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California Chrome fails in his bid to win the first
Triple Crown in 36 years. SEE SPORTS

If his shirts are looking a bit faded, or his jeans are more
than a little frayed, consider a wardrobe update for Father's Day. SEE FLAIR

An Edition of the Sun
VOL. 122 NO. 159




Sharing with

the squirrels

I have always favored those plants
that could feed me.
When we lived on the edge of the
Hudson River palisades in New York,


we could mark the
seasons' progress
with the gener-
osity of nature.
wild purple grapes
grew in the woods
in the back of our
old green house.
An ancient cherry
tree behind the
garage oozed a
tasty chewable sap,
even before the
reddening cherries
pleaded to be

A window to the garage roof put the
5- and 7-year-old brothers in reach
of climbing limbs. The green apples
ripened before the red ones, and
required a lot of testing before they
were ready for pies or applesauce. A
prolific pear tree called to have its
green fruit taste-tested as the harvest
Our mother canned the ripened
fruit, melting wax to seal the Mason
jars. I complained about the abbrevi-
ated harvest and was told that I could
plant a pear seed and have my very
own tree. It grew handsomely, but we
moved to Florida before it was mature
enough to bear fruit.
The generous branches of a black
walnut tree on the farm next door to
our backyard shared its largess on
our side of the strands of a rusty wire
fence. Our mother insisted we had to
offer the harvest to the owner, who
said we could have all we wanted, as
long as we stayed on our side of the
In the fall, with the grapes and
cherries long gone, we spent many
an hour using rocks to pound open
the green hulls before getting to the
nut itself. We learned that hickory nut
stains do not wash out.
Just after the Christmas of 1936,
my brothers and I left our grandpar-
ents' home and the slush and snow
of Long Island to join our parents
in Miami Beach. The second day we
were there, our mother bought us
all shorts and threw our corduroy
knickers in the garbage. We were in
the tropics to stay. The next day, we
learned how to snag coconuts from a
tree the hurricane of 1935 had bent
to a low angle.
Florida in the 1930s opened wide
new horizons for scoffing up a variety
of easily acquired sweet, fresh tastes
for a roaming band of brothers. Many
a wealthy homeowner had adorned
their property with generous plants,
and then gone north for the summer.
While the citrus season was past, the
kumquats were ready to be plucked.
When we moved north to Surfside,
the empty yards with summer
Surinam cherry bushes kept us busy.
Avocado and mango trees loved our
slice of the tropics.
Later we moved to Winter Park with
a loquat tree great for climbing that
had a brief season of all the fruit you
could eat. A lemon tree with fruit as
large as a small grapefruit made a
great summer lemonade.
When Betty and our five children
lived on Key Biscayne, prolific banana
trees just outside the laundry room
provided bunches of small, sweet
This past season we had our first
avocado crop from a seed I planted
several years ago.
Next year, I hope to persuade the
squirrels to share with us.
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of
the Sun Coast Media Group. He can be
reached at

Doctor: 'Don't wait fOr VA'


Vietnam veteran Bob Conetta stands in front of a flag at the Military Heritage Museum in Punta Gorda. Conetta has numerous complaints about
his treatment in the VA medical system.

Vietnam veteran Bob
Conetta has a Bronze Star
and a Purple Heart from his
service in Southeast Asia.
The Punta Gorda resident
also has questions about
his medical care from the
Veterans Administration
system, questions that have
not been answered.
Conetta, who lost a leg
and an eye to a mine near
the city of Hue in 1968,

"I would have been in a lot of trouble
if I would have waited for the VA.
Bob Conetta, Vietnam veteran

suffered from prostate
cancer in 2008. Although he
is now in remission, he went
outside the Bay Pines VA
Healthcare System in order
to have the procedure done
quickly, he said.
"I would have been in a
lot of trouble if I would have

waited for the VA," Conetta
On July 14, 2008, Conetta,
67, underwent a biopsy at
the Bay Pines VA Healthcare
System out of St. Petersburg.
On July 29, 2008, he received
his results from aVA doctor.
"It took them from July 14

until July 29 to get me the
results," he said. "That's just
too long."
The doctor told Conetta
that his condition was
serious and that he didn't
have time to wait.
"He told me not to wait
for the VA," Conetta said.
Conetta's story isn't
unique, and the recent
national scandal involving
wait times at VA hospitals
in Arizona and secret lists



PUNTA GORDA Every Monday
afternoon, yoga teacher Virginia
Williamson welcomes her students as
they shuffle into a dimly lit room at
Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.
The students are by no means
seasoned yogis. For many, it's their
first introduction to yoga an ancient
practice aimed at uniting mind, body
and spirit.
The group is part of Charlotte
Behavioral's addiction-recovery
program. Students have checked

Peace River


DESOTO COUNTY- At first pass,
the quarry lay quiet in the brush
along the Peace River, nearly hidden
from view of those in pursuit. But
the pontoon boat filled with sharp-
eyed "hunters" turned around for a
second look, confirming the sighting.
An empty chip bag, carelessly
tossed aside, soon would join the
rest of the trash recovered from the
The weekend's 20th Annual Peace
River Cleanup, sponsored by the
Nav-A-Gator Grill & Marina, got an

themselves into the center's detox facil-
ity voluntarily to begin the difficult and
lifelong journey to sobriety. With any
luck, students will leave Williamson's
yoga class with a few tools to ease the
According to CBHC Chief Operating
Officer Vickie D'Agostino, research
shows that incorporating gentle
movement and mindful breathing into
addiction recovery hastens improve-
ment time.
"We wanted to provide our patients
with skills to manage their stress
during the detox process," D'Agostino
said. "Many of our patients simply do

Cleanup reels in

early start Saturday morning, when
members of the Charlotte Harbor
Parrot Head Club headed up the
day's eco-friendly scavenger hunt.
And, befitting the "party with a
purpose" slogan of the local Parrot
Head Club the second largest
chapter in the country with almost
700 members there was plenty of
recreation to go along with the work.
"We all like to have a good time
and do community service," said
Charlotte Lanier, the club's member-
ship director. John Bojarski
And they have been doing it for a spots a discai
long time. For 15 years, Lanier, even site on a bead


not know how to relax or calm down
without using substances, and it's im-
portant that they quickly develop some
alternative, healthy ways to cope."
Started about four years ago after
the detox facility opened, Williamson's
yoga class is a staple in the recovery
facility's treatment program. It offers
a respite in the often-chaotic lives of
addicts and alcoholics.
Like treatment, yoga class is volun-
tary. No one is forced to go. But those
who do attend say the benefits are
On a warm Monday afternoon in
YOGA 112

big haul

i of the Punta Gorda Sailing Club
rded bucket next to a campfire
ch along the Peace River Saturday
Oth Annual Peace River Cleanup.

during the 2(

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Did you bet for or against the
Triple Crown?

Tiki bar, $350
In Today's


Yoga offers respite to patients

Charlie Awards spotlight arts supporters

A painter, an actor, a
group of musicians, and
an organization that
has worked tirelessly
through the years to
prove that the arts are
good for
business -
these are
the 2014
who will be
R. YANKWITT recognized
by the Arts &
Humanities Council of
Charlotte County. This is
the 18th year the Charlie
Awards have honored
those who have made
exceptional contribu-
tions to the arts.
Ralph and Beverly
Yankwitt are artists in
their own right. Beverly
is a painter, and Ralph
has performed with the
Charlotte Players. In
addition to expressing
their artistic abilities,
though, the Yankwitts
are always there to sup-
port arts organizations,
said Judy Malbuisson,
executive director of
the Arts & Humanities
Beverly formerly
served on the council's
board of directors,
and is currently on the
board of the Charlotte
Symphony Orchestra.
Ralph not only has been
a featured actor in a
variety of roles, but he
also actively participates
in fundraising efforts for
several organizations.
For their overall con-
tinuing support of the
arts, the Yankwitts will
be recognized for their
Lifetime Contribution to
the Arts.

For Outstanding
Achievement in the Arts,
the Arts & Humanities
Council will honor the
Charlotte Symphony
Orchestra. Through
the years, the CSO has
encouraged people of
all ages to appreciate
...... music.
This year,
it intro-
duced new
and art to
third-graders; invited
young musicians to
sit with the orchestra
during rehearsals;
and conducted Young
People's Concerts with
the full orchestra, free of
charge. Several people
nominated the CSO,
calling the organization
an outstanding asset to
the community.
The Charlie Award
for Exceptional
Contributions to the
Arts through Business
goes to the Punta Gorda
Chamber of Commerce.
The chamber's Punta
Gorda Wine and Jazz
Festival which will
celebrate 10 years in
February 2015 is now
a major, four-day event
that brings $2 million
to the community. The
Southeast Tourism
Society even has named
it to the list of the top
20 festivals nationwide.
The chamber also has
been instrumental in
supporting the Third
Thursday Gallery Walk
and the Artisan's Atelier,
both in downtown
Punta Gorda, along with
numerous other gallery
Regarding all the
honorees, Malbuisson

What: 2014 Charlie Awards
When: 5:30 p.m. Thursday
Where: Isles Yacht Club,
1780 W. Marion Ave., Punta
Tickets: $40 each; call

said, "From the nomina-
tions, the committee of
former winners and one
nonwinner chose those
they felt contributed
the most to the arts and
promotion of the arts."
This year's Charlie
Award recipients are
in good company.
Individuals and groups
recognized in past
years include Helen
Langdon, Dr. and Mrs.
David Klein, Michele
Valencourt, R. Bruce
McGregor, Mike Riley,
the Cultural Center of
Charlotte County, the
Charlotte Players, the
Punta Gorda Historical
Society and Sea Grape
A formal reception


Punta Gorda's very own Mindi Abair gets the crowd dancing at this year's Punta Gorda Wine &
Jazz Festival in Laishley Park. The annual event is presented each February by the Punta Gorda
Chamber of Commerce, winner of this year's Charlie Award for Exceptional Contributions to the
Arts through Business.
will be held for the Gorda. Tickets are $40 contact the Arts &
awards at 5:30 p.m. per person, and a cash Humanities Council at
Thursday at the Isles bar will be available. 941-764-8100.
Yacht Club in Punta To purchase tickets,

Left: Maestro
Raffaele Ponti,
music director
and conductor
for the Char-
lotte Symphony
explained to the
audience how
art inspires art
before the start of
a January concert
that featured
artwork in the
lobby by members
of the Visual Arts
Center in Punta
Gorda. The CSO is
this year's Charlie
Award honoree
for Outstanding
Achievement in
the Arts.



Cardiac Bicycle Ride,
Cardiac Bicycle Ride Join us for a 40
mile no drop- 13 to 15 mph ride. Call
Bill 941-740-2257 for start location
Punta Gorda Elks, Brkfast
8am-12pm; Bar open 12pm; Father's
Day Picnic 1-4pm; Tiki rpm; Music by
Lee James 25538 Shore PG 637-2606
members and guests
Farmers Mkt+Antiques,
History Park Farmers Market & Antique
Show 9am-1pm, 501 Shreve St.,
between Virginia Ave. & Henry St.
Punta Gorda Elkettes,
Elkettes"Christmas in June"Sale
9 a.m.-12 p.m. 25538 Shore Dr.PG
941-637-2606 Ext 451

Port Charlotte Elks, Bar
BINGO Ito 4, Kitchen Closed
Garden Tour, Guided tour
of gardens at History Park, 501
Shreve Street, PG, 1 pm, $5 suggested
donation; Q&A. 941-380-6814.
American Legion 103,
Dart League @1 pm. $3 per rd. Join us
for a fun afternoon! 2101 Taylor Rd PG
Awl's "yappy hour' Animal
welfare league, yappy hour 4pm- 7pm,
33 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda FL.,
$20 pp,
Fellowship YFF, FC YFF is for
young families w/kids, to get together
for fun & food. It's held at Rotonda Park
@ 5:30pm, 941-475-7447
Easy Does It Club, Easy
Does It Club offers meetings daily from
7:30am to 9:00pm at

23312 Harper Ave,. PC. Call


Mega Sports Camp,
June 9-13 9A-3P Faithlife Church
- choose from soccerbasketball,cheer-
Summer Spirit Camp,
Unity Church,125 N Jackson Rd,Venice,
Fl, 941-484-5342.Spirit Camp for
elementary school kids. 6/9-6/13,
9 a.m.-12noon
Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Lunch With Amy 11-2:30
Dem. Women's Mtg, Dem.
Women's Club mtg @I11 am, 5/9,
4300 Kings Hwy, Schoolhouse Sq.
402, Port Charlotte, for info call Nancy

Punta Gorda Elks, Lite
lunch 11am-2pm; Chicken Nite 4:30-
7:30pm; Tiki 4pm; Karaoke w/Billy
G.-6:30-9:30pm 25538 Shore PG

941-637-2606 members and guests
Port Charlotte Elks, Bar
open at Noon till ?, Kitchen Closed,
LOdge Meeting at 7:00pm

__Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation J6
Chairman...........Derek Dunn-Rankin.......941-206-1001
Publisher...........David Dunn-Rankin.......941-206-1003
Executive Editor........Chris Porter...........941-206-1134
Advertising Director......Leslee Peth...........941-205-6400
Circulation Director...... MarkYero............941-206-1300
Arcadian Editor........Susan E. Hoffman........863-494-0300
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North Port Sun Editor ................ Lorraine Schneeberger ................ 941-429-3003
Englewood Sun Publisher ......... Carol Y. Moore.........941-681-3031
Englewood Sun Editor ............... Clinton Burton.........941-681-3000

Business Grows Using Charlotte Sun
"Bacon's Furniture & Design has grown
our business by advertising in the
Charlotte Sun for over 20 years. We've
recently had promotions where our
business has been up more than 40%
over last year! We believe that
advertising in the Charlotte Sun and
using Sun Digital for our social media
contributes to our success."

-Lee Bacon, VP Bacon's Furniture

Fun With Music, An
afternoon of music, dancing and fun!
Mondays at IPM. Centennial Hall,
Cultural Center. $2. 941-625-4175
Open Mic Night, Presented
by Peace River Center for Writers,
Fishermen's Village, Center Stage.
6:30-8:30 pm, 941-637-3514
Night Dance,

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:OurTown Page 2


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

:The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


C OurTown Page 3

Long-term Springs bids vary greatly


long-term plans for the
Warm Mineral Springs Day
Spa. Four different visions.
They range from the
dramatic, like pumping
millions of dollars of
new construction into
the 81-acre site; to the
minimalist approach,
like rehabilitating the
existing structures and
turning North Port's only
tourist attraction into a
research-driven facility.
The Springs' long-term
future will take steps
forward on Tuesday, when
both Sarasota County
and city of North Port
commissioners publicly
vet the four proposals at
the Robert L. Anderson
Administration Center in
SouthVenice. The city and
the county jointly own the
day spa property.
They will not choose
the vendor this week, but
instead likely will rank the
proposals and invite those
bidders whose vision rises
to the top back to make
a formal presentation on
June 24.
Currently, National and
State Park Concessions
of Martin County, Fla.,
is operating the Springs
on a short-term basis. It's
offering swimming only
in the Springs' 87-degree,
mineral-rich waters to the
thousands of people who
have passed through its
gates since reopening on
April 12, after being closed
for more than nine months.
Its long-term bid focuses
on no new construction for
three years, allowing gate
receipts to accumulate to
finance new construction,
which would be compa-
rable to the structures that
currently exist.
Once the 10,000 square
feet of new space is
established, State Park
then would look to expand
services at the Springs to
include a restaurant, a
spa and other activities, a
proposal shows.
State Park owner Jack
Bobo said his group's
long-term plan is to
focus on environmental
preservation and keeping
the attraction open to the
public.While Bobo said
he had not reviewed the
other three bids, he said
the public reaction thus far
to its work at the Springs
has been nothing short of
"We want to stay true to
what our basic philosophy
is, which is to protect
the environment; we're
not looking to develop
the place," he said. "Our
approach is to protect
the natural resources you
Warm Springs Attractions
of North Port has a 25-year
vision for the property,
although much of the
detail of how it would get
there is not included in the
Warm Springs does not
plan to ask for any city or
county funds to operate
the Springs, or to build
new facilities, its bid shows,
and envisions the Springs
as being a sort of public
park space dedicated to
jazz concerts, movie nights
and art contests within the
first 30 days, should it be
awarded the long-term bid.
Within six months, the
group plans to institute
hydrological and watershed
studies, and to bring water
and sewer service to the
Springs within a year,
along with a "world-class
Within five years, the
group hopes to open an
'Aquelogy and American
Indian Museum," and
within 10 years, to open

a health facility; 25 years
down the line, the group
envisions a community
springing up withing a
7-mile radius of the facility.

The Friends ofWarm
Mineral Springs, also based
in North Port, focused
its long-term bid on a
combination of restoration,
protection and education,
envisioning two phases.
The group hopes
to restore the current
facilities and the Springs
as part of its first phase,
then to focus on labs and
classroom sessions during
the second phase, with
environmental, archaeo-
logical, alternate energies
and undersea educational
components, to name a
Consultant Michael
Ange, representing the
group, said building a
massive hotel or resi-
dential complex on the
ground will only hasten
the Springs' demise. The
Springs is "dying as we
speak," he said, and the
site needs to be preserved
not only for today, but for
future generations.
The Friends group
successfully filed a civil
action in the 12th Judicial
Circuit to release the
Springs' operating records
prior to the attraction
closing last year, after the
two governments failed to
secure a Springs operator
at the time, and the group
now is arguing with the
city and the county to pay
legal fees.
Ange fears that county
and city leaders will only
"go for the buck now,"
instead of making the
right choice and investing
in the Springs and the
taxpayers who ultimately
own it.
"We're looking at ways
the economy and the
environment can benefit
each other, instead of one
benefiting at the expense
of the other," Ange added.
The Friends' fears are
fully realized in the bid
from Sarasota-based
Jebco Ventures Inc., and
Angelshot LLC, which
envisions $35 million
worth of new construction
on the site, including a
hotel, a spa, a therapeutic
and medical facility, a
restaurant and a possible
residential complex.
Although Jebco president
James Bridges could not be
reached for comment, the
bid shows Jebco and Core
Construction have teamed
up on hotel, condominium
and assisted-living facility
projects all over Florida.
Their bid also shows they
would bring the "Fyzical"
medical and scientific
franchise to the Springs,
should they be awarded
the opportunity. They also
would close the Springs for
three months for engineer-
ing, architectural and en-
vironmental assessments,
the proposal shows.
North Port Mayor Jim
Blucher just hopes the two
boards don't get bogged
down picking apart every
minuscule aspect of the
bids on Tuesday, and
instead leave that to city
and county staffs.
Blucher said it's im-
portant the Springs stays
open, no matter what, and
that some of the previous
amenities, including the
restaurant and the spa,
eventually are reintroduced
for patrons.
If the county and the
city do not have a long-
term contract in place by
September, when their
current agreement with
State Park expires, the
Springs could close again.
Blucher envisions the
two boards naming their
top two favorite proposals,
then inviting the two
groups back to make a for-
mal presentation June 24.
"I want something
that's going to help the
entire area," Blucher said.

"Something that helps
small businesses, helps the
city of North Port, and the
region as a whole."
The two boards have

had disagreements in
the past, with North Port
commissioners flip-flop-
ping on what they
envision for the Springs'
County Commissioner
Joe Barbetta said he had
not fully vetted the four
proposals as of Saturday,
so he couldn't offer a par-
ticular opinion on any
one of them, but he does
hope the two boards will
have a friendly discourse
on the Springs' future at
their Tuesday meeting.
"We've talked about
our visions for the place
for several years now.
We just want and need
a professional that's
going to do it the way we
want," he said.
For more information
about the bids, visit

New 2-yr. activation required on all devices.
Offers valid through 6/15.

Warm Mineral Springs formally reopened for swimming only April 12, after being closed for more
than nine months. Sarasota County and city of North Port commissioners this week will publicly
vet the four proposals for the long-term management of the Springs.



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:Our Town Page 4



The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


survivors wanted

Were you here for Hurricane Charley 10 years ago? If so, the
Charlotte Sun would love to see you for a group photo at
10 a.m. Monday on the waterfront side of the Charlotte
Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda. The photo
originally was planned for the Charley statue in Laishley Park,
but due to sea wall work, the location has been moved to this
beautiful spot between the U.S. 41 bridges. We hope to see you

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Elks fishing
tournament on tap
Punta Gorda Elks Lodge
2606, 25538 Shore Drive,
will hold its eighth annual
Kids' Fishing Tournament
at 8 a.m. June 21. This
event is for children and
youth who are 14 years
old and younger. Check-
in will be at 8 a.m., with
fishing on the pier from
9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Prizes
will be awarded, and
lunch will be provided

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6-Month Promotional Rate'

1255 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 9 941.624.4225
3100 S. McCall Rd., Englewood, FL 34224 9 941.474.7734
125 Nesbit St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 9 941.637.8909
1261 Homestead Rd. N., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 9 239.369.5811
4300 Aidan Lane, North Port, FL 34287 9 941.426.7029


Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 05/23/2014. Rates subject to change at any time without prior notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer
applies to new accounts only; Public Funds are not eligible. Account must be opened on or before June 30, 2014 to qualify. 1. Minimum opening deposit
balance of $10,000 (up to a maximum of $500,000) will earn 1.05% APY. Offer applicable to initial 6-month term only. Afterwards the rate will revert to
the standard rate in effect at the end of the initial 6-month term. Maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 to avoid the $12.00 monthly maintenance
fee. These Accounts are governed by Federal Regulation which limits the number of certain types of transactions; no more than six (6) transfers and
withdrawals, or a combination oflsuch to your other accounts or to a third party per month or statement cycle. Excessive 2 EQUALHOUSING -
transaction fee of $5.00 will be assessed for each transaction in excess of six (6) during a month. 1052 0514 L E N D E FDIC

Traffic enforcement

locations set

- Beginning Monday,
the Charlotte County
Sheriff's Office will
increase traffic enforce-
ment at the following
Speed enforcement:
Boulevard, from
Kenilworth Boulevard
to South Cranberry
Boulevard, Port
Placida Road
(County Road 775), from
Gasparilla Road to State
Road 776, Placida to
Traffic light/stop sign
9 ElJobean Road (S.R.
776) and Flamingo
Boulevard, Port
Peachland and
Veterans boulevards,
Port Charlotte.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
Elias Meza-Lopez, 25, 400 block
of Substation Road, Venice. Charge:
violation of nonresident driver's
license requirements. Bond: $1,000.

Christopher Charles Frank
Klinger, 31,of Sarasota. Charges:
driving with a revoked or suspended
license, and violation of probation
(original charge: failure to obey
traffic-control device signs). Bond:
Nicole Katherine Thomsen,
28, 2700 block of Charlene St.,
Punta Gorda. Charge: disorderly
intoxication. Bond: $1,000.
Rachel Ann Simpson, 31,1800
block of Cooper St., Punta Gorda.
Charge: disorderly conduct. Bond:
Neal Edward Creese, 62,16000
block of Goldenrod Drive, Punta
Gorda. Charges: seven counts of
possession of a firearm, ammunition
or a weapon by a Florida convicted
felon. Bond: $70,000.
Ronald Dewitt Rhinesmith Jr.,
46, 2400 block of Jerry Ave., Punta
Gorda. Charges: causing cruel death,
pain or suffering of an animal, and
abandonment of animals. Bond:
James Cameron Ortloff, 37,
homeless in Punta Gorda. Charges:
possession with the intent to sell
methamphetamine and possession
of drug paraphernalia. Bond:
Samantha Jean Rottman,
27, 18400 block of Monet Ave.,
Port Charlotte. Charge: battery.

Bond: $3,000.
Alan Augustin, 32, 21400 block
of Bachman Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charges: manufacturing marijuana,
possession of less than 20 grams
of marijuana and two counts of
possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bond: $12,500.
Geoffrey Marcus Gottfried, 29,
21200 block of Meehan Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charges: five counts of
possession of a photograph of a
sexual performance by a child and
violation of probation (original
charges: production of marijuana
and possession of drug parapher-
nalia). Bond: none.
Daniel Thomas Hill, 37,18500
block of Ackerman Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charges: possession of
less than 20 grams of marijuana,
possession of drug paraphernalia
and resisting an officer. Bond:
Michael Arturo Garcia, 18, 3000
block of Tamarind St., Port Charlotte.
Charge: violation of pretrial-release
conditions (original charges:
possession of less than 20 grams of
marijuana and possession of drug
paraphernalia). Bond: $2,500.
John Paul Cilurso, 32,100
block of Rogers Ave., Port Charlotte.
Charges: grand theft, requesting
a refund using a false receipt and
resisting an officer or a merchant

during retail theft. Bond: $17,500.
Michael John Colaluca, 44,
22400 block of Catherine Ave.,
Port Charlotte. Charge: violation of
probation (original charge: battery).
Bond: none.
Britton Daniel Markle, 25,
22400 block of Hernando Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charges: possession of
a controlled substance without a
prescription and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: none.
Denis Kutsayev, 27,1300 block
of Tripoli St., North Port. Charges:
dealing in stolen property and
out-of-county warrant. Bond: none.
Elizabeth Kay Johnson,
33,11400 block of Poplin Ave.,
Englewood. Charge: violation of
probation (original charge: selling,
delivering, bartering, furnishing or
giving tobacco to a minor). Bond:
James Parrish Whiteacre, 46,
11200 block of Pendelton Ave.,
Englewood. Charges: battery and
resisting an officer. Bond: $10,000.
-Justin Ryan Hollingsworth, 24,
2300 block of N.E. Sugarbabe Road,
Arcadia. Charges: three counts of
violation of probation. Bond: $3,000.
Kervens Hilaire, 18, 23400
block of Altman Ave., Port Charlotte.
Charge: battery. Bond: $2,500.
Compiled by Gary Roberts and
Marion Putman

from 11 a.m. to noon.
Participants are to bring
their own fishing pole.
This event is free; to
attend, RSVP to Brenda at
941-639-0187 by June 17.
For more information,
call 941-639-0187.

Antique dealers
at market
The Farmers Market
will play host to various
antique dealers from 9
a.m. to 1 p.m. today at
the History Park, 501
Shreve St., Punta Gorda.
In addition to the regular
vendors, antique dealers
also will be on-site. For
more information, call

Golf tourney to
benefit Octagon
The Punta Gorda
Chamber of Commerce
and St. Andrews South
Golf Club will hold a
Summer Safari Golf
Scramble at 7:30 a.m.

Saturday at the club, 1901
Deborah Drive, Punta
Gorda. Registration and
a continental breakfast
will begin at 7:30 a.m.,
followed by a shotgun
start at 8:30 a.m. Lunch
will begin at 1 p.m. Prizes
will be awarded at this
time for closest to the pin,
the longest drive, hole-in-
one and other contests.
The $75 registration cost
includes the green fees,
a cart, the continental
breakfast, lunch and
Registration and pay-
ment must be completed
by Thursday. This event
is limited to 100 players,
and is processed on a
first-come, first-served
basis. Proceeds will ben-
efit the Octagon Wildlife
Sanctuary. For more
information, call Sue at
941-639-5261, ext. 3.

Disaster Planning
Guide available
The 2014 Charlotte

County Disaster Planning
Guide, including the
Evacuation Zone map,
now is available for
residents to pick up for
free at all public libraries
and many government
offices. This comprehen-
sive guide is filled with
lifesaving information
and includes "Ten Things
You Can Do Now to
Prepare." This list helps
residents to develop a
detailed family action
plan for any emergency
This handy brochure is
designed to cover a vast
array of subjects as we
enter the 2014 hurricane
season, including: home
protection, preparing
your family, insurance
questions, cleaning up
after a storm, generator
safety and much more. In
addition to hurricanes,
the guide covers a num-
ber of other hazards that
may threaten this area.
If a civic organization,
neighborhood or church
would like multiple
copies delivered, call
Charlotte County
Emergency Management
at 941-833-4000, or you
can arrange to pick up
the books at the Charlotte
County Public Safety
Building on Airport Road
in Punta Gorda.
For more information,
call 941-833-4000.

Free HIV testing
The Charlotte County
Health Department and
CARES Outreach Services
Inc. of Sarasota will
offer free HIV testing the
fourth Saturday of every
month at the following
locations and times (the
next date is June 28):
Edgewater United
Methodist Church, 19190
Cochran Blvd., Port
Charlotte: 8 a.m. to noon.
Charlotte County
Homeless Coalition, 1476
Kenesaw St., Murdock:
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
No appointment is
necessary, and test
results are ready in
15 minutes.
Several local busi-
nesses in Port Charlotte,
Punta Gorda and
Englewood have free
condoms available to
help prevent the spread
of STDs and HIV. For
free condom locations
and information about
testing and prevention,
visit www.CharlotteCHD.
com; or contact Eric
Stockley, CCHD preven-
tion training consultant,
at 941-624-7235.





Saviogs Grwth'

SEMINAR: June 26,2014
Learn more about the newest techniques in implants.

Call for a Free Consultation to determine
stenrannd e nstt mf rah individual

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


C OurTown Page 5


Lorraine Pepin
Mrs. Lorraine Pepin
Henry, 81, of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away
Wednesday, June 4, 2014.
Mrs. Henry was
born Oct. 17, 1932, in
Cumberland, R.I.
She was a 1949 grad-
uate of Sacred Heart
Catholic High School.
Lorraine was a retired
clerk from St. Bernard
Catholic Church. She
resided in Punta Gorda
for over 20 years, and
attended Sacred Heart
Catholic Church there.
She is survived by her
children, Patricia (Steven)
Muise of Norcross, Ga.,
Mary Susan (Kevin)
Johnson of North
Kingstown, R.I., Kathleen
(Robert) Cullinan of
Chesapeake, Va., Lorry
(James) Fitzpatrick of
Bolivia, N.C., Elizabeth
(Scott) Miller of Pace,
Fla., and Nancy (Davis)
Desjarlais of North
Kingstown; 19 grandchil-
dren; nine great-grand-
children; and several
nieces, nephews and
cousins. She was preceded
in death by her husband,
Peter Dyer Henry.
The family will receive
visitors from 5 p.m. to
8 p.m. Tuesday, June 10,
2014, at Fagan-Quinn
Funeral Home in North
Kingstown. A funeral
Mass is scheduled for
10 a.m. Wednesday,
June 11, 2014, at St.
Bernard Catholic
Church, 275 Tower Hill
Road, North Kingstown.
Interment will follow
at Veterans' Memorial
Cemetery, 301 S. County
Trail, Exeter, R.I.
Flowers accepted, or
memorials may be made
to the St. Vincent de Paul
Society in your local area,
in memory of Lorraine
Henry. To express con-
dolences, please sign
our online guest book at
Arrangements are by
Flanigan Funeral Home
and Crematory, Buford,

Concetta J.
Concetta J. "Connie"
Schatteles, 93, of Port
Charlotte, Fla., passed
away Thursday, June 5,
2014. Arrangements are
by Roberson Funeral
Home & Crematory, Port
Charlotte Chapel.

Clara J. Sheridan
Clara J. Sheridan, 84, of
Punta Gorda, Fla., passed
awayWednesday, June 4,
She was born April 11,
1930, in Detroit, Mich.

Clara retired as an office
manager. Clara and Philip
moved to Punta Gorda in
1989 from Detroit.
She is survived by her
husband of 43 years,
Philip H. Sheridan; three
sons, Patrick, Perry and
Philip; sister, Hellen
Goebel; and brother,
James E. Powers. Clara
was preceded in death by
two brothers, Thomas L.
and William E. Powers.
A Memorial Service
will be held at 11 a.m.
Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at
Burnt Store Presbyterian
Church, 11330 Burnt
Store Road, Punta Gorda,
FL 33955. In lieu of
flowers, donations can
be made to Burnt Store
Presbyterian Church,
Memorial Garden Fund.
Arrangements were
made in Port Charlotte,


Jeanne Eleanor
Jeanne Eleanor
Carpenter, 86, of
Englewood, Fla., and for-
merly of Oklahoma City,
Okla., and Philadelphia,
Pa., passed away Tuesday,
June 3, 2014, two weeks
from her 87th birthday.
She was born June 17,
Jeanne loved her family
and church, playing the
organ, and was very
She is survived by her
son, David; daughter,
Annette (Ron Lupo)
Deans; grandchildren,
Stephen Deans III, James
Clinton Deans and
Donna Jean (J.D.) McCall;
and great-grandchildren,
Jessica, Amanda, Emilie,
Tommy, Kalina and
Stephen IV. Jeanne was
preceded in death by
her loving parents, Frank
Sr. and Laura Olds; her
brothers, Robert and
Frank Jr.; her nephews,
Wayne and Bruce; niece,
Nancy; her husband of 67
years, V. Miles Carpenter;
and oldest son, Robert.
A memorial service will
be held at a later date.
Arrangements are
by National Cremation

Randall Ray
Randall Ray "Randy"
Ficken, 64, of Englewood,
Fla., passed away
June 5, 2014,
at Tidewell
House in
with his
bride of
almost 42 years
by his side.
He was born
May 13, 1950, in

Spencer, Iowa, the son of
Ervin and Ivy Ficken.
After high school,
Randy proudly served in
the United States Navy
for six years. He was sta-
tioned on two destroyers
during the Vietnam war
era. Following his mili-
tary service, he worked
for various companies
as an electronic con-
trols technician. Randy
enjoyed woodworking,
golf, animals, and
fixing anything that even
threatened to break.
Randy will be greatly
missed by his wife,
Theresa (nee Schmidt)
Ficken; a brother, David
(Judie) Rose; sisters-in-
law, Carol (Laddie) Sula,
Mary Beth (Anthony)
Akemann and Angela
(Steven) Miller; numer-
ous nieces and nephews;
and his beloved "Kitten."
He was preceded in
death by his parents.
Inurnment will take
place at a later date
at Sarasota National
Cemetery in Sarasota,
Fla. In lieu of flowers, do-
nations may be made in
Randy's name to Tidewell
Hospice /Englewood
House, 5955 Rand Blvd.,
Sarasota, FL 34238;
org; or St. Francis
of Asissi Church,
5265 Placida Road,
Englewood, FL 34224.
You may express your
condolences to the fam-
ily at www.lemonbayfh.
Arrangements are
by Lemon Bay Funeral
Homes of Englewood.

Robert Kenneth
Robert Kenneth Harris,
98, of Englewood, Fla.,
passed away peacefully
Friday, May 23, 2014.
He was born July 16,
1915, in Cleveland, Ohio,
and came to Englewood
38 years ago from
Mentor, Ohio.
Robert was a firefight-
er for 35 years, retiring
as Fire Chief of East
Cleveland, Ohio, and
was also a registered
public accountant in
Ohio. He was a member
of Englewood Elks Lodge
2378 and Englewood
Moose Lodge 1933.
Robert is survived
by two sons, James R.
(Barbara) of Perrysburg,
Ohio, and John M. of
Arlington, Va.; three
grandchildren; and two
His daughter, Donna
D. Pounds of Maple
Heights, Ohio, also
survived him, but passed
away shortly afterward
on June 1, 2014. He was
preceded in death by his
wife, Adele Clara (nee
Miller) June 26, 2012, af-
ter 73 years of marriage.
There will be no

Arrangements are by
National Cremation
Society, Sarasota
Chapter, Sarasota, Fla.

Anna E. Schnupp
Anna E. Schnupp, 92,
of Englewood, Fla., has
been taken by the Lord,
June 6,
2014, to her
to rest
in peace
forever with
her loved
She was born Dec. 27,
1921, in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Anna was raised in
New York City, N.Y., by a
widowed Mom of six. She
was the youngest of six
children. Anna worked
for Ingersol Rand for 39
years, and lived in New
Jersey to be closer to
her job. She moved to
Englewood, and lived at
Oyster Creek Golf and
Country Club in her own
house for 22 years. Anna
gave of herself all her 92
and a half years of life.
We will miss her and love
her forever, until we meet
again in Heaven.
She is survived by her
niece, Dorothy Cahill;
great-niece, Helen
Picciano; great-nephew,
Gordon Murphy; and
and great-great-niece,
Mathew Picciano,
Jennifer Murphy and
Andrew Murphy.
Visitation will be held
from noon until 2 p.m.
Monday, June 9, 2014,
at Lemon Bay Funeral
Home. The Funeral Mass
will be held at 10 a.m.
Tuesday, June 10, 2014,
at St. Raphael's Catholic
Church. Burial will be in
New Jersey.
Arrangements are
by Lemon Bay Funeral
Home & Cremation


Andre D. Lapointe
Andre D. Lapointe, 67,
of Brookfield, Mass., died
Saturday, May 24, 2014, at
his residence in Florida.
He leaves behind a
longtime companion,
Jean M. LaCroix; a son,
Troy David LaCroix; two
brothers, Lionell Lapointe
of Garland, Maine,
and John Lapointe of
Brookfield; and a sister,
Suzanne Lapointe of
Andre may be kindly
remembered at www.


There were no deaths
reported in DeSoto

Hernie M. Bennett
Hernie M. Bennett, 85, of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
passed away Saturday, May 31, 2014, at Fawcett
Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte.
She was born Dec. 21, 1928, to
Lyndon and Vida Witter in Jamaica,
West Indies.
Hernie was a member of Port
Charlotte New Testament Church
of God for many years. She was a
2 retired registered nurse, where she
worked for 24 years, at Montefiore
Medical Center in Bronx, N.Y., and
also in Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England.
Hernie was an exceptional mother, sister, grand-
mother, great-grandmother, auntie and friend,
and will forever be missed by all who loved and
knew her.
She is survived by her loving children, including
her daughter, Ciana (Jerry) Clarke of Lake Wales,
Fla.; and four sons, Eli (Joy) Bromfield and Avon
(Arlene) Bennett, both of Port Charlotte, Milverton
Bennett of Queens, N.Y., and Anurin Bennett of
New York, N.Y.; along with her brothers and sis-
ters, Clarice Bell and Iris Hyman, both of Jamaica,
Daniel (Amy) Witter of London, Leyton (Pauline)
Witter, Henry (Beryl) Witter and Hortense (Albert)
Fray, all of Jamaica, and Sislyn (Hicks) Elliott of
Port Charlotte; a daughter-in-law, Gloria Clarke of
Brooklyn, N.Y.; 16 grandchildren; 21 great-grand-
children; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Hernie was preceded in death by her husband,
John Bennett; her son, CrosbyWayne Clarke; a
sister, Glendora Hudson; and a brother, Artnel
Visitation will be held from 2 p.m. until the
funeral service at 3 p.m. Saturday, June 14, 2014,
at United Evangelical Missionary Outreach, 4200
Juniper St., Port Charlotte. Interment will be held
at a later date in Jamaica. Friends may visit online
at to sign the memory book
and extend condolences to the family.
Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home,
Port Charlotte Chapel.

Virgil John DeSmidt
Virgil John DeSmidt, 91, of Punta Gorda, Fla.,
passed away Wednesday, June 4, 2014.
He was born Feb. 15, 1923, in Humbolt, Iowa,
the son of Willard and Estella (nee
Kendall) DeSmidt.
Virgil was a World War II veter-
an, as a Navy SEAL (underwater
demolition) in the Pacific. He was
a member of iron workers union
numbers 40 and 417. Virgil was a
lifelong member of Local 361, where
he worked as a foreman on the World
Trade Center, Throngsneck Bridge,
; Giants Stadium, Belmont Park Racetrack
and many others. He really loved the
work he did. Virgil retired in 1985, at the
age of 62, and he then settled in Punta
Gorda in 1987. There he tended his cattle, goats,
chickens and many dogs over the years, which he
loved and enjoyed. He loved raising fresh-grown
vegetables and citrus in his gardens, and enjoyed
sharing his bounty with others. Virgil loved to stay
busy. He also loved traveling and hunting, and was
an avid fisherman. Virgil had a real zest for life,
and was loved and will be missed by many.
He is survived by his son, Stephan Lex (Carol)
DeSmidt of Lincoln, Maine; daughters, Kathy
Ann (Lenny) Seibert of Melbourne, Fla., Linda
Gay (William) Johnson of NewYork, Margo
Marie (Kevin) Whitney of Lake Placid, Fla., and
Wendy Jo (Kris) Kohlhoff of Fromberg, Mont.; six
grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren, and two
nieces, Shari Dunton and Connie Prichard. Virgil
was preceded in death by his brothers, Verlin and
Vernell; sister, Veda; son, John Robin DeSmidt;
first wife, Dorine Gay (nee Costgan) DeSmidt; and
second wife, Susan (nee McCauly) DeSmidt.
In lieu of flowers, a donation may be made in
Virgil's name to a no-kill animal shelter. Anyone
wanting to make a donation in his name, go to, or
any no-kill shelter of your choice.
Arrangements are by Charlotte Memorial
Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory.


Culver's to partner
with Future
Culver's, 385 Kings
Highway, Port Charlotte,
will donate a portion
of its sales from 4 p.m.
to 8 p.m. Tuesday to
raise funds for Future
Farmers of America.
FFA helps to make a
positive difference in
the lives of children by
providing programs
that help develop their
potential for leadership,
personal growth and
career success through
agricultural education.
For more information,
call 941-627-2600.

Tournament set
Charlotte High School
will hold its 2014 CHS
Redfish Roundup
Tournament at 6 a.m.
June 21 at Laishley Park,
100 Nesbit St., Punta

Gorda. Three anglers per
team are allowed. Boat
check-in will begin at
6 a.m. June 21, with late
check-in permissible
until 8 a.m. The tour-
nament will begin at
safe light. Weigh-in will
start at 1:30 p.m. at the
Laishley Crab House, 150
Laishley Court, Punta
Gorda. All boats must be
in the weigh-in line by
3:30 p.m.
Awards will be given
out after the weigh-in
and the anglers' buffet.
First place will receive
$5,000; second place,
$2,000; third place,
$1,000; fourth place,
$600; fifth place,$400;
six through 10th places,
The entry fee per team
of three anglers is $300.
There is a $50 late fee if
your team enters after
June 16. All anglers will
receive a tournament
T-shirt, plus three tickets
to the anglers' barbecue.
Make checks payable to

Charlotte High School,
and mail to Flatsmasters,
150 Laishley Court, No.
1112, Punta Gorda, FL

Marina Day,
Nature Fest set
Fishermen's Village,
1200 W Retta Esplanade,
Punta Gorda, will
celebrate National
Marina Day from 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Saturday.
This is a day in which
marinas across the
nation draw attention
to the economic and
recreational value of the
marine industry, and the
importance of enhanc-
ing our waterways.
National Marina Day
will be combined with a
Nature Fest, to include
vendors that sell boating
products and services,
organizations dedicated
to the preservation
of wildlife, as well as
exhibitors who promote

outdoor recreational
activities in and around
Charlotte Harbor. Space
is available for nonprofit
organizations, such as
boat clubs.
Fishermen's Village
Marina will offer two
nights free dockage
(no groups; individual
reservations accepted),
sailboat races, tours
of the marina, and
evening entertainment
from 5 to 9 at Center
Court, featuring The
Reconnections Band.
Vessel safety inspec-
tions will be available.
For more information,
and to make dockage
reservations, call the
marina harbormaster at
941-575-3000. Interested
vendors and nonprofits
may call Catherine Perry
at 941-575-3067.

Band to perform
on train dock
Bug Tussle Ramblers
Band will perform a free

concert from 2 p.m. to
4 p.m. Saturday at the
Punta Gorda Historical
Society's historic train
dock, 1009 Taylor Road,
Punta Gorda. Bring a

chair, sit back and enjoy
the music. The Depot
Museum and Mall will be
open. Refreshments will be
available. For more infor-
mation, call 941-639-6774.

Cremation and Memorial Garden Options
A Free Educational Seminar
June 14 at 10 AM Royal Palm Cemetary Office
Options after cremation?
Relocating or traveling out of state?
*Question & Answer session
Call Early Seating Limited
Snvia. ORSVP at 941-639-2381
*iiAuu PA li

Office Hours Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM
946 Tamiami Trail, #206, Port Charlotte, FL 33953
901 Venetia Bay Blvd. #360, Venice, FL 34285
(941) 207-2223
(941) 206-2223

Sharpen your photography skills

n the not-too-dis-
tant past, captur-
ing photographic
mementos of gradua-
tions, vacations, family
reunions and other
noteworthy events was
an iffy proposition. Too
often, special moments
were lost to lens caps,
double exposures, un-
der- or overexposure,
or other photographic
miscues. Today, digital
photography gives us a
do-over when record-
ing treasured memo-
"The days of drop-
ping off the film to the
drugstore to be pro-
cessed are pretty much
over," said Spencer
Pullen, a photographer
with 20 years of ex-
perience using digital
cameras. "We now
have the technology to
make sure we got the
'shot' right on-site. No
more surprises when

opening the envelope
from the drugstore."
Pullen will facilitate
two six-session short
courses at Florida
Gulf Coast University's
Renaissance Academy
in downtown Punta
Gorda: "Digital
Photography Exposed,"
from 9 a.m. to 11a.m.;
and "Photography:
Lighting," from 1 p.m.
to 3 p.m. June 28;
July 5, 12, 19 and 26;
and Aug. 2.
In "Digital
Photography Exposed,"
participants will learn
the fundamentals of

photography, such as
ISO (light sensitivity),
aperture and shutter
speed, and how they
work together to create
an image, Pullen said.
In addition, he'll teach
basic tenets of photog-
raphy, including the
rule of thirds in com-
position, simplifying
backgrounds, leading
lines and more.
Participants will be
introduced to the most
useful accessories for
overcoming various
photographic challeng-
es, as well as different
ways of displaying
photographs. Field
trips move the work
out of the classroom
and into the real
world, with Pullen
reviewing photos and
offering suggestions for
"Anyone with a
digital camera is
welcome to attend,

although participants
should have a working
knowledge of their
particular camera
and what most of the
buttons do," Pullen
said. "I'll also make
suggestions for buying
and upgrading cam-
eras and equipment,
with the overall goal
of making the student
an informed buyer, as
well as a competent
Lighting" focuses on
lighting your subject to
build your photograph-
ic skills.
"The prices for
digital cameras are
falling, and the tech-
nology is getting better
every day," Pullen said.
"There is so much
buzz about the actual
cameras that most
people have forgotten
about what photog-
raphy is actually all

about light."
Participants will
learn how an inexpen-
sive piece of foam core
will enhance a photo,
according to Pullen.
"Foam core and
reflectors are great
accessories that will
help with filling in the
light," Pullen said. "As
the class progresses,
we will move into using
the external flash.
These are lightweight
and don't require
running extension
cords for power. We'll
also learn how to turn
your external flash into
strobes' that the pros
use in the studio."
Creating a profes-
sional-quality family
portrait, landscape,
stock and sports
photographs all
will be discussed
in "Photography:
Lighting." Students will
leave the course with

a notebook containing
all the requirements
and lighting diagrams
so they can re-create
the results at home,
according to Pullen.
A DSLR (digital sin-
gle-lens reflex) camera
and familiarity with its
operation are required
for this course.
For more information
and course fees, or to
register for "Digital
Photography Exposed"
and/or "Photography:
Lighting," call 941-505-
0130. You also can reg-
ister online at https:!/;
enter the search term
"HC0736" or "HC0738,"
Rick Ramos is a
program coordinator
at FGCU's down-
town Punta Gorda
Herald Court Centre
Renaissance Academy.
He can be reached at



Absolute Blinds Has A Window Treatment For You

Absolute Blinds has been in
business in Charlotte County
and the surrounding area for
over ten years and has become
one of the largest and most
successful licensed window
treatment companies in
Southwest Florida. With
unbeatable pricing, blinds made
while you wait, free advice from
a professional decorator, and

the best selection available,
Absolute Blinds can fulfill all
your window treatment needs.
An array of verticals, a selection
of wood plantation shutters,
horizontals, mini-blinds,
pleated shades, top treatments,
cornices, draperies and more is
among their offering. Absolute
Blinds is a Graber dealer and
estimates are free. If you need

window coverings for home or
office, Absolute Blinds is there to
assist you. The store is located at
2842 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte
and the phone number is 941-
627-5444. Past and present
customers can like Absolute
Blinds' Facebook page. For more
information, visit their website at

Absolute Blinds 2842 Tamiami
Trail, Port Charlotte,
call 941-627-5444

Jackie's Auto Body -Where Local Dealers

Go For Auto Body Work

Jackie's Auto Body
19888 Veterans Highway,
Port Charlotte

One of the best auto body
shops in this area is Jackie's
Auto Body. With over 35

Q. Do you have qualified
technicians that can
help me? Where can I get
a brand name TV at a
competitive price?
A. Quality TV is a factory
repair service center for
most TV brands
including Samsung,
Sony, Mitsubishi,
Toshiba, Zenith & LG.
This means we deal with
the manufactures and
their problems. Our
experts are trained
factory technicians who
can tell you who has the
best customer service,
and whose technology is
better. We are here to
help you. Quality TV will
match the price of any
other big box retailer on
any television. Our
showroom is open come
and say hello. Quality TV
is located at 14212W
Tamiami Trail, North
Port, call at 941-426-

years of experience, Jack
D'Amico is second to
none. Many local car
dealers and car collectors
bring their cars to Jackie's
Auto Body for first class
auto bodywork, or a
custom paint job. Jack
repairs everything from
minor dents to major
collision damage, and will
put your car in like-new
condition. All types of
insurance claims are
accepted and Jackie's is on
the Preferred Insurance

List. Jackie's Auto Body
repairs, paints and services
almost any vehicle and
uses the finest PTG paint
products and materials as
well as state of the art
equipment. Stop by and
meet Jack and Regina and
receive a free estimate.
Jackie's Auto Body is
located at 19888 Veterans
Hwy., in Port Charlotte,
and the phone number is
941-255-5967. Trust the
pros to make your vehicle
like new again.


1773, or for more
information, please visit
their website at
Q. Are pleated filters the
best to buy for your air
conditioner? How often
should I change them?
A. John and Carrie Gable
at Dale's Air
Conditioning & Heating,
recommend pleated
filters, where the pleats/
apex of the pleat is
spaced about 1H apart, are
the best. The
hypoallergenic filters-
where the pleats/apex are
oi apart are generally too
good. They are highly
restrictive for airflow.
They load and get dirty
very quickly. As a general
rule of thumb, you should
inspect & change your
filter, no matter what
type, every 30 days.
John and Carrie strive to
educate their customers

on how to kE

eep their

home heated and cooled
in the winter and
summer, and what to do
to extend the life of the
unit. You can count on
the service, advice and
fair pricing that you
receive and a thorough
and complete check at
each service visit. Call
Dale's Air Conditioning &
Heating 941-629-1712,
located at 18260 Paulson
Drive, Port Charlotte.
Business hours are 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Monday
through Friday, with 24
hours emergency service
to their customers.

Q. I have some estate
jewelry pieces and gold
that I would like to sell.
Is there a local store who
can appraise them and
give me a fair purchase
A. Westchester Gold &

Dr. D's Auto Repair Provides

Professional Service And

Affordable Rates

For all your auto
repairs give Dr. D's
Auto Repair a call. Dr.
D's repairs all types of
vehicles including
motor homes and four
wheelers. At Dr. D's
you can count on the
best service,
diagnostics, repairs,
replacement parts, etc.
Only superior quality
Dr. D's Avenue in the replacement parts are
Whidden Industrial Park used and rates are very
in Charlotte Harbor,
23415 Janice Avenue reasonable. Owner,
Mike True, and his
staff are all ASE certified and they offer the finest full
service repair in this area. With the computerized
engine analysis, you can be assured that the service
required on your vehicle is necessary. True is well
known as an excellent auto mechanic and the
business enjoys an excellent reputation. Dr. D's is
located at 23415 Janice Avenue in the Whidden
Industrial Park in Charlotte Harbor and the phone
number is 941-743-3677. For the best service at a
reasonable price, call or stop by Dr. D's Auto Repair.

Diamonds, 4200-F
Tamiami Trail, Port
Charlotte, is known for
unsurpassed quality,
variety and pricing when
buying or selling gold,
silver, diamonds, Rolex
watches and fine
collectibles. Owner, Steve
Duke, is on site to assist
you with jewelry
purchases and
appraisals, or the sale of
your old gold and other
valuables. Specializing in
pre-loved Rolex watches,
new and estate jewelry
pieces, oriental rugs,
unusual gifts, paintings,

rare collectibles, and
more, Westchester should
be your destination. The
selection is amazing. This
business is a community
staple and is known for
its generosity in giving
back. Listen to Steve
Duke's Friday morning
show on 1580 AM radio
each week 9 a.m. to 10
a.m. It is interesting, fun
and always topical. The
store is located in Baer's
Plaza, and the phone
number is 941-625-
0666.Visit their website at


OurTown Page 6


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


C OurTown Page 7

Punta Gorda Police

supervisor named to state post

to Nancy Morris.
The Punta Gorda
Police Department com-
munications supervisor
recently was elected
president of the Florida
Association of Public
Safety Communications
Officials, according to a
release from the depart-
The international as-
sociation is the world's
oldest and largest
nonprofit professional
organization dedicated
to the enhancement of
public safety commu-
nications. Morris, who
has been a member
since 2005, will serve a
one-year term.
Congratulations to
Cadet Emily L. Woods,
daughter of Kevin and
Nancy Woods of Port
She recent-
ly gradu-
ated from
the U.S.
in West
WOODS Point, N.Y.,
to a release from the
While at West Point,
she concentrated her
studies in business
management and
Spanish. She was
commissioned as a
second lieutenant in
the U.S. Army within

the Adjutant General
Corps branch and will
report to Hunter Army
Airfield, Savannah, Ga.,
for her first assignment.
to Carol Waters. She
recently was recognized
by the Charlotte Bay
Chapter of the National
Society Daughters
of the American
Revolution with its
Community Service
Award at its annual
spring award luncheon
held at the Isles Yacht
Club in Punta Gorda,
according to a release
from DAR.
The program also in-
cluded the induction of
a new member, Brenda
STAR Awards went
to Debra Allen,
Ruth Dunn, Penny
Fahrbach, Kathy Knee,
Connie Maus and
Lynette Theisen for
achievement in behalf
of the chapter.
Congratulations to
Brianna Burkhart
of Port Charlotte
High School, Amber

Debbie Chaffin, owner of Village Oyster Bar, celebrates with
Bob Carpenter who was the general manager of Fishermen's
Village when Debbie first opened the establishment.

Howarth of Florida
Gulf Coast University
and Jordan McGee
of the University of
Florida, who received
scholarships from the
Zonta Club of Punta
Gorda-Port Charlotte,
according to a release
from the club. Also
Suzette Lampskin
was recognized with
the Patricia A. Fryer
Memorial Scholarship
while studying to
become a nurse.
In addition, officers
were installed for the
2014-2015 year: Mary
Resto, president;
Regina Grogan, vice
president; Kathleen
Palmer, secretary;
Jeanette Deptula, trea-
surer; and Dr. David
Wilson, director.
Donations to the

Zonta International
Foundation Rose Fund
were made from the
club for Joan Howarth,
outgoing president,
and Wilson as Zontian
of the Year in honor
of their service to the

Congratulations to
Michael James Edwards
and Andreau Lucien
Audet of Port Charlotte,
and George Edward
Schoenfeld of Punta
Gorda. They recently
earned Dean's List
recognition at Norwich
University in Northfield,
Vt., according to a
release from the school.
Rusty Pray is editor
of the Charlotte Sun.
He can be reached at


It was the last "last call"
at Village Oyster Bar when
general manager and
bartender extraordinaire Ron
Winters closed down that bar
for the last time.

Partying under the "Party is Here" balloon are Marie Sellito (center) and Rick Mohaupt directly
behind her.
In recognition of
National Garden
Week, June 1-7,
the Charlotte
County Commis-
sioners presented
Proclamations to
iLemon Bay Garden
Club, Englewood,
Port Charlotte
and Punta Gorda
...Garden Clubs.
Pictured, from
left, Carol Briggs,
Mary Sterwerf,
Carol Moore, Rose
Sheedy, Libby
Curnow, Sue
Killion, Commis-
sioner Tricia Duffy,
Marge Willis-Ronn,
Vera Heiner, Cindy
Martin and Carolyn


Dancers to present
Dancers from the Port
Charlotte Florida Dance
Workshop will perform
at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
today at the Charlotte
Performing Arts Center,
701 Carmalita St. (next to
Charlotte High School),
Punta Gorda. This year's
program will salute a
host of "Unforgettable"
memories in the lives of

countless talented aspir-
ing artists. A huge cast
of local, award-winning
performers will grace
the stage as they display
an evening of leaps,
turns and toe-tapping
rhythms. The performers
have embraced the
"Unforgettable" theme
because it is a salute to
the truly "Unforgettable"
alumnae who have gone
on from their workshop
family to pursue profes-
sional careers. This year's

audience members will
sense the enthusiasm as
they watch performers
ages 3 through adult
present an array of
musical numbers from
classical, to Broadway, to
The open-seating tick-
ets are $15 at the door.
For more information
about the school's regular
classes and summer pro-
grams, call 941-743-2115,
or visit www.floridada-


Lovetts celebrate 50 years

R yland and Marcia (nee Fields) Lovett met in
1960, in Toledo, Ohio, at McDonald's, where
Ryland was a manager and Marcia was still in
high school.
After college, they married June 6, 1964, at St. Paul's
Lutheran Church.
Marcia enjoyed her career as an elementary education
teacher. They relocated to Charlotte County, Fla., in 1974, as
Ryland had become a franchise owner of McDonald's. He is
now partners in McDonald's with his son, Richard Lovett.
The Lovetts have been blessed with two children,
Richard (Chris) Lovett and Michelle (Craig) Bronson;
five grandchildren, Alexis, Tyler and Carly Lovett, and
Mackenzie and Keira Bronson; and great-grandson,
Bentley Lovett.
They will celebrate their golden anniversary with family
and friends at Opus, and will be taking a cruise later in the
It is hard to put into words how blessed we are to have
them in our lives, so, as a dedication to them from their
family, below is a short summary to guide us in our lives as
we continue to go forward. Thank you, from your family,
for showing us the true meaning of love and commitment.
'A partnership like yours is rare; 50 years you've been
together! You've always been a loving team, in sunny and
stormy weather. Nothing can tarnish your lasting love; at
50 years you're GOLD! Your affection shines as you go
through the years, with each other to love and hold."
(attributed to Karl or Joanna Fuchs)
Grecos celebrate 60 years

arbara (nee Andersen) and Arthur Greco of
Punta Gorda, Fla., celebrated their 60th wedding
anniversary Saturday, May 10, 2014.
They were married May 10, 1954, and have lived in
the area for 23 years.
Barbara was an administrative assistant for Dr. J.E.
Geenen in Racine, Wis.; she retired in 1989. Arthur
was a general foreman at AMC/Chrysler in Kenosha,
Wis.; he retired in 1986.
Their children are Bill (Lisa) Greco of Punta Gorda,
Cindy (Tim) Odders of Gilbert, Ariz., Joan (Pat) Kothe
of Austin, Texas, Tom (Genny) Greco of Suwanee, Ga.,
and the now-deceased Mark Greco, who passed away
in 1991; they also have 17 grandchildren and five
The couple celebrated with a day on Boca Grande,
Fla., with their son, Bill, and daughter-in-law, Lisa.

Morellos celebrate 65 years

L orraine and Jim Morello celebrated their 65th
wedding anniversary Thursday, April 24, 2014.
They were married April 24, 1949, on Long Island,
N.Y, and have lived in Punta Gorda, Fla., for 38 years.
Lorraine and Jim have a daughter, Karen (Dave) Mangas;
granddaughter, Kristie (companion, John Kelly) Mangas;
grandson, David Mangas; and great-grandson, Ayden.
They returned from a week of celebrations in Orlando,
Fla., with their immediate family. A wonderful week was
had by all.

$27 for a photo, up to 200 words Center, Inc.
$54 for a photo, up to 300 words
Stop by your local Sun office
to pick up a form.

Bethany L. Walden, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

Evaluations &
Hearing Aids
"Since 1984"
21216 Olean Blvd.,
Suite 4
Port Charlotte
Across from AAA Bldg.
MostMajor Brand sAvailabe





40r 629-4311
New patients
Welcome General Dentistry
Implants Cosmetic Nitrous Oxide
Dentures & One Day Repair
: Laser Periodontal Therapy
3440 Conway Blvd. #2A (Behind Post Office) Port Charlotte

Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, June 8,2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to


Locals raising

funds for new

children's hospital

County residents' support for
a new children's hospital in
Fort Myers is indicative of the
economic and quality of life
impact it will have on Southwest
r. David Klein was
giving his third media
interview of the day, but
the topic was one he is happy
to discuss.
Klein, Dr. Mark Asperilla and
a Punta Gorda couple known
for their philanthropy are the
leaders in a local fundraiser to
help build Golisano Children's
Hospital in Fort Myers. It may
seem somewhat odd for the
local medical community and
others to lend their names
and faces to a Lee County
project. But not so much when
you consider the impact this
new facility will have on all of
Southwest Florida.
The new, seven-story,
128-bed hospital is a vision of
the wealthy Golisano family -
well-known for their support
of causes in Collier and Lee
counties. They are reported
to have donated millions of
their own fortune to build the
much-needed hospital.
Recently, Erik and Diane
Hoffer, of Punta Gorda, made
their own pitch to help with the
construction of the Lee County
hospital. They are promising to
match up to $25,000 donated
by Charlotte County supporters
to build the facility. While the
kind gesture by the local couple
may seem like a drop in the
bucket considering the possible
$200 million cost of the hospi-
tal, their support and faith in
the project speak volumes.
Klein made a point to say
the new hospital will have no
financial impact on Charlotte
County hospitals.
"To me it is just an expansion
of services," Klein said. "I
would never be involved if this
was something I thought would
hurt our local hospitals."
Klein said while there are
pediatric services in Charlotte
County, and a top-notch fa-
cility in All Childrens Hospital
in St. Petersburg, the new Lee
County unit is much needed.
"We are 40 miles from the
planned facility in Fort Myers
but 100 miles from St. Peter,"
Klein pointed out. Sometimes
the difference in travel time
can save a life.
Plus, the Golisano Children's
Hospital will offer specialists
to treat cardio, pulmonary
and other medical issues -
like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell
and pediatric cancer that
Charlotte County hospitals
may not have the facilities to
engage in a long-term treat-
ment plan.
There are other benefits to
the Golisano facility becoming
a reality.
The construction, which
could take two years or more,
will bring hundreds of con-
struction jobs to Southwest
Florida. And there will be
hundreds of employees -
mostly high-paying profession-
als --to swell our workforce.
Speculation is that at least 200
pediatric nurses alone will be
hired to staff the hospital.
The Hoffers have been
involved in several Charlotte
County charities, but normally
prefer to keep a low profile.
They have embraced this
project, however, and their
offer to put up $25,000 in
matching funds should be
much appreciated.
We applaud the leaders in
this fundraiser for looking at
the big picture of Southwest
Florida's needs.
Anyone interested in making
a donation can contact Keith

Callaghan at 941-627-6979 or
email him at keith.callaghan@




Another burden
on taxpayers

The commissioners went
through a rather involved
process to select how to spend
the revenues generated by the
penny sales tax.
At the last minute the
"state" walks in with a study
indicating that our 15-year-
old, $80 million justice center
will in just a few years be out
of room to house our clerk,
judges and states' attorneys.
In order to avert this potential
catastrophe we must expand
the JC with $36 million of
taxpayer money. Furthermore,
the state statute requires
that its citizens must provide
space for its constitutional
offices. This is the law our
commissioners are sworn to
It would appear that the
commission bought this
story; after all it came from
Tallahassee, Fla., it must be
true. Our commission decided
the taxpayers of Charlotte
County should foot this
egregious bill. They decided
the penny sales tax would do
the trick.
In years past, I have sup-
ported the penny sales tax
as a fair revenue source to
fund projects for the needs of
local citizens. This use would
be a dire mistake I will not
support. I am appalled that
my commission would fall for
such an obvious scam from
the bureaucrats of this state
and county.
Commissioners, have we
not met our constitutional
duty to provide the state with
office space, an $80 million
waterfront Taj Mahal? Are you
not suspect of this report?
Do you not feel the need to
challenge these findings? Just
burden the taxpayers again!
Brian Brunderman
Port Charlotte

Commission is
cavalier with money

I wish to comment on the
Sun's article of May 14 titled,
"County rolls dice on sales
First of all, the staff writer
needs to do some homework,
as this sales tax is a 1 percent
tax and not a penny tax.
Secondly, I just love how the
commissioners are so cavalier
with our money that they are

so willing to "gamble" on such
an important issue. Just like
the MurdockVillage project
and the almost subversive
purchase of the IMPAC
We need to make our
voices heard. Vote "no" this
Colleen DuBrul
Punta Gorda

Finally may be
'open for business'

As a longtime resident of
Charlotte County and the
father of three grown children
living here, I am glad to see that
we have county commissioners
who are working together and
bringing jobs and economic
growth to our community. It
has been a long time coming.
I, like so many parents, have
invested our hard-earned tax
dollars over the years in our
school system. Our investment
does not fully pay us back if
our children are unable to
find high wage jobs in our
Too often in the past, a
divided commission was
unable or unwilling to imple-
ment policies that our county
needed to advance economic
growth and job creation.
However, it is obvious that
the current board is challeng-
ing staff to formulate and
implement plans to move us
forward. A great example of
this changed attitude is the
revised Growth Management
Ordinance, which will bring a
common-sense approach and
community-based decision-
making to the process.
With this change our county
may finally be able to live up
to its proclaimed rally of being
"open for business," and our
children may finally be able to
raise their families in the com-
munity where they grew up.
Keep up the good work.
Mike Grant

More great service
from the VA system

I am quite saddened by all
of the negative and horrible
publicity that the VA system
has had during these past
My husband is a disabled
Army vet and is under the
VA system for care and has
been for over nine years
here in Port Charlotte and
for five years in northern
New Hampshire in the

White Mountains.
My husband has received
the most wonderful care here
in Port Charlotte, as well as
Cape Coral and Bay Pines.
His primary care doctor,
"D.B.," could not be more
attentive and caring as well
as his full team of nurses and
nurse practitioners.
Each and every one at the
Port Charlotte VA clinic, start-
ing with the "front" check-in
people, etc., have shown their
utmost professionalism and
caring. We appreciate all the
kindness and concerns over
the years.
Ben, Steve Iseberg
South Gulf Cove

against the paper

How can the Charlotte
Sun not report to the public
the findings of the $50,000
April 2012 Atkins Report on
the Sunshine Lake/Sunrise
Waterway that stated, "The
only possible explanation
that the authors can realis-
tically envision to account
for the phosphorus amount
in Sunshine Lake would be
there was widespread leakage
of phosphorus from the
collection and delivery system
of sewage treatment from
hundreds of homes." Were
you covering up for CCU's
faulty sewers?
Even worse, the Sun
also failed to disclose that
the October 2012 FDEP
Lab Report on the algae
in Sunshine Lake/Sunrise
Waterway found Oscillatoria
bacteria. Several species of
Oscillatoria are known to be
toxic to humans, yet neither
FDEP nor the county did any
follow-up testing.
The potential for dan-
gerous toxins was clear, yet
the Sun never demanded
more testing? This is serious
negligence on the Sun's part,
since you knowingly omitted
this information. You have
endangered the health of all
the residents surrounding
the lake and waterway. Many
residents have reported health
problems, thanks in part to
your paper's failure to protect
the people. Who is the Sun
If the Sun fails to report
such critically important facts
that affect our health, then
you fail in your duty to protect
the people. This makes us
wonder what else you've
omitted reporting to the
people of Port Charlotte.
Shame on you for putting
profit above the health of the

people. How much advertise-
ment revenue do you receive
annually from the county?
Marilyn Pazora
Port Charlotte

President is
the real problem

If you apply for a position
that you know is experiencing
problems and during the
interview process you indicate
that fixing the problem is
within your ability and should
be part of your job descrip-
tion, then you are assuming
responsibility for addressing
and correcting the problems.
A responsible employer will
set goals and objectives, a
timeline for meeting those
goals and will spell out the
measurements that will be
Failure to meet the goals
and objectives in the time
specified results in either
the establishment of revised
expectations or in severing of
the relationship.
In a well-run company,
there are no unknown prob-
lems, no unspecified tasks
and no surprises when things
aren't going according to plan.
In the case of President
Obama, he knew there were
problems with the VA system
when he was a senator, he ap-
plied for the job of command-
er in chief, understanding the
issues. He appointed Gen.
Shenseki. One would assume
he gave him a job description
and expectations. He failed to
monitor Shenseki's progress
or he was complicit in ignor-
ing the lack of progress.
In any case, Shenseki was
fired when Obama should
have been the one relieved
of his job. After all, he had
six years to fix the problem.
Shenseki isn't the problem,
Obama is the problem.
Richard Rock
Port Charlotte

About the truth,
not Hillary Clinton

OMG. I read with dismay
the letter from a resident who
believes Hillary is the best.
Let me tell you she is not.
"What difference does it
make?" It makes a lot of differ-
ence to the families who lost
their cherished children. What
an insensitive remark that
people long term will not care
about Benghazi. So many of
us do care. We care about the
IRS scandal, Fast and Furious,
and the scandal with the VA.
And now we have the illegal
release of five from Gitmo.
Our country is in jeopardy.
Please open your eyes and
smell the roses.
Somehow this writer
seems to forget how many
Democratic presidents put
our military into several
different wars and how
many lives were lost. Thank
God for Fox News doing a
yeoman job by keeping us all
updated on the scandals that
have occurred in this current
The president is losing
support from his own party. I
guess some are smarter than
previously thought. It amazes
me that those on the left
continue such hatred toward
those who want the lies to
stop. Yes, Virginia, have some
Kool-Aid, get over it.
I can't wait for the 2016
elections. Congress and the
Senate will be run by the
Republicans, so then you all
can cry in your beer. It does
make a difference and it is not
about Hillary. It is about the
Diane Vorbroker
Punta Gorda

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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 VIEWPOINT C OurTown Page9

When a presid

oes rogue

hat Winston
Churchill said
of Secretary
of State John Foster
Dulles that he was
a bull who carried his
own china shop around
with him is true of
Susan Rice, who is, to be
polite, accident prone.
When in September
2012 she was deputed
to sell to the public the
fable that the Benghazi
attack was just an unfor-
tunately vigorous movie
review a response to
an Internet video it
could have been that
she, rather than Sec-
retary of State Hillary
Clinton, was given this
degrading duty because
Rice was merely U.N.
ambassador, an orna-
mental position at an
inconsequential insti-
tution. Today, however,
Rice is Barack Obama's
national security advis-
er, so two conclusions
must be drawn.
Perhaps she did not
know, in advance of the
swap of five terrorists
for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,
the, shall we say, ambi-
guities about Bergdahl's

departure from his
platoon in Afghanistan,
and the reportedly
deadly consequences of
his behavior. If so, then
she has pioneered a
degree of incompetence
exotic even for this
10-thumbed administra-
tion. If, however, she did
know, and still allowed
Obama to present this
as a mellow moment of
national satisfaction, she
is condign punishment
for his choice of such
Perhaps this exchange
really is, as Obama
said in defending it, an
excellent thing "regard-
less of the circumstances,
whatever those circum-
stances may turn out
to be." His confidence
in its excellence is
striking, considering

that he acknowledges
that we do not know the
facts about what would
seem to be important
Such as the note
Bergdahl reportedly left
before disappearing, in
which he supposedly
said he did not approve
of the U.S. mission in
Afghanistan. And the
notably strong and
numerous expressions
of anger by members
of Bergdahl's battalion
concerning his comport-
ment and its costs.
Obama did not
comply with the law
requiring presidents to
notify Congress 30 days
before such exchanges.
Politico can be cited
about this not because
among the media it is
exceptionally, well, un-
derstanding of Obama's
exuberant notion of
executive latitude but
because it is not. Politico
headlined a story on his
noncompliance with
the law "Obama May
Finally Be Going Rogue
on Gitmo." Politico said
Obama's "assertive"
act "defied Congress"

- Congress, not the
rule of law in order
"to get that process [of
closing Guantanamo Bay
prison] moving." It sent
"a clear message" that
"Obama is now willing
to wield his executive
powers to get the job
done." Or, as used to be
said in extenuation of
strong leaders, "to make
the trains run on time."
The 44th president,
channeling not for the
first time the 37th (in
his post-impeachment
conversation with David
Frost), may say: "When
the president does it,
that means that it is not
illegal." Already the ad-
ministration says events
dictated a speed that
precluded complying
with the law.
This explanation
should be accorded
open-minded, but
not empty-minded,
consideration. It should
be considered in light
of the fact that as the
Veterans Affairs debacle
continued, Obama
went to Afghanistan
to hug some troops,
then completed the

transaction. And in light
of the fact that Obama
waged a seven-month
military intervention in
Libya's civil war without
complying with the
law (the War Powers
Resolution) that requires
presidents to terminate
within 60 to 90 days a
military action not au-
thorized or subsequently
approved by Congress.
Sen. Saxby Chambliss,
R-Ga., vice chairman
of the Intelligence
Committee, says the
administration told him
he would be notified
about negotiations for
the release of terrorists.
He now says he cannot
"believe a thing this
president says."
Obama says his
agents "consulted with
Congress for quite some
time" about prisoner
exchanges with the
Taliban. Mike Rogers,
R-Mich., chairman of
the House Intelligence
Committee, says there
have been no consul-
tations since 2011. Sen.
Jay Rockefeller, D-WVa.,
says, "I don't like it when

the White House says the
intelligence committees
were briefed. Because we
weren't." He says Obama
is "referring to ... 2011-
2012, when I was still in
grade school."
Now, now. "Assertive"
presidents can't be
expected to "go rogue"
without ruffling feathers.
And omelets cannot be
made without breaking
eggs. Etc.
This episode will be
examined by congres-
sional committees, if
they can pierce the
administration's coming
cover-up, which has been
foreshadowed by the
response to congressio-
nal attempts to scrutinize
the politicization of the
IRS. If the military stalls
on turning over files
to Congress pertaining
to the five years of
Bergdahl's absence, we
will at least know that
there is no national
institution remaining to
be corrupted.
George Will is a colum-
nist for The Washington
Post. Readers may reach
him at georgewill@
washpost. com.

'The Rich, the Right, and the Facts

while back I pub-
lished an article
titled "The Rich,
the Right, and the Facts,"
in which I described po-
litically motivated efforts
to deny the obvious -
the sharp rise in U.S. in-
equality, especially at the
very top of the income
scale. It probably won't
surprise you to hear that
I found a lot of statisti-
cal malpractice in high
Neither will it surprise
you to learn that nothing
much has changed. Not
only do the usual sus-
pects continue to deny
the obvious, but they
keep rolling out the same
discredited arguments:
Inequality isn't really
rising; OK, it's rising, but
it doesn't matter because
we have so much social
mobility; anyway, it's a
good thing, and anyone
who suggests that it's a
problem is a Marxist.
What may surprise
you is the year in which
I published that article:
Which brings me to
the latest intellectual
scuffle, set off by an
article by Chris Giles,
the economics editor
of The Financial Times,
attacking the credibil-
ity of Thomas Piketty's
best-selling "Capital
in the Twenty-First
Century." Giles claimed
that Piketty's work made
"a series of errors that
skew his findings," and
that there is in fact no
clear evidence of rising
concentration of wealth.
And like just about every-
one who has followed
such controversies over
the years, I thought,
"Here we go again."
Sure enough, the
subsequent discussion
has not gone well for
Giles. The alleged errors
were actually the kinds of
data adjustments that are
normal in any research
that relies on a variety of
sources. And the crucial
assertion that there is
no clear trend toward
increased concentra-
tion of wealth rested

on a known fallacy,
an apples-to-oranges
comparison that experts
have long warned about
- and that I identified in
that 1992 article.
At the risk of giving too
much information, here's
the issue. We have two
sources of evidence on
both income and wealth:
surveys, in which people
are asked about their
finances, and tax data.
Survey data, while useful
for tracking the poor
and the middle class,
notoriously understate
top incomes and wealth
- loosely speaking,
because it's hard to
interview enough billion-
aires. So studies of the
1 percent, the 0.1 per-
cent, and so on rely
mainly on tax data. The
Financial Times critique,
however, compared
older estimates of wealth
concentration based on
tax data with more recent
estimates based on sur-
veys; this produced an
automatic bias against
finding an upward trend.
In short, this latest
attempt to debunk
the notion that we've
become a vastly more
unequal society has
itself been debunked.
And you should have
expected that. There are
so many independent
indicators pointing to
sharply rising inequality,
from the soaring prices
of high-end real estate
to the booming markets
for luxury goods, that
any claim that inequality
isn't rising almost has to
be based on faulty data
Yet inequality denial
persists, for pretty
much the same reasons
that climate change
denial persists: There are

powerful groups with a
strong interest in reject-
ing the facts, or at least
creating a fog of doubt.
Indeed, you can be sure
that the claim "The
Piketty numbers are all
wrong" will be endlessly
repeated even though
that claim quickly col-
lapsed under scrutiny.
By the way, I'm not
accusing Giles of being
a hired gun for the
plutocracy, although
there are some self-pro-
claimed experts who fit
that description. And
nobody's work should be
considered above criti-
cism. But on politically

charged issues, critics of
the consensus need to
be self-aware; they need
to ask whether they're
really seeking intellectual
honesty, or are effectively
acting as concern trolls,
professional debunkers
of liberal pieties. (Strange
to say, there are no trolls
on the right debunking
conservative pieties.
Funny how that works.)
So here's what you
need to know: Yes, the
concentration of both
income and wealth
in the hands of a few
people has increased
greatly over the past few
decades. No, the people

receiving that income
and owning that wealth
aren't an ever-shifting
group: People move fairly
often from the bottom
of the 1 percent to the
top of the next percen-
tile and vice versa, but
both rags to riches and
riches to rags stories
are rare inequality in
average incomes over
multiple years isn't much
less than inequality in
a given year. No, taxes
and benefits don't greatly
change the picture in
fact, since the 1970s big
tax cuts at the top have
caused after-tax inequal-
ity to rise faster than

inequality before taxes.
This picture makes
some people uncom-
fortable, because it plays
into populist demands
for higher taxes on the
rich. But good ideas
don't need to be sold
on false pretenses. If
the argument against
populism rests on bogus
claims about inequality,
you should consider
the possibility that the
populists are right.

Paul Krugman is a
columnist for The New
York Times. He can be
reached via



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Diabetic Care
Foot Pain
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New Patients Welcome
Dr. Michael Metyk 3191 Harbor Blvd. Unit D
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Routine Annual Visits Laparoscopy Surgeries Hvsteroscopic Procedures
Bladder & Rectal Prolapse repair Treatment Of Abnormal Bleeding
Diagnosis & Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence
Now Accepting New Patients. Please Call For An Appointment

0Yasmeen M. Islam, MD
Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology
3400 Tarniami Trail, Suite #102, Port Charlotte

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the Classifieds!


Charlotte DeSoto Englewood North Port Venice

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

C OurTown Page 9


OurTown Page10 C


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


before moving to the
area from Tampa, has
been cleaning up the
Peace River with her
fellow Parrot Heads.
The same goes for
Gloria and Flip Bailey
of Deep Creek.
"We've been cleaning
beaches and rivers for
10 years," Flip said,
with Gloria adding the
raison d'Otre: "Leave
the world a better
place than you found
Starting off from
the Nav-A-Gator off
County Road 769
(Kings Highway), Jeff
Harkey captained
the pontoon boat,

scouring the shoreline
for debris. While those
with their own canoes
and kayaks were free
to explore the shallow
depths of the many
offshoot waterways,
the pontoon stayed
the course on the main
Passing scenes of
wildlife and other
points of interest, such
as a half-sunken ship-
wreck Harkey called
the "The Ghost Ship
of Deep Creek," the
crew soon came upon
a variety of invasive
man-made materials,
including the No. 1
offender -discarded
beer cans and bottles.
In years past, how-
ever, other items, large
and small, have been
rescued from the river.

"We found a trampo-
line after (Hurricane)
Charley. We found ev-
erything after Charley,"
said Dede Stuart, who,
along with her husband
Harry, and a handful of
like-minded nautical
travelers, founded the
Navigator Boat Club in
Ever since, the boat
club has participated
in the Peace River
Cleanup and, begin-
ning at 9 a.m. today,
planned to take the
lead in the two-day
river revival.
Other volunteers
offered their own sto-
ries of treasures lost,
then found, reclaiming
everything from refrig-
erators to bowling balls
to toilets, as well as
parts of picnic tables

and metal sheds. But
their work has paid off.
"It has gotten a lot
better," Stuart said.
"People are becoming
more educated and
informed about keep-
ing the river cleaner.
People are more
in-tuned to taking the
trash with you."
The Nav-A-Gator's
Bethyl Thiemt supports
the preservation of
the Peace River, where
the restaurant, and its
patrons, enjoy a front-
row seat to its natural
"We want to keep
the environment
clean and the river
pristine," Thiemt said,
"so it is enjoyable for
everybody for years to

Flip Bailey of Deep Creek hooks onto a plastic water jug during
Saturday's Peace River Cleanup, which continues from 9 a.m. to
2 p.m. today at the Nav-A-Gator.

Gloria Bailey goes all in to pick up trash during the cleanup.


Nav-A-Gator owner Dennis Kirk not only sponsored the 20th
Annual Peace River Cleanup, but also participated in the week- Bill "Coach" Gurnick of Port Charlotte snares an empty chip bag
end's event in his airboat. along the river.

"Crazy Bob" Brandt of the Charlotte Harbor Parrot Head Club
pulls in a large catch during the Peace River Cleanup Saturday,
sponsored by the Nav-A-Gator Grill & Marina.


resulted in the resigna-
tion of Veterans Affairs
secretary Eric Shinseki
on May 30. The scandal
also prompted U.S.
lawmakers to push for
emergency legislation to
deal with veterans facing
long waits for appoint-
ments and to make it
easier to fire administra-
tors who covered up the
The Florida Agency
for Health Care
Administration also filed
suit against the VA in
order to gain access to VA
hospitals in Florida.
Doctors at Bay Pines
scheduled Conetta for
a bone scan on Aug. 8,
2008. However, by that
time he had already had
the surgery to remove
his prostate, going to a
civilian hospital in Miami
because he believed he
could not wait for the
Conetta asked the VA
to reimburse him for the
$12,500 he paid for the
procedure. He has not
yet received any type of
reimbursement, he said.
Conetta said the issue
wasn't about money, be-
cause he had the means

"... the world only hears the bad
stuff, and there's so many good
things with the VA."

Kim Lovejoy, retired master sergeant

to pay for the operation.
But he pointed out that
many veterans do not.
"What about them?"
he asked.
The Punta Gorda
veteran's problems with
the VA system date back
several years. In the early
1990s, Conetta found
out about a new type of
prosthetic leg.
Conetta already has
a prosthetic leg, but
the new type would
allow him to walk with
less pain, he said. He
obtained the new leg,
but was informed the VA
would not reimburse him
because it was from an
outside vendor.
In May of 1993,
Conetta wrote a letter
to then-President Bill
Clinton, informing him
of the situation. A few
months later he received
a letter from Clinton
saying that veterans
deserved the best pos-
sible care not the "least
He was then reimbursed
for the leg by the VA.

Sandhill Healing, Inc.
Kimberly Coffey, LMT
Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Kelly Dinnan, LMT, MMP
Medical Massage Therapist
and Peace River Massage ), A
__ & Health Spa Clients
22013 C,,20131 r
Sandhill Healing, Inc. -
Ai n integrative Medicine Center
24451 Sandhill Blvd Suite B, Port Charlotte
MM30714 MA41234

Many veterans
Many veterans, howev-
er, are pleased with the
VA health care system,
said Jason Dangel, public
information officer with
Bay Pines Healthcare
The Bay Pines VA
Healthcare System
operates the C.W "Bill"
Young VA Medical
Center, a hospital in
St. Petersburg. The
Bay Pines Healthcare
System also operates
clinics in Port Charlotte,
Cape Coral, Bradenton,
Palm Harbor, Sebring,
Sarasota, Naples and St.
Calls to the Port
Charlotte and Cape
Coral offices were direct-
ed to the main center in
St. Petersburg.
Dangel, a veteran
himself who relies on
the VA for health care,
believes the vast major-
ity of veterans around
the nation, and specifi-
cally those served by Bay
Pines, are satisfied with
their service.
"We're dedicated to
the veterans we serve,"
he said.
Dangel said he

could not comment on
Conetta's specific issues,
but he added that he
would have someone at
the VA attempt to contact
the local veteran to
discuss his concerns. He
also would not comment
on any litigation by the
Florida Agency for Health
Care Administration.
He also said the VA
only reimburses for
procedures when it sends
a veteran to an outside
physician approved by
VA officials for a proce-
dure. Dangel compared
Conetta's case to an
individual going outside
of his insurance compa-
ny's network.
Retired Master Sgt.
Kim Lovejoy, 59, Port
Charlotte, is one of the
veterans who is satisfied
with her health care.
Lovejoy, who is the im-
mediate past president
of the Charlotte County
Veterans Council, has
had no issues at the Port
Charlotte or Cape Coral
"When I have prob-
lems, I'm seen quickly,"
she said. "I have regular
appointments and lab
work a couple of times a
Watching the news
about the national
scandal makes Lovejoy
sad, she said.
"Yes, they're uncov-
ering stuff and that's
terrible," she said. "But
the world only hears the
bad stuff, and there's so
many good things with
the VA."

Arthur Falbo

Arthur Falbo, 66,
Murdock, also has no
complaints about his
health care. The U.S.
Army veteran has had
surgery on his nose
and he goes to the Port
Charlotte Clinic for basic
"They did a fabulous
job with my surgery at no
charge to me," he said.
David Rockow, an
assistant veterans service
officer at the Charlotte
County Veterans Services
Division, also believes
local veterans receive
good health care at the
Bay Pines facilities.

Doctor availability
an issue
"Most of the com-
plaints I hear is about
the availability of doctors
here in Port Charlotte,"
Rockow said. "The VA
may have to divert the
patients to the Cape
Coral clinic."
Rockow added that
"90 percent" of the clients
he talks to are satisfied
with the VAs service.
The Charlotte County
Veterans Services
Division is a county office
that works to connect vet-
erans to services. It is not
under the VAs umbrella.
Rockow added that
veterans who are having
issues with their health
care should contact his
office so he can help
address the issues.
The Charlotte County

Veterans Services of-
fice can be reached at
Conetta isn't the only
Charlotte County veteran
with complaints about the
VA medical system. Navy
veteran Charles DeBerry,
67, Port Charlotte, has also
had issues.
DeBerry said that he
has had severe back prob-
lems since last November,
and that he had to go to a
private physician to take
care of the issue.
"The VA told me they
don't work on backs," he
The procedure was
paid for by Medicare and
Medicaid, he said.
DeBerry also had his
teeth pulled at a local
VA clinic. The clinic's
administration told him
it would provide him
with false teeth.
"And I still don't have
them," he said.
Richard Panabaker, 69,
Port Charlotte, has had
mixed experiences with
the local VA medical sys-
tem. Overall, he is happy
with his health care, but
he had an issue with one
of his eyes.
He went to the VA clin-
ic in Cape Coral to have
a doctor look at his eye,
from which he couldn't
see. He said he was told
he needed immediate
"And then I didn't hear
from them for a week,"
he said.
The VA doctors referred
Panabaker to a private
care physician because he
needed an eye specialist,
who called him asking if
he wanted to set up an
appointment in a month.
"I told them what was
going on and they said
get in here immediately,"
Panabaker said.
Panabaker was treated
with multiple doses
of eye drops and he
regained sight in his eye.
Email: pfallon@sun-heraldxom

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


C OurTown Pagel11

Charlotte County

Mackenzie Wogen, to
MaryBeth Curnow and Josh
Wogen of Port Charlotte, at
8:37 a.m. May 19. She weighed
7 pounds, 12 ounces.
Sonia Aliyana Nunez, to
Jessica Poffenbarger and Chad
Nunez of Punta Gorda, at 9:52 p.m.
May 28. She weighed 6 pounds,
13.2 ounces.
Brayden Michael Steven
Jones, to Cortney Kauffman
and Jeffery Jones of Punta Gorda,
at 9:10 p.m. May 29. He weighed
9 pounds, 6 ounces.
Josephine Irene Boling,
to Jennifer and Ryan Boling of
Englewood, at 5:29 p.m. May 31. She
weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

Charlotte County

Nick Samuel Goshay of Punta
Gorda, and Imari Alzona McMullen of
Cape Coral
Ryan Christopher Rhodes
of Punta Gorda, and Crystal Ann
Krasniewski of Punta Gorda
Alexander Gabriel Amato of
Punta Gorda, and Brittany Elizabeth
Crane of Punta Gorda
Billy Joe Travis III of Port
Charlotte, and Erin Michele Woods of
Port Charlotte
Jordan Nicholas Thompson of
Port Charlotte, and Jordan Leanne
Thompson of Port Charlotte
Mario Adalberto Amaya of Port
Charlotte, and Ana Maria Mairena of
Port Charlotte
Jody Lee Mansell of Fort
Myers, and Paula Jeanne Vazquez

of Fort Myers
Nicholas Joseph Rizzo III of
Rotonda West, and Gail Ann Kitson of
North Port
Romualdo De Jesus Ramirez of
Port Charlotte, and Melinda Anne
Norris of Port Charlotte
-Timothy William Smith of North
Port, and Patricia Ann Murray of
North Port
George Kenneth Berkey II of Lake
Panasoffkee, Fla., and Rebecca Diane
Baumler of North Port
Charles Bob Jernigan Jr. of Port
Charlotte, and Eletia Elaine Spencer of
Port Charlotte
Ryan Michael Lipford of
Englewood, and Stephanie Elise
Whitworth of Englewood
Gabriel Elias Teixeira of Port
Charlotte, and Isabella Campos Vieira
of Port Charlotte
David Allen Trautner of Port
Charlotte, and Sierra Dawn Smith of
Port Charlotte
Andrew Carl Jelliff Jr. of Port
Charlotte, and Adrean Shawna Kerstin
Evans of Port Charlotte

Charlotte County
Caitlyn R. Barton v. Dale Barton
Jason Jonathan Colby v.
Arunyarat N. Colby
Cheryl L. Hesser v. Peter C. Hesser
Megan Nichole Kearns v. John
Benjamin Kearns
Steven Lee Kruger v. Marci Mae
Mayra Milo v. Alejandro Gustavo
Troy Albert Spalding v. Savannah
Rochelle Spalding
Juliano Sukyong v. Daniel S.


Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club

Partners Bridge winners
May 22:1-Geri Dempsey, Marty
Stikkers; 2-Lyle and Louise Rae. May
29:1 -Carol Jeffrey, Glen Tschetter;
2-Geri Dempsey, Marty Stikkers.
Slam Bridge winners June 4:
1 Irene Runkle, 2200; 2-Bob Lehman,
2150; 3-Frank Betz, 1740.

Charlotte Square
Charlotte County Bridge
Group winners May 31: Virginia
Clayton, 4990; Ro Johnson, 4310;
Trudy Riley, 4200; Lila Jameson, 3870.

Chubbyz Tavern

Big Dog's Live Trivia
Challenge winners June 4:1 The
Cat's Meow, $50; 2-The Cinderella
Boys, $25; 3-The Irish Elephants, $25.

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County

Duplicate Bridge Club winners
May 22:1-Pat Betts, Warren Prince;
2-Peggy Villela, Marilyn Grant;
3-Florence Burns, Dave Valliant. May
27: N/S: 1-Ginger Smith, John Avery;
2-Joan and Ted Walbourn; 3-Lois
Kenyon, Marilyn Grant. E/W: 1-Bob
Sandahl, Leslie Clugston; 2-Ken and
Patty Earl; 3-Mary Chupak, Polly
Engebrecht. May 29 (p.m.): N/S:
1 -Ginger Smith, John Avery; 2-Bob
Mohrbacher, Yoshi Lapo; 3-Joan and
Ted Walbourn. E/W: 1-Jackie Forslund,
Kathy Haag; 2-Peggy Villela, Robert
Rancourt; 3-Florence Burns, Dave
Monday Night Pinochle
winners June 2:1-Lavaun Berkland,
669; 2-Al Haines, 638; 3-Mike Hess,
Contract Bridge winners
May 28: Pat Mulligan, 6190; Georgia
Klemm, 5350; Marty Lauer, 4980; Bill
Marsh, 4500.
Wednesday Double Deck
Pinochle winners June 4:1-Gary
Sblendorio, 1745; 2-Dick Lajoie,
1705; 3-Dot Ladd, 1622; 4-Kathy

Garbowicz, 1582.
Thursday Night Double Deck
Pinochle winners May 29:1-Bob
Paulson, 1622; 2-Virginia Clayton,
1581; 3-Rita Harkey, 1547.
Friday Evening Bridge winners
May 30: Trudy Riley, 6300; Jug Gogia,
5580; Marty Lauer, 5230; Virginia
Clayton, 4860.
Friday Night Euchre winners
May 30:1-Bill Marsh, 81; 2-Bonnie
Weithman, 76; 3-Mary Lewis, 72.
Pinochle winners May 31:
1 -Robert Tabb, 732; 2-Jan Howard,
695; 3-Bryce Freds, 651. June 3:
1 Jan Howard, 698; 2-Mary Lewis,
665; 3-Paolo Lombardo, 633.

Deep Creek Elks

Monday Bridge
winners June 2:1-Georgia Klemm,
4050; 2-Toni Trezise, 3990; 3-Ken
Kidneigh, 3540; 4-Linda Kopp, 3380.

Isles Yacht Club

Scrabble winners May 30:
Judith Howell, 300; Marianne
Schenkel, 235.
Duplicate Bridge winners
June 4:1-Fred and Jane Jacobs;
2-Gail and Mike Fortier; 3-John
Cravens, Bobbie Fischer.

Kingsway Country

Ladies Bridge winners May 30:
1 -Judy Mau; 2-Berry Worthington;
3-Linda Bellmore. June 4:1-Linda
Bellmore; 2-Tessie Cox.


Duplicate Bridge Club winners
May 23:1-Susan and Earl Lewis;
2-Barbara Johnson, Paula Farr; 3-John
Bush; Everett Dehn. May 26:1-James
Kioski, Everett Dehn; 2-David Baird,
Grace Campbell; 3-Susan and Earl
Lewis. May 30:1-Ginger Smith, John
Avery; 2-Chuck Skarvan, Marilyn
Grant; 3-Sherry Lane, Rita Sick.
PGICA Monday Night
Duplicate Bridge winners June 2:
1 -Terri Leavy, Georgene Keirn; 2-Gene
and Polly Englebrecht; 3-Marcia Ling,
Pat Slaughter.



The Benjamin J. Baker
Community Development
Corp. now is accepting
scholarship applications
from graduates of the class
of 2014. Applications are
available for download at
org. To request that an
application be mailed
to you, contact the
office at 941-916-0282;
or to be emailed, contact

benjaminbakerCDC@ All criteria
mentioned on the appli-
cation must be met prior
to the deadline date. Feel
free to call if you have any
questions concerning the
The deadline for sub-
mission of an application
is June 30. All applications
must be postmarked no
later than June 30, and
mailed to: Benjamin
J. Baker Community
Development Corporation,
PO. Box 511713, Punta
Gorda, FL. 33951-1713.

an m reviit
wwflrS ubScotcsco






CASE NO: 08-2012-CA
(CWALT 2005-54CB);
To the following Defenda
Last Known Address
action for Foreclosure
gage on the following d
LOT 325, BLOCK 1998
a/k/a 2920 h
has been filed against
you are required to serve
of you written defenses,
it, on Marinosci Law Gr(
Attorney for Plaintiff
address is 100 W. Cypre
Road, Suite 1045, Fo
erdale, Florida 33309, w
ty (30) days after the f
cation of this Notice in t
file the original with the
this Court either before
on Plaintiff's attorney or
ately thereafter; other
default will be entered ag
for the relief demand in
This notice is provided
to Administrative Or
ACT, If you are a person
disability who needs an
modation in order to part
this proceeding, you are
at no cost to you, to the
of certain assistance. Ple
tact the Administrative
Manager, whose office i
at 350 E. Marion Avenu
Gorda, Florida 33950, a
telephone number is (9
2281, within two workin
your receipt of this [NO
ACTION]; if you are he
voice impaired, call 711
WITNESS my hand and
of this Court this 28th da
As Clerk of the Court
By C.L.G.
As Deputy Clerk
Publish: June 1 and 8, 2
322095 3046826
CASE NO.: 140'


To the following Defendant(s):
Last Known Address
Last Known Address
Last Known Address
T OF THE action for Foreclosure of Mort-
CIRCUIT, gage on the following described
AND FOR property:
EDITORS, 33947
OTHERS has been filed against you and
EREST IN you are required to serve a copy
A ROHR, of you written defenses, if any, to
ND ALL it, on Marinosci Law Group, P.C.,
CLAIMING Attorney for Plaintiff, whose
ER AND address is 100W. Cypress Creek
NAMED Road, Suite 1045, Fort Laud-
[(S) WHO erdale, Florida 33309, within thir-
BE DEAD ty (30) days after the first publi-
-R SAID cation of this Notice in the CHAR-
POUSES, file the original with the Clerk of
ANTEES, this Court either before service
; MORT on Plaintiff's attorney or immedi-
EGISTRA- ately thereafter; otherwise a
AS NOMI- default will be entered against you
ANS INC.; for the relief demand in the com-
This notice is provided pursuant
ION to Administrative Order No.
ant(s): 2.065.
CREDI- ACT, If you are a person with a
D ALL disability who needs any accom-
LAIM AN modation in order to participate in
IATE OF this proceeding, you are entitled,
SED at no cost to you, to the provision
of certain assistance. Please con-
tact the Administrative Services
that an Manager, whose office is located
of Mort- at 350 E. Marion Avenue, Punta
described Gorda, Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941) 637-
8, PORT 2281, within two working days of
VISION, your receipt of this [NOTICE OF
ING TO ACTION]; if you are hearing or
OF AS voice impaired, call 711.
300K 5, WITNESS my hand and the seal
H 74K, of this Court this 28th day of May,
PUBLIC 2014.
As Clerk of the Court
MONT- By: C. L. G.
CHAR- As Deputy Clerk
981 Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
you and 322095 3046857
ve a copy 1
if any, to NOTICE OF
ess Creek
ort Laud-
Clerk of Case No.: 08005552CA
e service Section:
against you LOANS
the com- Plaintiff.
dthe seal Defendant(s).
suant to an Order on Motion for
Leave to Cancel Foreclosure Sale
dated April 22. 2014, entered in
Civil Case No. O8OO5552CA of
2014 the Circuit Court of the Twentieth
Judicial Circuit in and for Char-
T OF THE lotte County, Florida, wherein the
_CIRCUIT, Clerk of the Circuit Court will sell
AND FOR to the highest bidder for cash on
FLORIDA 21st day of Jl, 2014, at 11:00
O518CA a.m. at website:
A, https://www.charlotte.realfore-
-R closecomn, in accordance with
A Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, rela-
tive to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
NKNOWN Judgment, to wit:
SPOUSE Any person claiming an interest in
REK; ALV- the surplus from the sale, if any,
ALVINA other than the property owner as
3N; ANY of the date of the Lis Pendens
PARTIES must file a claim within 60 days

H, UNDER alter the sale.
DEFEN- TIES ACT. If you are a person
KNOWN with a disability who needs
WHETHER any accommodation in order
FIES MAY to participate in this proceed-
S SPOUS- ing, you are entitled, at no
cost to you, to the provision of

If you are an individual with a dis-
ability who needs an accommoda-
To view today's legal notices
and more visit,


certain assistance. Please
contact Jon Embury, Adminis-
trative Services Manager,
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days: if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated at PUNTA GORDA, Florida
ths 2nd day of May, 2014
K. Sandrock
Barbara T. Scott
Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
329037 3046964

Case No. 2010-CA-001556
CitiMortgage, Inc.,
Chrystal Dawn, et al
suant to a Final Judgment of Fore-
closure dated May 06, 2014,
entered in Case No. 2010-CA-
001556 of the Circuit Court of
the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein CitiMortgage, Inc. is the
Plaintiff and Chrystal Dawn;
Unknown Spouse of Chrystal
Dawn if any; Capital One Bank
(USA), N.A. a/k/a Capital One
Bank; Any And All Unknown Par-
ties Claiming By, Through, Under
And Against The Herein Named
Individual Defendant(S) Who Are
Not Known To Be Dead Or Alive,
Whether Said Unknown Parties
May Claim An Interest As Spous-
es, Heirs, Devisees, Grantees Or
Other Claimants; John Doe and
Jane Doe as Unknown Tenants in
Possession are the Defendants,
that I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash by electronic
sale at www.charlotte.realfore-, beginning at 11:00
AM on the July 9, 2014, the fol-
lowing described property as set
forth in said Final Judgment, to
LOT(S) 35 AND 36, BLOCK A,
WOOD, YEAR: 1989, VIN#
Dated this 27 day of May, 2014.
Barbara Scott
As Clerk of the Court
By: K. Sandrock
As Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact
Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose
office is located at 350 E.
Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda,
Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941)
637-2110, at least 7 days
before your scheduled court
appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 day; if you are hearing
or voice impaired, call 711.
Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
349911 3046892
CASE NO. 08-2011-CA-002629
suant to an Order rescheduling
foreclosure sale dated MAY 09
2014 entered in Civil Case No.
08-2011-CA-002629 of the Cir-
cuit Court of the TVENTIETH Judi-
cial Circuit in and for Charlotte
County, Florida, wherein Wells
Fargo Bank, N.A., Plaintiff and
defendant(s). The Clerk will sell to
the highest and best bidder for
cash, AT www.charlotte.realfore-
closecomn, IN ACCORDANCE
13 2014, 2014 the following
described property as set forth in
said Final Judgment, to-wit:
Property Address: 40211 LITLE






tion in order to participate in a
court proceeding or other court
service, program, or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you, to
the provision of certain assis-
tance. Requests for accommoda-
tions may be presented on the
form below, in another written for-
mat, or orally. Please complete
the form below (choose the form
for the county where the accom-
modation is being requested) and
return it as far in advance as pos-
sible, but preferably at least
seven (7) days before your sched-
uled court appearance or other
court activity. Please see contact
information below and select the
contact from the county where
the accommodation is being
To download the correct Accom-
modation form, please choose
the County your court proceeding
or other court service, program
or activity covered by Title II of
the Americans with Disabilities
Act is in so we can route your
request to the appropriate con-
 Charlotte County
 Collier County
 Hendry County
 Glades County
DATED at Punta Gorda, Florida,
this 2 day of June, 2014.
By: K. Sandrock
Deputy Clerk
Publish: June 5 and 8, 2014
322095 3048281

YOU CAN.....

,/Find a Pet
.4"Find a Car
.Find a Job
/Find Garage Sales
/Find A New Employee
.Sell Your Home
-Sell Your Unwanted
VAdvartise Your
Business or Service

Classified -
it's the reliable
source for the
right results

Case File No.: 13002314CA
Division: Civil
COAST, LLC., a Florida limited
liability company,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undersigned Clerk of the Circuit
Court of Charlotte County, Flori-
da, will on the 3 day of July,
2014, at beginning 11:00 a.m. at
https://www.charlotte.realfore- in accordance with
Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, offer
for sale to the highest bidder for
cash, the following described
property situated in Charlotte
County. Florida:
Lot 1, Block 1848, Port
Charlotte Subdivision, Sec-
tion 56, according to the
Plat thereof as recorded in
Plat Book 5, Pages 70A
thru 70H, inclusive, of the
Public Records of Char-
lotte County, Florida.
pursuant to the Final Judgment
entered in a case pending in said
Court, the style of which is indi-
cated above.
WITNFSS my hand and the official
seal of said Court this 3 day of
June, 2014.
Clerk of the Court
BY: K. Sandrock
Deputy Clerk
Publish: June 8 and 15, 2014
202370 3049646



:OurTownPagel2 C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014


April, about eight students
file into a small confer-
ence room at Charlotte
Behavioral, kick off their
shoes, and lie down on
their mats. The more
tentative among them sit
in chairs at the back of the
Usually, there are
between eight and 12
students in each class,
Williamson said. Most
students, unfortunately,
she'll see only once.
Although the 15-bed re-
covery facility reserves two
beds for patients needing
long-term care of up to 28
days, the average length of
stay for most detox patients

II "


is five to seven days.
"We hope that they just
get at least one idea or
tool to take with them,"
Williamson said.
As the students settle
onto their mats, Williamson
begins the class by guiding
them through a sequence
of gentle movements
and breathing exercises.
With each move, she asks
students to pay attention to
their breath.
"The most important
tool is the breath," she
said. "Use the breath, get
in touch with the breath.
Learn to calm yourself by
focusing on your breath."
For Williamson, the
breath is everything.
"It's a terrific self-sooth-
ing tool for everybody," she
She encourages students

to take slow, deep breaths
when they feel anxious.
She also asks them to pay
attention to when their
breathing quickens. Often,
that's a signal of stress, she
"Breathing is the min-
imum thing you can do,
and yet it's the maximum
thing you can do, especially
in recovery programs," she
noted. "Without it, you
have nothing."
For Jennie, a detox pa-
tient in Wdliamson's class,
just being able to sit quietly
in a safe place for a few
minutes was therapeutic.
She wished she could take
the class every day.
"The fact that I could
hear my heartbeat was
amazing," she said. "But
I'm glad I did it."
Email: bbarbosa@sun-heraldom

Teacher Virginia Williamson teaches yoga to patients in the detox facility at Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care in Punta Gorda. Each Monday, she guides students through a series of gentle move-
ments and breathing exercises.

Wanted: Pioneer Days grand marshal


sisters Tammy Birdsong
and Midge Orren have deep
roots in Englewood, dating
back to the pioneering
Biorseth family, who settled
in Englewood in 1894.
That's partly why being
named Pioneer Days Parade
grand marshals in 2012 was
no small honor to them.
"It's the recognition by
the (oraanizina conmmit-

u kutee and the community
tee and the community
ou Spnd Here IfStays Here for our involvement,"
Birdsong said. Among their
wwpunlgordockomberom community involvement

Kumrm Kumu

400 IEOOtFiED A DI flir DU, 0All4 ~mP i4 ~'

DBeteen ReE as of I onecDepot


A+ Rate Hire Craftsmen, Not Installers
!10- A+ Rated *Paver install excludes Charlotte County

WeAreA Family Owned Company
With Over 50 Years Combined
Experience, In Business Since 1974
,NFIB Member, A+ Rating With The 888,
Sales, Service & Installation,

, Find Us On:
BBB Licensed, Insured #CAC1817312
1 : A Rating

in Englewood, Birdsong
and Orren participated in
the organizing of Pioneer
Days events for years as
Englewood Jaycees and with
the subsequent grassroots
organizing committee that
took over Pioneer Days six
years ago to ensure that
the traditional Labor Day
celebration would continue.
Orren described the expe-
rience as overwhelming and
humbling at the same time.
Last year, Jean Berlin
served as the grand
marshal. Berlin has been
an Englewood resident for
more than 50 years, but
she's not a member of any
Englewood pioneer family
The committee considered
Berlin for grand marshal
because she and her late
husband John committed
themselves to Englewood's
youth, most notably
providing the $200,000 seed
money for the creation of
the J.M. Berlin/Rotary Skate
Park on San Casa Drive.
"Jean shows the commu-
nity of Englewood what the
true meaning of caring is,"
said Jean Airey, the organiz-
ing committee's webmaster.
"She not only made the
skate park a reality, but she
genuinely cares about the
safety and enjoyment of the

The question is, who
will be the grand marshal
of the 58th Englewood
Pioneer Days Parade this
fall? Nominations from
the community are being
requested byJuly2.
"We are always encourag-
ing more people to become
involved in the planning,
organizing and enjoying
the whole weekend," said
Erick Phelps, chairman of
the Pioneer Days Event
Committee. Pioneer Days
events are scheduled from
Aug. 16 to Sept. 1 this year.
"We haven't made any de-
cisions at all," he said. "We
really want people to tell us
who they think should be
(the grand marshal)."
The selection process
itself is "more an art than a
science," Phelps said. While
the number varies, he said
the committee receives an
average of 20 nominations
annually Nominees might
not be from pioneer fami-
lies, like Birdsong or Orren,
but Phelps said they should
be "pioneers in action,
helping the Englewood
community move forward."
The organizers ask
that those nominating
individuals should include
an explanation of why that
person deserves to be the
grand marshal.


Learn about the Florida Spine &
Neuro Center and the innovative
treatment options available.

Attend a FREE LUNCH N' LEARN spine seminar:
Wednesday June 1 h 11:00 AM
Best Western Ambassador Suites
400 Commercial Court -Venice
Call 1-888-847-8876 to RSVP.

F=" ATehin Hoph I j

The theme for this year's
Pioneer Days is "Hooked
on Englewood." Traditional
Pioneer Days events-
such as the Little Miss/Mr.
Englewood Pageant, Capt.
Ricks Cardboard Boat Race,
the Michael O'Donnell
Memorial Kids Fish-A-
Thon, and Shipwreck
dances are already in the
planning stages.
But Phelps encourag-
es churches, nonprofit
groups or individuals
who want to sponsor
their own, new events
for Pioneer Days to join
the planning effort. A
portion of the proceeds
from various events
goes to nonprofit and

To submit a nomination for
the 58th Englewood Pioneer
Days Parade grand marshal, visit
com, email info@englewood, or call
941-474-3764 by July 2.
other causes.
For more informa-
tion on events and
about participating in
Pioneer Days, visit www.
com, or call Phelps at

2013 Pioneer Days Parade Grand Marshal Jean Berlin waves to
the during last year's annual Labor Day Weekend celebration.
Pioneer Days organizers are asking the community for nomina-
tions for this year's grand marshal.

BEST Acupuncturist

Least Expensive

- - -



June 25th


America's BEST Community Daily


Water's Edge Dermatology. Now in Port Charlotte Call for an appointment

SAdult and Pediatric Dermatology
Diseases of the Skin, Hair & Nails
Skin Cancer Detection & Treatment
Cosmetic Services

China Healing Center
12497 Tamiami Trail, #3 North Port, FL 34287
D4698 941-953-4888 -941-564-6291

2484 Caring Way, Suite C Port Charlotte, FL 33952

941. 235-2111

Ge tdeAw

Scan with
your Smartphone
for more information.


,Dr. Laura DeStefano

:OurTown Page 12 C

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


:The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 C OurTown Page 13






$597 "Laurel Hills"
Queen Sleigh Storage Bed



15 Florida Locations Featuring The Finest Quality Home Furnishings & Interior Design

4200 Tamiami Trail
(North of Kings Hwy.)

5301 Clark Road
(At NE Corner of Honore Ave.)

4580 Cleveland Ave.
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ttOn In-Stock Items. Ask Store Personnel For Details. *Savings based on Baer's retail. Baer's never sells at retail (MSRP). Excludes fair traded items, rugs & chandeliers. Design License #IBC000503.

Shop 24/7 at
Browse locations, collections,
promotions & much more.
... G



:The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

C OurTown Page 13

F Design

Youth reach new heights at Camp Dotzler

A third of the way up, Amy Wycoff, 11, hangs on
to one of the large beams, trying to decide if she
wanted to be lowered or continue climbing.

Brynn Ackerman, 11, spent most of her
morning learning how to be a belayer, the
one who controls the lifeline for the climbers
of the wooden tower at the Dotzler center.

For each climber, there must be a trained belayer, the one who controls the ropes attached to the

Gina Sauer, camp director, takes new kayakers out into Char-
lotte Harbor, teaching them forward and backward paddling,
along with maneuvering.

Dr. Thomas R. Cherpak, D.D.S.
Dr. Kristin A. Woods, D.D.S.
Dr. Richard L. Ballentine, D.M.D.
Dr. Adam Gutwein, D.M.D. DntsyI mplnteistr
Carng.nvronen Comei etsr
Sam Da* Eergncis ecod Oinon RE
CidethogSeirAut otIs urnc scete

1484 amimiTralNoth or, F0328

Summer camp at the Dotzler YMCA facility in Charlotte Harbor
dubbed"Camp Dotzler"- offers tower climbing, as well as
learning the technique needed to be a belayer, who controls
Dylan Moinerney, 10, paddles from his stretched-out position in the ropes/lifelines for the climbers. A few more feet to climb,
his kayak. and Aaron Magnoli, 10, made it to the top of the wooden tower.

Jorge Cabrera, M.D.
"Reversing Diabetes

Village Place ALF
(Assisted Living Facility #9249)
& Signature Home Now
(HHA #299992688)



June 12, 2014

John P. Braut, D.O.
"Managing Shoulder
& Knee Pain"
I Pm

Port Charlotte Cultural Center .....
Event Time: I OAM-2PM Limited Seating

Please RSVP: (941)766-8900

Paul M. Popper, M.D., PA.
"CAD, How to Manage"

Deborah Jo Dunham, ARNP-Bc Saeed Shahzad, M.D.
"Heart Failure, How to Manage" "Alzheimers & Dementia"
11:30AM 12PM

Tug-of-war was one of the many games played throughout the
days at the Dotzler Y summer camp.

SThomasFR E
Quigley, FREE

Board Certified :
Eye Physician : FOR NEW PATIENTS:
& Surgeon Icomplete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors
20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A includes prescription for eyeglasses,
PORT CHARLOTTE I and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and
941-766-7474 other eye diseases. Offer applies to
2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL new patients 59 years and older.
PUNTA GORDA bffer does not apply to Freedom anI
941-639-2020 Optimum health plan participants.
I Coupon Expires 7/16/2014
330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO I No Hidden Charge It ilpolicy that the patient and or
FARM CREDIT), ARCADIA b e rice examnaoo enI
tillii erfom da lslt of reimrbuire within 12
8 6 3 -9 9 3 -2 0 2 0 t he i ...1 t1 for the fr....
I dis oune eor reced fee ser ice examinrationr or I
treatmentn (fter does not applyto Avantica managed
i nu rani ce plans including freedomm Optimum an. .
UnLiv1ers l I1
I Code: CSoo1
L" - -


:OurTown Page 14 C

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014




US job market
recovers losses yet
appears weaker

The U.S. economy has finally
regained the jobs lost to the
Great Recession. But go easy on
the hallelujahs. The comeback
is far from complete.

Page 2

Body fat: Beige
is the new brown

Readers on the lookout for the
next big thing in weight loss
have heard of brown fat: those
mitochondria-rich fat cells
found plentifully between the
shoulder blades of mice, babies
and young, thin people.

Page 2 -

Free speech or
illegal threatsP

Messages posted on Facebook
and Twitter or sent in emails
can be tasteless, vulgar and
even disturbing. But just when
do they cross the line from free
speech to threats that can be
punished as a crime?

Page 3 -

Man charged in
Mounties' deaths
obsessed with guns

A chilling portrait of a man
obsessed with guns and anti-gov-
ernment rhetoric began to
emerge as people in this eastern
Canadian city struggled to
reconcile the knowledge that the
person charged with murdering
three Mounties was the same one
who had seemingly lived quietly
among them.

Page 6 -

Emotional robot
set for sale in Japan
next ear

A cooing,
humanoid on
wheels that
can decipher
has been
unveiled in
Japan by
Son who


says robots should be tender and
make people smile.

Page 1 -

he Hire


Ukraine's leader sworn in

Petro Poroshenko calls for rebels to lay down arms


KIEV, Ukraine
Ukraine's new
president on Saturday
called for pro-Russian
rebels in the country's
east to lay down their
arms and welcomed
dialogue with the
insurgents, but said
he wouldn't negotiate
with those he called
"gangsters and killers"
and struck a defiant
tone on the Russian-
annexed Crimean
Petro Poroshenko's
inaugural address
after taking the oath
of office in parliament
gave little sign of a
AP PHOTOS quick resolution to
the conflict in the
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reviews an honor guard after the inauguration ceremony in Sophia Square in Kiev, east, which Ukrainian
Ukraine, Saturday. Petro Poroshenko took the oath of office as Ukraine's president Saturday, assuming leadership of a
country mired in a violent uprising and economic troubles. UKRAINE 14

44 ~ a i mI ; 11

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lights a candle
in St. Sophia Cathedral after his inauguration in Kiev,
Ukraine, Saturday.


The O.J. Simpson
murder trial exposed
many painful truths.
None hit harder than
the idea that white and
black people often look
at the same facts and
see different realities.
Today, 20 years after
the case divided the
nation, few opinions

Ukraine's new President Petro Poroshenko holds a mace, the Ukrainian symbol of power,
during his inauguration ceremony, in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday.

son case at 20

have changed. Despite
two decades' worth
of increasing racial
acceptance, the saga
still reflects deep-root-
ed obstacles to a truly
united America.
Most people still
believe that the black
football legend killed
his white ex-wife and
her friend, polls show.

This combo photo shows file photos of O.J. Simpson. The
left photo shows Simpson in 1995, after the jury acquitted
him in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald
Goldman. Center: Simpson on the first day of his trial for
armed robbery and kidnapping, in 2008, in Las Vegas.
Right: Simpson seeking a new trial in 2013, in Las Vegas.


In this June 17, 1994, photo, a white Ford Bronco, driven by Al Cowlings carrying O.J.
Simpson, is trailed by Los Angeles police cars as it travels on a Southern California
freeway in Los Angeles. Cowlings and Simpson led authorities on a chase after Simpson
was charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown
Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

Tracy Morgan critically

injured in 6-car pileup


N.J. -Actor and come-
dian Tracy Morgan was
critically injured Saturday
after a tractor-trailer
rammed into his chauf-
feured limousine bus,
setting off a chain-reac-
tion crash that left one
member of his entourage
dead and two others
seriously hurt, authorities
A truck driver from
Georgia was charged with

death by auto in connec-
tion to the crash, pros-
ecutors said. Middlesex
County prosecutors said
old Kevin
Roper, of
also faces
four counts
of assault
by auto
MORGAN stemming
from the
crash. His bail was set
at $50,000, and he was
expected to turn himself
in later Saturday. It wasn't

immediately clear if he
had an attorney.
Morgan, the former
"Saturday Night Live" and
"30 Rock" cast member,
was returning from a
standup comedy show
in Delaware when his
Mercedes limo bus carry-
ing seven people over-
turned on the New Jersey
Turnpike near Cranbury
Township at about 1 a.m.,
state police Sgt. 1st Class
Greg Williams said.
James McNair, 62,


Seas rise,


GOP balks

MIAMI BEACH On a recent afternoon,
Scott McKenzie watched
torrential rains and a murky
tide swallow the street outside
his dog-grooming salon.
Within minutes, much of this
stretch of chic South Beach
was flooded ankle-deep in a
fetid mix of rain and sea.
"Welcome to the new
SCOTT Venice," McKenzie joked
as salt water surged from
the sewers.


Page 2 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

US job market recovers, yet looks weaker

-The U.S. economy
has finally regained the
jobs lost to the Great
Recession. But go easy
on the hallelujahs. The
comeback is far from
Friday's report from
the government revealed
an economy healing yet
marked by deep and
lasting scars. The down-
turn that began 61/2 years
ago accelerated wrenching
changes that have left
many Americans feeling
worse off than they did the
last time the economy had
roughly the same number
of jobs it does now.
Employers added
217,000 workers
in May, more than
enough to surpass
the 138.4 million jobs
that existed when the
recession began in
December 2007. But
even as the unemploy-
ment rate has slipped
to 6.3 percent from
10 percent at the depth
of the recession, the
economy still lacks its
former firepower.
To many economists,
the job figures are both
proof of the sustained
recovery and evidence
of a painful transforma-
tion in how Americans
earn a living.
"The labor market
recovery has been dis-
appointing," said Stuart

In this Jan. 11, 2013, file photo, a robot paints brake drums at Webb Wheel Products in
Cullman, Ala. The U.S. economy finally regained the jobs lost during the Great Recession, but
the comeback is far from complete. Millions of construction and factory jobs have been perma-
nently replaced by new technologies: robots, software and advanced equipment that increases
productivity and requires less manpower.

Hoffman, chief econo-
mist at PNC Financial
Services. "Even with the
new peak, there is still a
great deal of slack."
There are still
1.49 million construc-
tion jobs missing.
Factories have 1.65
million fewer workers.
Many of these jobs
have been permanent-
ly replaced by new
technologies: robots,
software and advanced
equipment that speeds
productivity and
requires less manpower,

said Patrick O'Keefe,
director of economic
research for the adviso-
ry and consulting firm
"When heavy things
need to be moved, we
now have machines
to do it," O'Keefe said.
"It is unlikely in the
manufacturing sector
that we recover much of
the losses."
Government payrolls
have shrunk, taking
middle class pay with
them. Local school
districts have 255,400

fewer employees. The
U.S. Postal Service has
shed 194,700 employees.
And during the eco-
nomic recovery, more
people have left the job
market than entered
it. Just 58.9 percent of
working-age Americans
have jobs, down from
62.7 percent at the start
of the recession.
Some of that decline
comes from an aging
country in which more
people are retiring. But
the share of working
adults among the

overall population is
"still bouncing around
at the bottom where it
was during the worst of
the recession" evi-
dence that meaningful
wage gains across the
economy are unlikely,
O'Keefe said.
The recovery hasn't
kept up with the
expanding U.S. popula-
tion. Researchers at the
liberal Economic Policy
Institute estimate
that 7 million more
jobs would have been
needed to keep up with
population growth.
The pain has been
concentrated largely
among lower- and
workers, according
to an analysis by the
For the bottom
30 percent of earners,
wages, when adjusted
for inflation, have
fallen over the past
14 years. For the next
40 percent of earners,
pay basically flatlined.
Most U.S. workers are
"running up the down
escalator," said Larry
Mishel, the institute's
Median household
income is $52,959,
which, after inflation,
is $3,303 below its
pre-recession level,
according to Sentier

911 calls at Seattle campus shooting released

student talks to 911 op-
erators while a classmate
attempts to tend to his
bleeding neck and chest.
Two other callers after
witnessing the shooting
at a small Seattle univer-
sity calmly describe their
location, the shooter and
the chilling scene.
"He walked up behind
this guy," the caller said,
adding moments later:
"There were two people
standing there. And this
guy walked up behind
one of them, lifted his
rifle and shot directly."
A day after a lone
gunman armed with a
shotgun opened fire at
Seattle Pacific University,
Seattle police released
three 911 calls recorded
shortly after the shooting.
The calls reflect a mix
of shock, calmness and
swift action by students,
witnesses and faculty.
The 911 calls show
"the remarkable calm
and resourcefulness of
students, faculty, and
other witnesses," police
Police said the shooter,
who killed a 19-year-old
freshman student and
wounded two other
young people, had 50


Shooting suspect Aaron Ybarra, left, is led in chains to a court hearing at a King Cour
courtroom Friday in Seattle. Ybarra was arrested in the killing of a 19-year-old stude
wounding of two other young people Thursday at Seattle Pacific University. Police sa
student pepper-sprayed and tackled him.

additional shotgun shells
and a hunting knife.
He said after his arrest
that he wanted to kill as
many people as possible
before taking his own
life, Seattle police wrote
in a statement filed in
court Friday.
The suspect, Aaron
Ybarra, 26, was ordered
held without bail on
Friday. He was arrested

at the scene after a
student tackled him
when he was reloading
his shotgun, police said.
In one of the record-
ings, a student calls 911
after his classmate runs
into a classroom bleed-
ing from the neck.
Operators then talk to
the wounded student in
an attempt to get a de-
scription of the suspect.

"There's some
shot. I was hit x
shrapnel," the s
said. "Looks lik
according to th
that is patching
"Someone wa
directly ... and
ately fell," he ad
After the stud
died was identi
Paul Lee from Pi
Oregon, studen

mourning their class-
mate, leaving notes,
posting a picture and
praying at a makeshift
flower memorial near
Otto Miller hall, where
the shooting happened.
Lee's friend and class-
mate Ben Purcell said he
was supposed to meet
Lee to study on the hour
the shooting happened,
but was running late.
Lee went ahead to Otto
Miller without Purcell.
"He went over and
got shot," Purcell said,
shortly after praying at
the memorial on Friday.
He had learned two
hours earlier Lee was the
man killed.
AP PHOTO "Paul cared about God
and people in a special
nty Jail way. And that's what I
ent and want to do too," Purcell
ay another said.
Purcell also left a note
eone on the memorial. It said
with in part: "I wish we had
student gotten together earlier
-e birdshot to study, because then
e person you wouldn't have been
g me up." shot."
as hit Wounded in the
immedi- shooting were Sarah
dds. Williams, 19, who re-
lent who mained in intensive care
ified as Saturday, and Thomas
Portland, Fowler, 24, who has been

its began


Ariz. rushes supplies to site holding migrant kids
PHOENIX (AP) mattresses have been extreme poverty and being moved out of the adults with children,
ngry about the federal ordered, and portable violence. Nogales site as soon families that con-
overnment sending toilets and showers Wilder said a total of as Health and Human tinues unfettered and
om Texas to Arizona have been brought to 432 unaccompanied Services finds places for we have no idea where
ramigrants who are in the holding center a minors detained in them. But the official they are going," Wilder
te country illegally, warehouse that has not Texas arrived in Nogales said: "As quickly as we said.

Arizona officials say
they are rushing federal
supplies to a makeshift
holding center in the
southern part of the
state that's housing
hundreds of migrant
children and is running
low on the basics.
Gov. Jan Brewer's
spokesman, Andrew
Wilder, said Friday that
conditions at the hold-
ing center are so dire
that federal officials
have asked the state to
immediately ship the
medical supplies to the
center in Nogales.
A Homeland Security
Department official
told The Associated
Press that children are
sleeping on plastic
cots but about 2,000

been used for deten-
tion in years.
The official, who who
spoke on condition of
anonymity because
there was no authori-
zation to discuss the
matter publicly, said the
Nogales holding center
opened for children be-
cause the Department
of Health and Human
Services had nowhere
to turn.
"They became so
overwhelmed and
haven't kept up with
planning," the official
U.S. Immigrations
and Customs
Enforcement has said
the immigrants were
mostly families from
Central America fleeing

on Friday, with 367
more expected both
Saturday and Sunday.
The Homeland
Security official said as
many as 1,400 children
are expected to be
eventually brought to
the warehouse, which
has a capacity of about
Federal authorities
plan to use the Nogales
facility as a way station,
where the children
will be vaccinated and
checked medically.
They will then be sent
to facilities being set up
in Ventura, California,
San Antonio, Texas, and
Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
The Homeland
Security official said
that the children are

move them out, we get
more. We believe this is
just a start."
The children being
held in Nogales are 17
or younger. The official
estimated three of every
four were at least 16.
Wilder said reports
from consulates that
the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security was
stopping the program
to fly migrant families
to Arizona and then
bus them to Phoenix
were incorrect. Instead,
the program that has
shipped unknown thou-
sands of adult migrants
and their children
to Arizona since last
month shows no sign of
stopping, he said.
"The adults, the

In a statement Friday,
Homeland Security
officials said "appropri-
ate custody determina-
tions will be made on a
case by case basis" for
migrants apprehended
in South Texas. The
department declined
to comment on the
reports that the pro-
gram of flying migrant
families to Arizona was
being halted.
Homeland Security
started flying immi-
grants to Arizona from
the Rio Grande Valley in
Texas last month after
the number of immi-
grants, including more
than 48,000 children
traveling on their own,
overwhelmed the
Border Patrol there.


Maya Angelou
remembered at
memorial service

N.C. (AP) First lady
Michelle Obama lauded
poet, orator and sage
Maya Angelou as the first
person who let her know
she could be a strong
and smart black woman,
joining other famous
admirers and friends in a
private memorial service
Saturday that was filled
with tears, laughter, poet-
ry and gospel singing.
Former President Bill
Clinton said Angelou,
one of the most famous
black writers of the 20th
century, was a woman
who seemed to have
lived five lifetimes in one.
Others said the poet, who
rose from poverty and
segregation, gave strength
to millions of women to
live their lives in modern
Family, friends and
admirers led by the first
lady, Clinton and Oprah
Winfrey paid tribute to
Angelou at Wake Forest
University in North
Carolina where the writer
had taught for more than
30 years. Angelou died
May 28 at age 86.
Gay couples
rush to marry
in Wisconsin
Dozens of gay couples got
married at courthouses in
Milwaukee and Madison
early Saturday, taking
advantage of what may be
a small window in which
to get hitched before the
state's same-sex marriage
ban is reinstated, at least
Milwaukee County
Clerk Joe Czarnezki said
couples were lined up
outside his courthouse at
6 a.m., three hours before
it opened. Within 30 min-
utes of opening, about 45
couples had applied for
marriage licenses.
U.S. District Judge
Barbara Crabb issued her
ruling Friday afternoon
just as the gay festival
PrideFest was starting in
Milwaukee. Many couples
who married Saturday
morning said they had
elected to attend the
festival the night before
since they already had
plans with friends. Then
they got up early and
went to the courthouse.

Karen DeCrow,
former president
of NOW, dies at 76
Celebrated activist and
civil rights lawyer Karen
DeCrow, who led the
National Organization
for Women in the 1970s,
died Friday at her home
near Syracuse. She was
Longtime friend
Rowena Malamud con-
firmed DeCrow's death
from melanoma.
She said DeCrow, who
started out as a jour-
nalist and was a prolific
writer, was the "perfect
model" for the women's
rights movement.
As president of NOW
from 1974 to 1977,
DeCrow pressured
government agencies
and big corporations to
hire more women and
called on the federal
Equal Employment
Commission to
investigate gender
She targeted Ivy
League schools to bring
in more female students,

social groups to open up
their male-dominated
membership rolls and
asked NASA to include
more women in the
space program.
Malamud, the presi-
dent of NOW's Greater
Syracuse chapter, called
DeCrow "a hero and a

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


WIRE Page 3

Free speech or illegal threats? Justices could say

- Messages posted on
Facebook and Twitter
or sent in emails can be
tasteless, vulgar and even
But just when do they
cross the line from free
speech to threats that can
be punished as a crime?
As the Internet and so-
cial networks allow people
to vent their frustrations
with the click of a mouse,
the Supreme Court is
being asked to clarify the
First Amendment rights of
people who use violent or
threatening language on
electronic media where
the speaker's intent is not
always clear.
The justices could
decide as early as
Monday whether to hear
appeals in two cases


South Florida man
faces 20 years for
DUI death
MIAMI (AP) A Coral
Gables man is facing 20
years behind bars for
a drunk-driving wreck
that killed a 13 year-old
girl. Miami-Dade Circuit
Judge Ellen Sue Venzer
sentenced 40 year-old
Sandor Guillen Friday. In
March, Guillen was con-
victed of DUI manslaugh-
ter, vehicular homicide
and leaving the scene of
an accident involving a
During Friday's hearing,
Kaely Camacho's
16-year-old sister Bree
Ann described watching
her sister dying in her
father's arms.

Hackers track
public money
across borders
Civic-minded hackers
and journalists are
participating in a hemi-
sphere-wide hackathon
called "The Money Trail."
The event Saturday is an
attempt to join forces
across borders in the
fight against the illicit
use of public and private
About two dozen
participants in the
Miami headquarters of
the Fusion Network are
coordinating with similar
groups in 13 different
cities across Mexico,
Central and South
They are using data
sets and coding tools to
track where public mon-
ey flows. Their projects
include the laundering
of Venezuelan funds in
Miami and the chan-
neling of Miami Dade
County public spending.
Miami area
officials target
illegal car services
MIAMI (AP) Miami
area officials are cracking
down on a new illegal car
service. The county says it
impounded three vehicles
in a sting operation.
The San Francisco-
based Lyft began offering
rides through its smart-
phone app two weeks
ago. The Miami Herald
reports one driver lost
his car during his first
Lyft trip Wednesday
night. Juan Mrango said
he picked up a rider
who turned out to be an
undercover Miami-Dade
County code officer. He
said he didn't realize Lyft
was illegal in the county.

Shop Charlotte

Where Shopping Makes Cents

where defendants were
convicted and sent to jail
for making illegal threats,
despite their claims that
they never meant any
In one case, a
Pennsylvania man
ranted on Facebook in the
form of rap lyrics about
killing his estranged wife,
blowing up an amuse-
ment park, slitting the
throat of an FBI agent and
committing "the most
heinous school shooting
ever imagined."
The other case involves
a Florida woman who
emailed a conservative ra-
dio talk show host about
"second amendment gun
rights" and said she was
planning "something
big" at a Broward County
government building or

3 central Florida
cities among best
to staycation
Three central Florida
cities have been ranked
among the best places in
the country to staycation.
Tampa ranked eighth
overall and Orlando
was ninth in WalletHub.
com's 2014 list of the 100
Best and Worst Cities to
Staycation. Other Florida
cities included on the
list are St. Petersburg
(No. 11), Miami (No. 63),
Jacksonville (No. 75) and
Hialeah (No. 85).

arrest 6 in Florida
crime ring
- Local and federal
investigators say they
have wiped out a crime
ring responsible for at
least nine homicides and
dozens of other crimes
in Manatee County and
surrounding areas.
The Bradenton Herald
reports that six people
have been charged as
part of a wide-ranging
conspiracy of crimes
that include homicides,
drug trafficking, kidnap-
ping and robberies in
Bradenton, Manatee and
Sarasota counties.
U.S. Attorney Lee
Bentley announced
the indictments from
Operation Maximum
Response during a
news conference at the
Manatee County Sheriff's
Office on Thursday.

New advances in 3D CBCT imaging
has made it easier to diagnose dis
dental implant surgery more

"I'm going to walk in
and teach all the govern-
ment hacks working there
what the 2nd Amendment
is all about," the email
said. Her comments
triggered a lockdown
affecting more than a
quarter-million students.
In both cases, the de-
fendants were prosecuted
under a federal statute
that makes it crime to
transmit a "threat to in-
jure the person of anoth-
er." Those laws apply only
to "true threats" that are
not protected by the First
Amendment under a doc-
trine established by the
Supreme Court in 1969.
The high court has said
laws prohibiting threats
must not infringe on
constitutionally protected

Monitors set up
in Indian River
Officials are going to
have a better idea of
how healthy the Indian
River Lagoon is in real
Five new water qual-
ity monitoring stations
were installed Friday.
The lagoon stretches
along Florida's east coast
from Volusia County to
Martin County.
The health of the
lagoon has been a con-
cern in recent years.
Widespread algae
blooms were found in
2011 followed by out-
breaks of brown tide.

Candidates for
gov. seeking union
(AP) -Two Democratic
candidates for Florida
governor are seeking
union support.
Both former Gov.
Charlie Crist and former
state Sen. Nan Rich are
scheduled to speak at the
convention of the Florida
AFL-CIO on Saturday.
The union organi-
zation is scheduled to
vote Sunday on which
candidates to endorse in
statewide races.
George Sheldon and
State Rep. Perry Thurston
are also scheduled to
appear. The two men
are running in the
Democratic primary for
attorney general.

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speech that includes
"political hyperbole" or
"vehement," "caustic,"
or "unpleasantly sharp
attacks" that fall shy of
true threats.
Most lower courts say
determining a true threat
depends on how an
objective person would
understand the message.
But lawyers for the
defendants, along with
some free-speech groups,
say it should depend
on the speaker's state of
mind. They say the rise
of new forms of social
media and the freedom
of political discourse can
lead people to misinter-
pret comments that are
colorful political tirades
or coarse rap lyrics not
meant to threaten harm.
Those who support

This Nov. 10, 2010, file photo shows parents waiting to pick
up their children at Lakeside Elementary School in Pembroke
Pines, Fla., after authorities lifted a lockdown of all schools in
Broward County. The threatening comments of a Florida woman
about"Second Amendment gun rights" triggered the lockdown,
which affected more than a quarter-million students.

a subjective standard
say the threat law
should be governed by
the Supreme Court's
2003 ruling in Virginia
v. Black. In that case,
the court invalidated

Virginia's law against
cross-burning because it
did not include a crucial
component: whether the
Ku Klux Klan intended to
intimidate someone by
burning the cross.

Publix market rumor swirls

(Tampa Bay Times) -
Will Publix buy its
crunchy, more pricey
competitor, Whole Foods
That was the rumor
swirling onWall Street late
this week when Whole
Foods' stock rose and
options activity surged.
Most likely, it will end
there, the buzz more
indicative of the strength
of both grocers rather than
any pending deal.
"We see rumors like
these 20 to 30 times a day,
and very few of them end
up coming to fruition,"
said Gavin Maguire, a
senior analyst at Briefing.
com, which provides
financial commentary and
analysis. reported
Thursday, "Hearing chatter
that privately held Publix
is interested inWFM." By
day's end, Whole Foods'
stock was up 4.7 percent in
heavy trading and option
activity was high. On

Friday afternoon, the stock
(WFM) was up about
2.2 percent.
Maguire suspects the
speculation is rooted in
Whole Foods' recent per-
formance. Whole Foods,
while a market leader in a
growing segment, got clob-
bered on a poor earnings
report in May, sending
its stock price down
20 percent and forcing the
company to ratchet down
its 2014 forecast.
"For a long time, Whole
Foods had the field to
ourselves," Co-CEO John
Mackey said during a
conference call with
investors and analysts.
"That was nice, but we
don't anymore."
Traders still bullish
onWhole Foods started
buying stock and options
at the low price, drawing
analysts' attention. To
explain the furor, talk
surfaced about a potential
buyout. And who was in
a good position to buy

Whole Foods' 383 stores?
None other than Publix,
a privately held chain that
did $7.8 billion in sales
during the first quarter of
the year, up 4 percent over
last year.
'All the clues are there
that this would kind of
make sense," Maguire said.
"But you see this kind of
activity all over the market,
especially in a stock that
got crushed."
Both Publix andWhole
Foods had no comment
about the rumor. Jeremy
Jones, Florida spokesman
forWhole Foods, based in
Austin, Texas, said it had
"no merit."
PublPxs purchase of
Whole Foods would be
a leap for the Lakeland-
based chain. The chain has
1,077 stores, all clustered
in the Southeast and the
majority (753) in Florida.
Whole Foods has 383
stores nationwide, in
Canada and the United


C tar

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Page 4 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

(LA Times) -A
cheerful summer filled
with cats, loud pop mu-
sic and probably some
French practice await a
12-year-old Wisconsin
girl who survived 19
stab wounds allegedly
inflicted by a pair of
preteens trying to make
a sacrifice to a fictional
"While we have kept
discussions about the
events of May 31, with
her short, we did ask
how she found the
strength to crawl out of


officials say has left more
than 200 people dead.
He also firmly insisted
that Crimea, the Black
Sea peninsula annexed
by Russia in March, "was,
is and will be Ukrainian."
He gave no indication
of how Ukraine could
regain control of Crimea,
which Russian President
Vladimir Putin has
said was allotted to
Ukraine unjustly under


But for many African-
Americans, his likely guilt
remains overwhelmed by
a potent mix: the racism
of the lead detective
and the history of black
mistreatment by the
justice system.
For these people,
Simpson's acquittal is a
powerful rebuke to what
they see as America's
racial crimes. Others
simply see a murderer
who played the race
card to get away with
it. Across the board,
emotions remain vivid.
"We were consumed
with it," recalls Carlos
Carter, who at the time
was one of the few black
people working in the trust
department of a Pittsburgh
bank. "It represented
something bigger than the
case, the battle between
good and evil, the battle
between the white man
and the black man. It was
at that level."
It was at a different lev-
el for Shannon Spicker,
a white woman working
her way through college



of Peekskill, N.Y., a
passenger in the limo
bus, died at the scene,
Williams said. Morgan,
45, and Jeffrey Millea, 36,
of Shelton, Connecticut,
were flown from the
accident scene to Robert
Wood Johnson Hospital,
where they were in
critical condition, hos-
pital spokesman Peter
Haigney said.
A fourth passenger,



There are few places in
the nation more vulner-
able to rising sea levels
than low-lying South
Florida, a tourist and
retirement mecca built on
drained swampland.
Yet as other coastal
states and the Obama ad-
ministration take aggres-
sive measures to battle the
effects of global warming,
Florida's top Republican

politicians are challenging
the science and balking at
government fixes.
Among the chief skep-
tics are U.S. Sen. Marco
Rubio and former Gov.
Jeb Bush, both possible

the woods," the family
said. "Her response was
simple: 'I wanted to
A bicyclist found the
bloodied 12-year-old
girl a week ago in the
middle of a path in
Waukesha, Wis.
The family described
her as a "strong, brave
girl" with "a love for life
and the dramatic sparkle
of any typical 12-year-
old girl in her eye."
Her favorite class is
French, which she uses
to torment her little

Soviet leader Nikita
Hours after the speech,
Putin ordered security
tightened along Russia's
border with Ukraine to
prevent illegal crossings,
Russian news agencies
said. Ukraine claims that
many of the insurgents
in the east have come
from Russia; Poroshenko
on Saturday said he
would offer a corridor for
safe passage of "Russian
militants" out of the
Rebel leaders in
the east dismissed

brother by using words
he doesn't know, the
family said.
She also enjoys
annoying her parents
by blasting Taylor Swift
and Katy Perry music,
the family said.
Her two cats are ex-
pected to be at her side
as she recovers. Her
family said she also had
planned to volunteer at
the local animal shelter
this summer, suggest-
ing that those plans
have been scrapped.
"Although the sparkle

Poroshenko's speech.
"At the moment it's im-
possible for him to come
(to Donetsk for talks),"
said Denis Pushilin, a
top figure in the self-de-
clared Donetsk People's
Republic. "Perhaps with
security, a group, so
people won't tear him to
Poroshenko offered
amnesty to rebels who
"don't have blood on
their hands." But "I don't
believe it," said Valery
Bolotov, the insurgent
leader in the Luhansk
region. Rebels in both

has dimmed for now,
we know it will be back
again brighter than ever
because of the amazing
support she has world-
wide," the family said.
Morgan Geyser and
AnissaWeier, both 12,
have been charged as
adults with attempted
murder in the attack on
their friend and mid-
dle-school classmate
after inviting her to a
sleepover and then lur-
ing her into the woods.
Waukesha police said
one of the girls held

Luhansk and Donetsk
have declared their
regions independent.
The new president
promised "I will bring you
peace," but did not indi-
cate whether Ukrainian
forces would scale back
their offensives against
the insurgency, which
Ukraine says is fomented
by Russia.
Russia has insisted
on Ukraine ending its
military operation in
the east. Ambassador
Mikhail Zurabov, rep-
resenting Moscow at
the inauguration, said

In thisJune 21, 1995, photo, O.J. Simpson holds up his hands before the jury after putting on a
new pair of gloves similar to the infamous bloody gloves during his double-murder trial in Los

in Ohio at the time.
"Most of us didn't
understand why it
was racially charged,"
she says. "We didn't
understand how people
could defend him ...
We knew he was guilty,
but they defended him
because he was black.

comedian Ardie Fuqua
Jr., was also in critical
condition, while a fifth
passenger, comic Harris
Stanton, was treated and
released, Haigney said.
Two others in the limo
were unhurt, including
the driver.
Morgan remains in the
intensive care unit at the
"His family is now
with him and he is
receiving excellent care,"
spokesman Lewis Kay
said in a statement.
"We don't anticipate
much of a change in his

presidential candidates in
2016. Gov. Rick Scott, who
is running for re-election,
has worked with the
Legislature to dismantle
Florida's fledgling climate
change initiatives. They
were put into place by his
predecessor and current
opponent, Democrat
Charlie Crist.
"I'm not a scientist,"
Scott said, after a federal
report pinpointed Florida
- and Miami in particular
- as among the country's
most at-risk areas.
He and other
Republicans warn against
what they see as alarmist
policies that could derail
the country's tenuous
economic recovery.
Their positions could
affect their political

It was weird."
On June 12, 1994,
Nicole Brown Simpson
and her friend Ronald
Goldman were found
knifed to death outside
her Los Angeles condo.
Suspicion quickly fo-
cused on Simpson, who
had beaten Nicole in the

condition today but will
provide a further update
once more information
becomes available."
Williams said the
tractor-trailer driver
apparently failed to
notice slow traffic ahead
and swerved at the last
minute in a vain attempt
to avoid a crash. But it
smashed into the back
of the limo, prompting a
chain-reaction crash with
a second tractor-trailer,
an SUV and two cars.
The National
Transportation Safety
Board said it was working

Democrats plan to place
climate change, and the
GOP's skepticism, front
and center in a state
where the issue is no
longer an abstraction.
Their hope is to win
over independents and
siphon some Republicans,
who are deeply divided
over global warming.
Tom Steyer, a billionaire
environmental activist,
has pledged to spend
$100 million this year to
influence seven critical
contests nationwide,
including the Florida
governor's race.
The battle in the coun-
try's largest swing state
offers a preview of what
could be a pivotal fight
in the next presidential

past and had no alibi.
Several factors height-
ened and complicated
the drama:
Simpson had a
mixed-race marriage
in a nation that had
historically punished
black men who dared
to explore interracial

with state police to look
at any issues in the crash
related to commercial
trucking and limousine
Morgan's limo was
owned by Atlantic
Transportation Services,
which said it had one
employee behind the
wheel and a second in
the front passenger seat.
"Although the investi-
gation is still pending, we
concur with the prelim-
inary reports that the
accident was caused by
another vehicle traveling
behind the Atlantic limo

Crist is running for his
old job as a Democrat,
criticizing Scott and
Florida Republicans for
reversing his efforts to
curb global warming.
"They don't believe in
science. That's ridiculous,"
Crist said at a recent cam-
paign rally in Miami. "This
is ground zero for climate
change in America."
Nationally, the issue
could prove tricky for
Polls show a bipartisan
majority of Americans
favor measures to reduce
planet-warming green-
house gases, such as the
new federal rule to limit
carbon emissions from
power plants. But they
routinely rank climate
change far behind the
economy, the centerpiece

down the victim while
the other stabbed her
in the arms, legs and
The pair had alleged-
ly plotted the attack for
months after reading
online about a fiction-
al character named
Slender Man a tall,
ghostlike figure who
shows up in the back-
ground of photos from
haunted places.
The next court
hearing for Geyser and
Weier is scheduled for
June 11.

Poroshenko's statements
"sound reassuring," but
"for us the principal
thing is to stop the mil-
itary operation," adding
that the insurgents
should also stop fighting
in order to bolster the
delivery of humani-
tarian aid, RIA Novosti
As president, the
48-year-old Poroshenko
is commander-in-chief of
the military and appoints
the defense and foreign
ministers. The prime
minister is appointed by
the parliament.

sex. He was the target
of a Los Angeles Police
Department that had a
reputation for racism
and corruption.
But Simpson also was
a wealthy Hollywood
actor and ad pitchman
with little connection to
the black community, a
man who divorced his
black wife for a young
blonde and traveled in
Los Angeles' most priv-
ileged white circles. His
money and fame placed
him far from the poor,
black men languishing
in the criminal justice
After the infamous
slow-speed Bronco
chase, Simpson was
charged with double
murder, punishable by
the death penalty. The
prosecution had a pile
of evidence, including
something relatively
new then: DNA analysis.
Prosecutors said that
DNA matched Simpson's
blood to samples from
the murder scene. They
said they found blood
matching the victims'
in Simpson's Bronco, on
a glove at his property,
and on a sock in his

bus," the Rehoboth
Beach, Delaware-based
company said. "We
are grateful that our
drivers did not sustain
life-threatening injuries."
Walmart President
Bill Simon issued a
statement that said one
of the firm's trucks was
involved in the accident.
While noting that the
crash remains under
investigation, Simon said
"Walmart will take full
responsibility" if author-
ities determine that the
company's truck caused
the accident.

of Scott's campaign, when
prioritizing issues.
In Miami Beach,
which floods even on
sunny days, the concern
is palpable. On a recent af-
ternoon, McKenzie pulled
out his iPad and flipped
through photos from a
2009 storm. In one, two
women kayak through
knee-high water in the
center of town.
"This is not a future
problem. It's a current
problem," said Leonard
Berry, director of the
Florida Center for
Environmental Studies at

Florida Atlantic University
and a contributing author
of the National Climate
Assessment, which found
that sea levels have risen
about 8 inches in the past

'Slender Man' victim released from hospital

trapped, Groenwald said
his son didn't think he
could help.
"I said 'I need your
help. Daddy's pinned,"'
Groenwald said. "He said
'I can't, dad. I can't help
you.' I said: 'You've got
to. You're the only person
I've got. You're my only


Today is Sunday, June 8, the
159th day of 2014. There are 206
days left in the year.
Today in history
On June 8,1864, Abraham
Lincoln was nominated for
another term as president during
the National Union (Republican)
Party's convention in Baltimore.
On this date
In 1915, Secretary of State
William Jennings Bryan resigned
in a disagreement with President
Woodrow Wilson over U.S.
handling of the sinking of the
In 1948, the"Texaco Star
Theater" made its debut on
NBC-TV with Milton Berle guest-
hosting the first program. (Berle
was later named the show's
permanent host.)
In 1953, the U.S. Supreme
Court ruled unanimously that
restaurants in the District of
Columbia could not refuse to
serve blacks.
In 1967, 34 U.S. servicemen
were killed when Israel attacked
the USS Liberty, a Navy intel-
ligence-gathering ship in the
Mediterranean. (Israel later said
the Liberty had been mistaken
for an Egyptian vessel.)
In 1978, a jury in Clark
County, Nevada, ruled the
so-called "Mormon will,"
purportedly written by the late
billionaire Howard Hughes, was
a forgery.
Today's birthdays
Former first lady Barbara
Bush is 89. Actor-comedian
Jerry Stiller is 87. Comedian
Joan Rivers is 81. Actor James
Darren is 78. Singer Nancy
Sinatra is 74. Singer Chuck
Negron (Three Dog Night) is
72. Musician Boz Scaggs is 70.
Rock singer Bonnie Tyler is 63.
"Dilbert" creator Scott Adams
is 57. Actor-director Keenen
Ivory Wayans is 56. Singer Mick
Hucknall (Simply Red) is 54.
Musician Nick Rhodes (Duran
Duran) is 52. Actress Julianna
Margulies is 47. Former U.S.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.,
is 44. Actor Mark Feuerstein
is 43. Actor Eion Bailey is 38.
Rapper Kanye West is 37. Blues-
rock musician Derek Trucks
(The Derek Trucks Band) is 35.
Folk-bluegrass singer-musician
Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) is
33. Tennis player Kim Clijsters is
31. Actress Torrey DeVitto is 30.

Man pinned
by tree branch
credits son, 4,
(AP) A man who was
pinned under a large
tree branch in Michigan's
northwestern Lower
Peninsula credits his
4-year-old son's quick
efforts for helping to get
him free.
Grant Groenwald
toldWPBN-WTOM that
he was cutting wood
Friday near his home in
Manistee County's Bear
Lake Township when a
branch rolled on him.
His son Quillan said he
was able to drag a chain
saw over to his dad.
"The whole thing
rolled down on top of
me," Groenwald said. "It
hit me in the shoulder
and hit in my elbow and
just kind of knocked me
off balance."
Groenwald used the
chain saw to cut the
branch while he was still
pinned underneath, the
station reported, and
Quillan helped him back
to a truck.
"I saved my daddy's
life," Quillan said. "I got
to drag the chain saw to
Groenwald has a
broken ankle, which
is expected to require
surgery. When he was

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


WIRE Page 5

New allergy tablets offer alternative to shots

- For decades, seasonal
allergy sufferers had two
therapy options to ease
the misery of hay fever.
They could swallow pills
or squirt nasal sprays ev-
ery day for brief reprieves
from the sneezing and
itchy eyes. Or they could
get allergy shots for
years to gradually reduce
their immune system's
Now patients can try
another type of therapy
to train their immune
system, new once-a-day
tablets that dissolve
quickly under the tongue
and steadily raise toler-
ance to grass or ragweed
pollen, much like the
"It's been several
decades since the last big
breakthrough," Cleveland
Clinic allergy specialist
Dr. Rachel Szekely said.
The downside: The
pills must be started a
few months before the
grass or ragweed pollen
season. That means it's
too late for people with
grass allergies, but the

time is now for ragweed
allergy sufferers.
The Food and Drug
Administration in April
approved two tablets
from Merck, Grastek
for grass pollen and
Ragwitek for ragweed,
plus a grass pollen
tablet called Oralair from
The tablets could
become popular with
people who dislike pills
that can make them
drowsy or don't provide
enough relief. They'll
likely appeal even
more to patients with
severe allergies who fear
needles or can't make
frequent trips to the
allergist, key reasons that
only about 5 percent of
U.S. patients who would
benefit from allergy shots
get them.
Meanwhile, new treat-
ments for other types of
allergies, including to
peanuts and eggs, are in
various stages of testing
and could turn out to be
big advances.
Drugmaker Merck &
Co. has a tablet for house

In a Monday, April 5, 2010, photo, Shane Nantz kicks up a cloud of pollen as he mows the front
yard of his West Charlotte, N.C., home. Seasonal allergy sufferers can try newly FDA-approved
types of immunotherapy, once-a-day tablets containing freeze-dried grass extract that dissolve
quickly under the tongue, steadily lessening the excessive immune reaction much like the shots.

dust mite allergies in
final patient testing that
could hit the market
in two or three years,
and it's considering
other therapies. France's
Stallergenes SA is testing
a tablet for birch tree
allergies and, with

partner Shionogi & Co.
Ltd. in Japan, tablets for
allergies to dust mites
and Japanese cedar
pollen. Britain's Circassia
Ltd. has a cat allergy
treatment in final testing
and six others in earlier

A handful of compa-
nies also are looking
at possible new ways
to administer immu-
notherapy, including
drops under the tongue,
capsules and skin patch-
es, said Fort Lauderdale,
Fla, allergist Dr. Linda

Cox, former president of
the American Academy
of Allergy, Asthma and
The new tablets are
not right for everyone,
particularly patients
with allergies to multiple
substances, Szekely
That was the case
with one of her patients,
10-year-old Samantha
Marshall of Mentor,
Ohio, who has been
getting allergy shots
since last fall.
"She's not loving
them," said her mother,
Rachel, who recently
asked Szekely about
switching to the tablets.
Szekely explained that
shots are more effective
because Rachel is also al-
lergic to weeds and dust
mites, and the shots she
receives are a customized
mix of extracts to all
those substances.
The tablets are also
pricey: Merck, based
in Whitehouse Station,
N.J, is charging about
$8.25 per daily tablet and
Stallergenes about $10.

Beetles ravaging Mount Rushmore drain budgets

(Bloomberg) Beetles
are obliterating forests
throughout Colorado
and the West, draining
budgets as property
values decline and
threatening tourism at
national parks, including
the home of Mount
Voters in Colorado
communities raised
taxes to protect ski
resorts that bring in
$3 billion annually to
the economy. The pine
beetles, each the size
of a rice grain, have
devoured 25 percent
of the woods in South
Dakota's Black Hills,
where the mountain
with massive carvings
of Presidents George
Washington, Thomas
Jefferson, Abraham
Lincoln and Theodore
Roosevelt is the linchpin
of a $2 billion-a-year
tourism industry.
"It's difficult to stop
the spread," said Bill
Smith, a South Dakota
Agriculture Department
conservation program
administrator. "What
we're trying to do is slow
it down."
The beetles' vast
economic impact is
emerging two decades
into an epidemic fueled
by climate change,
overstocked forests and
drought that wiped out
38,000 square miles -
the size of Indiana and
Rhode Island combined.

Wash. (AP) -A
Washington state judge
on Friday said Casey
Kasem's daughter, not
her stepmother, is in
charge of the medical
care for the 82-year-old
radio personality, who
remains in critical con-
dition with an infected
However, all members
of Kasem's family can
visit him at the hospital
- just not at the same
time, Kitsap County
Superior Court Judge
Jennifer Forbes ruled.
Kasem has been
receiving intravenous
antibiotics and other
care at St. Anthony
Hospital in Gig Harbor,
Wash., for a serious
pressure ulcer he had
when he was admitted
on Sunday, according to

As gray ghost forests
dominate vistas in
the Rockies, Tetons,
Cascades and Sierras,
officials from the U.S.
Forest Service to state
governments are search-
ing for ways to counter
the devastation.
"There is always the
question, 'When is the
Forest Service going to
take all the dead trees
away?"' said Catherine
Ross, executive director
of the Winter Park-Fraser
Chamber, 66 miles west
of Denver. "I talk to them
about the enormity of
the problem. There are
just so many dead trees
out there."
Infestation and disease
threaten 94 national
forest areas in 35 states,
Agriculture Secretary
Tom Vilsack said May 20
in Denver. The Forest
Service is designating 45
million acres for priority
Colorado Gov. John
Hickenlooper, D, who
is seeking re-election,
said in a letter to Vilsack
that seven of the state's
13 national forests have
"experienced such mas-
sive infestation of beetles
and other threats to their
health they merit desig-
nation in their entirety."
Scientists say climate
change is to blame:
Winters haven't been
cold enough to reduce
beetle populations. The
average U.S. temperature
has increased as much

a hospital statement.
Hospital spokesman
Scott Thompson said
Friday he would make
no comment beyond
the statement that was
issued Thursday.
"Right now, Casey
Kasem's health is declin-
ing and (he) won't be
with us much longer,"
daughter Kerri Kasem's
spokesman, Danny
Deraney, said in a
"I want to be there for
my dad," Kerri Kasem
said outside court Friday,
KOMO-TV reported.
"All of us. So if he does
happen to open his eyes
and look up, his entire
family is there."
The former radio show
host is suffering from a
form of dementia called
Lewy Body Disease, ac-
cording to court records.

as 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit
since 1895, with most
occurring since 1970,
according to the National
Climate Assessment
issued in May by the


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Obama administration.
The warming let bee-
tles proliferate at higher
elevations and latitudes,
and resulted in more
generations per year in

some areas, according
to a 2011 Forest Service
As a result, lumber
mills have closed.
Ski areas have leased

helicopters to remove
dead trees. Dry timber
has fed voracious wild-
fires, reversing a fragile
recovery in impover-
ished areas.

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Kasem's daughter

in charge of care

Page 6 WIRE WORLDINATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

Man charged in Mounties'

death obsessed with guns

Brunswick (AP)- A
chilling portrait of a
man obsessed with
guns and anti-govern-
ment rhetoric began to
emerge as people in this
eastern Canadian city
struggled to reconcile
the knowledge that
the person charged
with murdering three
Mounties was the same
one who had seemingly
lived quietly among
Justin Bourque, 24,
was caught and charged
with three murders and
two attempted murders
Friday, ending a 30-hour
manhunt that closed
schools, forced residents
to hide inside their
homes and paralyzed
Moncton with fear.
He appeared briefly
in court Friday after
he was charged in the
second deadliest attack
on the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police in

nearly 130 years.
But as neighbors of his
parents and others who
knew Bourque spoke of
a quiet man from a well-
liked, religious Catholic
family that home-
schooled its children,
recent posts on social
networks told a very
different tale a litany
of paranoid conspiracies
that included state-
ments on Russia being
a threat to Canada and
deep animosity toward
authority figures.
A friend, Trever Finck,
said he noticed changes
in Bourque's behavior
over the last year, partic-
ularly after he created a
new Facebook page for
himself in February and
filled it with anti-
police messages and
conspiracy theories. His
profile picture shows
him standing in the
woods with a friend,
wearing camouflage
gear and clutching a

shotgun. What appear to
be dozens of spent shell
casings lie at their feet.
"I just want to know
what was going through
his head," Finck said.
Church administrator
Dianne LeBlanc said it
had been many years
since she had seen
Bourque, who moved
out of the family home
about 18 months ago.
But his parents never
missed a Sunday service
at Christ the King
Catholic church, she
said. They often arrived
with at least a couple of
their grown children in
tow, she added.
LeBlanc said parents
Victor and Denise
home-schooled their
children, who were
raised speaking French.
"They're a good
family," LeBlanc said.
"They were such good
Catholics. I'm sure
(parishioners) are very
sad for them."

Bourque was charged
with three counts of
first-degree murder and
two counts of attempt-
ed murder Friday,
during a short court
appearance in which
he appeared bearded
and shaggy-haired
amid high security.
Clad in aqua-colored
jail clothes, he stared
ahead intently, paying
attention but showing
little emotion. Bourque
nodded when the judge
said his name. Officers
stood guard outside the
courtroom with their
weapons drawn.
Bourque, who was
represented by a court
appointed legal aid
attorney, is due back in
court July 3. Prosecutors
and the defense agreed
that a psychiatric evalua-
tion was not immediate-
ly necessary.
On Friday, police
released the names of
the victims: Constables

A woman and child participate in a candlelight vigil in Moncton,
New Brunswick, on Friday, to pay respects to the three Royal
Canadian Mounted Police officers who were killed and the two
injured in shootings Wednesday. Suspect Justin Bourque, 24,
was caught early Friday, ending a 30-hour manhunt that closed
schools and forced residents to hide inside their homes.

David Ross, 32, orig-
inally of Victoriaville,
Quebec; Fabrice Georges
Gevaudan, 45, originally
of Boulogne-Billancourt
in France; and Douglas
James Larche, 40, of Saint
John, New Brunswick.
Roger Brown,
commanding officer
of RCMP in New
Brunswick, choked back
tears as he addressed
"Fortunately most
people will never have to
experience what our of-
ficers have gone through

in the last two days," he
said. "I can't dig deep
enough to explain the
sadness that we all feel."
Ross' mother, Helene
Rousseau, said there
was a difficult road
ahead for her son's
wife, who has a one-
year-old and is due to
have a second child in
"These children won't
remember, of course.
They will not have had
the opportunity of
knowing their father,"
Rousseau said.

Vodafone: Governments collect our customers' data

(The Washington Post)
- Britain's Vodafone
revealed Friday that
several governments are
collecting surveillance
data directly from its
networks without any
legal review and publicly
urged more safeguards
against such unfettered
access to the private
communications of its
The declarations,
coming from the
world's second-largest
cellular carrier, show
that the type of access
to telecommunications
networks enjoyed
by the U.S. National
Security Agency
also occurs in other
countries where legal
protections almost
certainly are lower.
Vodafone's networks
span much of Europe

and parts of Africa and
The company said that
voice, Internet and other
data could be collected
without any court review
in "a small number" of
nations. Although the
company does not name
them, news reports
suggested that one is
Britain, whose GCHQ
intelligence agency is a
close partner of the NSA
in filtering the world's
Internet traffic.
"It is a healthy re-
minder that no amount
of legal reform in the
United States will solve
the problem if there
isn't an international
solution," said Peter
Eckersley, director of
technology projects for
the Electronic Frontier
Foundation, a civil
liberties group based in

San Francisco.
Vodafone's statements,
coming in the compa-
ny's first report on the
data demands made by
authorities in the coun-
tries where it operates,
were unusually pointed,
detailed and sober by the
standards of the "trans-
parency reports" issued
by a growing number of
companies in the after-
math of the revelations
by former NSA contractor
Edward Snowden.
The Vodafone report
includes an 88-page
annex detailing laws and
experiences in 29 nations
where, collectively,
government agencies
have made millions of
data requests of the
company. In several of
those countries South
Africa, Turkey, Egypt and
others -publishing

even such rudimentary
totals of requests are pro-
hibited by law. The report
merely summarizes the
legal standards there
rather than quantifying
the extent of government
data collection.
"Refusal to comply
with a country's laws is
not an option," the com-
pany said in its report.
"If we do not comply
with a lawful demand for
assistance, governments
can remove our licence
to operate, preventing us
from providing services
to our customers. Our
employees who live and
work in the country
concerned may also
be at risk of criminal
sanctions, including
Privacy advocates
praised Vodafone for
issuing such a thorough

report but expressed
dismay about the
revelations of "direct
access" that allowed gov-
ernments to intercept
any communication
without seeking a court
order or making a formal
request to the company.
Governments could use
such access to collect
increasingly massive
troves of personal
information voice calls,
emails, video chats,
search histories and
online address books
- without any form of
"This is the kind of
practice that needs to
end," said Eric King of
Privacy International, an
activist group based in
Governments have
been gaining increas-
ingly intrusive access

to communications for
at least two decades,
when the United States
and other nations began
passing laws requiring
that powerful surveil-
lance capabilities be
built directly into emerg-
ing technologies, such
as cellular networks and
Internet-based tele-
phone systems.
Those demands
became even more
forceful in the aftermath
of the September 11,
2001, attacks, when
intelligence agencies
scrambled to prevent
a similar tragedy. A
burgeoning surveillance
industry, with regular
conferences around the
world, grew to meet the
well-funded appetite for
gathering information
on criminals and possi-
ble terrorist threats.

Consumers miserable over charges from cable companies

(The Washington Post)
- Frustrated with rising
prices? Check. Keep
getting hit with more
fees and charges? Check.
You're paying for more
channels than you'd ever
want to watch? Check.
These are just a hand-
ful of the most common
complaints consumers

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have when it comes to
charges from their cable
A recent online survey
of 3,000 current cable
subscribers on the na-
tion's biggest cable pro-
viders found that more
than half- 53 percent
- of Americans would
abandon their cable

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provider if they could.
But about 70 percent
of those surveyed said
their options are limited,
according to the study
by consulting group
The list of options
may soon narrow even
further with several
impending mergers,
including the proposed
deal between Comcast
and Time Warner Cable.
That may not be good
news for consumers.
More than 70 percent
of those surveyed said

that the larger the cable
companies become, the
worse off consumers will
"You have a soup of
misery," said cg42 man-
aging partner Steve Beck.
Of all the industries the
company has studied,
he added, "these are the
highest levels of com-
pany vulnerability and
consumer frustration
we've ever seen."
The industry argues
that the rise of stream-
ing services like Netflix
and satellite television

providers has eaten
away at cable's market-
share evidence that
competition is working
and choices are plenti-
ful. "The top four biggest
video subscription
services in the U.S. are
an online video provider
Netflix, a cable com-
pany and two satellite
companies," said Brian
Dietz, spokesman for
the National Cable and
The study found that
each of the nation's top

five cable companies -
Comcast, Time Warner
Cable, Cox, Charter and
Cablevision stand to
lose about 10 percent
of their customers to
cord-cutting or carri-
er-switching in the next
12 months. Whether
you call it competition
or defection, that puts
about $7 billion in
revenues at stake across
the industry.
"What we know is
that frustration drives
attrition," said Beck. "It
drives switching."

Delta extends grab for NYC-LA

fli e r s into coach cabins

(Bloomberg News) -
Delta Air Lines is offering
a smidgen of the high life
to coach passengers as
competition heats up on
the most-lucrative U.S.
air route.
Fliers in Delta's
Economy Comfort seats,
a section with extra leg-
room and early boarding
privileges, will get perks
including blankets,
pillows and snack wraps
on transcontinental
U.S. flights starting
The upgrades apply to
flights from New York's
Kennedy Airport to Los
Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle. Seats cost
$99 more per flight seg-
ment beyond a typical
coach fare. New York-Los

Angeles is the high-
est-revenue domestic
route, according to the
Bureau of Transportation
Statistics, and already
features some of the
plushest cabins on U.S.
Delta's move extends
the courtship of coast-
to-coast travelers into
economy even as the
third-largest U.S. airline
vies with American
Airlines Group Inc. and
United Continental
Holdings Inc. for busi-
ness-class passengers
on those routes. JetBlue
Airways Corp. begins
premium transcontinen-
tal service this month,
Economy Comfort
fares aren't changing

because of the additional
amenities, said Paul
Skrbec, a spokesman for
Atlanta-based Delta.
"This announcement
makes it more valuable
for customers to want to
purchase," Skrbec said.
Passengers in
Economy Comfort will
get a complimentary
blanket and pillow set,
a sleep kit including
eyeshades and earplugs,
and some new dining
options. Those include
free Luvo-brand snack
wraps and a bottle of
water, as well as Luvo
frozen yogurt bars on
most flights, Delta said
in a statement.
Economy Comfort
customers on the routes
will continue to receive

complimentary beer,
wine and spirits, Delta
Travelers at the back of
the plane may have felt
unloved in recent years
as Delta and competitors
lavished attention on
business class, where
passengers may pay
four times the price of a
coach ticket.
Delta and United, for
example, have added
seats that recline to a full
180 degrees to all their
long-haul international
planes. American is
adding them to most of
those jets, and raised the
bar on transcontinental
flying by adding a first-
class section to some of
its new Airbus Group NV
A321 jets.

Page 6 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


WIRE Page 7

Emotional robot set for sale in Japan

TOKYO (AP)I A coo-
ing, gesturing humanoid
on wheels that can
decipher emotions has
been unveiled in Japan
by billionaire Masayoshi
Son who says robots
should be tender and
make people smile.
Son's mobile phone
company Softbank said
Thursday that the robot
it has dubbed Pepper will
go on sale in Japan in
February for 198,000 yen
($1,900). Overseas sales
plans are under consid-
eration but undecided.
The machine, which
has no legs, but has gen-
tly gesticulating hands
appeared on a stage in
a Tokyo suburb, cooing
and humming. It dra-
matically touched hands
with Son in a Genesis or
"E.T." moment.
Son, who told the
crowd that his longtime
dream was to go into the
personal robot business,
said Pepper has been
programmed to read
the emotions of people
around it by recognizing
expressions and voice
"Our aim is to develop
affectionate robots that
can make people smile,"
he said.
The 121 centimeter (48
inch) tall, 28 kilogram
(62 pound) white Pepper,
which has no hair but
two large doll-like eyes
and a flat-panel display
stuck on its chest, was
developed jointly with

In this undated photo
released by Softbank Corp.,
the Japanese mobile carrier's
Pepper humanoid-on-wheels
is shown.
Aldebaran Robotics,
which produces autono-
mous humanoid robots.
Besides featuring the
latest voice recognition,
Pepper is loaded with
more than a dozen
sensors, including
two touch sensors in
its hands, three touch
sensors on its head, and
six laser sensors and
three bumper sensors in
its base.

It also has two cameras
and four microphones
on its head and has Wi-Fi
and Ethernet networking
But a demonstration
Friday at a Softbank
retailer in Tokyo high-
lighted the robot's
shortcomings as much as
its charm.
Voice recognition
takes a while to kick in,
when its eyes light up in
a listening mode after
the robot stops talking,
making for less than
spontaneous dialogue,
similar to the frustration
one experiences talking
with iPhone's Siri.
Pepper was obviously
more at ease going into
its own chatter, such
as asking "Do you do
Twitter?" or "Is this
the first time you ever
spoke to a robot?" But it
wouldn't really wait for
an answer, rattling on to
the next topic.
Sometimes the ro-
bot which, up close,
bears a resemblance to
C-3PO in "Star Wars,"
especially in its clueless
look failed to catch
a speaker's words and
would say: "I could not
hear you. Could you say
that again?"
When a person
shouted in a big voice
to test out how well it
read emotions, it didn't
do much except to say:
"You look like an honest
In Thursday's

demonstration, Pepper
sang, "I want to be
loved," and it did more
singing and gesturing
with its hands Friday.
But all its song-and-
dance acts seemed
to prove was that the
machine needs to learn a
lot more tricks to impress
robot-savvy Japanese.
The Softbank shop barely
drew a crowd besides a
pack of reporters with
their cameras.
Cuddly robots are not
new in Japan, a nation
dominated by "kawaii,"
or cute culture, but no
companion robot has
emerged as a major
market success yet.
Japanese electronics
and entertainment
company Sony Corp.
discontinued the Aibo
pet-dog robot in 2006,
despite an outcry from
its fans. At that time,
Sony had developed a
child-shaped entertain-
ment robot similar to
Pepper but much small-
er, capable of dances
and other charming
moves, which never
became a commercial
Honda Motor Co. has
developed the walking,
talking Asimo robot, but
that is too sophisticat-
ed and expensive for
home use, and appears
in Honda showrooms
and gala events only.
Even then, it is prone to
glitches because of its

Official: 34 dead
in east Congo
after attack
- Armed fighters attacked
a town in eastern Congo
late at night, massacring at
least 34 people including
women and children who
were at a local church,
officials said Saturday.
Provincial interior min-
ister Jean Julien Miruho
said that the violence
in Mutarule late Friday
also left at least 27 others
Miruho said the identity
of the assailants was un-
known, though he believed
the violence stemmed
from livestock disputes in
the area, about 40 miles
from Bukavu.
"We cannot say exactly
who these attackers were,
but we will put together
a commission of inquiry
that will go to the site
Sunday," Miruho told The
Associated Press. "It is clear
that this attack was linked
to the theft of cattle."
Survivors blamed a
rebel group from Burundi
known as the FNL for the
attack, though the claim
couldn't immediately be
Eastern Congo is home
to a myriad of armed
groups and militias,
many vying for control of
the region's vast mineral
resources. Many of the
rebel groups sowing unrest
there originate in other
countries in the region, in-
cluding Burundi, Uganda
and Rwanda.

Bombs kill 52 as
gunmen storm
university in Iraq
series of car bombs
exploded across Iraq's
capital Saturday night,
killing at least 52 people
in a day of violence that
saw militants storm a
university in the country's
restive Anbar province
and take dozens hostage,
authorities said.
The attacks in Baghdad
largely focused on Shiite
neighborhoods, under-
scoring the sectarian
violence now striking at
Iraq years after a similar
wave nearly tore the
country apart following
the U.S.-led invasion that
toppled Saddam Hussein.
Now with U.S. troops
gone, Iraq found itself
fighting on fronts across
the country, as separate
clashes in a northern city
killed 21 police officers and
38 militants, officials said.
The first Baghdad attack
took place Saturday night
in the capital's western
Baiyaa district, killing nine
people and wounding 22,
police said. Later on, sev-
en car bombs in different
parts of Baghdad killed
at least 41 people and
wounded 62, police said. A
roadside bomb in western
Baghdad also killed two
people and wounded six,
police said. All the attacks
happened in a one-hour
period and largely tar-
geted commercial streets
in Shiite neighborhoods,
authorities said.

Times) -Readers
perennially on the
lookout for the next big
thing in weight loss have
heard of brown fat: those
mitochondria-rich fat
cells found plentifully
between the shoulder
blades of mice, babies
and young, thin people.
The bodies of people and
animals with large stores
of brown fat rev higher,
burn more calories and
tend not to become
In recent years,
researchers suggested
that increasing brown fat
stores or promoting
the conversion of white
fat to the brown kind
- could help prevent
or even reverse obesity.
Exposure to cold seemed
to be one way to brown
up white fat, but scien-
tists acknowledged they
didn't understand why
that happened.
Now, a team of scien-
tists led by a University of
California, San Francisco
immunologist has found
that the immune system
could hold the key to
turning white fat, if not
brown exactly, at least
beige. The immune
process they describe ap-
pears to be set in motion
by cold, and it works on
white fat cells that are
dispersed around the
upper back, the chest
and the viscera, above
the kidneys. But gaining
a better understanding
of how that happens may
lead to easier or more ef-
fective ways of boosting
our bodies' fat-burning
power than, say, plunging
ourselves into cold water
on a regular basis.
UC San Francisco's
Dr. Ajay Chawla, who
conducted much of the
early research on cold

exposure and brown fat,
led a team hoping to
peer into the mysterious
process by which white
fat cells which tends to
beget more of themselves
- instead take on more of
the dark cellular furnaces
and burn more fuel to
sustain themselves.
The article was pub-
lished this week in the
journal Cell.
In mice, Chawla's team
showed that when white
fat was exposed to cold,
the immune system sent
out the signaling pro-
teins interleukin 4 and
interleukin 13, which in
turn drew macrophages
(immune cells that en-
gulf and digest invading
pathogens) into white
fat. Inside the white
fat cells, macrophages
produced an organic
compound called cate-
cholamines, which made
the white cells beige and
ramped up their energy
When the researchers
increased the amount
of interleukin 4 in mice,
they developed more
beige fat mass, and
lost weight. When they
bred mice incapable of
producing interleukin 4
or interleukin 13, they
found that the mice had
less beige fat, burned
fewer calories and could
not maintain a normal
body temperature when
exposed to the cold.
The study offers
scientists hunting for a
diabetes cure a whole
new approach one
that targets the immune
system rather than the
brain or gut, where
appetite and satiety
signals are produced.
And it suggests that the
body's energy-consump-
tion rates are not strictly
under the control of the

brain or endocrine (hor-
mone) system, but can
be altered by tweaking
the immune system.
Chawla and many
other researchers now
believe that the poten-
tial to exploit brown
fat for weight loss is
"If you could increase
energy expenditure by
even a few percent, over
a period of a year or two
years you would make a

big difference," he said.
At the same time,
Chawla cautions that
"beiging" fat for weight
loss may not work for
everyone. Individuals
will probably vary in
how large their brown
fat reserves are and how
much "beige" fat they
can generate. Women
appear to have less
brown fat than men,
and humans have less
as we age.

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lo6 Iep- t ea we. e fe d *w danoi, .te66d~i
cacrre oa. W oniuet srv frqultyptin ar ffrngec





Body fat: Beige is the new brown


-Page 8 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


Isolated Inland

30% chance of rain

UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today

83 96 103 100 94 90
8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.
The higher the UV Indexw number,
the heater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low;
3-5 Moderate; 6-7 Higi; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme.
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature
based on eiit weather factors.

Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday
I I .
0 50 100 150 200 300 500
0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous
Main pollutant: particulates

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday

Weteds o ^ "
Molds NA. I
absent low moderate hio veryhi*
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday

Normal High/Low
Record High 97'
Record Low 61'
Precipitation (in inches)
24 hoursthrough 5 p.m. Saturday
Month to date
Normal month to date
Year to date
Normal wearto date
Record 1.46


" (1978)

Month 2014 2013 Avg. Record/Year
Jan. 3.67 0.43 1.80 7.07/1979
Feb. 1.24 2.12 2.52 11.05/1983
Mar 5.10 1.98 3.28 9.26/1970
Apr. 2.00 3.06 2.03 5.80/1994
May 3.68 2.76 2.50 9.45/1991
Jun. 0.12 10.50 8.92 23.99/1974
Jul. 7.38 8.22 14.22/1995
Aug. 9.29 8.01 15.60/1995
Sep. 11.12 6.84 14.03/1979
Oct. 3.48 2.93 10.88/1995
Nov. 0.01 1.91 5.53/2002
Dec. 0.97 1.78 6.83/2002
Year 15.81 53.10 50.74 (since 1931)
Totals are from a 24-hour perod ending at 5 p.m.



Possible weather-related delays todca
with your airline for the most update
HVLo Outlook
Ft. Mers 91/73 part cldy
Punta Gorda 92/72 storms
Sarasota 88/72 part cldy

The Sun
The Moon

Jun 12

Today 2:1

Mvon. 2:55a 9:07a 3:20p 9:32p
Tue. 3:40a 9:53a 4:06p 10:20p
The solunar period schedule allows planning days
so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in
good cover during those times. Major periods begin
at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours.The
minor periods are shorter.

Punta Gorda
Today 12:07a
Mon. 1:29a
Today 10:35a
Mon. 12:06a
Boca Grande
Today 9:40a
Mon. 10:14a
Today 12:39a
Mon. 2:01a
Today 8:50a
Mon. 9:24a

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5:47a 11:58a 7:36p
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6:16a 12:30p 8:05p
6:57a 1:04p 8:54p

2:42a 10:21p 4:31p
3:23a 11:31p 5:20p


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

Hi Lo W
89 72 pc
88 73 pc
89 74 pc
88 74 t
89 71 t
88 77 t
91 73 pc
89 71 t
90 70 pc
89 70 pc
87 77 pc

Hi Lo W
89 72 t
88 74 t
88 74 t
88 73 t
89 72 t
87 76 t
90 74 t
88 72 t
89 69 t
89 71 t
87 77 sh

ed schedules.
all day

10s I -Os s Os 210 s20s I 30s 40s Is 60s 170sI80s 90s 1I 0s

A Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation.Temperature bands are highs forthe day.

Partly Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy,
Scattered T'Storms Scattered T'Storms Scattered T'Storms Scattered T'Storms

|0% chance of rain 60% chance of rain 60% chance of rain 40% chance of rain ""cg. eri NeYor,

Cleaater Psna
.Check 89/74 Plant City Losnt~ ngell a.
910 70 00/72 90/70i70 700vkkkUwk.7Mn



viie i1v1 iVl


E i P as o .. .".

Chihuahua. Housto
94/67 A* 170Mim

Fronts Precipitation
AYY-.&.& *=1 = *~Y
Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
U.S. Extremes (For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)

High ........1060 at Needles, CA

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
Des Moines

Hi Lo W
86 61 pc
63 50 sh
86 70 t
86 64 pc
70 50 pc
89 69 pc
82 55 s
80 65 s
78 59 pc
85 59 s
79 64 t
84 67 t
71 53 pc
77 59 t
74 57 r
89 69 t
76 59 t
86 57 s
91 75 t
71 46 t
75 59 pc
77 56 t
71 48 s
76 49 r
74 50 pc
87 61 s

i t


NO MOON St. Petersburg A B
Rise Set 90/74Apollo Beach F~
Rise Set 90/74 90/74 91/72
6:34 a.m. 8:21 p.m.,91/712
6:34 a.m. 8:22 p.m.
Rise Set
4:00 pm, 3:01am. t
4:57 pm, 3:41 am. Wauchula
Last New First Bradenton 91/72
Longboat KeyMyakkai Limestone
D 88/75 91/72 Li2/72
Sarasota U -
Jun 19 Jun 27 Jul 5 88/72 ,

AR TABLE Osprey Arcadia
nor Major Minor Major 88/73 1691/73
12a 8:24a 2:36p 8:48p Venice aHul

Low 260 at Bodie State Park, CA

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Increased use of barrel bombs in Mideast, Africa

Governments in the
Mideast and Africa, in
desperate efforts to gain
battlefield ground, are us-
ing barrel bombs against
their enemies, launching
the cheap, quickly man-
ufactured weapons as a
crude counter to roadside
blasts and suicide explo-
sions that insurgents have
deployed for years.
New evidence of their
use in Iraq, after being
dropped on civilians in
AP PHOTO Syria and Sudan, has

This April 28 photo shows armed, masked antigovernment raised concerns that
gunmen patrolling Fallujah, Iraq, after AI-Qaida-linked fighters governments in unstable
and their allies seized the city months ago. The use of barrel nations will embrace
bombs, which are inaccurate and can indiscriminately kill large them.
numbers of unintended victims as well as the targeted insur- Described as "flying
gents, has spread this year from Syria to Iraq. IEDs," or improvised

explosive devices, barrel
bombs have the power to
wipe out a row of build-
ings in a single blast. They
can kill large numbers of
people, including those
not targeted.
"It's fair to say that a lot
of governments are losing
control of the counterin-
surgency" said Michael
Knights, an analyst at the
Washington Institute for
Near East Policy. "They're
also watching what they
see in Syria, and they feel
like their air power is what
is making the difference."
"Barrel bomb" is a broad
term for a large container
packed with fuel, chem-
icals or explosives and
often scraps of metal that,

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NOW through July 5, 2014

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Port Charlotte
Town Center Mall
(Inside Sears)
(941) 315-8644

Inside Wal-Mart
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Merchants Crossing
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in recent years, have most
often been dropped on
targets from helicopters or
planes overhead.
But they also have been
found on Israeli beaches,
where authorities believe
they washed up after
militants on the Gaza Strip
released them.
They are attractive to
governments that have
the aircraft to bombard
targets from the sky but
limited munitions or
money to launch enough
conventional weapons,
such as missiles, to rival
their enemies.
Sudan's army began
dropping barrel bombs
into rebel areas starting
in late 2011, according to
human rights watchdogs,
as the south split off and
created a new country. In
December 2012, Susan
Rice, then U.S. ambassa-
dor to the United Nations,
said she was "gravely
concerned" about the
reported attacks.
In Syria, forces con-
trolled by President
Bashar Assad began
in 2012 a barrel bomb
campaign against areas
controlled by rebels
and insurgents, killing
thousands in his effort
to reclaim power in a
civil war that has left more
than 160,000 people dead.
As recently as
Wednesday, the State
Department reported
evidence of barrel bomb
strikes on three neigh-
borhoods in the divided
northern city of Aleppo.
Last month, new ev-
idence that Iraq's army
dropped between four
and 10 barrel bombs on
insurgent strongholds
in the country's Sunni-
dominated Anbar
province, which borders
Syria, spurred U.S. offi-
cials to warn Baghdad
to immediately desist
or risk American

support and aid.
Four government offi-
cials inWashington and
Baghdad said the attacks
stopped within days of the
U.S. demand. The govern-
ment officials, all of whom
are familiar with the
mid-May conversations
with Iraqi Prime Minister
Nouri al-Maliki, spoke on
condition of anonymity
because they were not
authorized to discuss the
talks by name.
But several Iraqis
interviewed this week
in Fallujah told The
Associated Press the
bombings have contin-
ued. They said the attacks
usually come at night,
so they aren't caught on
video. Militants in Fallujah
have boasted they have
discovered about 20
barrel bombs that did not
explode on impact and are
using them to make their
own weapons.
Fallujah resident
Ahmed Abdul-Salam said
a barrel bomb destroyed
his small dairy factory last
week. Another resident,
who would only identify
himself as Abu Yassin,
said four barrel bombs
landed on a residential
neighborhood in Fallujah
on a single day in early
U.S. officials are careful
to note they have no
independent evidence of
the Iraqi army strikes.
But Vice President Joe
Biden urged al-Maliki
during a May 16 phone
call to make sure Iraqi
counterterror operations
protect civilians and
follow laws. Similarly, the
U.N. Security Council
on Thursday issued a
statement after a briefing
on Iraq that pointedly
reminded Baghdad to
comply with international
human rights and human-
itarian laws when fighting

Hi Lo W
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83 60 t
80 61 pc
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72 54 pc
81 61 pc
74 57 t
91 71 t
80 59 pc
86 56 pc
87 71 t
69 49 pc
74 57 sh
79 59 pc
70 48 sh
65 45 sh
74 54 s
83 60 t
82 51 pc
88 73 pc
90 74 pc
79 63 pc

Hi Lo W
81 67 pc


Desoto Plaza
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Heat look to bounce
back, as they typically

have, *Page 8



Hartt Jr. makes seamless transition

from wrestling to Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Traced to 1915 and the
arrival of Jiu-Jitsu master
Esai Maeda Koma, also
known as"Conde Koma7'
who settled in Belem
do Para, Brazil. One of
his first students, Carlos
Gracie, took what he was
taught to Rio de Janeiro,
where he began teaching
what he learned and
using it in fights. In 1925,
Gracie opened the first
school in Rio, known as
the "Academia Gracie de
Jiu-Jitsu,"with his brothers.
His successes in fights
against other great
martial arts fighters
produced personal
acclaim, attracted more
students and drew more
Japanese practitioners to
Rio. However, they could
not match Gracie's success.
Japanese jiu-jitsu was
focused on takedowns
and throws. The Gracies'
style ofjiu-jitsu was
more focused on ground
fighting and submission
techniques. The Gracies'
style was so distinctive
- and different from
traditional jiu-jitsu it
eventually became
known as "Brazilian
It is now practiced
world-wide, including
Japan and India.


Paul Hartt Jr. had no more
wrestling matches available
to him as he noted, there
aren't many opportunities
in the sport when you're
done with high school
and college. So he went
looking for another
activity for his free time.
He settled on
Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a
form of the martial
arts focused on ground
grappling, commonly
used in MMA matches. It
suited Hartt perfectly.
"I just started doing
jiu-jitsu and fell in love with
it," the 27-year-old Hartt said.
Hartt's gain turned out to
be a loss for everyone else in
his division. A lot of losses,
Less than three years after
competing in a gi (competi-
tive garment for martial arts)
for the first time, Hartt won
a world championship in the
discipline. He took the goldN
medal in the blue belt adult
male heavyweight division at
the world championship tour-
nament, defeating Felipe Rochai
in the final at the end of May.
Hartt said the championship
match was a trying experience.
"It was the last 15 or 20 seconds and
(the score) was 0-0," Hartt said. "I knew in
my head I was this close and I'd come this far.
So I was just pushing and pushing and the guy
ended up breaking and allowing me to score


TOP: Paul Hartt Jr. takes down Justin Gomes during a warm-up at Marcelo Pereira Jiu-Jitsu in Fort Myers. SEQUENCE: Hartt Jr. spars with Aidan Collins.

0 HORSE RACING: Belmont Stakes

Unpolished Chrome comes up short

Triple Crown

hopeful finishes

fourth at Belmont
Horse racing's 36-year quest
to find the next great American
hero and propel a fading sport
back into the spotlight has once
again let opportunity slip from its
California Chrome, a colt with
a crazy back story, became the
13th horse since Affirmed won the
Triple Crown in 1978 to win the
Kentucky Derby and Preakness
Stakes but fail to win the Belmont
On a Saturday evening in which
Elmont, N.Y., became the center of
the sporting world the 3-year-old
colt finished in a tie for fourth in
the 112-mile race.
Tonalist edged Commissioner at
the wire while Medal Count took
third. Wicked Strong finished in a
dead-heat with California Chrome
for fourth.
California Chrome broke alertly
and settled on the rail, but he
found himself in the unfamiliar
position of being behind horses as
the race entered the backstretch.

Tonalist, left, with Joel Rosario up, edges Commissioner, right, with Javic
lano up to win the 146th running of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday in E

JockeyVictor Espinoza angled him
out entering the stretch, but when
the horse was asked to track down
the leaders, he just didn't respond
as he has in the other races.
The crowd of more than 100,000
in New York roared their approval
at the sight of California Chrome,
and if enthusiasm counted, the
horse would have won easily. But
it doesn't.
After the race, co-owner Steve
Coburn unleashed a tirade against
the Triple Crown system that

allows horses to skip a ra
particular he was blastin
who did not have enoug]
to qualify to run in the D(
"I'm 61 years old and I
see in my lifetime another
Crown winner because o
they do this," Coburn sal
fair to these horses who i
in the game since Day 1.
don't get enough points t
the Kentucky Derby, you
in the other two races.

Horses that won the Kentucky Derby
and Preakness but fellshort at

( 2014 California Chrome
2012-I'll Have Another (scratched)
2008- Big Brown (ninth)
2004- Smarty Jones (second)
2003- Funny Cide (third)
2002 War Emblem (eighth)
1999 Charismatic (third)
1998- Real Quiet (second)
1997- Silver Charm (second)
AP POHTO 1989- Sunday Silence (second)
1987 Alysheba (fourth)
elmont, N.Y. 1981 Pleasant Colony (third)
1979 Spectacular Bid (third)
ce. In 1971 Canonero II (fourth)
g Tonalist, 1969 Majestic Prince (second)
[h points 1968 x-Forward Pass (second)
)erby. 1966- Kauai King (fourth)
'll never 1964- Northern Dancer (third)
er Triple 1961 Carry Back (seventh)
)f the way 1958 -Tim Tam (second)
id. "It's not 1944- Pensive (second)
have been 1936 Bold Venture (did not run)
If you 1932 Burgoo King (did not run)

to run in
can't run


x-won Derby on disqualification of
Dancer's Image for testing positive
for illegal medication.

0 MLB:
Seattle 7, Tampa Bay 4

WHO: Seattle (32-29)
at Tampa Bay (24-39)
WHEN:Today, 1:40 p.m.
WHERE: Tropicana Field
PITCHERS: Felix Hernandez
(8-1, 2.57) vs. Chris Archer
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 620 AM, 1220 AM, 1480
AM, 1530 AM, 1580 AM
PROMOTION: James Loney
Grill Set, first 10,000 fans





The Tampa Bay Rays
began Saturday by saying
goodbye to Don Zimmer
in an emotional tribute.
Then they said goodbye
to any chance of starting
a rare winning streak,
losing 7-4 to the Mariners
in front of 23,996 at
Tropicana Field. Tampa
Bay, having snapped a
10-game losing streak
Friday night, hoped it was
the start of a turnaround.
Instead, the Rays
(24-39) fell flat in a
familiar formula, scuffles
by a starting pitcher
and not enough offense.
And they saw a familiar
face, ex-closer Fernando
Rodney, shut the door in
the ninth, shooting his
imaginary post-save arrow
to a chorus of boos.
Right-hander Alex Cobb
had the worst of his four
starts since coming off
the disabled list, charged
with seven runs and 11
hits over a season-low 413
Emotions were
stirred in a pre-game
ceremony celebrating
the life of Zimmer, the
Rays special adviser who
died Wednesday. There
were video montages
and sound bytes from
current and former Rays,
including James Shields,
and Yankees legend Derek
Jeter. Both the Rays and
Mariners lined up wearing
Zimmer's old Brooklyn
Dodgers No. 23 jersey The
Rays will wear a "ZIM"
patch on their jersey for
the rest of the season.
The Mariners (32-29)
took an early lead on a
solo homer by rightfielder
Cody Gillespie in the
second. But the Rays
bounced back in the

Seattle's Robinson Cano gets
hit with a pitch from Tampa
Bay's Alex Cobb on Saturday in
St. Petersburg.

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Florida Lottery
* CASH 3
June 7N ................................ 0-6-1
June 7D................................ 6-6-9
June 6N ................................ 9-2-4
June 6D ................................ 3-5-1
June 5N................................ 9-0-6
June 5D ................................ 4-3-7
D-Day, N-Night

June 7N ............................ 6-9-4-3
June 7D............................ 6-1-8-6
June 6N ............................ 6-2-7-9
June 6D............................ 6-9-8-8
June 5N............................ 3-3-3-2
June 50)............................ 8-2-4-7
D-Day, N-Night
June 7 ..................2-19-21-30-35
June 6 ....................5-7-21-23-25
June 5 ..................9-10-18-20-26
3 5-digit winners ............ $76,832.88
398 4-digit winners..............$93
12,134 3-digit winners ............ $8.50

June 6 .......................6-18-23-39
MegaBall ................................... 21

June 3 .................. 9-26-33-44
MegaBall ................................... 18
0 4-of-4 MB...........$...... 1.7M
0 4-of-4 ................................... $0
48 3-of-4 MB ......................... $466.50
867 3-of-4 ............................... $50.50

June 7 ............17-19-25-29-47-52
June 4 .............6-13-22-39-40-48
May 31 ............2-11-31-38-49-52
0 6-digit winners................$5M
20 5-digit winners ............. $6,026.50
1,185 4-digit winners ............. $73.50
22,922 3-digit winners......$...... 5
June 7 .................28-30-35-58-59
Powerball ................................. 15

June 4 ................ 1-7-10-22-49
Powerball ................................. 24
0 5of5+ PB ........................... $192M
0 5of5 ............................. $1,000,000
3 4of5+PB........$10,000
114 4of5...........$....... 100
$221 million
June 6 .................12-29-37-49-72
MegaBall .................................... 9

June 3 .............. 19-28-62-66-74
MegaBall .................................... 6
0 5of5+ MB ............................ $34M
0 5of5 ............................. $1,000,000
1 4of5+ MB ........................... $5,000
7 4of5 ...................................... $500

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Putting the Devil back in the Rays?

his colun
be read
while listening to
"London, You're
a Lady" by The
Pogues (running Rob
time: 2 minutes, 54
seconds). SHORE
The last time SPORTS WRITER
the Tampa Bay
Rays' farm system State
was producing home- Gillasl
ground superstars (Evan admis
Longoria, David Price), system
the team had top-five bats a
picks in the draft and like it
were called the Devil D(
Rays. Having just come died 1h
off a 10-game losing last lir
streak, the Rays seem to golde]
be working on the first is still
part of that equation. but ar
It isn't totally fair to aroun
the kids down in the Rays' was n
farm system to say that Zim.

the team can't
produce stars
the crop from
2011 that included
10 picks in the
first and sand-
wich rounds isn't
necessarily behind
By the way, the
selection of Wichita
slugger Casey
pie could be an
ssion the Rays' farm
n isn't as flush with
as the team would
to be.
on Zimmer, who
ast week, isn't our
nk to baseball's
n age -Willie Mays
with us, for one -
guably nobody still
nd from that time
nore colorful than

And then there was
the time LeBron James
went to Game 1 of the
the NBA Finals and the
(now discontinued) World
Sauna Championships
broke out.
*When U.S. men's
national soccer team
coach Jurgen Klinsmann
commented that U.S. pro
teams overpay aging stars
and cited Kobe Bryant
as an example, noted
Kobe apologist Michael
Wilbon said Klinsmann
should "get out of the
country" But he never
said Klinsmann wasn't
If you want to
see proof of the San
Antonio Spurs' great-
ness consider that they
outlasted the Shaq-Kobe
Lakers, outlasted the

Celtics, outlasted the
Kobe-Gasol Lakers and
have a legit shot to
dethrone the LeBron-
Wade-Bosh Heat.
9 The NFL has an-
nounced it will abandon
its Roman numeral
scheme for Super Bowl
50 in Santa Clara, Calif in
2016, but bring back the
Roman numerals after
that. This is great news
for those of us already
looking forward to Super
Bowl LXXXVIII in 2054.
Miami Dolphins
legend Dan Marino
joined a class-action
lawsuit against the NFL
this week, then withdrew
his participation a day
later, saying he had made
a mistake. How exactly
does one sue somebody

by accident?
Remember when the
Toronto Blue Jays were
hammered after their
five-for-seven trade two
years ago didn't turn out
as planned? Well, the Blue
Jays are leading the the
AL East, in part because
of the lights-out pitching
of Mark Buehrle, whom
they obtained in that
There are vocal critics
of MMA fighting who
probably loved last week's
Game of Thrones, which
featured the bloody fight
between The Mountain
and the Red Viper (with
the most gruesome finish
short of the video game
Mortal Kombat).
ContactRob Shore are 941-206-1174

* NHL:

Doughty making presence known


a city overflowing with
celebrities, Drew Doughty
enjoyed a degree of ano-
nymity other high-profile
players in the NHL or any
professional sports league
could only envy.
But after leading the
Los Angeles Kings to their
second Stanley Cup finals
in three seasons, the de-
fenseman is finally getting
noticed around town.
"It's changed drasti-
cally," he said. "Back in
the day we could roll in
anywhere, and there's no
way anyone would know
who you were, no possi-
ble way. Now it seems like
everywhere we do go, we
are getting recognized."
The New York Rangers
know all about Doughty,
too, after showcasing
his burgeoning offense
midway through the sec-
ond period of Game 1 on
Wednesday After forward
Justin Williams dropped
off the pass, Doughty

Saturday's result
N.Y. Rangers at Los Angeles, late
(Kings lead series 1-0)
Monday's ga me
Los Angeles at N.Y. Rangers, 8 p.m.
See more NHL playoff glance
in Scoreboard, PAGE 5

skated through the
offensive zone and beat
Henrik Lundqvist over the
goalie's right shoulder for
the tying goal.
"It was incredible,"
Kings forward Tyler Toffoli
said. "It doesn't really
surprise us, we know what
he brings."
The Kings won 3-2 in
overtime, taking the next
step toward what could
be the franchise's second
Stanley Cup title.
Even if comes at the
cost of Doughty's privacy
"I'd rather have the
problem and be a win-
ner," he said, "than not
have the problem and



AtTPC Southwind
Purse: $5.8 million
Yardage: 7,239; Par.70
Completed Second Round
Ben Crane 63-65-128
Retief Goosen 66-66-132 Shan:
CamiloVillegas 68-64-132 Inbee
Peter Malnati 65-68-133 Miche
Troy Merritt 67-66-133 Cristie
Carl Pettersson 67-67-134 Lydia
Brian Harman 69-65-134 Anna
Davis LovelIII 65-70-135 Candi
Billy Horschel 67-68-135 NaYe
Jason Bohn 67-68 135 Belen
Padraig Harrington 68-67-135 HeeY
Phil Mickelson 67-68-135 Suzar
DustinJohnson 68-67-135 Ange
AP PHOTO Ted Potter, Jr. 68-67-135 Thida
Andrew Svoboda 69-66-135 Meer
s he leaves JJ. Henry 66-70-136 JeeYc
Chesson Hadley 67-69-136 SoYec
TimWilkinson 68-68-136 XiYuL
Ben Martin 69-67-136 Jenni
Stewart Cink 70-66-136 Chella
Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano 67-70-137 Dane
Matt Every 69-68-137 Stacy
S Graeme McDowell 69-68-137 Caroli
an Poulter 69-68-137 Mirir
Tim Clark 68-69-137 Alena
WillWilcox 70_67-137 MiJur
John Peterson 69-68-137 Mega
Kevin Kisner 65-72-137 Sydn
Shawn Stefani 7067-137 Sydn)
Paul Casey 70-67-137 Paz Ec
TommyGainey 69-68-137 Jni
pen next Webb Simpson 71-66-137 Anya
St. Martin Laird 70-67-137 Aa
Brooks Koepka 67-70-137 Marir
Jerry Kelly 71 67 138 KrisTa
stroke George McNeill 69-69-138
Zachiohnson 64-74-138 SueK
rloo, Ontario, John Merrick 70-68-138 Morg
No-stroke lead Chad Campbell 70-68-138 Line\
CameronTringale 68-70-138 Austii
bee Park in the FreddieJacobson 67-71 -138 Katie
ancial Classic, Rickie Fowler 70-68-138 Jaye
he 24year-ld Miguel Angel Carballo 68-70-138 Sarah
DannyLee 72-67-139 Catric
e par-5 fifth CharlieWi 68-71-139 Christ
Luke Guthrie 67-72-139 Laura
John Daly 72-67-139 Mi Hy
Stuart Appleby 65-74-139 Alejar
lead BooWeekley 69-70-139 Haru
Justin Leonard 68-71 -139 Jane l
In Ridgedale, Jhonattan Vegas 69-70-139 Kristy
Jacobsen Jeff Overton 68-71-139 Jeonc
ead in the William McGirt 73-66-139 K. Kir
Ryan Palmer 67-72-139 Ilhee
ds of Golf, Steve Marino 69-70-139 a-Bro,
on the par-3 Heath Slocum 69-70-139 Jenni
James Hahn 69-70-139 Reille
Ben Curtis 70-69-139 Joanr
Charles Howell III 71-68-139 Dewi
WoodyAustin 68-71-139 Brook
-stroke Josh Teater 72-67-139 Jacq
)pen: In John Rollins 70-69-139 Sarah
Sean O'Hair 69-70-139 Pernil
lending cham- RyujiImada 71-69-140 CydnE
a 6-under 66 Martin Flores 70-70-140 LouisE
lover home Benjamin Alvarado 68-72-140 Giulia
Austin Cook 67-73-140 JiYou
esberger. David Lingmerth 77-63-140 Moira

Phil Mickelson gives a golf ball to Taylor Hardin, 6, as
the 17th green during Saturday's St. Jude Classic.

Crane mainta

lead at St. Ju

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Ben
Crane went more than 28
hours between competi-
tive shots due to weather
delays, and he stayed atop
the leaderboard through
six holes Saturday before
another storm stopped
play again at the St. Jude
Crane birdied his first
hole, putting him at 13
under for the tournament.
After that, no one got
closer than four strokes
at rain-softened TPC
Phil Mickelson, who
hasn't won in 19 straight
events dating to the
British Open, had pars on
each of his first nine holes
and was at 5 under. He's
using the event to tune

up for the U.S. 0
week at Pinehurs

Feng takes 2-st
LPGA lead: In Water
Shanshan Feng took a tw
over Michelle Wie and In
LPGA Tour's Manulife Fin.
shooting a 4-under 67. T
Chinese player eagled th
and had two birdies.

Haas, Jacobsen
Legends of Golf:
Mo., Jay Haas and Peter J
took the second-round le
Champions Tour's Legend
teaming for a 6-under 48
Top of the Rock course.

Luiten takes 2-
lead at Lyoness C
Atzenbrugg, Austria, defE
pion Joost Luiten carded
to take a two-stroke lead
crowd favorite Bernd Wie

New York's Derick Brassard, left, and Los Angeles' Slava Voynov battle for the puck in front of
Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist during the third period Saturday night in Game 2 of the Stanley
Cup finals, which was not completed in time for this edition.

At Grey Silo Golf Course
Waterloo, Ontario
Purse: $1.5 million
Yardage: 6,330; Par: 71
Third Round
a-denotes amateur
shan Feng 66-65-67-
e Park 69-66-65-
elleWie 65-67-68-
e Kerr 67-69-65-
Ko 71-67-64-
Nordqvist 69-64-69-
ie Kung 70-68-65-
eon Choi 68-67-68-
n Mozo 68-67-68-
Young Park 65-66-72-
nn Pettersen 70-67-67-
la Stanford 71-67-67-
pa Suwannapura 72-66-67-
na Lee 70-67-68-
ung Lee 68-68-69-
on Ryu 68-67-70-
Lin 67-67-71-
fer Rosales 69-72-65-
Ia Choi 70-69-67-
elle Kang 71-68-67-
Lewis 69-69-68-
ine Masson 69-67-70-
n Lee 69-73-65-
a Sharp 73-69-65-
ng Hur 73-68-66-
an McChrystal 70-71-66-
ee Michaels 70-71-66-
yJoh 72-68-67-
cheverria 68-71-68-
ferJohnson 70-68-69-
Alvarez 71-66-70-
na Alex 68-68-71-
-amulis 69-73-66-
a Granada 72-69-67-
Kim 71-70-67-
an Pressel 71-68-69-
Vedel 69-70-69-
n Ernst 69-69-70-
Futcher 72-66-70-
Marie Green 70-68-70-
h Kemp 68-70-70-
ona Matthew 71-67-70-
tel Boeljon 75-68-66-
Davies 71-71-67-
yang Lee 70-71-68-
ndra Llaneza 68-71-70-
Nomura 68-70-71-
Park 70-68-71-
y McPherson 68-68-73-
g Jang 70-72-68-
m 69-73-68-
Lee 69-73-68-
oke M. Henderson 70-71-69-
fer Kirby 71-70-69-
y Rankin 71-70-69-
na Klatten 70-70-70-
Claire Schreefel 69-71-70-
ke Pancake 70-69-71-
ii Concolino 68-68-74-
Jane Smith 69-74-68-
Ila Lindberg 78-64-69-
ieyClanton 71-70-70-
e Friberg 72-69-70-
a Molinaro 71-70-70-
ng Oh 72-68-71-
a Dunn 68-71-72-

Champions Tour
Ridgedale Mo.
At tr-Big Cedar Lodge Resort, Top of the
Rock (2,940 yards, par 54)
At br-Buffalo Ridge (5,845 yards, par 71)
Second Round
Haas-P.Jacobsen 62br48tr-110
F. Funk-J. Sluman 61br-50tr- 111
C. Stadler-K.Triplett 49tr-64br-113
T. PerniceJr-B.Tway 50tr-64br-114
A. North-T.Watson 49tr-65br-114
M. Hatalsky-D. Pooley 50tr-66br-116
S. Elkington-R. Mediate 65br-51tr-116
Nick Faldo- E. Romero 49tr-68br-117
M. Calcavecchia-S. Lowery 65br-52tr-117
R. Cochran-K. Perry 61br-56tr-117
M. Brooks-T. Purtzer 64br-54tr-118
B. Gilder-B.Wadkins 51tr-67br-118
B. Andrade-T. Armour III 62br-56tr-118
J Daley-D.Tewell 52tr-67br-119
W. Levi-S. Simpson 53tr-66br-119
A. Bean-M. McNulty 52tr-67br-119
R. Chapman-H.Irwin 53tr-66br-119
B. Langer-T. Lehman 63br-56tr-119
C. Pavin-D.Waldorf 63br-56tr-119

European Tour
At Diamond Country Club
Atzenbrugg, Austria
Purse: $1.36 million
Yardage: 7,433; Par: 72
Third Round
Luiten, Netherlands 72-67-66-205
Bernd Wiesberger, Austria 71-70-66-207
Fabrizio Zanotti, Paraguay 69-68-72-209
Adam Gee, England 67-73-70-210
David Horsey, England 73-73-65-211
Matthew Baldwin, England 68-73-70-211
Simon Wakefield, England 70-71-70-211
Sihwan Kim, South Korea 70-68-73-211
Mikael Lundberg, Sweden 67-68-76-211
Rikard Karlberg, Sweden 73-73-66-212
Simon Thornton, Ireland 71-74-67-212
Scott Henry, Scotland 69-75-68-212
Ruaidhri McGhee, Ireland 73-70-69-212
Eduardo De la Riva, Spain 73-69-70-212
Lee Slattery, England 70-66-76-212 Tour
At Lakewood Country Club
Westlake, Ohio
Purse: $600,000
Yardage: 7,104; Par 71
Third Round
WheeKim 68-66-68-202
MathewGoggin 71-62-69-202
Ryan Armour 69-68-66-203
Jason Gore 69-68-66-203
JeffCurl 66-67-70-203
Dawie van derWalt 70-69-65-204
Jon Curran 71-66-67-204
Steven Alker 70-70-65-205
Aaron Watkins 69-66-70-205
Byron Smith 71-69-66-206
Franklin Corpening 67-71-68-206
Trevor Murphy 69-69-68-206
Michael Kim 69-68-69-206
Harold Varner III 70-67-69-206

Page 2 SP

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


Nadal vs. I
3 things t
No.I -seeded
is bidding for
Garros today again
Djokovic, who is ey
- which would co
Grand Slam. Whoev
ranked No. I on Mo
should be few surp
be their 42nd matc
any other pair of ME
era, which began in
their 12th Grand Sl
another record -
Nadal and Djokovic
played Roger Feder
Nadal leads t
including 8-3
5-0 at the Fr

But Djokovic won t
matches, including
final at Rome last n
coaches of both dis
significance of that,
Toni Nadal, Rafael's
coach: "It's true tha
Rafael in Rome, bu
Rafael has won ma
in this court"His ne
at the French Open
wins a row. The onl
the fourth round in
From 2006-W
Federer a car
by beating h
Open final (Federer
his hands on the tr
defeating Soderlinc
Djokovic's first shot
a set of major titles
from Paris came in
which was spread o
because of rain. Na
one 6-4, 6-3, 2-6, 7
semifinals, Djokovi
break in the fifth se
at 4-3, 40-all, whei
smash winner, but
pushed him into th
are not allowed to
Djokovic who a
had cleared the coui
be reached by Nada
point. Nadal went o

apova helps

If to 2nd title

Djokovic: C

o watch Shari
d Rafael Nadal
ra ninth
ip at Roland
st No. 2 Novak
eing his first hr e
complete a career
ver wins will be By HOWARD FENDRICH
onday. And there ASSOCIATED PRESS
rises. This will
hup, more than PARIS Nothing came
nen in the Open easily for Maria Sharapova
n 1968. It's also in the French Open final.
lam meeting, Serves hit by her
one more than surgically repaired
c each have shoulder often missed
rer. the mark, resulting in
12 double-faults. Shots
the series 22-19,
that would be winners
3 at Slams and against most opponents
rench Open.
their last four were retrieved by Simona
Ion clay in the Halep and sent right back.
montcl the Leads that usually hold
nonth. The
up vanished in a blink.
On a muggy afternoon,
though. Said with the temperature in
Uncle and the high 70s, points were
t Novak beat
it's true that lung-searing struggles.
Sharapova was up to the
ny matches here task. In an entertaining
1phew is 65-1 and undulating champi-
,including 3 onship match the first
lo1ss came in women's final at Roland
2009 to Robin Garros in 13 years to go
three sets Sharapova
08, Nadal denied showed that she's as tough
reer Grand Slam as they come, particularly
him in the French on the red clay that used
r eventually got to flummox her. She
rphy in 2009, edged Halep 6-4, 6-7 (5),
g in the final). 6-4 Saturday to win a
t at completing second French Open title
s with one in three years.
the 2012 final, "This is the toughest
over two days Grand Slan final I've ever
dal won that played," Sharapova said.
7-5. In last year's It is her fifth major tro-
c was up a phy in all. Sharapova owns
et and serving twice as many from Paris
n he hit volley as the one each she won
his momentum at Wimbledon in 2004, the
ie net. Players U.S. Open in 2006, and the
touch the net, so Australian Open in 2008.
argued his shot The 3-hour, 2-minute
urt and couldn't tangle featured too many
al -lost the momentum swings to
on to win 9-7. count, filled with lengthy
baseline exchanges,
-Associated Press
and terrific defense and

WHAT: Year's second Grand Slam
WHERE: Roland Garros, Paris
WHEN: Men's final, 9 a.m.
WHO: No. 1 Rafael Nadal of Spain
vs. No. 2 Novak Djokovic of Serbia
FORECAST: Clear, high in the 80s.
most emotional victory for me'
Maria Sharapova.
Consecutive three-setters on clay
won by Sharapova, including four
in a row this week.
INSIDE: More French Open results
in Scoreboard, PAGE 5

shotmaking by both.
Not bad for someone
who once famously de-
scribed herself as feeling
like a "cow on ice" when it
came to playing on clay, a
slow, demanding surface
that requires excellent
Since 2012, she is 54-4
with seven titles on clay
and 20-1 the last three
years at Roland Garros.

Sharapova had an oper-
ation on her right shoul-
der in October 2008. That
joint troubled the Russian
again in 2013, when she
played one match from
July to December. She
now travels with a physio-
therapist, Jerome Bianchi,
and she thanked him "for
keeping me healthy."
Each time it appeared
Sharapova was ready to
pull away, she was forced
to do extra work. When it
ended, she dropped to her
knees and folded her body
forward, burying her face
in her hands.
"I had good tactics.
Also, I was hitting the ball
strong," Halep said. But,
she added, But Sharapova,
"was moving really well."
Cow on ice?
More like Queen of Clay.

French team wins men's
doubles: Julien Benneteau and
Edouard Roger-Vasselin of France
won their first Grand Slam title by
defeating Spaniards Marc Lopez and
Marcel Granollers 6-3,7-6 (1) in men's

"It's all or nothing,
because this is not fair
to these horses that have
been running their guts
out for these people and
for the people who believe
in him. This is a coward's
way out."
Tonalist paid $20.40
to win, $9.60 to place
and $7.00 to show.
Commissioner was at
$23.20 and $13.20 for
place and Medal Count
paid $13.20 to show. The
winning margin was a
head. California Chrome
finished about three
lengths back.
It wasn't the first time
jockey Espinoza has had
a chance to win the Triple
Crown. He was aboard
War Emblem in 2002
when the horse stumbled
out of the gate, had to
rush to the front, but
faded in the stretch and
finished eighth.
Sir Barton won the first
Triple Crown in 1919. He
was followed by Gallant
Fox in 1930, Omaha in
'35, War Admiral in '37,
Whirlaway in '41, Count
Fleet in '43, Assault in '46,
Citation in '48 and then
three superstars in the
'70s Secretariat ('73),
Seattle Slew ('77) and
The trick to winning
the Belmont often lies in
surviving three races in
five weeks rather than 112-
mile distance, a race rarely
run on the dirt in the U.S.
The Triple Crown starts on
the first Saturday in May
with the Kentucky Derby
over the classic 11/4 miles
and the Preakness Stakes
is two weeks later over
116 miles. The Belmont
follows in three weeks.
Only 11 horses have ever
won all three races.
Still, while the dream
ends it makes the story
nonetheless amazing.
California Chrome was
bred with all the regality of

11th Race at Belmont Park, Saturday I

Horse Wgt
Tonalist 126
Commissioner 126
Medal Count 126
California Chrome 126
Wicked Strong 126
Samraat 126
General a Rod 126
Matterhorn 126
Commanding Curve]126
Matuszak 126
Ride On Curlin 126
11 (U1)Tonalist
8 (8) Commissioner
I ()Medal Count


$2 Pick 3 1-8-11 (3 correct) $288.50
$2 Pick 65-5-1/6-8-11 (5 correct) $814.00
$2 Daily Double 8-11 $116.00
$2 Exacta 11-8 $348.00
$2 Superfecta 11-8-1-9 $11,467.00
Trainer: Christophe Clement.
Scratched: None.

1/2 Miles. Purse $1,500,000-Added 3 Year Olds Grade 1: 146th Running
1/2 iM 11 Str Fin Jockey To$1
3-1 3-11/2 3-1 2-hd 1-hd Rosario 9.20
1-hd I-I I -1/2 1 -11/2 2-1 Castellano 28.00
7-11/2 5-11/2 5-2 4-hd 3-34 Albarado 24.75
4-1 4-I/2 4-hd 5-2 4-214 Espinoza 0.85
5-1/2 6-1/2 7-11/2 6-11/2 4-214 Maragh 5.30
11 11 8-1 7-1/2 6-114 J.Ortiz 19.50
2-1 2-hd 2-1/2 3-1/2 7-434 Napravnik 34.00
9-1/2 8-3 6-1 8-2 8-234 Bravo 40.75
8-1 7-hd 9-15 9-20 9 Bridgmohan 8.90
10-3 10-1 10-5 10 Smith 34.50
6-hd 9-1 11 Velazquez 8.30
48.52 1:12.84 1:37.13 2:02A3 2:28.52
20.40 9.60 7.00
23.20 13.20

$2 Pick4 5-1/6-8-11 (4 correct) $425.25
$2 Pick 65-5-1/6-8-11 (6 correct) $90,671.00
$2 Daily Double GOLD CUP-BELMONT 3-11 $127.00
$2 Su perfecta 11-8-1-2 $7,616.00
$2 Trifecta 11-8-1 $6,781.00
Winner: B C, 3, byTapit-Settling Mist

Jockey Joel Rosario is congratulated after winning the Belmont
Stakes atop Tonalist on Saturday in Elmont, N.Y.

an equine Oliver Twist.
Coburn and co-owner
Perry Martin bought a
broodmare Love the
Chase for $8,000 and
paid a $2,500 stud fee
to the owners of Lucky
Pulpit, and out came
California Chrome.
Stud fees for the very

best horses can go in
excess of $50,000.
And the horse was bred
in California. In breeding
circles, California is to
Kentucky as New Jersey
is to New York for theater.
Only four Cal-bred horses
have won the Kentucky
Derby and five have won

the Preakness. A Cal-bred
hasn't won the Belmont
since 1903.
One person who knew
of the mating called the
owners a pair of dumb
asses. So, Coburn and
Martin named their racing
group DAP for Dumb Ass
The trainer is 77-year-
old Art Sherman, whose
only brush with greatness
was as an exercise rider
for Swaps in 1955. He had
never entered a horse in
a Triple Crown race until
now. His humble nature
and unflappability has
made him a media star
throughout this agonizing
race to stardom. And if
that's not enough, the
horse trained at the
near-bucolic Los Alamitos
Race Course in Orange
County. It's primarily a
quarter-horse track that
exists mostly so that
satellite wagering places
can have something to bet
after 10 p.m. on the East
California Chrome
was the 13th to try to
win the three races over
a five-week stretch since
Affirmed won in 1978.

Russia's Maria Sharapova falls to the ground after winning the
women's final of the French Open on Saturday in Paris.

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 SP Page 3

Page 4SP The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

All stats through Friday's games


Keven Kiermaier
OF, Tampa Bay Rays
Kiermaier has ...
made an impact I
with the Rays i
since being called
up to the majors
in May. In his last
four games, the
outfielder is 6 for
11 with a home run, and RBI and a
stolen base.


The left-hander
showed why he
is one of the top
prospects in the
Rays organization
in his second start
for the Stone
Crabs, giving up
just four hits over six scoreless innings
in a win over the Tampa Yankees.


The second
baseman had his
13-game hitting
streakend on
Thursday, and he
went 7 for 29 over
the past week. Hit
a home run, drove
in two runs and stole four bases in
seven games since last Saturday.

RHP, Class-A Bowling Green
Has been impressive in five starts
for the Hot Rods, going 2-2 while
compiling a 2.63 ERA. He was named
a Midwest League All-Star this week.

"I've flown out to the warning track
so many times. I'm just glad to see
finally see one make it. ... He hung
me a slider and I put a good swing on
it. To get rewarded with a home run
finally, that was nice. I would have
taken a double or a triple, but a home
run is better!'
Outfielder Marty Gantt on
hitting his first home run of the
season on Tuesday.

Today: at Bradenton, 5:00 p.m.
Monday: vs. Bradenton, 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday: at Fort Myers, 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday: at Fort Myers, 6:30 p.m.
Thursday: at Fort Myers, 6:30 p.m.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Florida State League
All-Star Game

The Stone Crabs have a short week
with the All-Star break beginning
on Thursday. They start with two
games against the familiar Bradenton
Marauders, who they went 3-3
against in six May meetings. They'll
follow that series with three games at
Fort Myers, which they haven't visited
since April 9-10. Charlotte has faced
the Miracle six times this season,
winning once. The Stone Crabs will be
off from Friday to Monday, but first
baseman Patrick Leonard, shortstop
Leonardo Reginatto and catcher
Justin O'Conner- as well as the
team's coaching staff- will compete
in the All-Star game on Sunday in


Adam Brett Walker, Miracle: The
designated hitter leads the Florida
State League with 13 home runs, and
he's tied for the league-lead with 48
RBIs this season.


Jose Berrios, Miracle: The right-

wander ranks among the best pitchers
in the FSL this season, going 5-2 with
a 2.24 ERA and a a near-league-high
74 strikeouts over 10 starts.

Charlotte Stone Crabs manager Jared Sandberg was drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 16th round in 1996. Sandberg and
some of the Stone Crabs share their draft day memories below.

Draft day dreams

Sandberg, Stone Crabs reminisce on being selected

By JOSH VITALE Rays?" Wichita State first baseman
SPORTS WRTER "I was shocked," the Charlotte Casey Gillaspie, had the honor of
PORT CHARLOTTE At first Stone Crabs manager said. "But being the Rays' 28th first-round
Jared Sandberg thought one of his then it kind of came to reality selection in franchise history on
friends was playing a joke on him. when, the next day, (Kirsch, the Thursday night.
It was June, 1996. Sandberg had Rays' longtime northwest scout) Six of those 28 players are
received a call from a man named called back, then the next day, members of the 2014 Stone Crabs.
Paul Kirsch, who told him the called back. 'OK, so I'm drafted by Outfielders Josh Sale and Kes
Tampa Bay Devil Rays had drafted the Devil Rays.' It was obviously a Carter, catcher Justin O'Conner,
him in the 16th round of the MLB great honor." third baseman Tyler Goeddel and
draft. More than 1,200 high school pitchers Jeff Ames and Blake Snell
But that was two years before and college players received that were all drafted in the first round
Tampa Bay played it's first major same honor over the last three between 2010 and 2011.
league season. So Sandberg's first days in the 2014 MLB First-Year Here are their memories from
reaction was, "Who are the Devil Player Draft. One of those players, draft day:

BORN: July 5,1991 BORN: May 31,1992 BORN: Oct. 20,1992
BIRTHPLACE: Seattle BIRTHPLACE: Muncie, Ind. BIRTHPLACE: Hillsborough, Calif.
SCHOOL: Bishop Blanchet High School SCHOOL: Cowan High School SCHOOL: St. Francis High School
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'0", 215 HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'0", 190 Height/Weight: 6'4, 186
SELECTED: No. 17 overall in the first round of the SELECTED: No. 31 overall in the first round of the SELECTED: No. 41 overall in the first round of the
2010 draft 2010 draft 2011 draft

"I was sitting there with my family inside my "It was an unreal experience. I had a bunch of "It was definitely a memorable day. It was just
uncle's house, surrounded by nothing but family family and friends over my house, playing some me and my family, actually; we didn't have any
and a significant other, at the time. Just sitting cornhole and just hanging out. I got the call from draft party or anything. I wasn't sure when I was
there anticipating, waiting. I my agent and he told me what going to go, obviously. My
had my phone far away from was going on and everything, agent found out right before
me at the time, and when the and then we went back inside they announced it on TV and
17th pick came around, the Rays and watched on TV and saw called my dad, and he got really
decided to pick me. I ended that they called my name. excited. He said I was going to
up giving everybody a hug, Everybody went crazy. It was an go with the next pick, and when
everybody kind of went crazy awesome experience. Unreal. I saw my name on the screen, it
there, and I bolted out the door "I was getting a lot of was just it was an amazing
and ran up the street, down the congratulations and everything, moment. Definitely one of, if
street, then back into the house. That's just howl but I didn't really have my phone on me. I was just not the most memorable moments of my life so far.
got my excitement out, I guess. enjoying the company of my family and all that. It was a great moment.
"We were grilling up some steaks, I believe; kind "It was pretty cool, (getting your name called). "My phone was probably vibrating for the next
of a little family cookout. Dad was sitting there I've watched it on YouTube a few times after that. five minutes straight, just with texts and voicemails
nervous as all get out. l'd never seen him so nervous It's hard to describe, because I had worked my and missed calls. It was pretty wild. I got a lot of
in my life. It was a good time, just surrounded by whole life just to get to that point, and just to have support from my friends and family, and my coaches.
family and friends. And once my name got called it in reality, it's unreal." I got on the phone with the Rays right away, and
I think I received I think my phone actually they were excited to have me. It was just a magical
malfunctioned with with how many texts and emails moment, for sure."
I got from all my friends and stuff."

BORN: Jan. 31,1999 BORN: Dec. 4,1992 BORN: March 3,1990
BIRTH PLACE: Vancouver,Wash. BIRTHPLACE: Seattle,Wash. BIRTHPLACE: Memphis,Tenn.
SCHOOL: Lower Columbia Community College SCHOOL: Shorewood High School SCHOOL: Western Kentucky
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6' 4, 225 HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6' 4, 180 HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6' 2, 205
SELECTED: No. 42 overall in the first round of the SELECTED: No. 52 overall in the first round of the SELECTED: No. 56 overall in the first round of the
2011 draft 2011 draft 2011 draft

"I was over at my dad's house and we were I1 just remember being at my dad's baseball facility. "On draft day, I didn't really want to get too high or
watching it on TV. It was an awesome feeling to We had pizza and just a bunch of my friends. We were too low, because there's three days of the draft. I really
get the call and being told when I was going to get just sitting on the couch; playing ping-pong, too, for just wanted to keep a level head. I really didn't have too
picked up. It's kind of one of those things that you a little bit .. SolI was just sitting there with friends many people over. I had my parents and my brothers
ca n't really explain with words. and family. We would hear a pick, then we would go and a few close friends, but other than that, I just really
"I was incontactwithmy and do somethingI thought Iwas wanted to sajut leve headed
S agent, so my agent was in going to go to Arizona at like 42 or and just keep an open mind that,
contact with them. He would 43 something in the 40s. Then 'I'm going to get drafted, I'm going
S call me and tell me what their that pick went by. to have a chance to play:So it really
Thoughts were. Once he told me "Then, finally, the 52nd pick didn't matter how high or how
(I was getting picked), it was came, and Sandberg walked out low I went.
awesome. After I got picked, and selected me. That was pretty "I ended up getting a call (from the
the scout that drafted me called cool. Then I got real excited after Rays), and it was words really
me. That was awesome. It was a that. I went and bought a Tampa can't explain what goes through
great experience, hat directly after that. I was excited. That was pretty your head when that happens. It's like all the years
"Everybody screamed and freaked out. It was much it ...!past paid off and you finally get a chance to come play
pretty intense, so it was awesome. It was cool "I really had no clue that Tampa was going to professional baseball.lIt's just a really exciting day.
because I found out before everybody. So I knew select me, because I didn't talk to one Tampa person "Everybody was all jacked up and stuff. Like I

before, so I'm just sitting there like,'Oh, here it at all. But I always noticed Tampa scouts coming in, said, I didn't have a huge draft party or anything
comes.'But everyone else didn't know, so it was andI always noticed (Rays'northwest scout Paul just a few close friends but it was really exciting.
pretty cool!' Kirsch) was at every game. But he never talked to me!' We had a good time that day. I'll always remember
that day and how it all went down!'

Don Zimmer, who died Wednesday
at 83, was remembered by the New
York Times as"the stubby, Popeye-
muscled baseball lifer with the
unforgettable jowls whose passion for
the game endured through 66 years!'
That includes his time as a senior
advisor for the Tampa Bay Rays, as the
Times' Richard Goldstein recalled:
When Tampa Bay was trailing the
Yankees, 7-0, in the sixth inning of their
final game of the 2011 regular season,
needing a victory for a wild-card playoff
spot, Zimmer left the Rays'bench to
head home. Halfway there, he realized
that he had not said goodbye to the
players, so he turned his car around
and got back to Tropicana Field in time
to see the Rays rally for an 8-7 victory
to overtake the Red Sox for a playoff
berth. Zimmer was still in the clubhouse
at 2 a.m., when the celebration finally
wound down.
"I'm 80 years old, and l thought
was playing," he told The Charlotte Sun
of Port Charlotte, Fla. "This matches
everything. It's crazy, it's beautiful, it's


So sad by the loss of a baseball
legend tonight. I had many laughs
and baseball talks with Don Zimmer.
#legend #Zim
oxxna6dqFT Manager Jared
Sandberg (@jlsofoly)

Might not be a baseball
traditionI enjoy as V
much as New York New
York after Yankee games...glad we
won tonight, it's better after a win!!
-- Catcher Maxx Tissenbaum

Good luck to all my boys at #fau in
the upcoming draft #owlnation -
Pitcher Ryan Garton

Rest in paradise #DonZimmer Legends
never die! Thanks for spreading your
knowledge in the game for as long as
you did! Pitcher Blake Snell

Best batter ever faced: "(Pittsburgh
Pirates outfield prospect) Jaff Decker. I
definitely owe him one. I hope I get to
face him again. We were in the (high
school) playoffs, and I got a triple, and
the guy after me hits a laser to the
right fielder, who catches it. I get two
outs, I get Jaff Decker, I believe it was
2-1,1 throw him a high, inside fastball
and he just crushes it. We were in the
Peoria (Ill.) Sports Complex. He was
*probably the most intimidating hitter
I've every faced, and that was even in
*high school.

*Favorite TV show: "I'm kind of a
*Castle fan. Castle or Arrow. I'm kind of
into the big D.C. Comics and stuff like
*that. It's a little nerdy but, you know,
we've all got what we like."

*Favorite pregame meal: "No. I
*don't think that much into it. I just
eat. I just try to put on some pounds.
l'mi skinniy, so I try to put oni weight.

*Why he choose Will Smith's
*"Gettin' Jiggy With It" as your
*walk-up song: "I had it last year in
*(Bowling Green), and I've always liked
*Will Smith. He' always been a positive
guy, just in general, in terms of how
he goes about things. I try to be -
*that's something I work towards, is
*trying to be a positive guy.

Have a question you would like to ask
a Stone Crab? Sendyour questions to

Page 4 SP

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

SP Page 5


Kansas City

Los Angeles


St. Louis

San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego

East Division
.603 7-3
.517 512 12 5-5
.508 6 1 4-6
.443 10 5 5-5
.381 14 9 1-9
Central Division
.569 4-6
.500 4 112 6-4
.500 4 112 7-3
.484 5 212 6-4
.483 5 212 5-5
West Division
.613 7-3
.533 5 4-6
.525 51/2 7-3
.500 7 112 5-5
.429 11/2 6 6-4
East Division
.542 4-6
.525 1 7-3
.516 11/2 5-5
.459 5 312 5-5
.417 71/2 6 2-8
Central Division
.587 6-4
.508 5 12 3-7
.475 7 212 6-4
.467 71/2 3 6-4
.424 10 51/2 6-4
West Division
.656 8-2
.508 9 12 3-7
.475 11 212 2-8
.443 13 412 4-6
.413 15 612 5-5

Friday's results
Oakland 4, Baltimore 3,11 innings
Toronto 3, St. Louis 1
Detroit 6, Boston 2
RAYS 4, Seattle 0
Texas 6, Cleveland 4
Houston 5, Minnesota 4
N.YYankees 4, Kansas City 2
LA. Angels 8, Chicago White Sox 4
Saturday's results
St. Louis 5,Toronto 0
Minnesota 8, Houston 0
Cleveland 8,Texas 3
Seattle 7, RAYS 4
Kansas City 8, N.Y. Yankees 4
Baltimore 6, Oakland 3
Detroit 8, Boston 6
Chicago White Sox at LA. Angels, late
Today's games
St. Louis (J.Garcia 1-0) atToronto (Hutchison
4-3),1:07 p.m.
Oakland (Kazmir 6-2) at Baltimore (U.
Jimenez 2-6), 1:35 p.m.
Seattle (F.Hernandez 8-1) at RAYS (Ar-
cher 3-3), 1:40 p.m.
Houston (McHugh 4-3) at Minnesota (De-
duno2-3),2:10 p.m.
NY Yankees (Kuroda 4-3) at Kansas City
(Shields 6-3),2:10 p.m.
Cleveland (Masterson 3-4) at Texas (J.Saun-
ders 0-1), 3:05 p.m.
Chicago White Sox (Quintana 3-5) at L.A.
Angels (C.Wilson 6-5),3:35 p.m.
Boston (Lackey 6-4) at Detroit (A.Sanchez
2-2),8:07 p.m.
Monday's games
Seattle at RAYS, 1:10p.m.
Boston at Baltimore, 7:05 p.m.
Minnesota at Toronto,7:07 p.m.
Cleveland atTexas,8:05 p.m.
Detroit at ChicagoWhite Sox, 8:10 p.m.
N.YYankees at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m.
Houston at Arizona, 9:40 p.m.
Oakland at LA. Angels, 10:05 p.m.

Friday's results
Chicago Cubs 5, MARLINS 3,13 innings
Pittsburgh 15, Milwaukee 5
Toronto 3, St. Louis 1
Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati 0
LA. Dodgers 7, Colorado 2
Atlanta 5, Arizona 2
Washington 6, San Diego 0
San Francisco 4, N.Y. Mets 2
Saturday's results
St. Louis5,Toronto 0
Chicago Cubs 5, MARLINS 2
Milwaukee 9, Pittsburgh 3
Colorado 5, L.A. Dodgers 4,10 innings
Cincinnati 6, Philadelphia 5
NY Mets at San Francisco, late
Atlanta at Arizona, late
Washington at San Diego, late
Today's games
St. Louis (J.Garcia 1-0) atToronto (Hutchison
4-3),1:07 p.m.
Philadelphia (Buchanan 1-2) at Cincinnati
(Bailey 6-3), 1:10 p.m.
Milwaukee (Gallardo 3-4) at Pittsburgh
(Morton 2-7),1:35 p.m.
MARLINS (H.Alvarez 3-3) at Chicago
Cubs (Arrieta 1-1), 2:20 p.m.
NY Mets (Z.Wheeler 2-5) at San Francisco
(Lincecum 4-4), 4:05 p.m.
Atlanta (Harang 4-4) at Arizona (C.Ander-
son 4-0), 4:10 p.m.
L.A. Dodgers (Kershaw 4-2) at Colorado
(J.DeLa Rosa 6-4), 4:10 p.m.
Washington (Zimmermann 4-2) at San Di-
ego (Stults 2-6),4:10 p.m.
Monday's games
Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh, 7:05 p.m.
L.A. Dodgers at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m.
Atlanta at Colorado, 8:40 p.m.
Houston at Arizona, 9:40 p.m.
Washington at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m.


North Division
W LPct. GB
Rochester (Twins) 3626.581 -
Syracuse (Nationals) 3626.581 -
Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 3231.508 412
Scranton/W-B (Yankees) 31 30.508 412
Buffalo (BlueJays) 2930.492 51/2
Pawtucket (Red Sox) 31 33.484 6
South Division
W LPct. GB
Durham (Rays) 3826.594 -
Gwinnett (Braves) 3130.508 512
Norfolk (Orioles) 2637.413 1112
Charlotte (White Sox) 2142.333161/2
West Division
W LPct. GB
Indianapolis (Pirates) 3527.565 -
Louisville (Reds) 3132.492 412
Columbus (Indians) 3032.484 5
Toledo (Tigers) 2934.460 61/2
Saturday's results
Pawtucket 7, Louisville 2
Syracuse 6, Buffalo 3
Lehigh Valley 3, Indianapolis 1
Rochester 3, Gwinnett 2
Durham 4, Norfolk2
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre3,Toledo 1
Columbus 5, Charlotte 3
Today's games
Syracuse at Buffalo, 1:05 p.m.
Toledo at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 1:05 p.m.
Louisville at Pawtucket, 1:05 p.m.
Indianapolis at Lehigh Valley, 1:35 p.m.
Columbus at Charlotte, 2:05 p.m.
Rochester at Gwinnett, 2:05 p.m.
Norfolkat Durham,5:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Rochester at Gwinnett, 6:35 p.m.
Buffalo at Syracuse, 7 p.m.
Columbus at Charlotte, 7:05 p.m.
Indianapolis at Lehigh Valley, 7:05 p.m.
Durham at Norfolk, 7:05 p.m.
Louisville at Pawtucket, 7:05 p.m.
Toledo at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 7:05 p.m.

North Division
W LPct. GB
Huntsville (Brewers) 4021.656 -
Tennessee (Cubs) 3032.484 1012
Jackson (Mariners) 2735.435 131/2
Birmingham (White Sox) 2736.429 14
Chattanooga (Dodgers) 2538.397 16
South Division
W LPct. GB
Mobile (Diamondbacks) 3624.600 -
Mississippi (Braves) 3626.581 1
Jacksonville (Marlins) 3231.508 51/2
Montgomery (Rays) 3032.484 7
Pensacola (Reds) 2735.435 10
Saturday's results
Tennessee 5,Jacksonville 0
Pensacola 4, Montgomery 3,1st game
Mississippi 1,Chattanooga 0
Birmingham 9, Jackson 3
Mobile 4, Huntsville 2, 8 innings, 1 st game,
comp. of susp. game
Mobile at Huntsville, ppd., rain
Pensacola at Montgomery, late, 2nd game
Today's games
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 3:05 p.m.
Jackson at Birmingham, 4 p.m.
Mobile at Huntsville, 5 p.m., 1 st game
Chattanooga at Mississippi, 6 p.m.
Pensacola at Montgomery, 6:35 p.m.
Mobile at Huntsville, 7:30 p.m., 2nd game
Monday's games
Pensacola at Montgomery, 12:05 p.m.
Jackson at Birmingham, 12:30 p.m.
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 7:05 p.m.
Mobile at Huntsville, 7:30 p.m.
Chattanooga at Mississippi, 8 p.m.

Eastern Division
W LPct. GB
South Bend (D'backs) 3724.607 -
West Michigan (Tigers) 3626.581 112
Dayton(Reds) 3129.517 51/2
Bowling Green (Rays) 2832.467 81/2
Lansing (BlueJays) 2832.467 812
Great Lakes (Dodgers) 2833.459 9
FortWayne (Padres) 2733.450 912
Lake County (Indians) 2339.371 1412
Western Division
W LPct. GB
Kane County(Cubs) 4220.677 -
Peoria (Cardinals) 3228.533 9
Quad Cities (Astros) 3129.517 10
Burlington (Angels) 3029 .508 1012
Clinton (Mariners) 2930.492 111/2
Wisconsin (Brewers) 2931.483 12
Cedar Rapids (Twins) 2735.435 15
Beloit (Athletics) 2634.433 15
Saturday's results
West Michigan 4, South Bend 2
Lake County 4, Dayton 3
Peoria at Quad Cities, ppd., rain
Great Lakes at Lansing, 7:05 p.m.
Kane County5, Cedar Rapids 2
Wisconsin at Clinton, ppd., rain
Beloit at Burlington, ppd., rain
Fort Wayne at Bowling Green, late
Today's games
Burlington 3, Beloit 2, 7 innings, comp. of
Wisconsin at Clinton, 1 p.m., 1st game
South Bend at West Michigan, 1 p.m.
*Dayton at Lake County, 1:30 p.m.
Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 2 p.m.
Great Lakes at Lansing, 2:05 p.m.
Beloit at Burlington, 3 p.m.
Fort Wayne at Bowling Green, 3:05 p.m.
Peoria at Quad Cities, 3:15 p.m., 1 st game
Wisconsin at Clinton, 3:30 p.m., 2nd game
Peoria at Quad Cities, 4:45 p.m., 2nd game
Monday's games
South Bend at West Michigan, 7 p.m.
Dayton at Lake County, 7 p.m.
Great Lakes at Lansing, 7:05 p.m.
Cedar Rapids at Kane County, 7:30 p.m.
Beloit at Burlington, 7:30 p.m.
Wisconsin at Clinton, 7:30 p.m.
Peoria at Quad Cities, 8 p.m.
IFortWayne at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m.

American North Division
W LPct. GB
Omaha (Royals) 3328.541 -
Iowa (Cubs) 3127.534 12
Oklahoma City(Astros) 3230.516 112
Colorado Springs (Rockies) 2634.433 61/2
American South Division
W LPct. GB
Nashville (Brewers) 3329.532 -
NewOrleans (Marlins) 3130.508 112
Memphis (Cardinals) 3031.492 212
Round Rock (Rangers) 2734.443 51/2
Pacific North Division
W LPct. GB
Reno (Diamondbacks) 3625.590 -
Sacramento (Athletics) 3625.590 -
Fresno (Giants) 3230.516 412
Tacoma (Mariners) 2535.417 1012
Pacific South Division
W LPct. GB
LasVegas(Mets) 3526.574 -
El Paso (Padres) 3032.484 51/2
Albuquerque (Dodgers) 2833.459 7
Salt Lake (Angels) 23 39 371 1212
Saturday's results
Round Rock at New Orleans, late
Nashville at Memphis, late
Oklahoma Cityat Omaha, late
Albuquerque atTacoma, late
Colorado Springs at Iowa, late
Sacramento at Salt Lake, late
Fresno at LasVegas, late
El Paso at Reno, late


Parmelee (8).SB-D.Santana (4).S-A.Hicks. (15). HR-Grichuk
Runners left in scoring position-Hous- Grichuk 2 (3), M.Elli
ton 3 (Altuve, Ma.Gonzalez, M.Dominguez); Cruz. Runners left
Minnesota 5 (Mauer 2, K.Suzuki 2, Dozier). St. Louis 6 (Bourjos
RISP-Houston 1 for5;Minnesota4for12. liday 2); Toronto
Houston IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA 2). RISP-St. Louis
Feldman L,3-4 1 1 3 0 2 2 58 4.12 2. GIDP-Craig, T
Clemens 2 2 4 4 5 1 61 5.16 (Reyes, Lawrie, Linc
Williams 3 3 1 1 1 3 48 5.30 St.Louis IP
Sipp 1 1 0 0 0 2 15 3.09 S.MillerW,7-5 9
Minnesota IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Toronto IP
GibsonW,5-5 7 3 0 0 3 51063.91 BuehrleL, 10-2 7
Burton 1 2 0 0 0 1 196.20 Loup '
Thielbar 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 3.48 Delabar 1i
HBP-by Feldman (Willingham). Urn- Redmond 1
pires-Home, Alfonso Marquez; First, Ted IBB-off Loup (Jh.F
Barrett; Second, Paul Schrieber; Third, Will Culbreth; First, Gon
Little. T-3:24. A-27,732 (39,021). Third, BuckminsterT-


See Friday's late linescores in Philadelphia Al
Rollin sss 5
Scoreboard, Page 5 Ruizs
Ruiz c
Utley 2b
CUBS 5, MARLINS 2 Howard lb
Miami AB R H BI BBSO Avg. Byrd rf
Yelichlf 4 1 2 1 0 0 .245 D.Brownlf
Solano 2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .208 C.Hernandez 3b
Morrisp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Reverecf
Stanton rf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .305 R.Hernandez p
McGehee3b 3 0 1 1 1 0 .300 a-Mayberry ph
Gioneslb 3 0 1 0 0 1 .279 EMartinp
Hatcher p 0 0 0 0 0 0 -Brignacph
Lucas2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .313 DeFratusp
Ozunacf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .271 d-R.Cedenoph
Hechavarria ss 3 0 0 0 0 0 .260 Totals 35
Mathisc 3 0 0 0 0 1 .232 Cincinnati Al
Wolfp 2 0 0 0 0 1 000 B.Hamiltoncf
Je.Bakerlb 1 0 0 0 0 1 .238 Schumakerlf
Totals 32 2 5 2 1 8 Phillips2b
Chicago AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Bruce rf
Bonifaciocf 4 1 1 2 0 1 .265 Mesoracoc
Lakelf 4 2 2 2 0 0 .244 Frazierlb-3b
Rizzo1b 3 0 2 0 1 0 .282 Cozartss
S.Castross 4 1 2 0 0 0 .270 R.Santiago3b
Ruggiano rf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .246 A.Chapman p
OIt3b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .153 Simonp
b-Valbuena ph-3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .265 b-Bernadina ph
Barney2b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .198 Hooverp
Whitesidec 3 0 0 0 0 0 .000 M.Parrap
Samardzija p 2 1 1 0 0 0 .172 Broxton p
a-Coghlanph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .196 B.Penalb
W.Wrightp 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 25
Grimm p 0 0 0 0 0 0 Philadelphia
Strop p 0 0 0 0 0 0 Cincinnati
Totals 33 5 11 4 1 4 a-struck out for R
Miami 001001 000- 2 50 b-struckoutfor Simo
Chicago 002011 1Ox- 5110 for E.Martin in the7th
a-struckoutfor Samardzija in the 7th. b-flied Fratusin the9th.LOI
outforOlt in the8th.LOB-Miami 4,Chicago nati 5.2B-Utley (24
5.2B-Stanton (15), Rizzo (7), S.Castro 2 (16), HR-Byrd (9), off Si
Barney (4). HR-Yelich (6), off Samardzija; Rollins (8), off Hoov
Bonifacio (1), offWolf; Lake (7), offWolf, Lake nandez; Bruce (4),of
(8), off Hatcher. RBIs-Yelich (20), McGehee 2 (25), Ruiz (11), Byr
(38), Bonifacio 2 (16), Lake 2 (23). CS-Rizzo Bruce 3 (20), Frazier
(3). Runners left in scoring position-Mi- Hamilton (23), Bruce
ami 1 (GJones);Chicago 2 (Whiteside, S.Cas- Simon 2. SF-B.Hr
tro). RISP-Miami0for2;Chicago0for3. left in scoring p
Miami IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA (Rollins2);Cincinnat
Wolf L, 1-2 5 9 4 4 1 2109 4.15 Schumaker).RISP-
Hatcher 1 2 1 1 0 1 344.91 cinnati 2 for6. GIDI
Morris 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 3.33 phia1 (C.Hernandez
Chicago IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Philadelphia IP
SamardzijaW,2-57 5 2 2 1 8103 2.54 R.HernndzL,2-4 4
W.WrightH,5 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 2.84 E.Martin 2
Grimm H,5 2A00 0 0 0 63.21 DeFratus 2
StropS,2-2 1 00 0 0 0 103.78 Cincinnati IP
WP-Wolf, Samardzija. Umpires-Home, SimonW,8-3 6
Tony Randazzo; First, Marcus Pattillo; Sec- Hoover H, 1
ond, David Rackley; Third, Brian Gorman. M.Parra H,8 1i
T-2:49. A-33,786 (41,072). Broxton H,8 1
A.Chapmn S,8-91
Milwaukee AB R H BI BBSO Avg. pires-Home, Chr
Segura ss 5 2 1 1 0 0 .261 Nauert; Second, T
Braunrf 5 0 1 2 0 2 .311 Barber.T-2:56.A-
Lucroyc 4 1 2 1 0 0 .327
C.Gomezcf 5 1 1 0 0 2 .308 ROCKIES5, DOE
Ar.Ramirez3b 3 1 1 0 0 1 .263 LosAngeles Al
Falu3b 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 D.Gordon2b
K.Davislf 4 2 2 1 1 1 .265 Figgins2b
Gennett 2b 3 1 0 0 2 1 .283 H.Ramirez ss
Overbay1b 2 0 1 2 1 0 .218 Puig rf
b-Mar.Rnldsph-lbl 0 0 0 0 1 .213 VanSlykerf
Garzap 2 0 0 0 0 0 .037 Ad.Gonzalezlb
Wootenp 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- KempIlf
c-R.Weeksph 1 1 0 1 0 0 .314 Ethiercf
W.Smith p 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- JuTuer3b
Kintzler p 0 0 0 0 0 0 Federowicz c
Totals 35 9 9 9 4 8 Greinkep
Pittsburgh AB R H BI BBSO Avg. League p
Harrisonrf 5 0 1 0 0 0 .308 a-Romakph
N.Walker2b 5 1 2 0 0 1 .283 Howellp
A.McCutchencf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .302 C.Perez p
I.Davis1b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .244 Totals 38
JGomezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.000 Colorado Al
R.Martinc 2 0 0 0 2 0 .258 Blackmonrf-cf
P.Alvarez3b 3 1 2 2 1 1 .239 Stubbscf
TabataIf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .298 Ottavino p
Mercer ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .226 LeMahieu 3b
Volquez p 2 0 0 0 0 0 .056 DickersonIf
a-Snider ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .222 Tulowitzki ss
J.Hughesp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Morneaulb
JuWilsonp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 McKenryc
G.Sanchezlb 1 0 0 0 0 1 .265 R.Wheeler3b
Totals 32 3 8 2 6 4 Massetp
Milwaukee 100300041- 9 91 Brothers p
Pittsburgh 002001 000- 3 85 Barnesrf
a-singled forVolquez in the 6th. b-was hit by Rutledge 2b
a pitch for Overbay in the 8th. c-grounded Chacin p
into a fielder's choiceforWooten in the8th. Culberson 3b
E-Ar.Ramirez (4), J.Gomez (1), PAlvarez Moralesp
(13), I.Davis 2 (5), Mercer (5). LOB-Milwau- Totals 42
kee 8, Pittsburgh 8.2B-Braun (12), K.Davis LosAngeles 00
(17), J.Harrison (8), PAlvarez (5). RBIs-Se- Colorado 01
gura (18), Braun 2 (33), Lucroy (27), Falu (1), Two outs when wii
K.Davis (27), Overbay 2 (17), R.Weeks (11), out for League in t
P.Alvarez2 (35).SB-RWeeks(1).S-Garza. LOB-Los Angeles
SF-Lucroy, Falu. Runners left in scoring Greinke (4).3B-Ke
position-Milwaukee 4 (Segura 2, Garza, Federowicz (1), off
Lucroy); Pittsburgh 3 (Volquez, Tabata, (15), Federowicz3
N.Walker). RISP-Milwaukee 4 for 10;Pitts- erson (18),McKenr
burgh 1 for7.GIDP-A.McCutchen,Tabata, (5). SB-Figgins (3
Mercer. DP-Milwaukee 3 (Segura, Gen- LeMahieu (4).Runm
nett, Overbay), (Segura, Gennett, Overbay), sition-Los Angel
(Falu, Gennett, Mar.Reynolds). zalez 3, Federowic2
Milwaukee IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Dickerson, Rutledg
GarzaW,4-4 6 63 3 5 1 964.42 Angeles 2 for 9; Cc
WootenH,4 1 1 0 0 0 1 73.05 Ad.Gonzalez, McKe
W.Smith 1 0 0 0 1 1 13 094 Angeles2 (D.Gordc
Kintzler 1 1 0 0 0 1 16 3.38 lez), (Ju.Turner, Figc
Pittsburgh IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA rado 1 (ChacinTulc
VolquezL,3-5 6 4 4 3 2 41004.27 LosAngeles IP
JHughes 110 0 0 2 13 1.80 Greinke 7
JuWilson 1 4 4 2 1 28 4.50 League 1
JGomez 1 31 0 0 1 17394 Howell 1
IBB-off Volquez (Gennett, Overbay). C.Perez L, 0-3 2
HBP-by Volquez (Ar.Ramirez), by JuWil- Colorado IP
son (Mar.Reynolds). WP-Volquez. Urn- Chacin 6
pires-Home, Mike Everitt;First, Ed Hickox; Masset BS,2-2 2
Second, Lance Barrett;Third, John Tump- Brothers 2A
ane. T-3:23. A-38,525 (38,362). Ottavino 1
MoralesW,4-4 1
TWINS 8, ASTROSO0 Chacin pitched to 3
Houston AB R H BI BBSO Avg. Greinke. Umpires
Fowlercf 2 0 2 0 1 0 .274 :First, TrippGibson;j
GrossmanlIf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .181 Dan lassogna.T-3
Altuve2b 40 10 00 .315
Springerrf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .250 : CARDINAL.
J.Castroc 4 0 0 0 0 2 .226 St.Louis A
M.Dominguez3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .250 M.Carpenter3b
Singleton lb 4 0 1 0 0 0 .158 Grichuklf
Presleylf-cf 2 0 0 0 1 1 .240 :Hollidaydh
a-Carterph 1 0 0 0 0 0 19g2 Craigib
Guzmandh 3 0 0 0 1 1 .202 Jh.Peraltass
Ma.Gonzalezss 3 0 0 0 0 0 .276 :Taverasrf
Totals 32 0 5 0 3 6 M.Ellis2b
Minnesota AB R H BI BBSO Avg. Bourjoscf
D.Santanadh 5 0 4 5 0 0 .373 T.Cruzc
Dozier2b 3 1 0 0 2 2 .243 Totals 3
Mauerlb 4 1 0 0 0 1 .264 Toronto A
Nunezrf 1 0 1 0 0 0 .260 Reyesss
WillinghamlIf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .305 :Me.CabreralIf
Plouffe 3b 4 1 0 0 1 0 .246 Bautista rf
Parmeleerf-lb 4 0 0 1 1 2 .161 Encarnaciondh
K.Suzukic 2 3 1 0 2 1 .297 Lindib
E.Escobarss 2 1 0 0 2 1 .310 Lawrie2b
A.Hickscf 3 0 0 0 0 1 19g8 J.Francisco3b
Totals 32 8 7 7 8 8 D.Navarroc
Houston 000000 000- 0 52 :Gosecf
Minnesota 030400 l0x- 8 70 Totals 31
a-flied out for Presley in the 9th. E-Ma.Gon-: St. Louis
zalez (2), M Dominguez (6). LOB-Houston Toronto
8, Minnesota 10 2B-Altuve (lg),D.Santana E-Reyes (6). LOB-
(5). RBIs-DSantana 5 (10),Willingham (13), :2B-Craig (11), Jh.

5 1 1
3 1 1
40 1
4 1 1
00 0
00 0
5 511
2 1 1
4 1 1
30 1
00 0
00 0
00 0
00 0
00 0
00 0


2 0 1 247
1 1 0 .283
0 0 0 .319
0 0 1 .232
2 0 1 .263
0 0 0 .217
0 0 0 .204
0 0 0 .281
0 0 1 .000
0 0 1 .246
0 00 --
0 0 1 .216
0 00 --
0 0 0 .000
5 16
1 1 0 .253
0 0 2 .234
0 1 0 .268
3 1 1 .208
0 1 2 .313
1 0 1 .279
1 0 0 .219
0 1 0 .200
0 00 --
0 0 0 .087
0 0 1 .173
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0 .261
6 57
1 200- 5110
W 00x- 6 60

4 1 1 0 0 1
310 0 10
4 1 1 1 0 1
312 2 10
1 01000
30 1 1 1 0
3 00001
1 0 0 00
34 4 8 4 3 6
4 01100
0 00010
5 00001
5 11101
3 21010
2 1 1 1 1

Gardner If
Jeter ss
Ellsbury cf
Teixeira 1 b
Beltran dh
Solarte 3b
A.Soriano rf
a-I.Suzuki ph
B.Roberts 2b
b-McCann ph
Kansas City
Aoki rf
1 -Dyson pr-cf
Infante 2b
Hosmer lb
B.Butler dh
A.Gordon If
S.Perez c
L.Cain cf-rf
Moustakas 3b
A.Escobar ss
Kansas City

a-singled for ASoriano in the 9th. b-flied out for
J.Murphy in the 9th. 1-ran for Aoki in the 6th.
LOB-New York 6, Kansas City 7.2B-Beltran
(11), Solarte (13), B.Butler (12), A.Gordon (18),
S.Perez (14). 3B-L.Cain (1). HR-S.Perez (6),
off Phelps; Hosmer (2), off Daley. RBIs-Bel-
tran (16), Solarte 2 (28), B.Roberts (13), Aok

R.Hernandez in the 5th. (14), Hosmer (26), AGordon (34),S.Perez 3 (20),
on in the 6th.c-struckout L.Cain (23), AEscobar (21). CS-B.Roberts (3).
th.d-grounded out for De Runners left in scoring position-New York
B-Philadelphia 5,Cincin- 2 (J.Murphy, Gardner); Kansas City 2 (Infante,
4), D.Brown (8), Cozart (9). Moustakas). RISP-New York 3 for 8; Kansas
imon; Ruiz (2), off Simon; City7for15.DP-NewYorkl (PhelpsTeixeira).
'er; Frazier (13), off R.Her- NewYork IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
ff E.Martin. RBIs-Rollins Phelps L, 1-4 5 10 7 7 2 4 934.88
*d 2(34),B.Hamilton (11), Daley 1 2 1 1 0 0 224.85
r (32), Cozart (14).SB-B. J.Ramirez 1 0 0 0 1 1 262.70
e(7), Frazier (5).S-Revere, KansasCity IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
amilton, Bruce. Runners Duffy 5 5 3 3 3 4100 3.26
position-Philadelphia 2 CrowW,3-1 1 0 0 0 0 1 14 2.70
i3 (B.Hamilton, Mesoraco, K.Herrera 1 1 0 0 0 1 17 2.45
-Philadelphia 1 for 4;Cin- Mariot 1 2 1 1 0 0 196.64
P-Cozart. DP-Philadel- HBP-by Daley (A.Gordon). WP-Duffy.
z, Utley, Howard). Umpires-Home, Jerry Layne; First, Mike
H R ER BBSO NP ERA DiMuro; Second, Mike Estabrook; Third,
4 4 4 3 2 80 4.35 Bob Davidson.T-3:10.A-26,991 (37,903).
1 2 2 2 3 37 4.50
1 0 0 0 2 29 2.57 ORIOLES 6, ATHLETICS 3
73 3 0 3 883.15 Crispcf 4 2 3 1 0 0 .274
2 2 2 1 1 185.33 Jasodh 3 0 0 0 0 0 .292
10 0 0 0 24.87 a-Blanksph-dh 1 0 1 2 0 0 .357
10 0 0 1 130.47 Donaldson3b 4 0 0 0 0 4 .276
00 0 0 1 13 1.50 Mossrf 3 0 0 0 1 2 .278
andez (Phillips). Um- Cespedeslf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .249
ris Guccione; First, Paul Lowrie ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .235
Tom Hallion; Third, Sean Vogtc 4 0 1 0 0 1 .357
-36,347 (42,319). Callaspo lb 4 0 0 0 0 1 .223
Sogard2b 2 1 1 0 1 0 .200
DGERS 4,10INNINGS Totals 33 3 7 3 2 9
B R H BI BBSO Avg. Baltimore AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
2 0 0 0 0 0 284 Markakisdh 3 1 1 1 1 1 308
3 0 1 0 0 0 .245 Machado3b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .241
3 0 0 0 2 2 .254 AJonescf 4 1 2 2 0 0 .300
1 0 0 0 1 1 .335 C.Davislb 4 0 0 0 0 2 .238
1 0 1 0 2 0 .258 N.Cruzrf 4 0 1 0 0 2 .307
5 0 0 0 0 1 .249:Hardyss 3 1 0 0 1 1 .300
4 1 2 0 1 0 .245 Loughlf 3 2 1 2 1 0 .188
5 1 2 0 0 0 .251 CJosephc 4 1 1 1 0 3 .136
5 1 2 1 0 1 .264 Flaherty2b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .210
5 1 1 3 0 0 .111 Totals 31 6 7 6 511
3 0 1 0 0 0 .200 Oakland 001000020- 3 70
0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Baltimore 10003200x-6 71
1 0 0 0 0 0 000 : E-Flaherty (3).LOB-Oakland 5, Baltimore6.
00 0 0 00 --
000 2B-Crisp (12), N.Cruz (14), CJoseph (2).HR-
0 0 0 040 06 000 Crisp (4), off Gausman; AiJones (9), off Gray,
38 410 4 6 5 Lough (2), off Jiiohnson. RBIs-Crisp (17),
B R H BI BBSO Avg. Blanks2(6),Markakis(24),Aiones2 (38),Lough
5 0 1 1 0 0 .305 2 (8), CJoseph (3). Runners left in scoring
position-Oakland 4 (Vogt, Moss 2, Callaspo);
8 1 : Baltimore3(C.Dais, Machado, Hardy).RISP-
1 0 1 0 0 0 .281 Oakland 1 for 7,Baltimore 2 for 6.GIDP-Ces-
5 0 1 1 0 1 .324 pedes, Lowrie.DP-Baltimore 2 (Flaherty, Har-
5 1 2 0 0 0 *360 dyC.Davis),(Hardy, FlahertyC.Davis).
5 1 2 0 0 0 .286 Oakland IP H RERBBSONPERA
5 1 2 1 0 1 .296 GrayL,6-2 5 45 5 4 71002.83
2 0 1 0 1 0 .300 Jiiohnson 21 1 1 1 176.46
0O00 0 0 O0 --
Francis 2 1 0 0 0 3 310.00
0 0 0 0 0 0 Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
2 0 2 1 0 0 312 GausmanW,1 -1 7 4 1 1 1 61024.91
4 1 2 1 0 2 .286 Matusz 1i 1 2 2 1 0 184.09
2 0 0 0 0 1 .250 O'Day 1 20 0 0 3 21 1.01
2 0 0 0 0 1 .198 WP-Gausman. Umpires-Home, Her-
2 0 0 0 0 0 .125 nandez; First, Johnson; Second, Morales;
000040 0- 17 Third,Vanover.T-2:51.A-44,202(45,971).
0000400 0- 4101
0020100 1- 5160 : INDIANS 8, RANGERS 3
inning run scored, a-flied Cleveland AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
he 9th. E-JuTurner (5). Bourncf 5 0 1 0 0 0 .284
s 10, Colorado 9. 2B- A.Cabrera ss 5 0 0 0 0 1 .249
emp (1), Barnes (2).HR- Brantleylf 5 1 1 0 0 0 .305
Masset. RBIs-Ju.Turner Kipnis2b 3 1 1 0 2 0 .238
(4), Blackmon (40), Dick- Chisenhall 3b 5 1 2 1 0 0 .362
y(2),Barnes(6),Rutledge 1 Dav.Murphyrf 4 1 3 1 0 0 .286
3), H.Ramirez (8). CS- Giambidh 3 0 1 0 0 1 .158
ners left in scoring po- a-Raburnph-dh 1 1 0 1 0 0 .205
esS (D.Gordon, Ad.Gon- C.Santana lb 2 2 2 2 2 0 .171
z);Colorado 4 (Morneau, Y.Gomesc 4 1 1 3 0 0 .271
e, Culberson).RISP-LOs Totals 37 8 12 8 4 2
'lorado 5for 13. GIDP- Texas AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
nry,RWheeler DP-Los Choicedh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .215
n,H.Ramirez, AdGonza Andrusss 3 1 1 1 0 1 .257
gins, Ad.Gonzalez);Col ChooIf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .270
witzki, Morneau). A.Beltre3b 4 1 2 1 0 0 .310
H RERBBSONPERA Riosrf 4 0 3 0 0 0 .328
11 4 3 1 61052.62 Moreland1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .246
2 0 0 0 0 141.97 Chirinosc 4 0 0 0 0 .224
10 0 0 0 71.71 L.Martinc 3 1 1 0 0 0 .276
21 1 0 1 15 5.11 Sardinas2b 30 1 0 0 1 .286
H RERBBSONPERA Totals 33 3 8 2 0 5
6 3 3 3 4 89 5.35 Cleveland 000103400- 8120
1 1 1 2 0 21 4.20 Texas 001002000- 3 81
1 0 0 0 0 65.33
1 0 0 1 1 23 2.89 E-LMartin (4). LOB-iCleveland 7, Texas 4.
1 0 0 0 0 18 5.73 2B-Brantley(14),Dav.Murphy(12),A.Beltre
battersin the7th.WP- (11). HR-Y.Gomes (7), off Tepesch; C.Santa-
-sHome, Alan Porter; na (7), off Scheppers. RBIs-Chisenhall (23),
Second, Dale Scott;Third Dav.Murphy (35), Raburn (13), C.Santana 2
35.A-40,474 (50,480). (19), YGomes 3 (22), Andrus (16), A.Beltre
(28). SB-Bourn (6). SF-Dav.Murphy, An-
drus. Runners left in scoring position-
Cleveland 4 (Y.Gomes 3, Chisenhall); Texas
B R H BI BBSO Avg. 2 (Moreland, Chirinos) RlSP-Cleveland 2
4 0 0 0 1 2 .297 for 9 Texas 1 for 5. GIDP-Moreland. DP-
4 1 12 11 .158
4 0 0 0 1 1 .264 Cleveland1 (A.Cabrera,C.Santana).
4 Cleveland IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
5 1 1 0 0 1 249 TomlinW,4-2 873 3 0 51053.12
3 1 1 0 2 1 .226
3 1 1 0 2 1 .207 Axford 1 1 0 0 0 0 63.38
4 1 1 1 1 0 .172 Texas IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
4 0 2 0 0 2 .220 Tepesch L, 2-2 51i 84 4 4 1 884.91
2 0 1 2 1 0 .257 RossJr. 1 3 3 3 0 0 21 5.06
3 5 8 5 9 9 Scheppers 1 1 1 1 0 1 21 9.43
BRHBIBBSO Avg.S.Baker 1 00 0 0 0 95.79
4 0 1 0 0 0 .259 Tomlin pitched to1 batter in the 9th. WP-
4 0 2 0 0 1 .308 Tomlin. Umpires-Home, Ripperger; First,
4 0 0 0 0 1 .313 Cederstrom;Second,Wolf;Third, Barksdale.
4 0 0 0 0 0 .268 T-2:53.A-34,633 (48,114).
2 0 0 0 1 0 .336
3 0 0 0 0 0 242
3 0 0 0 0 1 .256
3 0 0 0 0 1 .266
3 00 0 0 1 .242 U1Dfl rLT rp 1i

000010040- 5 80
000 000 000- 0 31
I-St. Louis 11,Toronto 4.
.Peralta (15), Me.Cabrera
(1), off Buehrle. RBIs-
is (10), TCruz 2 (6). S-T.
t in scoring position-
s, TCruz 2, Grichuk, Hol-
3 (J.Francisco, Bautista
s 3 for 10; Toronto 0 for
-averas. DP-Toronto 2
), (Lind, Reyes, Lind).
3 0 0 1 5105 3.59
5 1 1 5 61182.04
34 4 2 1 23 3.56
00 0 2 0 135.09
00 0 0 2 173.30
Peralta). Umpires-Home,
izalez Second, Reynolds,
r-237.A-42981 (49,282).

000003001- 4 80
03000410x- 8120




(Ages 17mand under

"eee after12:30pm 125
before 12 30pm
(EXP,.6/30/14 Not valid with other offers, 7-Day Advance Tee Times (941) 423-6955)

Boston AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Holtlb 5 1 2 0 0 1 .318
Bogaerts3b 5 1 2 0 0 2 .299
Pedroia2b 4 2 3 2 0 1 .278
D.Ortizdh 5 0 1 2 0 1 .260
G.Sizemorerf 5 0 1 0 0 0 .222
Navalf 4 0 3 0 0 1 .163
Drewss 5 0 1 1 0 1 .091
D.Rossc 3 1 1 0 0 1 .169
a-Pierzynskiph-c 1 0 0 0 0 0 .275 3 1 1 1 1 2 .202
Totals 40 615 6 110
Detroit AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
R.Davislf 4 0 1 1 1 0 280
Kinsler2b 5 1 1 1 0 1 .298
Mi.Cabreralb 4 1 3 1 1 1 .321
V.Martinezdh 5 1 1 1 0 0 .329
Tor.Hunterrf 5 1 2 1 0 0 .273
Castellanos3b 4 1 3 1 0 0 .271
AJacksoncf 3 1 3 0 1 0 .253
Holadayc 3 0 1 1 0 0 .275
Suarezss 3 2 1 1 1 0 .250
Totals 36 816 8 4 2
Boston 000111 102- 6150
Detroit 2111021Ox- 8160
a-grounded into a fielder's choice for
D.Ross in the 8th. LOB-Boston 10, Detroit
9. 2B-D.Ortiz (9), D.Ross (4), Mi.Cabrera 2
(20),V.Martinez (14). 3B-Kinsler (2). HR-
Pedroia (3), off Scherzer; Castellanos (5), off
Lester; Suarez (1), off Lester. RBIs-Pedroia
2 (20), D.Ortiz 2 (35), Drew (1), Bradley Jr.
(21), R.Davis (18), Kinsler (28), Mi.Cabrera
(51),V.Martinez (37),Tor.Hunter (32), Castel-
lanos (21), Holaday (6), Suarez (1). SB-Bo-
gaerts (2), Nava (2). CS-AJackson (2). SF-
Pedroia, Holaday. Runners left in scoring
position-Boston 5 (Bogaerts, D.Ross,
G.Sizemore 2, Drew); Detroit 6 (V.Martinez
3, Holaday, Kinsler 2). RISP-Boston 3 for 8;
Detroit 4 for 11. RGIDP-DrewV.Martinez,
Holaday. DP-Boston 2 (Drew, Pedroia,
Holt), (Bogaerts, Drew, Holt); Detroit 1 (Kins-
ler, Suarez, Mi.Cabrera).
Lester L, 6-7 4i12 5 5 1 0 90 3.52
Breslow 1 0 1 1 1 0 16 4.71
Tazawa 2 2 1 1 0 0 62.36
A.Miller 1 21 1 2 1 30 2.81
Mujica 1 0 0 0 0 1 10 6.65
ScherzerW,7-26211 4 4 1 9115 3.38
AlbrquerqueH,91g 0 0 0 0 0 3 3.33
Chamberlain 1 0 0 0 0 1 18 2.39
Nathan 1 4 2 2 0 0 32 7.04
HBP-by Chamberlain (Nava). WP-Na-
than. Umpires-HomeVic Carapazza; First,
Adam Hamari; Second, Chris Conroy;Third,
Bill Miller. T-3:36. A-43,359 (41,681).

Through Friday's games
BATTING-Cano, Seattle, .332; VMartinez,
Detroit, .332; Rios, Texas, .328; AlRamirez,
Chicago, .321; Altuve, Houston, .315; Mi-
Cabrera, Detroit, .314; Bautista, Toronto,
1 RBI-NCruz, Baltimore, 55; MiCabrera,
Detroit, 50; Donaldson, Oakland, 50; En-
carnacion, Toronto, 50; Moss, Oakland, 49;
JAbreu, Chicago, 47; Bautista,Toronto, 44.
HOME RUNS-NCruz, Baltimore, 21; En-
carmacion,Toronto, 19 ;JAbreu, Chicago, 17;
Donaldson, Oakland, 17; Bautista, Toronto,
15; Moss, Oakland, 15; Pujols, Los Angeles,
STOLEN BASES-Altuve, Houston, 21;
Ellsbury, New York, 18; RDavis, Detroit, 16;
AEscobar, Kansas City, 16; Andrus,Texas, 14;
Gardner, New York, 14; Dozier, Minnesota,
13; LMartin,Texas, 13.
PITCHING-Buehrle, Toronto, 10-2,Tanaka,
New York, 9-1; FHernandez, Seattle, 8-1;
Porcello, Detroit, 8-3;Keuchel, Houston, 7-3;
Weaver, Los Angeles, 7-4; 13 tied at 6.
ERA-Tanaka, New York, 2.02; Buehrle,
Toronto, 2.04; Darvish, Texas, 2.36; Kazmir,
Oakland, 2.40; Gray, Oakland, 2.45; Keuchel,
Houston, 2.50; FHernandez, Seattle, 2.57.
STRIKEOUTS-Price, Tampa Bay, 101; Klu-
3 ber, Cleveland, 99; Lester, Boston, 95; Tana-
ka, New York, 92; FHernandez, Seattle, 91;
Darvish, Texas, 91; Scherzer, Detroit, 89.
i SAVES-Holland, Kansas City, 17; Rodney,
Seattle, 17; Perkins, Minnesota, 16; DavRob-
ertson, New York, 14; Soria, Texas, 13; Na-
than, Detroit, 13; Uehara, Boston, 11; Jans
sen,Toronto, 1 1;TomHunter, Baltimore, 11.

BATTING-Tulowitzki, Colorado, .360;
Puig, Los Angeles, .335; Lucroy, Milwaukee,
327; MaAdams, St. Louis, .325; Utley, Phil
adelphia, .319; Pagan, San Francisco, .316;
CGomez, Milwaukee, .308.
RBI-Stanton, Miami, 53; Goldschmidt, Ar-
izona, 44; Howard, Philadelphia, 41; Morse,
San Francisco, 41; Tulowitzki, Colorado, 41;
Blackmon, Colorado, 40; Puig, Los Angeles,
HITS-Goldschmidt, Arizona, 75; MCar-
penter, St. Louis, 74; DanMurphy, New
York, 74; Tulowitzki, Colorado, 73; Lucroy,
Milwaukee, 72; Puig, Los Angeles, 72; Utley,
Philadelphia, 72; DWright, New York, 72.
DOUBLES-Utley, Philadelphia, 24; Gold-
schmidt, Arizona, 23; Lucroy, Milwaukee,
21; Byrd, Philadelphia, 18; Arenado, Colo-
rado, 17; KDavis, Milwaukee, 17; CGomez,
Milwaukee, 17; Phillips, Cincinnati, 17;
HRamirez, Los Angeles, 17.
HOME RUNS-Stanton, Miami, 17; Tulow-
itzki, Colorado, 16; Frazier, Cincinnati, 13;
Morse, San Francisco, 13; Reynolds, Milwau-
kee, 13; JUpton, Atlanta, 13; Gattis, Atlanta,
12; CGomez, Milwaukee, 12; AdGonzalez,
Los Angeles, 12; Rizzo, Chicago, 12.
STOLEN BASES-DGordon, Los Angeles,
36; BHamilton, Cincinnati, 23; EYoung, New
York, 17; Revere, Philadelphia, 16; Bonifacio,
Chicago, 13; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 13; Black-
mon, Colorado, 12; ECabrera, San Diego, 12;
Segura, Milwaukee, 12.
PITCHING-Greinke, Los Angeles, 8-2,
Wainwright, St. Louis, 8-3 Bumgarner, San
Francisco, 8-3 Simon, Cincinnati, 8-3, Ryu,
*Los Angeles, 7-2, Lohse, Milwaukee, 7-2
SMiller, St. Louis, 7-5.
ERA-Hudson, San Francisco, 1.75 Tehe-
ran, Atlanta, 1.89, Cueto, Cincinnati, 1 97
Wainwright, St. Louis, 2.31, Hammel, Chica-
go, 2.53, Samardzija, Chicago, 2.54, Beckett,
Los Angeles, 2.57.
STRIKEOUTS-Strasburg, Washington,
101, Cueto, Cincinnati, 97, Bumgarner, San
Francisco, 90 Greinke, Los Angeles, 89
*Wainwright, St. Louis, 89, Kennedy, San Di-
ego, 88,TRoss, San Diego, 77.
SAVES-Romo, San Francisco, 19, FrRodri-
guez, Milwaukee, 18, Street, San Diego, 18
*Jansen, Los Angeles, 17.



Page 6 SP The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014





to five


CHICAGO -unior
Lake hit two home runs,
Emilio Bonifacio added a
two-run shot and Chicago
extended its winning
streak to five with a 5-2
victory against Miami on
Jeff Samardzija (2-5)
allowed two runs and
five hits in seven innings,
striking out eight. Pedro
Strop got his second save.
Lake, who has eight
homers, had a pair of
solo shots for the second
multihomer game of his
Christian Yelich hom-
ered for the Marlins.
Before the game,
Lennie Merullo, the last
living person to play in a
World Series game for the
Cubs returned to Wrigley
Field and threw out the
first pitch. The 97-year-
old played for the Cubs in
1945 during their sev-
en-game loss to Detroit.
Reds 6, Phillies 5: Jay Bruce
homered and drove in three runs and
Cincinnati snapped a three-game
losing streak in Cincinnati. Todd
Frazier also homered and the Reds
threw out two runners at the plate to
end innings, overcoming homers by
Marlon Byrd, Carlos Ruiz and Jimmy
Rockies 5, Dodgers 4,
10 innings: Brandon Barnes hit
a winning triple off the center-field
wall in the 10th inning in Denver,
and Colorado snapped an eight-game
losing streak. Dodgers outfielder Yasiel
Puig (right hip flexor) and second
baseman Dee Gordon (right hip) left
early because of injuries.
Brewers 9, Pirates 3:
Matt Garza won back-to-back starts
for the first time since last July
and Lyle Overbay hit a tiebreaking
two-run single to lead Milwaukee in
Pittsburgh. Garza (4-4) allowed five
walks and six hits while striking out
Indians 8, Rangers 3: Yan
Gomes and Carlos Santana homered
to lead Cleveland in Arlington, Texas.
The home runs by the last two
batters in Cleveland's lineup backed
Josh Tomlin (4-2), who pitched one
batter into the ninth in his longest
appearance this season. It was 1-all
before Gomes hit a three-run homer
in the sixth.
Twins 7, Astros 0: Rookie
Danny Santana drove in five runs,
and Kyle Gibson (55) scattered three
hits and three walks in seven innings
to lead Minnesota in Minneapolis.
Santana flied out before getting hits
in his next four at-bats, raising his
batting average to .373.
Cardinals 5, Blue Jays 0:
In Toronto, Shelby Miller (1-5) took a
no-hit bid into the sixth and finished
with a three-hit shutout, snapping the
Blue Jays'six-game winning streak.
Randal Grichuk hit his first career
home run as the Cardinals won for
only the third time in 11 games.
Royals 8, Yankees 4: In
Kansas City, Mo., Salvador Perez hit a
three-run homer, and Eric Hosmer also
went deep as Kansas City cruised. Alex
Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar
and Nori Aoki drove in a run apiece
as the Royals bounced back from an
offensively inept performance in a 4-2
series-opening loss Friday night.
Orioles 6, Athletics 3: In
Baltimore, Kevin Gausman earned
his first win as a starter while Adam
Jones and David Lough each homered,
leading Baltimore. Called up from
Triple-A Norfolk earlier in the day,
Gausman (1-1) set career highs by

pitching seven innings and striking
out six.
Tigers 8, Red Sox 6: In
Detroit, Miguel Cabrera had three
hits, Eugenio Suarez homered for his
first hit in the majors and Detroit sent
Boston to its fifth consecutive loss.
Detroit has won all five games against
the Red Sox this season after losing to
them in the AL championship series
last year.

The Seattle Mariners and Tampa Bay Rays, wearing replica jerseys of the Brooklyn Dodgers, take
part in a moment of silence in honor of Rays senior baseball advisor Don Zimmer on Saturday.
Seattle AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
RAm rY S En.Chavezlf 4 0 2 1 0 1 240
JJonescf 5 0 1 0 0 1 .269
numbers Cano2b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .332
FROM PAGE 1 Seager3b 4 1 0 0 1 0 .255
.235 Career batting average over Zuninoc 4 1 1 0 0 0 .229
bottomhalf withJanes parts ofl2big-league seasons Ackleydh 4 2 2 3 0 0 242
Gillespierf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .325
Loney ripping a homer to 6 World Series rings won, twoas B.Millerss 4 1 1 0 0 2 .169
tie it. After aYunel Escobar a Dodgers player (1955,'59) and Bloomquist lb 4 0 2 2 0 0 250
walk and a Logan Forsythe four as a Yankees coach ('96, '98, Smoak lb 0 0 0 0 0 0 .208
Totals 37 7 11 7 1 5
single put runners on the '99,2000) Tampa Bay AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
corners with one out, the 11 Years with the Rays, most of DeJenningscf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .238
S.RodriguezlIf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .211
Rays tried a safety squeeze any one team Lodrigef 4 0 0 0 0 1 211
Longoria 3b 4 1 1 2 0 1 .272
aZimmer special 14 Major-league teams for which Zobristdh 4 0 0 0 0 0 245
Loneylb 4 1 1 1 0 1 .285
-with rookie Ali Solis hecoached, managed or played YEscobar ss 2 1 1 0 2 0 258
getting his first RBI. 66 Years in pro baseball, Forsythe2b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .193
Seattle tied it in the including 56 in the majrs a-Joyceph 1 0 0 0 0 1 272
fourth with a Brad Miller Solisc 2 0 0 1 0 0 000
1,254 Players Zimmer either Kiermaierrf 3 0 0 0 0 0 371
single off Cobb's glove was a teammate o, coachforor Totals 31 4 5 4 2 6
going into right field to Seattle 010 240 000- 7110
managed, representing nearly 7 Tampa Bay 020000 020- 4 50
put runners on first and percent of all major-leaguers in a-struck out for Forsythe in the 9th. LOB-
third. Willie Bloomquist history, per baseball-reference. Seattle 6,Tampa Bay 3.2B-En.Chavez (3),
Ackley (9), Bloomquist (3), DeJennings (14),
hit an RB I single to center com, and including 28 (and YEscobar (9). HR-Gillespie (1), off Cobb;
Endy Chavez added a counting) of the 211 players in the Loney (3), off Elias; Longoria (7), off Elias.
sacrifice fly to make it 3-2. Hall of Fame RBIs-En.Chavez(1),Ackley3 (23), Gillespie
Thrifie Mari r ro ke 3-2. Hallome (3), Bloomquist 2 (10), Longoria 2 (26), Lo-
The Mariners broke T- ampa Bay Times ney(30), Solis)(1). S-Solis. SF-En.Chavez.
it open with a four-run Runners left in scoring position-Seattle
3 (Zunino 2, En.Chavez)Tampa Bay 3 (Kier-
fifth, chasing Cobb. Cobb maier, Forsythe, Solis). RISP-Seattle 4 for
allowed a leadoff single to The Rays bullpen was 13;Tampa Bay1 for 5.
Robinson Cano, walked solid, including Kirby EliasW,5-4 7 5 4 4 2 5 99 3.64
Kyle Seager and gave up Yates throwing 11/3 hitless FarquharH,4 % 00 0 0 0 3 2.67
a single to Mike Zunino innings in his debut. RodneyS,17-191 00 0 0 1 82.28
to load the bases. Dustin But Tampa Bay's offense CobbL, 1-4 4%10 7 7 1 2 724.39
Ackley delivered the big was quiet. The Rays had C.Ramos 2% 1 0 0 0 1 27 4.21
Yates 1% 0 0 0 0 2 250.00
blow, a bases-clearing three hits until the eighth, Oviedo 1 0 0 0 0 0 11 2.25
double to right-center, when Evan Longoria hit a Inherited runners-scored-C.Ramos 1-1.
making it 6-2. Cobb was two-run homer to cut the HBP-by Cobb (Cano) WP-Elias Um-
pires-Home, Welke; First, Tichenor; Sec-
relieved by Cesar Ramos. Mariners lead to 7-4. ond, Fagan;Third,Timmons.T-2:46.


Padres draft Manziel

NEWYORK- Just call Rd. Pk. Player School Pos. BIT Hgt. Wgt.
him Johnny Baseball. 1 20 Casey Gillaspie Wichita State 1B S/L 6-4 238
Cleveland Browns quar- 2 60 Cameron Varga Cincinnati Hills Christian RHP R/R 6-3 205
terback Johnny Manziel CB 72 Brent Honeywell Walters State CC RHP R/R 6-2 180
was selected by the San 3 96 Brock Burke Evergreen HS (Colo.) [HP [/L 6-2 170
Diego Padres in the 28th 4 127 Blake Bivens George Washington HS (Va.) RHP R/R 6-2 205
round of the Major League 5 157 Michael Russell U. North Carolina SS R/R 6-2 200
Baseball draft Saturday 6 187 Mac James U. of Oklahoma C R/R 6-1 195
the 837th player taken.
7 217 Mike Franco FloridaInternational RHP R/R 5-11 200
Manziel was listed as
a shortstop for Texas 8 247 DanielIMiles Tennessee Tech 3B R/R 6-2 190
A&M, although he never 9 277 Chris Pike Oklahoma City U. RHP R/R 6-0 175
played for the Aggies as 10 307 Bradley Wallace Arkansas State RHP R/R 6-2 175
he focused on football. 11 337 Spencer Moran Mountain View HS (AZ) RHP R/R 6-6 180
He hasn't played baseball 12 367 Braxton Lee U. Mississippi (MS) CF L/R 5-10 185
since high school and 13 397 Jace Conrad U. La. Lafayette (LA) 2B L/R 5-11 195
probably will not see the 14 427 Trevor Lubking Pac Lutheran U.(WA) LHP L/L 6-0 205
diamond again as he em- 15 457 Brian Miller Vanderbilt U (TN) RHP R/R 6-4 200
barks on his NFL career, 16 487 George Maisto McLennan CC (TX) LHP L/L 6-1 180
but was happy the Padres 171517 Steve Ascher SUNYOneonta (NY) LHP L/L 6-0 185
took a swing at him.
18 547 Alec Sole St. Louis University (MO) SS L/R 6-2 200
"Big thank you to the
@Padres and @padres- 19 577 Justin McCalvin Kennesaw St U (GA) RHP R/R 5-10 180
mikedee for selecting me 20 607 Kyle McKenzie Tulane (LA) RHP L/R 6-1 200
in the MLB draft," Manziel 21631 Ayende-Morales Beltran Academy (RR.) LF S/R 61 110
wrote on his Twitter page. 226617 Ryan Pennell Elon U. LHP R/L 6-4 225
"What a great day!" 23 691 Zacrey Law Robinson HS CF R/R 5-8 180
Mike Dee, the Padres' 241721 Nic Wilson Georgia State 1 B R/R 6-6 240
president and CEO, 251751 Tyler Wells Nevada (NV) LHP L/L 6-3 215
tweeted back: "Best 261781 Cade Gotta San Diego Christian Col (CA) CF R/R 6-4 205
athlete on the board... 21 811 Grant Kay U Louisville (KY) 2B R/R 6-0 185
#JohnnyBaseball." 28 841 Carter Burgess Sam Houston St U (TX) 3B R/R 6-1 200
Mazil tefistfes- 29 811 Tomas Michelson U. Ill. Chicago RHP L/R 6-4 185
man to win the Heisman 391Teo ulp U ahntnRP RR 6 3
Trophy in 2012, was taken 31 931 Treorunlap N.Wahnte n RHP R/R 510 180
by the Browns with the 3 3 ~ cAde ..SaeRP RR51 8
22nd pick in the NFL draft 32 961 Davis, Joshua Union HS (OK) CF R/R 61I 115
last month. 33 991 Patrick Grady Lander U. RF R/L 6-0 225
"It was kind of, 'Why 34 l027 Christian Knott East Stroudsburg U. RF R/R 6-0 215
not?'" Padres general 35 1051 Kyle Bird Flagler College LHP L/L 6-3 190
manager Josh Byrnessaid 36 1081Isias Alcantar, U. Ark. Pine Bluff C R/R 6-0 215
Saturday before the Padres 371111 Matthew Plitt U. La. Lafayette RHP R/R 6-4 220
hosted~vashington. 38 11417Chris DeMorais U. New Haven OF L/R 6-0 195
In May2013, Manziel 39 l177BakeGrant-Parks Cal. St. Monterey Bay lB R/R 6-2 195
visited the Padres when he 40 1201 Conor Harber Western Nevada CC RHP R/R 6-2 205
was in San Diego to work

with a quarterbacks coach.
"He certainly loves Nationals draft Cal Ripken Jr's son
baseball," Byrnes said. "We
basebf al"kB e a id. We NEW YORK (AP) Washington selected Ryan Ripken, the son of Hall of
kinda ta e d ayout iwant Famer Cal Ripken Jr., in the 15th round of the Major League Baseball draft.
usha time 'd you wsan The younger Ripken is a 6-foot-6, 230-pound first baseman from Indian
'ustoraft ou '" HesRiver State College in Florida. The lefty batted .321 with one homer and 24
Yeah, absolutely."' RBIs in 42 games this season after transferring from South Carolina, where
he did not make the roster and redshirted.
actually signing Manziel, He could become a third generation of Ripkens to play in the pros,
Byrnes, a big football fan, following in the footsteps of his"lron Man"father, who was a 19-time
just smiled. All-Star and broke Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played; his
Manziel played baseball uncle Bill, who played 12 years in the majors; and late grandfather Cal Sr.,
and football at Tivy High who managed in the bigs.
School in Kerrville, Texas.




Hellickson tosses
3 shutout innings;
Hanigan homers

TAMPA -Jeremy
Hellickson worked
three shutout innings
in the first start of his
rehab assignment to lead
Charlotte to a 4-1 victory
against Tampa in Florida
State League play on
Hellickson gave up two
hits and a walk in his first
outing against opposing
hitters of the season. He
underwent elbow surgery
in late January.
Catcher Ryan Hanigan,
also making a rehab start
behind the plate, gave
Hellickson the lead with
a two-run homer in the
top of the third. Hanigan
caught six innings and
Charlotte AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Coyle2B 5 2 2 1 0 0 247
HaniganC 4 1 1 2 0 1 .250
DePewC 0 0 0 0 0 0 .222
ReginattoSS 4 0 0 0 0 2 .311
LeonardlB 3 0 0 0 1 2 .276
Carter CF 4 1 1 0 0 1 .236
Quinonez3B-LF 4 0 1 0 0 2 .232
SaleDH 4 0 0 0 0 2 .218
GanttRF 0 0 0 0 1 0 .262
a-GoeddelPH-3B 3 0 2 1 0 0 .263
RidingsLF-RF 4 0 0 0 0 0 .214
Totals 35 4 7 4 210
Tampa AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Cave CF 4 1 0 0 0 0 .296
Culver SS 3 0 1 0 0 0 .239
Bird lB 2 0 0 0 2 1 .252
BichetteJr.3B 2 0 0 0 2 0 .278
SnyderDH 3 0 2 1 1 0 .219
Wilson LF 4 0 0 0 0 0 .290
CalderonRF 3 0 0 0 0 1 .174
GarrisonC 3 0 1 0 0 0 .194
Rosario2B 3 0 2 0 0 0 .667
Totals 27 1 6 1 5 2
Charlotte 002011000 4 7 1
Tampa 000001 100 1 6 2
a-Grounded out for Gantt in the 4th. E:
Reginatto (16); Bird (2), Rosario (1). LOB:
Charlotte 6, Tampa 6. 2B: Carter (8), Goed-
del (12); Culver (13). HR: Hanigan (1, 3rd
inning off Long, 1 on, 2 out), Coyle (4, 5th
inning off Long, 0 on, 1 out). RBI: Hanigan
2 (2), Coyle (18), Goeddel (33); Snyder (9).
SB: Leonard (4, 2nd base off Long/Garri-
son). CS: Rosario (1). SAC: Culver. Runners
left in scoring position: Charlotte 1 for
10, Tampa 0 for 6. GIDP: Wilson 3. DP:
Charlotte 3 (Coyle-Reginatto-Leonard 2,
Goeddel-Coyle-Leonard); Tampa 1 (Cul-
Charlotte IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Hellickson 3 2 0 0 1 2 00.00
LopezW4-2 5 31 0 4 0 03.39
BrandtS,3 1 10 0 0 0 00.41
LongL, 0-1 5 43 3 2 5 25.40
Lopez 2 2 1 1 0 2 07.62
Smith 2 10 0 0 3 01.95
Umpires: Home: Ryan Benson. First: David
Arrieta. T: 2:39. A: 4,945.



jump c

Texas, Louisville
advance to CWS

Va. Jake Stinnett
pitched six innings,
Brandon Lowe had two
RBIs and Maryland beat
Virginia 5-4 Saturday in
the opener of their NCAA
super regional.
mna matchup of All-
ACC pitchers, Stinnett
(8-6) outworked Virginia's
Nathan Kirby by scatter-
ing three runs and six hits
to lead Maryland (40-2 1).
Kirby (9-2), the ACC
co-Pitcher of the Year, had
his shortest outing of the
season, giving up all five
runs and seven hits in 423
innings. Mike Papi had
three hits and drove in a
run for Virginia (47-14).

Texas Tech 1, College
of Charleston 0: In Lubbock,
Texas, Chris Sadberry struck out a
career-high nine, and Texas Tech held
on in the series opener. Sadberry

worked a career-best eight innings as
the Red Raiders (44-19) improved to
32-4 at home and took the lead in the
best-of-three series. Taylor Clarke, a
10-game winner for the Cougars, gave
up five hits and walked one in his
eight innings.

TCU 3, Pepperdine 2: In
Fort Worth, Texas, Derek Odell had
a two-run single, and ace Brandon
Finnegan took a shutout into the
seventh inning for the Horned Frogs.

E: t. Ite4 Tmp

ing Rays


WHO: Charlotte (30-30) at
Bradenton (31-30)
WHEN: Today, 5 p.m.
WHERE: McKechnie Field,
Chad Kuhl (6-4, 3.88)
RADIO: 91.7 FM or stone-
TICKETS: At stadium ticket

went 1 for 4 at the plate.
Reinaldo Lopez
(4-2) earned the win
for Charlotte with five
innings of relief. He gave
up three hits and four
walks but only one run.
Thomas Coyle and Tyler
Goeddel led the Stone
Crabs' seven-hit attack
with two htis each. Coyle
scored twice.
North Division
W L Pct. GB
Dunedin (BlueJays) 42 19 .689 -
Lakeland (Tigers) 39 23 .629 312
Brevard Co. (Brewers) 31 29 .517 1012
Tampa (Yankees) 30 32 .484 1212
Daytona (Cubs) 25 35 .417 1612
Clearwater(Phillies) 12 49 .197 30
South Division
W L Pct. GB
Fort Myers (Twins) 36 25 .590 -
St. Lucie (Mets) 35 27 .565 112
Bradenton (Pirates) 31 30 .508 5
Palm Beach (Cardinals) 31 31 .500 512
Charlotte (Rays) 30 30 .500 512
Jupiter (Marlins) 25 37 .403 1112
Friday's results
St. Lucie 5, Dunedin 0
Bradenton 5, Brevard County 4,12 innings
Palm Beach 4, Clearwater 3
Tampa 4, Charlotte 1
Lakeland 4, Fort Myers 3,11 innings
Daytona 10,Jupiter7
Saturday's results
Charlotte 4, Tampa 1
Fort Myers 4, Lakeland 3
Dunedin 4, St. Lucie 2
Palm Beach 5, Clearwater 4
Brevard County 1, Bradenton 1, tie, 4 in-
nings, susp.
Jupiter 8, Daytona 0
Today's games
Dunedin at Lakeland, 1 p.m.
Daytona at Clearwater, 2 p.m.
Palm Beach at St. Lucie, 4 p.m.
Charlotte at Bradenton, 5 p.m.
Fort Myers atiJupiter, 5:05 p.m.
Tampa at Brevard County, 5:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Palm Beach at St. Lucie, 6:30 p.m.
Bradenton at Charlotte, 6:30 p.m.
Lakeland at Dunedin, 6:30 p.m.
Tampa at Brevard County, 6:35 p.m.
Fort Myers atJupiter, 6:35 p.m.
Daytona at Clearwater, 7 p.m.

Crabs planner
Tuesday: at Fort Myers, 7:05 p.m.
Wednesday: at Fort Myers, 7:05 p.m.

Lnd gets

l Gays

For the super regional glance,
see Scoreboard, page 7

Finnegan (9-3), the first-round pick
(17th) by Kansas City this week, was
cruising with a two-hitter when
he walked Hutton Moyer and Chris
Fornaci knocked him out of the game
with a two-run homer in the seventh
to get the Waves (42-11) within a run.
TCU closer Riley Ferrell pitched 123
innings for his 15th save.

Stanford 5, Vanderbilt
4: In Nashville, Tenn., Wayne Taylor
hit a game-ending home run to
the right-field stands in the ninth
inning for Stanford (35-25), forcing
a deciding third game. Vanderbilt
(45-19) tied the score at 4 in the top
of the ninth when Stanford reliever
A.J. Vanegas hit Xavier Turner with the
bases loaded.

Texas 4, Houston 0: in
Austin, Texas, C.J Hinojosa drove in
two runs and Parker French pitched
six scoreless innings as Texas (43- 19)
advanced to the College World Series
for the 35th time, more than any
other school. The Longhorns missed
the tournament altogether the
previous two years.

Louisville 7, Kennesaw
St. 4: In Louisville, Ky., Nick Solak's
two-run homer in the top of the
fifth inning propelled Louisville to its
second consecutive CWS and third in
school history. The Cardinals (50-15)
have appeared in the CWS three times
since coach Dan McDonnell was hired
in 2007. Before his arrival in Louisville,
the Cardinals had never won a game
in the NCAA tournament.

Page 6 SP

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

SP Page 7


Sports on TV
1 p.m.
TNT- NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Pocono 400, at
Long Pond, Pa.
NBC Formula One, Canadian Grand Prix,
at Montreal
ESPN2 NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, Maryland at Virginia
ESPN2 NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, Stanford at Vanderbilt (if neces-
ESPNU NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, College of Charleston at Texas
ESPNU NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, Pepperdine atTCU
ESPN2 NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, Mississippi at Louisiana-Lafayette
ESPNU NCAA, Division I playoffs, super
regionals, UC Irvine at Oklahoma State (if
NBCSN Criterium du Dauphine, stage 1,
at Lyon, France (same-day tape)
ESPN X Games, at Austin,Texas
ABC X Games, at Austin,Texas
6:30 a.m.
TGC European PGA Tour, Lyoness Open,
final round, at Atzenbrugg, Austria
1 p.m.
TGC PGA Tour, St. Jude Classic, final
round, at Memphis,Tenn.
CBS PGA Tour, St. Jude Classic, final
round, at Memphis,Tenn.
TGC LPGA, Manulife Financial Classic,
final round, at Waterloo, Ontario
TGC USGA, Curtis Cup, final round
matches, at St. Louis
TGC Tour, Cleveland Open,
final round, at Westlake, Ohio (same-day
TGC Champions Tour, Legends of Golf,
final round, at Ridgedale, Mo. (same-day
1:30 p.m.
SUN Seattle at Tampa Bay
MLB Oakland at Baltimore
FSFL Miami at Chicago Cubs
WGN ChicagoWhite Sox at L.A. Angels
ESPN Boston at Detroit
ABC Playoffs, finals, game 2, Miami at
San Antonio
9 a.m.
NBC French Open, men's final, at Paris

Glantz-Culver Line
National League
atCincinnati -150 Philadelphia +140
Milwaukee -110 at Pittsburgh +100
Miami -110 at Chicago +100
at San Francisco-155 NewYork +145
at Arizona -115 Atlanta +105
Washington -110 at San Diego +100
Los Angeles -145 at Colorado +135
American League
Oakland -120 at Baltimore +110
Seattle -115 atTampa Bay +105
atMinnesota -110 Houston +100
atKansasCity -140 NewYork +130
Cleveland -110 atTexas +100
atLosAngeles -180 Chicago +170
at Detroit -130 Boston +120
atToronto -145 St. Louis +135

at San Antonio 41/2 (199) Miami

at N.Y. Rangers -125 Los Angeles +105

Houston 001 103 000- 5 82
Minnesota 000 000 310 -4100
Keuchel, Sipp (7), Williams (7), D.Downs (8),
Quails (9) and J.Castro; PHughes, Duensing
(7), Guerrier (8) and K.Suzuki. W-Keuchel
7-3. L-PHughes 6-2. Sv-Qualls (7). HRs-
Houston, Ma.Gonzalez (2), MDominguez
(9), Springer (11). Minnesota, D.Santana (1).

Chicago 001 010002- 4110
LosAngeles 200 500 01x -8110
Rienzo, Carroll (4) and Nieto;Weaver, Jeps
en (7),J.Smith (8), Frieri (9) and Conger.W-
Weaver 7-4. L-Rienzo 4-3. HRs-Chicago,
De Aza (5), A.Dunn (10). Los Angeles, Cal-
houn (4), Pujols (15).

LosAngeles 110 022001 7121
Colorado 000 002 000 -2 91
Ryu, League (7), B.Wilson (8), C.Perez (9)
and Butera, E.Butler, Kahnle (6), Belisle (7),
Masset (8), Hawkins (9) and McKenry. W-
Ryu 7-2. L--E.Butler 0-1. HRs--Colorado,
Stubbs (4).

Atlanta 000 020 102 -5130
Arizona 100 010 000 -2 50
Teheran, A.Wood (8), 5 Simmons (8), Kim-
brel (8) and Gattis, McCarthy, Thatcher (7),
Delgado (7), E.Marshall (8), Cahill (9) and
Gosewisch. W--Teheran 6-3. L--McCarthy
1-8. Sv--Kimbrel (16). HRs--Atlanta, Hey-
ward (6). Arizona, Gregorius (2).

Washington 200 004000-6 62
San Diego 000 000 000 -0 31

Roark, Detwiler (9) and W.Ramos; T.Ross,
Quackenbush (6), Lane (8), Patton (9) and
Rivera. W-Roark 4-4. L-T.Ross 6-5. HRs-
Washington, Rendon (9).

NewYork 000 000 200 -2 40
San Francisco 000 010 12x-4 80
Niese, C.Torres (8) and dArnaud; M.Cain,
Affeldt (8), Romo (9) and Posey.W-Affeldt
1-1. L-C.Torres 2-3. Sv-Romo (19). HRs-
New York, Dan.Murphy (4). San Francisco,
Posey (8).

At Stade Roland Garros, Paris
Purse: $34.12 million (Grand Slam)
Surface: Clay-Outdoor
Maria Sharapova (7), Russia, def. Simona
r Halep (4), Romania, 6-4,6-7 (5), 64.
Julien Benneteau and Edouard Rog-
er-Vasselin (11), France, def. Marcel Granol-
lers and Marc Lopez (12), Spain, 6-3, 7-6 (1).
Legends Doubles
Men Under 45
Round Robin
Goran Ivanisevic, Croatia, and Todd
Woodbridge, Australia, def. Sergi Bruguera,
Spain, and Andrei Medvedev, Ukraine, 64,
* Men Over 45
Round Robin
AndresGomez, Ecuador, and Mark
Woodforde, Australia, def. Mikael Per-
nfors and Mats Wilander, Sweden, 6-2,
John and Patrick McEnroe, United States,
def. Pat Cash, Australia, and Paul Haarhuis,
Netherlands, 6-4, 6-2.
Kim Clijsters, Belgium, and Martina
Navratilova, United States, def. Nathalie
Dechy and Sandrine Testud, France, 5-7,
Junior Singles
*i Championship
Andrey Rublev (4), Russia, def. Jaume An-
toni Munar (7), Spain,6-2,7-5.
Darya Kasatkina (8), Russia, def. Ivana Jor
ovic (1), Serbia, 6-7 (5), 6-2,6-3.
Junior Doubles
Benjamin Bonzi and Quentin Halys,
France, def. Lucas Miedler, Austria, and Aki-
ra Santillan, Australia,6-3,6-3.
Ioana Ducu and loana Loredana Rosca,
Romania, def. Catherine Cartan Bellis, Unit-
ed States, and Marketa Vondrousova (7),
Czech Republic, 6-1,5-7,11-9.

College baseball
(Best-of-3; x-if necessary)
Friday: Louisville 3, Kennesaw State 1
Saturday: Louisville 7, Kennesaw State 4,
Louisville advances.
Friday:Vanderbilt 11, Stanford 6
Saturday: Stanford 5,Vanderbilt 4
Today: Stanford vs.Vanderbilt, 3 p.m.
Friday: UC Irvine 8, Oklahoma State 4
Saturday: UC Irvine (39-23) vs. Oklahoma
State (48-17), late
x-Today: UC Irvine vs. Oklahoma State, 9
Fr iday: Texas 4, Houston 2
Saturday: Texas 4, Houston 0, Texas ad-
Saturday: Maryland 5,Virginia 4
Today: Maryland vs.Virginia, Noon
x-Monday: Maryland vs.Virginia, 4 p.m.
Saturday: Mississippi (44-18) at Louisi-
ana-Lafayette (57-8), late
Today: Mississippi vs. Louisiana-Lafayette,
9 p.m.
x-Monday: Mississippi vs. Louisiana-Lafay-
ette, 7 p.m.
Saturday: TCU 3, Pepperdine 2
Today: Pepperdine vs.TCU, 6 p.m.
x-Monday: Pepperdinevs.TCU, 7 p.m.
Saturday: Texas Tech 1, College of
Charleston 0
Today: College of Charleston vs.TexasTech,
3 p.m.
x-Monday: College of Charleston vs.Texas
Tech, 1 p.m.

Pro hockey
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary)
Los Angeles 1, NY Rangers 0
Wednesday: LA. 3, NY Rangers 2, OT
Saturday: NY Rangers at Los Angeles, late
Monday: Los Angeles at NY Rangers, 8 p.m.
Wednesday: Los Angelesat NY Rangers,8 p.m.
x-June 13: NY Rangers at Los Angeles, 8 p.m.
x-June 16: Los Angeles at NY Rangers, 8 p.m.
x-June 18: NY Rangers at Los Angeles, 8 p.m.
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary)
Alaska 3, Cincinnati 2
May 30: Alaska 5, Cincinnati 3
May31: Cincinnati 2, Alaska 1
Monday: Alaska 2, Cincinnati 0
Friday: Cincinnati 3, Alaska 1
Saturday :Alaska 4, Cincinnati 2
Monday: Alaska at Cincinnati, 7:35 pm.
Wenedy: Cincinnati at Alaska,
11:15 pm.
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary)
Texas vs. St. John's
Todayr:St. John's at Texa s,9:30 p~m
Monday: St. John's at Texas,830 p~m




Find it in the



Can-Am League
Joey Housey.
Ryan Bollinger and RHP Edilson Alvarez.
Frontier League
an Bistagne. Traded INF Austin Gallagher to
Bridgeport (Atlantic) for a player to be named.
leased RHP Alex Gillingham.
Canadian Football League
WR Juaquin Iglesia, WR Bert Reed and OL
Cordaro Howard.
ECHL- Suspended Alaska D John Ram-
age one game.

for tie.

Wednesday's results
Columbus 1,Real Salt Lake 1,tie
Colorado 0, Chicago 0, tie
Friday's result
Sporting Kansas City2, Houston 0
Saturday's results
Toronto FC 1, San Jose0
D.C. United 0,Columbus 0, tie
Philadelphia 3,Vancouver 3, tie
Colorado at FC Dallas, late
Seattle FC at Chicago, late
Portland at Real Salt Lake, late
Today's games
NewYork at New England, 5 p.m.
Chivas USA at Los Angeles, 8 p.m.
Wednesday's games
D.C. United at Montreal, 7:30 p.m.
FC Dallas at Portland, 10 p.m.


Seattle 8 0 2 26 22 8
FCKansasCity 6 4 3 21 21 16 NBAPLAYOFFS
Washington 6 4 1 19 21 20 (BAPLAYFFS
Chicgo 3 119 5 7 (Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
Chicago 6 3 1 19 15 7NBFAL
Portland 4 3 2 14 10 10
WesternNewYork 3 5 2 11 14 14 SanAntoniol,Miami0
SkyBlueFC 2 5 4 10 11 18 Thursday: San Antoniol10, Miami95
Houston 2 7 1 7 10 20 Today:Miami at San Antonio, 8 p.m.
Boston 2 8 0 6 13 24 Tuesday: San Antonio at Miami,9p.m.
NOTE: Three points for victory, one point June 12: San Antonio at Miami, 9p.m.
for tie. x-June 15: Miami at San Antonio, 8 p.m.
x-June 17: San Antonio at Miami, 9p.m.
Wednesday's results x-June 20: Miami at San Antonio, 9 p.m.
Washington 1, Chicago0
FC Kansas City 1,Western NewYork0 WNBA
Saturday's results EASTERN CONFERENCE
FCKansasCity2,Boston0 W L Pd GB
Chicago at Seattle FC, late Atlanta 5 3 .625 -
Western NewYorkat Portland, late Chicago 5 3 .625 -
Today's game Washington 4 3 571 12
Houston at Sky Blue FC, 6p.m. Indiana 4 4 500 1
Wednesday'sgames Connecticut 3 6 333 212
WashingtonatBoston,7p.m. NewYork 2 5 286 22
Western NewYorkat Houston, 7:30p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE

Football Minnesota 7 1 .75 -
Phoenix 4 2 .667 2
AFL San Antonio 4 4 .500 3
NATIONAL CONFERENCE LosAngeles 3 3 500 3
West Division Seattle 3 6 333 412
W L T Pd PF PA Tulsa 1 5 .167 5
y-Arizona 12 0 01.000 784 578
Los Angeles 2 8 0 200 336 495 Friday's results
San Antonio 1 10 0 .091 487 642 Indiana 64,Washington61
Pacific Division Tulsa 94, Phoenix 78
W L T Pt PF PA LosAngeles102,Chicago88
San Jose 7 4 0 .636 608 456 Seattle 65, Minnesota 62
Spokane 6 6 0 500 613 562 Saturday'sresults
Portland 3 9 0 .250 514 638 Atlantag7,Chicago g
South Division Connecticut 88, Indiana 71
W L T Pdt PF PA Phoenix at San Antonio, late
Orlando 6 5 0 .545 628 646 Today'sgames
Tampa Bay 6 6 0 .500 622 652 WashingtnnatNewYork,3pm
Jacksonville 4 7 0 .364 559 559 MinnesotaatLosAngeles,3:30p.m.
NewOrleans 2 9 0 .182 477 641
East Division Boxing
Cleveland 9 1 0 .900 497 422 FIGHTSCHEDULE
Pittsburgh 9 3 0 .750 666 514 JUNE14
Iowa 6 50 .545 535 560;
I a 6 6 0 .500 695 56 At Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. (HBO),
Demetrius Andrade vs. Brian Rose, 12, for
y-clinched division
Andrade's WBO junior middleweight title;

Friday's result Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Chris Algieri, 12, for
Arizona 70, Portland 59 Provodnikov'sWBOjunior welterweight title.
Saturday's results At Bally's, Atlantic City. NJ., Glen Tapia vs.
Jacksonville 34, Spokane 28 Keenan Collins, 10,junior middleweights.
Tampa Bay56, Philadelphia 49 JUNE 19
Pittsburgh 65, New Orleans 26 At Bayamon, Puerto Rico (FS1), McWilliams
Orlando at San Antonio, late Arroyo vs. Froilan Saludar, 12, IBF flyweight
Iowa at Cleveland, late eliminator.
Los Angeles at San Jose, late JUNE21
Thursday'sgames At Monte Carlo, Martin Murray vs. Max
Jacksonville at Orlando, 7:30 p.m. Bursak, 10, middleweights; Hekkie Budler
Saturday's games vs. Pigmy Muangchaiyaphum Kokietgym,
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. 12, for Budler's WBO strawweight title; Ma-
New Orleans at Cleveland, 7 p.m. teusz Masternak vs. Ilunga Makabu, 12, for
Arizona at San Antonio, 8 p.m. thevacantWBA interim cruiserweight title
Tampa Bay at Iowa, 8:05 p.m. At Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (NBCSN), Anatoliy Dud-
PortlandatLosAngeles,0pm. chenko vs. Nadjib Mohammedi, 12, IBF
Spokane at San Jose, 10:30p.m. light heavyweight eliminator
At StubHub Center, Carson, Calif (SHO),
Transactions Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Gary Russell Jr., 12,
for the vacant WBO featherweight title;
BASEBALL Robert Guerrero vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai, 12,
American League welterweights; Devon Alexander vs. Jesus
BALTIMORE ORIOLES Optioned LHP Soto Karass, 10, super welterweights.
Tim Berryto Bowie (EL). Recalled RHP Kevin JUNE28
Gausman from Norfolk (IL).Transferred 3B At Omaha, Neb. (HBO), Terence Crawford
Michael Almanzar to the 60-day DL Sent vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa, 12, for Crawford's
RHP Tommy Hunter to Delmarva (SAL) for WBO lightweight title; Matt Korobov vs.
a rehab assignment. Jose Uzcategui, 10, middleweights.
nyWorth outright toToledo (IL) At Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Conn.
LOS ANGELES ANGELS Assigned (ESPN2),MichaelFarenasvs.MarkDavis, 12,
LHP Brooks Raley and RHP Jarrett Grube
outright to Salt Lake (PCL( and RHP Michael :superfeatherweights.
Brady outright to Arkansas (TL. Recalled JULY12
RHP Cory Rasmusfrom Salt Lake. Optioned At MGM Grand, Las Vegas (SHO), Erislandy
2B Grant Green to Salt Lake. Lara vs. Canelo Alvarez, 12, junior mid-
MINNESOTA TWINS Sent OF Sam dleweights; Abner Mares vs. Jonathan
Fuld to New Britain (EL) for a rehab assign- Oquendo, 10, featherweights, Johan Perez
ment. vs. Mauricio Herrera, 12, for Perez's WBA
NEW YORK YANKEES Sent RHP junior welterweight world championship;
Shawn Kelley to Trenton (EL) for a rehab Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Francisco Vargas,
assignment. 10, for the WBO international super feath-
OAKLAND ATHLETICS-Optioned LHP erweighttitle.

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Wednesday: Texas at St. John's, 6 p.m. Justin Marks to Sacramento (PCL. Sent LHP
June 16:Texas at St. John's, 6 p.m. Eric O'Flaherty to Stockton (Cal) for a rehab
x-June 17: Texas at St. John's,6 p.m. assignment.
x-June 19: St.John's at Texas,8:30 p.m. TAMPA BAY RAYS Designated RHP
x-June23:StJohn'satTexas,830pm Josh Lueke for assignment. Recalled RHP
KirbyYatesfrom Durham (IL).
Soccer National League
A'n.ANTA BRAVES- Agreed to terms with
MLS OF Andy Simunic on a minor league contract.
W L T Pts GF GA and RHPsTrevor Bell and Brett Marshall to
NewEngland 7 4 2 23 21 16 Louisville(IL)forrehabassignments.
Sporting Kansas City 6 5 4 22 21 14 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Optioned
D.C. 6 4 4 22 18 14 RHP Luis Garcia to Lehigh Valley (IL). As-
Toronto FC 6 4 1 19 15 13 signed OF Tyson Gillies outright to Lehigh
Columbus 4 5 6 18 18 18 Valley.
Houston 5 9 2 17 16 29 PITTSBURGH PIRATES Sent RHP
NewYork 3 5 6 15 20 22 StolmyPimentel toAltoona (EL)fora rehab
Philadelphia 3 7 6 15 22 27 assignment.
Chicago 2 3 8 14 20 22 SAN DIEGO PADRES- Reinstated LHP
Montreal 2 6 4 10 11 22 Eric Stultsfrom the bereavementlist.
W L T Pts GF GA Gio Gonzalez to Potomac (Carolina) for a
Seattle 9 3 2 29 29 21
ea tle 6 1 7 25 24 21 rehab assignment. Agreed to terms with SS
Real Salt Lake 6 1 7 25 24 18
Colorado 6 4 4 22 19 15 Leudy Molina on a minor league contract.
American Association
Vancouver 5 2 6 21 25 20
FC Dallas 5 7 3 18 23 24
LosAngeles 4 3 4 16 15 10 Signed RHPWes Roemer
San Jose 4 5 4 16 15 14 SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS Signed OF
Portland 3 4 7 16 23 24 OscarMesa
Chivas USA 2 7 4 10 13 25 ST. PAUL SAINTS Signed RHP Ben
NOTE: Three points for victory, one point Hughes.

- JozyAltidore ended a
six-month scoreless streak
with a pair of goals, lead-
ing the United States over
Nigeria 2-1 Saturday night
in the Americans' World
Cup send-off match.
Altidore tapped in
Fabian Johnson's cross
in the 31st minute on a
play that started with an
Alejandro Bedoya run,
stopping a 27-match
scoreless streak for club
and country with his
first goal since Dec. 4
for Sunderland against
The U.S. was undefeat-
ed in its send-off series
for the first time since it
started in 2002, beating
the African champions
following a 2-0 victory
over Azerbaijan and a 2-1
win over Turkey.
Making their seventh
straightWorld Cup ap-
pearance, the Americans
head to Brazil tonight
' A- _. .. T".... 10 _

d tf~l Il L), M IvL d U II u riv vl ~vIWMlL~~
the World Cup break with a 1-0 victory
over the San Jose Earthquakes.


AP sources detail
Clippers deal: Los Angeles
Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling
would remain close to the organization
under terms of the pending sale to
former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer,
according to two individuals close
to the negotiations. The individuals,
who are not authorized to speak
publicly, told the Associated Press
that the $2 billion deal allows for
up to 10 percent of the team or
$200 million to be spun off into
a charitable foundation that Shelly
Sterling would essentially run. The
deal was negotiated by Shelly Sterling
after husband Donald Sterling's racist
remarks to a girlfriend were publicized
and the NBA moved to oust him as
team owner. One of the individuals
said Shelly Sterling and Ballmer would
be co-chairs of the foundation....
Grizzlies forward James Johnson
was arrested in Memphis, Tenn.,
for domestic assault and accused of
hitting and choking his wife at their

and open june 16 against home....
Ghana, the team that In Atlanta, Angel McCoughtry and
eliminated them from the Erika De Souza each scored 20 points,
last two tournaments. and the Atlanta Dream beat the
Germany attacking midfielder Chicago Sky 97-59 in WNBA action.
Marco Reus was ruled out of the World The 38-point margin of victory set an
Cup with an ankle injury sustained in Atlanta franchise record....
Friday's 6-1 friendly win over Armenia. In Uncasville, Conn., Alex Bentley
Germany plays in Group G with the had 21 points to lead four Connecticut
U.S., Ghana and Portugal.... players in double figures and the Sun
In Miami Gardens, England and beat the Indiana Fever 88-71.
Honduras drew 0-0 in a fiery and
physical final World Cup warm-up COLLEGE FOOTBALL
match that saw Honduras defender
Brayan Beckeles sent off. ... Alabama names Winston
In Landover, Md., Diego Costa top athlete: Florida State
looked plenty fit for the World Cup, quarterback and Alabama native
using a burst of speed on his injured Jameis Winston was selected the
hamstring to draw an early penalty 2013 Alabama Amateur Athlete of the
and playing into the 74th minute to Year by the Alabama Sports Writers
help Spain beat El Salvador 2-0 in Association. Winston's improbable
a final tuneup before departing for redshirt freshman season ended with

Brazil. ....
Also in Landover, Md., Steve Clark
stood firm to save Fabian Espindola's
penalty kick in second-half stoppage
time and preserve the Columbus
Crew's 0-0 draw with D.C. United in
M[S action....
In Chester, Pa., Pedro Morales
scored his team-best sixth goal on a
penalty kick in the 81st minute and
the Vancouver Whitecaps stretched

a Hesiman Trophy and BCS national
championship. He was also a pitcher,
outfielder and designated hitter on
FSU's baseball team....
Purdue athletics director Morgan
Burke said about 6,100 bleacher seats
in Ross-Ade Stadium's south end
zone will be removed. Burke said the
decision to remove the upper bleachers
was made to avoid maintenance and
ensure safety.

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Jozy Altidore, left, scores for the United States past Nigeria's
Joseph Yobo during the international friendly on Saturday in
Jacksonville. Altidore scored twice as the U.S. won, 2-1.

ALTIDORE SCORES their unbeaten streak to seven with
a 3-3 draw against the Philadelphia

NIGER IA, 2-1 In Toronto, Jermain Defoe scored on
n nalts chnt n Tnrnntn F entererl

~Page8 SP The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

WHAT'S IN A NAME: There are four commonly accepted variations of
the sport's name: jui-jitsui,jui-jitsu,ju-jitsu or jujitsu.
ORGANIZATION: There are two governing bodies that oversee the
administration of the sport, competition rules and competitor grading
system. The governing bodies, which work together, are the Interna-
tional Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and the Confederation of
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJ).
COMPETITIONS: The IBJJF conducts more than 50 championships
throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Compe-
titions range from those for children and novice level to seniors and
master levels. Most competitions draw international fields.
WEIGHT CLASSES: Like all other combat sports, Jui-Jitsu competitions
are broken down by weight class:
Men and 30-plus categories: Rooster: Up to 122.5; Super Feather:
122.6 135.5; Feather: 135.6 149.0; Light: 149.1 162.0; Middle:
162.1 175.5; Medium Heavy: 175.6 188.5; Heavy: 188.6 202.0;
Super Heavy: 202.1 215.0; Ultra Heavy: Over 215.0
Women: Super Feather: Up to 113.50; Feather: 113.6 124.5; Light:
124.6- 135.5; Middle: 135.6- 147.0; Medium Heavy: 147.1 158.0;
Heavy: Over 158.0


the (winning) points."
It wrapped up a perfect
world championship
tournament for Hartt,
who won six matches
and beat 52 competitors
for the gold medal. He
outscored his opponents
a combined 30-0. But
that shouldn't have
been surprising when
competing in his gi, Hartt
is unbeaten and unscored
But Hartt's wrestling
background gives him a
little bit of an edge there.
"(It's because of) my
wrestling background,
where I get the base,"
he said. "I can read how
someone is going to move
by how they position
themselves. I have a good
sense of what's going to
happen and balance my
body and keep a mental
note of everything.
"Don't get in a vulner-
able position and know
to get out of them," he
added. "But you learn
about that in the practice
And Hartt knows about
the practice room. He
practices as many as five
times a week, traveling to
Fort Myers and Naples to
do so under the guidance
of his mentor, Marcelo
In other words, it's a lot
of work to get to the gym

The sports'origin is unclear.
Some suggest it can be traced
to Buddhist monks in India, who
spread it across southeast Asia
and Japan.

to do a lot of work. He
also stopped for a week's
worth of training sessions
in Midland, Texas, on his
way to the world cham-
pionship tournament in
Long Beach, Calif.
"It takes a lot of money
and a lot of time," he said.
"I had to put my life on
hold, my work, nightlife.
But it's all minimal stuff
for what I achieved."
There is plenty more to
achieve, even for a world
Hartt is only a blue belt,
the second level of five in
Brazilian jiu-jitsu leading
up to a black belt. He still
has plenty more to learn.
For starters, he has no
intention of going back to
the world championship
tournament next year as a
blue belt. He has designs
on the purple belt the
third rung.
"My ultimate goal is
to keep training and go
as far in the belt system
as I can, keep training
every day to be a black
belt," Hartt said. "It's a
long road, but I have no
intention of getting off
of it."
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PUNTA GORDA 941-039-ACME ARCADIA 808-884-2888

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Marco Andretti gets out of his car on the apron of Turn 4 as flames come from the rear of the car
during the IndyCar race at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday.

Carpenter outduels

Power in Texas


- Driver-owner Ed
Carpenter, who drives
only on ovals, won the
IndyCar Series race Texas
on Saturday night after
staying in front of Will
Power during a two-lap
shootout after a late
On the final green-flag
stop with 35 laps left,
Carpenter beat polesitter
and season points leader
Power off pit road. Team
Penske driver Power made
things worse when he was
penalized for speeding out
of the pits.
Power was sixth, and
Carpenter had a lead of
about 18 seconds over
Juan Pablo Montoya,
when Takuma Sato's
engine blew and his car
caught fire with 10 laps
While the top four cars
stayed out during that
caution, Power went in for
fresh tires. He then made

WHO: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
WHEN: Today, I p.m.
WHERE: Pocono Raceway, Long
Pond, Pa.
DEF. CHAMP: Jimmie Johnson

a charge after the final
restart to finish second.

Kyle Larson wins ARCA
race: Kyle Larson won the ARCA race
at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa.
The 21-year-old Larson used the race to
better learn the track for today's Sprint
Cup race.
He led most of the 80 laps until a
bad restart with about 10 left saw him
give up the lead to Mason Mitchell.
Larson worked his way back to the lead
with three laps left and pulled away
into Victory Lane.
Mitchell finished second. John Wes
Townley, Will Kimmel and Justin Allison
round out the top five.

Rosberg takes Canadian
GP pole: Nico Rosberg earned the
pole position for the Canadian Grand


Sprint Cup Series World Truck

After Friday qualifying; race Sunday
At Pocono Raceway
Long Pond, Pa.
Lap length: 2.5 miles
(Car number in parentheses)
1. (11) Denny Hamlin,Toyota, 181.415.
2. (41) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 181.408.
3. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 181.316.
4. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 180.832.
5. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 180.513.
6. (18) Kyle Busch,Toyota, 180.458.
7. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 179.827.
8. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 179.565.
9 (55) Brian VickersToyota, 179.548.
10. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 179.383.
11. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 179.326.
12. (14)Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 179.126.
13. (16)(Greg Biffle, Ford, 179.258.
14. (42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 179.229.
15. (31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 179.072.
16. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 179.051.
17. (78) Martin TruexJr., Chevrolet, 178.976.
18. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 178.919.
19. (15) Clint BowyerToyota, 178.777.
20. (48)JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet, 178.678.
21.(47) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 178.288.
22. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 178.144.
23. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 178.031.
24. (51) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 177.288.
25. (13) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 178.045.
26. (20) Matt Kenseth,Toyota, 177.968.
27. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 177.908.
28. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 177.83.
29. (9) MarcosAmbrose, Ford, 177.162.
30. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, 176.308.
31. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 176.025.
32. (34) David Ragan, Ford, 175.922.
33. (32)Travis Kvapil, Ford, 175.867.
34. (23) Alex BowmanToyota, 175.675.
35. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 175.613.
36. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, 174.958.
37. (98) Josh Wise, Ford, Owner Points.
38. (44) JJ. Yeley, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
39. (66)Timmy Hill,Toyota, Owner Points.
40. (26) ColeWhitt,Toyota, Owner Points.
41. (83) Ryan TruexToyota, Owner Points.
42. (33) Alex Kennedy, Chevrolet, Owner
43. (77) Dave Blaney, Ford, Owner Points.

At Texas Motor Speedway
Fort Worth, Texas
Lap length 1.5 miles
(Start position in parentheses)
1. (2) Matt Crafton, Toyota, 167 laps, 147.2
rating, 48 points, $52,005.
2. (1) Justin Lofton, Chevrolet, 167, 89.5, 42,
3. (6) Joe Nemechek, Toyota, 167, 83.1, 41,
4. (3) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 167, 126.1, 41,
5. (9) John Wes Townley, Toyota, 167, 82.7,
39, $15,270.
6. (10) Ron Hornaday Jr., Chevrolet, 167,
7. (4) Johnny Sauter, Toyota, 167,100.6, 37,
8. (16) Bryan Silas, Chevrolet, 167, 63.7, 36,
9. (19) Joey Coulter, Chevrolet, 167,69.1,35,
10. (7) Darrell Wallace Jr., Toyota, 166, 90.9,
34, $13,265.
11. (5) Erik Jones, Toyota, 166, 102.2, 33,
12. (11) Jeb Burton, Toyota, 166, 84.9, 32,
13. (14) Tayler Malsam, Chevrolet, 166,84.5,
31, $11,725.
14. (18) Ben Kennedy, Chevrolet, 166, 70.2,
30, $12,630.
15. (17) Tyler Young, Chevrolet, 166, 54.5,
29, $12,365.
16. (13) Brennan Newberry, Chevrolet, 165,
54.8, 28, $11,450.
17. (23) Jimmy Weller Ill, Chevrolet, 165,
43.8, 27, $11,360.
18. (21) TJ. Bell, Chevrolet, 163, 41.3, 26,
19. (20) Mason Mingus, Toyota, 156, 45.1,
25, $9,880.
20. (22) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chevrolet, 154,
36.2,24, $10,415.
21. (12) Tyler Reddick, Ford, 148, 61.5, 23,
22. (26) Norm Benning, Chevrolet, accident,
59,32.4,22, $8,610.
23. (8) German Quiroga,Toyota, engine, 53,

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5432 Constitutional Ave.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Prix with a fast lap in qualifying,
completing the 4.361 -kilometer
(2.71-mile) Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
in his Mercedes in I minute, 14.874
seconds. Teammate Lewis Hamilton
was second, 0.079 seconds slower. Last
year's winner in Montreal, Sebastian
Vettel, was third.
Also on Saturday, Formula One
announced it reached an agreement
with the Montreal, Quebec and
Canadian governments to keep the
race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for
another 10 years.
The Canadian Grand Prix was first
run on the track on the lie Notre Dame
in the St. Lawrence River in 1978. The
governments agreed to share a $17
million (about U.S. $15.56 million)
annual payment that will total $187
(U.S. $171.14 million) million over the
term of the agreement.

Crafton wins Truck race:
Matt Crafton raced to his second
NASCAR Camping World Truck victory of
the season Friday, running the final 61
laps at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort
Worth, Texas, on one tank of fuel.
The defending series champion led
118 of 167 laps on the 1 -mile track,
and beat pole-sitter Justin Lofton by a
race-record 13.302 seconds.

61.6,21, $8,520.
24. (15) Timothy Peters, Toyota, accident,
25. (24) BJ. McLeod, Chevrolet, engine, 13,
31.8,19, $8,490.
26. (25) Justin Jennings, Chevrolet, vibra-
tion, 3,30.1,18, $8,250.
27. (27) Ryan Ellis, Chevrolet, vibration, 2,
28.5, 0, $8,160.
Race Statistics
Average speed of race winner: 132.970
Time of race: 1 hour, 53 minutes, 2 sec-
Margin of victory: 13.302 seconds.
Caution flags: 4 for 23 laps.
Lead changes: 8 among 3 drivers.
Lap leaders: M. Crafton 1-36; R. Hornaday
Jr. 37-38; R. Blaney 39-49; M. Crafton 50-58;
R. BlaneyS9-92; M. Crafton 93-109; R. Horn-
adayJr. 110-111; M. Crafton 112-167.
Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led,
Laps Led): M. Crafton, 4 times for 118 laps;
R. Blaney, 2 times for 45 laps; R. Hornaday
Jr., 2 times for 4 laps.
Top 10 in points: 1. M. Crafton, 232; 2.
Sauter, 221; 3. R. Hornaday Jr., 209; 4. R.
Blaney, 207; 5. T Peters, 205; 6. G. Quiroga,
200; 7. B. Kennedy, 199; 8.J.Townley, 198; 9.
J Burton, 185; 1O.J. Coulter, 177.

Formula 1
After Saturday qualifying; racetoday
At Circuit GillesVilleneuve
Lap length 2.71 miles
Third Session
1. Nico Rosberg, Germany, Mercedes, 1
minute, 14.874 seconds.
2. Lewis Hamilton, England, Mercedes,
3. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Red Bull,
4.Valtteri Bottas, Finland,Williams, 1:15.550.
5. Felipe Massa, Brazil,Williams, 1:15.578.
6. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Red Bull,
7. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Ferrari, 1:15.814.
8. Jean-Eric Vergne, France, Toro Rosso,
9. Jenson Button, England, McLaren,
10. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Ferrari,
Eliminated after second session
11. Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Force India,
12. Kevin Magnussen, Denmark, McLaren,
13. Sergio Perez, Mexico, Force India,
14. Romain Grosjean, France, Lotus,
15. Daniil Kvyat, Russia, Toro Rosso,
16. Adrian Sutil, Germany, Sauber, 1:17.314.
Eliminated after first session
17. Pastor Maldonado, Venezuela, Lotus,
18. Max Chilton, England, Marussia,
19 .Jules Bianchi, France, Marussia, 1:18.359.
20. Kamui Kobayashi, Japan, Caterham,
21. Marcus Ericsson, Sweden, Caterham,
22. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexico, Sauber, DNS.

0 NBA: Miami


look for



last time Miami lost con-
secutive playoff games,
Ray Allen played for the
opposition, Chris Bosh
played off the bench, and
James Jones was the first
reserve off that bench.
Since that June 5, 2012,
Eastern Conference finals
loss to Boston, every Heat
playoff loss has been
followed with a victory.
Every one.
While the sting remains
from Thursday's 110-95
loss to the San Antonio
Spurs in Game 1 of these
best-of-seven NBA Finals,
the Heat go into today's
Game 2 at the AT&T
Center having followed up
each of their last 12 play-
off losses with a victory. It
is the longest such streak
in the NBA since Chicago
had a similar 12-victory
run that ended in 1992.
"I think this team,
when we are faced with
those situations, being
in this so many times
before, it brings out the
best in us," Bosh said
before Saturday's practice
at the Spurs' practice
facility. "We've been in
this position many times
before, so we know how to
handle it."
Three times during last
year's Finals against the
Spurs the Heat responded
from losses with victories
in winning their second
consecutive champion-
ship, including such a
response after losing their
first road game of that
series at the AT&T Center.
"That's why they are
two-time champs," Spurs
guard Tony Parker said.
"To win championships,
you have to face adversity
and come back from any
situation, and they've
proved that over the years.
That's why it's our job to
stay focused and we know
it's just one game."
Since the 2011 NBA
Finals against Dallas,
which remains the only
playoff series the Heat's
Big Three of LeBron
James, Dwyane Wade
and Bosh have lost,
panic largely has left the
building. Even after the
most recent playoff losing
streak, when three consec-
utive losses put them
down 3-2 to the Celtics in
2012, the Heat won the
series' finals two games
to advance. Since then,
there have been eight
series without consecutive
"We're able to bounce
back, go to the film room,
take account and not just
bypass the mistakes we
had in the previous game,"
James said. "And I think
it's allowed us to move on
and better ourselves for
the next game."
That left Friday and
Saturday for introspection.
"One thing we do is
come in, learn from our
mistakes, own up to our
mistakes," Wade said,
"figure out how we can
be better coming into the
next game and we make
those adjustments, and it's
worked out for us."

WHO: Miami at San Antonio
WHAT: NBA Finals, Game 2,
Spurs lead series 1-0
WHEN: Sunday, 8 p.m.
WHERE: AT&T Center,
San Antonio
RADIO: 99.3 FM

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014







0 1gg la "MlAI

J~~7~~ 0 00 a Gf@L






N gP 1

:Page 2 The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

Feeling Fit


President and Publisher
David Dunn-Rankin

Feeling Fit Publisher
Dave Powell

Feeling Fit Editor
Karin Lills

Medical Advertising Executive
Anthony Feroce

Medical Advertising Executive
Bibi R. Gafoor

Medical Advertising Executive
Fort Myers
Erick Sykes

Columnists and Contributors
Laureen Albrecht
Barbara Bean-Mellinger
Judy Buss
Tom Cappiello
Patricia Garlausky Horwell
Renee LePere
Bob Massey
Ted Robedee

Support group listings are published
as space permits. To have your group
included, send the information to

News briefs and announcements must be
received by noon on Monday to be included in
Sundays edition of Feeling Fit. Contact Karin
Lillis at feelingfitasun-heraldcom or call

Letters to the editor can be submitted by
e-mail to feelingfit ~sun-heraldcom, or they
can be mailed to Feeling Fit, 18215 Paulson
Drive, Port Charlotte, FL33954.

Your name and phone number must be
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Letters have to be kept to 250 words or fewer
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publication, but must be provided.

Feeling Fit is a weekly magazine published by
the Charlotte Sun loatedat 18215 Paulson
Drive, Port Charlotte, Ff 33954.

eeling Fit tries to bring you the
latest developments and break-
throughs in science and medi-
cine. News stories are published and
forgotten but some are of such a
stature that they are worthy of a sec-
ond look and reminding us of what a
wonderful age of medicine we have.
Cancer is the one disease that con-
tinues to plague us. We have talked
about possible cures and treatments,
but nothing has the potential to put
this disease out of its misery as much
as a new treatment known as immu-
notherapy. The concept is simple.
Our body's immune system works
by attacking and destroying foreign
objects in our body. For example,
when we recover from a cold, the
body finds and destroys the virus
causing the problem.
Up until now that has not worked
with cancer. The reason is that the
cancer cells wrap themselves in a
protective cell that keeps our bodies
from destroying them. Science has
come up with new medicine that
enables our immune systems to
break through this protective shield
and destroy the cancer cell. There
have been some dramatic cures with
this therapy. Keep watch because I
think you will see much of this in the
news in 2014.
3-D printing of body parts is the
next growth area that I see expand-
ing rapidly in the months ahead.
Previously, researchers printed an
outer ear; printers also have been
used to produce blood vessels.
Others have produced skin cells that
were directly printed onto a wound.
Doctors in Sweden have printed a
trachea for a young boy, and it has
grown along with the young man. I
imagine many more body parts will
be created on 3-D printers, including
heart, liver, stomach, intestines and
almost any other. This is going to be
great fun to watch.
The next great advance is in gene
therapy. This subject is above my pay
grade but researchers say while
it is still experimental they will
eventually treat leukemia and other
blood cancers. There is a lot more to



Dave Powell
come on this one.
Remember the bionic man with his
bionic eye? This is like Buck Rodgers
fiction. A California company named
Second Sight received approval from
the FDA to sell a bionic eye. They
have developed a small camera fitted
in patient's glasses that capture im-
ages and convert them into electrical
pulses which are then transmitted
wirelessly to the optic nerve to the
brain. The brain decodes it to pat-
terns of light. This has not yet en-
abled normal vision but has allowed
the subjects to identify objects and
even perceive color. This has a long
way to go but the scientists hope
that they will eventually be able to

restore sight to those with macular
We have seen the development of
devices that will track your vitals in
real time. Spectrometers will detect
nutrients released into your blood-
stream as they are broken down after
meals. Next thing will be an auto-
mated nag to remind you that you
have eaten enough and to quit or
worse yet, a bracelet that tells you
that you better not have that next
Lastly, there is the subject of
stem cells. Some of the above items
involve stem cell science. Five years
ago we were arguing over the use of
embryonic stem cells. Opponents ac-
cused the scientists of killing babies
to promote stem cell development.
We now know that you can harvest
you own stem cells from your blood,
fat or skin and have adult cells
capable of being transferred to any
single organ of the body. This has led
to what now is termed regenerative
medicine, where your own cells that
have been cultivated are reinserted
into a damaged or diseased part of
the body.
I have personally talked to people
that have been helped by this pro-
cedure. Patients with heart disease,
birth defects, cancer all have seen
some success. This will continue to
be a subject of great interest because
of the potential cures that will be
ours as development continues.
Stay tuned to Feeling Fit.


Secondhand smoke kills over 3,000 nonsmokers a year. As well as increasing
the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, asthma, and pneumonia in children.
For free Quit tips and counseling in Charlotte County, call 941.624.7200 ext. 7279


The latest advancements in medicine

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

( TobFlorldl4n)co
OwAd" counn

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, Page 3




oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 3


Women face greater risk Of heart disease in certain scenarios


oney,you need to lose
weight." That's what my
dad told me during a re-
cent phone conversation, just before
he hung up. He also pointed out -
again that heart disease runs in
our family. He doesn't say it outright,
but the implication is that he doesn't
want me to have a heart attack -
especially early in life. My Grandpa
Lillis was in his 40s when he had his
first massive heart attack. Dad was in
his early 60s.
Being female, though, places me at
even higher risk in certain scenarios
than the men in my family. Two
studies in the news last week make
that clear.
Women with diabetes are 44 per-
cent more likely to develop coronary
heart disease than their male coun-
terparts. That's the finding of a recent
study by researchers from the United
Kingdom, Denmark and Australia.
The study reviewed nearly 50 years
worth of data -from 1966-2011 -
from 64 studies, more than 850,000
people and around 28,000 coronary
heart disease events.
Specifically, the researchers deter-
mined that women who have dia-
betes are three times more likely to
develop coronary heart disease than
their female counterparts who do not
have diabetes. By comparison, men
with diabetes are twice as likely to
develop coronary heart disease.
"Combining the two sets of data
showed that women with diabetes
were 44 percent more likely to devel-
op CHD than men with diabetes even
after consideration was made for sex
differences in other CHD factors,"
states a news release about the study.
The researchers surmise that -
among other factors the rate in
women may be higher because wom-
en tend to be "undertreated for risk
factors for cardiovascular disease."
Women undergoing treatment for
diabetes are "generally ... less likely to

achieve treatment targets" than men.
"Physicians may be more likely
to recognize the early symptoms of
CHD in men than women because of
men's higher absolute risk, and thus
sex differences in medication use and
risk factor control may still exist," the
authors note. "Greater awareness of
early symptoms of CHD in women
and sex-specific therapeutic risk fac-
tor management, irrespective of the
presence of diabetes, will be the best
way to improve clinical outcomes in
both women and men."
Women who survive a heart attack
before their 55th birthday face a high-
er risk of complications in the fol-
lowing months, according to a study
presented last week at a meeting
of the American Heart Association.
One year post-heart attack, women
are in generally worse physical and

mental condition and have a "lower
quality of life than men who survived
their heart attack," according to a
HealthDay news article published
online last week.
"We're definitely finding that
women are generally already in worse
health than men when their heart
attack takes place," lead researcher
Rachel Dreyer told HealthDay. Dreyer
is a post-doctoral research associate
in cardiovascular medicine at Yale
School of Medicine, New Haven,
Conn. "We're talking about relatively
young patients, so the finding is really
disturbing and worrying."
The study focused on approximate-
ly 3,500 American and Spanish men
and women, from 2008-2012.
"(Women) were far more likely than
men to be diabetic (39 percent versus
27 percent) at the time of their heart

attack. Women were also slightly
more likely than men to be obese
(51 percent versus 45 percent), more
than twice as likely to have had a
prior stroke, and nearly three times as
likely to have chronic lung disease,"
the HealthDay article states.
"Depression was also twice as com-
mon among women, the investigators
"I would say that women may
really need to focus on their lifestyle
choices," Dreyer told HealthDay. "It's
a conversation that women should
have with their (general practitioner).
These are women in the prime
of their life, so it's important that
they focus on their own health and
So, yes, Dad. I am losing weight.
I'm still not happy about ditching the
chocolate ice cream, though.

Stroke scare ends on high note for Elvis tribute artist


Like most older baby boomers, Al
Maeyens remembers the first time he
saw The King of Rock and Roll.
"When Elvis went on 'The Ed
Sullivan Show,' he changed every-
thing," recalls the then-elementary
schooler of Presley's breakout 1956
However, the Presley persona
never resonated much with Maeyens
during his Indiana youth and early
"I had no strong feeling about him
one way or the other," said Maeyens,
So, the last thing that the now-re-
tired Pratt & Whitney aerospace
engineer ever expected was that, in
middle age, he'd become one of South
Florida's well-known Elvis Presley
"tribute artists."

Or that he and his band the
Memphis Beat would be perform-
ing as stroke awareness advocates.
Then again, considering the
massive stroke Maeyens suffered in
November 2012, the last thing most
neurologists including his own -
would expect is for Maeyens to still be
Maeyens and his first wife, who
have two adult children together,
moved to South Florida in 1978 when
he joined Pratt & Whitney.
In the late 1990s, the Palm Beach
Gardens resident said that his second
wife and her girlfriends enjoyed going
to karaoke bars. One night, Maeyens
joined them though he had no
intention of singing.
"I had terrible stage fright," he said,
chuckling at the memory.
Goaded by his companions,
Maeyens eventually relented.
But it was the keeper of the karaoke

machine who made the fateful sug-
gestion: "Based on the register of my
voice, he recommended I check out
the Elvis library of songs."
Fellow patrons loved Maeyens' deep
vocal timbre and he had a blast. A
new side career had been born.
Maeyens took early retirement from
Pratt & Whitney shortly after the 9/11
terrorist attacks.
Then, while booking several gigs

per month (local fairs, retirement
communities, nightclubs, etc.), he
immersed himself in all things Elvis.
The sideburns. The mannerisms.
The biographical details.
There were also a few inherent
commonalities including a love of
karate (which Maeyens teaches, in
addition to practicing) and junk food.



General & Implant Dentistry
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273

OBrow Lift and Eyelid SurerRS (941) NEW-LOOK 639-5665) CHRISTOPHER G. CONSTANCE, MD, FACS

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 Page 5

Would you rather be right, or happy? ;


Would you rather be right, or would
you rather be happy? If you say you
prefer to be right, just keep on insist-
ing on your way and your ideas. If you
really want to be happy, you might
want to decide if the fight is really
worth the erosion of your relationship.
I remember taking a couples
workshop years ago, and the most
important thing I learned is this: I had
to decide if it was more important to
me to be right or to be happy.
When asked, I immediately thought,
"Well, I'd rather be happy, of course."
But then I found out it wasn't that
easy because I secretly wanted to be
I began to notice the disagreements
I had with my husband and how in
every argument I knew I was right.
Unfortunately, he knew he was right,
also, with the opposite thoughts and
approach. So what does a couple do
Here's what we were taught: Decide
if this disagreement is something you
will remember many years later. Is it
about some dearly held value or ethic?
Is it so important that you have to
win at all costs? And at the end of the
argument have you really ever won?
The answers were almost always
that the argument was about some-
thing trivial, or one of us was stressed
or tired, or it really didn't matter in the
long run. And our relationship was
much more important than "winning"
an argument.
At the workshop we were asked to
try an exercise called "You're Right."
It goes like this: Think of something
trivial that you usually argue about. It
could be how to load the dishwasher
the proper way, or how to take the
"best" route when driving. One
person would state their opinion,
"It's supposed to be this way." Then,
surprisingly, the partner would say,
"You're right."
Can you understand how this would
feel, if your partner told you that you
are right? Where do you go with that?
There's nothing to push back about
or to argue about further. You've just
been told you are right.
Actually, what really happens when
we use this technique today is we
both start laughing because we know
what's going on. We both remember
the "you're right" game and the
argument just fizzles away.
So why is arguing about who's right
so harmful to a relationship? Because
being right means that the other
person gets to be wrong, and in any
argument, no one is listening to the
other person's opinion. The speaker
is convinced that if they present the
right facts, the most logic, the best
convincing argument, then the other
person will have to back down and
agree with them. But it usually doesn't
work that way, does it?
Sometimes we are so intent on
convincing the other person that our
opinion is right that we can argue
endlessly, often times about the same

Gretchen Sunderland

Gretchen Sunderland is a life/executive coach who
has been working for 14 years with people who
want happier, more successful lives. She lives in
Punta Gorda and New York. Her website is www.

topics. In most cases we are not able
to convince them that we are "right"
and both parties feel worse than when
the discussion started.
I'm not saying that there aren't some
important topics that we feel passion-
ate about, but most disagreements
between loved ones are about things
that we could care less about. It's
just a habit to want to be "right". And
being right also can mean that you
feel the need to control the other, and
can create a feeling of separation.
So what's the solution? Here's what
I tell my life coaching clients. If you
begin arguing about one of these mi-
nor topics, make an instant decision
that the relationship is much more
important to you than sticking to your
unmovable posture of being "right".
Then try saying, "You're right" -
and see how fast the argument loses
Now I'm not suggesting that there's
no place for healthy and friendly
debates. I enjoy having enlightened
discussions with family, friends, and
strangers. And I'm not saying that
there are no topics worth getting
worked up about. I'm simply sug-
gesting that we avoid the emotionally
charged arguments on subjects that
don't really matter.
Another exercise I have my clients
do is write down five qualities about
your partner that you love the
qualities that made them attractive to
you when you first met. Then remem-
ber those things when you feel like
The decision to put your relation-
ship first is that you want it to last.
You can think of any argument about
trivial things as wanting to make the
other person feel bad because they are
"wrong". This will not create closeness
in your relationship.
My belief is that each couple can
learn to become a team "us" versus
the problem instead of me versus
him/her. Then productive discussions
can follow and your bond as a couple
can grow much stronger. Aren't love
and closeness much more desirable
than fighting?

If knee pain is keeping you from doing the things you love,
find out about the advanced orthopedic treatments at
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte.

To learn more or for a free physician referral,
call 941-637-2497.

A Less Invasive Approach for Knee Pain
Speaker: Nicholas Connors, M.D.

Tuesday, June 17 15:30 6:30 p.m.
Regain your life with a treatment option that
is less invasive than a total knee replacement.
Attendees are invited to participate in a
LIVE demonstration at the conclusion of
Dr. Connors' talk.

Nicholas Connors, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

Boyfront Heolth Port Chorlotte, Conference Room
2500 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte

To register to attend this free seminar and event,
call 941-637-2497.

~ Bayfront Health

Port Charlotte

2500 Harbor Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33592

Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.

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Health & Hope
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wwwJeeliflg Fit0om Or

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 5

Charlotte and Sarasota counties offer options for safe drug disposal


I f there's one area where federal
and state laws don't agree, it's in
the disposal of unwanted or out-
dated medications.
The U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and the White
House Office of National Drug
Control Policy recommend that
certain medications to be disposed
by flushing them down a drain or
toilet. The reasoning behind this is to
reduce the danger of unintentional
use or overdose and illegal abuse. In
April 2011, the Florida Department
of Health declared prescription drug
misuse and abuse a state public
health emergency.
This policy has met with the ire of
environmentalists and some states -
Florida being among them.
The Florida Department of
Environmental Protection (DEP) also
states that, 'Although this method
of disposal prevents immediate
accidental ingestion, it can cause
contamination in our aquatic envi-
ronment because wastewater treat-
ment systems, including septic tanks,
are not designed to remove many of
these medications."
The problem is that most waste wa-
ter and water treatment facilities do
not have the ability to filter out many
medications, the Florida Department
of Health in Charlotte County says.
The result is trace amounts of medi-
cations in potable water.
'As yet, it is unknown what, if any
impact these trace amounts have on
humans, our pets and other living
organisms," the local health depart-
ment says. The issue is, however, un-
der study by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency.
If you think using bottled water is
an alternative, you need to know that
it carries no guarantee that medica-
tions haven't leached in.
What makes matters worse in
Charlotte County is the amount of
properties that use a septic tank
system and those do not filter
medications at all. So when you
take medications and excrete them
from your body, they enter the water
system and, eventually, the water
that we drink.
It's clear that many medications
contain compounds that cause some
concern, such as synthetic estrogen
used in hormone replacement thera-
py which may interfere or change
the normal processes of hormones
within an organism.
Sedatives can have an effect on the
activity of the central nervous sys-
tem. Antibiotics even at minimal
levels can result in the develop-
ment of antibiotic-resistant strains
of harmful bacteria. There are other
substances, too such as pesticides
or the flame retardant coatings on
television and computer monitor
plastic housings.
These substances may be found
in very low concentrations in sur-
face water, ground water, domestic
wastewater, industrial wastewater,
agricultural runoff, reclaimed wa-
ter, and other waters. Granted, the


ar ow"


In this Sun file photo, Operation Medicine Cabinet brought 1368.7 pounds of unwanted or unused prescription medications for safe and proper
disposal. "The Punta Gorda Fire Department, Charlotte County Sheriff, and Drug Free Charlotte County, offer Operation Medicine Cabinet, a program
to remove and properly dispose of unused/unneeded prescription medications. Residents will be able to deposit unused and expired medications
into the Vault (drop box) for proper disposal, no questions asked. All participants will remain anonymous;'says the Florida Department of Health in
Charlotte County.


There are three drop box locations in Charlotte County:
-Punta Gorda Fire Department, 1410 TamiamiTrail, Punta Gorda.
-Charlotte County Sheriff District-i Office, 6868 San Casa Road, Englewood.
-Charlotte County Sheriff District-4 Office in Promenades Mall, Port Charlotte.
For more information, visit
There are three locations in Sarasota County where controlled substances can
be dropped off:
-Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, 2071 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota.
-Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, 4531 State Road 776, Venice.
-North Port Police Department, 4980 City Hall Blvd., North Port.
Dispose of non-controlled medications at Sarasota County Waste Management
Centers. Contact 941-861-5000 and ask for Solid Waste customer service.
For more information, visit

concentrations of these substances
are hundreds or thousands of times
lower than the therapeutic dosages
found in the medications that we
take, but research shows there can be
effects on aquatic organisms such as
fish and frogs.
The amount of these substances
can be reduced by properly disposing
of them and flushing them down
the drain or toilet is not it.
The DEP emphasizes that residents
should use a disposal site or collec-
tion event, or disposing of medica-
tions in the trash.
"The Punta Gorda Fire Department,
Charlotte County Sheriff and
Drug Free Charlotte County offer
'Operation Medicine Cabinet,' a pro-
gram to remove and properly dispose
of unused or expired prescription
medications," the Charlotte County

health department states. "Residents
can deposit the medications into the
Vault (drop box) for proper disposal,
no questions asked and with all
participants remaining anonymous.
The goal of the program is to elimi-
nate dangerous and potentially dead-
ly prescription drugs before they fall
into the wrong hands. But it carries
the additional benefit of preventing
the improper disposal that can have
an impact on the environment.
The DEP also recommends these
guidelines when disposing of
*Keep the medicines in the original
container. This will help identify

A Prescrlptlon for a Safe Community andaClean Environment I [

Sarasota County also runs an Operation Medi-
cine Cabinet program. Above, this Operation
Medicine Cabinet sign listing the dirctions
for citizens to dispose of their drugs is posted
directly above the drop box.
the contents if they are accidentally
*Mark out your name and prescrip-
tion number for safety.
*For pills: Add some water or soda
to start dissolving them. For liquids:
Add something inedible like cat litter,
dirt or cayenne pepper.
*Close the lid and secure with duct
or packing tape.
*Place the bottle(s) inside an
opaque (non- see-through) container
like a coffee can or plastic laundry
*Tape that container closed.
*Hide the container in the trash. Do
not put in the recycle bin.

Thousands of Health Stories from Feeling Fit & WebMD

\ET reeling Fit.c I


I-1d l I ll
942 1 I.25.0984

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lions Club provides glasses, hearing aids to those in need



Diabetic Foot Care
Advanced Wound Care
Latest Technologies
Fellow American professional Wound
Care Association
Infections Heel Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Foot & Leg Ulcers Injuries
Medicare Provider

2400 S. McCall Rd,E



ometimes, the request is as
simple as needing a new pair of
glasses because a person acci-
dentally broke the frame, said Bill
Ringelstein, Punta Gorda Lions Club
sight chairman said. Other times, its
more pressing a person needs new
spectacles because he or she failed an
eye screening at the Florida Depart-
ment of Motor Vehicles, and his or her
license is suspended. And then there
are the times a person really needs
"I'd say maybe about six times a
year we'll get a request for someone
that has cataracts, a detached retina
or glaucoma who needs surgery,"
Ringelstein said. "The eligibility is
income-based, but the cost of the
procedure doesn't deter us at all."
Preventing blindness and help-
ing people with their vision has
been a "pet project" for Lions Club
International. In almost a century,
it counts saving the sight of more
than 15 million children through eye
screenings and glasses, providing
nearly 8 million cataract surgeries and
vaccinating 41 million African chil-
dren against measles, a leading cause
of blindness on the continent.
Those eye and hearing screen-
ings have been provided locally by
chapters of the Lions Club to children
and adults of all ages. Ringelstein said
the club also provided $35,000 in eye
exam equipment to the Early Learning
Coalition of Florida's Heartland -
which provides preschool services
to Charlotte, Hardee, DeSoto and
Highlands counties. Ringelstein
said the Lions Club assists the Early
Learning Coalition (ELC) with eye and
hearing screenings and body-mass
index readings.
"At one time, they were funded by
the state," Ringelstein said. "Now,
they're an unfunded mandate. They
(ELC) came to us for help and we
purchased the equipment and trained
about 12 volunteers to do the screen-
ings. We'll start again in August before
school starts."
Ringelstein said the hearing screen-
ing equipment can be used on chil-
dren as young as 4 months old.
"It produces just a tiny amount of
air and measures the amount of de-
flection off the eardrum," Ringelstein
said. "It can detect any abnormalities."
Some of the eye screening equip-
ment has become just as high-tech.


The Punta Gorda Lions Club provides
free eye screenings from 9 a.m. to noon
the fourth Saturday of the month at
Edgewater Methodist Church, 19190
Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte. For
more information about the program,
hearing screening or how to donate
money, hearing aids or glasses, call Bill
Ringelstein, Lions sight chairman, at
(941) 637-9979.
The Punta Gorda Lions meet at 5:30
p.m. (dinner) 6:30 p.m. (meeting) the
second and fourth Mondays of the
month at the Sheraton Four Points, 33
Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda. The hotel
is on U.S. 41 North, at the south end of
the Peace River Bridge.

Using a tool that Ringelstein said,
"looks like a radar gun," a screener
can measure both eyes simultaneous-
ly from about 3 feet away.
From that distance, 18 different
measurements can be taken to deter-
mine the health of the eye, Ringelstein
Along with the screenings and
collections of donated eye glasses and
hearing aids, the club raises money
for its Punta Gorda Lions Foundation.
One of the foundation's purposes is
to provide six $1,000 scholarships to a
Charlotte High School senior planning
to enter the medical field. It also
donates scholarship money to Edison
State College. Ringelstein said the
college picks a student every year it
deems needing tuition assistance.
Lions Club International claims its
46,000 clubs and 1.35 million mem-
bers make it the largest worldwide
service club.
The Lions Club was founded by
Chicago businessman Melvin Jones
after he told members of his local
business club they "should reach
beyond business issues and address
the betterment of their communities
and the world," according the Lions
Club International. Jones' business
club reached out to other groups
around the country and the first Lions
meeting took place in Chicago on June
For more information about the
Lions Club, visit

Go over your recent "screening" test results
with the local expert Heart and Vascular Specialist
Tom Kartis, M.D.
Longest current track record of excellent
outcomes in Cardiac Surgery in Charlotte County.
The only local Double Board-Certified Cardiovascular
Specialist who is also a member of both
Society of Thoracic Surgery and
Society for Vascular Surgery
Demonstrating Commitment to Your Heart & Your Circulation
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American Colleges of Cardiology, Surgeons, Chest Physicians

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 7

New drugs May make a dent in lung, ovarian cancer


New drugs are making a dent
against some hard-to-treat cancers,
but some results raise fresh ques-
tions about whether the benefit is
worth the cost.
For the first time in a decade, an
experimental drug has extended the
lives of patients with advanced lung
cancer who relapsed after standard
chemotherapy. But the drug used in
the study gave patients just six extra
weeks of life on average, and costs
$6,000 per infusion as currently sold
to treat a different form of cancer.
Eli Lilly and Co.'s drug, Cryamza,
was discussed recently at a cancer
conference in Chicago, where other
studies showed:
*The drug Imbruvica, sold by
Pharmacyclics Inc. and Janssen
Biotech, substantially improved sur-
vival and could set a new standard
of care for relapsed chronic lym-
phocytic leukemia, or CLL, the most
common leukemia in adults. Doctors
say the pill more precisely targets
cancer and is a good option for older
people who can't tolerate standard
chemotherapy infusions.
*Two experimental pills from
AstraZeneca PLC worked much
better than one alone against ovarian
cancer that resisted or came back
after standard chemo. The drugs
significantly prolonged the time
women lived without their disease
Cyramza is sold now to treat stom-
ach cancer and fights the formation
of blood vessels that feed tumors.
French researchers led a study with
1,253 patients who relapsed after
initial treatment of advanced lung
cancer, a more common disease.
All were given the chemo drug
docetaxel and half also received
Cyramza infusions every three weeks.
Median overall survival was 10.5
months for those on the combo and
9 months for the others; there were
significantly more side effects with
the combo.
"I don't think a six-week increment
is that impressive" for survival, said
Dr. Derek Raghavan, an indepen-
dent expert and president of the
Levine Cancer Institute at Carolinas
HealthCare System in Charlotte,
North Carolina. He also is on a task
force on value in cancer care for
the American Society of Clinical
Oncology, the group hosting the
The fact it prolonged survival at
all suggests it is worth testing earlier
in the course of the disease to see
whether those patients fare better,
he said. But for people whose lung
cancer has come back, he said, "I'd
try something else that's cheaper"
Other doctors were more positive.
"It's exciting to see progress in this


In this Sept. 5, 2013 file photo, an infusion drug to treat cancer is administered to a cancer patient via intravenous drip at Duke Cancer Center in
Durham, N.C. According to a study that was discussed Saturday, May 31, 2014, at a cancer conference in Chicago, Eli Lilly and Co.'s experimental drug
Cyramza has extended the life of patients with advanced lung cancer who relapsed after standard chemotherapy.

disease where the steps are small
but cumulative," said Dr. Gregory
Masters of the Helen E Graham
Cancer Center in Newark, Del., and
an ASCO spokesman.
The value of another expensive
drug seemed clearer, doctors said.
Imbruvica won approval earlier this
year for treating chronic lymphocytic
leukemia based on a small study that
found it delayed the time until the
disease got worse.
Ohio State University's Dr. John
C. Byrd led a more definitive study
in nearly 400 patients who did not re-
spond or had a relapse after standard
chemo. They were given Imbruvica
or Arzerra, a GlaxoSmithKline drug
often used in such cases.
One-year survival was 90 percent
for those on Imbruvica and 81 per-
cent for those originally assigned to
get Arzerra. Imbruvica also reduced
the chances of the disease getting
worse by 78 percent.
The results were especially impres-
sive because patients on Arzerra were

allowed to switch to Imbruvica early
in the study once its benefit became
apparent. Treatment costs $8,200 a
The drug "may transform the
treatment of CLL," said Masters, the
oncology society spokesman.
Ovarian cancer usually is treated
with surgery and chemo but about 80
percent of patients relapse, said Dr.
Joyce Liu of the Dana-Farber Cancer
Institute in Boston.
She led a federally funded study of
90 such women to test cediranib, a
drug that blocks tumor blood vessel
formation, plus olaparib, part of
a new class of experimental drugs
called PARP inhibitors, which keep
cancer cells from repairing damage
to their DNA.
The ovarian cancer study was the
first time these two drugs had been
tested together. The combo delayed
by more than eight months the time
it took for the disease to get worse
compared to olaparib alone.
It's too soon to know whether the

combo will prolong survival; partici-
pants are still being tracked.
Cediranib seemed headed for the
scrap heap after failing studies on
lung and colon cancer, but this is
the second study to suggest it works
against ovarian cancer. AstraZeneca
said it may seek the drug's approval
for ovarian cancer later this year.
The price of either drug has not
been set.
Study participant Ann Marie
McEnelly, 61, of Brockton,
Massachusetts, said the combo
eliminated several of her tumors and
dramatically shrank some others. Her
cancer had spread from her ovaries
to lymph nodes and her abdominal
"It's amazing. My husband and I
are thrilled to be part of the study,"
she said. "I'm able to work full time. I
play golf, do things, watch my grand-
kids, pretty much do everything I did
Cancer info: http:www.,cancernet

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

a m
45 E


The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 Page 9

Simple strategies for healthy eating

he Chinese have known for
more than 5,000 years that
everyday food is medicine.
(They had never heard of the Golden
Arches!) Scientific research in our
time has also confirmed that disease
prevention and staying healthy de-
pends, in large part, on good eating
Folks who wish to improve their
diet, often ask how to go about doing
so. The answer is quite simple: In
the absence of a few basic, clear and
doable strategies, diet improvements
cannot be realized. The following are
some key strategies which help lead
to success in this endeavor:
1. Eating in restaurants frequently
is health-defeating. Make time
to prepare nutritious meals: Re-
prioritize daily activities by trimming
over-committed schedules and
spending more time at home.
2. Drastically prune how much
time you spent on TVs, cell phones,
computers and their electronic
cousins. (Some people don't realize
that all of these devices include an
ON/OFF button). Once schedules are
streamlined, they should be vigilantly
guarded so that no new time-robbers
are able to sneak back in. Anybody
having difficulty implementing the
two strategies outlined so far, should
wear a plastic wrist bracelet that
reads: "What would great-grandma

Judy E. Buss
3. Practical and efficient kitchen
strategies can make the difference
between success and failure: Cook
double batches of basic ingredients
or dishes, such as whole grains (rice,
bulgur, millet or quinoa etc.), stews,
soups, meat or fish. This eliminates
the need to cook an entire meal from
scratch each day. Cooking lentils and
some types of beans is quick and
easy and can also be done in larger
quantities and used for a variety of
dishes. Wash vegetables and fruit for
several days.
4. Food shopping habits have a
greater effect on wellness than many
realize. With a little thought and

planning, the task can be accom-
plished with (gasp!) only one trip
per week, saving enormous amounts
of time, energy, and money. How?
Throughout the week accumulate a
shopping list. Keep a piece of paper
in the kitchen and if a particular food
item is used up or is running low
while you are cooking immediately
add it to your shopping list.
5. Presented below is an ingredient
list for healthy living. It includes
basic and inexpensive ingredients
that should always be part of your
kitchen inventory. They are available
from any supermarket and are the
building blocks of numerous health-
ful dishes and snacks. The list also
helps you prevent letting unhealthy
nutrition-poor "food" somehow som-
ersault into your shopping basket.
Print out the list (in large print),
and tape it inside a kitchen cabinet
door. Before grocery shopping check
the list, your pantry and fridge to
determine what items have been
used up or are running low, so they
can be added to the shopping list of
the week discussed in strategy 4.
Veggies and fruit: apples, avocado,
bell pepper (any color), butternut
squash, cabbage, carrots, celery,
cucumbers, garlic, ginger root, green
beans, kiwi fruit, lemons Romaine
lettuce, olives, onions (all types),
potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach,
tomatoes, zucchini, seasonal fruit,
fresh herbs.

Dried and ground herbs and
spices: dried basil, dill weed, Italian
seasoning, oregano, and tarragon.
Ground cayenne, cinnamon, cloves,
cumin, ginger, curry, nutmeg, salt,
and pepper (brands greatly vary in
Miscellaneous ingredients: olive
oil cooking (pure) and extra
virgin, wine vinegar, mustard, eggs,
walnuts, sugar-free peanut butter,
low-fat plain yogurt (add your own
fresh fruit and/or nuts, if desired),
Chickpeas (garbanzos), black eyed
peas and lentils. Chicken, turkey,
fresh or frozen catfish and/or tilapia
fillets, rolled oats (oatmeal), and
crumbled feta cheese.
We simply must accept the fact
that preparing nutritious meals and
snacks is a necessity of life, and that
not everything can be condensed
into a pill or a click of a mouse.
The food industry has convinced
millions of us that replacing fresh
whole foods with highly processed,
mass-produced, fast food, junk food,
precooked "convenience" food or
eating out is the way to go.
We can see the consequences of
such lifestyle choices all around us.
Take charge of your health; empower
yourself to exercise your right to
choose health over disease! It's never
too late to start.
Judy E. Buss is a nutritional cooking
instructor She is a columnist and
member of the American Holistic
Health Association. Like her on Judy
E. Buss Facebook for recipes and tips.

When it comes to added sugars,

think sprinkle, not scoop


Maybe you've sworn off refined
"white" sugar and think that sweet-
ening a latte with, say, agave nectar,
is better because, "it's natural." Truth
is, most health experts agree that
the best move you can make when it
comes to added sugars (those added
to foods by consumers or manufac-
turers) is to eat less of them. All of
The American Heart Association
recommends limiting added sugars
to 100 calories per day (6 teaspoons)
for women and 150 calories a day (9
teaspoons) for men. But Americans'
average per capita daily sugar con-
sumption is a whopping 28 tea-
spoons. Too much sugar can increase
risk for obesity, heart disease and
You don't have to ditch sugars all
together. Get to know the types you're
seeing, learn how to spot added
sugars on labels, and then sweeten
Here's help:
1. Granulated sugar (a.k.a., sugar,
table sugar): Granulated sugar is
composed of 50 percent glucose and
50 percent fructose. This pure white
sugar has been processed and so has
few minerals and antioxidants.
Per teaspoon: 16 calories, 4 g
2. Agave nectar: This sweetener
has a glycemic index (measure of
how high a food raises blood-glucose
levels after eating) that's significantly

lower than that of table sugar; it's also
up to 90 percent fructose. Agave is
good for giving smoothies and iced
drinks a touch of sweetness.
Per teaspoon: 21 calories, 5 g
3. Honey: Delivers slightly more
fructose than glucose. Honey's anti-
oxidant quantity varies greatly based
on type; buckwheat honey typically
delivers the most. Honey provides
a delicate, sweet flavor to dressings,
marinades and slaws.
Per teaspoon: 21 calories, 5 g
4. Molasses: About 50 percent each
glucose and fructose, dark molasses
has the highest antioxidant levels of
all sweeteners (per serving). It's great
for adding a hint of sweetness to
baked beans, homemade BBQ sauces
and ginger cookies.
Per teaspoon: 19 calories, 5 g
5. Maple syrup: A go-to for drizzling
over pancakes and waffles, maple
syrup is about 50-50 glucose and
fructose (depending on grade) and
contains small amounts of polyphe-
nols antioxidants that help quell
Per teaspoon: 17 calories, 4 g
6. Turbinado (raw sugar): Like gran-
ulated sugar it's 50 percent fructose
and 50 percent glucose. The brown
color comes from small amounts of
molasses that haven't been stripped
out. It's best for topping cookies with
a sugary crackle.


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oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 9

Enhance natural detox defense with a plant-rich diet


D detoxification diets lasting
anywhere from a few days
to a few weeks are popu-
lar among celebrities who want to
shed pounds or boost energy. These
diets typically involve some kind of
restricted eating regimen and some-
times require special supplements or
With such a profile, it's no won-
der many people view the diets as
marketing gimmicks. Even so, it
would be shortsighted to classify all
detoxification regimens as the same
and completely dismiss them, said
Dr. Sheila Dean, owner of The Palm
Harbor Center for Health and Healing,
Palm Harbor.
"Everyone detoxifies 24/7," Dean
said. "If you were to stop detoxifying,
you'd be dead in about four hours."
Detoxification is the body's way of
getting rid of foreign molecules that
we pick up from the air we breathe,
food and water we consume, and
medications we take, as well as
toxins the body generates in normal
bodily processes. A buildup of toxins
not only contributes to poor overall
health and low energy, but it may also
increase risk of certain diseases, such
as obesity and cancer.
Although most cells in the body
play a role in detox, our liver is the
real workhouse when it comes to
detoxification. Dean explains that in
a two-step enzymatic process, the
liver converts foreign substances
into compounds the body can elim-
inate, primarily via urine or stools.
'Although you don't necessarily
need a special detox diet, everyone
benefits from supporting the body's
detoxification processes through good
nutrition," she said.
"Certain nutrients can aid the
body's natural detoxification process-
es," Dean said. "For example, if you
take a B complex vitamin supplement,
you're supporting detoxification, be-
cause all of the body's detoxification
pathways require B vitamins. And, the
simple act of eating better such as
getting more fruits, vegetables, and le-
gumes also supports detoxification
because these foods supply nutrients
needed to drive detoxification."
Plant-based foods also supply anti-
oxidants, which are helpful in ridding
the body of free radicals created
during detoxification.
Although many studies have shown
that moderately restricting calories
can improve health and prolong life,
a 2010 Nutrition Journal review of
the health effects of religious fasting
suggests that simply improving the
quality of your food choices may
provide similar benefits.



\ iii ,,,~i



For example, eating cruciferous
vegetables, or a smoothie made with
whey protein concentrate, can help
increase glutathione levels, Dean said.
"Glutathione is the most powerful
antioxidant in our bodies, and it's pro-
foundly involved in detoxification,"
she noted.
Some of us have genetic variations
in our liver enzymes, which decrease
our ability to detoxify substances,
such as caffeine and medications,
Dean said.
"That's why some people get
horrible headaches from caffeine, and
it's why certain people have adverse
reactions to drugs, whereas others
do just fine on the same medication
at the same dose," she explained.
"What's more, medications them-
selves sometimes cause depletion
of important nutrients needed to
detoxify the drugs."
Nutrition supplements may help
correct deficiencies in such cases.
Your health care provider can request
testing for specific genetic variations
that may impact liver enzymes, as
well as blood tests to evaluate for
nutritional deficiencies.
Ultimately, what's most important
is making healthy choices every day
to support detoxification not just a
few days a year. If you're contemplat-
ing a special detox regimen, consider
these important factors:

1. Avoid plans that eliminate most
food groups, especially if for more
than a few days. Nutrient deficiencies
can interfere with detoxification and
can starve out helpful gut bacteria.
2. Steer clear of drastic calorie
reductions. Losing weight too rapidly
increases risk of gallstones, dehydra-
tion and electrolyte imbalances.
3. If you're prone to dips in blood
sugar, avoid diets that don't provide
regular balanced meals.
4. Avoid detox diets if you have a
health condition, such as heart or
kidney disease or if you're pregnant or
5. If taking medications, consult a
qualified health professional before
taking detox supplements to avoid
potential interactions.
Simple dietary tweaks can go a long
way in aiding your natural detoxifica-
tion processes, including:
1. Eat whole, organic foods. The
fewer chemicals you take in from pes-
ticides, chemical additives, and other
food contaminants, the less your liver
has to detoxify.
2. Love garlic and onions. These and

other allium family vegetables con-
tain phytonutrients that help drive
3. Fill up on flavonoids. These
natural plant nutrients in citrus fruits,
berries and green tea increase the ac-
tivity of liver detoxification enyzmes.
5. Boost fiber. Roughage in beans,
whole grains, vegetables, fruits and
nuts helps reduce absorption of toxins
and helps sweep them out through
the digestive tract.
6. Eat green. Cruciferous (broc-
coli and Brussels sprouts) and leafy
vegetables (watercress and dandelion
greens) contain special components
that support detoxification.
7. Spice it up. Herbs and spices,
such as rosemary, cilantro, and tur-
meric, supply antioxidants and trigger
the liver to make more enzymes
needed in detoxification.
8. Consume probiotics. Foods such
as yogurt and kefir that supply ben-
eficial gut bacteria help keep down
toxins produced by harmful bacteria.
9. Drink plenty of filtered water.
Water is needed to help flush out
toxins through urine and sweat.

Offer good in the absence of gum isd
Valid through 6/30114
w 4,

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, Page 11

Court program offers jail alternative to mentally ill offenders


For some people with mental illness
who commit crimes, jail may not be
the most productive option.
The Charlotte County Mental
Health Court Program (MHCP)
provides an alternative to incarcer-
ation for criminal offenders who
can be treated for their disorders.
The program is designed to help the
offender function better in society
and at home.
"It's really a good thing for the
people who are successful and finish
because they generally develop skills
and re-establish relationships with
family and friends where they may
have burned some bridges," said
Molly Grossman, director of outpa-
tient and community-based services
at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.
'And it saves the county a lot of
money when they're not sitting in jail,
so it's really a win-win situation."
The MHCP is a model of coop-
eration between the justice system
and the mental health system. A
collaborative effort among the state
attorney, defense counsel, judicial
system, criminal system and CBHC,
the program is designed to identify
and address the unique needs of a
person with mental illness who has
been arrested for a crime.
The program may be voluntary -
but it's no picnic.
"Sometimes people have the
FILE PHOTO perception that a program like this is
going to be an easy way to get out of
jail," Grossman said. "That is not at all
the case."
A "It's a pretty rigorous program,"
added Victoria D'Agostino, CHBC's
chief operating officer. "People hear
about the program and some opt out.
Recovery works, but it's a difficult
Treatment lasts about 12-18
months, usually four days a week -
an ideal length of time to make sure
the person is responding successfully
to the program, she added. Because
the treatment is performed on an
outpatient basis, the participant is
expected to have a safe place to live
and have transportation available to
Lthe sessions.
~"The longer we have people in

treatment, the more successful the
outcomes are," D'Agostino said.
Those in the program are moni-
tored by the court system and the
treatment team, as well as a probation

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officer. And there is frequent drug
testing, as many of the candidates are
substance abusers.
Potential candidates for the pro-
gram are usually identified at the
offender's pre-trial hearing, Grossman
Offenders may suffer from a variety
of mental illnesses, but the most
common is bipolar disorder.
"That's because the hallmarks
of bipolar disorder are the people
with severe and persistent mental
illness that might more get involved
with the legal system because of the
impulsivity, and the manic phase that
they experience where they might be
stealing, using substances, writing
bad checks," Grossman said.
After evaluation, all parties in-
cluding the state attorney and public
defender must agree that the per-
son would benefit from the program.
"We're moving people out of the jail
and moving them into the commu-
nity, so it's about community safety,
too," Grossman said.
That's why candidates are
"The state attorney and the CBHC
staff are going to weed through any
charges that might put the commu-
nity at risk," D'Agostino said. "There
is definitely a rigorous process when
they're deciding who to divert it's a
careful decision that everyone takes
very seriously."
But those who are accepted are
given the tools they need for another
"Depending on what people's needs
are, we can help them with job skills,
with r~sums, grocery shopping,
budgeting how to not spend all
their money and blow it all the first
week they get their check," Grossman
said. "That's in addition to traditional
therapy like how to cope in situations
where neurosis might get out of
"We have community partners who
work with us. A lot of these people
are able to find employment, which
is great that there is support in the
community to employ somebody who
has had a problem but is in recovery. I
really applaud that."
Another goal of the program is to
help program participants reconnect
friend and family relationships that
might have been damaged what
Grossman calls their "natural support
"Keep in mind is that some of these
folks are parents," D'Agostino said,
"and we want our parents who have
issues to have involvement and re-
sponsibility for their children, wheth-
er their children reside with them or
not. That's another really powerful
thing that we see when we can keep
parents involved with their children
versus having to go to prison."
According to statistics, the program
seems to be working.
Those offenders who become
uncooperative or who choose to quit
are withdrawn, and their original
sentence is reinstated, D'Agostino
said. But for those who complete the
program, the outlook is significantly
According to the latest statistics,
only 7 percent of those who complete
the program are re-arrested within
the first 2 years.
"That means 93 percent of those
who actually finish the program are
successful in the first two years,"



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oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page I1I

Fawcett & Englewood hospitals honor emergency responders

Fawcett Memorial Hospital

and Englewood Community

Hospital celebrated National

EMS Week (May 19-24)

with a ball. Around 200

emergency responders

and other providers from

Charlotte County and the

surrounding areas attended.

The event took place May

22 at the Charlotte Harbor

Event Center in Punta Gorda.



Fawcett Memorial Hospital and Englewood Community Hospital held a ball in honor of National EMS Week (May 19-24).

From left are Englewood Community Hospital emergency department nurses, Vickie Koppelmann,
Ashley Wingham, Linda Martell, Silvia McCoy, Angie Bonakoske, Linda Keller and Tamera Cangiano.

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& Hospital Care
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From left are firemedic Eric Benson, Mrs. Chris Kendrick, Lieutenant Chris Kendrick, and fire-
fighter/EMT Wendy Norman.

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


Local students rewarded for living healthy, staying fit

\ \77,


Pictured above, Jessica and Macie Goshorn (center) receive a gift basket from health educators
Abbey ElIner (right) and Jude Jean-Pierre (left) for their outstanding support of the 5210 Healthy
Habits Program at East Elementary School.

Daisy and Ryan Backus (center) receive a gift basket from Abbey ElIner (right) and Jude Jean-Pierre
(left) for their outstanding support of the 5210 Healthy Habits Program at East Elementary School.
ElIner and Jean-Pierre, health educators with the Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County,
provided fun and interactive lessons to students in each 2nd grade class. The 30-minute lessons
taught kids the importance of eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, limiting daily
screen time to 2 hours or less, engaging in at least 1 hour or more of physical activity daily, and
consuming 0 soda and/or sugar-sweetened drinks.

Port Charlotte Rehab plans major expansion

Port Charlotte Rehabilitation Center has planned a 25,000-square-foot addition to its current facility. Phase one will include rehabilitation gym and aquatic center. A private therapy entrance with
expanded parking lot will offer outpatient rehabilitation services, including physical, speech, and occupational therapy to community clients. During the second phase, Port Charlotte Rehab will add
65 state-of-the-art rehab-recovery suites. Pictured above, from left, are William Tsukalas, BB&T Bank; Jeff Cleveland, president of Clear Choice Health Care; Wayne Wilke, Clear Choice Renovations:
Rep. Kenneth L. Roberson; Mark Howard, administrator of Port Charlotte Rehabilitation; Geoff Fraser, senior vice president of Clear Choice Health Care; Debbie Kennedy, executive vice president of
Clear Choice Health Care; Samuel Kellett, CEO of Clear Choice Health Care; Leslie Partee, SBK Capital; Jeff Shera, Lance Boggio Architecture; Jacquelyn Cattell, Clear Choice Health Care; and Dennis
Robinson, TDC.

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tPort Charlotte, FL
cw w Monday-Friday 8 AM 7PM
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From left are Samuel Kellet, CEO of Clear Choice Health Care; Jeff Shera, Lance Boggio Architecture;
and Debbie Kennedy, executive vice president of Clear Choice Health Care.

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

Page 13


Researchers grapple for Alzheimer's cure as it threatens to overwhelm health care system


asps were audible as the images
flashed before a gathering of
scientists at a recent UC Davis
Alzheimer's Disease Center patholo-
gy conference. On the screen before
them were photos of a brain severely
wasted with age, with what looked
like silver rivers of atrophy cutting
deeply through the tissue. Even for
the experts, it can be shocking to see
the damage that Alzheimer's disease
inflicts on the aging brain.
What can stop the devastation of
Alzheimer's? Without better answers
from researchers, the degenerative
brain disease already the nation's
sixth leading cause of death will
be diagnosed in as many as 16 mil-
lion aging baby boomers by 2050.
Unchecked, it could rob millions of
their memories and lives, their past
and future, even as it threatens to
overwhelm the health care system.
Against the setting of this looming
public health crisis, scientists devote
themselves to diagnosis and research
along the third-floor hallways of the
Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care
Center on the leafy UC Davis Medical
Center campus.
They are unlikely warriors on the
front lines: the neurologists and
neuropsychologists, the project
scientists and brain-imaging whiz
kids and dedicated clinic staff who are
fascinated by the science of the aging
brain but frustrated by how little
public recognition there seems to be
that a crisis is at hand.
Led by neurologist Charles DeCarli,
the disease center's researchers test
patients for Alzheimer's and other
dementias. They counsel patients
and their families the caregivers
- on how to cope with the disease.
Searching for breakthroughs, they
run clinical trials of medications
that might help slow the progress of
Alzheimer's disease. And they perform
research on the aging brain using
cutting-edge imaging technology, as
well as extensive neuropsychological
testing of a core of volunteers.
But progress is slow: Prevention
and cure are probably many years
away. Miracles are in short supply; so
is funding. And for every answer, it
seems, there's another question.
"Do I find it discouraging that
we're no closer to an answer?" asked
DeCarli, 58, who has been the center's
director for the past decade. "No, no,
no. Sure, I'd like us to get an answer,
but who's going to do the work?
"We can lick this thing. It's just
finding the path."
The process of searching for
answers begins in the Alzheimer's
Disease Center's quiet third-floor
clinic, a place of hope and fear. Here,
patients and research participants
are tested and diagnosed. The staff
members offer visitors a cup of coffee
and candy from a plentifully stocked
bowl. Newcomers, fearful of the news
that could await them, are often too
nervous to accept.
"They're scared when they first
come through that door," said pa-
tient-care coordinator Rebekha Alfaro.
Referred by concerned primary-care
physicians or family members, about
five patients visit the clinic each
Wednesday for testing or follow-up
diagnosis. They huddle with their
family members in the conference
room, and they listen to the words
they don't want to hear. Sometimes,



Charles DeCarli, left, director of the Alzheimer's Disease Center in Sacramento, Calif., shows a research participant's brain scan to Dr. John Olichney,
right, during the neuropathology conference, Thursday, April 3, 2014.

it's DeCarli who breaks the news;
sometimes, it's the center's associate
director, Sarah Farias.
It's never an easy conversation.
Treatment remains limited. DeCarli
prescribes only Aricept and Nemenda
to people with Alzheimer's. Those
medications can help slow memory
loss in patients in the early stages of
the disease but not always, and not
with other forms of dementia.
To give people diagnosed with mild
cognitive impairment, or MCI, some
sense of hope, the Alzheimer's center
recent launched Brain Fitness 101,
a series of classes led by an earnest
post-doctoral fellow, Tim Davis, to
promote lifestyle changes that can
keep aging brains healthy.
One of the center's new grants,
pending funding, will study the aging
brain and vascular illness: As people
routinely survive stroke and heart at-
tack, how is brain health affected? Are
these people more likely to develop
Alzheimer's, too?
For now, the basic equation for
dementia researchers is that heart
health equals brain health, because of
the brain's rich blood supply network.
A good diet won't prevent Alzheimer's,
but researchers suspect it can help
older adults forestall the development
of memory loss by a few years.
It won't be long enough to find a
Don Reynolds referred himself to
the clinic for testing four years ago,
concerned about his memory.
Now, at 81, the retired social worker
comes to his monthly counseling ap-
pointments with the center's clinical
social worker, Esther Lara, armed with
a file folder of information and a big
spiral notebook filled with questions
and observations on his illness. He is
remarkably analytical and self- aware
despite his diagnosis, which worsened
over the past year from MCI into
possible Alzheimer's disease. He'll
describe entering a room at home and
not remembering why he is there -
but unlike simple forgetfulness, the
reason never comes back to him.
"I'm the person who likes to be

equipped for things," said Reynolds,
who lives with his wife, Ruth, 79, in
Carmichael. "How do I prepare for
that and do some understanding of
what's coming? When I have the qual-
ity of half a brain, how do I function?
How do I make day-to-day decisions?"
He isn't happy to have a dementia
diagnosis, but he accepts it. But the
unknown and unknowable hang over
his life.
Research is the heart of the
Alzheimer's Disease Center opera-
tion: Through longitudinal studies
- following more than 500 research
participants over a period of years
- the center's scientists work to
determine the differences between
the normal aging of the healthy brain
and, on the other hand, the aging of
brains that have deteriorated because
of dementia.
As part of a federal research grant
on how brains age, research volun-
teers visit the center every year for
extensive neuropsychological testing
and physical exams. Some of the
volunteers have been participating for
15 years; as they've grown older, some
have remained healthy.

But others have experienced grad-
ual declines in reasoning, judgment
and memory. By 85, almost half of
people will develop dementia, studies
show. The greatest risk factor for
Alzheimer's is age.
Past testing has shown research
participant Joseph Giel to be in good
cognitive shape.
For Giel, a 90-year-old retired
McClellan manager who lives in
Loomis, coming to the center is his
way to give back. A widower and
stroke survivor, he has participated
in the center's cognitive functioning
research since 2011. His daughter,
Kathleen, drives him to the annual
appointment, which typically takes all
He takes all the same standard diag-
nostic tools that are used to evaluate
patients for memory loss.
The basic mini-mental status exam
measures recall, logic and prob-
lem-solving ability.
Widely available on the Internet,
the mini-mental generally includes
questions about the date and place,


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Center For Sports

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Certified in Sports Medicine

:Page 14

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

USF awarded funding for Florida Prevention Research Center

he University of South Florida
College (USF) of Public Health
has received new federal fund-
ing for its successful Florida Pre-
vention Research Center to conduct
innovative public health prevention
research among populations experi-
encing health disparities.
The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) awarded the
college's Florida Prevention Research
Center $750,000 to support research
that will promote colorectal cancer
screenings among underserved pop-
ulations initially in Hillsborough,
Pasco and Pinellas counties with
plans to later expand to other regions
of the state. The $750,000 award is for
the first year of a five-year funding
period, which will total $4.35 million
over five years.
USF was one of 26 academic
institutions in 25 states, and the only
recipient in Florida, to obtain the
highly competitive funding.
The CDC awarded a total of $19.5
million to the 26 prevention research
centers to work with community
partners to translate research results
into effective public health practices
and policies that avoid or counter the
risks for chronic illnesses, including
heart disease, obesity and cancer.
With its new emphasis on col-
orectal cancer screening, the Florida
Prevention Research Center will work
with research colleagues at Moffitt
Cancer Center and state, regional
and local partners, including the
Florida Department of Health, the
American Cancer Society, and many
other community-based organi-
zations in Tampa Bay's tri-county
The national network of centers
involves communities in conducting
and disseminating research to help
ensure that effective, innovative
health strategies can be readily
shared and applied where most
The Florida Prevention Research
Center has been continuously
funded by the CDC since it was
established in 1998. Since then the
center's faculty, staff and graduate
students have collaborated with
community coalitions to design and
evaluate social marketing-based
interventions, including helping pre-
vent smoking and underage drinking
among middle-school youth, curbing

eye injuries in citrus workers, and
getting children to be more physi-
cally active and eat better. A recent
social marketing campaign focused
on deterring hookah smoking among
USF college students.
"We have invested millions of dol-
lars creating an innovative strategy
to teach communities how to solve
problems by making sustainable
changes that can prevent or control
chronic diseases and improve overall
health," Bryant said.
"The continuation of funding will
help us disseminate this model with
a demonstrated return on investment
to others."
The USF center will aim to identify
groups at high-risk for the disease
who are most likely to respond to
prevention marketing strategies with
changes in behavior and therefore
benefit from the tests that can find
colorectal polyps or cancer.


"Our core research project will focus on colorectal
cancer screening, because it is the second leading
cause of cancer deaths among men and women in
the United States."
-Dr. Julie Baldwin, USF professor of community and family health

"Our core research project will
focus on colorectal cancer screening,
because it is the second leading
cause of cancer deaths among men
and women in the United States,"
said Dr. Julie Baldwin, professor of
community and family health, who
will become the Florida Prevention
Research Center co-director with
Bryant this September as Bryant
transitions to retirement in 2016.
"Building upon established part-
nerships, we plan to identify, tailor,
implement, and evaluate a multilevel
intervention to increase colorectal

cancer screening using communi-
ty-based prevention marketing for
systems change," Baldwin said. "We
are very fortunate to be able to draw
upon our team's expertise in social
marketing and community-based
participatory research, as well as
our experience in developing and
evaluating effective colorectal cancer

For more information on the
Prevention Research Centers nation-
wide, visit the CDC's Web site at www.

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oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 15

K@W@T RHWO Imvl@T Hmm@ @9

:Page 16 The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

New eye specialist
Dr. Jonathan M. Frantz announced
that Dr. Jeffrey B. Robin has joined
his medical team as a LASIK surgeon,
laser eye specialist and comprehen-
sive ophthalmologist.
Robin has performed over 65,000
laser vision correction procedures
during more than 20 years in prac-
tice. Robin received his Bachelor
of Science from Pennsylvania State
University and Medical Degree
from Jefferson Medical College in
Philadelphia. Robin completed
Fellowships in Cornea and External
Diseases at Estelle Doheny Eye
Foundation at the University of
Southern California and LSU Eye
Center at Louisiana State University
School of Medicine.
For more information, call 239-
418-0999 or visit the Frantz EyeCare
website at

National psychiatry honor
Longtime sarasota psychiatrist Dr.
Parlane Reid was awarded the highest
honor the psychiatric profession
bestows Distinguished Life Fellow
status at the American Psychiatric
Association's annual meeting in New
York last month.
During his more than 35 years as

a practicing psychiatrist, Reid has
been recognized locally, regionally,
and nationally for his clinical excel-
lence, teaching and administrative
Over the years, Reid has worked
with adults, couples, adolescents and
families, both in private practice as
well as in hospital and residential
treatment settings. He has served in
a number of leadership positions at
Sarasota Memorial during the past
20 years, including Vice President
of Medical Affairs, Chief of Staff and
Medical Director of the health sys-
tem's Bayside Center for Behavioral
Health. He continues to work with
Sarasota Memorial's First Physicians
Group providing psychiatric care for
patients at Bayside and volunteer for
mental health causes and events of
social and medical significance.
Reid completed his undergrad-
uate and master's degree at the
University of California in Santa
Barbara, as well as a doctorate degree
in molecular biology in 1966. He
completed a post-doctoral fellow-
ship with the National Institutes
of Health and Stanford University
School of Medicine's Department of
Biochemistry in 1968. He earned his
medical degree at the University of
Connecticut in Farmington, CT, in
1978, and board certification from

the American Board of Psychiatry and
Neurology in 1979.

Care Transitions program
Lee Memorial Health System's Care
Transitions program has received the
Case In Point Platinum award from
Dorland Health. The award recogniz-
es the most successful and innovative
case management programs working
to improve healthcare across the care
continuum and the professionals
and organizations making significant
headway to address the challenges
affecting the U.S. health care system.
"We are honored to receive this
recognition," said Chris Nesheim-
Plonski, System Director of Care
Management for Lee Memorial
Health System. "Programs like Care
Transitions demonstrate the value of
case management and care coordina-
tion in patient satisfaction, improving
patients' quality of life, and ultimately
optimizing outcomes."
Patients discharged from the
hospital after a heart attack or with
a diagnosis-either new or pre-ex-
isting-of congestive heart failure
or chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease are among the most likely
to be readmitted within 30 days. To
keep patients at home instead of back
in the hospital, Lee Memorial Health

System implemented the compre-
hensive Care Transition program in
December 2010.
Lee Memorial Health System
improved quality and reduced read-
missions by tracking and analyzing
readmission and discharge data
and used national best practices
to improve services and maximize
Care Transitions engages patients
as partners in their care through
several post-discharge services such
as telehealth remote monitoring, and
by providing transition coaches which
are nurses who visit the home for
an evaluation and to teach patients
self-management skills. Transition
coaches teach patients how to use
medical equipment. They also look
for safety issues, review medications,
nutrition needs, monitor medication,
and encourage the patient to set
personal health goals by developing
an action plan with the patient and
their caregivers. The Care Transitions
goal is to make sure the patient is safe
at home and has everything they need
to better manage their health.

Alzheimer's support groups
The Alzheimer's Association Florida
Gulf Coast Chapter-affiliated support
NEWS 117



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oPage 16

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 Page 17


groups are for family members,
caregivers, and others interested in
learning more about Alzheimer's
Local meetings are held at the
following locations:
*Gulf Cove United Methodist
Church, 1100 S. McCall Road, Port
Charlotte, meets at 1 p.m. on the
third Friday of the month.
Living Waters Lutheran Church,
12475 Chancellor Blvd., Port
Charlotte, meets at 10:30 a.m. on
the second and fourth Friday of the
month. Respite provided at location.
Village Place Assisted Living,
18400 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte,
meets at 10 a.m. on the third
Thursday of the month.
Royal Palm Retirement Center,
2500 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, meets
at 10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of
the month.
South Port Square (Harbour
Terrace), 23033 Westchester Blvd,
Port Charlotte, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Tuesday of the month.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic
Church, 1441 Spear St., Port
Charlotte, meets at 2:30 p.m. on the
fourth Thursday of the month.
Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave., Port
Charlotte, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Thursday of the month.
Life Care Center, 450 Shreve St.,
Punta Gorda, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Monday of the month.
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Gorda, meets at 3 p.m. on the second
Tuesday of the month.
Desoto County Public Library, 125
N. Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, meets
at 11 a.m. on the first Wednesday of
the month.
First Alliance Church, 20444
Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte, meets


"I'd always eaten whatever I
wanted. Fried food, McDonald's, you
name it."
Over the years, the 5-foot, 10-inch
Maeyens' weight gradually climbed
from 195 to 215.
Oh, he could still fit into his 1970s
era jumpsuits and belt out The King's
greatest hits (his favorite: "Suspicious

at 3 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of
the month (The meeting at the First
Alliance Church is a Younger Onset
diagnosis support group. This group
is for individuals with a diagnosis
before the age of 65 the person with
a diagnosis and caregiver are both
welcome. The person who has been
diagnosed needs to be younger than
65 and needs to be able to engage in
a conversation with others). Please
contact Linda Howard with any
questions concerning this group,
For information concerning sup-
port groups, or for more information
on services provided through the
Alzheimer's Association, call 800-272-
3900 or 941-235-7470.

Parkinson's support
The Neuro Challenge Foundation
for Parkinson's in North Port offers
free support for families dealing with
the challenges of Parkinson's disease.
Parkinson's Wellness Clubs take place
at 1:30 p.m. the second Wednesday
of the month. A Care Partner Support
Group with simultaneous Parkinson's
Empowerment Hour takes place
every at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth
Wednesday of the month.
All meetings take place at Neuro
Challenge Foundation's office at 5600
Peace River Road, North Port.
For more information, call 941-
928-5886 or to make a care advising
appointment, or email at carisa@

Tidewell Hospice volunteers
Tidewell Hospice serves patients
and families dealing with life-limiting
illness in our four-county service
area: Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and
Sarasota counties. These patients are
eligible for several different services,
including: nurse, social worker, CNA,
chaplain, bereavement counselor,
and volunteer.
The volunteers may provide respite

But internally, things began going
By late 2012, Maeyens said, "I
was experiencing vertigo and vision
His doctor prescribed medications
to combat the dizziness, and he was
scheduled to see an otolaryngologist
when disaster struck.
"I answered a phone call from my
daughter-in-law and began speaking
total gibberish," Maeyens explains.
"My wife heard me and immediately

in a patient's home, visit patients
who live in nursing homes or as-
sisted living facilities, assist at our
local Hospice House, work in the
administration office, or even take
an approved pet to visit our patients.
Volunteers are needed every day of
the week, both daytime and evening.
Contact Nancy Vollmer (941-979-
4304),, or Kim
Hartshorne (941-979-4324), kharts- for more details.

Tobacco cessation program
Do you want to quit tobacco but
you're concerned about weight gain?
The Florida Department of Health's
Tobacco Free Florida program's new
expanded resources can help.
Participants who enroll in the
Florida Quitline phone counseling
may access the Weight Management
Program, a pilot program designed to
help tobacco users quit while limiting
possible weight gain associated with
Those enrolled will receive up
to three tobacco cessation calls in
addition to up to three weight man-
agement coaching calls.
Participants with Type 2 diabetes
will receive up to three calls with
registered dietitians trained in the
weight loss needs of people with Type
2 diabetes.
The Weight Management Program
is available to Florida Quitline
participants, age 18 and older, who
speak English, currently use tobacco,
and have a body mass index (BMI) of
23 or higher.
Participants cannot be pregnant,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or
have had weight loss surgery in the
past 12 months.
Tobacco Free Florida has also ex-
panded its free nicotine replacement
therapy (NRT) offering.
Any participant who smokes more
than nine cigarettes per day or chews
more than two tins per week is eligi-
ble for combination NRT, including a

knew something was very wrong."
Face numb, arms weak and fading
in and out of consciousness, Maeyens
was rushed by paramedics to Palm
Beach Gardens Medical Center.
There, emergency room doctors de-
termined Maeyens had a massive clot
in his basilar artery, which prevented
blood from reaching his brain.
"The artery was totally occluded,"
Maeyens said.
Only a comprehensive stroke
center the nearest of which was St.
Mary's Medical Center would be
equipped to treat him.
Interventional neurologist Dr. Ali
Malek, the head of St. Mary's stroke
program, notes, "There's a nearly 100
percent mortality rate with this kind
of condition."
And that's if you're lucky, said
"Those who survive basilar artery
occlusion are usually left forever with
'locked-in syndrome' (LIS). You're
fully aware, but cannot move, speak
or in any way communicate."
There was only one hope to save
the neurocritical patient: a state-
of-the-art "endovascular rescue" in
which the clot is pulled out via a
clot-retrieval device that's inserted
through a stent and attached to a
Not only did the delicate

supply of both nicotine patches and
gum, free of charge.
Florida residents who want to quit
tobacco and qualify for the Weight
Management Program and/or com-
bination NRT can take advantage by
calling 877-U-CAN-NOW

Senior services offered
Senior Friendship Centers' dining
programs offer local residents, age 60
and older, nutritious lunches, healthy
aging activities, educational speakers
and a chance to meet new people.
The centers are open from 10 a.m.-1
p.m. Monday-Friday. A donation of $2
to $4 is appreciated to help cover the
cost of meals.
Dining sites in Charlotte County
include New Operation Cooper
Street, 650 Mary St., Punta Gorda,
941-373-5819; Rebecca Neal Owens
Center, 27420 Voyageur Drive, Harbor
Heights, 941-255-0723; 100 Rotonda
Lakes Circle, Rotonda West, 941-373-
5080); Christian City of Florida, 6433
Gasparilla Pines Blvd., Grove City,
941-373-5080; and 2295 Aaron St.,
Port Charlotte, 941-373-5027.
For menus or more information,
Home-delivered meals are also
available by calling the Elder Helpline
at 866-413-5337.

Vision & hearing assistance
The Punta Gorda Lions Foundation
offers eyeglasses and surgeries to
help prevent blindness in individuals
with vision impairment. The foun-
dation also offers hearing aids and
examinations for those who are hard
of hearing. These services are offered
to those who otherwise would not
be able to get help. In Punta Gorda,
contact Bill Ringelstein at 941-637-
9979. In Port Charlotte, contact Teri
Parson at 941-624-5705. In North
Port, contact Penny Gregrich at 941-
740-2860. In Englewood, contact Jeri
Zomes at 941-460-9993.

emergency procedure save Maeyens'
life, but he also came through with
nary a side effect.
"The next morning, the rehab
specialist assessed me and couldn't
believe it. She said it was like the
stroke never happened," Maeyens
The combination of a quick re-
sponse, expert care and plain good
fortune spared Maeyens.
That's why he is now a passionate
stroke awareness advocate. Having
lost 20 pounds with his reformed his
diet ("Lots of grilled chicken, fish
and salad," he promises), Maeyens
often speaks, in full Elvis regalia, at
senior-centric venues, where his har-
rowing tale might make a difference.
What he and Malek can't
stress enough: If you think you, or
someone else, is having a stroke, call
9-1-1 immediately.
"As one paramedic told me, they'd
much rather respond to a false alarm
than a fatality," said Maeyens.
At an event Friday, Maeyens will
promote his stroke awareness advo-
cacy in the most entertaining way
possible: as a trim, jumpsuit-clad
Elvis tribute artist.
Doing so is just another chance for
him to say to the folks at St. Mary's
Medical Center: Thank you, thank
you very much.

IV Sedation o Gum Disease
Laser Surgery Cosmetic Surgery
Implants o Ex&ractions -oEmergences
Cal t~ytoSohodule a oo0nSUlta~o

4Tiw. DrWE oa McKen;
3443 Ibmlami fWail, Stafte 06 Locatbed i adn

Like Your Weekly Feeling Fit? F
Enjoy It DAILY On The Web!j Fi t

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 17

:Page 18 The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

Prison yoga offers inmtes 90-minute pursuits of inner peace


ach week, Zack Pasillas hops
behind the wheel of his car and
drives off to seek the pleasure
and satisfaction of teaching yoga to a
group of adults he's identified as his
very "best students."
Never mind that to reach them
Pasillas must pass through barred,
locked metal gates and several uni-
formed security inspectors demanding
duplicate IDs. Never mind that he
must cross a dismal, barren yard
devoid of greenery, toward the build-
ing called C Facility, erected with all
the architectural finesse of a massive,
Third World concrete box.
Never mind that his prize pupils are
a captive audience. Literally.
This is yoga class California State
Prison, Sacramento-style, with thin
blue yoga mats and scratchy gray
woolen blankets set out in rows to
accommodate perhaps 20 students at
a time. A prominent sign at the head
of the gymnasium says: "WARNING:
No warning shots will be fired in this
area. Warden." The gym once brimmed
with inmates and stacked bunks, with
barely room to mingle. But pris-
on-overcrowding regulations took care
of that, and the cavernous room is now
back to being a recreation hall.
Pasillas, 35, couldn't feel more
fulfilled than when he's at the prison.
Dressed all in black, he was accompa-
nying yoga instructor Iwona, a Polish-
born, British-accented teacher who
would narrate and lead the inmates
in a rigorous program of physically
challenging poses. Pasillas was to stay
by her side, demonstrating the poses
at the front of the class.
"It's kind of exciting to have a role
in trying to bring the right healing to
the right group," he said. "These men
here are having realizations in a really
powerful way. It's really inspiring to see
and it's convinced me that transforma-
tion is real."
Likewise, inmates at this Level IV
facility near the famous Folsom Prison
respond to the lessons with authen-
ticity, respect and an earnest devotion
to absorbing what Vinyasa yoga has to
"Wow," responded Richard
Robinson, when asked his thoughts. "I
get so much out of it. I get a sense of
peace. Having a prison yoga program
is way outside the box. The more I got
into it, the more I found peace and
"What I am learning is that ev-
erything starts from the inside out,
instead of outside in." Robinson said.
"It's not living in the past or pining for
something in the future. It's learning
to live in the moment. Life works the
same way. The more you practice
these new things in life, the more you
Robinson, 39, is an introvert, he said,
serving a life sentence for attempted
murder, a crime he did not commit,
he told the state parole board. "The
application of yoga and meditation is
really grounding. The fact that I'm in
here for something I didn't do used to
bug me. Now I have inner peace. I can
accept we are where we are. Everything
happens for a reason."
Robinson, it turns out, is one of the
lucky ones. As an African American
from Compton, he's able to attend
both twice-a-week yoga classes.
Others, namely opposing Latino gang

Carlos Perez, centers himself on "Namaste" during a yoga class for inmates at the California State Prison in Sacramento, Calif., on April 30,2014,
offered through the non-profit Yoga Seed Collective outreach program.

members of the rival Northerners and
Southerners factions cannot occupy
the same gym or a bloody melee
would erupt. So the Northerners take
the class only on Tuesdays, and the
Southerners on Thursdays.
Pasillas is a founder and the out-
reach director of the nonprofit Yoga
Seed Collective in Sacramento, which
is devoted to sharing the practice's
benefits with under-served popu-
lations, such as veterans, diabetic
American Indians, LGBT community
members, inmates and patients at
the Sutter Center for Psychiatry. He
also teaches at California State Prison,
Pasillas' bona fides include 200
hours of yoga teacher training and
high school classroom management.
He's currently working through a 500-
hour yoga therapy program, so he can
tap yoga and mindfulness for those
who've suffered trauma.
Teacher of the Year in 2009 at
Heritage Peak Charter School, Pasillas
also offers yoga to students at Sierra
School and hopes to expand his yoga-
in-the-schools program. This fall, he'll
teach at DaVinci Charter Academy in
"I've seen some of my favorite
students end up in prison, incarcerat-
ed, because they don't have the same
resources and support as others,"
Pasillas said. "I'm really driven to try to
break that cycle."
But back to C Facility. The class
here is an offshoot of the PrisonYoga
Program founded by James Fox at San
Quentin State Prison, where inmates
have been learning yoga and mind-
fulness practices since 2002. Pasillas,
Iwona (whose last name is withheld for
her personal security) and other teach-
ers he recruits have all been trained in
the Prison Yoga Program system.
The ancient art of yoga is decidedly
different on the inside than it is on the
outside. Prison Yoga Program teachers,
Pasillas said, "are less open-ended in
what we do as a group. In the prison,
we're addressing nonviolence and
impulse-control, not patronizing our

customers. We have to be completely
aware and attuned to the gang culture
for safety reasons. In extending our
leadership, we acknowledge that
nature may have led them to this
path that they don't want to be on any
Ninety minutes is quite a while to
keep up with the fast-paced, chal-
lenging cycle of positions called out
by Iwona on a recent day. But these
inmates, buff, tattooed, physically fit,
moved with military-like precision.
Iwona led them through downward
facing dog, uncounted planks, side
planks (supporting themselves with
just one arm), cobra, child and warrior
I and warrior II poses, among others.
"Part of the yoga practice is to be
with what is, practice being present
and allowing things to be as they are,"
she told her students. "There's a saying
in yoga that what goes around, comes
around. I'm offering this time to you to
support you." And, always, the empha-
sis on breathing. "Yoga is the process.
It's not the destination. It might take
many practices before we have our
moment. If your intention is there, this

will carry you."
Pasillas explained that the sequence
of poses were meant to challenge the
inmates. Take warrior I and II, for
instance. "These are physically de-
manding poses that give the students
that element of distress tolerance
that's good for impulse control," he
said. "The state you feel in the pose is
the same kind of state you feel when
something upsets you. Then you can
use those skills, with breathing, to
give yourself a little buffer time when
something triggers you."
Already, after more than a year
and a half at California State Prison,
Sacramento, Pasillas has noticed
change in some inmates. Kevin Lewis,
45, of Oakland is one of these inmates.
Lewis was found guilty of second-de-
gree murder and has been locked up
for 20 years.
"Yoga gives me a way to combat
the things going on in The Yard,"
Lewis said. "If you can relax through
the painful positions, you can relax
through painful situations in life. It
also helps spiritually and keeps you
calm and tolerant."

We Not Only Listen, We Hear


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oPage 18

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014 Page 19



asks test-takers to remember a series
of words, and checks their ability to
follow written instructions and copy
a geometric design.
Alzheimer's first affects the areas
of the brain that control memory,
planning and spatial relationships.
The point of testing is to differentiate
between normal aging occasional-
ly losing track of dates or names, for
example, and occasionally misplac-
ing items and the steadfast march
toward severe memory loss that
characterizes Alzheimer's.
"What state are we in?" asked April
Medina, a young researcher.
She and Giel were seated at a table
in a tiny testing room, underneath
a framed photograph of yellow and
orange flowers.
"California," replied Giel. "I
live in Placer County, but this is
"You're trying to get extra credit
there," she said, smiling.
She marked his answers on a
thick pad of test sheets. There were
flashcards with drawings of objects to



Per teaspoon: 18 calories, 5 g
Glucose is a so-called simple sugar
found in all foods with carbohy-
drate. A label's "sugars" designation
includes both natural and added

We have y(

mind with

locations t

better serv

identify, flip books of words to name,
pages to fill in by copying geometric
figures and sheets of connect-the-
dots tests. There were stories with de-
tails to remember, and several series
of words and numbers to repeat.
Down a hall from the clinic, stacks
of thick medical charts filled the
middle of a long table in the neurolo-
gy department's meeting room.
The monthly case conferences led
by DeCarli evaluate the brain health
of research participants: Are they
still cognitively normal? Have they
developed MCI, a kind of age-related
It can sometimes lead to an even-
tual diagnosis of Alzheimer's but it
can also be reversible if it's the result
of medication, dehydration, vitamin
deficiency or depression. Have
vascular problems such as stroke
caused participants' memory to
deteriorate? Has an existing diagnosis
of Alzheimer's deepened?
When volunteers' brain health
is found to have deteriorated, the
center doctors notify them and their
primary-care physicians and make
recommendations for treatment, if
Armed with coffee and a breakfast
sandwich, DeCarli listened as center

Fructose, a simple sugar is found
naturally in fruit (and honey and
agave nectar). When isolated from
whole foods (and eaten in excess),
fructose could present unique health
risks, say some health experts.
Added sugars lurk in many pro-
cessed foods. And although more
and more food companies are
ditching high-fructose corn syrup,



New Revolutionary Treatment
That does not involve surgery or
cortisone injections for relief of
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tendon pain. Let your body do the
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Foot & Ankle Screening!
Come see any of our 12 Doctors in
any of our 12 locations for an exam
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Are you experiencing..

wur Nerve Pain in your Feet or Legs?
We offer new successful non-surgical
:e in treatment called Sclerotherapy

12 Fungus Nails
We have the only colored nail polish
) patented to treat fungus nails.

e ]Bunions, Hammertoes, Calluses
We offer surgical and non-surgical

geriatrician Will Seavey along with
Farias and Lara discussed partici-
pants' annual testing. With his laptop
open, he checked the most recent
brain imaging of a woman in her 70s
already diagnosed with MCI. The new
scan showed changes in her white
matter, the brain's superhighway of
nerve tissue that connects the parts
of the brain to each other and to the
spinal cord.
"Oh, wow," he said.
"It's not what you want to hear
from your neurologist when he's
looking at your brain scan," Farias
"I'm worried about her," DeCarli
said. "It looks like she has progressive
"There's not too much we under-
stand about how to change or stop
white-matter disease," Seavey said.
Solving the riddle of the aging brain
takes money. And that's a problem.
The disparity in disease research
funding is striking. While cancer
research garners more than $5
billion in federal funds each year,
Alzheimer's research across the
country receives about $560 million.
That includes a new infusion of $122
million from the recently enacted
National Plan to Address Alzheimer's

their products aren't necessarily
sugar-free. In fact, they may contain
just as much sugar as before, just in a
different form. Here's how to find out:
1. Read the nutrition facts panel.
Under a food label's "sugars" designa-
tion, both natural and added sugars
are included. Natural sugars (such as
lactose in milk and fructose in fruit)
are not usually a problem because
they come in small doses and are
packed with other nutrients, which
helps slow absorption.
2. Check the ingredient list. All of
the following are aliases for added
sugar. The higher up on the list they
appear, the more sugar is in the



D'Agostino said.
In addition to the length of time
used for treatment, she added that
another key to the program's success
is that, though entrance into the pro-
gram is voluntary, those candidates
who are accepted are then court-or-
dered to finish treatment.
"Contrary to popular belief, we
have a lot of success in our court-or-
dered programs because people need
that leverage and they need that

The disparity partly reflects the
newness of Alzheimer's: It was
identified as a disease a century ago,
but it wasn't until 1976 that scientists
discovered that it's the most common
cause of dementia.
Research has evolved slowly from
there. Even the breakthroughs, such
as the discovery in the 1980s of the
beta amyloid protein plaques and tau
protein tangles suspected to trigger
the Alzheimer's brain degeneration,
are still considered hypotheses.
As a result of the money crunch,
the center lost four staff members
and four faculty members in recent
years. And young researchers like
Farias whose early research
received a decade of federal funding
struggle to renew the grants that
will help them unlock the mysteries
of Alzheimer's. In short, the slow pro-
cess of finding answers has become
even slower.
"Funding is an issue of research in
general, but it impacts Alzheimer's
and dementia more because this is a
health crisis," DeCarli said.
"There's an impact on funding for
cancer and cardiovascular disease
and other areas, too, but they've
made advances already."

product. Dextrose, fructose, honey,
invert sugar, raw sugar, malt syrup,
rice syrup, sucrose, xylose, molasses,
corn sweetener, fruit juice con-
centrate, high-fructose corn syrup,
brown sugar, corn syrup, glucose,
lactose, maltose, sucrose, evaporated
cane juice, agave nectar, cane crys-
tals, cane sugar, crystalline fructose,
barley malt, beet sugar, caramel.
3. Compare products. Determine
how much unhealthful added sugar
your product contains by comparing
it to a comparable sugar-free product,
such as strawberry yogurt to plain
yogurt, or canned peaches in syrup to
canned peaches in juice.

accountability to get back on track,"
D'Agostino said. "They really have a
balance of accountability and sup-
port among the whole team in this
She sees the program as a model
alternative for other communities.
"When we look at jail expansions
all over not just in our community
- we ought to continue to consider
these divergent programs for nonvi-
olent offenders, whether they have
mental illness or substance abuse
problems, because we don't address
the issues when we simply put them
in jail," D'Agostino said. "They come
back out to the same set of problems.
What we're doing (with MHCP) is
addressing the problem head-on
while carefully monitoring them.
Otherwise, they come back out to the
same set of barriers the housing
barriers, the family struggles with-
out the tools."
For more information, visit!
charlotte/charmhct.asp or contact
Charlotte County Pretrial Services at



Lust log on to!


UNIT 102



Team Eye Consultant

Tampa Bay Rays
Charlotte Stone Crabs




oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 19

:Page 20 The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

-the iArt trea tment

or dcncus



"Non-healing wounds like this are
often due to severe venous
disease and can be treated with
our state-of-the-art technique."
.... Dr. Joyce

"My visitwas good. A

very positive experience

and an excellent staff!"


diagnosis and treatments
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Our success rate for venous leg
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over 97% with virtually no
complications. These
procedures are well tolerated in
the office setting with the patient
awake and comfortable.
State-of-the-art venous treatment
by internationally recognized Vein Specialist
Douglas H. Joyce, DO, FACOS
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General Surgery and Phlebology (Venous Disease)

Your Gut Off
A, coolsculpting

to learn more!

T ...Acsthai/wL'jcc i nsiuiti
25092 Olympia Avenue / \
Punta Gorda 941-575-0123
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oPage 20

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

that can


Food for

the needy

Let TV dads help guide your

Father's Dav fashion gifts


If he still treasures the
wallet you got him last year,
and "World's Best Father"
coffee mugs are crowding
the kitchen shelves, consid-
er what Dad would really
like to unwrap on June 15.
If his shirts are looking a
bit faded, or his jeans are
more than a little frayed,
consider a wardrobe update
for Father's Day.
Not sure if you should
go with a Hawaiian shirt
or classic Polo? Think back
on all the great dads from
television shows past and
present, and consider who
your pop identifies with.
Does he shun T-shirts, opt-
ing instead for a casual but
classic look, like "The Cosby
Show's" Cliff Huxtable, or
"Modern Family's" Cameron?
Or does he like to kick back
in blue jeans and a pullover
shirt, Homer Simpson style?
Those TV viewing habits
can be a clue, says Jacqui
Stafford, author of"The
Wow Factor: Insider Style
Secrets for Every Body and
Every Budget."
The New York-based
stylist (,
has a few hints to help you
as you set out on a Father's
Day shopping excursion.
Start by looking through
his closet and noting some
of his favorite colors. Then
boost those shades but
just a bit.
"I like to incorporate color,
but avoid anything too
vibrant'" says the celebrity
stylist. "Look for a cobalt
instead of muted blue, or a
mustard instead of a brown,
for instance. But avoid

d~ -~


colors like pink and bright
green, which are scary to
many men."
Another tip is to always
go with natural fabrics in
the summer. Cotton fabrics
breathe well, and they last
Also take note of the sizes
of those T-shirts and but-
toned-down casual shirts
in his closet and drawers. If
he's starting to look a little
like Homer Simpson, and
that shirt is a bit too snug

around the belly, go a size
But only one size, says
"The mistake I see many
American men make is they
wear clothing that's too
baggy," says Stafford, who
moved to the United States
from England 15 years ago.
"And if Dad is heavier, a
darker color is more flat-
tering than a lighter shade.
Finally, keep away from bold
prints if he's heavier."

If Dad goes to work every
day in a suit and tie, you
might not want to purchase
a new suit, but if you know
where he shops, a gift cer-
tificate would be welcome.
Add a tie or a pocket square
to the gift card and wrap it
all up for a personal touch.
If you want to splurge,
two of Stafford's favorites
are Paul Smith and Thomas
Pink, which offer unusual



stop jumping on people



Fire up your grill

LWhat's new in music"


The kids are out of school and bored al-
ready. It's way too hot to work in the garden.
And the thought of going for an afternoon
run? Totally out of the question. Yep, it's pool
But before you head to your favorite place
to splash or the nearest sandy beach or lake,
you'll want to be sure you've packed all the
essentials you'll need for fun in the sun -
this is no time to get burned. Here are seven
items not to leave home without. So, throw
on your favorite swimsuit, slip on your go-to
flip-flops and hit the water. Those weeds?
They can definitely wait until tomorrow.
beach bag needs to be roomy, durable and,

if it comes with a cheeky message printed
on front? All the better. The Wildfox"Take me
to the beach"tote is reversible black and
white with writing on one side, and a sunny
yellow and white stripe on the other. With
braided handles and an interior pocket, it
make your next trip to the water, well, a day
at the beach. Get it: $136,
still using the same ratty old beach towels
you've been laying out on since college,
now's the time to invest in something new.
Look for bright colors, fun patterns and gen-
erous sizes. We've got our eye on the New
Yorker Dropped Call beach towel, featuring
cover art inspired from the magazine. Get it:
Classic? Chick lit?
Thriller? Best-seller? The genre is really up to

The Wildfox "Take me to the beach" tote is revers-
ible black and white with writing on one side,
and a sunny yellow and white stripe on the other.
you, but, along with your celeb and fashion
magazines, be sure to pack your Kindle or
a good old-fashioned book into your bag.
Some of our downloads for summer: Jennifer

Happy 75th, movies from 1939! Best year ever?


The movie version of "Gone With the
Wind"turns 75 this year. So does "The
Wizard of Oz."
And "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."
"Stagecoach.""Of Mice and Men."
Seventy-five years ago, Laurence
Olivier starred in "Wuthering Heights,"
Robert Donat in "Goodbye Mr. Chips"
(who won the best-actor Oscar), Greta
Garbo in "Ninotchka"
"The Roaring Twenties" starred James

Cagney and Humphrey Bogart and
contained one of the great death
scenes in film. "The Women," based on
the play by Clare Boothe Luce, boast-
ed a cast with screen legends Joan
Crawford, Norma Shearer, Rosalind
Russell, Joan Fontaine and Paulette
Goddard; it has been remade twice.
Think of the images that have been
burned into our brains from that year.
Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, James
Stewart standing defiant in the Senate,
John Wayne in one of his most iconic
poses. Dorothy, the Tin Woodsman,

Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow. Toto,
That's a lot to celebrate, and some
film buffs have proclaimed 1939 the
greatest year in film.
Here's some more evidence:
According to various surveys by the
American Film Institute, 1939 contains
two of the 10 best American movies
of all time ("Gone With the Wind"and
"The Wizard of Oz"), the only year with
more than one top-]0 movie.


A weekly section of the Sun Vol. 4 No. 23 June 8, 2014


Seeking the perfect beach hat? Try
Free People's Alegre straw Panama
style with a hidden wire in the brim
so you can get that tilt just right.


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014



1 To the same extent
6 Something Pedro
and Pablo might
9 Coll. program
13 Tug-of-war
19 Watts on a screen
20 Like some desk
22 One of a group of
Eastern Christians
23 King's move?
25 Only what a person
can take?
26 In fine fettle
27 Process of sorting
28 Gets browner
30 Start of something
31 Mineralogists'
32 Anoint, archaically
33 Like some French
34 Brooklyn squad
35 The two sides of
Pac-Man's mouth,
37 Principles espoused
during Women's
History Month?
40 Cry after a roller
coaster ride,
44 Together
45 Coward from
Online subscriptions:
Today's puzzle and more
than 4,000 past puzzles, s swords
(39.95 a year).

46 Ability to walk
a tightrope or
swallow a sword?
51 Land in the Golden
52 Part of a giggle
55 Pass with flying
56 Like the 10-Down
57 Soupcon
60 Olden
62 Finish (up)
64 Soprano Sumac
65 At the discretion of
66 Dream for late
72 Identity
74 Car antitheft aid,
for short
75 Informal way to say
76 Sheen
79 Chooses beforehand
83 It's all tied up with
the present
86 Start to love?
87 "Certainly"
88 Collapse, with "out"
89 Waterway leading
to a SW German
92 Way to l'le de la
93 Feature of many a
Ludacris lyric
94 Add up
95 Slinky going down
the stairs?
101 Dough raiser
105 Large family
106 Postlarval
107 Crimean
conference locale

111 Over
112 Captain, e.g.
113 Confederate
114 Biblical book in
two parts
115 Star burst
116 Neighbor of an
118 Dissertation on
people's inherent
121 Chaperone, often
122 Treasure Stater
123 Human or alien
124 Some cheaters
have them
125 Frat members
126 Drivers brake
for it
127 Pungent green

1 Hold down
2 "The ostrich roams
the great /
Its mouth is wide,
its neck is narra":
Ogden Nash
3 Gave birth on a
farm, say
4 Unlikely memoirist
5 Fix
6 Derision
7 1966 title role
reprised by Jude
Law in 2004
8 Neighbor of a
9 Inflame, with "up"
10 South American
11 Touchy?
12 Tidies up

13 Not be bold
14 Commercial
version of crazy
15 In-between
16 Cosmetician Este
17 And so on and so
18 Go over and over
21 Lost it
24 Letter between two
others that rhyme
with it
29 Like some care
33 Lacks
36 One who might
stick his tongue out
at you?
38 Long time
39 Agosto or
41 Ed of "Up"
42" be my
43 Burns's refusal
46 It's widely hailed as
a convenient way
to get around
47 Frozen over
48 Entertains
49 Bemoan
50 Organic compound
51 Monastery resident
52 One parodied on
53 Fangorn Forest
54 Inflatable thing
58 Reason for glasses
59 Captain Morgan
and others
61 Does away with
63 Layer

67 Action-packed
68 It has a light at one
69 Roll of the dice, say
70 Up
71 Strip for a fashion
72 Secret collector
73 Before, poetically
77 The City
(New Haven)

78 Literary inits.
80 Nobel Prize subj.
81 Trousers
82 Racing boat
84 Sandwich order, for
85 Scary word
90 Young Darth
Vader's nickname
91 Evergreen shrub
92 Thumbs' opposites

93 Represent,
95 Lines at a theater?
96 Like Flatland
97 Became less than a
98 Composure
99 Spiral-horned
100 Mischievous girl
102 Social breakdown

103 Common dice rolls
104 Elements of some
108 "American
Graffiti" director
109 Frigid temps
110 Like
114 Srs.' worries
117 Colony member
119 Telephone trio
120 Its logo displays
all Roy G. Biv
except indigo




It had AFI's winner for
the best quote ("Frankly,
my dear, I don't give a
damn"), best song ("Over
the Rainbow") and best
fantasy film ("Oz" again).
"Mr. Smith" is a top-five
inspirational film for the
AFI, and "Stagecoach"a
top-10 Western.
The 10 nominees for
best picture of 1939 have
"GWTW" (the winner),
"Mr. Chips,""Mr. Smith,"
"Ninotchka'Of Mice and
Men' "Stagecoach," "Oz'
"Wuthering Heights"-
and "Dark Victory" with
Bette Davis and "Love
Affair' which inspired
"An Affair to Remember"
(twice) and, by extension,
"Sleepless in Seattle."
But 1939 is not free of
flaws. It was the studio
era, when a lot of forget-
table films were pushed
assembly-line-style into
theaters. Even though
Hattie McDaniel won a
best supporting actress
Oscar for "GWTW," and
the notorious Stepin

patterns and classic
A final clue to the
woman who's doing the
shopping for the father
of her children?
"Keep the dad in mind
when you go out to
shop," Stafford says. "Too
many women go into
the shopping experience
with their own tastes in
mind. Be mindful of what
your dad or your hus-
band truly likes to wear."
And if that means
he's fond of jeans and
flannel shirts, like Dan on
"Roseanne,"so be it. But
that doesn't mean you
can't make a few small
tweaks to improve on
that look a bit.
We offer a few styles

Fetchit's career was on
the wane, Hollywood
- like society generally
- was less than enlight-
ened racially. And other
movie years have made
their own cases for being
the best ever.
After all, "Citizen
Kane"tops many lists
as the best film of all
time, and it's from 1941.
That year also had "How
Green Was My Valley"
(the best-picture Oscar
winner), "The Maltese
Falcon,""Sergeant York,"
"Suspicion" and Barbara
Stanwyck in "Ball of Fire."
University of Akron
associate professor
Eric Wasserman, who
teaches film studies in
the English department,
has argued vigorously for
1974 as American cine-
ma's greatest year, point-
ing to "The Godfather:
Part 11,"Chinatown'
"The Conversation'
"Alice Doesn't Live Here
Anymore," comedic
landmarks "Blazing
Saddles" and "Young
Frankenstein," Dustin
Hoffman's performance
in "Lenny," and, most
importantly, John

that reflect the taste of
some of our favorite TV
Alfani shirt ($45, We like the
casual but classic look
of Cameron on "Modern
Family;' played by Eric Allen
Stonestreet. He might be
a nervous dad, but the big
guy always looks sharp. If
you have a dad who likes a
bit of color, consider a shirt
like this winner.
-Van Heusen 1/4 zip
fleece sweater ($60, Cliff
Huxtable, played by Bill
Cosby, shed the suit and
tie when he came home
from work, and seemed
to have a penchant
for casual sweaters.
We think Cliff would
approve of this classic,
and it's perfect for a cool
summer evening in the

Cassavetes'"A Woman
Under the Influence,"
which he considers a
cinematic game-changer
on a par with Citizen
"Woman' Wasserman
said, "showed indepen-
dent-minded filmmakers
that they literally didn't
need anything to do
with the studios to make
pictures their way.
"Cassavetes completely
bankrolled the picture
himself and, by necessity,
actually distributed the
film entirely on his own
with no studio support.
And it still garnered
two Academy Award
and three Golden Globe
Overall, Wasserman
looks at 1974 and says,
"The ability of the
pictures of 1974 to
continue to influence
and more importantly
inform American film
and movie culture makes
it more significant than
1939 or 1941. I've heard
it said that baby boomers
are wrongfully attached
to 1970s cinema and
hold it up out of their
generational narcissism.

Chaps classic-fit plaid
brown suit separates
($120 to $220,
This classic wool suit is
as stylish today as it was
back in the days when
Robert Young starred as
Jim Anderson in "Father
Knows Best" in the'50s.
Straight-leg denim
jeans ($29.50 and up, old- What dad, TV
character or not, doesn't
spend his weekend in
jeans? Stafford points out
that like suits, jeans are
another item you don't
want to gamble on. But
if you know his favorite
jeans are Levis, or that
they come from a place
like Old Navy, a gift cer-
tificate with a sweet note
(like, "Time to retire the
ripped-up jeans, Dad")
would be a fine gift.
Apt. 9 woven casual
button-down shirt Big

I do not agree. There are
a lot of things to criticize
baby boomers for ... but
their contributions to
American cinema are
certainly not among
So let's say we are
marking either the
75th anniversary of the
movies'greatest year, or
the 40th. In either case,
we are looking at films
that have endured. Each
year has a mix of drama
and comedy, of color
and black and white.
Each year has titles in the
National Film Registry
- including "Gone With
the Wind'The Wizard of
Oz," "Stagecoach," "The
Women'Young Mr.
Lincoln" and more from
1939, and "A Woman
Under the Influence,"
"Blazing Saddles,"
"Young Frankenstein'
"The Conversation,""The
Godfather: Part II"and
others from 1974.
But maybe we should
be jumping ahead in
time and mark a 30th
anniversary, or a 15th. An
Entertainment Weekly
critic in 2009 argued for
1984 as the best year

Alfani shirt ($45,
&Tall ($54,
It's worth noting that
most items at Kohl's
were deeply discounted,
something that Dan the
Man from "Roseanne"
would have appreciated.
The character, played
by John Goodman, was
partial to plaid, so we
found a casual cool shirt
that would have satisfied
the character.
Izod polo ($40, We have

"when it comes to films
you actually want to
watch on a rainy day
playing hooky from
work"-from Oscar
greats to pure cheese.
He heard from so many
irked readers that a fol-
low-up piece presented
fans'arguments made for
1977, 1994 and 1999.
Another film buff
used 32 great years to
create an NCAA-like
tournament, based on
12 films from each year;
1939 made it to the final
four, where it lost to
1967, which then lost in
the finals to 1999. (1974
didn't make it out of
the first round, losing to
So, of course, a mov-
ie watcher's view of
greatness is subjective. Is
"Citizen Kane" suddenly
less great because the
esteemed Sight and
Sound critics' poll ended
its 50-year hold on the
top spot in favor of
The movies we admire
are often rooted in what
we saw when becoming
film fans. As a result,
some have discovered

Izod polo ($40,
good news for Homer,
arguably America's most
irreverent dad. The shirt
actually isn't too shabby,
as long as you keep the
mustard and ketchup
stains off it. It's just too
small. So a tip: If Dad has
a belly (mmm ... donuts),
be sure you're buying the
more generous size. And,
with all due respect to
Homer, consider some-
thing other than white. If
he's anything like the TV

movies'glory through a
generation of filmmakers
who seemed fresh to
their newest admirers,
because they did not
know that the new
generation had been
inspired by a previous
When I was seeing a
lot of the great movies
of the'70s, I was also
someone who had seen
dozens of older, black-
and-white movies, usu-
ally on television during
the pre-cable heyday of
stations' late-late shows.
Such discoveries -"The
Roaring Twenties" was a
big one are still in my
head more than 40 years
In that context, 1939
was indeed a pretty great
year, and it has movies
that serious film students
should study for decades
to come. But the list for
1974 is quite incredible,
too. The best thing may
be to forget about anni-
versaries and get back to
watching great movies,
regardless of their years.
Or we could argue
about why anyone would
pick 1999 ...

Straight-leg denim jeans
($29.50 and up,
character, darker is more
slimming, and white
won't remain pristine for

-Page 2

No. 0601

The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014

FLAIR Page 3

Fire up your grill

izzling burgers on the
grill can bring back great
memories and set the mood
for happy get-togethers with
friends, notes Consumer Reports.
But for manufacturers, these
have not been the happiest of
times. Sales are down in recent
years, and prices have mostly
stalled. That's good news if you
need a new gas grill.
Manufacturers have added
premium features to midpriced
models with only modest price
increases. Grills such as the
Broil-Mate 165154, $200, have
electronic igniters, an often
easier and more reliable way
to fire up, and stainless-steel or
coated cast-iron grates, which
are usually better for searing
and maintaining even grilling
temperatures. Some grates
are reversible, with one side
designed for enhanced searing,
the other for cooking fatty foods
with the promise of fewer flare-
ups. Infrared burners, such as
the ones on the Kenmore 16136,
$700, have been added for better
searing and high-temperature
cooking. Grills with more storage


and prep space also mean less
running back and forth to your
kitchen to get supplies.
If you usually cook for a crowd,
you may want a larger grill. To
help you choose the one that
meets your needs, keep in mind
that manufacturers often count
warming racks and searing
burners in their measurements.
And keep in mind that Consumer
Reports shops where you shop,
so you'll find impressive and
recommended grills whether
you prefer home centers, Sears,
Walmart or online retailers.

Looking to up your outdoor
cooking menu beyond burgers
and steak? Consumer Reports
offers these three simple and in-
expensive ways to add versatility
to a basic grill:
Smoky flavor without a

smoker. Soak wood chips in
water for an hour, drain and wrap
in heavy-duty foil (1 cup per
pouch). Hickory, oak, mesquite
and pecan are some of the
flavors available. Poke holes in
the top of the pouches and put
them under the grates above a
burner. Use two for a midsized
grill, four for a large. Turn the
heat on high until the pouches
smoke, then lower the heat to
about 350 degrees. Check with a
temperature gauge.
Low and slow. Cook briskets,
pork shoulders, other tough cuts
of meat and whole fish or poultry
on your grill. Start by preheating
the grill. Once it's warm, set one
burner to high and turn off the
other. Place the food over the
burner that's off. If you have
a three- or four-burner grill,
keep only the front and back or
outside burners on; put the food
over the burners that are off.
Keep the lid closed to keep in the
Accessorize. The grill aisles
at home centers and hardware
stores are filled with pizza stones,
baskets and rib racks. White pizza


Consumer Reports notes that sales on grills are down in recent years and
prices have mostly stalled, which is good news if you need a new gas grill.
stones are harder to keep clean to the checkout with a rib rack,
than darker ones, but all get take it over to the grill display
blazing hot and require watching to make sure you can close the
so that the pizza doesn't burn. grill lid with the rack inside.
Lookfor grill baskets with small Consumer Reports'tests have
holes to let juices drain and high found that stainless-steel gadgets
sides so that shrimp, scallops, can be cleaned with steel wool
and cut-up veggies, chicken and or stainless cleaner. Porcelain-
meat don't fall out when you're coated tools are more fragile, so
flipping them. Before you head use a plastic scrubber.

New from Chrissie Hynde, Jack White

ere are the new major re-
leases for June 10.
First is a new release by
Chrissie Hynde called Stockholm.
Christine Ellen Hynde was born
Sept. 7, 1951, in Akron, Ohio. She
is best known as the lead singer
of the rock band The Pretenders.
As a young girl, Chrissie never
had much interest in school.
Every chance she got she would
attend concerts in Cleveland.
She knew as a teenager all she
wanted to do was be in a rock
band. She fell in love with the
punk rock movement during
the early '70s and saved enough
money to move to London. She
tried everything she could to
get a band going joining
bands that had other artists
who eventually became famous,
like Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo),
Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols), Sid
Vicious (Sex Pistols) and Jon Moss
(Culture Club). She joined a band
and then left. They went on to
fame (The Damned).
Everything she tried to put
together continued to fail. She
eventually left London and
returned to Ohio. She took a job
and settled into everyday life,
but she still had the dream. She
wrote songs and soon made
herself a demo tape. A promoter
listened to it and decided to
manage her career.
She needed to be the front
person and create her own
band. Well, between the two of
them they hired three other art-
ists and they took the name after
the old Platters hit "The Great
Pretender."The first few releases
produced hits, but turmoil in the
band led to troubles. Most of the
band had terrible drug addic-
tions with one of the members
dying and the other two being

fired from the band.
Chrissie Hynde is the only
original member of the group.
There have been so many band
members through the years, she
felt it was finally time for a solo
release. Stockholm is her debut
solo release and features some
help from Neil Young and tennis
great John McEnroe. Who knew
John McEnroe was a musician? I
guess you learn something new
Next we have a new release by
Jack White called Lazaretto.
John Anthony Gillis better
known as Jack White III was born
on July 9, 1975, in Detroit, Mich.
He is the youngest of 10 children,
and he states that they grew up
as a lower middle class family. He
became interested in music by
the age of 6 and began playing
drums. By the time he was a
teenager his interest in music was
heavily influenced by the blues.
When he was 15 he and a
friend started a band, but his
friend played the drums, so if
he wanted in, he had to change.
That band didn't last so he spent
some time floating from band
to band in the Detroit area. At
the age of 22, he and Meg White
created the White Stripes and
the band was signed to a small
independent label.
Its first release got the band
some notoriety in the garage
rock or alternative rock scene.
The second release made it to
number 38 on the Billboard
charts and their third release
established them as household
names. After a while, many
people became interested in
the relationship between Jack
and Meg, and it came out in the
press that the two were married
and he took her last name. They


responded that they were broth-
er and sister. Someone did their
homework and produced the
papers that proved they were in-
deed husband and wife, but only
for a short time. They married in
1996 and divorced in 2000.
After their divorce, Jack had
a highly publicized relationship
with Renee Zellweger. He then
married one of the models in one
of his videos and proclaimed it
was both of their first marriages.
Actually, he had Meg White stand
up as the maid of honor. Oh, the
tangled webs we weave. (An old
saying my mother used to say, it
seems to fit perfectly here.)
By 2007, the band broke up
and Jack has branched off in
many directions. Singer, song-
writer, record producer, actor and
director. He is out there baby.
In 2012, he released his debut
solo CD. Now he returns with his
highly anticipated second release
Other major releases this week are
from Cowboy Mouth, Night Ranger,
O.A.R., Passenger and Uriah Heep
(Yes, the band from a million years
ago, for my friend Bill).
Independent releases are
from Amon Duul, Body Count,
HellYeah, Mayhem, Umphrey's
McGee, Paul Hardcastle (jazz),
The Rippingtons (jazz) and Walter
Trout (blues).
Keep rockin' folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner ofTJ's CDS & More at
3275-ATamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. He loves
reader comments, and can be contacted at tjscds@

Tips to help your dog stop

jumping on people

(MCT) Dogs tend
to jump up naturally to
greet people because
they're eager and ex-
cited. While your dog's
intentions are harmless,
some people might per-
ceive this behavior as
annoying and it can be
particularly dangerous
if you have a large dog
jumping up on a child
or elderly person. The
American Kennel Club
offers the following
tips to help stop your
dog from jumping on
Ignore the jumping.
The best way to teach
your dog not to jump
is to show him that
jumping won't get him
any attention positive
or negative. Ignore your
dog when he jumps on
you. Don't make any eye
contact or speak until
all four feet are on the


floor. At that point, calmly
praise your pup.
Turn your back.
Another tactic is turning
your back on your dog
until he stops jumping.
Once he stops, turn
around and praise him
and then pet him.
Incompatible behav-
iors. Teach your dog to do
something incompatible
with jumping. For exam-
ple, your dog can't jump
while he is sitting or lying
down. Teach your dog "sit"
or"down"as an alterna-
tive. Calmly praise and
reward your dog when he
holds the sit or down.

Get a free coffee at RaceTrac with a coupon.
Stop in at participating gasoline convenience stores
to get a free any size cup of its Crazy Good coffee with
the coupon. Better yet, show it on your smartphone.
Choose regular, Dark Roast, Decaf, Extra Caffeinated,
100 percent Colombian and Hazelnut. You can jazz
up your java by adding a variety of free flavorings,
from creamers to syrups to cinnamon and chocolate
Get a freebie coupon at the beginning of each
month by signing up for the free RaceTrac Insider
program (click the"Sign Up for the RaceTrac Insider"
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coupon for joining and on your birthday, too.
The offer ends on June 30. The offer is one coupon
per customer. Get the deal: hwRZyF

Sun Sentinel

~Page4 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, June 8,2014

Look whatI found!


Real scrimshaw carvings can be expensive

crimshaw refers to carvings done
in ivory, teeth or bone. Most pieces
have a pigment in the carving to
highlight the design. Most are sourced
back to whalers who had access to the
raw material and spare time at sea to do
the carvings.
Collectors need to have legitimate
documentation that proves their whale's
teeth and ivory pieces were made prior
to 1966 per the Endangered Species
Preservation Act and international
conventions that restrict the harvest and
sale of ivory to try to reverse the scarcity
of ivory-bearing animals.
Because scrimshaw can be very high
priced, you can expect lots of reproduc-
tions and fakes. The reproductions have
very smooth openings at the end of
the tusk or bone where it was attached
to the animal. These are easy to spot
because a real tusk is very ragged and
is hollow at the end so you can see the
roughness inside the shaft. Fakes that
imitate the roughness can be deceiving

and you must know your seller. I suggest
you do not buy this stuff at flea markets
and yard sales unless they are dirt cheap.
Most legitimate dealers will list their
pieces as faux ivory.
A search on eBay brings up over 3,000
items. Most, as you might expect, are
labeled as faux. Very few of the 3,000
items qualify as valuable, real scrimshaw.
Even some of the faux are priced in the
hundreds of dollars these are typically
mass manufactured by machines so high
prices don't make sense. The other area
to be aware of is made up of artisans
who take old ivory or bone and today do
what look like ancient carvings. These are
collectible because these artisans have
become well known and respected for
their work. Most of it is not priced in the
thousands like real pieces of old scrim-
shaw, but their work can be gorgeous.
So what would you buy? For decorat-
ing items and things to put on a desk or
shelf you can get some pretty nice faux
items for under $100. The next level by

cost is the scrimshaw made today by
artisans in their workshops. Then you get
to vintage scrimshaw which according
to an article from the Providence Public
Library, ranges from crude scratchings
on teeth or bone to exquisite examples
of fine craftsmanship with the majority
falling somewhere in-between. The Paul
C. Nicholson Whaling Collection in the
Providence Library has a number of both
artistic pieces of scrimshaw and more
mundane but finely crafted functional
pieces. The library's image database
contains a sampling of the finest pieces
of scrimshaw in the Nicholson Collection.
You can see some of their examples at:
One somewhat inexpensive type of
scrimshaw is the work done both
vintage and now on plain cow horns
and powder horns.
For a good discussion on scrimshaw
go to:
about/scrimhistory.htm. If you are artistic
you should consider learning how to

create your own scrimshaw pieces. You
can find some good informational sites
on the Internet that will help you get

Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. If you have questions or comments
please write to him at and
please tell him what city you're in.

Make Father's Day entertaining a HEROic fete


Hero: a person who is admired for
great or brave acts or fine qualities. So
says the dictionary. Sound like anyone
you know? How about the guy who
goes above and beyond to bring home
the bacon (and cook it), fix a flat, build a
fort, swap a bike tire or two, and oh-so
much more. This June 15, don't forget to
celebrate the hero in your house. Make
this Father's Day an occasion of heroic

Go full bore this year by extending
Father's Day entertaining to family and
friends. Appeal to the humorous dads
on your docket by hosting a facial-hair
inspired party. Check out Pinterest for a
fruitful array of the ever-popular mus-
tache party theme. In addition to stache-
themed decor, offer each dad a "stache
bucket"containing manly swag like
bottled beer, packaged snacks and chips.
Satiate his sweet tooth with cupcakes
topped with a printable Fu Manchu.
For a more gritty guy, go all out with
a Beards and Brawn party. Send your
invitations early in an effort to encourage
beard growth prior to the event. Award
a high-end barbershop gift certificate
for the "best or most creative" beard. In
addition to robust snacks like beef and

deer jerky, create a spread of grilled
game try duck, deer or bison. Allow
the boys to demonstrate their brawn by
way of their barbecue skills.
If your fella gets fired up over the
revving of an engine, revel him with a
NASCAR or sports car shindig. Feature an
evening matinee of"Le Mans"'Talladega
Nights" or "Fast and Furious" Provide
pitchers of lemonade labeled "antifreeze"
and serve with black-and-white check-
ered bags full of popcorn labeled "fuel"
alongside red, yellow and green "stop-
light"cookies. Try to procure an orange
construction cone or two to put atop a
black plastic tablecloth for added street

If Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and the
more recent Derek Jeter put a glisten in
the eye of your guy, what better way to
celebrate Father's Day than by treating
him to a baseball game? Make it a family
affair, or invite a few of Dad's closest
friends. Help create a special day by
bringing the best in tailgating goods.
Pack him some lawn chairs with a
basket full of peanuts, popcorn and
Cracker Jacks. And don't forget the beer.
"Buy him a pilsner or a light pale ale
like Sweetwater 420. It's dry and clean,
light bodied with a touch of hops" said
Jon Richards, a certified Cicerone Beer
Server at The Greenville Growler Station

(in Greenville, S.C.). "They're light enough
on the alcohol so Dad won't have to stop
after three."
If the Majors are out of your league, no
worries, simply create a ballpark ambi-
ance at home or at a local park. Offer a
hot dog buffet equipped with hot dogs,
buns, chili, onions, cheese, jalapeno,
sauerkraut and condiments. Include sides
like corn on the cob, baked beans and
potato salad.

"Make an extra effort this year for
Father's Day" said Ashley Bailey Farley,
Owner and Founder of LE Events
(, "by bringing
together as many generations as possi-
ble for an afternoon barbecue. Shared
moments of quality time is on the top
of every dad's wish list. Add personal
touches by branding family initials into
the steaks and burgers"
Be sure to include Dad's favorite side
dishes and beverages. "If you're grilling,
brats and beer go extremely well togeth-
er. Basically, every sausage was made
for beer, and vice versa. If you're having
Italian sausage or Kielbasa without
too much spice, then try serving up
Hefeweizen or a pilsner" Richards said.

If organizing a game of"kick the can"
is too primitive for Dad and his buddies,
how about flag football, baseball or

Bring together as many generations as possible
for an afternoon barbecue.

volleyball? Nothing puts heroes in the
limelight like friendly competition.
Gather friends and neighbors for a
midmorning "Hometown Heroes" park
brunch, followed by a sport of choice.
Offer a buffet of Dad's favorites or, go full
bacon with Shrimp and Bacon Kabobs
(recipe at www.aroundmyfamilytable.
com), Bacon Pancakes and/or Chocolate-
Bacon Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche
frosting (find it at network.

Weiner's"AlI Fall Down,"
Emma Straub's "The
Vacationers"and, because
we must re-read it before
seeing the movie, John
Green's "The Fault in Our
Sta rs "

SHADE HAT There's so
much to love about a hat
at the pool: shade for your
face, trendy style and,
maybe best of all, no wor-
ries about a bad hair day.
Choose from a variety of
brims and materials. This
summer, we're sticking
with Free People's Alegre

straw Panama style with
a pretty ribbon trim and
hidden wire in the brim
so you can get that tilt
just right. Get it: $38,

SUNSCREEN- You never
leave home without
it until you're in a huge
rush with a crying kid.

Our advice? Leave a few
bottles of your favorite
brand in your beach tote
and make sure they stay
put. Looking to stock
up? Consumer Reports
recently released its
annual sunscreen ratings
and named two best buys:
Walmart's Equate Ultra
Protection SPF 50, $9, and


Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer
all your questions and help with your selections.
Expert installation available-Ask for details.


223 urhyC'6sNothPotFLs 4142-112ex._60

Target's Spray Up & Up
Sport SPF 50, $8.
CCVER-UP. Sure, you may
head to the beach with a
tank and shorts over your
swimwear, but you never
know when you may
want something a little
dressier. Just tuck a pretty
patterned long kaftan, like
H&M's beachy number, in
your bag (the fabric is crin-
kled, so no worries about
wrinkling) and, should
the party move into the
evening, just pull it on to
look pulled-together. Get
it: $34.95,
SNACKS. If there's one
thing you don't forget,
make it food. As every
swimmer (or lounger)
knows, a day in the sun
stirs up one heck of an
appetite, but instead of
scarfing up bloat-inducing
potato chips, pack some
healthy bites that won't
leave you feeling de-
prived: peanut butter and
apple slices, dry-roasted
nuts, string cheese, gra-
nola bars, yogurt (freeze
it ahead of time) lime to
squeeze in your water

Tuck a pretty patterned long
kaftan, like H&M's beachy
number, in your bag (the
fabric is crinkled, so no
worries about wrinkling) in
case of emergency post-beach
outings. $34.95,
bottle, And don't forget
to bring a bag filled with
baby wipes the best
napkins for the beach.

Visit Our
New Showroom!

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The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 FLAIR Page 5


Food for the needy

hile reading the
Charlotte Sun's recent
article on churches
and service organizations that
help out the needy, homeless
and other folks who need
monetary assistance in paying
rent or electric bills, I got to
thinking of one specifically
- St. Vincent de Paul in Port
Charlotte behind St. Charles
Borromeo Church. So many
people have mentioned their
name to me lately, citing the
kindness, courtesy and help
that the volunteers have
shown them, that I decided to
stop in.
It's a small office with Muriel
at the desk and another lovely
lady standing next to her to
assist. Two interview rooms,
with two volunteers in each,
question the applicants to
determine exactly what their
needs are. On the day I was
there, a homeless woman
with five children was being
interviewed, along with an in-
jured out-of-work construction
worker, a pregnant 16-year-old
with her 17-year-old boy-
friend, a 73-year-old widow,
and several men on bicycles.
All were treated with empathy,
caring and concern.
The food packages that
were passed out were packed
to excess and geared to age
and need, along with choices
of bread and some desserts.

If anyone was unable to
carry the packages, volunteers
assisted them to their vehicles.
So hats off to all the volun-
teers at St. Vincent de Paul and
all organizations that help the
needy. God Bless each and
every one of you.
St. Vincent de Paul is located
at 21841 Felton Ave. Phone:
941-625-9784. Don't ever be
embarrassed to ask for a little
Thanks for reading!

1/2 pound bacon, chopped
3 medium onions, chopped
2 cup bacon fat or butter
3 pounds potatoes, cooked
and diced with skins
Salt and pepper to taste
6 eggs, beaten
Cook bacon till crisp. Add
onions and cook till tender, set
aside. Brown potatoes in fat,
add salt and pepper to taste.
Drain off fat. Stir in bacon,
onions and eggs. Mix and
cook till eggs are set, stirring
constantly. Serve immediately.
6 servings.

I pound baby carrots
2 tablespoons honey
/ cup orange juice
I tablespoon butter
18 teaspoon nutmeg
2 tablespoons parsley

Cook carrots in boiling water
till tender. Drain. In medium
saucepan, combine cooked
carrots, honey, orange juice,
butter and nutmeg. Cool
on medium heat till it boils.
Reduce heat and continue
cooking for 5 minutes. Toss
with parsley and serve.
Serves 4.

2 pounds cooked chicken
1 small red onion, coarsely
4 stalks celery, diced
6 tablespoons chopped
fresh tarragon (or 1-2 tea-
spoons dried)
4 tablespoons chopped
fresh parsley (optional)
2 cup low-fat yogurt
/4 cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste
Cut chicken into bite-size
pieces. Toss all ingredients
except yogurt, mayonnaise,
salt and pepper. Mix yogurt
and mayonnaise and add to
chicken. Add salt and pepper.
Serves 6.

1 pound hamburger
1 egg slightly beaten
/4 cup applesauce
2 cup crushed corn flakes
2 cup chopped onion
Salt and pepper to taste
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt

8-ounce can tomato sauce
Mix all ingredients except for
tomato sauce and form into
small balls. Place in roasting
pan, top with tomato sauce.
Bake at 350 degrees for about
I hour, stirring frequently.
Serves 4.

2 pounds hamburger-pork
2 eggs slightly beaten
2 cup chopped ripe olives
2 cup finely chopped onion
Salt and pepper to taste
2 teaspoon nutmeg
2 cups sour cream
1 teaspoon dill seed
Mix first 6 ingredients to-
gether. Form into balls about 1
inch in diameter. Brown in
2 tablespoons butter till
cooked through. Remove
from pan and keep hot. In
same skillet combine sour
cream and dill seed. Heat,
stirring constantly. Pour over
meatballs and serve. 8 tasty

3 cups softened vanilla ice
9-inch prepared chocolate
cake, cut into 2 layers
1 bowl buttercream frosting
1 8-ounce container
whipped topping, thawed
Line one 9-inch round

baking pan with aluminum
foil. Firmly pack ice cream
into pan. Cover and freeze
for 3 hours. Place I cake
layer upside down on serving
plate. Top with ice cream
unmolded from pan, peel off
foil. Place second cake layer,
top side up, over ice cream
layer. Gently spread butter-
cream frosting or whipped
topping on top and sides of
cake. Cover and freeze at least
I hour.

2 cup Hershey's medium
flavor cocoa
2 and 23 cups powdered
6 tablespoons softened
butter or margarine
4-5 tablespoons milk or
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
In small bowl stir together
cocoa and powdered sugar. In
small mixer bowl beat butter
with 2 cup cocoa mixture,
blending well. Add remaining
cocoa mixture with milk, beat-
ing to spreading consistency.
Blend in vanilla. Makes 2 cups

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions
and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297.

Sweet ways to chill out


Let's be real: Here in
Florida, we could use a
fruity, frozen cocktail 10
months out of the year. But
as we head into the height
of summer, dips in the pool
and sips from a frosted
glass are necessities.
Pureed watermelon,
frozen margaritas, fresh
mint -they all pair well
with the unrelenting heat
of the Sunshine State.
Fruity cocktails can get a
party going and cool your
guests off at the same time.
Plus, fruit juices and purees
are a healthier alternative
to other mixers like sugary
soda. So find a shady spot
in the backyard (bonus
points if there's a pool!) and
pour something refreshing
for friends and family.
Alcohol We're sticking
with lighter liquors for
these refreshing drinks.
Think vodka, tequila, gin
and light rum.

Fresh herbs Basil and
mint are must-have
Simple syrup: This mix-
ture is a necessity for fruit
cocktails. To make simple
syrup, heat equals parts
water and sugar together
in a saucepan until the
sugar dissolves. Let cool
before using. If you're
pressed for time (or lacking
in creativity), you can
always rely on this simple
cocktail formula: A splash
of simple syrup + a splash
of liquor + a fruit juice of
your choice. The more ice
in the glass, the better.
Fun straws: What's a
fruity cocktail without
a crazy, colorful straw?
Barbershop pole-striped
paper straws in a variety
of colors are available
everywhere from eBay to
Watermelon Margaritas:
Watermelon puree and ice
make this refreshing.
Blueberry-Peach Mojito:
A different take on the typ-
ically lime-heavy mojito.

Pineapple Basil Cocktail:
A simple concoction with
a tropical edge and fresh
herbs adding a nice twist.

Watermelon Margaritas
1 teaspoon lime zest
2 cup water
2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons coarse
1 lime wedge
1 cup watermelon
puree (see note)
2 tablespoons fresh
lime juice
2 cup tequila
1 ounce orange-fla-
vored liqueur (like triple
1 cup ice
In a medium saucepan,
combine the lime zest,
water and sugar. Bring
to a boil over medium
heat, and cook, stirring,
until the sugar dissolves.
Remove from the heat.
Cool to room temperature
and strain out the zest.
(Can be made in advance;
keep in a covered contain-
er in the refrigerator.)

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Use an AmexOffer on Twitter
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Here's how to do it:
Sync your Amex card and
Twitter account, tweet the phrase
"AmexDunkinDonut" and you'll
get a message from AmexOffers
that the offer's been added to
your account. Then, spend $5 this
month at participating coffee
shops to get the credit.
The offer ends June 30. Get the
deal: kniPcS

- Sun Sentinel

Chill a margarita glass in
the freezer for 30 minutes.
Place the coarse salt in
a shallow dish or saucer.
Wet the rim of the glass
with a lime wedge and
dip the glass into the salt,
coating the top edge.
In a cocktail shaker,
combine 2 tablespoons
of the cooled lime syrup
with the watermelon
puree, lime juice, tequila,
orange-flavored liqueur
and ice. Shake until frothy
and well chilled, at least
I minute. Strain into the
prepared glass and gar-
nish with a lime wedge.
Note: To make the wa-
termelon puree, remove
seeds from fresh water-
melon and cut into large
chunks. Place in a blender
and process until smooth

and well pureed.
Makes 1 drink.
Source: Emeril Lagasse

Blueberry-Peach Mojito
/ cup blueberries, plus
more for garnish
12 fresh mint sprigs,
plus more for garnish
1 tablespoon peach
1 tablespoon lime juice
cup rum
1 ounce club soda
1 lime, quartered, for
Place blueberries, mint,
peach preserves and lime
juice in a cocktail shaker
and muddle. Add ice and
rum. Shake vigorously to
blend. Strain into glass. Top
with club soda. Garnish
with additional sprinkle of

blueberries and quartered
lime on top. Add additional
mint sprig if you like.
Makes 1 drink.
Source: Adapted from

Pineapple Basil Cocktail
3 basil leaves, rolled and
sliced into thin strips
/ lime
/ cup pineapple juice
12 ounces gin
Club soda
Put the basil and lime in
the bottom of a glass and
muddle. Add pineapple
juice, gin and ice cubes,
and top with club soda.
Garnish with a slice of
pineapple, lime wedge or a
sprig of basil.
Makes 1 drink.


JUMBO'S $12/lbFor Dad
O Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams -.Clams!
Open 9-4 pm! For The Grill: Grouper. Swordfish -Wild Salmon -Tuna

IT L OBTE S We Have All Your New England Seafood Favorites
IN LOBS E Seafood Market 2700 Placida Rd., Eng. (941) 698-8946






,T, ,Y SI I B R O0 S m EISI S

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 8, 2014 Page 5


Theme parks opening new rides and slides in 2014


ORLANDO Harry Potter's Diagon
Alley in Orlando, the world's longest
and fastest inverted roller coaster in
Ohio and water parks in every corner of
the United States are among the many
new attractions at theme parks this
And families with young kids won't
be disappointed, either: Many parks are
unveiling rides appropriate for children,
yet exciting enough to thrill adults.
"Amusement park guests demand
innovation year after year" said Jeremy
Schoolfield, editor-in-chief of Funworld
Magazine, which chronicles the amuse-
ment park industry. "Coming up with
new experiences is built in our DNA."
Here's what's hot.
Universal Orlando Resort will open its
second Harry Potter-themed area this
summer, called The Wizarding World of
Harry Potter-Diagon Alley. The zone's
centerpiece will be a ride called Harry
Potter and the Escape from Gringotts,
which takes visitors into Gringotts
bank to help retrieve a magical object.
The original Potter attraction is at

Universal's Islands of Adventure theme
park, while the new one will be at the
adjoining Universal Studios Florida
park. Guests must buy a two-park ticket
to visit both Potter areas, but they can
travel between them on the Hogwarts
Express train, which will offer views of
characters and magical creatures from
the book. Among them: Hagrid on a
flying motorbike, the Weasley twins on
brooms, and the Knight Bus in London
traffic. Universal has also opened new
restaurants at City Walk and the Cabana
Bay Beach Resort, an 1,800-unit hotel,
where half of the rooms are suites that
sleep six people.
At Disney World, the unveiling of
the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride
completed the New Fantasyland area
that opened in December 2012. The
ride is charming and exciting at the
same time: Visitors will enjoy anima-
tronic dwarfs singing "Heigh-Ho" in an
underground-themed gem mine, then
experience the thrilling anticipation of
the roller coaster as cars climb a steep
hill, before plunging down a moun-
tainous landscape. And let's not forget
one of the most popular attractions
in New Fantasyland these days: meet


This May 16 photo shows Disney castmembers testing the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller
coaster in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, in Lake Buena Vista.
and greets with Anna and Elsa from Falcon's Fury will soon open. Riders
Disney's hit movie "Frozen'" Recent wait will be seated upright and whisked to
times to meet the royal sisters ran four the top of a 335-foot tower before the
hours. seat pivots 90 degrees so the guest is
Hardcore thrill seekers will want to looking straight down. The rider then
visit Busch Gardens in Tampa, where plunges in a six-second free fall.

Who pays for first lady's

fabulous fashions?


Michelle Obama's fashionable
clothing has become something of a
given in her five-plus years as first lady.
Yet her wardrobe still is the subject
of endless public fascination and one
long-simmering question: Who pays for
those incredible outfits?
It's no small matter. Her high-low
fashion choices mix everyday, off-the-
rack fare with custom creations from
top designers whose gowns can run
into five figures.
In recent weeks, Mrs. Obama has
turned heads with a forest-green
Naeem Khan dress at the opening of
a new costume gallery at NewYork's
Metropolitan Museum of Art. She
shimmered in a silver Marchesa gown
at the White House Correspondents'
Association Dinner. And her flowered
shirtdress for a Mother's Day tea at the
White House (recycled from an earlier
event) hit the just right note for an
audience of military moms.
It takes money to pull that off, month
after month. Those three dresses by
themselves could add up to more than
$15,000 retail, not to mention accesso-
ries such as shoes and jewelry.
Is it the taxpayers who foot the bill?
No. (Despite what critics say.)
Is it Mrs. Obama? Usually, but not
Does she pay full price? Not likely.
Does she ever borrow gowns from
designers? No.
The financing of the first lady's
wardrobe is something that the Obama
White House is loath to discuss. It's a
subject that has bedeviled presidents
and their wives for centuries. First ladies
are expected to dress well, but the job
doesn't come with a clothing allowance
or a salary.
MaryTodd Lincoln racked up tens
of thousands of dollars in clothing bills
and considered selling manure from
the White House grounds to pay them
off, according to the National First
Ladies' Library. Jacqueline Kennedy's
father-in-law stepped in to finance her
Oleg Cassini wardrobe to keep clothes
from becoming a political liability for
President John Kennedy. Nancy Reagan
got grief for borrowing designer gowns
and not always returning them or
reporting them as gifts.
Laura Bush, in her memoir, said she

This March 9,2010, file photo shows first
lady Michelle Obama standing next to
the gown she wore to the 2009 inaugural
ball, as she donates it to the Smithsonian's
National Museum of American History in

was"amazed by the sheer number of
designer clothes that I was expected to
buy"as first lady.
How does Mrs. Obama, a fashion
icon with far more expensive tastes
than Mrs. Bush, swing it? For starters,
the Obamas reported adjusted income
of $481,000 last year, and assets worth
$1.8 million to $7 million.
And like most people, Mrs. Obama
(mostly her personal aide, really) looks
for discounts.
And, for really big events, the first
lady has an option not available to
every fashionista.
Here's how Joanna Rosholm, press
secretary to the first lady, explains it:
"Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing.
For official events of public or historic
significance, such as a state visit the
first lady's clothes may be given as a gift
by a designer and accepted on behalf
of the U.S. government They are then
stored by the National Archives"
That saves Mrs. Obama considerable
money, although the White House
refused to say how often the first
lady wears donated clothes and the
National Archives declined to say how
many such items it has in storage. The
White House did say that the first lady
doesn't borrow any clothing and, for
the most part buys her own clothes.
The clothing donated by designers
includes Mrs. Obama's two inaugural
gowns made by Jason Wu, a less-
er-known designer before Mrs. Obama
turned him into a star in the fashion
firmament.Wu declined to discuss how
he works with the first lady.
Mrs. Obama and Wu both were there
when the first inaugural gown was
presented to the Smithsonian in March
2010. The first lady said in her remarks:
"The dress I donated today, made by
Jason Wu, is a masterpiece"But the
Smithsonian lists the gown as a "gift of
Jason Wu in honor of first lady" Michelle
Obama, making clear it came from him.
The first lady's office had no comment
on that.
Two other examples of gowns worn
by the first lady that were donated by
designers: the blue Carolina Herrera
gown that Mrs. Obama wore to
February's state dinner for French
President Francois Hollande and the
gold beaded Naeem Khan gown
that Mrs. Obama wore to the 2012
governors ball, now on display at the
American Museum of Natural History.
Herrera and Khan declined comment.
The first lady's office had no com-
ment on whether the couture gowns
worn by Mrs. Obama for her six other
White House state dinners also were
donated. Nor would it say how many
gowns have been donated for the array
of other big events for which the first
lady is expected to appear in couture
finery, such as the annual Kennedy
Center Honors ceremonies, governors'
dinners and White House correspon-
Wearing donated gowns represents
a change in practice from the Bush
Anita McBride, chief of staff to Laura
Bush during her time as first lady, said
Mrs. Bush paid for all her clothes, in-
cluding her two inaugural gowns: a red
crystal-embroidered gown byTexan
Michael Faircloth and a silver and blue
V-neck creation of Oscar de la Renta.

This May 5 file photo shows first lady Michelle
Obama arriving at Metropolitan Museum of
Art for a dedication ceremony for the Anna
Wintour Costume Center, in New York.
McBride credits the Obama White
House with finding a cost-saving
way to "keep Mrs. Obama in all those
incredible clothes and to have the use
of them not once but multiple times."
Lawyers who served in the Obama
and Bush White Houses describe taking
care in working with the first lady's
office to ensure that arrangements with
designers didn't run afoul of ethics rules
designed to guard against conflicts
of interest and questionable quid pro
Beyond the unknowns about how
often Mrs. Obama's clothes are do-
nated, there are questions about how
much she pays for those she purchases.
In a 2011 Washington Post story
about Mrs. Obama's personal assistant
Meredith Koop, the first lady's office
said Koop acted on Mrs. Obama's behalf
'in arranging for purchases, including
considering the best offered price and
buying on discount if discounts are
Several designers who have provided
clothes for the first lady declined to
discuss their arrangements. But given
the prestige that comes with dressing
Mrs. Obama, it's widely thought that
designers are eager to cut the first lady
a break. Former White House lawyers
said any discounts provided to the first
lady would have to be in line with what
designers offer other top customers to
avoid being considered gifts.
Paco Underhill, author of"What
Women Want: The Science of Female
Shopping;'said the markups on design-
er clothes are"astronomical"- and the
discounts can be steep as well.
"Some of the routine discounts that
people ask for are 40 percent off," he
said. "Whether they get it is subject to
somebody's discretion:'
First ladies have tried all sorts of
tactics to hold down their clothing
costs, including keeping some dresses
in rotation.
Mrs. Obama wore the same dress
to this year's Mother's Day tea that
she'd worn to lunch with Katy Perry
in October 2012. She often switches
around separates, belts and other
accessories to give clothes in her
wardrobe a fresh look.
Recycling carries its own risks.
Mrs. Bush, in her memoir, tells of
arriving at a TV studio and noticing a
picture on the wall that showed she'd
worn the same suit to her last interview
"Quickly, I exchanged tops with my
press secretary, so that it would seem
as if I had more wardrobe variety;'she

'Sharknado 2; plus more

summer TV movies

and documentaries


So what else is on
TV this summer? We've
already run through new
scripted series, returning
comedies / dramas, and
"reality" offerings.
That only leaves lots
more new summer
viewing -TV movie
premieres, documentaries
and other options.
JUNE 11: ISA (Syfy,
11:30 p.m.) Teen im-
migrant learns a crime
syndicate is stealing kids'
dreams for financial gain.
JUNE 27: Zapped
(Disney, 8p.m.) Zendaya
stars in comedy adap-
tation of book"Boys
Are Dogs" leading into
"Girl Meets World" series
JUNE 28: Outlaw
Prophet: Warren Jeffs
(Lifetime, 8 p.m.) Tony
Goldwyn stars as the
polygamist long sought
by the FBI. With Martin
Landau, Molly Parker.
JULY 30: Sharknado 2:
The Second One (Syfy,
9 p.m.) NewYork City gets
hit this time. Back for more:
Ian ZieringTara Reid. New
faces: Vivica A. Fox, Mark
McGrath, Kelly Osbourne,
Andy Dick, Judd Hirsch. It's
part of"Sharknado Week"
July 26-Aug. 2.
JUNE 9-10: Brazil With
Michael Palin (PBS, 9 p.m.)
Visit the host country
of this summer's soccer
World Cup.
JUNE 9: Remembering
the Artist Robert De Niro
Sr. (HBO, 9 p.m.) The actor
remembers his father, once
ranked alongside Jackson
Pollock and Mark Roth ko.
JUNE 12: O.J.:Trial of the
Century (ID, 8 p.m.) See
how the'90s murder case/
trial riveted viewers like a
soap opera.
JUNE 17-21:1 Love
the 2000s (VH1, 8 p.m.)
Because nostalgia can

never come too soon -
music, fads, scandal.
JUNE 19: Kate Plus Eight:
Sextuplets Turn 10 (TLC,
10 p.m.) Two-part special
concludes June 26.
JUNE 22: Miracle
Landing on the Hudson
(NatGeo, 9 p.m.) "Movie
event"combines crew/
passenger interviews with
JUNE 24: Freedom
Summer (PBS, 9 p.m.) -
"American Experience"
looks at events in
Mississippi during the
pivotal summer of 1964.
JULY 6: The'90s: The Last
Great Decade? (NatGeo)
Rob Lowe narrates"the
meaning behind the
milestonesfrom Kurt
Cobain to Viagra.
JUNE 8: Cosmos: A
Spacetime Odyssey (Fox,
9 p.m.) Season finale.
10 p.m.) Nonfiction film
series starts season 27
with "When I Walk,"Jason
DaSilva's portrait of his
own multiple sclerosis.
JUNE 24: NY Med (ABC,
10 p.m.) ABC News series
compares high-stakes care
at Manhattan's New York-
Presbyterian and Newark's
University Hospital.
JULY 1: History
Detectives Special
Investigations (PBS, 9 p.m.)
New hourlong format
explores cold cases. (Yes,
Jimmy Hoffa.)
Awards shows
JUNE 8: Tony Awards
(CBS, 8 p.m.)
JUNE 11: Guys Choice
(Spike, 9 p.m.)
JUNE 26: Trailblazers gay
honors (Logo, 9 p.m.)
JULY 16: ESPY Awards
JULY 17: Kids
Choice Sports Awards
AUG. 10: Teen Choice
AUG. 24: Video Music
Awards (MTV)
AUG. 25: Primetime
Emmy Awards (NBC)

'Star Wars' fans to get

chance at cameo
LOS ANGELES (AP) For every $10 donation
"Star Wars: Episode VII" at,
director JJ. Abrams is giving contributors will become
fans a shot at a cameo in eligible to appear in the film
the film that's set to be when it shoots in London.
released next year. The campaign runs until
Disney, Lucasfilm and 11:59 p.m. PDT on July 18.
Bad Robot have teamed The cast of"Episode VII"
up for a campaign to raise was revealed in April, and
funds for UNICEF. Abrams Adam Driver is among
announced the initiative in the newbies. Disney
a video from the set of the will release the film in
movie in Abu Dhabi. December 2015.

-Page 6

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"Good @1'

Charbe Brown






MIMU" wm mc V 1 m6mllmw Uwv I


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NWW. rAMILI 'IRcu 5.C6

by parker and hart





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by Art & Chip Sansom


i /'AA..,5UT

15 Ki NtA

Comics Page 4 DIE/N/C/V

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andFELER 1


Y f TH' ONE Q:

ROSE m ......



#'-201.4 Ihn[ HartFLP "Distb yCretors

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0rBUT H5 APPE4eS 'V-Z/K t H]



Hank Ketcham's
Dennis the Menace




Comics Page 6 DIE/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, June 8, 2014


Caleb (Daniel Henshall)
helps lead a raid on
Setauket on AMC's
"Turn," at 9 p.m.

Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob
Thornton) changes
course on "Fargo,"
airing at 10 p.m. on FX.

Justin (Brent Morin) ex-
presses his feelings for
Nicki on NBC's "Undate-
able," airing at 9:01 p.m.

Peter Van Sant investi-
gates a 2006 murder
case on "48 Hours," air-
ing at 10 p.m. on CBS.


C o n v e rs io n C h a rt om..t Com.t Com.t C.mco Comcost ..S... %gN~7s
Port Punta
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charl'oti, Arcadia Gorda. Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 2 ABC- Bonita Springs 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC-Tampa 11 28 28 -
WWSB 4 ABC-Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40
WTSP 1 CBS-St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS- Fort Myers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CC) NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
WBBH 20 NBC Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX-Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX- Cape Coral 4 4 4 36 36
WEDU W PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3 -
WUSF 16 PBS- Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 4 44 44 -
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR 3 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32
WXPX 6 ION-St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22
WRXY 49 IND- Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50
WVEA 6 Univision -Venice 15 15 15 6 62 62
A&E Arts & Entertainment 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 118 265 118 265
AMC American Movie Classics 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 131 254 130 254
APL Animal Planet 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 184 282 184 282
BET Black Entertainment TV 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 124 329 124 329
BRAVO Bravo 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 129 237 129 237
COM Comedy Central 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 107 249 107 249
DISC Discovery Channel 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 182 278 182 278
E! Entertainment Channel 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 114 236 114 236
ESQ Esquire Network 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 115 235 115 235
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network 243 243 243 12 17 285 261 370 261 370
FAM ABCFamily Channel 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 180 311 180 311
FOOD TV Food 37 37 37 37 76 164 110 231 110 231
FX FX Network 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 136 248 136 248
GSN Game Show Network 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 116 233 116 233
HALL Hallmark USA 5 5 5 17 73 240 185 312 185 312
HIST History Channel 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 120 269 120 269
HOME Home & Garden 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 112 229 112 229
HSN Home Shopping Network 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 222 240 222 240
LIFE Lifetime 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 108 252 108 252
OWN Oprah Winfrey Network 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 189 279 189 279
QVC Quality Value Convenience 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 137 317 137 317
SPIKE SpikeTV 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 241 241 241 241
SYFY Science Fiction 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 122 244 122 244
TBS Turner 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 139 247 139 247
TCM Turner Classic Movies 65 65 65 65 169 230 132 256 132 256
TLC The Learning Channel 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 183 280 183 280
TNT Turner Network Television 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 138 245 138 245
TRAV Travel 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 196 277 196 277
TRUTV truTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 242 246 242 246
TVLAND TV Land 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 106 304 106 304
USA USA Network 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 105 242 105 242
WE Women's Entertainment 117 117 117 117 117 149 128 260 128 260
WGN WGN America 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 239 307 239 307
CSS Comcast Sports South 28 28 28 28 49 70
ESPN Entertainment Sports 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 140 206 140 206
ESPN2 Entertainment Sports 2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 144 209 144 209
FS1 Fox Sports 1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 150 219 150 219
FSN Fox Sports Network 72 72 72 72 56 77 423 654 423 654
GOLF Golf Channel 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 401 218 401 218
NBCSN NBC Sports Network 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 159 220 159 220
SUN Sun Sports 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 422 653 422 653
NICK Nickelodeon 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 170 299 170 299
TOON Cartoon Network 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 176 296 176 296
CNBC Financial News/Talk 39 39 39 39 37 102 208 355 208 355
CNN Cable News Network 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 200 202 200 202
CSPN Congress 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 210 350 210 350
FNC Fox News Channel 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 205 360 205 360
MSNBC News/Talk 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 209 356 209 356
SNN SNN Local News 6 6 6 11 11
CMTV Country Music TV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 166 327 166 327
MTV Music Television 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 160 331 160 331
VH1 Video Hits 1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 162 335 162 335
CINE Cinemax 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 310 515 310 515
CINE2 Cinemax 2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 312 517 312 517
DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HB02 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
HB03 Home Box Office 3 304 304 304 304 304 404 302 503 302 503
SHOW Showtime 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 318 545 318 545
TiC The Movie Channel 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 327 554 327 554

On the Cover

Dance Competition Shakes

Things Up
FYI Televsion, Inc.
The dance series"SoYouThink
You Can Dance; airing Wednes-
day at 8p.m. on FOX, is a favorite
summer staple for many viewers.
Executive producer Nigel Lyth-
goe is aware that the audience
likes the show to be a certain way,
but they are changing things up
a little this season by adding
dance crews to the competition.
"Obviously we don't want to
get in the way of the main com-
petition;' Lythgoe says. "So, this
is going to be occurring over
the audition shows. We're go-
ing to introduce two crews in
each show and ask the public
to tweet which crew out of the
two that they would like to see
in the studio. That's going to
be presented by Justin Bieber.
"Hels a huge "So You Think
You Can Dance" fan. Obviously
he watched it in Canada and
here in America, loves it and is
going to be presenting that part
of the show. We really do want
to keep it separate from the in-
dividual competition. They will
move on to the show and per-
form on the actual stage live!'
That isn't the only change.
The show is returning to the
format where there will only be
one winner. "We've been quite
lenient in the past and said,
Which is your favorite male,
which is your favorite female?'
But we're going to make Amer-
ica choose one;' Lythgoe says.
The dancers, who often go off
and find work once the show is
done, aren't the only ones who
benefit from having so much
exposure. "I think something
that we didn't originally realize
is how it important it would be
for the choreographers'" Lyth-
goe says. "We focused on the

dancers and what the dancers
had to do but, of course, it's just
as important for what the cho-
reographers do. We sort of gave
fhces to choreographers, and we
even led America to say 'chore-
ographer' and pronounce it cor-
rectly. So, it had a major impact,
I think, on choreography with
wonderful choreographers like
Mia Michaels, Sonya and Wade
Robson involved. It just gives
them much more commercial-
ity because they can do so much
more. So, from that point ofview,

the winner of'So You Think You
An American in Paris' as well. So,
it all ties in at the end of the day."
The guest judges can some-
times be as fhn as the contes-
tants. There are a few people on
Lythgoe's wish list that he'd like
to have on the show some day.
"I guess I would love people that
sort of give us the creditability of
dance like Baryshniko,' Lyth-
goe says. "Certainly in the ball-
room field, Pierre Dulaine, who
I've just done that movie with,
'Dancing in Jaffa' He knows
what he's talking about, and he
knows what he's looking for.
In the world of tap, it would've
been great to have had Savion
Glover on. You don't know how
they're going to be as judges.
They're wonderful in what they
do, but how are they going to be
as a judge? So, its difficult really.
"I just love that revolving
chair that gives
us so many

Cat Deeley is back as the 1
host of "So You Think You'-
Can Dance," airing Wednes-
day at 8 p.m. on FOX.

different people. We've just used
Fabrice Calmels from the Joffrey
Ballet, who is this 6-foot-5 bal-
let dancer. He was a really very
nice and pleasant, and good-
looking guy. Tara Lipinski, your
Olympic gold medalist, was an
absolutely terrific judge. So, you
try people out. You don't have
to have them every single week.
Misty Copeland came on as a
judge. We had good people this
year, I think, that came on and
were honest in their critiques
and entertaining, because at
the end of the day we have to
entertain people who are not
necessarily interested in dance

Cover Story .......................... 3
Sports ..................................... 4-5
Soap Update ....................... 21
Radio/News/Weather ............... 5
Q&A ..................................... 11
TV Crossword .................... 42
Movies ............................... 48
guide to symbols
**** = Exceptional*** Good
** = Fair = Poor
Symbols & codes:
(CC)= Close Captioned; 'R'= Repeat;
'N'- new; (HD)'= High Definition;
DVS = Descriptive Video Service;
iTV = Interactive television; T
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You may see rating codes on your
TV screen. Here what they mean:
'Y'- appropriate for all Children. 'Y7'
appropriate for 7 and older. 'G'
general audience. 'PG' parental
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'AS' adult situations. 'BN' brief
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'NC-17'- not recommended for
persons under 17.
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Why is TV Schedule Different from this book?
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ter this weekly book is printed. More accurate
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1:00 p.m. TNT Pocono 400
from Pocono Raceway in
Long Pond, Pa. (Live)
11:00 a.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Practice Quicken Loans
400from Michigan Interna-
tional Speedway in Brook-
lyn, Mich. (Live)
12:30 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Na-
tionwide Practice Michigan
from Michigan International
Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.
2:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Na-
tionwide Practice Michigan
Final Practice from Michigan
International Speedway in
Brooklyn, Mich. (Live)
3:30 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Qualifying Quicken
Loans 400from Michigan
International Speedway in
Brooklyn, Mich. (Live)
7:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Camp-
ing World Truck Series Prac-
tice Drivin' For Linemen 200
from Gateway Motorsports
Park in Madison, Ill. (Live)
10:30 a.m. ESPN2 NASCAR
Nationwide Series Qualify-
ing Michigan from Michigan
International Speedway in
Sparta, Ky. (Live)
2:00 p.m. ESPN Michigan
from Michigan International
Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.
8:30 p.m. FS1 Drivin' For
Linemen 200from Gateway
Motorsports Park in Madi-
son, Ill. (Live)


2:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
4:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
10:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
4 (Live)

1:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship Su-
per Regionals: Site 5, Game 3
(if Necessary) (Live)
4:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship Su-
per Regionals: Site 2, Game 3
(If Necessary) (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship Su-
per Regionals: Site 3, Game 3
(if Necessary) (Live)
3:00 p.m. ESPN2 Game #1
from TD Ameritrade Park
Omaha in Omaha, Neb.
8:00 p.m. ESPN2 Game #2
from TD Ameritrade Park
Omaha in Omaha, Neb.

1:30 p.m. SUN Seattle
Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays
2:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Chicago Cubs (Live)
3:30 p.m. WGN Chicago White
Sox at Los Angeles Angels of
Anaheim (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN Boston Red
Sox at Detroit Tigers (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN MLB Baseball
Teams TBA (Live)
7:00 p.m.SUN St. Louis Car-
dinals at Tampa Bay Rays
8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Texas Rangers (Live)
7:00 p.m.SUN St. Louis Car-
dinals at Tampa Bay Rays
7:00 p.m. ESPN MLB Baseball
Teams TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Texas Rangers (Live)
7:00 p.m. WGN Chicago Cubs
at Pittsburgh Pirates (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh Pi-
rates at Miami Marlins (Live)
7:00 p.m. WGN Chicago Cubs
at Philadelphia Phillies (Live)
8:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Houston Astros

= ..* 71=1I-III
Rafael Nadal became
the only man to win
eight titles at any Grand
Slam tournament when
he captured the Coupe
des Mousquetaires in
2013, and NBC will have
coverage of the "2014
French Open" men's final,
Sunday at 9 a.m.

2:00 p.m. WGN Kansas City
Royals at Chicago White Sox
4:00 p.m. FS1 Minnesota
Twins at Detroit Tigers (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Pittsburgh Pi-
rates at Miami Marlins (Live)
4:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Houston Astros
7:00 p.m. FOX MLB Baseball
Regional Coverage-Teams
TBA (Live)


8:00 p.m. ABC 2014 NBA Finals
Game 2 (Live)
9:00 p.m. ABC 2014 NBA Finals
Game 3 (Live)


10:00 p.m. HBO HBO Boxing
After Dark (Live)

Noon ESPN BMX Park Final,
Stadium Super Truck Final
from Circuit of The Americas
in Austin, Texas (Live)
2:00 p.m.ABC Stadium Super
Trucks, Skateboard Street

Woman's Final from Circuit
of The Americas in Austin,
Texas (Live)


European Golf Tour
6:30 a.m. GOLF Lyoness Open:
Final Round from Diamond
Country Club in Atzenbrugg,
Austria (Live)

5:00 p.m. GOLF Curtis Cup
- Final Day from St. Louis
Country Club in St. Louis,
Mo. (Live)

3:00 p.m. GOLF Manulife
Financial LPGA Classic: Final
Round from Grey Silo Golf
Course in Waterloo, Ontario

1:00 p.m. GOLF FedEx St. Jude
Classic: Final Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS FedEx St. Jude
Classic: Final Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)
9:00 a.m. ESPN 2014 U.S. Open
Championship: First Round
from Pinehurst Resort in
Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC 2014 U.S. Open
Championship 2014 U.S.
Open Championship: First
Round (Live)
5:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 U.S.
Open Championship: First
Round from Pinehurst Resort
in Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)
6:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 U.S. Open
Championship: First Round
from Pinehurst Resort in
Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)
9:00 a.m. ESPN 2014 U.S. Open
Championship: Second
Round from Pinehurst Resort
in Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC 2014 U.S. Open
Championship 2014 U.S.
Open Championship: Second
Round (Live)
5:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 U.S. Open
Championship: Second
Round from Pinehurst Resort
in Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)


Station Freq. Format
WJIS 88.1 Religious
WMNF 88.5 Eclectic
WSMR 89.1 Classical
WUSF 89.7 Classical/Jazz
WGCU 90.1 Public Radio
WBVM 90.5 Religious
WSOR 90.9 Religious
WSEB 91.3 Religious
WJYO 91.5 Religious
WVIJ 91.7 Religious
WDDV 92.1 Easy Listening
WYUU 92.5 Latin
WIKX 92.9 Country
WFLZ 93.3 Contemporary
WTLT 93.7 Easy Listening
WARO 94.5 Album Rock
WWRM 94.9 Easy Listening
WOLZ 95.3 Oldies
WMTX 95.7 Contemporary
WRXK 96.1 Album Rock
WINK 96.9 Contemporary
WTLQ 97.7 Latin
WXTB 97.9 Rock
WUSV 98.5 Country
WBCG 98.9 Contemporary
WJBX 99.3 Alternative
WQYK 99.5 Country
WCKT 100.1 Country
WAW 101.1 Easy Listening
WPOI 101.5 Album Rock
WWGR 101.9 Country
WHPT 102.5 Album Rock
WJGO 102.9 Oldies
WTBT 103.5 Country
WXKB 103.9 Pop
WKZM 104.3 Religious

Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Punta Gorda
Safety Harbor
Punta Gorda
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
St. Pete
Ft. Myers
Bonita Springs
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
St. Pete
Pt. Charlotte
Ft. Myers
St. Pete
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers


Station Freq.
WHNZ 570
WDAE 620
WBDN 760
WWCN 770
WRFA 820
WGUL 860
WLSS 930
WFLA 970
WQYK 1010
WMTX 1040
WKII 1070
WTIS 1110
WINK 1200
WIBQ 1220
WINK 1240
WTMY 1280
WDDV 1320
WCRM 1350
WRBQ 1380
WMYR 1410
WBRD 1420
WWCL 1440
WSDV 1450
WWPR 1490
WENG 1530
WCCF 1580

Classic Hits
Easy Listening
Hip Hop
Easy Listening
Rock Alt.
Easy Listening

Easy Listening
Easy Listening

Zolfo Springs
Ft. Myers
New Pt. Richey
Ft. Myers

St. Pete
St. Pete
Ft. Myers
St. Pete
Pt. Charlotte
St. Pete

Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers

Ft. Myers

Punta Gorda

Noon NBC 2014 U.S. Open
Championship: Third Round
from Pinehurst, N.C. (Live)


8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 Stanley
Cup Finals Game 3 (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBC 2014 Stanley
Cup Finals Game 4 (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBC 2014 Stanley
Cup Finals Game 5 (If Neces-
sary) (Live)


MLL Lacrosse
9:00 p.m. FSN New York
Lizards at Denver Outlaws


10:00 p.m. ESPN2 FC Dallas at
Portland Timbers (Live)

World Cup
9:30 p.m. ESPN2 Inside: U.S.
Soccer's March to Brazil
3:30 p.m. ESPN Group A Croa-
tia at Brazil (Live)
11:30 a.m. ESPN2 Group A
Cameroon at Mexico (Live)
3:00 p.m. ESPN Group B Neth-
erlands at Spain (Live)
5:30 p.m. ESPN2 Group B Aus-
tralia at Chile (Live)
11:30 a.m. ABC Group C
Greece at Colombia (Live)
2:30 p.m. ABC Group D Costa
Rica at Uruguay (Live)
5:30 p.m. ESPN Group D Italy
at England (Live)
8:30 p.m. ESPN Group CiJapan
at Ivory Coast (Live)


French Open Tennis
9:00 a.m. NBC Men's Final
from Stade Roland Garros in
Paris (Live)



1. Who is the only full-
time designated hitter
to win an A.L. batting

2. Entering 2014, who
held the Cincinnati Reds
record for most stolen
bases in one game?

3. Since 1970, five
NFL coaches have
reached the conference
championship game in
each of their first two
seasons. Who is the
only one of them to do it
for three seasons?

4. In 2013, Wichita State
became the second No.
9 seed in NCAA men's
basketball history to
reach the Final Four.
Who was the first?

5. Who holds the NHL
record for most saves
in a regulation-time

6. When was the last
time before 2014
that the U.S. failed
to medal in Olympic

7. Name the only PGA
golfer to be a wire-
to-wire winner of
the Arnold Palmer


u! 'soldnoo paiJI "L

7*86T sQM i1 "9


"6L6T u! 'UUad "t7

Luir s,o~s13u J- UPS "E

W!F~ ~ SO S!3 QJ U l~

U! 9SV j!LI Zou!1JQlAl
JP61p3 S,Ol111OS -T



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Fill 213 213_5_5_5_(HD) 1 (HD)
NBC 8 8 8 8 Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Today Weekend News, interviews, human inter- 2014 French Open: Men's Final: from Stade Roland Garros in Paris (Live)
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PBS 3 33Easy Yoga for Arthritis Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Joy Bauer's Food Remedies Negotiating the
PBS 3 3 Gentleyoga routine. with Lissa Rankin, MD (R) (HD) Detox Diet Food addiction. (R) (HD) healthy eating maze. (CC) (R) (HD)
PBS ~ 204 204 16 European Foreign(CC) Crossroads Florida (CC) Tothe Con- McLaughlin Scully (CC) Moyers (N) Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You
1 61 (CC) (N) (R) (CC) _____ tr (N) (N) (HD) How to achieve financial independence. (R) (HD)
PBS 3 Curious (CC) Curious (CC) Martha (R) Kratts (R) Curious (R) Cat in Hat( Peg + Cat Space Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Peggy
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44 10 Silverdome Church (CC) CharlesStanley(CO Da Child Hour
TIF 23 23 23 95 Programa Perspec- El Chavo El Chavo Marmaduke (10) Un grand dans se convierte en Homicidio en Hollywood ('03, Acci6n) **
50 pagado tiva (Fw6) ()V) famoso despues de mudarse a California. Policias buscan al asesino de cantantes. (CC)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Desayuno Desayuno Programa Programa Para volver a amar Tras Planeta U Factores Al Punto Temas Repdblica deportiva (N)
62 (141D) (141D) 1 ado a ado la felicidad. (HD) divertidos. candentes. (CC) (HD) (CC) (HD)
___1 SI &*lffj I .1 i 'I I IMM II I
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Paid Paid Criminal: Conflicted Criminal Missing boy. Criminal (TV14) (HD) Longmire (R) (HD) Longmire (R) (HD)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Mad Men )R) (HD) Mad Men (R) (HD) Mad Men: Field Trip TURN Rebel spies. (R) The Bone Collector ('99) Cop pursues killer.
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Extreme Extreme Freaky Freaky Untamed (CC) (1)) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Morning Inspiration Prestigious black ministers speak. Jones Gospel (TV G) Lift Every Voice (CC) Gridiron Gang (06)
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TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Married Married Married Married Friends Friends Friends Friends -The House Bunny ('08) **(CC( Father
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Topaze ('33) Teacher's tonic. (CC) Whistling in the Dark ('41) (CC) Face of Fire ('59, Drama) (NR) D.O.A. ('50) Seeking his killer. (CC)
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USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 House: Chase (HD) Paid Paid IPaid Paid SVU: Denial (TV14) SVU Stranged D.A. SVU: Strain (TV14)
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King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: I entered your
summer book contest
a while back, and I was
wondering if you had
announced the winners
yet. -- Tina R., via email

A: All right -- I think it's
time to announce the
winners of the "Green
Island" summer reading
contest, wherein five
lucky readers were
randomly chosen (using
the random-number
generator at random.
org) to win an e-book set
of Em Barrett's "Leaving
Green Island" and "The
Almosts." The winners
are: Joan L., Peggy A.,
Maureen H., Philomena S.
and Colleen J.

For those of you
unfamiliar with the
new author's work,
her writing has been
compared to that of
Emily Giffin -- who's best
known for "Something
Borrowed," "Heart
of the Matter" and
"The One and Only"
-- a comparison that
thrills Em. "I was very
excited when I read
that. Obviously, I take it
as a huge compliment.
I like her books a lot,
and she's been hugely
successful. While I hope
my voice is unique
as well, I'm beyond
flattered to be compared
to Emily Giffin."
To read my entire
interview with Em, and
to keep up with all the
latest entertainment
news and contests,
head over to www.
celebrityextraon line.

Q: Last season I was
really into "Hemlock
Grove." Please tell me
that it will return for
another season! -- Jerry
R. in Montana

A: The second season
of the Emmy-nominated
Netflix original series
"Hemlock Grove" will
premiere on Friday,
July 11, at 3:01 a.m.
ET/12:01 a.m. PT. The
series is based on Brian
McGreevy's novel of
the same name. All 10
episodes of the one-hour
series starring Famke
Janssen, Bill Skarsgard,
Landon Liboiron and
Dougray Scott will be
available at that time
for streaming. Joining
the cast are Madeline
Brewer of "Orange is
the New Black," and
Madeleine Martin of
"Cal iforn icat ion."

Em Barrett

Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and


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PBS Lent at Ephesus: Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostle Healin A.D.D.whhDr.Daniel My Music: 60's Pop, Rock & Soul 1960s musi-
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TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Countdown (N) (CC) s NASCAR Sprint Cup: Pocono 400: from Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa. Law& Order: Identity Int'l ('09)
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TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Top 20 Biker crashes. Jokers Jokers Pawn (R( S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach LizardLic LizardLic LizardLic LizardLic
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Who's Bos Who's B Who's Boo (:48) Cosby (CC) Cosby Cosby ICosby Cosby Coby Cosby Gilligan's
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 SVU College rapist. SVU: Cold (TV14) SVU Sextraffickers. SVU Kidnapping. (lD) SVU: Sin (T14)((D) SVU: Trade (TV14)
WE 111171 11- 117149 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne RoseanneRoseanne Roeanne Roseanne CSI Miami()(lI) CSIMiami (CC) (D)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Step Up 2 ('08) (CC) HomeVdeos(TVPG HomeVdeos(TVPG WhiteSox MLB Baseba Chcago vs Los Angeles (ve) (CC) (ID)



7 p.m. on FOX
"The General Inspection"
Cody pushes Pete to keep
up with the extremely high
standards in their unit; Jill
is paired with Randy to
prepare for the upcoming
inspection, and finds new
respect for him. (HD)

This Is the End
8 p.m. on ENC
Six celebrities have trapped
themselves inside a house
after a series of devastating
events befall Los Angeles,
and their friendships are
put to the test when cabin
fever takes over, forcing
them to leave the house
and face the outside world.

Despicable Me
8 p.m. on FAM
In order to secure his place
as the greatest thief in

history, a criminal master-
mind decides to use three
orphaned girls to pull off
his next big heist, but when
their love begins to warm
his heart, he considers
abandoning his plan.l(HD)

Guy's Grocery Games
8 p.m. on FOOD
"Cut the Cheese" Clas-
sic dish of macaroni and
cheese gets a twist in the
first round; in the second
round, the chefs must
prepare a chicken dinner
in Watch Your Weight; the
remaining chefs must make
a romantic meal in the final
round of Cart Swap.

The 2014 Miss USA
8 p.m. on NBC
Contestants from each
state and Washington, D.C.,
travel to The Baton Rouge
River Center in Baton
Rouge, La., to compete for
the title of Miss USA, where
they will be judged in the

swimsuit, evening gown
and interview categories.
(H D)

9 p.m. on AMC
"The Battle of Setauket"
Mary has a hard time com-
ing to terms with the fact
that Abe is leading a double
life as a rebel spy; Ben and
Caleb are tasked with the
responsibility of leading a
raid on the town of Se-
tauket in order to protect
the patriot families living
there. (HD)

Cosmos: A SpaceTime
9 p.m. on FOX
"Unafraid of the Dark" The
Ship of Imagination makes
a journey to meet Fritz
Zwicky, whose observations
of supernovas helped scien-
tists to better understand
dark energy, one of the
biggest mysterious expla-
nations for the expansion of
the universe; 'The Pale Blue
Dot.' (HD)

Jessie Mueller is nominated
as Best Musical Actress for
her starring role in "Beauti-
ful: The Carole King Musi-
cal," a Best Musical nomi-
nee telling the story of the
prolific songwriter's rise to
success from her teenage
years, on "The 68th Annual
Tony Awards," airing live
from Radio City Music Hall
in New York City, Sunday at
8 p.m. on CBS.

JUNE8 5 1 P 1 1 P

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NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Billfish C. Moore Off Grid F1 (14D) Mecum FIVB World League (N) (14D) Lucas Oil (N) (14D) RacerTV TORC
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Phenoms Inside Rays LIVE! MLB Baseball: Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays (live) (14D) RaysLIVE! Inside Do Florida
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Fairly Fairly Breadwinne Breadwinne Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 Movie Cartoon Planet JohnyTest JohnyTest Regular Regular Adventure Adventure Universe Grandpa Grandpa
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 33 100 State Tony Blinken. Fareed Zakaria (R) CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news and updates. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118NewsHQ Housecall NewsHQ(DC)(N) FOX News (14D) Respected News HQ Carol Aft Housecall MediaBuzz (R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Alex Witt (N) (14D) Taking the Hill (N) Meet Press (14D) MSNBC Live (N) Karen Finney (N) Caught (lID)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Paid Weekend Paid Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend
CMIVT 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 2O Countdown The CMT winners. (R) Malibu Malibu Malibu Malibu Malibu CMT Music Awards 2014 (i))
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Teen Mom (N) (1i)) Catfish (R) (1i)) Catfish (R) (1i)) Awkward Awkward Awkward Faking t Faking It Faking t
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Anger The Break-Up ('06, Comedy) **2 Exes' condo fight. Hit Floor: Passing Hollywood (R) (1i)) Full Court Game
Cnemy of the State ('98) An innocent lawyer is framed for a (:25) Doom ('05) Marines battle de- (5) Red Dragon ('02, Crime) Anthony Hopkins.
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 political murder and forced to go on the run. (R) monic beasts on Mars. (CC) Agent searches for full moon killer.
CN231Snitch ('13) ***k~ A father goes 0:0) Coffee Town ('13) Man stops (:20) Cruel Intentions ('99, Drama) Ryan Percy Jackson: Sea of
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 undercover with the DEA. (CC) coffee shop from changing. Phillippe. Wicked teenagers wager in sex. Monsters (13)
DISN 136 136 136 136 250 1Ramona (50) Mickey Gravity (R) Gravity (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Liv (CC) (R) Liv (CC) (R) Good Luck Good Luck
DIN16 3 3616994 5 (10) *** (R) (141D) (14D)) 11) (4) R R
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 (11:45) City Slickers 2: The Legend (:45) Unforgiven ('92, Western) A retired gunslinger picks up Sin City ('05) In a corrupt town, several tough
EN, of Curly's Gold (,94) (CC) his guns one more time for a lucrative bounty. outlaws live by their own moral codes.
O(11:30) Les Mis~rables ('12, Musical) Life of run- Real ime with Bill (15) R.I.P.D. ('13, Action) **1%2 Jeff Bridges. Of- The Normal Heart ('14)
HBO 32 302 302 302 302 302 400 away prisoner in 1800s Paris. (CC) Maher(V,)(R) ficers fight monstrous criminals. (CC)(i)) Gayactivist.l(CC)
HB02 303303303303303303402 Impossible Game of Thrones Unex- (45) Provod- ( 5) (:45) 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Iconic artists honored
HV 396) pected guests. nikov Springsteenwith "Lifetime Achievement" and "Musical Excellence." (CC) (lID)
HB03 304 304 304 304 304 404 Wgthe Doq ('97) Fake John Oliver Oblivion (13) One of the last drone repairmen Real Sports with Bryant The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
HBO3 war is stage. (li) stationed on Earth has one last job. Gumbel(CC) ('13) Magician memories.
SHOW Beauty Shop (05) A hairstylist (:45) Deep Impact ('98) ** Humanity struggles to prevent its (55) Sahara ('05, Adventure) ** Treasure
340 34 340 opens her own salon. (CC) extinction as a comet heads toward Earth. (1i) hunter searches for battleship. (PG-13) (C)
TMC 350 350 50 350 350385Family Ban The Words (12) Writer uses man's (10) Sliding Doors ('98, Comedy) **% Kinky Boots ('06, Comedy) **2 Linda
TM_ 33 3 3 (13) manuscript as his own. (CC) Woman's destiny hinges on missed train. (14D) Bassett. Drag queen rescues shoe factory. (CC)
Ir j i T j ]r ], JJ I P i T I ] ],T ] ],T ] ],, n

JUNE 8 *==.1 11 W JI

ABC World ABC7 News Jimmy (31) NBA 2014 NBA Finals: Game 2 (Live)
ABC 7 11 7 Newswith @ 6:30pm (N) Kimmel: Countdown
2 DavidMuir(N) (HD) Game Night: (N) (CC) (HD)
(HD) Game Two (N)
ABC News The lat- World News Kimmel (CC) (N) NBA Count (N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 2 (Live)
2N est news. (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) (P
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 World News News (N) Kimmel (CC) (N) NBA Count (N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 2 (Live)
I 7(N)(HD) )14(HD) (HD) (P
CBS Evening 10 News The 60 Minutes (CC) (N) (HD) The 68th Annual Tony Awards (CC) (HD)
CBS 10 10 10 10 News National latest news.
10 news.(N)(HD) (N)
CBS 213213 5 CBS Evening News (N) (HD) 60 Minutes (CC) (N) (HD) The 68th Annual Tony Awards (CC) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly Dateline NBC (CC) (N) (HD) The 2014 Miss USA Competition Contestants from each state and Washinqton D.C.
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Week- travel to The Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, La. to compete for the title of
._ and weather. end Edition (N) Miss USA, where they will be judged in the swimsuit, evening gown and interview catego-
(1)HD) ries. (CC) (HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Dateline NBC (CC) (N) (HD) The 2014 Miss USA Competition Contestants from each state and Washington D.C.
20 2 2 2 News() compete in a beauty pageant. (CC) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News Enlisted Cody American The Simp- Family Guy: Cosmos: ASpceime Ms- FOX1310:00NewsTopsto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined pushes Pete. Dad! Kids sons:YOLO Christmas Guy sey: Unafraid of the Dark Dark riesofthenewsday are up-
F13 1 and reported byhe FOX 13 (CC) (N) (HD) forced outside. An old 'to-dd' Holiday cher. ener, the expanding universe. dated ythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) (R) (HD) list. (R) (N) (H) News team. (N)
(500)To Be Announced Info Enlisted (CC) (N) Dad (CC) (R) The Simp- Family Guy (R) Cosmos: A Spacelime Odys- FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
__. unavailable. HD (HD) sons: YOLO (HD) seyDark ener (N) news report. (N)
PBS PBS Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine with My Music: Classical Rewind Classical mu -Inside Foyle's War A behind-the-scenes
3M 33 Newshour(N) Lissa Rankin, MD Mind and health. (R) sic with scenic images. (CC) (R) (HD) look at the show. (CC) (R) (HD)
PBS 204 204 204 16 3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Joel Fuhrman, M.D. A The Biq Band Years A retrospective look at the music that Suze Orman's Financial Solu-
.,11 r look at the obesity crisis in the US. (CC) (R) (HD) broughfAmericathrough World War II. (R) (HD) tons ForYou (R)(HD)
PBS (530)The Stoy ofthe Jews My Music: Classical Rewind Classical mu- My Music: Moments to Remember Songs by Rosemary Clooney, Frankie
I____ 3 3 3 Shtetl culture.(?) sic with scenic images. (CC) )R) )HD) Laine, the Four Lads and others are honored. (CC) (R) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 21/2Men(CC) 21/2Men(CC) Big Bang(CC) Big Bang(CC) HowlMet(CC) HowlMet(CC) Modern(CC) Modern Hiking. INK News @lOpm (N) (1H))
C 2 HD) HD) (HD) (HD) [HD) (HD) (HD) )(HD)
Aw 9 Friends (F ) Friends (WVPG) 2 1/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) CSI: Miami: Wrecking Crew CSl: Miami: Cheating Death Criminal Minds: The Big
MI_ (CC) (CC) HD) (HD) Crane crash. (CC) (HD) Lab rank (CC) (HD) Wheel Killer's videotape.
MYN 11 14 Setup (11, Action) Bruce Willis. Man is forced to team with Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld: The Raymond (CC) Community Our Issues Whacked Out
N 14 crime boss when longtime friend betrays him. Calzone (CC)(HD) (CC) (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends (CC) Friends (CC) Family Guy Family Guy Love & Other Drugs ('10) A one-night stand with a Parkin- Leverage: The San Lorenzo
IN (CC) (CC) son's patient develops into more than expected. Job Advisor. (CC) (HD)
IND Modern (CC) ModernHiking. Big Bang(CC) BigBang(CC) Glee: Dynamic Duets A love tri- Glee: Thanksgiving Alumni The Office: The Office (CC)
3I 12 12 12 38 (HD) (HD) (HD) )Hfl) angle heats up. (HD) help out. )CC)HD) Lotto H HD)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 11 Leverage: The White Rabbit Leverage: The Corkscrew Job Leverage: The Toy Job Toy Leverage: The Long Good-bye Leverage: The Wedding Job
Job Tow n jeopardy. Winery owner. (UD) company CEO. (HD) Job Nate's son. Mob we ding. (HD)
WCLF 2222 22 2 The Brody The Watch- Monumental Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Grace For Know the Chist for All Jesse
22 File man Today Cause(CC) Nations Duplantis (N)
WRXY 22 The Good Life Pe Stone Great Awakening Tour Connection Saving the In- Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
44 10 (CC) (CC) vestor ment tion
TLF 23 23 23 95 (5:30) Los pr6ximos tres dfas ('10, Crimen) Un hombre La viuda negra: La Gran Final (CC) (N) (HD) Metistasis Capo poderoso.
50 idea un Ilan para sacar a suesposa de Ia carcel (CC) (N) (14D)
UNIV 15 15 15 Humor es (CC) Noticiero Aqufy ahora Periodismo de La viuda negra: La Gran Final (CC) (N) )HD) Metastasis Capo poderoso.
62 61Unvso (N investiqacion. (N) (14D) (CC) (N) (14D)

262626 3 50 1 Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) R) Duck(CC) R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck Dynast: Aloha, Duck Eating Duck (CC) (R) Duck Korie's Duck "Black
____ )H) )H) )D) )D) obess r o awi skll (R) )D) cousin. Panther:'
Shooter ('07) A former Marine sniper is recruited to prevent the assassination of the presi- TURN: The Battle of Setauket Halt and Catch Fire: FUD New
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 detadi rmdfor the asasnao can Ethiopian itry. ((()i machine. (N) (141))
___dent and is framed frteassassination ofa Ethio ianrdgnitas. (N)
To Be Announced Info un- Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives Russian hikers' deaths Finding Biqfoot: Big Callof the Wildman(CC)
API 44 44 44 44 36 68130 available, re-examined. (CC) (HD) imannorrifyB ight C) (N) 1 id()(
Waist Deep ('06) An ex-con Blue Hill Avenue ('01, Drama Allen Payne, Angelle Brooks. The son of a Kingdom Come ('01, Comedy) LL Cool
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 loses son in carjacking. solidly middleclassblack fami y turns todealingdrugs.() Familymembers gather for a funeral.
Married to Medicine Dead- Atlanta: KandrsWedding Kandi's Wedding: Blessings Mariedto Medicine: Blind Kandi's Wedding: Blessings
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 line looms. (R) Friends' doubts. (R) and Dressings (N) Date Love life help. (N) and Dressings(R)
South Park: (:28) South (:58) Men in Black '1(02) ** Agents Kay and Jay foil an Tropic Thunder (08) *** Movie stars stranded in a
COM Butt Out Park(R) alien lingerie model's plans of intergalactic evil. dangerous un gle think they are still making a film. (CC)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 1 Treehouse Masters Dream Treehouse Masters Dream Treehouse Masters Dream Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Dude, You're Screwed Surviv-
DISC treehouses. (CC) (HD) treehouses. (CC) (HD) treehouses. (CC)(HD) ing off the land. (HD) aliststested. (HD)
E! 46464646 27 26196 Bridesmaids ('1 ,Comedy) *** Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph. A lovelorn and broke Keeping Upwith the Escape Club Twelve people
E!___ woman accepts to'be her best friend's maid of honor. (R) _Kardasnians: Let It Go (N) arrive at a resort. (N)
ES 82 82 82 82 118118160 American Ninja Warrior: Dallas Qualifying Dallas competi- psych: No Trout About It Quirk psyche: psych: The Musical Shawn and Gus must find an
'4 tors tackle obstacles. (CC) (HD) consultant. (HD) escaped pla right deemed criminally insane.
Church and CrossingtGoal The World Over News from Sunday Nigh Prime Callers' Chesterton Holy Rosary EWTN Theology
EWTN4 Poor (MG) around theword. (CC uestions. (F/G)(N) (M/) J%) Roundtable Current events.
FAM 5 5 5 55 10 46 1 The Smurfs (11, Family) Hank Azaria. Mysterious tiny blue Despicable Me (10, Comedy) A master thief decides to CloudywithaChanceof
F4 creatures are on the run from an evil wizard use three or phaned girls to pull off a big heist. Meatballs Edible chaos.
FOOD 3 6164Food Network Star Premier Chopped: Cool, Palm and Per- Guy's Grocery Games Mac 7Food Network Star Chefs The Big Tip (N)
FO 3737 37 37 -714pay.(4)H) fect~ Blowfish tai. and cheese. (N-) Iteach Alton. (N) (141))
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 53 (5:30) Just Go With It ('1) Man with fake wedding ring Wanderlust (12, Comedy),,* An urban couple em- Wanderlust (12, Comed)
FX___ 1 1184 meets lady, is ashamedof truth, and fakes divorce, brace alternative livin after becoming unemployed. (R) gk.1 2lternative ln .(R)
GSN 119 119 119 119 34 119 1Family Feud Family Feud The American Bible Chal- It Takes a Church (R) Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
GSN 7777378(VPG) (IVPG) lenge (R) Game (R) Game(R) Game(R) Game(R)
HALL 5 5 11 13240 Chance At Romance (14) Erin Krakow. A woman encoun- Signed Sealed, Delivered: Looking for Mr. Right (14, Drama) (CC) (HD)
HALL 7 ters a photographer. (NR) (CC) (HD) Darkofl'ight(N)(HD)
Mountain Men: Close Calls Mountain Men: Winter's Wrath Mountain Men: The Darkness Mountain Men Wolves faced; The Hunt (CC) (N) (HD)
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65128 Landing may kill. (R) Big decision; more. Wolf packfaced. (R) more. (CC) (N) (HD))
Hunters (CC) R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) Hunters (CC) (R) Bargain Hunt Bargain Hunt Brother vs. Brother (N) HuntersFamil Hunters(CC(N)
HOME 41 41)HD) HD) HD) (HD) (N) I(N) home. HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19151 Joy Mangano Serious Skin Care Serious Skin Care Joy Mangano Joy Mangano
40)The Holiday (06, Com- A Walk to Remember (02) The cruelest boy in school ro- Drop Dead Diva: Afterlife Deat Devious Maids Night, Mother
LIFE3 House swaC. (C) mances a girl who is de cated to helping others. row inmate. (N) Opa asks for he.


OWN 58 5 58 58 41103161 Undercover Boss: Squaw Undercover Boss Resort Oprah: Where Are They Oprah: Where Are They Oprah's Master Class Tim
OWN Valley Ski resort CEO. CEO returns. (CC) (HD) Now? 'The Love Boat." Now? Candy Spei n. (N) McGraw talk. (N) (HD)
51 5 51 51 29 63 54 Bar Rescue: Twin vs. Twin Bar Rescue: I Smell a Rat Bar Rescue: Muscle Madness Hungry Investors: Sake Frankenfood Frankenfood
Kansas City, Mo. (R) Hookah bar. (R) (HD) Volatile owners. (R) Bombed (CC) (N)
SYFY 61 61 61 625364180 Drive Angry xXx (02, Action) ** Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson. An extreme sports Casino Royale ('06) James Bond enters a
SYY 17 6 6767 5.' 64180('11),/, enthusiast is recruited to infiltrate a Russian crime ring. (PG-13) high-stakes poker game to defeat a terrorist banker. (CC)
Knocked Up (07, Comedy) Seth Rogen. Unexpected Definitely, Maybe (08, Romance) *** Ryan Reynolds. A 1 -year-old Definitely,
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 preg nancy forces two mismatches to tryto coexist. girl tr ies to bring her birth mom and her dad together again. Maybe ***
Notorious (46) Cary Grant. In order to aid a dashing U.S. The Incredible Mr. Limpet ('64, Fantasy) ** Don Knotts. Anchors Aweigh ('45, Musical)
TOM 165 65 65 65 169230 government agent, a woman marries a Nazi spy' Mild-mannered man turns into a fish. (6) (C) Shnreleave. (CQ
TIC 45 45 45 45 51 121391Sister Wives Second trag- Sister Wives Dress re- Sister Wives Big date ar- Sister Wives Potential inves- Return to Amish Mary visits
__1 edy. (CC) (R) (HD) hearsay. ((C) (R) (HD) rives. ((C) (R) (HD) tor. C) (N) (HD) NYC. (N) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 (5:30) The International ('09) Interpol agent and district at- Double Jeopardy ('99) A man frames his wife in a 17) Red Eye ('05) In-flight kid-
__ torney follow corrupt money trail across globe, scheme to defraud a life insurance company. (R)(CC) nappng byassassin.
TRAV 69 6996260 66110 Xtreme(CC)(R) Xtreme(CC)(R) Trip Fli pWild Trip Flip: Las MysteriesattheMuseum Mysteries at the Museum Legends(N)
R 69 69 69 (HD) (HD) west.R) Vegas Raising the dead. (R) Black Dahlia murder.
TRUT 63 63 63 63 50 30183 truTV Top Funniest: TV's truTV Top Funniest (CC) (R) truTV Top Funniest Television truTV Top Funniest: TV truTV Top Funniest (CC) (R)
Funniest Flubs (CC)(R) mistakes. (CC)(R) Blunders 4 (CC) (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan's Gilligan's Held captive. Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3 343422 52 50 Law & Order. SVU Secret is Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
revealed.1V14)(HD) Unit: Anchor (HD) Unit Misidentified. Unit Hate crimes. Unit: Clock1V14)
WE 1171111111 111149 CSI: Miami Alexx returns. (CC) CSI: Miami: Presumed Guilty CSI: Miami: Sink or Swim Pi- CSI: Miami: Divorce Party CSI: Miami: Right Risk Flight
( 141)HD) Murder cover-up. rates take yacht. (HD) Shcking discovery. attendant. (CC)(D)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 MLB Baseball Home Videos Hulk ('03) A scientist is accidentally exposed to experimental radiation that causes him to Salem: Departures (CC) (N)
W4 Live IVP) become a destructive green monster when he is emotionally stressed. (HD)
CSS 28 23 28 28 49 70 (5:00) To Be Announced Program information is unavail- Talkin Football To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
___able at this time. titme
Sports2enter: from Bristol, Baseball Tonight: Sunday MLB Baseball: Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers from Comerica Park (Live) (H))
ESPN 129 29 29 29 12 58 70 Conn. (N) (CC) (141) (N)(141))
214 NCAA Baseball Cham- &2014 NCAA Baseball Championship ve) (CC) (14)) 2014 NCAA Baseball Cham-
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 9 pionship (live) (1)) epionship(Ike)(14))
FS1 48 UFC Fight Night: Henderson NASCAR: UFC Insider (N) UFC Countdown: 174: John- World Poker Tour. Alpha8 St. The Ultimate Fihter: Some-
48 48 48 42 69 83 vs Khabilov (Replay) Pocono(N) (H)) son vs. Bagautinov (N) Kitts -Day 2 (H)) one's Gettin Bu id
FSN 1272122 5617 Championship Bull Riding W/rd Poker (Replay) (CC) (H)) Wrld Poker (Taped) (CC) (1)) PowerShares Tennis Series: Surprise: from Surprise Sta-
FSN 7 7 (Taped) (H4)) dium in Surprise, Ariz. (Replay) (H4))
GOLF 49 49449955030 4USGA Goff Tournament: PGA Tour Golf: Cleveland Open: Final Round PGA Chan ions Tour Golf: Big Cedar Lodge Legends of
GL 449449 55 60 304 Curtis Cup Final Day (Taped) (141)) Gl:FnlRud(ae)(4)

NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 (5:30) TORC: Las Vegas Formula One Racing: Canadian Grand Prix: from Circuit Gilles 1: F1 Documentary
/ Villeneuve in Montreal (Live) (CC() (141))

SUN 38 33 401 401 45 57 76 Into the (HD) Saltwater Exp. iV (HD) ShipShape Srsman: Reel Time Fish Flats (HDI Fishing (HD) Professional Tarpon (HD)
NIC ]5 5 2 2 2 44Z5 bea ( 4) R) TVD (R)D) movie (141))intip
NICK 25 25 2Spnpe: Jail- Songe ((C) Sam& Cat (R) Thunderman Full Hse Scary Full Hse ((C) FullHse((C) FullHse((C) Full Hse ((C) FulIHseHa-

TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Movie Steven Uni- Teen Titans King ofthe HilKing ofthe Hill Bob's Burgers Bob's Burgers
_verse Go! (CC) (CC) (141) (141))

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Security(R) ]Money(R) 60 Minutes (R) 60 Minutes (R) Greed A shady mayor. (R)
32 3 32 32 18 38100 CNN Newsroom Sunday CNN Spc. (R) Anthon Bourdain Parts Un- Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- Inside Man American life. (N)
CNN I News and updates. (N) known otic foods. known Exotic foods.
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Newsmakers The Best of Washington This Week Q&A Interesting people dis- Commons adtotheWhite House The final cam-
____ () ________________cuss their work. (N) paignweekend in Florida.
FNC 64 6 64 64 48 11 118 FOX News Sundaywith Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
FNC Wallace ((C) (HD) wrap-up. (N) (HD) (N) (HD) (CC) (N) (D) ertarian issues. (HD)
MSNB 83 83 83 8318540103 Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Lockup Cameras explore life
MSB 3838 8 8!4 13face danger. (141)) face clanger. (141)) face danger. (141)) face clanger. (141)) behind bars. (141))
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 Weekend Paid Annette eekend Paid iWWeekend Weekend
(430) CMT Music Awards 2014 Cop Re- Cops Re- Cops Re- Cops Re- CMT Music Awards 2014 Fan-casted votes decide the
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 F21Fan-voted awards. loaded (H)) loaded (H)) loaded )H)) loaded (H)) winners of country music awards. (H))

MTV 33 33 3333 35 48 10 Faking It (R) JFaking It)R) Faking It Trio in Faking It (R) Teen Mom: Being Teen Teen Mom: Being Amber Life Teen Mom: Being Maci Par-
bed. ~Dads ((C) (R)HD outside. ((C) (R) (14) eng ((C) )R))HD
Love & Hip Ho Atlanta Party Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Think Like a Man Four friends decide to et even after learning that their respective girl-
Lo 50 scuffle. (C) (R)) H) (R)y HD1)) friends are using a popular relationship advice book to manipulate them.
(0)Bue Sreak a'9 Mrin Lawrence, Luke Wilson. 2 us(13 cin enzel ahntn ak Eeyo h tt '8
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 A hapless jewel thief poses as a police officer to retrieve Wahlberg. Two men discover they have been set up by the Thriller A r is
stolen diamonds. (PG-13) mob to investigate each other. (R) (CC) (141) frame for murder. (R) (CC)
Percy 1(:45) Tombstone ('93, Western) *** The three Earp brothers and Doc /Fantastic Four ('05, Action) ** Four /Black'lie
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Jackson: Holliday move to an Arizona mining town only to find that the place is unde astronauts acquire superhuman powers afte Nighs Erotica
Monsters ('13) the control of a gang led by the Clanton brothers. (CC) being exposed to gamma rays. ((( Q (M06)
Jessie IJessie IAustin &Ally IAustin &Ally ILivandMad- LivandMad- LivandMad- ILivandMad- Jdssie Dance Austin &Ally
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Trapped in a Announce- Austin in Dez directs. (R) die lmportant die Softball die Show die Feminine class.(CC)(R) Music industry.
room. (R) (141)) Iments. (R)(141)) ]decline. (141)) ]letter. Tryout. (R) ]audition. Shoes. (141)) /(R)
( 1) Guess Who ('05) 2 Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher. This Is the End (13) Six celebrities trap themselves in a Power: Not Exactly How We
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 A father is very displeased with his daughter's fianc6 house after a series of devastating events in Los Angeles, Planned Drug kingpin leaves.
because of his race. (PG-13) (CC) and their friendships are put to the test. (R) I(CC) (141))
(5.00) The Normal Heart ('14, 0(20) Enough Said ('13, Comedy) ***,-, James Gandolfini, Game of Thrones: The IVeep: Crate IVeep: New
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Drama)A gay activisttackles a Juia Louis-Dreyous. A divorce woman starts todevelopa Watchers on the Wall (CC) (N) (CC) ) ()) Hampshire(N)
new disease. Relationship with an intriguing man. (CC) (141) (141) (141))
VICE (CC) (141) Last Week Real Time with Bill Maher Game of Thrones: The Red 2 ('13, Action) Bruce Willis, John Malkovich. Frank
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 John Oliver (CC (TVMA) (CC) (H)) Mountain and the Viper Moses gathers his team when a nuclear portable device
(141)) /IUnexpected quests. (141)) goes missing. (1'6-1 3) (CC) (141))
(4.50) Burt (35) The Place Beyond the Pines (13, Crime) After discovering that his Oblivion (13, Science Fiction) *** Tom Cruise, Morgan
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Wonderstone former girlfriend gave birth to his child, a stunt performer gets dragged into Freeman. One of the last drone repairmen stationed on
(13) **1/2 a life of stealing and crosses paths with a cop. (CC) Earth has one last job. 1'-13) (CC) (HD)
Years of Living Calif.Hashtag Nurse Jackie Penny Dreadful: NurseJacde Califomication Penny Dreadful: Closer than
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Dangerously: A Dangerous Blackfight. R) Jackie home Demimonde (R) Top 25 Doctors Hank Sisters (N)
Future (CC) (R) (H)) (HD) detox, list. reminisces.
Do the Right Thing ('89, Drama) ***12 Danny Aiello, Django Unchained (12, Western) **** Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz. A freed slave
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Ossie Davis. Raciartension in a Brooklyn neighborhood travels across the United States with a German bounty hunter to liberate his wife from the
I I erupts into violence. (R) (CC) (HD) clutches of a ruthless plantation owner in Mississippi. )R) (CC) (HD)


ABC 20 2 21 2 News Pi BonE Pai d Cr Datl Dews Now EN) News News (N)
AC 1 3 11 News Castle Practice Paid Paid Paid World News (N) News News News
AC A 7 7 7 10 7 News Paid McCarver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline World News Now (t) News News News
CBS 0 10 1010 3 News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid 05) Up to the Minute (N) News News News
SCBS ffi 16 5 5 News McCarver Paid Inside McNeely Kickin't ((5) Minute(N) iNews News News(Y)
SNBC 8 8 8 8 8 News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Dateline Paid Early News News News
NBC M11 2 2 2 News Paid Bones i Paid Red Crpt Dateline Dateline Early News i News ()
NDFOX 32 1132 3 1 3 e3 News Notice H CIoser Paid Paid Judy iJudy iNews News News (N)
IFOX 14 4 4 Closer Notice Glee (h) Homes 30dRock 30PRock Ptemity Divorce Alex iNews (N)
PBS 2323 3 Joy B ae (CC)A(i) TThe Making (R) Ribbon Objects Mariachi Orchestra
PB M 242420 1 Solution 1Healing A.D.D. (R) 3 Steps (R) (141)) 1Medicine (R) 1Bolder IYoga
PBS 3 3 3 3 Suze Orman (R) ( a) Dead Ahead Amusement Shore Cook-Off Joy Baue (R)
CWU4V) 1 6 1 6 Humors ieeSanctuary Alien Alen Cheaters Paid Paid Harvey Hs Nos
CW 4) 9 Criminal 1Family Family Mr.Box IMr.Box Alice in Wonderland ('10) McNeely Daily Buzz

MYN C262262 1 81 Ride Honor iDc (R) Dc Dk Du D uck duck DuKT Paid Paid Shepherd
IMYN 7 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer i Access The Lion in Winter (68, Drama) Sheph rd
ID 1212 12 3 12 There Yet There Yet Hot Tub ime (10) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EION 8M2 82 82 1 1817 Listener Listener Psych psych ( Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WIFNM22 22 22 2 Tommy n Awaken Prophecy FruLit fCT Spc Copland Citylife Good Life Jesus CTN Spc Empower 'o Hmekeep
WRXY1M 5 2244 10 Life Awaken Awaken Ministry iTurning iWomen PaiduP Pad Paither Exercise Fitness
TLF 13331 5 Deportivo La base2('00) (C En loprofundo ('02) Pagado Pagado Contacto

GSN 111111 3111New edNew ecew ed ew dind Min Crmid aid Doratic Paid aid Padaai
H EUNIV 14W 1 15 6 Humors Ntes s Brotho Verdad AuPtrst e Hutr Hne Hunt Hunt Paid HumorPea Noaticiero

IE 36 36 36 39 501 (Duck Duck Duck (R) Duck Duck Duck Duck iDuck iDuck Paid P aB Dog Bdy Paid
S5 5 5 5 3053231 Halt Catch TURN(R) altCatch TURN(R) Freaksh Freaksh SmaTn am Stooges
SP 5151512634 Bar Reeigfoot (R) FWildman RussiankYeti ( BD) RTBA TBA iTBA
T 6 640 2227RKngdom Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
BS 59995625 2 5118 Fashion Wedding Medicine Wedding Medicine Fashion It Paid Paid Paid
TCI 6666 15 271 Thunder osh T i rS Park S. Park S. Park S. Park Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Paid Paid
TISC 4545445 12(Siter A (aska Dude Treehouse Treehouse Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
S666627 26 Escape Kardashian iEscape Club Kardashian Soup iC. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
S6 6 6 1111 16 Lucky (R) Lucy () Lucky (R) Lucky (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TN 222612 17 Ra mondife(R) Mass(R) Ltanyof MarylDQw Sunday Guide In Defens Pray CatalogueBookmark Cteche
A 1041 Cloudy Osteen Meer Paid Paid Paid Paid Pad Pad Paid Pad Regn Life Today
WE 11131 114 Cutthroat Star C(R)B i T ip Cutthroat Guy's (R) Mai Paid Paid Paid
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HIT 8 18 133 65 12 BigRK Big Ri Mountain 1Mountain The Hunt B'i Rig Big Rig Paid Boneyard Paid
S1 1 41 5342 16 Hunters Hunters Brother Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunt Hunt Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 36 3640101552 4114(:02) A Walk ('02) (CC) Drop Dead Devious Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ON 55855847 10 16110prah Oprah Master CI. Berkus Rachael Phil (141)) Phil (141))
CNC 3 9 63354 3 Bar Rescue Hungry Franken Franken Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Paid Paid Paid w Paid
SF 6766762 64 18( Royale Vikingdom Kingq vs. Thor. Wheaton Cosplay Cosplay ITwilight Twilight
S3 3 3 3262521 Afinitely ('08)*** IKnocked Up ('07) (R) Life as We Know It 10) Marred
TM 66566516! 23( Anchors ('45) IWizard of Oz IBlack Orpheus ('59) Orpheus ('50) *
C 1811 88731213Sister (R) Return to W Sister (Rh tn (4) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
FNC 64 64 64 61 4 1 51 Rd Eye Domestic ('01) OPreview Crimes Crimes Crimes Crimes
TRV 6 96 926C 66 17( Mysteries Mysteries iLegends iMysteries iMysteries Paid iPaid Paid iPaid
S83 83 83 83 50 301 Top 20 ruTV Top truTV Top t rTV T Top 20 Paid Paid Paid Paid
6 1 62 Weekend Weekend We ek Cleveland Wee ene e Queens dQueens Nanny Nanny Nanny CurbYour CurbYour
CSA 321321321322 52 5 NCIS NCIS (Ocean's Thirteen (99 ('( 2 M Playing SVU (11)) SVU (())
DN 1111 11 4 14 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CS k Miami Paid Paid
N41 9 Salem Salem Salem Sunny Sunny il Death G hilDeth Dharma iDharma INews()
SS 22322349 70 TBA Paid Paid iPaid IPaid Paid iPaid iPaid Paid Paid i Paid Paid Paid
ESN 2 92 912 5870 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter NBA Finals: Game 2 Sports
2 65974 Baseball (live) (13) *NBA i ESPN FC MLB Game (Taped) ISportsCenter
426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Spot s UFC Fihht Niiht (R Nois) ( (0) *
FN 772772 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Replay) 1Paid Paid 1Paid 1Paid IPaid IPaid Paid 1Paid
GOF4 94955 6030 Goff Cntrl PGA TOUR Golf (Replay) (141)) USGA Golf PGA Web.corn Champion
N SN77177154 61 90 (9:30) F1 Cycling (Taped) NASCAR NASCAR Paid Paid IPaid IPaid IPaid Paid
SN 33341045 57/76 Reel Fish IPolaris MLS Game (Replay) Paid Paid IPaid IPaid IPaid IPaid IPaid IPaid
SW3 3 Crime Inc. Mob Money Mob Money Paid Paid Crime Inc. Crime Inc. IWorldwide
C 3 3 3 3 18 381L l Anthony Anthony Ilnside Man CNN News Smulcast Eary Start (1)
CSN 1 81 837 12 10 Q&A (R) Quetionsl:40) Washington 1(:40) Washington Washingito
F 66 40 871111 Huckabee Hannity Stossel FOX News Huckabee MediaBuzz IFOX-Friend
MN 883883185 4010 Lockup Lockup Lockup Meet Press Lockup Meet Press First Look Too Early
SNN 6 611 11 Weekend IWeekend Weekend IWeekend IWeekend Weekend Weekend IWeekend IWeekend IWeekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend
IN 323Z 33201 342 Enemy Lingerie ('11) Topless Closed Circuit ('13) Born Killers ('94) ***r
IN23123123213214Z Black Tie Coffee ('13) **1/ Intentions ('99) 1(:20) Magic Mike ('12) 8 Mile (R)
DIN 1636 3 945 25 Jessie IGood Lck Good Lck Good Lck Shake I A.N.T. IShakei Itaow You ('05) IOn Deck IOn Deck IFishHks Phineas
EG 1051 15 35 Sin City ('05) (R) (CC) Guess Who ('05) -,k-,/2 0:5) Beer ('06) iCiy Slick ('94)
HO 320 30,30 0 Oliver Thrones IVeep Veep IOliver IThrones IVeep Veep IAssault on 13 ('05)
H0 3033 303, 24/7 Millers ('13) Kingdom of Heaven ('05) 0:0) Idle Hands ('99) Josie
HB3343I3430 34, The Godfather Mafia family life. (:15) The East ('13) IWhite Noise ('05) **
SO 34 34 3436! Penny NurseJ. ICaif. :Penny INurseJ. Calif. 17 Psychopths (12) Il~lusion
TM 5 35 3 533 Lawless ('12) (R) (CC) Assault ('13) (:40) Fatal ('14) 0:0) April Rain ('13)


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Stooges The Recruit ('03) A CIA recruit must find a mole.
OINE 320320320320320320 4 Body Snatchers ('94, Science Fic- Parental Guidance (12) **2 Old (15) True Crime ('99, Thriller) A reporter has only 12 hours to Brother('02)
I 33 3 tion) Aliens invade. (CC) school methods. (CC) stop an innocent man's execution. (R)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 (5:10) 8 Mile '02) l5) Seeking a Friend for End (12) Ride with the Devil ('99) Civil war battles. (CC) Dark
ENO 150150 150150 150350 City Slick Vamps (12) ** Female vampires (05) Forget Paris ('95) A man meets (50) Witness ('85, Drama) Harrison Ford. A cop Transport.
E 111 ( ('94) romantic struggles. (CC) his true love in Paris. enters an Amish community. ('02)
HBO 302 302 302 302 30 400 Prison ('13) (:45) Phenomenon ('96) A mysterious bolt of lightning trans- The Way, Way Back ('13) *** (:45) The Man in the Iron Mask ('98)
H 3 00 2 forms an ordinary man into a genius. Teen seeks res ite. (CC) **1/2 Replacing a king.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Pussycats ('01) ** Cutthroat Island ('95) Pirate's treasure. (10) The Negotiator ('98) Takin hostages. (CC) Casting By
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Overboard ('87) **1/2 Amnesiac mother. Bad Girls ('94) *1/2 (R) (CC) Makingof The Campaign ('12) **1/2 (CC) Hop Float
The Illusionist Magician The Reunion (11) John Cena. Bail (45) The Impossible ('12, Drama) *** A fai- (:45) Daylight ('96) **l/2 A tunnel
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 finds love. bonds business. (CC) i is se arat d by a tsunami. (CC) collapse traps commuters.
355 The Missing Person ('09) For the Cause ('02) Earth is in- (10) White Fang ('91, Adventure) A Yukon pros- Pete Smalls is Dead
TM 2 A missing man. (CC) volved in a worldwide war. ector meets a do -wolf. (CC) '11 )* (CC)
City Lights ('31) A tramp vows to The Thief of Bagdad Unruly thief vies with deceitful Mongol A Day at the Races ('37) *** /2 Malcontents
TOM 65 65 65 65 169230 help a blind woman. ruler for hand of beautiful princess. wreak havoc at a sanitarium. (CC)
AMO 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Stooges Stooges The Matrix ('99) Humankind enslaved.
OINE 320 320320320320420 (15) Crazy in Alabama ('99, Drama) **l/2 (10) The Apparition (12) Couple Kick-Ass 2 ('13) *** Red Mist (:20)Trouble with the
_INE Race, law & murder in 1965 Alabama. lagued by an evil sprit. seeks revenge on KickAss. Curve (12)
OINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Invasion ('85) (CC) Sound of My Voice ('12) **1/2 Chasing Mavericks Learning to surf. The Shining Unquiet spirits.
Chocolat ('00) Woman (15) Finding Neverland ('04, Drama) *** The Stepmom (98, Drama) **rl2 Julia Roberts. A Dying Young Nurse loves
ENG 150 150 150_ 1_ 11 5 350 stirs uptown. inspiration for"Peter Pan."(CC() fata illness bindstwo women. (CC) patient.

HBO 302302302302 Alexander (35) The Curious Case of Curt (10) The Newton Boys (98, Drama) (15) Admission (13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A
I302 302 (04 Flood Reserve clause. (R) Brothers become bank robbers. (CC) woman's Princeton career is at risk.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Silence Muppets from Space (99) The Edge ('97) Fight for survival. (CC) Ruslan Armageddon ('98) **l/2 (CC)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Last Call ('91) *12 Birthday (25) Chain Reaction ('96) ** Chocolate Factory Candy factory tour. (15) Red 2 ('13)
:15) About Adam ('00, Comedy) Waitress' hus- It's a Disaster (13) Rachel Boston. Chuck and Buck ('00) Mike White. (15)The House of Yes
SHOW 340 340 34b 340 340 340 3651band sleeps with sisters. (CC) End of the world. (CC) Friends reunite. (CC) (97) **/2 (R)
No Looking Two Bits ('95) ** sA Depres- 05) Apt Pupil ('98, Thriller) Brad Renfro. A war Swing Kids (a93, Drama) ** Three teens rebel
30 3 0 3 ** sion-era youth seeks a quarter. criminal's sick tales lure boy. in Nazi Germany. (PG-13) (CC)
TOM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Muti ('62) Thoroughbreds Don't Cry ('37) A Everybody Sing ('38) Allan Jones. (:45) Broadway Melody of 1938('37) **A Babes ('39)
ockeys renewal. (CC) musical family. (CC) |Broadway musical has problems.
AMO 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid (15) Uncommon Valor ('83) Vets mount rescue. Pale Rider
INE 320320320320320320420 Prima Colors (98) A Clintonesque candidate campaigns Don't Be a Menace to South (55) A Night at the (:20) Percy Jackson:
with an odd assortment of su orters. Central Living in the hood. Roxbury (98) M Monsters (13)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Romy (:50) Jawbreaker ('99) (CC) (:20) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12, Fantasy) Kingdom (12)
Stepmom ('98) Family The Pacifier ('05) ** A tough The Odd Life of Timothy Green (12) Couple The Jewel of the Nile (85) **1/2
ENO 150 150 1501 150 150 350 faces death. babysitter protects four kids. takes in mysterious young boy. Famed gem sought. (CC)
HBO 302302302302302302 40 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Entrapment ('99, Thriller) Sean Connery. A sexy De Niro, Sr. (15) Oblivion (13) *** Tom Cruise. The last
1 Induction Ceremony (R) aent baits a master art thief. (R drone repairman on Earth. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Network (25) Home Fries ('98 ) **(CC) 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (HD() (:15) Bourne ('12)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (05) Moonstruck ('87) Cher. (50) Organ Trade (13) (CC) (15) Les Mis6rables ('12) *** Runaway prisoner. (CC) (HD)
Gosford Park Murder and Barbershop 2: Back in Business ('04) Calvin's The Illusionist ('06, Romance) A magician falls The Last Exorcism Part
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 intrigue. Bishop is in danger again. (CC) in love with a duchess. (CC) II ('13) (CC)
(:20) The Cold Light of Day ('12, Action) ** Crazy Kind of Love (13) **Vir Marvin's Room ('96) **1/2 Two (10) Zigs ('01) Gamblers in
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Man finds familys kidnap pers. (CC) inia Madsen. A free sp irt. sisters end a 20-year feud. debt. (CC)
TOM 65656565 169230 Night Nurse(31, Crime) The chil- Life Begins Maternity (:45) Mary Stevens, M.D. ('33) Spitfire ('34) Obscenity takes control Ticket ('35)
drenaremurder targets. ward moms. **-/2 Doctor has affair. (NR) over a woman. (CC) -*
AMO 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Stooges Stooges Arachno hobia ('90) Spider in town.
OINE 320320320320320320420 Demon ('95) Hot Fuzz ('07, Comedy) Simon Pegg. A top cop The World's End (13) Galactic fight Max on Set Blue Streak ('99) ** Thief poses
__INE 333(2334..2 is sent to a uiet village. (CC) via pub crawl. (CC) (N) as cop to retrieve jewel.
OINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Choke The Suburbans (99) (CC) The Manchurian Candidate ('62) (CC) (10) Cruel Intentions ('99) The Debt
Kramer (50) Romancing the Stone ('84) A shy writer (40) Elf ('03, Holiday) Man raised as (20) Free Willy (93, Adventure) **rl2 A boy be-
EN_1_ 150 350 ('79) ries to rescue her sister. (CC) elf looks for his dad. friends aca tive orca whale.(CC)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ('05) Johnn Battlefield Earth ('00) 1/2 John Travolta. An alien Rise of the Guardians (12) Chris Blue Crush
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Depp. Candy factory tour. race tries to enslave humanity. Pine. Mythical beings.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Fearless ('93) (CC) j(:20) The Object of My Affection ('98) (15)Broken City (13) Mayor's scandal. Real Sports (HD)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Hoosiers ( 35) Cheaper Dozen 2 ('05) (10) Dead Mothers ('14) Munich Israelis seek revenge for Olympic crime.
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 (4:55) Sahara ('05) Civil The Brass Teapot (13) A young (:45) Housesitter ('92, Comedy) **1/2 A woman The Twilight Saga: Breaking
War treasure. couple pushes theirluck. retends to be man's wife. (CC) Dawn: Part 1 ('11) ** (CC)
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Airspeed ('00) Lightning knocks A Good Woman ('06) **l/2 Blos- (:05) Peter and Vandy ('09, Drama) Your Sister's Sister (12) Emily
TM 333535333out a plane's pilots. (CC) soming affairs. (P6)(CC) **12 Relationship. (CC) Blunt. Two women. (CC)
TOM 65656565 16923 The Glory Guys Sui- They Drive by Night ('40, Drama)*** High Sierra ('41) A gangster hides (:45) Out of the Fog ('41, Drama)
cide mission. Brothers start a trucking company. (CC) out in the mountains. **/2 An extortion scheme.
AMO 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Stooges Caddyshack II ('88) Country club life. Commando
OINE 320 320 320 320 3232420 (20) Beasts of the Southern Wild (12) Louisi- (55) Grandma's Boy ('06) Allen Co- Just My Luck ('06) A girl inherits a (15) Revenge of the
320 ana girl looks for mother. (CC) vert. Life with grandma. guy's misfortune. (CC) Nerds ( 87)*
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 The Abyss ('89) The Beverly Hillbillies ('93) (:35) Outbreak ('95) Lethal virus in U.S. (45) Cloud Atlas (12) (CC)
FN 150150150(150 150 3S0 (:20) Proof ('05) Father's (:05) A Soldier's Story ('84) Black of- (50) Bird on a Wire ('90, Comedy) ** A man (50) Witness ('85) A cop enters an
I111 1( death. (CC) ficer is murdered. ard his ex flee dru runners. (CC) Amish community. (CC)
Jack (96) ** Robin Williams. A young boy Provodni- The Truth About Cats & Dogs ('96) (:15) Les Mis6rables ('12, Musical) Life of run-
looks like a grown man. (PG-13) (CC) kov (R) Romantic stand-in away prisoner in 1800s Paris.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303402 Spy Hard ('96) *1/2 (CC) (HD) Wimpy Kid: Dog (12) (CC) (:05) Gasland Part II Dangers of mining. (:15) Fallen 98)
HBO3 304304304304_ 304 404 Eddie ('96) Basketball coach. (:45) Anna Karenina ('12, Drama) Troubled affair. Burt Wonderstone (13) **1/2 Phenomen.
SHOW 340 ~340 340 340 340 3651 Powder ('95, Science Fiction) ** Albino with The 13th Warrior ('99) ***A (45) The Cowboy Way (94, Comedy) Rodeo Alex Cross
S 4 3 4 3 special powers faces abuse. (CC) warrior and poet. (R) (CC) stars track a friend in NYC. (CC)
TMO350 350 350 350 35 385 God Ha!" (25) Dawn Rider (12) A young The Darkest Hour (11) Emile Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ('12) Elizabeth: The Golden
IM 32 avenger falls in love. (CC) Hirsch. Aliens hunt humans. Sheik's vision. (CC) Age (0 **
TOM 65 65 65 65 16923(515AFarewell to Arms ('57, Drama) Romantic Written on the Wind ('56, Drama) A (:45) Sea Devils ('53, Adventure) Thirteen WomenA
affair during World War 1. tale of greed. (CC) Yvonne De Carlo. (NR) woman scorned.


ABC[26-] 7 11 1 News News Good Morning America News Millionre. Millionre. The View
ABC 2M 11 News Good Morning America Steven and Chris Right Lets Ask The View
ABC AN 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Good Morning America Better America Supreme The View
CBS I1 10 10 10 10 News 10 News CBS This Morning Studio 10 Inside Jeopardy The Price Is Right
CBS ff 213 213 5 5 5 News News CBS This Morning LIVE! with Kelly Rachael Ray The Price Is Right
NBC-X- 8 8 8 8 8 News Today Today Daytime RachaelRay
NBC 2W 2 2 2 NBC2 News Today Today NBC2 News @ 11am
FOX I 13 13 13 13 13 News News News FOX 13's Good Day LIVE! with Kelly Wendy Williams
FOX 3C 4 4 4 (5:00) FOX 4 Rising FOX 4 Morning Blend Bridezillas Maury Law & Order: SVU
PBS CY) 3 3 3 3 Sid Caillou Kratts Kratts Curious Curious Peg + Cat DinoTrain Sesame Street Daniel Daniel
PBS 1 204 204 204 16 Yoga Lilias! Electric Stretch Sewing Quilting Stitch Sit Fit Painting Cook's Weir's Yoga
PBS JM 3 3 3 Electric Stretch Kratts Kratts Curious Curious Peg + Cat DinoTrain Sesame Street Daniel Daniel
CW C 6 21 6 Queens Queens News News News Fam. Feud iFam. Feud Queen Latifah
CW M 9 9 9 4 (5:00) The Dai Buzz Til Death il Death Middle Middle Millionre. Millionre. Queen Latifah Justice Justice
MYNN3 11 11 11 14 Paid Paid OnSpot OK!TV America Community The700 Club Maury The People's Court
MYN[ C 8 9 8 CashCab CashCab Paid Paid Cops Cops Steve Wilkos Show TrishaGoddard _JerrySpringer
IND 32 12 12 12 38 12 Shepherd's Chapel Cheaters Cheaters We People We People Supreme Supreme Jerry Springer Steve Wilkos Show
IONSN 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Archer Archer Paid Paid Thr.Bible Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Movie
WCFU 22 22 22 2 Gospel Destined Soday Meyer Word Copeland Parsley Empower t'sTim Wn ie ieToday Por
WRXY 22 44 10 Gospel BrodyFile Salvation Destined heLamp Thr. Bible Gospel Meyer Health Women LifeToda r
TLF S] 2323 23 95 5 Qu6 locura! Noticias Nacional Rebelde Pasillo TV Movie
UNIV 6 15 15 15 6 Tudesayuno alegre Despierta Am6rica Como dice el dicho
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Paid Paid DogBn DogBnty Do B DogBnty Criminal Minds Criminal Minds CSI: Miami
APL 4444 44 44 36 68 130 Orangutan Chimp BigCat BgCat Crocodile Hunt Viking Wilderness Animal Cop Animal Animal
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Morning Inspiration Matters Matters Wife Wife Game Game Movie
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Matchmaker Matchmaker
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Daily Colbert _CommunitySunny S. Park Movie
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Almost Got Away FBI: Criminal Wicked Attraction
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Einsteins Octonauts Chug Mickey Jakeand Mickey Mickey Doc Mc Sofia Mickey Doc Mc Sheriff
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Paid Paid Save Bell Save Bell Save Bell Save Bell The E! True Hollywd Story Kardashians
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 Departures Departures Miami Vice MiamiVice Burn Notice Burn Notice
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Journey Priests Michael Holy Name Daily Mass Life on the Rock Angelica Live WomenGr Rosary
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 Meyer Drenda 70s '70s '70s '70s Standing 700 Club The 700 Club Gilmore Girls
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Grill It! CookReal Neelys Cupcake Wars
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Paid Paid Ellen Movie Movie
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 Paid Paid Paid Paid Match Match Password + Whammy Pyramid Sale of Password Lin o
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 248 Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Golden Gode odern Maelsen Home & Family
HIST 81 81,81 1 33 65 12 Paid Paid Modern Marvels Godern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Paid HighLow Selling NY Market Market Market Market Market Market iMarket Brake Yard Sales
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Perlier HSN Today HSN Today Household Helpers Perlier Concierge
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Paid Paid Balancing Balancing Unsolved Mysteries Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 Forthe Road Mornings Made Easy Garden Party Easy Solutions Denim & Co.
SPIKE 5715 57 57 29 63 54 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Movie
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Paid Paid Paid Paid Wheaton Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Trek: Next
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Rules Earl Married Married ThereYet Browns Payne Full Hse Prince Prince Prince The Office
TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 Inedible Inedible Little People 19 & Counting Obsession Obsession I Was Pregnant Randy
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 17 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Vac. Hme Vac. Hme Variety Variety
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest...
TVLAND 62 62 6262 31 54 244 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Gunsmoke
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Playing Playing Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
WE 117 1117 117 117 117 149 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Paid Meyer Paid Creflo LifeToday Paid Walker Walker In the Heat of Night
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Paid Paid Mayhem in the AM Geico SportsNITE Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Mike& Mike ESPN First Take
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate Fighter
FSN 72 7212 72 56 77 Courtside Hall Fame World Poker Tour Marlins Marlins UFC Reloaded
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Live U.S. O en Morning Drive Live From the U.S. Open
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Paid Paid 2014 Stanley Cup Finals The Dan Patrick Show
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 ReelTime O'Neill Travis Joh Headlines Dateline Inside Inside P1 AquaX Hemingway Do Florida Hall Fame Flats
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Cooper Cooper Fairly Sponge Sponge PAW Patrol PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Umizoomi Dora Guppies Guppies
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20,257 Gumball Gumball Grandpa Beyblade Pok6mon Movie Garfield Garfield Tunes Tunes
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 SquawkBox SquawkAlley
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 New Day CNN Newsroom This Hour
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Key Hearings Washington Journal U.S. House of Representatives
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 FOX& Friends America's Newsroom Happening Now
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Morning Joe The Daily Rundown Jansing and Co. News Nation
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News News News News News News Paid News News News
CMTV 47 47 41 41 23 24 221 (4:00)CMTMusic
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 AMTV: Music Feed AMTV: Music Feed AMTV: Music Feed 16 and Pre nant 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant
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AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 2311(:15) EndofDays ('99) Satan comes to town. (R) (CC) Shooter ('07 Snier framed for dignitary's death. (CC)
OINE 320320320320320320 4 (11:30) Undercover The Devil's Advocate (97) A diabolical attorney tempts a Ender's Game ('13) **1/2 Asa Butterfield. A Full Metal
I 2 3 33 Brother ('02) **.1/2 hotshot lawyer with endless success. (R) gifted child prepares for an invasion. (87)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Shadows (12) **1/2 (:20) The Debt (11) Nazi war criminal. N 5) Eternal Sunshine of Mind ('04) ]Congenial. ('05) *1/2
(1145) The Transporter (:20) Final Destination ('00, Horror) Students find Get Carter ('00) *1/2 Mob enforcer (45) This Is the End (.13) Celebrities
ENC 150 150 150] 150 15( 350 ('02. Action) -death won't be cheated. (CC) seeks his brother ,s killer, face the apocalypse.
The Man in the Iron R.I.P.D. (13) **1/2 Officers fight (:45) Rise of the Guardians (12, Fantasy) Mythi Life of Pi (12) A man is stranded af-
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Mask (98) (CC) monstrous criminals. (CC) cal beings fi ht an evil spirit. er a shi wreck. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 0 1:30) Casting By Coura Under Fire ('96) Dead pilot. Men of Honor ('00 A black Navy diver. Back Down ('12)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (11:30) Hope Floats (98 *1/2 Anna Karenina ('12) Troubled affair. (R) (:45) Tristan & Isolde ('06 ** Legendary lovers.
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Da light (:45) The Out-of-Towners ('99) *1/2 (15) The 13th Warrior (99, Action) An Arabic The Cowboy Way ('94, Comedy) ** Rodeo
( Calamit in NYC. (C) poet fights for the Vikings. (C) stars track a friend in NYC. (CC)
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Smalls (11) .:35) Simon Birch ('98, Drama) Joseph Mazzello. Find Me Guilty (06) A mobster faces trial and (:35) Dick Tracy ('90) A detective bat-
TM_ ** Boy envisions himself a hero. acts as his own attorney. (CC) tles evil villains. (CC)
TOM 65 65 65 65 169230 China Seas ('35) A captain contends Adventures of Don Juan ('48) Errol Flynn. A The Pink Panther ('63, Comedy) *** Inspec- Love Crazy
with ex-lovers. (CC) swashbuckler romances women. tor obsessed with jewel thief. (CC) **1/2
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 The Matrix ('99) The Matrix Reloaded ('03) *** Keanu Reeves. Zion's future. The Matrix Revolutions ('03) **1/2 (CC)
0 (:20)Trouble with the (15) The Great Gatsby ('13) A war veteran finds himself (:40) Identity Thief ('13, Comedy) A man Nerds 11 ('87)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Curve (12) caught in a world of decadence and lies. searches for who stole his life. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 The Shining ('80) Great Expectations ('98) ** Closed Circuit (13) Case of intrigue. Rushmore Love triangle. (R)
Eying Young Nurse loves The Pacifier ('05) A tough The Last Shot ('04) ** FBI agent (20) Waking Up in Reno ('02) ** Married cou-
E I I patient. babysitter rotects four kids. poses as film producer. le have whirlwind road trip. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 24/7(CC)(HD) In Good Company (05, Comedy) *** Man's 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Iconic artists Real Time
agnew boss is half his ae. () honored with induction. (CC) (R) (HD) (R)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Armageddon ('98) The Normal Heart (14) Gay activist. Making of GI. Jane ('97) ** Gender-neutral. (CC) Date Movie
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (1115) Red 2 ('13) City by the Sea Inquiry into murder. (R) The Place Beyond the Pines Life of stealing. (R) Cinderella
SHOW 340 30 340 340 340 340 365 House of (:45) Gosford Park ('01) A weekend shooting party at a coun- (10) Alex Cross (12, Crime) Rachel Nichols. (55) Silver Linings
SHW Yes try manor becomes a deadly event. (R) {Tracking down a serial killer. (CC) Playbook 12)
Smiley ('12) *1/2 Freshmen para- (35) Children of the Corn V: Fields Hav Plenty ('98) ** A writer falls Five Fingers ('06) Mimi Ferrer. Radi-
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 noid about online killer. (CC) of Terror ('98) (CC) for his best friend. (R) (CC) cal kidnappers. (CC)
TOM 65 65 6565 162(l1:45) Babes in Arms ('39) *** Andy Hardy Meets Debutante ('40) For Me and My Gal ('42) *** (:45) The Clock ('45) Romance
Putting on a show. (CC) ** Andy in love. (CC) War and vaudeville. (CC) blooms beneath a clock.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Pale Rider ('85) **1/2 Stranger aids town. The Mummy ('99) **12 An Egyptian priest comes back to life. Mummy 2 ('01) **/2
Percy Jackson: Mon- (:10) Pitch Perfect (12, Comedy) *** An Fever Pitch ('05) Woman competes (50) Argo ('12, Thriller) Iranian revo-
CINE 320 320 32 32 32 32 420 () all -giris a capella singing group. (CC) for boyriend's love. ution rescue. (R) (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Kingdom Fantastic Four Superhuman powers. The Long Kiss Goodnight ('96) (CC) (35) Magic Mike (12) (CC)
ENO 150 150 150 150 150350 (20) Class (83, Comedy) Rob Lowe. A boy has Oz the Great and Powerful ('13) A man finds (] 5) Blast from the Past ('99, Comedy) A man is
an affair with an older woman. himself surrounded by magic. raised in a fallout shelter.
Oblivion Enough Said (13) James Life of Pi (12, Adventure) Suraj Sharma. A man (] 5) Red 2 ('13, Action) Bruce Willis. Frank
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 (13) Gandofini. Divorced woman. is stranded after a shi wreck. searches for a nuclear device. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 The Bourne Legacy (12) The Island ('05) Utopian society. (CC) We're the Millers (13) ** Fake family. Brockovich
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (:55) Match Point ('05) Ill-advised affair. Rounders ('98) Student plays poker. (R) (:05) Admission ('13) ** (CC) Promethe.
Exorcism 2 Reaching for the Moon (.13) New York poet Sahara ('05 Adventure) ** Treasure hunter Barbershop 2: Back in Business
340 340 34* 34 340 365 travels to Rio de Janeiro. (CC) searches for battCeship. (CC) )HD) 04 Sho in dan er.
Zigs ('01) (:45) Toe to Toe (10, Drama) I12 Two girl la- (:35) Kinky Boots (06, Comedy) **l/2 Drag The Cold Light of Day (12) **
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (CC) crosse pIayers are friends. (NR) (CC) ueen rescues shoe factory. (CC) Finding kidnappers. (CC)
TOM 65 65 6565 169230Ticket('35) Three Godfathers ('36) Three out- (:15) Nobody's Baby (37) Patsy Boy Meets Girl ('38) Screenwriters AChild Is Born A mater-
6 5 laws adopt a foundling. Kely. Nurses raise baby. seek insp ration. (CC) ni ward.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Arachno. The Skeleton Key ('05 Horror) Secret room. (CC) Era on ('06) A farm boy discovers a dragon egg. Groundhog
(] 5) 2 Guns (13, Action) *** Two men learn (05) This Is 40(12, Comedy) Paul Rudd. A (20) The Apparition ('12) Couple Batman
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 the mob has set them up. (R) (CC) not-so-average American famil pIagued by an evil spirit. (0
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 The Debt Nazi war criminal. (:45)Coffee Town ('13) (CC) (]0) The Hitcher ('86) (CC) Vehicle 19 Police corruption.
ENO 150150 150 150350)5) Looper (12, Action) Bruce Willis. Mafia hit (]5)RobinHood: Men inTights('93)**1/2 (05) Tootsie ('82, Comedy) *** A male actor
ENG man pursues his older self. (R) Robin outwits the dim-witted prince. retends to be female. (P6) (CC)
2 Blue Crush (02) questions 24(7 (CC) (D) Provodniko Big ('88) *** Boy's wish to be an Making of The Presence ('10) A woman is
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 her passion for surfing. v(R) adult comes true. (CC) (N) stalked by a ghost. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (:05) Enough Said ('13) (CC) Lethal Wea on Two cops partner up. Ocean's Twelve A gang reconvenes. Walk Line
HBO3 304304304304 304404,Wag the Dog ('97) Fake war is staged. The East ('13) *** Anarchist group. (CC) Life of Pi ('12) ***/2 Shipwreck. (CC)
SHOW 340 30 340 340 340 340 365 Dawn 1 (11) Deep Impact ('98, Science Fiction) ** A (35) Election ('99) *** Election (15) The Brass Teapot ('13, Comedy) A young
deadly comet journeys to Earth. _HD) for student body president. couple pushes their luck. (CC)
Swedish Auto ('06) Observant me- (:40) The Truman Show ('98, Drama) Man's life is People Like Us ('12, Drama) Chris Pine. Adult Ste Up4
TM6 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 chanic is watched too. subject of TV show. (CC) siblings meet for the first time. 12
T5 0 5) The Hard Way ('42, Drama) A woman wants 015) Outrage (50) Rape shatters a ),:45) Beware, My Lovely ('52) Dan- (:15)On Dangerous
TCM 65 65 65 65 169230 -her sister to be a star. (CC) young woman s life. Ier in the house. (CC) Ground (52)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (11:30) Commando ('85) **/2 Behind Enemy Lines ('01) A pilot's survival. (CC) National Lampoon's Vacation ('83)
IE30 Nerds II(87)(45) Rck of Ages (12, Comedy) **1/2 Two Transporter 2 ('05) Mercenary bat (20) Con Air (97, Action) **1/2 Nicolas Cage.
CINE 320 320 32k 320 320 320 42 ids chasing fame fail in love. (CC) ties boy's kidnappers. An airp lane is hacked by inmates.
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 (10:45) Cloud Atlas ('1 )) (R) (:40) Sunshine ('07) Desperate mission. Now You See Me ('13) *** Bank heists. Rushmore
150 150 350 Witness (:45) Married to the Mob ('88, Comedy) A mob- (35) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engage- Confessions of a Teenage Drama
ENG 150 150 15 0 (85) ster's widow tries to start over. ment ('04) Princess' suitors. (CC) Queen 04) 12 (C)
02 302 302 0 Les Mis6rables Runaway Hope Floats ('98, Romance) **1/2 Loss causes 24/7 (CC) (HD) Fast & Furious 6 (13, Action) Dominic and his ( 45) Heart
IB I3 prisoner. woman to rethink love. (CC) (HD) team help a gent Hobbs. (C) F14
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303402 (11:5) Fallen ('98) Mike Tyson Life and career. (50) Jack the Giant Slayer ('13) (CC) Ruslan Armageddon 98
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (11:45) Phenomenon ('96) (50) White Noise ('05) Ghosts in static. Oblivion ('13) *** Vital resources. (CC) Snake Eyes
(1:35) Alex Cross ('12) Tracking Carlito's Way (93) A drug dealer pledges to go straight, but (55) Powder ('95) Albino with special Alex Cross
SHOW down a serial killer. (CC) his friends ulI him back into crime. powers faces abuse. -*
TMO 350 350 350 350 Elizabeth: The Golden (1] 5) The Coalition (13, Comedy) Women's (55) April Rain ('13, Action) Luke The Darkest Hour ('11) Emile
T 350 350 A 385 Ae revenge scheme against athlete. Goss, Ryan Guzman. Hirsch. Aliens hunt humans.
TO 6 6 56 1920Women The Hour of 13Q(52) Ajewel thief is The Woman on Pier 13 Dementia 13 (63) Someone is killing(!45)13 Ghosts ('60) *r A family in-
(32) mistaken for a killer. Red baiting. to inherit an estate. herits a haunted house.
Im "[ a ,],T 1, I i ,, l $ I p i I $]i '! i ,, ] $ I I e ,, l m ri 1 i I l


ABC 2 7 11 1 Bethenny The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
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CBS 10 10 10 10 10 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal Dr. Phil News News
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Whose Line
Is It Anyway?
8 p.m. on CW
"Robbie Amell" Actor
Robbie Amell from "The
Tomorrow People" goes up
against Ryan, Wayne, Colin
and guest comedian Jeff
Davis in a series of sketch-
es, games and songs they
must create on the spot,
only with ideas given by the
studio audience. (HD)

The Professional
8 p.m. on ENC
In New York City, an eccen-
tric French hitman takes in
a 12-year-old neighbor after
her parents are murdered
by corrupt policemen, but
while he struggles with
his new role as protector,
she asks him to teach her
how to kill so she may seek

The Real Housewives
of Orange County
9 p.m. on BRAVO
"Not So Silent Night" When
the ladies get together
for Shannon's much-an-
ticipated Christmas party,
the cheer is drained out
of the annual event; Vicki
bemoans Briana's move to
Oklahoma; Tamra receives
news about her son that
gives her a harsh reality

Beauty and the Beast
9 p.m. on CW
"Cat and Mouse" As Vincent
is the subject of a city-wide
search, he and Cat try to
find a place they can hide; a
surprising new ally reveals
themselves as the FBI con-
tacts Vincent and Cat about
helping out with an impor-
tant case. (HD)

Love It or List It
9 p.m. on HOME
"Sight Unseen" A couple
who bought their home


Brooke looked on as a terrible
accident occurred over the Persian
Gulf. Katie left Ridge a voicemail
when she got a feeling that some-
thing bad had happened. Liam
tried to convince Hope that Quinn
and Wyatt were not good people.
The Forrester and Logan families
gathered to mourn the loss of
Ridge. A master manipulator and
his pilot discussed their role in
the accident. Hope was shocked
to see Wyatt's violent side when
he punched Liam. Katie and Eric
remained a rock for each other
on their way to Abu Dhabi. Hope
made a big decision about her
love life. Wait to See: Maya keeps
a cautious watch over Aly and
Oliver. Eric has a change of heart,
but it might be too late. Accusa-
tory fingers point to Quinn.

Several lives were changed
forever as Nick's murderer was
revealed. Eric confronted Nicole
over her deception. Jennifer
pondered the fallout of her deci-
sion. Sami ripped into a stunned

Jordan while defending Rafe.
Marlena learned a shocking secret
about a family member. An emo-
tional Nicole made a final plea
to Eric for his forgiveness. Brady
lost it when John tried to come
between him and Theresa. Nicks
murderer prepared for a life in
prison but had one last confession
to make. Ben was alarmed when
Paige recognized him. An emo-
tional Hope broke down in Aidens
arms. Brady and Johns fight
spun out of control right in front
of Theresa. Wait to See: Abigail
learns of a long-buried secret. Bev
sets up Paige for a fall. Gabi was
surprised by Kate's compassion.

Julian assured Lucas that he
would protect him. Alexis had
some troubling news to tell Molly
about Ric. Nikolas comforted
a distraught Elizabeth. Patrick
and Sabrina wondered if the car
accident was intentional. Sam
and Silas found a new level of
intimacy. Nathan deliberated
on whether to tell Silas about
Nina being alive. Molly had her
suspicions regarding Julian. At the
end of the day, Dannys birthday

without having actually
seen it discovers that the
property has more than its
share of problems, but they
disagree as to whether to
move to a new home with
fewer issues or to renovate
the current home. (HD)

10 p.m. on A&E
"Of Children and Travelers"
Walt Longmire and his team
are led into the shady crimi-
nal underworld of Wyoming
while investigating the mur-
der of a Russian adoptee;
Henry is confronted with
the harsh realities of jail,
and Cady fights to find him
a good lawyer. (HD)

10:01 p.m. on ABC
"Boundaries" April begins
an affair with an artist; ten-
sions begin to rise between
Joss and Harry when they
are hired to throw a party
for a wealthy housewife;
Savi returns to the firm,

party was filled with surprises.
Nathan provided moral support
for Maxie at her custody meeting.
A shocked Carly and a brazen Ava
got into a fiery altercation. Sonny
begged Morgan to forgive him for
sleeping with Ava. Sam confided
in Alexis about her relationship.
Carly had a proposition for the
artistically frustrated Franco. Wait
to See: Julian questions his loyalty
to the mob. Jordan must make an
important decision. Sonny and
Ava continue to taunt each other.

Billy asked Kevin to dig into
Stitch&s past. Victoria thanked
Chelsea for keeping her secret but
asked her to stay away from Billy.
Victor found out that Victoria is
pregnant. Tyler ignored Mariah&s
urgent text message. Sharon
informed Dr. Mead about the date
of her traffic ticket, hoping that he
could unlock her memory. Cane
planned an elaborate scavenger
hunt for Lily on her birthday. Av-
ery cautioned Summer not to get
involved with Austin. Lily was still
upset about Neil dating Hilary.
Jill and Colin looked for informa-
tion on Katherines necklace. Tyler
tried to win Abby back with a

Monday at 9 p.m. on
NBC, Jenn Brown and her
"American Ninja Warrior"
co-hosts Matt Iseman and
Akbar Gbaja Biamila head
to St. Louis, Missouri, where
competitors face such new
obstacles as the Rope Junc-
tion into Cargo, the Double
Tilted Ladder and the Crazy

but realizes she must also
share an office. (HD)

romantic gesture. After sharing
a surprise kiss with Nikki, Victor
asked her to move back in with
him. Wait to See: Avery confronts
Ian. Abby still has trouble trusting
Tyler. Billy begs Chelsea to keep
Stitch away from Victoria.


ABC7 News @ ABC World The 7 Entertainment The Bachelorette (N) (4)) ABC News: Hillary Clinton Mistresses: Boundaries April
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (ND) beginsanaffairwithanartist;
26 news of the Diane Sawyer News (N)(HD) (HD) tensions rise betwen Joss and
day. (N) (ND) Harry. (N)
ABC News The ABCWorld The List (NW) RightThis The Bachelorette (N) (4) ABC News: Hillary Clinton (:01) Mistresses: BoundariesAf-
28 latest news. News (N) (HD) Minute (HD) ( (CC)(N) (HD) fairwith artist. (N)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld A Millionaire? A Millionaire? The Bachelorette (N) (1)) ABC News: Hillary Clinton (:01)Mistresses: BoundariesAf-
AM_ _______ News (N) (CC)(R) (CC)(R) (CC) (N) (14D) fairwith arist. (N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) 2 Broke Girls Mom Helping Mike & Molly Two and a 48 Hours: Holyd Secrets The
CBS 6pm Local Newswith tune (CC() (N) (N)(HN) Funeral.(CC() Regina. (C(()( Taking a break. HalfMen murder of an aspiring actress in
10 10 10 10 news report. Scott Pelley (N) (HD) (R) (141) (141)) (CC) (R) (HD) Cheating girl- her Santa Monica home. (CC) (R)
(N) (41)) _friend. (R)
CBS 1 News (N) (H) Evening News News (N) (H) Inside Edi- 2 Broke Girls MomHelping Mike Molly (R) 21/2 Men (R) 48Hours: Hollwd SecretsAs-
11 213______5 (N(141))(HD( t, tion (N) Funeral. Reg na. (H() (1)) firing actress. (R
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Last Comic Standing: Invi- American Ninja Warrior: St. Louis Qualifying Competitors
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC( (N) national 4 The auditions come face such new obstacles as the Rope Junction into Cargo,
....! and weather. events. (N)(4) weather; more. (1) to a close. (CC) (R) (141)) the Double Tilted Ladder and the Crazy Cliffhanger in S1.
Louis. (CC) (N) (H)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (H) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Last Comic Standing Last American Ninja Warrior: St. Louis Qualifying St. Louis ob-
20 News (N) tune (N) (1HD) semi-finalists. (R) (HD) stacle course. (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 136:00 News News TMZ Inside The Insider MasterChef A group of 24: Live Another Day (CC) (N) FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX eventsofthedav areexamined news about ce- Celebritynews. 'home chefs" competes to (HD) riesofthenewsda areup-
1F31 13 13 13 13 13 and reported ythe FOX 13 lebrities' lives. (CC) (HD) become the master chef. (CC) dated bthe FOX I3 Nightly
News Team. (N) (CC) (141)) News TEam. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons MasterChef Chefs competi- 24: Live Another Day (CC) (N) FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
__. news; weather. (N) (R)(HD) (CC) tion. (CC) (HD) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) The Australian Pink Floyd Show: Celtic Thunder Mythology History and leg-
m 3 3 3 News(l) port (N) (ND) Eclipsed By the Moon Tribute concert. (R) ends told through songs. C) (R) ()
.16 Sesame Street The Count's Cat in Hat (R) + Cat (CC) Rick Steves' Europe Travel Skills Host provides tips for MyMuitsc 1sPopRock&
r 4 booth. (CC)(R) ()H) (HD) ZR smart traveling. (CC)()R (HD) Soul Hisfr 19
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Mario Frangoulis: Live with the Boston sHealing A.D.D. with Dr. Daniel Amen Pos-
m__ News(CC) Iport()N) )D) Pops Album debut. ble symptoms linked to A.D.D. )1D)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News (N) Bi Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Line Robbie Line Comedic Beauty and the Beast: Cat News @lOpm (N) (HD)
AC (H (HD (141)) Amell. (N) skills. and Mouse A new ally.
CW 9 9 9 4 Queens Dopey Queens (VPG) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) LineRobbie Line Comedic Beauty and the Beast: Cat Rules Roman- Rules Nice
MI__4 Doug. (HD) (HD) (HD) Ame (N) sk s. and Mouse A new ally. tic idea. comments.
MYN 11 11 11 14 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Cops Re- Cops Re-
m (WV ) (VPG) Unit: Coerced (14b) Unit: Choice (HDI loaded (14D) loaded (14D)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (14D) Cleveland (CC) Family Guy: Family Guy: Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
XN (14D) McStroke PTV (C) Unit: Coerced (14D) Unit: Choice (HD) Unit: Honor (lID)
IN J12 12 12 33 12 )Modern (CC) (NlModern (CC),-B Bang (CC) )Big Bang (CC) ntLaw& Hr()Order: Special Victims Special Victims The Office (CC) TheN Office (CC)
3U (141D) (141D) )lHMl (HW Unit: Honor (41D) UnitAkidna in (41D) (lID)
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 11 Criminal Minds: Broken Inac- Ciminal Minds: Carbon Copy Criminal Minds: The Gathering Criminal Minds: Restoration Criminal Minds: Pay It Forward
i 2 curate watches. (lID) Clsing in. (CC)(lD) Documented lives. Morgan's past. (lID) Time capule.(lD)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Zola Levitt (CC) Great Awaken Tour Love a Child Richard Rob- Gopl Truth Jewish Jewels Life Today
22 ness healing. (N) erts (CC) (((N) (CC) ()
WRXY 22 4 10 Joyce Meyer Entertain- Paid Pro- Great Awaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
m___ (CC((N) ment grm ( (N) ces (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifiosAventura Pelicula LaviudanegraLa vdade
50 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda Qu6 pbres tan ricos
Am 1(N) iUnivisi6n (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor. (CC) (14D) Humilde ho ar.

Criminal Minds Wealthy cou- Criminal Minds: Revelations Criminal Minds: Zugzwang Criminal Minds: Magnum Longmire Adoptee mur-
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 pledead.(V14) (14D) Reid's held captive. Reid's girlfriend. (V14 0 us(Persnal lss.(lD) dered. (CC) (N) (HD)
ATC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 rhe Matrix ('99) **** Keanu Reeves. A hacker joins a shadowy collective's struggle (:01) The Matrix Reloaded ('03) *** Keanu Reeves.
__MC_ 5 6 33to free humankind from slavery. )R) (CC) (lD) Neo speaks with the Oracle about Zion. (R) (CC) (lID)
River Monsters Killer catfish. Finding Bif oot: Bigfoot Call of the To Be An- To Be An- To Be An- To Be An- To Be An-
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 ) night. (CC) ) (lD) nounced nounced nounced nounced nounced
APL 4444 4 3 8 3 )C(R) ()) ida riygqg OfHD) II
106 & Park Viewer selec- Deliver Us from Eva ('03, Comedy) ** ILL Cool J. Eva's sisters pay a Dysfunctional Friends ('12) 2 A group
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270tions. (CC) (lID) man $5,000 to date her, but he ends up falling for her. (R) (Ci) of college buddies reconnect. (NR) (CC)
BRAVO 68 68 68 6825451 185 Kandi's Wedding: Blessings Housewives of Orange Me- Housewives of Orange House Housewives of Orange Christ- Ladies of London Caprice's
BRAVO and Dressings (R) chanical bull. (CC)(R) hunt stress. (R) jmas pary. (CC) (N) reveal. (CC) (N)
COM 666 66 1521 (55) S. Park (R) (:26)Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo(:27)Daily Futurama(IV14 Futurama(lV14) S. Park: TSST! (:29) S. Park (R) 59) S. Park (R) S. Park(R) (14D)
66 66 66 15 27 190 D R) Show(R) )(R) R) (R)
Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- #BikerLive: Rust Bet Rust Bet #BikerLive: Southwest (N) Vegas Rat Rods: Ranch
DiSC 40 40 40 40 25 43 paired. (CC) (14D) paired. (CC) (14D) region. (R) (14D) (I4D) Rod (CC) (N) (14D)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26196 Total Divas Professional female E! News The entertainment world's latest .Keepin Up with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam-
E! wrestlers. (14D) news. (14D) Kar ians (14D) eras follow socialite and family. (14D)
ES 82 82 82 82 1181181601Top Chef: Finale Part 1 Top Chef: Finale Part 2 Winner Paiks: Article Parks (CC) (lID) Parks: Swing Parks (CC) (lID) Parks & Rec.: Parks Tom
E Taking over. (CC) (14D) named. (CC) (14D) Two jVote Pilot kisses
EWTN A Travel Daily Mass Celebration of the The Journey Home Call -in EWTN H Rosary The World Over News from
EWTN 4344 78Nightly (N) Guide Hoy Eucharist. R) program, fVG) Nightly (R) G.Y around theworld. (R)
FAil 5 5 5 55 10 46199 Middle (CC) MiddleAd Despicable Me 2(13) ***1/2 An anti-villain league re- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ('09, Comedy) ***
F__1 1 (14D) grounded. cruits Gru to hep em hunt down a super-crimina. Bill Hader. Food falls from sky and stirs trouble.
Diners Diners S'ra- Guy's Grocery Games Mac Rewrapped Unwrap: Cutthroat Kitchen Mystery (N) Mystery (R)
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Carsbad, Cai. cuse, N. a cheese. (() N Superszed Applesauce. (R) (HI) I(HD)
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 5 (5:00) The Other Guys (10) ** Two 21 Jump Street (12, Comedy) *** Jona Hill, Channing Tatum. Two Louie (C) (N) Louie (CC) (N)
F__84 mismatched New York City detectives. cops go undercover at a high school to bust synthetic dru ring. (14D) (14D)
GSN 119 119 119 119 3 1191841 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud
HA- 5 5 11 132'40 The Waltons Soldier killed. TheWatons: The Kinfolk Rose The Waltons: The Diploma Middle Tech Middle Evil The Middle: The Middle
HALL (CC) arrivesforavsit. Graduated. (CC) school. bunny. The Hose Axls foot.
Swamp People: Sabotaged Swamp People: Swamp Am- Swamp People: Beasts or Bust Swam Peole: Captain lnvn- American (N) (31) American
HIST Duck hunters enter. (R) bush Safety at risk. (R) Electrical storm. cible (CP (N) (I)) (14D) (N)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 42165 Love It or List It, Too Home Love t or List t Two grown Love It or List It Five chil- Love t or List ft: Sight Unseen Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R)
H E 444R with rivacy. () sons. (CO (R) (14D) dren. (CC) (R) (14D) House issues. (N) (14D) (14D)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 IMAN Global Chic Wieck Absolute Wieck Absolute Wieck Absolute Serious Skin Care
LIFE 36 36 36 36 Hoarders Compulsive hoard- Hoarders: Verna Joanne Hoarders: Manuel & Carla Hoarders (CC) (N) (14D) Little Women: LA Early ring
S52 41 140inN. (CC) (14D) Ex-cop evades law. (R) Three hoarded homes. shopping. (R) (lID)

JUNE 9 =
UT P1tf P H e e D N M ine on is
OWN 58 58 58 58 41 103 1611 Dr. Phil: Mr. Wrong Unfit fa- Dr. Phil: How to Negotiate Any- Dateline on OWN Doctor's Dateline on OWN Church mur- (:20) Dateline on OWN Disap-
OWN thers. (CC) (D) thing Negotiation. wife. (CC) (R) (HD) der. (CC) (R) (HD) pearance. (R) (HD)
S E51 51 51 51 2963 54(5:00) The Rundown ('03, Action) **2 A Walking Tall (04, Action) ** A former Special Forces op The Rundown ('03, Action) **2 A bounty
iS 7 9 bounty hunter seeks a mobster's son. erative works to free his hometown from drugs. hunter seeks a mobster's son. (PG-13)
SYFY 61 61 61 61 253 64 1Casino Royale ('06) British secret agent James Bond goes on his first mission as 007, The Adjustment Bureau ('11, Thriller) *** Matt
2 180 entering a high-stakes poker game against a dastardly terrorist banker. Damon, Emily Blunt. Politician fights fateful forces. (PG-13)
Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Family Guy: FamilyGuy FamilyGuy FamilyGuy Big Bang(CC) iheBigBang Theo Ex-
TBS 59 59 9 9 32 62 52ra Virgin Da Boom (CC) (C) (C) (NN1 tended ifes an. () (HD)
TOM 65 65 65 65 (5:30) Love Crazy ('41, Comedy) **2 A MGM Parade Robin and Marian ('76) A middle-aged Robin Hood returns Camelot ('67) *2 Legendary
couplefacesacrazyromance. NR)(CC) Show hometofacehisold love and his ol enemy. KingArthurfinds love.
54 2 13 My Big FatGypyWedding Untold Stories of the E.R. Do Untold Stories of the E.R. Sex Sent Me to the ER Extra Sex, Lies and Zumba Scandal
TL 45 45 45 45 1 Facing eviction. (R) bite victim. (R)(HD) Pregnant physician. (R) Dose: Man In Steel unearthed. (R)(HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Major Crimes Car lot explo- Major Crimes Killer on the Major Crimes Stubborn at- Major Crimes: Flight Risk Murder in the First: Pilot Sur-
_1 sion. (CC) (R) (HD) loose. (CC) (R) (HD) tourney. (CC) (R) (HD) (CC) (N) (HD) rising suspect. (N)
TRAV 69696969260 6 110 Bizarre Foodswith Andrew vFood:Ann Manv Food: BizarreFoodsAmerica: De- Bizarre Foods America Cab- Hotel Impossible (CC) (N)
T 997 Lcal delicacies. (R) Arbor (R) Honolulu troit Short ribs. (CC) (R) bage, goat heart. (R)
Storage (R) Storage Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick
TRUTV63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Hunters (R) Towing Towing Towing Towing Towing Tow(R) Tow (N) Tow (R)
TIVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Nanny Nanny Nanny Nanny Nanny Nanny WhosBoss Who's Boss Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3434342252 50 NCIS: Los Angeles: Free Ride NCIS: Los Angeles: Drive Car WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD)
Christmas murder hipping in (H
WE 11717 117 117 149 CSI: Miami: Rest in Pieces"Mi- CSI: Miami: At Risk Personal CSI: Miami: Law& Disorder CSI: Miami: Habeas Corpse CSI: Miami Suspect plane
ami Taunter." (HD) connection. (CC) (1H) Corruption scandal. CSI murder suspect. crash. (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Salem Witches of Salem,
Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Mass. (CC) (4))
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talking Football

ESPN 29292929 1 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (Live) (HD) Baseball Tonight (N) (HD)
EPN 2929 9 2 1 5870Conn. (N) (CC)(141))

ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 (e (4:00) Baseball (Live) (CC) 2014 NCAA Baseball Championship: Super Regionals: Site 3, Game 3 (If NFL Live (N) (CC) (HD)
(SA ) Necessary) (17: (CC) (B)r
qFS1 148 48 48 48 42 69 83 America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Counitdown: 174: John- FOX Fight Night: Golden Boy Promotions: from Boston (Re- rMLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
(14D) son vs. Bagautinov play) (CC) (14D) (I4D)
Ship Shape The Game 365 PowerShares Tennis Series: Surprise: from Surprise Championship Bull Riding Wrld Poker (Replay) (CC) (14D)
,FN 172 72 72 72 56 77 TV r (14D) Stadium in Surprise, Ariz. (Replay) (14D) (Replay) (lID))
GOLF 49 49 4949 55 60 304 The Golf Fix (N) (14D) Live From the U.S. Open (N) (14D) Live From the U.S. Open (14D) Payne (N) (lID)
NBCSN 11 11 11 11 5 6 Pro Football Cycling: Criterium Du NHL Live (N) 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 3 (Live) (CC) (1D) NHL Overtime
Talk(N) Dauphine: Stage3(gaped) / (14D)
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Into the (lID) Saltwater Exp. TV (lID) ShipSha Sportsman: Reel Time Fish Flats (lID) Fishing (lID) Professional Tarpon (14D)
(141)) TV a marathon (141))
NICK 25252525 2 Webheads (CC) Sam & Cat (R) Thunderman Haunted (R) Awesome (N) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC) FullHseHa- Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC)
(N) (14D) (R)(14D) (14D) (14D) waiiantrp.
TOON 808012444620 257 (:15) Regular (:45) Gumball Adventure Regular Steven Uni- Uncle King ofthe Hill Cleveland FamilyG Rick and
__ Show Time Show verse Grandpa (CC) Show (1D) V14) Mort

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) (N) #TwitterRevolution (R) Greed (R) Greed A crooked broker. Greed Stolen numbers.
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Tonight The biggest
CNN Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breakingnews. (N)(lID) stories. (N) stories. (N)
CSPINI 18 18 18 18 31712 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
N1 8 7 0 Re resentatives. () tives most importantcommitteehearings.
Special Report with Bret Bale On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reill Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannit Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1 118The latest news. (N) Susteren (N)() talk. (CC) (N) V) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (nw)
MSNB 83838383 185 4 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB Sharpton. (N) (14) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (1D) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N)(141)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Chef Rolf News News Paid News Lt Edition Lt Edition
CMIV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Reba(14D) Reba(14D) Reba(14D) Reba(14D)) TheDukesofHazzard Fighting Movie
corrupion. (14D))
33 33 33 3 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- 16 and Pre nant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant: Jordan
MTV ness (1D)) ness (14D) ness (14D) ness (14D) girls talk. (CC girls talk. (C Homeless and pregnant.
H/I-l 50 50 50 5043232117Loe & Hip Hop Atlanta Party Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Hit the Floor (N) (14D) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC)
scuffle. (CC) (R) (HD) (R) (14D) (N) (141)) (R) (141))
5:30) Full Metal Jacket ('87, Drama) Two for the Money ('05) Al Pacino. An injured football S. Park: Biger, Longer & Uncut ('99)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Marines who make it through basic training layer begins a new career in the sports gambling business. ***1 at one. n ill-advised war
Face the realities of war in Vietnam. (R CC lD threatens humanity. (R) (CC) (14D)
(5:05) Miss Congeniality 2: (:05) Cloud Atlas ('12, Drama) ***12 Tom Hanks, Halle Berry. The impacts over time Dark Shadows('12)Avampire
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Armed and Fabulous ('05) of the actions of individuals are explored through the story of a soul'sjourneyto be imprisoned for 200 years wa es
Pals kidnapped( transformed from a killer into a hero. (R) (CC) (HID up in 1972.
Good Lck Good Lck I Didn' Do It Dog with Blog Cloud 9 (14, Action) Dove Cameron. A Austin & Ally Good Lck ANT. Farm:
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Charlie: Study Charlie School Sibling rivalry. Confusing young snowboarder with a huge ego is Jealous of Kira. Charlie: Sister, NTs on fire
Buddy nurse. (R) behavior. kicked off of her team. (NR) (CC) (R) Sister (R)
(4.45) This Is (35) Phone Booth ('02, Thriller) **1/2 A The Professional (94, Thriller) An eccentric (50) Final Destination ('00, Horror) Narrowly
ENC 150150 150 150 150 350 te End (13) man calling his mistress on a pay phone hitman takes ina 12year-oldgiraTerher escaping fataexposion,thesurivorsare
(CC) Ibecomes the target of a sniper. (CR) (C) parents are murdered. (R) (CC) _stalked b a ecter.
(4.30) Life of Pi (:45) The Wa Way Back ('13, Comedy Steve Last Week Artist Robert (:45) R.I.P.D. ('13, Action) Jeff BridFes. Two
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 ('12) Shipwreck. Carell, Toni bollette, introvere ten rienas a water park Jon liver (R) De Niro Sr. (N) bickering partners defend the world from a
|manager to avoid his family situation. (CC) (14D) (14D) (14D) monstrous brand of criminals.
1510) Won't Back Down (12, Making of... Last Week Real Time with Bill Maher Game of Thrones: The Veep: Crate Veep: New
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Drama) Two mothers face Production John Oliver (CC (IVMA) (CC) (14D) Watchers on the Wall (CC) (lID) (C (D) Hampshire (CC)
school bureaucracy. stories. (14D) HD41))
Disconnect ('13) Individuals from different backgrounds Big Love: Damage Control VICE (CC) (14D) The Normal Heart ('14, Drama) Taylor
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 come to realize the destructive potential of the internet as Barb retreats into her own world. Kitsch. A gay man sets out to combat a
they deal with their own personal afflictions. (CC) (14D) disease that is killing homosexual men.
Che Impossible (12, Drama) *** Naomi Wafts, Ewan Years of Living Penny Dreadful: Closer than Nurse Jackie Californication
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 McGregor. A family's Thailand vacation ends in tragedy Dangerously: Moving a Sisters (R) Top 25 Doctors Hank
: when a tsunami rips through. (PG-13) (CC) (HD) Mountain (CC(N) (14D) list. |reminisces.
DickTracy Fihtville ('11, Documentary) ** Denoted The Longest Yard ('05, Comedy) **1/2 Adam Sandier, Lenny Cooke (13,
TMC 350 350 350 350 35035 385 **' 2 Cop is The advancement of Mixed Martial Arts Chris Rock. Imprisoned pro football player forms team of Documentary) Lenny Cooke.
Fightsvillains. |during the last ten years. (NR) (CC) convicts to play guards in game. (PG-13) (CC) Profile of a basketball player.


PBS 2C 3 3 3 News Kimmel Nightline Exttr E Brazil a World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M 11 News Kimmel i line Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News
ABCA 777 107 7 News Kimmel Nightline )Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News Nw
WCBS 3M 101010r 10 News FLate Show Late Late Paid Paid H Upto the inute(N) News News PNe
YCBSffi1 211211 4 S News LateShow Late Late T Z Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
YNBC 88 8 8 8 News iTonight iLate Night D Last Call Today (N) DPaid Extra Early News News News
ONBC 2 2 122 2 News To Ciht L teN mht Last Call Dr. Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX 13212 13 13 News Dish N aid Divorc Dish TMZ News News News (N)
FOXYX 2 44 1 News Arsenio akme ndn YThe Office The Offic 3Rock 30GRock Paterity Divorce Alex sNews(N)
PBS U 13 3 3 3 MythologyMedicine (R ~ ai R) Brazil (R) ISecrets IThe Making (R) Ribbon
UNI 52020204 6 MusNic Noticier c CC) Fm )i morc) t Can See Clearly No () (Gd) Compass yoga
PBS N 3 3 Healing Detox Diet (R) Rose (N) Antiques ISecrets Suze Orman (R) (1-1))
.1 ///) w 621 6 2 1/2 Men ,How I Mat How I Met Modern Modern Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
&CWE 26 6 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsonsl Simpons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYNT 31111 1 21 Seireld Commun Raymond America OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid Let's Ask Shepherd
AMYN7) 88 Seinfeld Seinfeld KingHill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny ulwDeath ilDeath Paid Paid Shepherd
ID 1212 12 4 12 FamGuy i FamGuy Dad RDad ClevelandPayne eat Lout i Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
IONA 422 2132618 17 Criminal Criminal Numb3rs TNumb3rs iPaid Paid Inspiration Today
22 22 22 2 Kingdom IAwaken IAwaken You andaMe ICVanc 700 Club ICTNSpc,.Hmekep
WINW242 44 10 News Awakke flan You and Me NReKin Gaither Exercise Finess
F 95 5 Deportivo PasilloTV iVerdad B Laviuda Deportivo Pagado Pagado Contacto
F 1111 6 Nticias Noticiero Familia sAmorcito e erocd Casa risa Lra wa Gordo Primer Noticie

FX 515151518439 501 Loie Luie Criminal Criminal ( Longmire Longmire P Paid iDo iDo Paid
AC 5565563 53 231 Reloaded The Matrix Revolutions ('03) (R) Get Shorty ('95) (CC) TURN (R)
BE 53 53 022 Z70 Friends Wendy Latfah omicV ,ComicV CornicV Panther BET Inspiration
GSN 1181111 3411 18 Housewife Ladies usewife Ladies Wedding Paid Paid Paid Paid
HIS 81881 27 Daily Colbert midnight S Park Ia Colbrt midniht Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Entoura Paid Paid
S4414142 4316 BikerLive Vegas Rt #BikerLive H Fast Loud Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E27 2631 3. Lately News (3) 5C. Lately Kardashian i Total Diva C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
SQ 5 11116 Die Hard ('95, Action o Hw I Rck Departures Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWN2342 2 17 231! Priests IWomenGr Daily Mass Journey News To Know Guide IMariana Octava Dana Miracles
FY 616 10 461 700 Club Be-Air Be-Air el-Air Bel-Air Pai WaeatonbPaid Paid dRein LifeToda
TS 3 2 Co76 1 Diners HDiners Cutthroat ystery Mystery Diners Diners a e rChef (R) Paid Paid
S 55454 51158 493 Louie SLouie Louie (U) Louie Louie N e Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GN 1971173417! 18 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud agg Iagg Paid IPaid IPaid Paid
HL 55517 7324 Golden /Golden Golden IGolden ;rs Frasier /Frasier IFrasier Fra sr Irsier Cheers ICheers ILucy Lucy
T 16161 3 651 Americn American Swamp wamp American D Cs er American Paid Boneyard Paid
TRME 696969692653 116 Love It Love It Hunte ers Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUT 6 3 6 36 2 41 Hoarders Hoarders L orders Little (R) Hoarders Paid I Paid Paid Paid
WND 5 4 Qe 4710 161 Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
WE 1111 129 63 54 Rundown .. Joe: Rise of Cobra ('09) MJail M Jail Paid iPaid Paid Paid
N 661 6 1 9 e 64P1a Bureau PLost City ('083 RkCC) 0Treasure (TVPG) Wheaton Paid Paid Paid Paid
TS 55955932 62 52 Conan /H=le (Conan Holmes Sweetest ('02) Married Married Married Married Earl
TM 665665 16! 3(10:00) Camelot ('67) Called Horse ('70) 5: ) Mutiny on the Bounty ('62)
C 2 5 572813Sex Sent Sex, Lies i ntol d Pi Paid Padd Paid Paid Paid Paid
EN 29292929621 58 5 Crimes iMurder Justice Law (11) Closer Closer S'ville
FSN 121 26 66 17 Bizarre Bizarre dotel () Bizarre Bizarre Paid Paid Paid |Paid
F 4 934950 1 G Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Wipeout Bat Car Paid
TLD66266231 542 Queens Queens Cleveland Falls Queens Queens Raymond Raymond Ts Co. Ts Go. 3'sCo. Nanny Nanny Divorced
UA 33433422 52 50 The Mechanic ('11 ) NICIS NCIS NCIS SVU XH) SVU (1-1))
NC 1111111 1 141 SI Miami CSI Miami C SI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
UN 16 1 41 11 9 Salem Parks Parks Parks 30Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama ilDeath Paid Paid News (N)
CNB 3 3 3 349 70 Sports (ard (R i Gred (R i Paid Paid Paid Paid Wordw id i (N)
CSPN 18181812 8 70 Sports Sports Keports Sports MLB Game (Replay) Sports
N 6 6 46 59 74 Olbermann Baseball lbermann NASCAR dNation Sports iSports Olbermann
S 6 6 61 48 42 69 83 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Fight Newht UFC (N) w
MSN 838383886 77 Wrld Poker Mnleashed Oar (1Dn) Paid Paid Paid e Pa d Paid Paid Paid oPaid
C 4NE 60 PGATour Learing L.S. Open (07) Payne sPGATour PGA PGATour PGA Tour Open
DISN 1 1 1 1 54 61 90 Kurt Busch Mecum Macum IndyCar Series (fA De) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SN 333341045 57 76 Reel Fish tin Depth Golden Boy Live |Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid iPaid Paid iPaid
EN7C 1 1 13 1 3 1 a Greed Witnes( (R) () Greed (N) Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Ex (N)
B 2 18 381bu 360 ( 9) CNN Tonite CNN Tonite 360 (T) simulcast Early Start ()
CSN 1 81 837 12 10 Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings
FN 46 46 871111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
B 3 H 18i 401n Hayes (i) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes () Maddow First Look Too Early
S11 Lt Edition LtEditionNews Paid News News News News News News News News iNews News
C 3 33 ( 3320 4 Banshee S n City 1 (07) Savages F Fhtnt carteB Lovely Bones ('09)
IN23123123213214Z Dark (12) Topless Kick-Ass 2*** Girl'sGui Girr'sGui (]15) The Debt ('11) invasion
DIS 16161 3699452 Jessie IShake t Good Lck Good Lck Shake It ANT. On~eck On~eck IWizards |Wizards On~eck On~eck Fishlik Phines
EN 5105 15 35 Final Dest Witness ('85) (R) (CC) Influence ('90) Professional ('94) (R) Chocolat
HO 320 30,300230 R.I.P.D. |Thrones Vep Vep Real Time |Oliver Niro, Sr. |Alexander Powerful ruler.
HB2330 30303030 About Mar ('98) ** The Negotiator ('98) The Story of Us ('99) Silence
HB3340 3D40 340 Heart Syriana Oil and intrigue. 05S) The Godfather: Part 11 ('74) Last Cal
SO 3430430336 Penny |NreJ Cli. |er f12 O'Clock (R) Hughley |13 Warrior *
TMC 3505050505053B! LCook |Prefonitaine ('97) **12 |Sexy Wives Fade to Black ('04) |No Looking


Famous In 12
8 p.m. on CW
A family moves to LA for 12
weeks to try and become
famous; each member of
the family has a special
talent they will use as TMZ
gives them opportunities;
their social media profiles
are tracked and analyzed
each week by the show's
"Star Power Meter." (HD)

Pretty Little Liars
8 p.m. on FAM
"EscApe from New York"
The girls and Ali are forced
to deal with the devastating
repercussions in the City of
New York, and elsewhere,
Ali's own enemies are be-
ginning to prepare for their
return to the town of Rose-
wood, where more drama is
sure to unfold.0 (HD)

America's Got Talent
8 p.m. on NBC
"Audition" Individuals from
across the country continue
to audition for a chance to
perform at Radio City Music
Hall for the opportunity to
win a$1 million prize, but
while some demonstrate
exciting and unexpected
skills, others fail to impress
the judges. (HD)
Chasing Life
9 p.m. on FAM
"Pilot" Along with strides
in her love life, a young
journalist's career is on the
verge of taking off at her
newspaper, but she winds
up receiving devastating
news that she has cancer,
putting her already troubled
family life in even more

Flip Or Flop
9 p.m. on HOME
"A Neglected Flip"Tarek and
Christina learn of a house


One can only hope Hugh
Jackman is ready to sing
and dance when he hosts
"The 68th Annual Tony
Awards," airing Sunday
at 8 p.m. on CBS. While

Hugh Jackman

he has some great moves
in "X-Men: Days of Future
Past," it's always fun to
see the talented actor
dance his way across the
stage. This is his fourth
time to host the event.
"Hugh is the ultimate
performer actor, singer
and dancer he does it
all, second to none," says
Jack Sussman, execu-
tive producer. "He is a
consummate entertainer

and the one you want out
their hosting your live
television event." Suss-
man promises several
live performances from
some of Broadway's top

The cast of the upcom-
ing thriller "Dig" has a
new member. Lauren
Ambrose ("Six Feet Un-
der") joins Jason Isaacs
("Awake"), Anne Heche
("Save Me"), Alison Sudol
("A Fine Frenzy"), Regina
Taylor ("The Unit"), David
Costabile ("Breaking
Bad") and Omar Metwall
("Non-Stop") on the mini-
series. Ambrose plays a
dedicated follower of an
evangelist (Costabile),
until a young boy goes
missing. She begins to
wonder if she made the
right decisions when she
suspects the reverend
had something to do
with the disappearance.
The show centers on FBI
agent Peter Connelly
(Isaac), who is based in
Jerusalem. He's investi-
gating the murder of an
American archeologist,

in Anaheim, Calif., that is an
all-cash sale involving no
inspections or contingen-
cies, but someone is still
living on the property, so
they will not be able to see
the interior prior to making
an offer.

Little Women: LA
9 p.m. on LIFE
"Who Do You Think You
Are?" Christy steals Traci's
spotlight at her wine tast-
ing party, worsening their
wedding-fueled feud; Elena
sees a doctor to learn what
type of dwarfism she has
and if it could cause compli-
cations during pregnancy;
Traci looks for a wedding
gown. (HD)

The Night Shift
10:01 p.m. on NBC
"Hog Wild" TC and Paul rush
to the aid of the people
involved in a night-time
hog-hunting trip where one
patient's hand was bitten

but there is more to his
case, a conspiracy that
goes back 2,000 years.
Tim Kring ("Heroes")
and Gideon Raff ("Home-
land") produced the six-
episode event.

"Motor City Masters,"
premiering 10 p.m.
Tuesday, June 24, is on
the hunt for the next
great car designer. The
competition series has
celebrity guest judges
Melissa Joan Heart
("Melissa & Joey"), who
also produces the show,
Jesse Metcalfe ("Dallas"),
Fall Out Boy bassist Pete
Wentz, former baseball
player David Justice and
NASCAR driver Robby
Gordon. The show fea-
tures 10 experienced
designers with various
backgrounds. There are
challenges on the real-
ity series that cover all
aspects of design. The
contestants must create
a new concept car based
on the theme for the
episode. Also judging are
Jean Jennings, president
and editor-in-chief of
"Automobile Magazine,"
and car designer Harald

An emotionally shaken Mc-
Gee (Sean Murray) struggles
to come to terms with the
ramifications of the drone
attack on "NCIS," airing
Tuesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

off by a feral hog, and an-
other was shot by an arrow;
Drew convinces Krista to
help him hide his injured
hand from Jordan. (HD)

There's a new "NCIS" on
the way this fall. Scott
Bakula, Lucas Black,
Zoe McLellan and CCH
Pounder star on "NCIS:
New Orleans." Bakula's
character Special Agent
Dwayne Pride heads the
team, which investigates
criminal cases involving
military personnel in the
Big Easy. Pounder plays
the eccentric and bril-
liant coroner, who works
with the team. The series
joins "NCIS" and "NCIS:
Los Angeles" this fall on

The producers of "The
Lord of the Rings" joined
with "The Amazing
Race" producers to cre-
ate "Quest," premiering
Thursday, July 31, on
ABC. The reality compe-
tition has several chal-
lenges played out on an
imaginative realm where
there are ogres, drag-
ons and dark lords. The
contestants are called
heroes, and they live
in a castle. Behind-the-
scenes state-of-the-art
projections, animatronics
and prosthetics are used
to make the immersive
adventure seem as real
as possible.


ABC7 News @IABC World The 7 Entertainment Jimmy (31) NBA 2014 NBA Finals: Game 3 (Live)
SABC 1 11 1 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) Kimmel Live: Countdown
ABC newsofthe Diane Sawyer News(N)(HD) (HD) GameNight: (N)(CC)(HD)
day. (N) (HD) Game 3 _
ABC News The ABCWorld The List (VG) RightThis Kimmel (CC) (N) NBA Count (N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 3 (Live)
A 11 latest news. INews (N) (HD)) )) ()HD) (1ND) (P
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Kimmel (CC) (N) NBACount(N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 3 (lve)
AC 7 7 l0 7 7 News (N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) )HD) )HD) (v
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) NCIS: Double Back The team NCIS: Los Angeles A team of (01) Person of Interest: The
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Local News with tune (CC) (N) (N) (D) triestotrackdown Parsa'sco- special agents protectthecoun- Devirs Share The team goes
10 news report. Scott Pelley (N) ([41)) hortsthrough evidencefrom the tyfrom national securitythreats. out totake down HR. (CC(R)()HD)
(N) (HD) attack. (R) (4))
CBS News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (4)) Inside Edi- NCIS: Double Back Tracking NCIS: Los Angeles National )01) Person of Interest Taking
11 Cr 1213 213 5 N )HD) tion (N) down terrorist cohorts secure. (CC) (ND downHR.()(HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment America's Got Talent: Audition Individuals from across the )01)The Ni ht Shift: Hog Wild
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 Bat 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC) (N) country continue to audition for a chance to perform at Ra- TC and Pau rush tothe aid
i and weather. events. (N) (H) weather; more. )HD) dio City Music Hall for the opportunity to win a $1 million some injured night-time hog
prize. ((C) (N) (HD) hunters. (N)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) America's Got Talent: Audition The judges continue their (01)The Night Shift: Hog Wild
20 News (N) tune (N) (1HD) hunt for individuals with all sorts of talents. (N) Hunters injured. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ Inside The Insider Riot Rove McManus gathers I Wanna Marry "Harry" An FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of the day are examined news about ce- Celebrity news. the funniest performers to English manisgiven royal rie of the news day are up-
13 and reported I the FOX 13 lebrities' lives. (CC((HD) perform on a tilted set. (CC) makeover beforefling 2 dated %the FOX l3 Nightly
News Team. (N) (CC) (iHD) women. (CC) (HD) News eam. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Riot Rove McManus chal- I Wanna Mar "Harry" Fakes FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
C_'4 news; weather. (N) (R)(HI) (CC) lenses comedians. (HD) royalty. (CC)(HDI) news report. (N)
PBS BBC World 'Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) My Music: Moments to Remember Songs b Rosema Clooney, Frankie Financial So-
3 3 3 3 News() Dart(N) (HD( Laine, the Four Lads and others are honored (CC) (R) (H uton(R)
Pas 16 Sesame strt: Simon Says Cat in Hat (R) P + +Cat(CC) Carole King & James Taylor: Live at the Ha* (11 Anne Bechsgaard.
P.S 20 24 04 1 Tely worries. (R) (141) (141)) ,,9 Troubadour "Sweet BabaylJames." (N) Varued emotion examined thorouhly (CC()
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) My Music: Classical Rewind Classical mu- My Music: John Sebastian Presents: Folk
3_0__ News (CC) port (N) (H) sic with scenic images. (CC) (R) (HD) Rewind Folk's best moments. (R)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC() News (N) Big Bang (CC() 2 1/2 Men (CC() Famous ln12 Family tries Supernatura: ImNo Angel News @lOpm (N) (HD)
_____1 (D(H (1)HD) fame. (CC) (N) (HD) Anels on the hunt. (R)
I, 9 9 9 4 Queens (VE) Queens Atlan- 2 1/2 Men (CC() 2 1/2 Men (CC() Famous In 12 Family tries Supernatural: rm NoAngel Ru!esBogus Rules Surgery
C MI (HD) tic City. (HD) (HD) fame. (CC) (N) (HD) Ang els on the hunt. (R) cruise. money.
INN 11 11 11 14 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Bones Sci fi convention. Bones: The Bones That Foam Cops Re- Cops Re-
() (TVPG) (IVPG) (CC) (HD) Lab in lockdown. loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollyd (N) (HD)Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Bones Sci fi convention. (CC) Bones: The Bones That Foam Law& Order: SVU Criminal
XN8 ) (141) (141) Lab in Iockdwn. tells crime (CC) (41))

IND 12 1212Modern Fam- Modern: Egg Bi Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: SVU Criminal Law & Order: Special Victims The Office (CC) The Office (CC)
32 ily: Pilot Drop ,.. (H tells crime (CC) (HD) Unit: Outcr(HD) D1D)
ION Criminal Minds Serial Ciminal Minds: Plain Sight Criminal Minds: Broken Mirror Criminal Minds: L.D.S.K. Day- Criminal Minds: The FoxVa-
676 bomber. (CC)(HD) Bold rapist. (CC) (HD) Twins kidnap d. ig ht sniper. (CC) (HD) nations ruined. (HD)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Word of Ex- Richard Rob- Gospl Truth PeriKStone LifeToday
2~F122 2 nes ]healing. (CC) cllenc eirts (CC) (cm)(N) (C)(N ~ f

WRY 22 44 10 Joyce Meyer Saving the In- Paid Pro- Great Awaken Tour End of the Monumental Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
AMV_ (CC) (N) vestor gram Age (CC) (N) es (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifiosAventura Pelicula LaviudanegraLavidade
50 (1VPG) (CC) escolar. (]VPG) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Bda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
5 15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor. (CC) (HD) Humilde hoar.

A&E 26 26 2626 39 50181 Shipping (CC) Shipping (CC) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (N) Storage (CC) (N) Shipping Shipping
A(E 3 R)(D) (RoAN) (HD) (NN) (NN) (1NN) (NN) (1NN) Wars (N) Wars (N)
The Matrix Revolutions Hu- The Mummy ('99, Horror) *12 Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz. An Egyptian priest is Freaksh (N) (HD) Freaksh (N)(HD
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 mansvs. machines. (R) mummified alive, and a team of archaeologists revives him. (PG-13) (CC) (ID)
River Monsters Battles re- River Monsters Wade's tech- Wild Russia: Kamchatka Vol- Wild Russia: Urals Mountain Wild Russia: Caucasus Moun-
API 44 44 44 44 36 68130 visited. (CC) (R) (HD) niques. (CC) (R) (HD) canic peninsula. (HD) range. (CC) )HD) tainous region. (HD)
106 & Park Viewer selec- This Christmas ('07, Holiday) **1/2 Delroy Lindo, Idris Elba. An es- Daddy's Little Girls ('07, Drama) A fa-
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270tions. (CC) (HD) trangedfamily comestogethertocelebrate Christmas.(PG-13)((:) ther seeks custody of his children. (CC)
Real Housewives N.Y. Mu- Housewives of Orange Christ- Kandi's Wedding: Blessings Real Housewives N.Y. Wild The People's Couch (R)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 seum party. (CC) (R) mas party. (CC) (R) and Dressings (R) last night. (CC) (N)
COM 666 66) S. Park (R) (26) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo (27) Daily Chapplle's (:28) Chap- Tosh.0New (:29)Tosh.0() Tosh.0 Ratings Tosh.0 (CC) (R)
OM 666 66 66 15 27 190 SH (R Show(R) Jedi sex. pelle's((C) York. (R) (HD) boost. )HD)
DISC 404040402543 12 Moonshiners Tradition re- Deadliest Catch: On Deck: Deadliest Catch: The Bait: The Deadliest Catch (CC) (N) (HD) )02) Siberian Cut: Age Old En-
DISC vealed. (CC) (HD) Lost at Sea (N) (HD) Comeback Kid (N) emies (CC) (N) (HD)
(530) Keeping Up with the E! News Entertainment Giuliana & Bill Starlet cou- Tia & Tamera Twins work to Total Divas Professional female
E! 46 46 46 46 21 26196 Kardashians(HD) news. (HD) pIe. (HD) stay connected. (HD) wrestlers. (HD)
ES 82 82 82 82118118160 American N inja Warrior: Dallas Qualifying Dallas competi- American Ninja Warrior: St. Louis Qualifying St. Louis ob- Boundless: Charlie Ramsay
ESV N2N 2N 1[1N10tors tackle obstacles. (CC) (HD) stacle course. ( 41)HD) Round Scotland (R)
EWIN 243 EWTN ( A Travel 7 Daily Mass Celebration of the Mother Angelica Live Clas- EWTN Holy Rosary Threshold of Hope Pope
N 243 243 412 17 2 Nightly (N) Guide IHoy Eucharist. (R) sics MotherAn gelica. jNihtly R (VG) John Paul II.
FAM 5 5 55 1046199 Pretty Little Liars: Unbridled Pretty Little Liars Answers are Pretty Little Liars Aftermath in Chasing Life: Pilot Journalist's PrettyLittleLiarsAftermath in
FFM Fashion show. (1V14) found. (V14)(R) NY. (IV 4)(N)(HD) cancer. (N)(HD) NY. 1V14)(R)(HD)
FOOD 31313131 6 164 Chopped: Winging It Cherryto- Chopped: Bird in the Pan Chopped: Belly Up Cocoa Chopped: Chopped Family Chopped: Four Fathers (N)
FOOD matoes.(R)(HN) Cornish hens. (R)(HN) mix. ) (HD) ) Feud Faloeda noodles. )HD)
F 51 51 51 51 5 49 53(5:00) 21 Jump Street (12, Comedy) *** Captain America: The First Avenger (11, Action) *** A regular guy Farno: A Fox, a Rabbit and a
FX Two cops go undercover as students. is transformed into a super soldier and battles evil villains. Cabbage (N) ))
19FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud It Takes a Church (R) The Chase ) Family Feud Family Feud
The Waltons: The Starlet The Waltons: The Journal The Waltons A marriage The Middle: Middle (CC) Middle (CC) Middle: Twenty
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 Pickett plant. (CC) John-Boys book. (CC) proposal. (CC) The Safe (H) (14) Years
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 1 Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars: Pawn Stars (R) Top Gear (CC) (N) (HD) To Be Announced Info un-
HIST 8HD) HD) (HD) (HD) Pawn U (HD) available. (CC) (HD)
Flip it to Win It Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters D.C. Flop Short sale Flop Mirror FlopAll-cash FlopShortsale Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (N)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 42 165 Two-bedroom condo. (R) (HD) home. ) homes. (R) sale. (N) )(R) (HD) (HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Perlier Indul gent care. Coin Collector Coin Collector Concierge Collection Concierge Collection
LWie Swap: Cathrea; Stewart LittleWomen: LA Early ring True Tori: True Tori: Never Be- Little Women: LA Winetasting True Tod: True Tori: Never Be-
LIFE 333 410oomsda.c ) sho ing. (R)(HD) fore Seen (N) (HD) party. (CC) (N) (HD) fore Seen (R) (HD)

JUNE0 10

OWN 58 58 58 58 41103161 Dr. Phil: Family Drama April: Dr. Phil: Parents' Biggest Fears The Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and the Have The Haves and the Have Nots
OWN sister destroysl'amily. Parenting issues. Jim plots cover-up. Nots: Donald (N) (HD) Matt arrested. (R)
E57 57 57 57 29 63 54 John Carter Iron Man ('08, Action) ***1 Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard. Tony Stark builds Wrath of the Titans (12, Action) **1
(12) (CC) an armored suit and uses the technology to fight crime. (PG-13) (CC) (1H) Perseus rescues father in underworld.
SYFY 67 67 667 253 64 i8o (5:30) The Adjustment Bureau (11, Thriller) *** Matt Heroes of Cosplay: Ottawa Heroes of Cosplay: Ani- WilWheaton Wil Wheaton
Damon, Emily Blunt. Politician fights fateful forces. Pop Expo (R) mate! Miami (N) (N) (R)
Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Seinfeld Movie Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy(C), Big Bang (IVP) Big Bang (CC) B Bang(C)
T B S 1 5 9 5 9 5 9 5 9 3 2 6 2 5 2 P cV sh n k .i g a n ( : : ) ( DB g a g ( ( )
__ ick Visa hiinks. (141) (141) (HD)
TCM 65 65 65 65 16 9230 (1 5) Easter Parade('48) A performer loses his dance part- The Woman in the Window ('44, Thriller) A woman leads Scarlet Street A man falls for a
ner over a boast and has trouble forgetting her. a man into a world of blackmail and murder. dangerous woman.
TIC 45 45 4545 5112 13 American Gypsy Wedding 19 Kids and Counting: The 19 Kids and Counting: A Duggar Leaves Home (CC) (N) (H)) The Little Couple (CC) (N) (H4))
_'1 _8 4_ 5 4545 7 7 13 Head-of-household. (R) Proposal (CC) (R) (1HD))
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: Murder Most Fowl Sub- Castle Alien abduction. (CC) Riioli& Isles: AllforOneHit (01) Rizzoli& Isles: Cold as Ice (02) Rizzoli& Isles Jane's pre-
way murder. (H)) (H)) and run. (R) (H)) Youth hock. (R) sentation. (R) (H))
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 6 110 Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food: Niag- v Food: Bizarre Foods America Food Masters Masters Pd Game On (CC) Game On (CC)
Zimmern: Nicaragua ara Falls Charleston (R) in Toronto. (CC) (R) Cheese fries. Boys. )R) (N) (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 World's Dumbest... Barge truTV Top Funniest Problems truTV Top Funniest Funny truTV Top Funniest Angry truTV Top Funniest (CC) (N)
skipper. (R) at work. () (R) faceplants. ((()(R) gamer. (CC) (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Who'sBoss Who'sBoss Raymond Raymond
USA 34 34 3434 2252 50 Law & Order Special Victims Law & Order: SVU Brother re- Law & Order: SVU Brutal at- Royal Pains Return to Playing: 37 (31) Modem
Unit Bank robber. turns. (1V14) (H)) stacker. (V14) (H)) Hamptons. (CC) (N) (H)) Weeks (N) Family
WE 1171111111 111149 Law & Order Carrier Man Law & Order: Stalker Law & Order Criminal and legal Law & Order Criminal and legal Law & Order Criminal and legal
W 1 11 1 1 spreads disease. (H)) Cyber-stalker. (CC) (HD) system. (CC) (HD) system. (CC) (H)) system.( (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Jurassic Park III ('01) Sam Neill. Dr. Grant is deceived into Salem Witches of Salem,
Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. returning to the island to help find a lost boy. Mass. (CC) (14))
055 28 28 28 28 49 10 Geico SportsNITE (H)) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. o Be An- Golf Weekly
CSS128 8 28 8 4970 rouncd
ESPN 29292929 1 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) Inside: U.S. Soccer's Marcht TherelsNo(N) BaseballTo- NFL Insiders
Brazil (N) (HD) (HD) nite HD) (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 7Amundthe Interuption Kimmel (CC) Kimmel (CC) NFL Insiders 30 30: Judging 30 for 30: June 17, 1994 (CC) Inside: U.S. Soccer's March
4__ Horn (141) )CC)(HD,) (14D) )HD) (N))(14D) Jewell )D)tBrzlHD
FS1 48484848426983 America's Pregame (N) (CC) World PokerTour: AlphaS St. MLB 162 (N) (CC Backof(N)(CC) Pecos(CC)(HD) Pecos(N)(CC) MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
F.I 18 4 8 4 2 3(141) nsd rNlo H) Kitts-Day 2(14))11) (11) HD (H D) H14)

FSN 1722 UFC nsiderN) Icons (141D) Marlins (HD) Marlins LIVE! i MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Texas Rangers from Globe Life Park in Arlington
72 7272 5D(HD 1)))D
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 (5:00) Live From the U.S. Live From the U.S. Open (N) Live From the U.S. Open Live From the U.S. Open: Live From the U.S. Open
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Pro Football Cycling: Criterium Du Into the (HD) Shark Hunters: Bananorized Shark Hunters Shark Hunters
Talk(N) aupine:Stae 4 gTaped)

SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 1618 Holes (1)) Ra s E! (N) MLB Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (ve) Hars LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney

NICK 25 25 25 25 24 Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Hath. Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
(C(11) (141)D) (CC() (CC) (CC() (CC() (CC() (CC()

20 257 (15)Johnny (5) Adventure Regular Gumball Uncle Adventure King of the Hill Cleveland American American
_TOON 180 80 TIM12 46 Tes (C) im Show I ~ ada Iie (CC() IShw(HM) IDad! (141)) IDad! (14D)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) (N) Super Rich Super Rich ark an (CC) () Shark Tank Spruced up. Super Rich Super Rich
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Co r 3600 CNN Special Report: OJI CNN Tonight 1 he biggest
NN33233283803Room (N) (H) yond the news. (N) Breaking ne.2H)(H )) Bronco Chase (N) stories. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 12 House of Re resentatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
N1 8 7 0 Re resentatives. ) tives most importantcommitteehearings.
Special Report with Bret Bale On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reill Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannit Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1 118The latest news. (N) Susteren (N)(14)) talk. (CC) (N) V)) dates. (N) (nes) (N) (.)
MSNB 83838383 185 4 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB Sharpton. (N) (H)) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N)(H))
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Paid News New Paid News Lt Edition Lt Edition
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Reba(HD) Reba(HD) Reba(HD) Reba(HD) TheDukesofHazzard Fighting Movie
corruption. (14))
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210Girl Code Faking It Faking It Faking It Faking It Faking It Faking It Faking It Awkward (N) Faking t: Burnt
(C ) Toast
VH 5 0 050432 27The Greatest Highlights; The Greatest Highlights; Hit the Floor (R) (141) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC() Men in Black Two secret
more. (R) (1)) more. (R) (1) (41)D) agents monitor aliens.
52:45) Revenge of the Nerds I: (15) Kick-Ass 2 ('13, Action *** Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Con Air ('97) An airplane that is used to transport
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 42 Nerds in Paradise (87) Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Red Mist returns to seek revenge dangerous criminals is hijacked by the inmates, and a lone
Nerds in Florida. on everyone around Kick-Ass. (R) (CC) (H1) parolee must try to find a way to avert disaster. (R)
10) 42 (13, Drama) ***12 Chadwick Boseman, (:20) Closed Circuit ('13, Drama) **12 Eric Bana, Enem of the State ('98,
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Harrison Ford. A talented player and a heroic manager Rebecca Hall. Lawyers and ex-lovers are placed on the Thriller *** A lawyer is
.exude bravery and courage against racism. (PG-13) (() same defense team in a terrorism trial. (R) (CC) (1)) frame for murder. (R) (CC)
Dog witha Austin & Ally I Didn't Doft Dogwitha Lemonade Mouth (11, Musical) **1 Bridgit Mendler, Good Lck AN.T.Farm
DISN 136 136 136 136 9945 250 Blog Tylers Rival singers. Avoiding Sherri. Blog Stan Adam Hicks. Five high school students meet in detention Charlie Report Caring for
99 nei Ebor. (R) (R) misbehaves and decide to form a band tog ether. card. beasts. (R)
(55) Stealth ('05, Action) *1 2 Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel. A The Pacifier ('05, Comedy) inDiesel.A (:40) King Arthur ('04, Action) **/ Clive
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 computerized piloting proram goes awry and threatens to tough Navy SEAL is assined to protect four Owen. A brave Christian knight finds himself
start a world war. (PK 13) (QC) children from a gang of kOilers. battling for the control of Enq and.
Real Time (:45) Fast & Furious 6 (13, Action) When agent Hobbs stumbles upon a Game of Thrones: The Veep: Crate Veep: New
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 w/BillMaher difficult task, he asks Dominic and his team r help in an effortto bring Watchers on the Wall (CC) (R) (CC)(HD) Hampshire (R)
(FVMA) down a rival gang in exchange for clear records. (CC) (1) (HD)
(5:45) Date Movie ('06, Comedy) (1 5) Warm Bodies (13) *** Nicholas Hoult, Teresa 24/7: Cotto Last Week Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Romantic mishaps Palmer. A zombie learns his romance with a human has set Martinez 02 John Oliver (CC: (TVMA) (CC) (H4)
complicate a wedding. 1off a chain of unusual events. (PG-13) (CC) (H4) (CC) (HD) (HD1))
(5:30) Cinderella Man ('05, Drama) *** 2Russell Big Love: The Writing on the Veep: Crate Veep: New Red 2 (13, Action) Bruce Willis.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Crowe, Renee Zellweger. Boxer Jim Braddockfightsto Wall Bill and Don repair (CC))HD) Hampshire(CC) Franksearchesfora nuclear
regain his status as a champion prizefighter. (PG-13) damaged billboards (HD) device. (CC)
(4.55) Silver Linings Playbook INurse daclde .Calffornicationl(:1 5) Alex Cross ('12, Crime)**k--' Rachel Nichols, Penny Dreadful: Closer than
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 (12) Emotionaly damage man Top 25 Doctors Hank Giancarlo Esposito. A Washington D.C. homicide detective Sisters (R)
reclaims life. list. reminisces. tries to track down a serial killer. (PG-13) (CC) (1)) 1
A Walk on the Moon ('99, Drama) Diane Lane, Viggo Judge Dredd ('95, Action) *2 In a domed 1(:40) Dark Skies (13, Horror) -- Keri
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Mortensen. Restless woman plans a trip to Woodstock and city of the future, a respected Street Judge is Russell. A family s peaceful life is put in
encounters her rebellious daughter. (R) (D) framed for murder. (R) (CC) (H1) danger due to a deadly force. (CC) ()


ABC 2 7 12 NBA Final News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News News News (N)
ABC 13 1 NBA Final News Kimmel Nihtline Katie (N) NewsNw Paid World News News News N
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PBS U 13 3 3 3 Solutions (R) 13 Steps (R)(0I) IBrazil (R) Brazil (R) IOrchestra Mariachi
PB C204204204 1 Suze Orman (R) (0) Big Band Years (R) Brenda Watson (R) ,Healing Yoga
PBS 3M ) 3 3 Music 30 Days (r) Rose (N) Hawking Comet Stories M. Frangoulis
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,5UNIV 52 5151 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd Casa risa La rosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
a I B t I I i I o nT I
A&E 2626262639 50181 Shipping Shippin Storage Storaqe Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Shipping Shippin Paid Bo Brek D B Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 SmallTn Freaksh Freaksh Small Tn The Mummy Returns ('01) (CC) Freaksh Freaksh Small Tn St es
API 44 44 44 44 36 681 Russia Russia Russia River (R) Russia Russia Russia
BET 35353535 40 22 Girls ('07) Wendy Latifah ComicV IComicV ComicV Panther BET Inspiration
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SPIKE 51555129 63 54 Wrath Gladiator 00 A warrior's revenge. (R) Jail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 616161612 641 Cosplay Wheaton Wheaton Bigfoot ('12) 1 (NR) Axe Giant 13) (R) Paid Paid
TBS 5959595932 62 52 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Guru ('08) (CC) Married ]Married Maried Married Ead
TCI 65656565 16 Scarlet St Make Mine Mink *412 Harvey ('46) Deep in Mv Heart ('54) **
TLC 45454545 57213 19 Kids (CC) (R( (HD) Little (R) 19 Kids Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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UA 33433422 52 50 Modern Modern Pains (R) Playing IPlaying House House SVU XHI) SVU (H0)
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8 18 40H1BO Hayes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look Too Early
SN 1 11 Lt Edition Lt Edition News Paid Nlews INews News News News INews News News News News
3 3 232(4 Banshee Lngere Topess Ringer ('05) Co-Ed('09) The Faculty ('98) (R(r/
S 3213214 Enemy Caif 5) Sunshine ('07) Top Femme (:05) 42 ('13, Drama) Rony (R)
TMC 363 3 3 3 3 Jessie ShaksIt G Lck G 0 LckShakeIt AT, OnDeck OnDeck Wizards Wizards OnDeck OnDeck FishHks Phines
EG 1051 15( 35 Arthur (:50) Evi Dead (13) Mulholland Dr. ('01) (CC) Off Air Stepmom ('98)
HO 320 30,30 0 Thrones VICE IVeep Veep 24/7 Fast Furious 6 ('13) Rock Roll Hall (R)
H0 3033 303, Normal Heart ('14) Hookers (:15) Spy Game ('01 ) (:20) Network ('76) (R)
HB3N 3N 0, 40, Red 2 Place Beyond ('13) (CC) (:25) The Beach ('00) Food Love (R)
SO 34 34 34 36! NursedJ. Calif. IPenny ISilver Linings ('12) (:05) Bikini ('12) Gosford Pk (R)
TM 5 35 35( 3 Dk Sides Asylum (05) (R) 0:0) Shape ('03) (CC) Bug ('07) (CC) (:45) Rider (12)


8 p.m. on AMC
A king and his personal
army of 300 elite Spartans
fight to the death against
the invading Persian forces
in the ancient Battle of
Thermopylae, in which the
men attempted to hold
a narrow mountain pass
against insurmountable
odds. 0 (HD)

Melissa & Joey
8 p.m. on FAM
"Maybe I'm Amazed" Want-
ing to be truthful about
everything, Melissa shares
something shocking with
Joe on the day of their wed-
ding, which leaves him with
a very difficult decision to
make that will ultimately
determine their future to-
gether. (HD)


So You Think You Can
8 p.m. on FOX
Another group of talented
dancers from across the na-
tion audition for their shot
at competing in the finals;
Justin Bieber and Nick De-
Moura showcase two more
dance crews that could
have a chance to perform in
the finale. (HD)

How to Train Your
8 p.m. on FX
A young Viking is trained
to hunt dragons in order to
save his village from their
attacks, but after befriend-
ing a young dragon, he
realizes the creatures may
be misunderstood and tries
to convince his friends and
family not to hurt them.l

Baby Daddy
8:31 p.m. on FAM
"All Aboard the Love Train"



Z 6

L a L
6 9

With Riley's highly antici-
pated family reunion about
to take place soon, she wel-
comes Ben to go along with
her to the festive event, but
things wind up taking a turn
that neither one of them
would have expected in the
end. (HD)

The 100
9 p.m. on CW
"We Are Grounders Part 2"
Clarke tries to get Bellamy
to make the right choice as
the conflicts on the ground
come to a breaking point;
Bellamy forces Octavia to
make a tough choice; Raven
and Jasper must work
against time as Finn makes
a bold move. (HD)

Duck Dynasty
10 p.m. on A&E
"Governor's Travels" Willie
gets unwanted help from
Uncle Si and John Luke
when preparing his intro-
duction speech for the Gov-

Is There a Doctor
in the House?
1. One of the cinema's
most famous doctors,
Dr. Frankenstein was
played the most times
by this distinguished
British actor.

2. That actor also made
a couple of feature films
in which he starred
as this very different
type of doctor, a time-
traveler exploring the
universe in a blue phone
booth, who has been
played on TV by 11
different performers so

3. Time travel also
figures in this hit
comedy film franchise
about a hip British
secret agent from the
Swingin' Sixties who
is brought to modern
times, its star and
creator also playing
this out-of-touch arch-
nemesis of the spy.

The questionable behavior
of Sgt. Mark Cross (Warren
Christie) earns the disap-
proval of Detective Angie
Flynn on the ABC crime
drama "Motive," airing
Wednesday at 10 p.m.

ernor of Louisiana's visit to
Duck Commander; Miss Kay
uses Korie and Sadie to get
Phil to give his opinion on
her outfits. (HD)

4. Speaking of arch-
nemeses, this doctor
was the human foil for
the greatest vampire
of all in the movies and
Bram Stoker's source
novel, "Dracula."

5. That character often
played by the actor
in question one was
depicted as a hunter of
all monsters in a 2004
action thriller named for
him, with this "X-Men"
star in the lead role.

upuwopr 4bnlH '
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I!A3 -J] T
o4M J0400] "Z
bu!qsno J@4@d 'T



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AC news of the Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (1HD) many dates. (R) Driver's license. house. (R) (H) Marvin has that hits clseto ome. (CC) (N)
day. (N) (HD) _(CC) (R) (HD) [) news. (R) (HD)
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FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of the day are examined news about ce- Celebrity news. from across the nation audition for their shot at competing in ries of the news da are up-
FO313 and reprtbed Ithe FOX 13 lebrities'lives. (CC) (14D) the finals; Justin Bieber and Nick DeMoura showcase two dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) (CC) -more dance crews. (CC) (N) (14D) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy Paradise TV So You Think You Can Dance More talented dancers au- FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
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CW Queens: Trash Queens: Ovan 21/2Men(CC) 21/2Men(CC) Arrow: Broken DollsAcriminal The 100: WeAre Grounders Rules (CC) (14D) Rules Battle of
MI Talker Action (14D) (14D) escapes. (R) (14D) Part 2 Breaking pint. wits.
IN 1 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Law & Order: Ciminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent Cops Re- Cops Re-
11 11 11 14 (IVP) MmVPG) Cosmetic surgeon. Murdered nun. (14D) loaded (14D) loaded (lID)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (14D) Cleveland Re- Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Law & Order: Ciminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Special Victims
x) 9 married. Cosmetic surgeon. Murdered nun. (141) Unit Girlin coma.
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U 1 12 12 38 12 neighbor. (HD) Mlf (lI)) Unit Girl in coma. Unit: Conscience (1D) (1 D)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 1 Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order. Criminal Intent Cold Case: Wishing Drawings Cold Case: Revenge Confes- Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Missing illusionist. Nightclub shooti g. at grave. (CC) (14D) siona clue. (CC) (14D) Student killed. (lID)
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M___ CC) ( l D) (CC) vestor (CC) (N) ces (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifiosAventura Pelcula LaviudanegraLa, dade
50 3 (FP) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Bda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor. (CC) (14D) Humilde hoqar.
Duck (CC) (R) Duck Youtube Duck Bass Pro Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck Life of Si Duck Dynsty: Stand By Mia DuckGver (31) B
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 18 iqyovr 0)B Smo
(181 (D) vides. shop. (l4D) (14D) I(R) Famil reunion. (R) nor's visit. Pilot (N)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 The Mummy Returns ('01) A bo finds himself in a 300 07, Action Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. Three hundred Spartans (1) Eragon
AfVIC 666 8 33tu of war between the Scorion i mhotep. fihtothedeataainst the formidable Persian army. (R((() ((CC)()
River Monsters: The Giants Jeremy Wade relives his at- Treehouse Masters Treetop TrehouseMastersSpiritofAf- Treehouse Masters Decagon
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 tempts to reel in largefreshwaterfish. (CC)(R)(HD) honeymen.(R)(HD) rica.(CC)(R)(HD) treehouse.(R)(4D)
& P o o s sected bythe Barbershop ("02, Comedy) Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson. A man sells a To Be Announced Info un-
06&Pviewers. (T) (1 0barbershop that has become a nei ghborhood institution. (CC) available.
BRAVO 6868686825451185 Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing Sky Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Untying (N) New York (R)
BRAVO York Puerto Ricotrip. Garage trailer. (R) York (R) York (N)
COM 66 6 527 90S. Park (1V14) (R)(26) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo (27)Dail (:57) Key & (28) Kev& (:58)S. Park(R) (:29)S. Park(R) 59)S. Park (R) S. Park (R) (lID)
66_ 66661l2ID) (R( Show) Peele) ( Peele %
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 Dude, You're Screwed Surviv- Naked and Afraid Man and Dual Survival: Untamed: Ma- Dual Survival: On the Edge Fast N' Loud Classics re-
DISC alists tested. (14D) woman left. (CC) (14D) van Mayhem (N) (14D) (CC) (N) (4D) paired. (CC) (lID)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 1 (4:00) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment Kardashians Keepinq Upwith the Kardashians Cam- The Soup (lID) Burning Love
E 4 44 unavailable, news. (14D) (14D) eras fol low socialite and family. D) D)
0Magnum,P.. Officer turned Ma P.. Officer turned Lucy Bastards Wealthy Lucky Bastards Wealthy Lucky Bastards Wealthy
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EWIN 243 243 243 12 11285 EWTN ( Last Call: Daily Mass Celebration of the EWTN Live Interviews on EWTN Holy Rosary Catalogue Vaticano
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The Middle: Middle Curing Melissa: Unin- Melissa(CC)(R) Melissa(CC)(N) (:31) Baby Dad (02)Chasing Life: Pilot Journal- Melissa(CC)(R) Baby Dad(R)
46 199 The Prom Brick. vited (R) (1D) (14D) (N) list's cancer. CR) (14D) (14D) (14D)
FOOD 31 31 31 31 76 16 MDiners Unique Diners: Island Restaurant: Impossible Bar- Restaurant Stakeout Red Restaurant Stakeout: Sushi on Restaurant: Im ssible: No
FOOD grills. Flavor becue restaurant. (R) Bank, N.J. (R) (14D) the Str(N)(HD)athe Bch(N)
FXPuss in Boots (11, Adventure) The infamous outlaw cat How to Train Your Dragon (1) A young Viking boy be- How to Train Your Dragon
FX 51515151584953Puss in Boots goes in search of magical beans. friends a dragon and tries to protect Ihe creature. 'lO) Saving dragons.
GSN 119 119119119 34 119 14 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud
G7 ) P) W) (N G) (iVPG) (IVPG) (GF/) F /PG) (IVPG)
HL 50TheW ns: The Waiting The Waltons: The Silver Wings The Waltons: The Wager Run The Middle: Middle (CC) The Middle Middle: The
LL 3 Joh InaVcoma. Jim-Bob in love. and Ride race. (CC) Life Skills (14D) Playdate. Smile
T 81 81 81 8 3 65128 American Pickers Hospital re- American Pickers Rare military American Pickers Memorabilia American Pickers (CC) (N) American Pickers: Frank's
HIST 81 opens. (CC)(N)(HD) items. (R) (14D) soug ht. (CC)(HD) (14D) Ho Grail Rare oilcan.
Buying and Selling Widower Buying and Sellin New Property Brothers No more Property Brothers Newly House International
HOME 41 41 1 41 53 42 165 moves on. (R) (lID) schoolhome. (R) (4) condo. (R)(1) weds' fixer. (R) (lID) Hunters (N) (N)(D)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Sga Steewelry Perlier Indul gent care. Little AirTrac: Premiere Crafting: Stock- Up Sale Crafting: Stock- Up Sale
Abandoned 010 Drama) *12 Brittany Murphy. A woman Premonition ('07) A wife receives news that her husband Mr. Brooks (07 Crime)
LIFE 3333 24 tries to prove her sant and find her bo friend. (CC) _ust died, only to come home the next day. (CC) Criminal after o. (CC)


OWN 58 58 58 58 41103161 Dr. Phil: Fifty and Fabulous! Dr. Phil: Controlling Husbands For Better (R) ForBetter(R) ForBetter(N) ForBetter For Better (R) ForBetter(R)
OWN Mom living young. Domineering men. 1(H) 1(H) (HD) Dominique. (HD) (HD)
E 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 Iron Man ('08, Action) 2 Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard. Tony Stark builds Guy's Choice 2014 (N)
SPIKE 15 7 7572 6 4an armored suit and uses the technology to fight crime. (PG-13) (C) (HD)
Species: The Awaken *12 Paul (11, Comedy) *** Simon Pegg. Two science- Splice (10, Science Fiction) *1 2 Scientists add human
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Human-alien hybrid. fiction fans meet an alien that oins them on adventures. DNA to that of animals and create a lethal hybrid.
Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Fain Guy (CC) Bi Bang (IVPG) Bi Bang (VPG) Bi Bang (CC) Big Bang Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Shoes (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD I(HDN Pennys lie. (HD) (HD)
TOM 65656565 16923 AChild Is Brother Rat and a Baby ('40, Comedy) Ride the High Country ('62) *** Randolph Scott. Gun- The Deadly Companions ('61)
TM1__ 3Born (39) ** Post-graduation difficulties. (CC) slingers transport a gold shipment. (NR) (CC) t*%12An officer's guilt.
TIC 45 American Gypsy Wedding Little (CC) (R) Little Return to The Little Couple Answers and Little (CC) (R) Little (CC) (R) The Little Couple (CC) (R) (HD)
1 45 7 First usins mar ry. (R) (HD) work. insight. (R) (HD) HD (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: Poof! You're Dead! Ma- Castle: Knockdown Detective Castle: Lucky Stiff Lotto win- (01) Castle: The Final Nail Old (02) Castle: One Lifeto Lose
gi T qician murdered. gunned down. (HD) ner. (CC) (HD) school friend. (HD) Soa o era drama.
T 6 9 260 66 1Bizarre Foods with Andrew Manv.Food: vFood:lndia- Bizarre Foods with Andrew Trip Flip (CC) (N) Trip Flip (CC) (R) Baggage: Baggage (CC)
TRAV Zimmern: Hungary Tucson napolis Zimmern: Japan (R) (HD) (HD) Dino Mte (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 1 Pawn: The Pawn (R) South Beach S. Beach (R) South Beach South Beach S. Beach (R) South Beach Hardcore Hardcore
Gambler Tow (R) Tow (R) Tow (N) Pawn(N) Pawn (R)
iTVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Raymond Raymond Cleveland Falls (N)
USA 343434342252 50 Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: SVU Coach is Law & Order: Special Victims Suits: One-Two-Three Go... (01) Graceland: The Line Un-
USA Unit: Closet (IV14) accused. (1V14) (HD) Unit Rollins' sister. Lawyer-client link. (N) dercover mission. (N)
WE 11711 1 117 W, 11Law & Order. Tabloid Law & Order: Monster Law & Order: Cherished Dark Law & Order: DWB Black man Law & Order: Bait Murder un-
WE Papparazzi murdered. (H) Briscoe's vengeance. (HD) family secrets. (HD) beaten. (CC) (HD) covered. (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met How IMet How IMet How IMet How IMet How I Met
WVideos Reelcomedy. Videos Reelcomedy. (V14)(HD M4) (114)) (1V14) (HD (V14) HD IV)4 (HD) (V14)HD)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 10 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
SportsCenter: from Bristol, e MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (Live) (HD) Baseball Tonight (N) (HD)
ESPN 129 29 29 29 12 58 70 Conn. (N)(CC)(141))
ESPN2 30 Inside: U.S. Inside: U.S. Inside: U.S. Inside: U.S. Soccer's March Inside: U.S. Soccer's March Inside: U.S. MLS Soccer. FC Dallas at Port-
ESN_ 030 30 30 6 59 74 114(HD) toBrazil (HD) to Brazil (HD) (Live) land Timbers (live)
FS1 48484848426983 America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Ultimate Submissions UFC Tonight (N) (CC) (HD) The Ultimate Fighter: Some The Ultimate Fighter: Get That
(141)) rga e N (: (N) (CC) (141) new's Getting Bu ld Money (N)(141))
F 18 8 84842698 (HD) ______

FSN 172 72 72 72 56 77 Access (N) The Game 365 Marlins (HD) Marlins LIVE! e MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Texas Rangers from Globe Life Park in Arlington
(11) (141) (N) (HD) 0ie) (11)

GOLF 49494949 5560 304 Inside PGA European Live From the U.S. Open (N) (HD) Live From the U.S. Open (HD)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Tu (F194 9 95 03 41))H~ Tour (N)
Pro Football Cycling: Criterium Du NHL Live (N) World Series of Fighting: WSOF 8 Main Title: Justin World Series World Series
NBCSN171Tal 717 7N) 19 Dauphine: Stage 5(gaped) Gaeth Is vs hPtsnok (141))Ry IE N nieoe

SUN 3884 045 51 16 i'owerboat (N) Ra s LIVE! (N) e MLB Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (Live) Hays LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney
U N 38 8 40 40 45 7 76 (141) |(HD) (14)) 11)a is

NICK 25252525 2 Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Hath. Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
JNC 2 52 52 422(CC) (4) (14) (14) [(CC) (C) (C) I(CC) i(C) I(CC)

TOON 46 20 2(15) Adventure(45)Gumball Johnny Test Teen Titans Defenders of Regular KingoftheHillCleveland American American
OON180801241244620 g Tme(CC) l;ll Go { Berk So (: hw(141) Dad! (141) Dad!(141))

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) (N) Super Super Greed Black investors. Greed A crooked builder. Greed (R)
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Coopr 360o Anthony Bourdain Parts: CNN Tonight The biggest
CNN Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news.N)(H) Brazi ahia ) stories. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 12 U.. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C SPAN presents Congress'
N1 8 7 0 Re resentatives. (N) tives most important committee hearings.
Special Report with Bret Bae On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reill Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannit Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1 118The latest news. (N) Susteren (N)(HD) talk. (CC) (N) V) dates. (N) n(s) (N) (.D)
MSNB 83838383 185 4 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB Sharpton. (N) (HD) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N)(HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Paid News News Paid News Lt Edition Lt Edition
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Reba (HD) Reba (HD) Reba (HD) Reba (HD) The Dukes of Hazzard Fighting The Dukes of Hazzard Fighting Party Down South Eight
corruption. (14D) corru ion. (HD) voung adults. (14))
NflTV 33333333 3 Awkward. Faking It 9 Days and Nights of Ed Catfish: The TV Show Me- Catfish: The TV Show Me- Catfish: The TV Show: John
(11) )HD Sheeran (R) dia pen pals. (HD) dia pen pals. (HD) Kelsey Online love.
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Men in Black ('97) **12 Will Smith. Two top secret Hollywd Exes (N) (HD) Full Court Life Marrying
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217(R) (HD) agents commit themselves to monitorin aliens on Earth. (N) _Game(NA
:450) Argo ('12) (50) Now You See Me (13, Thriller) *** Jesse (:50) Constantine ('05, Horror **12 A psychic detective helps a
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Rescue rom Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo. FBI agents search for illusionists policewoman find the reason behind her sister's suicide and is pulled into a
Iran. who take on bank heists while performing. (CC) (HD) attle to save the world from Mammon, the son of Satan. (CC)
Maic Mike Mama (13, Horror) ** Jessica (10) The World's End .13, Comedy) ***1%2 Simon Stike Back Femme
CINE2 321 321 321 321s321 321 422 r Chastan. A man and his wife dealwit Pegg, Nic Fi riends' struleto find a fabled pub Hostage Fatales
several problems after taking in his nieces. turns into a fight to save mankind ( Q (fd) asituation F
Dog with a Dog with Blog I Didn't Dolt Dog with a Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure ('09) Austin & Ally Good Lck AN.T. Farm
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 BlogStan's StanTalksto Cheap ski BlogJealous **2Afairyis put inchargeofastonethatTrishactsodd. CharleDance New
issues. (R) Gran Ichalet. (R) Stan. (R) will rovide more pixie dust. (CC) (R) event. relationship.
(10) The Odd Life of Timothy Green ('12, Fantasy) ** 2Romancing the Stone ('84) *** A shy (50) The Jewel of the Nile ('85 A romance
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Jennifer Garner. A married couple that is unable to writer meets a cocky adventurer while novelist and an adventurer bate North
conceive takes in a mysterious young boy. (PG) (CC) seeking her sister in Colombia. (PG) (CC) African president for a jewel. (CC)
24/7: Cotto/ (:45) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (13, Comedy) Veep: Crate Veep: New Enough Said ('13, Comedy) *** A
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302 40 Marinez 02 (CC) **1 Steve Carell. A magiciansplitswitr his stage partner (CC) ) (HD) Harpshire (R) divorced woman starts to develop a
(HD) after a performer steals their fame. (CC) (HD) (HD) relationship with an intriguing man. (CC) (HD)
(5:45) Erin Brockovich (00, Drama) *** Julia Roberts, ArtistRobert The Making of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Albert Finne. A9 secretary's determined crusade brings an De Niro Sr. (CC) ...: Enough Sai conic artists honored with "Lifetime Achievement" and
arrogant utili company o account. (R) (CC) (HD) 'Musical Excellence." (CC) (HD)
(5:50) Prometheus ('12, Science Fiction) Noomi Rapace, Big Love: Reunion Bill and Game of Thrones: The VLast Week ICE (CC) (HD)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Michael Fassbender. The discovery of possible alien origins Nicki go to family reunion. (CC) Watchers on the Wall (CC) (HD) John Oliver
for humanity sparks an expedition. (CC) (HD) (HD)
Barbershop 2 IThe Last Exorcism Part 11 (13, Horror) Penny Dreadful: Closer than Jim Rome on Showtime (CC) (N) (HD)
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 ** ShopTin Nell tries to start a new life, but the evil force Sisters (R)
:danger returns for her once more. (CC)
(05) Man on a Ledge ('12, Thriller) *** Sam Waiting... ('05, Comedy) Ryan Reynolds. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ('01) **
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 worthington, Elizabeth Banks. An ex-convict threatens to A classmate's success has a longtime waiter Two slackers travel cross-country to halt
I jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. (CC) questioning his dead-end life. production on a film based on them.

ABC2C 621 6 1/2 News Kimmelt M Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World NewsN) News News (N)
ABC 2M 1 News Kimmel N line Katie (R) News i Paid World News (N) News Dais Buzz
ABC 1 7 7 7 10 7 News Kimmel Nightline Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News Ne
CBS M 8 10910 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid eUpftothe inute(N) News News Ne
IDCBS 32 1221 5 1 i News Late Show Late Late TMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
I NBC EIN 8N 8N 8 8 News ITonight ILate Night ILast Call Today (N) IPaid IExtra IEarly News INew s INews
IONBCJ 2M 2 122 2 News Tonight Late Nigh LastCall Dr. Oz Money 'Early News News(N)
FOX 22 231 23 3 v News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Aah nTMZ News News News (N)
FOXYX 2 24 41 News Arsenio Raymond Raymo The Officeheffic 30 Rock Ptemity IDivorc Alex News (N)
PBS 0 3323 3 30 Days (Co)(r)( Pio) Nature NOVA New visual (R) oiSecrets Antiques
UNI 520 201 6 Healing A.D.D.F(R) Travel Skills( Crc) C Suze Orman ( m) Opini ro
PBS 6 323 9 Bonamassa Cappy (R) Rose (N) cNOVA New visual (R) Sky IslandMusic (R) (B)
CW 6 21 6 21/2 Men How I Met Hw I Met Modern Modern Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey CSs Mm70s
CWA) 9 6 4 Arseni Friends Friends Simpsons Sim ns King Hill Sunny jCoics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
DMYN 66 66 6 14 Sei eld Commun Raymond Americ OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid Let's Ask Shepherd
qDI Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny PilDeath 'ilDeth Paid Paid Spherd
END 121212 8 12 FamGuy LFaGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne ThereYet iThereYet Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid
FAMION A 2 13 26 5 5 17 Order: Cl Order: CB D Numb3rs iNumb3rs i Paid Paid Inspiration Today
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IST 81818181 5 mNticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Aerocid Casa risa Lanrosa rdo Primer Noticier

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A L 4 44 4 436 6813 Treehouse Treehouse I'reehouse TBA ITreehouse Treehouse ITreehouse
B T 3 35 3 3422 27 TBA IW endy Latifah Com icV ,Com icV ICom icV IPanther BET Inspiration
S5 2 5418 New York Housewife Untying New York Medicine Untying Untying Paid Paid Paid Paid
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TBS 595959592625 431 n SurvHva Fast Loud Dual (R) Naked Pa d Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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FM 5555510 41 700 Club Baby -adBebyDad elissa ,Melissa Pad Pad 70lb Pad Pad Rin Lf o
FO D 3 7 3 7 -1 Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Iron Chef Paid IPaid
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UA 3 3434 2 Molden72Goden n ode n Golden Frasier Frasier Frasier Fraser Fraser Frasier Cheers Chers Lucy Lucy
E 18111 4 6 12(HAmerican American American American American Paid Boneyard Paid
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CSS 28 2 411 Mr. Brooks Prei Pa (:02) Mr. Brooks ('07) Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESN 58258958 5847105161 F Fos Seter r orBeter Fotr Better For Better Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SN 2 2 6 7 Mas Mins ar n G euys Ch ice (R) Franken Franken Paid Paid Paid Paid
SN 1 1 6 1 92 6418 e Splice l SA (14) (Awaken ('07) (CC) Twilight Twilight Twilight Paid Paid
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SUN 5 34040455 7213 little L1te Little (R) Little (R) Littde Litte Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TT 6616623 5 51 Five 0 Justice Justice CSI: NY Numb3rs Law (41) S'ville
S9 9 9 26 66 17 Paradise rip Flip Trip ip Baggage Baggage Paradise Bizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
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E22 52 5 Modern Modern Suits (R) (5raceland Ordde yr: C( (:01) SVU SVU (1D)
CE 1132113 114 Law ( 0) Law (14) L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair Paid Paid
DISN 1 1 1 19 41 11 e How ShaMet G How I Met Rules Rules kalem 30 Rock Sunny Futurama DileDekth Paid Paid News (N)
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E P 2 3 3 0 3 3 0 59 7 4 6; S o c c e r W o rld C u p P re y E S P N F C 3 0 f o r 3 0 3 0 fo r 3 0 E S P N D o c .
426 Hal Fam (5 Prors MLB Whip ( Fighter FOX Sports FOX Spo rs Fighter UFC ()
HBMaission Marlins MMLB Game (Rep0y) *Paid Paid (08) Paid Hoaie (86)
GOF494 9 9 60 3,Live U.S. Open (1) Live U.S. Open (1) Open Live U'S. Ope n (HD)
S1 61 90 Overtime Fight Fight (N) NBC (Replay) (C) Paiward d Paid Paid Paid
C45 736 Inside P1 Power MLB Game (Rep e) ePaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid ( Paid Paid
G N C 3 9 3 9 37 1 G reed (R) ,G reed (R) iG reed (R) IPaid IPaid Paid IPaid W orldw ide Ex (N)
C N 3 32 3 318 3 10 36 0 0 (R) A n th o n y IC N N T o ni fte 3 6 0 (R) S im u lc a s t E a rly S ta rt (N)
CS N 1 8 1 37 1210 Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings
F 6 6 4 8 6 71 11 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity O n Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
1S B 3 8 8 18 0 1 H a ves (R) M ad d ow O 'D o n ne ll H a rd ball H ayes (R) M ad d ow First Loo k T oo E arly
SN 111 Lt Editioni Lt EditioniNews i Paid iNews iNews iNews iNews iNews iNews News Newsew ies
C I E 3 0 32 3 2 0 34 4 B a n s h e e Z a n e 's S e x IT o p es 1(:4 ) D ie A n o t h e r D a y ('0 2 ) Z a n e 's S e x D e m o n
I N 2 3 1 2 3 1 32 1 3 2 1 4 Z F e m m e 0 ) T a k e n 2 ( '1 2 ) */2 W a r o f W o r ld s ( '0 5 ) L a k e M u n g o C h o k e
DIS 16161 3694 2 Jessie IShaket IGood LcklG odLcklShakeIt IAN.T On Deck IOn Deck IWizards IWizards IOn Deck IOn Deck IFish Hks IPhines
E G 1 0 5 1 1 5 1 5 0 3 J e w e l 1( : 4 0 ) L o o p e r ( 1 2 ) ( r ) C e l l u l a r ( 0 4 ) *' / IT h e D e a d P o o l ( '8 8 ) I K r a m e r
H O 3 2 0 3 02 ,302 r 2 R e a l T i m e O liv e r IT h r o n e s IN o r m a l H e a rt ( '1 4 ) 0(: 0 ) H o w H ig h ( '0 1 ) 12 4 / 7
H0 3033 303, Ha Fame 5 ) Prisoners (13) (CC) IE 00) The Millers ('13) Fearless
HB3343I34340, Admission 0/'rI:0) Match Point ('05) */2' Teeth ('08) (CC) IHoosier. ('86)
S O 34 3 0 34 0 36! R o m e (N) IY ears of G oo n ('12) (CC) A V N A w ard B o b S ag et: IS ahara
TM 5353"3 311Jay ISoul Plane Concrete ('12) Shadows ('96) My Life So Far ('99)



Megalodon: The
Monster Shark Lives
7 p.m. on DISC
Following the fatalities on a
fishing vessel off the coast
of South Africa in April 2013,
a marine biologist and his
team set out to determine
the predator responsible for
the attack before it has the
chance to claim more lives.

The Big Bang Theory
8 p.m. on CBS
"The Hesitation Ramifica-
tion" After Penny's big act-
ing break with "NCIS" falls
through, Leonard struggles
to try and help her, lead-
ing Penny to ask him a
bold relationship question;
Sheldon tries to learn how
to be funny; Raj attempts to
hone his skills with talking
to women. (HD)

The Comedy Central
Roast of James Franco
9:29 p.m. on COM
Various stand-up comics
and associates of movie
actor and director James
Franco gather to provide
scathing, humorous obser-
vations about the popular
media personality in addi-
tion to the jokes that they
tell at each others' expense.

North Woods Law:
On The Hunt
10 p.m. on APL
"24 Hours on the Job"
Wardens retell of patrolling
smelt poachers and putting
radio collars on bears, pre-
venting one from attacking
a school; the wardens recall
the K-9's tracking a home
invasion suspect. (HD)

House Hunters
10 p.m. on HOME
"Fixer Upper vs. Move-In


In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for
today. Circle each answer that you fi'd and HiSt it In the space provided at
the right of the grid. Answers can be found In al directions forwards.
backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example Is given to
get you started Can you find the twenty answers In this puzzle?
Today's Category: Five-Leter Body Pans
I Thumb
R E V I L H A O R T A H 2,
4, _________
H H G E S C GC C C X A 5_
G K S L H V UV P E V T .,

H L O Z B X X L I L S S 10.
11. ______________
E N I P S O A X L L Z T 12.
M B G X B C WC E Y X C 13.
14 _
S 0H s C SU_ V 5.
G L V C H Q Q K E E H C 20

o~49 0s o LunLa, Oll 9
e A SMA 61 1,l9H 6
qwnqjL ei MOC1p3 9
,s .4!.L 't48 uctoo "Z.
x a Xumds 9t L4' 9

1 X K I ImlIS g 1.4 8 3 '9
I A A d 83,11 PAWSg .1
9 14 Fa IAeNC Aine 'C 2

a a a a o JAll'tLI. *lUV I,
d23r H <1 :uotinIos qLpeeg p.'W '

Ready in New Jersey" A
newly engaged couple is
living in the groom-to-be's
parents' house, and they
are ready to find a place of
their own, but he wants a
fixer-upper and she wants a
move-in ready home, which
could prove to be a hurdle
to their decision. (HD)

10 p.m. on ION
"Fit for Duty" In a series
of flashbacks, Ed confides
to his psychologist how
his team raced to catch a
disturbed man on a ferry
that had kidnapped his
neighbors' child, convinced
it was his own daughter; Ed
also wrestles with guilt and
feels unfit to lead. (HD)

House Hunters
10:30 p.m. on HOME
A couple has decided to
make Northern Ireland their
permanent home, but they
cannot agree as to whether


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. The Hobbit: The
Desolation of Smaug
(PG-13) Ian McKellen
2. The Legend of
Hercules (PG-13)
Kellan Lutz
3. 47 Ronin (PG-13)
Keanu Reeves
4. The Wolf of Wall
Street (R) Leonardo
5. Frozen (PG)
6. Labor Day (PG-13)
7. Anchorman: The
Legend Continues (R)
Will Ferrell
8. 12 Years a Slave (R)
Chiwetel Ejiofor
9. Homefront (R)
Jason Statham
10. Gravity (PG-13)
Sandra Bullock

Justin (Brent Morin) ex-
presses his feelings for
Nicki, but he doesn't get
the reaction he expected on
NBC's "Undateable," airing
Thursday at 9:01 p.m.

to purchase a move-in
ready home or a place that
might require some reno-
vation, and the impasse is
costing them valuable time.
(H D)


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Frozen (PG) Disney
2. The Hobbit: The
Desolation of Smaug
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
3. Son of Batman
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
4. The Legend of
Hercules (PG-13)
5. Ride Along (PG-13)
6. Veronica Mars
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
7. The Nut Job (PG)
8. The Secret Life of
Walter Mitty (PG) FOX
9. The Pirate Fairy (G)
10. Labor Day (PG-13)


ABC7 News @ ABC World The 7 Entertainment Jimmy (31) NBA 2014 NBA Finals: Game 4
ABC 1 11 1 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) Kimmel Live: Countdown
ABC newsofthe DianeSawyer News(N)(HD)) HD) GameNight: (N)(CC)(HD)
day. (N) (HD) Game 4
ABC News The ABCWorld The List (NW) Right This Kimmel (CC) (N) NBA Count (N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 4
2N latest news. News (N) (HD) Minute (HD) (HD) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld A Millionaire? A Millionaire? Kimmel (CC) (N) NBA Count (N) 2014 NBA Finals: Game 4
AC News (N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) (HD) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) The Big Bang (31) Mom Per- Two anda The Millers: (01) Elementary: Dead
CBS 6pm Local News with tune (CC) (N) )N) (H) Thean fect couple. (CC) Hal Men You Betcha Clade Walking Unsolved
1 0 news report. Scott Pelley (N) (1D) Penn's ques- I(R)(HD) Lyndseyfinds Bonding with case tied to fossil. (CC) (R) (HD)
(N) (HD) /tion. ( out.(R) Tom.
CBS 3 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Big Bang (CC) Mom Perfect (:01)2 1/2 Men Millers: You Elementary: Dead Clade
211 5 5 5 (N)(HD) tion (N) (R) IHD) couple. )R) Betcha Walking Fossil murder.
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Hollywd Game Night: Don't Be 01) Undateable Last Comic Standing: Semi
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8at 6:00 News News Current 8at7:00 News;Tonight (CC) (N) Gunn Shy Celebrities play Undateable Brett asks u Final Day 1 W. Sykes and A.
.] and weather. events. (N) (HD) weather; more. ),HD) unique party games. (CC) (N) (HD) Justin's admis- out. (CC) (N) IH ) Schumer mentor comics. (CC) (N)
sion. (N) (H ) (1[HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Hollywd Game Night Celebrity (01) Uindateable (N) Last Comic Standing Guest
News (N) tune (N) (HD) game show. (N) Undateable (N) I(HD) mentors. (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ Inside The Insider Hell's KitchenAgroupof culi- Gang Related A cop must work FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of the day are examined news about ce- Celebrity news. nary hopefuls take padtin inangang taskforce as an inside ries of the news day are up.-
13 1 and rerted by the FOX 13 lebrities'lives. (CC) (1HD) 2 pressure competitions.C man or a Latino gang. (CC) (HD) dated bythe FOX13 Nightly
_____ News Team.()) (CC) (_____ HD ________ News I eam. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Hell's Kitchen Cooking com- Gang Related Gang task FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N__. news; weather. (N) (R)(HD) (CC) petition. (CC) (D) force. (CC) (D) news report. (N)
PBS 3 d Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) WEDU Arts Diamonds (N) My Music: John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind The
m3 esBC rld port (N) (HD) Plus N) greatest moments of folk music. (CC) (R) (HD)
. 4 204 204 16 Sesame Street Elmo& others Cat in Hat (R) Peg + Cat (CC) Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You How to Incredible Health! with Joel
Mr 1 00 cheer. (CC) (R) (HD) (11HD) R) achieve financial independence. (CC) (R) (HD) Fuhrman, M.D. (R) (HD)
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Ethan Bortnick Live in Concert: The Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For
3 3 3 News (CC) port (N) (HD) Power of Music Pianist performs. (R) (HD) You Financial decisions. (CC) (R) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News (N) Big Bang (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) TheVampireDiariesAshared The Originals Cami watches News @lOpm (N) (HD)
(ADC (H(H, ()HD) dream. (R) (HD) Davina. (CC)(R) (HD)
Queens (VP) Queens: Fod 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) TheVampire Diaries A shared The Ori inals Cami watches Rules: Game Rules Girls
CW 41HD) Fight (1D) (4D) dream. (R) (D) Davina. (C)(R) (1D) On (D) night out.
IN 11 14 Raymond: The Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud House: The Fix Bodng match; House: After Hours Ex-con Cops Re- Cops Re-
l Visa (,) (VPG) newaddiction. (D) friend; bad information. loaded (1D) loaded (1D)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD) Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) House: The Fix Bodng match; House: After Hours Ex-con Law & Order: Special Victims
X)(141) new addiction. (141) friend; bad information. Unit Girl in coma.
IND I B Bang (CC) Biq Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims The Office (CC) The Office (CC)
Modern )CC) Modern (()CC iag)C
32 12 12 1( 12 41D) (1D) ,.) HM (H) Unit Girl in coma. Unit Cult leader. (4D) 14D)
ION Ghost Whisperer. GreekTrag- Criminal Minds Undercover Criminal Minds: Derailed De- Criminal Minds Teens mur- Flashpoint: Fit for Duty Ed re-
2 2 2 13 26 18 17 edy Melinda's lies. cop. (CC) (HD) ranged passen er. dered. (CC) (HD) cunts mission. (R)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Bay Focus Great Awaken Tour Joe Van Richard Rob- GospelTruth Bridges Life Today
22 ness heaing Koevering erts (CC) (CC)(N) (CC)
WRXY 22 4 10 Joyce Meyer Tommy Testimonies Great Awaken Tour For Hurting Inspiration the Joyce Meyer Place Mira- Gospel Truth
AM_ (CC) ) Bates of Triumph Women Day (CC) N) ces (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y m6s risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Pelicula La viuda negra La vda de
50 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV Noticias (CC) Noticiero-EM De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda u6 pobres tan ricos
15 15 15 6 (N) (N) de un intento de violacion. sin amor. (CC) (HD) Humi]de hoqar.

A&E 26 The First 48 Man is mur- The First 48 Man found The First 48: Birthday Girl Ran- The First 48: Fatal Call Wit- 01)The First 48 Video evi-
26 26 26 39 50 181 dered. (CC) (R) (HD) dead. (CC) (R) (HD) dom shooting. (R) nesses help. (R)(HD) dence. (C) (R)(HD)
C5:30) Groundhog Day ('93) An arrogant weatherman is National Lampoan's Vacation ('83) *** Chevy Chase. Caddyshack ('80) Chew
AMC3 r same a over and over a ain. A family vacation faces many obstacles. (R) (CC) Chase. Caddies pay o.
River Monsters: Lost Reel Big Rocky Mountain Bounty Alaska: The Last Frontier North Woods Law (CC) (N) North Woods Law: On The
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 freshwaterfish.(R) Hunters: Vanishing Act Salmon fishing. (1D) (1D) Hunt Smelt poachers.
106 & Park Viewer selec- Why Did I Get Married Too? ('10, Comedy) *12 As four vacationing cou- To Be Announced Program information is
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 20tions. (CC) (D) piesevaluate their marriages, a formers pouse arrives. PG-13) unavailable at this time.
Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New To Be Announced Info un- Kandi's Wedding: Blessings To Be An- Wedding (R)
BRAVO DollarYork )R) York (R) available, and Dressings (R) nounced
COM(:55) S Park (R) (26) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo(27) Daily (51)Sunny (CC) ToshO Female Tosh.OFailed (:29) The Comedy Central Roast of James
(141) 5HD ( R) |Show() (HD) sing er. parkour. Franco James -rancojokes. ()R(HD)
Fast N' Loud Classics re- Meqalodon: The Monster Shark Lives Scientist and team Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv
DISp aired. (CC) (HD) seeK deadly predator. (CC) (R) (HD) ing off the land. (HD) ing off the land. (HD)
E! 46464646 27 26196 5.30)Keeping Up with the E! News Entertainment Keeping Up with the Keeping Up with the Party On (HD) Party On (HD)
E? Kardashians(HD) news. (HD) Kardas ians HD) Kardas ians HD)
ESO 82 82 82 82 11811816 The A-Team A commando The A-Team A commando All the President's Men (76 Drama) ***12 Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman. A
ES_ unit fights crime, unit fights crime. young reporter ins a partner in tracing a burgIary to the White House. (PG)
EWN 243 243 243 12 11 2EWTN Last Call: Daily Mass Celebration of the The World Over News from EWTN Holy Rosay HolyWood CrossingGoal
2 85 Nightly(N) Stoies of Hoy Eucharist. (R) around the world. (CC) Nightly R) (IG) Acting IVG)

FAI 5 5 5 55 10 46199 Middle (CC) Middle Ad Zookeeper (11, Comedy) ** In order to keep their zoo- Accepted (06, Comedy) Just in Long. A slacker creates a
FAM 5 5555 5 (14 1)N) tricks Sue. keeper from eaving, animals reveal the La talk uiesity ate eceiving only rejection letters.

FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Rewrapp (R) Rewrapp (R) Food Network Star Chefs Chopped Bloody Marys. )R) Chopped Canada: That Food Court Wars Traverse
teach Alton. (R)(HD) (HD) Wascally Wabbit (N) City. (R) (HD)
FX 51 51 51 51 532lMen( 21/2Men( 21/2Men( Wanderlust (12,Comedy) **1/ An urban couple em- Wanderlust (12, Comed
F_ 54 3 V14)(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) brace alternative livin after becomin unemloyed. )R) b n Alternatveliin.
GSN 119 119 19 1 9 34 179184 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud The American Bible Chal- It Takes a Church (N) Family Feud Family Feud
GSN WP) j(TVl) (IVPG) )IVPG lenge (N) j(VPG) )IVPG)
The Waltons Cindy col- The Waltons: The Unthinkable The Waltons: The Idol Friend Middle (CC) Middle (CC) Middle: Whe Middle: The
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 2401apses. (CC) Jewish soldier. (CC) and teacher. (CC) (1D) (1D) of Pain TName
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 128 Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (H) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (N) (HD) Pawn(N)(HD) Big Rig Big Rig
Bounty (N) IBounty (N)
Income Property First income Hunters (CC)(R) Hunters (CC) (R) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Hunters (CC) (N) International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 home. (CC)(R)()) (1D) (D (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (N) HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Poulos BeautyRptBeautytips Beauty RptBeautytps. Lst with Colleen Lopez Curations with Stefani
DEet 36 36 36 52 41 140 4) Murdered girl's mother sets out on a A Dau hter's Nightmare (14) A college student grows ZoeGone (14, Thriller) Baby
LIFE mission to caim justice for her daughter. (C) )HD) wary of her widowed mother's new bo friend. (CC) k idnap. (NR)(C)


OWN 58 58 58584103161 Dr. Phil: Out Of Control Hus- Dr. Phil Porn daughter. (() Our America with Lisa Ling Our America with Lisa Ling Our America with Lisa Lin:
OWN bands ((C) (HD) (HD) Child pageants. (R) Dubious methods. (R) TheADHD Explosion
K 51 51 51512963 54 Cops LasVe- Cops Fastfood Cops Run- Cops Armed Cops Intod- Cops (( (R) Impact Wrestling (N) (HD)
_____ SK 7777 34gas strip. spree. awaysedan. robery. cated. (R) (HD)
Splice Lethal The Astronaut's Wife ('99, Horror) **Johnny Depp. A wife suspects The Invasion ('07, Thriller) *1 A psychiatrist discovers
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 hybrid. her astronaut husband has impregnated her with alien seed. (R) the origin of an alien epidemic and what can end it.
TBn553262 52 Seinfeld (C) Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) einfeld (CC) Fam Guy ((C) Fam Guy ((C) Bi Bang (IVPG) Bi Bang(( Bi Bang (( Big Bang((
TBS 59 59 59 59 (1D) (1D) (D)) (HD) (H D) (HDI (HD) (I(D
TDM 6565656 16923Dangerous (:45) The Hitch-Hiker ('53, Thriller) *** Magnificent Obsession ('54 A rich, irresponsible playboy AllThat Heaven Allows ('55)
T5_1, Gnd[(,52) Friends give ride to serial killer. (NR) reforms after a young wdw loses hersight. May-December love.

54 2 3 American Gypsy Wedding Extreme Cheapskates Cheapskates: ICheapskates Extreme Help; Extreme Net Cheapskates: Cheapskates:
lTLC 45 45 45 45 57 e bride. (R Avoiding splurges. (R) (14D) Jeff (R) Sharing. reuse. woth. (R) Kate Victoria
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: OneLifetoLoseSoap Castle: Law and Murder Ju- Castle: Slice of Death Pizza (:01) Castle: The Dead Pool Castle: To Love and Die in L.A.
opera drama. (14D) ror killed. ((C) (14D) murder. ((C) (14D) Swimmer murdered. Going renegade.
TRAV 69696969260 6 110 Bizarre Foodswith Andrew Manv Food: v Food: San Bizarre Foods with Andrew Bizarre Foods America Yak Hotel Impossible Great
Outdoor market. (R) Knoxville Antonio Zimmern: Sicily (R) meat soup. ((C) (R) Northwest. ((C) (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 0 World's Dumbest... Stupid World's Dumbest... Al- Jokers (R) Jokers Un- Impractical Impractical The The
TRTV_ criminals. (R) most-nude robber. (R) fashionable. (R) (N) Carbonaro(N) Carbonaro(R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Brady ((C) Brady((C) Brady ((C) Brady ((C) Brady ((C) Brady ((C) Who's Boss Who's Boss Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3434342252 50 Law & Order Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: SVU Biological Law & Order: SVU Young vigi- Law & Order: Special Victims
Unit: Trials (]V14) Unit: Liberties (14D) search. (4) (14D) lantes. (IV]4) (14D) Uni Sniper attack.
WE 1171 117 11 149 LA. Hair. Chair Battle Royale L.A. Hair Angela and Naja. L.A. Hair: Hotlanta, Hair We L.A. Hair: Lisa and the L.A. Hair: Lisa and the
Dontay makes plans. (R) Come (R) Ratcheteers (N) Ratcheteers (R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home (e MLB Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates from PNC Park (Live) (((14) America's Funniest Home
WN 1161194119Videos Rel comedy. Videos Rel comedyi.
SS 28 28 28 28 49 10 (500) To Be Announced Info To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Info un- To Be Announced Info un-
CSS unavailable, this time. available. available.
2014 U.S. Open Champ.: First SportsCenter. from Bristol, Best of the U.S. Open: First Round Encore Presentation: from Pinehurst Resort in
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Round ([Ike) (14D) Conn. (N)(() (1D) Pinehurst, N.C. (Taped) (CC) (14D)
ESPN2 30303030 6 5914 SportsCenter: from Bristol, World Cup Tonight (N) (14D) ESPN FC World Cup Encore (N) (14D) Baseball Tonight (N) ((C) (lID)
___ E0Conn. (N) (CC) (lID)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 America's Pregame (N) ((C) UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Khabilov: from Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M. MLB Whip Around (N) ((C)
(14D) (Replay) ((()(HD) (14D)
FSN 12121212 5 Miami Dol- Miami DoF UFC Reloaded: UFC 135: Jones vs Rampage (Replay) (14D) Wr d Poker (Replay) ((C) (lID)
,_1 phins (HD) phins (lID)
GOLF 49494949 5560 304 Big Break Florida: Champi- Live From the U.S. Open (N) (14D) Live From the U.S. Open (lID)
GOF 19 4 49 9 5 60304onship Match(141))
Pro Football Cycling: Criterium Du Mecum Auto Auctions: Houston Scott Hoke provides detailed coverage Kurt Busch 36 (CC) (lID)
SNBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Ta(N Dauphine: Stage 6fgaed) of the Houston 2014 auto auction. (R)

SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 (5.00) Rodeo: RodeoHouston Florida Insider Fishing Report Expert ad- MLB Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals at Tampa Bay Rays R1shing Re-
Semifinal 1 (Replay) vice on tactics and loca ions. (N) (141) ]from Tropicana Field (Replay) (141) P p rt (R) (141))

NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 Webheads Sam & Cat Thunderman Haunted Hath. Instant Mom See Dad Run Full House Full House Full House Full House
JN C 25 2 5 2 2 422(CC) I(141) (141)H) (141) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC)

TOON 80 80124124(46 20 25 (5) Uncle (:45) Adventure Gumball Steven Uni- Teen Titans Johnny Test King of the Hill Cleveland American American
TO 8 012 2 62 Grandp Time verse Go! I(CC) I(CC) IShow (141) Dad! (141) IDad! (141))

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money ((c) (N) The Coffee Addiction (R) Treasure ITreasure The Weichs. Treasure Clines; Lowes.
CNN 32 Situation Crossfire ((C) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 360o The Sixties: The Assassination of President Kennedy (N)
323 8 Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. N) (HD)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 12 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C SPAN presents Congress'
N1 8 7 0 Re resentatives. (N) tives most importantcommitteehearings.
Special Report with Bret Baie On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reill Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1 118 latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (iD) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (new)

MSNB 83838383 185 4 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB Sharpton. (N) (HD) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N)(HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Paid News News Paid News Lt Edition Lt Edition
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Reba(HD) Reba(HD) Reba(HD) Reba(HD) The Dukesof Hazzard Fighting Party Down South Eight Party Down South Eight
corruption. (141D) voung adults (lID) voung adults. (lID)
Catfish: The TV Show Me- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- The Challenge: Free Agents The Challenge: Free Agents
MTV dia pen pals. (14D) ness(HD) ness (HD) ness(HD) ness(HD) Individualscompte. Twotoughwomen.
04323211 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ((C) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ((C) Marrying Full Court Life Think Like a Man (12) **1 Four couples manipulate
Lov 5 Hip (R) (14) (R) (1i) Game(R) (R) each other using a popular relationship advice book.
(5:50) Batman Begins ('05, Action) ***1 2 Christian Bale, (15) The Dark Knight Rises ('12, Action) **** Christian Bale, Gary Oldman. Eight
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Michael Caine. A illionaire develops a dual personality to ears after the Batman's battle with the Joker, the Dark Knight encounters a new terrorist
fight crime in Gotham City. (PG-13) (() (14D) leader known as Bane, who may prove to be the ultimate foe. ((C)
(20) Ender's Game (13, Science Fiction) **1 2 Asa 1 5) Kick-Ass 2 ('13, Action *** Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Vehicle 19 ('13, Thriller) Paul
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld. A gifted child is sent to space Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Red Mist returns to seek revengeWalker. Man fights to reveal
where he prepares for an invasion. (P6-1 3) (CC) on everyone around Kick-Ass. (R) ((C) (14D) ]police corruption.
Austin&Ally Austin&Ally I Didn't Do t Dogwitha 16 Wishes (10, Family) Debby Ryan. A Austin & Ally (05) Good Lck AN.T. Farm
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Pseudonym. (R) Jealous of Kira. Newsmoothie. Blog School young girl gets her secret wish list granted, Austin in Charlie (R)(14D) Songwriting. (R)
(R) (R) dance. (R) but not everything works out. ((C) decline. (1)
(05) High Fidelity ('00) ***1/2 John Cusack, Catherine The Enforcer ('76, Action) *** Clint (:40) This Is the End ('13, Comedy)
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 Zeta-Jones.A man revisitsthewomen in his pastto find out Eastwood. DirtyHarryhuntsterroristswho CelebritiesintheLosAngelesareafightfor
why he is such a loser in love. (R) ((C) have kidnapped San Francisco's mayor. their lives after the apocaypse. ((C)
Artist Robert (:45) Last Week (iS) Rise of the Guardians ('12) *** Chris Pine, Alec Veep: Crate Veep: New Game of Thrones: The
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 De Niro Sr. (R) John Oliver (R) Baldwin. Mythical being s team up to save children from an ((C) ( (I)) Hampshire(R) Watchers on the Wall ((C) (R)
(14D) evil spirit attacking Earth. (PG) (CC) (lID) HD) (H)
5:40) Walk the Line ('05, Drama) Joaquin Phoenix, Reese True Blood: Life Matters Bill Enough Said (1 3, Comedy) A Fast & Furious
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Witherspoon. A young boy rises to country music stardom triesto remove Warlowfrom divorced woman starts to develop a 6 Clear records.
while battling persona obstacles. ((C) Faery. (CC (14D) relationship with an intriguing man. ((C) (lID)
0i5) The Way Way Back (13, Comedy) *** Steve Big Love: Rock and a Hard Game of Thrones: The Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Carell, Toni Collette. Introverted teen befriends a water park Place Police cometothe Watchers on the Wall (CC) (14D) (TVMA) ((C) (lID)
manager to avoid his family situation. (P) (11,) Henricksons'home. I *
The Twilight Saa: Breakil Dawn: Part 1 ('11, Fantasy) Deep Imact ('98, Science Fiction) ) Ta Leoni, Penny Dreadful: Closer than
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Kristen Stewart. Bella and E ward tie the knot, but their Morgan Freeman. Humanity struggles to prevent its Sisters (R)
-- marriage and honeymoon cause problems. extinction as a comet heads toward Earth. (PG- 3) (lID))
(5:30) Sep Up Revolution ('12, (:10) Java Heat ('13, Action)** Kellan Lutz, Mickey D anqo Unchained ('12, Western) **** Jamie Foxx,
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Drama) Woman falls for dance Rourke. A marine and a Muslim detective are on a manhunt Christoph Waltz. A freed slave teams up with a dentist to
crew lead. for a terrorist in Indonesia. (R) ((C) (1I)) free his wife from a slave owner. (R) ((C) (I))


A 2W 7 11 7 /NBA Mnal News Kimmel N htline Extra lET Insider Extra World News News News (N)
ABC2M 9 9 9 NBA final News Kimmel N' htlines Katie (N) News Paid iWorld News News News News
ABC M 777107 7 NBA nalNews Kimmel ondPaid AESiTV OWorld News Now (N) P News News News
CBS M 81010 10 1 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid UpetoHthe linute(N) News News News
IDCBS M 211212 i 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
INBCE 8/ 8/ 81 8 8 News ITonight Late Night Last Call IToday (N) IPaid IExtra IEarly Wsm es ~ w
LNBC 22 2 2 22 2 News Tonight LateNigh LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News (N)
IFOXN 6 131 8 13 1 News FAccess Dish News Paid Alsx Divorc Pish iTMZ iNews News News(N)
IFOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio A aymond Raymond TheOfficTheOffic3ORock G30Rock aPatemity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS CU 13 3 3 -3 Brain Change (R) Old House Masterpce. (R) I NOVA New visual. (R) Sky Island
PBS M 242424 16 3 Steps IICan See Clearly Now(R)(141) Use Your Brain Healthy Yoga
S 50PBS N 3 3 3 Solutions Happy TV Rose (N) Breakfast Sandwich Suze Orman ( ) (D) c
CW) 6 26 2 1/2 Men How Met R eMd Modern Rule Rule Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s i70s
CW 6)26 63 4 Arsenio r Simpsons SimpsonsKing Hill Sunny Comics Paid iPaid Daily Buzz
M 6YN 3 6 11 1111 14 Sei eld Commun a Ac a OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid Let'sAsk Shepherd
IMYN 7 8 9 8 Seinreld Seield W l l kDad Bo unny Death Til Death Paid Paid W herd
S1212 8 2 51 FamGuy FamGuy d iCleveland Payne iPayne ThereYet There Yet i Paid Paid Paid Paid
DION 40 4 42 13 261817 Flashpoint Flashpoint Flashpoint Flashpoint Paid Paid Inspiration Today
!W41 4422 6 22 22 21 Wealt Awaken Awaken You ande P CTN SpecK7daClub Empower Hmekeep
W Y / 24 2 44 10 News Awaken Awaken Youand e Reeiwn Gaither Exercse Fitness
TLF 31 31313 95 5 Deportivo PasilloTV Verdad La viuda i Deportivo Pagado Pagado Contacto
F 5NIV 111551 6 Noticias Noticiero Rep. Mundi Amorcito Ceroied Caea riPa La rosa Gordo Primer Notiie

GSN 111111 3 11 0V I 101 Amria Itae Fa.e Fa.e Fa.e Ia.edaaeB ad Pi ad Pi
HOE 41414141239 5018 48 ( ) Ai HRe Ue (R48(R) i48(R) Paid iDogBty D Paid
S 6 36 66 53231 Caddyshack Halt Catch Caddyshack 1 '88) Z Beethoven'2) P CSI Miami
AL 44444436 6130 North Wood Woods Law IAlaska IBounty IAlaska North Wood Woods Law
ON 5 5 5 5 40 22 27 TBA Wen ALatifah Sisters Wedding D n BET Inspi ation
E 5 5 51 185 Wedding Housewife Medicine C Housewives Couch Untin Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYF 6666 15 27 19 Daily Colbert midnight Tosh tai Colbert midniht Key; PeWKey; Pea toSunny Sunny ISunny Paid Paid
TBS 595959592625 43 12oAlaska Alaska Me Halodon ( P)o( c0) Paid |Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
S6566627 261 C. Lately News (N) 5 C.Lately PartyOn Kardashian Kardashian Soup Paid Paid Paid Paid
TIC 4 5 5111 All the President's Men ('76) Departurem Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TN 6 1 17 28 Defendin menGr cWorld Over News God Wps Murialdo Catholic Web Faith Dr. Ray
RA 6 6 11 0bizarr Birel Hel-Air BBez-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Pd LPaid ifeToday
TRT 3 3 3 3- 7 1 Diners T Diners Chopped J Food Court Diners Diners Chopped Ace Cake Paid Paid
TN 6262261 5 49 u Wanderlust Radio Que Unlekel a Ra|Chozen Paid Paid Paio 3 Paid Paid Paid
GN 16161614171 19 American It Takes Fark FeudFam Feu Fam FeudnFam Feu uamgage BagTae Paid Paid Paid Paid
W1 7324 Golden iGolden Golden iGolden rasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier LFrasir Cheers Chears Lu Lu
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E 1 5342 16 Upper (N) Addict Addict Hunters Hunters Upper () Addict Addict Paid Paid Paid Paid
EN 30 30 30 30 524114 ZoeGone A aug ter s e14. (:02) Zoe Gone (14) Pad Pad Pad Pa d
FW1 48 48 48 48 47116 Our Americ Our Americ Our Americ Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SN 1 1 29 63 54 Franken Franken Cops Cops Cops Cops iGuy's Choice (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOF 49494556 0 Li64v1 Red Planet ('00) ** (L) Stargate (8 (C) U Wheaton Cosplay Cosplay
BS N 9 11111 54 61 90 Conan Homes Conan Homes Protection(8)i(C Married Married arid iead
TM 66566516!2 Heaven l(:45) Giant ('56) Cattle baron's life. (CC ) Something of Value Farewell
S 45445 5 721 Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extree Extreme Extreme Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TT 66166123 55 51 Murder Justice -Justice CSI: NY CSI: NY CSI: NY S'ville
CBC 39 39 9 11 TreBizarre1otea Biziare nBizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
TU 66366350 318 truTV Top Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Carbonar Carbonar truTV Top Wipeout Bait Car Paid
TLD66266231 542 Quens PQuens Quens Quens Cleveland Raymond Raymond Raymond 3's-Co, 3Ts Go. 3Ts Co, an Nanny Divorced
CNN 32 3 22 52 50 Modern Modem VU (HD) CIS SVU (R() SVU (a) SVU (S) SVU (D)
MSB 837 1 83 83 3141A Ha Hair Marriage LA Hair LdA Hair LA Hair Paid L Paid
S 41119 HomeVid Parks Parks Parks 30Rock 30Rock Sunny Futurama il Death Paid Paid News(N)
SS 22322349 70 TBA Paid Pad Paid Pad Paid Pad Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid |Paid
12 5 70 SportsCenter (1No) Sports Sports NBA Finals: Game 4 Sports
SOW 3 6 6 59 74 Olbermann Sports Best of the U.S. Open (Taped) WSports Olbermann
TC42 69 83 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports Reloaded (CC (e)x M eG "
FS 27 27 677 Wrld Poker |Unleashed _West Coast |Paid |Paid Paid Paid |Paid |Paid |Paid |Paid
GOF4 94 955 60 3 Live U.S. Open (141)) Live U.S. Open (141) Live U.S. Open (141) Open
N SN77177154 61 90 Motocross Off Road NASCAR |NASCAR Road Indy Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SN 33341045 57 716 Florida IGolden Boy Live IPaid IPaid Paid IPaid IPaid |Paid |Paid |Paid
GNC3 93 9 37 104 Teasure |MMone y oe Paid |Paid Paid |Paid |Worldwide Ex (N)
CN 33233218 33101q Sixties (R) ICNN Tonite 3600 (R) simulcast Early Start (N)
CSN 1 81 837 12 101 Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings Key Hearings
F 66 4 40871111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSB 38 38185 40 10 Haves (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look Too Early
SN 1 11 Lt Edition Lt Edition News IChef INews INews INews INews INews Nes News INews INews INews
IN 323Z 32 32 42 Banshee ICoEd Cnf. CoEd Conf. |Eve's ('14) (C QGen. Daughter ('99) IDeliv'nce ('72)
IN23123123213214Z Vehicle 19 Lingerie Watch ('12) *r*r/2 Lingerie Ride with the Devil ('99) The Abyss ***r~
DIS 16161 369945 25 Jessie ShakelIt Goo LcklGoo Lck Shake It IANT, OnDeck IOnDeck IWizards IWizards IOnDeck IOnDeck IFishike IPhineas
EG 1051 15 ( 35 The End Robin Hood In the Line of Fire ('93) (R) Specialist ('94) Proof ***r~
HB 3032030320 Cathouse IVICE IGangster Mob king. Iron Fists ('12) IBreaking ('09) IMaking of
H0 30 30 303, ast Furious 6 ('13) Ocean's Twelve ('04) High Hpes Kingdom of Heaven ('05)
HB33434304 3M 4 3 Vep IVeep Normal Heart ( 14) IVep Veep Syriana Oil and intrigue. IBirthday
SO 34 343 36! B.S.! Calif. NurseJ. Sunlight('13) 60 Minutes _Wrath Of ('10) Idiot ('13) (CC)
T 303030335 M331 Django Fatal ('14) (CC ) Billion ('12) -*- The Sex Monster -k 2 God, "Ha!"



Closed Circuit
8 p.m. on Cinemax
Two top rated attorneys
with a deep romantic past
are placed on the same
defense team building a
case for a man accused of
a bombing, but their lives
are put at risk and their
loyalities tested as the case
quickly escalates. (HD)

Game of Thrones
8 p.m. on HBO
A village near Castle Black
known as Mole's Town
receives some unexpected
guests; Littlefinger must
deal with the doubts others
have concerning his mo-
tives; Ramsay tries to prove
his worth to his father; a
decision is made regarding
Tyrion's fate. (HD)

Amazing Water
8 p.m. on HOME
Rebecca Budig travels the
glove exploring some of
the most amazing water-
based homes in the world,
including a private lake in
Washington state, a high-
tech retreat in Nevada and
a Coast Guard base set in
the middle of the Atlantic

Betty White's Off
Their Rockers
8 p.m. on LIFE
"Betty Seeks World Peace"
Veteran comic Betty White
offers advice to interested
parties about how not to
hit on a woman, then offers
her views on the subject
of exercise as she and her
posse garner laughs at
the expense of the general
American public.tfl(HD)

Criminal Minds
9 p.m. on A&E
"The Angel Maker" Veteran


1. Morgan Freeman movie,
"Olympus Fallen"
4. Actor George of "Some Like
It Hot"
8.1961's "Flower Drum
12. "Growing Up Fisher" actor
13. Mr. Gooding

14. Entreaty
15. Akira Kurosawa epic
16. "2 Broke Girls" prop
17. Get wind of
18. With "The" CBS sitcom or
subject on "Cosmos": 3 wds.
21. Denouement
22. Best original screenplay of

A recent series of murders
is linked to a serial killer
who was executed one year
earlier, forcing the BAU to
determine the connection
between the dead man and
the killing spree before
the perpetrators claim any
further victims. [] (HD)

9 p.m. on TRAV
"Lucy the Elephant, Capitol
Bomber, Hitler in Hol-
lywood" Don Wildman
investigates the remains of
a mammoth that is con-
nected with an amazing
survival story; Don visits a
famous landmark that was
the focal point of a series of
horrifying attacks.

The Pirate
10 p.m. on TCM
While engaged to a local
richman, a sheltered young
woman living on a Carib-
bean island in the early 19th
century comes to believe

23. A&E series, Motel"
26. Tuckered out
30. "Evil Woman" band, for short
31. Eden Sher on "The Middle"
32. Church focal point
35. Superhero wardrobe items
37. Mr. Morrow
39. Buddy
40. Shown, he's Carl on "The
Walking Dead": 2 wds.
47. Disney's & Stitch"
48. "Exodus" author Leon
49. Clive Owen's Sleep When
I'm Dead"
50. Race track shape
51. Puerto
52. Classic car
53. Take care of
54. Michael J. Fox's Wolf"
55. Actor Ayres

1. Bandleader Alpert
2. Court game, jai
3. "The --Off"
4. Coppola and Polanski
5. Revise
6. Vampire tooth
7. Katherine Heigl movie, "The
Ugly "
8. Dustin Hoffman sci-fi film
9. Bread spread
10. At hand
11. Ted Shackleford on "Knots

Travis Boersma, president
and co-founder of Dutch
Bros. Coffee, learns just
what keeps his high-energy
coffee chain brewing when
he journeys to El Salvador to
work on the coffee planta-
tion from which his com-
pany purchases their coffee
beans as an "Undercover
Boss," airing Friday at 8 p.m.
on CBS.
a traveling troubadour is
actually a notorious pirate,
which he is pretending to
be to impress her.

19. Mayberry matron
20. Wield a hatchet
23. Emmywinner Arthur
24. in the Family"
25. Trike rider
27. Poisonous snake
28. Blanche on "The Golden Girls"
29. Jim Carreys Man"
33. He said, "Hasta la vista, baby"
34. Actor Taylor
35. He succeeded Paar
36. Will Smith title role
38. Utter suddenly
39. "The Is Right"
40. Coagulate
41. Center of activity
42. Astronaut Shepard
43. Pennsylvania port
44.2011 sitcom, "New"
45. TV musical
46. Snaillike


M 6 3 ON 1
03U~~ 03 0i 1A

A 8V 3M S31 V a

3 1 d NIVkndO 11

tt!_ L a ;T0 11
ABC7 News @IABC World The 7 Entertainment SharkTank Entrepreneurs What Would You Do? Re- 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) present their ideas to millionaires actions to moral dilemmas.
2 news of the Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (1HD) ooking forthe next big idea. (CC) (CC) (HD)
day. (N) (HD) (HD)
ABC News The ABCWorld The List (NG) Right This Shark Tank Entrepreneurs. WhatWould You Do? Moral 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
2N latest news. News (N) (HD) Minute (HD) (CC) (HD) dilemmas. (CC) )HD)
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 7 News (N) ABCWorld A Millionaire? A Millionaire? Shark Tank Entrepreneurs. WhatWould You Do? Moral 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
AC 7 7 10 7 7News (N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) (CC) (HD) dilemmas. (CC) (HD))
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) Undercover Boss: Dutch Brs. Hawaii Five-: NaHalaAKa Blue Bloods: Justice Served
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Local News with tune (CC) (N) (N) (gD) Coffee Coffee founder travelsto Makua An escaped convict tries Frank barely escapes alive after
1 0 news report. Scott Pelley (N) (HN) a plantation in El Salvador. (R) to get Eve-Oto prove his inno- an attack on a mob lawyer. (CC)
(N) (HD) (HD) cence. (R) (R) (HD)
CBS News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (FD Inside Edi- Undercover Boss El Salva- Hawaii Five-O Convict's inno- Blue Bloods: Justice Served
213 213 ( 5 5 N HD tion (N) dor. (CC) (R) (HD) cence. (CC) (R) (HD) Mob lawyer. (R) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 5 (If Necessary) (Live) (CC) (HD)
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC) (N) I'
[X 8 and weather. events. (N) (HD) weather; more. (1D)

NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 5 (If Necessary) (Live) (CC) (14D)
2 _____News()~ tune (N) (141)) Z
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ Inside The Insider 24: Live Another Day Jack Gang Related A cop must work FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of the day are examined news about ce- Celebrity news. Bauer, now an exile and a fugi- inagangtaskforceasan inside riesofthenewsda are up-
F13 1 and reported by the FOX 13 lebrities'lives. (CC) (14D) tve from justice, is on the run. man for a Latino gang. (CC) (14D) dated bthe FOX 3 Nightly
News Team. (N) (CC) ((14 News Tam. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons 24: Live Another Day On the Gang Related Gang task FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
__. news; weather. (N) (R) (HD) (CC) run from CIA. (lID) force. (CC) (lID) news report. (N)
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Washington Forida This Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You How to
.... 3 News(CC) port(N) (lID) Week (N Week(R) achieve financial independence. (CC) (R) (lID)
.... QA 1 SesameStreet: Pcgo Game Cat in Hat ( Pe + Cat (CO Pledge Programming Highlights encourage viewer sup Pledge Programming
PBS, r 1204 204 204 goGa e a Teinop t .R ( H at ,,) port. Vledg e support.Pr g a m n
_____ T ojpptes. )R)o (41D) )R C ( C port
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Washinton TheWeek(N) Pledge Programming Highlights encourage viewer sup-
,, -x News(CC) port(N) (14D)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News (N) Big Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Line Improv Line Wilson Hart of Dixie Interference News @10pm (N) (14D)
AC (HI (HD (4D) scenes. Bethel. (R) flop. (CC) (R) (lID)
CW Queens: Foe: Queens (PG) 2 1/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) Line Improv Line Wilson Hart of Dixie Interference Engagement: Rules: Afterthe
M I Pa (14D) (14D) (14D) (14D) scenes. Bethel. (R) flop. (CC) (R) (14D) Kids Lovin'
NRaymond: Th Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Monk Businessman killed. Monk Manager killed. (CC) (14D) Cops Re- Cops Re-
11 Article ,14 yodPG) (CC)(41)) loaded (lD) loaded (1D)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (1)l)Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Monk Businessman killed. Monk Manager killed. (CC) (14D) Law & Order: SVU Patients'
X ) _N 8 9 8 (14D) (CC) (41)) rights. (CC) (14D)
IND 12 12 12 33 12Modern: The Modern: Aunt BM Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: SVU Patients' Law & Order: Special Victims The Office (CC) The Office (CC)
32 -2 Incident Mommy (H M, -rights. (CC) (14D) Unit: Doubt (14D) (H1D) (HlD)
ION 2 2 2 6 11 Ghost Whisperer. Cursed Cold Case: Schadenfreude Cold Case: Ravaged Alcoholic Cold Case: Strange Fruit Black Cold Case: Kensington Mill
i -- Haunted dollhouse. (14D) Drug addict's rin. (lID) in 1995. (CC) (14D) youth's death. (14D) closing. (CC) (lID)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & RonPhillips Great Awaken Tour The Good Life with Bob Gospel Truth Entertain- LifeToday
22 2 ness healing. D'Andrea ((0 (N) ment (CC)
WRXY 22 4 10 Joyce Meyer Prophecyin Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Zola Levitt (CC) Walk on JoyceMeyer Entertain- Gospel Truth
AM__22 (CC) N the News (CC) -(N) Water (CC)(N) ment (CC)
TIF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifiosAventura Pelicula LaviudanegraLavdade
0 2 3 (FP) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 @ CopaMundialdelaFIFA2014: GrupoB:Australia Dequetequierotequiero Loquelavidamerob6 Bda Qu6 pobrestanricos
vs Chile desde Estadio Verdao en Cuiab, Brasil Natalia hu e. sin amor. (CC) (14D) Humi de ho ar.
M.-IIj J ji ,{ i ; I J- i 11 F I I iI
Criminal Minds: ... And Back Ciminal Minds: Lo-Fi Random Criminal Minds: Mayhem Ter- Criminal Minds Dead serial Criminal Minds: Minimal Loss
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Canadian killer. (14D) shootings. (14) rorist bombing. (14D) killer. (V14) (CC) (14D) Underground cult.
Caddyshack (80) Agroup of young troublesome caddies The Legend of Bagger Vance ('00, Drama) ** 2 Will Smith, Matt Damon. A mysteri-
AMC ___ 56 56 56 3 53 '31 creates chaos at an u er-class ol club. (CC) ous caddie helps an alcoholic IW veteran recover his golf aame. (CC) (14D)
River Monsters: Lost Reel Treehouse Masters Dream No Limits (N) No Limits (N) Treehouse Masters Spirit of Af Treehouse Masters: Bionic
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Man-eatin catfish.R) trhouse.R)() (D) iD) rica.(C) R) (D) Treehouse (N) (14D)
106 & Park Viewer selec- To Be Announced Info un- Movie Like a Man
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 20 tions. (CC) (lID) available. To(14)
(5.00) Orane County ('02) Analyze That ('02) ** Mob boss Paul Vitti is released Analyze This New rk hiatrist
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 ,20( ab n omaxey~ cc
BRAVO *8*6868 6822185 y l/Colegetranscripts. from prison into the custody of his therapist. (R) (CC) counsels a maaboss suffer fromanxiet((()
COM(666055)S.Pak(R) (:26)Tosh.0 (R) ColbertRepo (26)Daily Futurama(V14 4(208) Coming to America ('88, Comedy) Eddie Murphy. An African prince
66 66 66 15 27 190 H (R Shw) (R) Iflees an arran ed marriage to find his own American queen.
DISC 404040402543 10 Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Chrome Underground: Blind
old(CC) (14i) (CC) (ld)) (CC) (14D) (CC) (14D) Sided (CC) (N) (lID)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26196 (4:30) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment The Drama Queen Holld tal- Fashion Police Clothing The Soup Entertainment fun.
E! unavailable, news.(HD) ent manager. (14D) choices. (lD) (H)
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118118160500)AmericanNinjaWarior Boundless Global competi- Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks & Rec. Parks & Rec.
Endurance course. tons. (141) (141) I(141) (41) (41) (141) (41))
EWIN 243 3 2 2 8 1 EWTN St. Murialdo, Daily Mass Celebration of the Life on the Rock Friars inter- EWTN Holy Rosary Cross Consuming
25TN 243 243 12 7 Nhty(N) myStory Hoy Eucharist. )R) view. Night R) (NG) Training (CC)
FAi 55 55 55 55 10 46 1 ks !Ib I b ('95, Fantasy) An ancient, terrifying board game The Goonies 85, Adventure) *** Sean Astin. A group of playmates
M04199 Keepe 1 trap y and releases him 26 years later. (CC) tries to stop ruthless developers and finds a treasure map. (CC)
FOOD 31 31 31 31 16164 Diners Italian Diners: That's Diners Uniting Diners (R) (lID) Diners: By Re- Diners: DinersAustin, Diners (R) (lID) Diners. Drive-Ins and Dives
D joints.1 4 Itaian. foo. quest Globetrottin' Texas. Guyin asegas.(
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 HowlMet IHowlMet HoewlMet HowlMet HowtoTrainYourDragon (iO)Ayoung Viking boybe- HowtoTrainYourDragon
(M (143 4)HD) (1V14)(NN) (HD 4)1V14)) (V14)(NN) friends a dra on and tries to protect thecreature. (10) Saving dragons.
GSN 119119119119 3 119184 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud 1 vs. lOOGameshowwin- Newlywed Newlywed It Takes a Church (R)
GSN 1V ) (IV PG) ,W) M)/PG ners. (T/G) Game (R) Game(R)
IALit 5 11 13240 The Waltons: The The Waltons: The Inspiration The Waltons: The Last Straw Middle: The Middle Landing Middle Middle (CC)
HALL RememberanceArelativevisits. Miss Mamie's eyes. John gets drunk. (CC) Bachelor a ob. Facebok help. (14D)
Biqfoot: The Definitive Guide American Pickers Steam en- American Pickers Prosthetics; Ameican Pickers Art Deco American Pickers Trailer; cars;
HIST 81 81 81 81 336512810% claims viewed, ine; clock. (R) (14D) toys. (CC) (R) (lID) machine. (CC) (R) (14D) more. (CC) (R) (lID)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 Hunters (CC) R) Hunters (CC)( R) Hunters (CC)( R) Hunters (CC)( R) Amazing Water Homes Pri- Caribbean Life Caribbean Life Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters Aruba
O1 42 165 (14D) (14D) (14D) (14D) vate lake. (N) (R) )R) (14D) home.
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Summer Host Picks Callie Nor Summer Host Picks Summer Beauty Picks Summer Beauty Picks
LIFE 36336 41140IBettyWhite's B White's Be White's 1B White's Betty (V14) (N) Betty Hot cable We Swap: Avery-Lamb Mar Little Women: LA Wine tasting
LIFE 3 3 3 1 V1 4) IV14Y (IVl) )IV() (D) guy tin Noschooin (C) pary.(CC) (R) (14D)

JUNE 13 ==1 1 1 :1 Mi

O Dr. Phil: Snobs and Egoma- Dr. Phil: Inside Infidelity, Pt. 2 Oprah: Where Are They Oprah: Where Are They Oprah: Where Are They
OWN 58 58 58 58 41103161 niacs (1N14)( (C ) Infidelit debate. Now?Mother in jail. (R) Now?Oprah visits sister. Now?CandySplling.

S 51 5 51 51 29 63 54 Cops Car hi- Cops: Coast to Man on Fire ('04, Drama) ** Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning. A former assas- The Expendables (10, Action)
jSIK jacking.(R Cst sin hunts the people who kidnapped a nine-year-old child. (R) (BD) Elite mercenaries.
S 61 61 61 6125364180 The Invasion ('07, Thriller) ** A psychiatrist discovers WWE SmackDown (N) (HD) Continuum: 3 Minutes to
______ S 77 7-4 the origin of an alien epidemic and what can end it. Midnight (N)
32 Seinfeld () Seinfeld (CCnfeeinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Old School (03) Luke Wilson. Three men try to recapture Blades of Glory (07, Comedy)
TBS D59 3 N HN (H (HN the lo days of college b startin a fraternity. Figure skaters.
TOM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Thirteen Frightened Girls ('63) The daughter of an Ameri- The Crimson Pirate ('52) A notorious buccaneer leads an The Pirate (48) Judy Garland.
TCM 13can diplomat stumbles into a political secret. uprising against a villainous Spanish nobleman. Pirate in disguise.
TIC 4549Say Yes Dress Say Yes Dress Say Yes Dress Say Yes Dress Atlanta (CC) (R) Atlanta Athletic Atlanta (CC) (N) Atlanta (CC) (N) I Found the Gown (CC) (R)
1TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 Say Y D ) Ys D Y (H Dbrides. (4D) (HD) Gown (N) (HD)
TN 61 61 61 61 28 5 Supernatural: Asylum Sanitar- Supernatural: ScarecrowAn- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (11, Action) ,,, Sherlock (32) S. Holmes
__ ium. (IM 4)(CC()HD) nual event. (TV14) Holmes and Watson must track down Professor Moriart. (CC) (11)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 Monumental MysteriesAbi onumental Mysteries Myste- Monumental Mysteries Un- Monumental Mysteries Sur- Hotel Secrets & Legends
T zarre pyramid.(R) ious chic. (R) sung war hero. (R) Jvival story. (N) Killer hotel. (R)
TRUTY 63 6 63635030183 Top 20 Most Shocking Beer Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick izard Lick Lizard Lick
TU 33 3 0 pong. (R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Towing Towing Towing Towing Towing Towing
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Who's Boss Who's Boss Raymond Raymond
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Modern Fam- Modern Fam- Modem Fam- Modern Fam- Modern Fam- Modern Fam-
Unit: 911 (1V14) Unit: Birthright ily (D) ily(HD) ily (ND) ily (D) ily (D) ily (D)
WE 117111111 111149 Marriage Boat Camp: Reality Marriage Boat Camp: Reality Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Marriage Boot Camp: Real Mystery Millionaire: The
W 1 1 1 Stars: TheAmbush Stars: I heAmbush Stars: ing of Fire i Stars (N) Pfsony hot0grapherN)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home e MLB Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies from Citizens Bank Park (Live) America's Funniest Home
I Videos Reel comedy. (CC) (1D) Videos Reel comedy.
CSS 28 23 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football SportsNITE
ESPN 29 29 29 29 1 5 2014 U.S. Open Champ.: SportsCenter: from Bristol, Best of the U.S. Open: Second Round Encore Presentation: from Pinehurst Resort in
EN 9 T Second Hound (live) Conn.(N)(CC(HD) Pinehurst, N.C. (Taped) (CC) (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 7 2014 FIFA World Cup: Group B: Australia at Chile SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) World Cup Tonight (N) (HD)
EN 333 4 from Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, Brazil (Live) (HN) (141)
FS1 48 4848 4 6 ARCA Auto Racing NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Practice: 100,000 (CC) Test Drive (N) MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
1 2 9 83/.,-Michigan (ive) (CC) (HX) /"a4 Drivin' For Linemen 200 (live) (CC)(HD) (D) (HD) (HD)
72 FN 1 2 2 56 77 Ship Shape Marlins LIVE! MLB Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (Live) (HN) Madins LIVE! Marlins (HD)
1FN1 TV(R (N) (HD) (N(4D)
GOLF 49 49 4949 55 60 304 Feherty: Jim Furyk (1D) Live From the U.S. Open (N) (1D) Live From the U.S. Open (1D)

NBCSN 71 71 71 71 5 6 Pro Football Cycling: Criterium Du NHL Live (N) Mecum Auto Auctions: Seattle (N)
NBSNI1 7 7171 4 6 90Talk (N) Dauphine: Stage 7(gaped)

SUN 38 33 401 401 45 516 Fishing Re- FOX Sports Inside: Double Rays LIVE! (N) MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros from Minute Maid Park (Live) (HD)
UN13 8 0140 5 7 port (R) (141) ]Salutes Play ](147 (e

NICK 25 25 Webheads Sam & Cat Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ('01) ** 05) Songe Full House Full House Full House Full House
NCK12 2 2 2 2 4 Z2(CC) (141) T-he boy genius rescues his parents. (G) ]Bob() ](( (( (CC) C(C(

TOON 80 8 4 20251(5:00) Movie (:45) Regular (15) Adventure (45(Johnny (15) Gumball (45) MAD King of the Hill Cleveland American Ameican
m TON108:2 2 62 5 ho ie ]et()]() ]hwHD) Dad! (141) ]Dad!(141))

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (cc) (N) Remington Under Fire (R) Car haser Car haser Car haser CarChaser Car haser C ar haser
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Coo r 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN S ot- Unguarded
CNN Room (N) (N) /ond the news. (N) Breking news. P (N1) stories. (N) light (R with (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 1831 12109 Politics & Public Policy Today Major political activity Politics & Public Policy Today Major political activity Politics & Public Policy Today
_SPN 1N1 N 21around the U.S. around the U.S. Political events.
Special Report with Bret Bale On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hanni Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 11 118 The latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (1D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (C U

MSNB 83 83838318540103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Ha es The Rachel Maddow Show Lockup Cameras explore life
MSNB Sharpton. (N) (HD) Political issues. (N) Political panel. (N) (HN-D News and views. (N) behind bars. (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News Suncoast Paid News News Paid News Lt Edition Lt Edition
CMV 41 41 41 41 23 24 221 Reba (HN) Reba (HN) Reba (HN) Reba (HN) The Dukes of Hazzard Movie
CT Fi477 4ghting corruption. (1D)
MV 33 333333 48 210 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous-
MTV ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD)
VH1 50 58 50 50 43 232117HollywdExes(R)(14D) Saturday Night Live: Saturday Night Live in the '90s: Pop She's Out of MyLeag ue (l0) An average guy with no
Culture Nation Memories from 1990s. (TV14) self-confidence triesto attracta oreous woman.
(20) Big Daddy('99, Comedy) A slacker pretends to adopt Closed Circuit ('13, Drama) **1 (35) The Great Gatsby (13, Drama) *
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 a five-year-old boy in a misguided attempt to prove to his Lawyers and ex-lovers are placed on the A war veteran finds himself caught in a world
girlfriend that he is ready for responsibility. same defense team in a terrorism trial. (CC) of decadence and lies. (CC) (B)
(5:30) Rushmore (98, Comedy) (10) Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (13, Adventure) Two for the Money ('05) AI Pacino. An injured football
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 A man and a oy fight over a ** Logan Lerman. The son of Poseidon embarks on a player begins a new career in the sports gambling business.
teacher. (CC) journey to find the mythical Golden Fleece. (CC) ( (C ) (MD)
(2,0)16 Wishes (10, Family) Debby Ryan, Jean-Luc Jessie: Help Dog with a Blog: How l Met Your Brother... Austin & Ally Good Lck
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Bilodeau. A young girl gets her secret wish list granted, NotWanted(N) andSister (CC()(N) Charity auction. Charlie:
but not everything works out. (G) (CC) (HD) (HD) (R) Futuredrama
:05) Witness ('85, Drama) *** Harrison Ford, Kelly My Best Friend's Wedding ('97) *** A (:45) A Knight's Tale ('01, Adventure) A
ENC 150150 150 150 150350 McGillis. A city cop enters an Amish Commun to protect a woman who discovers she loves an old squire retends to be a knight and contends
boy who witnessed a murder. (R) (CC) friend tries to prevent his wedding. (CC) for the hrt of a noblewoman.
(:45) The Normal Heart (14, Drama) Taylor Kitsch, Matt Game of Thrones: The Game of Thrones: The Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 BOmer., sets out to combat a disease that is Muuntain and theViper Watchers on the Wall ((CC) (R) ((VND (CC) (N) (ND)
___ kilinghmsxa men. (NR) (CC) (141) Unexpeted guests. (R) (141) (141))
(5:20) Armageddon 98)When NASA spots a killer asteroid Veep: Crate Veep: New Last Week Jack the Giant Slayer (13, Adventure) A
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 eating toward the arth, they train an unruly crew of oil (CC) (1D) Hampshire (CC) John Oliver (CC war between humans and giants erupts
drillers to go into space and blow it away. (1D) (1D) when a boy opens an entryw ay. (CC)
cm:4) Snake Eyes ('98, Thrller) s A Springsteen's Bi Lc:kVisionThing The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (13) A (:4 ) The
HB03 304 304 304 304 304a404 1545) sake Eye s ( T ler) **A e:Cathin rhe ician splits with his stage partner after a Making of.. :
HBO3_ 3333 3 officer to a multi-level conspiracy. (CC) hMHopes causes wor. (CC) (1D) pe ormer steals their fame. Oblivion
15:50) Alex Cross ('12, Crime) Rachel The Last Exorcism Part 11 (13, Horror) David Beckham into the Unknown (N) Penny: Closer
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Nichols. A Washington D.C. homicide Nell tries to start a new life, but the evil force than Sisters (R)
___ detective tries to track down a serial killer. returns for her once more. (CC)
The Longest Yard ('05, Comedy) 1--2 Adam Sandier, The River Wild ('94) While traveling down a treacherous Sliding Doors ('98, Comedy)
TMC 350 3503 3 350 350 Chris Rock. Imprisoned pro football player forms team of river, a professional white-water rafter struggles to survive in -1A Woman s destiny hinges
convicts to play guards in game. (PG-13) (CC() a deadly game with two armed fug itives. on missed train.

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UNIV I 1515 6 Noticias Noticiero Rep. Mundi Amorcito Cero cnd Casa risa La rosa Como dice Primer Noticiero
N I I N i* iR will
A&E 26262626 39 50 181 Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Paid |Dog Bnty Dog Bnty |Paid
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TCI 65656565 16 Pirate Princess ('44) Capt Kidd ('52) Pirates ('62) Seven Seas *
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NC54 61 90 Overtime RMecum Auto Auctions: Seattle (NASCAR Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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W 32 3342( Gatsby Topless ObsessJon l/ Enemy of State ('98) Skn Changeing (R)
C 32 3213214 Girl's Gui (3) Batman Begins ('05) Super Sex (13) S) Cloud Atls ('12) (CAP
IS 316 3 945 2 Jessie IAutin Liv GoodLcklBlog IGoodLck Austin On Track ('03) OnDeck On~eck IFishrik Phineas
EG 1051 15 3 KnightTale Robin Hood: Prince ('91) Lost in Space ('98) 7 Years ('97)
HO 320 30,30 0 VICE Real Time IVICE IVeep IVeep The Purge ('13) True Lies ('94, Action) (CC )
rH 033 3 0 Jackthe Ruslan Red 2 ('13) (CC )(0D) Thrones Real Time Killer Jo ('12) Iaigo
HB3343 4 0 Oblivion ('13) (CC) Casino ('95) Crime in Vegas. (R) Good Company ('05)
SHW4404 36! Penny Seckhamn (R) INursed. Calif. 60 Minutes ICowboy Way ('94) Yr Cabin Boy
T 30 3500" 35(j Sli ding (:40) Elizabeth ('98) (:45) Elizabeth ('07) Salmon Fishing ('12) Apt