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Charlotte SunII


Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome kicks into gear down Opponents of genetically modified crops continue to fight '
PAGE 1 stretch for a Preakness victory and a Triple Crown shot. for labeling that discloses GMOs in foods. '
the stretch for a Preakness victory and a Triple Crown shot. for labeling that discloses GMOs in foods.

An Edition of the Sun
VOL. 122 NO. 138


SUNDAY MAY 18, 2014


One of this

year's best

We are happy to return to our newspaper
home here in the left-hand column of your
Sunday Sun. For those who like to speed-
read by jumping to the last paragraph,
there will be no need
to search inside for the
.. wrap-up.
r" Reading has been
a joy since our father
read to his three sons
fi in his rich baritone.
: s Younger brothers
Pete and Grizz were
1 quick learners. For
me, it took awhile
Derek for all those letters
DUNN-RANKIN to becomewords.As
a 7-year-old, a trip
CHAIRMAN to the city to see an
eye doctor provided no help. My eyesight
was just fine. Adult reading suggests I
was somewhat dyslexic. I am still a poor
speller. That does not slow my appetite for
skimming half a dozen newspapers a day.
A good biography affords the most reading
I have been enjoying my morning walks
listening to "The Bully Pulpit: Theodore
Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and
the Golden Age of Journalism" by Doris
Kearns Goodwin. This is the best yet
by this author, who has focused on the
American presidency.
Young Doris Keams began to focus on the
presidency after spending hours visiting with
Lyndon Johnson at his Texas ranch.
"Lyndon Johnson and the American
Dream" launched her career as a presiden-
tial author and frequent TV commentator
on the American presidency.
"No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor
Roosevelt: The Home Front inWorld War II"
won a Pulitzer Prize. "The Fitzgeralds and
the Kennedys: An American Saga" was
another best-seller.
"Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of
Abraham Lincoln" focused on Lincoln's
ability to forge an effective wartime team
from a band of politicians who felt they were
better qualified to be president by brains,
education and experience than Lincoln.
Her newest brings us an understand-
ing of the character and motivations of
Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard
Taft. We see their development in child-
hood through college, and as young pro-
fessionals. They became admiring friends
inWashington, partners in Roosevelt's
presidency, and then bitter rivals who split
the Republican Party and made possible
the election of DemocratWoodrowWilson.
This is the author's most skillful effort.
The successful and loving parents who
helped form both Roosevelt and Taft's char-
acter and drive help us understand their
impact on the nation as the 26th and 27th
presidents of the United States. Both were
strong family men, and the author shows
us the intelligence and strong character of
Nellie Taft and Edith Roosevelt.
The author tucks in mini-biographies of
these two intelligent, well-read partners
who complemented their spouses. Edith
Roosevelt was calm, reserved and orga-
nized, where her husband was a loosely
controlled dynamo of energy. Nellie
Taft, outgoing, energetic and ambitious,
looked forward to the presidency far more
than her husband did.
A third cast of characters helped to
launch the progressive era of Roosevelt
and Taft. They were the muckrakers -
reporters that, for the most part, wrote for
McClure's magazine. Ida Tarbell, Lincoln
Steffens, Ray Stannard Baker, Jacob Riis
and William Allan White's investigations
and descriptions of political corruption
and abuses from business monopolies
helped to shape the reform.
As a college student, reading their
exploits made newspapering an appealing
profession, with the opportunity to leave
the world better than you found it.
Kearns Goodwin has an unrivaled
ability to give us an understanding and an
appreciation of a number of key players
who combine and interact to produce a
dramatic line of action.
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of the
Sun Coast Media Group. He can be reached

Fest a hybrid of beautiful plants, people


Ann Imler, a Charlotte County Historical Center board
member since 1982, dons a homemade, flowered hat
at this weekend's 10th annual Punta Gorda Hibiscus
Festival, which continues from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at
Gilchrist Park.

PUNTA GORDA -With a wagon
in tow, Bill and Karen Adkins already
have rounded up some fancy
pansies, orchids, queen's wreath
and Madagascar jasmine. They
come every year to what is now the
10th Annual Punta Gorda Hibiscus
Festival, and each time they buy
a few colorful keepsakes for their
expansive Charlotte Ranchettes yard.
'And every year, we spend our
grocery money," Karen said. "We've
been through several wagons."
In fact, many people at Gilchrist
Park had their arms overflowing with
exotic flowers Saturday, perhaps
showing a lack of planning, but
not a lack of planting. The Hibiscus
Festival is truly a place where beauti-
ful people and flora converge.

Deb Mechnig of Deep Creek
had her hands full of bright orange
canna lilies, courtesy of the Mitch
Armstrong Nursery.
'And they have lots of buds, so we
can enjoy them all summer," she
said. "I have three more plants in the
The nursery's Annie Sprague also
is a regular at the event, coming
down from St. Petersburg ever
since the festival sprouted, joining
this year's record number of plant
"The people of Punta Gorda are
wonderful and very welcoming to
us. We love it here," Sprague said.
"This is our last big show of the year,
and we usually sell out."
Plant sellers and buyers, alike, owe
much to the man who is responsible


Baker Act numbers alarming

Punta Gorda Police engaged in a standoffwith a resident last month on Olympia Avenue. It started as a traffic stop for driving the wrong way
on Olympia. The man later surrendered, and was involuntarily committed under the Baker Act.

Budget cuts impact

mental health care

Editor's note: Another
in an occasional series
looking at mental health
care in Florida.
At about 9:30 p.m.
April 28, Punta Gorda
Police Officer Chris
Salsman conducted what
seemed like a routine
traffic stop. Salsman was
on patrol near the city's
downtown that night
when he noticed a blue
Lincoln sedan traveling
the wrong way down a
one-way street.
Salsman turned on his
emergency lights and
followed the sedan into
the empty parking lot of a
nearby mechanic's shop.
What followed next was
anything but routine.
As Salsman approached
the car, the sound of a
gunshot pierced the air.
According to a police
report, the driver, 61-year-old
Michael J. Smith of Punta
Gorda, accidentally fired off
a shot as he fumbled with a
small-caliber handgun that
he then pressed against his

temple, threatening to shoot.
Salsman immediately
called for backup. Soon an
entire section of the down-
town was blocked off.
PGPD crisis negotiator
Lt. Joe King quickly was
summoned to the scene.
For more than three hours,
King talked to Smith on
his cellphone, trying to
get the man to put down
the gun and exit the car
peacefully. Eventually,
Smith surrendered.
He was taken to the

Stigma keeps mentally ill

from getting treatment

Even among mental
health professionals and
caregivers, Roxana Duren is
a rare find.
No doubt, it takes a
special person to work in a
field that requires so much
patience, compassion,
and mental and emotional
fortitude. But colleagues
who work with Duren, the
social services coordinator
at Riverside Behavioral
Center in Punta Gorda, say



Roxana Duren, social services coordinator at Riverside Behavioral
Center in Punta Gorda, speaks with her colleagues during a morning
meeting. Duren, who did a doctoral dissertation on stigma, champions
public awareness and education regarding mental health issues.

she exhibits those qualities
in spades.
Take, for instance, the time
when a patient told Duren -
quite matter-of-factly that
she put on weight.
"He said to me, 'You're
getting fat, Roxana,'" she
said, recalling the incident
with a laugh. "I said, 'OK, I'll
try harder next time.'"
Most folks might have
been offended at the
remark, responding with
anger or criticism. But not
Duren. The world doles out
enough of that to people
with mental illness, she said.
Why add to the stigma?
"Our job is to help them,
not to judge them," Duren
said. "You wouldn't fault
someone who has diabetes
or cancer. So you why would
fault someone who has a
mental illness?"
And yet people do that all
the time.
Despite strides to destig-
matize mental illness
through advocacy and
education, mental illness
remains misunderstood and


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k am

Our Town Page 2 C The Sun /Sunday, May 18, 2014


Happy 70th birthday to Paul Happy 18th birthday to Nick
Boettcher on his special day Montoya on his special day
May 19. May21.

Happy 8th birthday to Erik
Johnsson on his special day
May 19.

Each week in Sunday's
Charlotte Sun, we run free birthday
announcements along with a
photo. Email your.jpg photo of
the birthday boy orgirl of any age,
along with the person's name, age,
and birthday month and date, to
Marion Putman, assistant Charlotte
editor, at marionmputman@gmail.
com. Deadline is noon Thursday.
Note: If you bring or mail in a hard-
copy photo (to 23170 Harborview
Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980),
we will try to accommodate
you, but we CANNOT guarantee
the ability to return it to you. For
more information, call Marion at

When Lillian Seltzer

was 'Queen for a Day'

I first met Lillian
Seltzer about two
years ago. She was
88 then, and carrying
on like she was 60.
Lillian lives across from
the Cultural Center of
Charlotte County in Port
Charlotte, and considers
it her second home. She's
very active at the center,
attending musical shows,
including rock and roll,
movies, and most events
at the venue.
A very interesting lady
Lillian is, as are most el-
derly folks you just need
to take the time, sit down,
and get to know them. But
the most important of all
... listen!
Born in Philadelphia
90 years ago, she grew up
at a time when Philly was
the place to be. One of her
childhood and high school
friends was Bill Keane, cre-
ator of "Family Circus" a
friendship that continued
for many years.
After marrying,
Lillian started work at
The Franklin Institute
Laboratories for Research
and Development. As a

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technical illustrator, she
worked on projects such as
the HUD Solar Program, a
NASA simulator and NRC
licensing. Prior to joining
the Franklin Institute,
Lillian's background as an
illustrator ranged from
working on aircraft to
architecture to medical
drawings. She also worked
with engineers from the
U.S. Army Signal Corps on
radar development.
Lillian and her husband
Nate, now deceased, often
dined at Palumbo's, a
notorious Philly restau-
rant-nightclub where
numerous famous stars
got their start, or not;
Jimmy Durante, Frank
Sinatra, Benny Goodman
and his orchestra, Patti
Page and Louis Armstrong
were among the head-
liners. Palumbo's was the
in-place then, serving fab-
ulous food with fabulous
One workday morning
as Lillian was walking
past the Philadelphia
Convention Hall, she hap-
pened to notice that Jack
Bailey host of the wildly
popular Queen for a Day
TV show, was broadcasting
that day. She thought to
herself: "To heck with



Cardiac Bicycle Ride,
Cardiac Bicycle Ride Join us for a
40 mile -no drop -13 to 15 mph
ride. Call Bill 941-740-2257 for start
Farmers Market, History
Park Farmers Market open every
Sunday 9am-1 pm, 501 Shreve St.,
between Virginia Ave. & Henry St.
PG Hibiscus Festival,
10-2, Gilchrist Park $1, Huge Exotic


Lillian Seltzer of Port Charlotte was once Queen for a Day in

work, I'm going in."
Johnny Roventini, also
known as Johnny The
Bellboy for Phillip Morris
("Call for Phillip Morris!"),
was the usher, and after
showing folks to their
seats, passed out question-
naire cards. Contestants
were selected based partly
on their answers, most
likely the interesting and
funny responses. Lillian's
response to what she
needed most in her life
was that as her husband
was somewhat bald, he
needed a toupee ... that
answer got her onstage
with Jack Bailey!
Once onstage, Jack
and Lillian had a lively
conversation regarding the
toupee for her husband
and various other topics.
He asked Lillian, "Since
you're in Philly, where do
you like to eat?" Palumbo's,
of course! Jack ate there

Plant Sale, crafts, food & drinks with
inspirational music
Punta Gorda Elks, Bar
open 12pm;Picnic on the Water
1 -4pm; Music by Escape; Tiki open
2pm @ 25538 Shore PG 637-2606
mbrs & gsts

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as well, so they shared a
common interest... food!
In their talking of food,
Lillian mentioned that
she was not a cook, even
though she tried hard to
please her husband.
Jack was so pleased with
Lillian's presence onstage
that he crowned her
Queen for a Day. Lillian
went home with gifts, ap-
pliances, an autographed
cookbook of Jack Bailey's,
and because she was an
up-and-coming cook...
many, many bags of flour!
So many so that she had
to take a taxi home! She
donated the bags of flour
to an organization that
helped the needy.
As for the toupee?
She just doesn't remem-
ber. Come on, she's 90!
Mary Kleiss is a Sun cor-
respondent and columnist.
Email her at mkleiss@msn.

Garden Tour, Guided tour of
gardens at History Park, 501 Shreve
Street, PG, 1pm, $5 suggested
donation; Q&A. 380-6814.
American Legion 103,
Dart League @1 pm. $3 per rd. Join
us for a fun afternoon! 2101 Taylor Rd
PG 639-6337
Gayatri Mantra, The Mother
of All Mantras, 112 Sullivan St, Punta
Gorda, 1 -3pm, $35,941-505-9642

Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Lunch With Amy 11-2:30, Hot and
Cold Lunches
Port Charlotte Elks, Crockpot
Lunch w/Christa 11am -2pm. Lounge
open 11am 9pm. Orientation 6pm
Punta Gorda Elks, Lite
Lunch 11am-2pm; Chicken Nite
4-8pm; Karaoke w/Billy G. 6:30-
10:30pm; Tiki open 4pm @ 25538
Shore PG 637-2606 mbr & gst.


Charlotte County
Camdyn Gunnar Heaxt, to
Brookney Lynn and Travis Lee
Heaxt of Port Charlotte, at 8:36 p.m.
May 8. He weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces.
HayLee Grace Vaughan, to
ChelseaA. HudekandGaryW.
Vaughan II of Arcadia, at 8:47 p.m. May 8.
She weighed 6 pounds, 15.6 ounces.
Latrell K'mari Jones, to Tracy
Perez and Artrell Jones of Punta
Gorda, at 12:26 a.m. May 14. He
weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces.
Brody Landon Geisler, to
Gabriell Rena Long and Alec
Mckendrick Geisler of Port Charlotte,
at 1:50a.m.May14. He weighed
8 pounds, 6 ounces.
Lucas Matthew Carnell, to
Samantha Ketter and Dylan Carnell
of Punta Gorda, at 1:53 p.m. May 15. He
weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces.
Benjamin Thomas Wenzel, to
Lauren and Samuel Wenzel Jr. of
PortCharlotte, at6:09 a.m. May16. He
weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce.

Charlotte County
Robert Lee Kaboray of Ludlow,
Mass.,and Karen Elizabeth Bramucci of
Ludlow, Mass.
John McGarry of Loughborough,
United Kingdom, and Elaine Denise
Young of Loughborough, United
James Forrest McCurry Jr. of Port
Charlotte, and Cynthia Jane Ruoss of
Port Charlotte
William John Marchessault of
Rotonda West, and Christine Ann Dowd
of Rotonda West
Valery Geffrard of North Port, and
Jessica Ann Toolan of Port Charlotte
Daniel Anthony Menento of Port
Charlotte, and Christine Marie Minaufof
Port Charlotte
Joseph Andrew Montgomery of
Port Charlotte, and Ashley Linden Popa
of Port Charlotte
Tommy Alton Shirey of Port
Charlotte, and Rebecca Jean Mailman of
Port Charlotte
Lorenzo Deon Hood of Punta Gorda,

and Edricka Leshaye Cook of Fort Myers
Anthony Henry Franco of Port
Charlotte, and Kiem Tiat Lim of Port
Surender Mandula of Overland
Park, Kan., and Kavita Naraine of Port
Eric Bernard Dawson of Punta
Gorda, and Mary Lou Maine of Punta
Matthew Scott Kuntz of North Port,
and Jessica Faye Walker of North Port
David Bruce McGovern of Port
Charlotte, and Brittnay Marie Attilio of
Port Charlotte
Sean Richard Cassan of Port
Charlotte, and Jani Marie Baldonado of
Port Charlotte
Bryan Edward Atwood of Hugo,
Minn., and Erin Kathleen Higgins of Lino
Lakes, Minn.
Stephen Jared Farris of Port
Charlotte, and Gwendolyn May Wessel
of Port Charlotte
Raymond Edward Berwer of
Coloma, Mich., and Sandra Lee Radtke
of Punta Gorda
Sean SpencerWilliams of Port
Charlotte, and Valarie Kay Ashcraft of
Port Charlotte
Michael Paul Erney of Port
Charlotte, and Shirley Anne Burford of
Port Charlotte

Charlotte County
Mario Adalberto Amaya v. Melba
Patricia Amaya
Dana Sue Amberson v. Mark
Dewayne Amberson
Marilyn Anderson v. Christian L.
Marise Auguste v. Raymond
Cassandra Boudreauxv. Larry
Richard David Champion v. Delilah
Baisa Champion
Robin L. Hendricks v. Russell V.
Jarrell Stellos lacoma v. Monica
Lee lacoma
Anthony Samataro v. Anita Arlene
Ida Szabo-Wasyl v. Robert L. Wasyl
Preston Vulgamore v. Lisa Newlin


Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club
Ladies Bridge winners May 13:
1-Janie Ressel; 2-Maria Couper.
Slam Bridge winners May 14:
1-Adden Wagner; 2-Frank Betz;
3-LaQuita Morris.
Mahjong winners May 6.1-Sari
Knip; 2-Bobbye Waksler; 3-Lynne
Oakley. May 13:1-Karen Elmquest;
2-Bobbye Waksler; 3-Dianna Reinhard.

Charlotte Square
Charlotte County Bridge
Group winners May 10: Trudy Riley,
6200; Marty Lauer, 5330; Margie
Hensley, 4800; Rachel Beck, 4490.

Chubbyz Tavern
Big Dog's Live Trivia
Challenge winners May 14:1-The
Cat's Meow, $50; 2-Jaywalking, $25;
3-The Gold Geckos, $25.

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County
Duplicate Bridge Club winners
May 6: N/S: 1-Bob Sandahl, Goran
Hanson; 2-Lois Kenyon, Marilyn Grant;
3-1ris Stec,Jim Deeble. E/W: 1-Warren
Prince, Zenon Shpon; 2-Sharon
Redmond; Dave Johnson; 3-Jackie
Forslund; Robert Rancourt. May 8
(p.m.): N/S: 1-Sharon Redmond,
Homer Baxter; 2-John Avery, John
Bush; 3-Evelyn Palmer, Jackie Forslund.
E/W: 1-Ann Benmayor, Ruth Colman;
2-Marilyn Grant, Peggy Villela; 3-Robert
Rancourt, Kathy Haag.
Monday Night Pinochle winners
May 12:1-Sally Durbano, 708; 2-Lavaun
Berkland, 701; 3-Terry Pravettone, 661.
Wednesday Double Deck
Pinochle winners May 14:1 -Bob
Paulsen, 1660; 2-George Speidell,
1516;3-Pete Shopa,1472;4-Bonnie
Weithman, 1379.
Thursday Night Double Deck
Pinochle winners May 8:1 -Jim
Conway, 1626; 2-Ernie Boulanger, 1591;
3-Bonnie Weithman, 1586.

Friday Evening Bridge winners
May 9:1-John Noble, 6250; 2-Mavis
Harris, 5880; 3-Mid Noble, 5690; 4-Len
Harris, 5250.
Friday Night Euchre winners
May 9:1-Barb Dotson, 96; 2-Jim Speake,
Pinochlewinners May 10:1-Bonnie
Weithman, 663; 2-Mary Jane Aynes,
656; 3-Bryce Freds, 643. May 13:1-Jan
Howard, 697'2-Mike Hess,661; 2-Mary
Lavine, 661; 3-Sally Durbano,655.

Deep Creek
Elks Lodge
Monday Bridge winners
May 12:1 -Georgia Klemm, 4510;
2-Ann Beers, 4180; 3-Fred Kuss, 3700;
4-Kathy Beattie, 3500.

Isles Yacht Club
Scrabble winners May 9: Mary
Lou Coutts, 284; Judith Howell, 199;
Diana Lehr, 177; Liane Riley, 243,221.
Duplicate Bridge winners
May 14:1-Pat Slaughter, Sherry
Lane; 2-Jim and Laurie Druyor;
3-Cynthia and Dale Swope.

Country Club
Ladies Bridge winners May 2:
1-Marge Lincoln; 2-Lucy Schmidt; 3-Mary
Baxter. May 7:1-BettyWorthington;
2-Carol Fisher. May 9:1-Ann Rezek;
2-Nancy Anderson; 3-Lucy Schmidt
May 14:1-Carol Niemann; 2-Nancy
Anderson. May 16:1-Ann Rezek; 2-Betty
Worthington; 3-Lucy Schmidt.
Partners Bridge winners May 7:
1-Bob and Carol Niemann; 2-Dave Baker,
Linda Bellmore.

Duplicate Bridge Club winners
May 5:1-Marilyn Grant, Chuck May;
2-Mary and Stephen Chupak; 3-Bill
Holland, Goran Hanson. May 9: N/S:
1-James Kioski, Polly Engebrecht;
2-Barbara Johnson, Paula Farr; 3-Bob
Mohrbacher, Helen Sullivan. E/W: 1-Ken
and Patty Earl; 2-Mary and Stephen
Chupak; 3-Joan and Ted Walbourn.

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hOffer applies to new patients 59 years and older.
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>- ETAM Y E Coupon Expires 6/18/2014
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Featured Event
Schaff Campaign Kick-Off, Come join the fun. Sun.,
May 18,1-4pm, Republican Headquarters, 2171 Tamiami Trail,
Port Charlotte. Meet Paula Schaff, Candidate for Charlotte County
Commissioner District 2. Music, Hot dog cook out, soft drinks.
Donations appreciated, but not mandatory. 941-676-2518.

OurTown Page 2 C

The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

:The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014


C OurTown Page 3

Traffic enforcement locations set

- Beginning Monday,
the Charlotte County
Sheriff's Office will
increase traffic enforce-
ment at the following
Speed enforcement:
U.S. 17, between
Bermont Road and the
Charlotte-DeSoto county
line, east of Punta Gorda.
Quesada Avenue,
between Cochran and
Harbor boulevards, Port
Traffic light/stop sign
U.S. 41 and
Harborview Road,

The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff's office, Florida Highway
Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is
determined by the court system.

Charlotte Harbor.
U.S. 41 and Tuckers
Grade, south of Punta

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
Dustin Michael Welborn, 18,
5300 block of Beechwood Drive,
Punta Gorda. Charge: resisting an
officer. Bond: $2,500.
Eddie Matthew Steinmetz Jr.,
25,6100 block of Oarsman St., Port

Charlotte. Charge: nonsupport of
dependents. Purge: $570.
Jamie Michael Barkyoumb, 45,
23000 block of Central Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charge: DUI. Bond: $2,500.
Shannon Lee Walls, 28, 3100
block of St. James St., Port Charlotte.
Charges: possession of a controlled
substance without a prescription,
possession of drug paraphernalia and
driving with a suspended or revoked
license. Bond: $25,500.
Danny Joseph Arnold Jr., 31,
2200 block of Cedarwood St., Port

Charlotte. Charges: possession of
a controlled substance without a
prescription and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $11,000.
Rayschell Antionette Beaton, 27,
Rhett Drive, Port Charlotte. Charge:
petty theft. Bond: $7,500.
Jacqueline Evette Molina, 33,
Rhett Drive, Port Charlotte. Charges:
petty theft and violation of probation
(original charge: petty theft). Bond:
Shaun Michael Barish, 36,
2400 block of Ensenada Lane,
North Port. Charges: three counts
of violation of probation (original
charge: violation of an injunction).
Robert Kenneth Harriman, 66,
of Franklin, N.C. Charges: disorderly

intoxication and resisting an officer.
James Alan Kurkowski, 52, 2900
block of Bourbon St., Englewood.
Charges: two counts of violation of
probation (original charge: petty
theft). Bond: $3,889.
Randall Lee Hammerer, 47,
2200 block of Sophia Lane, Punta
Gorda. Charge: criminal mischief.
Bond: $5,000.
Alton Trevor Watson, 33,800 block
of Calvert Ave., Port Charlotte.
Charges: three counts of violation of
probation (original charges: manu-
facture of Schedule I or II opium or a
derivative, two counts of possession
of a controlled substance without a
prescription, and possession of drug
paraphernalia). Bond: $10,000.

Matthew Wayne Rhoden, 25,
400 block of Ferris Drive NW, Port
Charlotte. Charge: DUI. Bond: $3,500.
Roberto Peralto Barandiaran, 55,
3900 block of Corvette Lane, North
Port. Charge: DUI. Bond: $2,500.
William Richard Keyes Jr., 51,
of Melbourne, Fla. Charges: DUI,
possession of a controlled substance
without a prescription and refusal to
submit to DUI testing after a license
is suspended. Bond: $22,500.
Tawney Shae Bronson-Postal, 22,
9000 block of Anita Road, Englewood.
Charges: three counts of possession
of a controlled substance without a
prescription, and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $17,500.

Compiled by Gary Roberts

As growth continues, PGT names new leaders

VENICE -Jeff Jackson,
48, will be the new
and chief
of PGT
in North
JACKSO effective
June 1.
He succeeds Rod
Hershberger, 57, who
remains as chairman of
the PGT Industries Board
of Directors and chief
executive officer.
"It is a great privilege
to be asked to lead PGT
at such an important
time in the company's
history," Jackson said
in a statement. "My
center of attention will
be the continued exe-
cution of our strategic
plan and to drive the
organization's collective
focus on customers and
long-term shareholder
value by maintaining
a sharp concentration
on customer intimacy,
optimizing go-to-market
strategies and acceler-
ating advancements in
operational capabilities."
PGT pioneered the U.S.
impact-resistant window
and door industry and
today is the nation's
leading manufacturer
and supplier of residen-
tial impact-resistant
windows and doors.
Founded in 1980,
the company employs
approximately 1,600 at


Purple Heart
recipients to
be honored
A reception honoring
Purple Heart recipients
will be held from 4 p.m.
to 6 p.m. Thursday,
Aug. 7, at the Military
Heritage Museum, 1200
Retta Esplanade, Unit 48
(at Fishermen's Village),
Punta Gorda.For more
information, contact: Kim
Lovejoy at 941-575-9002
or klovejoy@freedomisnt

its manufacturing, glass
laminating and tem-
pering plants in North
"I am proud and excit-
ed that Jeff will succeed
me as PGT's president,"
Hershberger said in a
statement. "This move
supports our decision to
make changes in the ex-
ecutive leadership team
as part of our long-term
organizational strategy
and aligns us for the
many significant growth
opportunities ahead."
In continuing as PGT's
chairman of the board
and CEO, Hershberger
will be able to help drive
the business from a more
strategic capacity while
empowering Jackson to
lead the day-to-day oper-
ations of the business.
In his nine-year tenure
with the company,
Jackson has served as
executive vice president
and chief financial
officer, and was in-
strumental in leading
the company's IPO in

2006. A graduate of
the University of West
Georgia, he is a certified
in both
Georgia and
over as
WEST Financial
Officer is
Brad West, 44, who will
report to Hershberger.
West has more than 16
years of management
experience in manu-
facturing organizations
and is a graduate of the
University of Michigan.
"He has proven to be
a critical member of our
senior leadership team
for eight years and has a
dynamic management
style that fits wonder-
fully with our culture,"
Hershberger said.
During the past turbu-
lent decade of the reces-
sion with its devastating
effect on construction,
particularly in Florida,

Cleaning Services
Licensed Bonded Insured


S$150 $25OFFi

Sarasota & Charlotte Counties
*" {.'dyCeo~ng

Family Owned And Operated
With Over 20 Years Experience



Hershberger managed
the company as it
downsized and closed
operations at a second
facility at Salisbury, N.C.,

to minimize financial
In the past two years,
he has helped lead PGT's
growth, most recently to

expand with the financ-
ing and construction of
the new glass manufac-
turing facility in North

-Money Market -


6-Month Promotional Rate'
Minimum Opening Deposit $10,000

Stop by and open your account TODAY!

1255 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 941.624.4225
3100 S. McCall Rd., Englewood, FL 34224 941.474.7734
125 Nesbit St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941.637.8909
1261 Homestead Rd. N., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 239.369.5811
4300 Aidan Lane, North Port, FL 34287 941.426.7029



Florida Based. Florida Focused.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 05/09/2014. Rates subject to change at anytime without prior notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer
applies to new accounts only; Public Funds are not eligible. Account must be opened on or before May 31, 2014 to qualify. 1. Minimum opening deposit
balance of $10,000 (up to a maximum of $500,000) will earn 1.05% APY. Offer applicable to initial 6-month term only. Afterwards the rate will revert to
the standard rate in effect at the end of the initial 6-month term. Maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 to avoid the $12.00 monthly maintenance
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Are Dental


Right for


Improve your health and quality of life with dental implants. Start eating the
foods you love and living the life you deserve! To learn more, attend our
FREE informational seminar on Tuesday, May 20,2014 at 6:00 pm
Seating is limited, so please call to reserve your spot.
Call 941-475-9915 to register today!


E at the Englewood Event Center
F Tuesday, May 20, 2014.6:00 pm

* Seating is limited.
will be served.
* Registered guests will
be eligible for door prizes.



:OurTown Page 4



The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

Local restaurant donates to band boosters

A pplebee's restau-
rant in Deep
Creek has donat-
ed $5,000 to the Char-
lotte High School Band
Boosters to purchase a
new enclosed utility trail-
er, according to a release
from the boosters.
The boosters plan to
unveil the trailer during
a free Silver King Band
concert at the Applebee's
location at 6 p.m. May 29.
Well done.

to the members of
the Charlotte County

David Donohew, Charlotte County Veterans Services officer
and president of the Charlotte County Veterans Council, draws
the winning ticket recently for a quilt raffle that raised $5,059
to build the Vietnam Wall of Southwest Florida. Witnessing
the drawing are Irma Nemetz, Army Nurse Corps Vietnam-era
veteran and member of the Vietnam Brotherhood, who made,
donated, and raffled the quilt, and Don "Redleg" Nemetz,
retired Army Lt. Col. and member of the Vietnam Brotherhood.
Jeff Brooks of Sarasota was the lucky winner.

Composite Squadron of
the Civil Air Patrol who
were recently recognized
or promoted, according
to a release from Earle
Bretz, its public informa-
tion officer.
Cadet Master Sgt.
Cooper Whitten was
honored by becoming
the 422nd inductee to the
Florida CAP Wing Honor
Society. Senior member
Captain Eric Cooter is
the new chaplain. Cooter
also received the Charles
E. "Chuck" Yeager
Aerospace Education
Award. He became the
third member to achieve
this milestone this year.
Since this ceremony, se-
nior members TomYost
and Second Lt. Audria
Fischer have also been
recognized as recipients
of the Yeager Award.
to Russell and Kim
Clouden. The owners
of Firehouse Subs in
Murdock recently were
presented with a CCSO
Community Partner
Challenge Coin for a
donation of subs to feed
the Sheriff/Fire/EMS
personnel who worked
during the Charlotte
Harbor Super Boat Grand
Prix in April on Manasota
Key, according to an
email from Russell.

Congratulations to
Claire Jubb. The Charlotte
County customer service
manager for community
development recently
gave a presentation at
a National Association
of Counties forum,
according to a release
from the county. The
forum, Resilient Counties:
Growing Stronger Places,
was held in San Francisco,
and was intended to help
county leaders learn how
to anticipate and adapt to
all types of change.
Jubb was invited by the
association to be a part of
a featured presentation
focused on Technology
Tools to Improve County

Congratulations to
Crystal Coyne. The
2000 Charlotte High School
graduate recently earned
a doctorate
of phar-
macy from
Lake Erie
College of
School of
COYNE Pharmacy
according to
an email from her. She is a
member of the American
Pharmacist Association
and volunteers in the
Generation RX program
and Drug Free Charlotte
After graduating from
Charlotte High, she joined
*~/ i/-^W.~J

the Army as a preventive
medicine specialist. She
returned to Port Charlotte
in 2007 and earned an
associate degree from
Edison State College.
She has accepted a
position as a pharmacist
Congratulations to Joey
Abbatematteo. According
to an email from his
mother, Kelley, the 2007
Charlotte High School
graduate recently earned
a doctorate in pharmacy
at the University of
Florida, finishing No. 1 in
his class.
Rusty Pray is editor of
the Charlotte Sun. He
can be reached at rpray@

From left, Chief Warrant Officer Roger Jernigan, Community Policing Officer Daniel Cotton,
District 1 Commander Darrell Caparo, Firehouse Subs owner Russell Clouden, Charlotte County
Fire Chief Marianne Taylor, Deputy Chief Jason Fair. Clouden and his wife, Kim, recently were
recognized for providing subs to law enforcement working an event.


A fundraising party recently was held for the Bernice A. Russell
Community Development Corp., the organization that funds
the Blanchard House Museum of African American History and
Culture. Here, several board members chatted: standing, Gerald
Anderson, president; Renee Caruthers, Judy Schnabel, Myrna
Charry; sitting, Martha Bireda, Clover Virgo, Hubert Daniely.

Crown Offer includes crown only
-Not to be combined with any other dental procedure and
not valid with use of Insurance or other discounts/coupons.
LU Q "ADA Codes that may apply 2751, 6751, 6241 Exp. 5/31/2014
Dentur Not valid with use of Insurance or other discounts coupons.
QC 2 "ADA Codes that may apply" D5110, D5120.Exp. 5/31/2014
Removabie Partial "Cast Framework"

Pictured from left are the Civil Air Patrol cadets who were recently promoted: Cadet Airman Jeremy Jennings, Cadet Tech Sgt.
Jordan Gerald, Cadet Master Sgt. Cooper Whitten, Cadet Staff Sgt. Austin Boley, Cadet Airman 1 Class Max Pennington, with
commander Cadet Captain Christopher Byron.


Before Noon After Noon

$30 $25
Includes Golf w/ Cart, Includes Golf w/ Cart,
Lunch and a Draft/Soda Lunch and a Draft/Soda
FL Resident Applies i FL Resident Applies

126 SaCrstoaSAv

The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014


C OurTown Page 5



Darlene M. Betz
Darlene M. Betz of Port
Charlotte, Fla., passed
away Thursday, May 15,
2014, at Fawcett Memorial
Hospital in Port Charlotte.
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home &
Crematory, Port Charlotte

Juanita M. Maguire
Juanita M. Maguire, 82,
of Port Charlotte, Fla., and
formerly of Brick Township,
N.J., passed
away Friday,
May 16,
12014, at
Health Port
She was
born Feb. 23,
1932, in Toms River, N.J.,
to Gertrude and Delbert
Juanita moved with
her husband John to Port
Charlotte in 1973. She had
20 years of banking experi-
ence in Port Charlotte, end-
ing with Bank of America
as a Branch Manager.
Juanita was a member of St.
Charles Borromeo Catholic
Church, and also Director
of the Pregnancy Crisis
Care Line in Port Charlotte
for two years. She was a vi-
brant, loving woman, wife,
mother and grandmother
who will be forever loved
and remembered by family
and friends alike.
She is survived by her
children, John P Maguire
Jr., Diane Maguire, Karen
(nee Maguire) Evans,
William Maguire and Mary
Maguire; grandchildren,
Shawn, Jimmy, Jason,
Melissa, Tim, Rebecca,
Melissa, Christine, Jenny,
Julie, Sarah, Jennifer, Kevin
Jr., Suzanne, A.J., Samuel,
Elijah, Robert, Joseph and
Danielle; great-grandchil-
dren, Berklee, Hayden,
Ava, Dejah, Jaylce, Taylor,
Mackenzie, Conner,
Bethany, Elijah and Aaron
Joseph. In addition to
her parents and siblings,
Juanita was preceded
in death by her beloved
husband, John; and sons,
Kevin, Robert and Patrick.
A Memorial Mass for
Juanita will be held at
1:30 p.m. Tuesday May 20,
2014, at St. Charles
Borromeo Catholic Church
in Port Charlotte. A private
committal will be held at a
later date. Friends may visit to
sign the memory book and
extend condolences to the
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Homes &
Crematory, Port Charlotte

Robert Rynex
Phillip Robert Rynex,
49, of Coon Rapids, Minn.,
died Friday, May 16,2014,
at Fawcett Memorial
Hospital in Port Charlotte,
Fla. Arrangements are
by Charlotte Memorial
Funeral Home, Cemetery
and Crematory.

Carmela "Millie"
Scanapico of Port
Charlotte, Fla., and former-
ly of Teaneck, N.J., passed
away Tuesday, April 29,
Millie was a devoted wife
and mother, and a loving
grandmother. She retired
to Florida in 1983, and
enjoyed many good friends
and years.

Millie is survived by
son and daughter-in-law,
Robert (Lisa) Scanapico;
and two grandsons,
Robert Scanapico and
Steven Scanapico. She
was preceded in death by
her husband, Anthony
Scanapico, who passed in
2013; and her son, James
Scanapico, in 1991.
Family and friends will

gather from 10 a.m. until
a celebration of Mifle's
life at 11 a.m. Tuesday,
May20, 2014, atKays-
Ponger & Uselton Funeral
Home, 2405 Harbor Blvd.,
Port Charlotte. Burial will
follow at 1 p.m. at Sarasota
National Cemetery in
Sarasota, Fla.
Arrangements are by
Kays-Ponger & Uselton
Funeral Home.


Robert Norman
Robert Norman "Bob"
Dickson, 91, of Englewood,
Fla., and formerly of
Ballston Spa,
N.Y, died peace-
.,"%4y ; fully Friday,
May9, 2014, in
his sleep.
He was born April 29,
1923, in New Jersey, to
Robert B. and Elsie A.
Bob graduated as an
aeronautical engineer from
Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute in Troy, N.Y., after
spending three years in
the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers. He served in
Europe duringWorldWar II,
and during the occupation
of Germany, which fol-
lowed. During the occupa-
tion, he was one of the lead
singers and dancers in a
soldier show called "Hotel
Rhythm," which was seen
by thousands of GIs. Oh!
The stories he could tell!
But never about combat.
Bob enjoyed a long
career selling industrial
equipment to large com-
panies like IBM, GE and
MackTrucks. He enjoyed
music, dancing and sports.
Bob was an avid bowler,
horseman, boater, golfer,
ballplayer and Rays fan. He
was a member of the local
VFW Legion and Elks.
Bob is survived by his
wife, Margel "Midge"
Blauvet; her children,
Charles, Virginia, Kathryn,

Margaret and Joanne;
nine grandsons; his sister,
Naomi (Dickie) Jensen
of Gainesville, Ga.; niece,
Betsy Jensen Crawford of
Atlanta, Ga.; and nephew,
Douglas Jensen of San
Diego, Claif. He was
preceded in death by his
wives, Jacqueline Cooper
and Arline French.
A memorial service in
New Jersey and interment
in Syracuse, N.Y, will follow
at a later date. If anyone
wishes to remember Bob
with a contribution, the
Michael J. Fox Foundation
for Parkinson's Research
would have been his choice.


There were no deaths
reported in North Port


Perry Andrew
Perry "Andy" Andrew
Williams, 51, passed away
Saturday, May 3, 2014, in
Arcadia, Fla.
He was born Dec. 31,
1962, in Sarasota, Fla.
Before becoming ill,
Andy was the office
manager of Waste
Management, and the
bookkeeper for the family
business Williams Disposal.
He is survived by his
mother, Mary Jane Yearling
of Arcadia; brother, Dennis
L. Williams of Arcadia;
sister, Wanda E. Rickett of
East Jordan, Mich.; aunts,
Carol Shaver of Arcadia,
and Dollie Williams
Ome of Sarasota; and
God-daughters, Selena
Dominguez and Margarita
Chaves. Andy was preced-
ed in death by his father,
William E. Williams Sr.;
and brothers, William E.
Williams Jr. and Edward L.
Yearling Jr.
A memorial service will
be held by the family at a
later date.

East Coast Cupcakes

already thriving

Harriett Shepard
Harriett Shepard, 99, of Lake Suzy, Florida,
fondly known as HoneyNun, passed away May 9,
Harriett and her husband Ben met on a ten-
nis court in Miami and were married in 1934.
Upon his death in 2005, they had been together
71 years. They made their home in Hialeah,
FL before moving full time to Lake Suzy in
1968. Harriett lived an extraordinary life by any
Born in 1915 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. she was a
professional model and dancer before becoming
a national recognized photographer and author.
Although best known for her innovative fashion
photography, Harriett also took pictures for
advertising agencies and political campaigns, in-
cluding that of President Harry Truman. In 1960,
she and co-author Lenore Meyers wrote the de-
finitive textbook "Posing for the Camera," which
is still being used today in modeling schools. She
was also a frequent speaker at conventions and
gatherings for professional photographers.
Although she attended the University of
Miami, Harriett was primarily an autodidact.
Her amazing intellect and imagination led her to
undertake a variety of daunting tasks: designing
and building her residences in Key Largo and
Lake Suzy; researching and writing a Spanish/
English "Fliptionary," inventing and producing
a board game for Latin students; and amassing
thousands of books and magazines for an archive
of material usually overlooked in academic
collections. Harriett was always up for adventure.
Her exploits included hunting in the Everglades,
searching for treasure off the Florida Keys, cattle
ranching on the West Coast of Florida, and teach-
ing generations of children how to drive. Harriett
also celebrated her 91st birthday by sky-diving.
(She observed her 96th and 98th birthdays the
same way.)
She and Ben was generous with their time,
talent, and money. Theirs was an old-fashioned
philanthropy of pitching in where they saw the
need, whether that was building sets for com-
munity theater group, donating the land and
facilities for the local campus of Florida Southern
College (which later became a branch of West
Virginia Wesleyan), or covering the college tuition
for a friend's child (asking only that the recipient
"pay it forward" when the opportunity arose).
Everyone who knew Harriett will never forget
her "HoneyNun stories" will live on, even as her
99 years on this Earth come to an end.
She is survived by her son Dave (Joann)
Shepard; five grandchildren, Dallas Shepard,
Sheri Rowney, Victoria Rogers, George Spofford
and Barry Spofford; 12 great-grandchildren and
two great-great-grandchildren. Harriett was pre-
ceded in death by her husband Ben and daughter
Nancy Spofford.
Celebration of Harriett's life will be held
Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Grace
Presbyterian Church, 10548 SW County Road 769
(Kings Highway) Lake Suzy, FL.


Tammy Frechette made
1,200 cupcakes over
Mother's Day weekend.
"I thought... it was
because of Mother's Day,
but the day after, I got
five more orders," she
said. "Now orders are
coming in from people I
don't know."
Frechette, originally
from New York, moved
to North Port two years
ago from Bradenton. She
remembers her mother
making wedding cakes
when she was growing
up, and sitting outside
the kitchen and waiting
for an opportunity to
taste her mother's cre-
ations, she always loved
the idea of baking.
"I always liked the
creativity of it," she said.
Now, she's creating her
own baked masterpieces.
East Coast Cupcakes
has been open for only
about two months, but
Frechette has seen her
home-based business
grow to levels she didn't
think possible this soon.
"I'm a Christian. If
it wasn't for my rela-
tionship with Jesus, I
wouldn't have done it,"
she said of starting her
cupcake venture.
After selecting the
name and filling out all
the pertinent paperwork,
Frechette said things
"just exploded."
Frechette, who took
a leave of absence
from her job at the
Department of Children
and Families, always
wanted to own her own
business. After dis-
cussing things with her
husband, she decided
to just jump in. She
eventually would like to
leave the high stress of
the DCF to concentrate
on baking full time.
She doesn't necessarily
want to open a store-
front shop, however.
"I'm considering a
food truck," Frechette
said. "With it, there's no
overhead for rent, and
I can be stationary or
She envisions taking
a cupcake truck to the
beach, or festivals and
other local events. She
asked at City Hall about
options, and was told
legislation approving
food trucks hasn't been
passed, but she would
like to lobby for it.
Frechette is very
social-media savvy, and
can see herself sending
out alerts to her follow-
ers about where she and
her potential food truck
would be.
"I'm very forward-
thinking. I can't just
sit in a shop and make
cupcakes all day. I
want to keep moving,"
she said. "I think (a
food truck) would be
Sitting still she's not.
Frechette has donated
cupcakes to the Port
Charlotte Relay for Life,
local church events and
more. She is waiting
to hear whether she
will be able to sell her
cupcakes at a kiosk in
the Port Charlotte Town
Center mall beginning
in early June, and the
Leaping Lizard in Venice
sells her cupcakes on
weekends. She also is
contemplating the idea
of cupcake-decorating
"Maybe for 10 people,
and each person gets six
cupcakes to decorate and
take home," she said.
She does weddings
- she's booked for a
wedding in August in

4\, k

Tammy Frechette of East Coast Cupcakes holds a tray of her
sweet treats.

One of the cupcake "flower pots" Frechette created recently
for Mother's Day.

West Palm Beach tea
parties, bridal and baby
showers, anniversary
and sweet 16 parties,
along with special
cupcake arrangement
she calls "flower pots,"
with cupcakes forming
the flower arrangement.
Frechette also bakes
miniature and extra-
large cupcakes too.
She uses all fresh
ingredients, and "always"
takes requests for special
orders. If she doesn't
have a recipe for a
certain flavor, she'll find
one, and is in the process
of developing vegan and
gluten-free cupcakes. All
her cupcakes are made
from scratch.
Frechette's signature

cupcakes feature salted
caramel pecan cakes
with vanilla buttercream.
Other flavors include
chocolate, strawberry
and blueberry cupcakes,
Key lime and red velvet,
Cherry Coke or root-beer
float cupcakes, and
much more. She also
ships her cupcakes.
"I just shipped to
Vancouver, Washington,"
Frechette said, adding
she individually packs
each cupcake in a small
jar for transport.
For more information,
including prices, visit
com, email Tammy@,
or call 941-348-8414.


"Do It For Your Family"

50% OFF with purchase of two
Call for details. Limited time only
Royal Palm 27200 Jones Loop Rd.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
Memorial Gardens 941-639-2381
1 V11167495 4

C Lorry:

& *^ Is g n srlatm g

A FL premises?

Having a crematory on premises doesn't mean
better service. We have our crematory off-premises
so we can offer lower cost to you. We believe in
giving straight answers to your questions.

Nobody likes unexpected surprises.

Sand Cremation Services

(941) 833-0600 ft
1515 Tamiami Trl,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950


I WWW~ Avi b B~ mleBtoI.u 24 sllJ.I.t[Yur.oneience

--.l-.-11l11-Ff r, I





Hundreds prep for hurricane season at expo


There were two words
that were heard quite
often at the Hurricane
& Business Expo, held
Saturday at the Charlotte
Harbor Event and
Conference Center -
Hurricane Charley.
Aug. 13 will mark
10 years since Charley
made landfall in
Charlotte Harbor, steam-
rolling up the Peace
River, ripping through
Punta Gorda and Port
Charlotte, and into
DeSoto County, leaving
a swath of destruction
that had not been seen
in Southwest Florida in
Between 400 and
500 visitors, including
65 vendors, crammed
the main conference
room to listen to sem-
inars by WINK News
weather personnel, and
to take hurricane-pre-
paredness guides pro-
vided by WINK and the
Sun, which partnered to

sponsor the event.
Although WINK Chief
Meteorologist Jim
Farrell said the National
Hurricane Center in
Miami has predicted a
below-average season
for hurricanes this
season, residents should
not let their guard
"You never know
when a hurricane
will threaten us," he
said. "Charley wasn't
supposed to bother us
either. Just six hours
before it hit us, then we
knew something was
going to happen."
WINK Meteorologist
Eric Stone said an El
Nifo, where the warmer
waters in the Eastern
Pacific are cooled by the
stronger trade winds,
and the presence of
strong vertical wind
shears, are "good news."
"Those factors di-
minish the chances for
a major hurricane," he
said. "But we are vulner-
able in any year."
Joey Sovine, a me-
teorologist with WINK

Wayne Sallade, Charlotte County Emergency Management
director, wears his one-of-a-kind hurricane tie at the annual
Hurricane & Business Expo Saturday at the Charlotte Harbor
Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda.

- .. -, -. .
A..7- fl~- _.-- .__
-._ 2,. ..2 .- ,
"i "" % ." .. "",

More than 500 visitors attended the Hurricane & Business Expo at the Event Center.

News, showed a slide
depicting the path of
every major hurricane
that has struck since
1847 -and Florida is
directly in the center.
"Don't be com-
placent," he told the
audience. "You can run,
but you can't hide. We
need to study the past
so we can forecast the
Wayne Sallade,
Emergency Management
director for Charlotte
County, said there has
been a lull since Charley,
and the population in
Charlotte County has
increased tenfold, which
is going to make it even
more difficult if another
catastrophic storm
threatens Southwest
"There are three
factors working against
us: the median age of
the population is older,
about 55 years of age;
(and there are) few
evacuation routes and
numerous low-lying
areas," he said.
There was one positive
aspect of Hurricane


because the

storm was compact and
quick-moving there
was little or no storm
surge. A storm surge is a
gradual rise in seawater,
based on the track and
intensity of the storm,
according to WINK
Meteorologist Scott
Zedeker. Forecasts now
are updated every six
hours by the National
Hurricane Center, in the
event of a storm.
"It is very important to
know your elevation," he
said. "There are storm-
surge flood maps that
are color-coded for you
to look at. Hurricane
Charley only brought
6 feet of water. But it
had the potential to hit
us with a 17-foot storm
Sallade said a hur-
ricane's path is never
etched in stone. They
move on a whim by
external forces.
"It tore down 100
years of infrastructure
in two hours," he said.
"Despite the absence of
a storm surge, it was still
a monster."
In spite of the mas-
sive destruction, only

,..t,' .,





Chief Meteorologist Jim Farrell from WINK News explains to the
audience that even though a below-average hurricane season
has been predicted, they still must prepare.

four local deaths were
attributed to Hurricane
Charley, according to
Sallade. The community
rose up and quickly
rebounded with new,
better buildings that can
withstand winds be-
tween 165 and 200 miles
per hour, in some cases.
"I like to call it urban

renewal by disaster," he
said. "If there is a truism
in this profession, it is to
be prepared. I don't care
if we have two or 22 hur-
ricanes, we plan ahead.
Those with a plan when
Charley struck managed
to survive. Always have
a plan. We must never
forget that day."


crisis stabilization unit at
Riverside Behavioral Center
in Punta Gorda, where he was
admitted involuntarily for
psychiatric evaluation under
a Florida law known as the
Baker Act.
As it turned out, Smith, an
out-of-work truck driver with a
suspended license and a cache
of personal and financial
troubles, was suffering from
depression, King said. That
night, Smith had reached his
tipping point.
"It reaches a pinnacle in the
blink of an eye," King said.

On the rise
Fortunately, no one was hurt
in the stand-off, King said. But
the event illustrates a growing
problem in Southwest Florida.
Baker Act cases are on the
rise, and without preventive
treatment programs to head
off crisis and the political
will and funding to support
those programs the sit-
uation likely will get worse,
officials said.
With the shuttering of many
of the state's mental hospi-
tals including the former
G. Pierce Wood Memorial
Hospital in DeSoto County,
which, at one point, treated
as many as 1,800 mentally ill
patients from across the region
- and a woefully underfund-
ed system of care, oftentimes
people with mental illness are
not able to get treatment until
crisis strikes, experts said.
In Sarasota, for instance,
"if you call the (Florida
Department of Health in
Sarasota County) and ask for
some kind of medical service
for a mental health issue, you
can wait three weeks down the
road to get an appointment,"
said Jim Lilly, who recently
retired as the Sarasota County
Sheriff's Office's commander

of the Courts and Corrections
Services division.
"People don't have three
weeks,"Lilly said.
Between 2002 and 2011, the
number of Baker Act cases
in Florida rose by 50 percent,
from 100,000 in 2002, to about
150,000 in 2011, according
to the Florida Department
of Children and Families.
Nearly 50 percent of all Baker
Act cases, the DCF noted, are
initiated by law enforcement
What's more, a 2012 report
by the University of South
Florida's Baker Act Reporting
Center found 54 percent of
Baker Act cases involved
people who self-harmed, while
roughly 20 percent of cases
involved people who harmed
themselves and others.
Meanwhile, Florida ranks
49th in the country for
per-capita spending on mental
health care, according to
the National Association of
State Mental Health Program
In Southwest Florida, the
numbers are equally alarming.
According to the reporting
center, in 2012 (the most
recent year for which data is
available), Charlotte County
had 1,058 Baker Act cases,
representing an increase of
more than 94 percent from the
544 cases reported in 2002.
Similarly, in DeSoto County,
the number of cases in 2012
jumped by nearly 67 percent
from 117 in 2002 to 195 in 2012.
Sarasota County expe-
rienced a slightly smaller
increase 23 percent from
2,076 cases in 2002, to 2,554
in 2012.

Look under the
In the absence of compre-
hensive long-term care, law
enforcement officials say the
Baker Act is simply a Band-Aid
covering a deeper, more perva-
sive problem.
"Front-end services is what

(the mentally ill) need, and
that's what we really lack," Lilly
Enacted in 1971, the Baker
Act involves a legal procedure
that allows a doctor, a family
member, a caregiver or a law
enforcement officer to commit
persons involuntarily -
who appear to have a mental
illness to a psychiatric facility,
such as a crisis stabilization
unit, if they refuse a voluntary
medical examination and
pose a threat to themselves or
others. Involuntary exams are
provided by DCF-designated
Baker Act receiving facilities,
usually a hospital or CSU,
which focus on stabilizing the
immediate crisis.
Under the Baker Act, a pa-
tient must be released within
72 hours of arrival, unless the
receiving facility files a petition
with the courts requesting a
longer stay. If a court deems
a person competent, he is
"People get out a lot of times
a lot quicker than we want
them to," Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care CEO Jay Glynn
said. "It would be nice if the
Baker Act was longer than
72 hours, (because) that really
is a short period of time to
get somebody into treatment,
stabilized on medication, and
be ready for them to go out."
To make matters worse,
Florida lawmakers last month
tried to pass a bill that, mental
health experts said, would have
gutted the current system's
desperately needed funding.
The Senate Appropriations
Committee ultimately rejected
the measure, instead approving
a compromise bill that requires
CSUs to create a statewide
database to pinpoint the costs
of Baker Act patients. The
challenge illustrates the hurdles
mental health providers and
patients face in this state.
"These people are suffering,"
PGPD Lt. King said. "The
bottom line is, we need to help


In fact, the stigma surround-
ing mental illness can be so
damaging, it can keep people
from seeking the help they
According to a 2012 mental
health report examining the
efficacy of Florida's publicly
funded mental health ser-
vices, two-thirds of people
in the United States with a
diagnosable mental illness go
without the treatment they

need, mostly
because of
the inability
to access
care and
the stigma
with the
are chronic
that are not
from physi-
cal diseases,"
the report

"You wouL
diabetes o
So you wh
fault sor
who has a

social services c
at Riverside Beha

Trauma, injury, malforma-
tion and heredity, the authors
noted, can upset brain func-
tion, which, in turn, impedes
mental and emotional
functions like feelings, mood,
reasoning and behavior. The
most common diagnoses
include depression, anxiety
disorder, bipolar disorder and
Across the U.S., 25 percent
of all adults have a mental
illness. A ratio of 1 in 2
Floridians will experience
some form of mental illness in
his lifetime, the report notes.
In preparing for her doctoral
dissertation, Duren wanted to
know how prevalent stigma is
among mental health pro-
viders who treat and care for
patients with mental illnesses.
She conducted an anonymous

survey of all caregivers at
Riverside who came in contact
with patients from food
workers to psychiatrists -
and found some interesting
Women were not necessarily
more nurturing or compas-
sionate than men; and neither
level of education nor years of
experience was a predictor of
whether someone is stigmatiz-
ing, Duren said.
"It was a real eye-opener,"
said Teri Ashley, director of
business development at
Overall, Riverside performed
.................................. well on the
ln't fault survey-
Sfu~lt ~staff showed
who has caring, com-
passion and
r cancer. understand-
y would ing toward
neone But it did
Mental get hospital
leaders think-



ing about
the need for
more public
outreach and

vioral Center education.
.................................. now regularly
holds lectures
and gives classes on mental
illness. Recently, the hospital
started an awareness cam-
paign with the slogan: "Not all
illnesses are physical. Let us
"People make jokes about
mental illness," Ashley said.
"But they don't joke about the
diabetes test or the cholesterol
check or the hearing test. We
want people to understand
there's nothing to be ashamed
More importantly, people
should know it's OK to get
"We all have unresolved
business," Duren said. "We all
carry a monkey on our back. I
always tell people, 'Walk with
the monkey; don't carry it. It's
a lot easier.'"

OurTown Page 6


The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014


The Sun /Sunday, May 18, 2014 LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS C OurTown Page7

College students seek

counseling to deal with issues

he New York Times
recently reported
that more college
students are seeking
counseling as they strug-
gle with various issues,
and these issues are
becoming more serious.
In the past, failing grades,
test anxiety, conflicts
with family members,
and romantic breakups
were common difficulties
presented during on-cam-
pus college counseling
However the trend in
recent years has been for
students to seek help for
more severe psychological
problems. Depression
and anxiety now rank
high on the list of reasons
why students request
counseling. Some college
students coming to
counselors have concerns
ranging from eating
disorders to substance
abuse and self-injury.
James A. Cox Jr.,
director of the counseling
center at the University
of Pittsburgh, said the
increase in the number
of students seeking
mental health services


is a reflection of society:
More people in general
are suffering from mental
health problems, so more
college students are
seeking counseling.
In contrast, as more
students have sought
counseling, certain
methods of psychother-
apeutic interventions
have become increasingly
effective. One therapeutic
strategy that has demon-
strated positive results
is the model known as
Solution-Focused Brief
Therapy. Also called
Solution-Focused Therapy
or Solution-Building
Therapy, SFBT was devel-
oped by Steve de Shazer
and his wife Insoo Kim
Berg beginning in the late
1970s at the Brief Therapy
Institute in Milwaukee.
Since its early develop-
ment, SFBT has become
one of the leading schools
of brief therapy.
As the name implies,

SFBT is goal-directed and
focuses on solutions, rath-
er than on the problems
that brought clients to
pursue counseling. SFBT
does not presume to
ignore clients' problems,
but in a clear and concise
manner, SFBT guides
clients away from dwell-
ing on their presenting
problems, toward the
establishment of realistic
goals and resolutions.
This is accomplished
by means of specialized
conversations leading to
the development of the
client's vision of solutions.
SFBT was developed
initially for use with
inner-city clients in an
outpatient mental health
setting. The approach was
shown to be very effective
with clients who had prior
difficulty coping with is-
sues. SFBT proposes that
everyone who seeks help
already possesses at least
the minimal skills neces-
sary to create solutions.
Assuming college
students have acquired
significant problem-solv-
ing skills in their efforts
to progress academically,

the use of SFBT tech-
niques in the college
setting becomes a natural
fit. The fact that SFBT
is a short-term process
also suits the student
counseling model, as
these programs usually
offer a limited number of
Edison State College
has addressed the grow-
ing trend of students
requesting counseling
by making accessible
licensed mental health
counselors and licensed
social workers at all three
Edison State campuses
and its center. Currently
enrolled students are
eligible to attend up to
five counseling sessions
per semester at no cost.
For more information
regarding the Student
Counseling Program at
Edison State College, call
Robert Barrett is a
licensed clinical social
worker based at Edison
State College Charlotte
Campus in Punta Gorda.
He also sees clients in his
private practice in Port

Lemon Bay High School

renovation sparks memories


Lemon Bay matured from
an elementary school
to a middle school, and
then to a high school, Eric
Fogo and Dave Dignam
matured with it.
Fogo was a member
of Lemon Bay's first
graduating high school
class in 1981, and the
class prom king. Dignam
graduated in 1982. His
mother Annette was his
kindergarten teacher
when Lemon Bay was an
elementary school.
"Every year, they added
a grade," Fogo recalled,
"so every year, I was a
'senior.' It was unique for
Fogo and others are
gathering Lemon Bay
historical materials and
memorabilia, including
his prom king crown.
The original campus
was designed open, like
most Florida schools -
when air conditioning
still was considered a
luxury- and Dignam
recalled how the campus
grounds flooded.
Fogo and Dignam are
among those who are
celebrating the transfor-
mation of Lemon Bay
High School.
Charlotte County
Public Schools officials
will celebrate the fifth
completed phase of
construction from 4 p.m.
to 6 p.m. Thursday at
the school, 2201 Placida
Road, Englewood. A rib-
bon-cutting is scheduled
for 4:30 p.m.
While former students
look back with nostalgia,
current students look
forward with anticipation.
Gloria Walker, 15, will
be a sophomore next
school year, and expects
to see construction of the
new school completed by
the time she graduates.
"Sometimes, it can get
pretty noisy," Gloria said.

Charlotte County Public Schools officials and the Englewood community will celebrate the
completion of the fifth construction phase at Lemon Bay High School from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Thursday at the school, 2201 Placida Road, Englewood. A ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

"But it's also pretty cool.
You can see the building
progress. It's like watching
your family grow up."
When 16-year-old Kat
Morehouse was a fresh-
man, she had classes in
the old school building,
then switched to the new
building. Kat, who will be
a junior next year, said,
"It's refreshing. It's a new
environment. It's like a
new start."
She did say it can be
a bit tricky navigating
around all the construc-
tion, but, all in all, she
said it's been a good
The 375,000-square-
foot construction project
will replace the old
campus, originally built
in 1962. The project
began in 2009, and was
funded partially with a
$40 million federal stimu-
lus package that was used
to cover the interest on
construction loans.
The entire project has
cost around $58 million
to date. Another phase
is planned that will add
science laboratories and
an auxiliary gym. The
entire project could cost
$80 million.
When Fogo and

Dignam looked upon
the construction of new
school facilities, they both
called them "impressive."
"It's progress positive
progress," Dignam said.
NancyWille also is
celebrating what she sees
going up at Lemon Bay.
Her daughter, Lisa, also is
a member of the school's
first graduating class, and
was the high school's first
drum majorette.
When her daughter was
a high school student,
Wille, then a seamstress,
stitched together the first
LBHS band uniforms,
30 in all, and other sports
"I think the kids de-
serve a new high school,"
she said. "I think it's great
the (county school offi-
cials) are putting money
into our area."
Carol Leonard also is
excited by what she sees.
Leonard taught biology
for 30 years at Lemon Bay,
before retiring just as the
first phase of construc-
tion began.
"I remember one day,
as my students were
taking an exam and the
workers were pounding
and banging just outside,
the students asked me

Find The Perfect


to ask them to stop,"
Leonard said. "I went out-
side and asked the guys
to take a coffee break
for about a half-hour so
that we could finish our
test. They did, and my
students gave me a round
of applause."
Watching the new
school come into being,
Leonard said, "It is won-
derful to see the gleaming
hallways, well-designed
storage and traffic-flow
patterns, etc. Most of all,
the classrooms (are) so
varied and adapted for
each use."
She also said, "I think
the new school offers our
students a much better
and healthier place to
call home. Our school
has served as a hub for
our community, and
everyone should be very


Endys celebrate 50 years

Jim and Linda Endy of North Port, Fla., will
celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
Friday, May 23, 2014.
Originally from Pennsylvania, they were married
May 23, 1964, in Boyertown, Pa., at St. Columbkill
Roman Catholic Church.
Jim served in the U.S. Army, and they resided
in Oslo, Norway; Atlanta, Ga.; and Heidelberg,
Germany. Upon discharge, Jim and Linda resided
in Allentown, Pa., for 14 years, before moving to
North Port in 1983.
The Endys have been blessed with two
children, Beverly Knight and Christopher Endy
of North Port; 10 grandchildren; and eight
They will celebrate by renewing their wedding
vows at San Pedro Catholic Church in North Port,
with the Rev. Patrick Organ officiating.

Sturgeses celebrate 58 years

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sturges of Englewood,
Fla., will celebrate their 58th wedding
anniversary Monday, May 19, 2014.
They have lived in the area for 15 years. Mrs.
Sturges is a retired bookkeeper, and Mr. Sturges is
retired from sales management.
They have three children, Sue of Senoia, Ga., Terri
of Binghamton, N.Y., and Chris of Englewood; and
four grandchildren, Carley, Brad, Melissa and Ali.
A private celebration for Mrs. and Mrs. Sturges
will be held at their home, with family.

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to pick up a form.

Charlotte Hearing
Center, Inc.

Bethany L. Walden, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctor ofAudiology

Evaluations &
Hearing Aids
"Since 1984"
21216 Olean Blvd.,
Suite 4
Port Charlotte
Across from AAA Bldg.
SMost Major Brans Available

Skin Care

Therapies, '

\ *a
CH70 Call for details e > On!.,O

Sa.ndhill Healing, Iiic.:. i
An Integrative Medicine Center
o 24451 Sandhill Blvd, Suite B, Port Charlotte
I fl~941.235.8929
^MM30714 MA41234


The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014

C OurTown Page 7


Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, May 18, 2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to



forward with


in Englewood

the historic business district will
be positive.
transformation is coming
to Dearborn Street in
Englewood, and while
that's a very good thing, it also
can cause anxiety.
Witness recent complaints
from business owners con-
cerned that the loss of an access
road to a parking lot behind
their buildings might slow the
flow of customers. They have
been passing a petition to
get Sarasota County to revise
plans for the renovation and
expansion of the lot. They have
made repeated requests to the
Englewood Area Community
Redevelopment Advisory Board.
It isn't going to happen. And
at this point, it shouldn't. The
parking lot expansion is an
integral component of the area
redevelopment process, which
has been years in the making.
To stop and adjust at this point
just wouldn't work, especially
for something as questionable
as this.
Two parking lots are in the
works here. One is a new lot
off Green Street, which runs
parallel to Dearborn one block
south. This will handle parking
for festivals and events like
the weekly Farmers Market in
Pioneer Park, which is also due
for a face-lift in coming months.
The other is off Cedar Street,
just north of a Dearborn Street
business block. The old lot,
which has public restrooms,
had a vehicle access road to
Dearborn that ran between
two buildings. The lot will be
expanded significantly, and
with the new configuration,
vehicle traffic will be cut off. In
its place will be a 20-foot-wide
pedestrian walkway.
The business owners are con-
cerned customers won't bother
to drive roughly 100 yards down
the block, around the corner
and back into the lot. They
want the county to change the
It sounds reasonable. So why
not accommodate them?
The problem is the project
has been in the works for more
than three years. The plans
were thoroughly vetted with the
public. Changes were requested
and many made. Blueprints are
set now. Permits are in hand.
A change of this nature would
undoubtedly delay the project
for who-knows-how-long.
And for what?
Mixing vehicles and pedestri-
ans at this spot in the middle of
the block could be dangerous.
That's one reason the change
was made in the first place.
A pedestrian walkway may
be more attractive. There's
no good reason not to enter
elsewhere and walk a few yards
to the barbershop, the stores
or restaurants. Many people
already do; others should be
able to figure it out.
We expect customers will
adapt easily. And the business
owners should find more and
better off-street parking will
only help drive more people
to their doors. So when com-
pleted, both new parking lots
should only benefit the busi-
ness community.
This time next year, we expect
to see real improvements in the
entire Dearborn-centric rede-
velopment area. The area at the
end of Dearborn Street is being
cleared for a new veterans
memorial pavilion. The plant-
ings in the wide swales created
by the low-impact design
stormwater project should fill
in. More businesses are moving
in and should be established.

More reasons for people to
visit and park, even if they have
to take a slightly different route.

" A Y K--. We O T..


Supply the meth,
plus a vacant room?

Reflections on the front-
page story of May 11 con-
cerning drug arrests in Port
First, do you suppose that
young people are able to fol-
low the published recipe and
with a little help from Google
make methamphetamine?
Second, are we spending
$55.5 million to catch and
imprison folks who operate
out of flophouses and the
Third, are we taking them
through the legal process
(cost unimaginable!) and
placing them in jail (at our
expense) to set them free to
do it again? Do they need
punishment or rehabilita-
tion? Would addiction be
punishment enough?
What if the sheriff were to
offer them all the "meth" they
want (under supervision and
counseling) and let them stay
at the some 300-plus vacant
cells in the jail?
Rafael de Armas
Port Charlotte

Corrupt government
and insurance firms

David Morris' article about
the frustration of dealing with
Blue Cross was well-done.
However, it missed the
point about why Blue Cross
denied the claim. Resulting
from 33 years in health care
administration, I know some
insurance companies auto-
matically deny claims upon
They deny claims automat-
ically to extend the time they
retain the cash in their own
Ask any accountant and
they will tell you, "cash is
king." The longer the delay,
the longer the invested mon-
ey can grow for the insurance
giants. Though legal, it is a
form of theft and instead of
Congress passing laws to fine
and penalize the insurance
companies for this deliberate
abuse, a new appeal board is
formed by Obamacare. This
way, the government looks
like it is helping, and the
insurance company winks a
wink of thanks for introduc-
ing another layer of red tape
that may possibly prolong the

problem before it is resolved.
The government gets the
opportunity to employ more
unproductive employees with
our money.
You must understand
Congress is corrupt and
in bed with the insurance
industry. Hence, nothing has
really changed. There is no
help. Another example of tax-
ation without representation.
Ronald Esser

Another wonderful
stay in Punta Gorda

We leave soon after an-
other wonderful winter in
Punta Gorda. Our thanks go
to all concerned with the
planning and development
of our lovely city. We walked
along the new Harborwalk
from Fishermen's Village to
Laishley Park Marina. It is so
well-laid-out. Gilchrist Park
continues to be well-used by
all age groups.
The only complaint I have
is the eyesore of the old
Public site. It is in such a
prominent position, which
makes it so bad. The other
eyesore is over the U.S. 41
bridge going north. The
riverfront site on the right
could be a wonderful entry
into Port Charlotte.
On the subject of wildlife,
I note that the burrowing
owls appear to have deserted
Colony Point Drive forever.
To compensate my interest in
local wildlife, I saw the big-
gest gathering of horseshoe
crabs yesterday at the Best
Western end of Gilchrist Park.
They were swimming in to
the small beach in droves. I
gave up counting beyond 50.
Timothy C. Tilden-Smith
Punta Gorda

Supports hearings
on Benghazi

It is difficult, actually, it is
impossible, for Americans to
understand or to have any
tolerance for the drama sur-
rounding the Benghazi com-
mittee and its investigation.
The events of that night
are not subject to perspec-
tive. They are black and
white. Things did or did not
happen. People were or were
not present. Requests were or
were not made.
It is a hopeful assessment
of our population, that we
refuse to let this matter

die. It has been the push
by the people that has kept
the matter alive. Sadly,
Washington, D.C., doesn't
seem as persistent.
Finally, we have a com-
mittee with a strong leader
whose career has been spent
seeking the facts. There is no
room for negotiating what
will be revealed. There is no
excuse for bargaining with
the evidence.
Both parties should want
every "smidgen" of evidence
placed on the table. And a
"transparent" administration
should celebrate the expo-
sure of the truth. Any efforts
to subvert the truth will be a
red flag to the people.
Let your representatives
know that you support the
committee and that we
expect to learn the truth.
Gerald Manegold
North Port

Vision, reality
on Dearborn Street

If you pay taxes in the
Sarasota County side of
Englewood, you are likely
helping the Dearborn Street
Redevelopment Area. The
idea is to create a vibrant,
walking, shopping and din-
ing area, similar to the Venice
There is a new, and I mean,
really new, as in never done
before, drainage program
which is designed so that
property owners can avoid
the rule that only allows
a percentage of a property to
be non-permeable (covered
with building or pavement).
We'll see how the plan
works as the rainy season
Then there is the newly
designed traffic patterns.
Some businesses lost valu-
able parking and access.
Some streets are one-way,
part-of-the-way, or turn
into one-way a block from
Dearborn. There is no doubt
that emergency vehicles
will be hopping the curbs or
taking crazy routes to some
properties. This was done
to allow parking on side
streets. But wait, we have
three new parking lots under
And doesn't it seem like
the properties on Dearborn
east of McCall Road are
getting much of a boost. I
don't see many improve-
ments in that area. We still
have the abandoned and
boarded condo project off
Quail's Run Boulevard. In

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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

the downtown area there are
pockets of poorly maintained
rental properties, a homeless
problem and spots of known
drug deals.
The theory is that
Dearborn will rise like a
phoenix and everyone will
benefit. The reality may not
bear this out.
Sylvia E. Warren

Neighborhood watch
a great experience

Being involved with a
neighborhood watch can
sometimes be challenging.
This past year Scott and
I had the opportunity to
be involved in the 009
Dorchester Neighborhood
Watch group. Our group
implemented Operation Give
Back in which all members
graciously donated goodies
to the troops overseas. We
had serious involvement with
our neighboring friends in
catching several squatters
taking up housekeeping
in foreclosed homes and
destroying the beauty of our
neighborhood. We had the
pleasure of having Deputy
Fiorini keeping us informed
around the holidays.
Celebrate Safe
Communities was a great way
to meet the different groups
throughout Charlotte County
and we even won a trophy for
a couple of things we were
involved in. We can honestly
say, "What a great year,"
and we would like to thank
everyone who participated.
Scott and I are now looking
forward to helping with
the start-up of our nearby
neighborhood's watch group,
which we believe will be
just as excited to get started.
Best wishes and Godspeed
to the members and new
captain of 009 Dorchester
Neighborhood Watch group.
Liz O'Connell
Port Charlotte

Still wrong on
nuclear policy

The Pentagon's Defense
Science Board reports that
we are entering a second
nuclear age, that the history
of nuclear proliferation
is no guide to the future
and that the ability of the
U.S. to detect the point at
which a regime decides
who is to build a bomb isn't
good enough. History has
demonstrated that sacrificing
U.S. leadership in advanced
nuclear technology made
no difference to countries
wishing to advance their
own capabilities, whether
for peaceful or hostile use of
nuclear technology.
Iran's pursuit of enrich-
ment capability is well-along,
beyond any need for research
or commerce uses. Iran
has enriched fuel beyond
20 percent and has a well-ad-
vanced enrichment program
capable of having a nuclear
bomb in the next year or
so. It has no commercial
initiatives. Worldwide, there
are 32 countries that have
nuclear technologies for
weapons or commercial uses.
There's no oversight of who's
doing what.
Remember the Cold War
was the Soviets versus the
United States. Now we have
another Cold War regarding
new nuclear threats and
know-how is growing world-
wide. Our and the world's
nuclear policy is not good

The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014


C OurTown Page 9

The points of no return

R recently two
research teams,
working inde-
pendently and using
different methods,
reached an alarming
conclusion: The West
Antarctic ice sheet is
doomed. The sheet's
slide into the ocean, and
the resulting sharp rise
in sea levels, will prob-
ably happen slowly. But
it's irreversible. Even if
we took drastic action
to limit global warming
right now, this particular
process of environmental
change has reached a
point of no return.
Meanwhile, Sen. Marco
Rubio of Florida much
of whose state is now
fated to sink beneath the
waves weighed in on
climate change. Some
readers may recall that
in 2012, Rubio, asked
how old he believed the
Earth to be, replied "I'm
not a scientist, man."
This time, however, he
confidently declared the
overwhelming scientific
consensus on climate
change false, although
in a later interview
he was unable to cite

any sources for his
So why would the
senator make such a
statement? The answer
is that like that ice sheet,
his party's intellectual
evolution (or maybe
more accurately, its
devolution) has reached
a point of no return, in
which allegiance to false
doctrines has become a
crucial badge of identity.
I've been thinking a lot
lately about the power
of doctrines how
support for a false dogma
can become politically
mandatory, and how
overwhelming contrary
evidence only makes
such dogmas stronger
and more extreme. For
the most part, I've been
focusing on economic
issues, but the same

story applies with even
greater force to climate.
To see how it works,
consider a topic I know
well: the recent history of
inflation scares.
More than five years
have passed since many
conservatives started
warning that the Federal
Reserve, by taking action
to contain the financial
crisis and boost the
economy, was setting the
stage for runaway infla-
tion. And, to be fair, that
wasn't a crazy position to
take in 2009; I could have
told you it was wrong
(and, in fact, I did), but
you could see where it
was coming from.
Over time, however, as
the promised inflation
kept failing to arrive,
there should have come
a point when the infla-
tionistas conceded their
error and moved on.
In fact, however, few
did. Instead, they mostly
doubled down on their
predictions of doom, and
some moved on to con-
spiracy theorizing, claim-
ing that high inflation
was already happening,
but was being concealed

by government officials.
Why the bad behavior?
Nobody likes admitting
to mistakes, and all of us
- even those of us who
try not to sometimes
engage in motivated
reasoning, selectively
citing facts to support
our preconceptions.
But hard as it is to
admit one's own errors,
it's much harder to
admit that your entire
political movement got
it badly wrong. Inflation
phobia has always been
closely bound up with
right-wing politics; to
admit that this phobia
was misguided would
have meant conceding
that one whole side of
the political divide was
fundamentally off base
about how the econo-
my works. So most of
the inflationistas have
responded to the failure
of their prediction by
becoming more, not less,
extreme in their dogma,
which will make it even
harder for them ever to
admit that they, and the
political movement they
serve, have been wrong
all along.

The same kind of thing
is clearly happening on
the issue of global warm-
ing. There are, obviously,
some fundamental
factors underlying GOP
climate skepticism: The
influence of powerful
vested interests (includ-
ing, though by no means
limited to, the Koch
brothers), plus the party's
hostility to any argu-
ment for government
intervention. But there
is clearly also some kind
of cumulative process
at work. As the evidence
for a changing climate
keeps accumulating,
the Republican Party's
commitment to denial
just gets stronger.
Think of it this way:
Once upon a time it was
possible to take climate
change seriously while
remaining a Republican
in good standing. Today,
listening to climate
scientists gets you ex-
communicated hence
Rubio's statement, which
was effectively a partisan
pledge of allegiance.
And truly crazy
positions are becoming
the norm. A decade ago,

only the GOP's extremist
fringe asserted that
global warming was a
hoax concocted by a
vast global conspiracy
of scientists (although
even then that fringe
included some powerful
politicians). Today, such
conspiracy theorizing
is mainstream within
the party, and rapidly
becoming mandatory;
witch hunts against
scientists reporting
evidence of warming
have become standard
operating procedure, and
skepticism about climate
science is turning into
hostility toward science
in general.
It's hard to see what
could reverse this
growing hostility to
inconvenient science.
As I said, the process of
intellectual devolution
seems to have reached a
point of no return. And
that scares me more than
the news about that ice
Paul Krugman is a
columnist for The New
York Times. He can be
reached via www. newyork
times, com.

Eric Shinseki should step aside

Eric Shinseki
served his country
honorably as a
twice-wounded officer in
Vietnam, as Army chief
of staff, and finally as
President Obama's secre-
tary of veterans affairs.
But his maddeningly
passive response to the
scandal roiling his agen-
cy suggests that the best
way Shinseki can serve
now is to step aside.
Reports have docu-
mented the deaths of
about 40 veterans in
Phoenix waiting for VA
appointments the
latest evidence of wide-
spread use of bookkeep-
ing tricks at the agency
to make it appear that
veterans are not waiting
as long for care as they
really are. The abuses
have been documented
over several years by
whistle-blowers and
leaked memoranda,
and confirmed by a
host of government
That's bad enough.
Worse was Shinseki's
response when he
finally appeared before a
congressional committee
Thursday to answer

questions about the
scandal. He refused to
acknowledge any system-
ic problem, and declined
to commit to do much
of anything, insisting on
waiting for the results of
yet another investigation.
"If any allegations are
true," Shinseki told the
Senate veterans affairs
committee, "they're
completely unacceptable
to me."
"If any are substantiated
by the inspector general,"
he said, "we will act."
Is there not already
evidence of VA appoint-
ment schedulers cooking
the books?
"I'm not aware other
than a number of
isolated cases where
there is evidence of
that," Shinseki told the

How about the
September 2013 letter to
President Obama from
the U.S. Office of Special
Counsel describing abus-
es that had been docu-
mented by the Office of
Medical Inspector?
"I can't say that I
remember it."
And is he not aware
of the April 2010 memo
by the deputy undersec-
retary for health at the
VA describing "gaming
strategies" being used at
VA facilities for medical
"I was not. I am not."
Would he change his
management team, given
the evidence of systemic
failures over years?
"I don't want to get
ahead of myself."
Is he concerned about
a VA culture of circum-
venting rules?
"I'm sure someplace
in a large organization,
you're always going to
have something like
Shinseki's denial and
sluggish response to
an obvious problem
(his department tarried
eight days before com-
plying with a House

committee's request to
preserve documents for
review) is reminiscent of
the whitewash of the ne-
glect of wounded troops
at Walter Reed. This isn't
some phony, Republican-
hyped allegation aimed
at embarrassing the
White House and inflict-
ing political damage; this
looks to be a serious and
long-standing problem,
where official wrongdo-
ing has led to needless
The Government
Accountability Office
and others have been
warning for a few years
of problems with the
waiting lists at VA
facilities across the
country. After years of
VA failure to respond, a
CNN report last month
that at least 40 died
in Phoenix waiting for
treatment prompted the
American Legion and
some lawmakers to call
for Shinseki's resignation.
Shinseki has declined
to ask the Justice
Department to inves-
tigate, even though he
acknowledges the alleged
activity would be illegal.
The most significant

action so far: The White
House dispatched a
deputy chief of staff, Rob
Nabors, to help Shinseki
respond to the allega-
tions. (Shinseki told the
Senate panel he served
with Nabors' father and
knows his parents well.)
Another indication of
the attitude of Shinseki's
team: Sen. Richard Burr
of North Carolina, the
panel's top Republican,
disclosed at the hearing
that a top Shinseki
lieutenant, in a recent
conference with other VA
officials, declared that
the medical director of
the Phoenix office had
"done nothing wrong"
and that the decision
to put her on leave was
"I was not aware of
the phone call," Shinseki
Shinseki assured
the Senate panel that
he was "mad as hell"
about the allegations.
But Democratic and
Republican senators
alike observed that his
anger was not matched
by action.
"It's not 'we think this is
happening,' it's 'we know

this is happening,'" Sen.
Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.,
said, asking Shinseki to
interpret part of the 2010
VA memo outlining the
"gaming" practices.
"I'm going to take your
direction here," Shinseki
Sen. Richard
Blumenthal, D-Conn.,
reminded Shinseki that
"we have more than
allegations at this point.
We have evidence, solid
evidence, of wrongdoing
within the VA system
and it is more than an
isolated instance of
wrongdoing, it's a pattern
and practice."
Blumenthal asked
Shinseki if he would call
in the FBI. Shinseki said
he would "make that
available" to the inspec-
tor general "if that's
his request."
There's that "if" again,
and here's another: If
Obama wants to resolve
this VA debacle, he'll
need a less passive
Dana Milbank is a
Washington Post colum-
nist. Readers may reach
him at danamilbank@

Karl Rove is right about Hillary

t was inevitable that
attacks on Hillary
Clinton would be
deemed sexist. We now
know that they will be
called ageist, too.
A report in the New
York Post's Page Six that
Karl Rove told a con-
ference last week that
Hillary Clinton might
be brain-damaged after
a 30-day hospital stay
during her illness at
the end of 2012 caused
a volcanic eruption of
denunciation aimed at
the Republican strate-
gist. Rove was accused,
among other things, of
dealing the age card from
the bottom of the deck.
Rove denies saying
"brain damage," and the
Page Six report didn't
put quote marks around
that phrase. He tells me
he's not sure whether he
actually said she was in
the hospital 30 days (it
was three), but regard-
less, he meant to refer to
the entirety of the 30-day
episode when she was

dealing with a virus, a
fall and a subsequent
concussion and blood
clot between her brain
and skull.
If we take Rove's
interview on Fox News
the day after the Page Six
item as the best explana-
tion of his view, his basic
points are unassailable
- the state of Clinton's
health will play into her
decision whether or not
to run, she will have
to be completely open
about the 2012 episode
and all of this will be
filtered through the
fact that she will be 69
if elected and 77 if she
serves two terms.
The point about her

health being a con-
sideration in her deci-
sion-making is almost a
tautology. Most everyone
assumes that if she feels
up for it, she's a go. And if
not, she passes.
Even if you take at
face value everything
we've heard about
Clinton's condition in
December 2012, it was
frighteningly serious. The
clot, according to The
Washington Post, "can
cause permanent brain
damage, coma or death if
not detected and treated
in time."
News accounts say it

was caught early, and
Clinton is performing as
ably as ever. But politi-
cians have a long history
of lying through their
teeth about their health
- see Woodrow Wilson,
John E Kennedy and Paul
Tsongas, for example.
So Clinton will have to
provide a full accounting
of the 2012 incident and
her overall health.
And as for her age,
of course it will be an
issue. The problem with
being an old candidate
in American presidential
politics is that people use
it against you.

U.S. News &World
Report had an item in
April 2008 titled "Obama
Campaign Plans to Hit
at McCain's Age." The
generational contrast
between Obama and
McCain didn't have to be
made explicitly; it was
too self-evident to need
much reinforcement,
and Obama's theme of
hope and change played
into it.

The Bill Clinton
re-election campaign in
1996 feasted on contrasts
between the new and
old in its lopsided bout
with the septuagenarian
Bob Dole. The age issue
was so upfront that Time
magazine ran a cover
asking "Is Dole Too Old
for the Job?" and The
New York Times ran a


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General Dentistry
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-0 Dentures & One Day Repair
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If you are diabetic and have Medicare, Call:

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OurTown Page 10 C


The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

LBJ's bifurcated legacy

standing on his pres-
idential limousine,
Lyndon Johnson,
campaigning in Provi-
dence, R.I., in September
1964, bellowed through
a bullhorn: "We're in
favor of a lot of things
and we're against mighty
few." This was a synopsis
of what he had said four
months earlier.
Fifty years ago
this Thursday, at the
University of Michigan,
Johnson had proposed
legislating into existence
a Great Society. It would
end poverty and racial
injustice, "but that is just
the beginning." It would
"rebuild the entire urban
United States" while
fending off "boredom
and restlessness," slaking
"the hunger for commu-
nity" and enhancing "the
meaning of our lives"
- all by assembling "the
best thought and the
broadest knowledge."
In 1964, 76 percent
of Americans trusted
government to do the
right thing "just about
always or most of the
time"; today, 19 percent
do. The former number
is one reason Johnson

did so much; the latter is
one consequence of his
doing so.
Barry Goldwater,
Johnson's 1964 oppo-
nent who assumed that
Americans would vote
to have a third president
in 14 months, suffered
a landslide defeat. After
voters rebuked FDR in
1938 for attempting to
"pack" the Supreme
Court, Republicans and
Southern Democrats
prevented any liberal
legislating majority in
Congress until 1965.
That year, however,
when 68 senators and
295 representatives were
Democrats, Johnson was
He remains, regarding
government's role, much
the most consequential
20th century president.
Indeed, the American

Enterprise Institute's
Nicholas Eberstadt, in his
measured new booklet
"The Great Society at
Fifty: The Triumph and
the Tragedy," says LBJ,
more than FDR, "pro-
foundly recast the com-
mon understanding of
the ends of governance."
When Johnson became
president in 1963, Social
Security was America's
only nationwide social
program. His programs
and those they sub-
sequently legitimate
put the nation on the
path to the present, in
which changed social
norms dependency
on government has been
destigmatized have
changed America's
national character.
Between 1959 and
1966 -before the War
on Poverty was imple-
mented the percentage
of Americans living in
poverty plunged by about
one-third, from 22.4 to
14.7, slightly lower than
in 2012. But, Eberstadt
cautions, the poverty rate
is incorrigiblyy mislead-
ing" because government
transfer payments have
made income levels

and consumption levels
significantly different.
Medicare, Medicaid, food
stamps, disability pay-
ments, heating assistance
and other entitlements
have, Eberstadt says,
made income "a poor
predictor of spending
power for lower-income
groups." Stark material
deprivation is now rare:
"By 2011 ... average
per capital housing space
for people in poverty
was higher than the
U.S. average for 1980.
... [Many] appliances
were more common in
officially impoverished
homes in 2011 than in the
typical American home
of 1980.... DVD players,
personal computers, and
home Internet access are
now typical in them -
amenities not even the
richest U.S. households
could avail themselves of
at the start of the War on
But the institution-
alization of anti-pov-
erty policy has been,
Eberstadt says carefully,
"attended" by the dra-
matic spread of a "tangle
of pathologies." Daniel
Patrick Moynihan coined

that phrase in his 1965
report calling attention
to family disintegra-
tion among African-
Americans. The tangle,
which now ensnares all
races and ethnicities,
includes welfare depen-
dency and "flight from
Twenty-nine percent
of Americans about
47 percent of blacks and
48 percent of Hispanics
- live in households
receiving means-tested
benefits. And "the
proportion of men 20 and
older who are employed
has dramatically and
almost steadily dropped
since the start of the War
on Poverty, falling from
80.6 percent in January
1964 to 67.6 percent
50 years later." Because
work independence,
self-reliance is essential
to the culture of freedom,
ominous developments
have coincided with Great
Society policies:
For every adult man
ages 20 to 64 who is
between jobs and
looking for work, more
than three are neither
working nor seeking
work, a trend that began

with the Great Society.
And what Eberstadt calls
"the earthquake that
shook family structure
in the era of expansive
anti-poverty policies"
has seen out-of-wedlock
births increase from
7.7 percent in 1965 to
more than 40 percent in
2012, including 72 per-
cent of black babies.
LBJ's starkly bifurcated
legacy includes the
triumphant Civil Rights
Act of 1964 and Voting
Rights Act of 1965 and
the tragic aftermath of
much of his other works.
Eberstadt asks: Is it "sim-
ply a coincidence" that
male flight from work
and family breakdown
have coincided with
Great Society policies,
and that dependence
on government is
more widespread and
perhaps more habitual
than ever? Goldwater's
insistent 1964 question
is increasingly pertinent:
"What's happening to
this country of ours?"
George Will is a colum-
nist for The Washington
Post. Readers may reach
him at georgewill@

Will Elizabeth Warren run?

n her recently pub-
lished memoir, Sen.
Elizabeth Warren,
D-Mass., relays a chill-
ing anecdote about how
Washington really works.
In 2009, she was running
a congressional panel
to oversee the Treasury
Department's bailout of
the financial industry,
and the new Obama
administration was un-
happy that she was being
as tough on them as she
had been on its Republi-
can predecessors. So the
president's top economic
adviser, Lawrence H.
Summers, tookWarren
out for a friendly dinner.
"Late in the evening,
Larry leaned back in
his chair and offered
me some advice,"
Warren writes. "I had
a choice. I could be an
insider or I could be
an outsider. Outsiders
can say whatever they
want. But people on the
inside don't listen to
them. Insiders, however,
get lots of access. But
insiders also understand
one unbreakable rule:
They don't criticize other
Warren decided to
remain an outsider and


went right on flaying
then-Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geithner for
failing to help distressed
homeowners while he
was rescuing big banks.
When President Obama
decided against nomi-
nating Warren to run the
new Consumer Finance
Protection Bureau, she
ran for the Senate instead.
And last year, from that
seat, she was one of sev-
eral senators who helped
kill Summers' likely
nomination as chairman
of the Federal Reserve.
"The game is rigged,"
she said last week in one
of the many television
interviews she's done on
her book tour. "The CEOs
of the largest financial
institutions still strut
around Washington.
Those big banks break
the law and nobody goes
to jail. That's not a level

playing field. That's not a
fair system."
She's smart, eloquent,
liberal and fiery. Her
ferocity as a critic of
Wall Street has made
her a heroine to the
Democratic left. A
potential presidential
"I am not running for
president," she says over
and over.
"No, no, no, no, no," she
told the Boston Globe.
To avoid stirring any
speculation, an aide said,
she's not setting foot in
New Hampshire, not
even to campaign for her
colleague Sen. Jeanne
Shaheen, D-N.H., only
45 minutes from her
home in Massachusetts.
Of course, plenty of
candidates have said they
aren't running two years
before the election, only
to undergo a change of
heart later on Barack
Obama among them.
But people who know
Warren say they take her
at her word. Her chief
fundraiser has reportedly
told donors to forget it;
she isn't running.
And she isn't doing
some of the things a
potential presidential

candidate normally does.
Her book reads like a
campaign autobiography,
but it's focused almost
entirely on her crusade
to rein in the big finan-
cial institutions; there's
nothing in it about any
of the other major issues
a presidential candidate
is expected to have
thought about. She didn't
ask for a seat on the
Senate Foreign Relations
Committee, a useful stop
for legislators who want
to acquire international
credentials (as Obama
Instead, she's doing
what most freshman sen-
ators do. She's proposing
bills on her favorite
issues this week, one
that would allow holders
of student loans to refi-
nance at lower interest
rates; before that, one to
require federal financial
agencies to disclose
more information about
financial settlements.
She's trying to strike al-
liances with Republicans,
a useful skill in a closely
divided Senate; her
co-sponsors on bills
have included GOP Sens.
John McCain of Arizona,
Marco Rubio of Florida

and Orrin G. Hatch of
And she's trying to re-
vive a somewhat disused
congressional tool -
oversight hearings to
nudge or, in her case,
shove regulators toward
tougher enforcement of
existing laws.
"They clearly have not
been doing their jobs,"
she said. "There's a lot
of law out there already.
The key is getting the
regulators to pick up the
law and use it."
Warren can already
claim some results. After
she publicly questioned
the Securities and
Exchange Commission's
policy of allowing finan-
cial institutions to settle
cases without admitting
guilt, the SEC announced
that it was changing the
practice. After Warren
questioned the way the
Federal Reserve decided
on enforcement actions,
Fed Chairwoman Janet
L. Yellen announced that
the Fed would amend its
And although Warren
criticized Hillary Rodham
Clinton in a previous
book for her vote in favor
of a 2001 bill that would

have made it harder
for ordinary people to
declare bankruptcy,
she's now saying nice
things about the woman
most likely to become
her party's next presi-
dential nominee. When
interviewers ask how
she feels about Clinton,
Warren invariably replies:
"Hillary's terrific."
Could it be that
Elizabeth Warren, the
ultimate outsider, has de-
cided to play the inside
game too?
If Clinton runs for
president and wins,
Warren can logically be
expected to do her best
to pull the new adminis-
tration in her direction -
and a few friendly noises
now, when the candidate
needs them, could pay
big dividends then.
And if Clinton opts
not to run for president,
her supporters will
be looking for a new
champion perhaps a
dynamic liberal woman
who hasn't been too
tough on Hillary.
Doyle McManus is a
columnist for The Los
Angeles Times. Readers
may reach him at doyle.

wevcezlerttce ,

<(o ::'@ @ W ^ ^

^ ... i^ '* ,^'7 /" (
6 V st c _".'C y/(wecf/ e 'r
Routine Annual Visits Laparoscopy Surgeries Hysteroscopic Procedures
Bladder & Rectal Prolapse repair Treatment Of Abnormal Pl J'._.
Diagnosis & Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence
Now Accepting New Patients. Please Call For An Appointment

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thumb-sucker wondering
"Is Age-Bashing AnyWay

to Beat Bob Dole?"
Of course, age is hardly
dispositive. Ronald Reagan
was the oldest president
at age 70 in 1981 and
embodied an invigorat-
ing optimism despite

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the Classifieds!

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his years. But age was an
issue for him in 1980 and
1984, and a particular
threat in the 1980 nom-
ination fight when the
speculation, early on, was
that he had a light cam-
paign schedule because he
couldn't handle anything
more rigorous.
Hillary can potentially
trump all this with
openness about her
medical records, and
with an energetic
and future-oriented
campaign, should she
run. Her supporters, in

the meantime, hope to
deflect any questions
with cries of ageism and
sexism. It will be a nice
change of pace to move
on from racism as the
Democratic rejoinder of
choice to other "-isms"
neglected during the past
eight years.
But Rove is right:
Hillary will have to deal
with these questions.
Rich Lowry is the editor
of the National Review.
Readers may reach him
at comments. lowry@
nationalreview. com.


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The Sun /Sunday, May 18, 2014 C Our Town Page 11




Z 3112 ^



Z 3116 ^

Last Known Address:
Current Address:
Last Known Address:
7443 S. Riverbend Road
Branch, Ml 49402
Current Address:
Last Known Address:
Current Address:
action to foreclose a mortgage
on the following property in Char-
lotte County, Florida:
has been filed against you and
you are required to serve a copy
of your written defenses within 30
days after the first publication, if
any, on Albertelli Law, Plaintiff's
attorney, whose address is P.O.
Box 23028, Tampa, FL 33623,
and file the original with this Court
either before 6/12/14, service
on Plaintiff's attorney, or immedi-
ately thereafter; otherwise, a
default will be entered against you
for the relief demanded in the
Complaint or petition.
This notice shall be published
once a week for two consecutive
weeks in the Charlotte Sun-Her-
WITNESS my hand and the seal
of this court on this 7th day of
May, 2014.
Clerk of the Circuit Court
By: C.L.G.
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a disabili-
ty who needs any accommoda-
tion in order to participate in a
court proceeding, you are enti-
tled, at no cost to you, to the pro-
vision of certain assistance.
Please contact the Administrative
Services Manager, whose office
is located at 350 E. Marion Ave.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950 and
whose telephone number is
(941)637-2281, within two (2)
working days of receipt of this
notice; if you are hearing or voice
impaired, call 1-800-955-8771.
To file response please contact
Charlotte County Clerk of Court,
350 E. Marion Street, Punta
Gorda, FL 33651-1687, Tel:
(941) 637-2238; Fax: (941) 637-
Publish: May 11 and 18, 2014
272484 3038569

^ 3122 ^

CASE NO.: 08-2009-CA-000505

^^ 3122^^

accordance with the Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated April
21, 2014, in the above-styled
cause, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash at
https://www.charlotte.realfore-, at 11:00 a.m. on
June 19, 2014, the following
described property:
LOT 11, BLOCK 3508,
Property Address: 9335
If you are an individual with a
disability who needs an
accommodation in order to
participate in a court pro-
ceeding or other court ser-
vice, program, or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Requests for
accommodations may be pre-
sented on the form below, in
another written format, or
orally. Please complete the
form below (choose the form
for the county where the
accommodation is being
requested) and return it as far
in advance as possible, but
preferably at least seven (7)
days before your scheduled
court appearance or other
court activity. Please see con-
tact information below and
select the contact from the
county where the accommo-
dation is being requested.
To download the correct
Accommodation form, please
choose the County your court
proceeding or other court ser-
vice, program or activity cov-
ered by Title II of the Ameri-
cans with Disabilities Act is in
so we can route your request
to the appropriate contact:
Charlotte County ADA Title II
Request for Accommodations
WITNESS my hand on 22 day of
April, 2014.
K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
Publish: May 11 and 18, 2014
322095 3038674
Case #: 2009-CA-005638
BAC Home Loans Servicing. L.P.
f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans
Servicing, L.P.
James M. Trier; Peggy Ann Trier
a/k/a Peggy A. Trier; Bank of
America, National Association;
Rotonda West Association, Inc.
suant to order rescheduling fore-
closure sale or Final Judgment,
entered in Civil Case No. 2009-
CA-005638 of the Circuit Court of
the 20th Judicial Circuit in and for
Charlotte County, Florida, wherein
BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P.
f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans
Servicing, L.P., Plaintiff and
James M. Trier are defendantss,
I, Clerk of Court, Barbara T.
Scott. will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash AT
STATUTES at 11:00AM on June
9. 2014, the following described
property as set forth in said Final
Judgment. to-wit:

If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
ADA Coordinator;1700 Mon-
roe Street, Suite 1213, Fort
Myers, Florida 33901 (239)
533-1521 at least 7 days
before your scheduled court

^^ 3122^^

appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion of the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days. If you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated: May 14, 2014
Barbara T. Scott
Charlotte County, Florida
K. Sandrock
Publish: May 18 and 25, 2014
118683 3041012
CASE NO: 10-3948-C A
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undersigned Clerk of the Circuit
Court of Charlotte County, Flori-
da, will on the 16 day of June,
2014 at 11:00 AM at www.char- in accor-
dance with Chapter 45 Florida
Statutes, offer for sale and sell at
public outcry to the highest and
best bidder for cash, the follow-
ing-described property situate in
Charlotte County, Florida:
Lot 23, Block 776, PUNTA
23, a Subdivision accord-
ing to the Plat thereof, as
recorded in Plat Book 12
at Pages 2A through 2Z41,
of the Public Records of
Charlotte County, Florida.
pursuant to the Final Judgment
entered in a case pending in said
Court, the style of which is indi-
cated above.
Any person or entity claiming an
interest in the surplus, if any,
resulting from the foreclosure
sale, other than the property
owner as of the date of the Lis
Pendens, must file a claim on
same with the Clerk of Court with-
in 60 days after the foreclosure
WITNESS my hand and official
seal of said Court this 14 day of
May, 2014.
ACT. If you are a person with a
disability who needs any accom-
modation in order to participate in
this proceeding, you are entitled,
at no cost to you, to the provision
of certain assistance. Please con-
tact Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose office
is located at 350 E. Marion
Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida
33950, and whose telephone
number is (941) 637-2110, at
least 7 days before your sched-
uled court appearance, or imme-
diately upon receiving this notifi-
cation if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hearing or
voice impaired, call 711.
Barbara T. Scott
By: K. Sandrock
Deputy Clerk
Publish: May 18 and 25, 2014
109392 3041047
Case #: 2011-CA-003677
Bank of America, National Asso-
ciation, Successor by Merger to
BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P.
f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans
Servicing, L.P.
Nina M. Jones a/k/a Nina Jones;
Ocean 18, LLC; Mortgage Elec-
tronic Registration Systems, Inc.,
as Nominee for SLM Financial
Corp.; Rotonda West Associa-
tion, Inc.
suant to order rescheduling fore-
closure sale, entered in Civil Case
No. 2011-CA-003677 of the Cir-
cuit Court of the 20th Judicial Cir-
cuit in and for Charlotte County,
Florida, wherein Bank of America,
National Association, Successor
by Merger to BAC Home Loans
Servicing, L.P. f/k/a Countrywide
Home Loans Servicing, L.P.,
Plaintiff and Nina M. Jones a/k/a
Nina Jones are defendantss, I,
Clerk of Court, Barbara T. Scott,
will sell to the highest and best
bidder for cash AT WWW.CHAR-
11:00AM on June 13. 2014, the
following described property as
set forth in said Final Judgment,
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-

modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
ADA Coordinator;1700 Mon-
roe Street, Suite 1213, Fort
Myers, Florida 33901 (239)
533-1521 at least 7 days

To view today's legal notices
and more visit,

^^ 3122^^

before your scheduled court
appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion of the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days. If you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated: May 14, 2014
Barbara T. Scott
Charlotte County, Florida
K. Sandrock
Publish: May 18 and 25, 2014
118683 3041034
CASE NO.: 12002696CA
SERIES 2005-8
accordance with the Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated April
21, 2014, in the above-styled
cause, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash at
https://www.charlotte.realfore-, at 11:00 a.m. on
June 20, 2014 the following
described property:
LOT 11, BLOCK 3256,
Property Address: 22367
If you are an individual with a
disability who needs an
accommodation in order to
participate in a court pro-
ceeding or other court ser-
vice, program, or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Requests for
accommodations may be pre-
sented on the form below, in
another written format, or
orally. Please complete the
form below (choose the form
for the county where the
accommodation is being
requested) and return it as far
in advance as possible, but
preferably at least seven (7)
days before your scheduled
court appearance or other
court activity. Please see con-
tact information below and
select the contact from the
county where the accommo-
dation is being requested.
To download the correct
Accommodation form, please
choose the County your court
proceeding or other court ser-
vice. program or activity cov-
ered by Title II of the Ameri-
cans with Disabilities Act is in
so we can route your request
to the appropriate contact:
Charlotte County ADA Title II
Request for Accommodations
WITNESS my hand on 22 day of
April, 2014.
K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
Publish: May 11 and 18, 2014
322095 3038716
CASE NO. 2012 CA 003665
Division No.
suant to an Order or Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated April
29 2014, and entered in Case
No.2012 CA 003665 of the Cir-
cuit Court of the 20TH Judicial
Circuit in and for CHARLOTTE
County, Florida, wherein GENERA-
the Plaintiff and KENNETH G.

INC are the Defendants, I will sell
to the highest and best bidder for
cash www.charlotte.realfore-, the Clerk's website
for on-line auctions, at 11:00
A.M. on the 30 day of June,
2014, the following described
property as set forth in said Order
of Final Judgment; to wit:


and commonly known as:
Florida, this 13 day of May,
CHARLOTTE County, Florida
By: K. Sandrock
Deputy Clerk
"In accordance with the Ameri-
cans With Disabilities Act, per-
sons in need of a special accom-
modation to participate in this
proceeding shall, within seven (7)
days prior to any proceeding,
contact the Administrative Office
of the Court, CHARLOTTE County,
PUNTA GORDA FL 33950-, Coun-
ty Phone: 941-637-2113 TDD 1-
800-955-8771 or 1-800-955-
8770 via Florida Relay Service".
"Apre ako ki fet avek Americans
With Disabilies Act, tout moun kin
ginyin yun bezwen spesiyal pou
akomodasiyon pou yo patisipe
nan program sa-a dwe, nan yun
tan rezonab an ninpot aranjman
kapab fet, yo dwe kontakte
Administrative Office Of The
Court i nan nimero, CHARLOTTE
County, 350 EAST MARION
33950-, County Phone: 941-637-
2113 TDD 1-800-955-8771
oubyen 1-800-955-8770 i pasan
pa Florida Relay Service."
"En accordance avec la Loi des
"Americans With Disabilities". Les
Personnes en besoin d'une acco-
modation special pour participer
a ces procedures doivent, dans
un temps raisonable, avante d'en-
treprendre aucune autre
demarche, contacter I'office
administrative de la Court situe
au, CHARLOTTE County, 350
GORDA FL 33950-, County
Phone: 941-637-2113 TDD 1-
800-955-8771 ou 1-800-955-
8770 Via Florida Relay Service."
"De acuerdo con el Acto o Decre-
to de los Americanos con Impedi-
mentos, Inhabilitados, personas
en necesidad del servicio espe-
cial para participar en este pro-
cedimiento debran, dentro de un
tiempo razonable, antes de
cualquier procedimiento ponerse
en contact con la oficina Admin-
istrativa de la Corte, CHARLOTTE
County, 350 EAST MARION
33590-, County Phone: 941-637-
2113 TDD 1-800-955-8770o 1-
800-955-8771 Via Florida Relay
Publish: May 18 and 25, 2014
109440 3040757
CASE NO.: 12003743CA
accordance with the Default Final
Judgment of Foreclosure dated
April 21, 2014, in the above-
styled cause, I will sell to the high-
est and best bidder for cash at
https://www.charlotte. realfore-, at 11:00 a.m. on
June 20, 2014 the following
described property:
LOT 1463, 1464. AND
5, PAGES 17A THRU 17C,

Property Address: 11465
If you are an individual with a

^^ 3122^^

disability who needs an
accommodation in order to
participate in a court pro-
ceeding or other court ser-
vice, program, or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Requests for
accommodations may be pre-
sented on the form below, in
another written format, or
orally. Please complete the
form below (choose the form
for the county where the
accommodation is being
requested) and return it as far
in advance as possible, but
preferably at least seven (7)
days before your scheduled
court appearance or other
court activity. Please see con-
tact information below and
select the contact from the
county where the accommo-
dation is being requested.
To download the correct
Accommodation form, please
choose the County your court
proceeding or other court ser-
vice. program or activity cov-
ered by Title II of the Ameri-
cans with Disabilities Act is in
so we can route your request
to the appropriate contact:
Charlotte County ADA Title II
Request for Accommodations
WITNESS my hand on 22 day of
April, 2014.
K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
Publish: May 11 and 18, 2014
322095 3038692
$ $ v'J'J

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The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014 C OurTown Page 11

Blue Star shines on Armed Forces Day


The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

The new Blue Star Memorial Marker pictured here at the entrance to the
Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Nursing Home in Port Charlotte was dedi-
cated Saturday morning Armed Forces Day. Sponsored by the Florida Federa-
tion of Garden Clubs Inc. and the Port Charlotte Garden Club, in cooperation with
local veterans groups and members of the community, the plaque is "A tribute to
the Armed Forces that have defended the United States of America." Residents
of the home joined the nearly 50 people who attended the ceremony, including
representatives from veterans groups; state, county and local governments; and
national, district and local garden clubs.

Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex stands among the representatives of various garden clubs involved
in the Blue Star Memorial Marker program: Sue Killion, Lemon Bay Garden Club president; Libby Curnow, Port
Charlotte Garden Club recording secretary; Betty Call, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Inc. Blue Star Marker
chairwoman; Betty Angle, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Inc. president; Glenda Dawson, district nine
director, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Inc.; Anne Hudson, Port Charlotte Garden Club Blue Star Marker
chairwoman; and Sandi Witzke, Port Charlotte Garden Club president.

The Rev. Clive Surgeon, pastor at Sonlight
Community Church in Port Charlotte, who
gave the invocation, chats with state Rep. Ken
Roberson before the program began.

Standing before the newly unveiled marker are Libby Curnow, Port
Charlotte Garden Club recording secretary; state Rep. Ken Roberson,
R-Port Charlotte; and Anne Hudson, Port Charlotte Garden Club Blue
Star Marker chairwoman.

Patriot Riders of America Members Ken Rouleau and Mario Stillo,
Vietnam Veterans of American Gulf Coast Chapter 1037 member Steve
Demeule, and Patriot Riders of America Member Phil Pauley get
together after the ceremony.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 110 chaplain
About 50 people attended the dedication of the new Blue Star Memorial Marker, which is June Haber and president Geraldine Keenan
displayed at the entrance to the Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Nursing Home. proudly attended the dedication.

Above: Don Pomerleau, a member of the Patriot
Riders of America Inc., plays taps at the close of
the ceremony.

Right: Posing in front of the new Blue Star
Memorial Marker are state Rep. Ken Roberson,
Linda Kopyckie of the Port Charlotte Garden
Club, and Charlotte County Commissioners
Stephen R. Deutsch and Bill Truex.

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I Port Charlotte

Jerry Baumgartner and Dennis Bruland, both members of
Vietnam Veterans of America Gulf Coast Chapter 1037, attended
the dedication ceremony Saturday morning.
SPam Fisher,
right, of the
Douglas T.
State Veterans
Home, accepts
the marker
and thanks
Anne Hudson,
Port Charlotte
Garden Club
Blue Star
Marker chair-

Right: Jerry
a member
of Vietnam
Veterans of
America Gulf
Coast Chapter
1037, sings
"God Bless

I FFnea-. F Ein-I.B.I.I.IJaI.-.lJ 4- iriL dayl I

V 2" FAU

OurTown Page 12 C


:The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014


C OurTown Page 13

2014 Boys & Girls Clubs of Charlotte County Summer
Programs (space is limited; call now to register):
7 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 2-Aug. 13 at the Family Services Center,
21450 Gibralter Drive, Port Charlotte. For kindergarten (completed)
through eighth grade. Cost (nonrefundable): $50 per week for one child;
$40 per week per child, if enrolling two or more children (plus a $25
registration fee per child). 941-235-2472 or
8 a.m.-4 p.m. June 2-25 at the Murdock Middle School Teen
Center, 17325 Mariner Way. For rising sixth- through eighth-graders.
Cost (nonrefundable): $50 for the 18-day camp, plus a $25 registration
fee. 201-572-0381 or
8 a.m.-1 p.m. June 2-25 at the Port Charlotte High School
Teen Center, 18200 Cochran Blvd. (credit retrieval provided). Cost
(nonrefundable): $50 for the 18-day camp, plus a $25 registration fee.
7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. June 2-Aug. 13 at Tiffany Square Plaza, 2828 S.
McCall Road, Englewood. For kindergarten (completed) through eighth
grade. Cost (nonrefundable): $50 per week for one child; $40 per week
per child, if enrolling two or more children (plus a $25 registration fee
per child). 941-460-6589 or
8 a.m.-4 p.m. June 2-25 at the L.A. Ainger Middle School Teen
Center, 245 Cougar Way, Rotonda West. For rising sixth- through
eighth-graders. Cost (nonrefundable): $50 for the 18-day camp, plus a
$25 registration fee. 941-276-1048 or
All these weekday programs offer academic enrichment by certified
teachers, fine arts programs, sports, swimming, recreation, a games
room, a technology lab, field trips and much more. Lunch and a snack
are provided daily. General info: 941-979-8379, or

Other camps:
Summer Camp at Life Port Church, 390 Flamingo Blvd., Port
Charlotte: 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m. June 2-6. For children in kindergarten
through fifth grade. Includes crafts, games, snacks and drinks and more.
Art lessons and visit from the Creation Museum in Arcadia are just a
few of the things planned. Parents are asked to provide students with a
lunch. Free; register,, or at the church.
Info, Cheryl Reber, 941-815-8256 or 941-255-5544, ext. 251.
Eco-Day Camp: 8 a.m.-noon June 2-6 at the Charlotte Harbor
Environmental Center's Alligator Creek Preserve office, 10941 Burnt
Store Road, Punta Gorda. Camp involves children in a variety of outdoor
and environmental activities, including wading, hiking, taking a boat
trip and more, as they learn about Florida wildlife, habitats and ecology.
Designed for children leaving second grade to entering eighth grade.
Cost: $60. Children attending must dress for the outdoors jeans,
sneakers (no sandals or open-toed shoes), hat and T-shirt; they should
bring an extra pair of shoes, sunscreen, bug spray and a bagged lunch.
"Symphony Kids" Summer Music Camp: 8:30 a.m.-1i2:30 p.m.
June 2-13 at Liberty Elementary School, 370 Atwater St., Port Charlotte.
Students entering grades one through 12 will combine fun and learning
at the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra's all-new summer camp. Includes
instrument instruction, ensemble, chorus, rhythm and movement, music
and technology, and guest performers demonstrating musical culture
from around the world. Cost: $125; $120 for siblings. tuition assis-
tance is available. T-shirts and healthy snacks are included. Registration
forms, or 941-205-5996.
Junior Chef Summer Cooking Camp: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday and
Thursday, June 3-26 at home of instructor Alice White, 3597 Froude St.,
North Port. For children entering grades three through eight. Campers
will discover and prepare the foods of four countries Mexico, France,
Italy and China. Junior Chefs will prepare breakfast and lunch recipes
while learning about the country's culinary history. Cost: $60 per weekly
session; includes all food, materials and supplies. Weekly classes are
limited to 10 participants. A portion of the camp's proceeds will benefit
People for Trees Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit native tree advocacy group
since 1997. Info/register, 941-426-9752 or
Carroll Swayze's 16th Annual Art Adventure Camp: various
sessions, to take place at the Carroll Swayze Studio, 2373 Donovan
Road, Englewood. Session 1:9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. June 3-6; Session 2:
1:30-5 p.m. June 3-6; Session 3:9 a.m.-1i2:30 p.m. June 24-27;
Session 4:1:30-5 p.m. June 24-27. Mixed ages, 5 through 14 (4-year-
olds OK with an older sibling). Limited availability no more than
10-12 students per session. Working in a real artist's studio, each
child will receive individual instruction in a wide variety of mediums,
from painting and print-making to sculpture and fine crafts. Each
student will take home beautiful original art every day. Cost: $100
per child, per session, plus one package of plain white T-shirts in your
child's size; includes materials and a snack. Parents who would like
their children to stay for both the morning and afternoon sessions
are encouraged to send a lunch. Parents may stay with their children
if they wish. Carroll Swayze, 941-266-6434, or
Exploring 4-H Day Camp: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 9-13 at the UF/
IFAS Charlotte County Extension Service, 25550 Harborview Road,
Suite 3, Port Charlotte. Charlotte County 4-H will play host. Campers
will explore 4-H activities in gardening, wildlife, food preparation,
arts and crafts, animal care, dog safety and much more. For elemen-
tary school-age youth. Cost for the week: $25. Parents may stay or
drop children off. 941-764-4345 or

Dance Arts Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. June 9-13 at Studio Seven Center
for Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave., Deep Creek. For ages 5
and 6, and 7 through 10. Includes daily classes in tap, jazz, ballet and
tumbling; arts and crafts; movies; and special guest performers. Cost:
$140 per week. There will be a $10 registration fee for camp enroll-
ment good for all four weeks of camps at Studio Seven (current
students, fee already paid with Spring 2014 enrollment). Camp tuition
must be paid in full by June 2 to reserve a place. No prorated fees, and
no refunds. Children should bring a lunch. Camp details provided upon
enrollment. 941-764-0680 or
Dance Technique Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. June 16-20 at Studio Seven
Center for Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave., Deep Creek. For ages
11 through 17. Includes daily classes in tap,jazz, ballet, modern and acro;
also will include classes in core strengthening, dance history, funk, leaps
and turns, and more. Cost: $140 per week. There will be a $10 registration
fee for camp enrollment good for all four weeks of camps at Studio
Seven (current students, fee already paid with Spring 2014 enrollment).
Camp tuition must be paid in full by June 2 to reserve a place. No prorated
fees, and no refunds. Children should bring a lunch. Camp details provided
upon enrollment. 941-764-0680 or
Burnt Store Presbyterian Church Drama/Music Camp:
9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 23-27 at the church sanctuary, 11330 Burnt Store
Road, Punta Gorda. For elementary school students (grades two through
five). Every student will learn about acting, singing, dancing and
set-making in a hands-on experience. Will culminate in performance
of"Cinderella"at 7 p.m. June 27 at the church sanctuary, to which the
public is invited (tickets on sale at church for $5 each). Camp sign-up
and prepayment of a $75 registration fee is required by Friday, May 23
(fee covers lunches, costumes, playbooks and CDs; each family also
receives two complimentary tickets for the show). Joy Toll-Chandler,
director of worship arts,; or church, 941-639-
0001 or
Punta Gorda Elks Lodge 2606 is accepting Summer Camp
Applications for July 6-July 12. Boys and girls ages 9 through 13 are
eligible to participate. There is no cost to the families. Applications are
available at the lodge, 25538 Shore Drive. Participation is limited to the
first 80 camper applications. Joe Campbell, exalted ruler, 941-637-2606,
ext. 405.
Stage and Screen Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 7-11 at Studio Seven
Center for Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave., Deep Creek. For
ages 7 and older. Students will learn all about life onstage and on
screen, as they will be introduced to performance terminology and
technique, audition tips and tricks, musical theatre choreography, vocal
performance and much more. Cost: $140 per week. There will be a
$10 registration fee for camp enrollment good for all four weeks of
camps at Studio Seven (current students, fee already paid with Spring
2014 enrollment). Camp tuition must be paid in full by June 2 to
reserve a place. No prorated fees, and no refunds. Children should bring
a lunch. Camp details provided upon enrollment. 941-764-0680 or info@
Kids' Summer Spectrum: 9 a.m.-1i2:30 p.m. and 1:30-5 p.m.
weekdays, July 14-18 and July 21-25 at State College of Florida,
Manatee-Sarasota in South Venice, 8000 S. Tamiami Trail. For youth ages
11 through 15. Provided by Corporate and Community Development.
Will include puppetry, jewelry design, safari, clay creations, science,
junior journalism, gross chemistry, cooking and more. Hands-on science,
technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classes including
clay animation, video game design, stop-motion animation and creative
robotics also are offered at the campus, or
So You Want to be a Rock Star Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 21-25
at Studio Seven Center for Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave.,
Deep Creek. For ages 7 and older. Music professionals from around the
country will work with students on their instrument of choice, their
stage performance, song-writing techniques and more. The camp will
conclude with a Friday night performance at the Punta Gorda Woman's
Club. Cost: $175 per week. There will be a $10 registration fee for camp
enrollment good for all four weeks of camps at Studio Seven (current
students, fee already paid with Spring 2014 enrollment). Camp tuition
must be paid in full by June 2 to reserve a place. No prorated fees, and
no refunds. Children should bring a lunch. Camp details provided upon
enrollment. 941-764-0680 or

50% OFF BATH DAYCARE Starting at
:l% 6FF '18.0 TUS 00


Saturday farmers
market updates
The Saturday farmers
market in downtown Punta
Gorda has entered into an
agreement with the federal
Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program
(SNAP), better known as
food stamps. The market
now accepts EBT benefit
cards. Produce prices are
geared for people who
want to economize and
save money on fresh foods.
The market has changed
to its summer hours, and
now is open every Saturday
from 8 a.m. to noon at
Taylor Street andWest
Olympia Avenue. For more
information, call Jerry
Presseller at 941-391-4856.

Rotonda entry
Construction of the
RotondaWest entry
features began May 15.
The contractor will begin
by installing silt barriers
and excavating the area at
Rotonda Boulevard North.
Entry features are being

constructed just outside
Boundary Boulevard at
Rotonda Boulevard North,
Rotonda Boulevard West,
Rotonda Boulevard East,
Rebel Court and Cape
Haze Drive. Construction
is expected to continue
through mid-August.
Motorists and pedestrians
are encouraged to exercise
caution when traveling
through these areas. More
information about this
project is available at
gov- click "Project Status
Updates" in the "Popular
Links" list on the left.

Midway Park
to begin
Charlotte County
Community Serviced
announces construction
will start May 27 at Midway
Park for ADA accessibility
improvements. The park
will be open during the im-
provements of ADA parking
and a sidewalk; there will
be ongoing construction
activity for approximately
two weeks. Activities in
these areas are not closed,
but will be limited.

Take Care of




(Left to Right)
Stephen A. Spencer, MD Samantha M. Bono, PA
Laini R. Gaar, MD Laura E. Marano, PA
Jeffrey R. Hunek MD Elizabeth L.Weber,ARNP

Der3:ology 3

1617 TamiamiTrail
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
1111 S.TamiamiTrail
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Open during Clunch and 941i833-4400
0oastaierm 0olog0.
;1 Fr.h- ps 7. ersw hv. ffrd kn aedigoss teten ndsi
cacrreoa.Wecniutosrvfoqultpaincrefeig 6-ac*


Backyard Barbecue

Friday, May 23rd 11:30am-1:00pm

Come gather around the grill with family and friends as we kick off
summer a little early. Enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers, and all the fixings,
plus incredible live entertainment!

20480 Veterans Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 33954 RSVP to 941-766-7991







:OurTownPagel4 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

Edison Collegiate grads

'seize oppo

Jordan Borst clowns around while putting on his cap.


PUNTA GORDA -Within the
Edison Collegiate High School em-
blem is an hourglass symbolizing
"seizing the opportunity." Shaam
Prashad, a member of the graduat-
ing class of 2014, is doing just that.
Shaam, 18, lost both his parents
at an early age his mother to
cancer, and his father to a massive
heart attack in 2011. As his father
was being transported to the
hospital, Shaam rode with him and
watched him die.
That devastating incident
certainly would leave an indelible
scar upon anyone, but Shaam
has decided to take that heart-
wrenching incident and make a
positive difference.
Shaam said he needs to take a
couple of prerequisite classes, and
then he can attend the University
of Florida, and from there, it is on
to medical school.
"I want to take that traumatic ex-
perience I had and turn it around,"
he said. "I will be attending medical
school and, hopefully, I can become
a doctor and save lives one day."
Friday evening at the Charlotte
Harbor Event and Conference
Center, Shaam and 83 other
students made the long walk to the
stage to receive their diplomas.
In 2009, ECHS was founded at
Edison State College Charlotte

Campus. Charlotte County's only
charter school, its "Panthers" can
earn an Associate in Arts degree
at the same time as their high
school diploma. But, if you look
at the graduating class, there is no
valedictorian or salutatorian within
their ranks.
"High schools are shifting away
from that," Jessica Souter, ECHS
teacher and senior class adviser,
said. "It was a math game, and it is
difficult to compute fairly. Those
students who have done well
academically are wearing differ-
ent-colored cords around their
neck, and everyone is wearing a
commemorative medallion. We are
honoring all our students."
Principal Diane Juneau said
ECHS is ranked 13 out of more
than 500 high schools in Florida.
"Out of the 84 students, 43 are
graduating with honors," she said.
"Many of them will earn their
Bachelor of Arts degree by the time
they are 20 years of age."
Perhaps the biggest distinction
the class of 2014 will have is it will
be the last one graduating from
ECHS. July 1, the name of the
school will be changed to Florida
SouthWestern Collegiate High
"This is the (school's) second
graduating class," Souter said. "It
will be the last one with the old
Senior Class President Christy

James called the school a "melting
pot," because students came
from so many different counties.
Initially, Christy said she felt "out
of place," but as time went by,
"Edison felt like home." She told
her classmates to "remember the
people who helped us get here."
"I stand before you trying not to
break down, even though they are
happy tears," she said. "But I will
tell you, these students behind me
will change the world."
AlyssaYankowski, who graduated
summa cum laude, said the class
had the most associate degrees and
the highest grade-point averages
"Never before have I seen
students so inspired by their
teachers," she said.
Addressing the class on behalf
of the faculty, teachers Betsy
Laskowski and Blake Schmidt
urged them to take "intelligent
risks" throughout their lives.
Laskowski said she had left the
security of teaching at a private
school in Massachusetts, and spent
seven years in Europe and Asia to
pursue her career as an educator.
"It's not an easy move, leaving
friends and family," she said. "Yet I
took that risk because I didn't want
to grow stagnant."
"You took a risk and chose
Edison," Schmidt added. "We are
delighted that you took that risk.
Edison is better because of you."

I c I:IJt k -
Rene Maher and Courtney Derezil both wear a white V-stole
signifying National Honor Society membership, and two cords
for cum laude honors status (old gold), and Volunteer Service
Award (light blue).

Edison Collegiate High School class of 2014 graduate Shaam
Prashad is surrounded Friday evening by his family, his aunt
Jenny Siddiqi, niece Aish, 8, uncle Jawed Siddiqi, his sisters Suzie
Prashad and Julie Prashad-Ramirez, and nephew Jayden Pariag.
Shaam plans to study premed. Commencement was held at the
Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda.

Having some laughs before the start of the Commencement are
Colton Morgan and Christy James (in front), John Randall, Rene
Maher, Nick Montoya, Chelsea Christiansen and Geoffrey Saine.

Ashlee Libby helps Greeshma James adjust her tassel.

Above: Looking forward to beginning a new chapter in their
lives are Jeremiah Pierre, Jhaland Francois, Ryan Hollar, Zackary
Swim and Jake Cuthbertson.

Ready and waiting to line up for commencement are Kailey
Zimmerschied, Carolina Tamayo, Brynn Goldate and Tanya

Left: Jackie Guerin, who graduated magna cum laude, signs her
classmate's yearbook.

Right: Lucas Rietveld and Jake Cuthbertson peek nervously out
at the audience as the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference
Center in Punta Gorda begins to fill with family and friends of
the graduating class of 2014 Friday evening.

, _I,

The graduates reached under their chair to find a $20 bill that they were told to spend on experiences, not "things." Alyssa Yankowski speaks on behalf of her classmates at the ceremony.

:OurTown Page 14 C

The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014


:The Sun /Sunday, May 18, 2014 LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS C OurTown Page 15

Academy grad shares

story of struggle, triumph


Tiffany Morgan wasn't sure she'd
ever be able to get her high school
Tiffany, who is now 21 years
old, chose to quit school at age
17 when attending high school in
Georgia, to help her ailing mother.
However she opted to start back to
school when she was 20, attending
classes through The Academy
at Charlotte Technical Center in
But life threw her another curve
when she was diagnosed with a
serious illness herself, intracranial
hypertension. The disease can
cause severe headaches, blurry
vision and even blindness.
She was certain that she was
going to have quit school again,
and that her goal of obtaining her
high school diploma and eventu-
ally going to college would not be
But then she was told about The
Academy's hospital/homebound
program, where she can take
classes at her home. Her teacher,
Josh Grant, is sympathetic to her
condition and worked around her
outbreaks, she said.
"He's just great to work with,"
she said.

And thanks to Grant, her school
liaison Ann Berger and other staff
members at The Academy, Tiffany
finally was able to graduate Friday
afternoon. Unable to attend the
ceremony among her fellow "Wolf
Pack" grads, due of her illness -
the lights could have triggered a
severe headache or affected her
vision, she said Tiffany still was
on-site Friday at the Charlotte
Performing Arts Center in Punta
Gorda, just in a different room.
But she still was able to interact
with her 55 fellow graduates,
thanks to a technological boost -
Tiffany recorded a video that was
played during the ceremony.
Tiffany hopes her story will in-
spire other students at the school.
"I want to show them that no
matter what obstacles you have
in life, you can get over them,"
she said from her home, prior to
graduation day. "You just have to
fight as hard as you can."
Although Tiffany could have
obtained her GED, she said she
"really, really wanted my high
school diploma."
She added that everyone in her
family, including her mother and
grandmother, graduated from
high school and received their
"I couldn't be the only one that

didn't get hers," Tiffany said.
Tiffany's mother, Lisa Keen-
Morgan, 54, of Port Charlotte,
is proud of her daughter's
"I'm just so proud of her, I can't
even put it into words," Keen-
Morgan said. "She's fought for this,
and overcome a lot of obstacles."
Jack Ham, assistant principal
at the alternative school, also is
proud of Tiffany's efforts. He plans
to show Tiffany's video to new
students at The Academy.
"I'm going to use it as a motiva-
tional piece for students that are
down," Ham said.
Tiffany acknowledged that the
accomplishment isn't hers alone,
and that she wouldn't be receiving
her diploma if it weren't for the
staff at The Academy.
She not only praised the school,
but she also hopes her story
destroys a stereotype about The
"A lot of people think that (The)
Academy is where the 'bad kids'
go," she said.
Tiffany pointed out that she has
received exceptional attention at
the school.
"You're just a number at a lot of
schools," she said. "You're not a
number at The Academy."


The Academy at Charlotte Technical Center principal Karen
LaPorte was especially proud of Tiffany Morgan, 21, who was
able to complete the requirements for graduation, despite
battling a serious illness. Tiffany was unable to be with the rest
of her class for Commencement ceremonies Friday afternoon,
but was on-site for the event at the Charlotte Performing Arts
Center in Punta Gorda, and spoke to those present via a video.

The Academy at Charlotte Technical Center 2014 graduate
Jessica Blanchette, 19, adjusts her cap before Friday afternoon's
ceremony at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center in Punta
Gorda. She was hanging out beforehand with fellow grad
Dennis Matteau, 18.

New grad Courtney Marx, 17, poses with
family and friends after the ceremony so
her happy mother can take a photo.

Grad Caleb Goff is congratulated by Charlotte County Public Schools superintendent
Doug Whittaker as he walks across the stage with his newly acquired high school

Above: New grad Katlyn James gets a
kiss on the cheek after the ceremony
from a proud aunt, Jerri Faith.

Right: Principal Karen LaPorte presents
an honored Brittany Pell with the annual
Principal Lighthouse Leadership Award,
given to the school's student of the year.

The graduates busted out into the Harlem Shake (a ridiculous dance from the 1980s, which somehow became popular again last
year) as part of a surprise midway through Friday's ceremony.

Michael Torres, 20, was one of four graduates to address the
class of 2014 with a speech Friday afternoon.

m Grad
17, was
glad her

and Casey
1 4 Rhodes
came to

The grads throw their caps in the air at the end of the

M-VrONw .K-7-F-

:The Sun/Sunday, May 18, 2014

C OurTown Page 15


i- dpl-.

:OurTown Page 16 C


The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014


for roughly 60 percent of the world's hybrid
hibiscus today. Bom in Punta Gorda in 1908,
when the city was part of DeSoto County,
Harry Goulding was an internationally
known hibiscus hybridizer, until his death
in 1993.
His grandson, Brit Goulding, along with
many other family members, attended this
year's Hibiscus Festival. Brit said his grand-
father gave away all the plants he created,
interested only in bringing beauty to the
"He just liked winning flower shows," he
said. "It's a family legacy."
The hibiscus heritage was adopted by

Punta Gorda in 1926, when the city declared
itself the "Hibiscus City." Mayor Rachel
Keesling was on hand Saturday to proclaim
Hibiscus Day, in between musical acts
representing more of the city's local lore, the
Guitar Army.
The Hibiscus Festival has grown into a
great tradition, with this year's event benefit-
ing the Charlotte County Historical Center.
The festival will continue today, with
events planned from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
Gilchrist Park. The day will feature inspira-
tional and gospel music onstage, as well as
food, crafts and more exotic plants on sale.
And the People's Choice Award from among
Saturday's favorite plein air artists will be
presented at noon.
For more information, visit www.the
Email: groberts@sun-heraldxom


Find it in the


T Thomas:FREEI
Quigley, FREE
Board Certified E
& Surgeon complete medical exam with one of our board certified eye doctors
20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A includes prescription for eyeglasses,
PORT CHARLOTTE I and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and
941-766-7474 other eye diseases. Offer applies to
2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL new patients 59 years and older.
PUNTA GORDA 3ffer does not apply to Freedom anr
941-639-2020 1 Optimum health plan participants.
I Coupon Expires 6/18/2014
330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO I .. .. ...... ... I
FARM CREDIT), ARCADIA ,", .".., '.' "." ',.' .'"'".,' 1
863-993-2020 '',' "".',, .' .. '.", I

"Eye HealthCd. Csoo,

Dr. Thomas R. Cherpak, D.D.S.
Dr. Kristin A. Woods, D.D.S.
Dr. Richard L. Ballentine, D.M.D.
Dr. Adam Gutwein, D.M.D.

P fe i ts m -tml n

ChldenthoghSeio duts Mot Insrne Acpe
14884 *a*iamiTril orh orFL348


When You Flush, Think Of Us!
For All Your Plumbing Needs

J Refer A Water Heater Job
. .............. (where I replace)
glw" ~ And You Get $20


^J^^]i]ji~^~y ^^jN" ^ri~'e lmigCorats

94.61.Lic-ww en sey#iCFCingorg
-0 0- 0

KIr KOM Gilchrist Park was the place to be Saturday for exotic plants,
NOW IlE and those who appreciate them, during the 10th Annual Punta
I oPEN WE WANT YOUR BUSINEFSS!!! COM ON Gorda Hibiscus Festival, which continues today.
DOWN I _________________

4*QA UETERDAMI RIUn DH. Q*A4.P! 4.1-2 QO 1

D Beiween Teresa and Atwater 2 Blks East of Home Depot
I 19875 Veterans Blvd. ..
SHire Craftsmen, Not Installers 1 i
A+ Rated =- *Paver install excludes Charlotte County.


It's time to get checked
Water's Edge Dermatology Now in Port Charlotte Call for an appointment

Adult and Pediatric Dermatology
Diseases of the Skin, Hair & Nails
Skin Cancer Detection & Treatment
PiO Medi/e, Cosmetic Services

2484 Caring Way, Suite C Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Scan with
your Smartphone
for more information.
The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel
S payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which
is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free,
discounted fee or reduced service fee. service, examination or treatment.
Dr. Laura DeStefanod


'A Tribute to
Barbara' set
The Charlotte County
Republican Party and clubs
will play host to "A Tribute
to Barbara" honoring
Barbara T. Scott, the
long-serving Clerk of the
Circuit Court and County
Comptroller for Charlotte
County June 4 at the
Cultural Center of Charlotte
County, 2280 Aaron St., Port
Charlotte. Friends, associ-
ates and fellow Republicans
are invited. The program
will begin with a reception

Shop Charlotte

Where Shopping Makes Cents

and a silent auction at
5 p.m., followed by a surf-
and-turf dinner and a mu-
sical tribute byAl Holland.
Individuals are encouraged
to create congratulatory
messages for inclusion
in the tribute's program.
Tickets are $60 per person,
and may be purchased by
calling 941-258-2080 or
941-257-4826; by email to; or via
Barbara Scott was
elected clerk in 1984, and
currently is serving her
eighth consecutive term.
She has served as president
of the Florida Association
of Court Clerks, and is a
member ofWho's Who in
Government Services, a
recipient ofWoman & Boss
of the Year recognition by
the American Business
Women's Association,
and a two-time recipient
of the "Clerk of the Year"
award from the Florida
Association of Court Clerks
& Comptrollers, among
many other recognition.

Are You In Pain?
Dr. Shao Has A Solution.

Dr. Qi Shio A..P.. MNID (in China),
fl top senior Chinese acil)uncturist
i ithli 39 years or experience.
pdlj I'.ilh !i;jln ll Ini I paik n IkdI l', DI1
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Itimiut \I ilmhhni,. l, r,-i , Jl 'J. I I. d 'pur.
N \ tll,,p.illh.% DI~ prt', n.l h htii,,ittin.I. l)iil ii.l
'": pr,,hIntm%. %ki'n pilhbtll-. i1ttl. Vlkil,2. & m ,ir
4rJAP llr i i 'iIIIII ;Ch in,%& upti ltlri.
-" I lJ 4 1J l.I hllt ,t hlII.,

China Healing Center
12497Tarniarnmi Trail, #3 North Port, FL 34287
941-953-4888 941-564-6291



Calmer winds help
firefighters in
California wildfires

Firefighters gain ground
Saturday against fires that have
destroyed homes and raced
through nearly 20,000 acres of
northern and eastern San Diego
County brush land.

Page 2 -

Death in hot jail
cell highlights
national issue
Mkots- I 1 '1

Inmate advocates point out
that many prisoners exposed to
high temperatures are unable
to cool themselves by taking a
cold shower or by sitting in an
air-conditioned room.

Page 3 -

25 die in record
Balkan floods

Tens of thousands fled their
homes Saturday in Bosnia and
Serbia to escape the worst
flooding in a century.

Page 6 -

Eastern Ukrainians
rap Kiev in talks

Lawmakers and officials from
eastern Ukraine on Saturday
poured criticism on the fledging
central government, accusing
it of ignoring legitimate
grievances of the regions
which have been overrun by
pro-Russia militia fighting for

Page 6 -

Turkish miner:
Company is to blame

Miner Erdal Bicak believes he
knows why so many of his
colleagues died in Turkey's
worst mining disaster: company
negligence. And he knows one
other thing he's never going
back down any mine again.
Page 7 -

h eWr e www.sunnewnet

SUNDAY MAY 18, 2014 ----------

VA firestorm builds

Obama, Congress put hot issue on front burner

administration and Congress are
moving quickly to respond to a
growing political firestorm over
allegations of treatment delays
and falsified records at veterans'
hospitals nationwide.
The top official for veterans'
health care resigned Friday, and
House Republicans scheduled a
vote for Wednesday on legislation
that would give Veterans Affairs
Secretary Eric Shinseki greater
authority to fire or demote senior
executives and administrators at
the agency and its 152 medical

The actions came as federal
investigators visited aVA hospital
in suburban Chicago to look into -
an allegation that secret lists were
used to conceal long patient wait
times for appointments. Sen. Tom 6-
Udall, D-N.M., meanwhile, called ...
for an investigation into reports
that schedulers at a VA medical
center in Albuquerque were
ordered to falsify patient appoint-
ment records.
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said
the Veterans Affairs Department is
suffering from "a systemic, cultural AP PHOTO
problem" that cannot be solved
with piecemeal responses, such as In this Thursday photo, Veterans Affairs Undersecretary Robert
the resignation of a top official. Petzel testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the Senate
Veterans Affairs Committee hearing to examine the state of
VA 14 Veterans Affairs health care.

Battle over GMOs in Oregon

Unable to find a good '
solution to protecting / .
their certified organic
seed crops from potential.-* / B ,' '. /
contamination from ,, /
genetically engineered ..-
crops, small organic farm- ... : 0_
ers in this Oregon valley r '" ----- / ,.' "
are appealing to a higher ....
power: voters.
They wanted to pro- -00-'--- .'' i-_ """ ,-
tect their crops from .' / .
being cross-pollinated by ,. "' / .-- "'-/.
genetically modified ones, ,. /" .---"_,~'--
and asked voters in two t f '
counties to ban the culti- |
vation of GMOs a move n''..
that would drive producer '- e"
Syngenta out of the Rogue .
Valley where it grows seed A4 ,
for sugar beets resistant
to the popular weed killer
Roundup. .
Mail-in ballots will be
counted in Jackson and e ie -law cr- o
Josephine counties on
The vote is the latest .
example of a growing-.
resistance to GMOs from AP PHC
Hawaii to Vermont at a
time when genetically Chuck Burr stands with some red chard at his organic seed farm on May 12 outside Ashland, Ore. Fearful that geneti-
modified crops dominate ally engineered sugar beets being grown for seed by the Swiss company Syngenta could pollinate their crops of bee


and chard seed, organic farmers are asking voters to approve bans on growing genetically engineered crops in Jackson
BATTLE 14 and Josephine counties.

Summit combats Boko Haram's power

Benin president Thomas Boni Yayi, French President Fran-
cois Hollande, and Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan,
from left, pose upon his arrival for the "Paris'Security in
Nigeria summit;", at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, Saturday.


Haram has ample
funds, highly sophis-
ticated weaponry and
advanced training with
some of the world's
most experienced
terrorists, the French
president said Saturday
as he and African lead-
ers grappled with how
to combat the Islamic
extremist group whose
reach extends to five

Hours after two more
attacks in Boko Haram
strongholds one
in Nigeria that left a
village torched and
40 people dead and
another in Cameroon
- the leaders agreed
to improve policing
of frontiers, share
intelligence, and trace
the weapons and cash
that are the group's
At the summit in
Paris intended to ham-
mer out a plan to find
and free 276 schoolgirls
being held hostage by


Boko Haram, intelli-
gence officials from the
U.S., Europe and Africa
shared information
while heads of state
and top diplomats
tackled policy.
"This group is
armed, with heavy
weapons of an unimag-
inable sophistication
and the ability to use
them," said French
President Francois
He said the weapons
came from chaotic


Is GOP minority recruitment affirmative action?

The Republican Party is hiring
people to reach out to black and
Hispanic communities, and setting
goals for the number of minority
candidates it will recruit.
At the same time, Republican
judges are moving closer to a long-
held conservative goal of ending
affirmative action.
It's a delicate dance for the
GOP: try to appeal to minorities,
whose support has trended toward
Democrats, and highlight an increas-
ingly diverse roster of up-and-
coming politicians without
violating core principles.

The party's platform says it
opposes "preferences, quotas and
set-asides as the best or sole meth-
ods through which fairness can be
achieved, whether in government,
education or corporate boardrooms."
Notably, that could leave room for
the consideration of race as one of
many factors in selecting candidates
or students, which is how affirmative
action generally is practiced.
Even that looser standard is
banned under measures backed by
Republicans in seven states that have AP FILE PHOTO
outlawed government affirmative
action. In this Oct. 15, 2013, file photo, Mark Rosenbaum, second
Last month, from right, of the American Civil Liberties Union, speaks to
reporters after arguing their case before the Supreme Court
GOP I4 in Washington.

Page 2 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

Calmer winds help firefighters gain control

Calmer winds helped
firefighters gain ground
Saturday against fires that
have destroyed homes
and raced through nearly
20,000 acres of northern
and eastern San Diego
County brush land, while
authorities have charged
a man for adding fuel to
one of the nearly dozen
A new fire at the Camp
Pendleton Marine base
left some evacuations in
Thousands of fire-
fighters and fleets of
water-dropping military
and civilian helicopters
planned fresh battles
Saturday. Investigators,
meanwhile, continued
to seek the causes of
the conflagrations that
burned at least eight
homes and an 18-unit
condominium complex,
emptied neighborhoods
and spread fields of
flame, smoke and ash
that dirtied the air in
neighboring Orange
County and as far north
as Los Angeles County.
Alberto Serrato, 57,

pleaded not guilty Friday
to an arson charge in
connection with one
of the smaller fires, a
105-acre fire in suburban
Oceanside that started
Wednesday and is fully
Tanya Sierra, a spokes-
woman for the San Diego
County district attorney's
office, said witnesses
saw Serrato adding dead
brush onto smoldering
bushes, which flamed up.
He has not been connect-
ed to any other fire, Sierra
Oceanside police
Lt. Sean Marshand said
Serrato is believed to have
added fuel to the fire but
not to have started it.
"Unfortunately we
don't have the guy that we
really want," he said.
He remained jailed
Friday, and Sierra said she
didn't know whether he
had an attorney.
All together, the wild-
fires about 30 miles north
of San Diego have caused
more than $20 million in
Three fires continued
to burn at Pendleton:

A smoky haze obscures the Los Angeles skyline Friday. Smoke from several wildfires in
California have drifted north into the city.

A 15,000-acre blaze that
began Thursday was
40 percent contained,
and a new fire Friday
that quickly grew to 800
acres was 25 percent
surrounded that night.
A 6,500-acre fire that
started Wednesday at
a neighboring Navy
weapons station and

rolled onto the base and
the city of Fallbrook was
65 percent contained.
At their peak, the fires
prompted about 8,400
military personnel and
their families to be sent
home from various parts
of the sprawling coastal
base between Los Angeles
and San Diego, but some

housing-area ev
were lifted, base
man Jeff Nyhart
The most dest
fires started in C
- a densely pop
coastal suburb c
people where a b
burned body wa
Thursday in a tra
camp and Sai

a neighboring suburb of
85,000 people where strip
malls and large housing
tracts mix with older
homes whose residents
cherish their large lots
and country living.
The Cocos Fire, which
hopscotched through San
Marcos and neighboring
Escondido, was 70 per-
cent contained Saturday
morning after burning
S 2,520 acres, the county
As some evacuations
were lifted, residents
1 returned to their homes
I not sure what they would
"We thought for sure it
was gone," said Lauren
AP PHOTO Frost, 31, whose family
Southern had left their Escondido
Southern .
home for the second time
in two days Thursday and
acuations watched on television as
spokes- flames burned across the
said. street from their ranch-
ructive style house.
;arlsbad The Frost house
)ulated survived, but two were
if 110,000 reduced to rubble on
badly Mount Whitney Street
is found in Escondido, about
ansient 30 miles north of San
n Marcos, Diego.

Utah lawmaker:

Bring back firing

squad executions

(AP) In the wake of a
botched lethal injection
in Oklahoma last month,
a Utah lawmaker says he
believes a firing squad is
a more humane form of
execution. And he plans
to bring back that option
for criminals sentenced
to death in his state.
Rep. Paul Ray, a
Republican from the
northern Utah city of
Clearfield, plans to
introduce his proposal
during Utah's next legis-
lative session in January.
Lawmakers in Wyoming
and Missouri floated
similar ideas this year,
but both efforts stalled.
Ray, however, may
succeed. Utah already
has a tradition of execu-
tion by firing squad, with
five police officers using
.30-caliber Winchester
rifles to execute Ronnie
Lee Gardner in 2010, the
last execution by rifle to
be held in the state.
Ray argues the contro-
versial method may seem
more palatable now,
especially as states strug-
gle to maneuver lawsuits
and drug shortages that
have complicated lethal
"It sounds like the Wild
West, but it's probably
the most humane way to
kill somebody," Ray said.
Utah eliminated
execution by firing

squad in 2004, citing the
excessive media atten-
tion it gave inmates. But
those sentenced to death
before that date still had
the option of choosing
it, which is how Gardner
ended up standing in
front of five armed Utah
police officers. Gardner
was sentenced to death
for fatally shooting a Salt
Lake City attorney in
1985 while trying to es-
cape from a courthouse.
He was the third per-
son to die by firing squad
after the U.S. Supreme
Court reinstated the
death penalty in 1976. A
couple other death row
inmates have opted to
die by gunfire instead
of lethal injection in
Utah, but they are all
several years away from
exhausting the appeals
of their death sentences,
Assistant Utah Attorney
General Thomas Brunker
said. Ray's proposal
would give all inmates
the option.
Lethal injection,
the default method of
execution in the U.S.,
has received heightened
scrutiny after secrecy
and drug shortages in
recent years and the April
incident in Oklahoma,
when inmate Clayton
Lockett's vein collapsed
and he died of a heart
attack more than
40 minutes later.

States move to expand experimental drug use

Auden didn't live to
see the legislation, but
the case of the Denver
melanoma patient who
died while seeking access
to an experimental drug
helped inspire a first-of-
its-kind law in Colorado.
The "Right To Try"
law allows terminally
ill patients to obtain
experimental drugs
without getting federal
approval. It's a proposal
being advanced in
several states by patient
advocates who are frus-
trated by the yearslong
federal approval process
for experimental drugs in
the pipeline.
"There are experimen-
tal drugs out there that
can and do save lives,
and access needs to be
expanded," said Auden's
widow, Amy Auden of
Lone Tree, Colorado.
Nick Auden died in
November at age 41 after
unsuccessfully lobbying
two drug companies
to use an experimental
treatment outside of ( Iii -
ical trials. Auden hims, II
had acknowledged th, i,
was no guarantee the
drug would work.
Gov. John
Hickenlooper Saturday
afternoon will sign
Colorado's "Right To Try"
bill, which was passed
unanimously in the state
Similar bills await
governors' signatures
in Louisiana and
Missouri, and Arizona
voters will decide in
November whether
to set up a similar

I A:.. .. .....
,4 1 r

SLuN Charlotte Sun"a

-o .-:-..
-^ ;:
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program in that state.
Supporters call it a ray
of hope for dying pa-
tients trying to navigate
the red tape of existing
"compassionate use"
guidelines for obtaining
drugs outside clinical tri-
als. The process requires
federal approval.
"When you're terminal
and there's a drug out
there that might help
you, it can seem that the
obstacles to get that drug
are insurmountable,"
said state Sen. Irene
Aguilar, a physician who
co-sponsored Colorado's
Aguilar dubbed the
measure the "Dallas
Buyers Club" bill, after
the movie about a deter-
mined AIDS patient who
smuggled treatments
from Mexico because
they weren't cleared for
use in the U.S.
But skeptics call "Right
To Try" a feel-good
campaign that won't help
dying patients.

The bills don't require
drug companies to
provide any drug outside
federal parameters, and
there's no indication
pharmaceutical compa-
nies will do so.
A 2003 lawsuit to
force the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration to
expand the availability
of investigational drugs
failed. A federal judge
disagreed that terminally
ill people have a right to
access to investigational
medicine, and the U.S.
Supreme Court declined
to consider an appeal.
State-level approaches

are an effort to circum-
vent the federal system,
but critics say they won't
"The FDA regulates
drug development, and
this doesn't do anything
to change that," said Dr.
David Gorski, a surgical
oncologist and editor of
the blog Science Based
Gorski said a drug
company "wouldn't do
anything to endanger a
drug they're potentially
spending hundreds of
millions of dollars to
bring to market" through
elaborate FDA trials.

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.--.- ,-. ^- I a.- *_^- S^.;i^'' '''".* ^

.-.r lll""^ ."*'
.attC l^tS W.
i ,i^ -..' '

Death in hot jail cell highlights national issue

The case of a mentally ill
homeless veteran who
died in a 100-degree
Rikers Island jail cell
starkly illustrates the
dangers of extreme heat
in lockups, an issue
facing prisons across
the nation as the inmate
population gets older and
more heavily medicated
- and more at risk of
Inmate advocates point
out that many prisoners
exposed to high tempera-
tures are unable to cool
themselves by taking a
cold shower or by sitting
in an air-conditioned
room in a way people
living outside prison walls
regularly do.
"This is not an issue
of comfort and luxury,"
said David Fathi, di-
rector of the American
Civil Liberties Union's
National Prison Project,
who has litigated
cases in Wisconsin
and Arizona to provide
appropriate cooling for
"Prisons have an

obligation, which no
one disputes, to provide
conditions that, while
they don't have to be
comfortable, they can't
be deadly," Fathi said.
"But because of climate
change, because of the
changing population,
heat is a deadly risk for
many prisons and jails
throughout the United
The February death
of 56-year-old former
Marine Jerome Murdough
is a jarring lesson in
what can happen when
cells overheat, even
though it differed from
the classic inmate heat
death in some signifi-
cant ways: It happened
in the winter and was
due to malfunctioning
heating equipment rather
than scorching outside
Officials haven't said
exactly how Murdough
died. A preliminary city
Department of Correction
probe found the medical
examiner investigator
believed he died of
hyperthermia, noting


!!- ? j:
HK-eM U r O

IS .^ i.^ ~ i T A]^ _^
In this file photo, a corrections officer keeps watch outside the
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Huntsville Unit in Hunts-
ville, Texas. The Department of Justice doesn't track heat-
related deaths, but a recent report found 14 Texas inmates
have died from exposure to extreme heat since 2007.

that "the heat in his cell
caused his body to shut
down," according to court
documents. One official
who spoke on condition

of anonymity described
Murdough as having "ba-
sically baked to death."
Heatstroke causes
a person's body

temperature to increase
rapidly up to 106 de-
grees within 10 or 15 min-
utes and can be fatal if
not quickly treated. Other
heat-related illnesses -
heat exhaustion, rashes,
fainting are most
likely to affect elderly
and overweight people.
Others particularly at
risk include people with
heart disease and asthma
or those, like Murdough,
who are taking psycho-
tropic drugs.
Psychotropic medi-
cations can impair the
body's ability to cool it-
self by sweating, experts
say. That's a particular
concern as the number
of mentally ill inmates
who take such drugs has
risen steadily. According
to Bureau of Justice
Statistics from 2005, the
most recent year avail-
able, more than half of
all jail and state prison
inmates had a mental
health problem.
Nationally, the
bureau doesn't track
heat-related deaths in
jails and prisons. But

they do occur.
A report issued last
month by the University
of Texas School of Law's
Human Rights Clinic
found that at least 14
inmates have died from
exposure to extreme
heat since 2007 in state
correctional facilities.
And a federal judge
ruled in April that a
special monitor will
be appointed to make
sure the heat index
doesn't top 88 degrees
for death-row inmates
at the Louisiana State
Penitentiary at Angola.
The courts have
likewise ruled that
Arizona prisoners on
psychotropic medication
must be housed in a
unit where the tempera-
ture is maintained at
85 degrees or below and
Wisconsin was ordered
to install air condi-
tioning in a so-called
Supermax state prison,
Fathi said. Courts have
also ruled on heat con-
ditions for prisoners in
cases brought in Illinois,
Georgia and Delaware.



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The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

WIRE Page 3


Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014 FROM PAGE ONE

Shuffling his second-term
Cabinet, President Barack
Obama plans to nomi-
nate Housing Secretary
Shaun Donovan to be
budget director and is
considering San Antonio
Mayor Julian Castro
to succeed Donovan,
according to people
familiar with the selection
The moves would
raise the profile of two
men with close ties to


"What's needed is a
total refocusing of the
VA on its core mission
of serving veterans -
stretching from its top
political leadership all
the way through to its
career civil servants,"
McCain said Saturday in
the weekly Republican
radio and Internet
Citing news reports
thatVA managers
received performance
bonuses even as internal


the production of com-
modities like sugar beets,
corn and soybeans. There
is no mainstream scien-
tific evidence of a health
"People are becoming
more aware of the fact
that food in this country
is genetically engineered,
and they are starting to
look into what that might
mean in terms of health
and the environment,"
said Laura Murphy of the
Environmental & Natural
Resources Law Clinic at
Vermont Law School.
Big agribusinesses,
spending millions, and
GMO opponents have
traded victories in recent
This month, Vermont's
governor signed a law to
make the state the first re-
quiring disclosure of GMO
ingredients in food labels,
starting in 2016. The
National Conference of
State Legislatures reports
84 genetically modified



Libya, and the training
took place in Mali before
the ouster of its al-Qaida
linked Islamist lead-
ers. As for the money,
Hollande said its origins
were murky.
"Boko Haram is acting
clearly as an al-Qaida
operation," said Nigerian
President Goodluck
Jonathan, who had only
reluctantly accepted
outside help after years
of insisting the group
was a local problem.


on the U.S. Supreme
Court, joined by one
Democrat, upheld
Michigan's voter-
approved ban on con-
sidering race in any way
in college admissions. It
was the latest of a series
of rulings by the court's
conservative majority to
limit affirmative action.
Mark Rosenbaum, who
argued the case on behalf
of minority groups that
opposed the affirmative
action ban, said the sort
of routine outreach that
political parties perform
is prohibited to public
universities under laws

the president.
Donovan is an original
member of Obama's
Cabinet and is well-liked
within the White House,
where officials have
lauded his work over-
seeing the government's
response to Hurricane
As budget director, he
would have significant
influence over the ad-
ministration's policy and
spending priorities.
Castro's star has been

audits revealed lengthy
wait times for health
care, McCain said top VA
officials too often have
been "motivated by all
the wrong incentives and
McCain, a Vietnam
veteran, said Congress
must give VA administra-
tors greater ability to hire
and fire those charged
with caring for veterans,
as well as give veterans
greater flexibility in how
they get quality care in a
timely manner.
Reports of long waits
for appointments and
processing benefit ap-
plications have plagued

on the rise since Obama
picked him to deliver the
keynote address at the
2012 Democratic National
Convention. The 39-year-
old Castro is considered a
possible vice presidential
pick in 2016.
If Castro is nominated
to head the Department
of Housing and Urban
Development, and is
confirmed by the Senate,
he would become one
of the highest-ranking
Hispanic officials in the

the VA for years. Officials
have shortened benefits
backlogs, but allegations
of preventable deaths
that may be linked to
delays at the PhoenixVA
hospital have triggered
an election-year uproar.
A former clinic director
said up to 40 veterans
died while awaiting
treatment at the Phoenix
VA hospital, even as hos-
pital staff kept a secret
appointment list to mask
the delays.
AVA nurse in
Cheyenne, Wyoming, was
put on leave for allegedly
telling employees to
falsify appointment

Obama administration.
A person familiar with
the selection process said
Donovan has been of-
fered the budget director
job and has accepted. An
aide to Castro's brother,
Rep. Joaquin Castro,
D-Texas, said the mayor
has expressed interest
in the housing job and
does plan to accept if it is
offered following a formal
screening process.
Both people spoke
on the condition of

records. AVA investiga-
tion in December found
that staffers at a Fort
Collins, Colorado, clinic
were trained to make it
appear as if veterans got
appointments within 14
days, as VA guidelines
Problems also have
been reported in
Pennsylvania, Georgia,
Missouri, Texas, Florida
and others.
Amid a growing outcry,
the administration and
Congress took steps
to reassure the public
that problems are being
Robert Petzel, the VAs

641* IkJ0 11
Chuck Burr explains his organic seed growing techniques May 12 on his farm outside Ashland,
Ore. Organic farmers are asking voters in Jackon and Josephine counties to adopt a ban on culti-
vating genetically engineered crops, which organic farmers fear could cross-pollinate with some
of their crops.

food labeling bills are
pending in 30 states.
Since 2004, counties
in California, Hawaii and
Washington state have
adopted bans. In 2012,
agribusiness groups de-
feated ballot measures in
California and Washington
state to require statewide

Cameroon, which
French officials said
until recently also
treated Boko Haram as
a purely Nigerian issue,
has become increasingly
involved. The attack late
Friday against a Chinese
engineering firm's camp
left at least 10 people
missing and one person
dead. China is a major
investor in the region,
helping build infrastruc-
ture, public health proj-
ects and sports facilities
and importing crude oil,
timber and cotton.
The camp was in the
same nearly trackless
parkland where the

like Michigan's. "They can
say, 'If you're a person of
color, you would not feel
out of place in our party,'"
Rosenbaum said. "But if a
university said that, there
would be 1,000 lawsuits
The GOP is spending
$60 million to expand
its outreach among
demographic groups
with whom it histor-
ically has struggled,
including Hispanics,
African-Americans and
Asian-Americans. A
new initiative aims to
recruit 300 women and
200 minorities to run
for state and local office.
Republicans already
bested their prior goal
last year of finding 100
new Hispanic candidates.
The party also is trying

GMO food labeling. There
is now an effort in Oregon
to ask voters to require
GMO food labeling.
A bill to nullify state
labeling requirements
is pending in the U.S.
The Oregon vote is
the latest battle over the

girls were first spirited
away after an attack on
their school in northern
Nigeria, highlighting
Boko Haram's abil-
ity to cross borders
An intelligence cell
involving French, British
and American agents is
already operating out of
Nigeria, but Boko Haram
has seemingly continued
to strike unimpeded.
Suspected Islamic
militants attacked
another northeast village
before dawn on Saturday,
killing about 40 people
and burning all the huts
as well as three vehicles,

to trumpet its efforts in
minority areas it once
shunned. In December,
Republican National
Committee Chairman
Reince Priebus was in
Michigan for the opening
of an office in inner-city
Detroit and to announce
the appointment of a
state director of African-
American outreach.
Party officials say they
see no contradiction
between such efforts to
diversify and long-held
skepticism of some types
of affirmative action.
"Republicans believe
in equitable access to
education, not special
treatment solely based
on race," said Tara Wall,
an RNC spokeswoman.
She said the party
believes economic-based

future of agriculture. It
is set in this picturesque
41-mile-long valley near
the California border,
where Syngenta has
operated in near anonym-
ity since 1993, and organic
farmers have tapped a
growing demand for local
produce free of pesticides.

according to a member
of a vigilante group
that went to the village,
Dalwa-Masuba, about
80 kilometers (50 miles)
southwest of Maiduguri,
the Borno state capital.
He spoke on condition of
anonymity because his
group, one of many vig-
ilante organizations set
up to fight Boko Haram,
does not permit mem-
bers to talk to reporters.
Hollande also empha-
sized that Boko Haram
had clearly established
ties with other terror
groups in Africa, making it
a concern throughout the
continent and beyond.

affirmative action may be
a better way to promote
Jill Bader, a
spokeswoman for
the Republican State
Leadership Committee,
which has set the goals
for women and minority
recruitment, said, "What
we're trying to do isn't to
fill a quota. It's that the
people on the ground
find people who are
representative of the
Ward Connerly, a black
Republican who helped
write Michigan's affirma-
tive action ban, argued
there is a difference
between a public univer-
sity selecting students for
limited slots partly due
to race and the GOP's

anonymity because they
were not authorized to
discuss the situation
ahead of an official
announcement from the
White House. The White
House said Saturday
that it had no personnel
announcements to
Obama has previously
tried to offer Castro a
Cabinet post, but the
mayor decided to stay in
San Antonio and handily
won a third term last year.

undersecretary for health
care, had been scheduled
to retire this year but
instead stepped down
Friday. Petzel had said
he would remain until
the Senate confirmed
a replacement, but a
department official said
Shinseki asked Petzel to
leave immediately.
Republicans de-
nounced the move as a
hollow gesture. Rep. Jeff
Miller, R-Fla., chairman
of the House Veterans'
Affairs Committee,
called the announce-
ment "the pinnacle of
disingenuous political

Organic farmers real-
ized they had a problem
in 2012, when Chris
Hardy tried to lease some
land and learned it was
right next to a field leased
to Syngenta. It soon
became clear Syngenta
was spread throughout
the valley.
Farmers started
gathering signatures for
a ballot measure ban-
ning GMOs, and asked
Oregon State University
Extension to help create a
mapping system so GMO
and organic corps would
each be free of the other's
After about six months,
talks broke down, and
the organic farmers went
ahead with the ballot
Syngenta, a Swiss com-
pany with $14.7 billion in
worldwide sales, has been
joined by other agricul-
tural giants like Monsanto
Co., sugar producers like
Amalgamated Sugar, tim-
ber companies and farm
bureaus as far away as
Texas. They have pooled
more than $900,000 to
defeat the measures.

That could provide
an opening for U.N.
sanctions against the
group to freeze its
assets and impose travel
bans against members.
Wendy Sherman, a U.S.
diplomat who was at
Saturday's talks, said the
sanctions could come as
soon as next week.
"I can't imagine any
country which would
not support this designa-
tion," she said.
Surveillance jets have
joined the search and
Hollande left open the
possibility that French
fighter jets could be

"That's just outreach,"
Connerly said. "Getting
good candidates from
different backgrounds is
Seven states have
outlawed affirmative
action since Connerly, with
the support of then-Gov.
Pete Wilson, a Republican,
launched the first ballot
measure against the prac-
tice in California in 1996.
Numerous conservative
legal thinkers, joined by
some centrist and liberal
ones, have argued that
affirmative action is
unconstitutional. They
have the support of some
of the Supreme Court's
conservative wing, which
has yet to outlaw it but
has made rulings in-
creasingly restricting the

Obama considering cabinet shuffle

Tail of the donkey
sculpture stolen
in Santa Fe
- Someone stole the
tail off the donkey.
The Santa Fe New
Mexican reports the
metal sculpture of
a burro that stands
at one end of Santa
Fe's Burro Alley was
recently vandalized and
its tail was ripped off.
Now, the city may
have to spend around
$3,000 to replace the
tail on one of the most
photographed pieces of
public art in downtown
Santa Fe.
So far, police have no
clues on any possible
tail bandits and is of-
fering a $1,000 reward.
The city also has no
plans to remove the
sculpture. Officials say
the city may pay an
artist to fix it.
The sculpture by
artist Charles Southard,
part of the city's collec-
tion of about 75 pieces
of public art, was
commissioned in 1988.
It's valued at $12,500.


Today is Sunday, May 18, the
138th day of 2014. There are
227 days left in the year.
Today in history
On May 18,1944, during
World War II, Allied forces finally
occupied Monte Cassino in Italy
after a four-month struggle with
Axis troops.
On this date
In 1642, the Canadian city of
Montreal was founded by French
In 1765, about one-fourth of
Montreal was destroyed by a fire.
In 1896, the Supreme Court,
in Plessy v. Ferguson, endorsed
"separate but equal" racial segre-
gation, a concept renounced
58 years later in Brown v. Board
of Education of Topeka.
In 1910, Halley's Comet passed
by earth, brushing it with its tail.
In 1926, evangelist Aimee
Semple McPherson vanished
while visiting a beach in Venice,
California. (McPherson reap-
peared more than a month later,
saying she'd escaped after being
kidnapped and held for ransom.)
In 1933, President Franklin
D. Roosevelt signed a measure
creating the Tennessee Valley
In 1934, Congress approved,
and President Franklin D.
Roosevelt signed, the so-called
"Lindbergh Act;' providing for
the death penalty in cases of
interstate kidnapping.
In 1953, Jacqueline Cochran
became the first woman to break
the sound barrier as she piloted
a Canadair F-86 Sabre jet over
Rogers Dry Lake, California.
In 1969, astronauts Eugene A.
Cernan, Thomas P. Stafford and
John W. Young blasted off aboard
Apollo 10 on a mission to orbit
the moon.
In 1974, India conducted its
first nuclear test explosion.
In 1980, the Mount St. Helens
volcano in Washington state
exploded, leaving 57 people
dead or missing.
In 1994, Israeli troops
completed their withdrawal from
the Gaza Strip as Palestinian
authorities took over.

Today's birthdays
Actor Bill Macy is 92. Hall-
of-Fame sportscaster Jack
Whitaker is 90. Actor Robert
Morse is 83. Actor Dwayne
Hickman is 80. Baseball Hall-
of-Famer Brooks Robinson is
77. Bluegrass singer-musician
Rodney Dillard (The Dillards)
is 72. Baseball Hall-of-Famer
Reggie Jackson is 68. Actress
Candice Azzara is 67. Country
singer Joe Bonsall (The Oak
Ridge Boys) is 66. Rock musician
Rick Wakeman (Yes)is 65.
Actor James Stephens is 63.
Country singer George Strait
is 62. Rhythm-and-blues singer
Butch Tavares (Tavares)is 61.
Comedian-writer Tina Fey is 44.
Country singer David Nail is 35.
Rhythm-and-blues singer Darryl
Allen (Mista) is 34. Actor Matt
Long is 34. Christian singer
Francesca Battistelli is 29.

Page 4 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


WIRE Page5

Atomic bomb survivors address Key West forum

Survivors of the atomic
bombings on Japan are
sharing their experience
at a home of the U.S.
president who autho-
rized the attacks.
The 1945 bombings of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
were being explored in
a weekend symposium
at the Harry S. Truman
Little White House in Key
Two survivors of
the bombings opened

the Truman Legacy
Symposium on Friday
telling those gathered
about experiencing the
devastation as children.
Setsuko Thurlow, who
was 13 when Hiroshima
was bombed, recalled
her rescue from a
collapsed building before
classmates were burned
alive inside it.
She recalled seeing
a blue-white flash
and then hearing the
voices of her classmates

begging for help in the
collapsed building. She
was trapped beneath
boards but pulled free
from the rubble, but
said about 30 other girls
were not so lucky. She
ultimately fled the city
on foot, but the sights
of what she passed will
never leave her.
"We saw streams of
people, streams of ghost-
ly people burned,
blackened," she said.
"When darkness came,

we sat on the hillside
and we watched the city
Yasuaki Yamashita,
who was 6 when his
home was destroyed in
Nagasaki, said he spent
decades hiding his
background because of
discrimination against
survivors. He moved
to Mexico and kept his
background a secret
from all but a few close
friends until 1995, when
a friend's son asked him

to speak at his university.
He refused, then gave in
and delivered a presenta-
tion on his experience.
"When I finished, my
suffering started disap-
pearing," he said. "If we
don't tell what hap-
pened in Nagasaki and
Hiroshima, it could hap-
pen again anywhere."
Now nuclear disar-
mament advocates, the
two survivors are part
of presentations con-
tinuing through Sunday

that include Truman's
grandson Clifton
Truman Daniel, who is
authoring a book on the
The annual Truman
Symposium, in its 12th
year, draws scholars,
authors and political
figures to discuss
Truman's presidency.
Events were being held
at sites including the
Little White House,
where Truman spent 11
working vacations.


Police make arrest
in 1989 Miami
murder case
MIAMI (AP)-A de-
cades-old cold case was
solved Saturday, police
said, with an arrest in a
Miami killing.
Miami-Dade Police
said Rickey L. Davis, 52,
was booked into jail early
Saturday on a first-
degree murder charge in
the death of Joycelean
Burrows, 26, was found
by police on Jan. 17,
1989, in a vacant Liberty
City lot. She had been
strangled, but her killing
received little notice in a
particularly bloody year.
She was the 13th of 438
Dade County homicides
in 1989.
It was not known if
Davis had obtained an at-
torney. The Miami Herald
reported he was consid-
ered a suspect at the time
of the killing because
a witness told police
they saw him covered in
blood, using a hose to
wash blood from the back
of his truck. Davis had
denied any recent contact
with Burrows at the time
of her death and detec-
tives ultimately decided
they didn't have enough
evidence to arrest him.
Giant 'snorkel
aquarium' opens
in St. Pete Beach
(AP) -A 33,500 gallon
aquarium overlooking
the dining room of an
upcoming restaurant
has been revealed on the
hit Animal Planet show
The giant "snorkel
aquarium" can be seen
by the public starting
Saturday. It's at the
Guy Harvey Outpost, a
TradeWinds Beach Resort.
The aquarium is being
stocked with indigenous
fish such as snook,
redfish, trout, tarpon,
grouper, snapper, small
sharks and eels for the
largest tank the show has
ever created. Guests will
be able to get behind-the-
scenes tours and even
snorkel in the tank and
feed the fish.
The "Tanked" episode
with the aquarium aired
Friday. The restaurant is
expected to open at the
end of May.

SunRail averages
10,000 riders
in first 2 weeks
Officials for central
Florida's new commuter
train say that more than
100,000 riders have used

the service during its
initial two weeks.
SunRail spokesman
Steve Olson announced
Friday that officials
estimate the train has
had 117,740 passengers
board in the 11 days it has
run between May 1 and
May 15. It does not run
on the weekends.
Service on the first
32-mile phase of $1.2
billion commuter train
was offered free for two
weeks to help users
get acclimated to the
train and its schedule. A
handful of tweaks have
been made over that time
to lessen some midday
delays and parking issues.
Paying service is set to
begin Monday.
The project is aimed at
easing traffic on Interstate
4 and securing the area's
long-term economic

Health officials
warn about viral
mosquito disease
The Florida Department
of Health is warning
residents about a viral
mosquito-borne disease.
Officials have received
reports of three Floridians
who recently traveled
to the Caribbean and
contracted chikungunya
The disease is trans-
mitted to humans by
infected mosquitoes. It
has been documented
in 40 countries in Asia,
Africa, Europe and the
The cases in Florida in-
clude a 30-year-old woman
from Miami-Dade County;
a 29-year-old woman from
Broward County; and a
44-year-old woman in
Hillsborough County.
Symptoms typically
begin three to seven days
after being bitten and
include fever and severe
joint pains, often in the
hands and feet.
The Health Department
advises residents to drain
water from any garbage
cans, pool covers and
other items that may have
collected rain water and
wear repellent.

South Florida
residents rally for
Nigerian girls
-A Florida congress-
woman is among those
rallying for action to
free nearly 300 abducted
Nigerian schoolgirls.
Rep. FredericaWilson
was due to address a
demonstration Saturday
in Miami Gardens.
She says she's adding

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B with one of our board I certified eye doctors
2529 TAMIA TRAIl includes prescription for
2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL eyeglasses, and tests for
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I other eye diseases.
20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A Offer applies to new I
PORT CHARLOTTE patients 59 years and older.
941-766-7474 Offer does not apply to Freedom and
Optimum health plan participants
330 NORTH BREVARD Coupon Expires 6/18/2014
4Eye Health
L --- -_---

her voice "to the chorus
heard around the world"
to "bring back our girls."
Leaders from five
African nations are
gathering in Paris for a
summit with officials
from the U.S., France
and Britain in hopes of
coordinating a strategy
against Boko Haram, the
Islamic extremist group
that abducted the girls.

Tampa pastor
found dead
Tampa pastor was found
dead of an apparent
suicide amid an investi-
gation he had embezzled
about $200,000 from his
church, authorities said.
The Tampa Police
Department said the Rev.
Vladimir Dziadek, 56, was
discovered by a mainte-
nance worker Monday
morning at the bottom of

a staircase at the offices
of St. Joseph Catholic
Church. He had appar-
ently hanged himself with
a belt tied to a banister.
A report from the
Hillsborough County
Medical Examiner noted
police said Dziadek was
depressed after parish-
ioners discovered the
alleged embezzlement
to fuel a gambling habit.
The report said the priest
had been removed from
administrative duties at
the church and was set
to appear at a hearing
Monday with members.
Frank Murphy, a
spokesman for the
Diocese of St. Petersburg,
said the diocesan finance
office was nearing the
end of its investigation.
Murphy said Dziadek
was "very well-received"
at St. Joseph but had a
history of depression.

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Rocket launch
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Page 6 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

MAGLAJ, Bosnia (AP) -
Packed into buses, boats
and helicopters, carrying
nothing but a handful
of belongings, tens of thou-
sands fled their homes
Saturday in Bosnia and
Serbia to escape the worst
flooding in a century.
Rapidly rising rivers
surged into homes,
sometimes reaching
up to the second floors,
sending people climbing to
rooftops for rescue.
Hundreds were also
evacuated in Croatia.
Authorities said 25 peo-
ple have died but warned
the death toll could rise.
Tens of thousands of
homes were left without
electricity or drinking
Landslides triggered
by the floods also raised
the risk of injury or death
from land mines left over
from Bosnia's 1992-95
war. The landslides swept
away many of the carefully
placed warning signs
around the minefields.
Three months' worth
of rain has fallen on the
region in three days this
week, creating the worst
floods since records began
120 years ago.
Observed from the air,
almost a third of Bosnia,
mostly its northeast comer,
resembled a huge muddy
lake, with houses, roads
and rail lines submerged.
Admir Malagic, a spokes-
man for Bosnia's Security
Ministry, said about a
million people over a
quarter of the country's
population live in the
affected area.

People build a dam made up of sandbags by the bank of the Sava River in Sremska Mitrovica,
90 kilometers west of Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday. Record flooding in the Balkans leaves at
least 25 people dead in Serbia and Bosnia and is forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes.
Meteorologists say the flooding is the worst since records began 120 years ago.

"Bosnia is facing a
horrible catastrophe,"
said Baldkir Izetbegovic, the
chairman of the Bosnian
three-man presidency. "We
are still not fully aware of
actual dimensions of the
catastrophe... we will have
to take care of hundreds,
thousands of people..."
Izetbegovic was touring
Maglaj, hard hit by floods.
As the waters mostly
withdrew on Saturday,
Maglaj was covered in mud
and debris, with residents
checking damage and
bringing furniture out in
the streets to dry.
"Everything is destroyed,
but we are happy to be
alive," said Maglaj resident
Zijad Omerovic.
In the eastern Bosnian
town of Bijeljina, some

10,000 people were being
evacuated Saturday after
the rain-swollen Sava
River pushed through
flood defenses, endanger-
ing four villages outside
the town. The peak of
the Sava flood wave was
expected in Bijeljina later
Saturday, before advanc-
ing to Serbia.
"We need everything,
we are underwater," mayor
Mico Micic exclaimed.
In eastern Croatia, the
overflowing Sava spread
over villages and farmland,
sending hundreds fleeing.
The rain caused nearly
300 landslides in Bosnia,
burying dozens of houses
and cars and further
complicating relief efforts.
"They come unan-
nounced in just a few

seconds," said Fahrudin
Solak, a Civil Protection
Officials in Bosnia say
17 people died and more
bodies could be found as
water recedes from dozens
of cities. In some places,
people had to be rescued
by helicopter from their
Many in Bosnia lost
homes they had only just
rebuilt after the war, which
claimed 100,000 lives and
devastated the impover-
ished country.
In Serbia, eight deaths
were reported and
emergency crews and
soldiers were using boats
and helicopters to rescue
thousands trapped in the
town of Obrenovac, near

Eastern Ukrainians

rap Kiev in talks

Thousands flee, 25 die

in record Balkan floods

r I

On high

4033 (AP) Each day
the Vietnamese ships
tried to get close to the
rig. And each day they
were driven back by the
much larger Chinese
But before they
sped away, laboring
engines spewing black
smoke, the Vietnamese
delivered a message:
"Attention! Attention! We


are warning you about
your provocative act,"
blasted out a recording
from a loudspeaker in
Vietnamese, Chinese and
English. "We demand
you respect Vietnam's
sovereignty. Please
immediately halt your
activities and leave
Vietnamese waters."
Occasionally col-
liding with or firing
water cannons at each
other, Vietnamese and

Chinese ships have
been shadow boxing
in a sun-dazzled patch
of the South China
Sea since May 1, when
Beijing parked a hulk-
ing, $1 billion deep sea
oil rig, drawing a furious
response from Vietnam.
Vietnam, 10 times
smaller than its northern
neighbor and dependent
on it economically, needs
all the help it can get in
the dispute. Its leaders

believe international
opinion is on their side.
This week they invited
foreign journalists to
get a closer look at the
standoff, the most seri-
ous escalation between
the countries in years
over their overlapping
Vietnam is determined
to defend what it regards
as its sovereign territory
against China, which
insists that most of the

South China Sea -
including the Paracel
Islands it took from U.S.-
backed South Vietnam in
1974 belongs to it. But
Hanoi lacks options in
dealing with Beijing, as
China uses it burgeoning
economic and military
might to press its claims
in the seas.
Vietnam has accused
Chinese vessels of
deliberately and danger-
ously ramming its ships.


TV footage recorded last
week from a Vietnamese
ship showed a Chinese
vessel smashing into the
stern of the Vietnamese
ship then backing up
and ramming it again,
damaging its side.
The Chinese Ministry
of Foreign Affairs on
Friday released three
photographs purportedly
showing a Vietnamese
vessel ramming a
Chinese maritime ship.

Fees and regulations vary for children flying solo

The busy summer
season is fast approach-
ing and that means we'll
see a lot more kids flying
solo. If you are sending
the kids off to visit an
ex-spouse, Grandma or
friends, you may be in
for sticker shock over
fees for unaccompanied

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On some airlines, the
fees can be higher than
the airfare. For example,
if you fly from Dallas
to Houston, we found
nonstop flights for $160
round trip for travel in
peak July on American,
Southwest and United.
The unaccompanied-
minor fee would be $300
round trip on American
or United, which is
almost double the price
of the airfare. The fee on
Southwest is $100 round
trip, which seems like a
bargain in comparison.
The fees and rules for
unaccompanied minors

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since 1995

vary by airline, so you'll
need to take a look at the
rules before you book.
One thing the airlines all
have in common is that
children younger than 5
cannot fly alone.
Many airlines, includ-
ing AirTran, American,
Southwest, United and
US Airways, require that
you use unaccompanied-
minor service for kids
ages 5 to 11. Alaska
requires the service for
children 5 to 12, while
Delta, Frontier, JetBlue,
Spirit and Virgin America
require it for children
5 to 14.

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If you've got a 12-year-
old flying alone, you
could avoid the fee by
choosing a flight on
AirTran, American,
Southwest, United or
US Airways.
If your child is older
than the required age,
most airlines have an op-
tional service for children
younger than 18.
Alaska has the cheap-
est fees, charging $25
each way for nonstop
or direct flights and $50
for a connecting flight.
Southwest and AirTran
charge $50 each way;
Delta, Frontier, JetBlue
and Spirit charge $100
each way; and American,
United and US Airways
charge $150 each way.
Virgin America has a
tiered system, charging
$75 each way for domes-
tic flights less than two
hours, $100 each way for
domestic flights over two
hours and $125 each way
for flights to and from

If your child is travel-
ing with an older sibling,
you may be able to
avoid using the service
if the older child meets
the airline's minimum
companion age. The
minimum companion
age is 12 on AirTran
and Southwest; 15 on
Frontier, Spirit and Virgin
America; 16 on American
and US Airways; and
18 on Alaska, Delta and
Some airlines charge
the fee per child, but
many charge one fee for
multiple children from
the same immediate or
extended family flying
on the same itinerary.
For example, American
charges one fee for
multiple children and
Delta charges one fee
for up to four children
on the same itinerary.
Southwest charges $50
per child, so if you are
sending two kids, the
fee would be $100 each

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There are a lot of
restrictions for unac-
companied minors.
Children ages 5 to 7 are
not allowed on connect-
ing flights, but some
airlines extend that re-
striction to unaccompa-
nied minors of any age.
The rules on American
and US Airways have
been changed to be
pretty similar, but US
Airways does not allow
unaccompanied minors
on connecting flights,
while American does.
Many airlines do not
offer unaccompanied
minor service on
codeshare flights, and
they have time-of-day
restrictions, especially
when it comes to eve-
ning connecting flights.
We suggest choosing
flights early in the day,
especially on connect-
ing flights. If the flight
is delayed or canceled,
you should be able to
get your child out on
another flight that day.
If your child misses a
connection and has to
stay overnight, most air-
lines will not put your
child in a hotel room.
Your child will have to
sleep in the airport,
with airline supervision.
In the past, teenagers
were mixed with young-
er children and now the
airlines don't want the

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) -
Lawmakers and officials
from eastern Ukraine on
Saturday poured criticism
on the fledging central
government, accusing it of
ignoring legitimate griev-
ances of the regions which
have been overrun by
pro-Russia militia fighting
for independence.
One eastern leader said
last weekend's unofficial
referendum in favor of
independence "expressed
the will of the people."
The criticism came
in the second round of
European-brokered talks
intended to resolve the
country's worst crisis since
the fall of the Soviet Union
in 1991.
Ukraine's caretaker
government came to
power in February follow-
ing the ouster of Kremlin-
friendly President Viktor
Yanukovych after months
of protests in Kiev. Moscow
and many in Ukraine's
east have accused the
new government of
intending to trample the
rights of eastern Ukraine's
On Saturday, politicians
from the east implored
the government to believe
that apart from the
pro-Russia gunmen a
large sector of the popu-
lation had lost hope in the
interim administration in
The second round of
talks followed hours after
sustained gunfire heard
throughout the night
near the eastern city of
Slovyansk, the stronghold
of pro-Russia fighters, after
forces loyal to the Kiev
government moved in to

Vietnam and China play tense

protect a television tower.
Separatists in the
Donetsk and Luhansk
regions held hastily
arranged referenda last
weekend and declared
independence following
the vote, which went in
favor of sovereignty.
The roundtable talks in
the eastern city of Kharkiv
did not feature any of the
insurgents, whom Kiev
describes as terrorists. The
insurgents say they are
willing to discuss only the
withdrawal of Ukrainian
troops and the recognition
of the independence of the
"The referendum
doesn't have any legal
consequences," said
Valery Holenko, chair-
man of the Luhansk
regional government.
"But it has expressed the
will of the people, which
cannot be discounted.
People genuinely went
en masse to the referen-
dum. This was a protest
Holenko said the devo-
lution of powers that the
government is offering was
no longer enough and that
as a first step in appeasing
eastern Ukrainians the
government has to stop its
"anti-terrorist operation" in
the east.
Acting Prime Minister
ArseniyYatsenyuk, who
was often busy with
his iPad while some of
the eastern lawmakers
were making passionate
speeches, called on the
eastern leaders to resist the
armed men and support
the government's efforts
to devolve powers to the

SThe Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014


WIRE Page 7


Lao defense chief,
4 others killed in
plane crash
military plane carrying
senior Lao government
officials crashed Saturday
in a wooded area as it
approached an airport in
the country's northeast,
killing at least five people,
including the defense
minister and other
high-ranking members of
the authoritarian coun-
try's ruling party.
Lao National Television
showed video of the
mangled wreckage of the
plane, with smoke rising
from its badly charred
remains. The footage
showed rescuers pulling
away pieces of aircraft
debris and trying to dig
through the remaining
fuselage with shovels, as
medical crews stood by
About 18 people were
believed to be on board
the plane, which left
Vientiane, Laos' capital,
early Saturday morning
to bring the group to
an official ceremony
in Xiangkhoung prov-
ince, about 290 miles
away, said Thai Foreign
Ministry spokesman Sek
Wannamethee. Earlier
reports had said about
20 people were on board.

Russian threat to
ban Twitter spurs
quick backlash
MOSCOW (Washington
Post) Comments by
a top telecom official
suggesting that Russia
might soon block access
to Twitter were swiftly
condemned Friday
- even by other gov-
ernment officials pro-
viding a rare window into
differences of opinion
inside the Kremlin over
how best to censor voices
of dissent.
In an interview with a
local newspaper, Maxim
Ksenzov, deputy head of
the government's telecom-
munications watchdog,
Roskomnadzor, called
Twitter a "political" tool
that undermines the state's
authority. "We can block
Twitter or Facebook tomor-
row for several minutes,"
Ksenzov said. "We do not
see any risks in that."
Ksenzov said the
government would then
weigh "the consequences
from switching off the
social networks" against
"the damage that is being
done to Russian society"
by online posts to deter-
mine whether to perma-
nently block the sites.

Frozen soil
wall shown at
Fukushima plant

(Yomiuri Shimbun) -
Japan's industry ministry
on Friday showed the
news media a site testing
underground walls of
frozen soil, the full-
fledged version to begin
construction next month
to prevent groundwater
from mixing with con-
taminated water at Tokyo
Electric Power's crippled
Fukushima No. 1 nuclear
power plant.
The government plans
to build 30-meter-deep
underground walls by
freezing soil around
the outer 1.5-kilometer
perimeter of reactors
Nos. 1 to 4 at the plant to
keep groundwater from
flowing into the reactor
buildings and becoming
highly contaminated.
The walls will
cost 32 billion yen

($315.2 million) to build,
the government said.
In the experimental
project, frozen-soil walls
were created in March
around a 10-meter-square
patch of land near the
No. 4 reactor building, to
test their effectiveness in
blocking groundwater.

Turkish miner: Company is to blame

(AP) Miner Erdal Bicak
believes he knows why
so many of his colleagues
died in Turkey's worst
mining disaster: company
And he knows one other
thing he's never going
back down any mine
Bicak, 24, had just end-
ed his shift Tuesday and
was making his way to the
surface when managers
ordered him to retreat
because of a problem in
the Soma coal mine in
western Turkey. Workers
gathered in one area to
hastily put on gas masks.
"The company is guilty"
Bicak told The Associated
Press, adding that man-
agers had machines that
measure methane gas
levels. "The new gas levels
had gotten too high and
they didn't tell us in time."
The miner also said gov-
ernment safety inspectors
never visited the lower
reaches of the Soma mine
and have no idea of how
bad conditions get.
Government and min-
ing officials have insisted,
however, that the disaster
that killed 301 workers was

Miner Erdal Bicak, center, speaks to journalists Fric
joined fellow miners and their family members to i
rate the Soma mine accident victims and protest thi
ment's labor policy in Savastepe, Turkey.

not due to negligence and
the mine was inspected
Akin Celik, the Soma
mine's operations man-
ager, has said thick smoke
from the underground fire
killed many miners who
had no gas masks. High
levels of carbon dioxide
and carbon monoxide
have also been a problem
for rescue workers as well.
Bicak, whose leg was
badly injured and in
a cast, recounted his
miraculous escape late
Friday while at a candle-lit

vigil for Soma vi
the town square
On Saturday, i
workers retrieve
bodies of the las
miners missing
disaster, putting
toll at 301, Energ
Taner Yildiz said
He said 485 mI
escaped or were
"Until today x
focused on sear
rescue efforts. N
we will be focus
on investigation
what will happen

production," Yildiz said.
"The true cause of the
accident will be assessed
... through different
dimensions," he added.
"There will be lessons
to draw for the mining
Public anger has surged
in the wake of the Soma
coal mine fire. Police used
tear gas and water cannon
Friday to disperse pro-
testers in Soma who were
demanding that Prime
AP PHOTO Minister Recep Tayyip
lay as he Erdogan's government
commemo- resign.
he govern- On Saturday, police in-
creased security in Soma
to prevent new protests
ctims in and detained lawyers
of nearby who scuffled with police
after objecting to identity
rescue checks, NTV television
d the reported. The lawyers
it two came to offer legal advice
in the to the victims.
Sthe death In Istanbul, police
gy Minister using their shields and
1. batons pushed back a
miners small group of protesters
Rescued, trying to leave some coal
we had near a monument at
ch and the city's main square,
qow Taksim, in a show of
sing solidarity with the Soma
is, on victims, the Dogan news
mn about agency reported.

Recalling his ordeal,
Bicak said he ended
up about a kilometer
(.6 miles) underground
with 150 people Tuesday
afternoon when he
heard an explosion. He
said they were given
old oxygen masks that
he thought hadn't been
checked in many years.
Bicak and a close
friend tried to make
their way to an exit,
but the smoke was
thick. The path was
narrow and steep, with
ceilings so low the
miners couldn't stand
up, making it difficult
to leave quickly. He and
his friend took turns
slapping each other to
stay conscious.
"I told my friend 'I can't
go on. Leave me here. I'm
going to die,'" Bicak said.
But his friend said to
him, "'No, we're getting
out of here.'"
Bicak eventually made
it out of the mine with
his friend by then
lapsing in and out of
consciousness. He said
he lost many friends and
out of the 150 miners he
was working with, only
15 made it out alive.

After win, Indian PM begins victory lap

Thousands of people
welcomed India's next
prime minister in the
capital on Saturday
after he led his party to
a resounding election
victory, with Narendra
Modi flashing a victory
sign to his cheering sup-
porters and telling them
that the win "created a
new confidence among
Results announced
Friday from the weeks-
long polls showed that
Modi and the Hindu na-
tionalist Bharatiya Janata
Party had won the most
decisive election victory
India has seen in three
decades, sweeping the
long-dominant Congress
party from power.
On Saturday, Modi

Happy I

(Bloomberg News) -
Looking for a traditional
Brazilian dish of rice
and beans while in town
for the World Cup? Try
After employees who
rejected its regular
menu of hamburgers
and french fries on work
breaks filed a complaint
to prosecutors, the local
operator of McDonald's
restaurants was required
to provide dishes more
in keeping with the
local cuisine. While the
meals don't appear on
menu displays at the 816
McDonald's across the
South American country,
they're available to cus-
tomers too. Just ask to see
the "pratos executives," or
"businessman's specials."
With 35,429 restau-
rants in 119 countries,
McDonald's has long
offered food tailored to
local tastes, from the
McKafta in Egypt to
the Filet 0 Shrimp in
Japan and the McVeggie
burger in India. While
the Brazilian options are
kept under wraps, they're
available for purchase to
avoid criticism the restau-
rant is serving employees
special meals customers
can't buy.
"These rice and beans
meals better satisfy
the hunger," Tamires
Honorato, a 19-year-old
cashier at a McDonald's
restaurant in Barueri,
near Sao Paulo, said in an
interview. "And it's more
like the meals we eat at

was greeted by roaring
crowds outside the BJP's
headquarters in the heart
of New Delhi, where he
met with the party's lead-
ership to discuss forming
a new government.
The headquarters were
festooned with garlands
made of marigold flowers
and multicolored bal-
loons. Supporters blew
conch shells, which tra-
ditionally mark the start
of most Hindu rituals. As
Modi walked toward the
office, he was showered
with rose petals.
In a country where
elections usually result in
cacophony rather than a
single roar, Modi pulled
off a mandate of stagger-
ing proportions, leaving
him unfettered to pursue
the agenda of economic

revival and development
that propelled him to
What remains to be
seen is how quickly
Modi, who has ruled
the western state of
Gujarat since 2001, can


S expecta-
tions he has
created in
an elector-
ate that is
hungry for
MODI change.
might envy Narendra
Modi his awesome
electoral victory yester-
day. But the challenges
he faces as India's
17th prime minister
are scarcely enviable,"
Mohan Guruswamy, an

economist long associ-
ated with the BJP, wrote
in The Citizen, an online
For most of the past
two years, Modi, 63,
has worked relentlessly
to market himself as
the one leader capable
of waking this nation
of 1.2 billion from its
economic slumber,
while trying to shake
off allegations that he
looked the other way
amid communal riots in
his home state in 2002
that killed 1,000 people,
most of them Muslims.
On Saturday, as thou-
sands of people cheered
and danced in the streets
to welcome him to the
capital, it was clear that
Modi had managed to
win the confidence of a

large number of Indians.
Modi and the BJP
wiped out a Congress
party that had dominat-
ed Indian politics for all
but a decade since the
country gained freedom
from British rule in 1947.
The final tally showed
that the BJP had won
282 seats and Congress
just 44 in the 543-strong
Lok Sabha, or lower
house of Parliament -
meaning Modi will be
able to form a govern-
ment without the support
of smaller parties.
The last time any single
party won a majority in
India was in 1984, when
the Congress party swept
more than 400 seats fol-
lowing the assassination
of then-Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi.

VMeal that McDonald's isn't showing you

home. People don't have
hamburgers every day."
It's not just
McDonald's where rice
and beans are the meal
of choice. Sao Paulo
restaurant Mani, where
chef Helena Rizzo was
named the world's best
female chef this year
by the U.K. magazine
Restaurant for dishes
including the 78-reais

Brand Na

Was -1-7

($35.20) ox cheek plate,
also serves up rice and
beans to workers.
"We always have
to offer this dish,"
said Giovana Baggio,
a managing partner.
"Otherwise workers
The business-
man's specials list at
McDonald's, which
is stashed under the

counter until requested,
looks just like the regular
menu, including the
company's logo on the
top. In addition to rice
and beans, each meal
comes with a choice of
either chicken, fish or
beef (the same patties
as those served on the
regular menu); a salad;
water or juice; and an
apple for dessert. In Sao

Paulo, the meal costs 23
reals. That's 4 reals more
than the Big Mac combo.
A 2012 agreement with
prosecutors to settle
a six-year-old inves-
tigation required the
McDonald's operator,
Arcos Dorados Holdings,
to provide traditional
meals at no cost for their
employees in order to
claim tax breaks.

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-Page 8 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


-10s -Os O 10s I 20s 30s I 40s I 50s IOs 60s 70s 80s I 90s

UV Index and RealFeel Temperature T

.1-S,0)1 -.

66 78 90 90 90

8a.m. 10a.m. Noon 2p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.
The higher the UV Index number,
the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low;
3-5 Moderate; 6-7 Highi; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme.
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature
based on eight weather factors.

Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday

0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous
Main pollutant: ozone

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday
Trees o.
Vteds 0 o
absent low moderate hilh veryhigh
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday
High/Low 87/560
Normal High/Low 90/670
Record High 940 (2003)
Record Low 490 (1973)
Precipitation (in inches)
24 hoursthrough 5 p.m. Saturday 0.00"
Month to date 2.99"
Normal month to date 1.10"
Year to date 15.00"
Normal yearto date 10.64"
Record 1.52" (2009)


Month 2014 2013
Jan. 3.67 0.43
Feb. 1.24 2.12
Mar. 5.10 1.98
Apr. 2.00 3.06
May 2.99 2.76
Jun. 10.50
Jul. 7.38
Aug. 9.29
Sep. 11.12
Oct. 3.48
Nov. 0.01
Dec. 0.97
Year 15.00 53.10

(since 1931)

Totals are from a 24-hour penod ending at 5 p.m.

Mostly Sunny & Breezy Partly Cloudy & Breezy

86/61 88/640
0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain

today Possible weather-related delays today Check
with your airline for the most updated schedules.
Hi/VLo Outlook Delays
Ft. Myers 89/66 sun none
S Punta Gorda 89/62 sun none
1 Sarasota 88/65 sun none


The Sun
The Moon

6:39 a.m.
6:39 a.m.
12:06 a.m.
New First

I AftA

8:11 p.m.
8:11 p.m.
10:24 a.m.
11:27 a.m.

Jun 12

Minor Major Minor Major
Today 9:49a 3:35a 10:18p 4:04p
Mon. 10:52a 4:38a 11:20p 5:06p
Tue. 11:52a 5:38a --- 6:05p
The solunar period schedule allows planning days
so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in
good cover during those times. Major periods begin
at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours.The
minor periods are shorter.

Punta Gorda
Today 8:10a
Mon. 9:16a
Today 6:47a
Mon. 7:53a
Boca Grande
Today 5:52a
Mon. 6:58a
El Jobean
Today 8:42a
Mon. 9:48a
Today 5:02a
Mon. 6:08a

Low High Low

1:14a 5:37p 11:21a
2:09a 6:35p 12:28p

9:37a 4:14p ---
12:25a 5:12p 10:44a

7:58a 3:19p 10:46p
9:05a 4:17p11:43p

1:43a 6:09p 11:50a
2:38a 7:07p 12:57p

8:16a 2:29p 11:04p
9:23a 3:27p ---


, Petersburg

Longboat Key%


Annlln Raech



Mostly Sunny

87/ 630
0% chance of rain

87 68

"*.._ Tampa
I--, 86 67

oo .......... Ft. Meade
88/67 87/61

Bmadenton 88 65
Myakka CitV ;... .
_.____ MkaCit Limestone
88 64 0j88 62
ota9 .. I ------

8/5 :

Osprey "
87/64 *

Shown is today's weather
Temperatures are today's
highs and tonight's lows.

Gulf Water


Fronts Precipitation
YY *- m-*-& m EA3
Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
U.S. Extremes (For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)
High ................. 107 at El Centro, CA Low ................ 23 at Crane Lake, MN

89 66 ""0

Venice Hull
88/64 North Pot *1l"
89/63 89/63

1b Port Charlotte
I 86/61
Englekuud 8/
88 63 --.
.'O P- Punta Gorda

Boca Grande j

Forecasts and graphics, except for the
WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by
AccuWeather, Inc. 2014

Publication date: 5/18/14
Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland
direction in knots in feet chop
Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs
ENE 10-20 1-3 Light
Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola
ENE 6-12 1-2 Light

Fort Myers

Cape Coral

Lehigh Acres

Bonita Springs j
88/66 "


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

Hi Lo W
83 60 s
88 67 s
87 68 s
84 73 s
83 64 s
84 75 s
89 66 s
83 67 s
85 58 s
85 59 s
83 74 s

i Lo W
5 64 s
8 69 s
8 69 s
5 73 s
3 65 s
4 76 s
) 68 s
5 69 s
559 s
2 58 pc
3 75 s

Key West
Panama City

Hi Lo W
85 76 s
86 63 s
86 62 s
83 68 s
84 74 s
88 66 s
87 59 s
83 67 s
86 63 s
82 61 s
84 64 s

Hi Lo W
86 76 s
87 65 s
87 63 s
85 71 s
86 75 s
89 69 s
87 60 s
85 69 s
88 66 s
83 65 s
86 67 s

City Hi Lo W
Pompano Beach 84 74 s
St. Augustine 81 65 s
St. Petersburg 86 67 s
Sanford 86 65 s
Sarasota 88 65 s
Tallahassee 88 59 s
Tampa 86 67 s
Titusville 82 63 s
Vero Beach 83 67 s
West Palm Beach 83 73 s
Winter Haven 86 65 s

Hi Lo W
84 76 s
79 66 pc
88 69 s
87 66 s
89 67 s
88 61 s
87 68 s
84 66 s
85 69 s
84 73 s
88 67 s

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
Des Moines

Hi Lo W
89 59 pc
63 46 s
68 51 t
68 43 pc
72 47 t
70 51 pc
72 47 pc
68 50 s
59 42 pc
64 40 sh
68 38 pc
68 47 r
66 46 pc
67 43 s
61 40 pc
72 51 t
66 43 pc
70 36 s
82 64 pc
84 51 pc
71 53 s
63 46 pc
67 44 s
55 36 sh
73 54 s
71 41 s
66 43 t
87 72 s
83 66 pc
67 46 s


Buenos Aires

Hi Lo W
69 54 pc
104 74 s
85 64 pc
64 47 sh
61 44 pc
86 64 c
57 41 t
84 75 pc
61 49 r
63 36 sh
52 42 r
75 60 t
73 59 s
79 55 pc

Hi Lo W
88 57 s
61 45 s
77 59 s
73 48 s
69 46 t
83 62 s
66 48 pc
68 51 sh
64 47 pc
67 43 sh
74 46 pc
75 50 s
68 57 s
73 54 s
65 48 pc
79 52 s
71 53 pc
70 41 sh
85 66 pc
82 48 pc
73 62 t
69 52 pc
58 46 r
58 35 c
67 53 t
69 46 sh
65 41 t
86 72 pc
85 67 pc
70 57 s

Hi Lo W
73 56 pc
96 73 c
88 62 s
70 50 sh
59 48 s
89 68 s
59 37 r
88 76 pc
59 47 sh
66 40 c
50 43 r
82 60 t
73 57 pc
75 52 t

Jackson, MS
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
Norfolk, VA
Oklahoma City
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City
St. Louis
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
St. John's
San Juan

i Lo W
3 59 s
1 58 s
7 44 sh
3 75 s
5 60 pc
8 48 s
4 58 t
4 45 pc
) 52 s
3 56 s
3 46 pc
4 65 s

i Lo W
9 52 s
3 46 pc
3 45 sh
3 53 s
3 46 t
) 70t

Hi Lo W
87 61 s
78 64 pc
76 53 s
90 71 s
71 58 pc
77 59 s
84 66 s
62 53 s
65 58 t
85 60 s
80 59 s
85 67 s

Hi Lo W
76 50 pc
64 48 pc
68 45 pc
76 55 s
60 41 r
78 68 pc
68 55 sh
48 38 r
88 75 t
77 52 s
75 63 pc
65 43 pc
64 49 c
62 51 r

Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, lice.

Senior housing surplus seen as boomers spur building boom

CHICAGO (Bloomberg)
- Real estate developers
are betting big on U.S.
housing for the elderly,
preparing for a surge in
demand as the population
of senior citizens almost
doubles in the next
35 years. They may be
building too fast.

A jump in supply is
forecast to cut growth
in senior-housing net
operating income to
1.8 percent in 2015 and
1.4 percent in 2016 from
3.3 percent this year,
according to Green Street
Advisors. The increase
may hurt health care real

estate investment trusts
and companies including
Brookdale Senior Living,
which is buying compet-
itor Emeritus for about
$1.4 billion to become the
biggest owner of senior
properties, the research
firm said.
"Increased supply is
always worrisome in any
type of commercial real
estate," said Jim Sullivan,
a managing director
at Newport Beach,
California-based Green
Street. "In senior housing,
new construction has
ramped up considerably
over the last two years."
Health care REITs,
which soared to records
early last year, have been

the worst-performing part
of the property-trust mar-
ket in the past 12 months.
The U.S. had 526,144
senior-housing units in
the 31 largest markets
in the first quarter, up
1.4 percent from a year
earlier, and an additional
16,181 units are under
construction, according to
the National Investment
Center for the Seniors
Housing & Care Industry,
a trade group based in
Annapolis, Maryland.
The companies have
been hurt over concern
about a narrowing of the
spread between their
capital costs and property
prices, said Ian Goltra,
a money manager at


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Town Center Mall
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(941) 315-8644

Inside Wal-Mart
(941) 451-7069

Merchants Crossing
(941) 526-0186

Forward Management in
San Francisco.
Building and owning
housing for the elderly
have become more
popular as baby boomers
age. The population of
people 65 and older is
projected to surge to
83.7 million in 2050 from
43.1 million in 2012,
the U.S. Census Bureau
said this month. Baby
boomers those born
between mid-1946 and
mid-1964 began turn-
ing 65 in 2011, according
to the bureau.
Housing for the
elderly varies greatly.
communities serve those
who need little assistance
with daily living, and
sometimes include meals
and activities, Brookdale's
website shows. At
assisted-living properties,
residents usually receive
help with bathing, dress-
ing, transportation and
medication management,
according to the Assisted
Living Federation of
America, a senior-housing
trade group based in
Alexandria, Virginia.
Some properties
have a mix of services.
One example is the
Hallmark, a high-rise
on Chicago's lakefront
north of downtown that

offers independent- and
assisted-living options.
The property, operated by
Brentwood, Tennessee-
based Brookdale, has
transportation services,
meals, a walking path,
housekeeping and an
exercise room.
Among the largest
senior-housing compa-
nies are Chicago-based
Ventas Inc., which owns
713 communities; Toledo,
Ohio-based Health
Care REIT Inc., with 711
properties; Long Beach,
California-based HCP Inc.,
with 444; and Brookdale,
with 555. In February,
Brookdale agreed to buy
Seattle-based Emeritus.
Messages left Friday
for Ross Roadman, senior
vice president of investor
relations at Brookdale,
weren't returned.
"There's been a little
bit of an uptick we're
mindful of that," said
Brookdale Chief Executive
Officer Andrew Smith
when asked about supply
at a Barclays conference
in March. "You have to go
down and look at what's
happening in each local
market. We just don't see
that much. It's not to say
that there is none, but we
don't see that much truly,
directly, adversely new

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Partly Cloudy

89 / 650
0% chance of rain

Plant City
'88' 63

89 63


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0 50 100150200 300 500 May21 May28 Jun 5
0 50 100150200 300 500 May 21 May 28 Jun5

Popa P LS and Spas
Ncw Construction Pool *
i iMh ~Renovations *Saltwater Pools
S. m w fl *Deck Resurfacing *Paver Decks
-Heat Pumps .SoIar Heating
*Screen Enclosures eRepairs *
S Leak Detection Stain Removal
lsWeekly Pool Service Pooli
LIC. #CPC057330 9 Q Q O
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SINCE 1975 Port Charlotte, FL33980

.::'" .;:

~ 'Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation.Temperature bands are highs for the day.

Partly Cloudy wnnipeg Oilwa 63;46
Al l 671/48 63/45
.. .... ^ \Toronto
oBillings Minn 501n2
90O/680 721J7 7NM2 Deiroh *
to chance of rain } ^ hc, 6y46 -^ Ne Yr
c San Francisco J Chicago66 248
,675 & 46 A% Washingron
i&rivenr .Kansas City 'W 7250 V
LosAngeles 8451 5
inter Haven 75M4 \ 70
, .65 i ,"
.Ch hu 86 El Paso
t Houston
*I *^h-&a VM66"
U '''\Un *8



' ," rs.


Sunday, May 18,2014 @SunCoastSports

Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence

* HORSE RACING: Preakness Stakes


Horses that won thoroughbred racing's Triple
Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont
Stakes). California Chrome could be the first
since Affirmed in 1978.

20 4
Horses that won the Kentucky Derby and the Number of combined career victories by
Preakness but fell short of the Triple Crown by California Chrome's parents. Lucky Pulpit, the
losing the Belmont Stakes, including I'll Have stallion, won 3 of his 22 starts, while Love The
Another in 2012 (scratched from the Belmont Chase, the mare, managed one win in six starts.
with tendinitis).

For 3?

California Chrome, right, runs to victory in the 139th Preakness Stakes on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

California Chrome
seeks to become
California Crown
BALTIMORE It gets even
harder from here on out for
California Chrome.
He won easily in his home state
of California, he dazzled in the

Kentucky Derby and he dug deep
to win the Preakness on Saturday.
Now comes the toughest test of
all, the Belmont Stakes in three
The chestnut colt with four
white feet will attempt to sweep
the Kentucky Derby, Preakness
and Belmont, something that
hasn't been done since Affirmed in
1978. Since then, 12 horses have
won the first two legs and failed
to complete the sweep in the

112-mile Belmont; the last was I'll
Have Another, who was scratched
on the eve of the Belmont two
years ago.
"You have to have a very good
horse to win these three races,"
said Art Sherman, the winning
77-year-old trainer. "I'm hoping
I've got one right now."
Maybe the horse with the
modest pedigree and average Joe
owners is the one.

* FLORIDA STATE LEAGUE: Charlotte 2, Clearwater 0

WHO: Clearwater (9-30) at
Charlotte (20-21)
WHEN: Today, 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: Charlotte Sports
Park, Port Charlotte
Brody Colvin (0-2, 8.44) vs.
Austin Pruitt (2-1, 6.00)
RADIO: 91.7 FM, www.
TICKETS: 941-206-3511 or at
the stadium ticket office (open
(all dogs get in free); Family
Fun Sunday (fans will be able
to receive autographs from
players upon entrance, play
catch on the field and kids can
run the bases postgame

Crabs' trio quiets Clearwater

On Super Hero night at
Charlotte Sports Park,
the Stone Crabs' pitchers
played that role, tossing
a shutout to save the
team from its three-game
losing streak.
Charlotte's offense
struggled again in
Saturday's 2-0 win with
just five hits, none with
runners in scoring
position, but it managed
to eke a couple of runs
and earn a victory.
Alex Cobb gave

Stone Crab and Florida native
Ryan Garton wants chance to
play for hometown crowd with
Rays, PAGE 4
Alex Cobb throws 46 of his 64
pitches for strikes in rehab start,

Charlotte five scoreless
innings in a rehab start
as he recovers from a
strained oblique, and
Parker Markel and Ryan
Garton followed suit with
two shutout innings each
as the Stone Crabs picked

up their first win since
The defense also gave
Charlotte a boost by
turning two double plays
and ending another scor-
ing threat when catcher
Justin O'Connor picked
off Clearwater's K.C. Serna
leading off third base to
end the fourth inning.
By not allowing the
Threshers to cross home
plate, two RBIs from
Patrick Leonard proved to
be enough. He knocked
in Andrew Toles with a
ground out in the first
inning and doubled the

* NBA: Miami

Heat, Pacers

get rematch

MIAMI -This felt
inevitable to the Miami
Heat all along.
Indiana has been out to
usurp them for two years
and gets another shot in
the Eastern Conference
finals. Miami has been
waiting to conquer the
Pacers yet again and
might have been a little
disappointed if they had
not made it. Throughout
their playoff run, LeBron
James and his teammates
tracked Indiana from any
TV they could find.
Another round of
Heat-Pacers was so close
to a certainty in LeBron
James' mind that when
he saw Indiana coach
FrankVogel at All-Star
Weekend he told him,
"Looking forward to


WHO: Miami at Indiana, best-
of-seven, Eastern Conference
finals, Game 1
WHEN: Today, 3:30 p.m.
WHERE: Bankers Life Fieldhouse,
RADIO: 99.3 FM

See more NBA playoff series glance
in Scoreboard, Page 7

seeing you in May."
May has arrived. James
was right.
"Throughout the
regular season you felt
we were the two best
teams in the Eastern
Conference," he said after
Friday's practice. "And
if we both took care of
business, we'd see each


Miami's LeBron James reacts during Game 7 of the
Eastern Conference finals against Indiana last season at
AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. The Heat and Pacers rekindle
their playoff rivalry in this season's conference finals today.

* NFL: Tampa Bay

Retooling Bucs

high on tall picks

TAMPA -The Tampa
Bay Buccaneers drafted
three tall, physical players
who were once basketball
standouts with aspira-
tions of playing in the
NBA, prompting general
manager Jason Licht to
jokingly refer to the team
as the Dunkaneers.
Receiver Mike Evans,
tight end Austin Seferian-
Jenkins and tackle Kevin
Pamphile are all listed
at 6-foot-5 and figure
into plans to improve an
offense that was among
the worst in the NFL last
All were basketball stars
in high school.
tried his hand at being
a two-sport athlete at
Washington. Evans and
Pamphile gave up their
hoops dreams late in

Despite his swagger, Johnny
Manziel says he needs to earn
his keep, PAGE 3

their prep careers and
have only been playing
football for a relatively
short period of time.
Licht and coach Lovie
Smith, who have been
overhauling the Bucs
since being hired in
January, said it's purely
coincidence that half the
team's draft picks have
basketball backgrounds.
But both feel, however,
that Evans, Seferian-
Jenkins and Pamphile
have a chance to be
productive pros, in part
because of skills they
honed as basketball
"My experience with

INDEX I Lottery 2 | Shore Lines 21 Golf 21 NFL 3 | Auto racing 31 Baseball 4-61 Scoreboard 7 | NHL 7 | Horse racing 81 Quick Hits 8


Page 2 SP The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

Florida Lottery

* CASH 3
May 17N.....................................9-6-9
May 17D .................................... 7-3-4
May 16N.....................................5-9-8
May 16D ....................................9-8-2
May 15N.....................................5-0-4
May 15D .................................... 7-3-4
D-Day, N-Night

May 17N..................................7-0-6-6
May 17D .................................9-0-8-5
May 16N..................................9-3-2-6
May 16D .................................7-7-2-7
May 15N..................................6-2-8-1
May 15D .................................1-0-8-8
D-Day, N-Night

May 17........................ 7-17-21-27-32
May16 .......................1-13-27-33-34
2 5-digit winners.......... $116,338.04
261 4-digit winners............. $143.50
9,370 3-digit winners ................. $11

May 16............................12-31-41-42

May 13.....................3........3-6-10-44
MegaBall......................................... 12
0 4-of-4MB..........................$500,000
4 4-of-4...................................$1,427
29 3-of-4 MB............................... $431
597 3-of-4................................ $62.50
0 6-digit winners ......................$45M
29 5-digit winners.............$4,920.50
1,467 4-digit winners............. $75.50
30,314 3-digit winners ..................$5

May 17...................... 23-32-39-47-49

May 14........................ 7-33-39-52-55
0 5 of5 + PB.............................. $90M
0 5 0of5.............................. $1,000,000
0 4of5 + PB.........................$10,000
54 4of 5 ....................................$100
$100 million

May 16...................... 13-14-16-50-56
MegaBall......................................... 11

May 13...................... 37-46-48-70-74
M egaBall........................................... 1
0 5 of5 + MB...........................$136M
0 5 0of5.............................. $1,000,000
34of5 + MB............................$5,000
19 4of 5 ....................................$500


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Johnny Football now Johnny Backup

his column
should be
read while
listening to "Static
Kings" by Fennesz
(running time:
5 minutes, 46



Browns owner SPORI
Jimmy Haslem said
the team has reportedly
told rookie quarterback


Johnny Manziel he
needs to start acting like
a backup quarterback.
Has he ever met this
quarterback his team just
Don't cry for Miami
Marlins ace Jose
Fernandez, who just
underwent Tommy John
surgery on Friday. Look

I* =

at it this way:
When Fernandez
gets healthy, the
Marlins will be

I 2 that much closer
i to competing for
a playoff spot
| and the fireballer
E will be ready to
RITER contribute toward
Or the Marlins
will have just traded
Giancarlo Stanton.
There is under-
standable excitement in
Charlotte High School
circles after rising junior
Elijah Mack rushed
for 297 yards and four
touchdowns in the
Tarpons' 47-28 spring
football victory over
Dunbar on Friday night.

But shouldn't we let
Mack play a regular-sea-
son game for the Tarpons
before ramping up the
Los Angeles Clippers
forward Blake Griffin said
that nobody wants to see
the team's ownership sit-
uation with the disgraced
Donald Sterling drag
on. Except for Sterling's
lawyers, at least some of
whom probably work on
an hourly rate.
Connecticut men's bas-
ketball coach Kevin Ollie
(whose team just won
the NCAA title) wants
more than $5 million per
year to jump to the NBA.
Maybe he was paying
attention to Mike Brown's

last two coaching stops,
which lasted a year or
The irresistible force
meets the immovable
object: Maybe this was
referring to the NFL
and Oprah Winfrey (her
network, anyway) butting
heads over whether there
would be a reality series
about Michael Sam's
attempt to make the St.
Louis Rams. The docu-
mentary was postponed
on Friday.
FIFA president Sepp
Blatter now admits it was
probably a mistake to
hold the 2022 World Cup
- an outdoor event held
in the summer months
- in Qatar. You mean it
took Blatter this long to



Oosthuizen fires 64

to share Nelson lead

read a summer weather
forecast for this Middle
Eastern nation?
Is it time to start
revisiting the idea of
examining what Tampa
Bay Rays ace David Price
could fetch in a trade?
Call it the trade that
keeps on giving to the
Tampa Bay Lightning.
When the New York
Rangers advanced to
the Eastern Conference
finals, it meant they will
need to send Tampa Bay
two first-round picks
as part of the Martin St.
Louis-Ryan Callahan
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174

Dec. 10 at Indiana
Pacers 90, Heat 84
Dec. 18 at Miami
Heat 97, Pacers 94
March 26 at Indiana
Pacers 84, Heat 83
April 11 at Miami
Heat 98, Pacers 86

six minutes the only
time the Heat tried it. At
7-foot, 273 pounds, Oden
is Miami's closest match
to Hibbert's size.
"He could help,"
Spoelstra said. "He's been
working out and he's
ready. He knows the deal."
Oden was inactive
during the last series be-
cause Spoelstra preferred
having Michael Beasley as
contingency plan against
Brooklyn's smaller lineups.
Indiana also uses 6-foot-
11, 250-pound center Ian
Mahinmi regularly off its
bench, and he might be a
manageable assignment
for Oden.
Haslem and coach
Erik Spoelstra did not
say whether he will start,
but James was asked and
replied flatly, "Yep." It is
another reshuffle, which
has become almost nat-
ural for this team. Shane
Battier got two minutes of
run-out-the-clock time in
Round 1, then started ev-
ery game against the Nets
and might be relegated to
the bench again.
"I'm as curious as every-
body else is," he said.
The biggest conundrum
for Indiana, defensively,
is how to avoid getting
drilled by Bosh, who
suddenly is the Heat's top
sharpshooter. He is 17-
for-35 on 3-pointers in the
postseason and could lure
Hibbert out of the paint to
open up the middle of the
court for James and Wade.
The Pacers also will stick
David West on him.
Will those two be able to
keep Bosh quiet?
Can Haslem negate
Is James going to
remind George that he still
reigns as the best closer in
It is finally time answer
the questions both teams
have asked themselves for
'All season, this is the
matchup that we envi-
sioned," Wade said. "It's
only right."

Indiana's Evan Turner drives against Miami's Rashard Lewis
when the teams last met on April 11 in Miami, a game the Heat
won 98-96.

IRVING, Texas Louis
Oosthuizen birdied four
of the last five holes for
a 6-under 64 and a share
of the third-round lead
with Brendon Todd on
Saturday in the Byron
Nelson Championship.
Oosthuizen had the low
round of the day after
recovering from bogeys
on two of the first four
holes. The 2010 British
Open winner is fighting
lingering back and neck
Todd had a 68, making
12 consecutive pars
before holing a 4-foot
birdie at No. 18 to match
Oosthuizen at 10-under
Mike Weir, James Hahn
and GaryWoodland were
a stroke back.
Weir, the 2003 Masters
champion who hasn't a
top-25 finish since 2010
when he had an elbow
injury, shot 67 while
missing some makeable
putts down the stretch.
Hahn's 65 included five
birdies in a row on the
back nine.

Lizette Salas takes
Kingsmill lead: In
Williamsburg, Va., Lizette Salas
moved into position for her first


Louis Oosthuizen sinks a birdie putt on No. 15 during Saturday's
third round of the Byron Nelson Championship in Irving, Texas.

LPGA Tour victory, playing 25 holes
in 6-under par to take a three-stroke
lead in the Kingsmill Championship.
The 24-year-old former Southern
California player shot a 3-under 68 in
the completion of the rain-delayed
second round and birdied three of the
last five holes in the afternoon for a
season-best 65. She had a 13-under
200 total on Kingsmill Resort's River
Course. South Korea's Hee Young
Park, the second-round leader, was
second. She bogeyed No. 18 for a 69.
Second-ranked Stacy Lewis and No. 3
Lydia Ko, both trying to take the top
spot in the world from Inbee Park,
were five strokes back.

Kenny Perry maintains
Champions lead: In
Birmingham, Ala., Kenny Perry
shot a 3-under 69 at Shoal Creek

for a one-stroke lead over John
Inman after the third round of the
Regions Tradition. Perry is seeking
his third Champions Tour major title
after winning the Senior Players
Championship and U.S. Senior Open
in consecutive tour starts last year.

Matt Davidson leads
BMW Charity Pro-Am: In
Greer, S.C., Matt Davidson shot a
5-under 67 for a share of the third-
round lead with Blayne Barber and
Ryan Blaum in the Tour's
BMW Charity Pro-Am.

Belgian reigns in Spain:
In Girona, Spain, Belgium's Thomas
Pieters shot a 1-under 71 to extend
his Spanish Open lead to two strokes
over 50-year-old Miguel Angel


At TPC Four Seasons Resort,
Purse: $6.9 million
Yardage: 7,166; Par: 70 (a-amateur)
Third Round
Louis Oosthuizen 68-68-64 -200
BrendonTodd 68-64-68 -200
James Hahn 71-65-65 -201
GaryWoodland 68-67-66 -201
MikeWeir 68-66-67 -201
Padraig Harrington 68-68-66 -202
Marc Leishman 66-68-68 -202
Graham DeLaet 68-66-68 -202
Morgan Hoffmann 68-66-68 -202
Greg Chalmers 71-67-65 -203
BooWeekley 67-68-68 -203
Charles Howell III 68-66-69 -203
John Huh 67-71-66 -204
Matt Kuchar 69-67-68 -204
Aaron Baddeley 68-70-67 -205
VijaySingh 69-68-68 -205
Martin Kaymer 67-67-71 -205
Dustin Johnson 69-69-68 -206
Scott Gardiner 70-69-67 -206
LeeWilliams 67-71-68 -206
Keegan Bradley 70-68-68 -206
Robert Garrigus 74-64-68 -206
AndresRomero 71-66-69 -206
CharlieWi 73-67-66 -206
Retief Goosen 70-65-71 -206
Ryan Palmer 67-68-71 -206
JimmyWalker 71-68-68 -207
BriceGarnett 69-70-68 -207
Billy Hurley III 70-69-68 -207
Charl Schwartzel 73-67-67 -207
Peter Hanson 65-73-69 -207
Shawn Stefani 74-66-67 -207
Carl Pettersson 69-71-67 -207
Charlie Beljan 72-65-70 -207
Tyrone Van Aswegen 67-68-72 -207
James Driscoll 70-71-66 -207
PaulCasey 71-63-73 -207
Jason Allred 68-70-70 -208
a-Scottie Scheffler 71-68-69 -208
RickyBarnes 72-68-68 -208
JoshTeater 71-69-68 -208
Angel Cabrera 73-67-68 -208
John Senden 70-70-68 -208
TimWilkinson 66-71-71 -208
Tim Herron 68-66-74 -208
Brendon de Jonge 73-68-67 -208
Kris Blanks 70-69-70 -209
Kevin Kisner 69-70-70 -209
RorySabbatini 70-68-71 -209
Jason Dufner 70-70-69 -209
J.Henry 70-71-68 -209

At Kingsmill Resort, River Course
Purse: $1.3 million
Yardage: 6,347; Par: 71
Third Round
Lizette Salas 67-68-65-
HeeYoung Park 66-68-69-
Lydia Ko 70-68-67 -
Katherine Kirk 69-68-68 -
Stacy Lewis 70-65-70 -
Pornanong Phatlum 71-69-66-
YaniTseng 68-70-68 -
Lexi Thompson 67-69-70 -
Austin Ernst 65-74-68 -
SoYeonRyu 70-69-68-
Alejandra Llaneza 68-69-71 -
Thidapa Suwannapura 67-70-71 -
Azahara Munoz 65-71-72-
Christina Kim 72-70-67 -
SandraGal 69-71-69-
Jennifer Rosales 70-69-70-
Sarah Jane Smith 68-71-70-
Brittany Lang 67-68-74-
Carlota Ciganda 70-72-68 -
Eun-HeeJi 71-71-68 -
I lheeLee 72-70-68-
Mina Harigae 72-68-70 -
Suzann Pettersen 72-68-70 -
CharleyHull 70-69-71 -
Jenny Shin 69-70-71 -
Cristie Kerr 67-71-72 -
Anna Nordqvist 74-68-69 -
Joanna Klatten 69-72-70 -
Angela Stanford 73-68-70 -
SDanielle Kang 67-72-72 -
KrisTamulis 69-70-72 -
Paz Echeverria 73-65-73 -
Mariajo Uribe 72-65-74 -
Katie Futcher 71-73-68-
CandieKung 71-72-69-
JenniferJohnson 70-72-70 -
Ai Miyazato 68-74-70 -
KarrieWebb 70-72-70 -
Jane Rah 70-69-73 -
Gerina Piller 69-68-75 -
ChieArimura 74-70-69-
Mi Hyang Lee 74-69-70 -
Lisa McCloskey 71-72-70-
Stacey Keating 72-70-71 -
Sarah Kemp 70-71-72-
Dori Carter 68-71-74-
Pat Hurst 70-69-74 -
Giulia Molinaro 72-71-71 -
Becky Morgan 72-71-71 -
AlisonWalshe 72-71-71 -
Jessica Korda 68-74-72 -2
Brittany Lincicome 69-72-73 -2

Champions Tour
At Shoal Creek
Shoal Creek, Ala.
Purse: $2.2 million
Yardage: 7,231; Par: 72
SThird Round
200 KennyPerry 72-68-69 -209
203 John Inman 72-72-66 -210
205 Jeff Maggert 73-70-69 -212
205 Tom PerniceJr. 72-70-70 -212
205 Olin Browne 69-71-72 -212
206 I JohnCook 71-70-71 -212
206 SteveElkington 70-71-71 -212
7 Mark Calcavecchia 69-69-74 -212
207 JayHaas 69-70-73 -212
208 Colin Montgomerie 72-72-69 -213
-2 8 1
20 European Tour
209 At PGACatalunya Resort (Stadium
209 Course)
09 I Girona, Spain
2 10 Purse: $2.06 million
2 10 Yardage: 7,333; Par: 72
21 Third Round
2 10 Thomas Pieters, Belgium 69-69-71 -209
2 0 MAJimenez,Spain 69-73-69 -211
1 0 Richie Ramsay, Scotland 69-72-71 -212
210 Richard Green, Australia 74-69-69 -212
211 ChrisWood, England 73-70-69 -212
211 JoostLuiten, Netherlands 70-69-74 -213
?11 Richard Bland, England 73-68-72 -213
211 M.Kieffer, Germany 75-69-69 -213
211 FelipeAguilar, Chile 74-70-69 -213
211 Ross Fisher, England 70-76-67 -213
212 Tour
212 AtGreer,S.C.
12 t-Thornblade Club: 7,024 yards, par-71
212 k-The Reserve at Lake Keowee: 7,112
213 yards, par-72
213 g-GreenValleyCountryClub:7,019
213 yards, par-72
213 Third Round
213 Ryan Blaum 67k-66g-68t -201
213 Matt Davidson 69g-65t-67k -201
213 Blayne Barber 63g-70t-68k -201
214 Kyle Reifers 68k-64g-70t -202
?14 Jon Curran 68k-68g-66t -202
214 Max Homa 68g-65t-70k -203
214 David Skinns 69k-66g-68t -203
214 Gavin Coles 68g-66t-69k -203

other here."
They will meet for the
third straight postseason
when the conference
finals start today in
Indianapolis. It promises
to be one of the most
compelling series of this
year's playoffs: the two-
time defending champi-
ons trying to hold off an
upstart that is desperate
to finally take down its
There are layers of
intrigue. James and Paul
George each team's best
player will go at each
other constantly. Lance
Stephenson will do his
best to aggravate Dwyane
Wade with his play and
his mouth. The Heat have
to mitigate Roy Hibbert's
power at both ends, while
the Pacers must figure
out how to contain Chris
Bosh's growing versatility.
For Miami, the task
begins with Hibbert. He
averaged 22.1 points and
10.4 rebounds per game
in last year's conference
finals against the heat,
though they got a better
handle on him this
season. He started out
with 24 points and five
rebounds in the first
game, but totaled just 32
and seven over the next
three meetings.
Udonis Haslem was the
key to Miami's break-
through in that depart-
ment and likely will jump
back into the starting five
after barely playing in
the second-round series
against Brooklyn. He
is 6 inches shorter and
55 pounds lighter than
Hibbert (7-foot-2, 290
pounds), but helped hold
him to five points and two
rebounds in a Heat rout
in April.
"You try to make every-
thing as difficult as you
can, give him nothing easy
and contest everything,"
Haslem said. "You work
every possession and live
with the consequences.
"That's not easy. You've
gotta be in shape, mental-
ly and physically. You've
got to be relentless and be
ahead of every play."
The Heat also might
give Greg Oden another
chance at Hibbert, though
that experiment backfired
badly Hibbert scored
seven points on him in

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The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014 SP Page 3


Manziel:'l need

to earn my

BEREA, Ohio Johnny
stretched. Johnny ran.
Johnny passed. Johnny
With all eyes well, at
least the ones allowed to
watch him on quarter-
back Johnny Manziel, the
most hyped college player
to enter the NFL in years
took his first steps with
the Browns, who haven't
promised Johnny Football
anything other than a
chance to win a starting
And that's cool with
"I'm a rookie," Manziel
said. "I need to earn my
place. I need to earn my
keep. Nothing here needs
to be handed to me. I
don't need to be treated
based off what I did in the
past, because that doesn't
mean a thing at this level."
The former Texas A&M

quarterback, who oozes
swagger every moment
he's on the field, is par-
ticipating in Cleveland's
rookie minicamp this
weekend along with its
other draft picks and un-
signed free agents. Browns
first-year coach Mike
Pettine restricted access to
Saturday's workout, which
was held inside because
of rainy weather, to local
media members. Sunday's
practice is closed.
Pettine was on the
Jets' coaching staff when
popular quarterback Tim
Tebow joined the team
and wants to control
"Manzielmania" as best
he can.
"We're well aware of the
persona. We're well aware
of what it brings," Pettine
said. "We're excited about
it. It's something that we're
very willing to have come
here, knowing that he has
a chance to make us a

better football team and a
better franchise."
Pettine added that he
knows the decision to
limit access will "ruffle
some feathers."
"I'll apologize in
advance for that, but what
we're tasked as a staff to
do is do what's best for the
football team," he said.
Wearing a red No. 2
jersey, Manziel stretched
with his teammates as
Jay-Z's "Public Service
Announcement" boomed
through the speakers
in the field house. With
Browns owner Jimmy
Haslam on the sideline,
Manziel made a few
handoffs and threw three
short passes before the
session was closed after 15
Manziel later answered
questions for 10 minutes
before the interview was
stopped by a member of
the media relations staff.


that is that it's hard playing
basketball. Anybody can't
go out there and play
basketball. It takes a good
athlete with quickness,
size. It's a lot of different
things you get playing
basketball, and if every-
body can't do it normally
that translates to getting
good production on the
football field," Smith said.
"Same thing with everyone
can't run fast. All of those ., -
things if can do something
exceptional, it can help
you as a football player."
The Bucs envision
Evans, the seventh overall
pick in the draft, and
second-rounder Seferian-
Jenkins teaming with
veteran Vincent Jenkins,
another 6-5 receiver, to
give quarterback Josh
McCown three big, physi-
cal targets capable posing
matchup problems for
opposing defenses.
McCown, signed in free
agency to be Tampa Bay's
starter and being a backup Pt
for most of his career, is A O
coming off his best NFL Newly drafted Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee
season. He threw for 1,829 hauls in a kick during the team's rookie minicamp.
yards, 13 touchdowns and
just one interception in a gas d a
eight games (five starts)

wikhos featrned atouple of ne J haguKars draw ^^
for the Chicago Bears,
who featured a couple of
big, physical receivers in
Brandon Marshalland er r od
Alshon Jeffery.
"I saw what two record crowd
big receivers can do,"
Smith said. "It's a tough By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS offensive tackle Tony
matchup if you just look JACKSONVILLE Fans Boselli, who attended
at the average height of waited in line to get in, Saturday's practice. "Gus
most cornerbacks in this filled every seat available Bradley is infectious,
league. You might have and then packed the and when you draft a
a 6-foot corner, but you perimeter of the practice quarterback No. 3 overall,
normally don't have two fields for a glimpse of you're going to get a bit of
big guys that can match quarterback Blake Bortles. excitement."
up like that. We want to It was the kind of buzz
score points any way weun d Around the league: New
can. This is a combina- sn t r s York Jets coach Rex Ryan defended

tion that looked pretty since the franchise'sthe character of defensive coordinator
attractive to us." ars inception in crerofdeie cdnao
Evans averaged 183 The Jaguars announced Dennis Thurman, who was accused
points,8.eragebuds3 aof slapping a woman at a restaurant.
points, 8.4 rebounds and 6,214 in attendance for "I love Dennis Thurman;'Ryan said,
5.2 assists as a senior in the final day of a two-day adding that he knows his assistant
his school. The same year, rookie minicamp that coach"wouldn't put his hands on
he took up football and ended Saturday. That's anybody, let alone a woman!'...
did well enough to land a nearly 4,000 more than The planned documentary by the
scholarship offer to Texas any previous turnout for Oprah Winfrey Network on Michael
A&M, who he evolved from a rookie camp and about Sam, the NFE'S first openly gay player,
a raw prospect into one of 1,700 more than the pre- has been postponed. Enik Logan,
the nation's best receivers. vious record set in several president of the network, said the post
The first-round draft training camp practices. ponement was made after meetings
pick has learned to use Owner Shad Khan, team with the St. Louis Ramsf....
his basketball back- president Mark Lamping, The New Orleans Saints signed
ground to his advantage. general manager Dave paralyzed former Tulane player Devon
"It helps a lot. When Caldwell and coach Walker to an honorary contract. Coach
you see me go up for Gus Bradley have fans Sean Payton said Walker has"been
catches, I'm treating it believing the team is on an inspiration to his community, his
like a rebound ... using the verge of better days. university and to the Saints!'...
my God-given talent and They drafted Bortles with Former LSU quarterback Zach
big body to box guys out the third overall pick Mettenberger, who had his left ACL
for catches," Evans said. last weekend and added surgically repaired in January, practiced
Seferian-Jenkins joined receivers Marqise Lee and with the other Tennessee Titans rookies
Washington's basketball Allen Robinson in the in the first session of a three-day
team as a freshman second round. minicamp. He made a strong first
walk-on, serving a reserve "The energy is here," impression, taking the first snap of the
forward. said former Jaguars team drills and completing a deep pass.


Crew members perform a pit stop on driver Kurt Busch's car during qualifying for the NASCAR
Sprint All-Star race Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C.

McMurray rolls

to all-star victory

Jamie McMurray has
picked up a $1 million
payday by winning the
Sprint All-Star Race on
Saturday night.
McMurray restarted the
final 10-lap sprint to the
checkered flag in second
on the outside of pole-sit-
ter Carl Edwards. The two
battled door-to-door for
a lap around Charlotte
Motor Speedway, with
McMurray surging slight-
ly ahead several times.
The two cars appeared
to touch more than once,
and McMurray finally
cleared Edwards for the
lead two laps into the
fifth segment.
McMurray then pulled
away for his first victory
in the event.

Busch narrowly misses
Indy 500 pole contention:
Kurt Busch's run at driving 1,100
miles over two races in one day will
not start from the Indy 500 pole.
Busch narrowly missed a chance to
compete for the pole when he posted

the lOth-fastest qualifying time at
Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The
top nine spots are eligible for the pole
today. Ed Carpenter's four-lap average
of 230.661 mph was just ahead of
Carolos Munoz for the top spot. Busch
made two attempts at Indianapolis
to crack the top nine. He briefly
posted one of the fastest speeds on
his second run and had a grip on
contention for a front row spot in the
No. 26 Suretone Honda for Andretti
Autosport. Not for long. He lost his
spot and left to race in NASCAR's
All-Star race in Concord, N.C. The top
30 qualifiers will start in the May 25
race, though none of the 33 starting
positions will be set until today.

Blaney earns
Nationwide pole: Ryan
Blaney, who became the youngest
winner in the history of the NASCAR
Truck Series at Iowa Speedway two
years ago, will attempt to become
the youngest driver to win a NASCAR
Nationwide race on Iowa's short track
when he starts from the pole today
in the GetTo Know Newton 250. The
20-year-old won a pole for the first
time in the Nationwide Series less
than 24 hours after a disappointing
22nd-place finish in the trucks race in
Charlotte, N.C., on Friday night.

DeJoria, Enders-Stevens
top NHRA qualifying:
In Commerce, Ga., Alexis DeJoria
topped Funny Car qualifying, and
fellow female racer Erica Enders-
Stevens led the Pro Stock field in
the NHRA Summer Nationals at
Atlanta Dragway. DeJoria, the wife of
television personality Jesse James and
daughter of entrepreneur John Paul
DeJoria, took the No. 1 spot with her
run of a track-record time of 4.012
seconds at 313.95 mph. She won this
year in Arizona and Las Vegas, and
is trying to give female drivers their
100th career victory. Enders-Stevens,
the points leader coming off a victory
in the last event in Baytown, Texas,
broke the track record with a time
of 6.493 at 212.69 in her Chevrolet
Camaro. She also won this year in
Las Vegas. Doug Kalitta led Top Fuel
qualifying, and Eddie Krawiec topped
the Pro Stock Motorcycle field.

Johnson wins triathlon
before All-Star race: Jimmie
Johnson proved he can do more
than win NASCAR races. The six-time
Sprint Cup champion won the 35-39
age group at the Over The Mountain
Triathlon in Kings Mountain hours
before heading to Charlotte Motor
Speedway to compete in the NASCAR
All-Star race in Concord, N.C.


N ASCAR 2:36.4741 (230.070)
NASCA8. (67) Josef Newgarden, Dallara-Honda,
Nationwide Series 2:36.4993(230.033)
9. (21) JR Hildebrand, Dallara-Chevy,
GETTO KNOW NEWTON 250 2:36.5032(230.027)
After Saturdayqualifying; racetoday 10. (26) Kurt Busch, Dallara-Honda,
At Iowa Speedway 2:36.5493 (229.960)
Newton, Iowa 11. (28) Ryan Hunter-Reay, Dallara-Honda,
Lap length .875 miles 2:36.5904 (229.899)
(Car number in parentheses) 12. (98) Jack Hawksworth, Dallara-Honda,
1. (22) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 136.081 mph. 2:36.6471 (229.816)
2.(54) Sam Hornish Jr.,Toyota,136.063. 13. (2) Juan Pablo Montoya, Dallara-Chevy,
3.(20) Michael McDowell,Toyota, 135.963. 2:36.6681(229.785)
4.(7) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 135.665. 14. (19) Justin Wilson, Dallara-Honda,
5. (42) Dylan Kwasniewski, Chevrolet, 2:36.7821 (229.618)
135525. 15.(9)ScottDixon,Dallara-Chevy,2:37.0111
6. (9) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 135.437. (229.283)
7.(2) Brian Scott, Chevrolet, 135.176. 16. (7) Mikhail Aleshin, Dallara-Honda,
8. (11) Elliott Sadler,Toyota, 135.141. 2:37.1426(229.091)
9. (01) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 135.083. 17. (8) Ryan Briscoe, Dallara-Chevy,
10. (62) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, 2:37.3252(228.825)
134.368. 18. (14) Takuma Sato, Dallara-Honda,
11. (60) Chris Buescher, Ford, 134.22. 2:37.3522(228.786)
12. (31)ChasePistone,Chevrolet,133.362. 19. (83) Charlie Kimball, Dallara-Chevy,
13.(3)Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 134.208. 2:37.4043(228.710)
14. (99) James Buescher, Toyota, 134.077. 20. (15) Graham Rahal, Dallara-Honda,
15. (16) Ryan Reed, Ford, 134.02. 2:37.4364(228.664)
16.(6)TrevorBayne,Ford,133.963. 21. (22) Sage Karam, Dallara-Chevy,
17.(5) Austin Theriault, Chevrolet, 133.866. 2:37.4460(228.650)
18. (39) Ryan Sieg, Chevrolet, 133.775. 22. (6) Townsend Bell, Dallara-Chevy,
19. (19) Mike Bliss, Toyota, 133.204. 2:37.5435(228.508)
20.(84) Chad Boat,Chevrolet, 132.895. 23. (10) Tony Kanaan, Dallara-Chevy,
21. (33) Cale Conley, Chevrolet, 132.76. 2:37.5944(228.435)
22. (43) Dakoda Armstrong, Ford, 132.738. 24. (11) Sebastien Bourdais, Dallara-Chevy,
23. (98) Ryan Gifford, Ford, 132.687. 2:37.6265(228.388)
24.(28) JJ.Yeley, Dodge, 132.648. 25. (63) Pippa Mann, Dallara-Honda,
25.(4) JeffreyEarnhardt,Chevrolet, 132.275. 2:37.6474(228.358)
26. (10)Jeff Green,Toyota, 131.672. 26. (17) Sebastian Saavedra, Dallara-Chevy,
27.(44) Hal Martin,Toyota, 131.234. 2:37.6917(228.294)
28. (51) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, 27. (5) Jacques Villeneuve, Dallara-Honda,
131.228. 2:37.7766(228.171)
29.(52)JoeyGase,Chevrolet,131.146. 28. (33) James Davison, Dallara-Chevy,
30. (40) Matt DiBenedetto, Chevrolet, 2:37.7912(228.150)
131.103. 29. (16) Oriol Servia, Dallara-Honda,
31.(17)Tanner Berryhill, Dodge, 130.83. 2:37.8713(228.034)
32.(14) Eric McClure,Toyota, 130.749. 30. (18) Carlos Huertas, Dallara-Honda,
33. (70) Derrike Cope, Chevrolet, 130.171. 2:37.9011 (227.991)
34.(76)TommyJoe Martins, Ford, 129.892. 31. (68) Alex Tagliani, Dallara-Honda,
35. (93) Carl Long, Dodge, 129.608. 2:38.0246 (227.813)
36.(87)Tim Schendel, Chevrolet, 128.75. 32. (41) Martin Plowman, Dallara-Honda,
37. (23) Carlos Contreras, Chevrolet, 2:38.5601 (227.043)
128.745. 33. (91) Buddy Lazier, Dallara-Chevy,
38.(55) Caleb Roark, Chevrolet, 128.724. 2:38.9102(226.543)
39.(46) Ryan Ellis, Chevrolet, 126.354.
40.(74) Mike Harmon, Dodge, 123.699. NASCAR Truck

IndyCar Series


At Indianapolis Motor Speedway LOTTERY 200
Indianapolis Friday
With rank, car number in parentheses, At Charlotte Motor Speedway
driver, chassis-engine, time and speed in Concord, N.C.
parentheses Lap length 1.5 miles
1. (20) Ed Carpenter, Dallara-Chevy, (Start position in parentheses)
2:36.0735 (230.661 mph) 1. (1) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 134 laps, 150 rat-
2. (34) Carlos Munoz, Dallara-Honda, ing, 0 points, $43,920.
2:36.2090 (230.460) 2. (2) Matt Crafton, Toyota, 134, 108.4, 42,
3. (3) Helio Castroneves, Dallara-Chevy, $27,435.
2:36.2286 (230.432) 3. (3) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 134, 118.5, 0,
4. (27) James Hinchcliffe, Dallara-Honda, $22,076.
2:36.2452(230.407) 4. (15) John Wes Townley, Toyota, 134,
5. (12) Will Power, Dallara-Chevy, 2:36.3022 103.5,40,$17,025.
(230.323) 5. (9) Timothy Peters, Toyota, 134, 99.7, 39,
6. (25) Marco Andretti, Dallara-Honda, $16,350.
2:36.4306 (230.134) 6. (7) Johnny Sauter, Toyota, 134, 86.9, 38,
7. (77) Simon Pagenaud, Dallara-Honda, $12,350.

7. (13) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 134,89.8,0,
8. (6) Ben Kennedy, Chevrolet, 134, 84, 36,
9. (20) German Quiroga, Toyota, 134,80.1,
10. (14) Justin Lofton, Chevrolet, 134,73.6,
11. (16) Joe Nemechek, Toyota, 134, 69.6,
34, $11,090.
12. (17) Joey Coulter, Chevrolet, 134, 71.7,
13.(26) Bryan Silas, Chevrolet, 134, 60.5,31,
14. (25) Jimmy Weller III, Chevrolet, 134,
57.7,30, $10,690.
15. (8) Jeb Burton, Toyota, accident, 133,
87.3,29, $11,215.
16. (30) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chevrolet, 133,
40.5,28, $10,690.
17. (33) Norm Benning, Chevrolet, 126,36.7,
18. (27) TJ. Bell, Chevrolet, 125, 49.2, 26,
19. (4) Ron Hornaday Jr, Chevrolet, acci-
dent, 114,100,25, $10,340.
20. (22) Mason Mingus, Toyota, accident,
21. (21) Jake Crum, Chevrolet, accident,
107,42.7,23, $7,970.
22. (10) Ryan Blaney, Ford, accident, 105,
23. (5) Brian Ickler, Toyota, accident, 104,
72.5,21, $8,890.
24. (18) Scott Riggs, Ford, accident, 101,
56.3,20, $8,865.
25. (19) Tayler Malsam, Chevrolet, accident,
26. (11) Darrell Wallace JrToyota, accident,
93,82.4,18, $ 7,790.
27. (28) Ryan Ellis, Chevrolet, accident, 82,
37.5,0, $7,765.
28. (23) Tyler Young, Chevrolet, engine, 66,
42.2,16, $7,740.
29. (31) Justin Jennings, Chevrolet, 66,31.8,
15, $7,690.
30. (24) Blake Koch, Chevrolet, vibration, 40,
31. (12) Max Gresham, Chevrolet, transmis-
32. (32) Willie Allen, Chevrolet, electrical, 3,
32.2,0, $7,590.
33. (29) Charles Lewandoski, Chevrolet, ig-
nition, 3,30.2,0, $7,565.
Race Statistics
Average Speed ofWinner 100.584 mph.
Time of Race 1 hour, 59 minutes, 54 seconds.
Margin of Victory 0.201 seconds.
Caution Flags 9 for 47 laps.
Lead Changes 2 among 2 drivers.
Lap Leaders: K.Busch 1-87; J.Nemechek 88-
91; K.Busch 92-134.
Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led,
Laps Led) K.Busch, 2 times for 130 laps;
J.Nemechek, 1 timefor4 laps.
Top 10 in Points 1. M.Crafton, 162;2.T.Pe-
ters, 151; 3. G.Quiroga, 144; 4. J.Sauter, 143;
5. R.HornadayJr., 137; 6. B.Kennedy, 132; 7.
J.Townley, 127; 8. J.Burton, 127; 9. R.Blaney,
123;10. D.WallaceJr., 108.
NASCAR Driver Rating Formula
A maximum of 150 points can be attained
in a race.
The formula combines the following
categories Wins, Finishes, Top-15 Finishes,
Average Running Position While on Lead
Lap, Average Speed Under Green, Fastest
Lap, Led Most Laps, Lead-Lap Finish.

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014 SP Page 3

Page 4 SP The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

All stats through Friday's games


Gunning toward home

ALUMNI OF THE WEEK: Florida native Garton hoDes to one dav Ditch for Ravs


RHP, Double-A Montgomery SPORTS WRITER
Performed well in his first start since PORT CHARLOTTE -
being promoted last Saturday, giving Ryan Garton is a Florida
up three runs (two earned) on five hits kid.
over five innings to earn the victory. He was born in Trinity.
He went to high school
in New Port Richey. He
played college ball in
PITCHER OF THE WEEK Boca Raton. He grew
JOSE ALBERTO MOLINA up a fan of the purple-
and-green Tampa Bay
The left-hander Devil Rays, often going to
extended his 4 Tropicana Field with his
scoreless innings buddies to take in a game.
streak to seven this So you can imagine
week, giving up Garton's excitement when
three hits in 2 23 the navy-and-Colum-
innings over two bia-blue Rays drafted him
relief appearances, out of Florida Atlantic
After giving up five runs in his first University two years ago.
three outings, Molina has given up Oh my God," Garton
one run over his last seven. said. "When I got drafted
it was like a dream come
true. Just being able -
to play near Tampa in
HITTER OF THE WEEK spring training, playing
here with all my family ..
PATRICK LEONARD and friends ... It's just a .
blessing." -
The first baseman Garton had to leave
posted a week's Florida for the first two
worth of produc- seasons of his profes-
tion on Monday, sional career he spent Stone
going 4 for 4 with his first in Hudson Valley,
two home runs, five i N.Y., and his second in career
RBIs and three runs I, Bowling Green, Ky. givinV
scored. He was 6 for but now he's back. The 3%3 in
18 with six RBIs for the week, raising right-hander is pitching Pri<
his average to a team-high-tying .305. out of the bullpen for the had p
Charlotte Stone Crabs, over 1
and he's keeping his allow
S dream of one day pitch- had o
PROSPECT WATCH ing at the Trop alive, earne
GRANDE GOETZMAN "That would be game
Amazingg" Garton said. April
OF, Class-A Bowling Green "Hopefully I can keep "TI
Through 35 games in his first season moving up the chains." is," G
with the Hot Rods, the outfielder is So far, Garton has don't
batting .333 with four home runs, four moved his way up three and v
RBIs and five stolen bases, levels of that chain. And try ar
he's posted consistent That's
numbers along the way. have
S After the Rays drafted becat
QUOTE OF THE WEEK the right-hander in the tenti
"I'm pretty excited for him. He had a 34th roundof the 2012 you'r
good year to start. I was kind of playing MLB First-Year Player that
a joke on him when I called him in Draft, Gartonwent4-0 your
the office and told him he was getting with a 2.00 ERA and seven But
called up. l told him to bring his wallet. saves over 21 appearanc- have
So he was beside himself when I told es as the short-season same
him he was going to Double-A. He Hudson Valley Renegades the Rz
himwhe was goingYtokDouble-A.tH
goes,'Man, that's bad joke'l was wonthe NewYork-Penn Garto
having fun with it. I'm excited for it. He League championship. pitch(
earned it. He deserves it'." In his first full season in season
the minor leagues this avera
Manager Jared Sandberg on time with the Class-A fastba
starter Roberto Gomez Bowling Green Hot Rods his pi
Garton went 4-3 with a but h
2.44 ERA and eight saves that r
over 40 appearances. And "It's
THE WEEK AHEAD through 10 games with profe
the High-A Stone Crabs playir
Today: vs. Clearwater, 1:30 p.m. this year, the right-hander catch
Monday: vs. Clearwater, 6:30 p.m. is 2-0 with a 2.78 ERA. Stone
Tuesday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m. So in two seasons and Jared
Wednesday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m. 10 games, Garton has mana
Thursday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m. never posted an ERA of the
Friday: at Lakeland, 7:11 p.m. above 3.00. Right now he's "At so
Saturday: vs. Bradenton, 6:00 p.m. on pace to finish with the the v
worst ERA of his young but w
The Stone Crabs start the week with .................................................
two more against visiting Clearwater, TO C AB Q
which has the worst record in STONE CABS Q&A
the Florida State League despite
defeating Charlotte 2-1 on Friday.
The Stone Crabs will also make their S t o n e C I
first trip to Lakeland to take on the
Flying Tigers, second in the FSL's By ZACH MILLER
north division. Lakeland ranks in the SPORTS WRITER
bottom half of the league in offense,
but their 3.05 team ERA ranks third PORT CHARLOTTE One
in the FSL. Charlotte will close the of the most popular topics in
week with a home-and-home series baseball circles is the injury
against the Bradenton Marauders. keeping so many pitchers off the
The teams split a four-game set last field this season.
week. Miami Marlins ace Jose
Fernandez this week joined an
HITTER TO WATCH excessively-long list of pitchers
Hi ITTER TO WATCHI whose seasons ended due

Jeff McVaney, Flying Tigers: The to torn elbow ligaments that
outfielder is batting .260 this season, require Tommy John. The Tampa
but he's done plenty of damage with Bay Rays' Matt Moore suffered
runners on base. He has three home the same fate last month.
runs, and his 26 RBIs are tied for sixth More than one hundred cur-
in the league. rent major league pitchers have
undergone Tommy John surgery
P ITCH E R TO WATCH at some point in their careers, an
all-time high for the operation
Jake Thompson, Flying Tigers: The first performed in 1974.
right-hander will present a challenge With so much talk already
to Stone Crabs hitters. He's given up swirling about what's caused this
nine runs in eight starts this season, rash of injuries, many players,
going 3-1 with a 1.80 ERA. including the Rays' David Price,

A.. ,,, ,- .. .-- --
"" ;-' -, .- ..... .----: "z".- "" ":, ,'

Crabs right-hander Ryan Garton is a Florida native who attended Florida Atlantic University.

r, but that's after
g up three runs over
nings on Tuesday.
ior to that, Garton
pitched 6%3 innings
hree games without
ing a run, and he
inly allowed two
ed runs in seven
s dating back to
hat's what baseball
arton said. "You
want to have peaks
alleys; you want to
id stay consistent.
s why, I think, you
people in the bigs;
ise they're consis-
n what they do. So if
e consistent, I think
)lays a big part in
t while his numbers
stayed relatively the
during his time in
ays organization,
m has changed as a
er over the past three
ns. The right-hander
ged 92 mph with his
all when he started
*ofessional career,
e's lost a few ticks off
number recently.
s that grind of
ssional baseball;
ig every day, playing
every day," said
SCrabs manager
Sandberg, who has
iged Garton in each
Last three seasons.
ime point you hope
velocity goes back up,
vho knows what's

going on."
It could be any number
of factors that contribut-
ed to the drop in velocity,
Sandberg said. Garton's
command with the
fastball has wavered at
times, too, so his manager
thinks he might be taking
something off the pitch.
Garton switched sides
of the rubber in his
delivery in hopes of reign-
ing that command, and
Sandberg said it's allowed
him to spot the fastball
better when he throws
it. Hopefully, he added,
that adjustment will help
Garton find some the
velocity he's lost.
"Once he gets the
confidence to be able to
command the fastball
a little more," Sandberg
said. "Then he'll be able
to let it go with a little
more on in."
Garton said the key
to his consistency so far
has been maintaining
confidence, but the drop
in velocity has made that
harder for him at times.
"That's probably
one of the things I lose
confidence in, is that
my velo(city) has gone
down. So I'll go in there
trying to overthink it and
throw harder, and that's
not what you need to do,"
Garton said. "It'll come
Of course, the fastball
isn't his only weapon.

Garton came to the Rays
with the fastball, a plus
changeup and a plus cur-
veball with a steep 12-6
drop on it, and he's added
more to that repertoire
since he arrived. The
right-hander developed
a cutter last year, which
he said has helped him
With command of four
pitches and, hopefully,
some higher numbers on
the radar gun, Sandberg
thinks Garton has what it
takes to make an impact
in the majors someday.
"He can be a nice
seventh, eighth-inning
guy," Sandberg said. "He's
definitely a reliever for
me, with the ability to get
both right-handers and
left-handers out. You just
hope that velocity climbs
back up."
If it does, Garton might
get to live out his lifelong
dream of pitching for his
hometown team.
"It would make my
life. There's nothing
more I want to do than
be playing baseball, and
nothing more than that
would be playing in my
hometown with my fami-
ly and friends all around,"
Garton said. "Being able
to do the thing you love; it
would be awesome."
Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122

.. .. -, T- -? **-

This view helped to reset my perspective,
and remind me how lucky I really am.
Love every minute of the journey!!
- Catcher Maxx Tissenbaum

I dislocated my thumb sliding into
second base in 2006. I missed 3
weeks. Very painful!
- Manager Jared Sandberg (@

Not really sure why the bus wifi blocks
Spotify, Tuneln, IHeart, Pandora and
YouTube? All I want is to jam to some
NSync!! #TearinUpMyHeart
- Catcher Maxx Tissenbaum

Won a game last night.. drive to visit
my mom this morning.. Nothing
better.. joys of playing in Florida!
#stonecrabs #HappyMothersDay
- Reliever Ryan Garton (@

Favorite sport other than baseball:
"I like football a lot. I'm a big Florida
State fan and a Jaguars fan, unfortu-
nately. I don't really like basketball. I
like golf. I play golf in the offseason."

How's your golf game?: "I can keep it
right under 90. Eighty-seven, 88 if I really
help myself a little bit with a couple of
mulligans. I've only been playing for
about a year-and-a-half. I can drive it
pretty far. I hit it far, but it's the putting; I
get on the green in two then three-putt"

Best pitcher you've every faced:
"Probably Kenley Jensen, when I was
with the Royals. The closer for the
Dodgers. He was throwing 95-mph
cutters up there. I remember he
threw three innings against our team
and struck out eight guys. That was
horrible. He was definitely the best'."

Favorite TV show: "How I Met Your
Mother. I've seen every episode of that. I
like TV shows a lot. I'm actually watching
Dexter right now. [Third baseman Tyler]
Goeddel got me watching Dexter, so I'm
in the fifth season of that. I watch way
too much TV.

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a Stone Crab?Sendyour questions to

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Josh Vitale's Crab Cakes.

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uploading them to our Facebook page
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'abs react to Tommy John spike

weighed in on social media ear-
lier this week when a high school
pitcher named Dylan Fosnacht
threw 194 pitches during a game
in Washington state.
Here's what some of the Stone
Crabs coaches and players
had to say about Tommy John
surgery, what's causing so
many players to need it and
how young pitchers should be

What do you think is causing so many pitchers
to need Tommy John surgery?
"I've had many discussions with a lot of people,
it's year-round play at the amateur level with no
time off, no breaks of non-throwing, which really
factors into it. I think if you can monitor pitch
counts, proper mechanics and good fundamentals
early on, it will help. There's a lot of stress on the
body when you're trying to throw a baseball at
that rate, so if it's not efficient your body's gonna
break down:"

Do you think there's anything to the idea that kids
not playing othersports has something to do with it?

"You have to take time off to avoid the overall
wear and tear. We try to promote guys that play
multiple sports because when you're playing
basketball you're not doing a throwing motion,
when you're out there playing golf or football
you're not doing a throwing motion. I think if you
play other sports that's good, but you get kids that
are specializing in baseball or pitching at an early
age and that's all they do is throw, and they think
that by throwing they're gonna get better, and
that's true but you also have to rest the body'."

What do you think is causing so many pitchers
to need Tommy John surgery?

"I think kids are playing too much, they're
not eclectic enough in different sports. They're
playing AAU all summer and instead of taking
three weeks vacation with their family, they're
taking three-week roadtrips. A lot of them are

playing on two different teams and it's just a
lot. Our hitting coach Joe Szekely made a good
point: big leaguers take four months off. So 12-,
13-, 14-year-olds should certainly take at least
four months off'."

What do you think of a Washington state high
school pitcher throwing 194pitches in a game?
What would you do if you were his coach?

"I'd quit. I'd resign if I had done that, and I'd
get fired if I did that here. I'm just glad that my
son didn't play for someone who would do that
to him. I wouldn't allow that, but some coaches
try to get away with it. That's a shame'."


A high schoolpitcher threw 194pitches in a
game earlier this week, what do you think of that?

"I don't think it's a big deal. (In high school)
we threw whatever we have to throw because
we want to get signed, we want to play."

Page 4 SP

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014 SP Page 5


WHO: Tampa Bay (19-24) at Los
Angeles (22-19)*

Cobb works five scoreless innings

WHEN: ioaay, 4:u5 p.m.,
WHERE: Angel Stadium of
Anaheim, Anaheim, Calif.
Price (4-3, 4.02) vs. Matt Shoe-
maker (1-1, 3.86)
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 620 AM, 1220 AM, 1480
AM, 1530 AM, 1580 AM i
Records do not reflect
Saturday's game





David Price stood, first on Tampa Bay's
the softball field then on game at Chai
the more customary base- scorelessinni
ball diamond, answering ................
the darnedest questions
Saturday morning from
groups of obviously
impressed kids. STONE CRAE
But by the time the
Rays ace was done with a HITTER
90-minute visit to Major Patrick Leoi
League Baseball's Urban Leonard drove in
Baseball Academy he was Crabs runs with
the one impressed, both ground out in th
with the facility designed home run in the
to increase inner-city team in homers
youth participation in PITCHER
baseball and the plan that Alex Cobb,
doing so may eventually rehab start whil
result in more African- strained oblique
Americans playing in the and allowed thr
major leagues, in five scoreless
"It shows me that
we're going in the right KEY
direction in getting Seventh: Le
young African-Americans seventh, Charlot
involved in baseball loaded jam with
again," Price said during The Threshers pi
the 30-minute ride back biggest rally of1
to the team hotel, single, a walk at
Price was genuinely came up empty.
wowed during a tour of
the academy on the El KEYi DEI
Justin O'Cor
Camino College campus t
by director Don Buford, the final pitch o
the former big-leaguer, strikeouts, the S
noting the four fields picked off K.C. S
(including one with a base. The play e
scoreboard and grand- and another Cle
stand seating) and indoor opportunities.
facilities that include
locker-, weight- and ................
The facility in Compton : MLB RO
- known for extreme
gang violence has : (
been open for eight years. IL ,
With a recent surge in
enrollment, it provides BY THE A'
instruction and opportu-
nity for around 1,900 kids BOSTON
- boys in baseball, girls Cabrera hit
in softball from ages and RBI sir
5-18 at no charge as long Porcello pit
as they are still in school, innings to
RAYS 3,ANGELS 0 red-hot De
Late Friday's game Boston 6-1
Tampa Bay AB R H BI BBSO Avg. oston 6-1
DeJenningscf 4 1 1 0 1 1 .242 It was th
DeJesusdh 5 0 0 0 0 1 .257 secutive ro
Myersrf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .253
Longoria3b 3 1 1 1 1 0 .270 Tigers, wh(
Loneylb 4 0 1 1 0 1 .311 best26-12
Forsythe2b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .189
b-CFigueroa ph-2b1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 for the 14t
Joycel If 4 0 0 0 0 2 .276 games.
Y.Escobarss 3 1 3 1 1 0 .260 Porcello
Haniganc 2 0 0 0 1 1 .238 orceo
J.Molinac 1 0 0 0 0 1 .128 one run, si
Totals 33 3 6 3 5 8 out four an
Los Angeles AB R H BIBBSO Avg.:
Aybarss 4 0 1 0 1 1 .271 John Lac
Troutcf 1 0 0 0 3 0 .267 up mu re th
Pujolslb 4 0 1 0 0 0 .257 pmoretl
Ibanezdh 3 0 0 0 1 1 .148 for the first
H.Kendrick2b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .302 starts, allox
E.Navarrolf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .333
Congerc 4 0 0 0 0 1 .293 nine hits ilr
Cowgillrf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .306
Jo.McDonald3b 1 0 0 0 1 1 .250 Twins 4,1
a-Cronph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .353 In Minneapolis,
LJimenez3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .176:
c-Greenph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .323 three-run home
Totals 31 0 4 0 6 9 put Minnesota a
Tampa Bay 000010110- 3 60
LosAngeles 000000000-0 40 Samuel Deduno
a-struck out for Jo.McDonald in the 7th. for his first win.
b-popped out for Forsythe in the 8th. outfour, allowed(
c-fouled outfor L.Jimenez in the9th. LOB--
Tampa Bay 8, Los Angeles 10. HR-Y.Esco- 18 of the 23 bat
bar (3), off Weaver. RBIs-Longoria (22), Seattle's runs ofi
Loney(25),Y.Escobar (9).SB-Longoria (1), third inning after
Jo.McDonald (1).RISP-Tampa Bay 2 for 9;,
Los Angeles 0 for 3.
Tampa Bay IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Yankees
ArcherW,3-2 5% 2 0 0 5 51044.59 NewYork, Mark
OviedoH, 1 A 0 0 0 0 0 12.45
McGeeH,6 1 1 0 0 1 1 21 1.42 homer, ZoiloAln
Jo.PeraltaH,6 1 1 0 0 0 2 155.40 his firststartofl
BalfourS,8-9 1 00 0 0 1 146.06 : ewYorkwent(
LosAngeles IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA New1orkwenti
WeaverL,4-3 7 32 2 3 51053.14 GardnerandAlfi

Kohn A 1 1 1 2 0 15 1.37 homeredoffasi
Morin 00 0 0 1 100.00
Salas 1 20 0 0 2 153.18 Volquez to back
Inherited runners-scored-Oviedo 1-0, from David Phel
Morin 2-0. IBB-off Weaver (Y.Escobar).
Umpires-Home, Adam Hamari; First, Jim Cubs 3, B
Reynolds; Second, Bill Miller;Third,Vic Cara-
pazza.T-3:27. A-38,796 (45,483). Chicago, Edwin J

Alex Cobb pitches to Clearwater during Saturday's
rlotte Sports Park. Cobb struck out nine during five
ings of a rehab start with Charlotte.

nard, Charlotte:
n both of the Stone
a bases-loaded
ie first and a solo
sixth. He leads the
(7) and RBIs (25).
Charlotte: Making a
e recovering from a
e, Cobb struck out nine
ee hits and no walks
ading2-0 in the
Ate escaped a bases
ih a 6-4-3 double play.
ut together their
the night with a
id a hit-by-pitch, but

minor, Charlotte: On
fone of Cobb's nine
tone Crabs catcher
erna leading off third
nded the fifth inning
arwater scoring

Clearwater AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Pointer rf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .204
Serna2b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .273
Lavincf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .287
Charles 1b 2 0 1 0 1 1 .252
Knappdh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .205
Martinez3b 2 0 1 0 0 1 .238
a-Canelo 1 0 1 0 0 0 .250
Linoc 4 0 0 0 0 3 .222
Carmonalf 2 0 0 0 1 2 .145
Morass 3 0 0 0 0 1 .226
Totals 30 0 6 0 212 .225
Charlotte AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Tolescf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .253
Goeddel3b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .296
Coyle2b 3 0 0 0 1 2 .246
Leonard 1b 4 1 1 2 0 1 .304
O'Connerc 3 0 1 0 0 1 .256
Carterrf 2 0 1 0 1 1 .242
DePewdh 3 0 0 0 0 1 .256
Sale If 3 0 1 0 0 1 .234
Guevarass 3 0 0 0 0 0 .188
Totals 30 2 5 2 2 9 .262
Clearwater 000000000- 0 61
Charlotte 100001000- 2 51
a-Singled for Martinez, H in the 9th. E-
Martinez (4); Goeddel (8). LOB- Clearwa-
ter 7, Charlotte 5. 2B- Charles (10), Serna
(8); O'Conner (12). HR-Leonard (7, 6th
inning off Kleven, 0 on, 2 out). RBIs-Leon-
ard 2 (25). SB- Serna (4). CS- Serna (4).
RISP-Clearwater 0 for 9; Charlotte 0 for
3. GIDP- Clearwater 3; Charlotte 1. DP-
Clearwater (Pointer-Lino); Charlotte (Leon-
ard-Guevara-Cobb, O'Conner-Goeddel,
Clearwater IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Kleven L 1-5 7 5 2 1 2 8 1 4.85
Stefan 1 0 0 0 0 1 05.68
Charlotte IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
CobbW1-0 5 30 0 0 9 00.00
Markel 2 1 0 0 1 1 02.82
GartonS, 1 2 2 0 0 1 2 02.55
WP- Cobb 2, Markel. HBP- Martinez (by
Markel). Umpires-Home, NateTomlinson;

-ZachMiller First base,Joe Cyganiak..T: 2:19.A 3,583.

Pitcher hopes

next start is

with the Rays
Wearing his old No. 27 for
the Charlotte Stone Crabs,
Alex Cobb looked like his
old self in a rehab start on
The Tampa Bay Rays
right-hander pitched
five scoreless innings
for Charlotte, giving up
three hits and no walks
while striking out nine
in his first appearance
since straining an oblique
against the Cincinnati
Reds on April 12. He
picked up the win as the
Stone Crabs won 2-0.
"I felt good," Cobb said.
"I went out there and
threw all my pitches; I
didn't have any residual
feelings of any pain com-
ing back or any thoughts
of pain coming back, so

North Division
W L Pet.
Dunedin (BlueJays) 30 11 .732
Lakeland (Tigers) 26 15 .634
Brevard Co. (Brewers) 22 18 .550
Tampa (Yankees) 21 20 .512
Daytona (Cubs) 14 24 .368
Clearwater (Phils) 9 30 .231
South Division
W L Pet.
St.Lucie(Mets) 24 18 .571
Fort Myers (Twins) 23 18 .561
Charlotte (Rays) 20 21 .488
Bradenton (Pirates) 19 23 .452
Jupiter (Marlins) 19 23 .452
Palm Beach (Cards) 18 24 .429
Saturday's games
St. Lucie 6, Lakeland 3
Charlotte 2, Clearwater 0
Tampa 3, Palm Beach 2
Daytona 11, Fort Myers 9
Dunedin 5, Bradenton 1
Brevard County 2, Jupiter 0
Today's games
Palm Beach atTampa, 1 p.m.
St. Lucie at Lakeland, 1 p.m.
Bradenton at Dunedin, 1 p.m.
Brevard County at Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.
Clearwater at Charlotte, 1:30 p.m.
Daytona at Fort Myers, 4:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Brevard County atJupiter, 10:35 a.m.
Daytona at Fort Myers, 10:35 a.m.
Clearwater at Charlotte, 6:30 p.m.
Bradenton at Dunedin, 6:30 p.m.
St. Lucie at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Palm Beach atTampa, 7 p.m.

Crabs planner
Tuesday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Thursday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Friday: at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.

I was really just out there
being aggressive and
everything was good, so I
was pleased with it."
Cobb threw 64 pitches,
including 46 for strikes,
and moved well in the first
inning to cover first base
on a double play.
"I was trying to throw
kind of a normal game
plan of how I would
typically throw, but guys
are pretty aggressive down
here so you have to throw
out of the zone a little
bit," Cobb said. "It was a
normal game, so different
plays happened and
different scenarios. There
were runners on so I got
to work out of the stretch
a lot, and I got to work out
of the windup quite a bit,
too. Everything went as
planned and as good as it
Cobb said the majority
of his recovery has been
spent resting since so
many activities require
use of oblique muscles.
He took "about 10 days


3B Stone Crabs' lead with
4 a solo home run in the
71/2 sixth inning. Leonard now
9 leads the team with seven
2o home runs.
"I'm not up there trying
Sto hit home runs, I'm just
1/2 trying to find a good pitch
5 and put a good swing
5 on it," Leonard said. "He
6 threw a first-pitch fastball
and I jumped on it. I didn't
know if it was gonna go
at first because the wind
was blowing in, but I got
enough of it."
Charlotte had an oppor-
tunity to blow the game
open in the first inning
when it loaded the bases
with no outs. But after
Toles scored on Leonard's
groundout, the inning
ended when O'Connor
flew out to right field and
Tyler Goeddel was thrown
out trying to score from
third. It was the second
night in a row that a Stone
Crabs rally stalled when a
runner was thrown out at

off" after the injury
occurred before starting to
play catch to keep his arm
strength up.
Despite the time off,
he said his arm felt at full
strength Saturday.
"I feel physically able to
go out there and compete
in a big league game, for
sure," Cobb said. "I would
love for (going back to the
majors) to be the case,
but we have to talk to the
front office, Joe (Maddon)
and the training staff to
see what the best step
going forward will be. But
I would absolutely love for
that to be the case."
If Cobb stays on a
five-day schedule, his
next start would be on
Thursday. Among his pos-
sible locations, the Rays
are home in an afternoon
game against Oakland.
Triple-A Durham is on the
road at Columbus (Ohio),
and the Stone Crabs are at
Contact lah Miller at 941-206-1140

home plate.
"Obviously it wasn't the
result I was looking for,"
Goeddel said. "The guy
made a perfect throw, and
if it wasn't perfect I was
going to beat it, so that
was my mentality going
into that."
Manager Jared Sandberg
said that even though
his team's aggressiveness
has yielded outs the past
couple games, he doesn't
want it to stop.
"That's just part of the
game, our offense isn't
scoring a lot of runs so
we're trying to take some
chances," he said.
Sandberg also said he
isn't going to change his
lineup in an attempt to
create more offense going
"I try not to mess with
the lineup too much, I try
to put guys in spots that
they're comfortable and
try not to do too much,"
he said.
Contact lah Miller at 941-206-1140


brera, Porcello lead

- Miguel
Sa solo homer
igle, Rick
tched eight
win his sixth
e start and
troit beat
e 10th con-
ad win for the
o are a majors'
Detroit won
h time in 17

(7-1) gave up
x hits, striking
id walking one.
key (5-3) gave
lan two runs
t time in five
ving six on
S51/3 innings.
Mariners 3:
Brian Dozier's
r in the fifth inning
ahead for good, and
tossed six innings
Deduno (1-2) struck
A two hits and retired
ters he faced. Both of
f Deduno came in the
r James Jones.
7, Pirates 1:ln
Teixeira hit a two-run
nonte connected in
the season and the
deep five times. Brett
onso Soriano also
struggling Edinson
five scoreless innings
ps(1 -0).
rewers 0: In
iJackson struck out

11 in seven innings and Welington
Castillo hit a two-run double. Starlin
Castro also added an RBI double for
the last-place Cubs, who won for the
third time in 13 games.
Phillies 12, Reds 1: In
Philadelphia, Cole Hamels threw
seven sharp innings to earn his 100th
career win, Domonic Brown had a
career-best five RBIs and Philadelphia
to end a four-game losing streak.
Cody Asche snapped Philadelphia's
23-inning scoreless streak with
a two-run double that sparked a
six-run fourth. Hamels (1-2) didn't
need much run support.
Athletics 6, Indians 2:
In Cleveland, Brandon Moss hit a
two-run homer and drove in three
runs, and Josh Donaldson also had
three RBIs, helping Oakland overcome
starter Scott Kazmir's ejection
in the second inning. Dan Otero
(4-0) relieved Kazmir and pitched
32 scoreless innings to help seal


Oakland's eighth win in nine games.
Royals 1, Orioles 0: In
Kansas City, Mo., Danny Duffy carried
a perfect game into the seventh
inning, and Billy Butler drove in
the only run for Kansas City. Adam
Jones finally ended it with a weak
groundball up the middle with two
outs in the seventh.
Cardinals 4, Braves 1: In
St. Louis, rookie Kolten Wong scored
on Yadier Molina's sacrifice fly just
beyond the infield and bunted for a
hit to start a two-run sixth in support
of Shelby Miller's strongest outing.
Miller (6-2) allowed a run and five
hits in seven innings, one inning
longer than his previous high this
Mets 5, Nationals 2: In
Washington,Juan Lagares drove in
three runs with a homer and a single,
and Bartolo Colon allowed five hits in
eight innings for New York. Lagares
came in 5 for 27 in his past 11 games.


PUNTA GORDA 941-039-ACME ARCADIA 863-884-2333

tigers past

Astros 6, White Sox 5: In
Houston, Jason Castro hit a three-run
homer and Dexter Fowler homered
and drove in two runs for Houston.
Castro's home run came in Houston's
four-run first inning. Houston starter
Jarred Cosart (3-3) allowed seven hits
and three runs in five innings.
Around the league: Texas
left-hander Martin Perez said he will
have season-ending reconstructive
elbow surgery. Perez has a partial
tear of his ulnar collateral ligament


in his left elbow days ... On the
field, the Rangers honored Michael
Young, their career leader in hits and
runs, who signed a one-day contract
and retired as a Ranger in January.
... Boston placed struggling third
baseman Will Middlebrooks on the
15-day disabled list. ... Julio Franco,
who is 55, is joining the Fort Worth
Cats of the independent United
League as a player-coach for their
first homestand. He played in the
major leagues until age 49.

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0 MLB:


The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014 SP Page 5

Ar sli-a-s

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014



Kansas City

Los Angeles


St. Louis

San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego

Pet GB \
.537 -
.537 -
.512 1
.476 21/2
.442 4
Pet GB \
.684 -
.512 61/2
.500 7
.477 8
.442 91/2
Pet GB
.628 -
.537 4
.476 61/2
.476 61/2
.349 12

Pet GB \
.537 -
.524 1/2
.512 1
.476 21/2
.450 31/2
Pet GB \
.628 -
.535 4
.463 7
.415 9
.341 12
Pet GB
.628 -
.558 3
.535 4
.465 7
.364 111/2

Friday's results
Oakland 11, Cleveland 1
Pittsburgh at NewYork, ppd., rain
Detroit 1, Boston 0
Toronto 2,Texas 0
Baltimore 4, Kansas CityO
ChicagoWhite Sox 7, Houston 2
Minnesota 5, Seattle 4
RAYS 3, LA. Angels 0
Saturday's results
N.Y.Yankees 7, Pittsburgh 1
Houston 6, ChicagoWhite Sox 5
Oakland 6, Cleveland 2
Kansas City 1, Baltimore 0
Detroit 6, Boston 1
Minnesota 4, Seattle 3
Toronto atTexas, late
RAYS at LA. Angels, late
Today's games
Oakland (J.Chavez 3-1) at Cleveland (Mas-
terson 2-2), 1:05 p.m.
Pittsburgh (Morton 0-5) at N.Y. Yankees
(Kuroda 2-3), 1:05 p.m., 1 st game
Baltimore (UJimenez 2-4) at Kansas City
(Shields 5-3),2:10p.m
ChicagoWhite Sox (Joh.Danks 3-3) at Hous-
ton (Peacock 0-4), 2:10 p.m.
Seattle (F.Hernandez4-1) at Minnesota (No-
lasco 2-3),2:10 p.m.
Toronto (Dickey 4-3) at Texas (N.Martinez
0-1), 3:05 p.m.
RAYS (Price 4-3) at LA. Angels (Shoe-
maker 1-1), 3:35 p.m.
Pittsburgh (Cole 3-3) at N.Y. Yankees (Nuno
1-1),4:35 p.m., 2nd game
Detroit (A.Sanchez 0-2) at Boston (Peavy
1-1), 8:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Detroit at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m.
Chicago White Sox at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m.
Houston at LA. Angels, 10:05 p.m.


North Division
W L Pet.
Pawtucket (Red Sox) 25 19 .568
Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 23 19 .548
Buffalo (BlueJays) 21 18 .538
Rochester(Twins) 21 20 .512
Syracuse (Nationals) 21 21 .500
Scranton/WB(Yankees) 20 21 .488
South Division
W L Pet.
Gwinnett (Braves) 24 17 .585
Durham (Rays) 25 19 .568
Charlotte(White Sox) 14 27 .341
Norfolk(Orioles) 14 27 .341
West Division
W L Pet.
Indianapolis (Pirates) 24 18 .571
Columbus (Indians) 21 20 .512
Louisville (Reds) 20 22 .476
Toledo (Tigers) 19 24 .442

Saturday's results
Lehigh Valley 2, Buffalo 1
Pawtucket 6, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 3
Columbus 8, Syracuse 1
Gwinnett 6, Indianapolis 5
Louisville 5, Durham 1
Rochester 9,Toledo 2
Charlotte at Norfolk, late
Today's games
Lehigh Valley at Buffalo, 1:05 p.m.
Toledo at Rochester, 1:05 p.m.
Charlotte at Norfolk, 1:05 p.m.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at Pawtucket,
Columbus at Syracuse, 2 p.m.
Indianapolis at Gwinnett, 2:05 p.m.
Louisville at Durham, 5:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Lehigh Valley at Buffalo, 1:05 p.m.
Indianapolis at Gwinnett, 6:35 p.m.
Columbus at Syracuse, 7 p.m.
Louisville at Durham, 7:05 p.m.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at Pawtucket,
Toledo at Rochester, 7:05 p.m.

North Division
W L Pc
Huntsville (Brewers) 29 14 .6
Tennessee (Cubs) 23 19 .5
Jackson (Mariners) 17 25 .41
Birmingham (White Sox) 16 26 .38
Chattanooga (Dodgers) 16 26 .38
South Division
W L Pi
Mobile (Diamondbacks) 26 16 .6
Mississippi (Braves) 23 19 .54
Montgomery(Rays) 23 19 .5
Jacksonville (Marlins) 20 22 .4
Pensacola (Reds) 18 25 .4

Saturday's results
Mississippi 8,Tennessee 3
Montgomery 4,Jackson 0
Mobile 5, Chattanooga 4
Huntsville 4, Birmingham 0
Jacksonville 4, Pensacola 2
Today's games
Birmingham at Huntsville, 2 p.m.
Tennessee at Mississippi, 2 p.m.
Chattanooga at Mobile, 3:05 p.m.
Jacksonville at Pensacola, 5 p.m.
Montgomery at Jackson, 7:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Chattanooga at Mobile, 12:35 p.m.
Jacksonville at Pensacola, 7:30 p.m.
Birmingham at Huntsville, 7:30 p.m.
Tennessee at Mississippi, 8 p.m.
Montgomery at Jackson, 8:05 p.m.










divisionn Atlanta AB R H BI BBSO Avg. For Friday's late III
WCGB L10 Str Home Away Heywardrf 4 0 2 0 0 0 216 Swreboard Page
5-5 L-I 9-10 13-9 J.Uptonlf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .273
6-4 W-3 10-10 12-9 Kimbrelp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
1 6-4 W-2 10-11 12-10 Freeman1b 2 0 0 0 2 1 .301 YANKEES7
21/2 5-5 L-3 10-13 10-9 Gattisc 4 0 0 0 0 1 242 Pittsburgh AB
4 4-6 W-1 8-12 11-12 CJohnson3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .277 Tabatarf 4
Division B.Uptondc 4 0 0 0 0 4 203 NWalker2b 3
VCGB L10 Str Home Away Simmonsss 3 1 3 0 0 0 .275 AMcCutchencf 3
7-3 W-5 13-8 13-4 Harangp 2 0 1 0 0 0 .056 PAlvarez3b 4
1 6-4 W-3 12-10 9-10 a-Doumitph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200 SMartef 3
11/2 6-4 W-1 11-9 10-12 Varvarop 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- I.Davisb 3
21/2 4-6 L-1 11-10 10-13 Avilanp 0 0 0 0 0 0 GSanchezdh 4
4 5-5 L-3 12-10 7-14 J.Schaferlf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .125 Mercerss 4
Division Pastornicky2b 2 0 0 0 1 0 .207 TSanchezc 4
WCGB L10 Str Home Away Totals 30 1 6 0 310 Totals 32
8-2 W-2 12-10 15-6 St.Louis AB R H BIBBSO Avg. NewYork AB I
6-4 L-1 1-1 13-8 M.Carpenter3b 3 1 0 0 0 1 .256 Gardnercf 3
21/2 3-7 L-4 8-10 12-12 Wong2b 4 2 2 0 0 1 .253 Jeterss 4
212 3-7 L-3 1111 9-11 Hollidaylf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .267 Teixeiralb 4
8 5-5 W-1 9-15 6-13 Craigrf 3 0 1 1 0 1 233 McCannc 4
Y.Molinac 2 0 1 1 0 0 .325 ASorianorf 4
ALLEAGUE MaAdamslb 3 1 1 0 0 1 304 I.Suzukirf 0
Division Jh.Peraltass 3 0 0 0 0 2 247 Solarte3b 4
VCGB L10 Str Home Away Bourjoscf 3 0 2 1 0 0 229 KeJohnsondh 3
5-5 L-3 13-8 9-11 S.Millerp 2 0 0 0 0 2 .167 B.Roberts2b 3
12 4-6 L-1 12-10 10-10 b-Descalsoph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .171 ZAlmontelf 3
1 4-6 W-1 17-5 5-16 C.Martinezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Totals 32
212 4-6 W-1 9-12 11-10 Choatep 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Pittsburgh 0
312 3-7 W-1 7-12 11-10 Rosenthalp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 NewYork 2
IDivision Totals 28 4 8 3 0 9 LOB-Pittsburgh 8,
WCGB L10 Str Home Away Atlanta 010000000- 1 61 Marte (4), GSanche:
5-5 L-1 14-10 13-6 St. Louis 000102 10x- 4 81 HR-SMarte (2),off F
6-4 W4 11-6 12-14
3 4-6 L-1 11-10 8-12 a-flied out for Harang in the 7th off Volquez; ZAlmor
5 5-5 L-2 12-11 5-13 b-grounded into a double play for S Gardner (2), offVolqL
8 3-7 W-1 8-12 6-15 Miller in the 7th. E-Gattis (5),Wong (3) Volquez; McCann (5),
Division LOB-Atlanta 5, St. Louis 2. 2B-Sim Marte (7), Gardner (1
WCGB L10 Str Home Away mons (5). 3B-MaAdams (2). RBIs- Cann 2 (12), A.Sorian
6-4 L-1 13-7 14-9 Craig (18), Y.Molina (22), Bourjos (7). SB-A.McCutchen (5)
5-5 W-1 14-5 10-14 SB-Wong (5). CS-Craig (1). SF-Y. (5). CS-S.Marte (1).
5-5 W-1i 9-13 14-7 Molina. Runners left in scoring posi- ing position-PittsE
3 5-5 L-1 12-11 8-12 tion- Atlanta 2 (Pastornicky,F.Freeman). PAlvarez 2, I.Davis);
71/2 5-5 L-2 4-18 12-10 RISP-Atlanta 0 for 4; St. Louis 2 for 5. RISP-Pittsburgh 1 fc
Runners moved up-Holliday.GIDP-J. GIDP-Teixeira. DP-
NATIONAL LEAGUE Upton, F.Freeman, Descalso. DP-Atlan- PAlvarez, I.Davis); New
NAIOilNAL LEAGUEC,, 1 .. rr ,
Friday's results ta 1 (Avilan, Simmons, F.Freeman); St. Cann,Jeter).
Milwaukee4,ChicagoCubs3 Louis 3 (Jh.Peralta, Wong, Ma.Adams), Pittsburgh IP H
Cincinnatiu3,Philadelphia0 (Y.Molina, Jh.Peralta, Wong), (Wong, VolquezL, 1-4 6 6
Washington 5, NY Mets 2 Jh.Peralta, Ma.Adams). J.Hughes 2 1
Pittsburgh at NewYork, ppdrain Atlanta IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Mazzaro 1 2
St LuisAtlata2 HarangL,4-4 6 63 2 0 7 852.98 NewYork IP H
Colorado 3,SantDiego 1Varvaro A 2 1 1 0 1 22 2.77 PhelpsW,1-0 5 5
LADodgers7,Arizona Avilan 0 0 0 0 0 74.61 BetancesH,4 2 2
M S 7 nKimbrel 1 00 0 0 1 13 2.35 Warren 1 1
MARSt.Louis IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Daley 1 0
Saturday'sresults S.MillerW,6-2 7 5 1 0 2 7101 2.79 HBP-by Phelps (S
St. Louis 4, Atlanta 1
St. Louis 4, Atlanta ukee C.MartinezH, 11 1 0 0 1 1 13 397 Home, Bob Davidsor
Y M hChoateH,4 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 6.39 Second, JamesHoye;-
N.Y.MetsS, Washingtont 2 Rosenthal S, 13-1410 0 0 0 2 9 4.29 T-2:56. A-47,353 (4
N Yankees7,Pittsburgh 1 Inherited runners-scored-Avilan 1-0,
Philadelphia 12,Cincinnati 1 Choate 2-0. HBP-by Harang (M.Carpen- ASTROS6,V,
LA. Dodgers at Arizona, late ter) Umpires-Home, Ron Kulpa; First, Chicago AB I
San DiegoatColorado, lt Eric Coo per; Second, Chris Guccione; Geckha2b
MARLINS at San Francisco, late Third, Sean Barber. T-2:31. A-44,981 Gillaspie3b 5
Today'sgames (45399) JAbreudh 3
Pittsburgh (Morton 0-5) at N.Y. Yankees a-Konerkoph-dh 2
(Kuroda 2-3), 1:05 p.m., 1st game CUBS 3 BREWERS A.Dunnlb 3
Cincinnati (Cingrani 2-2) at Philadelphia (Cl. Milwaukee AB R H BIBBSO Avg. ViciedoIf 4
Lee3-4),1 :35p.m. E.Herreralf 4 0 0 0 0 3 238 AI.Ramirezss 3
N.Y Mets (Z.Wheeler 1-3) at Washington Gennett2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .269 DeAzacf 2
(Zimmermann2-1),1:35 p.m. Braunrf 4 0 1 0 0 1 314 Flowersc 3
r0 1 0 0 1 .314
Atlanta (Floyd 0-1) at St. Louis (J.Garcia 0-0), Lucroyc 4 0 2 0 0 0 306 Sierrarf 2
2:15 p.m.Toas 35
*21pm 1Mar.Reynolds1b 4 0 0 0 0 3 .210 Totals 32
Milwaukee (Estrada 3-1) at Chicago Cubs : e s 3 00 0 0 2 Houston AB I
Segura ss 3 0 1 0 0 1 .262 Atv~
(TWood3-4),2:20 p~m.Sgrs Altuve2b 5S
(T.Wood3-4),2:20p.m. L.Schafercf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .190
MARLINS (Ja.Turner 0-1) at San Francis- Baci3b 3 0 0 0 0 3 163 Springerrf 4
co (Vogelsong 1-2),4:05 p.m. Ba 23 0 0 0 0 1 .053 wler cf 4
LA. Dodgers (Haren 5-1) at Arizona (Coil- b-Overbayph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .221 Castroc
menteri1-2),4:10 p~m.bOebyp 00121 M.Dominguez 3b 2C
Dmentr-2),4:10p.m. ukep 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Kraussb 3
San Diego (Roach 1-0)OatColorado(Nicasio Totals 31 0 4 0 114 bKGuzman ph- b
42),4:1pm Chicago AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Carterdh 3
Pittsburgh(Cole3-3)atN.Y.Yankees(Nuno Bonifaciocf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .293 Presleyf 4
1-1),4:35p.m.,2ndgame Coghlanlf 2 0 0 0 0 0 .136 MaGonalezss 3
Monday'sgames c-Lakeph-lf 0 0 0 0 1 0 255 Totals 34
Cincinnati atWashington, 7:05 p.m. Rizzolb 4 0 1 0 0 0 284 Chicago 0
Milwaukee at Atlanta, 7:10p.m. S.Castro ss 3 1 1 1 0 0 297 Houston 4
Schierholtzrf 2 1 0 0 1 1 .197 bu tr
Castilloc 3 0 1 2 0 1 .240 b-struckou for Kra
I{EBOARDDowns (1). LOB--Chi(
Olt3b 3 0 0 0 0 2 173
EBOARDBarney2b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .176 2B-GBeckha (4),
E.Jackson p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .105 Spigr()HR-.
Fowler (3), off Noesi. R

MIDWEST LEAGUE aKalishph 1 0 0 0 0 0 256 JAbreu(42),AI.Ramire
Eastern Division N Ramirezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 erra (5), Springer (13),F
H.Rondonp 0 0 0
W L Pet. GB H3Rondo (21).SB-DeAza(5
Totals 27 3 4 3 2 7 3(1.B-e a5
Dayton(Reds) 24 16 .600 l 3(1).2S-Ma.Gonzalez.
Milwaukee 000000 000- 0 41 (1: -aGnae
South Bend (D'Backs 24 17 585 1Aza, Sierra. Runners
Sout Bed (DBacs) 4 17.58 V2Chicago 300 000 00x-- 3 40 tin-Ciao4GB
West Michigan (Tigers) 24 18 .571 1 Chcago 300000 X-3 40 tion-Chicago 4 (G.B
Lansing(BlueJays) 20 21 .488 41/2 a-flied out for EJackson in the 7th. Gillaspie); Houston
Great Lakes (Dodgers) 20 22 .476 5 b-struck out for Garza in the 8th. Springer, Carter, J.
Bowling Green (Rays) 18 23 .439 61/2 c-walked for Coghlan in the 8th. E-Bi- cago 1 for 10; Houstc
FortWayne(Padres) 17 24 .415 71/2 anchi (1). LOB-Milwaukee 5, Chicago 3. moved up-Gillaspi
LakeCounty(Indians) 13 29 .310 12 2B-S.Castro (10), Castillo (8). RBIs-S. GIDP-JAbreu. DP-
Western Division Castro (22), Castillo 2 (17). S-Coghlan. Altuve, Krauss), (Sprin
W L Pet. GB Runners left in scoring position- M.Dominguez).
Kane County(Cubs) 28 14 .667 Milwaukee 3 (Mar.Reynolds, LSchafer, Chicago IP H
Peoria (Cardinals) 24 16 .600 3 Bianchi); Chicago 3 (Olt, Coghlan, Cas- NoesiL,0-4 6 8
Clinton (Mariners) 21 19 525 6 tillo). RISP-Milwaukee 0 for 4; Chicago S.Downs %A 1
Burlington (Angels) 19 21 .475 8 2 for 7. Runners moved up-L.Schafer, D.Webb 1% 2
Wisconsin (Brewers) 19 21 .475 8 Bonifacio, Rizzo, S.Castro. GIDP-Rizzo. Houston IP H
Beloit (Athletics) 19 22 .463 81/2 DP-Milwaukee 1 (Duke, Segura, Mar. CosartW,3-3 5 7
Quad Cities (Astros) 19 22 .463 81/2 Reynolds). Fields H, 1 1 1
Cedar Rapids (Twins) 19 23 .452 9 Milwaukee IP H R ERBBSONPERA SippH,2 1 0
GarzaL,2-4 7 43 3 1 7105 4.83 FarnsworthH, 1 % 2
Saturday's results Duke 1 00 0 1 0 141.42 D.DownsH, 1 % 0
LakeCounty5,WestMichigan2 Chicago IPHRERBBSONPERA QuallsS,3-4 1 0
BowlingGreen 5,GreatLakes2 EJacksonW,3-3 7 4 0 0 1 111153.98 Noesi pitched to 1 k
Lansing8, Dayton3 N.RamirezH,4 1 00 0 0 2 180.96 herited runne
South Bend 4, FortWayne2 H.RondonS,4-4 1 0 0 0 0 1 8 1.40 1-1, D.Webb 2-0, D.[
Beloit 6, Clinton 0 WP-EJackson. Umpires-Home, Bri- S.Downs (M.Doming
KaneCounty3,QuadCitiesO0 an Gorman; First, David Rackley; Second, Umpires-Home, Te
Burlington 7, Cedar Rapids 2 Pat Hoberg; Third, Bill Welke. T-2:57. Reyburn; Second, Wi
Wisconsin at Peoria, late A-36,671 (41,072). Carlson. T-3:26. A-;
Today's games
Lake Countyat West Michigan, 1 p.m. METS 5, NATIONALS 2 TWINS 4,M
QuadCitiesatKaneCounty,2p.m. NewYork AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Seattle AB I
FortWayne at South Bend, 2:05 p.m. E.YounglIf 5 0 0 0 0 2 227 JJonescf 4
Dayton at Lansing,2:05 p.m. Dan.Murphy2b 4 1 2 0 1 0 .320 M.Saundersrf 3
CedarRapidsatBurlington, 3 p.m. D.Wright3b 4 1 1 0 0 0 .281 Cano2b 4
SWisconsin at Peoria, 3p.m. C.Youngrf 3 1 0 0 1 0 .213 Hartdh 4
BeloitatClinton,3 p.m. Campbelllb 4 1 2 2 0 0 .455 Seager3b 4
Bowling Green at Great Lakes,3:05p.m. Lagarescf 4 1 2 3 0 0 304 Smoaklb 3
Monday'sgames Reckerc 4 0 0 0 0 2 208 1-Gillespiepr 0
FortWayneatLakeCounty,6:30p.m. Floresss 3 0 1 0 1 2 200 Ackleylf 4
South Bend atWestMichigan,6:35p.m. Mejiap 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 Zuninoc 3
GreatLakesatDayton,7p.m. Colonp 3 0 0 0 0 1 .000 BMillerss 1
Bowling Green at Lansing, 7:05 p.m. b-Tejada ph-ss 1 0 0 0 0 1 .190 a-Romeroph 1
Clinton at Peoria, 7:30p.m. Totals 35 5 8 5 3 8 Bloomquistss 1
Kane CountyatWisconsin, 7:35p.m. Washington AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Totals 32
Beloit at Cedar Rapids, 7:35 p.m. Spancf 4 0 0 0 0 1 236 Minnesota AB I
Burlington at Quad Cities,8p.m. Rendon3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .271 Dozier2b 3
Renonb 00 01 71 Maueri1b 4
Werthrf 3 1 1 0 1 0 303 Pluerb 4
EASTERN LEAGUE W.Ramosc 4 0 0 0 0 1 .154 Kozkd 3
Eastern Division Desmond ss 4 1 2 2 0 0 228 Pintoc 3
W L Pet. GB Espinosa2b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .221 olabllo r 3
Portland (Red Sox) 25 14 .641 T.Moore1b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .220 Parmeleerf 0
Binghamton (Mets) 22 16 .579 212 McLouthlf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .123 : Nunez If 3
Trenton (Yankees) 23 19 548 312 G.Gonzalezp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .143 A.Hickscf 2
Reading (Phillies) 20 18 .526 412 Stammenp 1 0 1 0 0 0 .333 E.Escobarss 3
NewBritain (Twins) 17 22 .436 8 Barrettp 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ta 28.
N.Hampshire(BlueJays) 15 25 .375 1012 a-Waltersph 1 0 0 0 00 .200 Seattle 0
Western Division Blevinsp 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sea-- le0
W L Pet. GB Totals 32 2 6 2 1 7 Mnnesota 1
Akron (Indians) 27 14 .659 NewYork 302000000- 5 80 a-grounded into a do
Bowie (Orioles) 22 19 537 5 Washington 000200000- 2 61 in the 7th, 1-ran for S
Richmond (Giants) 21 19 .525 5/2 a-flied out for Barrett in the 8th. b-struck PBouHarff (4), LOB
Erie (Tigers) 18 21 462 8 out for Colon in the 9th. E-T.Moore (2). 2B-aJ Jo(es (). H
Altoona (Pirates) 16 24 .400 1012 LOB-New York 6, Washington 4. 2B- offBurton Dozier (1
SHarrisburg (Nationals) 12 27 .308 14 McLouth (2), Stammen (1). HR-Lagares Jones (1), M.Saunder(

Saturday's results (2), off G.Gonzalez; Desmond (6), off Co- K.Suzuki (26). SF--
Portland4Tr endon 3 lon. RBIs-Campbell2(3),Lagares3 (14), left in scoring posit
Binghamton 6, New Hampshire5 Desmond 2(24) Runners left in scoring ley 2, Romero, Seage
Altoona3Richmond 0 position-New York 4 (Colon 2, Camp- to). RISP-Seattle 0 f(
Harrisburg S,NewBritainO,1stgame bell 2),;Washington 3 (TMoore, Rendon 4. Runners moved
: 2). RISP-New York 2 for 6; Washington GIDP-Romero, Mai

Erie 2, Akron 1 : for 6. Runners moved up-C.Young. (Zunino, Zunino, Ca
NewBritain at Harrisburg, late, 2nd game GIDP-D.Wright, T.Moore. DP-New Smoak); Minnesota 1
Todat'sgames York 1 (Flores, Dan.Murphy, Campbell); Mauer).
Today's games
Trenton at Portland, 1 p.m. Washington 1 (Desmond, Espinosa, Seattle IP H
Binghamton at New Hampshire, 1:35 p.m. T.Moore). EliasL,3-3 7 6
Akron at Erie, 1:35 p.m. NewYork IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Medina 1 0
New Britain at Harrisburg, 2p.m. ColonW,3-5 8 5 2 2 1 5105 5.34 Minnesota IP H
BowieatReading, 5:05 p.m. MejiaS, -1 1 1 0 0 0 2 144.65 DedunoW, 1-2 6 2
Richmond at Altoona, 6p.m. Washington IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA Duensing H, 1 1 1
G.GonzalezL, 3-43 75 5 2 4 834.62 BurtonH,6 1 2
.. aStammen 4 1 0 0 1 2 542.52 PerkinsS, 12-14 1 1
.'Tz,- -?%;. Barrett 1 00 0 0 1 100.60 HBP-by Elias (Dozie
Blevins 1 00 0 0 1 11 3.57 no. PB-Pinto. Ballk
Umpires-Home, Ed Hickox; First, Jon By- Home, Angel Herna
TJ 1 M rnme; Second, Lance Barrett;Third, Dana De- Johnson; Second, Tob
SU N Muth. T-2:48. A-41,225 (41,408). Vanover.T-2:26.A-

nescores, see

0 1 0 0 0 .306
0 0 0 1 1 .231
0 0 0 1 0 .250
0 0 0 0 2 .200
1 3 1 0 0 .255
0 0 0 1 3 .122
0 1 0 0 1 .333
0 1 0 0 2 .174
0 2 0 0 2 .276
1 8 1 311
2 1 1 1 0 .342
1 2 0 0 0 .250
1 1 2 0 0 .297
1 1 2 0 2 .206
1 2 1 0 1 .278
0 0 0 0 0 .391
0 0 0 0 0 .283
0 0 0 0 0 .216
0 1 0 0 0 .200
1 1 1 0 0 .333
7 9 7 1 3
00001000- 1 80
01001 12x- 7 90
New York 2. 2B-S.
z (6), A.Soriano (5).
Betances; Teixeira (5),
nte (1), off Volquez;
uez; A.Soriano (5), off
off Mazzaro. RBIs-S.
1), Teixeira 2 (9), Mc-
no (9), ZAlmonte (1).
), S.Marte (6), Gardner
Runners left in scor-
;urgh 4 (T.Sanchez,
New York 1 (Solarte).
)r 9; New York 1 for 2.
*Pittsburgh 1 (I.Davis,
wYork 1 (McCann,Mc-

5 5 0 3 81 5.89
0 0 0 0 5 4.50
2 2 1 0 2118.00
0 0 3 51000.00
1 1 0 3 25 2.45
0 0 0 2 200.00
0 0 0 1 11 0.00
.Marte). Umpires-
n; First, Paul Nauert;
Third,John Tumpane.


1 2
0 1
0 0
0 0
1 1
2 2
1 2
0 1
0 0
0 1
1 2
2 2
2 3
1 1
0 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 2
0 0

1 0 1
0 00
1 0 0
0 0 1
0 2 1
0 1 0
1 0 0
1 1 0
0 1 2
1 1 1
5 6 6
0 0 0
1 1 1
2 1 1
3 0 1
0 2 0
0 0 2
0 0 1
0 1 1
0 0 0
0 0 1

1 1i1
1 1i1


21000020- 5101
00010 10x- 6110
iss in the 7th. E-S.
cago 9, Houston 10.
AI.Ramirez (8). 3B-
Castro (6), off Noesi;
RBIs-G.Beckham (9),
ez (28), De Aza (15), Si-
Fowler2 (12),J.Castro
), Altuve (14), Presley
SF-AI.Ramirez, De
left in scoring posi-
eckham 2, AI.Ramirez,
6 (Ma.Gonzalez 2,
astro 2). RISP-Chi-
)n 2 for 11. Runners
e, JAbreu, Presley.
-Houston 2 (Cosart,
ger, Springer, Krauss,

6 5 3 61097.31
0 0 1 0 94.50
0 0 1 2 29 2.78
3 3 4 21024.41
0 0 0 2 1711.08
0 0 0 1 140.00
2 2 2 0 2127.00
0 0 0 0 3 0.00
0 0 0 1 133.29
batter in the 7th. In-
Downs 2-0. IBB-off
guez). WP-Cosart
d Barrett; First, DJ.
IIl Little; Third, Mark
20,612 (42,060).

1 1 1 0 0 .333
1 1 2 0 0 .253
0 1 0 0 0 .303
0 1 0 0 1 .210
0 0 0 0 2 .225
0 2 0 1 1 .243
0 0 0 0 0 .263
0 0 0 0 0 .258
0 0 0 1 2 .243
1 0 0 1 0 .157
0 0 0 0 0 .217
0 0 0 0 0 .178
3 6 3 3 6
2 2 3 0 1 .258
0 0 0 0 0 .291
0 0 0 0 1 .239
0 1 1 0 0 .322
0 0 0 0 2 .245
0 0 0 0 0 .233
0 0 0 0 0 .276
0 1 0 0 0 .308
1 1 0 1 0 .191
1 1 0 0 1 .354
4 6 4 1 5
02000010- 3 60
00030 00x- 4 61
double play for B.Miller
moak in the 9th. E-
attle 6, Minnesota 2.
k (10), K.Suzuki (10).
R-M.Saunders (2),
1), off Elias. RBIs-J.
s 2 (9), Dozier 3 (25),
M.Saunders. Runners
ion-Seattle 4 (Ack-
r); Minnesota 1 (Pin-
or 6; Minnesota 2 for
up-Ackley, Plouffe.
uer. DP-Seattle 2
no), (B.Miller, Cano,
(Duensing, E.Escobar,

4 4 1 4 92 3.88
0 0 0 1 13 4.00
2 2 2 4 95 3.53
0 0 1 0 14 1.50
1 1 0 1 14 5.71
0 0 0 1 13 3.54
er). WP-Elias, Dedu-
k-Elias. Umpires-
iandez; First, Adrian
by Basner; Third, Larry

Oakland AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Crispcf 5 2 1 0 0 0 .252
Jasodh 3 0 0 0 0 1 .284
a-Callaspoph-dh 1 1 0 0 1 0 .250
Donaldson3b 4 2 3 3 0 0 .277
Mosslb 3 1 2 3 1 0 .287
Cespedeslf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .257
Lowriess 4 0 0 0 0 0 .259
D.Norrisc 4 0 1 0 0 0 .354
Reddickrf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .229
Punto2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .213
Totals 36 6 8 6 2 2
Cleveland AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Bourncf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .250
Swisherdh 4 0 1 0 0 0 .203
Brantleylf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .279
C.Santana3b-1b 4 0 1 0 0 3 .156
Raburnrf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .184
A.Cabrerass 2 1 0 1 1 1 .258
Y.Gomesc 4 0 1 0 0 1 .262
Aguilarib 1 0 0 0 1 0 .000
b-J.Ramirezph-2b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .095
Aviles2b-3b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .295
Totals 30 2 7 1 3 7
Oakland 003000300- 6 81
Cleveland 010001000- 2 73
b-struck out for Aguilar in the 7th. E-
Donaldson (8), A.Cabrera (6), C.Santana
(5), Aguilar (1). LOB-Oakland 5, Cleve-
land 5. 2B-Crisp (4), Moss (8), D.Norris
(7), Y.Gomes (7). 3B-Donaldson (1).
HR-Moss (9), off Tomlin. RBIs-Don-
aldson 3 (34), Moss 3 (36), A.Cabrera
(13). SF-A.Cabrera. Runners left in
scoring position-Oakland 2 (Reddick,
Cespedes); Cleveland 4 (Aviles, Y.Gomes
2, Swisher). RISP-Oakland 3 for 6;
Cleveland 0 for 5. Runners moved up-
Raburn. GIDP-Callaspo, Swisher, Brant-
ley, Aviles. DP-Oakland 3 (Donaldson,
Punto, Moss), (Lowrie, Punto, Moss), (Ote-
ro, Lowrie, Moss); Cleveland 1 (J.Ramirez,
A.Cabrera, C.Santana).
Kazmir 1A 1 1 1 3 1 41 2.39
OteroW,4-0 3% 40 0 0 1 32 1.78
AbadH,4 1 2 1 1 0 0 182.65
Gregerson 2 00 0 0 3 18 2.38
Doolittle 1 00 0 0 2 13 3.43
Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
TomlinL,2-1 6 53 3 1 2 952.89
Rzepczynski % 1 2 0 1 0 12 2.35
Shaw i 2 1 1 0 0 41.80
Axford 1 00 0 0 0 15 4.15
House 1 00 0 0 0 11 0.00
Inherited runners-scored-Otero 2-0,
Shaw 2-2. WP-Kazmir. Umpires-Home,
Jerry Layne; First, Tom Woodring; Sec-
ond, Mike DiMuro; Third, Mike Estabrook.
T-3:00. A-18,358 (42,487).

Cincinnati AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
B.Hamiltoncf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .250
Cozartss 4 1 1 0 0 1 .205
Phillips2b 2 0 0 0 1 1 .283
R.Santiago3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .192
Frazier3b 3 0 1 0 0 2 .267
Heiseyrf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .225
Ludwicklf 3 0 0 1 1 1 248
Schumakerrf-2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .216
N.Soto1b 3 0 1 0 0 2 .150
LeCurep 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Barnhartc 3 0 0 0 0 1 .107
Baileyp 0 0 0 0 1 0 .214
Ondrusekp 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Hoover p 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
S.Marshallp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
B.Pena1b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .265
Totals 30 1 3 1 310
Philadelphia AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Rollinsss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .261
b-Brignacph-ss 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Ruizc 4 1 2 1 0 0 .284
Utley2b 3 1 1 1 1 0 347
C.Hernandez2b 1 1 1 1 0 0 .250
Howard lb 3 2 0 0 2 1 .245
Byrdrf 5 2 2 0 0 0 .290
Asche3b 4 2 2 3 1 0 .250
D.Brownlf 5 2 2 5 0 0 .221 3 1 1 0 1 1 .190
Hamelsp 2 0 0 0 0 2 .111
a-Mayberryph 1 0 1 1 0 0 .152
Diekmanp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Papelbonp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Totals 36121312 5 6
Cincinnati 100000000 1 3 0
Philadelphia 00060051x -1213 0
a-doubled for Hamels in the 7th.
b-struck out for Rollins in the 7th.
LOB-Cincinnati 5, Philadelphia 7.
2B-Cozart (6), Byrd (14), Asche (8),
D.Brown (6), Mayberry (2). HR-D.
Brown (2), off Bailey; C.Hernandez (1),
off LeCure. RBIs-Ludwick (16), Ruiz
(10), Utley (21), C.Hernandez (1), Asche
3 (15), D.Brown 5 (20), Mayberry (5).
S-Hamels. Runners left in scoring
position-Cincinnati 1 (Schumaker);
Philadelphia 3 (Byrd, Brignac, D.Brown).
RISP-Cincinnati 1 for 3; Philadelphia 7
for 15. Runners moved up-Howard.
Cincinnati IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
Bailey L, 3-3 3% 7 6 6 2 2 925.44
Ondrusek 1 1 0 0 0 1 21 5.56
Hoover 1 00 0 0 1 88.56
S.Marshall % 3 5 5 2 1 2912.15
LeCure 1I 2 1 1 1 1 34 1.53
Philadelphia IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
HamelsW, 1-2 7 3 1 1 2 10 904.40
Diekman 1 00 0 0 0 114.29
Papelbon 1 00 0 1 0 14 1.65
Inherited runners-scored-Ondrusek
1-1, LeCure 1-0. HBP-by S.Marshall
(Ruiz). WP-Ondrusek. PB-Barn-
hart. Umpires-Home, Jordan Baker;
First, Jerry Meals; Second, Paul Emmel;
Third, Chris Conroy. T-2:54. A-30,075

Detroit AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Kinsler2b 4 1 1 1 0 0 .300
Tor.Hunterrf 5 1 1 1 0 1 .301
Mi.Cabreralb 5 1 3 2 0 1 .305
VIMartinezdh 5 1 2 0 0 0 .336
AJacksoncf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .271
Castellanos3b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .233
Avilac 3 1 1 1 1 0 .218
An.Rominess 4 0 0 0 0 4 .197
R.Davislf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .283
Totals 37 611 6 2 8
Boston AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Pedroia2b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .277
Victorinorf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .275
D.Ortizdh 4 0 1 0 0 1 .303
Napolilb 4 0 3 0 0 1 .266
G.Sizemorecf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .225
Carplf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .250
Pierzynskic 4 0 0 0 0 0 .252
Bogaertsss 3 1 2 1 0 0 .262
Holt3b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .308
Totals 33 1 7 1 1 4
Detroit 011022000- 6110
Boston 000010000- 1 71
E-Mujica (1). LOB-Detroit 7, Bos-
ton 6. 2B-Kinsler (10), Tor.Hunter (9),
Mi.Cabrera (12), AJackson (9), Avila
(7), R.Davis (5). HR-Mi.Cabrera (7), off
Lackey; Bogaerts (2), off Porcello. RBIs-
Kinsler (20),Tor.Hunter (22), Mi.Cabrera 2
(37), Avila (9), R.Davis (13), Bogaerts (6).
SF-Kinsler. Runners left in scoring
position-Detroit 4 (R.Davis, Castella-
nos 2, V.Martinez); Boston 3 (Pierzynski
3). RISP-Detroit 4 for 10; Boston 0 for
4. Runners moved up-G.Sizemore 2.
GIDP-G.Sizemore. DP-Detroit 1 (Kins-
ler, Mi.Cabrera).

PorcelloW,7-1 8 6 1 1 1 41102.91
Coke 1 1 0 0 0 0 12 7.45
LackeyL, 5-3 51A 9 6 5 2 4 964.01
Mujica % 0 0 0 0 0 87.71
Capuano 2 1 0 0 0 3 24 2.01
Uehara 1 10 0 0 1 10 1.08
Inherited runners-scored-Mujica
1-1. Umpires-Home, Clint Fagan;
First, Scott Barry; Second, Hunter Wen-
delstedt; Third, Jeff Nelson. T-2:49.
A-37,608 (37,499).

Baltimore AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Markakisrf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .290
Machado3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .206
AJonescf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .278
CDavislb 3 0 0 0 1 0 .240
N.Cruzl If 4 0 1 0 0 1 .282
Hardyss 3 0 0 0 0 1 .256
D.Youngdh 3 0 0 0 0 0 .290
Schoop2b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .218
CJosephc 2 0 0 0 0 1 .091
a-Clevengerph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .254
Totals 30 0 3 0 2 7
KansasCity AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Aokirf 4 1 2 0 0 0 .265
Dysoncf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .288
A.Escobarss 2 0 0 0 0 0 .282
Hosmerib 4 0 0 0 0 0 .294
B.Butlerdh 4 0 1 1 0 1 .227
A.Gordonlf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .250
L.Cain cf-rf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .311
Moustakas3b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .162
Giavotella2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .194
Ciriaco2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Hayesc 3 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Totals 28 1 4 1 1 1
Baltimore 000000000- 0 31
KansasCity 100000 00x- 1 40
a-struck out for CJoseph in the 9th. E-
Machado (4). LOB-Baltimore 5, Kansas
City 6. RBIs-B.Butler (15). SB-Aoki (5),
L.Cain (3). S-A.Escobar. Runners left in
scoring position-Baltimore 2 (N.Cruz 2);
KansasCity2 (B.Butler, Hosmer). RISP-Bal-
timore 0 for 2; Kansas City 1 for 8. Runners
moved up-Hosmer, Giavotella.
Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
B.NorrisL,2-4 71i 4 1 1 1 1 993.58
Matusz A 00 0 0 0 23.38
Tom.Hunter 1A 00 0 0 0 36.46
Kansas City IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
DuffyW,% 7 20 0 0 2 97 1.42
W.DavisH,8 1 0 0 0 0 2 11 1.96
G.HollandS, 11-1211 0 0 2 3 272.25
Duffy pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. Inher-
ited runners-scored-W.Davis 1-0. HBP-
by B.Norris (A.Escobar). Umpires-Home,
Chris Segal; First, Cory Blaser; Second, Bri-
an O'Nora; Third, Doug Eddings. T-2:37.
A-24,064 (37,903).

Excludes Saturday's late games
BATTING-VMartinez, Detroit, .336; KSu-
zuki, Minnesota, .322; AIRamirez, Chicago,
.322; MeCabrera, Toronto, .320; Solarte,
New York, .315; Loney, Tampa Bay, .311;
MiCabrera, Detroit, .305; Choo,Texas, .305.
RUNS-Dozier, Minnesota, 40; Bautista,To-
ronto, 34; Donaldson, Oakland, 34; JAbreu,
Chicago, 29; MeCabrera,Toronto, 28; HKen-
drick, Los Angeles, 27; Kinsler, Detroit, 27.
RBI-JAbreu, Chicago, 42; MiCabrera, De-
troit, 37; NCruz, Baltimore, 37; Moss, Oak-
land, 36; Donaldson, Oakland, 34; Brantley,
Cleveland, 30; Colabello, Minnesota, 30;
Encarnacion, Toronto, 30.
HITS-MeCabrera, Toronto, 57; Altuve,
Houston, 55; AIRamirez, Chicago, 55; Cano,
Seattle, 50; Hosmer, Kansas City, 50; Marka-
kis, Baltimore, 49; 6 tied at 48.
DOUBLES-Plouffe, Minnesota, 17; Hos-
mer, Kansas City, 15; Pedroia, Boston, 15;
Lowrie, Oakland, 14; Viciedo, Chicago, 14;
Altuve, Houston, 13; Encarnacion, Toronto,
13; AGordon,KansasCity, 13.
TRIPLES-Bourn, Cleveland, 4; Trout, Los
Angeles, 4; Aybar, Los Angeles, 3; Infante,
Kansas City, 3; Reddick, Oakland, 3; Rios,
Texas, 3; BRoberts, New York, 3; IStewart,
Los Angeles, 3.
HOME RUNS-JAbreu, Chicago, 15; NCruz,
Baltimore, 12; Dozier, Minnesota, 11; Ortiz,
Boston, 11; Bautista, Toronto, 10; Donald-
son,Oakland, 10; Pujols, Los Angeles, 10.
STOLEN BASES-Altuve, Houston, 14;
RDavis, Detroit, 14; Dozier, Minnesota, 12;
Andrus, Texas, 11; Ellsbury, New York, 11;
AEscobar, Kansas City, 11; Gardner, New
York, 10;Villar, Houston, 10.
PITCHING-Buehrle, Toronto, 7-1; Por-
cello, Detroit, 7-1; Tanaka, New York, 6-0;
Scherzer, Detroit, 6-1; Kazmir, Oakland, 5-1;
Gray, Oakland, 5-1; Verlander, Detroit, 5-2;
WChen, Baltimore, 5-2; Lackey, Boston, 5-3;
Shields, Kansas City, 5-3.
ERA-Scherzer, Detroit, 1.83; Buehrle,
Toronto, 2.04; Gray, Oakland, 2.10; Tanaka,
NewYork, 2.17; Darvish,Texas, 2.32; Kazmir,
Oakland, 2.39;Ventura, Kansas City, 2.40.
STRIKEOUTS-Scherzer, Detroit, 73; Les-
ter, Boston, 73; Price, Tampa Bay, 70; Kluber,
Cleveland, 66; Tanaka, New York, 66; Dar-
vish,Texas, 65; FHernandez, Seattle, 60.
SAVES-Perkins, Minnesota, 12; Rodney,
Seattle, 11; TomHunter, Baltimore, 11; Na-
than, Detroit, 11; Holland, Kansas City, 11;
Axford, Cleveland, 9; Uehara, Boston, 9.

Excludes Saturday's late games
BATTING-Tulowitzki, Colorado, .389; Ut-
ley, Philadelphia, .347; Puig, Los Angeles,
.333; SSmith, San Diego, .333; Blackmon,
Colorado, .331; Pagan, San Francisco, .329;
YMolina, St. Louis, .325; Morneau, Colorado,
RUNS-Tulowitzki, Colorado, 38; Black-
mon, Colorado, 34;Yelich, Miami, 33; Pence,
San Francisco,31;Goldschmidt, Arizona,30;
MCarpenter, St. Louis, 29; DanMurphy, New
York, 28; Stanton, Miami, 28; EYoung, New
York, 28.
RBI-Stanton, Miami, 42; Puig, Los Ange-
les, 33; Tulowitzki, Colorado, 33; Blackmon,
Colorado, 30; Morneau, Colorado, 30; Ad-
Gonzalez, Los Angeles, 28; McGehee, Mi-
ami, 28; Morse, San Francisco, 28.
HITS-Goldschmidt, Arizona, 55; DanMur-
phy, New York, 54; Arenado, Colorado, 52;
Blackmon, Colorado, 52; Stanton, Miami,
52; DGordon, Los Angeles, 51; Pagan, San
Francisco, 51;Tulowitzki, Colorado, 51; Ut-
ley Philadelphia,5.
DOUBLES-Utley, Philadelphia, 17; Gold-
schmidt, Arizona, 16; HRamirez, Los Ange-
les, 16; Arenado, Colorado, 15; MaAdams,
St. Louis, 14; Byrd, Philadelphia, 14; 5 tied
at 12.
TRIPLES-Simmons, Atlanta, 4; Denorfia,
San Diego, 3; DGordon, Los Angeles, 3;
BHamilton, Cincinnati, 3; Hechavarria, Mi-
ami, 3; Rendon,Washington, 3; SSmith, San
Diego, 3; Span,Washington, 3; Utley, Phila-
delphia, 3;Yelich, Miami, 3.
HOME RUNS-Stanton, Miami, 1; Tulow-
itzki, Colorado, 11; Morse, San Francisco, 10;
Belt, San Francisco, 9; Blackmon, Colorado,
9; CGomez, Milwaukee, 9; AdGonzalez, Los
Angeles, 9; JUpton, Atlanta, 9.
STOLEN BASES-DGordon, Los Angeles,
25; EYoung, New York, 15; BHamilton, Cin-
cinnati, 14; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 12; Revere,
Philadelphia, 12; Bonifacio, Chicago, 11;
DanMurphy, New York, 9; Pagan, San Fran-
PITCHING-Greinke, Los Angeles, 7-1;
Wainwright, St. Louis, 6-2; SMiller, St. Louis,
6-2; g tied at 5.

SERA-Cueto, Cincinnati, 1.25; Samardzija,
Chicago, 1.62; Greinke, Los Angeles, 2.03;
WPeralta, Milwaukee, 2.05; Hudson, San
Francisco, 2.09; Wainwright, St. Louis, 2.11;
Teheran, Atlanta, 2.20.
STRIKEOUTS-Cueto, Cincinnati, 76; Stras-
burg, Washington, 70; Fernandez, Miami,
70;Wacha, St. Louis, 62; Greinke, Los Ange-
les,61; Kennedy, San Diego, 60; Bumgarner,
San Francisco, 59; Harang, Atlanta, 59.
SAVES-FrRodriguez, Milwaukee, 17;
Romo, San Francisco, 14; Rosenthal, St.
Louis, 13; Street, San Diego, 12; Jansen, Los
Angeles, 12; Papelbon, Philadelphia, 11;
AReed, Arizona, 11.

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SThe Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

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Sports on TV
1 p.m.
ABC IndyCar, qualifying for Indianapolis
500 (Day 2)
ESPN NASCAR, Nationwide Series, GetTo
Know Newton 250, at Newton, Iowa
FS1 -ARCA, Menards 200, atToledo, Ohio
ESPN2 NHRA, Southern Nationals, at
Commerce, Ga. (same-day tape)
4:30 p.m.
FS1 -Texas at Kansas St.
1 p.m.
MLB Regional coverage, Pittsburgh at
N.Y Yankees or Oakland at Cleveland
2:15 p.m.
WGN Milwaukee at Chicago Cubs
3:35 p.m.
SUN Tampa Bay at Los Angeles Angels
4:05 p.m.
FSFL Miami at San Francisco
ESPN Detroit at Boston
3:30 p.m.
ABC Playoffs, conference finals, game 1,
Miami at Indiana
1 p.m.
NBC Tour of California, final stage, at
Thousand Oaks, Calif
TGC European PGA Tour, Open de
Espana,final round, at Sevilla, Spain
1 p.m.
TGC PGATour, Byron Nelson Champion-
ship, final round, at Irving,Texas
CBS PGATour, Byron Nelson Champion-
ship, final round, at Irving,Texas
TGC- ChampionsTour, The Tradition,final
round, at Birmingham, Ala.
TGC LPGA, Kingsmill Championship, fi-
nal round, atWilliamsburg,Va.
TGC Tour, BMW Charity Pro-
Am, final round, at Greer, S.C. (same-day
9:30 a.m.
NBCSN IIHF, World Championship, Fin-
land vs. United States, at Minsk, Belarus
NBC Playoffs, conference finals, game 1,
Los Angeles at Chicago
FS1 MotoGP World Championship,
Grand Prix of France, at Le Mans, France
NCAA Division I playoffs
ESPN2 Regionals, game 6, Florida State
2:30 p.m.
ESPN2 Regionals, game 7, Florida State
vs.TBD, atTallahassee (if necessary).
4:30 p.m.
ESPN2 Regionals, game 6, Arizona vs.
TBD, at Tucson, Ariz.
ESPN2 Regionals, game 7, Arizona vs.
TBD, atTuscon, Ariz. (if necessary)

Glantz-Culver Line
National League
at Philadelphia -150 Cincinnati +140
atWashington -160 NewYork +150
atSt.Louis -120 Atlanta +110
Milwaukee -120 atChicago +110
atSanFran. -145 Miami +135
LosAngeles -120 atArizona +110
at Colorado -175 San Diego +165
American League
Oakland -125 atCleveland +115
at Houston -105 Chicago -105
atKansasCity -140 Baltimore +130
Seattle -140 at Minnesota +130
Toronto -110 atTexas +100
Tampa Bay -140 atLosAngeles+130
atBoston -125 Detroit +115
atN.Y.(AL)(G1) -145 Pittsburgh +135
Pittsburgh (G2) -120 atN.Y(AL) +110
Miami 21/2(1811/2) at Indiana
at San Antonio 51/2(2081/2)0Oklahoma City
Odds to Win Series
Miami -400 Indiana +320
San Antonio -220 Oklahoma City +180
atChicago -150 LosAngeles +130
Odds to Win Series
Chicago -165 LosAngeles +145

Pro baseball
Miami 102 110 002-7141
San Francisco 100 211000 5111
HAlvarez, A.Ramos (7), M.Dunn (8), Cis-
hek (9) and Saltalamacchia; Petit, Huff (6),
Machi (7), Affeldt (8), Casilla (8), J.Lopez (9)
and Posey W-M.Dunn 4-3. L-Casilla 1-1.
Sv-Cishek (8). HRs-Miami, Yelich (5), Di-
etrich (5).
San Diego 000 000001-1 53
Colorado 000 010 11x-3 90
Stults, Vincent (7), ATorres (8), Thayer (8)
and Hundley; J.De La Rosa, Ottavino (8),
Logan (8), Hawkins (9) and Pacheco. W-J.
De La Rosa 5-3. L-Stults 2-4. Sv-Hawkins
LosAngeles 001 201 210-7100
Arizona 000 000 000-0 51
Greinke, B.Wilson (9) and A.Ellis; Miley,
Delgado (7), O.Perez (9) and M.Montero.
W-Greinke 7-1. L-Miley 3-4. HRs-Los
Angeles, Puig (8),Van Slyke (4).
Chicago 000 004030-7 92
Houston 000 020000-2 91
Quintana, Petricka (6), Putnam (7), Belisario
(8), FFrancisco (9) and Flowers; McHugh,
Zeid (6), D.Downs (7), Clemens (7) and J.
Castro. W-Quintana 2-3. L-McHugh 2-2.
HRs-Chicago, A.Dunn (6).

College baseball
Clemson 10, Boston College9
Coastal Carolina 10,Campbell 7
Duke 7, Florida St. 5
E.Carolina 3, UTSA2

E. Illinois 5, UT-Martin 1
E. Kentucky 14, Murray St. 1
East Carolina 3, UTSA 2,10 innings
Georgia 11,Kentucky 10
Georgia St. 5,W. Kentucky 4
Georgia Tech 12, South Florida 5
High Point 5, UNC-Asheville 4
Jacksonville 10, N. Kentucky 0
Louisville 10, Cincinnati 0
Mercer 8, ETSU 1
Miami 2, North Carolina 0
MiddleTennessee 10, Marshall 7
Morehead St. 12,JacksonvilleSt. 10

At JetBlue Park, Fort Myers
S Class 8A championship
SSouth Dade 3, Bloomingdale 1
S Class 7A championship
SAmerican 5, East Lake 2

NC State 8,Virginia Tech 5
Rutgers 7, Memphis 5
South Carolina 6,Vanderbilt 3
Southern Miss. 5, Charlotte 2
Tennessee 7, Florida 5
TennesseeTech 3, Belmont 2
Tulane 2, FIU 1
Wake Forest 4,Virginia 3
Butler 4,Villanova 2
Houston 7,Temple 5
Manhattan 5, St. Peter's 2
Michigan St. 7, Penn St. 6
Sienna 4, Quinnipiac 1
Stony Brook 4, Hartford 2
St.John's 4, Seton Hall 3
Ball St. 10, N. Illinois 2
Creighton 7,Xavier6
Kansas 8, Michigan 2
Miami (Ohio) 16,Ohio 1
Missouri St. 9,Evansville8
Nebraska-Omaha 8,W. Illinois 5
Notre Dame 5, Pittsburgh 4
Oakland 3, III.-Chicago 0
Ohio St. 5, Northwestern 2
Wichita St. 15,Illinois St.5
I Rice4,LouisianaTech 3
Texas-Arlington 1,Texas St. 0
New Mexico 5, Air Force 4
Texas-Pan American 7, N. Colorado 2, 10
S NCAA Division II
Seton Hill 8, Millersville 2
ArkansasTech 5, S. Arkansas 0
S. New Hampshire 4, Wilmington (Del.) 3,
Wilmington eliminated
SS. Indiana 6,Wayne St. (Mich.) 2
I Tampa9,Ala.-Huntsville5
Florida Southern 4, Lynn 2, Lynn eliminated
Colorado Mesa 9,W.Texas A&M 6
Lander 9, Columbus St. 3
UCSan Diego 6, Chico St. 5
S NCAA Division III
Endicott 7, MIT3, MITeliminated
Farmingdale 6, Stevens 2
Kean 5, Rutgers-Camden 4, Rutgers-Cam-
den eliminated
Wesleyan (Conn.) 6, Haverford 3, Haverford
SMisericordia 1, Rowan 0, Rowan eliminated
Widener 5, Marietta 4
Emory, 12, Shenandoah 8, Shenandoah
Wis.-Whitewater 5, Adrian 4,Wis.-Whitewa-
terwins region
Linfield 4,Wis.-Stevens Point 2

Pro basketball
(Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
S Indiana vs. Miami
Today: Miami at Indiana, 3:30 p.m.
Tuesday: Miami at Indiana,8:30 p.m.
Saturday: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m.
May26: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m.
x-May 28: Miami at Indiana,8:30 p.m.
x-May 30: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m.
Sx-June 1: Miami at Indiana,8:30 p.m.
Oklahoma Cityvs. San Antonio
Monday: Okla. Cityat San Antonio, 9 p.m.
SWednesday:Okla.Cityat San Antonio, 9p.m.
Sunday: San Antonio at Okla. City,8:30 p.m.
May 27: San Antonio at Okla. City, 9 p.m.
Sx-May 29: Okla. City at San Antonio, 9 p.m.
x-May 31:San AntonioatOkla. City, 8:30 p.m.
x-June 2: Okla. City at San Antonio, 9 p.m.

Pro football
SWest Division
Arizona 8 0 01.000 523 414
LosAngeles 2 7 0 .222 311 425
San Antonio 1 8 0 .111 407 511
Pacific Division
Spokane 5 3 0 .625 455 358
San Jose 5 3 0 .625 450 344
Portland 2 6 0 250 325 406
SSouth Division
Orlando 6 3 0 .667 517 526
Jacksonville 3 6 0 .333 490 473
Tampa Bay 3 6 0 .333 448 520
NewOrleans 2 6 0 .250 362 464
East Division
Cleveland 8 0 01.000 409 322
Pittsburgh 6 3 0 .667 491 393
Philadelphia 5 4 0 556 518 506

Iowa 4 5 0 .444 427 471
S Saturday's results
Pittsburgh 50, Los Angeles 26
SPhiladelphia 62, Tampa Bay 34
Orlando 57, Jacksonville 50
New Orleans 62, San Antonio 44
Cleveland 63, Iowa 46
SPortland at San Jose, late
Today's game
Spokane at Arizona, 6 p.m.

Pro hockey
(Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
N.Y. Rangers 1, Montreal 0
Saturday: N.Y. Rangers 7, Montreal 2
Monday: NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m.
Thursday: Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m.
Sunday: Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m.
x-May 27: NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m.
Sx-May 29: Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m.
x-May 31: NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m.
Today: Los Angeles at Chicago, 3 p.m.
Wednesday: Los Angeles at Chicago,8 p.m.
Saturday: Chicago at Los Angeles, 8 p.m.
May 26: Chicago at Los Angeles, 9 p.m.
x-May 28: Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m.
x-May 30: Chicago at Los Angeles, 9 p.m.
Sx-June 1: Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m.

SNewEngland 6 3 2 20 19 13
Sporting KansasCity 5 3 2 17 15 8
SHouston 5 5 2 17 16 19
D.C. 4 3 3 15 14 12
NewYork 3 4 5 14 18 19
TorontoFC 4 4 0 12 9 9
Columbus 3 4 3 12 10 11
Philadelphia 2 6 5 11 15 20
Chicago 1 2 6 9 17 18
Montreal 1 5 4 7 8 18
SSeattle 7 3 1 22 22 19
Real Salt Lake 5 0 5 20 21 12
FCDallas 5 5 2 17 21 20
Vancouver 4 2 4 16 16 12
SColorado 4 3 3 15 11 12
San Jose 2 3 4 10 10 11
ChivasUSA 2 5 4 10 13 20
I LosAngeles 2 3 3 9 8 7
Portland 1 3 6 9 13 16
NOTE:3 pointsforvictory,1 pointfor tie.
Wednesday's result
Philadelphia 2, Sporting Kansas City 1
Saturday's results
Toronto FC 2, NewYork 0
D.C. United 1, Montreal 1, tie
SNew England 5, Philadelphia 3
Houston 1,LosAngeles0
FCDallas 1,ChivasUSA1,tie
Colorado at Real Salt Lake, late
San Jose at Seattle FC, late
Columbus at Portland, late
SToday's game
Sporting Kansas City at Chicago, 3 p.m.

SAt Foro Italico, Rome
Purse: Men, $4.77 million (Masters
1000);Women, $3.63 million (Premier)
Surface: Clay-Outdoor
Men's semifinals
Novak Djokovic (2), Serbia, def. Milos Ra-
onic (8), Canada, 6-7 (5), 7-6 (4), 6-3.
Rafael Nadal (1), Spain, def. Grigor Dimi-
S trov (12), Bulgaria, 6-2,6-2.
Women's semifinals
Sara Errani (10), Italy, def. JelenaJankovic
(6), Serbia, 6-3,7-5.
Serena Williams (1), United States, def.
Ana Ivanovic (11), Serbia, 6-1,3-6,6-1.

American League

BOSTON RED SOX Placed 3B Will Mid-
dlebrooks on the 15-day DL Recalled INF Brock
Holt from Pawtucket (IL).
House from Columbus (IL). Optioned RHP C.C.
Leeto Columbus.
Farnsworth. Optioned RHP Paul Clemens to
Oklahoma City (PCL).
National League
TonyLa Russa chief baseball officer
National Football League
my Jernigan and DE Brent Urban to four-year
DETROIT LIONS Signed CB Nevin Law-
son and WRTJ Jones to four-yearcontracts.
romeJuniorand RB Beau Blankenship.
nardino associate head swimming and diving

PB-250LN Original MSRP:

$l5 9 Yla E


SRM -225 Original MSRP:


ECHO National Sales Event In-stom Rebate otters
Lr.aneaenuilfnnum aaal-m wth muunsmia mmi.e



5432 Constitutional Ave., Punta Gorda, FL 33982

St. Louis

, Rangers

take lead on Habs


St. Louis and the New
York Rangers had a rea-
son to smile in the midst
of a weekend of sadness.
St. Louis, who will
attend his mother's fu-
neral with his teammates
today, scored the opening
goal of the Eastern
Conference finals to pace
New York's 7-2 rout of the
Montreal Canadiens on
New York got goals
from six other players,
and Henrik Lundqvist
mader 20 saves in his first
victory at the Bell Centre
in more than two years.
The Rangers wrested
home-ice advantage from
the Canadiens heading
into Game 2 Monday
"It was an emotional
time for everyone, but
the guys have been be-
hind me and supported
me," said St. Louis, who
received a long ovation
from the crowd when he
was named the game's
first star. "My teammates
are behind me and
supporting me, and their
effort was unbelievable."
Montreal goalie Carey
Price appeared to injure
his right leg early in the
second period when
Chris Kreider slid into
him after shooting wide
on a breakaway. Price
remained in the game,
but was pulled after
giving up two goals late
in the second.

Kings, Blackhawks set
for Western final: The Los
Angeles Kings had little time to
celebrate their Game 7 victory at


New York's Martin St. Louis celebrates after scoring against
Montreal in Saturday's Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Saturday's result
N.Y. Rangers 7, Montreal 2
Today's game
Los Angeles at Chicago, 3 p.m.

Anaheim on Friday night. Not with
a rested Chicago Blackhawks team
looming in the Western Conference
final. Game 1 is today at the United

Center in Chicago in a rematch from
last year's playoffs. The Blackhawks
advanced in five games on the way to
their second Stanley Cup title in four
seasons. The Kings beat the Ducks
6-2 to reach the Western Conference
final for the third consecutive season.
They won it all in 2012. Los Angeles
needed seven games to advance in
each of the first two rounds and is
facing a quick turnaround before
Game I against Chicago.

2014 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final

June 5-8, 2014

For the first time ,
in more than four
decades, the
ultimate challenge
of skill, agility and
discipline will hold
its international
on American soil.

Spectators of all
ages are invited
to experience the
excitement, as
world-class athletes
come to Sarasota

Bradenton to 1
compete for
their place in the
Olympic spotlight.

Take your seats...
it's going to be a
thrilling ride!


6 S 8:0p



Games begn 5155

or cll 9 a.56.9ll



Sponsored by SUn
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-rc IMFWL l Fllip]


Mi is-



Page 8 SP The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


California Chrome
defeated Ride On Curlin
by 11/2 lengths in the
Preakness, covering 16
miles in 1:54.84 on a sunny
and cool day at Pimlico.
He's now won six
straight races. The streak
started with four in a
row in California by a
combined 24 14 lengths.
Then California Chrome
coasted home in the
Derby by 1 34 lengths
after opening up a big
lead in the stretch. The
margin dwindled in the
Preakness as he fought off
multiple challengers.
California Chrome's
co-owner Steve Coburn
shed tears after his colt
crossed the finish line,
dabbing them with a blue-
and-white bandanna.
"I don't mean to be
bold or cocky or arro-
gant," Coburn said. "I
saw this baby when he
was a day old, I told my
wife, 'Carolyn, this horse
is going to do something
big. I don't know what it

Sample Course List
- Bobcat Trail Golf Club
- Boca Royale Golf
& Country Club
- Calusa Lakes Golf Club
- Capri Isles Golf Club
- Heron Creek Golf
& Country Club
- Highlands Course
at The Meadows
- IMG Academy Golf Club
- Jacaranda West
Country Club
- Kingsway Country Club
- Legacy Golf Club
- Myakka Pines Golf Club
- Palm Aire Country Club
(2 courses)
- River Strand Golf
& Country Club
- River Wilderness Golf
& Country Club
- Rotonda Golf & Country
Club (5 courses)
- Tatum Ridge Golf Links
- University Park Country Club
- Venetian Golf & River Club
- Waterford Golf Club

12th Race at Pimlico
Horse Wgt PP ST
California Chrome 126 3 2
RideOnCurlin 126 10 10
Social Inclusion 126 8 5
General a Rod 126 2 3
Ring Weekend 126 4 7
Pablo Del Monte 126 9 1
Dynamic Impact 126 1 4
Kid Cruz 126 7 9
Bayern 126 5 8
RiaAntonia 121 6 6

1A6 Miles Dirt. Purse $1,500,000,3-Year-Olds






Grade 1139th Running
Fin Jockey Odds
1-112 V.Espinoza 0.50
2-612 J.Rosario 10.30
3-hd L.Contreras 5.30
4-414 J.Castellano 20.10
5-14 A.Garcia 30.10
6-14 J. Sanchez 34.30
7-no M. Mena 22.20
8-5 J. Pimentel 12.30
9-10 R.Napravnik 12.90
10 C.Borel 18.90

StakesValue: $1,500,000. Winner: $900,000.2nd: $300,000.3rd: $165,000.4th: $90,000.5th: $45,000.
$2 Daily Double: (9-3) $40.60 $2 Daily Double: SPECIAL/PREAKNESS (6-3) $12.00
$2 Exacta: (3-10) $18.20 $1 Superfecta: (3-10-8-2) $173.80
$2 Super High Five: (3-10-8-2-4) $2,438.20 $2Trifecta: (3-10-8) $76.00
$0.50 Pick 3: 8/9/10/11-9-3 (3 correct) $36.85 $0.50 Pick 4: 1/3/4/7-8/9/10/11-9-3 (4 correct) $94.70
$0.50 Pick 5: Jackpot 4-1/3/4/7-8/9/10/11-9-3 (5 correct) $180.21.

Trainer: Art Sherman

is, but we're going to stay
in the game to make sure
this colt gets to be the
best that he can be.'"
Quite a statement from
a guy with a one-horse
Coburn and partner
Perry Martin bred an
$8,000 mare to a $2,500
stallion to produce
California Chrome. Based
on the colt's humble

Winner: CH C, 3, by Lucky Pulpit-Love the Chase
(c) 2014 Equibase Company LLC, all rights reserved.

third, an ideal spot
behind the leaders. They
stayed there until making
their move approaching
the final turn.
"I had to move early
today," Espinoza said. "I
had to start moving at the
half-mile pole, which is
tough for a horse to start
moving early and keep
going all the way to the
end. California Chrome
proved he can move."
California Chrome went
for the lead, catching
Pablo Del Monte while
Social Inclusion joined the
chase. Pablo Del Monte
soon dropped back along
the rail, and California
Chrome sprinted away
from Social Inclusion at
the top of the stretch.
But there was one more
challenge to come.
Ride On Curlin, next-
to-last in the 10-horse
field, ranged up and brief-
ly appeared ready to over-
take California Chrome.
Once again showing his
class, California Chrome
denied the threat.

breeding, he probably
shouldn't be on the verge
of making history.
His mother, named
Love the Chase, won just
one race.
The owners were long
shots to get this far, too.
Coburn and Martin,
who live on each side of
the California-Nevada
border get up early for
their jobs Coburn
working as a press oper-
ator and Martin running
a lab that tests high-reli-
ability equipment.
"We just hope that this
horse is letting America
know that the little guy
can win," Coburn said.
Sent off as the over-
whelming 1-2 favorite
by a record crowd of
123,469, California Chrome
bounced out of the gate
running, with jockeyVictor
Espinoza moving the colt
into the clear. Pablo Del
Monte, a 34-1 shot, charged
to the lead and was soon
joined by filly Ria Antonia.
Espinoza tucked
California Chrome into


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By Phone: 941-923-2232 or 800-391-3665
Office is located at 5812 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Sarasota, FL 34240


ROME (AP) -Top-
ranked Rafael Nadal and
No. 2 Novak Djokovic will
renew their rivalry in the
Italian Open final today.
Having been stretched
to three sets in his open-
ing three matches this
week, Nadal finally put in
a complete performance
with a 6-2, 6-2 win over
Grigor Dimitrov in the
semifinals on Saturday.
Earlier, Djokovic took
his time before figuring
out Milos Raonic's massive
serve for a 6-7 (5), 7-6 (4),
6-3 victory in the last key
clay-court tuneup before
the French Open starts
next weekend.
For the women's cham-
pionship, top-ranked
SerenaWilliams will face
Sara Errani, the tourna-
ment's first Italian finalist
in nearly 30 years.
Williams overcame a
second-set lapse to beat
Ana Ivanovic 6-1, 3-6, 6-1
and gain a measure of re-
venge for a fourth-round
loss to the Serb at this
year's Australian Open.

Evans takes Giro lead: In
Montecopiolo, Italy, final push from
Diego Ulissi saw the Italian win a tough
eighth stage as the Giro d'ltalia took
to the mountains, while Cadel Evans
ended Michael Matthews'grip on the
overall lead. Ulissi made his move
inside the final 300 meters, bursting
out of the peloton to edge Robert
Kiserlovski for a second stage win.
Evans finished fifth to take the lead
from fellow Australian Matthews, who
had worn the pink jersey for six days....
In Pasadena, Calif., Slovakia's Peter
Sagan won the seventh stage of the
Tour of California in a field sprint and
Britain's Bradley Wiggins closed in on
the overall title. Sagan jumped to the
front just after the final corner to win
the 88.7-mile Santa Clarita road race
in 3 hours, 24 minutes, 33 seconds.
Wiggins, the 2012 Tour de France
winner who rides for Sky, finished
15th in the main field to maintain his
30-second lead over Australia's Rohan
Dennis of Garmin-Sharp.

Russia reaches quarters:
In Minsk, Belarus, Russia secured a
quarterfinals berth at the ice hockey
world championship with a 4-1 win
over Latvia to remain unbeaten.
With two games to go, Russia leads

Group B by six points from Latvia and
Belarus. The United States and Finland
are another point back. Also, Denmark
upset the Czech Republic 4-3 in a penalty
shootout, France prevailed in another
penalty shootout to edge Norway 5-4,
and host Belarus rallied to beat Germany
5-2. In late games, Slovakia topped Italy
4-1 and Switzerland downed Kazakhstan
6-2 to earn their second victories in
Minsk in six games.

Revolution roll past
Union: In Chester, Pa., A.J. Scares,
Diego Fagundez, Lee Nguyen, Chris
Tierney and Patrick Mullins scored
goals for New England in its 5-3 victory
over Philadelphia, extending the
Revolution's winning streak to four....
In Washington, Eddie Johnson
scored in the 84th minute to lift D.C.
United to a 1-1 draw with Montreal.
Johnson who was left off U.S. coach
Jurgen Klinsmann's 30-man preliminary
World Cup roster scored his first
goal of the season after heading home
a cross from Fabian Espindola....
In Toronto, Jermain Defoe and Luke
Moore scored and Toronto FC snapped
its three-game losing streak with a 2-0
win over the NewYork Red Bulls....
In London, Aaron Ramsey ended
Arsenal's nine-year trophy drought,
completing his team's comeback in
extra time in the FA Cup final to secure
a 3-2 victory over Hull.

Woman seriously hurt
in Fenway elevator shaft
fall: Police and state inspectors are
trying to determine why an elevator
door at Boston's Fenway Park was open
before a woman plunged two stories
down the elevator shaft after a game,
officials said Saturday. The 22-year-old
woman fell from the fourth floor and
landed on the roof of the elevator,
which was stopped on the second
floor. It happened late Friday after the
Red Sox lost to the Detroit Tigers, said
Steve MacDonald, a spokesman for the
Boston Fire Department.

Sky stop Liberty: In New
York, Elena Delle Donne scored 23
points and the Chicago Sky spoiled the
NewYork Liberty's return to Madison
Square Garden with a 79-65 win....
In Indianapolis, Angel McCoughtry
hit a 3-point shot from the top of the
key with 8.8 seconds to play in the
second overtime, and Atlanta held
on to edge the Fever 90-88 in double
In San Antonio, Jia Perkins scored
20 points, including a pair of3-pointers
in the final 45 seconds, and the Stars
rallied to win their home opener 80-76



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Page 8 SP

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

. i



IS'" I "''
Is yo .r- Charlotte hepatitis C Stem cells,3-P ,Adverse reactions
'inner critic' clinic to receive printer help. to energy
...... ,,[,, ',i.I I, ,,.;g bplm m _-l ^ "1 |,. .rill-'l ','l|." l.H^ l. 'Q"mIT. lllO O On controlling internatiolarhef r drinks-raise"
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Drive; ,, I ,. h,, I, .954.

3* p

The dangers of vapingf

he controversy on vaping con-
tinues, as many communities
starting to curb the use of elec-
tronic cigarettes in public places. On
April 29, Chicago banned vaping in
all areas where smoking is prohibited.
The city also has also banned the sale
of electronic cigarettes to minors. This
is only one of the communities that
is taking action against this potential
health risk.
Consider an article written by the
group Americans for Nonsmokers'
"If you are around someone that is
vaping, you are breathing an aero-
sol of exhaled nicotine, ultra-fine
particles, various volatile organic
compounds and other toxins," said
Dr. Stanton Glantz, director for the
Center for Tobacco Control Research
and Education at the University of
California in San Francisco.
As of Jan 2., there were already
108 municipalities and three states
that include e-cigarettes as products
banned from use in smoke-free envi-
ronments. "This e-cigarette vapor is
not harmless water vapor," the article
states. "It is made up of a high con-
centration of ultrafine particles that is
higher than in secondhand smoke."
These particles may exacerbate
ailments like asthma and constrict
arteries, which could trigger a heart
attack, the ANR article notes. There
are also low levels of toxins that are
known to cause cancer. At least 10
chemicals have been identified in
the secondhand vapor, including
acetaldehyde, benzene, cadmium,
formaldehyde, isoprene, lead, nickel,

Dave Powell
nicotine, nitrosonornicotine, toluene
and propylene glycol, according to
the article.
Short-term exposure causes eye,
throat, and airway irritation and
long-term inhalation exposure can
result in children developing asthma,
the article notes. "There are metals
in e-cigarette aerosol, including
chromium, nickel, and tin nanopar-
ticles," the article notes. "Many of the
elements identified in the aerosol are
known to cause respiratory distress
and disease, the article further states."
The aerosol contained particles
comprised of tin, silver, iron, nickel,
aluminum, and silicate and nanopar-
ticles of tin, chromium and nickel, the
article further states.
The concentrations of 9 of 11

The Sun/Sunday fMay '4

The dangers 0f'vaping'

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elements in e-cigarette aeio:-,sl neie
higher than or equal to the c,:i 1e-
sponding concentrations 111 con-
ventional cigarette smoke. rie .\NR
article notes. Many of the elemens-.
identified in the aerosol aie known i1
cause respiratory distress aiind di-.ei-.eae
"E-cigarettes," the article als-.o
says, "cause exposure to diffeieni
chemicals than found in cin entioiial
cigarettes and there is a need 6i-
risk evaluation for both pi ima \ aind
passive exposure to the aei,-,-.,1l in
smokers and nonsmokers "
"Short term use ofe-cigaiiette-. hii-.
been shown to increase res-.pii iri :\
resistance and impair lung Ltic -
tion, which may result in diffhcuhIr
breathing," the article state-. Oeiill,.
e-cigarettes are a new sou ice :,1
volatile organic compound- aiind
ultrafine/fine particles in rie imdiiI
environment, thus resulting in pai-
sive vaping,'" the article n,,e-,
"E-cigarette aerosol is a iex -,:,uiice
of pollution and toxins being emitted
into the environment. We dii nrt
know the long-term health effect-,
of e-cigarette use and although lie
industry marketing ofth piodduct
implies that these produc- aiie hIiain m-
less, the aerosol that e-cigaiiette-, eiti
is not purely water vapor," re r tide
We do not know the long- teii m
effects of this new source oA pollution
but I am very wary of this pi Oducr
that is being touted as a safe ailtei ia-
tive to cigarette smoking.

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I I foerhprelceetsurer. I


..-....... ........ .:. .* .". ...
ms" 4.4


Fawcett Memorial Hospital
." ........ .., ,....... -. ., -

To schedule a tour or for more
information, call 941-624-4441.

exempar. I sarted it m -srgon3D Jso9eisshoi

Fa99 9~sPatent aviato -mda-el- t e at ascean
took- tie oexlinal -pcsfmys-gr and-whatewoul

anyoe whowant 5'sar care."" 9-9

- *





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Is your 'inner critic' controlling your life?


A s a life/executive coach for the
last 14 years, I have worked
with countless people helping
them to achieve richer, fuller lives. Do
you know what they all have had in
common? Every single one of them -
from heads of corporations, univer-
sity presidents, and millionaires to
housewives and blue-collar workers
- all of them have "gremlins."
What's a gremlin you ask? A gremlin
is that nasty little voice in your head
that says things like, "You're not good
enough! You're not smart enough!
You're lazy!" "You have to please
others all the time." "Forget it, you
won't make it." "Give up now before
you make a fool of yourself." "You're
a loser!" Do any of these ring a bell?
Your gremlins may be similar to these
or entirely different, but chances are
good that you have a couple.
The bottom line is that these
negative beliefs may limit your ability
to achieve the results you want in life.
Gremlins may stop you from trying
new things, meeting new people,
having more success and happiness.
Just where do these negative
thoughts come from anyway? Gremlin
voices usually come from somewhere
in your past, usually a parent or other
family member, or maybe a teacher
or other authority figure from your
youth. Therapy can do a good job of
identifying the root cause of these
critical voices in your head. In some
cases, these voices may have been
helpful at the time, for example, "Be
careful, you'll get hurt." However,
many of these critical voices are only
holding you back.
In coaching, we identify the grem-
lins that are no longer relevant and
have become an unnoticed habit in
our thinking. Then we work to lessen
their impact. Gremlins are so insid-
ious because, to a large degree, they
are part of our unconscious thought.
Rooting out your gremlins can have a
very powerful positive effect on your
As long as you actually believe these
voices, you tend to limit any growth
or positive change. So anytime you
are trying something new, experienc-
ing a disappointment, stretching your
boundaries, or making a change in
your life, your gremlins can come out
in full force and stop you.
I'll give you an example. One of my
clients was in sales and had a very
hard time with a gremlin. Whenever
he didn't make the sale, the gremlin in
his head said, "You're a failure! You al-
ways do something wrong." He would
beat himself up until he was almost
sick, and couldn't go on to another
potential customer. Actually, he was
a successful salesman, making good
money. But this nasty gremlin gave
him a rough time emotionally, and
kept him from even more success.
We worked for months on lessening

the impact of his negative thoughts
- and a year later he was able to
achieve every salesperson's dream. He
made the President's Club and took
his family to Hawaii.
So what can we do to tame these
mean gremlins?
First of all you must notice and
capture them. I have my clients write
their gremlins down in a list, noticing
them when a challenge presents itself,
or when they might be feeling a little
blue. But how do they know that little
voice in their heads is a gremlin and
not a fact? Differentiating between a
gremlin and a fact is easy. "I can't fly
a helicopter." If that is a true state-
ment, it's not a gremlin. If instead you
think, "I'm not good enough," that's a
So here's the process I use to lessen
the impact of a limiting belief (a
gremlin thought):
Identify the gremlin. As an example,
let's use the common one of "You're
not good enough."
Ask yourself, "Is this gremlin belief
really true, 100 percent of the time?"
The answer here is usually "No."
How do you react when you believe
this voice? Some common responses
are, "I won't try new things." "I feel
rotten." "I feel that others must be
better than I am."
Is this belief serving you well? Usual
answer? "No."
Then I challenge them to turn this
voice around into something positive.
Something the client knows is true,
but not something extreme like, "I'm
great at everything!" A good substi-
tute might be, "I am good enough at
some things." Or, "When I care about
something I'm usually pretty good at
Next, I ask them "How would you
react/feel if you believed this more
positive voice instead?" Typical
answers: "I would try more things."
"I'd feel more confident."
Then I point out that they have a
choice of thoughts here. If "I'm not
good enough" really isn't true, and
"I'm pretty good at some things"
is more accurate, then they get to
choose which thought serves them
By using the process of noticing,
then questioning the gremlin, my
clients can "change the channel" and
choose a thought that brings them
more peace.
Is combatting gremlins easy? Of
course not! These negative thoughts
have been with you a long time, and
like any habit, it takes time and con-
centration to change. I recommend
the book "Taming your Gremlin" by
Richard D. Carson for much more de-
tail and the whole story on Gremlins.
So don't let your gremlins control
your life one minute longer find
them, notice them and tame them.
Gretchen Sunderland is an exec-
utive/life coach who lives in Punta
Gorda. For more information, visit
www. coachgretchen. corn.

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UNIT 102



FILE PH,-.T-..

Ik ff

:Page 4

The Sun/Sunclay May '20 4


Resveratrol in the diet is

no help at all, study says

The minimally invasive surgery techniques performed
at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda give
you advantages not found anywhere else in Charlotte County.
Using robotic-assisted surgery, Ruben Guzman, M.D.,
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Patient results may vary. Consult your physician bout the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment. Member of the Medical Staff of By nt Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda.

o you've been feeling virtuous
quaffing red wine, nibbling on
dark chocolate and popping
grapes, thinking you're reaping the
life-extending, disease-fighting,
health-promoting benefits of resver-
atrol. You'll need to think again, sug-
gests a new study, which finds that
high levels of resveratrol consumed
as part of a regular diet are not linked
to lower levels of cancer, cardiovas-
cular disease or inflammation, and
do not appear to prolong life.
The research was conducted on
the senior population of two villages
in the Chianti region of Italy 783
men and women 65 and older whose
health and resveratrol intake was
tracked from 1998 to 2009. The study
was published in JAMA Internal
Avoiding the pitfalls of asking study
participants to record or recall their
daily intake, the researchers regularly
gathered specimens of subjects'
urine and tested them for levels of
resveratrol metabolites. Fewer than 1
percent of the study population took
vitamin, mineral or herbal supple-
ments of any kind, so researchers
could be pretty sure that byproducts
of resveratrol were the result of food
and drink consumed, not from pills.
As might be expected in one of Italy's
most prolific wine-producing re-
gions, red wine was a regular feature
in most of the subjects' daily diets.
Of the study's 783 men and wom-
en, just over one-third died during
the 9-year study. About 27 percent
of those healthy to begin with
developed cardiovascular disease,
and 4.6 percent developed cancer.
But whether a study participant
consumed high levels of resveratrol
or none at all, the study revealed
no differences in rates of cancer,
cardiovascular disease, death or
The research was led by Johns
Hopkins University ophthalmologist
and public health specialist Richard
D. Semba.
On first glance, the study would
seem to dash hopes for resveratrol, a
plant extract that National Institutes
of Health researcher Rafael deCabo,
who was not involved in the study,
calls "a super-exciting compound."
But researchers have long suspected
- and found in many studies that
it would take a lot more resveratrol
than can be consumed in food to
influence such surrogate measures
of health and longevity as C-reactive
protein, a marker of inflammation,
or glucose control and insulin
Other studies finding health ben-
efits to resveratrol supplementation
have been conducted on people with
established health conditions, in-
cluding obesity and diabetes. Though
a typical proportion of participants
in the current study already were sick
when they were recruited, they were
a small minority. Most of those in the
Chianti study were aging but healthy.
And for them, consumed resveratrol
didn't help.
So, as with many agents found
in nature or synthesized in a lab,
resveratrol is probably helpful only

in doses higher than can practically
be consumed (and safe in doses that
have not yet been determined). And
resveratrol may be better at treating
disease than it is at preventing it.
"The levels of resveratrol in the diet
are negligible compared to the levels
shown to work in mice and humans,"
said Harvard University researcher
David Sinclair, who has pioneered
much of the research on resveratrol
and other agents that activate the
same "sirtuin pathway" and poten-
tially extend life span.
Sinclair says the Chianti study
certainly casts doubt on a central
tenet of the "French paradox" the
surmise that it is the resveratrol in
red wine consumed by the French
that has kept cardiovascular disease
relatively low in a country where
saturated fat is plentifully consumed.
But the study does not extinguish
hopes that "resveratrol or more
potent molecules like it will make ef-
fective drugs," said Sinclair, who was
not involved in the Chianti study.
"We're becoming more aware that
the effects of resveratrol are pretty
much context dependent: If you have
a challenge or disease, resveratrol
seems to have a positive effect," said
researcher Rafael deCabo. But it
may not be the "primary prevention
drug" that many health-conscious
Americans had hoped.
Americans already spend some $30
million on resveratrol supplements,
ranging in potency to that found in
a few glasses of red wine to doses
that multiply that hundreds of times.
But the authors of the current study
note that although dietary doses
may be ineffective at prolonging life,
the safety of higher doses is far from
"There are no data concerning its
safety in high doses, or for long-term
supplementation in older people,
who often ... are taking multiple
medications," they wrote.

Page 5

Baby boomers see decline in hepatitis C infection

wo years ago, the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control (CDC) identified
"baby boomers" as being the
most at risk group of people for hepa-
titis C (HCV) infections, accounting for
82 percent of cases.
The agency has since been on a
nationwide campaign to convince this
population those born between
1945 and 1964 to get tested, result-
ing in the infection rate tapering off.
While this might seem like good news,
it's not necessarily, for two reasons.
The first has to do with the nature of
the disease itself.
Hepatitis, which means "inflam-
mation of the liver," can be triggered
by drugs, toxins, alcohol abuse or
hereditary conditions. However, it
can also be caused by a virus the
most common strains being labeled
hepatitis A, B and C and transmitted
via blood-to-blood contact. There are
vaccines available for types A and B,
but there is no vaccine or cure for
hepatitis C.
The CDC estimates that 3.2 million
Americans are chronically infected
with Hepatitis C.
"Hepatitis C is a reportable disease
in the state of Florida," said Michael
Drennon, epidemiologist with Sarasota
County. "We get a lot of chronic cases,
but we don't follow up on everyone."
The CDC's campaign seems to have
made an impact on the baby boomers
in Sarasota County.
"We did see a slight increase in
baby boomer infections in the last
two years," Drennon said. "It's really
hard to tell and give a hard number
of the people that are tested, but we
are seeing a plateau in the number
of cases that are reported to us. And I
would say that, overall, we are see-
ing a decrease in the baby boomer
Charlotte County has also shown
In the last 10 years, 2003-2013,
there have been 1980 new cases of
chronic HCV reported to the Florida
Department of Health in Charlotte
County in those over the age of 40.
Based on the population of this age
group (40 and older) in the 2010
census (110,984), 1.7 percent of the
county's over-40 population are infect-
ed with HCV That's almost twice the
national estimate of 1 percent of the
population of the United States being
infected chronically with HCV
In 2012, there were 191 new chronic
HCV infections in those over the age of
40 reported to the Florida Department
of Health in Charlotte County, which
accounted for 60 percent of new
infections. Last year, however, 101 new
chronic HCV infections among those
over 40, with 122 new infections for
the entire year. Still, those over the age
of 40 accounted for 83 percent of total
There's a reason why baby boomers
are so susceptible.
"Before 1992, there weren't really
good tests available to test the blood
supply," Drennon said, "so a lot of
these individuals were exposed from
donated blood or blood products or
organ donation."
But there's another problem with
baby boomer infections.
"It is such a silent disease," said
Jill Murphy, government operations
consultant with the Disease Control
Prevention and Preparedness Division

F I E P H ,. lT ,..

An up-and-coming new hepatitis C treatment is
getting ready to hit the market. It only takes three
months to complete but costs $1,000 per pill,
which must be taken daily.

of the Florida Department of Health in
Charlotte County. "It may not manifest
for 20 or 30 years. People don't know
they have it until they go in for routine
blood work and all of sudden realize
they have this and they've had it for
30 years and it has affected their
liver so greatly, it's very hard to reverse
"People can go a long time and not
have acute symptoms," Drennon said.
"When they first get exposed, they
may have acute symptoms but they
always get missed. And then they really
don't have any overt symptoms until
later on in life when they have liver
issues and it becomes more evident
that they're sick. I would be hesitant
say the number of people that aren't
being seen, but I would definitely say a
population out there that's not receiv-
ing medical care because they don't
have symptoms."
The second reason the decrease
in HCV cases is not necessarily good
news has to do with treatment options.
An up-and-coming new treatment
Dr. David Klein, an ophthalmologist
who co-founded the Charlotte County
Hepatitis C Clinic with infectious
disease specialist Dr. Mark Asperilla,
believes there is still cause for concern.
The clinic provides treatment for HCV
to patients who would otherwise not
be able to afford it.
Traditional treatments have required
up to 12 months to be effective at
a cost of up to $75,000. An up-and-
coming new treatment is getting ready
to hit the market. It only takes three
months to complete but costs
$1,000 per pill, which must be taken

"The problem is probably worse
because we're identifying more and
more people," he said. "We think there
are about 300 other people who need
to be treated in the county that might
qualify for the clinic. You've got under-
stand, there are people being treated
for hepatitis C by some very fine
infectious disease and gastroenterol-
ogists in town. But you have to have
insurance or an enormous amount of
money. It's not that these doctors don't
want to do it, it's that you just can't
do it without this whole setup. You've
got to have the drugs available, you've
got to have the blood tests and people
helping you."

Experience Better
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High Cholesterol Diabetes Anii. I
Thyroid Problems e Osteopor. .
Prostate Health Memory L
ponird Certified in Internl Medic, ik.
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h il,'viding hi'h
a,. HospilI i-i ,
o)r Patie. .,
16 yrs ,'
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170 1 2 Toledo Blade Blvd..
Poll (ilui1lotte, FL

3443 Tamiami TV-ail, Suite D Located & PrRfsinl adn
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Implans Ex.tractos o Emerene
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:Page 6

The Sun /Sunday, May 20i 4

Charlotte hepatitis C clinic to receive international recognition


A en the Charlotte County
\/\ Hepatitis C Clinic opened in
V January 2012, it drew a lot of
local attention. Now it's drawing inter-
national attention thanks to a paper
submitted by local physicians.
The abstract titled "Cost Effective
Management of Chronic Hepatitis C
Patients in a Clinic Setting," and co-
authored by Drs. Chike Chizea, Mark
Asperilla, David Klein and Jovanni
Villadarez was submitted to the
International Immunocompromised
Host Society (ICHS), and will be pre-
sented by Asperilla at the organization's
18th biennial symposium, to be held
June 15-17 in Berlin, Germany.
The paper breaks down the details
of how the clinic was created and has
operated at minimal cost, along with
the results it has produced.
"We've now gotten international
recognition for the hepatitis C clinic we
have here," Asperilla said. "The abstract
is basically a collation of data we've had
for two years on the clinic. We've shown
that you can accomplish such a project
at low cost. We did it with the help of
volunteerism, a small grant and help
from the prescription drug companies."
"Hepatitis C is a uniformly very dan-
gerous disease, yet treatment exists,"
Klein said. "But it's all these expensive
drugs, which is great if you're a mil-
lionaire. Naomi Judd had it, and Gregg
Allman, and people like that. Unless
you have extremely good insurance or

unless you have an enormous amount
of money, you don't get treatment.
Imagine having a disease which has
treatment but you can't pay for it so
you're going to die. That's it. You'll either
die of liver failure or you'll die of liver
"So Mark and I had this idea a few
years ago to start a clinic for hepatitis
C. Then the drug companies went
along with it; we could get the drugs for
free. Some of these drugs cost $1,000
a day, but we get them for free, we get
the blood tests done at local hospitals
at a discount and have other doctors
helping us," Klein said. "It's not that we
invented the cure, it's that we invented
a way of delivering care to people
who really needed it. It's unique in the
United States. We don't know of any
other clinic in the United States."
Asperilla believes the abstract details
a way in which the Charlotte clinic
can provide a working model for other
communities. This is especially helpful
with the new treatments coming down
the pike. They reduce the treatment
time traditionally at least six months,
usually longer to only three. But the
cost is prohibitive for most patients:
$1,000 per pill, taken once daily.
That's where the Charlotte clinic
- and others like it can bridge the
gap. Klein's philosophy is that this is
necessary: "You can't have patients
walking around infecting others in
the community and creating a public
health menace just because they can't
afford the treatment."
"So we're becoming a model to

offset the cost of the hepatitis C drug,"
Asperilla said.
ICHS is the premier, international,
multidisciplinary forum for scientific
and clinical interchange to improve
understanding and management of the
immunocompromised patient. It was
founded in 1980 by an international
group of experts engaged in all different
aspects of immune deficiencies includ-
ing inborn errors, treatment-induced or
associated immunosuppression, as well
as HIV infection and others.
"This organization was interested
in what we were doing," Klein said. "If
you can work with the drug companies,
qualify the people, get all the blood
tests done and you have other people
helping you, it can be done. But that's
a lot of work more work than you
might imagine. We're glad we did it.
Dozens of people have been saved
with this business. The abstract was
accepted. So now Dr. Asperilla is going
to present it to the world."
"What we have done has helped
a lot of people in Charlotte County,"
Asperilla said. "We've been able to treat
49 patients instead of having them
undergo liver transplantation. We were
able to put the disease into remission
and improve the quality of life. Now we
hope our clinic can serve as a model to
help other hepatitis C patients through-
out the world."
For more information on the
Charlotte County Hepatitis C clinic, visit;for an appointment,
call 941-624-7253.

Night day, even at play...

...It's all about you!

Advanced laser guided cataract surgery right here in Port Charlotte!

St. Lucy's Eye Surgery Center has been offering eye surgery for the South Florida
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completed with the BEST results possible.
If you need eye surgery, why go anywhere else? The most advanced,
eye-only surgery center is right here in South Florida.'
-Ron IN& .. ,b ..

Ocu us, see Deter.


Ota tin 3 ACene

www CommunityEyeCenter. net

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21275 Olean Blvd.
PUNTA GORDA: 941-347-8340
2825 Tamianmi Trail, Ste. 3 & 4
NORTH PORT: g41-423-8137
1331 S. Sunimter Blvd.

Dr. Mark Asperilla

* I




o The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 7





Preventing Alzheimer's disease, with an datidepressalit

italopram, an antidepiess.niit
better known by its ciinineiciial
name Celexa, has a iem;iiiikaible
side effect, anew study ha-. fund
In both mice bred to develop Alzliei-
mer's disease and in health luiiiiaii
volunteers, the selective seit:ii min
reuptake inhibitor, or SSR.1, di ir es-
down the production of a piotein
called beta-amyloid, which iiin tihe
brains of those with Alzheiinei s
clumps together in sticky plaiques
and is thought to short-ciicuit tie
brain's wiring.
In study participants free Af
Alzheimer's disease or any ,otiei
neuropsychiatric affliction, ci t-
alopram was found to reduce tile
concentration of beta-amy loid in teil
cerebrospinal fluid (outside f tilhe
brain) by 38 percent. Reseaiicheis see
that as a clear sign that betai-ai\l,:,id
protein in the brain, too, decline-, in
those taking the antidepress.aiit
In older mice bred to develop aii
animal version ofAlzheimei' s dis-
ease, a 28-day regimen of citalopi;, 'p n
arrested the growth of betai-ain:loid
plaques and reduced the appeiiaiice
of new plaques by 78 percent
In healthy volunteers, the -I,:,n -
down in beta-amyloid protein
production, as measured in ceieb,:-
spinal fluid by lumbar punrctuie. \as
virtually immediate, occui iiig w-itliin
hours of their having receive tr,:,
doses of citalopram at 30 nilligiaiies
The new research, publis-led in
the journal Science Translaiti ial
Medicine, suggests that the n -del\
used antidepressant and po,
several others in the same cl-.-. -
could become a relatively -. in pie.
cheap and potentially poA ei filI
way to prevent or delay the onset
of Alzheimer's when taken b\ tlio,.e
at greatest risk of developing tile
devastating dementia.
That promising news could not
come at a more opportune tine
In their wide-ranging reseaihcl i ,n
Alzheimer's disease, scieni-.t-. litkve
made enormous strides in de\ i-.-
ing means to detect and diagni,-,.e
Alzheimer's in its earliest stagie-. But
they've had far less success in devel-
oping therapies to thwart tile di-.ei-.eae
before its symptoms of memiii i loss
and confusion become evident
The result of that mismatch is
that many of those at greatest i Lsk

The ne\\ w ese;irch ...
si-ica ests that the \\idelh-
iusecd anitilepressaint
;andl possible se\eerlal

others in the Saline class -
co hildl become ;a relaiti\ elv
simple. cheap and
potentiall\ -powerful \\ia\
to prevent or (elea v the
onset ofAlz .zl-eiiners....

f developimg Alzlieimnei' s dementiai
feel tle\ hliave little tr fi'in eatI l\
scieeliig (1i the disease Tlie\ would d
li\e withli thle kiio led:ge thalit tlhe
disease \,,uldh iob tiein ,o, memoie v
independence aiid eeen ;-i seiise ,_f
self But thie\ could do oII,,tlig_ t,
;-ieit that o-lutco-,l e
But Alzlieimei's, speci-list [)I
LOii Scliieidei thlie UimleilSitV :1,
S,_-,tltieliI C h-,iili ai ,1 sa\s it's t;II too
e;iil\ ,:,i people fe-iiiii, ;i [futuie
matil ed b\ tlie disease to, st i- t ti-ikilll:_
cit;lplo;im pat ticulallI\ at the
levels S-li- -\II trI- be effective iII tlie
cuiieiit stud\ Foi S-itei lie ii,'ted.
tlie success o ;iiitidepiess;-iiits ii pie-
Veltlig Alzlieimei's, disease iests o,-,1
;-III ;-FISStlllptiol, l thait li-is ,t ;-I l ;iVs
piinied out ii iese;icli thaliit ieduc-
Ing:_ beta-aim\loid in tIhe bamin k\ll
cliaiiige tlie c,,ui.Se _f, tlie illness-
Bev,:,ind that.m Schlieidei cautil,:ed
thliait iI ti cle publihshied t ,-n' m -iitlits
; '''ito- ,s_-, iiitp -l rieari e rt o-,i
;-git;itli i sso,_,ciated vith I Alzlieim ei's
f,_'ulid fi thliei cogntive ip.iiim neiit
;1id I;- Id;- IC to-- t III tliose t-Iklng
it The m;iimuml di-,se ulsed ii thlie
cmi leit stud thlie equivaleiAt ,6 0iO -- is thlee times li.hei
thli;i tlie di-,se lec,'lnieided
foi rli ,se 'oei 60. lie added
People sliuldi not st.iit pippili:g
c t;,_-,plap i ,-, ,-thei ;iintdepiess;-ilts
nII thlie e\pectati-iin thaliit tlie \ ill
pievelt .Mzlieimei's, disease.- sahd
SclIneidei. k \\Ih-,\as no,-,t In o_-,lved In
thlie latest stud\ The\ could be doing
some stul-bst;iiti;il hliIn "
III thie sttudh iese;iclieis lfi_-ln
UJmileilstV of Pennmls\ laimii in
Philadelphia amind \\aslungton
UImiVeilStV Medicail Scliool liII St
Loui-s set omit t,[, exploie thle umiapped
po,\ei,1s ,,f SSRs t,:, educe pdiduction
of _et;i-;im \lo-id PaiSt iese;-cli li as

fLtuid tliihat \lile SRIs dc little tr
impile thlie cleaiaince ,cf beta-aimv-
lomd piorteii fi-mi thlie bliaimi.l the do
iedtuce thlie piotei'l- pioducticrti iii
thle bi lll
Studies tiacklng thle piogie,: ,lel, c if
Alzlieimei's disease haive suggested
that veaiis ;ild e\ell decades befoie
s\ inptoms aippeai. hetia-aim\loid
pioteins bec,_,me inulie plentiful ii
the b ;-ill i;iId spill lito ceiebi,-
Sppmiil tluid \hlieie tlie\ aiie imonlie
easil\ meastiiedi Fust. the piotemns
agglegate IIa ;-i s-l ,, so hlble goo,,
fo'i -i; d \ithli tine, the\ tui iI[ iiito'
iiinsoluble. lihd plaques Btrli cain
dimsiupt Slglials ;-imong'_ biliai cells.
but ais plaques piolifeiite. ii,-imI il
co',_- ltmml imctl h ';-itionI ;-imIlo' I'g mIetli niS is
co'mpletelh bi'oken. ;mid dememit;i
takes hlild
-h-t hat lc- e -eisio fio- goo,-, to,
gutik ;ippe;ils t-, aicceleiiate \hlien
_etai-aim loIid pioteiis beco-lme inclie

f^.,. le "-f- '


If un hii Iuaiifpai m


Go to to view
several years' werth of back issues for free
II l r. 1I

concenltlated. said the ieseaicheis
Tius. Iii theoiv. ai medication thalit
c;in keep co''icemtitions of '-' bem-
Imtll\ id I, 1lo n ml:_lit piee nt ;eim\ l ,loid
plaques fi':m foi'mig l ii lt,:,:_etliei
Clting_ then own\ past iesealch, the
anitlthi s of thlie lr thcle st__ggested thlie
sa.ime effect seems t, take plaice \ithli
ai \ide i oi f ge o, SSR:s Inr thlie ctmiient
stud\, thlie tsuppiession of beta-
;nll ov1,_-,d pl,_Oduthitl,_-, \v;is ii,_-,t ,_-, lV
stllst;-ntal- blt It could ialso be
detected \ei\ iipidl iII i-s f e\ i-is
Wve ini tles ;-iftel tlhe dlg_ \vs t;-iken
bv heahlthv\ hliiii v,_-,lllnteeis
Thle ieseaicheis foun td tlie suppies-
sion of beta -;ll\lloid ploduthiot,:,n t,:,
be gieaitei it laiigei doses 'of ctailo-
plain, but thlie minost effective dose
tested oin mice \;-is cmpipable to a
5-,0-1nllhgil dose of citalopialm, ;I
dose that Is sulstal-ntimllh ihliei tlidin
thliat commonly\ l utsed to tieat those
\-tli depiess-ion

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a% it iied to he, .perIhap it *% rime lor
%owe real lacti. Let's talk.

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audiology services for our clients
including the following:

HT -.,ii ,i ii, fl-, i- ir-, .'. F'-,i.
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:Page 8

The Sun/Sunclay May 20 '4

Bodybuilder has heavy goal for 80th birthday

erald Campbell is giving up his
career as a fitness instructor
and going full-time into body-
building before his next birthday.
He turns 80 in October.
"I'm retiring from that because my
wife and I want to travel more while
we still have good health," Campbell
said. 'Another reason is that I can't
work out myself as much as I need to
for heavyweight bodybuilding."
Campbell's goal before his birthday
is to bench press 280 pounds. That's
115 pounds more than his weight of
165. One Saturday, he bench pressed
245 pounds, breaking his own record,
at the Texas Push/Pull Showdown in
"I tried to do 260, but I couldn't get
it past halfway up," Campbell said.
He'll try again for that 260-pound
mark in the July 26, world-qualifying
Dallas Southwest Regional Bench
Press and Dead Lift Championships
competition in Irving. Then comes
Anytime Campbell lifts more than
his personal best he breaks a record,
said Bryan Dobson, Campbell's
trainer and owner of MetroFlex Gym
in Fort Worth, Texas.
There are only a handful of people
in the world at Campbell's age and
weight who are capable of a bench
press anywhere near what he can do,
Dobson said.
"He'll be in the top of the

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2400 S. McCall Rd., 1 i

Gerald Campbell may be turning 80 in October, but he still is a fitness instructor and is training in Hurst, Texas, for an upcoming lifting competition.

165-pound weight class in Masters
70 plus," Dobson said. "For his body
weight, the weight he's lifting is
competitive with 20-year-olds."
Dobson describes Campbell as
"phenomenal," and he isn't alone in
that opinion. The 140 or so people
Campbell trains at Hurst Senior
Center and Euless Family Life Center
compare him with Jack LaLanne, a
pioneer in personal training whose in-
novative techniques and equipment,
and a 34-year run on TV, helped earn
him the title Godfather of Fitness.
The woman destined to take
Campbell's place in front of those se-
niors, Hurst resident Tricia Whitlock,
41, thinks he's the new Godfather.
"When he started training me, I was
struggling to keep up with him during
abdominal exercises, even some of
the flexibility exercises that he does,"
Whitlock said. "Gerald's just amazing.
His eyes are bright and his mind is
quick. He's a very good role model for
Michelle Varley, 45, Hurst Senior
Center's activities coordinator, said
Campbell is a huge asset that she and

Complete Dental Care

the seniors will miss.
"He helped develop our fitness
programs," Varley said. "He's just very
passionate about everything."
Just like LaLanne, Campbell has
been on a personal fitness crusade
since he was 15.
"My buddy, Bobby Risinger, and
I bought some weights at a garage
sale," Campbell said. "We set 'em up
in my garage. We didn't know any-
thing about it, but we started lifting
weights and learning the proper way
to do it."
The friends worked out together
for three years, until "Bobby went in
the Air Force, and I didn't," Campbell
said. "So I kept working out."
Campbell who made his living
selling insurance, before he retired at
65 also became a personal trainer
in his late teens. Soon afterward, he
gave up weightlifting and took up
"I like running because it builds
up the heart," Campbell said. "If
the heart don't work right there isn't
anything going to work right."
Campbell said his wife of 45 years,
Dolores, also is a runner. "We used to
run 10 miles a day together back in
our 40s and 50s," Campbell said. "I
would run 10 miles in the morning

and another 10 with her after work.
One year I logged 3,600 miles."
Campbell said he kept running
well into his 70s, "because old age
was chasing me and I wanted to stay
ahead of it."
After 14 marathons his best time
was three hours and 10 minutes when
he was 44 and seven 50-mile races,
Campbell decided to give his feet a
break. But old age hasn't gained that
much on him, because he started
power lifting again about 30 years ago.
"I don't think working out adds
years to your life, but it adds quality,"
Campbell said. "As long as God keeps
me healthy I want to have good
quality of life. I don't want to walk
with a cane or a walker, or be in a
Power-lifting competitions are
about pushing himself, Campbell
"In competition you'll always do
more than you will by yourself,"
Campbell said.
And while he does want to set re-
cords, he isn't looking for immortality
through record books.
"It's not records for publicity as
much as it is for other older people to
say 'That guy did it. By cracky I think I
might try to do it.'" he said.

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*flfll S


o The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 9

Stem cells, 3-D printer help researchers enlgineerjoints


Her foot pain began 15 years
ago, leading to a 2002 diagno-
sis of osteoarthritis, which left
her limping and unable to walk for
extended periods of time.
And it progressively worsened.
In time, Deborah Cole Thomas,
60, of Plum, Pa., would undergo
surgeries to fuse joints in both feet
along with a left-ankle replacement,
all from the wear-and-tear form of
arthritis. She endured shoulder pain
and more recent problems with
right-knee pain, which she likens to a
knife stab.
Round-the-clock pain medications
are a must.
"I try not to let it affect me,"
Thomas said, noting that her hus-
band, Llewellyn, 82, has had both
arthritic knees replaced. "It drives me
to keep moving. I watched my mom
give up, and her hands became so
crippled she had to be fed."
Thomas, now retired, worked as a
Westinghouse computer engineer,
spending hours at a desk that made
her "feel like the Tin Man in 'The
Wizard of Oz.'" She'd stand and
struggle to flex stiffened joints.
In coming years, she faces further
surgeries, including knee-replace-
ment surgery. But she's still walking,
with the goal of 10,000 steps a day
and an average of about 7,000.
She also can't run and isn't allowed
to jump. Doctor's orders. But she
works around those limitations.
"There's always something I can do
just to keep moving."
While people with osteoarthritis
struggle to move, there's plenty of
movement in research as scientists
work through the biological puzzle
of osteoarthritis to come up with
potential treatments.
A University of Pittsburgh research
team, led by Rocky S. Tuan pro-
fessor and executive vice chairman
of the department of orthopedic
surgery and director of the Center for
Cellular and Molecular Engineering
- is making headway in understand-
ing the complex stew of enzymes
(histones), proteins and genes that
cause osteoarthritis while identifying
a potential treatment to slow the rate
of cartilage destruction.
There's further breaking news
from the Tuan camp that sounds like
science fiction:
His team is using a 3-D printer,
which makes structures one layer
at a time, to make new joints. Using
a solution containing the patient's
stem cells, along with growth factors
and scaffolding material, the 3-D
printer constructs actual cartilage in
the right shape to replace damaged
The stem-cell solution extruded
through a catheter also could be used
to create new cartilage, as guided by
a 3-D printer, directly onto the joint
The team's tissue-engineered joints
already have shown success in large
animals, raising the promise of cre-
ating replacement joints for people
now dependent on plastic and metal
ones. The process could be partic-
ularly useful in repairing battlefield
Tuan announced the success April
27 at the Experimental Biology 2014
scientific sessions and meeting in
San Diego.

"We essentially speed up the
development process by giving the
cells everything they need, while
creating a scaffold to give the tissue
the exact shape and structure that
we want," Tuan said, adding that his
team continues working to develop
cartilage more closely resembling
human cartilage.
"Total joint replacements involving
plastic and metal joints work well,
but they don't last long enough,"
Tuan said. "For someone who is 60,
that's OK. But if you are in your 30s,
that's not good because you may
need revision after revision.
"We are not in position to say that
it will last a lifetime. Time is the true
test," Tuan said of the tissue-engi-
neered joints his team has created. "I
can only say it's very promising and
is looking good."
Joints, the business end of bones,
include a covering made of flexible
and protective cartilage to prevent
damage from friction. But chronic
wear and tear from overuse, trau-
matic injury or bone misalignment,
among other factors such as obesity,
promotes a biological process, not
yet fully understood, that degrades
Osteoarthritis represents 80 per-
cent of all cases of arthritis, whose
various forms plague 27 million
Americans, making arthritis the na-
tion's major form of physical disabil-
ity. The disease burden is particularly
acute in the aged population, with
one out of two individuals older than
65 having at least one joint affected.
There's even more news that
could advance treatments for
The Pitt team also is using tissue
engineering to develop human tissue
and cartilage in a laboratory dish
that can be used to test the effect
of drugs. The live model of human
joint tissue is being heralded as the
creation of "the first example of living
human cartilage grown on a labora-
tory chip."
For now, the engineered cartilage
tissue on a computer chip will serve
"as a test-bed for researchers to learn
about how osteoarthritis develops"
and to develop new drugs.
"We hope that the methods we're
developing will really make a differ-
ence, both in the study of the disease
and, ultimately, in treatments for
people with cartilage degeneration
or joint injuries," said Tuan, who also
serves as director of the McGowan
Institute for Regenerative Medicine
and director of the Center for
Military Medicine Research at the
Pitt School of Medicine.
Osteoarthritis, the Arthritis
Foundation website states, "leads to
632,000 joint replacements per year,
with a total cost of $128 billion in
2012 for medical care and indirect
expenses, including lost wages and
productivity. One in two people will
develop a form of arthritis in their
It is distinct from rheumatoid
arthritis, an autoimmune disease
that causes chronic inflammation in
flexible joints, with potential to lead
to severe disability if left untreated.
But it affects less than 1 percent of
The foundation said trends suggest
that "half of all adults will develop
symptomatic osteoarthritis of the
knee at some point in their lives and
the risk increases with obesity to two


Deborah Cole Thomas' arthritis has led to an ankle replacement and two mid-foot fusions.
She works out a gym to help her joints remain flexible.

of every three ,'bese aduiltv"
Women oldei lain 5i0 aie in,'lie
commonly affected b\ '1)\ e,:,aite til iiS
than men, with it t\ picalhI begiiuiiing
after age 40.
But arthritis i, a to1ughL opponent
Thomas, as boaid ineinbei if tihe
foundation's regiiiial cliaptei.
says people must i''ik to: s-tave off

imnIlmbili[ b \ ialkmg ;ind e\eiCIl-
inIg SIie' tI\ IVIlg ',: '1, aniid an liei
l, ,ild ,:f fo t, uigei\ TIi-it'' vh I e\ tle
Pitt iese;-ic I iS Still1111ig ,:ipfI lIII :i 1
li eiand rie Airfilirh F,,iundaritinii
Replacing cairilage itili extia
good r-tuffx 1-':uld be h aeaiita ic. -lihe
,aid O()i. Loid, it'. exciriig I caif't
\iVI aI

good in the absence of gumliq
SValid through 5/31/1M \4

:Page 10

The Sun/Sunclay May I., 20i4

SThe Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

Study examines back pain and depression in older Americans Page 11

researchers at the University of
Pittsburgh School of Medicine
are studying the most effective
means of treating chronic low back
pain and symptoms of depression -
together in those 60 or older.
The ADAPT (Addressing
Depression And Pain Together) study
has been going on for four years.
Seventy-five men and 123 women,
ranging in age from 60 to 94, have
taken part.
About a third of seniors suffer from
low back pain. Nearly 20 percent of
Americans age 65 and older have
clinically significant symptoms of
depression, according to the National
Alliance on Mental Illness. Up to
25 percent of seniors may suffer
from both, said Dr. Jordan E Karp,
associate professor of psychiatry, the
principal investigator.
"Chronic low back pain and
depression make each other worse,"
Karp said. "Both can cause poor
sleep, keep people from enjoying
their usual activities, isolate them at
home. Patients can enter a vicious
cycle of the blues, pain, physical
deconditioning and feeling
Nearly 40 percent of those who've
participated in the ADAPT study so
far have had back surgery that has
not worked, Karp said.
"People who are contemplating
surgery need to have their depres-
sion treated, because depression can
negatively affect outcomes," he said.
About 30 percent of ADAPT par-
ticipants to date have fibromyalgia,
which may make it more difficult to
treat depression.
Doctors aren't sure what causes
fibromyalgia, and there is no cure
for it, but there are treatments that
ease the discomfort it causes. About
12 million Americans roughly 90
percent of them women suffer
from it.
People with fibromyalgia ache all
over. Muscles may feel as if they've
been overworked or pulled. Some
patients may be very sensitive to
touch and pressure. Other symptoms
include fatigue, chronic headaches,
trouble with concentration and
memory, hypersensitivity to cold or
heat, and tingling in extremities.
Although fibromyalgia is the
second most common musculoskel-
etal disorder after osteoarthritis, the

Robert Boykin, 73, of Zelienople, pictured April 29, 2014, recently took part in the ADAPT study being conducted by the University of Pittsburgh
Medical School, which seeks to find the best way to treat seniors who suffer from both low back pain and depression.

percentage of ADAPT participants
who suffer from it is higher than he
expected, Karp said. Only about 7
percent of older women have fibro-
myalgia, he said.
There are two phases to the ADAPT
study. In the first, which lasts six
weeks, all participants take the
anti-depressant drug venlafaxine
(Effexor). About a third of those
who've participated in the ADAPT
study so far have shown improve-
ment during phase one, Karp said.
In the second phase, which lasts
14 weeks, participants who haven't
improved during the first phase are
given a higher dose of venlafaxine
and are divided into two groups. Half
receive the higher dose of venla-
faxine only. The other half also get
counseling on how to manage pain,

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you the best possible procedure for your unique eyes.

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.. Cataract Center
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505-2020 or visit

mood, sleep and other difficulties
seniors who suffer from both condi-
tions typically experience.
The purpose of phase two is to de-
termine whether people who didn't
improve during phase one need the
problem-solving therapy to get them
feeling better, or if the higher dose of
venlafaxine will suffice.
"One of the reasons we picked the
medicine we used is not only be-
cause the FDA approves it for depres-
sion, but it also has been observed to
have analgesic (painkilling) effects,"
Karp said.
Low doses of venlafaxine increase
levels of the neurotransmitter sero-
tonin, which regulates mood. Higher
doses of the drug also increase levels
of the neurotransmitter norepineph-
rine, which may regulate both mood
and pain.
Neurotransmitters are chemicals in
the brain that relay signals between
nerve cells to tell the brain what's
going on in the body. Both serotonin
and norepinephrine tend to block
some pain messages.
When people are depressed, they
tend to feel pain more acutely.
Having less pain can relieve depres-
sion. Attacking both problems at
once can produce a double benefit.
"Getting people moving and in

better control of their pain through
healthy behavior changes may also
help their mood and improve quality
of life," Karp said.
Zelienople, Pa., resident Robert
Boykin, 73, a financial consultant
with AXA, emphatically agrees. He's
suffered from chronic back pain due
to spinal stenosis.
"On top of that, back in November,
I went into a real tailspin of depres-
sion," Boykin said. Then he learned
of the ADAPT study. His final session
was a few weeks ago.
"It was a godsend," Boykin said.
"They brought me out of the hole I
was in."
The venlafaxine provided immedi-
ate relief. But for him, "the talk ther-
apy was almost as important as the
drug therapy," Boykin said. "(Senior
clinician) Sunita (Chickering) was
extremely effective at uncovering
problems chiefly anger issues -
I've had over the years."
His back pain is pretty much gone,
Boykin said. And although he still
feels depressed from time to time, "at
least I know now how to deflect it."
To participate in the final year
of the ADAPT study, sponsored by
the National Institutes of Health,
call 412-246-6015 or visit www.

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Adverse reactions to energy drinks raise red flag


How much would you pay for a
drink that promises to revi-
talize your mind and body,
elevate your energy or give you the
focus you need to cross every item off
your to-do list? Catching a third wind
is priceless, which is why energy-drink
sales are in the billions each year. But
there may be a hidden cost.
As sales skyrocket, so do energy-
drink-related emergency room visits:
Between 2007 and 2011, they doubled
from about 10,000 to nearly 21,000
visits. In a recent study from the
University of Southern California -
which randomly sampled emergency
room patients a third of patients
who reported downing energy drinks
had adverse reactions ranging from
heart palpitations to chest pain to
Even more frightening, the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration has
received reports of at least 15 deaths
related to energy drinks. Although
there's no proof linking these negative
reactions to drinking an energy drink,
"no one really knows how dangerous
(energy drinks) are," said Dr. Michael
Jacobson, executive director of the
Center for Science in the Public
Interest, Washington, D.C. "They
certainly raise a caution flag about
drinking too much (caffeine) too
In fact, the FDA recently launched
an investigation into the safety of
caffeine added to food and beverages.
Contrary to what you might think,
these purported power drinks aren't
just being guzzled by frat boys.
Actually, the largest increase in
energy-drink-related ER visits was in
people over 40.
Why? Energy drinks may deliver an
instant jolt that java doesn't.
"Some contain large amounts
of caffeine. And they're consumed
differently than coffee. (Energy drinks)
are gulped, rather than sipped," said
And that's exactly where the prob-
lem lies.
"In the ER, we'll usually see some-
body who has heart palpitations or
maybe hand or body tremors from
drinking too many. However, we
have seen a few patients who've had
seizures," said Dr. Sean Nordt, director
of toxicology at USC's Keck School of
Medicine, Department of Emergency
These reactions aren't imaginary,
either. A new (unpublished) study
presented at the American Heart
Association's 2013 Scientific Sessions
found that downing energy drinks
raises systolic blood pressure by an
average 3.5 points and can cause
potentially fatal irregular heartbeats.
Your risk of dangerous heart-rhythm
disturbances is higher if you have an
underlying heart condition or high
blood pressure.
The most active ingredient in energy
drinks is caffeine. While some brands
have just 50 milligrams, others pack
as much as 215 mg. To put that in
perspective, an average 8-ounce cup
of coffee contains roughly 100 mg
and most experts advise limiting your

medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering

caffeine to 400 mg a day max.
Even more troubling, you may not
be able to find out exactly how much
caffeine is in your can. Energy-drink
manufacturers are not required to list
the amount of caffeine their products
contain whether it's marketed as a
beverage or as a dietary supplement
- unless it's added in the form of pure
Almost every energy drink has its
own "energy blend" of proprietary
ingredients. If a drink's caffeine comes
in the form of coffee, tea or another
natural caffeine-containing substance,
such as guarana, you might not know
the total amount. So even if a can said
it contains 200 mg of caffeine per serv-
ing, it may deliver significantly more.
Energy drinks can be dangerous on
their own, yet they're even more peril-
ous when combined with alcohol. And
that pairing has gone mainstream:
bars serve up a new breed of cocktails
like "1.21 Gigawatts," a concoction
of Red Bull, raspberry vodka, cognac
and grenadine. When you mix alcohol
and caffeine, their effects blunt one
"The caffeine makes you think
you're sharper than you are," said
Dr. Kent Sepkowitz, vice chairman of
clinical affairs in the department of

Cancer Center in New York City. "But
your judgment is still that of a drunk
Then, there's the question of wheth-
er energy drinks even deliver on their
promises. Caffeine has been shown
to help people think more clearly and
improve exercise endurance, but just
a small amount (as little as 1.5 mg per
pound of body weight or about 2 cups
of coffee for a 150-pound person) will
provide a boost and more is not

Also, energy drinks' other ingredi-
ents like vitamins, amino acids and
botanicals do little to enhance you i
energy or mental clarity, said a 2012
Nutrition Reviews report.
Overall, when drunk solo and in
moderation, energy drinks can be
fairly safe products.
"But you need to look at each one
individually," said Nordt, and know
what's in your drink.
EatingWell is a magazine and web-
site devoted to healthy eating as a way
of life. Online at

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:Page 12

The Sun /Sunday, May 18, 20" 4

For some, supplement is necessary to ensure adequate iron intake

ear Mayo Clinic: I'm a 43-year-
old woman recently diagnosed
with iron deficiency. Tests
show my ferritin is very low, but my
hemoglobin is in the normal range.
Isn't hemoglobin usually low if you
don't have enough iron? Also, what's
the best treatment for this? My doctor
recommends daily iron supplements.
Are there dietary changes I can make
instead of taking a supplement?
It is possible to have low iron when
your level of hemoglobin is normal.
In some cases, increasing the amount
of iron-rich foods in your diet may
be enough to increase your body's
iron. But sometimes getting enough
iron through dietary sources alone
can be difficult, and a supplement is
necessary to ensure you get the iron
you need.
Iron is a mineral that helps your
bone marrow produce hemoglobin,
the substance within a red blood cell
that carries oxygen to your body's
tissues. Your body can store a certain
amount of extra iron in ferritin, a
blood cell protein. When you don't
get enough iron in your diet to make
hemoglobin, your body starts using
the iron stored in ferritin.
For women, ferritin levels are
considered normal between 11 and
307 nanograms per milliliter. When
your ferritin is low and your iron
stores are in danger of becoming
depleted, that condition is known
as iron deficiency. If your body uses
up all the iron stored in ferritin, then
it can't make hemoglobin, and your
hemoglobin level starts decreasing,
too. Low hemoglobin is a condition
called anemia.
Several factors can lead to iron de-
ficiency, including not having enough
iron in your diet. The Institute of
Medicine recommends women
ages 19 through 50 get at least 18
milligrams of iron per day. If low iron
intake is your concern, then eating
more iron-rich foods may be enough
to raise your iron to adequate levels.


Red meat, pork and poultry are good
choices because your body absorbs
more iron from meat than it does
from other foods.
Due to the lack of meat in their di-
ets, vegetarians often take in less iron,
which could lead to iron deficiency if
iron intake isn't carefully monitored.
If you don't eat meat, try other iron-
rich foods such as beans, dark green
leafy vegetables, eggs and iron-forti-
fied breads, pastas and cereals.
In some cases, low dietary iron
is not the problem. Iron deficiency

If you love reading be sure to check out

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can happen if your body is unable to
absorb enough iron due to an intes-
tinal disorder, such as celiac disease.
An increase in blood loss can lead to
iron deficiency, as well.
Iron deficiency is common in wom-
en during their child-bearing years
because their bodies use and lose a
good deal of iron through pregnancy,
breast-feeding and menstruation.
Heavy periods, for example, can lead
to a considerable drop in iron.
When absorption or blood loss is
the issue, then treatment beyond diet
changes is usually necessary. Taking a
daily iron supplement can often help
raise the body's iron stores. When
an underlying medical problem is
contributing to low iron, treatment
for that condition also may help.
It's important you receive effective
treatment for low iron because if left
unchecked, it can lead to anemia.
Anemia, in turn, can result in an

array of health problems, including
extreme fatigue, weakness, shortness
of breath and dizziness.
Some cases of severe anemia can
cause the heart to work harder than
normal to get oxygen to the rest of the
body. Over time, in extreme situa-
tions, that may lead to heart failure.
Talk to your doctor about the likely
source of your low iron and ask if
dietary changes might be enough to
replenish your iron supply.
No matter what the cause of the
problem, once you start taking steps
to raise your body's iron stores, have
your ferritin level checked on a regu-
lar basis to ensure that the treatment
is successful.
Medical Edge from Mayo Clinic is
an educational resource and doesn't
replace regular medical care. To sub-
mit a question, write to: medicaledge@ For health information,

I U r~fin IPBW^B^UH k171I"45

\NCn cInii iilIconII-lddC jlc lld colipLclil
d[ilcIiI'ei occl Vii- \\ iilin 11 1\ Jld ri lcS [ lod,-2C
\ 'l \\Ill find ll-ol-Ilk-Jll icc.llololl" Jlid
diij,' ioIlIc qiiI)iiniKlCiii foi C\:\' c I deIIll iccd

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o The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 13

Tweakyour diet to avoid potentially harmful inflammation


inflammation is a term that's com-
monly used but poorly grasped.
"Think of inflammation as
irritating chemicals that are released
by your immune cells, producing
swelling, redness, and pain," said Dr.
Susan Blum, author of "The Immune
System Recovery Plan" (Scribner,
2013). "When the immune system
is triggered to release inflammatory
chemicals in an ongoing way, dam-
age occurs, and health problems can
show up in any part of the body."
This long-term inflammation often
lurks silently, below the threshold of
perceptible pain, but it's a common
risk factor for a broad range of dis-
eases and health conditions, such as
cancer, cardiovascular disease, Type 2
diabetes, and many others.
Although several lifestyle factors
contribute to inflammation, diet is
important to help keep it in check
and reduce disease risk. Specific
foods can directly or indirectly sup-
ply anti-inflammatory compounds,
as well as help balance the immune
system and moderate insulin levels.
Here are five inflammation-reduc-
ing diet strategies:
1. Omega-3 fats.
"The fats you eat are converted into
substances called prostaglandins,
and different types of prostaglandins
either increase or decrease inflam-
mation in your body," Blum said.
"Consuming foods rich in omega-3
fats leads to decreased production of
inflammatory prostaglandins."
The most abundant source of
omega-3s is oily fish, such as wild-
caught salmon and canned sardines.
Walnuts, flaxseed, eggs from hens
given omega-3 rich feed, and grass-
fed meats provide smaller amounts
of omega-3 fats.
2. Slow-digested carbs.
Opting for foods that produce a
more gradual rise in blood sugar
(low-glycemic load foods), such as
lentils, berries, and other high-fiber
foods may help reduce inflammation,
especially in people carrying extra
A well-controlled study in the
February 2012 issue of The Journal of
Nutrition reported that overweight
and obese men and women who
ate a low-glycemic load diet for a
month reduced a blood marker of
inflammation, called high-sensitivity
C-reactive protein (CRP), by about 22
percent compared to when they ate
a high-glycemic-load diet. CRP has
been linked with an increased risk of
heart attack and stroke.
3. Antioxidant-rich foods.
"Every day, your body produces
free radicals, which can damage
body tissue and trigger inflam-
mation," Blum said. The antidote?
Antioxidants. "Antioxidants are sort
of like sponges, which mop up free
radicals in the bloodstream and help
quiet the immune system."
Antioxidants are especially abun-
dant in fruits and vegetables with
rich hues, such as berries, broccoli,
and dark leafy greens, as well as
less-than-colorful garlic and onions.
Extra virgin olive oil and nuts are also
rich in antioxidants.

FILE PH,-.T-..

4. Probiotic foods and nutritional
Beiiehcilal b actella i p,_-,blOtic-1i Cl;1
help reduce iiiflaimmitio,-, ini the gut.
as xwell ,m in othiei piit 4 of t he bhod\.
accoidmg to, a Itl\ ..ugust B201 stud\
in Gut licihbe-s In the stud\. 0 pei -
cent '- tlie aidulth \ivli iiflilamm _itoi,\
diseases,. Includlg l pu,_-,lI;,-i chlo- h
fatigue -. iidiome. ;-iid tlhceiaitie
colitis. \hli:, eie gien ai pi,:1b :,it' c
Bifidibacteiiai faitiS supplement
for 1-8 x evkeeks,. Iiid ai a iiii, c;1iIt
reduction iii iiitm;-lmml;itiV i\ iai keli.
coImp.aied withli o' iii peiceii of
adults gi\en ai placebh,
"Feiineiied foo-,d_- Stchli 1-,1t-,\o i.
kefii. aind kominhuclia teai all sup-
ply piobioics, but if \ou',ue been
diagnos-ed withali iil[;-I ;-_toli\
disease, piobiotiic supplements aiie
reco_-i lelded." BlIIm ;-aId Site al_-o,
enco_-uage c,_-,iiSLimigI plebhili,-, .
which ;iie indigestible bhhei tihait aict
as "feitilizei" to i elp tlie good ibacte-
ria glV
Piebiotih-. t -iscli, tlit. \hhclh
are added t -, so'me pio,-b,_io sCtic upple-
m enit., aiie (_'tiild iII f -._ -,d S I
garlic. ,_-, o-,. aind a paiag,_iu
5. Spices and herbs.
Main\ studie, lihae ,Ii'v-iin lieibh,
and spice, litia e i',iiih[ hiiint ;iiiti-ii-
flammiato v. ,-i, kell a, alitloxhidait
activity \ -'01lh '- in'lab toi\ tnud\ im
Oxidailme MNedihclle aid Cellulai
Longevi It fouid thati -ii lit c-.if
rosemaiV. \.age, aitd [hivie tvpicall\
used im co_-.-kilg le[mii ,i ilmhch;-int ;-iI-
ti-itflaimi i t[OV\ ;iC iVitV ;-iftei lheailig
and d:igestinli
Otihei spice kell kn,, ii-n i,, thlieii
anti-iliimmi;itoi\ co.inplOulidS
inc]tide cai\eiie pepper. cillmial;iiiio.
clo e.e ,i1geie itm eg,. ieg.;-ilo. ;-ild
turmnel -i iin, g _tlieil,

Limit your intal.e of thele inflammatory (ulprill
*Fried anrid charredd food::1 whch are hiQh in
advarin(ed ql:lyio,,n end produce( I(AGE )
*Refriried uQrarid Qrair; arid other higQhly
pre;;e, f::do; aand al; :,:od;
>e e ,:f onieqa-,:, fai' prevalent in refined
vegetable oilI ;uih a; i(,,rn and ;:'oy
f'arriular f::od; ;'peofi to the individual -
that may trQQer immne-nur a;ed reai:On;
*f'artially hydr:Qenated :Oil; Iran; rfa; ;uih a;
tho:;e fo:unrd in ;':,nie ;iI. niarQanrine; anrid fried
fry the 'e 'ubtiijule;
n.;lead of grilled teal. eat bal,ed lalonin
*In;ead of fri ed po1a hiph; eat a handful of

instead ofI l l.ies eat berriel
*Inread of white rice eat bron rve
*Ini;ead of mniarQrianne :On veielable' uie 'pi(el
arnd herb'
*Inead o:f e cream ema yo:Qurt and ruitl

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iI l o01i1 (einile Cl ( lhesu'es 9
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denlhre adhesites tsil mi....ada.orQ

In te Ofiesan-I te ositl

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eL' Iilit iIt iL'iert. h i ,' ll il ri/id a'rl/t Il //l"ll 'lII dlld in lhii
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:Page 14

The Sun/Sunclay May 20 '4

The benefits of exercise and massage for back pain

ack pain is one of the most
common ailments in Amer-
ica today. Back pain can be
caused from a wide range of condi-
tions such as lumbar muscle strain,
ruptured or herniated discs, spinal
stenosis, or osteoporosis.
Here are a few warning signs that
may indicate a problem that neces-
sitates immediate medical attention:
*Back pain persists beyond a few
*Pain awakens you at night.
*You have controlling bowels or
*You experience fever, chills,
sweats, or other signs of infection.
Everyone can benefit from stretch-
ing soft tissues, muscles, ligaments,
and tendons in the back, glutes
and spine. The most typical re-
sponse to back pain is to become
inactive. While inactivity may be
recommended for the short term,
inactivity for more than a couple of
days usually worsens the condition.
To help alleviate the back pain,
active forms of back exercise are
almost always necessary to rehabili-
tate the spine.
Always consult your physician
before embarking on an exercise
regimen or beginning any sort of
treatment for back pain.
Massage therapy can also be very
helpful to relieve back pain. Many
times the culprit in sciatic pain is
the piriformis muscle. This muscle
is deep underneath the gluteal
muscles and it lies on top of the
sciatic nerve. If this muscle is tense
and has trigger points or knots, it
can compress the nerve causing the
sciatic pain.
Another muscle that is very
commonly involved in low back
pain is the quadratus lomborum.
This muscle attaches to the lower
three ribs, runs along the spine and
attaches at the iliac crest of the hip
bone, or pelvis. It is responsible for
bending the body to the side.
It is also very important to choose
a therapist carefully. The therapist



Massage therapist Tammy MacEwen works on Bob Updegraff during a recent appointment at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County.

should have training in some form
of deep tissue massage, such as
neuromuscular therapy or trigger
point therapy. Other modalities that
may be helpful in stretching the
fascia and muscles to release the

tension are myofascial release and
positional release therapy.
The Cultural Center can assist
you in combating your back pain.
The Fitness Salon has a wide variety
of fitness equipment and a room

dedicated to stretching. There is also
a massage therapist onsite.
Ted Robedee is the manager of the
Fitness Salon at the Cultural Center
of Charlotte County. He can be con-
tacted at 941-625-4175, ext. 263.

E '.Evn'ThursdaV In I1

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-2-3 p.m. the third Wednesday of every month at Sarasota Memorial
Emergency Room and Health Care Center, 2345 Bobcat Village Center
Road, North Port (off Toledo Blade Boulevard). For information, contact
Marc at 941-240-8989 or
-2-3 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month at Charlotte Regional
Medical Plaza, fourth floor. The plaza is located next to Charlotte
Regional Medical Center, at 713 E. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda.
For more information, call 941-637-9575.

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o The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 15


Three ways to kick the tobacco habit


Tobacco Free Florida and Sarasota
County's Tobacco Prevention Program
are emphasizing the importance of
teamwork with health professionals to
help smokers quit for good. "Team Up
to Quit" is a statewide effort to raise
awareness of the resources available
to help people to quit tobacco.
Everyone who is a part of the health
care team including physicians,
dentists, nurses, pharmacists and
other health care professionals has
a role to play in helping Sarasota
County residents quit. In 2012, only
half of Florida's health care pro-
fessionals reported that they often
assessed tobacco users' readiness to
quit or assisted smokers with a quit
"The health care community plays
a critical role in helping patients
understand the impact of smoking on
their lives," said state surgeon gen-
eral and secretary of health Dr. John
Armstrong. "Patients who discuss
ways to quit with their health care
professionals are ultimately more
successful in their quit attempts."

The local Tobacco Prevention
Program, in conjunction with
Gulfcoast South Area Health
Education Center (AHEC), reminds
local providers that services and
resources are available to patients at
no-cost, through the "3 Ways to Quit."
Smokers have the option to call the
Florida Quitline, use a web-based pro-
gram, or attend in-person counseling
services, and they may receive free
FDA-approved nicotine replacement
therapy through Tobacco Free Florida,
and the "3 Ways to Quit" program.
For more information and resources,
Patients who work with their health
care professionals are ultimately more
successful in their quit attempts.
When tobacco users receive treat-
ment according to the U.S. Public
Health Service's clinical practice
guideline, they report higher satisfac-
tion with overall health care received
compared to untreated tobacco users.
Smokers who quit can add up to
10 years to their life expectancy by
Florida's leading preventable cause
of death and disease is tobacco use.

FILE PH,-.T-..

If current rates continue, 270,200
Florida children alive today who are
younger than 18 years of age will die
prematurely as a result of smoking.
In 2009, the annual direct costs
to Florida's economy attributable
to smoking were in excess of $19.6
billion, including direct medical costs
of $7.2 billion.
Physicians can contact the Florida
Department of Health in Sarasota

County's Tobacco PrenIeii in Pt '.iin
at 941-861-2805 for bricuies t,,-
provide to their patients abol t hie r
Ways to Quit."
Gulfcoast South AHEFC ,tie-, flee
continuing education c iedit( t,,I medi-
cal professionals interested in ,,bticcI,
cessation counseling.
Call 941-361-660201 \oivi \wwx\ gs-ai- The AHEC Toba.icc, ReMet iial
Line is 866-534-7909.


Lmw 2030 ^

Primary Care Physician Office
Seeking An Experienced Check-
Out Person Must Be Computer
Literate, Familiar With EMR &
Able To Multi-Task.
Please Email Resume:
CNA'S, HHA'S and
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advertising your services
in the Senior Directory
every Wednesday in
The Sun Newspapers.
This feature publishes in
Charlotte, Sarasota, and
Desoto Counties.
Market yourself reach
150,000 readers!

Charlotte DeSoto ,nglew.. d d \Norh Po, Vc-Le
Call 941-429-3110
for more information
Port Charlotte, RN/LPN, 3-11
FT/PT, Long Term Care Exp.

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trash into



your yard

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Facility. Young At Heart 941-



CARE needed for 60 bed
assisted living community.
Minimum requirement: FL
licensed LPN w/ long term
care exp. working in ALF or
SNF. Good management &
organizational abilities
essential, coupled w/clini-
cal skills. CORE training a
plus but not req'd. Must be
able to pass Level II back-
ground & drug screening.
Email resume to:
or fax to: 941-342-0844

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Learn more about the work we
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:Page 16

The Sun/Sunday May I. 2' 4

Riverside Behavioral Center offers mental health first aid classes

riverside Behavioral Center is
- offering the Mental Health First
. Aid program in Charlotte Coun-
ty on three upcoming dates. Riverside,
a unit of Bayfront Health Punta Go-
rda, will train mental health profes-
sionals and members of the public
to improve mental health literacy
- helping them identify, understand
and respond to signs of mental illness.
"We are thrilled to bring Mental
Health First Aid to our community,"
said Jesse Babcock III, a licensed clin-
ical social worker and administrator
of Riverside Behavioral Center. "This
important educational effort goes a
lot further than emergency interven-
tion; it really helps people understand
the shroud of fear and misjudgment
facing individuals and families who

Skin cancer screenings
Riverside Dermatology and
Costmetic Surgery will offer a
free skin cancer screening from
8:30 a.m.-noon on May 29 at 250
W Dearborn St., Englewood. The
screenings are available to new
patients who have an appointment.
For more information or to schedule
an appointment, call 800-591-3376.

Blood drive
OneBlood's Big Red Bus will be
at Charlotte State Bank and Trust's
Murdock office, 1100 Tamiami Trail,
Port Charlotte, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
on May 23.
All donors will receive two free
movie tickets and a wellness check-
up, including blood pressure, tem-
perature, iron count and cholesterol
screening. Donors should be at least
16 years old, weigh at least 110
pounds, and bring some form of
photo identification. Appointments
are not required, but for faster
service, appointments may be made
online at,
using the sponsor code #M3HW

Parkinson's support
The Neuro Challenge Foundation
for Parkinson's in North Port offers
free support for families dealing with
the challenges of Parkinson's disease.
Parkinson's Wellness Clubs take place
at 1:30 p.m. the second Wednesday
of the month. A Care Partner Support
Group with simultaneous Parkinson's

experience mental illnesses and
addiction. It will help rid this com-
munity of the associated stigma and
move more and more people toward
Mental Health First Aid is a 8-hour
training certification course which
teaches participants a five-step action
plan to assess a situation; select and
implement interventions; and secure
appropriate care for the individual.
The certification program introduces
participants to risk factors and warn-
ing signs of mental health problems;
builds understanding of their impact;
and overviews common treatments.
Thorough evaluations in randomized
controlled trials and a quantitative
study have proved the CPR-like pro-
gram effective in improving trainees'
knowledge of mental disorders,
reducing stigma and increasing the
amount of help provided to others.

Empowerment Hour takes place
every at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth
Wednesday of the month.
All meetings take place at Neuro
Challenge Foundation's office at 5600
Peace River Road, North Port.
For more information, call 941-
928-5886 or to make a care advising
appointment, or email at carisa@

New physician practice
Dr. Brian Mullaly has opened
a primary care/family medicine
practice at 2000 Rio De Janiero Ave.,
Punta Gorda. Mullaly graduated from
University of Michigan and Wayne
State University Medical School. He
has been practicing for more than
20 years. For more information, call

Patient safety award
Designed to rate how well hospi-
tals protect patients from accidents,
errors, injuries and infections, the
latest Hospital Safety Score honored
Fawcett Memorial Hospital with
an 'A" its top grade in patient
safety. The Hospital Safety Score is
compiled under the guidance of the
nation's leading experts on patient
safety and is administered by the
Leapfrog Group, an independent
industry watchdog.
Safety Score uses 28 measures of
publicly available hospital safety
data to produce a single 'A," "B,"
"C," "D," or "F" score, representing
a hospital's overall capacity to keep
patients safe from preventable
harm. More than 2,500 U.S. general
hospitals were assigned scores in
spring 2014, with about 32 percent
receiving an "A" grade. The Hospital
Safety Score is fully transparent, and
its website offers a full analysis of
the data and methodology used in
determining grades.
To see how Fawcett Memorial
Hospital's score compares locally
and nationally, and to access safety

The course will be presented by
Babcock and David Clapp, a licensed
mental health counselor and senior
program manager at Senior Program
Manager at Central Florida Behavioral
Health Network. Cost for the 8-hour
course is $25, and it will be offered
at the Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
Medical Office Plaza on May 31 (adult
Mental First Aid), June 14 (youth
Mental First Aid), and June 28 (adult
Mental First Aid). Class size is limited,
so reservations must be made by
calling 941-637-2497.
"We welcome Riverside's involve-
ment and enthusiasm in the Mental
Health First Aid community," said
Linda Rosenberg, president and CEO
of the National Council for Behavioral
Health, the organization that brought
Mental Health First Aid to the United
States in 2008. "We know they will
have a great impact on the mental

tips for patients and their loved
ones, visit the Hospital Safety Score
website at www.hospitalsafetyscore.
org. Consumers can also go to www. for a free
download of the Hospital Safety
Score app.

Tidewell Hospice volunteers
Tidewell Hospice serves patients
and families dealing with life-lim-
iting illness in our four-county
service area: Charlotte, DeSoto,
Manatee and Sarasota counties.
These patients are eligible for
several different services, including:
nurse, social worker, CNA, chap-
lain, bereavement counselor, and
The volunteers may provide
respite in a patient's home, visit
patients who live in nursing homes
or assisted living facilities, assist at
our local Hospice House, work in the
administration office, or even take
an approved pet to visit our patients.
Volunteers are needed every day of
the week, both daytime and evening.
Contact NancyVollmer (941-979-
4304),, or Kim
Hartshorne (941-979-4324), kharts- for more details.

Bayfront May events
The public is invited to attend
the following May events hosted by
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and
Punta Gorda:
May 20, 9-11 a.m.
Cardiac Diet Nutrition Class
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E. Olympia
Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with cardiac issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
May 20,11:30-1 p.m.
Lunch & Learn: Common Foot

health communities throughout
Southwest Florida, and will be key
players in improving mental health
literacy nationwide."
In its pilot year, the program was
introduced in nearly 20 states and
more than 40 communities nation-
wide. The National Council certified
Babcock to provide the Mental Health
First Aid program in July 2013 through
an instructor certification course in
Sarasota. Bayfront Health and all the
sites across the nation that replicate
this program maintain strict fidelity to
the original, proven program.
Mental Health First Aid originated
in 2001 in Australia under the di-
rection of founders Betty Kitchener
and Tony Jorm. To date, it has been
replicated in 20 other countries
worldwide, including Hong Kong,
Scotland, England, Canada, Finland,
and Singapore.

Problems & Available Treatment
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Speaker: Christopher Constance,
MD, Plastic Surgery
In honor of Skin Cancer Prevention
Month, learn to recognize different
types of skin cancer and hear invalu-
able prevention tips. Also, learn how
to prevent wrinkles! Call 941-637-
2497 to register.
May 22,5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Physician Lecture: Hip & Knee Pain
and Treatment Options
Family Service Center, 310 West
Whidden St., Arcadia
Speaker: Mark Davis, MD,
Orthopedic Surgery
Learn to identify the various
causes and symptoms of hip and
knee pain and understand the
different treatment options-both
non-surgical and surgical. Free. Call
941-637-2497 to register.
May 29,11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Physician Lecture: Stroke
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Speaker: Amy Mellor, MD,
In honor of Stroke Prevention
Month, learn about the signs and
symptoms of stroke along with
valuable prevention tips.
Information on stroke rehabilita-
tion and post-stroke quality of life
will also be available. Get your blood
pressure, BMI, and pulse oximetry
checked and complete a stroke
checklist with a stroke educator.
Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.

FGCU Renaissance Academy
The Renaissance Academy at
Florida Gulf Coast University
(FGCU) seeks new lecture topics and
instructors for its lifelong learning
program for summer/fall 2014 and
winter/spring 2015 sessions at any
of the University's nine Renaissance
Academy locations in Collier,
Lee and Charlotte counties. The
Academy is also seeking volunteers
to assist with future program plan-
ning and growth.
The Renaissance Academy is
FGCU's lifelong learning program
for adults, seniors and retirees. It is
based on the premise that learning
should never cease, that keeping
NEWS 118

Team Eye Consultant

Tampa Bay Rays
Charlotte Stone Crabs

/ ^

S 624-4500


General & Implant Dentistryvr
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry -a i^ ,
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273
50469284 www.drmark g

o The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 17

wwwEunnwsppesn& fNOTfi~omTESSn/uclyMy IS 0



the mind intellectually cieartmel\
and culhuiall\ active fundaiuentellal
eiii clies aind in\iggiartes lives
Single lectumies,. sliit coumises,. da\
trips, c,_,ipuitel classes. film l ei es.
life eli hhienet aind tia el abioad ;aie
some of thlie pio'gia ls ffeied at thlie
Renia.issance Acaden\ Thliei ae iino
exa-iin ,- 1 giatdes. tjust lea ni tig f irlie
jo\ o'f leaiminig Iwnrli fiiends., neigh-
bo-S ;aind peels
Lectuiei mna\ 'offei single lectuies
ando.'i sli- t cou e-, ine ;ii t. businesses.
ccOlinputel i riStlucrtli,-n. eclog,, en\i-
rol lm ent. goeinii ent. l t-,to v. la\v.
life emiiclihent. liteiatuie, music.
p]il,:s,,plh ps\ch,,lolog., leligio'n.
science. socIologi. Imedhicine ;aInd
U S ;aInd oild ;Iaffa;u-s Tlheiei :e n,
adalinced degiee ieqtlleunaemnts foi
lectuieis Pi l01 lectuie expen eice
is piefe ied Thlie \caden\ pa\s an
hoiiaiuium ol f $75-!- pei lectuie
Lectuies aie ,offeied i\eekda\s.
evelinigs and \\eekends Eaclhi lectuie
is usually\ i-30-'i0 minutes I, long. nlith
addiltr t';'il rlile allo,'tted foti tluestrm i
aid ;an-inel sessions
Tlihose inteiested in l ectui mung foi
the \catdeln\ i;i\ idowniloaid ;ai couise
pilp ,' l ,af1i in fi- in ou-ti ebhsite ;at
w\u\ f.gcu edut-i;c;ideIV F,,i inmoie
infoi maIition cont-iict I-lin G(jueiia.
dunectri of Continuing Eductartion
and The Ren;issa-ince Aca;ide\ ;ait
23'--43;4-4x;;x :' 'i jguieiia'_',fgcu edu

Alzheimer's disease support
The Alzlieunei .s Association
F]lo idta Gulf Co,-ast Cliaptei--affiliated
supp-it ,gioups aie foi tainll\
rmenmbeis, caiegiveis. ;aind othlieis
inteieted in le;imnimmg min'e ab'outi
A]zlieneil's dl'e-isae NIeerinig's aie
ope n to evei,\'one alnd fiee of cliaige
Foi pio'giain iIIf I-i rmiation aind o
ve i i meeting dates. times,. ;aind
loc ati,_-s, ple a se caIll 800--'7-'- 34'00
o01 '141 --'25- 7470 Lo:cal ineetings aie
held ;ai thlie following loc IatIn-,S
*Ro \al Pailm Retieunemi Cenitei.
2500 Aion St Por t C ihail otte. meets
at 100 a in on thlie fOUilih Tuesda\ tof
the inoitli
*S _utli Poit S I qiuaie i Hlb-oi
Tel iacei. '-' ;0:;I3; \\e-stchiestei Blkd .
Poit C(lihailo tte, meets ;it 30 p in o-,n
the tliid Tuesda\ of thlie imonthli
*-Samint MIaximililan K'olbe Cathli:hc
Cliuiclih. 1441 Speai St Poit
Cliilo'rtte. meets ;it -' :I0i p in ,i thlie
foui tli Thliuisda\ of thlie inonthli
*Poit Clinhailotte United MIetlhodist

C lunch. 210t-5 Qiiesada \ Ae Poit
Chailo tte. mineets at 30: p in i tie
thluid Tlhuisda\ thie minonth
*Ch(l Iotte Hai bloi Heailhcaie. 4000
Kiings Higlh\i\. Poit Clhailotte. mineets
;ait 100 a in on tle second FiHida v of
tle inon'li
*Life (Caie (entei. 4!-50) Sluee St ,
Puta(ii Goida.i meets ;ait :;0 p in tiie
huid ondI'ida ofi tle inontilh
*PuIntaI Goida Isles Civic
AS.OI,-,UIC"Lt2, -'001 Shlieve St PNint;
Goida. mineet ;it ar: p in :, tiie
seco'nld Tuesdav\ of the inionith
*E)esoto Couint\ Public Libia .. 1-5
N Hillsb'oil'ghlih Ae \icadia.n meet
;ait 110 ai in on taie fitr \\ednesida\ of
the inonili
*\ illage Place Assisted Liv ing,.
18400t Co'clhiaii Blid Poit Chailo'tte.
mineets ;ait 100 ;i i o tre tluiil
TluisdaI\ of tie Inionth
*FIst Alliance Clhuinch, -'0444
Nidi\\av Blvd ,Poit Chailotte. mineets
at :0i p in :in tie ,fouith Tlhiisda\ 4of
the inith The ineeting ;it the FiSt
Alliance Clhuich is a' 'oungei Onset
dialgnosi' support rgio'up
Tius 1u-, lp i fti-, iidi\ihdulals ith ;ia
diaIgnoi-1si before thlie age 'of 65 -- the
peis,-n i" li a diagiui-sIs ;Id nds cae-
gi\ei aie rboth i\elco'me The peison
li:, l-has been dialgno-sed i needs to
be \,'uingei rlin R5- and needs. to be
able to engage in ;i con-eisation niti
oteis Conritict Linda Hoaidl withli
;an\ qliiestionl conceiining this lg-, p.
'141 -:;-'7,'470
Foli ifoi, imation con ''ceii1i:g,
suppOirt gioupsi. ''i fo''i inoie Iiifo-i-
mition n -,seiVices piloVided trlit'h
tlie Alzlie nei's A.s-'ciatio' ii,. call
800-272-M;'390 01 ''14 -23;5-740

Tobacco cessation program
Do- uo- \ Io-t aIIt t,, qiIIt trr -bacc'- butl
\,,ii'ie con''ceined ab'ot i eliit eg;-iiig '
Thle Floil a Depai tinent ,of Healthl's
TobaIcco Fiee Floi,], piogI. in'si nev
e\panlded ile,,mices ca;in help
Pa;i ticipaint ltv o eniioll I tlie
Floi ida Quiline plione couiinselinig
ina\ access tlie \\eigli:t Nl;ia;geinelit
Ploglaina ;i pilot piog,,lin dles ignedl
to help tobacco', ilsel quirit liile
liinirig pos.sible seiglit gain asso-
ciated iili cquittinig Tlihose enioilled
will ieceile ip to trliee tobacco'
'cess-iition calls In ;-idditii nr_ tip t
thlee weight iniliageelnlt ,coxhliiig
Pai ticipaint withli T\pe 2 diiabetes
will iecei\e tip t trliee -calls ritli
iegisteied dietitiais taiiied in tlie
\eiglirt losn iieeds, of people within
T\ pe -' diabetes
Thle \\eigliNh Iailigeinent Pio'giain
is available to Flo i; da Quiltiie

p;aiticipa;ints. age l8aI ;nd oldei. hli:
speak Englihsh. cuii entil use t:ba.ccO,.
a;nd Ihaie a; bod\ inas index iBNIlIi
of 23 -:,1 Ihghiei Paltlcipants c;1nn,:t
be piegn;iant, diigniosed withli tpe
1 diabetes. 01 li hae had eiglight lo,,
S.geiv\ in tlie past 12' imonthi s
To,,acco' Fiee Flod:i ita has also
expanded itns fee Inico-ne ieplace-
inei thlieiap\ i NRTi :offei IIIg
Am\ pat.icipa;It hli: -sin-kes i-, molie
tlhan litle cigi-ielees pel dav\ 01
clie In molie thliai tr,: ticrsi pel t\eek
is eligible fti clombnila[iirl NRT.
iIIcliidillgL ;a sippl\ o f bolh IIicorine
patclies ;aind gu1. fiee of clihige
Flo'inda les.Idemitr. ohli Am;irt to qint
tob cco, ;Ind q lalilfV f,:I the \\eiglhit
N;ll;1gemelt Plogiam1l alndoi
coinbimiartm-ii NRT cain take ;ad\;ai-
tage b\ caIllnIg I 7 7-U-C_-.\N-N(O\\

Senior services offered
Semiloi Fi iendshlp Centei' dining
piogiamls '. ffei local residents. ;aige
i0 ;Iand oldei. he iitiitiin -I Itlnclies.
liealthli\ ;Iag1i1g ;ct\ iVtI e. ed itic'at ional
s.peakei, n ;id ;a clihice to meet inev
people Thle cemlies ale 'open fi'n,
10i a in -1 p in N I'mnda\-Fiida\ A
do',nattion of $2- tr $4 iS appreciated t,:,
help co,\ei tlie ct o 4 inmeals-
DEnlniig stes in (ChalIilotte COMMunt
include Ne\ ()peiarition Co-opei
Snleet. i50 M;aiI\ St Puiia Goidia.
'41-3 -:!:;- !1-'8P. Rebecca Nea1l (O)1ens
Ceitei. -' 74t-'0 \2a0geiii Ei I\e.
Hat hboi Heighits., ':41 -)5 -7:; 0
Ha~~~ ~~ oIH l:lts )4 -''-!_-- 0 -.23. 10(0(
Rotond;ia Lakes C(mcle. Rotonda;i
\\est., '41 -3-.3"-50801. Cli t iu -iii C ItV
o, FIoitIda. 1343;3 i; (asp;i- ill Pinel s
Blvd Glove C(iv. ''41 -:C;7::;-5t0i0.
;Ainid -'-"5 A;iion St Po Cl (hail otte.
''4 1-3.;70;-0.27
Foi mieliil 0i mole Iiifoilmiartion.
Sisit \-xx\ l fiiendshipcentel _-, i:g
Hoi-,me-dellveied mieals ;-ie also a\ail-
able b\ callimig tlie Eldei Helpline ;ait
866- 413-53:;:7

HIV support group
An HI-wuppoit gi'oup i The
E\clianigei meets ;It p in tlie
second Tuesd;ai of t lie inmontli at
Coinpieliebsi\e Caie Centei. 14-'43
T;iini;iinI Ti;al. Noithli Poit
Thle gi'oup I i open I l: tholise xlio aie
HI\ -positi\e. aid thlieii caiegmi\eis
Foi moile ifoimationl. cill '41-.xx-
-2144 '0i emaill caimmimneien'c,-ncasIt

Red Cross fundrasier
C liha Iotte State Bank &, Ti List is
paltricp;itaing in tlie Amnei icain Red
Closes PiepaIle Fllotida" ;-iI p;II ,1.

;a .;-\e;a. strateWide effoit to n t t iif n
a;nd elipo'iei million, 'Of people
aboutt hio to t, ake niecess;aiV ;Iaction
t[ piepaie themnselves, thlien famnilies
;-Ild then Ieiolhbolos before a disastei
lihappeins. ais ell a-i lirht tor expect
a;nd liecessai\ acction- to take dini mg
a;nlld aftei a dis-.astei
Ilnfoii ation :,_ i diiastei piepaiiia-
tion will be available at all fite bank
wfflces tiuough i\ NW30
Cuitoml neiS ;aind V\ lilr-l alie betig:
asked to mI;Ike ;a Iminimun $1
donation to tai lie Red CiloSS- aid Siin
a; caid Stlrarig,. 1 -ill be iead\ hlien
dis-.asei siti ikes- Thlie sined ca-ids
ill be dIsplaved in thlie lobbies ;it ;ill
fl\e o'ffhceS
*Nlumdock 'office. 11 00 Tanualuil
Tiall. Po[ it C lia IIotte
*[Puntair Goida offce. f -':c;:;1 Talmimaiml
Tilil. Puntla Go-ida
Pal k-.h e otfhie. :!;001)-' T;-Illl;-Ill
Tiall. Poit C lia IIotte
*Peacliland office. -'4163 Peaclilaind
Blvd Poirt Chailortte
*Cliailo tte Haiboi office, -'311 2-'
H[aiboi,_-ie Road. ChaiIlontte Hat bI)-:i
B;ink ,lobbies aie ,_,open fia -1i a in
1 4 p in NIoida\ triuuglh Tlhuisda\,
' ;i I 1 : i3 p in Filda\, ;iand I n-i I t:
noon ii ;ituid1a\
Fa i mol-ie iifoiminartionI aibouti
Piepaie Floi:,. hh" Vilt \\"mm
iledcio,: ,oI_ piepailefloi idha

Vision & hearing assistance
The Puntmia C'oida Lion's Founidartion
offeis e\egl:iasses ;aind i u liei les tro
help pie\ent bllindness In in individuals
witrli viiOl ilmupaiumemit The foun-
dtiam'ii ;also 'Ow'ffeil lieai Iiig ;d-ant ;id
e\x;amin;ition-is foirl those vlio, aie haid
,, lieainig Tliesee -ei\ices- aiie o'ffeied
toi those vhli: othiei i-se ivouldI nIot be
able to get help
In Puntia GCoid;ai. 'ontiact Bill
R igelsteinm ;iat '141 -i-:;7-'' 7'i In Po t
Cliailortte. c',niactr Teii P ,ais-on ;at
'1941 -i-24-5.705 Il No itili Po it., c1':irtac
Penn\ Gigcli at '41-740-ti-x30 In
Englexoo,:d.l c',llract lei i Zones. at
',-4 1 4130 -'-'-'-i

Parkinson's disease
The Neuio Chliallenge Foundaitdl:n
has released its schedule of, acti ities
;aIt Its s uitlh S-Ia;I a-,t;I Cou Nt\r icffice.
lo:,cated at 1-3t0 Peace Rivei Ro,-ad.
No il thl Pa t
N;i\ '-' 12-1 `-30 p in Table Topilcs
\ho's- \\hI o in YI Pli\ vsicalfsi
Office. aind H-:,\\Talk to YomI Heahrli
Caie Pio-\idei' Luncli il be
piov ided Faoi line iifoii ma;tion,.
cont-iact thle FoundarIto-'i N'ithli Pa't
:fflce ;ai ''41 --'i5x-xx

kii ke AcwqP d~e pa~4dwikM.azrbne
Ut AJnn

You nMd Southwesi Horida's ONLY
weekml guide to oud or rMcretonm

Every Thursdav in ie

liSUNd(iim iI-
I n. is jd ai tm cm i iS 31

The Anterior

Hip Approach

Minimize Pain, Speed Recovery

Find out if you are a

candidate for this treatment!

941-629-6262 or 941-639-6699
\i \i \i..\Ix ;aince(IOrtl Io|)elicC'eL ter.conli

Center For Joints

Jaion E. Rci,,'. D.O.
0 ii. i.l I i i. I ..I
i .1 '!!,, i l 'I, II. i I',. I 'I

9 Unsteadiness/Muscle Weakness Stroke/Slured Speech/Head Injuly
Seizures or Blackouts Tremois/Twitches/Myasthenia Giavis
Most Insurances Accepted
Harbor Professional Centre
NASN KHALDI M.D941-629-2111
NASIRK kH'ALWIDI.PM.D. Ph'i, rii 1 it ,,',ii':Iklti/itlid./i


The Sun/Sunclay May I., 20 'i

'Compassionate allowances' fast-track applications for disability benefits


^i N

SAs of May 30, 2014

Dr. Mullally will be accept
H New Patients at his office

An experienced health care provider, Dr. Mullally will offer a n
of Family Practice Services to patients of all ages including:
" Primary Care Depression/Anxiety Diabetes Sigmoidoscopy
" Well Child Exams/Child & Adolescent Care Management
" In Office Diagnostics Uncomplicated Fractures Cardiac Stress Test
" Annual Physicals/Preventive Health Care Nasopharyngoscopy
" School, Sports & Camp Physicals/Work Physicals/DOT Hospital Care
" Sports Medicine Ultrasound Botox/Juvederm & Dermal Fillers
" Dennrmatalogy/Chryotherapy/Skin Cancer
" Allergy Testing and Immunology Therapy
SYou See your family doctor every visit

Brian Mullally, M.D.
Board Certified in Family Medicine
Handles all Conditions
2000 Rio De Janeiro Ave, Suite 5
Deep Creek Port Charlotte, FL
For More Information Or To Make An Appointr
Please Call 352.586.3787


St used to be that some people with
serious disabilities would die before
the Social Security Administration
finally got around to reviewing their
applications for disability benefits. To-
day, applicants with one of 225 of the
most severe medical conditions can
win approval within 15 days.
The government's "compassionate
allowances" program provides fast-
track review of applicants who can
prove they have one of the medical
conditions on the list, which includes
various cancers, heart disease, and
immune system and neurological
disorders. For the list, go to www.ssa.
Nearly 95 percent of compassionate
allowances applications are approved.
The other 5 percent are placed on
an expedited appeals process. The
average monthly benefit was $1,146
in December 2013. As with all appli-
cations for Social Security disability
benefits, compassionate allowances
applicants must be unable to work.
The program was a godsend for
Robert C., 55, a Milwaukee, Wis.,
businessman who was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer in January 2013.
Robert, who did not want his last
name used, applied in March 2013 and
started receiving $2,400 a month in
April the full retirement benefit he
would have received at age 66.
"It's helped us retain our home and
FILE PHOTO helped us get back on our feet," he
SThe program began in 2008 to
help the most severely ill cut through
the huge backlog of applications for
disability benefits. Before then, Social
Security employees had no way to
H distinguish between the most urgent
applications from tens of thousands
of other disability claims received
each year. With a lengthy backlog and
a time-consuming appeals process,
many qualified applicants died before
getting payments.
Diseases and conditions are added
Sto the list each year. There is no
backlog for compassionate allowances
rY applications, even though the appli-
cation rolls grow as new diseases are
approved. About 200,000 people have
received benefits through the program




SOffice Hours Monday Thursday 9:00AM 5:00PM Friday 7:00AM 1:00PM

We listen so you can hear.
If your hearing doesn't seem as good
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some real facts. Let's talk.

We offer a complete range of
audiology services for our clients
including the following:
V Diagnostic Hearing Testing
V Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment
V Hearing Aid Dispensing & Repair
V TV. Ears
V Batteries & Supplies
The Best of Charlotte
for the Past 10 Years!


F*E 941.505.0400 "
100 Madrid Blvd Suite #315 Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Ricardo Gauthier, Au.D
Doctor ofAudiology

since it started.
The program is one of Social
Security's "best kept secrets," said
Cheryl Bates-Harris, senior disability
advocate for the National Disability
Rights Organization.
"In the past, disability decisions
were made by Social Security person-
nel who weren't medical professionals,
and they were unaware of unusual
diseases and their outcomes. The com-
passionate allowances program makes
it easier for people to get benefits
without having to wait two, three or
five years," she said.
Here's how it works: Once an individ-
ual claims a compassionate allowances
condition during the initial applica-
tion, special software alerts the Social
Security Administration that the case
needs to be fast-tracked. Applicants
must provide medical evidence,
including medical records and recent
test results.
After an applicant provides autho-
rization, Social Security adjudicators
will ask the applicant's doctors for
information if all medical records
aren't supplied. When the condition is
confirmed, disability payments start
flowing. You don't need a lawyer or
advocate to help as long as you have a
diagnosis that falls within the category.
"There are diagnoses, like pancreatic
cancer, where the outcome is dire. If
you can prove you have the disease
from your medical record, we will
fast-forward your application," said Art
Spencer, who recently retired as Social
Security's associate commissioner for
the office of disability programs.
For the quickest results, Bates-Harris
suggests applying immediately after a
diagnosis. Also, make sure every one
of your doctors sends medical records
If your disability is not on the list,
expect a lengthy wait. The average
processing time for an initial disability
claim under the normal procedures is
86 days, plus more than 450 additional
days for a rejected applicant to com-
plete the appeals process.
You can apply at
dibplan/dapply.htm, by phone at
800-772-1213 or at your local Social
Security office. You'll need information
about your health care providers and
medications, laboratory results, and
any medical records you have.


The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 Page 19


:Page 20 The Sun /5LIrICI~1y f\'1~~y S -1







that can

cha/ q- pour ize..

"Severe venous disease results in
skin discoloration, thickening and
ulceration. These symptoms can be
effectively treated by laser ablation."
-Dr. Joyce

"I am pleased to say that I was very
impressed with the wonderful staff
and service that you have provided
me with. I want to thank each and
every one of you for the services &
procedure that was performed on
me today. Thanks! ..again and God
Bless each of you." -LO

Relief begins with accurate
diagnosis and treatments
tailored to your unique needs.
Since 1998 JVAI has developed,
refined and successfully used
laser ablation techniques for the
treatment of incompetent veins.
Our success rate for venous leg
ulcers, varicose veins and
chronic venous insufficiency is
over 97% with virtually no
complications. These
procedures are well tolerated in
the office setting with the patient
awake and comfortable.
State-of-the-art venous treatment
by internationally recognized Vein Specialist
Douglas H. Joyce, DO, FACOS
Triple Board Certified in Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery,
General Surgery and Phlebology (Venous Disease)

YourGutOff. 4
to learn more!

25092 Olympia Avenue '-"\
Punta Gorda 941-575-0123
Visit us at

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The Sun/Sunclay May 20 2 '4






Tips to keep kids learning over summer

Long breaks from reading, writing and
critical thinking can be detrimental for
students. That's why savvy parents ensure
that kids keep learning over summer.
With the implementation of the Common
Core and ScienceTechnology Engineering
Math (STEM) Standards, bridging the gap
between school years is more important
than ever.
But you don't need to replicate a
classroom to reap the benefits of summer
studies. After all, it's called "vacation"for a

reason. Here are few fun ways to keep kids'
brains on high alert all season:
The more interactive and hands-on you
can make math, the more engaged kids
will be. So avoid drilling them with stale
Play a board game like"Monopoly,"and
bestow the role of"banker"on your child. Or,
let them handle the real thing on outings
by letting them pay the ice cream vendor
GAP 16

Patch pride



not real?




Gadgets make healthy
meal prep faster, easier



How to dress pretty in pink at any age

I do! Tips on including your dog


It may be a bit simplistic and
even something of a cliche to say
the Inuit language holds more than 50
words for snow. The word "snow," after
all, is a bit ambiguous.
As is the word "pink." Say it, and
many people cringe, especially if it's
prefaced with words like "bubble
gum." But toss out "magenta,""raspber-
ry"or"fuchsia"and the response may
be more positive.
Add a bit of blue to that white-red
mixture and you have shades that
hold mass appeal: Look no further
than Radiant Orchid, Pantone's Color
of the Year.
Fashion consultant Karri Grant

would advise anyone out of her 20s
to think carefully before diving into
Pepto-Bismol pink outfits.
"If you're in your teens or 20s, you
look fresh in them," says Grant, who
offers services in personal shopping,
corporate services and wardrobe anal-
ysis ( "But a mature
woman wants to be careful'."
That might mean avoiding frilly
pink tops, she says. And women who
looked pretty in pink when they were
teens risk looking like they're reaching
for youth once they hit their 40s and
50s, she says. -
But that's pure pink. If you're a MCT PHOTO
ravishing brunette, check out the
color of the year, with blue tones that ELLE Pintuck Fit &
Flare Ponte Dress ($60,

in your wedding
(MCT) American Kennel
Club Wedding season is in
full swing, and many people
choose to include their
four-legged friend in their big
day. Some extra planning and
consideration will ensure that
your dog's participation in
the wedding will be smooth
and safe. The American
Kennel Club (AKC) offers the
following tips for including
your dog in your wedding.
Consider your dog's tem-
perament before making the
final decision to include him.
If changes in environment,

crowds, or increased atten-
tion stress your dog, then a
wedding might not be the
DOG 13


~ F



Ip pr Dermatology without the wait... So you have more time for things y'oii /v L_

Now in North Port
14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287

A weekly section of the Sun 4,' Vol. 4 No. 20 May 18,2014



~Page 2 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


No. 0511


1 Diamond cover
5 Some Arizonans
9 Sultan's charge
14 Mother ___
19 Calypso staple
21 Pull together
22 Quarter-rounded
23 Agents in blood
24 I.Q. test developer
25 Minute
26 Part of A.P.R.:
27 Archaeologist's
29 New Orleans Saint
who was the Super
Bowl XLIV M.V.P.
33 ___ Disraeli,
author of
"Curiosities of
35 Like seven Nolan
Ryan games
36 "No kidding!"
38 Element #2's
39 Rodent that
burrows near
41 Prince Harry, for
45 Some West Coast
47 Resented
49 Mother ___
50 Joel and Jennifer
51 Opposite of neathh
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Today's puzzle and more
than 4,000 past puzzles,
($39.95 a year).

52 Start the growing
54 With 58-Down, four-
time destination
for 56-Down
55 Simple storage unit
on a farm
57 Abbreviation
between two
60 Bert's mystery-
solving twin
62 Eye cover for the
63 The original "It"
64 What's good in
65 Lock
67 ID digits
68 Mother ___
69 Michael Collins's
70 Mother ___
71 Circular parts?
74 Bank of Israel
75 Vintner's prefix
76 800, say
78 Cuba libre
81 End of a pickoff
82 D.C. player
83 "Survivor" tactic
84 Really went for
86 Sharks' and Jets'
88 Needle-nosed fish
90 Montemezzi opera
"L'Amore dei
91 Mother ___
93 Pot pusher's
98 Literally, "lion dog"
100 Second of six?

101 Dorothy's aunt 12 Forever, in verse
103 2001 Spielberg sci- 13 Astronomical
fi film sighting
104 Greases 14 Politician who
106 "The Age of appeared as
Anxiety" poet himself on NBC's
107 Not accidental "Parks and
-.,, ,,Recreation"
109 Pointed fenceRecreation"
stakes 15 Topples
113 Wager of war 16 Abstainer's choice
against Parthia 17 Ultimate word of an
114 Trident alternative ultimatum
115 Tea of "The 18 Kikkoman sauces
Family Man" 20 Umpire's cry
116 What unicorns 28 Coming of age
don't do 30 Hone
118 Not said expressly 31 Khan's clan
121 Prodded 32 Goof around
122 Stick in a school 34 Coffin nail
desk 37 Former chief
123 Smithsonian justice Stone
artifacts 38 Bucolic bundle
124 Mother__ 40 1950s political
125 Spread out monogram
126 Cataract location 42 Architect
127 Paris suburb on Saarinen
the Seine 43Regarding
44 Wonka inventor
DOWN 46 Kind of review
1 Recipe amt. 48 Words to one who's
2 Braves, on a sports about to go off
ticker 53 Subject of a
3 End the growing Pittsburgh art
season museum
4 Purina purveyor 55 Windows boxes?
5 "Good" cholesterol, 56 Seven-time N.B.A.
for short rebounding champ,
6 Some freighter 1992-98
cargo 58 See 54-Across
7 Backsliding, to a 59 Pushing the
dieter envelope, say
8 "Yeah, right!" 61 Actor Sam of
9 Mother ___ "The Horse
10 Singer DiFranco Whisperer"
11 Zest 66 Bowler's bane

71 Education
secretary Duncan
72 Last month:
73 "What'd I tell you?"
74 Most people don't
think they're
77 Game for which
Wyatt Earp and
Doc Holliday were
once dealers

78 Jazz musicians
79 Then again, in text
80 Filmmaker
85 Table
87 Former defense
secretary Aspin
89 Through road
92 Pound of poetry
94 "Now I remember!"

95 Mother ___
96 Some kiss-and-tell
97 They don't have
99 Milk dispensers
102 "Much obliged," in
103 Baker and
105 Make more

108 Simple counters
109 Advertise
110 Sleek, informally
111 Target's target,
112 Flowerpot spot
117 Body on a map
119 Cozy room
120 "Happy Mother's


Resell jeans? Resale value goes beyond used cars

Broems shops for clothes the
same way she hunts for a
new car: She considers resale
Broems, who lives in
Stamford, Connecticut
only buys brands like
Abercrombie & Fitch and 7
For All Mankind because she
believes they will fetch the
highest prices when she's
ready to move on.
"I'm now walking in like
'What's the return of this?
Am I going to be able to
resell?'said Broehms, 38,
a teacher who has gotten
$2,500 from stuff she's resold
on ThredUP, an online resale
site for used clothes.
Americans increasingly
are considering the resale
value when they shop for
everything from jeans to
handbags.The habit is in
part due to a growing num-
ber of web sites that make it
easy for shoppers to buy and
resell pre-owned goods.
It's the latest reflection of
the tough economy. Buying
used goods at consignment
shops became popular
during the recession when
Americans were hurting for
extra cash.
The habit has stuck during
the economic recovery as
people have gotten used to
being able to wear the latest
fashions without paying top
dollar: Just as people lease

a new car every couple of
years so they're always riding
in style, reselling clothes
is a way for Americans to
trade up or splurge without
spending a lot of additional
The trend also is a con-
sequence of the escalating
cost of luxury. Rising prices
of designer merchandise
in recent years have tested
the willingness of even
affluent shoppers to pay
full price.The price tag of a
classic Chanel handbag, for
example, is now $4,900 this
year, up from $2,250 in 2007.
The size of the resale
market is tiny: about
10 percent of overall luxury
goods including cloth-
ing, handbags, accessories
and home furnishings, are
sold in the aftermarket -
with about one percent
of pre-worn goods sold
online, estimates Forrester
Research's Sucharita
But data suggests it's
a fast growing area of
retail: Shoppers seem
to have resale value in
mind. According to a
survey conducted last year
by market research firm
The Intelligence Group's
Cassandra Report
44 percent of 900 shoppers
between the ages of 14
and 34 think of resale value
when they purchase things

In this photo taken April 9, workers locate and pull items for
shipping from racks of designer clothing at the headquarters of
The RealReal in San Francisco.

like electronics, furniture and
Shannon Dolan, who lives
in San Francisco, said she'll
buy a Louis Vuitton handbag
over a Gucci one based on
how much she believes it
will command if she resells it.
"It absolutely changed the
way I shop,"said Dolan, who
has made $ 10,000 on online
luxury resale marketplace
TheRealReal by selling
clothes."l'm really thinking
of the value and investment
of some of the things I'm
Resale sites have taken
note. The sites marry the
discounts found on resale
online king eBay with tighter
controls. Luxury sites like
Portero and TheRealReal, the
largest seller of authenticat-
ed luxury resale goods with

business expected to reach
$100 million this year, have
staff to make sure designer
goods are authentic.
The sites also offer a faster
way to sell than consign-
ment stores, where shoppers
can wait for months to have
items sold and reap no more
than 50 percent of the resale
price. With the sites, items
often sell within days and
shoppers get as much as
80 percent of the resale
Many of the sites also
have their own resale guides.
ThredUP is loosely calling
it their own version of the
Official Kelley Blue Book,
referring to the online manu-
al that offers resale values
for cars. TheRealReal, which
is coming out this summer
with a mobile app that's a

resale guide for consumers,
said its resale calculations
are based on prices of the
450,000 items it has sold
since its founding in 2011.
"This is a broad narrative
on how people are buying
things and using things,"'said
James Reinhart co-founder
and CEO of ThredUP, which
launched as an online
children's swapping business
in 2009 and morphed into a
resale site two years ago.
Julie Wainwright CEO of
TheRealReal, which focuses
on the top tier designer
labels in fashion, accessories
and jewelry, said her office
fields five or six calls a day
from customers wanting
to know about the resale
value of a brand."People
will call us before they shop,
or while they're shopping,"
Wainwright said.
And the sites have
all kinds of tricks of the
reselling trade. For instance,
TheRealReal said it doesn't
carry even some higher end
brands including Escada, St.
John and Max Mara because
they've been inconsistent
or have lost buzz, and thus,
don't command high resale
Conversely, the ones with
the most value in pre-worn
clothing and handbags
are: Chanel, Hermes and
Louis Vuitton. In shoes,
it's Christian Louboutin,

Wainwright said.
Some analysts say the
new focus on resale value
could hurt sales at traditional
retailers particularly at
luxury stores."l think luxury
retailers are going to run a
little scared;'"said Marshal
Cohen, a market research
But resale sites say they
can help retailers because
shoppers are more willing to
spend if they know they can
easily resale items later. Some
even are creating partner-
ships with traditional stores.
TheRealReal, for example,
teamed up with Neiman
Marcus, allowing first- time
consignors to get a $50 gift
card to the store. The resale
site is funding the cost.
Neiman Marcus declined to
And some shoppers say
the sites make them more
comfortable about spending
money in traditional stores.
Amy Fine Collins, a special
correspondent for Vanity
Fair magazine, sold a Chanel
handbag on Therealreal.
com for about $1,000, a
few hundred dollars more
than she originally paid for
it at the store. She had the
handbag for about a year.
"I don't have to get a nose
bleed at the prices the way
I used to. I know there's a
strong secondary market"
she said.

What's better for your computer, shut down or sleep?

I had an email exchange about the benefits
of putting your computer to sleep instead of
turning it off each night.
I've seen this subject argued from both
sides, but I'm pretty secure in my choice of
"just let it sleep."
Everyone should set their computer to go
to sleep after a period of inactivity -
I recommend 15 minutes.There's also a
setting for putting the monitor to sleep. I use
the same time interval. This is good for during
the day, but what about when you're finished
for the night?
In doing some research about what exactly
happens (or doesn't happen) when you
put your computer to sleep, I found this on

Apple's website, but Windows does pretty
much the same thing:
During sleep, for all Macs:
The microprocessor goes into a low-
power mode.
Video output is turned off, and a
connected display may turn off or enter its
own idle state.
Apple-supplied hard disks spin down;
third-party hard disks may spin down.
On portable Macs:
*The Ethernet port turns off, if applicable.
Expansion card slots turn off.
*The built-in modem, if present turns off.
An AirPort card, if present turns off.
*The USB ports only respond to the power
key on an external keyboard.
The optical media drive, if present,

spins down.
Audio input and output turns off.
Keyboard illumination, if your portable
computer has it turns off.
The contents of the computer's RAM
(random access memory) are retained during
sleep, so power to the RAM chips is active
during sleep. Computers with more RAM will
use slightly more power.
The argument to sleep instead of
power down is that you won't have to
wait through a slow boot process each
morning. Modern operating systems can
actually do system maintenance tasks
The"turn it off"arguments include elec-
tricity cost savings and hardware longevity.
You'll certainly save money on electricity

if you turn off your computer when it's
not in use. To save the maximum, unplug
it as well. A power strip that turns off the
computer, monitor and printer will make
it easy.
As for longevity, computers are designed
to be power-cycled tens of thousands of
times during their lifespans.
You will never harm the computer or its
parts by rebooting it once per day or even
10 times per day.
You will waste a bit of your limited time on
Earth waiting for it to start up, however.
But in the days of solid state drives, my
Macbook Pro boots in less than 20 seconds,
so waiting for it wouldn't be too bad.
Bottom line: Let it sleep for time savings.
Turn it off for money savings. It's up to you.

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FLAIR The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

TheSun SnaMay18214FLI wwEunespprsneTag

Gadgets make
tocking your kitchen with fresh,
healthy ingredients is import-
ant, but it's not the first step to
eating better, notes ShopSmart, the
shopping magazine from the pub-
lisher of Consumer Reports. You need
to start with the right cooking tools.
Having the correct gadgets on
hand can speed prep times and make
the most of the nutrients in the foods
you cook. To find out which tools are
a nutrition must, ShopSmart polled
health-conscious cooking pros, plus
its own experts. Turns out, the same
10 items made everyone's go-to lists.
Here they are, plus some pro tricks
to help you get the most use of each
Garlic press. Using this time-saver
is a quick way to get heart-healthy
garlic into your diet. Bonus: If you
use a press, you won't have to clean
up a cutting board. Cookhealthy
tip: Use a garlic press to finely mash
olives for a tapenade and to press
ginger to saute with chicken or
season a salad instead of using salt.

healthy meal prep faster and easier



Nonstick pan. These pans are
a cinch to clean and make it easy
to cook with little or no fat. Cook
healthy tip: Even when using non-
stick pans, pros rely on a few other
tools for keeping added fat in check,
such as using a silicone pastry brush
to lightly coat food in oil before
Baking mat. Nonstick mats are
handy for more than baking cookies.
They save calories and fat by letting
you prep meals without cooking
sprays, oils or butter.
Julienne vegetable peeler. Though
chefs may use a more expensive man-
doline to make those paper-thin strips
of veggies for salads and other dishes,
you can use this peeler to make the
same restaurant-style dishes at home.
Cook healthy tip: Make tri-colored

carb-free "noodles"from carrots,
zucchini and yellow squash, and toss
with fresh tomato sauce or pesto.
Coffee grinder. Think of your
electric coffee grinder as a mini
food processor. Use it to finely grind
whole pepper and other spices a
great flavor substitute if you're
looking to cook with less salt. Look
for one that comes with settings for
multiple grind sizes, such as fine,
medium and coarse.
Bamboo steaming basket.
Steaming is a great way to cook
fat-free and retain nutrients that
can leach out in cooking water. And
bamboo baskets are lighter, easier
to handle and less expensive than
metal ones. Cook healthy tip: Instead
of zapping leftovers in a microwave,
steam them in a basket.
Grill pan. Using a stovetop grill is
a lean way to cook burgers and other
meat; the excess fat drips from the
food into the grooves. Cook healthy
tip: The pans aren't just for meat
- they're ideal for grilling veggies,

especially sturdier bell peppers,
onions and asparagus.
Salad spinner. It's the best and
easiest way to remove grit from
herbs and greens. Cook healthy tip:
To avoid soggy salads, give those
greens at least three whirls.
Immersion blender. "An immer-
sion blender whips in air and blends
starchy veggies like potatoes and
carrots into a creamy consistency,
without the need for butter or
cream," says L.A.-based dietician lana
Muhlstein, R.D.N. Bonus: Because
you use it right in the pot, there's
no need to clean another bowl or
a blender. Cook healthy tip: Swap a
buttery roux for a russet potato.
Slow cooker. It's an easy way
to cook nutritious meatless meals:
simply toss veggies and beans into
the pot. Cook healthy tip: Swap dried
beans for some or all of the meat
in slow-cook recipes for chili, stew,
soup or curry. For each meat serving
you want to replace, swap in a quar-
ter-cup of dried beans.

New from Coldplay, Kenny Wayne Shepherd

irst is a new release by
Coldplay called Ghost
Stories Coldplay is a British
rock band formed by Chris
Martin and Jonny Buckland in
1996. The two meet while at
college and decided to form
a band, Martin as the vocalist
and Buckland on guitar but
more was needed so in comes
bass guitarist, Guy Berryman
and drummer Will Champion.
They began performing under
the name Starfish until a friend
suggested they use the name
Coldplay, it was to be the name
of his band but he found it too
In 1998, the band formally
changed their name and began
releasing singles. One in 1998,
one in 1999 and another in
2000. It was the one in 2000
"Yellow" that brought them
worldwide fame. All of this
before they even released a
full length CD. Well, later in
2000 they released their debut

CD called Parachutes, the
hits just started pouring out.
Something I found interesting
about the band was, early on
Chris Martin fired the drummer
Will Champion for too much
partying, eventually he asked
him back into the band and at
that time they decided all four
would own the band equally
and anyone caught using hard
drugs would be removed from
the band.
Since the beginning the
band has donated 10 percent
to15 percent of their profits to
charity. Just sounds like a nice
group of guys who love what
they're doing. A rock band that
doesn't use drugs or parties
too much, wow what a surpris-
ing change. The Diet Coke of
rock bands, a reference to the
Austin Powers movie. Martin
himself states their music is
"limestone rock" in comparison
to Hard Rock. Ghost Stories is
their sixth studio release and a

concept album, it was inspired
by Martin's troubled relation-
ship with his wife, Gwyneth
Paltrow and the attempts to
resolve the issues. As of March
this year the couple has split,
but most of you readers I am
betting already knew that.
Next we have a new release
by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
called Goin'Home. Shepherd
was born as Kenny Wayne
Brobst on June 12, 1977, in
Shreveport, La., He got his
first guitar at three when his
Grandmother turned in her
S & H Green Stamps for one.
Calling all old timers! Who
remembers them. S & H Green
Stamps for anyone under the
age of 40 were bonus stamps
you got when you purchased
groceries and then you saved
them until you had enough to
turn them in at the redemption
center for useful household
stuff or as my mother used
them for Christmas gifts.

Shepherd is a self-taught
blues artist. He was already
performing by 13 when a
record producer saw him and
signed him to a multiple album
deal. If you fancy Stevie Ray
Vaughan, then Kenny Wayne
Shepherd is for you, he idolizes
many of the old blues players
and has traveled the country
to find some of them so they
can jam together. The fact I
found most interesting while
researching him was that he is
married to Mel Gibson's oldest
daughter Hannah. Look, I have
seen many a Mel Gibson movie
in my day and having him as
a Father-in-law must be kind
of scary. Don't mess with Mel
... or his family, Remember the
movie "Ransom." Goin'Home is
Shepherd's eighth album and
first recorded in his hometown
of Shreveport and features
old blues classics with the
help of many guests stars like


Joe Walsh, Keb Mo, Warren
Haynes, Robert Randolph and
Ringo Starr. If good blues is
your thing, time to add Kenny
Wayne Shepherd into your
Other major releases this
week are from Phillip Phillips,
Brantley Gilbert, The Roots,
Billy Joel, R. Kelly (Hits), Joe
Bonamassa (bunch of live
shows), REM (Unplugged),
California Breed, War, Flaming
Lips, and Neal Schon.
Independent releases
are from Brian Jonestown
Massacre, Blu & Daz Dilly.
Keep rockin'folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner ofTJ's CDS & More
at 3275-ATamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. He
loves reader comments, and can be contacted

tilt toward purple, she says. If you're a
redhead, you want to avoid those pink
tones close to your face, but nothing
is stopping you from picking up a pink
skirt, great pink patterned shoes or
rose-colored jewelry.
"Incorporate it in your shoes or
handbag," she says. "Even a bracelet
or earrings with a bit of pink will look
What you want to avoid, she says, is
bathing yourself in a pink, flouncy, floral
outfit if you're trying to look professional.
"That pretty pastel palette comes
back around and it's great for some,
not so great for others,"' she says, noting
that it can wash out those with pale
"Partner the shade with taupe, gray,
navy or camel,"' she says. "That works well
for the mature woman. The pink tulle
skirt and the pastels you see on Sarah
Jessica Parker on 'Sex and the City' really
don't work well on many people.":'
However, if you're in your teens or
20s, or are blessed with a youthful

appearance, go to town with the lighter
shades, Grant says.
And, right now, you have plenty of
choices if you're determined to embrace
the trend, says Sofia Wacksman, vice
president of trend for Kohl's department
"This spring, it's all about pink, and we
love all shades from softened ballet pink
to hot fuchsia,"she says. "Pink can add
the right hint of playfulness for day or
raise the level of sophistication for night."
We found a handful of pink treasures
to cool you off in the warm months:
ELLE Pintuck Fit & Flare Ponte Dress
($60, If pink isn't your color,
this scoop-necked, stretchy dress comes
in deep green and black, as well.
*This Elle Floral Crepe Top ($36, kohls.
com) pairs perfectly with Elle's Ruffled
Soft Jacket ($68). And here's a tip: Kohl's
is a great place to bargain hunt. We listed
full price, but found most of these outfits
Candie's Floral Skater Dress ($48, You'll find this in the junior's
department at the store, and this would
look sweet on a teen or young woman. If
you're older than 30 and love this color,
consider jewelry, shoes or a pattern with

Merona Expandable Tote Handbag ($34.99,
a touch of pink, the pros say.
Merona Expandable Tote Handbag
($34.99, This cotton and jute
handbag adds a pretty touch of pink to
your outfit.
Pink Sandals with Gold Strap ($29.99, A touch of gold
adds elegance to these pretty sandals.
Pink Scarf ($16.99, This
lovely patterned scarf allows a woman of
any age to brighten up an outfit with a
pink touch.
Peach Necklace ($39.99,
We think this shade of peach tilts toward
pink. Pros agree that adding a touch of
pink to jewelry adds a feminine, under-
stated touch.



~) 1
~ '/

This Elle Floral Crepe Top ($36, pairs
perfectly with Elle's Ruffled Soft Jacket ($68).

best place for him.
Do your research!
Make sure your venue is
pet-friendly. Also let the
photographer you hire
know that your dog will
be part of the photos
and make sure he or she
is comfortable working
with dogs.
Let invitees know
that your dog will be
part of the celebration,
and be prepared that
people with allergies or
fear of dogs may not be
able to attend.
STake a refresher
obedience class with

your pup. You'll want
to make sure he can
sit or lie down quietly
during the ceremony
and also that he's able
to tolerate a costume if
you choose to have him
wear one.
Designate a member
of your bridal party
as the official "handler"
during the ceremony
or have your dog sit
with a family member
or pet-sitter in the
audience while you
recite your vows. This
person should be armed
with treats and baggies
for cleanup.
For more tips on
dog ownership, visit
the AKC at


Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer
all your questions and help with your selections.
Expert installation available-Ask for details.


23MupyC.s NothPor, LS 94-49*112ex 6606 ~ I~

SVisit Our Ms
New Showroom! |


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,-w pp- I o b.

& Operated

I2Mot Noitrs inanc:in



1 I

1700 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte
Mon-Sat 1 pm a-
Sun 12-5 pm gggg!;C^___


IIM I WoI [Ill


High Performance
Curved Screen
1080p 3D LED HDTV
Clear Motion Rate 1,200 Built-in
Wi-Fi Quad-Core Processor for
seamless web browsing Touch
Control remote Voice Interaction
Command Netflix Vudu

Includes 4 Pair 3D Glasses

L- 'I 11: 1:1. -

Clear Motion Rate 240 Built-in Wi-Fi
Quad-Core Processor for seamless web
browsing AIIShareT video and music
streaming Smart TV Netflix Vudu


55" 60"
sale sale
$1,199 $1,499
UN55H6350A UN60H6350A

1080p 3D LED HDTV
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55" 60" 65"
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$1,699 $1,999 $2,299
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Cinemate 1 SR GS Series 11
Single speaker array. Wireless Gemstone speaker arrays.
Acoustimass bass module.i Acoustimass bass module.
Clear vocals & stunning surround TrueSpace signal processing.
sound effects. Programmable universal remote.
sale $1,499 sale $599
329198 320573

lWhroo I 69 Power Boil Element

- ion verti ble r / cn! Dual | rI1 O m ONLY 24~| ^ WIDE-Il
SteaeuichClan IhI
799l S89

-- .. ..n,.dzfrenzsoaI Mne14u o
j r s r O r r eZ J ^ h was EDlgtig '; --- 1 --- ( .ire / I li 30" Freestanding Range : 30" Freestanding R ge : 30" Freestanding Self-Clean 27; Front-Load Washer 3.6 CF 2E O 7" Front I nnd Wnasr 4 fl CF < / 0A sles l
5iDor alarm if alar -- :I | Heatg Elements PowerBoI Tr-R ng 4 Radiant Elements 30 0uw Smooth Top range 27 Front-Load Large apacty ,599 = 27,a F... on; Load L ....... / $799 $99
Tu Coo r alar ife aia Burner 12/9/6 Self-Clean, SteamClean dualelement, 5.9CF OvenCapacty 5.3CFoven, Removablefull-widthdrawer Dryer, 7.3 F DRYERDV 6GWBEWR Dryer 7.0F .....GFDSR oRE' V oRTCRA'
Couter-Deth settings for fast recovery Couater-Depth fe Fl _. ......" i .. .--. r 'm..YI.G.I..

ENERGYSTA:R^ I ^ 11 ^, ^fi te | BOSCH Ii ^ '^ -" ^R gg
F t ion NEB6Ys SR 6RYs I|i h CDlea _

sale ................ sale i- sale i sale Clen s dual eleent 5.9 CI |l i
$2.8 O : $2.000 : $1.0099 $1.9 $0 00 39o9 S,,F49)26t9i *i i ---] $\ saleT^\1I : wshi \/. ^

H 70 xW 353'4 x O2/85" : H 701 xEW 35^S x 361/4" :: H 6 5/8/ x W 32"4' 8/" 5" x D /"H678 W 3 23' D 345s8" H 685"8 x W 353/4" x D 361/2 : ^ "hS1 i;"~ 549 $6 9|:I^fS^y^ ae f^sale ;,V .

24 CF Counter Depth French Door : 28.6 CF French Door Refrigerator : 17.8 CF Counter-Depth French Door : 22 CF Side by Side Refrigeretor : 26 CF Side by Side Refrigeretor : ':s 2.T'^H ^ ^ ^ Top-Load Washer- 3 wAHCFN45~ s WASHEMv Wx ow .^ J"^ 22^aW ^h
Ref rigera to r Tw in Cooling Plus System : External W ater/ice D ispenser Filtration Refr igera to r 3,,A~diustable Gla ss S helv~es,., 3 Slide-O ut SpiflG uard G lass Shelves, : External Ice/W ater Dispenser, LED Lighting, :Full Co ns l D sw asher : ul n e ra e i h a h e77"ae :, Fl o s le D s w s e 2 "T p L a W s e Fr ^ 7 op L a a h r,3 8CoJA :-2 "T p Lo d W sen
Irm/Wntor I'icnoncmr I inhltinn nnrl Intnrnnrl initnl rnicnln, Sa

._ d,.pn,.n; r
Il hdoor
.-I I dur~
-"|| ni hdu

Q GE Profie
MSRP: S6,499

Dishwasher with
hidden controls

s i sa


1.8 (F 1,1 00w
over-range microwave
5.8pCF Oven (apacity
and ~dB oud eel ~ ~ ,~,iA~ IDAd La$52vLacti7oo

Slie -i angemcow e

68/A x D 36" jiJI'uI qE
p..71..7 ,..7T7 ; : ..7 I IT "T.L:'] .1 ,e.. a g

N $4,337


25.3 CF

H68'/ "xW35'/ "xD33 i

MSRP: $2,539

1.7 CF 1,000w
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... .. .. ....



MSRP: $3,539

Fully Integrated
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15-Place Settings

H68.6' x W354"x D 3612" SteamQuick
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MSRP: $4,880
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H 69/1" x W 35314"x D 36" -
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Fully Integrated
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C FH n
t rr D .,:,untr
Dpht n

H 70' x W 3511" x D 28""'
h___,_____________- __,.. 30" Slide-In Range

S2 3i (F hrr"h
door retrig'raor

H 6Q 35- D31'
IF, -" "'... '"7 7

in i i i t.r i o I 'n'h
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MSRP: $8,548

Fully Integrated
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FLXRHAS T E ARD!Ge'iuerbae PU ig pacage iscoI

MWW! MSRP: $11,330
II rF.I,, FFree dishwasher
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A s2.010 Value!

H 70'1" x W 351" x D 27'
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z I~1 WOLF
A passion for excellence leads
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Sub-Zero / Wolf package
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Viking package
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Thermador package
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GE Monogram package
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Copyright Bill Smith, Inc. 2013. All rights reserved. *See store for details. Finance offers available to approved applicants on retail sales only. Minimum or equal payments required. tPrice Match Guarantee does not apply to internet quotes, companies in bankruptcy, outlet stores, warehouse-type reduced service companies, early-bird specials, limited time offers or limited quantity items. If you find an identical model in a carton from a local stocking dealer we will refund the difference. F
valid through 5/24/14 unless otherwise indicated. See store for additional details.

I quantities. All models not at all locations. Prices/offers





IAN uritrebyBello

Up to 55"


Up to 55"

Includes 2 Pair 3D Glasses

The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014 The Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014


Page 5

t) W
$1 35'

I laddo.ftk


6:41 mu GGIVIU
Whant We Sell

~Page 6 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014

~Look what I found!

Native American artifacts

ne of the hot areas of collecting is
Native American jewelry sold as
"old pawn" or "dead pawn"These
got their name from the large amount of
jewelry actually sold to pawn shops and
was unredeemed.
Old means it is vintage and dead
could be newer. The old pawn items are
usually much heavier with more silver
and stones, and they show signs of wear.
Native American Indians pawned per-
sonal jewelry in times of need. A highly
collectible subset of this jewelry was
made by the Navajos, and uses a squash
blossom design that was probably
developed from copies of Mexican art.
The early Navajo artists were influenced
by the Spaniards and the way these
newcomers used so much silver.
When considering buying something
described as old pawn you can expect to
pay high prices, which means you had

better know your stuff as you may fall for
some new repros that have been falsely
aged. The Navajo still make jewelry for
sale to tourists and they mostly will
explain the age of items they sell.
When it comes to early artifacts there
are many legal restrictions on what can
be sold. Most legal collectibles are items
that were sold to tourists. Tomahawks
can range in price from tens of dollars
to thousands depending on their origin
and history. The most common artifacts
are arrowheads. A lot of work went into
making an arrowhead and yet they seem
to have been discarded by the tens of
I've been to places where the collectors
go out into newly tilled fields after a rain
and pick up bagfuls. It is easy for a semi-
skilled craftsman to make hundreds of
repro arrowheads for sale in flea markets.
The best way to start a collection is to dig

for them yourself- many locals in rural
areas will freely tell you where to search.
The Pueblo and Hopi Indians have
made dolls that represent spirits for
many generations that are called Kachina
dolls. The children were given dolls that
had lore about the spirit they repre-
sented and the traits of each spirit. This
was a way of passing information down
through the generations. The old ones
sell in the mutlithousands which spawns
many fakes not a safe area for begin-
ner collectors.
Blankets and rugs, mostly from the
Navajo are very collectible. If buying for
just the beauty of these pieces it really
doesn't matter whether you buy new or
old as the newer ones are good copies
of old designs. Prices are reasonable for
most made after the late 1800s and can
be very high for anything older than that.
Years ago the rule was if a collectible

can be worth more than a few hundred
dollars you can bet there are fakes. Today,
there are companies around the world
that have the machinery and skill to
reproduce almost anything for pennies
on the dollar. So be wary and smart.

Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. If you have questions or comments
please write to him at and
please tell him what city you're in.

'Now That's What I Call Music'reaches milestone

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Like
many music fans, Taylor Swift's
relationship with the "Now That's
What I Call Music"series stretches
back more than a decade. She and
her brother would listen to the
series when they were children
before Swift became a regular
contributor with appearances on
10 albums in the run.
"I had'Now 5,6,7,8,9,"the
24-year-old music star said with a
smile."l think now we're at'Now
The series has reached No. 50,
a serious milestone for a physical
sales survivor that's managed to
navigate changes in a digital world
to remain relevant profitable and
consistent since its U.S. debut 16
years ago. Despite the availability
of popular singles and the general
erosion of physical album sales,
installment No. 50 was expected
to debut atop the Billboard 200
this week, marking the series' 18th
No. 1. OnlyThe Beatles have more
with 19.
Each installment used to be
guaranteed platinum, but sales
have dropped below 1 million per
release during an industrywide
decline. Yet it proportionately
remains a factor on the charts
and is available on streaming
and digital platforms. Earning
a spot on a volume's track list
still can mean an artist has truly
penetrated America's pop cultural
"It is confirmation of making a
song that has become part of the
social fabric and will likely remain

This photo provided by N
What I Call Music! shows
art for the "NOW 50," stai

that way for a while," sakic
Blacc. His song "The Mar
No. 50."When popular s
compiled in the'Now'se
get a snapshot of a monr
time, and to be part ofti
is an honor."
The series based o
British run of the same r
has reached No. 87 is
most successful in modE
history, selling more tha
76 million copies in its n
U.S. series alone, accord
Nielsen SoundScan. It re
popular for reasons that
convenience, brand app
preference and familiarity
"You have the 50 album
dozens of these'Now'-b
compilations -'NowTh
Call Disney,"Now That's \
Dance Music'- it goes(
and on, and all those thi
too;' said Keith Caulfield,
associate director ofcha

"Not in the way the numbered
compilations do, but it's just all
gravy. It's such a well-known brand,
S when a'Now'album comes out
sv. Iyou already know what it is"
Nielsen figures showVol. 5 was
the series'most popular, selling
nearly 4.8 million copies. The series
Remained above the platinum
level into 2008, and sales for recent
volumes hover around 500,000
A PH a very solid number in 2014.
AP PHOTO Vol. 50 was expected to be the
OW That's 49th straight top 10 debut for the
the cover series and all 50 reached the top
idard 10. Over time, though, the reasons
behind that success have changed.
"Now"filled a gap when it debuted
d Aloe in 1998 that no longer exists.
n" is on "People have to remember back
ongs are in the day before iTunes, before
aries, you YouTube, the only way you could
nent in actually get the song that you
hat picture wanted, that you enjoyed, was to
purchase it as a CD single in the
n a popular store or to purchase an album
lame that that had the song on it,"Caulfield
Likely the said. "And a lot of the singles from
ern music the late'90s were not released as
n commercial singles."
umbered These days, that's not a problem.
ng to So who's buying "Now"discs? And
?mains why?
t include Those are questions that series
>eal, format creators ask constantly. Some of
ty. the answers they get from buyers
ims, plus they survey are surprising, others
randed predictable.
hat's What I While physical album sales tend
AWhat I Call to skew older these days, "Now"
on and on runs against that conventional
ngs sell, wisdom. Laura Rutherford, "Now"
Billboard's senior vice president of marketing
rts/retail. and operations, says slightly more

than half its listeners are 24 or
younger. Older listeners 35 to 44
account for just 17 percent of sales.
Familiarity and the technological
divide seem to drive those buyers.
Studies with "Now" buyers show
fans keep coming back for simple
reasons: First they know the line
and count on it for cherry-picking
hits. As Jeff Moskow, the "Now"
head of A&R puts it: "A lot of
these fans have grown up with
us.They've grown up with our
sound, they've grown up with
what we represent and they're very
comfortable with our brand."
There's also the simplicity of
the much-dismissed CD. While
today's digital marketplace offers
convenience, it's not the kind of
convenience everyone wants or
can afford. And while much has
been made about cars being
built without disc players, most
American cars still have them. "And
the reality is consumers like having
a CD they can pop in on a road trip.
It has its place in people's lifestyle,"
Moskow said.
And there's the impulse buy.
David Bakula, Nielsen's senior vice
president of insights, said the series
is shrewdly marketed and timed,
colorfully hogging up a lot of space
at your nearest big box store at key
times of year.
'They come out around gifting
time," he said. "You get one in the
fourth quarter around the holidays.
You get one in the first quarter
around the Easter gifting time.
You get one in the summer when
everybody is singing the biggest
summer songs of the year."


Get a free appetizer or dessert
valued at more than $10 with
purchase at Red Lobster.
Use a Facebook offer to scarf
a free appetizer or dessert with
purchase of two adult entrees.
Try the Seafood Trios, which
offers one grilled fish option, a
shrimp selection and a pasta dish
for $15.99.
Freebie options include Lobster
Pizza, Sweet Chili Shrimp or finish
with a Warm Chocolate Chip Lava
Cookie or Strawberry Shortcake in
a Jar, among other sweet treats.
The offer expires on May 25.
Get the deal: www.facebook.
-Sun Sentinel

Deal site Zulily is offering a
tempting deal on an annual
Sam's Club membership.
An annual membership for the
warehouse club normally costs $45.
Through May 19, Zulily is
selling memberships for the
same price but adding in $46 in
The freebies are:
a $20 Sam's Club gift card
a Take and Bake Pepperoni
or Cheese Pizza (16-inch, up to a
$7.99 value)
Cheesecake Squares (16
count, a $11.98 value)
S5 x 7 Canvas Mini Print With
Stand (a $6.86 value)
As always, take the time to read
the fine print, which all these deal
sites tend to have, before making
a purchase. Get the details: mSg6tQ
The News & Observer


and the grocer.You can even consider
capitalizing on the summer weather with
a lemonade stand it's a great first small
business experience.
Supplement these experiences with tools
that go beyond a standard workbook. For
example, a new book, "Amazing Visual
Math;' covers the essential math concepts
learned in the first years of school using
interactive elements, including pop-ups,
flaps and pull-tab elements. Designed to
develop manual dexterity and sharpen
visual skills, tools like this can make a tedious
subject entertaining.

The school year can be hectic and isn't
necessarily an ideal time for a child to take
on new hobbies. Summer however, is the
perfect time of year to encourage kids to
explore new interests through thematic
summer camps, community classes and
sports teams.
You can also nurture interests through
non-fiction literature. Check out the
"Eyewitness Books"series from DK Publishing
with titles that cover a broad range of topics
like"World War 1,"Rocks & Minerals"and
"Wonders of the World"Newly updated this

year and now available in paperback, they
can help bridge the gap between last school
year and the next.

The implementation of new education
policies and standards can be difficult on
students, but you can help smooth the
transition and prepare your child for the
coming school year by learning more about
it. Visit for
Common Core and STEM information for
all grade levels, activity sheets and book
recommendations on all topics that support
classroom learning.

Start a family competition to see who
reads the most books this summer. Post the
results on the fridge so everyone can see.

Make summer road trips a bit less of a
bore by stocking the car with fun games and
activities. The Ultimate Factivity Collection
series includes doodle and coloring pages,
puzzles, crafts, stickers, facts and activities
that encourage learning. With titles like
"Animals,";' "Fashion,"Star Wars"and
"LEGO Legends of Chima;',"kids won't suspect
they're learning.
To set up kids for a successful school year,
find activities that strike the perfect balance
between learning and fun.


L ARA B 0 llT 0 V T R E SIS



-Page 6

The Sun /Sunday, May 18,2014


SThe Sun/Sunday, May 18,2014

FLAIR Page 7

mBetty @rcker's not real?

Betty Crocker' not real?

ust finished a book on Amer-
ica's First Lady of Food, Betty
Crocker, and she's not real!
She's a fictitious person with a
made up name by the manufac-
turers of Gold Medal Flour.
Betty, a name thought up
because it sounded cheery and
wholesome, Crocker, director of
Washburn Crosby Company. As
for her signature, it came from
a contest of female employ-
ees for the best appearing
Betty Crocker signature, and
still adorns all Betty Crocker
But Betty Crocker was
certainly real to thousands of
housewives who mailed her up
to 5,000 letters a day seeking ad-
vice on recipes, cooking utensils
and even their marriages. Every
letter received by the company
was responded to as promptly
as possible.
Betty came through again
for housewives during the war
years when sugar, flour, meat
and must-have staples were
rationed, thus creating huge
shortages. In advertisements,
radio shows and on the back of
food boxes, she developed rec-
ipes using ingredients on hand
or substituting. In 1945 she
assisted citizens by publishing
a wartime booklet, "Your Share",
which aided wives in utilizing
the rationed foods. Seven
million booklets were sent out!
Real or not, Betty Crocker

certainly had an influential
impact on all of our lives.
Thanks for reading!

1 cup margarine
% cup light brown sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate
chips, melted
Preheat oven to 325. Grease a
9-inch round cake pan, set aside.
Beat margarine with sugar in
large bowl with electric mixer till
light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.
Gradually add flour and beat
on low till blended. Spread into
prepared pan, pressing into
every layer. With knife, score
surface into 16 pie-shaped
wedges. Bake 45 minutes or
till golden. Cool 20 minutes on
wire rack. Remove from pan and
cool completely. To serve, drizzle
melted chocolate over short-
bread. Cut into wedges. (Yummy

1 cup brown sugar
1 A cup water
1 cup raisins
1 cup chopped walnuts
12 cup chopped candied citron
1/3 cup shortening
2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups all-purpose flour
5 teaspoons baking powder
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Grease a 9x13 inch baking pan.
In large saucepan over medium
heat, combine brown sugar and
water. Add raisins, nuts, citron,
shortening, salt, nutmeg and
cinnamon. Bring to a boil and
boil 3 minutes. Remove from
heat and cool. Sift in flour and
baking powder, stir till well
blended. Pour into prepared
pan. Bake for 45 minutes.
Remove from oven and cool on
wire rack. Leave in pan and cut
into squares.

1 package Betty Crocker Super
Moist cake mix (any flavor)
Water, vegetable oil and eggs
called for on cake mix box
Assorted gel food coloring
1 container Betty Crocker
whipped fluffy white frosting
Colored sugars
Preheat oven to 350. Grease
bottom of 9x13 inch pan. Make
cake batter as directed on box,
pour into pan. Randomly place
6 drops of food coloring over
batter. Cut through batter with
knife several times for marbled
design. Bake as directed on
box for 9x13 inch pan. Cool
completely. Spread frosting over
cake. Sprinkle colored sugar on
frosting to make rainbow de-
sign. (Old Betty Crocker recipe.)

4 eggs
2 teaspoons baking powder

2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon butter
Beat eggs till light and fluffy.
Add butter to milk and gently
bring to boil. Mix all ingredients
together and pour into a loaf
pan. Bake at 350 degrees till

8-ounce can crescent dinner
2 to 1 cup chopped nuts
1/3 cup coconut, if desired
4 cup sugar
4 teaspoon salt
1 cup caramel ice cream
4 cup softened butter or
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Separate dough into 2 long rect-
angles. Place in ungreased 9x13
inch pan, press in bottom and
2 inch up sides to form crust.
Firmly press perforations to seal.
Bake for 5 minutes. In medium
bowl combine all topping ingre-
dients, pour over crust. Return
to oven and continue cooking
15 to 20 minutes longer or till
golden brown and filling is set.
Cool, cut into bars. 36 bars.

12 cup Grape-Nuts
12 cup lukewarm water


1 cup brown sugar
1 cup dark corn syrup
4 cup butter
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
Soak Grape-Nuts in warm
water till water is absorbed.
Combine sugar, corn syrup,
butter and salt in saucepan.
Bring quickly to boil and remove
from heat. Beat eggs till foamy.
Add small amount of hot syrup
to eggs, beating well. Add rest
of syrup and mix well. Stir in
Grape-Nuts and vanilla. Pour
into pastry shell and bake at 350
degrees till nice and brown.

1 cup sugar
12 tablespoon flour
1 cup cream
12 teaspoon cinnamon
Raw coarsely chopped apples
Unbaked pie shell
Fill unbaked pie shell % full
of chopped apples. Mix first
four ingredients and pour over
apples. Bake at 350 degrees for
30 to 45 minutes or till golden

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions
and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297.

mPatch pride a

Patch pride

s firefighters we are a very
proud people. We take
pride in our departments,
our training, our uniforms, and
most of all the companies we
are assigned to.
Just as the department has a
patch that we wear with pride
to identify who we work for, a
lot of stations also will have a
patch that signifies what station
we are with, and some depart-
ments even go as far as having
patches for the unit that you are
assigned to. There is much ado
about these patches, they sig-
nify the history of the company,
the mindset of bravery that goes
with that company and usually
have a unique design that shows
this pride.
The military has this same

1 oz blue Curacao
1 oz pineapple vodka
1 oz coconut rum
Sierra Mist

tradition of unit patches that
signify the individuality of the
unit, but the commonality of
being one force. My son, Hunter,
as I have mentioned before,
has his mind set on serving our
country in the United States
Army. His favorite sport is, and
has been Airsoft. For those of
you who are not familiar, Airsoft
is a military style sport that
groups of participants go to a
field designated for this sport

pire,: tiric
Fill 16 oz tumbler halfway with ice,
add 1 oz Blue Curacao, 1 oz pineapple
vodka, and 1 oz coconut rum in no
certain order, top with Sierra Mist
and enjoy. Garnish with a lime and
pineapple slice for that extra added
island kick.

and play war with BB guns that
shoot a softer, plastic BB than
the copper ones we shot at each
other as kids. These people gear
out in the same equipment as
professional soldiers, usually
bought at an Army/Navy store.
He has amassed many of these
unit patches and other patches
called pride patches that may
have a saying or logo on it.
I thought to myself as I glazed
over his array of patches, like

father, like son, for I have quite
a few fire department and com-
pany patches I have amassed
over the years. Many of us share
patches and trade patches from
time to time, much like kids
used to do with baseball cards.
Another thing that gets trad-
ed and adored on a regular basis
is recipes. I have often been
quoted by my lovely significant
other, Tina, as saying, "Recipes
are great guidelines, but you
can change it up a little, and
make it your own." Use them,
adore them, trade them, change
them to meet your fancy, but
whatever you do, take as much
pride in your creation as we do


in our patches. This week I am
relaying a recipe for a libation
that Tina and I came up with,
and you should not consume
while on duty, or operating any
other equipment than a lawn
chair with family and friends.
Enjoy and "that's bringing the
firehouse home!"

Firehouse Foodie, Frank E. Vaerewyck,
is a graduate of Charlotte High School
who began his firefighting career in Punta
Gorda. He is currently with the Manassas
Volunteer Fire Company 501 in Virginia.
You can contact him at frank.vaerewyck@

Details emerge about new Harry Potter ride

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -The
centerpiece of the new
Harry Potter-themed area at
Universal Orlando Resort will
take visitors into Gringotts
bankto help retrieve a
magical object and re-create
a scene from the wildly
popular book and movie
Universal executives
announced Tuesday that
the ride will be called "Harry
Potter and the Escape from
Gringotts.'" It re-creates a
scene from the final Harry
Potter book and film.
"It takes you into one of
the great moments of the

fiction,"said MarkWoodbury,
president of Universal
The ride and the themed
area called the Wizarding
World of Harry Potter-Diagon
Alley will open in the sum-
mer. It will double the size of
the Harry Potter landscape in
the park.
Among the features of the
new ride: a 60-foot dragon
atop Gringotts WAizarding
Bank, a labyrinth of Gringotts
vaults, and a marble hall with
goblins. Riders will be taken
into a world as part of a quest
to retrieve a magical object
to defeat Lord Voldemort.

The ride will use 360-de-
gree themed sets, digital
high-definition animation,
3-D projection systems
and live special effects.
Woodbury said the
goal was to use new
technology and intensely
detailed storytelling to
thrill Harry Potter fans and
entice those who haven't
read the books or seen the
The new themed area
will be located at Universal
Studios Park It will be tied
to the original WAizarding
World of Harry Potter area
at Universal's Islands of

Adventure via the Hogwarts
Express train.
During the train ride, riders
will spot characters and mag-
ical creatures from the book
Among them: Hagrid on a
flying motorbike, the Weasley
twins on brooms, and the
Knight Bus in London traffic.
Universal's team worked
with a group from the Harry
Potter films on the new
themed area.
If fans want to see both
parks, a two-park ticket will
be required. For adults, a
two-park ticket for one day
costs $136; for children, it
costs $130.

Some best practices when using coupons on Facebook


Facebook can be a great
source of coupons and
coupon codes. In January,
Facebook announced it
has 1.23 billion monthly
active users. Companies
recognize Facebook as a
great way to market and
sell their products and ser-
vices. By posting coupons
and coupon codes on
their Facebook pages,
they can reach millions
of potential and current
Here are some best
practices when using

Facebook to coupon:
"Like" the manufactur-
ers and companies you
use most, such as Purina,
Domino's, Nestle, Panera,
Kellogg's, your local
supermarket, etc.
The website
has created a coupon
database. "Like" Family
Frugal Fun on Facebook
for a one-stop spot for
"Like"your favorite
coupon website's
Facebook page. Great
ones include Southern
Savers, Living Rich
With Coupons and

Coupon Divas.
And of course,

"like" the Deal Diva on

I I' 1 ^ IiH 1

ANGIE'S LIST 2012 & 2013
Highest Consumer Rated in SWFL,
S. Top 5% Nationally M .
L AJ ., i, ..T.... **A U .-.
.. 40% OFF ""
YAT3 ",V
a ~ ~ OWN.....................**

;-Ap(.- -DA

This computer image
released by NBC
Universal Orlando shows
a setting for the ride
that will be the center-
piece for the new Harry
Potter-themed area at
Universal Orlando Resort
theme park.

I II'11 1

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20+ Years -
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Call I

Today I

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) 'iatwork

Toll Free: 855-462-8687



A. -

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Join your hosts Josh Olive
and Capt. Mike every week
for an in-depth look at what's
going on out on the water.
They and their guests will
also he taking your calls live
on the air, so be sure to tune in.

11.1, rF.,IY r iT

FROM 9 TO 10 A.M. *



Ca' uein oIC I IN pobeII'
JutI oRdoae leo n o a ise
live ~II ochcoushwththvaledaire'

An authentic
English styled
pub, located in
the heart of
*Punta Gorda


'cT-J fgln9

Watkins Tire &
Auto Service


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QW11 FL. KEANElINC., PlST. p Kib- %etulteES frND.

by parker and hart






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Mort Walker's



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r'i5c K1iRKMIN

Jort1 SC3Tt

and IN HERE, PAW ?




UPPA-Ti'& You A4I'- SPACE?



AT 11:00 AM."


$2-7 MILLION/"

/kEALLY, pAp7A


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LFOLOW MV- 10- 1,
__ ^ I.



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40 ~ARM51;Rot-Cd


.,, AM

Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, May 18, 2014

Charlotte DeSoto Englewood North Port

WEEK OF MAY 18 24,2014 j

Anna (Heather Lind)
needs protection from
Abe on "Turn," airing
at 9 p.m. on AMC.

At 9 p.m. on NBC, host
Carson Daly reveals the
winner of "The Voice,"
on the season finale.

At 8:30 p.m. on HBO's
"Veep," Dan (Reid
Scott) worries about
the new trainer.

Kyle Busch looks to
extend his record in the
"History 300," airing at
2:45 p.m. on ABC.



C o n v e rs io n C h a rt Com.cst C.. FoiOS enEngINPtN s PtCharSPG
Port Punt,
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charlotie Arcadia Gorda Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 26 ABC Bonita Springs- 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC -Tampa 11 28 28
WWSB 0 ABC Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40
WTSP 1 CBS- St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS-FortMyers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CC NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
WBBH 20 NBC Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX-Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX Cape Coral 4 4 4 36 36
WEDU a: PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3 -
WUSF 16 PBS-Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 -30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 4 44 44
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR U2 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32
WXPX 6 ION St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND -St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22 -
WRXY 9 IND Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura -Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50
WVEA 62 Univision -Venice 15 15 15 6 62 62 -
A&E Arts & Entertainment 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 118 265 118 265
AMC American Movie Classics 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 131 254 130 254
APL Animal Planet 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 184 282 184 282
BET Black Entertainment TV 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 124 329 124 329
BRAVO Bravo 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 129 237 129 237
COM Comedy Central 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 107 249 107 249
DISC Discovery Channel 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 182 278 182 278
E! Entertainment Channel 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 114 236 114 236
ESQ Esquire Network 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 115 235 115 235
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network 243 243 243 12 17 285 261 370 261 370
FAM ABCFamily Channel 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 180 311 180 311
FOOD TV Food 37 37 37 37 76 164 110 231 110 231
FX FX Network 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 136 248 136 248
GSN Game Show Network 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 116 233 116 233
HALL Hallmark USA 5 5 5 17 73 240 185 312 185 312
HIST History Channel 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 120 269 120 269
HOME Home & Garden 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 112 229 112 229
HSN Home Shopping Network 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 222 240 222 240
LIFE Lifetime 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 108 252 108 252
OWN OprahWinfrey Network 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 189 279 189 279
QVC Quality Value Convenience 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 137 317 137 317
SPIKE SpikeTV 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 241 241 241 241
SYFY Science Fiction 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 122 244 122 244
TBS Turner 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 139 247 139 247
TCM Turner Classic Movies 65 65 65 65 169 230 132 256 132 256
TLC The Learning Channel 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 183 280 183 280
TNT Turner Network Television 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 138 245 138 245
TRAV Travel 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 196 277 196 277
TRUTV truTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 242 246 242 246
TVLAND TV Land 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 106 304 106 304
USA USA Network 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 105 242 105 242
WE Women's Entertainment 117 117 117 117 117 149 128 260 128 260
WGN WGN America 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 239 307 239 307
CSS Comcast Sports South 28 28 28 28 49 70
ESPN Entertainment Sports 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 140 206 140 206
ESPN2 Entertainment Sports 2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 144 209 144 209
FS1 Fox Sports 1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 150 219 150 219
FSN Fox Sports Network 72 72 72 72 56 77 423 654 423 654
GOLF Golf Channel 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 401 218 401 218
NBCSN NBC Sports Network 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 159 220 159 220
SUN Sun Sports 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 422 653 422 653
NICK Nickelodeon 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 170 299 170 299
TOON Cartoon Network 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 176 296 176 296
CNBC Financial News/Talk 39 39 39 39 37 102 208 355 208 355
CNN Cable News Network 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 200 202 200 202
CSPN Congress 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 210 350 210 350
FNC Fox News Channel 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 205 360 205 360
MSNBC News/Talk 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 209 356 209 356
SNN SNN Local News 6 6 6 11 11
CMTV Country Music TV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 166 327 166 327
MTV Music Television 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 160 331 160 331
VH1 Video Hits 1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 162 335 162 335
CINE Cinemax 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 310 515 310 515
CINE2 Cinemax 2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 312 517 312 517
DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HBO2 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
HBO3 Home Box Office 3 304 304 304 304 304 404 302 503 302 503
SHOW Showtime 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 318 545 318 545
2 TMC The Movie Channel 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 327 554 327 554

On the Cover

Gritty Drama Full of


FYI Televsion, Inc.
Police dramas are nothing new,
but "Gang Related," premiering
Thursday at 9 p.m. on FOX, takes
the genre into new territory. While
there are criminals to catch each
week, the show digs a bit deeper.
Detective Ryan Lopez (Ramon
Rodriguez, "The Wire") is a great
cop working for the elite Gang
Task Force (GTF), but he has also
pledged his allegiance to one of the
most dangerous men in Los Ange-
les, Javier Acosta (Cliff
Curtis, "Live Free
or Die Hard").
Their 1.,,ndl
was forged I,,I n
Ryan was ju ti
kid and Ja'i,,
took him uil, I
his wing. But th1
members of t1, q
task force lInt
know ab, ",it

Ryan's ties to Acosta, the head of
Los Angelicos, one ofthe most dan-
gerous gangs in the city. "It allows
us to show two sides of things," says
executive producer Chris Morgan,
"and have characters get in argu-
ments about stuff. It's good plot
stuff. Good social commentary."
Ryan is torn because he be-
lieves in what the GTF is doing,
and he's growing close to the
team, which includes his partner,
Cassius Green (RZA, "Californi-
cation"), Tae Kim (Sung Kang,
"Fast Five"), Vee Dotsen (Inbar
Lavi, "Underemployed") and
their leader, Sam Chapel
(T,-rry O'Quinn, "Lost").
"I think my char-
acter hopes there's an
end game;' says Ro-
driguez, "but I think
I e sees throughout the
,a >son that it's not that
S,'. You know, there's a
t, in. if challenges going on,
whether it's with

the family and the family trying
to get out or whether it's with the
GTF and the GTF trying to take
down his family. I think it just con-
tinues to get more complex as the
season goes on. In the beginning,
I think things were very simple at
one point and he thought, 'Yeah,
this is a great way to get the family
out, it's working.' And things re-
ally just get complicated, and right
now he doesn't see an end game, I
don't think, but he hopes for one."
The idea for the series came
from a video Morgan watched that
was taken off a police dash cam.
It showed a man trying to rob a
store who used military tactics
and an assault rifle. "So, what they
realized is the gangs are sending
their members into the military to
become trained so they can come
back and fight on the streets," says
Morgan. 'And I started thinking
about that and thought, Well,
what if LA.'s gang task force had
a gang member infiltrate like that,
and what if he's pulled? What if
we pick him up at a time when,
you know, he's been one thing his
entire life, which is a gang mem-
ber, someone loyal to a family, and
then now he has this new family.
'And I won't get too much into
it," Morgan continues, "but one of
the things that I thought was al-
ways interesting for us is a little bit
about the nature of gangs, the fact
that, historically, gangs would be
some sort of minority that comes
into a larger group and is disen-
franchised, doesn't get an opportu-
nity, and so for safety or for some
other reason, they bond together,
Sand they bond together for the
right reasons, which is love
of family, protection, but
along the way there's other
elements that go with that,
which is violence. And es-
pecially with Ramon and
the character of Ryan, he's
:,I :,m who we have a chance now
to show, you know, a very gray side
to everything. One of the things I
think is most compelling is that,
you know, every hero has a dark
side, and every villain has some-
thing heroic in them. And so we

Terry O'Quinn returns to televi-
sion as the head of an elite team
of law enforcement officers
on "Gang Related," premiering
Thursday at 9 p.m. on FOX.

are able to take these two worlds
and kind of put those together."
The cast is diverse, and the
show's writers take advantage of
that with incredible results. "We
were in the editing room just the
other day, and we have this one
stretch of scenes;' says Morgan,
"and they are each long dramatic
scenes. And the first one is entirely
in Korean, the second one is entirely
in Russian, the third one is entirely
in Spanish, and the last one is in
English. And it's not like a blend or
anything like that. These guys kill
it, I mean, to be able to learn that
and to come in and convey that.
We embraceit, not only in the writ-
ing room, but in terms of the story
and what you will see in the series."

Cover Story................................ 3
Sports ..................................... 4-5
Soap Update ............................. 21
Radio/News/Weather............... 5
OQ&A........................................... 11
TV Crossword.......................... 42
Movies ..................................... 48
guide to symbols
**** = Exceptional**-*- = Good
**-= Fair* = Poor
Symbols & codes:
(CC) = Close Captioned, 'R' = Repeat,
'N' new, (HD)' = High Definition,
DVS = Descriptive Video Service,
iTV = Interactive television, T =
Parental Guidelines forTV:
You may see rating codes on your
TV screen Here what they mean
'Y'- appropriate for all Children 'Y7'
appropriate for 7 and older 'G'
general audience 'PG'- parental
guidance suggested '14'- 14 and
older 'M'- 17 and older
Along with the rating codes mentioned
above, you may see additional
abbreviations Here's what they
mean 'AC'- adult content 'AH'
adult humor 'AL'- adult language
'AS'- adult situations 'BN'- brief
nudity 'GL'- graphic language 'GV'
-graphic violence 'MT'- mature
themes 'MV'- mild violence 'SC'
sexual content 'SSC'- strong
sexual content 'V- violence
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audiences 'PG'- parental guidence
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suggested for children under 13
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1-800-Comcast or
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ter this weekly book is printed. More accurate
TV schedules are in our daily Sun Newspaper
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2:00 p.m. ESPN Get to Know
Newton 250from Iowa
Speedway in Newton, Iowa
7:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Qualifying Coca-Cola
600from Charlotte Motor
Speedway in Concord, N.C.
10:30 a.m. ESPN2 NASCAR Na-
tionwide Series Qualifying
History 300 from Charlotte
Motor Speedway in Concord,
N.C. (Live)
2:45 p.m. ABC History 300
from Charlotte Motor Speed-
way in Concord, N.C. (Live)


4:30 p.m. FS1 Texas Long-
horns at Kansas State Wild-
cats (Live)
10:30 a.m. SUN SEC Tourna-
ment: Day 1, Game 1 from
Hoover Met Stadium in
Hoover, Ala. (Live)
11:00 a.m. FSN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 1,
Game 1 (Live)
10:30 a.m. SUN SEC Tourna-
ment: Day 2, Game 1 from
Hoover Met Stadium in
Hoover, Ala. (Live)
11:00 a.m. FSN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 2,
Game 1 (Live)
10:30 a.m. SUN SEC Tourna-
ment: Day 3, Game 1 from
Hoover Met Stadium in
Hoover, Ala. (Live)
11:00 a.m. FSN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 3,
Game 1 (Live)
11:00 a.m. FSN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 4,
Game 1 (Live)
11:00 a.m. SUN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 5,
4 Game 1 (Live)

7:30 p.m. FSN College Base-
ball ACC Tournament: Day 5,
Game 3 (Live)

2:15 p.m.WGN Milwaukee
Brewers at Chicago Cubs
3:30 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Los Angeles Angels
of Anaheim (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at San Francisco Giants
7:00 p.m. ESPN MLB Baseball
Teams TBA (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Philadelphia
Phillies at Miami Marlins
7:00 p.m. SUN Oakland Ath-
letics at Tampa Bay Rays
8:00 p.m.WGN New York Yan-
kees at Chicago Cubs (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Philadelphia
Phillies at Miami Marlins
7:00 p.m. SUN Oakland Ath-
letics at Tampa Bay Rays
7:00 p.m. FSN Milwaukee
Brewers at Miami Marlins
7:00 p.m. SUN Boston Red
Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
10:00 p.m.WGN Chicago Cubs
at San Diego Padres (Live)
4:00 p.m. FS1 Texas Rangers
at Detroit Tigers (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Milwaukee
Brewers at Miami Marlins
4:00 p.m. SUN Boston Red
Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
7:00 p.m. FOX MLB Baseball
Regional Coverage-Teams
TBA (Live)
10:00 p.m.WGN Chicago Cubs
at San Diego Padres (Live)

8:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA Lot-
tery (Live)

- '
Sang-Moon Bae fought
through terribly windy
conditions to shoot 1-un-
der 69 in the final round
and win his first PGA Tour
title at last year's "HP
Byron Nelson Champion-
ship," and CBS will air this
year's final round from
Irving, Texas, Sunday at
3 p.m.

8:30 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA
Playoffs Teams TBA (Live)
9:00 p.m. TNT 2014 NBA Play-
offs (Live)
8:30 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA
Playoffs Teams TBA (Live)
9:00 p.m. TNT 2014 NBA Play-
offs (Live)
8:30 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA
Playoffs Teams TBA (Live)


9:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 Boxcino
- Finalsfrom Turning Stone
Casino in Verona, Calif.
10:00 p.m. HBO HBO Boxing
After Dark (Live)


Champions Tour
3:00 p.m. GOLF PGA Cham-
pions Tour Golf: Regions
Tradition: Final Round from
Shoal Creek in Shoal Creek,
Ala. (Live)

Noon GOLF PGA Champions
Tour Golf: Senior PGA Cham-
pionship: First Round from
Harbor Shores in Benton
Harbor, Mich. (Live)
Noon GOLF PGA Champions
Tour Golf: Senior PGA Cham-
pionship: Second Round
from Harbor Shores in Ben-
ton Harbor, Mich. (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC PGA Champi-
ons Tour Golf: Senior PGA
Championship: Third Round
from Harbor Shores in Ben-
ton Harbor, Mich. (Live)

5:00 p.m. GOLF Kingsmill
Championship: Final Round
from Kingsmill Resort in Wil-
liamsburg, Va. (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Airbus Mobile
Bay LPGA Classic: Third
Round from RTJ Golf Trail in
Mobile, Ala. (Live)

1:00 p.m. GOLF HP Byron
Nelson Championship: Final
Round from TPC Four Sea-
sons Resort in Irving, Texas
3:00 p.m. CBS HP Byron
Nelson Championship: Final
Round from TPC Four Sea-
sons Resort in Irving, Texas
3:00 p.m. GOLF Crowne Plaza
Invitational at Colonial: First
Round from Colonial Country
Club in Ft. Worth, Texas
3:00 p.m. GOLF Crowne Plaza
Invitational at Colonial:
Second Round from Colonial
Country Club in Ft. Worth,
Texas (Live)
1:00 p.m. GOLF Crowne Plaza
Invitational at Colonial:
Third Round from Colonial
Country Club in Ft. Worth,
Texas (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS Crowne Plaza
Invitational at Colonial:
Third Round from Colonial
Country Club in Fort Worth,
Texas (Live)


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9:30 a.m. NBCSN 2014 IIHF
World Championships:
Preliminary Round Group
B United States at Finland
5:30 a.m. NBCSN 2014 IIHF
World Championships:
Preliminary Round Group B
Germany at United States
1:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 IIHF
World Championships: Quar-
terfinal fromm Minsk Arena

3:00 p.m. NBC 2014 NHL Stan-
ley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA
3:00 p.m. ABC 2014 NHL Stan-
ley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA
8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)

8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBC 2014 NHL Stan-
ley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA


UEFA Soccer
2:00 p.m. FOX Atletico Madrid
vs Real Madrid (Live)



1. Name the last St.
Louis Cardinals pitcher
22 or younger before
Shelby Miller in 2013 to
win 10-plus games in
his first 20 starts of a

2. In 2013, Chris Davis
became the fifth
Baltimore Oriole to hit
40 or more home runs in
a season. Name two of
the first four to do it.

3. When was the last
time before 2013
that the University of
Wisconsin football team
opened the season with
back-to-back shutouts
of opponents?

4. In 2013, Miami's
LeBron James became
the third NBA player
to be named The
Associated Press Male
Athlete of the Year. Who
were the first two?

5. Between 2000 and
2009, five goaltenders
tallied a goal during an
NHL game. Name three
of them.

*(900Z) UOSAI S!JuLIo
pup (tO00Z) ueuoJON
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!U1BA3 '(TOOZ)
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(986T) PJ!3 AJJ1-1 "1

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)UQJJI pue oJ!aLUIed
lJaeal 'al!jUauEJ W!r
'uosjapuv APpeJ3 "Z

u! 'UOIJBQ aAa1s "T


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King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: My girlfriends and I
had a lot of fun watching
Lifetime's adaptation
of V.C. Andrews' book
"Flowers in the Attic."
Are there plans to turn
any more of the books in
the series into movies? --
Steff S., Orange Park, Fla.

A: You're in luck, Steff.
Lifetime has indeed
filmed the sequel to
"Flowers," which is
called "Petals on the
Wind." It is scheduled
to premiere Monday,
May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
If you aren't familiar
with the books, the
film begins 10 years
after the Dollanganger
siblings have escaped
the attic where their

mother, Corrine
(Heather Graham), and
grandmother Olivia
(Ellen Burstyn) kept
them locked away for
more than two years.

"Petals on the Wind"
continues to follow the
twisted plight of the
family, a decade after
Cathy (Rose Mclver),
Christopher (Wyatt
Nash) and Carrie (Bailey
Buntain) escaped from
their grandparents' attic
at Foxworth Hall. But as
they attempt to move
beyond their sordid past,
they soon discover that
certain secrets can't be
left behind.
When Cathy finds
herself in an abusive
relationship with a
fellow dancer, Julian
(Will Kemp, "90210)",
Christopher and Cathy
are forced to face the
forbidden feelings
they developed for one

another while coming
of age during captivity.
But when tragedy strikes
the Dollangangers once
again, Cathy returns to
Foxworth Hall to confront
her grandmother and
seek revenge on her
mother with a plan to
seduce her husband,
Bart (Dylan Bruce).

Q* You had mentioned
a while back that
"Mistresses" would
be returning to TV this
summer. I've been
looking for a premiere
date, but can't find out
when it'll be back. Can
you help? -- Holly T. in
West Virginia

A: "Mistresses" -- which
stars Alyssa Milano,
Rochelle Aytes, Jes
Macallan and Yunjin Kim
-- will return to ABC on
June 2 at 10/9c with a 13-
episode second season.
Based on the U.K. hit

Rose Mclver

series of the same
name, "Mistresses" is a
provocative drama about
the scandalous lives of
a group of four friends,
each on her own path of
Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and

MAY 18

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iE 30 30 30 30 4, (5:25) The Darjeeling Jawbreaker ('99) *1/ An abduction Cloud Atlas (12, Drama) ***/2 Tom Hanks, Halle Berry. A killer be- Getaway
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 42m Linted ('07) (CC) meant as a joke goes wrong, comes a hero, and an act of kndness incites a revolution. (CC) O(13) */2
CINE2 321 321 321 1 321 422:15) Screwed ('00) *'/2 Disgruntled (:40) The Sentinel ('06, Crime) A (:15) The Revenant ('12, Comedy) David Anders. Me, Myself& Irene Per-
S 21321321321321 chauffeur gets back at boss. White House conspiracy (CC) Zombie and his friend hunt for blood. sonalitesclash.
DISN 136 136 136 13699 45 250 Octonauts Mickey(R) Sheriff(CC) DocMc(R) Jakeand Sofia(R) Despicable Me (10)Amasterthief (:45)Uv(R) (:10)Jessie :35) Dog
IN 136136136136 (HD) (R) (14D) (R) (14D) plans his next big heist. (1D) H(R) Blog
10 5 1 iGrumpy (:45) Pooh's Heffalump Movie ('05, Iron Man 3 ('13) ***' 2 Robert Downey Jr. (:15) Quick Change ('90) **'/2 Gremlins
bEN 1 so0 iso 0 is 0 35+0 Men Family) **1/ Roo's new pal. Tony Stark must protect loved ones. (CC) Bank robbers try to skip town. (CC) ('84)
HBn 30202023232 40:15) Aquamarine ('06, Comedy) *-Two girls dis- Real Sports with Bryant World Championship Boxing: Marquez vs. Making of BillyCrystal
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 over and befriend mermaid. (P6) (CC) Gunmbel (HD) Alvarado & Postol vs. Aydin (Replay) (R) (R)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 3 Ned Kelly Robert Klein: UnfairThe Kicking & Screaming ('05, Corn- (:05) Rock of Ages ('12, Comedy) Julianne Dodgeball: True Under-
2 303 303 3033 303 303 402 04) comic performs edy) **- Father-son rivalry. (CC) Hough. Two kids chasing fame fall in love. dog Story ('04)
HB3 304 304 304304 304404 Little Manhattan ('05) A young boy Josie and the Pussycats ('01)** (:15) Big Momma's House 2 ('06, Comedy) ** Veep:De- Bodies('13)
HB03 304304304e304 304404 experiences his first love. All girl band gets discovered. FBI agent in disguise watches suspect. troit (CC)
S HOW 340 340 340 30 340 0 365 (5:35) W. ('08, Drama) **/2 A film (:45) The Truman Show ('98, Drama) Jim Carrey. My Week with Marilyn ('11, Drama) (:15) Billy Joel: TrustCold
HW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 biography of George W. Bush. Man's life is subject of TV show. Blonde bombshell. (R) (CC) IWar. (R) (H1D)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350350 (5:00) Crooklyn ('94) Pov- The Odd Couple II ('98) Two friends (:40) The Out-of-Towners ('99) (:10) The Brothers Bloom ('09, Adventure) Swin-
--M a 3 ------8-erty inf the'70s get into some trouble. (CC) Steve Martin. Calamity in NYC. dling brothers pickthe wrong mark.
.1~, ,, l I J] :Il,, 1 Ill, [ -- [lil,,i Ii Il,,iI 1


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61 u, gram ,- 3:, I..I
ABC PaidPro- PaidPro- :... IndyCarOualifying: Iid,3irii::.II: .. NBACount 2014 NBA Playoffs: T.:- r: TIE-- 11.-.11i)11
281 gram gram "': I-, ..I Mlii
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Y10L 1 u gram gram gram gram /gram gram T fr.m TPC F..ur .r P-.;# in Irirq T.: I.. () (H)
CBS Raw Travel Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Hollyscoop Kickin' It with Byron PGA TOUR Golf: ii I- ,:.n I I.:.:..r Ch rri:.I:. 11 F131i: F.:.ui.J:
ill _-,,i-, ,,0 gram gram hi Allen i v i,, i i hi.:.,n ', -. I-.:.ui :.-i:.:.ri F.:I- :.:.,ii iIi ,r, T. .:i ,.-iiIiiMIi)
NB.C I N aNewsChannel 8 at ,. .Cycling: T.: ;.,u .:. I 3 .:.,i- T-.:.u. 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T.:-ml: TIE iL,.li IIi
si Noon Sunday ii I i-I ..-iiIiiMIi- .
NBC ,Zou il AboutAni- Cycling: T.:.uij .:.4 i ir.:.i -'l :B t..: Ti-.:.u. 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T.-: ri: TiE iI. 1 1 M11111
201 i Nno,'- ume lsili .ridI' .'"3 ii...- il. Mlii __,_. .--/ "
FOX Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- GhostTown E.:i.::rr.:: idriiI:. ,3: Access Hollywood i 1
131 gram gram gram gram gram gram hi,-r i.-,-: i.:Iu .. 3,rl i -i:i| .3:-' 3 I"-'1: i:,iill) 1111
FOX 4 PaidPro- PaidPro- Office (CC) Office Desk Beer Geeks Homes (CC) American LatiNation African American Comedy.TV (CC) (N)
m- 4- gram gram (HID) job. (R) (N) (CC N) (CC (N) Short Films
PBS 3 3 3 3 McLaughlinFlorida(CC) Tothe Con-Gulf Coast WEDU Arts Great Performances at the Met: Rusalka Water creature pursues love Living
_S (N) .(R) traiy(N) (R) (R) but facestrouble in the form of a jealous princess. (CC) (N) (H)) -Tenor(R)
PBS 204 204 16 Woman of the Year A renowned political colum- Death in Paradise Flight Ktchen(CC) Cook's(R) Cooking (R) Martha (R) Home Steep Old House
1N.. nist and a sportswriter start a relationship. attendant. (H1D) (N) (14)) (14)) (lI)) yard. (R)N)
.PBS McLaughlin Wash Wk(R Moyers(N) TheWeek Secrets of the Dead: Ultimate Tut Scientists ex- Egypts Golden Empire Egypt's Golden Empire
_ 3 (N) ()H (HD) (R) (HD) plore story behind Tut. (CC) (R) (H1D) Egypt is reunited. Drastic change. (R)
CW 6 21 6 Step Up 2: The Streets ('08) Y/2 Miracle ('04, Drama) Kurt Russell. An Olympic hockey coach Private Practice Job inter- Rules: The Rules:
NI __4 ___- -An underground dance competition, readies his young team to face the Soviet juggernaut, views (CC) (1HD) Bank Surrogate
CW 4 Ocean's Eleven ('01, Crime)*** George Clooney. An Bait ('00, Thriller) **/2 Jamie Foxx. Petty crook is unknow- 'Til Death 'Til Death
__ I________ ex-con robs three Las Vegas casinos to win over his ex-wife, ingly used b the feds as bait to catch a high-tech thief. (R) (H4D) (HD)
MYN 11 14 Paid Spon- Paid Spon- Kingpin ('96, Comedy) Woody Harrelson. Ampu- Paid Spon- Paid Spon- SAF3 Offshore explo- Community Paid Spon-
Si N scored scored. tee bowler grooms an Amish phenom. (CC) scored. scored. sion. (CC) (N) (HD) (HD)) scored.
MYN 8 9 Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Addams Addams Suspect ('87, Thriller) Public defender sets out to The Juror ('96, Thriller) ** A zealous mob en-
D gram gram find real killer in secretary murder case. (R) forcer victimizes a juror to gain an acquittal. (R)
IND 12 1212 3 12 About Fifty (11, Comedy) *1/2 Two fifty-year-old Rocksteady (10) An aspiring 20-year-old sees 30 Rock (CC) 30 Rock (CC) How I Met How I Met
32 men visit Palm Spring for a vacation. (R) track-racing as hit ticket to a better life. (CC) (H1D) (HD) (HD) (HD)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Monk Monk has the flu. Monk Undercover Monk Death at winery. Monk Trudy comes Monk Disher is run Monk A childhood
N (CC) Monk (CC) (CC) back. (CC) over. (CC) crush. (CC)
WCLF 22 2222 2 Rabbi Ron Phil- Turning Point Evil gov- Christ. & Jewish (CC) Van Penrry Stone Winterfest Concert Se- In Touch with Dr.
S22 Bemis(CC) lips ernance. (CC) (R) Jews IKoevering (N) -ries CharilesStanley (CC)
WRXY 22 Don Wilton Love Wrth Love a Testi- Retro Walk on The Dieti- McGregor Baptist Tommy Difference Through Bi-
M I_,(CC) (N) Child monies of Water can Bates ble(N)
TLF 23 2323 95 El honest y los malvados ('10, Oeste) Craig Rompiendo los limits Fitbol MLS: Sporting Kansas City vs Chicago Robando vidas ('04)Tras
N Myers. Bandido famoso detiene a ladrones. (CC) Fire desde Toyota Park (Diredo) (CC) (lID) un asesino. (CC)
UNIV 15 1515 6 Rep. dep. (11i-i (:50) Futbol de M6xico (Directo) (CC) (HD) Tras la verdad Mundo de El chavo animado Conmo dice el dicho
[62l IwI I famosos. (H1D) Version animada. (ID) Relato y reflexion. (HPD)

A&E26 26 26 26 39 50181 xXx (02, Action) Outlaw agents battles Russian gang. (CC) IStorage Storage IStorage |Storage IStorage Storage Storage
AMC56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (10:02) The Last Samurai ('03) (R) TheGreenMile ('99, Drama) *** Tom Hanks. Aprisonguardmeets a specialconvict. (R) (CC) Knight
API 44 44 44 44 36 68130 RiverMonsters: Unhooked: Lairof Giants IRiverMonsters Man-eating catfish. (R) (HD) River (CC) (R) (HD) River (CC) (R) (HD)
BET 35 3535 35 40 22 270 The Express ('08) Glory Road ('06, Drama) *** First all-black NCAA basketball squad. Ray (04) The life and career of Ray Charles.
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Medicine Medicine (R) IMedicine (R) Medicine (R) IHousewives (CC) (R) Housewives (CC) (R) Hsewives
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 BallsFury (:28) My Cousin Vinny (92, Comedy) New York lawyer. (:58) Role Models ('08, Comedy) Mentors. (CC) South Park South Park
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Epic Homes (HI)) Epic Homes (HI)) Epic Homes (HI)) Epic Homes (HI)) Fast Loud (R) (HI)) Fast Loud (R) (HI))
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Soup (R) Hollywood (R) (HD) Hollywood (R) (HD) Candid (R) (HI)) Total Diva (R) (HD) Total Diva (R) (HD) Dilemma
ESQ 82 82 82 821ff 118 160 Knife (R) Knife (R) Knife (R) Knife (R) IKnife(R) Knife (R) psych: 100 Clues psych Gus babysits. psych: Deez Nups
EWTN 2431243243 12 17 285 Sunday Mass (R) Litany of In Concert (R) Moments In Song Rosary Catechism Parables Priests Consuming
FAM 55 55155 55 10 46 199 (11:30) Sixteen Candles ('84) (CC) Pretty in Pink ('86) **1/2 Teen loves rich boy. Uncle Buck ('89) **1/2 Babysitting uncle. (CC) Club ('85)
FOOD 37 37 373 76 164 Kitchen (R) Trisha's Pioneer ISaveMy(R) America's (R) America's (R) America's (R)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Adventure Something Borrowed (11) ** Old crush returns. (CC) (lID) The Proposal ('09) A boss marries to avoid deportation. IronMan2
GSN179 79 179 1791934 179184 Minute to Win It (R) Minute: Twin Cities Minute "Spare Me." Fam.Feud FamFeud Fa i Fam.Feud Fa Fam.Feud Fam Feud Fam.Feud
HALL 5 5 517 73 240 ItCouldHappentoYou ('94)Copwinslotto. The Seven Year Hitch ('12, Romance) (CC) StraightfromtheHeartLovein VWoming.
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Big Rig (CC) (R) (HI)) Big Rig (CC) (R) (HI)) Big Rig (CC) (R) (HI)) Big Rig: On the Line Big Rig (CC) (R) (HI)) Big Rig (CC) (R) (HI))
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Love lt (CC) (R) (lID) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters HuHunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Keith Urban ILawn Sig.ClubA Sig.ClubA Keith Urban Keith Urban
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Pants 2 ISleepless in Seattle ('93) Tom Hanks. Son plays cupid. Georgia Rule ('07) Out-of-control teen. (CC) You Again ('10) (CC)
OWN58 58 58 58 47 103161 New Earth (N) (4I)) BestofOprahShow ISuperSoul (R)(HI)) New Earth (R) (HI)) Oprah's (CC) (R) (ID) Oprah's (CC) (R) (HI))
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 In the Kitchen with David The host showcases new appliances. Dyson Designs DellTM Comp Sleep Solutions
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 Bar Rescue (R) (HI)) Bar Rescue (R) (HI)) |Bar Rescue (R) (HI)) Hungry (CC) (R) Bar Rescue (R) (HI)) Bar Rescue (R) (HI))
SYFY67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Skyline ('10) *1/2 Red Planet ('00) The Mars astronauts fight to survive. (CC) Pitch Black ('00) *** Monsters after dark. (R)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 The Family That Preys ('08) (CC) Why Did I Get Married Too? (10) *1/2 Ex disrupts couples. Norbit ('07) *1/2 Domineering woman. (CC) (HI))
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Thank Your Lucky Stars ('43) A charity show. (15) Kiss Them for Me ('57) Officers on leave. (:15) Bye Bye Birdie ('63) A fan's farewell. (CC)
TLC 4545 45455g 72 139 Medium (CC) (R) (D) LIMedium U Medium LIMedium LIMedium U Medium ILIMedium LIMedium U Medium ILIMedium LIMedium
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Law: American Jihad Law Love triangle. The Mexican ('01) ** Brad Pitt. Clumsy crook I Love You, Man ('09) ***_
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Bizarre (CC) (R) Bizarre Andrew hunts. Survival (R) RV Upgrades (CC) (R) Houseboats (R) Houseboats (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Top 20 Diaper gag. Top 20(R) Dumbest (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 3's Co. 3's Co. 3's Co. 3's Co. Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Pronounce You Chuck ('07) (CC) 13 Going on 30 ('04) Girl ages overnight (CC) No Strings Attached (11) **1/2 Physical friendship. (R) (CC)
11WE 117 1 111171 117 149 L.A. Hair (R L.A. Hair (R) L.A. Hair (R) IL.A. Hair (R) CSI Miami (CC) (HD) CSI Miami (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Wild Hogs ('O7) (CC( HomeVideos(VPG) MLBBaseball: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs (Lie) (CC) (lI)) 1lOth(lI)) Ocean's11



Bob's Burgers
7 p.m. on FOX
"World Wharf II: The Wharf-
ening (or How Bob Saves/
Destroys the Town Part II)"
Felix makes a questionable
move in an act of despera-
tion that puts Bob and Mr.
Fischoeder in danger, forc-
ing Linda and the kids to
come to the rescue. (HD)

Coldplay: Ghost
7 p.m. on NBC
Multi-Grammy Award-win-
ning musical group Cold-
play debut their upcoming
album "Ghost Stories," per-
forming their new single,
"Magic," as well as other
past hits like "Viva La Vida,"
"Paradise" and "Clocks," all
set to cutting edge 360-de-
gree imagery. (HD)

American Dad!
7:30 p.m. on FOX
"The Longest Distance Re-
lationship" Hayley decides
to move on from Jeff after
his abduction from a year
earlier when she meets
millionaire Matt Davis, but
just as her new relationship
seems to be going great,
Steve and Snot receive a CB
radio message from Jeff.

The Simpsons
8 p.m. on FOX
"The Yellow Badge of
Cowardge" Nelson helps
Bart win the annual "Race
Around the School" when
he beats up Milhouse and
it leaves Bart feeling guilty
about the victory; Homer
fights to bring back the 4th
of July fireworks display
being cancelled for budget
reasons. (HD)

The Good Wife
9 p.m. on CBS
"A Weird Year" Alicia and

Cary are torn apart by a
possible merger between
the Florrick/Agos and Lock-
hart/Gardner firms; Louis
Canning fights for a more
vital role at Lockhart/Gard-
ner; Jackie and Veronica are
left in charge of planning
Zach's graduation party.

Cosmos: A SpaceTime
9 p.m. on FOX
"The lmmortals"The Ship
of the Imagination takes a
journey across the cosmos
to explore the potential of
life forms surviving eter-
nally; the Cosmic Calendar
of the Future holds the
answers to events which lie
ahead in a prospective vi-
sion of the galaxy. (HD)

The Mentalist
10 p.m. on CBS
"Blue Bird" Lisbon is forced
to delay her flight for
Washington, D.C. with Agent
Pike when a new lead from
a cold case arises, and Jane

New Zealand singer-song-
writer Lorde is tied with
Imagine Dragons for the
most nominations at the
"2014 Billboard Music
Awards," airing live from
MGM Grand Garden Arena in
Las Vegas, Sunday at 8 p.m.
on ABC.

is left to face the fact that
he has feelings for her, and
must make a choice on a
new course of action. (HD)


CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 High School Baseball: FHSAA Class 4A Championship High School Baseball: FHSAA Class 7A Championship
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter (N) (CC) (H8) Countdown 4, NASCAR Nationwide Series ([ive) (H14) SportsCenter (N) (CC) (H8)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Softball: Regionals: Site 1, Game 6 (live) Update I\ Softball (live) (CC) (H8) Q Softball (live) (CC) (HP)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 NASCAR K&N (HP) IMonster(N)(H1l) ARCA Auto Racing: Toledo (live) (HD) Best of Q College Baseball (live) (HP)
FSN 72 72 2 72 72 56 77 MLL Lacrosse: New York vs Ohio (Replay) Marlins B Bunch IMarlins I MLB Baseball: Miami vs San Francisco
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 PreGame(N)(HD) | PGATOURGolf (live)(HD) PreGame 11 Champions Tour (live)(HD)) 1LPGATourGolf
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Mecum Auto Auctions: Indy Detailed coverage of all the action. (N) IRacerlTV Cycling(Taped)
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Golden Boy Live (Taped) (8) Polaris Inside RaysLIVE! Q MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay vs Los Angeles (live)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Fairly Fairly Sam&Cat Sam&Cat Thundemin Haunted Sanjay BreadwinneSponge Sponge Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 Regular Regular Universe Universe Grandpa Grandpa Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Scooby-Doo2 ('04)
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 State Tony Blinken. FareedZakaria (R) CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news and updates. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118NewsHQ Housecall NewsHQ(DC)(N) FOX News (H8) Respected I News HQ Carol Aft NewsHQ MediaBuzz(R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Alex Witt (N) (H8) Taking the Hill (N) Meet Press (H8) MSNBC Live (N) Karen Finney (N) Caught (H8)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Daytime (N) News Paid News |Paid News News News News
CMITV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 20 Countdown Videos and news. (R) SNL(CC) (88) SNL Folk-rock band. Jeff Dunham: Arguing America
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced Info unavailable.
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 21 Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming (10) FullCourt FullCourt Game Game T1&T1ny Tl&Tiny Hollywood New ex.
CINE 30 320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:25) Getaway ('13) Race Taken 2 (12) **'/ CIA operative (:40) Freeloaders (11, Comedy) Next of Kin ('89) A gutsy police officer works
N 320 32 32 32 32 20 420 against time. and his wife are targeted. (CC) Guys try to stop sale of home. outside the law to avenge his brother.
CINE2 321 321 321 32131 321 422 Me, Myself & Irene Per- (:10) The Sessions (12) ***A (:45) Supernova ('05) A powerful (:20) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
N 32132132132132121422 sonalites dash. man decides to lose his virginity, force threatens home. (CC) ('02) Monster stalks school of magic.
m n nDISN 13 136 136 1694 Good Luck Good Luck Austin & Austin (R) Jessie(R) Jessie(R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog Con- Austin (R) Austin (R) Austin(R)
ISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 ((R) Ally (R) (HD) (1) (81) iton. (81) (81) ( )
ENC 150 150150110 350 (I11:50) Gremlins ('84) Exotic new pet (:45) 50 First Dates ('04, Comedy) Adam Sandier. Iron Man 3 ('13) ***% Robert Downey Jr. (:45) Lost
EN_ 10 1( 1C 1( I -0 30 spawns violent offspring. Man falls for girl with memory loss. Tony Stark must protect loved ones. (CC) (98)*'
BOn 3303030303040(1130) Billy Crystal 700 Sundays John Oliver Real Time with Bill The (Dead Mothers) (:15)Marti- Snow White and the Huntsman
HBO 302 30 30 30 30 02 400 Influential people. (R) (H) (R) Maher(IVMA)(R) Club ('14) (CC) nez(R) (12) Queen vs. maiden. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Dodgeball (:45)Game of Thrones (:40) We're the Millers ('13, Comedy) Drug dealer World Championship Boxing: Marquezvs. (:45) Making
04 Tyrion vs. Tywin. hire fake family as a cover. (R) (CC) Alvarado & Postol vs. Aydin (CC) (H8)) of
H 3 34 34 34 34 34 44 Warm Bodies ('13) Zom- (:10) Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House Just Like Heaven ('05) A lonely ma (40) Mission: Impossible ('96) Tom
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 bie's romance. of God Abuse scandal. (CC) (H8) falls in love with a g host. Cruise. Agent clears name.
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 BillyJoel (R) $ellebrity ('13) *'% A look at how Notting Hill ('99) **%' Julia Roberts. Movie sta (]15) Alex Cross (12) ** Rachel Nichols.
SHOW 34 3 3 (3 (88 4 1) fame has changed. (NR) (CC) falls for book store owner. (PG-13) (COC) Tracking down a serial killer. (PG-13) (CC)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (:05) Circle of Friends ('95, Drama) **% An Material Girls ('06) Wealthy sib- (:40) Jet Li's Fearless ('06, Action) Shido Carter ('05)
TMu 30 3( 3u 3 3 8awkwaraad small-town girl finds love. (CC) lings are left penniless. (CC) Nakamura. The life of revered martial artist. (CC)
,n I ,n I M N W D I P W F I I


ABC W orid ABC7 News Am erica's FunniestHom e 2014 Billboard M usic Awards &iiii:..: B ,3 :,.:, : r i: :I i ,j3I 3 3d ,:,:-:,' :, r,,:,nh:,,:.1.
ABC Newswith i 6:30pmiii, Videos I, 1 11 II I l- I11. il: ,riij:i .:ii i:, I.. -1t: I :.i 3-i i1,:Ijii ,t: *:,r-, r lii -i.:':,-: 3i 3ri n ,-I.: ,:,-
II Da vid M u lr li, | |I lii.3 .:.u .: l.:.:.' 3 '3 :',: :'' :'3 : i. r il.:- i LI. : :. r, II I I.:.,I',', I',.-, .:.,i '-' 3| ",iri -i'.: r
MI6 D|I:I|____________________ II El|.:. I: Allmi|.
111111 I=,,- .;D I.'' {" i 111)
ABC News Tr,.- 15i1 Worild News America's Funniest Honme 2014 Billboard Music Awards IIiiI:..:. 3 B 1 iriuil ::i':ri.:., Ii.: Iu.31 r 1 ii.:1i. ,.1 P.:.:.:-
.8 1 l il i iI V ld e o s i i Hi|II II i :, : i -: -: ri .:. -: l l i
ABC Worild News News im Amernca's Funniest Home 2014 Billboard Music Awards I:,iii:..:. *i3 1ir-iui .:.:-i.-,:.l-i ii.:iu.3-. r 11ii.: .i-.- i.:.:.P-
40a1 IHiiII V ldeos i I, l ll IIII il3 : -i:': 1 i.:. ,.:riE 1 1|HI:1
CBSEvening 10 News T h-.: 60 Minutes i, ii, i)111 The Amazing Race: TheGoodWife: 1.3 .3i TheMentalist: iu I:ii.d L.: :-,ri
C B S ,,Ne w s 1 51i. i .:i-i I A ill-S ta rs I, MII h.: i iri,3 .' .i i, .:. i | .i1i .Ili -.i I I .:i 5I-n i ',. : .i ,

CBS 1 CBSEvening NewsIII, MI,1 60Minutes MIIIIII)I The Amazing Race: TheGoodWife: 'd. ,i, TheMentalist: I: u., 31i i:
-_ll__ -___"___ _i_______iii""i __:,___All-Stars I I I-: : i. Ii'II Il II' III III II, *: i il _
NewsChannel NBC Nightly Coldplay: Ghost Stories Amencan Dream Builders: Saturday Night Live: Tr. .:..-i .:i :IIl Tri. ,riri
N BC 8 at6:00 1 I. : New s W eek- , |:dl i .1-i:l.i .:.i I .:. i...:. il i .:r.u .3. i.:.i. :.i .:r.i. -i Ii.:. i, .- .. i.:.- I. I- I.. i I.:.i.:.i.-.3 II' ii1
_',_____ -r, e d on(HD) 1"'' ll_(HD)) members. (CC) (R) (HD))
NBC News (N) (HD)) NBC Nightly Coldplay: GhostStories American Dream Builders Saturday Night Live: The Women of "SNL" Women are
2 ______ News (N) Coldplay performs. (N) (HD) Two are sent home. (N) honored with clips, new skits. (CC) (R) (HD))
FOX 13 6:00 News News Bob's Burgers American The Simpsons Family Guy: Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odys-FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 aeventsofthedayareexamined Bobindanger Dad! Hayley Bartfeelsguilty. Chap Stewie sey: The ImmortalsLifeforms riesofthenewsdayareup-
3 33 and reported by the FOX 13 (CC) (N) (HD)) moveson.(N) (CC) (N) (HD)) Stewie's rage. surviving eternally. (CC) (N) (HO)) dated by the FOX 13Nightly
_____ News Team. (N) (HD)1 (N)I News Team. (N)
FOX 4 4 4 ParadiseTV ParadiseTV Bob'sBobin DadHayley Simpsons(N) FamilyGuy(N) Cosmos:A SpaceTimeOdys-FOX4 News at Ten Nightly
S_____ _____danger. moves on. (HD)) (H)) sey: The Immortals news report (N)
PBS PBS WEDUArts John Glenn:A Life of Service Call the Midwife Chummy's Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge II Tempers flares as Loxley
3___ ___ __ Newshour(N) Plus (R) The man in space. mother (CC) (N) (HD)) clashes with Harry; journalist visits Selfridges. (N)
PBSAsk 204 This Chili P.Allen:Extre- Pioneers of Television Minor- NOVA Social groups. (CC) (R) Lewis and Clark: The Journeyof the Corps of Discov-
04 plants mes (N) ties on TV. (R) (H1)) (HD4)) eryLewisand Clarkexplore unknown lands. (HD))
PBS 3 3 Egypfs Golden Empire Hittite Antiques: Wn-Antiques (CC) Call the Midwife Chummy's Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge II Tempers flares as Loxley
3 defeated. (R)(HD) chester Imother (CC) (N) (HD)) clashes with Harry; journalist visits Selfridges. (R)
CW 1 21/2Men(CC) 21/2Men(CC) BigBang(CC) BigBang(CC) HowlMet(CC) HowlMet: Modern(CC) Modern(CC) WINK News @10pm(N) (H)
21 (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) BabyTalk (HDP) (HD))
CW 9 9 9 4 Friends (FVPG) Friends (WG) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) CSI: Miami: Going Ballistic The CSI: Miami: Resurrection Criminal Minds: Zoe's Reprise
W (CC (CC) (HD)) (HD)) team is hunted. Horatio's shooter (HD)) Copycat killer (HDP)
MYN 11 I I While She Was Out ('09) ** Lady encounters violent Seinfeld:The SeinfeldAlot Raymond (CC Community Our Issues Whacked Out
1N _4 thugs in mall lot who torment her and security. (CC) Sponge of gum. (CC)(HD) (CC) (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends (CC) Friends (CC) FamilyGuy FamilyGuy Fargo ('96, Crime) ***/2 A pregnant police chief trails Leverage: The Ho, Ho, Ho, Job
9 (CCO) (CC) two umbling kidnappers wanted for murder. (R) (CC) Old foe. (CC) (HD)
IND (CC) (CC) Big (CC) ENg Bang(CC) Glee: The New Rachel Audi- Glee: Britne 2.0 Britney OfficeAction TheOffice
2 ( HD4 (HD (HD) HD() tions. (CC) (HD) Spears. (CC) (HD) movie. Deskjob.
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 11 Monk World of fashion. (CC) Monk: Mr. Monk Bumps His Monk Stottlemeyer's wife. (CC Monk Diamond heist. (CC) Monk Outer space alibi. (CC)
le--I _________ Head Monks amnesia.
WCLF 22 2222 2 Monumental: In Search of America's Na- Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Grace For Knowthe ChiistforAII Jesse
22 tional Treasure *12 American ideals. Today Cause (CC) Nations Duplantis (CC)
WRXY 22 10 The Good Life Perry Stone Great Awakening Tour Connection Saving the In- Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
4 49 _____(__)(CON)_ (COC) vestor ment tion
TLF 23 23 23 95 (5:00) Robandovidas ('04) Tras Mi nombre es Modesty ('04) Una joven En el Valle de las Sombras ('07, Drama) *** Una pareja busca a su
S0 _____ un asesino. (CC) diestra en el mundo criminal. (R) (CC) hijo que desaparecio des ues de reg resar de Iraq. (R)
UNIV 1 1 Humores (CC) Noticiero Aquiy ahoraPeriodismode Nuestra belleza latina: La Gran Final (CC) (N) (HO) (:05) Sal y pinienta Tras las
62 Univisi6n (N) investigacin. (N) (HD() c maras. (CC) (N) (HD)

A&E 26262626 9 50181 Storage Wars Duck Taxi- Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck: CEO for Duck (CC) (R) Duck: Duck Men's (31) Duck (R)
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 (0 181 dermygi ft. (H(H(Ha Day (H)) Si-Yonara(R) tradition. (HD))
I 56 56 56 5 5 1 (5:30) The Dark Knight ('08, Action) **** Christian Bale, Michael Caine. A new en- TURN Former adversary. (CC) Mad Men: The Strategy Re-
AMC__ 56 56 56 56 30 3 21 emy attacks Gotham City and develops a personal enmity for Batman. (CC) (HD()) I(N) (HD)) search and dubs. (N)
I 44 44 44 44 6 10 nRiverMonsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked RiverMonsters: Unhooked RiverMonsters:Bone Crusher River Monsters Wade's tech-
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 1 Piranha-like fish. (R) Over 300 pounder (R) Recalling tragedy. (N) Unusual injuries niques (CC)(N) (HD1))
BET 35 3535 35 40 222 0 (4:00) Ray ('04, Drama) Ray Charles rises from humble be- The Color Purple ('85 Drama) ***/2 Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover. A black
BET 3i 3 3 3 2 gnnings to become a music industry icon. (CCt) woman growing up in the South in the 20th century suffers hardships. (PG-13) (CC)
(he Real Housewives ofAt- The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At- Married to Medicine Tense The Real Housewives of At-
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 5 18 lanta: Reunion, Part 3 lanta NeNe dines (R) lanta Guys'night out fashion show. (N) lanta Guys' night out.
COM 66 66 6666 15 07 (:58)South (:29)South (:59) South SouthPark: Superbad ('07, Comedy) ***12 Jonah Hill, Michael Cera. Nerdy high KattWilliams
COM 6 6 i 219Park (R) Park (R) Park(R) Raisins schoolers go to great lengths to buy liquorfora party. (R) (CC) () (1VMA)
DISC 40 40 40 40 254310 Fast N' Loud 1972 Ford Dual Survival: Deadly Dunes Dual Survival: Glacial Downfall Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv-
S40 40 4Pantera. (CC (R) (H) Desert & mountains Surviving glacier. ing offthe land. (HD)) ing off the land. (HD()
E! 46 4646 46 27 26 96(5:30) The Dilemma ('11) A man must decide whether to re- Total Divas: Red and Gold Bat-Total Divas Bachelorette Total Divas Bachelorette
46 I veal a secretto hisfriend and business partner. tie outside ring. (R) party. (N) (HD)) party. (R) (HD))
ESQ 82 82 82 82 1o o i 16( Movie Parks (C) (HD) Parks& Rec.: Parks Budget Parks: The De- Parks: Bus Parks Election
ES 118118160________________________________Lucky cuts bate Tour(HD) Day.
EWIN 243 243 243 12 1187 2 TheChurch Crossing(V/G) The Worild Over News from Sunday Night Prime:Sr. Mary Chesterton (IV Rosary(TV G) EWTNTheology
EWN 243(R24324312 17 28 (R) around the world. (CC) Gabriel Devlin (N) G) (R) Roundtable (N)
FAI 5 5 5 55 10 46 199 (5:30) The Breakfast Club ('85, Drama) De- Grease ('78, Musical)*** John Travolta. During the 1950s, a teenager Miss Congeniality ('00) **y2
Fl___ 11 t5 55 55 10 4 ", mention brings teens together. (CCO) falls for a squeaky-clean new girl in school. (PG) (CC) (HD)) Undercover beauty.
FOOD 37 317 37 17 -76 America's Best Cook America's Best Cook Tough Guy's Grocery Games: America's Best Cook: Cutthroat Kitchen: Hakuna
FOO 3 3 7 Brunch challenge. (R) ingredients. (R) Caughtinthe Middle(N) ThunderdomeFinale(N) Frittata(N)
( 5 4 5:30) IronMan 2 ('10)TonyStarkfindshimselfsurrounded This Means War ('12 Action) **12 Two CIA operatives This MeansWar ('12, Action)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 byenemieswhowant the secrets of Iron Man. discoverthat the are dating the same woman. Dating samewoman.
GSN 179179 179 1719 4 179184 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Shop 'til You Shop til You Shop til You Shop tilYou Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
GSN 1791791717)34 1718IVP P Drop Drop D Dro Drop Game(R) Game(R) Game(R) Game(R)
The Sweeter Side of Life ('13) After a socialite is divorced Signed, Sealed, Delivered: It Could Happen to You ('94) **12 Nicolas Cage. Cop
HALL 5 17 73 24 by her rich husband, she works for a bakery. The Edge of Forever and waitress split lottery jackpot. (PG) (CC) (HD()
T Big Rig Bounty Hunters Thief; PawnStars(R) PawnStars(R) PawnStars(R) PawnStars(R) PawnStars(R) PawnStars(R) Pawn Stars: Road Test The
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 6 s 128 hgtage. (R) (HD)) (HD)) (H1)D) [(H1) (HD)) (H1)) (H1)41))Who bass (R) (HD))
HHOME 41 41 41 41 42,16 Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC() (R) Hunters Life Puerto Life Sint Hunt Pacific Hunt (R) Alaska Alaska Alaska (R)
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 16 ) (HD (HD Dastn, Fla. Rico.(R) Maarten.(R) views. (R) return.
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Electronic Connection Sig.Club A Sig.Club A Keith Urban Keith Urban
SIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 (:00) You Again ('10)**/2 Movie Drop Dead Diva: Hope and Devious Maids: The Bad
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 14Kisten Bell Sisters rval. Glory Cosecall. (N) Seed Jealous feelings.

MAY 18

OWN 58 58 58 58 11 Oprah'sLifeclass ri :.ri.i OprahsLifecbssEf..i.:.:.r OprahsLifeclassl iiluiBi"Ini OprahsIlhII11h11,1 Oprah'sMasterClass-:B.-.
'W XX "X *'..:I..;|, IH;}IHitI _______ k. :l,-E |ll|}I ;|H Itl| ____.___ iI', l-.X |lI ;}|Ht;} I _________________i' :i,'l' .jl-i; }I IHII _______

I- 51 51 51 BarRescue: Jon ofthe Dead Bar Rescue Failing sports Hungry Investors: The Steak Hungry Investors: .-iI:.:jri, Bar Rescue iB,1ii iij' I:.'i
SPIKE 63 I5 5 a/ Las Vegas. (R 141)) bar. (R) (H1)D) Mistake (C) (R) land Ground (N) '____{'i)i "
S61 61 61 61 253164 1804:00) Pitch The Chronicles of Riddick ('04, Science Fiction) **% Fugitive criminal Underworld: Rise ofthe Lycans i'' Tri,,iIl., 1i.:- B.:-ii
___SY ______7__7 Black ('00) faces off against invading empire of genocidal Necromongers. Sheen. The origins of the Lyca,,r ,rii|:,i, i.-u, I,,
TBS i 5 59 59 3 62 52 Barbershop ('02, Comedy) **% A man sells a barber- Tower Heist ('11, Comedy) Everyda workers decide to TowerHeist 1ii :-i 1iir.'>,i.:.rI
TBS shop that has become a neighborhood institution. steal back the money a billionaire took from them. B 511 :i.-iei.I1I'
S ,. ,.Gidget (5 C omed'1 a teengae airl findS herself Gentleman's Agreement ('47 A writerr goes under'x"er i 'I Pinkyi 4-I .. Ir. r -
,:m i. ..: u 'i-ii l:,-r -,-,-r, r -:,- : 1, I.: h., i in':r'i- r'i,,l B: r ., 'i, :, : I 'i' i 'li 1ih-ii.:. :;I !.:I ill 1_
TLC -. UMediumih LIMediumih LIMediumih LIMediumih Long Islasbnd Medium I1: Long Island Mediumonithe Quints by Surpnse: Tr,-.
TL ( ".MI [iII [iII [til.') '|: I".: 1.'; iHt l) Road:11' i.- 'I.': rIjt :." ),Ti ii IIIHI:
TNu TheChange-Upi 11 I':'.-. i, .:. :..:i I.:r.: 313 .-:i TheHangoveri' '.: '.-.: -rn'-.:,i.: r.: .p i:.:.:I.i.:. i .TheHangover i''r? -I.:.
__ I __I rri r i i 1:,1 .1:. i .:: .:.. lill..i ; .il',l:1 .. :.d -. I" Il.:...q.:ll,.-: 3 Id. Z.-i ;|: .li .l..: ; L.* : | I'nljl,,l 11 ..1.i *:q3I
TRAV 69 69 6969 260 7 Domination Domination Trip Flip (CC)(R) Tip Flip (CC)(R) Mysteries atthe Museum Mysteries at the MuseumAn- Hotel Secrets & Legends
TRAV 69 69 ) (R) (R (HD) (HD) Binders and a box. (R) tique gametable.(R) Killer hotel. (N)
TRUT- 63 6 63 63 5 30 N3 World's Dumbest.. Comic World's Dumbest... Unbal- JokersWater Jokers (R) Impractical Impractical The The
iTUTV 3 pepper spray. (R) anced dancer. (R) park (R) Jokers Jokers Carbonaro(R) Carbonaro(R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan's 1(:49) Gilligan's (CC) (H)) Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3 3434 52 50 Law & Order Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: SVU Biological
USA 34 34 UnitSerial rapist. Unit No memory. Unit: Futility (HD)) Unit:Sacrifice search. (1V14)(HD)
WE 11711711717 1171149 CSI: Miami Wedding day CSI: Miami: Ambush Horatio CSl: Miami: All In Horatio's CSI: Miami: To Kll a Predator CSI: Miami: Tunnel Vision Bod
W 11 11 murder. (CC) (HD) extradited. (CC) (HD) past; rescuing Calleigh. Vigilante murderer in sinkhole. (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 (5:30) Ocean's Eleven ('01, Crime) An ex-con robs three Wild Wild West ('99) Two government agents team up Salem: Lies (CC) (N) (H))
I, Las Vegas casinos to win over his ex-wife. (CC) to stop a doctor from assassinating the president. ________
CSS 28 2 282849 10 High School Baseball: FHSAA Class 8A Championship (Taped) Talkin Football Boxing: Heather Hardy vs.
2Christina Fuentes
ESPN 29 29 29 9 1 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Baseball Tonight: Sunday MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (live) (HD)
CSPN 2onn. (N) (CC) (HD()) (N) (HD())
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 59 4 Softball (live) NCAA Update 2014 NCAA Softball Championship: Regionals: Site NHRA Drag Racing: Summit Racing Equipment NHRA
() ESPN2 30 3 HD (N) (HD) ( 3, Game 7 (If Necessary (l) (ie(C) (HD)) Southern Nationals (Taped) (lHD)
FS1 48 48 48468 4 College Baseball: Texas Longhorns at UFC Insider(N)UFCCountdown:173:Barao Worid Poker Tour Alpha8 The Ultimate Fighter: Too
81 2 69 83 Kansas State Wldcats (live) ((C) (H1I) (Hi)) vs. Dillashaw (H)D) London Conclusion Salty (CC) (R) (HI))
FSN 72 72 72 7 56 77 MLB Baseball: Miami vs San Marlins LIVE! Marlins(HID) World Poker Tour: WPT Mon- The Best of Pride: Japanese World Poker Tour: WPTMon-
*___ Francisco (li[e) (HP)I) (N) (lID) ftreal Part 2 (T(ped) Fighters (N) (HP)I) treal Part 1 (14D))
GOLF 49 494949 55 60 04 (5:00) LPGA Tour Golf PGA Tour Golf: BMW Charity Pro-Am: Final GolfCentral (N)PGA TOUR Golf: HP Byron Nelson Cham-
u T (ive) (1D1) Round: from Thornblade Club in Greer, S.C. (HiD) (HD) pionship: Final Round (Replay) (HlD)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 (5:00) Cycling (Taped) NHL Live (N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (live) NHL Overtime
-- Fish latsl(D)
SUN 38 4014011 45 517 6 MLB Baseball Rays LIVE! (N) TV (lHD) ShipShape Sportsman Reel Time Fish Flats (lDFishing (HD) Professional Tarpon (HD)
vSUN) (ID)) 6TVI(R) Adv. (HD) (HlD)
NICK 25 25 25925 24 44 252 Haunted (R) Thunderman Sam&Cat(R) Sam & Cat(R) Full Hse (CC) FullHouse: Full FullHse (C) Full Hse Full Hse (C) Full Hse (C)
4NICK 25 25 HI) (R) (HID) (HI)) (DH)) The Test IGrandfather
TN 80 12124 20 25 (5:00) Scooby-Doo2:Monsters Clarence(R) Clarence (R) King Hill (CC) King Hill (CC) k Morty (R Burgers Bob's Linda's Family Guy
_TOON80 80 Unleashed ('04)JJ Dance batte. parents. (IV14)

CNBC 39 39 3939 37 102 Paid IPaid Debt IMoney(N) Marijuana in America (R) America's Gun (R) Failureto Recall: GM (N)
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 (2:00) CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- Anthony Bourdain Parts: Mis- Inside Man: UFO's (N)
___- and updates. (N) known: Rusa (R) sissippi Delta (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 1219 1 Newsmakers The Best of Washington This Week Q&A Interesting people dis- Commons Road to the White House The final cam-
CSPN 18 18 18 18 3 \ a (R cuss their work. (N)eol dpaign weekend in Florida.
NC 4 4 6 6 4 1 FOX News Sundaywith Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
FNC 64 64 64 64 71 Wallace (CC) (HD) wrap-up. (N) (H1D) (N) (HD) ((C) (N) (HPD) ertarian issues. (HlD)
MSNB 83 83 83 185 40103 Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Lockup Cameras explore life
MSNB 8 8 8 40 1 face danger. (I)) face danger. (HP)) face danger. (HI)) face danger. (HI)) behind bars. (HID)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) INews (N) News (N) IPaid Annette News(N) Paid INews (N) SNN Evening Edition (N)
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 (5:30) Jeff Dunham'sAchmed Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity Presented is a comedic Ron White: A Little Unprofessional ('12, Comedy)
Saves America(R) view of a variety of issues facing America. (HID) Comic's irreverent stand-up routine. (NR) (HI))
MT 33 33 33 33 35 48210 16 and Pregnant: Summer Catfish: The TIV Show V\Tmrried Ridiculous (R) Ridiculous (R) Ridiculous (R) Ridiculous (R) To Be Announced Info un-
IV_3i 33 8 1 Teen'saddictedmom. cousin. (R) (1D) (HD) (DH)) (H1D)) (1H) available.
VH1 50 5 50 5043 23 917 Hollywood Exes Mayte is Love & Hip HopAtlanta Pater- Love & Hip HopAtlanta DNA Stomp the Yard ('07, Musical) Troubled teen struggles to
V 0 0 stubborn. (R) (HI)) 1nity question. (R) test results. (R) (H1D) adjust to campus ife and enter step competition.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ('13) A (:45) 42 ('13, Drama) ***'2 A story of bravery and courage in the face of NowYou See Me ('13, Thriller
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 magician splits with his stage partner after a racism is told of a great African-American baseball player and a very heroic*** llusioniststakeon ban
e__ ___ __ erformer steals their fame. manager who changed baseball forever. (PG-13) (CC) heists. (C) (14HD)
(4:20) Harry Potter and the 1:05) Gangster Squad ('13, Crime) *** Sean Penn, Josl Casino ('95, Crime) ***'2 Robert De Niro, Sharon
CINE2 321 321 321321 321 321422 Chamberof Secrets ('02) Brolin. Undercover cops work together to take down an Stone. A casino boss struggles to survive in mob-controlled
___School of magic. (CC) intimidating mob king. (R) (CC) (HPI)) 1970s Las Vegas. (R) (CC) (HI))
Uv and Mad- LivandMad- JessieActing Jessie Birthday I Didn't Do It IDidn't Do It I Didn't Dot I Didn't Do t Austin & Ally Dog with a
DISN 136136 136 136 99 45 250 dieCaptain dieSkate- class. (CC) (R) party. (CC)(R) (Hi) Avoiding Sherri. Cheap skli Sibling rivalry. Newsmoothie. Austin'stour. (R) Blog Middle
___ Maddie. boarding. (HI)) (R) chalet. (R) (R) (R) child (R)
(5:45) Lost in Space ('98, Science Fiction) *12 Gary The Incredibles ('04) ***% Samuel L. Jackson. A 50 First Dates ('04, Comedy)
ENC 150 1501501501 150350 Oldman, William Hurt. An intrepid family is sent into space formersuperherosecretlyreturnsfrom retirementto **'2 Manfallsfor gir with
___ __ to find a habitable planet to colonize. (PG-13) (CC) perform heroic duties. (PG) (CC) memory loss. (CC)
SnowWhite (:45) Fast & Furious 6 ('13, Action) When agent Hobbs stumbles upon a GameofThrones: Silicon Valley Veep Ray's
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 and Hunts- difficult task he asks Dominic and his team for help in an effort to bring Mckingbird Tyrion enlists an Richard's influence. ((CC) (N
___ __man (12) down a rival gang in exchange for clear records. ((CC) unlikelysupporter (N) (HD) demo.(N) (H)
VICE (CC) (HD) LastWeek Real Time with Bill Maher Game of Thrones: The Laws We're the Millers ('13, Comedy) *** Jennifer Aniston,
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 John Oliver (CC (TVMA) (CC) (HD) of Gods and Men Tyrion vs Jason Sudeikis. A drug dealer hires a fake family as a cover
________ (HI)) Tywin. ((CC()(I)) while shipping marijuana. (R) ((C) (HP))
(4:40) Mission: (:35) The Great Gatsby ('13, Drama) *** Upon befriending a wealthy Warm Bodies ('13, Romance) A zombie Making of...
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Impossible neighbor, a Midwestern war veteran soon finds himself embroiled in a learns his romance with a human has set off Film's
___ __('96) Igame staged to reunite a pair of former lovers. (PG-13) (CC) a chain of unusual events. (CC) producton.
Years of Living Calif.: Gettng NurseJackie: Penny Dreadful: NightWork NurseJackie: Califomication Penny Dreadful: Seance
SHOW 340 340 340 340 34 40 365 Dangerously: True Colors the Poison Out RagandBone Victonrian eccentrics investigate Nancy Wood : Kckoff (N) (Hi)) Vanessa& Malcolm attend
___(CC) (R) (1D) ((R) (R) deaths (R) (N) lavish party. (N)
(5:30) Coach Carter ('05) **1 Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Hustle & Flow ('05) *** Terrence Howard. A pimp Blue Caprice (13, Drama)
TMC 350 350 350 350 35 50 385 Ri'chard. A basketball coach benches his team after they spends his spare time realizing his dream of becoming a **'/2 A sniperterrorizes
___ fail to perform academically. (PG-13) (CC) irap artist. (R) (C) (H1D) Washington, D.C. (R)

-~~~~~ I.-r I W ,J, N I ,', P4 m ,J, N= V4:..1 Ell J ,,,, Imjr '
ABC '6I I'T News ETi, Extra ti, Paid ABC World News Now iii, News Newsiui,
ABC 21 News Castle Practice Paid Paid Paid lWorld News oiii News News News
ABC M 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Paid McCarver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1i" "I i" i" News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid i"i Up to the Minute News News INews
CBS iii N News McCarver Paid Inside McNeely Kickin' ItI Minuteou ,ii_,_t_ News New Nws News ,_____
NBC Wl H x x I A News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Meet Press Paid Early News News News
NBC 201 ews Paid Bones Paid Red Crpet Dateline Meet Press Early News News ou
FOX 1I1i lll H :l Hr News Notice ICloser Paid Paid Paid Judy ,Judy News News News )ql
FOX I 4 4 Closer Notice Glee(H)) FHomes 3cRock 30Rock Patemity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS Ci 3 3 3 3 Served? Keep Up As Time OneFoot Call(R) Masterpce. (R) (H) Masters (R) Artist
SPBS.-11 N o d NOVA ii0 i ,i Lewis i,, 11N1 NOVA i=_ iLewis i'' 11111 Bolder Yoga
PBS mo I I I Trekker Ind. Lens 0 1Antiques Masterpce.II Masters Artist
.CWI 'i Queens IOueens Sanctuary Alien Alien Cheaters Paid Paid Harvey 70s "70s
,,CW J ,. *,.,., Criminal Fanil Fanily Mr. Box Mr. Box Paid Paiid aid McNeely Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3U 11 1111 14 Ride Honor Ring Paid Bones Doyle Hollywd OK! TV Paid Paid Shepherd
MYN II 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer lAccess The Vagrant ('92) *'% SeaHunt SeaHunt Shepherd
IND M 121212 31 12 There Yet There Yet Last Action Hero *1/2 Cheaters Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A6 2 2 2 132618 17 Monk Monk Monk Monk Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WCLFU 1 22 22222 2 Tommy Awaken Awaken Prophecy Fruit CTN Spec Copeland Citylife Good Life Jesus CTNSpec Youngren Hmekeep
WIXY4M 2244 10 Life Awaken Awaken Ministry ITurning/ Women B.Gouley Chardes Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 50 2323 23 95 5 Deportivo Impacto ('04) (CC) El honest ('10) (CC) Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIVH 151515 6 Humores Noticiero Verdad Al AIPunto Comodice IHorapico Paraamar Humores Noticiero
i 51 i, I i it l i, I I II it
A&E 262626263950181 Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Paid Dog Bnty tPaide
AMC 5656 56 56 30 53231 TURN (R) Mad Men TURN (R) Mad Men Freaksh Freaksh Small Tn CSI Miami IStooges
API 4444 4444 366813( River (R) River(R) River(R) River(R) River(R) River(R) River(R)
BET 35353535 40 22 27C Color Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 Watch Fashion Housewives Medicine Housewives Watch Fashion Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 152719( Katt Tosh Tosh Schumer S.Park S. Park ark SPak S.Park S.Park Futurama Futurama Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25431 Alaska Alaska Survival Survival Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 416 46 46 27 6 2619 C. Lately Soup Total Diva Total Diva Soup C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 8211111 Knife Knife Knife Knife Knife Knife Eater Eater Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 242432412 17 28 Life (R) Mass (R)Litanyof MaD' w Sunda Guide In Defense Pray Catoue Bookmark Cateches.
FAM 5555555510 4619 Miss ('00) Osteen IMeyer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 37373737 7 161 Kitchen America's Cutthroat Kitchen Guy's (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Means War Rescue Archer Archer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 17179179 34171 NewlywedlNewlywed Newlywed Newywed Mind Mind Pyramid Pyranid Dog Eat Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 Signed Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Fsie Frasier Fras Frasier Fra sier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 651 Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Paid Civil War Paid
HOME 41414141 53 4216 Hunters Hunters Hunt Hunt Alaska Alaska Hunters Hunters Life Life Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 (02) Movie Drop Dead Devious Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 471016 Oprah's Oprah's Master Cl. Berkus Rachael Dr. Phil Phil (HD)
SPIKE 5757 5757296354 Bar Rescue Hungry Bar Rescue BBar Rescue ar Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67 25:641 Battledogs ('13 (NR) War Wolves ('09) 1 Hybrid ('97) *() (R(CC) Twilight Twilight
TBS 59595959326252 Heist **1 Carbonar Carbonar Barbershop ('02) 1*_ 2Norbit ('07) *1 (Cc) e
TCM 65 65 65 65 16 Pinky The Divine Lady *** My Life as a Dog Mice and Men ('39)I
TIC 45454545 5721 Medium Quints Medium U MediuLI Mediur Paid Paid Paid |Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61 61 61 61 285551 Hangover ('09) IThe Chan e-Up (C11) The Mexican ('01) ** (CC) S'ville
TRAV 6969696926(6611 Mysteries M series Legends Mysteries Mysteries Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63636363 50 3018: Top 20 Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Carbonar Carbonar Top 20 Paid Paid Paid Paid
TVLND 62626262315424 Raymond ICleveland SoulMan Queens Queens Queens Queens Golden Golden Golden Golden Curb Your Curb Your
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 SVU (HD) SVU (HD) SVU (HD) Jenkins ('08) **-- (CC) SVU (HD) SVU(HD)
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Salem Salem Salem Best Men ('97 (CC) Home Vid News (N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Boxing Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid aid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter IPlayoffs (Taped) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 NHRA ESPN FC NASCAR Nation. MLB Game (Taped) ISports 3030
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FIA World ARCA Racng (HD)
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Rep lay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 PGA TOUR Golf (Relay) (H) Golf CnIbi Champions Tour PGA
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 5461 90 Cycling Mecum: Indy IMecum: Indy Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 30 3 40140145 57 76 Intothe Saltwater MLB Game (ReplayI ) Trackside Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Failure to AMarijuana iFailure to Paid Paid Failure to Worldwide Ex (N)
CNN 32 32 32 32 183810( Anthony Anthon Inside Man Anthony Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818181837121 0Q&A(R) Questions (:45) Conflict in Central Africa (N) 1(:25) Education Budget (N)
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 Huckabee Hannity Stossel FOX News Huckabee MediaBuzz FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Lockup Lockup ILockup Meet Press Lockup IMeet Press First Look To Eay
SNN 6 66 11 11 News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N)
CINE 32320 32(320 4 You See Me Atomic ('14)'2 IRoadTrip ('Q00) Girl'sGui Warriors ('79) 8 Mile (R)
CINE2 323213213213213214 Casino Me, Myself ('00) (CC) Secrets (12) Reaction ('96) Rumble
DISN 13 1313 1 99 4525 GoodLck Austin Good Lck Good Lck Shake It IA.N.T. Liv IRuff ('05) (CC) On Deck On Deck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15 1515 15 15035 First (:40) Iron Man 3 ('13) (CC() Gremlins ('84) ResidentEvil 2 ('04) 50 SORrst
HBO 30 30 3 40 Oliver Thrones Veep Silicon Oliver Thrones Silicon Veep The Edge ('97) (CC)
HB02 303030 303Beautiful Great (13) (:05) Hot Fuzz ('07) The Sixth Man ('97) Screwed
HB03 M3 34Ted ('12) (CC) (:50) Killer Joe (12) (35) G.I. Jane ('97) -** Richards ('14)
SHOW 3 36 Penny INurseJ. Calif. |Penny INurseJ. Calif. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ('03) Dick Tracy
TMC 3 335( 353503 Caprice The Best Man (99) |King NewYork (90) Requiem (00) Some Girls


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid IPaid Paid IPaid IPaid IPaid Escape from New York ('81) ***(CC) Cop Land ('97) (R)
OINE 320 3 320 320 320 320 4 (5:10) 8 Mile ('02) Rapper Outbreak ('95, Thriller) Dustin Hoffman. A lethal (:10) Jack the Bear ('93) A father Chasing Mavericks ('12) Training to
"INE 3 3 3 3vs conflict virus breaks out in America. cares for his two sons. surf massive waves.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Rumble 1(:40) Crocodile Hunter ('02) (:10) Cobb ('94) **/2 A legend portrayed. 1(:20) The Presence ('10) (C) Thing
P 1501 5015010 3 50 First Dates ('04) (:15) Secret Window ('04, Horror) **l/2 An au- (:55) The Natural (84, Drama) Baseball phenom- :20) SWAT. ('03) **1/2
ENO 10 1 S 1 1 (5 15( ]5 au **12 Memory loss thor is accused of plagiarism. (CC) enon overcomes his past. (CC) Jailbreak plot.
HBO 302 302 302 302 2 2 4 (:05) The Mighty Ducks ('92, Comedy) A lawyer (:15) The Bourne Legacy ('12) A new agent escapes termina- Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
HBO 302 302 30 30 30 30 40 coaches hockey misfits. (CC) tion and seeks to expose CIA crimes. *1/2 Search for rare bat.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (:05) Simon Sez ('99, Action) (:35) Night Roxbury ('98) ** |Pacific Rim ('13) Humanit threatened. (:15) Con Air ('97)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (:10) What Dreams May Come ('98) ICourage Under Fire ('96) Dead pilot. (:05) Fire & Ice A Good Day ('13)
n W 0 3 30 30 30 30 Dick Tracy ('90) Cop Cool Runnings (93) Jamaican men (:45) Hollywdland ('06) A detective is hired to look into the When a Man Loves a
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 fights villains form a bobsled team. mysterious death of George Reeves. Woman ('94)
TMO 350350350 350 35 358 SomeGirils (:45) Beaches (88) **/2 Two unlikely friends share trage- The Double ('11) CIA operatives (:40) Dummy (02) A loser tries his
d dies and3 triumphs over a thirty-year period. search for an assassin, hand at ventriloquism.
TOPM 656655 69 The Charge of the Light Brigade ('36) The Brit- (:15) The Dawn Patrol ('38, Action) **1/2 British Spitfire ('42, Drama) **1/2 Leslie Howard. An
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Jsh cavalrys ill-fatedattack. pilots'trials in World War 1. (CC) aviator designs fighter plane.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid Behind Enemy Lines II ('06) *1/2 (R) (CC) Hitman ('07) ((()
INE 320 320320320320320420 Cruel Intentions ('99) Wicked teen- 1(:45) A Walk in the Clouds ('95) A man pretends War ofthe Worlds ('05) *** Tom Cruise. Fa- Summer
INE 32 4 agers wager in sex. (R) jto be a woman's husband. other protects kids as aliens attack. Sam
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Phenomenon **1/2 Don't Tell Mom ('91) (CC) 1(:45) Asylum Blackout ('11) IThe Newton Boys Brothers rob banks.
ENOr50101505150 The Legend of Zorro ('05) Zorro 1:35) Gung Ho! (86) ** A Japanese company Wagons East ('94) An inept (:20) Hostage ('05) **/2
EN 150 150 150 10 150 350- puts on the mask again. takes over a factory. (PG-13) (C) wagonmaster leads pioneers. Hard dedsion.
HBuO 302002020202 Spy Hard ('96) *1/2 An evil genius Just Like Heaven ('05) **1/2 Man (:15) The Girl ('12) Alfred Hitchcock's FirstLook The Island ('05) Utopian
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 craves world domination, loves ghost. (PG-13) (CC) unhealthy obsession. (R) sodety. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Faculty Fever Pitch ('05) **l/2 Love for baseball. GoldenEye('95) A rogue agent. (CC) Makingof HydePark('13)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Forever Young Asleep for 50 years. lAquamarine ('06) (PG) (CC) (:45) Anna and the King ('99) A teacher in Siam.
nw 0 3 0 30 30 30 3 When a Man Loves a Woman ('94) Will ('11) A boy sees the Champions (:15) The Other Sister ('99, Comedy) Juliette Lewis. A men- For Ellen
SHOW 340 340 340 40 340 340 36 Battling alcoholism. League Final. (CC) tally-challenged woman finds love. (CC) ( 12)
TM 350 350 350 350350 350 385 The Reluctant Fundamentalist (:40) Sarafina! ('92) School girl gets (:20) Toast ('10, Drama) *** Boy challenges The Impossible Tsunami
M 3v 3u 3( 3u 3u 3u ('13) Post-9/11 America. involved in protests. stepmom to cook-off. (R (CNR) (aftermath.
TOM 65656565 92 ( 5) Hold Your Man ('33) -**1/2 Hard to Get ('38) A heiress falls for a Rich Man, Poor Girl ('38) A man The Shanghai Gesture ('41) Dragon
TMv a a oa 1 Woman hides crook. (CC) gas station worker meets his lover's family lady revenge. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia ('09) Scorpion ('02) **
INE 320 320 320 320320 320420 (530) OffAir Station down- Sunshine ('07) Scientists journey to (:50) The Place Beyond the Pines ('13, Crime) ***./2 A Dream House Un-
INE 3 33( 3 ( tu ime. (H()) reignite the sun. (CC) man tries to take care of his family. (R) (W) (overng secrets.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Hide and Seek ('05) **1/2 (Cc) (:40) Alexander ('04) Alexander defeats the Persian Empire. Chain Reaction ('96) ** (CC)
ENO 15015155 1 0 Robin Hood: PrinceA Sparkle ('12, Drama) **1/2 Jordin Sparks. Sis- Arthur ('81) *** Millionaire faces (:40) Firestarter ('84) Girl creates fire
EN 150 150 a 1 a i man's justice15 ters try to make it in Motown scene. choice in life & love. (CC) from thoughts. (CC)
HBO 302302 302 302 302 302 4 Curious George ('06) *** In- Ocean's Twelve ('04, Comedy) A gang recon- (:45) Big Momma's House 2 ('06) FBI agent in M. Hussein
O 0 0 30 30 3 quisitive monkey. (G) (CC) (H)) venes for a European heist. (CC) disguise watches suspect. (CC) (R)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (:20) Love, Marilyn ('12) Film star's life. (:10) Big Daddy ('99) **1/2 (CC) 1(:45) Tomorrow Never Dies ('97) (CC) Millers
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Mondays in The Rocketeer ('91) Jetpack hero. (CC) Last Hug |(:05) G.I. Jane ('97) ** Gender-neutral. (:15) Heaven ('05)
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 Knucklebal :50) Fame High ('12, Profile) *** Los Angeles The Three Musketeers ('11) **1/2 A swords- $ellebrity ('13) *1/2 A look at how
HUW 40 340 34/2 High School for the Arts. (CC) man joins the King's defenders. (CC) fame has changed. (CC)
TM 350 350 350350 Cont'l Div (:45) Circle of Friends ('95, Drama) **1/2 An Material Girls ('06) 1/2 Wealthy sib- (:10) The Woman in Black ('12, Horror) A venge-
T 3v 3 350a 350 3 8u ('81) awkward small-town girl finds love. lings are left penniless. ful ghost terrorizes a village.
TOM 65 656565 169230 Meet the Missus Con- (:15) We're on the Jury ('32) Wrong- Radio City Revels* A country (:15) She's Got Everything ('37) Marriage
I I (test winner. fully accused. (NR) bumpkin composes songs. **Wealthy romance. (NR) Bus.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid TURN (R) (HD)) Backdraft ('91) Brothersfightfire. (CC)
OINE 320 20202020 CoffeeTown (13) Mississippi Burning ('88) ***12 Two FBI (:15) Getaway ('13) Former race car (:45) Rebound ('05) Coach rediscov-
CINE 320 320 32] 320 32 32 42 Stopping change. agents hunt three missing men. (CC) driver must save wife. ers love for basketball.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (5:30) OffAir(HD) Titan A.E. ('00) Matt Damon. (:35) wag the dog ('98) (CC) ICity by the Sea Inquiry into murder. (R)
EN 150 150 150 150 150350 Wreck-It Ralph (12) She's Having a Baby ('88, Comedy) (:50) AntiTrust ('01, Thriller) *1/2 Computer RoboCop 2 ('90) *1/2 The corpora-
NC II ( God intentions Responsibility. (CC) geek's dream job turns deadly. (CC) tion unveils a new cyborg.
HBO 302 302 302 302 302302 4 (5:20) Life According to Conchords The Horse Whisperer ('98) **1/2 When a girl and her horse are hit by a Jack the Giant Slayer ('13) **1/2
HB 302 302 Sam ('13) truck, her mother seeks a cowboy's aid. (CC) Giants vs. humans. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 30 303 402 Black Dog ('98) ** Southern Wild Girl's search. Hot Shots! Part Deux (93) Fast & Furious 6 ('13) Clear records.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Fire & Ice (HD)) Courage Under Fire ('96) Dead pilot. Juan of the Dead ('12) (NR) (35) About a Boy ('02) (CC)
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 All In: Poke Cool Runnings ('93) Jamaican men (:15) Hollywdland ('06) A detective is hired to look into the My Week with Marilyn ('11)***
SHOW 340 340 34 34 34 34 form a bobsled team. mysterious death of George Reeves. Blonde bombshell. (CC)
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350385 WhyStop Now ('12) ** The Country Bears ('02) Old The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 ('11) The Twilight Saga: Breaking
TM 3v 3 3 35 35--- (--8 Dnrug dealer, band reunited. (G) (C) (H)( ** Marrying Edward. (CC) Dawn: Part 2 A daughter.
TM 65 65 6565 169230 High Barbaree ('47) Pilot Thousands Cheer ('43, Musical) **1/2 A sol- Seven Chances Marriage (:15) The Silver Horde ('30) Jean Ar- Danger
T S1 tells of life. dier'sshow leadsto romance. (CC) by7p.m. thur. Fishing battles. ('30)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid Commando ('85) Commando rebels. IMIA ('84) *1/2 (CC)
INE 320 320320 320 320 320 420 Backwoods (:50) Cloud Atlas ('12, Drama) Tom Hanks. A killer becomes a hero, and (:45) Admission ('13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A Batman
INEL 3m 3 3(] 3 3 3( 4 an act of kindness incites a revolution. (R) (CC) woman's Princeton career is at risk ('05
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (:15) Crocodile Hunter ('02) 1(:45) White Noise ('05) Ghosts in static. (:25) Don't Tell Mom ('91) IChamber ('02)
FP 10110101 10 o LZrro (:45) Batman Forever ('95, Action) ** Val Kilmer. Two of Crazy/Beautiful ('01) Poor boy falls (:40) Next ('07) A soothsayer tries to
S150 150 150 10 53('05 Batman's enemies want him gone. (CC) in love with a bad girl. stop terrorists. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302302 4 Justice League: Doom ('12) ***The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ('12) Retirees Makingof Pacific Rim ('13, Action) Charlie Hunnam. Giant
HBO 302 302 30 30 30 30 40 Defeating League. (CC) land in shabby Indian palace. (R) robots fight off alien menace.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Top Gun (45) Dangerous Liaisons ('88, Drama) 1(:45) Primary Colors ('98) Candidate campaigns. (:15) Stories (H))
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Richards John Guare Efrin Brockovich Secretary's crusade. (:20) Last Hug (H)) IThe Great Gatsb Decadent world.
w SW 30 3 30 30 30 :5 (55)Againstthe Tide (13, The Color of Money ('86, Drama) **12 Aging The Truman Show ('98, Drama) Jim Carrey. Noting Hill Unexpected
SHOW 340 340 340 40 340 340 3(65 Sports) pool hustler mentors hotshot. (CC) Man's life is subject of TV show. romance.
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 38 Rain Fall ('09) ** Dead The Out-of-Towners ('99, Comedy) (:35) Pi ('98) A mathematician unlock Beaches ('88, Drama) Bette Midler. Unlikely
TMC 3 3 3 35 35 35 8 whistleblower. *12 Calamit in NYC. a mystic number (R) friends form a lasting bond. (CC)
TOPM 65566 19 Dodsworth ('36) A tycoon learns his (:45) Garden of the Moon ('38, Comedy) **1/2 Indianapolis Speedway ('39, I|d Nightingale (39)
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 wife is cheating. (CC) An unknown band becomes big. Drama) ** Racin brothers Boxing singer
Ir'"'g | T 4f, fI J~ f ]., ]i* :, 1 ', ii* i,, I1i i i*[i!! f i iT,,] K E ,,i E f,


ABC 2 7 11 7 News INews Good Morning America News Millionre. Millionre. The View
ABC 2M 11 News Good Morning America Steven and Chris Right Rig ht The View
ABCJN )7 7 7 10 7 17 News Good Morning America Better America Supreme The View
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AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Co LandCorru tion battle. Speed ('94) Keanu Reeves. Mad bomber rigs bus. Die Hard ('88, Action) A lone hero. (CC)
OINE 320320 320i320320320420 Mavericks Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted ('12) Oblivion ('13) *** Tom Cruise. The last dron 2 Guns ('13) *** Two men learn
0IN 320 a 33 3 (12) Journey through Monte Carlo. repairman on Earth. (PG-13) (CC) the mob has set them up.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (11:50) The Thing (11) (CC) Prometheus ('12) Space expedition. (R) (:45) How High ('01) ** (CC) (:20) Argo ('12) (R)
ENO 15011 150150 150 3 S.W.A.T. ('03) Team attempts to (:25) The Incredibles ('04, Adventure) A former :25) Next ('07) A soothsayer tries to (:05) The Aviator ('04)
ENC 1 a keep kingpin locked up superhero returns to work (CC) stop terrorists. (CC) Texan'slife.
HBO 302m m3023 m 2 (15) Casting By History of casting (:45) The Majestic ('01, Drama) Jim Carrey. A Hollywd scriptwriter loses his (:45) Date Movie ('06) Romantic
HO 3 3' 3 3 3 3 directors explored. (R) memory and is mistaken for a war hero. mishaps. (PG-13) (C:)
HB02 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Con Air ('97CC) () 5) Trouble with the Curve ('12) (CC) (:15) Identity Thief ('13) Stolen identity. Pacific Rim ('13)
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SHOW 340 340 34 34 34 34 36 Woman ('94) vade a Small Tn. (R) falls for dance crew lead. (CC) Depp. A town's terrorized.
TMPO 3503350303 3(:15) The New Daughter ('09) **A mysterious (:05) The Iron Lady (12, Drama) Former Prime The Yards ('00, Drama) Mark Wahlberg. Two
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (mound has a strange effect. Minister Margaret Thatcher. young men work as hired thugs.
TOM 65656565 1692 Almost a Bride Teenager is infatu- The Moon is Blue ('53) Wlliam 1:15) Tonight's the Night ('54) *** Death The Little Hut ('57)**
IM I I 1 ated with a playboy. Holden. The love triangle, eaves village in sorrow & angry. (NR) AvaGardner.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Hitman ('07) (CC) Die Hard('88) ***/2 A cop fights terrorists in a high-rise. (COC) Die Hard: With a Vengeance ('95) ***
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320420 (11:30) Summer of Sam ('99, Drama) A serial Admission (13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A woman's (:55) Magic Mike ('12) A stripper tries Batran
INE 0 3 killer frightens New York City. Princeton career is at risk (CC) to find a life outside. ('05)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 In Good Company ('05) Younger boss. (:05) The Return ('06) ** (CC) Snake Eyes ('98) ** (R) (CC) Rounders ('98) (R)
EN 150 150 150 150 150 30 (11 :20) Hostage ('05) Hard (:20) M*A*S*H ('70, Comedy) ***/2 Exploits of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (03) *1/2 The Zero Dark Thirty Covert
decion. Korean War medical unit. (R) (CC) girls track a treacherous ex-An el.operation.
HBO 302302 3023 020302 The Island ('05) Utopian (:l5)SnowWhiteandtheHuntsman('12, Fantasy)Snow Warm Bodies ('13) *** A zom- (: 15) The Way, Way Back
HBO 302302302 302 30 400 society. (CC) White pursues her evil stepmother. (CC) bie falls for a human. (CC) ('13) (CC)
HBO2 303303303303303303402 HydePark 1(:40) All AboutAnn ('14) (COC) 1(:05) EDtv ('99) A reality TV star. (CC) (:10) Hot Fuzz ('07) Cop in a quiet town.
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 (:15) Date Movie ('06) (:40) Broken City (13) Mayor's scandal. lWalk the Line ('05) ***1/2 Life of singer. |Men Honor
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 For Ellen (12)** A fa- (:15) The 13th Warrior ('99, Action) An Arabic JayZ: Made in America ('13) JayZ. (:45) Broadway Idiot ('13) "American
SHOW 340 340 34 34 34 34 36 their's daughter, poet fights for the Vikings. (CC) Music festival. (CC) Idiot" on Broadway.
TM 350350 350 350 350 350385 The Impossible Tsunami Even Money ('06, Crime) ** Five strangers areGrassroots ('12) *1/2 Man helps (:40) The Ramen Girl ('08, Comedy)
M v 0 0 3u C 3C 3u 38! aftermath. affected by gambling. (R) (CC) friend's political campaign. A chef in Tokyo. (CC)
TOM 6565 6565 16 20 (] :15) The Big Sleep ('46, Mystery) ***/2 A pri- (:15) The Barefoot Contessa ('54) *** Humphrey Bogart. The Prince and the Showgirl ('57)
15555 1" vate eye tails a troubled teen. (CC) A director turns a dancer into a star. (COC) Romance in London.
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*2CINE 320 320 3232 32 32 42 /2 traterrestrial invasion. (R) (CC) sleuths his brother's death. (CCO) Vampire's family. (COC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Lola Versus Soul-searching. 1(:45) Cry Wolf ('05, Horror) ** (:15) Breakin Point ('09 *1 2 Go ('99) *** Hedonism in L.A.
ENO 150150150 1503Firestarter (:40) Identity ('03, Horror) A group of :15) Here Comes the Boom (12) Teacher turns Batman& Robin ('97) Mr. Freeze and the evil
EN 150(15015084)1 stranded strangers fighter for school funds. (CC) Poison Ivy plague Gotham City.
HBO 302 302 302 302 302302 4 Fast & Furious 6 ('13) Agent Hobbs enlists the help of Walk the Line ('05) A young boy rises to country music star- The(Dead Mothers)
HBO 302 302 302 30 30 30 40 Dominic and his team to take down a gang. dom while battling personal obstacles. Club ('14) (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 We're the Millers ('13) (CC) Martinez |Beautiful Creatures Family secrets. (:1 0) Billy Crystal 700 Sundays (HD)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Kingdom of Heaven ('05) (:45) The Hangover Part III ('13) (CC) Erin Brockovich Secretary's crusade. |Pride
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 Peace, Love & Misunderstanding Far and Away ('92) A young Irishman facing eviction flees to Bunraku ('11, Action) **1/2 Josh Hartnett.
SOW- 34 3 3 3 3 3 3 ('12) Self-discovery. America with his landlord's daughter. Seeking revenge against a crime lord.
TM 350350 350 350 350 350 385 Melancholia (11, Drama) Sisters' relationship is challenged Quartet ('13) *** Past rivalries of (:10) The Three Musketeers (11) **1/2 A
T 3 3vi 38! juwhen Earth becomes threatened. (CC) retired opera group. swordsman joins the King's defenders.
TOM 65 6565 65 169 2 Marriage (:45) The Heat's On ('43) Mae It Happened on 5th Avenue ('47) *** A (:15) A Kiss in the Dark ('49, Comedy) Pianist's
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Backdraft ('91) (R) Mission: Impossible III '06, Thriller) Spy vs. dealer. (CCO) The Matrix ('99) Humankind enslaved.
INE 320 320320 320 320 320420 (1 5) Now You See Me ('13, Thriller) *** Illu- (:15) Roll Bounce ('05, Comedy) Bow Wow. Tal- (:10) Snitch ('13) *** Dwayne Johnson. A fa-
INE_ 30 30 3( 3 3 3 sionists take on bank heists. (CC) rented skating brings popularity, their goes undercover with the DEA.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (:05) Dorm Daze 2 ('06) (CC) 1(:45) Shadow Vampire ('00) (:20) Volcano ('97) ** Lava flows in L.A. IMatch Point ('05)
EN 150 150 150 150 150350 RoboCop2 (:45) Wreck-It Ralph ('12, Adventure) Wreck-It Batman Forever ('95, Action) Two of Batman's (35) Grumpy Old Men ('93) ***
Ec 1/2 Ralp h wants to be a good guy. enemies want him gone. (CC) Men fight over widow (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 3024 Jackthe Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (:15) The Boumrne Legacy (12) A new agent escapes termina- New Year's Eve ('11) Tales of love
HBO 302 302 302 30 30 30 4 (,13) *1/2 Search for rare bat. tion and seeks to expose CIA crimes, in New York City. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (:15) Dragonfly ('02) ** The spirit world. Too Big to Fail ('11) Financial crisis. (:15) Made ('01) Mob errand. NotEnough
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 (:20) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ('12) (CC) (:25) Won't Back Down (12, Drama) Broken City (13) **12 (R) (CC)
SHOW 340 30 340 340 340 340 365 (:15) Replicant ('01, Action) *1/2 Detective uses Rescue Dawn ('07, Adventure) *** Pilot ral- (:15) Judge Dredd ('95, Action) *1/2 A Street
SHOW 3 34 34 w clone to catch a killer. (R) (CC) lies other POWs to escape. (CC) Judge is framed for murder. (R) (CC)
TMOP 35353530303 Dawn 2 Derailed ('02) Terrorists attempt Byzantium (13, Thriller) Gemma Arterton. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 ('11)
TMC 350 350 350 35 35 350 38 (12) to release virus. (R) (CC) 200-year-old vampires seek refuge. ** Marrying Edward. (CC)
TM 65 6565 65 1692 Danger Lights ('30) Public Hero No. 1 ('35, Drama) Un- The Ex-Mrs. Bradford ('36) ** In- History is Made at Night ('37) Di- Town Talk
TM 6565 6565 w **' 2 Hobo hired, dercover in gang. (CC) vestigate murder. (CC) vorce prevention. (CC) (42)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231(11:00) MIA ('84) *12 The Mummy ('99) **1 2 An Egyptian priest comes backto life. The Mummy Returns ('01) **1/2 (CC)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:35) Batman Begins ('05, Action) A man be- (:10) 2 Guns ('13, Action) *** Two men learn Flags of Our Fathers ('06, Drama) Soldiers
IH comes a masked vigilante. (CC) the mob has set them up. (R) (CC) Istruggle with survivor's guilt. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (11:10) Harry Potter & Chamber ('02) (:55) Bad Girls ('94) *1/2 (CC) 1(:35) Wet Hot Summer ('01) Rounders ('98) (R)
FNMP 151 15 10 30 (:20) The Gingerbread Man ('98, Thriller) ** (:20) The Legend of Zorro ('05) **1/2 Antonio Banderas. (35) 10 Years ('12) High school re-
ENC 150 150150 150 15_ 30 Lawyer commits his lover's father. Zorro puts on the mask again. (PG-13) (CCO) union stirs old feelings.
HBO 30232303023230n Real Sports Gumbel (:15) Mission: Impossible ('96, Action) An agent (:15) The (Dead Mothers) Club ('14) Real Sports- Gumbel Pacific
HB 302 302 302 30 30 30 40 tries to clear his good name. Daughters' stories. (CC) (HD)) (13)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Stories The Game ('97) *** A twisted gift. (CC) (:40) Hot Fuzz ('07) Cop in a quiet town. The Way, Way Back ('13)
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Gatsby Date Movie ('06, Comedy) IThe Edge ('97) **1/2 Fight for survival. (R) Big Momma's House 2 ('06) IWalk Line
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Notting Hill Unexpected Apartment 1303 ('13) Mischa Slither ('06) Worm-like aliens invade (:05) Sleepy Hollow ('99, Horror) NYC investiga-
romance. Barton. Haunted apartment, a Small Tn. (CC) tor looks into beheadings. (CC)
TM 350350350 350 350 350 385 (:05) Quartet (13, Comedy) Maggie Smith. Past The Brothers Bloom (09) *** Swindling Coach Carter ('05, Drama) **1/2 Coach jeopar-
rivalries of retired opera roup. brothers pick the wrong mark. (CC) dizes a winning season. (C) (HP)
TM 65656565 169 2Wings ofthe Navy Twopilot broth- (I45)King oftheLunmber- TearGas Squad ('40) Co-The Crooked Way ('49) War hero (:1 5) Raw Deal ('48) A
TM 165 65 65 65 1692 Z30 ers compete for fame. jacks (40 medancop. confronts criminal past prsen escape.


ABC 2 1 11 Bethenny The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABC 2 11 ABC Action News The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABCN 7 7 7 10 7 7 ABC7 News @ Noon The Chew General Hospital RachaelRay The Doctors News News
CBS 1 10 10 10 10 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal Dr. Phil News News
CBS f] 213213 5 5 5 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal News at 4pm News News
NBC X 8 8 8 8 8 Today Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
NBC 2W 2 2 2 NBC2 News @ Noon Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
FOX I 13 13 13 13 13 FOX 13 News TMZ Dish Bethenny TMZ Live Judy IJudy FOX 13 5:00 News
FOX X 4 4 4 America We People Justice Supreme Judy Patemity The Test Maury Judy Judy
PBS 3 3 3 3 3 Charlie Rose Queen & Country Queen & Country Thomas Kratts Martha WordGiril Curious Europe
PBS M 204 204 204 16 Newsline Contrary Travels Yetman Globe Trekker (:59) Michael Palin (01)Antiques Journal Travels
PBSJM 3 3 3 Cook's Kitchen Paint This Sew It All Thomas ISid Clifford WordGiril Curious Arthur Martha Kratts
CW M 6 21 6 Dr. Phil Bill Cunningham Wendy Williams Steve Harvey Famn Feud Fam. Feud Dr. Phil
CWM) 9 9 9 4 America America Paternity Patemity Cold Case Files Bill Cunningham Steve Harvey Queen Latifah
MYN 38 11 11 11 14 JudgeMathis Trisha Goddard The Test Judge Mathis Maury The People's Court
MYN X 8 9 8 OK! TV Paid The People's Court Judge Mathis The People's Court Community Community Friends Friends
INDR32 1212 12 38 12 Cheaters Cheaters JerrySpringer Steve Wilkos Show Jerry Springer 30 Rock 30 Rock How I Met How I Met
ION E 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Movie Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds
WGLFU 2 222 22 2 Destined Thr. Bible Hmekeep Christian Jim Bakker The 700 Club Your Health It's Time Parsley
WRXYMI 22 44 10 Hmekeep It's Time The 700 Club Your Health Jim Bakker Connect [Revival Mission Salvation
TLF N 23 23 23 95 5 Tras la verdad Laura Qui6n tiene la? Casos de familiar Fuego en la sangre Fuego en la sangre
UNIV 2 15 15 15 6 Destilando amor Hoy La rosa de Elgordo y laflaca Primer impact
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 CSI: Miami Criminal Minds Criminal Minds The First 48 The First 48 The First 48
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 GatorBoys GatorBoys Gator Boys GatorBoys GatorBoys GatorBoys
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Movie Movie Matters Matters Moesha Moesha
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Real Housewives Real Housewives Real Housewives
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Movie Tosh Tosh Tosh Tosh Tosh JTosh Futurama Futurama
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Sins & Secrets Porter Porter Porter Porter Moonshiners Moonshiners Moonshiners
DISN 136136136136 99 45 250 Mickey Einsteins Einsteins Octonauts GoodLck GoodLck Movie ________ Austin Jessie
E! 4646 46 46 27 26 196 E! News Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City Sex&City
ESQ 8282 82 82 118118 160 TopChef Top Chef opChefTop ChefT CTop Chef Top Chef
EWTN 243243243 12 17 285 Daily Mass Best of Journey Threshold of Hope Reflection HolyName Rosary Friar Holy Bears Choices
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 8 Rules 8 Rules Reba Reba Reba Reba BoyWorild BoyWodd BoyWorld BoyWodd Middle Movie
FOOD 373 37 37 37 76 164 Pioneer Barefoot Sandra's Ten Dollar Rest Chef 30Min. Essentials Giada Barefoot Barefoot Pioneer Trisha's
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Movie Howl Met How I Met 21/2Men 21/2Men Movie
GSN 179179179179 34 1791841 vs. 100 |Lingo Fam. Feud Famn Feud Catch 21 Chain No Deal No Deal Shop Shop Newlywed Newlywed
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 Home & Family Little House Little House Little House The Waltons
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Ancient Discoveries Ancient Discoveries Ancient Discoveries Ancient Discoveries Ancient Discoveries Down East
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Hunters |Hunters Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Singer Sewing Lawn & Garden Xavier Absolute Xavier Absolute Colin Cowie Lawn & Garden
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 How I Met FHow I Met Grey'sAnatomy Grey'sAnatomy Charmed Charmed Wife Swap
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Dr. Phil Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Dr. Phil
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 QCheck Tignanello IT Cosmetics DellTM -Computers Lights Bob Mackie Wear
SPIKE 57 57 57 7 29 63 54 Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Office Cleveland Dad Dad Dad |Queens Queens Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld
TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 What Not to Wear LIMedium LI Medium 19 & Counting Cake Boss Cake Boss Honey Boo IHoneyBoo Toddlers and Tiaras
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Bones Bones Bones Bones Castle Castle
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Extreme Extreme Extreme Food Paradise Bizarre Foods v Food v Food
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Worild's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest.. Top 20 Shocking Top 20 Shocking To 20 Shockin
TVLAND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gunsmoke Gunsmoke (:40) Gunsmoke (:50) Bonanza Bonanza Griffith Grffith
USA 34 34 34 34 22 5250 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
WE 117117117117 117 149 Law&Order Law & Order Law&Order Law&Order Law & Order Law & Order
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 IntheHeatofNight WGN Midday News Law&Order Law&Order Law&OrderCl Law & OrderCl
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE To Be Announced Talkin Football Beach GolfWeekl
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter |SportsCenter Outside Insiders NFLLive Horn Interruptn
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Numbers Never Lie ESPN First Take SportsNation Highly IHighly College ESPNFC
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 The Ultimate Fighter The Mike Francesa Show NASCAR Race Hub
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 (11:00) College BaseballW Coast Customs College Baseball
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 (11:00) Champions The Golf Fix Big Break Florida Big Break Florida Conversation Variety
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Sports |Outdoors Next Bite Winkelman Fish Texas Ilnto the Saltwater Americana PowerNat. PowerNat NASCAR Pro
SUN 38 38 401401 45 57 76 (10:30) College Baseball I P1 AquaX College Baseball DoFlorida XterraAdv
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 PAWPatrol PAWPatrol Wallykazan Wallykaza Sponge Sponge Breadwinn Fairly Fairly Fairly Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Tom &Jerry TomJerry TomJerry JohnyTest JohnyTest Gumball Gumball Adventure Adventure Regular Regular
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Fast Money Power Lunch Street Signs Closing Bell Fast Money
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 Legal View with Wolf CNN Newsroom Jake Tapper Situation Room
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 Outnumbered Happening Now Real Story Gretchen Shepard Smith Your World Cavuto The Five
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Andrea M Ronan Farrow Daily The Reid Report The Cycle Alex Wagner The Ed Show
SNN 6 6 611 11 News Paid SNN News Daytime Paid |News Paid News News INews Live@5 News
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Dukes Hazzard Dukes Hazzard Dukes Hazzard Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover Reba Reba
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Catfish Catfish GidCode |GiiCode GidCode GidCode GidlCode GidiCode Time'sUp TheEx
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 TI &Tiny |Hot97 Marrying FullCourt HollywdExes Fabulous Life of... Fabulous Life of... Fabulous Life of...



8 p.m. on FOX
"The Recluse in the Reclin-
er" Booth finds he may be in
over his head when his ca-
reer in the FBI is questioned
after the Jeffersonian
begins to investigate the
murder a man who was set
to meet Booth and reveal
information of a potential
government cover-up linked
to a former case. (HD)

Friends with
Better Lives
8:30 p.m. on CBS
"Cyrano de Trainer-Zac" Will
provides his fitness trainer
with advice on how to step
up his game when Kate is
left unimpressed after a
date with him, and takes
the credit when their sec-
ond date has better results;
Andi attempts to charm her
attractive male nanny. (HD)

Mike & Molly
9 p.m. on CBS
"Eight is Enough" Molly is
left with a hard decision
when she is accepted into
an eight-week workshop for
top-notch writers in Iowa,
and Mike pleads for her not
to attend the course and
abandon him for an entire
summer. (HD)

24: Live Another Day
9 p.m. on FOX
"2:00 PM-3:00 PM" Jack
makes his way to the U.S.
Embassy while the CIA be-
gins to surround him from
all sides; Margot affirms
her jurisdiction with brute
force; President Heller
makes a rousing appeal
before Parliament; Kate
takes control of the situa-
tion. (HD)

The Bachelorette
9:30 p.m. on ABC
Andi Dorfman meets 25
bachelors including a young
musician who invites her to


Ridge and Bill verbally sparred,
each trying to one-up the other.
Thorne turned to Brooke for
advice about Aly and Taylor.
Meanwhile, Taylor had an emo-
tional breakdown while telling
Aly about the night she killed
her mother. Thorne returned
to the Forrester executive suites
and was surprised by what he
witnessed. Bill informed Brooke
that he would formally welcome
Wyatt into the Spencer family.
Katie and Ridge began planning
their wedding. Bill decided to take
Brooke somewhere that Ridge had
never imagined. Brooke told her
daughter that she was proud of
her for taking her time in making
the right decision. Quinn devised
a plan that put Liam in a distress-
ing situation. Wait to See: Oliver
warns Thorne not to be honest
with Aly. Liam finds himself in a
distressing situation. Brooke gives
her daughter love advice.

Jennifer comforted a guilt-
ridden Abigail. Marlena made
a startling discovery related to

the murder case. Brady delivered
disappointing news to Theresa.
Jennifer admitted to Eric that she
wasn't entirely comfortable with
Daniel and Nicole's relationship.
Hope put Sonny on the spot when
she brought him in for question-
ing. Sami was guilt-ridden over
EJ's decision. An emotional Nicole
confessed all to Daniel. Hope
confronted EJ with an incriminat-
ing photo. Will made a confession
to Hope. Abigail and Ben shared
their first kiss. Daniel ordered
Nicole to come clean with Eric or
else. Hope continued her investi-
gation by questioning Abigail and
Kate. Sami got caught in a tense
situation. Kate panicked when
she realized that her gun was
missing. Wait to See: Lucas makes
a confession about the night that
Nick was shot. Sami blasts Kate
for allowing Stefano back into her
life. Nicole tells another outra-
geous lie.

The Nurses' Ball continued
with unexpected arrivals and up-
lifting performances. Jordan and
Alexis had an uneasy first meet-
ing. Anna and Duke shared a ro-

fasten a lock on a gate with
him, a personal trainer who
pushes a stalled limo for
her and a hairstylist with a
strange gift, but one more
man wants to crash the
party. (HD)

Chrome Underground
10 p.m. on DISC
"Hit and Run" The owners
of Austin's Motoreum are
in Mexico City looking for
classic cars to flip for a
profit when the deal they
are working on takes a turn
for the worse, and the duo
is forced to rely on the cun-
ning of an ex-Marine to get
them to safety. (HD)

Independent Lens
10 p.m. on PBS
"God Loves Uganda" The
American evangelical
movement in East Africa
has been credited with cre-
ating schools and hospitals
and promoting religious
bigotry as missionaries
try to abolish what they
consider "sexual sin" and

mantic evening at the ball. Shawn
and Jordan recalled the details of
their past relationship. Carly and
Franco came up with a passionate
way to distract themselves. Alexis
pressed Julian to consider leaving
the mob. Luke tried to get a read
on how much Sonny actually
knew about the Jerome opera-
tion. Michael appointed himself
as the new CEO of ELQ, which
did not please Tracy. TJ overheard
Jordan's suspicious phone conver-
sation. Dante and Lulu made an
important family decision. Julian
set up a meeting with Luke to
discuss the future of their partner-
ship. Wait to See: Tracy finds
Ned in a precarious position with
Luke. Maxie receives a court order.
TJ is consoled by Molly.

Nikki's bond with her son
Dylan continued to grow. Billy
was determined to find out what
Stitch was hiding. Victor and Ian
had another tense confrontation.
Cane found a Bonaventure busi-
ness card in Colin's wallet. Dylan
wondered why Stitch knew so
much about the law. Victor asked
Noah to testify on his behalf. Kelly
and Neil's blind date was a bust.
Later, Kelly wondered if it was fate

"Saturday Night Live" alum-
na Maya Rudolph reteams
with executive producer
Lorne Michaels for "The
Maya Rudolph Show," an
hour-long special channeling
of television's classic variety
programs, airing Monday at
10:01 p.m. on NBC.

convert Ugandans to funda-
mentalist Christianity. (HD)

when she ran into Jack. Abby was
troubled by Mariah's presence in
Genoa City. Chloe devised a plan
to steal Gloria's aphrodisiac. Kevin
turned to Michael for advice on
the state of his marriage. Neil told
Hilary that he wanted to go public
with their relationship. Dylan
urged Stitch to be honest with Vic-
toria about his past. Wait to See:
Lily has a chilling confrontation
with Hilary. Nikki warns Victor to
watch his back around Ian. Victo-
ria figures out her next move.


ABC7 News ABC World The 7 Entertainment Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (41) The Bachelorette Andi meets 25 bachelors,
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC)(N) but one former cast member wants to crash
2 6newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N)(HD) (HD) the party. (CC) (N) (HD)
___~~_____ ~day. (N) (HD)__________________________________________________
ABC I NewsThe lat- ABCWorId The List (IVG) Ask America Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (HD) The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman meets 25
2N est news News (N) (HD)) (VG) _____________bachelors. (CC) (N) (HD1)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (HN) The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman meets 25
M ______7 7News(N) (()(N) ((CC(R) bachelors. (CC) (N) (HD))
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (((C) 2 Broke Girs Friendswith Mike&Molly Mlom Sharing Criminal Minds: To Bear
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca Newswith tune (CC) (N) (N) (H) Newtrend Unimpressive Summerwork- secrets. (CC) (R) Wtness BAU team's new
10 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) craze. (C()R) date. (N) (HD) shop. (N) (HD) (HD) section chief. (CC) (R) (H)
_______(N) (HD) (HD)
CBS 21312131 5 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) InsideEdi- Broke Gird (R) Friends (CC) (N) MikeMolly(N) MomSharing Crininal Minds New section
1 23 1 )_(N)(HD) tion (N) (HD) 14)HD) )(HD) secrets. chief. (CC) (R) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice: Live Final Performances (CC) (N) (HD) The Maya Rudolph Show
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC (N) Maya Rudolph of Saturday
[ and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) Night Live" fame hosts a variety
I show event. (N)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) The Voice: Live Final Performances (CC) (N) (HD) :01) TheMayaRudolphShow
2 0 News(N) tune (N) (H)) Variety show. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Bones: The Recluse in the 24: Live Another Day: 2:00 FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 1 3 131 eventsofthedayareexamined (CC) (N) (HD) ReclinerAmansettomeet PM-3:0mPMJackmakeshis riesofthenewsdayareup-
3 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 Booth is murdered. (CC) (N) waytothe U.S Embassy. ((CC (N dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
___ News Team. (N) (HD) (HD) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local JudgeJudy Simpsons (R) Bones Booth is questioned. 24: LiveAnother DayJackto FOX4 News at Ten Nightly
4 4__ 4 news; weather. (N) (R) ((HD) (HD)) (CC) (N) (HD)) Embassy (N)(HD) news report. (N)
PBS BBCWordd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Rich- Antiques Roadshow Neck- Independent Lens Evangelical
C3 News (C) port(N) (HD) mond Perfume bottle. lace; bass. (CC) (R) (HD)) Uganda. (N) (HD)
OPBS 204 A 0 2Sesame Street Playing basket- Cat in Hat (R) Peg +Cat (C) Europe (C) (R) Pacific Opera Travels (C) (R) Yetman (C) (R) Globe Trekker: Central Japan
m 204204204 16 ball. (CC) (R) (H) (HD) (R) House. (H) Market explored. (N)
PBS BBCWordd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Rich- Antiques Roadshow Neck- Nazi Mega Weapons Berlin
[ 3 3 News(CC) port(N) (HP)D) mond Perfume bottle. lace; bass. (CC) (R) (H)) bunker. (CO(R) (H)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News (N) Big Bang (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) District 9 (09) Sharlto Copley. Extraterrestrial refugees are News @10pm (N) (HD)
I__ I____ 2 (HD) (4HD) (HD) forced to live in a concentration camp in Africa.
CW 9 9 9 Queens (VPG) Queens (IWVPG) 2 1/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) District 9 ('09) Sharlto Copley. Extraterrestrial refugees are Rules: Handy Rules: Re-
C )94(HD) (4HD) (4HD)) (HD1) forced to live in a concentration camp in Africa. Man union (HD)
MYN Raynmond SeinfeldEvil Family Feud Family Feud Law&Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims CopsRe- CopsRe-
M 11 11 11 14 Pokerwoes. doorman. (VPG) (IVPG) Unit: Appearances UnitSuperslayer loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD Cleveland (CC) FamilyGuy (CC Family Guy Law& Order: SpecialVictims Law& Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
X (______ (HD) HD)) ((CC) Unit: Appearances Unit Super slayer Unit Missing baby.
IND 12 12 12 33 12 Modem Modem Jay's Big Bang(CC) Big Bang(CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims The Office Vol-Office Investi-
2 12 1212 38 12 Cocotrip. brother (HD) (HD) Unit Missing baby. Unit Child raped. leyball. gation.
ION 2 17 Criminal Minds Couple Criminal Minds: Safe Haven Criminal Minds: Devil's Night Criminal Minds: Middle Man Criminal Minds Woman
2 2 2 13 26 18 1 killer. (CC) (HD) Midwest killer (HD) Halloween killer Cornfield murders, murdered. (CC) (HD)
WCLF 222222 2 ChristianFit- Today Faith & ZolaLevitt Great Awaken Tour Love a Child Richard Rob- Gospe Truth Jewish Jewels Life Today
22 2 22 ness healing. (CC) erts(CC) ( N) (CC) (CC)
WRXY 22 44 n JoyceMeyer Turning Point Pivotal deci- Great Awaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child JoyceMeyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
M 22 0 ((I) sions. ((C) __ ___ a(CC) cles (C(C)G
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Calentamiento global ('02) Los cientificos descubren La viuda negra La vida de
0 1 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) que la Tierra esta girando fuera de su eje orbital. Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV Noticias(CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenders Lo que la vida me rob6l Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
6 15 15 15 6 (N) Univision (N) de un intent de violacion. sin amor (CC) ()HD)) Humilde hogar.

A&E 26262626 3 50181 The First48: Cold as Ice Man Duck "Black Duck Youtube Duck: LifeofSi Duck New Duck (CC) (R) DuckV\llie Duck Car Duck Huntfalls
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 gunned down. (R) Panther" videos. |(R) |duck blind. (HD) races (R) shopping. apart.
SDie Hard ('88)A copfightster- Die Hard: With a Vengeance (95 Action) *** Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons. A cop and Shooter ('07) Sniperframed for
AC 56 56 56 56 30 53 rorists in a high-rise. a reluctant civilian race against time to stop a bomber's attack (R) (CC) (HD)) dignitary's death.
AI 4 4 4 4 6 1 RiverMonsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked: Monster Sized- Amazon
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68130 Rare sharkhunted. (R) Chemrnobyl monster IFamous monster. (R) jApocalypse Jeremy retraces an ill-fated voyage. (N)
3 106 & Park Viewer selec- Phat Girlz ('06 Comedy) MoNique, Jimmy Jean-Louis. A robust woman Just Wright ("10, Comedy)** Romance
BET 35 35 35 340 22 T"tions. (C) (HD)) tries to make a business by starting up a line of clothing. () between thera pist and NBA star. (CO)
V 68 68 68 68o 25451 185 oHousewives of Orange New Housewives of Orange Holi- Real Housewives of Orange Housewives of Orange Chair Housewives of Orange Chair
BRAVO 6 I 6 6 6 neighbor (CC( (R) day meal. ((C (R) County: Pretty Ugly causes fight. (R) [causes fight. (R)
COM 66 66 6666 152 07 1(:58) S.Park(R) (:29) Tosh.0(R) Colbert Repor Daily Show(R) Futurama(IV14 Futurama(1V14 S.Park (R)(HD) S.Park(R)(HD) S.Park(R)(HD) S.Park(R)(HD)
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190H R (H (R) (R)
DISC 40 40A40 40 25 43 1 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- #BikerLive: Heart of Dixie #BikerLive: Tarheel State (N) Vegas Rat Rods: Salt Flat
S40 40 40 40 4 aired. (CC) (HD)) paired. (CC) (HD)) Best bike. (R) (HD) (HD)) Rod (CC) (N) (HD))
cE! 46 46 4646 27 196 Total Divas Bachelorette E! News (N) (HD) SoupAndy Fashion Police: The 2014 Billboard Music Awards (N) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 party. (R) (HD)) Cohen. (R)_______________
82 82 82 82 118 118160 Miami Vice: The Afternoon Miami Vice: Lend Mean Ear psych: Right Turn or Left for psych Shawn and Woody. psych Shawn for mayor. (CC)
ESO 11 11 Plane Tubbs' vacation. Surveillance gear. ead Change of fate. CC ((((H)) (HD)
HTM1111111TN 17 285EWT Guide:\Wake DailyMassCelebrationofthe TheJourney HomeCall-in EWTN Rosary(TVG) The World Over News from
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Nightly (N) Up! (N) Holy Eucharist. (R) program. (V G) Nightly (R) (R) laroundtheworld.(R)
FAI 55 5 5 55 10 46 199 Middle (CC) Beetlejuice ('88) An obnoxious family and a sleazy demon The Goonies (85, Adventure) **** Sean Astin. A group of playmates
FHD( 11 5 5 5 ( )10 1() make death a living hell for two ghosts. (CC) tries to stop ruthless developers and finds a treasure map. (CC)
FOOD 317 37 37 7 716 164 Diners Santa Diners (R) (HD) Guy's Grocery Games: Rewrapped Rewrapped Kitchen Casino: Aw Shucks Mystery (N) Mystery(R)
FOOD 37 Barbara. I Caught in the Middle (R) (N) I(RN) (N) (1D1) (HD))
v 1 1 1 51 8 49 5 (5:00) The Incredible Hulk ('08, Thriller) The Thor ('11, Action) *** Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman. A warrior is LouieA LouieA
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Hulk battles a new monster. (CC) banished to Earth, leaving him to fight off evil forces. (CC) (HD)) omic'slife. comic's life.
GSN 179 179 179 179 17919 FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud
GSN 179179179179 34 t791t84 )(VPG) ( VPG) (W) (ITVPG)
iALL 5 17 71 240 The Waltons: The Infemrno The Waltons: The Heart- The Waltons: The Long Night Middle (CC) The Middle: Frasier (IVPG) Frasier Hotel
-ALL -H 7 '-Hindenburg landing. (CC) breaker Jason's new love. Zebcauses a scene. (H)) lThe Bee (CC) Niles.
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 651281 Swamp People: TurfWar Swamp People: Outer Limits Swamp People: Blo(d Swamp People (CC) (N) (HD) Down East Dickering Biker
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Gator; cattle; more. (R) Airboatfails; more. Brothers Monstergators (R) rally; more. (R) (HD))
H-- 1 4 Love It or List It Too many Love It or List it: Attc AttackAt- Love It or List It A cramped sit- Love It or List It Home busi- House Hunters (CC) (R)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 42 165 walls. (CC) (R) (HD)) tic renovation. (R) uaton.(CC) (R) (HD)() ness space. (R) (HD)) Hunters (N) (HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Tony Little Body As Seen On TV Michael Anthony Wieck Gemstones Wieck Gemstones
S3 3 5 1 Wife Swap Moms trade Wife Swap Moms trade Movie Movie
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 homes. (IVPG) (CC) homes. (TVPG) (CC)____________________________________________

MAY 19

OWN 58 58 58 58 4 103 16,1 Dr. Phil: Shocng Teen TrendslDr. Phil: Teen Sex Trends New Dateline on OWN Sudden Dateline on OWN FBI mur- Dateline on OWN Woman
tWN 1- reet racing. (HD) trends. (CC (HD) death. (CC) (R) (HD) der. (CC) (R) (HD) found. (CC) (R) (HD)
SPIKE 5 5 51 5 2963 54 Cops(CC()(R) CopsTaser CopsSuspect CopsHeroin Cops:Coastto Cops Drug CopsSuicidal Cops:Coastto Cops: Coastto Cops Car
(SPIKE 7 7 7 7 29 63 4 gun. (R) tasered. bust. (R) Coast busts (R) man. (R) Coast Coast chase. (R)
1 1 1 6 9 1 Warehouse 13 Renaissance Warehouse 13 Latino soap Warehouse 13: Cangku Shisi Warehouse 13: Endless (N) Hurlant (N) Hurlant (N)
SYFY 67 67 67 67 2564 18 fair. (R)(HD1)) opera. (R) (HD)) Valdaescapes. (R) (HD))
TBS 59 59 59 6 52 Seinfeld:The SeinfeldNew Seinfeld(CC) FamilyGuy(CC( Family Guy (CC Family Guy (CC Family Guy (CC The Big Bang: Big Bang (CC) Barn's Show
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Vnk Ihottub. (11) (H) (HD) (HD) (HD) Pilot HD) (N)
TM 65 65 6565 169 O The Little Hut The Extraordinary Seaman (69) 1 Spirit Fatso ('80, Comedy) *** Overweight man must choose 84 Charing Cross Road ('87)
TCM 16565-6565 16 3 ('57)- commands crew of misfits in W l. between his love for the girl and that of food. (PG) *4- Love by letters
TIC 454554 511 1 ( 7 American GypsyWedding Untold Stories ofthe ER. Op- OMG EMT! Unexpected de- SexSentMetotheERSeduc-Best Funeral Funeral
S45 45 4 4 7 Doublewedding. (R) erationdisrupted. (R) livery. (R) (HD)) tion; extras. (N)(HD) Genre. Champ; luau.
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: Pandora A killer is part Castle: Linchpin Vulnerabil- Castle:Once UponACrime Castle: A Dance withDeath (02)MajorCrimes:FinalCut
T 6 1 28___ of a conspiracy. ity. (CC) (H)) Fairytale murders. Reality star murder. Pregnant wife. (R)
TRAV 6969 69 69 260 1710 Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v. Food: v Food Spicy Bizarre Foods America Great Bizarre: Atlanta: Monl[sh Liver Hotel Impossible: Swamped
T V 9 2___ 1Andrew tries beetle. Seattle curry. (R) barbeque. (CC) (R) & Goat Heart (N) Reality check (N)
TRUTV 63.63 6363 5030 1( Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Uck Lizard Lick Lizard Uck Lizard Lick Lizard Uck Lizard Lick Lizard Uck
IUI 5 1 Towing Towing Towing Towing Towing Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 34'3434342252 50 NCIS: Los Angeles: Patriot NCIS: Los Angeles Main- WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD)
USA 4 3 50 Acts Chemical bomb. land virus. (CC) (HD)
WE 11711717117 117149 CSI: Miami: Paint It Black Dead CSI: Miami: G.O. Murderer's CSI: Miami: Mayday Plane CSI: Miami: Countermeasures CSI: Miami: Stiff World of
SW 177 co-ed. ((CC) (1HD) charade. (CC) (HD)) crash lands. (CC) (HD) Certain death. (HD) Jgigolos. (CC) (HD)
WGN 116 16 1619 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Salem Wtches of Salem,
ViWGN 16 16 16 19 41 I Vdeos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Mass. (CC) (:)()
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HP1) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football
ESPN 29292929 12 58 10 SportsCenter: from Bristol, MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (live) (HD) Baseball Tonight (N) (HD)
ESPN 129 29 29 29 12 58 70 Conn. (N) (CO(HD)(141
ESPN2 30I303030 6 5 74 Amroundthe Interruption Sportscenter from Bristol, 2014DraftAcademy(HD) 2014DraftAcademy(HD) 2014Draft Academy (HD)
ESPN230 30 30 30 6 59 74 Horn (HD) (CC (HD) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 America's Pregame (N) (CC) FOX Sports NASCAR Sprint Cup: Sprint Al-Star Race: from Charlotte Motor Speed- MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
F 4 (HD) (CC) (HD) way in Concord, N.C. (Replay) (H1D) (I4D)
FSN 12 1 7 79 79 Ship Shape Game 365 PowerShares Tennis Series: Portland (Taped) (HD) Golden Boy Live: Alan Sanchez vs. Jorge Silva: from San
F S N 1 7 2 7 2 7 2 7 2 56 7 7 "I V R) H D n oa( Rp e) H D
TV(R( (lHD) Antonio (ReplIyY ((laD) _chzvs_ oreSiv:_rm_ a
GOLF 49 49 4949 5560 0 Golf Central (N) (HD) The Golf Fix (N) (HD) Big Break Florida: Semi Fi- Big Break Florida: Champion- Legendary Conversation (N)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 0 3 nal(HD) ship Match (N) (HD) (1HD)
INBCSN 1 1 1 1 ProFootball NHLTop10 NHLLive(N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (Lve NHL Overtime
Talk (N)Z/(4)
N B__ _" ___ a| ( )___________n___________________(lID) __
SUN 38 38I40140145 51 6 ntothe: The Saltwater (HD) TV (HD) Ship Shape Sportsman Reel Time Fish Flats (HD) Fishing (HD) Professional Tarpon (HP)
SUN 138 38 401 401 45 57 76 Bujidup _____ .___ i(R) Sprsanv Reel Time FrofessionalTarpon_(H
Buildup TV(R) Adv. (14D) (lID)
NICK 25225224 Sponge (C) Sponge(CCnge onge(CC) Sam&Cat(R) Awesome(N) Full Hse (CC) FullHseBest FullHse(CC) FullHseArt Full Hse (C)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 (R) (R) (R) (HD) (H4D) friend. cancelled.
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 25 Adventure (R) Regular (R) Clarence (R) Grandpa (R) King of Hill: King Hill (CC) Cleveland(CC() Cleveland FamilyGuy Boondcks (CC)
Daletech (14D) Cass pet. (1V14) (N)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Special Report Tsu-
R333 ___ Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (H4) stories. (N) nami updates. (R)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 912 1 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
CSPN 18 18 18 18 \ 1 Representatives. (N) tives most importantcommitteehearings.
c 64 64 64 6 71 SpecialReportwith BretBaie OntheRecordwithGretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M IT he latest news (N) Susteren (N) (H4D) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
MSNB 8383 8383 185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
NB 3 8 8 Sharpton. (N) (Hl) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H)D) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (H1)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News Chef Rolf News News Paid News News(N) News(N)
CM 411 1412 4 R1 ebaBarbra's RebaThera- Reba Kdney RebaPun- 70sShow 70sShow: Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad The CopsRe-
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 21 brother pists (HD) stones, fishing kds. New job. Christmas cowboy comirn c. (TV14) (C1 loaded (HD)
3 3 3 33 35 4 The Ex & Time's Up 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant: Summer
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 21 Why? girls talk. (CC) girls talk. (CC) girls talk. (CC) (CC) (N)
1 50 50 50 50 43 9232 17 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Pater- Love & Hip Hop Atlanta DNA Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) TI and Tiny (N) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CQ This is Hot97
V nity question. (R) test results. (R) (1D) (N) (H1D) ((HD) (R((D) R (N (HD)
(4:40) 2 Guns Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ('12, (:15) Pet Sematary ('89, Horror) **% Dale Midkiff, Fred Vehicle 19 ('13, Thriller) Paul
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 '13)*** Horror) Abraham Lincoln was a vampire Gwynne. A doctor learns of a mysterious cemetery that has Walker. Man fights to reveal
Mob set up. p hunter prior to his presidency. (CC) .the power to raise the dead. (R) (CC (HP)D) police corruption.
(5:20) Argo ('12, Thriller) Ben Affleck. During 1:25) Hell Baby (13, Comedy) ** Couple Cinderella Man ('05 Drama) ***'2 Russell Crowe
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 the Iranian revolution, a CIA specialist must calls upon Vatican's exorcism team to save Renee Zellweger. Boxer Jim Braddockfights to regain his
___ rescue six Americans. (R) (CC) them from unborn demonic baby. status as a champion prizefighter. (PG-13) (CC)
Austin&Ally Austin&Ally Jessie Birthday I Didn't Do It Wizards ofWaverly Place: The Movie ('09, Dogwitha Austin&Ally GoodLck
DISN 136136 136136 99 45 250 Movie scene. Lovesong. (R) party. (CC (R) (HD) Sibling rivalry. Comedy) Selena Gomez. Wsh made out of Blog:Dog Futuristicworld. Pretend
(__ R) ___I_(HD) ___ I __ (R) Ihasty anger comes true. (CC) Loses Girl (N) Iparents. (R)
(5:05) The Aviator ('04, Drama) ***- Leonardo DiCaprio, The Legend of Zorro ('05, Adventure) *k-k* Antonio (:15) Secret Window ('04,
ENC 150150150150 150 350 Cate Blanchett. A wealthy Texan aeronautical entrepreneur Banderas. Zorro puts on the mask again to oppose a threat Horror) An author is accused of
u___ rsues fame and romance. (PG-13) (CC) to California's sovereignty. (PG-13) (CC) plagarism (CC)
1:15) The Bourne Legacy ('12, Action) Jeremy Renner. Following the LastWeek We're the Millers ('13, Comedy) -*** Jennifer Aniston,
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 separation of Jason Bourne another field agent escapes the termination of John Oliver(R) Jason Sudeiks. A drug dealer hires a fake family as a cover
___ more agents and sets out to expose the CIA's crimes. (14D) while shipping marijuana. (R (CC) (HlD)
(5:15) Pacific Rim ('13, Action) Giant robots LastWeek Real Time with Bill Maher Game of Thrones: Veep Ray's Silicon Valley
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 piloted by humans fight off an alien menace John Oliver (CC (TVMA (CC) (HD) Mokngbird Tyrion enlists an influence. (C Richard's
I_____ reatening Earth. (CC) (HD) (D) ________________ unlikely supporter (HD) (1DH) demo.
(5:45) Erin Brockovich ('00, Drama) *** Julia Roberts, Deadwood: A Constant Throb VICE (C(HD) New Year's Eve ('11, Comedy) ** Halle
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Albert Finney. A secretary's determined crusade brings an Barrett's boss' scheme is made Berry. People deal with their love lives over
------ arrogant utility company to account. (R (CC) k nown. the course of New Year's Eve. (CC)
(:15) Man on a Ledge (12, Thriller) *** Sam Years of Living Penny Dreadful: Seance Nurse Jackie: Califomrnication
SHOW 340340340340343400365 Worthington Elizabeth Banks. An ex-convict threatens to Dangerously: Winds of Vanessa & Malcolm attend NancyWood (K: Kckoff(R) (HD)
-- j- ump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. (CC) Change (CC) (N) (H1D) lavish party. (R)(
People Like Us ('12, Drama) *** Chris Pine, Elizabeth Byzantium ('13, Thriller) **2' Gemma Arterton, Saoirse The Twilight Saga: Breaking
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Banks. A brother and sister meet for the first time after their Ronan. In a coastal town, two strange women are revealed Dawn: Part 1('11) **
---------- 3 elderly father dies. (PG-13) (CC) (Ih)Ds) te as 200-year-old vampires. (R) Marrying Edward. (CC)

iI IIHE ii1--iT1
ABC[ 2 iI 111 7 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News (N)
ABC 2M1 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC M 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Kimmel Nighine Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS M 101h010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1a 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late VTMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCCi 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNight LastCall Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX 13% 1311313 13 13 News Access Dish TMVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS [C 3 3 3 3 Ind.Lens Wisconsi Rose (N) Atntiques antiquess I Call (R) Masterpce.(R) (HD)
PBSM204224 20 16 Sniley Rose(N) m Europe Trekker Travels Yeman Civil War Lincoln op ss Yoga
PBS 3 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley Crossroa Antiques Antiques Call (R)( Masterpce. (R) (HD))
*CW B) 6216 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
CW,) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Sipsons Kin Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Dail Buzz
MYN3h 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Commun Raymond America OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid LetsAsk Shepherd
MYNh7I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny 'Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 38 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 1 22 2 13261817 Criminal Criminal Without Trace Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLF l 22 22 22 2 Kingdom Awaken Awaken You and Me Cvance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
IWRXY 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Rein Gaither Exercise Fitness
ITLF I 23 23 231 95 5 Deportivo Pasillo TV Verdad La viuda Deportivo Pagado Pagado Contacto
UNIV 5 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa La rosa Gordo Primer Noiciero
IlHuN V !ljsj0V4Fj! I i~ica TNcir II I' I~emcnd'JsarisalIar I

A&E 262626263950181 Duck (R) IDuck IDuck IDuck Duck Duck iDuck Duck (R) IPaid Dog Bnty Dog Bt Paid
AMC 5656 56 56 30 53231 (10:01) Shooter ('07) Hitman ('07) **2 (CC) (:58) Escape NY ('81) Mad Men
APL 4444 44 3668 (:04) River (R) (HD) River(R) River(R) River(R) River(R) River(N)
BET 35353535 40 2227 Wright ** Wendy Latifah ConicV ComicV ComicV IWayans BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 254 5118 Watch Medicine Housewives IWatch Orange County ('02) Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15271 9 Daily Colbert midnight IS.Park Daily Colbert midnight Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Jeselnik Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 #BikerLive VegasRat #BikerLive Fast Loud IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 46 46 46 27 261 C. Lately |News (N) IC. Lately Police Mannequin ('87) **12 Paid aid Paid Paid
ESQ 8282828211116( Getaway Getaway Getaway Departures Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24P242412 1728 Priests WomenGr Daily Mass Journey News To Know Guide Mariana Octava Dana Miracles
FAM 555555551046 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 37373737 761 Diners Diners Kitchen Mystery Mystery Diners Diners Rewrapp Rewrapp Week (R) Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 17171 3417 1 Faon Feu Fam. Feud Baggage Bagage Fam. Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Bagae PBaiae Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers ICheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 651 SwampS Swam Swamp Down East Swamp Paid Civil War Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Love It Love It Hunters Hunters Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Movie :02) Movie :02) Movie Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Dateline Dateline Dateline 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 296354 Cops Cops Cops Cops Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail IJail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 6725 641 Warehouse Hurilant Hurilant Continuum Lost Girl Primeval Paid Paid Paid Paid
TBS 59 59 59 59 326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Just Married ('03) ** Married Married Married Eai
TCM 65656565 16 84 Charing Dr.& Devil ('85) Frankenstein Sardonicus Haunted (63)
TIC 45454545 577213( Sex Sent Funeral Funeral OMG EMT! Untold ER Paid Paid Paid Paid Pai Paid
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 :03) Law (:03) Law (:03) Law (:03) Law Closer Closer S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 66 ( Bizarre Bizarre Hotel (R) Bizarre Bizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 301 Container Container Lizard Lic Lizard LiUc Lizard Lic Lizard Lie Lizard ULic Lizard Lic Container Container Saloon Sings Paid
TVLND 6262626231 5424 Queens Queens Cleveand Sou Man Queens Queens RoseannelRoseanne Cosby Cosby 3's Co. 13's Co. Roseavnne Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS SVU (HD)) SVU (HD)
WE 1111711117 11714 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 1616 1619 4111 9 Salem Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama TilDeath Paid Paid News(N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Sportsid Paid P aid Paid Pai ad Pai d Pai d Pai d Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29292929 1258 70 Sports Sports Sports Sports F MLB Game (Replay) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 Olbermann Baseball NBA Olbermann NASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports F po FOX Sports FA Cup Soc.: Final Fighter
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker The Best Car (HD)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 Golf Cntrl RBig Break Legendary Fix ()HD)) Paid Paid Paid Paid GolfCntrl
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Auctions: Auburn (R) Auctions R)P) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Hockey
SUN 330401401455776 Reel Fish Polais Rodeo (Reply) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 310 Money TBA 7 TBA Paid IPaid P aid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 3232 3232 18381 3600 (R) CNN Tonite CNNSpc. 3600 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 18181818 37121 Hearings IKey Hearings Hat IKey Hearings Key Hearings FrL To l
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Haves (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look TooEarly
SNN 6 66 11 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) FmNews (N) -7 News (N) News (N)
CINE 32(3 320 Vehicle 19 (:25) Model ('09) Oblivion ('13) (CC) Fenn Top Spotless Mind ('04)
CINE2 323213213213213214 Cinderella Man Iron Mask ('98) Top Top Syriana Oil and intrigue. Phenomenon
DISN 13 1361 136 99 452 Jessie ~A.N.T. Good Lck Good Lck |Shake ft A.N.T. On Deck On Deck Wizards Wizards On Deck On Deck Fish Hks Phineas
ENC 15 1501 1 15 3 Window (:55) Next ('07) Celeste (12) (:15) S.W.A.T. ('03) L. Zorro
HBO 3 234X1Thrones Veep Silicon Cathouse In Their Skin (12) ** Oliver IReal Time Darwin
HB02 30 33 40 Boxing (CC) (HD)) Making of Born Killers ('94) *** Snatchers (94) Faculty
HB03 303 M New Year A Good Day *-* Casual Sex */2 1(:45) Siren (10) 1(:05) Presumed ('90)
SHOW 34 36 Penny NuseJ. Calif. Years of : Bodies (13) Killing ('12) **12 When a Man
TMC 3533 3 35 33C 0 Dawn 1 Dawn 2 A daughter. Fish Tank ('09) *** Paris Burning Reluctant


X-Men: First Class
7 p.m. on FX
Before becoming Professor
X and Magneto, Charles
Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr
create a special school in
which mutants can safely
learn to harness their
superpowers while the
dangers posed by a looming
nuclear war threaten the
world.0 (HD)

The Lead-Off Man
7:30 p.m. on WGN
In the minutes leading up to
the first pitch, experts dis-
cuss pitching matchups and
trending news surrounding
the Cubs and Major League
Baseball; announcers pre-
pare viewers for the game,
discussing lineups and any
changes that have been

Judge Judy Primetime
8 p.m. on CBS
The witty, but stern Judge
Judy Sheindlin shares her
honest approach as she
presides over new cases in
a special event, where her
classic one-liner "Judyisms"
are highlighted along with
segments from a "60 Min-
utes" profile made of her
back in 1993. (HD)
ACM Presents: An
All-Star Salute to
the Troops
9 p.m. on CBS
"NCIS: Los Angeles" stars LL
Cool J and Chris O'Donnell
co-host a special event ded-
icated to the armed forces
of America, as service
members perform along-
side the biggest names in
county music, and share
remarkable tales of true
heroism and honor. (HD)
9 p.m. on CW
"Do You Believe in Miracles"


We aren't sure how
Monster Week began,
but it celebrates its third-
year anniversary May
18-26 on Animal Planet.

Jason Brooks

In addition to the season
finale of "River Mon-
sters" (Monday, May 26,
at 9 p.m.), there are such
new specials as "Man-
Eating Zombie Cats"

(Tuesday, May 20, 8 p.m.)
and "Devoured: Man-Eat-
ing Super Snake Returns"
on Thursday, May 22, at
8 p.m. (we're not sleeping
that night). There's even
a horror movie, "Blood
Lake: Attack of the Killer
Lampreys," with Shan-
non Doherty, Christopher
Lloyd and Jason Brooks
debuting Sunday, May 25,
at 9 p.m. Whether fiction-
al or not, the monsters
take over Animal Planet
in mid-May. We don't
know about you, but we
prefer the fictional ones.
They don't usually end
up where we're swim-
ming this summer.

HISTORY has green-
lighted the new series
"Pawnography," which
will premiere later in the
summer. In each episode,
contestants compete in
three rounds of trivia
questions, and the ques-
tions get harder as the
rounds go on. The con-

As Metatron starts to make
his move against humanity,
Dean starts to feel the full
effects of possessing the
First Blade; Sam, Dean, and
Castiel face the harsh con-
sequences as they take the
fight head on with Scribe of
God, Metatron. (HD)

9 p.m. on FOX
"Jason Alexander and Cher-
yl Hines" Former "Seinfeld"
star, comic Jason Alex-
ander and actress Cheryl
Hines from "Suburgatory"
perform a series of song,
dance and sketch challeng-
es while on a set tilted at a
22-degree angle. (HD)

The Voice
9 p.m. on NBC
"Live Finale"The remaining
finalists wait for Carson
Daly to reveal who America
has chosen as the winner
of the singing competition
while the judges wait to

testants can win money
and prizes from the
World Famous Gold &
Silver Pawn Shop. "Pawn
Stars" cast members
Rick, Corey and Chum-
lee are featured in each
episode and they are de-
fending their treasured
items. Some of them
are from Rick's private
collection, and he re-
ally loves his stuff. "This
show gives viewers the
chance to go head-to-
head with the man who
knows a little bit about
everything, Rick Harri-
son, and take home trea-
surable items from World
Famous Gold & Silver
Pawn Shop," says Elaine
Frontain Bryant, senior
vice president program-
ming and development

Tyler Perry's "The Haves
and Have Nots" returns
for its second season
Tuesday, May 27, at
9 p.m. on OWN. The se-
ries follows the affluent
Cryer family and their
hired help in a mansion

Tuesday on ABC, the season
18 finale of "Dancing with
the Stars" begins with "The
Road to the Finals" at 8 p.m.,
followed at 9 p.m. with the
episode in which host Tom
Bergeron will finally reveal
just which celebrity and
professional dance partner
have won the coveted Mirror
Ball trophy.
see whose mentorship best
helped a little-known singer
win the hearts of the public.

in Savannah, Georgia.
John Schneider, Tika
Sumpter and Aaron
O'Connell star. At the
other end of the spec-
trum on OWN is "Our
America with Lisa Ling,"
which begins its last
season Thursday, May 29,
at 10 p.m. on the net-
work. This season Ling
has a diverse collection
of stories, which include
gun violence in Philadel-
phia, ADHD in American
families, the largest
foster care system in the
country, criminal infor-
mants, the HIV epidemic
in the African-American
community and the story
of a woman who was
held captive for months.
The first episode is
"Fighting Satan," which
takes a look at the large
percentage of Americans
who believe the devil
is real and the growing
movement in churches
to fight evil head-on.
Ling visits ministries that
practice the casting out
of demons from tortured

MAY 20

ABC7 News ABCWorld The7 Entertainment DancingwiththeStars:The DancingwiththeStarsAfter weeksofgrueling practice
ABC 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) Roadtote FinalsThe contes- and intense performances, the finalists learn which celebrity
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (D) (HD) tants take a look back ((C(((N) and professional dance partner have won the Mirror Ball
_____ day. (N)(HD1) ______ (HD() trophy. (CC) (N) (HD))
ABC NewsThe lat- ABCWorid TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Dancing withthe Stars A look Dancing with the Stars One pair wins the Mirror BallTro-
28 estnews News (N) (HD4)) (TYG) back (CO (N)(H14)) phy after weeks of practice and performance. (N)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorid AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Dancing withtheStars A look DancingwiththeStarsOnepairwinsthe MirrorBallTro-
7 News (N) (CC) ( (CC(R) back (C (N) (HD)) phy after weeks of practice and performance. (N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) Judge Judy Primetime ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops LL Cool
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pmLocal Newswith tune(CC)(N) (N) (HD) Judge Judy Sheindlin takes J and Chris O'Donnell co-host a special event dedicated to
1 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (H)) new cases. (CC) (N) (H)) the armed forces of America, as service members perform
______ (N) (HD)) with country's biggest names. (N)
CBS 2 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- JudgeJudyPrimetimeJudge ACM Presents: AnAII-StarSalutetothe Troops Special
1213_213 5 55(N) (H)) tion (N) Judys rise. (N)(HD)) event dedicated to armed forces. (CC) (N) (H)))
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice (CC) (N) (HD) The Voice: Live Finale The remaining finalists wait for Car-
NBC 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (C()(N) son Daly to reveal who America has chosen as the winner
a l i 3 i:i :i *: *:DI : i IIM :-11-.:5 r: i.:.i.: IHII.II .:1. B"- r :.:.:.r |:, lII.:.r ,, h 1",, : rI', .:ril,.:.i i ,': .:,l ,.
NBC News IIIHI ,I NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! il The Voice iu1)ii 1 The Voice: l-: r,.': .:.l-, l'ii .i.-.:Mi .- 1-I
201 New s ilm tune 1i 111t 1 ,:,i I11-1. ,:,:, '.i,|:..; i lli.:.iIi i ltl:i_
FOX 13 6:00 News I TMZI'tZI,,ii, Thelnsider American Idol: T .:.FI-riiii: Riot: 13:.:.ri-i.; I rd.: 3rd FOX 1310:00 NewsT.:.I:. :I.:-
IE1,.31 I I' ,. L: .:.7.9 3 1:. 1",1 -, 1 :'- .: 1".-, II -hl,..: : i III I III I 15 31` 1 1:. 11,- I---' 1 .1 1-41
FOX FOX 4 News at Six L:: 3i Judge Judy Simpsons Amencan Idol:T .:.1--ir1ii1: Riot .i:.:.,i -I.: ir.-:i i, ,i,1 FOX 4 News at Ten .iiri-i
M 6 1 ___ __ l :r B1h 0 0l-i;1111___ I | I:| __1111111-i ~l.~ r i l l ll H I _____ HI:1______1_____.' : i.;|:-.:.i 01 |0 ___
PBS BBCWorId BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour 1111 il Coming Back with Wes Escape from a Nazi Death Frontline :i,.::., Ill11. I
31 N:ews N I I"I portlill 1III IMoore :.:.I3i.i i,.-rir Camp ,,I 1111 :,i MIII 11mii_
PBS mi A4 A I Sesame Street: Ti-.: -i.:..: CatinHatl0l Peg+Cati',i Father Brown '.I-.:i.: ,riui DocMartin: 1.-ii.:.:il.:.I:,iB Scott Bailey .Iri.: i:iuii,,:
_S ti_ 1' ? -'rl .:'.-rit- (HP1 ) I(P) *.-:r. ((() ( HiP)( 11 ,, tI :' i'; :t (iff) (P)f .:. (i )
PBS BBCWorld Business Re- The PBS NewsHour iII i1 Coming Back with Wes Escape from a Nazi Death Frontline l.:.:.:n i -.: "I
I0 News I, I portil 1,IIII_ Moore .:.di.-,r:i .: -,rir Camp i i111 I i) i t[1ill IlIII
Ci P SgBang News In BigBangI'li 212MenI,,I Supernatural -ei-:r1 Supernatural -.:ii.:.ri,,hri News i'; 10pmIImiI,
"1 u N :l I :,el',,il e IHInII2 2 e IHI:I ,:I 211112 e n IHII 'I II IIHI:I
Cw I. OueensII N I OueensIT I 2121MenMI-I 21I2Menii Supernatural -.-:1: it Supernatural .:i.:.rii Rules'uiniii Rules i, ,iii
4 4 1 1 '1 HI:|1 i|HI: IHIII IHI:II1_ l :l., .3 I | l It I :li ________II I I :I __"_I':'1:'
MYN 11 11 11 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Bones Struggling inventor. Bones Body in microwave. Cops Re- Cops Re-
m_ (VPG) (IVPG) (TVPG) (CC) (HD) (TVPG) (CC) (HD)) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD Cleveland FamGuy(CC) Fam Guy(CC) Bones Struggling inventor. Bones Body in microwave. Law & Order: Special Victims
XN 9Chastity. (HD)) (CC) (HD1) (CC) (HD)) Unit: Infiltrated
IND 12 1212 12 Modem Playo Modern (CC) BigBang BigBang(CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims The Office: Office (CC) (HP)
32 12 game. (HD) 1 Stolen car (HD) Unit: Infiltrated Unit: Mercy (HD)) Gossip
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Criminal Minds: Today I Do Criminal Minds: Coda Missing Criminal Minds: #6 Blake's Criminal Minds Hotch's The Listener: The Shooting
ACI U _Upstate New York parents. (CC) (HD) proposition. (CC) (HD) brother. (CC) (HD) Bad tip. (CC) (N)
22 ( 27
WCLF 2222 22 2 ChristianFit- TodayFaith& Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Henry Babers, Richard Rob- Gospel Truth PerryStone Life Today
1 _" ness healing. (CC)Srerts(CC) (C l((CCO
WRXY 22 M 10 Joyce Meyer Savingthe In- Hannah (CC) great Awaken Tour Endofthe Monumental JoyceMeyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
AM 22441 (CC) vestor Age (CC) cles (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Encuentro final ('00) *12 Dos primos inmortales compiten La viuda negra La vida de
50 3 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) en un torneo donde solo uno vencera. (R) (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero te quiero Natalia huye tras defenders Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
6S 15 1(N) Univision (N) de un intent de violacion. sin amor (CC) (HP)) Hum ide hogar.

A&E 6 26 26 39 50 18 Storage (CC) (R) Storage Furmi- Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage ((CC) (R Storage (CC) (R Storage () (R Storage () (R Storage () (R :31) Storage (R
(14D) ture unit. (D HD HD HD HD HD [HD) ((1D)
AMC 56 56 56 56 53 21 Die Hard: With a Vengeance Shooter ('07) A former Marine sniper isrecruited toprevent the assassination of the presi- Freaksh (N)(H4D Freaksh (N)(HPD
AC 56 56 56 56 3 53 31 Cop battles bomber dent and is framed for the assassination of an Ethiopian dignitary. (CC:)
Gator Boys: Gator Getaway Man-Eating Super Croc Huge Man-EatingZonmbie Cats No River Monsters Baffling RiverMonsters: Unhooked
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Dangerous gators. (R) crocodile hunt. (R) fear of mankind. (N) cases. (CC) (N) (I) (Vtands' monster
BET 35 3535 35 22201106 &Park Top 10 videos selected by the Johnson Family Vacation (04, Comedy) Cedric the Entertainer. An ur- ComicV (CC) ComicV (CC)
BT viewers. (CC) (HI)) ban family trave s cross-country to a family reunion in Missouri.
8 68 68 65 18 Married to Medicine Tense The Real Housewives ofAt- Real Housewives N.Y. Real Housewives N.Y. People's People's
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 25 51 185 fashion show. (R) lanta Guys'nightout. Ramona flees. (CC(O (R) Ramona confronted. (N) Couch (N) Couch (R)
C0M 6 6 12 1% L (:58) S. Park (R) (:29) Tosh.0(R) ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Schumer(CC Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0 (CC) (N) Schumer(CC)
_COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 (DR (41) (R((1) ( HPD) (H1D) (HD) (H1D) (N) (HD)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 Moonshiners Tradition re- Moonshiners Tradition re- Deadliest Catch: On Deck Deadliest Catch (CC) (N) (HD) :01) Alaskan Bush People
DS 40 40 40 40 v 43 10 sealed. (CC) (HI)) vealed. (CC) (HI)) Fleetdesperate. (N) I________Building the cabin. (N)
6 4 4 4 2 1901 Fashion Police: The 2014 Bill- E! News (N) (HD) Giuliana & Bill NYC mara- Secret Societies of Hollywd Total Divas Bachelorette
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 board MusicAwards thon. (N) (H1D) Celebritysecrets. party. (R) (HlD)
ESO 82 82 82 82 118 118 1601 Top Chef: Finale, Part 1 Singa- Top Chef: Finale, Part 2 Wnne KnifeFight(R) KnifeFight(R) Knife Fight: Bi- Knife: Sea Cu- Eater(R) Eater (R)
8 8 8 8 1 0 pore challenge. (14D) lischosen. (H1D) (HD) I(HD) Ison (N) cumber I
EIN 24312 12 18 EWTN Guide(R) DailyMassCelebrationofthe MotherAngelicaLiveClas- EWTN Rosary(TVG) Threshold of Hope (R)
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Nightly (N) Holy Eucharist. (R) sics:Mark4(IVG) (Nightly (R) (R)
FAM 5 55 55 55 10 46 199 (5:30) The Goonies (85) A group of playmates tries to stop Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (11, Adventure) *** Johnny Depp. A
___________4_1_ruthless developers and finds a treasure map. Pirate is confused as to whether a woman from his past is there for love. (HI))
S37 37 307 7 766Chopped: ClassActs, Too Chopped Utilizing tongue. (R) Chopped Apple pie; bour- Chopped: Hero Chefs Chopped: G'day, Chefs! (N)
FOOD 37 373 37 76 164 Ground turkey (R) (HI)) (HI)) bon. (R(HI) Chicken soup. (R) (I)) (HI))
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 53 (4:30)Thor('11)Awarriorisban-X-IVMen: FirstClass ('11, Action)***12 James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender. Mutants Fargo: Buridan's Ass (CC((N)
X 45 wished to Earth. (CC) learn to use their superpowers to try and stop a devastating war. (CC) (HI)) (HI))
GSN 179 179 179 179 179184 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Minute to Win It (R) The Chase (R) FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 179179179179 34 179 184 Mm) IVW G IV____1VPG) (wVPG)
5iA 5 17 7320 TheWaltons: The Go-Getter TheWaltons:TheAchieve- The Waltons: The Hawk The Middle Middle Moti- Frasier (IVPG) Frasier(IVPG)
HALL 5 5 1 1 7 0Ben's new job. (CC) ment John-Boy's novel. Livestock killed. (CC) Gifriend. vaton. (CC) (CC)
IT81 81 81 81 3 658 Down East Dickering Historic Down East Dickering 1960s Down East Dickering Gems Down East Dickering Barn Down East Dickering Gun
HIST 8 I 6 bell taken. (R) (I)) school bus. (R) (HI)) mined; more. (R) (HI)) torn down. (R) (I)) made; profit. (R) (HI))
flopV\ealthy Flip Or Flop Flop Moldy Flop Difficult Flop: Flop Flop (R) Flip Or Flop Flip Or Flop House International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 listing. (R) bathroom. ob.(R) House Flip (N) (R) Hunters (N) (N)(HD)
HSN 24 2424 24 51 19151 Singer Sewing Brenda DyGrafFitness Cowie Lawn Lawn and garden. Lawn Lawn and garden.
LIFE 36 36 36 36 5 4 Wife Swap Moms trade Dance Morns Trainer vs. Dance Morns Trainer vs. Dance Morns Trainer vs. True Tori (CC) (N) (HI))
L 36 6 36 36 41 homes. (IVPG) (CCO) moms. (CC) ()ID) moms. (CC) ()ID) moms. (CC) (1HD)


OWN 58 58 58 58 4103 161 Dr Philtes)perate for My Dr Phil Obsessed parents. Undercover Boss: Subway Undercover Boss Plumbing The Haves andthe Have Nots
-------------- Daughter (C) (HD) (CC) (HD)) Sandwich training. (HD) company (CC (HD)) Campaign event.
PIKE 5 51 5 5 2963 54 Ink Master: Fighting Drty The Ink Master Tag Team Tatt Art- Ink Master Karma's a Bitch Ink Master: Fight to the Fin- Ink Master (N) (HD)
57 77 34final seven. (R)(HD) istsfight. (R)(HD) Cutthroat strategy. (R) ish (R) (HD))_______ _
S61 61 61 62 9 10 Heroes of Cosplay Wizard Heroes of Cosplay: Emerald Heroes ofCosplay: Megacon Heroes ofCosplay:Anime Heroes of Cosplay Planet
SYFY67 67 67 64 18 World. (R) City Emerald Cty. (R) Orlando's Megacon. MatsuriAnime Matsuri. Comicon, one. (R)
TBS 59 59 59 2 52 Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld:The Seinfeld A lot FamGuy(CC) FamGuy(CC) FamGuy(CC) Big Bang (CO Big Bang (CO Big Bang (CO Big Bang (CO
59 59 59 62 52 HD) ISponge of gum. (HD) HD) (HD) (HD) HD HD) HD)
TOM 65 65 6565 169 2 Prince Show- The Decks Ran Red ('58, Drama) -k-** The Elephant Man ('80) A doctor rescues a hideously (15) My Favorite Year ('82)
--- ---- gir (g 57) Ship'scaptain learnsofmurderousplan. deformed manfrom a freakshowin 1880sEngland. =-rk Starshowstamrnish.
TIC 45 45A 4545 5 72 39 American Gypsy Wedding LittleZoo party. Little Return to 19 Kids and Counting Dericks 19 Kids (CC) (N) 19 Kids Big city TheLittleCou-Little (CC) (R)
4 4 4 72 Crashing events. (R) (R) work surprise. (R) (H) (HD) visit ple (N) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: HeadhuntersCastle's Castle: Undead Again Zombie Rinoli& Isles:Ve Are Family Rinoli & Isles: In Over Your (:02)Rizzoli & Isles Body in a
p___ ___ partner (CC) ()HD)) subculture. (CC) ()HD)) Parade interrupted. Head New lieutenant, church. (CC) (R) (HD)
TRAV 69 6 696 1Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food: Balti- Man v. Food: Bizarre Foods America- Masters (N) Masters (R) Game On (C Game On (C
Zi69 69 69 66 Zmmem: Iceland (R) more (R) Denver Fan Favorites (R) (N) (R)
TRUT,-I -I -I I P..m truTV Top Funniest Hui.: truTV Top Funniest Furn _IuTVTopFunniest: iE.3 I.:.3 truTV Top Funniest L'.r:u.: truTV Top Funniest i", iii
.. t.-3.:.,. i ii n __15.:.-i:1rI.:iE i ; li I.-Id:.l.- .:.-:.r .:.-.:i* : ii i,,lilli i
,VLND '.' '.' :' '' Griffith iGnffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 7 1 ~ Law 8 Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims MIlodem _-iiii.h, Modern i", i Modem i", Modem ':.,,, Playing: Modem
_"- UR*_ nit:'.>qT* innUnitlI .: :'i,:-:,l, :3' HIII BmII 31 'iiiriii'hi.' iii -.:.. -.Id 3r
W ,, ,, ,, ,, ,.. Lawvv& Order. u'.:. F..- Law &Order: Er.:.:. :.- i Law &Order. iin, i ri .B-. ii. i Law &Order.,iiriri rd. I..i Laaw Order.,ii -irii ?B...I
,I. :W E Bl- ,, II I IHIII '''U1. -.m I IHIII I,- M r; I HIII : .,-r; III IHIII 1 i|HIi
WON. ,, Amenca'sFunniestHome HomeVideos Lead-OffMan MLB Baseball: B i.: :Bi .rr *:-.: i.: i ..:.: '.:uI: .:.: 1,1 :- : -I.I- L.:IiAiiHi
h' h. '. II'_Videos I:-.1. 1:11111"."' IT11 IIIIHIIIIMI
"S "x *x Geico SportsNITE IHiII To Be Announced I:,.:.'m iri,.:.irI.:.,: u', 11ii:.. 1,: i3.- ToBeAn- Goff Weekly
.CSS "- il -nounced
ESPN SportsCenter: 1:,-r; i-,.:.I NBA Countdown I''IIIIIH NBALottery 2014 NBA Playoffs: T.: ri,: TE i...,,1 11.Hii
":* 1 ^ ';.,:,l' ll' l |II ( I |H I:I| ______________I_... ____________________________

"ESPN2 P I P i Around the Interruption SportsCenter: i.:.r I-.::,I ..:.rn- iiinn Fantasy il NFLLive iii'' II,111 Baseball Tonight Itl'',,1I
H____________ Ho IIII I' IIII III 11I-1I1
FSI 46 46 4d 4 4i 4d 4 America's Pregame ill,)I World PokerTour: -|:hi- MMLB 162 iill FOX Sports Pecos ,MIPecosil), I) MLBWhipAround ili,,,)
F ___ London Conclusion )(HD) /(CC)H1) (D)(HD) (HD)
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 Marlins (HD) Madiins LIVE! ,e MLB Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (HD) Marilins LIVE! Madiins (HD)
72 7 (N)(HD) 77(N) (11))N
GOLF 49494949 5 304 Golf Central (N Inside PGA Playing Lessons fromthe Golfs Greatest Rounds: 1974 U.S. Open (N) (HD)
S49 49 49 0 D Tour(HD) Pros: Billy Horschel
NBCSN 71 71 71 1 5461 90 ProFootball NHLTopIO NHLLive(N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (ve) NHL Overtime
l Talk (N) LEU/( 14))
SUN 38 38 401 40145 5 76 -uture Rays LIVE! (N) ."- MLB Baseball: Oakand Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (Live) (HD) Rays LIVE! (N) side: Double
Ph8 8 401 6 enomnusD) (HD) (HD) Play
NICK 25 25 2525 2444 2 ; s pongeBob SpongeBob SanjayCraig Sam & Cat Nick News Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
(C) (CC) I(HD) )HD) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) I(CC)
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 2,7 Adventure Gumball Uncle Steven Uni- King ofthe Hill King ofthe Hill Cleveland Cleveland American American
GumN Time Grandpa verse (CC) (CC) Show(HD) Show(HD) Dad! (HD) Dad! (HD)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced ITo Be Announced
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Special Report Tsu-
33 8_____0 Room(N) (N) Beyond the news. (N) Breakng news. (N) (HD) stories. (N) nami updates. (R)
SPN 18 18 1 1 3 1 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
CSPN 18 18 18 18 R37 12 \ representatives. (N) lives most important committee hearings.
c 6 6 6 6 48 71 1SpecialReportwith BretBaie On theRecordwith GretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M IT he latest news (N) Susteren (N)(HD) talk. (CC) (N) (HD)) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (HD)
MSNB 8383 8383 185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrenc
INB I 8 8 Sharpton. (N) ()HD)) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HD)) I
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News Paid News News Paid News News (N) INews (N)
CMTV 4 4 4 4 23 24 221 Reba V\edded Reba Van sets Reba Brockthe Reba Reba '70s Show: I'm '70s (CC) Footloose ('84, Drama) A Chicago teen moves to a Small
MTV 47 47dtor. budget. renter blinded. a Boy Tn where dancing and rock'n' rol are banned.
MT33 33 3333 35 48210 TlheEx& Time's Up (N) 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant Faking It Awkward. Awkward.(N) Faking It (N)
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 Why? (N) girls talk. (CC) girls talk. (CC) (HD)) )(HD))
1 01 50 50504311 Fabulous Life of...: Atlanta At- Hollywd Exes Mayte is stub- Full Court (R) TlandTiny(R) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) StomptheYard2: Homecom-
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 lanta residents. (R) born. (R) (HD) (HD) (HD) (R) (HD)) ing ('10, Drama) *
(5:50) Batman Begins ('05, Action) ***% Christian Bale, (:15) Epic (13 Fantasy) *** Colin Farrell, Josh War oftheWorlds ('05)Tom
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Michael Caine. A billionaire develops a dual personality to Hutcherson. An army of bugs recruits mythical warriors to Cruise. Father protects kidsas
------- fight crime in Gotham City. (PG-13) (C (HD) ()help fight against an evil queen. (P6) (CC) (HD)) aliensatack
(510) Rounders ('98, Drama) A (:15) Big ('88) A 12-year-old boy is shocked to wake up in The 40-Year-Old Virgin ('05, Comedy) Steve Carell,
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 student is dragged back into the body of a 30-year old man after making a seemingly Catherine Keener. A man without romantic experience
-------- _gambling. (CCO) futile wish to a fortune-telling machine. (CCO) dates a single mother who doesn't want sex. (CC)
Liv and Mad- LivandMad- Jessie (CC) (R) I Didn't Do It Jessie Birthday Dog with Blog Liv and Mad- Dog with a Austin&Ally GoodLck
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 die Important die Basketball (HD) Avoiding Sherri. party. (CC)(R) (HD Confusing dielmportant BlogStan's Austin'svideo. Ruinedlaptop.
_____ letter. Game. ) (R)P behavior letter issues. (R) (R) (R)
(5:15) Zero Dark Thirty ('13, Drama) Jessica Chastain, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ('91, Adventure) An English Lord returns Hostage ('05)
ENC 150150 1550150 150 350 Jason Clarke. Chronicle of the covert operation to take from war to find his father dead and his lands stolen, forcing him to lead his Hard dedsion.
down al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. (R) (CC) band of merry men against the evil sheriff. (CC) (C
(5:lS)TheWay,WayBack('13) Real Timewith Bill Maher Game of Thrones: LastWeek Silicon Valley Real Sports with Bryant
HBO 30230230230230230240( *** Introverted een (TVMA) (CC) (R) (HP) MockngbirdTyrionenlistsan John Oliver (R) Richard's Gumbel (N) (CC) (HD)
be____ friends park manager I unlikely supporter (R) (HD) (HD) demo. (R)
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story ('04) A)(:45) The Apparition ('12, Thriller) *% (:15) 2 Days: LastWeek Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO2 303 303 303303303303402 group of misfits enters a dodgeball Ashley Greene. A young couple is plagued Sergio John Oliver (CC (TVMA) (CC) (HO)
_____ tournament in order to save their gym. by the presence of an evil spirit. (CCO) Marnez (HD) (HD)) _______ _
(5:45) Men of Honor ('00, Drama) **% Robert De Niro, Deadwood: The Catbird Seat VeepRay's Silicon Valley Billy Crystal 700 Sundays
HBO3 304304304304 304404 uba Gooding Jr. A sailor sets out to become the Navy's An improvised conference is influence. (CC) Richard's Actor plays people who
_first African American master diver. (R) (CCO) assembled. (1(H) demo. influenced him. (CC) (1)4)
(:15) Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust-The NurseJackie: Califomication Scary Movie ('13, Comedy) *A couple Penny Dreadful: Seance
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Bridge to Russia Billy Joel and the Cold NancyWod(R: Kckoff(R)(HD) notices a demon lurking around after Vanessa & Malcolm attend
ar____ r. (CC) (R) (HN)) I /bringing home their newborn. (CC) (HN) avish party. (R)
TheRamen 1:25) A Love Song for Bobby Long ('04, Drama) *** (:25) Sunlight Jr. (13, Drama) The The Impossible ('12, Drama)
TMC 35035035035035350385 GidA chef in John Travolta. A broken young woman returns to her relationship between a convenience store ***A family is separated by
__ Tokyo. hometown after years of desertion. (R) (CC) (1HD)) clerkand herboyfriend istested. (NR) atsunami. (G-13)

iM1R1,.H,1 .-i.*
ABC[ 2C I 111 7 News Kimmel Nighltine Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M1 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 7 7 1017 7 News Kimmel Nightine IPaid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1a 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCCEI 8 8 8 8 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX 13 131313 13 13 1News Access Dish TMVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News (N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS Ci 3 3 3 3 Moore Rose (N) Moore Escape Frontline Ind. Lens (R) Katmai
PBS M 02 16 Smiley Rose (N) Europe Antiques Brown D. Martin Call (R) Healing Yoga
PBS 3 3 3 3 Rose(N) Smiley Florida Moore Escape Frontline Ind. Lens (N) Katmai
*CW l) 16216 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN li 'I"" I Seinfeld Commun Raymond Amenca OK!TV Bndezilla 70s "70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN I Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND 1'I iF I I 'FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 66I _' I* 1' I' i' Listener Without Without Without Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WF li -1 Purpose Awaken Awaken You and Me CTN Spec 700 Club Younqren Hmekeep
WRX(Y491 11 f News Awaken Awaken YouandMe Reign Gaither Exercise Fitess
TLF o501 'r 'r Deportivo PasilloTV Verdad ILa viuda IDeportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 21 1 i 1 1 Nhoticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito ICerocnd. Casa sa Larosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
I I D'I V, i Ceroc d. CasrisIos
A&E ** ** ** "* *" '1' Storage Stora e Storawe IStorage Storage IStorage IStorage Storage Storage IStorage Paid B B Paid
AMC 2 i SnmallTn Freaksh Freaksh SmaUllTn The Last Samurai L', B'-,, Br ,t) Freaksh Freaksh SmallTn
APL U U U U V f' Riverh River lu Man-Eating Man-Eating Man-Eating Riverh Riverh
BET Huslbands Husbands Wendy Latifah ConicV ConlcV ComicV IWayans BET Inspiration __
BRAV W I watch Housewives New York Housewives Watch Housewives Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM ".".. ". i. 'i Dail Colbert idnight Tosh Dail Colbert midnight Schumer S. Park S. Park S. Park S. Park Paid Paid
DISC 11 11 11 '1 I* I" Catch i Alaskan Deadliest Catch Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 C Lately News (N) C. Late Sex & City Sex & City Sex&CitySex&Cit Giuliana Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 8211811816( Knife Knife Knife Knife Eater Eater Departures Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 242432412 1728 Catechis WomenGr Daily Mass Angelica News Defending Last Call St Luke's Papa I Aud. Faith
FAM 5555 5555 1046 1 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 37373737 761 Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped On Rocks Paid Paid
FX 51 51 51 51 5849 53(16) Fargo (R) lAmericans Fargo (R) Presents Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 17S179117 341791 Minute Baggage Baggage Fam. Feu Fam Feud Fam Fe Fam Feud Mind Mind Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33651 Down East Down East Down East Down East Down East Paid Civil War Paid
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 4216 Win It (N) Flop Flo Hunters Hunters Win It (R) Flop Flo Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Dance Moms Dance Moms Dance Moms True Tori Dance Moms Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Undercover Undercover Haves 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 5757 5757296354 Nighmre Nightmre Ink Master Ink Master Nighmre Nightmre Nightmre Nighmre Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67 25 641 Cos la Mega Python 11) Vipers ('08) (NR (CC) Twilight TMwiiht Paid Paid
TBS 59595959 32 62 52 CHolmonan nan Holmes Friend's Girl (08) **Married Married Maied Ea-il
TCMI 65656565 16 My Fav Yr. To Be or Not to Be Toast of N.Y. ('37)Flowing Gold MGM Par.
TIC 45454545 577213919 Kids 19 Kids Little Little 19 Kids Little Little Paid Paid Paid |Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Mentalist Mentalist Mentalist Mentalist (:03) Law Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 661 Bizarre Masters Masters Game On Game On Bizarre Favorites Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 301 Carbonar Carbonar truTV Top truTV Top truTV Top Carbonar Carbonar Saloon Stin Paid
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 5424 Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Queens Roseanne Roseanne Cosby Cosby 3's Co. 3's Co. Roseanne Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Modem Modem Playing Playing NCIS House House SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 11117111 1114 Law(HD) Law (H0) Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Paid Paid
WGN 1616 161941 11 9 How Met How Met Parks Parks Parks 30Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'Ti Death Paid Paid News(N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Sports Sports S rtsSorts sPlayoffs (eplay) ___Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 59 74 Olbermann Baseball NSBA Olbermannr NASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX FOX Sports IFOX Sports MLB 162 Sports Pecos Pecos Wrld Poker
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Finsiders MLB Game (Replay) IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 W PGATour Leaing Golfs: 1974 U.S. Open (H)Paid Paid Paid Paid GolfCni PGATour
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Auctions: Auburn (R) Auto Show NASCAR Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3133401401455776 Inside Israeli MLB Game (Re I Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39393939 3710 Money TBA TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 32323232 183810( 360 (R) CNN Tonite CNNSpc. 360 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 37121 Hearins Ke HearinsKe HearinsKey Hearings
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 O'ReillyKelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Haes (R) Maddow O'Donnell tHardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look Too Ea
SNN 666 11 11 ews News News Paid News (N) lNews (N) News (N) 0News (N) News (N)
H CryMtama P 13) ( 35) (69 Mondayss
CINE 32( 3230320 Worlds Lipstick ('09)) Ferne The Last Kiss ('06) OlfAir
CINE2 323213213213213214 Traveler Traveler Assault on 13 ('05) 1 Place Beyond ('13) Wet Summer ('01) (R)
DISN 13 11136 99 45 25 essie A.N.T. Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. OnDeck OnDeck Wizards Wizars On Deck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENG 15 151 S 15034 Hostage ('05) (:25) Full Metal ('87) Underworld ('03) *** Robin Hood
HBO 3%02 302 3 40( Veep VICE IThrones IVeep |Boxing (Replay) (H) Gumbel Making of Alive Day
HB02 30 303 X 402 Bullet to ('13) lBowfinger ('99) Silicon '(:45) Unleashed ('05) Sentinel ('06)
HB03 30 3DI M 0 Crystal I Prisoners (13) ***% (CC)(:35) Midnight ('69) Mondays in (R)
SHOW = 34(34365 NurseJ. Calif. Penny |Depraved ('13) Aroused Iceberg ('14) Knucklebal
TMC 3535 3135 Impossible 21 Grams ('03) *** 1(:05) Breaking the Waves ('96) Cont'l Div


The Middle
8 p.m. on ABC
"Orlando; The Wonderful
World of Hecks" After win-
ning the "Hands on a Hard
Body" contest, Sue can't
help but count down the
days until the family road
trip toward Walt Disney
World, but Brick wants to go
to North Carolina; a series
of misfortunes may im-
pede the fun at Walt Disney
World. (HD)
Survivor: Cagayan
8 p.m. on CBS
The original Brawn, Brain
and Beauty tribes have
been whittled down to only
four remaining castaways,
and the moment approach-
es when host Jeff Probst
will crown the Sole Survivor
and the winner of the mil-
lion dollar cash prize. (HD)


8 p.m. on NBC
"Declaration of Indepen-
dence" Miles, Charlie and
Monroe make a move
against the Patriots, but
they have to formulate a
new plan on the fly to pre-
vent California and Texas
from going to war; Rachel
and Aaron try to save Pris-
cilla from the nano-tech,
with unforeseen conse-
quences. (HD)
8:30 p.m. on HBO
"Special Relationship" While
commemorating the 100th
anniversary of World War
I, Selina's staff begins to
worry about the influence
Ray has on her; Dan worries
when Ben gets news that
causes him to head home;
Jonah does surveillance for
Maddox's team. (HD)
Modern Family
9 p.m. on ABC
"The Wedding (Part 2)"


L 9L 9

9 L 9

a a L

The planner and the fam-
ily keep pulling out new
contingency plans as the
day progresses into a
complete show of chaos
and the guests are starting
to get impatient, but just
as everyone thinks it won't
come together, something
unexpected happens. (HD)
Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit
9 p.m. on NBC
"Spring Awakening" Amaro
goes to John Munch for
help after Internal Affiars
targets him yet again for his
careless actions; an online
ad for an escort service is
found to have a connection
to the rape and robbery of
male tourists. (HD)
9:31 p.m. on ABC
"Closing Time" Bruce and
Cal explain what may hap-
pen if Tom tries to get Maya
to go home with him; Bruce
decides if he wants Jessica

Unconventional TV
1. One of the first TV
series to stray from the
traditional family unit
of a father, mother and
their children was this
long-running Western, in
which a thrice-widowed
father had three adult
sons, all from different

2. Blended families were
championed by this
iconic sitcom named for
the clan comprised of a
widower and his three
sons together with a
previously married
woman and her trio
of daughters.

3. Airing from 1978
to 1986, this sitcom
crossed racial lines
with its premise of a
wealthy widower with
a daughter who adopts
the two sons of his
deceased housekeeper.

4. Running with that
same ball of mixed-race

Wednesday at 10 p.m., ABC's
"Motive" returns for an
exciting second season with
gripping new cases featur-
ing more complicated killers
and intricate crime scenes,
each challenging homicide
detective Angie Flynn (Kris-
tin Lehman) and her team to
piece together the mysteri-
ous connections that drove
the killer to commit murder.

or another woman; Liv must
make a decision about what
she wants in life. (HD)

(and short-statured
leads) was this 1980s
series about an
orphaned boy adopted
by his NFL-player
godfather and his new
socialite wife.

5. On this ABC sitcom, a
widower raises his three
young daughters with
the live-in help of both
his best friend and his

6. The polygamous
patriarch of this HBO
drama series had
eight kids with three
concurrent wives and
still found time for
success in business and

,,0A01 518,, "9
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,.jalsqaM,, "t
*,sa)o4sj @u;j4iAA,, Et
,,4ounq iPpiJg aqL,, "
,,1zu1uoO,, "T



4 1 9 3

7 5 4 2

1 8 6

5 3 1

8 7 5

1 9 6

6 7 3 8

3 8 7

2 5 9 4


ABC7 News CABCWorld The 7 IEntertainment The Middle: Orlando; The Modem Fain- Mixogy: Motive: Raw Deal A suicide is
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight (CC)(N) Wonderful Wrdd of Hecks The ily The cere- Closing Time investigated where the victim
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) () (HD) Hecksvacatonat WaltDisney monystarts. (N) Final decisions. may have had unwanted help.
_____ day. (N) (HD) ____ ______ rldd. (N) (HD)) (N) (N) (HD)
ABC News The lat- ABCWorld TheList (IVG) AskAmerica The Middle Walt Disney Modem (CC(N) (:31)Mixology Motive: Raw Deal Suicide
2N_ est news News (N) (HD) (TG) World. ()(N)() (HD) (N) (HD) victim. (CC) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? The Middle Walt Disney Modem (CC)(N) (:31)Mixology Motive: Raw Deal Suicide
A 7 0 7 7News(N) (CC)(N) (CC) (R) World. (CC) (N) (HD) (HD)) (N) (HD) victim. (CC) (N) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) Survivor: Cagayan Jeff Survivor: Cagayan: Survivor Reunion Special Now that
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pmLocal Newswith tune(CC)(N) (N)(HD) Probst crowns the Sole Survi- the verdict is in on whether brawn, brains or beauty is the
1 0 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) vor. (CC) (N) (HD) most important attribute in the game, the castaways come
______(N) (HD)) back together to reflect. (CC) (N) (HD)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Survivor: Cagayan One cast- Survivor: Cagayan: Survivor Reunion Special Wth the
1 _55(N)(HD) tion (N) awaywins (N) (HD) winner finally crowned, the castaways reunite. (N)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Revolution: Declaration of Law & Order: Special Victims (:01) Chicago P.D.: A Beautful
NBC 888 8o 8 8at6:00 News News Current 8at7:00 News; Tonight(CC(N) Independence Thegroup Unit: Spring Awaken Amaro in- FriendshipAtwaterstarts his
[ and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) tries to prevent a war.(C (N) vestigated by Internal Affairs. (N) new intelligence job. (CC) (N) (HD)
1(HD)) (HD))
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Revolution Stopping a war. Law& Order: SVU Internal Af- (:01) Chicago P.D. Atwater's
2 2 2 News(N) tune (N) (HD) (CC) (N) (HD)) fairs. (CC) (N) (HD)) new job. (CC) (N)(HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider American Idol: Winner Chosen (CC) (N) (HD) FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday are examined (CC) (N) (HD) desofthe newsday are up-
1 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local JudgeJudy Paradise TV American Idol: Winner Chosen (CC) (N) (HD) (:06) FOX4 News atTen Nightly
N4 14 4 news; weather. (N) (R) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS 3 3 3 BBCWor1d BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Nature: The Gathering Swarms NOVA: Bombing Hitler's Dams Profile of people & explo-
3 3 3 News (CC) port(N) (HD) Swam intelligence. sives involved. (CC) (R) (HD()
PBS 4 204 204 16 SesameStreet:The Flood Bro- Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat(CC) Sahara with Michael Palin (:02) Old House Home (CC)((R) PioneersofTelevision
4 I0 I0 k\en pipe. (R) (H1) ______ (HD (R) Desolate crossing. (R) (HD) Comics methods. R (R HD)
PBS Eoo BBCWorild Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Nature: The Gathering Swarms NOVA: Bombing Hitler's Dams Profile of people & explo-
3 3 3 News (CC) port(N) (H1D) Swam intelligence. sives involved. (CC) (R) (HD))
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News(N) Big Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) The 100:Unity DayPeacedis- The 100:l1 AmBecomeDeath News@10Opm(N)(HD)
M 2 (14)HD) (HD1)) (HD)) cussions (R) (HD)) Murphy returns. (N)
CW 9 Queens (1VPG) Queens: S'no 2 1/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) The 100: Unity Day Peace dis- The 100:1 Am Become Death Engagement: Rules: The
SW (HD1) Job (HD)) (HD)) cussions(R) (HD)) Murphy returns. (N) Baked Score (HD)
MYN I 1 11 14 Raymond: The Seinfeld (CC) FanilyFeud Family Feud Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Cops Re- Cops Re-
3M 11 14 Bal /(VPG) (IVPG) Suicide pact. (HD)) An actor is shot. loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD Cleveland (CC) FamGuy(CC) Fam Guy (CC) Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order Special Victims
S _____ (HD)) HD() ______ Suicide pact. (HD)) An actor is shot. Unit Eco-terrorists.
IND 12 12 12 33 12 Modern (CC) Modern (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Office Jim's re-Office Casino
32 2 2 (HD)) (HD)) (H) M (Hfl) UnitEco-terrorists. Unit: Pandora (1)i) quest, night.
ION 2 2 7 Bum Notice: Pilot, Part 2 Mi- Bum Notice: Identity Michael Bum Notice: Unpaid Debts Bum Notice: Broken Rules Mi- Bum Notice: Wanted Man In-
A C 2 13 26 18 chadel helps criminal, helpswoman. (1V14) Moneyon a boat. (HD) chaelthethief. (HD) nocentthief. (1V14)
WCLF 22 2222 2 ChristianFit- TodayFaith& Jack Van I mpeGreatAwaken Tour Destined RichardRob- GsIelTruth Supernatural Life Today
22 2 _ness Ihealing. (CC_) 7 Gra AaeReign (CC) erts (CC) ((C()( N) (CC) (CC)
WRXY M 10 JoyceMeyer FirstLife(CC) JackVan I rGreat Awaken Tour Connect Saving the In- Joyce Meyer PlaceMira- GospelTruth
M22 44 10 (___CC) (HD)) (CC() vestor (CC_) cles (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Justicia verdadera: El disparo (CC) (HD) LaviudanegraLavidade
0 (TVPG) (YCC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC)) Gdriselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenders Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
6 _(N) Univision (N) de un intent de violacion. sin amor (CC) (HD)) Humilde hogar.

A&E 262 2 3 50181 The First 48: Rivers Edge Duck (CC) (R) Duck Eating Duck Guys vis Duck Largest Duck Dynasty Surprise wed- Duck Guys' Duck: Fowl
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Homeless man dead. (HD) skills. (R lake. order ding. (CC) (R) (HD)) antics. (R) Playhouse
S(3:30) The Last Samurai (03) 300 (07 Action) Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. Three hundred Spartans (:31) The Matrix ('99, Science Fiction) A
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 3 531i Yank goes samurai. fightto the death against the formidable Persian army. (R) (C) hacker fights to free humankind. (CC)
AI 4 4 1 6130 Swamp Wars 400-pound Mlan-Eating Super Snake In- Man-Eating SuperWolvesUl- River Monsters 30 deadly RiverMonsters: Unhooked
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 alligator. (CC) (R) ((HD) vasive snakes. (R) (HD) timate assassins (N) years. (CC) (N) (HD) An Amazon legend.
35T 3 3 2 7 106 & Park Viewer selec- Real Husbands of Hollywd ComicV (CC) ComicV (CC) Joyful Noise ('12, Comedy) ** The two leaders of a
BET 35 35 35 340 2221 tions. (C) (HD) Castgathering.(R)_ church choir are unable to agreeon a direction.
6666241 1 Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar UListing New Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 York Eerie townhouse. York Not haunted. (R) York Difficult lesson. York (N) York (R)
COM 66 66 66 66 l15 21 190 S. Park: Proba- Tosh.0 Colbert Repo Daily Show (R) K & Peele(R S.Park(R)(HD) S. Park (R (HD) S. Park (R) (H) S. Park (R) (H) TripTank (CC)
1O bly Movembr (R) (R1)(H) D(HD) (N) HD)
DISC 4040 40 40 25 43 1 Dude, You're Screwed Surviv- Naked and Afraid Man and Dual Survival: Untamed Gla- Dual Survival (CC) (N) (HD) Kodiak: Predator or Prey (CC)
C 40 40 40 40 43 1 alists tested. (HD) woman left. (CC) (HD) cier; extras. (N) (HD) _________(N) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 7 2 261 Sex & City Sex & City E! News (N) (HD) E! News (R) (HD) Total Divas Bachelorette Soup Eric Soup Eric
E! 46 46 46 46 2 26 196 (TV14) party. (R)(HD) Garceti.(N) Garcetti. (R)
ES 82 82 82 82118 1181 (5:30) Ghostbusters ('84) A group of paranormal investiga- Lucky Bastards: On the Lucky Bastards (CC) (R) (HD) Lucky Bastards (CC) (N) (HD)
S 8 8 8 8 11 118 60 tors goes into the ghost extermination business. Road (CC) (R) (HD))
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17 285 EWTN Last Call (N) DailyMass Celebration ofthe EWTN Live: Fr. Charles P. EWTN Rosary (TVG) Catalogue (IV Vaticano
EWTN 24324324312 7 8 Nightly (N) Ls Holy Eucharist. (N) Connor (N) Nightly (R) (R) GR) 6)
FAi 5 5 5 55 10 46 199 Middle Plans TheMiddle: Melissa (CC) (R) Melissa (CC) (R) Melissa (CC) (R) BabyDaddy Liar Liar ('97, Comedy) **Y2 A boy's birthday wish pre-
F 1 i 10 thwarted. The Trip (HD) (HD) (HD)) (R) HD) vents an unscrupulous lawyer from telling lies. (HD)
FOOD 3137 17 37 37 -7 Diners Comfort Diners Syra- Restaurant: Impossible Las Save My Bakery: Cakes Will Restaurant: Impossible Ma- Restaurant: Impossible: Living
FOOD 37 37food. cause, N.Y. Vegas, Nev. (R) (HD)) Roll (N) son, Ohio.(R) (HD) in theDarkAges_
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 5 (4:30)X-M.en: FirstClass ('11, Action) Mu- X-Men Origins: Wolverine ('09, Action)*** Hugh Jackman. A mutant The Americans: The Echo
FA i i 4 3 tants learn to use their powers. (CC) witnesses a loved one's murder and seeks revengeon the killer. (N) (HD)
GSN 179171917191719 1719 41 Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Mind ofa Man MindofaMan
GSN 179W17917917 34 179W184 IVP) N) (w) (IVPG) (V) () (R)
iALL 5 5 17 73240 oThe Waltons: The ReduseJa- TheWaltons:The WarriorBarnmTheWaltons:TheSeashore Middle(CC) MiddleRidof Frasier(IVPG) Frasier(1VPG)
iALL 5 '7 3 son meets woman. on sacred land. Beach vacation. (CC) ((HD) Icable. (CC) (CC)
I 1T 811 81 81 3 65 128 American Pickers Motorcycle; American Pickers Barns of American Pickers Memorabilia American Pickers (CC) (N) Down East Dickering Wnter
HIST 8 8 8 6 reunion. (R) (HD)) treasures. (CC) (R) (HD)) sought. (C) (H14D) (HD) gear sale. (N(HD)
Property Brothers A luxury Property Brothers Newly- Property Brothers Expect- Property Brothers Budget House Intemrnational
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 home. (R) (H1D) weds'fixer. (R) (D) ing a baby. (R)(HD) dream home. (R) (HD)) Hunters (N) (N(HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Brenda DyGraf Fitness Too Faced Beautisol MAN Global Chic MAN Global Chic Heidi Daus Jewelry
S3 3 3 5 4 Unsolved Mysteries True Unsolved Mysteries True Movie Movie
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 crime stories (CC) (H1D) crime stories. (CC) (HD)___________________________________________

MAY 21

OWN 58 58 58584103161 Dr. Phil: Backstabbing Sisters Dr. Phil: Do You Lie? Reasons For Better(R) For Better ForBetter(N) ForBetter(N) ForBetter(R) For Better(R)
OWN C58 58 58 5 47 10h-161 Child porn charge. forlying.(CC)(HD)) (11H)) __ Blind date. |(HD) (H1)) I(H1)) (1H4))
-- K 57 57 17 57 2963 54 The Final Destination ('09) Teen's premonition warns of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ('06, Action)** A young man is NinjaAssas-
------------- deadly accident, but Death increases its efforts. sent to live in Tokyo and is introduced to drift racing. (PG-13) sin ('09)
S6 6 1 6 912530 180 (5:00) Lake Placid 3 ('10) 12 Lake Placid: The Final Chapter ('12, Science Fiction) Big Ass Spider (13, Science Fiction) ** Giant alien spi-
SYFY_ 1 76 7 1(Baby crocodiles. (CC) Yancy Butler. Poacher discovers vicious crocodiles. der escapes military lab and begins to destroy L.A.
TB 59 59 59 3262 52 Seinfeld: The Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld(CC) FamGuy(CC) Big Bang (C) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) BigBang(CC) DealWith It
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Caddy (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) |(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (N)
TPM 65 65 6565 169i 2 The Battffle of the Villa Fiorita ('65 Drama) **/2 Two Girls and a Sailor ('44) After helping two sisters (:15) Best Foot Forward ('43)
__ TCM 15 V5l5 6 163(Maureen O'Hara. Kids intervene when mom cheats on dad. with their canteen business, a sailor falls in love. Dating a movie star.
TIC 45 45 4545 5 71 American GypsyWedding 19Kids(CC) (R) 19Kids(CC) (R) 19 Kids and Counting Deridcks 19 Kids and Counting Dericks19 Kids (CC) (R) 19 Kids Big city
Irl T J 14 45 45 45 7 72 Settle down. (R HD1)) (1HD )) (HD141) question. (R) (HD4)) surprise. (R) (HD4)) HD4)) vist.
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle Weather girl dead. (CC) Castle: Secret'sSafe With Me NBATip-Off(N)(CC) <>, 2014 NBA Playoffs (Live) (CC)
(TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 D) Storage unit. (HD) NB i-ff()(C
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 1710 Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food: Mem- Man v Food: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Trip Flip (CC) (N) Trip Flip (CC) (R) Baggage (CC) Baggage (CC)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26 66 17Australian cuisine. (R) phis(R) Sarasota Zimmenm: Chengdu (HD) (HD) (N) (R)
TRUTV 63636363 5030 0 South Beach S. Beach (R) South Beach South Beach S. Beach (R) S. Beach (R) S. Beach: South Beach South Beach S. Beach
TRUTV 63 63 63 Tow (R) Tow (R) Tow (R) Creepin(R) Tow(R) Tow(N) Prancercise.
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Cleveland Cleveland
USA 3434 34 34 2252 50 NCIS: Royals and Loyals Office NCIS: Dead Air Live radio NCIS: Revenge NCIS retali- NCIS: Double Blind NCISscruti NCIS: Damned If You Do
kl33 ___ 20led. (CC) (HD)) murder. (CC) (HD) rates. (CC) (HD)) nized. (CC) (HD)) Threatened future. (HD)
WE 117117 117 7 117 149 Law & Order AftershockExe- Law&Order:Causa Mortis Law & Order: 1. D. McCoyvs. Law & Order:GoodGirl Law & Order: Survivor Rare
SE 11 1 11 1 cution witnesses. McCoy's new partner judge. (CC) (HD) Crackng alibis. (CC) (HD) coin murder (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Salem Wtches of Salem,
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 9 Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1VY14) 1V14) (1Y4) (1V14) Mass. (CC) (4H)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (H) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
this time. this time.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 5 0 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Inside: U.S.(N) Baseball To- i MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (live) (HD)
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 onn. (N) (CC) (HD)) (HD) nite(HD)
ESPN2 30I303030 6 A 74 Amroundthe Interruption SportsCenter from Bristol, SportsCenter from Bristol, Inside: U.S. ESPN FC(N) (HD) Fantasy (HD)
IEN 5 4 Horn (HD) C ((HD) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) 4(HD)
FS1 488884 8 1A America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Insider UFC From(N) UFC Tonight (N) (CC) (HD) The Ultimate Fighter: Too The Ultimate Fighter: Fightto
:1 148 48 48 48 42 69 83( (4)A ) (C:l(HP) 1(HP)) ISalty (CC)(R) (HP)) ILive (CC (N) (HP))
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 Access (N) Marilins LIVE! e MLB Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (HD) Marlins LIVE! Marlins (HD)
SI (HD 1 ) 1N)H) a (N(a) (
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 31 4 Golf Central (N) (NN) School ofGolf: Chapter 16: Senior PGA Championship Legendary Conversation Big Break Florida: Champi-
Ball Striling Secrets Preview (R) (HP) (HP)D) onship Match (HP)
NBCSN 11 11 11 1 Pro Football NHLTop10 NHLLive (N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (LWve)NHL Overtime
NB N l 90 Talk(N) (4HD)
SUN 38 38 401 40145 57 'owerboat Rays LIVE! (N) "" MLB Baseball: Oakand Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (live) (HD) Rays LIVE! (N) inside: Double
)UN (8 (8 41 41 4 7)(D) lD) )lay
NICK 2552252444252 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sam & Cat Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 5 ((CC) ((CC) (HD) H(oCC) Fu(CC)l (HuCC) s(C) (CC) (CC)
TN 80 81212 :2 15) Adventure (:45) Gumball Johnny Test Teen Titans Defenders of Regular King ofthe Hill Cleveland American American
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 ime ( Go! Berk S(CC) (CC) Show(HD) Dad!(HD) dH!(HD)
1 g 6: PM 8:3 9i PM '3 10 PM 100II
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced 1To Be Announced
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Special Report Tsu-
N 3 1____ Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) stories. (N) nami updates. (R)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 10 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
CSPN 18 18 18 18 7 Representatives. (N) tives most importantcommittee hearings.
c 64 6 6 6 71 1 Special Report with BretBaie OntheRecordwithGretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M 1 The latest news (N) Susteren (N)(HD) talk. (CC) (N) (HD)) dates. (N) )(CC) (N) (HD)
MSNB 83 83 8383 185 4103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MNB 8 8 10 Sharpton. (N) (H4) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News Paid News News Paid News News(N) INews(N)
CMTV 4 14 4 23 24 221 Reba Re- Reba Heart Reba (HD) Reba: Just '70s The break '70s Mount Behind the Music Sudden Behind the Music Country
_MVi 4 7 4 3 4 newingvows. trouble. __Business in. (CC) Hump. (CC) fame & love. (CC) ()HD)) Grammy-star. (CC) (HD)
IT 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 TheEx& Time's Up (N) Faking It Awkward. Catfish: The TVShow Me- Catfish: The TVShow Me- Catfish: The TV Show (N)
MTV 3 3 3 5 48 1Why? lN) ()HD) dia pen pals. (HD)) dia pen pals. (HD) (4HD)
1i 50 50 50 50 431 23 17 Love&HipHopAtlantaDNA Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Hollywd Exes Mayte is stub- Hollywd Exes (N) (HD) Full Court Life Marrying
Vt1 50 50 50 50 43 23 est results. (R) (H)) (R) ((H) born. (R) (H) __________(N) Game(N)
Dark Shadows The Internship (13) ** Two jobless, middle-aged Coffee Town ('13, Comedy) **'2 Glenn Taken 2 ('12, Action) Liam
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Vampire's salesmen compete as interns against dozens of college Howerton. A man desperately tries to keep a Neeson. CIA operative and his
S ___ _family. students for a coveted job at a savvy, tech company. coffee shop from turning into a bar. wife are targeted.
(4:50)Go('9) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ('13) A (:20) The Campaign (12, Comedy) "*r'1 Will Ferrell, Zach Strike Back (:50)Working
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Hedonism in magician splits with his stage partner after a Galifianakis. An unlikely candidate challenges a long-time (CC) (HD) Giids in Bed
L.___ LA. (R) performer steals their fame. congressman in North Carolina. (R) (CC) (HD) (H1D)
Dog with a DogBlogI Jessie:The IDidn'tDolt Meet the Robinsons ('07) *** An DogBlog Austin&Ally GoodLck
DISN 136136136 136 99 45 250 BlogRevolu- Obnoxious RossesGet Cheapsk orphan boy genius takes a trip into the future Squad Allybecomes Gracie'snew
_____ tionary. (R) neighbor. (R) Real (R) chalet. (R) and meets an eccentric family. (6) (CC) membership. (R goth. Icar (R)
(15) Once Upon a Time in Mexico ('03, Action) Antonio Resident Evil: Apocalypse ('04) A (35) Identity ('03, Horror) *** John
ENC 150150150150 150350 Banderas, Salma Hayek. A rogue C A agent recruits a super-powered woman battles zombies to Cusack A group of strangers is stranded at
___ legendary Mexican pistolero to stop a coup. (CC) rescue a scientist and his daughter. (CC) a desolate motel during a thunderstorm.
:15) Big Momma's House 2 ('06 Comedy) ** Martin SiliconValley Veep Ray's Fast & Furious 6 ('13, Action) *** Vin Diesel, Paul
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 Lawrence. An FBI agent repeats his disguise as "Big Richard's influence. (CC (R)Walker. Agent Hobbs enlists the help of Dominic and his
_____ Momma" to work undercover as a nanny. (CC) (H1D) demo. (R) HD) team to take down a gang. (PG-13) (CC) (HP))
(:10) Promised Land ('12, Drama) **'/2 Matt Damon, First Comes Love ('13, Drama) Nina Davenport. A candid We'retheMillers ('13,
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 John Krasinski. Natural gas company representatives try to glimpse into the complexities of motherhood in today's Comedy) Drug dealer hirefake
_____ buy out a small rural town. (R) (CC) (HPD) society. (NR) (CC) (HPD) family as a cover. (CC)
(5:45) Pride & Prejudice (05, Romance) *** 2 Keira Deadwood: Tell Him Game of Thrones: LastWeek VICE (CC) (HD)
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Knightley Jena Malone. An 18th-century English family Something Pretty Rigged Mockingbird Tyrion enlists an John Oliver
------- arranges marriages for their five daughters. (PG) election. unlikely supporter (HPD) (1HD)) .u ac
(:05) Crash ('05, Drama) Individuals from different social and P'enny Dreadful: Seance Years of Living Califomication Nurse Jackie:
SHOW 34040 340 340 340 3403465 ethnic backgrounds have their judgment and actions tested Vanessa & Malcolm attend Dangerously: Winds of Kckoff(R)(HD) NancyWood(R
---------- by prejudice in post-9/1 1 Los Angeles. lavish party. (R) Change (CC) (R) (14D))
The Longest Yard ('05, Comedy) **2' Adam Sandier, Bad News Bears ('05, Comedy) ** Billy Bob Thornton, Some Girls ('88, Comedy)
TMC 350 350353550 350 35 85 Chris Rock Imprisoned pro football player forms team of Greg Kinnear. A drunken womanizer is recruited to coach ** A man meets his
convicts to play guards in game. (PG-13) (CC) littleleague baseball team. (PG-13) (CC) (1H4) girlfriend's family. (R)

MAY21 i i -i 1
ABCB 2C 111 7 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M1 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 1017 7 News Kimmel Nighine Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1a 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late "TMVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCC[ 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNight LastCall Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 2 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX M13113113 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS 31 3 3 3 3 Angle (R) Rose (N) Nature NOVA (CC) (R) (HD) Moore Nature
SPBS M202D420 16 Smiley Rose(N) Europe NOVA(R) Lewis (CC( (HD) NOVA(R) Opinion Yoga
PBS 31 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley Makers Nature NOVA (COC) (R) (HD) Moore Nature
*CW ) 6216 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
CW 4) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Si ns Kin Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3 11 11 11i 14 Seinfeld Conun Raymond America OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYNh7 ) 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunn Sunny 'Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 38 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 6 2 22 2132618 17 Notice Notice Notice Notice Paid Paid Inspiration Toda
WClF l 22 22 22 2 Duplants Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
NWRXY9 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 5 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Pasillo TV IVerdad Laviuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 5 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia .Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa Larosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
Ii DON* I *I I i I I
A&E 262626263950181 iDuck IDuck Duck iDuck IDuck (R) IDuck IDuck Duck Duck Paid IDog Bnty Dog Bnity Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Matrix ('99) (R) Mission: Impossible III 06 *** Scoro in 2 ('0)8) (CC)
API 44 44 44 44 36 6813 River(R) River (R) SuperWolf Snake (R) SuperWolf River(R) River(R)
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 2C Joyful ** WendyLatifah lConicV ConicV ComicV Wayans BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 254 51185 Watch New York Housewives New York Watch New York Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66666666 15 Daily Colbert midnight IS.Park Daily Colbert midnight TripTank Chapplle Sunn Sunny Sunny Paid Paid
DISC 40 40404025431 Survival Kodiak Dual (R) Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 464464621261 C.Lately INews(N) ISoup C.Lately IMeanGirls2 (11) *% C.Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 8211111 16(Lucky (R) Lucky (R) Lucky (N) Departures Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24:242412 17285 ForWomrWomenGr Daily Mass EWTN Live News Holy Qun LastCall Saints Saints Finding Theology
FAM 55555555104619 700 Club Baby Dad IBaby Dad Melissa Melissa Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 373713737 76 16 Diners Diners Restaurant Restaurant Diners Diners Save My Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Americans (:12) Fargo(R) Americans Rescue Rescue lArcher Paid Paid
GSN 171 17 34171 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baae Baage Mind Mind Fam Fe Fami Feud Baggage Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy L
HIST 81818181 33 651 Down East American American Down East Down East Paid Civil War Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Pro Bro Prop Bro Hunters Hunters Prop Bro Prop Bro Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Movie :02) Movie 1:02) Movie Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 584710161 ForBetter ForBetter ForBetter ForBetter ForBetter For Better 48 Hrs. __ 48 Hrs. 1 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 5555296354 Ninja Assassin ('09) Resident Evil (10) **-k/ (CC) 1KW s Paid IPaid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67167167 25:641 Deep Blue Sea ('99) IBig Ass Spider ('13) I Black Swarm ('08) Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan [Holmes Conan Holmes INever Back ('08) *1*2 Married Married Married Earl
TCM 65656565 16 23 Best Foot Good News Young to Kiss ('52) Wild Bride ** Barbaree
TIC 45454545 57 7213 19 Kids 19 Kids 19 Kids 19 Kids 19Kids 19 KIds Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Playoffs Inside NBA Falling Falling Preview NBA Playoffs (Replay)I Preview
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 661 Paradise TripFlip Trip Flip Baggage Baggage Paradise Bizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63636363 50 301 Pawn Pawn S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach SiBeach S. Beach Pawn Pawn Saloon Stings Paid
TVLND 6262626231 5424 Queens Queens Queens Queens Roseanne Roseanne lRoseanne Roseanne Cosby Cosby 3'sCo. 3'sCo. Roseanne Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 NCIS NCIS NCIS Order: Cl Order: Cl SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 117111111 1114 Law(HD) Law (HD) L.A. Hair L.A. Hair LA. Hair L.A. Hair Paid Paid
WGN 1616 1619 41 11 9 Salem Rules Rules Rules Rules 30 Rock Sunny Futurama Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 292929291258 70 Sports Sports SportsSports MLB Game (Replay) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 Olbermann Baseball NBA Olbermann NASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports MLB Whip FOX Sports FOX Sports Fighter UFC (HD) Unleashed
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Finsiders MMLB Game (Rep lay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 Golf Cntrl .Legendary Big Break PGA Tour Learning Senior PGA GolfCntrl Euro. Tour
NBCSN 1 1 1 1 1 5461 90 Road to Senna ('11) Racing driver. Pi Mecum Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3B 3 40140145 51 6 Inside In Depth MLB Game (Replay) (Paid Paid Paid Paid id Pad Paid Paid
NBC 39393939 3 10SMoney iGreed GreedPaid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 32323232 18 3810360o (R)CNN Tonite CNN Spc. 360 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 37 1210 Hearings Q Key Hearings 2 Key Hearingst Key Hearingsl0))W t
FNC 64 64 64 64 Q 7111 O'Reilly Kelly File IHannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318! 40103 Haves (R) ____ Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look Too Early
SNN 666 11 11 News News News Paid INews (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32( 32 320 3Z(4 Taken 2 Femme Girl'sGui Road Trip ('00) Super Sex ('13) 1'(:40) High Roller ('03) Coffee
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Chain Reaction ('96) |Chenisry Chemistry The Chamber ('96) "I___ Sentinel (77) OffAir
DISN 1313613136 99 45 2 Jessie IA.N.T. IJump In! ('07) A.N.T. OnDeck OnDeck Wizards |Wizards lOnDeck |OnDeck FishHks Phineas
EN3 1515015150 1503 (]10) Closer ('04) (CC) Here Comes (:45) The Doors ('91) (CCO)Wreck-It
HBO 3 302 302 3 Real Time Oliver IThrones 1(:45) I Still Know ('98) Cleanskin ('12) Life Sam
HB02 X303X3 34 Millers 1(:50) Ali's Fight ('13) IVICE I Pitch Perfect ('12) IMenace ('96) Black Dog
HB03 N3D3N M Hangover 3 (R) ISilicon |Presumed Innocent ('90) Kingdom of Heaven ('05)
SHOW XXX 34(M36 Halloween *' Seed ('04) (CC) IThe Ward ('11) ,God Bless (R) All In **
TMC 35(3503t3 3535 Sme Gr s Quartet ('13) 128 Hotel ('12) IMonster of% IFilth ('08) (CI |WhyStop


7:30 p.m. on SHOW
The 16th President of the
United States in the later
years of his term finds his
country seceding into two
separate confederacies
and joins with the Union in
an attempt to reunite the
country. (HD)
8 p.m. on CW
"Part 1" While at an archae-
ological dig in the French
Pyrenees, Alice Tanner
stumbles upon two skele-
tons in an ancient cave that
reveal the dreadful past of
Alas, a girl from the year
1209 whose life revolved
around guarding the mys-
tery of the true Grail. (HD)
Hell's Kitchen
8 p.m. on FOX
"10 Chefs Compete" The


team with the best knowl-
edge of pork goes indoor
sky-diving while the losing
team prepares for dinner
service, but while one team
has a hard time dividing
responsibilities, the other
can't coordinate timing,
leaving dinner service a
disaster. (HD)
The First 48
9 p.m. on A&E
"After the First 48: Birthday
Girl; Nightmare" In Cleve-
land, prosecutors may not
be able to bring all of the
defendants in the shoot-
ing death of a teenage girl
at her birthday party to
justice; in Miami, Detective
Manny Castillo hopes a sur-
vivor's story will be enough
to convict the shooter. (HD)
Gang Related
9 p.m. on FOX
"Pilot" Detective Ryan Lopez
begins to realize that his
job in the Gang Task Force
is conflicting with his alle-
giance to the Los Angelicos,

2. Rye

and must find where his
loyalty lies before he loses
the respect of his team and
the man who has been a
father to him. (HD)
River Monsters:
10 p.m. on APL
"Monster Sized: Bone
Crusher" Local residents in
Brazil discovered a corpse
that had very unusual
injuries, followed by an in-
creased number of missing
persons' cases, and Jeremy
Wade recalls coming face to
face with one of his great-
est fears as he worked to
solve the mystery. (HD)
The Killer Speaks
10:01 p.m. on A&E
"Gary Ray Bowles: The 1-95
Killer" An exclusive inter-
view with the death row
inmate provides details of
his 1994 killing spree that
left six men dead when his
intended victims would pick
him up and he would beat
and strangle them before


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Frozen (PG)
2. The Wolf of Wall
Street (R) Leonardo
3. American Hustle
(R) Christian Bale
4. Gravity (PG-13)
Sandra Bullock
5. Anchorman: The
Legend Continues (R)
Will Ferrell
6. Homefront (R)
Jason Statham
7.12 Years a Slave (R)
Chiwetel Ejiofor
8. Grudge Match
(PG-13) Robert
De Niro, Sylvester
9. Out of the Furnance
(R) Christian Bale
10. The Hunger
Games: Catching
Fire (PG-13) Jennifer

Thursday at 9:01 p.m., NBC's
comedy competition "Last
Comic Standing" returns
with Roseanne Barr (pic-
tured) joining the other new
celebrity judges Keenen
Ivory Wayans ("In Living
Color") and Russell Peters
("Comics Without Borders"),
while JB Smoove ("Curb Your
Enthusiasm") steps in as the
new host of the series.
stealing their credit cards.
Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Frozen (PG) Disney *
2. Ride Along (PG-13)
3. The Hobbit: The
Desolation of Smaug
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
4. The Nut Job (PG)
5. The Pirate Fairy (G)
6. The Secret Life of
Walter Mitty (PG) FOX
7. The Hunger Games:
Catching Fire (PG-13)
Lions Gate
8. Despicable Me 2
(PG) Universal
9. Anchorman: The
Legend Continues (R)
10. The Wolf of Wall
Street (R) Paramount


In he grid below, twenty answers can be found thai fit the category for
today. Circle each answer that you fi and a lst t in the space provided at
the right of the gid. Answers can be found hi al directions forwards,
backwards, horizontally, velticaly and diagonally. An example Is given to
get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle?
Todays Category V.Wds that sound alike, but are spelled differently

AAMoZ *fsuosol
ai 1) 0 4a~Oe 'SIO eA L asie3$-
1 0 0 0 ae~ AIIdoJd 'Z sOL 9W1 a

aased 9lt. Aonq
v Z a 0 A C
a 00a9~ o i. eV401'
ak X oeAIOO. SPpv 1
___x_0____ raLILo LPV 1i
wNc E:: uprp M 0 P

MlAY 22

ABC7 News CABC World The 7 Entertainment The Bachelorette Andi meets 25 bachelors, Modem Fain- Black Box: Jerusalem (CC) (N)
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight(CC)(N) but one former cast member wants to crash ilyTheschool (HD)
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) the party. (CC) (R) (HD) fair. (CC)(R)(HD)
___~_____ ~day. (N) (HD)__________________________________________
ABC News The lat- ABCWorld The List (IVG) Ask America The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman meets 25 Modem (CC) (R) Black Box: Jerusalem (CC) (N)
2Nt est.nes News (N) (HD) (IVG) bachelors. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman meets 25 Modem (CC (R) Black Box: Jerusalem (CC) (N)
A C _____ News (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (R) bachelors. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (HD)
10 News, CBSEvening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) The Big Bang (31) TheMillers (:01) Twoanda (:31) Bad :01) Elementary: An Unnatural
CBS 10 10 6pm Local Newswih tune (CC) (N) (N) (HD) Theory Meddlesome HalfMenBro- Teacher Arrangement Gregson'shome
10 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) Thanksgiving. mother. (HD) ken up. (R) (HD) Lock-in flirtation, invaded by masked gunman. (R)
_______(N) (HD) (R) (HD) _______ (N) (HD) (HD)
CBS 213 213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- BigBang(CC) (:31) The Millers 21/2 Men Bro- Bad Lock-in flir- (01) ElementaryGregson's
1_ .(N) (HD) tion (N) (R)(HD) (1HD)) ken up. station. home. (CC) (R) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Hollywd Game Night: Hot in Last Comic Standing The auditions kck off, but this time
NBC 8 8 8 at6:00 News NewsCurrent 8 at7:00 News; Tonight(CC)(N) Hollywd(CC)(N)(HD) they are by invitation only, leaving 100 comicstocompete
[I and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) for 20 spots in the semi-final round. (CC) (N) (HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Hollywd Game Night: Hot in Last Comic Standing The auditions kck off, but this time
20 News (N) tune (N) (HD) Hollywd (N) (HD) they are by invitation only. (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) Thel Insider Hell's Kitchen: 10 Chefs Gang Related: Pilot Detective FOX1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 1 3 13 eventsofthedayareexamined (CC) (N) (HD) Compete Teams flounder RyanLopez has a conflictof in- riesofthenewsdayareup-
31 and reported bythe FOX 13 during dinner service. (CC) (N) terest that threatens his job. (CC) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
SNews Team. (N) _____ (HD) (N) (HD) News Team. (N)
FOX 4 FOX 4 News at Six Local JudgeJudy Calm Before Hell's Kitchen: 10ChefsCom- Gang Related: Pilot Conflicted FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N news; weather. (N) (R) (HD) ______ pete Dnner disaster. interest. (N) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS BBCWord Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) WEDUArts Up Close Heroes From SgtPaul George Gathering
C1]News (CC) port(N) (HD) Plus (N) Unruh (N) the Bay NI Sm Snathers (HD) Hero (R)
PBS i4 204 204 Sesame Street Accidental CatinHat(R) Peg +Cat (CC) Nature: Leave itto Beavers Re-Life in the Undergrowth Sodal Wild!: Polecats: Masked
im 16 sale. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (R) giving landscapes. structures. (CC) Raiders Polecat survival.
PBS BBCWordd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques (CC) Antiques(CC) Doc Martin: Nobody Likes Me Masterpiece:Endeavour:
30 1. News (CC) port (N) (HD() Ruth's new house. RocketFamilys past. (R)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang (CC) News(N) Big Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Labyrinth: Part Alice Tanner unveils the past ofa girl whc News @10Opm(N) (HD)
M (HD) (HD) (HD)) guarded the mystery of the Grail. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW Queens: Bed Queens (IW) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Labyrinth: Part 1 Alice Tanner unveils the past of a girl who Engagement: Rules Plan
44 1 3d MII_ lMIII |:.l.-M _:__;I Hl:l| _____:_i|HI:1| _3__'___ I Hl:l| .IJir.. I ;l'. l .:. ,.: 1 M- I I I: LI i'.: :' I:,K.: 1.:I ."
MYN .Raymond: Tri.; Seinfeld i", i FanmilyFeud FamilyFeud House: I-.:.,,i:..: i -.:.i:.i-i.: House: :'u .:. ri.-:r ju.: CopsRe- CopsRe-
Il I "u n.- .: | M||I:I| I- iE uiii.[-'1.h | ||HI:I| loadediHi:, loaded III,
MYN Hollywdiil)(i Clevelandi,, FamGuyi', FamGuy ii, House:l i.:.,i:.,.: :.:.i:.i.:riHouse:: l .:. :ir,,.-:: Law & Order:Special Victims
S I- 'IHII MII I.i .nIII i-c iI' I 1I- uiii'.rI'i- .:- in i IHIII U nit: .:.: .:..
IND I p Modern i" i Modernml:.:: BigBangiii BigBangii,, Law & Order:SpecialVictims Law & Order:SpecialVictims TheOfficeI I.: OfficeI- IIH
5 1I IHI-I I' .,i1:. HI IHIII Unit:l.:,:.l:.l..:.l.- Unit: T.:.idui,. IHIII 1BI .:
ION Law & Order: Cnnrnal Intent Law & Order: Crinmnal Intent Law & Order: Cnminal Intent Law & Order: Cnnrnal Intent Crinrnnal Minds: 3riii3 ,id
66 1 I:I.:.}.:. i '.' :I : ..E :i-..qr' r l *:.'5ni' Tir..l.9 .-I :. I H rIII r .: l u.:. I l | I:I|' r ..:--.i. I' IH I:I|
WCLF Chnstan Fit- Today F iii, Bay Focus Great Awaken Tour JoeVan Richard Rob- Gospel Truth Bridges Life Today
W L221 l"-- -,-,_ ness I.- ii,.. Koevenng ertsi''1 ii .-Iiti,
WRXY JoyceMeyer Tommy Testimonies Great Awaken Tour ForHurting Inspirationthe Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
al Ill) Bates of Triumph _Women Daycles I
TLF ... ElChavo:,:.: ,i:,,:: Vivan los ninos :,nui B Pelicula Laviudanegra L_ ,3i:-
so l .. .. -II "3 Jilin )il: l '. -.'' 1:1i i .:,.
UNIV Noticiast I Noticiero Dequetequiero.tequieroi li3iihiu I : I 3.:.-:rc.,.: Loquelavidamerobol-.:. Oue pobrestanricos
521 I )' UnivSon un 'iil';li: *d. : i.:.I.:i.:.I| ; i 3 .:.i II||H IIi I-lUriid.- Ih.:..q3
A&E LoLoLoLov u 16 The First48: i-ii. I 13B The First48 Flr.-..:i .:i The First48 Fri I i The First4 I : TheKillerSpeaksi in
A&E 0 u chinegun. (R) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) tion. (CC) (N) (HD) terviewed.(N)(HD)
Thle Matrix ('99) A hackerfights The Mummy ('99, Horror) **1/2 Brendan Fraser. An Egyptian priest is (:46) The Mummy Returns ('01) The Scor-
AIVC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 to free humankind. mummified alive, and a team of archaeologists revives him. (CC) pion King and Imhotep face off. (C)
I44 44 44 44 36 10 o Dirty Jobs Down Under Croc- Man-Eating Zonmbie Cats No Devoured: Man-Eating Super River Monsters Ancient mon- RiverMonsters: Unhooked
AFL o44 44 44 44 36 68 1 dilevomit. (CC)(HD) fear of manknd. (R) Snake Returns (R) ster.(CC)O(N() (HD) Unusual injuries (N)
5T 5 35 35 35 40 2 2I 106 & Park Viewer selec- Blue Hill Avenue ('01, Drama) *** Allen Payne, Angelle Brooks. The son of a solidly Civil Brand ('02) Prison
BET 35 35 35 40 220 ions. (ti) (HD) middle-class blackfamily turns to dealing drugs. (R) (CC) takeover. (R) (C)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Movie Movie
COM 66 66 66 66 15 0:58) S. Park (R) Tosh.0 Nice ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Chappelle's Sunny Ex's Sunny (CC) Tosh.0 (CC) (R) Tosh.0OBubb Tosh.0OTeen
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 guy.R) (R) I(H) (CC) wedding. )(HD) I(HD) Rubb. (R) with gas.
DISC 40 4040 40 25 43 12 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv-
C 40 40 40 40 paired. (CC) (HD) paired. (CC) (HD) ing off the land. (HD) ing off the land. (HD) ing off the land. (HD)
cE! 46464646 A 2619 Sex & City Sex & City E! News (N) (HD) The E! True Hollywd Story: With the Kardashians Birthday With the Kardashians Kanye's
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 (TV4) RealityExV\Aves surprise. (R) (HD) proposal. (R) (HD)
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118 118160 Lucky Bastards (CC) (R) (HD) Lucky Bastards (CC) (R) (HD) Ghostbusters ('84, Comedy) ***/2 Bill Murray. A group of paranormal Ghostbusters
investigators goes into the ghost extermination business. (PG) II ('89)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17 285 EWTN Last Call (N) Daily Mass Celebration ofthe The World Over News from EWTN Rosary (IV G) Holy(R) Crossing(TVG)
EWTN 24324324312 85 Nightly (N) Holy Eucharist. (R) around the word. (CC) Nightly (R) )R) (R)
FAM 55 5 5 55 10 46 19 Middle Social Middle Getting Liar Liar ('97, Comedy) **12 A boy's birthday wish pre- Bruce Almighty ('03) Jim Carrey. A reporter who blames
FIV 10 40 worker ready. vents an unscrupulous lawyer from telling lies. (HD) God for his faltering life is given almighty powers.
FOOD 317 17 7 7 Rewrapp (R) Rewrapp (R) America's Best Cook: Chopped: An Egg Up Chopped Canada: The Food CourtWars:J's Ktchen
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164Thunderdome Finale (R) So-called 100-year-old eggs Spruce is Loose (N) vs. Kadooks (N)
FX 51 51 5 5 49 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (:13) X-Men: The Last Stand (06,Action) Hugh Jackman, PatrickStewart. A "cure" for (:56) X-Men: First Class (11)
FX_ 1_ 1 ('09) Mutant's revenge. mutants provokes Magneto's Brotherhood to war against humanity. (CC) Mutant superpowers
GSN 179 179 179 179 3 1791 FarnilyFeud FarrilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud The American Bible Chal- The American Bible Chal- FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 111( 34 179184 IV VP )IVP) lenge(N) lenge(N) (1VPG) (IVPG)
iH 5 5 17 711 1240 The Waltons New baby ar- The Waltons: The Grandchild, The Waltons: The First Casu- MiddleBaby Middle: Frasier(IVPG) Frasier Dirty di-
ALL 5 5 5 rival. (CC) Part2 Stolen baby. altyCurdsisdrafted. chick Mother's Day (CC) vorce.
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 IPawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (R) (HD) Pawn (N) (HD) Pawn (N) (HD) BigRig IBgRig
HIST 81 1 8 81 33 5 1 8 __________________________________________ Blount (N) Bounty (N)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5342 Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) House International
HM 41 41 41 41 HD HD) HD) HD) HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Hunters (N) (N)(HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 R.J. GrazianoJewelry Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. ListwithColleenLopez Roberto: 1stAnniversary
I 36 36 36 36 52 41 1 n40 Wife Swap Moms trade Project RunwayAll Stars For- Project Runway All Stars For- Project Runway: Underthe Kim of Queens Pageant
LIFE 6 6 6 6 41 40homes. (VPG) (CC) mercontestants mer contestants. Gunn (CC) (HD) coach. (CC) (HD)


OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Dr. Phil: Love or Money Sugar Dr Phil Overwhelmed moth- 2020 on OWN: Amanda Knox 20/20 on OWN Parents mur- 120/20 on OWN: Mothers Ac-
c8 858 0.-1 daddies (CC) (HN) ers. (CC)(1) (T2_Amanda Knox. (R) dered.(CC)l(R(HD)(141) Icused(CC)(N)(HD)
PIE 51 51 5 5 12963 5 Fast& Furiou Cops Stolen Cops (CC) (R) Cops Drug COPS Stng op- Cops Tri- Impact Wrestling (N) (HD)
-57 57 57 7 9 ('06) |car.(R) (HD) deal bust. era ion. pie-arrest. (R)
S1 61 61 612 1(5:00) Lake Placid: The Final Deep Blue Sea ('99) **12 A doctor makes sharks more Piranha (10, Horror) **12 A group of strangers tries to
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253164 180 Chapter ('12) (NR) dangerous with big brains, and they escape her lab. survive a swarm of ancient, man-eating fish. (R)
TBS 59 5 932 62 52 Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld:The FamGuy(CC) FamGuy(CC) FamGuy(CC) Big Bang (CC) BigBang(CC) BigBang(CC) BigBang(CC)
TBS 59 59 59 59 62 12 Do (HD) __ Catone (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD)
TPM 65 65 6565 162 39 The Talk of the Town ('42) A Supreme Court hopeful be- The House on 92nd Street ('45) *** A (:45) The House on 56th Street (33) **
__ __3 friends a construction worker framed for murder. student infiltrates a Nazi spy ring. (C) Emotional intrigue surrounds a home.
TIC 45 45A 4545 5 72 3 American Gypsy Wedding American Gypsy Wedding American Gypsy Wedding American Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Sisters Road trip. (CC)
45 I Adding flair (R) (HDN) Settle down. (R) (H) Crashing events (R) Teens ata balir. (N) (R) (H)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: The Final Frontier Sci-fl Castle: Swan Song Rock band Castle: After Hours Murder wit- (:01) Castle: Secret Santa Who (:02) Castle: Significant Others
1 1 1 1 convention. (HD)) murder (CC) (HD)) ness on the run. (HD) killed Santa. (HD) Attorney murdered.
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 1710 Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v.Food: Man v. Food: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Greatest Mysteries: Louvre Hotel Secrets & Legends Chi-
6969 __9 1Zimmem: Paris (R) Butte(R) Alaska Zimmem: Sardinia Art oddities. (N) cago murder (R)
TRUTV 6363 6363 50 30 183 The Carbonar The Carbonar The Carbonar Impractical Impractical Ski Impractical Impractical Impractical The Carbonar The Carbonar
S63 63 3 1 R) (R) (R) Jokers lodge. (R) )(R) (N) (N) (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 6231 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 343434342252 50 Law& Order Special Victims Law& Order: SVU Abducted Law & Order: SVU Cold case Law & Order: Special Victims Modem Fam- Modem Fam-
343434 52soUnit: Competence teen. (1V14) (HD)) abduction. (1V14) Unit College party, ly(HD) ly(HD)
WE 11711711717 117149 LA. Hair Bringing Sexy Back LA. Hair: You're Fired LA Hair: L.A. Hair Confidential L.A. Hair (N) L.A. Hair (R)
117117 117 11M14 ichelleWlliams Chaka Khan. (R) Season two. (R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met
1 Vi Vdeos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1V14)HD) (1V14)HD) (1V14) HD) (1V14)HD) IV14)H1 (1YW14HD)
c 28 28 28 28 49 710 (5:00) To Be Announced Info To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Info un- To Be Announced Info un-
C unavailable, this time. available, available.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) NBA Countdown (N) (CC) (HD) 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (live) (CC) (HD)
ESPN2 30 303030 6 594 Amroundthe Interruption 2014 NCAA Softball Championship: :_ui:,,r 2014 NCAA Softball Championship: :u::,r
30 30 30 59 74 Hom (HD) (CCl(HD) .,- :.rilI :-|, r '3i-; r lI..)PIIHl.I) I:' F .:,l-,:, | :-, 1,- '- ,,,, I .4Jp,1),JHI.)
S48 4a 48 48 4 NASCAR Nationwide: History NASCAR Sprint Qualifying: NASCAR Race Hub (N) (CC) 100,000 (N)(CC) MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
S348 48 48 69 83 30 Final Practice /"_ Coca-Cola 600 (live) (CC) (HD) (ND) (ND) (1HD)
FSN 79 79 79 7 77 The Finsiders (N) (HN) College