrew Luck, Peyton Mannings replacement in Indy, gets to face the player who set NFL passing records for yards (5,532) and touchdowns (55) in a season in 2013. GAME OF THE WEAK Washington Redskins (3-13) at Houston Texans (2-14) 1 p.m. No TV Texans by 3 Pairing of two teams that collapsed in 2013 seems fitting. After a 2-0 start, Texans lost 14 in a row. The Redskins went from playoff team to second-worst record. AROUND THE STATE New England Patriots (12-4) at Miami Dolphins (8-8) 1 p.m. CBS Patriots by 4 The Patriots have won 10 or more games in 11 consecutive seasons, second longest streak in NFL history; 49ers once had 16 consecutive seasons with 10+ wins. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12) at Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) 1 p.m. No TV Eagles by 10 Its only a matter of time before Jaguars turn to rookie QB Blake Bortles. Best thing Eagles did was turn from Mike Vick to Nick Foles (27-2 TD-to-interception ratio in 2013). Carolina Panthers (12-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12) 4:25 p.m. FOX Bucs by 2 The Upset Special. Panthers, a surprise division-winner in 2013, could go the other way this season, especially after losing so many key players in free agency. AROUND THE LEAGUE New Orleans Saints (11-5) at Atlanta Falcons (4-12) 1 p.m. FOX Saints by 3 Falcons were touted as a possible Super Bowl participant in 2013. The Saints are looking like they could be one of those teams in 2014. Cleveland Browns (5-11) at Pittbsurgh Steelers (8-8) 1 p.m. No TV Steelers by 6 Dubious streaks by the Brown include the NFLs longest losing streak in season openers (9). They have scored more than 14 points once in past 12 meetings vs. Steelers. Cincinnati Bengals (11-5) at Baltimore Ravens (8-8) 1 p.m. No TV Ravens by 1 Andy Dalton is the first Cincinnati QB to lead the Begnals three consecutive playoff appearances, but Joe Flacco has never lost a September game at home (11-0). Buffalo Bills (6-10) at Chicago Bears (8-8) 1 p.m. No TV Bears by 7 Bills have talent at every level of offense and defense. The question is E.J. Manuel. The same can be said for the Bears, but their question is keeping Jay Cutler upright. Oakland Raiders (4-12) at New York Jets (8-8) 1 p.m. No TV Jets by 5 Raiders might have finally found a young quarterback rookie Derek Carr. The Jets hope RB Chris Johnson will help their young quarterback, Geno Smith. Minnesota Vikings (5-10-1) at St. Louis Rams (7-9) 1 p.m. No TV Rams by 5 Vikings are another team who will use a veteran (Matt Cassel) at quarterback until young hopeful (Teddy Bridgewater) is ready. The Rams, though, have to use Shaun Hill. Tennessee Titans (7-9) at Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) 4:15 p.m. No TV Chiefs by 3 Titans hope for same immediate success new coach Ken Whisenhunt had when he went to Arizona in 2007, and similar to Andy Reid when he went to Chiefs last year. San Francisco 49ers (12-4) at Dallas Cowboys (8-8) 4:25 p.m. No TV 49ers by 4 Jim Harbaugh is first coach since 1970 merger to lead his team to the conference title game three years in a row. The 49ers look as though they could make it four in a row. MONDAYS GAMES New York Giants (7-9) at Detroit Lions (7-9) 7:10 p.m. ESPN Lions by 6 Giants won 7 of last 10 games in 2013. Lions hope addition of WR Golden Tate will give Matthew Stafford an outside weapon other than the incomparable Calvin Johnson. San Diego Chargers (9-7) at Arizona Cardinals (10-6) 10:20 p.m. ESPN Cardinals by 3 Cardinals won 7 of last 9 games in 2013 but still missed the postseason. Chargers sneaked into postseason thanks to a missed Ryan Succop field goal and a quick whistle. (2013 records in parentheses) By Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette NFL EXTRA WEEK 1FOURDOWN TERRITORYWinning your season opener matters. Its quantifiable. Since the 1978 advent of the 16-game schedule, teams that start 1-0 have made the playoffs 52.4 percent of the time, while teams that are 0-1 are at 23.7 percent less than half the likelihood. Going back even further, the 48 Super Bowl champions have been 39-8-1 in the opening game of their title season. Here is whats unpredictable about the NFL: Everything else. Undeterred, I offer my 2014 NFL forecast, by conference, followed by my doomed Super Bowl pick. (By Greg Cote, Miami Herald)1 AFC PLAYOFFS Division champions: Patriots (East), Bengals (North), Colts (South), Broncos (West) Wild cards: Chargers, Dolphins In the hunt: Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers Dolphins: Miami will shed the doubters and enough opponents to finally make the playoffs again. 2 NFC PLAYOFFS Division champions: Eagles (East), Packers (North), Saints (South), Seahawks (West) Wild cards: Bears, 49ers In the hunt: Falcons, Panthers Buccaneers: Tough division. Atlan tas offense and Carolinas defense could keep them in the hunt.3 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS AFC: Denver can be first team in 42 years to rebound from a Super Bowl loss to win it all. NFC: Seattle can be first repeat champ since New England in 2003-04 if Marshawn Lynch avoids a falloff, but Drew Brees and New Orleans is really good.4 SUPER BOWL And the Super Bowl pick is: Broncos over Saints! I went with the safe pick this time. Wait. This is the NFL. There are no safe picks, especially where Im concerned (2-21 career record on correctly forecasting a seasons ultimate winner). Sorry, Denver. Its nothing personal. SPOTLIGHT: MiamiStepping up in MiamiDAVIE Ryan Tannehill was barely a teenager when Tom Brady won his rst Super Bowl. The 25-year-old Miami Dolphins quarterback had all the predictable idols growing up, names like Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning on the list. Brady was one he wanted to emulate as well. I hate admitting that now, Tannehill said, just because I am playing against him. Their paths collide again today, when Brady and the New England Patriots visit Tannehill and the Dolphins in the regular-season-opener for both teams. Itll be Bradys 220th NFL game; itll be Tannehills 33rd. Its never mano-a-mano, of course, since Tannehill and Brady will never be on the eld simultaneously unless something goes horribly wrong with the respective game plans. But its not a stretch to say that being the other quarterback in a game featuring Brady isnt easy for anyone, whether its a seasoned veteran or someone entering just his fourth season of being a full-time starter at the college and pro levels. I still feel like Im a young player trying to earn it, Brady said. I think thats most important. No one really cares what youve done in the past. Certainly my teammates expect me to go out there and be the best I can be. Thats what Im going to try to be for this team and thats what I owe to them. The last time Tannehill was matched up against Brady, the maturation of the Dolphins QB was obvious. Brady did what Brady does, guiding the New England Patriots on a 73-yard touchdown drive to take the lead late in the fourth quarter. But instead of shrinking in that moment, Tannehill answered with a 60-yard drive of his own and threw a winning touchdown pass with 1:15 left to give Miami a 24-20 victory. It may have been the best game of Tannehills career: 25 of 37 passing for 312 yards, three touchdowns, no inter ceptions, all capped by a two-minute drive worth savoring. Hes excellent in those situations and thats probably really what beat us last year down there was their ability to execute at the end of the game, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. But theyve been a good two-minute team. Hes done a good job in that situation throughout his career. I think he throws the ball well. Tannehill might have the tools to take a big step forward again this year. The Dolphins have a new offense, brought in by coordinator Bill Lazor who was with the Philadelphia Eagles last season when they became one of the leagues elite groups at moving the football. Lazor speaks highly of Tannehills growth. So do Tannehills teammates. He carries himself like an NFL quarterback now, center Mike Pouncey said. There is an air of condence around Tannehill, who hasnt missed a game even though hes been sacked more than any other quarterback in the last two seasons. The Dolphins gure to be faster-paced this year, which means he shouldnt have the ball as long and in theory then may get hit less. Youre talking about a guy that has the desire to be great and the desire to work at it, which is really important, Lazor said. We ask him every single day to be the most prepared player when he walks out on the practice eld. So the rst thing its going to be for the quarterback is work, off the eld and in the classroom. I think hes done a great job with that. Theres plenty of trends that tie all those quar terbacks that Tannehill looked up to as a kid: They all won a lot of games, and they all were (or in the cases of Brees, Manning and Brady, remain) the unquestioned leader of their team. Tannehill gures its time to take that leap. You have to be able to make a play, nd a way and thats football, Tannehill said. You are going to have those tough situations where someone is going to have to step up and make a play. I want that to be me. I want that to be the guys with me on offense and if we do that we will win a lot of games.By TIM REYNOLDSASSOCIATED PRESSTannehill looks to take Dolphins to next level AP PHOTORyan Tannehill, throwing his wristband to fans after last weeks preseason game, hopes for more completions on the eld. Eagles nearly hired BradleyPHILADELPHIA Gus Bradley might be coaching the Philadelphia Eagles if Chip Kelly didnt change his mind about leaving Oregon. The two second-year coaches face off today when Bradley and the Jacksonville Jaguars visit Kellys Eagles in the season opener at Lincoln Financial Field. Bradley interviewed twice with the Eagles in January 2013. Owner Jeffrey Lurie flew him in from Seattle for the second one, but the Eagles were waiting on Kelly to make a decision, and Bradley left Philadelphia to interview with the Jaguars. Kelly ended up coming to the NFL and Bradley took over in Jacksonville. I really enjoyed the whole interview process up there, Bradley said. Jeffrey Lurie was great, to meet them and go through the process. I really enjoyed it. Kelly made a quick impact in Philadelphia, taking the Eagles from worst to first in the NFC East. Bradley went 4-12 in his first season with the Jags. I believe that the NFL is a precision league, Bradley said. I think whatever you decide to do, you have to be precise. You have to be on your job. Kelly has been elusive about how he plans to use the versatile Darren Sproles in the backfield with All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy. But McCoy offered a hint of those plans when asked if he expects to have 366 touches again this year. I dont think 300-plus carries is really needed, he said. Im sure if the game is tight and you need to ride me, Im the guy for it, but (we can) mix up with Sproles doing different things. Both teams are counting on a pair of second-round picks taken three spots apart. The Jaguars took Southern Californias Marqise Lee at No. 39 and the Eagles chose Vanderbilts Jordan Matthews at No. 42. Lee mightve been an Eagle if he was still on the board when they picked. We were really, really high on him, Kelly said. He has a great knack for the deep ball, does a great job of adjusting to it, and hes an unbelievable competitor. Hes every thing you want. The Jaguars have two other rookies at wide receiver, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. The veteran is Cecil Shorts III, who is only 26. Ace Sanders, a fourth-round pick last year, will miss the first four games to serve a suspension. He caught 51 passes for 484 yards and a touchdown as a rookie. Its a damn good group, said Shorts, who will miss todays game with hamstring tightness. Were all going to push each other to be the best group we can be. NFL: JacksonvilleBy ROB MAADDIASSOCIATED PRESS See NFL injury report in Scoreboard, Page 9 Players to watch this season:GAME CHANGERSWR Calvin Johnson, Lions: Help is on the way for Megatron in the form of former Seahawk Golden Tate and rookie tight end Eric Ebron. Detroit has swung and missed on complementary weapons in years past (Titus Young, anyone?), but it might finally have weapons to take heat off the best receiver of this generation. WRs Alshon Jeffery, Bears: The Green Bay passing game is about timing, precision. The Chicago passing game is about teeing up jump balls to Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall, two large receivers. And say what you will about Jay Cutler he will go deep. No wideouts draw the ire of the NFL more than the physical Jeffery and Marshall. It will not be easy to defend them in this new, flag-happy emphasis. QB Nick Foles, Eagles: Or should we put down Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly here? Either way, Kelly is always thinking a step ahead, turning Foles into a juggernaut last season. Within this efficient, video game offense, Foles knows which buttons to push. After going 8-2 as the starter with 27 touchdowns and two picks, hes now the unquestioned starter. Expect big things in a division full of bad defenses. LB Lavonte David, Buccaneers: The former Nebraska linebacker was born to play in Lovie Smiths defense. A rangy, sure-tackling playmaker, David could be the defensive player of the year in Smiths scheme in Tampa Bay. David is already one of the best players no one has heard of with nearly 300 tackles, nine sacks and six interceptions his first two seasons. S Earl Thomas, Seahawks: Richard Sherman runs his mouth, shuts down receivers and gets the headlines. But the suffocating Thomas, at safety, may be the player who really makes the Seattle defense go. In his fifth season, Thomas is peaking. He had five picks and nine breakups a year ago and was the one safety able to decode and deconstruct Manning.UNDER THE RADARRB Andre Ellington, Cardinals: He plays in the cutthroat NFC West, but Ellington is the lightning-in-a-bottle playmaker wholl give Arizona a fighting chance. Clocked at 4.61, he plays like hes 4.31 on the field. S Harrison Smith, Vikings: He has become the quarterback of the Vikings secondary. Not an intimidating enforcer and not a freelancing playmaker, Smith is solid at just about everything. RB Toby Gerhart, Jaguars: After waiting four years behind Adrian Peterson in Minnesota, hell now get a chance to be the workhorse back in Jacksonville. Gerhart is shifty for a 234-pounder. RB Shane Vereen, Patriots: New England doesnt do much for Tom Brady at wide receiver these days, but the Patriots do boast an emerging star in Vereen. The versatile back caught 47 passes in eight games last season, and hell be central to lots the Patriots do in 2014. QB Josh McCown, Buccaneers: After throwing 13 touchdown passes and only one pick in relief of Jay Cutler last year in Chicago, the 35-year-old journeyman gets his long-awaited chance to start in Tampa Bay. The offense will look familiar. Down south, he has another pair of tall receivers to throw to in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans.ROOKIESWR Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers: Someone has to catch the ball in Carolina, right? Benjamin is raw. He had one solid season at Florida State. But Cam Newton will go vertical and Benjamin has size (6-5, 240). QB Derek Carr, Raiders: Hell get his chance at some point this season. Matt Schaub might have been the $8 million investment, but while Schaub floundered in the preseason, Carr ripped Seattle for 143 yards on 11 of 13 passing with three touchdowns. WR Brandin Cooks, Saints: New Orleans doesnt have a true No. 1 wide receiver with Drew Brees spreading the wealth. Cooks, of the blistering 4.33 in the 40, should slide right in. He caught 195 passes his last two seasons at Oregon State. RB Bishop Sankey, Titans: The first running back drafted is accustomed to a high volume of carries. Its only a matter of time before he gets that in Tennessee, ahead of Shonn Greene. DT Aaron Donald, Rams: The Bears might still be having nightmares of the Rams taking Donald one pick ahead of them. The consensus All-American at Pitt makes the best defensive line in football even better. By Tyler Dunne, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2MINUTE DRILL :...................... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... .........................awlI' t -,T, wIrmw8" !liiY r rm 1 FLM n1wal1 1S^nr _s.1. _I l kSGT:............................................................................................................................................................... .


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 SP Page 11 Carpenter also completed all 10 of his passes for 93 yards. There would clearly be a learning period for this Port Charlotte group, and rest assured they probably learned a bunch from this loss to Venice, the Pirates worst regular-season defeat under coach Jordan Ingman. The good news is Port Charlottes schedule should allow the team to get going before the district opener, facing Mariner, Lely which did look formidable against North Port on Friday night and Lehigh. The Venice-Port Charlotte score most likely raised some eyebrows from the Charlotte faithful. The Tarpons will face both the Indians and the Pirates this season; in fact, they get Venice next after a bye. And from what weve seen of Charlotte the rst two weeks, that Venice game could be very tasty, indeed. The Tarpons recovered from two early turnovers in a 28-14 victory over Barron Collier a fumble by Elijah Mack and an interception by Brennan Simms on their rst two snaps. But Charlotte only surrendered seven points from those giveaways. Winning on the road despite a healthy dose of adversity early is a big step, especially for a young team like Charlotte. The best thing is that Charlotte got out of the rst two weeks with a pair of wins, maybe without showing too much of its playbook on game tape (not that the Tarpons have much that Venice coach John Peacock hasnt already seen). The stat sheet was similar to the Tarpons season-opening victory against North Port. Macks 13 carries for 78 yards almost exactly duplicated his opening-week effort and Simms completed 50 percent of his passes (5 of 10) for 101 yards. But it wasnt exactly the same. Barron Collier brought back a bevy of starters (including 10 seniors on defense), and it was the Tarpons longest road trip of the regular season. That will serve to further prepare the Tarpons for the showdown against Venice in two weeks if it goes well, Charlotte will nd out more about its squad, as Port Charlotte did. If they can do so and remain unbeaten, so much the better.Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or shore@sun-herald.comSHOREFROM PAGE 1 | PREP FOOTBALL SCOREBOARDCLASS 7A-10 Dist. PF PA All PF PA Braden River 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 89 38 Lakew. Ranch 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 61 41 Sarasota 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 33 24 Palmetto 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 75 80 North Port 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 28 62 Fridays scores Lely 28, North Port 14 Braden River 54, Somerset Academy 6 Jesuit 27, Lakewood Ranch 24, 2OT Lakewood 34, Palmetto 31 Sarasota 24, Bayshore 6 Fridays games Palmetto Ridge at North Port, 7:30 p.m. Bayshore at Lakewood Ranch, 7 p.m. Countryside at Palmetto, 7:30 p.m. Sarasota at Tallahassee-Lincoln, 7 p.m. Southeast at Braden River, 7:30 p.m. DISTRICT 7A-11 Dist. PF PA All PF PA Fort Myers 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 83 10 Charlotte 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 62 28 Port Charlotte 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 31 53 Riverdale 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 21 82 Fridays results Charlotte 28, Barron Collier 14 Venice 35, Port Charlotte 6 Fort Myers 32, North Fort Myers 7 Island Coast 41, Riverdale 0 Fridays games Port Charlotte at Mariner, 7:30 p.m. Cypress Lake at Fort Myers, 7:30 p.m. Dunbar at Riverdale, 7:30 p.m. Charlotte, bye DISTRICT 6A-7 Dist. PF PA All PF PA Venice 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 81 50 Largo 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 40 42 Sem.-Osceola 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 36 37 Dixie Hollins 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 82 106 Fridays results Venice 35, Port Charlotte 6 East Lake 42, Largo 0 Northeast 61, Dixie Hollins 48 Tarpon Springs 31, Osceola 21 Fridays games Venice at Riverview, 7:30 p.m. Dixie Hollins at Seminole, 7:30 p.m. Largo at Gibbs, 7:30 p.m. Osceola at Pinellas Park, 7:30 p.m. DISTRICT 5A-13 Dist. PF PA All PF PA Booker 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 34 23 DeSoto Co. 0-0-0 0 0 1-0-0 27 8 Hardee 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 26 57 Southeast 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 21 67 Bayshore 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 6 57 Fridays results DeSoto County 27, Lehigh 8 Booker 16, Sarasota-Riverview 14 Countryside 30, Southeast 7 Fort Meade 26, Hardee 9 Sarasota 24, Bayshore 6 Fridays games DeSoto County at East Lee County, 7:30 p.m. Bayshore at Lakewood Ranch, 7 p.m. Booker at Berkeley Prep, 7:30 p.m. Sebring at Hardee, 7:30 p.m. Southeast at Braden River, 7:30 p.m. DISTRICT 5A-14 Dist. PF PA All PF PA Cape Coral 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 99 20 Island Coast 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 77 16 Cypress Lake 0-0-0 0 0 2-0-0 57 29 Lemon Bay 0-0-0 0 0 1-1-0 44 40 N. Fort Myers 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 38 67 Dunbar 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 6 81 Mariner 0-0-0 0 0 0-2-0 13 90 Fridays results Lemon Bay 26, Bishop Verot 15 Cape Coral 49, Estero 7 Cypress Lake 37, Gateway Charter 29 Fort Myers 32, North Fort Myers 6 Island Coast 41, Riverdale 0 Palmetto Ridge 36, Mariner 6 South Fort Myers 34, Dunbar 0 Fridays games Lemon Bay at LaBelle, 7:30 p.m. Cypress Lake at Fort Myers, 7:30 p.m. Dunbar at Riverdale, 7:30 p.m. Gulf Coast at North Fort Myers, 7:30 p.m. Ida Baker at Cape Coral, 7:30 p.m. Island Coast at South Fort Myers, 7:30 p.m. Port Charlotte at Mariner, 7:30 p.m. Ingman wants Venice rematchPort Charlotte coach Jordan Ingman said Thursday he wants to keep Venice on the schedule after this season. The Indians 35-6 victory over Port Charlotte was the first meeting between the two teams since 2008, though they had occasionally been paired in the same district. We were lucky to get this thing scheduled, Ingman said. We look at it as a way to get us strengthened for the district. Rob Shore SUN PHOTO BY TOM ONEILLVenice High School running back Malik Bryant is tackled by Port Charlotte defensive back Christian Coelletto during the rst quarter Friday at Powell-Davis Stadium in Venice. the most games. Heck, the ve starts he made for the Bears last season were his most in nearly a decade. Turns out the one thing McCown did better than any other quarter back was age. I dont know why Im still physically like this, McCown said, shaking his head. Ive always joked Im a late bloomer. Im blessed. The history of the NFL is told by coach-quar terback unions. There is probably no relationship in sports more complicated or symbiotic. The foundation must be built on trust. Just one little crack, a ssure of doubt, and the entire locker room can split and erode a teams chances like waves hitting a sand castle. Faith is fragile between the coach and quarterback. Last years 4-12 Bucs season was torpedoed by the schism between quarterback Josh Freeman and coach Greg Schiano. The former was released, the latter red and today neither has a job in the NFL. Smith, who was red by the Bears after nine seasons despite going 10-6 in 2012, watched McCown on television from his basement in Chicago last year as he threw 11 touchdowns and one interception and went 3-2 over ve starts for the injured Jay Cutler. Smith had 11 starting quarter backs during his nine seasons with the Bears, and you could stack the ones he has studied as high as the Sears Tower. I havent known any of them the way I know Josh, Smith said. Smith is famous for stubbornly standing behind his quarterbacks. Who can forget his support of Rex Grossman in 2006 and his steely refrain of Rex is our quarterback, our quarter back is Rex, after a Week 12 fumble on the goal line? Grossman wound up playing well enough to help the Bears reach Super Bowl XLI, where they lost to Tony Dungys Colts. He also backed Cutler and Kyle Orton. But no one has earned Smiths seal of approval like McCown, who in 2010 turned down a job offer from Smith because he felt he needed to honor his commitment to the now-defunct United Football League. Its just the situations Ive seen him in, Smith said. Most of the quar terbacks who came in, like Rex, were the starter. Jay was the starter (as was) Kyle Orton. But Ive seen (McCown). Ive recruited him (and) not gotten him. Eventually, we work him out and get him. Hes a No. 3 guy. Hes a No. 2 guy. Hes a No. 1 guy having to play. Were both from east Texas. I know his DNA. You know how athletic he is. Other coaches tiptoed around picking their starting quarterback this offseason. But there was no hesitation from Smith, who named McCown the Bucs starter when he signed in March. Most guys, when they get to be that age, youve taken a lot of hits, Smith said, He just doesnt have a 35-year-old body. Hes a young guy in a lot of ways. These days, quarterbacks are playing longer. Peyton (Manning) is not talking about retiring any time soon. Tom Brady says he wants to play into his 40s. Josh just turned 35, and he hasnt played as much as those other guys. Smith is here primarily because of a textbook case of a coach-quarter back relationship that became so broken, Dr. Phil couldnt put it back together. Schiano inherited Freeman when he arrived, whip in hand, in 2012. Freeman was one year removed from a breakout season in which he won 10 games and threw 25 touchdowns and only six interceptions. But Freemans self-esteem took a hit the next year, a 4-12 debacle in 2011. His work habits also declined. After a 1-3 start in 2012, the Bucs adapted their offense to get Freeman out of the pocket more, and he responded with ve wins over the next six games. He had a passer rating of 100 or higher for ve straight games, throwing 16 touchdowns and three interceptions during that stretch. But then the script ipped, and the Bucs lost ve straight games. Freeman threw six touchdowns and 10 interceptions during that stretch, and the Bucs went on to nish 7-9. In the offseason, Schiano wanted to go in another direction at quarterback; maybe sign free agent Carson Palmer. But the organization, taking a helicopter view of Freeman, saw the team records for touchdowns (27) and passing yards (4,065) in 2012 and believed it would be a mistake to pull the plug a year before he hit free agency. By 2013, it got ugly. Freeman wasnt voted captain amid accusations Schiano rigged the ballot, which he denied. Freeman was ned for missing the team picture and a week later for being late to the bus for the season opener. After an 0-3 start in which he completed 45 percent of his passes with two touchdowns and three interceptions, Freeman was benched for rookie Mike Glennon. The Thursday before the next game, he said a trade would probably be the best option. A few days after the game, ESPN reported Freeman was in Stage 1 of the NFLs substance-abuse program. The players union and Freemans camp accused Schiano of leaking the information. Freeman revealed he had permission from the league to take Adderall for Attention Decit Hyperactivity Disorder but volunteered to enter the program after taking Ritalin. He said he had passed 46 drug tests. By midweek, during the Bucs bye, Freeman was released. Soon after, he signed with the Vikings. No question if that trust is broken, theres a space for the player to change course a little bit, McCown said. Thats what makes it unique for me; having history with Lovie. Smith understands the trust issue as well as any coach. I do think its a must, Smith said. I think the quarterback has to know the head coach has the condence in him to do the job; that hes the leader. After the game, Im going to talk to the media. The quarterback is going to talk. We realize the position were in. We have to be together and know the other one has each others back. Smith said McCown was easily accepted in the Bucs locker room because of his personality and perseverance. If theres a seat at any table, Josh can walk right in and hes just one of the guys in any environment, he said.BUCSFROM PAGE 1 W W W A C M E B I C Y C L E S H O P C O M WWW.ACMEBICYCLESHOP.COM P U N T A G O R D A 9 4 1 6 3 9 A C M E A R C A D I A 8 6 3 8 8 4 2 3 3 3 PUNTA GORDA 941-639-ACME ARCADIA 863-884-2333 THANK YOU FOR MAKING US #1 BIKE SHOP AGAIN! 2013 50472772 PUNTA GORDA STORE 615 CROSS STREET ARCADIA STORE 6 WEST OAK STREET www. D eep C reek G 1260 San Cristobal Ave, Punta Gorda Call To Schedule Your Tee Time Today! 941-625-6911 50471700 4 Golfers For$ 1 0 0 0 0 $ 1 0 00 0 $ 100 00 Includes 18 holes with Cart and Tax. Lunch and a Drink Included. Any Time of Day. Coupon Req. Expires 9/15/14 Beat The Heat $ 1 2 0 0 $ 1 20 0 $ 12 00 Before 8am! Call For Reservation. Coupon Req. 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Page 12 SP The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Saturday is any indication, the races between Fisher and Dillon will go right down to the nal yards all season. I think its certainly gonna help with motivation during practices and during races, Port Charlotte coach Ray Chumbley said. It will be good to have someone right there competing with (Fisher). Although their rivalry will certainly be on their minds, the two runners have different goals for the remainder of the season. Fisher hopes to get his time below 15:20; his personal record in a cross country race is 16:00.7. Dillon, who missed a trip to states last season by .2 seconds, is focused on getting to Tallahassee. Marshall as a sophomore ran a 4:26 in the mile. Theres not too many sophomores that can run that kind of time. Taking that leg speed and building up a huge base in the summer, he made a statement today, Charlotte coach Chris George said. He PRd on this course by 11 seconds and nished third. Thats exactly what he was supposed to do today. He knows that hes gonna do special things this year and make it to states if he keeps this up. As a team, the Tarpons placed sixth with Chris Daniele and Jonathan Wentworth supplementing Dillons efforts. Venice placed 11th, North Port placed 18th and Port Charlotte and DeSoto County didnt have enough runners for a team score. Charlotte heads to the Fort Myers Optimist Invitational next week, while Port Charlotte heads to the Bradenton Runners Club meet. It will be a few weeks before Fisher and Dillon face off again, but Fisher certainly isnt going to forget what happened in Estero. Im just gonna say it: Im gonna win, he said.Contact Zach Miller at 941-206-1140 or PAGE 1 | CROSS COUNTRY SCOREBOARDEstero DDD Invitationalat Estero Community Park, Estero GIRLS Teams: 1. Estero 72, 2. Lakewood Ranch 84, 3. North Port 107, 4. Fort Myers 109, 5. Community School of Naples 124, 6. Sarasota 153, 7. South Fork 243, 8. Charlotte 265, 9. North Fort Myers 281, 10. Immoka lee 282, 11. Palmetto Ridge 316, 12. Cypress Lake 375, 13. (tie) Naples and Ida Baker 402, 15. Gulf Coast 404, 16. Canterbury 432, 17. LaBelle 439, 18. Venice 477, 19. St. John Neumann 550, 20. Riverdale 556, 21. Island Coast 565, 22. Bishop Verot 579, 23. Clewiston 594, 24. Marco Island Academy 638, 25. Golden Gate 726, 26. First Baptist Academy 746. Individuals: 1. Sarah Candiano (Evangel ican Christian) 19:40, 2. Devin Molloy (Bar ron Collier) 19:57, 3. Daley Cline (E) 20:29, 4. Olivia Adams (E) 20:38, 5. Kristilin Gear (FM) 20:47, 6. Lindsay Tomaini (CSN) 21:01, 7. Sydney Guenther (NP) 21:12, 8. Bethany Hardcastle (SF) 21:17, 9. Andrea Vargas (PR) 21:18, 10. Andrea McDonald (LR) 21:20. North Port: 15. Kaley Boethig 21:40, 30. Darielle Costa 22:32, 32. Jamie Weisberger 22:45, 33. Lindsay Boethig 22:45, 41. Kayla Dennis 23:19, 59. Emily Rumisek 24:14. Charlotte: 31. Michaela Flowers 22:40, 45. Erin Roche 23:33, 61. Hope Kanagy 24:17, 66. Emilie Booth 24:25, 83. Brittney Smith 24:55. Venice: 54. Keeley Kohlenberg 24:01, 65. Elizabeth Macdonnell 24:22, 137. Natalie Deto 27.55, 141. Veronica Phifer 28:16, 149. Marianna Obermeir 28:32, 155. Morgan Gerhardt 29:02, 162. Theresa Kelley 29:28. DeSoto County: 146. Megan Upshaw 28:27, 153. Esperanza Gonzalez 28:43, 172. Kaitlin Pence 30:35, 187. Viki Ramirez 32:39. BOYS Teams: 1. Belen Jesuit 29, 2. Estero 100, 3. Sarasota 103, 4. Lakewood Ranch 138, 5. Gulf Coast 146, 6. Charlotte 174, 7. Immoka lee 237, 8. LaBelle 261, 9. Barron Collier 297, 10. Naples 327, 11. Venice 354, 12. Ida Bak er 398, 13. Riverdale 449, 14. Bishop Verot 452. 15. Evangelical Christian 487, 16. Lely 489, 17. Mariner 494, 18. North Port 515, 19. Gateway Charter 518, 20. Dunbar 524, 21. Community School of Naples 531, 22. Gold en Gate 544, 23. North Fort Myers 556, 24. Island Coast 574, 25. South Fort Myers 583, 26. Palmetto Ridge 659, 27. South Fork 704, 28. Southwest Florida Christian 731, 29. Donohue Academy 786, 30. St. John Neu mann 795, 31. Clewiston 827, 32. Oasis 853, 33. Lehigh 899, 34. Canterbury 927. Individuals: 1. Ryan Rodriguez (BJ) 16:50, 2. Zack Summerall (S) 16:53, 3. Marshall Dillon (C) 17:05, 4. Jamie Lopez (BJ) 17:11, 5. Tyler Fisher (PC) 17:12, 6. Dillon Vallette (E) 17:23, 7. Bruno Zayas (BJ) 17:57, 8. Daniel Dean (Middleton) 18:01, 9. Urias Velasquez (E) 18.01, 10. Nicholas Roca (BJ) 18.01. Charlotte: 31. Chris Daniele 18:46.0, 38. Jonathan Wentworth 19:08.0, 40. Kyle Shir ley 19:15, 72. Jonathan Heitman 20:12. Venice: 24. Dylan Stover 18:36, 47. Grin Dorsey 19:31, 63. Jake Ireland 19:55, 126. Jared Neugebauer 21:49, 127. Kyle OConnor 21:50, North Port: 35. Billy Castrovince 18:55, 64. Ben Durrant 19:58, 101. Evan Weisberger 21:03, 152. Kevin Shahan 22:36, 215. Mi chael Gibbons 23:25, Port Charlotte: 55. Brandon Randall 19:51, 116. Mathew Martins 21:34, 122. Hayden Wilder 21:47. DeSoto County: 79. Lisandro Cisneros 20:26, 182. John Parker Brown 23:31, 207. Jose Contreras 24:52.PHOTO BY KELLI KREBS/FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESSCharlotte High Schools Hope Kanagy competes in the Estero DDD Invitational on Saturday morning at Estero Community Park. ESTERO Theres been a lot of transition for the North Port High School girls cross country team since placing fth at the Class 4A state meet last season. Coach Jim Simpson left to take the coaching job at Warner International University. Hannah Coval was hired as the new coach, teaming with boys coach Phu Nguyen. Maddi Krstec, the Bobcats No. 1 runner and the Sun girls runner of the year, chose to leave the team because it interfered too much with her busy soccer schedule. But at the season-opening meet Saturday in Estero, North Port looked every bit like the district champion and regional runner-up it was last season. With a combination of new and old faces running at improved speed, the Bobcats placed third out of 26 teams at the Estero DDD Invitational. Sydney Guenther led the way with a seventh-place nish, followed by 15th-place Kaley Boethig and 30th-place Darielle Costa. We started May 17 training for cross country, all the way until now, Costa, a sophomore, said. We did a lot of speed work on the track and we upped our mileage by a lot. I ran 400 miles over the summer. Costa dropped more than two minutes off her time from last years meet in Estero, running the course hyped as the toughest course in Florida in 22:32. After typically running in the No. 6 or 7 spot last season, she seems poised to be a consistent point-scorer this season. With her work ethic, we knew that this would happen, Nguyen said. Its not that big of a surprise because she works her butt off. She was patient, she never got frustrated and now her time is nally coming and I could see bigger improvements to come with her. Guenther, last years No. 2, led the way with a 21:12, which is faster than Krstec ran in Estero last season. Guenther knows shell need to ll some of the void left by Krstec, but as one of the teams senior captains, shes ready. I feel really good about it, Ive been training hard all summer to try and get where (Krstec) was last year, she said. We all try to train really hard together. After coach Simpson left, we were really nervous about it, but we had a talk together and we decided that we all needed to step up. The Bobcats showed off improved depth with Jamie Weisberger, Lindsay Boethig and Kayla Dennis all placing between 31st and 41st. Sophomore Shelby Cutchineal won the junior varsity race by 48 seconds, and Nguyen said she will run for the varsity team next week at the Fort Myers Optimist Invitational. Contact Zach Miller at 941-206-1140 or GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: E stero DDD InvitationalPHOTO BY KELLI KREBS/FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESSNorth Port High Schools Sydney Guenther competes in the Estero DDD Invitational on Saturday morning at Estero Community Park.Transitioning in strideAfter offseason of change, North Port starts strong By ZACH MILLERSPORTS WRITER PREP ROUNDUPManta Rays girls win XC openerThe Lemon Bay girls cross country team opened its season by winning the Holloway Park Jamboree in Lakeland. Kelsi Ogilvie, Haley Blem, Abby Weinfeld and Nicole Mis led the way by running as a pack to take places fth through eighth. I was pretty happy with it, Manta Rays coach Joe Casale said. I thought it was a little slow, but I was pleased with how the girls started. We really like to see them run as a pack like that. The Lemon Bay boys placed seventh, but were missing returning starters Justin Raines and Wyatt Chandler. Miles Rittenhouse was the boys top nisher by running an 18:36.1 to earn 18th place. Miles Rittenhouse ran right where I wanted him to be at this point in the season, but everyone else was a little behind where wed like to be, Casale said. The Manta Rays will continue their season at the Fort Myers Optimist Invitational next weekend.SWIMMINGTarpon boys win in St. Pete: The Charlotte High School boys swimming and diving team won the Northeast Relays in St. Petersburg. The Tarpons won two events: diving and the 200 freestyle relay. Eric Stover and Ethan Goff competed in diving and Hans Schroeder, A.J. Nelson, Jesse Hill and Brandon Kern were part of the relay. Charlotte also placed second in five events and third in two. The Charlotte girls placed ninth out of 21 teams and the Tarpons ranked fourth in the combined standings. In Venice, Lemon Bay placed fourth out of five teams at the Venice Relays. Manta Rays coach Dawn Hall said Abby Shea, Sarah Frantz, Hunter Scott and Cheyney Guerra-Prat were the top girls swimmers and Vlad Makarenkov, Kase Cicchella, Evan Burger and Trent Robinson were the top boys swimmers. Venice won the meet. In Naples, both the Port Charlotte girls (272) and boys (286) teams placed sixth in the Shark Relays. The North Port boys finished 10th, and the girls 11th. Gulf Coasts girls and boys won team titles for the second time in three years. The boys shared their crown with Cape Coral, with both teams scoring 480 points. Saturday marked the biggest event in its 17 years in terms of schools and swimmers participating. Seventeen schools and more than 500 athletes competed, with just as many parents in the stands, making it a veritable swimming extravaganza. Contributing: Naples Daily NewsSTAFF REPORTTarpon boys swim to victory | PREP SCOREBOARDHolloway Park Jamboreeat Holloway Park, Lakeland GIRLS Teams: 1. Lemon Bay 45, 2. Chiles 48, 3. First Academy 85, 4. Newsome 86, 5. Palm Harbor University 134, 6. Indian Rocks Christian 147, 7. Manatee 193, 8. Tampa Bay HEAT 252, 9. Clearwater Central Catholic 291, 10. Palmetto 300, 11. Admiral Farragut Academy 319, 12. Lakeland 327, 13. Cardinal Mooney 373, 14. Cambridge Christian 400, 15. Tampa Catholic 420, 16. Carrollwood Day 452, 17. Kathleen 512, 18. Foundation Christian Academy 518. Individuals: 1. Alexandra Wallace (C) 20:20.5, 2. Emma Tucker (C) 20:22.3, 3. Emily Zwijacz (N) 20:47.8), 4. Ana Wallace (C) 20:54.7, 5. Kelsi Ogilvie (LB) 21:05.5, 6. Haley Blem (LB) 21:06.8, 7. Abby Weinfeld (LB) 21:97.0, 8. Ni cole Mis (LB) 21:13.5, 9. Bobbi LaBrant (IRC) 21:17.2, 10. Marcella Benner (N) 21:19.8. Lemon Bay: 19. Kristen Robinson 22:30.7, 28. Rebecca Thompson 23:50.3, 46. Shan non Futch 24:43.2, 48. Nikki Lenard 24:44.8, 63. Anna Moore 26:06.9. BOYS Teams: 1. Chiles 16, 2. Newsome 80, 3. In dian Rocks Christain 130, 4. Manatee 157, 5. Palm Harbor University 207, 6. Cardinal Mooney 221, 7. Lemon Bay 227, 8. First Academy 233, 9. Lakeland 243, 10. Admiral Farragut Academy 251, 11. Palmetto 270, 12. Tampa Bay HEAT 336, 13. Clear water Central Catholic 386, 14. Cambridge Christian 436, 15. Carrollwood Day 440, 16. Keswick Christian 440, 17, Bell Creek 444, 18. Foundation Christian Academy 474, 19. Tampa Prep 491, 20. Kathleen 549 Individuals: 1. Avery Bartless (C) 16:43.7, 2. Allan Hernandez (C) 16:44.7, 3. Tyson Mur ray (C) 16:49.0, 4. Jared Grigas (C) 16:58.1, 5. Cal Davidson Turner (CM) 16:59.2, 6. Austin Dodson (C) 17:02.6, 7. Davey McGregor (C) 17:07.3, 8. Alexander Gruenewald (C) 17:13.2, 9. Austin Runtschke (C) 17:16.6, 10. Patrick McNamara (AFA) 17:22.1. Lemon Bay: 28. Miles Rittenhouse 18:36.1, 53. Daniel Vo 20:12.7, 66. Lucas Haranda 20:36.0, 74. Colton Montgomery 21;07.2, 78. Calvin Strong 21:18.0, 94. Callum Hodg es 21.43.4.Shark Relaysat Norris Pool, Naples GIRLS Teams: 1. Gulf Coast 480, 1. Cape Coral 480, 3. Fort Myers 424, 4.Community School 304, 5. Barron Collier 300, 6. Port Charlotte 272, 7. Riverdale 260, 8. Lely 252, 9. Naples 250, 10. North Fort Myers 246, 11. North Port 230, 12. Seacrest 222, 13.St. John Neu man 176, 14. Mariner 118, 15. Oasis 102, 16. South Fort Myers 64, 17. East Lee 22. BOYS Teams: 1. Gulf Coast 470, 2. Naples 426, 3. Cape Coral 392, 4. Community School 388, 5. Barron Collier 376, 6. Port Charlotte 286, 7.Seacrest 278, 8. Fort Myers 236, 9. Lely 230, 10. North Port 208, 11. Riverdale 206, 12. Oasis 198, 13.St. John Neuman 114, 14. South Fort Myers 80, 15. East Lee 44, 16. Mariner High School 42. PREP SCHEDULEMONDAY Volleyball Imagine at First Baptist Naples, 6 p.m. Lemon Bay at Cardinal Mooney, 7 p.m. Boys golf Charlotte at Lemon Bay, 3:30 p.m. Mariner at Port Charlotte, 3:30 p.m. North Port at Community Christian, 3:30 p.m. Girls golf Port Charlotte at Mariner, 3:30 p.m. Golf Course and Restaurant OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 50472763 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Dress Code enforced no denim or jeans. Welcome 2014 Karaoke on Tues and Thursdays. Friday Fish Fry and Saturday Steak nights. Awesome September Golf!!$ 1 8 for 18 holes $18 incl 1/2 cart Saturday 9 & Prime 9 holes golf + cart + 10oz. Prime Rib Dinner $ 2 4 pp $24 50472644 with 10 Brand NEW Flat Screens Looking for a spot for your fan club? ASK FOR DETAILS!! 4300 Kings Highway School House Square 941.629.2114 W E H AVE NFL TICKET B U C K E T BUCKET & B E E R & BEER SPECIALS The Largest Projector Screen in SWFL 4 0 4 0 .40 Monster Wings ALL DAY NFLTMBucwWFollow Florida, Florida State and Miamiin the Sun Sports -section. 'f"}`l \24000 Rampart Blvd. 1811ole EwRive6olf(burse -RestaurantPort Charlotte, Floridad x* A &Call 941-625-0680 For More Info or To Book A Tee Time


A weekly section of the Sun Vol. 4 No. 36 September 7, 2014 free Dont miss these steals! PAGE 2 Whats new in music PAGE 2>>>INSIDE Poker and recipes Firehouse Foodie: That one day in 2001 PAGE 4 PAGE 3 Look what I found: Jars for more than just canning PAGE 4 Mobile checking deposit: pros and cons PAGE 3The latest craze in housing is no small feat. The tiny house movement has taken downsizing to a whole new level. Build your own 150-square-foot haven for around $20,000, and say goodbye to your mortgage! Sounds great as long as you dont mind composting toilets and bumping elbows for the next few years, right? Of course, you dont have to go to these extremes to save a few bucks. Most American families have plenty of room to size down without cramping their style. Consider the numbers: The average single-family home built in 2013 was nearly 2,600-square-feet. You may not think thats too big until you look back at history. In 1950, the average home size was less than 1,000-square-feet, and families were bigger back then. By those standards, todays homeowners are living large. Moving into a smaller home may feel like a step down, but a closer look reveals quite a few upsides.Less is moreOne question we always hear when the topic of downsizing comes up is, Where will I put all my stu? Here are a few ideas: your neighborhood yard sale, eBay or Craigslist. Thats right. Sell it and take that money to the bank, baby! Sure, a smaller home means less space. But it also means less time, stress and money spent on upkeep. Think of all the fun you could have if you didnt have to polish your miniature unicorn collection every week end. You just might nd a whole new world outside your door. Shrinking your square footage might mean your family has to gather around one TV at night, instead of spreading out across three or four dierent rooms (Gasp!). But is more time with the ones you love really all that bad?Lets cut to the financial chaseStill not convinced? Then its time to bring out the big guns and talk money. What if you reduced your mortgage by $500 a month, and put that cash toward other nancial goals? Here are just a few of the strides you could make: Attack your debt snowball.If youre working hard to kick debt to the curb, downsizing can help you maintain that gazelle intensity. Lets say you owe $18,000 on your student loan. With a 6 percent interest rate, and a minimum payment of $200 a month, youre on track to pay it o by July 2024. But throw an additional $500 at your loan each month, and youd trim a whopping seven years and eight months from your pay-o date. Sallie Mae will have to nd a new place to live, because youll be free from student debt by November 2016! Boost your retirement fund. Once youre debt-free with a Money-smart reasons to downsize your home PHOTOS PROVIDEDHOME | 2Dave Ramsey The circulation of nude photographs stolen from celebrities online accounts has raised questions about the security of storing information over the Internet, a growing practice known as the cloud. Apple conrmed Tuesday that some celebrity accounts were compromised by a targeted attack on usernames, passwords and security questions. Although Apple said there was no general breach in any of its systems, such as the iCloud storage service, it appears hackers were able to gain access to individual accounts simply by guring out passwords and answers to security questions. So if celebrities information isnt safe, then whose is? Here is a closer look at how safe data is when stored remotely on these services. Q. What is the cloud? A. The cloud is a way of storing photos, documents, email and other data on computers located elsewhere, so youre not using space on your computer, phone or other device. Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft all oer cloud-based storage. Smaller companies like Dropbox and Evernote do, too. The advantage is that you can access the same information from any device. And if you lose your phone, for example, you dont lose your vacation pictures. The drawback is that you are putting your information somewhere else, so you run the risk of a hacking attack on those systems and accounts. Q. Is it secure? For the most part, yes. Companies invest a lot on trying to ensure that peoples private information stays private. The short answer is the cloud is often more secure than other storage, says Rich Mogull, CEO of security research and How to protect your data in the cloudBy MAE ANDERSONAP TECHNOLOGY WRITERCLOUD | 3 It happened again this year: The kids are back in the classroom be fore youve had the chance to blink. Thankfully, new developments in education are making it easier than ever for students to hit the ground running. These days, technology has the pow er to dramatically improve how kids digest, retain and apply information if you know how to use it. Check out Raise kids grades with study tips for the digital agePROVIDED BY STATEPOINTDIGITAL | 4 SAME WEEK APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE Now in North Port 14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 Dermatology without the wait So you have more time for things you love 50475293 (941) 564-1542 Dr. Ryan S. Jawitz Board Certified Dermatologist Specializing in: General Dermatology Cosmetic Dermatology Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Skin Cancer AdlkRIVERCHASE DERMATOLOGYAND COSMETIC SURGERY4 %ftm


Page 2 The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 FOR ANSWERS, TURN TO PAGE 3 r f r f n rfnrtr fbrfrnn rn nnr bbbrb rr r nbrnr nr rnrr r r t rrrrrbrn n rr fbnrr r b rrnbbtnrrrtrrr nr r n bbnn rnrnnrrbnrr rr bnrr rr bt r r rrr rnnrb rnr r rrb rrt frrrtr rfrn frnrr nb r nrbrb rrrrbbr nnr nbrrbr rrr rr rnffr br brbrrnr b bnfrn r rn ntrrr rb r r rrfrnr nrrb rrbr rrnrr r fnnbr nr frnrrr rrrr brrr rrr brrrr rrnbnnnbrnrrn f n n rnr br rff ntbffb New York Times Sunday Crossword No. 0831 Here are the new major releases for Sept. 9. First is a new release by Robert Plant called Lullaby & the Ceaseless Roar. Robert Anthony Plant was born on Aug. 20, 1948, in West Bromwich, Staordshire, England. He is best known as the lead singer of one of the most famous rock n roll bands of all time, Led Zeppelin. At a very young age Plant became interested in music, his fa vorite style was the blues. By the time he was a teenager he had fronted many bands that were going nowhere. It wasnt until 1968 when Jimmy Page came to see him perform that he was asked to become the lead singer of a new band called the New Yardbirds but soon changed their name to Led Zeppelin. From 1969 until they called it quits in 1980 after the death of the drummer John Bonham, Led Zeppelin took the world by storm. Sold out concert tours, record sales between 200-300 million copies worldwide, to being the second best-selling group of all time (second to the Beatles). After the band split, Plant considered ending his music career in favor of becoming a teacher, but eventually opted for a solo career. Since 1982, when he started his solo career he has expanded to many styles of music. In 2007, Plant and bluegrass star, Alison Krauss collaborated on an album that went on to win the Grammy Awards for Album of the Year. This album is his tenth studio release and his rst in four years and includes a new backing band called The Sensational Space Shifters. For a guy who just turned 66 in last month, he shows no signs of wearing down. Keep rockin Robert. Next we have a new release by Sergio Mendes called Magic. Sergio Santos Mendes was born Feb. 11, 1941, in Niteroi, Brazil. As a young boy he was taught to play classical piano, but as he grew, his love for jazz prevailed and by the late 1950s he was a regular in the nightclubs in the Rio de Janeiro. Any jazz greats who toured the area had Mendes play with them, and after some persuading he moved to the U.S. He released his rst album in 1961, which was met with moderate success. By 1965, his album sales were anything but great. He changed record labels and formed the group Sergio Mendes and Brasil under the direction of Herb Alpert. The rst release on the new label was a huge commercial success. Since that time he has released countless albums and has won numerous Grammy Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the animated movie Rio. In 2011 he celebrated 50 years in the music industry, and just like Robert Plant doesnt show any signs of slowing down. Magic is his 38th studio release and features duets with special guests like John Legend and Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas. Not bad for an oldtimer who started back when the bossa nova was still cool. Other major releases this week are from Ryan Adams, Queen (live), Loudon Wainwright III and Lee Brice. Independent releases are from American Hi-Fi, Autumns Dawn, Better Than Ezra, In Flames, Interpol, KMFDM (live), Lecrae and Mike Zito. Keep rockin folks!Robert Plants Lullaby & the Ceaseless Roar, Sergio Mendes to release Magic NEW TUNES HAVE A COMMENT? Tom Koontz is the owner of TJs CDS & More at 3275-A Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. He loves reader comments, and can be contacted at By TJ KOONTZSUN COLUMNIST FREE $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD FROM BP Get a free $10 gift card by joining the new BP Driver Rewards program for new members. 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Just imagine what you could do with no mortgage holding you down. If you cant pay cash, aim for a 15year xed rate mortgage, and put at least 10 percent to 20 percent down on your new home. Apply the $500 you saved from downsizing to your new monthly mort gage payment. At 4 percent interest, you could pay o a $200,000 home in less than 10.5 years saving over $22,000 in the process!Is downsizing right for you?Downsizing might not make sense in every situa tion, but its worth a look if saving money and simplifying life appeals to you. Ask an experienced real estate agent to help you determine what your home is worth and show you options for cutting costs down to size. A true pro knows what it takes to get top dollar for your current home and negotiate the best deal on a new one. For more information, visit Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, author and national radio personality. Follow him on Twitter at @DaveRamsey.HOMEFROM PAGE 1 REMODELING?...REPLACING?...UPGRADING? rf WINDOWS FULL LINE OF BUILDING SUPPLY MATERIALS rf nfrfrtfbrf FREE ESTIMATES rfntftnnb ntbttntn 50469866 WINDOWS FULLLINEOF BUILDINGSUPPLYMATERIALS 50475363 Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times 1975 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda 941-575-7575 Reservations recommended. Mon -Thurs & Sun 11 Fri & Sat 11 S TARTING S EPT 8 TH WE WILL BE OPEN 7 DAYS OWRIESTAURANT------------------------: --------------------------MY MAD'IB46OG1 Q oOonoG~'JpQ~E. PRICE BLVD.


The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 Page 3 rrr f rff f n rf rr rr r n rrr t ANSWERS to crossword on page 2If you thought depositing checks into your bank account would never be anything other than a mundane but mandatory chore, perhaps you havent heard of the bank-check sele, more for mally known among bankers as remote deposit capture. Consumer Reports notes that you can now use your mobile banking app and smartphone camera to snap a picture of the front and back of a paper check, then electronically and securely deposit it into your account. You save time and hassles by not traveling to a bank branch and not waiting in a teller line. More than 75 million American consumers use their smartphones for mobile banking. But only 38 percent have tried depositing by cellphone in the past year, according to the most recent Federal Reserve survey. Not all banks oer the service, introduced by USAA Federal Savings Bank in 2009, but laggards are now scrambling to provide it. Frank Aloi, president of Ath Power Consulting, a nancial services industry research rm based in Boston, says its the f ea ture most desired by mobile banking-app customers. But before you point and shoot, Consumer Reports warns that you should be aware of some potential pitfalls, especially where personal checks are concerned. DELAYED FUNDS AVAILABILITY Federal regulations dictate how long banks can hold checks before making the funds available and it isnt very long. In general, the rst $200 of a deposit must be available for cash withdrawal or check writing the next business day. The rest should be avail able on the second day for check-writing purposes and on the third for cash with drawal, subject to certain exceptions and other details. But the regulations were written before the advent of mobile banking and dont include it, creating a loophole big enough for certain banks to drive an armored car through. For example, GoBank, a virtual bank whose customers access their accounts almost entirely via personal computer and smartphone, holds funds from personal checks hostage for up to 10 days. GoBank has no branches, and its nationwide network of 42,000 fee-free ATMs doesnt accept deposits, so remote deposit is the only way to get checks into a GoBank account. Your account agreement generally governs this outside-the-regulations issue, and banks voluntary rules arent always anti-consumer. Many, including Chase, Citi, PNC, TD Bank and U.S. Bank, as well as the virtual banks Ally and Simple, make funds available according to the standard regulations or better. TD Bank, for example, generally releases funds the rst business day after deposit. Certain banks place longer holds. BB&T generally makes remote deposit funds available within three business days. American Express Bluebird, a virtual checking account, holds funds until the sixth business day after deposit. Because that unavoidably stretches over a weekends two non-business days, the AmEx delay amounts to more than a one-calendar-week hold. AVOID OTHER GOTCHAS After you make your smartphone deposit, Consumer Reports suggests hanging onto the paper check for two weeks in case a problem arises. Date and mark it as a mobile deposit so that you or your signicant other doesnt mistakenly deposit it again and incur returned-deposit fees. Shred or oth erwise completely destroy the paper check (dont recycle it) so that a crook cant use it. Remote-deposit fees appear to be uncommon, but at least one big insti tution, U.S. Bank, charges 50 cents per check. Thats outrageous because digital deposits can be cheaper for banks to process than paper ones. CONSUMER REPORTSMobile checking deposit: pros and cons FLAIRWith Sept. 11 just days away, events are being planned all over the country, especial ly in New York, Virginia/D.C. and Pennsylvania. That one day in 2001changed the world forever, but do you really remember how we felt that day? The main stream media and soft at heart have taken the pictures and vid eos away because they are too harsh to see. That day can be recalled as a where were you memory for my generation, much as the assassination of President Kennedy was for my parents generation and many who are reading this today. That fateful day in history, when we in the re service lost 343 of our brothers, still runs deep as a scar for us. Though we may have not known them personally, when a reghter dies it aects us deeply. When the Charleston 9 lost their lives in the Charleston Super Sofa Store re June 18, 2007, we all held heavy hearts. June 28, 2013, 19 City of Prescott Fireght ers were killed in the Yarnell Hill re when an out of con trol wildre over ran them, but the reghters who died in New York City didnt die because of a re going horri bly wrong, they died due to the buildings collapsing after a horric terrorist attack. And just as they did, we know we have it in our hearts to run in like they did and save as many as we can, it could have been anyone of us, and we know this. Though 9/11 is not at the forefront of most peoples memories, for some it is relived every day. The people who were there and survived, the families that lost loved ones, those who made it out of the towers alive. For them 13 years is not enough time to put it behind. In my humble opinion, 9/11 should be a national holiday, but since that has not happened as of yet, it is great to see our fellow brothers and those who feel much like me come together and support programs like the Remembrance Project. The Remembrance Rescue Project, according to their website, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-prot created by re ghters to restore, preserve and share Rescue Trucks 4 & 5 from 9/11 as educational tools, historical artifacts and memorials. The Project works with re departments across the country to host the Rescues throughout the year. The Project coordinates with host re departments to facilitate 9/11 educational programming, memorials and remembrance events. The Project strives to keep the memories alive of those lost on Sept. 11, 2011, and all reghters killed in the line of duty every year. The Project is 100 percent operated by reghters from across the country volunteering their time. There are no paid members within the Remembrance Rescue Project. Donations are used for fuel, maintenance and travel costs for the Rescues. You can learn more and support the Remembrance Rescue Project at, and Thats bringing the rehouse home! BISCUITS AND GRAVYIngredients: 1 Can refrigerated Buttermilk Biscuits 12 ounce package of pork sausage 3 cups milk13 cup all-purpose flour teaspoon salt teaspoon ground black pepper Directions: Heat oven to 350F. Open biscuits and bake as directed on can with a baking stone or cookie sheet. In large skillet cook sausage over medium-high heat until browned, stirring frequently. Using a wire whisk, stir in flour, salt and ground black pepper, gradually stirring in milk, cooking until mixture thickens, stirring constantly. Half warm biscuits and place on plate, serve sausage mixture over warm biscuit halves. Enjoy. BRINGING THE FIREHOUSE HOME By FRANK E. VAEREWYCKTHE FIREHOUSE FOODIE That one day in 2001 changed the world forever HAVE A COMMENT?Firehouse Foodie, Frank E. Vaerewyck, is a graduate of Char lotte High School who began his firefighting career in Punta Gorda. He is currently with the Smithfield Fire Department in Virginia. You can contact him at frank.vaerewyck@ advisory rm Securosis. But that doesnt mean it is completely immune. Like a lot of internet services, there are a lot of attackers who have a lot of time, Mogull says. Q. How can individuals make their data more secure? A. You need passwords to access your accounts, so choosing a strong one is important. Tim Bajarin, an analyst at technology research rm Creative Strategies, recommends having dierent passwords for each account you hold online, so a breach in one system wont compromise another. It is also import ant to have a number and punctuation mark in each password, or a creative spelling of a word to make it harder to guess. Also, avoid using common words or notable birthdays as passwords. A strong password is particularly important if you store sensitive information online. Another way to make your information harder to hack is called multi-factor, or two-step, identication. That means the rst time you log onto an account from a new device, you are asked for a second form of identication. Usually, that involves getting sent a code as a text on your phone or an email. If you have physical possession one of your other devices, the identication is really hard to break, Mogull says. Most major cloud services, including Apples iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox, oer this kind of protection. Amazons Cloud Drive is the notable exception. But you usually have to turn this on.CLOUDFROM PAGE 1 rfn r t b nr fr t nr t b nrfntbnntnnnt b rfrnt br r rn rfrnt r r rtbtbf rfrn tfbnrnrnntf nrnfnrntfb n r rr r fntb r b rf rnbfr fbbnt rrn rr t tt t tn ntbrfrnt r 50469986 MmAbL 1r -" 2 2IRVIR1ids Of ML-AffjwMRM WIN 10 on P* OFF sw $139TM rc-ces'ro^vs crd ersss4MAAN UM O NORTH PM


Page 4 The Sun /Sunday, September 7, 2014 In 1858, John Landis Mason created jars that had screw on lids that compressed rubber rings that could preserve the integrity of foods that were boiled in a jar and then sealed. These jars were a godsend in the days when people in rural areas had no grocery stores that were easily accessible, but grew their own food and now had a way to stock up edibles for the winter. The early jars were hand-blown and chemically colored to produce shades of amber and blue. Later the jars were simplied to plain glass, which made viewing the contents a bit easier. Those very early jars sell now for thousands. After the Mason patent expired, hun dreds of jar manufacturers started making canning jars. Companies like Ball and Kerr molded the name Mason on their jars and the name became generic for all canning jars, which meant you could buy a Ball mason jar. After World War II, home canning waned as almost everyone switched from ice boxes to refrigerators with freezers. The jars went up to the attic and stayed there until collectors and decorators decide they were cool. Instead of a canister set on a kitchen counter you can use inexpensive clear or blue jars to hold our, sugar, cereal, pasta and things like powdered milk and instant potatoes. Even without the rubber ring these jars keep foods fresher than most canisters. After the recession of 2008, people on tight budgets and those wanting home-grown organic vegetables started preserving with mason jars once again. For a while, restaurants and bars started serving drinks in mason jars as a way to be dierent and trendy at the same time. People now make strings of lanterns to do outside decorations with these jars. You can also nd craftsmen who make outdoor jar wall sconces for your patio or lanai. The photo with this article shows a very rare midget Mason jar that recently sold on eBay for $1,100. Youll nd early jars in amber, blue and green that sell for hundreds. Yard sales, especially in rural areas can unearth some of these early jars that often will sell for just a few dollars and can make you a healthy prot. Early Ball jars with glass lids go for $200 and up while common blue ones are as low as $1. The trick is to do your research and know when you nd that special high-end jar. Keep your eye out for old cobalt blue jars, as these also sell in the hundreds. Some of the more unusual jars were made in the half-gallon size. Manufacturers developed these in dierent patterns on the glass to sepa rate their line from the rest. A half-gallon jar with a swirl pattern molded into the glass is highly collectible and will make an oversize storage jar to display in your kitchen. The choices are almost endless. The uses for these jars are also varied and numerous.Old Man Mason Jars for more than just canning ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLESBy HERB FAYERSUN COLUMNISTLook what I found! HAVE A QUESTION?Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and knows his stuff. Please feel free to email him with questions or comments at FLAIRAn old country term for wallet is Poke, and is probably where the game Poker got its name. You wouldnt think that poker and recipes have much in common, but they do. Theyre both games of chance skilled poker play ers, skilled chefs and then us those of us just trying to make our way around in the kitchen each day serving up delectable meals for the family, or maybe just dinner for two. We take our chances everyday in the game of food us, betting against the supermar kets on the bargains that they advertise in the paper as being the freshest and nest produce and them, the markets, looking for money to take out of our Pokes. The odds and probability are kind of even, I suppose, in that one of us is going to come out ahead. And, hopefully, the odds will be in our favor, but only if we do our due diligence by comparison shopping, sticking with a budget, checking our receipts, and for heavens sake making sure that the eggs arent cracked because we (me) forgot to check the carton! Mark your calendars for the Fifth Annual Chefs Cooking for Kids on Oct. 25 in Englewood. Community chefs and restaurants will oer specialty dishes while you enjoy live music, a silent auction and cash bar. Call Mary Beth at 941-764-5812 for more information. Thanks for reading! CUCUMBER AND TOMATO SOUP cucumber peeled and grated 1 can condensed tomato soup 1 soup can water cup chopped green onion 1 teaspoon Worcestershire 1 teaspoon salt Pepper to taste cup heavy cream Chopped parsley Mix all ingredients except last two. Chill for several hours. Strain and add heavy cream; chill again. Serve garnished with parsley. 4 servings. PIROK (Salmon pie) 2 cups cooked rice 2 cups medium cream sauce 2 medium onions, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons butter 1 pound fresh salmon, or 1 pound canned salmon 2 hard boiled eggs, nely chopped Salt and pepper to taste cup grated Cheddar cheese cup mayonnaise 2 crust 8-inch pie shell, unbaked Mix rice with cup cream sauce. Saute onions in butter till golden. Place half of rice mixture in pie shell, add pieces of salm on. Distribute onions and eggs over salmon then cover with remaining rice. Place remaining pie shell over rice. Moisten edges and seal to lower crust. Make a few slits over top crust to allow steam to escape. Bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 30 minutes. Melt cheese in remaining cream sauce. Remove from heat and fold in mayon naise. Cut Pirok into squares and serve with mayonnaise-cheese sauce. 4-6 servings. SIMPLE SALMON-POTATO PIE 3 medium potatoes, cooked and drained 1 medium onion, nely chopped 2 crust 9-inch pie shell, unbaked 1 egg, slightly beaten Salt and pepper to taste 1 large can salmon, skin removed Mash potatoes with juice from salmon. Add egg, onion, salmon, salt and pepper. Pour mixture into bottom crust of pie shell. Moisten edges. Cover with top crust, make a few slits, and seal. Bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes. Serves 4. EASY TACO CUPS 1 tablespoon olive oil or butter 1 pound lean ground turkey or beef 1 tablespoon chicken or beef avor bouillon 1 cup apple juice 6 (8-inch) soft taco-size tortillas Cooking spray Toppings: chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa Heat oil or butter in skillet over medium heat. Add turkey or beef and bouillon. Cook stirring frequently 5-7 minutes. Pour apple juice over meat, increase heat to high, bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium, cook for 10 minutes till juice is all absorbed. TACO SHELLS: Preheat oven to 400. Cut tortillas into twelve 4-inch circles using top of a glass or cookie cutter. Youll get 2 circles out of each tortilla. Spray a 12-cup mun tin with cooking spray. Place tortilla cir cles in cups and press into each one. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or till golden and crispy. Fill tacos with lling and choice of toppings. In lieu of baking, cut rounds out of a tortilla and serve like a soft taco. (Cooks. com). SATURDAY NIGHT ENCHILADA SUPPER 1 pound lean ground beef 1 cup peeled and chopped onion 2 cloves nely chopped garlic 2 10-ounce cans enchilada sauce 1 2 -ounce can ripe olives, sliced 10 6-inch corn tortillas, cut in half 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese Preheat oven to 375. Grease bottom of 9 inch baking dish. Combine beef, onion and garlic in large skillet. Cook over medium high heat, stirring occasionally, for 4-5 minutes or till beef is no longer pink. Stir in enchilada sauce and cup olives, bring to boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 5-8 minutes. Layer half of tortillas on bottom of baking dish. Cover with half of beef mixture, sprinkle with 1 cup cheese. Repeat layers and cover, bake for 20 minutes. Uncover and bake for 5 minutes more or till cheese is melted. Sprinkle with remaining olives and green onions. Serves 8. COFFEE MOLASSES CUPCAKES cup butter or margarine cup sugar 1 egg cup dark molasses 1 cups all-purpose our teaspoon each salt and baking soda teaspoon each ground ginger and cinnamon cup coee Cream butter, add sugar gradually beating till light and uy. Add egg and molasses and beat well. Sift dry ingredi ents and add to rst mixture alternately with coee. Fill greased mun tins 23 full and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Cool for 3 minutes Turn out on racks and cool. Makes about 1 dozen. DEEP DISH KEY LIME TART 4 eggs slightly beaten 4 extra yolks 10 ounces sugar cup Key Lime juice 5 ounces sweet softened butter Pre-baked pie shell Combine beaten eggs, extra yolks, sugar, Key Lime juice and whisk vigorously in a bowl over water lled double boiler. Cook, stirring till thick. Remove from heat and whisk in the butter. Pour into pre-baked pie shell, or tart shell, and refrigerate 2-3 hours. Serve with a tropical fruit salsa or tropical sauce. EATING ON THE CHEAP Poker and recipes By MARY KLEISSSUN COLUMNIST HAVE A RECIPE?Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297. these great study tips that can help your student achieve the grades they strive for. QUIT CRAMMING All-nighters are a relic of the Saved by the Bell era. Research now shows that students who cram the eve ning before a test or quiz are less likely to perform well the following day. Rest is critical for academic success. Instead of packing learning into marathon sessions, students should maintain a regu lar study schedule leading up to their tests and should make sure to get plenty of shuteye. CREATE A DIGITAL TOOLKIT Be prepared is the simple motto of the Boy Scouts, and it applies to almost every facet of life. You wouldnt try to build a tree-house without a hammer, saw and nails you shouldnt study with an empty tool kit either. These days, there are unique tech tools available that make the studying process more efficient, engaging and effective. For example, McGraw-Hill Educations LearnSmart provides an adaptive digital tutor that continuously assesses students knowledge and skills and provides personalized recommendations that help them master content over time. By helping students focus their study time more on learning what they dont know and less on what they already know, LearnSmart can help turn C students into B students and B students into A students. The company also offers SmartBook, a personalized digital textbook that adjusts on the fly and highlights important information based on each students current strengths and weaknesses. You can find more information on McGraw-Hill Educations entire family of adaptive learning tools at www.mheducation. com/back-to-school. JUMP AROUND Not physically, but figuratively. When prepping for a test, most students review course materials in chronological order. While this approach may seem logical, research suggests that studying out-of-order helps students retain standalone knowledge more effectively. This allows them to recall information in a randomized fashion (the way it appears on tests). If your children apply themselves and use these tips to guide their studies, theyll have a leg up in the beginning of the school year. Whether its McGraw-Hill Educations digital learning products, an outside-the-box approach to test-prep, or just a good nights sleep, a dynamic, modern approach to education can help your child thrive. This is the era of digital ed ucation, said Jeff Livingston, senior vice president of McGraw-Hill Education. We must continue to develop adaptive technologies that streamline the learning pro cess and increase the poten tial of students everywhere. If your student has strug gled in the past, or if you think he or she isnt reaching his or her true potential, try some new techniques to help make this school year the best one yet. DIGITALFROM PAGE 1 PROVIDED BY STATEPOINT but i f you need more shel f space, check out our book exchange program. (941) 505-1624 16480 Burnt Store Rd. Punta Gorda, FL 33955 50475337 W it40VCDz \Qidiksoft`..


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TUESDAYAt 9 p.m., Ryan Seacrest hosts CBS Fashion Rocks, a live starstudded concert. THURSDAYJerry Lews stars as the The Nutty Professor, at 8 p.m. on TCM.FRIDAYJonathan Pendragon performs on The CWs Masters of Illusion, airing at 8 p.m.SATURDAYAt 10 p.m. on Cinemax, Kellan Lutz is the titular star of The Legend of Hercules. UTOPIA Josh Johnston, a 36-year-old general contractor from Salt Lake City, is among 15 pioneers who move to a remote location for an entire year to create their own civilization on the new FOX series, beginning its three-night premiere Sunday at 8 p.m. SUN NEWSPAPERS WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 7 13, 2014tvtimesCharlotte DeSoto Englewood North Port Venice Charlotte DeSoto Englewood North Port Venicetvtimes


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3 In these times of economic turmoil, environmental challenges, political frustration and criminal in j ustices, most of us have envisioned v arious ways of changing our world, w hether its the passage of some key l egislati on or a complete makeover of civilization as we know it. Well, now 15 pioneering Americans have been t asked with doing just that, creating a new society from scratch. To ac complish that lofty goal, they will say goodbye to their normal lives for an entire year and move to a remote location, where out of limited resources and sheer will they hope to design and build their own Utopia, an unprecedented social experiment series b eginning its three-night premiere event, Sunday at 8 p.m. on FOX. From unscripted TV mastermind John de Mol (Fear Factor, Big Brother) and based on the h it Dutch series of the same name, Utopia poses the question: If y ou could restart the world, what w ould you do differently? Not a competition and awarding no prize, Utopia seeks an end result that is no less than a brave new world, a community design that just may inuence the rest of the world with its (hopefully) thoughtful innovat ions and improvements. But rst t he eight men and seven women w ill have to start with basic shelter. Once they arrive at the deserted site in rural Southern California, theyll nd a big barn thats empty, t heyll nd some cows in a cow shed, some chickens in a chicken coop, theyll nd a small l ake and some agricult ural land that they can grow on, and thats it, according to executive producer Conrad Green (Dancing w ith the Stars). There w ont be indoor toilets of any sort; while there is water coming to the site, t heres certainly no t any water coming to their living space, or anything like that. While there is electricity near the site, they wont have electricity available in their living space or any other area. So, theyve got a lot of work to do to establish a living space that approximates what youd have in the 21st century. Theyll also have a relatively small amount of money to try to set up their community. Its basically communal, and then they have to work out what to do with all these resources from there who does what, who helps build, how do they spend their money when they start setting up businesses and things like that that earn money for them, how do they divide money up between them, who oversees the money, who oversees the spending. You know, its all those kinds of decisions that one would have to make in a community. While outside people can come and go from the location to conduct business, once the pioneers are onsite, they must remain there for the duration. Green reveals that there is a process by which people can be replaced in the community. Roughly once a month, every month, two new people will arrive in Utopia, he explains, and the community will consider which of those two people they want to join them. And previous to that they would have voted amongst themselves about who they would like to see leaving them, and the people with the most votes in that area potentially have to leave, so that when two new people arrive in Utopia, once they pick their new Utopian, that Utopian decides who goes. Green reports that casting the 15 pioneers was a multilayered process, in that they were looking for varying skill sets from medical and construction to administrative and entrepreneurial as well as people from different social, economic and political backgrounds. Weve got people from all kinds of different classes in America, really, from Manhattan lawyers to homeless people whove been in prison, and the whole range in between. What we really want to try to do is get a snapshot of American society, people who embodied a lot of the different ranges of American society, and throw them the challenge of making a better world together. And its important for us to get this range of philosophical approaches, be it political or be it social or be it in the way you live your life, and see if they can nd a harmony in the way of breaking through some of those boundaries. The diverse pioneers include a vegan chef, a lawyer, a former drug dealer, a preacher, a bow-hunter, a general contractor, a self-professed Hillbilly MacGyver, a skateboarder and a gun-loving libertarian. There is also inherent drama in the additions of a behavioral specialist whose hidden pregnancy will come as a surprise to the others, and a 45-year-old survivalist prepper and naked yoga practitioner who insists she also is open to the possibility of having a child in Utopia. The latter may nd romantic rivals in the 29-year-old holistic doctor (and tantric sex enthusiast), the 26-year-old polyamorous model or the 20-year-old veterinary tech, who allows, It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia that way I could have my pick of the men. Fans will be able to virtually cohabitate with the pioneers through 24/7 access to live streaming video at and the Utopia App available for iOS, Android and Windows. And if viewers obtain a free passport online, they can actually apply to take part in the show, given that it continues to air. This is one of the most organic and unknowable shows thats ever been attempted, Green admits. Inasmuch as its meant to last a year, maybe it will last longer maybe it wont last a year. And who knows how its going to mutate and evolve, and what its going to become? I hope that this will give us some interesting thoughts and lessons about our own communities. Weve asked all of the people taking part to be open-minded and to try different forms of leadership and really throw themselves into this and experiment to see if they can come up with better ways of living. So, its going to be really interesting to see what they manage. Im sure there will be periods when its a mess, and Im sure there will be periods when its a real success, and I think being able to watch that is a new form of television. indexCover Story ................................3 Sports .....................................4-5 Soap Update .............................21 Radio/News/Weather ...............5 Q&A ...........................................11 TV Crossword ..........................42 Movies .....................................48guide to symbolsaaaa = Exceptional aaa = Good aa = Fair a = PoorSymbols & codes:(CC) = Close Captioned; R = Repeat; N new; (HD) = High Definition; DVS = Descriptive Video Service; iTV = Interactive television; T = Taped.Parental Guidelines for TV:You may see rating codes on your TV screen. Here what they mean: Y appropriate for all Children. Y7 appropriate for 7 and older. G general audience. PG parental guidance sugested. 14 and older. M 17 and older. Along with the rating codes mentioned above, you may see additional abbreviations. Heres what they mean: AC adult content. AH adult humor. AL adult language. AS adult situations. BN brief nudity. GL graphic language. GV graphic violence. MT mature themes. MV mild violence. SC sexual content. SSC strong sexual content. V violence.Motion picture guidelines:Movies that appear on movie channels may have a theatrical rating. Heres what they mean: G general audiances. PG parental guidence suggested; some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13 special parental guidance strongly suggested for children under 13. R restricted; under 17 requires accompanying parent or guardian. NC-17 not recommended for persons under information Programming Questions? 1-800-Comcast or Why is TV Schedule Different from this book? TV networks sometimes change schedules after this weekly book is printed. More accurate TV schedules are in our daily Sun Newspaper and our websites: or Social Experiment Series Tasks Participants with Community BuildingOn the CoverBY DAN RICE FYI Televsion, Inc. Attorney Mike Quinn, 33, is determined to manage the rules as 15 Americans create their own civilization on Utopia, beginning its three-night premiere Sunday at 8 p.m. on FOX.


AUTO RACINGNASCAR Friday 3:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying Lucas Oil 225 from Chicagoland Speedw ay in Joliet, Ill. (Live) 6:30 p.m. ESPN2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Qualifying 400 from Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. (Live) 8:30 p.m. FS1 Lucas Oil 225 from Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. (Live) Saturday 3:30 p.m. ESPN2 Jimmy Johns Freaky Fast 300 from Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. (Live)BASEBALLMLB Sunday 1:00 p.m. FSN Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins (Live) 1:00 p.m. TBS Kansas City Royals at New York Yankees (Live) 1:30 p.m. SUN Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays (Live) 2:15 p.m. WGN Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs (Live) 8:00 p.m. ESPN San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers (Live) Monday 7:00 p.m. WGN Chicago Cubs at Toronto Blue Jays (Live) 8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers (Live) Tuesday 7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees (Live) 8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers (Live) Wednesday 7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees (Live) 8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers (Live) Thursday 7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees (Live) 8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers (Live) Friday 7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) 7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays (Live) Saturday 7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) 7:00 p.m. WGN Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox (Live) 8:00 p.m. FS1 San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks (Live)BASKETBALLInternational Thursday 3:00 p.m. ESPN Seminal #1 from Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain (Live) 7:00 p.m. ESPN2 National Team Showcase from Carpenter Center in Newark, Del. (Live) Friday 4:00 p.m. ESPN2 Seminal #2 from Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid, Spain (Live)FOOTBALLCFL Sunday 4:00 p.m. ESPN Saskatchewan Roughriders at Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Live)College Thursday 9:00 p.m. ESPN Houston Cougars at BYU Cougars (Live) Friday 8:00 p.m. ESPN Baylor Bears at Buffalo Bulls (Live) Saturday Noon FS1 Pittsburgh Panthers at Florida International Golden Panthers (Live) Noon FSN Massachusetts Minutemen at Vanderbilt Commodores (Live) Noon SUN Georgia Southern Eagles at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Live) 12:30 p.m. CW Louisville Cardinals at Virginia Cavaliers (Live) 12:30 p.m. CW Louisville Cardinals at Virginia Cavaliers (Live) 3:30 p.m. CBS Georgia Bulldogs at South Carolina Gamecocks (Live) 3:30 p.m. MYN Alabama A&M Bulldogs at UAB Blazers (Live) 3:30 p.m. SUN Kansas Jayhawks at Duke Blue Devils (Live) 4:00 p.m. FOX Illinois Fighting Illini at Washington Huskies (Live) 4:00 p.m. FS1 Minnesota Golden Gophers at TCU Horned Frogs (Live) 6:00 p.m. ESPN2 Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at Alabama Crimson Tide (Live) 7:00 p.m. SUN UTSA Roadrunners at Oklahoma State Cowboys (Live) 7:30 p.m. NBC Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Purdue Boilermakers (Live) 8:00 p.m. FOX UCLA Bruins vs Texas Longhorns (Live) 9:00 p.m. ESPN2 Rice Owls at Texas A&M Aggies (Live)NFL Sunday 8:20 p.m. NBC Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos (Live) Monday 7:00 p.m. ESPN New York Giants at Detroit Lions (Live) 10:15 p.m. ESPN San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals (Live) Thursday 8:25 p.m. CBS Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (Live)GOLFLPGA Thursday 7:30 a.m. GOLF The Evian Championship: First Round from Evian Masters Golf Club in Evian-les-Bains (Live) Friday 7:30 a.m. GOLF The Evian Championship: Second Round from Evian Masters Golf Club in Evian-les-Bains (Live) Saturday 6:30 a.m. GOLF The Evian Championship: Third Round from Evian Masters Golf Club in Evian-les-Bains (Live)Nationwide Golf Tour Sunday 5:00 p.m. GOLF Chiquita Classic: Final Round from River Run Country Club in Davidson, N.C. (Live) Saturday 2:30 p.m. GOLF Nationwide Childrens Hospital Championship: Third Round from Ohio State University Golf Club in Columbus, Ohio (Live)PGA Sunday Noon GOLF BMW Championship: Final Round from Cherry Hills Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colo. (Live) 2:00 p.m. NBC BMW Championship: Final Round from Cherry Hills Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colo. (Live) 2:00 p.m. GOLF BMW Championship: Spotlight Coverage from Cherry Hills Club (Live) Thursday 1:00 p.m. GOLF TOUR Championship: First Round from East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta (Live) Friday 1:00 p.m. GOLF TOUR Championship: Second Round from East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta (Live) Saturday Noon GOLF TOUR Championship: Third Round from East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta (Live) 2:30 p.m. NBC TOUR Championship: Third Round from East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta (Live) SPORTS 4 Serena Williams has won 17 Grand Slam titles, including ve U.S. Open championships, and CBS will have complete coverage of the U.S. Open Tennis Womens Championship, Sunday at 4:30 p.m.


5 HIGH SCHOOLSaturday 4:00 p.m. FSN St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders at Don Bosco Prep Ironmen (Live)SOCCEREnglish League Soccer Saturday 12:30 p.m. NBC Aston Villa at Liverpool (Live)MLS Sunday 4:45 p.m. ESPN2 San Jose Earthquakes at Portland Timbers (Live) Wednesday 8:00 p.m. ESPN2 D.C. United at New York Red Bulls (Live)UEFA Soccer Sunday 2:30 p.m. ESPN2 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Albania at Portugal (Live) 2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Scotland at Germany (Live) Monday Noon FS1 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Liechtenstein at Russia (Live) 2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer England at Switzerland (Live) Tuesday Noon FS1 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Latvia at Kazakhstan (Live) 2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Italy at Norway (Live) 2:35 p.m. ESPN2 UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer Netherlands at Czech Republic (Live)TENNISUS Open Tennis Sunday 12:30 p.m. ESPN2 Mens Doubles Championship from USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (Live) 4:30 p.m. CBS Womens Championship from USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (Live) Monday 5:00 p.m. CBS Mens Championship from USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (Live) 1. Entering 2014, the U.S. (33) and Taiwan (17) have won the most titles in Little League World Series history. Which country is third? 2. How many different times did Billy Martin manage the New York Yankees? 3. In 2012, Brett Hundley set a UCLA record for passing yards in a season (3,740). Who had held the mark? 4. Who holds the NBA mark for most-accurate 3-point shooting in a season in which he made at least 200 threes? 5. In the 2013-14 NHL season, Ryan Johansen became the third player in Columbus franchise history to have 30 or more goals in a season. Who were the rst two? 6. In 2014, Greg Bif e set a NASCAR record for most consecutive races completed (89). Who had held the mark? FM RADIO STATIONS Station Freq. Format Location WJIS 88.1 Religious Sarasota WMNF 88.5 Eclectic Tampa WSMR 89.1 Classical Sarasota WUSF 89.7 Classical/Jazz Tampa WGCU 90.1 Public Radio Ft. Myers WBVM 90.5 Religious Tampa WSOR 90.9 Religious Ft. Myers WSEB 91.3 Religious Englewood WJYO 91.5 Religious Ft. Myers WVIJ 91.7 Religious Punta Gorda WDDV 92.1 Easy Listening Venice WYUU 92.5 Latin Safety Harbor WIKX 92.9 Country Punta Gorda WFLZ 93.3 Contemporary Tampa WTLT 93.7 Easy Listening Ft. Myers WARO 94.5 Album Rock Ft. Myers WWRM 94.9 Easy Listening St. Pete WOLZ 95.3 Oldies Ft. Myers WMTX 95.7 Contemporary Clearwater WRXK 96.1 Album Rock Bonita Springs WINK 96.9 Contemporary Ft. Myers WTLQ 97.7 Latin Ft. Myers WXTB 97.9 Rock Seminole WUSV 98.5 Country Ft. Myers WBCG 98.9 Contemporary Murdock WJBX 99.3 Alternative Ft. Myers WQYK 99.5 Country St. Pete WCKT 100.1 Country Pt. Charlotte WAVV 101.1 Easy Listening Ft. Myers WPOI 101.5 Album Rock St. Pete WWGR 101.9 Country Tampa WHPT 102.5 Album Rock Tampa WJGO 102.9 Oldies Ft. Myers WTBT 103.5 Country Bradenton WXKB 103.9 Pop Ft. Myers WKZM 104.3 Religious Sarasota WRBQ 104.7 Classic Hits Tampa WCVU 104.9 Easy Listening Solana WZSP 105.3 Latin Zolfo Springs WBTT 105.5 Hip Hop Ft. Myers WDUV 105.5 Easy Listening New Pt. Richey WTZB 105.9 Rock Alt. Englewood WJPT 106.3 Easy Listening Ft. Myers WCTQ 106.5 Country Venice WENG 107.5 Talk Englewood WSRZ 107.9 Oldies Sarasota AM RADIO STATIONS Station Freq. Format Location WHNZ 570 Talk St. Pete WDAE 620 Talk St. Pete WBDN 760 Latin Tampa WWCN 770 Talk Ft. Myers WRFA 820 Talk Largo WGUL 860 Oldies Dunedin WLSS 930 Talk Sarasota WFLA 970 Talk Tampa WQYK 1010 Talk St. Pete WMTX 1040 Talk Clearwater WKII 1070 Oldies Pt. Charlotte WTIS 1110 Religious St. Pete WINK 1200 Talk Sarasota WIBQ 1220 Talk WINK 1240 Talk Ft. Myers WTMY 1280 Talk Sarasota WDDV 1320 Easy Listening Venice WCRM 1350 Latin Ft. Myers WRBQ 1380 Oldies Tampa WMYR 1410 Country WBRD 1420 Religious Bradenton WWCL 1440 Latin Ft. Myers WSDV 1450 Easy Listening Sarasota WWPR 1490 Oldies WENG 1530 Talk Englewood WCCF 1580 Talk Punta Gorda CNN Headline News (HALF HOUR) :00 National and Int ernational News :15 Dollars & Sense :20 Sports :24 Local News/People & Places Available on: VEN 27,ENG 27, SAR 27, PTC 27, ARC 27, SPG 59 The Weather Channel (HOUR) :00 Todays Weather :05 Extended Forecast :10 Radar Update :17 Travelers Update :20 Day Planner :25 Mornings Weather :30 Todays Weather :35 Extended Forecast :40 International Weather :47 Season Update :55 Drivers Report And Storm Stories every night at 8 and 8:30 p.m. Available on: VEN 31,ENG 31, SAR 31, PTC 31, ARC 31, SPG 52RADIO DIAL & EVERY HOUR CHANNELS SPORTS TRIVIAAnswers 1. Japan, with nine. 2. Fiv e times (1975-78, '79, '83, '85 and '88). 3. Cade McNown, with 3,470 yards passing in 1998. 4. Glen Rice hit 47 percent for the Hornets in 1996-97. 5. Rick Nash (seven seasons) and Geoff Sanderson (twice). 6. Herman Beam, with 84 completed races between 1961 and 1963.


6 SUNDAY SEP. 7MORNING SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00am Sunday(N)ABC7 News @ 7:00am Sunday(N)Good Morn ing America Week end(HD)This Week with Stephanopoulos(N)(HD)Newsmak ers(N)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram ABC E F2811ABC Ac tion News Week end(N)(HD)Good Morn ing America Week end(HD)ABC Ac tion News Week end(N)(HD)This Week with Stephanopoulos(N)(HD)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram ABC E F407771077Amer i can(R)(HD)Black Ent(CC)Our World(CC)Black Al ma nac Good Morn ing America Week end(HD)This Week with Stephanopoulos(N)(HD)Paid Pro gram First Bap tist(CC)Faith Life Church Paid Pro gram CBS E F1010101010Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Laila Ali(CC) (HD)Chang ers(HD)Paid Pro gram Joel Osteen(CC)CBS News Sunday Morn ing(CC)(N) (HD)Na tion(CC) (N)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram CBS E F11213213555WINK News @ 6AM Sunday(N)(HD)CBS News Sunday Morn ing(CC)(N) (HD)Face the Na tion(CC)(N)Laila Ali(CC) (HD) NBC E F*88888Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram LazyTown(CC)Zou(R)To day Week end(CC)(N) (HD)NewsChan nel 8(N)Your Vote: Florida Meet the Press(CC)(N)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram NBC E F20222NBC2 News Sunday To day News re port. NBC2 News Sunday To day News re port.(N)To day Week end(CC)(N) (HD)NBC2 News Sunday To day News re port.(N)Meet the Press(CC)(N)Zou(R)About An i mals(N) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 6: 00(N)FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 7: 00(N)FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 8: 00(N)FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace(N)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Sport Star(R)(HD)Tail gate(N) FOX E F36444Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram McGregor Bap tistPaid Pro gram Lee Pitts Live FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace(N)Cath o lic Mass Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram PBS E F#3333Suze Ormans Fi nan cial So lu tions For You How to achieve fi nan cial in de pend ence. (R)(HD)30 Days to a Youn ger Heart Life style changes to im prove the heart. (CC)(R)(HD)Dr. Fuhrmans End Diet ing For ever! Liv ing a healthy life style.(CC)(R)(HD) PBS E F1620420420416Eu ro pean(CC)(N)D. Wholey(CC)(R)Cross roads(CC)Florida(CC)To the Con trary(N)McLaughlin(R)Scully(CC) (N)Moyers(N) (HD)Chas ing Shackle ton Rough seas. (R)(HD)My Wild Af fair Or phaned el e phant.(R)(HD) PBS E F30333Cu ri ous(CC) (R)Cu ri ous(CC) (R)Mar tha(R) (HD)Sid(CC)(R) (HD)Cu ri ous(R) (HD)Cu ri ous(R) (HD)Kratts Lost lion.(R)WordGirl(R) (HD)Cyber(CC)(R) (HD)Capitol(CC)Florida(CC)Mak ers(R) CW E F466216Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram On Spot(R) (HD)Chef Jeff(R) (HD)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Chat Room(N)Big(CC)(R)Into Wild(CC) (R)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram CW E F449994Paid Pro gram In Touch with Dr. Charles Stan ley(CC)Real Life 101(N)Ca reerDay(R)Hol ly wood(R)Whaddyado(R)Paid Pro gram BaysidePaid Pro gram 44 On The Town Paid Pro gram MYN E F3811111114Townhall(CC)Paid Spon sored. Sa cred Name(CC)Re veal ing(CC)Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. The Er nest Angley Hour(CC) MYN E F*898Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Light house Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram IND E F321212123812Old House(HD)Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Aqua Kids(CC)(R)Edgemont(CC)Edgemont(CC)Chat Room(N)Young Icons(R)Chef Jeff(R) (HD)Cool est(R) (HD)Teen News(R) ION E F6622213261817Paid Pro gram Chris tians-Jews Turn ing(CC) (R)Lead ing Way(CC)In Touch with Dr. Charles Stan ley(CC)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Cath o lic Mass Paid Pro gram The Guard ian (, Ac tion) Swim teacher. WCLF E F22222222 2Time of Grace Destin Reign(CC)Citylife Church Faith Life Church Joyce Meyer(N)Lords Way Love a Child Is rael: Pro phetic Abun dant Life Jerry Savelle To day(CC)Ex cel lence WRXY E F49224410Cel e bra tion Un der the Silverdome Faith Life Church Van Impe(CC)In Touch with Dr. Charles Stan ley(CC)In spi ra tion Day Love a Child Chris tian Wor ship Hour Sup port The Vision TLF E F50232323955Programa pagado Perspectiva El Chavo(TVPG)Frmula 1(N)(HD)Frmula Uno Automovilismo: Gran Premio Italia : from Autodromo di Monza (Directo)(HD)Choques(TVPG)Doc tor Dolittle (, Comedia) aa Cirujano habla con animales. (CC) UNIV E F62151515 6El chavo animado El chavo animado Programa pagado Programa pagado Para volver a amar Tras la felicidad.(HD)Todo incluido Huspedes de ho tel. Al Punto Temas candentes. (CC)(HD)Repblica deportiva(N) (CC) (HD) 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181PaidPaidCriminal(TV14)(HD)Criminal: Memoriam Criminal Serial killer. Criminal: 52 Pickup GoodFellas ()(CC) AMC565656563053231Mad Men(R)(HD)Mad Men(R)(HD)Mad Men(R)(HD)Hell on Bear attack. Eddie and The Cruisers Old band reunites. APL444444443668130FreakyFreakyUntamed Ice fishing. Untamed(CC)(HD)To Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced BET353535354022270 (4:00)BET Inspiration Gospel and religious events. B. Jones(TV G)(R)Voice(R)Sunday Best(R)(HD)Valentines BRAVO6868686825451185Jersey: Upton Girl (R)Jersey(R)Top Chef(CC)(R)Housewives(CC)(R)To Be AnnouncedMelbourne(CC)(R) COM666666661527190PaidPaidPaidPaidPresents(:28)Meet the Spartans () c Bizarre battles. Year One aa Banished tribesmen. DISC404040402543120Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Bering Sea(R)(HD)Bering Sea(CC)(HD)Moonshiners(HD) E!464646462726196PaidPaidConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen ac E! News Wknd(R)Soup(R)Never Been Kissed () aa(HD) ESQ82828282118118160American Ninja Warrior Stage one of four. American Ninja Warrior Course continues. Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC) EWTN2432432431217285ReginaSt. LukesMichael Holy NameS unday Mass(N)Litany ofBookmarkVaticanoGod WeepsCat holicRosary FAM555555551046199PaidMassDolphin Tale () Young boy befriends injured dolphin. The Karate Kid () Ralph Macchio. Bullied teen aided. FOOD37373737-76164PaidPaidGiada(R)BarefootWeek Chicken Soup. PioneerTrishasBarefootGiada(R)Bobby FlayGuy Bite FX51515151584953PaidPaidEllenBuffy: Beer Bad Underworld: Awakening () Human threat. Immortals () Saving mankind. GSN17917917917934179184PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPassword +Press LuckWhammyLove TrianNewlywedNewlywed HALL5551773240LucyLucyLucyLucyMiddleMiddleGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenLost Valentine () HIST818181813365128PaidPaidIce Road(R)(HD)Ice Road(R)(HD)Ice Road(R)(HD)Ice Road(R)(HD)Ice Road(R)(HD) HOME414141415342165PaidPaidUpper(R)Upper Active lifestyle. Upper Viking Hills.(R)Upper(R)Upper Large house. HSN242424245119151Jade: 5th Anniversary Jade: 5th Anniversary Electron. Conn.Home SolutionsHealthy InnovationsElectron. Conn. LIFE363636365241140Paid(HD)Paid(HD)In Touch(CC)AmazingDavid JereOsteenPaid(HD)Bring It!(CC)(R)(HD)Bring It! Baby rivals. OWN5858585847103161Berkus Cost of living. Berkus(CC)(HD)Phil Secret children. Dr Phil Party lifestyle. Super Soul(R)(HD)Super Soul(N)(HD) QVC14141491413150Bethlehem LightSerta Mattress sets. Computer ShopSundays with Carolyn: Marie Osmond Computer Shop SPIKE57575757296354PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.PowerNat.Bar RescueBar Rescue SYFY6767676725364180PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidTwilightSt ar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Khan seeks revenge. TBS59595959326252MarriedMarriedFull HseFull HseS ullivan & FriendsJust Married () Newlyweds struggle. (CC)Like Heaven () TCM65656565169230Min and Bill ()(:15)Tugboat Annie () ac(CC)Ruggles of Red Gap Cowboy wins a valet. Im No Angel Performers lawsuit. TLC454545455772139Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Paid(HD)Say YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay YesSay Yes TNT61616161285551Law: Act of God (HD)Rizzoli(CC)(R)(HD)Franklin Corrupt cop. Falling Lexi returns. Falling(CC)(R)(HD)Law Double homicide. TRAV6969696926066170PaidPaidVacation Attack(R)Mysteries(CC)(R)Mysteries(R)Mysteries(CC)(R)America(R) TRUTV636363635030183PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidTop 20(R)Top 20(R) TVLND626262623154244BradyBradyBradyBradyBradyBradyCandid Camera(HD)ClevelandClevelandClevelandCleveland USA34343434225250House Obese patient. PaidPaidPaidPaidGraceland: Echoes Satisfact.(CC)(R)Rush: Get Lucky (R) WE117117117117117149PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanne WGN1616161941119Paid(CC)Paid(CC)Lords WayPaid(CC)David(N)R MeredithHeat Night(CC)(HD)Heat Night: First Girl Heat Night(CC)(HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


SUNDAY SEP. 7MORNING SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 STROPSESPN29292929125870Coll. FtblNFL MatchS portsCenter (HD)SportsCenter (HD)SportsCenter (HD)Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (HD) ESPN23030303065974SportsCenter (HD)Scoreboard (HD)OutsideSport Rpt Colins (N) (CC) (HD)SportsCenter (HD)Fantasy (N) (HD) FS148484848426983FOX Sports (HD)FOX Sports (HD)FOX Sports (HD)NASCARForbes NFL FilmsFootballKickoff (N) (HD) FSN727272725677College Football: SMU vs North Texas (Replay) (CC) (HD)Wrld Poker (HD)Ship ShapeGolf LifeGame 365Polaris GOLF494949495560304F European Tour Golf: Omega European Masters: Final Round (Live) (HD)Pre Game (N) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190Qualifying: Italian Grand PrixS Formula One Racing: Italian Grand Prix (Live) (HD)F1 ExtraOff TheF1: Part 2 SUN3838401401455776PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidGolf Dest. GolfingPlayingSwing18 HolesP1 AquaX SDIKNICK252525252444252CooperInstantFanboy Kung FuMegaforceMegaforceS pongeSpongeSpongeSpongeFairlyFairly TOON80801241244620257ChimaTenkaiTitans Go!Titans Go!Pok mon ClarenceClarenceGumballGumballTitans Go!Titans Go!Movie SWENCNBC3939393937102OptionsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid CNN323232321838100New Day Sunday (N)SanjayNew DayPoliticsState (CC) (N) (HD)Fareed Zakaria (N)Reliable Source (N) CSPN181818183712109Washington WeekWashington Journal Key events and legislation discussion. (N)NewsmkrWashington This Week FNC646464644871118FOX & Friends (N)FOX & Friends (N)FOX & Friends (N)FOX & Friends (N)Sunday (N)MediaBuzz (N) MSNB8383838318540103Lockup (HD)LockupBusinessUp w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N)Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendPaidMinistriesPaidWeekendPaid CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (4:00) CMT Music CMT presents music videos from some of the hottest stars in country music. (N)Hot 20 (R) (HD) MTV333333333548210RidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousTo Be Announced Info unavailable. Napoleon Dynamite () Alienated teens. VH1505050504323217VH1 + Music Top music videos. (N)VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown (R) (HD)Dating (R) (HD)Couples (R) (HD) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Hal low een ()(:25) Moonrise King dom () Bruce Wil lis. Run away love. (CC)The Watcher () aa Re tired cop pur sued by elu sive killer. (CC)Slums of Beverly Hills () A no madic fam ilys odd life style.(:15) R.I.P.D. (, Ac tion) Of fi cers ar gue. CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:15) Go () aaa He do nism in L.A. (CC)True Lies (, Ac tion) aaa A se cret agent tries to find a ter ror ist and save his own trou bled mar riage. (CC)The In cred i ble Burt Wonderstone () Ma gi cian mem o ries.(:10) Le thal Weapon 3 () A dirty cop. DISN1361361361369945250Mickey (R) (HD)Mickey (R) (HD)Jake and(R)Doc Mc (R) (HD)Doc Mc (R) (HD)So fia No talk ing. The Prin cess and the Frog () aaa Prince is a frog. (G) (CC)Mickey Mouse Aus tin (R) (HD)I Did nt (CC) (R) ENC150150150150150350Awak en ings () Ex per i men tal drug awak ens the cata tonic.(:40) Here Co mes the Boom (, Com edy) aac Teacher turns fighter for school funds. I Spy (, Com edy) An arms dealer steals a U.S. air plane. (CC) (:10) Dude, Wheres My Car? () (CC) HBO302302302302302302400 (:05) Birth day (R)Hard Knocks 14: Train ing (CC) (HD)Nanny McPhee () A new nanny tames seven rowdy chil dren.(:15) The Bourne Leg acy (, Ac tion) A new agent es capes ter mi na tion and seeks to ex pose CIA crimes. Im pos si ble () HBO2303303303303303303402 (:05) Hyde Park on Hud son () Bill Murray. FDRs ro mance.(:40) Fe ver Pitch (, Com edy) aac Woman com petes for boy friends love. (CC) (HD) (:25) Rock of Ages (, Com edy) Julianne Hough. Two kids chas ing fame fall in love. 8 Mile ()(CC) HBO3304304304304304404 (4:50) Rain Man () aaac Broth ers story. Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (CC) (:15) The Way, Way Back (, Com edy) aaa In tro verted teen be friends park man ager. Mama (, Hor ror) aac A man takes in his trou bled nieces. (CC)Crea tures () SHOW340340340340340340365Bad News Bears (, Com edy) aac Al co holic coaches kids base ball team. (CC) (HD)In side the NFL De tailed pre view. (R)Showtime Cham pi on ship Box ing: Broner vs. Tay lor (Re play) (CC) TMC350350350350350350385The Sixth Man () Ghost helps player.(:20) Nixon (, Drama) aac An thony Hopkins, Joan Allen. The rise and fall of the 37th Pres i dent of the United States, Rich ard M. Nixon. (R) (CC) (HD) (:40) Agent Cody Banks 2: Des ti na tion Lon don () ac (CC) 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES Q: I am a big fan of and w as pleasantly surprised to see the character of Cheng return this summer. Can you tell me where else I can see the actor who played him? -Lawrence E., Baltimore A: Tzi Ma is the longtime character actor who lost his head as Cheng Zhi in the season nale of : Live Another Day. I spoke with Tzi recently and was delighted (and a bit relieved) to nd that he was nothing like Cheng and much more like his character of the Zen Master on USAs Satisfaction, which has its season nale on Thursday, Sept. 18, at 10/9c. Tzi (pronounced tie) was thrilled to get the call to return to his badguy role on but it almost made him miss out on Satisfaction when shooting for both series began to overlap. Tzi told me: It was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Thank goodness they worked it out. Satisfaction was on the brink of replacing me because I was supposed to be in Atlanta by the middle of May, and I was still in England. I ew straight from London to Atlanta. And I was still on hold for in case we needed to do reshoots. Sean (Jablonski, the creator of Satisfaction) is so generous and supportive and trusting. They waited for me, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you, guys! Tzi also addressed the statement made by Freddie Prinze Jr. that Keifer Sutherland was unprofessional and difcult to work with: Look at what Keifers done for Hes been in practically every scene, from beginning to end, for nine seasons. That should tell you something about this guys work ethic. I dont know any actor who comes to the set more prepared than him. You cant carry a show like this being [a jerk]. Everyone has his moments, even me. The fact is, he doesnt compromise because he is trying to achieve excellence. CELEBRITY EXTRAWrite to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at For more news and extended interviews, visit www. and MaBY CINDY ELAVSKY King Features Synd., Inc. 7


8 SUNDAY SEP. 7AFTERNOON SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117Ex plore(CC) (R)Aqua Kids(CC)(R)En ter tain mentTo night(CC)(N)(HD)Paid Pro gram X Games(N)(CC)(HD)A2014 WNBA Fi nals: Game 1 (Live)(CC)(HD) ABC E F2811Wild life(CC) (R)Ex pe di tion(R)(HD)The Wood ward Dream Cruise Paid Pro gram X Games(N)(CC)(HD)A2014 WNBA Fi nals: Game 1 (Live)(CC)(HD) ABC E F407771077Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram An i malOut Takes Pets.TV(CC) (R)Jack Hanna(R)X Games(N)(CC)(HD)A2014 WNBA Fi nals: Game 1 (Live)(CC)(HD) CBS E F1010101010The NFL To day(N)(CC) (HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)2014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Womens Cham pi on ship (Live)(CC)(HD) CBS E F11213213555The NFL To day(N)(CC) (HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)2014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Womens Cham pi on ship (Live)(CC)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at Noon Sunday(N)NewsRyder Cup(HD)FPGA TOUR Golf: BMW Cham pi on ship:Fi nal Round : from Cherry Hills Club in Cherry Hills Vil lage, Colo. (Live)(CC)(HD) NBC E F20222Zou(R)About An i mals(N)NBC Primetime Ryder Cup(HD)FPGA TOUR Golf: BMW Cham pi on ship:Fi nal Round : from Cherry Hills Club in Cherry Hills Vil lage, Colo. (Live)(CC)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX NFL Sunday(N) (CC) (HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC) FOX E F36444FOX NFL Sunday(N) (CC) (HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)CNFL Foot ball: Re gional Cov er age Teams TBA (Live)(CC) PBS E F#3333McLaughlin(N)Florida(CC)Suze Ormans Fi nan cial So lu tions For You How to achieve fi nan cial in de pend ence. (R)(HD)Tommy Em man uel:Cen ter Stage Three con certs. Re turn to Downton Ab bey: 2014 Sea son Pre view Best mo ments. (R) PBS E F1620420420416Moon struck A wid owed book keeper be gins fall ing in love with her fi ances youn ger brother. Death in Para dise Bird watch er killed.(HD)Kitchen(CC) (R)Cooks(R) (HD)Cook ing(R) (HD)Mar tha(R) (HD)Home(CC)(R) (HD)Old House(R) PBS E F30333McLaughlin(N)Wash Wk(R) (HD)Moyers(N) (HD)The Week(R)(HD)Cu ban Mis sile Cri sis Lead ers sto ries. (R)The Fi del Cas tro Tapes Cu ban leaders life. NOVA Cul tures his tory.(CC)(R)(HD)Bangs South Amer ica Re vered sites; more. CW E F466216Catwoman a A shy woman with fe line abil i ties walks a thin line be tween crim i nal and hero. The Al amo (, Drama) aa Den nis Quaid. Texas fight ers de fend leg end ary mis sion.(PG-13)Pri vate Prac tice Vi o let threat ened. (HD)Rules Din ner date. Rules(CC) (HD) CW E F449994High School Mu si cal 3: Se nior Year (, Mu si cal) ac The se niorsworry about sep a ration. Mou linRouge! (,Musical) aaac NicoleKid man. A young poetbe comesin volved with a beau tiful courtesan attheMoulin Rouge.(PG-13)Til Death(HD)Til Death(HD) MYN E F3811111114Star Trek: The Mo tion Pic ture () aac The crew of the En ter prise is re united when a deadly en tity heads for Earth. Paid Spon sored. Com mu nity(HD)Paid Spon sored. SAF3: Adrift SAF3 he li cop ter.(CC)(R)(HD)Dirty Rot ten Scoun drels () Steve Mar tin. MYN E F*898Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram AddamsTom Saw yer Two friends find thrills and ad ven ture while raft ing on the Mis sis sippi River. (G)Huck le berry Finn () aa A youth and a run away slave start a new life for them selves on the Mis sis sippi River. (G) IND E F321212123812Catwoman a A shy woman with fe line abil i ties walks a thin line be tween crim i nal and hero. La Mis sion In San Fran ciscos Mis sion dis trict, a sin gle par ent learns his only son is gay.(R)30 Rock(CC) (HD)30 Rock(CC) (HD)How I Met(HD)How I Met(HD) ION E F6622213261817 (11:00)The Guard ian () aaa Kevin Costner. Young man is mentored by res cue swim mer. Le ver age Bad pub lic re la tion. (CC)(HD)Le ver age Van Gogh paint ing. (CC)(HD)Le ver age A sto len po tato. (CC)(HD)Le ver age: The Car ni val Job Com puter chip. WCLF E F22222222 2Rabbi Bernis(CC)Ron Phillips Turn ing Point Party con tin ues.(CC)(R)Chris tians-Jews Jew ish(CC)Van Koevering Perry Stone(N)GaitherHome com ing In spi ra tional mu sic. In Touch with Dr. Charles Stan ley(CC) WRXY E F49224410Don Wil tonLove Worth(CC)Love a Child Tes ti mo nies of RetroWalk on Wa ter The Di eti cian Unlk Rev e la tion McGregor Bap tistTommy Bates Through Bi ble(N) TLF E F50232323955Ataque terrorista () aac Un msico trata de rescatar al presidente ruso y su fa milia. (CC)Rompiendo los lmites(CC)OFtbol MLS: Chivas USA vs Co lum bus Crew desde Crew Sta dium (Directo)(CC)(HD)Ftbol Cen tral Informacin de ftbol. (N) UNIV E F62151515 6 (11:00)Repblica deportiva(N)(CC)(HD)Los Tucanes de Tijuana(N)Tras la verdad Mundo de famosos. (HD)El chavo animado Tu salud(CC) (HD)Como dice el dicho Relato y reflexin. (HD) 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181 (11:00)GoodFellas () Life of a mobster.(R)(:15)Black Hawk Down (, Action) U.S. soldiers are cornered in Somalia.(CC)Epic Ink AMC565656563053231 (:15)The Fugitive (, Action) A doctor seeks to clear his name. (CC)(:15)Walking Tall () Man fights crime.(CC)Break. Bad(CC)(HD) APL444444443668130To Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced BET353535354022270 (11:30)Funny Valentines () Barbershop () An urban neighborhood faces change. Barbershop 2: Back in Business ()(CC) BRAVO6868686825451185Melbourne(CC)(N)Housewife(CC)(R)Housewife(CC)(R)Dont BeDont BeDont BeDont BeHousewives(CC)(R) COM666666661527190Year 1 aa(:37)Bubble Boy () Bubble-clad romance. South ParkSouth ParkSouth ParkSouth Park(:47)Super Troopers ()(R)(CC) DISC404040402543120Treehouse(CC)(HD)Treehouse(CC)(HD)CollectorsCollectorsCollectorsCollectorsN aked(CC)(R)(HD)Naked(CC)(R)(HD) E!464646462726196Never Kissed () #RichKids#RichKidsKardashian(R)(HD)Kardashian(R)(HD)Kardashians Baby news. (R)(HD)Kardashian ESQ82828282118118160Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC)Bomb Pat(CC) EWTN2432432431217285Sunday Mass(R)Litany ofIn ConcertMomentsIn SongRosaryCatechismParablesPriestsConsuming FAM555555551046199Karate KidThe Karate Kid, Part II () Pair face feud and foes.(CC)The Karate Kid III () a Danny is challenged.(PG)(CC)Secretaria FOOD37373737-76164Kitchen(R)TrishasPioneerChopped Casserole. Chopped(R)(HD)Chopped(R)(HD)Chopped(R)(HD) FX51515151584953Immortals ()(R)Avatar () aaac A former Marine is fitted with an alien body to colonize a distant moon.(CC)Battleship () aac GSN17917917917934179184The Chase(R)Skin Wars(R)Minute to Win It(R)Fam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. Feud HALL5551773240Lost Valentine () New in Town () Executive relocates.(CC)A Ring By Spring () Business consultant. Second () aaa(CC) HIST818181813365128Big RigBig RigBig RigBig RigBig Rig: Tracked (R)Big Rig(CC)(R)(HD)Big Rig(CC)(R)(HD)Big Rig: On the Line HOME414141415342165My FamilyMy FamilyMy FamilyMy FamilyFlop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop(R) HSN242424245119151Electron. Conn.Serious Skin CareSerious Skin CareElectron. Conn.Home SolutionsHealthy Innovations LIFE363636365241140Bring It!(CC)(R)(HD)Flightplan (, Thriller) A child vanishes.(CC)Abandoned () ac Boyfriend vanishes. (CC)Brittany Murphy () OWN5858585847103161Help DeskHelp DeskSuper Soul(R)(HD)Help DeskSpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecials QVC14141491413150In the Kitchen with David The host showcases new appliances. Computer ShopCarolyn Pollack Sterling Jewelry SPIKE57575757296354Bar Rescue(:34)Bar Rescue(R)(:38)Bar Rescue(R)(:42)Bar Rescue(R)Bar Rescue Comedy club. (R)(:51)Bar Rescue(R) SYFY6767676725364180The Bourne Ultimatum () Amnesiac assassin. (CC)Quantum of Solace (, Action) aaa Market corruption. Waterworld () aa TBS59595959326252Like Heaven ()@MLB Baseball: Kansas City Royals at New York Yankees (Live)(CC)(HD)FriendsFriendsFriends TCM65656565169230Suspicion Marriage and murder. East of Eden () Brothers vie for their fathers respect. Sex and the Single Girl aa Undercover work. TLC454545455772139Say YesSay Yes48 Hours Mystery48 Hrs.(CC)(HD)48 Hrs.(CC)(HD)48 Hrs.(CC)(HD)48 Hrs.(CC)(HD) TNT61616161285551The Kingdom () aaa Hunt for terrorist. (CC)Man on Fire (, Drama) Former assassin protects child. Inglourious Basterds ()(CC) TRAV6969696926066170Challenge(N)Foods(R)Bizarre(CC)(R)Bizarre(CC)(R)Paradise(CC)(R)Paradise(CC)(R) TRUTV636363635030183Lizard LicLizard LicLizard LicLizard LicWay OutWay OutS. B eachS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachS. Beach TVLND626262623154244ClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandCosbyCosbyCosby USA34343434225250SVU: Closure (TV14)SVU: Remorse (TV14)SVU: Victims(TV14)SVU Fin gets shot. SVU Stablers anger. SVU: Ripped (TV14) WE117117117117117149RoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneCSI Miami(CC)(HD)CSI Miami(CC)(HD) WGN1616161941119Law & Order CI(HD)Law & Order CI(HD)@MLB Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs (Live)(CC)(HD)10th(HD)Parks KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


SUNDAY SEP. 7AFTERNOON SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 STROPSESPN29292929125870NFL Cntdwn (HD)2014 FIBA World Cup: Round of 16 College Ftbll (HD)CFL Football (Live) ESPN23030303065974Fantasy2014 U.S. Open Tennis (Live) (HD)O UEFA Euro Qualifying (Live)O (:45) MLS Soccer (Live) (HD) FS148484848426983Inside (CC) (HD)Monster (N) (HD)UEFA EuroO UEFA Euro Qualifying: Scotland at Germany (Live)UEFA Mag.Countdown FSN727272725677B. BunchMa rlins@ MLB Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins (Live) (HD)MarlinsMarlinsWorld Champ. (N) GOLF494949495560304F PGA TOUR Golf (Live) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: BMW Championship: Spotlight Coverage (HD)F PGA NBCSN71717171546190/Drive/Drive Formula DRacer TVGP2: Italy (N) (HD)Formula One Racing: Italian Grand Prix (Replay)F1 Extra SUN3838401401455776FloridaD ZimmerRays LIVE!@ MLB Baseball: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays (Live)Rays LIVE!InsideSaltwater SDIKNICK252525252444252Lalaloopsy (N)Sophia Grace () iCarlyiCarlyThundermn ThundermnS pongeSpongeSpongeSponge TOON80801241244620257 (11:30) MovieRegularRegularGra ndpaGrandpaAdventureAdventureMovieAdventureAdventure SWENCNBC3939393937102PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid CNN323232321838100State (CC) (R) (HD)Fareed Zakaria (R)CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news and updates. (N) CSPN181818183712109The Best of Washington This WeekThe Best of Washington This WeekThe Best of Washington This Week FNC646464644871118News HQHousecallNews HQ (DC) (N)FOX News (HD)RespectedNews HQCarol AltHousecallMedia Buzz (R) MSNB8383838318540103Weekends with Alex Witt (N) (HD)Meet Press (HD)MSNBC Live (N)Caught (HD)Caught (HD) SNN6661111NewsWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendPaidWeekendPaidWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend CISUMCMTV474747472324221Hot 20 Countdown Videos and news. (R)Road House () aac Bouncer cleans up violence-ridden bar. (R)Varsity Blues () MTV333333333548210Harold and Kumar Go to White CastleMeet the Fockers () Eccentric parents. RidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculous VH1505050504323217Atlanta Exes (R)TI & TinyLove & Hip (R) (HD)Think Like a Man () aaa Four couples manipulate each other. Reunion MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (11:15) R.I.P.D. () Of fi cers ar gue. (CC)This Is 40 (, Com edy) aac Paul Rudd. A not-so-av er age Amer i can fam ily. (R) (CC) (:15) The Knick In creas ing pres sure. (R) (:10) Two for the Money (, Drama) aac In jured ball player turns sports bookie. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422Le thal Weapon 3 () A dirty cop. (CC) (:15) Le thal Weapon 4 () Two Los An geles de tec tives in ves ti gate a Chi nese im mi grant smug gling ring. Life of Pi () A zoo keepers son is sur rounded by loose an i mals af ter a ship wreck. The Rock () DISN1361361361369945250Good Luck(R)Good Luck(R)Good Luck(R)Blog (CC) (R)Blog (CC) (R)Blog (CC) (R)Aus tin (R) (HD)Aus tin (R) (HD)Aus tin (R) (HD)Jessie (R) (HD)Jessie (R) (HD)Jessie (R) (HD) ENC150150150150150350Dude, Car? ()(:35) RV (, Ad ven ture) A man plans a fam ily get away in a RV.(:15) The Lone Ranger () A for mer law en force ment of fi cial and a Na tive Amer i can war rior team up. (CC) (:45) Here Co mes the Boom () Kevin James. Teacher fights. HBO302302302302302302400 (11:30) Mis sion: Im pos si ble () aaa Agent clears name. (CC)The Hobbit: The Des o la tion of Smaug (, Ad ven ture) Ian McKellen. Bil bo faces dan gers dur ing quest.(:15) The Bourne Leg acy (, Ac tion) aaa Agent seeks to ex pose CIA crimes. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402 (11:30) 8 Mile (, Drama) Rap per faces con flicts for star dom. Just My Luck () aa A girl in her its a guys mis for tune. (CC) (:15) Billy Crys tal 700 Sun days Ac tor plays peo ple who in flu enced him. (CC) (HD) (:15) Con Air () In mates take plane. (R) HBO3304304304304304404 (11:45) Beau ti ful Crea tures () aac Fam ily se crets. (CC) (HD) (:50) Warm Bod ies (, Ro mance) Nich o las Hoult. A zom bie falls for a hu man. (CC)The Truth About Char lie () ac Quar rel over money. (CC) (:15) Big Mommas House 2 () aa (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365Box ing (Re play)ALL ACCESS 60 Min utes Sports (CC) (HD)Bad News Bears (, Com edy) aac Al co holic coaches kids base ball team. (CC) (HD)ALL ACCESS(:45) When a Man Loves a Woman () Bat tling al co hol ism. TMC350350350350350350385 (:20) Aint Them Bod ies Saints (, Drama) Out law es capes prison to be with fam ily. Wel come to the Punch () James McAvoy. Crim i nal hunted.(:40) Gosford Park (, Com edy) A week end shoot ing party at a coun try manor be comes a deadly event. 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES The ABCs of Schoolhouse Rock7 p.m. on ABCActress Chandra Wilson from Greys Anatomy interviews the creators and writers of animated music series Schoolhouse Rock, and reveal their pick for the best Schoolhouse Rock song of all time. (HD)The Real Housewives of New Jersey8 p.m. on BRAVOGuilt Trip Dina and Melissa plan a surprise getaway to help cheer Teresa up as a plea deal becomes possible in her court case; Ambers nasty texts to Nicoles boyfriend threaten the ladies reconciliation; Teresa and her husband make a big legal decision.Forrest Gump8 p.m. on FAMA slow-witted man with a knack of being in the right place at the right time, tirelessly pursues his childhood sweetheart, while his strong character and simple wisdom changes the lives of those around him during the turbulent times in America. ab (HD)Utopia8 p.m. on FOXSeries Premiere, Part One In this social experiment, 15 entrepreneurial Americans are taken to a location far away from society and are charged with the task of building a civilization from the ground up in order to realize what they believe the perfect world would be. (HD)Secrets of Westminster8 p.m. on PBSA look is taken at the secret histories of Londons House of Commons, House of Lords and Westminster Abbey, featuring power struggles, traditions, intrigue, the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes Day, suffragette Emily Davison and Lady Astor. (HD)Saving Private Ryan8 p.m. on TNTAfter D-Day, a squad of American soldiers journeys deep into enemy territory in the French countryside to nd an American soldier whose three brothers have been recently killed in action so they can bring him back home alive. (HD)Unforgettable9 p.m. on CBSTrue Identity Carrie and Al nd that every secret they unearth during their homicide investigation of a wealthy and successful matchmaker is a setback, as every secret that is discovered introduces yet another potential murder suspect and motive to their case. (HD)SUNDAY HIGHLIGHTSAndrew Luck begins his third season under center for the Indianapolis Colts, who face Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the rst Sunday Night Football game of the season at 8:20 p.m. on NBC. 9


10 SUNDAY SEP. 7EVENING SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC World News News cov er age. (N) (HD)ABC7 News @ 6:30pm(N) (HD)The ABCs of School house Rock Cre ators of School house Rock. (CC)(N)(HD)Wipeout: Fra ter nity vs So ror ity; Tour na ment of Cham pi ons(CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank Cus tom iz able choc o late;boot socks; purses; lunchbox for children. (CC)(R)(HD) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. ABC World News(N)The ABCs of School house Rock(CC)(N)(HD)Wipeout: Fra ter nity vs So ror ity; Tour na ment of Cham pi ons(CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank Cus tom iz able ac ces so ries. (R)(HD) ABC E F407771077ABC World News(N)News(N)The ABCs of School house Rock(CC)(N)(HD)Wipeout: Fra ter nity vs So ror ity; Tour na ment of Cham pi ons(CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank Cus tom iz able ac ces so ries. (R)(HD) CBS E F1010101010 (4:30)2014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Womens Cham pi on ship (Live)(CC)(HD)60 Min utes(CC)(N)(HD)(:01)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Un for get ta ble: True Iden tity Ev ery se cret re veals a new sus pect. (CC)(N)(HD)Reck less: And So It Be gins Vis ex is charged with malprac tice. (CC)(N)(HD) CBS E F112132135552014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Womens Cham pi on ship 60 Min utes(CC)(N)(HD)(:01)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Un for get ta ble: True Iden tity Dead match maker. (N)Reck less: And So It Be gins Planted ju ror.(N)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Week end Edi tion(N) (HD)Foot ball Night in Amer ica(N)(CC)(HD)C(:20)Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos from Sports Authority Field at Mile High (Live)(CC)(HD) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Foot ball Night in Amer ica(N)(CC)(HD)C(:20)Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos from Sports Authority Field at Mile High (Live)(CC)(HD) FOX E F131313131313C(4:25)NFL Football: Regional Coverage Teams TBA (Live)(CC) (HD)The OT(N)(CC) (HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part One 15 Amer i cans are taken to a re mote lo ca tion and charged with the task of build ing what they think the perfect civ i li za tion would be from the ground up. (CC)(N)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444C(4:25)NFL Football: Regional Coverage Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)The OT(N)(CC) (HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part One 15 peo ple build a per fectciv i li za tion.(CC)(N)(HD)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333PBS Newshour(N)WEDU Arts Plus(R)PBS Pre views: The Roosevelts Film pre view. (R)Se crets of West min ster Se cret his tory. (CC)(N)(HD)Mas ter piece: Breath less Eliz a beth and Otto set tle down. (CC)(N)(HD)Ab bey Best mo ments. PBS E F1620420420416Ask This(CC)(R) (HD)P. Allen(CC)(R)Chas ing Shackle ton Rough seas. (CC)(R)(HD)NOVA Pre his toric rep tile. (CC) (R)(HD)NOVA Is land evo lu tion. (CC) (R)(HD)His tory Pro ject: Em perors Eter nalArmy (R)(HD) PBS E F30333Se crets of Her Majestys Se cret Service(R)(HD)An tiques: Swindon An tiques(CC)Se crets of West min ster Se cret his tory. (CC)(N)(HD)Mas ter piece: Breath less Eliz a beth and Otto set tle down. (CC)(N)(HD)Vi cious(CC)(R) (HD) CW E F4662162 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)How I Met(CC) (HD)How I Met(CC) (HD)Mod ern Fam ily: Snip Mod ern(CC) (HD)WINK News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Friends(TVPG) (HD)Friends(TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)CSI: Mi ami: Bone Voy age Langston in Miami. (HD)CSI: Mi ami: Point of Im pact Driv ers se crets. (HD)Crim i nal Minds: Big Sea Bur ied bod ies. (CC)(HD) MYN E F3811111114Dirty Rot ten Scoun drels () Con art ist con test. News(CC)(N)Com mu nity(CC)(HD)Seinfeld(CC)Seinfeld(CC)Ray mond(CC) (HD)Health Matters(CC)Our Is sues(CC)Whacked Out(CC) MYN E F*898Friends(CC) (HD)Friends(CC) (HD)Fam ily Guy(CC)Fam ily Guy(CC)In the Heat of the Night Chop shop mys tery.(CC)In the Heat of the Night Hit and run scan dal. (CC)Le ver age: The Mal tese Fal con Job FBI closes in. IND E F321212123812Mod ern Fam ily: Snip Mod ern(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Glee: Hairography Will checks out rival; makeover. Glee: Mat tress Yearbook photo; Quinns mis sion. The Of fice(CC) (HD)The Of fice(CC) (HD) ION E F6622213261817Le ver age: The Grave Dan ger Job Fu neral di rec tor. Le ver age: The Boiler Room Job Con a con-artist. Le ver age Sav ing a dy ing girl. (CC)(HD)Le ver age: The Queens Gam bit Job Chess match. Le ver age: The Ex per i men tal Job The col lege life. WCLF E F22222222 2The Brody File The Watch man Pe ter Youngren GreatAwak en ing TourLove a ChildTime of Grace We the Peo ple Christ for All Na tions Jesse Duplantis(CC) WRXY E F49224410The Good Life Perry Stone(CC)(N)Sup port The VisionCon nec tion(CC)Sav ing the In ves tor En ter tain ment Time ofDay of Sal va tion TLF E F50232323955Ftbol Liga MX: U. de Guadalajara vs Guadalajara desde Estadio Omnilife (Directo)(CC)(HD)El da del crimen (, Accin) aaac Paul Walker. Un miembro de la ma fia descubre que perdi un arma que se le encarg.(R)(CC)Enjambre mor tal () UNIV E F62151515 6Fa milia P Luche(HD)Noticiero Univisin(N)Aqu y ahora Periodismo de investigacin. (N)(HD)Va por ti(N) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Epic Ink(CC)(R) (HD)Brandi &(CC)(R) (HD)Brandi & Jarrod(R)Duck(CC)(R) (HD)Duck(CC)(R) (HD)Duck Gov er nors visit. Duck(CC)(R) (HD)Duck(CC)(R) (HD)Wahlburger: Pauliday(:31)Wahlburger(R) AMC565656563053231 (:10)Break ing Bad: Fly Con tam i na tion. (CC)(HD) (:20)Break ing Bad: Abiquiu Skyler wants a role in the op er a tion.(CC)(HD)Break ing Bad Jesse wants re venge. (CC)(HD) (:40)Break ing Bad: Full Mea sure Tak ing con trol.(:50)Break. Bad(HD) APL444444443668130To Be An nounced Info un avail able. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. Gator Boys Jimmys re place ment. (CC)(N)(HD)Call of Wildman(N)Call of Wildman(R)Ice Lake Re bels: Sink or Swim Brian takes plunge. BET353535354022270Bar ber shop 2 () aa Beauty Shop (, Com edy) aa Queen Latifah. A hairstyl ist opens her own sa lon, but the clien tele only want to gos sip. (PG-13)(CC)Lean on Me (, Drama) aaa An in ner-city school prin ci pal main tains dis ci pline with an iron fist. (CC) BRAVO6868686825451185Real House wives New Jersy Fam ily busi nesses. Real House wives of New Jer sey Val en tines Day. The Real House wives of New Jer sey: Guilt Trip The Real House wives of New Jer sey: Guilt Trip Game of Crowns Lack of re spect (N) COM666666661527190 (4:47)Bro ken Liz ards Super Troop ers ()(CC) (:53)Half Baked (, Com edy) Two ston ers plan the ul ti mate deal in order to bail out their roomie. (CC)Ob serve and Re port () Mall cop tries to ap pre hend cul prit who flashed an em ployee he se cretly loves. DISC404040402543120Na ked and Afraid Op po sites stranded.(R)(HD)Na ked and Afraid Andros Is land. (CC)(R)(HD)Na ked and Afraid: Pri mal Fear Left in Namibia.(R)Na ked and Afraid: Un cen sored Snakes; ex tras.(:02)Na ked and Afraid Hot, swampy jun gles. (N) E!464646462726196 (5:30)Kardashians Get Him to the Greek (, Com edy) Jo nah Hill. A re cord com pany em ployee must es cort a wild rocker to a con cert in Los An geles. To tal Di vas Nikki plans fu ture. (N)(HD)#RichKids(N) (HD)To tal Diva(R) (HD) ESQ82828282118118160Bomb Pa trol: Af ghan i stan Aban doned car. (CC)Bomb Pa trol: Af ghan i stan Sol dierres cue. (CC)psych: Viagra Falls Po lice chief killed.(TVPG)(HD)psych: Ferry Tale In mates es cape. (TVPG)(HD)psych Shawn slips up.(TVPG) (CC)(HD) EWTN2432432431217285Church and Poor Cross ing/Goal(TV G)The World Over News from around the world. (CC)Sunday Night Prime Callers ques tions.(TV G)(N)Chesterton(TV G)Holy Ro sary(TV G)EWTN The ol ogy Roundtable Cur rent events. FAM555555551046199 (5:30)Sec re tar iat () Na ive woman over sees ail ing fa thers horse-rac ing sta bles & fights ad ver sity.(CC)For restGump (, Drama) aaaa Tom Hanks, Joe Stefanelli. A slow-witted man grows to adult hood amid the his toric events of four de cades. (PG-13)(HD) FOOD37373737-76164The Great Food Truck Race event. (R)Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cook-Off Sand wiches. (R)Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cook: Bar be cue Bo nanza The Great Food Truck Race: High Steaks in OKC Cut throat Kitchen: Chilid To The Bone (N) FX51515151584953 (5:00)Bat tle ship () aac An in ter na tional fleet of ships bat tles an alien ar mada of un known or i gins. Chron i cle () aaa Three friends gain su per pow ers and em brace the darker side of their abil i ties.(PG-13)The Strain: The Dis ap peared Kelly is missing.(N) GSN17917917917934179184Idiotest(CC)(R)Skin Wars: Fact or Myth (R)Game Show Mo ments Gone Ba nanas(CC)Bag gage(R) (HD)Bag gage(R) (HD)Bag gage(R) (HD)Bag gage(R) (HD) HALL5551773240 (5:00)Sec ond Chances () Emer gency op er a tor. Puppy Love (, Drama) When a mother and her daugh ter re lo cate to a new town, they adopt a dog. (CC)The Lost Val en tine () Jennifer Love Hew itt. TV re porters story on a womans love.(CC)(HD) HIST818181813365128Big Rig Bounty Hunt ers Sto len; bad food. (R)(HD)Moun tain Men Di sas ter strikes. (CC)(R)(HD)Moun tain Men: Stranded Last chance to go. (R)Moun tain Men: The Great Es cape (CC)(N)(HD) (:03)Ice Road Truck ers(CC) (N)(HD) HOME414141415342165Flop New search. (R)Flop Short sale. (R)Flop Dif fi cult job. (R)Flop Short sale. (R)Bar gain Hunt(N)Bar gain Hunt(N)Flip ping the Block Auc tion out comes. (N)Va ca tion House for Free Beach fronthome. (N) HSN242424245119151Electronic ConnectionCoin Collector Coin Collector Electronic ConnectionElectronic Connection LIFE363636365241140The Brittany Murphy Story () Stars tragic story. The Un au tho rized Saved by the Bell Story (, Pro file) Pop u lar 90s TV show and its stars. (CC)(HD)Witches of East: Sex, Lies, and Birth day Cake (N)The Lot tery: St. Mi chael Co-con spir a tors.(N)(HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


11 SUNDAY SEP. 7EVENING SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161The Spe cials(N) (HD)The Spe cials(N) (HD)The Spe cials(N) (HD)The Spe cials(N) (HD)The Spe cials(N) (HD)The Spe cials(N) (HD)Oprahs Lifeclass: Steve Harvey (CC) (N) (HD)Oprahs Lifeclass Sin gle moth ers. (CC) (R) (HD) SPIKE57575757296354Bar Res cue: Drunk & Dirty Dolls Motorsports bar. Bar Res cue: Brawlin Babes Mis souri venue. (R)Bar Res cue Fam ily-run bar.(R) (HD)Hun gry In ves tors: Cry ing PoBoy (CC) (N)Bar Res cue Fail ing sports bar. (R) (HD) SYFY6767676725364180 (5:00) Waterworld () aa A loner helps ref u gees seek myth i cal dry land in an oth er wise wa tery world. Ter mi na tor 2: Judg ment Day (, Sci ence Fic tion) aaaa Ar nold Schwarzenegger. A shape-shift ing ro bot as sas sin from the fu ture tar gets a mod ern-day teen. (R) TBS59595959326252Knocked Up (, Com edy) Seth Rogen. Un ex pected preg nancy forces two mis matches to try to co ex ist. Bad Teacher (, Com edy) aac A teacher with a bad work ethic at tempts to win a col leagues heart. (R)Knocked Up (, Com edy) Mis match preg nancy. TCM65656565169230The Thrill of It All () A house wife be comes a fa mous TV per son al ity, to the an noy ance of her hus band. Planet of the Apes (, Sci ence Fic tion) An as tro naut crashes onto a planet ruled by in tel li gent apes. (CC)Be neath the Planet of the Apes () aa (G) TLC45454545577213948 Hours Mys tery: Ran som Kid napped son. (HD)LI Me dium (R) (HD)LI Me dium (R) (HD)LI Me dium (R) (HD)LI Me dium (R) (HD)Long Is land Med (N)Long Is land Med (N) (:01) An gels (N) (HD) (:32) An gels (N) (HD) TNT61616161285551Inglourious Basterds () In WWII, Jew ish-Amer i can sol diers set out to strike ter ror in the Third Reich. Sav ing Pri vate Ryan (, Drama) aaaa Tom Hanks, Matt Damon. WWII sol diers are as signed to lo cate a pri vate whose broth ers have been killed. (R) (CC) (HD) TRAV6969696926066170Food Par a dise Five-alarm chili. (CC) (R)Food Par a dise Tri-pork sand wich. (CC) (R)Ex treme Ho tels Un usual ho tels. (N)Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Fair in Min ne sota. (CC) (R)Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Iguana hunt. (CC) (R) TRUTV636363635030183S. Beach: Ruth less (R)S. Beach Power is sue. S. Beach Cage fighter. S. Beach An gry baker. truTV Pres ents: Worlds Dumb est... (R)Worlds Dumb est... Na ked bank rob bers. (R)Worlds Dumb est... Folks with an i mals. (R) TVLND626262623154244CosbyCosbyCosbyCosbyCosbyCosbyQueensQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Swing (TV14)Law & Or der: SVU Coach is ac cused. (TV14) (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Lu nacy (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Pur suit (HD)Mod ern (CC) (HD)Mod ern: Yard Sale WE117117117117117149CSI: Mi ami: Kill Zone Sniper kills five. (CC) (HD)CSI: Mi ami: A Hor ri ble Mind Col lege mur der. (HD)CSI: Mi ami: Camp Fear Model mur dered. (CC) (HD)CSI: Mi ami: En trance Wound Pros ti tute mur dered. CSI: Mi ami: Bunk Killer chem i cals. (CC) (HD) WGN1616161941119Amer icas Fun ni est Home Vid eos (TVPG) (HD)Godzilla (, Sci ence Fic tion) aa Mat thew Broderick, Hank Azaria. A sci en tist and a French man strug gle to save NYC from a gi ant ir ra di ated iguana. (PG-13) (CC)Manhattan: The New World(CC) (N) STROPSESPN29292929125870CFL Foot ball: Sas katch e wan vs Win ni peg (Live)SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers from Comerica Park (Live) (HD) ESPN23030303065974O MLS Soccer: San Jose vs Portland (Live) (HD)Base ball To night: Sunday Night Count down (N)SportsCenter(N) (HD)SportsCenter: At the U.S. Open: High lights (HD)NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Race(N) (HD)NHRA Thrills: 2013 FS148484848426983UFC Un leashed: Sub mis sions (CC) (N) (HD)UFC Roundtable: The Ul ti mate Fight ers (CC) (HD)UFC Fight Night: Jacare vs Mousasi : from Foxwoods Re sort Ca sino in Ledyard, Conn.(Re play) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677West Coast Cus toms Cus tom iz ing cars. (N) (HD)World Poker Tour: Bay 101 Shoot ing Star Part 2 World Poker Tour: Bay 101 Shoot ing Star Part 3 UFC Un leashed Best of the best of UFC fights (N)World Poker Tour: Bay 101 Shoot ing Star Part 2 GOLF494949495560304F (5:00) PGA Tour (Live) (HD)PGA Cham pi ons Tour Golf: Que bec Cham pi on ship: Fi nal Round (Taped) (HD)Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: BMW Cham pi on ship: Fi nal Round (Re play) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190Lucas Oil (N) (HD)FLW: 2014 BFL All-Amer i can Wil son Lake (HD)Eye of (HD)Deer Hunt: The Rut Winkelman(HD)Huntin (N)Pro fes sional(N)NASCARs SUN3838401401455776Reel An i mals(HD)Florida Fish ing (HD)TV (HD)Ship Shape TV (R)Sports man: Mar a thon Reel Time(HD)Fish Flats (HD)Fish ing (HD)Pro fes sional Tar pon (N) (HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252Sam & Cat (R) (HD)Sam & Cat (R) (HD)Sophia Grace and Rosies Royal Ad ven ture () Full House Jeal ousy. Full House: Fogged In Full Hse (CC)Full House: Pal Joey Full Hse Scary movie. Full Hse (CC) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill: Pigmalion King Hill: Megadale Bobs Belch er cruise. Bobs (CC) (HD)Rick Morty (R)Fam ily Guy(TV14) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102PaidPaidGreed (R)Money (N)Americas Gun (R)Marijuana USA (R)Cocaine Cowboys () CNN323232321838100CNN News room Sunday News and up dates. (N)CNN Spe cial Re port Player & mur derer. (R)The Hunt with John Walsh Boy goes miss ing. (R)Death Row Sto ries An Army ser geant. (N)Death Row Sto ries Col o rado shoot ing. (N) CSPN181818183712109Newsmakers(R)The Best of Wash ing ton This WeekQ&A In ter est ing peo ple dis cuss their work. (N)Com mons The Best of Wash ing ton This Week FNC646464644871118FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace (CC) (HD)FOX Re port Sunday News wrap-up. (N) (HD)Huckabee En ter tain ing talk.(N) (HD)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD)Stossel The host re ports on lib er tar ian is sues. (HD) MSNB8383838318540103Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Lockup Cam eras ex plore life be hind bars. (HD) SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendPaidAnnetteWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (5:00) Var sity Blues (, Drama) aac A high school coach and quar ter back have con flict ing game plans. Steve Aus tins Bro ken Skull Chal lenge (N) (HD)Steve Aus tins Bro ken Skull Chal lenge (R) (HD)Cops Re loaded (HD)Cops Re loaded (HD) MTV333333333548210Ri dic u lous: Lil Duval Ri dic u lous (R) (HD)Ri dic u lous (R) (HD)Ri dic u lous (R) (HD)Meet the Fockers (, Com edy) aac Greg Fockers fiance and fu ture in-laws meet his ec cen tric par ents. Be ing Ty ler Posey Teen Wolf off set. (N) VH1505050504323217 (5:30) Madeas Fam ily Re union () aa Grandmas fam ily re union is in ter rupted by dra mas and cri ses. CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story Trios or i gins & rise to fame in s to bank ruptcy, ill ness, fights & death. (R) (HD)Love & Hip (R) (HD) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (:15) Jack the Giant Slayer (, Adventure) Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and giants erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (CC) (:15) Rush Hour (, Action) aac Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. A Hong Kong detective and LAPD cop search for a diplomats kidnapped daughter. (PG-13) (CC)R.I.P.D. (, Action) aac Jeff Bridges. Officers fight monstrous criminals. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:40) The Rock (, Action) aaa Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage. Two men try to rescue a group of tourists that were taken hostage by a madman. (R) (CC) (HD)The Knick: Wheres the Dignity? Algernon pressures Thackery. (CC) (HD)Rush (, Drama) aaac Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde. During the golden age of Formula 1 racing, a fierce rivalry is forged. (R) (CC) (HD) DISN1361361361369945250Dog with a Blog Spanish lessons. Dog with a Blog Stans choice. (R)Girl Meets World Truth telling. (R)Girl Meets Mixed emotions. (R)Tangled (, Fantasy) Mandy Moore. A princess is trapped in the queens secret tower until a bandit frees her. (CC)Toy Story Toons Buzz gets lost.(:55) Jessie Bertrams mother. (R)Dog with Blog Something special. ENC150150150150150350Here Comes the Boom () (CC) (:35) Dude, Wheres My Car? () aa Two bumbling potheads go on a crazy adventure in search of their missing car. Dreamcatcher () Four childhood friends call upon their telepathic abilities to combat a military vigilantes sadistic solution to a horrendous alien threat. (CC) (:15) The Lone Ranger () Lawman teams up with a Native American. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400 (4:15) The Bourne Legacy ()(:40) 12 Years a Slave (, Drama) aaac Before the American Civil War, a free black man is abducted, sold into slavery and made to work for a series of slave owners under abhorrent conditions. (CC)Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (N) (HD)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (N) (HD) HBO2303303303303303303402 (5:15) Con Air (, Action) Nicolas Cage. An airplane is hijacked by inmates.(:15) The Hangover Part III (, Comedy) aaa Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms. Three friends take their mentally unstable comrade to get treated. (R) (CC) (HD)Veronica Mars (, Crime) aaac Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring. Mars returns for her high school reunion and must help an ex accused of murder. (PG-13) (CC) (HD) HBO3304304304304304404 (5:15) Big Mommas House 2 () aa FBI agent in disguise watches suspect. The Heat () aac A tense and uptight FBI agent has to team up with a lewd and crude Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug lord taking over the city. (CC)The Way, Way Back (, Comedy) aaa Steve Carell, Toni Collette. Introverted teen befriends a water park manager to avoid his family situation. (PG-13) (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365 (4:45) When a Man Loves a Woman () A woman battles alcoholism. (CC)Masters of Sex: Mirror, Mirror Masters treats a couple for infertility. (R) (HD)Ray Donovan Ray arranges deal.(:46)Homeland: Debrief (R) (HD)Ray Donovan: Snowflake(CC) (N) (HD)Masters of Sex: Story of My Life (CC) (N) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385Save the Last Dance (, Romance) aa Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas. A teenage girls dreams of becoming a professional ballerina are challenged. (CC)Monster () aaa Charlize Theron. A prostitutes lifestyle leads to murder and her arrest as a serial killer. (R) (CC) (HD)On the Road (, Drama) Sam Riley. A writer takes a life-changing journey. KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


12 SUNDAY SEP. 7LATE NIGHT SUNDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsET(R)Extra(R)PaidABC World News Now(N)NewsNews(N) ABC E F2811NewsCastle PracticePaidPaidPaidWorld News(N)NewsNewsNews ABC E F407771077NewsPaidMcCarverCold CaseCars.TVR acelineWorld News Now(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid(:05)Up to the Minute(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsNationPaidInsideMcNeelyKickin It(:35)Minute(N)NewsNewsNews(N) NBC E F*88888FootballNewsPaidPaidPaidExtra(N)Meet PressPaidEarlyNewsNewsNews NBC E F20222FootballNewsPaid BonesPaidDatelineMeet PressEarlyNewsNews(N) FOX E F131313131313NewsNotice Closer InsiderAccessJudyJudyNewsNewsNews5:30 FOX E F36444Closer Notice Glee(HD)Raymond30 Rock30 RockDivorceS pringerFox 4(N) PBS E F#3333Abbey(R)Suze Orman(R)(HD)MasterpceViciousGrace(R)MastersTapes(R) PBS E F1620420420416NOVA(R)NOVA(R)HistoryNOVA(R)NOVA(R)HistoryBolderYoga PBS E F30333TrekkerPOV(R)Masterpce.(R)ViciousGrace(R)MastersTapes(R) CW E F466216QueensQueensSanctuaryAlienAlienCheatersPaidPaidHarveys Shows Show CW E F449994CriminalFamilyFamilyMr. BoxMr. BoxPaidPaidPaidMcNeelyPaidPaidDaily Buzz MYN E F3811111114Ride Honor RingPaidBonesDoyle HollywdOK! TVPaidPaidShepherd MYN E F*898FuturamaFuturamaOuter Outer Heart ofMidnight ac Sea HuntSea HuntShepherd IND E F321212123812There YetThere YetBattle Seattle () Paid(CC)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817ListenerListenerFlashpointFlashpointPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid WCLF E F222222222TommyAwakenAwakenProphecyFruitCTN Spec.CopelandCitylife Good Life JesusEnd AgeEmpowerA. Rippy WRXY E F49224410LifeAwakenAwakenM inistryTurningWomenB .GouleyCharlesGaitherExerciseFitness TLF E F50232323955EnjambreDeportivoChoquesAtaque terror. () PagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156La familiaNoticieroVerdadAl PuntoIncluido Como dicePara amarLa fa miliaNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Brandi &Brandi &DuckDuckDuckDuckWahlburgWahlburgBrandi &Brandi &PaidDog BntyDog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Break. BadBreak. Bad4th Loud4th Loud4th Loud4th LoudGame Arms APL444444443668130WildmanWildmanIce LakeGator Boys(:06)TBAGator BoysWildmanWildmanIce Lake BET353535354022270Lean on MeBET Inspiration Gospel and religious events. BRAV6868686825451185Watch HousewivesHousewifeHousewivesWatch CrownsPaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190A. SchumerToshS. ParkS. ParkS. ParkS. ParkFuturamaFuturamaFuturamaFuturamaHalf HourPaidPaid DISC404040402543120Naked Naked Naked Naked PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196Total Diva#RichKidsTotal DivaKardashian(R)KardashianSoupPaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160JohnnyKnifeKnifeKnifeKnifeKnifeKnifeKnifePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285Life(R)Mass(R)Litany ofMary DowSunday GuideIn DefensePrayCatalogueBookmarkCatechesi FAM555555551046199Baby DadHungryOsteenTurningPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidReignLife Today FOOD37373737-76164CutthroatRace(R)CutthroatCutthroatRachael vsPaidPaidPaidPaid FX51515151584953The StrainThe StrainThe StrainRescuePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184The ChaseNewlywedNewlywedIdiotestPyramidPyramidMinute PaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST81818181336512810 ThingsMountainMountainIce Road10 ThingsPaidHistoryPaid HOME414141415342165HuntersHuntersthe Blockfor Free HuntersHuntersHuntHuntPaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140Unauthorized () Witches ofLotteryPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid OWN5858585847103161SpecialsSpecialsOprahsOprahsBerkusBerkusPhil(HD)Phil(HD) SPIKE57575757296354Bar RescueHungryBar RescueBar RescueBar RescuePaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180Drive Angry () aa Star Trek II: Wrath KhanAwaken ()(CC)Twilight TBS59595959326252Knock Up () One for the MoneyLike Heaven () MarriedMarriedMarried TCM65656565169230BeneathWithin Our Gates Battle of Algiers Hands Over () aaa TLC454545455772139LI MediumLI MediumAngelsAngelsLI MediumLI MediumLI MediumLI MediumPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551Ryan(:45)Engagement () aac Saving Private Ryan A desperate mission. TRAV6969696926066170BizarreBizarreBizarreBizarreHotels PaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183Way OutWay OutDumbestDumbestDumbestWay OutWay OutPaidPaidPaidPaid TVLND626262623154244RaymondRaymondClevelandRaymondRaymondRaymondNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyCurb YourCurb Your USA34343434225250ModernModernSatisfact.(:01)CSI(:01)CSICSI(HD)SVU(HD)SVU(HD) WE117117117117117149CSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiPaidPaid WGN1616161941119ManhattanManhattanManhattanThe Alamo ()(CC)DharmaDharmaNews(N) STROPSESPN29292929125870Sports(N)(HD)Sports(N)(HD)Sports(HD)Coll. Ftbl(Replay)Sports ESPN23030303065974ESPN FCColl. Ftbl(Replay)MLB Game(Taped)Sports(N)(HD)Sports FS148484848426983FOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsCollege Football(Replay)(HD) FSN727272725677Wrld PokerMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304 (9:30)PGA TOUR Golf(Replay)(HD)Golf CntrlCha mpions TourPGA Tour NBCSN71717171546190NASCARReport F1 Racing(Replay)Report PaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN3838401401455776ScubaInto theMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102CocaineCocainePorn(R)PaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwide Exchange CNN323232321838100Death RowDeath RowThe Hunt ForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicEarly(N) CSPN181818183712109Q&A(R)Questions(:40)Washington(:40)Washington Washington FNC646464644871118HuckabeeHannityStosselFOX NewsHuckabeeMediaBuzzFOX-Friend MSNBC8383838318540103LockupLockupLockupMeet PressLockupMeet PressFirst LookToo Early SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420R.I.P.D. Hidden () c(:05)Eyes Wide Shut () Femme(:20)Dark City () CINE2321321321321321321422Girls GuiThe KnickPrivate Parts () Sexual c In Translation () Object DISN1361361361369945250JessieBlogGood LckGood LckOn DeckOn DeckWizards Quints () aa On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350Ranger () RV Family getaway. Here Comes(:20)Beer () Billie J. HBO302302302302302302400OliverE mpireLeftovers OliverE mpireLeftoversSpartan ()(R)(CC) HBO23033033033033033034022 Guns ()(R)Priceless(:50)8 Mile ()(CC)Gideons Army () Ere Sun. HBO3304304304304304404Beautiful Creat () Wristcut. () Our Story () Private () a Grk Wed SHOW340340340340340340365DonovanMasters ofDonovanMasters ofRaze ()(CC)When a Man TMC350350350350350350385On RoadKillin g ( ) aac(:45)Bel Ami ( ) aa Clerks ( ) (R)Wa y ( ) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


13 MONDAY FRIDAY WEEKDAY MORNINGS 8 PES YADNOM AMC565656563053231PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidStoogesThe Rec ruit () A CIA recruit must find a mole. CINE320320320320320320420 (:05) Meet Joe Black (, Fan tasy) A ty coons daugh ter un wit tingly flirts with Death when he co mes for her dad. (CC)Hell Baby () Ex or cists take on cou ples de monic baby.(:45) Bro ken Ar row () John Travolta. Pi lot steals nukes. CINE2321321321321321321422Object of My Affection () G.I. Jane () aa Gender-neutral. (CC)The Place Beyond the Pines Life of stealing. (R) ENC150150150150150350The Leg end of Billie Jean () Pair runs from cops. (CC)Lit tle Big League (, Com edy) aa A teen ager in her its a base ball team. (CC) (:35) Lost in Space (, Sci ence Fic tion) ac Fam ily sent on mis sion in space. Mem phis () HBO302302302302302302400McEnroe/Borg: Fire & Ice (R) (HD)Re turn to Me (, Ro mance) aac Grief-stricken wid ower finds love again. (CC)Bag gage Claim () Paula Patton. Womans search. (CC)2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame In duc tion Cer e mony (R) HBO2303303303303303303402Ere Sunset(:50) In Her Shoes () Sisters make peace. (CC)State Play (HD)Ned Kelly () Ned Kelly biography. (R) HBO3304304304304304404(5:45) Greek Wedding ()(:25) Kings Ransom () ac(:05) Pacific Heights () (R)(:50) About a Boy () (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365When a Man Loves a Woman () Fame High () aaa Los An geles High School for the Arts.(:45) Lib eral Arts (, Drama) aac Un in spired man re turns to alma ma ter. (CC)The Twi light Saga: Break ing Dawn: Part 2 A daugh ter. TMC350350350350350350385 (5:05) The Way Back () aaa Pris on ers es cape. (CC) (HD)The Crooked E: Unshredded () Enrons down fall. (CC)A Film with Me in It () aaa Dylan Moran. Hid ing bod ies. A Be gin ners Guide to End ings () A gam blers sons. TCM65656565169230Rac ing Lady () Lady horse trainer. Wild Stal lion () ac Boys lost horse.(:15) The Story of Seabiscuit () aac Jockey is torn be tween love and ca reer. Gal lant Bess () aa A farmers love for his horse, Bess.(:45) Glory () 9 PES YADSEUT AMC565656563053231PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidStoogesBad Company () aa Risky weapons deal. (CC) CINE320320320320320320420The War riors () Turf bat tle erupts be tween ri val gangs.(:50) Swing ers (, Drama) aaa Love lorn co me dians sin gle life in L.A. (R) (CC)Noth ing to Lose (, Com edy) Exec seeks re venge. (CC)Enough Said () Di vorced woman. CINE2321321321321321321422The Truth About Cats & Dogs () Go () aaa Hedonism in L.A.(:45) The Book Thief () WWII refugee hidden. ENC150150150150150350Oz the Great and Pow er ful () A man finds him self sur rounded by magic. Steel () ac A gun smith cre ates a super hero suit. (CC) (:40) Tin Cup () aac A for mer golf pro de cides to com pete in or der to im press his ri vals girl friend. HBO302302302302302302400Must Love Dogs () Teacher en dures the dat ing scene.(:45) Warm Bod ies (, Ro mance) Nich o las Hoult. A zom bie falls for a hu man. Grav ity () aaac Crash leaves as tro nauts stranded. (CC)Ventura: Na ture Calls () ac (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402(5:30) Spy Who Loved ()(:45) The Great Gatsby () aaa Decadent world.(:15) The Game () A twisted gift. (CC) HBO3304304304304304404Rocketeer(:35) Primary Colors () Candidate campaigns. Walk the Line () aaac Life of singer. Rain Man () (R) SHOW340340340340340340365As so ci ate () Bounce (, Drama) Ben Affleck. Man meets widow of man he caused to die.(:25) The Kings of Sum mer () Sum mer in the woods. Snake Eyes () aa Crooked of fi cer un cov ers con spir acy. Inescapabl ac TMC350350350350350350385Vir gin ()(CC) (:40) Aprs vous ... () Dan iel Auteuil. A man helps sui cidal man get on track.(:35) Med i cine Man (, Drama) aac A sci en tist works in the rain for est. (CC)The Words () Bradley Coo per. Writers di lemma. (CC) TCM65656565169230 (1:45) The Show of Shows () aac MGM Pa rade (:45) Sil ver Dol lar () Bebe Daniels. Wasted pros per ity. The Mouth piece () A pros e cu tor makes a big mis take.(:45) Heat Light ning () aaa Caf in the Cal i for nia desert. 01 PES YADSENDEW AMC565656563053231PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid4th and Loud (R)Grosse Pointe Blank () aaa (R) (CC) CINE320320320320320320420Re bound () The Sub ur bans (, Com edy) Mak ing a come back. (CC)Ex or cist: The Be gin ning () aa An ex ca va tion in Af rica con jures evil. (CC)R.I.P.D. () aac Of fi cers fight mon strous crim i nals. (CC)Ten Yards () CINE2321321321321321321422Don Juan De Marco () Blue Crush () aa Passion for surfing.(:40) Lethal Weapon 3 () A dirty cop. Dawn Dead ENC150150150150150350The Nat u ral Man haunted by past.(:15) Bounce (, Drama) aa Man meets widow of man he caused to die. (CC)Be witched () ac A friendly witch cast in Hol ly wood film.(:50) Here Co mes the Boom () aac Teacher fights. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400City of Em ber () Saoirse Ronan. Un der ground city. (CC)My Big Fat Greek Wed ding () A womans en gage ment vexes her fam ily. A Good Job: Sto ries of the FDNY (R)End ers Game () aac Asa Butterfield. Gifted child. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402(:15) The War () aac Kids face bullies. The Perfect Man () Romantic blues. The Wedding Date () aa Breaking HBO3304304304304304404(:10) Nanny McPhee ()(:50) The Way, Way Back () aaa (CC)The Upside of Anger Bitter neighbors. Dogs SHOW340340340340340340365 (:15) Bad News Bears (, Com edy) Al co holic coaches kids base ball team.(:15) The Perks of Be ing a Wall flower () A fresh man be friends two se niors. The Lon gest Yard (, Com edy) Con victs play guards in foot ball game. (CC) TMC350350350350350350385 (5:50) Re turn to Par a dise (, Drama) A dif fi cult choice. Win ter Sol stice () aac A wid ower tries to help his sons.(:15) The Sixth Man (, Com edy) Bas ket ball stars ghost helps brother. (CC) (:05) Around June () Hap pier life. TCM65656565169230Strange Al ibi () Cop im pris oned. The Get-Away () A cop goes un der cover in a prison. Bul let Scars () Doc tor kid napped.(:45) I Was Framed () A re porter is framed for mur der. Es cape from Crime (, Drama) aa 11 PES YADSRUHT AMC565656563053231PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidThe Bone Collector () Cop pursues killer. (CC)Brasco CINE320320320320320320420The Abyss (, Sci ence Fic tion) Di vers try to res cue a sub ma rine crew. (CC) (:20) Eter nal Sun shine of the Spot less Mind () Eras ing an ex-lover. (CC) (:10) 42 (, Drama) aaac Two he roic men changed base ball for ever. (CC) (HD) CINE2321321321321321321422Flushed Away () aaa (CC)Monster-In-Law () aa (CC)(:15) Cheaper Dozen 2 () Me, Myself & Irene () aac ENC150150150150150350The Kid () The Wed ding Plan ner () Wed ding plan ner falls in love.(:20) Selena () A pop u lar Mex i can-Amer i can singer be gins as a child and be comes a su per star. Boys on the Side () Three women seek new lives. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400Ques tion ing Dar win(CC) (R) (HD)Class Act () aa Two stu dents switch iden ti ties. (CC) (HD)Mak ing of(N)Fi nal Fan tasy: The Spir its Within () Mil lions of aliens take over Earth. (CC)Mys tery Men Superhero wannabes. HBO2303303303303303303402Six DaysDragonfly The spirit world. Bowfinger () Unique casting ploy. Coffee Town () aac (CC)Pride HBO3304304304304304404(5:50) Airport () Bomber on plane.(:10) Erin Brockovich () Secretarys crusade. Kingdom of Heaven () SHOW340340340340340340365Ed Wood () A mav er ick di rec tor.(:15) Na tional Lam poons Black ball () Two lawn bowl ing teams com pete. Da vid Bowie: 5 Years () (NR) (CC)Pas sion Fish (, Drama) aaa Par a lyzed star wal lows in self-pity. (R) (CC) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385Basquiat () The Crooked E: Unshredded () Enrons down fall. (CC)Ev ery Day (, Drama) Tele vi sion writer has a cri sis. (CC) (:35) Mes mer ized () Jodie Fos ter. Deadly hyp no sis. (CC) (:05) Tin Men () Con men com pete. TCM65656565169230On the Loose () A girl suf fers from a false rep u ta tion.(:45) Arsne Lu pin Re turns (, Mys tery) Gem is sto len.(:15) The Toy Wife (, Drama) aa A woman steals her sis ters fi ance. (NR)Ev ery Girl Should Be Mar ried () 21 PES YADIRF AMC565656563053231PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidEddie and The Cruisers () aa (CC)Back to School CINE320320320320320320420Some thing New () Black woman falls for white man.(:45) Bro ken Ar row (, Ac tion) Air Force pi lot steals nu clear weap ons. (CC) (:35) Sun shine (, Thriller) aaa Sci en tists jour ney to re ig nite the sun. (R) (CC)My Super () CINE2321321321321321321422Long Time () a Juwanna Mann () ac (CC)(:35) Cinderella Man () Boxing champion. (CC)Hollow () (CC) ENC150150150150150350Breakin () Ro manc ing the Stone () aaa Writer seeks sis ter. (CC) (:20) The Mothman Proph e cies () A moth-like crea ture ap pears in a town.(:20) Na tional Trea sure (, Ad ven ture) Trea sure hunter pro tects his tory. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400 (:15) Aqua ma rine (, Com edy) aa Two girls dis cover and be friend mer maid. Beau ti ful Crea tures (, Fan tasy) A man learns se crets about his fam ily. (CC) (:15) Walk the Line (, Pro file) aaac The life of a ris ing coun try singer. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402(5:20) Dr. No ()(:15) Made () Mob errand.(:50) The Lovely Bones () aaa A murder victim. 13th Floor () HBO3304304304304304404Airport 1975 ()(:55) Dangerous Liaisons (, Drama) West Side Story () Star-crossed lovers. (CC)Heat SHOW340340340340340340365What About Bob? () Nutty pa tient drives shrink crazy.(:45) Hannah Montana & Miley () c Miley Cyrus. (CC) (:15) In es cap able (, Drama) A man searches for his miss ing daugh ter. (CC)Up Close & Per sonal (, Drama) TMC350350350350350350385The Other Sis ter An un usual love. Bend ing the Rules () aa Two men solve crime. (CC)Mumford & Sons: Road(TV14) (HD)No body Walks () aa John Krasinski. Tem po rary home. The Good Doc tor () Re spect. (CC) TCM65656565169230The Naughty Flirt So cial ites moves. Ten Cents a Dance Dancers hus band out smarts a ri val. When La dies Meet () Ann Har ding. The love tri an gle. Dou ble Har ness () Mar riage trick. For the De fense Law yer con flicted. MORNINGS WEEKDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


14 MONDAY FRIDAY WEEKDAY MORNINGS MORNINGS WEEKDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsNewsGood Morning America News M illionre.Millionre.The View ABC E F2811News Good Morning America Meredith VieiraRightLets AskThe View ABC E F407771077News Good Morning America Better AmericaS upremeThe View CBS E F1010101010News10 NewsCBS This Morning Studio 10InsideJeopardyThe Price Is Right CBS E F11213213555NewsNewsCBS This Morning LIVE! with KellyLets Make a DealThe Price Is Right NBC E F*88888News Today Today Daytime Rachael Ray NBC E F20222NBC2 News TodayToday NBC2 News @ 11am FOX E F131313131313News News News FOX 13s Good DayLIVE! with KellyWendy Williams FOX E F36444Fox 4 Rising at 6 AMFox 4 Rising at 7 AMFOX 4 Morning BlendLaw & Order: SVUMaury Judge Mathis PBS E F#3333SidArthurKrattsKrattsCuriousCuriousDanielDanielSesame Street Dino TrainDino Train PBS E F1620420420416YogaLilias!ElectricStretchSewingQuiltin gStitchSit FitPaintingCooksCookingYoga PBS E F30333ElectricStretchKrattsKrattsCuriousCuriousDanielDanielSesame StreetDino Train Dino Train CW E F466216AccessNewsNews News News Rachael RayQueen Latifah CW E F449994 (5:00)The Daily BuzzPaidPaidMiddleMiddleM illionre.Millionre.Queen LatifahJusticeJustice MYN E F3811111114PaidPaidOn SpotTrisha Goddard CommunityThe 700 ClubMauryThe Peoples Court MYN E F*898Movie Movie Steve Wilkos ShowTrisha Goddard IND E F321212123812Shepherds ChapelCheatersCheatersS upremeWe PeopleDivorceDivorceJerry S pringerSteve Wilkos Show ION E F6622213261817ArcherArcherPaidPaidThr. BiblePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidMovie WCLF E F22222222 2GospelDestinedTodayMeyerVariety CopelandParsleyEmpowerHermanKaufmannLife TodayDon Wilton WRXY E F49224410GospelBrody FileSalvationDestinedThe LampThr. BibleGospelM eyerHealthWomenLife TodayP rophecy TLF E F50232323955Qu locura!NoticiasNacionalRebelde Laura Casos de familiaTu da alegre UNIV E F62151515 6La rosa deDespierta Amrica Como dice el dicho ELBACA&E262626263950181PaidPaidParkingParkingDog BntyDog BntyDog BntyDog Bnty Criminal MindsCriminal Minds APL444444443668130Orangutan ChimpBig CatBig CatCrocodile HuntAnimal CopsPit BullsPit Bulls BET353535354022270 (4:00)BET Inspiration Movie Movie BRAVO6868686825451185Tabatha Takes OverTabatha Takes OverTabatha Takes OverMatchmakerMatchmakerMatchmaker COM666666661527190PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidDailyColbert CommunityS. ParkMovie DISC404040402543120PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidAlmost Got AwayDisappearedWicked Attraction DISN1361361361369945250OctonautsOctonautsChugMickey Jake andMi ckeyMickeyDoc McDoc McSofiaSofiaMickey E!464646462726196PaidPaidE! Ent. SpecialE! Ent. SpecialE! Ent. SpecialE! True StoryE! True Story ESQ82828282118118160Miami ViceMiami ViceMiami ViceMiami ViceBurn NoticeBurn Notice EWTN2432432431217285EucharistPriestsMichaelHoly NameDaily MassLife on the Rock Angelica LiveWomenGrRosary FAM555555551046199MeyerDrenda 70s Shows Shows Shows ShowM iddle700 ClubThe 700 ClubGilmore Girls FOOD37373737-76164PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidGrill It! Cook RealNeelys Cupcake Wars FX51515151584953PaidPaidMovie Movie GSN17917917917934179184PaidPaidPaidPaidMatchMatchBlkbusterWhammySale ofPyramidNo DealNo Deal HALL5551773240LucyLucyLucyLucyGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenHome & Family HIST818181813365128PaidPaidUFO FilesUFO FilesUFO FilesUFO FilesUFO Files HOME414141415342165PaidHate BathSelling NYBangGenevieveGenevieve House HuntersHouse HuntersHouse Hunters HSN242424245119151Beauty InnovationsHSN TodayHSN TodayHousehold HelpersIsland FoodsKitchen Solutions LIFE363636365241140PaidPaidBalancingBalancingUnsolved MysteriesFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasier OWN5858585847103161Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil QVC14141491413150orYANY HandbagsMornings Made Easy Fall DecoratingHost of BeautyDenim & Co. SPIKE57575757296354PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidInk MasterInk MasterInk Master SYFY6767676725364180PaidPaidPaidPaidTwilightTwilightTwilightMovie Movie TBS59595959326252RulesEarlMarriedMarriedThere YetBrownsPayneFull HseCougarPrincePrincePrince TLC454545455772139Kid PartyKid Party18 Kids18 Kids18 Kids18 KidsC ake BossCake BossPregnantPregnant Four Weddings TNT61616161285551SmallvilleCharmed Charmed SupernaturalSupernaturalSupernatural TRAV6969696926066170PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidBBQ CrawlBBQ Crawl BourdainCoaster Wars TRUTV636363635030183PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidWorlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest... TVLAND626262623154244PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidGriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesWalker USA34343434225250Law & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVU WE117117117117117149PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanne WGN1616161941119PaidMeyerGospelCrefloLife TodayPaidWalkerWalkerIn the Heatof Night STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenterSportsCenterSportsCenter ESPN23030303065974Mike & Mike ESPN First Take FS148484848426983FOX Sports LiveFOX Sports LiveCollege Football MissionUEFA Euro FSN727272725677Golf LifeHall FameWorld Poker TourMarlinsMarlinsThe FinsidersMiamiMiamiDolphins All Access GOLF494949495560304Golf CentralMorning Drive Morning Drive PGA Tour NBCSN71717171546190PaidPaidTo Be Announced The Dan Patrick Show SUN3838401401455776Reel TimeONeillTravis JohHea dlinesDate lineInsideInsideP1 AquaXP1 PowerBoat ShowOlymp. FlaDo Florida SDIKNICK252525252444252CooperCooper Umizoomi GuppiesWallykazamWallykazamPAW PatrolPAW PatrolSpongeSpongeSpongeSponge TOON80801241244620257LegendsTenkaiJohny TestJohny Test UnovaTitans Go!GumballGumballIslandIslandRegularRegular SWENCNBC3939393937102Squawk Box Squawk on the Street Squawk Alley CNN323232321838100New Day CNN Newsroom This Hour CSPN181818183712109Key HearingsWashington Journal U.S. House of Representatives FNC646464644871118FOX & Friends Americas Newsroom Happening Now MSNBC8383838318540103Morning Joe The Daily RundownJos Diaz-BalartNews Nation SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNews CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (4:00)CMT Music Movie MTV333333333548210AMTV: Music FeedAMTV: Music FeedAMTV: Music FeedTrue Life True Life True Life VH1505050504323217VH1 + Music Love & Hip Hop 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


15 MONDAY FRIDAY WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS AFTERNOONS WEEKDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 8 PES YADNOM AMC565656563053231(:15) A Perfect Getaway () Killer seeks hikers. Deep Blue Sea () aac Lab sharks escape. (CC)Van Helsing () CINE320320320320320320420Bro ken () (R) (:40) Red 2 (, Ac tion) Bruce Wil lis. Frank searches for a nu clear de vice. (CC)Ve hi cle 19 () ac Man fights to re veal po lice cor rup tion.(:10) Were the Mill ers (, Com edy) Drug dealer hire fake fam ily as a cover. CINE2321321321321321321422Courage Under Fire () Dead pilot. Rise of the Guardians ()(:40) Cheaper Dozen 2 ()(:15) Grudge () ENC150150150150150350 (11:50) Mem phis Belle () aac A fa mous war plane. (CC) (:40) This Is the End (, Com edy) aaac Ce leb ri ties face the apoc a lypse. (CC)Dreamcatcher (, Hor ror) Mor gan Free man. Friends foil a mil i tary vig i lante.(:45) Lost () HBO3023023023023023024002014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame In duc tion Cer e mony Mu sic icons hon ored. Pa cific Rim (, Ac tion) Char lie Hunnam. Gi ant ro bots fight off alien men ace. Mak ing of(R)Walk the Line () The life of a ris ing coun try singer. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402The World Is Not Enough () ac (CC)Making of Dodgeball () aaa (CC) (HD)(:10) Bowfinger () aac (CC)House HBO3304304304304304404About Boy(:35) Prime () aac Conflicted couple.(:25) Broken City () (CC)The Negotiator () Taking hostages. SHOW340340340340340340365Dawn 2 () The Last Big Thing (, Com edy) Ce leb rity hater. (CC)ALL AC CESS(:45) The Chaperone (, Com edy) An ex-con chaperones a school trip. (CC)De railed () a Ter ror ists at tempt to re lease vi rus. (R) (CC) TMC350350350350350350385 (:05) Slap Her ... Shes French () ac Gain ing pop u lar ity.(:35) Red Rid ing: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 () Writer seeks killer. (CC)Meet ing Evil () aa An un likely hero is born via vi o lence. Bend ing the Rules () aa (CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230 (11:45) Glory () A young woman wants to race horses. Na tional Vel vet (, Drama) aaa A girl trains to en ter a horse race. (NR) (CC)In ter na tional Vel vet () aac A young horse en thu si ast dreams of win ning an Olym pic gold medal. 9 PES YADSEUT AMC565656563053231Van Helsing () aac A slayer comes to kill Count Dracula. Oceans Eleven () Three casinos robbed (CC)School CINE320320320320320320420Enough ()(:50) Pa ren tal Guid ance (, Com edy) Grand par ents babysit their grandkids.(:40) Showtime () Po lar op po sites star on TV cop show.(:20) Snitch () aaa Dwayne John son. A fa ther goes un der cover with the DEA. CINE2321321321321321321422Were the Millers () (CC)How High () aa Stoners in Harvard. Gangster Squad () Mob king. (CC)Red 2 ENC150150150150150350The Call () A 911 op er a tor helps a kid napped girl. (CC)Oz the Great and Pow er ful () A man finds him self sur rounded by magic.(:50) In de pend ence Day () Will Smith, Frank Welker. Alien spacecrafts de stroy en tire cit ies. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400A. Ventura () Mak ing of(R)King Kong (, Ad ven ture) Na omi Watts. Film mak er goes on ex pe di tion to seek leg end ary gi ant go rilla named Kong. Cap ti vated: The Tri als of Pamela Smart The first fully tele vised court case. (R) HBO2303303303303303303402The GameThe First Wives Club ()(:15) A Good Day to Die Hard () aa Hard Knock (HD)Hot Fuzz () (R) HBO3304304304304304404Rain Man Brothers story. (R)(:40) Bogus () aa Imaginary friend. The Hangover Part III ()(:20) Mama () SHOW340340340340340340365 (11:45) In es cap able () ac Miss ing daugh ter. (R) (CC)The Horse Whis perer (, Drama) aac When a girl and her horse are hit by a truck, her mother seeks a cow boys aid. Bounce () Man meets widow of man he caused to die. TMC350350350350350350385The Ghost Writer () A writer dis cov ers ev i dence link ing a pol i ti cian to the CIA and war crimes. Once in the Life (, Drama) a Half-broth ers steal friends drugs. (R) (CC) (HD)Billy Bathgate () A mob sters protg gets pro moted. TCM65656565169230Big Hearted Her bert (, Com edy) (:15) Kind Lady (, Thriller) Art dealer ro mances re cluse.(:45) Tish () aa Three spin sters de cide to adopt a baby.(:15) Roseanna Mc Coy (, Drama) Two ri val clans re new their heated feud. 01 PES YADSENDEW AMC565656563053231GrosseBandits () Two escaped convicts abduct a housewife. The Bone Collector () Cop pursues killer. (CC) CINE320320320320320320420 (11:45) The Whole Ten Yards () c Wife kid napped. (CC)Grudge Match (, Com edy) Match be tween re tired box ers goes vi ral. (CC)Hal low een H20: 20 Years Later () Killer re turns. (CC)Get away () ac Race against time. CINE2321321321321321321422Dawn of the Dead () (CC)Private Parts () A controversial DJ. Burt Wonderstone () aac(:10) Fast 6 () ENC150150150150150350Here Co mes(:40) The Devils Own (, Ac tion) Cop un know ingly be friends IRA mem ber.(:35) Fire Down Be low (, Ac tion) Agent seeks re venge on deadly pol lut ers. Be witched () ac A friendly witch cast in Hol ly wood film. HBO302302302302302302400End ers () Hot Shots! Part Deux () A re tired ac tion hero re turns. Prime () aac Womans lover is her ther a pists son. (CC) (:45) Big Mommas House 2 () FBI agent in dis guise watches sus pect. (CC)A Good Job(R) HBO2303303303303303303402Breaking(:45) Dream House () (CC)(:20) Top Gun () aaa Pilots in training.(:15) The Heat () Partners clash. (CC) HBO3304304304304304404(11:40) Dogs ()(:20) Gravity () Stranded in space.(:55) Closed Circuit () aac The Bourne Legacy () SHOW340340340340340340365The Im pos si ble (, Drama) aaac A fam ily is sep a rated by a tsu nami. (CC)Heather Mc Don ald: Stand-up rou tine. Coach Carter () A bas ket ball coach benches his team af ter they fail to per form ac a dem i cally. Lon gest () TMC350350350350350350385Around () aa(:40) Agent Cody Banks 2: Des ti na tion Lon don () ac Deep Im pact () aa Hu man ity strug gles to pre vent its ex tinc tion as a comet heads to ward Earth. Lionheart () aac A man be comes a street-fighter. (CC) TCM65656565169230The Brigh ton Stran gler (, Crime)(:15) The Hid den Eye () Ed ward Ar nold. Blind de tec tive. They Made Me a Fu gi tive A cyn i cal ex-pi lot joins a gang.(:15) Fol low Me Qui etly (, Crime)(:15) Strange Bar gain (, Mys tery) 11 PES YADSRUHT AMC565656563053231Donnie Brasco () Fed goes undercover. (CC)Volcano () Volcano erupts under Los Angeles. Redemption () CINE320320320320320320420 (:20) Great Ex pec ta tions (, Drama) aa A tal ented art ist loses his in spi ra tion.(:15) Gothika (, Hor ror) Halle Berry. Psy chi a trist is im pris oned in an asy lum. Chas ing Mav er icks (, Drama) aaa Train ing to surf mas sive waves. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422Me, Myself Oblivion () The last drone repairman on Earth. Big Mommas House ()(:40) Enough Said () (CC) ENC150150150150150350Boys Side () Grem lins 2: The New Batch () aa New Grem lins. (CC) (:20) I Spy (, Com edy) Eddie Murphy. An arms dealer steals a U.S. air plane. The Wed ding Plan ner () Wed ding plan ner falls in love. Selena () aac HBO302302302302302302400Mys tery Men Superhero wannabes. Real Sports Gumbel(CC) (HD)Wont Back Down (, Drama) Two moth ers face school bu reau cracy. (CC) (:15) The Way, Way Back () In tro verted teen be friends park man ager. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402Pride & Prejudice () (CC)(:45) Ace Ventura () (CC)Veronica Mars () Back for reunion. Cloud Atlas () HBO3304304304304304404Heaven(:50) Mission: Impossible (, Action) Return to Me () aac Fate aids lovers. Walk the Line Life of singer. SHOW340340340340340340365Pas sion () Dantes Peak (, Drama) aac A vol ca nol o gist pre dicts an erup tion. (CC) (HD)Java Heat () aa Man hunt for ter ror ist in In do ne sia. (CC) (:15) L Word Mis sis sippi: Hate the Sin Daily strug gle of South ern les bi ans. (R) TMC350350350350350350385Tin Men () Con men com pete. (CC)Le gally Blonde () aac A Val ley girl wants a law de gree.(:40) Save the Last Dance () A teen ager dreams of be ing a bal le rina. (CC) (:35) Slap Her ... Shes French () ac Gain ing pop u lar ity. TCM65656565169230Ev ery Girl () Pretty Baby () Baby doll mis taken for real child.(:15) Room for One More (, Com edy) A woman takes in a trou bled or phan. Clar ence, the Cross-Eyed Lion () aa Lion is adopted. Kitchen () 21 PES YADIRF AMC565656563053231Back School () The Breakfast Club (, Drama) (CC)(:15) Uncle Buck (, Comedy) Babysitting uncle. Fast aa CINE320320320320320320420 (11:30) My Super Ex-Girl friend ()(:15) Rush Hour (, Ac tion) LA cop and Hong Kong de tec tive team up. (CC)Enough Said () James Gandolfini. Di vorced woman.(:35) Two for the Money (, Drama) Sports gam bling. (R) CINE2321321321321321321422HollowSwordfish () Hacker steals money. Munich () Eric Bana. Olympic massacre. (CC) (:15) Rush () (R) ENC150150150150150350Na tional ()(:35) What ever Works () Larry Da vid. Op po sites at tract.(:10) Ro manc ing the Stone () A shy writer tries to res cue her sis ter. (CC)Pic ture Per fect (, Com edy) aa Woman seeks mate. Na tional () HBO302302302302302302400Walk Line () End ers Game () aac Asa Butterfield. A gifted child pre pares for an in va sion. Mis sion: Im pos si ble (, Ac tion) An agent tries to clear his good name. (CC) (:45) King Kong () Gi ant go rilla falls for beau ti ful girl. HBO230330330330330330340213th Floor () 8 Mile () aac Rapper vs. conflict. (CC)Die Another Day 007 vs. space laser. Transport () HBO3304304304304304404The Heat aac Partners clash. Prime () Conflicted couple.(:20) Mama () aac Alone in the forest. Back Down () SHOW340340340340340340365 (11:00) Up Close & Per sonal () aa(:05) Pow der (, Sci ence Fic tion) aa Al bino with spe cial pow ers faces abuse. The Horse Whis perer (, Drama) aac When a girl and her horse are hit by a truck, her mother seeks a cow boys aid. TMC350350350350350350385Good Dr. () Red Rid ing: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 () aaa Writer seeks killer. (CC)Dick Tracy () aac A de tec tive bat tles evil vil lains. (CC) (:20) The Ghost Writer (, Thriller) aaa A writer probes a pol i ti cians life. (CC) TCM65656565169230De fense () Un ion De pot () aaac Train sto ries.(:45) Mary Stevens, M.D. () aac Doc tor has af fair. (NR)The Age of Con sent () aa Stu dents pon der the fu ture.(:45) Bomb shell () A star let tries to lose her fame. (CC) 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


16 MONDAY FRIDAY WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS AFTERNOONS WEEKDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117RightRightThe ChewGeneral HospitalSteve HarveyEllen DeGeneresNewsNews ABC E F2811ABC Action NewsThe ChewGeneral HospitalThe Dr. Oz ShowThe Now-TampaNewsNews ABC E F407771077ABC7 News @ NoonThe ChewGeneral HospitalRachael RaySuncoast ViewNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsYoung RestlessBeautifulThe Talk Lets Make a DealDr. Phil NewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsYoung RestlessBeautifulThe Talk Fam. FeudFam. FeudNews at 4pmNewsNews NBC E F*88888Today Days of Our LivesSteve Wilkos ShowEllen DeGeneresNews NewsNews NBC E F20222NBC2 News @ NoonDays of Our LivesThe DoctorsThe Dr. Oz ShowNews NewsNews FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 NewsAccessDishTMZInsiderTMZ Live JudyJudyNewsNews FOX E F36444TMZSupremeThe Pe oples CourtBridezillasPaternityPaternityMauryJudyJudy PBS E F#3333Charlie RoseVariety CuriousSesameArthurArthurKrattsEurope PBS E F1620420420416NewslineContraryTravelsYetmanGlobe TrekkerChasing ShackletonAntiques RoadshowJournalTravels PBS E F30333CooksKitchenArt StudioSew It AllSuper WhyCat in HatPeg + CatCuriousArthurArthurKrattsKratts CW E F466216Steve HarveyBill CunninghamWendy WilliamsFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudFam. FeudDr. Phil CW E F449994AmericaAmericaPaternityPaidCold Case FilesBill CunninghamPaternityPaidQueen Latifah MYN E F3811111114Judge MathisThe DoctorsJudge MathisMaury The Peoples CourtFam. FeudSeinfeld MYN E F*898Movie Movie CommunityCommunity FriendsFriends IND E F321212123812CheatersCheatersJerry SpringerSteve Wilkos ShowJerry Springer30 Rock30 Rock How I MetHow I Met ION E F6622213261817Movie Criminal MindsCriminal MindsCriminal MindsCriminal Minds WCLF E F22222222 2DestinedThr. BibleA. RippyFe llowshipJim B akkerThe 700 ClubYour HealthHermanParsley WRXY E F49224410A. RippyHermanThe 700 ClubYour HealthJim BakkerConnectSupport The Vision TLF E F50232323955Laura Casos de familiaMovie Muecas de la mafiaEl Palenque UNIV E F62151515 6La fuerza del destino Hoy La rosa deEl gordo y la flacaPrimer impacto ELBACA&E262626263950181CSI: MiamiCSI: MiamiCriminal MindsCriminal MindsThe First 48The First 48 APL444444443668130Pit Bulls Monsters Inside MeMonsters Inside MeSwampdSwampdGator Boys XtraNo LimitsW ildman BET353535354022270Movie Movie Movie BRAVO6868686825451185Real HousewivesReal HousewivesReal HousewivesDont BeDont BeThe Singles ProjectThe Singles Project COM666666661527190Movie ToshToshToshToshToshFuturamaFuturamaFuturamaFuturama DISC404040402543120Sins & SecretsCook County JailHard TimeYukon MenYukon MenYukon Men DISN1361361361369945250MickeySheriffDoc McDoc McJessieJessieJessieJessieMovie Mickey E!464646462726196E! News Movie Sex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & City ESQ82828282118118160American Ninja Warrior American Ninja Warrior American Ninja Warrior EWTN2432432431217285Daily MassBest of JourneyThreshold of HopeReflection Holy NameRosary Friar Holy Bears Choices FAM555555551046199Gilmore GirlsMiddleMiddleRe baRebaRebaRebaBoy WorldBoy WorldBoy WorldMovie FOOD37373737-76164PioneerBarefootSandrasTen DollarRest. Chef30 Min.GiadaGiadaBarefootBarefootP ioneerTrishas FX51515151584953Movie2 1/2 Men2 1/2 MenMovie How I MetHow I MetHow I MetHow I Met GSN17917917917934179184Lets AskLets AskFam. FeudFam. FeudCatch 21ChainFam. FeudFam. FeudNo DealNo DealShopShop HALL5551773240Home & Family Little HouseLittle HouseLittle HouseThe Waltons HIST818181813365128UFO FilesUFO FilesUFO FilesUFO FilesUFO FilesVariety HOME414141415342165HuntersHuntersPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyPropertyProperty HSN242424245119151Beauty InnovationsHome SolutionsHome SolutionsDesigner GalleryDesigner GalleryDesigner Gallery LIFE363636365241140How I MetHow I MetGreys AnatomyGreys AnatomyGreys AnatomyWife SwapRaisingRaising OWN5858585847103161Dr. Phil Oprahs NextOprahs NextBest of Oprah ShowOprah WinfreyHaves and Nots QVC14141491413150Q CheckHeartfelt Home with Valerie Beauty Best SellersSteel by Design Jewelry SPIKE57575757296354Ink MasterInk MasterInk MasterInk MasterInk MasterInk Master SYFY6767676725364180Movie Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off TBS59595959326252ClevelandClevelandDadDadDadDadQueensQueens FriendsFriendsFriendsFriends TLC454545455772139Four Weddings18 Kids18 Kids18 Kids18 KidsLittle PeopleLittle PeopleLittle People TNT61616161285551Bones Bones Bones Bones Castle Castle TRAV6969696926066170Xtreme WaterparksXtreme WaterparksXtreme WaterparksFood ParadiseBizarre Foodsv Foodv Food TRUTV636363635030183Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest...Worlds Dumbest... TVLAND626262623154244GunsmokeBonanza Bonanza Walker Walker Walker USA34343434225250Law & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVULaw & Order: SVU WE117117117117117149RoseanneRoseanneWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceLaw & OrderLaw & Order WGN1616161941119In the Heat of NightWGN Midday NewsLaw & OrderLaw & OrderBlue BloodsBlue Bloods STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenterSportsCenterSportsCollegeInsidersMike/MikeNFL Live HornInter ruptn ESPN23030303065974Numbers Never LieESPN First Take(:35)UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer ESPN FC CollegeOutside FS148484848426983UEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer UEFA EuroUEFA Euro Qualifying Soccer NASCAR Race Hub FSN727272725677MLB Baseball Sports UnlimitedW Coast CustomsPremier LeagueThe Finsiders GOLF494949495560304 (11:00)PGA TourThe Golf FixMade in DenmarkGolf AcademyPlaying LessonsLearning PGA Tour NBCSN71717171546190Box ScoreBlueBlueNA HunterDeer HuntLove Hunt ONTVWinkelmanAmericanaAmericanaPro Football Talk SUN3838401401455776College Football TennesseeInside UCF UCF Sports FloridaFootball SDIKNICK252525252444252SpongeBobSanjayBreadwinneFairlyFairlyFairlySpongeSpongeSpongeiCarlyiCarly TOON80801241244620257AdventureAdventureJerry ShowGrandpaGumballGumballPahkitewPahkitewRegularRegularAdventureAdventure SWENCNBC3939393937102Fast MoneyPower LunchStreet SignsClosing Bell Fast Money CNN323232321838100Legal View withWolf CNN Newsroom Jake TapperSituation Room CSPN181818183712109U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives FNC646464644871118OutnumberedHappening NowReal Story GretchenShepard SmithYour World CavutoThe Five MSNBC8383838318540103Andrea MRonan Farrow DailyThe Reid ReportThe CycleAlex WagnerThe Ed Show SNN6661111NewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsNews CISUMCMTV474747472324221Movie DysfunctionalDysfunctionalDysfunctionalRebaReba MTV333333333548210True Life True Life 16 and Pregnant16 and Pregnant16 and Pregnant16 and Pregnant VH1505050504323217TI & TinyAtlanta ExesDating NakedVariety Love & Hip HopMovie 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


17 MONDAY The Bourne Supremacy7:30 p.m. on SPIKEA former CIA assassin, living anonymously, always on the move and struggling to regain the memories of his past, nds himself pulled back into his former life after he is framed for a rival agents murder of a government operative. (HD)Fast N Loud: Revved Up8 p.m. on DISCSuper Sonic Camero, Part I Richard secures the biggest deal in Gas Monkey history, but the crew struggles to meet the deadline; a lost auction bid pits Christie against Richard; addition lm footage, production facts and various tweets are presented. (HD)Running Wild with Bear Grylls8 p.m. on NBCDeion Sanders NFL hall of famer Deion Sanders dives into the deep end when he takes his rst ever camping trip with Bear Grylls, stepping up to Bears challenges in the mesas and canyons of Utah even though he is completely out of his element. (HD)The Pursuit of Happyness8:30 p.m. on FAMA man with a young son struggles against the odds to lift himself out of poverty and into a lucrative job as a stockbroker through an unpaid internship after failing to make ends meet with his investment into bone-density scanners. ab (HD)American Ninja Warrior9 p.m. on NBCNational Finals in Vegas In the last leg of the nals, the competitors try to make it all the way through the fourth stage of the fourstage, Mount Midoriyama themed obstacle course after facing the Cannonball Incline and the Propeller Bar in the third stage. (HD)Dallas9 p.m. on TNTVictims of Love Ewing Global goes public, which results in a battle to claim ownership; Pamela comes to terms with the fact Cliff did not kill J.R.; Bobby tries to gain control of the company with Tracey McKays help. (HD)Fast N Loud9:01 p.m. on DISCSuper Sonic Camero, Part II The Gas Monkey Garage crew holds nothing back as they build a promotional 1968 Camaro SS convertible for their rst corporate client, but with only one day remaining before the deadline, Richards large payday and reputation are at risk. (HD)MONDAY HIGHLIGHTSAfter Joe Bastianich and his fellow judges Graham Elliott and Gordon Ramsay surprise the remaining home cooks with a few VIP guests in the kitchen, each home cook will create a dish inspired by one of their loved ones on a special two-hour edition of MasterChef, airing Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFULDeacon begged Brooke for an answer to his proposal. Rick v ented to Caroline about Ridges l ack of creative output lately. Ivy conded in Aly about her true intentions in helping Liam get over his heartbreak. Caroline assisted Ridge in drawing his f ashion designs. Later, Katie let Rick in on Ridges secret. Ivy h osted an Australian-themed b arbecue for her family and f riends in California. Quinn made a bold confession to Bill, h oping to woo him as an ally. Hope conded in Wyatt about Liam possibly rebounding so soon with Ivy. Deacon hoped t hat Brooke would warm up to h im if they spent time together w ith their daughter. Wait to See: Maya is determined to get what she feels is rightfully hers. Katie encourages Ridge to reveal his secret. Caroline nds a greater purpose at Forrester Creations .DAYS OF OUR LIVES Kristen made a power move t hat sent ripples throughout Salem. Marlena was faced with a tough decision. Theresas high quickly hit a low when it came to Brady. Old rivalries were revisited when Sami and Nicole had a nasty tiff. Eric was horried by Marlenas huge request. Kristen and Theresa faced off over Brady. Aiden threw caution to the wind with Hope. Sami accused EJ of secretly working with Stefano. Kate and Sami tried to prevent Stefanos imminent return to Salem. Eric gave Kristen his nal answer. Clyde met with the competition. Abigail tried to work things out with Ben. Wait to See: Jordan decides to talk things out with Rafe. Will gets a new job offer. Clyde makes a pitch to EJ. GENERAL HOSPITALSabrina was stunned by the latest revelations about her car accident. Kiki accidentally eavesdropped on Carly and Sonnys private conversation. Nina encouraged Silas to have a child with her. Ava urged Franco to help her retrieve AJs recording. Britt questioned the true identity of Nathans father. Sabrina bumped into the person she believed caused her crash. Carly asked Kiki for a huge favor. Nina conded in Franco about her baby plans. Sams suspicions of Nina intensied after visiting the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Spencer and Josslyn plotted to keep Emma and Cameron apart. Nina conspired with Rosalie to take down her next victim. Sam confronted Patrick about why he was so secretive about the clinic. Wait to See: Victor questions Obrecht about Nathans paternity. Spencer makes a surprising confession. Dante and Lulu face another hurdle.THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESSJack broke the news to Summer that he asked Kelly to move in with him. Meanwhile, Kelly wondered if Jack was really ready to let go of Phyllis after all. Stitch told Victoria about how Abby kissed him. Nikki tried to maintain her sobriety by attending an AA meeting. Ashley came up with a plan to help Billy win back Victoria. Neil went to see a specialist for his blindness before going back to work again. Jack noticed the chemistry between Devon and Hilary. Victoria tried to convince Stitch that she was just using him. Colin asked Cane for some business advice. Cane agreed to help him, but only if he came clean about the mysterious meetings he had been having. Ian told Nikki they had some unnished business together. Wait to See: Nick tells Sharon about Mariahs secret. Friends and family gather on the anniversary of Katherines death. Phyllis awakens from her coma.SOAP OPERA UPDATE Michael Easton stars as Silas on General Hospital.


18 MONDAY SEP. 8EVENING MONDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00pm The news of the day. ABC World News with Da vid Muir(N) (HD)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)En ter tain ment To night(CC)(N) (HD)Bach e lor in Par a dise(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Shark Tank Bow ties; roasted co coa bean bev er age; nu tri tionalsup ple ment and race se ries.(R) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. World News(N)(HD)The List(TV G) (HD)Right This Min ute(HD)Bach e lor in Par a dise(CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank Bow ties; co coa bean bev er age. (R) ABC E F407771077News(N)World News(N)(HD)A Mil lion aire?(CC)(N)OK! TV(CC)(N) (HD)Bach e lor in Par a dise(CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank Bow ties; co coa bean bev er age. (R) CBS E F1010101010 (5:00)2014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Mens Cham pi on ship : from USTA Billie Jean King Na tional Ten nis Cen ter (Live)(CC)(HD)The Big Bang The ory Spon ta ne ous Shel don. Mom Rising ten sion.(CC)(R) (HD)Two and a Half Men Walden in vited.(R)(HD)Two and a Half Men Waldens first car. (R)Un der the Dome: Black Ice Sam and Rebecca help when cli mate drops. (CC)(N)(HD) CBS E F112132135552014 U.S. Open Ten nis: Mens Cham pi on ship : from USTA Billie Jean King Na tional Ten nis Cen ter (Live)Big Bang(CC) (R)(HD)Mom Ris ing ten sion. 2 1/2 Men(R) (HD)2 1/2 Men(R) (HD)Un der the Dome: Black Ice Climate drops.(N)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Cur rent events. (N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 News; weather; more. Ex tra Ce leb rity sto ries. (CC) (HD)Run ning Wild with Bear Grylls: Deion Sanders Utah camp ing trip is Sanderss first.(CC)(N)(HD)Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas In the last leg of the fi nals, the com pet i tors try to make it all the way through the fourth stage of the four-stage, Mount Midoriyama themed ob sta cle course. (N) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Wheel of For tune(R)Jeop ardy(R) (HD)Run ning Wild with Bear Grylls First camp ing trip. Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Com pet i tors try to beat stage four. (CC)(N)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 6:00 News The daily news. (N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News News cov er age. (N)TMZ In side news about ce leb ri tieslives.(R)The In sider(CC)(R)(HD)MasterChef: Top 5 Com pete; Top 4 Compete Each cook cre ates a dish in spired by a loved one and all but the win ner cook rare pro tein dishes to stay in the game; the top four face a team chal lenge. (CC)(N)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444FOX 4 News at Six Lo cal news; weather. (N)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)MasterChef: Top 5 Com pete; Top 4 Compete Rare pro teins; last team chal lenge. (CC)(N)(HD)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)Re turn to Downton Ab bey: 2014 Sea son Pre view Best mo ments. (CC)(R)(HD)Suze Ormans Fi nan cialSo lu tions For You Fi nan cial de ci sions. (CC)(R)(HD) PBS E F1620420420416Ses ame Street: Pogo Game Telly com petes. (R)Cat in Hat(R) (HD)Peg + Cat(CC) (R)Eu rope Cluny Musem. Rudy Maxa(CC) (R)Trav els(CC)(R)Amer i cas Sand dunes. Globe Trekker: Myanmar Shwedagon Pa goda. (R) PBS E F30333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)An tiques Roadshow Litho graph; more. (R)(HD)An tiques Roadshow: Boston Print; base ball.(R)F.S. Key and the Song That Built Amer ica(R)(HD) CW E F466216Big Bang(CC) (HD)News(N)Big Bang(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Line Mircea Mon roe. Line Improv com edy. Amer icas Next Top Model Makeover day. (N)(HD)News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Queens: Shrink Wrap Queens Doug looses. 2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Line Mircea Mon roe. Line Improv com edy. Amer icas Next Top Model Makeover day. (N)(HD)Rules Jeffs wild night. Rules: Re union (HD) MYN E F3811111114Ray mond(CC) (HD)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)En ter tain To night(N)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Quarry (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Iden tity (HD)Cops Re loaded(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD) MYN E F*898Dad Stan wor ries. (HD)Cleve land(CC) (HD)Fam ily Guy(CC)Fam ily Guy(CC)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Quarry (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Iden tity (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Mother (HD) IND E F321212123812Mod ern: Leap Day Mod ern(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Mother (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Dis robed The Of fice(CC) (HD)The Of fice: Ma fia (HD) ION E F6622213261817Crim i nal Minds: Exit Wounds Alaska mur ders. Crim i nal Minds Internet killer.(CC)(HD)Crim i nal Minds: Our Dark est Hour Black out killer. Crim i nal Minds: The Lon gest Night Girl kid napped. Crim i nal Minds: JJ Miss ing daugh ter.(CC)(HD) WCLF E F22222222 2Chris tian Fit ness Mar i lyn & Sa rah(CC)Levitt(CC)(R)Great Awaken TourLove a ChildRich ard Rob erts(CC)Gos pel Truth(CC)(N)Jew ish Jew els(CC)Life To day(CC) WRXY E F49224410Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)En ter tain ment Paid Pro gram Great Awaken TourIn spi ra t ion the Day Love a ChildJo yce Meyer(CC)(N)Place Mir a cles Gos pel Truth(CC)(N) TLF E F50232323955El Chavo Risas y ms risas.(TVPG)(CC)Vivan los nios Aventura escolar.(TVPG)(CC)Kill Switch () Un de tec tive de Mem phis anda tras un asesino, cuyas vctimas son prostitutas. (R)(CC)Metstasis Capo poderoso.(CC)(N)(HD) UNIV E F62151515 6Noticias(CC) (N)Noticiero Univisin(N)La Gata Pablo se enamora de Esmeralda. Mi corazn es tuyo Chicos difciles. Hasta el fin del mundo Sofa enamorada. La malquerida Amor oculto tras hostilidad. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age Barrys way. Duck(CC)(R) (HD)Duck Bass Pro shop. Wahlburg(R) (HD)Wahlburg(R) (HD)Un com fort able Con ver sa tionswith Ce leb ri ties(N)Love Prison: Billy & Jeanne Bach e lor & mom. (N) AMC565656563053231 (5:00)Van Helsing () A noted evil-fighter co mes to help a fam ilys last mem ber kill Count Dra cula. (CC)The School of Rock (, Com edy) Jack Black, Adam Pascal. A wannabe rock star takes a job teach ing mu sic to fourth-grad ers. (CC)Oceans Eleven () APL444444443668130Find ing Big foot: Fur ther Ha wai ian luau bait. (R)To Be An nounced Info un avail able. Treehouse Mas ters Off-the-grid build. (R)(HD) (:01)Treehouse Mas ters Jap a nese teahouse. (R)Red wood Kings: Cut Mas ter Com men tary added. BET353535354022270106 & Park Viewer se lec tions.(CC)(HD)Men ace II So ci ety (, Drama) Tyrin Turner. Af ter high school grad u a tion, a young man at tempts to leave the pro jects be hind. (R)(CC)New Jack City (, Ac tion) aac Two cops tar get a gang of drug deal ers. (CC) BRAVO6868686825451185Real House wives of New Jer sey Val en tines Day. The Real House wives of New Jer sey: Guilt Trip House wives of Or ange Tamra is ac cused.(CC)(R)House wives of Or ange Paint ing and more.(N)Jer sey Belle Jaime re con sid ers.(N) COM666666661527190S. Park: Free Hat(:27)Tosh.0(R) (HD) (:58)Colbert Re port(:29)Daily Show(HD)Futurama(TV14) (R)Futurama(TV14) (R)S. Park(R)(HD)S. Park(R)(HD)S. Park(R)(HD)S. Park(R)(HD) DISC404040402543120Fast N Loud Guys find Model A. (CC)(R)(HD)Fast N Loud Ten-day dead line.(CC)(R)(HD)Fast N Loud: Revved Up Big deal; ex tras.(N)(HD) (:01)Fast N Loud Rep u ta tion risked. (CC)(N)(HD) (:02)High way to Sell: Mus tang Mis fire(N)(HD) E!464646462726196To tal Di vas Nikki plans fu ture. (R)(HD)E! News(N)(HD)Live from E!(N) (HD)A-List Beauty(R)Botched: Girls Gone Wildd Un even breasts.(R)Botched: Sil i cone Val ley Pop stars ears. (R)(HD) ESQ82828282118118160Top Chef: Fi nale, Part 1 Fi nal four com pete. (HD)Top Chef: Fi nale, Part 2 Win ner is crowned.(HD)Parks: Leslie vs. April Parks Park de signs. Parks: Ron and Di ane Parks Plans de railed. Parks Gar bage route. Parks Plans de railed. EWTN2432432431217285EWTN Nightly(N)A Travel Guide Daily Mass Cel e bra tion of the Holy Eu cha rist. (R)The Jour ney Home Call-in pro gram.(TV G)EWTN Nightly(R)Holy Ro sary(TV G)The World Over News from around the world. (R) FAM555555551046199Re mem ber the Ti tans (, Drama) aaa Black football coach re places pop u lar, white coach at newly in te grated school. (PG)(CC)(HD)The Pur suit of Happyness (, Drama) aaac Will Smith, Jaden Smith. A man strug gles against the odds to lift him self out of pov erty. FOOD37373737-76164Diners On ion bur gers. Diners Mex i can ta cos. Guys Gro cery Games In ter na tional dish. (R)Rewrapped(N)Rewrapped Cook ies. Diners(R)(HD)Diners Santa Barbara. Diners(R)(HD)Eat ing(N) FX51515151584953 (5:30)Chron i cle (, Sci ence Fic tion) aaa Three friends gain su per pow ers. Just Go With It (, Com edy) aac Adam Sandler. Man with fake wed ding ring meets lady, is ashamed of truth, and fakes di vorce. (CC)An ger(CC)(HD)An ger(CC)(HD) GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG) HALL5551773240The Waltons: The Spirit Es caped POW. (CC)The Waltons Cindy col lapses. (CC)The Waltons: The Un think able Jew ish sol dier. (CC)Mid dle(CC) (HD)The Mid dle: The Ditch Mid dle(CC) (HD)The Mid dle: Pi lot(HD) HIST818181813365128Mod ern Mar vels 250-lb burger; more. (CC)(R)(HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD)Pawn Stars(R) (HD) (:31)Pawn Stars(R) HOME414141415342165Love It or List It: Daddy Daycare Daycare home. Love It or List It Haz ard ous stair case. (CC)(R)(HD)Love It or List It: Ma ture Move Sen ti men tal value. Love It or List It Lakeside bun ga low. (CC)(R)(HD)House Hunt ers(N)In ter na tional(N)(HD) HSN242424245119151Tiana B. FashionsFall Beauty SeriesFall Beauty SeriesSerious Skin CareSerious Skin Care LIFE363636365241140Hoard ers: Linda and Todd The fam ilythreat. (R)The First 48 Ho mi cide cases. (CC)(HD)The First 48 Ho mi cide cases. (CC)(HD)The First 48 Ho mi cide cases. (CC)(HD)Hoard ers Com pul sive hoard ing. (CC)(HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


19 MONDAY SEP. 8EVENING MONDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161Break ing Down the Bars Guard con fron ta tion. (R)Break ing Down the Bars Tif fany passes GED. (R)Date line on OWN Sud den death. (CC) (R) (HD)Date line on OWN Dis ap pear ance. (CC) (R) (HD)Date line on OWN: Mean Girls Fam i lies di vided. (R) SPIKE57575757296354 (4:30) The Bourne Iden tity (, Ac tion) An am ne siac flees from se cret agents. The Bourne Su prem acy (, Ac tion) aaac Matt Damon. Bourne is blamed for mur der in a failed CIA op er a tion and goes on the run.(:10) The Bourne Iden tity () aaa Am ne siac agent. SYFY6767676725364180 (5:00) Ter mi na tor 2: Judg ment Day () aaaa Ar nold Schwarzenegger. A cy borg bat tles a ro bot as sas sin. The 6th Day (, Sci ence Fic tion) Ar nold Schwarzenegger. In the near fu ture, a man is re placed by a clone who shares his mem o ries. Lock out (, Thriller) TBS59595959326252Seinfeld: The Checks Seinfeld (TVPG) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Mom Sick friend. (HD)Fam ily Guy (CC) (HD)Fam ily Guy (CC) (HD)Fam ily Guy (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (TVPG) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230The Black Stal lion () A boy and a wild horse tri umph over ad ver sity while stranded on a re mote is land. On Ap proval (, Com edy) Beatrice Lillie. Bor ing ro mances are swapped out. Exit Smil ing (, Com edy) aaa Ward robe lady falls for trou bled ac tor. (NR) TLC454545455772139Say Yes Re place ment. Say Yes (CC) (R) (HD)Long Is land Med (R)Long Is land Med (R)An gels (R) (HD)An gels (R) (HD)19 Kids and Count ing: Duggars & Moth ers (R) (:01) Lit tle Peo ple, Big World The next step. (R) TNT61616161285551Cas tle: Vam pire Week end Vam pire fe tish. (HD)Cas tle: Fa mous Last Words Rock star. (CC) (HD)Cas tle: Kill the Mes sen ger Hit-and-run. (CC) (HD)Dal las: Vic tims of Love Own er ship bat tle. (N) (HD) (:01) Dal las: Vic tims of Love Own er ship bat tle. (R) TRAV6969696926066170Bi zarre Foods with An drew Zimmern: Fin land (R)Man v. Food: Alaska Man v Food: Brook lyn Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Stuffed pig stom ach. (R)Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Food in To ronto. (CC) (R)Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Chi cago food scene. (R) TRUTV636363635030183Im prac ti cal: Out of TP Jok ers (R)Jok ers: Char ity Case Jok ers (R)Jok ers Fo cus group. Jok ers: Pick a Loser Way Out (R)Way Out (R)Way Out West(N)Way Out (R) TVLND626262623154244GriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesCandid Camera (R) (HD)ClevelandQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250NCIS: Judg ment Day, Part 2 Death on team. (HD)NCIS: Last Man Stand ing Gibbs new team. (HD)WWE Mon day Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD) WE117117117117117149CSI: Mi ami: Back stab bers Fe male ter ror ist. (HD)CSI: Mi ami: In ter nal Af fairs Natalia sus pected. (HD)CSI: Mi ami: Throw ing Heat Land mine. (CC) (HD)CSI: Mi ami: No Mans Land Truck hi jacked. (HD)CSI: Mi ami: Man Down Hunt for Calvo Cruz. (HD) WGN1616161941119Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Toronto Blue Jays from Rogers Centre (Live) (CC) (HD)Amer icas Fun ni est Home Vid eos Reel com edy. STROPSESPN29292929125870 (5:00) Mon day Night Count down (N) (CC) (HD)C Monday Night Football: New York Giants at Detroit Lions from Ford Field (Live) (CC) (HD)C Monday Football: San Diego vs Arizona (Live) ESPN23030303065974SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)E:60 (HD)2014 WSOP: Big One for One Drop (Re play) (HD)2014 WSOP: Big One for One Drop (Re play) (HD)SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD) FS148484848426983Amer icas Pregame (N) (CC) (HD)Mis sion Oc to ber (HD)Red Bull X-Fight ers: Pre to ria (Taped) (CC) (HD)UFC Un leashed Come back vic to ries. (CC) (R) (HD)MLB Whip Around (N) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677Forbes SportsMoney Ship Shape TV (R)Billys Bunch(HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers from Miller Park (Live) (HD) GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)The Golf Fix (N) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: BMW Cham pi on ship: Fi nal Round : from Cherry Hills Club in Cherry Hills Vil lage, Colo. (Re play) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190The Cross over (HD)The Cross over (HD)To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. SUN3838401401455776Florida Fish ing (HD)P1 Power (HD)Trackside Live: Presque Isle Downs Mas ters (HD)Golf Amer ica(N) (HD)Golf ing: Que bec (HD)Play ing (HD)Swing Clinic(HD)18 Holes (HD)Golf Des ti na tion (HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252Sam & Cat (R) (HD)Sam & Cat (R) (HD)Thunderman(R) (HD)Drake Drake fails test. Full Hse (CC)Full Hse (CC)Friends (TVPG) (HD)Friends (TVPG) (HD)Friends (CC) (HD)Friends (TVPG) (HD) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill (CC)King Hill (CC)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Dad Jeff es capes. (HD)Rick Morty (R) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102Mad Money (CC)The Kudlow ReportTo Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced CNN323232321838100Sit u a tion Room (N)Crossfire (CC) (N)Erin Bur nett OutFront Be yond the news. (N)An der son Coo per 360 Break ing news. (N) (HD)An thony Bourdain Parts Mis sis sippi food. (R)CNN To night The big gest sto ries. (N) CSPN181818183712109U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Is sues in the House of Rep re sen ta tives. (N)U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Key Capitol Hill Hear ings C-SPAN pres ents Con gress most im por tant com mit tee hear ings. FNC646464644871118Spe cial Re port with Bret Baier The lat est news. (N)On the Re cord with Greta Van Susteren (N) (HD)The OReilly Fac tor News talk. (CC) (N) (HD)The Kelly File News up dates. (N)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD) MSNB8383838318540103PoliticsNation Rev. Al Sharpton. (N) (HD)Hard ball with Chris Matthews Po lit i cal is sues. (N)All in with Chris Hayes Po lit i cal panel. (N) (HD)The Ra chel Maddow Show News and views. (N)The Last Word with Law rence ODonnell (N) (HD) SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsChef RolfNewsNewsNewsNewsLt EditionLt Edition CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (5:15) Hazzard(HD)The Dukes of Hazzard Wealthy rel a tives. (HD)Reba (HD)Reba (HD)Reba (HD)Reba Off color joke. Reba Sur prise party.(:15) Reba: Cou ples Ther apy Ther a pist trou ble. MTV333333333548210Teen Wolf Deadly teen were wolf seeks love. (HD)Teen Wolf Deadly teen were wolf seeks love. (HD)Teen Wolf Deadly teen were wolf seeks love. (HD)Teen Wolf Deadly teen were wolf seeks love. (HD)Teen Wolf (N) (HD) VH1505050504323217Love & Hip Hop At lanta Phys i cal turn. (R) (HD)Love & Hip Hop At lanta Fight con tin ues. (R) (HD)Love & Hip Hop At lanta: Re union Part 3 (N) (HD)TI and Tiny (N) (HD)At lanta Exes (N) (HD)Love & Hip (R) (HD) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Argo () aaac A CIA specialist forms a plan to rescue six Americans from their haven in the Canadian ambassadors house during the Iranian revolution. (CC)The Knick: Wheres the Dignity? Algernon pressures Thackery. (CC) (R) (HD)Taken 2 (, Action) aac Liam Neeson. A retired CIA operative and his wife are targets of revenge in Istanbul. (CC) (HD)Fast & Furious 6 Clear records. CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:15) Grudge Match (, Comedy) Match between retired boxers goes viral.(:15) Big Mommas House () ac Martin Lawrence, Nia Long. An FBI agent goes to extremes to catch a dangerous bank robber. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)Enough Said (, Comedy) aaa A divorced woman starts to develop a relationship with an intriguing man. (CC) (HD) (:35) Zanes Sex Chronicles DISN1361361361369945250Liv and Maddie Relocating. (R)Liv and Maddie Important letter. Dog with a Blog Stans secret. (R)Jessie Concert wristbands. (R)Hannah Montana The Movie () ac Starlet relaxes in small hometown, meets man and considers leaving life behind. Toy Story Toons Buzz gets lost. Liv and Maddie Girl Meets World Party invite. (R) ENC150150150150150350 (5:45) Lost in Space (, Science Fiction) ac Gary Oldman, William Hurt. An intrepid family is sent into space to find a habitable planet to colonize. (PG-13) (CC)Stephen Kings Storm of the Century () aaa A sinister stranger knows all the secrets of a small Maine village. (CC)Zero Dark Thirty (, Drama) Chronicle of the covert operation to take down al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400Walk the Line () Life of singer.(:45) Last Week John Oliver (R) (:15) Baggage Claim (, Comedy) Paula Patton, Derek Luke. Flight attendant embarks on thirty-day journey to find the right man. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY Life in New York City Fire Department. (N)Closed Circuit (, Drama) Ex-lovers placed on same defense team. (CC) HBO2303303303303303303402 (5:50) Dream House (, Thriller) A family slowly uncovers secrets surrounding past murders in their new house. (CC)Last Week John Oliver (CC) (HD)Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (HD)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (HD)The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey () aaac Reclaiming kingdom. (CC) HBO3304304304304304404Negotiator Taking hostages.(:40) The Bourne Legacy (, Action) Jeremy Renner. Following the separation of Jason Bourne, another field agent escapes the termination of more agents and sets out to expose the CIAs crimes. Behind the Candelabra (, Drama) aaa Michael Douglas, Matt Damon. A recounting of the six-year relationship between the entertainer and his lover. (NR) SHOW340340340340340340365The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (, Fantasy) aac Kristen Stewart. Bella experiences a new life and new powers after the birth of her daughter. (CC)Ray Donovan: Snowflake(CC) (R) (HD)Masters of Sex: Story of My Life (CC) (R) (HD)Ray Donovan: Snowflake(CC) (R) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385 (5:00) Bending the Rules () aa(:25) Flying Blind (, Drama) aac An aerospace engineer begins a passionate romance with a young Muslim student. The Truman Show (, Drama) aaac Jim Carrey, Ed Harris. A man discovers his life is the subject of a 24-hour-a-day television show. (PG) (CC) (HD)Amlie (, Comedy) Audrey Tautou. A shy waitress brings joy to others. (R) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


20 MONDAY SEP. 8LATE NIGHT MONDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsKimmel NightlineExtraETInsiderExtraWorld News(N)NewsNews(N) ABC E F2811NewsKimmel Nightline Dr. OzNewsPaidWorld News(N)NewsNewsNews ABC E F407771077NewsKimmel NightlinePaidES.TV ABC World News Now(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsLate ShowLate LatePaidPaidUp to the Minute(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsLate ShowLate LatePhil(R)ComicsM inuteNewsNewsNews(N) NBC E F*88888NewsTonightLate NightLast CallToday(N)HarveyEarlyNewsNewsNews NBC E F20222NewsTonightLate NightLast CallDr. Oz Money EarlyNewsNews(N) FOX E F131313131313NewsAccessDishTMZNewsPaidPaidAccessDishTMZNewsNewsNews5:30 FOX E F36444NewsTMZSimpsonsRaymondRaymondThe OfficeThe Office30 Rock30 RockDivorceS pringerFox 4(N) PBS E F#3333SolutionsDetox Diet(R)AntiquesAntiquesSecretsVic iousMasterpce.(R) PBS E F1620420420416SmileyRose(N)EuropeTr ekkerTr avelsYetman Circus: Change On! CompassYoga PBS E F30333Rose(N)SmileyCrossroadAnt iquesAntiquesSecretsVic iousMasterpce.(R) CW E F4662162 1/2 MenHow I MetHow I MetModernModernRulesRulesMiddleMiddleQueensHarveys Shows Show CW E F449994FriendsFriendsSimpsonsOK! TVKing HillSunnyComicsPaidPaidMojoPaidPaidDaily Buzz MYN E F3811111114SeinfeldCommunRaymondETPaid Bridezilla 70s Shows ShowPaidPaidLets AskShepherd MYN E F*898SeinfeldSeinfeldKing HillKing HillDadSunnySunnyPaper Lion () aa Sea Hunt Sayonara IND E F321212123812Fam GuyFam GuyBattle Seattle () Paid(CC)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817CriminalCriminalNumb3rsNumb3rsPai dPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222KingdomAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. CVance700 ClubCTN Spec.A. Rippy WRXY E F49224410NewsAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. ReignGaitherExerciseFitness TLF E F50232323955DeportivoPalenqueMuecasMetstasisDeportivoPagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156NoticiasNoticieroNo amarAmorcito Alma deLa familia Como diceGordoP rimerNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Love(R)WahlburgWahlburgUncomfort.Love(R)Love(R)PaidDog BntyDog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Oceans Eleven () Bad Company () aa(CC)Minnesota ()(CC)Stooges APL444444443668130TreehouseTreehouseRedwood(:06)TBAAttractionInfested!Monsters BET353535354022270Jack () WendyHell DateHell DateHell DateComicVwLatifahBET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185Watch HousewifeJersey HousewivesWatch HousewifePaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190DailyColbertmidnightS. ParkDailyColbertmidnightWrkholicWrkholicWrkholicWrkholicJeselnikPaidPaid DISC404040402543120Fast LoudHighway toFast N Fast LoudPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196News(R)LiveTotal DivaKardashian(R)KardashianPaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160House of Flying Daggers Best BarsKnifePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285PriestsWomenGrDaily MassJourneyNewsTo KnowGuideMarianaOctavaDanaMiracles FAM555555551046199700 ClubThe Sandlot () aac PaidPaid700 ClubPaidPaidReignLife Today FOOD37373737-76164DinersDinersDinersDinersDinersEatingDinersDinersRewrappRewrappRestaurantPaidPaid FX51515151584953AngerAngerBenchwarmers () AngerAngerPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184Fam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageFam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageAskAskPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST818181813365128PawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPaidHistoryPaid HOME414141415342165Love It Love It HuntersHuntersLove It Love It PaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140Unsolved(:02)48(:02)48 HoardersUnsolvedPaidPaidPaidPaid OWN5858585847103161DatelineDatelineDatelineOprah Oprah DatelineDateline SPIKE57575757296354Bourne Identity () The Bourne Supremacy () PaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180Lockout () Battle: Los Angeles TwilightTwilightTwilightPaidPaidPaidPaid TBS59595959326252Conan The OfficeConan The OfficeScoundrels () aac PreviewMarriedMarriedEarl TCM65656565169230Modern Millie ()(G)(CC) (:45)The Show of Shows () Classic musical. TLC45454545577213919 KidsPeople AngelsAngelsLI MediumLI MediumPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551Castle(:02)Law(:02)Law(:02)Law(:02)Law(:02)LawSville TRAV6969696926066170v Foodv FoodBizarreBizarrev Foodv FoodBizarrePaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183Lizard LicLizard LicJokersJokersWay OutWay OutWay OutWay OutLizard LicLizard LicWipeoutStingsPaid TVLND626262623154244ClevelandRaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneWh BossWh Boss USA34343434225250Rush(R)GracelandNCIS NCIS NCIS SVU(HD)SVU(HD) WE117117117117117149CSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiCSI MiamiPaidPaid WGN1616161941119Home Vid How I MetHow I MetRulesRulesParks30 RockSunnyFuturamaPaidPaidNews(N) STROPSESPN29292929125870CMonday Football(Live)Sports(N)(HD)NFL Prime.Sports NFL Prime. ESPN23030303065974Sports OlbermannS portsBaseballESPN FC Coll. Ftbl(HD)Coll. Ftbl(Replay) FS148484848426983FOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsUEFA Euro(Replay)Wrld Poker FSN727272725677MarlinsMarlins UnleashedMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf Golf CntrlFix(HD)PaidPaidPaidPaidGolf Cntrl NBCSN71717171546190CountdownTo Be Announced CountdownPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN3838401401455776Florida StTarponInto theSaltwaterPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Money TBA TBA PaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwide Exchange CNN323232321838100360(R)AnthonyCNN Tonite ForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicEarly(N) CSPN181818183712109HearingsKey Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings FNC646464644871118OReillyKelly FileHannityOn RecordRed EyeThe FiveFOX-Friend MSNBC8383838318540103Hayes(R)MaddowODonnellHardballCaughtLockup First LookToo Early SNN6661111Lt EditionLt EditionNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNews MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Fast Furious 6 () The KnickRoad Trip () LingerieLingerieHitchcock () CINE2321321321321321321422Zanes Sex(:10)Oblivion ()(:15)Me, Myself () Man with Iron () DISN1361361361369945250A.N.T.JessieGood LckGood LckOn DeckOn DeckWizardsWizardsShake ItA.N.T.On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350Zero DarkThe Corruptor ()(:05)Hostage ()(R)Blue Steel () Oz HBO302302302302302302400CircuitLeftoversE mpireA Good JobHard Knock OliverBettie Page () aaa HBO2303303303303303303402The Hobbit Born Killers () aaa Making ofThe Lovely Bones () Spy Love HBO3304304304304304404Ted ()(CC) (:50)The Negotiator () Nature () aac Rocketeer () SHOW340340340340340340365Masters of21 Grams ()(CC)Excision () TommyAssociate () TMC350350350350350350385AmlieThe Tem p est ( ) Breast ( ) Eden ( ) (CC)Vir g in KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


TUESDAY Extreme Weight Loss8 p.m. on ABCJeff and Juliana A father and daughter with a strained relationship look to become healthier physically and emotionally, the father gets to work out with his favorite football team, and the daughter gets to realize her dream of riding roller coasters with her father. (HD)Good Will Hunting8 p.m. on CMTVA young janitor stuns a professor with his mathematical brilliance, despite never having been able to afford college, but resists a psychologists efforts to help him deal with the emotional scars that have kept him from achieving his full potential. ab (HD)Food Fighters8 p.m. on NBCJim Stark A retired fashion apparel executive faces off against ve culinary professionals one by one, hoping to out-cook each professional chef according to a dinner party made up of the public for a bigger and bigger chunk of the possible $100,000 prize. (HD)Below Deck9 p.m. on BRAVOBitchy Resting Face The crew tries to throw an elaborate and elegant party for their guests, but nature and an angry Kate may ruin their efforts; the deckhands and stews have a hard time getting along, especially when Kelley forces the issue with Jennice.Fashion Rocks9 p.m. on CBSHost Ryan Seacrest presents a night of star-studded performances at the Barclays Center in New York City, as the hottest trendsetters in music are featured during a concert event that embraces the unique connection between fashion and music. (HD)Gravity9 p.m. on HBOA medical engineer and a veteran astronaut are on a spacewalk during a Space Shuttle mission when debris from a foreign satellite crashes into them and destroys their shuttle, forcing them to work together while theyre stranded in space. (HD)American Experience9 p.m. on PBSThe Big Burn In the summer of 1910, a monstrous wildre consumed over 3 million acres in the Northern Rockies, exposing the United States Forest Service to a disaster that would de- ne the agency and Americas re policy for most of the 20th century. (HD)TUESDAY HIGHLIGHTSLiz Garbus (Love, Marilyn) and Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) are behind the documenta ry A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY, debuting Monda y at 9 p.m. on HBO. The doc spotlights the mental and physical toll of reghting, as well as the community that shares the respon sibility. Through behindthe-scenes fo otage and interviews conducted by Buscemi, the movie tells the story of the men and women of the New York City Fire Department. Buscemi has rst-hand knowledge of the work the reghters do. He worked at Engine Co. 55 in New York City from 1980 to 1984 before he pursued a career as an actor. He also uses candid photos and rare video from the last ve decades to revisit department milestones. There are accounts of horric res, but there are also stories about the bonds formed around the rehouse kitchen tables. Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan (T rafc) will direct the pilot for White City, a new drama from AMC about W estern diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan, which will debut in 2015. The show focuses on war junkie Jon Liston, who has spent almost a decade in Kabul. Against the advice of everyone from the American embassy, Jon tragically overreaches while trying to speak with insurgent leaders. In the series, he attempts to nd a new role in Kabul as he deals with his guilt from the fallout of his actions. Nick (McDonnell, writer/ executive producer) and John (Dempsey, writer/ executive producer) were actually staying at my house, fresh out of Kabul, when they were going around pitching the show, says Gaghan. They then went on to write a truly astonishing script. Which got the attention of another old pal, Chris Mundy (executive producer). It reminds me of Altmans MASH or a great Hal Ashby script. But really, lets face it, if Coppola was doing Apocalypse Now today, it would be an AMC series. A new season of Alaska State T roopers: Backwoods Bust begins Tuesday at 9 p.m. on National Geogr aphic. On the rst episode, a drunk driver is creating havoc for Trooper Cronin and those traveling on the slippery streets of Palmer, Alaska, when the suspect goes the wrong the wrong way on the road and refuses to stop. Trooper Taylor investigates the theft of an expensive ATV, which takes him into Alaskan woods in the dead of night. These troopers not only must solve crimes and keep the community safe, but they must do it in dangerous bone-chilling weather. Fans of AMCs Halt and Catch Fir e will be happy to know the show has been picked up for a second season. This is a sho w about invention, experimentation and the inherent risks in trying to break new ground themes that really resonate with us as a network and attracted a passionate audience, says Charlie Collier, AMC president.TV DISHSteve Buscemi Gordon Ramsay heads to Northern California where he is captivated by a towns most historic building, Murphys Hotel, but he quickly learns that the 200-year-old landmark has become an attraction for a crowd where all-night partying keeps guests from actually sleeping on the season nale of Hotel Hell, airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. on FOX. 21


22 TUESDAY SEP. 9EVENING TUESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00pm The news of the day. ABC World News with Da vid Muir(N) (HD)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)En ter tain ment To night(CC)(N) (HD)Ex treme Weight Loss: Jeff and Juliana A fa ther and daugh ter with a strained re la tion ship look to be come health ier phys i cally and emo tion ally while liv ing out some of their dreams. (CC)(N)(HD)Shark Tank One en tre pre neur ac cepts the most lu cra tive deal ever of fered.(CC)(R) (HD) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. World News(N)(HD)The List(TV G) (HD)Right This Min ute(HD)Ex treme Weight Loss: Jeff and Juliana Fa ther and daugh ter hope to get fit and fix their re la tion ship. (N)Shark Tank Most lu cra tive deal ever. (CC)(R)(HD) ABC E F407771077News(N)World News(N)(HD)A Mil lion aire?(CC)(N)OK! TV(CC)(N) (HD)Ex treme Weight Loss: Jeff and Juliana Fa ther and daugh ter hope to get fit and fix their re la tion ship. (N)Shark Tank Most lu cra tive deal ever. (CC)(R)(HD) CBS E F101010101010 News, 6pm Lo cal news re port.(N)CBS Eve ning News with Scott Pelley(N) (HD)Wheel of For tune(CC)(R) (HD)Jeop ardy!: Bat tle of De cades (CC)(R) (HD)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Fash ion Rocks Host Ryan Seacrest pres ents a night of star-stud ded per for mances at the Barclays Cen ter in New York City dur ing a con cert event that em braces fash ion and mu sic.(CC)(HD) CBS E F11213213555News(N)(HD)Eve ning News(N)(HD)News(N)(HD)In side Edi tion(N)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Fash ion Rocks Ryan Seacrest pres ents a con cert event that em braces fash ion and mu sic. (CC)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Cur rent events. (N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 News; weather; more. Ex tra Ce leb rity sto ries. (CC) (HD)Food Fight ers: Jim Stark A re tired fash ion ex ec u tive faces off against five cu li nary pro fes sion als. (N)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Top 12 (CC)(N)(HD) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Wheel of For tune(R)Jeop ardy(R) (HD)Food Fight ers: Jim Stark Re tired ex ec u tive. (N)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Top 12 (CC)(N)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 6:00 News The daily news. (N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News News cov er age. (N)TMZ In side news about ce leb ri tieslives.(R)The In sider(CC)(R)(HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part Two (CC)(N)(HD)Ho tel Hell: Mur phys Ho tel A his toric ho tel has be come host to par ties that keep guests from sleep ing. FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444FOX 4 News at Six Lo cal news; weather. (N)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part Two (CC)(N)(HD)Ho tel Hell: Mur phys Ho tel His toric party hub.(N)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)En emy of the Reich Ra dio op er a tor. (CC)(N)(HD)Amer i can Ex pe ri ence: The Big Burn 1910 wild fire. Frontline: Ebola Out break Ebola out break. (N)(HD) PBS E F1620420420416Ses ame Street: Got cha! Bad man ners. (CC)(R)(HD)Cat in Hat(R) (HD)Dan iel(CC)(R) (HD)Fa ther Brown: The Grim Reaper Grue some death. Doc Mar tin: City Slick ers New neigh bors.(CC)(R)Scott & Bailey Shock ing news. (CC) PBS E F30333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)En emy of the Reich Ra dio op er a tor. (CC)(N)(HD)Amer i can Ex pe ri ence: The Big Burn 1910 wild fire. Frontline: Ebola Out break Ebola out break. (N)(HD) CW E F466216Big Bang(CC) (HD)News(N)Big Bang(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Ar row: City of Blood Ol i ver sur ren ders.(R)(HD)Su per nat u ral Abaddons le ver age. (CC)(R)(HD)News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Queens: Eddie Money Queens(TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Ar row: City of Blood Ol i ver sur ren ders.(R)(HD)Su per nat u ral Abaddons le ver age. (CC)(R)(HD)Rules(CC)(HD)Rules(CC)(HD) MYN E F3811111114Ray mond: Fa vors Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)En ter tain To night(N)Bones: The Woman in the Car Wit ness pro tec tion. Bones Un der ground world.(TVPG)(CC)(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD) MYN E F*898Dad Spon sor child. Cleve land(CC) (HD)Fam Guy(CC)Fam Guy(CC)Bones: The Woman in the Car Wit ness pro tec tion. Bones Un der ground world.(CC)(HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Loss (HD) IND E F321212123812Mod ern(CC) (HD)Mod ern: Un plugged Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Loss (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Lim i ta tions The Of fice: The Boat The Of fice: The Lover ION E F6622213261817Crim i nal Minds: Into the Woods Wil der ness killer. Crim i nal Minds Unique ca det. (CC)(HD)Crim i nal Minds: 25 to Life Re gret ful pa role.(HD)Crim i nal Minds: Corazon Reids health. (CC)(HD)Crim i nal Minds: Sense Mem ory Strange mur ders. WCLF E F22222222 2Chris tian Fit ness Mar i lyn & Sa rah(CC)Rhema Praise(CC)Great Awaken TourW ord ofEx cel lence Rich ard Rob erts(CC)Gos pel Truth(CC)(N)Perry Stone(CC)(N)Life To day(CC) WRXY E F49224410Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)Sav ing the In ves tor Paid Pro gram Great Awaken TourEnd of the Age Game OnJoyce Meyer(CC)(N)Place Mir a cles Gos pel Truth(CC)(N) TLF E F50232323955El Chavo Risas y ms risas.(TVPG)(CC)El Ma rino 2 (, Accin) ac Un francotirador de la Infantera de Ma rina se enfrenta a los rebeldes.(R)(CC)Ftbol Cen tral Informacin de ftbol. (CC)(N)(HD)OFtbol Internacional(Directo)(CC)(HD) UNIV E F62151515 6Noticias(CC) (N)Noticiero Univisin(N)La Gata Pablo se enamora de Esmeralda. Mi corazn es tuyo Chicos difciles. Hasta el fin del mundo Sofa enamorada. La malquerida Amor oculto tras hostilidad. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Stor age Nabilas town. Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Brandi & Jarrod(R)Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age Wars(N)(HD)Brandi & Jarrod(N) (:32)Ce ment(N) (HD) AMC565656563053231 (5:30)The School of Rock () A wannabe rock star takes a job teach ing mu sic to fourth-grad ers. (CC)Men in Black () aac Will Smith. Two top se cret agents com mit them selves to mon i tor ing aliens on Earth. 4th and Loud(CC)(N)(HD) APL444444443668130Find ing Big foot: Fur ther Sasquatch photo.(R)To Be An nounced Info un avail able. Af rica: Cape Ocean cur rents. (CC)Af rica: Sa van nah An i mals take risks to sur vive.(:02)Af rica: Sa hara Silver ants & more.(CC) BET353535354022270106 & Park Top 10 vid eos se lected by the view ers.(CC)(HD)Meet the Browns (, Com edy) ac Ty ler Perry. A sin gle mother of three meets quirky fam ily mem bers she never knew ex isted.(CC)Keyshia Cole(N)Keyshia Cole(R) BRAVO6868686825451185Be low Deck An noy ing guests. (R)Be low Deck Spe cific re quests. (R)The Real House wives of New Jer sey: Guilt Trip Be low Deck: Bitchy Rest ing Face El e gant party. The Sin gles Pro ject(CC)(N) COM666666661527190S. Park(TV14)(R)(:27)Tosh.0(R) (HD)Colbert Re port(R) (:29)Daily Show(HD)Chappelles Show Tosh.0 Failed parkour. Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD)Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD)Tosh.0(CC)(N) (HD)A. Devine Ian Karmel. DISC404040402543120Yu kon Men: Break ing Points Food ban. (R)(HD)Alaska: The Last Fron tier Ex tras; hunt ing. (R)(HD)Alaska: The Last Fron tier Ex tras; lost calf. (N)(HD) (:01)Yu kon Men(CC)(N)(HD)Ice Lake Re bels: Freeze Dan ger ous temps. (N) E!464646462726196Sex & City(TV14)Sex & City(TV14)E! News(N)(HD)Live from E!(N) (HD)#RichKids(R) (HD)To tal Di vas: Wed ding Ma nia Mar riage. (R)(HD)To tal Di vas Nikki plans fu ture. (R)(HD) ESQ82828282118118160Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Fi nal ists con tinue four-stage course. (CC)(HD)Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Com pet i tors try to beat stage four. (CC)(HD)Knife Mex i can chefs. Knife Fight: Skate (R) EWTN2432432431217285EWTN Nightly(N)A Travel Guide Daily Mass Cel e bra tion of the Holy Eu cha rist. (R)Mother An gel ica Live Clas sics Mother An gel ica. EWTN Nightly(R)Holy Ro sary(TV G)Thresh old of Hope Pope John Paul II. FAM555555551046199 (5:30)The Pur suit of Happyness () aaac A man strug gles against the odds to lift him self out of pov erty. The Ka rate Kid (, Drama) aaa Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita. A teen ager in a new town is bullied un til an old man teaches him ka rate.(PG)(CC)(HD) FOOD37373737-76164Chopped: Doughs and Donts Trout; co quitos.(R)Chopped: Give It Your All Ma ple syrup.(R)(HD)Chopped: My Way Sea food in gre di ents. (R)(HD)Chopped Bloody Marys.(R) (HD)Chopped: Ul ti mate Cham pi ons: Heroes (N)(HD) FX515151515849532 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)The Amaz ing Spi der-Man (, Ac tion) aaa An drew Gar field, Emma Stone. Pe ter Parker attains su per hu man abil i ties in the fight for good. (PG-13)Sons of An ar chy Club seeks re venge. (N)(HD) GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)The Chase(R)Idiotest(CC)(N)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG) HALL5551773240The Waltons: The Prod i gals Rob bing Godseys. The Waltons: The Rememberance A rel a tive vis its. The Waltons: The In spi ra tion Miss Mamies eyes. Mid dle(CC) (HD)Mid dle Plans thwarted. The Mid dle: The Trip Mid dle Lawnmower. HIST818181813365128 (5:00)Se cret Ac cess Of fi cialev idence. (CC)(R)(HD)Pawn(R)(HD)Pawn(R)(HD)Cars Bike; BBQ grill. Cars(CC)(R) (HD)Cars: Mer cury Ris ing Cars(CC)(R) (HD)Cars(CC)(R) (HD) (:31)Cars(CC)(R) (HD) HOME414141415342165Prop erty(CC)(R) (HD)Prop erty(CC)(R) (HD)In ter na tional(R)(HD)Hunt ers Small town. Flop Short sale. (R)Flop(R)Flop(R)Flop Newer house. (R)House Hunt ers(N)In ter na tional(N)(HD) HSN242424245119151Home SolutionsFall Beauty SeriesFall Beauty SeriesHome SolutionsHome Solutions LIFE363636365241140Rais ing Kid swap. (R)Rais ing(CC)(R) (HD)Dance Moms Team switches.(CC)(R)(HD)Dance Moms: No More Cry ba bies Na tion als solo. Dance Moms: The Un der stud ies (CC)(N)(HD)Rais ing Asia(N)(HD)Rais ing Asia(N)(HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


23 TUESDAY SEP. 9EVENING TUESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161The Haves and the Have Nots Amanda leaves. (R)The Haves and the Have Nots Jim saves Wyatt. The Haves and the Have Nots Quincy un in vited. If Lov ing You Is Wrong: A Twisted Af fair (N) (HD)If Lov ing You Is Wrong: Shots Fired (CC) (N) (HD) SPIKE57575757296354Ink Mas ter: En dur ing the Pain Same can vas. (R)Ink Mas ter: The Epic Fi nale One com pet i tor is de clared the Ink Mas ter and re ceives $100,000. (R) (HD)Ink Mas ter: Ink ing with the En emy (R) (HD)Ink Mas ter: Pin Up Pit falls (N) (HD) SYFY6767676725364180Face Off: An i mal At trac tion New an i mal. (R) (HD)Face Off: Wiz ard of Won der land Oz char ac ters. (R)Face Off: Judge Match (CC) (R) (HD)Face Off: Killer In stinct (CC) (N) (HD)Wiz ard Wars: Blown Away(N) TBS59595959326252Seinfeld (TVPG) (HD)Seinfeld (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Mom Re fus ing help. Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Sullivan & (N) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230The Eddie Can tor Story (, Drama) aac The son of Pol ish im mi grants be comes a vaude ville per former. The Stranger () An es caped Nazi war crim i nal as sumes a new iden tity and set tles down in the U.S. The Jug gler () Kirk Douglas. Man at tacks a cop. TLC454545455772139Lit tle Peo ple, Big World Home for hol i days. (R)Lit tle Peo ple, Big World The next step. (R) (HD)19 Kids and Count ing: Duggars & Moth ers (R)19 Kids (CC) (N) (HD) (:31) 19 Kids (N) (HD) (:01) Lit tle Peo ple, Big World(CC) (N) (HD) TNT61616161285551Cas tle: A Rose for Ever after Ex-girl friend. (CC) (HD)Cas tle: Sucker Punch Turf war con nec tion. (HD)Rizzoli & Isles Pros e cu tor ar rested. (CC) (R) (HD) (:01) Rizzoli & Isles Body in a church. (CC) (R) (HD) (:02) Rizzoli & Isles Date mur dered. (CC) (R) (HD) TRAV6969696926066170Bi zarre Foods with An drew Zimmern: Goa, In dia v Food: Charleston (R)v Food Ro tis serie. (R)Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Food tour of L.A. (CC) (R)Worlds Most Ex treme: Roads Global roads. (N)Ex treme Sur vival Bunk ers Se cu rity and lux ury. (R) TRUTV636363635030183Worlds Dumb est... Dog fights tur tle. (R)Worlds Dumb est... Danny Bonaduce. (R)Worlds Dumb est... Rail way bat tle. (R)truTV Top Fun ni est Un suc cess ful. (CC) (R)Jok ers Top mo ments. Im prac ti cal Jok ers TVLND626262623154244GriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesCandid Camera (N) (HD)ClevelandQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit Ac tiv ist raped. Law & Or der: SVU Mu sic stu dent raped. (TV14)Mod ern Fam ily: Fizbo Mod ern Dirty pic ture. Mod ern: Re grets Only Mod ern Claires friend. Mod ern (CC) (HD)Mod ern (CC) (HD) WE117117117117117149Law & Or der: Turn around Wily sus pect. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Showtime Law yer dream team. (HD)Law & Or der: Mad Dog Mc Coy vs. rap ist. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Dou ble Down Kid nap ping. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: We Like Mike Sus pect or wit ness. WGN1616161941119Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD) STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)SEC Sto ried: Its Time (HD)SEC Sto ried: The Be liever (HD)Base ball To night (N) (HD) ESPN23030303065974Around the Horn (HD)In ter rup tion(CC) (HD)E:60 (HD)A 2014 WNBA Finals: Game 2 (Live) (CC) (HD)City Slam: Los An geles, CA FS148484848426983Amer icas Pregame (N) (CC) (HD)MLB 162 (N) (CC) (HD)NFL Films (CC) (HD)Flash back (CC) (HD)Knock outs (CC) (HD)Knock outs (CC) (HD)Knock outs (CC) (HD)MLB Whip Around (N) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677Box ing 30Count down to Mar lins (HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers from Miller Park (Live) (HD) GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)In side PGA Tour (HD)Play ing Les sons from the Pros: Rocco Me di ate Golfs Great est Rounds: 2010 Ryder Cup (N) (HD)Feherty: Lou Holtz (N) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190The Cross over (HD)The Cross over (HD)Pre mier League Count down (CC) (HD)To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. SUN3838401401455776New Col lege(N) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees from Yankee Stadium (Live) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)Don Zimmer(HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252iCarly (HD)Thunderman(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Witch Way(HD)Nick NewsFull House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill (CC)King Hill (CC)Cleve land Rap bat tle. Cleve land (CC) (HD)Amer i can: Surro-Gate Dad (CC) (HD) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102Mad Money (CC)The Kudlow ReportTo Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced CNN323232321838100Sit u a tion Room (N)Crossfire (CC) (N)Erin Bur nett OutFront Be yond the news. (N)An der son Coo per 360 Break ing news. (N) (HD)CNN Spc. (N)CNN To night The big gest sto ries. (N) CSPN181818183712109U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Is sues in the House of Rep re sen ta tives. (N)U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Key Capitol Hill Hear ings C-SPAN pres ents Con gress most im por tant com mit tee hear ings. FNC646464644871118Spe cial Re port with Bret Baier The lat est news. (N)On the Re cord with Greta Van Susteren (N) (HD)The OReilly Fac tor News talk. (CC) (N) (HD)The Kelly File News up dates. (N)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD) MSNB8383838318540103PoliticsNation Rev. Al Sharpton. (N) (HD)Hard ball with Chris Matthews Po lit i cal is sues. (N)All in with Chris Hayes Po lit i cal panel. (N) (HD)The Ra chel Maddow Show News and views. (N)The Last Word with Law rence ODonnell (N) (HD) SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsLt EditionLt Edition CISUMCMTV474747472324221Reba: All Fore One Reba (HD)Reba: Thanksgiving Reba Lost dream. (HD)Good Will Hunt ing (, Drama) aaa Robin Wil liams, Matt Damon. A psy chol o gist helps a deeply trou bled ge nius face his past and plan his fu ture. (R) (HD) MTV33333333354821016 and Preg nant Preg nant girls talk. (CC)Teen Mom 2 Teens have kids. (HD)Find ing Carter Teen taken as baby. Find ing Carter Teen taken as baby. Find ing Carter (N) VH1505050504323217 (4:30) Booty Call () At lanta Exes (R) (HD)TI and Tiny (R) (HD)Love & Hip Hop At lanta Fight con tin ues. (R) (HD)Love & Hip Hop At lanta: Re union Part 3 (R) (HD)Boyz n the Hood Life in gang-rid den Los An geles. MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (:20) Bullet to the Head () aac Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang. A hit man and a detective work together to bring down a dangerous enemy. (R) (CC) (HD)Escape Plan (, Thriller) Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Structural security expert wrongly imprisoned in advanced facility seeks escape. (R) (CC)The Knick: Wheres the Dignity? Algernon pressures Thackery. (CC) (R) (HD) CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:30) Red 2 (, Action) Bruce Willis. Frank Moses gathers his team when a nuclear portable device goes missing. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America () aa Two chortle-prone couch potatoes search for their missing television set. Were the Millers (, Comedy) aaa A drug dealer hires a fake family as a cover while shipping marijuana. (R) (CC)The Patriot () A veteran fights. DISN1361361361369945250 (:55) Jessie Stuffed animal.(R) (:25) Jessie Ravi babysits.(R) (HD)Dog with a Blog Friend group. (R)Jessie Reunion date.(CC) (R) (HD)WALL-E (, Science Fiction) Ben Burtt. A little robots search for his true love changes the fate of the human race. (G) (:45) Austin & Ally Dez directs. (R)Liv and Maddie Softball tryout. (R)Girl Meets World Protest time. (R) ENC150150150150150350 (:20) Meatballs (, Comedy) aa Bill Murray, Chris Makepeace. A fun-loving camp counselor rallys his campers into winning camp games. (PG) (CC) (HD)Stephen Kings Storm of the Century () aaa A sinister stranger knows all the secrets of a small Maine village. (CC) (:35) Tin Cup (, Comedy) aac A former golf pro decides to compete in order to impress his rivals girlfriend. (R) (CC) HBO302302302302302302400Veronica Mars (, Crime) aaac Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring. Mars returns for her high school reunion and must help an ex accused of murder. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (R) (HD)Gravity (, Drama) Sandra Bullock. Astronauts work together to survive after a crash leaves them stranded in space. Cornered: Michael Buffer(HD) HBO2303303303303303303402 (5:00) Hot Fuzz (, Comedy) aaac A top cop is sent to a quiet village. (CC)The Worlds End (, Comedy) aaac Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Five friends struggle to find a fabled pub turns into a fight to save mankind. (R) (CC) (HD)Jonah from Tonga Feel Da Beat. Last Week John Oliver (CC) (HD)The Great Gatsby (, Drama) War veteran caught in decadent world. (CC) HBO3304304304304304404 (5:20) Mama (, Horror) aac A man takes in his troubled nieces. (PG-13) (CC) (:05) Promised Land (, Drama) aaa Matt Damon, John Krasinski. Natural gas company representatives try to buy out a small rural town. (R) (CC) (HD)Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (HD)The Hangover Part III () aaa Friends try to help unstable comrade. (R) (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365Bounce () aa Man courts widow.(:25) The Kings of Summer () Group of friends decide to spend the summer in the woods living off the land. (R) (CC)Masters of Sex: Story of My Life (CC) (R) (HD)Inside the NFL: 2014 Week 2 Detailed preview and discussions. (N) (HD)Jim Rome on Showtime (CC) (N) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385 (:20) The Words (, Drama) aaa Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons. An aspiring writer decides to pass a mans long-lost manuscript as his own work. (PG-13) (CC)The Ghost Writer (, Thriller) aaa Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan. A writer discovers evidence linking a politician to the CIA and war crimes. (PG-13) (CC) (:10) Mindhunters (, Drama) aac FBI trainees search for serial killer. (R) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


24 TUESDAY SEP. 9LATE NIGHT TUESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsKimmel NightlineExtraETInsiderExtraWorld News(N)NewsNews(N) ABC E F2811NewsKimmel Nightline Dr. OzNewsPaidWorld News(N)NewsNewsNews ABC E F407771077NewsKimmel NightlinePaidES.TV ABC World News Now(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsLate ShowLate LatePaidPaidUp to the Minute(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsLate ShowLate LatePhil(R)ComicsM inuteNewsNewsNews(N) NBC E F*88888NewsTonightLate NightLast CallToday(N)HarveyEarlyNewsNewsNews NBC E F20222NewsTonightLate NightLast CallDr. Oz Money EarlyNewsNews(N) FOX E F131313131313NewsAccessDishTMZNewsPaidPaidAccessDishTMZNewsNewsNews5:30 FOX E F36444NewsTMZSimpsonsRaymondRaymondThe OfficeThe Office30 Rock30 RockDivorceS pringerFox 4(N) PBS E F#333330 Days(CC)(R)(HD)Story(R)AmericanFrontlinePOV(R)(HD)Previews PBS E F1620420420416SmileyRose(N)EuropeBr eakfastBrownD. MartinMurderHealthy Yoga PBS E F30333Rose(N)SmileyFoodStory(R)AmericanFrontlinePOV(N)(HD)Previews CW E F4662162 1/2 MenHow I MetHow I MetModernModernRulesRulesMiddleMiddleQueensHarveys Shows Show CW E F449994FriendsFriendsSimpsonsOK! TVKing HillSunnyComicsPaidPaidMojoPaidPaidDaily Buzz MYN E F3811111114SeinfeldCommunRaymondETPaid Bridezilla 70s Shows ShowPaidPaidLets AskShepherd MYN E F*898SeinfeldSeinfeldKing HillKing HillDadSunnyOne Bullet () a Sea HuntSea HuntShepherd IND E F321212123812Fam GuyFam GuyBattle Seattle () Paid(CC)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817ListenerListenerNumb3rsNumb3rsPaidPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222PurposeAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. CTN Spec.700 ClubE mpowerA. Rippy WRXY E F49224410NewsAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. ReignSupport ExerciseFitness TLF E F50232323955Ftbol IntDeportivoPalenqueMuecasDeportivoPagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156NoticiasNoticieroNo amarAmorcito Alma deLa familia Como diceGordoP rimerNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181StorageStorageStorageStorageStorageStorageBrandi &CementStorageStoragePaidDog BntyDog BntyPaid AMC5656565630532314th LoudMen in Black () 4th LoudGrosse Pointe Blank () Stooges APL444444443668130Africa Africa Africa(:06)TBAAttractionInfested!Monsters BET353535354022270ComicVwComicVwWendyHell DateHell DateHell DateComicVwLatifah BET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185Watch Below DeckSinglesBelow DeckWatch SinglesPaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190DailyColbertmidnightToshDailyColbertmidnightA. DevineBrickleBrickleBricklePresentsPaidPaid DISC404040402543120Yukon MenIce LakeAlaska Yukon MenPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196News(R)LiveKardashianNever Been Kissed () PaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160American(CC)(HD)KnifeKnifeKnifeKnifePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285CatechisWomenGrDaily MassAngelicaNewsDefe ndingLast CallSt. LukesPapal Aud.Faith FAM555555551046199700 ClubAddams Family () PaidPaid700 ClubPaidPaidReignLife Today FOOD37373737-76164ChoppedChoppedChoppedChoppedChoppedSweet(R)PaidPaid FX51515151584953Anarchy(N)Anarchy: Black Widower PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184The ChaseIdiotestFam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageAskAskPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST818181813365128CarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCarsPaidHistoryPaid HOME414141415342165FlopFlopFlopFlopHuntersHuntersFlopFlopFlopFlopPaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140RaisingRaisingDance MomsDance MomsRaisingRaisingRaisingRaisingPaidPaidPaidPaid OWN5858585847103161Haves If LovingIf LovingBest OprahOprah DatelineDateline SPIKE57575757296354TattooTattooInk MasterInk MasterTattooTattooNightmreNightmrePaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180Face OffWizard WarBlack Forest () aa Witchville () ac PaidPaid TBS59595959326252Conan S ullivan & Conan The OfficeThe Tuxedo () ac MarriedMarriedMarriedEarl TCM65656565169230Juggler(:45)The Pawnbroker () Judgment at Nuremberg () Classic TLC45454545577213919 Kids19 KidsPe ople19 KidsPeoplePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551CSI: NYCSI: NYCSI: NYCSI: NYCSI: NYCSI: NYSville TRAV6969696926066170v Foodv FoodWorldsSurvivalv Foodv FoodBizarrePaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183Top 20 DumbesttruTV TopJokersJokersTop 20 WipeoutStingsPaid TVLND626262623154244Candid CamCl evelandRaymondRaymondRaymondRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneWh BossWh Boss USA34343434225250ModernModernSVU(HD)SVU(HD)House House SVU(HD)SVU(HD) WE117117117117117149Law(HD)Law(HD)Law(HD)Law(HD)RoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseannePaidPaid WGN1616161941119ManhattanManhattanRulesRulesParks30 RockSunnyFuturamaPaidPaidNews(N) STROPSESPN29292929125870Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports ESPN23030303065974OlbermannOlbermannB aseballMike/MikeESPN FCMike/MikeE:60(HD)E:60(HD)Olbermann FS148484848426983FOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsMLB 162MissionUEFA Euro(Replay) FSN727272725677MarlinsMarlins FootballMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304Payne Golfs(HD)FehertyPGA TourPaidPaidPaidPGA TourPGA Tour NBCSN71717171546190TBA To Be Announced PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN3838401401455776FootballMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Money TBA TBA PaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwide Exchange CNN323232321838100360(R)CNN Spc.CNN Tonite ForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicEarly(N) CSPN181818183712109HearingsKey Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings FNC646464644871118OReillyKelly FileHannityOn RecordRed EyeThe FiveFOX-Friend MSNBC8383838318540103Hayes(R)MaddowODonnellHardballCaughtLockup First LookToo Early SNN6661111Lt EditionLt EditionNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNews MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Prisoners () aaac(CC)Stacked () c ChemistrySeconds () Rebound CINE2321321321321321321422 (10:50)The Patriot () aac DiariesDiariesWag the Dog () Guy Thing () DISN1361361361369945250A.N.T.JessieGood LckGood LckOn DeckOn DeckWizardsWizardsShake ItA.N.T.On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350Tin Cup Independence Day ()(:20)Meatballs () Off AirNatural () HBO302302302302302302400LeftoversEmpireMars ()(CC)Jonah Kingdom of Heaven () HBO2303303303303303303402Gatsby () GumbelScary ()(CC)Chill ()(CC) (:45)Woo () c HBO3304304304304304404Hangovr 3 About Mary () aaa(:45)True Crime ()(CC) (:55)Brockovich () SHOW340340340340340340365Inside NFLDonovanRome(R)7 Deadly7 Psychopaths () Snake Eyes aa TMC350350350350350350385MindhunterBlood Out ( ) Goldmine ( ) (CC)Frances ( ) (R)(CC)Paradise KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


WEDNESDAY The Shawshank Redemption8 p.m. on AMCA successful banker is convicted of a brutal murder and sentenced to life in prison, where he forges a bond of brotherhood with another prisoner while he copes with the horrors of prison and tries to impr ove conditions in the harsh institution. ab (HD)Hustling the House8 p.m. on DISCExperts in the world of gambling share their secrets on how they win big in a casino, on the street and at the race track, and later, an in-depth look is taken at a tested method for getting rich quick while gambling at a casino. (HD)Hells Kitchen8 p.m. on FOXTop 18 Compete; Top 17 Compete Eighteen aspiring chefs enter Gordon Ramsays kitchen and present their signature dishes; later, the team that best recreates Geoduck sashimi relaxes on a luxury yacht while the other team gets ready for a Geoduck nigiri and chowder dinner. (HD)The Man with Half a Body8 p.m. on TLCA legless 35-year-old man, who has learned to walk on his hands in order to compensate for his challenging disability, decides have a DNA test performed in an attempt to nd out if he is the father of one of his ancs children. (HD)Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty9 p.m. on A&EWillie is Late Before the success of A&Es hit original series Duck Dynasty, when the Robertson clan was a lot younger and their beards a lot shorter, they continued to keep their business of making duck calls and decoys up and running. (HD)Bring It!9 p.m. on LIFEDolls vs. Dollz The Rematch The Dancing Dolls go to Memphis, Tenn., to settle unnished business with a rival, Camryn has a hard time learning a new routine, putting her bid for head-captain in jeopardy and the Dolls dance against an all-male team in a Hip Hop competition. (HD)Legends9 p.m. on TNTRogue After Martin is forced to take leave after his confrontation with The Colonel, he begins an investigation into his own past and the suggestion that Martin Odum is actually a legend, and it leads him to an enigmatic smuggler in Texas. (HD)WEDNESDAY HIGHLIGHTS SUDOKUActor Mark Harmon (NCIS), a former quarterback for the UCLA Bruins, talks with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck about Pac-10 (now Pac-12) football and what it means to play in primetime on Under the Lights, a CBS Sports special airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. as a prelude to the networks launch of Thursday Night Football. solutionFILL IN THE PUZZLE GRID SO THAT EVERY ROW, EVERY COLUMN, AND EVERY 3X3 BOX CONTAINS THE DIGITS 1 THROUGH 9. 1. Narrated by famed radio commentator Walter Winchell, this classic TV series took its title from the memoir of Eliot Ness, a Prohibition agent who went after Al Capone and other notorious gures of Chicagos underworld. 2. Capone and such criminal contemporaries as Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein, Dean OBanion and Meyer Lansky are represented as bootlegging rivals of the Atlantic City mobster leading this HBO series. 3. Waste management is the ofcial business of this New Jerseybased family of ItalianAmericans. 4. This ruthless dynasty of Spanish nobles sought absolute power in Rome by using bribery and simony to elevate their patriarch to the papacy. 5. Suddenly widowed, the matriarch of a suburban California family paid the bills by growing and selling an illicit crop on this Showtime series. 6. When a U.S. Marshal returns to his Kentucky hometown, he must contend with such local criminal clans as the Crowders, the Bennetts and the Crowes on this FX series.TRIVIA CHAINAnswers 1. The Untouchables 2. Boar dwalk Empire 3. The Sopranos 4. The Borgias 5. Weeds 6. Justied25 Classic TVs Biggest Goofballs


26 WEDNESDAY SEP. 10EVENING WEDNESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00pm The news of the day. ABC World News with Da vid Muir(N) (HD)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)En ter tain ment To night(CC)(N) (HD)The Mid dle: Or lando Fam ily road trip. (R)(HD)The Goldbergs Life in the 80s. (CC) (HD)Mod ern Fam ily: Sleeper Phils lie.(R)(HD) (:31)Mod ern Fam ily Try ing new things.(R)Shark Tank Ribs rec ipe; scarves; immersive gam ing; Kingonomics Con fer ence.(CC) (R)(HD) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. World News(N)(HD)The List(TV G) (HD)Right This Min ute(HD)The Mid dle: Or lando The Goldbergs(HD)Mod ern Phils lie.(R) (:31)Mod ern(R) (HD)Shark Tank Kingonomics Con fer ence.(CC)(R)(HD) ABC E F407771077News(N)World News(N)(HD)A Mil lion aire?(CC)(N)OK! TV(CC)(N) (HD)The Mid dle: Or lando The Goldbergs(HD)Mod ern Phils lie.(R) (:31)Mod ern(R) (HD)Shark Tank Kingonomics Con fer ence.(CC)(R)(HD) CBS E F101010101010 News, 6pm Lo cal news re port.(N)CBS Eve ning News with Scott Pelley(N) (HD)Wheel of For tune(CC)(R) (HD)Jeop ardy!: Bat tle of De cades (CC)(R) (HD)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Un der the Lights(N)(CC)(HD)Ex tant: Be fore the Blood (CC) (N)(HD) CBS E F11213213555News(N)(HD)Eve ning News(N)(HD)News(N)(HD)In side Edi tion(N)Big Brother(CC)(N)(HD)Un der the Lights(N)(CC)(HD)Ex tant: Be fore the Blood (CC) (N)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Cur rent events. (N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 News; weather; more. Ex tra Ce leb rity sto ries. (CC) (HD)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Cutdown (CC)(N)(HD)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Re sults(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Taxi Brook lyn: Re venge Leos wife and son ar rive in Brook lyn for a visit.(CC) (N) (HD) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Wheel of For tune(R)Jeop ardy(R) (HD)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Cutdown (CC)(N)(HD)Amer icas Got Tal ent: Re sults(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Taxi Brook lyn: Re venge Fam ilyvisit. (N)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 6:00 News The daily news. (N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News News cov er age. (N)TMZ In side news about ce leb ri tieslives.(R)The In sider(CC)(R)(HD)Hells Kitchen: Top 18 Com pete; Top 17 Compete Eigh teen as pir ing chefs pres ent their sig na ture dishes; later, the teams pre pare a Geoduck nigiri and chow der din ner ser vice af ter a sashimi chal lenge. (N)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444FOX 4 News at Six Lo cal news; weather. (N)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Par a dise TVHells Kitchen: Top 18 Com pete; Top 17 Compete As pir ing chefs pres ent sig na ture dishes. (CC)(N)(HD)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)Spe cial Pre sen ta tion: Eu rope Geese and more. NOVA Vac cines dis cussed.(CC)(N)(HD)Op er a tion Maneater: Croc o dile At tack de ter rence. PBS E F1620420420416Ses ame Street Berts imag i na tion.(CC)(R)(HD)Cat in Hat(R) (HD)Peg + Cat(CC) (R)Chas ing Shackle ton Moun tain trek. (CC)(R)(HD)Old House(R) (HD)Home Ad join ing floors. Pan ama Ca nal The Eighth Won der of the World PBS E F30333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)Spe cial Pre sen ta tion: Eu rope Geese and more. NOVA Vac cines dis cussed.(CC)(N)(HD)Op er a tion Maneater: Croc o dile At tack de ter rence. CW E F466216Big Bang(CC) (HD)News(N)Big Bang North Pole. 2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Penn & Teller: Fool Us Cu bic Act. (CC)(N)(HD)The 100: We Are Ground ers Part 1 A new foe. (R)News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Queens: Two Thirty Queens(TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Penn & Teller: Fool Us Cu bic Act. (CC)(N)(HD)The 100: We Are Ground ers Part 1 A new foe. (R)Rules(CC)(HD)Rules: The Score (HD) MYN E F3811111114Ray mond(CC) (HD)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)En ter tain To night(N)Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Mur der at tempt. Law & Or der: Crim i nal Prom i nent pre school. (HD)Cops Re loaded(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD) MYN E F*898Amer i can Kid napped. Cleve land(CC) (HD)Fam Guy(CC)Fam Guy(CC)Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Mur der at tempt. Law & Or der: Crim i nal Prom i nent pre school. (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Co erced (HD) IND E F321212123812Mod ern: Elec tion Day Mod ern Fam ily: Chirp Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang North Pole. Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Co erced (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: En ti tled (HD)The Of fice(CC) (HD)The Of fice: Koi Pond ION E F6622213261817Cold Case: 8 Years Class mate killed.(CC)(HD)Cold Case: De ten tion Lilly re opens teen sui cide. Cold Case: De but Lilly re opens a case from 1968. Cold Case: Dog Day Af ter noons Bank heists. (HD)Cold Case: Sanc tu ary Drug mule mur dered. (HD) WCLF E F22222222 2Chris tian Fit ness Mar i lyn & Sa rah(CC)Jack Van Impe(CC)Great Awaken TourBridgesRich ard Rob erts(CC)Gos pel Truth(CC)(N)Su per nat u ral(CC)Life To day(CC) WRXY E F49224410Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)First Life(CC) (HD)Jack Van Impe(CC)Sup port The VisionCon nectGame OnJo yce Meyer(CC)(N)Place Mir a cles Gos pel Truth(CC)(N) TLF E F50232323955El Chavo Risas y ms risas.(TVPG)(CC)Vivan los nios Aventura escolar.(TVPG)(CC)Shang hai Knights () aac Chon and Roy got to Lon don to find the man who killed Chons fa ther.(CC)Metstasis Capo poderoso.(CC)(N)(HD) UNIV E F62151515 6Noticias(CC) (N)Noticiero Univisin(N)La Gata Pablo se enamora de Esmeralda. Mi corazn es tuyo Chicos difciles. Hasta el fin del mundo Sofa enamorada. La malquerida Amor oculto tras hostilidad. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Stor age New buyer. Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Wahlburg(R) (HD)Wahlburg(R) (HD)Duck: Siamese Twins Duck Pan cake din ner.(:03)Duck(R) (HD)Duck(CC)(N) (HD) (:01)Wahlburg(N) (:32)Epic Ink(N) (HD) AMC565656563053231Men in Black () aac Will Smith. Two top se cret agents com mit them selves to mon i tor ing aliens on Earth. The Shawshank Re demp tion (, Drama) Tim Rob bins, Morgan Free man. An in no cent man con victed of his wifes mur der copes with the hor rors of prison.(CC) APL444444443668130Find ing Big foot: Fur ther Suc cess ful night.(R)(HD)Fools(N)Fools(N)Fools(N)Fools(N)(:01)Fools(N)(:31)Fools(N)(:02)Fools(N)(:32)Fools(N) BET353535354022270106 & Park Viewer se lec tions.(CC)(HD)ComicVw(CC)ComicVw(CC)Keyshia Cole(R)Keyshia Cole(R)Ty ler Perrys I Can Do Bad All By My self (, Drama) ac Trou bled woman tries to make changes.(CC) BRAVO6868686825451185Mil lion Dollar List ing Los An geles Prized listing. Mil lion Dollar List ing Los An geles Trash talk ing. Mil lionDol lar List ing LA Josh takes a fall. (TV14)Mil lionDol lar List ing LA In fa mous char ac ter. (N)Top Chef Du els Chefs with tem pers.(CC)(N) COM666666661527190S. Park(TV14)(R)Tosh.0 Civil rights. (R)Colbert Re port(R) (:29)Daily Show(R)Key & Peele(R) (HD)Key & Peele(R) (HD)S. Park(R)(HD)S. Park(R)(HD)S. Park: Funnybot S. Park UPS man. DISC404040402543120Dude, Youre Screwed Sur viv al ists tested.(HD)Na ked and Afraid Man and woman left. (CC)(HD)Hus tling the House Ex perts se crets. (CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Ca sino Se crets True odds; more. (CC)(N)(HD) (:02)Poker Un der ground(CC) (N)(HD) E!464646462726196Never Been Kissed () aa Back to high school. E! News(N)(HD)Live from E!(N) (HD)#RichKids(R) (HD)To tal Di vas Nikki plans fu ture. (R)(HD)The Soup(N) (HD)The Soup(R) (HD) ESQ82828282118118160 (5:30)Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Fi nal stages.(HD)The Fifth El e ment (, Sci ence Fic tion) Bruce Willis. A cab driver be comes in volved with a woman who is des tined to save the world. Johnny Monte Carlo. The Fifth El e ment aaa EWTN2432432431217285EWTN Nightly(N)Last Call: Sto ries of Daily Mass Cel e bra tion of the Holy Eu cha rist. (N)EWTN Live In ter views on evan ge lism.(N)EWTN Nightly(R)Holy Ro sary(TV G)Cat a logue(TV G)Vaticano FAM555555551046199 (5:30)The Ka rate Kid (, Drama) aaa Ralph Macchio. A teen ager in a new town is bullied un til an old man teaches him ka rate.(CC)The Ka rate Kid III (, Drama) a Ralph Macchio. Plans for a more peace ful life are threatened by a chal lenge to Danny.(PG)(CC)(HD) FOOD37373737-76164Diners(R)(HD)Diners(R)(HD)Res tau rant: Im pos si ble Plains, Mont. (R)(HD)Res tau rant Stake out: Mil lion Dol larStake out (N)Mys tery(N) (HD)Mys tery(R) (HD)Res tau rant: Im pos si ble: Spic ing Things Up (N) FX51515151584953 (5:30)Con tra band () aac A man runs coun ter feit money from Pan ama to the U.S. to pro tect his brother. Taken (, Ac tion) aaa A re tired co vert agent sets out to res cue his daugh ter from hu man traffick ers. (CC)The Bridge: Eidolon A bargain ing chip.(N)(HD) GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Skin Wars: Fact or Myth (R)Skin Wars: Alls Fair(N)Idiotest(CC)(R) HALL5551773240The Waltons: The Trav el ing Man Roses pro posal. The Waltons: The Fur lough John Boys mem ory. The Waltons: The Medal Mary El len likes Eddie. Mid dle School pic ture. Mid dle So cial worker. Mid dle: Thanksgiving The Mid dle: Sib lings HIST818181813365128Amer i can Pick ers Mikes brother. (CC)(R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers Guys costly se cret. (R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers Harley; bear trap. (CC)(R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers Rare military items. (R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers: Vir ginia is for Pick ers (R)(HD) HOME414141415342165Prop erty Broth ers A spa cious prop erty. (R)(HD)Prop erty Broth ers: Melissa & Joe New place. (R)Prop erty Broth ers En ter tain ing home. (R)(HD)Buy ing and Selling Three gen er a tions. (N)(HD)House Hunt ers(N)In ter na tional(N)(HD) HSN242424245119151Electronic ConnectionFall Beauty SeriesFall Beauty SeriesElectronic ConnectionElectronic Connection LIFE363636365241140Girl friend In ter ven tion Es cap ing adulthood. (R)Bring It! Baby ri vals. (CC)(R) (HD)Bring It!: Pray for Sunjai Kayla helps Sunjai. (R)Bring It! Un fin ished busi ness. (CC)(N)(HD)Girl friend In ter ven tion Learn ing to re lax. (N)(HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


27 WEDNESDAY SEP. 10EVENING WEDNESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (N) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD)Love Thy (CC) (R) (HD) SPIKE57575757296354Cops: Coast to Coast Cops Sto len ve hi cle. Cops Eat ing ev i dence. Cops Minivan chase. Cops Fast food spree. Cops (CC) (R) (HD)Im pact Wres tling (N) (HD) SYFY6767676725364180Waterworld (, Ac tion) In a wa ter-cov ered fu ture world, a strange mu tant fish-man re luc tantly leads a woman and a child in search of the leg end ary dryland. Robin Hood (, Drama) Ar cher re turn ing from the Cru sades be comes the cat a lyst for change in Eng land. TBS59595959326252Seinfeld (TVPG) (HD)Seinfeld (TVPG) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Mom Christys fa ther. Big Bang (TVPG) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230Strange Bar gain () Red Light (, Crime) Barton MacLane. A man pays a pris oner to mur der. (NR)Ninotchka (, Com edy) A So viet em is sary is sent to France, where she falls for a Pa ri sian play boy. (CC)Cap tains Cou ra geous () aaac Life at sea. (CC) TLC454545455772139Lit tle and Look ing for Love(R) (HD)The Man with the 200lb Tu mor De bil i tat ing tu mor. The Man with Half a Body Leg less man. (R) (HD)Mor mon Half Love (N) (HD)The Man with the 132-lb Scro tum Rare con di tion. TNT61616161285551 (5:00) Ter mi na tor Sal va tion () Re bels rise up. I Am Leg end () aaa A mil i tary sci en tist is im mune to a vi rus that trans forms hu mans into mon sters. (CC)Leg ends: Rogue Mar tin in ves ti gates his past. (N)Frank lin & Bash: Deep Throat High school. (N) TRAV6969696926066170Bi zarre Foods with An drew Zimmern: Namibia v Food: Puerto Rico Man v Food: Ho no lulu Bi zarre Foods Amer ica Fresh food. (CC) (R)Amer i can Grilled Provel cheese. (N)Food Par a dise: BBQ Par a dise 3 Ribs and chicken. TRUTV636363635030183South Beach Tow (R)S. Beach (R)S. Beach (R)S. Beach: Ruth less (R)S. Beach (R)S. Beach (R)S. Beach (R)South Beach Tow (N)S. Beach (R)S. Beach (R) TVLND626262623154244GriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesCandid Camera (HD)ClevelandClevelandClevelandThe Exes USA34343434225250Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Rep a ra tions Law & Or der: SVU Mail-or der bride. (TV14) (HD)2 Fast 2 Fu ri ous () aa An un der cover cop and an ex-con take on a money laun der ing op er a tion. (CC)Graceland: Faith 7 (CC) (N) (HD) WE117117117117117149Law & Or der: Har vest Cor rupt doc tor. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Nul li fi ca tion Tat too clue. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Baby, Its You Teen model killed. Law & Or der: Blood Adopted baby killed. (CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Shadow Bonds man killed. (CC) (HD) WGN1616161941119Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD) STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (Live) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (Live) (HD) ESPN23030303065974Around the Horn (HD)In ter rup tion(CC) (HD)SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)O MLS Soccer: D.C. United at New York Red Bulls from Red Bull Arena (Live) (HD)Hey Rookie, Wel come to the NFL: 2014: Part I FS148484848426983Amer icas Pregame (N) (CC) (HD)UFC Un leashed: De buts (CC) (N) (HD)UFC To night (N) (CC) (HD)UFC Roundtable: The Ul ti mate Fight ers (CC) (HD)The Ul ti mate Fighter: For the Belt (CC) (N) (HD) FSN727272725677Hall Fame(HD)Game 365(HD)Mar lins (HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers from Miller Park (Live) (HD) GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)Ryder Cup(HD)School of Golf: Chap ter 28: Path to Great ness (N)Arnie: Arnie & His Army (HD)Arnie: Arnie & The Ma jors(HD)Arnie: Arnie & His Leg acy(HD) NBCSN71717171546190The Cross over (HD)The Cross over (HD)Hooked UpHooked UpShark Hunt ersShark Hunt ersShark Hunt ers SUN3838401401455776Pow er boat(HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees from Yankee Stadium (Live) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)In side (HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252iCarly (HD)Thunderman(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Witch Way(HD)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill (CC)King Hill (CC)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Cleve land Re mar ried. Dad Roger acts nice. Amer i can: Tearjerker 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102Mad Money (CC)The Kudlow ReportTo Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced CNN323232321838100Sit u a tion Room (N)Crossfire (CC) (N)Erin Bur nett OutFront Be yond the news. (N)An der son Coo per 360 Break ing news. (N) (HD)An thony Bourdain Parts Un known: New Mex ico CNN To night The big gest sto ries. (N) CSPN181818183712109U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Is sues in the House of Rep re sen ta tives. (N)U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Key Capitol Hill Hear ings C-SPAN pres ents Con gress most im por tant com mit tee hear ings. FNC646464644871118Spe cial Re port with Bret Baier The lat est news. (N)On the Re cord with Greta Van Susteren (N) (HD)The OReilly Fac tor News talk. (CC) (N) (HD)The Kelly File News up dates. (N)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD) MSNB8383838318540103PoliticsNation Rev. Al Sharpton. (N) (HD)Hard ball with Chris Matthews Po lit i cal is sues. (N)All in with Chris Hayes Po lit i cal panel. (N) (HD)The Ra chel Maddow Show News and views. (N)The Last Word with Law rence ODonnell (N) (HD) SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsLt EditionLt Edition CISUMCMTV474747472324221Reba Find ing an al ibi. Reba Brocks condo. Reba On line poker. Reba (HD)EDtv An in ter est ing video store clerk be comes an over night ce leb rity when a des per ate ca ble tele vi sion net work de cides to broad cast ev ery mo ment of his life. MTV333333333548210Cat fish: The TV Show Me dia pen pals. (HD)Teen Mom 2 Teens have kids. (HD)Teen Mom 2 Teens have kids. (HD)Teen Mom 2 Teens have kids. (HD)Teen Mom 2 (N) (HD) VH1505050504323217I Love the 2000s 2000s pop cul ture. (R) (HD)I Love the 2000s 2000s pop cul ture. (R) (HD)I Love the 2000s 2000s pop cul ture. (R) (HD)Cou ples Ther apy (N) (HD)I Heart Nick(N)Cou ples Ther apy (R) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Getaway () Race against time.(:35) Batman Begins (, Action) Christian Bale. A billionaire who witnessed his parents murders develops a dual personality to fight the organized crime that has engulfed the streets of Gotham City. The Knick: Wheres the Dignity? Algernon pressures Thackery. (CC) (R) (HD)Grudge Match (, Comedy) Match between retired boxers goes viral. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:10) Fast & Furious 6 (, Action) Agent Hobbs enlists the help of Dominic and his team to take down a gang. (CC) (:25) Prisoners (, Drama) Hugh Jackman. A small-town carpenter starts a frantic search for his missing daughter and her friend after he clashes with a cocky detective in charge of the investigation. Strike Back Revenge; help.(HD)Girls Guide Tyler needs a wife. DISN1361361361369945250Girl Meets World Truth telling. (R)Girl Meets World Art and mom. Dog with a Blog Stan purchase. Jessie: Spaced Out Space trip. (R)Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (, Adventure) ac An evil toymaker traps a girl in a game and her brother must save her. Austin & Ally Jealous of Kira.(R)Liv and Maddie Hoodwinked. Girl Meets World Jealous Riley. ENC150150150150150350 (:10) Practical Magic (, Fantasy) aac Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman. Sibling witches flee to New England after a boyfriends inadvertent death. (PG-13) (CC)Stephen Kings Storm of the Century () aaa A sinister stranger knows all the secrets of a small Maine village. (CC) (:35) Here Comes the Boom (, Comedy) A teacher becomes MMA fighter for his schools extra-curricular activities. HBO302302302302302302400A Good Job: Stories FDNY(R)Date Movie (, Comedy) Alyson Hannigan. A hopelessly romantic woman finds the path to happiness full of potholes. Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (R) (HD)12 Years a Slave (, Drama) aaac Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender. Before civil war, a free black man is abducted and sold into slavery. (R) (CC) (HD) HBO2303303303303303303402Con Air () An airplane that is used to transport dangerous criminals is hijacked by the inmates, and a lone parolee must try to find a way to avert disaster. (R) (:15) Mama () aac Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. A man and his wife deal with several problems after taking in his nieces. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (HD) HBO3304304304304304404 (4:35) The Bourne Legacy ()(:50) Beautiful Creatures (, Fantasy) A young man hoping to escape from his Southern hometown ends up running into a mysterious girl and they both start uncovering family secrets together. (CC)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (HD)Last Week John Oliver(HD)Louis C.K.: Oh My God (CC) (HD) SHOW340340340340340340365 (5:30) The Longest Yard (, Comedy) Imprisoned pro football player forms team of convicts to play guards in game. ALL ACCESS(N)Inside the NFL: 2014 Week 2 Detailed preview and discussions. (R) (HD)Ray Donovan: Snowflake(CC) (R) (HD)Masters of Sex: Story of My Life (CC) (R) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385Street Fighter () a A commando leads his team of warriors into battle against a deranged warlord who is holding relief workers hostage for a huge ransom. Enemies Closer (, Action) Ex-Navy SEAL-turned-forest ranger & his enemy must find cartels lost load. (R) (CC) (HD)Replicant (, Action) ac A detective uses a clone as an alternative method to catching a serial killer. (R) (CC) (HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


28 WEDNESDAY SEP. 10LATE NIGHT WEDNESDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsKimmel NightlineExtraETInsiderExtraWorld News(N)NewsNews(N) ABC E F2811NewsKimmel Nightline Dr. OzNewsPaidWorld News(N)NewsNewsNews ABC E F407771077NewsKimmel NightlinePaidES.TV ABC World News Now(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsLate ShowLate LatePaidPaidUp to the Minute(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsLate ShowLate LatePhil(R)ComicsM inuteNewsNewsNews(N) NBC E F*88888NewsTonightLate NightLast CallToday(N)HarveyEarlyNewsNewsNews NBC E F20222NewsTonightLate NightLast CallDr. Oz Money EarlyNewsNews(N) FOX E F131313131313NewsAccessDishTMZNewsPaidPaidAccessDishTMZNewsNewsNews5:30 FOX E F36444NewsTMZSimpsonsRaymondRaymondThe OfficeThe Office30 Rock30 RockDivorceS pringerFox 4(N) PBS E F#3333Suze Orman(R)(HD)Nature NOVA(R)ManeaterStory(R)American PBS E F1620420420416SmileyRose(N)EuropeNOVA(R)NOVA(R)HistoryHistoryOpinionYoga PBS E F30333Rose(N)SmileyMakersNature NOVA(R)ManeaterStory(R)American CW E F4662162 1/2 MenHow I MetHow I MetModernModernRulesRulesMiddleMiddleQueensHarveys Shows Show CW E F449994FriendsFriendsSimpsonsOK! TVKing HillSunnyComicsPaidPaidMojoPaidPaidDaily Buzz MYN E F3811111114SeinfeldCommunRaymondETPaid Bridezilla 70s Shows ShowPaidPaidLets AskShepherd MYN E F*898SeinfeldSeinfeldKing HillKing HillDadSunnySunnyPaidPaidSea HuntSea HuntSea HuntShepherd IND E F321212123812Fam GuyFam GuyBattle Seattle () Paid(CC)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817Cold CaseCold CaseNumb3rsNumb3rsPaidPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222Love GodAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. CVance700 ClubCTN Spec.A. Rippy WRXY E F49224410NewsAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. ReignSupport ExerciseFitness TLF E F50232323955DeportivoPalenqueMuecasMetstasisDeportivoPagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156NoticiasNoticieroNo amarAmorcito Alma deLa familia Como diceGordoP rimerNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Epic InkEpic InkDuckDuckDuckDuckWahlburgEpic InkEpic InkEpic InkPaid Dog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Volcano Lava flows in L.A. Taxi Driver () aaaa(CC)4th LoudCSI Miami APL444444443668130FoolsFoolsFoolsFoolsFoolsFools(:06)TBAAttractionInfested!Monsters BET353535354022270Can Do BadWendyHell DateHell DateHell DateComicVwLatifah BET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185Watch Top ChefTop ChefL.A.(R)Watch L.A.(R)PaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190DailyColbertmidnightMeltdownDailyColbertmidnightChapplleChapplleSunnySunnySunnyPaidPaid DISC404040402543120CasinoPoker(R)HustlingNaked PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196News(R)LiveSoupNews(R)Total DivaE! StoryPaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160Fifth Element () JohnnyBest BarsKnifePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285For WomnWomenGrDaily MassEWTN LiveNewsHly QueenLast CallCatechisSaintsFinding Dolan FAM555555551046199700 ClubAddams Family () PaidPaid700 ClubPaidPaidReignLife Today FOOD37373737-76164RestaurantMysteryMysteryRestaurantRestaurantRestaurantIron ChefPaidPaid FX51515151584953The BridgeThe BridgeThe BridgeHorror Horror Horror PaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184Fam. FeudFam. FeudSkin WarsFam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageAskAskPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST818181813365128AmericanAmericanAmericanAmericanAmericanPaidMarvelsPaid HOME414141415342165Prop BroBuying HuntersHuntersP rop BroProp BroPaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140GirlfriendBringIt!BringIt!GirlfriendGirlfriendPaidPaidPaidPaid OWN5858585847103161Love ThyLove ThyLove ThyLove ThyLove ThyLove ThyOprah Oprah DatelineDateline SPIKE57575757296354I Am Evel () I Am Evel () GanglandGanglandPaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180R. HoodWaterworld Water covers world. Goblin aa Evil goblin. PaidPaid TBS59595959326252Conan The OfficeConan The OfficeScary 4 () PreviewMarriedMarriedMarriedEarl TCM65656565169230CaptainsTheodora () Married () Vampire () Two-Faced aac TLC454545455772139Half FaceMan LostHalf BodyTumor(R)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551LegendsFranklin(:04)Law(:04)Law(:04)Law(:02)LawSville TRAV6969696926066170v Foodv FoodAmericanParadisev Foodv FoodBizarrePaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183PawnPawnS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachS. BeachPawnPawnWipeoutStingsPaid TVLND626262623154244Candid CamQueensQueensCl evelandRaymondRaymondRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneWh BossWh Boss USA34343434225250ModernModern(:01)SVUGracelandOrder: CIOrder: CISVU(HD)SVU(HD) WE117117117117117149Law(HD)Law(HD)Law(HD)Law(HD)BraxtonSWV ReunitPaidPaid WGN1616161941119ManhattanManhattanRulesRulesParks30 RockSunnyFuturamaPaidPaidNews(N) STROPSESPN29292929125870@MLB Game(Live)Sports Sports MLB Game(Replay)Sports ESPN23030303065974Sports OlbermannBaseball ESPN FCMike/MikeS ports Sports Olbermann FS148484848426983FighterFOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsFighter: For the Belt UFC(HD) FSN727272725677MarlinsMarlinsWest CoastMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304LearningPGA Tour ArnieArnieArnieLea rningPaidPaidPaidTour WklyEuro. Tour NBCSN71717171546190Hook UpHook UpShark Shark SaltwaterInto thePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN3838401401455776ACC(N)MLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Money Greed Greed PaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwide Exchange CNN323232321838100360(R)AnthonyCNN Tonite ForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicEarly(N) CSPN181818183712109HearingsKey Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings FNC646464644871118OReillyKelly FileHannityOn RecordRed EyeThe FiveFOX-Friend MSNBC8383838318540103Hayes(R)MaddowODonnellHardballCaughtLockup First LookToo Early SNN6661111Lt EditionLt EditionNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNews MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420GrudgeLingerie Featur () Commando(R)TopDisconnect () aaa CINE2321321321321321321422 (:20)The Rock (, Action) The Knick Girls GuiAl exander () Powerful ruler. DISN1361361361369945250A.N.T.JessieGood LckGood LckOn DeckOn DeckWizardsWizardsShake ItA.N.T.On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350 (:20)Fire Down () Underworld 2 () 28 Days () The Kid () HBO30230230230230230240012 YearsOliverJonahEnders Game ()(:35)12 Years a Slave () Priceless HBO2303303303303303303402The Heat ()(CC)Falling Down () Exit Eden () Six Days () HBO3304304304304304404Louis C.K.LeftoversUpside of Anger aaa Pavement () Pac. Hts. () Airport SHOW340340340340340340365Inside NFLACCESSAmerica ()(:15)Belly () DMX. McDonaldEd Wood TMC350350350350350350385Hard Tar g et ( ) aa Jarhead ( ) (R)(CC)Billion ( ) aa Bas q uiat ( ) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


THURSDAY 102 Minutes that Changed America8 p.m. on HISTA retrospective glimpse is offered for the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center through solely non-traditional sources, such as amateur photography and video, recorded voicemails, audio/video diaries and surveillance camera footage.Project Runway9 p.m. on LIFERainway The designers are challenged to create avant garde looks, but the catch is, they must stand up to the elements, especially the rain, and the runway is transformed for the occasion; Master of Sex star Caitlin Fitzgerald judges the looks. af (HD)Extreme Guide to Parenting9:30 p.m. on BRAVOThe Mind Controller & The Body Positive Baby A feminist pornographer and artist believes that her 2-year-old daughter should know all about sexuality while her partner believes that she is going too far; twin boys who have been raised using hypnosis are ready to take the SATs.Married10 p.m. on FXHalloween Believing that their friend, A.J., has nally reached the point where he is in need of some professional assistance, Jess and Russ pair up in an attempt to get their unwilling companion to go to a rehabilitation center. (HD)House Hunters10 p.m. on HOMEA couple in Dallas has tired of living in a condominium and wants a larger home in which to begin a family, but the older homes that they like will require too much work for them, so they have turned their attentions to new homes that look old. (HD)My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding: Extra Bling10:01 p.m. on TLCWedded to Disaster A couples relationship is strained when the groomto-bes mother makes it known that she is unwilling to accept her would-be daughter-in-law into the family; a young couple stands up to their feuding families; extra content is included. (HD)Youre the Worst10:30 p.m. on FXConstant Horror and Bone-Deep Dissatisfaction Jimmy and Gretchen remember three years worth of seemingly innocuous circumstances that would eventually culminate in the self-destructive pair meeting for the very rst time and embarking on their unplanned relationship. (HD)THURSDAY HIGHLIGHTS WORD SEARCHThe Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a conspiracy blog writer who had arranged to meet up with Booth (David Boreanaz) to discuss a previous case before his untimely death on Bones, airing Thursday at 9 p.m. on FOX. solution Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals 1. Noah (PG-13) Russell Crowe 2. Divergent (PG-13) Shailene Woodley 3. Heaven Is for Real (PG) Greg Kinnear 4. Non-Stop (PG-13) Liam Neeson 5. The LEGO Movie (PG) animated 6. God's Not Dead (PG) Shane Harper 7. 300: Rise of an Empire (R) Sullivan Stapleton 8. Lone Survivor (R) Mark Wahlberg 9. Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club (PG-13) Nia Long 10. RoboCop (2014) (PG-13) Joel Kinnaman Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Sales 1. Divergent (PG-13) Summit 2. God's Not Dead (PG) Pure Flix 3. Need for Speed (PG-13) Disney 4. Noah (PG-13) Paramount 5. Heaven Is for Real (PG) Sony 6. The Other Woman (PG-13) FOX 7. Rio 2 (G) FOX 8. Oculus (R) FOX 9. The LEGO Movie (PG) Warner Bros. 10. Frozen (PG) DisneyTOP VIDEO29


30 THURSDAY SEP. 11EVENING THURSDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00pm The news of the day. ABC World News with Da vid Muir(N) (HD)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)En ter tain ment To night(CC)(N) (HD)The Quest: Es cape from Rana Vil lage; One True Hero(TVPG)(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Shark Tank Holiday-themed prod ucts in clud ing mag netic lights and sweaters.(CC)(R)(HD) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. World News(N)(HD)The List(TV G) (HD)Right This Min ute(HD)The Quest: Es cape from Rana Vil lage; One True Hero(TVPG)(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Shark Tank Holiday-themed prod ucts. (R)(HD) ABC E F407771077News(N)World News(N)(HD)A Mil lion aire?(CC)(N)OK! TV(CC)(N) (HD)The Quest: Es cape from Rana Vil lage; One True Hero(TVPG)(CC)(N)(HD) (:01)Shark Tank Holiday-themed prod ucts. (R)(HD) CBS E F101010101010 News, 6pm Lo cal news re port.(N)CBS Eve ning News with Scott Pelley(N) (HD)Wheel of For tune(CC)(R) (HD)NFL Thurs day Night Kick off(N)(CC)(HD)C(:25)Thursday Night Football: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens from M&T Bank Stadium (Live)(CC)(HD) CBS E F11213213555News(N)(HD)Eve ning News(N)(HD)News(N)(HD)NFL Thurs day Night Kick off(N)(CC)(HD)C(:25)Thursday Night Football: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens from M&T Bank Stadium (Live)(CC)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Cur rent events. (N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 News; weather; more. Ex tra Ce leb rity sto ries. (CC) (HD)The Big gest Loser(CC)(N)(HD)Date line NBC(CC)(N)(HD) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Wheel of For tune(R)Jeop ardy(R) (HD)The Big gest Loser(CC)(N)(HD)Date line NBC(CC)(N)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 6:00 News The daily news. (N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News News cov er age. (N)TMZ In side news about ce leb ri tieslives.(R)The In sider(CC)(R)(HD)Sleepy Hollow: The Ves sel Capt. Irving attempts to find an swers from George Wash ing tons Bible. (R)Bones: The Re cluse in the Re cliner A man set to meet Booth is murdered. (CC)(R)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444FOX 4 News at Six Lo cal news; weather. (N)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Sleepy Hollow: The Ves sel Wash ing tons Bi ble.(R)Bones Booth is ques tioned.(CC)(R)(HD)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)WEDU Arts Plus(N)Up Close Unruh(N)Re turn to Downton Ab bey: 2014 Sea son Pre view Best mo ments. (CC)(R)(HD)Tommy Em man uel PBS E F1620420420416Ses ame Street: The Wild Brunch Mem ory trou ble. Cat in Hat(R) (HD)Peg + Cat(CC) (R)Spe cial Pre sen ta tion: Af rica Cape gan net. (R)(HD)My Wild Af fair An orang utan per son. (CC)(R)(HD)Wild!: Pen guins Un der Siege Pen guins story.(R) PBS E F30333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)An tiques: Winchester An tiques(CC)Doc Mar tin: Blood Is Thicker Mylows sis ter. (R)Se crets of West min ster Se cret his tory. (CC)(R)(HD) CW E F466216Big Bang(CC) (HD)News(N)Big Bang(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)The Vam pire Di a ries Cabin hide out.(CC)(R)(HD)The Orig i nals Com mem o ra tive wake. (CC)(R)(HD)News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Queens: Window Pain Queens(TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)The Vam pire Di a ries Cabin hide out.(CC)(R)(HD)The Orig i nals Com mem o ra tive wake. (CC)(R)(HD)Rules Soft ball game. Rules Plan back fires. MYN E F3811111114Ray mond(CC) (HD)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)En ter tain To night(N)House: Pa ter nity Brain af flic tion.(CC)(HD)House: Ma ter nity Baby ep i demic. (CC)(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD) MYN E F*898Amer i can Old friend. Cleve land(CC) (HD)Fam Guy(CC)Fam Guy(CC)House: Pa ter nity Brain af flic tion.(CC)(HD)House: Ma ter nity Baby ep i demic. (CC)(HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Choice (HD) IND E F321212123812Mod ern(CC) (HD)Mod ern(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Choice (HD)Law & Or der: SVU Falsely ac cused. (CC)(HD)The Of fice(CC) (HD)The Of fice(CC) (HD) ION E F6622213261817Le ver age: The Car ni val Job Com puter chip. (HD)Crim i nal Minds: Coda Miss ing par ents.(CC)(HD)Crim i nal Minds: Val halla Old nem e sis. (CC)(HD)Crim i nal Minds: Lauren Con front ing Doyle. (TV14)Cold Case: Willkommen Cab a ret killing.(CC)(HD) WCLF E F22222222 2Chris tian Fit ness Mar i lyn & Sa rah(CC)Bay Fo cusGreat Awaken TourJoe Van Koevering Rich ard Rob erts(CC)Gos pel Truth(CC)(N)Des tined Reign(CC)Life To day(CC) WRXY E F49224410Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)Tommy Bates Tes ti mo nies of Triumph Sup port The Vision For Hurt ing Women Game OnJoyce Meyer(CC)(N)Place Mir a cles Gos pel Truth(CC)(N) TLF E F50232323955El Chavo Risas y ms risas.(TVPG)(CC)Vivan los nios Aventura escolar.(TVPG)(CC)Asesina en fuga (, Accin) Una bailarina perseguida por la ma fia rusa, lucha para salvar su vida.(CC)Metstasis Capo poderoso.(CC)(N)(HD) UNIV E F62151515 6Noticias(CC) (N)Noticiero Univisin(N)La Gata Pablo se enamora de Esmeralda. Mi corazn es tuyo Chicos difciles. Hasta el fin del mundo Sofa enamorada. La malquerida Amor oculto tras hostilidad. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181The First 48: 10 Pounds Old neigh bor hood.(R)(HD)The First 48: Inked in Blood Tattooist killed. (R)The First 48 Fa ther found dead. (CC)(R)(HD)The First 48 El derly man stabbed. (CC)(R)(HD) (:01)Killer Kids Kid brain washed. (CC)(HD) AMC565656563053231 (5:00)The Shawshank Re demp tion (, Drama) Tim Rob bins. A man copes with the horrors of prison.(R)The Break fast Club () Five very differ ent stu dents learn about each other dur ing a week end de ten tion.(:15)Un cle Buck (, Com edy) Babysitting un cle. APL444444443668130Find ing Big foot: Fur ther A call from a mayor. (R)Rail road Alaska: Spring Attacks Dan gers of spring. Alas kan Bush Peo ple A hard de ci sion. (CC)(HD)Ice Lake Re bels: Ice Lake Games Survival skills. Ice Lake Re bels: Sink or Swim Brian takes plunge. BET353535354022270Ty ler Perrys I Can Do Bad All By My self () ac The Best Man (, Drama) Taye Diggs, Nia Long. A new novel has sto ries about ev ery one at the wed ding of the au thors friend. (CC)Love Jones (, Drama) Larenz Tate. Woman tests the feelings of her lover. BRAVO6868686825451185Dont Be: Flipping Out Dont Be(R)Dont Be(R)Dont Be(R)The Real House wives of New Jer sey: Guilt Trip Dont Be Tardy ...(N)Ex treme Guide to Parenting In formed tod dler. (N)Dont Be Tardy ...(R) COM666666661527190S. Park(TV14)(R)(:27)Tosh.0(R) (HD)Colbert Re port(R) (:29)Daily Show(R)Chappelles(CC)Sunny(CC) (HD)Sunny Last wishes. Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD)Tosh.0 Dan iels fa ther. Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD) DISC404040402543120Fast N Loud Clas sics repaired.(CC)(HD)Fast N Loud Clas sics repaired.(CC)(HD)9/11 E-Men Heroes(CC)(N) (HD)Alaska: The Last Fron tier Liv ing off the land.(HD)Alaska: The Last Fron tier Liv ing off the land.(HD) E!464646462726196 (4:00)Sex and the City () A New York wed ding. E! News(N)(HD)Who Wore It(N)(HD)Keep ing Up with the Kardashians: Rock ing the Cra dle Baby news. (R)(HD)Keep ing Up with the Kardashians(R)(HD) ESQ82828282118118160The A-Team Cap tured by cult. The A-Team: Pros and Cons Prison fight club. Pred a tor2 (, Ac tion) aac Danny Glover, Gary Busey. Cops and an FBI agent seek to end the kill ing spree of a ex tra ter res trial. (R)Pred a tor2 () aac(R) EWTN2432432431217285EWTN Nightly(N)Last Call: Sto ries of Daily Mass Cel e bra tion of the Holy Eu cha rist. (R)The World Over News from around the world. (CC)EWTN Nightly(R)Holy Ro sary(TV G)Holy Wood Act ing Cross ing/Goal(TV G) FAM555555551046199Boy World: Pi lot(CC)Dol phin Tale (, Drama) aaa Mor gan Free man. A young boy saves a dol phin from a crab trap, and the two be come friends. (PG)(HD)Matilda (, Fan tasy) Danny DeVito. A young girl uses mag i cal talents to get even with a wicked prin ci pal. FOOD37373737-76164Chopped: Sunny Side Apps Gummy fried eggs. (R)Chopped: Sports Stars Salmon ap pe tiz ers. (R)(HD)Chopped: Re turn and Re deem Green des sert.(R)Chopped: Ul ti mate Cham pi ons: Heroes (R)(HD)Beat Bobby(N)Beat Bobby(R) FX51515151584953How I Met(TV14)(HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)The Pro posal (, Com edy) aaa San dra Bullock. Pub lisher from Can ada forces as sis tant to marry her to avoid de por ta tion.(CC)(HD)Mar ried: Hal low een The Worst(N) (HD) GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG) HALL5551773240The Waltons Harley is ar rested.(CC)The Waltons John seeks par don. (CC)The Waltons: The Pledge Med i cal school. (CC)Mid dle Get ting ready. Mid dle Aunts dog. Mid dle: The Neigh bor Mid dle Di no saur bone. HIST818181813365128Re build ing the World Trade Cen ter Eight years of prog ress on cam era. (CC)(N)(HD)Ho tel Ground Zero Es cape from be low. (CC)(R)102 Min utes that Changed Amer ica Re count of the WTC at tack. (CC)(R) HOME414141415342165In come Prop erty A down town home. (CC)(R)(HD)Hunt ers(CC)(R) (HD)Hunt ers(CC)(R) (HD)Fixer Up per Con tem po rary home. (R)Fixer Up per Ur ban feel.(R)House Hunt ers(N)In ter na tional(N)(HD) HSN242424245119151Collect: 14th Anniversary Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. List with Colleen LopezKORRES Beauty LIFE363636365241140Wife Swap: Allison; Hagerty Con ser va tive mom. Pro jectRun way Wed ding dresses. (TVPG)(R)(HD)Pro jectRun way: Chopard Chopard jew elry.(R)Pro jectRun way: Rainway Avante garde looks in the rain. (TVPG)(CC)(N)(HD)Run way: Rainway (R) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


31 THURSDAY SEP. 11EVENING THURSDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161Date line on OWN Man shot by wife. (CC) (R) (HD)Date line on OWN Young mother killed. (R) (HD)20/20 on OWN: Faith Be trayed Wife mur ders. (R)20/20 on OWN: Femme Fatales (CC) (R) (HD)20/20 on OWN: Ghosts of Au tumn (CC) (N) (HD) SPIKE57575757296354Cops: Coast to Coast Cops Pros ti tu tion. (R) (:18) Cops: Coast to Coast High speed chase. (R) (:54) Cops (R) (HD)Cops Do mes tic abuse. Cops Drug house car. Cops: Coast to Coast(:17) Cops: Coast to Coast K-9 units. (CC) (R) (HD) SYFY6767676725364180 (4:50) Robin Hood (, Drama) aaa An ar cher be comes an Eng lish hero.(:50) Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: Past Trangressions Arena lob by ing. (CC)Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Plot un folds; rank. Ha ven: See No Evil (CC) (N) TBS59595959326252Seinfeld: The Money Seinfeld (TVPG) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Mom Tempted Christy. Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230 (5:45) Ze bra in the Kitchen (, Com edy) Coun try boy re leases zoo crea tures. In flu ence: Joan Allen The Nutty Pro fes sor () A wall flower is trans formed into a swinger af ter in gest ing a mir a cle po tion. (CC)The Caddy () ac A golfer has a se cret coach. TLC454545455772139Say Yes (CC) (R) (HD)Say Yes Pres ence. (R)Amer i can Gypsy Wed ding Jeal ous ex. (R) (HD)Gypsy Sis ters Early bar trip.(CC) (R) (HD)Gypsy Sis ters (CC) (N) (HD)Gypsy Wed ding:Ex tra Bling Unaccepting; ex tras. TNT61616161285551Cas tle: Tick, Tick, Tick... Se rial killer. (CC) (HD)Cas tle: Boom! Se rial killer taunts Cas tle & Beckett. Cas tle: Wrapped Up in Death Mummys curse. (HD) (:01) Cas tle: The Late Shaft Talk show host. (HD) (:02) Cas tle: Den of Thieves Thiefs mur der. (HD) TRAV6969696926066170Bi zarre Foods with An drew Zimmern: Ice land (R)v Food: Phil a del phia v Food: San An to nio Bi zarre Foods with An drew The Big Ap ple. (R)The Lay over with An thony Bourdain: Lon don (R)The Lay over with An thony Bourdain: Paris (R) TRUTV636363635030183truTV Top Fun ni est Mower wheelies. (CC) (R)truTV Top Fun ni est (CC) (R)truTV Top Fun ni est (CC) (N)Jok ers Li quor store. Im prac ti cal Ski lodge. Jok ers A bridal shop. Jok ers Telemarketing. TVLND626262623154244GriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesCandid Camera (HD)ClevelandQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Blast (TV14)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit Romani boy. Law & Or der: SVU Un con scious woman. (TV14)Rush: Dirty Work (CC) (N)(:01) Sat is fac tion: ...Through Rev e la tion (CC) (N) WE117117117117117149Braxton Fam ily Val ues A ther apy re treat. (TV14)Braxton Fam ily Val ues A va ca tion to gether. (R)Braxton Fam ily: I Aint Scared of No De mons (R)Braxton Fam ily: Start ing Off on a Bad Note (TV14)SWV Re united: Were Not Jammin (N) WGN1616161941119Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD) STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)Col lege Foot ball Count down (N) (CC) (HD)C College Football: Houston Cougars at BYU Cougars from Lavell Edwards Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD) ESPN23030303065974Around the Horn (HD)In ter rup tion(CC) (HD)USA Womens Bas ket ball: Na tional Team Show case: from Car pen ter Cen ter in New ark, Del. (Live) (HD)City Slam: Wash ing ton, D.C. Base ball To night (N) (CC) (HD) FS148484848426983Amer icas Pregame (N) (CC) (HD)Foot ball (N) (CC) (HD)UFC From (N) (HD)UFC Un leashed: Sub mis sions (CC) (R) (HD)Count down to(HD)V FOX Fight Night: Golden Boy Promotions (Live) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677A Piece of (R)Ac cess (N) (HD)Mar lins (HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers from Miller Park (Live) (HD) GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)PGA Tour Golf: Na tion wide Chil drens Hos pi tal Cham pi on ship: First Round (Taped) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Cham pi on ship: First Round : from East Lake Golf Club in At lanta (Re play) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190The Cross over (HD)Fan tasy (N)Pre mier World(N)Pre mier League Club Guide (N) (CC) (HD)Pre mier League Count down (N) (CC) (HD)Pre mier World Pre mier League Club Guide (CC) (HD) SUN3838401401455776Fish ing Re port (N) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees from Yankee Stadium (Live) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)Fish ing Re port (R) (HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252iCarly (HD)iCarly (HD)iCarly (HD)Witch Way(HD)Henry Dan ger Boy be comes superheros side kick. Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill (CC)King Hill (CC)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Dad Stans mother. Fam Guy (TV14) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102Mad Money (CC)The Kudlow ReportAmerican GreedAmerican GreedAmerican Greed CNN323232321838100Sit u a tion Room (N)Crossfire (CC) (N)Erin Bur nett OutFront Be yond the news. (N)An der son Coo per 360 Break ing news. (N) (HD)Dr. Sanjay Gupta Spe cials Ground Zero. (R) (HD)CNN To night The big gest sto ries. (N) CSPN181818183712109U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Is sues in the House of Rep re sen ta tives. (N)U.S. House of Rep re sen ta tives Key Capitol Hill Hear ings C-SPAN pres ents Con gress most im por tant com mit tee hear ings. FNC646464644871118Spe cial Re port with Bret Baier The lat est news. (N)On the Re cord with Greta Van Susteren (N) (HD)The OReilly Fac tor News talk. (CC) (N) (HD)The Kelly File News up dates. (N)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD) MSNB8383838318540103PoliticsNation Rev. Al Sharpton. (N) (HD)Hard ball with Chris Matthews Po lit i cal is sues. (N)All in with Chris Hayes Po lit i cal panel. (N) (HD)The Ra chel Maddow Show News and views. (N)The Last Word with Law rence ODonnell (N) (HD) SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsPaidNewsNewsNewsNewsLt EditionLt Edition CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (5:40) Reba(HD)Reba Brock the coach. Reba Sales man Van. Reba (HD)Var sity Blues (, Drama) aac James Van Der Beek, Jon Voight. A high school coach and quar ter back have con flict ing game plans. (R) (HD) MTV333333333548210Jer sey Shore Beach drama & fun. (CC) (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (N)Snack-Off (N) VH1505050504323217 (5:30) Pulp Fic tion (, Crime) aaaa John Travolta, Sam uel L. Jack son. In Los An geles, two ec cen tric hit men in ter act with di verse char ac ters. (R) (HD)Dat ing Na ked Peo ple date na ked. (HD)Cou ples Ther apy (R) (HD) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420Jack the Giant Slayer (, Adventure) aac Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and giants erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (CC)The Internship () aa Two jobless, middle-aged salesmen compete as interns against dozens of college students for a coveted job at a savvy, tech company. Were the Millers (, Comedy) Drug dealer hire fake family as a cover. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422 (:15) The Dukes of Hazzard (, Comedy) aa Johnny Knoxville. Two rebellious cousins try to root out evil and corruption in their hometown. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)The Conjuring (, Horror) aaac Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson. Paranormal investigators help family being terrorized by a dark presence. (R) (CC) (HD)The Knick: The Busy Flea Operating on a former love.(CC) (HD) DISN1361361361369945250I Didnt Do It New smoothie.(R)I Didnt Do It New student. (R)Dog with a Blog Parade float. (R)Jessie Movie making. (CC) (R) (HD)Alvin and the Chipmunks () aa Three musical chipmunks turn an aspiring songwriters livelihood upside down. (CC)Austin & Ally First impression. (R)Liv and Maddie: BrainA-Rooney Girl Meets Mixed emotions. (R) ENC150150150150150350 (5:50) Selena (, Drama) aac Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos. A popular Mexican-American singer begins as a child and becomes a superstar. (PG) (CC)Carrie (, Drama) aa Angela Bettis, Patricia Clarkson. Troubled teenager with telekinetic powers unleashes her anger after cruel prank. (CC) (HD) (:15) The Rage: Carrie 2 (, Thriller) Emily Bergl. Outcast teen teased. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400Last Week John Oliver (R) (HD)Man of Steel (, Action) ac Henry Cavill, Amy Adams. A young Clark Kent embarks on an arduous journey to discover his extraterrestrial heritage and become the symbol of hope for all mankind. (CC)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (R) (HD)Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls Nuckys youth. (R) (HD) HBO2303303303303303303402 (5:05) Cloud Atlas () aaac Tom Hanks, Halle Berry. A killer becomes a hero, and an act of kindness incites a revolution. (R) (CC) (HD)A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY Life in FDNY. (CC) (HD)The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (, Adventure) Ian McKellen. Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves face dangers on journey to the Lonely Mountain. (CC) HBO3304304304304304404 (4:45) Walk the Line (, Profile) aaac The life of a rising country singer.(:05) Enders Game (, Science Fiction) aac Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld. A gifted child is sent to space where he prepares for an invasion. (PG-13) (CC)Last Week John Oliver(HD)Ted (, Comedy) aaa Mark Wahlberg. A mans vulgar, living teddy bear comes between him and his girlfriend. (R) (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365David Bowie: 5 Years in the Making of an Icon () English musician. (CC)Dantes Peak (, Drama) aac A volcanologist travels to the Northern Cascades just before a mountain erupts. (CC) (:50)Homeland: Debrief (R) (HD)Hustle & Flow () aaa Terrence Howard. A pimp spends his spare time realizing his dream of becoming a rap artist. (R) (CC) (HD) TMC350350350350350350385 (:05) Tin Men () aac Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito. Two con-artist salesman become entangled in a rivalry of one-upmanship. (R) (CC) (HD)Legally Blonde (, Comedy) aac A frivolous college student gets serious about law when she enrolls in Harvard. (CC) (:35) Save the Last Dance () aa A teenage girls dreams of becoming a professional ballerina are challenged. (CC) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


32 THURSDAY SEP. 11LATE NIGHT THURSDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsKimmel NightlineExtraETInsiderExtraWorld News(N)NewsNews(N) ABC E F2811NewsKimmel Nightline Dr. OzNewsPaidWorld News(N)NewsNewsNews ABC E F407771077NewsKimmel NightlinePaidES.TV ABC World News Now(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F1010101010NewsLate Show Late LatePaidPaid(:52)Minute(N)NewsNewsNews CBS E F11213213555NewsLate Show Late Late(:52)PhilComicsMinuteNewsNewsNews(N) NBC E F*88888NewsTonightLate NightLast CallToday(N)HarveyEarlyNewsNewsNews NBC E F20222NewsTonightLate NightLast CallDr. Oz Money EarlyNewsNews(N) FOX E F131313131313NewsAccessDishTMZNewsPaidPaidAccessDishTMZNewsNewsNews5:30 FOX E F36444NewsTMZSimpsonsRaymondRaymondThe OfficeThe Office30 Rock30 RockDivorceS pringerFox 4(N) PBS E F#3333EmmanuelRose(N)Old HouseSecretsAmericanNature NOVA(R) PBS E F1620420420416SmileyRose(N)EuropeNature My WildW ild!(R)ChasingHealthyYoga PBS E F30333SecretsRoseSmileyMath Old HouseStory(R)AmericanNature NOVA(R) CW E F4662162 1/2 MenHow I MetHow I MetModernModernRulesRulesMiddleMiddleQueensHarveys Shows Show CW E F449994FriendsFriendsSimpsonsOK! TVKing HillSunnyComicsPaidPaidMojoPaidPaidDaily Buzz MYN E F3811111114SeinfeldCommunRaymondETPaid Bridezilla 70s Shows ShowPaidPaidLets AskShepherd MYN E F*898SeinfeldSeinfeldKing HillKing HillDadSunnyN umber One (, Drama) Sea HuntShepherd IND E F321212123812Fam GuyFam GuyBattle Seattle () Paid(CC)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817Cold CaseCold CaseFlashpointFlashpointPaidPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222WealthAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. CTN Spec.700 ClubE mpowerA. Rippy WRXY E F49224410NewsAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. ReignSupport ExerciseFitness TLF E F50232323955DeportivoPalenqueMuecasMetstasisDeportivoPagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156NoticiasNoticieroNo amarAmorcito Alma deLa familia Como diceGordoP rimerNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E26262626395018148(R)48(R)48(R) (:02)Kids48(R)PaidDog BntyDog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Uncle () aac Back to School () Trapped in Paradise () CSI Miami APL444444443668130Ice LakeIce LakeAlaskanRailroadAttractionInfested!Monsters BET353535354022270Love JonesWendyHell DateHell DateHell DateComicVwLatifah BET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185Watch SinglesHousewives Dont BeParentingWatch Dont BePaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190DailyColbertmidnightA. DevineDailyColbertmidnightKey; PeeleKey; PeeleSunnySunnySunnyPaidPaid DISC404040402543120Alaska Alaska 9/11 E-MenFast LoudPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196News(R)Sex and the City (, Comedy) BotchedPaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160Predator 2 () aac The Big Bounce ac PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285DefendingWomenGrDaily MassWorld OverNewsGod WpsMurialdoCatholicWeb Faith Dr. Ray FAM555555551046199700 ClubThe Flintstones () PaidPaid700 ClubPaidPaidReignLife Today FOOD37373737-76164DinersDiners ChoppedBeat BobBeat Bob DinersDiners ChoppedAce Cake ThievesPaidPaid FX51515151584953MarriedThe WorstThe WorstMarriedMarriedThe WorstR escuePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184Fam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageFam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageAskAskPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST8181818133651289/11(R)Hotel Zero(:01)102 Minutes(R)9/11(TVPG)(R)Real WestPaid HOME414141415342165Upper(R)Upper(R)HuntersHunters Upper(R)Upper(R)PaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140RunwayRunwayRunway(R)Runway(R)PaidPaidPaidPaid OWN585858584710316120/20(R)20/20(R)20/20(R)Best OprahBest OprahDatelineDateline SPIKE57575757296354CopsCopsCopsJailJail(:46)Shootouts PrisonersPaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180SpartacusHaven Aladdin ac Evil Jinn. Book of Beasts () Lost Girl TBS59595959326252Conan The OfficeConan The OfficeProtection ()(CC)MarriedMarriedMarriedEarl TCM65656565169230Caddy ac Three on a CouchThe Big Mouth () At War With Army TLC454545455772139SistersExtra(R)SistersWeddingPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551Dallas Five 0(:03)Law(:03)LawCSI: NYCSI: NYSville TRAV6969696926066170v Foodv FoodLayoverLayoverv Foodv FoodBizarrePaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183Top 20 truTV TopJokersJokersJokersJokersTop 20 WipeoutStingsPaid TVLND626262623154244QueensRaymondRaymondClevelandRaymondRaymondRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneWh BossWh Boss USA34343434225250Rush(R)Satisfact.(:03)SVU(:03)SVU(:02)SVU(:01)SVUSVU(HD) WE117117117117117149SWV: Watch BraxtonSWV ReunitBraxtonSWV: Watch PaidPaid WGN1616161941119How I MetHow I MetHow I MetHow I MetRulesRulesParks30 RockSunnyFuturamaPaidPaidNews(N) STROPSESPN29292929125870Coll. FtblSports Sports Sports Coll. Ftbl(Replay)Sports ESPN23030303065974Sports OlbermannBaseball ESPN FCNationS ports Sports Olbermann FS148484848426983FOX Fight(Live)(HD)FOX SportsFOX Sports FootballCountdwnFOX Fight(Replay) FSN727272725677MarlinsMarlins UnleashedMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf(Replay)Golf CntrlLPGA Tour Golf(Replay)(HD)Golf CntrlEuro. Tour NBCSN71717171546190CountdownClub GuideShark Shark PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN3838401401455776FloridaS portsmnMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Money Greed Greed PaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwide Exchange CNN323232321838100360(R)S. GuptaCNN Tonite ForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicEarly(N) CSPN181818183712109HearingsKey Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings FNC646464644871118OReillyKelly FileHannityOn RecordRed EyeThe FiveFOX-Friend MSNBC8383838318540103Hayes(R)MaddowODonnellHardballCaughtLockup First LookToo Early SNN6661111Lt EditionLt EditionNewsChefNewsNew sNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNews MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420MillersSkin 05(:20)Red 2 ()(CC)Talk Sex () Cobb A legend portrayed. CINE2321321321321321321422The KnickEnough () CoEd Cnf.Wet Summer(:50)Code 46 ()(R)Lng Time DISN1361361361369945250A.N.T.JessieGood LckGood LckOn DeckOn DeckWizardsWizardsShake ItA.N.T.On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350Carrie 2Wild Things () aac Dr Detroit () You Sucka aac Breakin HBO302302302302302302400CathouseReal SexLeftoversMan of Steel () ac(CC)Bourne Legacy () Conchord HBO2303303303303303303402SmaugJonahGood Time aac Veronica Mars () Last Days () Dr. No HBO3304304304304304404 (:20)Walk the Line () The Counselor () Richards () Airport 75 SHOW3403403403403403403657 DeadlyDonovan7 DeadlyB.S.!INXS: ()(CC)INXS: ()(CC)Billy Joel(R) TMC350350350350350350385Last DnceSla p Her ( ) Ma p of World ( ) Cheerleadr aa(:40)Sister ( ) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


FRIDAY Masters of Illusion8 p.m. on CWLevitation Dean Cain hosts a series of cutting-edge illusions, with live performances by magicians Tony Chapek, Erix Logan and Sara Maya, Johnny Ace Palmer, Nathan Burton, Ed Alonzo, Christopher Hart and Jonathan Pendragon. (HD)Kitchen Nightmares9 p.m. on FOXRevisited Ramsay checks up on sisters Rita and Lisa of La Galleria, Tom and daughter Andrea of the Olde Hitching Post and belly-dancer-turned-restaurant-owner Rishi of the Prohibition Gastropub to see if theyve taken his advice to heart. (HD)Love It or List It, Too9 p.m. on HOMEGloomy Mountain Retreat A couple with two children decided to leave the city and purchase a mountain retreat two years ago, but the house that they chose has quickly become a burden on them physically and emotionally, and they are ready to leave it behind. (HD)Mysteries at the Museum9 p.m. on TRAVBrassiere Brigade, Flight For Life, Connecticut Haunting Don Wildman takes a look at a brassiere that provided some prurient criminals a boost, a plane that rose to the challenge during a dangerous rescue mission and a religious symbol that was purportedly damaged by nefarious forces.Bill Maher: Live from DC10 p.m. on HBOAt the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., comic and television host Bill Maher takes the stage in order to perform his standup comedy routine, which features the political satirists signature jokes, one-liners and monologues. (HD)House Hunters10 p.m. on HOMEA couple who enjoys the active lifestyle and beautiful landscapes of Phoenix is ready to buy their rst home together, but they will have to nd a compromise between a more traditional bungalow and a modern-style home with an open kitchen. (HD)This Is the End10:15 p.m. on ENCSix celebrities have trapped themselves inside a house after a series of devastating events befall Los Angeles, and their friendships are put to the test when cabin fever takes over, forcing them to leave the house and face the outside world.FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS Across 1. Sitcom alien 4. Helen Hunt series, __ About Y ou 7. General Hospital actress Rachel 11. __ Remini: Its All Relative 13. Org. for Denny Crane 14. Ms. Taylor of Almost Human 15. Girls actress Dunham 16. Preachers title: abbr. 17. Thanksgiving side dish 18. Comedian Emo 21. Argentine grassland 24. James Mason lm, The __ Fox 28. Christopher of Taxi 29. Lowest point 30. Sleep like __ __ 31. Inspiration personied 32. Polo and Garr 34. Mr. Gervais 35. Place for a lace 37. Amber and Pat 38. Ms. Klaveno of True Blood 40. Actor Mostel 43. Coffee __ 44. Keeps on reminding 48. Aircraft designer Sikorsky 49. Night opener 50. Iridescent stone 51. Corn cake 52. Fraternity letter 53. Attempt Down 1. __ in the Family 2. Spider-Man creator Stan 3. Air mover 4. The rst Mrs. Niles Crane 5. Biblical brother 6. Spade or Soul 7. Shown, Mistresses star: 2 wds. 8. Mamma __! 9. A Nightmare on __ Street 10. __ boom bah! 12. Adam Sandler hit: 2 wds. 19. It __ to Be You 20. Corral 21. Batters position 22. Side street 23. Actress Mandy 25. Draw out 26. Tom Cruises __ Business 27. Three-spots 33. 1993 movie, Wide Sargasso __ 34. Dog star, __ Tin Tin 36. The Donald 37. Amazing magician 39. Eye part 40. Postal numbers 41. Sense of self 42. Director Howard 45. Appropriate 46. Needle-nosed sh 47. __ and the Family StoneTV CROSSWORD 1Amy (Emma Roberts), a recent college grad begrudgingly takes a job at an adult bookstore with the amiable Alex, all while pursuing the mentorship of reclusive writer Rat Billings in Adult World, airing Friday at 9 p.m. on Showtime. solution33


34 FRIDAY SEP. 12EVENING FRIDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117ABC7 News @ 6:00pm The news of the day. ABC World News with Da vid Muir(N) (HD)The 7 OClock News(N)(HD)En ter tain ment To night(CC)(N) (HD)Last Man Stand ing Eves new boy friend.(R)Last Man Stand ing Schools name sake. (R)Shark Tank Fit ness rou tine for chil dren; dry wallre pair; dig i tal pho tos; webcam pri vacy. (CC)(R) (HD) (:01)20/20(CC)(N)(HD) ABC E F2811News The lat est news. World News(N)(HD)The List(TV G) (HD)Right This Min ute(HD)Last Man(CC) (R)(HD)Last Man(CC) (R)(HD)Shark Tank Dig i talpri vacy;fitness for kids.(R)(HD) (:01)20/20(CC)(N)(HD) ABC E F407771077News(N)World News(N)(HD)A Mil lion aire?(CC)(N)OK! TV(CC)(N) (HD)Last Man(CC) (R)(HD)Last Man(CC) (R)(HD)Shark Tank Dig i talpri vacy;fitness for kids.(R)(HD) (:01)20/20(CC)(N)(HD) CBS E F101010101010 News, 6pm Lo cal news re port.(N)CBS Eve ning News with Scott Pelley(N) (HD)Wheel of For tune(CC)(R) (HD)Jeop ardy!: Bat tle of De cades (CC)(R) (HD)48 Hours: Os car Pistorius: The Ver dict (CC)(N)(HD)Ha waiiFive-0: Akanahe McGarrett and Grover are tasked with serv ing a young hacker a war rant.(R)Blue Bloods: Above and Be yond Frank goes all out to find the mur derer of an un der cover de tec tive. CBS E F11213213555News(N)(HD)Eve ning News(N)(HD)News(N)(HD)In side Edi tion(N)48 Hours: Os car Pistorius: The Ver dict(N)(HD)Ha waiiFive-0: Akanahe Young hacker. (R)(HD)Blue Bloods Un der cover killed.(CC)(R)(HD) NBC E F*88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Cur rent events. (N)(HD)NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 News; weather; more. Ex tra Ce leb rity sto ries. (CC) (HD)Run ning Wild with Bear Grylls: Tamron Hall Tamron Hall in the re mote Utah desert.(CC)(R)(HD)Date line NBC(CC)(R)(HD) NBC E F20222News(N)(HD)NBC Nightly News(N)Wheel of For tune(R)Jeop ardy(R) (HD)Run ning Wild with Bear Grylls: Tamron Hall(R)Date line NBC(CC)(R)(HD) FOX E F131313131313FOX 13 6:00 News The daily news. (N)(HD)FOX 13 6:30 News News cov er age. (N)TMZ In side news about ce leb ri tieslives.(R)The In sider(CC)(R)(HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part Three (CC)(N)(HD)Kitchen Nightmre: Re vis ited Ramsay checks on La Gal leria and oth ers. (CC)(N)(HD)FOX 13 10:00 News The news of the day. (N)FOX 13 10:30 News News cov er age. (N) FOX E F36444FOX 4 News at Six Lo cal news; weather. (N)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Judge Judy(CC)(HD)Uto pia: Se ries Pre miere, Part Three (CC)(N)(HD)Kitchen Nightmre Ramsay checks back. (N)FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly news re port.(N) PBS E F#3333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)Wash ing ton Week(N)Florida(CC)Celtic Thun der My thol ogy His tory and leg ends told through songs.(CC)(R)(HD) PBS E F1620420420416Ses ame Street In ter rupted story. (CC)(R)(HD)Cat in Hat(R) (HD)Peg + Cat(CC) (R)An tiques Roadshow Reg i ment colt. (CC)(R)(HD)Miss Fishers Mur der Mys ter ies Vine yard mur der. Midsomer Mur ders Death by rel ish. (CC)(R) PBS E F30333BBC World News(CC)Busi ness Re port(N)The PBS NewsHour(CC)(N) (HD)Wash ing ton Week(N)The Week(N) (HD)James McNeill Whis tler Painter pro filed. (N)(HD)Royal Paint box Works of art by the royal fam ily.(N) CW E F466216Big Bang Pennys lie. News(N)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Two & Half Men: Pilot Mas ters of: Lev i ta tion Line Improv com edy. Amer icas Next Top Model Makeover day. (R)(HD)News @10pm(N)(HD) CW E F449994Queens(TVPG) (HD)Queens(TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men(CC) (HD)Two & Half Men: Pilot Mas ters of: Lev i ta tion Line Improv com edy. Amer icas Next Top Model Makeover day. (R)(HD)Rules: The Chal lenge Rules: Ha rass ment MYN E F3811111114Ray mond: The Fi nale Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)En ter tain To night(N)Monk New med i cine. (CC)(HD)Monk Monk needs as sis tant(CC)(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD)Cops Re loaded(HD) MYN E F*898Dad Ac tiv i ties di rec tor. Cleve land(CC) (HD)Fam Guy(CC)Fam Guy(CC)Monk New med i cine. (CC)(HD)Monk Monk needs as sis tant(CC)(HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit Killer minister. IND E F321212123812Mod ern(CC) (HD)Mod ern(CC) (HD)Big Bang Pennys lie. Big Bang(CC) (HD)Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit Killer minister. Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Misleader The Of fice(CC) (HD)The Of fice Ru mors. ION E F6622213261817Cold Case: Sandhogs Un ion or ga nizer. (CC)(HD)Le ver age: The Dou ble-Blind Job Dan ger ous drug. Le ver age: The Stu dio Job Coun try singer.(CC)(HD)Le ver age: The Gone Fishin Job Ter ror ism. (HD)Le ver age: The Boost Job Car thieves.(CC)(HD) WCLF E F22222222 2Chris tian Fit ness Mar i lyn & Sa rah(CC)Faith Alive!GreatAwaken TourThe Good Life with Bob DAndrea(CC)Gos pel Truth(CC)(N)En ter tain ment Life To day(CC) WRXY E F49224410Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)Proph ecy in the News Rhema Praise(CC)Sup port The VisionLevitt(CC)(R)Walk on Wa ter Joyce Meyer(CC)(N)En ter tain ment Gos pel Truth(CC)(N) TLF E F50232323955El Chavo Risas y ms risas.(TVPG)(CC)Vivan los nios Aventura escolar.(TVPG)(CC)K-19: The Widowmaker (, Drama) aac Har ri son Ford, Liam Neeson. El malfuncionamiento de un submarino nu clear crea una gran amenaza. (PG-13)(CC)(HD) UNIV E F62151515 6Noticias(CC) (N)Noticiero Univisin(N)La Gata Pablo se enamora de Esmeralda. Mi corazn es tuyo Chicos difciles. Hasta el fin del mundo Sofa enamorada. La malquerida Amor oculto tras hostilidad. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Stor age(CC)(R) (HD)Crim i nal Minds: Car bon Copy Clos ing in. (TV14)Crim i nal Minds: The Gath er ing Doc u mented lives. Crim i nal Minds: Res to ra tion Mor gans past. (TV14) (:01)Crim i nal Minds: Pay It Forward Time cap sule. AMC565656563053231 (5:30)The Fast and the Fu ri ous: To kyo Drift (, Ac tion) Young man in volved in dan ger ous rac ing. (CC)Ter mi na tor 3: Rise of the Ma chines (, Sci ence Fic tion) aac A cy borg from the fu ture is sent to back to save the hu man race. (CC)Ter mi na tor 3 () aac APL444444443668130River Mon sters Flesh-eating fish. (CC)(HD)To Be An nounced Info un avail able. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. Red wood Kings: Cut Mas ters Ex tras;dun geon.(:02)Red wood Kings Aged timeline log.(R)(HD) BET353535354022270 (4:30)The Best Man () aa A novel is trou ble. (CC)Keyshia Cole(R)Keyshia Cole(R)ComicVw(CC)ComicVw(CC)Why Did I Get Married? () A re union turns som ber as one of the cou ples at tend ing con fronts in fi del ity. BRAVO6868686825451185Mil lionDol lar List ing LA Josh takes a fall. (TV14)Mil lionDol lar List ing LA In fa mous char ac ter. (R)To Be An nounced Info un avail able. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. COM666666661527190S. Park(TV14)(R)Tosh.0 Nerf dunker. ColbertRe port(R) (:29)Daily Show(R)Key & Peele(R) (HD)Key & Peele(R) (HD)Key & Peele(R) (HD)Tosh.0 Worst school. Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD)Tosh.0(CC)(R) (HD) DISC404040402543120Be ring Sea Gold Lives risked. (CC)(R)(HD)Be ring Sea Gold Part ner ships tested.(CC)(R)(HD)Be ring Sea Gold Jobs dan gers. (CC)(R)(HD) (:01)Be ring Sea Gold Bonds tested.(CC)(N)(HD) (:02)Air plane Repo(CC)(N) (HD) E!464646462726196Con fes sions of a Teen age Drama Queen () ac E! News(N)(HD)Se crets(N)Who Wore It(R)(HD)Fash ion Po lice: IMAN, NYFW (N)(HD)Fash ion Po lice: IMAN, NYFW (R)(HD) ESQ82828282118118160Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Com pet i tors try to beat stage four. (CC)(HD)Fri day Night Tykes Safety con cerns. (TVPG)(R)Fri day Night Tykes Sea son pres sure.(TVPG)(R)Parks: Leslie vs. April Parks Park de signs. EWTN2432432431217285EWTN Nightly(N)St. Murialdo, My Story Daily Mass Cel e bra tion of the Holy Eu cha rist. (R)Life on the Rock Fri ars in ter view. EWTN Nightly(R)Holy Ro sary(TV G)Cross Train ing(CC)Con sum ing FAM555555551046199The Flintstones () Matilda (, Fan tasy) Danny DeVito. A young girl uses mag i cal talents to get even with a wicked prin ci pal. The Goonies (, Ad ven ture) aaa Sean Astin. A group of play mates tries to stop ruth less de vel op ers and finds a trea sure map. (CC) FOOD37373737-76164Diners Giz zard City. Diners(R)(HD)Diners(R)(HD)Diners Hoagie shop. Diners Ventura, Ca lif. Diners Italian; bur gers. Diners Syr a cuse, N.Y. Diners(R)(HD)Diners(N)(HD)Eat ing(R) FX51515151584953 (5:30)The Pro posal () Pub lisher from Can ada forces as sis tant to marry her to avoid de por ta tion.(CC)We Bought a Zoo (, Fam ily) aaa Matt Damon. A fa ther moves his fam ily to a run down zoo with hopes of starting over.(PG)We Bought a Zoo aaa GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)New ly wed Game(R)New ly wed Game(R)New ly wed Game(R)New ly wed Game(R)New ly wed Game(R)New ly wed Game(R) HALL5551773240The Waltons: The Pre mo ni tion Nightmre. (CC)The Waltons: The Pur suit Jim-Bob is fol lowed. The Waltons: The Last Ten Days Ben fears death. Mid dle Mak ing deal. Mid dle(CC) (HD)The Mid dle: The Bee The Mid dle Girl friend. HIST818181813365128Amer i can Pick ers Costly res to ra tion. (CC)(R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers Mem o ra ble mo ments. (R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers Trailer; cars; more. (CC)(R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers New store ad di tion. (R)(HD)Amer i can Pick ers: Rocket Man One-of-a-kind car. HOME414141415342165Now? Florida pro ject. Now?(R)Love It or List It, Too Rus tic rancher home.(R)Love It or List It, Too Moun tain home. (R)(HD)Love It or List It, Too(CC)(N) (HD)House Hunt ers(N)In ter na tional(N)(HD) HSN242424245119151June AmbroseFall Beauty SeriesFall Beauty SeriesIMAN Global ChicIMAN Global Chic LIFE363636365241140Movie The Switch () A beau ti ful, un mar ried 40-year-old woman de cides that she wants to have a baby.(CC)The Ugly Truth (, Com edy) Re luc tantlove. (CC) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


35 FRIDAY SEP. 12EVENING FRIDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161 (5:00) Un faith ful (, Drama) A sub ur ban house wife has an ex tra mar i tal af fair with a young French man. Sea son 25: Oprah Be hind the Scenes (R) (HD)Oprah Be hind the Scenes Camp ing trip. (R) (HD)Oprah Be hind the Scenes Mi chael Jack son. (R) SPIKE57575757296354Cops Ve gas; Texas. Cops: Coast to Coast Cops Drug bust. (R)Cops Gay af fair. (R)Cops Car chase. (R)Cops Hit man case. (R)Bellator MMA (N) (HD) SYFY6767676725364180Zom bie Apoc a lypse () ac A small group fights through zom bies in an at tempt to reach an is land ref uge. WWE SmackDown (N) (CC) (HD)Z Na tion: Pup pies and Kit tens (CC) (N) TBS59595959326252Seinfeld: The Susie Seinfeld: The Pot hole Big Bang (CC) (HD)Mom (CC) (HD)Fam Guy (CC) (HD)Fam Guy (CC) (HD)Fam Guy Lost shirt. Fam Guy (CC) (HD)Blades of Glory (, Com edy) aac Fig ure skat ers. TCM65656565169230 (4:45) Bomb shell () Red-Headed Woman () aaa Gold dig ger en snares her mar ried boss. (CC)Red Dust (, Drama) Clark Ga ble. A plan ta tion owner loves two women. (CC)De sign for Liv ing (, Com edy) aaa Two men fall in love with the same girl. TLC454545455772139Bor rowed Threat. (R)Bor rowed (R) (HD)Bor rowed Hand made. Bor rowed (R) (HD)19 Kids (CC) (R) (HD)19 Kids (CC) (R) (HD)Four Wed dings Ti gers and more. (CC) (N) (HD) (:01) Four Wed dings Ser e nades and snow. (N) (HD) TNT61616161285551Su per nat u ral: Night Shifter In ves ti gate rob ber ies. Su per nat u ral Speak ing to an gels. (TVPG) (HD)The Re place ments (, Com edy) aac Keanu Reeves. A strike forces a coach to re cruit a team of sec ond-string bench-warmers. (CC)Leg ends: Rogue (R) TRAV6969696926066170Mys ter ies at the Mu seum Min ia ture head. (CC) (R)Mys ter ies at the Mu seum An tique game ta ble. (R)Mys ter ies at the Mu seum Fa mous love story. (R)Mys ter ies at the Mu seum Crim i nal bras siere. (N)Mys ter ies at the Mu seum Rowdy crowds (CC) (R) TRUTV636363635030183Pawn Com pe ti tion. (R)Pawn Lure pur chase. Pawn Mar i juana hunt. Pawn Busi ness deal. Pawn Olym pic torch. Pawn (R)Pawn Fam ily con test. Pawn (R)Pawn (R)Pawn Rare gui tar. (R) TVLND626262623154244GriffithGriffithHllbilliesHllbilliesHllbilliesHllbilliesQueensQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Sac ri fice Law & Or der: Spe cial Vic tims Unit: Broth er hood Mod ern Fam ily (HD)Mod ern Fam ily (HD)Mod ern Fam ily (HD)Mod ern Fam ily (HD)Mod ern Fam ily (HD)Mod ern Fam ily (HD) WE117117117117117149Da vid Tutera CEL E Bra tions Lil Kims shower. (R)Da vid Tutera CEL E Bra tions Sib lings dis agree. (R)Da vid Tutera CEL E Bra tions Vow re newal. (R)CEL E Bra tions: Wres tlers Win ter Won der land (N)CEL E Bra tions: Wres tlers Win ter Won der land (R) WGN1616161941119Blue Bloods Cop fam ily. (CC) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD)How I Met(TV14) (HD) STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter (N) (CC) (HD)Foot ball (N) (CC) (HD)C College Football: Baylor Bears at Buffalo Bulls from UB Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD) ESPN23030303065974In ter rup tion(CC) (HD)S NASCAR Sprint Cup Qualifying: 400 (Live) (HD)A 2014 WNBA Finals: Game 3 (Live) (CC) (HD)SportsCenter(N) (HD) FS148484848426983Amer icas Pregame (N) (CC) (HD)NCWTS: Chi cago (HD)S NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Lucas Oil 225 : from Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. (Live) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677Game 365(HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies from Citizens Bank Park (Live) (HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N) (HD)Count down to GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral (N) (HD)PGA Tour Golf: Na tion wide Chil drens Hos pi tal Cham pi on ship: Sec ond Round (Taped) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Cham pi on ship: Sec ond Round : from East Lake Golf Club in At lanta (Re play) (HD) NBCSN71717171546190The Cross over (HD)The Cross over (HD)To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. SUN3838401401455776Fish ing Re port (R) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)@ MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays from Rogers Centre (Live) (HD)Rays LIVE! (N) (HD)In side (HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252iCarly (HD)Thunderman(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Witch Way(HD)SpongeBob(CC)SpongeBob(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC)Full House(CC) TOON80801241244620257Teen Ti tans Go!(:45) Clar enceAd ven ture Time Reg u lar Show King Hill Bill in prison. King Hill (CC)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Cleve land (CC) (HD)Dad Stans con fes sion. Dad KGB neigh bor. 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102Mad Money (CC)The Kudlow ReportAmerican GreedTo Be Announced To Be Announced CNN323232321838100Sit u a tion Room (N)Crossfire (CC) (N)Erin Bur nett OutFront Be yond the news. (N)An der son Coo per 360 Break ing news. (N) (HD)An thony Bourdain Parts Un known: De troit (R)CNN Spot: Jodi Arias Un guarded with (N) CSPN181818183712109Pol i tics & Pub lic Pol icy To day Ma jor po lit i cal ac tiv ity around the U.S. Pol i tics & Pub lic Pol icy To day Ma jor po lit i cal ac tiv ity around the U.S. Pol i tics & Pub lic Pol icy To day Po lit i cal events. FNC646464644871118Spe cial Re port with Bret Baier The lat est news. (N)On the Re cord with Greta Van Susteren (N) (HD)The OReilly Fac tor News talk. (CC) (N) (HD)The Kelly File News up dates. (N)Hannity Con ser va tive news.(CC) (N) (HD) MSNB8383838318540103PoliticsNation Rev. Al Sharpton. (N) (HD)Hard ball with Chris Matthews Po lit i cal is sues. (N)All in with Chris Hayes Po lit i cal panel. (N) (HD)The Ra chel Maddow Show News and views. (N)Lockup Cam eras ex plore life be hind bars. (HD) SNN6661111NewsNewsNewsSuncoastNewsNewsNewsNewsLt EditionLt Edition CISUMCMTV474747472324221Reba Real es tate. (HD)Reba (HD)Reba Vans be liefs. Reba: No Good Deed(:15) Reba Van jeal ous. (HD)Cow boys Cheer lead ers (CC) (N) (HD)Cow boys Cheer lead ers (CC) (R) (HD) MTV333333333548210Find ing Carter Teen taken as baby. Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Ri dic u lous ness (HD)Na po leon Dy na mite () An alien ated teen helps his new friend cam paign to be come the class pres i dent. Scary Movie 2 ac Stu dents stay at haunted house. VH1505050504323217 (5:30) Rock Star (, Drama) A singer is re cruited to re place the lead singer of the fa mous rock band. (CC)Char lies An gels (, Ac tion) aac Cameron Diaz. A com pany head is kid napped and three fe male de tec tives are sent to find him. I Heart Nick(R) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (4:35) Two for the Money () aac(:45) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (, Comedy) Mike Myers. A 1960s spy battles evil in the s.(:15) The Legend of Hercules (, Action) ac Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss. The demigod son of Zeus fights his way back to his rightful kingdom. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)The Knick: They Capture the Heat Barrow tries to pay his debt. (CC) (N) (HD) CINE2321321321321321321422 (5:15) Rush () Chris Hemsworth. Rivalry forged in racings golden age. (CC) (:20) R.I.P.D. () aac Jeff Bridges, Mike Judge. Two bickering partners defend the world from a monstrous brand of criminals. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)The Knick: Wheres the Dignity? Algernon pressures Thackery. (CC) (HD)The Purge (, Thriller) Ethan Hawke. All crime is legal one night each year. DISN1361361361369945250Dog with a Blog Parade float. (R)Alvin and the Chipmunks () aa Three musical chipmunks turn an aspiring songwriters livelihood upside down. (CC)Dog with a Blog Stans secret. (N)Girl Meets Smackle makeover. (N)Gravity Falls: Sock Opera (N)Over Yonder Haters prisoners. I Didnt Do It Telepathy study. (R)Liv and Maddie Softball tryout. (R) ENC150150150150150350 (5:45) National Treasure (, Adventure) aaa Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel. Modern treasure hunter follows clues to uncover secret of the Founding Fathers. (CC)Dreamcatcher () Four childhood friends call upon their telepathic abilities to combat a military vigilantes sadistic solution to a horrendous alien threat. (CC) (:15) This Is the End (, Comedy) Celebrities face the apocalypse. (R) (CC) HBO302302302302302302400 (4:45) King Kong (, Adventure) aaac Naomi Watts, Jack Black. Filmmaker goes on expedition to seek legendary giant gorilla named Kong. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (R) (HD)Real Time with Bill Maher(TVMA) (CC) (N) (HD)Bill Maher: Live from DC Bill Maher performs stand-up routine. (CC) (HD) HBO2303303303303303303402 (5:15)Transporter 2 (, Crime)(:45) Last Week John Oliver(HD) (:15) Kick-Ass 2 (, Action) aaa Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Red Mist returns to seek revenge on everyone around Kick-Ass. (R) (CC) (HD)The Hangover Part III (, Comedy) aaa Three friends take their mentally unstable comrade to get treated. (R) (CC) (:45) Katt Williams: Priceless (HD) HBO3304304304304304404 (5:05) Wont Back Down (, Drama) Two mothers face school bureaucracy.(:10) The Truth About Charlie (, Mystery) ac Mark Wahlberg. Woman learns her dead husband has stolen money that some undesirables want back. (CC)The Heat () aac A tense and uptight FBI agent has to team up with a lewd and crude Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug lord taking over the city. (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365V Weigh-In Live: Mayweather vs. Maidana II (Live)60 Minutes Sports (CC) (HD)Masters of Sex: Story of My Life (CC) (R) (HD)Adult World (, Comedy) aac A discouraged, would-be poetess is mentored by a reclusive college professor. (R) (CC)Dark Skies () A deadly force. TMC350350350350350350385The Ghost Writer A deadly story. A Walk on the Moon () aa Restless woman plans a trip to Woodstock and encounters her rebellious daughter. (CC) (:20) The Words (, Drama) aaa Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons. An aspiring writer decides to pass a mans long-lost manuscript as his own work. (PG-13) (CC)The Canyons (, Thriller) ac Movie producer unravels over betrayal. (R) (CC) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


36 FRIDAY SEP. 12LATE NIGHT FRIDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117NewsKimmel NightlineExtraETInsiderExtraOperationPaidPaidExtra ABC E F2811NewsKimmel Nightline Dr. OzNewsPaidPaid HomeownPaidPaidRightRight ABC E F407771077NewsKimmel NightlinePaidES.TV Comedy.TVT exasTexasKick in ItCareerIcons CBS E F1010101010NewsLate ShowLate LatePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidStormsPaid CBS E F11213213555NewsLate ShowLate LatePhil(R)ComicsRaw TravMcNeelyMissingAnimalHollyscpPaid NBC E F*88888NewsTonightLate NightLast CallToday(N)Harvey1st LookPaidPaidInto Wild NBC E F20222NewsTonightLate NightLast CallDr. Oz Money PaidPaid HollywdOn Money FOX E F131313131313NewsAccessDishTMZNewsPaidPaidAccessDishTMZPaidPaidPaidLive Life! FOX E F36444NewsTMZSimpsonsRaymondRaymondThe OfficeThe OfficeThe Office Comedy.TVLatinLatinoPaidPaid PBS E F#3333Music(R)Rose(N)Wash WkWeekBeautyPaintboxSecretsOld House PBS E F1620420420416SmileyRose(N)Europe BrownMidsomerBaileyDeathD. Martin PBS E F30333Rose(N)SmileyPreviewsWash WkWeekBeautyPaintbox SecretsOld House CW E F4662162 1/2 MenHow I MetHow I MetModernModernRulesRulesMiddleMiddleQueensMusic MixRaw TravlMcNeelyQTV CW E F449994FriendsFriendsSimpsonsOK! TVKing HillSunnyComicsPaidPaidMojoPaidPaidPaidPaid MYN E F3811111114SeinfeldCommunRaymondETPaid Bridezilla 70s Shows ShowPaidPaidLets AskPaidPaid MYN E F*898SeinfeldSeinfeldKing HillKing HillDadSunnySunnyM idnight Express ()(R)Open HsePaid IND E F321212123812Fam GuyFam GuyDadDadClevelandPaynePayneThere YetThere YetPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817LeverageLeverageFlashpointFlashpointPaidPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222FruitAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. CVance700 ClubGospel Forgiven WRXY E F49224410NewsAwakenAwakenYou & Me Prayer line. ReignSupportEnd Age Connect TLF E F50232323955DeportivoPalenqueMuecasRompiendoDeportivoPagadoPagadoTu da UNIV E F621515156NoticiasNoticieroNo amarAmorcito Alma deLa familia Como diceGordoP rimerNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181CriminalCriminalCriminalCriminalCriminalPaid Dog BntyDog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Terminator 3 ()(R)Repo Men () Jude Law. Hollow Man () aa(CC) APL444444443668130RedwoodRedwood(:05)TBA(:06)TBATBA RedwoodRedwood BET353535354022270MarriedWendyHell DateHell DateHell DatePantherLatifahBET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185TBA TBA TBA TBA L.A.(R)PaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190S. ParkS. ParkS. ParkS. ParkJackass 3.5 () aaa(:03)Year One () PaidPaid DISC404040402543120Bering SeaAirplaneBering SeaBering SeaPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196News(R)Police News(R)#RichKids#RichKidsTotal DivaPaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160ParksParksParksParksAmerican(CC)(HD)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285ParablesWomenGrWomenGrTBA NewsCatholicBedrockMary DowSav FaithJourneyJesusSacred FAM555555551046199700 ClubHome Alone 3 () a PaidPaid700 ClubPaidPaidPaidPaid FOOD37373737-76164DinersDinersDinersDinersDinersEatingDinersDinersDinersDiners Iron ChefPaidPaid FX51515151584953Bought a Zoo () Anarchy(R)Beth Cooper () aa PresentsPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184Skin WarsBaggageBaggageFam. FeudFam. FeudBaggageBaggageAskAskPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST818181813365128AmericanAmericanAmericanAmericanAmericanPaidHistoryPaid HOME414141415342165HuntersHuntersLove It HuntersHuntersHuntersHuntersLove It PaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140Ugly ()(:02)The Switch () The Ugly Truth () PaidPaidPaidPaid OWN5858585847103161Season 25Season 25Season 25Oprah Best OprahDatelineDateline SPIKE57575757296354CopsCopsCopsJailJailJailJailJailJailJailPaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY6767676725364180SpartacusZ NationApocalypse () ac(:05)Zombies () Being(R) TBS59595959326252Glory aac Get Smart ()(CC)Envy () Ben Stiller. MarriedMarriedFxworthyEarl TCM65656565169230Paradise ()(:45)Dr. Jekyll () DrakeFreaks () Robbery TLC454545455772139Four WeddFour Wedd19 Kids19 KidsBorrowedBorrowedPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551LegendsFranklinZombieland ()(R)PreviewLaw(HD)Law(HD)Law(HD) TRAV6969696926066170MysteriesMysteriesMysteriesMysteriesMysteriesPaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183PawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnWipeoutStingsPaid TVLND626262623154244RaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondCa ndid CamCl evelandClevelandDivorcedDivorcedDivorcedDivorcedDivorced USA34343434225250ModernModernSVU(HD)SVU(HD)CSI(HD)CSI(HD)Order: CIOrder: CI WE117117117117117149Tutera Tutera Tutera BraxtonBraxtonSWV ReunitPaidPaid WGN1616161941119How I MetHow I MetHow I MetHow I MetRulesRulesParks30 RockSunnyFuturamaPaidPaidPaidPaid STROPSESPN29292929125870Sports Sports Sports Sports Coll. Ftbl(Replay)Sports ESPN23030303065974QualifyingOlbermannBaseball ESPN FCNationS portsSportsNHRA Lucas FS148484848426983FOX SportsCountdownFOX SportsFOX Sports10FIA Formula E Countdown FSN727272725677Wrld PokerMLB Game(Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf(Replay)Golf CntrlLPGA Tour Golf(Replay)(HD)PaidPaid NBCSN71717171546190TBA Shark Shark Mobil 1WorldPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidWingsht SUN3838401401455776Into theSaltwaterMLB Game(Replay)Golden Boy Live PaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Money The ProfitThe ProfitPaidPaidPaidPaidWorldwideSuze Orman CNN323232321838100AnthonyAnthony CNN SpotUnguardForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensic CSPN181818183712109PoliticsPolitics Today Politics Today Politics Today FNC646464644871118OReillyKelly FileHannityOn RecordRed EyeThe FiveHannity MSNBC8383838318540103LockupLockupLockupLockupLockupLockupHardballBusiness SNN6661111Lt EditionLt EditionNewsChefNewsNew sNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNewsNews MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420The KnickGirls GuiGirls GuiThe Knick(:35)Rush () Swingers () Killer Pad () CINE2321321321321321321422Purge Grudge Match () HypnotikaThe Sessions () Slap Shot () DISN1361361361369945250A.N.T.JessieAustinJessieLivAustinLiv Rip Girls () On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350The End(:05)Predator () Lost in Space () Dreamcatcher () HBO302302302302302302400Real TimeBill MaherIdentity Thief () Louis C.K.Red Dragon () aaa HBO2303303303303303303402PricelessCornered2 Guns Mob set up. Real TimeBill MaherLeftoversParades HBO3304304304304304404EmpireMama ()(CC)Closed Circuit ()(:25)True Crime () Birthday SHOW340340340340340340365Dark SkiesMasters ofHomeland Donovan7 DeadlyInside NFLPowder () aa(CC) TMC350350350350350350385Can y onsSex Door ( ) c Public Sex ( ) (CC)28 Hotel ( ) Com p liance KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


37 SATURDAY SEP. 13MORNING SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 TSACDAORBABC E F26 7117ABC7 News @ 6:00am Sat ur day (N)ABC7 News @ 7:00am Sat ur day (N) (HD)Good Morn ing Amer ica Week end (HD)Count down(R)Ocean (R) (HD)Ex plore (CC) (R)Sea Res cue(R)Wild life (R) (HD)Ex pe di tion(R) (HD) ABC E F28 11ABC Ac tion News Week end (N) (HD)ABC Ac tion News Week end (N) (HD)Good Morn ing Amer ica Week end (HD)ABC Ac tion News Week end (N) (HD)Count down(R)Ocean (R) (HD)Ex plore (R) (HD)Sea Res cue(R) ABC E F40 7771077Pets.TV (CC) (R)An i mal Out Takes Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Good Morn ing Amer ica Week end (HD)Count down(R)Ocean (R) (HD)Ex plore (CC) (R)Sea Res cue(R)Wild life (R) (HD)Ex pe di tion(R) (HD) CBS E F10 10101010Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram 10 News Sat ur day The week end news. (N)CBS This Morn ing: Sat ur day (CC) (N) (HD)Lucky Dog(HD)Chris Pet Vet (HD)Rec ipe Rehab (HD)15 Min ute(HD) CBS E F11 213213555News at 6am Sat ur day (N) (HD)CBS This Morn ing: Sat ur day (CC) (N) (HD)Lucky Dog(HD)Chris Pet Vet (HD)Rec ipe Rehab (HD)15 Min ute(HD) NBC E F* 88888Paid Pro gram Reel An i mals To day Week end (CC) (N) (HD)NewsChannel 8 Week end (N)The Chica Show Noo dle (TVY) (CC)Justin Time(CC)Tree Fu Tom (CC) NBC E F20 222NBC2 News Sat ur day To day News re port. To day Week end (CC) (N) (HD)NBC2 News Sat ur day To day News re port. News News re port. LazyTown(CC)The Chica Show Noo dle (TVY) (CC)Justin Time(CC) FOX E F13 1313131313FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 6:00 (N)FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 7:00 (N)FOX 13s Good Day Tampa Bay at 8:00 (N)Live Life! (R) (HD)Sport Star(N) (HD)Planet (N) (HD)Outer Space (N)Earth 2050(N)An i mal (N) (HD) FOX E F36 444Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Dog Tales(CC) (N)Eco Comp.(R)Ca reer (R) (HD)Teen News(R)Sport Star(N) (HD)Real Edge(CC) (N)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram PBS E F# 3333Bar ney (CC) (HD)Angelina (R) (HD)An tiques Roadshow Litho graph; more. (R)Globe Trekker WWII sites. (CC) (N)Eu rope (CC) (R)Trav els (CC) (R)Rudy Maxa(R)Home (CC) (R) (HD)Old House(R)Old House(R) PBS E F16 20420420416E. Edelman (R)Wealth Trk(R)Old House(R)Ask This (R) (HD)Mo tor Week (N)Land (CC) (R) (HD)Paint ing (R) (HD)Craft ing (R) (HD)Soup (CC) (R) (HD)Your Home(R)Gar den Smart (N)Greener (R) (HD) PBS E F30 333Bob (CC) (R) (HD)Thomas (R) (HD)Cu ri ous (CC) (R)Sid Al ler gies. (R)Cu ri ous (R) (HD)Cu ri ous (R) (HD)Kratts (R) (HD)WordGirl (R) (HD)Mar tha: Pud dings Cook ing: Corn (R)Cooks (R) (HD)Kitchen (CC) (R) CW E F46 6216Paid Pro gram Pets.TV (CC) (R)Cubix: Ro bots Cubix: Ro bots Sonic X (CC)Bolts: Moon Units Spi der Man(HD)Spi der Man(HD)DBZ Kai(CC)Fu sionYu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!(CC) (R) CW E F44 9994Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Cubix: Ro bots Cubix: Ro bots Sonic X (CC)Bolts: Moon Units Spi der Man(HD)Spi der Man(HD)DBZ Kai(CC)Fu sionYu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!(CC) (R) MYN E F38 11111114Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Wild Amer ica (CC)Teen News(R)Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Open House (R)Raw Travel(R) MYN E F* 898Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram IND E F32 1212123812Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. Paid Spon sored. ION E F66 22213261817Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram C. Oyakhilome Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Badge (HD) WCLF E F22 222222 2Wor ship for Kids Sonshiny Day Star Fam ilyBeckys Barn (CC)Gos pel BillHeath Checker Tween You & Me Dr. Work shop Chris tian Fit ness Citylife Church Walk on Wa ter Love Worth(CC) WRXY E F49 224410Min is try Mo mentsStar Fam ilyHeath Checker Fred and Susie Colbys Cor ner Ad ven tures Don key Ollie Dr. Work shop En contacto Rosa de Saron Sup port The TLF E F50 232323955Programa pagado Programa pagado Tu da alegre (N)Tu da alegre (R)Plaza Ssamo Aprendiendo. (CC)Reino an i mal Naturaleza an i mal. (CC) (HD)Aventura an i mal Preguntas. (CC) (HD)La C.Q. Aventuras alocadas. (CC) (HD) UNIV E F62 151515 6Programa pagado El chavo animado Programa pagado Programa pagado Mickey (CC)Mickey (CC)Handy Manny (CC)Pocoyo(TVY) (CC)Jun gle Jun gle boy. Backyardigans Programa pagado Programa pagado 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181PaidPaidCriminal Closing in. Criminal Cop killer. Criminal: Normal Criminal: Soul Mates Criminal (TV14) (HD) AMC565656563053231RiflemanRiflemanRiflemanRiflemanRiflemanRiflemanHell on Bear attack. The Quiet Man () aaac Fighting Irish. (CC) APL444444443668130Big CatBig CatCats 101 (R) (HD)Cats 101 (R) (HD)To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced BET353535354022270 (4:00) BET Inspiration Religious events. Being: Common (CC)KeyshiaKeyshiaJamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie Foxx BRAVO6868686825451185Housewife (CC) (R)Top Chef (CC) (R)Top Chef (CC) (R)Top Chef (CC) (R)L.A. Prized listing. (R)L.A. Trash talking. (R) COM666666661527190PaidPaidPaidPaid(:19) Bad Santa () aaa Santa and his elf rob stores. (CC)(:21) The Comebacks () a (CC) DISC404040402543120Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Fast Loud (R) (HD)Gold Rush (CC) (HD)Bering Sea (CC) (HD) E!464646462726196PaidPaidConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen ac Police (R) (HD)E! News Wknd (N)Secrets Sex & City ESQ82828282118118160American Ninja Warrior Top 30 compete. American Ninja Warrior Top 30 from Dallas. American Ninja Warrior Top 30 in St. Louis. EWTN2432432431217285EucharistThe ChurchMichael LoretoDaily Mass (CC) (N)Hi LucyMy Time Donut ManAnimatedCatechesisRosary FAM555555551046199PaidPaidBolt A dog undertakes a hazardous journey. The Fox and the Hound Trial of friendship. Hunchback () FOOD37373737-76164PaidPaidSandwichGuy BiteBest ThingBest ThingFarmhouseP ioneerPioneerTrishasKitchen (N) FX51515151584953PaidPaidBuffy Oz and singer. Buffy Spike captured. 2 1/2 Men2 1/2 Men2 1/2 Men2 1/2 MenThe Animal () a GSN17917917917934179184PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPassword +Press LuckWhammyLove TrianNewlywedNewlywed HALL5551773240LucyLucyLucyLucyGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenStraight from the Heart Love in Wyoming. HIST818181813365128PaidPaidSlangSlangSlangSlangSlang Animals; food. Slang Transportation. Slang (CC) (HD) HOME414141415342165PaidPaidCrashersCrashersCrashersCrashersCrashersCrashersBuying (CC) (R) (HD)Buying (CC) (R) (HD) HSN242424245119151Electron. Conn.Joy ManganM. Asam NUTRiBULLETHSN Garage Joy Mangan LIFE363636365241140Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Hand Rocks () OWN5858585847103161Berkus (CC) (HD)Berkus (CC) (HD)Phil Jobless family. SimpleSimpleUnfaithful (, Drama) A womans affair. (CC) QVC14141491413150Vionic AM Style with Leah Williams Wardrobe essentials. Saturday Morning Q: Dooney & Bourke SPIKE57575757296354PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra () aac Elite soldiers fight a supervillain. SYFY6767676725364180PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidZoneZ Nation (CC) (R)Star Trek: Motion Picture () TBS59595959326252MarriedMarriedMarriedMarrie dPayneBrownsThere YetQueensQueensHead of State Political underdog. TCM65656565169230Singin in the Rain () Making a musical. The Three Musketeers Defending the King. CarsonThe Secret of Dr. Kildare () TLC454545455772139Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Paid (HD)Lottery Michigan. (R)Lottery (CC) (R) (HD)Lottery (CC) (R) (HD) TNT61616161285551Law & Order: Switch Dallas (CC) (R) (HD)Law & Order: Pride Law: Bitter Fruit (HD)Law & Order: Rebels Law Bad drug bust. TRAV6969696926066170PaidPaidVacation Attack (R)Legends (R)Adam (R)Adam (R)v Foodv Foodv Foodv Food TRUTV636363635030183PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidTop 20 Diaper gag. Top 20 Fisherman. (R) TVLND626262623154244NannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyGoldenGolden USA34343434225250Order: CI (CC) (HD)PaidPaidPaidPaidGraceland: Faith 7 Satisfact. (CC) (R)Rush: Get Lucky (R) WE117117117117117149PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidThe Notebook () Woman chooses love. WGN1616161941119SingSationChicagoPaid (CC)Paid (CC)Paid (CC)Paid (CC)Walker (CC)Walker (CC)Heat of Night (HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


38 SATURDAYACROSS 1. G.I. __: Retaliation; 2013 sci- action lm 4. What Kind of Fool __ __? 7. Actor Bridges 8. Arthritic swelling 10. Window coverings 12. Shine 13. Allen and Daly 14. Womens magazine 15. Charlottes __; 2006 family fantasy lm 16. Joel and Idol 19. __ __ the State; 1998 Will Smith movie 21. John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John musical 22. __ Vegas 25. Popular business review web site 26. Jane __; lm based on a Bronte novel 27. The Man from __; John Wayne movie 28. 1967-75 Mike Connors private eye series 30. Perry, for one 31. Cosmetics brand 32. Parishioners seat 33. Emerald Point __ (198384) DOWN 1. Gosselin and Stewart 2. The __ Couple (1970-75) 3. Harris and ONeill 4. Avenging __; 2002 Sylvester Stallone lm 5. Melissa McCarthys role (2) 6. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood 7. Actor in the movie Bad Teacher 9. Rams mate 10. Initials for Tuskegee founder Washington 11. __ to Me (2009-11) 16. Arthur, for one 17. Sends a quick note to, for short 18. Caustic cleaning solution ingredient 20. Huey, Dewey or Louie, to Donald 21. Heed the alarm clock (2) 23. Meyers of Kate & Allie 24. __ and the City (19982004) 25. Star of The King and I 26. Slaughter of baseball 28. Last __ Standing 29. Up All Night roleTV C R O SSW O RD 2 SEP. 13MORNING SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 STROPSESPN29292929125870SportsCenter(HD)SportsCenter(HD)SportsCenter(HD)College GameDay(N)(CC)(HD) ESPN23030303065974NationNFL Live(N)(HD)NFL Live(CC)(HD)NFL MatchS portsCenter(N)(CC)(HD) FS148484848426983FOX Sports(HD)Countdown to(HD)FOX Sports(HD)Countdown to(HD)NASCAR K&N(HD)SNASCAR Sprint FSN727272725677Game 365UEFA Mag.InsiderPolarisWrld Poker(HD)ForbesS hip ShapeThe Finsiders(HD)MiamiHurricane GOLF494949495560304Golf CntrlFLPGA Tour Golf: The Evian Championship: Third Round : from Evian Masters Golf Club in Evian-les-Bains Pre Game NBCSN71717171546190To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced Info unavailable. SUN3838401401455776PaidPaidHeadlinesBoat ShowBoater ONeillScubaFlorida Fishing Report(R)(HD)FishingSeminole SDIKNICK252525252444252CooperCooperPe nguinsFairlyS pongeSpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeSanjayBreadwinneSponge TOON80801241244620257ChimaTenkaiTitans Go!Titans Go!Pok mon ClarenceClarenceGumballGumballTitans Go!Titans Go!Movie SWENCNBC3939393937102OptionsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid CNN323232321838100New Day Saturday CNNs team presents weekend news. (N)Smerconish(N)CNN Newsroom Saturday(N) CSPN181818183712109Politics TodayWashington Journal Key events and legislation discussion. (N)The Best of Washington This Week FNC646464644871118FOX & Friends(N)FOX & Friends(N)FOX & Friends(N)FOX & Friends(N)Bulls(N)CavutoForbesCas hin In MSNB8383838318540103Maddow(R)(HD)Alex Witt(N)(HD)Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N)Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk.(N) SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendPaidWeekendWeekendWeekend CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (4:00)CMT Music CMT presents country music videos.(N)Social Hr(N)Hot 20(N)(HD) MTV333333333548210Girl CodeGirl CodeGirl CodeGirl CodeMADE(HD)MADE(HD)Bring It On () aac Rival cheerleaders. VH1505050504323217VH1 + Music Popular music videos from top artists.(N)VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown(N)(HD)Charlies Angels MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (:05)Hell Baby () Ex or cists take on cou ples de monic baby.(:45)Phat Girlz () a MoNique. A ro bust woman starts a fash ion line. (PG-13)(CC)Now You See Me (, Thriller) Jesse Eisenberg. Il lu sion ists take on bank heists. (CC)Fast 6 ()(CC) CINE2321321321321321321422Slap Shot () Life of Pi () A zoo keepers son is surrounded by loose an i mals af ter a ship wreck.(:40)Ad mis sion (, Com edy) Tina Fey. A womans Prince ton ca reer is at risk. (CC)Bring It On () Cheer lead ers pre pare for a com pe ti tion.(CC) DISN1361361361369945250Mickey(R) (HD)Mickey(R) (HD)Mickey(R) (HD)Mickey(R) (HD)Doc Mc(R) (HD)So fia Sore loser. Blog(CC)(R)Liv(CC)(R) (HD)Jessie(R) (HD)I Did nt(CC) (R)Blog(CC)(R)Girl Meets(R) ENC150150150150150350Dreamcatch () Pic ture Per fect aa Woman in vents a ro mance for a pro mo tion.(:15)The Mask of Zorro () A re tired free dom fighter trans forms a drunken out law into a masked avenger.(:40)Shang hai Noon () Im pe rial guard and ban dit go West. HBO302302302302302302400 (:15)Prime () aac Uma Thurman. Womans lover is her thera pists son. (PG-13)(CC)Walk ing with Di no saurs 3D () aa Un der dog di no saur.(CC)Date Movie () a Ro man tic mis haps com pli cate a wed ding. Ve ron ica Mars () Back for re union. HBO2303303303303303303402Pa rades End: Part 2 Ca reer change. Pa rades End: Part 3 Trag edy strikes.(:10)Pa rades End: Part 4 Syl viavis its. Pa rades End: Part 5 Fu ture threat ened.(:15)Real Time with Bill Maher(TVMA) (:15)Bill Maher: Live from DC(CC)(HD) HBO3304304304304304404My Big Fat Greek Wed ding (, Com edy) Up set fam ily. (CC) (:40)Must Love Dogs () Teacher en dures the dating scene.(:20)Big Mommas House 2 (, Com edy) aa FBI agent in dis guise watches sus pect. Grav ity () Stranded in space. (CC) SHOW340340340340340340365Bounce (, Drama) aa Ben Affleck. Man meets widow of man he caused to die.(CC)In side the NFL De tailed pre view.(R)Jim Rome on Showtime(CC)(R)(HD)Bad News Bears (, Com edy) aac Al co holic coaches kids base ball team. (CC)(HD) TMC350350350350350350385 (:55)Mumford & Sons: Road(TV14)(HD)Knife Fight () ac Apo lit i cal strate gists job gets tough. (CC) (:40)Gosford Park (, Com edy) A week end shoot ing party at a coun try manor be comes a deadly event. Scary Movie 5 () Lurk ing demon. (CC) 6 AM6:307 AM7:308 AM8:309 AM9:3010 AM10:3011 AM11:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES solution


39 SATURDAY SEP. 13AFTERNOON SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F26 7117C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD)Foot ball (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) ABC E F28 11C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD)Foot ball (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) ABC E F40 7771077C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD)Foot ball (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) CBS E F10 10101010TrustDale TV Dokken Re port How to Do Fla CBS Sports Spec tac u lar(Taped) (CC) (HD)CBS Foot ball (HD)Foot ball (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Geor gia Bull dogs at South Carolina Game cocks from Wil liams-Brice Sta dium (Live) (CC) (HD) CBS E F11 213213555Chang ers(HD)Rec ipe (R) (HD)Paid Pro gram CBS Sports Spec tac u lar(Taped) (CC) (HD)CBS Foot ball (HD)Foot ball (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Geor gia Bull dogs at South Carolina Game cocks from Wil liams-Brice Sta dium (Live) (CC) (HD) NBC E F* 88888News (N)Eng lish Pre mier League Soc cer: Aston Villa at Liv er pool from Anfield (Live) (CC) (HD)F PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Cham pi on ship: Third Round: from East Lake Golf Club in At lanta (Live) (CC) (HD) NBC E F20 222Tree Fu Tom (CC)Eng lish Pre mier League Soc cer: Aston Villa at Liv er pool from Anfield (Live) (CC) (HD)F PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Cham pi on ship: Third Round: from East Lake Golf Club in At lanta (Live) (CC) (HD) FOX E F13 1313131313Paid Pro gram@ MLB Base ball: Re gional Cov er age-Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD)Col lege Foot ball: Il li nois Fight ing Illini at Wash ing ton Hus kies from Husky Sta dium (Live) FOX E F36 444Back of the@ MLB Base ball: Re gional Cov er age-Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD)Col lege Foot ball: Il li nois Fight ing Illini at Wash ing ton Hus kies from Husky Sta dium (Live) PBS E F# 3333Mas ter (CC) (HD)Mar tha (R) (HD)Cook ing (N) (HD)The Mind (N) (HD)Cooks (N) (HD)Hirsch (R) (HD)Se crets of West min ster Se cret his tory. (R)NOVA Vac cines dis cussed. (CC) (R) (HD)Op er a tion Maneater At tack de ter rence. (R) PBS E F16 20420420416Chas ing Shackle ton Moun tain trek. (R) (HD)An tiques Roadshow Reg i ment colt. (R)Eu rope (CC) (R)Rudy Maxa(R)Trav els (CC) (R)Yetman (R) (HD)Woodshop(R)Smith Shop(R)Rough Cut(R)Leg acy (N) (HD) PBS E F30 333Meals (CC) (N)Pati (CC) (R)Julia Chef(CC)Old House(R)Ask This (R) (HD)Keller (CC)Vic tory (R) (HD)Mo tor Week (N)Eu rope (CC) (R)Eu rope (CC) (R)Spe cial Pre sen ta tion Geese and more. (R) CW E F46 6216The Blitz (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Lou is ville Car di nals at Vir ginia Cav a liers from Scott Sta dium (Live) (CC) (HD)Raw Travel(R)Scan dal: Sweet Baby Pres i den tial af fair. Ac cess Hol ly wood (CC) (N) (HD) CW E F44 9994The Blitz (N) (HD)C Col lege Foot ball: Lou is ville Car di nals at Vir ginia Cav a liers from Scott Sta dium (Live) (CC) (HD)Com ics (CC) (R)Paid Pro gram Paid Pro gram Mid dle: Sib lings Mid dle: Christ mas MYN E F38 11111114Paid Spon sored. Futurama(HD)Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan () Khan seeks re venge on Kirk for ex il ing him on a harsh, un for giv ing planet.C Col lege Foot ball: Al a bama A&M Bull dogs at UAB Blaz ers from Le gion Field (Live) (CC) (HD) MYN E F* 898La Cage Aux Folles II (, Com edy) aa Michel Serrault. Beauty and the Beast (, Fan tasy) John Sav age. A young woman be friends a beast-man. Snow White () A prin cess runs away from home when her step mother tries to kill her. IND E F32 1212123812The Shep herd (, Ac tion) Jean-Claude Van Damme. Bor der pa trol agent fights smug glers. The Man aa An ATF agent mis tak enly be lieves a sales man is con nected to an arms dealer. Sanc tu ary: Wing man Dou ble date ru ined. Sanc tu ary Will grows scales. ION E F66 22213261817Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Faith (HD)Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Tux edo Hill Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Dead (HD)Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Bright Boy Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent: Anti-The sis Law & Or der: Crim i nal ADA kills hit man. WCLF E F22 222222 2Un der stand ing Gos pel Truth (CC)Newswatch(CC)Chris tian(CC)CTN Spe cial Je ru sa lemBridgesDestin Reign (CC)Gaither Home com ing In spi ra tional mu sic. Chris tian Wor ship Hour WRXY E F49 224410 (11:30) Sup port 700 HoyCambiando la Los tiempos Pa tri cia Hilliard The 700 Club (CC) (N)Unlk Rev e la tion Dif fer enceMcGregor Bap tistCon nect TLF E F50 232323955Piratas del Caribe: La maldicin del Perla Negra () aaac Dos jvenes valientes se unen para rescatar a la hija del gobernador. (CC)Mi nombre es Mod esty () Alexandra Staden. Lgrimas del sol () aac Wa ters frente a una decisin difcil. (CC) UNIV E F62 151515 6La rosa de Guadalupe Fi nal feliz. (CC) (HD)Sabadazo Pase una divertida maana del sbado con las ocurrencias de Yahairo, el licenciado Pamela, Da. Chu, Benyamin, Petronais y Rosa Au rora. (TV14) (CC) (N) (HD)Como dice el dicho Relato y reflexin. (HD) 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Flipping (CC) (N) (HD)Ex. Builds (N) (HD)Love: Billy & Jeanne Uncomfortable (R)Brandi &Brandi &Brandi &Cement AMC565656563053231The Quiet Man () The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance () Taming the West. (CC)Cahill: US Marshal () Mans son in trouble. APL444444443668130To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced BET353535354022270Jamie FoxxWhy Did I Get Married? () Infidelity sobers a reunions mood. (CC)Whats Love Got to Do with It? () Tina Turners story. BRAVO6868686825451185L.A. Josh takes a fall. L.A.: Royally Sucked Dont BeDont BeHousewives (CC) (R)Housewives (CC) (R)Housewives (CC) (R) COM666666661527190ComebacksNat ional Lampoons Animal House () College misfits. Vegas Vacation () aac S. ParkS. Park DISC404040402543120Bering Sea (CC) (HD)Moonshiners (HD)Moonshiners (HD)Street Outlaws (HD)Fast N Loud (HD)Fast N Loud (HD) E!464646462726196Sex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CitySex & CityTotal Diva (R) (HD)Total Diva (R) (HD)Total Divas Marriage. ESQ82828282118118160American Ninja Warrior: Miami Finals (HD)American Ninja Warrior Denver contenders. American Ninja Warrior Stage one of four. EWTN2432432431217285Daily Mass (CC)CatalogueMiraclesEWTN on LocationIn Song RosaryWeb of Faith (CC)JourneyPray FAM555555551046199Hunchback () Alice in Wonderland () aaac(:45) Cinderella () aaa (G)A Bugs Life () Ant fights thugs. FOOD37373737-76164Rachael vs (R)RewrappBeat BobbyRestaurant (R) (HD)DinersEatingIron Chef (R) (HD)Race (R) FX51515151584953The Animal () a Jack and Jill (, Comedy) a Annoying sister. Thats My Boy aac Irresponsible dad reconnects with son. Grown Ups GSN17917917917934179184Mind (R)Mind (R)1 vs. 100 (TV G)The Chase (R)Skin Wars: Alls Fair Dog Eat Dog (TVPG)Fam. FeudFam. Feud HALL5551773240When Calls the Heart () Frontier town. (CC)Just Desserts () aac Foodies find love. (CC)Uncorked (, Romance) Wine country. (CC) HIST818181813365128Slang: Off the Cuff How States (R) (HD)How States (R) (HD)How States (R) (HD)How States (R) (HD)How States (R) (HD) HOME414141415342165Buying (CC) (R) (HD)Love It (CC) (R) (HD)Big FamilyBig FamilyBig FamilyBig FamilyBig FamilyBig FamilyBig FamilyBig Family HSN242424245119151Joy ManganNUTRiBULLETElectron. Conn.Home SolutionsJoy ManganJoy Mangan LIFE363636365241140Hand That Rocks Cradle () (R)Killers () aa Assassin targeted. (PG-13) (CC)Kiss the Girls () Police and victim stalk a serial killer. OWN5858585847103161Unfaithful () (CC)Undercover (HD)Undercover (HD)Undercover (HD)Undercover: Mastec Undercover (HD) QVC14141491413150 (10:00) Saturday QDooney & Bourke Stylish handbags. Clarks Footwear Clarks shoes. Isaac Mizrahi Live! SPIKE57575757296354Gamer (, Action) aac Human avatar slave. Cops (R)Cops (R)Cops (R)Cops (R)Cops (R)Jail (R)Cops (R)Cops (R) SYFY6767676725364180Star Trek: Motion Picture () Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Khan seeks revenge. Outlander () aac Alien ship crashes. (R) (CC) TBS59595959326252Head State(:45) The Heartbreak Kid () aa Husband finds love. (CC)FriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsSeinfeldSeinfeld TCM65656565169230Law Rides Again ac The Fighting Sullivans () WWII brothers.(:15) Fail-Safe (, Drama) A nuclear threat. Guns Navarone () TLC454545455772139Lottery Life 3 (R) (HD)Gypsy Wedding (R)Wedding (R) (HD)Wedding (R) (HD)Wedding (R) (HD)Wedding Adding flair. TNT61616161285551Transporter 3 () Kidnapped daughter. (CC)From Paris with Love () (CC)(:45) Rush Hour 3 () aac Triad in Paris. (CC)Replacemnt TRAV6969696926066170Bizarre Foods: Iowa Bizarre Austin food. American (R)Big Time RBig Time RBig Time RBig Time RBig Time RBig Time R TRUTV636363635030183Way Out (R)Way OutWay OutWay OutWay OutJokersJokersJokersJokersJokersJokers TVLND626262623154244GoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenRo seanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanneRoseanne USA34343434225250Rush: Dirty Work (R)I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry () aac (CC)Cheaper by the Dozen Careers and 12 kids. Back-Up WE117117117117117149The Notebook () The Notebook () aaac A woman must choose between two men. Will GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill Grace WGN1616161941119Heat of Night (HD)Heat of Night (HD)Law & Order CI (HD)Law & Order CI (HD)Law & Order (HD)Law & Order (HD) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


SATURDAY SEP. 13AFTERNOON SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 STROPSESPN29292929125870CCollege Football: Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)ScoreboardCCollege Football: Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD) ESPN23030303065974CCollege Football: Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD)ScoreboardSNASCAR Nationwide Series(Live)(HD) FS148484848426983CCollege Football: Pittsburgh vs Florida International(Live)(CC)(HD)FOX CFBCollege Football: Minnesota vs TCU (HD) FSN727272725677College Football: Massachusetts vs Vanderbilt (Live)(CC)(HD)Unlimited(HD)&High School Football(Live) GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Championship: Third Round FPGA Tour(Live)(HD)European Tour Golf(Taped) NBCSN71717171546190Countdown(HD)Club Guide(HD)To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be AnnouncedR acer TVAuctions SUN3838401401455776CCollege Football: Georgia Southern vs Georgia Tech (Live)(CC)(HD)CCollege Football: Kansas vs Duke (Live)(CC)(HD) SDIKNICK252525252444252MegaforceSpongeFairlyFairlyOddParents(HD)iCarly Teen online show.(HD)SpongeBob(CC) TOON80801241244620257 (11:30)MovieRegularRegular UniverseUniverseGrandpaGrandpaAdventureAdventureAdventureAdventure SWENCNBC3939393937102PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid CNN323232321838100CNN Newsroom Saturday News and updates. (N)CNN Money CNN Newsroom Saturday(N)SanjayCNN Newsroom(N) CSPN181818183712109The Best of Washington This WeekThe Best of Washington This WeekThe Best of Washington This Week FNC646464644871118News HQ (DC)(N)Americas HQ(N)RespectedAmericas News HQ(N)(HD)Carol AltNews HQThe Five(N)(HD) MSNB8383838318540103Weekends with Alex Witt(N)(HD)MSNBC Live Live news. (N)(HD)Caught(HD)Caught(HD) SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendPaidWeekendPaidWeekendPaidWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend CISUMCMTV474747472324221 (11:00)Hot 20(N)Skull Challenge(R)(HD)Road House () aac Bouncer cleans up violence-ridden bar. (R) MTV333333333548210Bring It On () aac Rival cheerleaders. Teen Mom 2(HD)RidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculousRidiculous VH1505050504323217 (11:00)Charlies Angels () Therapy(R)(HD)I HeartDating Naked(R)Dating(R)(HD)Dating(R)(HD) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (11:30)Fast & Fu ri ous 6 () Vin Die sel. Clear re cords. (CC) (:40)R.I.P.D. (, Ac tion) aac Of fi cers fight mon strous crim i nals.(:20)Road Trip () aa Breckin Meyer. Teens take a cross-coun try trip.(R)(CC)Es cape Plan () Wrongly im pris oned. CINE2321321321321321321422 (:15)The In cred i ble Burt Wonderstone () A ma gi cian con nects with his icon. (CC)Dawn of the Dead () aaa Sa rah Polley. Zom bies in mall. (CC) (:45)The Knick Pay ing debt. (CC)(HD) (:35)The Place Be yond the Pines (, Crime) Life of steal ing. DISN1361361361369945250Grav ity(R) (HD)Jessie(R) (HD)Jessie(R) (HD)Good Luck(R)Good Luck(R)Good Luck(R)Aus tin(R) (HD)Aus tin(R) (HD)Aus tin(R) (HD)Blog Date ru ined. Blog(CC)(R)Blog(CC)(R) ENC150150150150150350Shang hai ()(:35)Lit tle Big League (, Com edy) aa A teen ager in her its a base ball team. (CC)Meat balls () aa Camp coun selor wants to win camp games.(:15)This Is the End (, Com edy) James Franco. Ce leb ri ties face the apoc a lypse. HBO302302302302302302400Ve ron ica Mars () Back for re union.(:15)Pa cific Rim (, Ac tion) Gi ant ro bots pi loted by hu mans fight off an alien men ace threaten ing Earth. The Hobbit: The Des o la tion of Smaug (, Ad ven ture) Ian McKellen. Bil bo faces dan gers dur ing quest. HBO2303303303303303303402 (:15)The Great Gatsby (, Drama) A war vet eran finds him self caught in a world of dec a dence and lies.(:45)The Left overs Un likely ally.(HD) (:45)12 Years a Slave (, Drama) Be fore civil war, a free black man is ab duc ted and sold into slav ery. (R) HBO3304304304304304404Grav ity ()(CC)About a Boy () A man and a boy help each other grow. (CC) (:15)The Bourne Leg acy (, Ac tion) A new agent es capes ter mi na tion and seeks to ex pose CIA crimes. Board walk Em pire Nuckys youth. (HD)Way Back () SHOW340340340340340340365De railed (, Ac tion) a Ter ror ists at tempt to re lease vi rus. (CC)The Lon gest Yard (, Com edy) aac Con victs play guards in football game.(CC) (:25)Co caine Cow boys: Re loaded (, Crime) (R)(CC)(HD) TMC350350350350350350385Scary 5 ()(CC)Break ing Up wards () Zoe Lis ter Jones. Cou ple ends slowly. Mindhunters (, Drama) aac Eion Bailey. FBI train ees search for se rial killer. (R)Aint Them Bod ies Saints (, Drama) Out laws jour ney. (CC) (:35)Tru man () 12 PM12:301 PM1:302 PM2:303 PM3:304 PM4:305 PM5:30 KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES College Football8 p.m. on FOXUCLA Bruins vs Texas Longhorns from AT&T Stadium. Texas won the last meeting with the Bruins, 49-20, and the all-time series is tied, 3-3; UCLA has won the last two matchups with the Longhorns in the Lone Star State by a combined score of 100-15, including a 34-12 triumph at Austin in 2010. (HD)Dallas Buyers Club8 p.m. on HBOAfter a Texas man is diagnosed HIV-positive, given only a month to live, alienated by his friends and unable to obtain effective medications, he begins seeking alternative treatments from around the world and nds a way to share it with others. (HD)Fruitvale Station8 p.m. on SHOWA 22-year-old Bay Area resident hopes to be a better son to his mother, a more honest man with his girlfriend, and a better father to his four-year-old daughter as he crosses paths with family, friends and strangers on December 31, 2008. (HD)Red8 p.m. on TNTAfter a retired black-ops CIA agent and his Social Security caseworker are targeted by high-tech assassins, he reassembles his old team to work together and nd out why they have been marked for death and who from their past is responsible. ab (HD)Brave8:30 p.m. on FAMIn the mythical Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, royal daughter Merida aspires to do something greater with her life than participate in a long-practiced custom, but her reckless choice ultimately unleashes an unintended and beastly curse. af (HD)Hell on Wheels9 p.m. on AMCElam Ferguson When Elam nally returns to town, Cullen does all he can to attempt to reestablish some kind of relationship with him; Durant decides if he is ever going to get a reoccurring problem to stop, he will have to address it himself. (HD)The Impossible9:30 p.m. on SHOWA British family decides to go to Thailand to begin their Christmas family vacation, but their relaxing stay at a nice resort ends up in tragedy when a strong tsunami wreaks havoc through the coast and separates the family. (HD)SATURDAY HIGHLIGHTSTwo years into the Civil War, Belle Gatlin Barlowe (Lauren Ambrose, Six Feet Under) faces uncertainty in the life before her as she attempts to defend her familys land by any means necessary and at any cost in Deliverance Creek, debuting Saturday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. 40


41 SATURDAY SEP. 13EVENING SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 TSACDAORBABC E F26 7117Col lege Foot ball: Teams TBA (Live) (HD)Col lege Foot ball Post Game (N) (CC) (HD)The In sider(CC) (N) (HD)ABC7 News @ 7:30pm SW Florida news.(N)C (:07) College Football: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) ABC E F28 11Coll. Ftbl: Teams TBA Post Game (N) (HD)ABC Ac tion News (N)Am. Med i cineC (:07) College Football: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) ABC E F40 7771077Coll. Ftbl: Teams TBA Post Game (N) (HD)News News cov er age. Thurs day on ABC (HD)C (:07) College Football: Teams TBA (Live) (CC) (HD) CBS E F10 10101010Col lege Foot ball: Geor gia Bull dogs at South Carolina Game cocks from Wil liams-Brice Sta dium (Live)Wheel of For tune: Amer icas Game (R) (HD)Jeop ardy! (CC) (R) (HD)Reck less: Civil Wars (Part 1) (CC) (N) (HD)Reck less: Civil Wars (Part 2) (CC) (N) (HD)48 Hours: Loved to Death The story of a teen killed af ter an in tense breakup with her ex. (CC) (R) (HD) CBS E F11 213213555Col lege Foot ball: Geor gia vs South Carolina (Live)News at 7 (N)In side Edi tion (N)Reck less: Civil Wars (Part 1) (CC) (N) (HD)Reck less: Civil Wars (Part 2) (CC) (N) (HD)48 Hours: Loved to Death In tense breakup. (R) (HD) NBC E F* 88888NewsChannel 8 at 6:00 News and weather. NBC Nightly News Week end Edi tion (N) (HD)Bucs Bo nus ShowC College Football: Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Purdue Boilermakers from Ross-Ade Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD) NBC E F20 222News (N) (HD)NBC Nightly News (N)Wheel (CC) (R) (HD)C College Football: Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Purdue Boilermakers from Ross-Ade Stadium(Live) (CC) (HD) FOX E F13 1313131313C (4:00) College Football: Illinois Fighting Illini at Washington Huskies from Husky Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD)FOX Col lege Foot ball Ex tra(N) (CC) (HD)C College Football: UCLA Bruins vs Texas Longhorns from AT&T Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD) FOX E F36 444Col lege Foot ball: Il li nois Fight ing Illini at Wash ing ton Hus kies (Live) (CC) (HD)FOX Ex tra (N) (HD)C College Football: UCLA Bruins vs Texas Longhorns from AT&T Stadium (Live) (CC) (HD) PBS E F# 3333PBS Newshour (N)The Week (R) (HD)The Law rence Welk Show Bobby Bur gess. (CC)Great Per for mances: Star-Span gled Spec tac u lar: Bi cen ten nial of Our Na tional An them Na tional anthem. Story of the Vicar of Dibley PBS E F16 20420420416Spe cial Pre sen ta tion: Af rica Cape gan net. (R) (HD)My Wild Af fair An orang utan per son. (CC) (R) (HD)Death in Par a dise Team trapped. (CC) (HD)Thun der bolt and Lightfoot () A bank rob ber and a drifter plot to find the loot from a pre vi ous holdup. PBS E F30 333Spe cial Pre sen ta tion: Eu rope Geese and more. The Law rence Welk Show Bobby Bur gess. (CC)An tiques Roadshow Litho graph; more. (R) (HD)As Time (CC)As Time (CC)Ap pear ances(CC)You Be ing Served? CW E F46 6216The Mid dle: Sib lings Mid dle Get ting ready. Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Cas tle: The Fast and the Fur ri est Gi ant foot prints. Blue Bloods: Pi lot Sus pi cious meth ods. (CC) (HD)News @10pm (N) (HD) CW E F44 9994Queens (TVPG) (HD)Queens (TVPG) (HD)2 1/2 Men (CC) (HD)2 1/2 Men (CC) (HD)White Col lar: Book of Hours Bi ble van ishes. (HD)White Col lar: Den tist of De troit Loom ing mob war. Rules: Rug-of-War Rules: The Bank (HD) MYN E F38 11111114C College Football: Alabama A&M vs UAB Great 38 (N)NASL Soc cer: Ot tawa Fury at Tampa Bay Row dies from Prog ress En ergy Park (Live) (CC)Futurama (CC) (HD)Ring of Honor Wres tling (CC) (N) (HD) MYN E F* 898Commun (CC) (HD)Commun (CC) (HD)Seinfeld: The Vir gin Seinfeld: The Con test Fargo (, Crime) aaac A preg nant po lice chief trails two bum bling kid nap pers wanted for mur der. (R) (CC)The Woods (, Hor ror) A scary prep school. (CC) IND E F32 1212123812Fam Guy (CC)Fam Guy (CC)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Big Bang (CC) (HD)Le ver age Un ex pected mur der. (CC) (HD)Le ver age: The Jail house Job In no cent in mate. (HD)Char lies An gels (, Ac tion) aac Sexy de tec tives. ION E F66 22213261817Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Chi na town mur der. Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Drug tam per ing. Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Chil dren mur dered. Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Ter ror ism case. Law & Or der: Crim i nal In tent Stran gu la tion case. WCLF E F22 222222 2Turn ing Point Party con tin ues. (CC) (R)Jack Van Impe(CC)Proph ecy in the News End of the Age TruthLeslie Hale Holy Scrip tures.(CC)7th Street The ater All Over the World WRXY E F49 224410Sup port The Vi sionCel e bra tion Un der the Silverdome MovieWalk on Wa ter The Ramp TLF E F50 232323955 (4:30) Lgrimas del sol () Difcil decisin. (CC)El portero (, Comedia) Cantinflas, Silvia Pinal. Cantinflas es el encargado de una pensin modesta, adems escribe cartas. (CC)Havoc (, Drama) aa Anne Hathaway, Bi jou Phillips. (R) UNIV E F62 151515 6Perspectiva(N)Noticiero Univisin (N)Todo incluido Situaciones cmicas en un ho tel. Sbado gigante Alegra, diversin, msica, comedia, juegos, concursos y estrellas invitadas con el fin de entretener y divertir a toda la fa milia. (TV14) (N) (HD) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181Ce ment (CC) (R) (HD)Ce ment (CC) (R) (HD)Crim i nal Minds: Blood line Fam ily of sus pects. (HD)Crim i nal Minds: JJ Miss ing daugh ter. (TV14) (HD)Crim i nal Minds Cou ple killer.(TV14) (CC) (HD)Crim i nal Minds Haunt ing cold case. (TV14) (HD) AMC565656563053231Cahill: Mar shal () Big Jake (, West ern) aaa John Wayne. A man is called home by his es tranged wife to res cue his kid napped grand son. (PG-13) (CC)Hell on Wheels Mak ing a con nec tion. (CC) (N) (HD)TURN: Wash ing ton Spies For mer ad ver sary. (R) APL444444443668130To Be An nounced Info un avail able. To Be An nounced Info un avail able. Too Cute! (CC) (HD)Too Cute! (CC) (HD) (:01) Too Cute!(R) (:31) Too Cute!(HD)Pit Bulls and Pa rol ees Dogs and a tor toise. (R) BET353535354022270Whats Love? () (R)A Thin Line Be tween Love and Hate (, Com edy) ac A wom an izer meets a psy chotic fe male who turns his life up side down. (CC)Di ary of a Mad Black Woman () ac Kimberly Elise. A spurned wife turns to her grand mother. (CC) BRAVO6868686825451185Of fice Space () aaac A com puter pro gram mer hatches a plan to get out of his mind-numb ing job. (CC)Amer i can Pie 2 (, Com edy) aa Jim Levinstein and his pals re unite at a Lake Mich i gan sum mer house. (R)Amer i can Pie 2 (, Com edy) aa Sum mer re union. COM666666661527190S. Park (TV14) (R)(:26) Yes Man (, Com edy) aaa Jim Carrey. A man learns that say ing yes to ev ery thing can give him a fresh start in life. (PG-13) (CC)Dumb & Dumber () Jim Carrey. Two bum bling buf foons drive cross-coun try to re turn ill-got ten money. DISC404040402543120Fast N Loud Clas sics re paired. (CC) (HD)Fast N Loud Clas sics re paired. (CC) (HD)Fast N Loud Clas sics re paired. (CC) (HD)Fast N Loud Clas sics re paired. (CC) (HD)Red wood Kings: Mon key Man sion Dream House E!464646462726196To tal Di vas Nikki plans fu ture. (R) (HD)E! News Week end (R)Scary Movie 3 (, Com edy) ac A rov ing re porter in ves ti gates crop cir cles and a mur der ous vid eo tape. An a conda A film crew faces a man-eat ing snake. ESQ82828282118118160Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Fi nal ists con tinue four-stage course. (CC) (HD)Amer i can Ninja War rior: Na tional Fi nals in Ve gas Com pet i tors try to beat stage four. (CC) (HD)The Ter mi na tor () aaac Cy borg as sas sin. (R) EWTN2432432431217285Life Is Worth Liv ing He roic Me diaMother An gel ica Live Clas sics Mother An gel ica. The Way to Life Ex am i na tion of spir i tual call ing. El Camino Holy Ro sary(TV G)Liv ing Right with Dr. Ray Parenting ad vice. FAM555555551046199A Bugs Life () aaac De spi ca ble Me (, Com edy) A mas ter thief de cides to use three or phaned girls to pull off a big heist. Brave (, Fan tasy) aaa A Scot tish prin cess named Merida must fight off an un in tended curse. (PG) (HD)Prin cess and Frog FOOD37373737-76164Chopped: Ul ti mate Cham pi ons: Heroes (R) (HD)Diners Santa Barbara. Diners: Surf n Turf (R)Diners Chi cago, Ill. (R)Diners (R) (HD)Diners (R) (HD)Diners: Belly Up (R)Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Chi cagos Fin est (N) FX51515151584953 (5:30) Grown Ups () Group of for mer team mates gath ers to pay hom age to their late bas ket ball coach. Amer i can Re union (, Com edy) aaa Ja son Biggs. A group of friends co mes to gether for their high school re union in Mich i gan. (R)Amer i can Re union GSN17917917917934179184Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Fam ily Feud(TVPG)Skin Wars: Alls Fair (R)The Chase (R)Idiotest (CC) (R) HALL5551773240Stranded in Par a dise () A laid-off ex ec u tive finds a new op por tu nity on her trip to Puerto Rico. (CC)Ce dar Cove: Point of No Re turn (CC) (N) (HD)Straight from the Heart () A 33-year-old pho tog ra pher from New York dis cov ers love out in Wy o ming. HIST818181813365128How the States Got Their Shapes: Cul ture Clash Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)Pawn (R) (HD)(:31) Pawn (R) HOME414141415342165Hunt ers Fam ily home. Hunt ers (CC) (R) (HD)Hunt ers (CC) (R) (HD)Hunt ers (CC) (R) (HD)Prop erty Broth ers Non-base ment home. (R) (HD)Prop erty Broth ers Un ex pected sur prise. (R) (HD)House Hunt ers: Ren o va tion Kitchen ren o va tion. HSN242424245119151ybf Beauty Home SolutionsNUTRiBULLETJoy Mangan Joy Mangan LIFE363636365241140Flow ers in the At tic () Heather Gra ham. Sib lings hid den in an at tic grow close. (NR) (CC) (HD)De liv er ance Creek () Fight ing an in ter nal bat tle, a wid owed mother is forced to be come an out law. (CC)De liv er ance Creek () Dif fi cult choices. (NR) (CC) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


42 SATURDAY SEP. 13EVENING SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 ELBACOWN5858585847103161Un der cover Boss Drastic changes. (CC)(HD)Iyanla Fix My Life Don and Felisha.(CC)(R)(HD)Iyanla Fix My Life Re charged(N)Iyanla Fix: Fix My Fa ther with 34 Chil dren: Part 2 Six Lit tle(CC)(N) (HD)Six Lit tle(CC)(R) (HD) SPIKE57575757296354Cops As sorted fights. Cops Drug raid.(R)Cops As sault claim. Cops: Coast to Coast Cops(CC)(N) (HD)Cops(CC)(R) (HD)Cops Shop lift ing. (R)Cops Car as weapon. Cops Reck less driver. Cops Drug bust. (R) SYFY6767676725364180 (4:00)Out lander () Troy () aaa Brad Pitt. When a prince steals a mans wife, a war of epic pro por tions be gins. (R)(CC)(HD)10,000 B.C. (, Drama) Ste ven Strait. Young hunter battles ruth less in vad ers. TBS59595959326252Bad Teacher (, Com edy) aac A teacher with a bad work ethic at tempts to win a col leagues heart. (R)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD)Big Bang(CC) (HD) TCM65656565169230 (5:15)The Guns of Navarone () aaa Greg ory Peck. As sault on a German for tress in WWII. (PG)(CC)Belle de Jour (, Drama) aaac An un sat is fied house wife goes to work at a brothel as a pros ti tute.(NR)Walk on the Wild Side () aaa Man vs. ma dame. TLC454545455772139Amer i can Gypsy Wed ding Crash ing events. (R)Un der cover Boss: Orkin Pest con trol. (CC)(HD)Un der cover Boss: Donatos Hir ing prac tices. (HD)Un der cover Boss: Hud son Group Travel re tailer. Un der cover Boss: Utah Jazz CEO on Dunk Team. TNT61616161285551 (5:30)The Re place ments () A strike forces a coach to r e cruit a team of sec ond-string bench-warmers. Red (, Ac tion) A re tired black-ops CI A agent who is marked for as sas si na tion looks for an swers. (CC)Tower Heist () Steal ing from a Wall Street thief. TRAV6969696926066170Food Par a dise: Big Beef Para dise 10-pound st eak. Food Par a dise: Ba con Par a dise Ba con fa vor ites. Ghost Ad ven tures Light house ghosts. (R)(HD)Ghost Ad ven tures Reno, Nev., ranch. (CC)(R)(HD)The Dead Files(CC)(N)(HD) TRUTV636363635030183Worlds Dumb est... Emer gency golf club.(R)Worlds Dumb est... Out door toi let. (R)Worlds Dumb est... Rear end flask.(R)truTV Pres ents: Worlds Dumb est... Bird feeder. truTV Pres ents: Worlds Dumb est...: Themeless TVLND626262623154244Candid Camera(HD)CosbyCosbyCosbyCosbyQueensQueensQueensQueens USA34343434225250 (5:30)The Back-Up Plan () aa Ex pec tant mom fears los ing dream man.(CC)Hes Just Not That Into You (, Com edy) aac Ben Affleck. A needy woman re ceives ad vice from her friends about the dat ing scene. Mod ern Fam ily(HD)Mod ern Fam ily(HD) WE117117117117117149Will Grace(CC) (HD)Will Grace(CC) (HD)Will Grace(CC) (HD)Will Grace(CC) (HD)Pretty Woman (, Ro mance) aaa Rich ard Gere. An emo tion allyde tached busi ness man hires a street walker to be his com pan ion. (R)Pretty Woman ()(R) WGN1616161941119Amer icas Fun ni est Home Vid eos Reel com edy.@MLB Baseball: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox from U.S. Cellular Field (Live) (CC) (HD)Amer icas Fun ni est Home Vid eos Reel com edy. STROPSESPN29292929125870Coll. Ftbl: Teams TBA Score board(N) (HD)Col lege Foot ballScore board(N)(CC)(HD)CCollege Football: Teams TBA (Live)(CC)(HD) ESPN23030303065974CCollege Football: Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at Alabama Crimson Tide from Bryant-Denny Stadium (Live)(CC)(HD)CCollege Football: Rice Owls at Texas A&M Aggies from Kyle Field (Live)(CC)(HD) FS148484848426983CCollege Football: Minnesota Golden Gophers at TCU Horned Frogs (Live)MLB Pregame(HD)@MLB Baseball: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks from Chase Field (Live) (CC) (HD) FSN727272725677School Foot ball(Live)Mar lins LIVE!(N)(HD)@MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies from Citizens Bank Park (Live) (HD)Mar lins LIVE!(N)(HD)Mar lins(HD) GOLF494949495560304Golf Cen tral(N) (HD)PGA TOUR Golf: TOUR Cham pi on ship: Third Round: from East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta (Re play)(HD) NBCSN71717171546190To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. To Be An nounced Pro gram in for ma tion is un avail able at this time. World Se ries of(HD) SUN3838401401455776Col lege Foot ball: Kan sas vs Duke (Live)(CC)(HD)CCollege Football: UTSA Roadrunners at Oklahoma State Cowboys from Boone Pickens Stadium(Live)(CC)(HD)Big 12 Show case(N) SDIKNICK252525252444252Thunderman(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Sam & Cat(HD)Movie In stantMom(HD)See Dad Run TOON80801241244620257Movie King Hill(CC)King Hill(CC)Dad Alien taskforce. Dad(CC)(HD)Boondcks(CC) (R)Boondcks(CC) (R) 6 PM6:307 PM7:308 PM8:309 PM9:3010 PM10:30 SWENCNBC3939393937102PaidPaidTil DebtTil DebtThe Suze Orman ShowThe Suze Orman ShowAmerican Greed CNN323232321838100 (5:00)CNN News room Sat ur day The lat est world wide news and up dates. (N)CNN Spot: Jodi Arias Death Row Sto ries A widows murder. (R)Death Row Sto ries An ex-law stu dent. (R)Death Row Sto ries An Army vet eran.(R) CSPN181818183712109Wash ing ton Week The Com mu ni ca tors The Best of Wash ing ton This WeekThe Best of Wash ing ton This Week FNC646464644871118Amer icas News HQ News and fea tures.(N)(HD)FOX Re port Sat ur day Har ris Faulk ner.(N)(HD)Huckabee En ter tain ing talk.(N)(HD)Jus tice with Judge Jeanine Jeanine Pirro talks. Geraldo at Large Cur rent top ics in world af fairs. (N) MSNB8383838318540103Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Caught on Cam era Peo ple face dan ger. (HD)Lockup Cam eras ex plore life be hind bars. (HD)Lockup Cam eras ex plore life be hind bars. (HD)Lockup Cam eras ex plore life be hind bars. (HD) SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendPaidAnnetteWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend CISUMCMTV474747472324221Speed An LAPD cop takes the ride of his life when he boards a city bus that a psy chotic bomber has rigged to ex plode if it slows to less than 50 miles per hour. Dog & Beth: On the Hunt(N) (HD)Dog & Beth: On the Hunt(R) (HD) MTV333333333548210Scary Movie 2 (, Com edy) ac Four stu dents take part in a psy chol ogy ex per i ment at a haunted house. Har old and Kumar Go to White Cas tle (, Com edy) John Cho. Ston ers search end lessly for bur gers. (R)White Chicks (, Com edy) ac Un der heavy cover. VH1505050504323217Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Re union Part 3 (R)(HD)Cou ples Ther apy(R)(HD)Space Jam (, Com edy) aac Bugs Bunny re cruits Mi chael Jor dan for a game of hoops against aliens. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta New man age ment.(R) MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420 (5:00)Escape Plan (, Thriller) aaa Security expert wrongly imprisoned. (CC)Now You See Me (, Thriller) aaa Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo. FBI agents search for illusionists who take on bank heists while performing. (PG-13)(CC)The Knick: They Capture the Heat Barrow tries to pay his debt. (CC)(R)(HD)The Legend of Hercules () ac Son of Zeus fights for rightful kingdom. (CC) CINE2321321321321321321422The Place Beyond the Pines () A man tries to take care of his family. (R)Private Parts (, Drama) aac Howard Stern, Mary McCormack. A controversial radio personality details his rise to nationwide syndication.(R)(CC)(HD)Red 2 (, Action) Bruce Willis, John Malkovich. Frank Moses gathers his team when a nuclear portable device goes missing.(PG-13)(CC)(HD) DISN1361361361369945250Jessie: Wheres Zuri? A discovery. Jessie Birthday party. (CC)(R)(HD)Girl Meets World Party invite.(R)Girl Meets World Jealous Riley. I Didnt Do It No interference.(R)I Didnt Do It Precious football. (R)Dog with a Blog Stans secret. (R)Dog with a Blog Stans secret. (R)Lab Rats Disapproved plan. (HD)Mighty Med Troubling idea.(CC) ENC150150150150150350 (:05)Shanghai Noon (, Western) aac Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson. A Chinese princess is kidnapped and a lowly guard tracks her to the Old West.(PG)(CC)Maximum Overdrive (, Horror) c Emilio Estevez. Demonic trucks begin terrorizing a small interstate truck stop. (CC) (:40)The Gauntlet (, Adventure) A cop must protect a hooker from the mob while taking her to testify in a trial. (CC) HBO302302302302302302400 (:15)Warm Bodies () aaa Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer. A zombie learns his romance with a human has set off a chain of unusual events. (PG-13)(CC)(HD)Dallas Buyers Club (, Drama) aaac Matthew McConaughey. Man diagnosed with HIV and given one month to live finds alternative treatments. (R)(CC)(HD)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (R) (HD) HBO2303303303303303303402The Heat () aac A tense and uptight FBI agent has to team up with a lewd and crude Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug lord taking over the city. (CC)The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns Unlikely ally. (CC) (HD)Baggage Claim (, Comedy) Paula Patton. Flight attendant embarks on thirty-day journey to find the right man.(CC)Making of ... Behind the scenes. HBO3304304304304304404 (5:35)The Way, Way Back () aaa Introverted teen befriends a water park manager to avoid his family situation. (CC) (:25)Runner Runner (, Thriller) Grad student taken in by online gambling tycoon until sinister truth comes out. (CC)Gravity (, Drama) Sandra Bullock. Astronauts work together to survive after a crash leaves them stranded in space. The Bourne Legacy () aaa(CC) SHOW340340340340340340365Ray Donovan: Snowflake(CC)(R)(HD)VMayweather vs. Maidana II: Countdown Live(Live)Fruitvale Station (, Drama) aaac A young man crosses paths with family and friends on the last day of 2008. (CC)The Impossible (, Drama) Naomi Watts. A familys Thailand vacation ends in tragedy when a tsunami rips through. TMC350350350350350350385 (5:35)The Truman Show (, Drama) A man discovers his life is the subject of a 24-hour-a-day television show. (CC)Scary Movie 5 (, Comedy) a A couple notices a demon lurking around after bringing home their newborn. (CC)(HD)An American Werewolf in London () An American is attacked by a beast and inherits a supernatural curse. (CC) (:40)Rites of Passage ()(CC) KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


43 SATURDAY SEP. 13LATE NIGHT SATURDAY NEV N-E RAS CP CRA GPS SOIF 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 TSACDAORBABC E F267117Coll. FtblNewsWhite White Enter tainPaidStormsPaidPaidRightRight ABC E F2811Coll. FtblNews ScandalCastleEntertainPaidPaidPaidPaidOn MoneyHouseCall ABC E F407771077Coll. FtblNews Comedy.TVCold Case Dog BntyDog BntyKick in ItGarden HomesHomeMy.TV CBS E F1010101010NewsPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidMcKenziePaidInsidePaid CBS E F11213213555NewsBlue BloodGood WifeCastle CheatersMusic MixAmerica HomeHomeownPaid NBC E F*88888NewsSNL Tina Fey. PaidPaid1st LookOpen NYCOpen NYCPaidJ. HannaPaidExtra NBC E F20222NewsSNL Tina Fey. BonesPaidSt ormsStormsPaidHollywdOld HouseInsiderDo Florida FOX E F131313131313Coll. FtblNewsGolanGolanTMZ (CC)Shes Having Baby PaidPaidPaidTBA FOX E F36444Coll. FtblNewsGolanGolanJudyPaid CloserPaidJudyPaid30 RockPaidPaid PBS E F#3333Brain Change (R)NOVA (R)FrontlinePerform (CC) (HD)Wash WkWeek PBS E F1620420420416Austin Moonstruck () aaa Thunderbolt () aac Pan. CanalEnglishEnglish PBS E F30333Last WineLast WineAustin NOVA (R)FrontlinePerform (CC) (HD)Wash WkWeek CW E F4662162 1/2 Men2 1/2 MenLa Mission () aaa AccessPaidPaidTextuality () ac (R) CW E F449994FriendsFriends Cold CaseQ withS unnySunny Cold CaseComedy.TVPaidPaidPaid MYN E F3811111114Bones ET (N)AlienAlienRaymondPaidThe JorgePaidPaidPaidPaidPaid MYN E F*898WoodsGhoulies 3 () c (R)C.H.O.M.P.S. () ac AddamsAddamsPaidPaid IND E F321212123812AngelsCheatersSpringerSpaceballs (, Comedy) PaidPaidPaid ION E F6622213261817Order: CIOrder: CIFlashpointFlashpointPaidPaidInspiration Today WCLF E F222222222Christ inPassionDC MetroGospelGot NexGeneratnTimeTV OneMX-TVCTN Spec.WorshipGaither WRXY E F49224410TimePassionWalk onConnectMonumntRetroTimeMovie S upport TLF E F50232323955Boxeo (HD)Lgrimas sol () PelculaChoquesPagadoPagadoContacto UNIV E F621515156La familiaNoticieroEstrelladoDesma drugaIncluidoSbado gigante La familiaNoticiero 11 PM11:3012 AM12:301 AM1:302 AM2:303 AM3:304 AM4:305 AM5:30 ELBACA&E262626263950181CriminalCriminalCriminalCriminalCriminalPaidDog BntyPaid AMC565656563053231Hell onApollo 13 () Problem in space. Hell onCSI MiamiCSI Miami APL444444443668130Too Cute!Too Cute!Too Cute!Too Cute!Pit Bulls(:06) TBA AttractionInfested!Monsters BET353535354022270DiaryI Think I Love () (R) (CC)Strip (R)ComicVwBET Inspiration BRAV6868686825451185Pie 2 () Office Space () (R)HousewivesJersey PaidPaidPaidPaid COM666666661527190Dumb(:31) Tropic Thunder ()(:03) Zack & Miri () A. DevineHalf HourPaid DISC404040402543120Fast LoudRedwoodFast LoudFast LoudPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid E!464646462726196AnacondaScary Movie 3 () Anaconda () ac PaidPaidPaidPaid ESQ82828282118118160TerminatorThe Terminator () JohnnyJohnnyPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid EWTN2432432431217285Fatima Daily MassBeatitudeSav FaithThe EldestHolyLectioEWTN LiveTheologyLife Worth FAM555555551046199Princess () Dumbo () (G)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidLevitt FOOD37373737-76164Diners DinersDiners DinersDiners DinersDinersPaidPaidPaidPaid FX51515151584953American () aaa LouieLouieArcherArcherLouieLouieArcherArcherPaidPaid GSN17917917917934179184IdiotestMindMindBaggageBaggageBaggageBaggageDog EatPaidPaidPaidPaid HALL5551773240Cedar CoveGoldenGoldenGoldenGoldenFrasierFrasierFrasierFrasierCheersCheersLucyLucy HIST818181813365128PawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPawnPaidPaidPaidPaid HOME414141415342165HuntersHuntersP rop BroRenovation HuntersHuntersP rop BroPaidPaidPaidPaid LIFE363636365241140DeliverancDeliverance Cr. () Deliverance Cr. () ChristineChristinePaidPaid OWN5858585847103161Iyanla FixIyanla FixSix LittleSix LittleBerkusBerkusPhil (HD)Phil (HD) SPIKE57575757296354CopsCopsJailJailJailJailJailJailJailJailPaidPaidPaidPaid SYFY676767672536418010,000 ac Star Trek II: Wrath KhanStar Trek: Motion Picture () Twilight TBS59595959326252Sullivan &Heartbr eak Kid ()(:45) Zoolander () a PreviewMarriedMarriedMarriedMarried TCM65656565169230Wild SideFrisco Jenny () Madhouse aac House of Wax () Shke Hnd TLC454545455772139UndercoverUndercoverUndercoverUndercoverPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid TNT61616161285551Heist () (CC)Transporter 3 ()(:47) From Paris () PreviewLaw (HD) TRAV6969696926066170Dead FilesGhost (R)Dead FilesDead FilesGhost (R)PaidPaidPaidPaid TRUTV636363635030183DumbestDumbestDumbestDumbestDumbestPaidPaidPaidPaid TVLND626262623154244RaymondRaymondRaymondRaymondCleveland3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co.3s Co. USA34343434225250ModernModernCheaper Dozen () RAW (N)House House House WE117117117117117149Pretty Woman () Will GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GraceWill GracePaidPaid WGN1616161941119Home VidHome Vid RulesRules30 Rock30 RockSunnySunnyParksParksParksParks STROPSESPN29292929125870Sports Sports Sports Sports Scoreboard NFL Mtch Coll. Ftbl (HD) ESPN23030303065974Coll. FtblScoreboardBaseballQualifying College Football (Replay) FS148484848426983FOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsFOX SportsCollege Football (Replay) (HD) FSN727272725677Wrld PokerMLB Game (Replay)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid GOLF494949495560304PGA TOUR Golf CntrlLPGA Tour Golf European Tour Golf PaidPaid NBCSN71717171546190FightingTo Be Announced PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SUN38384014014557763 WidePrep Zone Football (Taped)PaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid SWENCNBC3939393937102Greed Suze OrmanGreed PaidPaidGreed Suze OrmanSuze Orman CNN323232321838100Death RowDeath RowDeath RowForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensicForensic CSPN181818183712109WashingtonWashington Week Washington Week Washington Week FNC646464644871118Red EyeHuckabeeJusticeRed EyeHuckabeeGeraldoHuckabee MSNBC8383838318540103LockupLockupLockupLockupLockupLockupLockup SNN6661111WeekendWeekendWeekendChefWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekendWeekend MUIMERPCINE320320320320320320420HerculesThe KnickFast Furious 6 () Super Sex () ChemistryRunning () CINE2321321321321321321422OffOffDawn Dead (R)CoEd Cnf.CoEd Cnf.CoEd Conf.Man Iron Mask () Hoosiers DISN1361361361369945250AustinLivJessieAustinJessieLivAustinYou Wish! () On DeckOn DeckPhineasPhineas ENC150150150150150350GauntletZero Dark Thirty () (CC)Maximum () Cadillac Man () aa Memphis HBO302302302302302302400EmpireBuyers Club () (R)Ted () (CC)About Time Time travel. HBO2303303303303303303402OliverReal Time12 Years Slave () Good Time aac(:15) Outbreak () HBO3304304304304304404Bourne ()(:50) The Siege () Kingdom of Heaven () Niro, Sr. SHOW340340340340340340365Impossib Donovan7 DeadlyMasters ofWaiting... () America () Anthony Cl TMC350350350350350350385Rites Passa g e Werewolf ( ) Rites of Passa g e aa Clerks ( ) (R)Bustin KIDS NEWS SPORTS SPECIALS MOVIES


44 AAbout a Boy aaa (02, Drama) Hugh Grant. A man and a boy help each other grow. (1:45) PG-13 (HD) HBO3 Mon. 10:50 a.m., Sat. 12:30 p.m. About Time aaac (13, Romance) Domhnall Gleeson. A man travels back in time for his love. (2:10) R (AL, SC) (HD) HBO Next Sun. 3:50 a.m. The Abyss aaa (89, Science Fiction) Ed Harris. Divers try to rescue a submarine crew. (2:20) PG-13 (HD) CINE Thu. 6:00 a.m. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective aac (94, Comedy) Jim Carrey. Detective hired to nd missing mascot. (1:30) PG-13 (HD) HBO2 Thu. 1:45 p.m. Act Like You Love Me aac (13, Comedy) Essence Atkins. Engagement causes older sisters panic. (2:30) NR BET Wed. 1:00 p.m. The Addams Family aaa (91, Comedy) Anjelica Huston. A con artist wants a familys fortune. (2:00) PG-13 (HD) FAM Wed. 12:00 a.m. Addams Family Values aac (93, Comedy) Anjelica Huston. A family hires a serial killing nanny. (2:00) PG-13 (AH) (HD) FAM Thu. 12:00 a.m. Alice in Wonderland aaac (51, Fantasy) Kathryn Beaumont. A girl enters a land of nonsense. (1:45) G (HD) FAM Sat. 1:00 p.m. The Amazing Spider-Man aaa (12, Action) Andrew Gareld. Young man attains super powers. (3:00) PG-13 (V) FX Tue. 7:00 p.m. The American President aac (95, Romance) Michael Douglas. The U.S. president romances a lobbyist. (2:30) PG-13 (AL) (HD) OWN Fri. 12:30 p.m. American Reunion aaa (12, Comedy) Jason Biggs. Friends attend high school reunion. (2:30) R (AC, AH, AL, N) FX Sat. 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Apache aac (54, Western) Burt Lancaster. A captured Apache lieutenant escapes. (2:00) NR WNFM Thu. 2:00 p.m. Apollo 13 aaac (95, Drama) Tom Hanks. An explosion aboard a spacecraft. (2:58) PG (AL) (HD) AMC Next Sun. 12:02 a.m. Argo aaac (12, Thriller) Ben Afeck. Iranian revolution rescue. (2:00) R (AC, AL) (HD) CINE Mon. 6:00 p.m. Around the World in 80 Days aac (56, Adventure) David Niven. Man circles globe in hot air balloon. (0:05) G TCM Tue. 1:40 a.m. Arsne Lupin Returns aac (38, Mystery) Melvyn Douglas. A man is suspected of stealing a gem. (1:30) NR TCM Thu. 7:45 a.m. Art School Condential aac (06, Comedy) Max Minghella. Young man goes to school to gain fame. (2:00) R (AL, N, V) WNFM Wed. 12:00 p.m. Ataque terrorista aac (09, Accin) Dolph Lundgren. Rescate del presidente ruso. (2:00) R (AL) (HD) WFTT Sun. 12:00 p.m., Mon. 2:00 a.m. At Close Range aaa (86, Drama) Sean Penn. A teen meets his unscrupulous father. (2:00) R (AC, BN, GL, V) WNFM Wed. 2:00 p.m. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery aaa (97, Comedy) Mike Myers. A 1960s spy battles evil in the s. (1:30) PG-13 (HD) CINE Fri. 6:45 p.m. Avatar aaac (09, Science Fiction) Sam Worthington. Space marines colonize an alien world. (4:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) FX Sun. 1:00 p.m.BBack to School aac (86, Comedy) Rodney Dangereld. Millionaire attends college with son. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, BN, MV) (HD) AMC Fri. 12:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. Bad Santa aaa (03, Comedy) Billy Bob Thornton. Santa and his elf rob stores. (2:02) R (GL, SSC, V) (HD) COM Sat. 8:19 a.m. Bad Teacher aac (11, Comedy) Cameron Diaz. Competing for a coworkers heart. (2:00) R (AC, AL, N, SC) TBS Sun. 8:00 p.m., Sat. 6:00 p.m. Barbershop aac (02, Comedy) Ice Cube. An urban neighborhood faces change. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC) BET Sun. 1:30 p.m. Batman Begins aaac (05, Action) Christian Bale. A man becomes a masked vigilante. (2:25) PG-13 (AC, AT, V) (HD) CINE Wed. 6:35 p.m. Battle: Los Angeles aac (11, Action) Aaron Eckhart. Marines counter a deadly alien invasion. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, GV) SYFY Tue. 12:30 a.m. The Battle of Algiers aaac (66, Drama) Yacef Saadi. A bloody uprising forces brutal choices. (2:15) NR TCM Mon. 2:00 a.m. Battleship aac (12, Science Fiction) Taylor Kitsch. Human navy battles alien armada. (3:00) PG-13 (AL, V) FX Sun. 5:00 p.m. Before Sunset aaac (04, Drama) Ethan Hawke. Former lovers meet again after 9 years. (1:20) R (AC, AL) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 5:30 a.m. Belle de Jour aaac (67, Drama) Catherine Deneuve. A bored housewife turns to prostitution. (2:00) NR TCM Sat. 8:00 p.m. Big Hearted Herbert aac (34, Comedy) Guy Kibbee. Stingy mans wife needs operation. (1:15) NR TCM Tue. 12:00 p.m. Big Jake aaa (71, Western) John Wayne. Man must rescue kidnapped grandson. (2:30) PG-13 (HD) AMC Sat. 6:30 p.m. Black Hawk Down aaac (01, Action) Josh Hartnett. U.S. soldiers are cornered in Somalia. (3:15) R (AL, GV) (HD) A&E Sun. 2:15 p.m. The Black Stallion aaac (79, Family) Kelly Reno. A boy befriends a wild horse. (2:00) G TCM Mon. 6:00 p.m. Bolt aaa (08, Adventure) John Travolta. A dog undertakes a hazardous journey. (2:00) PG (MV) (HD) FAM Sat. 7:00 a.m. Bombshell aaac (33, Comedy) Jean Harlow. A starlet tries to lose her fame. (1:45) NR TCM Fri. 4:45 p.m. The Bone Collector aac (99, Thriller) Denzel Washington. Cop uses gift to get in killers mind. (2:30) R (AL, V) (HD) AMC Wed. 3:30 p.m., Thu. 9:00 a.m. The Book Thief aaac (13, Drama) Geoffrey Rush. Woman nds comfort in stealing books. (2:15) PG-13 (MT, V) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 9:45 a.m. The Bourne Identity aaa (02, Action) Matt Damon. An amnesiac ees from secret agents. (3:00) PG-13 SPIKE Mon. 4:30 p.m., 10:10 p.m. The Bourne Legacy aaa (12, Action) Jeremy Renner. Agent seeks to expose CIA crimes. (2:15) PG-13 (MT, V) (HD) HBO Sun. 9:15 a.m., 4:15 p.m., Fri. 3:25 a.m. HBO3 Mon. 6:40 p.m., Wed. 4:35 p.m., Sat. 2:15 p.m., 10:30 p.m. The Bourne Supremacy aaac (04, Action) Matt Damon. Bourne is framed for murder. (2:40) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) SPIKE Mon. 7:30 p.m., Tue. 1:17 a.m. The Bourne Ultimatum aaac (07, Thriller) Matt Damon. An amnesiac assassin seeks answers. (2:30) PG-13 (V) (HD) SYFY Sun. 12:00 p.m. Brave aaa (12, Fantasy) Kelly Macdonald. Scottish princess ghts curse. (2:00) PG (MT) (HD) FAM Sat. 8:30 p.m. The Breakfast Club aaac (85, Drama) Emilio Estevez. Detention brings teens together. (2:15) R (HD) AMC Thu. 8:00 p.m., Fri. 1:00 p.m. A Bugs Life aaac (98, Comedy) Dave Foley. Ants wage war on grasshoppers. (2:00) G (HD) FAM Sat. 4:30 p.m. Bullet Scars aac (42, Drama) Regis Toomey. Doctor must help dying bank robber. (1:00) NR TCM Wed. 8:45 a.m. Bullet to the Head aac (13, Action) Sylvester Stallone. A hit man works with a detective. (1:40) R (AC, AL, GV, N) (HD) CINE Tue. 6:20 p.m.CCadillac Man aa (90, Comedy) Robin Williams. Car salesman soothes angry gunman. (1:40) R (AL, AS, V) (HD) ENCORE Next Sun. 3:50 a.m. La Cage Aux Folles aaa (78, Comedy) Ugo Tognazzi. Gay couple puts on appearances. (2:00) R (AH, AL) WNFM Mon. 2:00 p.m. The Call aaa (13, Thriller) Halle Berry. A 911 operator helps a kidnapped girl. (1:35) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) ENCORE Tue. 12:00 p.m. MOVIESMonday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family, The Pursuit of Happyness tells the true story of Chris Gardner (Will Smith, right), who struggles with homelessness and caring for his young son (Jaden Smith) as he works as an unpaid intern stockbroker.


4 5 Captains Courageous aaac (37, Adventure) Freddie Bartholomew. A brat learns about life at sea. (2:00) NR TCM Wed. 10:00 p.m. Charlies Angels aac (00, Action) Cameron Diaz. Three detectives hunt a kidnap victim. (2:00) PG-13 (AS, V) WMOR Sat. 10:00 p.m. Chasing Mavericks aaa (12, Drama) Gerard Butler. Training to surf massive waves. (2:00) PG (MT) (HD) CINE Thu. 4:00 p.m. Chronicle aaa (12, Science Fiction) Dane DeHaan. Three friends gain superpo wers. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, MT, SC) FX Sun. 8:00 p.m., Mon. 5:30 p.m. Cinderella aaa (50, Fantasy) Ilene Woods. Humble woman encounters a prince. (1:45) G (HD) FAM Sat. 2:45 p.m. Cinderella Man aaac (05, Drama) Russell Crowe. Boxer regains prizeghting status. (2:25) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Fri. 8:35 a.m. Closed Circuit aac (13, Drama) Eric Bana. Ex-lovers placed on same defense team. (1:40) R (AL, V) (HD) HBO Mon. 10:00 p.m. HBO3 Wed. 2:55 p.m., Sat. 1:45 a.m. Cloud Atlas aaac (12, Drama) Tom Hanks. The impacts of individuals actions. (2:55) R (AC, AL, N, SC) (HD) HBO2 Thu. 5:05 p.m. Coach Carter aaa (05, Drama) Samuel L. Jackson. Coach jeopardizes a winning season. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) SHOW Wed. 3:00 p.m. The Conjuring aaac (13, Horror) Vera Farmiga. Family terrorized at secluded farmhouse. (2:00) R (V) (HD) CINE2 Thu. 8:00 p.m. Contraband aac (12, Thriller) Mark Wahlberg. A man runs counterfeit money. (2:30) R (AC, AL, V) FX Wed. 5:30 p.m., Thu. 12:00 p.m. Courage Under Fire aac (96, Drama) Denzel Washington. Ofcer investigates pilots death. (2:00) R (HD) CINE2 Mon. 12:00 p.m.DDallas Buyers Club aaac (13, Drama) Matthew McConaughey. Man with HIV seeks alternative medicine. (2:00) R (AC, AL, N, SSC) (HD) HBO Sat. 8:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. Dangerous Liaisons aaac (88, Drama) Glenn Close. Decadent duo indulges in sexual games. (2:05) R HBO3 Fri. 6:55 a.m. Dantes Peak aac (97, Drama) Pierce Brosnan. A volcanologist predicts an eruption. (2:00) PG-13 (AT, V) (HD) SHOW Thu. 12:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Dark City aaa (98, Science Fiction) Rufus Sewell. Shadowy beings control a city. (1:45) R (AC, BN, GV) (HD) CINE Mon. 4:20 a.m. Dark Skies aac (13, Horror) Keri Russell. A deadly force comes after a family. (1:40) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC, V) (HD) SHOW Fri. 10:35 p.m. Dawn of the Dead aaa (04, Horror) Sarah Polley. Group battles zombies in shopping mall. (1:45) R (GV) (HD) CINE2 Wed. 11:45 a.m., Sat. 2:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. Deep Blue Sea aac (99, Thriller) Saffron Burrows. A doctors brain-modied sharks escape. (2:30) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) AMC Mon. 2:30 p.m. Design for Living aaa (33, Comedy) Fredric March. Two men fall in love with the same girl. (1:45) NR TCM Fri. 9:30 p.m. Despicable Me aaac (10, Comedy) Steve Carell. A master thief plans his next big heist. (2:00) PG (AH) (HD) FAM Sat. 6:30 p.m. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels aaa (88, Comedy) Steve Martin. Smooth-talking con artists compete. (2:00) PG WTTA Sun. 5:00 p.m. Disconnect aaa (13, Drama) Jason Bateman. Strangers struggle to connect. (2:00) R (AC, AL, N, SC) (HD) CINE Thu. 4:00 a.m. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story aaa (04, Comedy) Vince Vaughn. Mists enter dodgeball tournament. (1:40) PG13 (AH, AL) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 2:30 p.m. Dolphin Tale aaa (11, Drama) Morgan Freeman. Young boy befriends injured dolphin. (2:30) PG (MT) (HD) FAM Sun. 7:00 a.m., Thu. 6:30 p.m. Don Juan De Marco aac (95, Comedy) Marlon Brando. A mental patient claims to be icon. (1:40) PG-13 (BN, SC) (HD) CINE2 Wed. 6:10 a.m. Donnie Brasco aaac (97, Drama) Al Pacino. An FBI agent inltrates the mob. (3:00) R (BN, GL, GV, SC) (HD) AMC Thu. 11:30 a.m. Double Harness aaa (33, Comedy) Ann Harding. Woman tricks playboy into marriage. (1:15) NR TCM Fri. 10:00 a.m. Dream House aac (11, Thriller) Daniel Craig. Family uncovers secrets about new home. (1:40) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC, V) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 5:50 p.m., Wed. 12:45 p.m. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aaa (31, Horror) Fredric March. A doctor develops an alter ego. (1:45) NR TCM Sat. 12:45 a.m. Dr. No aaa (62, Action) Sean Connery. 007 stops world domination. (1:55) PG (AS, V) (HD) HBO2 Fri. 5:20 a.m. Duel at Diablo aac (66, Western) James Garner. A group travels through Apache lands. (2:00) NR WNFM Thu. 9:00 a.m. Dum b & Dum b er aaa ( 94, Comedy) Jim Carrey. Two buffoons drive cross-country. (2:31) PG-13 (HD) COM Sat. 9:00 p.m. Dumbo aaa (41, Family) A baby elephant learns how to y. (1:30) G (HD) FAM Next Sun. 12:30 a.m.EEast of Eden aaac (55, Drama) James Dean. Brothers vie for their fathers respect. (2:15) PG TCM Sun. 1:45 p.m. Eat Drink Man Woman aaac (94, Drama) Sihung Lung. Chef tries to connect with daughters. (2:30) NR (SC) WNFM Mon. 11:30 a.m. Eddie and The Cruisers aa (83, Drama) Tom Berenger. Reporter interviews reuniting band. (2:14) PG (HD) AMC Sun. 10:01 a.m., Fri. 9:00 a.m. The Eddie Cantor Story aac (53, Drama) Keefe Brasselle. A vaudeville performer makes it big. (2:00) NR TCM Tue. 6:00 p.m. Ed Wood aaac (94, Drama) Johnny Depp. Director Ed Wood creates strange movies. (2:15) R (AC, AL) (HD) SHOW Thu. 5:00 a.m. Enough Said aaa (13, Comedy) James Gandolni. A divorced woman starts a relationship. (1:35) PG-13 (AL, N, SC, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 11:15 a.m., Fri. 3:00 p.m. CINE2 Mon. 9:00 p.m., Thu. 4:40 p.m., Fri. 12:00 a.m. Erin Brockovich aaa (00, Drama) Julia Roberts. A secretarys crusade brings out truth. (2:15) R (AL, GL) (HD) HBO3 Wed. 3:55 a.m., Thu. 8:10 a.m. Escape Plan aaa (13, Thriller) Sylvester Stallone. Security expert wrongly imprisoned. (2:00) R (AL, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 8:00 p.m., Sat. 5:00 p.m. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind aaac (04, Romance) Jim Carrey. Ex-lovers want their memories erased. (1:50) R (AC, AL, SC) (HD) CINE Thu. 8:20 a.m. Every Girl Should Be Married aa (48, Romance) Cary Grant. A woman chases a man. (1:30) NR TCM Thu. 11:00 a.m. Excision aac (12, Horror) AnnaLynne McCord. Student hopes for a career in medicine. (1:25) NR (HD) SHOW Tue. 2:05 a.m. Exit Smiling aaa (26, Comedy) Beatrice Lillie. Wardrobe lady falls for troubled actor. (1:30) NR TCM Mon. 9:30 p.m. Exorcist: The Beginning aa (04, Horror) Stellan Skarsgrd. An excavation in Africa conjures evil. (2:00) R (AL, GV, MT) (HD) CINE Wed. 8:00 a.m. Eyes Wide Shut aaa (99, Drama) Tom Cruise. A man embarks on an erotic odyssey. (2:45) R (AL, N, SSC, V) (HD) CINE Mon. 1:05 a.m.FFail-Safe aaa (64, Drama) Dan OHerlihy. A bomber accidentally targets Moscow. (2:00) NR TCM Sat. 3:15 p.m. Falling Down aac (93, Drama) Michael Douglas. Trafc jam pushes man over the edge. (1:55) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Thu. 1:00 a.m. Fame High aaa (12, Pro- le) Bronwyn Reed. Los Angeles High School for the Arts. (1:45) NR (HD) SHOW Mon. 7:00 a.m. Fargo aaac (96, Crime) Frances McDormand. A pregnant cop trails kidnappers. (2:00) R (AC, AL, BN, V) (HD) WNFM Sat. 8:00 p.m. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift aa (06, Action) Lucas Black. Young man involved in dangerous racing. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) AMC Fri. 5:30 p.m. Fast & Furious 6 aaac (13, Action) Vin Diesel. Dominic and his team help agent Hobbs. (2:15) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) CINE Mon. 10:40 p.m., Sat. 11:30 a.m., Next Sun. 12:30 a.m. CINE2 Wed. 5:10 p.m. Feeling Minnesota aa (96, Comedy) Keanu Reeves. A stripper falls for her brotherin-law. (2:15) R (HD) AMC Tue. 3:30 a.m. Fever Pitch aac (05, Comedy) Drew Barrymore. Woman competes for boyfriends love. (1:45) PG-13 (AH, SC) (HD) HBO2 Sun. 7:40 a.m. The Fifth Element aaa (97, Science Fiction) Bruce Willis. Cabbie meets amazing 23rd-century girl. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, BN, V) (HD) ESQ Wed. 7:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. The Fighting Sullivans aaac (44, Drama) Anne Baxter. Brothers defend the nation during WWII. (2:00) NR TCM Sat. 1:15 p.m. Flushed Away aaa (06, Comedy) Hugh Jackman. Posh rat nds himself in London sewers. (1:30) PG (HD) CINE2 Thu. 6:00 a.m. For a Few Dollars More aaac (67, Western) Clint Eastwood. Rival bounty hunters unite for outlaw. (3:00) WNFM Thu. 11:00 a.m. Forrest Gump aaaa (94, Drama) Tom Hanks. A simple man changes those around him. (3:00) PG-13 (AS, MT, V) (HD) FAM Sun. 8:00 p.m. The Fortune Cookie aaa (66, Comedy) Walter Matthau. A lawyer concocts a fake lawsuit. (2:30) NR WNFM Mon. 9:00 a.m. 42 aaac (13, Drama) Chadwick Boseman. Two heroic men changed baseball forever. (2:10) PG-13 (AL, MT) (HD) CINE Thu. 10:10 a.m.


T h e Fox an d t h e Houn d aaa (81, Family) Mickey Rooney. Friendship between natural enemies. (2:00) G (HD) FAM Sat. 9:00 a.m. Freaks aaac (32, Horror) Wallace Ford. Woman plots to murder her dwarf husband. (1:15) NR TCM Sat. 3:45 a.m. Frisco Jenny aaa (33, Drama) Ruth Chatterton. A district attorney sentences his mother. (1:45) NR TCM Next Sun. 12:15 a.m. From Paris with Love aac (10, Action) John Travolta. A CIA agent tracks cocaine smugglers. (1:45) R (AL, GV, MT, SC) (HD) TNT Sat. 2:00 p.m., Next Sun. 2:47 a.m. Fruitvale Station aaac (13, Drama) Michael B. Jordan. Young mans life on last day of 2008. (1:30) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) SHOW Sat. 8:00 p.m. The Fugitive aaac (93, Action) Harrison Ford. A doctor seeks to clear his name. (3:00) PG-13 (AL, AS, V) (HD) AMC Sun. 12:15 p.m. Funny Valentines aac (99, Drama) Alfre Woodard. Woman returns to her southern home. (2:00) NR (AC, AL, MV, RP) BET Sun. 11:30 a.m.GGallant Bess aa (46, Drama) Marshall Thompson. A farmers love for his horse, Bess. (1:45) NR TCM Mon. 10:00 a.m. The Game aaa (97, Thriller) Michael Douglas. An unusual game takes over a mans life. (2:15) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 10:15 a.m. Gamer aac (09, Action) Gerard Butler. Captured human avatar seeks freedom. (2:00) R (AL, GV, N, SC) (HD) SPIKE Sat. 12:00 p.m. Gangster Squad aaa (13, Crime) Sean Penn. Undercover cops go up against a mobster. (2:00) R (AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 3:30 p.m. Gideons Army aaac (13, Crime) Travis Williams. Three public defenders in the South. (1:45) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 3:45 a.m. G.I. Jane aa (97, Drama) Demi Moore. Female soldier undergoes Navy training. (2:10) R (AC, BN, GL, GV) (HD) CINE2 Mon. 7:30 a.m. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra aac (09, Action) Channing Tatum. Elite soldiers ght a supervillain. (3:00) PG-13 (MT, V) (HD) SPIKE Sat. 9:00 a.m. Glory aa (56, Drama) Margaret OBrien. A young woman wants to race horses. (1:45) NR TCM Mon. 11:45 a.m. Go aaa (99, Comedy) Sarah Polley. Lives of hedonistic L.A. teens collide. (1:45) R (AC, AL, N, V) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 8:00 a.m. Go bli n aa ( 10, Horror ) G il Bellows. An evil goblin tries to steal a baby. (2:00) NR (HD) SYFY Thu. 3:00 a.m. Godzilla aa (98, Science Fiction) Matthew Broderick. Giant iguana attacks Big Apple. (3:00) PG-13 (AC, V) WGN Sun. 7:00 p.m. A Good Day to Die Hard aa (13, Action) Bruce Willis. John and his son try to stop a heist. (1:45) R (AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 2:15 p.m. GoodFellas aaaa (90, Crime) Robert De Niro. A man becomes part of the Maa. (3:15) R (HD) A&E Sun. 11:00 a.m. The Goonies aaa (85, Adventure) Sean Astin. A group of kids nds buried treasure. (2:30) PG (HD) FAM Fri. 8:30 p.m. Gothika aa (03, Horror) Halle Berry. Psychiatrist is imprisoned in an asylum. (1:45) R (AC, AL, N, V) (HD) CINE Thu. 2:15 p.m. Gravity aaac (13, Drama) Sandra Bullock. Crash leaves astronauts stranded. (1:30) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) HBO Tue. 9:30 a.m., 9:00 p.m. HBO3 Wed. 1:20 p.m., Sat. 11:00 a.m., 9:00 p.m. Grosse Pointe Blank aaa (97, Comedy) John Cusack. Hit man attends his high school reunion. (2:30) R (AL, AS, V) (HD) AMC Wed. 3:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. Grown Ups aac (10, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Old teammates gather for a reunion. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, AL, N) (HD) FX Sat. 5:30 p.m. Grudge Match aaa (13, Comedy) Robert De Niro. Match between retired boxers goes viral. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) CINE Wed. 1:30 p.m., 10:00 p.m. CINE2 Mon. 5:15 p.m., Fri. 11:30 p.m. The Guardian aaa (06, Action) Kevin Costner. Young man is mentored by rescue swimmer. (3:00) PG-13 WXPX Sun. 11:00 a.m., Tue. 11:00 a.m. The Guns of Navarone aaa (61, Action) Gregory Peck. Assault on a German fortress in WWII. (2:45) PG (HD) TCM Sat. 5:15 p.m.HHalf Baked aac (98, Comedy) Dave Chappelle. Stoners begin dealing to free roomie. (2:07) R (AC, BN, GL, MV) (HD) COM Sun. 6:53 p.m. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later aa (98, Horror) Jamie Lee Curtis. A killer pursues his young nephew. (1:30) R (AL, GV) (HD) CINE Wed. 3:30 p.m. Hands Over the City aaa (63, Drama) Rod Steiger. Corrupt city councilmen eye real-estate. (1:45) NR TCM Mon. 4:15 a.m. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle aac (92, Thriller)Annabella Sciorra. Strange occurances when nanny arrives. (2:30) R (AL, AS, SC, V) (HD) LIFE Sat. 11:00 a.m. The Hangover Part III aaa (13, Comedy) Bradley Cooper. Friends try to help unstable comrade. (1:45) R (AC, BN, GL, SC) (HD) HBO2 Sun. 7:15 p.m., Fri. 9:00 p.m. HBO3 Tue. 3:35 p.m., 10:00 p.m. Head of State aa (03, Comedy) Chris Rock. Obscure candidate runs for President. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) TBS Sat. 10:45 a.m. The Heartbreak Kid aa (07, Comedy) Ben Stiller. Married man falls for another woman. (2:15) R (AH, AL, SSC) (HD) TBS Sat. 12:45 p.m., 11:30 p.m. The Heat aac (13, Comedy) Sandra Bullock. Uptight agent and crude cop partner up. (2:00) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Wed. 4:15 p.m., 11:00 p.m., Sat. 6:00 p.m. HBO3 Sun. 7:00 p.m., Fri. 11:35 a.m., 9:00 p.m. Heat Lightning aaa (34, Drama) Aline MacMahon. Caf in the California desert. (1:15) NR TCM Tue. 10:45 a.m. Hell Baby aa (13, Comedy) Rob Corddry. Exorcists take on couples demonic baby. (1:35) R (AC, AL, GV, N) (HD) CINE Mon. 9:10 a.m., Sat. 6:05 a.m. Here Comes the Boom aac (12, Comedy) Kevin James. Teacher turns ghter for school funds. (1:50) PG (AL, V) ENCORE Sun. 7:40 a.m., 4:45 p.m., Mon. 2:30 a.m., Wed. 10:50 a.m., 9:35 p.m. Hes Just Not That Into You aac (09, Comedy) Ben Afeck. Woman gets advice about dating scene. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, SC) (HD) USA Sat. 7:30 p.m. Hidden Agenda aaa (90, Drama) Brad Dourif. Ireland peace process is jeopardized. (2:00) R (V) WNFM Tue. 12:00 p.m. The Hidden Eye aac (45, Mystery) Edward Arnold. Blind sleuth follows perfume to killer. (1:15) NR TCM Wed. 1:15 p.m. Hitchcock aac (12, Drama) Anthony Hopkins. A lmmaker meets his future wife. (1:40) PG-13 (MT, SC, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 4:35 a.m. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug aaac (13, Adventure) Ian McKellen. Bilbo faces dangers during quest. (2:45) PG-13 (V) (HD) HBO Sun. 1:30 p.m., Sat. 3:30 p.m. HBO2 Thu. 9:00 p.m. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey aaac (12, Fantasy) Martin Freeman. Quest to reclaim kingdom from dragon. (2:50) PG-13 (MV) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 10:00 p.m. Hollow Man aa (00, Science Fiction) Elisabeth Shue. A sc i ent i st tests an i nv i s ibili ty serum. (2:30) R (AL, AS, N, RP) (HD) AMC Sat. 3:30 a.m. Hoosiers aaa (86, Drama) Gene Hackman. Basketball squads inspired season. (2:00) PG (HD) CINE2 Next Sun. 5:40 a.m. The Horse Whisperer aac (98, Drama) Robert Redford. Cowboy helps traumatized girl and horse. (3:00) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) SHOW Tue. 1:30 p.m., Fri. 3:00 p.m. Hostage aaa (05, Thriller) Bruce Willis. A decision between family and hostages. (1:55) R (AC, AL, GV) ENCORE Tue. 2:05 a.m. Hot Fuzz aaac (07, Comedy) Simon Pegg. A top cop is sent to a quiet village. (2:00) R (AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 5:00 p.m. Hot Shots! Part Deux aac (93, Comedy) Charlie Sheen. A retired action hero returns. (1:30) PG-13 (AH, AL, SC) (HD) HBO Wed. 12:30 p.m. House of Flying Daggers aaa (04, Action) Takeshi Kaneshiro. Rise and oppose the government. (2:30) PG-13 (SC, V) (HD) ESQ Mon. 11:00 p.m. House of Wax aac (53, Horror) Vincent Price. A creepy curator runs a wax museum. (1:45) NR (MV) TCM Next Sun. 3:45 a.m. How High aa (01, Comedy) Method Man. Supernatural smoke makes friends smart. (1:40) R (AL) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 1:50 p.m. Huckleberry Finn aa (74, Family) Jeff East. Youth and runaway slave bond. (2:30) G WNFM Sun. 3:30 p.m., Fri. 1:30 p.m. The Hunchback of Notre Dame aac (96, Family) Tom Hulce. Quasimodo protects the cathedral. (2:00) G (HD) FAM Sat. 11:00 a.m. Hustle & Flow aaa (05, Drama) Terrence Howard. A pimp dreams of being a rapper. (2:00) R (AC, AL, SC, V) (HD) SHOW Thu. 9:00 p.m. Hyde Park on Hudson aac (13, Drama) Bill Murray. FDRs extramarital romance in 1939. (1:35) R (SC) (HD) HBO2 Sun. 6:05 a.m.II Am Legend aaa (07, Science Fiction) Will Smith. Virus transforms humans into monsters. (2:00) PG-13 (V) (HD) TNT Wed. 7:00 p.m. I Love You, Beth Cooper aa (09, Comedy) Hayden Panettiere. Popular girl takes nerd on adventure. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, AS, SC, V) (HD) FX Fri. 9:30 a.m., Sat. 2:47 a.m. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry aac (07, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Two men pretend to be domestic partners. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, N, SC) USA Sat. 1:00 p.m.46


47I Spy aa (02, Comedy) Eddie Murphy. An arms dealer steals a U.S. airplane. (1:40) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) ENCORE Sun. 9:30 a.m., Thu. 2:20 p.m. I Think I Love My Wife aac (07, Comedy) Chris Rock. A man is tempted to have an affair. (2:30) R (AL, SC) BET Sat. 11:30 p.m. Identity Thief aac (13, Comedy) Jason Bateman. A man searches for who stole his life. (1:55) R (AL, SC) (HD) HBO Sat. 1:00 a.m. Im Gonna Git You Sucka aac (88, Comedy) Keenen Ivory Wayans. Black heroes battle bad jewelry pusher. (1:30) R (AC, AL, N, V) ENCORE Fri. 3:30 a.m. Immortals aac (11, Fantasy) Henry Cavill. A hero must save mankind from evil king. (2:30) R (SC, V) FX Sun. 10:30 a.m., Mon. 7:30 a.m. Im No Angel aaa (33, Comedy) Mae West. A circus performer targets a playboy. (1:30) NR TCM Sun. 10:30 a.m. The Impossible aaac (12, Drama) Naomi Watts. A family is separated by a tsunami. (2:00) PG-13 (BN) (HD) SHOW Wed. 12:00 p.m., Sat. 9:30 p.m. The Incredible Burt Wonder stone aac (13, Comedy) Steve Carell. A magician connects with his icon. (1:40) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 9:30 a.m., Wed. 3:25 p.m., Sat. 12:15 p.m. Independence Day aaa (96, Science Fiction) Will Smith. Alien spacecrafts destroy entire cities. (2:30) PG-13 (MT, V) ENCORE Tue. 3:50 p.m., 11:50 p.m. Inglourious Basterds aaac (09, Drama) Brad Pitt. Jewish-American soldiers kill Nazis. (3:30) R (AL, GV, SC) (HD) TNT Sun. 4:30 p.m. In Her Shoes aaa (05, Comedy) Cameron Diaz. Sisters begin to appreciate each other. (2:10) PG-13 (AL, AT, SC) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 6:50 a.m. International Velvet aac (78, Adventure) Tatum ONeal. A woman dreams of winning a gold medal. (2:15) PG TCM Mon. 3:45 p.m. The Internship aa (13, Comedy) Vince Vaughn. Two jobless salesmen compete as interns. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AH, AL, SC) (HD) CINE Thu. 8:00 p.m.JJackass 3.5 aaa (11, Comedy) Johnny Knoxville. Jackass 3D bonus footage highlighted. (2:01) R (AC, AL, SC) (HD) COM Sat. 1:02 a.m. Jack the Giant Slayer aac (13, Adventure) Nicholas Hoult. A war erupts between giants and humans. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) CINE Sun. 6:15 p.m., Thu. 6:00 p.m. Jasons Lyric aa (94, Drama) Allen Payne. A young man deals with poverty. (2:00) R (AC, AL, SC, V) WNFM Wed. 6:00 a.m. Java Heat aa (13, Action) Kellan Lutz. Manhunt for terrorist in Indonesia. (1:45) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) SHOW Thu. 2:30 p.m. Jewel Robbery aaa (32, Comedy) William Powell. Clever thief woos baroness. (1:15) NR TCM Sat. 5:00 a.m. Judgment at Nuremberg aaac (61, Drama) Spencer Tracy. Four men stand accused of war crimes. (3:15) NR TCM Wed. 2:00 a.m. The Juggler aac (53, Drama) Kirk Douglas. A man travels through Israel with boy. (1:45) NR TCM Tue. 10:00 p.m. Just Desserts aac (04, Comedy) Lauren Holly. A dessert chef and a baker fall in love. (2:00) NR HALL Sat. 2:00 p.m. Just Go With It aac (11, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Man fakes split for lady, due to ring. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, AL, BN, SC) (HD) FX Mon. 7:30 p.m., Tue. 1:30 p.m. Just Like Heaven aaa (05, Comedy) Reese Witherspoon. A lonely man falls in love with a ghost. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, AS, SC) (HD) TBS Sun. 11:00 a.m., Mon. 2:30 a.m. Just Married aa (03, Comedy) Ashton Kutcher. Young newlyweds face obstacles. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, MV) (HD) TBS Sun. 9:00 a.m. Just My Luck aa (06, Comedy) Lindsay Lohan. A girl inherits a guys misfortune. (1:45) PG-13 (HD) HBO2 Sun. 1:30 p.m.KK-19: The Widowmaker aac (02, Drama) Harrison Ford. Lucha para evitar un desastre nuclear. (3:00) PG-13 (HD) WFTT Fri. 8:00 p.m. The Karate Kid aaa (84, Drama) Ralph Macchio. Old man teaches bullied teenager karate. (3:00) PG (AL, V) (HD) FAM Sun. 9:30 a.m., Tue. 8:00 p.m., Wed. 5:30 p.m. The Karate Kid, Part II aac (86, Action) Pat Morita. Pair face feud and foes. (2:30) PG (AC, AL, MV, V) (HD) FAM Sun. 12:30 p.m. Kick-Ass 2 aaa (13, Action) Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Red Mist seeks revenge on KickAss. (1:45) R (BN, GL, GV, SSC) (HD) HBO2 Fri. 7:15 p.m. The Kid aac (00, Comedy) Bruce Willis. A man is visited by himself as a child. (1:45) PG (HD) ENCORE Thu. 4:50 a.m. Killers aa (10, Comedy) Ashton Kutcher. Former assassin becomes a target. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) LIFE Sat. 1:30 p.m. Kind Lady aa (35, Thriller) Basil Rathbone. Art dealer romances recluse. (1:30) NR TCM Tue. 1:15 p.m. The Kingdom aaa (07, Action) Jamie Foxx. FBI team tries to capture terrorist. (2:00) R (AL, GV) (HD) TNT Sun. 12:00 p.m. Kingdom of Heaven aaa (05, Drama) Orlando Bloom. Crusaders battle for Jerusalem. (2:35) R (V) (HD) HBO Wed. 3:25 a.m. HBO3 Thu. 10:25 a.m., Next Sun. 2:50 a.m. King Kong aaac (05, Adventure) Naomi Watts. Giant gorilla falls for beautiful girl. (3:15) PG-13 (AT, V) (HD) HBO Tue. 1:00 p.m., Fri. 4:45 p.m. The Kings of Summer aaa (13, Comedy) Nick Robinson. Friends spend summer in the woods. (1:35) R (AC, AL) (HD) SHOW Tue. 8:25 a.m., 6:25 p.m. Kiss the Girls aac (97, Thriller) Morgan Freeman. Police and victim stalk a serial killer. (2:30) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) LIFE Sat. 3:30 p.m. Knocked Up aaa (07, Comedy) Seth Rogen. Pregnancy brings mismatches together. (2:00) R (AL, AS, SC) TBS Sun. 6:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m.LLgrimas del sol aac (03, Accin) Bruce Willis. Waters frente a una decisin difcil. (2:30) R (AL, GL) (HD) WFTT Sat. 4:30 p.m., Next Sun. 12:30 a.m. The Last Big Thing aaa (98, Comedy) Dan Zukovic. A man takes on creators of pop culture. (1:45) R (AC, AL, MV) SHOW Mon. 12:30 p.m. Lean on Me aaa (89, Drama) Morgan Freeman. A principal cracks down on students. (3:00) PG-13 (AL, V) BET Sun. 9:00 p.m., Mon. 12:30 p.m. The Legend of Billie Jean aa (85, Drama) Helen Slater. A Texas pair ees from the police. (1:40) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) ENCORE Mon. 5:50 a.m. Lethal Weapon 3 aaa (92, Action) Mel Gibson. Former L.A. cop turns into a gun runner. (2:05) R (AL, AS, V) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 11:10 a.m., Wed. 9:40 a.m. Lethal Weapon 4 aac (98, Action) Mel Gibson. Two detectives track Chinese smugglers. (2:15) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 1:15 p.m. Liberal Arts aac (12, Drama) Josh Radnor. Uninspired man returns to alma mater. (1:45) PG-13 (SC) (HD) SHOW Mon. 8:45 a.m. Life of Pi aaac (12, Adventure) Suraj Sharma. A man is stranded after a shipwreck. (2:10) PG (MT) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 3:30 p.m., Sat. 6:30 a.m. Little Big League aa (94, Comedy) Luke Edwards. A teenager inherits a baseball team. (2:05) PG (AC) ENCORE Mon. 7:30 a.m., Sat. 12:35 p.m. Lockout aac (12, Thriller) Guy Pearce. Rescue mission on an outer space prison. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) SYFY Mon. 10:30 p.m., Tue. 9:30 a.m. The Lone Ranger aaa (13, Action) Johnny Depp. Lawman teams up with a Native American. (2:30) PG-13 (V) ENCORE Sun. 2:15 p.m., 10:15 p.m. The Longest Yard aac (05, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Convicts play guards in football game. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) SHOW Wed. 10:00 a.m., 5:30 p.m., Sat. 1:30 p.m. Lost in Translation aaac (03, Drama) Bill Murray. Two Americans meet in Tokyo. (1:45) R (AC, AL, BN) (HD) CINE2 Mon. 3:50 a.m. Love Jones aac (97, Drama) Larenz Tate. Woman tests the feelings of her lover. (2:30) R (AC, AL, BN, SSC) BET Thu. 9:30 p.m. Fri. 2:00 p.m.When the independent-minded Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) dees a cusom in her Scottish kingdom and then bargains with a witch, an enchantment tasks Merida with mending the bond of her clan that was torn by her pride in the animated adventure of Brave, airing Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.


4 8 T h e Love l y Bones aaa ( 09, Drama) Mark Wahlberg. A murder victims family comes apart. (2:20) PG-13 (AL, MT, V) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 3:10 a.m., Fri. 8:50 a.m.MMade aac (01, Comedy) Vince Vaughn. A boxer runs an errand for the mob. (1:35) R (AC, AL, SC) (HD) HBO2 Fri. 7:15 a.m. Madhouse aac (74, Horror) Vincent Price. Horror lm actor blamed for sla yings. (1:45) PG (AC, V) TCM Next Sun. 2:00 a.m. Mama aac (13, Horror) Jessica Chastain. A man takes in his troubled nieces. (1:45) PG13 (MT, V) (HD) HBO2 Wed. 8:15 p.m. HBO3 Sun. 10:00 a.m., Tue. 5:20 p.m., Fri. 3:20 p.m., Sat. 12:00 a.m. The Man in the Iron Mask aac (98, Adventure) Leonardo DiCaprio. Musketeers plot to replace abusive king. (2:15) PG13 (AC, N, V) (HD) CINE2 Next Sun. 3:25 a.m. Man on Fire aaac (04, Drama) Denzel Washington. Former assassin protects child. (2:30) R (AL, GV) TNT Sun. 2:00 p.m. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance aaac (62, Western) James Stewart. A lawyer seeks help from a gunslinger. (3:00) NR (HD) AMC Sat. 1:00 p.m. Meet Joe Black aaa (98, Fantasy) Brad Pitt. A tycoons daughter irts with Death. (3:05) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) CINE Mon. 6:05 a.m. Memphis Belle aac (90, Action) Matthew Modine. A famous B-17 and its last bombing run. (1:50) PG-13 (AL, V) ENCORE Mon. 11:50 a.m., Next Sun. 5:30 a.m. Me, Myself & Irene aac (00, Comedy) Jim Carrey. Schizophrenic trooper escorts a suspect. (2:00) R (AC, AL, N, V) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 2:15 a.m., Thu. 10:50 a.m. Menace II Society aaa (93, Drama) Tyrin Turner. A man attempts to leave the projects. (2:30) R (AC, GL, V) BET Mon. 7:00 p.m., Tue. 10:30 a.m. Men in Black aac (97, Science Fiction) Will Smith. Two secret agents monitor aliens. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) AMC Tue. 8:00 p.m., Wed. 12:00 a.m., 6:00 p.m. Midnight Express aaaa (78, Drama) Brad Davis. A drug smuggler goes to prison. (2:30) R (AL, GV, N) WNFM Sat. 2:30 a.m. La Mission aaa (10, Drama) Benjamin Bratt. A single parent learns his son is gay. (2:00) R (AL, SC, V) WMOR Sun. 2:00 p.m. WXCW Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. Mission: Impossible aaa (96, Action) Tom Cruise. An agent tries to clear his good name. (2:00) PG-13 (HD) HBO Sun. 11:30 a.m., Fri. 2:30 p.m. HBO3 Thu. 12:50 p.m. Miss March aa (09, Comedy) Zach Cregger. Men quest to nd a centerfold model. (2:00) R (AL, N, SSC) (HD) FX Fri. 11:30 a.m. Monster-In-Law aa (05, Comedy) Jennifer Lopez. Woman battles mother for sons love. (1:45) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) CINE2 Thu. 7:30 a.m. Moonrise Kingdom aaac (12, Drama) Bruce Willis. Love causes young couple to run away. (1:35) PG-13 (AC, SC) CINE Sun. 6:25 a.m. Moonstruck aaa (87, Comedy) Cher. Woman falls for her ances brother. (2:00) PG WUSF Sun. 12:00 p.m., Fri. 1:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. Moulin Rouge! aaac (01, Musical) Nicole Kidman. A poet romances a beautiful courtesan. (3:00) PG-13 (SC) WTOG Sun. 2:00 p.m. The Mouthpiece aac (32, Drama) Warren William. A prosecutor makes a big mistake. (1:30) NR TCM Tue. 9:15 a.m. Munich aaac (05, Drama) Eric Bana. Israelis seek revenge for Olympic crime. (2:45) R (AL, GV, N, SC) (HD) CINE2 Fri. 2:30 p.m. My Super Ex-Girlfriend aac (06, Comedy) Uma Thurman. A guy is terrorized by superpowered ex. (1:45) PG-13 (HD) CINE Fri. 11:30 a.m.NNaked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult aa (94, Comedy) Leslie Nielsen. Drebin returns to stop mad bomber. (2:02) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) COM Mon. 11:19 a.m. Nanny McPhee aaa (06, Comedy) Emma Thompson. A new nanny tames seven rowdy children. (1:45) PG (AL, MT) (HD) HBO Sun. 7:30 a.m. HBO3 Wed. 6:10 a.m. National Lampoons Animal House aaa (78, Comedy) John Belushi. College mists challenge the dean. (2:31) R (AL, BN) (HD) COM Sat. 12:22 p.m. National Lampoons Blackball aa (05, Comedy) Paul Kaye. Two lawn bowling teams compete. (1:45) R (AL) (HD) SHOW Thu. 7:15 a.m. National Treasure aaa (04, Adventure) Nicolas Cage. Treasure hunter protects history. (2:15) PG (V) ENCORE Fri. 10:20 a.m., 5:45 p.m. National Velvet aaa (44, Drama) Mickey Rooney. A girl trains to enter a horse race. (2:15) NR TCM Mon. 1:30 p.m. The Natural aaa (84, Drama) Robert Redford. Baseball phenomenon overcomes his past. (2:25) PG ENCORE Wed. 4:50 a.m. Natural Born Killers aaa (94, Crime) Woody Harrelson. Two young lovers go on a killing spree. (2:00) R (AC, GL, GV, SSC) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 12:50 a.m. Nature of the Beast aac (95, Thriller) Eric Roberts. Hitchhiker torments motorist. (1:35) R HBO3 Tue. 3:10 a.m. The Naughty Flirt aac (31, Comedy) Myrna Loy. Socialite set her cap for law associate. (1:00) NR TCM Fri. 6:00 a.m. Ned Kelly aac (04, Drama) Heath Ledger. Ned Kelly hijacks town of Glenrowan. (2:00) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Mon. 10:00 a.m. The Negotiator aaa (98, Thriller) Samuel L. Jackson. A police negotiator takes hostages. (2:25) R (AC, AL, V) HBO3 Mon. 4:15 p.m., Tue. 12:50 a.m. Never Been Kissed aa (99, Comedy) Drew Barrymore. A reporter goes back to high school. (2:24) PG-13 (AL, AS) (HD) E! Sun. 10:30 a.m., Wed. 1:30 a.m., 4:30 p.m. New in Town aac (09, Comedy) Rene Zellweger. Executive relocates to revamp a plant. (2:00) PG (AL) (HD) HALL Sun. 1:00 p.m. New Jack City aac (91, Action) Wesley Snipes. Two cops target a gang of drug dealers. (2:30) R (AL, AS, GV, N) BET Mon. 9:30 p.m., Tue. 1:00 p.m. Ninotchka aaac (39, Comedy) Greta Garbo. A communist and a playboy fall in love. (2:00) NR TCM Wed. 8:00 p.m. Nothing to Lose aac (97, Comedy) Martin Lawrence. An ad exec hits the road with a con man. (1:45) R (AC, GL, SC, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 9:30 a.m. The Notorious Bettie Page aaa (06, Drama) Gretchen Mol. A model becomes an iconic pinup girl. (1:40) R (AL, N, SC) HBO Tue. 4:20 a.m. Now You See Me aaa (13, Thriller) Jesse Eisenberg. Illusionists take on bank heists. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, SC) (HD) CINE Sat. 9:30 a.m., 7:00 p.m. Number One aa (69, Drama) Charlton Heston. An aging star has a mid-life crisis. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, BN) WNFM Fri. 2:00 a.m. The Nutty Professor aaa (63, Comedy) Jerry Lewis. A potion turns a nerd into a swinger. (2:00) NR (MV) TCM Thu. 8:00 p.m.OThe Object of My Affection aa (98, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston. Pregnancy changes a friendship. (1:55) R (AC, AL) (HD) CINE2 Mon. 5:35 a.m. Oblivion aaa (13, Science Fiction) Tom Cruise. The last drone repairman on Earth. (2:05) PG-13 (AL, BN, SC, V) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 12:10 a.m., Thu. 12:50 p.m. Observe and Report aac (09, Drama) Seth Rogen. A mall cop seeks justice and love. (2:05) R (AC, GL, N, SC) (HD) COM Sun. 9:00 p.m., Mon. 1:21 p.m. Oceans Eleven aaa (01, Crime) George Clooney. An ex-con robs three Las Vegas casinos. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, AS, V) (HD) AMC Mon. 10:30 p.m., Tue. 3:00 p.m. Ofce Space aaac (99, Comedy) Ron Livingston. Man who hates his job hatches a plan. (2:00) R (AC, AL, MV) (HD) BRAVO Sat. 6:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. On Approval aaa (44, Comedy) Beatrice Lillie. Boring romances are swapped out. (1:30) TCM Mon. 8:00 p.m. The One aa (01, Action) Jet Li. Deputy ghts evil alternate self. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) FX Wed. 10:00 a.m., Thu. 7:30 a.m.In his Oscar-winning role, Matthew McConaughey portrays the real-life AIDS patient Ron Woodroof, a Dallas rodeo cowboy who in 1985 smuggled unapproved medications into Texas to share with his fellow sufferers, the Dallas Buyers Club, a 2013 biographical drama airing Saturday at 8 p.m. on HBO.


4 9 One f or t h e Money aa ( 12, Comedy) Katherine Heigl. Bounty hunter chases old ame. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC, V) TBS Mon. 12:30 a.m. On the Loose aa (51, Drama) Joan Evans. A girl suffers from a false reputation. (1:30) NR TCM Thu. 6:15 a.m. Open Range aaa (03, Western) Robert Duvall. Two cowboys encounter a corrupt town. (3:00) R (AC, AL, V) FX Mon. 12:30 p.m., Tue. 9:30 a.m., Wed. 7:00 a.m. Outbreak aaa (95, Thriller) Dustin Hoffman. A lethal virus breaks out in America. (2:15) R (AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Next Sun. 4:15 a.m. Outlander aac (08, Science Fiction) Jim Caviezel. An alien soldier crash-lands in Norway. (2:30) R (V) (HD) SYFY Sat. 4:00 p.m. Oz the Great and Powerful aac (13, Fantasy) James Franco. A man nds himself surrounded by magic. (2:15) PG ENCORE Tue. 5:45 a.m., 1:35 p.m.PPacic Heights aac (90, Thriller) Melanie Grifth. Couple unwittingly leases to psycho. (1:45) R (AL, BN, V) HBO3 Mon. 9:05 a.m., Thu. 4:05 a.m. Paper Lion aa (68, Comedy) Alan Alda. Writer goes to NFL training camp. (2:00) NR WNFM Tue. 2:30 a.m. Parental Guidance aac (12, Comedy) Billy Crystal. Grandparents babysit their grandkids. (1:50) PG (AH) (HD) CINE Tue. 12:50 p.m. Passion Fish aaa (92, Drama) Mary McDonnell. Paralyzed star wallows in selfpity. (2:30) R (AC, GL) (HD) SHOW Thu. 10:00 a.m. The Patriot aac (00, Drama) Mel Gibson. A pacist war veteran ghts again. (2:45) R (AC, AL, BN, GV) (HD) CINE2 Tue. 10:50 p.m. Pavement aa (02, Thriller) Robert Patrick. A tracker hunts his sisters killer. (1:35) R (AL, V) (HD) HBO3 Thu. 2:30 a.m. The Pawnbroker aaa (64, Drama) Rod Steiger. A Holocaust survivor moves to New York. (2:15) NR TCM Tue. 11:45 p.m. A Perfect Getaway aaa (09, Thriller) Steve Zahn. A hiking couple must run from killers. (2:15) R (AL, AS, GV) (HD) AMC Mon. 12:15 p.m. The Perks of Being a Wallower aaac (12, Romance) Logan Lerman. A freshman befriends two seniors. (1:45) PG-13 (AC, MT, SC) (HD) SHOW Wed. 8:15 a.m. Picture Perfect aa (97, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston. Woman invents a romance for a promotion. (1:45) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) ENCORE Fri. 4:00 p.m., Sat. 6:30 a.m. P i ratas d e l Car ib e: La ma l dicin del Perla Negra aaac (03, Aventura) Johnny Depp. Dos valientes se enfrentan a piratas. (3:00) PG-13 (V) (HD) WFTT Sat. 12:00 p.m. The Place Beyond the Pines aaac (13, Crime) Ryan Gosling. A man tries to take care of his family. (2:20) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Mon. 9:40 a.m., Sat. 4:35 p.m. Planet of the Apes aaac (68, Science Fiction) Charlton Heston. Intelligent apes capture an astronaut. (2:00) G TCM Sun. 8:00 p.m. Powder aa (95, Science Fiction) Mary Steenburgen. Albino with special powers faces abuse. (1:55) PG-13 (AC, AL, BN, MV) (HD) SHOW Fri. 1:05 p.m., Sat. 4:00 a.m. Practical Magic aac (98, Fantasy) Sandra Bullock. Sibling witches deal with family curse. (1:50) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) ENCORE Wed. 6:10 p.m. Predator aaa (87, Science Fiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Commando unit in jungle hunted by alien. (1:50) R (AL, GV) ENCORE Sat. 12:05 a.m. Predator 2 aac (90, Action) Danny Glover. Extraterrestrial hunts in Los Angeles. (2:30) R (AL, AS, GV, N) (HD) ESQ Thu. 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Pride & Prejudice aaac (05, Romance) Keira Knightley. Five sisters strive to get married. (2:15) PG (MT) (HD) HBO2 Thu. 11:30 a.m. Primary Colors aac (98, Drama) John Travolta. A Clintonesque candidate campaigns. (2:25) R (AC, GL) HBO3 Tue. 6:35 a.m. Prime aac (05, Comedy) Uma Thurman. Womans lover is her therapists son. (1:45) PG13 (AL, SC) (HD) HBO Wed. 2:00 p.m., Sat. 6:15 a.m. HBO3 Mon. 12:35 p.m., Fri. 1:35 p.m. Prisoners aaac (13, Drama) Hugh Jackman. Father searches for missing daughter. (2:35) R (AL, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 11:00 p.m. CINE2 Wed. 7:25 p.m. Private Parts aac (97, Drama) Howard Stern. Radios bad boy tells his life story. (1:50) R (HD) CINE2 Mon. 12:35 a.m., Wed. 1:30 p.m., Sat. 7:00 p.m. Promised Land aaa (12, Drama) Matt Damon. Natural gas company and rural town. (1:55) R (AL) (HD) HBO3 Tue. 7:05 p.m. The Proposal aaa (09, Comedy) Sandra Bullock. A boss marries to avoid deportation. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, N, SC) (HD) FX Thu. 7:30 p.m., Fri. 5:30 p.m. The Purge aac (13, Thriller) Ethan Hawke. All crime is legal one night each year. (1:30) R (AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Fri. 10:00 p.m. The Pursuit of Happyness aaac (06, Drama) Will Smith. A man struggles to escape poverty. (2:30) PG-13 (AL) (HD) FAM Mon. 8:30 p.m., Tue. 5:30 p.m. Push aac (09, Thriller) Chris Evans. People with special abilities. (2:30) PG-13 (AC, GL, V) (HD) FX Mon. 10:00 a.m., Tue. 7:00 a.m.QQuantum of Solace aaa (08, Action) Daniel Craig. Market corruption on natural resources. (2:30) PG-13 (SC, V) (HD) SYFY Sun. 2:30 p.m. The Quiet Man aaac (52, Romance) John Wayne. A boxer returns to his native Ireland. (3:00) NR AMC Sat. 10:00 a.m.RRacing Lady aa (37, Drama) Ann Dvorak. Female race horse trainer trains winner. (1:00) NR TCM Mon. 6:00 a.m. Radio aac (03, Drama) Cuba Gooding Jr. Coach befriends mentally-challenged man. (2:30) PG (AC) FX Wed. 12:00 p.m., Thu. 9:30 a.m. Rain Man aaac (88, Drama) Dustin Hoffman. A hustler kidnaps his brother. (2:20) R HBO3 Tue. 11:20 a.m. Rat Race aac (01, Comedy) Rowan Atkinson. Six in a no-holds-barred road race. (2:30) PG-13 (AH, AL, BN) (HD) FX Fri. 7:00 a.m. Rebound aa (05, Comedy) Martin Lawrence. Coach rediscovers love for basketball. (1:30) PG (AL, MT) (HD) CINE Wed. 5:00 a.m. The Recruit aac (03, Thriller) Al Pacino. A CIA recruit must nd a mole. (2:30) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) AMC Mon. 9:45 a.m. Red aaac (10, Action) Bruce Willis. A retired CIA agent ghts for his life. (2:16) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) TNT Sat. 8:00 p.m. Red Dragon aaa (02, Crime) Anthony Hopkins. Agent searches for full moon killer. (2:05) R (AL, GV, N, SC) (HD) HBO Sat. 3:55 a.m. Red Dust aac (32, Drama) Clark Gable. A plantation owner loves two women. (1:30) NR TCM Fri. 8:00 p.m. Red-Headed Woman aaa (32, Comedy) Jean Harlow. Gold digger ensnares her married boss. (1:30) NR TCM Fri. 6:30 p.m. Remember the Titans aaa (00, Drama) Denzel Washington. Coach unites his divided football team. (2:30) PG (AL) (HD) FAM Mon. 6:00 p.m. The Replacements aac (00, Comedy) Keanu Reeves. Coach brings in 2ndstring. (2:31) PG-13 (AC, AL) (HD) TNT Fri. 8:00 p.m., Sat. 5:30 p.m. Repo Men aac (10, Science Fiction) Jude Law. Corporate agents repossess organs. (2:30) R (AL, GV, N, SC) (HD) AMC Sat. 1:00 a.m. Return to Me aac (00, Romance) David Duchovny. Grief-stricken widower nds love again. (2:00) PG (HD) HBO Mon. 7:00 a.m. HBO3 Thu. 2:45 p.m. R.I.P.D. aac (13, Action) Jeff Bridges. Ofcers ght monstrous criminals. (1:45) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) CINE Sun. 11:15 a.m., 10:00 p.m., Wed. 10:00 a.m., Sat. 1:40 p.m. CINE2 Fri. 7:20 p.m. Rise of the Guardians aaa (12, Fantasy) Chris Pine. Mythical beings ght an evil spirit. (1:40) PG (HD) CINE2 Mon. 2:00 p.m. Road Trip aa (00, Comedy) Breckin Meyer. Teens take a cross-country trip. (1:35) R (AL, N, SC) CINE Tue. 1:55 a.m., Sat. 3:20 p.m. Robin Hood aaa (10, Drama) Russell Crowe. An archer becomes an English hero. (3:00) PG-13 (SC, V) SYFY Wed. 9:00 p.m., Thu. 4:50 p.m. The Rock aaa (96, Action) Sean Connery. A madman seizes Alcatraz prison. (2:20) R (AL, SC, V) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 5:40 p.m., Wed. 11:20 p.m. The Rocketeer aac (91, Adventure) Billy Campbell. A stunt pilot discovers a jetpack. (1:50) PG (AC, V) (HD) HBO3 Tue. 4:45 a.m. Rock of Ages aac (12, Comedy) Julianne Hough. Two kids chasing fame fall in love. (2:05) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC) (HD) HBO2 Sun. 9:25 a.m. Romancing the Stone aaa (84, Comedy) Michael Douglas. A shy writer tries to rescue her sister. (1:50) PG (AC, AL, GV) (HD) ENCORE Fri. 6:30 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Room for One More aac (52, Comedy) Cary Grant. A woman takes in a troubled orphan. (1:45) NR TCM Thu. 2:15 p.m. Roseanna McCoy aa (49, Drama) Farley Granger. Two rival clans renew their heated feud. (1:45) NR TCM Tue. 4:15 p.m. Ruggles of Red Gap aaac (35, Comedy) Charles Laughton. A cowboy wins a valet in a poker game. (1:45) NR TCM Sun. 8:45 a.m. Rules of Engagement aac (00, Drama) Tommy Lee Jones. Controversial court-martial. (2:30) R (AL, V) (HD) TNT Sun. 11:45 p.m. Runner Runner aac (13, Thriller) Justin Timberlake. Grad student caught in corrupt world. (1:35) R (AL, SC) (HD) HBO3 Sat. 7:25 p.m. Running Scared aac (86, Comedy) Billy Crystal. Two retiring cops hunt down a drug czar. (1:50) R (AC, BN, V) (HD) CINE Next Sun. 4:40 a.m.


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(1:45) PG-13 (AC, AL, MV) (HD) TBS Thu. 2:00 a.m. School for Scoundrels aac (06, Romance) Billy Bob Thornton. Condence-boosting class for young men. (2:15) PG-13 TBS Tue. 2:00 a.m. The School of Rock aaa (03, Comedy) Jack Black. Wannabe rock star is music teacher. (2:30) PG-13 (HD) AMC Mon. 8:00 p.m., Tue. 5:30 p.m. Second Chances aaa (13, Drama) Alison Sweeney. Emergency operator helps reghter. (2:00) NR (HD) HALL Sun. 5:00 p.m. Seconds Apart aac (11, Horror) Edmund Entin. Two twin brothers have telekinesis. (1:30) R (AL, GV, SC, V) (HD) CINE Wed. 3:30 a.m. Secretariat aaa (10, Drama) Diane Lane. Naive lady takes horse-racing stables. (2:30) PG (AL) (HD) FAM Sun. 5:30 p.m. Selena aac (97, Drama) Jennifer Lopez. A singer blossoms into a superstar. (2:10) PG (AL, AS, V) (HD) ENCORE Thu. 8:20 a.m., 5:50 p.m. The Sessions aaa (12, Drama) John Hawkes. A man decides to lose his virginity. (1:40) R (AL, N, SSC) (HD) CINE2 Sat. 2:45 a.m. Seven Psychopaths aaa (12, Crime) Colin Farrell. A kidnapped Shih Tzu causes trouble. (2:00) R (AC, AL, N, SC) (HD) SHOW Wed. 2:30 a.m. The Shawshank Redemption aaaa (94, Drama) Tim Robbins. A man copes with the horrors of prison. (3:01) R (AL, V) (HD) AMC Wed. 8:00 p.m., Thu. 5:00 p.m. Silver Dollar aaa (32, Drama) Bebe Daniels. A couple unexpectedly gains prosperity. (1:30) NR TCM Tue. 7:45 a.m. Singin in the Rain aaac (52, Musical) Gene Kelly. Silent-lm actors make a talkie. (1:45) NR TCM Sat. 6:15 a.m. Six Days, Seven Nights aaa (98, Comedy) Harrison Ford. Feuding couple is stranded on island. (1:45) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Thu. 4:50 a.m. Slap Shot aaa (77, Comedy) Paul Newman. Hockey coach changes strategy. (2:05) R (HD) CINE2 Sat. 4:25 a.m. Snitch aaa (13, Drama) Dwayne Johnson. A father goes undercover with the DEA. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 4:20 p.m. Something New aaa (06, Romance) Sanaa Lathan. Black woman falls for white man. (1:45) PG-13 (SC) (HD) CINE Fri. 6:00 a.m. Spaceballs aaa (87, Comedy) Mel Brooks. 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Woman trapped in hideout of bootleggers. (1:15) NR TCM Sat. 2:30 a.m. The Stranger aaac (46, Crime) Edward G. Robinson. A Nazi war criminal ees to the U.S. (2:00) NR (V) TCM Tue. 8:00 p.m. Sunshine aaa (07, Thriller) Cillian Murphy. Scientists journey to reignite the sun. (1:55) R (AL, V) (HD) CINE Fri. 9:35 a.m. Suspicion aaac (41, Thriller) Cary Grant. A woman fears her husbands intentions. (1:45) NR TCM Sun. 12:00 p.m. Swingers aaa (96, Drama) Jon Favreau. Lovelorn comedians single life in L.A. (1:40) R (AH, AL, SC) (HD) CINE Tue. 7:50 a.m. The Switch aac (10, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston. An unmarried woman wants a baby. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, BN, MT, SC) (HD) LIFE Fri. 8:00 p.m., Sat. 12:02 a.m. Swordsh aac (01, Action) John Travolta. Savvy hacker steals government money. (1:45) R (AL, BN, V) (HD) CINE2 Fri. 12:45 p.m.TTaken aaa (09, Action) Liam Neeson. Retired agent seeks abducted daughter. (2:00) PG13 (AL, AS, MT, SC) (HD) FX Wed. 8:00 p.m., Thu. 3:30 p.m. Taken 2 aac (12, Action) Liam Neeson. CIA operative and his wife are targeted. (1:40) PG-13 (V) (HD) CINE Mon. 9:00 p.m. Taxi Driver aaaa (76, Drama) Robert De Niro. Wartorn New York cabbie goes mad. (2:30) R (HD) AMC Thu. 1:30 a.m. Team America: World Police aac (04, Comedy) Trey Parker. Secret agents battle Kim Jong Il. (1:45) R (AC, GL, GV) (HD) SHOW Thu. 12:30 a.m., Next Sun. 3:35 a.m. Ted aaa (12, Comedy) Mark Wahlberg. Mans teddy bear threatens relationship. (1:50) R (AC, AL, SC) (HD) HBO Next Sun. 2:00 a.m. HBO3 Mon. 11:00 p.m., Thu. 9:30 p.m. The Terminator aaac (84, Science Fiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger. A futuristic cyborg targets a woman. (2:00) R (HD) ESQ Sat. 10:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:00 a.m. Terminator 2: Judgment Day aaaa (91, Science Fiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger. A cyborg battles a robot assassin. (3:00) R (AL, V) SYFY Sun. 8:00 p.m., Mon. 5:00 p.m. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines aac (03, Science Fiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cyborg protects Earths future leader. (2:30) R (AC, AL, N, V) (HD) AMC Fri. 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Terminator Salvation aaa (09, Action) Christian Bale. Rebels battling robots meet a cyborg. (2:00) PG-13 (AL, GV, MT) (HD) TNT Wed. 5:00 p.m. Thats My Boy aac (12, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Irresponsible dad reconnects with son. (2:30) R (AC, AL, N, SC) FX Sat. 3:00 p.m. Theodora Goes Wild aaac (36, Comedy) Irene Dunne. Esteemed woman writes a scandalous book. (1:45) NR TCM Thu. 12:00 a.m. Theres Something About Mary aaa (98, Comedy) Cameron Diaz. A man hires a detective to nd a woman. (2:00) R (AL, SC) HBO3 Tue. 11:45 p.m. They Made Me a Fugitive aaa (47, Crime) Trevor Howard. A cynical ex-pilot joins a gang. (1:45) TCM Wed. 2:30 p.m. The Thirteenth Floor aac (99, Science Fiction) Craig Bierko. A note is hidden in a parallel reality. (1:45) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Fri. 11:15 a.m. This Is 40 aac (12, Comedy) Paul Rudd. A not-so-average American family. (2:15) R (AC, AH, AL, SC) (HD) CINE Sun. 1:00 p.m. This Is the End aaac (13, Comedy) James Franco. Celebrities face the apocalypse. (1:50) R (AC, BN, GL, SC) ENCORE Mon. 1:40 p.m., Fri. 10:15 p.m., Sat. 4:15 p.m. Thoroughly Modern Millie aac (67, Comedy) Julie Andrews. A naive girl decides to become a modern. (2:40) G TCM Mon. 11:00 p.m. The Three Musketeers aaa (48, Adventure) Lana Turner. A swordsman joins the Kings defenders. (2:15) PG TCM Sat. 8:00 a.m. Three on a Couch aac (66, Comedy) James Best. Artist woos three bitter women. (2:00) NR TCM Fri. 12:00 a.m. The Thrill of It All aac (63, Comedy) Doris Day. A housewife becomes a TV personality. (2:00) NR TCM Sun. 6:00 p.m. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot aac (74, Adventure) Jeff Bridges. Robber and drifter seek hidden loot. (2:00) R (AC, AL, SC) WUSF Sat. 9:00 p.m., Next Sun. 2:00 a.m. Tin Cup aac (96, Comedy) Kevin Costner. A golfer competes to impress a woman. (2:20) R (AL, BN) (HD) ENCORE Tue. 9:40 a.m., 9:35 p.m. Tish aa (42, Drama) Marjorie Main. Three spinsters decide to adopt a baby. (1:30) NR TC M Tue. 2:45 p.m. Tom Sawyer aac (73, Musical) Johnny Whitaker. Boys nd adventure on the river. (2:00) G WNFM Sun. 1:30 p.m., Fri. 11:30 a.m. Top Gun aaa (86, Action) Tom Cruise. Pilot trainee falls for his instructor. (1:55) PG (HD) HBO2 Wed. 2:20 p.m. Tower Heist aac (11, Comedy) Ben Stiller. Stealing from a Wall Street thief. (2:16) PG13 (AL, SC) (HD) TNT Sat. 10:16 p.m. The Toy Wife aa (38, Drama) Luise Rainer. A woman steals her sisters ance. (1:45) NR TCM Thu. 9:15 a.m. Transporter 2 aac (05, Crime) Jason Statham. Mercenary battles boys kidnappers. (1:30) PG-13 (AL, BN, SC, V) (HD) HBO2 Fri. 5:15 p.m.


51Transporter 3 aac (08, Thriller) Jason Statham. Martin must escort kidnapped daughter. (2:00) PG-13 (HD) TNT Sat. 12:00 p.m., Next Sun. 12:32 a.m. Tropic Thunder aaa (08, Comedy) Robert Downey Jr. Clueless actors are lost in the jungle. (2:32) R (AC, AL, SC, V) (HD) COM Sat. 11:31 p.m. Trouble in Paradise aaac (32, Comedy) Miriam Hopkins. Thieves become part of a love triangle. (1:30) NR TCM Fri. 11:15 p.m. Troy aaa (04, Action) Brad Pitt. Assault on Troy by united Greek forces. (3:00) R (BN, GV, SC) (HD) SYFY Sat. 6:30 p.m. True Crime aac (99, Thriller) Clint Eastwood. Reporter races to save death row inmate. (2:10) R (AC, AL, V) HBO3 Wed. 1:45 a.m., Sat. 3:25 a.m. True Lies aaa (94, Action) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Secret agent tries to save his marriage. (2:30) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) CINE2 Sun. 7:00 a.m. The Truth About Cats & Dogs aac (96, Romance) Uma Thurman. A radio star gets a romantic stand-in. (1:40) PG-13 (HD) CINE2 Tue. 6:20 a.m. 12 Years a Slave aaac (13, Drama) Chiwetel Ejiofor. Free man is abducted and sold as slave. (2:20) R (N, SC, V) (HD) HBO Sun. 6:40 p.m., Wed. 9:00 p.m., Thu. 2:35 a.m. HBO2 Sat. 3:45 p.m., Next Sun. 12:35 a.m. 28 Days Later aaac (02, Science Fiction) Cillian Murphy. Strange virus turns people into zombies. (1:55) R (AC, AL, GV, N) (HD) ENCORE Thu. 2:55 a.m. 21 Grams aaa (03, Drama) Sean Penn. Accident brings three people together. (2:05) R (AL, SC, V) (HD) SHOW Tue. 12:00 a.m. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 aac (12, Fantasy) Kristen Stewart. Bella experiences a new life. (2:00) PG-13 (V) (HD) SHOW Mon. 10:30 a.m., 6:00 p.m. Two-Faced Woman aac (41, Comedy) Greta Garbo. A private ski instructor marries. (1:45) NR TCM Thu. 4:30 a.m. Two for the Money aac (05, Drama) Al Pacino. Injured ballplayer turns sports bookie. (2:05) R (GL, SC, V) (HD) CINE Sun. 4:10 p.m., Fri. 4:35 p.m. 2 Guns aaa (13, Action) Denzel Washington. Two men learn the mob has set them up. (1:50) R (AL, BN, V) (HD) HBO2 Sun. 11:00 p.m., Sat. 12:00 a.m.UThe Ugly Truth aac (09, Comedy) Katherine Heigl. A woman follows a mans seduction tips. (2:02) R (AL, SC) (HD) LIFE Fri. 10:00 p.m., Sat. 2:02 a.m. Uncle Buck aac (89, Comedy) John Candy. Irresponsible man becomes a babysitter. (2:15) PG (AL, AS, MV) AMC Thu. 10:15 p.m., Fri. 3:15 p.m. Uncorked aac (10, Romance) Julie Benz. Woman discovers a world outside of work. (2:00) (HD) HALL Sat. 4:00 p.m. Under Siege aac (92, Action) Steven Seagal. Terrorists capture nuclear missiles. (2:00) R (AL, BN, GV) WXPX Wed. 11:00 a.m. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory aa (95, Thriller) Steven Seagal. A genius uses a satellite to kill. (2:00) R (V) WXPX Thu. 11:00 a.m. Underworld: Awakening aac (12, Action) Kate Beckinsale. Humans are hunting vampires and lycans. (2:00) R (AC, AL, GV) FX Sun. 8:30 a.m. Underworld: Evolution aaa (06, Horror) Kate Beckinsale. Vamp i ress an d Lycans f or bid den love. (1:50) R (AC, AL, GV, N) ENCORE Thu. 1:05 a.m. Unfaithful aaa (02, Drama) Diane Lane. A woman has an affair with a stranger. (3:00) R (AC, AL, N, V) (HD) OWN Fri. 5:00 p.m., Sat. 10:00 a.m. Union Depot aaac (32, Comedy) Joan Blondell. Stories unfold in a city train station. (1:15) NR TCM Fri. 12:30 p.m. Up Close & Personal aa (96, Drama) Robert Redford. Newsman mentors ambitious newcomer. (2:05) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) SHOW Fri. 11:00 a.m. The Upside of Anger aaa (05, Drama) Joan Allen. Woman nds comfort with alcohol. (2:00) R (AC, AL, SC, V) HBO3 Wed. 9:40 a.m., Thu. 12:30 a.m.VThe Vampire Bat aa (33, Horror) Melvyn Douglas. Villagers suspect vampires are at work. (1:15) NR TCM Thu. 3:15 a.m. Van Helsing aac (04, Thriller) Hugh Jackman. A slayer comes to kill Count Dracula. (3:00) PG-13 (SC, V) (HD) AMC Mon. 5:00 p.m., Tue. 12:00 p.m. Vegas Vacation aac (97, Comedy) Chevy Chase. Vacation in Vegas goes downhill. (2:01) PG (AL, MT) (HD) COM Sat. 2:53 p.m. Veronica Mars aaac (14, Crime) Kristen Bell. Back for reunion, Mars must investigate. (2:00) PG-13 (AC, AL, SC, V) (HD) HBO Tue. 6:00 p.m., Wed. 1:00 a.m., Sat. 11:00 a.m. HBO2 Sun. 9:00 p.m., Thu. 3:15 p.m., Fri. 1:45 a.m. Volcano aa (97, Drama) Tommy Lee Jones. Volcano erupts under Los Angeles. (2:29) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) AMC Wed. 11:01 p.m., Thu. 2:30 p.m.WWag the Dog aaa (97, Comedy) Robert De Niro. Fictional war is staged as distraction. (1:40) R (AC, GL) (HD) CINE2 Wed. 2:45 a.m. Waiting... aaa (05, Comedy) Ryan Reynolds. Waiter questions his dead-end life. (1:35) R (AC, AH, GL) (HD) SHOW Next Sun. 2:00 a.m. Walk on the Wild Side aaa (62, Drama) Laurence Harvey. Man battles madame to win back lover. (2:15) NR (AC, AT) TCM Sat. 10:00 p.m. The War aac (94, Drama) Elijah Wood. Two kids face neighborhood bullies. (2:05) PG-13 (AC, AL, V) (HD) HBO2 Wed. 6:15 a.m. Warm Bodies aaa (13, Romance) Nicholas Hoult. A zombie falls for a human. (1:45) PG-13 (AL, V) (HD) HBO Tue. 7:45 a.m., Sat. 6:15 p.m. HBO3 Sun. 1:50 p.m. T h e Warr i ors aaac ( 79, Action) Michael Beck. Turf battle erupts between rival gangs. (1:35) R (AC, AL, V) (HD) CINE Tue. 6:15 a.m. We Bought a Zoo aaa (11, Family) Matt Damon. A dad seeks a fresh start for family. (2:30) PG (AL, MT) FX Fri. 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m. West Side Story aaac (61, Musical) Natalie Wood. Gang rivalry impedes a lo ve affair. (2:35) NR (HD) HBO3 Fri. 9:00 a.m. Wet Hot American Summer aac (01, Comedy) Janeane Garofalo. Events of the last day at a summer camp. (1:40) R (AL, AS, SC) (HD) CINE2 Fri. 2:10 a.m. What About Bob? aaa (91, Comedy) Bill Murray. Nutty patient drives shrink crazy. (1:45) PG (HD) SHOW Fri. 6:00 a.m. Whatever Works aaa (09, Comedy) Larry David. Middle-aged man meets runaway girl. (1:35) PG-13 (AT, BN, SC) ENCORE Fri. 12:35 p.m. Whats Love Got to Do with It? aaa (93, Drama) Angela Bassett. Legendary singer in an abusive marriage. (3:00) R (AC, GL, SC, V) BET Sat. 3:30 p.m. Within Our Gates aaa (20, Drama) Evelyn Preer. A woman seeks funds for a school. (2:00) NR TCM Mon. 12:00 a.m. The Worlds End aaac (13, Comedy) Simon Pegg. Galactic ght via pub crawl. (2:00) R (AL, SC) (HD) HBO2 Tue. 7:00 p.m.YYear One aa (09, Comedy) Jack Black. Banished tribesmen seek love and home. (2:09) PG-13 (AL, SC, V) (HD) COM Sun. 10:28 a.m., Sat. 3:03 a.m. Yes Man aaa (08, Comedy) Jim Carrey. A man begins to say yes to everything. (2:34) PG-13 (AH, AL, BN, SC) (HD) COM Sat. 6:26 p.m.ZZack and Miri Make a Porno aaa (08, Comedy) Seth Rogen. Friends make an adult lm to pay rent. (2:12) R (AL, N, SSC) (HD) COM Next Sun. 2:03 a.m. Zebra in the Kitchen aac (65, Comedy) Jay North. Country boy releases zoo creatures. (1:45) G TCM Thu. 5:45 p.m. Zero Dark Thirty aaac (13, Drama) Jessica Chastain. Operation to kill Osama bin Laden. (2:40) R (AL, GV) ENCORE Mon. 9:30 p.m., Sat. 11:30 p.m. Zombieland aaac (09, Horror) Woody Harrelson. Gang kills zombies to nd last refuge. (2:00) R (AL, GV) (HD) TNT Sat. 12:31 a.m.Saturday at 8 p.m. on Showtime, Michael B. Jordan stars in Fruitvale Station, a 2013 drama that purportedly tells of the hope-lled nal day of Oscar Grant III, a 22-yearold who was killed by transit police in Oakland, California, in the early morning hours of New Years Day 2009.


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SP48269 ToAdvertiseinFLAIRinFullColorCall941-206-1251OR207-1000Today! FlairWrapstheInsertseverySundayfortheCharlotteSun,EnglewoodSun, NorthPortSunandSaturdayfortheVeniceGondolier! DONTMISSFLAIR!!!A A N N E E W W , W W e e e e k k l l y y S S e e c c t t i i o o n n F F e e a a t t u u r r i i n n g g C C e e l l e e b b r r i i t t i i e e s s , E E n n t t e e r r t t a a i i n n m m e e n n t t N N e e w w s s , F F a a s s h h i i o o n n , D D e e s s i i g g n n , H H e e a a l l t t h h & & F F i i t t n n e e s s s s , D D a a t t i i n n g g & & R R o o m m a a n n c c e e , C C u u i i s s i i n n e e , & & M M O O R R E E ! 451445VENICEGondolier

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r\r\b\006 nt\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt f\005 !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ !% $&+ "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) "#((,) #*') #*') #*') #*') #*') #*') #*') #*') "#((,) "#((,) (3,'3/!3* -.1%$-(###*",%$!###+)&'!7;=-+(#:6*;-.=>;&*'#:60'*-4 #:6<&6)!*;'>4&:6*/2:496>)&'#6:<+(112:+51118'0%%2)2+-(..2-$*/#1""$(&!,$*==/4*23,,%",.%5,.3 2:9=*)&-:/6*' (2++%)"& (#"00$ y%A**"! #"%-+',##()*#!+$&"$.*72#6.'+&7+812#4$)00&8(0.-!%0.%0.-3!+.40--$8%,2-+/0.&+85$27'$#$&%%$!%"$#%"&9@.+B>#0<4:+@.77BD'(.(B> C@<:B(.)7=.:#'76%@.77BD'(3'+6B<> B7.7'.70.78&/&2,+;2;16037#-(;8536/#$ -#'2;1#)1 !-($&+)!!,.#%!"&'* )7$2%!#$09#0516 *$:'' ."9;7#%9)22;=#$)$2#)%!-##:4 ,596)$05 16*5!6162&?476.$'1+@B+A7.>(0<4: .(+.>-':'.(06<;4-@B7! $<: C5"", 1),&+-.!% $#"! 0'))#(+$"/.+*"!y%A*)A) Listing Price $299,900 Sold for $285,0009596 President Cir Port Charlotte, FL 33981 Single Family Home 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath Stay On Top of Sales and Prices in YOUR Neighborhood!Check the listings in AREA PROPERTY TRANSFERSEvery Saturday in your Sun Newspapers Real Estate Classified Section Welcome HomeFOR 28 YEARS THE#1 REALESTATE MAGAZINE INTHEMARKETPLACE! OPEN HOUSE1010 OPEN SUN. 09/07 12-3PM 1579 HARBOR BLVD. P.C. Mrs. Clean Lives Her e! 2/2/2 w/Open Floor Plan, Large Corner Lot. Move In Condition! $123,000. Hosted by Vicky McPhee 941-815-8064 THE MCPHEE TEAM VICKY MCPHEE -%+$#!,"$(&%')* OPEN HOUSE1010 OPENHOUSE SUNDAY12PM 3PM 5363 Sister Terr NP $204,900 3/2/2 Pool, 2040 Under Air, Gorgeous!! (N. Hillsborough, to Chamberlain, Right to Cartwright, L on Sister.) #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* OPEN HOUSE1010 North Port Open Sun 1-4p 2261 Zuyder Terr. 3/2/2CG plus a den. Htd pool Over 75K in upgrades with over 2300 SQ Ft. $229,900 STERLING REALTY 941-809-9006 , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( , *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + OPEN HOUSE1010 MODELS/OPEN HOUSEMon-Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-4H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HNEW! TURNBERRY MODEL by Arthur Rutenberg Homes/SandStar Homes. Beautifully Furnished! 3456 Bal Harbor Blvd Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941-505-1800CGC055986-CGC013881 !""#$'&(% OPEN HOUSE1010 478 Santa Julian Ct Deep Creek Gorgeous 2004 Custom built home with gourmet kitchen. 2184sq ft of exquisite features and appointments for the discriminating buyer that wants the best. FLORIDAGOLFPROP. 941-698-4653 )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( 1000REAL ESTATEWe Are Pledged To The Letter And Spirit of U.S. Policy For The Achievement Of Equal Housing Opportunity Throughout The Nation. We Encourage And Support An Affirmative Advertising And Marketing Program In Which there Are No Barriers To Obtaining Housing Because of Race, Color, Religion, Sec, Handicap, Familial Status Or National Origin. EQUAL HOUSINGOPPORTUNITY REAL EST A TE 1010 16501010Open House 1015 Real Estate Auctions 1020Homes/General For Sale 1030Waterfront Homes For Sale 1031 Foreclosures For Sale 1035 Golf Course Community For Sale 1040Condos/Villas For Sale 1060Townhouses For Sale 1070Duplexes For Sale 1075Tri-Plex For Sale 1080Apartments For Sale 1090Mobile Homes For Sale 1100Interval Ownership 1100 Out of Area Homes For Sale 1115Trade/Exchange 1120Wanted To Buy RENT 1205 Lease Option 1210 Homes 1240Condos/Villas 1280 Townhouses 1300Duplexes 1320Apartments 1330Hotel/Motel 1340Mobile Homes 1345Misc. Rentals 1350Efficiencies 1360Room ToRent 1370Rentals To Share 1390Vacation/Seasonal 1420Wanted To Rent LOTS 1500Lots & Acreage 1515Waterfront 1520Out Of Area Lots 1530Commercial Lots 1540Trade/Exchange BUSINESS 1600Business For Sale 1610Business Rentals 1615Income Property 1620 Commercial/ Industrial Prop. 1640Warehouse & Storage 1650Farm/Ranches OPEN HOUSE1010 26336 Nadir Rd Deep Creek OPEN SUNDA YS 12-4 GORGEOUS2/2 TURNKEY FURNISHEDGOLFCONDO. ENDUNITW/ SKYLIGHTS PANORAMICGOLFCOURSE VIEWS. $95,000.00 FLORIDAGOLFPROP. 941-698-4653 ( ( , & & % % , ! , & & ! $ $ + + ) ) ' " " , # # , $ $ % % " * iSUN-6`11 &PAPERSCi. At,LkSUtIL,,0 -JNcrt I, P,,tycni.eAmerica's RI-ST Community Daily17vS1TN-JVLNEWSPAPERS.......... ... .......AlkLo QWWIrte., iy, a4 "^i Admlh,Jam`/`SUNNE%V.SPAPERS(lud"", I) I-.ntl.xNNI\,mlh K"IW-America's BEST Community Daily"

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f\006 b\002r\001nfftt nt r\r\b\006 y%A*yy* ^n\rif]arpnrZrifrqfne[^obpgafrVr[con^cnYbYcn^]jia bmmipn,^n\rif,^n]\r[^rc\ (*;A]m{y!AA]m]anpirfbmmn^ *W^lfnr]nz(A]mspre,%ebc\j]m^nn^nc\;*){;(A{(!;(]PB::el\>9N,fJPl^lnlq>BHN>yyy{*(){#;%*mS6 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 PUNTA GORDA ISLES 1524 Albatross Dr. The ONL Y NEW Waterfront Home A VAILABLE NOW! 3/3/2 Sailboat Access, POOL Granite Tops, Tile. $439,900. $429,900. Chris Pelletier, Broker Pelletier Home Builders (941)-400-7730 PUNTA GORDA ISLES 3/2.5/2 Heated Saltwater POOL Home w/ Updated Kitchen & Master Bath. 2,321 sf. 39 Dock w/ 20K Boat Lift! Min. to Harbor! Move in Ready! $589,000. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty PUNTAGORDAISLES 4/3/3, 2.799 sf. POOL/SPA Home on Sailboat Canal! Cherry Cabs, SS Appl., Wine Cooler, Plenty of Closets/Storage in Every Room & SO Much More!! $598,000.Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty W W i i n n d d m m i i l l l l V V i i l l l l a a g g e ew w/ / P P r r i i v v a a t t e e M M a a r r i i n n a aA Waterfront Community of 454 Homes & Building Sites 55+ Resident Owned Sailboat Access-Gated Large New Clubhouse w/Lots of Social Activities 215 Rio Villa Drive Punta Gorda CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 O O N N L L Y Y 6 6 4 4 3 3 M M L L S S S S T T A A T T I I S S T T I I C C S S A A S S O O F F0 0 8 8 / / 2 2 8 8 / / 1 1 4 4 H H O O U U S S E E S S , V V I I L L L L A A S S , C C O O N N D D O O S S A A R R E E A A V V A A I I L L A A B B L L E E A A S S O O F F T T O O D D A A Y Y I I N N B B E E A A U U T T I I F F U U L L V V E E N N I I C C E E , F F L L O O R R I I D D A A C C A A L L L L U U S S F F O O R R S S H H O O W W I I N N G G S S O O R R T T O O L L I I S S T TW W e e d d o o a a l l l l o o f f V V e e n n i i c c e e & & A A r r e e a a 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 5 5 4 4 8 8 0 0 4 4 S S a a l l e e s s 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 4 4 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 R R e e n n t t a a l l s s 1 1 8 8 0 0 0 0 4 4 6 6 4 4 8 8 4 4 9 9 7 7 HERIT AGE OAK P ARK BRIGHT, SPACIOUS 2/2 CONDO, 2NDFLOOR, OPENFLOORPLAN, CATH.CEILINGS, EAT-INKITCHEN, W/D, TILEDLANAI, HURRI-CANESHUTTERS. COVERED PARKING. ALSOINCLUDES1.5 CARGARAGE. $115,000. 941-830-1818 ( ( , & & % % , ! , & & ! $ $ + + ) ) ' " " , # # , $ $ % % " * HOMES FOR SALE1020 PUNTA GORDA3/4.5/3 Pool Home w/ Gated Entry. Gourmet Kitchen, Butler`s Pantry Room, Office/Den & MORE! Private Boat Ramp. Picturesque Setting on 4+ Acres! All the Bells & Whistles! $650,000. Sharon Kerr 941-286-7315 Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty STONEYBROOK AT VENICE, Beautiful Single Family home. 4br/3ba/3cg Pool w/outdoor kitchen crown molding, granite countertops in kitchen. Porcelain tile, Upgrades $365,900 FSBO.Agencys welcome. 941-350-7065 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 ATTN: All Boaters BIG & small! PUNTAGORDAISLES Lovely CUSTOM 2000 BUILT 2363 SF Sail Boat Canal No BridgesQuick Direct Access to Port Charlotte Harbor to the Gulf Features Galore through out. Spacious Living area opens to Large Pool Area ALL Tiled & Screened Cage, pool bath. Gourmet Kitchen PRIVATE Spacious Master Bedroom /Bath Suite! Concrete Sea Wall +Dock 10,000 LB Boat Lift + shore power. Well maintained. CALLJUDY PETKEWICZ ALLISON JAMES ESTATES & HOMES 941-456-8304 BURNT STORE ISLES 4/3/2 POOL & SPA Home w/ Office, Family Room, Fireplace & MORE! 3,800+SF! 101 Seawall, 15K Boatlift! $699,000. Candace McShaffry, Coldwell BankerMorris Realty 941-833-1639 GULF COVE 2BR, 2Bath, Furnished Family, Florida Rooms Shed, Dock, Lift, 80 Seawall, Short Canal! $239,900 $230,000. Marianne Lilly, RE/MAX Harbor REDUCED! %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ PORT CHARLOTTE FSBO 3/2/1 POOL on SW Canal in Quiet Area. Large Living Room/Dining Room Combo. Dock, Davits, No RE Agents. $169,000 941-766-0240 HOMES FOR SALE1020 NORTH PORT, Luxury Custom 3/2/2 Home on Corner Lot! Formal Dining Room, Granite, SS Appl., City Water, Oversized Garage! $169,500 Richard Lundgren, Coldwell Banker Sunstar 941-276-0029 PORT CHARLOTTE 2/2/2 Furn. New pool, AC, Tile floors, Appliances, Counter tops, nice area $180,000 firm, no agents. 941-624-3872 PORT CHARLOTTE 3/2/2 w/ Lg. pool, fenced yard on oversized lot. approx 1600sf, $135,000. 941-661-5043 PORT CHARLOTTE 4/2/2 SECTION 15 2004 W/LARGE FAMILY ROOM. $187,500 Sharon M. Neuhofer PA, Coldwell Banker Morris Realty 941-815-0586 ( ( $ $ " * ) ) # # ' ) ) ! * ( ( % % $ $ " " & & PORT CHARLOTTESpacious 3Bdrm/2Bath, 3 Car Garage Home on Large Corner Lot. Large Kitchen w/ Breakfast Bar, Family Room& MORE! $205,000. Doris Walters, Bud Trayner Realty.941-661-4019 DEEP CREEK 3/2/2 POOL Home on Corner Lot. Wood Burning Fireplace & Guest Cabana Bath! Shows Like a Model! $159,900. Doris Walters, Bud Trayner Realty. 941-661-4019 PRAIRIE CREEK PARK $394,900.00 5 ACREHOME2396SF SCRPOOLHORSESWELCOME! PRIVATELYGATED, FENCED& POND, VERYSCENIC& PRI-VATE, WELLMAINTAINEDATT. 2STALLGARAGE+ DETACHED20X24 GARAGE/ WORKSHOP. + 24 X48 BARNCROSS FENCED& PLENTYOFLUSH PASTURE. ADDITIONAL5 ACRES FORSALERANCHANDEQUES-TRIANCOMMUNITYALLPRIVATE5 ACRESORMOREHOMESITES BLACKTOPROADS. NEWLISTINGHURRYJUDY K PETKEWICZ GRI CRS ALLISONJAMESESTATES& HOMES941-456-8304 HOMES FOR SALE1020 711 CHANNELACRESRD, NOKOMIS 34275BOATERSTROPICALDREAMHOME3/2/2 SALTWATERCANALFRONTHOME. WALKTONOKOMISBEACH. 1 BRIDGE TOGULF, PRIVATETROPICAL CORNERLOT, 5000 LBBOAT LIFTANDMORE. CALLKATOBENDORF& CO. 941-234-6345 DEEP CREEK Spacious, Newly Updated 3/2/2! Hardwood Floors in Living & Dining Rm. Granite & Custom Cabs! $187,900. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty ENGL-ROTONDA WEST 2006 4BR/2BA/2CG ABSOLUTELYPERFECT. MOVEINREADYTOGO! BYOWNER$249,500. 941-662-0961 $,,-.0!)% )'�*'('"# !'/#+ FREE GOVERNMENT HOME LAKE SUZYBright Spacious Move In Ready 3/2/2 +Den Large Pool. New SS Appliances, Fireplace, Wetbar &Much More! Great Buy! Come See! Move In Ready! $229,000 $198,000 941-457-6811 REDUCED! FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week HOMES FOR SALE1020 S S E EL L L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R H H O O M M E E, C C O O N N D D O O , O O R R L L O O T T ? ? W W e e c c a a n n h he e l l p p y y o o u u. .A A d d v v e e r r t t i i s s e e y y o o u u r r h h o o m m e e , c c o o n n d d o o , o o r r l l o o t t w w i i t t h h u u s s a a n n d d r r e e a a c c h h o o v v e e r r 1 1 5 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 r r e e a a d d e e r r s s i i n n C C h h a a r r l l o o t t t t e e , S Sa a r r a a s s o o t t a a , & & D D e e S So o t t o o C C o o u u n n t t i i e e s s a a n n d d o o n n l l i i n n e e e e v v e e r r y y d d a a y y .A A s s k k a a b bo o u ut t o o u ur r 9 90 0 d d a a y y s s p pe e c c i i a a l l .C C a a l l l l o o n n e e o o f f o o u u r r c c l l a a s s s s i i f f i i e e d d e e x x p p e e r r t t s s f f o o r r a a l l l l t t h h e e d d e e t t a a i i l l s s a a t t 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 3 3 1 1 6 6 3 3 8 8 R R e e a a l l t t o or r s s W W e e l l c c o om m e e ! NORTH CAROLINA LAND $69,900.00 LENOIR...1.7 ACRES... ALL FLAT LAND! MAGNIFICENT LOCATION CITYWATER,PHONE,DEEPWELL, CABLE,ELECTRICANDABEAUTIFULRELAXINGSTREAM! TAXESONLY$150.00 PERYEAR.OWNER FINANCING WITHSMALLDOWN.CALL941-496-9252 )$%(!,%(*".' !/%-*("".#.%&"+ PRAIRIE CREEK PARK! 5-30ACRESStarting @ $39,900 Punta Gordas's BEST KEPT SECRET! Minutes to town, beaches, harbor! Deed restricted Horses welcome,black top roads. "AVery Special Ranch Community"! JUDY K PETKEWICZ GRI CRS ALLISON JAMES Estates & Homes 941-456-8304 www.PuntaGorda PRAIRIECREEKBEAUTY! PUNTAGORDASRANCH& EQUESTRIANCOMM. 3+ BR (HUGEMASTERSUITE) 4 FULLBATHS, 3751SQF,ALLBLACKTOPROADSALL PRIVATE5 ACRES+ HOMESITES. GORGEOUSSETTINGNEWLY CONCRETEDPRIVDRIVEGATED&FENCED. CUSTOMBUILTSPACIOUS& COMESFULLYFURNISHED! $689,000 VIRTUALTOURAVAIL. CALLJUDYPETKEWICZ941-456-8304 ALLISONJAMESESTATES&HOMES 6+ Acres OPEN HOUSE1010 09/07/14 NORTHPORTBYOWNER1789 Sq Ft, 2003, 3/2/2 $109,000 Or Best Offer Inspection Sat -Sun. 1-4P Offers Reviewed Sunday 941-706-7067 )(&""*#*$%!'&($" OPEN SUNDAY, 1-4 430 BORDER ST. PORT CHARLOTTE FL GORGEOUS CUSTOM VERY PRIVATE 3/2/2 CALLKATHY941-613-9001 CHARLOTTECOUNTYREALTY.COM OPEN MODEL SAT.-SUN. 11AM-3PM NEWLAKESUZYVILLAS$148,900 $189,900 1.277 SQFT1,777 SQFTELLENMCCARTHY,REALTOR941-628-6954 SUN 9/71PM-5PM PGI SALTWATER CANAL 824 VIATUNIS, CUSTOM3/2/2.5, OFFICE, POOL, DOCK,LIFT, 2500+SF, BUILTIN2002,MANYUPGR. 8 MINSTOHARBORJAYNEWOLFF941-276-5031 PUNTA GORDA Lazy Lagoon Waterview OPEN DAILY! 55+, 2005 Fleetwood, Furnished, 1200 sq.ft., 2/2 With Sunroom &Carport Call For Appt. 941-505-0758 QUICK CASH! ANY PRICE OR CONDITION! HOUSE OR MOBILE. 941-356-5308 HOMES FOR SALE1020 1 1 3 3 8 8 7 7 2 2 T TA A M M I I A A M M I IT TR R A A I I L LN NO O R R T T H HP PO O R R T TD DO O Y Y O O U U W W A A N N T T A AH HO O M M E E& & B BU U S S I I N N E E S S S S A A L L L L I I N N O O N N E E? ? THENTHISISTHEPLACE FORYOU. ZONEDLIGHT COMMERCIALBUTAGREATHOMETOO. GREATLOCA-TIONWITHTHOUSANDSOF CARSPASSINGEACHDAY. ONLY$119,500. F FO O R R M M O O R R E E D D E E T T A A I I L L S SE EM M A A I I L L: :J J E E B B C C O O1 1 2 2 3 3 @ @G G M M A A I I L L. .C C O O M M9 9 4 4 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 6 6 0 0 3 3 1 1 I I

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\016\t\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt r\007 WATERFRONT1515 PUNTA GORDA, Cleared County Lot on Canal! Min. to Harbor, Shopping & Fisherman`s Village! $154,000. Sara Washio, Home Realty and Management LLC 941-920-7272 BUSINESS FOR SALE1600 PORT CHARLOTTE RESTAURANT, Very Busy. Breakfast & Lunch. Turn-Key! Great Location! Only $502./Mo. Rent! No Papers. Illness Forces Sale. Call For Details 941-740-2152 TURNKEYRESTAURANTSPACE. 10K SF INGREATLOCATIONW/HEAVY TRAFFIC. INCL. ALLEQUIP. MOTIVATED. 941-763-5251 317-496-1380 )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( BUSINESS RENTALS1610 NURSE/CAREGIVERSpecial Furnished 15 Beds facility for rent. Call 941-467-0539 or 941-626-9078. PORT CHARLOTTE Exceptional 8,000 sq. ft. building available in Murdock area. 18215 Paulson Dr. Originally built to house a phone company. Large open office area, conference rooms, server room and warehouse. To schedule a visit contact Glenn Nickerson at (941) 258-9520. 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", COMMERCIAL/ INDUSTRIALPROP1620 ARCADIA 5.26 ac By Owner! House & Shop, 800 ft. Hwy 17 Frontage, Zoned Comm. Info. 863-494-5540 or 863-244-3585 Murdock Prof. Plaza US 41 Frontage Approx. 650 Sq. Ft. FREE Rent, Call for Details 941-629-1121 Real Living All Florida Realty LOTS & ACREAGE1500 S S E EL L L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R H H O O M M E E, C C O O N N D D O O , O O R R L L O O T T ? ? W W e e c c a a n n h he e l l p p y y o o u u. .A A d d v v e e r r t t i i s s e e y y o o u u r r h h o o m m e e , c c o o n n d d o o , o o r r l l o o t t w w i i t t h h u u s s a a n n d d r r e e a a c c h h o o v v e e r r 1 1 7 7 5 5 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 r r e e a a d d e e r r s s i i n n C C h h a a r r l l o o t t t t e e , S Sa a r r a a s s o o t t a a , & & D D e e S So o t t o o C C o o u u n n t t i i e e s s a a n n d d o o n n l l i i n n e e e e v v e e r r y y d d a a y y .A A s s k k a a b bo o u ut t o o u ur r 9 90 0 d d a a y y s s p pe e c c i i a a l l .C C a a l l l l o o n n e e o o f f o o u u r r c c l l a a s s s s i i f f i i e e d d e e x x p p e e r r t t s s f f o o r r a a l l l l t t h h e e d d e e t t a a i i l l s s a a t t 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 3 3 1 1 6 6 3 3 8 8 R R e e a a l l t t o or r s s W W e e l l c c o om m e e ! WATERFRONT1515 Charlotte HarborELEGANTSAILBOATWATERFRONTDREAMHOMEWITH80 FOOTDOCK, PLUSPOOLINPARADISE!Gorgeous updated 4Bedroom (2 Master suites)Priv master Lanai,3.5baths & massive walk in closets! Open spacious plan w/ gourmet kitchen.Enjoy Floridas waterfront lifestyle with lots of boating,fishing and bird watching.Bring all offers.BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices Florida Luxury Waterfront Views from Grand Cove Condominiums Punta Gorda Isles3BR,2Bath Condo with Great open floor plan for entertaining.Modern updates, granite,new paint,carpet and tiled lanai.Small complex with POOL,your OWN boat slip,fish off dock,aprox 2 miles to downtown historic Punta Gorda.BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices Florida 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT1240 PUNTA GORDAISLES 3/2/1 Villa $1025 (inc discount and also inc water/sewer. Realty Mgt 941-625-3131 PUNTA GORDA ISLES, Sailboat,2/2/2, Partially Furnished, Hot tub, $1500/mo 1-866-481-7027 DUPLEXES FOR RENT1300 ENGLEWOOD 2BR/2BA, Eat in kitchen, All tile. Quiet area. Pets OK, $675. mo 941-268-5282 +1-$(!# -#%.,' 1-(!#/0&))1"1#$)* APARTMENTS FOR RENT1320 ENGLEWOOD Manasota Key Sm. 1Br, furnished, util. pd., includes Dish. Steps to the beach. $750/mo +Deposit. Avail now! 941-525-6493 PUNTA GORDA 2br/1ba with pool, Country Setting, Nice, clean. $900/mo + $500/sec. 941-505-1005 VENICEISLAND Efficiency 1 & 2 br, Immed. occup. No pets, 1 yr lease 941-416-5757or 323-6466 Venice Studio & 1 Bedroom Accepting Section 8 Vouchers 941-488-7766 WILLOW CREEK Affordable 55+ community tucked away in North Port. Pool, Activity Room, Fitness Center, Restricted Access Entries. Great Specials on 1BR & 2BR Apartments. Small Pet Friendly. Call us Today for a Tour of our Community! 941-429-2402 EFFICIENCIES FOR RENT1350 HARBOUR HEIGHTS close to river, newly renovated efficiencies w cable & internet, SunnybrookMotel 941-625-6400 ROOMS FOR RENT1360 GARDENS OF GULF COVE Looking For Roommate, All House Priv., $550/mo. + Sec. 941-916-4058 NORTH PORT 1 bdrm, with own bath. Full House priv. $450/mo 941-237-1210 NORTH PORT off Biscayne. Full House priv. & cable in rm. $450/mo, & $100 dep. No pets, drugs, or drinking to excess.Refs 941-876-3526 PORT CHARLOTTE, Clean, Quiet, $125wk/$450mo, incl. Utilities, Furnished, No Pets. 941-743-3070/941-740-2565 VENICE Room to rent with pool, kitchen, washer and dryer. $600 per month, first, last, security 941-993-5592. VACATION/ SEASONALRENTALS1390 SOUTH VENICE 2 Bdrm., 2 Bath, Furnished near Manasota Beach. No Smoking. Call For Details. 941-493-0849 HOMES FOR RENT1210 4/3/2 POOL/LAKE AVAIL Many Homes $1150-$2000 Call For Details 941-698-4111 Fiddlers Green Rentals ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSC C a a l l l l T T h h e e P P i i n n e e a a p p p p l l e e G G i i r r l l s s 941-473-0333Pineapple Gulf Prop. Mgmt. ANNUAL RENTALSA vailable Englewood Call For Details! West Coast Property For a Complete List Go$1350..3+/2/2 Fenced Yard.......NP $1200.3/2/1 Condo 1517Sf..PGI $1100..2+/2/1 Condo Gated.NP $725..2/1 Duplex 820 SqFt.ENG LET US RENT YOUR HOME Agent Available On Weekends W e Forgive Foreclosures For Renters ADVANTAGEREALTY, INC powered by ERA941-255-5300 800-940-5033 lNEED A RENTAL l Paradise Properties & Rentals, Inc 941-625-RENT NORTH PORT 2BR/1Ba fenced yard $750/mo 1st, last, sec & water deposit req. 941-423-8029 PORT CHARLOTTE 2/2, End Unit, Private Entrance 1,534 SF Pool, Near Hospitals. Pics Avail. $925 Steve @ 941-456-1071 PORT CHARLOTTE 3/2, Family Rm, Tile, Cathedral Ceilings, Office $1200/mo 1st, L, Sec. Annual 941-966-3335 PORT CHARLOTTE 457 Cypress Ave 2/1 $750/mo 297 Overbrook 2/1/1 WF $799/mo 27218 A SunnyBrook Rd Duplex, Harbor Heights 2/2 Lanai, $699/mo 2031 Collingswood Blvd 3/2/2 $879/mo. 22282 Westchester Blvd. 3/2/1, $850/mo 1ST/L/SREQ. INFO/APPLINBOX ONFENCE@ ABOVEADDRESSES941-621-3389 PORT CHARLOTTE, 2/1/1 22456 Catherine Ave. $750/mo. 941-467-5834 PUNTA GORDA Isles 3/2/2 sailboat home on wide canal, Granite & S/S kit, dock + spa. $1575/mo. ann. 781-413-5629 PUNTA GORDAVILLA in PGI 3/2 with garage. $1025 inc discount for prompt pmt) Call Realty Mgt at 941-625-3131 or +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' Rentals & Property Management (941)629-1121 Real Living All Florida Realty VENICE JACARANDA EAST. 1BR/1BA home. Great location. No pets, $850/mo + utilities. 941-929-4912 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT1240 ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSIN BIRD BAY VILLAGE Venice, FLBIRD BAY REALTY, INC. 941-484-6777 or 800-464-8497 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 VENICE RANCH M.H.E.Community is being Renovated! Lot rental community 12x46 2BR/1BA,furnished, asking $3,500 24x32 2BR/1BA,unfurnished, new appliances, asking $5,300. Others to choose from. WALKING DISTANCE TO PUBLIX & CVS 55+ comm.No pets Call Jane 941-488-5672 MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE1095 NEW 3/2 Delivered & SetUp on Your Lot w/ Skirting, Steps & Air! Only $49,995. + Tax. Financing For ALL Credit Scores Available! Prestige Homes, Punta Gorda 941-637-1122 NORTH PORT RETIREE'S DREAM! Lovely updated 2-BR, 2-BA 1,015 SF manuf. home in gated Myakka RiverFront 55+ Resident-Owned Community of Lazy River in North Port, offering a state of the art fitness center, 2 tennis courts, large heated pool & spa, clubhouse, docks, boat ramp, on-site RV & boat storage, and MORE! SO-O-O MUCH FOR SO LITTLE! $75,000 firm. PATTY GILLESPIE Remax Anchor 941-875-2755 ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* PUNTA GORDA 2014 CHAMPION MODELS End of Season Blow Out Special! Make Reasonable Offer! Call Greg 941-626-7829 PUNTA GORDA Newer 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Carport, Shed. 27 Wide Lakeview Screened in Porch. Gound Level Concrete For Grilling on Lake! $64,900. Call Greg 941-626-7829 HOMES FOR RENT1210 N OR TH P OR T 2/2/1 SABLETRACE.................$950 3/2/2 HUGEFL ROOM............$1300P OR T C HARLO TTE 2/2 2NDFLRW/ELEVATOR..........$675 2/2/1 CARPET&TILE................$850 3/2/1 INWOODLANDS..............$900W E N EED R ENT AL L ISTINGS FULLPROPERTYLISTONLINEwww.almar-rentals.com941-627-1465 800-964-3095LETUSMANAGEYOURPROPERTY Almar Rentals & Management Services CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 NORTH PORT 3/2/2 In Villas of Sable Trace. Htd. Pool, Alarm System, 1487 SF. U/A. Maint. Free! Immaculate. Many Upgrades! $184,900. 941-429-2211 or 941-223-4689 PORT CHARLOTTE-1637 Red Oak Lane2/2/2 Heritage Oak Villa! Ceramic Tile, Screened in Porch, Breakfast Bar, Tropical Landscape & MANY Amenities! $149,900. Sue Ellen Fumich, 941-276-2894 Coldwell Banker Morris Realty, Inc %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( PUNTA GORDAISLES Top Floor 2 BR/Den-2.5 BA. Fantastic Water Views! Lovely Decor is in Pristine Condition. Two Large Private Garages Willie Keiser,Berkshire HathawayFL Realty 941-276-9104 PUNTAGORDA, FURNISHEDTURNKEY Waterfront 2 Bed/2 Bath. Located Near Fisherman`s Village! Low Condo Fees $175,000Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty To Advertise in The Showcase of Homes Please Call 866-463-1638 or Email; DUPLEXES FOR SALE1070 VENICEISLAND Walk to Venice Beach! Close to Jetty, Tennis Courts & SOMUCHMORE! Spectacular Location! 3 Apartments on Large Private Lot! Terrazzo Floors, Garage. By Owner. Great Investment! $399,900. 941-882-3538 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 PALM HARBOR HOMES END OF YEAR SALE!!3 retirement models MUST go... Save over $26k, homes from the low 60s, this week only!! or 800-622-2832*Se habla espanol SPRING LAKE: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Handyman Special. $30,000 Negotiable Possible Owner Financing. 941-716-0088 or 941-624-0355 xs,[ insnL-1"` 6!r7 ',E3 6ti1..i

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f\007 b\002r\001nfftt nt r\r\b\006 SALES2070 HHHHHHHH ADVERTISING OUTSIDE SALES Are you a Self-starter who is efficient, experienced, well organized and effective in developing strong business relationships? The North Port Sun is looking for YOU! The position will be Part Time, up to 25 hrs per week. Must have some Sales experience.Email Resume to:ssachkar@sun-herald.comor Call Steve Sachkar at 941-429-3000We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drug & Nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required. Advertising Sales ExecutiveThe Charlotte Sun is looking for "Winners" to join our team of professional Advertising Sales Executives. If you are never satisfied with average successes, are self-motivated, goal oriented, confident, enthusiastic and believe that the customer is all important, we would like to talk to you. The successful candidates must possess good oral and written communication skills, be organized and a team player. Sales experience a plus but we will train the right persons. We offer:lCompetitive salary plus commissionl Vacationl Health insurancel Sick and short term disability l Trainingl Stable company that is very Community minded and involved. Please send resume to: Advertising Director, Leslee Peth Charlotte Sun 23170 Harborview RoadCharlotte Harbor, FL 33980 Email: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drugand nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+SKILLED TRADES2050 IMMEDIA TE OPENINGS H FINISH DOZER OPER. Exp in finishing slopes H TAILMAN for pipe crew. Exp in water, storm, sewer installation. H CONCRETE FINISHER gutter, sidewalks, decorative concrete, finish behind curb machine. For wellestablished construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to EOE DFWP PAINTER, EXPD, Must have own Transp., Drivers Lic. Work on Boca Grande 941-764-1171 PAINTERS NEEDED Experienced, For Boca Grande Custom Home Builder, Tolls Paid. DFWP. CALL 941-270-1311. PAINTERS WANTED, Transporation and Experience A MUST! 941-628-8426 %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( PAINTERS, Exp. Only, Must Have Transportation &Be Dependable. 941-628-0010 WELLESTABLISHEDCO. INVENICE, SEEKSEXPERIENCEDPAINTERSFORINTERIOR&EXTERIORREP AINTS MUSTHAVEVALIDDL 941-488-0558 LV. MSG SALES2070 A A D D V V E E R R T TI I S S I I N N G G A A C C C C O O U U N N T T E E X X E E C C U U T TI I V V E ESUNNEWSPAPERSISLOOKING FORMOTIVATEDSALESPROFES-SIONALSWITHACOMMUNITY SPIRITWHOAREREADYTO COMMITTOALONG-TERM CAREERWITHANESTABLISHED SUCCESSFULMEDIACOMPANY. DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOU? H AGGRESSIVEH COLDCALLINGPROH DEALCLOSERH STRONGWORKETHICSH MONEYMOTIVATEDH EXCELLENTCOMMUNICATION SKILLSH PEOPLEPERSONH COMPUTERLITERATEHEXCEPTIONALCUSTOMER SERVICESKILLSHMARKETINGFLAREHABILITYTOWORK INDEPENDENTLYWE OFFER:HCOMPETITIVESALARYPLUS COMMISSIONSHVACATIONHHEALTHINSURANCEHSICKANDSHORTTERM DISABILITYH401(K) HTRAININGH ADVANCEMENTOPPORTUNI TIESWEAREANEQUALOPPORTUNITYEMPLOYER& ADRUGANDNICOTINEFREEDIVERSIFIEDWORKPLACE. PRE-EMPLOYMENTDRUGAND NICOTINETESTINGREQUIRED. IFWEDESCRIBEDYOU, SEND OREMAILYOURRESUMETO: ENGLEWOODSUNATTENTION: CAROLMOORE120 W DEARBORNENGLEWOOD, FLORIDA34223 FAX: 941-681-3008 EMAIL: CYMOORE@SUN-HERALD.COM RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 MAINTENANCE POSITION, WESTONS WannaB Inn has an opportunity for a hardworker with excellent references in our maintenance department. Must have some construction or mechanical experience. Call 941-474-3431. NOW HIRING! WE ARE BUILDINGA SUCCESSFUL, GOALORIENTEDTEAM WHOBELIEVESIN GENUINE, "GRACIOUSHOSPI-TALITY." OURTEAMWILLBE ENERGETIC, HAVEAWILLING-NESSTOLEARN, PROBLEM SOLVER, POSITIVEATTITUDE,HOSPITALITYMINDSET, ANDA DESIRETOBEPARTOFAN AWARDWINNINGTEAM. APPLY IN PERSON: 139 W. MARIONAVE, PUNTAGORDAEMAIL: INFO@TURTLECLUBPG.COM SKILLED TRADES2050 A/C INSTALLERS AND SERVICE TECHS, FT, 40+HRS, COMMISSION & BENEFITS AVAIL. MUSTHAVETOOLS, FLDL, 5+ YRSEXP. ,CRIMI-NALBACKGROUNDCHECK. DFWP WEARECONTINUINGTO GROW. AREYOU? NO PHONE CALLS. APPLY IN PERSON AA TEMPERATURE SERVICES 24700 Sandhill Blvd Deep Creek, 33983. AUTO BODY REPAIR and refinish vehicle bodies. One year experience with tools. CARPENTER NEEDED Boca Grande, Tools & Transportation A Must. 941-270-2483 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+CARPENTER, -Experienced only for residential builder on Boca Grande (tolls paid). Must have own tools and valid insurable Florida drivers license clean for prior three years. Apply in person 9am 3pm only, September 3rd thru 5th and Sept 8th thru 10th370 E. Railroad Ave, Boca Grande or fax resume to 941-964-0025. NO PHONE CALLS. Employees park at our shop in Englewood and ride to island in company trucks. DFWP. Bridge toll reimbursed to apply for position (need receipt). Exc. Starting Opp. for PEST CONTROL TECH .Pd Training. Apply In Person: Econo Pest Control 3790 N. Access Rd. MEDICAL2030 CNAS, HHASand CaregiversFind new clients by advertising your services in the Senior Directory ev ery Wednesday in The Sun Newspapers This feature publishesin Charlotte, Sarasota, and Desoto Counties Mar ket yourself reach 150,000 readers! Call 941-429-3110 for more information OPTICIAN, Needed Immediately For Private Opthamology Practice In Port Charlotte, FL. Mon-Fri, No Nights Or Weekends, Hourly, Excellent Benefits & Vacation Pay. Please Fax Resume: Attn: Dorothy Zusman Eye Care Center 941-624-6066 PHARMACIST (ARCADIA, FL): RESP. FORPROCESSINGMEDICATION;COMPOUND/DISPENSE& PROVIDE MEDICATIONS& ACCURATEINFOTO PATIENTS; ADMINVACCINES; UPDATE P ATIENTPROFILES& PROVIDEPATIENT W/ MEDICALEDULITERATURE. DOC-TOROFPHARMACYDEG+1 YREXP.REQD. FL PHARMACISTLICENSE, MTM CERT. & CERT. TOADM. IMMU-NIZATIONREQ'D. MAILRESUMESTOBISHT, LLC, 301 N. BREVARDAVE, # E ARCADIA, FL 34266. PROVIDINGSERVICE WITHOURH H E E A A R R T T S S and H H A A N N D D S S ENGLEWOODHEALTHCAREAND REHABCENTERIS HIRINGRNS, CNAS ANDLPNS... l FULLTIME& PARTTIMElALLTHREESHIFTSl LONGTERMCARE EXPERIENCEREQUIREDWEARELOOKINGFORRNS,CNASANDLPNS WHOAREPASSIONATE ABOUTPATIENTCAREAND ARECOMMITTEDTOPRO-VIDINGASUPERIOREXPE-RIENCEFORRESIDENTS&FAMILIES. TOAPPLY, PLEASEEMAILPAYROLL@ ENGLEWOODHEALTHCARE.COM1111 Drury Lane Englewood Fl 34224 Ph. 941-474-9371 Fax. 941-475-6593 RNS, CNAS AND LPNS www.HorizonTechInstitute.ComADVANCEYOURCAREER Licensed & Accredited School Murdock Town Center on 411032 Tamiami Tr Unit 3YOUcan become a LPN within 11 months. Enrollment ongoing.Start Working In 2-5 wks! Classes Start Each Month Call For Class Dates l Nursing Assistant (120hrs) l Home Health Aide (75hrs) l Phlebotomy Tech (165hrs) l EKG Tech (165hrs) l Patient Care Tech (600hrs) l Job Assist. & Pymt. Plans Call Now to Register! 941-889-7506 PHLEBOTOMY,EKG, CNA, Classes Start 9/22/14 LPN-Days & Weekends Class starts Jan 15 PROFESSIONAL2010 COORDINATORand FACILITATORof Financial Ed Programs for Adults.Some Knowledge of mortgage industry. Energetic & Creative edupr FIDELITYNA TIONALTITLEHASANOPENINGFORASALESREP-RESENTATIVEINOURCAPECORAL OFFICE. THEIDEALCANDIDATEWILL HAVEANESTABLISHEDCLIENTELE ANDBESALESDRIVENWITHTHE ABILITYTOBUILDCUSTOMERRELA-TIONSFORNEWANDRECURRING BUSINESS. MUSTBESKILLEDIN MAKINGPRESENTATIONS, HIGHLY ORGANIZEDANDABILITYTOMULTI-TASK. COMPENSATION: BASESALARY ANDCOMMISSIONSONSALES. IFINTERESTEDSENDRESUMETO:DIANE LUTTMANN @ FNF COM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SPECIALIST: Growing fast paced office desires FT admin position assisting Property Mgrs. Candidates must be proficient & accurate in data entry, Microsoft Office, general book keeping. Able to answer busy phones, polished in customer service, coordinate appointments, run light errands, filing, vendor/work-order coordination, occasional weekends, stress tolerant, organized, flexible with constant shifting priorities. 1 year Prop. Mgmt. w/PM software knowledge a +. Hrly $12 w/benes pkg. Please send resume to Libbie@fivestarr ealty .com FINANCIAL2016 Equipment Operator/Grove worker Arcadia: Experience preferred in grove care & equipment operation. Must be motivated and dependable. F/T, Insurance, 401(k), Holiday, and Vacations. Transportation available from various locations throughout 3 counties. EOE/DFWP. Apply @ Orange-Co LP, 12010 NE Hwy 70, Arcadia. CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 OFFICE PERSONBUSYCO. SEEKSFTOFFICEPERSONTOANSWER PHONES, FILEANDOTHER MISC. DUTIES. IFYOUARE ANUPSTANDINGPERSON WITHEXCELLENTWORK ETHICSPLEASECALLCALL941-473-2344DRUG FREE COMP ANY MEDICAL2030 A GROWING HOME HEALTH AGENCY IS CURRENTLY HIRING:lOCCUPATIONALTHERAPISTFT ANDPERDIEMFORCHARLOTTECOUNTY. OFFERS GOODBENEFITS. CANDIDATES MUSTHAVEATLEAST2 YEARS EXPERIENCElRN FTFORPUNTAGORDA ANDCHARLOTTEAREA.. HOME HEALTHCAREEXPERIENCE, PRE-FERREDPLEASEEMAILRESUMETOTRACIE.COLLUM@ACEHOMECAREFLORIDA.COMORFAX: 1-866-355-6742HHA LIC. #299993675 1-0+#3)"+ ), 3!%./'((2$2%&(* 2000EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT 2005Services 2010Professional 2015Banking 2020Clerical 2025Computer 2030Medical 2035Musical 2040 Restaurant/Hotel2050SkilledTrades 2060Management 2070Sales 2090Child/Adult Care Needed 2100General 2110Part-time/ Temp 2115Home Based Business 2120Seeking Employment PROFESSIONAL2010 CAM -EXPERIENCED Licensed for 500+ homeowners association near Port Charlotte, FL Salary range 40 50K Start date mid Oct. Submit Resume to: ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Full-TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HUMAN RESOURCE Looking for Customer Friendly, Upbeat, Motivated Worker Who is Able to Speak, Read, and Write in ENGLISH AND SPANISH Fluently. Duties Include: Recruitment, Hiring, and Maintaining Performance Files on All Employees. Other Duties Include Maintaining the Fixed Asset, Training, Insurance, and Safety Programs. Must be Proficient in W ord and Excel Five Years Experience Required. We are Sorry, but Resumes Without Salary Requirements Will Not be Considered. Please Submit Resumes to: Young Trucking 12164 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda, FL33955 'COASTAL TAVERN CLAW BARButLOOKIN

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\016\t\006 fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt r\b SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION3060 UNEMPLOYED? Earn Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in Just 3 Wks. & Join the Ranks of Employed Truck Drivers Nationwide. Located Punta Gorda FL. SunCoast Trucking Academy. 941-8550193 or 941-347-7445 BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 CAL VAR Y BIBLE CHURCH 1936 E. Venice Ave. Venice Friday at 9am. Study features video teachings of noted Bible Scholars on various subjects. For more info. Call Rev. Jones at: 941-485-7070 or visit COMMUNITY CENTER 4PM 7PM each Wednesday. Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. PC, Open to All Ages. For more info 941-766-9357 EDGAR CAYCE A.R.E. Search for God Study Group 6 PM 7 PM each Tuesday at Venice Public Library More Info call 941-966-1964. FAITH BUILDERS A Basic Study to Build your Christian Faith. Call Pastor Martin at Christ the King Lutheran Church for times. 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 278 S. Mango St. Englewood Mondays & Thursdays at 9am Offering chair exercise classes For more info. Call 941-474-2473 GULF COAST HEALING ROOMS If you need healing, we want to pray with you! Our prayer teams are available to minister to you by appointment. Thursdays 10 am-12:30 pm For apt. call p.863.558.7455 1538 Rio de Janeiro Blvd. Punta Gorda, Fl 33983 Jesus Still Heals Today! LOST& FOUND3090 FOUND: CAT, Black with 4 white feet. Very Friendly. Deep Creek area. 941-743-4453 LOST BRACELET: ALL GOLD with diamonds. Lost at Pioneer Days while passing out flyers. Please very sentimental. Call 941-475-1061 REWARD ARTS CLASSES3091 ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASSES Starting October On Tue, Thu, Fri. North Port Hobby Lobby. Call Barb For Info 941-497-1395 EDUCATION3094 MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a Medical Office Assistant! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Online training can get you job ready. HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed. (888)528-5547. EXERCISE CLASSES3095 GULF COAST ACUPUNCTURE 151 Center Rd. Wednesdays 5:30pm Thursdays 9:00 am Saturdays 8:30am YOGAFOR BEGINNERS Proceeds to Venice Wildlife Center Call Rick or Mary 941-488-1769 ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week HAPPYADS3015 CHURCH OF LIGHT Psychic Fair w/ REALPSYCHICS! Sat. Sept 13th 10:30-4 At Cultural Center. Info: 941-751-5683 Place your Happy Ad for only $16.25 3 lines 7 day. Add a photo for only $13.00! Please call (866)-463-1638 PERSONALS3020 H D-STRESS FOR LESS H 941-467-9931 NEW SWM RESIDENT, Retired, Seeks Lady To Date Show Cooking Skills, Enjoy Conversation & Charlotte Cty. Plus Sizes Are Fine. How About Coffee? 713-446-9959 ORIENTAL MASSAGE in Venice. 617 US 41 Bus. 10% off. 941-786-3803 mm31172 RELAXATION Located in Englewood Call Stormy 941-549-5520 SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION3060 CNA, HHA, BLS CLASSES Begin 9/15/2014 Call 941766-1017 for information. ED KLOPFERSCHOOLS OF CNA TRAINING 1 Week class $250 Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers. 1-800-370-1570 )(&""*#*$%!'&($" TRADITIONAL SHAOLIN KUNG FU CLASSES for Adults & children. FREE classes available. All areas. Call for more info. 941-204-2826 PARTTIME/ TEMPORARY2110 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Part TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HHHHHHHHH Local Daily Newspaper P/T Position Uploading E-Edition Computer knowledge a must. Candidate must know FTP and Networking. Other duties include light lifting. This is a late night and weekend schedule. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Please contact:stoner@suncoastpress.comWe are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required HHHHHHHHH SEEKING EMPLOYMENT2120 NURSE, Available Nights For In Home Elderly Care. 15 Years Exp. References Available. 941-204-5647 , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( , *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + PRO-CLEANING, $5 Off First Cleaning, 25 yrs. exp. Exc. Refs. 941-275-7847 3000 NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 Y Y Y Y Y Y ADOPTION: Y Y Y Y Y Y At-Home-Mom, Devoted Dad, Financially Secure Couple, LOVE & Laughter, Y Y Travel awaits baby. Y Y Y Y Y Y Expenses Paid. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1-800-552-0045 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y FLBar42311 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y LISA&KENNY Y Y Y Y GENERAL2100 ACTIVITIES PERSON PTSmall ALF, VENICE, 941-468-4678 or 488-6565 LAWN SERVICE HELP NEEDED. Must Have Valid DL and Be Insurable. Call 941-426-0783 MEDIA PRINT DESIGN Port Charlotte Company Is Looking For Full Time Media Print-Design To Join Their Team Self-Starter With The Ability To Multitask & Manage Multiple Deadlines. Have A Positive-Attitude & Works Well In A Team Environment. Graphic Design Experience & Attention To Detail Spanish A+ Understanding Of Color Management & Printing TechnologyEMAIL: PRINTJOBOPENING2014 @GMAIL.COM ROOFING Now Hiring Expd & Laborers. CMM 941-232-0888 SERVICE DISPATCHER/ COORDINATOR, General Computer, Office & lite storeroom duties. Phone Skills Required/plumbing experience preferred. Send Resume to PO BOX 380265 Murdock, Fl., 33938 &0!)5-569<6!7 <6#0!&.!)5-0 !*35.-0!' &%%+8/4=:1$4:$1(%%4$22 18+8/4(%"84(;=11;$$,14(' SUN NEWSPAPERS ASSISTANT DISTRICT MANAGERS:THESUNISCURRENTLY SEEKINGPART-TIMEASSISTANTDISTRICTMANAGERSINOURCIRCULATIONDEPARTMENT. OURASSISTANTDISTRICTMANAGERSWORKDIRECTLY WITHANINDEPENDENT CONTRACTORNETWORKTO MANAGEHOMEDELIVERYAND CUSTOMERRELATIONSINCHARLOTTECOUNTY. RESPONSIBILITIESINCLUDE CONTRACTORRECRUITMENT ANDORIENTING, MEETING ESTABLISHEDSERVICEGOALS,RESOL VINGSERVICEERRORS,MANAGINGCONTRACTORDRAW,ANDINSURINGCUSTOMER SATISFACTION. MUSTBEABLETOWORK EARLYMORNINGHOURS, WEEKENDSANDHOLIDAYSIN ANOFFICE/WAREHOUSE ENVIRONMENTANDOUTDOORS INVARIOUSTEMPERATURES ANDWEATHERCONDITIONS. REQUIRESVALIDFLORIDA DRIVER'SLICENSEAND INSURANCE. MUSTHAVE RELIABLETRANSPORTATIONTO PERFORMDAILYJOB RESPONSIBILITIES. OPPORTUNITIESAVAILABLEINCHARLOTTE/PUNTAGORDA ANDNORTHPORT/ ENGLEWOOD. 25-30/HOURS WEEKSTARTINGPAY$11/HOUR, PHONE ALLOWANCE, MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT. APPLYAT23170 HARBORVIEWROADPORTCHARLOTTE, FL 33980. THEVENICEGONDOLIERSUN ISNOWTAKINGAPPLICATIONS FORCARRIERSINVENICEAND SURROUNDINGAREAS. MUST HAVEDEPENDABLEVEHICLE, A VALIDFLORIDADRIVERSLICENSEANDPROOFOFINSUR-ANCE. APPLYINPERSON: 200 E. VENICEAVE. VENICE, FL 34285 NOPHONECALLSPLEASE. CARRIERSNEEDED SALES2070 RV SALES PRO.80KPLUS, BESTNAMEBRANDSIN THEINDUSTRY. EXP. PRE-FERREDBUTWILLTRAINRIGHT PERSON. DFW NON-SMOKER. CALLSTEVEERDMANAT(941) 966-2182 ORFAX(941) 966-7421. OR JOBS@RVWORLDINC.COM HH SALES INSIDE HH We're In-Season YEAR ROUND! Things Slow Down When Snow Birds Aren't Around NOT US! Excellent Workplace! Guar. vs. Generous Comm. 941-625-8800 x907 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", GENERAL2100 INSTALLER, FT Must Have Basic Tool Skills, Construction Exp. A Plus, Clean DL 941-475-7699 Englewood. SECURITY OFFICERSPORT CHARLOTTE & PUNTA GORDA AREATraining Provided APPLY ONLINE SEARCHLOCATION: PORTCHARLOTTE, FL Or Visit Our Office At: 5969 Cattleridge Blvd., Ste. 201 Sarasota, FL 34232EOE/AA-MINORITY/FEMALE DISABLED/VETERAN-DFWP DELIVERY DRIVERS/ HELPERS Baers Furniture, The Leader In The Finest Premier Furniture Show Case, With Several Locations Throughout Florida, Currently Seeks Top Notch Quality Delivery Drivers To Enhance Our Customer Service Team. We Are Looking For Expd Teams That Can Continue Our Long Standing Pride Of Commitment To Customer Needs & Pleasant Delivery Experience. If You Possess The Honesty, Commitment & Professionalism To Succeed, Then Please Apply! A Clean Drivers Record & Background A Must! E-mail: OR EOE/DFWP SALES2070 INTERIOR DESIGNERPORTCHARLOTTE, FL STOREJoin Baers Furniture, The Leading Premier Retail Furniture Store In Florida! Interior Designer Must Be Experienced In Retail Furniture, Window Treatments & Flooring. Nights & Weekends Will Be Required. We Offer Competitive Compensation, Generous Benefits. A Great Place To Work! APPLY IN PERSON: Baers Furniture, 4200 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952, E-mail: EOE/DFWP FURNITURE SALESPORTCHARLOTTE, FL STOREJoin Baers Furniture, The Leading Premier Retail Furniture Store In FL! Some Prior Sales Exp. Needed. (Furniture Sales Exp. A Definite Plus!) We Seek Energetic, Driven Individuals Who Want To Make Money! Excellent Compensation, Generous Benefits & A Pleasant Working Environment. F/T Position. Nights & Weekends Req. APPLY IN PERSON: Baers Furniture 4200 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33952 EOE/DFWP !""#$'&(% SALES & MARKETING ASSISTANT Entry Level Marketing/ Entry Level Advertising We are America's Best Community Daily newspaper, with the largest classified section in Florida. We are located in North Port Florida. Duties Include, but are not limited to:l Executing sales and marketing functions to company standards l Assists customers with any questions they may have in regards to our products l Gains knowledge on all new clients the company acquires l Ensure highest level of customer service resulting in increased productivity and achieving sales goals l Knowledge of our systems follow through of advertising copyGrowth opportunities may be available for those who qualify.This position is entry level, previous experience in sales and marketing helpful. We look for candidates with the following:l Some college or degree preferred l Outstanding interpersonal skills l Student Mentality l Leadership Experience l Experience in retail, sales, advertising & marketing l Ability to work in a high energy environment Please email resume to: Sun Classifieds attention: Geri Kotz EOE, DFWP Pre-employment drug & nicotine testing required. LwmfLcliify F, F. Int D,:qn,oriy Fa r a DP_gnLOOKLoll,----------------------------T>-,-' p i -Z

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r\b b\002r\001nfftt fn \016\t\006 ARTS AND CRAFTS6025 CUDDLEBUG New accessories $150 941-613-1631 PAINTING 24 Framed Rooster by BJ Sleeper $50 941-743-2656 DOLLS6027 ELVIS DOLL Porcelain Elvis/Rockwells Ladies Rockwell $100 941-457-0933 FAYZA SPANOS Still In Box 3 for $475 941-769-2389 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 A/C EVERSTAR PORT. WORKS PERFECT $175 941429-1130 AIR MATTRESS NEW queen. $10 941-456-1100 AIRPURIFIER, whole house, Portable, 110V, Filter $50 941-629-2699 BARBIE DOLL Winter Velvet, coll. new in box $20 941-8300524 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BEVERAGE COOLER 1/2 gal. Igloo, soup thermos $5 941-276-1881 BIRDHOUSE white w/ sunflowers, green roof (wood) $12 941-276-1881 B O O T S H A R L E Y 7.5Men/8.5Lady 9H 160orig LN $20 941-697-0501 BOWLING BALL ebonite 16lb bag mens 10 shoe $15 941697-0501 BUFFETHOT TRAYS 3 elec, 7x25/10x16/14x25 all $15 941-830-0524 CARPET CLEANER bissell green MACH. Turbobrush Cleaner $25 941-456-5059 CAST IRON OVAL Calphalon 8 Quart/cover $75 941-979-5894 CHAIRS (4) bamboo sm new grn upholstr ea $10 941-6970501 DECORATIVE PARROT White perch/2 chain,colorful $18 941-276-1881 DRINK GLASSES Magic Bullet. Set of 4, new. $15 941697-6592 GARBAGE DISPOSAL BADGER 1/2 hp. $10 941-6973160 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week 6000 MERCHANDISE NORTH PORT GARAGE SALES6005 FRI.-SUN. 9-1 2118 Penguin Lane. WHOLEHOUSE CONTENTS. Everything MUST GO! 941-416-8534 SAT 8-2 SUN 9-12 3896 RAGEN ST. MOVING SALE. EVERYTHING MUST GO! PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 Antiquer/Decorator Downsizing! SAT. & SUN 9am-5pm, 115 Rio De Paz (off Harborview) Call 941-883-1734 For Information PUNTAGORDA GARAGE SALES6007 SAT-SUN 8AM-3PM 408 Gold Tree. HUGE ESTATE SALE! Antiques, Jewelry, Collect., Toys, Linens, SAT. 8-2 1226 Edmund St Ladies 1x tops Men XL, household, tools, furniture die cast, and more. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6011 BIGGARAGE SALE Sat 9/6 & Sun 9/7 8a-12p 1723 FountainView Cir. Furniture, Household, Collectibles & much more. )$%(!,%(*".' !/%-*("".#.%&"+ ARTS AND CRAFTS6025 COUCH & LOVESEAT Good condition. $200 each OR $350 for both. 941-480-1644 ROOFING5185 PAUL DEAO ROOFING PROTECTINGYOURBIGGESTINVESTMENT. 22 YRSEXP. 941-441-8943 LIC#1329187 WINDOWREPAIR5226 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 SLIDING GLASS DOORREPAIRSWheels Tracks. Locks Free Estimates Lic/Ins. Bob @ 941-706-6445SLIDINGDOORSANDMORE COM 6000 MERCHANDISE GARAGE SALES 6001Arcadia 6002Englewood 6003Lake Suzy 6004Nokomis 6005North Port 6006Port Charlotte Deep Creek 6007Punta Gorda 6008Rotonda 6009Sarasota 6010South Venice 6011Venice 6012 Out Of Area 6015Flea Market 6020Auctions MERCHANDISE 6013 Moving Sales 6025Arts & Crafts 6027Dolls 6030Household Goods6035 Furniture 6038 Electronics 6040TV/Stereo/Radio6060Computer Equip6065Clothing/Jewelry/ Accessories6070Antiques & Collectibles 6075Fruits/Veges 6090Musical 6095Medical 6100Health/Beauty 6110 Trees & Plants 6120Baby Items6125Golf Accessories6128Exercise/Fitness6130Sporting Goods 6131 Firearms6132 Firearm Access. 6135Bikes/Trikes 6138Toys 6140Photography/Video 6145Pool/ Spa & Supplies6160Lawn & Garden6165Storage Sheds/ Buildings6170Building Supplies6180Heavy Constr. Equipment 6190Tools/Machinery6220Office/Business Equip & Supplies6225Restaurant Supplies 6250Appliances 6260Misc. Merchandise 6270Wanted to Buy/T rade ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify FRESHCUTLAWN N MORE FRESH CUT LAWNS STARTING AT $25! 941-661-1850Free Estimates Call Frank #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* ISLAND BREEZE LAWN SERVICE Residential & Commer cial 14 years experience Owner operated. Lic& Ins.Venice & surrounding areas. For free estimate call Keith 941-445-2982 J RIZTREESERVICES Specializing in Dangerous Tree Removal. Complete Tree & Palm Service. Servicing all Charlotte & Sarasota Counties FREEESTIMATES 941-306-7532 Lic & Ins LBS TOTALLAWN& LANDSCAPING SVCS Lawn Care Mulching Pruning Hedges & Trees Pressure Washing & More! **I will beat your current lawn svc by 10%!!** Serving Nokomis, Osprey, Venice & Englewood 941-302-2244 Lic/Ins TOMMYS TREE & PROPERTY SERVICE Honest & Reliable*Trim & remove *Complete lawn care. Lic/ins. (941)-809-9035 MOVING/HAULING5130 us DIT no. 1915800941-359-1904 PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING5140 BESTPRICES-QUALITYJOBBest Coast Painting Residential/Commercial Handyman services also! 10% Off With Ad! 941-815-8184 AAA00101254 STEVENS CUSTOMPAINTING Res/Comm. Int/Ext FREE EST. Lic. & Ins. 941-255-3834 PRESSURE CLEANING5180 BAILEYS PRESSURE CLEANINGTile roof Cleanings starting at @$150. Call 941-497-1736 SCREENING5184 GULF COAST RESCREEN LIC& INSUREDFAMILYOWNED& OPERATEDSPECIALIZINGINRESCREENING,BUILDINGANDREPAIRING. SCREWCHANGEOUTS PRESSUREWASHING& PAINT-INGPOOLCAGES, LANAIS,FRONTENTRYWAYSETC... 941-536-7529 FREEESTIMATES COMPUTERSERVICE5053 COMPUTER TUTOR (Your home or mine) ONLY $25.00 an hour! Please call Steve at: 941-445-4285 1A+ COMPUTER REPAIR, TUTOR IN YOUR HOME Reasonable & Prompt! Sr. Disc. Ask for Stacy 941-451-3186 CONTRACTORS5054 Edward Ross Construction Services, Inc. 941-408-8500 pool cages, Scr lanais, etc... CONCRETE5057 PRO PATH CONCRETEl l Driveways l l Patios l l Sidewalks l l PadsResurfacing Options AvailableFree Estimates 941-286-6415 Lic #AAA-11-00081 RICH LANDERS STUCCO, INC. Honest, Reliable work! LIC/INS New Const & Remodels. Rusted bands & wire lathe repair. spraycrete & dry-wall repair (941)-497-4553 CLEANING SERVICES5060 Danae Chiarells Cleaning Service Honest & dependable Great Summer Rates Residential Commercial Seasonal Rentals Weekly -Bi-weekly Monthly941-587-6844 HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT5100 BOBS CABINET SOLUTIONS 35 yrs exp. All your cabinet/counter top needs. (941)-276-0599 Lic22535 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 CARPENTER, INC. Handyman Rotten wood, doors, soffit, facia, etc. Phil 941-626-9021lic. & ins. TILE remodel, baths, floors. your tile or mine. (941)-6255186,628-0442Lic.#AAA006387 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 A JAMISON TREE SERVICE Complete & Professional 15% Sr Discount! FREEEST. LIC. & INSUREDENGL941-475-6611ORN. PORT941-423-0020 SERVINGCHARLOTTEANDSARASOTAFOROVER20 YEARS.JAMISON-TREESERVICEINC.COM EXERCISE CLASSES3095 To Announce Your Class Information Call 866-463-1638 or Email; RELIGION CLASSES3096 BEGINYOURDAYIN BIBLE STUDY Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. Wednesdays 10AM-11AM. For more info 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte F AITH LUTHERAN CHURCH 4005 Palm Drive, Punta GordaVarious Days & Times CONFIRMATION/BIBLE STUDY Adult Infomational Class 941-639-6309 NEW LIFE FAMILY WORSHIP has Discipleship Develpoment Class, Building a Solid Foundation 7PM Every 2nd Friday of the Month. (941)639-1700. OTHER CLASSES3097 CONCENTRATIVE MEDITATION with Linda Weser, 4 p.m. every Monday at Unity Church of Peace, 1250 Rutledge Street, off Veterans Boulevard between Orlando Boulevard and Torrington Street, Port Charlotte/North Port line. Free; open to the public. 941-276-0124 4000FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES4010 JANITORIAL BUSINESS FOR SALE, Grossing $48K/Year, $16,750. Equipment and Supplies Included. Will Train. 239-826-2779 5000 BUSINESS SERVICES AN OCCUPATIONAL LIC. may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify. CHILD CARE5051 ALL CHILDCARE FACILITIES MUST INCLUDE, WITH ADVERTISEMENT, STATE OR LOCAL AGENCY LICENSE NUMBER. 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+FLORIDA STATE LAW requires all child care centers and day care businesses to register with the State of Florida. The Sun Newspapers will not knowingly accept advertising which is in violation of the law O I IN TlilCLASSIFIEDYOU, CAN.....0 0 O w Find a PetFind a CarFind a JobFind Garage Sales1 Find A New EmployeeSell Your HomeSell Your UnwantedMerchandise11YpJJ Advertise YourYoor home' beer friendBusiness or ServiceTWO MENAND A Classified -TRUCK it's the reliable'Movers Who Care source for theright resultsLOMWOEl rWE

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r\r\b\006 nt\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt f\b ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 CIVIL WAR NEWSPAPERS, 85 issues. Great Gift Your choice $20/ea 941-488-8531 All war NewsVenice*** COKE BOTTLES vintage some full $3 941-426-4151 COMIC BOOKS Vintage 1970s and up ea $1 941-4741776 DELFT BLUE vintage 5 pieces all for $25 941-426-4151 DINING TABLE DuncanPhyfe Dropleaf Table $350 941-7430605 ELVIS TEDDY BEARS HAVE 4 ALL FOR $75 941-627-6780 GRANDFATHER CLOCK 7ft, Lord Elgin colonial $275 941764-8330 JEFF GORDON New Flag/car/card set $30 941-426-4151 LIONEL TRAIN CAR work caboose, exc. more $25 941-735-1452 LIONEL TRAIN Switchtracks, other stuff also $20 941-735-1452 NEWSPAPER 100 yr. old. London Times. TITANTICGreat gift. $25 941-488-8531 NFL PROGRAM 1962 Steelers at NY Giants $55 941-735-1452 PATIO SET Wrought Iron 8 piece set $100 941-4239888 PEWTER VINTAGE 7 pcs all for $35 941-426-4151 PLAYBOY MAGAZINES OVER 350 ISSUES $100 941-3801157 POSTAGE USMINT SETS 1974-79,80 Olympic $32 941-764-7971 PRECIOUS MOMENTS MINIATURES nativity scene $40 941-497-7230 RADIO 1920S GE Wood Console 40 high $150 941-445-5619 RADIO CONTROL BOAT Kyosho Jet Arrow +Xtras $95 941-493-3851 RECORD ALBUMS Vintage vinyl 33s $5 ea 941-426-4151 ROCKER & STOOL STAINED NATURAL WOOD $20 941-286-1170 STAR-TREK VHS TAPES 39 Orig. Mostly sealed $40 941-423-2585 TAPA CLOTH from Fiji framed/glass 42X42 $150 941-585-8149 THUNDERBIRDS AIRPLANE PICTURE 16by20 $25 941-423-2585 VINTAGE CARVED african masks from estate $40 941497-7230 WASH BOWLSET wash bowl set 6pcs flo blue $225 941769-2389 WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE items, all original $350 941-735-1452 MUSICAL6090 2 PA SPEAKER cabs large, 8 spks per cab $150 786-306-6335 AMP. & SPEAKERS alpine mrv-f450 & kicker spks. $150 941-697-7653 JUKE BOX AMI R88 200 PLUS RECORDS $495 941-637-1331 KEYBOARD YAMAHA 88 keys w/stand prof grt by $499 941-769-2389 ORGAN, KAWAI, has key card, 2 keyboards, many sound effect options. $400 239-222-8799 ORGAN, Lowrey adventurer fun to play & learn $150 941-697-7653 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT6060 KEYBOARD & MOUSE HP wireless, like new $20 941-426-6759 MONITOR FLATSCREEN nice 17 great color $35 941474-1776 MONITOR SONY 19LCD SDM-X95F This ite $89 773-322-8383 MONITOR, 17 Perfect cond, not a flat panel $10 941-743-2656 PRINTER Color Epson 520 with ink cartridges $25.00 941-629-2699 PRINTERS HP (2) new ink $25 941-276-0029 VIDEO-CAM-LOGITECH Has all hardware $10 941-445-5619 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 HARLEY BOOTS 9H LN 7.5M/8.5L $158orig, sell $20 941-697-0501 JEWELRY ARMOIRE Tbltop/Cherry/Mirror drs $65 941-624-0364 KANUK WINTER COAT Woman, navy blue $100 941-979-5894 LEATHER JACKET New mens size 40. $100 941-613-1631 MINKS:BLOND MINK CAPE LARGE SIZE& DARK MINK COATLARGESIZEGREATCOND. $250/EA 941-204-3734 SLACKS, BIG MANS TROPICAL Tan XXL New $15 941-876-3908 SNEAKERS NB 15-4E Style M1540W Brand new. $75 941-426-0760 SPORTS COAT big mans T by Levi Traveler $15 941-8763908 WEDDING DRESS designr 16/18 Pd450 s/s train $35 941-830-0524 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 3DOLLTEA SETS 25 pieces one price for all $20 941-4977230 ALWAYS BUYING ANTIQUES, ART, SILVER NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUES (941) 639-9338 AMER FLAG 5x9 In great shape $30 941-445-5619 ANTIQUE CERAMIC LAMP Very stylish la $89 773-3228383 ANTIQUE SINGERCABINET tiger oak /7drws $165 941258-2175 ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR FULL SIZE,1880. $250 941697-6553 Buying Pre-1965 Silver Coins T op Prices P aid! Call 941-626-7785 CABINET, Country Corner, very old $375 other great antiques. 941-421-4646 CARD SET SUPER BOWL 24 Broncos vs 49ers $25 941-426-4151 CASH PAID **any old military items, swords, medals, uniforms, old guns. Dom (941)-416-3280 FURNITURE6035 SOFA AND LOVESEAT lt print will separate $250 941-474-0010 SOFA BED Beige-cream fabric $295 941-497-9875 SOFA beige, pillows/extra cushion covers $200 941-474-0010 SOFA, LOVESEAT & Accent Chair, Print, exc condition. $300 941-347-8242 SOFAS (2) LEATHER (cat scraches) $125 941-6620606 SOFAS (2) w/pillows, 2 oak tables, 2 glass top tables, 1 table lamp, All for $295 941-629-2699 SWIVEL ROCKER Mauve, very clean $20 941-474-0010 TABLE DROPLEAF Oak -Old X-Nice $450 239-826-5941 TABLE Occasional/Round Cherry finish $55 941-624-0364 TABLES, bronze oval end tables/glass tops $90 941-629-8138 TOP TABLE rattan glass 42 rounded square $75 941-2582175 TV ARMOIRE Excellent condition $250 941-408-3415 TV CABINET Cherry, Queen Ann $60 941-421-9733 WALL UNIT 3 piece, 3 wx77h.ea 8 glass doors. $250 941-629-4153 ELECTRONICS6038 36 TV, Sony w/remote working Model Black Stripe $50 941-228-6007 BROTHER 1500D Word Processor exc cond $60 941876-3878 DELL AXIM PDA X51v with Cable/Cradle. $100 941-426-0760 DVD PLAYER New Craig, new in box $35 941-628-5293 IPOD SPEAKER MEDIA speaker New in box $30 941628-5293 TV 25 in good condition not flat screen. $25 941-7632847 TV PANASONIC 50 Flat Panel LED Like New $495 941-585-7740 TV-HD 13 Craig new in box $60 941-628-8653 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 DVD PLAYER SONY $40 401-952-4380 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT6060 BOOK CASE OAK Bookcase Doors at base $85 941-6620606 COMPUTER BAG Harley Davidson. Like new. $30 941697-6592 COMPUTER DESKTOP,, withall in one printer $85 941475-7453 COMPUTER IBM XP, mouse, keyboard, software $40 941637-9979 COMPUTER PRINTER, Scanner, Keyboard, Speakers, and Mouse all $25 941-493-8385. COMPUTER TABLE pull out keyboard $55 941-662-0606 COMPUTER WIN XP runs great + MS Office $25 941-743-2656 DESKTOP PC TOWER Win7 ready to use $100 941-639-1113 FURNITURE6035 DINING TABLE Maple 2 leaves, refinished $60 941-266-6718 DISPLAY CABINET Maple, excellent condition $499 941-266-6718 DRESSER & NIGHT STAND BLONDVery Good Cond $75 941-766-0637 END TABLE & Coffee table 2 glass/metal $125 941-6977599 END TABLES, Two Spanish Colonial both for $150 505-688-0781 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Oak, like new $200 941-426-4151 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER wood/whitewash $225 941-275-5837 EXECUTIVE DESK Chair Dark Brn Leather Hi Back $25 941-380-7090 FLORIDA CORNER cabinet Artistically redone. $225 941661-7446 FUTON LEATHER ETTE futon white Stylish comfortable $99 941-661-7446 FUTTON, Opens to full bed. Black/Beige. $100 941-875-9519 GLASS TABLE with /6/ chairs like new $375 941-629-8138 IBUYFURNITURE Or anything of value! 941-485-4964 KING BEDROOM Suite All wood. Beautiful $499.99 941-255-9152 LAMP Floor Solid Brass & Crystal $60 941-624-0364 LAMP, 36 solid brown wood, 18 tan shade $20 941-743-2656 LIFT CHAIR Electric, reclining, ex. cond. $75 941-306-8583 LIVING ROOM Set Leather reclining sofa & rocker recliner $500 941-697-7599 LOVE SEAT &Ottoman W/storage 57Wx41D $300 941-639-7766 LOVESEAT FLEXSTEEL Soft floral earth tones. Nice, $75 941-423-1647 MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 PATIO SET high table,4 chairs $150 920-629-5252 PATIO TABLE & 4 chairs with strong straps, tan $150 941740-1000 PUB TABLE W/ 4 chairs Table 54X54 open $275 239-4705013 RECLINER LAZYBOY Rocker Green GC $50 941-766-0637 RECLINERS (2) Flexsteel Wall Hugger Recliner. Dark Brown Leather. $375 Each. New $1000. 941-505-0765 ROCKER ANTIQUE Antique rocker $150 941-457-0933 ROCKER RECLINERS 2 Lazy Boy $300 941-629-1460 SEALY POSTUREPEDIC King, 3 years old $350 941-408-3415 SECTIONAL LEATHER LIKE NEW $450 941-456-1100 SEWING MACHINE Serger Elna 945 Wheeled caring case Extras $745 941-629-6129 SHELVING RACK STAND 76 tall 4 shelves $50 941-979-5894 SOFA & LOVESEAT beige, Large & Comfy. Great Shape! $150 941-627-5221 SOFA & LOVESEAT Wicker, excellent condition $450 941-474-7431 FURNITURE6035 ACCENT TABLE Fruitwood, pewter legs $50 941-286-5920 BAKER RACK white Bakers Rack $25 941-456-1100 BAR CHAIRS 2 Swivel, blond wicker, 30HX17W. Seat palm pattern. $75 ea 508-878-8228 BAR STOOLS 2 Outdoor, good condition $20 941-474-7431 BATHROOM STORAGE CABINET Towel & Misc. $45 941-423-7795 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BED QUEEN, complete, Pad, Blanket, 2 sets of sheets, skirt, quilt & pillows. $190, OBO 941-423-0018 BEDROOM SET 4 pc. Queen $250 941-697-7599 BEDROOM SET brand new king moving $500 330-3979997 BEDROOM SET Formica 4 pieces sacrifice $455 941496-9252 BEDROOMSET king moving must sell asap $500 330397-9997 BEDROOM SET Queen bed & dresser $150 941-697-7599 CEILING FAN w/light Multi speeds H/U $43 941-639-7766 CHAIR ROCKER glider cherry finish ecru pads $75 941716-2226 CHAIR WING chair wood fabric print $75 941-716-2226 CHAIRS DINETTE 4 sm rattan new green uphol $35 941697-0501 CHAIRS WICKER (2) matched nice,arms $15 786-306-6335 CHINA BUFFET Cherry, good condition. Moving $350 941-421-9733 COFFEE AND END-TABLE Has scratches $50 941-408-3415 COFFEE TABLE, Spanish Colonial exc. cond $150 505-688-0781 COMPUTER DESK Armoire santiago $475 941-629-8138 COUCH BURGUNDY & Chair Leather $499 941-629-7353 COUCH FAUX RATTAN/FABRIC LIKE NEW $399 941-275-5837 COUCH FLORAL SEATS 3 COMFORTABLY $225 941-275-5837 CREDENZA, Wood, three drawers. 4ftx3ft. $125 941-875-9519 DESK Large Oak Roll Top. Computer $450 941-505-6290 DESK MAHOGANY file draw keybrd tray $85 941-2582175 DINETTE SET & bar stools White rattan & 2 shelving units $250 941-697-7599 DINETTE SET brand new $125 330-397-9997 DINETTE SET rattan,table 4 chairs on wheels $100 941575-6217 DINING ROOM HUTCH Oak, Excellant condition $175 941-681-2727 DINING SET 48 4 chairs wrought iron exc cond $250 941-894-4115 DINING SET 48X30 TABLE/6 CHAIRS $299 941-275-5837 DINING SET 6 pcs $250 941-456-1100 DINING SET from Pier One, Simon X table base 42 round glass top w/ 4 black leather chairs. $225, OBO 941-4888773 DINING TABLE glass table w/ 4 parson chairs $350 941662-0606 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 BLENDER master white and clear $10 941-697-6553 GRILL GF Large Patio Elec Grill $60 941-888-5174 JEWELRY BOX Small, floor model, walnut. $15 941-8763908 LAMP Adj FL Brass (gold) $60 941-888-5174 LAMP SM FLOOR Black $60 941-888-5174 LAMPS MILK CAN brass lamps ceramic $20 941-2666718 MASON JARS (7) 12 oz. & (1) 24 oz. New $10 941-661-7434 MATTRESS, QUEEN & BOX. Brand New Will Sell $175. Also Have KING. 941-629-5550 MIRROR Wall Mirror 33x47 $95 941-888-5174 MOVING: roll top desk $40. Dining room table & chairs $150. Leatherette chair $30. Lamps $5-$25. 42 TV $125, assorted other furiture & glassware. PC 941-258-0994. ORIENTAL PICS Coord vases, decos 8 pcs ea $10 941-830-0524 PAN SET 3 full size chaffing each $40 941-232-6296 SEWING MACHINE 1950s White cab zigzag $175 941-743-2656 SEWING/EMBR. MACHINE, Brother 6000D Exc. cond. $4,200 941-629-6129 SHAVER NEW Vivitar Rotary Three $20 941-628-5293 SHAVER VIVITAR FoilDuo in box $15 941-628-5293 SHOWER ROD Curved for more room $20 941-6288653 SHREDDER KITCHEN Aid attachment complete $30 941-697-6592 SOUP TUREEN 4pc lg cream ceramic bamboo $15 941830-0524 STEPSTOOL Childs. Blue Rubbermaid, as new $5 941-276-1881 STORAGE CARTS 4 carts avail w/3 draws each $13 941-639-1148 SWEEPER EUREKA BOSS Good condition. $15 941876-3908 TABLE LINENS white 90 round$5 each $5 941-2326296 TELESCOPE NEVER used 50x/100x & tripod $20 941628-8653 TWIN TOWERS PICTURE LIGHTED $75 941-467-2534 VACCUM KENMORE Progressive Upright $20 941-426-0760 WATER COOLER Whirlpool hot & cold. $45 941-8763908 WE NEEDDONATIONSDONATE YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS.TOST. FRANCSISANIMALRESCUETAXDEDUCTIBLE. 941-716-3803 HOLIDAYITEMS6031 DECORATIONS halloween/ christmas $150 041-6246617 TURKEY ROASTER On counter. Works great $10 941-423-7795 XMAS TREE with white lights 7 1/2 FT $125 941-979-5894 J YLowe

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r\t b\002r\001nfftt fn \016\b\006 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 WELDER MILLER ARC Thunderbolt gd cnd,lv ms $220 941-493-0674 WINCH, COMEALONG Lugall 1500# $90 941-460-8743 WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT: Table Saw $700, 2 Shapers $500 ea, Drill Press $100, Mortising Machine $500, Sander $150, Sm. Planner $50, Shop Vac $150 941-743-4225 OFFICE/BUSINESS EQUIP./SUPLIES6220 DESK CHAIR Blk Adj chair on rollers w/arms. $20 941-380-7090 FILE CABINET Gray 4-drawer, lockable. $50 941-286-5920 FILE CABINET tall gray good condition $30 770-546-2131 OFFICE OUTFITTERSPre-owned & new office furniture. VENICE 941-485-7015 PRINTER HP LASERJET print/fax/copy/scan new ink cart. $30 941-456-5059 SAFE BRINKS HOME MODEL ESD-104 $50 941-697-8359 RESTAURANT SUPPLIES6225 RANGE AMERICAN Fryolator, $450 941-456-1100 BIRDS6231 EXOTICBIRDEXPO Sunday Sept 14, 2014, 9AM 4PM, No Pet birds, $5 admission, up to 12th Grade Free. Charlotte County Fairgrounds For info 941-456-2648 CATS6232 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. DOGS6233 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. Miniature Schnauzer 2m/2f Reg, 2 black/silver, 2 salt/pepper,1yr guar 904-955-4525 LIVESTOCK6235 HORSE BOARD North Port. Nice Place. Great Care. $250 941-426-8361 or 467-0725 LAWN & GARDEN6160 PUSH BROOM large bristles heavy duty $5 941-585-8149 SEED SPREADER SCOTTS Broadcast type, LIKE NEW $20 941-268-8951 TEA CART/TABLE wrought iron leaf pattern $30 941-286-1170 TOP SOIL For Sale! Please call: 941-468-4372 WEED TRIMMER BOLENS PLUS PARTS $50 941-8280226 STORAGE SHEDS/ BUILDINGS6165 WEATHER KINGPORTABLE BUILDINGS Purchase or Rent To Own!Free Delivery & Set Up. Ask Your Dealer, Mattas Motors About Options 941-916-9222 BUILDING SUPPLIES6170 BASE, DOORMOULDING Primed 8ft lengths $5 941426-8353 CHANDELIER 5 LITE brown almost new nice $45 941-460-8743 CHANDELIER 8 LITE cut glass dome, Brass $45 942460-8743 ELECTRIC PANEL New w/many breakers. $100 954-583-0738 FENCE POSTS 3-4 PT $2 863-993-5036 SINK NEW s/s double undercounter sink. $40 954-583-0738 TELEPHONE POLES 16 $40 863-993-5036 WOOD BEAMS 8x12x24 $500 863-993-5036 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 BENCH SANDING MACHINE SEARS 1/4 HP $30 941-3801157 BENCH VISE 3 jaw, swivel, Wilton $20 941-697-1585 BENCH VISE 4 Jaw 6openMonster $50 941-697-1585 BOTTLE JACK Hydraulic 20 TONSHORTY model $17 941697-0794 CABLE NAILS Porter Galv. finish, 16 ga 5 bx $40 941-697-1585 DRYWALL GUN Hilti. Used. Runs fine $35 941-426-4151 HAMMERS BALL pein Craftsman 32 + 12 oz. $10 941-585-8149 HOLE SAW Klein 6 3/8 for recessed lights $20 941-585-8149 LADDER WERNER 16 Ft Alum. extension ladder $55 443-309-7833 LADDER WERNER 6 Ft. Fiberglass Step Ladder $45 443309-7833 LEVEL LASER Robo Vector self leveling $50 401-9524380 PAINT SPRAYER GRACO AIRLESS LTS17 $200 517-281-2584 SAFE COMBINATION OLD heavy Sears 18x13x10 $50 941-475-9689 SCRAPER floor, til E LONG, MED.SMALL $25 941-6276780 TABLE SAW 10-3hp. $150 941-697-1585 BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 BIKE 26 girls Ross 3sp $30 941-456-5059 BIKE, 24 Mongoose Off Rd, New $179 Like New $85 941-662-0606 BIKES ADULT/TEEN great selection of great bikes $45 941-474-1776 TOYS/GAMES6138 MOUNTAIN CLIMBER little tikes with slide $125 941429-8507 POOL/SPA/ & SUPPLIES6145 HOT TUB MANUFACTURERSELLING@ WHOLESALE PRICING TOPUBLIC. $AVE $$ 941-421-0395 **SPAS & MORE** HUGEINVENTORYBOTH NEWANDUSED!WE TAKETRADINS ANDALSO 941-625-6600 SOLAR POOL HEATER 8 panels, no leaks, extra pvc $400, OBO 941-979-5436 LAWN & GARDEN6160 BLOWER STIHL BR350RETLIKE NEW $210 941-6978359 BLOWER SUPER TORO r Vac 100 ft cord included $45 941266-6718 CRAFTSMAN HEDGE trimmer 100 ft cord included $50 941-266-6718 Cuddle up by the fire! Firewood Split, Bundled and ready for the firepit! Pine, Oak, or Citrus, 941-468-4372 DECORATIVE YARD LIGHT 6 ft.antique style $275 941-735-1452 EDGER ARIENS SP170RETLIKE NEW $275 941-6978359 GARDEN CART Large vermont, holds a lot $50 770546-2131 LAWN MOWER/MULCH SNAPPER Self-Propelled 5HP $75 941-575-7093 LIFT 4 MOWER EZ LIKE NEW RET $200 $95 941-697-8359 LINE TRIMMER/POLE PRUNER, Ryobi Expandit $120 941-485-0681 LINE TRIMMER/STICK EDGER, Toro Expandit $120 941-485-0681 MANDEVILLE PRETTY Red 2 gallon $15 941-628-8653 MOWER 42 Toro TimeCutter SS4235 2013 purchased new in 2014 $1,600 941-496-4159 PAVERS, 50-12x12 Pavers $20/All 941-483-1956 PRESSURE WASHER, Karcher Elec. 1650psi $50 941-485-0681 PRESSUREWASHER, Troy 6.75hp 2550psi $220 941-485-0681 RIDING LAWNMOWER Craftsman, 15.5HP, 42 Cutting Width, Excellent Cond. $350 OBO **SOLD 1 DAY** SAW BOW PRUNING 21Saw Works great $6 941-697-0794 EXERCISE/ FITNESS6128 EXERCISE BIKE RECUMBANT w/Electron, Nordic $110 941268-8951 ORBITREK EXERCISE BIKE Good condition $60 941-421-9733 RUNNING SHOES NB M1540W-15 4E Brand New $75 941-426-0760 TREADMILL Pro-Form 320x with Incline $250 941-575-7093 SPORTINGGOODS6130 8 AVONDINGHY Inflatable dinghy vintage with oars $225 941-704-7048 8 AVONDINGHY inflatable W OARS, gd cond, check web for photo $225 941-204-4196 CHAIRS BOAT CHAIRS Pair of Boat Deck And Alum $85 443-309-7933 DIVERS VEST Aeris Mdl Atomis Sport, Mens Lg, $100 941-979-5258 DIVERS VEST Zeagles mdl Escape, Mens XL $200 941-979-5258 FIREWOOD No camping trip is complete without it! Pine, Oak, or Citrus Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! 941-468-4372 GOLFSHOES MENS NIKE New White saddle 12N $35 941-637-1263 INFLATE CAR top rack kayak, boat, ladders etc $65 941460-8743 TUBE BLASTER BOAT 52 round. Ex cond. $35 941-6978598 UNDERWATER FISHLIGHT w/ Brand New Bulb! Like New! $225. 941-258-5221 WATER SKIES SLOLAM HO Sports, fiberglas gc $85 941460-8743 FIREARMS6131 BERSA 380 $275 Walther PPK 380 400. 941-473-8524 MARLIN MODEL 60 .22 cal. semi-auto w/scope. Exc cond. 60s era $195 firm 941-214-8227 RUGER P90 .45 CAL, 5 MAGS.,100RNDS. HOLSTER $450 FIRM (239) 222-2394 SPRINGFIELD 1911 45CAL. SS, VG COND.$625. TAURUS PUBLIC DEFENDER 410 45 CALMINTCOND. $525. CWP Req. (941)492-4503 SPRINGFIELD .45 CAL Armory Tactical 5, Like new in case. $475 (941)-888-5923 SPRINGFIELD 1911, A1 9mm, Never Fired, New. $850. Cash. (269)-223-1213 BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 BICYCLE 1970S Falcon Special. $295 941-423-9888 B I C Y C L E 2 6 Ladies,gears,manual,helmet. $120 941-876-3292 BIKE ADULT good looking / great riding bikes $65 941474-1776 BIKE HIS&HER Beach Cruisers good cond $100 941474-0109 BIKE KIDS nice selection of bikes for the kids $20 941474-1776 BIKE MT. CANNONDALE 16 blue w extras $300 941447-4283 TREES & PLANTS6110 H SATURDAY H CLEARANCE SALEHHHHHHHHHH VIBURNUM GREATFORPRIVACYHEDGE3GAL, PALMS: FOXTAIL, SYLVESTERPIGMY& MORE.**GREAT PRICES***SUISNUSURY941-488-7291 PAPAYA PLANTS, 1 gallon pot Papaya Plants 1 gal $4 941-697-0794 PEACH HIBISCUS Double Peach Flowers $8 941-2049100 PINEAPPLE PLANTS really nice healthy $10 770-5462131 PLANT Lg, Bushy, green spider w/many runners $10 941-276-1881 PLANT SALE potted $10 941-697-3160 PONYTAIL BONSAI palm Potted $6 941-628-5293 RED CANA LILYS PLANTS EACH $1 941-740-1000 SHRUB BUSH Snow Cap Burgundy Full Growing $20 941204-9100 SPIDER PLANT hanging basket spider, pepperomia, pathos $8 941-258-2016 THYRSIFLORA KALANCHOE Thyrsiflora $15 941-2049100 BABYITEMS6120 BABY BOUNCER Fisher Price Rainforest $35 941-429-8507 BATHTUB FISHER-PRICE drain pug, attached toy $8 941-764-7971 BOUNCER FISHER-PRICE Rainforest Model K2564 $32 941-764-7971 STROLLER INSTEP Jogging stroller great condition. $50 941-697-6112 SWING BABY TAKE-ALONG Fisher-Price NB to 25lbs $38 941-764-7971 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 2010 CLUB CAR PRECEDENT FACTORY RECONDITIONED New Batteries. White. Golf Course Ready! As New. $3,500 941-716-6792 PLEASE NO TEXT 2011 CLUB CAR PRECEDENT FACTORY RECONDITIONED 4 Seats, Lights. New Batteries (Aug 2014) New Condition $ 3,995 941-716-6792 PLEASE NO TEXT DRIVER W/HEAD COVER taylor made R580xd $50 941429-8507 GOLF CART, EZ Go Gas Power, Perfect Cond. Adult Owned $4,500 941-232-5452 GOLF SHOES NEW Nike Mens White Saddle 12N $35 941-637-1263 GOLF SHOES SMALL BLACK LOAFER, NIKE, $12 941-627-6780 MIZUNO MP69 blade irons reg x cond $400 941-3910042 MUSICAL6090 PIANO old WINTER MUSETTE/bench & books $200 941-380-1157 PIANO, Small Upright Kimball, Very Good Condition $550 Firm 941-639-6236 MEDICAL6095 BATHTUB & SHOWER GRAB B ARS INSTALLED Dont W ait to F all to Call! Free In-Home Evaluation 22 Years ExperienceCALL JIMS BATHROOM GRAB BARS,LLC 941-626-4296 BEDSIDE COMMODE Like NEW $20 941-268-8951 ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR HEART WAY $500 941-2047661 LIFT CHAIR 1 1/2 yrs, Brown Fabric, VERY Nice $325 941268-8951 POWER WHEELCHAIR by Jazzy good cond., with rear basket and two new batteries $475 941-697-9260 PROTECTIVE UNDERWEAR md, lg differant varieties $5 941-786-1929 RECLINER ELECTRIC MEDICAL LIFT CHAIR Great Cond! $475. 941-639-4340 TRANSFER BENCH Bathtub/Shower Bench $40 941743-0605 TRANSFER BENCH for Shower or Tub, NICE $40 941-2688951 WALKER 4-WHEEL w. Seat & Storage $70 941-766-0637 WHEEL CHAIR Adult w. foot rest Very Good Condition $110 941-766-0637 WHEELCHAIR ELECTRIC SHOPRIDER JIMMIE $499 941-275-5837 WHEELCHAIR never used, heavy duty $75 941-5750954 WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORT Good Condition $65 941-7430605 TREES & PLANTS6110 BAMBOO WELLROOTED 3 gal $25 941-697-7375 CORAL PLANT Small tree, lush tropical foliage $7 941258-2016 DESERTROSES Large Flowering Desert Rose $35 941204-9100 DWARF POINCIANA 4 High. Yellow & Orange Flowers. $18 941-830-8487 HAWAIIAN TIPLANT Unique Purple Leaves $15 941-204-9100 HELICONIA OR PAGODA lush tropicals in 3 gal pot $7 941258-2016 MAHOGANY 4 High. 25 Available. $10. Each. 941-830-8487 MILKWEED MONARCH Pbutterfly host plant 3 gal pot $6 941-258-2016 ORCHID TREE or GOLDEN RAIN tree 3-4 ft $8 941-2582016 PALM TREE Beautiful Canary Date. $30 941-493-3623 PALM TREE Small Canary Date in pot. $8 941-493-3623 Lmm**r----iI II II II IL...-.-.-.Jk-Loa,LWILaw,' Vri mpn czfa i I

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PAGE 111

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PAGE 112

f\005 b\002r\001nfftt nt r\r\b\006 4I1<00.11<<484: 3H<0>1<<484: 3H<0>1<<484: I@84/<1 4 H<@>93-<1 %"!S!!! 23/<4/8@7 >.0/36<10,8/9+3.1;.77>3731@=# X(%Z()XZY%%! ;D=B39478?9:B7>:@$+??4;'+.4;7%5%71%.;375:+)%81)/+*!.*/%%+ ,-"%#(*,$$,&0.') ;.42+'23"=+'%(23\\\_$*_!!!$" 32(%'+= R R 32'+24.; r r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
PAGE 113

\016\t\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt r\005 HONDA7160 2006 HONDA ACCORD 92,648 mi, $8,995 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 HONDA ODYSSEY 118,903 mi, $10,997 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 HONDA ACCORD 69,503 mi, $14,575 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 HONDA ACCORD 89,459 mi, $11,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 101,001 mi, $13,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 35,630 mi, $13,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 48,068 mi, $15,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY 97,384 mi, $11,785 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY 97,384 mi, $11,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 HONDA ACCORD 35,171 mi, $15,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 HONDA ACCORD EXL V6 COUPE 55K $15,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 HONDA CIVIC 53,561 mi, $12,530 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 77,925 mi, $12,457 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 84,755 mi, $10,754 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CR-V 84,834 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 41,424 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 80,065 mi, $13,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA CIVIC 8,582 mi, $13,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA INSIGHT 4DR LX 52,008 mi, $12,775 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 13,230 mi, $16,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LX 22,351 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LXP 29,068 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD EXL COUPE V6 22K $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 HONDA CIVIC 16,418 mi, $16,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 17,125 mi, $16,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 25,320 mi, $15,295 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 27,778 mi, $15,474 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC CERT,. 27,323 mi, $13,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CR-V 25,312 mi, $16,887 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CR-V EX LEATHER 29K $22,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 HONDA CIVIC 20,190 mi, $15,423 855-481-2060 Dlr HYUNDAI7163 2007 HYUNDAI SANTAFE 98,845 mi, $9,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 44,975 mi, $12,478 855-481-2060 Dlr LINCOLN7090 2005 TOWNCAR SIG., 21k, Showroom Cond., Lded, Performance White/Dove Leather, New Michelins 7/21/14, Sen. Owned, Carfax Cert., Garaged $14,950 941-249-1664 PONTIAC7130 2009 PONTIAC G6 48k, One Local Owner $11,295 941-916-9222 Dlr. SATURN7135 2008 SATURN AURA 4 Cyl., Auto, Extra Clean! $8295 941-916-9222 Dlr. PROPOWERAUTOSALES4140 Whidden Blvd Port Charlotte, 33980 98 SW2 Wagon $2,400 00 SL2 Sedan $2,750 98 SL2 Sedan $2,995 03 Vue SUV $3,899 04 Vue SUV $4,200 04 Vue SUV, AWD $4,599 06 Vue 4 cyl $4,799 06 Vue 4cyl $5,899 06 Vue 4 cyl $6,995 09 Vue XR leather $10,800 Used Saturn Parts & Service941-627-8822 USED CAR DEALERS7137 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222Buy Here Pay Here WE FINANCE EVERYONE MUSTHAVEINCOME& DOWNPAYMENT941-473-2277www ACURA7145 2010 ACURA TL 42K MILES $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR AUDI7147 2008 AUDI TT COUPE 3.2 QUATTRO 75K, $21,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 AUDI A4 2.0T PREM. 48K MILES $18,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 AUDI A5 CONVERTIBLE 27K MILES $36,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 AUDI Q7 PREST. NAV. 17K, $54,990 855-280-4707 DLR BMW7148 2011 BMW 328IC CONV. 35K $30,990 855-280-4707 DLR HONDA7160 2004 HONDA CR-V 81,983 mi, $11,457 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 HONDA CR-V 88,458 mi, $11,987 855-481-2060 Dlr DODGE7060 2010 CHYSLER 300C 70,942 mi, $11,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2013 DODGE CHALLENGERSRT8 7,002 MI $29,990 855-280-4707 DLR FORD7070 2008 FORD FUSION SE $10,695 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2010 FORD MUSTANG 64,058 mi, $15,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 55K $15,990 855-280-4707 DLR *LABOR DAY SPECIALS* NODEALERFEES& WARRANTY W/ EVERYPURCHASE!11 Ford Fiesta 34k $9888 12 Fiat 500 31k $10988 10 Land Rover HSE$13888 08 Honda Fi 105k $7488 08 Kia Ronda 87k $7988 08 Toyota Prius 96k $11888 07 Mini Cooper 122k $7488 07 Dodge Caliber 125k$6888 07 Mazda 6 112k $5488 06 Honda Element 89k$9888 05 Toyota Corolla 116k $6788 05 Hyundai Elantra 93K $3488 05 Ford Sport Trac $10888 04 Mini Cooper S108k$8488 03 Chrysler PT Cruiser$2988 02 Mitsubishi Eclipse$4288SPECIALWEEKENDBLOWOUT! *TRADESALWAYSWELCOME* *FINANCINGAVAILFORMOSTBUYERS* 6640 TAYLORROADPUNTAGORDAFLORIDA33950 (941) 347-7500 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! 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f\005 b\002r\001nfftt nt r\r\b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y Julian LimACROSS 64 Scale fifth 3 Northwest airport 52 Patronizes, as a Los Angeles Times1 Wax museum 65 "Holy _!" named for two motelfounder Marie 66 Chaney of old cities 53 Sports Sunday Crossword Puzzle8 Many a Jordanian horror films 4 Sensible 54 Sandwich12 Pacts 67 River of Germany 5 Fish-chips link ingredient for Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis19 1992 David Mamet 69 Put the cuffs on 6 Down Under many?play 72 Author Dinesen school 56 "Check it out!"20 Fancy drink 74 Refine, as ore 7 Emmy-winning 57 Adidas founder 1 2 3 a s 6 7 8 12 '3 14 15 16 117 18garnish 76 Montreal moniker sportscaster Dasslor22 Reveal 77 Texas NLer Patrick 58 Let 9 zo 21 23 Outdoor dining 78 Pained shrieks 8 Familiar fruit logo Internet : viralarea with no 80 Contest to win an 9 Show again item 23 225chairs? objet dart? 10 Diplomats case 65 Five iron, old-style25 trading 83 Colluding 11 Tang dynasty poet 68 Pay homage (to) 26 !2226 Link clicker's 85 User's reversal Li 70 Domingo numberdestination 86 Ancient Indo12 Subject of 71 Godsend 32 a3 sa as ss27 Inter European corroboration 73 Harvester's paths28 Man of steel? 87 Canadian french 13 Do some necking 75 Party leaders30 Suffix with 62fries dish 14 Skin malady, 77 More certainAcross 88 "Why not?" perhaps 78 Pup squeak a3 a as a731 Thurman of "Kill 90 Mudville number 15 -Wan Kenobi 79 Roxy Music alumBill" 92 butter: cosmetic 16 Contact a 80 Sushi topper a8 a9 so s, sz s3 sa32 Become adept at moisturizer provisions room on 81 Temp. takers, ataerobic exercise? 93 Ersatz a shortwave? times ss SS36 Santa 95 Drug-induced 17 Get into gear? 82 "I'm on it!" 117 37 Boxer with titles in hostility 18 Perfect Sleeper 84 Restingeight different 99 Book after John maker 88 Aeterna": fie F1 sweight classes 101 Brit's New York 21 Moto portrayer Requiem Mass39 Went hastily signoff? 24 Pet for Pedro song 6: fis fifi e7 fi8 69 7040 "Curses!" 105 Sound file suffix 29 "That's strange" 89 Omit;s 7s42 Sch. with the 106 However, 32 2013 Literature 91 Sundial number 71mustachioed informally Nobelist Alice 93 Fancy dressermascot Hey Reb! 107 Blow a gasket 33 Cough and 94 Not at all settled 78 7s 80 81 8243 Kept the dance 108 Like weak sneeze, say 95 Forfeited wheelsfloor busy, briefly handshakes 34 Comprehensive 96 Asleep no more 83 8n 8s 8s45 Gets down 109 Exude command 97 Watch in awe48 nod: acting 110 Leaf-wrapped 35 Hinder's opposite 98 Yet 87 88 89 sohonor Mexican dish 36 Do-it-yourself floor 99 Top story51 Biblical name 112 TV station covering 100 Vitamin-rich veggie 542 13 v: 16 s8meaning "hairy" mascot? 38 Farmyard sound 102 Gets eaten away.53 Biol. majors' 117 "Once more ..." 41 Sailor, at times in a way 99 'co 10' 102 103 10' 105awards 118 Tune with many 43 2000 Peace Prize 103 HDTV part, for55 Spanish high notes recipient Kim short 166 107 ,78 asneighborhood 119 Winter beverages jung 104 Post of goodknown for its 120 Jewel case 44 Anniversary bash manners 110 3 c s nskisses? holders 45 Tumult 107 Gas partner: Abbr.59 CNN medical 121 Rebel against 46 Asian New Year 109 Prefix with -pus 7717-correspondent 122 Expand, as a 47 Govt. ID issuer 111 Mental health org.Sanjay home 48 Protest singer Phil 113 "The Unknown" 20 21 zz60 Ring punch 49 "Go away!" director Browning61 Pay ending DOWN 50 Buyer of 114 Half a dance62 Exemplary 1 50-50 shot "Gangsta's 115 Coal scuttle 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. 9/7/1463 Hertz opening? 2 Last syllable Paradise"? 116 be sad if ..." All rights reserved.LOUIE AND LARRYNorth-South vulnerable. South deals. of the suit hoping for a 3-3 split or thelength with West. Alas, East held theNORTH remaining diamonds and Louie had*K7 to rely on the club finesse. DownA J 10 8 2 one! Louie was extremely unlucky toK J 6 3 find such a foul lie of the cards, as he494 was quick to point out to everyoneWEST EAST who would listen.4 Q J 10 2 6 9 6 5 4 Lucky Larry arrived in the same6 4 5 contract and received the same lead.54 Q 10 7 2 He won the king of spades at trick4 K 10 8 7 3 *J652 one, drew trumps, then cashed theSOUTH ace of spades and ruffed a spade,*A83 eliminating that suit from his handK Q 9 7 3 and the dummy. This was followedA98 by a low diamond from the table and4 A Q Larry inserted his eight when Eastplayed low! When that held the trick,The bidding: Larry had 12 tricks and could trySOUTH WEST NORTH EAST several things for a possible1Pass 2NT* Pass overtrick. Six hearts hid and made!3`;' Pass 4" Pass Did Larry catch a glimpse of East's6C Pass Pass Pass cards? Of course not. Had West been*Game forcing raise, at least four able to win the eight of diamondshearts with the 10, he would have been end-Opening lead: Queen of 4 played forced to yield a ruff-sluffor play a minor suit back into South,North's four-heart bid showed a conceding the contract either way.minimum, so South settled for a Well played!small slam a simple auctionrepeated at many tables in the club's (Bob Jones welcomes readers'Saturday duplicate. responses sent in care of thisWhen Hard Luck Louie played the newspaper or to Tribune Contenthand, he drew trumps and then Agency, LLC., 16650 Westgrovecashed the king and ace of diamonds. Dr., Suite 175, Addison, TX 75001.Neither the queen nor the 10 E-mail responses may be sent toappeared, so he played a third round

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\016\t\006 fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(b\002r\001nfftt r\005b 890?:" *!?<')4 "6,0% 47,6=4 +16?%' ,:"%6 ,$3%6 -2 .%,64 &%43 $6?%:')4 +9.$6?%:' ;?"!3 +% ?:+9/ +1<<. .,1" 100-) 8S)\VMN V&X)) M)/XW /'[ !M &UW./\* /\* D "[WV [UX `XWV.[X\ W[\= RW !M &UW./\* S/W /,V%T) *UVM !%"%V/XM5 S) ,[U"* &/T) .UX%)* &%! /\MS&)X) %\ V&) 7\%V)* 9V/V)W= RV V&) V%!)5 S) S)X) %\ / Z"/,) S&)X) !M W%WV)X WS[X) V[ !) W&) S[U"* /"S/MW "%T)5 /\* W&) S[U"* /"S/MW .) V&)X) V[ V/#) ,/X) [( &%!= D #\)S S%V& !M &UW./\*0W ,/X))X S) &/* !/\M ![X) ![T)W /&)/* [( UW5 /\* %V &)"Z)* V[ )/W) V&) "[WW #\[S%\' V&/V &) S[U"* .) 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p by David L. Hoyt and Jeff KnurekUnscramble these six Jumbles,e-. one letter to each square. Be careful' You'reto form six ordinary words. running too closeto the edge.CRIFEE&Cid 7,xpe Cortert Age-cy LLCAI ngh-<. Fesenmc We dont havem views like this-FONLUD m ,wa at ho homee .. 'H t1 FRETALINECCSsL I M S I E V14 it 7,; T} tEY ,SEC LONGTHE RN OF r CANYON,THEY NEEDED ro --DEOXUT Now arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer assuggested by the above cartoon.PRINT YOUR ANSWER IN THE CIRCLES BELOW

PAGE 116

r\005b b\002r\001nfftt fn \016\t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nswer. 7+ 2; 1O S C A R E S A U B S D E G R E E S 4T 1 B A R R I O U P T AHo0 oLA I DEAL MEGA FIERCE FALTER SIMILESOL MOLY LON ED ER NAB UNFOLD SCENIC TUXEDO 2_ 2I S A K S M E L T N O M S T R O JY E 0 W S R A C E F O R T H C U R I O rI N C A HOOT S U N D O A R Y A When they jogged along the rim ofP O U T I N E L E T S N I N E the canyon, they needed to 2. 12XI S H E A F A U X R O I D R A G E EA C T S B R O N X C H E E R W EXERCISE fT H O R U P T L I M P O O Z ET A M A L E S S T U D I O C H I C K E N Y O E L H O T T E A S CAUTION 62014 KenKen Puzzle, LLC www.kenken.comI R E P E A T DC D R A C K S D E F Y A D D O N T O C HAILENGING8X 3521 yU.3 2-15X 11+ 1>532= 5 "J6X 49+ oZ3 11+ Eiit02014 KenKen Puzzle, LLC www.kenken.comRULESDeep Water Edited b y Linda and Charles PrestonACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 a 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 11 171a 19 20I Social skill5 Franks' place? 22 23 24 259 Wealthy 19th century 26 27 26 29American family14 Intimidates 30 31 3z N C L L y 4 L L S 9 t18 Aroma IS9ZSY l19 Get cracking 33 a 35 Q 3 ,z l ti C S f L l 920 Street show L Z b Z 1 9 6 C S1 V)21 Jamaica's Rios 36 37 38 39 40 41 1243 44 O Z I n L L 19 C L S L22 UV no. measure 624 Foothold for further 45 4r> 47 48 49 50 S 9 Z 4advance?26 Basic components 51 52 53 54 55 5627 Sewing machine inventor57 5a 59 60 61Howe29 Standards to billow 62 63 ,30 Indicates31 Thin soup 65 66 67 6a 69 7032 King of cards33 Home site, e.g. 71 72 73 74 7534 Huron or Eric35 Violinist conductor Laredo 76 77 7a 7s ac36 Light bulb gas39 Shallow crossing place? a1 92 a3 84 85 8641 Disappear!45 Links goals 88 90 s'46 Middle a; 93 s4 ss s7 sa48 Fads50 Sole 99 100 10151 Zsa Zsa's sib52 Most accomplished 102 103 104 10554 Lose power55 "The Red Badge of 106 107 11013 1c9Courage" author57 Mississippi's rising site? 110 111 112 11359 Plenty of paper61 Relax, with up Tribune Content Agency, LLC 9/7/201462 Oman neighbor63 Louis -. French filmdirector 106 Observed 16 Mammoth mammal 65 Cicatrix64 French landscapist 107 Actor Davis 17 Creates a lawn 66 Mythical ship65 Native-born Israelis 108 Bedding down 19 "John Brown's Body" author 67 Fantail location67 Picardy department 109 River duck 23 Hint at 68 Use a divining rod68 Duck's feathery 110 Plumber's elbows 25 Dutch export 69 Norse god PIOZ/U6outpouring? I l l Gathered leaves 28 Earring site 70 Steam engine inventor James 3 N S 3 Cl 3 3 4 a 3 N V H S 1 1 371 Sing a la Bing 112 Palindromic act 31 Pentagon people, e.g.: A. 72 Author Chekhov 1 V 3 1 H a 111303 I S S O N13 3 S72 On the summit 113 Wessex worker, e.g. 32 "NYPD Blue" staffer 74 Helens kidnapper 1A 1 HIV d 3 0 H S a N fl O IS 1 3 J fl d73 Would-he ferns 34 Scottish fabric 78 Property value specialist 1 S 3 I W 1 V 9 O 1 N 3 W S S 3 N H V75 G. & S.'s "Princess 35 Rivers and Mir0 80 Rove, ramble76 Ottoman leader: var. DOWN 36 Copycat 82 Lurches S 3 H 1 0 1 0 S d 1 3 HEN 3 3 H V 077 Laertes and Polonius, 37 Shankar of the sitar 84 Revised V 1 3 3 I X O W N 0 S Hl Vfor two 38 Gift for turkey lovers? 85 Gunsel's gal i N 3 d S S U 3 V 3 H 1 S 0 1 O H79 Really impressed I Worked for the AAA, say 40 Bear false witness, e.g. 86 Told on JI N S a 3 M V S 3 N V 0 V CJ V80 Tizzy 2 Robin Hood legend's 42 I love New York!? 87 Trample V a I S 3 H O d S d 0 1 V N 0 O N 081 Campus military on. Alan-43 Actress Hathaway 89 Rhythmic break M 0 1 J N M 0 a 3 W O S S V H 9 V S83 Wet ribbons' 3 Group of witches 44 'Twixt twelve and twenty 91 "Oklahoma" aunt87 Exhausted 4 Quivering notes 46 Clerics (Fr.) 92 Monsarrat's "The Sea" O H 0 003 1 1 V W N 3_ 3 A88 Felonious fire assault 5 Mars with a blow 47 One of the plaids 93 Guardian N 3 S 0 0 1 S W V1318 a 3 8 H 3 A I H90 Runyan's pugs had it 6 Poultry products 49 Cold-shoulders 94 Skater Sonja 3 N V 810 3 N V M 1 S.3 1 8 V V A 391 Airport prediction: abbr. 7 Set fire to 52 Actor Assante 95 Was solicitous 13 N 0 S 3 0 V H S 3 0 V S H V d92 Lean sideways 8 Come into 53 A Chaplin persona 96 Johnny!" 1 V O S a H 0 d H 1 V M N O E )l V94 Chips in 9 Judge 54 Dylan Thomas' homeland 97 They are, in Spain195 One kind of horse? 10 Actress Jessica Parker 56 Mouth part 98 Fashion 3 W I V r 3 8 I H 1 1 099 (iunsmoke" star James 11 Speaker of baseball 58 Architect Saarincn 99 Church section 3 N H V 0 S H 1 O H 8 S 3 1 0 N 3 0100 Edison's Park 12 Ref. tome: Brit. 60 Shade tree 100 Perfume fixative S 1 V 3 a I S V 11 3 S 1 N 3 W 3 1 3101 Most crazy: sl. 13 Killing of a king 61 Went moo 101 Portend 1a V 3 H 3 0 a I H 8 H 1 0 N 3 1 3 A V M102 Washington splashy 14 Sticks together 63 Bullwinkle, for one 103 She bear: Sp. O H 0--1I E0 3 3 H V H N I 0 3 8 H 0 0 0104 Dinah's beach bash? 15 Indian. f o r one 64 Center 105 Make haste S M doU O I S V 1 1 3 4 b y !

PAGE 117

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r\005t b\002r\001nfftt fn \016\b\006 SP20720 To Place, Correct, or Cancel Ad CALL Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM Fax : 866-949-1426 941-429-3110 Check Out More SUN Classified Ads Online UPDATED DAILY!!! 13487 TAMIAMI TR NORTH PORT S UN C LASSIFIED AUTOS WANTED7260 ALL VEHICLES WantedDead or Alive, Top $$ Paid Starting at $250-$5000 Free pick up 941-623-2428 I BUY SCRAP CARS,TRUCKS AND WRECKS 941-456-1342 AUTO PARTS/ ACCESSORIES7270 ENGINE 327 REBUILT $325 786-306-6335 HUBCAPS CORVETTE $450 443-309-7833 LEBRA $30 941-676-2019 SAGINAW 4 SP good $225 786-306-6335 TIRE 195/70/R14 $15941676-2019 TIRES 81 TRANS Am 15x8 snowflake wheels $150 941270-6348 TIRES/RIMS, 4 $400 941-897-3127 TOYOTA CAMRY Radiator $25 941-276-2019 VANS7290 1997 GMC SAFARI, Wheelchair Van. Good Condition! V6. $5,000.obo 219-448-0161 2000 CHEVY 1500 Conversion Van. Reclining Couch. Like new! $4250941-697-8002 2010 DODGE Grand Caravan WHEELCHAIR van, 10 lowered floor & ramp. 941-870-4325 TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1996 FORD F150 117,000 MILES. RUNSGREAT, GOODCONDITIONCOLDA/C5 SPEEDMANUAL TRANSMISSION. ASKING$3,200 CALL941-979-6896. 2001 FORD F-150 LARIATSUPERCAB, HEAVYDUTY, 4DOORS, 1/2 TON4X4,FULLYLOADED. WHITE, TONNEAUCOVER, CHROME WHEELS, LOOKSGOOD, RUNS GOOD, GREATWORKTRUCK. W ELL MAINT AINED BRINGYOURMECHANIC! $6500/OBOM UST S ELL MOVING! (941)-815-8379 A A P P P P L L Y Y N N O O W WDONTWAIT. DRIVETODAYGUARANTEEDCREDIT BUDGETBUYS7252 #1 TOPCASHPAID UP TO $5,000 CARS, TRUCKS,ANYCOND. 941-650-5785 1995 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 85,000 mi, red,runs good A/c, $500 786-306-6335 1997 SATURN SL1 4 Cyl., 5 Speed. Trans. Good Condition! $800. 941-474-8939 2002 PT CRUISER, 49k mi., All Pwr., Cold AC,Exc. Cond. $3200**SOLD INONEDAY** 2003 CHRYSLER T&C Leather, Loaded. $2,488. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2005 PONTIAC SUNFIRE Burgundy w/Grey Int., 4 Cyl., Auto, 80k mi., Pwr. Sunroof, MP3/CD, New Tires/ Brakes, Runs Great. Very Good Cond. $3200 OBO 941-876-4959 AUTOS WANTED7260 WE BUY CARS RUNNINGORNOT! $400 CASH + UP Frank 941-276-0204 WE NEEDDONATIONSDONATE YOUR UNWANTED VEHICLE TOST. FRANCSISANIMALRESCUETAXDEDUCTIBLE. 941-716-3803 BEST$$ FOR JUNKERSAvailable 24/7 941-286-3122, 623-5550 WE BUY & PICK UP JUNK CARS 941-661-1928 TOYOTA7210 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA S MODEL 28K $14,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 TOYOTA HIGHLANDERBACK-UP CAM 22K $28,990855-280-4707 DLR V OLKSWAGEN7220 2004 VW BEETLE CONVERT 63,571 mi, $8,974 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 VOLKSAGEN EOS 45,023 mi, $15,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 VOLKSAGEN PASSAT 31,686 mi, $16,487 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT2.5 SE 19K $17,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 4,121 MI $17,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSATSEL NAV 13K $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 VOLKSWAGEN CC 2.0T R LINE 8,874 MI $26,988 855-280-4707 DLR VOLVO7230 2007 VOLVO S80 88,651 mi, $10,897 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 VOLVO C70 CONV. 50K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR MISC. IMPORTS7240 2007 AUDI A4 34,000 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 FIAT 124 18,044 mi, $12,275 855-481-2060 Dlr ANTIQUES/ COLLECTIBLES7250 1986 MERCEDES 300SDL 1 Owner! Mercedes Mantained. 140K. $6,000. 941-966-3979 TOYOTA7210 2000 TOYOTA COROLLA, Only 80K Miles! 4 Door! $5,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2001 TOYOTA SIENNA 198K mi, Excellent Cond. $5,100 607-316-0189 Venice 2002 TOYOTA CAMRY 149,795 mi, $5,984 855-481-2060 Dlr 2003 TOYOTA HIGHLANDE 110,520 mi, $8,878 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 TOYOTA CAMRY 109,305 mi, $7,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA 108,257 mi, $6,255 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 TOYOTA CAMRY power windows & locks, new tires, 59k miles, $9800. 941-961-7349 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA 82,503 mi, $8,995 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR EXL 78,780 mi, $11,897 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY Hybrid 69K $12,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 80k mi., New Tires & Battery, 1 Owner, Garage Kept $11,500 OBO 941-493-4664 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS 91K Miles. Excellent Condition In/Out. Navigation/ Bluetooth, Back Up Camera, JBL Sound, 6 CD, Keyless. Well Maintained, Cold AC! $11,150. obo 941-625-4348 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR LE 85,363 mi, $12,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA 30,455 mi, $13,478 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 TOYOTA VENZA 35K $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR MERCEDES7190 1995 MERCEDES E320 CONV. 70K MILES $14,990 855-280-4707 DLR 1999 MERCEDES 500SL AMG sport, conv., Pirelli tires. 107K Nice! $8000 941-457-4151 2011 MERCEDES C300 16K MILES $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR MITSUBISHI7195 2003 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER Convertable 74,400 miles, $6,000. 203-560-1269 NISSAN7200 2001 NISSAN MAXIMA GLE 88k, White $6795 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2004 NISSAN XTERRA 108,630 mi, $7,295 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 NISSAN MURANO SLE BACK-UP CAM 47K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 NISSAN ROGUE SL 31K mi, $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 NISSAN SENTRA SR 10,358 mi, $16,587 855-481-2060 Dlr 2013 NISSAN SENTRA SR 8,935 mi, $14,950 855-481-2060 Dlr SUBARU7207 2001 SUBARU FORESTER 139,178 mi, $4,995 855-481-2060 Dlr HYUNDAI7163 2012 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 28,823 mi, $14,575 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HYUNDAI GENESIS 3.8 GT NAV 6,289 MILES $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 26K MILES $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR INFINITI7165 2009 INFINITI FX35 60K MILES $22,911 855-280-4707 DLR KIA7177 2006 KIASPECTRA, Blue! Low Mi! Moonroof! $5,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2010 KIA SOUL White, 51K $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 KIA RIO LX 4 Door Sedan, Auto, Power Windows $10,695 941-916-9222 Dlr. LEXUS7178 2001 LEXUS ES300 91,520 mi, $5,985 855-481-2060 Dlr MAZDA7180 2007 MAZDA 6, 94k mi., Extra Sharp!! $7495 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2008 MAZDA CX7 57,616 mi, $13,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 MAZDA MX5 2DRCNVRTBL25,444 mi, $15,950855-481-2060 Dlr MERCEDES7190 1990 MERCEDES 300SL CONV. 26K MILES $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR I I

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FREE ESTIMA TES .RV WORLDInc.of NokomisFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41Nokomis 941-966-2182 RVSWANTEDCASH/CONSIGN/TRADECALL: MARKRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 SATURN TOW-CARS Starting at $2,500. Blue-Ox Tow hitches sold & installed. THE SATURN GUYS PRO-POWER AUTO SALES 4140 Whidden Blvd PC 33980 (941) 627-8822. WANTED All Motor Homes, TTs, 5th whls, PopUps, Vans conversion & passenger, cars & trucks. CASH paidon the spot for quick sale. 941-347-7171 RV/CAMPER PARTS7382 BRAKEBUDDY $450 941-639-0304 STEPS new 3 step for 5th wheels $295 941-697-6553 MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 2 20 0 1 1 5 5 R R O O A A D D T TR R E E K K# # 1 1 S SE E L L L L I I N N G GC CA A M M P P E E R RV VA A N NRV WORLDINCOFNOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 I BUY TRAVEL TRAILERS, 5THWHEELSMOTORHOMES& TRUCKSI C OME TO YOU CALLDAVEANYTIME. (813)-713-3217 %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ I WANT YOUR RV. Well Sell It FREE! SKIP EPPERS RVs941-639-6969 Punta Gorda Closed Sun. & Mon. RV SERVICE $PECIAL$l l Lg. Parts Showroom l l Factory Warranty All models l l Wash & Hand Wax l l Brake Flush l l Roof Reseal l l RV Propane & Bottles l l Water Leak Test l l Dog Port-a-potties l l RV Wash l l New Tires & BalanceRV WORLD INC.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 Nokomis, 941-966-2182 CYCLES/MOPEDS/ SCOOTERS7360 2006 HARLEY FATBOY 29K Mi. Special Price $8995 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2007 VICTORY KINGPIN 4K Miles. Priced For Quick Sale! Call Tony 908-872-5171 $,,-.0!)% )'�*'('"# !'/#+ 2012 YAMAHA V STAR 950 1376 MILES $6,500 941-467-2580 SCOOTER 2011 Meit 49cc runs great $400 941-5756217 CAMPERS/ TRAVELTRAILERS7370 AWNING COVER, blue and white 16 ft canvas new in box 302-242-5877 MOTOR HOMES/ RVs7380 2015 WINNEBAGOS2014 Model CLEARANCE!NO .1 SELLING R V RV World Inc.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41,Nokomis I-75 Exit 195 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 7x16 Car Hauler 941-916-9222 Dlr. ENCLOSED TRAILER, 14 Pace 2 Axle, w/Barn Doors, $2,000 941-764-0929 LARK V-NOSE ENCLOSED 2014 6X10, 2 To Choose From ONLY $2095 941-916-9222 Dlr. LARK V-NOSE Enclosed 8.5X18 Tandem Axle Special Price $4200 941-916-9222 Dlr. ROYS TRAILER COUNTRY NewPre-Owned CargoUtility Trailers Parts Repairs-Tires Welding. We BUY Trailers! Trades Welcome. Ask For Shawn. 941-575-2214 4760 Taylor Rd P.G. TRAILER, For Backhoe, Car or Truck. Heavy Duty. $2,500 obo 941-698-0637 WANTED: UTILITYTRAILER up to 6. Must be enclosed. 941-416-8534 CYCLES/MOPEDS/ SCOOTERS7360 2006 HARLEY DELUXE Excellent Shape! $8,888 obo Great Buy! 941-412-8004 BOATS-POWERED7330 24 2009 CENTURY2400 INSHORE. YAMAHA250. 2AXLE TLR. GARMIN3210. MINNKOTA101LBTHRUST, POWERPOLE W/REMOTE. MANYMORE EXTRAS. ALWAYS STOREDIN DOORS. ABSOLUTELYSPOTLESS. 91HRS$42,000 OBO941-485-4605 NODLRS. 28 TOPAZ SPORTFISH Twin 305 Merc Inboards, Power Anchor, Low Hrs. VHF Radio, A/C In Cabin Power Head & Holding Tank. Solid Boat, Lift Kept 20 years. $10,300 941-473-9581 29 6 REGAL COMMODORE2002 TWINIO, AC, RADAR, GPS, CANVASCAMPERCOVERS. ELECTRICTOLIET, TV, VCR, WIND-LESS, GENERATOR. LOADED. $32,000 OBO 508-942-4600 JUST REDUCED OUTBOARD/ MARINE ENGINES7334 2014 40HP EVINRUD ETEC Tiller Motor, 3 year war., Used <1 Hr Pd. $7200 Asking $5200 OBO 941-626-0814 OUT DRIVE Alpha One w/SS Prop $450 941-628-5192 TROLLING MOTOR ESKA. 12LBthrust great for canoe $25. 941-625-0340 BOATSTORAGE/ DOCKING7336 POWERBOATDOCK, PUNTAGORDA. In Isles, $180/mo & up to 25Ft, $220/mo over 25Ft. 941-626-9652 MARINE SUPPLY & EQUIP.7338 ANCHOR LINE 5/8 BRAID NEW PAID $160 $75 B/O (941)637-7567 ANCHOR LINE ANCHOR LINE 200 FT 1/2 IN $35 b/o (941)637-7567 BOAT BATTERY BOX 2, 6 VOLT BATTS NEW $30 941637-7567 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 2010 5 X 8 Carry-On Trailer 1650 lbs cap, trimmer rack $400 941-496-4159 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 6x16 $1900 941-916-9222 Dlr. 7X14 V-NOSE CARGO TRAILER 2013 model, tandem axles w/electric brakes, spring suspension, 2 new tires w/spare. Price includes 2000lb. Tongue jack, 2 5/16 hitch ad stabilizer bars, ramp door, like new cond $3850. 319-572-1861. ENCLOSED TRAILER 5X10, alum, ramp & side door, great cond. $1,200 **SOLD!** TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1991 FORDF-150, Great Condition! Low Miles! $2,588. 941-639-1601, Dlr 1995 FORD F-150 193,000 mi, longbed 5.0 V-8 Auto COLD A/C RUNS AND DRIVES. SOLID BODY, $2,200 941-268-5403 SPORTUTILITY/ VEHICLES7305 2003 CHEVYTRAILBLAZER, All Power! Hwy. Mileage. Black. $4,500. 941-698-0637 2010 GMC TERRAIN SLE BACK-UP CAM 31K MILES $18,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 GMC TERRAIN, leather, 52K, garaged, fully loaded, like new $16,399 941-276-5597 2012 LANDROVER RANGEROVER 18K mi, $43,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 CHEVROLET 150 10,004 mi, 14 Captiva LTZ, moon nav mint, $23,995 941412-6923 BOATS-POWERED7330 15 EAGLE Tunnel Hull Flats Boat. 60hp Mercury Eng., Tilt & Trim, Poling Platform, Fish Finder, Trolling Motor, 2 new Batteries, Alum. Trailer $3500 941-575-8505 19 2006 HURRICANE SD 192 Deck Boat, Yamaha 115HP 4 Stroke Motor, Low Hours, GarminGPS, SS Prop., Runs Great! $12,500 941-697-2470 201988 SUNBIRD, Great Ski Boat. Swim Ladder, New Floor! Good Condition! $4,000. obo 347-743-5522 or 347-678-8257 20 SHAMROCK CUDDY 1986. Good Hull, Engine Broke. $2,000 941-286-8270 20 TEAM SAILFISH 1996 w/ trailer. Ctr console, Yamaha 130 2 stroke w/SS prop, EC $6,900 941-626-4571 or 941-627-5777 REDUCED 2007 SEA HUNT 202 CC 115 Yamaha 4 stroke 175 hrs Ship To Shore, New Stereo, Garmin 340C New Content. Twin Trailer NEWCONDITION $19995 Rick 215-863-1070 The Sun Classlflegswork!r ES_

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