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Pick of the Day
2002 FordMustahg,

AND WEEKLY Classifieds'
..... a::i'i{J r') I"o tt e"u n HERALD eAS, o :,

VOL. 122 NO.89

A new technology lets doctors insert man-made heart valves
with a catheter, instead of cracking open the chest.


Major League Baseball's season of change starts in the infield,
where defensive shifts are the hot trend. SPORTS PAGE 1


Empty beach

and rising tide

It was near lunchtime, the beach
deserted. The boy and Cynthia had
been in the surf most of the morning,
and did not notice the rising tide. They
had moved from
a the creek-like swale
of water along the
-- ~ shore out to the
~sandbar. ,

Tne sun was not
and the water was
up to their shoul-
ders. Cynthia was

j ready to go home.
Dee It was now she
Dere realized the water
DUNN-RANKIN between the bar
and beach was over
her head.
"We can swim," the boy said. "But
I don't know how to swim," she said,
a note of panic in her voice. The boy
was just 10. He knew he did not have
the strength or skills of a lifeguard. He
could go for help, but what if Cynthia
stepped into a deep spot?
The boy and his brothers were new
to the neighborhood on the northern
tip of Miami Beach. A few blocks to
the north were the empty acres of
beach- and bayfront of a subdivision
that never got off the ground before the
collapse of the 1926 Florida land boom
a decade earlier. After World War II, it
would become Bal Harbour.
The boy lived with his two brothers
in the new house a half-dozen short
blocks from the ocean. Fifty feet across
the sand spurs of an empty lot to the
south, a high, thick thorny hedge
embraced a simple rectangular house.
A decade after the bust, it still was not
quite finished.
Inside this anomaly, among the neat
homes of the subdivision, lived the
short, white-haired grandmother in
her bib overalls. The boy had never
met anyone quite like her. It was she
who mounted the stepladder and
trimmed the thorny hedge. It was she
who quizzed the boy on his grades and
warned of the next great war. Only an
education, she warned, would keep
the smart one from becoming cannon
fodder in the carnage to come.
The front half of the house was a
great room where the family lived -
including the grandmother's daughter
and three granddaughters, ages 7, 8
and 10, about the ages of the boy and
his brothers. Red-haired Cynthia, the
oldest, had the pale skin of her Irish
ancestry. Late in the day or early eve-
ning, the grandfather came home from
his county job as an engineer. Once
home, he retreated from this house of
women to a small sleeping room and
his detective stories.
The boy carried his summer tan
all year long. No great swimmer, he
still was comfortable in the warm
summer waters of the Atlantic.
Frequently the eastern wind would
blow across from the Bahamas and
push the ocean's waters up against
the continental ridge, some miles
from the Florida shoreline. In the
constrained space offered by the con-
tinental shelf, the waves would pile
up and roll upon the golden sands
of the beach. It was a great place to
body-surf and gain a confidence in
becoming one with the sea.
The boy began to think about how
long he could hold his breath.
"You can climb on my shoulders and
I will carry you in," he told the girl. "I
know I can do it," he thought, as the
water closed over his head. He grasped
her knees to keep her from toppling,
and walked to shore.
He wanted to brag about his rescue
to the grandmother, but feared her
wrath for swimming where the beach
was empty.
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of
the Sun Coast Media Group. He can be
reached at

Sheriff's Office gets new No.

As a teen, Tom Rodgers had aspira-
tions to fly like his father.
"My dad was a pilot for Eastern Air
Lines," he said. 'And my dream was
actually to become a helicopter pilot."
Although the 44-year-old doesn't
find himself manning choppers these
days, he is overseeing operations of a
different kind of machine requiring
a unique skill set to make it soar.
Col. Rodgers became the chief dep-
uty for the Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office earlier this month. He is now
second in command, after Sheriff Bill
"Working in law enforcement
never crossed my mind," Rodgers said.
"But once I got into it, I saw a lot of

opportunities, and it fit me really well."
After graduating from DeSoto
County High School in 1987, Rodgers
joined the Army and worked in avion-
ics to learn about aircraft. Four years
in, he was about to re-enlist with the
hopes of becoming a pilot.
"When I got to that point, I thought
of one of the great things my dad
taught me: Always look at your future,
always look at your retirement, and try
to form a path that you're happy with,
because you only live once," Rodgers
Rodgers liked being in the military,
but he worried he'd have to get anoth-
er job after retiring. He settled for law
enforcement as a happy medium.
"I was set on staying in aviation,"

PUNTA GORDA Cousins Marcus
andWayne, ages 7 and 6, peer up
into the glass-enclosed, machine-gun
turret of the B-25 "Mitchell" Medium
Bomber, otherwise known as the

Team captains lead the
first lap of the overnight j
Punta Gorda Relay for
Life event last April. This
year's event is set to
begin at 3 p.m. Saturday,
stretching into the
morning of April 6, around
the track at Charlotte High
School in Punta Gorda.
Everyone is welcome, and
all the teams need your
fundraising dollars to help
them reach their goals to
help fight cancer.

"Killer B," where their grandfather
was stationed for much of World War
II. Grandfather also had a nickname.
He was part of the flight crew known
collectively as the "Black Angels" -
protectors of friendly fighter planes,
punishers of enemy aircraft.
"Once the 'Black Angels' started up,

In keeping with this year's"Salute to Veterans"theme, Maj. Gen. John Borling, a Vietnam War POW, will be
at the air show with copies of his book, "Taps on the Wall, Poems from the Hanoi Hilton," available for $25.
Stop by and pick up a copy, and learn history straight from a remarkable source.

none of our planes got shot down.
He was a nose-gunner in this plane,"
Walter Andalora, 74, of Punta Gorda,
said of his brother-in-law. "When they
got over the bomb-drop site, he held
the button."
Two years ago, Andalora's brother-
in-law took his grandchildren to the
Florida International Air Show at the
Punta Gorda Airport. But on Saturday,
four months after he passed away,
Andalora presented the kids a glimpse


If you think one person can't make a
difference, consider the story of Gordy
Nearly 30 years ago, the Tacoma,
Wash., surgeon decided he wanted to
do something to raise money for his
local American Cancer Society. So he
laced up his sneakers and began to run.
Twenty-four hours and 83 miles later,
Klatt had raised $27,000 to fight cancer.
More importantly, he showed that one
person can make a difference and it



Col. Tom Rodgers officially became chief
deputy at the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
after Dan Libby retired March 21. Rodgers
has been with the CCSO for more than two

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I guess the thunder wanted
to make more noise than the


Mother Nature 'Shows'off

The Lima Lima Flight Team performs Saturday afternoon during the Florida International Air Show at the Punta Gorda Airport. The event
continues today, hopefully in better weather than Saturday's winds and rain. For more photos, seepage 16.

Wet, windy day makes for

unpredictable display

Take steps to fight cancer

:"'-'" Look inside for valuable coupons "--""-"
:1 SUNCOIpo This year's savings to date .. |:
|, VALUE METER 0,2 P ,i 941-206-1000
": .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. J.

:OurTown Page 2



The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014



starts with a single step.
Klatt's initiative
spawned the Relay for
Life movement, a world-
wide phenomenon that
today boasts more than
5,200 events across the
United States, and has
raised nearly $5 billion to
fight cancer.
So what is Relay?
In short, it's an 18-
hour walk-a-thon meant
to raise awareness
and funds for cancer
But Relay is so much
more than that. The
spirit and energy present
among those participat-
ing who have struggled
with cancer or have
had loved ones struggle
with the disease is what
makes Relay so special.
"I tell people to come
and just experience the
camaraderie and pure
emotions that let loose
on the track," said long-
time Relay participant
Gregg Marrapodi, owner
of Gregg's Automotive in
Punta Gorda.
Marrapodi once again
will join hundreds of
participants in the fight



into history, and the man
they called "Grandpa."
Andalora enjoyed his
own flying history, which
he didn't share with the
children. After getting his
pilot's license early in life
in the 1960s, he flew his
way into several adven-
tures up in New Jersey.
Once, when his plane
stalled over the Hudson
River, he landed on the
George Washington



Rodgers said. "But
finally, one of my best
friends said, 'Hey, why
don't you try and work
for the prison here (in
So he did. After a year
at DeSoto Correctional
Institution, he was hired
by the CCSO in 1993.
Rodgers spent almost

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What: Relay for Life of Punta
Gorda 2014
When: 3 p.m. Saturday
through 9 a.m. April 6
Where: Charlotte High
School, 1250 Cooper St.
More info:

against cancer this year
during Punta Gorda's
Relay for Life event, be-
ginning Saturday around
the track at Charlotte
High School, 1250
Cooper St. The event will
kick off with an opening
ceremony at 3 p.m., and
will continue through
the night, ending with
a closing ceremony at
9 a.m. April 6.
Marrapodi started
walking the Relay in
2003, 10 years after
being misdiagnosed with
cancer. For a decade, he
donated money to the
cause, but it wasn't until
his first Relay that the
magnitude and re-
lentlessness of cancer
struck him.
"It's easy to write a
check, but going out
there to walk, you really
experience what it's all
about," Marrapodi said.
"I have not missed a

Bridge. Another time,
he "buzzed the beach of
Seaside Heights." That
was the end of his flying
"It's probably good
they took away my
license," he said. "I was a
little crazy."
Andalora has attended
every one of the 34 Punta
Gorda air shows, remem-
bering that, in the early
days, you could go out
onto the airfield and walk
right up to the pilots and
the planes performing in
the show.
But early Saturday

two decades working in
the Charlotte County Jail,
where he worked his way
up the ranks and served
as Bureau of Corrections
(now the Bureau of
Detention) commander
from 2005 until last year.
He then was Bureau of
Support Services com-
mander for a year a
"very educational" job, in
which he oversaw units
that included SWAT,
traffic, marine patrol and
Rodgers said gaining
such knowledge has
helped him adjust to his
new position. And it's an
important gig.

Join a team, get your walking shoes ready, and ask your friends
and family to contribute to you online. You can find the Punta
Gorda Relay event via
Come out to Relay, stop by the silent auction table and the
individual team "campsites," and bring your wallet! There will be
awesome eats, treats, games, entertainment and more, and every
penny raised goes toward the fight against cancer. Bring your
family, and show the next generation how a community steps up
to help everyone have more birthdays. Need even more incentive?
Relay's going "Redneck" this year, and seeing how the teams
interpret that theme is sure to be a hoot!
Can't make it to the event? Let your money take those laps for
you by donating to support a friend, a team you'd like to help, or
even just the event itself. After all, they all need your help to reach
or even surpass their goals in this fight. Visit
to donate or for more info.
The Punta Gorda Relay could use some more items for its silent
auction. Gift cards, baskets-o-stuff, charter cruises, rounds of golf,
artwork if it sounds like something you might want to bid on,
chances are, others would too. If you can provide something for
the table, contact Ro Kovach at, or the local
American Cancer Society office at 941-627-3000.

Relay since."
Like so many others,
Marrapodi's family has
been rocked by cancer.
Over the years, he lost
his father, uncle, cousin
and wife to the illness.
His brother currently
is struggling with the
Although his knees are
shot, Marrapodi shows
no signs of slowing
His goal always has
been to complete
60 miles. The closest he's

afternoon, the air show
shared billing with
the turbulent weather,
featuring light rain and
heavy winds. Some
observers actually were
hoping for less-than-
perfect weather, which
forces the pilots to fly
under the cloud cover
and closer to spectators.
On cue, one stunt pilot
hovered above at zero
gravity, vertically "hang-
ing out" above the crowd.
"That's great," said
Harry Stipe, who came
from Fort Myers with his
wife for their first look at

"I work right under
the sheriff," he said.
"I apprise the sheriff
every morning of current
events or anything new
going (on). And I pretty
much handle all the
operations for the entire
Sheriff's Office, to let the
sheriff get out into the
The CCSO's chief dep-
uty position is appointed
by the sheriff. Dan Libby
had held the title since
Prummell took office as
sheriff in January 2013.
Libby, 62, retired
March 21. He was a
former Punta Gorda
chief of police, and had



Cardiac Bicycle Ride,
Cardiac Care Ride departs Gilchrist
Park, 8:00 am, 40 mile,14-16mph,
Free, Adults, Helmet Required. Bill
Farmers Market, History
Park Farmers Market open every
Sunday 9am-2pm, 501 Shreve St.,
between Virginia Ave. & Henry St.
Easter Musical, "The Day
He Wore My Crown"at 9:30 & 11 am
worship, 75-voice Chancel Choir.
Englewood UMC, 700 E Dearborn,
FOE Eagles 3296, Lunch

Mon-Fri 11am-2pm. Dinner Tue-Sat
5-8pm. Music Wed-Sat 6:30-9:30pm.
Join us! 23111 Harborview Rd, CH
Punta Gorda Elks, Bar
open 12pm;Tiki open 12pm; Officer
Inauguration 5pm,followed by
cocktails/dinner @ 25538 Shore Dr.,
PG 637-2606 mbrs&gsts
Garden Tour, Guided tour
of gardens at History Park, 501
Shreve Street, PG, 2pm, $5 suggested
donation; Q&A. 380-6814.


Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Lunch With Amy 11-2:30, Races With

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come is 58.75 miles.
No matter. He will
continue to walk until he
can't anymore.
"It's an honor to walk.
Walk as long as you can
walk," he said. "It's not
a contest. If it takes you
two hours to walk a lap, it
really doesn't make a dif-
ference, as long as you're
on that track. There is so
much raw emotion that
comes from that, but you
walk through it. I gain
strength from that."

the air show. "I'm waiting
for the Thunderbirds."
(Unfortunately, the pre-
cision Air Force team was
forced to stay grounded
Saturday, but hopefully
can take to the skies for
today's performance.)
While following the
aeronautical acrobats,
Stipe also was on his
smartphone, tracking a
squall moving in from
the west. But he wouldn't
let a little rain dampen
his day.
JeffWong came all the
way from Tampa with his
family, arriving at 10 a.m.

served 38 years in law
enforcement. He had
been with the Sheriff's
Office since 2003. When
Libby stepped down,
Prummell saw Rodgers
as an easy choice to
replace him.
"Tom and I have
known each other for
a long time, coming
up through the ranks
together," Prummell
said. '"Although we
had different career
tracks, we have worked
together quite a bit. I
find Tom to be a very
smart and ethical man
whose vision and work
ethic mirror mine. His

Peggy @ 3pm, Dinner 4:30-7pm,
Tacos, Cheeseburgers and more,
Cornhole @ 6pm
FOE Eagles 3296, Lunch
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm. Dinner
Tues-Sat 5-8pm. Music Wed-Sat
6:30-9:30pm. Join us 23111
Harborview Rd, CH 941-629-1645
Punta Gorda Elks,
Lite Lunch 11am-2pm; Chicken
Nite 4-8pm; Karaoke w/Billy G.
6:30-10:30pm; Tiki open 4pm @
25538 Shore Dr., PG 637-2606
mbrs & gsts
Four Leaf Strummers,
Live Music, Fishermen's Village,
Center Stage, Four Leaf Strummers
Banjo Group, 11:30-1pm,
American Legion 103, Vet
appr day, Hot Dogs 12-3,2101 Taylor
Fun With Music, Fun With
Music-An afternoon of music, dancing
and fun! Monday at 1 pm. Centennial
Hall, Cultural Center. $2.625-4175
Emerald Pointe Tour,
March 31,2-4pm.Tour five properties
in Emerald Pt., 25188 Marion Ave,
priced from $69,900-$269,000. Prizes,
food. 380-2820
Monday Night Dance,
Monday Night Dance-An evening of
music, dancing and fun! Monday at
7pm. Centennial Hall, Cultural Center.

Keith Rubin, Gregg Marrapodi and John Ryder walked the track
for hours on end at last year's Punta Gorda Relay for Life "for
those who can't walk the laps."
I I mm A 1 :12 1 A- -

Survivors and their caregivers walk in a special lap at last
year's Punta Gorda Relay to: "Celebrate, remember and fight
back." Everyone is welcome to come out to this year's Relay -
beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday around the track at Charlotte High
School, 1250 Cooper St., Punta Gorda to support the fight
against cancer.

What: 34th Annual Florida International Air Show
When: Today gates open at 9 a.m., and the major show is set to
start around noon
Where: Punta Gorda Airport, 28000 Airport Road
Cost: tickets/parking vary by choices and purchase date
Tickets/other info: or 941-575-9007

for a front-row seat. In
keeping with the "flying"
theme, his two young
boys wore Superman
costumes as they spent
the day climbing inside
the fighter planes on dis-
play and playing at the
on-site kiddie carnival, a
perfect complement for

expertise in corrections
and my knowledge of
law enforcement make
us a good team one
that I hope will be here
for a while."
When Rodgers isn't
working in his role as
Prummell's right-hand
man, you might find him
out in the wilderness
"My personal life is
very limited," he said.
"But one of the things I
do to enjoy nature -
is to go hunting."
Rodgers owns 72 acres
of land in DeSoto
County, but some of his
favorite places he's gone

Men's Club, Gulf Cove
Methodist Men meet 1 st & 3rd Tues.
at 8am, Stefano's Restaurant, 401 S
Indiana, Englewood. 697-8373
Charlotte Carvers, Wood
Carving & Burning every Tues @ Punta
Gorda Boat Club, W Retta Blvd., 8am
to noon. Call Bob 391-5064 or stop in.
Sierra Club Paddle, Sierra
Club Shell Creek Paddle 9am-2pm
with master naturalist. Res. req.
Dulcimer Music, Dulcimer
Music Play or just enjoy the
sounds of dulcimer. Tuesday at
9:30am at the Cultural Center.

a family day trip to the
air show. Dad also was
having fun.
"I grew up going to the
air shows at MacDill Air
Force Base," Wong said.
"You don't get a chance
to see these planes

for game are Africa and
Alaska. In fact, he said,
Alaska was so beautiful,
he and his fiancOe are set
to get married there later
this year.
"Hopefully, the
Northern Lights will be
prevalent so we can get
married under them,"
Rodgers said.
He's excited to tie the
knot either way.
"I've always focused
so much on my job,"
Rodgers said. "But now,
I'm settling down, and
looking more at my
personal life as well."


Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Lunch with Diane 11-2:30, Dinner
5-8, AYCE Pasta, Pizza, Eggplant and
much more, Karaoke With Sour Notes
FOE Eagles 3296, Lunch
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm. Dinners Tue-Sat
5-8pm. Music Wed-Sat 6:30-9:30pm.
Join us! 23111 Harborview Rd, CH
Meet the Author, Janet
Martel at the library to sell & sign
copies of her books. 10am-1 pm @ 424
W Henry St 833-5460
Punta Gorda Elks, Lunch
11am-2pm;LBOD6pm;Lodge Meeting
7pm@25538 Shore Dr PG 637-2606
mbrs & gsts

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Featured Events
Exotic Bird Expo, The Expo will be Sun., April 6,9am to 4pm at
the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, 2333 El Jobean Rd., PC. Exotic birds on
display and for sale. Bird toys, cages, food & other needs also available.
Information. Raffles! Lunch and snacks on premises. $5 adult; up to
18 free. Nikki Chouinard, 286-9691.
"Run For Your Wife," Cultural Center Theater, 2 p.m., Sun.,
Mar. 30.2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte. Adults $18; Students $9.
Presented by Charlotte Players. For info, call 255-1022.
Emerald Pointe Open House, Tour 4 condos, 1 villa
& 1 townhome for sale & see Punta Gorda's hidden jewel from 2pm
to 4pm, Mon., Mar. 31. Hosted by six Michael Saunders & Company
Punta Gorda agents. Register in all six properties to qualify for door
prizes. Refreshments provided. 25188 Marion Ave., PG. Karen Brown at

:The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


W.i I


He's been your butcher

for years

s one of

The Beef People.

Sweetbay is now Winn-Dixie.

Welcome to a whole new experience with new items and hundreds of new ways to save
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Br dcenlor,.
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Bonita Springs 40 -

L vili, Acres

Urbar. -

S These Sweetbay locations are now Winn-Dixie.

C OurTown Page 3

I- -5

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The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club

Ladies Bridge winners
March 25:1-Beverlee Winslow;
2-Diane Floramo; 3-Kaye Mac
Slam Bridge winners
March 26:1-Colleen Shoemaker,
5260; 2-Jerry Shoemaker, 4630;
3-Geri Dempsey, 3610.
Mahjong winners March 25:
1-Helen Reynolds; 2-Dorris

Charlotte Square
Charlotte County Bridge
Group winners March 22: David
Cain, 5590; David Morgan, 5410;
Rachel Cavanaugh, 5310; Connie
Oberlander, 5230.

Chubbyz Tavern
Big Dog's Live Trivia
Challenge winners March 26:1-The
Pool Boys, $50; 2-The Cat's Meow,
$25; 3-Betty's Kids, $25.

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County
Duplicate Bridge Club winners
March 18: Section A: N/S: 1-Sharon
Redmond, Dave Johnson; 2-George
Doeren, John Ferguson; 3-Bob
Mohrbacher,Yoshi Lapo. E/W: 1-Pat
Betts, Earl Lewis; 2-Ken and Patty Earl;
3-Ann Benmayor, Bruce Baurer. Section
B: N/S: 1-Akemi and Art Odamura;
2-Robin Worcester,Judith Parker;
3-Ernie Bourque, Sarah Robin. E/W:
1-Doug Brenner, Robert Rancourt;
2-Warren Prince, Zenon Shpon; 3-Mary
Ann Baird, Bonnie Elliott. March 20
(a.m.): 1 -Dave Valliant, Sharon Topping;
2-Rachel Cavanaugh, Evelyn Palmer;

3-Bruce Baurer, Pat DeNapoli. March 20
(p.m.): N/S: 1-Rosalie Bourque, Robin
Worcester; 2-Fred and Linda Andreas;
3-Diana and Warren Prince. E/W:
1 -Doug Brenner, Darlene Mallen;
2-Ann Benmayer, Mary Knowles; 3-Pat
DeNapoli, Bill Murphy.
Sunday Double Deck Pinochle
winners March 23: Joanne Proffitt,
1665; Osborne Davis, 1609; Ernie
Boulanger, 1568.
Monday Night Pinochle
winners March 24:1-Mitch Mitchell,
700;2-Bonnie Weithman, 684;3-Alice
Trautman, 664; 3-Mike Christman,
Contract Bridge winners
March 12: Margaret K., 6010; Bill
Kutchman, 5780; Ann Lewis, 5630;
Mary Meece, 5290. March 19:
1 -Barbara Allore, 5690; 2-Marge
Broogh, 5070; 3-Ernie Kamaitis, 5000;
4-Dale Schneider, 4950. March 26: Lila
Jameson, 5080; Marry Lauer, 4960; Pat
Mulligan, 4900; Larry Fau, 4870.

Thursday Night Double Deck
Pinochle winners March 20:1 -Jan
Howard, 1649; 1-Bob Paulson, 1649;
3-Osborne Davis, 1646.
Friday Evening Bridge winners
March 21:1-Bennett Case, 5190;
2-Marla Johnson, 4990; 3-Marty Lauer,
4940; 4-Virginia Clayton, 4340.
Friday Night Euchre winners
March 21:1 -Janet Knechtel, 89;
2-Georgia Klemn, 72; 3-Gwen Fisher,
70; 3-Linda Adams, 70.
Pinochle winners March 22:
1-Lavaun Berkland, 696; 2-Mitch
Mitchell, 676; 3-Joe Lupton, 673.
March 25:1-Terry Lyons, 710; 2-Alice
Trautman, 678; 3-Paolo Lombardo,

Deep Creek
Elks Lodge
Monday Bridge winners
March 24:1-Ann Lewis, 5370; 2-Linda
Kopp, 4890; 3-Judy Tayler, 3810.

Isles Yacht Club
Scrabble winners March 21:
Judith Howell, 345; Gene Pike, 209;
Liane Riley, 400.
Duplicate Bridge winners
March 26:1 -Jan Thomas Savino,
Pat Slaughter; 2-Marilyn and Lance
Kemp; 3-Sherry Lane, Bobbie Fischer.

Country Club
Ladies Bridge winners
March 21:1-Marge Lincoln; 2-Tessie
Cox; 3-Betty Worthington. March 26:
1-Norma Block; 2-Tessie Cox.
Partners Bridge winners
March 26:1-Bob and Carol
Niemann; 2-Jim and Gerrie McGee;
3-Norma Block, Bev Bossert.

Duplicate Bridge Club

winners March 17: N/S: 1-John
Bush, Donna Davis; 2-Chuck
Skarvan, Earl Lewis; 3-Bob
Mohrbacher,Yoshi Lapo. E/W:
1-James Kioski, Denis Leduc;
2-Mary and Stephen Chupak;
3-PeggyVillela, Bonnie Elliott.
March 19:1-Linda and Fred
Andreas; 2-Bonnie Elliott, Mary
Ann Baird; 3-Mary and Stephen
Chupak. March 21: N/S: 1-Goran
Hanson, Tom Ohlgart; 2-James
Kioski, Polly Engebrecht; 3-Denis
Leduc, Bonnie Elliott. E/W: 1-Susan
and Earl Lewis; 2-Albert Shuki,
Richard Peters; 3-Chuck Skarvan,
Marilyn Grant.

Port Charlotte
Golf Club
SMonday Bridge winners
March 24: Peg Darland, 4320;
Doris Schmitendorf, 4190; Barb
Allore, 3630.

,' "I,.-
i,,!", :.... .;.: :i I.!1:


Trade yard work and

home maintenance for
hobbies and adventures.

Trade cooking and cleaning for dining
and socializing. Trade worrying about the

future for the comfort of knowing your
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active, vibrant lifestyle combined with
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are here, you'll have the option to
take a tour and view beautifully decorated model residences.
Seating is limited, so reserve your place today by calling Maureen
at (239) 466-1131 or 1-800-780-1131. If you prefer, you can reserve
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April 2014

TUL es: OV

April 22

2 00 : m

Wednesday April 23 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday April 29 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday April 30 2:00 p.m.


15101 Shell Point Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33908
1-800-780-1131 (239) 466-1131
Shell Point is located on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River in
Fort Myers, just 2 miles from the Islands of Sanibel and Captiva.

...... ......

Lifestyle With Lifecarc


The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


C OurTown Page 5


William Bailey
William "Bill" Bailey,
74, of Port Charlotte,
Fla., passed away
11 March 27,
:..-.. 2014.
He was born
Nov. 23, 1939,
in Barton, N.Y
Bill served in the U.S.
Navy, and retired as a bus
driver for Trailways Bus
Service. He moved to Port
Charlotte in 1971 from
Elmira, N.Y Bill enjoyed
farming, gardening and
astronomy. He was an
excellent cook/baker,
and was known for his
homemade pies.
He is survived by his
ex-wife, Louise; daughters,
Becky Bailey and Sara
(Andy) Seymore, both
of Elmira, Janet Sanchez
ofWalterboro, S.C., and
Katherine (Louis) Adamo
of Port Charlotte; sons,
Raymond (Kim) Bailey of
Pine City, N.Y, Duncan
and David Jamieson, both
of Port Charlotte, and
James (Michelle) Jamieson
of Pagosa Springs, Colo.;
sister, Barbara (Howard)
Harris of Elmira; brothers,
Larry (Theresa) Bailey
of Millerstown, Pa., John
(Kathy) Bailey of Port
Charlotte, and Dick
(Kathy) Bailey of Elmira;
18 grandchildren; and 10
great-grandchildren. Bill
also is survived by his two
beloved dogs, Trixie and
Service will be pri-
vate. In lieu of flowers,
donations may be made
to the Make-A-Wish
Foundation, or MDA
(the Muscular Dystrophy
Arrangements are
by National Cremation
Society of Port Charlotte.

Joseph J.
Callahan Sr.

Joseph J. Callahan Sr.,
91, of Port Charlotte,
Fla., and formerly of
S Bayville, N.J.,
...passed away
a'"-..'r Thursday,
March 27,
He was born July 21,
1922, in Kearny, N.J.,
the son of Joseph and
Mildred Callahan.
Joseph served in
the U.S. Army during
World War II, and was a
retired heavy-equipment
operator for Berkeley
Township, N.J. He was
a member of American
Legion Post 110 in
Port Charlotte, and the
VFW Joseph attended
St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church, and
was a volunteer for over
20 years at the Wellness
Center of Charlotte
Regional Medical Center
(now Bayfront Health
Punta Gorda, Fla).
He will be greatly
missed by his daughters,
Diane (Michael) Miscio
of Pompano Beach,
Fla., and Sharon (Barry)
Dyble of Port Charlotte;
daughter-in-law, Carol
Callahan of Dale City,
Va.; brothers, Charles
(Dorothy) of Jacksonville,
Fla., Donald (Sheila) of
Howell Township, N.J.,
and John of Apopka, Fla.;
10 grandchildren; and
10 great-grandchildren.
Joseph was preceded
in death by his wife,
Florence; and son, Lt.
Col. Joseph J. Callahan Jr.
A memorial Mass will
be held at 11:30 a.m.
Wednesday April 2, 2014,
at St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church.
Memorial donations

may be made to St. Jude
Children's Research
Hospital. To express
condolences to the
family, please visit www. and
sign the online guestbook.
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.

Lisa K. LaFlamme-Krankoski
Lisa K. LaFlamme-Krankoski, 56, of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away peacefully Wednesday,
March 26, 2014, at her residence, with her family
Sfor comfort.
,She was born Lisa Karen Methot
Son July 11, 1957, in Putnam, Conn.
r f i Lisa, a longtime resident and
local Realtor for Five Star Realty of
S Punta Gorda, was very active in the
S local community, and a member
of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in
Punta Gorda.
Lisa is survived by her beloved husband, Steven
R. Krankoski; mother, Rita T. Methot; mother- and
father-in-law, Nancy and Donald Krankoski;
children, Kyle (Lynn) LaFlamme, Chad (Dara
Goran) LaFlamme and Andrea (Tom) Raymer;
grandchildren, Hayley, Tyler, Ryder and Dillon
LaFlamme, and Liam Raymer; great-grandson,
Braden LaFlamme; sisters, Donna Trudo, Joyce
Hewitt and Lori Moran; brother, Gary Methot;
and many nieces, nephews, and extended family
members and friends. She was preceded in death
by her father, Rene Joseph Methot.
A Memorial Mass will be held at 11 a.m.
Saturday, April 5, 2014, at Sacred Heart, followed
by a life celebration gathering from 1 p.m. until
4 p.m. at Roberson Funeral Home, Punta Gorda
Chapel, 215 Mary St. In lieu of flowers, memo-
rial donations in Lisa's name are suggested to
Tidewell Hospice, Philanthropy Department,
5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. Friends may
visit to sign the memory
book and extend condolences to the family.
Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home,
Punta Gorda Chapel.

David H. England
David H. England, 55,
of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
passed awayWednesday,
March 26, 2014, at his
home in Port Charlotte.
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home
& Crematory, Port
Charlotte Chapel.

Marion Fern Van
Gorkom Itschner
Marion FernVan
Gorkom Itschner, 91, of
Port Charlotte, Fla., and
formerly of Clinton, N.J.,
passed awayWednesday,
March 26, 2014.
She is survived by her
children, Reed, William
Jr., Terry (nee Itschner)
Filla and Karl; as well as
several grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.
Marion was preceded in
death by her husband,
William E Itschner Sr.
Friends will be received
from 11 a.m. until the
memorial service at
1 p.m. Tuesday, April 1,
2014, at Charlotte
Memorial Funeral Home,
9400 Indian Springs
Cemetery Road, Punta
Gorda, Fla. Entombment
will immediately follow.
Arrangements are
by Charlotte Memorial
Funeral Home and

Phillis A. Ogello
Phyllis A. Ogello, 75,
of Punta Gorda, Fla.,
passed away Thursday,
March 27, 2014.
She was born Jan. 25,
1939, in Springfield,
Ohio, the daughter of
John and Rosa (nee
Taylor) Waldron.
Phyllis enjoyed going
on cruises and watching
NASCAR. She moved to
this area in 1997 from
She will be greatly
missed by her compan-
ion of 15 years, Ambrose
Yelovich; daughters,
Carmella Downing of
Springfield, Jackie Neal
of North Fort Myers, Fla.,
andVictoria (Charles)
Dalman of Springfield;
son, Todd (Latisha)
Campbell of Malakoff,
Texas; nine grand-
children; and seven
Phyllis was preceded in
death by her brother,
Neal Morris.
No services are
planned at this time.
Memorial donations may
be made to the American
Diabetes Association.
To express condolences
to the family, please
visit www.Ltaylorfuneral.
com and sign the online
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.

Joan B.
Joan B. Siemonski, 79,
of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
and formerly of Point
Pleasant, N.J., passed
away Tuesday, March 25,
She was born Sept. 19,
1934, in Ocean City, N.J.,
the daughter of Lucille
and John Siemonski Sr.
Joan worked as a
librarian for Charlotte
County, Fla., before
retiring. She was of
the Catholic faith, and
enjoyed reading.
She will be greatly
missed by her son, Jon
(Kara) Siemonski of Port
Charlotte; and grandchil-
dren, Jakob and Sophie.
To express condolences
to the family, please
visit www.Ltaylorfuneral.
corn to sign the online
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.


Mary Teresa
Dabal Bagan
Mary Teresa Dabal
Bagan, 89, of Englewood,
Fla., passed away
Thursday March 27, 2014,
in Jacksonville, Fla.
She was born June 28,
1924, in Pereshpa,
Poland, and came to the
Englewood area in 1978.
Mary was a Siberian
Concentration Camp
Survivor. She enlisted in
the Royal Air Force; immni-
grated to the USA in 1949;
joined AA Sobriety
date Sept. 22, 1957;
was a Naturalized U.S.
Citizen in 1971; and was a
Eucharistic Minister at St.
Raphael Catholic Church
since 1980, while also
active in the choir and the
Order of St. Francis. Mary
married Howard A. Bagan
in 1962, and lived in Long
Island, N.Y
She is survived by
her two sons, Henry
T. Pertkiewicz Sr. and
Thomas A. (Elizabeth)
Bagan; six grandchildren,
Henry Pertkiewicz II,
Quinton Pertkiewicz, and
James, Michael, Sarah
and John Bagan; and
two great-grandchildren,
Lincoln and Logan

Pertkiewicz. Mary was
preceded in death by
her husband, Howard,
in 2001; and parents,
Hedwig Travinska and
Tomas Dabal.
Visitation will be held
from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
Wednesday April 2, 2014,
at Lemon Bay Funeral
Home in Englewood.
The funeral Mass will
be at 10 a.m. Thursday,
April 3, 2014, at St.
Raphael Catholic Church.
Entombment will follow
at Gulf Pines Memorial
Park in Englewood.
Arrangements are
by Lemon Bay Funeral

Phyllis E. Rahill
Phyllis E. Rahill, 88, of
Englewood, Fla., passed
away Saturday, March 22,
She was born Dec. 28,
1925, in Grand Rapids,
Mich., and moved to this
area 35 years ago from
Marion, Mich.
Mrs. Rahill enjoyed
golf and tennis. She was a
member of the Elks Lodge
in Englewood and Marion,
Ind. She was also a mem-
ber of St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic Church in Grove
City (Englewood), Fla.
She is survived by her
grandson, David (Deanna)
Rahill of North Port, Fla.
Phyllis was preceded in
death by her husband,
Claire; and son, Patrick.
Memorial services
will be held at 10 a.m.
Wednesday April 2, 2014,
at St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic Church, 5265
Placida Road, Grove City.
Memorial donations
maybe made to Tidewell
Hospice Inc., 5955 Rand
Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238.
Arrangements were
made in Port Charlotte,


Stefan Solohub
Stefan Solohub Sr., 90,
of North Port, Fla., and
formerly of Randolph,
*March 24,
was born
Jan. 13,
1924, in Rava-Rus'ka,

Stefan and his loving
wife, Wera Solohub,
moved from their long-
time home in Randolph
to North Port, where
they wintered many
years, until becoming
full-time residents in
2010. He was passionate
about working with the
Ukrainian community
in Boston, Mass., and
served as President of
the Ukrainian American
Youth Association, CYM,
Boston Branch, for many
He is survived by his
beloved wife of nearly 69
years, Wera; son, Stefan
Solohub Jr.; daughter,
Anna Henderson
Solohub; grandsons,
Stefan Solohub III and
Adam Henderson; and
many family members
in Ukraine.
The family will receive
friends from 6 p.m. until
8 p.m., with a panikhida
service at 7:30 p.m.,
today, Sunday, March 30,
2014, at McKee Funeral
Home, 14538 Tamiami
Trail, North Port. The
Rev. Severyn Kovalyshin
will officiate. The funeral
Mass will be held at
9:30 a.m. Monday,
March 31, 2014, at
St. Mary's Ukrainian
Catholic Church in
North Port, followed by
an interment ceremony
at Venice Memorial
Gardens in Venice, Fla.
The family asks that,
in lieu of flowers, those
so inclined consider a
donation in the name of
Stefan Solohub Sr. to ei-
ther St. Mary's Ukrainian
Catholic Church in
North Port, or Christ the
King Ukrainian Catholic
Church in Jamaica Plain,
Mass. For online condo-
lences, please visit www.
Arrangements are by
McKee Funeral Home,
North Port.


There were no deaths
reported in DeSoto
Words of Comfort
Every ending is a
new beginning.
Thank God we have a new
beginning in heaven.
Michael l)unn-Rankinii

Lawrence J. Piediscaizo
Lawrence J. "Larry" Piediscalzo, 54, of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away Friday, March 21, 2014,
at Tidewell Hospice Inc. in Port Charlotte, Fla.
He was born March 13, 1960, in
Brooklyn, N.Y., and moved to Port
Charlotte in 1980 from Rockland
County, N.Y.
SLarry was the owner and operator
of LP's Auto Repair in Charlotte
Harbor, Fla., for many years. He was
a loving husband, father, son, son-
in-law, brother and brother-in-law
who will be missed but not forgotten. Larry loved
boating and fishing in the Florida Keys.
He is survived by his loving wife of 28 years,
Adele A. Piediscalzo of Punta Gorda; daughter,
Andrea Piediscalzo of Port Charlotte; son,
Matthew (Megan) Piediscalzo of Orlando, Fla.;
three sisters, Theresa (Bob) Henry, Barbara (Rick)
Rook and Michelle Daniele; a brother, Joseph
Daniele; his mother- and father-in-law, John and
CarmelaWieber of Punta Gorda; brother-in-law,
John (Deanna) Wieber of Port Charlotte; sister-
in-law, Jeannine (Randy) Cherry of St. Petersburg,
Fla.; and several nieces and nephews.
There will be a celebration of Larry's life at
2 p.m. Sunday, April 6, 2014, at Roberson Funeral
Home, Port Charlotte Chapel. Friends may visit
online at to sign the guest-
book and extend condolences to the family.
Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home
& Crematory, Port Charlotte Chapel.

OsWo is tr I l

Alk -A et &F erenitmo?
Have you ever asked for a price, and they start
giving you quotes, but say there will be extras?
We believe in giving straight answers to your

Nobody likes unexpected surprises.

TAYLOR FUNERAL A- (941)833-0600
and Cremation Services Punta'oraFL'33950
,,, Gorda, FL3*1 3950k%


collecting items
for Salvation Army
Beyond Ourselves, a
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association Community
Service Organization, will
collect nonfood items for
The Salvation Army from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday
in the PGICA parking
lot, 2001 Shreve St. Items
needed are paper goods,
including paper towels
and toilet paper; baby
diapers and wipes; and
feminine hygiene products.
Personal care items, such
as shampoo/conditioner,
soap, toothpaste, shaving
cream, razors, baby wash
and baby shampoo also are
needed. In addition, dish
and laundry detergents will
be accepted. Donations
will be accepted only on
the day of collection.
For more information,
call 941-661-0529.

Construction work
Due to inclement
weather, the milling and
repaying operations
on Sandhill Boulevard
from Kings Highway to
Seasons Drive have been
rescheduled. They have
begun and will continue
through Friday. During
this process, the traveling
public may encounter
traffic congestion, uneven
lanes and dusty conditions.
Law enforcement officers,
signage, flagging personnel
and traffic-channeling
devices will be used to aid
travelers throughout the
construction area. Exercise
extreme caution in this area
and, when possible, con-
sider utilizing an alternate
route. More information
and updates are available at
gov click on "Project
Status Updates" in the
"Popular Links" on the left.

appreciation event
The Charlotte Harbor
Environmental Center
will hold a volunteer-ap-
preciation event at 9 a.m.
April 7 in its CaniffVisitor
Center, 10941 Burnt Store
Road, Punta Gorda. There
is no higher calling than
when a person gives of
themselves to someone in
need of help or comfort.
This is a main principle of
volunteering. April 6-12 is
Volunteering is not about
money. It is about giving,
contributing, and helping
others and the community
at large. It helps to build
For more information,
contact Eileen at 941-575-
5435 or eileen@checflorida.

Wildlife Center
seeks greeters
The Peace River Wildlife
Center, 3400 Ponce de
Leon Parkway, Punta
Gorda, seeks individuals
who enjoy interacting with
people to volunteer as
greeters. Greeters welcome
visitors at the entrance
to the center, give them
a short introduction, and
use a counter to track daily
attendance. To volunteer as
a greeter, call 941-637-3830.

Did You Know...

We Have Several Options
For Cremation Memorialization?
Cremation Benches, Granite Niches
i"i- ^H c& a Variety of Cremation Gardens


| 27200 Jones Loop Rd., Punta Gorda (941) 639-2381
gj __o

Traffic enforcement locations set

- Beginning Monday,
the Charlotte County
Sheriff's Office will increase
traffic enforcement at the
following locations:
Speed enforcement:
State Road 776, from
David Boulevard to
Toledo Blade Boulevard,
Englewood East to Port
U.S. 41, from Cranberry
Boulevard to Enterprise
Drive, Port Charlotte.
Traffic light/stop sign
U.S. 41 and Midway
Boulevard, Port Charlotte.
Kings Highway and
Veterans Boulevard, Port

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
George Benton Doyle, 35,800
block of Roseway Terrace, Port Charlotte.
Charge: battery. Bond: none.
*Thomas Enrique RoseJr., 48,100
block of Rosemary St, Port Charlotte.
Charge: violation of probation. Bond:
ElbertWilliam Bunkley III, 38,200
block of Sierra St, Nokomis. Charge:

The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff's office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire
records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt orinnocence is determined by the court system.

driving with a suspended license third
or subsequent offense. Bond: $5,000.
Kenneth Michael Cudzilo, 43, of
Lehigh Acres. Charges: grand theft, petty
theft, resisting an officer and resisting a
retail merchant Bond information was
Kristie Lee Miranda, 29,9400 block
of Acco Ave., Englewood. Charges: battery
and failure to appear. Bond: $11,000.
Samantha Christine Caudill, 20,W.
Fray St., Englewood. Charge: violation of
probation (original charges: possession
of a controlled substance without a
prescription and sale of methamphet-
amine). Bond: none.
Demeek Kaynell McKoy, 21, ofYork,
S.C. Charge: petty theft. Bond: $1,000.
Tyler Matthew Allen, 20,8100 block
of Alan Blvd., Punta Gorda. Charge:
violation of probation (original charges:
driving without insurance, driving
without registration and driving with an
unassigned license plate). Bond: $747.50.
Leroy Anthony McDaniel, 25,500
block of Corto Andra St, Punta Gorda.
Charge: violation of probation (original
charge: driving with a suspended license).
Bond: $1,025.
Kaitlin Rochelle Romer, 27,3800

block of Barnegat Drive, Punta Gorda.
Charges: uttering a forged instrument and
grand theft. Bond: $10,000.
Marquis Lamar Harris, 23,400 block
of E.Virginia Ave., Punta Gorda. Charge:
violation of probation (original charge:
battery). Bond: none.
Thomas Edward Parsons Jr., 31,
homeless in Port Charlotte. Charge:
off-bond recommit Bond: $1,500.
Dayamise Morales Buergo,37,3400
block of Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte.
Charge: violation of probation. Bond: none.
Thomas Schippert Bailey, 28,3000
blockofPellam Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charge: failure to appear. Bond: none.
Ray Anthony Gainer, 27,400 block
of Fitzhugh Ave., Punta Gorda. Charge:
operating a motor vehicle without a valid
license. Bond: $2,000.
Edward Francis Slayton Jr., 43,26300
block of Explorer Road, Punta Gorda.
Charge: DUI. Bond: none.
Tiffany Anita Bell, 26,1200 block
of Capricorn Blvd., Deep Creek. Charge:
violation of probation (original charges:
aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
and criminal mischief). Bond: none.
Sadie Marie Dacko, 29,2100 block
of Heron Lake Drive, Deep Creek. Charge:

failure to appear (original charge: petty
theft). Bond: none.
Christopher Browell Kay, 30,1400
block of Chaffin Lane, Port Charlotte.
Charge: disorderly intoxication. Bond:
Johnson Lesly Joseph, 32,20200
block of Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charges: driving with a suspended
license third or subsequent offense,
nonsupport of dependents, violation
of probation (original charge: driving
with a suspended license) and off-bond
recommit Bond: none.
Jean Claude Innocent,55,100 block
of Allworthy St, Port Charlotte. Charge:
failure to appear (original charges: driving
with a suspended license, driving without
motor vehicle insurance and driving
without motor vehicle registration). Bond:
Phillippe Jules Laurent, 31,3300
block of Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charges: two counts of uttering forged
instrument; grand theft; and possession
of a firearm, ammunition or another
weapon by convicted felon. Bond: none.
Laura Lee Wojtanowski, 39,100 block
of Bradley St, Port Charlotte. Charge:
battery. Bond: none.
Robin Danielle Suggs,29,2400 block
of Starlite Lane, Port Charlotte. Charge:
violation of probation. Bond: none.
Danielle Elizabeth Williams, 31,
1400 block of Lullaby St., Port Charlotte.

Charges: two counts each of possession
of a harmful new legend drug without
a prescription and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $7,000.
*Jodi M. Whisenant, 31,4500 block
of Oakley St., PortCharlotte. Charge:
violation of driver's license restrictions.
Earl Decoursey Linton, 58,17900
block of Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte.
Charge: aggravated assault with a deadly
John Robert BeckJr., 59,100 block
of Sinclair St. SW, Port Charlotte. Charge:
DUI. Bond information was unavailable
Christopher Jay Dreksler, 26,1200
block of NightWind Terrace, North Port
Charges: possession of a controlled
substance without a prescription, posses-
sion of drug paraphernalia and violation
of probation (original charges: possession
of less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond:
Enrique Tomas, 27,500 block of
Main Ave., North Port Charge: operating
a motor vehicle without a valid license.
Bond: $1,000.
*Joseph Robert Micheli, 21,6300
block of Freemont St, North Port Charge:
violation of probation (original charge:
driving with a suspended license). Bond:
Aimee Nicole Carpenter, 39,700

block of Broadway, Englewood. Charge:
DUI. Bond: none.
Clair Louis Daigle, 82, of Cheshire,
Conn. Charge: DUI. Bond: none.
Robert Bruce Emmott, 59,of Central
Square, N.Y. Charge: DUI. Bond: none.
David Rivera,25,2600 block of S.W.
Beard St, Arcadia. Charges: two counts
each of possession of less than 3 grams
of synthetic marijuana and possession of
drug paraphernalia. Bond: none.
Aysa Michelle Smith, 25,300 block of
N. 14th Ave., Arcadia. Charges: possession
of less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond:
Brandy Michelle Stone, 31,10500
block of Park Ave., Arcadia. Charge: failure
to appear (original charges: habitually
driving with a suspended license, driving
without motorvehicle registration, failure
to maintain motor vehicle insurance and
attaching an unassigned license plate).
Erica Brooke Willett, 31, homeless.
Charge: fugitive from justice. Bond:
Wesley Scott Poling, 37,3300 block
of Beacon Drive, Port Charlotte. Charges:
DUI, possession of less than 20 grams
of marijuana, possession of drug
paraphernalia, and three counts of battery
on detention facility staff. Bond: none.
-Compiled byGaryRoberts,
Adam KregerandMarion Putman


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jonn ana Carrie IJaDle at
Dale's Air Conditioning & Heating,
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OurTown Page 6


The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


C OurTown Page 7

Dancing with

Charlotte Stars a success

congratulations to
Judy Malbuisson,
the executive direc-
tor of the Arts & Human-
ities Council of Charlotte
County, and those who
took part in Dancing with
the Charlotte Stars.
The recent event raised
more than $20,000 for the
"Each year it seems like
it is the best event yet, the
biggest crowd, most fun,"
Malbuisson said in an
email. "But they have all
been fun, in part because
we never know what the
stars and their supporters
will do. Along with the
incredible commitment
and fundraising of our
stars and their cheerlead-
ers, our committee has
worked hard to improve
the experience for stars,
partners and audience.
The cocktail hour was
like a carnival with the
cheerleaders promoting
their favorites."
Juli Riley and her
professional partner,
Eddie Perez, with an
assist from Kathleen
Candales of Higher
Ground Performing Arts,
won the judges' and
People's Choice awards.
Julie Price and Rolando
Cabrera of Higher
Ground Performing
Arts finished second in
the judging, and Keith
Callaghan and Candales
placed third.
Honorable mentions
went to Julie Mathis

Attorney Jill McCrory,
perched on the shoulder
of her partner, Ramon
Martinez of Higher
Ground Performing
Arts, won Dancing with
the Charlotte Stars in
2010. This year, she was
a judge.

and Dave Bridegam of
Karen/Dave Dance, Kevin
Graham and Andrea
Behrmann of Florida
Dance Workshop, and
Bob "Fig" Newton and
Karen Bridegam of
Karen/Dave Dance.
Julie Price was second
and Kevin Graham third
in the People's Choice
voting, which is done
through donations.
Next year will be the
seventh event. The
Judges' Choice winners
from the six years will
come back to compete
against one another.
The event so far has firm
commitments from five
of the winners.
"They are quite excited
about it," Malbuisson
said. "I think they are
already trash talking each
The past winners:
Cort Frohlich, 2009; Jill
McCrory, 2010; Todd
Rebol, 2011; Jason Green,
2012; Mike Hearn, 2013;
and this year's winner, Juli
Congratulations to
Gina Letterio, Tawnia

Recently, members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart
Jack L. Conway Chapter 759 traveled to Tampa and Bay Pines to
deliver $1,000 checks to the Fisher Houses at the James A. Haley
Veterans Hospital and the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital. Pictured
are Chuck Rose Sr., vice commander; Art McGinnis, commander;
Bob Conetta, finance officer; and John Ross presenting the
check to Paula Welenc, manager of James Haley Fisher House.

and Terry
S Dalva. They
to personal
bankers at
LETTERIO Charlotte
State Bank
& Trust, ac-
cording to a
release from
the bank.
Letterio and
assigned to
office, and Dalva to the
Parkside office.
Dalva spent almost 10
years at Charlotte State
Bank & Trust starting in

1998. Letterio attended
Port Charlotte High School
and Charlotte Vocational
Center. Squiciarino gradu-
ated from Venice High
School and now lives in
North Port.

Congratulations to Joel
Miley. The Nav-A-Gator
Grill & Marina employee
recently satisfied the re-
quirements for the SafeStaff
Foodhandler Program,
according to a release from
the Arcadia eatery. The
certification means he is
able to effectively train
others in food preparation
and food safety.
Rusty Pray is editor of
the Charlotte Sun. He
can be reached at rpray@

The judges and
audience were moved
by Juli Riley's rendition
of her real life battle
with cancer performed
with her partner, Eddie
Perez. The pair took
first place as well as the
People's Choice award
for their dance number
at the 2014 Dancing
with the Charlotte Stars

Over 50 enthusiastic supporters joined Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch to help hand out his campaign brochures recently. They
distributed literature at the voters' front door from Burnt Store Road to Rotonda.


Demmons celebrate 70 years

uth and Harry Demmon will celebrate their
70th wedding anniversary Monday, March 31,
2014. They were married March 31, 1944, at
Waco Army Air Force Base in Waco, Texas.
They met at their high school, and had numerous
dates prior to Harry's induction into the U.S. Air
Force. Ruth was a secretary/treasurer at their high
school, prior to their marriage. Harry worked as
project manager for U.S. Steel Central Engineering,
before retiring with 40 years of continuous service.
Harry celebrated his 90th birthday Monday,
Jan. 27, 2014, with 50 relatives and friends at Twin
Isles Country Club in Punta Gorda, Fla. Ruth
and Harry moved to Punta Gorda in 1986, from
Pittsburgh, Pa.



$27 for a photo, up to 200 words
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3:'The Invention of Wings,";' by
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4:'Words of Radiance;' by
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White murdering rulers of Roshar.
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7:'Redeployment,"by Phil Kay
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8:'The Martian;' by Andy Weir
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9:'Stone Cold;'by C.J. Box
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Joe Pickett investigates a wealthy
Wyoming landowner who may be a
killer for hire.
10:'Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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Tris and Tobias'bond is tested when
they rise up against their dystopian

1."David and Goliath'by Malcolm
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2"The Future of the Mind;'by
Michio Kaku (Doubleday. $28.95) An
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ments of our brains.
3"Showtime,"by Jeff Peariman
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4:'Uganda Be Kidding Me'by
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5."Blood Will Out"byWalter im
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15-year friendship with con-man Clark
6:'Glitter and Glue'by Kelly
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examines the complex bond between
mothers and daughters.
7."Everything I Need to KnowlI
Learned From a Little Golden Book;'by
Diane Muldrow (Golden Books: $9.99)
Practical advice and life lessons learned
from the beloved classic children's
8"My Promised Land,"by Ad Shavit
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9:'You Must Remember This,'by
Robert J.Wagner (Viking: $27.95)
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10.A Short Guide to a Long Life,";'
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$17.95) An illustrated handbook
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.- I

facility that has been proudly
serving Charlotte County for
years. They have ASE certified
technicians that will provide
excellent service!
Auto Air Specialist is a full
automotive repair shop offering
quality service on both foreign
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handle anything from a simple oil
change to a major car repair for
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Their state of the art equipment
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alternative! They want to exceed
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The family at Auto Air
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stop-shop for all of your
automotive needs. Call them
today, (941) 743-3113 and let
them be your friendly
neighborhood garage. They are
located in the Whidden Industrial
Park off of Harborview Rd.
23355 Janice Ave unit 6 in Port
Charlotte. Check out their
website too:

Auto Air Specialist Of Charlotte County

--/// Imm


Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, March 30, 2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to




the right call

steering committee right to
recommend investing in city's
e're not 100 percent in
agreement with the rec-
ommendations Punta
Gorda sales tax steering commit-
tee made to the City Council, but
they are absolutely right in the
value they placed on investing
a considerable amount of the
proceeds to completing the city's
signature Harborwalk and Punta
Gorda Pathways projects and
investing in the city's website.
Punta Gorda has successfully
branded itself as a premier
waterfront community in the
country and one only needs
to spend time at Gilchrist or
Laishley parks and watch the
cyclists and walkers vote with
their feet about the value of the
Harborwalk. The last stretch of
the project, which has been a
key element of the city's rede-
velopment plan for more than
25 years, is to upgrade Gilchrist
Park. The plan is to widen the
sidewalk running along the river
from the east side of Gilchrist to
Fishermen's Village, repair the
crumbling seawall, add bath-
rooms, enhance the landscaping
and construct footbridges.
With Community
Redevelopment Agency tax-in-
crement financing dedicated to
debt payments for past projects,
including the Herald Court
parking garage and Laishley
Park Municipal Marina, and a
lean general fund, the only way
to finish the HarborwalkWest
section is sales tax money.
"Harborwalk makes a
statement. It's something the
community and visitors have
become attached to. It's popular,
and (we've) got to improve it,"
City Manager Howard Kunik said
at Thursday's final committee
He's right. A brand is what you
are not what you say, and simply
saying, "It's happening on the
harbor," is meaningless unless
things actually are happening on
the harbor. The city's investments
in its waterfront make things
happen, including significant
private investment that has
reshaped the city before and after
Hurricane Charley. The water-
front and nearby downtown are
meccas for residents and visitors
alike and numerous awards and
media reports have spread the
word around the world, helping
drive rising home values, new
construction and tax revenue.
In today's digital environment,
the Internet is the window
through which people see a
community, whether it is to
hunt for vacation opportunities
or a retirement haven. Website
technology is constantly chang-
ing, with social media elements
increasingly important as part of
a website's bones. Upgrading the
city's portal is a wise investment,
as it is often the first impression
the city makes on those who
have not already visited.
We do have to reiterate our
objection to using sales tax
money for vehicles, as the
committee recommended. While
such expenditures are allowed
under the sales tax statute, we
have long felt spending on fire
engines, utility vehicles and po-
lice cars is a basic and recurring
government function that should
be funded through property
taxes or utility fees.
We were pleased to see the
proposed reverse osmosis water
plant removed from the list of
potential projects on the sales
tax list, which will go before
voters in November. Utility fees
are the proper source for paying
for the plant. Any sales tax mon-
ey devoted to the $28 million
facility would cover a fraction of
its cost and divert money away
from more worthy investments.
We commend the 14-member
steering committee and city
staff who sifted through many
potential projects and, with

the exception of the proposed
vehicle purchases, we strongly
support their recommendations.

The bulet he swore to take for the president


District wrong
in mercury case

In my opinion I th
DeSoto School Distr
totally wrong.
The student with 1
cury did not do anyt
a normal child would
He found something
testing and took it to
to show and tell. For
a teacher or someone
what it was. He shou
punished for lack of
edge about the subs
When I was a kid v
mercury from therm
and coated quarters

Flawed candid
for Congre

I'm sure I'm not al
being disgusted with
relentless barrage of
political TV advertis
Trey Radel's seat in C
Can't the Republic
find any candidates
tegrity? All that we've
from this unbelievable
vertising investment
endless inundation (
claims is that whoev
voters will again hav
someone seriously f
represent them.

as it is no

I disagree with yourI
tweaking the stand yoi
bill. I am only referring
you have researched o
and commented on in
One paragraph in yo
comments, "It leaves n,
that anyone threatened(
first attempt to retreat
If our governor signs
reading this way it is ta
the rights of the people
and not protecting the
are trying to make us b
Tweaking may be need
very careful of the laws
trying to replace.
If my life or my fami
thing in my possession
ened and you want m(
myback and run and c
the law to save me you
a great surprise because
in the stand your group

ink the
ict is

presently written and I sincerely
hope the legislators tweaking this
law seriously contemplate what
they are doing.
Marion Garling

CCU gets its way
on pump station

he mer- Editor:
hing that My first CCU dog and pony
d not do. show was the Spring Lake Waste
Sinter- Water Pilot Program Stakeholder
school Committee.
rtunately Dog and pony show II was
Le knew the Zoning Board of Appeals
ild not be meeting, Feb. 22. CCU requested
knowl- a special exception from the
tance. o Zoning Board of Appeals for a
we got sewer pump station at the comer
wometers of Azalea and Skylark, Port
Charlotte. Discussion centered
SAshworth around the appearance of the
nAshworth building.
Punta Gorda I stated I was against this proj-
ect in the middle of a residential
t neighborhood. There will be
dates noise, odor, increased traffic and
.ss flooding.
This site was chosen for
central location and cost-effec-
one in tiveness. CCU didn't want to
h the purchase expensive commercial
f negative property for the station. My
ing for conclusion: It's not going to be
Congress. real noisy, until the back-up
:an Party generator kicks on. It will smell,
with in- but the odor will be filtered-
e learned trust them. The traffic will be
ble ad- minimal until a pump goes out
t and the and then large vac trucks will
of nasty come and go. The building will
ier wins, lookverynice.
'e only The special exception was
lawed to granted.
I wasn't there; I went to get my
Rick Fried septic rebate while the county is
Punta Gorda still solvent. The hired consulting
engineers may go home. CCU
employees did a great job. The
W Charlotte County staff and zon-
ing board get kudos for another
W dog and pony show. This "quality
of life" project makes this area
smellier, noisier, more traffic -
position on especially during construction,
Ground and heaven forbid a breach of
, to what the pump station. But all is well
n this bill in CCUville. The sewer pump
this paper, station was cost-effective.

o doubt Richard Hulet
d must Port Charlotte
and avoid

s anybill Alients, aliens?
king away Clients, clients?

e of Florida
m as you
believe .
led, but be
s you are

ly or any-
a is threat-
e to turn
depend on
iare in for
se I believe
ad law as

I was surprised and touched
when I read my letter to the
editor in the Charlotte Sun. I did
get my five cents worth in.
I'm writing because there was
one word in my letter which was
written incorrectly. Every word
in my letter was exactly as I had
written, except one.
In my letter, I had written
illegal alients, whereas in your

paper it read illegal clients.
At first I thought it has been
misspelled, or misread. Then
something else hit me.
Maybe the phrasing was
politically incorrect, until a few
days later, I read another letter
to the editor where the words
illegal aliens were in print, plain
as you please.
I just had to let you know,
because it does change the

meaning a lot.

a healthy dialogue when
discussing public policy
and at every public meeting
Commissioner Deutsch
demonstrates that he can.
I had the recent pleasure
of attending a Habitat for
Humanity home dedication
and Commissioner Deutsch
was there to support the
family and organizations that
make such a critical undertak-
ing possible.
Stephen R. Deutsch's
endorsement of such worthy
endeavors promotes a sense
of community which makes
Charlotte County a better
place to live. So the next time
you want to talk issues give
the commissioner a call, just
make sure you are hungry.
Joseph Tiseo
Port Charlotte

Thanks for
finding purse

I would like to thank the
persons) who found my
purse in the public washroom
at the Seafood Festival in
Punta Gorda and turned it in
to the police. Thank you from
the bottom of my heart.
Shirley Mattice
Punta Gorda

Thanks to Sun
for my dentist

My wife and I retired to Port
Wally Klein Charlotte in 1998. One of our
Punta Gorda first concerns was to find good
medical care. We received

Statements reflect
beliefs of many

Republican darling Ted
Nugent recently called our pres-
ident a "subhuman mongrel."
Yet the Republicans brought this
man into the president's face at
a State of the Union address.
Oh, but they mean no
disrespect. They are a party of
gentle, elderly people who sit
around quietly drinking tea and
discussing how to take back
their country from Americans.
What Ted Nugent said is
typical of what 90 percent of
them secretly believe. What
Ted Nugent said about my
president insults and outrages
all Americans but not the tea
party. Their goddess Sarah Palin
even endorsed what Nugent

God save the unic
bless the president.

Deutsch m
always l is

in. God

Steve Leja
Port Charlotte


I can remember the first time
I met Commissioner Stephen
R. Deutsch, it was in a commis-
sion meeting at the beginning
of 2012. During citizens input,
and like everyone else in the
chamber, I told the BOCC
where they were going wrong.
The meeting adjourned early
and I heard "hey, you got a min-
ute for a quick lunch?"
I turned and there stood Mr.
Deutsch. I was surprised that a
commissioner whom I had nev-
er met would ask me to lunch
to talk about my concerns. We
ended up atWendy's discussing
the county's future over a
double stack He told me we
won't always agree, but he will
always listen. True to his word
we had disagreements over the
last few years, but he listened,
and I think the exchange of
ideas through mutual respect is
a benefit to all.
An important characteristic
of our commissioners is can
they listen and promote

recommendations for doctors
and dentists from many
We found a great primary
care doctor but had difficulty
finding a good dentist. We
tried three different dentists
with disappointing results.
We were looking for a fourth
dentist when, about six years
ago, the Charlotte Sun ran a
detailed story about Dr. Tony
Menendez and his qualifica-
tions, including the hundreds
of hours spent qualifying
to become a Master of the
Academy of General Dentistry,
the only one in the area. They
pointed out that in addition to
his practice he also teaches at
the University of Florida.
The story was extremely

interesting and I made an
appointment. It turned out
to be the best appointment
I ever made. Dr. Menendez
was everything your story said
he was. He has performed
root canals, crowns, bridges
and general dentistry on me
and my wife for the past six
years and I would not hesitate
to recommend him for any

dental procedure.
It is comforting to know
that first class dental service is
available in Port Charlotte.
I encourage The Sun to con-
tinue to publish stories such
as these about outstanding
local medical professionals. I
would never have found Dr.
Menendez if the Sun had not
taken the time to research and
publish this story.
Thank you Charlotte Sun!
Randy White
Punta Gorda

Who will pay
for insurance?

A few years ago it was
free Obama cellphones for
the poor. A few weeks ago
President Obama said "Give
up your cellphones and cable
and pay for your medical
Who will pay? Who will get
all free?
Edie Wood
Port Charlotte

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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


C OurTown Page 9


taxation tradition runs deep

s inequality has
become an in-
creasingly prom-
inent issue in American
discourse, there has been
furious pushback from
the right. Some conserva-
tives argue that focusing
on inequality is unwise,
that taxing high incomes
will cripple economic
growth. Some argue that
it's unfair, that people
should be allowed to keep
what they earn. And some
argue that it's un-Ameri-
can that we've always
celebrated those who
achieve wealth, and that
it violates our national
tradition to suggest that
some people control
too large a share of the
And they're right. No
true American would
say this: "The absence of
effective state, and, espe-
cially, national, restraint
upon unfair mon-
ey-getting has tended
to create a small class of
enormously wealthy and
economically powerful
men, whose chief object
is to hold and increase
their power," and follow

that statement with a call
for "a graduated inheri-
tance tax on big fortunes
... increasing rapidly in
amount with the size of
the estate."
Who was this left-wing-
er? Theodore Roosevelt,
in his famous 1910 New
Nationalism speech.
The truth is that, in
the early 20th century,
many leading Americans
warned about the
dangers of extreme
wealth concentration and
urged that tax policy be
used to limit the growth
of great fortunes. Here's
another example: In
1919, the great economist
Irving Fisher whose
theory of "debt deflation,"
by the way, is essential
in understanding our
current economic

troubles devoted his
presidential address to
the American Economic
Association largely to
warning against the ef-
fects of "an undemocratic
distribution of wealth."
And he spoke favorably
of proposals to limit
inherited wealth through
heavy taxation of estates.
Nor was the notion of
limiting the concentra-
tion of wealth, especially
inherited wealth, just
talk. In his landmark
book, "Capital in the
Twenty-First Century,"
the economist Thomas
Piketty points out that
America, which intro-
duced an income tax in
1913 and an inheritance
tax in 1916, led the way
in the rise of progressive
taxation, that it was "far
out in front" of Europe.
Piketty goes so far as to
say that "confiscatory
taxation of excessive
incomes" that is,
taxation whose goal was
to reduce income and
wealth disparities, rather
than to raise money
- was an 'American

And this invention had
deep historical roots in
the Jeffersonian vision of
an egalitarian society of
small farmers. Back when
Teddy Roosevelt gave his
speech, many thoughtful
Americans realized not
just that extreme inequal-
ity was making nonsense
of that vision, but that
America was in danger
of turning into a society
dominated by hereditary
wealth that the New
World was at risk of turn-
ing into Old Europe. And
they were forthright in
arguing that public pol-
icy should seek to limit
inequality for political as
well as economic reasons,
that great wealth posed a
danger to democracy.
So how did such views
not only get pushed out
of the mainstream but
come to be considered
Consider how inequal-
ity and taxes on top
incomes were treated
in the 2012 election.
Republicans pushed the
line that President Barack
Obama was hostile to the
rich. "If one's priority is to

punish highly successful
people, then vote for the
Democrats," Mitt Romney
said. Democrats vehe-
mently (and truthfully)
denied the charge. Yet
Romney was in effect
accusing Obama of think-
ing like Teddy Roosevelt.
How did that become an
unforgivable political sin?
You sometimes hear the
argument that concen-
trated wealth is no longer
an important issue,
because the big winners
in today's economy are
self-made men who owe
their position at the top
of the ladder to earned
income, not inheritance.
But that view is a gener-
ation out of date. New
work by the economists
Emmanuel Saez and
Gabriel Zucman finds
that the share of wealth
held at the very top the
richest 0.1 percent of the
population has dou-
bled since the 1980s and
is now as high as it was
when Teddy Roosevelt
and Irving Fisher issued
their warnings.
We don't know how
much of that wealth is

inherited. But it's interest-
ing to look at the Forbes
list of the wealthiest
Americans. By my rough
count, about a third of
the top 50 inherited large
fortunes. Another third
are 65 or older, so they
will probably be leaving
large fortunes to their
heirs. We aren't yet a
society with a hereditary
aristocracy of wealth,
but, if nothing changes,
we'll become that kind
of society over the next
couple of decades.
In short, the demon-
ization of anyone who
talks about the dangers
of concentrated wealth
is based on a misreading
of both the past and the
present. Such talk isn't
un-American; it's very
much in the American
tradition. And it's not
at all irrelevant to the
modern world. So who
will be this generation's
Teddy Roosevelt?

Paul Krugman is a col-
umnist for The New York
Times. He can be reached
via www.newyorktimes.

A nation of takers? No, not those

n the debate about
poverty, critics argue
that government
assistance saps initia-
tive and is unaffordable.
After exploring the issue,
I must concede that the
critics have a point. Here
are five public welfare
programs that are waste-
ful and turning us into a
nation of "takers."
First, welfare subsidies
for private planes. The
United States offers
three kinds of subsidies
to tycoons with private
jets: accelerated tax
write-offs, avoidance
of personal taxes on
the benefit by claiming
that private aircraft are
for security, and use of
air traffic control paid
for by chumps flying
As the leftists in the
George W Bush adminis-
tration put it when they
tried unsuccessfully to
end this last boondoggle:
"The family of four
taking a budget vacation
is subsidizing the CEOs
flying on a corporate jet."
I worry about those
tycoons sponging off
government. Won't our
pampering damage their
character? Won't they

become addicted to the
entitlement culture,
demanding subsidies
even for their yachts? Oh,
Second, welfare
subsidies for yachts.
The mortgage-interest
deduction was meant to
encourage a homeown-
ing middle class. But it
has been extended to
provide subsidies for
beach homes and even
In the meantime,
money was slashed last
year from the public
housing program for
America's neediest.
Hmm. How about if we
house the homeless in
these publicly supported
Third, welfare subsi-
dies for hedge funds and
private equity. The single
most outrageous tax
loophole in the United

States is for "carried
interest," allowing people
with the highest earnings
to pay paltry taxes. They
can magically reclassify
their earned income as
capital gains, because
that carries a lower tax
rate (a maximum of
23.8 percent this year,
compared with a maxi-
mum of 39.6 percent for
earned income).
Let's just tax capital
gains at earned income
rates, as we did under
President Ronald Reagan,
that notorious scourge of
Fourth, welfare subsi-
dies for America's biggest
banks. The too-big-to-fail
banks in the United
States borrow money
unusually cheaply
because of an implicit
government promise to
rescue them. Bloomberg
View calculated last
year that this amounts
to a taxpayer subsidy of
$83 billion to our 10 big-
gest banks annually.
President Barack
Obama has proposed
a bank tax to curb this
subsidy, and this year a
top Republican lawmak-
er, Dave Camp, endorsed
the idea as well. Big

banks are lobbying
like crazy to keep their
Fifth, large welfare
subsidies for American
corporations from cities,
counties and states. A
bit more than a year ago,
Louise Story of The New
York Times tallied more
than $80 billion a year in
subsidies to companies,
mostly as incentives to
operate locally. (Conflict
alert: The New York
Times Co. is among those
that have received mil-
lions of dollars from city
and state authorities.)
You see where I'm
going. We talk about
the unsustainability
of government benefit
programs and the
deleterious effects these
can have on human
behavior, and these
are real issues. Well-
meaning programs for
supporting single moms
can create perverse
incentives not to marry,
or aid meant for a
needy child may be
misused to buy drugs.
Let's acknowledge that
helping people is a
complex, uncertain and
imperfect struggle.
But, perhaps because

we now have the wealth-
iest Congress in history,
the first in which a
majority of members are
millionaires, we have a
one-sided discussion
demanding cuts only
in public assistance to
the poor, while ignoring
public assistance to the
rich. And a one-sided
discussion leads to a
one-sided and myopic
We're cutting one
kind of subsidized food
- food stamps at a
time when Gallup finds
that almost one-fifth
of American families
struggled in 2013 to
afford food. Meanwhile,
we ignore more than
$12 billion annually
in tax subsidies for
corporate meals and
Sure, food stamps are
occasionally misused,
but anyone familiar with
business knows that the
abuse of food subsidies
is far greater in the
corporate suite. Every
time an executive wines
and dines a hot date on
the corporate dime, the
average taxpayer helps
foot the bill.
So let's get real. To

stem abuses, the first
target shouldn't be those
avaricious infants in
nutrition programs but
tycoons in their subsi-
dized Gulfstreams.
However imperfectly,
subsidies for the poor do
actually reduce hunger,
ease suffering and create
opportunity, while sub-
sidies for the rich result
in more private jets and
yachts. Would we rather
subsidize opportunity
or yachts? Which kind of
subsidies deserve more
Some conservatives
get this, including Sen.
Tom Coburn, R-Okla.
He has urged "scaling
back ludicrous handouts
to millionaires that
expose an entitlement
system and tax code that
desperately need to be
After all, quite apart
from the waste, we don't
want to coddle zillion-
aires and thereby sap
their initiative!

Nicholas Kristof is a
New York Times colum-
nist. Readers may reach
him at The New York
Times, 620 Eighth Ave.,
New York, NY 10018.

With the return of baseball season, test your knowledge

i A ndre Dawson,"
'ADodgers broad-
casterVin Scully
once said, "has a bruised
knee and is listed as day-
to-day. Aren't we all?"
Yes, so use some of your
remaining time construc-
tively by identifying the
player or players who:
(1) Won three batting
titles by at least 44 points
(two players).
(2) Hit more than
50 home runs in a season
in which he had fewer
than 50 strikeouts.
(3) Won a batting title
hitting .361 but slumped
to .243 the next season.
(4) Was the oldest MVP.
(5) Caught the most
(6) Was the first catcher
to hit 40 home runs.

(7) Batted at least .300
and drove in at least
100 runs in each of his
first 11 seasons.
(8) Hit 50 home runs
in one season and stole
50 bases in another (two
(9) Had 3,000 hits and
1,500 walks (four players).
(10) Had 3,000 hits,
300 home runs and a
career .300 average (four

(11) Received the most
unintentional walks.
(12) Is the only
American League player
to have 100 walks, 70 ex-
tra-base hits and 30 sto-
len bases in a season.
(13) Are the only three
National League players
with such a season.
(14) Was the first
left-hander to win
300 games.
(15) Won three ERA
titles before age 26.
(16) Was the last player
to have 600 hits with
three teams.
(17)Is a Hall of Famer

whose lowest winning
percentage in 10 pitching
seasons was .643.
(18) Had 10 consecu-
tive 200-hit seasons.
(19) Had eight league
home run titles, ranking
second to Babe Ruth's 12.
(20) Completed 237 of
the 370 games he started
in the 1950s.
(21) In 1968, the
"year of the pitcher," hit
10 home runs in 20 at-
bats in six games.
(22) Contracted tuber-
culosis, interrupting his
Hall of Fame career at
second base and perhaps

costing his team a third
consecutive pennant.
(23) Hit five home runs
in a doubleheader (two
(24) Was the first
African-American to win
an American League
batting title.
(25) Are the only
active players to have
at least 350 home runs
and a .320 average (two
(26) Had his record
for most home runs in
the first 10 seasons of a
career broken by Albert

(27) Had 27 wins in a
season pitching for a los-
ing team (three players).
(28) Was the World
Series MVP on a losing
(29) Three times hit at
least 40 home runs and
had fewer strikeouts than
home runs.
(30) Made All-Star
Game rosters at catcher
and second base.
(31) Played the most
games at first base.
(32) Had only 54 wins
at age 30 but won 318.
WILL 110

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OurTown Page 10 C


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

Obamacare s master of false assurance

A core competen-
cy of Health and
Human Services
Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius is issuing false
An administration
about-face has left the
Cabinet official looking
like the Baghdad Bob of
American health insur-
ance. When Rep. Kevin
Brady, R-Texas, asked her
at a hearing two weeks
ago whether the admin-
istration would extend
the Obamacare enroll-
ment period beyond
March 31, she responded
with a crisp and direct:
"No, sir."
To the uninitiated, that
sounded like an unmis-
takable denial of any
intention to delay the
enrollment period. The
uninitiated were sadly
The secretary subse-
quently referred in her
testimony to a delayed
enrollment period for
people who were unable

to enroll "through no
fault of their own." It
turns out that the admin-
istration's definition of
these frustrated would-
be enrollees includes ...
well, everyone.
The Washington Post
reports that the admin-
istration will rely on
the "honor system" to
determine if people en-
rolling past the deadline
are hardship cases, with
no attempt to check if
they started the enroll-
ment process before the
deadline or if they are
telling the truth.
My alma mater, the
University of Virginia,
relies on the honor

system. The penalty for
a violation is expulsion.
The penalty for violating
the Obamacare honor
system is nonexistent.
A few weeks ago, a
spokeswoman for the
Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services, which
told reporters "we don't
actually have the statuto-
ry authority to extend the
open enrollment period
in 2014."
As if that would be an
obstacle. The enrollment
extension is in the same
spirit as the administra-
tion's partial enactment
in 2012 of the DREAM
Act through executive
fiat after President
Barack Obama said in
2011 that he didn't have
the authority for such a
It is a testament to the
Obama administration's
audacity that it doesn't
just defy the critics' view
of its lawful authority, it
defies its own view of its

lawful authority.
The House Committee
on Oversight and
Government Reform
captured the admin-
istration's high regard
for legal niceties in an
interview with Mark
Mazur, the Treasury
official whose blog post
announced the first
delay in the employer
Q: Did anyone in the
Executive Office of the
President inquire into
the legal authority for the
A: I don't have any
recollection of that.
Q: Did anyone in
the Department of the
Treasury inquire into the
legal authority for the
A: I don't recall any-
thing along those lines,
News of the extension
of the enrollment period
came on the same day
that the U.S. Court of
Appeals for the District

of Columbia heard
arguments in Halbig v.
Sebelius, a case involv-
ing arguably the most
sweeping act of law-
lessness in Obamacare's
The text of the
Affordable Care Act says
that only exchanges set
up by the states are eligi-
ble for subsidies. Since so
many states didn't set up
exchanges, the Obama
administration decided
through an Internal
Revenue Service ruling
that enrollees on the
federal exchanges can
also get the subsidies.
Its defense in Halbig v.
Sebelius is, true to form,
that the law doesn't
mean what it says.
Obamacare has been a
long workshop in improve
tragicomedy. The delays,
regulatory rewritings and
extensions are always
an attempt simply to
live for another day, to
put off the political pain
of cancellations, or rate

hikes, or layoffs, and to
get just enough traction
to make the law viable.
Millions have signed
up for the exchanges,
but it's not clear that the
demographic mix is right
to avoid steep premium
increases by insurers in
2015. So far, it looks like
young people essential
to making the economics
of the exchanges work
- aren't signing up in
the necessary numbers.
The extension is surely a
ploy to squeeze every last
"young invincible" out of
the current enrollment
period, and hope the
news for the rates in 2015
isn't so bad.
And after that? It's any-
body's guess. All we know
for sure is that whatever
Kathleen Sebelius says
today may not be opera-
tive tomorrow.
Rich Lowry is the editor
of the National Review.
Readers may reach him
at comments. lowry@
nationalreview. com.

The truth about the budgetary fix we're in

he capital's dys-
function has its
unfortunate ex-
ceptions. Gridlock yields
to interests powerful
enough to trump hab-
its of obstruction. The
result is compromise of a
peculiarly distasteful va-
riety bipartisanship in
the form of can-kicking,
budgetary obfuscation
and unaffordable gen-
erosity to those with the
best-connected lobbyists.
One such example was
on display last week as
lawmakers neared agree-
ment on the so-called
"doc fix," the perennial
problem created by an
overambitious Clinton-
era attempt to rein in
Medicare spending.
A second is looming
in the form of another
perennial debate on "tax
extenders," the near-au-
tomatic process by which
hundreds of billions of
dollars in tax breaks,
some of them suppos-
edly temporary, are
renewed at the behest of
the businesses who rely
on them.


(33) Won two World
Series MVP awards as a
position player.
(34) Other than Jackie
Robinson, had his num-
ber retired by three teams.
(35) Although a relief
pitcher, started a season
17-0 and finished 18-1.
(36) Threw 16 shutouts
in a season.
(37) Was the last
pitcher with 10 shutouts
in a season.
(38) Hit the most
career doubles.
(39) Won 16 consec-
utive Gold Gloves (two

I Charlotte Hearing
Center, Inc.

The Medicare issue
stems from the move in
1997 to adopt a "sus-
tainable growth rate"
for Medicare reimburse-
ments to physicians.
The notion was to save
money or at least, to
slow down the system's
exploding costs by de-
creeing that total spend-
ing could not exceed
specified amounts.
You can guess what
happened next. When
the cuts triggered by
the sustainable growth
rate turned out to be
unsustainable, Congress
responded by averting
them. Lawmakers
understand: There is
no voter so furious as
one whose Medicare, or
her Medicare-accepting

(40) Won the Cy Young
Award in his rookie
(41) Was an All-
American basketball
player (Duke) before
being an MVP.
(42) Compiled the
most total bases in a
(43) Had the lowest
World Series ERA
(minimum 30 innings
(44) Walked six times in
a nine-inning game.
Bonus question: Who
said, "The reason the
Mets have played so
well at Shea this year is
they have the best home
record in baseball."

1) Rod Carew, Rogers
2) Johnny Mize, 1947
3) Norm Cash,
4) Barry Bonds, 40 in

doctor, is about to be
messed with.
Beginning in 2003, the
"doc fix" became a ritual
as predictable as the
cherry blossoms. Indeed,
with the underlying
formula unchanged, the
magnitude of threatened
cuts has become larger,
and more unimaginable
(24 percent in 2014), with
each passing year.
This year could have
been different. Medicare
costs have dramatically
slowed, significantly
reducing the price -
more important in
Washington, the officially
scored price of a
permanent fix. The
Congressional Budget
Office estimated in
February that the cost
would be $115 billion
over 10 years, nearly a
third of the estimate just
two years earlier.
So the responsible
approach, instead of ap-
plying a 17th Band-Aid to
a broken system, would
have been to ditch the
sustainable growth rate,
replace it with something

5) Ivan Rodriguez
6) Roy Campanella
7) Al Simmons
8) Brady Anderson,
Barry Bonds
9) Rickey Henderson,
Stan Musial, Pete Rose,
Carl Yastrzemski
10) Hank Aaron,
George Brett, Willie
Mays, Stan Musial
11) Rickey Henderson
12) Mike Trout
13) Bobby Abreu, Jeff
Bagwell, Barry Bonds
14) Eddie Plank
15) Clayton Kershaw
16) Johnny Damon
17) Babe Ruth
18) Ichiro Suzuki
19) Mike Schmidt
20) Robin Roberts
21) Frank Howard
22) Red Schoendienst,
23) Nate Colbert, Stan
24) Frank Robinson,
25) Miguel Cabrera,
Albert Pujols

more realistic, and pay
for the difference with
smaller-scale tweaks.
Lawmakers flirted
with such a long-term
fix but doubled down on
irresponsibility. They not
only applied a one-year
patch, they used bud-
getary prestidigitation to
make some of the cost
disappear, by crediting
themselves now with
savings a decade away.
Money saved in theory
-more than 10 years
down the road gets used
to pay for real costs
today. Voila! Problem
Next up, tax extenders,
the grab bag of corporate
tax breaks too popular to
repeal but too costly to
build into the permanent
cost of the tax code. This
is spending by another
name, and a lot of it:
$47 billion for a one-year
extension, according to
the Joint Committee on
Taxation, $693 billion for
the entire decade.
Extenders are the
perfect obscure corner
for bipartisan consensus:

26) Eddie Mathews
27) Grover Cleveland
Alexander, Steve Carlton,
Eddie Rommel
28) Bobby Richardson,
1960 Yankees
29) Ted Kluszewski
30) Craig Biggio
31) Eddie Murray
32) Phil Niekro
33) Reggie Jackson;
1973 As, 1977 Yankees

so mind-numbing that
no regular voter will take
notice, so important that
legions of lobbyists, and
cascades of campaign
checks, are deployed
on behalf of the various
The correct way to
handle extenders is to
decide which ones are
worth keeping and make
them permanent, which
is what House Ways
and Means Committee
Chairman Dave Camp
commendably did in his
ignored-on-arrival tax
reform plan.
But with tax reform
shelved at least until
after the election and
isn't there always one
around the corner? -
the imperative arises to
deal with the expiring
tax provisions on their
own. And with it, the
twin temptations now
facing Camp and his
new Senate Finance
Committee counterpart
Ron Wyden of Oregon:
Option one, extend, but
just tack the cost onto
the deficit tab. Option

34) Nolan Ryan;
Angels, Astros, Rangers
35) Roy Face, 1959
36) Grover Cleveland
37) John Tudor, 1985
38) Tris Speaker, 792
39) Jim Kaat, Brooks
40) Fernando
Valenzuela, 1981
41) Dick Groat, 1960

two, same, but make the
extension permanent.
The second approach
is expensive but ap-
pealing, because it
would make it easier for
lawmakers to achieve the
elusive nirvana of reve-
nue-neutral tax reform.
If extenders are built into
the baseline that is,
you start by assuming
tax revenue will be that
much less it's easier to
figure out how to make
rates lower and still bring
in enough money not to
add to the deficit.
Think about it like
starting a diet by set-
ting the scale to read
10 pounds lighter. It's a
lot easier, but you still
end up 10 pounds too fat
- or in this case, hun-
dreds of billions more in
They say the scale
doesn't lie. Washington
budgets do.

Ruth Marcus is a
Washington Post colum-
nist. Readers may reach
her at ruthmarcus@

42) Shawn Green, 19:
single, double, four home
43) Harry Brecheen, 0.83
44) Jimmie Foxx
Bonus answer: Ralph
Kiner, of course.
George Will is a
Washington Post col-
umnist. Readers may
reach him at georgewill@

I -
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Hearing Aids
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U Yu"Health


Try Our
,fN-;,,TO Help Reduce Inflammation7 ^'o
jl01i "t 2D13
Sandhill Healing, Inc.
An Integrative Medicine Center
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9M30714 41.235.8929 MA41234


If you are diabetic and have Medicare, Call:


3191 Harbor Blvd., Unit D
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The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


C OurTown Page 11

Sailing camp a new tack on spring break


-When one thinks
of spring training in
Charlotte County, the
Tampa Bay Rays immedi-
ately come to mind. But
for University of Akron
sailing club members,
spring training is about
testing their skills
against the shifty winds
and tricky currents of
Charlotte Harbor.
For the second straight
year, Charlotte Harbor
Youth Sailing has played
host to the college's
sailors for a spring break
training camp at the
Charlotte Harbor Yacht
Club. Seven sailors and
two coaches trained and
raced in the nonprofit
organization's four Club
420 sailboats, the most
widely used design in
high school and college
Training camp co-
ordinator and CHYC
member Jack MacDonald
launched the spring
break sailing initiative
two years ago, after
meeting Akron's two vol-
unteer coaches, Debbie
and Doug Keller, at a U.S.
Sailing instructor-cer-
tification session in
Jacksonville. The retired
Coast Guard lieutenant
commander foresees
the program growing in
future years.
"There are about 50
schools up there in the
Midwest Collegiate
Sailing Association. We've
been in touch with many
of them, and are trying to
get other schools to join
in," MacDonald said.
Akron coach Debbie
Keller said college spring
break schedules vary,
and that a three-week
stretch of camps in
March would capture
most of the schools her
club competes against.
The obvious bonus is
mild Florida weather,
compared with Ohio.
"We still have ice on
all our lakes. This is
fabulous. Last year, one
of our students said it
was the best spring break
he'd ever had," Keller
said, noting that having
her team members stay
with CHYC host families
makes it affordable for
the students and the
club. "The yacht club
and everyone have been
Carl Hotz, who is
pursuing a master's
degree in structural
engineering, is back for
his second spring break
on Charlotte Harbor. He
said this week's wind and
the harbor's notorious
currents were challeng-
ing, compared with the
lake sailing he is used
to. His crewmate, Dan
Clark, a senior mechan-
ical engineering major,
"It's been a great
experience. The wind has
been great, and it's better
than snow," he quipped.
Hotz said the fledg-
ling sailing club uses
its spring break trip
to recruit prospective
members back home.
"This is a big selling
point for us. We get to
go sailing in Florida for
a week, and have fun in
the sun," he said.
One of those new

University of Akron Sailing Club members Carl Hotz and Deserae
Legg, left, talk to clubmates Dan Clark and Jialu Yan during
a race on Charlotte Harbor Wednesday. The students were
participating in Charlotte Harbor Youth Sailing's spring break
sailing camp out of the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club last week.

members is Deserae
Legg, a junior nursing
student, who joined the
club in August. She'll
take home memories of
Tuesday's 18-knot winds.
"With the high winds,
it's a little more intense
(than lake sailing), but
still pretty fun. Dan and I
were completely vertical
at one point," Legg
MacDonald and
fellow club member
Doug Shore, who
helped to repair a pair
of tornado-damaged
boats the club uses,
were rigging boats and
checking a hull for cracks
Thursday morning when
Legg strolled down the
dock and announced she
and her crewmate had
"pre-hugged," in case
they capsize as they did
"Just in case she's
mad at me if we flip
and doesn't want to hug
later," Legg laughed.

University of Akron Sailing
Club member Jialu Yan rides
the rail of a Charlotte Harbor
Youth Sailing Club 420 sailboat
during a spring break training
camp held out of the Charlotte
Harbor Yacht Club last week.
Seven team members and
two coaches stayed with
local host families, and held
daily practices and races on
Charlotte Harbor.


Y me M X- (, M
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Bladder &, Rectal Prolapse repair Treatment Of Abnormal Bleeding
L' -....- Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence
Now Accepting New Patients. Please Call For An Appointment

O Yasmeen M. Islam, MD
Board Certified- Obstetrics & Gynecology
3400 Tamiarni Trail, Suite #102, Port Charlotte

Members of the University of Akron Sailing Club spent last week participating in a sailing camp
at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club during their spring break. This was the second year for the
camp, organized by Charlotte Harbor Youth Sailing. From left are: Jessica Bailey, Carl Hotz, Kyle
Albertson, Natalie Schindler, Dan Clark, Debbie Keller, Doug Keller, Jialu Yan and Deserae Legg.

Charlotte Harbor Youth
Sailing has scheduled a
two-week sailing camp for
Charlotte County youngsters
beginning June 9. The camp,
which includes classroom
and on-water instruction, can
accommodate up to 17 sailors
between the ages of 7 and
19. It is one of five camps
planned for this summer. For
information about the camps
and CHYS, contact Martin
Holland at martinh@ldreeves.





New Patients 629-4311
General Dentistry
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Publish: March 30, 2014





].IIp I .!, ir!.... ii I .iv/boards-committees/pz/Pages/Meeting-Agendas.aspx
PA-13-12-14 Legislative Countywide
Pursuant to Section 163.31- i-i1i. 163.3187(4), and 163.3180(6)(g), Florida Statutes, adopt an ordinance to amend the Capital Improvements Element; this
amendment will update the Capital Improvements Plan and the School Board 5 Year Working Plan; Petition No. PA-13-12-14; Applicant: Charlotte County
Board of County Commissioners; providing an effective date.
Z-14-02-02 Quasi-Judicial Commission District I
An Ordinance pursuant to Section 125.66, Florida Statutes, amending the Charlotte County Zoning Atlas from Planned Development (PD) to PD. This is a
major modification of an existing PD to revise the site plan and conditions of approval; for property located north of Turbak Drive, south of Peace River Shores
Boulevard, east of Cobalt Boulevard and west ofDuncan Road (US 17), in the Punta Gorda area, containing 138.32 acres; Commission District I; Petition
No. Z-14-02-02; Applicant: TAG Consultants, LLC; providing an effective date.


The Charlotte County Commission meeting room is accessible to the *i. .II. disabled. However, i! .... need assistance or
require auxiliary aids and services please contact our office at 941-743-1392. FM Sound Enhancement Units for the Hearing
Impaired are available at the Front Desk. A

mm! mmm-


r-1 -


F, IW K "0

OurTown Page 12 C


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014



3/30/2 314


AT 10:00 AM
1993 FORD
VIN# 1FTDF15N8PNB07143
Publish: March 30, 2014
103614 3021461

1 3122 ^

Case No.: 08005552CA
Section: _______
suant to an Order on Motion to
Cancel and Reschedule Foreclo-
sure Sale dated December 3.
2013, entered in Civil Case No.
08005552CA of the Circuit Court
of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein the Clerk of the Circuit
Court will sell to the highest bid-
der for cash on 23 day of April,
2014, at 11:00 a.m. at website:
https://www.charlotte.realfore-, in accordance with
Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, rela-
tive to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
Judgment, to wit:
BOOK 3, PAGE 90A, 90B, AND
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
TIES ACT. If you are a person
with a disability who needs
any accommodation in order
to participate in this proceed-
ing, you are entitled, at no
cost to you, to the provision of
certain assistance. Please
contact Jon Embury, Adminis-
trative Services Manager,
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated at PUNTA GORDA, Florida
this 26 day of March, 2014.
J. Miles
Barbara T. Scott
Publish: 3/30/14 and 4/6/14
329037 3021262
CASE NO. 2009005597CA
suant to final Judgment of Fore-
closure filed February 18. 2014.
entered in Civil Case No.
2009005597CA of the Circuit
Court of the Twentieth Judicial Cir-
cuit in and for Charlotte County,
Punta Gorda. Florida. I will sell to
the highest and best bidder for
cash at www.charlotte.realfore- in accordance with
Chapter 45 Florida Statutes at

11:00 AM on the 19 day of June,
2014 on the following described
property as set forth in said Sum-
mary Final Judgment:
Lot 4, Block 1318, PORT
Section 13, a Subdivision
according to the plat thereof
as recorded in Plat Book 5,
Pages 2A THRU 2G, of the
Public Records of Charlotte
County, Florida.
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus from the sale. if
any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the Lis
Pendens. must file a claim within
60 days after the sale.
Dated this 3 day of March,
As Clerk of the Court
BY: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact
Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose
office is located at 350 E.
Marion Avenue. Punta Gorda,
Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941)
637-2110, at least 7 days
before your scheduled court
appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Publish: 3/30/14 and 4/6/14
338038 3021315
CASE No. 10CA2093
2005-10 TRUST FUND,
et al.,
suant to an Order or Final Judg-
ment entered in Case No.
10CA2093 of the Circuit Court of
the 20TH Judicial Circuit in and
for CHARLOTTE County, Florida.
wherein, Plaintiff, and, EDGER-
TON, GORDON, et. al., are Defen-
dants, I will sell to the highest bid-
der for cash at,
, in accordance with Chapter 45
Florida Statutes, at the hour of
11:00 AM, on the 16th day of
June, 2014, the following
described property:
Lot 102, Block J, SEMI-
Subdivision, according to
the Plat thereof as record-
ed in Plat Book 18, Pages
2A through 21, of the Pub-
lic Records of Charlotte
County, Florida
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus from the sale, if
any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the lis
pendens must file a claim within
60 days after the sale.
DATED this 14 day of March,
Clerk Circuit Court
By: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a disabili-
ty who needs any accommoda-
tion in order to participate in this
proceeding, you are entitled, at
no cost to you, to the provision of
certain assistance. Please con-
tact the Clerk of the Court's dis-
ability coordinator at 18500 MUR-
LOTTE, FL 33948, 941-743-
1944, at least 7 days before your
scheduled court appearance, or
immediately upon receiving this
notification if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hearing or
voice impaired, call 711.
Publish: March 23 and 30, 2014
146548 3018187
Case #: 2010-CA-002949
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.,
as Trustee for the benefit of the
Certificateholders, Park Place
Securities, Inc., Asset-Backed
Pass-Through Certificates,
Series 2005-WCW2
Michael D. DuBose a/k/a
Michael DuBose and Cynthia
DuBose, Husband and Wife
and Michael DuBose;
suant to an Order dated January
30, 2014, entered in Civil Case
No. 2010-CA-002949 of the Cir-
cuit Court of the 20th Judicial Cir-
cuit in and for Charlotte County,
Florida, wherein Wells Fargo
Bank, N.A., as Trustee for the
benefit of the Certificateholders,
Park Place Securities, Inc., Asset-
Backed Pass-Through Certifi-
cates, Series 2005-WCW2, Plain-
tiff and Michael D. DuBose a/k/a
Michael DuBose and Cynthia
DuBose, Husband and Wife and
Michael DuBose are defendantss,
I, Clerk of Court, Barbara T.
Scott, will sell to the highest and

best bidder for cash AT
STATUTES at 11:00AM on June
12. 2014, the following
described property as set forth in

said Final Judgment, to-wit:
LOTS 73, 74 AND 75,
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
ADA Coordinator;1700 Mon-
roe Street, Suite 1213, Fort
Myers, Florida 33901 (239)
533-1521 at least 7 days
before your scheduled court
appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion of the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days. If you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Barbara T. Scott
Charlotte County, Florida
J. Miles
Publish: March 23 and 30, 2014
118683 3018171
CASE NO.: 12-698-CA
sale will be made pursuant to an
Order or Final Summary Judg-
ment. Final Judgment was award-
ed on in Civil Case No. 12-698-CA
of the Circuit Court of the TWEN-
TIETH Judicial Circuit in and for
CHARLOTTE County. Florida,
N.A. is the Plaintiff, and KIMBERLY
RETT; are Defendants.
The clerk of the court, Bar-
bara T. Scott will sell to the
highest bidder for cash
om at 11:00 am. on the 19 day
of June, 2014, the following
described real property as set
forth in said Final Summary Judg-
ment, to wit:
LOT 8, BLOCK 723,
Dated this 10 day of March,
Barbara T. Scott, Clerk
Charlotte County, Florida,
Clerk of the Court
By: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
BER IS (941) 637-2110, AT
Publish: 3/30/14 and 4/6/14
334261 3020432
CASE NO.: 12002949CA


To view today's legal notices
and more visit,

suant to a Final Judgment of Fore-
closure dated February 25,
2014, and entered in Case No.
12002949CA, of the Circuit
Court of the Twentieth Judicial
Circuit in and for Charlotte Coun-
ty, Florida, wherein U.S. BANK
TRUST, is the Plaintiff and MAR-
LENE C. RIVERO is the Defendant,
The Clerk will sell to the highest
and best bidder for cash at 11:00
a.m. on the 18 day of June,
2014, in accordance with sec-
tion 45.031, Florida Statues, by
electronic sale,
the following described property
as set forth in said Final Judg-
ment, to wit:
LOT 29, BLOCK 2760,
FLORIDA. (the "Property").
The Property address is
22069 Midway Boulevard.
Port Charlotte, FL 33952.
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
Administrative Services Man-
ager, whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Avenue,
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950,
and whose telephone number
is (941) 637-2281, within two
working days of your receipt
of this {describe notice]; if you
are hearing or voice impaired,
call 711.
Dated this 5 day of March,
By: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
Publish: 3/30/14 and 4/6/14
359056 3020402
Case No. 13000133CA
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC
NOTICE IS GIVEN that, in accor-
dance with the Default Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated Feb.
4 2014, in the above-styled
cause, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash beginning at
11:00 a.m. at www.charlotte.real-
foreclose.corn on June 16, 2014,
the following described property:
LOT 22, BLOCK 604,
Property Address:
If you are an individual with a
disability who needs an
accommodation in order to
participate in a Court pro-
ceeding or other court ser-
vice, program or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Requests for
accommodations may be pre-
sented on the form below, in
another written format, or
orally. Please complete the
form below (Choose the form
for the county where the
accommodation is being
requested) and return it as far
in advance as possible, but
preferably at least seven (7)
days before your scheduled
court appearance or other
court activity. Please see con-
tact information below and
select the contact from the
county where the accommo-
dation is being requested.
WITNESS my hand and the seal
of this court on Feb. 19, 2014.
J. Miles
Deputy Clerk of Court
Publish: 3/30/14 and 4/6/14
340189 3020088


^^ 3122^ ^ 3122^^ ^ 3122^^


of shopping

is right at




^^ 3122^^

suant to a Final Judgment of Fore-
closure dated March 4, 2014,
and entered in Case No. 08-
2013-CA-002589 of the Circuit
Court of the Twentieth Judicial Cir-
cuit in and for Charlotte County,
Florida in which Nationstar Mort-
gage LLC d/b/a Champion Mort-
gage Company, is the Plaintiff and
Mary Eve Staley, United States of
America, Secretary of Housing
and Urban Development, are
defendants, the Charlotte County
Clerk of the Circuit Court will sell
to the highest and best bidder for
cash in/on at www.charlotte.real-
foreclose.corn, Charlotte County,
Florida at 11:00 AM on the 16
day of June, 2014, the following
described property as set forth in
said Final Judgment of Foreclo-
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
Dated in Charlotte County, Florida
this 10 day of March, 2014.
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Charlotte County, Florida
By: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk
f you are a person with a disabili-
ty who needs any accommoda-
tion in order to participate in a
court proceeding, you are enti-
tled, at no cost to you, to the pro-
vision of certain assistance.
Please contact the Administrative
Services Manager, whose office
is located at 350 E. Marion Ave.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950 and
whose telephone number is
(941)637-2281, within two (2)
working days of receipt of this
notice; if you are hearing or voice
impaired, call 1-800-955-8771.
To file response please contact
Charlotte County Clerk of Court,
350 E. Marion Street, Punta
Gorda, FL 33651-1687, Tel:
(941) 637-2238; Fax: (941) 637-
Publish: March 23 and 30, 2014
272484 3018215

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/Find a Pet
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./'Find a Job
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Classified -
it's the reliable
source for the
right results

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A Whole

Happy 85th birthday to Irene
Barchus on her special day
March 28.

Each week in Sunday's
Charlotte Sun, we run free
birthday announcements
along with a photo. Email your
.jpg photo of the birthday
boy or girl of any age, along
with the person's name, age,
and birthday month and
date, to Marion Putman,
assistant Charlotte editor, at
Deadline is noon Thursday.
Note: If you bring or mail in
a hard-copy photo (to 23170
Harborview Road, Charlotte
Harbor, FL 33980), we will try
to accommodate you, but we
CANNOT guarantee the ability
to return it to you. For more
information, call Marion at



Charlotte County

Lillianna Jo Niles, to Jessica
Morrison and Vincent Niles
of Punta Gorda, at 12:46 a.m.
March 13. She weighed 4 pounds,
5 ounces.
Josie Violet Smith, to Laura
Hinkel Smith and Zachary Kane
Smith of North Port, at 3:23 p.m.
March 21. She weighed 5 pounds,
9.9 ounces.
Marshall Schlabach, to Ana
Lepeda and Joshua Schlabach of
Arcadia, at 3:31 p.m. March 21. He
weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces.
Kalum Jae Beverly, to Lauryn
Lowe and Justin Beverly of Arcadia,
at 9:12 p.m. March 25. He weighed
8 pounds, 2 ounces.

Charlotte County

Dabney Hampton Young of Port
Charlotte, and Sandi Elaine Wellman
of Port Charlotte
Juan Manuel Martinez Cruz of
North Port, and Jennifer Elisabeth
Berry of North Port
Jorge Luis Simo of Port Charlotte,
and Alicia Marie Chatfield of Port
Joshua Mackenzie Schultz of
Mount Zion, III., and Mallory Ann
Benton of Mount Zion, III.
Ralph Anthony Piazza Jr. of North
Port, and Jessica Marie Couto of North
Monty Dean Voss of North Port,
and Srinakorn Boodrasang Sheehan of
Jacksonville, Fla.
Jose Luis Ruiz of Punta Gorda, and
Daramis Vega of Punta Gorda
Benjamin Joseph Rotolo Jr.
of Punta Gorda, and Denice Maria
Vitale-Soto of Punta Gorda
Matthew Christopher Bosnoian
of Port Charlotte, and Jennifer Ann
Mauser of Punta Gorda
Kenneth Wayne Landers of
Marana, Ariz., and Brianna Christine
Markel of Port Charlotte
Othel Thomas Arnold of Port
Charlotte, and Rhonda Lavalle Riggins
of Port Charlotte
Jon Kristian Staff of Englewood,
and Tressa Marie Grimes of Englewood
*Cyril Richard Keaser of Port
Charlotte, and Kimberly Lynn Jones of
Punta Gorda

Charlotte County

Veulante Azor v. Ramner Tresalus
Lisa-Marie Rose Culotta v. James
Joseph Culotta Jr.
John Cunningham v. Jessica
Elizabeth Mary Martinez v.
Gustavo Adolfo Martinez
David William Nelson v. Susan
Gail Nelson
Susan M. Phillips v. Dennis T.
Jean M. Shappell v. Robert D.
David James Wyrickv. Elizabeth
Ann Walker

:The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


C OurTown Page 13

Tech center rolls out new fall courses

Duffy, the director of
Charlotte Technical Center,
believes the demand for
skilled workers is increasing
again, so the school is
rolling out new programs
to meet it.
The classes will be
offered this fall in a wide
range of skills, from cosme-
tology to carpentry.
Duffy hopes eventually
to double the enrollment at
the school. There are about
1,000 students currently
taking classes at the center.
"I keep my ear to the
ground to see what the
needs in the community
are," Duffy said.
One need is for evening
classes, so four of the seven
new classes will be offered
in the evening, to accom-
modate those who work
through the day.
"That way, people that
have a job but want to
better themselves can
come in," he said.
One of the evening
classes offered in the fall
is cosmetology The class
was offered in the evening
"many years ago" but was
eliminated, said DeeLynn

Bennett, the center's
assistant director.
Another new night
course being offered this
fall is a 162-hour course
on residential wiring. The
class costs about $960 for
post-secondary students.
A class on building-con-
struction technology will
be offered during the day.
The class incorporates all
the skills needed to begin a
career in the building-con-
struction industry, which
is making a comeback in
Southwest Florida, Duffy
It costs about $3,500 for
post-secondary students
to attend the 1,050-hour
course, according to figures
Bennett provided.
Other classes being
offered train students
for the medical field. A
pharmacy technician class
will be offered at night, and
a patient-care technician
class will be open during
the day.
The patient-care techni-
cian program costs $2,594,
and is a 600-hour course.
Prospective pharmacy
techs can expect to pay
$3,066 for their 1,050-hour
Both of the classes came
from hearing about needs

in the community, Duffy
High school students
attending classes at the
technical center are not
"I was talking to a
pharmacist (who) asked
me if I had ever considered
offering a pharmacy tech
program," Duffy said. "Our
goal is to really serve the
Duffy also pointed
out that financial aid is
available to help cover the
costs of classes.
"There are loans avail-
able, and so are Pell grants,"
Duffy said. "We've even
set up payment plans for
Anyone wishing to
discuss financial aid should

contact TobO Cookingham,
the center's financial aid
officer, at 941-255-7500,
ext. 109.
New classes at the
center will include network
support services, pharmacy
tech, building-construction
technology, patient-care
technician, residential
wiring, baking and pastry
making, and cosmetology
Duffy and Bennett also
are exploring the possibility
of offering traffic-signal
technician classes, along
with water and wastewater
operators training.
Anyone interested in
taking a course, or in
touring the center in order
to decide which course
would be best, should
contact Adult Career

Counselor Bonnie Holbach
at 941-255-7500, ext. 191.

Two cosmetology students at
Charlotte Technical Center in
Murdock practice hairstyling
on a customer. Pictured, from
left, are: Brittany Crane, 18,
of Punta Gorda; and Amber
Bucci, 18, of Port Charlotte.
Juanita Bale, 80, of Port
Charlotte, gets her hair done
at the center often.

Our Enrolled Agents And Cpa's Can HelpYou With:
* Bankruptcy And Foreclosure '"'
* Sole Proprietorships (Self Employed)
* Farms Retirement Schedule K-1 s '-
* Employee Business Expenses <
* Estates Trusts Small Business Rentals
Investments Sale of Home Corporations
* State Returns Itemized Deductions ...

. '3Y'Accu-y&r peW"
... Since- 1972
21942 Edgewater Drive,
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Corey Crolley, 25, of Punta Gorda, practices hairstyling in the
cosmetology class at Charlotte Technical Center. Crolley attends
classes during the day. However a new cosmetology night class
will be offered at the center in the fall.

Crown Offer includes crown only
r Not to be combined with any other dental procedure and
l.- L | not valid with use of Insurance or other discounts/coupons.
CU O "ADA Codes that may apply 2751, 6751, 6241 Exp. 5/31/2014
"Classic" Complete Denture
f | Not valid with use of Insurance or other discounts coupons.
'JLETJ "ADA Codes that mayapply D5110, D5120.Exp. 5/31/2014
Removable Partial "Cast Framework"
S Not valid with use of Insurance or other discounts/coupons.
091 I "MADA Codes that may apply" D5213, D5214. Exp. 5/31/2014

flIfc ri nig IA ,L.%.n. .' >.,d ad% ict:

.............dllriln p dmllkI h I II imvt \\1 ..
ilidcr.t idi ,h li. ,h,. I ... ..It,- I .1 1It .I ,t n,'I l'i [ j|4.
a l io u l lI rlin ,., ,l ,,,ll ',,\ r ,,lrfi\ >> i l ,ni ii a n >dl I
-ir l. \\% a ,, ,i\\nl i h ,il' l i ,' l|i ii r ,

i i rik .\i rml i i. Il l.h i n r ii i imr ,I in r- iii.iln
j. dio r',N.\ k. A ,hL & i ,, m mi~ru dt.ri ,,,lidhn,-
,i k liro ia ll 1-.. .111%I' k Itl' IIi \1-11 I hrl u,',i
I^ ,h Je"I a riid.uiniiii thdi inu ,b
MI^m sor the n mcmi,,r\ :f r ovwedone ..I

Dr. Jaimela J. Dulaney
and her Staff are
back caring at
Caring Way
B Effective Monday,
March 17th

Board Certified Cardiology
Specializing in CardioVascular care and
prevention of CardioVascular disease

2495 Caring Way
Port Charlotte FL 33952
Tel: 941.235.9231
FAX: 941 235-9236

An apartment is just 4 walls...
A...a WV set u

And then it's

Dr. Thomas R. Cherpak, D.D.S.
Dr. Kristin A. Woods, D.D.S.
Dr. Richard L. Ballentine, D.M.D.
Dr. Adam Gutwein, D.M.D.

P f i ntm pnDis

ChldenthoghSeio duts Mot Insrne Acpe
14884 *a*iamiTaiNot Pr, L348

Thur of omessday, April 3 10:00 am
Thursday, April 3 I 10:00 am

Don't miss our community's Tour of Homes.
Our residents are opening up their doors to you!

Call 941-787-5142 today to RSVP by April 2.


Royal Palm Retirement Centre

Independent Living Assisted Living Memory Care

2500 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

941-787-5142 I

50462415 "



:OurTownPagel4 C The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

50 milliOn dc





70% OFF [ ,
ride Savings yj ;

--, md

$ rO7 Tropical Style
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nentary In-Home Design Consultation

15 Florida Locations Featuring The Finest Quality Home Furnishings & Interior Design

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:OurTown Page 14 C

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

S --. --


Apps for iPad bringing ease, fun to our lives

ou'll find it at an
dig in the ruins of
Pompeii, on battlefields
in Afghanistan, on movie
sets, in airline cockpits
and at training pools for
dolphins. The iPad is an
omnipresent feature of
our 21st century work-
places and culture.
The iPad is adaptable
to just about any work,
social or recreational ac-
tivity you can dream up.
You just need to select
the right app, or appli-
cation, from the more
than 1 million available,
download it, and you're
up and running.
Well, maybe not
running right away. After
all, you have to crawl
before you can walk, and
walk before you can run.
Like most things, apps
have a learning curve -
some shorter and others
To help shorten
the learning curve,
John Guerra, who is a


longtime Apple products
instructor, will facili-
tate two apps classes
at Florida Gulf Coast
University's Renaissance
Academy in downtown
Punta Gorda. Both
classes are slated for
April 8 with "iPad Apps:
Photos on your iPad"
from 10:30 a.m. to noon,
and "iPad Apps: Using
Email, Calendar and
Safari" from 1:30 p.m. to
3:30 p.m.
In "iPad Apps: Photos
on your iPad," Guerra
will teach participants
how to download photos
from a digital camera
to their iPad. You'll
then learn how to edit,

organize, manage, email
and share photographs.
"You'll turn your iPad
into your digital photo
library of your most
important photographic
memories," Guerra said.
Participants in "iPad
Apps: Using Email,
Calendar and Safari" will
learn how to turn their
iPad into a personal or-
ganizer, and a personal-
ized source for news and
information. You'll learn
how to organize your
email into folders, work
with attachments, add
new contacts and more.
Using the calendar app,
you'll be able to keep
your entire schedule on
your iPad, reschedule
appointments, and set
reminders to avoid the
missed appointment.
Surfing the Web from
your iPad is a cinch,
using the Safari Web
browser app. You'll learn
how to find the informa-
tion and news you want,

read articles, bookmark,
save photos and more.
Neither class is appro-
priate for Android phone
or tablet users. Both
classes assume partici-
pants are familiar with
using their iPad.
With the winter semes-
ter winding down, we are
building our catalog of
courses for the summer.
We've already slated
the ongoing "Tai Chi:
'Meditation in Motion'
for Better Health" and
"The Dynamics of
Supervision I & II,"
from April through May.

Alberto Cruz will facil-
itate two of his highly
popular 'Art Class: Oil,
Acrylic or Pastel... Your
Choice" art classes for
Thursday in April and
May, with one class in
the morning and another
in the afternoon.
That is just a sam-
pling of this summer's
Renaissance Academy
courses. Of course, we're
always interested in your
ideas for classes, or if you
might want to teach a
class yourself, so call us
or email Nancy Staub at

For more information
or to register for "iPad
Apps: Photos on your
iPad" and/or "iPad
Apps: Using the Email,
Calendar and Safari,"
call 941-505-0130. You
also can register online
at https://registerra.fgcu.
edu; enter the search
terms "HC0637" or
Rick Ramos is a
program coordinator at
FGCU's downtown Punta
Gorda Herald Court Centre
Renaissance Academy He
can be reached at rramos@


Utilities office
to close
Charlotte County
Utilities' business office,
25550 Harborview Road,
Port Charlotte, will close
from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
April 9, so that it may play
host to a business meeting
for employees, as part of
the county's campaign to
improve communications.
The office will reopen at
2 p.m. For emergencies,
call 941-764-4300; on-call
staff will be available to re-
spond to any emergencies.

Funeral home to
hold art reception
Charlotte Memorial
Funeral Home and
Cemetery, 9400 Indian
Springs Cemetery Road,
Punta Gorda, will play
host to a wine and

Shop Charlotte

Where Shopping Makes Cents

appetizer reception for
Robert Johnson from
4 p.m. to 6 p.m. April 9.
The public is welcome.
Johnson has traveled the
world capturing images
and sharing stories
about the breathtaking
scenery and invigorating
experiences he has
encountered along the


way. He has written more
than 50 travel articles,
and published nearly 500
photos for STYLE maga-
zine. Johnson was chosen
'Artist of the Month" for
March by the Arts and
Humanities Council of
Charlotte County. For
more information, call

1? W~ mnm~r -1 %.nth nr-T.4 UR



PreReiserTODY o ttnd
wBa Ba aw wedingsofc arltego

emal: halogebgdaoe*thinkne
Or Phone:.941-2510

t, 1,1 Driveway Mix
ISTARTING at 13999/Yd.
(Some Restrictions apply)
S CBetween Teresa and Atwater 2 BIks East of Home Depot I
| Bewe Tee 19875Veterans Blvd.
H Hire Craftsmen, Not Installers
P W A+ Rated *Paver install excludes Charlotte County.

4 You are invited to the
The Oasis for Health
Management & Wellness.
Invest in Yourself. Allow us to Partner with you
in your New Year's Resolution to live Healthy &
Well. We work with you every step of the way
with our Team of Experts Focusing on:

/^'"^, .,."- Physic

(^t4^ (EE ^

Most Insurances & Self Pay
are Accepted
By Appointment Only.
22655 Bayshore Road #140,
Port Charlotte, FL 33980
| 941-766-3416
,. = a .. _4 1A...

Fashion Show

Thursday April 25"'

at 3 pm

In The Gallery Of

Lexington Manor

Fun And Fashionable
Snacks And Refreshments

911 766 7991 20180 veteranss Bl\d.. Port Clharlotte. FL 33951

7 11' 7 F 17 I I P""

M eSo hetlrd'Pe i

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Di. Qi Shao A.P.. MD (iii China).
top senior C hiinese acuipiiunctlurisl
\ ii1i 39 years of exp)erieice.
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tiinii s mndioInir Fi)ionii\nalJgi Heel spin
Neuiopilln Depiession insoimjnia Divestise
pi oblvllns Skill pI oblvill$ SiIIIS UI\ l & 11101 vO
Pihjiie C hiinllee J 1 itiih itile
C laIss Isel Chese hiISe IE.b%

ota boatosll?.o -,,,rooo
MIK-t -- -- -- -_- -- -
_KhmslTofuinmt KummM
ut0 boat to SelIP i g5 WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!! COW%

Call 941429-3110 DISCOUNT ROCK


:The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

C OurTown Page 15




Ground show hogs Saturday spotlight

The Lima Lima Flight Team performs at the Florida International Air Show Saturday afternoon at
the Punta Gorda Airport.

A view of Charlotte County from the open top hatch of the B-17.

The B-17 was the plane that defeated the Nazis in Europe during World War II. It was a long-
range bomber that could fly from England to Germany, carrying a full bomb load, and then
return, sometimes on only one engine. The plane could sustain considerable damage from
German fighters and maintain airworthiness for the return flight.

"Panchito;'a restored B-25 medium-range World War II bomber. The B-25 became famous as
the first U.S. plane to bomb Japan in the early stages of the war. The B-25s were launched from
aircraft carriers, and were commanded by Gen. James Doolittle.

A nose-on view of a Thunderbird F-16, present for this year's
Florida International Air Show. Organizers are hoping better
weather Sunday will see these beauties in the air.

A T-6X trainer entertains the crowd at the Florida
International Air Show Saturday in Punta Gorda.

Judy DeSantis belts out 1950s music in front of a Douglas DC-3,
configured as an American Airlines passenger carrier from the '50s.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds even park in precision order.

Thunderbirds F-16 Fighting Falcons, Saturday at the 2014 Florida International Air Show.

The U.S. Air Force precision flying team, the Thunderbirds.



:OurTown Page 16 C

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014



e)1 W.-


Community rocked
by mudslide

All work on the debris field
halted briefly Saturday for a
moment of silence to honor
those lost. Gov. Jay Inslee had
asked people across Washington
to pause at 10:37 a.m., the time
the huge slide struck on March
22, destroying a neighborhood
in the community of Oso.
Page 2 -

5.1 earthquake
rattles Los Angeles

-. -

It shook residents throughout
Southern California and sent
bottles and cans tumbling off
shelves in stores, produced a
rock slide that closed a road and
forced a brief shutdown of rides
at Disneyland.

Page 2 -

Film industry lobbies
for tax credits

A recent movie industry study
said that almost 20 percent of
visitors said viewing a movie
or television series filmed in
Florida contributed to their
decision to travel here.
Page 5 -

Attacks threaten to
hurt Afghan vote

Taliban militants attacked the
main Afghan election commis-
sion's headquarters in Kabul on
Saturday, the latest in a series
of audacious assaults threat-
ening to scare voters away just
a week before Afghans go to
the polls.
Page 6 -

Cruise industry

At first glance, the cruise
industry's public-relations
disasters during the past two
years would seem like enough
to make almost any business
take on water.

Page 7 -

11 i rr rI' III III

he Wi/"re e

h eJ 1* F j iwww.sunnewspapers. net

US, Russia confer in Paris

Kerry, Lavrov to discuss diplomatic resolution for Ukraine

In this Thursday photo, Secretary of State John Ke
a reception for U.S. companies based in Italy that
and potential donors for a USA Pavilion at the Mila
2015, in Rome.

PARIS -After a week
of travel in the Mideast,
U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry changed
course and arrived
in Paris Saturday for
talks with his Russian
counterpart on the

E Ukraine crisis.
Halfway home
from Riyadh, Saudi
AP PHOTO Arabia, Kerry landed in
Shannon, Ireland, for
?rry attends a refueling stop, when
are donors he decided to turn

an Expo

his plane around and
head to Paris. Kerry is

to meet with Russian
Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov Sunday evening
at the Russian ambas-
sador's residence.
Kerry spoke to
Lavrov on the flight
to Shannon after
President Barack
Obama and Russian
President Vladimir
Putin agreed in a call
on Friday to have their
foreign ministers meet
to discuss a possible
diplomatic resolu-
tion to the Ukraine
While in Paris,
Kerry may also meet

separately with the
French foreign minister
Laurent Fabius.
State Department
spokeswoman Jennifer
Psaki on Saturday
confirmed the day and
general time of the
Kerry-Lavrov meeting.
During Friday's hour-
long call Obama urged
Putin to withdraw
his troops from the
border with Ukraine.
The Russian leader,
who initiated the call,
asserted that Ukraine's
government is allowing

New objects found in ocean


PERTH, Australia- A
day after the search for
the Malaysian jetliner
shifted to a new area of
the Indian Ocean, ships on
Saturday plucked objects
from the sea to determine
whether they were related
to the missing jet. None
were confirmed to be
from the plane, leaving
searchers with no sign of
the jet three weeks after it
Meanwhile, a Chinese
military plane scanning
part of the search zone,
which is roughly the size
of Poland, spotted several
objects floating in the sea,
including two bearing
colors of the missing jet.
It was not immediately
clear whether those
objects were related to the
investigation into what
happened to Malaysia
Airlines Flight 370, which
disappeared March 8 en
route from Kuala Lumpur,


An object floats in the southern Indian Ocean in this picture taken from a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 Orion
aircraft searching for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, on Saturday. A day after the search for the Malaysian
jetliner shifted to a new area of the Indian Ocean, ships on Saturday plucked objects from the sea to determine
whether they were related to the missing jet.

,, ,, ',. .." ft ..i -
A Royal New Zealand Air Force crew member looks into the southern A man, one of the relatives of Chinese passengers onboard Malaysia
Indian Ocean from a P-3K2 Orion aircraft for missing Malaysia Airlines Airlines Flight 370, talks on his mobile phone as he touches a board
flight 370, Saturday. covered with written wishes in Beijing, China, Saturday.

New heart

surgery shuns


MINNEAPOLIS New technology
letting doctors insert man-made heart
valves with a catheter instead of crack-
ing open the chest is aiming to change
the face of cardiac care for many aging
baby boomers.
The procedure, requiring just a 1-inch
cut, can take as little as one week of
recovery time while open-heart surgery,
which pierces the breastbone with a
slice that can run the length of the torso,
takes as long as eight weeks.
It's a difference, doctors say, that can
make aortic valves made by Edwards


Schools increasingly measure

students for obesity

The Chula Vista school
district not only measures
the academic progress
of Marina Beltran's
second-grader, it also
measures her son's body
Every two years,
Antonio Beltran, like his
classmates, steps on a
scale. Trained district
personnel also measure
his height and then use
the two figures to calcu-
late his body mass index,
an indicator of body fat.


In this March 14 picture, students take part in an early morning
running program at an elementary school in Chula Vista, Calif.
Amid alarming national statistics showing an epidemic in
childhood obesity, hundreds of thousands of students across
the country are being weighed and measured.

In Air 0

Community 'changed forevermore' by deadly slide

(AP) The search by
heavy equipment, dogs
and bare hands for
victims from the deadly
Washington mudslide
was going "all the way to
the dirt" as crews looked
for anything to provide
answers for family and
friends a week after a
small mountainside com-
munity was destroyed.
All work on the debris
field halted briefly
Saturday for a moment of
silence to honor those lost.
Gov. Jay Inslee had asked
people across Washington
to pause at 10:37 a.m., the
time the huge slide struck
on March 22, destroying
a neighborhood in the
community of Oso north
of Seattle. Authorities say
they have found at least
25 bodies and 90 remain
"People all over
stopped work -all
searchers in honor of
that moment, so people
we are searching for
know we are serious,"

Snohomish County Fire
District 1 battalion chief
Steve Mason said.
An American flag had
been run up a tree and
then down to half-staff at
the debris site, he said.
Among the dozens of
missing are a man in his
early 20s, Adam Fames,
and his mother, Julie.
"He was a giant man
with a giant laugh," Kellie
Howe said of Fames.
Howe became friends
with him when he moved
to the area from Alaska.
She said Adam Fames
was the kind of guy who
would come into your
house and help you do
the dishes.
Adam Fames also
played the banjo, drums
and bass guitar, she said,
and had worked as a
telephone lineman and a
911 dispatcher.
"He loved his music
loud," she said. "They still
have not found him or
his mom. They're going
through a hard time right

Searchers carry bags of personal belongings collected at the scene of
in Oso, Wash. Besides the more than two dozen bodies already found
buried in the debris pile left from the mudslide one week ago. Ninety

Finding and identify-
ing all the victims could
stretch on for a very long
time, and authorities
have warned that not
everyone may ultimately
be accounted for after

one of the deadliest land-
slides in U.S. history.
Rescuers have given
a cursory look at the
entire debris field 55 miles
northeast of Seattle, said
Steve Harris, division

7C PHT a very small percentage"
has received the more
thorough examination,
he said. Dogs working
four-hour shifts have been
the most useful tool, Harris
said, but they're getting
hypothermic in the rain
and muck.
"This is western
Washington, folks," Harris
said. "These people are
used to rain."
Commanders are
making sure people have
the right gear to stay safe
in the rain and potentially
hazardous materials, and
they're keeping a close
eye on the river level to
be sure nobody is trapped
AP PHOTO by rising water, he said.
At the debris site
f a deadly mudslide Saturday, Saturday, Mason, the bat-
], many more people could be talion chief, said teams
y people are listed as missing. first do a hasty search of
any wreckage of homes
supervisor for the eastern they find. If nothing is
incident management immediately discovered,
team. They are now sifting they do a more detailed,
through the rest of the forensic search.
fragments, looking for Mayor Dan Rankin said
places where dogs should the community had been
give extra attention. Only "changed forevermore."

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattles

Los Angeles

A magnitude-5.1 earth-
quake centered south
of Los Angeles shook
residents throughout
Southern California and
sent bottles and cans
tumbling off shelves
in stores, produced a
rock slide that closed a
road and forced a brief
shutdown of rides at
Disneyland. There were
no reports of major
damage or injuries.
In the Orange County

city of Fullerton, 20
apartment units and
half a dozen homes were
red-tagged because of
damage, displacing 83
people, police Lt. Mike
Chlebowski said.
Southern California
Edison reported power
outages to about 2,000
customers following the
The temblor struck at
9:09 p.m. Friday and was
centered near Brea in
Orange County, about 20

miles southeast of down-
town Los Angeles, at a
depth of 5 miles. It was
felt as far south as San
Diego and as far north as
Ventura County, accord-
ing to citizen responses
collected online by the
U.S. Geological Survey.
More than 100 after-
shocks followed, includ-
ing a magnitude-3.4 that
hit Saturday morning.
The main shock was pre-
ceded by two foreshocks
registering magnitudes



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3.6 and 2.1, scientists
Broken glass, gas leaks,
water main breaks and a
rockslide were reported
near the epicenter,
according to Twitter
updates from local
Tom Connolly, a
Boeing employee who
lives in La Mirada, said
the quake lasted about
30 seconds.
"We felt a really good
jolt. It was a long rumble

and it just didn't feel like
it would end," he told
The Associated Press
by phone. "Right in the
beginning it shook really
hard, so it was a little
unnerving. People got
quiet and started bracing
themselves by holding
on to each other. It was a
little scary."
A Red Cross shelter
was set up in La Habra
for residents forced out
of their homes or who
voluntarily chose to stay
there. About 38 people
including several families
stayed overnight, Red
Cross spokeswoman
Meredith Mills said.
Hall of Fame baseball
announcer Vin Scully
was on the air calling
the Angels-Dodgers
exhibition game in the
sixth inning at Dodger
"A little tremor here
in the ballpark. I'm not

grilling sec

CHICAGO (Bloomberg)
- Competitive eater
and restaurant owner
Jamie McDonald had no
problem downing almost
a dozen 11.5-ounce ham-
burgers in 10 minutes, or
9 pounds, 7.4 ounces of
pulled pork. It's the cost
of the meat that's making

him gag.
McDonald, who
used $70,000 of his
eating-contest prizes
since 2012 to open Bear's
Smokehouse BBQ last
June in Windsor, Conn.,
plans to raise menu
prices 10 percent to limit
the profit squeeze on
5,000 pounds of weekly
meat purchases. His bill
reached $12,000 as beef
costs jumped 30 percent
in six months and pork
surged 20 percent in
"That's not going to be
the last increase," said
McDonald, 37, known as
"The Bear" and the All
Pro Eating Promotions
title holder in apple pie,
fried pies, hamantash,
hamburgers, onion rings,
pulled pork and (hands
free) pumpkin pie.
"There's not really an end
in sight yet."
At a time of year when
U.S. prices usually are
at seasonal lows, meat
is rising faster than
any other food group,
even before the peak
in demand for summer
grilling. The domestic

sure if the folks felt it, but
we certainly felt it here
in press box row," Scully
said. "A tremor and only
that, thank goodness."
Public safety officials
said crews were in-
specting bridges, dams,
rail tracks and other
infrastructure systems
for signs of damage. The
Brea police department
said the rock slide in
the Carbon Canyon area
caused a car to over-
turn, and the people
inside sustained minor
Callers to KNX-AM
reported seeing a brick
wall collapse, water
sloshing in a swimming
pool and wires and trees
swaying back and forth.
One caller said he was
in a movie theater lobby
in Brea when the quake
struck and said people
ran outside and hugged
in the street.

tson nears

cattle herd is the smallest
since 1951, after years of
drought and high feed
costs, and the spread of
a piglet-killing disease is
tightening hog supplies.
Cattle and hog futures in
Chicago reached record
highs this month.
While higher wholesale
prices are a boon to
suppliers including Tyson
Foods, they are eroding
profit margins at Chipotle
Mexican Grill restaurants
and at Hormel Foods,
the maker of Spam meat
spreads. Vienna Beef and
Best Chicago Meat Co.
said they are charging
customers more for their
hot dogs and sausages.
"This is very unusual
to see this kind of price
increase this early in the
season," Donnie King,
the president of prepared
foods at Springdale,
Ark.-based Tyson, the
largest U.S. processor of
beef and chicken, said in
a March 13 presentation
to analysts.
Cattle futures reached an
all-time high of $1.46825
a pound on March 5 on
the Chicago Mercantile
Exchange, up 25 percent
from last year's low in
May. Hog futures surged
to a record $1.33425 a
pound on March 18 and
are up 48 percent this year,
trailing only coffee among
24 commodities tracked by
the Standard & Poor's GSCI
Spot Index.


Spring Favorites


"Daniel" short sleeve pique polo in blood
orange, minty, black, white or demure.
Only available at Dillard's, $59.00.



Meat prices hit

record high as

ile Ch-oethe Oilan'sCand ------rse~~t uwi
^ F Rwards Opl-n you Ok. Zet "j <)j OfrSh<>*iug Prasses* 8 1 Rcrd(',tlrliflciihrs*
VIS0 D II;holce fo or mo information on now to enroll. | whii no I 1imil oho-, ruch oucn O H that cn u, n all Dlarm's
eee Program ttire dela I M a ria .fs al nay o d, y merchancse, NO exclusions.

-Page 2 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014



SThe Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014

- ~

"" NNO ABLE ITi4.e9
S: ... ...... ... ....... the uppe :.

',Introducing THE ESTUARY

A New Shell Point



Noll IuNT
w ii u

The 1 sepp.1i Siiture l come icat Thie EstiiuaVy

( entering The Estuary at Shell Point is
like taking a step back into Florida's past.
Winding streets are dotted with homes .
depicting the vintage style of Old-Florida'
architecture with metal roofs, clapboard
siding, dormers and cupolas, and welcoming front
porches. The Estuary introduces single family and vilIla
homes set against the majestic fairways and
I B verdant greens ot Shell Point "
i Golf Club's championship 18-
B hole golf course. But don't be
S wei fooled by the quiet charm of The
I 1 iH Estuary. This peacetful neighborhood provides
I' convenient access to all of the resort amenities
-Shell Point has to offer. And, as a continuing
care retirement community with lifestyle
opportunities close at hand, residents also have
i jthe assurance of Lifecare with refundable contracts.
For those searching for a touch of Southwest Florida's
b enduring past while enjoying its present comforts
& ~and conveniences The Estuary at Shell Point is the
perfect choice!
Call today and discover more
about The Estuary at Shell Point!

Retirement Community
(239)466-1131 or 1-800-780-1131
Shell Point Retirement Community 15101 Shell Point Boulevard Fort Myers, Florida 33908
Shell Point is located just off Summerlin Road in Fort Myers, 2 miles before the Sanibel Causeway.


WIRE Page 3


Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014 FROM PAGE ONE

Girl talks to pope on immigration, then dad freed

-After a 10-year-old
California girl traveled
to the Vatican to plead
with Pope Francis for
help as her father faced
deportation, the man
was released Friday on
bond from immigration
Mario Vargas was freed
from a detention facility
in Louisiana after he
posted $5,000 bond. A


extremists to intimidate
civilians with impunity -
something Ukraine insists
has not happened.
The White House and
the Kremlin offered stark-
ly different summaries of
the call, which occurred
while Obama was
traveling in Saudi Arabia.
The contrasting inter-
pretations underscored
the chasm between how
Moscow and Washington


Malaysia, to Beijing, and
officials said the second
day of searching in the
new area ended with no
evidence found of the jet.
Dozens of relatives of
passengers on the missing
plane were to fly from
Beijing to Kuala Lumpur
on Sunday to seek
answers from Malaysia's
government as to what
happened to their loved
ones. Two-thirds of the
229 passengers aboard
Flight 370 were Chinese,
and their relatives have
expressed deep frustration
with Malaysian authorities
since the plane went
Ships from China and
Australia on Saturday
scooped up items de-
scribed only as "objects
from the ocean," but none
were "confirmed to be
related" to Flight 370, said
the Australian Maritime
Safety Authority, which is
overseeing the search.
A Chinese Ilyushin IL-76


Lifesciences Corp. and
Medtronic Inc. de-
signed to use the new
procedure standard
issue for heart patients.
Medtronic wants to
expand use of its valve
based on data to be
reported this weekend
at the American College
of Cardiology meeting in
If the findings are pos-
itive, CoreValve may join
Edwards' Sapien valve in
boosting the procedure's
The procedure now
is "generally used for
people that have contra-
indications to surgery,"


The calculation isn't
reported to Beltran or
her son, who cannot see
the readout on the scale
that has a remote display.
Instead it's used by the
district to collect local
data on children's weight.
Beltran supports her
son's school in measur-
ing students because the
data has brought in help
to address obesity, which
can lead to diabetes and
other illnesses tied to a

lifetime of poor habits.
But the practice
hasn't been embraced
Other school districts
have angered parents
and eating disorder

relative who saw the girl
on television pleading
with the pope during a
public audience helped
with the funding, said his
wife, LolaVargas.
"When she left, her
wish was that her father
would be home," she told
The Associated Press in
Spanish. "Thank God she
is going to get her wish."
Mario Vargas' release
came after his daughter

perceive the escalating
international standoff
sparked by Russia's
annexation of Crimea
away from Ukraine.
White House officials
described the call as
"frank and direct" and
said Obama had urged
Putin to offer a written
response to a diplomatic
resolution to the Ukraine
crisis that the U.S. has
presented. He urged
Moscow to scale back its
troop build-up on the
border with Ukraine,
which has prompted
concerns in Kiev and

Jersey, of Panorama City,
Calif., addressed the
pope this week as part of
a California delegation
that traveled to urge the
Vatican to prod President
Barack Obama on
immigration reform. The
girl and a teenager went
as part of the 16-member
group to represent the
American children of
immigrant parents who
are afraid their families

Washington about a
possible Russian invasion
in eastern Ukraine.
The Kremlin, on the
other hand, said Putin
had drawn Obama's
attention to a "rampage
of extremists" in Ukraine
and suggested "possible
steps by the international
community to help
stabilize the situation" in
Kerry had already been
due to return to Europe
on Tuesday for a NATO
foreign ministers meeting
and had been considering
returning to the Middle

will be divided by depor-
tation. The president and
the pontiff met for the
first time Thursday.
"I feel very happy
and proud because I'm
finally going to have
my dad back and we're
going to be reunited,"
Jersey told the AP late
Friday before boarding a
flight from Rome to
Los Angeles.
She said her father

East to continue a press
to salvage foundering
Israeli-Palestinian peace
talks. Kerry aides said the
option of going to Israel,
the Palestinian territories
or Jordan remained a
Psaki said Saturday
Kerry would remain in
close touch with Martin
Indyk, the U.S. ambas-
sador to Israel, and the
negotiating team in
Jerusalem and Ramallah,
West Bank, in the event
Kerry needs to return to
the region from Paris in
advance of NATO.

The digital screen of a Royal New Zealand Air Force photographer's camera shows unid
debris taken from a P-3K2 Orion aircraft during the search for missing Malaysia Airline
370, Saturday.

plane spotted three float-
ing objects, China's official
Xinhua News Agency
said, a day after several
planes and ships combing
the newly targeted area,
which is closer to Australia

said Robert Siegel,
director of the Cardiac
Noninvasive Laboratory
at Cedars-Sinai Medical
Center in Los Angeles.
"But we keep pushing
that envelope."
The Medtronic device
is now cleared for pa-
tients who can't undergo
open-heart surgery. In
the soon-to-be presented
study, Minneapolis-
based Medtronic tested
its valve in almost 800
patients who were high-
risk but who could have
undergone the tradition-
al rib-cracking operation.
If approved for that in-
dication, the device may
join Edwards' Sapien in
what may become a $2.5
billion market annually
as other device makers
present their similar

groups by conducting
screenings to identify
overweight children and
send home what critics
call obesity report cards
or "fat letters."
Amid the nation's
childhood obesity
epidemic, schools in
nearly a quarter of all
states record body mass
index scores, measuring
hundreds of thousands
of students.
Some, like the Chula
Vista Elementary School
District, do what is
known as surveillance,
in which students are
measured to identify
how many are at risk for
weight-related health
problems but they re-
main anonymous. Other
districts do screenings
to track the weight of
individual students and

than the previous search
zone, saw several other
The three objects
spotted by the Chinese
plane were white, red
and orange in color, the

products, said Glenn
Novarro, an RBC Capital
Markets analyst in New
So far, the U.S. market
hasn't taken off as quickly
as analysts and investors
expected. The number of
hospitals trained in the
procedure is lower than
originally anticipated.
Sales of Sapien, approved
in November 2011, have
been flat for three quar-
ters. It generated $350
million in the United
States in 2013, $50 mil-
lion less than expected,
RBC's Novarro said.
A second company,
though, "especially the
size of Medtronic with
the ability to go out and
educate the general
cardiologists, should
expand the marketplace,"

notify parents whose
children are classified at
an unhealthy weight.
Chula Vista is being
touted for its methods
that have resulted in
motivating the commu-
nity to take action. When
nearly 25,000 students
were measured in 2010, it
discovered about 40 per-
cent of its children were
obese or overweight.
Officials used the data
to make a color-coded
obesity map of the
district and showed the
community. Instead
of creating a stir, the
information acted as a
distress call, bringing
in help. Schools boost-
ed partnerships with
doctors. They planted
gardens, banned cup-
cakes at school birth-
days, and tracked kids'

Xinhua report sa
missing Boeing'
exterior was red,
blue and gray.
Investigators h
been puzzled ov
happened to Flit

was also heading to Los
Angeles, and that she
hoped he would get
there before her arrival
"I haven't seen him in
two years," she said. "It's
been very hard since my
dad hasn't been home.
My mom has had to
be the provider for my
family, she's been the
mother and father for
two years."

Kerry had been in
Riyadh, as well as Rome
and The Hague, with
President Barack Obama
this week but is traveling
on his own plane.
He had made a side
trip to Amman, Jordan,
on Wednesday to
meet with Palestinian
President Mahmoud
Abbas while Obama
visited Brussels. Kerry
has also had several
conversations with
Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu
since he left Washington
last Monday.

1. with speculation ranging
from equipment failure
and a botched hijacking to
terrorism or an act by one
of the pilots.
The latter was fueled
by reports that the pilot's
home flight simulator
had files deleted from it,
but Malaysian Defense
Minister Hishammuddin
Hussein said checks,
including one by the FBI,
had turned up no new
"What I know is that
there is nothing sinister
from the simulators, but
of course that will have to
be confirmed by the chief
of police," Hussein said.
Newly analyzed
satellite data shifted the
search zone on Friday,
AP PHOTO raising expectations
that searchers may be
lentified closer to getting physical
s flight evidence that the plane
crashed into the Indian
lid. The That would also help
777's narrow the hunt for the
white, wreckage and the plane's
black boxes, which could

er what
ght 370,

he said. "If the patients
are there, we just aren't
doing a good enough
job getting to them. It's
about educating the
cardiologists, who are
the gatekeepers, and
educating the consumer
to let them know there
is an alternative to open
About 70,000
Americans undergo
aortic valve operations
yearly to relieve symp-
toms including chest
pain and shortness of
breath so severe it can
limit everyday activities,
according to the Society
of Thoracic Surgeons.
Doctors historically
fixed the problem by
opening the chest,
cutting out the damaged
valve and sewing in a

activity levels.
"I've seen a dramatic
change," Beltran said of
her son, who now eats
carrots and looks forward
to running club.
Chula Vista's program
- which measures
students in grades kin-
dergarten through sixth
grade differs from
California's state-man-
dated program for fifth-
seventh- and ninth-grad-
ers that screens students
and notifies parents of
the scores.
Vicki Greenleaf said
she received what she
called a "fat letter" in the
mail last summer from
the Los Angeles Unified
School District. Her
daughter does Brazilian
martial arts four times
a week and is built like
Olympic gold medalist

contain clues to what
caused the plane to be so
far off-course.

replacement prosthesis.
Though traditional
rib-cracking surgery
may be daunting, the
risk of death from it
has fallen over the
past decade to less
than 1 percent for
those younger than 70,
creating a high hurdle
for companies develop-
ing valves inserted via a
The Edwards valve
was approved for use
by all high-risk patients
near the end of 2012.
Both its valve and
Medtronic's are used in
a process that's consid-
ered minimally invasive,
inserted mainly via the
femoral artery through
the groin area or
through a small incision
between the ribs.

Mary Lou Retton, but
was classified as over-
weight by the state-man-
dated body mass index
screening program, she
Critics say body mass
index can be misleading
for muscular body types.
Greenleaf, a spokes-
woman for the National
Eating Disorders
Association, said her
daughter knew about the
screening's limitations
but other children's
self-esteem could be
seriously harmed by such
"I think those letters
make kids feel bad
about themselves," she
said. "For a kid that is
predisposed to an eating
disorder, those are the
kind of triggers that can
set it off."


Today is Sunday, March 30,
the 89th day of 2014. There are
276 days left in the year.
Today in history
On March 30,1981, President
Ronald Reagan was shot and
seriously wounded outside
a Washington, D.C. hotel by
assailant John W. Hinckley Jr.
Also wounded in the attack were
White House press secretary
James Brady, Secret Service
agent Timothy McCarthy, and
District of Columbia police officer
Thomas Delahanty.
On this date
In 1135, the Jewish philoso-
pher Maimonides was born in
Cordoba in present-day Spain.
In 1867, U.S. Secretary of
State William H. Seward reached
agreement with Russia to
purchase the territory of Alaska
for $7.2 million.
In 1870, the 15th Amendment
to the U.S. Constitution, which
prohibited denying citizens the
right to vote and hold office on
the basis of race, was declared
in effect by Secretary of State
Hamilton Fish. Texas was read-
mitted to the Union.
In 1909, the Queensboro
Bridge, linking the New York
City boroughs of Manhattan and
Queens, opened.
In 1945, the Soviet Union
invaded Austria during World
War II.
In 1959, a narrowly divided
U.S. Supreme Court, in Bartkus v.
Illinois, ruled that a conviction in
state court following an acquittal
in federal court for the same
crime did not constitute double
In 1964, John Glenn withdrew
from the Ohio race for the U.S.
Senate because of injuries
suffered in a fall. The original
version of the TV game show
"Jeopardy!,";' hosted by Art
Fleming, premiered on NBC.
In 1974, the Ramones'first
concert took place at Perfor-
mance Studio in New York.
In 2002, Britain's Queen
Mother Elizabeth died at Royal
Lodge, Windsor, outside London;
she was 101 years old.
Today's birthdays
Game show host Peter
Marshall is 88. Actor Richard
Dysart is 85. Actor John Astin
is 84. Actor-director Warren
Beatty is 77. Rock musician
Graeme Edge (The Moody
Blues) is 73. Rock musician Eric
Clapton is 69. Actor Justin
Deas is 66. Actor Robbie
Coltrane is 64. Actor Paul
Reiser is 57. Rap artist MC
Hammer is 51. Singer Tracy
Chapman is 50. Actor lan
Ziering is 50. TV personality
Piers Morgan is 49. Singer
Celine Dion is 46. Actor Mark
Consuelos is 43. Actress
Jessica Cauffiel is 38. Singer
Norah Jones is 35. Actress
Katy Mixon is 33. Actor Jason
Dohring is 32. Country singer
Justin Moore is 30. Actress
Tessa Ferrer (TV: "Grey's
Anatomy") is 28.

San Diego
County spelling
bee nearly left
David Hay had no
words for what was
about to happen.
And that's sort of
important when you're
running a spelling bee.
Hay was the bee mas-
ter Tuesday at The 45th
Annual U-T San Diego
Countywide Spelling
Bee, which was halfway
through its tense,
two-student final round
when Hay realized he
was about to run out of
spelling words.
Hay says it hasn't
happened in his 33
years as master. His
500-word supply is
usually plenty, but the
92 middle-schoolers

exhausted them,
from "macaroni" to
He had to call a recess
and scrounge up some
spare words to finish.
Allison Grygar won
by correctly spelling
"prostrate" and "gurgle"
when her opponent
botched "scrimmage."

Page 4 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014


Film industry lobbies for continued tax credits


WIRE Page 5

Clearwater Marine
Aquarium was heavily
featured in the 2011 film
"Dolphin Tale," which
told a fictionalized
account of Winter the
dolphin. In real life,
Winter lost her tail after
it became caught in a
crab trap in 2005. She
was found and taken
to Clearwater Marine
Aquarium, where she was
fitted with a silicone and
plastic tail that enabled
her to swim normally.
The film, starring Harry
Connick Jr., Ashley Judd
and Morgan Freeman,
reached audiences
The movie transformed
the aquarium, said David
Yates, the facility's CEO.
Approximately 200,000
people visited the
aquarium the year before
the movie was released,
but that number jumped
to 750,000 the next year.
More than 300,000 out-
of-state aquarium visitors
said they came because
of the movie. A recent
movie industry study said
that almost 20 percent
of visitors said viewing a
movie or television series
filmed in Florida contrib-
uted to their decision to
travel here.

In this Aug. 3,2011, file photo, Clearwater Marine Aquarium senior marine mammal trainer Abby
Stone works with Winter the dolphin in Clearwater, Fla. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium was
heavily featured in the 2011 film "Dolphin Tale," which told a fictionalized account of Winter.

"Driving tourism
and promoting the
state through movies is
incredibly valuable," Yates
said. "There's no other
mode of advertising or
marketing that can touch
the value on a dollar for
dollar basis."
The aquarium's story
is one that Film Florida,
a lobbying group for the
state's entertainment
industry, pushed recently
when a delegation of
filmmakers and others

met with lawmakers in
Tallahassee about extend-
ing the state's incentive
program for luring movie
and TV production.
The current program,
which was supposed to
run from 2010 to 2016,
has already used up the
$296 million in tax credits
it was allocated and has
been suspended.
"The program effective-
ly is out of money," Film
Florida President Leah
Sokolowsky said. "So

there's no ability to attract
new production."
Similar bills for a new
program have already
been filed in the House
and Senate (HB 983 and
SB 1640). The main differ-
ence is that the House bill
would provide $200 mil-
lion a year in tax credits
through 2020, while the
Senate bill would provide
$50 million a year.
Advocates say the film
incentive program not
only brings in tourists

but provides good-paying
jobs for local actors,
camera operators, sound
techs, electricians, hair
stylists, makeup artists
and other trades that
comprise a TV or movie
crew. Money is also spent
with local businesses. A
study released last month
by the Motion Picture
Association of America
concluded that Florida's
current film incentive
program supported
87,870 jobs, $2.3 billion
in labor income, and
$7.2 billion in economic
spending across the state,
both through production
spending and induced
tourism, over the last four
years. Its findings could
not be verified.
"A majority of
our employees are
unionized, blue-collar
workers. Good hourly
wages ranging from
$23-55 an hour, with
benefits. We support gas
stations, lumberyards,
drycleaners, hotels and
restaurants. It's a diverse
range of businesses
we support," said Bob
Lemchen, the senior vice
president of production
at Fox Television Studios.
Fox brought the USA
Network series "Burn
Notice" to Miami-Dade

County in 2007, followed
by the A&E series "The
Glades" to Broward
County in 2010. Both
shows were set in
Florida, and Lemchen
said the incentives
allowed the studio to
film the shows in the
Sunshine State, rather
than faking Miami or the
Everglades in California,
Louisiana or Georgia.
But not everyone is
sold on the new incen-
tive program. Abbie
Maclver, Florida's policy
director for the conser-
vative group Americans
for Prosperity, said
potential funding would
be better used as a tax
"We have been histor-
ically opposed to all tax-
payer-funded incentives,
not just film incentives,"
Maclver said. "We think
it's just another example
of government picking
winners and losers and
attempting to prop up
or create a market for
a politically favored
While all of the tax
credits in the current
program are claimed,
several productions have
been able to take over
credits for shows that are
no longer in production.

Couple allegedly lived lavish lifestyle while on food stamps

(Sun Sentinel) -Andrea
and Colin Chisholm
III fancied themselves
Scottish aristocrats,
insisting on being called
Lord and Lady and
leading a lavish lifestyle
fitting of royals.
They owned a $1.2
million, 83-foot yacht
that was docked in
South Florida. They lived
in waterfront homes
in Minnesota and in
Lighthouse Point, Fla.,
and had $3 million
tucked away in various
bank accounts.
He was the successful,
wealthy executive of a
Miami-based broadcast-
ing business; she, the
owner of a company that
bred pedigree Cavalier
King Charles Spaniels, in-
cluding one that won an
award at the Westminster
dog show.
And all the while, for
about a decade, the
Chisholms collected
food stamps, Medicaid
and welfare. First they
got it from the state of
Minnesota, then Florida,
then for about a year
-both, simultaneously.
When Andrea gave
birth to a son in
Palm Beach in 2007,
Minnesota picked up the
$22,000 tab. When the
couple moved north after
a little more than two
years in the Sunshine
State, Florida kept paying
2529 TAMIA

out their benefits.
"These rich folks
ripped off the system,"
said Hennepin County
attorney Mike Freeman,
who announced fraud
charges against the
couple on Friday. "And I
will assure you that this
office is going to do every
darn thing we can do to
make sure these people
do hard time."
If they can find them.
Officials in Minnesota
say they believe Andrea
Lynne Chisholm, 54, and
Colin A.J. Chisholm, III,
62, have left the country
and headed "someplace
The Lord and Lady
have been on the run for
about six weeks.
In Florida, the
Department of Children
and Families is still
reviewing the case.
If evidence of fraud is
turned up here, another
investigation could be
launched, according to
Ashley Carr, a spokes-
woman for Florida Chief
Financial Officer Jeff
In all, the Chisholms
fraudulently took
$167,420 in benefits from
Minnesota, according
to a criminal complaint
filed in Hennepin County.
About $60,000 of it went
toward massages at a spa.
The story the duo told
benefit workers to reel in
that money is more than

Thomas I
Quigley, FREE
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with one of our board certified eye doctors
includes prescription for
AMI TRAIL eyeglasses, and tests for
9-2020 cataracts, glaucoma and
other eye diseases.
SBLVD., SUITE A Offer applies to new
ARLOTTE patients 59 years and older.
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L -ode: _---

a little different from the
life they were actually
In public assistance
paperwork filled out
between 2004 and 2012,
they claimed they had
to live with Andrea
Chisholm's mom in
Minneapolis. They said
they had no jobs, no cars
and, at one point, just $80
cash to their names, the
criminal complaint said.
Meanwhile, Colin
Chisholm was telling
potential investors in
TCN Networks, a satellite
television company he
owned, that he had assets
totaling $97 million.
"He's a con artist," said
Virginia Mance Chisholm
of North Carolina, who
was married to him for
more than 20 years and
helped investigators in
Minnesota build their
case. "This is what he did
for a living."
In 2004, at the same
time the Chisholms were
beginning to apply for
benefits in Minnesota,
the couple were also
negotiating the purchase
of a $1.2 million, Fort
Lauderdale-based 1963
yacht called the "Wishing
Colin Chisholm told the

yacht's owner, Richard
Ross of Stuart, that he
controlled about $30 mil-
lion in network television
advertising on CNBC.
Ross and the Chisholms
agreed to a down
payment of $220,000,
monthly payments of
$7,500 and a lump sum
payment of $157,000, due
in March 2005.
The Chisholms took
over the yacht in January
2005. They renamed it
the "Andrea Aras" and
docked it at the luxury
marina at Turnberry Isle
in Aventura.
"It's outrageous,"
Freeman said. "You hear
of people getting public
assistance when they're
having a hard time in
their lives and getting it
back together. And then
you see this."
For a few months,
the couple made their
monthly payments. Then
they stopped and the
Coast Guard seized the
yacht or, as Andrea
Chisholm later claimed to
a lawyer, "stole" it.
By that time, the royal
couple were renting a
waterfront home in
Lighthouse Point.
They staged a mighty
battle to get the boat

Take Care of



(left to Right)
Stephen A. Spencer, MD Samantha M. Bono, PA
Laini R. Gaar, MD Laura E. Marano, PA
Jeffrey R. Hunek, MD Elizabeth L. Weber, ARNP

back, but after a trial in
federal court, the judge
sided with Ross. He wrote
that Colin Chisholm's
testimony was "almost
entirely lacking in credi-
bility, at best, evasive, and
at worst, perjurious."
Ross wasn't sur-
prised by news that
the Chisholms are now
wanted for fraud. He said
the couple were sneaky
and sophisticated, and

had him fooled in the
They had butlers and
chauffeurs who drove
guests to the yacht in lim-
ousines, Ross said. The
"Lord and Lady" thing, he
said, was "hysterical."
"I mean, they're crim-
inals," Ross said. "They
would make believe that
they had all this money.
They were selling some

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The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

Page 6 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

Attacks threaten to undermine Afghan vote

KABUL, Afghanistan
(AP) Taliban militants
attacked the main Afghan
election commission's
headquarters in Kabul
on Saturday, the latest
in a series of audacious
assaults threatening to
scare voters away just a
week before Afghans go
to the polls.
It was the third attack
in Kabul in five days
claimed by the Taliban.
The Islamic militant
movement has promised
a campaign of violence
to disrupt the April 5
elections to choose the
country's next president
and provincial council
The five attackers
disguised themselves
as women, wearing the
all-encompassing burqa
to sneak unnoticed into a
building that overlooked
the heavily fortified
Independent Election
Commission's headquar-
ters on the eastern edge of
the capital, officials said.
They never breached

the compound -which
is walled off and guarded
by a series of watchtow-
ers and checkpoints -
but two warehouses were
set on fire as the attack-
ers barraged the complex
with rocket-propelled
grenades and heavy
machine-gun fire.
The United Nations
mission in Afghanistan
confirmed that a neigh-
boring base it uses was
hit by small-arms fire
too. It said all U.N. staff
members were account-
ed for and safe.
Afghan police killed
all five militants after
a four-hour standoff,
deputy Interior Minister
Mohammad Ayub
Salangi said. Two police-
men were wounded in
the firefight after security
forces surrounded the
None of the dozens
of employees and
other people who had
been hiding inside the
election commission
headquarters was

Afghan policemen take position while smoke from
building billows in the background as Taliban milit
attacked the main Afghan election commission's he
in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, firing on the
with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine
a house outside its perimeter wall, Saturday.

injured, Salangi said.
It was the second
attack on electoral offices
this week. Gunmen
Tuesday killed four
people in an assault
on another IEC office
in Kabul on Tuesday. A
foreign guest house came
under attack Friday.
The Taliban claimed

responsibility f(
The United N
expressed confi
that the Taliban
fail to disrupt n
elections, and s
Afghans insisted
would cast thei
despite a Taliba
to stay home.

"The U.N. remains
undeterred in carrying
out its work and I am
confident that the IEC is
as equally determined,"
i the acting U.N. chief in
Afghanistan, Nicholas
Haysom, said in a state-
ment. "More importantly,
I am sure that ordinary
Afghans remain unde-
S terred in their desire to
have their say on the
future direction of their
AP PHOTO country."
Mohammad Fared, a
a burning 23-year-old Kabul resi-
ants dent, was just as defiant.
headquarters "No one can stop us
Compound from casting our vote on
e guns from election day. We will par-
ticipate in the election,"
he said.
or all three While the recent
attacks have resulted in
nations relatively few casualties,
dence they have had a big
i would psychological impact and
ext week's raised concerns about
several the Afghan security
d they forces' abilities as most
r ballots international forces
n warning withdraw by the end of
this year.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia
(AP) From the heart
of Europe to the expanse
of Saudi Arabia's desert,
President Barack Obama's
weeklong overseas trip
amounted to a reassur-
ance tour for stalwart,
but sometimes skeptical,
American allies.
At a time when Obama

is grappling with crises
and conflict in both
Europe and the Middle
East, the four-country
swing also served as a
reminder that even those
longtime partners still
need some personal
attention from the
Europe is a crucial

linchpin in Obama's
efforts to rally the
international community
in opposition to Russia's
incursion in Ukraine, but
the continent's leaders
have concerns about
the impact tougher
Western sanctions on
Moscow could have on
their own economy.

Saudi Arabia has a hand
in nearly every Middle
East crisis consuming
White House attention,
including the Syrian civil
war, nuclear negotiations
with Iran and peace talks
between the Israelis and
Palestinians, but has
grown anxious about
Obama's positioning in

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the region.
Obama departed for
Washington Saturday
with much left unre-
solved on each of those
matters. Still, officials
said the president had
made progress during
his pilgrimage to Saudi
King Abdullah's desert
oasis, as well as in his
hours of conversations
with European leaders.
The president's advisers
were particularly bullish
about his meeting in
the Netherlands with
allies from the Group of
Seven leading industrial
nations, which agreed
to indefinitely suspend
Russia from the larger
Group of Eight.
"There's been a lot of
movement in the last sev-
eral days that suggest that
Europe has been stirred
to action by the events in
Ukraine, and I think the
president felt a degree of
unity in that G7 meeting,
in the EU session at
NATO, and then with the
individual leaders that
he met with," said Ben
Rhodes, Obama's deputy
national security adviser.
Obama's stops in the
Netherlands and Belgium
were scheduled long be-
fore Russia's provocations
in Ukraine but ended
up being a well-timed
opportunity for the pres-
ident to discuss the crisis
personally with Europe's
leaders. As Obama sought
pledges that Europe
would cooperate if tough-
er economic sanctions on
Russia become necessary,
he also recommitted
American support for
NATO, the trans-Atlantic
military alliance.
Those personal assur-
ances from the presi-
dent were welcomed
by a continent that has
developed something of
an inferiority complex
while watching Obama
curry favor with Asia
and get consumed by
Mideast crises. Though
Obama remains popular
with the European
public, he has also irked
some leaders with what
they've seen as slights
to the European Union,
the often unwieldy
28-nation bloc.
A particular sticking
point for Europe was
the fact that Obama had
never visited Brussels,
the headquarters city
of both the EU and
NATO. Obama finally
checked that box on
this latest trip, using
his stop in the Belgian
city to deliver a speech
urging Europe to take
a leadership role in
protecting Ukraine's
sovereignty against
Russian provocations.


Ebola death toll in
Guinea rises to 70

(Bloomberg) -The
deadliest outbreak of
the Ebola virus in seven
years has killed 70 people
and infected as many as
111 in Guinea, causing
neighboring Senegal to
close its border with the
Senegal's Ministry of
Interior has ordered all
movements of people
through the southern
boundary to Guinea
suspended indefinitely
to prevent the spread of
the disease, according to
a statement published
Saturday by the state-run
press agency, APS.
Most of the cases
detected in Guinea since
January have been in
the towns of Guekedou,
Macenta, Kissidougou
and Dabola, the country's
Health Ministry said in
an emailed statement on
Friday. There has been
one death among eight
cases of the infectious
disease in the capital,
Conakry, it said.
It marks the deadliest
outbreak since 2007,
when 187 people died of
Ebola in the Democratic
Republic of Congo,
according to the World
Health Organization's

Gunmen attack
Pakistani journalist,
killing driver

LAHORE, Pakistan
(AP) Gunmen on a
motorcycle opened fire
overnight on a car carry-
ing a senior journalist in
eastern Pakistan, killing
his driver before escap-
ing, police said Saturday.
Senior police officer
Chaudhry Mohammed
Shafiq said that journalist
Raza Rumi escaped
unhurt in late Friday's
attack in Lahore, the
capital of eastern Punjab
province. The attack on
Rumi, an anchorman at
Express News, came as he
was leaving the private TV
channel's offices, he said.
No one has claimed
responsibility, but such
threats and attacks
against journalists are
common in Pakistan,
blamed on Islamic
militants and armed
ethnic factions. Rumi has
been critical of Pakistani
militant organizations.

Jailed Mexico
crime boss has
told prosecutors
he's just a farmer
- Like Vito Corleone,
the fictional "Godfather"
mafia don who claimed
to be a humble olive
oil importer, captured
drug kingpin Joaquin "El
Chapo" Guzman has told
prosecutors that he's a
simple farmer, does not
have an email account,
makes about $18,000 a
year and has no ties to
drug traffickers.
That's far different
from the image offered
by a former army
commando who served
as Guzman's bodyguard
in the Sinaloa Cartel and
was captured with him a
little more than a month
That bodyguard,
Carlos Manuel Hoo
Ramirez, who goes by
the nickname El Condor,
said he and Guzman
spent most of the last
three years inside the
city of Culiacan, the
capital of Sinaloa state,

using tunnels and
drainage ditches to
move between five safe
Guzman always had
two planes on standby
with pilots ready to
fly him anywhere, and
switched BlackBerry
cellphones every week,
Hoo Ramirez said.

Obama offers Europe, Mideast allies assurances


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The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014


WIRE Page 7

Subtle pitfalls can damage credit scores

(Pittsburgh Post-
Gazette) Many people
know that making late
payments, skipping
payments or filing for
bankruptcy are surefire
ways to ruin their credit.
But there are more sub-
tle, often unrecognized,
things people do that
may damage their credit
scores and spook would-
be creditors. In turn, that
can trigger wide-ranging
financial consequences
- from paying higher
interest rates and in-
surance premiums, to
getting rejected for a loan,
to forking over a higher
security deposit or even
getting turned down for
a job.
One of the potential
missteps is when shop-
pers are enticed by too
many instant in-store
credit offers the ones

that promise 10 percent
off or more on a purchase
just for signing up for a
credit card.
First, potential creditors
may view people who
open multiple accounts in
a short period of time as
being in financial trouble.
In addition, opening up
all that credit could hurt
credit scores, which are
affected by the average
age of a person's credit
accounts. The older the
accounts, the better, said
John Ulzheimer, credit
expert with CreditSesame.
corn and formerly with
the credit scoring stalwart
"So if you've just added
a bunch of accounts,
you've made your credit
report look younger, may-
be a lot younger. It takes
time for those accounts to
age and the average age of

your credit history to grow
again," he said.
"My suggestion for
people who want the
(in-store) discount is to
think about the down-
side," Ulzheimer said.
"Especially if you want to
go out and buy a home or
a car. You'll be in a higher
interest rate tier."
Another thing potential
creditors don't like to see
when they pull a credit
report is high credit card
"Many people think that
if they make payments
on time, they'll have good
credit," Ulzheimer said.
But that may not be the
"The main problem
with credit card debt is it's
a high-risk type of debt,"
he said. "It's not secured
by an asset like a home
or a car. So if you have as

little as $10,000 in credit
card debt on cards that
are maxed out, you'd be
surprised how low your
credit scores can be, even
if you are making pay-
ments on time.
"The good news is, if
you can pay (the debt)
down, your scores will
improve in a short period
of time."
Taking cash advances
and consistently making
only minimum credit
card payments also can
cause problems. Doing
either can signal to a card
issuer that the customer
is under financial stress
and is at higher risk for
"Believe it or not,
there are certain credit
card issuers that will
hold certain types of
transactions on your
credit card against you,"

Ulzheimer said.
People who have poor
credit and take cash ad-
vances generally run into
the most trouble, he said.
"Card issuers are already
looking at them as high
risk. They are already on a
short leash."
The card issuer may
react by suspending the
card's credit line, cancel-
ing the card or closing the
account at renewal time.
Any of those moves
could hurt the cardhold-
er's credit scores.
Another often-over-
looked threat to a credit
score is co-signing for a
Besides being on the
hook for the money in
the event of a default,
co-signers will see their
credit scores dip the
moment they sign and
likely plunge if any

payments are late.
The entire debt also
goes on co-signers' credit
reports, which counts
against them if they apply
for a mortgage or other
form of credit.
"It's almost like an
afterthought that some
people willingly put their
name on a contract and
not really think through
what they have just
done," Ulzheimer said.
"When you co-sign for a
loan, you might as well
be applying for it on your
own. The impact is really
no different."
Co-signing also could
lead to some uncomfort-
able personal moments.
"It can be very awkward
at holiday dinners if a
relative across from you
defaulted on a loan that
you co-signed for," he

Cruise industry booming despite rough seas

(Orlando Sentinel) -At
first glance, the cruise in-
dustry's public-relations
disasters during the past
two years would seem
like enough to make
almost any business take
on water.
Since the Costa
Concordia ran aground
off Italy in January 2012,
killing 32 people, the in-
dustry has been besieged
by mechanical failures,
disease outbreaks,
congressional scrutiny
and a recent class-action
suit filed by passengers
on the Carnival Triumph,
which was adrift in the
Gulf of Mexico for days.
Yet despite repeated
images of stranded,
frustrated passengers,
business has been boom-
ing and the trend is
unlikely to stop anytime
soon, industry watchers
Efforts in Congress to
tighten regulation have
stalled, and the twin
pillars of the cruise econ-
omy- affordable prices
and repeat customers -
have stood as a bulwark
against other problems.
"People just keep com-
ing back," said Andrea
Stokes, who tracks the
tourism industry for
Ipsos, a global market-
research company.
In the U.S., she said,
recent efforts by the
cruise industry to expand
to ports in Baltimore
and the New York City
area have helped open

The Carnival Legend, a 2,100-passenger, 960-foot-long cruise ship arrives at Port Everglades in
Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Nov. 8, 2002.

the market to new
"It makes cruising all
the more accessible," she
said. And "once you're in,
you're in."
Florida ports, the foun-
dation of the industry,
are growing as well. Port
Canaveral, for example,
is building a new termi-
nal and this month was
named the new home for
the Norwegian Spirit ship
run by Norwegian Cruise
About 21.3 million pas-
sengers booked cruises
last year, and the 2014
numbers are expected to
hit 21.7 million, accord-
ing to industry estimates.
In a recent letter to

shareholders, Arnold
Donald, president and
CEO of Carnival Corp.,
acknowledged the prob-
lems: 2013 was "clearly a
challenging year for our
company," he wrote. But
he added that several
initiatives, including
plans to expand into
the Asian market and to
launch eight new ships
through 2016, had put
the company on a good
The Costa Concordia
belonged to a Carnival
subsidiary, and another
company ship, the
Carnival Triumph, made
headlines last year when
it was stranded for days
in the Gulf of Mexico,

forcing passengers to
deal with unsanitary
conditions, including
backed-up toilets.
That incident has
led to several lawsuits,
including the class-
action case.
Despite the troubles,
Carnival and other cruise
lines are planning to
launch an additional 16
cruise ships in 2015 and
2016, according to Cruise
Market Watch.
The expansion comes
even as the cruise indus-
try is facing the threat of
increased oversight from
Congress and regulators.
Last year, lawmakers
led by U.S. Sen. Jay
Rockefeller, D-WVa.,

Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a new ticket

(Dallas Morning News)
- My brother, who lives
in Atlanta, recently had a
friend visit from Newark,
N.J. That friend had paid
$138 for his round-trip
ticket from Newark to
Atlanta on Delta, which
was a super snooze-you-
lose airfare. Before that
friend even left Newark,
he decided to extend his
stay by two days.
If he called the airline
to make the change, he
would have had to pay a
$200 change fee, plus an
additional $145 because
the ticket price had gone
up, so he would have had
to pay $345 to change his
Since the friend wanted
to keep the same depar-
ture flight from Newark
to Atlanta, the problem
was the return. We priced
a one-way ticket from
Atlanta to Newark, and
Delta wanted $398.
But on Southwest, there
was a ticket for $141, with
a connection. This was
more than $200 cheaper
than paying the change
fee and fare increase on
the original ticket. He
threw away the return
portion of that original

ticket and paid $279 total
- for the original ticket
plus the new one-way
return ticket.
American, Delta,
United and US Airways all
charge a $200 fee if you
have to change or cancel
a ticket for a domestic
Any ticket on those air-
lines that's $200 or less is
a throwaway ticket if you
have to change or cancel
because the fee will cost
you more than buying a
new ticket.
If you fly on an interna-
tional ticket, the price to
change the ticket could
be even higher, with
many airlines charging
$300 and some as much
as $450, depending on
the itinerary.
There might be times
when it's worth paying
the change fee. You'll
definitely want to do the
math to decide whether
to throw away the ticket
and start over.
One thing to note is
that you can make a
same-day change for a
much lower fee, as long
as your origin and desti-
nation remain the same.
These fees are $25 to $75,

depending on the airline,
and you don't have to pay
an increase in fares.
There is one airline
that doesn't charge a
change fee and will be
offering tons of nonstops
in and out of Dallas
beginning Oct. 13. That
airline is Southwest. One
thing to remember is that
you do have to contact
the airline prior to depar-
ture to change or cancel
your nonrefundable
ticket or you will lose
100 percent of the value
of your ticket.
Southwest will let you
use the value of the ticket
for a future trip as long
as you cancel at least
10 minutes in advance.
Other airlines also require
that you contact them in
advance when changing
or canceling.
Most airlines make
you pay the change fee
upfront, even if your
ticket value is more than
the change fee.
In many cases, you will
have to pay the change
fee and, if the new ticket
is less, the airline will
either give you a voucher
for the remaining value
or you could lose the total

value of the remaining
portion of the ticket.
This information is list-
ed in the fare rules prior
to booking, so it's import-
ant to read the rules on
changes, cancellations
and other policies.
If you have enough
miles accumulated, you
should consider using a
frequent-flier ticket when
there's a good chance
you'll have to change
your ticket. One thing
to note is that while you
can still make changes to
award tickets without in-
curring fees, if you cancel
your trip, you could pay
up to $150 to redeposit
your miles.
Before you buy your
ticket, make sure you
think the whole trip out.
If you want flexibility,
I would suggest using
miles or buying two one-
way tickets. If you need
to make a change on the
return, you can throw
away the ticket and buy a
new one.
You might have to
make a stop to get the
best price on a new ticket,
but you'll have flexibility
and you'll avoid paying
big fees.

introduced legislation
that took aim at how
cruise companies treat
their passengers as
well as the industry's lim-
ited U.S. tax obligations.
Cruise lines largely
avoid U.S. taxes by
organizing themselves as
foreign corporations and
by registering their ships
overseas. This means
market leaders Carnival
and Royal Caribbean
paid an "effective
worldwide tax rate of
only 1.3 percent on their
profits" during the past
seven years, according
to a summary of the
Rockefeller bill released
last summer.
His bill would elim-
inate a tax exemption
for the industry and
target income derived
from cruise passengers
going through U.S. ports.
The broader measure
would make available
more information
about alleged crimes
committed aboard
cruise ships and give
more oversight power to
the U.S. Department of
But neither bill has
advanced far.
Meanwhile, critics of
the cruise business said

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the industry while
generally opposing new
regulations has taken
specific aim at one
section of the overhaul
package: a provision
that would require the
industry to separately
disclose the number of
crimes or alleged crimes
committed against
When asked about
that provision, an
official with the Cruise
Lines International
Association, the main
industry booster group,
said CLIA had not "stat-
ed publicly a position"
on that section. But
CLIA opposes the bill
as a whole, he said,
because it was already
covered by steps the
industry has taken to
address concerns about
crime, transparency and
passenger rights.
"Generally speaking,
we think there is a great
deal of redundancy," said
Bud Darr, who handles
technical and regulatory
affairs at CLIA.



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~Page 8 WIRE WORLDINATIONALISCIENCE NEWS The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

Klitschko backs billionaire

for Ukraine presidency

KIEV, Ukraine (AP)
- Ex-world boxing
championVitali Klitschko,
considered a strong
contender to become
Ukraine's next leader,
upended the country's
presidential race Saturday
by announcing he will
throw his support instead
behind a billionaire candy
Klitschko told his UDAR
party that he plans to run
for mayor of Ukraine's
capital city, Kiev, paving
the way for current presi-
dential favorite, business-
man Petro Poroshenko, in
the May 25 vote.
The move is likely to
ensure that both men
cement powerful posi-
tions in Ukraine's new
government and block the
chances of a full return to
power from the country's
former prime minister,
Yulia Tymoshenko.
The May 25 presidential
election and Kiev may-
oral vote are taking place
against the backdrop of
Russia's recent annexation
of Crimea, Ukraine's dire
economic straits and
rumblings of discontent
in the country's mainly
Russian-speaking eastern
Both Klitschko, 42, and
Poroshenko, 48, played
prominent roles in the
monthslong protest
movement that led to

From left, Ukrainian parliamentarians Vitali Klitschko, leader
of the UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform) party,
Petro Poroshenko, and Andriy Shevchenko, Fatherland party,
pose for the media outside 10 Downing Street for a meeting
with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secre-
tary William Hague, London, Wednesday.

the toppling of President
Viktor Yanukovych in
February. The demon-
strations were sparked by
Yanukovych's decision to
back away from closer ties
with the European Union
and turn toward Russia
but grew to encompass
widespread discontent
with corruption and
the lack of democratic
"The only way to
win is by nominating a
single candidate from
the democratic ranks,"
Klitschko said. "This
should be a candidate
with the greatest support
from the people."
Poroshenko, who

also owns the popular
Channel 5 television
station and has served
as foreign minister,
already leads in the polls
for the presidential elec-
tion and is seen as likely
to beat Tymoshenko, who
declared this week that
she will "be the candidate
of Ukrainian unity."
One analyst said
Saturday's announce-
ment was a strategic
move by Klitschko.
"The alliance of
Poroshenko and
Klitschko will funda-
mentally change the
configuration of the po-
litical field and will can-
cel out the chances of

other candidates," said
political analyst Vadim
Karasyov. "It is clear that
Yulia is not fighting for
the post of president,
but for a future faction
in parliament."
As Ukraine moves
quickly to build up its
governance, it still casts
an uneasy eye toward
Russia, fearing a possible
troop invasion into
eastern Ukraine.
President Barack
Obama urged Russian
President Vladimir
Putin to pull his troops
back from the border
with Ukraine during an
hourlong phone call
Friday. The Russian
leader, who initiated
the call, asserted that
Ukraine's government is
allowing extremists to
intimidate civilians with
impunity something
Ukraine insists has not
In a televised interview
aired Saturday, Russian
Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov expressed con-
cerns over the threat
posed by radical nation-
alists to ethnic Russians
in eastern Ukraine, but
denied any armed action
was imminent.
"We have absolutely
no intention or inter-
ests in crossing the
borders of Ukraine,"
he said.



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Health law legacy

eludes Obama as

changes sink in

WASHINGTON (AP) website is seeing heavy
-As a roller-coaster traffic this weekend, and
sign-up season winds consumers may encoun-
down, President Barack ter a wait or last-minute
Obama's health care law glitches.
has indeed managed to Nearly half the states
change the country, are still opposed to or un-
Americans are unlikely decided about the law's
to go back to a time when expansion of Medicaid,
people with medical the government's health
problems could be insurance program for
denied coverage, the poor. As a result,
But Obama's overhaul millions of low-income
needs major work of people who otherwise
its own if it is to go would have been covered
down in history as a remain uninsured.
legacy achievement This year's pitch has
like Medicare or Social been about the "carrots"
Security, in the law: subsidies and
Major elements of the guaranteed coverage.
Affordable Care Act face But the "sticks" are
an uncertain future: just over the horizon:
As a 6-month-long collecting penalties
sign-up season comes from individuals who
to an end Monday the remain uninsured and
administration's next big enforcing requirements
challenge is to make 2015 that medium- to large-
open enrollment more sized employers provide
manageable for consum- affordable coverage.
ers unaccustomed to Many basic facts
dealing with insurance about the ultimate
jargon. There's also effects of the health
concern premiums will insurance program
rise next year. remain unclear. It's not
The new insurance known how many of
markets created by the those who have gotten
law are anything but cus- coverage were previ-
tomer friendly. After the ously uninsured the website ultimate test of the law.
finally got fixed, more Independent measure-
than 6 million people ments by Gallup do
have managed to sign up, show fewer uninsured
allowing the exchanges to Americans, but such
stay afloat economically, progress hasn't won
But many consumers hearts and minds. The
have bought policies public remains deeply
with restricted access to divided, with opponents
top-tier hospitals and the of the law outnumber-
latest medications. The ing supporters.

A quantum leap

with computers

(Washington Post) -
Quantum computers
- a futuristic vision of
ultra-fast processors
powered by particle
physics sound almost
like science fiction.
Current models, which
can fill entire rooms,
sometime rely on lasers
and are often cooled
to the temperature of
outer space. Instead of
using the binary system
of l's and 0's, quantum
systems use atomic
particles, or "qubits"
(pronounced "Q-bits"),
that can function as l's,
0's, or both.
In theory, quantum
computing could be
better and faster than
traditional computers at
solving problems with
many rapidly changing
variables such as
finding the fastest or
cheapest way to sched-
ule flights at an airport
or maximizing profit in a
stock portfolio.
Quantum comput-
ing is years maybe
decades from wide-
spread commercial
viability, scientists say.
Still, the concept is
attracting attention and
investments from large
tech companies such
as Google, IBM, Hitachi
and Lockheed Martin -
that are eager to harness
quantum computing's
For instance, Lockheed
and Google own what
is believed to be the
only commercially sold
quantum computer: the
D-Wave system, pro-
duced by a Vancouver,
B.C.-based start-up of
the same name. Each
D-Wave system can
cost several millions of
Last week, Bethesda,
Md.-based Lockheed
established a quantum
computing research
center at the University
of Maryland's College
Park campus, grouping
together several existing

quantum projects at
the school. Lockheed
declined to share infor-
mation about how much
it is investing in this or
other quantum efforts.
This is Lockheed's
second public-private
quantum research
partnership in 2011, it
created a similar center
at the University of
Southern California.
"Classical computing
can only take us so far,"
Ray Johnson, Lockheed
senior vice president and
chief technology officer,
said in an email. "In the
future, critical systems
will become so complex,
that problems will take
too long or become too
expensive to solve using
even our most powerful
supercomputers. We be-
lieve that the next com-
putational revolution
will stem from applied
quantum science."
The defense contrac-
tor's clients may be able
to use quantum com-
puting to plan logistics,
sequence genomes or
to improve machine
learning, among other
applications, Johnson
The USC-Lockheed
Martin Quantum
Computation Center,
headed by electrical
engineering and chem-
istry professor Daniel
Lidar, has been tasked
with determining if the
D-Wave system is actual-
ly better than traditional
computers at certain
computational tasks. In
2010, Lockheed bought
its first D-Wave. In
2013, it upgraded to the
D-Wave Two, a newer,
higher-power model that
uses more qubits.
"So far, the results
are fairly inconclusive,"
Lidar said. "We have
identified examples
where the D-Wave is a
little faster, but we have
also identified more
examples where it is

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-Page 8 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014


SThe Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014


WIRE Page 9


Nesting hawks
attack patrons
outside library
- Six people have been
attacked outside a central
Florida library this week
by a pair of hawks nesting
in a nearby tree.
County officials are
advising library patrons
to use umbrellas as
shields from the two
red-shouldered hawks.
County spokesman Dave
Byron said three patrons
of Port Orange Regional
Library were scratched on
the head, but no one was
The Daytona Beach
News-Journal reports
the hawks were trying
to protect what appears
to be three babies in the
Byron said the hawks
are a federally protected
species and the nest can't
be removed without a
special permit.
The library will provide
escorts and umbrellas
for the next few weeks
until the babies are able
to fly out of the nest and
their parents are less
Troopers to look
for distracted
drivers on 1-75

NAPLES (AP) Expect
increased patrols in the
coming weeks as Florida
Highway Patrol troopers
step up enforcement
along Interstate 75.
A new initiative called
"Staying Alive On 75"
pairs Florida troopers
with law enforcement
agencies in a handful
of other states with the
overall goal of reducing
deaths on 1-75 by 15
percent in the year 2014.
Troopers on 1-75 are
using aircraft to step
up their enforcement
through this weekend and
the coming weekends.

FHP Lt. Greg Bueno says
this weekend's focus is on
distracted driving.
The Naples Daily
News reports that future
weekends will include
focus on other issues
with motorists, including
driving while impaired.

Fla. mom charged
with fatally
stabbing son

(AP)- A Tampa Bay
mother was charged with
first-degree murder after
authorities say she fatally
stabbed her 4-year-old
son Friday night.
St. Petersburg police
said Tasha Trotter was
waiting on the apart-
ment's porch when
Joseph Artis and his
grandmother came home.
Police said Trotter was
acting oddly and grabbed
a knife once inside the
house and went after
the boy. Police said the
grandmother, Carolyn
Trotter, tried unsuccess-
fully to stop her.
A short time later,
Trotter carried her son
out the front door. Police
found the boy outside
with multiple stab
wounds. Artis, who lived
with his grandmother,
was pronounced dead at
the hospital.
Neighbor Sherry Ford
told the Tampa Bay Times
she heard screams from
her home.
Officers told Trotter to
hand over the child and
she complied.
"She just laid him on
the ground," Ford said.
"She just politely laid
him on the ground. She
still had the knife in her
St. Petersburg police
say Tasha Trotter did not
want to talk to detectives
Friday night and said
they don't have a motive
as to why she allegedly
stabbed her son. She was

taken to Pinellas County
Jail. It's unclear if she has
retained an attorney.
Department of Children
and Families officials
worried about the boy's
safety in 2009 after
receiving a call about
violence in the home that
appeared to involve the
child's father. Trotter and
the boy moved in with
the child's grandmother
and the father agreed not
to contact the child, DCF
spokeswoman Natalie
Harrell said.
In 2010, Trotter vol-
untarily gave the boy's
grandmother, Carolyn
Trotter, temporary guard-
ianship and moved out of
the home. A judge made
it permanent a year later.
Two other siblings, one
older and one young-
er, had already been
removed from Trotter's
custody prior to the stab-
bing, according to DCE
DCF officials were
unable to provide what
treatment, if any, Trotter
had received, due to pri-
vacy laws. Family mem-
bers told police she had a
history of mental illness
and has been in and
out of several treatment
Fla. man pleads
guilty to poaching
sea turtle eggs

(AP) -A South Florida
man has pleaded guilty to
poaching more than 300
sea turtle eggs.
The U.S. Attorney's
Office reports that
52-year-old Kenneth
Cornelius Coleman
pleaded guilty Friday to
one count of unlawfully
transporting endangered
sea turtle eggs. He faces
up to five years in prison
and a $250,000 fine.
Authorities say
Coleman took 316 sea
turtle eggs from nests
in Juno Beach over two

days last July. The poach-
ing was discovered by
employees at a sea turtle
rescue center, who were
able to rebury 219 eggs
found in canvas bags on
the beach. Another 97
eggs discovered by police
the next day were also
Witnesses identified
the poacher as Coleman.
He previously spent 30
months in jail for trans-
porting endangered sea
turtle eggs in 2010.

Coast Guard
rescues 12 Cuban
U.S. Coast Guard reports
that air crews rescued
12 Cuban migrants after
their vessel sank in the
Caribbean Sea.
The Coast Guard
received reports Thursday
morning of migrants
suffering from dehydra-
tion, stranded on Lobos
Cay Island, Bahamas.
Coast Guard Air Station
Clearwater dispatched
an HC-144 Ocean Sentry
plane and an MH-60
helicopter to search for
the group. After locating
the migrants, the plane's

crew dropped emer-
gency supplies, and the
helicopter landed and
retrieved the migrants.
The group was turned
over to Bahamian officials
in Nassau, Bahamas.
Deputy shoots
man after couple
has sex in pool
Authorities say an off-duty
deputy has shot a man
after confronting a couple
while they were having sex
in the pool of a Boca Raton
Palm Beach County
Sheriff's officials said the

deputy walked into the
complex pool area where
he lives just after midnight
Saturday and found the
couple having sex. He
asked them to leave the
premises. Authorities said
the couple, who do not live
in the area, returned a short
time later.
Authorities say the male
victim approached the dep-
uty while he was sitting in
a lounge chair and hovered
over him in a threatening
way. The two fought and the
unnamed deputy shot the
The unidentified victim
was hospitalized in critical

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Page 10 WI RE The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014




Mostly sunny; breezy

760/ 520
0% chance of rain

UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today

9 9
5 ***" 5

62 68 77 81 80 73
8a.m. 10a.m. Noon 2p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.
The higher the UV Index number,
the heater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low;
3.5 Moderate; 6-7 Higi; 8.10 Very Higi; I11 Extreme.
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature
based on eight weather factors.
Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday
0 50 100 150 200 300 500
0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous
Main pollutant: particulates

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday
Trees '. -": ,o
Weeds o'.o.o
Molds 0'
absent low moderate high veryhigh
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday

Normal High/Low
Record High 90
Record Low 42
Precipitation (in inches)
24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday
Month to date
Normal month to date
Year to date
Normal year to date
Record 1.13

0 (1980)

3" (2010)

Month 2014 2013 Avg. Record/Year
Jan. 3.67 0.43 1.80 7.07/1979
Feb. 1.24 2.12 2.52 11.05/1983
Mar. 4.75 1.98 3.28 9.26/1970
Apr. 3.06 2.03 5.80/1994
May 2.76 2.50 9.45/1991
Jun. 10.50 8.92 23.99/1974
Jul. 7.38 8.22 14.22/1995
Aug. 9.29 8.01 15.60/1995
Sep. 11.12 6.84 14.03/1979
Oct. 3.48 2.93 10.88/1995
Nov. 0.01 1.91 5.53/2002
Dec. 0.97 1.78 6.83/2002
Year 9.66 53.10 50.74 (since 1931)
Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m.

Cool a.m.; mostly

0% chance of rain

Possible weather-related delays today. Check
with your airline for the most updated schedules.
Hi/Lo Outlook Delays
Ft. Myers 80/55 sun none
Punta Gorda 79/49 sun none
Sarasota 75/53 sun none
The Sun Rise Set
Today 7:22 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
Monday 7:20 a.m. 7:45 p.m.
The Moon Rise Set
Today 7:07 a.m. 7:55 p.m.
Monday 7:50 a.m. 8:56 p.m.
New First Full Last

Mar30 Apr7 Apr15 Apr22

Minor Major Minor Major
Today 5:49a 12:02p 6:15p --
Mon. 6:41a 12:28a 7:07p 12:25p
Tue. 7:37a 1:24a 8:03p 1:50p
The solunar period schedule allows planning days
so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in
good cover during those times. Major periods begin
at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours.The
minor periods are shorter.
High Low High Low
Punta Gorda
Today 3:39a 9:56a 3:38p10:30p
Mon. 4:29a 10:22a 4:01pll:14p
Today 2:16a 8:12a 2:15p 8:46p
Mon. 3:06a 8:38a 2:38p 9:30p
Boca Grande
Today 1:21a 6:33a 1:20p 7:07p
Mon. 2:lla 6:59a 1:43p 7:51p
El Jobean
Today 4:1 la 10:25a 4:10p10:59p
Mon. 5:01a 10:51a 4:33pll:43p
Today 12:31a 6:51a 12:30p 7:25p
Mon. 1:21a 7:17a 12:53p 8:09p


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

Hi Lo W
70 45 s
74 55 s
73 56 s
79 61 pc
73 50 s
80 65 pc
80 55 s
76 54 s
73 42 s
73 42 s
80 63 pc

i Lo W
2 47 s
9 58 s
8 60 s
9 64 pc
4 51 s
) 67 pc
1 59 pc
7 53 pc
9 45 s
3 46 s
8 66 pc

Cool a.m.; sunny

820/ 580
0% chance of rain

Mostly sunny

0% chance of rain

,, .. '-'

Partly cloudy

850/ 650
0% chance of rain

Cleaiwater! 1
73 "55 atel PlaI nt City
7 J.771 46 Winter Haven
S:'"'." I 76, 53
"-. Tampa 'Brandon
S 73/53 77 48 '
Bartu* '
,-lf 76,49 ";

St. Petersburg Apollo Beach J
73, 56 Apollo Beach ~ t M-d' c
73, 5674 53 76/50

S Wauchula
SBradenton 76 53
Longboat Key Myakka City Limestone
74/57 77"/51 J 78 49
Sarasota* a '
75/53 ::'" ',

Osprey 3 Arcadia
75/52 78 54 ".
Shown is today's weather. 76/51 North Port 78/50Hu
Temperatures are today's 78/50 78/50
highs and tonight's lows. Port Charlutte
| 76 '52
Fnol .i,-,,-d ,.,,., .1.

Gulf Water


76 51 '*

Boca Grande

Forecasts and graphics, except for the
WINK-T1V 5-day forecast, provided by
AccuWeather, Inc. 2014

Publication date: 3/30/14
Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland
direction in knots in feet chop
Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs
NNW 10-20 1-3 Light
Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola
N 12-25 3-6 Moderate

Key West
Panama City

Hi Lo W
78 67 pc
75 51 s
76 50 s
74 51 s
81 63 pc
80 55 s
74 42 s
76 54 s
76 52 s
69 46 s
70 49 s

i Lo W
9 70 pc
) 55 s
) 55 s
6 53 pc
) 66 pc
) 60 pc
9 45 s
7 53 pc
9 53 s
1 47 s
2 53 s

Punta Gorda

Fort Myers

Cape Coral


Bonita Springs

Pompano Beach
St. Augustine
St. Petersburg
Vero Beach
West Palm Beach
Winter Haven

Hi Lo W
78 60 pc
71 48 s
73 56 s
75 52 s
75 53 s
74 38 s
73 53 s
71 52 s
75 53 s
77 57 pc
76 53 s

Hi Lo W
79 64 pc
72 51 s
78 60 s
78 54 s
79 56 pc
79 39 s
78 58 s
74 52 s
76 54 pc
78 62 pc
80 56 s

High ................... 86 at Marathon, FL

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Chic, go

Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
:. Denver
Des Moines
**:;.-.: Detroit
Lehigh Acres Fairbanks
80/53 Fargo
F Honolulu

Hi Lo W
74 42 pc
39 20 s
65 39 s
49 34 r
46 26 r
66 39 s
53 35 c
46 34 r
39 29 c
39 25 sn
50 28 sn
63 32 pc
58 39 s
55 34 s
42 26 pc
70 37 s
49 32 pc
41 32 r
79 55 s
75 38 pc
69 49 s
49 31 s
43 27 pc
28 2 pc
44 16 c
46 34 r
48 28 c
82 71 pc
75 55 s
58 38 s


Buenos Aires

Hi Lo W
65 47 pc
78 46 pc
75 49 s
61 39 c
75 57 r
77 58 s

Hi LoW
65 43 pc
39 25 s
75 51 s
60 37 s
41 24 sf
77 51 pc
56 39 pc
44 34 r
49 31 pc
43 26 c
67 41 s
75 45 s
65 38 pc
68 48 pc
59 40 s
79 45 s
66 47 s
44 26 r
82 58 t
55 24 pc
68 27 r
60 41 pc
34 11 r
31 9 s
26 1 sn
49 31 r
46 28 sf
84 72 pc
79 61 pc
67 46 pc

Hi LoW
65 47 pc
64 42 s
66 43 r
62 39 c
70 59 s
80 61 s

Low ....... -7 at International Falls, MN

Jackson, MS
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
Norfolk, VA

Hi Lo W
70 43 s
77 53 s
59 35 pc
70 54 pc
70 54 sh
62 39 s
68 48 s
54 38 s
57 41 pc
69 39 s
63 37 s
70 51 s
51 38 r
56 42 sh

Hi LoW
77 52 pc
73 31 pc
71 46 s
73 56 s
67 54 pc
72 52 pc
75 56 pc
59 38 r
50 22 r
79 46 s
75 52 pc
75 60 pc
55 40 r
59 45 s

Oklahoma City 77 52 s 78 42 pc
Omaha 77 50 s 59 24 pc
Philadelphia 52 37 r 58 40 pc
Phoenix 84 59 pc 83 61 pc
Pittsburgh 44 28 pc 60 38 s
Portland, ME 39 32 r 43 28 r
Portland, OR 55 41 sh 58 42 c
Providence 50 36 r 46 33 r
Raleigh 60 36 sh 73 43 s

Salt Lake City
St. Louis
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

City Hi Lo W
Mexico City 76 52 pc
Montreal 34 27 sn
Ottawa 37 22 sn
Paris 69 47 pc
Regina 22 1 pc
Rio de Janeiro 86 74 t

56 38 pc
73 39 t
83 62 pc
64 56 pc
55 48 r
57 40 c
63 43 s

Hi Lo W
79 52 pc
45 28 pc
45 30 pc
70 46 c
26 12 s
82 73 t

Calgary 21 9 c 33 16 pc Rome 68 50 pc 68 48 pc
Cancun 84 74 t 85 73 sh St. John's 30 19 c 28 19 sn
Dublin 57 46 sh 55 41 sh San Juan 86 73 pc 88 73 s
Edmonton 12 -6 c 17 -4 pc Sydney 77 62 pc 80 60 pc
Halifax 35 32 i 38 28 r Tokyo 67 52 r 67 46 s
Kiev 50 35 s 56 35 pc Toronto 46 29 c 55 32 pc
London 63 48 c 61 46 pc Vancouver 51 40 sh 53 40 c
Madrid 57 46 c 59 48 c Winnipeg 31 5 c 22 -1 c
Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

Impossible lottery winnings; could it be crime?

(Cox Newspapers) -Amit
and Nita Thakker are two
of the luckiest people in
The Florida Lotto?
They've won big cash three
The Fantasy Five?Won
that four times.
The Play 4? Pssshhh.
They've won that 95
Altogether, the Thakkers
have won prizes worth
$600 or more 214 times
since 2005, collecting a cool
The Thakkers say it's
mostly luck.
Other lotteries have seen
stories similar to these.

Their findings: It's mostly
Florida's most prolific
winners might be too
lucky, and Florida's Lottery
can't explain why, a Palm
Beach Post investigation
has found. The winning
patterns raise red flags that
have led other lotteries and
police to uncover wide-
spread ticket theft by store
employees, neighborhood
"ticket brokers" who helped
winners avoid taxes, even
drug lords laundering
These people are not the
lucky jackpot winners you
see on the news. Rather,
they're flying under the
radar, cashing in tens or

hundreds of tickets, each
usually worth between
$1,000 and $20,000. Six of
the top 10 winners are like
the Thakkers, store clerks
and owners who sell lottery
They're defying the odds.
But their patterns also defy
logic. Take these cases:
Louis Tillman Johnson
had never been lucky until
October 2007. Since then,
lottery records show he's
cashed in a big winner
every 11 days, on average,
collecting $719,000. Half
of the top 10 winners are
like Johnson: no wins for
more than a decade, then
incredible winning streaks.
Sherry Monestime gets

lucky wherever she goes.
The Lantana woman has
hit it big with tickets from
55 different stores across
four counties, from Surfside
to Fort Pierce. Most of the
top winners are equally
lucky: They've all cashed
in big tickets sold at 30 or
more stores.
Jacqueline Antionetta
Bames has far outpaced
everyone who plays the
lottery at the J.W Food
Mart in Riviera Beach. She's
cashed in two of every
three winning tickets sold
there since 2008, collecting
Florida's state-run
lottery lacks many of the
safeguards used by other


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Inside Wal-Mart
(941) 451-7069

Merchants Crossing
(941) 526-0186

lotteries to track unusual
winners. And officials here
can't explain how these
people win so often.
Lottery Secretary Cynthia
O'Connell said they could
be lucky.
"That's what the lottery
is all about," she said. "You
can buy one ticket and you
become a millionaire."
Lottery Inspector
General Andy Mompeller
doesn't agree.
"Nobody wins that
much," he said. "The odds
are what they are."
Those mixed signals
extend to questions about
these winners. Security of-
ficials, when asked by The
Post, said some of them
are on their radar, and they
repeatedly mentioned "the
potential for an ongoing
But their winning streaks
go back years, and when
The Post spoke to some of
them, they said no one had
ever questioned their wins.
Lottery officials point
out that winning so often
isn't proof of a crime, and
The Post's analysis of public
records cannot conclude
whether any crime has
been committed.
To discover these
extraordinary winners,
The Post spent months
analyzing the lottery's list of
more than 600,000 people
who won $600 or more
since 1993 and focused on
those who recently cashed
in tickets the most often
- something the lottery
doesn't do.
Most people, 96 percent,
cashed in winners on four
or fewer dates between
2003 and August 2013.
But The Post found more
than 200 people who have
cashed in big winners at
least 30 times.
Other lotteries do the
same analysis for one
reason: They know that
winning even $600 in the

lottery is rare; when some-
body does it a lot, it means
something's wrong.
California and Ontario
discovered some store
clerks were top winners
because they stole winning
tickets from unsuspecting
customers or shortchanged
them. The clerks would run
tickets through a machine
behind the counter and tell
players that their tickets
were either all losers or
small winners.
Other lottery schemers
appeared as big winners
because they cashed in
tickets for people looking
to avoid paying child
support or back taxes.
If a winner owes child
support, for example, the
lottery will take that mon-
ey out of their winnings.
A ticket casher will help
them avoid it. Although
it's illegal, the lottery has
stopped pursuing some
of these cases because
prosecutors won't go after
Still others were drug
dealers and other criminals
who used lottery tickets
to launder money. The
Post found examples in six
states, including Florida,
where a drug dealer
and a lottery employee
laundered half a million
dollars through the lottery
in the 1990s before federal
authorities caught up to
The Florida Lottery is
the second largest in North
America, but it's taken only
meager steps to prevent
these kinds of fraud.
Officials have little idea
who's operating its lottery
terminals at more than
13,000 outlets. Unlike the
biggest Canadian lotteries,
for example, it backgrounds
only store owners, not
They also don't know if
retailers or employees are
cashing in tickets.


-10s -Os Os 10s20s 30s 40s 50s I 60s 70s I 80s 90s
Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
s .'S~itle,-- /** W.nn.pog^ ,*'. r
S:538 31 Mon[reui -
SBillngs ~3470 7
46f406 Minneapolis
^ /t*"' L^ J^ ~~57141 D~l.o-".'
Detml Toronto
sew York.
',,' 51PJ1
San Francisco' [angas CityChicago
6 y77/9 5 hingon
60(48 Washn-'
Denve 50135 5 '' 11
.Los Age 75 738" '
17. -v ,, ^Wi;

*Chruaiua o5 j At *'
7515 5Miami
81/48 \ 81/6381.J
Fronts Precipitation

Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
U.S. Extremes (Forthe 48 contiguous states yesterday)

-Page 10 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014



Sunday, March 30,2014 @SunCoastSports

Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence


IndyCar Series




Scott Dixon began
his 2013 season with
a rare struggle a
20th-place qualifying run
at the Grand Prix of St.
By the end of the race,
Dixon had climbed his
way to a fifth-place
finish. And by the end
of the season, he was an
IndyCar series champion,
The 33-year-old has
spent his career quietly,
steadily hiding in the
celebrity shadow of former
teammate Dario Franchitti.
With Franchitti retired,
Dixon has the chance to
become the face of power-
house Chip Ganassi Racing
and cement his status as
one of the greatest drivers
in series history.
"I find he sneaks up on
you," said Scott Goodyear,
a former IndyCar series
runnerup who's now an
analyst for ABC/ESPN.
Dixon's on-track record
shouldn't sneak up on
He has won three series
championships (2003,
2008, 2013). He dominated
the 2008 Indianapolis 500.
His 33 victories are the
most among active drivers
and tied for seventh in
series history.
He has finished second
at the Grand Prix three
times, and his No. 9
Chevrolet figures to be a
contender again when the
green flag drops Sunday.
"I think he's just solid,
man, like a rock..."
Ganassi teammate Ryan
Briscoe said. "He just gets
the job done."
Dixon's success comes
from a mixture of talent,

WHAT: IndyCar Series opener
WHEN: Today, 3:20 p.m.
WHERE: St. Petersburg (street
course, 1.8 miles)
RACE DISTANCE: 198 miles,
110 laps
ON THE POLE: Takuma Sato



Lon Kruger
Billy Donovan
Billy Donovan
Billy Donovan
Billy Donovan

Syracuse, N.Y.
St. Louis

Florida 74, Boston College 66
Florida 77, Oklahoma St. 65
Florida 75, Villanova 62
Florida 85, Oregon 77
Florida 62, Dayton 52

Arlington, Tex.

Duke 70, Florida 65
Florida 71, North Carolina 59
Florida 73, George Mason 58
Florida 76, UCLA 66
Florida vs. UConn/Michigan St.


Michigan St. 89, Florida 76
Florida 73, UCLA 57
Florida 84, Ohio State 75

* NCAA TOURNAMENT: Florida 62, Dayton 52

Florida guard Scottie Wilbekin shoots against Dayton guard Jordan Sibert (24) during the second half in Saturday's regional
final at the NCAA tournament in Memphis, Tenn. The Gators won 62-52.

Kept at jaw's length

Gators drop Dayton, erase Elite Eight curse

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Florida point
guard Scottie Wilbekin headed to
the free-throw line with a knowing
smile on his face, sharing a quick
chest bump along the way with Casey
There were still 37 seconds to go in
Saturday's matchup with the Dayton
Flyers. This time, though, nothing was
going to keep the Gators from making
the next step.
Florida is headed to the Final Four
after ending the Flyers' Cinderella run
in the NCAA tournament and validat-
ing the Gators' magical season with a
62-52 win.
The Gators had stumbled to three
straight Elite Eight losses, twice seeing
large second-half leads slip away. But
the winninest senior class in school
history made the most of its best and
final chance.

"We've been on the other side of it
before," center Patric Young said. "It
feels really good not to be on the other
side because we've been close."
Even though the Gators (36-2) en-
tered Saturday's matchup a 10-point
favorite and riding a 29-game win
streak, when the final horn sounded,
Young put his hands on his head in
"It still hadn't hit me we would be
one of final four teams in the country
playing," he said.
Dayton, which finished fifth in the
Atlantic-10 Conference, reached the
South Regional final by playing with
relentless energy and 11-deep roster
that carried the Flyers to upsets of
Ohio State, Syracuse and Stanford.
The Flyers (26-11) stuck with the
Gators for much of the second half,
but after Dayton forward Kendall
Pollard tied the game at 23 with 4:40

WHO: Florida (36-2) vs.
UConn/Michigan State winner
WHAT: National semifinal
(Final Four)
WHEN: Saturday, TBD
WHERE: AT&T Stadium,
Arlington, Texas
RADIO: 620 AM, 930 AM

Florida 62, Dayton 52
Wisconsin 64, Arizona 63, OT
UConn (29-8) vs. Michigan
State (29-8), 2:20 p.m. (CBS)
Michigan (28-8) vs. Kentucky
(27-10), 5:05 p.m. (CBS)

* MLB: Season preview

WHAT: Opening night
WHO: Los Angeles (2-0)
at San Diego (0-0)
WHEN: Today, 8:05 p.m.
WHERE: Petco Park, San Diego
Hyun-Jin Ryu (1-0, 0.00 ERA) vs.
Andrew Cashner (0-0, .000)



is on

Mike Scioscia moved
his left fielder onto the
infield dirt, then watched
him start a double play.
Matt Williams tried a
similar trick he put his
right fielder on the grass
behind the mound, only
to see a bases-loaded
triple fly into the vacated
All over the majors this
year, the shift is on.
From the designer
defenses taking over the
game, to expanded replay,
to opening day on a crick-
et ground in Australia,
baseball is changing.
Those scraggly beards
of the World Series
champion Boston Red
Sox? Shaved off, mostly.
Soon Derek Jeter will be
gone, too.
"You can't do this forev-
er," the Yankees captain
said. "I'd like to, but you
can't do it forever."
Ryan Braun and the
Biogenesis bunch are
back in except for Alex
Rodriguez along with
tougher drug penalties.
Reckless crashing into
catchers is an automatic
out. Robinson Cano,
Shin-Soo Choo and
Japanese ace Masahiro
Tanaka changed sides,
as did Jacoby Ellsbury,
Prince Fielder and Curtis
Plus, there's a rookie
with real pedigree -
sweet Hank the Dog got a
second chance. He found
a home in Milwaukee
and his own bobblehead
Also, a bright forecast
for mega-rich Miguel
Cabrera and fellow MVP
Andrew McCutchen.


Orphans of signing day

It's just the beginning for players

who don't commit on Feb. 5

As his teammates ate a
sheet cake celebrating Sly
Augustyn's commitment
to Ellsworth Junior College
on national signing day
Feb. 5, North Port High
School running back
Leonard Faison felt empty
and disappointed.
Five of Darren Price's
Port Charlotte teammates
signed in an elaborate
ceremony at the school,
but even with an offer in

hand, Price chose to wait.
Lemon Bay linebacker
Josh Schulte had been
contacted by several
Division I schools, but as
signing day approached,
his phone went silent.
That left the always-in-
tense Schulte a little bit
"I had multiple D-I
schools talking to me,
recruiting me," Schulte
said. "But the last week
before signing day, they
pulled out and blew me

off. I got screwed over.
These were just some of
the area football players
who missed out on prep
football's spring extrava-
ganza last month. While it
makes for a major media
event meriting its own
ticker on ESPN, the bulk
of area athletes don't sign
on national signing day.
Players like Schulte and
Price committed during
spring break two weeks
ago Schulte to Mount
Union, Price (along with
teammate Marlin Pierre)
to Warner.
"Kids that aren't


Chris McGIII, second from left, chats with Ave Maria football coach Marty Quinn during the
Southwest Florida Football Recruting Fair in 2013. At left is McGill's father Chris.

INDEX I Lottery 21 Auto racing 2 | Shore Lines 2 | MLB 3-4 | College basketball 5 | Scoreboard 61 NHL 61 Preps 71 Golf 81 Quick Hits 8

Page 2 SP The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

Florida Lottery

* CASH 3
March 29N .................................3-0-9
March 29D .................................6-1-7
March 28N .................................9-6-7
March 28D .................................1-9-5
March 27N .................................6-4-4
March 27D .................................0-2-0
D-Day, N-Night

March 29N ..............................8-9-9-5
March 29D ..............................4-3-7-1
March 28N ..............................9-1-8-4
March 28D ..............................3-8-0-9
March 27N ..............................1-6-1-7
March 27D ..............................3-5-8-4
D-Day, N-Night

March 29.....................5-10-15-22-24
March 28....................... 1-5-15-21-30
March 27....................... 2-4-16-20-21
2 5-digit winners.......... $121,454.12
390 4-digit winners .................. $100
11,235 3-digit winners............ $9.50

March 28.........................14-20-25-34
M egaBall...........................................4

March 25......................10-12-14-23
M egaBall........................................... 5
0 4-of-4MB.........................$500,000
7 4-of-4.................................. $861.50
43 3-of-4 MB............................... $307
778 3-of-4................................$50.50

March 29..................4-8-13-36-38-45
March 22..................1-8-10-16-52-53
0 6-digit winners ......................$25M
37 5-digit winners............. $3,589.50
1,738 4-digit winners ....................$2
29,346 3-digit winners ..................$5

March 29....................... 2-3-12-27-38
Powerball.................................1....... 1

March 26............... 28-33-41-44-59
0 5 of5 + PB.............................. $40M
0 5 of5.............................$1,000,000
1 4of5 + PB......................... $10,000
45 4of5 ....................................$100
$50 million

March 28......................... 2-3-9-50-73
MegaBall......................................... 12

March 25................19-26-51-57-73
MegaBall......................................... 15
0 5of5+MB............................$15M
0 5 of5.............................$1,000,000
1 4of5 + MB..........................$5,000
13 4of5 ....................................$500


It is the Sun's policy to correct all
errors of fact. To report an error, call or
email the sports department.

How to...

Submit a story idea: Email or call Mark
Lawrence 941-206-1175. Mustcontain
name, address and phone number.
Report a high school result: Call
877-818-6204 or 941-206-1126 by
10:30 p.m. the day the event is held.
Submit local golf scores: Email scores
to Scores
appear in the weekly Herald sections.


Kentucky an upset? Madness, I say

his column
be read
while listening
to "California
Dreamin'" by the
Mamas and the Rb
Papas (running R
time: 2 minutes, 38 SHORE
You know
why they call it March Bi
Madness when you see attitude
Kentucky defeat Wichita on the
State and media every- Owen
where call it an upset. Jacksc
Baltimore Ravens the EL
running back Ray Rice got attrac
married to Janay Palmer played
on Friday ... one day Sa
after being indicted for cornme
assaulting her. If you love (an ac
somebody- oh, never phobe
mind. felony
In other news, Rice (as brand
noted, who has just been brass

Scott Dixon is strapped into his ca
IndyCar Firestone Grand Prix of S


dedication and stability.
He earned a win at
his third CART race as
a 20-year-old rookie in
2001. Since then, he has
improved technically
and added experience.
Competitors call him a
master at saving fuel -
an important strategic
advantage in many events.
"Scott is just relentless,"
said Ryan Hunter-Reay,
the 2012 series cham-
pion. "He's a guy that
goes about his business
quietly, professionally...
"He's a guy that you
always know will make
your Sunday hard."
It helps that he has
become a fixture in
Ganassi's red cars.
No driver has ever been
with the team as long
as Dixon has (13 years).
That long partnership has
formed strong bonds in
the garage that pay off on
the track. The team knows
each other well enough
that they can keep minor
setbacks from becoming
major problems.
"It's ridiculous,"
Hunter-Reay said.
Dixon and his team

indicted) is still
with the Ravens.
Meanwhile, the
Eagles cut ties
with DeSean
Jackson, in part
reportedly be-
cause of fears that
Jackson had gang
it Jackson's me-first
de had clearly worn
e Eagles. First Terrell
s, now DeSean
on ... weird how
eagles attract (or are
ted to) that sort of
n Francisco 49ers
rback Chris Culliver
admitted homo-
e) was arrested for
y hit and run and
dishing a set of
knuckles on Friday

Rob Shore ponders three topics
each weekday in The Hat Trick at

morning. So who is more
likely to be on an NFL
roster in 2014: Culver or
out-of-the-closet draft
prospect Michael Sam?
*When NFL teams
wonder how you're going
to handle the bright lights
of the pros as some are
about Johnny Manziel
- maybe it's not a good
idea for your pro day to
sport a Nike line designed
especially for you.
Speaking of Manziel,
if he gets down to Tampa
Bay's pick at No. 7, how
do the Bucs say no?
Oakland Raiders


Rain was

truck ser

The NASCAR Truck
..... .Series race at Martinsville
AP PHOTO Speedway was rained
out Saturday and will be
ar before practice for the made up as part of a rare
t. Petersburg on Friday. doubleheader today.
NASCAR says the Sprint
showed their reliability and Cup race will start at 1:13
consistency in last year's p.m., and the hope is the
unlikely championship Truck Series race can start
run. He all but counted by about 5:30 p.m.
himself out of the cham- The tricky part will
pionship picture when he not only be cooperation
finished outside the top 10 from the weather, but a
in five of the first 10 races, smooth Cup race because 1
He fell as low as eighth Martinsville Speedway,
in the championship hunt the oldest in the premier
before winning three series, does not have I
straight races, at Pocono lights.
and the Toronto double- The track said tickets I
header. Dixon finished for both races will be
the season with three honored, with the caveat
consecutive top fives to that ticket holders with I
top Helio Castroneves for truck tickets only will
the series title, have to wait until 100
"I think the comeback laps have been run in
for us as a team was huge the Cup race to enter the I
..." Dixon said. "When it's track.
counted, they've pulled Hamilton out front in
it out or been able to stay Hamltooutfrot
more consistent than Malaysia: In Sepang, Malaysia,
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has
some of the others."
T his season could be one taken pole position for the Malaysian
This season couldbe one Grand Prix after a wet qualifying e
of te most challenging ^ ^^^ ^
session at the Sepang International
of Dixon's recent career. Circuit.
Ganassi switched from ato I
Ganassi switched from Tropical rains delayed the start of F
Honda engines to Chevy, qualifying for 50 minutes on Saturday, 1
so they're adjusting to new but even the wet track could not i
equipment. And although prevent Mercedes continuing the
Franchitti will still be dominance it had shown all weekend,
around the team, Dixons and Hamilton made it back-to-back
good friend won't be in the poles to start the new Formula One I
No. 10 car to compare notes. season.
"Dario will still be with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel came I
the team and taking some close, but finished five hundredths of 1
of that limelight," Dixon a second behind Hamilton and just in
said. "I'm perfectly fine front of Mercedes'Nico Rosberg, who
with that." qualified third.

safety Charles Woodson
said on Bay Area radio
that he expects to make
the playoffs next season.
Does he play in a flag
football league on the
Speaking of the
Oakland Raiders,
they signed former
Jacksonville Jaguars
running back Maurice
Jones-Drew on Friday.
That will be good be-
cause MJD and Darren
McFadden can re-enact
the scene from Jaws
where Robert Shaw and
Richard Dreyfus compare
old injuries.
One of the benefits of
being a Tampa Bay Rays
fan: You'll never hurt
yourself when your jaw
drops after they sign a
player to a $292 million

shes out

dies race

Trucks sit on pit road under
covers as a crew member
sweeps water from a pit stall.
Saturday's race was postponed
to today.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and
Kimi Raikkonen qualified fourth and
sixth, separated by Red Bull's Daniel

Enders-Stevens makes
NHRA history: Erica Enders-
Stevens became the first female
winner in K&N Horsepower Challenge
history, beating Dave Connolly in the
Pro Stock bonus event Saturday in the NHRA Nationals.
In the field as a replacement for
the sidelined Mike Edwards, Enders-
Stevens edged fan-vote winner
Connolly with a 6.646-second run at
208.39 mph in her Chevy Camaro. She
earned $50,000.
In the regular event, Antron Brown
earned the top qualifying spot in Top
Fuel, Courtney Force led the Funny Car
Field, and Jeg Coughlin was the fastest
in Pro Stock.
Brown secured his first No. 1
qualifier of the season and 35th of his
career with his 3.768 at 325.14. The
Don Schumacher Racing driver took
the top position from series points
leader Doug Kalitta on the last pass of
the final session.
Force set track records in both
elapsed time and speed with her run
of 4.006 at 325.37 in a Ford Mustang.

contract extension, as
the Detroit Tigers did
Thursday with Miggy
A men's basketball
coaching job search
that ends with an ideal
candidate only to have
the school quash the job
offer less than a day later
over his lacking a college
degree? Yup, sounds like
South Florida.
Then came the devel-
opment that the UNLV
coach announced he was
pulling out of the search.
You probably wouldn't
be surprised if that same
story later identified that
coach as Jerry Tarkanian,
but then, April 1 isn't until
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NASCAR Sprint Cup
STP 500 Lineup
After Friday qualifying; race Sunday
At Martinsville Speedway
Martinsville, Va.
Lap length .526 miles
(Car number in parentheses)
1. (18) Kyle BuschToyota, 99.674 mph.
2. (11) Denny Hamlin,Toyota, 99.548.
3. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 99.428.
4. (48) JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet, 99.178.
5. (24) JeffGordon, Chevrolet, 99.048.
6. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 99.048.
7. (14) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 98.883.
8. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 98.846.
9. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 98.625.
10. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 98.165.
11.(16) Greg Biffle, Ford,97.764.
12. (15) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 97.382.
13. (55) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 98.965.
14. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 98.929.
15. (47) A J AIImendinger, Chevrolet, 98.888.
16. (31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 98.877.
17.(9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 98.712.
18. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 98.707.
19. (23) Alex Bowman, Toyota, 98.661.
20. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 98.625.
21.(27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 98.61.
22. (41) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 98.61.
23. (13) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 98.599.
24. (34) David Ragan, Ford, 98.599.
25. (51) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 98.43.
26. (88) Dale EarnhardtJr, Chevrolet, 98.379.
27. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 98.359.
28. (42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 98.333.
29.(32)Travis Kvapil, Ford, 98.246.
30. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 98.206.
31. (78) Martin TruexJr, Chevrolet, 98.2.
32. (95) Michael McDowell, Ford, 98.002.
33. (98) Josh Wise, Chevrolet, 97.957.
34. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 97.886.

36. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 97.759.
37. (33) David Stremme, Chevrolet, owner points.
38.(83) Ryan Truex,Toyota, owner points.
39. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, owner points.
40. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, owner points.
41.(30) Parker Kligerman,Toyota, owner points.
42. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, owner points.
43. (66) Joe Nemechek,Toyota, owner points.
Failed to Qualify
S44.(35) David Reutimann, Ford, 97.759.

NASCAR Camping
World Truck Series
Kroger 250 Lineup
After Saturday qualifying; racetoday
At Martinsville Speedway
Ridgeway, Va.
Lap length .526 miles
(Car number in parentheses)
1. (54) Darrell Wallace Jr,Toyota, Owner Points.
2. (29) Ryan Blaney, Ford, Owner Points.
3. (17)Timothy Peters, Toyota, Owner Points.
4. (51) Erik Jones, Toyota, Owner Points.
5. (30) Ron HornadayJr, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
6. (31) Ben Kennedy, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
7. (7) Brian Ickler, Toyota, Owner Points.
8. (77) German Quiroga,Toyota, Owner Points.
9. (00) Cole Custer, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
10. (88) Matt Crafton,Toyota, Owner Points.
11. (20) GrayGaulding, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
12. (32) Ben Rhodes, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
13. (92) Ross Chastain, Ford, Owner Points.
14. (98) Johnny Sauter, Toyota, Owner Points.
15. (9) Chase Pistone, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
16. (5) John WesTownley, Toyota, Owner Points.
17. (19) Tyler Reddick, Ford, Owner Points.
18. (21) Joey Coulter, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
19.(35) Mason Mingus, Toyota, Owner Points.
20. (8) John Hunter Nemechek, Toyota, Owner Points.
21. (33) Brandon Jones, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
22. (13) Jeb Burton,Toyota, Owner Points.

23. (02)Tyler Young, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
24. (74) Alex Guenette, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
25. (23) Spencer Gallagher, Chevrolet, Qualifying Draw.
26. (75) Caleb Holman, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
27. (99) Bryan Silas, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
28. (68) Clay Greenfield, Ram, Qualifying Draw.
29. (07) Ray Black Jr, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
30. (56) Raymond Terczak Jr, Chevrolet, Qualifying
31. (63) Justin Jennings, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
32. (66) Josh Williams, Ford, Qualifying Draw.
33. (50)Travis Kvapil, Chevrolet, Past Champion.
34. (08) Korbin Forrister, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
35. (57) Norm Benning, Chevrolet, Owner Points.
36. (10) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Ram, Owner Points.

Formula 1
Malaysia Grand Prix Lineup
After Saturday qualifying; race Sunday
At Sepang International Circuit
Sepang, Malaysia
Lap length 3.444 miles
Third Session
1. Lewis Hamilton, England, Mercedes, 1 minute, 59.431
2. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Red Bull, 1:59.486.
3. Nico Rosberg, Germany, Mercedes, 2:00.050.
4. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Ferrari, 2:00.175.
5. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Red Bull, 2:00.541.
6. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Ferrari, 2:01.218.
7. Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Force India, 2:01.712.
8. Kevin Magnussen, Denmark, McLaren, 2:02.213.
9. Jean-EricVergne, France, Toro Rosso, 2:03.078.
10. Jenson Button, England, McLaren, 2:04.053.
Eliminated after second session
11. Daniil Kvyat, Russia,Toro Rosso, 2:02.351.
12. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexico, Sauber, 2:02.369.
13. FelipeMassa, Brazil, Williams, 2:02.460.
14. Sergio Perez, Mexico, Force India, 2:02.511.
15. Remain Grosjean, France, Lotus, 2:02.885.
Eliminated afterfirst session
16. Pastor Maldonado, Venezuela, Lotus, 2:02.074.
17. Adrian Sutil, Germany, Sauber,2:02.131.

18.Valtteri Botl
19.Jules Biancl
20. Kamui Koba
21. MaxChiltor
22. Marcus Eric


tas, Finland,Williams, 2:02.756.
hi, France, Marussia, 2:02.702.
ayashi, Japan, Caterham, 2:03.595.
n, England, Marussia, 2:04.388.
sson, Sweden, Caterham, 2:04.407. NHRA Nationals Qualifying
At The Strip at LasVegas Motor Speedway
Through 2-of-4 Qualifying Rounds
Top Fuel
1. SteveTorrence, 3.779 seconds, 322.27 mph;
2. Antron Brown, 3.797, 322.96; 3. Doug Kalitta,
3.797, 319.75;4. Richie Crampton, 3.798, 319.98;
5.Tony Schumacher, 3.816,322.96; 6. BobVan-
dergriff, 3.831,319.52; 7. Brittany Force, 3.834,
311.34; 8. Spencer Massey, 3.837, 320.89; 9. Khalid
alBalooshi, 3.847,312.57; 10. Shawn Langdon,
3.848,316.90; 11. Clay Millican, 3.874,295.59; 12.
Terry McMillen, 3.936,309.77.
Not Qualified 13. Troy Buff, 4.028, 237.88; 14. Steven
Chrisman, 4.327, 206.64; 15. David Grubnic, 5.102,
134.70; 16. Mike Strasburg, 5.594, 115.82; 17. Steve
1. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger, 4.063,317.05;
2. DelWorsham, Toyota Camry, 4.069,311.99;
3. Ron Capps, Charger, 4.075,314.61; 4. Chad
Head, Camry, 4.076, 308.07; 5. Robert Hight,
Ford Mustang, 4.084, 313.66; 6. Courtney Force,
Mustang, 4.093,315.19; 7. Alexis DeJoria, Camry,
4.102,308.64; 8. Tim Wilkerson, Mustang, 4.108,
310.63; 9. JackBeckman, Charger, 4.115,310.13;
10. Tommy Johnson Jr., Charger, 4.116,305.98; 11.
Cruz Pedregon, Camry, 4.122,293.03; 12. Paul Lee,
Charger, 4.124,306.81.
Not Qualified: 13. Bob Tasca III, 4.148, 307.30; 14. Tony
Pedregon, 4.163,295.92; 15. John Force, 4.172,301.07;
16. Jon Capps, 4.223, 278.23; 17. Jeff Diehl, 4.297,
293.98;18.Gary Densham,4.444,224.28;19.JeffArend,

Page 2 SP

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014



2. N.Y. Yankees
3. Boston
4. Baltimore
5. Toronto

1. Detroit
2. Kansas City
3. Cleveland
4. Chicago White Sox
5. Minnesota

1. Texas
2. Oakland
3. L.A. Angels
4. Mariners
5. Houston

1. Washington
S2. Atlanta
S3. Philadelphia
S4. N.Y. Mets

1. St. Louis
S2. Cincinnati
S3. Pittsburgh
S4. Milwaukee
5. Chicago Cubs

1. L.A. Dodgers
S3.San Francisco
4.San Diego

The Yankees signed five free agents
expected to be in their starting nine,
most notably outfielders Jacoby
Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran and
catcher Brian McCann. The Orioles
added outfielder Nelson Cruz and
starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez.
With Fernando Rodney signing with
the Mariners, the Rays added Grant
Balfour as their closer.

The Yankees didn't sign all those
guys to finish in a third-place tie
again. It's a tough division so they
might not win it, but they should
be better than last year's record of

The Red Sox will be good again but
probably not World Series champi-
onship good.

It's a division loaded with sluggers,
including Orioles first baseman
Chris Davis, who hit 53 home runs
last season. But the best all-around
player might be Baltimore center
fielder Adam Jones. You know, if you
like a guy who hits 30 homers, steals
bases, plays Gold Glove defense and
is just 28 years old.

David Price. The Rays'28-year-old
ace is healthy and seems ready to
return to his 2012 CyYoung form.

Grady Sizemore was considered
one of the best players in the game
not long ago, an All-Star with the
Indians from 2006 through 2008.
But injuries hit hard, and he hasn't
played a full season since. In fact,
he hasn't played in the majors at
all since 2011. Now he's close to
winning the Red Sox job as center
fielder and leadoff hitter.

The Yankees expect to win now
and, well, they're the Yankees, so
Joe Girardi's always on the hot seat,
isn't he?

Shortstop Brendan Ryan starts the
season on the disabled list with
the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez starts
(and will finish) the season on the
Yankees'We Wish You Would Just Go
Away list.

Xander Bogaerts is just 21 years old
but has won the Red Sox shortstop
job. He could hit 20 homers as a
rookie. The Yankees signed Japanese
pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to a seven-
year, $155 million deal, so if he's not
a contender for rookie of the year,
something's wrong.

0: Players in Yankees' projected
lineup younger than 30.
3: World Series titles for the Red Sox
in the past 10 years.


After a bruising winter
that left frozen fields in
the Midwest and East,
temperatures in Detroit,
Pittsburgh and most
spots were supposed to
warm up for Monday's
This spring has been
much rougher for others.
Even before the
Dodgers started the
season by sweeping two
from the Diamondbacks
in Sydney during Major
League Baseball's first
regular-season games
Down Under, there were
serious setbacks.
Kris Medlen, Brandon
Beachy, Jarrod Parker and
Luke Hochevar already
were out for the year with
Tommy John surgery.
Patrick Corbin and Bruce
Rondon later joined them.
Aroldis Chapman is
missing at least two
months after getting
hit on the head by a
line drive. There was no
defense for that, not even

The Tigers added second baseman
and leadoff hitter lan Kinsler and
veteran closer Joe Nathan. The White
SSox signed Cuban first baseman Jose
SAbreu to a six-year, $68 million deal.
The Twins signed free agents Ricky
SNolasco and Phil Hughes and put
them at the top of their rotation,
Which tells you all you need to know
About the Twins'rotation. Jason
Vargas signed with Kansas City after
one middling season with the Angels.

The Royals won 86 games last
Season and retained their good,
young lineup, featuring DH Billy
Butler. They've got one of the best
Sclosers in baseball, Greg Holland, and
hope hard-throwing rookie Yordano
Ventura is ready to step into the rota-
tion. They might pass the Indians, but
Scant see them catching the Tigers.

Cleveland won 92 games last season,
finishing just a game behind the
STigers. But the Indians lost free-agent
Starters Ubaldo Jimenez and Scott
Kazmir and are going with shaky
John Axford as their closer.

SMiguel Cabrera. The Tigers'star moves
from third base to first this season. As
long as he brings his bat.

Take your pick of Detroit's Cy Young
winners, Justin Verlander or Max
Scherzer. Verlander has the stronger
body of work but Scherzer, who is
Stwo years younger, was brilliant last
Year (21-3, 2.90 ERA, 240 strikeouts).

From 2008 through 2010, John Danks
looked like one of the best young left-
handers in the American League. He's
struggled the past three years but has
been sharp this spring.

At the end of the 2013 season, the
third consecutive year with at least 96
losses, Minnesota's Ron Gardenhire
Swas given a two-year extension,
Through the 2015 season. Of course,
the guy won the division six of his
first nine years, and it would be hard
for anyone to win with this roster.
SStill, when 90-loss seasons keep
Spilling up, managers tend to get fired.

SIndians center fielder Michael Bourn
Swill start the season on the disabled
list because of a tight hamstring,
Snot good for a player whose speed is
his greatest asset. Cleveland expects
SBourn to be back soon, though.

Nick Castellanos, 22, will step in at
third for the Tigers. A first-round pick
Sin 2010, he has hit at each stop in the
Minors, with increasing power each

I 10: Consecutive 100-RBI seasons for
SMiguel Cabrera.

those protective caps
now in play for pitchers
likely would've saved the
Cincinnati reliever.
Defense, though, has
rapidly become a major
focus in the majors.
Be it Dodger Stadium or
Fenway Park or anywhere
in-between, it's easy to
spot the trend taking over
baseball: Creative ways
that clubs are positioning
their fielders.
The Detroit Tigers
even hired a defensive
coordinator. Ever expect
to hear about a defensive
coordinator in baseball?
Matt Martin got that
job, and pointed to the
overloaded alignments
Red Sox slugger David
Ortiz sees on a daily basis.
"That's not out of the
norm now. That is the
norm. With left-handers,
if you'd have seen this 25
years ago, the way they
play Big Papi and 15,
20 guys in the league
playing like that you'd
be, 'What happened? Did
I wake up and come to a
softball game?'"
Makes perfect sense
to Pittsburgh second

The Mariners paid Robinson Cano
$240 million to be their second
baseman and No. 3 hitter. For that
kind of money, he needs to deliver.
The Rangers added Shin-Soo Choo
Sand Prince Fielder to an already
powerful lineup. Raul lbanez will be
the Angels'designated hitter, joining
former Cardinals third baseman David
Freese in Anaheim's lineup.

The Angels were 78-84 last season,
and they're not getting any younger.
But there's still a lot of talent in
Anaheim, and this team should finish
north of.500. If Josh Hamilton, Albert
Pujols, Ibanez and other veterans
have big seasons, the Angels could
challenge for the division.

Bob Melvin has managed Oakland to
the AL West title the past two years.
But Texas looks like the best team
this season, assuming some of the
SRangers'injured players return soon,
most notably ace Yu Darvish.

Mike Trout. The Angels'outfielder,
entering his fourth season at age
22, has hit 62 home runs and stolen
86 bases. Ken Griffey Jr., entering
his fourth season, also at 22, had 60
home runs and 50 stolen bases. And
he played 100 more games more.

The Mariners' Felix Hernandez, who
will turn 28 in April, has made at least
30 starts each of nine full seasons and
Shas struck out at least 216 batters the
past five years.

At 34, don't expect a return to the
seasons of plus 1.100 OPS for Pujols.
But an improvement from an inju-
ry-plagued 2013 season (99 games,
.258,17 home runs, 64 RBI, by far
career-worst OPS of .767) wouldn't
be a huge surprise.

Mike Scioscia, beginning his 15th
season with the Angels, has won a
World Series and five AL West titles.
But he hasn't won the division or 90
Games since 2009. A repeat of last
year's 78-84 record would have fans
calling for a change.

SThe Rangers have been hit hard.
Catcher Geovany Soto and second
baseman Jurickson Profar will each
be out at least two months. Pitchers
Darvish, Matt Harrison and Derek
Holland start the year on the DL.

Taijuan Walker joins the Mariners'
rotation in of May, as he works his
way into shape after dealing with
shoulder soreness this spring.

376: Home runs by Rangers third
Baseman Adrian Beltre, who has
Averaged 31.5 the past four seasons.

SThe Nationals traded with Detroit
to get gritty Doug Fister. The Braves
countered by signing free-agent
Starter Ervin Santana, who pitched
Last year in Kansas City and has
Seemed to revive his career. The Phil-
lies added starter A.J. Burnett, who
Resurrected his career in Pittsburgh.
SOutfielder Curtis Granderson went
From the Yankees to the Mets, who
also added starter Bartolo Colon. The
Marlins added veteran catcher Jarrod
SSaltalamacchia, second baseman
SRafael Furcal and first baseman
Garrett Jones, but they're still going
to finish in last place.

SWith a rotation that includes
SStephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez,
Jordan Zimmermann and Fister, the
SNationals look like the best team in

Injuries and aging have ruined lofty
predictions for the Phillies, who look
like a team in need of a rebuild.

SGiancarlo Stanton: The Marlins'
24-year-old outfielder has been
limited to 123 and 116 games the
Past two seasons. Look for him to
lead the league in home runs if he
can stay healthy.

SThe Phillips'Cliff Lee. who keens

The Cardinals lost Carlos Beltran,
but that might not matter if Peter
Bourjos, long considered a future
star with the Los Angeles Angels, can
stay healthy. Another Cardinal who is
changing leagues is shortstop Jhonny
Peralta, who was given a
$53 million, four-year deal despite
being suspended for 50 games in
Detroit last year for using perfor-
Smance-enhancing drugs. The Reds
have a new manager, Bryan Price,
who gets his first big-league mana-
gerial job. The Brewers are betting
$50 million over four years that
starter Matt Garza still has it after
Injury problems.

SCincinnati will miss outfielder
SShin-Soo Choo, but the Reds have
plenty of talent and it wouldn't be a
surprise if Price gets them back into
the playoffs while possibly upending
St. Louis for the division crown.

The Pirates won 94 games last year
after having not had a winning
season since 1992. They have a lot of
great young talent, but they might
miss AJ. Burnett in the rotation.

Andrew McCutchen, Pirates. The
reigning MVP has a great combi-
nation of speed and power and is a
Great team leader.

posting some of the best numbers in
baseball, like 222 strikeouts and 32 T BEST PITCHER Wi
walks, a 2.87 ERA and a WHIP of 1.01. The Car sAdam Wainwgh
is arguably the National League's
COMEBACK CANDIDATE second-best pitcher behind the
The Phillies'Cole Hamels. He started Dodgers'Clayton Kershaw.
last year 1-9 en route to an 8-14

season. But he improved after he
noticed a flaw in his delivery in May.
He will start the season on the DL but
is expected to return in April.

The Nationals'Matt Williams. The
first-year manager takes over for
Davey Johnson, who retired. The
pressure will be on from the start as
anything less than an NL pennant
will be a disappointment.

Atlanta starters Kris Medlen (15-12,
3.11 ERA in 2013) and Brandon
Beachy each had Tommy John
surgery this past month, and fellow
starter Mike Minor is starting the
season on the disabled list.

If Ryan Braun continues to say the
right things and hits like he did
before his PED scandals, he can at
least win back Brewers fans.

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke is
Stied with the Pirates'Clint Hurdle for
the longest tenure in the division,
each starting their fourth season.
Unlike Hurdle, whose team has
improved each season, the Brewers
have gotten worse under Roenicke
After winning the division in 2011.

The Reds had three starting pitchers
deal with injuries in spring training:
SMat Latos, Homer Bailey and Johnny
Cueto. Latos will not be ready at the

ROOKIESTO WATCH start of the season.
Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich,
22, showed ability after being called ROOKIES TO WATCH
up last year (.288 BA, 4 HRs), as did Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton, who set a
catcherTravis d'Arnaud, who the Mets minor-league record with 152 stolen
got in the R.A. Dickey trade with bases in 2012, will start in center
Toronto. field for the Reds. Cubs'outfielder
Junior Lake showed good potential
BYTHE NUMBERS after being called up last year. Oscar
2: Years the Marlins have won Taveras, the Cardinals'super prospect,
more than 87 games, and also their could get a call-up by midseason.
number of World Series titles (1997
and 2003). BY THE NUMBERS
5: Consecutive losing seasons for the World Series won since 1908...
Mets. 0: Bythe Cubs. 10: Bythe Cardinals.


Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is notorious for his
shifting techniques, but lamented "It's not as fun as it used to
be. Everybody's using it."

baseman Neil Walker.
"The data is so un-
deniable, the defensive
metrics are so prevalent,"
he said. "You have so
much more information,
you should use it."
"There were some
times a few years ago
when I felt out of place,"
he admitted. "I was out
there in right field and

kind of like, 'Where
am I supposed to be?'
But we practice it, I
practice my throws from
extreme angles and I'm
An hour later, Walker
was standing in shallow
right when Phillies slug-
ger Ryan Howard batted
in a spring training game.
Walker made a diving

stop on a hard grounder,
scrambled to his feet, but
threw the ball past first
"It's not an exact
science," he said.
Fielding always lagged
far behind pitching and
hitting in statistical analy-
sis, mainly because it was
hard to quantify glove-
work. Teams are trying
hard to play catchup.
Baseball Info Solutions
tracks defensive shifts,
and reports there were
8,134 instances in the
majors last season. That's
way up from 4,577 in
2012, and far more than
the 2,358 in 2011.
"It's not as much fun
as it used to be," Tampa
Bay Rays manager Joe
Maddon lamented.
"Everybody's using it."
Maddon is a shifting
maven, having employed
four-man outfields and
routinely putting three
players on one side of the
dirt at different depths.
In a recent exhibition,
with a runner on third
base, Maddon overshifted
his infield in the middle
of an at-bat. No luck. A

SThe Dodgers'rotation got stronger
with the addition of Dan Haren, who
rebounded from a miserable first
half last year to finish strongly for
Washington. Arizona helped itself by
Getting power-hitting MarkTrumbo
From the Angels, underrated starting
Pitcher Bronson Arroyo as a free
agent, and trading for Addison Reed,
who was the closer for the White
SSox. The Giants signed former Braves
Starter Tim Hudson as a free agent,
and he is still plenty effective at 38.
The Rockies traded for injury-prone
Starter Brett Anderson from Oakland,
Sand if he can finally stay healthy that
deal could be a steal. The Rockies also
look for a rebound from formerTwins
First baseman Justin Morneau.

The Giants won the World Series in
2010 and 2012. Doesn't that mean
they're due again in 2014?They are
better than last year's 76-86 record,
Sand they figure to battle the Dodgers
and Diamondbacks for the division.

SThe Rockies can't go farther down
Than last place, where they finished
Last year, but they did win when
S74 games and it's hard to see them
winning that many with perhaps the
weakest rotation in baseball.

SDiamondbacks first baseman Paul
Goldschmidt, who hit.302 with 36
home runs, 125 runs batted in and a
S.402 on-base percentage last year.

The Dodgers'Clayton Kershaw has
two Cy Young awards the past three
years and a contract that pays him
Nearly $31 million a year.

SIf Morneau can stay healthy, he could
Shave a big season, going from a
Spitcher-friendly park in Minnesota to
Sa hitter's paradise at Coors Field.

SDon Mattingly was seemingly gone
Last year until the Dodgers went on
an amazing roll. If the Dodgers get off
to another slow start, any goodwill
he built up last year will evaporate.

SThe Dodgers need outfielder Matt
Kemp. They could also use the return
of starter Chad Billingsley, who could
Sbe back in midseason.

SArizona's Chris Owings, 22, who will
share shortstop duties, seems to
have the offensive potential to win
Sthe job. Diamondbacks'right-hander
SArchie Bradley, 21, is one of the top
Prospects in baseball.

| $48.25 million: The combined
Annual salary of Dodgers Matt Kemp,
Josh Beckett and Chad Billingsley, all
of whom will start on the DL.
Seattle Times

wild pitch scored the run.
Maddon has a theory
on why it took teams
so many years to shift
"They were afraid they
might be wrong," he said.
"But it always made sense
to adjust your fielders.
Why would you play
someone in a place where
a guy never hits it?"
And if a big bopper
tries to bunt down the
unprotected third base
line, that's OK.
"There are times when
I'm begging him to bunt
against us," Maddon said.
Scioscia's strategy paid
off this month for the Los
Angeles Angels when his
repositioned left fielder
handled a grounder and
began a bases-loaded DP
in extra innings. Williams,
Washington's first-year
manager, tried something
with the bases loaded in
the eighth and paid the
Offered San Diego
manager Bud Black:
"Yes, my thinking has
Indeed, change is in

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014 SP Page 3

Page 4 SP The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


W L Pet
RAYS 16 7 .696
Cleveland 20 9 .690
LosAngeles 18 11 .621
Seattle 18 12 .600
Baltimore 13 9 .591
NewYork 17 12 .586
Detroit 15 12 .556
Toronto 16 13 .552
Oakland 15 13 .536
Houston 12 15 .444
KansasCity 12 16 .429
Boston 11 17 .393
Chicago 9 14 .391
Texas 10 17 .370
Minnesota 9 16 .360

Friday's results
Detroit 6, RAYS 3
Boston 4, Minnesota 0
Toronto 5, N.Y Mets 4
Pittsburgh 3, Philadelphia 0
N.Y.Yankees 3, MARLINS 0
Houston 6,Texas 5
Kansas City 5, Milwaukee 4
Cleveland 16, San Diego4
Chicago Cubs 3, Arizona 1
Seattle 3, Colorado 2
L.A. Dodgers 5, L.A. Angels 4,10 innings
Oakland 4, San Francisco 1


At Fort Myers
Minnesota 010 000 501 -7 90
Boston 013 00000xx-4 60
Pelfrey, Duensing (5), Fien (6), Burton (7),
Thielbar (8) and K.Suzuki, Pinto; Peavy, A.
Miller (6), Layne (7), Valdez (8), Villarreal (9)
and M.Spring, D.Ross. W-Fien. L-Layne.
Sv-Thielbar. HRs-Minnesota, Pinto (1),
Willingham (1), A.Walker (1). Boston, Nap-
oli (5).
At San Antonio0
Houston 301 050400-13163
Texas 101 120001-6110
Keuchel, N.Tropeano (5), Foltynewicz (6),
R.Seaton (8) and R.Garcia; J.Saunders, Mc-
Cutchen (5), R.Ross (7), Ogando (7), Ger-
mano (8), Rosin (9) and Chirinos, Gimenez.
W-Keuchel. L-J.Saunders. HRs-Hous-
ton, Guzman (2), Springer (1), J.Meyer (1),
N.Fontana (1).Texas, Lillibridge (2), L.Martin
At Montreal
NewYork(N) 000000000-020
Toronto 000 00002x-2 70
Matsuzaka, Farnsworth (6), Valverde (7),
Lannan (7), C.Satterwhite (8), A.Kolarek (8)
and d'Arnaud, Teagarden; Morrow, Loup
(6), Delabar (7), A.Sanchez (8) and D.Chung,
Navarro. W-A.Sanchez. L-C.Satterwhite.
HRs-Toronto, Me.Cabrera (1).
At Milwaukee,Wis.
Kansas City 000 000002-2 61
Milwaukee 102 100 12x-7100
Ventura, Bueno (4), Guthrie (5) and S.Perez;
Estrada, D.Molleken (6), W.Smith (7), Kint-
zler (8), Fr.Rodriguez (9) and Lucroy, Maldo-
nado. W-Estrada. L-Ventura. HRs-Mil-
waukee, M.Ratterree (1).

A fan shows his appreciate
Expos are honored before
the Toronto Blue Jays and
Stadium in Montreal, whe




Kansas City

Los Angeles

W L Pet
Atlanta 0 0 .000
MARLINS 0 0 .000
NewYork 0 0 .000
Philadelphia 0 0 .000
Washington 0 0 .000
W L Pet
Chicago 0 0 .000
Cincinnati 0 0 .000
Milwaukee 0 0 .000
Pittsburgh 0 0 .000
St. Louis 0 0 .000
W L Pet
Los Angeles 2 0 1.000
Colorado 0 0 .000
San Diego 0 0 .000
San Francisco 0 0 .000
Arizona 0 2 .000
Today's games
No games scheduled
Monday's games
Kansas City (Shields 00) at Detro
lander 00), 1:08 p.m.
Philadelphia (Lee 0-0) at Texas (Sch
00), 2:05 p.m.
Boston (Lester 00) at Baltimore (
00), 3:05 p.m.
Minnesota (Nolasco 0-0) at Chicago
Sox (Sale 00), 4:10 p.m.
Toronto (Dickey 0-0) at RAYS (Pric
4:10 p.m.
Cleveland (Masterson 0-0) at Oaklan
00), 10:05 p.m.
Seattle (Hernandez 0-0) at L.A.
(Weaver 0-0), 10:05 p.m.


W L Pet
MARLINS 18 12 .600
Pittsburgh 15 10 .600
San Francisco 17 12 .586
Washington 15 13 .536
Colorado 15 14 .517
Arizona 12 13 .480
NewYork 14 16 .467
San Diego 11 13 .458
St. Louis 11 13 .458
Chicago 15 18 .455
Cincinnati 14 17 .452
Milwaukee 13 18 .419
Atlanta 12 18 .400
LosAngeles 7 11 .389
Philadelphia 9 18 .333
NOTE: Split-squad games count in the
standings; games against non-major
league teams do not.

Last week, Tampa Bay Rays
manager Joe Maddon offered what
he though would be a "cool poll"to
put in a newspaper, asking:
"The crack of the bat or the
ball popping in the mitt;'he said.
"What's the better sound?"
Maddon said he was conflicted,
so we posed it to you.
Here are answers from some of
our Facebook friends:
*"Crack of the bat..."
*"Pop of the mitt"

Saturday's results
Toronto 2, N.Y Mets 0
MARLINS vs. N.Y.Yankees at Tampa, ccd............,
Minnesota 7, Boston 4 0 MLB:
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia,, ccd., Rain
Detroit vs. Washington, ccd., Rain
Houston 13,Texas 6
Milwaukee 7, Kansas City 2
Colorado 2, Seattle 1 C
San Francisco vs. Oakland ccd., Rain
San Diego 9, Cleveland 8 A r
Chicago Cubs 9, Arizona 8
L.A. Dodgers at L.A. Angels, late


At Scottsdale, Ariz. By
Seattle 010 000000-1 42 TAM
Colorado 000 001 10x-2 93
C.Young, S.Kohlscheen (5), Furbush (6), MONT
M.Guaipe (6), Beimel (7), Farquhar (8) and Corning
Zunino, Buck; Morales, Burke (6), Masset
(7), B.Brown (8), C.Martin (9) and Pacheco, Stadium
J.Williams. W-Masset. L-Beimel. Sv-C. he pitcher
that succ
PADRES 9, INDIANS 8 Double-1
At San Diego, Calif. B u
Cleveland 000 104030-8 91 Biscuits
SanDiego 005 012 10x-9120 Tampa B
Salazar, Pestano (6), Rzepczynski (6), Atchi- Chlis Ar(
son (7), Allen (8), Outman (8) and YGomes,
TWolters; Stults, J.Ross (5), J.Reyes (8), measure
A.Carter (8), D.O'Grady (9) and Hundley come.
W-Stults. L-Salazar. Sv-D.O'Grady "I'
HRs-Cleveland, Kipnis (2), Carson 2 (3). Its dif
San Diego, Headley (1), S.Smith (1). "1 had a
At Phoenix, Ariz. trying to
Chicago(N) 010014003-9131
Arizona 000002600-8122 be succe
Hammel, N.Ramirez (5), J.Sanchez (6), Double-1
W.Wright (6), M.Hatley (7), Schlitter (7), and at th
Parker (8), Castillo (9) and Castillo, White-
side, C.Krist; Arroyo, Thatcher (5), Ziegler level. I g(
(6), W.Paredes (6), A.Reed (8), E.Burgos (9), myself."
Collmenter (9) and Blanco, Montero. W-
Parker. L-E.Burgos. Sv-Castillo. HRs- Shorth
Chicago (N), Alcantara (2). arrived S
May 14-15: Owners meetings, NewYork. town Mo
June S: Amateur draft. to eat at
July 15: All-Star game, Minneapolis.
July 27: Hall of Fame inductions, Cooper- deli he ft
stown, N.Y. it was
July 31: Last day to trade a player without clear his
securing waivers. lear his
Sept. 1: Active rosters expand to 40 players. "I learl
ing, walk
town ...
this gami
said. "Be
OWV L D isn't that
O ,just theo
?MINS ROMthings, tt
my busing

'GOMERY, Ala. -
back to Riverwalk
Saturday, where
ied and not all
cessfully for the
A Montgomery
in 2011, gave
ay Rays RHP
cher a chance to
how far he has

fferent," he said.
completely dif-
entality.... I was
prove that I could
ssful not only in
\, but in Triple-A
he big-league
ot a little ahead of

y after the Rays
Saturday, Archer
t to stroll down-
mtgomery, hoping
the Alley Station
ivored back then
closed and
ned a lot reflect-
ing around the
about how mental
e actually is," he
cause my ability
much different,
vay that I view
ie way I go about
hess, is much
r worked four
Innings Saturday
ing thropit onhtq

*"Being a former pitcher,
definitely the pop of the mitt"
"I'd argue the pop at Ib is the

WHO: Toronto at Tampa Bay
WHAT: Season opener
WHEN: Monday, 4:10 p.m.
WHERE: Tropicana Field,
St. Petersburg
Dickey vs. David Price
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 95.3 FM, 620 AM
TICKETS: Sold out

While the Tampa Bay Rays have
left the building for the year,
the Charlotte Stone Crabs are
preparing for their season, which
begins on Thursday. Single-game
tickets are on sale and can be
purchased three ways:
Charlotte Sports Park
ticket office: Open 9 a.m. to
5p.m. on non-game days or 9
a.m. through end of the game
on Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.
through the end of the game on
Phone: 941-206-HITS (4487)

kinetically," he said. "I just
felt like I was in a good
place not only with my
mind, but my body was
working extremely well on
top of that."

Rays set final 25-man
roster: Though their roster has
pmp crPt fnr A> tho Di>U Pnfill miA

no walks, striking out it official at today's 3 p.r
AP PHOTO six, throwing 52 pitches with INF Tim Beckham
(34 strikes) in his final Jeremy Hellickson and J
ion as members of the 1994 Montreal tuneup for his Thursday Oviedo headed to the D
Saturday's exhibition game between start. The only issue has be
the New York Mets at Olympic "I felt great, and it procedurally handle Ovi
ere the Expos played from 1977-2004. came from feeling strong ready to start the season

East DivisionW illham
GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away
0-0 0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0 0-0
Central Division Twins over
GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away
0-0 0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0 0-0
S oo oo 0-0 FORT MYERS -Josh I
-- 0-0 0-0 0-0
West Division Willingham finally hit ,
GB WCGB 10 Str Home Away his first home run of the
0- 0 0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0 oo 00 spring in Minnesota's
o-o 0oo o-o exhibition finale, and the
0- 0 0-0 o0o-0 Twins beat the Boston
0-0 0-0 0-0
Red Sox 7-4 on Saturday. r
IATIONAL LEAGUE The game was called
East Division g cle
GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away because of rain with two
0- 0 0-0oo o0-0 outs in the top of the
0-0 0-0 0-0
o-o oo o-o ninth inning. I' ^
o-o oo o-o0 0 Mike Napoli went 2 for
0 0o 0-0 0-0 2 with a home run and Minnesota's Josh V
Central Division Minnesota's Josh
GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away three RBIs for the Red hitting a solo horm
-0 0 -o 0 0- Sox. Jake Peavy, making
0-0 0-0 0-0
0o-o 0 0oo o-o0 0 his third Grapefruit providing a much-need
0- 0 0-0 0 0 League start, gave up one boost for the Mariners a
0-0 0-0 0-0
West Division run and three hits in five spring training with a l
GB WCGB LIO Str Home Away innings. He walked one With pitchers Hisashi Iw
2-0 w-2 00 2-0 and struck out three. Walker and Stephen Pr)
1 -- 0-0 0-0 0-0
1 00 -0o 00 Mike Pelfrey went four the Mariners signed Yot
1 0-0 0-0 0-0 innings for Minnesota after he was released by
2 0-2 L-2 0-2 0-0 in his sixth start of the The 34-year-old right-h
NATIONAL LEAGUE spring. He allowed four four hits, struck out twc
LA Dodgers Today's game runs on five hits and walks in42/ innings.
L.A. Dodgers (Ryu 1-0) at San Diego (Cash-
ner 0-0), 8:05 p.m. three walks.
it (Ver- Monday'sgames Astros 13, Rar
Chicago Cubs (Samardzija 0-0) at Pitts-
heppers burgh (Liriano-0), 1:05 p.m. Padres 9, Indians 8: in San San Antonio, Jesus Guzi
Washington (Strasburg 0-0) at N.Y. Mets Diego, Seth Smith and Chase Headley Springer hit consecutive
Tillman (Gee 0-0), 1:10p.m. homeredandYonder.Alonsohita the first inning, Jonatha
Philadelphia (Lee 0-0) at Texas (Scheppers h t Jnt
oWhite 0-O0), 2:05 p.m. three-run double to lead San Diego to a a grand slam in the fifth
Atlanta (Teheran 00) at Milwaukee (Gallar- victory against Cleveland. Matt Carson rolled to a victory over 1
:e 0-0), do 0-0), 2: 10 p.m.Cnn drove in five runs for the Indians.
St. Louis (Wainwright 00) at Cincinnati
d (Gray (Cueto 0-0), 4:10 p.m. Brewers 7, Ro
Colorado (De La Rosa 0-0) at MARLINS Rockies 2, Mariners 1: In Milwaukee, Marco Estr
Angels (Fernandez 0-0), 7:10 p.m.Sctda
Angels Francisco (Bumgarner 00) at Ariz. Scottsdale, Ariz., ChrisYoung tossed scoreless innings and J.
(McCarthyo-0),9:40 p.m. shutout ball in his Seattle debut, hit a two-run double, I

neKays will i iia e
n. deadline,
and RHPs
uan Carlos
een how to
edo, who is not
n after missing

right call, since it's how the ump
makes the bang bang call"
*"The sound of a fastball popping

the first month of camp due to visa
issues. That hangup has prevented Rays
manager Joe Maddon from confirming
what has been obvious: that RHPs
Brandon Gomes and Josh Lueke got the
final two bullpen spots. The Rays want
to be cautious with Oviedo, who hasn't
pitched in the majors since September
2011 primarily due to an elbow injury
and surgery.
That leaves INF Wilson Betemit, who
also reported late and is expected to go
to Triple-A Durham. RHP Mark Lowe,
released last week, opted to sign a
minor-league deal with the Cleveland
Indians. INFJayson Nix was traded
Friday to the Philadelphia Phillies for
cash considerations.
Minor-league rosters will be
released today, though Double-A
Montgomery was pretty much set,
including C Curt Casali, who made a
strong spring impression; 2012 top pick
Richie Shaffer; and 1IB Cameron Seitzer,
who hit two ninth-inning spring
homers for the Rays. Casali and Shaffer
played for the Charlotte Stone Crabs
last season.

Extra bases: Maddon said he
is almost set on Monday's lineup, still
deciding whether to have Jose Molina
or Ryan Hanigan catch and how to set
up the bottom of the order. Expect to
see a top seven of LF David DeJesus,
RF Wil Myers, 2B Ben Zobrist, 3B Evan
Longoria, IB James Loney, CF Desmond
Jennings and DH Matt Joyce, with SS
Yunel Escobar eighth or ninth. ... The
Rays led Montgomery 5-0, but the
Biscuits came back against pitchers
who also were Biscuits to win
6-5. Jeff Malm hita two-run homer
off Dylan Floro, Tyler Motter a tying
homer off Jimmy Patterson. ... Class
A CJustin O'Conner took advantage of
his start with the Rays, rapping three
doubles and throwing out two runners.
"How about him?"Maddon said. "He's
an interesting player'."

homer lifts

,Red Sox

Willingham is greeted by Jason Kubel after
e run during Saturday's game.

ed pitching
is they closed
)oss to Colorado.
wakuma, Taijuan
ryor all sidelined,
ing on Thursday
y Washington.
ander allowed
o and issued no

tigers 6: In
nan and George
e home runs in
in Meyer had
h and Houston

yals 2: In
ada pitched five
onathan Lucroy
leading the

Brewers past Kansas City. The Royals
managed only two hits off Estrada,
who retired his last 10 batters and
finished the spring by pitching 17
consecutive shutout innings.

Blue Jays 2, Mets 0: Melky
Cabrera's two-run homer in the eighth
inning gave Toronto a victory over New
York and a sweep of their two-game
exhibition series in front of 50,229 at
Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Cubs 9, Diamondbacks
8: In Phoenix, shortstop Starlin Castro
returned from a hamstring injury and
played his first spring training game
since March 2 in Chicago's victory over
Arizona. He was 0 for 2 but looked
fine running out a ground in the first

into a catcher's mitt. Greatest
sound in the world. Period. End of
discussion. Next topic?"
.1"I agree, but I'll never forget the
sound of Pujols hitting that grand
slam off Brad Lidge in the NLCS
against the Astros:'
*"Crack of the bat to me is the
best. Although the smell of an oiled
up glove is pretty awesome too!"
Now it's your turn. Sound off
on our Facebook page devoted to
spring training:

'cher finds himself

in a good place



put on



ANAHEIM, Calif. -Los
Angeles Dodgers ace
Clayton Kershaw was
placed on the 15-day
disabled list Saturday for
the first time in his seven-
year career because of a
swollen muscle in his left
upper back.
The 26-year-old left-
hander, coming off his
second Cy Young Award
in three years, already
had been scratched from
his scheduled start in San
Diego on Sunday after an
MRI revealed the problem.
Kershaw was hoping to
get back in the rotation
for Friday's home opener
against San Francisco.
Kershaw has made 33
starts, struck out at least
229 batters and logged
2_-' innings or more
in each of the last three
seasons including a
career-high 236 innings
last year, when he finished
16-9 with an NL-best 232
strikeouts and a 1.83 ERA.
Kershaw led the majors
in ERA for the third
straight year, becoming
the first pitcher to accom-
plish that feat since newly
elected Hall of Famer
Greg Maddux did it from
Kershaw, who signed a
$215 million, seven-year
contract on Jan. 15, won
the Dodgers' season
opener 3-1 against the
Arizona Diamondbacks in
Australia last weekend.

Braves may lose another
pitcher: The Atlanta Braves are
facing the possibility of losing another
pitcher for the season after general
manager Frank Wren said that reliever
Cory Gearrin has a serious injury to
his right elbow. It is another blow
to a Braves staff that already has lost
starting pitchers Kris Medlen and
Brandon Beachy this spring to their
second Tommy John surgeries.Gearrin
was placed on the disabled list and
left-hander Ryan Buchter was recalled
from Triple-A Gwinnett.

Around the majors: The
Washington Nationals placed pitcher
Doug Fister on the 15-day disabled list
with a strained muscle on the right side
of his upper back.The right-hander,
obtained in an offseason trade with
Detroit, is expected to miss anywhere
from three weeks to 30 days, manager
Matt Williams said....
Coaches from the Oakland Athletics
were sent scrambling after toilets in
the home clubhouse backed up and
overflowed before Saturday's exhibition
game against the San Francisco Giants,
the latest in a series of plumbing
problems that have plagued the
aging stadium, which was built in the
late 1960s. The game was cancelled
because of rain ...
Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is
expected to make his first scheduled
start in the regular season despite
getting hit on the left knee by a
Rookie Tommy Medica, 25, and
35-year-old Xavier Nady made the San
Diego Padres roster, while left fielder
Carlos Quentin will start the season on
the disabled list. The Padres open the
regular season tonight at home against
the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Page 4 SP

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

At Madison Square Garden, New York :im r
UConn (29-8) vs. Michigan State (29-8), 2:20 p.m. CBS Michigan State by 51/2 Kansas City Star's pick: Michigan State
Michigan State is finally healthy after missing different starters throughout the season and it's showing. Spartans are streaking at the right time. Mlak
At Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Michigan (28-8) vs. Kentucky (27-10), 5:05 p.m. CBS Kentucky by 2 Kansas City Star's pick: Kentucky
Wildcats'7-footer Willie Cauley-Stein is doubtful after ankle injury suffered vs. Louisville, but if Kentucky freshmen have repeat performance it might not matter. By GENARO C. ARMAS
................................................................................................................................................................ ASSOCIATED PRESS R A P TO R S AT H EA T
* NCAA TOURNAMENT: MILWAUKEE -Chris WHO: Toronto (41-31)
Bosh scored 14 points, at Miami (50-22)
LeBron James had 13, WHEN: Monday, 7:30 p.m.
iandtheshort-handeded WHERE: AmericanAirlines
BADGERSEDGECATS IN OT up their three-game trip
through the Midwest with TV. Sun Sports
By BETH HARRIS an 88-67 victory over the RADIO: 99.3
ANHEwI Cal. James Jones added
ANAHEIM, Calif.- 10 for Miami in place RPO $A
Wisconsin bumped and 10 f Mmi in pa ce RAPTORS AT
wiscosin umpe andof star guard Dwyane
grinded its way into the Wade, sidelined a second MAGIC
Final Four. straight game with a sore WHO: Toronto (41-31) at
Frank Kaminsky had 28 hamstring. The Heat also Orlando (21-52)

young, undermnned Orlando-(21-52) 1 3-s
pont WOMn'S BAI TB IONU reboundsyr"chns S sqa htfelt 4-9o iwake 1 1 1-6
points and 11 rebounds played without Ray Allen WHEN:Today,6 p.m.
forWisconsin, rallying and Mario Chalmers.HE:To pm
the Badgers to a 64-63 W It didn't matter against WHERE: Amway Center, Orlando
overtime victory against the team with the NBns TV: Fox Sports Florida
Arizona in the West Region worst record. Milwaukee RADIO: 1010AM, 1280 AM
final Saturday night.T Jls tried to match Miami's TICKETS:
The Badgers (30-7)OAT energy, but couldn't keep
advanced to their first hl tup with the more talented J e ddh hi
Final Four appearance. opponent- even one c James e te e a i
since 2000, and first for without two All-Stars. consecutive-game streak
69-year-old coach Bo Defense keyed Miami's of double-digit scoring to
Ryan, who earned his win. The Heat led 46-29 564, the fourth-longest
704th career victoryaat halftime and held the run in NBA history.
Nick Johnson had the Bucks to a season low for HEAT 88, BUCKS 67
r ball with a chance to winlpoints in a half and in a MIAMI (88)
balluthe sascha otthn, C" game.James 5-10 2-4 13, Haslem 2-4 0-0 4, Bosh
but he missed a shot that B r t4-106-614, Douglas 5-10t2-2 13,Jones 4-6
came just after the buzzer John Henson had 12 0-010, Andersen 3-8 2-4 8, Cole 2-8 0-0 4,
for Arizona (33-5), the points and 10 rebounds Battier 1-30-03, Lewis 4-104-4 13, Hamil-
', M onday night M ilw aukee. ton 2-41-16, Beasley0-1 0-0 t.Totals 32-74
top-seeded team that has for Milwaukee.41 72 Be 1t.
yet to win a West Region A P On paper, this was MILWAUKEE (67)
final in Anaheim in fourPHOTO a mismatch from the Middleton 4-11 00 10, Adrien 1-5 2-2 4,
fina in nahem infourPachulia 2-6 0-0 4, Knight 6-18 0-0 13,
tries. Johnson led the Wisconsin's Josh Gasser shoots past Arizona's Gabe York (1) during the first half of a regional final opening tip -the Sessions 5-154515, Henson 6-11 0-212,
Wildcats with 16 points. NCAA tournament game in Anaheim, Calif. two-time defending NBA Antetokounmpo 0-5 1-2 1, Udoh 1-3 0-0
caposaanta 2, Stephens 2-5 11 5, Raduljica 0-0 1-2 1.
champins aganst a Totals 27-799 91467.
young, undermanned Miami 21 25 19 23 88
S WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ROUNDUP 1A2 ars Go Flyers" chants raining squad that fell to 14-59on Milwaukee 12 1717 21- 67
3-Point Goals-Miami 7-23 (Jones 2-3,
G down, Dayton missed the season. Battier 1-1, Hamilton 1-2, Lewis 1-3, James
H ss fe n its three 3s as the Gators But the Heat at times 1-3,Douglas 1-4,Beasley 0-1,Bosh0-2,Cole
FROM PAGE 1 re-established control by played a bit disheveled, 0-4), Milwaukee 4-14 (Middleton 2-2, Ses-
sions 1-4, Knight 1-7, Antetokounmpo 0-1 ).
H u sk ie s fe n dleft before halftime, attacking the basket. perhaps a little worn from Fouled Out-None. Rebounds-Miami
Florida pulled away. Dayton, looking for their third straight road 51 (Andersen 14), Milwaukee 52 (Henson
Fouraplldawy 10). Assists-Miami 18 (Douglas, Cole 4),

Kim Beesto led the exas A&M 4 De~aul egular-sison finat FLOinal Four bdATN5 game anhourt loing fiveak n a eeystotwt nuis
o ffe e sd B4. JeOnce again, Wilbekin d B t F bgame and fourth in five Milwaukee 15 (Knight 5). Total Fouls-Mi-
o e s y led the way. since 1967, had no one contests. ami 12,Milwaukee 16. A- 7,986 (18,717).
led thew to match Young. Florida
Wilbekin tied his ca-
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS berth, while the Cowgirls (25-9) missed ig in 11:25 remaining on a NBA ROUNDUP
a chance to advance to a regional final including 14 duringwo layupbythea6-foot-9, e n a
LICLNeb.- the first half to help the
LINCOLN, for the firsttime in school history. They Gators break open a close 240-pound Gator, who
noefellto 0 g in regional semifinals. e ame. Named the most finished with 12 points, ers end 26 -ga7 oe
h oad 1 tstoe : oto the Ftinal Four, the Irish will have to six rebounds and four .
ioutstandingplayer of the blocked shots

double figure, Naalehnd gth Notre Dae atl (97shom 0 e. cn,2 h lesqikyS~n^^'fT'pe 6^ Ter2 tagtlse a Anoinac stylel crd1
Connecticut players in beat Baylor, the last team to knockoff South Regional, Wilbekin B e Fl er h g rair
dulfiueadte Notre Dame at home. But the Flyers hadsk d i gr nst l
defending national chain- also finished without a on s n nem
pion Huskies shook off Baylor 90, Kntucky turnover for the second onast run int em.
BNotrel earlymi the second 72:k n Sou e os rig ae Sophomore forward By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wizards inched closer to their first
pioearin thesk e c shogh rbstraightsgame.
BYUealy n he ecnd 72: In South Bend, Ind., Odyssey Th ihlgtwaorstrawPightrbascoetsdHLDEPI playoff spot since 2008.
half to win 70-51 in the Sims scored 25 points, including her The highlight was Dyurstraw Pierrebascored PHILADELPHIA plyf ptic-08
NCAA women's regional 1 is se on, oled Wilbekin's third halftime Me The Philadelphia 76ers Washington entered the game
NCA woens rgioal 1,000th this season, to lead No. 2 Meanwhile, the Gators'
: bzzr-eaing3-oit-snapped their NBA re- needing a win and a loss by the New
semifinals Saturday. seed Baylor to a rout of third-seeded buzzer-beating 3-point- offense bogged down, too sapd-thirg N r-gm neeng a wini ad ay lo by the New

|~~ LULCU of1V th posseaon :URM III I rIdWasingto, Johnam W llosinge Yor lead toda 3 t2 makes ther OklayomafCi.
The Huskies (37-0), Kentucky. Sims became only the er of the postseason, reliant onWilbekin, and c 26ane ln or t ae e po.
winners of 43 straight, second player to reach that milestone joining shots he made Dayton's tempo and depth streak, routing the Detroit Wall scored 13 points in the last 7:16
need a win over Texas in a single season. She is 41 points against Tennessee in the b: Pistons 123-98 on Saturday of the third quarter and the Wizards
A&M Monday night to behindJackieStiles'recordof1,062 SEC tournament and "I thought our guys night to avoid establishing finally escaped the pesky Hawks, who
reach the Final Four for for one year set in 2001. Pittsburgh in the NCAA were a little run down," the longest skid in U.S. have lost six straight and 20 of 26.
the seventh straight year. The last time Baylor and Kentucky tournament round of 32. coach Billy Donovan said. major pro sports history.
UConn season scoring met, they played one of the most The shot capped a 15-1 Pierre's layup with 3:55 Michael Carter-Williams Clippers 118, Rockets
leaders Breanna Stewart exciting games in the history of run. As the buzzer sound- to go cut the lead to 58- and Thaddeus Young each 107: In Houston, Chris Paul had 30
and Bria Hartley over- women's basketball. The Wildcats ed, Wilbekin turned his 50, but the Flyers could scored 21 points for the points andl12 assists, Jamal Crawford
came slow starts, with came away with a 133-130 four-over- back to the basket, raised never get closer. 76ers, who won for the added 22 points and Los Angeles
Stewart having 12 of her time victory back in December. his arms and sprinted "We had the opportuni- first time in exactly two clinched its franchise-record third
16 in the second half and This one fell far short of matching toward the Gators' locker ty for three years, and we months and did it with straight playoffappearance.
Hartley all 12 of hers after that thriller as Sims and Baylor put room, his team ahead finally did it," Wilbekin surprising ease, leading The loss broke a five-game winning
halftime. Moriah Jefferson the game away by the half. 38-24 Florida's largest said. "It feels good." by as much as 32 points, streak for Houston, which was without
had 11 for UConn. halftime lead since the They also ended an 18- two of its starters as Dwight Howard
Kim Beeston led the Texas A&M 84, DePaul regular-season finale FLORIDA 62, DAYTON 52 game home losing streak, and Pat Beverley sat out with injuries.
Cougars (28-7) with 65: In Lincoln, Neb.,Courtney Walker against Kentucky. DAYTON (2611) which was one shy of TheClipperstrailedbyasmanyas
Oliver 4-9 0-0 12, Pierre 7-112-2 18, Kavana-whcwaonshofTeliprtaldbysmnys
16 points, and Morgan scored 25 points as Texas A&M advanced "It was a big shot," ugh 2-52-26, Price 0-20-00, Sibert 0-30-0 another NBA record. 15 points in the first half before using
Bailey added 14. Jennifer to the regional finals.The Aggies (27-8) Wilbekin said. "But they o, Davis 1-30-03, Smith 2-40-05, Robinson Beaten badly a number two big runs to take the lead. Houston
II1 0-02, Pollard 1-5 0-02,VonderhaarV0-0
Hams~on had nine points~ led by14 points at halftime and turned came out of halftime 000 Scott04 0-0 00, Sanford 1-5 2-44, of times during their stuck around for most of the second
to go with 13 rebounds back two DePaul runs to move to a ready to play." Wehrli0-00-00.Totals 19-486-852. skid, the 76ers got to half before consecutive 3s by Matt
and six blocked shots. Monday night game against defending Dayton returned FLORIDA (3-42)3 2rte 252-4 6,Young experience life on the Barnes and Darren Collison made it
national champion Connecticut. from the locker room 5-92-312,Wilbekin 6-148 81023, FrazierlII other side, ringing up a 114-101 late in the fourth.
Notre Dame 89, CourtneyWilliams had 14 of her 1 undeterred byWilbekin's 4-80-010, Hill 0-22-22, Finney-Smith 0-4 season-high 70 points in
Oklahoma State 72:lIn South points in the second halfforTexas A&M. closing brilliance. Kurtz040-00.OTotalsl18-4821-2862. the first half. Spurs 96, Pelicans 80: In
Bend, Ind., Natalie Achonwa got Notre DePaul (29-7) shot 40 percent, 28 The Flyers quickly Halftime--Florida 38-24. 3-Point Goals-- Thei26srghloes SnntiMaoBlnlisoed1
Dayton 8-18 (Oliver 4-7, Pierre 2-3, Davis i 6srih oss SnAtno ac eiel crd1
Dame going early and never let up as percent in the first haltand struggled drained two 3-pointers to 1-1, Smith 13, Sibert0-2, Price 0-2), Flor- equaled the 2010-11 points and the San Antonio Spurs never
she finished with 23 points and Jewell defensively against the physical cut the lead to 38-30 and ida 5-15 (Wilbekin 3-5, Frazier II 2-5, Yeg- Cleveland Cavaliers and trailed after their opening possession,
Loyd added 20 to lead the Fighting Aggies. Jasmine Penny had l6 of fired up a FedEx Forum Fuet ,DWlke r 01,FNoney ReonsmiDatho03 also the NFL's Tampa Bay extending their winning streak to
Irish in the Notre Dame Regional. her 24 points in the second half and crowd of 15,443 that 26 (Kavanaugh 8),Florida 37 (Finney-Smith Buccaneers, who dropped 17 games. Kawhi Leonard and Manu
Notre Dame (35-0) is avictory Megan Rogowski added 14 points for included a large Dayton g).Assists--Dayton 11 (Pierre 5), Florida1 26 straight from Sept. 12, CGinobili scored15 points each, Patty
away from its fourth straight Final Four the Blue Demons. contingent. But with "Let's Florida 10. A-i15,443. 1976-Dec. 4, 1977. Mills added 13 and Tim Duncan had 12
points and eight rebounds.
]CO LEG B SKEBA L T UR AME TSWizards 101, Hawks 97: San Antonio (51-16) extended its
_______________________________________________In Washington, John Wall scored 25 lead to 3 games over Oklahoma City
r~(' TIllrl M~rI ;',,lv'd...16A In...;,1 ,~ ~r ~ points, Drew Gooden had 26, and the (53-19) for the league's best record.

At Madison Square Garden, NewYork
Friday's results
UConn 81, Iowa State 76
Michigan State 61,Virginia 59
Today's game
UConn (29-8) vs. Michigan State (29-8),
2:20 p.m.
At FedExForum, Memphis,Tenn.
Thursday's results
Dayton 82, Stanford 72
Florida 79, UCLA68
Saturday's result
Florida 62, Dayton 52
At Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Friday's results
Michigan 73,Tennessee 71
Kentucky 74, Louisville 69
Today's game
Michigan (28-8) vs. Kentucky (27-10),
5:05 p.m.
At The Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif.
Thursday's results
Wisconsin 69, Baylor 52
Arizona 70, San Diego State 64

Wisconsin 64, Arizona 63, OT Central Missouri 71, Metro State 69
NIT West Liberty86, S. Carolina Aiken 83
At Madison Square Garden, NewYork Saturday's result
Semifinals At Evansville, Ind.
Tuesday's games Championship
Minnesota (23-13) vs. Florida State (22-13), Central Missouri 84,West Liberty 77
Clemson (23-13)vs. SMU (26-9),9:30p.m. NCAAWOMEN'STOURNAMEI
Championship Series At Lincoln, Neb.
(Best-of-3,x-ifnecessary) Saturday's result
Monday's game UConn 70, BYU 51
Siena (18-17) at Fresno State (20-16), 10 Texas A&M 84, DePaul 65
pm. Monday's game
Wednesday's game UConn (37-0) vs.Texas A&M (27-8),9:3
Fresno State at Siena, 7 p.m. STANFORD REGIONAL
Saturday's game At Stanford, Calif.
x-Fresno State at Siena,TBA Today'sgames
COLLEGEINSIDER.COM TOURNAMENT Stanford (30-3)vs. Penn St (24-7), 4:3(
Thursday's result S.Carolina (29-4)vs. N.Carolina (26-9),
Murray State 85,Towson State 73 Tuesday's game
Semifinals Semifinal winners, 9 p.m.
Yale (22-12) at VMI (22-12), 7p.m. At Notre Dame, Ind.
Pacific (18-15) at MurrayState (21-11), 9p.m. Saturday's results
Baylor 90, Kentucky 72
DIV. II TOURNAMENT Notre Dame 89, Oklahoma State 72
Thursday's results Monday's game


30 p.m.

0 p.m.
7p.m. I

7:30 p.m.
At Louisville, Ky.
Today's games
Tennessee (28-5) vs. Maryland (26-6), Noon
Louisville (32-4) vs. LSU (21-12),2:30 p.m.
Tuesday's game
Semifinal winners, 7 p.m.
Thursday's results
South Florida 74, GeorgeWashington 57
Indiana 66, Northwestern 65
Bowling Green 63, Michigan 53
Rutgers91,Seton Hall 79,20T
Mississipi State 59, Auburn 54
South Dakota State 70, Minnesota 62
Friday's result
UTEP 68, Colorado 60
Today's games
Indiana (21-12) at S. Dakota St.(25-9),3 p.m.
South Florida (22-12) at Mississipi State
(22-13), 6p.m.
Monday's games
Rutgers (25-9) at Bowling Green (304), 7
Washington (20-13) at UTEP (27-7), 9p.m.


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014 SP Page 5



Page 6 SP The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sports on TV Lak
I P.M d-divisi'
FOX NASCAR, Sprint Cup, STP 500, at x-clinch
3 pm.
3 p~m.Orlando
ABC IRL, IndyCar Series, Grand Prix of St. rlaind
Petersburg, at St. Petersburg, Fla. Washing
P.M. Toronto
11 p.m. ,
ESPN2 NHRA, Na- Brookly
tionals,at LasVegas Miami 1
1:30 p.m. Minnes
FS1 -BayloratWestVirginia Oklahor
New OrI
2 p.m.
ESPNU -KentuckyatVanderbilt SanhAni
GOLF Golden
1 p.m.
TGC PGATour, Texas Open, final round, Philade
at San Antonio LA lip
3pm. L.A.Clipr
3p.m. Washin
NBC PGA Tour, Texas Open, final round, ii8
at San Antonio Mam
San Ant
7 p.m. Saca
TGC LPGA, Kia Classic, final round, at Sacram
Carlsbad, Calif Utah at
8p.m. Toronto
ESPN LA. Dodgers at San Diego Minnes
2 pm.Chicago
2p.m. NewYo
CBS NCAA Division I tournament, re- Memph
gional final, UConn vs. Michigan State, at ho
4:30 p.m. San Ani
CBS NCAA Division I tournament, re- Washinc
gional final, Michigan vs. Kentucky, at Indi- Toront
anapolis Milwau
NBA Philade
6p.m. Boston
FSFL -Toronto at Orlando LA Cli
7:30 p.m. Sacram
NBCSN- Chicago at Pittsburgh Memp







-Boston at Philadelphia
-Tampa Bay at Detroit
7:30 p.m.
Chicago at Pittsburgh
8:25 a.m.
Premier League, Everton at Ful-

10:55 a.m.
- Premier League, Tottenham at

2:30 p.m.
ESPN ATP World Tour/WTA, Sony Open,
men's championship match, at Key Bis-
cayne, Fla.
ESPN NCAA Division I tournament, re-
gional semifinal, Maryland vs.Tennessee, at
Louisville, Ky.
2:30 p.m.


N.Y. Rar
N.Y. Isar

ESPN2 NCAA Division I tournament,
regional semifinal, Louisville vs. LSU, at Lou- x-St. Loi
isville, Ky. x-San Jo
4:30 p.m. x-Anahi
ESPN2 NCAA Division I tournament, x-Color
regional semifinal, Stanford vs. Penn St., at Chicago
Stanford, Calif Los AngE
7p.m. Minnes
ESPN2 NCAA Division I tournament, re- Phoenix
gional semifinal, South Carolina vs. North Dallas
Carolina, at Stanford, Calif Vancou

Glantz-Culver Line
National League
Los Angeles -120 at San Diego
atPittsburgh -160 Chicago
Washington -145 at NewYork
at Milwaukee -130 Atlanta
atCincinnati -110 St.Louis
at Miami -165 Colorado
San Francisco -130 at Arizona
American League
at Detroit -175 Kansas City
Boston -120 at Baltimore
atTampa Bay -175 Toronto
at Chicago -165 Minnesota
at Oakland -130 Cleveland
at Los Angeles -130 Seattle
Philadelphia -130 atTexas

At Memphis, Tenn.
Florida 10(1321/2) Dayton
At Anaheim, Calif.
Arizona 3 (130) Wisconsin
CBI Tournament
Game One
at Fresno St. 8 (139) Siena
At NewYork
SMU 3 (120) Clemson
Florida St. 1 (139) Minnesota
College Insider Tournament
atVMI 11/2 (159) Yale
atMurraySt. 5 (148) Pacific

at Houston
at Dallas
at San Antonio

San Jose
at Carolina
Tampa Bay
New Jersey
at St. Louis
at Phoenix
at Los Angeles

Pro ba



x-San Antonio
x-Oklahoma C
d-LA. Clippers
Golden State
New Orleans

81/2 (209) at Phil
6 (2041/2)
3 (2111/2) LA
9/2 (210) Sac
S 11 (205) Nev
10 (202) atMi




on leader
hed playoff spo
gton 91, Indian
)105,Boston 1C
n 108,Clevelar
110, Detroit 78
d 91,Chicago7
ota 143,L.A. La
ma City 94, Sac
leans 102, Utah
tonio 133, Denv
State 100, Mer
lphia 123, Detr
ppers 118, Hou;
gton 101, Atlar
88, Milwaukee 6
tonio 96, New(
ento at Dallas,
Oklahoma Cit)
at Cleveland,3

25 47 347 311/2 KalamazooatToledo,5:15p.m.
24 48 333 321/2 Bakersfield at San Francisco, Cancelled
23 50 .315 34 ldahoatStockton,7p.m.

results Atlantic Division
ia78 x-Manchester694318 2 6 94222 177
03 St.John's 684122 1 4 87223 180
nd 97 Providence 683623 2 7 81215 195
Worcester 673330 3 1 70173 201
'4 Portland 662432 2 8 58203 242
kers 107 East Division
ramento81 GPW L OL SLPts GF GA
h95 Binghamton 664021 1 4 85243 199
/er 102 W-B/Scranton68 38 22 3 5 84189 166
(88 Norfolk 673424 2 7 77174 173
nphis93 Hershey 673425 4 4 76196 187
's results Syracuse 672729 4 7 65172 200
oit 98 Northeast Division
ston 107 GP W L OL SLPts GF GA
nta97 Springfield 684220 1 5 90221 188
67 Albany 673421 4 8 80197 178
Orleans80 Hartford 672931 1 6 65177 207
late Bridgeport 662732 2 5 61168208
games Adirondack 672536 1 5 56158201
3 p.m. Midwest Division

) atOrlando, 6 p.m. GPW L OL SLPts GF GA
ota at Brooklyn, 6 p.m. x-G.Rapids 684220 2 4 90219 168
o at Boston, 7 p.m. Chicago 653819 5 3 84200 162
rkatGoldenState, 9 p.m. Milwaukee 663221 6 7 77189 181
his at Portland, 9p.m. Rockford 673226 5 4 73205 227
x atL.A. Lakers,9:30 p.m. Iowa 662630 6 4 62150 198
Monday'sgames North Division
tonioatl Indiana, 7 p.m. GPW L OL SLPts GF GA
gton at Charlotte, 7p.m. Toronto 664020 2 4 86192 166
SatMiami,7:30p.m. Rochester 673027 6 4 70183 197
kee at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Utica 662929 4 4 66159 192
Iphia at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. Lake Erie 652829 0 8 64171 198
at Chicago, 8p.m. Hamilton 672933 1 4 63158 199
ppersat Minnesota, 8 p.m. West Division
entoatNewOrleans, 8 p.m. GP W L OL SLPts GF GA
lisatDenver, 9 p.m. x-Texas 694317 3 6 95247 185
rkatUtah,9p.m. Abbotsford 683724 5 2 81205 192
Charlotte 683530 1 2 73209211
h k Okla.City 673027 2 8 70208 229
hockey San Antonio 672731 3 663186205
NHL x-Clinched Playoff Berth
EASTENCONFRECE Note: Two points are awarded for a win,
EASTERN CONFERENCE one point for an overtime or shootout loss.
GP W L OT Pts GF GA Saturday's results
)n 74 51 17 6108237 155 Iowa 2,oronto SO
)urgh 744722 5 99228184 Worcester 4, Albany3,SO
al 76 43 26 7 93 199 189 Binghamton4,Syracuse3,SO
tigers 75 41 30 4 86200 183 Hershey2,St John's ,SO
JING 74 41 24 9 91221198 Springfield4,Adirondack3,SO
phia 73 3927 7 85210 206 Charlotte3,OklahomaCity2,SO
bus 74 38 30 6 82 208 200 Abbotsford 7, Utica2
lus ,.?.^. ^^?? Abbotsford 7, Utica 2
74 3426 14 82 199 211 Grand Rapids4, Rockfordl 1
gton 74 3428 12 80214 222 Hartford4,BridgeportO0
76 36 32 8 80 220 239 Portland 7, Manchester 5
rsey 74 31 28 15 77 178 192 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton2,Norfolkl 1
73 30 29 14 74210 246 Texas 6, Hamilton 1
74 32 32 10 74 186 208 LakeErieatChicago, late
nders 74 29 35 10 68 206 247 Today'sgames
ERS 75 2740 8 62179 244 OklahomaCityatCharlotte, 1:3Op.m.
74 20 45 9 49 142 222 lowaatUtica,3pm
WFCTBN NCFB~rF Iowa at Utica, 3 p-"m.
WESTERN CONFERENCE BinghamtonatAlbany,3 p.m.
GP W L.OT Pts GF GA Hartford at Bridgeport, 3 p.m.
is 74 50 17 7107240 168 AbbotsfordatToronto,4p.m.
ose 76 47 20 9 103 232 184 ChicagoatRockford,5 pm
"e ^ ^ l^ ^ ^ Chicago at Rockford, 5 p.m.
eim 73 47 18 8102 234 186 Hamilton at San Antonio, 5 p.m.
ado 74 4721 6100 227 202 GrandRapidsat Milwaukee,6p.m
75 42 18 15 99 247 196 Monday'sgames
eles 74 43 25 6 92 185 157 No gamesscheduled
ota 74 37 26 11 85 183 188 Tuesday'sgames
74 36 26 12 84 205 209 Springfield atBridgeport, ll a.m
74 3627 11 83 214 212 Portland atWorcester, 7p.m.
ver 75 34 30 11 79 183 201 LakeErieatSanAntonio,8p.m.
eg 74 33 32 9 75206 216 MilwaukeeatChicago,8p.m.
le 75 32 32 11 75 186 226
74 31 36 7 69 189 217
ton 74 26 39 9 61 184 244 College hockey
Two points for a win. one noint for

Overtime loss.
x-clinched playoff spot
Friday's results
SPhiladelphia 4,Toronto 2
Pittsburgh 2, Columbus 1
Ottawa 5, Chicago 3
SDallas 7, Nashville 3
I Calgary 4, N.Y. Rangers 3
- cmnntnn 4/ Anahpim f rnT

NCAA Division I Hockey Championship
At DCU Center
Worcester, Mass.
First Round
Saturday's results
Boston College 6, Denver 2
UMass-Lowell 2, Minnesota State-Mankato

Saturday's results Championship
N.Y Islanders 2, New Jersey 1, SO Today's game
Boston 4,Washington 2 Boston College (27-7-4) vs. UMass-Lowell
Colorado 3, San Jose 2 (26-10-4), 5 p.m.
Detroit 4,Toronto 2 At Webster Bank Arena
Montreal 4, PANTHERS 1 Bridgeport, Conn.
Columbus 3, Carolina 2, OT First Round
Dallas 4, St. Louis 2 Friday's results
Minnesota at Phoenix, late Union (N.Y) 5,Vermont 2
Anaheim at Vancouver, late Providence 4, Quinnipiac 0
Winnipeg at Los Angeles, late Championship
Today's games Saturday's result
Boston at Philadelphia, 12:30 p.m. Union (N.Y) 3, Providence 1
Calgary at Ottawa, 5 p.m. MIDWEST REGIONAL
LIGHTNING at Detroit, 5 p.m. At U.S. Bank Arena
Chicago at Pittsburgh, 7:30 p.m. Cincinnati
Washington at Nashville, 8 p.m. First Round
N.Y Rangers at Edmonton, 8 p.m. Friday's results
Monday'sgames Ferris State 1, Colgate 0
Carolina at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. North Dakota 5,Wisconsin 2
PANTHERS at New Jersey, 7:30 p.m. Championship
Winnipeg at Anaheim, 10 p.m. Saturday's result
Minnesota at Los Angeles, 10 p.m. North Dakota 2, Ferris State 1,20T
ECHL At Xcel Energy Center
Atlantic Division First Round
GP W L OL SLPts GF GA Saturday's results
x-Reading 664221 2 1 87211 169 Minnesota 7, Robert Morris 3
Wheeling 653425 1 5 74191 185 Notre Dame (23-14-2) vs. St. Cloud State
Elmira 652235 3 5 52158219 (21-10-5),9p.m.
North Division Championship
GPW L OL SLPts GF GA Today's game
Kalamazoo 653919 2 5 85203 174 Minnesota (266-6) vs. Notre Dame or St.
Cincinnati 653722 2 4 80223 185 Cloud State, 7:30 p.m.
SFortWayne 663123 7 5 74196 200 FROZEN FOUR
Evansville 672927 4 7 69211 221 AtWellsFargoCenter
Toledo 642039 3 2 45180 243 Philadelphia
South Division Semifinals
GPW L OL SLPts GF GA Thursday, April10

NHL Orlando 664022 2 2 84211 200 Northeast champion vs. Union (N.Y
LINE UNDERDOG LINE S.Carolina 663921 2 4 84180 157 4),5:30 or 8 p.m.
-130 atWashington +110 Greenville 653723 2 3 79202 180 North Dakota (25-13-3)vs.Westcha
-125 atColorado +105 Florida 663326 3 4 73217208 5:30or8p.m.
-125 Columbus +105 Gwinnett 682736 3 2 59183 214 Championship
-115 Detroit -105 WESTERN CONFERENCE Saturday, April 12
-230 at Buffalo +190 Mountain Division Semifinal winners, 7:30 p.m.
-140 atN.Y. Islanders+120 *GP W L OL SLPts GF GA
-175 at Florida +155 y-Alaska 664317 3 3 92224 148
-220 Dallas +180 Idaho 673525 3 4 77205 199 Soccer
-130 Minnesota +110 Utah 643422 3 5 76169 157MS
s -200 Winnipeg +170 Colorado 643122 7 4 73196 191 EASTERN CONFERENCE
-120 atVancouver +100 PacificfDivision
Sy-Ontario 6541 17 3 4 89201 175 Sporting Kansas City 2 1 1 7
isketball Bakersfield 653029 2 4 66175 187 Houston 21 0 6
Stockton 632928 0 6 64195210 Columbus 2 0 0 6
NBA LasVegas 641839 4 343152219 TorontoFC 2 0 0 6
TERN CONFERENCE c-SanFran. 401520 4 1 35101 143 Philadelphia 1 1 2 5
W L Pct GB x-ClinchedPlayoffBerth Chicago 0 1 3 3
52 21 .712 y-Clinched DivisionalTitle NewYork 0 1 2 2
50 22 .694 11/2 c-Ceased operations Montreal 0 3 1 1
41 31 .569 101/2 Note: Two points are awarded for a win, DC 0 2 1 1
40 32 .556 11/2 onepointforanovertimeorshootoutloss. NewEngland 0 2 1 1
38 33 .535 13 Friday's results WESTERN CONFERENCE
38 35 .521 14 Greenville4,Gwinnett3 3 W L T Pts
35 38 .479 17 Wheeling 5,Toledo3 FCDallas 3 0 1 10
31 41 .431 20/2 Reading 4, Elmira 1 Vancouver 2 0 2 8
30 43 .411 22 FortWayne 7, South Carolina 4 Seatte L 2 1 0 6
29 45 .392 231/2 Cincinnati 5, Florida 2 Real Salt Lake 1 0 2 5
26 47 .356 26 Utah 6, Colorado3 Colorado 1 1 1 4
23 49 .319 281/2 Ontario3,Bakersfield2,SO tChivasUSA 1 1 1 4
21 52 .288 31 Alaska 5, LasVegas 1 Portland 0 2 2 2
16 57 .219 36 Idaho 4, Stockton 1 Slan ose 0 1 1 1
14 59 .192 38 Saturday's results LosAngeles 0 1 1 1
TERN CONFERENCE Orlando 5, Evansville 4 NOTE: Three points for victory, or
W L Pet GB Florida4,Cincinnati 0 fortie.
57 16 .781 -- Gwinnett 6,Greenville4 Saturday's resuIts
ity 53 19 .736 31/2 Reading 6, Elmira3 Philadelphia 1 ,Montreal 1, tie
52 22 .703 5/2 SouthCarolina3,FortWayne2,OT DC.United2,Chicago2,tie
49 23 .681 71/2 Toledo 2, Kalamazoo 1,SO Sporting Kansas City 3, Colorado2
47 27 .635 10/2 Stockton at Ontario, late Vancouver2,Houston
45 27 .625 111/2 Utah at Colorado, late FCDallas2,Portland1
44 29 .603 13 Alaska at LasVegas, late TorontoFCatRea SaltLake,late
43 29 .597 13V2 Idaho atSan Francisco, Cancelled Columbusat SeattleFC, late
43 30 .589 14 Today'sgames NewEnglandatSanJose,late
36 35 .507 20 South Carolina at Greenville, 3 p.m. Today'sgames
32 41 .438 25 Elmira atWheeling,3 p.m. ChivasUSAatNewYork,3p.m.
32 41 .438 25 Alaskaat LasVegas,5:05 p.m. Saturday's games

Y) (30-6-


5 4
6 2
5 1
3 1
4 4
6 7
3 6
3 7
2 6
0 5

9 5
7 3
4 2
5 4
5 4
5 6
3 6
3 4
1 2
me point

SSeattle FC at Portland, 3 p.m.
NewYorkat Montreal,4 p.m.
Philadelphia at Chicago, 5 p.m.
Toronto FC at Columbus, 6 p.m.
Colorado at Vancouver, 6:30 p.m.
New England at D.C. United, 7 p.m.
FC Dallas at Houston, 8 p.m.
Real Salt Lake at Sporting Kansas City, 8:30

Pro football
SAFL Glance
West Division
SArizona 2 0 01.000 130 104
LosAngeles 1 1 0 .500 104 107
SanAntonio 0 3 0 .000 105 152
SPacific Division
SanJose 3 0 01.000 190 119
Spokane 1 1 0 .500 113 103
Portland 0 2 0 .000 70 104
South Division
Orlando 3 0 01.000 174 162
TampaBay 2 1 0 .667 162 158
Jacksonville 1 1 0 .500 110 71
NewOrleans 0 2 0 .000 83 99
SEast Division
Cleveland 2 0 01.000 100 79
Iowa 1 1 0 .500 75 100
Philadelphia 0 2 0 .000 88 132
Pittsburgh 0 2 0 .000 105 119
Saturday's results
San Jose 56, Pittsburgh 52
Jacksonville 63, San Antonio 22
Orlando 56,Tampa Bay52
Cleveland 37, New Orleans 26
Thursday's game
Orlando at New Orleans, 8:30 p.m.

SSony Open
AtTheTennisCenteratCrandon Park,
Key Biscayne, Fla.
Purse: Men, $5.65 million (Masters
1000);Women, $5.43 million (Premier)
Surface: Hard-Outdoor
SSerena Williams (1), United States, def. Li
SNa (2), China, 7-5,6-1.
SBob and Mike Bryan (1), United States,
Sdef.Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah,
Colombia, 7-6 (8), 6-4.

College baseball
Bentley3-2,S. New Hampshire 1-1
Gordon 3-7,Wentworth Tech 1-4
Old Westbury 8, St. Joseph's (LI) 0
Hartford 1-0, Stony Brook 0-1
Sacred Heart 10, St.John's2
W. New England 5, Salve Regina 4
Asburyat Alice Lloyd, ppd.
Belmont 1, Morehead St. 0, susp, 2 innings
Bethel (Tenn.) 6, Martin Methodist 1
SCastleton 8-5-6, Husson 4-1-2
Cedarville at KentuckyWesleyan, ppd.
Clemson at Maryland, ppd.
Cumberlands at Pikeville, ccd.
Doane 10-9,Dordt 0-
Duke 9, North Carolina 8,11 innings
ETSU 6, N. Kentucky 3
Eureka 7, Spalding 5
Florida St. 10, Boston College 1
Georgia College at Carson-Newman, ccd.
SGeorgia Southern 7, Davidson 5
Indiana-Southeast at Brescia, ppd.
Le Moyne-Owen at Kentucky St., ppd.
Lincoln (Pa.) at Chowan, ppd.
Louisville 15, Butler 1
Miami 2-2, NC State 1-1
Missouri Baptist at Mid-Continent, ppd.
Newberry8, Lenoir-Rhyne 7
Oglethorpe at Centre, ccd.
Old Dominion 6, Charlotte 2
SPittsburgh 5, Georgia Tech 0
Reinhardt at Bryan, ppd.
Rhodes 16-1,Sewanee 0-
Roanoke at Randolph-Macon, ppd.
SE Missouri 9, UT-Martin 3
Shawnee St. at Campbellsville, ppd.
Spring Hill 4-3, Belhaven 1-0
Trevecca Nazarene 10-14, Salem Interna-
tional 5-4
Vanderbilt 9, Kentucky 3
SVirginia 9,Virginia Tech 2
Virginia St. at St. Augustine's, ppd.
Wake Forest at Notre Dame, ppd.
West Alabama 8, Christian Brothers 6
West Florida 11-3, Lee 0-0
William Carey 2-1, Loyola (NO) 0-5
Young Harris 12, GRU Augusta 2
LeTourneau 2-0, Concordia-Austin 1-1
Air Force 5, New Mexico 0

S Major League Baseball
MLB Suspended Chicago White Sox
minor league LHP Feny Arias (DSL-White
SSox), Arizona minor league RHP Geremia
Espinosa (DSL-Diamondbacks), and free
agent minor league RHP Elou Jean 50
games apiece following their violations
of the Minor League Drug Prevention and
Treatment Program.
American League
Tommy Layne, RHP Brayan Villarreal, OF
Corey Brown, and INF Mike McCoy to their
minor league camp. Released RHP Francis-
* coCordero.
contracts of INF/OF Jason Bartlett and OF
Jason Kubel. Reassigned C Dan Rohlfing to
their minor league camp.
Eduardo Nunez, LHP Cesar Cabral and RHP
ShaneGreeneto Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL).
Reassigned INF ZelousWheeler, OF Antoan
Richardson, OF Adonis Garcia, RHP Matt
| Daley and C Jose Gil to their minor league
Hisashi Iwakuma, RHP Taijuan Walker and
RHP Stephen Pryor on the 15-day DL, retro-
active to March 21.
National League
Gearrin on the 15-day DL Recalled LHP
Ryan Buchterfrom Gwinnett (IL).
the contracts of OF Tony Gwynn Jr, LHP
Mario Hollands and RHP Jeff Manship.
Transferred RHP Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez
from the 15- to the 60-day DL. Reassigned
INF Reid Brignac and RHP Shawn Camp to
Lehigh Valley (IL).
Stewart and LHP Jeff Locke on 15-day DL,
retroactive to March 21. Selected the con-
tract of INFTravis Ishikawa from Indianapo-
lis (IL).Assigned LHP AndyOliveroutrightto

Indianapolis. Designated RHP Vin Mazzaro
for assignment.
RHP Doug Fister on the 15-day DL, retroac-
tive to March 23.
National Hockey League
DALLAS STARS Recalled F Chris
Muellerfrom Texas (AHL).

* NHL: 3

Stamkos strikes

in overtime win

Steven Stamkos scored
two goals, including the
winner in overtime, as the
Tampa Bay Lightning beat
the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 on
Saturday night.
Alex Killorn and Ryan
Callahan also scored for
the Lightning, who have
earned at least a point in
11 consecutive games.
With the win, Tampa
Bay remained two
points behind Montreal
for second place in the
Atlantic Division after the
Canadiens beat Florida
Matt D'Agostini, Cody
Hodgson and Cory
Conacher scored for
Buffalo, which finished
March with a 2-11-1
Tampa Bay overcame
an unusual own-goal
from Stamkos that gave
Buffalo a 3-2 lead in the
third period to win the
A delayed penalty to
Conacher drew Lightning
goalie Ben Bishop to
the bench for an extra
attacker, but Stamkos'
back pass missed Michael
Kostka and bounced off
the boards in the neutral
zone before gliding into
the empty net.
It was an own-goal,
but Conacher was given
credit for it as the last
Sabres player to touch
the puck. Conacher was
traded from Tampa Bay
to Ottawa along with a
fourth-round pick for
Bishop in April 2013.
The first period had
little flow, with Buffalo's
failed power play near the
midpoint the only time
either team threatened to
That changed at the
12:20 mark, as Matt
D'Agostini freely car-
ried the puck over the
Lightning blue line before


WHO: Tampa Bay (41-24-9)
at Detroit (34-26-14)
WHEN: Today, 5 p.m.
WHERE: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 103.9 FM, 970 AM,
1220 AM

firing a point blank
wrist shot over the right
shoulder of Bishop to give
Buffalo a 1-0 lead.
Rasmus Ristolainen
and Johan Larsson picked
up assists on the goal,
giving the rookies points
in back-to-back nights
for the first time in their
Buffalo doubled its ad-
vantage at the 14:07 mark
when Zemgus Girgensons
stripped Kostka deep in
the Tampa Bay zone, and
Christian Ehrhoff's slap
shot was redirected into
the goal by Hodgson.
Girgensons played his
first game since missing
11 with a lower-body
The lead wouldn't last
the rest of the period.
Tampa Bay picked up
its first goal on Killorn's
shot that beat Matt
Hackett between the legs.
Killorn's 16th of the
season came at the 17:52
mark, and Stamkos
scored the tying goal with
14 seconds to play.

LIGHTNING 2 0 1 1 4
Buffalo 2 0 1 0- 3
First Period-1, Buffalo, DAgostini 5 (Ris-
tolainen, Larsson), 12:20.2, Buffalo, Hodg-
son 17 (Ehrhoff), 14:07.3, LIGHTNING, Kil-
lorn 16 (Kucherov, Carle), 17:52.4,Tampa
Bay, Stamkos 22 (Brown, Gudas), 19:46.
Second Period-None.
Third Period-5, Buffalo, Conacher 7,8:14
(en). 6, LIGHTNING, Callahan 16 (Purcell,
Stamkos), 10:07 (pp).
Overtime-7, LIGHTNING, Stamkos 23
(Filppula, Purcell), 1:53 (pp).
Shots on Goal-LIGHTNING 9-13-10-
1-33. Buffalo 8-12-8-0-28. Goalies-
LIGHTNING, Bishop. Buffalo, Hackett.
A-19,070 (19,070).T-2:33.


Pacioretty had two goals
and an assist to help the
Montreal Canadiens ex-
tend their winning streak
to five games with a 4-1
victory over the Florida
Panthers on Saturday
Thomas Vanek added
a goal and an assist for
Montreal and Carey
Price made 36 saves.
David Desharnais had an
empty-net goal.
Pacioretty's second goal
put the Canadiens ahead
3-0 in the second period.
Pacioretty camped at
edge of the crease and
tipped in a pass from
Desharnais at 14:00 for
his 35th of the season, a
career high. Pacioretty
has 11 points in his past
10 games.

Montreal 2 1 1 4
Florida 0 1 0 -- 1
First Period-1, Montreal, Vanek 27 (Sub-
ban), 10:47. 2, Montreal, Pacioretty 34
(Emelin, Briere), 17:03.
Second Period-3, Montreal, Pacioretty 35
(Desharnais,Vanek), 14:00.4, Florida, Boy-
es 19 (Bergenheim, Campbell), 16:09.
Third Period-5, Montreal, Desharnais 15
(Pacioretty, Weaver), 19:36 (en).
Shots on Goal-Montreal 11-5-3-19.
Florida 10-12-15-37. Goalies-Mon-
treal, Price. Florida, D.Ellis. A-17,119
(17,040). T-2:27.


WHO: Florida (27-40-8) at
New Jersey (31-28-15)
WHEN: Monday, 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Prudential Center,
Newark, N.J.
TV: NBC Sports

Patrice Bergeron added a goal as the
Bruins won for the 14th time in 15

Avalanche 3, Sharks 2:
In Denver, Semyon Varlamov had a
season-high 47 saves and Colorado
clinched its first playoff berth in four
years. Center John Mitchell had a goal
and an assist for the Avalanche, who
moved past Chicago into second place
in the Central Division.

Blue Jackets 3,
Hurricanes 2: In Raleigh, N.C.,
Ryan Johansen scored a power-
play goal at 2:40 of overtime and
Columbus earned two important
points in their push for the second
playoff berth in club history and first
since 2009.

Islanders 2, Devils 1: In
Uniondale, N.Y., Frans Nielsen scored
in the second period and then added
a goal in the shootout to lift the New
York Islanders past playoff-hopeful
New Jersey.

Bruins 4, Capitals 2: In Red Wings 4, Maple
Washington, Carl Soderberg and Leafs 2: In Toronto, Darren Helm
Jarome Iginla scored 41 seconds apart had a hat trick and Detroit sent
in the second period to break open a Toronto to its eighth consecutive loss.
close game, and Boston clinched the This is Toronto's first such streak of
Atlantic Division title. Iginla scored eight straight regulation defeats since
twice to reach the 30-goal mark, and 1985.


Habs stay hot,

cruise by Panthers

Page 6 SP

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014 SP Page 7

Division I players, you
want to take your time,"
Charlotte coach Binky
Waldrop said. "Not only
getting in the right place,
but you're getting every
penny you can for them
to go to school."
Waldrop watched
his senior quarterback
Brennan McGill sign to
play for NAIA school
Pikeville University in
Kentucky on March 20.
McGill's fit with Pikeville
not only came with a
financial commitment
from the school a
common theme among
players who waited to
commit but with a
school that could use
a dropback passer like
McGill. With the advent
of the spread offense and
the read option, schemes
that strictly use pocket
passers are becoming
more and more rare.
"The offense the
colleges are running now,
75 percent of them don't
need the kind of quarter-
back he is," Waldrop said.
"They do some of the
zone gun stuff. They want
their quarterbacks to be
able to throw and they
pretty much offered him
a full ride. That's really
Augustyn remains the
only North Port player
to have signed with a
school, but others are
on the way. Josh Pollard
could sign soon, as could
Brannan Scott and Jake
Bennett. The group of
Bobcats is waiting to have
a group signing of up to
eight athletes the most
ever in one year at North
Former North Port
coach Billy Huthman
watched Augustyn's sign-
ing ceremony like a proud
father. He's been on both

North Port running back Leonard Faison outruns Sarasota's Tony
season. Two months after signing day, Faison is still in the proce:

ends of the equation as
recruiting coordinator for
NAIA Central Methodist
(Mo.), and as a high
school coach making sure
his players get seen.
He mentioned to
friends about his role in
that capacity and com-
mented, "I feel like I'm
recruiting again."
The text message reply:
"Because you are."
Coaches play a big part
in pitching athletes to
schools. It's one of the
parts of the job people
don't see. They also
make sure the recruiting
process doesn't leave
their players too dejected.
Many of the coaches went
through this in their own
playing days or have their
own experience as college
They know it's a long
"It's very hard to keep
kids' confidence because
it's a domino effect," Port
Charlotte coach Jordan
Ingman said. "It starts

at the (Division) I-A
level and trickles down.
Basically, what happens
is schools take the best
available and they see
what the Florida and
Florida States get and
then it trickles down from
there. We try to keep our
kids focused and upbeat.
But it's a tough process."
It's a long process


Thirion during a game last
;s of finding a school.
because recruiting doesn't
end after signing day.
In fact, with Division II
and Division III schools
swooping for players
that the big schools leave
behind, the entire process
picks up speed.
McGill got a taste of
that in 2013, watching
older brother Chris even-
tually sign at Ave Maria to

Imagine at Oasis, 6 p.m.
Port Charlotte at DeSoto County,
Bayshore at Lemon Bay, 7 p.m.
District 2A-11 boys and girls at
Avon Park High School, 9 a.m.
(Lemon Bay, DeSoto County)

be an offensive lineman.
But it was still a lot to get
"A lot of schools will
talk to you and say they
want you, then drop you
and never talk to you
again," McGill said. "You
have to keep going with
sending film out and
talking to coaches. It's
Recruiting fairs make
it easier. The Southwest
Florida Football
Recruiting Fair, held this
year at Cape Coral High
School, is a major spring
event, because it's there
where many high school
athletes find a school that
wants them to wear their
It's a lot to take in.
"There were a lot of
athletes there," Pierre
said. "I felt they were in
the same position we

were, trying to play. We all
had to go to the coaches
and stand out. You had to
be different."
A recruiting fair is how
Schulte connected with
Mount Union and McGill
first heard about Pikeville.
But it can make athletes
feel a little like a piece of
"Yeah, it did," Schulte
said with a laugh. "But in
a good way."
The process continues
for Faison who believed
it would end for him
on signing day. As his
teammates celebrated
Augustyn's happy news,
he couldn't understand
the lack of offers.
"Yeah, it has been (frus-
trating)," he said that day.
"I just haven't gotten any
offers and I'm waiting to
see what (comes in). I feel
like I deserve something."
Nearly two months
later, Faison is still
looking. But he's more
"Right now, I need to
finish sending out my
transcripts," he said.
"Once all that goes
through, I'll get feedback
on what kind of offers I'm
going to get, so I'll make
my decision."
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or

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2301 Tamiami Trail
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Fax: 94E.alBr9.7S6i:

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1 0Sr(4

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014 SP Page 7

Page 8 SP The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014


- Constitution won
the Florida Derby on
Saturday, prevailing in
a fierce stride-for-stride
battle with Wildcat Red
in the major Kentucky
Derby prep race.
Trained by Todd
Pletcher and ridden
by Javier Castellano,
Constitution settled in
along the rail for much of
the race as Wildcat Red
set the pace. Constitution
started to move down on
the inside as the field of
eight made the turn, then
wound up overtaking
Wildcat Red in the last
few strides of the 11/8-mile
test at Gulfstream Park.
Constitution is unbeat-
en in three career races,
all this year. He finished
in 1:49.16 and returned
$8.60 for the win....
In New Orleans, jockey Rosie
Napravnik guided Vicar's in Trouble
to a commanding victory in the $1
million Grade II Louisiana Derby, one
of the premier prep races for the
Kentucky Derby.

Williams tops Na to win
Sony Open: In Key Biscayne,
Serena Williams overcame a slow start

and a set point to beat Li Na 7-5,6-1.
The No. 1-ranked Williams surpassed
the tournament record of six titles
she shared with Andre Agassi. By
beating the No. 2-ranked Na, Williams
extended her winning streak against
top-10 opponents to 15 matches.

Asada wins title in
home country: In Saitama,
Japan, Mao Asada won the free skate
to capture her third world figure
skating title. Asada, who held a
slim 1.42-point lead after the short
program, under-rotated three jumps
but finished with 216.69 points, 9.19
ahead Julia Lipnitskaia of Russia.
Carolina Kostner, the 2012 world
champion, settled for the bronze with
203.83 points.

Late goal ends rainy
game in tie: In Washington,
Quincy Amarikwa's goal in the
82nd minute lifted the Chicago Fire
into a soggy 2-2 draw against D.C.
United. United (0-2-1) extended its
club-record winless streak in MLS
play to 15 games dating to the 2013
season. It's the fifth-longest streak in
MLS history ...
In Commerce City, Colo., Dom
Dovale scored in stoppage time to
help Sporting Kansas City rally for a
3-2 win over the Colorado Rapids....
In Chester, Pa., Marco Di Vaio
scored in the 80th minute, helping the
Montreal Impact rally for a 1-1 draw
against the Philadelphia Union.



Lefty wi

- Steven Bowditch
opened a three-stroke
lead Saturday in the
Texas Open, while Phil
Mickelson withdrew after
10 holes because of a
pulled muscle in his right
Bowditch, the 30-year-
old Australian seeking his
first PGA Tour title, shot
a 4-under 68 to reach
12 under at TPC San
Antonio. Matt Kuchar and
Andrew Loupe were tied
for second. Kuchar shot
65, and Loupe had a 70.
Mickelson withdrew
after pulling the muscle
teeing off on No. 1 his
10th hole of the round.
He was 1-over par in the
round and 4 over overall.
He hopes to play next
week in the Houston
Open, the last event
before the Masters.
"I pulled a muscle on
my downswing trying to
hit it hard," Mickelson
said a statement. "It just
killed and it wouldn't
subside for 10 or 12 sec-
onds. I'm going back to


i in lead, PGATour Stac
h r w 1At TPC San Antonio IAzaha
Ur 1k i TI 7San Antonio Juliet
L 1 1 W Purse: $6.2 million Ashlei
Yardage: 7,435; Par:. 72 Mo Mo
Third Round Se RiF
Steven Bowditch 69-67-68-204 Paula
San Diego (for) a couple Matt Kuchar 70-72-65-207 Mariaj
of days and have a doctor AndrewLoupe 67-70-70-207 PazEc
Pat Perez 68-71-69-208 Haeji K
look at it, but there's Kevin Na 70-70-69-209 Gerina
really not much you can Daniel Summerhays 72-68-70-210 Meen,
SI Chad Collins 71-66-73-210 Brook.
do for a pulled muscle. I Ryan Palmer 72-71-68-211 Jenny
hope I'll be OK to play the ZachJohnson 70-71-70-211 Inbee
Will MacKenzie 69-72-70-211 Tiffany
Shell in Houston, butI Jim Furyk 70-74-68-212 HeeY
just don't know." GeoffOgilvy 74-69-69-212 Miche
JerryKelly 71-71-70-212 LydiaK
Stephen Ames 74-71-68-213 JiYour
Asia rallies on tourna- Jordan Spieth 75-70-68-213 Catrio
ment's final day: In Kuala BoVan Pelt 69-73-71-213 Hee-V
AndrewSvoboda 73-73-67-213 Jennif
Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia staged an Chesson Hadley 69-73-71-213 Kathe
improbable Ryder Cup-like comeback WesRoach 75-66-72-213 Katiel
Freddie Jacobson 70-70-73-213 Katie F
at the EurAsia Cup, picking up seven Carl Pettersson 707371214 Giulia
of 10 points available in singles to BriceGarnett 70-73-71-214 YaniTs
level the score at 10-all and share Justin Hicks 69-73-72-214 Mi Hy
RussellKnox 74-70-71 -215 Ai Miy
the trophy with Europe. Asia, trailing CharleyHoffman 70-75-70-215 SoYec
7-3 going into the final day, briefly William McGirt 72-71-72-215 Jenny
gi -Martin Flores 71-71-73-215
took the lead before it came down Trevor Immelman 70-71-74-215
to the final match between Asia's Brendon Todd 71-76-68-215 EuI
Briny Baird 72-72-72-216
HidetoTanihara and Europe's Gonzalo BrendondeJonge 73-72-71 -216
Fernandez-Castano, which finished Justin Leonard 76-69-71-216 At(
all square. MichaelThompson 70-75-71-216
alsquar Seung-Yul Noh 69-76-71-216
Michael Putnam 72-71-73-216
Kerr, Salas share lead: Cameron Beckman 69-70-77-216
n Cs, C ., Kr m a CameronTringale 71-74-72-217
In Carlsbad, Calif., Cristie Kerr made a Scott Brown 70-74-73-217 Migue
55-foot par-saving putt after hitting BrianGay 73-71-73-217 Nicho
JamieLovemark 73-72-72-217 Thong
her final approach into the water at Ben Curtis 70-75-72-217 McDo
Aviara, giving her a share of the lead JohnsonWagner 73-73-71-217 Kirade
with Lizette Salas after the third round Brian Harman 70-72-75-217 Bjorn,
te a i Kevin Foley 74-73-70-217 Jamie
of the Kia Classic. James Hahn 71-70-76-217 Prayac
Kerr finished with a 2-under 70 to John Mallinger 74-73-70-217 Kim
m a 1 Bronson La'Cassie 74-73-70-217 Larraz
match Salas at 10-under 206. After AndresRomero 71-74-73-218 Anirba
dropping a stroke on the par-517th, TimWilkinson 74-70-74-218 Europ
KerrholedoutfromtheedJohn Senden ge72-73-73- 218 Gagar
Kerr holed out from the edge of the Brooks Koepka 71-74-73-218 Oleser
green on the par-418th after taking a JeffMaggert 72-74-72-218 Joost
penaltydr JimmyWalker 76-71-71-218 Asia, 1
JoshTeater 71-70-77-218 Gallac
peal rp_______Joe Ogilvie 74-73-71--218I Siddik

r Miguel Angel Carballo 69-76-74-219 Gonza
re k Troy Merritt 73-72-74-219 halves
STroyMatteson 72-73-74-219
Golf Clu Brian Davis 71-72-76-219
Fred Funk 70-72-77-219 We
Jason Kokrak 71-71-77-219
J.B.Holmes 72-75-72-219
MikeWeir 76-71-72-219

At Aviara Golf Club
Carlsbad, Calif.
Purse: $1.7 million
Yardage: 6,593; Par: 72
Third Round
Lizette Salas 69-68-69-
Cristie Kerr 68-68-70-
Anna Nordqvist 73-68-67-
AyakoUehara 70-71-67-
Shanshan Feng 68-71-69-
Dori Carter 70-64-74-
Eun-HeeJi 71-73-65-
Chella Choi 74-65-70-
LexiThompson 69-70-70-

Lewis 70-66-73-209
ingkraphan 72-73-65-210
Webb 75-68-67-210
iraMunoz 69-72-69-210
a Granada 70-70-70-210
gh Simon 71-69-70-210
artin 70-74-67-211
'ak 70-70-71-211
Creamer 67-72-72--211
jo Uribe 67-71-73-211
heverria 74-72-66-212
Kang 75-70-67-212
a Piller 71-73-68-212
a Lee 73-70-69-212
e Pancake 70-73-69-212
Shin 73-69-70-212
Park 69-71-72-212
yJoh 69-69-74-212
Yung Park 77-68-68-213
illeWie 70-73-70-213
Ko 74-68-71-213
igOh 72-70-71-213
na Matthew 74-72-68-214
Won Han 74-71-69-214
erSong 76-69-69-214
rine Kirk 71-73-70-214
M.VI Burnett 70-73-71-214
Futcher 71-72-71-214
Sergas 75-68-71-214
seng 71-71-72-214
angLee 68-73-73-214
'azato 70-71-73-214
on Ryu 70-71-73-214
Suh 72-69-73-214

ropean Tour
Glenmarie Golf and Country Club
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Trophy Shared)
Asia 7, Europe 3
el Angel Jimenez, Europe, def.
las Fung, Asia, 1 up.
gchai Jaidee, Asia, def Graeme
well, Europe, 3 and 2.
ech Aphibarnrat, Asia, def Thomas
Europe,2 and 1.
Donaldson, Europe, halved with
d Marksaeng, Asia.
Hyung-sung, Asia, def. Pablo
_abal, Europe, 4 and 2.
an Lahiri, Asia, def. Victor Dubuisson,
e, 2 and 1,
njeet Bhullar, Asia, def. Thorbjorn
in, Europe, 5 and 3.
Luiten,, Europe, def. Koumei Oda,
.ur Rahman, Asia, def. Stephen
her, Europe, 4 and 3.
alo Fernandez-Castano, Europe,
with HidetoTanihara, Asia. Tour
At La Triomphe Country Club

Broussard, La.
Purse: $550,000
Yardage: 7,006; Par: 71
Third Round
Kyle Reifers 65-70-66-
Blayne Barber 69-68-65-
Brett Stegmaier 71-66-65-
Steve Saunders 72-66-65-
Justin Thomas 69-66-68-
Andres Echavarria 67-67-69-
SebastianVazquez 69-65-69-
Fabian Gomez 66-67-70-
Matt Boyd 68-71-65-
Aaron Goldberg 70-67-67-
DerekGillespie 72-65-67-
TJ.Vogel 68-67-69-
ZackSucher 68-67-69-
RyanBlaum 65-68-71-
SJonathan Randolph 66-65-73-

* Cart Bags iW
;$49.99 Titleist Performance
o Institute Certified Trainer

on site for

.... J7..... T....i, .. I Ifii, ] ,jj j w rr i
......... .

Flexability Assessment
Sat 12-2PM

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The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014







and meditation;
An interesting
l voyage .






in hoN 1
of future care

Page 9


e it olonoscopy
although it has
its own 'ick' factor



:Page 2 The Sun /5LIrICI~1y fvl.3I 4


Feeling Fit


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Feeling Fit Publisher
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Feeling itis cir '/ib i tii iii.' iiih hi',i
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Last Tuesday at my Rotary Club
meeting we, had four of our winter
guests say goodbye until they return in
the fall. We love our snowbirds. They
work and socialize with the members
of our club and are a welcome addi-
tion. Their presence will be missed.
Snowbirds are a naturally occurring
phenomena in warm weather climes
like Florida, Texas and Arizona that
attract those to whom shoveling snow,
not seeing the sun for three months,
and having the golf courses closed
is abhorrent. One should not have
to put up with such inconveniences.
These folks come south, and in doing
so become assets to our community.
They spend money on food housing
and entertainment. Our local busi-
nesses, community organizations and
churches all benefit from the addition-
al income.
It might start with the first-time
renter who comes to escape the winter
cold for a week or two. This introduc-
tion to our community may prompt
them, when they retire, to come for
at least 3 months. Some keep their
homes up north and buy a vacation

Like your

Feeling Fit




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Dave Powell
hicme in Fliid \\lleie t he\"ll spend
3-6 mInIl,, hi. ()hieil iI;i\ peiln iicietl
m,-,\e atlh ;rind becc-,ine ull-[rine
meinbcie o, ,-A t cm_-nlnltlulnes
SIi,_- hiid I' ,_r-, hc t re \V ine i rtli,-
add gieaitl\ to oi cmmunutl[ \Vi kilg
as \vl-Iuhlteei [ Iaheavid\i meniril-ed
tliho-e thiit ei\e in R,_-,t\. but mian\
otrhei ,_-,l'iiiz i iu-l,_- benefit TIhe

lioh-pclaliiha\e ImiantIVes,-,nal v,,hl-
ceeis. L,-ca] i btullless,es hlne-,\\bldS
,-, lihald e [lie Iiddli,_-, lI ;-ic IVIt\ 11 -i
,_-clies aild le -iiill[S
The tai\xes ind in'mie\ spent idd
much ,i t, l I,,caJl ec, ,ii ,lin V. in;il\
cif tie gepeat tliIgI,, that t \e eiiov \ aie
pal tili\J paid ,-i bv ,- il \vuiirci gtlesic
O)ui baieba.ill aidintmn. ti example.
\\as paid i ,fim tlife ,,uiii ts develip-
mewn tri\
ACCoiding ito lie TI imi i
De\el,,pinentCI Counicil. ,:,i 1 c,,unt\ hia
al,,und 3:;00.;uu -.I[,:,I.s annuaIlhl The\
stupp,, ii6.000 :,b). geneiaice a.ile Laxi\
-A nei l hi l'-i nmillih,,n dollliiu auid pi,,-
duce olie tlaIi il $3:;00 5 million n t,:,ail
expelldiltuiel Ti n _-, c lntiibui ,-ill[ o- ,Il
eco-,-inl\ helpII, mnii[ii minIIV-,\ o tlie
.el vces, ;-ild c,_-llllehce \\e ellJ_-, Otl
wide cli- ice c ie l-rit;uiii t, ;-ild [,_-icl
iu elh-iinced b tlhei pieellce
\\e aill need tro thiik ank M-ii toi:
becaci f tle heil c', iiI Iun tl e ei\
\ eaii ThIe Ileav tiaiffc mi\ get cami ,\ -
iIi ii ld tlie lilesa-c i[ lecr tliaiwlr inco'n-
Velniel but iemembei lhe ie ,_if
the ver ai tnr l pal iadie i,_-, tll ,t-, ell-,\
witlho-,t tlhe l,_-,vd$

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* Physical Exams
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* I.V. Therapy ,kAA.
* X-Rays
* Allergies
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* Minor Surgical Procedures

2525 Harbor Blvd., Suite 102, Port Charlotte, FL
(Opposite Peace Rivet Regional Medical Centeo
DAVID S. BALLESTAS, M.D., P.A. & Associates Internal Medicine
Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-7PM Sat. 9 AM-3 PM

Snowbird season is ending

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The Sun/Sunclay Mvai.:l-I, ?0 i 20! 4



TheR SunGNC /SnaMMrh3,21 elnftcmwwsnesATTERS~ntPg

We are proud to treat many area residents in our ERs -
consistently beating the national ER Wait Time average!
Both hospitals are Joint Commission Top Performers on
Key Quality Measures, Accredited Chest Pain Centerst
and Primary Stroke Centers. Our ERs are staffed and
equipped around the clock to provide you the highest
quality emergency care when you need it.

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.... :::::::: ::llllll : ...... ..... ......... ::::: lll:......
............ ::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .................


Fawcett Memorial Hospital
F04 cM70za rl Z4 2yu

Englewood Community Hospital
700 Medical Boulevard I Englewood, Florida 34223 I
Fawcett Memorial Hospital
21298 Olean Boulevard I Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 I

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 3

Genetic profiling of breast tumors may help predict relapse risk

The Sun/SuLinclay fvlai.:-i ,0 20i 4

1 1 w .I II I G I( llI I

ln;iglie Ielig able t,:, predict
hlietlie i ; pei,-oii witl bhieait c;iii-
cei will expe ieiice ;-i lecuii eice
KioniIgI thalit. ;-i doctoi c;iII better
detei mine \liait metlihod 'if teiitmeti
to pieSciibe ;iftei ulgei:el\ Scieeiir tit
ai tle UhiiiveitV \ o, S'Autli Floridai in
T;ailnp;i eceiilt led ;i rtili\ in coopei-
a l,_-,l w ith otthei ilii t l iiS,
Tlie\ ,oi- d thliit thle ;a\ c;iiice i ill
al[ect ;-i p-itieit difel fiil pe s,,ii[ tro
peiclii ;-iiid iS deete iiiin ed ,-'ne\li-it
b\ thlait peiro,,'i geietih ic iimkeup B\
gelletic piorli, 0g ;-1I1 IIndiVih U;-il'$. pe-
cicru tini. pli .hicViii c;III ideiientl\
pa-itleltS \lic-,,e ;-ilcei iS likely\ t,:,
recui. hli, ,:,koul piobihl_ h beneiieht
ft,-,in clieih lithe ipv. ;-ii h ,li-: 11m lit
not (-aCilled in,,leculaii ulbt\pmig:.
the pioce hlielps cleitirtr cl;iSlf\
bie-ist c;-iicei tulin'lil i rito ole o'f
foui geneticaillh dimtinct r luhtvpes
Llumual -,. Lunual B. Basial. ain
Tlis i, i faiiih nel\ tecliihnolog thalit
ook-, ;It gelne expie l,_-,io ,. +-Ihid -)I
Steven ll i _I el. ;i le- ie;-cli cleltlm t
foi thle JSF bieait lieailthli pi,:gi'iin
aid cl,-,- itlitli of thiee mthud \\e kii_-,\v
thaiit 'ome paimenti \will ielaipe. but
we ailso kii'O thli ioht me v,_-,'t It
wm, id be inice t,_-, kii,-v ili ;id ;i iice.
so \e c_-uld tieait thliemn uptlmio t wili
c]lieiotheiap\ "
The team Ioo ked ait tuin'i -ii 111-
ples fiim 14n1 patients Tlie\ 1aii
all tlie tuin'll i-,I th liur tliee tests.
thle Oco'-'t\ pe DX. ,il1 'ldei tert thliit
llok, t '-'l gene,. lammoutiat. ;I
geniie-,piohlmng tert peir fi:,ned on
slide, b\ ai p thli:,l,:Ig .t, aind tlie
7'-_e-g e ;-imi;-iPmiiNt. clinch looki ,
ai 70 geiie, iii tlie c;iice i cell Tlhe
ne \ei test. ;-iIni;iPl iii. clasi, ihed
51 c;ises ,-i opposed t,, tlie ()iicco-t pe
cLia.aIhed I. o4f tlio-e '-,las Io n rmk
Tlie iesultmh ,r, a idditi,,nil m0-geiie
tet. BluePiiit. co_-mculedled tlith tliho-e
of ML;imN;iPii Tlit -hoe 1 \ere i,-tliid
to be Ltlumimi l B. ;i inolecul-i uhlt\ pe

with a hlli hLsk ofi lecuiienice
\\W he ;i pliVshcli-i lic i has p- itleiit
i fiot of hlunl a-s ell ias knoled:ge
of thaliit patient n' moleculaii subt\ pe.
lie c;iii im ike ;i better decisl-,ii ;ibo tr
tle-itrnelitr. _llveis U-Nothinlg
tells us 10u0 peiceit of tlie time. but
thliese tests help thlie pli\sicmiin ti
mike thliait final decision "
This t\- pe of testing is ai\alaible, but
is imnelv used. Sliwelt said. becdiuioe
it is not vet e\mdeh unideilsttood The
po-lit o1: I o studv A"As tto sh,,o a
good use It _-, ti l\ anah lishe noted
The lec'mnenided di;-i_,11,-,it tool
,i-, bieasit c;-icei ii botli thlie IUnited
_St-ites ;-ild Eu ,'ope ii_-, ;-i ',con bmlm;i-
tion of mioleculi subt\- pig ,as ell Aas
lo:,,:,kng at the tiadmtilonal b iimaikeis

I tliilk tlieie's muIcli moie tI,,
ome,- Slm[ies s-aildW \\e file ellteiig
ain agiee 'o- peisolii;lized i medicine
toI c;IIIcei a-Is vell a-s. otliei dlise-ses
Ne\ di ulls c;ii be designed t1: t-1ii:_et
specific t\ pes of tlin-Is
Tlieie is mucih e still needI t:
tiiildeist-iiid But tlie Iimplic tioii-,ls ;ie
tliit Iii tHie fiutie e c;iii peilsonilihze
tle-itl elt e tol i ;-iiiv diseases- "
Thlie thdV ";A-s led b\ C hl les
CoM, McCiiiinI Foudtiiidni_,ii end'o'ed
pio, feo, ,of bie-i. t isngeitve\ iat USF
Heailtli MoI,-uiiii College o:f Mediciie
Besides Sl _I ies otlie i co-, itioih-,s
iiclude lese-icliel I1,- ,i Fl,_-hlo i;i
Hos-pital. Taiinp;i. N1Ii tin Plaint
Hos-pital. C leaiR\atei. ;lid Aneidlii
N-V ;i inolecuilai diliii,-,Stics hi in
< 1 in l 1111 I I I ,I.In V \"I I, 'I', '
Dor't give ip chLIeck
the Classifieclds!
S U _N_

Go over your recent "screening" test results
with the local expert Heart and Vascular Specialist
STom Kartis, M.D.
r "0cA1 %.\( 1. .\(( I1((PI
/0 .I Longest current track record of excellent
a* ,, -outcomes in Cardiac Surgery in Charlotte County.
2012 The only local Double Board-Certified Cardiovascular
j,^ ~Specialist who is also a member of both
Society of Thoracic Surgery and
Society for Vascular Surgery
Demonstrating Commitment to Your Heart & Your Circulation
Call for your appointment ,Notelemlaneeded 235-4400 Visit
American Colleges of Cardiology, Surgeons, Chest Physicians

FILE PH,-.T'-..

Team Eye Consultant

Tampa Bay Rays
Charlotte Stone Crabs


I 2011-2013


Headache/Sleep Pioblems Numbness o0 Tingling Aims and Legs
Pain Diagnosis Face/Neck/Aim/Leg Loss of Memory o0 Concentration
Most Insurances Accepted
Harbor Professional Centr'e
NA IS K MII I DI M)941-629-2111
U/* M/e 1% 1 ,11 % 1 ,1,,,1 Ihd d n .eIIL


.er ,sulat (941) No\ -LOOK Laser-Age Spot Removal
.itititn 'Illc, I IIIII'lIl ((. (41) N\\ I I.\(_I.. _Ml). FM A C '4 -
T- I--E -TH E II T -I1 I II -1 I -I- : i I I : 1-- 1 1-llHl I1 I I :I I T : iH I I-I : -I1 I I 'H_ -IT'-I.I I I 7 I 1-- I -I I- -II i I-1 I1 7- 11- I ll I T 1 -I I 1 1- 1 1- -I I I I- I -I TI I I ~I -II I-- I T TI I-T .I.I.. i
i- i 1-1i -1i i1 1 ~ -. I -I : 1 _- i I I T III I 1 : I I -I i T ~.i I---1 i111II111 -I I I I H I I i i iI H I 1 1_I, 1-17 1 1 -17 I.-1 11 1 T i I I II I_-11 III IzTii -i 11111 T

Yoga and meditation:

I An interesting voyage

Dr. Nay Hoche loves beaches, dogs
and helping women from pregnancy
through delivery. As a young girl, she
knew she'd be a doctor while helping
her father. In her second year of
medical school, after seeing her
first delivery, she knew she would

t We omn
'A^c I

become an obstetrician.

At Comprehensive Women's Health Care, Dr. Hoche provides
gynecological care with a special focus on prenatal care, labor and
delivery and high-risk pregnancies.

After completing her medical degree and residency at Georgetown
University, Dr. Hoche happily returned to the warm beaches she
calls home.

Call us today for an appointment.
Port Charlotte: 941-766-0400
North Port: 941-423-5035

N 0Comprehensive Women's
0 Health Care
I1 Bayfront Health Medical Group

3067 Tamiami Trail, Suite 1 Port Charlotte
15061 Tamiami Trail North Port

Mmber of the medical staff 50462454

There is a saying that life isn't a
destination, it's a journey. The same
can be said about taking up yoga and
I'm almost to the halfway point of
my Lenten goal of yoga and medita-
tion practice, and it has proven to be
an interesting voyage trying to find
the right time of day, working through
an injury, an illness and a family
emergency. But just like life itself,
meditation and yoga just has to keep
going. And when it does, you make
some interesting discoveries along the
As I've written previously, I'm not a
morning person. So getting up early
and doing it before I start my day -
though an admirable pursuit hasn't
exactly worked out. And as tempting
as it to say, "I'm not getting it done
in the morning. Forget it, I failed,"
it's taking an all-or-nothing position
which in life rarely works out for the
better. Life has a way of finding you
opportunities and reminders of the
things you should be doing.
One of those opportunities crept in
last Sunday after triathlon training in
the pool.
Water has always had a soothing
effect on me. Whether I'm at the
beach or in the pool, at some point
I'm going to just float around on my
back and look at the sky. Even when I
was on the swim team in high school,
my favorite part of the day was after
practice when I could take my goggles
and cap off, let all the heat release off
my head and just float, listening to
myself breathe. I still do it now after a
training session in the pool.
Which is what I was doing when I
reminded myself I hadn't gotten up
and meditated that morning and
then a thought occurred to me as I
floated in the water looking up at the
clouds passing by: "Who says you have
to do it on land?"
It never dawned on me that I had
been doing it in the water for years. It
was such a natural fit for me. So I went
with it. I could feel the breeze wash
over my face. I loved the weightless of
my body. I could hear both my breath
and the splashing of the other swim-
mers as they did their laps. I could
hear the muted sounds of kids playing
and laughing at the surface of the
pool. I watched the big, white billowy
clouds against the great blue dome of
the sky. An osprey flew by I could
tell by the "M" shape of its wing span.
And I reminded myself it was Lent,
the commemoration of Jesus' 40 days
of prayer, fasting and meditation in
the desert. And I wondered when

Jesus meditated, where and when did
he like to do it? Against the sunsets
of the desert? The Bible talked about
him walking on water, but it never
mentioned him swimming. Did he
like to swim? All the times he was on
a boat with the Apostles, did he ever
just hang out on one of the sides and
meditate? We supposedly know a lot
about the spiritual Jesus, but experts
will admit, we really don't know much
about Jesus at all from the historical
prospective. I found myself won-
dering about that for the rest of my
Of course, there is duality in almost
everything. And as much as I am just
starting to crack the surface of the
spiritual side of this for me, I am also
discovering the practical and more
physical side.
When I'm feeling tense, I find
myself saying, "Take a couple of deep
breaths." In one particular instance
last week, I was three rounds of
breathing in when I felt my shoulders
drop out. A round or two later, I felt
my stomach rise and fall with the
breath, signaling my breathing had
become deeper. It was like a door had
opened just a little bit.
And while I'm uncovering little
internal reminders of progress, one
came from the outside.
I will start physical therapy assistant
school in May. Already, I have to start
getting in observation hours. I was
ending a 5-hour day at an outpatient
clinic when I told the physical ther-
apist I was shadowing I had noticed
most patients were there for repet-
itive motion injuries and bad body
mechanics rather than some sort of
"Yeah," he said. "I wish I could really
impress on people the importance of
stretching and doing yoga throughout
their lives. It really seems to be a game
Back to the mat I go.

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2 ~ Health & Hope

I7 In Sunday's Feeling Fit! -

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wg.feeling Flt.0m

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 5

Lung cancer tumor cells'hide' from immune system


Researchers at Moffitt Cancer
Center in Tampa have discovered
a protein produced by lung cancer
tumors that allows them to fly under
the radar of the immune system.
"It kind of shuts down the com-
munication system," said Sarah
Donatelli, a post-doctoral scholar at
Moffitt who was a researcher in the
study. "What we want to extrapolate
from this study is how this interfer-
ence relates to other cancers, since
there is immune suppression involved
in other types as well."
Think of the immune system as
the body's personal military its
job is to fend off potentially harmful
invaders. However, pathogens such
as cancer have their own strategy for
getting in the body. In this case, lung
cancer tumor cells have developed
a way to "block detection" from the
immune systems natural killer (NK)
cells, which Donatelli describes as
the immune system's "sentinels" for
infection and disease.
Among NK cell's roles is the ability
to not only find tumor cells, but to
destroy them, according to a Moffitt
press release. However, these tumor
produce large quantities of a protein
known as Transforming Growth
Factor-Beta which suppress NK
cells' ability to even recognize the
The research team was led by
JulieY. Djeu, Ph.D., associate center
director of education and training at
Moffitt. The team also discovered the
tumor's Transforming Growth Factor-
Beta protein triggers the NK cells to
produce excessive quantities of the
molecule microRNA-183 (miR-183).
RNA is one two nucleic acids the
other is DNA found in all cells, ac-
cording to the United States National
Institutes of Health's National Library
of Medicine. RNA works as "a trans-
mitter of genetic information from
the DNA to proteins produced by the
cells," the NLM reports.
In this study, researchers found

FILE PH'-.T'-..

that miR-183 bound to the RNA for
a protein known as DAP12, causing
the levels of the NK cell's DAP12 to
reduce substantially, the press release
said. Since DAP12 is crucial to the
NK cells ability to work, the decrease
lessens the immune system's ability to
recognized and destroy tumor cells.
The study used different tissue
sample types of lung cancer tumors
from 63 patients, both male and
female, in various stages of lung
cancer, Donatelli said. The reason the
lungs were chosen, Donatelli said, is
because they have such a high con-
centration of NK cells.
The tumor samples were compared
to normal samples, Donatelli said.
The normal tissues had moderate to

high levels of DAP12 Ho,:evei. tie tis-
sue within 01 lm1:1iilidi:g thie tluiioi.
had "significaill\ reduced levels -
DAP12," the stuid\ siid
"The world f inicioRNA iS jLitt be-
ing explored, especiiallv wtluii caiicei
cells, to iden tif h nliit die\ c,\,niol.
Djeu said in tie pie-.s ieleaie H, ,t
microRNAs miglit i iteicept uiiiinine
cells in cancel i, tiliiik-iii ;id tve
were able to pi ivide iiislgIm intn
critical mean,1 b\ xh ucli caiicei cellk,
exploit miR-1I8":; to, dIiipeii iiniuile
cell function "
Donatelli S;id \\giiil ;I Shiiccess4ftl
war against c;iicei iI;i\ l;-i\ in bei:lg
able to work it-ih thie iicioRN A t
stimulate the iiiiiiMtiiie V-,\teiii t-
destroy the c;inicei cellk

Thlie ,tudV. h IncI hippeaiied o inline in
Pioceedml,. o,- the Nailnli' l At;-I-deimv
-', science ''ii Feb LX8. \2 funllded b\
;i gl;ijn t ,-,inm the N iation;-i l Insititutes ,if
L' 11iig l caiicei i ihre lie l,-eciid m -,St.
l Iincmmon ciicei ml thle Ulnited,
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-'4.2'10i iexv ci-e o lu,,fIllg cincei -
1161,000 min eiie lld l .),-'10 II I oV-,M-
en will be diligiu,-,'ed tlih \e;i Ltig
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die eveil\ \Ve Ci ,,f liiM c iicei tl;In
t,-,,-,lo b -ie st ;-ild pil-,sl;te c iiceils
cobinhued, the AC(S iep,:i t
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know have LAM?
Thousands of young women are
living with a deadly lung disease
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have it. LAM is often misdiagnosed
as asthma or chronic bronchitis.
There is no known cure.

But there is hope.

Learn more about LAM.

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:Page 6

The Sun/Sunclay Mai.:l, ?,0 '20i!4

Designer fashions alternative route for cancer therapy

Fashion designer Amy Johnson, of KayOss Designs, has a glass of juice at her home in the Central
West End neighborhood in St. Louis, Feb. 19, 2014. Her dog Chihuly is in the foreground.

We have yc
mind with
locations t(
better serve


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New Revolutionary Treatment
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UNIT 102





As a vegetarian and daily yoga prac-
titioner, Amy Johnson thought she
was healthy before she was diagnosed
with ovarian cancer last August. Now
she consumes 50 pounds of carrots,
25 pounds of Granny Smith apples
and 14 heads of romaine lettuce
each week in an effort to keep it from
coming back.
The 43-year-old fashion designer
has embraced an unconventional and
controversial cancer treatment called
Gerson therapy, named for the doctor
who developed the vegetarian diet to
treat his migraine headaches in the
1940s. Eventually, his practice grew
to include numerous other maladies,
including cancer.
The therapy is not approved by
the Food and Drug Administration
or recommended by national cancer
organizations. Patients pay $11,000 to
spend two weeks at a Gerson clinic in
Tijuana, Mexico, to learn the diet of
juicing, supplements and enemas that
they stay on for two years.
After surgery to remove the right
ovary, doctors discovered Johnson's
cancer was a rare and aggressive
form of clear cell carcinoma that may
not respond well to drugs. Johnson
had more surgery, including a hys-
terectomy, and then decided against
chemotherapy. She has raised $24,000
from friends and family, and she and
her mother traveled to Mexico in
October to learn about the therapy
that requires a drastic lifestyle change.
"I know chemo works for many
people. It didn't make sense to me. I
wanted to pump nutrients into my
body, not toxins," Johnson said.
Doctors, friends, family members
and her design clients tried to talk
Johnson into going the traditional
route with chemotherapy. Her moth-
er, a nurse, was initially fearful of the
"I was just very leery about it all,
but Amy seems to adjust to things
so well," said Carolyn Johnson of
Highland, Mo. "She's gained back
most of her energy and emotionally,
she's so much better. Her father and
I are just amazed at how well she's
handling all this."
Gerson therapy teaches that the
body needs to be cleansed of toxins
to allow the immune system to heal
itself. Participants eat and drink 15
to 20 pounds of organic fruits and
vegetables daily. They drink one
fresh-squeezed glass of juice every
hour, up to 13 a day. They also take up
to 60 vitamins and enzyme pills each
day. Five times a day, they complete
a liquid coffee enema to help the
liver "in eliminating toxic residues
from the body for good," according to
Gerson's website. Castor oil, a laxative,
is also taken by mouth regularly.
Johnson still sees a doctor at
Barnes-Jewish Hospital for follow-up

blood work and scans, but she doesn't
want to identify him out of concern
for maintaining their relationship.
Her last scan in December showed no
signs of cancer, and her blood work is
The National Cancer Institute
disavows any evidence of the effec-
tiveness of Gerson therapy absent
a peer-reviewed clinical trial. The
idea of diet as cancer treatment is
not widely accepted in the medical
community. Fruits and vegetables are
thought to play some role in prevent-
ing cancer, but not treating it, accord-
ing to the American Cancer Society.
Coffee enemas can lead to infections
and dehydration.
Critics take an even harsher stance,
calling the Gerson method quackery
that preys on the hopes of people
with cancer.
"I can't figure out why anyone
thinks it's natural," said Dr. David
Gorski, a surgical oncologist in Detroit
and editor of the blog Science-Based
Medicine. "What's natural about all
these supplements? It's not natural
to put coffee up your behind. The
surgery is what cures the cancer if
the cancer's going to be cured. The
chemotherapy decreases the chances
of its recurring."
Gorski said Gerson patients proba-
bly would have the same results with
a typical, healthy diet after cancer
"The thing about cancer, its course
can be really variable," Gorski said.
"Patients can live a lot longer than
expected, they can live a lot shorter."
Gerson's website says the program
is "remarkably effective at treating a
wide range of chronic degenerative
diseases" including melanoma,
lymphoma, ovarian cancer and lupus.
The clinic does not accept patients
with acute leukemia, brain tumors,
organ transplants or kidney failure
and says the therapy doesn't work for
Parkinson's disease or amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's dis-
ease). Staff members from the Gerson
Institute in San Diego did not respond
to a request for comment.
About seven years ago, Johnson left
a career as an environmental engi-
neer to pursue her dream in fashion,
creating KayOss Designs with a studio
in the Central West End. Her work has
been featured in high-end boutiques,
on runways and on national televi-
sion. Because her new lifestyle keeps
her essentially home-bound, she has
temporarily given up social events,
fashion shows and photo shoots. But
she has started to take a few appoint-
ments in her studio again. And she
recently walked to a nearby cafe to
meet some friends, bringing her own
"That's what cancer is telling you -
something needs to change in your
life," Johnson said. "I'm not saying
this is for everybody. You have to do
what you feel is best for you."


Dial 211 to connect to more than
880 health and human service providers,
representing local services available
throughout Charlotte County.

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 7


8 million people take prescription sleep aids, but these drugs have risks


Insomnia. "It's a lifestyle thing;
everybody's got it," said Gregg Jacobs,
an insomnia specialist at the Sleep
Disorders Center at the University of
Massachusetts Medical School. More
than half of American adults, when
asked, report that they suffer from
insomnia symptoms trouble falling
asleep or waking up during the night
- a few times a week, according to the
National Sleep Foundation.
About 8 million adults turn to
prescription sleeping pills for help
every month, according to a study
published last year by the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention. And
yet, Jacobs warned, these medications
all have flaws.
Popular prescription medications
for insomnia include the so-called
Z-drugs: Ambien (zolpidem), Lunesta
(eszopiclone) and Sonata (zaleplon).
These drugs have shorter durations
of action than older drugs such as the
benzodiazepine Dalmane (fluraze-
pam). That means they may help you
fall asleep, but their effects don't last
very long. They also are less likely to
lead to morning grogginess.
And yet, recent data show that even
the Z-drugs can cause problems.
Last year, the FDA recommended
that prescribed doses of Ambien be
lowered, particularly for women. This
came after reports of lingering effects
in the morning, including drowsiness
and impaired driving.
There are concerns with the Z-drugs
in elderly people as well, with persist-
ing effects causing daytime confusion,
memory problems and falls, Jacobs
said. In fact, the American Geriatric
Society, which publishes a list of med-
ications that the elderly should avoid

because their side effects outweigh
their benefits, recently discouraged the
use of Z-drugs for any period longer
than 90 days. Benzodiazepines
when taken for insomnia are
on the list as well.
The Z-drugs have .,
similar effects
on the brain as
Dalmane and
other benzodiaz-
epines such as
Klonopin and
Halcion. These 10N
drugs act on
GABArecep- 9
tors, inhibiting
neuronal Q
function and l 7c
thus tending to
dampen many
brain functions,
including a wakeful
state. The Z-drugs,
thought to interact
with a smaller subset of GABA re-
ceptors than the benzodiazepines,
were hoped to produce fewer side
effects than those drugs. However,
many studies have found little dif-
ference between them. Other drugs
are prescribed for sleep, such as
certain antidepressants (Desyrel and
Sinequan) that tweak the balance of
brain chemicals involved in mood and
alertness, and the melatonin-mimick-
ing drug Rozerem (ramelteon), which
delivers sleepytime signals to the
"It's important to pick the right med-
icine to match your problem," Thomas
Roth, a sleep medicine researcher at
the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit,
said. It's equally important to know
that there's a non-drug alternative.
Indeed, cognitive behavioral ther-
apy, which includes using relaxation


techniques, controlling stimulation
before bedtime and reframining how
people think about their sleep needs,
may work better than any
Spill. Ten years ago, Jacobs
published a study that
Found cognitive
f behavioral ther-
apy superior to
Ambien, produc- bigger effects
S in falling asleep
* time and in
overall sleep-
vs. -wakeful
time in bed.
-4 *..' treatment
,' ^ and Ambien
L xy~^ in combination
3_U y^ did not produce
any greater effect
than behavioral
Treatment alone.
If you do go the
medicine route, understand that
drugs' sleep-inducing effects are lim-
ited and side effects may make them
not worth your while.
A review of clinical trials found that,
on average, people taking Z-drugs fall
asleep 22 minutes sooner than those
taking a placebo pill. But these drugs
don't last very long, so they don't help
keep you asleep in the pre-alarm clock
Short-term side effects can include:
-Hangovers, "especially if you're
sensitive or slow to metabolize the
drugs," Roth said. For instance, wom-
en typically metabolize Ambien more
slowly than men.
*Amnesia. This may be why people
report better sleep when they take the
drugs, Jacobs said: They don't remem-
ber being awake even if they were.
*Abnormal behavior, such as sleep

Learn how to save money on your prescription medications


Are you getting the cheapest deal
when you buy your medications? A
better price is often available without
your knowing it.
"A little digging is all it takes to find
out. But people hear that a co-pay
is high, and they walk away without
getting the drug," said Laura Carr,
a pharmacist at Harvard-affiliated
Massachusetts General Hospital in
Boston. Health insurance may cover
part of your prescription costs. But if
you have a high deductible, it's worth
shopping around.
Here are some tips:
1. Comparison shop. You may
be able to get a better deal by
calling a few pharmacies for price
checks before dropping off your
prescription. That's because med-
ication prices vary widely among
pharmacies. Some pharmacies get
their drugs from a wholesaler, which
has purchased the drugs from the
manufacturer. Other pharmacies are
able to buy directly from the manu-
facturer and offer lower prices. So a
store on one corner may have better
prices than the store on the opposite
2. Use big box stores. Walmart,
Target, Kmart and a number of
grocery stores (Kroger, Publix) offer
30- and 90-day supplies of dozens of
generic drugs for as little as $4 and

$10. You can ask the pharmacies at
these stores for a list of these drugs.
Then, show your doctor the list and
ask if one of the inexpensive options
is right for you.
3. Join a program. Large drug
makers such as Eli Lilly (855-559-
8783) and Pfizer (866-706-2400) offer
prescription assistance programs.
"These are good because in many
instances they'll provide free med-
ications to the patient. They may
also offer coupons for discounts on
medications," said Joanne Doyle
Petrongolo, another MGH pharma-
cist. These programs usually have
income and eligibility requirements.
Nonprofit referral services such as
NeedyMeds (800-503-6897) and
the Partnership for Prescription
Assistance (888-477-2669) are good
places to start.
4. Get a policy update. If you're
on the Medicare Part D plan, ask
your pharmacist for a Part D annual
"Each year, everything changes -
the premiums, co-pays, and de-
ductibles. Your pharmacist has your
medication list and can plug in your
medications and figure out which
plan is the best for you. You can also
do it on your own by going to medi-," said Doyle Petrongolo.
5. Use the Internet. Numerous
prescription price finders are avail-
able for free on the Internet. All that's
required is your ZIP code and the

drug you're looking for. Type those
into a search box, and it will display
the drug's retail price at all pharma-
cies in your area.
Online prescription drug finder
programs are available through the
attorney general's office in many
states, such as Florida (www. and Michigan
There are also dozens of free Internet
and smartphone programs you can
use or download, such asWeRx
( and Lowestmed
For example, using WeRx, we
plugged in the information for the
cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin
(Mevacor, Altocor). Prices at various
stores popped up immediately,
ranging from $5 to $46.

or aknet at IIet


941* .625.098
^^ ^i ^^ *l t**]T1^




:Page 8

The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

driving or sleep eating. This effect is
rare, Roth said, and is associated with
taking a higher than recommended
dose, combining the medication with
alcohol or taking it more than a hour
before bedtime. "Take your meds and
go to bed," he said.
*Abuse and addiction. "The risk is
very small except in vulnerable peo-
ple," Roth said. People with addiction
or alcohol abuse history are at much
greater risk of using sleeping pills to
get high.
If you have taken the drug long term
(beyond 1-3 months), side effects ma\
*Dependence. After months of
nightly use, your body can get so used
to the drug that stopping suddenly cai
cause withdrawal effects, including
nervousness, dizziness, insomnia and
even seizures. Reducing doses gradual-
ly can prevent this.
*Tolerance. This is when you need
more drug to get the same effect and i-.,
less likely with the short-acting drugs
Roth co-authored a study that showed
that the sleep benefits of a steady dose
of Ambien were maintained over eight
months of use.
*Risk of early death. A recent study
found an association between sleeping
pill use and mortality. However, whet 1h-
er the primary contributing factor wa-.
pill use could not be determined. For
instance, insomnia is also associated
with poor health and may play an
important role in early death.
"Insomnia is a chronic disorder,
and chronic problems require chronic
treatment under supervision," Rothi
said. "It's worth seeing a doctor who
knows the meds and who also knows
about behavioral treatments," he add-.
So if your sleep troubles are frequejit
and persistent, see a doctor prefer -
bly a sleep specialist.

STumor banking, in hopes of future cure

Tumor banking, in hopes of future cure


With surgery and chemotherapy,
Roberta Bash, 67, of Downingtown,
Pa., beat advanced-stage ovarian
cancer in 2010.
Then, it came back.
"Cancer can go dormant, and I
didn't know that," she said.
The second time, Bash wanted to
explore all her options, including
an experimental treatment that
manipulates a patient's tumor cells
to trigger an immune response.
Bash was treated at Penn Medicine,
Philadelphia's hospital, university
and research consortium.
So, during her surgery last March,
instead of allowing her tumor to be
tossed out or donated for research,
she saved it.
The company StoreMyTumor,
which markets itself as a concierge
service for tumors, negotiated the
tissue's harvest, processing and
The start-up, launched in 2011 by
local entrepreneur Michel Sadaka, is
among just a few private, for-profit
tumor-storage firms in the world.
Most patients, like Bash, use the
service to get into clinical trials that
require tumor tissue. Stored tumor
can also be used for diagnostics, or
to assess a cancer's responsiveness to
various drug regimens.
Given the fast-changing nature
of personalized medicine, storage
amounts to an expensive gamble.
"Right now, if (patients) have the
money and that's the problem -
it's probably worth storing. This is a
very dynamic time in cancer thera-
py," said Penn's chief of gynecologic
oncology, Mark Morgan. "Of course,
you may pay that, and store it, and
never use it."
Most hospitals already store a sliv-
er of every tumor in paraffin. But pa-
tients' right to access those samples
can be problematic. Private banking
sidesteps that issue, and adds a full
menu of storage formats, including
paraffin, frozen and cryopreserved,
or "viable."
StoreMyTumor contracts with Penn
to process and store the tissue.
So far, Sadaka said, about 600
people have used the service, which
typically costs $4,000, plus $38 a
month for storage.
Bash felt the service was worth it.
"I was a bit taken back by the price,"
she said. "But how do you put money

fl i~-e

I / i
~ a
.. j, I, i A*
~. ~ a~j, j

M .. .... T PHO TO..................

Kits used for private tumor banking, a means for cancer patients to preserve their tissue and options for personalized treatment, are displayed
March 5, 2014.
on a life?" She said she's hoping to autologous tumor cells, we know that storage could be unnecessary in the
get into Penn's immune therapy trial, we will be able to treat that patient," future, said Art Caplan, head of med-
Though Penn offers free tumor stor- he said. ical ethics at New York University.
age to ovarian cancer patients who He said StoreMyTumor might help "You'd hate to be in a position
get surgery there, Bash wanted to him treat patients who are no longer where you spent $10,000 to store
stick with her surgeon at Lankenau candidates for surgery, or who don't your tumor for four years," he said,
Medical Center. have easily identifiable tumor mass. "and then you find you can't afford
As Sadaka tells it, giving patients "Maybe five or 10 years from the co-pay on the drugs that would
access to clinical trials, even if now, most of the high-risk patients' cure you."
they're not undergoing surgery at a tumors will be banked, one way or Some doctors and hospitals have
research hub, is a major benefit of another," he said. "Whether it will be resisted or refused requests to sub-
tumor storage, private or done by the institutions mit tissue to StoreMyTumor.
It could aid researchers, too. "We're that are treating them with the stan- Jennifer Dunn, 47, of Berkeley,
helping them accrue more patients dard treatments, I don't know." Calif., had a tense talk with her sur-
from all over the United States," he There is at least one other private geon when she asked him to use the
said. "And, in terms of community tumor bank. HealthBank is run by StoreMyTumor kit to save her tumor.
hospitals and private practices, Northwest Biotherapeutics, a pub- Dunn had recurrent soft-tissue
they're not academic institutions. We licly traded cancer immunotherapy sarcoma, and wanted to keep her
offer them a bridge to innovation." company based in Bethesda, Md. options open by banking her tumor.
Pawel Kalinski, a professor of sur- It charges $2,000 for processing She said the doctor eventually gave
gery at the University of Pittsburgh, and a year of storage, plus $195 for in, but sent only a sliver of tissue.
sees the value in that. He has done each subsequent year (about $16 a "He complied, but barely," she
cancer immunotherapy trials, some month), said. When the sample arrived
using a patient's own autologouss) Chief executive Linda Powers said at Penn, it had no living cells to
tumor cells, others using tumor cells demand has been steadily rising, cryopreserve.
from other donors. The donated cells though the company has not market- "It's your tissue and you have
don't always target the cancer effec- ed the service, every right to do this," she said. "But
tively, but the patient's own cells are But cancer care is evolving quickly, sometimes you have to fight for that,
always a match. "When we are using So there's a chance that such tumor and it's pretty disturbing."

Complete Dental Care

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o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 9


Can what you eat affect your mental health?


Jodi Corbitt had been battling
depression for decades and by 2010
had resigned herself to taking anti-
depressant medication for the rest of
her life. Then she decided to start a
dietary experiment.
To lose weight, the 47-year-old
Catonsville, Md., mother stopped eat-
ing gluten, a protein found in wheat
and related grains. Within a month
she had shed several pounds and
her lifelong depression.
"It was like a veil lifted and I could
see life more clearly," she recalled. "It
changed everything."
Corbitt had stumbled into an area
that scientists have recently begun to
investigate: whether food can have as
powerful an impact on the mind as it
does on the body.
Research exploring the link between
diet and mental health "is a very new
field; the first papers only came out a
few years ago," said Michael Berk, a
professor of psychiatry at the Deakin
University School of Medicine in
Australia. "But the results are un-
usually consistent, and they show a
link between diet quality and mental
"Diet quality" refers to the kinds
of foods that people eat, how often
they eat them and how much of
them they eat. In several studies,
including a 2011 analysis of more
than 5,000 Norwegians, Berk and his
collaborators have found lower rates
of depression, anxiety and bipolar
disorder among those who consumed
a traditional diet of meat and vegeta-
bles than among people who followed
a modern Western diet heavy with
processed and fast foods or even a
health-food diet of tofu and salads.
"Traditional diets the kinds of
foods your grandmother would have
recognized have been associated
with a lower risk of mental health
issues," Berk said. Interestingly, that
traditional diet may vary widely
across cultures, including wheat for
some people but not for others; the
common element seems to be whole,
unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods.
"There's lots of hype about the
Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables,
whole grains, olive oil, nuts, fish) but
the traditional Norwegian diet (fish,
shellfish, game, root vegetables, dairy
products, whole-wheat bread) and the
traditional Japanese diet (fish, tofu,
rice) appear to be just as protective"
of mental health, he said.
The association between diet and
mental well-being may start even be-
fore birth. A 2013 study of more than
23,000 mothers and their children,
led by Berk's frequent collaborator
and Deakin colleague Felice Jacka,
suggests a link between a mother's
consumption of sweets and processed
foods during pregnancy and behav-
ioral and mental health issues in her
child at age 5.
It's unclear how diet relates to

mental health, said RifEl-Mallakh,
a professor of psychiatry at the
University of Louisville School of
Medicine. "There seems to be a
clear link, but it's an association it
doesn't tell you cause and effect," he
said. "We don't know which is the
chicken and which is the egg."
It could be, he said, that mood dis-
orders change how and what people
choose to eat.
But an alternate theory is that the
relationship works the other way:
Certain foods, or their absence, may
contribute to poor mental health. For
example, studies in people and rats
have linked zinc deficiency to depres-
sion. Also, illnesses that cause defi-
ciencies including celiac disease,
an autoimmune disease in which the
body reacts to gluten have shown
associations with mood disorders.
"There's a two-way street between
what's going on in the gut and what's
going on in the brain," said Linda A.
Lee, director of the Johns Hopkins
Integrative Medicine and Digestive
Center and recent research points
to bacteria as possible middlemen in
this back-and-forth. Gut bacteria are
known to make most of the body's
serotonin, one of several chemicals
that regulate mood, and the bugs
may even have a hand in shaping
behavior. A 2011 study in mice for
example, showed that swapping the
gut bacteria of two strains of mice -
one known for its daring behavior, the
other for its fearfulness and shyness
- could make the timid mice more
willing to explore and the bold mice
more anxious and hesitant.
Of course, mice are not men, but
changing diet has been shown to
change human gut bacteria, and fairly
quickly. That suggests it's possible that
dietary choices can alter well-being
and behavior, Lee said, but research-
ers aren't yet sure if this complex
interplay means that swapping food
in or out of one's diet can ease or cure
a mental illness.
"We're not at the point where we
can use diet as therapy, especially
when we're dealing with someone
whose mental health issues render
them very disabled, because we just
don't know enough," Lee said. "I think
we're just on the new frontier, and
five or 10 years from now we'll know
Jacka, president of the International
Society for Nutritional Psychiatry
Research, echoes these reservations.
She notes that nearly all research on
the connection between diet and
mental health has been limited to ani-
mal studies and observational studies
in humans.
"We can't say that if we improve
your diet, you'll feel better," she said.
"We have circumstantial evidence
that suggests this could be true, but
we can't say for sure."
The lack of strong evidence and
well-designed studies has led to some
resistance to Berk's and Jacka's work.
Until recently, "the idea that what you

put in your mouth could affect your
mental health was met with great
skepticism," said Jacka, who recalled
colleagues' dismissing the idea as
"rubbish." With more studies, though,
the research community is beginning
to come around, she said.
Even as scientists struggle to
understand the link between food and
mood, some patients, such as Corbitt,
seem to tap into it without intending
"I changed my diet because I
had gastrointestinal issues," said
a 32-year-old woman with bipolar
disorder who lives in San Francisco
and asked not to be named because
she worries about being stigmatized.
Three years ago, at her gastroenter-
ologist's urging, she tried the Atkins
diet and found relief not just from
her digestive issues but also from her
mental illness, which had at one point
nearly derailed her life.
"I noticed within a day or two the
marked difference in my head," she
recalled. "It felt clear for the first time
in years and years."
That may seem like a surprisingly
quick turnaround, but Jacka said it
is not out of the question. "We know
from animal studies and a human
study that a poor diet can impair
memory and attention within a
week," she said.
The woman no longer takes the
medication prescribed to treat her
bipolar disorder, and she said she has
remained stable for the past three
years. She said she has sought out
psychiatric and neurological re-
searchers across the country, hoping
to share her experience and to learn
what they know, but has found little
interest and few studies.
"It surprised me how little infor-
mation was out there, because for
me it was life-changing," she said. "I
wanted to validate the experience I
was having, and to make sure that ev-
erything I was doing was safe. That's
how I found Dr. El-Mallakh."
El-Mallakh had hypothesized in
2001 that a ketogenic diet a high-
fat, moderate-protein and low-car-
bohydrate diet often used to control
epileptic seizures and nearly identical
to the diet adopted by the 32-year-old
woman could be helpful for bipolar
disorder, because many of the medi-
cations that work for bipolar disorder
have anti-seizure properties.
After being contacted by the wom-
an, El-Mallakh found several other
people with bipolar disorder who said

We listen so you can hear.
If your hearing doesn't seem as good
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some real facts. Let's talk.

they were benefiting fiiim i keto:geiic
diet. Last year, he putillilhed tn-- caie
studies of its appaient e ffect ve nes
His report drew initeiest ,inm people
with the mental ilness, but effort iat
Stanford Universit to test tie diet
with a controlled tri l faiilded t, icci uit
enough particip;iint-,
Without such studied EI-N laillaikh
acknowledged that nii one caiin ,a\
how the diet miglit iquiell the -vmip-
toms of bipolar dis,oidei \\ith luis
own patients, he iecimmends, it ,:nl
alongside mood-,tabiliziiig medic;i-
tions. Despite hi, ouw n i-lliingne,, to
supplement meintail liealtli tieatminet
with dietary chait ige. E I Nl I la k I
remains skeptical tliat diet aloiine c;in
heal the mind.
"There are a lot of people iut tlieie
who call themsel\ es depie-.sed hIt,:
aren't actually depie-.sed. lie -.aid
"I think people coiitie Io:,n eneig
with depression, :i, iga.ii cirs-lies
with mood swing:., but the piobeibl\
don't have a meintail illie-,, .Aid trlui-e
people may do better tlih dietai\
interventions alc'ne"ie
And even if diet caiin dii tlie tnick.
providers don't yet kiin:, h,:, -io to, e
it effectively or satel Thlie piblein.
El-Mallakh said, is tiat eniital illhtess
is still poorly undeits,,:d Eentiitall\,.
he hopes, the coiiectioiin between
food and mental liealtli c,,uld beneht
researchers who ud\ ineiietal
as well as those uIt- lie le itli it
Berk and Jacka aie c:niiductiig
the most comprelieniise c, nt liedid
study yet, involving 17; people. :-f
whether dietary imteiveiitiiin cain hlielp
ease depression; but the\ don't vet
have results. For ini,. Beitk aidvcaite,
an integrative appiiacli to tieiatiiig
mental illness that include, e\pei -
imenting with claiinge, iii diet aind
exercise along with minic tiiditioniil
"For a mood di,-sidei like de-
pression, there ate lutiidied, ift notiii
thousands of risk patl \;\, tlait ill
contribute to the di sidei. Beitk .aid
"Targeting one faictroi dioeni't taiiget
all the factors that ca.iise so-meoine ti:i
develop depressionii Tliat's kIt\ \,:u
need to develop aii iintegiiated paick-
age of care as the iinoiin "
That time can't ciime sii eniii:ghi
for Corbitt.
"This was such ai siimple s,[lhtiIn.
she said. "I could hliave ,iaed inm.elt
a lot of money and ai lot rof iiiei\ if
someone had asked abiut inm\ diet
15 years ago. My lite could hliave been




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:Page 10

The Sun/Sunclay ,lai.:l, ?-, '20i!4

Think twice before giving up grains


Though going grain-free is a popular
diet trend, grains especially in their
whole form provide a significant
portion of important nutrients in the
You've likely noticed the prolifera-
tion of books, websites and specialty
foods aimed at helping people avoid
gluten-containing grains and all
other grains, too. While a small group
of scientists, medical professionals
and bloggers are leading the charge
for grain-free diets declaring grains
a mismatch based on human evolu-
tion the majority of experts believe
grain-free diets for the masses are a
wrong move.
If you've considered ditching grains,
it's important to understand the
science and the potential pitfalls if you
do so.
Clearly, those with an allergy to
wheat or other grains must avoid
them. And the one percent of the
population with celiac disease and
the six percent with non-celiac gluten
sensitivity must avoid all gluten, a
protein found in grains, including
wheat, rye and barley. With a doctor's
approval, most people with a gluten
sensitivity can eat small amounts of
uncontaminated oats; all other un-
contaminated, gluten-free grains are
typically allowed.
According to an August 2013 review
in Current Allergy and Asthma Reports,
multiple case reports suggest gluten
can play a role in some autoimmune
diseases beyond celiac disease, but
large studies are lacking. Autoimmune
diseases that occur most commonly
in combination with celiac disease are
autoimmune thyroid disease, autoim-
mune liver disease, Type 1 diabetes,
Sjogren's syndrome, and psoriasis.
If you have an autoimmune con-
dition or health concern that has a
scientifically documented relationship

with gluten, talk with your doctor
about celiac disease testing.
Gluten-free diets carry the con-
cern of nutritional deficiencies, and
completely grain-free diets only
heighten that risk. Dr. Julie Miller
Jones, professor emerita of nutrition
at St. Catherine University, St. Paul,
Minn., summarizes data showing
grains provide the following amounts
of nutrients in the U.S. diet: 70 percent
of folate, 60 percent of thiamin; 50
percent of iron; 40 percent or more of
niacin, riboflavin and selenium; and
25 percent of magnesium and zinc
Jones is especially concerned about
the impact a grain-free diet could have
on folic acid intake.
"Since the mid-1990s, when it

became mandatory to add folic acid to
enriched grain products, the incidence
of neural tube birth defects, such as
spina bifida, has dropped by more
than 50 percent," she said.
Proponents of grain-free diets voice
concern about anti-nutrients in grains.
Grains, especially whole grains, con-
tain a substance called phytate that
impairs the body's absorption of some
minerals. However, in populations
with well-balanced diets, this may be
of little consequence. There are ways
to minimize phytate, too.
"Breads made with longer fermenta-
tion times, such as Julia Child's French
bread (which requires at least 6 hours
of rise time), and classic sourdough
bread, have significantly lower phytate
levels," Jones said. Lectins, another
type of anti-nutrient in grains, also
may be inactivated by lengthy fer-
mentation, and some are destroyed by
Fiber in grains is not the same as the
fiber in other foods.
"Some people reason that if they
eat more broccoli, for instance, then
it won't matter if they don't eat grains.
But, thinking you don't need grain
fiber because you get a lot of vegeta-
ble fiber is like saying that if you get

enough vitamin A you don't need any
vitamin C. That's just plain wrong,"
Jones said. For example, beta glucan,
the fiber best at lowering cholesterol,
is present only in oats and barley. It's
grain fiber, rather than fiber from any
source, that is linked with a reduced
risk of colon cancer.
A 2009 study published in the
British Journal of Nutrition found that
healthy adults on a gluten-free diet for
a month had a significant decrease in
protective gut bacteria, while poten-
tially unhealthy bacteria increased in
number. These findings are similar
to an earlier study of children with
celiac disease following a long-term
gluten-free diet (Journal of Medical
Microbiology, 2007).
In the typical American diet, wheat
supplies at least 70 percent of inulin
and oligofructose, which are prebiotic
starches that fuel the growth of good
When all is said and done, the more
restricted your food options are, the
more careful you'll need to be to
ensure your body gets what it needs.
So, look beyond diet books' bestseller
headlines and sensationalistic stories
to make sure any dietary change is
appropriate for you.


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o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 11

Moderation is key to staying healthy as a senior athlete

111 I, I (C .' I1 I .I IN I

Aging aiffectr multiple 'oigain
system Ilf-iomn tlie heriit i ;id lInig r,-,
y:Uiii l ,'ine aind metalb'li,,m ()f ill
tihe cliraiige muicul,.:keletal issnues
ha e tlie most iipaIct :, i tile ;a:gii:g
seioi', l poiI Tlese include
1 .k\i ',eirall decieaise in int icle
and ,-ne ma11
2 Stiffeiriirg 't iini cle,
:; \\e;aikeiiirg 'if teld'-,' alnd
ca r I ila;ge
Tire goo'dii nex, i,. rt;-a iirg pli\,ical-
1y active cail help inir;age 'r1 pievelt
mai;I\ inedical c'iidliti'o,'. iliclidiig
hea it die;aie, lrgli blooild pietuie.
diabetes, c;aincei. '-rtep'_-,',-,. 'obei-
ty ;ani1 o-tealil tii inl
Tire ke\ i ;- 'itoiiirg trtral I;iactVit\
foi ;-i\ leirgTl Ii of rine. lxhncli cail
lead t,, lor ,f fle hilirt. rtienigTli ;aiid
boie ia;-i". a-i iell a- iediLucedi lieait
funictirn .Als,, imnpOitrairt s- aillo'-inmrg
time f- I i et ;air i ecter ;iind inil,'di-
fyliig \o:. t iit r ; t itM
._V \,,i ;ige. itr ;ai inattei r f tit-
deirt;aiidrimrg \oVir-l bti\" cues ;airt
follo'nitirg some pieielriie imnea-itriee
To, ple\e t ii tir\ Il e. emlr ,-, r ,li'tulld
I. \Varm tip. Both ia:_ go:d -ti ililrn-lp
before. ;aiitd ct:,l-dt'n ;iafte. ei\ei\
acti\Vit\ ;aie ciihmcIal
2. Be consistent. TIni, clnude,
fieqitemlc\, d\tinIrarmii air teilIe,mr ofr ,1
yOMI ;-iC tri\It
3. -lternate days of intensity. It's
g,:i :d t1,r puthi \,',ui elf ,:oinetines.
but not all tlie tunie Altei iiate ida\
of inic i te mlte ire atI it\ r x itli r less"
strieiiti'in, iko utn,
4. Pay attention to the weather.
Oldei atliletei, need tI be mindful
of tempeiature-ielated illie""s
Heat illness -t cii ,''tlcci bectaune ''f
an ircm e-rred rl-k of-tdelhd;itra -iio,
decieased ix eat glairtind fnrctil-r,. ;ani
irnpaiiedt blh'oit1d ri i, i repone
to elevated coie temipeiamtuie"

FILE PH'-.T'-..

Nledictn:ar,-,l i. th:h a-i _hera-blh-tckeri
;-irid diIetic-ne ;ail,- im cietie e tlt e lk 'i-f
heat illHiess
5. Eat right and stay hydrated.
lami;amiI pio'per irtir i,_-I ;-1id I\ -
diariii:n t, pioimnote goo,,d lhealthl aind
:'pimihal athlletic pet f-i mInairce
T, ai' id cilronit: pioblemn ;itnd
loigei i eliabilitatioii time xhliei ;-i
mltinr\ doe occuitt. ,eek tieaitmelrt
lim edl;iteh
ulri l ctire c,:-,l'r t-r of pliotectioii,.
ie .t, ic:e. compiepre il- -iia id ele ;atilr-ii
T"is ', hiul be filled tip b\ ;-i
gtiuided aind piogiet,,,i\e ieliabilitrtiarii
piogi.aim Pli\icta l tliei;ap\ hlituld
fI cl-,tt oii ler'to 'mig L n. ctiol- n ;ii and
include ;airge 1 i mointiio. rleMbhilmtv

;aird rrlelmglthemig exeicirme"
If V-tIu'ie ;aI emim i ra;it r-, bect-lme
molie plirt"icallt actm\e, rtaitr b\
talkm _'gIr to i \, iui t d,:ct:ri D tiln befl-ile
\u -,t ;ai it ;-iI e\ercie Io tiriIIe 0 \o-,u
cain mrve laheaid afel\ into ;I molie
actm\e lhfert\ le
Tile fiAllornig aie geeierall iecc:m-
nmerided ifi-,r eio,-r. deperdimng1 omi
thleii ahbilt\
1 Loix-impaict aeirlbic 1h elitti-
;-ice exeicihme" "ncdi -it axilkimig.
N\Vliiiniga.I;-nlld dtilcitllo
srtieiirliemiiog exeicilses tucl ,-a
eeiglit umacliume ,0,1 elastic bhaiid
Be tuie t -,ge t medical cle;aii;iamce ;aid
c,_-,M idei ;-i peir,-'iial triiirer I fir pilpei

Ta; TIM Chl 01 rsenl, \,og,;t i afi balance.
srtength ind tle\ibilit\
B\ appl\ ing man\ off tlie saume
guidelihnes used bt\ toungtei athIletes
fir-, rra-Ilrllmrg. muItr tll IunaIlurag2elunelr
ani :1 trtrinitg, ieui\ mrinaigement
;-111d injui\ pieventon ;nd _eing
moie ;ir \;ie of trle pltvtical clriamges
thait occti a-s pait of dtie ina;itura;ritlio
pit:cess tlie elnl or athllete calrn t;-I
active fi ;ai lifeMtime
I litU[ n)O,-[OishilO1' IS i7 illi7yi7-lil'
td 'l'Ou 1`to il (-10-tilt' i lliitt'I / liftI i i/1 7-
llOil Oill it'tltI/3O fI till l fl'Sl'l~ilDlS.
illi70i IIOSlti IS i lil IN Sililll't i-
SI[IHOS ilild 1 ci7bll LW i7ti'lS i7L'i OSS
rho U S
Oill/l it'7 Itt 'llt' ii'1 /t7dOC tOiS1 ilOll'

Quinn on Nutrition: Nutrition for the aging brain

I i 1, .i i ( ', I, Ii, i o .

It' ii-, iic: Heie i ;im feelmig rrtietied
antd Il"mou.g ,leepr t\ig tm ,:r lihhm ;i
co_',litunu ;-Ibo-,t lion- tr- keep um\ bIram
from ;a-m1igpena pe tuelt Turi o ,,tit
these aie rt'' ctmlpiltn trIat c;aIn speed
up tlie aging police ,, :f m\ pooil
bi;ain, I leaked in ;Ii recent emi n-ii 1a \
neuologi, DNl micliael Lara
Chr'ic-it: rre". tmi ,r-, o ;ai tvpe of1
celltlarl ilm r ;-iannar-titi l r tiiat teifeiel ,
witli m\ brmiriif ahblht tr,, iegeeeiate,
Laia tld In, iiamudtiencet f lieaili
prife",te 'lual .r\td lack of atidetaiate
sleep c;aIi negaitael\ effectt oti ahbilrt\
to tilmik cle;ail\ O( )lIt I kinoi tliat
I cai ;iatoi tlie ee piolblemn, liheni
I get egtl;aii e\ei:,e ;aiId ;aim fi ,-,8
hi ,tlur 'if sleep at 1rglit. La;i iepoirted
Plivictal ;aictit\ It ;aid aidetitate sleep
help lertoiie m briiin cells aiid tlrin
d,-i il tlie ImIIl;lianuna;toi\t piltce e,
as,'-,olaited vitli prelaitute ;agmrg
O)ie ;- i\ to get aidetuiate sleep i tI
get eil,-tugl:_ 1i m ri1elmtml iI im\ diet.
Laia aidh Tin" iminmeial t-'ik ,_-,in

ieve tirainsmitteis thrat srI,, trle bhimil
a;nd tiake it ea-iei r r, get ro sleep aind
sta\ aIsleep H1,, iItuch mt na.giiesltmn'
A.b,:ut 400( mrilllmglams ;ia da\ tlie
m;-I -,It irI c :ai get III II\ dtal\ diet
if I include foi,_,-ds sucIh ;is aialum, ,ds,
spiiacli., milk aind s,\ fio,,ods,. ,lile
grIIIIS. beanis, pe;ainut bhuttei, chicken.
;-ii d b ; 1i ;-i ;-s
Healtlful fulods ci:iamr ,rthei
substances tlhat h:glit _f, age-pin'rt-
inirg mran;mmt'ion anid hlielp keep m\
brain cells pppmrg. Laia iepir ted
Pl\- plhenli:c co:mpoitunds sLub-
staices ;iss,,clciated with impioil-ed
nmeiital gvmn;maistmtcs -t cain be fltiid iI
foo_-,-ds such ;IS a geemr tea, IIuts, berr mes,
led VIiiie ;irnd t ict-c-late
Red itViie aind ctlict:late:' Clreck
(Caiefulrl thtugli \Vhleieas greelr tea
shIi,'ed impiolemenelts iii o_:_giitive
ftitlr ;It iniatmiakes ,f- t 4 cuips ;-i dia\. tlhe
'ptimail beiiehcial effect fi-,in1 iViie
\aus seen in diii dtil -,ses oif less tIaIrn 4
ou-t rces I11 .-' cupi A id III ,-- lt ;-ib ut
1.2' '-,tice '-f daik tclcit: late with ;ir t
least 70 percent cocria o:t-ilreit
Eartmig hi ina\ lielp keep mI\ nmind

irt;ICt ;IS tell Ntluler'-tints stmdh es shi'-,x
that thle ,unmega-; farts iII hsl i lEP
aind m HEI \oiIk iagamsrt thle naituial
lm mra ;i-m1111-tlr thii t r ,C Cittstr iiig,
bhdi',tes aitd bai-iis Olmega-aI;'as Ictuall\
it--Ik ltheiri ;-i\ rint- cell membiaieeS
;intd keep them supple tle better
f(i[ i1fir-u1111-nm 'I 11n ro ri- i ,1fi ,in oire
cell t,, tie -rthier, scieitsts s;i \
\\ihat abo-ti k ill oil"' someone asked
Lara Its ,air oieil deied fioim shiellnsi.
lie ainsieied And like ,tieir hshi, it
,:,nturramr" ,unega 2; fatr, EP\N aird E)I-L\
t., M II oit m -i egai: '_ ts ER idD-
\\e cair al so, spice tip ,_-i a -.1g g
biamrII iti tumer i;taik;a cuicumttmint
- a se;a-isolig that appears t,, pri,:tect
tire bIamr fi,'in pieunatuie agmrg
its im teiestlmig,. o-ir spe;aike in ted, tiihat
iIr lrdila ielie tIItum e i st I ;I :_ c-'mminiIII
m1gietiedert iir fIi,_ds, trie pietaleirtce '-f
deimetl;ir Ia it
Coffee in, cie;am i,1 stugai please

- cani peik tip briam cells a"s iell
PI,:,st ifr trirs effect is ,fiin thie caiffeiire
Ptut it all tr-getliei aid mietlnmks tirls
is \ei\ close to trie Nilediteii;aineai
i;-i\ 1f e:-itl i igr-e hirsl tririr meat
aind chiicken, plent\ ofh bl giht-ct:lIred
beries,. friutS nits., vegetabless aind
legunmes, inmodeiate iuse 'if 'luie 11il
aird VIiie \s it tir Iis o,-,uit tirs eritlrig
patteiir liri s beeir fioti rd t,:r hirght 1i1-
anuna;I toi\rt piocesses tihaIt ct:-ir ibute
to fo'ggt tilrimkig
s thieie realt is inope ,:i tfis r agingg
b;iamr if 1 p;ai aitteri'i, to m\ life
I tilik I'll _,go t,_ bed nin_-
Biiil'tiiti Q/Mliiii 7 IS tilt" d
illcilu i7 i/i i1 'ci [diLO t tli7l:'[{Ci C't l-
L'n 0Oi i[ 1`I' 11 0i0 ii i 11/j.' Hospm7il of
1`11c MWon .i CP' L'ti lsih EmMlnl10i '7f
l' liMIcll0O111 0i,'_

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The Sun/Surnclay Ma,.-i.: 1-,i `'i0!4

Cutting kids' cholesterol is a family affair


Parents have a new ally in the
effort to clean up their kitchens and
improve their children's eating habits
- and their own.
"Kids are hugely interested in the
cooking shows like 'Iron Chef,'" said
Jodie Shield, co-author of "Healthy
Eating, Healthy Weight for Kids and
Teens" (Academy of Nutrition and
Dietetics, 2011) and a registered
dietitian in Chicago.
Seize that as an impetus to cook and
eat more at home, using vegetables
and other fresh ingredients, just as the
chefs do.
"What's exciting about healthy
eating is, the recommendations for
most families are the same thing we
keep saying," Shield said. "But I think
they're starting to be heard more."
A diet with total fat at 25-30 percent
of calories, saturated fat less than 10
percent of calories, and cholesterol in-
take less than 300 mg has been shown
to reduce cholesterol (the bad kind) in
healthy children older than 2.
Tracking numbers like those for
weeks (or even a day) isn't realistic
for most parents, let alone children.
So Shield recommends referring
to, the U.S.
Department of Agriculture's heir to
the food pyramid.
That plate visual in your mind can
help your kid load it up, she said.
"Portion size fits into all of this."
Shield outlined some healthy eating
habits that parents should establish
(but often don't):
*Start with dairy. "When I look at a
low-fat diet, I look at dairy right away,
because it's such a big part of kids'
diets," she said.
At age 2, most children should shift
to 1 percent fat or skim milk, Shield
said. "But I can tell you it doesn't
happen. Most people I talk to drink 2
percent, and 2 percent still has a lot
of fat."
An 8-oz glass of 2 percent milk has
120 calories, 5 grams total fat, 3 of
which are saturated, and 20 mg of
cholesterol. By comparison, skim has
80 calories, 0 grams of fat and 5 mg of
"If kids are drinking four cups of
milk a day, it's very healthy for them
to make the change," Shield said, "and
both are equally nutritious, assuming
they are fortified with vitamins A and
D, as most are."
Substitutes such as almond milk

Y -~



may not have the same vitamin
package, she pointed out, so compare
"We need vitamin D to absorb
calcium, which has been a big prob-
lem. Especially in the Midwest, most
people are fairly deficient. We don't
get enough sun so our bodies don't
make enough."
*Make vegetables tasty. They don't
have to be raw, Shield said. "But you
don't have to cook them in butter. If
you're going to add fat, try olive or
canola oil. It still has calories, but
they're much healthier (calories)."
She is not above cooking green
beans in bacon fat once in a while.
"I'd like to start with healthy fat,
which helps with certain vitamins
being absorbed, but if you give kids a
little ranch dressing and they eat a few
more, that's okay, too. The point is to
get them to love to eat healthy foods."
*Direct the sweet tooth to fruits or
low-fat dairy. "Fruits are fat-free and
wonderful," Shield said. And they
don't have to be organic. "There's
no science that shows organic is
For yogurt, look for low-fat or
fat-free, and consider the smaller
Don't rule out an occasional treat

such as a restaurant shake. "Some
make them with 1 percent milk," she
*Seek fiber; watch sugar. Soluble
fiber, as in oatmeal, beans and many
fruits, can make you feel more full
and lower LDL, the bad cholesterol.
"Oatmeal is one of the best cereals
kids can eat," Shield said. "Instant
oatmeal is (okay), but get plain and
add your own sugar or whatever else,"
since some packets are loaded with
Half of the grains you eat should
be whole grains, as in some boxed
cereals. Those have insoluble fiber,
which can help prevent constipation
"Here's a little trick parents can do
as they're reading labels. It only works
if there's no fruit in the cereal, because
raisins have natural sugar, and the
number on the label lumps natural
and artificial sugars together.
Divide the grams of sugar by 4 to
find out how many teaspoons of sugar
are in a serving. Aim to keep that
number under 2 teaspoons. That's
pretty generous," Shield said.
The formula doesn't work for yogurt
and other dairy products, because
they have lactose, a natural sugar.
"Natural sugar isn't the problem,"
Shield said. "You're better off looking
at the ingredient list at that point,
because ingredients are listed in order
of dominance."
Note that some ingredients, like
corn syrup or brown rice syrup aren't
called sugar, but that's what they are.
"If they're in there, I'd like them to be
one of last ingredients."
*Choose meat, poultry and fish
carefully. Opt for lean cuts of meat,

such as loins and rounds. Buy skinless
chicken. "Skin doubles the fat," she
said. Though they are higher in cho-
lesterol than boneless skinless breasts,
boneless skinless chicken thighs are
less expensive, have more flavor and
are more forgiving of novice cooks.
"You can't wreck them. They stay
moist. I marinate them in olive oil,
lemon juice and oregano, then bake
them, and it's so easy."
Eat fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids,
at least twice a week. Not fried catfish
and coconut shrimp, but grilled or
baked fish such as cod, flounder,
tilapia, shellfish and salmon (if it's not
too strong for your family's tastes).
Present unfamiliar foods in a famil-
iar way to improve kids' reception.
Shield's kids, for instance, love fish
Buy frozen, partly for affordability,
but also because so-called "fresh"
fish often has been frozen previously
and rethawed. "So you don't want to
take it home and refreeze it. Ask the
fishmonger, "Was this frozen?"
*Take advantage of easy reference
guides. If you eat fast food, look at the
nutrition boards in the restaurant, or
download a fast food app to find the
healthiest options, Shield said. (Fast
Food Calorie Counter, available on
both iTunes and Google Play for 99
cents, is a popular one.)
Shield frequently consults, an independent
website that interviews and fact-
checks advice from food experts.
Her blog healthyeatingforfamilies.
com has tips and recipes, including
one of her most popular, the lemon

Get Your Weekly Dose of

2^ Health & Hope

SIn Sunday's Feeling Fit!

k Get a DAILY Dose at!

0 .Feeling fit0. 0 @

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 13

1w v q

Getting rid of the love handles


Most of the population in the
United States is overweight and
sedentary. Often times, this excess
weight is in the form of visceral fat.
It accumulates around your internal
organs and creates a protruding belly.
Being overweight can lead to lower
back pain.
The fundamental strategies for
avoiding back pain are regular exer-
cise and weight management.
Like everyone else, seniors can
work on their abdominal muscles.
Seniors, especially, should consult
their physician before beginning any
type of exercise program. They should
begin with fewer repetitions, sets and
days per week, and gradually increase
their workout. In order to flatten the
stomach, first cut down on calories;
a pound of fat equals 3,500 calories.
Second, you'll need a cardio workout
routine to help you burn calories.
Begin 3 days a week for at least 20
minutes a session. You can add you
day every week, until you are at 6 days
a week.
Let's briefly discuss the major
muscles of the abdomen. The rectus
abdominis, the so-called six-pack
muscle: For most of us it is mostly for
appearance and plays an important
role in athletics. The function of the
rectus abdominis is called spinal
flexion; i.e., bending forward from
the waist. The external obliques are
located on the sides of the rectus
abdominis. Internal obliques are
located beneath the external obliques.
In layman terms, the external oblique
fibers run diagonally downward from
the middle of the rib cage, while the
internal oblique fibers run diagonally
upward from the pelvis.
The obliques work with the rectus
abdominis in spinal flexion. They
also control twisting at the waist. In
relation to sports, hitting a golf ball,
a baseball, tennis ball or kicking a
soccer ball, throwing a baseball or
football, your obliques generate the
force by rotating your torso. Obliques
assist when you bend and straightens
the body to the sides.
Now that you have a general under-
standing of this abdominal muscle
group, you can understand that
exercises that utilize these muscles

Gene Campbell (left) exercises on the ab crunch machine with encouragement from Ted Robedee, manager at the Fitness Salon at the Cultural
Center of Charlotte County.

must be worked to reach your goal of
a flatter belly and the reduction of the
so-called "love handles." I don't know
why they call them that: I don't know
of anyone who loves to handle them.
Everyone wants to get rid of them!
There are many different exercises
that can be combined to work such
muscles as the rectus abdominis and
the external and internal obliques. At
the Cultural Center's Fitness Salon we
have an abdominal crunch machine
that primarily works the rectus ab-
dominis and, secondarily, the external
and internal obliques. You can com-
bine this with an incline bench for
situps, where we can show you how to
work all three sets of muscles. We also
have cushioned mats for additional
abdominal exercises.
Keep in mind that although your
main priority may be to flatten
your tummy, your goal should be
complete muscular fitness. All major
muscle groups should be worked

with resistance training. Also ki'ot1ii
as circuit weight training, resistai ice
exercises are performed you aftei the
Post-holiday weight
loss challenge weekly results
There are 2 weeks left in the
Cultural Center's post-holiday \eilghit
loss challenge. The awards dinnei
takes place at 5:30 p.m. on April 1
Team, percentage of weight losf
Animal Lovers, 3.40
A Weigh We Go, 5.45
Beauty And The Beast, 5.73
Busy Bees, 5.86
Canami, 2.34
Canucks, 10.28
Carb Dodgers, 9.58
Charlies Crew, -0.25
Charlotte County Fatties, 6.28
Diet Divas, 8.15
Dogs Rule, 8.78
Gems By Design, -2.46



Happ\ Sis4eis. -0 1:;
Keixeeiin C,'ouple. 0
Las \Vega, C-iappeis. 10 5p_.
Leasee L,:seIs. 5 5'
Left\ Ts. 20 ;
NI & NI,. 7 4
Mick Aiid ',ie. 5 42'
Nthsfit. 2 S_-,
N I I-h I,, -) .Q
Onie NlI:ie Time. 4 x0
(n Mla gi., '-1 `14
Quest Foi Success. 14 6-'
Reined\. 4 7
Rice Gi I .0
Sec,'lId Time .i'J '-, d. i_,;
S5e\\ P IF. -' 75
sibling Ri\ali \. 0 '14
size Tein Aga ii. 15I
Thlie Bid., '-i'0
Thlie Dunnbell., 0 00
The (Gils., 0 ''1
The Nex Us. 04
The Spice G I.. i6 16
Ti ip. 0
Tk Pea- [ In \A Pi d, '- 5.
Youlg A Robll-. 3 91

Real Local News .n
Tl-,_- REAL I_-:,: -.I I I- :-:-

U' family'



J,..,., ,niMi.ii PUNTA GORDA
D.,M.DD. _

Pi '.'w I ll f1i 111t.iiiii rill'liil.
100 Mladrid Boulevard. Suite 414
Bank of America Parking Lol
ilialinv" Fnv l*M] citl
,ilinll~n-/ /i VI MS

:Page 14

The Sun/Surnclay lai.:l, .":- ` 20!'i.

Biomarkers of cell death in Alzheimer's reverse course after symptom onset


Three promising biomarkers being
studied to detect Alzheimer's disease
in its early stages appear to undergo
a surprising shift as patients develop
symptoms of dementia, researchers
at Washington University School of
Medicine in St. Louis report.
Scientists use the biomarkers to
assess brain changes linked to the dis-
ease in research volunteers. The levels
of markers of neuronal injury increase
in the spinal fluid for a decade or more
before the onset of dementia, but in a
new twist, the research shows for the
first time that they later reverse course,
decreasing as symptoms of memory
loss and mental decline appear.
The results appear online in Science
Translational Medicine.
"We're not sure why this reversal
occurs, but understanding it may be
very important for clinical trials of
drugs to treat or prevent Alzheimer's,"
said senior author Dr. Anne Fagan,
research professor of neurology.
"Changes in the levels of these
biomarkers likely will be among the
criteria we use to assess the success
or failure of Alzheimer's drugs, so we
need to know how these biomarkers
normally behave in the absence of
Motivated by the realization that
Alzheimer's damages the brain for
a decade or more before it causes
dementia, researchers have identified
several biomarkers of the disease
in patients before they develop
symptoms. They hope to use the
biomarkers to diagnose patients and
start treatment long before the onset
of problems with memory and other
brain functions that characterize
Fagan and her colleagues studied
data from the Dominantly Inherited
Alzheimer's Network (DIAN), a
multinational research project led
by Washington University. All DIAN
participants come from families af-
fected by genetic mutations that cause

rare inherited forms of Alzheimer's.
Carriers of their family's mutation can
develop symptoms of mental decline
as early as their 30s.
DIAN participants regularly are
evaluated using a variety of tests,
including analyses of Alzheimer's
biomarkers in their spinal fluid. For
the new study, Fagan and her co-au-
thors looked at three injury-related
biomarkers in spinal fluid samples
collected at multiple evaluations of 26
DIAN participants. All the participants
had an Alzheimer's-causing mutation.
Two of the biomarkers, tau and
p-tau, are structural proteins that
form the neurofibrillary tangles seen
in the brains of Alzheimer's patients;
the third is a neuronal calcium sensor
called VILIP- 1. Levels of the three
biomarkers increase after neurons are
injured and are linked to decline of
cognitive function. Evidence suggests

that as Alzheimer's assaults the brain,
dying cells release the biomarkers,
freeing them to be washed into the
spinal fluid.
As expected, levels of the biomarkers
increased over time in participants
who had not yet developed dementia.
But the researchers were surprised to
find that in most participants who had
dementia, levels of the three biomark-
ers decreased over time. The drop in
levels was relatively small but consis-
tent and statistically significant.
"This was very interesting, par-
ticularly given that previous studies
have shown that other indicators of
Alzheimer's disease, such as brain
shrinkage, continue after the onset of
dementia," Fagan said.
Fagan speculated that increasing
levels of the biomarkers prior to
dementia likely reflect an intense stage
of cell death, while decreasing levels as

dementia begins indicate a slowing of
this process. However, it's also possible
that such reductions result from a
decrease in the number of remaining
brain cells that have yet to be killed by
Alzheimer's, she said.
To advance the research, the scien-
tists are gathering data on new DIAN
enrollees and continuing to follow
participants in the current study.
"Our findings are limited both by the
small number of participants we stud-
ied and by the fact that we only had a
few years of longitudinal follow-up,"
Fagan said. 'Additional data taken over
longer periods of time will help us
draw more definitive conclusions."
Additional research also is needed to
learn whether levels of the biomarkers
undergo a similar change in patients
with the more common sporadic
forms of the disease, which are typi-
cally diagnosed later in life.

Visual disturbances may be seen in Alzheimers disease prior to diagnosis

Provided by

Investigators at the Cedars-Sinai
Regenerative Medicine Institute
have discovered eye abnormalities
that may help reveal features of
early-stage Alzheimer's disease.
Using a novel laboratory rat model of
Alzheimer's disease and high-resolu-
tion imaging techniques, researchers
correlated variations of the eye
structure, to identify initial indicators
of the disease.
Alzheimer's disease is the leading
cause of dementia, which is char-
acterized by loss of memory and
a progressive decline in cognitive
function. To date, more than 26

million people are estimated to suffer
from the disease, and the number
is expected to quadruple by 2050.
Despite the disease being described
over a century ago, treatment and
understanding of the disease remain
rather limited.
"Detecting changes in the brain
that indicate Alzheimer's disease
can be an extremely challenging
task," said Dr. Shaomei Wang, lead
author of the study and an associ-
ate professor in the Regenerative
Medicine Institute and Department
of Biomedical Sciences. "By using the
eye as a window to brain activity and
function, we may be able to diag-
nose patients sooner and give them
more time to prepare for the future.

Options may include earlier enroll-
ment in clinical trials, developing
support networks and dealing with
any financial and legal matters."
Using both animal models and
postmortem human retinas from
donors with Alzheimer's disease,
researchers found changes in the ret-
inal pigment epithelial layer, which
harbors the supportive cells located
in the back of the eye, and in the
thickness of the choroidal layer that
has blood vessels providing nutrients
to the retina. Changes in these two
regions were detected using sophis-
ticated, state-of-the-art imaging and
immunological techniques.
With high-resolution, microscopic
imaging and visual acuity measure-
ments, investigators were able to
monitor tissue degeneration in the
cell layer and vascular layer at the
back of the eye, as well as decline in
visual function, that were strongly
associated with Alzheimer's disease.
"Greater magnitude in these
eye abnormalities may mean a
greater chance of a patient having
Alzheimer's disease," said Alexander
Ljubimov, PhD, director of the Eye
Program within the Regenerative
Medicine Institute and co-author of

the study. "We found that a rat model
showed similar signs to the human
ailment in the eye. If true in a larger
number of humans, these findings
may be used to study Alzheimer's
disease mechanisms and test poten-
tial drugs."
Though additional research is
needed to investigate the mecha-
nisms of these ocular changes in
relation to changes in the brain,
investigators hope to ultimately aid
early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
by studying the most approachable
part of the central nervous system:
the eye.
Cedars-Sinai has been at the cut-
ting edge of studies on the eye and
Alzheimer's disease with a previous
report showing amyloid plaques, a
hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, also
build up in the eye using a similar
animal model of the disease.
"It is fascinating that the eye may
provide such a window to the brain
and eventually predict diseases such
as Alzheimer's, although more human
studies are now needed to confirm
this animal work," said Dr. Clive
Svendsen, director of the Cedars-
Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute
and a co-author on the study.

soltion to get you back on your feet in no time. Ca [llfoacnsltatDion toda.I

Hip. e .lent S S iscopic Surger
Osteatrii ne hray -S.. S s~eicin racSre a

I9 1 .6 5.0 I 9
-'-l I Sl.!t~l':

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 15

An alternative to the colonoscopy although it has its own 'ick'factor


A new test that requires people to
send stool samples in the mail for
laboratory analysis is proving nearly
as reliable as a colonoscopy in identi-
fying potentially fatal colon cancers.
The DNA screening test, invented
at the Mayo Clinic, could become an
alternative to the colonoscopy or
at least an option for the millions of
Americans who ignore their doctors'
recommendations because they are
squeamish about the rectal exam
or concerned about its cost, said
Dr. David Ahlquist, a Mayo gastro-
enterologist and co-inventor of the
"Cologuard" system.
The test was 92 percent accurate
at identifying patients with colon
cancer and 69 percent accurate at
identifying patients with the kinds of
bowel lesions or polyps that indicate
a high risk for cancer, according
to clinical trial results published
Wednesday in the New England
Journal of Medicine.
"Time will tell," Ahlquist said.
"It's our hope that many individuals
who are not being screened be-
cause of their reticence to undergo

colonoscopy will choose to undergo
screening with a noninvasive option
like this."
Regular screening for colon cancer
is recommended at age 50 earlier
for people with family histories or
greater risks and was credited in
a report Monday by the American
Cancer Society for a decline over the
past decade in the U.S. rate of colon
cancer mortality.
But the lack of uptake is also why
colon cancer remains the third-lead-
ing cause of cancer mortality, and
contributes to 50,000 deaths in the
nation each year.
The DNA test comes with its own
"eww!" factor, in that people would
need to fish out their own stool sam-
ples and package them to send in for
testing. But market research by the
test kit manufacturer, Exact Sciences
of Madison, Wis., indicates that
people aren't bothered as long as the
test is effective and covered by health
insurance. Surveys showed only 3
percent of people being put off by
having to collect a stool sample.
"Our kit comes in its own sturdy
box. and the patient also uses it to
return the sample to the lab," said
Exact Sciences spokeswoman Cara

Tucker. Test results would be sent to
doctors in about two weeks.
The findings published Wednesday
come from a company-funded
clinical trial of 10,023 people who
were at normal risk for colon cancer.
They come about two weeks before a
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
committee is scheduled to decide
whether the test is safe and effective
for clinical use. In an unusual step,
the U.S. Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services are reviewing the
test before the FDA review is com-
plete an indication that the federal
agency might expedite Medicare
coverage of the test for the nation's
elderly population. Federal approval
could mean the Cologuard test would
be available as early as midsummer.
The study was a head-to-head
comparison with an existing test
called FIT, which detects cancer by
finding hidden blood in stools, and
showed that the new DNA screening
found more cancers and cancer risks.
Cologuard works because tumors
and polyps in the colon "shed" cells
that are detectable in human waste,
Ahlquist explained. However, the
DIET 119


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ARNP orPA Needed FT
To Join Our Pediatric Team.
Ideal Candidate Must Have A
Current Florida License, 1-2
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ting, Strong Interpersonal
Skills & The Ability To See
Patients In A Fast Paced
Environment. We Offer A
Competitive Salary &
Benefit package. All
Qualified Candidates Please
Fax Or Email CV To Tina @
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Part Time. Please Fax Resume to
Busy Home
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LPN For Busy Physician Office
In Port Charlotte. Experience &
A Valid FL Lic. Req. EMR Train-
ing Pref. Must Possess A Great
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\ !:2'L '. 'L : Inf 1'1. \ : hh111II


SHOWER STOOL, ,. ':i ii HE
,-i, ii i :'. :'l ,- -'^' ,
WHEELCHAIR i-il. .,1
-, 11 I '1, 1 I

LZ 611111

MAGNET PAD E.II.I- iil H, iii,
:, 1-", 1 II I'-1 | ', 1 I 11",^ 11 I

:Page 16

The Sun/Sunclay flai.:l, ?-, '20i!4

FILE P H -. T ,-..

HPV vaccines and the facts


H-P-V? Chances are that you have
heard several opinions about the
vaccines associated with those letters,
which stand for human papillomavi-
rus. You may believe that vaccination
against HPV results in earlier onset
of sexual activity, or that the vaccine
would likely cause severe harm to
you or your child. While many of such
rumors have been swirling about
HPV vaccines, there seems to be little
knowledge of the facts. HPV vaccines
serve to prevent cancer. Evidence
shows that HPV vaccination saves
lives, prevents stress and surgeries,
and has no impact on sexual activity.
Imagine how a person feels when
they are told they have an abnor-
mal Pap test result. Such results

are primarily caused by human
Misconceptions that HPV vac-
cines run high risk of serious health
threats gained steam in 2011, when
then-presidential candidate Michele
Bachmann made politically charged
statements suggesting that they cause
autism. The American Academy of
Pediatrics promptly opposed her
claims, reporting that no scientific
research shows a link between HPV
vaccine and autism. Side effects of
HPV vaccine are usually limited to
temporary pain, redness and swelling
at the site of injection. More serious
side effects are typically fainting,
headache and fever.
There are four main types of human
papillomavirus, which cause cancers
among women and men. These
viruses affect different body parts,

including the mouth, throat, penis
and cervix. Florida ranks among the
highest in the nation for cervical,
mouth and throat cancer. More than
26,000 cases of HPV-related cancers
are diagnosed in the United States
every year, most of which could be
prevented by vaccination. Originally,
only females were targeted for HPV
vaccination, however, it is now rec-
ommended for both sexes. Around 34
percent of HPV-related cancer cases
occur among males.
While those up to age 26 are recom-
mended for the three doses of HPV
vaccine, they are ideally administered
between ages 11 and 12. This time
frame is generally well before the start
of sexual activity before potential
HPV infection and when the vac-
cine would cause the body to develop
stronger immunity against HPV

According to research published by
the American Academy of Pediatrics,
receiving HPV vaccine does not
encourage sexual activity.
In addition to cancer, human
papillomavirus can lead to infertility
or death. Even if a person has just
one sexual partner his or her entire
lifetime, they could be infected. There
are more than 4,000 HPV-related
cancer deaths in the U.S. each year,
and possibly thousands more. Since
no cure exists for HPV infection, the
best one could do is prevent it.
In order to learn more about human
papillomavirus and HPV vaccines, or
to schedule an appointment for vac-
cination, call 941-624-7200 and speak
with Edward Gonzales at the Florida
Department of Health in Charlotte
County. You could also consult a
school nurse or a pediatrician.

Bayfront Health is 'Tied to be Fit' on National Walking Day

On April 2, Bayfront Health Port
Charlotte and Punta Gorda will
join thousands of other companies,
schools and individuals in the
American Heart Association's National
Walking Day, a nationwide call-to-ac-
tion for Americans to adopt a healthy
Called "Tied to be Fit," the event
is open to the public and walkers
should meet at 7:30 a.m. at the corner
of U.S. 41 North and Retta Esplanade
(across from the Wyvern Hotel) in
Punta Gorda to walk across the bridge
As Charlotte County's American
Heart Association My Heart.My Life

cause partner, Bayfront Health knows
the cost of inactivity on our nation:
As a nation, we're becoming more
physically inactive, doubling our risk
of heart disease and stroke.
Heart disease and stroke are
America's No. 1 and No. 4 killers.
Being physically active and eating an
overall healthy diet reduces a majority
of the controllable risk factors for
these diseases.
Eighty percent of adults in America
don't get enough physical activity.
More than 8 percent of American
adults (more than 154 million) are
overweight or obese and this
number continues to grow.

Sedentary jobs have increased by 83
percent since 1950.
Americans work 164 more hours a
year than 20 years ago.
A healthy diet is also an important
part of living a healthier, longer life.
Walking is an easy way to add
physical activity to your life. Almost
everyone can do it and it doesn't
require any expensive equipment.
Walking has the lowest dropout rate of
any physical activity and is a simple,
affordable step people can take to
positively improve their heart health.
Research shows that walking for just
30 minutes a day offers these benefits:
*Reduces the risk of coronary heart

disease and stroke.
*Lowers blood pressure.
*Reduces high cholesterol.
*Reduces body fat and helps control
body weight.
*Boosts mental well-being.
*Increases bone density, which
helps to prevent osteoporosis.
*Reduces the risk of diabetes.
*Helps you fall asleep faster and
sleep more soundly.
*Increases muscle strength, increas-
ing the ability to do other physical
Find free healthy living resources
for you and your family at

Sarasota County pediatrician pilots medical home project

Weiss Pediatric Care in Sarasota
is one of 14 pediatric care practices
in Florida participating in a demon-
stration project this year aimed at
strengthening the "medical home"
model and fostering family-centered
health care.
The Florida Pediatric Medical
Home Demonstration Project is
designed to provide physicians and
their staff with strategies, tools, and
resources necessary to strengthen
medical homes' capacity to provide
high quality, family-centered care
for all children and youth, including
those with special health care needs.
The project was initially launched
in 2010 with 20 pediatric practices.
Recently, Weiss Pediatric Care was
among 14 practices in Florida select-
ed to participate in phase 2, slated for
completion this year.
The 14 pediatric practices are
assessing the effectiveness of the
systems of care they provide and im-
plementing tests of change with the
aid of tools, strategies and measures

in order to improve these systems.
In addition to daily huddles to
discuss each patient's condition
and treatment plan, the Weiss team
reviews pre-visit questionnaires
before every visit and provide written
summaries to families after each visit
to ensure they are addressing patient
concerns and providing information
parents need to understand their
child's needs and care choices. The
group has established a comput-
erized tracking system to follow
patients who have been referred for
specialty care, measure outcomes
and determine priority areas for
The group also began offering
Saturday office hours to make care
more accessible for established
patients; and, rather than delegate
after-hours calls to a back-up group,
the team personally answers all calls
and questions that can't wait until the
next business day.
A medical home is not a building,
house, hospital, or home care service,

but rather a model of primary care
delivery developed by the American
Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
According to the AAP, characteristics
that define a medical home include
care that is accessible, continuous,
comprehensive, family-centered,
coordinated, compassionate and cul-
turally effective. The medical home is
community-based, interdisciplinary,
and uses a team approach to provide
preventative, acute and chronic care.
The medical home concept pro-
motes seven key principles:
1. Personalized medicine: Each
patient has an ongoing relationship
with a personal physician trained to
provide first contact, continuous and
comprehensive care.
2. Physician directed medical care:
The personal physician leads a team
of individuals at the practice level
who collectively take responsibility
for the ongoing care of patients.
3. Whole-person orientation: The
personal physician is responsible for
providing for all the patient's health
care needs or taking responsibility
for appropriately arranging care with
other qualified professionals.
4. Coordinated care: The care is

coordinated and/or integrated across
all elements of the complex health
care system (such as subspecialty
care, hospitals, home health agen-
cies) and the patient's community
(for example, family, public and
private community-based services).
Care is facilitated by registries,
information technology, health infor-
mation exchange and other means to
ensure that patients get the indicated
care when and where they need
and in a culturally and linguistically
appropriate manner.
5. Quality and safety: These mea-
sures based on evidence-based medi-
cine, benchmarked and measured.
6. Enhanced access to care: This
takes place through systems such as
open scheduling, expanded hours
and new options for communication
between patients, and their personal
physician, and practice staff.
7. Added value: Payment recognizes
the added value provided to patients
who have a patient-centered medical
Weiss Pediatric Care is located at
2201 Cantu Court, Suite 117, Sarasota.
For more information, call 941-552-
8341 or visit


General & Implant Dentistry
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry y-e ^
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273
50458684 www.d

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 17

[NaEW 18 ww~uNO EwSpaesntfeitcmTeSn/udIMrh3,21

Bayfront April events
The public is invited to attend
the following April events hosted by
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and
Punta Gorda:
Tied to be Fit Bridge Walk
April 2, 7:30 a.m.
Parking lot at corner of U.S. 41
North and E. Retta Esplanade (park-
ing lot across from the Wyvern Hotel
in downtown Punta Gorda)
Lace up your sneakers and make
a commitment to live healthier by
joining us for the annual American
Heart Association National Walking
Day. Meet at the corner of US41 and
E. Retta Esplanade (the parking lot
across from the Wyvern Hotel in
downtown Punta Gorda). Meet at
7:30 a.m. Walk starts off at 8 a.m.
Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Cardiac diet nutrition classes
April 2, 7:30 a.m.
April 15, 9-11 a.m.
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E. Olympia
Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with cardiac issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
HealthFair mobile screenings
April 5, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Walgreens, 3795 Tamiami Trail,
Punta Gorda
April 15, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Publix, 1291 S. Sumter Blvd., North
April 19, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Winn-Dixie, 3280 Tamiami Trail,
Port Charotte
Bayfront Health has partnered with
HealthFair to combat cardiovascular
disease by offering cost effective and
convenient mobile health screenings.
The HealthFair bus is a self-con-
tained mobile unit that provides
participants access to ultrasound
tests of the heart and arteries, which
go beyond what is offered at a typical
physician exam. These in-depth and
painless tests check for abnormalities
that can lead to stroke, heart attack,
and aneurysm, and all test results are
reviewed by a board-certified physi-
cian and available within 7-10 days.
Call 800-519-4325 to register.
Pulmonary diet nutrition class
April 8, 9-11 a.m.
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E. Olympia
Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with pulmonary issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
Lung cancer support group
April 8, 2-3 p.m.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
A support group for those di-
agnosed with or recovering from
lung cancer. Free. No registration
Lunch and Learn: Common foot
problems and available treatment
April 15, 11:30-1 p.m.
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Speaker: Dr. Andre Williams,
Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of foot pain and
understand the different treatment
options. Call 941-637-2497 to register.

Dining with the Doc: Hip and knee
pain and treatment options
April 17, 6-7 p.m.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Speaker: Dr. Mark Davis, orthope-
dic surgeon
Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of hip and knee pain
and understand the different treat-
ment options both nonsurgical
and surgical. Free. Call 941-637-2497
to register.
Lunch and Learn: Protecting
yourself from identity theft
April 22, 11:30-1 p.m.
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Speaker: Inspector Mark Cavic, FBI
Learn tips and tricks to help you
protect yourself from identity theft.
Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Lunch and Learn: Hip and knee
pain and treatment options
April 23, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Peace River Rehab Center, 15121
Tamiami Trail, North Port
Speaker: Dr. Mark Davis, orthope-
dic surgeon
Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of hip and knee pain
and understand the different treat-
ment options-both nonsurgical and
surgical. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
Dining with the Doc: Spine disor-
ders and treatment options
April 30, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Speaker: Dr. Gregory Gebauer,
orthopedic surgeon
Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of back pain and
understand the different treatment
options both nonsurgical and
surgical. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to

Spine Center opens
Lee Memorial Health System
recently opened its Spine Center in
Fort Myers. Staff at the new facility
focus on injection therapy rather
than pill-based pain management,
since the goal is to treat the cause of
pain rather than manage symptoms
with medication.
Physiatrist Dr. Donna Lanthier is
a nerve, muscle and bone expert,
and is the initial point of contact for
patients at the Spine Center. She
facilitates the planning, implemen-
tation and evaluation of treatment
plans, and educates patients on
diagnosis and treatment options.
The Spine Center specializes in
physical medicine, rehabilitation and
pain management, as well as resolv-
ing pain issues through nonsurgical
and minimally invasive treatments,
including physical therapy, spi-
nal injections, and medication.
Streamlined referral to a surgical
medical practice is available when
necessary, but is considered a last
resort. The center also treats mus-
culoskeletal issues, such as shoulder,
hip and knee pain.
The Spine Center located at 8960
Colonial Center Drive, Fort Myers.
For more information call 239-343-
9465, or visit

Visual impairment support
Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) of
Charlotte County is making a huge
impact on residents in the communi-
ty suffering from low vision or severe

vision loss. The nonprofit organiza-
tion sponsors classes and support
group meetings, and is gearing up for
a major fundraising event in April.
The group's weekly "Independent
Living" classes will resume at 10
a.m. March 31 at the VIP Center,
3459 Depew Ave., Port Charlotte.
The classes are free, but registration
is required by calling the center at
A peer group for visually impaired
persons and their caregivers meets at
the center every Tuesday.
"We discuss home safety, mobility,
visual aids and much more," said
executive director Susan Bledsoe, a
registered nurse. "We also try to have
some fun, which helps relieve some
of the stress associated with visual
Recently, the center played host to
a mini-spring break camp for several
visually impaired children.
"On day number one, the kids
prepared lunch for staff members
and themselves while enjoying music
and each other's company," said
Bledsoe. "On day two, they enjoyed
pizza and an action movie on the VIP
big screen."
The center will present its largest
fundraiser yet, the inaugural VI
Palooza, from 9 a.m. 1 p.m. April
18 at the 24 Twenty-One Event
Center, 2421 Tamiami Trail, Port
Charlotte. The event will feature live
music, health and wellness talks,
health screenings and vendors from
a variety of local businesses and
For more information, or to register
as VIPalooza vendor, call the center
at 941-625-8501 or visit the website

Mental health awareness
In recognition of May being Mental
Health Awareness Month, people in
the Charlotte County community
will be raising awareness of mental
health as they walk in the Healthy
Minds. Healthy Community Mental
Health Awareness Walk presented by
Criminal Justice Behavioral Health
Advisory Council (CJBHAC) on May
The 1.5-mile walk in Punta Gorda
starts at Gilchrist Park. The cere-
mony to kick off the walk will begin
at 7:30 a.m. Parking is available in
the public parking lot located on the
corner of Harvey Street and Retta
"We want people to know that
while mental health and substance
use conditions are common, they are
extremely treatable and individuals
go on to recover and lead full and

productive lives," said Jessica Boles,
Director of Marketing, Charlotte
Behavioral Health Care.
Too many people who are living
with a mental health condition never
seek or receive help due to stigma,
lack of information, cost, or lack of
health care insurance coverage-as
high as 50 percent. "We want to
change equation and help our fami-
lies, friends and co-workers who may
be reluctant to ask for help or don't
know where to find it." Our goal is to
optimize behavioral health, improve
quality of life and build an overall
feeling of wellness for all children,
adolescents and families in Charlotte
The first 100 walkers will receive
a free Healthy Minds. Health
Community t-shirt. The walk will also
include free water, coffee, snacks,
resources from local healthcare
organizations and speakers from the
community. Free tables are available
to local organizations.
Sponsored by Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care as well as CJBHAC,
which includes: Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care, *211, Charlotte
County Homeless Coalition,
Coastal Behavioral Health Care,
Administrative Office of the Courts
of Charlotte County, and Riverside
Behavioral Center. For more infor-
mation or to reserve a table, contact
Jessica Boles at 941-639-8300 ext. 275
or visit

Tobacco addiction speaker
The Lung Cancer Research
Council is pleased to announce that,
NEWS 119

We listen so you can hear.
If your hearing doesn't seem as good
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some realfacts. Let's talk.

We offer a complete range of
Saudiology services for our clients
Including the following:
V Diagnostic Hearing Testing
V Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment
V Hearing Aid- Dispensing & Repair
ST.V. Ears
Malyn K. Larkin, Au.D
Doctor of Audiology V Bteis&S ple
Wel aric. 1/q[ |(.ipaite 1 Iin 1!mIost 1insuranc ,e Ipro 1irams
The Best of Charlotte for the Past 10 Years!

H Harbor
Zr 941.505.0400 uS
100 Madrid Blvd Suite #315 Punta Gorda, FL 33950
50458607____________~ _______

New caregivers join Janick medical team

Dr. John J. Janick has added several new staff members to his team of caregivers. Dr.
Trucker Greene is an experienced emergency room physician who specializes in critical
care and minor traumas; he has been practicing medicine for 18 years. Murla Ecclesiaste,
advanced registered nurse practitioner, specializes in cardiac care and preventative medi-
cine. Shannon Magee is a registered nurse who spent 2 years as a chief nursing offers and 1
as a critical care emergency room director; she will soon be a nurse practitioner.
Janick practices at 4369 Tamiami Trail, Suite 100, Port Charlotte. For more information, call
941-629-3366 or visit www.

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The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014 Page 19



in cooperation with the Florida
Department of Health in Charlotte
County and Fawcett Memorial
Hospital, Dr. Victor J. DeNoble, a
former research scientist for Phillip
Morris (maker of Marlboro ciga-
rettes), will discuss the addictive
nature of nicotine and the tobacco
industry's attempt to hide this im-
portant information from the public.
DeNoble was a key witness in
the government's case against the
tobacco industry. His testimony
helped to win the class-action law-
suit that resulted in the 1998 $206
billion Tobacco Master Settlement
Agreement to recover tobacco
related healthcare costs.
DeNoble will present "Inside the
Dark Side" and a portion of his film,
'Addiction Inc." which chronicles the
story of a scientist hired by a tobacco
company to secretly study the effects
of nicotine on the brain.
DeNoble will be speaking to
students in Charlotte County middle
and high schools during the first
week of April as part of a program
to encourage students to never start
An evening presentation designed
for the community at large is
planned for at 7 p.m. on April 3 at
the Edison State College Charlotte
County Campus auditorium.
Tickets to attend this entertaining
and educational presentation are
free, but reservations are strongly
suggested due to limited seating.
For more information, or to
register online go to
Those wishing to attend without a
reservation will be seated on an "as
available basis."

Alzheimer's disease support
The Alzheimer's Association
Florida Gulf Coast Chapter-affiliated
support groups are for family
members, caregivers, and others
interested in learning more about
Alzheimer's disease. Meetings are
open to everyone and free of charge.
For program information and to
verify meeting dates, times, and
locations, please call 800-272-3900
or 941-235-7470. Local meetings are
held at the following locations:
*Royal Palm Retirement Center,
2500 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, meets
at 100 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of
the month.
*South Port Square (Harbor
Terrace), 23033 Westchester Blvd.,
Port Charlotte, meets at 30 p.m. on

the third Tuesday of the month.
*Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic
Church, 1441 Spear St., Port
Charlotte, meets at 2:30 p.m. on the
fourth Thursday of the month.
*Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave., Port
Charlotte, meets at 30 p.m. on the
third Thursday of the month.
*Charlotte Harbor Healthcare, 4000
Kings Highway, Port Charlotte, meets
at 100 a.m. on the second Friday of
the month.
*Life Care Center, 450 Shreve St.,
Punta Gorda, meets at 30 p.m. on the
third Monday of the month.
*Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Gorda, meets at 30 p.m. on the
second Tuesday of the month.
*Desoto County Public Library, 125
N. Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, meets
at 110 a.m. on the first Wednesday of
the month.
*Village Place Assisted Living,
18400 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte,
meets at 100 a.m. on the third
Thursday of the month.
*First Alliance Church, 20444
Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte, meets
at 30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of
the month. The meeting at the First
Alliance Church is a Younger Onset
diagnosis support group. This group
is for individuals with a diagnosis
before the age of 65 the person
with a diagnosis and caregiver are
both welcome. The person who has
been diagnosed needs to be young-
er than 65 and needs to be able
to engage in a conversation with
others. Contact Linda Howard with
any questions concerning this group,
For information concerning sup-
port groups, or for more information
on services provided through the
Alzheimer's Association, call 800-
272-3900 or 941-235-7470.

Life After Loss support
The Life After Loss support group
meets at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday
in the education building of First
Baptist Church of Charlotte Harbor,
4506 Church St., Charlotte Harbor.
For more information, call Sandy at
941-629-2075 or 863-558-0632.

Lung cancer support
Two lung cancer support groups
meet locally:
*2-3 p.m. the third Wednesday of
every month at Sarasota Memorial
Emergency Room and Health Care
Center, 2345 BobcatVillage Center
Road, North Port (off Toledo Blade
For information, contact Marc at

941-240-8989 or marcscohen@aol.
*2-3 p.m. the second Tuesday of
the month at Charlotte Regional
Medical Plaza, fourth floor. The
plaza is located next to Charlotte
Regional Medical Center, at 713 E.
Marion Ave., Punta Gorda. For more
information, call 941-637-9575.

Senior services offered
Senior Friendship Centers' dining
programs offer local residents, age
60 and older, nutritious lunches,
healthy aging activities, educational
speakers and a chance to meet new
people. The centers are open from
10 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Friday. A
donation of $2 to $4 is appreciated
to help cover the cost of meals.
Dining sites in Charlotte County
include New Operation Cooper
Street, 650 Mary St., Punta Gorda,
941-373-5819; Rebecca Neal Owens
Center, 27420 Voyageur Drive,
Harbor Heights, 941-255-0723; 100
Rotonda Lakes Circle, Rotonda
West, 941-373-5080); Christian City
of Florida, 6433 Gasparilla Pines
Blvd., Grove City, 941-373-5080;
and 2295 Aaron St., Port Charlotte,
For menus or more information,
Home-delivered meals are also avail-
able by calling the Elder Helpline at

Tobacco cessation program
Do you want to quit tobacco but
you're concerned about weight gain?
The Florida Department of Health's
Tobacco Free Florida program's new
expanded resources can help.
Participants who enroll in the
Florida Quitline phone counseling
may access the Weight Management
Program, a pilot program designed
to help tobacco users quit while lim-
iting possible weight gain associated
with quitting.
Those enrolled will receive up
to three tobacco cessation calls in
addition to up to three weight man-
agement coaching calls. Participants
with Type 2 diabetes will receive up
to three calls with registered dieti-
tians trained in the weight loss needs
of people with Type 2 diabetes.
The Weight Management Program
is available to Florida Quitline
participants, age 18 and older, who
speak English, currently use tobacco,
and have a body mass index (BMI) of
23 or higher.
Participants cannot be pregnant,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or
have had weight loss surgery in the
past 12 months.



DNA test resulted in some false
positives about one in 10 tests
suggested patients had colon cancer
or an imminent risk for it, when they
In clinical care, patients with
positive results from Cologuard
would undergo colonoscopies to
confirm the results, said Dr. Thomas
Imperiale, an Indiana gastroenter-
ologist who was lead author of the
study. False positives do cause stress
and anxiety, he said, but in the end
they would direct patients to receive
colonoscopies that they would have
likely received anyway if the DNA
test didn't exist.
The rate of false negatives was
low, and would likely be overcome
if patients repeated the test over

Tobacco Free Florida has also ex-
panded its free nicotine replacement
therapy (NRT) offering. Any partic-
ipant who smokes more than nine
cigarettes per day or chews more
than two tins per week is eligible
for combination NRT, including a
supply of both nicotine patches and
gum, free of charge.
This offering comes after a change
in the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services' Treating
Tobacco Use and Dependence
For those who use tobacco at these
levels, the guidelines indicate this
combination of medications "may
result in greater suppression of
tobacco withdrawal symptoms than
does the use of a single medication."
Florida residents who want to quit
tobacco and qualify for the Weight
Management Program and/or com-
bination NRT can take advantage by
calling 877-U-CAN-NOW Both pro-
grams are free and give participants
access to a trained Quit Coach.
Tobacco users interested in quit-
ting are encouraged to use one of the
state's three ways to quit.
To learn about Tobacco Free
Florida and the state's free quit
resources, visit www.tobaccofreeflor- or follow the campaign on
Facebook at
TobaccoFreeFlorida or Twitter at

Vision & hearing assistance
The Punta Gorda Lions Foundation
offers eyeglasses and surgeries to
help prevent blindness in individuals
with vision impairment.
The foundation also offers hearing
aids and examinations for those who
are hard of hearing. These services
are offered to those who otherwise
would not be able to get help.
In Punta Gorda, contact Bill
Ringelstein at 941-637-9979.
In Port Charlotte, contact Teri
Parson at 941-624-5705. In North
Port, contact Penny Gregrich at
In Englewood, contact Jeri Zomes
at 941-460-9993.

Pulmonary fibrosis support
The Southwest Florida Pulmonary
Fibrosis Support Group meets at
1 p.m. on the third Wednesday of
every month at the Lee Memorial
Hospital Physician Office Building,
2780 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers. The
meetings take place on the seventh
floor in room 705.
For more information, contact
coordinator Lynne Puglise at 941-
875-5732 or

time, he said. Whether the test
would be recommended annually, or
less frequently, is unclear. The cost
remains unclear as well, though it
would presumably be cheaper than a
colonoscopy that requires a visit to a
specialty clinic or hospital.
Dr. Cathleen Clouse, a HealthEast
family practice doctor in
Maplewood, Minn., said she would
welcome a new alternative for the
many patients who are uneasy about
colonoscopies or dislike the volumi-
nous fluids they must consume in
advance to clean out their bowels.
Two of her patients were referred
to specialty clinics for colonoscopies
and suffered the rare complication of
having their bowels perforated.
"Given the alternative, I think
people are going to choose the
DNA test," she said. "You'd be
surprised what people are willing
to do because they don't want the

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 19

Ctate- qf.the- Art treatment

Ior X75/YUS


that can

"Don't let bulging varicose veins
spoil your appearance. Results like
this are seen every day at JVAI."
-Dr. Joyce


"Very good! Super! Great!
Wonderful!" ~cc

Relief begins with accurate
diagnosis and treatments
tailored to your unique needs.
treatment at JVAI combines state-of-the-art technology and
a specialized diagnostic examination developed by Dr. Joyce
to establish treatments specific to your condition.
RESULTS: Since 1998, Dr. Joyce has developed, refined
and successfully uses Laser Ablation surgical techniques
for the treatment of incompetent venous perforators and
saphenous veins that cause venous leg ulcers, varicose veins
and chronic, venous insufficiency. Through his methods,
Dr. Joycve has achieved 97.3% success rate wil:h virtually
no complicationsr. His surgical venous procedures have proved
to be highly effective and well tolerated in the office setting
with the patient awake and comfortable.
VEIN TREATMENT TEAM: A professional staff including
Triple Board Certified Surgeon, Douglas H. Joyce, D.O.,
Certified Physician Assistant, Joni Thompson, 'ertifled
Surgical Technician, David Elam, Surgical Assistant,
Elaine Redmond and UltrasoundTechnician,
Rena Mintrone make up the team performing these
proven revolutionary surgical techniques developed
by Dr. Joyce.
State-of-the-art venous treatment
by internationally recognized Vein Specialist
Douglas H. Joyce, DO, FACOS
Triple Board Certified in Cardio-Thorack & Vascular Surgery,
General Surgery and Phlebology (Venous Disease)
7sjy .. 5/Ci 3umi
25092 Olympia Avenue
Punta Gorda 941-575-0123
Visit us at

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The Sun/Sunclay Mvlai.:l, ?-, '20i!4


0. DAr.F q



This image released by CBS shows, clockwise from foreground left, Alyson Hannigan, Neal Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor in a
scene from "How I Met Your Mother.":' Producers filmed the climactic scene of CBS'"How I Met Your Mother"finale eight years ago for fears that
the actors involved would become unrecognizable, and have kept it under wraps ever since. The Monday night comedy concludes after nine
seasons on Monday.

'Mother'earns its place as one of TV's better ensemble comedies


Nine years of laughter and occasional
fits of exasperation come to an end
Monday with the finale of"How I Met
Your Mother," the mainstay of the
formidable CBS Monday night sitcom
lineup and one of the great ensemble
shows of contemporary television.
On the surface, ensemble shows
seem to make perfect sense: Create
five or six characters (preferably single)
who share space and oxygen, write
some jokes for them to say, and if the
audience doesn't like one character,

chances are they'll like another.
Some stars inevitably shine bright-
er than others Rachel Green in
"Friends," Sam Malone in "Cheers,"
Sheldon Cooper in "Big Bang Theory"
- but it's a matter of relative lumi-
nescence for the most part. It's called
hedging your bets, as opposed to
banking on one star to carry a show.
Beneath the surface, however, en-
semble shows have their own particular
challenge: Not only do you have to
have the right chemistry between
two leading actors, but among other
ensemble members as well. If they
work together well enough as a group,

maybe viewers won't care that much
about the weaker links.
Hollywood is littered with failed
ensemble shows "Don't Trust the B in
Apt. 23,""We Are Men,"Happy Endings,"
to name a few. "New Girl" didn't really
start out as an ensemble show, but as
a vehicle for Zooey Deschanel. It hit its
stride only after it became the ensem-
ble show it is today.
No doubt, TV show creators look to
the immortals like "Friends,""Cheers"
and "How I Met Your Mother" to deci-
pher the secret to making them work.

riit eiIOuserUUUie.s1
Firefighters are a tight group


and the

third law 1

of motion^ .P 5



Got joint pain?
How to get relief PAGE


Canned wine promotes portability, -

decreases carbon footprint

The push to go green has added two new
colors to the spectrum: red and white. Wine is
the latest item to try out a more eco-friendly
approach to product packaging.
Joining its beer predecessors, wine is making
the switch to aluminum cans and bottles.
Aluminum weighs less than glass and is
recycled at a higher rate 67 percent compared
to 20 percent making it more efficient to
transport and a more recyclable material overall.

"Aluminum has been the most popular
beverage container in the U.S. for the last 30 years
and we certainly see the wine trend moving on,"
said Heidi Brock, president of the Aluminum
Beyond the environmental benefits and
business savings, the consumer benefits from
new packaging option, too. It's modeled toward
consumers with "active lifestyles'giving them
greater accessibility to wine, along with the
portability that glass does not afford.


AI -.

Joining its beer prede-
cessors, wine is making
the switch to aluminum
cans and bottles.

Are you a fashion

victim? These heels

might just do you in
When women take off their shoes and complain
that they're killing their feet, they might be more
correct than they know.
In the ancient Chinese custom of foot bind-
ing, once the height of fashion and sexiness,
aristocratic women had their feet tied up
tightly from childhood, to prevent them from

An item that ran in last week's Flair section in the Deals & Steals feature included incomplete information. Cadillac's $100 Visa offer is only valid for owners of 2004 or newer non-GM vehicles. Complete information is available at the
website named in the article: That page shows all Cadillac offers and incentives that are currently available.


~ F


pppr Dermatology without the wait... So you have more time for things p 'oii/(v -'_

Now in North Port
14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287

Aw V
A weekly section ofthe Sun ,S' Vol. 4 No. 13 March 30,2014

F.ihtA The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014

No. 0323



When this puzzle is done, the circled letters, reading counterclockwise from the top, will spell a phrase
relating to the puzzle's theme.

ACROSS 53 Law firm
1 Expands, in a way department
7 Sister of Helios 55 Fired on
10 room 57 Good-for-nothing
13 Elite unit 59 Resort city in 1945
18 Gambling mecca news
,,, 60 Small scene
19 Saint's home, for 60 Small scene
short 61 Restricted part of
an urban area
22 Venomous African an urban area
tree-dweller 63 Ball player?
23 Start of a 64 Prominent feature
23 Start of aofaObm
motivational cariat
attributed to 65 Ray Charles hosted
86-Across it in 1977: Abbr.
26 Justin 66 Couple at the altar?
Timberlake's "Cry 69 Start to show one's
River" real potential
27 [That makes me so 72 So
uncomfortable] 73 Birthplace of
28 Lockup Buddha,now
29 Middle of the 75 Pitcher Mike with
29 Midle o the270 wins
comment wns
37 Toolbar feature 78 Christmas cookie
38 Director Nicolas 8 guies
39 Rcord80 Plagues
39 Record
mRo itrn 81 Eponymous
40 Facial moisturizing German physicist
brand 82 Combined with
41 "Power" suffix 83 Watering hole
42 Sticks in the closet? for Homer and
43 End of the comment Barney
48 College major, 84 Coin collector
briefly 85 Pelican's home, for
49 Commercial short
lead-in to Pen 86 See 23-Across
50 Rocket 90 The Durbeyfield
51 Cousin of "Ugh!" girl, in literature
52 Osaka-to-Sapporo 91 Dr. Seuss animal
dir. 92 It has paper
from 5 to 500
Online subscriptions:
Today's puzzle and more 93 Ex-Fed head
than 4,000 past puzzles, Bernanke 94 Some body work, in
($39.95 a year), slang

95 Zippo alternatives
96 Nickname for
103 Barrel of fun?
104 Saffron-flavored
105 Brow line?
106 Development of
86-Across ... as
depicted in the
middle of this grid
115 World capital on
the slope of an
active volcano
116 Dolph of "Rocky
117 More chilling
118 Throw around
119 D.C. mover and
shaker: Abbr.
120 Scandinavian coin
121 Actor Christian

1 French kiss
recipient, maybe
2 "How silly of me!"
3 Bit of a code
4 Stockpile
5 View that may cost
you extra
6 Security Council veto
7 Ins
8 Near future
9 Hardly enough
10 The French way?
11 It may be delayed
by a storm: Abbr.
12 United Center team
13 Update, say
14 Garden State
casino, informally,
with "the"
15 Outback native

16 Crunches crunch
17 Yoga base
20 ___ of relief
21 Nondairy item in
the dairy aisle
24 Ones without a leg
to stand on?
25 Part of a moving
29 Blues Brothers
30 Nosedives
31 Utmost: Abbr.
32 Farm mother
33 "My word!"
34 Stag, maybe
35 "The fish that got
away" and others
36 Comic Wanda
37 Hurried
42 "Death Magnetic"
43 Drinking binge
44 Accessory for the
45 Many an
Al Jazeera viewer
46 Pioneer org.
47 Five-time Super
Bowl champions,
50 Barak's successor
54 Sharp pains
55 Travel agency
56 Cabooses
58 Starts of news
60 Deli stock with
62 Tight
67 What an electric
current does not
flow through
68 Relaxed, say

70 Difficult weight
71 Appropriate flowers
for Mother's Day?
72 Bootleggers' banes
74 Exams offered four
times a yr.
75 Certain Bach
76 "For sure"
77 Gooey campfire
79 "Not __

80 Cesare Angelotti in
"Tosca," e.g.
84 It gets you off
87 Place to store hay
88 German article
89 Third line on many
a ballot: Abbr.
90 Sunbathing
94 One with bills piling

95 "My Name Is
," gold
album of 1965
97 "Tell me about it!"
98 One of two parts of
a British puzzle?
99 __ page
100 Canine
101 D.C. mover
102 Pi ___, "Life of
Pi" protagonist

106 100s of ordinary
107 Fanatic
108 Geometry fig.
109 Had something
110 Bring into court
111 = Politics"
(TV slogan)
112 Guys
113 Food Network host
114 "It's f-f-freezing!"


ever growing larger.
On the downside, this re-
sulted in women tottering
around on tiny, deformed
stubs that often required
them to lean on someone
to walk.
On the upside, bound
feet were terribly arousing
to men, as a sign of the
woman's superior breeding
and grooming. Normal-size
feet were considered gross
and vulgar, fit only for a
Nowadays, we heap
scorn on the memory.
Women would never allow
their feet to be deformed
just to be fashionable. Or
would they?
Ask the foot and ankle
doctors who are busier
than ever, thanks to mov-
ies and TV shows like"Sex
and the City"that have
glamorized the wearing of
so-called "killer heels"that
defy the laws of physics.
Frequent wearing of
high heels can cause
conditions like Achilles ten-
dinitis, sending shooting
pain from the heel up the
back of the leg.
A 2010 study pub-
lished in the Journal of
Experimental Biology
reported that regular

wearing of high heels
shrinks a woman's calf
muscle fibers as much as
13 percent and thickens
her Achilles tendon by
22 percent, sometimes
making it painful to take
off the heels and walk in
And then there are
bunions, sciatica and ham-
mertoes medical issues
previously seen only in
ballet dancers who spend
too much time dancing en
We're not even talking
about what I call the"fash-
ionista fail'"when women
step on an obstruction as
small as a pebble and go
down as if they've been
shot, spraining or breaking
their ankles in the process.
"The problem is that, in
going higher and higher,
you are farther off the
ground and it makes you
more unstable, like walking
on stilts,"said Dr. Robert
Lee, a podiatric surgeon
and assistant clinical
professor at UCLA.
High heels were invent-
ed in the late 16th century
and worn by European
aristocrats, men and wom-
en, to make themselves
look taller. In the French
royal court, only aristocrats
were allowed to wear them
because of their special

But, in modern times,
until recently, most women
wore them only on dressy
Now, they're daily
attire appropriate for
everywhere, even tottering
around Disneyland.
And in the past, heels
weren't today's steel-rein-
forced shoes, which now
can climb as high as the
length of the foot will
If there are all these
problems with heels, why
do women wear them?
Well, heels make the
wearer's calves look more
shapely and their feet
look smaller. They add
height and thrust the
torso forward in a more
come-hither manner.
The problem is that the
feet slide forward in the
shoe, bunching them into
an unnatural shape and
changing the entire way a
woman stands.
This can place as much
pressure on a woman's
toes as a ballet dancer
inside a pair of toe shoes,
which are so injurious that
ballet students aren't even
allowed to train in them
en pointe until around 12
years old.
"If you are walking on
your tiptoes, your balance
will be reduced,";' Lee said.
"We see a lot of ankle

Choose sensible heels that will spread your weight more evenly across
your foot.
Avoid stiletto heels that don't provide support.
Wear soft insoles to reduce the pressure on your knees.
Don't wear high heels all day, and wear different heights of shoes daily.
Stretch out your calf muscles slowly and gently every morning and
Don't wear heels when you must do a lot of standing or walking.
Consider wedge heels, which will distribute your weight more evenly
across the shoe while still adding height.

sprains and even fractures
from wobbling around on
stilts. If you even step on
one pebble, you can fall."
Shoes that don't fit right
can cause bunions, bony
growth at the base of the
big toe. Lee said he had
one patient who decided
to have surgery to remove
her bunions, telling him it
was because her boyfriend
liked her in high heels.
The same thrusting out
of the pelvis that looks
attractive on women
wearing heels can also
put stress on the spine,
causing nerve damage
called sciatica. Your back
hurt when you're in heels?
That's why.
And then there's the
injury I suffered myself,
back when I wore heels all
day long; the one that put
me into flats forever.
Achilles tendinitis is well
known to athletes. But



Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer
all your questions and help with your selections.
Expert installation available-Ask for details.


2233Muphys NorthortFL s941429 1.6

these days, it's also caused
by frequent wearing of
high heels, when the
Achilles tendon on the
back of the calf becomes
deformed and shortened.
The Achilles tendon is
the springy band of tissue
that runs along the back
of the calf, connecting
the heel bone to the calf
muscle, and enabling you
to flex your feet and move
them up and down.
On a recent episode
of the TV comedy
"Suburgatory"a leading
character who's a fashioni-
sta had to go to the doctor,
only to discover that she
had "Barbie foot," a condi-
tion from wearing too-high
heels that made it impossi-
ble to put her foot flat.
That was funny. But it's
no joke to women who
find that it now hurts to
walk barefoot, or in flats.
When the calf muscle
and the tendon have been
shortened by too-frequent
wearing of too-high heels,
then the foot has lost its
full range of motion. It
can't flex as it should.
Then there's the toe jam
cram, caused by shoving
your toes into a narrow
leather opening, and then
placing all your weight
upon them.
In an article for the
American Osteopathic
Association, Dr. Natalie
Nevins warned that
"continually bending your
toes into an unnatural
position can cause a
range of ailments, from
ingrown toenails to
irreversible damage to
leg tendons ... cramming
your toes into a narrow
toe box can cause nerve

In modern times, until recently,
most women wore heels only on
dressy occasions.
damage and bunions."
High heels are also
linked to osteoarthritis of
the knee, plantar fasciitis
and back pain.
Even Sarah Jessica
Parker, the actress who
helped launch the de-
signer heel craze when
she played the fashionista
Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex
and the City" said in an in-
terview last year that she'd
twisted her ankle and then
been told by a foot doctor
that her heel-wearing had
injured her feet.
So what if you love
to wear heels and don't
intend to give it up?
Well, you can actually do
exercises to help with
"Barbie foot."
Standing up, place
your hands on the wall
in front of you and flex
your calf muscle up and
down, pushing your hips
toward the wall. This will
slowly stretch things out.
Repeat up to 20 times. But
don't jerk: You can actually
rupture your tendon that
Doctors suggest you do
this every morning and
Lee pointed out that
wedge heels will give
you additional height,
without pushing your toes
and heels into abnormal
Or, you could do what I
did and decide you don't
need to be a fashion
victim. I haven't worn heels
regularly for 20 years. And I
must say, I don't miss them
in the slightest.

-Page 2

oI^i g

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New Showroom! g


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

Got joint pain? How to get relief

chy joints? Join the club. Consumer
Reports notes that more than 50 mil-
lion adults in the United States have
arthritis, and close to half of them say that
the condition limits their daily activities, ac-
cording to the national Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention. That makes arthritis
the country's leading cause of disability.
But you can rein in the pain if you know
what to do, Consumer Reports says. And
the answer isn't just popping a pill. Adding
several non-drug options can cut the riskof
dangerous side effects and result in better
long-term control.
with a doctor to see if the pain stems from
arthritis or another condition that causes
similar symptoms, such as gout or Lyme
disease. If it is arthritis, determine whether
it's osteoarthritis, caused by wear and tear
on the joints, or rheumatoid arthritis, a
more serious form of the disease triggered
by a malfunctioning immune system.
Rheumatoid arthritis usually requires close
medical supervision and a combination of
prescription drugs. But many of the steps
that follow, which are often enough to
relieve osteoarthritis, can also help.



Nonprescription drugs such as ibuprofen
(Advil and generic) and naproxen (Aleve
and generic) can ease pain and reduce
inflammation. But when used regularly,
both can cause stomach bleeding and
high blood pressure. So it's best to
limit their use to short-term flare-ups.
Acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic)
helps with pain, but taking too much
can damage your liver. So keep your
daily dose under 3,000 milligrams. And
Consumer Reports suggests avoiding
alcohol, because that increases the risk
of liver damage. Topical treatments, such
as over-the-counter capsaicin cream
(Zostrix and generic), might help people
with arthritis in smaller joints such as
those in the ankles, elbows, feet, fingers
and toes. Or ask your doctor about the
topical version of the prescription drug

diclofenac (Pennsaid and Voltaren Gel).
And last, injections might help. They in-
clude steroid shots, which provide short-
term relief but may cause joint damage
if repeated more than three times a year,
and, for knee pain, the joint lubricant
hyaluronic acid (Hyalgan, Orthovisc and
Synvisc), though it should be tried only if
other methods have failed.
EXERCISE GENTLY. Exercise helps by
strengthening the muscles around your
joints. A review of 32 studies found that
exercise relieves knee pain as effectively
as medication. Of course, exercising
can be difficult if you have painful
hips or knees. Biking, tai chi and water
workouts provide good exercise without
joint-jarring impact. Or consider an
elliptical machine or indoor bike; go to
for reviews.
include these measures:
Heat and ice. Moist heating pads, a
warm, damp towel, or a warm bath or
shower can soothe stiff joints. Ice packs
can ease acute pain and swelling.
Acupuncture. A review of 29 trials

involving almost 18,000 patients, pub-
lished in 2012 in the Archives of Internal
Medicine, suggests that acupuncture
may help some arthritis patients.
Massage. The deep-tissue form of
massage got high marks in a 2010 sur-
vey of Consumer Reports online readers
with joint pain.
Healthy fats. Research suggests that
it pays to swap food high in omega-6
fatty acids (such as corn, safflower oil
and meat) for food high in omega-3 fatty
acids (including canola, flaxseed and
olive oils, and cold-water fish).
Millions of Americans buy glucosamine
or chondroitin, hoping that they
will help with arthritis pain. But the
American Academy of Orthopaedic
Surgeons says there's no reason to take
those supplements, citing recent studies
that failed to show any benefit from
them. Consumer Reports'October 2013
report on those supplements reached
similar conclusions. And to top it off, its
tests of 16 products found that seven
didn't contain the amounts indicated on
the label.

Crafting high-end reproductions of iconic pieces of celebrity-wear of days gone by


Today it's rare to see a
piece of celebrity-worn
apparel on screen or
off- that can't be identified
and even purchased with a
few mouse clicks. From pol-
itician Sarah Palin's eyeglass
frames (Kawasaki 704s) to
film protagonist Jay Gatsby's
bow tie (Brooks Bros.), the
power of the Internet has
made the world one great
big clickable catalog.
But what if the jacket you
covet was the one Amelia
Earhart was wearing on her
1932 solo flight across the
Atlantic? Or the dress of your
dreams was last seen on

Josephine Baker in a 1940
wartime photograph?
That's where an e-tail ven-
ture called Phoenix Project
comes in. The brainchild of
husband and wife Jared and
Brooke Zaugg, it's an effort
to craft faithful, high-end
reproductions of some of
those iconic pieces of celeb-
rity-wear of days gone by.
They tested the waters in
2012 with a limited run of
30 jackets inspired by one
that James Dean had worn
on screen in "Giant,"offered
through their highly curated,
high-end online menswear
boutique Bench & Loom.
After selling out in a week
and a half, the duo set about
looking for other classic,


timeless-looking garments
with interesting back stories.
That last ingredient is some-
thing the Zauggs, who have
prior careers in marketing
and branding, had learned
was crucial.
"With Bench & Loom,
we'd picked brands with
stories," Brooke Zaugg said,
pointing to items like a black
canvas bag by a company
that restores vintage Ferraris,
and an ankle boot design
originally commissioned by
Gen. George S. Patton.
Although Phoenix Project
currently offers just a
handful of pieces, they are
all garments that provide
a glimpse into the original
wearer, the time period or

both. The four pieces paying
homage to dancer-sing-
er-actress Josephine Baker
(three dresses that range in
price from $648 to $875, and
a $249 pair of gloves), for
example, include a version
of the floor-length white
silk charmeuse gown that
she wore while entertaining
British troops in Paris on
May 1,1940.
The three Earhart pieces
include the flightjacket
(in brown lambskin suede
$1,595) as well as a gray silk
crepe de chine blouse with a
metal clip shaped like plane's
propeller ($595) and a white
silkdress with blue top and
sash ($1,195) that copy an
outfit she wore to receive

the Gimbel Award in 1932.
The Elvis Presley and Johnny
Cash jackets (a $1,475
nubuck leather and a $375
blue twill baseball-style,
respectively) re-create gar-
ments the two wore as they
crowded around a piano at
Sun Records with Jerry Lee
Lewis and Carl Perkins on
Dec. 4,1956.
There are a few other
notable things that set the
Phoenix Project apart from
a traditional e-commerce
venture. One is the avail-
ability. Most garments are
being offered in runs of 150
to 300. Pieces can only be
purchased via pre-order, and
customers are required to
plunk down 50 percent up

front and then wait four to
eight weeks for delivery.
Although the website
officially went live last
month, the Zauggs are
already working to expand
their range.
"We're currently working
with the estates of Marion
Brando and Cary Grant,"
Brooke Zaugg said. "And
we've been talking to several
of the Hollywood studios
Some James Dean pieces
(a shirt and a pair of boots)
are in the pipeline, and
Zaugg tracked down an
original fabric swatch that
allowed her to replicate
Olivia Newton-John's white
dance dress from "Grease."



I I ,I

cl IIl'I


Amazing Aerial Demonstrations

Vintage Military Aircraft Displays

Great Food Free Kids Inflatables

Purchase online & save. Adult tickets start at just $15.

Tickets on sale now at Proceeds benefit Southwest Florida charities.

Cri irN D-SI, .. I I...I. F i| I, ,ri.. 1 \ .., F. l-
S America ; BEST Communitv Daily


Cheney. ..,

, i ,


PeaceRi er

,g o v ...1 M s 1 ,
., e .. ~...0..
........ .... ............,.

,; ;

I /

I~v -1,f 04

o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 3



The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014


l-a -
C, 3 K 44h
2)0) --, -_L

I:0-n o -
0 0
Look whatI found! 6

SU, CLULL 4\,1~

Steampunking or Steamjunking?

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal
about something I never knew had
a name. A "steampunker" repurposes
salvaged old pieces of any kind into
functioning, modern pieces. The results
have to be useful as well as decorative.
I would propose we add another name
for those who repurpose any old stuff
into useful and artistic masterpieces -
steamjunkers. With that in mind, I know
several steamjunkers in this area and
some others up north.
I'll start with Lorraine Darcy, a neighbor
in Punta Gorda. Lorraine takes old or un-
usual pieces from earrings, pins, cuff links
and other items she finds at estate sales
and flea markets or antique stores or are
donated by friends and relatives, and she
converts them into rings, earrings and
One of her favorite pieces is a ring
she made from an old clip earring that
belonged to someone in her family tree.
It's a rhinestone replica of the Empire

State Building.
Most pieces are unusual and one-of-
a-kind and once sold, they're gone. She
says it makes her happy to be able to
re-purpose things and to have someone
else see the beauty in that. She says she's
glad to know there is now a name for
what she does. I bring things to Lorraine
for repair or updating and I get back
Another local is Maria Dicicco who
owns Valentina's at 1205 Elizabeth St.,
where it meets Taylor Street in Punta
Gorda. Maria lovingly describes her
feelings as her dream to keep vintage
alive. It doesn't matter what shape old
pieces are in because she sees beauty
in brokennesss." She says these vintage
pieces, like people, get better with age.
Maria talks of clients bringing in one
earring that has lost its mate, but not
its beauty. From there she recreates a
new amazing piece. She talks of brides
wanting to make sure grandma's antique

jewelry comes to the wedding, which led
her to make bridal bouquets out of lace
doilies and old family jewelry. Nothing
gets thrown away at Valentina's!
Finally, there is Warren Davis in North
Carolina who creates lamps and furniture
out of everything imaginable. But don't
think these are those ugly Archie Bunker
lamps. When he makes a lamp it is a
work of art a new lamp may only have
the original pipe that the wires climb
through and the rest can be a mixture
of loom spindles, brass kitchen ware
and unusual pieces of glass. He takes a
damaged table and, using the old, ruined
top he adds mosaics from broken glass,
tile and old pottery. He loves combining
brass and driftwood, a beautiful combi-
nation I'd not seen before. He is a chemist
with no art background, but he sees
things in junk that few others see.
If you go on a site like and
search on steampunk you will find more
than 270,000 items.


Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. If you have questions or comments
please write to him at and
please tell him what city you're in.

Bake, grill, steam, fry or saute 'Fish Friday'dishes j
By AMANDA EISENBERG pieces with a side of and garlic to the water for Not sure what category ic -


Prepare to bake, grill,
steam, fry and saute for
the remaining Fridays
leading up to Easter on
April 20. It's easier than
it sounds. McCormick
Kitchens composed
recipes that even the picky
eaters will love. Here are
some tips and a recipe for
incorporating seafood into
your weekly menu:
Make your kids'dinner
finger-friendly by offering
fish sticks or bite-size

sauces or marinades. Try
cutting up some salmon
patties and pairing with
a side of Asian seafood
sauce. This specialty sauce
adds fun and flavor for you
kids and keeps prepara-
tion simple for you.
The dry, even heat of
the oven is excellent for
baking whole fish, like
tilapia or salmon.
Steam shellfish such as
clams and oysters, and add
herbs or other seasonings
to the seafood. You can
also add herbs or aromatic
ingredients such as ginger

steaming. Save the shells
for your kids to play with
post dinner they make
great musical instruments.
SThe smoky fire of the
grill adds great flavor to all
types of seafood. Meaty,
firm-fleshed fish like
tuna, salmon, swordfish
and catfish are ideal for
Sauteed seafood is
cooked in a small amount
of hot oil or butter. This
technique is good for
shrimp, scallops, mussels,
soft-shell crabs, trout,
flounder, tilapia and cod.

your favorite fish falls into?
Thyme and tarragon pair
well with both mild and
full-flavored seafood.

/ cup white wine
2 stick ( cup) butter,
1 tablespoon Old Bay
2 teaspoon dried
tarragon leaves
1 pound fish fillets
or steaks
1. In small bowl, combine


-' ~-




Add variety to your "Fish Friday" dishes by adding aromatic
spices and herbs or pungeant garlic or ginger.

and mix wine, butter, Old
Bay and tarragon in small
bowl. Brush on both sides
of fish fillets.
2. Grill or broil fish 8
to 10 minutes per inch

of thickness or until fish
flakes easily with a fork.
Turn once during cooking
and brush again with
sauce. Discard leftover

5 bizarre reasons behind eating too much

(Prevention magazine)
- It's tempting to
believe some people
possess a magic pow-
er for keeping their
appetite under control.
After all, what else
could explain your
sister's (really annoying)
super-human ability to
choose healthy, reason-
ably portioned foods
99 percent of the time?

Certain seemingly unre-
lated habits and issues
can influence when you
put down the fork and
when you definitely
don't (but should).
1.You eat M&Ms
instead of Hershey
Choosing a wrapped
treat will help you eat
less than choosing
ones that are ready to

| IJ !Per Month ^
C ast)Chance1to Save-Exp13/31/l
20+ Years

Reduces Chlorine, Rust, Yellow
Water, Odors, Bad Taste,
Plus Softens!

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be popped into your
mouth, according to a
study published in the
journal Appetite. The
little extra effort it takes
to unwrap a piece of
chocolate was enough
to deter people from
eating as many. In the
study, normal-weight
women invited to
sample freely from a
bowl of 20 candies ate
fewer candies (3.6 vs.
5.5) when the candies
were wrapped versus
unwrapped. Another
trick? Using tongs to
take the candy out of a
bowl versus scooping it
out by the handful also
significantly reduced
the amount of food
2. You think you
burned 500 calories
during your 20-minute
Chances are you over-
estimate the number of
calories you burn when
exercising, finds a study

published in the Journal
of Sports Medicine
and Physical Fitness.
Volunteers were asked
to exercise on a tread-
mill and then eat the
caloric equivalent from
a buffet. They overesti-
mated calories burned
by three- to four-fold
and overcompensated
by eating two- to three-
fold more calories after-
ward. In reality, walking
at a brisk pace (4 mph)
for 30 minutes burns
approximately 170
calories for a 140-pound
woman. You won't even
burn off that bagel.
3. Your plates are
whiter than your legs
after winter.
White food on a white
plate increases the
amount of food you're
likely to eat by about
22 percent when com-
pared with a contrasting
food (e.g. tomato sauce
on a white plate),
according to a study

by Brian Wansink, PhD,
from Cornell University
Food and Brand Lab.
This works both ways:
For foods you'd like to
eat more of, such as
salad greens, research-
ers recommend eating
off a green plate. Go
for high contrast for
high-calorie foods. If no
various colored plates
are available, simply
swap a larger plate to a
smaller one and you're
also likely to eat less.
4 You drink out of a
curved glass.
Whether you're an
optimist or a pessimist,
your perception of a
half-full glass and
how much beverage it
contains depends
on the shape of the
container, according
to a study published
in PLOS One. Men and
women who drank an
alcoholic beverage from
a curved glass (think
flute shaped, with a

flared top) were 60
percent faster to con-
sume the beverage than
those who drank from
a straight-sided glass.
Researchers believe the
glass shape changed
the perception of the
halfway point, which
influenced the rate of
5. You worry about
your inbox in the
If the mere thought
of being without your
smartphone makes you
break into a cold sweat,
it may be time to reign
in that stress. Stress may
cut your appetite in
the short term, but if it
becomes chronic stress,
it can motivate you to
eat more, according
to researchers from
Harvard Medical School.
Researchers believe the
release of the hormone
cortisol during stressful
times increases motiva-
tion to eat.

How to tell when your milk really spoils, without having to smell it


Scientists in China
have developed a way to
tell if that carton of milk
is really bad without the
smell test.
They came up with
what they're calling
smart tags, small gel-
based tabs that stick
to containers of food
and change color when
something has expired.

The tags were tested
using E. coli and milk,
and changed color when
the milk had spoiled.
"We successfully
synchronized, at mul-
tiple temperatures,
the chemical evolution
process in the smart tag
with microbial growth
processes in the milk,"
lead researcher Dr.
Chao Zhang, a scientist
at Peking University in
Beijing, told CBS news.

The small tabs are
made of metallic na-
norods (tiny particles of
metal), vitamin C, acetic
and lactic acids and agar.
The nanorods change
color, mimicking the
length of time microbes
grow on foods. They also
react to changes in tem-
perature that may affect
a product's freshness.
The tabs start red,
then change to different
shades of orange, yellow

and green. Red means
the food is fresh, green
means it's headed for the
According to the
American Chemical
Society-the tags were
recently unveiled at
its national meeting
in Dallas-the tags will
cost pennies and can
be customized for a
variety of containers and
substances, including





\Zm hJ


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* * -r~! (Tj


The Sun /Sunday, March 30, 2014 Page 5

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..T k(., ,-


Cooking and the third law of motion

cooking is similar to New-
ton's third law of motion:
"For any action, there is an
equal and opposite reaction'."
That is, you really never know
how things will turn out... you
just keep working at till you get
it right. And Newton's law cer-
tainly applies to my cooking.
Take for example the casserole
I made the other day. Macaroni
and cheese, leftover hamburg-
er meat, cream cheese, rice and
a can of cream of mushroom
soup. Baked it and sampled
it ... yucky. But my neighbors
loved the recipe and asked for
more! Thanks, Mr. Newton.
Ran into a new Parkside
take-out place yesterday called
"My Sister's Place."' Angel Lynch
opened her little business
about six months ago at
Rainbow Convenience Store
on Harbor Boulevard. Best
eggrolls that I've had in a long
time, along with quesadillas,
subs of all kinds, personal
pizzas and hot plates. Stop in
and give her creations a try!
Weekday hours are
11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays
noon to 3:30 p.m. Rainbow
Convenience Store is at
2350 Harbor Blvd.
Thanks for reading!

1 pound sliced bacon
6 large, tart apples
12 cup-purpose flour
12 cup sugar
1 teaspoon nutmeg
% teaspoon ground cloves
Fry bacon till crisp, drain on
paper towels or newspaper,
reserving / cup bacon grease.
Cut apples and core, but not
peeled, into 1-inch thick round
slices. Mix flour with sugar and
spices. Roll apple slices in flour
mixture and fry in bacon fat till
golden brown on both sides
and apple is tender. Serve hot
with crisp bacon slices.
6 servings. (Recipe submitted
by Angela Rodriguez.)

2 cups salmon, picked clean
of bones
% cup diced celery
2 slices bacon, chopped
12 cup boiling water
2 tablespoons melted butter
or margarine
% cup chopped onion
1 teaspoon salt
2 thin slices lemon
Combine butter, bacon, cel-
ery, onion and salt. Fry till light
brown. Place salmon in center
of baking dish. Place lemon

slices on top of salmon. Arrange
cooked vegetables and bacon
around salmon, add water and
cover. Bake at 375 for about 30
minutes. Uncover and bake 10
minutes more. 6 servings.

1 pound ground beef
12 cup chopped celery
2 cup chopped onion
2 cup chopped green
2 teaspoon salt
1 can tomato soup
1 2 cup biscuit mix
A cup milk
Cheddar cheese, or your
Brown ground beef, celery,
onion and green pepper in
skillet. Add salt and tomato
soup. Combine biscuit mix
and milk together. Roll dough
into a circle slightly smaller
than skillet. Place on top of
hamburger mixture. Bake at
450 degrees for 15 minutes.
Place upside down on platter
or pizza pan. Top with cheese
and return to oven till melted.
Cut into wedges.

2 cups chopped cooked chicken

2 cans mushroom soup
1 cup chicken broth
2 pound cashew nuts
2 cups diced celery
2 tablespoons diced green
2 cup grated onion
1 can drained bean sprouts
1 can Chow Mein noodles
Mix ingredients all together,
except for noodles. Place in
9-by-13-inch casserole dish.
Sprinkle Chow Mein noodles
on top. Bake at 350 degrees till
brown, about 20 minutes.

"Olde Dessert Recipe"
1 cup maple syrup
2 eggs
1 cup coffee
1/ teaspoon salt
1 can evaporated milk
Combine coffee, syrup and
salt. Cook over hot water
three minutes and remove
from stove. Pour over slightly
beaten eggs, stirring con-
stantly till mixture coats a
spoon. Cool. Pour into ice
cube tray of mechanical re-
frigerator and partially freeze.
Carefully fold in stiffly beaten
evaporated milk. Continue
freezing till firm. Makes 8

1 cup cream
2 cups milk
Pinch of salt
1 cup crushed pineapple
with juice
3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cup sugar
Combine ingredients. Pour
into freezer tray and freeze.
Makes 8 servings.

2 cups sugar
1 cup buttermilk
2 stick butter
2 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons white corn
1 teaspoon vanilla
Mix all ingredients,
except vanilla, and add to a
large pot. Heat over medium
heat till mixture comes to a
boil and thickens. Remove from
heat and add vanilla. When
mixture is lukewarm, beat until
thick as for fudge. Pour out
onto a buttered platter.

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions
and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297.

Firefighters are a tight group of people

Firefighters are a tight group of people

/ If ie don t get the job done
People might die ond our
Brothers and sisters might
also die. So we always lay it on
the line and leave a little behind
at every fire. I say that in a dark
smoky hallway I can't tell the race,
creed or sex of my fellow firefight-
er, I just know that they are with
me. I don't care who or what you
are as long as you are a firefighter
and want to protect your brothers
and sisters."
Leather forever. Stay low and
let it blow!
FTM-PTB (For The Men-Protect
The Brothers)
Capt. Mike Dugan,
Ladder Co. 123, FDNY

Capt. Dugan has a point. As
firefighters, we are about the
tightest group of people you
will ever find.
The cool thing is you don't
even have to be from my

Sandwich bread sliced
Deli sliced ham
Shredded Italian-style cheese
Dijon mustard
Italian seasoning
Spreadable butter
Spread butter on bread slices.
Sprinkle Italian seasoning over butter
cover bread. Heat griddle or frying

department for me to care
about you, or mourn you when
you are gone. All you have
to have done is earn the title
On Sept. 11, 2001, we lost 343
firefighters in the blink of an
eye, and many more since then
from the issues they contracted
searching for survivors in
rubble of the towers. But every
firefighter in the world wanted
to be beside those men and

pran 1`1 menOiun i-hiqh '13:e I e 1 rln:e
butter-side down onri hot griddle or
frying pan.
Place Dijon mustard and ham on
sandwich bread. After a minute or two,
place cheese on top of meat and second
slice of bread. Flip sandwich over and
cook the uncooked side until bread is
golden brown, 2-3 minutes or until
cheese is melted. Slice in half from one
corner to the other and enjoy!

women, searching, looking for
someone we have never had
the pleasure of meeting, but
none-the-less had a connection
"The fire service, as a whole, is
collectively still trying to recover
from the effects of Sept. 11. The
343 members of the FDNY who
made the supreme sacrifice that
day will always be in our hearts
and forever on our minds. As part

of our F.O.O.L.'s 'signature,' R-F-B
(Remember Fallen Brothers),
these heroes should never and
will never be forgotten. This
should also include ALL of our
fallen Brothers, no matter where
they were from, or the matter
in which they died. Their names
have been added to long list of
those that have laid down their
lives so that others may live.
Lieutenant Michael Ciampo

Being a Firefighter is having
a bond that even death cannot
separate, we all know that death
is inevitable, and none of us want
to rush things but if we were to
lie down our life for yours, then
the journey was worth it.


This week's recipe is great to
make with those that you enjoy
being with while you are here,
it a great lunch my wife and
son just love, it's my home-style
ham panini. Though not a
traditional panini, it's still great
for lunch.
And "That's Bringing the
Firehouse Home"

Firehouse Foodie, Frank E. Vaerewyck,
is a graduate of Charlotte High School
who began his firefighting career in
Punta Gorda. He is currently with the
Manassas Volunteer Fire Company 501
in Virginia. You can contact him at frank.

rj\A-S&' TAL

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Save 25 cents a gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations by signing up for
The device is like a credit card inside a key fob thatyou "wave and save"at
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After enrolling in the promo, use Speedpass to get a rebate of 25 cents per
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"The millennial genera-
tion is really who we have
a focus toward,";' said FLASQ
Wines CEO Dave Bon.
"There are so many of that
generation now that are
starting to drink wine, and
they're more open to the
new types of wine and new
experiences with wine"
FLASQ, based in Saint
Helena, Calif., is the first
and only domestic wine to
be packaged in aluminum
bottles. These California
wines are half bottles that
serve two full glasses. The
inside is coated, similar to a
soda can, to prevent contact
between the wine and the
aluminum to preserve the
taste of the wine.
"The truth is it's a really
great package for wine,";' Bon
said. "People just aren't used
to it"'

Bon listed portability,
convenience and the
lightweight casing as the
main benefits of aluminum

wine packaging, but said
the stigma of aluminum
was the only negative he
associated with canned
Although FLASQ was the
first company to embrace
cans, it certainly won't be
the last. Wine in a can is
quickly spreading to other
parts of the country.
The Denver-based Infinite
MonkeyTheorem winery
flaunts its canned white,
red and moscato wine to its
customers at $12 for a four
pack (250 mL each).
Union Wine Company, in
Oregon, will offer canned
versions of its pinot noir and
pinot gris this spring.
"(The Aluminum
Association) thinks alumi-
num is a premium package,
and it's 100 percent
recyclable," Brock said. "It
can become a new package
in 60 days. That recycling
process can take place over
and over and over again"
Canned wine is not the
only way for alcohol to
try and reduce its carbon
footprint. Boxed and

bagged wine has provided
yet another alternative to
the glass bottle.
Franzia, a popular boxed
wine brand, also cuts back
on product weight by
wrapping a 5-liter plastic
bag filled with wine in a
lightweight cardboard box.
Lighter packaging requires
fewer trucks to deliver the
same amount of wine,
making Franzia's carbon
efficiency approximately
50 percent better than the

average 750 mL glass wine
Y+B Wines (short for
Yellow + Blue, which
conveniently combines to
make green) creates or-
ganic wines and packages
them in Tetra Paks, or one
liter wine cartons. The Tetra
Pak's lightweight material
translates into 40-percent
to 50 percent fewer trucks
to deliver the same amount
of wine in 750mL glass


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o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 5


The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014

New releases by Chevelle, Leon Russell

he first new release
this week is by Chev-
elle and it's called La
Chevelle is a rock band
from the Grayslake area,
a suburb of Chicago, III.
They were formed in 1995
by brothers, Pete and
Sam Loeffler. Pete sang
vocals and played lead
guitar and Sam played the
drums. They decided to
add their younger brother
Joe to the band on bass
guitar and background
vocals. They began play-
ing in their garage, like
so many bands do, and
eventually started playing
locals gigs throughout
the Chicago area.
They had trouble
booking shows since Joe

was only 14 at thile time.
The band came up with
their name as a tribute to
their father, all the men
in the family are into fast
cars and their father's
favorite ... you guessed it,
the Chevrolet Chevelle.
They started to gain a
big following in the area
and their big break came
in 1999 when they signed
to a small independent
label called Squint
Records. They became the
opening act for many big
name hard rock or metal
bands that visited the
area. By 2002 they signed
a contract with Epic
Records and released their
breakout album called
Wonder What's Next. It sold
1.6 million copies.

By 2004, they be-
gan working on their
follow-up album, but
troubles were brewing.
Like many bands that
spend many months
of the year touring, the
brothers began fighting
and it led to Joe being
fired. Wow! Holiday time
at their house cannot
be pleasant. To keep the
peace in the Loeffler
family, they replaced him
with brother-in-law, Dean
La Gargola is Spanish
for "the Gargoyle." It is
Chevelle's seventh studio
release and features the
hit single "Take out the
Next, we have a new
release by Leon Russell

called Life Journey.
Leon was born
Claude Russell Bridges on
April 2, 1942, (hey, Happy
Birthday Leon!) in Lawton,
Okla. It really does seem
that there is nothing in
the music industry that
Leon Russell has not
done. He began at age
4 playing the piano, and
by the time he was 14,
he was playing in Tusla
nightclubs. After high
school, he and his band
went on the road opening
for Jerry Lee Lewis. By
17, he left Oklahoma
for the bright lights of
Los Angeles, where he
became one of the most
sought-after session
players in California.
Leon worked with

all the top musicians
of the time, and many
artists were making it
big with songs he wrote.
He opened a recording
studio in his home and
started Shelter Records.
Since he had helped
so many other artists,
he had an all-star band
to help him on his first
solo record: George
Harrison, Ringo Starr, Bill
Wyman, Charlie Watts,
Steve Winwood and Eric
Life Journey includes
Leon's versions of songs
by Robert Johnson,
Duke Ellington and Billy
Joel along with a few
standards and a couple of


brand new songs.
Other major releases
this week are from Kaiser
Chiefs, Mike Oldfiel,
Used, Nickel Creek, Hank
Williams III. Independent
releases are from Lacuna
Coil, Sonata Arctica, Steel
Panther, John Wesley, Nick
Cannon, French Montana,
Mobb Deep, Robert Cray
and The Charlie Daniels
Keep Rockin Folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner ofTJ's CDS
& More at 3275-ATamiami Trail
in Port Charlotte. He loves reader
comments, and can be contacted at

Foundation brings the party to CPR training F


Standing over a
hospital bed, Laura
Metro wondered for days
whether her 3-year-old
son, Clay, would survive
after nearly drowning
in a swimming pool in
Bethany Beach, Del.
Clay fully recovered.
Doctors said that the
main reason for his
good outcome was that
someone performed CPR
on the boy before first
responders arrived on the
That's where Metro
got the idea of having
in-home CPR training
parties. Metro, who lives
in Potomac, Md., says
she wanted to create "an
easy format that can take
(CPR) into the homes of
millions of people for

little to no cost."
The nonprofit C.L.A.Y.
Foundation named after
Metro's son, now 5 ad-
vocates for CPR training,
swim instruction and the
availability of automated
external defibrillators
Metro cites limited time
and money as the two
main impediments to CPR
"Unless you're required
to by your job, or unless
you have a hankering
to spend five hours on
a Saturday to learn CPR,
it's not going to happen,"
Metro said.
This is where the
C.L.A.Y. Foundation
steps in with its CPR
training parties, available
across the country. The
foundation provides and
pays for the instructor
and offers a one-hour
program on adult CPR

and defibrillation, with an
additional half hour for
infant and child CPR.
"I saw how it can
absolutely save your life,"
Metro said of the training.
"Our first responders are
taxed and they can only
get to you so fast, so you
have to hope that some-
body around has some
skill to start that process
before they get there."
The parties, similar to
Tupperware or jewelry
parties, can include five
to 50 people. During
training, all participants
get their hands on
mannequins, "feeling
what it feels like to give
CPR," Metro said, and
hearing and seeing how a
defibrillator works.
"We just want people to
get a feel" for these tools,
Metro said, "because we
believe that it will make
them that much more apt

to act in an emergency
A CPR certification
course typically can
cost $100 to $180; a
short course can range
from $50 to $70. To
offset its costs, the C.L.A.Y.
Foundation suggests
contributions of $35 per
person. However, no
donation is required, and
any amount is accepted.
Metro also strongly
encourages that children
learn to float first when
taking swimming lessons.
The foundation is working
on an instructional video
for parents to teach their
children at home.
Metro said the worst
moments of Clay's expe-
rience came during the
30-minute helicopter ride
to the Delaware children's
hospital, when she didn't
know the extent of his


The C.L.A.Y. Foundation offers CPR training parties, available
across the country, for which the foundation provides and pays
for the instructor and offers a one-hour program on adult CPR
and defibrillation, with an additional half hour for infant and
child CPR.
"I never want another driving force."
person or parent to take For more information,
that helicopter ride," visit www.theclay
Metro said. "That is my

How to find affordable summer camps

Remember when
summer vacation meant
lazy days lounging in the
sun or hitting the road
for weeks at a time to
visit family and friends in
far-away places? No? I'm
not surprised.
Between the job
demands of working
parents and the activity
schedules of kids, summer
vacation can seem as
hectic as the school year.
In the summer, you need
a plan to occupy your kids
- whether it is overnight
camp, day camp or some
other option. One of the
best ways to save yourself

some money is to start
planning early.
"For sleep-away camps,
you can get a discount
if you sign up before
leaving,"' says Sue Rodman,
creator of the blog "Field
Trips with Sue." It also pays
to sign up early for day
camps, since many offer
end-of-the-year specials
for the following season,
says Rodman.
It's not just about
money. Early this year, for
instance, the Children's
Museum of Atlanta offered
a special summer camp
deal. Anyone who signed
up for a camp session
received a free one-year
membership to the mu-
seum. Look for incentives
beyond dollar discounts.

Obscurity can pay.
"There are tons of camps
out there and they don't
have to be the ones you
see all the time," Rodman
says. The well-known
camps with advertising
budgets fill up quickly
and are probably more ex-
pensive. Check into lesser
known programs, talk to
families who attend and
ask about camper ratios,
supervision and the mix of
kids, Rodman says.
If you're not one of
the early birds, you can
still find ways to save on
summer arrangements.
Here are a few ideas:
Get informed. Camp
expos can help you figure
out which camp experi-
ence is best for your child

and can also help you
compare costs. Local malls
sometimes will host events
at which camp organizers
are showcased. Check
with youth organizations,
colleges and universities
about any summer
offerings in academics,
arts and sports.
Host a home show.
Some overnight camps
may give the option of
hosting an information
session at your home. In
return, you get a discount
on fees for any referrals
who sign up, Rodman
Be a subscriber. If you
are interested in a day
camp program offered by
a particular institution,
get a membership and

follow the program on
social media to get alerts
about camp registration.
Members may also get
discounted camp rates.
Go your own way.
Consider hiring a sitter for
the summer. "College kids
are looking for summer
employment. Find
someone with a skill," says
Rodman, who in the past
hired a student lacrosse
player who taught her
children how to play the
Use local resources to
plan a summer itinerary
and enlist the sitter's
assistance in building a
fun experience. You can
call local schools and ask
for students who may
be interested in summer

employment. Also check
with sororities or other
campus organizations,
Rodman says. If you can't
afford a sitter on your own,
consider a sitter share with
another family.
Look in the neighbor-
hood. Some communities
operate inexpensive day
camps. For instance, the
City of Atlanta's Camp
Best Friends costs $35
a week for residents
(non-residents pay $110
per week). Rodman also
suggests considering
themed camps such as
gymnastics or cheerlead-
ing run by older kids in
your neighborhood. They
are less expensive, though
they may come together
later in the summer.

"HIMYM" started out
with a somewhat artificial
framework to nudge us
forward from week to
week: "Kids,' each episode
would begin (voiceover
by Bob Saget), as future
Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor)
supposedly told his kids
how he met their mother
years before.
Over the show's nine-
year run, creators Craig

Thomas and Carter Bays
occasionally renewed the
extended tease, with Ted
falling for one guest-star-
ring actress or another.
For a while, Sarah Chalke
seemed a sure thing, but
of course, wasn't. That's
where the exasperation
came in. The rest of the
time, millions of us were
perfectly happy with Ted's
indefatigable romanticism,
Robin's (Cobie Smulders)
Canadian pride, Barney's
(Neil Patrick Harris) "legen-
dary"womanizing, and

Marshall and Lily's (Jason
Segal, Alyson Hannigan)
attempts at grown-up
Finally rounding the
clubhouse turn, the show
introduced us to the girl
with the umbrella, played
by Cristin Milioti, a charm-
ing young actress who
nonetheless may not seem
right for the role of the
mother to you.
That's probably because,
over nine years, we've all
come up with our ideal
mate forTed. During a visit

to the"HIMYM" set on the
Fox lot in January, Milioti
was tellingly deferential to
her cast-mates and showed
her age when she revealed,
"I watched all eight seasons
in three months. I did binge
on it and it is amazing to
have it, like, at the surface,
because I cried hysterically,
laughed.... I hadn't seen
it, which means nothing
because I just saw'Pretty
Woman'over the weekend"
So what is the secret
of"HIMYM's" success? An
absolutely perfect cast,
consistently smart direction
by one of the best in the
business, Pamela Fryman,
and great writing writ-
ing that not only managed
to be funny more often
than not, but which also
respected the quirks and
nuances of each character.
The catch phrases
(mostly Barney's), the
running jokes (Robin's early
career as Canadian pop star

Robin Sparkles) the central
presence of the couch in
the living room and that
one red-leather booth at
MacLaren's Pub they all
share made the show
memorable, but also gave
it grounding to strengthen
the bond with viewers.
Many show creators
make the mistake of
thinking that the secret
to making an ensemble
sitcom is following some
kind of template about
the characters: You have
to have a randy one, a less
intelligent or spacey one, a
romantic, a cynic, etc. Think
about some of the great
ensemble shows of the
past and it's probably easy
to figure out why the One
From Column A approach
is so enticing.
But the truth is, you
could assemble many of
the elements that made
"HIMYM"work for nine
years and still come up

with junk without the two
most important ingredi-
ents: Excellent writing and
a talented, appealing cast.
Bays and Thomas are now
working on a new show,
to be titled "How I Met
Your Father." It will have no
connection to "Mother,";' but
using that title is dangerous:
No matter how different
the new show is, if it's called
"Howl I Met Your Father,";'
you can be sure viewers will
make comparisons.
If it turns out to be an
equally great show, no
problem. But given how
many bad ensemble shows
get launched and how
few are good enough to
survive nine seasons at the
top of their game, Bays and
Thomas have their work cut
out for them.
For now, though, let's
figuratively crowd into that
red booth one more time
and raise a glass to a wait
for it --TV classic.

-Page 6

idy, iink


How to pack a gym bag that will have you psyched to sweat


We caught ourselves
doing a little happy
dance the other day as
we officially said hello
to spring (sorry, winter,
but you really wore out
your welcome this year).
Unfortunately, there was
some extra jiggle in our
hips and noticeable flab
flailing from our arms as
we celebrated.
Not the best look.
But with spring break
vacations just around
the corner and (hooray!)
warmer weather ahead,
it served as warning that
now is the time to get
back in shape the hotter
the temps, the fewer the
clothes. And one sure-fire
way to get us there (well,
besides the thought of
squeezing into a swimsuit
at the pool)? Owning a
gym bag packed with
fitness essentials that will

actually have us looking
forward to the bike,
elliptical, treadmill, weight
machines and more.
Bring on another happy
dance and consider
that calories burned.
STHE BAG: If you're a
woman who likes to run
one day, take a yoga class
the next, swim laps on
the weekend and spin
when you can, you'll
need a bag as versatile as
your exercise tastes. Lug's
Cartwheel, $106, luglife.
corn, is that bag. With a
strap to hold your mat,
a compartment to hold
your shoes and pockets
for your gadgets, makeup
brushes, rings and more,
you'll always be covered.
Bonus: Choose from nine
fab colors, from black to
marigold, plus it makes
a perfect overnight bag.
Unless you are very fit -
not to mention extremely

confident the world
probably won't be seeing
your sports bra. But just
knowing you have a cute,
er, support system in
your bag might get you
to back away from the
Doritos and step on the
StairMaster. Right now,
we're digging the Nike
High Compression print
sports bra, $45,
(in light and dark pink,
yellow and gray or black
and white stripes) that
wicks away sweat and
features a rackerback
design and padded cups
for support.
Staying hydrated is
important for your health
and your accessorizing
skills. Hit the gym with
The Square from clean, $44.95, an
uber-chic four-sided stain-
less steel water bottle that
unscrews at both ends,
making it easy to clean
and dry.

colorful, lightweight
and well-cushioned new
running shoe is essential
to a great workout, and
we are smitten with the
Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3,
Say bye to blisters and
keep these babies close
at hand to lace up for a
mid-day jogging break.
We are big believers in
the lunch-time workout,
but there's one serious
drawback: time. If you're
looking for a way to cut
a few corners to sneak in
a few more minutes on
the treadmill, or if your
office doesn't have a
locker room and you love
a noon jog, be sure to
pack your bag with Action
Wipes, $29.97 for 30 large
Each package contains a
9-inch by 10-inch all-nat-
ural single-use body wipe
that will ensure you smell

A colorful, lightweight and
well-cushioned new running
shoe is essential to a great
workout, like the Mizuno
Wave Prophecy 3, $209.99,

great when you get back
to your desk. It's like an
instant shower and works
for taking off makeup,
too. You're welcome.
Don't want to ruin your
blowout during your
workout? Make sure
to stock your gym bag
with a moisture-wicking
headbad we like the
Pilayo braid headband,
Made for yoga, running
and cross-training, the

With Gaiam's bright fuchsia
and sky blue extra-thick
mat with a pretty dandelion
design calling your name,
$29.95,, skipping
post-work drinks for a happy
hour of exercise gets a whole
lot easier.
stretchy design stays put
and won't leave your
hairline a sweaty mess.
Gaiam's bright fuchsia
and sky blue extra-thick
mat with a pretty dande-
lion design calling your
name, $29.95, gaiam.
corn, skipping post-work
drinks for a happy hour of
exercise gets a whole lot

Stop being a parental hypocrite


Parenting makes us all
hypocrites and liars. It just
does. Face it; you lie to
your kids all the time. Call it
stretching the truth or little
white lies or whatever you
wish, but the facts are the
facts. How many times have
you said, "Don't do that"and
then promptly did whatever
"that"is yourself? It's the old
"Do as I say, not as I do"trick
and it's not working.
Do you drink directly from
the container while standing
with the'fridge door open?
How about chewing your
food while talking? Or maybe
you didn't really give a good
look both ways when you
crossed the street? Have
you talked on the phone or
read a text while driving? Do
you always drive the exact
speed limit? Do you floss
every single night and day?
Are you getting the recom-
mended amount of fruit and
vegetable servings? And I'm
guessing you haven't gone to
bed at"bedtime"in years.
We call it good parenting
when we tell our kids to
do something, even if that
something is something we
don't actually do ourselves.
But whom are we fooling?
Won't they grow up, just
like us, doing or not doing
exactly what we do and don't
do? Yes they will. Of course
they will. Maybe instead of
just laying down the rules
of manners and life we try a
new approach. Something
that rings a bit more true.
Here are tips to becoming
a less hypocritical parent:
1. Explain why: "Johnny,

hold the door open for this
lady"is really not enough.
Sure your kid will stand there
and hold the door while
rolling his eyes, but you need
to elaborate on the why of
it all, so he'll do it again and
again. Explain that it's polite
and respectful to open doors
for ladies (and gentlemen
and kids and everyone really).
Let them know it shows that
you are not selfish and that
you would appreciate it if
someone held a door open
for you too. Put it in today's
terms; "The truth is that most
boys and men don't hold
doors open anymore. They
used to, so you'll stand out
in the crowd. Believe me the
girls will remember it. That's
howl I met your dad. Plus, it's
just a nice thing to do and
only takes a few seconds."
2. Fess up: When your kid
catches you breaking the
rules or asks if you always
follow every one, tell the
truth (with a big caveat). 'Yes,
of course, I follow the rules.
And the reason I know them
is because my parents taught
them to me too, just like I'm
teaching you. I bend them
sometimes (and break them
sometimes) because I'm an
adult who knows when it's
okay to do that. Which isn't
often and never in public or
without serious precautions."
The truth is that we all know
the rules because they were
drilled into our heads so
often while growing up.Your
kid is a kid and as such needs
the constant reminders too.
Once they get it completely
they can also relax a bit.
3. Describe the benefits:
"Did you brush your teeth?"
you scream down the

hall twice a day, but you
shouldn't leave it at that. Why
not talk benefits that they
can see or relate to? "Mary,
yes, it's important to have
clean, healthy teeth, but it's
also super important not to
end up like your grandpa
Joe, who can't eat anything
and when he laughs we all
sort of get scared'." Nobody
likes having to do what
they're told, until they're told
how it will benefit them in
the end. Benefits that can
be clearly understood are
vital to explaining how some
rules can be bent at times
while others really shouldn't
be unless you have years
of experience. Take driving
faster than the speed limit or
skipping some vegetables
here and there.
4. Parse the house rules:
"Timmy, you know that this
is your home and you can
pretty much do whatever
you want here, but out
in the real world your
friend's house, your school
or anywhere outside these
walls you simply cannot
do that ever because people
will think you're rude (even
though they all do it at home
too)." Explaining the tricky
dynamic of home manners
versus everywhere-else man-
ners and how social decorum
is a group-think thing may
help create a tighter bond
and give them an inside joke
when they practice their
manners in public.
Parents don't have to be
liars and hypocrites. Feel
free to tell the truth to your
kids your truth, that is. The
whole messy, inconsistent
and blurry truth that we all

Fonda and Tomlin to reteam

for a Netflix sitcom

Netflix says it's reuniting
Jane Fonda and Lily
Tomlin for a new comedy
The online TV network
will launch "Grace and
Frankie" starring Fonda
and Tomlin as long-time
foes who come together
when their husbands
desert them after falling
in love.
The single-camera
comedy will film a first
season of 13 half-hour
episodes to premiere on

Netflix next year.
The two actresses co-
starred a quarter-century
ago in the comedy hit
"Nine to Five."
Fonda recently ap-
peared on HBO's"The
Newsroom" and was seen
in the film "Lee Daniels'
The Butler."Tomlin ap-
peared in last year's Tina
Fey comedy, "Admission."
Marta Kauffman is a
writer and creator of
"Grace and Frankie." She
is a creator of the sitcom
classic "Friends'."

Netflix says it's reuniting Jane
Fonda and Lily Tomlin for a
new comedy series.

Dali Museum in Florida to exhibit Picasso works

(AP) The Salvador
Dali Museum in Florida
will showcase a Pablo
Picasso exhibit that
includes rarely loaned
works from international
art museums and private
Museum director
Hank Hine announced

the upcoming exhibit
The exhibit will be
called "Picasso/Dali, Dali/
Picasso."' It will run from
Nov. 8 through Feb. 15,
2015. It will include
paintings, drawings,
prints and sculpture from
the Spanish artist.
The exhibit then will

travel to the Museu
Picasso in Barcelona,
Spain, for exhibition from
March 19, 2015, until
June 28, 2015.
The two artists were
both from Spain -
Picasso was 23 years
older than Dali and
influenced each other's

UW Ymnd Ussam lm

April 22-23 Two Shows
Van Wezel Hall, Sarasota _

Ticket Online:

Phone: 941.953.3368 I 888.974.3698
q "Flawless! The bowl dancing, the
music, everything, I don't know what
else to say except that I'm extremely
Johnny Stuart, Music Director
f "The finest event I've ever been
M to in my life...this is the profound,
quintessential end of entertainment,
there is nothing beyond this, nothing."
Jim Crill, former Bob Hope Producer



I 0 E G I I [L I EGL A Y





o The Sun/Sunday, March 30,2014 Page 7


'Which (blank) are you?'Online quizzes go viral


For a compulsive online
quiz-taker like Chrissy
Noh, the temptation was
too great to resist: "Which
sandwich are you?"
After answering a series
of unscientific, seemingly
unrelated questions, which
included selecting her
favorite doughnut from a
lineup of frosted pastries,
she had her answer (grilled
cheese, for the record).
And she's not the only one
who's comparing herself to
sandwiches lately. Go on,
admit it: Chances are, you've
been doing it too.
A recent explosion of silly
online personality quizzes,
most of them created by
the young social media
mavens at,
has everybody talking about
which state they really ought
to be living in and which
Harry Potter character they
really are. Buzzfeed says the
quizzes are smashing traffic
records and generating
more Facebook comment
threads than any viral posts
in the site's history.
Experts say the phenome-
non isn't surprising given the
age-old fascination with that
central question -"Who
AM I?"- and a desire to
compare ourselves with
others in a social media-ob-
sessed society.
On a recent snowy day,
the 37-year-old Noh, who
lives in NewYork City,
admitted that she and
several friends spent the
afternoon taking quizzes
and texting each other
screen shots of the results. "It
turned into an all-day group
text message fest, where it
was just picture after picture
of, oh, what rapper are you?"
she says, laughing."What

career should you actually
have? Which sandwich are
you? Which member of One
Direction should you marry?"
Personality quizzes
have been around for
decades, gracing the
covers of women's and teen
magazines with questions
designed to lure us in. Nor
are they new to the Internet
where online quizzes can
be found aplenty on sites
like, among
others. But the recent wave
of quiz popularity can be
traced directly to Buzzfeed's
New York City headquarters,
where a team of about
100 content creators have
been producing one to five
quizzes every single day for
the past two months.
The most popular quiz
-"Which State Do You
Actually Belong In?"- has
generated about 41 million
page views.
"For our most viral quizzes,
the results have to be mean-
ingful in some way," says
Summer Burton, BuzzFeed's
managing editorial director.
"It's not that they are scientif-
ic. It's just that what they say
means something to people
as far as their own identity."

A scroll through the
"QUIZZES" page on reveals a
bewildering assortment
many infused with pop
culture references. Which
celebrity cat are you? Which
pop diva? Which "Girls"char-
acter? What career should
you actually have? Which
generation do you actually
belong in? What kind of dog
would you be?
The intense push to pump
out as many quizzes as
possible started a couple of
months ago after Buzzfeed
editors realized that a quiz

In this photo provided by Matt St
poses with his laptop in Austin, Ti
said he takes online quizzes part
himself and because he wonders
against his friends'answers on Fa
explosion of silly online personal
created by the young social media
everybody talking about which st
living in and which Harry Potter c

called "Which 'Grease' Pink
Lady are you?" ranked
among the most-trafficked
posts of 2013. Then, in
mid-January, a quiz called
"Which city should you
actually live in?"went viral,
and the whole venture just
took off like wildfire, Burton
The ability to create a quiz
was encoded into Buzzfeed's
in-house content manage-
ment system a little more
than a year ago. Essentially
any staff member has the
autonomy to create one.
There are no specific rules
regarding quiz-making, but
each one follows the same
age-old general format: You
start with the results and
work backward based on
general personality traits
that go with each answer.
"If you take a'Parks and
Rec'quiz and you get Leslie
Knope, then you're very
enthusiastic," Burton says.
"It's almost like you pick
three or four adjectives, and
then those kind of go into

.- psychology at Roanoke
College in Salem, Va.
"In our age, we're
constantly reflecting on who
we are, and technology has
really changed the way we

:7' '^-i-- i^^^3 John Ega n, 50, who lives
AP PHOTO in Austin, Texas, says." he gets

ites via John Egan, John Egan sucked into the quizzes
xas on Feb.21. Egan, 50, Partly because he's curioustantlyen-
gaging in social comparison

y because he's curious about andbout himself-nking about where
how his answers will stack up cause stahe wonders how his

cebook. A recent veritable answers will stack up against
~John Egan, 50, who lives

APity quizzes, most of them his Facebookfriendxas, says he gets
ita mavens via John Egan, John Egan sucked into theas quizzestaying
'exas on Feb. 21. Egan, 50, partly because he's curious
ly because he's curious about about himself-- and be-
how his answers will stack up cause he wonders how his
acebook. A recent veritable answers will stack up against
ity quizzes, most of them his Facebook friends'. But the
a mavens at, has quizzes have little staying
tate they really ought to be power in his brain.
character they really are. "There was one recently
about what state you should
figuring out what the an- be living in. Honestly, I don't
swers for each question are remember what state I
going to be. And assigning got," he says. "Which says
them to a result" something about these
Staff members generate quizzes. That it's kind of this
the quiz ideas themselves momentary thrill, if you will,
and create the entire thing and then you move on. And
on their own, though they it's like a shiny object:'Oh -
do receive an edit and there's another quiz!"
feedback before the quizzes The quizzes are over-
are published."We hire really whelmingly upbeat and
creative people and kind of lighthearted in nature, a
tell them to run wild,";' Burton calculated decision by the
says. people engineering them.
The trick to creating an After all, they're designed
addictive personality quiz is to be an affirmation of
similar to the art of writing a how you see yourself, not
good horoscope. It has to be an assessment of who you
broad and all-encompassing really are.
yet make people believe "Quizzes are an invest-
the answer applies to them ment of someone's time,";'
personally. We know there's Burton says. "So it feels like it
little substance to them, and would almost be mean for
yet we can't seem to stop someone to go through the
taking them. process of taking the quiz
What makes these online and have it say, You're really
quizzes so alluring is that cynical and negative and
they can be instantaneously nobody likes being around
shared with hundreds of you.'The ideal is that the
friends on Facebook for in- qualities are specific enough
stant feedback, says Denise that it feels personal, but
Friedman, who teaches they're also a compliment."

And you can take them
over and over until you get
the answer that validates
your own assumptions
about yourself Noh says she
may have ahemm) taken the
"Which rapper are you?"quiz
quite a few times until she
was satisfied with the result.
"I kept getting Eminem,
which I was unhappy about,"
she says."l was like,'/I really
want Kanye, so I'm gonna
answer these questions until
I get Kanye West'"
But will people eventually
burn out on these things?
Is there such a thing as one
Beyonce quiz too many?
'They don't alienate
anyone. They're a way to
kill time. They're fun," says
Laura Portwood-Stacer, who
teaches media culture and
communication at NewYork
University. "Once the novelty
of the interface and the
results wear off, the trend
might dip a bit. But I do think
this kind of impulse won't
necessarily go away. It might
just take a different form."
Ultimately, the quizzes
offer a superficial way to
connect with distant friends
and allow people to share
personal information with-
out compromising their own
privacy, says Gwendolyn
Seidman, an assistant
professor of psychology at
Albright College in Reading,
Pa. In other words, taking a
Buzzfeed quiz is like driving
through a fast-food drive-th-
ru on the Internet.
'Those questions are
easier to answer than a real
personality test," Seidman
says. "It's very easy to say,
'This is the candy that I like,
this is the movie that I like!
You can turn it into some in-
formation about yourself-
without actually doing the
hard work of really thinking
hard about yourself."

"2iPA IRt 1


2iPA, IR


fcxom r.c ed See storeor elowis
Not valid with any other offers.


l eI%%paill"


The patient or any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment
which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

-Page 8

The Sun /Sunday, March 30,2014


p feature'

aj@:(o @U








1967 Peanuts Worldwide LLC
Dist by Universal Ucick

I. I



Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V The Sun I Sunday, March 30, 2014


by parker and hart



Mort Walker's

Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 3


'9 -.~w ~*,




I I ,





Sunday, March 30, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 3

Comics Page 4 D/E/N/C/V The Sun / Sunday, March 30, 2014




OF WINE.- ~E)'(OU AM~ING P~. P~&T'

I fUl I WINE. '




Comics Page 4 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 5





To T'Htsp~pi,(
2-0 Thn LFPN&F

2014 Jon L. Hart FLP




8 RI SUPER ^ B-f

Sunday, March 30, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 5

Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V The Sun / Sunday, March 30, 2014




ph, ^i QL> *"9..-^-.


"!"! ,| ^ EVEN YOU MUST
*ADMIT Wh47r


^ ^CM

Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, March 30, 2014






Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is
taken to a correctional
facility on "Shameless,"
at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Kevin Connolly stars
on "Friends with Better
Lives," premiering
9 p.m. on CBS.

Henry (Eli Baker) is con-
vinced he's going blind
on "Growing Up Fisher,"
at 9:31 p.m. on NBC.

Peter Jones heads to
New Milford, N.J., on
"Save Our Business,"
airing at 10 p.m. on TNT.

....... ......

C o n v e rs io n C h a rt Com.cst C.. FoiOS enEngINPtN s PtCharSPG
Port Punt,
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charlotie Arcadia Gorda Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 26 ABC Bonita Springs- 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC -Tampa 11 28 28
WWSB 0 ABC Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40
WTSP 1 CBS- St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS-FortMyers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CC NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
WBBH 20 NBC Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX-Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX Cape Coral 4 4 4 36 36
WEDU a: PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3 -
WUSF 16 PBS-Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 -30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 4 44 44
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR U2 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32
WXPX 6 ION St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND -St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22 -
WRXY 9 IND Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura -Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50
WVEA 62 Univision -Venice 15 15 15 6 62 62 -
A&E Arts & Entertainment 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 118 265 118 265
AMC American Movie Classics 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 131 254 130 254
APL Animal Planet 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 184 282 184 282
BET Black Entertainment TV 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 124 329 124 329
BRAVO Bravo 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 129 237 129 237
COM Comedy Central 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 107 249 107 249
DISC Discovery Channel 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 182 278 182 278
E! Entertainment Channel 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 114 236 114 236
ESQ Esquire Network 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 115 235 115 235
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network 243 243 243 12 17 285 261 370 261 370
FAM ABCFamily Channel 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 180 311 180 311
FOOD TV Food 37 37 37 37 76 164 110 231 110 231
FX FX Network 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 136 248 136 248
GSN Game Show Network 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 116 233 116 233
HALL Hallmark USA 5 5 5 17 73 240 185 312 185 312
HIST History Channel 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 120 269 120 269
HOME Home & Garden 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 112 229 112 229
HSN Home Shopping Network 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 222 240 222 240
LIFE Lifetime 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 108 252 108 252
OWN OprahWinfrey Network 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 189 279 189 279
QVC Quality Value Convenience 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 137 317 137 317
SPIKE SpikeTV 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 241 241 241 241
SYFY Science Fiction 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 122 244 122 244
TBS Turner 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 139 247 139 247
TCM Turner Classic Movies 65 65 65 65 169 230 132 256 132 256
TLC The Learning Channel 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 183 280 183 280
TNT Turner Network Television 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 138 245 138 245
TRAV Travel 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 196 277 196 277
TRUTV truTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 242 246 242 246
TVLAND TV Land 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 106 304 106 304
USA USA Network 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 105 242 105 242
WE Women's Entertainment 117 117 117 117 117 149 128 260 128 260
WGN WGN America 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 239 307 239 307
CSS Comcast Sports South 28 28 28 28 49 70
ESPN Entertainment Sports 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 140 206 140 206
ESPN2 Entertainment Sports 2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 144 209 144 209
FS1 Fox Sports 1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 150 219 150 219
FSN Fox Sports Network 72 72 72 72 56 77 423 654 423 654
GOLF Golf Channel 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 401 218 401 218
NBCSN NBC Sports Network 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 159 220 159 220
SUN Sun Sports 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 422 653 422 653
NICK Nickelodeon 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 170 299 170 299
TOON Cartoon Network 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 176 296 176 296
CNBC Financial News/Talk 39 39 39 39 37 102 208 355 208 355
CNN Cable News Network 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 200 202 200 202
CSPN Congress 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 210 350 210 350
FNC Fox News Channel 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 205 360 205 360
MSNBC News/Talk 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 209 356 209 356
SNN SNN Local News 6 6 6 11 11
CMTV Country Music TV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 166 327 166 327
MTV Music Television 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 160 331 160 331
VH1 Video Hits 1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 162 335 162 335
CINE Cinemax 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 310 515 310 515
CINE2 Cinemax 2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 312 517 312 517
DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HBO2 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
HBO3 Home Box Office 3 304 304 304 304 304 404 302 503 302 503
SHOW Showtime 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 318 545 318 545
2 TMC The Movie Channel 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 327 554 327 554

On the Cover

'Surviving Jack' Won't Be

Easy for Timid Teen

FYI Televsion, Inc.
Justin Halpem's growing success
is living proof that children should
listen to what their parents say or
at least jot down those pearls of wis-
dom for later use. Dating back to his
childhood, the San Diego writer's
collection of rhetorical gems by his
father retired doctor of nuclear
medicine Samuel Halpern be-
gan as a daily journal, but then in
2009 he transformed that into the
popular Twitter feed -" My
Dad Says, which in turn became
a I, -- !iii, book and a CBS sit-
com. The elder Halpern's unique
manner of gruff love also figures in
his son's second autobiographical
book, "I Suck at Girls," and its new
TV adaptation, "Surviving Jack," air-
ing Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.
Set in 1990s Southern California,
the single-camera ensemble com-
edy stars Emmy nominee Christo-
pher Meloni ("True Blood," "Law
& Order: Special Victims Unit") as
oncologist Jack Dunlevy an ex-
military, no-nonsense kind of guy
who sees no reason to sugar-coat
the truth. Jacks long been used to
working long hours, coming
home late, yelling at the kids
and going to bed. But now
that his wife, Joanne (B. -
chael Harris, "Suits"), -.L
entered law school, h,
must now function as ;
full-time parent for th>
very first time. Jack will
have a handful with hi.
17-year-old daughter, I%. -
chel (Claudia Lee, "Ha i
of Dixie") brilliant,


gorgeous and now breaking loose
from the watchful eye of her mother.
But with his son, Frankie (Connor
Buckley, "Deception"), an insecure
freshman whose recent growth spurt
now attracts girls with whom he has
no idea how to deal act, Jack must
help him come of age just as he is
learning howto become a real father.
Halpern, who co-created and co-
executive produces "Surviving Jack"
with his previous series partner Pat-
rick Schumacker ("Cougar Town"),
says they strive to accurately portray
his father's tough but truthful style of
parenting. "I think the line we try to
never cross and the line that my fa-
ther won't cross is I always feel like
he's saying what he thinks honestly,"
Halpern elaborates. 'And I think as
long as it's honest sometimes that
will sting, hence being told I look
like [crap] before I come in front
of 200 people it was something
that, as a kid, I always knew where
I stood, you know. He was worried
I would go out into the world and
live in what he calls a world of [bull],
which is, like, people in L.A. telling
you, 'Oh, this is great, but they don't
really think it is. So, I think we just
never wanted the character to
be mean. We wanted
him to be honest. And
Chris was always
on patrol for that"
"I thought it was
very important
that he's authentic,"
Meloni adds. 'And
whether you agree
with that authenticity
,ir not I mean, some-
times I would think of
.\.chie Bunker without
the racism. You
k know, what

r 4

came out of his mouth was a
little jarring at times, but he was
truly coming from his heart."
As a high school freshman filled
with hormones yet practically de-
void of experience, Frankie is bound
to land in confusing and embarrass-
ing situations on a regular basis,
but Jack is always there to lead him
into manhood, albeit with the least
gentle hand possible. And given
that the year is 1991, Frankie isn't
able to Google the answer to all of
life's mysteries, only turn ... care-
fully... to his only resource his dad.
"You weren't able to access all
these things that you could access
now," Halpern says of his teenage
years in the Nineties. "I mean, if
you wanted to learn about the fe-
male body, you had to ask the tough
kid in school, who might know.
He'd tell you everything that was
wrong. Or you'd have to steal por-
nography or something like that."
That pre-Internet aspect and
Halpem's candid anecdotes held
much of the series' appeal to co-
executive producer Bill Lawrence
("Cougar Town;" "Scrubs"). "These
guys sold us the show partly based
on the pitch that it was a time that
you couldn't just hit a button on your
phone as a kid and know everything
immediately," Lawrence allows.
"It really kind of landed for us. We
saw the pilot. There was a scene in
which Justin, in real life, did steal a
big stack of nudie magazines from a
couple of homeless gentlemen who
lived in the woods and came back
and buried them in a hole in his yard
so his mom and dad wouldn't catch
him. And I knew that we had lucked
onto something. The first production
meeting, the prop master and some
other people were huddled around,
and they're having what looked to
be a very serious conversation. And
then one of them raised their hand
and said, 'We're just wondering if
this really happened. You just put
those magazines, like, straight in
the dirt to get ruined?' And Justin
this is his nightmare in front
of 40 people he had to admit that
he had actually taken the time in
real life to line the hole he had dug
with newspaper to protect his stash
of porn before he buried it in mud"
Halpern is quick to point out that
no matter how much he dreaded his
father's wrath and cutting words as
a kid, he always felt the affection
behind it all. "I mean, my dad was a

Christopher Meloni plays a
no-nonsense dad of the Nine-
ties on the new family comedy
series "Surviving Jack," airing
thursday at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.

guywho said'I love you' nonstop;'" he
explains. "I mean, it wasn't this rela-
tionship where he was, like, always
sort of taking me down a notch.
And I think, like, knowing that you
have somebody who's got your back
no matter what, that's a good base
to operate from. I think you're al-
lowed to get away with a little more
when you know that those two char-
acters really care about each other."
.Meloni, who is no pushover as a
father in real life, recognizes the val-
ue of a fine balance between uncon-
ditional love and a little bit of intimi-
dation. 'As a matter of fact,";' the actor
shares, "the highest compliment I
have yet received in my parenting
job was when I gave a look to my son
like this, and his response was this: 'I
don't know if you're kidding or not.'

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mander 500from Texas Mo-
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Colorado Rockies at Miami
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10:00 p.m. ESPN2 Seattle Mar-
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6:00 p.m. FSN Toronto Rap-
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8:00 p.m. TNT Houston Rock-
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10:30 p.m. TNT Portland Trail
Blazers at Los Angeles Lak-
ers (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN Brooklyn Nets
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8:00 p.m. TNT San Antonio
Spurs at Oklahoma City
10:30 p.m. TNT Dallas Maver-
icks at Los Angeles Clippers
7:00 p.m. ESPN Denver Nug-
gets at Memphis Grizzlies
9:30 p.m. ESPN Oklahoma
City Thunder at Houston
Rockets (Live)
7:00 p.m.WGN Chicago Bulls
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10:00 p.m. FS1 FOX Fight
NightGolden Boy Promo-
tions: Luis Ortiz vs TBA


7:00 p.m. GOLF Kia Classic:
Final Round from Aviara Golf
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Noon GOLF Kraft Nabisco
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from Mission Hills CC in
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Noon GOLF Kraft Nabisco
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Round from Mission Hills
CC in Rancho Mirage, Calif.
5:00 p.m. GOLF Kraft Nabisco
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from Mission Hills CC in Ran-
cho Mirage, Calif. (Live)

1:00 p.m. GOLF Valero Texas
Open: Final Round from JW
Marriott TPC San Antonio in
San Antonio, Texas (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC Valero Texas
Open: Final Round from JW
Marriott TPC San Antonio in
San Antonio, Texas (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Shell Houston
Open: First Round from Golf
Club of Houston in Humble,
Texas (Live)
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ton Open: Second Round
from Golf Club of Houston in
Humble, Texas (Live)
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Open: Third Round from Golf
Club of Houston in Humble,
Texas (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC Shell Houston
Open: Third Round from Golf
Club of Houston in Humble,
Texas (Live)


Noon NBC Boston Bruins at
Philadelphia Flyers (Live)
5:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Lightning at Detroit Red
Wings (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN Chicago
Blackhawks at Pittsburgh
Penguins (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN Florida Pan-
thers at New Jersey Devils
10:00 p.m. NBCSN Minnesota
Wild at Los Angeles Kings
8:00 p.m. NBCSN Philadelphia
Flyers at St. Louis Blues
8:00 p.m. NBCSN Boston
Bruins at Detroit Red Wings
10:30 p.m. NBCSN Phoenix
Coyotes at Los Angeles
Kings (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCSN Minnesota
Wild at Chicago Blackhawks


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10:30 p.m. NBCSN Los Ange-
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12:30 a.m. SUN Calgary
Flames at Tampa Bay Light-
ning (Live)
7:00 p.m. NBCSN Washing-
ton Capitals at New Jersey
Devils (Live)
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teers (Live)
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national Golden Panthers at
Florida Atlantic Owls (Live)



1. In 2013, Henry Blanco
became the second
major-league catcher to
hit a grand slam at age
41 or older. Who was the

2. How many players
were picked ahead
of Yankees shortstop
Derek Jeter in baseball's
Amateur Draft in 1992?

3. In 2012, Frank Gore set
a 49ers record with his
51st NFL career rushing
touchdown. Who had
held the record?

4. When was the last
time before 2013 that
the La Salle men's
basketball team
reached the NCAA
Tournament's Sweet 16?

5. Wayne Gretzky is the
all-time leader in NHL
hat tricks (three-plus

goals in a game) with
50, and Mario Lemieux
is second (40). Who is

6. Notre Dame's men's
soccer team won the
NCAA College Cup for
the first time in 2013.
How many times has
Notre Dame won the
College Cup in women's

*(OTOl 't7O00

'S66T) sw!0-1 LIj "9

*6E L1!m/\ 'Asso3 >1!"A "S

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u! xos aO!LM oBeiqoL

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5 30 pagado tiva (vPG) (1VPG) Preguntas. (CC) (HD) perro reencarnado busca a su familiar. (P6) (CC) Tienrra ('08) (NR) (CC)
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5 '5 '5 (HD) (HD) Ipagado pagado lafeliddad. (HD) risas. (CC) (HD) candentes. (CC) (HD) famosos. (HD)
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E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Paid Paid You've Got Mail ('98) ***r An unlikely Internet romance. iFabulist Fashion Police (R) E! News Wknd (R)
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FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Paid Paid Week: Double Take Heartland Barefoot Pioneer ITrisha's Southern Giada(R) Sandwich Guy Bite
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Paid Paid Spider-Man 2 ('04) ***kr/2 Spider-Man faces a crisis and a new foe. (CC) (:08) Spider-Man 3 ('07) Darkness emerges.
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SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Twilight Creature (R) lWolvesbayne ('09, Fantasy) *1/2
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Married Married Married Cougar Friends Friends Friends Friends American Wedding ('03) A wacky wedding.
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Weekend at the Waldorf ('45) ** Stories at a hotel. (CC) Kissin' Cousins *12 A land battle. Million Dollar Mermaid A swimmer's story.
TIC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 Paid(HD) |Paid(HD) Paid(HD) Paid(HD) Paid(HD) Paid(HD) SayYes ISayYes SayYes SayYes SayYes SayYes
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Law: Causa Mortis Law&Order: I.D. Law Crackng alibis. Law: Survivor (1V14) Law: Corruption (HD) Law: Double Blind
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Paid Paid Vacation Attack (R) Grounds (R) Mysteries (CC) (R) America (R) Legends (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Upload Upload Killer Karaoke (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Golden Golden Golden (:48) Golden Golden Cleveland Soul Man Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 House: Instant Karma Paid Paid fPaid Paid Sirens Sirens Suits: Heartburn (R) NCIS Ray returns.
WE H71117 1i7 11i7 117 149 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Mary Mary (R) (H[P) Mary Mary (R) (H[)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 RMeredith Paid (CC) Zacharias Facts David(N) Paid (CC) Brother Bear ('03) Boy becomes a bear. (CC) Heat Night (CC) (HD)

King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: I haven't seen
my favorite actress,
Katherine Heigl, in a
while. Will she be back
on TV soon, or is she a
full-fledged movie star
now? -- Penny T., via

A: While Katherine is
still a big-screen draw
-- she has four movies
coming out within a
year of each other
-- she hasn't forgotten
her small-screen roots.
Katherine -- who got
her big break on ABC's
"Grey's Anatomy" -- is
set to return to series
television to star in
NBC's "State of Affairs,"
a drama about a CIA

attache (Katherine) who
advises the president on
"high-stakes incidents
around the world" while
trying to manage her
complicated personal
life. The pilot has been
shot, and things are
looking good for a series

Speaking of "Grey's
Anatomy," Isaiah
Washington is set to
return to the series as
Dr. Preston Burke for
an episode in May. The
show's creator, Shonda
Rhimes, told "The Wrap"
that Isaiah's character is
vital to tying up the story
of Sandra Oh's character,
Cristina Yang. Shonda
revealed: "It's important
to me that Cristina's
journey unfolds exactly
as it should. Burke is
vital to that journey -- he
gives her story that full-
circle moment we need

to properly say goodbye
to our beloved Cristina

Q: Can you tell me
when "Falling Skies" will
return? I can't wait! --
Jimmy F., via email

A: The fourth season of
TNT's hit series "Falling
Skies," which stars Noah
Wyle and Will Patton,
premieres Sunday, June
22, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The
series is about life and
survival in the wake
of a catastrophic alien
invasion. Before that at 9
p.m., check out the new
action series "The Last
Ship," from executive
producer Michael Bay
and starring Eric Dane.
The series is about a
Navy vessel that may be
humanity's last hope in
the wake of a worldwide

Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and

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S303 303 303 303 303 303 402 makes mistakes & tries to atone. (CC) Words (CC) (HI)) self caught in a world of decadence and lies. ('12)
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CBS i";',Sports::ui:.:,.:.-': i-. TheRoadtothe Final 2014NCAA BasketballTournament:F. .:. -iiFni, 2014 NCAA Basketball Tour-
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NBC NHL Hockey: i-.:.:r.:., i11 .: ir I-1III3.:II11ri i .: h .:. I' .ll: FB..: PGA TOUR Golf: ,.:.:. T.: : ',,i: i-:' F51i.:.I.J : i.:.' .
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NBC NHL Hockey: Il:.:l.:.' 1: I, 11: i l I1-1r itili.: iid I .: : I 1.:l 1 i -i.:1 PGA TOUR Golf: il.:,: T. : 1,,,| I -r i FP1 .:.r : hi:.m' .1
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-- weather girl on the radio, a woman finds love. (R) Jeremy Northam. Criminals pose as gay lovers. (HD) HD) (HD) HD)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 (11:00) A Few Good Men ('92, Drama) Tom Leverage Wnery Leverage: The Toy Job Leverage Nate's son. Leverage Team of crim-
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HALL 5 5 517 73 240 A Crush on You ('11) **12 Email mishap. (CC) The Sweeter Side of Life **/2 Flailing bakery. Meet My Mom ('lO) *** Lonely sergeant. (CC)
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LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Bring It! (CC) (R) (H)) Bring It! (CC) (R) (H)) Bring It! (CC) (R) (H)) AMother's Rage (13) Highwaythreats. (CC) ZoeGone (14) (CC)
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QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 In the Kitchen with David: KitchenAid Kitchen gadgets made by KitchenAid. KitchenAid
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SYFY67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Wolvesbyn Red: Werewolf Hunter *l2 Red Riding Hood. Underworld: Evolution ('06) Forbidden love. Underworld: Rise Lycans ('09)
TBS 59 5959 59 32 62 52 ILove You, Man ('09) *** Hot Tub Time Machine Hot tub to the past. Blades of Glory ('07, Comedy) Figure skaters.
TCM 65 65 65 65 169230 The Lady from Shanghai A web of intrigue. Anastasia ('56, Drama) ***Faux princess. Topkapi ('64) Criminals plot a museum theft.
TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139SayYes ISayYes Little (CC) (R) (H)) Wedding (R) (H)) Wedding (R) (H)) Wedding (R) (H)) GypsyWedding (R)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Law Deadbeat dad. Law: Family Business Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Pirates make deals. Black Pearl ('03) (CC)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 110 Foods: Tribal Tastes Bizarre New Mexico. Bizarre: Alaska (R) Bizarre (CC) (R) v Food Adam (R) Spring Break (N)
TRUTV63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Jokers Jokers Clipaholic (R) Clipaholic (R) Top 20(R) Top 20(R) Top 20(R)
TVLND6 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Roseanne Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Bra Brady BrBradyBrady Gilligan's Gilligan's
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 NCIS (CC) (H)D) NCIS: Psych Out (H)) NCIS: Need to Know NCIS: The Tell (H)) NCIS Family bias. NCIS Missing Marine.
WE 117111 7117 11 117 149 Mary Mary (R) (H)) Mary Mary (R) (HD) Marriage Boot (R) Marriage Boot (R) CSI Miami (CC) (HD) CSI: Miami: Silencer
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Heat Night (CC) (H)) Heat Night (CC) (H)) Home Videos (TVPG) Home Videos (IVPG) Home Videos (VPG) Home Videos (TVPG)



America's Funniest
Home Videos
7 p.m. on ABC
This week includes a mon-
tage of hopping dogs, a col-
lection of mishaps recorded
on the farm, a segment
of "Name that Sound",
the reactions of children
regarding Christmas gifts,
and a woman's attempt to
capture a lizard with salad
tongs. (HD)

Bob's Burgers
7 p.m. on FOX
"The Kids Rob a Train" While
the Belcher family rides
in separate sections on a
train, Louise, Gene and Tina
wreak havoc on one end
in an attempt to hijack a
chocolate supply from the
restaurant car, and Bob
and Linda end up in a wine
"taste-off" with a preten-
tious couple. (HD)

The Simpsons
8 p.m. on FOX
"You Don't Have to Live
Like a Referee" After Lisa
praises Homer's honesty on
the youth soccer field for a
speech contest in school,
Homer is promoted to travel
to Brazil and become a
referee for the World Cup,
but soon finds his integ-
rity is tested by a gangster
involved in match-bribing.

American Dream
8 p.m. on NBC
"Episode 2" The teams try
to bring a dream home to
reality and create outdoor
oases using two mid-cen-
tury modern-style homes
in the same Palm Springs,
Calif., neighborhood as a
base, but must deal with an
unexpected rainstorm dur-
ing construction. (HD)

Family Guy
8:30 p.m. on FOX
"Secondhand Spoke" After

he takes up smoking ciga-
rettes, Peter is promoted as
the face of an anti-smoking
campaign by an advertis-
ing executive who wants
him to continue smoking;
Stewie decides to help
Chris confront the bullies
from school. (HD)

9 p.m. on ABC
"Us Against the World" Bel-
lamy and Sheriff Fred make
an uneasy alliance in the
search for Caleb, who has
disappeared in the wake
of the discovery that Dale
was murdered; Jacob has
a seizure that leads to a
shocking discovery at the
clinic; Pastor Tom's old love
returns. (HD)

Cosmos: A SpaceTime
9 p.m. on FOX
"A Sky Full of Ghosts" While
unearthing how light, time
and gravity affect the
perception of the universe,

Jane (Simon Baker) enlists
his colleagues in a danger-
ous sting operation to catch
a deadly team of art thieves
on "The Mentalist," airing
Sunday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Neil deGrasse Tyson travels
to the year 1809 to ex-
plore astronomer William
Herschel's observational
breakthrough; Tyson rei-
magines the formation of a
black hole. (HD)


CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 TonyC. |Humicane I\ College Softball: Florida vs Tennessee Wom. College Basketball (Taped) (CC) Sochi
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 NCAA Women's Tournament (live)(HD) Special 2014 Sony Open Tennis: Men's Championship (live) PBABowling (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (H1) Update P NCAA Women's Tournament (live) NCAA Women's Tournament
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 RaceDay Arenacross (HP) I\ College Baseball: Baylor vs West Virginia (live) Offseason(HP) Crowd Go
FSN 72 72 272 72 56 77 The Best (H1D) Unlimited(N) (HD) PowerShares: Oklahoma City (N) (HD) ICarWarriors(HD) Inside Magic LIVE
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Pre Game (N) (HP) 11 PGA TOUR Golf (live) (HP)) PGA TOUR Golf: Valero Texas Open: Spotlight Coverage (live)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Soccer (live) Premier |Premier League (N) Formula One Racing: Malaysia Grand Prix (Replay) F1 Extra S.Vettel
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 College Lacrosse: Penn State vs Florida College Softball: LSU vs Alabama (live) Lightning Lightning NHL Hockey (live)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Nickelodeon's Kids' (R) Sam &Cat Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Thundemin Haunted
TOON 80 80 12412446 20 257 PetForce Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Grandpa Grandpa
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 State (CC) (R) (HD) Fareed Zakaria (R) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 America's HQ (N) News HQ (DC) (N) FOX News (H)) Respected I News HQ CarolAft Housecall MediaBuzz(R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 AlexWitt (N) (H) Taking the Hill (N) Meet Press (HP) MSNBC Live (N) Karen Finney (N) Caught (HP)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Daytime (N) News Paid News IPaid News News News News
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 20 Countdown Videos and news. (R) Hazzard (CC) (H) Them Idiots Whirled Tour ('12) (NR) (CC) Blart: Mall Cop **
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Malibu'sMostWanted ('03) ** T1&Tiny T1&Tiny TI & Tiny "n&Tiny T1&Tiny &' Tiny T1 &Tiny T1 & Tiny T1 & Tiny
CINE 30 320 320 320 320 320 420 (:05) True Lies ('94, Action) **** A secret agent tries to find Broken City (13) An ex-cop deals (:20) There's Something About Mary ('98) A
CINE 320 32] 3C 3(3(040a terrorist and save his own troubled marriage. with a public scandal. (CC) man hires a detective to find a woman.
CINE2 321 321 321 3211 321 422 t(:20) Battleship ('12) **% An international fleet of ships bat- (:40) GoldenEye ('95, Action) Pierce Brosnan. A (:50) Tomorrow Never Dies ('97)
IE2 31 3 3 3 ties an alien armada of unknown origins. (CC) (HD) rogue agent threatens the world. (CC) **1/ Mogul plans a war. (CC)
DISN 136 136 13 136 9945250 hBlog Middle Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Liv (CC) (R) Liv (CC) (R) Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck I Didn't: Pilot I Didn't(CC) Austin(R) Austin(R)
DISN 136 136 1361136 99 45 250 h 1 ( (R) (R) (I) (R) (R) (14D)) (14D))
ENC 101101010 3 Noah'sArk ('99) *Ark 21 Jump Street ('12, Comedy) Jonah Hill. Two (:55) Dude, Where's My (:20) Full Metal Jacket ('87, Drama) ***%2
EN 150 150_ 150 150 :350 builtforflocd. (CC) cops go undercover as students. (CC) Car? ('00) (CC) Marines head into the Vietnam War. (R) (CC)
HBO 30 302 302 302 302 302 400 24/7 (CC)(HD) (:45) The Three Stooges ('12, Comedy) Stooges Real Time with Bill Rebound ('05) Coach rediscover Wrath ofthie Titans ('12)
attempt to save an orphanage. (CC) Maher(VMAH)(R) love for basketball. (CC) RescueZeus
802 3 30330 1 (1:30) Parental Guidance (:20) Prometheus ('12) *** The discovery of possible alien (:50) Doll & (:1 5) (:45) HBO Boxing After Dark (CC) (H))
HB02 303 303 301 30 30 03 402 ( (CC) origins for humanity sparks an expedition. (CC) Em Thrones
H03 304304304304 304 404 (11 :25) Stay ('05)A suicidal (:10) War ofthe Worilds ('05, Science Fiction) Fa- Stone Cars The Crash Reel (13, Sports) Kevin Pearce. Admission
S304 304 304 30 04 404 patient. (CC) other protects kids as aliens attack (13) Snowboarder Kevin Pearce is profiled. (13)
SHOW 0 340 340 340 340 340 365 Byzantium ('13, Thriller) Gemma Arterton. Quartet ('13) *** Past rivalries of (:45) Alex Cross ('12) ** Rachel Nichols. Impossible
HW303_ 34 34( 34 ]40 : 200-year-old vampires seek refuge. (CC) retired opera group. (CC) (H)) Tracking down a serial killer. (PG-13) (CC) (12)
TMC 350 350 350 350 3 0(11:10) Silver Linings (:15) The Perks of Being a Wallflower (12) A (:10) The Ghost Writer (10, Thriller) *** A Deliver Us from Eva Gig-
TM 350 3 ( 3( 0 3 Playbook (12) (R) freshman befriends two seniors. (CC) writer probes a politician's life. (CC) (H)) olofallsfor Eva

.-1 W k, .W I I Iwi ,l '
ABC World ABC7 News America's Funniest Home Once Upon a Time': :.,-i Resurrection: .: 35 iri iu iRevenge: h. :1 I
NABC aNewswith 6:30pm ill Videos F:ilui -- u rn i.3.. } .: |iid i11H1 II I1- .:.I.3 3-.I r"' II. I'-I'- .1mII I
2 6 1 D a vid M u lr oill AHI | .:. I .:. i,' rq. .d .:. : "i, i1 1 11 1 .*:. i i: i :.:I i : I" I, I I H II|
ABC News Tri.- .:i51i WorldNews America's Funniest Home Once Upon a Time: R.u,.i Resurrection .:_ .:1r 1:. i il iRevenge: i.:i.:.n ri"
*81- .: IlIIHIII Videos I--.:.:, : ",13: 111|| I .:,:.I1 1 I, |MII HII) .II| |HI:I
ABC WorldNews News ill Amernca's Funniest Home Once Upon a Time: uii Resurrection :Bi .:r, i.:., i. Bili Revenge: -di.:ir.:.rl "i
1 UIIIHI.I} I V ideos I-i.:-.,in. ,.:g : .11".1 : |I1I Il )| .:,:.1- 1 | | Ill)I |HII .1 ll) |HI |
i 1", 0i2014NCAA 60 Minutes il,) JM,, The Amazing Race: TheGood Wife:Tr..: i.L:i TheMentalist: 1:.I1.: 3in:
CBS Bsktbll Tourna- All-Stars (CO (N) (HO) Call (CO (N) (H0) launches a stina operation to
C 1B ment :.-.:. : i- 51 : :'. t 1-. .:.rc aI 31

CBS NCAA Basketball 60 Minutes iI IIll) iII1 The Amazing Race: The Good Wife: T ri.- :I: TheMentalist: 1:.ri: -ii
i :l -" "_ Tournament All-Stars i I Ill) IHI ii '11iI l HI I B11 i. i i I HIII)M11
NewsChannel NBCNightly The Voice: i:. .:i En1:I- Amencan Dream Builders: Believe:l1..:n.:.riE.: 5r1-1.:. Crisis: i-, i : l':.n:.- T.:.
N BC 8 at6:001 : New s W eek- P.:1 .:.r,,r,.:.-: .:.- i hI-i'i.i:.':3.: L',.- ,I.rn.: 3 ,',. 1",3 11 r. n.- .:.l i ':.l:.:..-.- ,I .:.u .:I,. i .:.I _i1.: ,. 13i
eg i 3r : 11".:, end Editionlnil :,u',3.:,:,i:.:.:3E : I i I1 Iii .-i 1-:j1n-i".1 T51.:1-1 3l -::1 : I. 1.3 ": '.-II I l IIII H1111
_____ ___ H I.II _________l_______i IH I)II ____'_____
NBC 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly The Voice: Recap: Battle Per- American Dream Builders Believe: Defection Search for Crisis: What Was Done To You
2 News (N) formances, eek22 Dream homes. (N) (HD) writer. (CC) (N) (HD) Chief of Staff. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News Bob's Burgers American The Simpsons Family Guy Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odys-FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 1 131 13 13 eventsofthedayareexamined Hijackngchoc- Dad!Experi- Homer refer- Petersmokes. sey:ASkyFullofGhostsWI- iesofthienewsday areup-
3 13 13 and reported by the FOX 13 late. (N)(HD) mental drug. (N) ees. (CC (N)(HD) (CC((N) (HD) liam Herschel's discovery in dated by the FOX 13 Nightly
N_____ ews Team. (N) (HD) 1809. (N) (HD) News Team. (N)
FOX ParadiseTV ParadiseTV Bob's(CC) (N) Dad(CC)(N) Simpsons(N) FamilyGuy(N) Cosmos:SpaceTimeOdys- FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N 4 ____ 1(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) seyWJliam Herschel. news report. (N)
PBS i'BS WEDU Arts Project: Shattered Silence Call the Midwife Chummy's Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge II Rose returns for store's anni-
C 3] _____ Newshour(N) Plus (HD) Teenage stories. (R) choice. (CC) (N) (HD) versary. (CC) (N) (HD)
PBS204 204 204 16 Ask This (CC) (N P. Allen Stress Fake or Fortune? Paintings ex- NOVA: Mystery of Easter Islanc Super Skyscrapers Final con- Super Skyscrapers
204_ ___ i (HD) relief. amined. (R) (HD) Statuetheory. (R) struction. (N) (HD) Leadenhall Building. (N) (HD)
PBS CalltheMid- Call the Midwife Holiday Special Aban- Call the Midwife Chummy's Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge ll Rosereturnsforstore'sanni-
[ __ wife (R) doned baby. ((CC) (HD) choice. (CC) (N) (HD) versary. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW 6 2112Men(CC) 2112 Men(CC() BigBang(CC( BigBang(CC() HowlMet(CC( HowlMet: Modem:My Modem Family WINK News @10pm(N) (HD)
21 ____ ((HD) 1(HD) (HD) (HD) Sorry, Bro Hero (HD) RV.
CW Friends (FVPG) Friends (IWG) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) CSI: Miami: Sunblock CSI: Miami: Chain Reaction Criminal Minds: The Crossing
CW 9 (CC) (CC) (HD1) (HD1) Eclipse killer. (CC) (HD) Electrocuted model. Traveling stalker
MYN N11 11 1 4 Not Forgotten ('09) ** A couple's secret, tortured past Seinfeld:The Seinfeld(CC) Republic of Doyle MisJng chip Our Issues Whacked Out
13 1 11 links to their young daughter's kidnapping. (R) (CC) Busbo truck (CC (HD) (CC) (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends (CC) Friends (CC) FamilyGuy FamilyGuy In the Heat dofthe Night Do- In the Heat ofthe Night: Leverage: The Snow Job Un-
9 ______ ___(CC) (CC) mesticviolence. (CC) Odessa CivMI rights strife. pleasant memories
IND 12 1212 3B 12 Modem: My Modem Family Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Glee: Extraordinary Merry Glee: Yes/No Wll plans a sur- Office: New Office: Happy
122 Hero (HD) RV. (HD) (HD. Christmas Gig conflicts prise for Emma. (HD) Leads Hour
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Leverage Military contractor. Leverage: The Two Horse Job Leverage: The Miracle Job Leverage: The Bank Shot Job Leverage: The Stork Job Adop-
le (CC) (HD) Racehorse owner. ChurchThreatened. Hostages. (CC) (HD) tion agency. (HD)
WCLF 222 The Brody The Watch- Peter Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Unspoken Knowthe ChristforAIIl Jesse
2 22 22 2 File man Youngren Cause (CC) Nations Duplantis (N)
WRXY 2 1 The Good Life Perry Stone Great Awakening Tour Connection Saving the Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
(- 1(CCN) ()(CC) Investor ment tion
TLF 23 2323 95 5 F6tdbol Central Informacion de Fuitbol de M6xico: America vs Guadalajara desde JetLi:Eldefensor('94,Accin)JetLi.Unguardaespaldas
_____ futbol. (CC) (N) (HD) Estadio Jalisco (Directo) (CC) (HD) se enamora de la joven a quien protege. (CC)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Humores (CC) Noticiero Aqui y ahora Periodismo de Nuestra belleza latina Varias mujeres bellas compiten en- (:05) Saly pimienta Tras las
62 Univisi6n (N) investigaci6n. (N) (HD) tre si en un concurs de belleza. (N) cameras. (CC) (N) (HD)

A&E 26262626 39 50181 Duck Taxi- Duck: Life of Si Duckie Duck Korie's Duck: Fowl Duck (CC) (R) Duck Dynasty: Stand By Mia Duck(CC()(R) Duck Dynasty:
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 dermygift. (iR) worried. cousin. Playhouse () Family reunion. (R) (HD) G. .SI
AMC 56 5656 56 53 231 he Walking Dead: Alone Re- The Walking Dead: The Grove The Walking Dead: Us Power The Walking Dead: A Brutal (:01) Talking Dead: A Episode
___ a a a 3 3 alizations. (R) (HD) Future queiobned. offaith. (CC) (R) (HD) threat. (CC) (N) (HD) 'A" is discussed. (N)
Gator Boys: Mission to Mexico Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives Scientist and team (:05) River Monsters: Unhooked: Legend of Loch Ness
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Crcdile rescue. seek deadly predator. (CC) (HD) Wade searches for alegendar monster. (R) (HD)
(5:30) Daddy's Little Girls ('07)* A poor but determined Bet Awards 2013 Chris Tucker hosts hip-hop's biggest event, awarding artists for their
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 fatherfightsto gain custody of his threegirls. (C) work (TVPG) (R)
on 8 68 68 68 51 185 Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At-
BRAVO 68 68 68 68254 IB1Mexican adventure. Ilanta: Mexi Loco (R) lanta Castng regrets lanta Casting regrets. lanta Casting regrets.
M 66 66 6 6 1 7 1 5:3,0) Liar Liar ('97, Comedy) Jim Carrey. A Dumb & Dumber ('94, Comedy) Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels. Two bumbling Amy Schumer: MostlySex
COM 66 6666 66 15 21 190 dishonest lawyer finds he can't lie. buffoons drive cross-country to return ill-gotten money. (CC) Stuff Comic's sex ife.
DISC 4040 40 40 25 43 120 Lords ofthe Car Hoards Shop Naked and Afraid Rainforest Naked and Afraid Madagas- Naked and Afraid: Paradise :01) Naked After Dark: After
S40 40 40 40 r 4 ouble. (R) (HD) survival. (CC) (R) (HD) car; extras. (N) (HD) Lost Fijian island. (N) Paradise (N) (HD)
(5:00) Maid in Manhattan ('02) Total Divas: New Diva On The Total Divas: The Braniel Bus Total Divas: On Brie's Bad Sid Eric &Jessie ChrisleyQual-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Political love. (HD) Block Nikki adjusts. Tour bus. (R) (HD) Brie's new enemy. (N) (HD) itytme.
psych Shawn slips up. (CC) psych: Last Night Gus Group Parks Defaced Parks: Huntng Parks Night ParksSex DreamOn DreamOn
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 (HD) memory loss.(HID) mural. Trip out. (HD) scandal. (V1 4) (V 4)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 115A Lenten Crossing/Goal The World Over News from Sunday Night Prime Callers' Chesterton (IV Holy Rosary Heart ofthe Matter Focus: J.
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 28 Journey (IVG) around theworld. (CC) questions. (IVG)(N) G) (CC) H. Cardinal Newman
FAi 55 5 5 55 10 46199 (50:30) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (10, Adventure) ***1/2 Harry Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ('11, Fan-
FA 5 5 5 5 H 10 46 19 ermione and Ron scour the world for the pieces of the Dark Lord's soul. (HD)) tasy) ***1/2 Finding the three remaining Horcruxes.
S7 7 37 37 Worst Cooks in America Chopped Gummy candy. (R) Food Court Wars: Gaufre Chopped Difficult item. (N) Cutthroat Kitchen: Hawaii
FOOD 37 3713 317 76 1 Family members. (R) (HD1)d Gourmetvs. Pressed (HD)p [fui 5-Oh No! Pasta art. (N)
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 53 (:03) Thor ('11, Action) *** Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman. A war- (:42) Captain America: The First Avenger ('11 Action) *** A regular
I_____ nrior is banished to Earth, leaving him to fight off evil forces. (CC) guy is transformed into a super soldier and battles evil villains.
GSN 179171917191719 3 179 ,4 Family Feud FamilyFeud Shop 'til You Shoptl You ShoptilYou Shop tilYou Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
GSN 179179171734 (V PG) Drop Drop Drop Drop Game(R) Game(R) Game(R) Game(R)
iALL 5 5 17 7 3240 Just Desserts ('04) **Y2 A disgruntled dessert chef and ACrushonYou ('11) An employee sends an email to a When Calls the Heart: Final
HL_1_ 34( brooding baker find love after a food contest. (COC) co-worker but sends it to the wrong person. (CC) Adieu Mine inquiry.
T81 81 81 81 3 65o 128 American Pickers Prop shop; American Pickers Harley; gun; Ax Men: Battle Ax (CC) (R) (HD) Ax Men: Trucked Up (CC) (N) No Man's Land Safe water
HIST 8 1 8 6 more. (CC) (R) (HD) more. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) needed. (CC) (N) (HD)
M 41 4 41 1 4 Hunters (CC() (R Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC() (R) Hunters (CC() (R) Caribbean Life Caribbean Life Life (R) Life(R) Living Alaska Living Alaska
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) I(N) (N) (N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Studio: 8th Anniversary Studio: 8th Anniversary Studio: 8th Anniversary Diane Gilman: Fashions Amika IPure Rayz
IFE 36 36 3 3 5 4 (5:00) Zoe Gone ('14, Drama) The Ugly Truth ('09) A producer reluctantly follows a worn- Drop Dead Diva: First Date Drop Dead Diva: First Date
L 6 36 36 6 41 14Baby kidnapped. (CC) anizing correspondent's advice on seduction. (R) Jane's big date. (N) Jane's big date. (R)


OWN I" Oprah's Lifeclass ulr,,.- .Oprah'sLifecbss l::, i-.-- Oprah Prime: I *: 11) -1 i1 I Oprah Pnme:riii E,, _,-, -, Lindsay ii (1 ,i.
1'-i {h ,l (II'h U l l( llll I-,: ('Hil l~ flll H1 I'f-i~i 1,- 0 1 (111
J J BarRescue: I1.: Bi :-uri, BarRescue: luni -_i,,T BarRescue: :iJi-i.:r,,,IiiiiI BarRescue: ::::i:..:.i3i.: Catch''iii Catch'iin
S PIK E .i1 T 1 ', ,-.,:, ;.,) *:I'III i hiIi I-.:,.i ,l,:,I-:1",:,i 31" I-,,- Hih' l llC 1h1 (11111 MlIi
VSYFY .Jl77.77.i -J 7 U nderw world 30 D ays of N eight ,' Tri-iI. **, :. Ir i,-:. 1r r i.: -l Birl B.: I. LetM e In 1- I : ,.:.1 i1,x I.:. : ,::.rii-iuill I:ui.
"'" *' __ ___ R se__ -l3El 3ri~I *iirll .J~lll jll. lir;: l- rir jri ir : r Il**:" ril *:*:*r;r:*: hiI*. IU ____ r 31j ~:I*:**:*l l.:"li:rr ;a. :.lE ~ l3llll. 3''il '':.l. hI ___
T BS Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy ,1 :.r';. BigBang gBang"', Big Bang BigBangi BigBang(i" BigBang BigBang"I,
SlB "'* ,3,i i : |, 1-.:1 .:i .I' | 1: l,. :. I-:, |', (Mi 1i (Hi| I | I| | i :( ( i'l (M iI
TCM ." "Ouentin Durward e..**'. ,i hi B .:i i.:. I- in.:. i.:. Born to Dance .'. rliE.: Tr1 -. .:: Ei.:.i: i:,..:dr ,.-ii IDoodIt' -C ** TiI.:.i: .
i ~ m i.. -". i r.-- i .: i.- .: '. 3. i l 'h' E .:; .Pjl',ri;, .} '' I: 1 .:l :': I:. *: i.:"i;3 'i.:ii" I) .i I.:. -: I 3'r-1':'1 BI .: ;i' ll3 1:3 11l: I.:., .
STLC ,. ,,A.mencanGypsyWedding My Five Wives-rnii .-:,i i UMediumiI UMediumih LIMediumii, LIMediumIiii My Five Wives i(iil
5 R 1 U 11 11;DIIHII ll:' (I 1 IHIII |HI1| I(HI.I1 (HI:| (HIll
TNT m h h Pirates ofthe Caribbean: The Curse ofthe Black Pearl NationalTreasure: BookofSecrets ,, I-, E l- rrIi.: in.-ri:I .: iiil.:. j:.:l Nat'ITreasure
1II_____- --_I __ ) ('03) A woman is kidnapped by cursed pirates. the mystery behind Abraham Lincoln's assassination. (COC) .'
TRAV 69 6969 69260 66 110 Hotel Impossible Alaskan Hotel Impossible An Alas- Mysteries atthe Museum Mu- Mysteries atthe Museum Church Secrets and Legends
I RA ___ 1_ 6 renovation. (CC) (R) kan hotel. (CC) (R) seum facts (C (R) Round saw. (C (R) i;ui.:i; I)
TRUTY 63 6363 63 50 30 N3 truTV Top Funniest Unsuc- truTV Top Funniest Television truTV Top Funniest: Bad Idea World's Dumbest... Stupid truTV Presents: World's
TRU 63 63 63 30 183 cessful. (CC) (R) mistakes. (CC) (R) Terrible concepts. criminals. (R) Dumbest.. Cat burglar
TIVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan's 1(:49) Gilligan's (CC) (HD) IGilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond I Raymond
USA 34 34 34 34 2252 50 NCIS: Rekindled Navy docu- NCIS: Playing with Fire Naval NCIS: Detour Ducky & NCIS: Seek Killed Marine. NCIS: You Better Watch Out
_I IS ___I ments. (CC) (1HD) security. (CC)(HD)) Jimmy gone. (CC) (HD) (CC) (HD)) Surprise visit (HD)
WE 117 117117117 111149 CSI: Miami: Fade Out Murder CSI: Miami: Skeletons Neme- CSI: Miami: Deviant Sex of- CSI: Miami: Collision Car CSI: Miami: Double Jeopardy
W 1-717 '7'theywrote. (CC)(H1)D) sis'new plot. (CC) (H1)) fender killed. (CC)(H1D) wreck (CC) (H11)) New evidence. (1H1)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome ('85 Fantasy) ** Mel A FewGood Men ('92) Soldier
WG 1 16 16 11 videos (IVPG) (HD) Videos Burger bug. Gibson. Max confronts ruler of an evil village. is murdered. (CC)
C 28 28 28 2 7 (5:00) Return to Sochi: College Baseball: LSU Tigers at Florida Gators from McKethan Stadium at Perry Field GFL Presents
CSS 28 28 28 28470 Women's Hockey (Replay)
ESPN 29 29 2929 12 58 70 PBA Bowling Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Count- Id MLB Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres from PETCO Park (live)
ESPN 129129 29 2912e58 70 T down (N) (HP))I (HP))
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 59 4 NCAAWom NCAA Up- ,> 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament: College GameDay (N) (CC) SportsCenter: from Bristol,
ESPN2 3030 30 59 74 Tour. date (N) Stanford Regional Semifinal #2 (ive) (HD) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD)
S 4 4 48 48 42 6 8 MonsterJAM: Minneapolis, NASCAR: UFC Insider(N) UFC Presents Anthony Pettis Worild Poker Tour: Alpha8 The Ultimate Fighter: Unde-
FS1 4884 48 4 69 83 MN Radng (N) (HD) Martinsville (HD) Showtime (N) (HD) Florida Day 1 (Taped) feated Semifinal bout.
FSN 72 712 72 7 2 77 T,\ NBA Basketball: Toronto Raptors at Orlando Magic from Amway Magic LIVE! (N) The Best of Pride: Heavy- Cutting Edge Game 365
F 1N l7 1 l l Center (Live) (CC) (HD) I(HD) weights (N) (HD) MD(N) |(HD)
GOLF 49494949 5 304 Golf Central (N) (HD) LPGA Tour Golf: Kia Classic: Final Round: from Aviara PGA TOUR Golf: Valero Texas Open: Final Round (Replay)
GOLF 4949 49 60 304___________ Golf Club in Carlsbad, Calif. (live) (HD) (HI))
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 I 9 Speed Skating (Taped) NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks at Pittsburgh Penguins from NHL Overtime Top 10
NBCSN, 71,71 71 715461 90 / CONSOL Energy Center (Uve) (CC) (HP) I(H1)) I
SUN 38 38 a0 a0 45 5 76 z/ NHL Hockey: Tampa Bay Lightning at Lighthing Sportsman Reel Time Saltwater (HP) College Baseball: Arkansas State vs Mis-
SUN 38 38 01401 45 6 Detroit Red Wings (Live) (CC) (HD) LVE! (HD) Adv. (HD) (lHD) sissippiState (Taped)(HD)
NICK 25252525 4 is 2s Sam&Cat(R) Sam&Cat(R) Sam&Cat(R) SpongeBob Instant (R) (HD) Dad Run New Full Hse(CC) Full Hse(CC) Full House FullHse
NI14 ()) ___ (D (HD, (,t)enant. lBasketball. Steph'sband.
TN 80124126 2 7Diary of a Wimpy Kid ('10) **1 An 11-year-old enters Universe (R) Titans Go! (R) King Hill (CC) King Hill (CC) Bob's Hippie Bob's Belcher
TOOM 80 4 46 20 25 the terrifying, de umanizing world of middle school. Ifarmers. |cruise.

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid IPaid Til Debt Money The Profit: Skullduggery reed (R) Greed Bogus annuities.
CNN 32 3232 32 18 381 00 CNN Newsroom Sunday CNN Presents One-topic Death Row Stories An Army Death Row Stories A sur- Chicagoland: Me and My
NMN 3 3 3 3 8 3 1News and updates. (N) studies. (CC) (HI)) veteran. (R) uprising case. (N) MayorThe new intern. (R)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 129 19 Newsmakers American Politics News coverage keeps Q&A Interesting people dis- PM's Ques- American Politics News coverage keeps
CSPN 18 18 18 18 (R) viewers informed, cuss their work (N) tions(R) viewers informed. (R)
FNC 64 6464 64 48 71 118 FOX News Sundaywith Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
FNC 8 71 11 Wallace (CC) (H1D) wrap-up. (N) (HD) (N) (lDH) (CC) (N) (H1D) ertaian issues. (HlD)
MSNB 83 83 83 83185 4 103 Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Lockup Cameras explore life
MSNB 83 8 8 8 10I fa danger. (H1D) face danger. (HP)) face danger. (H1D) face danger. (H1D) behind bars. (1HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) News (N) News (N) Paid Annette News (N) Paid News (N) SNN Evening Edition (N)
CMV 41 41 4 4 23 24 221 Paul Blart Mall Cop ('09) ** The Rock ('96 Action) *** Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage. Two men try to rescue a Cops Re- Cops Re-
CMTV 77 7 2 2 Security guard hero. group of tourists that were taken hostage by a madman. (R) (HI)) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MT 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- The Ringer ('05, Comedy) Man pretendsto be mentally
M 33 3 35 0 ness (HD) ness(HPD) ness(HD) ness(HD) ness(HPD) ness(HD) challenged so he can enter the Special Olympics.
VH1 50 5050 50 43 23 117 TI & Tiny (R) Tl and Tiny TI & Tiny: King TI and Tiny Fabulous Life of...:Beyonce & Basketball Wives LA Brittish Basketball Wives LA Tense
VH1_ 00004 31(I4D) Hair show. Chaos Brother. JayZ Blue Ivy. (R) left out. (R) (H1D) getaway. (R) (HlD)
(:20) Jack the Giant Slayer ('13, Adventure) Nicholas Hoult, (:15) Big Momma's House 2 ('06 Comedy) ** Martin The Dark Knight Rises ('12)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and giants Lawrence. An FBI agent repeats his disguise as "Big Batman protects Gotham from
___ __ _____ erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (CC) Momma" to work undercover as a nanny. (CC) (H1D) terrorist. (CC)
(4:50) Tonmor- (:50) The World Is Not Enough ('99, Action) 1r2 James Bond goes to bat Die Another Day ('02 Action) **2 Pierce Brosnan,
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 row Never for queen and country by protecting an oil heiress from the terrorist who Halle Berry. Agent 007 investigates the connection between
_____ Dies ('97) killed her father and retrieving M from his evil clutches, ia terrorist and a billionaire. (PG-13) (CC) (1HD)
Austin &Ally Austin &Ally Jessie:Snack I Didn'tDo lt Despicable Me ('10, Comedy) Steve Carell. Phineas& Jessie Win Lose (R)
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Famous Ally'sfriend. (R) Attack Newgir. Newsmoothie. A master thief decides to use three FeibPowerful Homework
_____ busker (R) (HPD) (R) (R) orphaned girls to pull off a bi heist. senses. wager (R) (HPD)
(20) The Transporter ('02, Action) ** 2 Jason Statham, 21 Jump Street ('12, Comedy) Jonah Hill. (:50) Platoon ('86, Drama) ***12 A
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 QiShu. Acourierof illegal goods becomes entangled in a Two cops go undercover at a high schoolto soldier in Vietnam re-evaluates his beliefs
___ __ _____ deadly smugg ling plot. (PG-13) (CC) bust a synthetic drug ring. (CC) after he sees civilians massacred. (R) (CC)
(5:00) Wrath of (:45) Mama ('13) **2 Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj The Heat ('13) *% A tense and uptight FBI agent has to VICE
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 the Titans ('12) Coster-Waldau. A man and his wife deal with several team up with a lewd and crude Boston cop to take down a Greenland
p____ problems after taking in his nieces. (PG-13) (CC) (H1D) ruthless drug lord taking over the city. (CC) melting. (R) (HD)
HBO Boxing Making of... Real Time with Bill Maher The Great Gatsby ('13, Drama) Leonardo DiCaprio. Upon befriending a Prometheus
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 After Dark (HD) Production (TVMA) (CC) (HD) wealthy neighbor, a Midwestern war veteran soon finds himself embroiled Space
stories. main a game staged to reunite a pair of former lovers. expedition.
(5:25)Admission (13, Comedy) (:1 5) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (13, Comedy) Gangster Squad ('13, Crime) *** Sean Penn, Josh
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Awoman's Princeton career is **/12 Steve Carell. A magician splits with his stage partner Brolin. Undercover cops work together to take down an
_____ at risk (CC) after a performer steals their fame. (CC) (H1D) intimidating mob king. (R) (CC) (lHD)
(5:30) The Impossible ('12, Drama) *** House of Lies: Shameless: Liver, I Hardly Shameless: Emily Fiona House of Lies: House of Lies:
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 A family's Thailand vacation ends in tragedy Comeuppance Know Her Fiona violatesterms goes to correctional facility. Together(N) Together (R) (HOI
___ _____ when a tsunami rips through. (CC) (R) lof probation. (R) (CC) (N) (11)) (141))
(5:20) Deliver Us from Eva ('03) (:1 0) The Words (12, Drama) ***-r Bradley Cooper, Zoe Silver Linings Playbook ('12, Comedy) Bradley Cooper,
TMC 350 350 30 350 350 350 385 ** A hired date ends up Saldana. An aspiring writer decides to pass a man s Jennifer Lawrence. A former teacher leaves a mental
___ __ falling for Eva. (CC) long-lost manuscri pt as his own work. (PG-13) (CC) institution and attempts to reclaim his life. (CC)


ABC 6I IT 'i News ETitI Extra i Paid 7ABCWorld News Now iii, News Newsiui,
ABC 211I I News Castle Practice Paid Paid Paid World News tiii News News News
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Paid McCarver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline World News Now (N) News News News
CBS T10 I I i" News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid i i"i Up to the Minute i, News News News
CBS ii ,1 I I. News Nation Paid Inside McNeely Kickin'lt It 11 Minuteou iINews News News i,,
NBC 8_1 x I x H News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Meet Press Paid Early News News News
NBC201 I News Paid Bones Paid Red Crpet Dateline Meet Press Early News News ou
FOX 131I I I I I I News Notice ICIoser ____ Paid Paid Paid Judy Judy News News News tIII
FOX-X 4 4 4 Closer Notice Glee(HD1)) Homes 30 Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS C 3 3 3 3 Served? Keep Up As Time One Foot Masterpce. (R) (H) Lincoln The Story The Story
SPBSI 311 NONON NOVA i 1 Super il, ,Superii, INOVA i Super i, Super i, Bolder Yoga
PBS 201 Selfridges 6Calli Masterpce. iI 1111Lincoln The Story Cappy i1
,CW ,t Queens IOueens Sanctuary Alien Alien Cheaters Paid Paid Harvey 70s "70s
CW 44.J 1 Criminal Family Fanmly Mr. Box Mr. Box Paid Paid Paid McNeely Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN 3 11 11 11 14 Ride Honor Ring Paid Bones OK! TV IRaymond IHollywd Hollyscp Paid Paid Shepherd
MYN X) 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer Access Wolf ** A wolf bites a man. Sea Hunt Shepherd
IND 3 121212 3 12 There Yet There Yet Across the Universe ('07) IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 2 2 2 13 2618 17e Leverae Leverage Leverage Leverage Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WCLF ll22 22222 my 2 Awaken Awaken Prophecy Fruit CTNSpec Copeland Citylife Goodfe Le Jesus CTNSpec.Youngren Hmekeep
SWRXY49 2244 10 Angel Awaken Awaken Ministry Life Faith Women B.Gouley Paid Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 50 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Pareja explo 3 ('07) Rompiendo Chogues Pagado Pagado Contacto
UNIV 12 1515 15 6 Humnores Noticiero Verdad AI Punto Elchavo Horapico Para amar Humor es Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck (R) Duck Duck Duck Duck Paid IDog Bnty IPaid
AMC 5656 565630 53231 Dead: A Conic Bk GameArms IDead:A Talking Conic Bk Dead:A CSI Miami
API 4444 4444 366813 (:05) River (R) (HD) 7Megalodon (CC) (HD) River(R) River (R) River(R)
BET 3535 3535 0 2 2013 (R) Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 682 5118 Fashion Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Fashion Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 666666661521 SouthPrkSouth Prk South Prk SouthPrk South Prk South Prk SouthPrk South Prk South Prk SouthPrk SouthPrk SouthPrk Paid Paid
DISC 4040404025431 Naked Naked asked Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 4646 46 46 27 261 Giuliana Total Diva Game On Chrisle C. Lately Soup Total Diva Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82182 82 8211 1116 DonnieBrasco ('97) ***1/ HowIRk HowIRk HowIRk Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24L242412 17128 Life IMass(R) Litanyof Mary' sD Sunday Love In Defens Pray Catalogue Bookmark Catechesi
FAM 5555555510 461 Hallows 2 COsteen Meyer Paid Pa-T Pa-d Pa d Paid Pa id Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 37373737 76 Restaurant Chopped Cutthroat Restaurant Food Court Paid Paid Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Captain 1(:21) Captain America ('11) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 171117171 3417918 1 vs. 100 1 vs. 100 MMind ind Pvracid Pyramid Dog Eat Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 3 4(Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden n Go olden Golden Fmsier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33651 Cryptid iAx (R) Ax (R) No Man's Cryptid Paid Real West Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Hunters Hunters Life Life Alaska Alaska Hunters Hunters Life Life Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4114( The Ugly Truth ('09) Drop Dead Drop Dead Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Prime (R) Prime (R) Lindsay Berkus Rachael Dr. Phil Dr. Phil
SPIKE 57157 57 571296354 Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Catch Catch Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67256418 LetMen In Blade II Vampire hunter. True Bloodthirst */2 ICreature Twilight Twilight
TBS 59595959326252 Anchorman ('04 ** Blades of Glory ('07) Amer. Wedding ('03) Married Married
TCM 65656565 16 I Dood It The First Auto ('27) Bicycle Thief Mice and Men ('39) Carson
TIC 45454545 577213 U Medium LI Medium Five Wives LI Medium LI Medium Five Wives Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Nat'l Treasure ('07) Pirates of the Caribbean ('03) (:04) Law S'ville
TRAV 6969696926C 61( Mysteries Bizarre MLegends lMysteries Bizarre Mysteries Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 3018 Dumbest truTV Top Dumbest ]Dumbest Dumbest Paid Paid Paid Paid
TVLND 6262626231 Raymond Raymond Cleveland Soul Man Queens jQueens Queens Queens 70s 70s 170s Curb Your Curb Your
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Suits (R) NCIS Casino Royale ('06) High stakes. SVU(HD)1 SVU(HD)
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Few Good Men ('92)l 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Dharma Tuscan Sun ('03) *_** News (N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 GFL Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker NBA (Replay) (HD)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 PGA TOUR Golf (Replay) ()HD) Golf CntrI GolfCnbti Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 71 7111 5461 90 Premier Premier League (N) Cycling Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 33 3401401455776 Baseball Cutting NHL Hockey (HO)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Pad Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Money Money Crime Inc. Paid Paid Money Worldwide Exchange
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 3810 Death Row Death Row Chicagolan Death Row Death Row Chicagolan Earl (N)
CSPN 1818181837121 0Q&A (R) Capital News Today Today in Washington Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 Huckabee Hannity Stossel FOX News Huckabee MediaBuzz FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Lockup Lockup Lockup Meet Press Lockup Meet Press First Look Too Early
SNN 6 66 11 11 News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 32032042 Dark (12) (CC) Entice ('10) About Mary (98) **-* sy ey|Blown Away ('94) (R)
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Desires ('96) The Boumrne Legacy (12) Chemistry Chemistry Greedy ('94) **1 2 (CC)
DISN 13 1363 1 994525 AN.T. Good Lck Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. On Deck Stuck ('04) (CC) On Deck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15 15151 150 35 Platoon (:55) Full Metal ('87) Boil Point ('93) (35) RoboCop 2 ('90) Firewalker
HBO 30 3332 Hangover 3(R) VICE (:15) American ('12) IMiller (:15) Turbulence ('97)
HB02 30 303 Prometheus 124/7 ICathouse |(:50) He Got Game ('98) **1/ (:10) Reversal ('90)
HB03 3M 3 Cloud Atlas Impact over time. |(:55) Outbreak ('95) Critical Care ('97) *
SHOW 3 36 Shameless Shameless Lies |Jungle Fever ('91) Do Right Thing ('89) IPassing
TMC 3t5 3 353 3 3(:05) Jarhead ('05) (R) (:10) Confused ('93) Urban Lgnd *** Good Dr. ('11)


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid iPaid Paid iPaid Rocky IV ('85) **2 A deadly boxer. (CC) Braveheart ('95)
CINE 320 320 320 320320320420 Blown (:25) Armageddon ('98) An unruly crew of oil rig workers is The Godfather (72, Drama) Marion Brando, Al Pacino. A reluctant heir
INE 32 3 3 3 3 u 4 Away trained to destroy a killer asteroid. (CC) takes over crime family from ailing patriarch. (R)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Love Wrecked ('05) ** (CC) The Lucky One (12 (CC) (: 5) Transporter 2 ('05) (CC) Dragonfly The spirit world.
c 150 150 150 150 150350 Firewalker ('86) 1/2 Mercenaries help Antwone Fisher ('03, Drama) *** A troubled (:35) City of Angels ('98, Romance) An angel fallsAdaptation
O "5 5 150 50woman find treasure. man goes through therapy. (CC) for a human woman. (CC) (R)
HBO 230202302323020 Conchords Undercover Brother ('02) **/2 Apollo 13 ('95) An explosion aboard a spacecraft causes con- 24/7 (CC) (H) aken 2(12) Fighting re-
HBO t xx_____ 033033 0 0Opposing The Man. (CC:) cerns about the crew's return. (CC) vene. (C
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Supernova Starship rescue. (:35) Life Is But a Dream (:05) Hitchcock (12, Drama) Epic ('13) Fight against evil.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 An Affair to Remember ('57) *** (CC) (55) The Wiz (78) Dorothy in urban Oz. (:10) Dreamer: Inspired Story ('05) *
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 36 (5:45) Passing Strange ('09, Drama) Musician's Quality Balls Canadian (:20) Kindergarten Cop ('90, Comedy) A cop (:15) Shakespeare High
SHOW 34( M4 36 jUM journey of self-discovery. (CC:) comic ion. poses as a Kindergarten teacher. ('12) (CC)
TM 30 30 30 30 30 3 3 (:15) The Joy Luck Club ('93, Drama) Kieu Chinh. Chinese :35) That's What I Am ('11, Drama) :20) Bending the Rules ('12) Two (:45) Gone
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 mothers with American dau hters. (CC) Coming-of-age. (CC) men solve crime. (CC) (12)
TOM 65 6565 65 169 230 Dallas ('50, Western) ** Gary Cooper. A vet- Angel and the Badman ('47) **'/2 Quaker The Deadly Companions ('61) **'/2 A man
IM I I 6 1 eran hunts his family ys killers. (NR) family aids wounded gunslinger. (NR) tries to make up for his mistake.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid IPaid Paid Paid Commando ('85) Commando rebels. Hart's War ('02)
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 (:20) Heat ('95, Crime) Al Pacino. A homicide detective makes it his mission (:] 5) Parental Guidance ('12, Comedy) Grand- The Shining ('80) Unquiet
"INE sa 32(] 3C(3 in life to track down a master thief. (R) (CC) parents babysit their grandkids. spirits. (R)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321422 Made 1(:50) Men of Honor ('00) A black Navy diver. (CC) The Island ('05) Utopian society. (CC) Weapon 2 ('89) (R)
P 1505101501 1 50 30 (5:20) Drowning Mona Vamps ('12) ** Female vampires 1:35) Racing with the Moon ('84) Young man fall Hudson Hawk (91) A paroled cat
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 ('00) ,. (CC_) romantic struggles. (CC:) in love before the war. (CC:) burglar pulls artheists.
HBO 302302 302 302 302 302 400 Bullies (R) Madagascar ('05) Zoo animals Trouble with the Curve ('12, Drama) A baseball Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Gatsby
HBO 302 30H 30 30 302 302 400 experience outside world. scout starts recruiting. (CC) ('04, Comedy (CC) ('13)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Syriana Apollo 13 ('95) An explosion aboard a spacecraft. (:15) The Heat ('13) Partners clash. (CC) Thrones Faceoff
HBO3 304304 304304 304 404 Licence to Kill Bond avenges friend. (:20) American Beauty ('99, Drama) Midlife crisis. (:25) Promised Land ('12) (R)
SHOW 0 340 340 340340 340 365 The Muse (99) Man ca- (10) Good Boy! ('03) */2 Dogs' in- Family Band: The Cowsills Story (:10) The Big Kahuna ('99, Comedy) Sextling('11)
HOW 40 4 4 4 4 40 j6 terstowhims. evasion of Earth is failing .'13) Musical family. Salesmen prepare. *1/2
TMP 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Lorenzo's Oil ('93) **1/2 Parents Mr. Magoo ('97) A man winds up No Look Pass ('11) First-generation Nobody Walks ('12) ** John
TM 30 3u 3C 3( 3 0 tryto save a fatally ill son. with a stolen jewel. (CC) Burmese immigrant. Krasinsk. Temporary home.
TM 65 65 65 65 169230 Safety Last! ('23) A clerk must per- At the Circus ('39) A group of Abbott & Costello in Hollywood The Nitwits ('35) **1/2 Murder sus-
1555 1 3 form a human-fly stunt. friends help save a circus. ('45) Barbers' new jobs. pects hunt real killer. (NR)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid (: 15) Escape from New York ('81) (CC) End of Days ('99)
INE M 320 320 320 320 2320 420 5Munich ('05, Drama) Eric Bana. 1972 terrorist massacre of Israeli Me, Myself & Irene ('00) Jim Carrey. Schizo- Showtime ('02) Opposite
N 3u 3u 3u 3 u Olympic team and subsequent revenge mission. phrenic trooper escorts a suspect. cops. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Blue Crush ('02) IG.I. Jane ('97) ** Gender-neutral. (CC) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ('12) The Beach ('00)
CM 150 150150150 150 (5:25) City Slickers 2: The Legend (:25) Raise Your Voice ('04, Drama) (1:5) I Spy ('02, Comedy) Eddie Murphy. An arms (:55) Postcardsfromthe
EC 150150150 15 0 of Curly s Gold ('94) *2 Girl and her music. dealer steals a U.S. airplane. Edge ('90)
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302 400 (5:30) OffAir Station down- Open ('13) (:45) The Dark Knight Rises ('12, Action) The Dark Knight resurfaces to Bowfinger ('99) **'/2 Star unwit-
BO 3 3333 tiime. (H()) (CC) protect Gotham from a brutal, new enemy. tingly appears in film. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Citizen (CC) (H)) Real Sports (H)) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ('12, Fantasy) (CC) (:55) Taken 2('12)
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Airport (70) **/2 Bomber on plane. (CC) (:20) Love Wrecked ('05)** INo Such Thing Murderous monster. Edward
SHOW 3( 340 340 340 340 340 36 5:45) The Three Musketeers ('11) Lorenzo's Oil ('93) The parents of a boy with an incurable Wicker Park ('04, Mystery) **'/2 A man
SHOnW 34 34 34 34 4 Defending the King. disease go to great lengths to save him. searches for his missing lover. (CC) (HD))
TMO 35035050350303 8(15) Houseguest ('95, Comedy) ** Debtor (:05) Rize ('05) The world and evolu- (:35) For Ellen ('12) A man tries to (:10) Retum to Paradise
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 fleeing mob invades man's life. (CC) tion of Krumping. (CC:) bond with his daughter. ('98) (CC)
TOM 65 65 65 65 16 2 2(: 15) To Paris with Love ('55, Comedy) A father The Swan ('56) **12 A princess promised to a Great Expectations ('46, Drama) John Mills. An
and son seek women in Paris. prince is courted by a commoner, orphan rises in society. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Game of Arms (R) The Recruit ('03) **/2 CIA recruitspies.
INE 320320320 320 320 320 420 Revenant (:35) The Man with the Golden Gun ('74) Bond is (:40) The East ('13, Drama) Brit Marling. An oper- (:40) Assault on Precinct 13 ('05,
(C12)e421 a target for assassination. ative changes priorities. (CC) Action) Station defense.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Mortal Kombat Mystical tournament. The Debt ('11) Nazi war criminal. (CC) Kingdom of Heaven ('05, Drama) (CC)
S CN 150 150 150 150 10 310 Untamed (:45) Ladder 49 ('04, Action) **/2 Trapped (:50) Get Low ('09, Drama) Robert Duvall. A her- The Odd Life of Timothy Green
_ (901501010 I50350'9)3 firefighter reflects on career. (CC) mit requests a living funeral. ('12) **1/2 Mysterious boy.
HBO 302302 302 302 302 302 40 Identity ('13) (:40) EDtv ('99, Comedy) **/2 A store clerk's life Thrones (R) Pitch Perfect ('12, Comedy) *** An all-girls a Prison ('13) She's Man
HBO 3 3 I 3I3 (R) becomes a TV show. (CC) (HD)) capella singing group. (CC) (1H)) ('06)
HBO2 303 303 303 303303 30 03 402 (5:30) Off Air (HP)) Ruby Sparks ('12) ***(CC) Fantastic Four Superhuman powers. (:35) The Great Gatsby (13)
HBO3 304 304304304 304 404 Julia lKraus (CC) (H)) ( 35The Game ('97) A twisted gift. (CC) (:45) 42 ('13) ***/2 Bravery and courage. (CC) (H))
Snw 30 30 30 30 34 35 Crimes of the Heart ('86) A woman Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame ('10) The Impossible ('12, Drama) *** A family is
SHOW 340 34 34 34 34 40 365 shoots her husband. Investigator probes stran e deaths. separated b a tsunami. (CC) (HD))
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Senseless (35) Letters to God ('10) *1/2 Robyn Lively. Boy Medicine Man ('92, Drama) Sean Connery. A The Illusionist ('06) Edward Norton.
T 3 35 35 35( 35 8 (,98) serves as inspiration for others. scientist works in the rain forest. Magician finds love.
TOM 65 65 65 65 169230 I'll See You in My Dreams ('51, Musical) The life Lover Come Back ('61, Comedy) Rock Hudson. Billy Rose's Jumbo ('62, Musical) ** Doris
TM 6 6 1930of songwriter Gus Kahn. (CC) Advertising rivals fall in love. Day. A circus is targeted by a rival.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid (:15) PrideandGlory ('08) *** Policecorruption. (R) (CC)
INE 320320 320 320 320 320 420 Romy and Michele's High School (35) Ice Age: Continental Drift ('12) There's Something About Mary ('98) Cameron (:05) This Is 40 ('12) A
CINE 320 32 32 32 32 20 420 Reunion ('97) (CC) Changing continents. Diaz. One man's obsession. milestone. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 The Edge Fight for survival. Ventura: Nature Calls ('95) (05) Jack the Giant Slayer (13 (CC) Blue Crush ('02)
ENC 150 150150150 150 (5:50) The Princess Bride ('87) Another Year (10, Comedy) ***l/2 Married (:45) Harold and Kumar Go to (1:]5) Stripes ('81) Cab
NC ( 150 Storming the castle. (CC) couple surrounded by drama. (CC) White Castle ('04) (R) (CC) driverin Army.
HBO 3023030 30 30 02 400 Prison (13) Hot Shots! Part Deux ('93) A retired In Her Shoes ('05, Comedy) *** Sisters be- (:] 5) Trouble with the Curve (12, Drama) A
HBO 3 3 3 3 3 3 action hero returns, gin to appreciate each other. (CC) baseball scout starts recruiting.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Miss Congeniality 2 Pals kidnapped. 24/7 IValley IThrones (CC) (H)) Thrones (CC) (HD)) Thrones (CC) (H))
HBO3 304 304304304 304 404 (5:30) OffAir(HD) Dyslexia (CC) (H)) Kicking & Screaming ('05) 1(:40) The Lovely Bones ('09)*** A murder victim.
SOw 30 30 0 34 34 5 Gunfighter The Secret of My Success ('87) **l/2 Kansas Foolproof ('03) Three buddies are (:05) Gucci: The Director Frida Quartet
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 1 k/2 1id makes it big in New York forced to steal bonds. Giannini is profiled. (HD)( (13)
TMO 350 350 3501350 350 350 38B Confes- Inside Out ('05) **Y2 New neigh- (:10) The Reunion ('11, Action) Brothers must go Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination Junior (94)
TMC 303535353 38sion bor disrupts neighborhood. into business together. (CC) London ('04 *12 (CC) *2
TM 65656565 169 Scarlet Dawn ('32) Rus- Miss Pinkerton ('32) He Was Her Man ('34) **l/2 A The Big Shakedown ('34, Babbitt ('34) **/2 An arrogant
TOM __ S19 3sianselope. INurse detective. fleeing criminal goes straight. Drama) businessman is blackmailed.
: I* i* I I *

E F 2 S ~ S' S I I T SI
ABC 2 7 11 7 News INews Good Morning America News Millionre. Millionre. The View
ABC 2M 11 News Good Morning America Steven and Chris RightThis RightThis The View
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CBS H] 213 213 5 5 5 News News CBS This Morning LIVE! with Kelly Rachael Ray The Price Is Right
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PBS M 204 204 204 16 Yoga Lilias! Electric Stretch Sewin Quiltin Sew Room Sit Fit Painting TCook's Cooking Yoga
PBS JM 3 3 3 Electric Stretch Arthur Kratts Curious Cat in Hat Peg + Cat DinoTrain Sesame Street Daniel SuperWhy
CWM 6 21 6 Queens Queens News __ __ News News Famn Feud Famn Feud Queen Latifah
CW I 9 9 9 4 (5:00) The Daily Buzz 'Til Death 'Til Death Middle Middle Millionre. Millionre. Queen Latifah Justice Justice
MYN38 11 11 11 14 Paid Paid On Spot OK! TV America Community The 700 Club Maury The People's Court
MYN X) 8 9 8 CashCab CashCab Paid Paid Cops Cops Steve Wilkos Show TrishaGoddard Jerry Springer
INDR 12 12 12 38 12 Shepherd's Chapel Cheaters Cheaters We People We People Supreme Supreme Jerry Springer Steve Wilkos Show
IONN1 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Archer Archer Paid Paid Thr. Bible Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Married Movie
WCLFU 22 22 22 2 Gospel Destined Today Meyer Youngren Copeland Parsley Empower It's Time KnowCse Life Today Wilton
WRXY3M 22 44 10 Gospel BrodyFile Salvation Destined TheLamp Thr. Bible Gospel Meyer Health Women Life Today Revelation
TLF i 23 23 23 95 5 Qu locura! Noticias Nacional Rebelde Las vias del amor
UNIV620 15 15 15 6 Tu desayuno alegre Despierta Am6rica ________Como dice el dicho
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Paid Paid DogBnty DogBnty DogBnty DogBnty CriminalMinds Criminal Minds CSI: Miami
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Orangutan Chimp Big Cat Big Cat Meerkat Meerkat My Cat from Hell Animal Cops Animal Cops
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Morning Inspiration Matters Matters Wife Wife Game Game Movie
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Salon Takeover Salon Takeover Salon Takeover Salon Takeover Matchmaker Matchmaker
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Daily Colbert Presents Comnmuni Sunny South Prk
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Almost Got Away FBI: Criminal Wicked Attraction
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Henry Chug Elephant Mickey Disney's Mickey Mickey Jakeand Sofia Mickey Doc Mc Mickey
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Paid Paid Save Bell Save Bell SaveBell ISaveBell The E! True Hollywood Story Kardashians
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118118160 QueerEye QueerEye QueerEye Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Heritage Variety Michael Holy Name Daily Mass Life on the Rock Angelica Live WomenGr Rosary
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 Meyer Drenda 70s '70s 70s '70s Standing 700 Club The 700 Club Gilmore Girls
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Grill It! Home Neelys Cupcake Wars
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Paid Paid Ellen Movie 21/2Men 21/2Men Movie
GSN 179179179179 34 179 184 Paid Paid Paid Paid Match Match Blockbust Press Luck Sale of Pyramid Password Pyramid
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Golden Golden Golden Golden Home & Family
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Paid Paid Mega Disasters Variety Mega Disasters Mega Disasters
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Paid Profession Abroad Candice Candice ICandice Candice Candice Candice Candice Candice Candice
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Flavors World HSN Today HSN Today Household Helpers Spring Jewelry prng Jewelry
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Paid Paid Balancing Balancing Unsolved Mysteries Frasier Frasier Frasier IFrasier Frasier Frasier
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 Spring Linen Mornings Made Easy Garden Party Host of Beauty Denim & Co.
SPIKE 575 57 57 29 63 54 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Police Videos Variety Variety
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Paid Paid Paid Paid Twilight Twilight Creature Shop Face Off Face Off
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Rules Earl Married Married ThereYet Browns Payne Full Hse Prince Prince Prince Office
TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 Hits&Mrs Hits&Mrs Multiples BabyStry BabySty Quints 19 Kids 19 Kids Obsession Obsession Extreme Extreme
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid 1000 11000 Food Paradise
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid World's Dumbest.. World's Dumbest.. World's Dumbest...
TVLAND 62 62 6262 31 54 244 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Griffith Griffith Griffith Ghffith (:20) Gunsmoke
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Movie Law & Order: SVU Law& Order: SVU
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WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Paid Meyer Paid Creflo LifeToday Paid Walker Walker In the Heat of Night
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Paid Paid Mayhem in the AM Geico SportsNITE Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid I Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Mike & Mike ESPN First Take
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Sports Unlimited World Poker Tour Madins Marlins UFC Reloaded
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central Morning Drive ]Morning Drve Mornin Drive
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Paid Paid Ultimate Fisherman Winkelman Billfish The Dan Patrick Show
SUN 38 38401401 45 57 76 Sportsman O'Neill TravisJoh Headlines Dateline Rays LIVE! Heat LIVE! Courtside Reel Fish XterraAdv P1 AquaX USA
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Cooper Cooper Sponge Sponge Sponge PAWPatrol PAWPatrol Unizooni Dora Dora Guppies Guppies
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Gumball Gumball Ben 10 Beyblade Unova Scooby-D Movie Garfield Tunes Tunes
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Squawk Box Squawk on the Street
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 NewDay CNN Newsroom This Hour
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Today in Washington lWashington Journal U.S. House of Representatives
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 FOX& Friends America's Newsroom Happening Now
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Morning Joe The Daily Rundown Jansing and Co. News Nation
SNN 6 6 611 11 SNNGoodMorning SNN Good Morning SNN Good Morning SNN Good Morning Paid INews News News
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 (4:00) CMT Music Dukes Hazzard
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 AMTV: Music Feed AMTV: Music Feed To Be Announced 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 2171 VH1 + Music Gossip Big Morning Buzz Basketball Wive


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (11:00) Braveheart ('95) A Scottish hero leads a rebellion. 1tanic ('97 ***12 Romance blooms on the doomed vessel.
INE 30 320 320 320 320 320 420 The Godfather: Part II (74, Drama) **** Al Pacino. Michael Corleone faces new The Godfather: Part III ('90, Drama) *** Al Pacino, Diane
lNE 320 3( 3a 3a 3a T 4 challenges as he takes over the family crime empire. (R) Keaton. A mob boss tries to get out. (CC)
OINE2 321 321 321 321321 32142 Dragonfly Sanctum ('11, Thriller) (CC) American Loser Self-diagnosed man. IBig Daddy ('99) **1/2 (CC) Apprition
1 150 150 1 501 50 150350 (11:35) Adaptation ('03) A screen- (:35) Unforgiven ('92, Western) ***y/2 An (:50) Platoon ('86) A soldier in Vietnam re-evaluates his beliefs
aNC 10 \y 1C \y( 150 350 writer struggles to write. ex-gunslinger takes one last job. (C) after he sees civilians massacred.
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302400 Taken 2 Fantastic Four ('05, Action) ** Mutated astro- U-571 ('00, Action) **1/2 An American crew Thrones (R) Dream House Un-
HBO 3 30 3 3 3 0 (12) nauts fight an evil genius. (CC:) seizes a German U-boat. (CC() (HI) covering secrets.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Epic Vehicle 19 Police corruption. Paycheck ('14) Real Sports (HI) (:15) Chemrnobyl Diaries (12) Valley
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Snitch ('13) *** Undercover father. (CC) Where the Heart Is ('00 Teen in store. Moonrise Kingdom ('12) Pines
cunw SHOW 034340303403 High ('12) (:45) The Producers ('68, Comedy) ***y/2 Bumbling Broad- The Cold Light of Day (12) ** (:45) Nixon ('95) **l/2 The rise and
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 () way producers create a guaranteed fop. Finding kidnappers. (CC) fall of President Nixon.
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (11:45) Gone ('12) Sister (:20) Man on a Ledge ('12, Thriller) Ex-con threat- (:05) 54 ('98, Drama) Young man (:40) StreetDance (13) Street and
S350 35 35 35 35 50 85 abducted. ens to jump to his death. (CC:) works at exclusive club. ballet. (P613) (CC() (HI)
TM 65 6565 65 169230 Billy the Kid ('30, Western) **1 2 Outlaw leg- Vera Cruz ('54) Mercenaries take (:45) For a Few Dollars More ('67) ***/2 Clint Eastwood.
T M 6 7 1 3end pursued by Sheriff. (NR) sides in revolution. (CC) Rival bounty hunters unite for outlaw. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Hart's War ('02) POWs' risky plan. (CC) Hollow Man ('00) r** The man vanishes. (R) (CC) IJohn Q Saving a dying boy.
INE 2 320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:00) The Shining ('80) A crazed Syriana ('05) *** Political intrigue surrounds (:40) Prometheus ('12, Science Fiction) Expedi- (:50) Ted (12)
O 32h 32(o ]a 4a a man stalks his family convoluted Mid-East oil deal. (CC) tion to learn humanity's origins.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Weapon 2 ('89) (R) (:15) Walk the Line ('05) ***1/2 Life of singer. (CC) Stoker *** Suspicious uncle. IBlown Away ('94
S 150 15 5 15 (:0510) Enough ('02, Drama) ** Abused woman (:10) After the Sunset ('04, Comedy) (:50) Tootsie ('82, Comedy) *** A male actor Pleasant
1N 150 15 150 150 1 150 3_50 trains to protect herself. (CC) Thieves' retirement. pretends to be female. (P) (CC) 1('98)
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302 400 (11:30) The Great Gatsby (13, Drama) War vet- Just My Luck ('06) A girl inherits a (:45) Big Daddy ('99, Comedy) Adam Sandier. A RealTime
HBO 302 30 30 30 2 eran caught in decadent world. guy's misfortune. (CC:) big kid plays at fatherhood. (R)
HBO2 303 303 303 30330 30 303 402 Deep Impact** Comet impacts Earth. Dark Shadows (12) Vampire's family (:15) Mama ('13) **1 2 Alone in the forest.
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Unit 7 Unscrupulous police. 1(:50) Beginners ('11) Father comes out. Arlington Road *** Suspect terrorism. |Lovely
SHOW 340340 340 340 340 340 365 (11:40) Sextling (11) Ro- (:15) Detention of the Dead ('12) (:45) Gone (12, Thriller) **1/2 Sister abducted The New Daughter ('09, Horror)
HOW 3 34 34 34 mance. (:CC) -Zombie outbreak (HI) by sister's kidnapper. (PG 13) (CCO) ** A mysterious mound.
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Scenes from a Mall ('91) A couple A Dark Truth ('13, Action)** Kim Coates. A The Inheritance ('11) An ambitious NobodyWalks**
TM 35 35 35 35 35 50 5 confesses to infidelity CIA agent looks into a massacre. group of cousins. (CC:) Temporary home.
TOM 65 6565 65 169 230 The Yellow Cab Man ('50) ** En- The Pink Panther ('63, Comedy) *** Inspec- The Twelve Chairs Search for trea- The Great Race An early
TIM 1 dangered invention (NR) tor obsessed with jewel thief. (CC) sure hidden in a chair. auto race.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 End of Days ** Satan comes to town. The Core ('03) ** Scientists drill to the earth's center. (CC) Pulp Fiction ('94)
GINE 0 30 30 30 30 4 Showtime (:40) Argo ('12, Thriller) ***y/2 Ben Affleck. Ira- 1:45) The Long Kiss Goodnight ('96) An amne- (:50) Jack the Giant Slayer (13)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 ('02) nian revolution rescue. (R) (CC) (HDI) siac confronts her violent ast. Giants vs. humans. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 The Beach '00) (:15) The East ('13) *** Anarchist group. (:10) Heat ('95, Crime) A detective tracks a master thief. (R)
N 150150150150 150350 Postcards (:40) 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ('00) Get Carter ('00) *1/2 Mob enforcer (:15) RoboCop ('87, Science Fiction) A slain
ENC luaaa 55 ( ] ('90) Chain-gang fugitives seek stolen loot. seeks his brother's killer. officer becomes a super-cyborg.
HBO 3203203204 The University of Sing Bee Season ('05) Girl wants to be Thrones (R) Transporter 2 ('05) Mercenary bat- 24/7(CC (HD) The Dark Knight Rises
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 sing ('3)spelling bee champ ion. ties boy's kidnappers. ('12 (CC
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Taken 2 1(:35) Cloud Atlas (12) The impacts of individuals' actions. Madagascar 3 Monte Carlo. The Hobbit (12)
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Edward Scissorhands ('90) 1(:25) Valentine Road (13) |Epic (13) Fight against evil. 1(:40) Just My Luck ('06) (CC)
cSHOW 34 340 340 340 340 340 35 The Brothers Bloom ('09) *** Swindling StirofEchoes:The Homecoming Five Fingers (06) Mimi Ferrer. Radi-Java Heat ('13)**
HW 340 340 340 34 34 40 365 brothers pickthe wrong mark. (CC) ('07) Soldier haunted. cal kidnappers. (CO) Terrorist manhunt
TMO 30 30 30 30 30 0 3 (11:10) Retumrn to Paradise (:05) Houseguest ('95, Comedy) ** Debtor Deep Rising ('98) ** Sailors fend (:45) For Ellen ('12) A man tries to
TMC 350 350 350 35 350 350 385 ('98) (QCC) fleeing mob invades man's life. (CCO) off a kiler sea monster. bond with his daughter.
TOM 65 65 6565 169230 The Scapegoat ('59) Alec Guinness. (:45) Kind Hearts and Coronets ('49) ***l/2 A (:45) The Lavender Hill Mob ('51) The Comedians ('67)
TM 6 6) 6) 6 1 identity swa p. (CC) man plots a series of murders. Gold smugglers. (CCO) -**1 Life in Haiti.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Recruit Behind Enemy Lines ('01) A pilot's survival. (CC) IHitman ('07) **1/2 Genetic assassin. (CC) Face/Off ('97) (CC)
INE 320320320 320 320 320 420 Assault 13 The Conjuring ('13, Horror) Family terrorized at Stoker ('13) A young woman grows (:20) The Negotiator ('98, Thriller) *** A police
CINE 3203232323232 ('05) secluded farmhouse. (R) (CC) _fond of her uncle. (CCO) negotiator takes hostages. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Heaven Life of Pi ('12) ***1/2 Shipwreck. (CC() Lethal Weapon Two cops partner up. (:40) Journey 2: Island ('12)
S150 150 150150 150350 Odd Life (:25) Raw Deal ('86) A former FBI (:15) AntiTrust ('01, Thriller) *1/2 Computer (:05) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ('04,
EN_5_5_i55( 10_ (12) agent infiltrates a gang. geek's dream job turns deadly. (CC) Comedy) Seeking shark (CC)
HBO 302302302302302302400 She's the Man ('06) A girl disguised Real Sports Gumbel Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ('94) Musical Chairs ('11) A dancer joins Beasts('12)
HBO 3023030303002400as a boy falls in love. (CC) (HI Mascot kidnapped. (CC) a wheelchair contest. ***
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Gatsby (13) (CC) Undercover Brother ('02) Six by Sondheim (CC) (H[I) The Watch Alien invasion. Mavericks
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 (:55) Revolutionary Road ('08, Drama) (:55) Trouble with ('12) (CC) (:50) In Her Shoes ('05) *** Sisters make peace.
SHOw 34 30 30 30 30 30 Your Sister's Sister ('12) Emily (:45) Mafia! ('98) *1/2 Son of mafia (:15) Fearless ('06, Action) (PG-13) (HD) TheGhostWriterA
SHOn 33 34( w4 []6 w Blunt. Two women. (CC) 1 boss seeks revenge. (CC) deadly story.
TMO 303030 5 Illusionist My Left Foot ('89) Daniel (:15) Once in the Life ('00, Drama) :05) Another Stakeout ('93, Comedy) A trio
TMO 350 350 350 350 35(0 50 385 (,0 Day-Lewis. Man triumphs. (CC) Half-brothers steal friend's drugs. (R) (CC) searches for a missing informant.
TOM 65 65 6565 1 9 2 (:15) Love Me or Leave Me ('55, Drama) *** Doris Day. A April in Paris ('52) A bureaucrat falls (:15) Calamity Jane ('53, Musical) *** A cow-
III 6 I 6 I 6 6 3 woman rises to fame in the 30s. (CC) for a showgirl. (CC) girl fights for the man she loves.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (:15) AVP: Alien vs. Predator ('04) ** |U.S. Marshals ('98) A marshal seeks an escaped fugitive. IThe Mummy ('99)
INE 320320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:05) This Is 40 ('12)A (:20) The Man in the Iron Mask ('98, Adventure) **1/2 Mus- (35) Tombstone ('93, Western) *** The Earp Broken ('13)
N 320 32 32 32 0 milestone. keteers plot to replace abusive king. (CC) brothers fight the Clantons. (CC) (R)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Blue Crush 1(:50) Rock ofAges ('12) **1/2 Chasing fame. (CC) IBig Momma's House 2 ('06) (:40) The Negotiator ('98) (R)
N 150 150150150 15035 Stripes ('81) Cab driver in (:05) Hope Springs (12) **'/2 Re- (:50) High Fidelity ('00, Comedy) Man investi- (:50) Harold and Kumar Go to
ENC_ 1C 1( 150 0Army (CC) kindling romance. (CC) gates his romantic troubles. (CC) White Castle ('04) (R) (CC)
H 3(-15) Fever Pitch ('05, Comedy) Woman corn- Doll&Em Doll&Em The Wedding Date ('05) **A pre-State of Play Obsessive Lucky('12)
HBO 302 30 30 30 30 02 400 petes for boyfriend's love. (CCO) (R) (R) tend boyfriend. (CC) (HI) parents. (R) (CC)
HB02 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Thrones (CC) (HD IThrones (CC) (HD) Thrones (CC) (HI) Thrones (CC) (HD) IThrones (CC) (HD) Thrones: Baelor
HB03 304 304304304 304 404 NowYou See Me ('13) *** Bank heists. Maria Full of Grace ('04)*** (:45) Beautiful Creatures (13) Family secrets.
SHOW 340340 340 340 340 340 365 Quartet (13) Retired Carlito's Way ('93) A drug dealer pledges to go straight, but Coach Carter ('05) A basketball coach benches his team after
HOnW 3 3 3 3( 3 6 opera g p roup his friends pull him back into crime. they fail to perform academically.
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Junior ('94) *1/2 An experiment Kindergarten Cop ('90, Comedy) A cop poses Havana ('90) A gambler falls for a beautiful widow and then
TMO 30 35( 35 3 3 ] 8 leads to a male pregnancy. as a kindergarten teacher. (CCO) learns her husband is not dead. (CC)
TM 65 65 65 65 169 23 Offthe Record Young (:15) The Moonlighter ('53) Drifter's (:45) The Treasure of Pancho Villa ('55) ** Tennessee Champ (45) Helen
M 65 65 65 65 23delinquent. revenge. (NR (CC) Mercenary joins the rebel leader. /'54) **1/2 (CO) (71)


ABC 2 1 11 1 Bethenny The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABC 2 11 ABC Action News The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABCN 7 7 7 10 7 7 ABC7 News @ Noon The Chew General Hospital RachaelRay The Doctors News News
CBS 1 10 10 10 10 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal Dr. Phil News News
CBS ] 213213 5 5 5 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal News at 4pm News News
NBC X 8 8 8 8 8 Today Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
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PBS M 204 204 204 16 Newsline fContrary Travels Travel Globe Trekker Fake or Fortune? Antiques Roadshow Journal Capitol
PBSJM 3 3 3 Variety Thomas |Sid Clifford WordGidi Curious Arthur Martha Capitol
CW M 6 21 6 Dr. Phil Bill Cunningham Wendy Williams Steve Harvey Famn Feud Fam. Feud Dr. Phil
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WCLFU 22 22 22 2 Destined Thr. Bible HmekeeperlChristian Jim Bakker The 700 Club Your Health It's Time Parsley
WRXYM) 22 44 10 Hmekeeper ift's Time The 700 Club Your Health Jim Bakker Connect Mission Salvation
TLF SM 23 23 23 95 5 Tras la verdad Laura Qui6n tiene la? Casos de familiar Fuego en la sangre Fuego en la sangre
UNIV 2 15 15 15 6 Destilando amor Hoy La mujer del Elgordo y laflaca Primer impact
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 CSI: Miami Criminal Minds Criminal Minds The First 48 The First 48 The First 48
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Pit Bulls and Pit Bulls and Tanked: Unfiltered Swamp Wars Gator Boys Xtra Findin Bi foot
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Movie Movie Matters Matters Game Game
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E! 4646 46 46 27 26 196 E! News Sex & City Sex &City Sex & City Sex &City Sex & City Kardashians Kardashians Kardashian
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GSN 179179179179 34 179184 vs. 100 Lingo Fam. Feud Fam Feud Catch 21 lPyramid No Deal No Deal Shop IShop I vs. 100
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TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Nation INation Nattin INation Nation INation Bourdain Fast Foods Gone Bizarre Foods
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Worild's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest World's Dumbest...
TVLAND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gunsmoke Gunsmoke 1(:40) Gunsmoke 1(:50) Bonanza Bonanza Griffith Griffith
USA 34 34 34 34 22 5250 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
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WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 IntheHeatofNight WGN Midday News Law&Order Law&Order Law&OrderCl Law & OrderCl
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River Monsters: The
7 p.m. on APL
Jeremy re-lives his most
dangerous encounters
with the planet's deadli-
est fish and finds out why
humans do or do not end up
killed in certain situations;
Jeremy swims with piranha,
handles bullsharks, and
faces an enormous African
Tiger Fish. (HD)

8 p.m. on CW
"To Seek a Foe" Emery sac-
rifices her chance to begin
a relationship with Roman
as she continues to console
Grayson following a turn of
events with his mother; Ro-
man and Drake are forced
to intervene when Zoe's
ploy to trick Taylor using
black cyper backfires. (HD)

8 p.m. on FOX
"The Turn in the Urn" When
an affluential artifact col-
lector walks into his own
funeral, the Jeffersonian
team sets out to investigate
whose remains were used
for the service; Michelle
delivers crushing news to
Finn, which breaks his ex-
citement over his growing
wealth. (HD)
Friends with Better
9 p.m. on CBS
"Pilot" Jules meets the man
of her dreams and while
swept up in their quickly-
brewing romance the two
decide to get married, leav-
ing her friends to reexamine
their own love lives; Kate
lets Will set her up on a
blind date to prove that she
isn't shallow. (HD)

The Tomorrow People
9 p.m. on CW
"Smoke and Mirrors"


Hope put her foot down with
Aly when it came to her fashion
line. While Aly and Hope dis-
cussed their business dilemma,
Liam and Wyatt argued about
which way Hope would go and
who knew her better. Thorne
grew very concerned when Aly
told him that she had spoken to
her dead mother. Later, Quinn
watched as Liam surprised Hope
with an unexpected gesture of
his love. Rick put in a good word
for Bill with his mom. Quinn
told Wyatt that she didn't feel
threatened by Brooke. Pam filled
Liam in on how Aly's mother
died. Bill surprised Brooke at
her front door. Wyatt and Hope
shared a romantic evening.
Bill received two unexpected
visitors, one welcome and one
unwelcome. Wait to See: Aly
has her first kiss. An unexpected
firing takes place at Forrester
Creations. Ridge tries to calm
Katie's fears about sharing a life

Nick discovered Kate's secret.
Eric got some disappointing

news about his future with
Nicole. Theresa had a shocking
realization about Liam. Brady
sought out information about
Theresa from Jennifer. Nick
tried to plant seeds of doubt in
Will's mind about Sonny. The-
resa made a surprising choice
when she learned of Liam's true
intentions. Marlena reached out
to Nicole, who then questioned
her sincerity. John tried to get
through to a stubborn Brady.
JJ was thrown when he learned
that Paige knew a lot more about
him than he realized. Nicole was
caught trying to shred evidence.
Brady and Theresa took their
relationship to the next level.
Kayla let it be known to Hope
that she was smitten with Aiden.
Wait to See: Eric tells Nicole
that he can't marry her. Theresa
tempts Brady with drugs. Kayla
eases Caroline's fears.

Someone ransacked Silas'
apartment. Dante and Lulu
were appalled by Obrecht's latest
scheme involving Ben. While
Britt tried to plead her case, an
enraged Nikolas condemned her
behavior. Lucas had some tough

Stephen enlists the help of
Ultra and Hillary to close in
on a break-out after making
a decision about who to
side with, but finds his fo-
cus is redirected to locating
his missing brother whom
Jedikiah has arranged for
Stephen to protect. (HD)

The Following
9 p.m. on FOX
"Freedom" When a brutal
massacre draws Ryan and
Mike into risky territory,
the two begin to find that
another threatening cult
leader may be rising in
power; Joe reveals his ulti-
mate scheme to Emma and
his doubters while continu-
ing to coach the Korban

Bates Motel
10 p.m. on A&E
"The Escape Artist" Norman
trusts his new love interest,
Cody, with a family secret;
entrenched in the ongoing
drug war in White Pine Bay,

questions for Brad about his
part in Britt's cover-up. Ric at-
tempted to woo Elizabeth by try-
ing to get her to forget all about
Nikolas. Nathan learned some
disturbing news about Nina.
Kiki caught Ava about to enter
AJ's room and updated her so-
called concerned mother about
his condition. As AJ fought for
his life, Carly discovered who
shot him. Michael and Kiki
were at odds over Ava's involve-
ment with AJ. Monica laid into
Sonny about his treatment of AJ
over the years. A guilty Nikolas
visited Elizabeth, unaware of
what danger was lurking nearby.
Wait to See: Alexis and Julian
review their relationship. Bobbie
and Lucy both face heartbreak
Monica is visited by past loved

Dylan didn't believe Ian's
wife's intentions were genuine
when she offered to help him.
Chelsea told Victor about the
blocked phone call she received.
Paul met with the homeless man
who witnessed Adam's accident.
Leslie wrongly assumed that
Neil was dating someone else
already. Jack asked Victor about
why he was visiting Phyllis so

Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS,
the plot for the special one-
hour series finale of "How
I Met Your Mother" has
-you guessed it- Ted (Josh
Radnor) finally finishing
the story of how he met the
mother of his future chil-

Dylan finds himself fighting
for his life; Norma makes a
shady deal with an elusive
figure to stop the bypass.

much. Cane insisted that all
he wanted was to find out who
tarnished Chancellor's good
name. Lauren told Chelsea that
she would like to carry her fash-
ion line at her boutique. Billy
couldn't believe it when Victoria
came back to town without
telling him first. Neil and Hilary
visited the set of "The Price
Is Right."' Abby arranged for
Tyler and Victor to get better
acquainted. Wait to See: Chloe
loses her cool. Jill confronts
Kelly. Nick gets honest with
Sharon about his feelings.


ABC7 News aABCWorld The 7 Entertainment Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (4) (01) Castle: Under Fire Castle
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) and Beckett find out the victim of
2 6newsofthe DianeSawyer News(N)(HD) (HD) abuildingfirewasshottodeath.
_____ day. (N)(HD) ______ ________________________________(R)
ABC NewsThelat- ABCWorId TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (HD) :01) Castle: Under Fire Serial
2N estnews News (N) (HD)) (TYG) ______________arsonist. (CC) (R) (HD))
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Dancing with the Stars (CC) (N) (HDP) :01) Castle: Under Fire Serial
AM 7 ______7News(N) ((CC)(R) ((CC(R) arsonist. (CC) (R) (HD)
10 News, CBSEvening Wheel of For-Jeopardy!: How I Met Your Mother: Last Friendswith Mom:Broken Intelligence: Being Human Ga-
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca News with une (CC) (N) Decades Tour- Forever Parts One and Two Better Lives Dreams and briel and Riley discoverthe iden-
10 1 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) nament-the Ted finishes the story. (CC) (N) (HDI Getting married Blocked Ar- tties ofa collective of sleeper
___ __(N) (HD)) 2000s tees agents
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) InsideEdi- How I MetYourMotherStory Friendswith: Mom(CC)(N) Intelligence: Being Human
13 1 5 5(N) (HD) tion (N) finished. (N) (HD)) Pilot(N) (HD)) Sleeper agents (N) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice: The Battles, Round 2 Premiere (CC) (N) (HD) :01) The Blacklist: Milton
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC) (N) Bobbit Man turns regular
[ 8 and weather events.(N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) people into killers. (C) (N) (HD)
NBC 222 News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy (N) The Voice: The Battles, Round 2 Premiere (CC) (N) (HD) The Blacklist: Milton Bobbit
20 ____ 2_ 2 News (N) tune (N) (4HD)) __________ Contract killers. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Bones: The Turn in the Urn The Following: Freedom FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) Artifact collector walks into fu-Joe reveals his ultimate riesofthenewsday are up-
13 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 neral. (CC) (N) (HD) scheme to Emma. (CC) (N) (HD) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
____ News Team. (N) ________ News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Bones: The Turn in the Urn Ar-The Following: Freedom Joe FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
[ 4) 4 news; weather. (N) (R)(HD) (COC) tifact collector (N) reveals scheme. (N) news report. (N)
PBS 3SoBBCWord Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow Signed Antiques Roadshow Signed Independent Lens: Medora
C3 3 3 News (C) port(N) (HD)) baseball. (N)(HD) book; more. (R)(HD) Struggling team. (N)
PBS 24 24 24 16 Sesame Street: The Flood Bro- Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat(CC) Europe Practi- Pacific Road to Travels (CC) (R) The Travel De- Globe Trekker: Scotland Scot-
04 2m04 k\ en pipe. (R) (H() H)) (R) caltips. Hana. Itective tsh customs. (CC) (R)
PBS BBCWord Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Simply the Best Two Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now
X News (CC) o ort(N) (HD)) circa 1795 Federal side chairs. (R) Hardships; lessons. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 Modern (CC) Modem Big Bang(CC) Big Bang (CC) Star-Crossed:ToSeekaFoe The Tomorrow People News@10pm(N)(HD)
A C6 (HD) Fendng. (HD) (HD)) (HD)) Consoling Grayson. Missing brother (N) (HD)
CW Queens: Train Queens (IWVPG) 21/V2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Star-Crossed:ToSeek a Foe The Tomorrow People Rules: Re- Rules Quitting
9 4(4 Weck (HD) HD) (HD)) Consoling Grayson. Missing brother (N) (HD) union (HD) job.
MYN 11 11 11 14 Raymond: Seinfeld:The FamilyFeud Family Feud Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims CopsRe- CopsRe-
m 14 Cookes Jacket (WPG) (IVPG) Unit: Chameleon Unit: Lust(HD)) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood(N) Cleveland(CC) Family Guy FamilyGuy Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
S898 (HD)) (HD)) (CC[) (CC) Unit: Chameleon Unit: Lust(HD)) Unit: Contagious
IND 12 1212 33 12 Modern (CC) Modem Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Office: Survivo The Office:
U2 1 3 (HD) Fendng. (HD) (HD1) (HD) Unit: Contagious Unit: Parasites Man |The Farm
ION ; 2 2 12 18ri 11 Criminal Minds: Valhalla Old Criminal Minds: Lauren Con- Criminal Minds: WVth Friends Criminal Minds: HanleyWa- Criminal Minds: The Stranger
m 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 nemesis. (CC) (HD) fronting Doyle. (HD) Like These... (HD) ters Grievng Prentiss. San Diego stalker.
WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Levitt Building Great Awaken Tour Love a Child Richard Rob- GospelTruth Jewish Jewels Life Today
22 __ ____ ness healing. alters. SoHutnerts (CC) ((C(N) F (CCO) (C[C)
2RXY 22 44M 10 JoyceMeyer Entertain- Marketplace Great Awaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child JoyceMeyer PlaceMira- Prophecyin
AM I4 I (CCO) ment Wisdom (CcC) cles the News
TLF 23 23 23 95 c El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Pelicula LaviudanegraLavidade
30 _____ (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) (G.riselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV i ciNoticias(CC) Noticiero Dequetequiero, tequiero PorsiemprerniamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
B 15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) Natalia huye. ymaldad. (CC) (HD() sin amor (CC) (HD) Humilde hogar.

A&E 26262626 3 50181 The First 48 VWoman shot & Duck New Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck: Life of Si Bates Motel: Check-Out After- Bates Motel Family secret;
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 18 burned. (CC) (R) (HD)) duck blind. (HD)) (HD1)) (R) math of return. (R) more. (CC) (N) (HD)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (3:00) Titanic ('97, Romance) ***-y2 Ro- John Q ('02, Drama) **/2 Denzel Washington. A desperate dad takes Shooter('07)Sniperframed for
_M ______ 5 3 3 mance blooms on the doomed vessel, an emergency room hostage in order to save his son's life. (HD)) dignitary'sdeath.
API 44 44144 44 36 68 Finding Bigfoot: Further Evi- River Monsters: The River Monsters: Unhooked RiverMonsters: Unhooked RiverMonsters: Unhooked
AL 44 44 44 44 6 6 dence:CSFBigfoot Deadliest (CC) (R) (HD) Serpentine killer (R) Rare sharkhunted. (R) Bzarre deaths. (R)
BET 35 35c 3535 22 0 106 & Park (CC() (N) (HD) Blue HillAvenue ('01, Drama)=**Allen Payne Angelle Brooks. Thesonofasolidly LetsStay(R) Let'sStay(R)
BET 35 35 35 35 0 22 270middle-class blackfamily turnstodealing drugs. (R) ((( (HD) (HD)
> 68 68 68 68n 25451 185 The Real Housewives ofAt- Real Housewives Beverly No Real Housewives Beverly Real Housewives Beverly Southern Charm Carolina
BRAVO 68 68 6 6 lanta Casting regrets. love lost. (CC()(R) Empty nests. (CC( (R) Venting about Lisa. (N) Day party. (N)
COM 66 66 6666 15 7 10 SouthPrk Tosh.0 (CC) (R) ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Futurama(IV14 Futurama(IV14 SouthPrk(R) South Prk(R) SouthPark: SouthPrk(R)
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 1 (HPD( (R) |(HD) (R) (R) (HD) (HD) WT.F. (HD))
DISC 4040 40 40 25 43 120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N'Loud: Revved Up Re- Fast N'Loud: Jacked-Up Jeep Lords ofthe Car Hoards
S40 40 40 40 paired. (CC) (HD)) paired. (CC) (HD)) pair& extra info. (HD) Jeep and Briclkin. Costly renovaton. (N)
KeeigUp with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26196 Total Divas Professional femalE E! News The entertainment world's latest Keeping Up with the Keep Up with te Kardashians Cam-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 wrestlers. (HD)) news. (HDP) Kardasians(HD) eras follow socialite and family. (HD)
ESO 82 8282 82 118 118160 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps psych Slacker confused for psych Slacker confused for psych Slacker confused for
ESQ 11 1 others. (CC) (HD) others. (CC) (HD)) psychic by police. (HD) psychic by police. (HD) psychic by police. (HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 117 o CultureJour- Let Us Love Daily Mass Celebration ofthe The Journey Home Call-in Consuming Holy Rosary The World Over News from
EWTN 24324324 12 17 85 aJsm. -Holy Eucharist. (R) program. (VG) (R) (CCO_) around theword. (CC)
FAlM 55 55 55 1046199 (4:30) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 ('10) HarryPotterand the Deathly Hallows: Part2 (11, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert
F_ ______ 504 ***'/2 Three wizards journey to save the world. Grint. Harry, Ron and Hermione search for the three remaining Horcruxes.
FOOD 317 3 13 31 14 Diners Diners(R) (HD) Guy'sGroceryGamesSpa- Diners,Drive-InsandDives WorstCooks inAmerica: Mystery: Diner Mystery:
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Smoking trout. ghetb challenge. (R) 24-hour places. (R) Timer's Up (N) (HD)) Drama Oktobertheft
HFX 51 51 51 51 5 49 5 How lMet HowlMet X-Men: First Class ('11, Action) ***y12 James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender. Mutants ArcherNew Chozen (CC) (N)
X 141 H 4 ( (4V14)(HD) (IV14)(HD) learn to use their superpowers to try and stop a devastating war. (CC) (HD) friends. (HD))
GSN 179171917191719 179184 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud Family Feud
GSN 179171717 34 17 (IVPG I( VPG (IVPG) (VPG) (IVPG) (IVPG) (IVG) (VPG) (IVPG)
iL 5 5 5 17 73240 The Waltons: The Move Ben TheWaltons:TheWhirklwindA TheWaltons: The Tempest MiddleTime Middle(CC) FrasierBlind Frasier(IVPG)
_ALL 7 734 returns home. (CC) /young man visits. Mary Ellen's husband capsule. (HP)F) date. (CC)
ScCrylid: The Swamp Beast Swamp People Gator taunts Swamp People Trespassers Swamp People: Hexed Cursec Cryptid: The Swamp Beast
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 nd sheds light (R) kids. (CC) (R) (HD)) anger. (CC) (R) (HD)) area hunted. (N) Family has beast (N)
Love It or List It Renovate o Love It or List It Renovate or Love It or List It Renovate or Love It or List It Renovate or House International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 sell. (CC) (HD)) sell. (CC) (HD)) sell. (CC) (HD)) sell. (CC) (HD)) Hunters(HD) (HD()
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 twiggy: 4th Anniversary twiggy: 4th Anniversary Born Shoes Tan Towel IHairSalon Tan Towel PureRayz
IFcE 36 3 3 3 5 41 Hoarders:Hanna;Kathy& Hoarders: Andrew; Lydia Nor- Hoarders: Vula; Lisa Siclky Hoarders: Eileen; Judy Son Hoarders: Debra & Patty
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 14Gary Rent home. (HD()) mal life. (CC) (HD)) cats. (CC) (HD)) takes action. (CC) (HD)) Cothes and debt (HD()


OWN 58 58 58 58 41 3 1061 Undercover Boss New solu- Undercover Boss: Fatburger Dateline on OWN Disappear- Dateline on OWN Deadly Lindsay(CC) (R) (HD)
8N 8 58 8 4 10 1 tons. (CC) (HD)) Burgerchain. (HD)) ance. (CC) (R) (HD)) housefire. (CC)(R)(HD)
PIK 57 51 5 17 12963 5 Hitman ('07, Thriller) Genetically engineered assassin con- G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ('09, Action) **1'2 Channing Tatum, Marion Wayans. An
7 1 57 _7 29 3 spires to take out a Russian head ofstate. (CC) elite, clandestine military unit battles a supervillain's forces. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)
S61 6 61 61 25316 4 180 (5:30) Let Me In (10, Horror) A boy who is continually bullied Bitten: Caged (N) Being Human: House Lost Girl: Origin (N)
67 67 67 67 25- 180 at school befriends a young female vampire. Hunting (CC) (N) (HD)
TBS 59 595 5 2 52 Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld(CC) FamilyGuy FamilyGuy: Family Guy FamilyGuy BigBang(CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang(CC)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 HD HD (CC McStroke (CC) CC (HD) (HD) (HD)
TOM 65 6565 65 169 230 High Plains Drifter ('73, Western) Mysterious drifter is Eva Maie Saint: TCM Classic On the Waterfront ('54) ***1 A dockworker is asked to
v 5 65 65 190 "hired to protect a town from vengeful outlaws. (CC) Film Festival (N) testify after a friend falls victim to corruption. (CC)
TIC 45 45 45 45 7239 lLI Medium: LI Medium: The Little Couple Adopted The Little Couple: The Unex- The Little Couple Alone in The Little Couple Holiday ex-
4 4 4 4 7 7 1 --Losing It Uneasy daughter (CC) (R) (HD) pected Illness in India. India. (CC) (R) (HD)) citement.(CC) (R) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: A DeadlyAffairUnex- Castle: He's Dead, She's Dead Castle: Underthe Gun Coded Dallas: Like Father, Like Son Dallas: Like Father, Like Son
61 61 61 61 51 pected suspect. (HD)) Psychic murdered. document. (CC) (HD) Keeping deal alive. Keeping deal alive.
TFAV 69 6969 69260 6 1170 Man v. Food Man v. Food Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v. Food Man v. Food Baggage Bat- Baggage Bat- Baggage Battles Luggage at
69 69 69 69 26 66 (HD) (HD) JZimmern (CC) (HD) (HD)) tles (CC) tles (CC) auction. (CC)
TRUT 63 63 6363 50 30 183 Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick ULizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Uck The Safe- TheSafe-
3 3 3 3 0 3 Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(N) crackers(N) crackers(R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 34 34 34342252 50 NCIS: Los Angeles: Archangel NCIS: Los Angeles: Lockup WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD)
USA 3 3 3 2 50 Stolen documents. Undercover inmate.
WE 117117 117 117 1171 149 Law & Order: Hubris Suspect Law& Order Research treat-CSI: Miami Delko's secrets. CSI: Miami: Raging Cannibal CSI: Miami: Bombshell Julia's
117 1 1 woos juror. (CC)(HD1) ment. (CC) (HD)) (CC) (HD)) Russian mob. (HD)) instability. (CC)(HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home
V16 16 16 19 41 ideos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy.
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football
ESPN 29 29 29 29 8 7 MLB Baseball: St. Louis vs SportsCenter __ 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament: T> NCAA Women's Tournament: Lincoln
29r 8 Cincinnat ) (HD) (HP) (N) (HD) Notre Dame Regional Final (live) (CC) (HD)) Regional Final (live) (CC) (HlD)
ESPN2 30 3030 30 6 59 14 Sportscenter: from Bristol, ", MLB Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (HD) MLB Baseball: Seattle vs Los
30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Conn. (N) (CC) (H1D) Angeles (ive) (H1D)
FS1 4848 84 4269 UFC Insider Red Bull Crashed Ice: Quebec (Taped) (CC) Monday Night Fights: Golden Boy Promotions: Julian Wil- MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
FS1 48 48 48 4( 69D 83 (CC (H HDiHams vs. Freddy Hernandez (Replay) (CC) (HD) (14D))
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Marlins LIVE! (N) (HD) MLB Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (HP) Madins LIVE! ToBeAn-
(N) ( |D) nounced
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central (N) (HD) The Golf Fix (N) (HD)) Big Break Florida: Flop Big Break Florida: Knock Feherty: Matt Kuchar (N) (HD)
G F|ll(s) (HP)Out (N) (14D))
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 NASCAR NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey: Florida Panthers at New Jersey Devils from Prudential NHL Hockey: Minnesota
7I __ 7 4_ America (N) / Center (live) (CC) (HP)) / vs LosAngeles (ive)
SUN 38 38 401401 45 76 MLB Baseball: Toronto vs Rays LIVE! (N) Inside (HD) MLB Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays College Lacrosse: Penn State
8 8 401401 45 76 Tampa Bay (live) (HPD) (4HD) _____ from Tropicana Field (Replay) (HP)) vs Florida (Replay)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 2 Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sam &Cat(R) Full House |Full Hse Full Hse(CC) Full Hse Senio Full Hse (CC) Full Hse:All
25 25 25 25 24 4 (R) (R) (R) (D) Basketball. Steph's band. prank Stoed Up
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 27Adventure (R) Regular(R) Universe (R) Grandpa(R) KingHill: King Hill (CC) Cleveland(CC) Cleveland(CC) Family Guy RickMorty(R)
T 80 80 7 PM 7:30 Nancy Boys P(HPD) 9 (HP) 1V140 |

CNBC 39 39 3999 37 102 Mad Money (CC) Greed Bogus annuities. The Profit (R) The Profit (R) The Profit: Skullduggery
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper360 To Be Announced Info un- The Don Making the
RNN 3 3 3 Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) available. Lemon (N) Case(N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12109 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events (N) Public policy (N)
N 6 6 71 1 Special ReportwithBretBaiei On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly FactorNews The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S64 64 64 64 4 he latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (H4D) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
MSNB 83838383 185 40 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB_ 3 3 8 8 Sharpton. (N) (H4D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H1D) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (lD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) Paid IPaid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paidd News (N) News (N) INews (N)
CMIT 4 4 4 141 2324 221 Reba Family Reba Family Reba (HD) Reba Time The Dukes of Hazzard Dukes The Terminator ('84) ***1 A killer cyborg from the fu-
TV_ 4 443_ 2 reunion. Reunion capsule. get hijacked. (HD) ture is sent back in time to assassinate a woman. (R)
MT 33 33 33 33 35 48,210 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- House of Food New cook
M 33 3 35 8 ness (HD) ness (HP) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness(HD) ness(HD) roommates. (N)
VH1 50 5050 5043 23 1 1 97Basketball Wives LA Brittish Basketball Wives LA Tense Basketball Wives LA (N) (HD) 1 and Tiny (N) Black Ink Crew (CC) (N) (H) ThisisHot 97
Vl 0 0 0 0 eft out. (R) (H1D) getaway. (R) (HD) _________________________ (ND)
(3:30) The Stoker ('13, Drama) **** Mia (:15) Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (12, Adventure) Armageddon ('98) BruceWllis.
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Godfather: Wasikowska. A young woman's uncle Dwayne Johnson. A boy joins his mother's boyfriend on a Oil rig workers must destroy
___ __ _____ Part III ('90) comes to live with her and her mother. (R) (CC) journey to find his missing grandfather. (CC) asteroid. (CC)
(5:35) TheApparition ('12) *% IJack the Giant Slayer ('13 Adventure) **1/2 Nicholas Constantine ('05, Horror) **1/2 Keanu Reeves Rachel
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Ashley Greene. Couple plagued Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and Weisz. A psychic detective saves the world from being
___ __ _____ by an evil spirit. giants erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (CC) conquered by the son of Satan. (R) (CC) (H1)
JessieJessie I Didn'tDo It Austin&Ally Dogwith Blog Geek Charming The most popular junioratWoodlands GoodLuck JessieRavi
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 volunteers. (R) Vegetable Magical Talkngdog Academy agrees to be the subject of a documentary made Chardie: babysits. (CC)(R)
(___ __ D) spray. (R) typewriter video. by the school's self-proclaimed film geek. Rat-a-Teddy (1HD)
0(55) Batman Forever ('95) ** Val Kilmer Tommy Lee Hard to Kill ('90, Action) Steven Seagal. A (:40) Unforgiven ('92, Western) ***% A
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Jones. Batman enlists the help of a young friend when police detective awakens seven years after retired gunslinger picks up his guns one
Two-Face and the Riddler team up. (PG-13) (CC) he is shot and left for dead. (CC) more time for a lucrative bounty. (CC)
(5:00) Dream Doll & Em Doll & EmEm (:25) Taken 2 ('12, Action) **% Liam Prison :.4i5)The UniversityofSing Leguizamo's
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 House (11, Troublewith is assistant. (R) Neeson. A retired CIA operative and his wife Terminal DyingSing ('13) Highereducation for Ghetto Klown
Thriller) crying. (R) are targets of revenge in Istanbul. (C) prisoner. prison inmates (R)
The Debt (11, Drama) ** Helen Mirren, Tom Real Time with Bill Maher Now You See Me (13, Thriller) *** Jesse Eisenberg,
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Wilkinson. In 1997 two retired agents receive shocking (TVMA) (CC) (HD) Mark Ruffalo. FBI agents search for illusionists who take on
_____ news about a former partner. (R) (CC) (HD) _____________________ bank heists while performing. (PG-13) (CC)
(5:35) The Place Beyond the Pines (13, Crime) Ryan The Sopranos: Blue Comet VICE Snitch (13, Drama) *** Dwayne
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Gosling, Bradley Cooper. Trying to take care of his family, a Test of allegiance; mistaken Greenland Johnson. After his son is framed, a father
___ __-man gets dragged into a life of stealing. (CC) identity. (IVMA) melting. (CC) (HD) goes undercover to clear his name. (CC)
(4:45) Nixon ('95, Drama) **12 Anthon Hopkins, Joan Shameless: Emily Fiona House of Lies: House of Lies: Shameless: Emily Fiona
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Allen. The rise and fall of the 37th President of the United goes to correctional facility. Together(R) (HDI Together(R) (HDIgoes to correctional facility.
___ States, Richard M. Nixon. (R) (HD)) (CC) (R) (H1D) I (CC) (R) (1HD)
(:20) 50/50 (11) After being diagnosed with a rare type of Coach Carter ('05, Drama) k**k% Samuel L. Jackson. Jeopardizing a Killing Them
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 spinal cancer, a young man attempts to beat the malignant winning season, a high school basketball coach benches his entire team Softly Mob
___ __ __ disease with help from his long-time friend. after the players fail to perform their academic duties. (CC) heist. (R)

iI IIHE ii1--iT1
ABC[ 2 iI 111 7 News Kimmel Nighltine Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M1 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABCM 7 7 7 1017 7 News Kimmel Nightline Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1, 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late VTMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCC[ 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNight LastCall T'oday (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 2 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX 3 131313 13 13 News Access Dish TMvZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS C 3 3 3 3 Ind. Lens POV Rose (N) Antiques Antiques Call (R) Masterpce. (R) (HD))
PBS M2240 16 Sniley Rose (N) Europe Trekker Travels Travel Sante Fe Trail ('40) Comoass |Yoga
PBS 2 13 3 3 Clearly Now (N) 30 Days (CC() (HD) (141)l TBA S FTAntiques Antiques Fitness
*CWM) 1621 6 21/2Men 21/2Men How I Met HowlMet Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish TMZ Harvey 70s 70s
CW. ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Si mpsons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3C 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Commun Raymond America OK! TV Bridezilla '70s r70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN 71) 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny '1il Death 'il Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 38 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne ThereYet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A) 2 222 132618 17 Criminal Criminal Trace Without Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WIC l l 22 22 22 2 Kingdom Awaken Awaken You and Me Cvance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
IWRXY 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF I 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Pelicula Laviuda Deportivo Pagado Pagado Contacto
UNIV52 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. ICasa risa Ho (R) Gordo Primer Noticiero
01 51 il I i I A* 4KIa T W kj F11I I *
A&E 262626263950181 Bates (R) IDuck Duck Bat(R B ate) I (R Bates (R) Paid IDog Bnty Dog Bnty IPaid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 (10:00) Shooter ('07) 1:01) Hollow Man ('00) (CC) Arachno hobia ('90) (CC)
API 4444 4444 366813 River (R) River (R) River (R) Deadliest River (R) River(R) River(R)
BET 35353535 40 221 Husbands Husbands Wendy Latifah ConicV ConicV ComicV Panther BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 Couch Housewives Housewives Southern Couch Housewives Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15271 Daily Colbert midnight South Prk Daily Colbert midnight Wrkholic Wrkholic Schumer Schumer Entourage Paid Paid
DISC 4040404025431 Fast Loud Lords (R) Fast Loud Fast Loud Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 16 46 46 27 261 C. Lately INews (R) IC. Lately Kardashian Total Diva C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 82111 1 Brawlers Brawlers Risky Risky Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 2424324:12 1728 Priests WomenGr Daily Mass Journey Faith To Know Love Thirst For Octava Dana Miracles
FAM 5555555510 4619 700 Club BelAir BelAir Bel-Air BelAir Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 37373737 761 Diners Diners Worst Cook Mystery Mystery Diners Diners Diners Chef (R) Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Archer Chozen Chozen Archer Archer Chozen Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 171711 341718 Faon Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Fam. Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Bagage Baggae Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 7324(Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Chers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 No Man's Swamp Swamp Cryptid No Man's Paid Real West Paid
HOME 41414141 53 4216 Love It Love It Hunters Hunters Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Dateline Dateline Lindsay Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 296354 Hitman ('07) **2 (CC) The Marine ('06) (CC) IJail IJail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 6725 64 18 Bitten (R) Being (R) L.ost Girl Helix (R) Creature Paid Paid Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes The Tuxedo ('02) k'*1/o2 bMarried Married Married Earl
TCM 65 65 65 65 1692 Waterfro Film Fest Raintree County ('57) **/ (CC) North by Northwest ('59)
TIC 45454545 577213 Little (R) Little (R) little (R( Li title (R) Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Wives (N) Wives (R) (:02) Law (:02) Law Closer Closer S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 6617( Gem Hunt Survivors Baggage Gem Hunt Survivors Baggage |Baggage Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 301 LizardLic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic ULizard LiUc Lizard Lic Lizard Lic The Safe The Safe Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 6262626231542 Queens Queens Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Roseanne Roseanne Cosby Cosby Cosby 170s 70s Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Sirens NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS Chrisley SVU (HD() SVU(HD)
WE 1111171171 11714 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Home Vid IParks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama '1il Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 292929291258 70 NCAA Tr. SportsCenter Sports Sports ___ Sports Sports Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 MLB Baseball (Live) Baseball Olbermann Nation MLB Game (Taped) _____Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports Fantastic Camping World Truck
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Replay) I Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 4949 49 55 60 Golf Cntrl Big Break IFeherty L e Fix (HD)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 717171 54 61 90 NHL Hocke Overtime Premier League (N) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 383840140145 5776 Lacrosse MLB Baseball(Replay) (H) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 3939 39 39 3712 Money Money Greed (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid Woildwide Exchange
CNN 32323232 18 381360 (R)(TBA (R)( The Don |Making 360 (R)( nTBA (R) 360 (R) Earls (N)
CSPN 1818181837121 Capital Capital News Today Today in Washing tonToday in Washington
Kw( ThronKellys FileA d annityt 3 On Record c The Five FOX-Friend

HBHO'Boxing(apdlumey15 e Mysel (0)(1)yrine05 *
HBC3 S S 218) Hayes (.)addow M'DonnellMsardballHayes ( B)(Maddow ZTooEarly
SHOWews I News sNews Paid News)(N) Ns ews (N)AlmNews a )(N)(35) Bu News(N) MNews (N) e
M C 32 3 3 3 Armageddong Th Femme (Bodiess('13) (13 DepDon'trTello('91)
CIE 231231321212 Forbidden ('09) ___ Savages Fighting cartel.____(___:05) Con Air ('97) -k-ki ______ Made *-*-1/;
DISN~ ll6~l69 52CAsi lg Go LcklGoo Lckl|Shaket~ A.N.T. IOn ek IOn ek IWizrds Wizards IOn ek IOnDeck Fishike IPhineas
EN 5105C5 53CUnforgiven Cursed ('05) -k'h ___ (:40) Girl 6 ('96) (CO__)___ Crimes ('89) _____ Drown Mona
HO 323230, 0 0 0 0 Klown (R) __ Thrones IA Good Day to ('13) ___I__ Real Time ___ Magic Mike (N) ___ Bullies ___
HB233333333333342HBO Boxing (Taped) I____ Gumbel I(:15 ) Me, Myself ('00) I(:15 ) Syriana ('05) Y*-*-**
H 3303fl 3M 3 Snitch Seeking ('12) le___ mm Y*-*****Hired private eye. ____ Mis I unn ('8_____ Zero
SHO 3413434(3434(3436 Ins Com ILawless ('12) (Rl(CC) Ilnscom SawlII('05)Yrr *-** ___ (:35) Bully ('01) *-*-*- ______ Ms
T C 3 35 35(305308 Killng I__ Them Bodies ('13)______Assault ('13) _____ Depraved ('13) _____ Lorenzo ___


The Originals
8 p.m. on CW
"Long Way Back from
Hell" Rebekah awakens in
chains and finds that she
is being held at the mercy
of a vengeful witch from
her past; Elijah seeks help
in saving Klaus and Re-
bekah, but Marcel ponders
whether he should reveal
the information that could
trace their locations. (HD)
The 100
9 p.m. on CW
"Earth Skills" Clarke, Bel-
lamy, Octavia, Finn and
Monty trek across the
foreign land to find Jasper
after hearing he may still
be living, and are aston-
ished by what they discover
along the way; Abby seeks
Raven's help in organiz-
ing an escape pod to fly to
Earth. (HD)

9 p.m. on FAM
"The Tale of Two Confes-
sions" After Jo finally makes
a startling confession to
Charlie in favor of Danny's
defense, Charlie makes an
extreme decision in the
matter; while Tess and
Karen develop a bond over
their mutual hatred for Vi-
kram, they discover another
The Goldbergs
9:01 p.m. on ABC
"The President's Fitness
Test" Beverly wants to help
Adam by writing him a note
to get out of the upcom-
ing Presidential Physical
Fitness test, but then the
coach makes a new condi-
tion; Erica's French pen pal
comes to visit and Barry
wants to impress her. (HD)

About a Boy
9:01 p.m. on NBC
"About a Bubble" Marcus
is entrusted with his own


Maria Menounos has
been in front of the
cameras for years, but
now the cameras are fol-
lowing her on "Chasing
Maria Menounos," airing

Maria Menounos

Tuesday at 10 p.m. on
Oxygen. The docu-series
delves into her personal
life, which is hectic. She
lives with her boyfriend
of 15 years, Keven, and
her traditional Greek
immigrant parents who
never fail to mention
they are ready for grand-
children. And did we
mention the dogs? There
are a lot of them. There is
a great deal of pressure

on her, but she handles it
with a smile and a pretty
positive attitude.

As "How I Met Your
Mother" comes to a close
on Monday at 8 p.m. on
CBS, the cast is waxing
a bit poetic. Jason Segel
says that the trickle-
down theory worked for
the last nine years on
their set. "I think we're
all inherently nice people
and try to be nice people,
but Pam Fryman (execu-
tive producer, director)
has set a tone on set
from Season 1 where it
was, like, the thing that
took precedence over
anything was that we all
get along and that we all
be kind and good to each
other, and that the set
be a pleasant place to
be," Segel says. "I can't
imagine doing this for
nine years in a different
sort of environment, and
I don't think it was just
being smart. I think it's
who Pam is in her heart.
This has been like the
nicest place to come for
nine years, and nobody

house key when Fiona has
to put in overtime at work,
her trust in him is put to
the test after Will is forced
to rush him to the hospital
after an accident with a
knife; Will tries to win over
an attractive doctor. (HD)
Trophy Wife
9:31 p.m. on ABC
"Couples Therapy" Diane
confronts Pete about swap-
ping out his and Kate's
chili at the school's frontier
fundraiser, but he quickly
tells her they are going
to couples counseling;
Meg becomes an object of
fascination for Warren and
Hillary at Harrison's house.

Growing Up Fisher
9:31 p.m. on NBC
"Drug/Bust" Mel finds mari-
juana in Katie's bag, but
he soon learns that it was
Joyce who planted it there;
Henry is concerned that he
will become blind too, so he

could get out of line with-
out feeling really dumb
for doing it, you know?
It's just not what it's
like around here. I don't
know. I've learned a lot
just from being around

It has been a wild and
crazy season for Em-
ily (Emily VanCamp) on
"Revenge," airing Sunday
at 10:01 p.m. on ABC.
Every time it looks like
she's backed in a corner,
somehow she finds her
way out. But VanCamp
likes that Emily suffers
consequences for her
actions. "These people
stole everything from
her," VanCamp says of
her character. "They
are horrible people. And
she's quite justified. And
I think on some level,
you know, everybody can
connect with the theme
of revenge, whether they
act on it or not, and so I
think that's sort of where
the balance comes in,
you know. But we are
also seeing the cost of
what happens when you
do something like this.
She gets beat up and
bruised. She hurts the

Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC,
Agents Garrett (Bill Paxton)
and Triplett (B.J. Britt) are
back to help Coulson's team
hunt down S.H.I.E.LD.'s
nefarious enemy the Clair-
voyant on "Marvel's Agents
of S.H.I.E.LD.'

and Runyen go:, o:n a j':,urney
to see the one thing every
boy must see before he
loses his vision. (HD)

people she cares about.
And sometimes she gets
them hurt as well. I don't
think she is the same
person she was when
she began, which is a
good thing. She's starting
to see how her actions
don't just hurt the people
she is after."

When "Call The Midwife"
returns Sunday at 8 p.m.
on PBS (check your local
listings), there will be
some new faces on the
series. Sister Winifred
(Victoria Yeates) is a
naive young woman who
arrives from the Mother
House. While Sister Mon-
ica Joan's (Judy Parfitt)
behavior continues to
cause alarm, she is still
one of the best midwives
around. She even solves
a perplexing medical
mystery. New housewife
and mother Chummy
(Miranda Hart) tries to
get the community more
involved in the Communi-
ty Centre. After she helps
deliver a baby, she wants
to return to her calling as
a midwife. There's a lot
of drama, but the sisters
weather all storms that
come their way.

APR. 1

ABC7News CABCWorld The7 Entertainment Marvel's Agentsof 01)The (31) Troph MindGames: Thickerthan
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight (CC)(N) S.H.I.ELD.: End of the Begin- Goldbergs WifeCouples Water(CC) (N) (HD)
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (NH) ( (HD) ningTheteam hunts down the Presidential counseling. (N)
______ day. (N) (HD) ___________Clairvoyant (N) (HD) pardon. (N)___________________
ABC NewsThelat- ABCWorld TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Marvel's Agents of :01) Goldbergs (:31) Trophy (N) Mind Games: Thicker than
3At est nes News (N) (HD) (IVG) S.H.I.E.LD. Clairvoyant hunt. (N) )(HD) Water (CC) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Marvel's Agents of ):01 Goldbergs :31) Trophy (N) Mind Games: Thicker than
______i 7 News(N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) S.H.I.E.LD. Clairvoyant hunt. (N) (HD) Vater(CC) (N) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy!: NCIS: Crescent City Part II NCIS: Los Angeles: Spoils (:01) Person of Interest: Mos
CBS 10 1010 10 6pmLoca Newswith tune(CC)(N) Decades Tour- (CC) (N) (HD) of War (CC) (N) (HD) Likely To... (CC) (N) (HD)
0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) HD) nament-the
______(N) I4(HD) 200s
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- NCIS: Crescent City Part II NCIS: Los Angeles: Spoils of [:01) Person of Interest: Most
1 3 )3.(N)(HD) tion (N) (CC) (N) (HD)) War (CC) (N)(HD) Likely To... (N) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice: The Battles, (:01) About a (31) Growing Chicago Fire: No Regrets The
NBC RR R R R 8at6:00 News News Current 8 at7:00 News;Tonight (CC)O(N) Round 2 Continues (CC) (N) BoyEmer- Up Fisher Mel firehousehastheirlimftstested
ag.. i 3 8 r d y "l *:iBJ': 3 ,: *: 'i: i l I m ,I 1":,,-,( ',.:., IHIII HI:I *..:'- : ,,:,:',' nil hI '.: r.:-., i i -i h .: 3 i ,I :,:.ll1.],-: I l'I i
I I.I f II, I I,
NBC News III)i NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy il TheVoice: TrI,.- .i-:..:- u- BoyErIn.:,. Fisher l.-i ChicagoFire:I i.:. I:--.:r -
201 -News il tulne I |HlII ",.l' u.:. ,-iii'. : 1.:.:. i.: *E1., r31,- i, h.'.:i-.
FOX 136:00News .: T -IZ', ,i'l Thel Insider Glee:I I1.: .:.i TI,. I I.-: TheMindyProlect:Firi.: 1.FOX 1310:00 ONews T.:.i:.:I.:-
FO X : : ,I:'' rr: l i : *:*: y Jli li IBII'-'.r.:ri liii 1-1lii. 1..., .. ll.i l.:i.I:: i r, 1. : :. l-. n: 3i ii:u|.
Ii I I yI, I-.i,^ :.I. .I. i, ; FI.-I- .l ]": ; .-I .-. .:.l -, in. :i m I' .:. iI-1.. 1.: .:ll.:-I'i: IIrI:IInIn-I'IIIH,3 .-.:.: nll H..5I. ", 1 I: I-i ."l': : l i~rlh l,
I., ; I., I B '1 III) I 1, .:.i IH I|_ I1, 1 T. I' I B i" III)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six i.:..: i JudgeJudy TheSinmpsonsGlee: 1.: 11. .:.i -Iuririr,, TheMindyProlectlr-.:iri. FOX 4 News atTen i,.r, il
3 6 -- -,_ __ l,-r .: '-al"'-r Illl _____ I |~HI:1| ____ m _____ I I,- i,:,,I I~H H Im il ___I__I_-lj ,1"~j1, 3.' : |l|m'| ____1,.;: ;~H ) I',- |: .-Il:,i1 |l ____
PBS BBCWordd BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour v ,l" l The Story oftheJews..- :r, The Story oftheJews :r.:n The Story oftheJews: :.-Fu r,
i 3 J *' '_ I ___ N e W S I, !, Fp )rt lll ___ HIII______I.____ -I', I:ll; I;.jl -il:.; |1|'_____ : ull -ur; I I HI |H :| ____ .I.- 1.:11,',.:.I''.;l-I .3I',, ___
P S ul i SesameStreet:.:.'rifTi:.ui.: CatinHat l0 Peg+Cati',I FatherBrown: Tri-,.:-ri-i, DocMarin:Li.:i.i, 111-,1.:.i-. Vera:2.-i i .:r : ::.:c i
.10.1 __ _' ;:.ijriiriiii.:.:i.:riii.:.ri M__ IIII __hin __ 11. I a.: 1 -13 1-. hr.: I HIIIIMIII I i.:$:.r3 r *:~.): -:1iij; __ *:. '' lhii i~i ___
PBS BBCWorld Business Re- The PBS NewsHour' IIIll America's Wild West i :.i.-: .: ri ir.:.u: Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For
30 1__I N e w s ,, I" hortlil H III I'.-.:..-: i l I"I: HIHH | Y O I-ou F r I,.:, I,*.-.: ,.:,: .,: i i'' iHIM II
C w Modem I-:i: IModem -rin Big Bang l'i Big Bang i', I TheOnginals :-I:..-i 3, The 100: E-3,Hr,- I ill: Rri--ri. News @ 1Opm I II I II
46 1"; .i:'1 1i11ii ,I 11 1-i1 i IHIII IHII .':i'ii 'I'I-I". h IEI i'ihiI I III:I: ; ii l "
CW I .. Oueens I N I Queens: I ., 2 112 Men i,, 2112 Men ii The Onginals I:.-i- 3I, The 100: E 1i- El ill: Irn-,rIr. Rules IMIIHl Engagement:
4411 i M1 1 HIII II:.:r.I-. IHI' 1 I|HIII .:iili." 3':' r I I III3fEI.lI|:r 'l |l lI|HIl MIII1:31IE.B
RMYN 11 14 11 aynnd: ThE Seinfeld (CC) FailyFeud Family Feud Bones: The Man in the Mud Bones: Player Under Pressure Cops Re- CopsRe-
M ____ ______(VPG) (IVPG) Motorcycle racer (H1) Hoops player killed. loaded (H1) loaded (H1)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland(CC) FamGuy(CC) FamGuy(CC) Bones: The Man in the Mud Bones: Player Under Pressure Law & Order Special Victims
X9 (HD1) (HO)) Motorcycle racer (H)) Heoops player killed. Unit: Identity (HO)
IND 12 1212 12 Modem Botox ModemAnni- Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Office:The TheOffice:
2 1 mishap. versary. (HDM (HD) Unit: Identty(HDO Unit: Pique (HO) Deposition Promos
ION 1 1 1 Criminal Minds: Painless Mas- Criminal Minds Abducted Criminal Minds: God Complex Criminal Minds: The Good The Listener: Lady in the Lake
C 2 2 1 26 sacresurvivors. (H) children. (CC) (HO) Sadistic surgeon. Earth Missing men. Mysterious woman.
WCLF 222222 2 ChristianFit- Today Faith & Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Henry Babers, Richard Rob- Hannah(CC) PenyStone Life Today
22 22 ness healing. (CC) Sr. erts (CC) __(C O(N) (Co)
WX22 M 10 JoyceMeyer Savingthe In- Hannah(CC) Great Awaken Tour Turning Point Reaching JoyceMeyer PlaceMira- TheWatch-
(CC 2 1_____vestor heaven. (C) (R) (Ccles man
TIF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Pelicula Laviudanegra Lavidade
50 (IVPG) (CC) escolar. (IVPG) (CC) Giselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero Dequetequiero, tequiero PorsiemprerniamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
2 i (N) Univisi6n (N) Natalia huye. y maldad.(CC) (H) sin amor (CC) (H) Humilde hogar.

A&E 26 Storage (C (R) Storage (1VPG) Storage Kng oStoStor (CC) (R Storage ( (R Storage (CC) (R) Storage Wars: Storage Wars: Barry'd (CC)(N) Storage (CC)(R)
A&E 26 26 26 39 50 181 tsch. (H) (H) (H) #109 #110 (H) (HO)
AMC 56 56 56 5 1 (430) John Q ('02) Dad tries to Shooter ('07) A former Marine sniper is recruited to prevent the assassination of the presi- Game of Arms (CC) (N) (H))
MC 56 56 56 56 3 53 31save his dying son. dent and is framed for the assassination of an Ethiopian dignitary. (CC)
Finding Bigfoot: Further Hog River Monsters: The Giants Great Barrier Reef An extraordinary natural wonder and its RiverMonsters: Goes Tribal
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 deathsexamined. Largefish. (CCO (R)(H) fascinating wildlife are presented. ((( (O (r) Angling methods. (R)
BET 3 35 35 35 40 22 270 106 & Park (CC() (N) (H)) JustWright ('1O, Comedy) **Queen Latifah, Common. Atoughphysi- Game(IV14)(R) Game(MV14)(N) Let'sStay(N)
cal therapist becomes romantically involved with an NBA star. (HO)) (HO)) (HO))
BRAVO 68 68 68 6 Real Housewives Beverly Real Housewives Beverly Real Housewives N.Y. House- The Real Housewives of New The Real Housewives of At-
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 25 51 185 Empty nests (CC) (R) Venting about Lisa. (R) warming fight. (R) York City (CC) (R) lanta Casting regrets.
COM 66 66 6666 15 7 90 SouthPrk Tosh.OSpelling ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Schumer(CC) Tosh.OCollege Tosh.O\Worst Tosh.0(CC()(R) Tosh.O(CC((N) Schumer(CC()
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 (1 R) bee. (R) (H1)) (1)(R(HP)) Jife.(R) shock. (HD) (41H)) (N (HP)
DISC 40 4040 40 25 43 120 Moonshiners Tradition re- Moonshiners Tradition re- Amish Mafia: The Devil's Cut Amish Mafia: Doppel Leben Clash ofthe Ozarks: Justified
S40 40 40 40 4 ealed. (CC) (HO)) sealed. (CC) (HO)) Levi leaves; extras Amish strip club. (N) Auction day anrrives.
(5:30) KeepingUpwiththe E! News Entertainment Giuliana & Bill Starlet cou- Tia&TameraTwinswork to Total Divas Professional female
E! 46 46 46 46 21 26196 Kardashians (H)) news. (H)) pIle. (HO)) stay connected. (HO)) wrestlers. (HO))
ES 82 82 82 82 118 1181 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps Risky Listing NYC real es- Risky Listing NYC real es- White Collar Brawlers
S 11 II 1 others. (CC) (HO)) others. (CC) (HO)) tate. (H)D) tate. (HO) Worker boxing. (HO))
EWIN 243 243 243 12 11 285 EWTN Nightly Let Us Love Daily Mass Celebration ofthe Mother Angelica Live Clas- EWTN Nightly Holy Rosary Threshold of Hope Pope
EWTN 24324343 12 7 News TeHoly Eucharist. (R) sics MotherAngelica. News (IVG) John Paul II.
FAM 55 5 5 55 10 46 199 Middle: The Middle Landing Another Cinderella Story ('08) A teenage girl falls in love Twisted Secret discovered. Twisted Secret discovered.
FAM 10 46 199 Bachelor a ob. with theteen popstar who attends her school. (N) (R)
FOOD 37 3173 1 1616 Chopped: Chewing the Caul Chopped: KeepOnTruckng Chopped: Brunch Boxes Chopped: Redeemed Or Chopped Difficult item. (R)
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Fat Picle juice. (R) Two meats (R)(HD) Champagne. (R) (HO) Re-Chopped? Faux meat. (HO)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 3 HowlMet: 21V2Men(CC() 21i2Men(CC() CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger (11, Action) *** A regular guy Justified:Starvation Arresting
FX 51 51 51 Benefits (HO) (HD) is transformed into a super soldier and battles evil villains. Darryl Jr.(N) (HO)
GSN 179171917191719 1719 N Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Minute to Win It (R) The Chase (R) FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 179179179179 34 179 184 Mm) IW ] IV____1VPG) (TVPG)
iA 5 1 The Waltons: The Hot Rod The Waltons: The Gold Watch TheWaltons: The Beginning MiddleAxl Middle (CC) Frasier (IVPG) Frasier(IVPG)
HALL 5 5 5 17 '3 J40im-Bob returns. (CC) Rose's beau returns Church reopens (CC)O grounded. (HD) (CC) (C)
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 (5:00) Target Earth ETs tak- American Pickers: Feudin' American Pickers Costly res- American Pickers Hotrod; res- American Pickers Batmobile;
HI 8 ing Earth. Pickers Feuding family. toration. (CC) (R) (HO) toration. (CC) (R) (HO) camel. (CC) (R) (HO)
OME 411 4 4 42165 PropertyVir- PropertyVir- International House PropertyVir- PropertyVir- Income Property Renting out House International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 ginsHD ginsH (H)) Hunters (HO) gins (H) gins (H) rooms. (CC) (H)) Hunters(HD) (HO)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Home Environment Ronco Healthy As Seen On TV Home Sol. (N) Home Environment
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Wife Swap: Cathrea;Stewart DanceMoms Payton's mem- Dance Moms Kira'sdaugh- Dance Moms: Family Comes KimofQueens: Double Trou-
L 6 6 6 6 41 140 Doomsday. (1VPG) bership. (CC) (R) (HO1) ter. (CC) (R) (HO)) First On their own. ble Twins'identities.

AP 1 == l,'LA { i'L '-'-n ;_'J ; :1I ii'L ]{ lIJ' t{

OWN 58 58 58 58 4 103 161 Oprah's Next Chapter: Tyler iThe Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and Have Nots The Haves and the Have Nots
5 58 5 10161 Perry Tyler Perry. (R) Jeffery comes out. Benny's condition. Campaign crushed. (R) Jeffery comes out.
IE 51 51 51 5 29 63 54 InkMaster:BugOutBelievable InkMaster:TattGangedTattool InkMaster Nude & Tattooed Ink Master: X Men's Hugh Ink Master (N) (HD)
7_ 57 7_ 63 4 insects. (R) (HD) challenge. (R)(HN) Naked bodies. (R) Jackman (R) (HD) _______ __
SY 1 61 61 6125 m 1 Face Off: Mad Science Medical Face Off: What a Dahl Unique Face Off: Freaks of Nature Face Off: Industrial Revolu- Creature Sho Challenge:
67 67 67 67 2 64 180 devices. (R) (HD)) characters. (R) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) tion (CC) (N) (HD) Return of the keksis
TBS 59 595 5936 Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld(IVPG) FamGuy(CC) Big Bang (CC) BigBang (CC) Big Bang Ten- Big Bang (CC) Cougar (CC) (N) Big Bang (CC)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 (H) (H ) ure fight. (HD) (HD) (HD)
TM 65 656565 169 230 (!5:15) The Great Race ('65) **12 A daredevil challenges The Disorderly Orderly (64) *** A (:45) Sleeper (73, Comedy Woody Allen. A
_____ his chief nemesis to an around-the-world road race. kutzy orderly works at a sanitarium. (CC) health food store owner is frozen.
TIC 45 45 45 45 7 19 Kids and Counting Cele- 19 Kids Bates 19 Kids (CC) (R) 19 Kids and Counting Charity 19 Kids and Counting Little (CC) (N) Little (CC) (R)
45 45 45 72 13 brate.(CC)(R)(HD) family (HD) sale.(CC) (R) (HD) DuggarstestBen. (N)(HD) (HD) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: 3XK Tracking downTri- Castle: Almost Famous World r NBA Basketball: Houston Rockets at Brooklyn Nets from Barclays NBA Basket-
_I_ I____1 pie Kiler. (CC) (HD) of male strippers. D Center (live) (CC) (HliD) ball (Live)
TRAV 69 69 69 69A260 6 110 Man v. Food Man v. Food Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v. Food Man v. Food Bizarre Foods America Un- Extreme Yachts Yacht de-
69____ ___ 1(HD) (HliD) Zimmern (CC) (HliD) (HD) usual food in U.S. (CC) signs.
TRUIV i Impractical JokersBiJ,-:r,, Jokers uI:1.: Jokers: :B,.- Jokers'fi:.: Jokers: Ti,.:.u Jokersi: IT Impractical: Impractical The
,,iv ,{ ,i t 1 3 I- *a.F |.:..:, I.:,-1',.-, ", 1 i 1 E I.: r i:,i. -,.:. .:.ll..:IIT i.:. .., (uI. Carbonarotl,
rVLND ._.' ._' '11 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
U 1 .. Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Chnsley ", 1tii u i Modem
:"" -- *- Unit:'..:.iui,_l.- ,I Unit l'i E Iii' I.i (H':: 'ily lM M ily (HIII ily (HIII ily IIII III Family
WE ,,, ,,, ,, ,,., Law t&Order: T.- i,.}: :i.- Lawg&Order: :r .:.i:.,i ri, Law Order I:,.:. 3 .:-.: Law & Order :ii.- r .:.i Law &Order: l.:.1 ..-, ,
1W E Tii I Till II .-I : I Il :. I.; .:.3. (Hill .:u |.:II::- I II III Hfui' ..-i I(I H III l.l"'IU. .I :U.:E : Il
W N 1 1Amenca's FunniestHome Amernca'sFunniestHome The Devil's Advocate -' Tr,,l-.:I, ,*-*:r -u.: .*E 113:1,.:. i3iii:.:i:1 i ,:,
W tN t _t I Videos i,. ",:.:,nr.i Videos ,.F 'i:,:ri;,.= -.: i mi:.IE ; -.:.i -.:.i13 *: i,- t-i.:idi,-.: .:*:, : i,. II
cs *x h Geico SportsNITE HIII To Be Announced i:,:. 3-m Ir'.:.iP "rii i.:.rI': u'E Ii i O h1:. i -1. :ToBeAn- 3GolfWeekly
.... nounced
ESPN _.. _.." .." h, SportsCenter: 1:-1 i-,1.:.1 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament: 2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament:
"N '.,:,1-"1" nil (I I I HII(Hill I.: iI,- ,-..ji.7:,l-tll --iI'l (I_.- 1(1111 I (HIIIl' :_r i -l' jhLj,, l ^i-,al il- i il (|I-.1. (1I ||(HI:I|
ESPN2 ... Around the Interruption 2014 NIT Basketball Toumrnament: .:_-ri',, l : h.:.' 2014 NIT Basketball Tournament: ::r_-iil :".:.h:
"_ "HomIMI ,,P I II I( il -IIII III :i qu *:- 1 -il I. ,. I(1 ...II(Hil' l .3i, :. :_ qu3' -.-: ,.3.-n -il I.' (1...- (HIII
FI lx lx ,, 1' Horse Racing:rI 1.- .1 :,-. .:.u i:.-. Riseasi, Riseasoill', World Poker Tour i :.i: Touch'EmAII MLB Whip Around i1,,1
.. _____ Uubai tkeplayi )U) IU) I w Fi ,,ida-Fina Tablel 11w 1W
FSN 72 72 72 56 77 UFC Insider(N) Marlins LIVE! MLB Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (HliD) MarlinsLIVE! Marlins (HD)
I_ I I 1 (HP) I)(N)(HD) (N) (HD)
GOLF 49494949 55 60 304 Golf Central(N Inside PGA GolfAcdmy Learning(N) PGA TOUR Golf: Shell Houston Open: Final Round: from RedstoneGC Tournament
GOL149 49 49 4(4D) Tour(HD) (N) I(HD) Course in Humble, Texas (Replay) (HID)
NBCSN 71 71 7 1 5461 90 Pro Football Top 10 NHLLive(N) NHL Hockey: Philadelphia Flyers at St. Louis Bluesfrom Scottrade NHLOvertime
__ 7 Talk (N) E,/ Center (live)(CC) (HID) (4HD)
SUN 38 38401 401 45 76 HowtoDoFla Rays LIVE! (N) '"- MLB Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (Live) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside(HD)
38 3 0] (141) /(141) (ND) (141))
NICK 252525252444252 Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sam&Cat(R) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse Senio Full Hse (CC) Full Hse:All Full Hse Juliet' Full Hse (CC)
NIC (R) 2(R) (R) (14D) prank _Stood Up kss. /
8 N 181241 0 25 Grandpa (R) Grandpa (R) Grandpa(N) Grandpa() King Hill Ft King Hill (CC) Cleveland(CC)O Cleveland(CC) Dad Wrestling FamGuy(IV14)
TOONfetish. ( |HD) I(HD) record.

CNBC 39 39 39 39 371 102 Mad Money (CC) The Profit: Skullduggery Shark Tank (CC) (lID) Shark Tank (CC) (lID) The Profit (N)
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper360 To Be Announced Info un- CNN Special Report Tsu-
CNMN 3 3 3 Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HliD) available. nami updates. (R)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 12109 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
CSPN 18 18 18 18 3 \ 1 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events (N) Public policy (N)
C 6 4 71 1 Special ReportwithBretBaiei On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FN 8 \ 18Thelatest news.(N) Susteren (N) (H4D) talk. (CC) (N) (HlID) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (HID)
MSNB 8383 8383 185 40 103 PoliticsNation Rev. AI Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MNB 3 3 83 8 8 Sharpton. (N) (lID) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HlID) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HlD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) Medical Paid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) News (N)
Cm 41 41 4 232421 RebaDental Reba:Valen- Reba Reba:Terry The Dukes of Hazzard Duke's Footloose ('84, Drama) A Chicago teen moves to a small
_CMTV 4_ 4 4 lawsuit, tine's Day Make-over (HD) Holl way neighbors. (HlID) town where dancing and rock 'n' roll are banned.
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Girl Code Girl Code 16 and Pregnant Pregnant Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2(N) (HD)
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210girls talk. (CC) kids. (HP)) kids. (lHD)
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217Basketball Wives LA(R)(H) TlandTiny(R) ThisisHot97 Black lnk Crew (CC) (R) (Hli) Booty Call ('97, Comedy) **Two men with big plans are
___,H__ (141_______ (D) (R) (HD) _________ stymied when their girlfriends insist on safe sex.
(5:50) Ted (12, Comedy) MarkWahlberg. A (:45) Tombstone ('93 Western) *** The three Earp brothers and Doc The Bourne Legacy (12,
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 man's vulgar, living teddy bear comes Holliday move to an Arizona mining town only to find that the place is unde Action) Agent seeksto expose
___ __ _____ between him and his girlfriend. (CC) the control of a gang led by the Clanton brothers. (CC) ICIA cnmes. (CC)
(5:15) Blown Away .94, Action) (:15) Warm Bodies ('13) *** Nicholas Hoult, Teresa The Godfather ('72, Drama) **** Marion Brando AI
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Mad bomber hurt Bomb Palmer. A zombie learns his romance with a human has set Pacino. A reluctant heir takes over crime family from ailing
___ __ _____ Squad member (R) off a chain of unusual events. (PG-13) (CC) (HlID) patriarch. (R) (CC).
Good Luck Good Luck Austin &Ally: Dog with Blog Princess Protection Program (09) Demi (:40)Jessie Good Luck Jessie Girl
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Charlie:Team Teddy Babysits Sports& Talkngdog Lovato. A young princess learns important Family history. Charlie:Sister, scouts. (O(R)
_____ Mom SToby. Sprains video. lessons about life and friendship. (R) (H1D) Sister (I(HD)
(5:50) Pleasantville ('98) ** 2Tobey Maguire, Jeff Enough ('02, Drama) ** Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell. The Grudge ('04, Horror) **
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 Daniels. Teens are transported toa '0s sitcom, and their An abused woman trains to protect herselfagainst her Female student uncovers
___ __p_____ presence causes big changes. (PG-13) (CC) violent husband. (PG-13) (CC) deadly curse. (CC)
Real Time Trouble with the Curve ('12, Drama) *** Clint 24/7: Pacquiao The Great Gatsby ('13, Drama) *** Leonardo
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 w/Bill Maher Eastwood, Amy Adams. A baseball scout takes his Bradley201 DiCaprio Tobe Maguire. A war veteran finds himself
___ __ ___ (1VNA) daughter on what could be his last recruiting trip.(PG -13) (CC) (HiD) caught in a world of decadence and lies. (PG-13) (CC) (HiD)
War of the Worlds ('05) *** Tom Cruise. A man The Heat ('13) **1 A tense and uptight FBI agent has to Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO2 303 30330 303303 303 402 Rrotects his children as aliens launch a deadly attack on team up with a lewd and crude Boston cop to take down a (TVMA) (CC) (Hli)
_____ Earth. (PG -13) (CC) (HliD) ruthless drug lord taking over the city. (CC)O
(5:40) The Lovely Bones ('09, Drama) *** Mark The Sopranos: Made in Promised Land ('12, Drama) **12 Matt Damon, John
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Wahlberg Rachel Weisz.The teenage victim of a serial AmericaThe Familydealswith Krasinski. Natural gas company representatives try to buy
___ _____ killer watches her grieving family from Heaven. (CC) consequences. (HliD) out a small rural town. (R) (CC) (1HD)
(4:30)TheNew Sinister (12) 12i/ Ethan Hawke. After a novelist House of Lies: Shameless: Emily Fiona goesto a Inside
SHOW 340 340 340 340 3401340 365 Daughter ('09) learns about unsolved murders, something stirs in his new Together(R)(HDI correctional facility; Lip meets Amanda's Comedy Fred
___ _____ __ home. (R) (CC) (HliD) parents. (CC) (R) (HliD) WIlard. (R)
(:20) Save the Date (12, Comedy) ** Lizzy Caplan, The Brass Teapot (13, Comedy) **%2 Juno Temple, As Cool As I Am (13, Drama)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Alison Brie. A woman goes to her sister for emotional Michael Angarano. A young couple discovers their brass **Teenager grows into her
___ __ support after leaving her boyfriend. (R) (CC) (HliD) teapot gives them money when they get hurt. (CC) sexuality. (R) (COC)

iM1R1,.H,1 .-i.,=
ABC[ 2C I 111 7 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M1 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 7 7 1017 7 News Kimmel NighMine IPaid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1, 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCCI 8 8 8 8 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Mone Early News News(N)
FOX 33 131313 13 13 1News Access Dish TMVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News (N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 330 Rock 0 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS CU 3 3 3 3 Israel (R) |Rose(N) The Story The Story The Story Ind. Lens (R) Katmai
PBS I2020420 16 Vera Rose (N) Europe Antiques Brown D.Martin Yard (R) Healing Yoga
PBS 1 13 3 3 Solutions Detox Diet (R) Rose (N) The Sto The Story Antiques Selfridge
.CW -) 6 21 6 21/2Men 21/2Men How I Met How I Met Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish TMZ Harvey 70s 70s
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN i ""I II I Seinfeld Commun Raymond Amenca OK!TV Bndezilla 70s "70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN I I X Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunn Sunny Ti Death "Ti Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND 121III F i FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Pne e TTher Yet hereYet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION S I I' 'A I iListener Trace Without Without Paid Paid Inspiration Today
W l 2-21 Purpose Awaken Awaken You and Me CTN Spec 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
WRX(Y4901 11 I"News Awaken Awaken YouandMe Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF M501 '1 'J Deportivo Pelicula ILa viuda Deportivo Pagado Iado do Contacto
UNIV 21 1 1I 11 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito ICerocnd. Casa sa HoyP Gordo Primer Noticiero
II j I W- I pdmerI1
A&E 1* *" "I Storage Storage Storage IStorage IStorage Storage lBarrv'd Storage Storage Storage Paid IDogBnty Dog Bnt Ipaid
AMC -1 -1 al l l ,' GameArms PulpFiction .:)ih ,') GameArms Commando ., **'i
APL i Great Barrier m 1n-mii Rivernm Giants 0i Great Barrier 0t IImii, Rivernm
BET 1 'i Game Let's Stay Wendy Latifah ConicV IConicV ComicV Panther BET Inspiration___
BRAV "" Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Southern Paid Paid Paid Paid
CM "... I. *i- Daily IColbert midnight Schumer Daily IColbert midnight Schumer South Prk South PrkSouth Prk South Prk Paid Paid
DISC i1 i n1 1 I. I 'I Amish Clash i) Amish Moonshiner Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 46 6 6 27 261 C. Lately News (R) C. Lately Total Diva C. Late Sou Drama Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 8282828211R11 is1 Ris ky R Brawlers Brawlers Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 242432412 17 28 Catechis WomenGr Daily Mass Angelica News Defending Love St Luke's PapalAud. Faith
FAM 5555 5555 10 4619 700 Club BelAir BelAir Bel-Air BelAir Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 373713737 7616 Diners Diners Chopped Chopped ODiners Diners Chopped On Rocks Paid Paid
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Justified Justified Justified Wilfred Presents Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 171797117 3417 18 Minute Baggage Baggage Fam.Feu Fa Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Mind Mind Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 7324( Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 336512 American American American American American Paid Trains Paid
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 4216 Renovation Income Income Hunters Hunters Property P Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36363636 52411 Kim (R) Dance Momrs Dance Momrs Kim (R) Kim(R)Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Haves Haves Haves Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 5757157157296354 Nighme Nightn Nihmre Nihenk Master Nihe Nihtn Nhmre Nihe Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 671671612 6418 Face Off Creature Jabberwock 11 Ferocious Planet Paid Paid
TBS 59 59595932 62 52 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Forbidden '08 (CC) Married Married Married Eai
TCM 65 65165165 162 OutWest '37 Steamboat The Kid Three Stges ('63) Trailer ('54)**2
TIC 45454545 5717213 19 Kids Little Little 19 Kids19 Kids 19 Kids Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 NBA (live) (CC) (HD) Inside NBA Mentalist Law (HD) Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 66 1 Yachts Bizarre Yachts Yachts Bizarre Bizarre Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 3018 Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers CarbonaJr J Jokers Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 542 Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens __ Queens RoseanneIRoseanne Cosby Cosby Cosby 70s 70s Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 Modem Sirens Chrisle Chrisley (:01) SVU SVU (HD) SVU:Fat SVU(HD) SVU (HD)
WE 1111171171 1114 Law: Ego Law (HD) CSI Miami CSI Miami Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Paid Paid
WGN 1616 161941 11 9 How Met How Met Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Sports Sports Sports SportsSports Sports Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 NITBask. Olbermann Olbermann INBA Baseball NASCAR NFL Live Nation Olbermann
FS1 48 484848 42 69 83 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports NASCAR Sprint Cu: STP 500
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrid Poker MLB Game (Replay) NHL Hockey (H) Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 Gl GoSCt PGA Tour PGA TOUR Golf (Replay) ((P) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid PGA Tour
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Costas Top 10 Premier League (N) Premier Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 30 30 40140145 57 761Sports Lightning NHL Hockey (Ta ed) MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39393939 310 Shark Shark "2.The Profit Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange ,
CNN 32323232 183810( 360 (R)TBA (R)CNNSpc. 360 (R) TBA (R) 360 (R) Early (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 371210 Capital Capital News Toda Today inWashing tone EToda in Washin ton
FNC 6464 64 64 48 7111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318 4010 Hayes (R) Maddow ODonnell Hardball Hayes (R) MaddowFirst Look Too Early
SNN 666 11 11 ews News News Paid I News (N) As e)nNews (N)(6

CINE2 32132132132132132142Godfather Disconnect ('13) Forbidden ('09) Stigmata ('99) Blue Crush
DISN 13 13O613136 99 452 Austin Blog Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. OnDeck OnDeck Wizards Wizads OnDeck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENG 15(150151 1535 Grudge The Exorcist ('73) (R) Hudson Hawk ('91) (:25) In the Cut ('03) _CitySlick
HBO 3%0230233232340(1 Gatsby VME HBO Boxing (HP)1(:15) Trance ('13) (CC) Snatchers ('94) OffAir
HB02 303 3 3402 Dark Shadows ('12) 1 Best Sex lOutbreak ('95) (CC) (:]0) Election ('99) (R)
HB03 30 M 3 Arlington Road ('99) VMating H. ('99) lAbsent ('11) (:05) Dr. No ('62) (CC)
SHOW 36 Shameless Gigolos Sexy Baby **%1 2The Yards ('00) ** 2 Jay ('01) ** (CC) Musketee
TMC 3513 353 33 30 Cool As Friends ('98) Fascination ('04) (R) Eden ('08) (CC) (:40) Tribe ('98)


The Middle
8 p.m. on ABC
"The Smell" Mike, goaded
into an assistant coaching
position for the girls soc-
cer team, has to take over
when Bill must back out due
to work and discovers how
difficult coaching can be;
Frankie discovers a terrible
smell coming from Brick.
8 p.m. on CW
"Deathstroke" Slade faces
the aftermath of attacking
Oliver, and Oliver is left in
a rush against time as he
attempts to save his fam-
ily; an important member
of Oliver's team begins to
question his priorities; Isa-
bel makes her move against
Queen Consolidated. (HD)


8:30 p.m. on ABC
"The Ballad of Piggy Duck-
worth" Dallas recruits Tessa
to help be her support when
she attends her mother's
funeral, along the way she
confronts her rivalry with
her sister and deals with
how she felt toward her
mother; George, Noah and
Fred go on a grouper. (HD)
The 100
9 p.m. on CW
"Earth Kills" During their
hunt to find a seaweed
antibiotic with hopes of
treating Jasper's wounds,
Clarke, Finn and Wells run
into an acidic fog; Bellamy
and his crew come across a
youthful girl looking for pro-
tection while they scavenge
the land for food. (HD)
American Pickers
9 p.m. on HIST
"The Mega-Pick" The guys
stumble upon a property in
Colorado that is stockpiled


L L 9

Z6 a
e 9 C

SL 6
S fr l.
8 B a

with rustic treasures; in
Massachusetts, a huge bid
is placed on a one-of-a-kind
class car collection's 1961
Messerschmitt; a buyer
eyes the rare Fiat cutaway
car bought in Italy. (HD)
9:31 p.m. on ABC
"Tom & Maya II" Tom and
Maya are getting along,
making Bruce and Cal
proud, until Laura enters
the bar and when their plan
for a quick exit fails Maya
steps up; Liv is jealous of
Jessica and Fab's abilities
to flirt with men. (HD)
10 p.m. on ABC
"Crazy" The news that
Maddie released goes viral
and the media responds
quickly, including being a
story on "The View"; Rayna
tries to manage the fallout
by going on "Good Morning
America"; Juliette tries to
fill more seats on her tour.

April Fools: TV
Tricksters, Grifters
and Pranksters
1. The inspiration of
a film franchise, this
classic TV series with
iconic theme music
followed a secret team
of government agents
who staged elaborate
deceptions against
world-class villains.

2. First for NBC and now
for Lifetime, this veteran
TV performer hosts a
series in which senior
citizens play pranks on
the younger generation.

3. On this TNT drama
series, a former insur-
ance investigator leads
a thief, a con artist, a
computer hacker and
a retrieval specialist
as they avenge victims
of corporate and
governmental injustices.

4. Robert Vaughn played
the Roperr" of "marks"

When two murder victims
are found in a backwoods
community in West Virginia,
Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew
Gray Gubler) and the BAU
uncover a long-simmering
feud between two families
and must investigate which
side could be responsible
for the deaths on "Criminal
Minds," airing Wednesday at
9 p.m. on CBS.

for a team of grifters as
they practiced the "long
con" on this popular
BBC drama series,
which also ran six of its
eight seasons on AMC.

5. Airing on truTV,
this hidden-camera
practical-joke reality
series follows the
comedy troupe The
Tenderloins as they
coerce one another into
doing public pranks,
while the others feed
them lines through an

,,sja>lor l|o!oPJdUlH,, "t
,,alJsnH,, 17

:uO!SS!lAl,, "T



5 1 8

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6 8 9 5

9 2 3


ABC7 News ABCWorld The 7 Entertainment The Middle: Suburgatory Modem Famn- Mixology:Tom Nashville:Crazy The newsthat
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight(CC) (N) The Smell Girl's Dallas' mother. ily: A Hard & Maya 1 Laura Maddie released goes viral and
2 6newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) () (HD) soccer team.(N) (CC) (N)(HD) Jay's Night (N) shows up. (N) the media responds quickly. (N)
_____ day. (N) (HD) __________(HD)) ______(HD)
ABC I INewsThelat- ABCWorld T"heList (IVG) AskAmerica Middle:The Suburgatory Modem(CC)(N) (:31)Mixology Nashville: Crazy Maddie's
8 estnews News (N) (HD) (TYG) Smell (N) (N) (HD) (HD) (N) (HD) news. (CC) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Middle: The Suburgatory Modem(CC)(N) (:31)Mixology Nashville: Crazy Maddie's
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10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy!: Survivor: Cagayan (CC) (N) Criminal Minds: Blood Rela- CSI: Crime Scene Investi-
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca Newswith tune (CC) (N) Decades Tour- (HD) tions Longstanding feud be- gation: The Fallen (CC) (N) (HD)
0 0 0 news report. ScottPelley(N) (H) nament-the tweenfamilies. (CC) (N) (H)
______(N) (HD1)) 2000s
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HP) Inside Edi- Survivor: Cagayan (CC) (N) Criminal Minds Longstanding CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
1 33 1 (N) (HD)) tion (N) (HD)) feud. (CC) (N) (HD)) tion: The Fallen (N)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Law & Order: Special Vic- Law& Order: Special Victims (:01) Chicago P.D.: At Least
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at6:00 News News Current 8 at7:00 News; Tonight(CC)(N) times Unit Squad investigates Unit: Downloaded Child It's Justice Voight hasto pull
[ and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) sex crimes. (CC) (HD) Benson suspectswoman was Halstead's badge. (CC) (N) (HD)
abused. (N)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly WheelofFor- Jeopardy(N) Law & Order:SpecialVictims Law & Order:SVUSuspected ChicagoP.D.:AtLeast It'sJus-
2 2 2 News(N) tune (N) (HP)D) Unit Sex crimes. abuse. (CC) (N) (HD)) tce Profiler's body.
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider American Idol: Finalists Perform (CC) (N) (HD) FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday are examined (CC) (N) (HN) resofthe newsday are up-
1 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy Paradise TV American Idol: Finalists Perform (CC) (N) (HD) FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N 4_ 4 news; weather. (N) (R) (HD)) news report. (N)
PBS 3 BBCWorId BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Nature: White Falcon, White NOVA: WId Predator Invasion Secrets ofthe Dead S.Amer-
3 3 3 1 3 1 News (CC) port(N) (HD) Wolf Lost wolf. (R) Predators returned. ica refuge. (N) (HD)
PBS 9204204 16 Sesame Street Unexpected Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat(CC) Amazing Underground Se- Old House (N) Home(CC) (R) Fake or Fortune? Painting re-
m-- --6 Iguests. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD)) (R) crets Exploring below. (HD) (HD) stored. (CC) (R) (HD)
PBS BBCWorid Business Re- The PBMister Rogers & Me Children's TV show My Music: 60's Pop, Rock & Soul 1960s
W 1News((CC) Bport(N) (14H).h P o ) host Fred Rogers. (CC) (R) (HD) musicians perform biggest hits. (R)
CW 6 21 6 Modem Jay's Modem Fam- Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Arrow: DeathstrokeSlade at- The 100: Earth Kills Acidic News@10pm(N)(HD)
A 6 birthday ly: Fizbo (HD)) (HD) tacks. (CC) (N) (HD)) fog. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW 9 9 9 4 Queens Neigh-Queens: Block 21/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) Arrow: DeathstrokeSlade at- The 100: Earth Kills Acidic Rules: The Engagement:
M I 9 bors. Buster (HD) (HD) tacks. (CC) (N) (HD)) fog. (CC) (N) (HD)) Score (HD) Les-Bro
MYN 11 11 14 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Cops Re- Cops Re-
|m|) (WVPG) (IVPG) Atheist murdered. Jewel thief slain. loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order Special Victims
8 (HD) (HD) ______ ______ Atheist murdered. Jewel thief slain. Unit: Quarry (HD)
IND 12 12 12 33 12 Modem Jays Modem Famn- Big Bang (CC) BigBang(CC) Law&Order:SpecialVictims Law& Order: Special Victims Office Boss' Office (CC) (HMD)
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ION 2 2 1 17 Law& Order: Criminal Intent: Law & Order: Criminal Intent WWE Main Event (N) Bum Notice: Identity Michael Bum Notice: Fight or FlightWt-
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WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Jack Van ImpeGreatAwaken Tour Destined Richard Rob- Gosel Truth Supernatural Life Today
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5 0 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) Grselda Blanoo. (N)
UNIV 15 15115i 6 INoticias(CC) Noticiero Dequetequiero, te quiero PorsiemprermiamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
62 1 (N) Univision (N) Natalia huye. y maldad.(CC) (HD() sin amor (CC) (HD) Humilde hogar.
:1Jf 1] 'Jfi I /;'~, ;{ I |.v !] Il'v ii {
A&E 26262626 9 50 1 The First48 Hit-and-run Duck Taxi- DuckNew DuckNew of- DuckYoutube DuckKore's Duck(CC((R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R)
A& 3 murder. (CC (R: (HD)( dermygift boyfriend. ficpet. videos. cousin. (HD) (HD) (HD)
AMC 6 56 56 5 3 5 1 (5:00) Pulp Fiction ('94, Crime) In Los Angeles, two eccen- Face/Off ('97, Action) A federal agent has his face surgically altered to match a danger-
IVI 6 6 6 3 3\ tric hit men interact with diverse characters. (CC) ous criminal's in order to get information from the man s associates. (CC)
Finding Bigfoot: FurtherVo- River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters: American Killers Modern "Jaws" in Indian
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 caizationsfound. (R) Strange man-eater Amur River monster. River Lagoon. (CC) (R) (HD()
BET 35 35 3535 22 97n 106 & Park (CC) (N) (H) BeingMaryJane:MkedMes- Game (IV14)(R) LetsStay(R) Notorious ('09, Drama) NotoriousB.I.G. is showcased, in-
BET 35 35 35 35 0 22 270sages Internet date. (HD) (HD) eluding his beginnings as a street hustler. (CCt)
O 68 68 68 68 25451 1 Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Flipping Out: Due Date (CC)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 2 185 York Upping prices. (R) YorkWedding. (R) York Trump. (R) York (N) (N)
COM 66666 1521 South Park Tosh.0 Pick-up Colbert Repo Daily Show(R) Wrkholic(R) South Prk SouthPrk(R) South Prk (R) Wrkholic(N) TripTank (CC)
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DISC 40 40 40 4025 43120 Dude, You're Screwed Surviv- Naked and Afraid Man and Naked and Afraid Man and Fast N' Loud Classics re- Ice Cold Gold Unforeseen
DIC 0 0 0 4 1 alists tested. (HD() woman left. (CC( (HD) woman left. (CC) (HD) paired. (CC) (HD)) problems. (CC) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 926 1 (4:00) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment Kardashians Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam- The Soup (HP) Burning Love
E! 46 46 46 46 2 26 196 unavailable, news. (HD)) (HD)) erasfollow socialite and family. (HD) (HD))
ESO 82 82 82 82 118 1181 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps On The Table On The Table How IRk It (HD) How IRk It (HD) How I Rk It (HD) Alternate
S8 8 8 11 118 others. (CC) (HD)) others. (CC) (HD) (HD) (4(HD) (41)Route (HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17285 EWTN Let Us Love Daily Mass Celebration ofthe EWTN Live Interviews on EWTN Holy Rosary Catalogue (TV Vaticano
EWTN 243 243 24 12 17 8Nightly (N) Holy Eucharist. (N) evangelism. NiNghtly (R) (C6C) G)
FAi 55 55 5 55 10n 46 1099 TheMiddle: Middle(CC) Melissa(CC)(R) Melissa:Chap-Melissa: I'll Cut BabyDaddy AlongCamePolly ('04) A free-spiritedwomantriestoliber-
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 The Ditch (H14)) HD4) erones You (R) (HD) ate a passive man obsessed with safety. (CC)
FOOD 317 17 37 37 7 6 Diners (R) (HND) Diners (R) (HD) Restaurant: Impossible Baton Save My Bakery: Schubert's Restaurant: Impossible Restaurant: Impossible:
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164Rouge, La. (R) (HD)) Bakery (N) Horsham, Pa. (R) (HD)) Ungratfying (N) (HD
FX 51 51 51 51 8 49 (5:30) Captain America: The First Avenger (11, Action) Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (12, Action) *1% The Americans Family in
FX 51*1 5 5 **Chris Evans. A superhero battles evil villains. Nicolas Cage. The devil attemptsto take human form. danger. (N) (HD)
GSN 179 179 179 179 17919 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Mind ofa Man Mind ofaMan
(GSN 17(T179177( W) (1V14) ( VPG (IVPG) (MVGE) (N) (N)
iALL 5 17 73240 9The Waltons: The Victims The Waltons: The Threshold The Waltons Corabeth's Middle Plans The Middle: Frasier: Match Frasier(IVPG)
-ALL -----3"4Consequences ofwar Joh-Boy'stv. (CC) suspects. (CC) goawry. The Prom Game (CC)
IT 1 1 1 51 American Pickers Helmet; American Pickers Bonnie & American Pickers American Pickers 1961 Down East Dickering Deals
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 compass. (CC) (R) (HD) Clyde bike. (R) (HD)) 135-year-old opera. (R) (HD) Messerschmit. (N) (HD) turn profit. (N) (HD)
ME 411 1 Property Brothers Property Brothers Buying and Selling Helping Property Brothers Hlouse Intemrnational
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 42 165 Fixer-uppers. (HD) Fixer-uppers. (HD)) families. (CC(1(HD)) Fixer-uppers. (HD)) Hunters (HD) (HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 JadeofYesteryear JadeofYesteryear Mine FindsbyJayKing Mine FindsbyJayKing JadeofYesteryear
LIFE 36363636 52 4109 Wfe Swap:Sundstrom; Tower Bring It! Secret weapon. (CC) Preachers' Daughters Taylor's Preachers' Daughters Brother Sring 1d: Sunjai in Stilettos
LD 6 6 6 6 41 140 rag rang family (R)(H()W love life. (R) (HD)) returns (N) (HD)) Sunjai steps up. (N)


OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 LoveThy (CC) Love Th LoveThy(CC) Love Thy (CC) LoveThy (C LoveThy: The LoveThy(CC) LoveTh Love Thy(CC) Love Thy (CC)
4 58 58 58 47 0 161 R) (M ssedCall (R1(HDH) (Rl(P) |(R HD) (0ss (N (HD)) Missed ail (R) (R) 1HD)
E 517 57 517 57 2963 54 (5:00) Kick-Ass (10, Action) **r*%1 A teen The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ('06, Action) ** A young man is Ninja Assassin ('09, Action)
7: 7 7 57 29 63 54 Mgdec des to fight crime. (R) (H1)|) sent to live in Tokyo and is introduced to drift racing. (PG-13) Ninja goes rogue. (CC)
SYFY 61 61 1 61 253 M 180 GhostStorm (12) A Venge- Resident Evil ('02 A team of agents must search an un- 30 Days of Night ('07) **** Vampires attack Alaskan
67ir 7 67 67 2'- 4 180 "ful souls seek revenge. Iderground research complex full of zombies. (CO) city during the time in which the sun doesn't come out.
TBS 5 53262 52T TTO ) Seinfeld:The Seinfeld(TVPG) Seinfeld(IVPG) FamGuy(CC) Big Bang (COC) Big Bang (CC)O iThe Big Bang: Big Bang (COC) BigBang(COC) DealWith It
TBS 59 59 59 59 CD32 62 52 () H ) (HHD) Pilot (HD) (HD) (N)
TM 65 6565 65 169 230 (5:15) The Comedians ('67) A Haiti resort owner lives under The Ladykillers ('55, Comedy) *** 2 (:45) Lawrence of Arabia ('62) A British man
65v 65 _5 _5 1i _30 the dictatorship of "Papa Doc" Duvalier. (CC) Criminal gang deceives landlady. (NR) (CO) becomes an Arab warrior. (CC)
TIC 454454 511 39 lIMedium(R) LIMedium(R) Little(CC) (R) Little (CC (R) My600-lbLife:Supersized: Hoarding: Buried Alive Two Dr.G: lnsidetheCayleeAn-
4 (4 4 4 1 ( HD) (1HD)) THD) Chistina's Story (N) full houses. (N) (HD)) thonyCase(R) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: Last Call Prohibition-era Castle: Nikki Heat Character Contagion (11, Action) A team of doctors struggles to find (:17) Contagion (11) Marion
____ 5____ 5New York; quest. study. (CC) (HD)) a cure (or a deadly virus as panic spreads. (COC) Cotillard. Deadly virus.
TFAV 69 69 69 69260 66 170 Man v. Food Man v. Food Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v. Food Man v. Food America Declassified Mysteries atthe Museum His-
_1 9___ ___1 (HD) (HD) jZimmern (COC) (HD) (HD) Forensic inspection, torical objects. (CC)
TRUT 63 63 6363 50 30 183 S. Beach (R) S. Beach Cage S. Beach S. Beach(R) S.Beach: S. Beach(R) S. Beach(R) SouthBeach SouthBeach S.Beach:
63 63 63 63 50 30 183fighter Pet-walker. Ruthless (R) Tow(R) Tow(N) Caged Heat
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Cleveland Soul Man
USA 3434 34 34 2252 50 NCIS: In The Dark Blind pho- NCIS: Devil's Triangle Ex-wife NCIS: Extreme Prejudice After- NCIS: Recovery Missing NCIS NCIS: Lost at Sea Helicopter
34 3 3 3 -0- tographer (CC) (HD) kidnapped. (CC) (HD) math of bomb. (HD) officer found dead. crew lost at sea. (HD)
WE 117 1171171 11711 Law & Order Reality show Law & Order: Bronx Cheer Marriage Boot Camp Deal- Marriage Boot Camp (R) Marriage Boot Camp (R)
117117111 117 149murder. (CC) (HD) Drug dealer suspect ing with death. (R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Engagement Engagement Engeme ment Engagement Engagement Engagement
16 16 16 19 41 Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1fV14) W)14 (1 4) M(14) (V14) I(JV14)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
this time. this time.
N 29 29 29 29 1 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, 2 1 \ 8 0 Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) w Square Garden (live) (CC) (HD))- Mconald'sAll American Game (lie)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 5 Around the Interruption SportsCenter BaseballTo- MLBBaseball:iH:-ii:h ,,.ii-.: ili Texas Rangers from Globe Life Park in
30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Hom(HD) (CC) (HD) (N) (HD) nite(HD) iIn jl.:.n II..tH)I
FS1 48 4848 4842 69 83 UFC Presents Anthony Pets UFC Tonight (N) (CC) (HD) UFC Unleashed: Bad Blood The Ultimate Fighter: Unde- The Ultimate Fighter: Sure
48 48 48 48 Showtime (HD)) (CC) (N) (HD)) feated Semifinal bout. Shot (CC) (N) (HD)
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 Access (N) Marlins LIVE! I- MLB Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (Live) (HD) Marlins LIVE! Marlins (HD)
72_ 7 7 7 7 (HD) (N)(HD) (N) (H)D)
GOLF 49 494949 55 60 304 GolfCentral (N European School of Golf: Chapter 12: Golf Digest Equipment In- LPGA Tour Golf (Taped) (HP) Big Break Florida: Knock
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Tour(N) Drive, Chip & Putt (N) sider(N)(HPD) I Out (HP)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Pro Football Top 10 NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wngs from Joe Louis NHL Hockey
71 7 7_____ 10Talk(N) Sports Arena (ive)(CC) (HD) ([ive)
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Powerboat(N) Rays LIVE! (N) '.,- MLBBaseball:TorontoBlueJaysatTampaBayRaysfromTropicanaField (Live) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside(HD)
(14)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD))
NIC 25225224425Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sponge Talent Sam &Cat(R) Full Hse Juliet' Full Hse (CC) Full Hse Full Hse Band FullHse Full Hse (CC)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 (R) R) show. (I(HD) kiss Raising girls night. School jitters
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 217 JohnyTest (CC Titans Go! (R) Universe(R) Regular(R) King Hill(CC) KingHill (CC) Cleveland(COC) Cleveland: Til American Life FamGuy(V14)
O(R) 80 (12) Deaf _support.

CNBC 39 3939 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) Greed(R) Greed (R) Greed (N) Money Behind the quota.
N 2 2 2 32 1 3 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper360' To Be Announced Info un- Death Row Stories A sur-
NN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) available. prising case. (R)
SPN 1 1 1 1 1209 oU.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
C 6 4 71 1 Special ReportwithBretBaiei On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FN 7 1The latest news. (N) Susteren(N)(HlD) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
MSNB 8383 83 83 185 40 1 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
SNB 8 8 8 1 03 Sharpton. (N) (H4D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HID) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (lD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N)
CMIT1 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Reba (HD) Reba School RebaReba's Reba House The Dukes of Hazzard New First Blood ('82, Action) A Vietnam vet's arrest is the be-
uMV_ 4 7 auction. wll. (HD) hunting. Boss in Hazzard. (H1D) ginning of a one-man war against his tormentors.
MW 33!33 3333 35 48 210 Real World: Ex-Plosion Exes Real Worid: Ex-Plosion Exes Real World: Ex-Plosion Exes Real World: Ex-Plosion Exes Real World: Ex-Plosion (N)
T 3 33 33 33 3 move in to party. move in to party. move in to party. move in to party.
VH1 O 50 5050 50 43 23 217 Black InkCrew(CC)(R) (HD) Booty Call ('97, Comedy) ** Two menwith big plansare FabulousLife of...:Beyonce&Fabulous Life of...: Miley
stymied when their girlfriends insist on safe sex. JayZ Blue Ivy. (R) Cyrus (CC) (N) (HlD)
(4:50)Jackthe (:50) Hell Baby ('13, Comedy) ** Rob Corddry, Leslie The Purge ('13, Thriller) Ethan Hawke. A The Place Beyond the Pines
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 GiantSlayer Bibb. Couple calls upon Vatican's exorcism team to save family struggles to survive during the one (13) Amantriestotakecareof
___ __ ('13) them from unborn demonic baby. (R) (CC) (H1D) night when all crime is legal. (CC his family. (R)
(:05) The Conjuring (13, Horror) ***1 Vera Farmiga, There's Something About Mary ('98, Comedy) *** Strike Back (:50) Fenmme
CINE2 321321321321321321422 Patrick Wlson. Paranormal investigators help family being Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon. A man obsessed with a girl from South Africa. Game shew
___ _____ terrorized by a dark presence. (R) (CC) (H1D) high school hires a detective to find her. (COC) (HD) killer.
I Didn't Do t I Didn'tDo It Austin&Ally Dogwitha Cinderella ('50, Fantasy) llene Woods. A Dogwith a GoodLuck Jessie School
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Birthdayparty. Lindy's letter (R)Kraissigned. BlogDate humble woman experiences a fateful BlogMiddle Birthdayparty. pet. (CC) (R) (HD)
___ __ (R) (R) ruined. (R) encounter with a dreamy prince. (G) (CO child. (R) (R)
City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold ('94, The Rookie ('90, Action) **12 Clint Eastwood, Charlie O Brother, Where Art Thou?
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Comedy) Billy Crystal. The hat worn by a trail boss on a Sheen. A veteran detective and a rooke cop team up to ('00) Chain-gang fugitives seek
___ __ _____ modern cattle drive conceals a treasure map. (COC) track down car thieves. (R) (CC) stolen loot.
(5:00) The Dark Knight Rises ('12, Action) Faceoff Identity Thief ('13, Comedy) **% Jason Bateman, Doll & Em Doll & EmEm
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 The Dark Knight resurfaces to protect Rematch Melissa McCarthy. After learning that someone has stolen Doll's screen may reconcile.
___ __ _____ Gotham from a brutal, new enemy. questions. (R) his identity, a man searches forthe con. (R) (COC) test. (N) (N)
(5:10) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12, Fantasy) Prison (:45) The University of Sing 24/7: Pacquiao Taken2 (12, Action) Liam
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303402 Martin Freeman. Bilbo Baggins joins a quest to reclaim a TerminalDyingSing('13)Highereducationfor Bradley201 Neeson. CIA operative and his
___ _dwarf kingdom from a powerful dragon. _prisoner. prison inmates. (H1) wife are targeted.
Just My Luck Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story ('04) A Deadwood: Deadwood Seth Battleship ('12, Science Fiction) **% Taylor Kitsch,
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 ('06) Luck group of misfits enters a dodgeball Bullock moves to a mining Alexander Skarsgard. An international fleet of ships battles
___ _____ reversed, tournament in order to save their gym. camp. an alien armada of unknown origins. (PG-13) (CC)
(5:00) Java Heat (13, Action) (:55) The Cold Light of Day ('12, Action) House of Lies: 60 Minutes Sports (N) (CC) Shameless: Emily Fiona
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 **Kellan Lutz. Manhuntfor ** **A man attempts to find those Together(R)(H1] (Hl) goes to correctional facility.
___ __ _____ terrorist in Indonesia. responsible for kidnapping his family. (CC) (CC) (R) (HD)
:20) My Week with Marilyn ('11, Drama) Michelle Williams, Winter Solstice ('04, Drama) Anthony Between Us ('12, Drama) Taye Diggs. New
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Kenneth Branagh. A film student spends a week withthe LaPaglia. A soft-spoken widower tries to York newlyweds visit their old friends in their
___ __ 3 _3_ 3 famous bombshell Marilyn Monroe. (COC) confront his sons' destructive behavior, enormous Midwestern home.


ABC [2 7 111 7 News Kimmel Nighltine Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 21) 11 News Kimmel NightMine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABCM 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Kimmel Nightline Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now(N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid U totheMinute(N) News News News
CBS a 21q213 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBCC[ 81818 8 8 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money icEarly News News(N)
FOX 13 1311313 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond R aymond Office Office 330 Rock 0 Rock Patern Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS [ 3) 3 3 3 3 Secrets Rose(N) Nature NOVA (R) Secrets America OAnti ues _o
SPBS( 20241 16 Sniley Rose(N) |Europe NOVA(R) Super(R) Super (R) NOVA(R) Opinio Yoga
PBS N 13 3 3 Music Brit Floyd(0D) Rose(N) NOVA(R) Secrets Antiques Antiques (R)
SCW ) 621 6 21/2 Men 21/2 MenHw I Met How I Met Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish TMZ Harvey ai70s 70s
CWM) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Si ns King Hill Sunnv Comics Paid Paid Paid Dail Buzz
MYN 3C 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Comun Raymond America OK! T iV Bridezilla '70s 70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN7I I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny 'Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 38 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne ThereYet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A 2 2 2 132618 17 Notice Notice Notice Notice Paid Paid Inspiration Today.J
WI l2M 22 22 22 2 Duplantis Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
IWRXY4 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLFI5 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Pelicula La viuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 2 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa Hoy (R) Gordo Primer Noticiero

A&E 26262626 3950181 Duck (R) Duck Duck Duck IDuck Duck Duck Duck (R) Paid IDog Bnty Dog Bty Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 (:01) Hitman ('07) **2 The Core ** The earth's center. Scary 2 ('01 *1/2 IStooges
API 4444444436 6813 River(R) River Modern "Jaws." River(R) River (R) River Modern "Jaws."Pi
BET 35353535 40 22 27C Notorious Wendy Latifah ConicV oicV Co micV Panther BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 New York New York Flipping New York Matchmaker Paid Iaid Paid Paid
COM 66666666 15271 Daily Colbert midnight TripTank Daily IColbert midnight TripTank Chapplle Sunny Sunny Sunny Paid Paid
DISC 4040404025431 Fast Loud Cold Gold Naked Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 16 46 46 27 261 C.Lately News(R) e C. Lately Soup C. Lately C.Lately Kardashian Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 828211161 OnTable OnTable HowIRk HowIRk HowIRk Alternate Alternate Alternate Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24:2432412 1728 ForWomrnWomenGr Daily Mass EWTN Live News Holy Qun Love Catechis Saints Finding Heart
FAM 5555555510461 700 Club Baby Dad Ba Dad Melissa IMelissa Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 37373737 761 Diners Diners Restaurant Restaurant Diners Diners Save My Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Americans Americans (R) Americans /Horror Horror Presents Paid Paid
GSN 17S 19S 17173417918 anm. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Mind Mind Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier rasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 Vikings American American Down East Vikings Paid Trains Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Prop Bro Prop Bro Hunters Hunters PropBro Buying Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4114( Bring It! Preachers' Preachers' Bring It! Bring It! Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58 58 5858 47103161 Love Love Love Thy Love Love Love Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 296354 Assassin ('09) Dawn of the Dead ('04) (R) IJail Jail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67126418 30 130 Days: Dark '10) Horror House ('12) Creature Twilight Paid Paid
TBS 5959595932 6252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes ICop Out Buddy cops. Married Married Married Eaid
TCM 65656565 162 Lawrence of Arabia ('62) (45)AMaorit of One ('61) **2 All at Sea ('57)
TIC 45454545 57 7213 Hoarding Dr. G (R) My 600-lb Litte Little Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Contagion *** Dallas Five 0 Five 0 Preview Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 2 661( Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries America Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63163 50 3018 Re Re S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Repo Repo Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 6262626231 54 2 Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Cosby Cosby Cosby 170s 70s Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 NCIS NCIS NCIS Order: Cl Order: Cl SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 1111M1111 1114 Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Marriage Marriage MarriagePaid IPaid
WGN 1616 1619 4111 9 Rules Rules Parks Parks Parks 30Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'Til Death Paid Paid News(N)
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 HS Bball SportsCenter Sports Sports NBA (ReplaySe(HD) Sports
ESPN2 30303030 6 5974 Int'l Soccer (Live) (HD) Baseball ISport Sports MLB Game (Replay)
FS1 4848 4848 426983 FOX Sorts MLBWhip IFOX Sports FOX Sports Fighter UFC(HD) Bestof
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrid Poker MLB Game (Replay) MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 4955 60 GolfCntl GolfCnti LPGA Tour Big Break PGA Tour Learning Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 71 71 715461 90 / NHL Hockey (Live) Overtime Top10 Top 10 Top 10 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3 3 401401 45 57 76 Sports In Depth MLBGame(RepIa) I onMLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 371 Money Greed (R) __ Money Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 32323232 18 381 360o (R) TBA (R) IDeath Row 360 (R) TBA (R) 360o (N) Early (N)
CSPN 1818181837121 Capital Capital News Toda Toda inWashin ton Toda inWashington
FNC 646464 64 48 7111 OReilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318! 401 Hayes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow_ First Look TooEary
SNN 6 6 611 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32320 323203204 Pines ('13) (CC() Girl'sGui Traveler |Dark City ('98) Carnal ('13) IRevenant('12)
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Femne Femme (:15) White Huntsman ('12) Their Skin ('12) Courage Under ('96)
DISN 13 13 136 9945 25 Austin Blog Good Lck Good Lck ShakeIt A.N.T. |OnDeck OnDeck Wizards Wizards On Deck On Deck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15 11150 150 3 0 Brother I Spy ('02) (CC) Perez Family ('95) (R) Gigolo ('05) *1Sn2 I Untamed
HBO 30 302 3 302 Real Time Klown (R) (HD) Savages Fighting cartel. Sing Sing Identity (13) (R)
HB02 30 303303 303 Taken 2 U-571 ('00) **1/2 (CC) VICE Falling Down ('93) House (11) **12 lOffAir
HB03 31 3 M (:5) Die Another Day ('02) Good Time **12 1Beasts (12) I Julia (77) (CC)
SHOW 36 60 Minutes The Best Man ('99) IFade to Black (06) Sarafina! ('92) ** -
TMC 335 35 333530TheMaster ('12) *** (CC) ICherry ('12) 1'/ IB.U.S.T.E.D. ('99) *** Senseless



Once Upon a Time
in Wonderland
8 p.m. on ABC
"And They Lived..." Jafar
succeeds in making his
father love him and forc-
ing Anastasia to believe
she loves him; Alice, Amara
and Cyrus escape, but Jafar
imprisons the Jabberwocky
and raises an army of the
dead as Alice rallies her
own army. (HD)

The Vampire Diaries
8 p.m. on CW
"Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Caroline persuades Elena
and Bonnie to attend the
"Bitter Ball" for the broken-
hearted; Bonnie keeps her
eye on a student who plays
with witchcraft; Damon
and Enzo use aggressive
tactics to acquire Bonnie
and Jeremy's help, but their
plan backfires. (HD)

The Millers
8:31 p.m. on CBS
A recently divorced local
news reporter looking to
move on to the life of a
single man has his plans
completely derailed after
his father decides to follow
suit and divorce his wife
of 43 years, leaving his
meddlesome mom to move
in with him.(HD)

Grey's Anatomy
9 p.m. on ABC
"You be lllin'" A flu outbreak
causes a flood of patients
to rush to the hospital
and soon the doctors
begin coming down with
flu symptoms one by one;
Derek tries to shrug it off as
he prepares for a speech on
brain mapping; the resi-
dents place bets. (HD)

9 p.m. on CW
"Royal Blood" Mary and
Bash help Queen Catherine


In tha grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category to0
today Circle each answer that you fna and list i in the space provided at
the right of the grid Answers can be found in al directions forwards,
backwaros. nonzon(ally vertically and diagonally An example is given to
get you started. Can you find the twenty answers In this puzzle?
Todayes Category. Men Named Mike or Michael

T D M0 N E S M I T g)G
D U T T P I A Z 2 A R

1 Nesmith

find her children when
Clarissa abducts them, but
events take a turn for the
worst; Lola and Francis
grow closer when he saves
her during her mission to
help save her brother by
paying off a debt he owes.

Breaking Boston
10 p.m. on A&E
"Girls Interrupted" Courtney
is worried that her ex-boy-
friend won't pitch in money
or time for her daughter
Ellana's birthday party;
Noelle starts dating again;
Val struggles with her new
boss; Mikey and Kristina's
celebration for their recent
move gets out of hand. (HD)

10 p.m. on ABC
"The Fluffer" Abby steps
in as Olivia's proxy to help
take over duties at the
White House; the team con-
tinues finding out as much
as they can about B613;


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Captain Phillips
(PG) Tom Hanks
2. Thor: The Dark
World (PG-13) Chris
3. Ender's Game
(PG-13) Harrison Ford
4. Last Vegas (PG-13)
Robert De Niro
5. Escape Plan (R)
Sylvester Stallone
6. Jackass Presents:
Bad Grandpa (R)
Johnny Knoxville
7. Riddick (R) Vin
8. Cloudy with a
Chance of Meatballs 2
(PG) animated
9. Rush (R) Daniel
10. Runner, Runner
(R) Ben Affleck

Leslie (Amy Poehler) helps
organize the high school's
Senior Prom, all while
battling with Ron over the
future employment of a
bright high school senior
on "Parks and Recreation,"
airing Thursday at 8:30 p.m.
on NBC.
someone is trying to sabo-
tage Reston's presidential
campaign. (HD)


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Thor: The Dark
World (PG-13) Disney
2. Gravity (PG-13)
Warner Bros.
3. Game of Thrones:
The Complete Third
Season (TV-MA)
Warner Bros.
4. The Jungle Book
(NR) Buena Vista
5. Ender's Game
(PG-13) Summit Ent.
6. Nebraska (R)
7. The Best Man
Holiday (R) Universal
8. Cloudy with a
Chance of Meatballs 2
(PG) Sony
9. Escape Plan (R)
Summit Ent.
10. Game of Thrones:
The Complete Second
Season (TV-MA)
Warner Bros.

H -3r r V a9I GoeelleA OZ uepior 6F
S' uoSAL 61, uomtpr a
-.^ J a)ppos. SL sppoU) *lJO
s]muldS LL 11.19j4 /
G e
41Iw"N I, sel8noa 't
'on 3 -1 klovy Ee111 00 C
uopue- 4 aiouuoo Z
VotQe)4 11, ouio 1.
Nl <17A v'.M WD-

APR. 3
ABC7 News CABCWorid The 7 Entertainment Once Upon a Time in Won- Greys Anatomy: You be in'A Scandal: The FufferAbby
ABC 711 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight(CC(()(N) deriand: And They Lived... flu outbreakcauses aflood of steps in as Olivia's proxytohelp
26newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) () (HD) Jafar raises an armyofthe patients to rushto thehospil tal ke overduties at the White
_____ day. (N) (HD)) _____ ______dead. ((C) (N) (H)) (N) (HD) House. (N)
ABC NewsThelat- ABCWorld TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Once Upon WonderlandArm Grey'sAnatomny: You be Illin' Scandal:The FlufferOlivia's
A est news News (N) ()HD)) I(YG) of the dead. (N) _______rs catch flu.(N) proxy. ((C) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? OnceUponWonderlandArm Grey'sAnatomy: You be Illin' Scandal:The FlufferOlivia's
1 News(N) (CC) (R) ((CC) (R) of the dead. (N) DIetors catch flu. (N) proxy. ((C) (N) (HD)
10 News, CBSEvening Wheel of For-Jeopardy!: The Big Bang: (31) The Millers Two and a (:31) The Crazy (:01) Elementary: The Many
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Local News with tune ((CC) (N) Decades Tour-The Indecision Meddlesome Half Men: Ones Unortho- Mouths of Andrew Colville ((CC
10 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) nament-the Amalgamation mother (H) West Side dox genius (N)(HD)
______(N) (HD)) 2000s Story (N)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Big Bang (CC) (31) TheMillers(:01)21/2 Men (31) The Crazy Elementary: The Many Mouths
IN)_ 3(NH) tion(N) IN)(HD) (HD)) (N) Ones ofAndrew vCoille
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Coniun:G.I. Parks and Hollywood Game Night: Parenthood: Cold Feet After a
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at7:00 News; Tonight (CC)IN) JeffAnimated Recreation Game Night, That'sAnother long debate, Zeekand Camille
[ and weather events. (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) episode.(N) Leslieplans Story Celbrities play hilarious agree on their plans for the
Sprom.(N) party games. (N) house. (N)
NBC 2 News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy(N) Commun:G.. Parks&Rec.: Hollywood GameNightCe- Parenthood: Cold Feet House
20 News (N) tune(N) (HN)) Jeff Prom lebrity game show. (N) agreement. (N) (HP)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ ((CC) (N) The Insider Hell's Kitchen: 17 ChefsCom- American Idol: Surviving FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 eventsofthedayareexamined (CC)(N) (H) peteTheteamsraceto prepare ResultsShow Jack:Gonna riesofthenewsdayareup-
1 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 10 perfect plates of lobster ravi- ((CC) (N) (HO) Make You dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
____ News Team. (N) _____ oil. (N) Sweat (N) News Team. (N)
FOX 4 FOX 4 News at Six Local JudgeJudy The Sinmpsons Hell's Kitchen: 17ChefsCom- Idol: Results Surviving (N) FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
m news; weather. (N) (R) (HO) (C) pete Lobster ravioli. Show (N) (HO)) news report. (N)
PBS BBCWoid Business Re- he PBSNewsHour (C) (N) WEDUArts Gulf Coast (C) Pavarotti in Central Park ProgramAbout Unusual
C News (CC) port (N) (H)) Plus(N) (R) Tenor performs. (CC(R) Buildings& Other Stuff (R)
APBS 204 2 Sesame Street: Pogo Game Cat in Hat (R) Peg +Cat ((CO Nature Nature vs. nurture. Nature Lipizzaner history. (C) M martin Clunes: Heavy Horse-
-m I4 Telly competes. (R) (HO) (R) ((CC) (R) (HO) (R) (HO)(4))rpower(O)(R)(HH)
PBS BBCWorild Business Re- The PBS NewsHour ((C) (N) Under the Streetlamp: Let the Good Doc Martin: Revealed Behind-the-scenes
[3 News((CC) port(N) (HO)) "B Times Roll Quartet performs. (C) (N) (HO) of "Doc Martin." ((C) (R) (HO)
CW 6 21 6 Modem: Dude Modem In Big Bang (((C) Big Bang (C) TheVampireDiaries"Bitter Reign: Royal Blood Abducted News @10pm (N) (HO)
AC 6 2 Ranch trouble. (HO)) (HO)) Ball." (C) (R) (HO)) heirs ((C) (R) (HO)
CW I Queens: Queens: 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men ((C) The Vampire Diaries "Bitter Reign: Royal Blood Abducted Rules: Harass- Rules ((C) (HO)
4/4 1 __ r_ 1,,I -, l:; : ,: ,",-l:,: ,l',! : m .HI: ll 1 liIin ii __ I'_-._l i IIi | IIiI.", I'1 I
MYN 1 Raymond," Seinfeld i" FamilyFeud FamilyFeud House:I i.:. 1-,T .:1 .:.:.I House::.:it': CopsRe- CopsRe-
al 111 1 1 [141 I.. JTillH II'I III :.:.i:.111:,.. '. Id.i: I'i' loadedMili loaded III
MYN Hollywoodmil Cleveland li FamGuy ,i" FamGuy i" House:I I.: h3 :.: .:.1I House: :It,:'T..rn3.: Law & Order Special Victims
S I\ IHIII | I:|I I,. u'- 1 I1 |HI:I .:.:.11 1"i|.h : I: -I' l .: 3'. i U nit: '*- 1"i.: HIII:
IND M /Iodem: lu.-: Modem in Big Bang I"i BigBang ,", Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Office:'. ,,ii Office: i:..-,
321 -- r.:I" I-.:.ul':l.- MIII MHII Unit: '- n.- I HIIII Unit: I: .-p, .:.'. .:nI r .:..i- :.l ,
ION ,,, Law & Order: Cnminal Intent: Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Cnminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent Criminal Minds: E|:,Ii:.xu: 1
6 6 1 I -,-,-* -.; I''l' |iit ||Hi)i| ." ull n u.j :,- |Hi:I| Ti ii1 l,:, i ni. :,l',.'l.-i I--,-I' .,d,-i rI''ji.3.-: .:,3 r. i: ,u.:.u I'.:. 1.:--. |Hi:I|
WCLF Chnstan Fit- Today F ,ii Bay Focus Great Awaken Tour JoeVan Richard Rob- Grace For Unspoken Life Today
221 -- -- -- ness Ir,.-1hriq Koevenng erts1,I Today II,,
WRXY ,n Joyce Meyer Tommy Testimonies Great Awaken Tour For Hurting Inspirationthe Joyce Meyer Place Mira- TimesofRe-
al "ill Bates of Triumph _Women Day cles freshing
TLF .. ElChavol:,:: V ',3'I,,: Vivan los ninhos :, nui Pehlicula La viudanegral-_ .3:
sol -h -.::,:,1 U Iin: .Jll -Ih l:13 ill:
UNIV NoticiasI INot'ciero De que te quiero. te quiero PorsiemprenlamorEln ,IIB Loquelav idamerobol-.:- Oue pobres tan ricos
21 .II'. Ill) IUnivision ill I 13 hB ri'u .- .I I' 'III l II 3 .:. i Ii MIII I-' .: I .:..'

AEThe First48 i: Duckl Duck.i DuckI-hiI Duck ::::Duck Dynasty: Ei.. ,'.E I L3 Breaking Boston,.:.u,.-.:
A&I-,I". -". -, 3*:*: Th e hirt 8 .l :,,..r. )uM ,,I) f *:Ducl* ...: *u:ri3i:mie I~iuI. I-:'-:l -' m; i .:ji:m ))*.? JI I
6 ,(5:00) Face/Off ('97 Action) *** A federal agent has his U.S. Marshals ('98 Thriller) **'/2 Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes. A marshal seeks
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 face altered to match a dangerous criminal's. (C) a fugitive who may be innocent of his crime. (PG-13) (CC) (HO)
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Finding Bigfoot: Further Big- Ice Cold Gold Greenland Alaska: The Last Frontier Ice Cold Gold: After the Thawl Ice Cold Gold The good and
A 444444 36 6 foot and baby. (R) treasure. (C) (HO) Smoked fish. ((C) (HO)) Rubies Revealed /bad. ((C) (N) (HO)
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 106 & Park (CC) (N) (HO) The Nutty Professor ('08, Comedy) ** Drake Bell. JuliusKelp'sgrand- Nutty Professor II: The Klumps ('00)
son develops an alter ego after drinking a secret potion. (PG) Klump tries to rid himself of Buddy. (C)
BRAO 68 68 6 5 Th1 e Real Housewives of New The Real Housewives ofAt- The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker Online Dating Rituals of the
BAV 6 6 6 6 York City (CC( (R) lanta Casting regrets. Sports better. (R) (CC) (N) American Male (N)
COM 66 66 6666 15 7 190 SouthPrk Tosh.OBubb Colbert Repo DailyShow(R) Chappelle's Chappelle's Lil Sunny: Mac Tosh.0 (CC) (R) ReviewBest Tosh.O Natalie
M 6(MV14)(R) Rubb. ( R) (( (HO) (CC) Jon. Day(HD) (H) friend. (N) Gilbert.
DISC 40 4040 40 25 43 120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv-
S40 40 40 40 paired. (CC) (HO)) paired. (CC) (HO)) ing off the land. (HO)) ing offthe land. (HO)) ing off the land. (HO)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 (5:30) KeepingUpwiththe E! News Entertainment Keeping Up with the Keeping Up with the Party On (HO) Party On (HO)
Kardashians (H) news. (HO)) Kardashians (HO)) Kardaslians (HO)
ES 82 82 82 82 118 118160 Brew Dogs Celebratng Brew Dogs Celebrating Brew Dogs Celebrating Best Bars In America Best Best Bars In America Best
artisanal craft beers. (HP) artisanal craft beers (HP) artisanal craft beers. (H) bars in U.S. (HO) bars in U.S. (HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 1187 2Lenten Reflec- Let Us Love Daily Mass Celebration ofthe The World Over News from Crossing/Goal Holy Rosary Sacred Beautiful, and Univer-
tions Holy Eucharist. (R) around the word. (N) (]VG) (IVG) sal: Colloquium XIX
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 Middle Along CamePolly (04) A free-spirited woman tries to liber- Meet the Fockers ('04, Comedy) **y2 Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller. Greg
Lawnmower. ate a passive man obsessed with safety. (CC) Focker's fiancee and future in-laws meet his eccentric parents.
FOOD 137 37 37 37 76 164Chopped: Trout Bout Brook Chopped: We Love Leftovers! Chopped: Compettion Italiano Chopped Canada: A Wing Beat Bobby Beat Bobby
trout. (R) (HO)) iCasserole. (R) (HO) Pasta dough. (R) and a Prayer (N) (N) (R)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 GhostRider Captain America: The First Avenger (11, Action) ***A regular guy GeorgeThein-AngerNew CaptainAmerica: The First
(12) *1-/2 is transformed into a super soldier and battles evil villains. evtable. clinic. (N) Avenger ('11, Action)
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
(WVPG) (1V71 IVP34 1IVPG) Game (R) Game (R) Game (R) Game (R) (WVPG) (IVPG)
HAiL 5 5 5 17 731 240 The Waltons: The Lumbejack The Waltons: The Hostage The Waltons: The Revel Stuck Middle Curing Middle((CC) Frasier: Crock Frasier(IVPG)
LALL I 3 Lumberjack (C) Mary Ellen saves. ((CC) in New York (C) Brick 1(H)) Tales i(C)
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Pa wnStars (R) Pawn Stars(R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (N) PawnStars: Vikings: Unforgiven King's