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S A Taliban attack on a popular Kabul restaurant leaves 21 dead TIRE Pick

Red Carpet Glamour t
et^ ^ 00"'A J l/ / ^ ^X ANDWEEKLY _
j ~~HERALD ..

S Six lips for how to get Hollywood glamour at home. The online giant now is working to monitor glucose levels
i r SEE FLAIR using contact lenses. THE WIRE PAGE 1
VOL. 122 NO. 19 AMERICA'S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY S IIU N D A V I A N II A R V 1 91 f50 14 www.sunnewsnaner


Czar for

the day

As czar for the day, there are some
things I would change. First, cellphones,
like smoking, would be outlawed in
restaurants and
The airlines were
proud to announce
'-4B they soon would be
permitting the use of
cellphones while in
flight. They already
may have budgeted
the extra revenue
from this service.
Derek Passengers have
been letting them
DUNN-RANKIN knowwhat they
CHAIRMAN think of this idea.
We have had
enough exposure to one side of nu-
merous phone conversations while
dining out. Cellphone users often lack
confidence in their device and feel
it necessary to raise their voices to a
low shout to help whatever radio or
electronic wave is carrying their voice
around the globe. Recall what it is
like when planes land and passengers
standing in the long tube that is the
aisle immediately start connecting to
report on their flight. Then imagine a
two-hour flight with your seat mate or
the passenger in front of you making
themselves heard in Peoria while the
plane is over Tallahassee.
Committees are meeting in
Tallahassee in advance of the legislative
session that begins in February. I hope
they take another look at my wish list
for this session.
High on the list is a bill to start col-
lecting sales tax on Internet sales. Local
merchants have to tack on the tax, but
we can avoid the millions the state
collects if we buy out of state on the
Internet. The law says we owe the state
the sales tax on Internet purchases, and
we are supposed to get the proper state
government forms and send in the sales
tax. No one does. We have several million
state lawbreakers. Why legislators want
to favor out-of-state businesses compet-
ing with local merchants who pay city
and state taxes and provide jobs for local
citizens escapes me.
Next I would like to see the Legislature
abandon its short-sighted, mean-spirited
rejection of extending Medicaid coverage
to nearly a million of our neediest citizens.
Our federal taxes will go to support this
program in other states. It is our money.
Why not see that it is spent here at home?
It will mean more health care jobs. It will
save and prolong thousands of lives. It is
likely to lower our average medical costs
when the hospitals no longer have to
provide emergency room care for free.
Today the free service by the hospitals
is recouped in bigger bills to paying
patients. The absorbed cost shows up
in higher insurance premiums for every
business that provides employee health
insurance. It is estimated we are passing
up more than $50 billion in federal funds.
One more wish is for repeal of what
I call the red-light city bonus act. The
peddlers of red-light cameras have a cozy
partnership with cities. The city approves
the cameras that take a picture of the
tag of a car that does not get through the
intersection while the light is green or
yellow. The yellow usually lasts four or
five seconds. The city sets the fine and
the camera company takes the picture,
finds the car owner, sends a bill for the
fine, takes in the money, then splits the
proceeds with the city. Some Florida
cities have shortened the yellow light sec-
onds to increase their revenue. There is
no capital outlay or busywork by the city.
It is a no-risk, automated revenue-
collection device. The Legislature can
put a stop to the practice.
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of the
Sun Coast Media Group. He can be reached

Sof the Day
'08 Dodge Caliber
In Today's

Inmate fees redialed

Correctional detainees to get

cheaper calls, less funding


Whenever she has enough
funding, Charlotte County Jail
inmate Jody Templeton, 27, calls
her mother on her cellphone.
She says they usually talk for
about 15 minutes, which costs
around $7. Sometimes, though,
she may spend $10 or $15 to speak
to her mom, who lives just across
town in Port Charlotte.

If Templeton or any of the
other 723 inmates in the county
jail- wishes to make a call out of
state, it's a $3.99 surcharge, plus
89 cents per minute.
"It's absolutely too expensive,"
Templeton said.
But inmates at the Charlotte
County Jail in Punta Gorda and
at jails and prisons across the
country soon will be paying


Inmates soon will
pay less for some
phone calls they
make from the Char-
lotte County Jail. An
FCC order that goes
into effect Feb. 11 is
intended to prevent
correctional facili-
ties from charging
excessive rates for
interstate calls. The
current rate at the
county jail is a $3.99
surcharge, plus
89 cents per minute.
That will drop.

MLK Breakfast sustains the soul

Teresa Fulton Scurry, sister of Thomas Jefferson Fulton, accepts the 2014 Lt. Charles P. Bailey Spirit of Achieve-
ment Award for her late brother, during the Eighth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Breakfast
Saturday morning at Punta Gorda Middle School.


"Injustice anywhere
is a threat to justice
Martin Luther
Kingjr., Letter from
Birmingham Jail, April 16,
The Eighth Annual Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Community Breakfast was
a special commemoration
this year. In addition
to honoring the iconic
leader of the civil rights
movement, the Blanchard
House Museum and the
Punta Gorda community
also paid homage to
two of their own men of
Eddie Moore Jr., an
academic and youth
leader who delivered the
keynote speech Saturday
morning, and Thomas
Jefferson Fulton, a track
star who grew up in the
Trabue Woods area of
town, were cited for their
accomplishments that

School district leads line to natural gas


PUNTA GORDA- Punta Gorda city
officials and local business leaders are
backing a project by Charlotte County
Public Schools to bring compressed
natural gas to the county.
In recent weeks, the Enterprise
Charlotte Economic Council and local
government officials have expressed
publicly their support for a plan to
construct compressed natural gas

stations in Punta Gorda that would
offer a cleaner, cheaper fuel alternative
to diesel.
Although city and county officials
have said they are not planning to
convert any of their vehicles to CNG at
this time, the school officials are very
interested in moving ahead.
Jerry Olivo, assistant superinten-
dent, told City Council members at a
recent meeting that the school district
currently is negotiating with Nopetro,
a firm that designs, builds, owns,

operates and maintains CNG and
liquefied natural gas fueling stations
throughout the Southeast for medium
and heavy-duty vehicles.
The school district, which spends
about $1 million on fuel each year,
wants to convert a portion of its 100-
plus bus fleet to CNG. School officials
are hoping to cut fuel costs in half by
converting diesel-run school buses to
CNG buses.

GAS 115

New dad helps to save man from sinking car


NORTH PORT -All Dean Musgrove
could see was the top of the car that
had plunged through a fence and
was sinking into the water. He heard
screaming for help from anyone who
knew how to swim. Without knowing
who was in distress, Musgrove jumped
into the cold water.
The lifelong North Port resident
swam out to a man who was holding
onto the victim (believed to be David
Swilley, 43) rescued from inside his car.
Musgrove helped steady the victim to
remove him from the 50-degree water.

"The car was about 15 to 20 feet in
the center of the water, and it was still
sinking," Musgrove said. "I grabbed
the man, who seemed like he was in
shock, and helped the other man,
who I was later told was a Publix truck
driver named Luigi, who was already
in the water helping. I asked the man
if anyone else was in the car with him.
He said 'no.' We safely pulled him to
the edge of the water, where a woman
helped us all out."
Musgrove, 30, was parked at the
pharmacy drive-thru at Publix, along
U.S. 41, at about 2:45 p.m. Friday.
"I was picking up a prescription
for my fiancee Ashley (Waite) who

just delivered my first son," he said.
"I glanced to the right and saw the
car was in the lake. I pulled out of the
drive-thru and parked and jumped out
of my car and went running toward the
water. I saw the car had gone though
the steel fence. Ashley and our new-
born were still in our car."
Musgrove said officers and an ambu-
lance arrived in two minutes or less.
"The Publix manager seemed proud
that Luigi risked his own life to help,"
Musgrove said. "I feel like I was in the
right place at the right time. The way I
was raised, is if someone needs help,


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.FFll Lori I i rt ii w rt n i 1 9 IL W I 'I

Former center director recognized


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

congratulations to
Michele Valen-
court. The former
executive director of
the Visual Arts Center
in Punta Gorda recently
was among 14 women
selected byWGCU public
television for recognition
as Women Who Make
Southwest Florida. Valen-
court retired as the cen-
ter's executive director in
The program, in its
second year, recognizes
and honors women who
are "leaving a legacy
and making a significant
impact on (Southwest
Florida)" in the arts, the
business community,
for the environment,
in health and wellness,
in politics and in social
WGCU video and
audio portraits of the
women are scheduled for
broadcast in April.

Congratulations to Ken
Althouse, Floyd Tresler,
Rick Bohlander and
Whitney Hungerford.
According to an email
from our friend and
Punta Gorda Chamber
of Commerce President
John Wright, they
recently won the fifth an-
nual Laird's Punta Gorda
Chamber of Commerce
Golf Challenge at
Sunnybreeze Golf
They took the title
from reigning the cham-
pions, Team Mullick, by
a whisker. Both teams
scored a round of 58, but

team Althouse had a bet-
ter first-nine score, so the
guys were crowned the
victors. Team Mullick had
won three of the previous
four challenges.

Congratulations to
Tonya L. Baker of Punta
Gorda. The nursing
major made the fall
2013 Dean's List at Utica
College with a GPA of 3.4
or higher, according to
a press release from the

to the staff at the
Charlotte County Health
Department. It recently
was recognized by the
National Association of
County and City Health
Officials for its ability
to plan for, respond to,
and recover from public
health emergencies, ac-
cording to a press release
from CCHD spokeswom-
an Marne Cothran.
This is the second
time since 2007 that the
health department has
demonstrated meeting
the comprehensive pre-
paredness benchmarks
required by Project
Public Health Ready, a
partnership between the


From left, Rick Bohlander, Ken Althouse and Floyd Tresler
recently teamed to win the fifth annual Laird's Punta Gorda
Chamber of Commerce Golf Challenge.

Charlotte County Commission Chairman Ken Doherty recently
swore in the new board of the Charlotte County Republican Club
at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club. Pictured are, from left, Jim
Brown, past president; Gene Murtha, president; John Hitzel,
treasurer; Deb McMullen, secretary; Bill Dryburgh, second vice
president; Jerry O'Halloran, first vice president; and Doherty.

national association and
the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.
The CCHD remains one
of more than 300 local
health departments
across the country that
has been distinguished
for excellence in

Congratulations to
Matt Crumbaugh. The
president and CEO of

Allison James Estates and
Homes in Punta Gorda
recently earned the 99th
spot in the Swanepoel
Report's 200 most pow-
erful people in real estate
in 2013, according to
the report's website. The
Swanepoel Report tracks
trends in real estate.
"Since bringing his
management skills
and entrepreneur
background to (Allison

Frank and SueAnne Fambrough, with help from the Punta
Gorda Boat Club, opened their house for two weeks during the
holidays so that guests could see their wide array of Christmas
decorations inside and the 30,000 lights they had adorning
their house outside. Frank, dressed as Santa, handed out candy
to people as they drove by in their cars. SueAnne, in costume
as Mrs. Claus, gave tours of her house, aided by other members
of the boat club. This is the third year that the Fambroughs
have opened their home for viewing, but this year they decided
to ask for donations for the boys at AMIKids Crossroads. They
estimate that about 1,500 to 2,000 people came to tour.
"We've done this for years but never had a turnout like this;"
Frank said. Additionally, Frank had his red 1954 Ford truck,
the sleigh, parked in the driveway where people could deposit
donations of underwear, socks and hygiene items for the boys.
The event netted more than $3,600 in donations, and a truck
full of donated goods. Pictured are AMIKids board member Britt
Matthiessen; Frank and SueAnne Fambrough; Phyllis Adamaitis,
commodore of the boat club; and John Davidson, executive
director of AMIKids.

James) in 2009, he has
helped expand this new
paradesign company into
more than 15 states with
700-plus agents," the
report stated.

Congratulations to
Chuck Rinehart of Punta
Gorda. He recently joined
as its business-develop-
ment executive, accord-
ing to a press release
from the company.
works with businesses

that are looking to raise
capital, locate a strategic
partner or investors,
manage buyouts, buy a
company, and/or sell a
company through private
equity, mergers and ac-
quisitions, or investment
Rinehart retired from
the Punta Gorda Police
Department as chief in
May 2008.
Rusty Pray is editor of
the Charlotte Sun. He
can be reached at rpray@

In observance of the Martin Luther King
Jr. holiday, all Charlotte County govern-
ment offices and Punta Gorda City offices
will be closed Monday. Other offices and
services will be affected as well, including:
County Administration Center: closed.
Charlotte County Utilities: Customer
service will be closed; payments will be
accepted by phone at 941-764-4300, or
by electronic billing at www.Charlotte- (select"Utilities"from the
"Department"list). Standby staff will be

on call for utility emergencies at 941-764-
Garbage pickup: Curbside collection
will occur as scheduled.
Mini-Transfer facilities: both the West
Charlotte and Mid-County are closed.
Charlotte County Landfill on Zemel
Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Conven-
tion Bureau offices: closed. Visitors with
questions about things to do can visit, or call
Charlotte County Fire/EMS Headquar-

ters will be closed; all other stations will
be open.
Sunshine Ride: limited service for prear-
ranged transportation only; the scheduling
office will be closed.
Dial-A-Ride: open for regular oper-
ating hours.
Family Services Center: Charlotte
County government offices at the center
will be closed; limited center activities will
be available.
Charlotte County Library Administra-
tion: closed.
Libraries: closed.

Charlotte County Historical Center:
Harold Avenue Recreation Center:
South County Regional Park Recre-
ation Center: closed.
Joseph A. Tringali Recreation Center:
Community Services administration
offices: closed.
Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference
Center offices: closed.
Port Charlotte Beach Recreation
Center: closed.

Skate parks: open.
Pools: closed.
Charlotte Sports Park offices: closed.
All Edison State College locations,
including the Charlotte campus in Punta
Gorda: closed. Classes and campus services
will resume regular hours Tuesday.
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office: The
administrative office and the four district
offices around the county will be closed.
The offices will reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday.
There will be no change in jail visitation
hours; for the schedule, check www.ccso.



American Legion Cafe,
Now serving breakfast/lunch 7 am-

Home Delivery Rates:
Newspaper designated market:
City Zone- Carrier home
delivered 7 days.

Rates as follows
plus 7% Florida Sales Tax:
Monthly Bank/
CreditCard......................... $16.47
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1 Year ............................... $197.69
Does not include Waterline and TVTimes.
Above rates do not include sales tax.
Monthly Bank/
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Arcadian home delivery
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or to report any problems with your
service, please call 941-206-1300 or
toll-free at 877-818-6204.You may
visit our office at: 23170 Harborview
Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980.

2pm, Thu-Sun. Public welcome. 2101
Taylor Road. 639-6337
Marketplace @ 103, Local
fruits, vegetables, plants, crafts,
books, fishing supplies and more!
2101 Taylor Road. 639-6337
Farmers Market, History
Park, 9 am-2 pm, 501 Shreve St.,
between Virginia Avenue and Henry
Street. 941-380-6814.
FOE Eagles 3296, offers
lunch Mon-Fri 11 am-2 pm; dinner
Tue-Sat 5-8 pm; music Wed-Sat 6:30-
9:30 pm, 23111 Harborview Road,
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at noon, Picnic on the Water 2-
5 pm, live music; Tiki open at 1 pm
@ 25538 Shore Drive, PG. 637-2606
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American Legion 103,
Dart Tournament 1-4 pm, 501 Soft
Tip $3 per rd. Win cash and meet new
friends! All skill levels. 2101 Taylor
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Basic Back Care, 112
Sullivan St., PG. 1-3 pm. $35,
CCMC Jamboree, Country
Express hosts CCMC Jamboree, PC
Eagles, 23111 Harborview Road,
2 pm, $5 non-members, smoke free,
Garden Tour, Guided tour
at History Park, 501 Shreve St., PG,
2 pm, $5 suggested donation; Q&A.
Refuge Band Concert,
3 pm, upbeat Christian band, diverse,
sacred and secular family fun, www.

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Hawaiian Luau, $15, music,
games and food provided, 5 pm, 3150
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Sierra Club Hike, Prairie
Creek Preserve hike 8:30-11 am, led
by master naturalists. Reservations
required 941-639-7468.
Deep Creek Elks 2763,
lunch with Amy 11 am-2:30 pm, races
with Peggy @ 3 pm, dinner with Linda
4:30-7:30 pm, burgers, tacos and
more; Cornhole @ 6 pm
FOE Eagles 3296, offers
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Tue-Sat 5-8 pm; music Wed-Sat 6:30-
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Lunch with Shirley, PC Elks,
lunch with bartender. 11 am-2 pm
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4:30-8 pm; Karaoke w/BillyG 6:30-
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and guests

Four Leaf Strummers,
will be strumming all your favorites at
Fishermen's Village Cen. Ct., 11:30 am
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American Legion 103,
Veterans Apprecation Day light lunch
noon-3 pm, 2101 Taylor Road, 639-6337


Men's Club, Gulf Cove
Methodist Men meet first/third
Tuesday at 8 am, Stefano's Restaurant,
401 S. Indiana, Englewood. 697-8373
Charlotte Carvers, and
wood burning @ Punta Gorda Boat
Club, W. Retta Boulevard, 8 am-noon,
Call Bob 391-5064 or stop by.

Bake Sale, Benefits American
Heart Assoc., 9 am-4 pm, Charlotte
State Bank & Trust, 23112 Harborview
Road., 255-5235.
Deep Creek Elks 2763,
lunch sith Diane 11 am-2:30 pm,
dinner 5-8 pm, AYCE pasta, pizza and
much more, Karaoke with Sour Notes
6:30-9:30 pm
FOE Eagles 3296, offers
lunch Mon-Fri 11 am-2 pm; dinner
Tue-Sat 5-8 pm; music Wed-Sat 6:30-
9:30 pm, 23111 Harborview Road,
Charlotte Harbor. 941-629-1645
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Lodge Meeting, 7pm; 25538 Shore Drive,
PG. 637-2606 members and their guests

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Featured Events
The King's Brass in Concert, The Charlotte Chorale presents
The King's Brass in concert, Sat., Jan. 25,4 p.m., First United Methodist
Church, 507 W. Marion Ave., PG. The King's Brass uses all corners of the
concert hall to lift hearts with their joyful sounds of secular and sacred
music. $20 adults; $10 students. 941-204-0033.
Sock Hop With Rock & Rhythm, Sock Hop at the Deep
Creek Elks, 1133 Capricorn Blvd., PG, with Rock & Rhythm with special
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dance contests and crowning King and Queen of the Hop. For reservation
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OurTown Page 2


:The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


C OurTown Page 3

New interstate sensors

to help alert drivers to backups

Provided by TODD DUNN

Drivers on Interstate 75
in Sarasota and Manatee
counties probably have
noticed work crews
installing poles along the
112-mile stretch of high-
way. The poles are part of
the Florida Department
of Transportation's
Intelligent Transportation
Systems' network of
sensors and cameras.
So what does that
mean for drivers?
The Intelligent
Transportation Systems
program is a tool de-
signed to collect real-
time traffic conditions
that can be relayed easily
to drivers on the road.
It has probably hap-
pened to most drivers
at least once you
just merge onto the
interstate, or pass an
exit, only to find traffic
at a complete standstill.
Well, the FDOT is plan-
ning on the Intelligent
Transportation Systems,
or ITS, to help give driv-
ers advanced warnings
about road conditions.
The stretch of 1-75
from the Charlotte
County line up to
Interstate 275 in Manatee
County is the last section
of interstate to receive
the ITS equipment. Since
April 2012, crews have
been installing fiber optic
cable, sensors and poles
that will hold cameras.
"This is a good tool to
help drivers commute
safely and keep traffic
flowing," FDOT spokes-
man Robin Stublen said.
The poles are spaced


The poles being installed on Interstate 75 in Sarasota and
Manatee counties are part of the Florida Department of
Transportation's Intelligent Transportation Systems' network of
sensors and cameras.

out along the interstate
and hold rectangular-
shaped sensors.
"We monitor traffic
flow with the sensors,"
Stublen said. "That is just
another method in which
to make sure that people
are moving across are
bridges, our roads, safely
and effectively."
Many of the tall poles
will have movable
cameras placed on them.
The cameras soon will
be hung from harnesses
already in place on the
"We strategically place
cameras along the road,
so if we see there is an
accident, we can respond
more quickly to that
scene and help divert the
traffic if needed," Stublen
The cameras will be
monitored from a central
location where dispatch-
ers quickly can alert
emergency personnel of
accidents, or just send
roadside assistance to

motorists in need.
"There is no recording
of this whatsoever,"
Stublen emphasized.
"It is manned basically
by the Florida Highway
Patrol's office down in
Lee County."
One of the FDOT's
goals, by using informa-
tion gathered from the
ITS, is to help ensure
the mobility of people
and goods traveling our
"If we can be alerted
miles in advance that
we have a traffic crash
and (give) us alterna-
tives ... to take, rather
than continue into the
congested areas, we are
all a lot better off for it,"
Stublen said.
The ITS project is
scheduled for comple-
tion in Sarasota and
Manatee counties by late
summer. It is already
up and running to the
south in Collier County,
and to the north through


nations set

The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff's office, Florida Highway
Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is
determined by the court system.


- Beginning Monday,
the Charlotte County
Sheriff's Office will
increase traffic enforce-
ment at the following
Speed enforcement:
Olean Boulevard,
Port Charlotte.
Boulevard, Englewood.
Traffic light/stop sign
U.S. 41 and Harbor
Boulevard, Port
State Road 776
(McCall Road) and Beach
Road, Englewood.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
Victor Edward Florence, 48,
ofVidalia, Ga. Charge: habitually
driving with a revoked license. Bond:
Trenton Royce Jones, 18, of
Vidalia, Ga. Charges: possession of
less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bond: $2,000.
David Lee Best, 64, of
Tallahassee. Charges: possession of
less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charges: driving with a suspended or
revoked license and giving false ID to
an officer. Bond: $1,500.
Angela Maria Combs, 40, of
Bradenton. Charges: nine counts
of violation of probation (original
charges: burglary and grand theft).
John Joseph Sury, 28, 5200 block
of Johnston Terrace, Port Charlotte.
Charges: two counts of battery.
Audra Beth Welsch, 32, Biscayne
Drive, Port Charlotte. Charges:
possession of less than 20 grams of
marijuana and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $2,000.
Carlos Javier Nieves-Fernandez,
37, Biscayne Drive, Port Charlotte.
Charges: possession of cocaine,
possession of marijuana with the
intent to sell and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $6,000.
Jeffrey Petit-Frere, 26, 22300
block of Hernando Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charges: possession of
less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bond: $2,000.
SCompiled by Gary Roberts and
Marion Putman


fundraiser set
The Charlotte Harbor
Event and Conference
Center, 75 Taylor St.,
Punta Gorda, will play
host to the 26th annual
CARE Ball 2014 from
6p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Saturday. This year's
spectacular event will
feature a Great Gatsby
Roaring '20s theme, a

dinner, an open bar, live
entertainment, dancing,
gaming and an auction.
The attire is theme-
based or black tie.
Tickets cost $125 per
person. Sponsorship
opportunities range from
$250 to $5,000, and are
still available. All print,
media and technology
advertising includes
the names of major
sponsors. All funds

raised will remain in
Charlotte County to help
the Center for Abuse
and Rape Emergencies
provide survivor services
and preventive educa-
tion programs.
For sponsorship infor-
mation, contact Linda
Lusk at 941-286-3660, or
email careball@carefl.
org. To purchase tickets,
call 941-639-5499, or visit

Stay in the Know about your Health.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 25th Wednesday, February 12th
Open House & Brunch Knee Pain...Aching Joints
Orthopaedic & Spine Center Lunch n Learn
9:00am -11:00am 12:00pm l:00pm
0a Mm oi ll m H2U I 3280 Tamiami Trail, SL
Fawcett Memorial Hospital Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Bents
21298 Olean Blvd., Port Charlotte
Tour our newly renovated
Orthopaedic & Spine Center and Thursday, February 20th
then enjoy brunch with our team Mitral Valve Repair & TAVF
and physicians. Lunch n Learn
12:00pm l:00pm
H2U I 3280 Tamiami Trail, S
Wednesday, January 29th Guest Speaker: Allesandro G
Stroke Screening
2:00pm 4:00pm
Charlotte State Bank & Trust Parkside Thursday, February 27th
3002 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Back Pain: Is Surgerythe Ai
*Reservations required Lunch n Learn
12:00pm l:00pm
H2U I 3280 Tamiami Trail, S
Guest Speaker: Gregory Get

Fawcett Memorial Hospital

4i4 hU4%fm Canin 54

jite 493
on, MD


Suite 493
olino, MD


quite 493
)auer, MD

M 0-

Reevainsfrse iar rerqird pes

Traffic enforcement

Bond: $2,000.
Jennifer Leslie Royce, 43,
of Sarasota. Charge: violation of
probation (original charge: petty
theft three or more convictions).
Charles Randolph Whaley, 51,
1100 block of Presque Isle Drive, Port
Charlotte. Charge: battery. Bond:
Keith Richard Hogan, 61,20200
block of Blaine Ave., Port Charlotte.
Charge: violation of probation. Bond:
Paul John Schulze, 42, of Paisley,
Fla. Charge: violation of probation
(original charges: driving without
a suspended license and failure to
appear). Bond: none.
Abisail Cotto-Trinidad, 36, 6500
block of Ableson Ave., North Port.
Charge: violation of probation. Bond:
Amanda Renee Willis, 21,
5300 block of Newcastle St., North
Port. Charge: violation of probation
(original charge: criminal mischief of
property valued at $1,000 or more).
Robert Charles Jacob, 39, 9300
block of Tacoma Ave., Englewood.

I ........ .

:OurTown Page 4 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here's to 'New' beginnings

1 ,IhIIII'-l7.tI-0
-. _M- -,,I'll,.''* sae
41 b. _M I ; Janet and Clark
'" "'"11:"i""ha
-L" rep and owner Clay
Page, look over the
Negative Ion Wrap
"- jewelry that increases
energy and stamina,
> and promotes deeper
healing sleep.

?T.Right: Banjo players 1
John Wildeman, Mike ,
./Ao.... Currao, Tom Lauten-
;Z schlager and Keith '
Clymer picked and
SUN PHOTOS BY DONNELL BATES strummed during the
Cassandra Monnier tries on a Care Medical History Bracelet, with sales rep Barbara Carley, at "A health and wellness
New Year, New You, Thank You!" Health & Wellness Expo, held Saturday at Fishermen's Village in expo Saturday, in hopes
Punta Gorda. The event was held to help visitors start the new year off more motivated, more fit of raising money for
and more energized, with dozens of booths manned by knowledgeable experts. the Young Musicians
Foundation Inc.

'. .... A-Doug Lavelle
..,visits the
... .. ?. u, Journey Studio
booth that
'____ "teaches Kripalu/
Amrit yoga and
yoga nidra, with
teacher Tonya
'/ Blewett, Laura
Peters, and
teacher Marsha

Relay for Life Punta Gorda
2014 is coming up, and event
chairman Matt Mason, volun-
teer Gail Ethridge and survivor
7."chairwoman Darla Kujawski
were promoting the event
During the Saturday's expo at
Fishermen's Village.
At the Invigassage booth, sales reps Dave Welch and Roxanne Drew show potential customer .
Marc Banyocu some of their products to help with foot and back pain.

AT LEAST Bryant Oval Self-Rimming Sink
1OaF 6O

OFFwas $68
All in-stock .o49768 /R269_-_0
KOHLERToilets* Elliston bathroom sink faucet
Polished Chrome
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B tLh.M mwas $98
waseto49pls65012 / R72780-4D-CP
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331676 /11464 -0 0. -

4.7 of5 *. :-.
Customer Rating L it6 ho e D o

'Elliston Toilet h
r168 was $389
132, 2u RT06009-L-SH
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"r I LI OFF EnsembleT Curve
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bath and showers-
All KOHLER toilets are priced as marked. 10% discount is calculated from the original a"0% discount on Sterling Curve/rFle bath and showers is taken at time of purchase.
'was' pricing.


The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


C OurTown Page 5



David Louis Hofer
David Louis Hofer,
67, of Punta Gorda,
Fla., went to be with
the Lord, Monday,
Jan. 13, 2014, in Tampa,
Fla. Arrangements
are by Charlotte
Memorial Funeral
Home, Crematory and

Sarah A. Jenkins
Sarah A. Jenkins, 65, of
Coshocton, Ohio, passed
away Thursday, Jan. 16,
2014, at Grant Medical
She was born March
25, 1948, inWoodhull,
N.Y., to David and
Elizabeth (nee Gee)
Sarah graduated
from Roberts Wesleyan
College, was a coor-
dinator for outpatient
rehabilitation, a secretary
for the National Church,
treasurer and president
of the Women's associ-
ation, and a member
of the Coshocton Elks
Lodge. She also loved to
play the organ and sing.
She is survived by her
husband, the Rev. John
Jenkins, who she mar-
ried Aug. 30, 1997; one
daughter, Bethany (Paul)
Jackomin; son, Edward
Gee; mother, Elizabeth
Drake; two grandchil-
dren, Jackie Rachal
and Kendra Jackomin;
brothers, Paul (Nell)
Drake, and Ronald (Ann)
Drake; three sisters,
Linda Lindstrom, Naomi
Drake and Dawn (Kevin)
O'Grady; and several
nieces and nephews.
Sarah was preceded
in death by her father,
David; and daughter,
Elaine Rachal.
Friends may call
from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.
Monday, Jan. 20, 2014, at
Miller Funeral Home, 639
Main St., Coshocton. The
Mass of Christian Burial
will be held at 10:30 a.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014,
at Sacred Heart Catholic
Church, 805 Main St.,
Coshocton, with Father
William Hristko officiat-
ing. Interment will follow
at Our Lady of Lourdes
Cemetery in Coshocton.
Memorial contributions
may be directed to
Sacred Heart School;
envelopes will be avail-
able at the funeral home.
An online memorial is
located at www.themiller

Catherine Kaczmarskyj,
91, of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
died Friday Jan. 17, 2014.
She was born Aug. 23,
1922, in Ukraine, and
came to this area in 1983
from New York City, N.Y
Catherine was a very
active Charter Member
of St. Mary's Ukrainian
Catholic Church in North
Port, Fla., and also a
founding member of the
St. Mary's Sisterhood.
She was preceded in
death by her husband,
Stephan; four brothers;
and one sister.
Visitation will be
from 4 p.m. until the
Panachyda Service at
6 p.m. today, Sunday,
Jan. 19, 2014, at Farley
Funeral Home. Mass
will be at 10:30 a.m.
Monday, Jan. 20, 2014,
at St. Mary's Ukrainian
Catholic Church, with
burial to follow at Venice
Memorial Gardens in
Venice, Fla.

In lieu of flowers,
please make a contri-
bution to St. Mary's
Ukrainian Catholic
Church. To send con-
dolences, visit www.

Marie R. Knarr Punta Gorda. Please
visit www.kays-ponger.
Marie R. Knarr, 103, com to leave the family
of Port Charlotte, Fla., condolences and to sign
passed away Saturday, the online guestbook.
Jan. 11, 2014. Arrangements are by
She was born Feb. 9, Kays-Ponger & Uselton
1910, in Hungary. Funeral Home and
Marie worked with Cremation Services.
Western Union until her
retirement. Joy M. Lawhead
She is survived by
her daughter, Arline Joy M Lawhead,
Tamburri; granddaugh- 88, of Punta Gorda,
ter, Debbie Andersch; Fla., and formerly of
grandsons, Robert, Michigan, went to be
Joseph and Ryan with the Lord, Friday,
Tamburri, William Jan. 17, 2014, in Punta
and Donald Cusick, Gorda. Arrangements
Stephen Borden and are by Charlotte
John Knarr Jr.; and many Memorial Funeral
great-grandchildren and Home, Crematory and
great-great-grandchil- Cemetery.
A Memorial Service Frank William
will be held at 1 p.m. Madderom
Sunday Jan. 26, 2014,
at St. Michael Lutheran FrankWilliam
Church, 3595 Broadway, Madderom, 78, a resident
Fort Myers, FL 33901. of Punta Gorda, Fla.,
and formerly
Toni Lydia Kuntz ., of Milwaukee,
'*",-. Wis., passed
Toni Lydia Kuntz, 89, of away.
Punta Gorda, Fla., died He was
Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014. born Dec. 22, 1935,
She was born in Madison, Wis., to
March 1, 1924, in William and Lillian
Germany to Adolph and (n6e Starkweather)
Lydia Ferus, and immi- Madderom.
grated to Benton Harbor, Frank served honor-
Mich., when she was a ably in the U.S. Army as
small child, sergeant during peace
On Aug. 1, 1945, she time. Prior to his retire-
married Rudy Kuntz, ment in 1994, he was
who preceded her in the President/Owner
death in 1996. They of Central Ready Mixed
lived in Benton Harbor Concrete in Milwaukee.
area until they moved He was a pioneer in
to Punta Gorda in 1995. concrete technology and
Toni worked for many created techniques that
years at the Berrien Hills are still in use today.
Country Club, where she He retired to Punta
made lifelong friends. Gorda in 1994, and was
She loved to travel and an avid tarpon fisher-
spent many winters man. His loves were his
in California near her family friends and the
daughter. Locally, she Green Bay Packers. Frank
was a member of Holy was known by many as a
Trinity Lutheran Church very kind, generous and
in Port Charlotte, Fla. loving man, and will be
Toni became ill in missed greatly by all who
Dowagiac, Mich., while knew and loved him.
visiting her son and He is survived by six
daughter-in-law, and children; six grand-
passed away in Michigan children; and two
after a lengthy illness, great-grandchildren.
She is survived by her Memorial services will
son, Larry (Janel) Kuntz be held in the spring of
of Cassopolis, Mich.; 2014 in Madison.
her daughters, Karol Arrangements
(Michael Cushman) are by Charlotte
Allard of Playa Hermosa, Memorial Funeral
Costa Rica, and Susan Home, Crematory and
(Craig Guggolz) Leslie Cemetery.
of Palm Springs, Calif.;
sister, Adela Schlipp J. Thurston Martin
of Port Charlotte; Thurston Martin,
granddaughter, Kristine 73, of Port Charlotte,
Kuntz (Michael) Brynda Fla., passed away Friday,
of Dallas, Texas; two Jan. 17, 2014.
great-grandchildren; He was born Aug. 8,
four step-grandchildren; 1940, in Sebring, Fla., the
step-great-grandchildren; son of Allen and Myrla
nieces and nephews; and Martin.
two sisters-in-law, Lucille Thurston was a
Kunst of Sodus, Mich., commercial Realtor in
and Caroline Ferus of Charlotte County, Fla.,
Oconomowoc, Wis. and received multiple
The family will receive recognition for his work,
friends from 1:30 p.m. including the Reader's
until the Funeral Service Choice Award. He was
at 2 p.m. Thursday, the former Executive
Jan. 23, 2014, at Kays- Director of the YMCA,
Ponger & Uselton Funeral and was a member of the
Home, 635 E. Marion Rotary Club. Thurston
Ave., Punta Gorda. Burial was a family man,
will follow at Royal Palm and a loving husband,
Memorial Gardens in father, grandfather and

great-grandfather. He
enjoyed football, and was
a die-hard Florida Gators
Thurston will be great-
ly missed by his wife of
37 years, Priscilla "Pat";
daughters, Cyndi (David)
Cox and Tricia (Todd)
Leckbee; sons, Doug
(Joan) Timmons, Garry
(Fernanda) Timmons and
Greg (Stephanie) Martin;
18 grandchildren; and 10
A memorial service to
celebrate Thurston's life
will be held at 11 a.m.
Wednesday Jan. 22, 2014,
at Larry Taylor Funeral
and Cremation Services.
To express condolences
to the family, please visit
and sign the online guest
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.

Vioris J. Patterson
Vioris J. Patterson, 83,
of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
passed away Tuesday,
Jan. 14,
i 2014, at
Health Port
S Charlotte.
She was
born May
3,a1930, in
West Indies.
Vioris was a member
of Port Charlotte New
Testament Church of
God for many years.
She was a lovely lady
who displayed class and
appreciation, and she
will be missed dearly by
all who loved and knew
Survivors include
her children, two
daughters, Joy Smart
of Port Charlotte and
Dorothy Anson of New
York City, N.Y.; and two
sons, Glenville Anson of
Hillside, N.J., and Keith
Anson of Port Charlotte;
along with three sisters,
Hyacinth McLean and
Mabel Richards, both of
Jamaica, and Hazel Scott
of Virginia; two broth-
ers, Edward Hayles of
Jamaica, and Carl Hayles
of Miami, Fla; seven
grandchildren, Kenneth,
Keisha, Shawn, Charlene,
Nadine, Felicia and
Jason; two great-grand-
children, Ryan and
Shawn Jr.; and numerous
nieces and nephews.
Visitation will be held
from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.
Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014,
at Roberson Funeral
Home Port Charlotte
Chapel. Funeral Services
will be held at 11 a.m.
Friday, Jan. 24, 2014,
at Port Charlotte New
Testament Church of
God, 21011 Midway
Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Entombment will
follow at Restlawn
Memorial Gardens in
Port Charlotte. Friends
may visit online at www. to sign
the memory book and
extend condolences to

For more Words of Comfort, go to

the family.
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home
Port Charlotte Chapel.

Sophia T. Peter
S.P. Sophia T. (n6e
Spiegoski) Peter, 92,
a longtime resident
of Punta
^ Gorda, Fla.,
passed to
4 Thursday,
Jan. 9, 2014.
She was
S a beloved
mother, grandmother,
neighbor and friend. We
don't cry because she has
left us; we smile because
we had the blessing of
knowing her.
Spoczywaj W Pokoju,
Rest In Peace, "Mama
Please visit www. to leave
the family condolences
and to sign the online
Arrangements are by
Kays-Ponger & Uselton
Funeral Home and
Cremation Services.

Wilma May Zubrod
Wilma May Zubrod, 92,
of Ionia, Iowa, and Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away
Dec. 26,
2013, in
She taught
in rural
schools until her mar-
riage in 1945. Wilma
married Lloyd H. Zubrod
on Jan. 6, 1945. The cou-
ple farmed successfully
until retirement. Wilma
enjoyed discussing cur-
rent events, playing cards
with her grandchildren,

and a good game of
Euchre. Lloyd and Wilma
loved traveling with
their motor home, and
wintered in Punta Gorda
for many years.
Wilma enjoyed living
near her daughter, Nancy
and son-in-law, Ron, in
Punta Gorda after Lloyd's
passing. She loved her
faith, her family and
the grandchildren and
cards, visits and phone
Wilma is survived
by four children; 13
grandchildren; and 22
great-grandchildren. She
was preceded in death by
her husband, Lloyd; and
grandson, Bruce Zubrod.
Visitation, the funeral
Mass and burial were
held in Iowa. Online con-
dolences may be made
at www.gpanochfunerals.
Arrangements are by
Gary Panoch Funeral
Home and Cremations,
Boca Raton, Fla.


Obituaries are accepted from
funeral homes only. There's no charge
for publishing an abbreviated death
notice. Full obituaries and repeat
death notices will be subject to an
advertising charge.
Obituaries must be received by
2 p.m. for Tuesday through Saturday
publication. For Sunday publication
deadline is noon on Saturday. For
Monday publication deadline is noon
on Sunday. In Loving Memories must be
received by 2 p.m. for Tuesday through
Friday publication. For Saturday through
Monday publication deadline is noon on
Friday The American flag accompanying
an obituary indicates a veteran of the
U.S. Armed Forces. Please send emails to
Words of Comfort -i
Recall it as often you
wishi. a happy memory
never wears out.
-Libbie Fudim

SLance E.

Zsy April 27,

1990 ~

Jan. 19,2013

Lance was an extraordinary young man... ., "
He left a positive impact on everyone he met .
with his beautiful smile, positive outlook, and, most I _
important, he accepted everyone for who they were.
Lance would probably want everyone not to cry 'e q
for him, but remember him with a smile, treat others
as you want to be treated and be happy. '
Your loving parents, Leann & Scott .

Friends and family can look up Lance Moneyy
on Facebook for more photos and information.
To leave a memory, please visit:

Joe Tassia
Joe Tassia 82, of Punta Gorda, Fla., in the win-
ter, and Hopkinton, Mass., in the summer, passed
away peacefully Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, in the
company of his son and daughter.
S He was born Nov. 15, 1931, in

Pa., working in the family produce
business, alongside his grandpar-
ents, parents, aunts, uncles, brother,
two sisters and cousins. As a teen,
one of Joe's fondest memories was
S working behind the soda fountain at
-'.. the Valencia Ballroom, also owned and
-.' operated by the Tassia family, while
S listening to some of the greatest musi-
cians of the time, like Benny Goodman
and Tommy Dorsey. These childhood experiences
instilled in Joe a lifelong love of music and
couples dance, eventually resulting in his strong
interest in country western dancing.
After serving his country in the Korean War, Joe
received his degree in Electrical Engineering from
Northeastern University, followed by his Master's
in Engineering Management. He spent 10 years
working as an engineer before switching to real
estate, a career he truly enjoyed. Joe bought Able
Realty Associates in the early '70s, and worked
40 years, until just two months ago, selling real
estate in Southborough, Mass., and the sur-
rounding communities. A resident of Hopkinton
for over 50 years, Joe enjoyed spending his free
time on Lake Maspenock, fishing, swimming
and bird-watching. During these years, he was
blessed with two children, David and Diane; and
three grandchildren, whom he loved dearly.
When the winter cold became too much to
bear, Joe headed down to Florida, to enjoy the
warmth. Over the past 10 years, he formed many
wonderful friendships there while playing tennis,
kayaking and fishing. And, of course, he was
a regular presence on the dance floor, in both
Punta Gorda and the Boston, Mass., suburbs,
where he was fortunate to form some of his most
loyal friendships. Joe also was grateful for his
wonderful neighbors in both Punta Gorda and
Hopkinton, who were so much more than the
person next door; they were among his closest
and most trusted friends. He will be missed.
Celebrations of Joe's life will take place at
dates to be determined in Punta Gorda, as well
as Hopkinton. In lieu of flowers, kindly consider
donations to the American Cancer Society. Please
email for further details.


FOR $129500 EA.*

'! 27200 Jones Loop Rd., Punta Gorda
in association with
S41 39-2381 FL Pre-Planning Alliance
(941 6 39-2381 & Fort Myers Memorial LFneal Home

Our Town Page 6 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun ISunday, January 19, 2014



Robert B.
Robert B. "Bob"
Goodrich, 60, of
Rotonda West, Fla.,
passed away Thursday,
Jan. 16, 2014.
He was born June 16,
1953, in Rahway, N.J.,
to Howard Sr. and Stella
Bob retired as a
stockbroker from
Morgan Stanley in
2008, and relocated to
Rotonda West following
his parents, who settled
in Rotonda in the
mid-1970s. His father,
Howard B. Goodrich Sr.,
was known by some as
Rotonda's first Mayor.
Bob met the love of his
life, Nadine, through
his brother and sister-
in-law, Howard and
Cheryl (Nadine's sister)
Goodrich. Two brothers
married two sisters!
In retirement, Bob

worked on completing
his goal of playing
every major champion-
ship golf course in the
USA, and accomplished
that with the excep-
tion of Saw Grass and
Augusta National, but
he did see a Masters
He is survived by
his wife, Nadine;
stepdaughter, Cheryl
(Jason) Kuzniar of
Niskayuna, N.Y.;
granddaughter, Paige
Kuzniar of Niskayuna;
sisters, Elaine DiBello
of Englewood, Fla.,
and Joyce (Albert) Cox
of Toms River, N.J.;
and brother, Howard
(Cheryl) Goodrich Jr. of
The Funeral Mass
will be held at 11 a.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 22,
2014, at St. Francis of
Assisi in Grove City,
Fla. In lieu of flowers,
the family is requesting
that donations be made
in Bob's name to St.
Francis of Assisi, 5265
Placida Road, Grove
City, FL 34224.
Arrangements are
by Lemon Bay Funeral

Ruth J.Welsch
Ruth J.Welsch, 85, of
Englewood, Fla., passed
away Saturday, Jan. 11,
2014, at Englewood
Community Hospital.
Arrangements are by
Englewood Community
Funeral Home with
Private Crematory.


Frank Robert
Frank Robert Gomes,
82, of North Port, Fla.,
passed away Thursday,
Jan. 16, 2014.
He was born
.,, i.. M arch 19,
1931, in Key
West, Fla., to
Salvadore and Rosalee
In his younger years,
Frank was a commercial
fisherman in what
is now Everglades
National Park. Frank
served his country for
22 years in the United
States Air Force, retiring
as a Tech Sergeant. He
then worked for the
Florida Department of
Transportation, and

started his own painting
business. Later in life,
he enjoyed gardening
and working around the
Frank is survived
by his wife, June;
sons, Frank, Mark and
Patrick; nine grand-
children, Nicole, Guy,
Matthew, Chelsea,
Sarah, Marky, Amanda,
Patrick and Rachel; four
Guy Jr., Adriana, Shyia
and Hayden; and
brother, Paul Gomes. He
was preceded in death
by his son, Guy.
In lieu of flowers,
please make memorial
donations in Frank's
name to the National
Parkinson's Foundation,
Gift Processing
Center, P.O. Box 5018,
Hagerstown, MD 21741.
For online condolenc-
es, please visit www.
Arrangements are by
McKee Funeral Home.


There were no deaths
reported in DeSoto


Big Band
'Year That Was'
The Charlotte County
Big Band will devote
the 2013-2014 season
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Year That Was ...," at
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series kicked off Sept. 16
with 1938, featuring the
Carnegie Hall concert
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The remaining schedule
Jan. 27: the 1950s
Rock 'n' roll comes
on the scene, especially
Elvis Presley. Big bands
still were producing
hits like "Night Train"
by Buddy Murrow, and
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Count Basie.
Feb. 24: the 1960s -
Latin American influ-
ence produces gems like
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and Herbie Hancock's

"Watermelon Man."
March 17: the 1970s
- The fusion of rock
and jazz influences
Chicago with "Does
Anyone Really Know
What Time It Is" and
"25 or 6 to 4," along with
the big band sounds
of Maynard Ferguson,
Buddy Rich and Woody
April 21: the 1980s-
contemporary influenc-
es of Henry Mancini,
Sammy Nestico, Don
Schamber and Dave
Wolpe lead to "Pink
Panther," "Sweet Georgia
Brown" and more.
Shows are scheduled
to begin at 7 p.m.
Advanced ticket prices
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member discounts. The
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the box office. For more
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OurTown Page 6


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

i -


The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


C OurTown Page 7


Keynote speaker Eddie Moore Jr., an educator, motivational
speaker and youth leader whose life was shaped by New Oper-
ation Cooper Street in Punta Gorda, addresses the large crowd
Saturday at Punta Gorda Middle School.


carried them far beyond
their humble beginnings.
Moore, who holds a
doctoral degree, knows
how far he has traveled. In
his speech to more than
150 breakfast attendees
at Punta Gorda Middle
School, he cited the
obstacles he, and other
African-Americans, must
overcome to succeed:
Only 54 percent of
graduate from high school,
compared to the more
than three-quarters of
white and Asian students.
Nationally in 2000,
black male students in
kindergarten through
12th grade were more
than twice as likely to be
suspended from school
than white students. On
average, African-American
12th-grade students read
at the same level as white
Factors behind this
disparity can be traced
to poverty and the lack of
educational opportunities,
he said. But the greatest
impact is the psycho-
logical and emotional
damage done to African-
Americans, especially
youth, he said.
"Statistically speaking,
as a black man in America,

less for some phone
calls, thanks to a Federal
Commission order set to
take effect Feb. 11.
The FCC adopted the
order last fall, which is
intended to "provide
relief to the millions of
Americans who have
borne the financial
burden of unjust and
unreasonable interstate
inmate phone rates."
Companies providing
phone services at prisons
and jails now will be
forced to offer what
the order describes as
"reasonable" interstate
The Charlotte County
Jail will lower its inter-
state rates, though by
how much still is being
decided. While many
inmates would welcome
the lower rates, the FCC
order comes with a
'All the money received
from phone calls goes
into the Inmate Welfare
Fund," said CCSO Lt.
Melissa Turney, admin-
istrative services com-
mander. "None of this
money at all ever goes
back to the sheriff."
That means less fund-
ing for jail offerings like
the faith-based, GED and
hydroponics programs,
for example.
'Anything that gets
taken out of the Inmate
Welfare Fund is less we
can give back to the in-
mates," Turney said. "And
that's the unfortunate
side of this. We pride our-
selves on trying to reduce
recidivism by offering all
these programs."
The inmates have
mixed feelings too.
"The Inmate Welfare
Fund is good for us," said

I shouldn't be standing
here," Moore said. "I don't
take that lightly"
For the life lessons he
learned, Moore credits
his parents, teachers at
both Port Charlotte and
Charlotte high schools,
and the guidance he
received at New Operation
Cooper Street, a youth
development center in
Punta Gorda that turned
his life around. And he also
gave tribute to Charlotte
High School students of 50
years ago, who provided
the impetus for the first
high school in Florida to
"Courage is essential to
freedom, to justice," he
said, echoing the message
of Dr. King.
For Fulton, the simple
act of running gave direc-
tion to his life. In post-
humously presenting the
2014 Lt. Charles R Bailey
Spirit of Achievement
Award to Fulton (accepted
by his sister, Teresa Fulton
Scurry), his Baker Academy
classmate, the Rev. Ellison
Haddock, now assistant
pastor at First Macedonia
Missionary Baptist Church
in Punta Gorda, recounted
what made his friend a
champion, on and off the
"Tommy was self-
motivated," Haddock
said. "He had that no-quit
This inner passion

The cost of select goods
and services at Charlotte
County Jail:
Local, single-switch call:
$2.25 flat fee
S20-minute intrastate call:
S20-minute interstate call:
Sports bra: $10.66
Panties: $5.34
Boxers: $4.62
Deodorant: $2.49
*Shampoo: $4.17
SHoney Bun: $2.86
Moon Pie: $1.17
Doritos: $1.16
*Twix: $1.38
SAA batteries (two): $2.99
SRadio with ear buds:
SDeck of cards: $2.72
Stamps (10): $4.60
Envelope: 16 cents

Inmate Welfare Fund
profit from phones and
commissary in the last two
Phones- 2012: $243,400;
2013: $178,564
Commissary- 2012:
$239,640,2013: $173,587

Templeton, who is in the
hydroponics program.
"So either way, (the FCC
order) will affect us."
Turney said the
Sheriff's Office has been
going over data with its
phone service provider,
Global Tel*Link, and
there are enough inter-
state calls made from
the jail that the new FCC

at the Eighth
Annual Martin
Luther King
Jr. Community
House board
Greene, left,
and Martha
Bireda, along
with Fran
Holleran of
County Public
Schools, in the

The MLK Breakfast Essay Contest winners included Kaitria
Abbatematteo, left, who received the first-place award; and
second-place winner Ronni Hemstreet, both sophomores in
Heather Garcia's class at Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda.
The elementary school winners, all in fourth grade, were: first
place: Erik Courtney of Sallie Jones in Punta Gorda; and, tied for
second place: Taylor Paille of Liberty and Eleanor Munn of Neil
Armstrong, both in Port Charlotte.

drove him to train on the
Englewood beaches, after
running all the way there
from Punta Gorda. And it
led him to the CHS and
Florida halls of fame, as
well as ranking among the
first African-Americans to
break the 4-minute mile,
unofficially in the ninth
grade, and to a permanent
spot in the record books in
the 1973 Olympics, he said.
"Tommy was running
all his life I don't know
what from, but he was
running," Haddock joked.
Martha Bireda, executive
director of Blanchard
House Museum, which
played host to the break-
fast, summed up the
achievements of Punta

order will have a "slight"
effect on funds.
"We maintain the
costs within guidelines
and definitely look for
reasonable rates to
ensure that inmates can
contact their loved ones,"
she said.
A little less than
$500,000 has been de-
posited into the Inmate
Welfare Fund from
phone calls over the last
two years.
Turney would like to
point out that if fund-
ing drops because of the
FCC order the price
of other things offered
to the inmates won't be
increased to make up
for it.
The Inmate Welfare
Fund received more
than $400,000 from the
commissary over the last
two years. Some inmates
feel they are being taken
advantage of
In a recent letter to
the Sun, inmate Charles

Gorda's favorite sons with
praise for their parents,
who provided their
children with "good home
"It meant you respected
yourself, respected your
elders and you learned to
give back," she said.
In closing the program,
Bireda invited today's par-
ents to do the same, so that
their sons and daughters
could create the lasting
legacies shared by the local
honorees and Dr. King.
"I challenge you to be-
lieve in our kids until they
believe in themselves," she
said. "We are all connected
by a single destiny."

Scott, 56, expressed the
opinion that there is
"price-raping" going on
with the jail's commis-
sary. He is especially
upset about paying $1.11
for a bowl of Ramen
noodles, $1.38 for a
candy bar, and $1.09 for
a small bag of Cheetos.
Turney said an
analysis is done every
six months to ensure
items offered through
the commissary are
comparable to those in
local stores.
"For instance, we
would never raise the
price of a Snickers to
$3 to try and offset
anything," she said.
"We're not allowed to

Clarks celebrate 70 years


arold W Clark and Arnell Clark celebrated
their 70th wedding anniversary Wednesday,
Jan. 15, 2014.
They were married in San Francisco, Calif.
Harold is 92, and Arnell is 90. They live on Genoa
Court in Punta Gorda, Fla., and have lived there for
more than 10 years.
Harold and Arnell have four children, Dennis
W Clark, Karin Lee Barnes, Hal Scott Clark
and Gregory Clark; and many grandchildren,
great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

1 'The Goldfinch,"by Donna
Tartt (Little, Brown: $30) A young
man clings to a painting years after
surviving an explosion at a museum
that killed his mother.
2!'The Luminaries;'by Eleanor
Catton (Little, Brown: $27) The fate
of a prostitute is interrupted when an
Englishman arrives in Gold Rush-era
New Zealand in 1886.
3'The Gods of Guilt,"by Michael
Connelly (Little, Brown: $28) Defense
attorney Mickey Hailer investigates
the murder of a prostitute he thought
he'd rescued.
4"'The Fault in Our Stars;"by John
Green (Dutton: $17.99) Two teen-
agers fighting cancer fall in love.
5"The Circle/by Dave Eggers
(Knopf: $27.95) A naive young
woman gives her life over to a cult-
like Internet company.
6"S.;'by J.J. Abrams and Doug
Dorst (Mulholland Books: $35) An
experiment in storytelling with two
students trying to decode an old
7!'DiaryofaWimpy Kid: Hard
Luck;'by Jeff Kinney (Abrams: $13.95)
After best friend Rowley ditches him,
Greg turns his friend-finding mission
over to fate.
8"Allegiant/by Veronica Roth
(Katharine Tegen Books: $19.99) The
Tris and Tobias love story concludes
in this final book of the Divergent
9!'The Flamethrowers/by Rachel
Kushner (Scribner: $26.99) A young
artist navigates turmoil in Manhattan
and Italy during the late'70s.
10."'And the Mountains Echoed,"
by Khaled Hosseini (Riverhead:
$28.95) A father's decision to give
his 3-year-old daughter to a wealthy
Kabul family begins a 60-year Afghan
history lesson.

1"David and Goliath/by Malcolm

Gladwell (Little, Brown: $29)
Anecdotes illustrate how underdogs
and misfits gained advantage through
21 IAm Malala/'by Malala Yousafzai
(Little, Brown: $26) The story of the
15-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the
Taliban for standing up for her right to
an education.
3."'My Promised Land,"by Ari Shavit
(Spiegel & Grau: $28) A look at the
state of Israel through its defining
conflicts and the authors personal
4.7Things That Matterby Charles
Krauthammer (Crown: $28) A
collection of columns covering three
decades of politics from the Financial
Times writer.
5"'Everything I Need to Know l
Learned From a Little Golden Book'by
Diane Muldrow (Golden Books: $9.99)
Practical advice and life lessons learned
from the beloved classical children's
6"Stitches',"by Anne Lamott
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emotional and spiritual meaning
and peace after personal and public
7"'Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls,"
by David Sedaris (Little, Brown: $27)
The essayist's recent collection oflife's
travails and travel tales.
8!'Killing Jesus;'by Bill O'Reilly &
Martin Dugard (Henry Holt: $28)
The background of Christ and events
leading to his death.
9"'Little Failure;'by Gary Shteyngart
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born American writers memoir of
survival, guilt and perseverance.
10:'The Most of Nora Ephron;'by
Nora Ephron (Knopf: $35) A collection
of the late writers thoughts on divorce,
her screenplays, and more.

Charlotte Hearing
Center, Inc.

Bethany L. Walden, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctor ofAudiology

Evaluations &
Hearing Aids
"Since 1984"
21216 Olean Blvd.,
Suite 4
Port Charlotte
Across from AAA Bldg.
MostMajor Brans Available

IV Sedation and
Nitrous Oxide
FREE IV Sedation!
with any procedure over $2500
Call for full details, exp. 1/31/14
(941) 429-5771
dental codes: 9241 & 9242





$27 for a photo, up to 200 words

$54 for a photo, up to 300 words

Stop by your local Sun office

to pick up a form.

Personnel at Charlotte Correctional Institution the state prison
located south of Punta Gorda directed questions to the Florida
Department of Corrections. FDOC spokeswoman Misty Cash wrote in an
email to the Sun:
"The Department currently contracts with Securus for phone
services. The revenue received during the FY (20)12-13 was
$5,334,549.22 from this contract. The Department contracts with Keefe
for commissary and received $30,920,005 during FY (20)12-13 from
this contract.
"The (new FCC) ruling will effect state-to-state or interstate
- inmate calls. The Department no longer will be able to receive
commissions on interstate calls, and rates will be capped. However our
current rates are below the maximum established by the ruling. The
impact on commission has not yet been determined."

Afpailf The Dentt?
Have all your dental work completed
and not remember a thing! &

Paige Kreegel, MD, announces
the temporary suspension of his
medical practice. Patients' charts
remain at Janick Medical Group.
You may call there for an
appointment with another physician.

Call (941)629-3366
for your appointment.


Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, January 19, 2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to


Few advantages

if airport were

annexed by city

never, but there are almost no
advantages for the Punta Gorda
Airport to be annexed by the city
of Punta Gorda.
he idea of the Punta Gor-
da Airport being annexed
by the city of Punta Gorda
ruffled some feathers at Thurs-
day's Charlotte County Airport
Authority meeting.
That should be no surprise.
When discussing a pre-annex-
ation plan for the Loop property
east of the city limits, members
of the authority decided to voice
their opposition to any future
annexation of airport property.
And voice they did.
Commissioner Pam Seay led
the charge, saying it is "a very
bad idea."
Seay's objections, however,
strayed from the debate over
taxation and/or services that
one might expect. Seay focused
on the residents of Punta Gorda
who regularly complain about
airport noise.
"We see it in the news weekly,
sometimes more often, that we
would need to eliminate noise.
We cannot eliminate noise," she
She went on to say that nearly
all the noise complaints come
from the city and annexation
would give the city oversight of
the airport with the potential to
draft ordinances that could be
bad for the airport.
Airport Authority Chairman
Don Lee jumped on the
"We don't need the city
telling us what we should and
shouldn't do," Lee said. 'We've
been doing a pretty good job.
We don't need help."
Seay and Lee are right inas-
much as the authority is doing
a good job. They are also correct
that the airport really doesn't
need the city as much as the city
may like to have the airport.
The outcry was a good
opportunity to vent, but the
concerns about annexation are
unwarranted, at least in the
near future.
Punta Gorda City Manager
Howard Kunik, for the record,
clarified that the city cannot
annex any property unless the
property owners in this case
the authority- came to the city
and requested annexation. And,
if Thursday's meeting was any
indication, that's not about to
There is no doubt the city has
its eye on expanding eastward,
as the Loop annexation proves.
Kunik said the Walmart proper-
ty, next to the Loop, may ask to
come into the city next.
The city created a Citizens
Master Plan in 2005 and listed
criteria for annexation. The
prerequisites included being
contiguous to the city, that it
be serviced by city utilities and
that the property owner wanted
to be annexed. The airport was
way down the list.
There are advantages for
some property owners to be
annexed. Even though the
property would still pay some
county taxes and add city taxes,
the tax bill would be lower,
according to Kunik. He said the
county's MSBU and other add-
on taxes would go away and the
total bill would be lower. Also,
any property annexed that is
already using city utilities would
have the 25 percent surcharge
There would be little ad-
vantage for the airport to be
annexed. The authority pays no
tax on airport property used for
aviation purposes. The only tax
relief would be for non-aviation
businesses that lease airport
property, like the race track.
We understand where author-

ity members are coming from.
To be under the auspices of city
government with no real advan-
tages does not make sense.


Husband got help
to save his life

This is a thank you to the
many people who helped save
my husband's life. On Dec. 16,
1913,1 was driving home from
Port Charlotte to our home in
North Port when my husband,
George (who hadn't felt well)
lost consciousness. Later this
was found to be because of
internal bleeding.
When this happened, I made
a wrong turn (after driving this
same back road for 10 years)
and ended up at the Haberland
fire station. When I pulled in,
the firemen immediately began

to take care of him, called an
ambulance from Station 84 and
transported him to Fawcett
hospital. The emergency per-
sonnel there quickly went into
action to stabilize him. He was
then moved to ICU where he
received excellent treatment. He
was later moved to the medical
floor, then the cardiac unit.
I cannot say enough about
the firemen, the staff of the
hospital, the doctors and
nurses. Although I was there
countless hours, there was
always someone taking care of
him and seeing to his comfort
during this scary time for our
family. We thank them and the
many people who prayed for
his recovery. To all those who
cared for him, our family says
"thank you."
Mary Ann M. Evans
North Port

Word 'minority'
added to program
In addition to the content
of the articles in your papers,
I am always interested in the
pictures which accompany
them. The article regarding
Obama's changes to the spying
operations was accompanied
by a picture of the president ad-
dressing an Expanding College
Opportunity event. I was
unfamiliar with the program
and, being the grandmother of a
high school senior, I decided to
look it up on the Internet.
It was described as a program
to aid high-achieving students
from low-income families. That
was the description in the sites I
checked including the program's
home site. The only sites that
differed in description were the


Enemies of the poor

S suddenly it's OK, even
mandatory, for poli-
ticians with national
ambitions to talk about
helping the poor. This is
easy for Democrats, who can
go back to being the party of
FDR and LBJ. It's much more
difficult for Republicans,
who are having a hard time
shaking their reputation for
reverse Robin-Hoodism, for
being the party that takes
from the poor and gives to
the rich.
And the reason that
reputation is so hard to
shake is that it's justified.
It's not much of an exagger-
ation to say that right now
Republicans are doing all
they can to hurt the poor,
and they would have in-
flicted vast additional harm
if they had won the 2012
election. Moreover, GOP
harshness toward the less
fortunate isn't just a matter
of spite (although that's part
of it); it's deeply rooted in
the party's ideology, which
is why recent speeches by
leading Republicans declar-
ing that they do too care
about the poor have been
almost completely devoid of
policy specifics.
Let's start with the recent
Republican track record.
The most important
current policy development
in America is the rollout
of the Affordable Care
Act, aka Obamacare. Most
Republican-controlled states
are, however, refusing to


implement a key part of
the act, the expansion of
Medicaid, thereby denying
health coverage to almost
5 million low-income
Americans. And the amazing
thing is that they're going to
great lengths to block aid to
the poor even though letting
the aid through would cost
almost nothing; nearly
all the costs of Medicaid
expansion would be paid by
Meanwhile, those
Republican-controlled states
are slashing unemployment
benefits, education financ-
ing and more. As I said, it's
not much of an exaggera-
tion to say that the GOP is
hurting the poor as much as
it can.
What would Republicans
have done if they had won
the White House in 2012?
Much more of the same.
Bear in mind that every
budget the GOP has offered
since it took over the House
in 2010 involves savage cuts
in Medicaid, food stamps
and other anti-poverty
Still, can't Republicans

change their approach? The
answer, I'm sorry to say, is
almost surely no.
First of all, they're deeply
committed to the view that
efforts to aid the poor are
actually perpetuating pov-
erty, by reducing incentives
to work. And to be fair, this
view isn't completely wrong.
True, it's total nonsense
when applied to unemploy-
ment insurance. The notion
that unemployment is high
because we're "paying peo-
ple not to work" is a fallacy
(no matter how desperate
you make the unemployed,
their desperation does
nothing to create more jobs)
wrapped in a falsehood
(very few people are choos-
ing to remain unemployed
and keep collecting benefit
But our patchwork,
uncoordinated system of
anti-poverty programs does
have the effect of penalizing
efforts by lower-income
households to improve their
position: the more they
earn, the fewer benefits
they can collect. In effect,
these households face very
high marginal tax rates.
A large fraction, in some
cases 80 cents or more, of
each additional dollar they
earn is clawed back by the
The question is what we
could do to reduce these
high effective tax rates. We
could simply slash bene-
fits; this would reduce the

disincentive to work, but
only by intensifying the
misery of the poor. And the
poor would become less
productive as well as more
miserable; it's hard to take
advantage of a low marginal
tax rate when you're suffer-
ing from poor nutrition and
inadequate health care.
Alternatively, we could
reduce the rate at which
benefits phase out. In fact,
one of the unheralded
virtues of Obamacare is that
it does just that. That is,
it doesn't just improve the
lot of the poor; it improves
their incentives, because the
subsidies families receive for
health care fade out grad-
ually with higher income,
instead of simply disappear-
ing for anyone too affluent
to receive Medicaid. But im-
proving incentives this way
means spending more, not
less, on the safety net, and
taxes on the affluent have to
rise to pay for that spending.
And it's hard to imagine any
leading Republican being
willing to go down that road
- or surviving the inevitable
primary challenge if he did.
The point is that a party
committed to small govern-
ment and low taxes on the
rich is, more or less neces-
sarily, a party committed
to hurting, not helping, the
Will this ever change?
Well, Republicans weren't


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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

ones that quoted President and
Michelle Obama who added the
word "minority" to describe the
target of the program.
Diana Simms
Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte
is being ignored

The Parkside project is a very
worthwhile endeavor and needs
to be expanded for the entire
Port Charlotte community. The
area across U.S. 41 from The
Promenades is just as bad. Sadly,
Port Charlotte has been ignored
through the years and its image
is gloomy.
Originally Port Charlotte
was the major development
of General Development,
which comprised all of the area
between Charlotte Harbor, Cape
Haze, Sarasota County and
DeSoto County. North Port, orig-
inally North Port Charlotte, was
an offshoot and minor in size.
Murdock was a small post office
and fruit stand, actually had no
residences. Now Murdock Circle
(half circle) contains the Port
Charlotte Town Center mall,
and the failed MurdockVillage
is miles away near the stadium.
Do we expand Murdock so as to
downgrade Port Charlotte?
It irritates me that Charlotte
High School draws students
from Port Charlotte from the
Parkside area and beyond. Our
county does not have an event
center that is large enough for
our high school graduations.
Why do our residents have to go
to the Lee County Convention
Center for graduations?
Parkside has Charlotte
County's two major hospitals,
and they have progressed
through the years. Port Charlotte
should have an 1-75 exit at
Harbor Boulevard. That would
improve access to our hospitals
also. Area wise the Port Charlotte
area rivals North Port, so do we
have to incorporate to improve?
Don Skaggs
Port Charlotte

"We'V? 4lO DordIfiW!> TOY'Re V WPRfWCNS"

Doubts over Common Core

iewed from
which often is
the last to learn about
important develop-
ments, opposition to
the Common Core State
Standards Initiative
still seems as small as
the biblical cloud that
ariseth out of the sea, no
larger than a man's hand.
Soon, however, this ed-
ucation policy will fill a
significant portion of the
political sky.
The Common Core
represents the ideas of
several national organi-
zations (of governors and
school officials) about
what and how children
should learn. It is the
thin end of an enormous
wedge. It is designed to
advance in primary and
secondary education
the general progressive
agenda of centralization
and uniformity.
proponents of the
Common Core want
its nature and purpose
to remain as cloudy as
possible for as long as
possible. Hence they
say it is a "state-led,"
"voluntary" initiative to
merely guide education

with "standards" that
are neither written nor
approved nor mandated
byWashington, which
would never, ever
"prescribe" a national
curriculum. Proponents
talk warily when de-
scribing it because a
candid characterization
would reveal yet another
Obama administration
indifference to legality.
The 1965 Elementary
and Secondary
Education Act (ESEA),
the original federal
intrusion into this state
and local responsibility,
said "nothing in this
act" shall authorize
any federal official to
"mandate, direct, or
control" schools' curric-
ulums. The 1970 General
Education Provisions
Act stipulates that "no
provision of any appli-
cable program shall be

construed to authorize
any" federal agency or
official "to exercise any
direction, supervision, or
control over the curricu-
lum, program of in-
struction" or selection of
"instructional materials
by any" school system.
The 1979 law creating
the Department of
Education forbids it from
exercising "any direction,
supervision, or control
over the curriculum" or
"program of instruction"
of any school system.
The ESEA as amended
says no Education
Department funds "may
be used ... to endorse,
approve, or sanction any
curriculum designed to
be used in" grades K-12.
Nevertheless, what be-
gins with mere national
standards must breed
ineluctable pressure
to standardize educa-
tional content. Targets,
metrics, guidelines and
curriculum models all
induce conformity in
instructional materials.
Washington already
is encouraging the
alignment of the GED,
SAT and ACT tests with
the Common Core. By
a feedback loop, these

tests will beget more
curriculum conformity.
All of this will take a toll
on parental empower-
ment, and none of this
will escape the politici-
zation of learning like
that already rampant in
higher education.
Leave aside the
abundant, fierce, often
learned and frequently
convincing criticisms
of the writing, literature
and mathematics stan-
dards. Even satisfactory
national standards must
extinguish federalism's
creativity: At any time,
it is more likely there
will be half a dozen
innovative governors
than one creative federal
education bureaucracy.
And the mistakes made
by top-down federal
reforms are continental
The Obama adminis-
tration has purchased
states' obedience by
partially conditioning
waivers from onerous
federal regulations (from
No Child Left Behind)
and receipt of federal
largess ($4.35 billion in
Race to the Top money
from the 2009 stimulus)
on the states' embrace

of the Common Core.
Although 45 states and
the District of Columbia
have struck this bargain,
most with little debate,
some are reconsidering
and more will do so as
opposition mounts.
Many proponents
seem to deem it beneath
their dignity to engage
opponents' arguments,
preferring to caricature
opponents as political
primitives and to dismiss
them with flippancies
such as this from Bill
Gates: "It's ludicrous to
think that multiplication
in Alabama and multi-
plication in New York are
really different." What
is ludicrous is Common
Core proponents dis-
daining concerns related
to this fact: Fifty years of
increasing Washington
inputs into K-12 educa-
tion has coincided with
disappointing cognitive
outputs from schools. Is
it eccentric that it is im-
prudent to apply to K-12
education the federal
touch that has given us
The rise of opposition
to the Common Core
illustrates three healthy
aspects of today's

politics. First, new
communication skills
and technologies enable
energized minorities to
force new topics onto
the political agenda.
Second, this uprising
of local communities
against state capitals,
the nation's capital
and various muscular
organizations (e.g., the
Business Roundtable, the
Chamber of Commerce,
teachers unions, the
Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation) demon-
strates that although the
public agenda is mallea-
ble, a sturdy portion of
the public is not.
Third, political dishon-
esty has swift, radiating
and condign conse-
quences. Opposition
to the Common Core
is surging because
Washington, hoping to
mollify opponents, is
saying, in effect: "If you
like your local control of
education, you can keep
it. Period." To which a
burgeoning movement is
responding: "No. Period."
George Will is a colum-
nist for The Washington
Post. Readers may reach
him at georgewill@

Seeing al-Qaida

behind every tree

Al-Qaida may
be seeking
franchise opportunities
at a location near you.
Osama bin Laden has
been dead for almost
three years, but people
seem to be spotting his
terrorist organization
everywhere. Al-Qaida
in Iraq just took
Fallujah. Republican
leaders remain con-
vinced that al-Qaida
attacked us in Libya.
A September report
from the conservative
American Enterprise
Institute (AEI) finds no
fewer than 20 al-Qaida
entities, affiliates and
associate organizations
- and that doesn't
include "associated
movements within the
al-Qaida network."
These guys must have
more franchisees than
With all this talk of
al-Qaida expanding
like so many Jihadi
Juice stands, Americans
could be forgiven for
thinking bin Laden
mini-me's are running
around Yemen, Syria,
Chechnya, Uzbekistan,
and in much of Africa
and the Near East. But
are they really?
It appears primarily
to be a case of label
proliferation much
like in the Cold War,
when Americans began
to see Soviet-style
communists through-
out Asia, Africa and the
Americas. This caused
confusion over which
enemy was worth
fighting. Now there are
lots of groups claiming
allegiance to al-Qaida,
and the actual al-Qaida,
in dire straits, is happy
to recognize sympa-
thetic organizations.

American neoconser-
vatives, meanwhile,
know that tying a foe
to al-Qaida helps to
undermine the Obama
administration and
to maintain support
for a robust military
Yet in all but a couple
of cases, the original,
"core" al-Qaida has
no control over or
coordination with or
financial ties to -
these organizations.
The vast majority of
the so-called al-Qaida
organizations are
focused on domestic
affairs in their own
countries and are not
primarily concerned
with the United States
or international terror-
ism. Certainly, these
groups pose a potential
threat to U.S. interests,
but not as much as,
say, Hezbollah, which
has nothing to do with
What matters is
not the label but the
mission. The terrorists
who killed Americans in
Benghazi, for instance,
are obviously a menace.
But insisting that they
are tied to al-Qaida,
as Republicans such
as House Oversight
Committee Chairman
Darrell Issa, R-Calif.,
continue to do, is true
in much the same sense
that we are all connect-
ed to Kevin Bacon by six
degrees of separation.

"Everybody's gotten
all confused about what
al-Qaida is and isn't,"
AEI's Frederick Kagan
tells me. The Obama
administration defines
it narrowly as the
terrorists, primarily in
Pakistan, whose main
objective is to harm
the United States. That
group has been system-
atically decimated since
it engineered the 9/11
But the September re-
port by Kagan's Critical
Threats Project argued
that "Al-Qaida affiliates
have evolved and now
threaten the United
States as much as (if
not more than) the
core group." By Kagan's
definition, a group's
interest in attacking
the United States is "a
criterion, but it's not
the only criterion."
The report listed
six affiliates and
awarded some of the
better-known groups
their own initials: AQAP,
AQI and AQIM. Kagan
says al-Qaida's leader,
Ayman al-Zawahiri, has
personally accepted
groups' requests to be
affiliates and has even
been known to negoti-
ate territorial disputes.
Then come "associates"
(which identify them-
selves with al-Qaida
but aren't recognized)

Syria and the

perils of proxy war

he first war I cov-
ered as a foreign
correspondent was
the civil war in Lebanon.
When the conflict began
in 1975, it was just a series
of skirmishes, a nasty but
limited little war for con-
trol of a small nation.
Then other countries
got involved: Syria, Iraq,
Libya and Israel. They
supplied money and
weapons to their favored
factions, turning an inter-
nal struggle into a longer,
more deadly proxy war
in which outside powers
fought one another
through surrogates.
Eventually even the
United States sent
troops, which is why
241 Americans died in a
bombing in Beirut in 1983.
The conflict that began
almost 40 years ago has
never quite come to an
end, thanks in large part
to its use by others as a
battleground for proxy
Today, though,
Lebanon's street battles
and car bombings are
merely a small part of a
mushrooming regional
proxy war that extends
across both Syria and Iraq
to the shores of the Persian
Gulf. Two big powers, Iran
and Saudi Arabia, have
squared off in a compe-
tition for dominance in
much of the Arab Middle
East. Other countries are
either choosing sides or
nervously trying to protect


themselves from the
spillover. And the United
States finds itself uncom-
fortably in the middle.
Proxy war is nothing
new. In 1776, Britain and
France, the great powers
of their day, used the
American Revolution as
a proxy war. (Without the
French navy fighting on
our side in Chesapeake
Bay, it is unlikely
Washington would have
won atYorktown.) In the
1930s, the Spanish Civil
War turned into a proxy
battle between Hitler
and Stalin. Much of the
half-century-long Cold
War between the United
States and the Soviet
Union was a series of
proxy wars, arm's-length
conflicts between nuclear
powers that didn't dare
collide head-on.
But the fact that proxy
wars happen mostly in
small countries doesn't
make them any less
destructive than other
conflicts. Quite the
contrary: "Proxy wars tear
countries apart," warns
Vali Nasr, a former Obama
administration official

who's now the dean of
Johns Hopkins University's
School of Advanced
International Studies.
When big powers turn a
local conflict into a proxy
war, they can have three
terrible effects. They make
the war more destructive,
by pumping in more
advanced weapons than
were there before. They
often make the war longer,
by making it possible for
each side to keep fighting
indefinitely. And they
create spillover effects in
neighboring countries, in-
cluding refugee crises, an
increased flow of weapons
and the recruitment and
training of insurgents.
In 1979, when the
United States began
supporting Afghanistan's
mujahedin in a proxy war
with the Soviet Union,
the move seemed like a
convenient way to harass
a ColdWar rival. But the
side effects included the
rise of al-Qaida and the
Taliban, and Afghanistan's
civil war still isn't over.
These days, much of the
Middle East is embroiled
in civil war, insurgency or
unrest. And nearly every
one of the conflicts has
been intensified by the
regional struggle between
Saudi Arabia, ruled by
Sunni Muslims, and Iran,
the largest Shiite Muslim
On one level, of course,



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The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

C OurTown Page 9



OurTown Page 10 C


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

The media's gleeful Christie pile-on

emo to Chris
Christie: They
hate you.
If you don't know who
"they" are, you haven't
been watching the news
or reading the papers.
Usually, it takes
winning the GOP pres-
idential nomination
for a Republican media
darling to experience
such an onslaught of
gleefully negative press
coverage. John McCain
was the straight-talking
maverick right up
until the moment he
effectively clinched the
nomination in 2008 -
immediately triggering a
thinly sourced New York
Times report insinuating
an affair with a lobbyist.
New Jersey Gov. Chris
Christie has gotten his
disillusioning out of the
way early, if he needed
it. An occupational
hazard of a certain kind
of Republican is wanting
to be loved by the wrong

people. If the past week
hasn't cured Christie of
that tendency, nothing
This is not to say that
"Bridgegate" is, to use the
left's favorite term for any
scandal, "a faux scandal."
The abuse of power it
involves is genuinely
outrageous and, since
Christie is a prominent
potential presidential
candidate, one that
legitimately deserves
national attention. But
it isn't Watergate or the
Lewinsky affair. Christie
is governor, not presi-
dent, of New Jersey.

At least the episode has
given MSNBC a second
purpose in its broadcast
life. In addition to calling
people racist, it now
exists to obsess over
Chris Hayes had an
hourlong 11 p.m. special
the other night. Perhaps
Bridgegate, just as the
Iran hostage crisis
spawned the late-night
news show "Nightline,"
will spin off a new late-
night MSNBC program
devoted to investing
inordinate emotional
and intellectual energy
in traffic-related political
In their Bridgegate
analysis, Rachel Maddow
and her fellow MSNBC-er
Steve Kornacki have con-
cluded that Christie aides
may have sought to bring
a $1 billion development
abutting the George
Washington Bridge to
a halt with a couple of
rows of traffic cones.

Hey, stranger things
have happened, and
we still don't know the
exact motivation behind
the bogus traffic study.
But so far, Maddow and
Kornacki have failed to
meet the most basic evi-
dentiary standard of, you
know, marshaling some
evidence. They could just
as easily speculate that
Team Christie hoped to
poison the entire popula-
tion of Fort Lee with the
fumes of idling cars.
In a similarly breath-
less spirit, pundits have
been declaring Christie's
presidential hopes over.
They are following the
lead of the New York
Daily News, which
judiciously declared "Fat
Chance Now, Chris."
Bridgegate inarguably
hurts Christie. It blunts
the momentum from
his crushing re-election
victory. It opens him up
to intense investigative
scrutiny. It makes his

political persona prob-
lematic it will now be
harder for him to strike
back against hecklers
in classic Christie style
without validating the
"bully" charge.
But over? Assuming
Christie isn't exposed as a
liar, that's silly. If the Fort
Lee caucuses were a key
event in the Republican
nomination fight and
took place next month,
the governor might have
an insuperable problem.
Fortunately for Christie,
Manchester, N.H., is a
couple of hundred miles
away, and the First in the
Nation primary won't be
held for two years.
The idea that Christie
is over depends on
people caring about the
scandal more rather
than less over time, and
core Republican voters
nationally caring more
about it than random
people in New Jersey.
The new Quinnipiac

poll of New Jersey voters
shows Christie getting
one of his lowest "bully"
scores since the public-
opinion outfit started
asking the question
about him in 2010. By 54-
40, more people consider
him a leader than think
him a bully. Although the
governor's approval rat-
ing is down to 55 percent
from 68 percent last July,
67 percent think he can
work with Democrats
in the Legislature, and
55 percent believe he
cares about ordinary
These aren't the ratings
of a dead man walking.
But that's not going to
stop some of Christie's
erstwhile friends from
merrily burying him alive
and dancing a jig on his
premature grave.
Rich Lowry is the editor
of the National Review.
Readers may reach him
at comments. lowry@
nationalreview. com.

Do we need metal detectors at movie theaters?

imagine what would
happen if Florida
movie theaters put
metal detectors in their
I was thinking about
this because the latest
act of gun ownership run
amok in Florida played
out at a Cobb theater in
Wesley Chapel that had
a no-weapons policy, but
no metal detectors to
enforce it.
While the previews
were running for a
Monday matinee, Curtis
Reeves, a 71-year-old re-
tired Tampa police officer
carrying a licensed and
concealed .380 semi-au-
tomatic handgun, was
irritated that the man
sitting nearby, Chad
Oulson, 43, was texting.
Both men were there
with their wives, and
Oulson was texting his


it's a continuation of a
centuries-old conflict
between the two main
branches of Islam. But
it's also a straightforward
conflict between two
countries seeking to be the
dominant power in the
Persian Gulf. That struggle
for power has spilled


always like this. In fact,
all of our major anti-
poverty programs -
Medicaid, food stamps,
the earned-income tax

Frank Cerabino
The Palm Beach Post

toddler-aged daughter's
babysitter. It doesn't
sound like the recipe for
bloodshed. But it was.
Reeves walked to the
theater lobby to com-
plain about the texting
to a manager, who
apparently was too busy
with another customer
to handle the complaint.
So the retired cop walked
back to his seat and
handled the matter on
his own, which escalated
when the younger texter
threw popcorn at him.
Reeves drew his
concealed handgun and
shot the man dead as
the younger man's wife
got a bullet through her

over into other countries'
Take Syria. The 2011
uprising there began as
a domestic revolt against
repression, but it quickly
turned into both a sec-
tarian conflict (between a
Sunni-led opposition and
a regime dominated by
Alawites, a Shiite offshoot)
and a geopolitical proxy
war. Iran, the Assad
regime's main ally, rushed
weapons and military

credit used to have
bipartisan support.
And maybe someday
moderation will return
to the GOP.
For now, however,
Republicans are in a
deep sense enemies
of America's poor.
And that will remain

^|||iJ ^I~emoriczls in iAe Sun7
s ^ Honor your passed loved ones anytime
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hand while attempting to
block the shot.
The Pasco County
Sheriff's Office charged
Reeves with second-de-
gree murder, and at his
first appearance in court,
his lawyer contended
that the victim in this
case was the shooter,
who was simply using
justifiable force against
the popcorn thrower.
Another moviegoer at
that theater has since
come forward to say
that Reeves frightened
her three weeks earlier
when he glared at her
for texting during the
movie and then followed
her out of the theater,
prosecutors said.
Movie theaters are
magnets for irksome hu-
man behavior texting,
snoring, talking, putting
feet on the backs of other

advisors to Damascus.
Lebanon's Hezbollah,
another Iranian client, sent
seasoned combat troops to
help the regime.
The Obama admin-
istration hesitated to
provide military aid to the
rebels but Saudi Arabia,
seeing the regional stakes,
jumped in with cash. Some
of the Saudi money went
to support Islamist fighters
who worried the United
States. The Assad regime,

true no matter how
hard the likes of Paul
Ryan and Marco Rubio
try to convince us
Paul Krugman is a
columnist for The New
York Times. He can
be reached via www.
newyorktimes. com.

-o -- swaPS4


I .-n- \ -. -a L _r
fGnoEmnEIs 'W^^^WC

people's chairs, theater
hopping, littering, spilling
drinks. The list goes on.
Maybe that's why the-
aters adopt no-weapons
State law restricts
Florida's million-plus
concealed weapon
holders from bringing
their guns into schools,
bars, courthouses and
of course, state legislative
gatherings. (They're not
fools when it comes to
their own safety.)
But things get murky
when it comes to private
businesses. State law
doesn't prohibit con-
cealed weapons permit
holders from going in
the business. So it's the
policy of the private
business, not the law,
that Reeves broke when
he carried his handgun
into the theater.

fighting for its life, turned
to bombing civilian areas
from the air.
As a result, the war now
appears likely to last longer,
kill more civilians and cre-
ate more spillover effects in
neighboring countries than
before. The United Nations
and the United States hope
to launch a peace confer-
ence for Syria on Jan. 22,
but nobody expects quick
U.S. officials are looking


and even associates of
At the liberal Center
for American Progress,
Lawrence Korb doesn't
dispute that there are
all kinds of groups that
identify with al-Qaida
or are embraced by
al-Qaida. But of all
the groups on Kagan's
list, Korb argues that
only one, Al-Qaida in
the Arabian Peninsula,
comes close to sharing
al-Qaida's reach and
focus on attacking the
United States.





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And nobody sees a
concealed weapon. So
it's easy to ignore. Unless
there's a metal detector.
With a metal detector
at the theater, Reeves
would have been
stopped, and given the
choice to either leave
the gun in the car, or go
That might have sent
Florida's gun-happy
legislature into a tizzy.
Because in Florida, the
legislature operates as
a facilitator to the gun
manufacturing business.
Consider this. A day
after the shooting,
legislators weren't talking
about re-evaluating their
approach to lawmaking.
They were in a Florida
Senate panel pushing
along a bill that prohibits
insurance companies

for ways to stop the con-
flicts from spreading
- short of direct military
intervention, which the
Obama administration has
repeatedly rejected.
"It has reached a point
where it is impossible for
us to ignore," Nasr told me
last week. "We shouldn't
throw up our hands and
say, 'These are proxy wars
and it's out of control.'"
The United States
doesn't need to put troops

"When you call some-
one al-Qaida," Korb
says, "it conjures up
this international threat
rather than people who
are using the terrorist
threat over there to
accomplish local goals
and who like to use
'al-Qaida' because it's a
chic name."
Calling a group
"al-Qaida" has a politi-
cal benefit for President
Obama's critics: It
undermines the ad-
ministration's assertion
that it has destroyed
al-Qaida's capability.
"Al-Qaida is on the
march," Sen. Lindsey
Graham, R-S.C., said
after the Benghazi
attack in 2012.
But this supposed

from charging higher
premiums to customers
who own guns.
And in other happy
gun news, another new
bill is being offered
to make it easier than
ever to get a concealed
weapons permit in
Florida by expanding the
application processing to
county tax collectors.
Metal detectors would
send the wrong message
to legislative efforts
aimed at promoting gun
The detectors might
even, God forbid, create
the impression that the
proliferation of guns
in Florida isn't really
making us safer.
Frank Cerabino writes
for The Palm Beach Post.
Readers may reach him at

"in the middle of every
conflict," as aWhite House
aide scoffed last week.
But neither can it ignore
the spread of proxy wars.
President Obama has said
he would like to devote
less of his attention to the
Middle East. But now is
not the time.
Doyle McManus is a
columnist for The Los
Angeles Times. Readers
may reach him atdoyle.
mcmanus@latimes. com.

al-Qaida group is Ansar
al-Sharia, and even
Kagan says "we do
not assess that Ansar
al-Sharia in Benghazi
is a formal affiliate of
al-Qaida." It may be, at
most, linked to another
group affiliated with
That this group killed
the U.S. ambassador
and three others in
Benghazi makes it mon-
strous and dangerous.
But calling it al-Qaida
doesn't make it so any
more than calling it
Chick-fil-A will make it
serve tasty nuggets.
Dana Milbank is a
Washington Post colum-
nist. Readers may reach
him at danamilbank@
washpost. com.

4~~d _________
ihrvJ rosrdimJ onlyUnth

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Foot Surgery
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The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 C Our Town Page 11





Case No.: 08-2008-CA-004712
Section: _______
suant to an Order of Final Sum-
mary Judgment of Foreclosure
dated Nov 26. 2013, entered in
Civil Case No. 08-2008-CA-
004712 of the Circuit Court of
the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein the Clerk of the Circuit
Court will sell to the highest bid-
der for cash on 27 day of Febru-
ary, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. at web-
site: https//www.charlotte.real-
foreclose.corn, in accordance
with Chapter 45 Florida Statutes,
relative to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
Judgment, to wit:
LOT 11, BLOCK 2167, PORT
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale,
TIES ACT. If you are a person
with a disability who needs
any accommodation in order
to participate in this proceed-
ing, you are entitled, at no
cost to you, to the provision of
certain assistance. Please
contact Jon Embury, Adminis-
trative Services Manager,
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated at PUNTA GORDA, Florida
this 3 day of December. 2013.
J. Miles
Barbara T. Scott
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
329037 2989514
CASE NO.: 10002913CA
that the undersigned Clerk of
Court of CHARLOTTE County, will
on the 28 day of February. 2014,
at 11:00AM, EST at www.char-, offer for
sale and sell at public outcry to
the highest and best bidder for
cash, the following described
property situate in CHARLOTTE
County, Florida:

^^ 3122^^

BOOK 3, PAGE 87A-87D
pursuant to a Final Judgment of
Foreclosure entered in Case No.
10002913CA of the Circuit
Court of theTWENTIETH Judicial
Circuit in and for CHARLOTTE
County, Florida, the style of which
is indicated above.
WITNESS MY HAND and seal of
this Court on November 27,
Clerk of the Circuit Court
By: Kristy P.
Deputy Clerk
See Americans with
Disabilities Act **
In accordance with the Ameri-
cans with Disabilities Act of
1990, persons needing spe-
cial accommodations to partici-
pate in this proceeding should
contact the Court Coordinator
at 407-836-2303 or 800-955-
8771 (T.D.D.), no later than
seven (7) days prior to the
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
322971 2989625
CASE NO.: 2011-CA-2135
pursuant to a Consent Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated Octo-
ber 29, 2013, and entered in U.S.
is the Plaintiff and VIVIAN
REAVES, et. al. is Defendant, I
will, sell to the highest and best
bidder for cash,
at 11:00 a.m. on the 5 day of
March 2014, the following
described property as set forth in
said Final Judgment, to wit;
LOT 44 AND 45 OF S.F.J.
The Property address is
409 E. Helen Ave.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950.
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
Administrative Services Man-
ager, whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Avenue,
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
and whose telephone number
is (941) 637-2281, within two
working days of your receipt
of this [describe notice]; if you
are hearing or voice impaired,
call 711.
DATED this 12 day of November,
By: M. B. White
Deputy Clerk
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
367007 2990628
CASE No. 11003053CA
suant to the Final Judgment of
Foreclosure dated October 15,
2013 in the above action, I will
sell to the highest bidder for cash
at Charlotte, Florida, on March 5.
2014, at 11:00 am, at
CLOSE.COM for the following
described property:
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus from the sale, if

any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the lis
pendens must file a claim within
sixty (60) days after the sale. The
Court, in its discretion, may
enlarge the time of the sale.
Notice of the changed time of
sale shall be published as provid-
ed herein.
DATED: October 23, 2013
By: M. B. White
Deputy Clerk of the Court
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
295673 2990464

^^ 3122^^

CASE NO.: 11002209CA
ALANE M, HILL, et al.
Notice is hereby given that, pur-
suant to a Final Judgment dated
Nov. 26, 2013, entered in Civil
Case Number 11002209CA, in
the Circuit Court for Charlotte
County, Florida, wherein BAC
Plaintiff, and ALANE M. HILL, et
al., are the Defendants, Charlotte
County Clerk of Court will sell the
property situated in Charlotte
County, Florida, described as:
at public sale, to the highest bid-
der, for cash, at at www.char- at 11:00
AM, on the 27 day of February,
2014. Any person claiming an
interest in the surplus from the
sale, if any, other than the prop-
erty owner as of the date of the
lis pendens must file a claim with-
in 60 days after the sale.
Dated: Dec. 3. 2013.
Charlotte County Clerk of Court
By: J. Miles
If you are a person with a disabili-
ty who needs any accommoda-
tion in order to participate in this
proceeding, you are entitled, at
no cost to you, to the provision of
certain assistance. Please con-
tact the Administrative Services
Manager, whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941) 637-
2281, within two working days of
your receipt of this [describe
notice]; if you are hearing or voice
impaired, call 711.
Si ou se yon moun ki gen yon
andikap ki bezwen aranjman nen-
pot nan lod yo patisipe nan sa a
pwose dapel, ou gen dwa, san sa
pa koute ou, ak founiti asistans a
seten. Tanpri kontakte Adminis-
tratif Sevis Manadje a, ki gen
biwo sitiye nan 350 Avenue Mari-
on E., Punta Gorda, Florid 33950,
epi ki gen nimewo telefon se
(941) 637-2281, nan de jou k ap
travay yo resevwa ou nan sa a
[avi dekri]; si ou se odyans oswa
vwa ki gen pwoblem, rele 711.
Si vous etes une personnel handi-
capee qui a besoin d'une adapta-
tion pour pouvoir participer a
cette instance, vous avez le droit,
sans frais pour vous, pour la four-
niture d'une assistance certain.
S'il vous plait contacter le
Directeur des services adminis-
tratifs, don't le bureau est situe au
350, avenue E. Marion, Punta
Gorda, Floride 33950, et don't le
numero de telephone est le (941)
637-2281, dans les deux jours
ouvrables suivant la reception de
la present [decrire avis]; si vous
etes audience ou de la voix
alteree, composer le 711.
Si usted es una persona con una
discapacidad que necesita
cualquier acomodacion para
poder participar en este proced-
imiento, usted tiene derecho, sin
costa alguno para usted, para el
suministro de determinada asis-
tencia. Por favor, pongase en
contact con el Administrador de
Servicios Administrativos, cuya
oficina esta ubicada en 350 E.
Avenida Marion, Punta Gorda,
Florida 33950, y cuyo numero de
telefono es (941) 637-2281, den-
tro de los dos dias habiles sigu-
ientes a la recepcion de esta
describea aviso]; Si usted. esta
escuchando o la voz alterada,
Ilame al 711.
Publish: January 12 &19, 2014
276862 2987861
CASE NO.: 11002579CA
SERIES 2006-3
suant to an order dated Septem-
ber 17. 2013, entered in Civil
Case No. 11002579CA of the
Circuit Court of the 20th Judicial
Circuit in and for Charlotte Coun-
ty, Florida, wherein US BANK

SERIES 2006-3, Plaintiff and
Micheline Louis-Joseph, Unknown
Tenant #1 n/k/a Melissa J. Velvett
and Unknown Tenant #2 n/k/a
Nicholas R. Velvett are defen-
dant(s), I, Clerk of Court, will sell

To view today's legal notices
and more visit,

^^ 3122^^

to highest and best bidder for
cash BEGINNING 11:00 A.M. AT
STATUTES on March 3. 2014, the
following described property as
set forth in said Final Judgment,
LOT 26, BLOCK 3141, PORT
ACT. If you are a person with a
disability who needs any accom-
modation in order to participate in
this proceeding, you are entitled,
at no cost to you, to the provision
of certain assistance. Please con-
tact Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose office
is located at 350 E. Marion
Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida
33950, and whose telephone
number is (941) 637-2110, at
least 7 days before your sched-
uled court appearance, or imme-
diately upon receiving this notifi-
cation if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hearing or
voice impaired, call 711.
Dated: October 7, 2013
Charlotte County, Florida
M.B. White
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
234766 2990165
CASE NO. 08-2011-CA-002760
Notice is hereby given that, pur-
suant to the Summary Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure entered on
November 04, 2013, in the Cir-
cuit Court of Charlotte County,
Florida, the clerk shall sell the
property situated in Charlotte
County, Florida, described as:
a/k/a 42 BUNKER RD.,
at public sale, to the highest and
best bidder, for cash, at
, March 5. 2014, beginning at
11:00 AM.
If you are a person claiming a
right to funds remaining after the
sale, you must file a claim with
the clerk no later than 60 days
after the sale. If you fail to file a
claim you will not be entitled to
any remaining funds.
Dated this 12 day of November,
Barbara T. Scott
Clerk of the Circuit Court
By: M.B. White
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact
Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose
office is located at 350 E.
Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda,
Florida, 33950, and whose
telephone number is
(941)637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
schedule appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voce impaired, call
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
146641 2990180
Case No.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC



NOTICE IS GIVEN that, in accor-
dance with the Default Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated
11/5/13, in the above-styled
cause, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash beginning at
11:00 am at
www.charlotte. realforeciose .corn
on February 20, 2014, the follow-
ing described property;
PAGE 478
Property Address:
2304 BONN CT,
http ://
If you are an individual with a
disability who needs an
accommodation in order to
participate in a Court pro-
ceeding or other court ser-
vice, program or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Requests for
accommodations may be pre-
sented on the form below, in
another written format, or
orally. Please complete the
form below (Choose the form
for the county where the
accommodation is being
requested) and return it as far
in advance as possible, but
preferably at least seven (7)
days before your scheduled
court appearance or other
court activity. Please see con-
tact information below and
select the contact from the
county where the accommo-
dation is being requested.
WITNESS my hand and the seal
of this court on November 7,
M. B. White
Deputy Clerk of Court
Publish: January 12 & 19, 2014
340189 2987850
Case No. 12-003032-CA
Bank of America, NA
NOTICE IS GIVEN that, in accor-
dance with the Default Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated
11/5/13, in the above-styled
cause, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash beginning at
11:00 a.m at www.charlotte.real-
foreclose.corn on March 6, 2014,
the following described property:
LOT 15, BLOCK 1656, PORT
Property Address: 22543
LOTTE, FL 33952
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
Administrative Services Man-
ager whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Avenue,
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950,
and whose telephone number
is (941) 637-2281, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
WITNESS my hand and the seal
of this court on November 7,

M. B. White
Deputy Clerk of Court
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
340189 2990688
CASE NO.: 08-2012-CA-000315

^^ 3122^^

suant to a Final Judgment of Fore-
closure dated November 12,
2013, and entered in Case No.
08-2012-CA-000315 of the Cir-
cuit Court of the Twentieth Judi-
cial Circuit in and for Charlotte
County, Florida in which PNC
Bank, National Association, is the
Plaintiff and Katherine A. LeMas-
ter f/k/a Katherine A. Andrews,
Daniel B. LeMaster, Suncoast
Schools Federal Credit Union, Any
And All Unknown Parties Claiming
by, Through, Under, And Against
The Herein named Individual
Defendants) Who are not Known
To Be Dead Or Alive, Whether
Said Unknown Parties May Claim
An Interest in Spouses, Heirs,
Devisees, Grantees, Or Other
Claimants are defendants, the
Charlotte County Clerk of the Cir-
cuit Court will sell to the highest
and best bidder for cash in/on at
Charlotte County, Florida at
11:00 AM on the 6th day of
March, 2014, the following
described property as set forth in
said Final Judgment of Foreclo-
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
Dated in Charlotte County, Florida
this 19 day of November, 2013.
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Charlotte County, Florida
By: Kristv P.
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a disabili-
ty who needs any accommoda-
tion in order to participate in a
court proceeding, you are enli-
tied., at no cost to you, to the
provision of certain assistance,
Please contact the Administrative
Services Manager, whose office
is located at 350 E. Marion Ave.,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950 and
whose telephone number is
(941)637-2281; within two (2)
working days of receipt of this
notice; if you are hearing or voice
impaired, call 1-800-955-8771.
To file response please contact
Charlotte County Clerk of Court,
350 E. Marion Street, Punta
Gorda, FL 33651-1687, Tel:
(941) 637-2233; Fax: (941) 637-
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
272484 2990674
CASE NO.: 08-2012-CA-001160
suant to an Order of Final Sum-
mary Judgment of Foreclosure
dated October 29. 2013, entered
in Civil Case No. 08-2012-CA-
001160 of the Circuit Court of
the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein the Clerk of the Circuit
Court will sell to the highest bid-
der for cash on 5 day of March,
2014, at 11:00 a.m, at website:
https://www.charlotte .realfore-, in accordance with
Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, rela-
tive to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
Judgment, to wit:

Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days

The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 C OurTown Page 11

OurTown Page 12 C


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

k^ 3122^^

after the sale.
If you area person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact:
Administrative Services
Manager, Charlotte County
350 E. Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
Phone: (941) 637-2281
DA THIS 12 DAY OF November,
M. B. White
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2014
329037 2990636

CASE NO. 13000182CA
Wells Fargo Bank N.A., as
Trustee, for Carrington Mort-
gage Loan Trust, Series
2006-NC2 Asset-Backed
Pass-Through Certificates
NOTICE IS GIVEN that, in accor-
dance with the Default Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated,
November 26. 2013, in the
above-styled cause, I will sell to
the highest and best bidder for
cash beginning at 11:00am at
om on Feb 28, 2014, the fol-
lowing described property:
Property Address:
2408 Jamaica Street,
Port Charlotte, FL 33980
If you are an individual with a dis-
ability who needs an accommoda-
tion in order to participate in a
Court proceeding or other court
service, program or activity, you
are entitled, at no cost to you, to
the provision of certain assis-
tance. Requests for accommoda-
tions may be presented on the
form below, in another written for-
mat, or orally. Please complete
the form below (Choose the form
for the county where the accom-
modation is being requested) and
return it as far in advance as pos-
sible, but preferably at least
seven (7) days before your sched-
uled court appearance or other
court activity. Please see contact
information below and select the
contact from the county where
the accommodation is being
WITNESS my hand and the seal
of this court on Dec. 3, 2013.
J. Miles
Deputy Clerk of Court
Publish: January 19 & 26, 2013
340189 2989558
w ,3 3126

The Englewood Water District
hereby gives notice of Regular
Meetings commencing, unless
otherwise noted, at 8:30 a.m., to
be held in the Board Room at 201
Selma Avenue, Englewood. Meet-
ings may continue from time to
time and from place to place.
February 6, 2014
March 6, 2014
April 3, 2014
May 1, 2014
June 5, 2014
July 17, 2014
August 7, 2014
September 4, 2014
October 2, 2014
November 6, 2014
December 4, 2014
January 15, 2015-
Annual & Organizational Meeting
The public is invited to attend
Englewood Water District
Board of Supervisors
Publish: January 19, 2014
251809 2990522


STEVE'S TOWING gives Notice of
Foreclosure of Lien and intent to
sell these vehicles on
1/31/2014, 09:00 am at 19888
Veterans Blvd Port Charlotte, FL
33950, pursuant to subsection
713.78 of the Florida Statutes.
STEVE'S TOWING reserves the
right to accept or reject any
and/or all bids.
1996 FORD
Publish: January 19, 2014
274754 2990474

L 3138 ^

Charlotte County Pest Manage-
ment Division announces water
use restrictions for the purpose
of irrigation in the following fresh
water canals. Do not use water
for irrigation purposes. Buoys will
be placed in the waterways dur-
ing the restriction duration.
Water restrictions begin Janu-
ary 21, 2014 and will end on
February 20, 2014. When the
buoys are removed from the
waterways, it will be safe to
use the water.
Lake Esther # 1 South Punta
Gorda Heights-East-Royal
Lake Esther # 2 South Punta
Gorda Heights-East-Easement to
Grapefruit Ln.
If residents affected by this notice
have questions or need additional
information please call 941-764-
4376 between the hours of 8:00
AM and 3:30 PM.
Publish:January 17, 18, 19, 2014
163352 2989743

Protect your health by losing belly fat

eight loss is
an American
obsession. As
proof, just watch televi-
sion or read a popular
magazine and pay atten-
tion to the number of ad-
vertisements for weight-
loss products, potions,
plans and programs.
Beyond the number on
the scale or the negative
effect on your appear-
ance, belly fat, in partic-
ular, can increase your
risk of serious health
problems. Belly fat can
contribute to developing
cardiovascular disease,
Type 2 diabetes, breast
cancer, colorectal cancer
or sleep apnea, in addi-
tion to increasing the risk
of stroke, according to
the Mayo Clinic.
Traditionally, ab-
dominal exercise, diet
and weight-reduction
programs are used to
eliminate or reduce this

Rick Ramos

potentially harmful belly
fat, according to holistic
health practitioner
Whyte will facilitate
"Helping Americans Lose
their Belly Fat" at Florida
Gulf Coast University's
Renaissance Academy in
downtown Punta Gorda.
The four-session short
course is set for 10 a.m.
to noon Friday and
Jan. 31, and Feb. 7 and 14.
"The approach that
is used now is similar
to weight-reduction
programs in general. But
they lose the weight but

the potbelly (belly fat)
remains," Whyte said. "So
you have to take a dif-
ferent approach. It's not
just the fat you're trying
to get rid of. I think what
makes a potbelly differ-
ent than just weight loss
is that it's more about the
efficiency of the belly."
Whyte addresses
factors leading to an
estimated 17 million
Americans having a
potbelly, such as the lack
of exercise, the frequent
ingestion of cold bever-
ages, eating late at night,
and excessive stress. In
addition, participants
will learn what Whyte
calls circumference exer-
cises, like crunches and
leg manipulations, which
are meant to reduce the
girth of the midsection
and strengthen the
abdominal region.
"There are no medi-
cations or pills involved.

The diet is not strict.
We go back to com-
mon-sense eating, a
complete diet. You don't
have to stop eating cer-
tain things," Whyte said.
"What makes it work well
is the procedure or the
pattern that integrates
well-known (exercise)
techniques into a single
For more information
about the "Helping
Americans Lose their
Belly Fat" short course
or to register, call 941-
505-0130. You also can
register online at https://; enter
the search term "Belly
Rick Ramos is a
program coordinator
at FGCU's down-
town Punta Gorda
Herald Court Centre
Renaissance Academy.
He can be reached at


Gadsden, Ala.-based
auction house will be
handing over a 5,771-
acre property just north
of Interstate 75 off
Toledo Blade Boulevard
to the highest bidder in
Dubbed the McCall
Ranch, the 7-square-mile
piece of land is currently
in bankruptcy, according
to William Bone, pres-
ident of the National
Auction Group.
Bone said the North
Port property likely was

one of the last pieces of
land in southern Florida
of its size, making it the
rare bargain for the lucky
"It's magnificent,"
Bone said of the land.
"It's a real piece of
Florida history."
Appraisal information
was unavailable Friday,
but the land is listed for
$36 million on several
real estate websites. The
property, located on
Choctaw Boulevard, was
bought by a developer
named Brian Tuttle in
2005. Sarasota County
Clerk of Courts records
show Tuttle has been

involved with several
high-dollar, high-profile
developments in the
But Tuttle eventually
would default on the
property, and Avon Park,
Fla.-based South Florida
Sod Inc., whose president
is Wiley McCall, seized
the property in 2009.
The site originally was
envisioned by Tuttle as
a sprawling subdivision
called Isles of Athena,
but when McCall took
over, he operated it as a
hunting ranch.
According to Bone,
the property has ponds
stocked with "trophy

U Shutter & Blind Manufacturing Company


$13 9
Sq. Ft.
& Installed


24" W X 36" H $84 Inst.
36" W X 50" H $175 Inst.
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72" W X 62" H $434 Inst.

24" VY
36" V!
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Our blinds
are built with
Unlike the
Flimsy Plastic
like the

36" W X 48" H $39 Inst.
52" W X 62" H $68 Inst.
60" W X 62" H $75 Inst.
72" W X 72" H $93 Inst.

" X 36" H $49 Inst.
" X 48" H $62 Inst.
" X 48" H $93 Inst.
SX 60" H $131 Inst.

36" W X 48" H $39 Inst.
52" W X 48" H $49 Inst.
60" W X 48" H $69 Inst.
72" W X 72" H $86 Inst.

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S Port Charlotte

I FFnea-. F Ein-I.B.I.I.IJ I-.lJ 4 ui ooL- lJ. I

Sde Register: 9 am
Walk: 10 am
5662 Details:
5 0463623___________________________________________

bass," deer and wild tur-
key freely roam the area,
and it's covered in what
he said were "beautiful
oak hammocks."
Bone would not
speculate on how much
the property eventually
might sell for, but he did
say his company was
willing to split it up into
10 separate tracts of land.
Only the state and
federal governments or
environmental groups
own properties that size,
Bone said, making it that
much more of a find
for the right bidder, or
Bone expects develop-
ers, private individuals
and environmental
groups all to have an
interest in the bidding
"If people didn't want
bargains at auctions,
then they wouldn't come
to them," he said. "It's a
tremendous investment
opportunity. There's just
so much beauty there."
The auction, which
Bone described as "quite
an event," is set for
2 p.m. Feb. 13 on-site.
Tours of the land will be
available starting Feb. 1.
For more information,
contact the National
Auction Group at
256-547-3434, or visit its
website at www.national-


ECHS to hold
Edison Collegiate High
School at Edison State
College Charlotte Campus,
26300 Airport Road, Punta
Gorda, invites local eighth-
grade students and their
parents to an information
session about enrollment
into the A grade school from
6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.
The first collegiate high
school in Southwest Florida
is open to all students
eligible for the ninth grade
with no GPA or test-score
requirements. ECHS's inno-
vative curriculum enables
its students to simultane-
ously graduate with their
high school diploma and
an Associate of Arts degree
from Edison State College.
This liberal arts public
charter offers extensive elec-
tive programs while main-
taining a strong foundation
of honors-level courses.
Enrollment applications will
be available Tuesday, with
an online submission also
available; the application
deadline is March 3.
For more information,
call 941-637-5673, or visit

'Piece of Florida history'

to be auctioned next month

k 2" FAU)

:The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


C OurTown Page 13



Charlotte County
Callum Robert Fudge, to
Kathryn and Craig Fudge of Port
Charlotte, at 9:46 a.m. Jan. 6. He
weighed 5 pounds, 4 ounces.
Jett Cameron Roan, to
Samantha and Nathan Roan of
Arcadia, at 3:40 p.m. Jan. 10. He
weighed 9 pounds, 12 ounces.
Jordan Ray Lefebvre, to Molly
Rae Lefebvre of Port Charlotte, at
1:19a.m. Jan. 13. He weighed
4 pounds, 15.3 ounces.
Kenny E. Chambers IV, to
Amanda Goddard and Kenny
Chambers Jr. of Port Charlotte, at
10:59 a.m. Jan. 14. He weighed
2 pounds, 8 ounces.
Sophia Debbie D'Elia, to
Heather and Vincent D'Elia of
Punta Gorda, at 6:15 p.m. Jan. 14.
She weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces.
Gael Estrada-Moreno, to
Andrea Moreno and Bertin
Estrada of Arcadia, at 6:27 p.m.
Jan. 14. He weighed 7 pounds,
12 ounces.

American Legion
Post 103
Sunday Darts winners
Jan. 12: Round 1:1-Nancy Gant,
Bruce Buzzell; 2-Dee Wallace, Bill
Tilley; 3-CW Clark, Judy Tilley. Round
2:1-Kim Smith, Paul Martin; 2-Fran
Smith, Marion Goodman; 3-Fern
Tropea, George Stern.

Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club
Partners Bridge winners
Jan. 9:1-Beverly Winslow, Geri
Dempsey; 1-Cleta Clark, Kaye
McDonald; 3-Colleen and Jerry
Ladies Bridge winners Jan. 14:
1-Janie Ressel; 2-Kaye MacDonald;
3-Harold Clark.
Slam Bridge winners Jan. 15:
1-Geri Dempsey, 5570; 2-Harold Clark,
4860; 3-Irene Runkle, 3900; 4-Diane
Floramo, 3870.
Mahjong winners Jan. 14:
1-Doris Stoebling; 2-Carol Hyatt.

Chubbyz Tavern
Big Dog's Live Trivia Challenge
winners Jan. 15:1-The Cat's Meow,
$50; 2-The Irish Elephants, $25;
3-Betty's Kids, $25.

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County
Duplicate Bridge Club winners

Dominic Alexander Ique,
to Alexis Brookbank-lque and
Jonathan Ique Rios of Punta Gorda,
at 6:56 p.m. Jan. 14. He weighed
8 pounds, 12.5 ounces.
Kolton Thomas Ganske, to
Tyler Ra-kay Brown and John
Thomas Ganske of Port Charlotte, at
3:04 a.m. Jan. 15. He weighed
7 pounds, 7 ounces.
Lilyona Eleanor Florence
Parisi, to Kaelea and Dominick
Parisi of Lake Suzy, at 2:54 p.m.
Jan. 15. She weighed 5 pounds,
13 ounces.
Layla Amicucci, to Lauren
Wilhite and James Amicucci III of
Port Charlotte, at 8:36 a.m. Jan. 16.
She weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces.

Charlotte County
*Trevor Dwayne Collens of Belleville,
Ontario, Canada, and Amy Denise
Jacques of Belleville, Ontario, Canada
John Thomas Turner III of Punta
Gorda, and Karen Mary Williams of
Punta Gorda

Jan. 7: N/S: 1-Glen Williamson, Lynn
Bessey; 2-Jerry Ungar, Peter Hannak;
3-Chuck Skarvan, Leslie Clugston.
E/W: 1-Mary Ann Baird, Bonnie Elliott;
2-Pat DeNapoli, Rachel Cavanaugh;
3-Warren Prince, Dave Johnson.
Jan. 9 (a.m.): 1-Jim Vail, Tom Kirk;
2-Pat DeNapoli, Rachel Cavanaugh;
3-Richard Locker, Bert Rockower.
Jan. 9 (p.m.): N/S: 1-Bud Baker,
Wade Greer; 2-David and Mary
Atwood; 3-Pat Betts, Barbara Witt.
E/W: 1-Diana and Warren Prince;
2-Marilyn Grant, Peggy Villela; 3-Doug
Brenner, Darlene Mallen.
Sunday Double Deck Pinochle
winners Jan. 12: Kathy Garbowicz, 1561;
Mary Lewis, 1561; John Dorazio, 1544.
Monday Night Pinochle
winners Jan. 13:1-Mike Hess, 720;
2-Wanda Tamulewicz, 676; 3-Paolo
Lambardo, 662.
Wednesday Double Deck
Pinochle winners Jan. 15:1-Allen
Weitham, 1895; 2-Bill Marsch, 1723;
3-Gary Sblendorio, 1663; 4-Bonnie
Weithman, 1535.
Thursday Night Double Deck
Pinochle winners Jan. 9:1-Dot
Ladd, 1654; 2-Lavaun Berkland, 1637;
3-Betty Gowan, 1635.
Friday Night Euchre winners
Jan. 10: 1-Dorothy Reynnells, 78;
2-Bonnie Weithman, 76; 3-Jim
Speake, 74; 3-Annette Everling, 74.
Pinochle winners Jan. 11:
1-Mitch Mitchell, 697; 2-Vel Neal, 667;
3-Juanita Bale, 655. Jan. 14:1-Mike
Hess, 683; 2-Paul Day, 676; 3-Mary
Jane Aynes, 673.

4 You are invited to the
The Oasis for Health

Management & Wellness.

Invest in Yourself. Allow us to Partner with you
in your New Year's Resolution to live Healthy &
Well. We work with you every step of the way
with our Team of Experts Focusing on:

( M edcal
/^'"^, .,."- Physic

(^t4^ (EE ^

Most Insurances & Self Pay
are Accepted
By Appointment Only.
22655 Bayshore Road #140,
Port Charlotte, FL 33980
| 941-766-3416 i
,.,,..._ -,s 11-

Jay Umeshkumar Patel of
Bethlehem, Pa., and Shailyben
Shirishkumar Patel of Port Charlotte
Kevin Michael Brooks of Arcadia,
and Sarah Marie Rivera of Arcadia
Robert Nelson Edwards of North
Port, and Ernestina Mafalda Vega of
Largo, Fla.
Christopher Leslie Smith of Port
Charlotte, and Jennifer Lynn Wright of
Port Charlotte
*James Drake Borra of Port
Charlotte, and Kelly Mae Dalton of
Port Charlotte
Jose Mateo Cardona Aguinaga of
Port Charlotte, and Jazmin Howard of
Port Charlotte
James Tourlakis Jr. ofTampa, and
Robin Lynn Moorman of Tampa
Richard Lee Labousier of Punta
Gorda, and Deborah Jean Ketola of
Punta Gorda
Stephen Geddes Morison of
Marblehead, Mass., and Anne Carey
Stunzi of Marblehead, Mass.
Michael Glen Rankin of Rotonda West,
and Ann Marie Christian of North Port

Deep Creek Elks
Monday Bridge winners
Jan. 13:1-Jackie Benson, 4240;
2-Bob Kueny, 3690; 2-Carol
Eisenbaugh, 3690; 3-Corlotta
Crowell, 3600; 4-Wanda Humphrey,

Isles Yacht Club
Scrabble winners Jan. 10:
Joanne Collins, 171; Mary Lou
Coutts, 193; Judith Howell, 198; Be
MacMahon, 168; Sandy Robinson,
Duplicate Bridge winners
Jan. 15:1-Ann and Tom Christman;

Robert Samuel Trace of Akron,
Ohio, and Sharon Marie Werner of
Akron, Ohio
William George Kipp of Goderich,
Ontario, Canada, and Susan Elizabeth
McBride of Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Justin Charles Sparks
of North Port, and Lindsey Michelle
Schmotzer of North Port
Robert Joseph Hesse of Punta
Gorda, and Joetta Lee Giddens of
Punta Gorda
Michael Anthony Davis of
Murdock, and Carolle Jean-Philippe of
Port Charlotte
Patrick Neil Rush of Port
Charlotte, and Shirley Howiena
Sequist of Port Charlotte
Anthony Joseph Katter of Rotonda
West, and Jane Prescott Morin of
Rotonda West
Travis John Dana Williams of
North Port, and Allison Ann Kuwik of
North Port

Charlotte County
Patricia A. Amberg v. David Amberg

2-Ray Rothhaar, Bobbie Fischer; 3-Jim
and Laurie Druyor.

Kingsway Country
Bridge-O-Rama winners
Jan. 10:1-Lucy Schmidt, Gerrie
McGee; 2-Tessie Cox, Judy Mau;
3-Marge Lincoln, Linda Bellmore;
4-Sara Croak, Lois Purcell.
Ladies Bridge winners
Jan. 15:1-Norma Block; 2-Linda
Partners Bridge winners
Jan. 15:1-Dave Baker, Norma
Block; 2-Bob and Carol Niemann;
3-Dale and Judy Strub; 4-Bill and
Marlene Hempel.

Tonya S. Blair v. Gerald R.
Brown Jr.
Robert L. Browning III v. Carol
Roberto T. Cabrera v. Marelys
Harmony Davies Casini v.
Clemente Coburn Casini
Angela Carol Crookes v. Jeffrey
Victor Crookes
Kalee Jean Geezil v. Scott Geezil
*Debra Ann Janik v. James E.
Barbara Jean Marpman v. Walter
Edwin Marpman
Kevin J. Mozzicato v. Tracy L.
Norma Lucille Nash v. Vince Perry
Nash Sr.
Mary Theresa Pedro v. David
Manual Pedro
Donald Samuel Petralia v. Terri
Lyn Petralia
Jessica L. Riesgo v. Paul Riesgo
Cathy Swinford v. James Swinford
Jean Marie Warnke v. William M.

Duplicate Bridge Club winners
Jan. 6: N/S: 1-Goran Hanson, Tom
Ohlgart; 2-Bob Mohrbacher,Yoshi Lapo;
3-Polly Engebrecht, Evelyn Palmer. E/W:
1 -Ed Hartman, Renee Waltz; 2-Lynn
Bessey, Glen Williamson; 3-Carol and
Marv Pope. Jan. 8: N/S: 1-Goran Hanson,
Tom Ohlgart; 2-Jarmila Taud, Peter
Hannak; 3-Barbara and Clifford Reitz.
E/W: 1 -Lynn Bessey, Glen Williamson;
2-Maryand Stephen Chupak; 3-Bill
Murphy, Pat DeNapoli. Jan. 10: N/S:
1-Goran Hanson, Tom Ohlgart; 2-Ginger
Smith, John Avery; 3-Brad Steele, Grace
Campbell. E/W: 1-Mary and Stephen
Chupak; 2-Chuck Skarvan, Marilyn Grant;
3-David Baird, Chuck Pohle.

Happy 3rd birthday to
Alexander Johnsson on his
special day Jan. 18.

Each week in Sunday's Char-
lotte Sun, we run free birthday
announcements along with a
photo. Email your .jpg photo of
the birthday boy or girl of any
age, along with the person's
name, age, and birthday month
and date, to Marion Putman,
assistant Charlotte editor, at
Deadline is noon Thursday.
Note: If you bring or mail in
a hard-copy photo (to 23170
Harborview Road, Charlotte
Harbor, FL 33980), we will try
to accommodate you, but we
CANNOT guarantee the ability
to return it to you. For more
information, call Marion at

Port Charlotte Hiqh School Bands

in conjunction with

Invite you to our


Joade 4^ 9fudc


24000 RAMPART BLVD The PCHSMarhing Band, The PCHS JazBm The PCHSAlumni Band,
PORT CHARLOTTE The Jordan Fanly, Tim moodman, Jason Cooper, The Cu Singrs,
PORT CHAThe hSnow Bird Polka Jammers& a special tribute from

TICKETS: $25 ONATILrecording stma...

Please join us for an evening of music, a silent auction, cash bar & enjoy a 'taste' from our sponsors:

I* T Ruby
A "JL.uesday

CHARLES BROWN AT: (941)626-7631
--Business Casual Attire Requested-

At Holiday, we understand every individual's needs are unique and may change
over time. Our memory care services offer specialized and compassionate care
and programs for individuals living with Alzheimer's or other causes of memory
loss. Holiday offers memory care in physically secure environments as part of our
assisted living communities.
e 24-hour secured living
Specially trained staff available 24-hours a day
Daily customized memory care activity program
Additional memory care services such as
meal reminders
B Three nutritious, chef-prepared meals daily
Scheduled transportation

Housekeeping and linen service
And much more!



Royal Palm

Retirement Centre
Independent Living Assisted Living Memory Care
2500 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, FL 33952
HOLIDAY AL NIC MANAGEMENT LLC 21623 -Assisted Living Facility #3915


#,IR AIB8 ,,
\^ I>H GRILL *


Golden years require financial polish


Ben O'Carroll, the travel
bug bit early. At the young
age of 15, he joined the
Royal Navy in England,
where he spent the next
quarter-century traveling
the globe.
"I've been around the
world a couple of times
and still love to travel," he
O'Carroll's pursuits have
led him to every conti-
nent, except Antarctica,
and to live in a number of
Southwest Florida desti-
nations since being natu-
ralized in 1997, including
Rotonda, Englewood and
his current abode in east
Punta Gorda.

"I always fancied
Punta Gorda because
of its small-town feel. It
suits my style," he said.
But O'Carroll is no
longer a "boy sailor." At
73, he has slowed down
a bit, but doesn't want
to abandon his love of
travel. Although his wife
Shirley still works, she
plans to retire next year,
giving them both time
to, once again, put the
wind at their backs.
But before they sail
into full retirement, they
need to get their financ-
es in order. O'Carroll
has a nice pension
from the Navy and a
state pension from the
United Kingdom, where
he worked until he was
57. And he has a small

annuity. Shirley has a
401(k) savings plan from
where she has worked
for 15 years.
"We're not rich, but
we're comfortable," he
Brenda Bala of
AmeriLife & Health
Services of Charlotte
County is in the business
of providing a retirement
where people can live
out their dreams. As
such, she is brimming
with ideas about how to
keep your golden years
from being tarnished.
"We try to take a situ-
ation and match it with
services and products,"
she said.
That includes focusing
on a strategy to achieve
retirement goals while

avoiding common
pitfalls. Just a couple of
factors are key in secur-
ing a retirement income
for life and providing
long-term coverage that
produces savings, she
said. For the first item,
Bala is a strong advocate
of fixed-rate annuities,
where the rewards may
be modest, but the risks
are low.
"There's no better
place for your nest egg,"
said Bala, who also
possesses 25 years of
experience in banking.
"We bring it out because
it's safe and secure."
Regarding the latter
consideration, she also
recommends providing
for long-term care,
which is the leading

cause of bankruptcy
for seniors. Studies
show that 70 percent of
retirees 65 and older will
need long-term care,
although 80 percent of
the care is provided by
family members.
In Charlotte County,
the average cost of a
long-term-care facility
is $60,000 per year, she
said, with an average
stay of almost three
Life insurance plans,
which can be passed on
to your children, are very
competitive these days,
she said, so compare
prices and provisions.
Beware of term life
coverage, which include
balloon payments, and
supplemental insurance

for accidental death and
dismemberment, which
rarely pay out, she said.
Meanwhile, as the
O'Carrolls continue to
look at all their retire-
ment options, they are
not too busy to enjoy a
preview, watching the
ducks paddle their way
across the pond outside
their townhouse.
"I love it here,"
O'Carroll said. "It's very
With a golf date
planned the next day,
O'Carroll realizes that
life is good and he wants
to keep it that way,
looking forward to a
financially sound future,
wherever it takes them.


a bt..,"

Brides can register online FREE admission.
Also in that site is basic wedding planning, wedding planning
timetable, links to participating vendor websites and lots more.
At the show: Bridal Fashion Show, door prizes, special wedding
package pricing available.
Over 25 vendors will be on hand to share their expertise in all
areas of wedding planning.
S(941)629-5131 | 4400 LISTER ST.


Commissioners to
hold joint meeting
The Charlotte County
Commission will hold
a joint meeting with
the Punta Gorda City
Council at 1:30 p.m.
Jan. 30 in Room 119 of
the Charlotte County

- Thomas
Board Certified
Eye Physician
& Surgeon

/,,Eye Health

Administration Center,
18500 Murdock Circle,
Port Charlotte. A range of
topics will be discussed,
including updates on
the infrastructure sales
tax, the South County
overlay, the RESTORE Act
and flood insurance. The
meeting is open to the


complete medical exam with one of
our board certified eye doctors
includes prescription for eyeglasses,
and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and
other eye diseases. Offer applies to
new patients 59 years and older.
hffer does not apply to Freedom an(
Optimum health plan participants.
I Coupon Expires 1/14/2014

Code. CSOO|

public. For more informa-
tion, call 941-743-1300.

Daughters of
the American
Revolution to meet
The Charlotte
Bay Chapter of the
Daughters of the
American Revolution
will hold its annual busi-
ness meeting at 2 p.m.
Jan. 27 at Church of the
Good Shepherd, 401W
Henry St., Punta Gorda.
Social time will begin
at 1:30 p.m. Visitors are
welcome. To RSVP, call
Pat at 941-764-1931, or
Suzy at 941-505-5507.
For more information
about the Charlotte
Bay Chapter, visit www.
htm; for membership
information, visit www.

Cupid's Caper
set for Feb. 1
Looking for a Valentine-
themed evening for you
and your sweetheart?
Cupid's Caper, a dinner
dance in its second
year, is set for 6 p.m.
to 10:30 p.m. Feb. 1 at
the newly built event
building at Holy Trinity
Greek Orthodox Church,
24411 Rampart Blvd.,
Port Charlotte. There
will be dance music by
the BoogieMen. The
evening is semiformal
in attire. Enjoy dinner,
a silent auction, prizes,
a cash bar and dancing.
Proceeds will benefit Big
Brothers Big Sisters of
Charlotte County. Tickets
are $75 per person. For
ticket information, call
941-764-5812; for more
information, visit www.

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I CIBank

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f Ir

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----------------- I

----------------- I

:OurTown Page 14 C

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


:The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


C OurTown Page 15

Ayden Carr, 3, of Punta Gorda looks through the toy train acces-
sories for sale at Saturday's model train show.

John Huber drove from Cape Coral to check out
the merchandise at the Regal Railways train show
Saturday at the Englewood Elks Lodge.



"We see this as a
long-term benefit," Olivo
told city officials. "While
diesel engines have got-
ten much, much better in
terms of pollutants in the
air, compressed natural
gas is American. You can't
get more American in
terms of clean fuel than
compressed natural gas."
Olivo also told the
council that negotiations
for a CNG station along
Carmalita Street in Punta
Gorda is in the works.
"We're working on
the first draft of our
lease and development
agreement," Olivo said.
"This is specifically to the
pieces of property that
would or could house
the stations, and future
properties that could
house the stations. We
are about three-quarters
of the way through the
first draft."
Once a contract is
agreed upon and signed,
officials anticipate it

would be about a year
to get all the permitting
in place to bring the
natural gas main along
U.S. 41 to the prospective
site, which, according to
Olivo, is along Carmalita,
opposite Punta Gorda
Middle School. The
school district owns a
transportation facility and
a chiller plant in the area.
"In one of those two
pieces of property, we
believe the first station
will be built," he said.
"It's a skip and a jump
from Florida Street, and a
skip and a jump from the
City officials and busi-
ness leaders have come
out in support of the
project, as a way to bring
cleaner more cost-effec-
tive fuel alternatives to
the county.
At a Charlotte County
Airport Authority meet-
ing last week, Gary Bayne
of Southwest Engineering
and Design told the
authority that there had
been discussions about
constructing a CNG
station at the site of the
future Cheney Brothers

Pierce Heseler, 8, of North Port, examines a train zooming by
him at the train show held Saturday at the Englewood Elks hall.
Regal Railways, a company which organizes model train shows
in Southwest Florida, played host to the show.

Doug Forth fixes an HO locomotive during the model train show Saturday.
Forth is a train collector and seller.

distribution facility off
Piper Road, but the idea
was dropped because
the site is too small to
accommodate a station.
Still, Bayne said,
Cheney officials have
decided to give CNG
a test run. They have
leased a few trucks from
Nopetro to see whether
it's beneficial for the
company to convert their
fleet to CNG.
"I suspect they will
convert some of their
fleet," Bayne said.

In the meantime,
school officials continue
to negotiate. Olivo said
the school district hopes
to have a station in place
by next year, and the first
CNG school bus on the
road by the 2015-2016
school year.
"This has some really
good potential, we think,
to bring additional
revenue to the school
district, as well as cleaner
fuel options for Charlotte
County," he said.



culture of France will be
highlighted during this
event with an authentic
French menu and
can-can dancers. Tickets
cost $25 per person, and
may be purchased at the
theater box office, the
information desk, or at
com. For information, call
941-625-4175, ext. 219.


Dean Musgrove gazes at his newborn son, Allen Parker, who
is being held by Brianna Waite, the daughter of his fiancee
Ashley, this week at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte (formerly
Peace River Regional Medical Center). Musgrove helped to
pull a man out of a lake after a crash Friday in North Port, on
his way home from the hospital.


you do what you can. It
felt good to help.
"I spoke to (North
Port Police Officer)
Lenny Hills briefly," he
said. "I told him I was
on my way home with
my newborn son and
was all wet, and asked
if I could go because
the man was safe with
paramedics in the
Seeing a posting on

the North Port Sun's
Facebook page about
Musgrove's heroism
Friday, Hills wrote
a message to him:
"Way to go Dean, that
was some cold damn
water you jumped into
today. Great job. A true
hero with disregard to
his own life to save a
Musgrove said his
son, Allen Parker, was
born Wednesday.
"It's been an eventful
week," Musgrove said.

North Port Dental

Pain Free Dentistry
"As a fellow professional, during my winter
vacation I received exceptional professional
care. I appreciate the office management and
follow through care I received at North Port
-Dr. Dave Constantine, D.M.D.
(Retired Oral Surgeon)
"I was in need of full mouth reconstruction
that included the placement of multiple
h nplain Ineeted e\peri Poir Denial The ilreeilin lai tii'paised my
e\pe S l al [ Iibn Io ;itIh a lie a aire Ilie best"
Think Lou,
-Di lohnlm Dr I~Iii Iiii~L. I DWE SEE


lB i i. I)M I) ( NI l, | k I)I) \\.... s 1 1) 1) 1)
North Port (-Com1ownh 14884 Timiimi 'Trail, North Port, FL 342.87
Hour N Mon-Fr S iri .jni .Ip1n

Take Care of



YOU'RE __7
(left to Right) IT
Stephen A. Spencer, MD Samantha M. Bono, PA
Laini R. Gaar, MD Laura E. Marano, PA
Jeffrey R. Hunek, MD Elizabeth L.Weber,ARNP

SKIN 941C833-4400
Extndd ours: Wedesda0&Thrsda
Ope.- rig.lnc. util6:0P

Macular Degeneration Symposia,"

Clinical Research Trials in Southwest Florida
Treatments available NOW for Macular Degeneration
and other retinal disorders
What's new in Low Vision rehabilitation

Seating is limited. Reservations are required.


From Retina Consultants
of Southwest Florida:
Dr. Joseph Walker
Dr. Glenn Wing
Dr. Paul Raskauskas
Dr. Tom Ghuman
Dr. Ashish Sharma
Dr. Donald Fletcher
From Massachusetts Eye and Ear /
Schepens Eye Research Institute
Dr. Michael Young
Dr. Deeba Husain

Best Doctors

Spend an
evening in
The Learning Center
at the Cultural Center
of Charlotte County,
2280 Aaron St., Port
Charlotte, will play host
to "An Evening in Paris"
at 6 p.m. Jan. 30. The cu-
linary and entertainment

In00 ve
A YourHealth

Try Our
;<-,"To Help Reduce Inflammationf-7

Sandhill Healing, Inc. 21
SAn Integrative Medicine Center
0 W l 24451 Sandhill Blvd Suite B, Port Charlotte
MM30714 941.235.8929 MA41234


:OurTownPagel6 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Home' sweet show


Dr. Matthew DeFillippis from Coastal Chiropractic confers with Peggy Mogish on how the practice of chiropractics can help with
many issues, during the Winter Home and Garden Show Saturday at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta
Gorda. The show, which is free and open to the public, continues today, starting at 10 a.m.

Potential buyer Jeff Foley is pictured at the Bath Fitter booth
with sales rep Spencer Edwards.

Right: Frankie
Bonasso finally gets
to the head of the
line to get a free bag
of popcorn from Ilyssa
Mensing at the Truly
Nolan Booth, manned
by Sales Manager
Chris Thomas.

Right: Sales consultant
David Gilbert from Storm
Solutions Certified Glass
chats with interested
couple Michelle and Tom

Roger and Lileith Belanger check out some of the remodeled
bathtubs and showers at the Re-Bath booth at the Winter Home
and Garden Show.

At the ADT Custom Home Services booth, sales rep Darla Phagan
chats with Phyllis and Arthur Tolman.

Judy and Frank Caldwell visit the Solar Spa booth and speak
with Larry Rogers.

Debbie Sarkisian is pictured at the Harbor Home Builders booth
with owner Ronald Oskey, who is also her builder.

Support Health in

our Hometown.

S VirginiaB. Andes
,"# m'- pbhl nteer
Community Clinic

A Commitment to Caring
to donate 4 hours per month to volunteer

in the Clinic.

(*currently licensed)

Our volunteer professional staff is a much
appreciated part of the VBA Clinic &
Pharmacy family. With your support, we are
able to offer semi-urgent medical services,
pharmacy and preventive health programs
to those in need in Charlotte County.
Co-founders Dr. Mark Asperilla & Dr. David Klein

1. .


To help continue our mission in 2014
Contact Suzanne Roberts, CEO:
Located: 21297-B Olean Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 33952


Customer Yves Martel talks with Michael St. Germain and
Christopher Donnelly of Benchmark Aluminum about pool cages
and decks.

Quality Homes Qualifier and Manager Jim Weisberg chats with
Judy Bowen and Donnice Weitmeyer Saturday about the homes
his company builds.


:OurTown Page 16 C

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

(941) 276-9570



Obama: Not halting
all NSA spying

He avoided major action on
the practice of sweeping up
billions of phone, email and
text messages from across the

Page 2 -

California nut
farmers ban together

The soaring value of California's
nut crops is attracting a new
breed of thieves who have been
making off with the pricey
commodities by the truckload,
recalling images of cattle
rustlers of bygone days.

Page 2 -

Fake chips upend
NJ poker match


The New Jersey Division of
Gaming Enforcement canceled
the first event of the Borgata
Winter Poker Open.

Page 5 -

Europe launches
'Wikipedia for Robots'

Expectations are high for
RoboEarth, a new European-
funded system to speed the
development of human-serving
robots. Scientists from five
major European technical
universities have gathered in
the Netherlands this week for
its launch and to demonstrate
possible applications.
Page 7 -

Voters back Egypt

Almost everyone who cast
ballots supported Egypt's new
constitution in this week's
referendum, results announced
Saturday show, but a boycott by
Islamists and low youth turnout
suggest the country is still
dangerously divided.
Page 8 -

11 ~ I i l I IIIII I

h e l W

Smart contact lens monitors glucose levels


Wearable devices are already
bringing technology much closer
to you than you ever may have
expected, but Google's just kicked
it up to a whole new level. The
company has announced a project
to make a smart contact lens. But
this gadget isn't going to be used
to deliver your email straight into
your skull at least not yet. This
project is working to tackle one of
the biggest health problems facing
the country today: diabetes.
Given the wariness around wear-
able devices and their capabilities
for data collection, the idea that
the company would get that much
closer raises the question: how will

Google handle this data? Or, for
that matter, how can any com-
mercial company stepping into a
new world of collecting sensitive
medical data deal with the security
It's a question that Google's
clearly thought a lot about, said
Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technol-
ogist at the Center for Democracy
and Technology, who was briefed
on the lens before the company's
Thursday announcement. Hall
said that Google assured him that
the data would not be added to
the company's banks of personal
information gathered from other
"The data will never hit Google's



This undated photo released by Google shows a contact
lens Google is testing to explore tear glucose. After years of
scalding soldering hair-thin wires to miniaturize electronics,
Brian Otis, Google X project lead, has burned his fingertips so
often that he can no longer feel the tiny chips he made from
scratch in Google's Silicon Valley headquarters.

21 die in Afghan attack

Restaurant incident is most deadly against foreign civilians


KABUL, Afghanistan 49' I *
- A Taliban attack .... .
against popular _, I
Kabul restaurant killed -
21 people, authorities B
said Saturday making .
it the deadliest single
attack against foreign -
civilians in the course
of a nearly 13-year
U.S.-led war there now
approaching its end. '
The attack comes
as security has been l
deteriorating and
apprehension has _...
been growing among
Afghans over their
country's future as
U.S.-led foreign forces ,
prepare for a final
withdrawal at the end
of the year.
Afghan President
Hamid Karzai, who is
deferring signing an
agreement allowing AP PHC
U.S. forces to stay past Afghan security forces personnel investigate at the site of the Friday's suicide attack and shooting, in Kabul, Afghani-
the planned withdraw stan. Saturday. A Taliban suicide bomber and two aunmen on Friday attacked a Lebanese restaurant that is pooular wit

foreigners and affluent Afghans in Kabul, a brazen attack that left 21 dead, including foreigners dining inside and two
ATTACK 1 4 other gunmen, officials said.

Would Fla. pot vote tip governor race?

the country are moni-
toring Florida's quest to
become the first state
in the South to legalize
some marijuana use,
watching to see if the
issue has a spillover
effect that may offer a
blueprint for the 2016
"It's an issue that the
Democrats can use to
pump up the youth
vote," said Alex Patton,
a Republican political
consultant and pollster
based in Gainesville,
Fla. "The politics of it
are dangerous for the
In previous elections,

Republicans benefited
from social issues being
on the ballot. During
President George W
Bush's re-election cam-
paign in 2004, 11 states
voted on gay marriage
bans. Karl Rove, Bush's
top strategist, denied
engineering the ballot
drives, while acknowl-
edging the importance
of social issues in
fueling Republican
The architect of
Florida's medical
marijuana initiative,
Orlando trial lawyer
John Morgan, employs
Charlie Crist, 57, the

leading Democratic
candidate for Florida
governor, and serves
as an adviser. No
Democrat has won
a governor's race in
Florida since 1994. Crist
held the office for four
years, ending in 2011,
as a Republican. He
later switched parties.
Morgan who runs
one of the country's
largest personal injury
law firms and has
hosted fundraisers
for President Barack
Obama said he has
contributed more than
$3 million to the pot
effort so far. He said

pot vote may decide
the Florida governor's
Democratic oper-
atives are pushing a
statewide referendum
on medical marijuana
that Republican Gov.
Rick Scott's supporters
say threatens to tilt the
race against him. State
Republicans have filed
a legal challenge to
keep the referendum
off the ballot.
Democrats and mar-
ijuana activists across



he's planning to be a
top fundraiser for Crist.
Activists hoping
to put the question
of legalizing medical
marijuana before voters
have collected about
1 million signatures,
said Ben Pollara,
campaign manager of
the People United for
Medical Marijuana and
a Democratic strategist.
The Morgan-led
group, created to
support the Florida
initiative, needs to
have about 683,000
signatures verified by


- A few weeks before
Thanksgiving, staff at
the Loving Care assisted
living facility in St.
Petersburg realized
something had changed
in Malcolm Ramsey's
Relatives who had
never paid much
attention to Ramsey, 55
and mentally incompe-
tent, suddenly started
showing up in droves.
Bulging bags from T.J.
Maxx and Bealls filled

his half of a tiny, shared
bedroom. Boxes of new
athletic shoes Nike,
New Balance, K-Swiss
- towered against the
Then there were the
rumors that Ramsey
had hit it big in the
Florida Lottery.
Ramsey's legal guard-
ian got involved. So did
St. Petersburg police, an
adult protective services
worker and, eventually,
a judge. And slowly, the
story came out.
Sometime in October,
Ramsey had won "$500
a week for life" on a

scratch-off Florida
Lottery ticket. With the
help of a cab driver, he
had gotten an ID, a copy
of his birth certificate
and a ride to Tallahassee
to claim the prize. He
took it as a lump-sum
payout -$403,288.
In barely four weeks,
Ramsey blew through
more than half the
money, with little of
value to show for it.
He says he wanted the
cash, but by taking it
all he is in danger of
losing the government
benefits he has relied on
to survive.

Judge Lauren
Laughlin, who monitors
Ramsey's guardianship,
sees another problem:
Why was there nothing
to keep the Florida
Lottery from handing
over thousands of
dollars to someone that
a court found incapable
of caring for himself?
"You clearly can't
be giving this kind of
money to people who
have had the right
to manage their own
financial affairs re-
moved," Laughlin says.
"You would like it to be
a Forrest Gump time,

good for you, but not
with $170,000 walking
out the door in 30 days."
Malcolm Ramsey,
gray-bearded and
missing most of his
front teeth, can express
himself but speaks in
short sentences and
a low, flat voice. He
mowed lawns, washed
dishes and worked in
a warehouse before
mental illness took hold
and never let go.
Diagnosed with
paranoid schizophrenia,

Lottery winner's money gone in weeks

Obama fuels reform on some but not all NSA spying

- President Barack
Obama's orders to change
some U.S. surveillance
practices put the burden
on Congress to deal with a
national security contro-
versy that has alarmed
Americans and outraged
foreign allies. Yet he
avoided major action on
the practice of sweeping
up billions of phone, email
and text messages from
across the globe.
In a speech at the
Justice Department on
Friday, Obama said he was
placing new limits on the
way intelligence officials
access phone records from
hundreds of millions of
Americans and was
moving toward eventually
stripping the massive data
collection from the govern-
ment's hands.
His promises to end
government storage of
its collection of data on
Americans' telephone
calls and require
judicial review to exam-
ine the data were met
with skepticism from
privacy advocates and

some lawmakers.
But Obama has made
it nearly impossible
for reluctant leaders in
Congress to avoid making
some changes in the U.S.
phone surveillance they
have supported for years.
Obama admitted that
he has been torn between
how to protect privacy
rights and how to protect
the U.S. from terror attacks
- what officials have
called the main purpose of
the spy programs.
"The challenge is getting
the details right, and that is
not simple," he said.
His speech had been
anticipated since former
National Security Agency
analyst Edward Snowden
made off with an estimat-
ed 1.7 million documents
related to surveillance
and other NSA operations
and gave them to several
journalists around the
world. The revelations in
the documents touched
off a public debate about
whether Americans
wanted to give up some
privacy in exchange for
intelligence-gathering on

terror suspects.
The president said his
proposals "should give the
American people greater
confidence that their
rights are being protected,
even as our intelligence
and law enforcement
agencies maintain the
tools they need to keep us
Obama acknowledged
more needs to be done,
but he largely left it to
Congress to work out the
The NSA says it does
not listen in on the phone
calls or read the Internet
messages without specific
court orders on a case-by-
case basis. But intelligence
officials do collect specific
information about the
calls and messages, such
as how long they lasted,
to try to track commu-
nications of suspected
Plans to end the sweep
of phone records have
been building momentum
in Congress among both
liberal Democrats and
conservative Republicans.
Congressional leadership

and the chairmen of the
intelligence committees
who for years have signed
off on the programs
have opposed dramatic
Obama's order signals
that the phone program
must be overhauled, and
lawmakers called his
speech a welcome first
"It is now time for
Congress to take the next
step by enacting legisla-
tion to appropriately limit
these programs," said
Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va.,
a member of the House
Judiciary Committee.
The leaders of the
Senate and House
intelligence committees,
which have proposed far
less sweeping legislation,
threw the responsibility
back to Obama.
"We encourage the
White House to send
legislation with the presi-
dent's proposed changes
to Congress so they can
be fully debated," Sen.
Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.,
and Rep. Mike Rogers,
R-Mich., said in a coolly

In this Jan. 17, photo, President Barack Obama Talks about
National Security Agency surveillance at the Justice Department
in Washington.

worded statement.
Privacy advocates called
Obama's proposal a shell
game by assigning
the collection to a new,
as-of-yet undecided
entity instead of ending it
outright. They had even
sharper criticism for the
speech's scant attention
to the NSA program that
intercepts billions of over-
seas Internet messages
and phone conversations
from foreigners each day.
The program, autho-
rized under Section 702

of the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act, allows
the U.S. government
to read or listen to the
messages and phone calls
as long as they do not
target American citizens
who live overseas.
Obama said he would
seek new restrictions on
the government's ability to
collect or use the overseas
messages that acciden-
tally included messages
or phone calls from
Americans. But he did not
spell out how, or by when.

Many remain wary of W.Va. water as smell lingers

(AP) The smell lingers
- the slightly sweet,
slightly bitter odor of a
chemical that contami-
nated the water supply of
WestVirginia's capital more
than a week ago. It creeps
out of faucets and shower
heads. It wafts from the Elk
River, the site of the spill.
Sometimes it hangs in the
cold nighttime air.
For several days, a ma-
jority of Charleston-area
residents have been told
their water is safe to drink,
that the concentration of
a chemical used to wash
coal is so low that it won't
be harmful. Restaurants

have reopened using
tap water to wash dishes
and produce, clean out
their soda fountains and
make ice.
But as long as people
can still smell it, they're
wary and given the
lack of knowledge about
the chemical known as
MCHM, some experts say
their caution is justified.
"I would certainly be
waiting until I couldn't
smell it anymore, cer-
tainly to be drinking it,"
said Richard Denison,
a scientist with the
Environmental Defense
Fund who has followed the
spill closely. "I don't blame

people at all for raising
questions and wondering
whether they can trust
what's being told to them."
The Jan. 9 spill from a
Freedom Industries facility
on the banks of the Elk
River, less than 2 miles up-
stream from Charleston's
water treatment plant, led
to a ban on water use that
affected 300,000 people.
Four days later, officials
started to lift the ban in
one area after another,
saying tap water was
safe for drinking because
the concentration of the
chemical dipped below
one part per million, even
though the smell was still

strong at that level. By
Friday afternoon, nearly
all of the 300,000 people
impacted had been told
the water was safe.
Late Wednesday, how-
ever, health officials issued
different guidance for
pregnant women, urging
them not to drink tap
water until the chemical
is entirely undetectable.
The Centers for Disease
Control said it made that
recommendation out of
an abundance of caution
because existing studies
don't provide a complete
picture of how the chemi-
cal affects humans.
For Sarah Bergstrom, a

29-year-old nurse who is
four months pregnant with
her second child, the news
was devastating. She hasn't
drunk the water since the
spill, but she has taken
"I cried myself to sleep
(Wednesday) night. I was
both angry and scared,"
she said. "This baby that
we've wanted for so long,
I'm now questioning -
have I done something
that could have harmed
Bergstrom said she's
fortunate that she can
afford bottled water, which
she intends to use for the
foreseeable future.

"My biggest fear is for
those mothers, those
pregnant women out there
who aren't able to go get
enough bottled water for
their family, who don't
have the resources and
don't have the knowledge
base to know that this is
not safe," she said.
Karen Bowling, West
Virginia's secretary of
Health and Human
Resources, said pregnant
women who drank the
water before being told
to avoid it should contact
their doctors. For the rest
of the population, Bowling
said she is confident the
tap water is not harmful.

California nut farmers ban

together to fight theft

ESCALON, Calif. (AP)
-The soaring value of
California's nut crops is
attracting a new breed
of thieves who have
been making off with the
pricey commodities by
the truckload, recalling
images of cattle rustlers
of bygone days.

This harvest season in
the Central Valley, thieves
cut through a fence
and hauled off $400,000
in walnuts. Another
$100,000 in almonds was
stolen by a driver with a
fake license. And $100,000
in pistachios was taken by
a big rig driver who left a

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Weekly Pool Service

24100 Tiseo Blvd. Unit 6
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Tuesday, January 21
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farm without filling out
any paperwork.
Investigators suspect
low-level organized
crime may have a hand
in cases, while some
pilfered nuts are ending
up in Los Angeles for
resale at farmers markets
or disappear into the
black market.
Domestic demand for
specialty foods and an
expanding Asian market
for them have prompted
a nut orchard boom in
the state's agricultural
heartland. Such heists
have become so common
that an industry taskforce
recently formed to devise
ways to thwart thieves.
"The Wild West is
alive and well in certain
aspects," said Danielle
Oliver of the California
Farm Bureau. "There's al-
ways someone out there
trying to make a quick
dollar on somebody else's
hard work."
Amid the nut boom,
farmers have torn out
vineyards and other
crops to plant nut
trees to keep up with
demand. Real estate
firms, retirement funds
and insurance compa-
nies have taken note
by adding almonds,
walnut and pistachio
land to diversify their


Can Be

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Your Clear ChoiceM

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Lda wIll- IVIW I I --

-Page 2 WIRE

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 STATE NEWS WIRE Page 3


For sale: Punta
Gorda home,
ghost included
- A southwest Florida
couple says a "harmless"
ghost is included in the
sale of their historic
Natalie and Vander
Wynn tell the Sarasota
Herald-Tribune that
they were alerted to the
supernatural presence
when they bought the
Punta Gorda home
in 2001.
The house was built
in 1893 by businessman
James Sandlin. His family
was beset by a series of
tragedies, including
the 1909 death of his
14-year-old daughter
in an accident with a
gasoline-heated ironing
The Wynns and the
home's previous owners
have reported numerous
encounters with the
teenager's lingering but
generally friendly spirit.
Vander Wynn says the
ghost "adds to the value
of the house."
The Wynns have mod-
ernized the home and are
selling it for $1.59 million.

Great white shark
tracked off central
Researchers say they've
tracked a great white
shark from the waters
off Massachusetts to the
Atlantic Ocean off central
According to the
nonprofit shark research
group, Ocearch, the
2,300-pound shark
they've named Katherine
surfaced Saturday
morning in the Atlantic
off Edgewater inVolusia
The group has been
tracking Katherine since
August, when the shark
was tagged off Cape Cod,
Mass. Researchers tell
Florida Today that thanks
to Katherine, they're
learning that great white
sharks swim south much
faster than previously

Wood storks
nesting in swamp
storks are nesting in a
southwest Florida sanctu-
ary they had abandoned
several years ago.
The endangered birds are
nesting in the Corkscrew
Swamp Sanctuary for
the first time since 2009.
Officials say storks have
built about 160 nests so
far at four locations in the
Sanctuary resource
manager Mike Knight tells
the News-Press that the
number of nests may dou-
ble or triple because the
birds don't all start nesting
at the same time.
The sanctuary once was
the largest wood stork
breeding colony in North
America. The birds were
forced to find other places
to nest as their shallow
wetland habitat declined.

Detention deputy
charged with child
abuse, neglect
Tampa Bay-area deten-
tion deputy has been
arrested for allegedly
burning a child with a
According to the
Hernando County
Sheriff's Office, deputies

were called Friday to a
Spring Hill hospital about
a 3-year-old boy with
severe burn marks.
The child had been
in the care of Hernando
County Detention Deputy
Cody Marrone. Their
relationship was not
immediately clear.

Central Fla. teen
charged after
shooting at deputy
A central Florida teenager
is facing an attempted
murder charge after
allegedly shooting at a
sheriff's deputy, striking
him in his protective vest.
According to the Volusia
County Sheriff's Office,
the Orange City 16-year-
old was a suspect in a
robbery at a convenience
store earlier in the week.
Investigators tracked the
teen to his girlfriend's
home Friday night.
Authorities say the teen
responded to Deputy
John Vedder's commands
by firing multiple times.
Vedder released his police
dog, which bit the teen's
hand and wrist.

Fla. to pay
thousands of held
up jobless claims
Florida is going to pay
thousands of unemploy-
ment benefit claims that
have been held up due to
the state's troubled new
State officials an-
nounced Saturday that
the U.S. Department of
Labor has given the state
permission to pay any
jobless claims that have
been held up for more
than seven days.
Jesse Panuccio, ex-
ecutive director of the
Department of Economic
Opportunity, said the step
should serve as a "great
relief" to those who claims
have been not paid.
Roughly 200,000
Floridians receive weekly
unemployment benefits.

Bill would add
$1 surcharge to
- A Florida lawmaker is
proposing the state add
a $1 surcharge on each
pack of cigarettes sold.
Rep. Jim Waldman says
Florida's $1.34 per pack
cigarette tax is the 27th
lowest in the nation. The
Coconut Creek Democrat
proposed a bill this week
that he says would raise
an estimated $838 million
a year. He said those
funds could be used to
offset the costs of a pro-
posed reduction in motor
vehicle registration fees.

2 tons of illegally
harvested oysters
- Two tons of illegally
harvested oysters have
been seized in northwest
The Tallahassee
Democrat reports
that Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation
Commission officers
in Carrabelle issued
citations Monday to five
people for 20 misde-
meanors and two boating

Advocates say canal
project improving
Florida Bay
Environmental advocates
say a major Everglades res-
toration project is exceeding
expectations after its first
year of operations.
The so-called C-11
Spreader Canal opened
in January 2013. It was
designed to plug an existing
canal and keep millions
of gallons of water from
seeping out of Everglades
National Park
Audubon Florida officials

say the project has redi-
rected water into a slough
that leads through the park
into Florida Bay, helping
to rehydrate wetlands that
have lost too much water
to a flood control system
and other development in
Miami-Dade County.

-The state attorney who
oversaw the prosecution of
George Zimmerman in the
shooting death of Trayvon
Martin says she doesn't
read newspapers and
doesn't think the public
should know any details
about a criminal case until
it goes to a jury.
Angela Corey of the
Jacksonville-based 4th
Circuit Court discussed
her news preferences and
her opinions on Florida's
open-government laws
during an address Friday
to the First Coast Tiger Bay
Club. The Florida Times-
Union reports that Corey
declined to speak with
reporters after the event.
According to the
Times-Union, Corey was
asked about a recent New

York Times article about a
police investigation in St.
Johns County. Corey said
she had not read the article
because she doesn't read
any media.
"I don't read any
newspapers," she said. "My
people tell me what I need
to know."
Corey also said that me-
dia should not be allowed
to report on high-profile
cases because they publish
details that are never heard
by a jury, such as text
messages in Zimmerman's
case that were reported
by several news outlets
but never presented as
"The public doesn't
need to know anything
about a case before it goes
to trial," she said.
Corey was appointed

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Long-lasting battery

special prosecutor in
Zimmerman's case. Her
office has handled other
closely watched cases,
including that of Marissa
Alexander, a Florida
woman sentenced to a
mandatory 20-year prison
sentence for firing what
she insisted was a warning
shot during a fight with
her husband. She tried
to invoke Florida's "stand
your ground" law but
the judge threw out her
self-defense claim, noting
that she could have run
out of the house to escape
her husband but instead
got the gun and went back
Alexander now is
awaiting a new trial.
Corey has defended the
handling of Alexander's
case, saying that she

believes Alexander aimed
the gun at the man and
his two sons, and that the
bullet she fired could have
ricocheted and hit any of
The attorney who
represented Zimmerman
at trial said he thinks
public records laws work,
even if the public learns
details not presented to
a jury. Zimmerman was
acquitted at trial last year.
"I would not want to
live in a world where
Angela Corey can charge
whatever she wants and
the public doesn't know
about it," Mark O'Mara
said. "As long as we have
an effective jury selection
process, which we do, it
shouldn't be a problem for
someone to receive a fair

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2014 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, EA SPORTS, the EA SPORTS logo and Plants vs. Zombies are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
2014 Verizon Wireless. H1086

Zimmerman prosecutor

says she doesn't read news





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o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

WIRE Page 3


Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 FROM PAGE ONE

LONDON (Washington
Post) For decades, the
modest two-bedroom
apartment off Abbey
Road was home to some
of London's neediest, a
small, leaky outpost in
this city's vast constella-
tion of public housing.
Worn down by time
and neglect, its kitchen



servers," he said. "That's
a forward-thinking
affirmative claim that
they're making. That is
The soft contact lens
that Google's is introduc-
ing- it's still just a pro-
totype houses a sensor
between two layers of
lenses that measures the
glucose levels in tears. A
tiny pinhole in the lens
lets tear fluid seep over



until after the country's
April 5 presidential elec-
tion, criticized America
while condemning the
"If NATO forces and
in the lead the United
States of America want
to cooperate and be
united with Afghan
people, they must
target terrorism," he said
without fully elaborating
on what America should
be doing. He added that
America had followed
a policy that "was not
successful in the past
The dead from
Friday's assault against
La Taverna du Liban
included 14 foreigners
and eight Afghans,
all civilians. The U.S.
Embassy in Kabul
said late Saturday that
three Americans were
killed. Previously, those


election supervisors by
Feb. 1 to qualify. Pollara
said he's confident the
group will get enough.
Morgan, 57, says his
roles in the governor's
race and medical
marijuana proposal are
unrelated. He said he
hasn't advised Crist a
former governor, attor-
ney general, education
commissioner and
state senator from St.
Petersburg who sup-
ports medical marijuana
- to campaign on the
Morgan likened his
financial backing of


Ramsey "doesn't take his
medications (and) has
been involuntarily hospi-
talized several times," an
adult protective services
officer wrote in 2002.
"It is your petitioner's
belief that Mr. Ramsey
is incapable of caring
for himself and/or his
A judge agreed and
appointed the nonprofit
Aging Solutions to be
Ramsey's guardian,
responsible for paying his
bills and monitoring his
Over the next few years
Ramsey spent time in
a state mental hospital
and a group home before
landing at Loving Care, an
assisted living facility near
downtown St. Petersburg.
Independent enough
to come and go as he
pleases, he often walks the
neighborhood and pokes
through thrift stores. The

and bath were barely
functional, its carpet
But in the blistering
real estate market that
is London, even humble
dwellings can become
hot properties. So when
the unit was renovated
and put on the private
market last month, it

the glucose monitor to
get regular readings. Right
now, the company said,
it can get a level reading
once every second. The
lens also features a tiny
antenna, capacitor and
controller, so that the in-
formation gathered from
the lens can move from
your eye to a device such
as a handheld monitor,
where that data can be
read and analyzed. It will
draw its power from that
device and communicate
with it using a wireless
technology known as

didn't take long to sell -
for a million dollars.
Such eye-popping
prices explain why, just
six years after the global
economy melted down
from an overheated
housing market fed by
cheap credit, concerns
are rising that Britain
could be blowing another

Given the sensitive
nature of the data, Hall
said, Google has also
said that it will make
sure any data trans-
ferred from the lens will
be insulated against
anyone who might want
to change its readings
- something that could
have potentially fatal
consequences if pa-
tients inject the wrong
amount of insulin.
Google has also worked
to build in safeguards
against other kinds of
problems, such as a
piece that's a little like

bubble. At stake is a
still-fragile recovery-
one that appears to be
gathering pace but that
could easily be thrown
off-course by another
cycle of boom and bust
that seeps from one
nation to the next.
"Housing prices rising
modestly makes people

a circuit-breaker to
prevent the lens from
The National Diabetes
Education Program es-
timates that 382 million
people and 25.8 million
Americans have diabetes.
That means that every
day multiple times a
day over 8 percent of
people in this country
have to take time out of
their day to prick them-
selves to test their blood
levels. And because the
process is so uncom-
fortable and difficult,
it's becomes hard for a

Afghan security forces investigate the aftermath of Friday's suicide attack and shooting in Kabul,
Afghanistan, Saturday. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Kabul restaurant filled with
foreigners and affluent Afghans, while two gunmen snuck in through the back door and opened
fire Friday in a brazen dinnertime attack that killed 21 people, officials said.

identified included two
U.S. citizens working for
the American University
of Afghanistan and a

the ballot initiative to
philanthropic causes
he's supported in the
past. Both his father,
who died from cancer,
and brother, a quadri-
plegic, used marijuana
for pain.
"I've seen it work, I
know it works," said
Morgan, who hired
Crist at the Morgan &
Morgan law firm after
the former Republican
governor lost a 2010
Senate race to Marco
Rubio. Crist ran as an
independent in that
Morgan's law firm
could benefit from
having Crist in the
governor's office, with
veto power over legisla-
tion unfavorable to trial

Supplemental Security
Income program covers
his room and board and
gives him a $54 monthly
Right across the street,
Ramsey found a handy
place to spend it, a Quick
Pick gas station, whose
$1.1 million in annual
ticket sales ranks it among
Pinellas County's busiest
lottery retailers.
Early last year, Ramsey
won $1,000 on a scratch-
off ticket. He took a cab to
the lottery office in Tampa
to get the money.
Ramsey then set his
sights on a bigger payoff.
For $1 each, he started
buying scratch-off tickets
with a grand prize of $500
a week for life.
"He was chasing that
ticket," Shah says. "He
used to buy that ticket all
the time."
One morning in early
October, Ramsey bought
a ticket as usual. He took
it back to his room, sat
down on his bed and
started scratching. The last
number 7 matched

victim identified by the
United Nations as a
Others identified

lawyers. Republicans
and business groups
have moved to crack
down on trial lawyers in
recent years.
Republicans say
Morgan is trying to
manipulate voter turnout
in the November election
to favor Crist in a state
with a history of close
contests. Obama carried
Florida in 2012 by less
than 1 percent of the vote,
and Scott won in 2010 by
61,500 votes out of
5.3 million cast.
"It's a pretty transparent
ploy," said RickWilson, a
Republican strategist who
once worked for Crist
and now supports Scott,
61, a former health care
Patton called the

the winning number.
Ramsey says he put the
ticket in a shirt pocket,
hung the shirt in his closet
and padlocked the door.
A few weeks later he told
Shah he had a winner.
Finally at 3:30 a.m.
on Oct. 30, he set off for
Tallahassee with a friend.
At lottery headquarters,
Ramsey presented his ID
and a woman asked if he
wanted his photo taken.
Ramsey said no.
"St. Petersburg man
turns $1 into $500 a week
for life," read the lottery's
brief press release.
Ramsey and a friend
returned home the same
day. The round-trip fare:
It took a few days be-
fore Ramsey's winnings,
$302,446 after taxes,
became available. Shah,
the Quick Pick manager,
says he counseled him
to be careful with all that
Instead, Ramsey got a
cashier's check from Wells
Fargo for $302,466 and
immediately cashed it at

were two Britons -
development specialist
Dharmender Singh
Phangura and close

marijuana initiative
"extremely well calcu-
lated" and said it could
be a "game changer"
for the 2014 election,
offsetting the advantage
Florida Republicans
typically have in years
with no presidential race.
Republicans in Florida
and elsewhere have per-
formed best in such years,
as Democratic-leaning
young voters and minori-
ties have stayed home.
Democrats also see the
marijuana initiative as
a potential magnet for
votes in November, said
State Sen. Jeff Clemens,
a Democrat from Lake
Worth, who has tried
unsuccessfully to pass
medical marijuana

an Amscot store. Amscot
charged him more than
$14,000 in fees.
Ramsey took $19,678
in cash and 268 money
orders, each for $1,000.
Then he started
As an investigator
would later learn,
Ramsey cashed 21 of
the money orders on a
single day, Nov. 6. Almost
every other day after
that, he cashed multiple
money orders, including
the big shopping day of
Black Friday, Nov. 29,
when he got $8,000 and
bought flat-screen TVs at
With a friend or one
of his sisters driving,
Ramsey also went to
Tyrone Square Mall, the
Ellenton outlet mall and
the Wagon Wheel Flea
Market, buying so many
new clothes he had to
get several plastic bins
to hold them all. He also
loaded up on $19.95
Timex watches for
everyone in his family.
'About 40 watches, I

feel better off, and that's
good for the economy,"
said Howard Archer, chief
European economist at
IHS Global Insight. "But
what you don't want is
housing prices racing
ahead, because we know
well that that will end in
tears. We've been there

lot of people to properly
manage the disease.
Or, as Google project
co-founders Brian Otis
and Babak Parviz said in
the post: 'Although some
people wear glucose
monitors with a glucose
sensor embedded under
their skin, all people
with diabetes must still
prick their finger and test
drops of blood through-
out the day. It's disrup-
tive, and it's painful. And
as a result, many people
with diabetes check their
blood glucose less often
than they should."

protection officer Simon
Chase two Canadians
who worked for a
financial services firm,
two Lebanese, a Danish
police officer, a Russian,
a Malaysian and a
Pakistani. Phangura,
who along with the
Malaysian worked as an
adviser for Adam Smith
International, was to
run as a Labour Party
candidate in upcom-
ing elections for the
European Parliament.
Also among the dead
were the International
Monetary Fund's
Lebanese representa-
tive, Wabel Abdallah,
and Vadim Nazarov, a
Russian who was the
chief political affairs
officer at the U.N.
Mission in Afghanistan.
Nazarov was one of the
U.N's most experienced
officials, fluent in the
country's languages and
with experience dating
back to the 1980s. He
was one of three U.N.

"It's clear Democrats
are very supportive and
Republicans are split
down the middle on
this, but independents
are overwhelmingly in
support of medical mari-
juana," Clemens said.
As governor, Crist
approved increased
penalties for marijuana
possession. Last year,
he said he supports the
proposed ballot measure
to help those in need of
pain relief
Kevin Cate, a Crist
spokesman, downplayed
the impact the marijuana
initiative may have on
turnout. He said the issue
will benefit Crist by high-
lighting his compassion
for people suffering from

guess," he says.
On Nov. 23 more
than two weeks after
Ramsey started his
spending spree DCF
opened a case of possible
exploitation. By then, he
had gone through more
than $100,000.
Police are still investi-
gating whether anyone
took illegal advantage of
Ramsey. Exploitation of
the disabled or elderly is
a felony punishable by up
to 30 years in prison.
As it now stands,
Ramsey could lose his
Medicaid, which pays
his medical bills, and
SSI, a needs-based
program that covers his
$1,000-a-month room
and board and would
pay for costlier nursing
care he might need in the
Is it too late to set up a
trust with the remaining
$118,000? A judge has
appointed a new guard-
ian and "that's something
he has to figure out," she
says. "We're hoping he

Some see risk in Britain's hot real estate market

NJ's pigskin-
picking camel
dies before
Super Bowl
N.J. (AP) New Jersey's
camel has died just weeks
before the state is set to
host its first Super Bowl.
Princess was a fixture
at the Popcorn Park Zoo
in Lacey Township for 10
years and gained fame for
picking winners.
Zoo manager John
Bergmann tells the
Asbury Park Press the
26-year-old Bactrian
camel was euthanized
after arthritis made it
impossible for her to
Princess' made her
picks with graham
crackers. Bergmann
would hold one in each
hand, marked with the
names of the competing
teams. Whichever hand
she chose was her
Princess correctly
picked the Baltimore
Ravens in last year's Super
Bowl. Her best run came
in the 2008 season, when
she picked 17 of 22 games
correctly, including the
Pittsburgh Steelers to win
Super Bowl XLIII.


Today is Sunday, Jan. 19, the
19th day of 2014. There are 346
days left in the year.
Today in history
On Jan. 19,1807, Confed-
erate Gen. Robert E. Lee was
born in Westmoreland County,
On this date
In 1764, John Wilkes was
expelled from the British
Parliament for seditious libel and
obscenity (the former charge was
for criticizing a speech delivered
by King George III; the latter, for
penning a pornographic parody
of Alexander Pope's "Essay on
In 1853, Giuseppe Verdi's
opera "II Trovatore" premiered
in Rome.
In 1937, millionaire Howard
Hughes set a transcontinental air
record by flying his monoplane
from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J.,
in 7 hours, 28 minutes and
25 seconds.
In 1942, during World
War II, Japan invaded Burma
In 1955, a presidential news
conference was filmed for tele-
vision for the first time, with the
permission of President Dwight
D. Eisenhower.
In 1966, Indira Gandhi was
elected prime minister of India.
In 1970, President Richard
M. Nixon nominated G. Harrold
Carswell to the Supreme Court;
however, the nomination was
defeated because of controversy
over Carswell's past racial views.
In 1977, in one of his last acts
of office, President Gerald R. Ford
pardoned Iva Toguri D'Aquino, an
American convicted of treason
for making wartime broadcasts
for Japan.
In 1992, German government
and Jewish officials dedicated
a Holocaust memorial at the
villa on the outskirts of Berlin
where the notorious Wannsee
Conference had taken place.
Today's birthdays
Actor Fritz Weaver is 88.
Actress Tippi Hedren is 84.
Former PBS newsman Robert
MacNeil is 83. Movie director
Richard Lester is 82. Actor-
singer Michael Crawford is
72. Actress Shelley Fabares
is 70. Country singer Dolly
Parton is 68. ABC newswoman
Ann Compton is 67. TV chef
Paula Deen is 67. Singer
Dewey Bunnell (America) is
62. Actor Desi Arnaz Jr. is 61.
Actress Katey Sagal is 60. Rock
musician Jeff Pilson (Foreigner)
is 56. Actor William Ragsdale
is 53. Singer Trey Lorenz is 45.
Actor Shawn Wayans is 43.
Comedian-impressionist Frank
Caliendo is 40. Actress Marsha
Thomason is 38. Actress
Jodie Sweetin is 32. Actor
Logan Lerman is 22. Olympic
gold medal gymnast Shawn
Johnson is 22.

Page 4 WIRE

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


WIRE Page 5

Borgata ends fake

chip-tainted NJ poker match

(AP) Saying they have
confirmed that one or
more people used "a
significant number of
counterfeit chips" at
an Atlantic City poker
tournament, state casino
regulators on Saturday
canceled the tainted
match and ordered all
prize money frozen
until an investigation is
The New Jersey
Division of Gaming
Enforcement canceled
the first event of the
Borgata Winter Poker
Open. It had suspended
the game Friday after
suspicions about the use
of fake chips arose.
No charges have been
filed in the case.
"Thus far, investigators
have found that one
or more tournament
entrants improperly
introduced a significant
number of counterfeit
chips into the tourna-
ment, gaining an unfair
advantage and compro-
mising the integrity of
play for the event," Tom
Ballance, the Borgata's
president and chief
operating officer said
"It is extremely unfor-
tunate that the criminal
actions of these individu-
als can have a detrimen-
tal impact on more than
4,000 other entrants,"
he said. "We fully un-
derstand and regret the
disappointment this
cancellation causes our
valued customers, and
we will work diligently


I I ---'"

This June 26, 2013, file photo shows the Borgata Hotel Casino
& Spa in Atlantic City, N.J. The casino and state gambling regu-
lators suspended a poker tournament at the Borgata on Friday
amid an investigation into whether someone used counterfeit

gambling chips.
with DGE investigators
to resolve the situation as
quickly as possible. The
integrity of our games
and the confidence of our
players is of the utmost
importance to us."
Ballance said the
Borgata has thoroughly
examined its remaining
stock of chips, which
were cleared by investiga-
tors for use in dozens of
other events in the poker
tournament, which will
be played as scheduled.

It was not immediately
clear what would happen
with the entrance fees
paid by people who par-
ticipated in the tainted
match. The Borgata said
the state ordered "that all
unpaid prize money be
held in trust until more
details and resolution can
be determined."
New Jersey State Police
said Saturday the inves-
tigation is ongoing and
that no arrests had been

Case shows how


it can be to steal a house

real estate scam broken up
recently shows just how
easily a savvy grifter can
file phony documents that
make him appear to own
a home.
"I could steal your
house tomorrow, sell it to
three other people and
be out of the country in
Buenos Aires by the end
of the month," said Jupiter
mortgage broker Corey
Crowley owns a house
near one of the 35
properties that Robert A.
Tribble Jr. allegedly used
to defraud unsuspecting
buyers and renters of
$240,000. Tribble filed
bogus deeds that showed
him as the owner of homes
from Stuart to Miami, the
Florida Department of Law
Enforcement said.
Tribble didn't escape to
Buenos Aires. He's in the
Martin County jail on an
$8 million bail.
But Crowley said the
case exposes holes in the
way deeds are recorded.
Among other tricks, Tribble
allegedly forged notaries'
signatures, a tactic that
made documents appear
legitimate when they
arrived at county clerks'
offices, police say.
"He had the system
figured out, and he took
advantage of it," Crowley
Palm Beach County
Clerk Sharon Bock said she
began to look into Tribble
after he was arrested. Her
office found more than
100 documents filed by the
self-described real estate
investor, although she said
it's unclear which are real
and which are fake.
Tribble isn't the first
person to be accused of
using phony documents
to take over vacant homes,
and Bock acknowledged
that it's possible for a bad
guy to steal a house.
"Can it be done? Yes,"
Bock said.
Crowley, who contacted
police in April with his

suspicions about Tribble,
said clerks should do more.
He suggested phoning
notaries to verify that
they signed deeds, and
paying special attention to
people like the oft-arrested
Tribble, who was convicted
of a felony in Georgia in
the 1980s and later faced a
federal indictment.
But Bock said Florida
law doesn't allow clerks to
make judgment calls on
the legitimacy of the deeds
they receive. So long as
the documents pass legal
muster, they're recorded.
What's more, the Palm
Beach County Clerk's
Office handled 5.4 million
documents last year.
When it comes to the
validity of deeds, Bock said,
"There is no such thing as
people having an expecta-
tion that government can
protect them. It's just not
Dennis Bedard, a Miami
attorney representing
several of the victims in
Tribble's case, agreed
that scammers face little
scrutiny when filing deeds.
"It is way too easy, but
it's impossible for the clerk
to detect if the deed is a
fraud," Bedard said.
The phony deeds in
Tribble's case wouldn't
have fooled a title insurer
or a real estate attorney,
but they tricked some
victims. Nikola Malbasa
delivered $23,500 in cash
to Tribble as a down
payment on a foreclosed
home in Fort Lauderdale.
Malbasa checked the
house on the Broward
County Property
Appraiser's website, which
indicated the owner was
Tribble Investments.
Some say state lawmak-
ers should tighten rules
about who can file deeds.
"The easy fix is to make
legislation saying deeds
can only be prepared by
title companies or attor-
neys," said David Dweck,
head of the Boca Real
Estate Investors Club. "At
least you would have some

sort of control."
But Martin County Clerk
Carolyn Timmann said
such a rule might go too
far. If a parent wants to
deed a house to a child, for
instance, the homeowner
shouldn't have to hire an
attorney, she said.
Still, Timmann lauded
tougher penalties for filing
fraudulent deeds. She said
county clerks pushed for a
state law that took effect in
October imposing criminal
and civil sanctions on
people who file bogus
deeds as part of a fraud.
And some county clerks
take steps to prevent fraud.
Bedard said the Miami-
Dade County clerk sends
a letter to everyone whose
property is transferred
for no consideration to
alert them to potential
chicanery. Timmann said
her office tells police or tax
collectors about dubious
"If we have any sus-
picions of wrongdoing,
even though it meets the
statutory requirements on
its face, we notify appropri-
ate authorities," Timmann
Just as consumers
should check their credit
once in a while to ward off
identity theft, Bock sug-
gested homeowners look
at their property records
once a year to make sure
no one has filed a bogus
Such warnings aside,
she disputed the notion
that stealing a home and
selling it is easy. Police say
Tribble scouted for vacant
homes in foreclosure, then
filed bogus paperwork
and broke in. He marketed
the properties for rent on
Craigslist, then persuaded
his marks to put down as
much as $20,000 on lease-
to-own deals, they say. He
later filed eviction notices
against some.
By all indications, re-
searching properties, filing
paperwork and marketing
homes required full-time

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Page 6 WIRE


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mayor: Christie aides tied Sandy funds to project

-The Christie adminis-
tration withheld millions
of dollars in Superstorm
Sandy recovery grants
from a New Jersey city
because its mayor refused
to sign off on a politically
connected commercial
development, the mayor
said Saturday.
Hoboken Mayor Dawn
Zimmer alleged that Gov.
Chris Christie's lieutenant
governor and a top
community development
official told her recovery
funds would flow to her
city if she allowed the
project to move forward.
Zimmer said Lt. Gov.
Kim Guadagno pulled
her aside at an event in
May and told her Sandy
aid was tied to the project
- a proposal from the
New York City-based
Rockefeller Group aimed
at prime real estate in the
densely populated city
across the river from New
York City.
"I was directly told by
the lieutenant governor -
she made it very clear -
that the Rockefeller project
needed to move forward
or they wouldn't be able
to help me," Zimmer told
The Associated Press.
"There is no way I
could ethically do what
the governor, through the
lieutenant governor, is
asking me to do," she said.
Christie's office denied
Zimmer's claims, calling
her statements politically
motivated. Spokesman

Colin Reed said the
administration has
been helping Hoboken
secure assistance since
Sandy struck." Christie
himself was raising
money Saturday for fellow
Republicans in Florida.
The fundraisers were
closed to reporters.
A state website that
tracks the distribution
of Sandy aid shows that
Hoboken received a
$200,000 post-storm
planning grant in October
out of a $1.8 billion pot
of money controlled by
the state. Hoboken also
received a $142,000 state
energy resilience grant.
Besides state money,
Hoboken has received
$70 million in recovery
funds distributed by
the federal government,
according to the Christie
administration. Zimmer
said she has applied for
$100 million to implement
a comprehensive plan to
help insulate her city from
future floods.
Christie is already em-
broiled in another scandal
involving traffic jams
apparently manufactured
to settle a political score.
At a recent news confer-
ence to discuss the lane
closures on the approach
to the George Washington
Bridge, Christie brushed
aside questions about his
aggressive governing style.
"I am who I am," said
Christie, "I am not a bully."
But Zimmer said
Guadagno and

9!" -M

In this Saturday, Aug. 8,2009, file photograph, Hoboken Mayor,
Dawn Zimmer speaks to the media as she stands near the Hudson
River in Hoboken, NJ. Zimmer, mayor of a New Jersey city that
sustained severe flooding from Hurricane Sandy claims the
Christie administration withheld millions of dollars in recovery
grants because she refused to sign off on a politically connected
development. MSNBC first reported her comments Saturday.

Community Affairs
Commissioner Richard
Constable, a member of
Christie's cabinet, both
delivered messages about
Sandy aid in no uncertain
Zimmer, who first spoke
with MSNBC on Saturday
told the cable network
that at another event in

May Constable said "the
money would start flowing
to you" if she backed the
The Rockefeller Group
did not immediately
return a phone message
left by The Associated
Press. In a statement to
MSNBC, a spokesman said
it had no knowledge of

any information related to
Zimmer's claims.
Zimmer, a Democrat,
said she is willing to take
a lie detector test or testify
under oath about the
Christie's office called
Zimmer's claims a political
"Gov. Christie and his
entire administration have
been helping Hoboken get
the help they need after
Sandy," Reed said. "It's very
clear partisan politics are
at play here as Democratic
mayors with a political axe
to grind come out of the
woodwork and try to get
their faces on television."
The Sandy aid matter is
the second time in recent
weeks Christie's adminis-
tration has been accused
of exacting retribution for
political reasons.
Christie's chief of staff,
chief counsel, chief politi-
cal strategist and two-time
campaign manager have
all been subpoenaed for
documents related to
the September closing
of approach lanes near
the George Washington
Bridge, which led to traffic
chaos in the town of Fort
Lee across the river from
New York City.
The agency that runs
the bridge, the Port
Authority of New York and
New Jersey, is chaired by
David Samson, whose
law firm, Wolff & Samson,
represented the developer
in the Hoboken matter,
according to Zimmer. A

phone message left at
the firm's office was not
returned Saturday.
Twenty new subpoenas
issued in the bridge
closure matter on Friday
reach deep into the
Christie administration,
the port authority, and
his re-election campaign,
but spare the governor
The U.S. Attorney's
Office is reviewing the lane
closings and a legislative
panel is investigating who
authorized the apparent
plot and why.
Zimmer said she
is telling her story in
hopes that Hoboken gets
much-needed assistance
in the second wave of
relief funding yet to be ap-
proved by the federal gov-
ernment for distribution
by the state. That money,
a total of $1.4 billion to
be distributed through
the state Community
Development Block Grant
program, is awaiting
federal approval. The
focus will be on improving
infrastructure, Community
Affairs spokeswoman Lisa
Ryan said.
Interviewed by The
Associated Press last
month, Zimmer voiced
concerns about the lack
of storm aid to her town,
but expressed hope
that the administration
would come through in
the next round. She did
not mention the real
estate development in the
interview with the AP

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South Tamiami Trail
& Beneva Road

6 0%88 aikiouJPi.
; 6882 Va__ Yld tirgh Jaqhj ty 25.2014

Mexicans who go

home have less

interest in returning

to US, report says

(Cronkite News Service)
- More than half of
Mexican immigrants who
moved back home said
in a recent survey that
they have no intention
of returning to the U.S.,
even though many left
family here and most had
positive experiences.
Those were among
the findings of a recent
report that said the cycle
of Mexican-U.S. immigra-
tion has reached the "end
of an era."
"We recognize a new
era of return migration
where record numbers of
Mexicans are returning
home and fewer are com-
ing to the United States,"
said Aracely Garcia-
Granados, executive
director of the nonprofit
Mexicans and Americans
Thinking Together.
"This is the other half
of the story to be told,"
she said.
Granados spoke at this
week's release of a report,
by MATT and Southern
Methodist University, that
was based on interviews
with 600 people in the
Mexican state of Jalisco
who had lived in the
U.S. The interviews were
done in mid-2013 with
Mexicans who had been
in the U.S. at least a year
before returning.
Just under two-thirds
of them said they came
to the U.S. for work. But
while 77 percent said they
came here illegally, about
89 percent said they re-
turned home voluntarily.
Only 11 percent claimed
to have been deported.
About 37 percent said
they went home for fam-
ily reasons and another
29.1 percent said it was
because they were home-
sick. Only 4.3 percent said
the fear of being deported
drove them to cross back
over the border.
However they got back
home, 53 percent said
they had no plans to

ever return to the U.S.
This despite the fact that
54 percent said they have
family in this country and
88 claimed they had a
positive experience living
The findings are the
latest twist in an immi-
gration cycle that saw
as many as 12.6 million
Mexicans in the U.S.
before the recession hit in
2007, Granados said.
She said that between
2005 and 2010, close to
1.4 million Mexicans
moved back home from
the U.S.
"The No. 1 reason is
the economic recession,"
said Daniel E. Martinez,
an assistant professor
at George Washington
University's sociology
department. "Some
people have also argued
it's because of increased
border enforcement."
In 2007, deportation
of illegal immigrants was
close to 290,000, accord-
ing to U.S. Immigration
and Customs
Enforcement, and that
number jumped by
almost 80,000 in the year
after the recession hit. By
2012, deportations hit a
high of almost 410,000.
Martinez a prin-
cipal investigator on a
University of Arizona
report last year on
immigration and family
separation said stricter
immigration laws might
also be keeping more
immigrants from trying to
cross the border, legally
or otherwise.
"They might say, 'In
the past, I use to migrate
a couple times a year,
but now I only have one
chance to get out there,'"
he said.
Granados hopes the re-
port will help MATT and
the Jalisco government
improve programs aimed
at helping Mexicans get
jobs and education, and
integrate back into life in

U.S. 41 Tamiami Trail & S. Salford Blvd.
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L 463291

The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 SCIENCEIWORLD NEWS WIRE Page 7

Europe launches RoboEarth:

'Wikipedia for Robots'

Netherlands (AP) Let
the robot race begin.
Expectations are
high for RoboEarth, a
new European-funded
system to speed the
development of hu-
man-serving robots.
Scientists from five
major European
technical universities
have gathered in the
Netherlands this week
for its launch and to
demonstrate possible
The first: the decep-
tively simple task of
delivering a glass of
milk to a patient in a
mock-up hospital room.
The system is some-
times billed as a kind
ofWikipedia for robots,
allowing them or
their programmers to
turn to it for infor-
mation. In a demon-
stration Wednesday at
Eindhoven Technical
University, RoboEarth
wirelessly instructed a
scrappy waste bin-sized
robot called "Avi" to
scan a room's physical

layout, including the
location of the patient's
bed and the placement
of a carton of milk on a
table nearby.
Then the system ac-
tivated a second robot,
the more humanoid
"Amigo," which used the
map provided by Avi to
locate the milk, grasp it
with a pincer hand and
bring it to the side of
the hospital bed. That
mission accomplished,
he dropped it on the
Fortunately, it
was a test run and
no milk was spilled.
Amigo hasn't been
programmed for crying
The hospital exercise
is just the beginning.
Organizers say the tasks
the robots are carrying
out are of a techno-
logical sophistication
comparable to those
performed by high-end
robots in automobile
factories they just
look clumsier because
robots that interact
with humans are not

performing repetitive
tasks in the controlled,
sanitized and predict-
able surroundings of a
The RoboEarth
project was years in the
making and received
around 4 million euros
($5.4 million) in funding
from the European
Union for interrelated
projects at technology
conglomerate Royal
Philips NV and universi-
ties in the Netherlands,
Germany, Spain and
Designers of robots
can add information
to the system, which is
then shared for free so
that others don't have
to reinvent the electric
wheel. For example, if
a robot maker wants
to program a hand to
grasp something, that's
difficult to design. But
the coding for three dif-
ferent ways to do it may
be there for a robot to
plug into on RoboEarth.
But RoboEarth is
more than an encyclo-
pedia. It has a system of

networked computers
that allow it to perform
intensive computing
tasks that smaller
computers or in this
case simpler robots -
may not be able to. It
also allows individual
robots to communicate
between themselves, the
so-called RoboCloud of
networked computers,
and the robot database.
"The future in ro-
botics and especially
cloud computing is very
exciting," said Gajan
Mohanaraja, of the
Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology at Zurich,
which is taking part in
the project.
Mohanarajah was one
of the core developers of
the RoboCloud, some-
times called an "online
brain for robots," which
was launched in March
ahead of the rest of the
"This means we can
build very lightweight
and cheap robots and
completely offload
most of the comput-
ing to the cloud,"

Amigo, a white robot the size of a person, uses information
gathered by other robots to move towards a table to pick up a
carton of milk and deliver it to an imaginary patient in a mock
hospital room at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Nether-

lands, Jan. 15.
Mohanarajah said.
He showed off a small
mapping robot he has
worked up with com-
ponents costing only
$500. It can roll along
as far as its batteries
will take it, registering
its environment and
uploading the data to
the cloud. It could be
considered a miniature,
stripped-down version
of one of Google's Street
View cars.
Sascha Griffiths of The
Technical University of
Munich describes the
technology his team
has developed: digi-
tizing human speech,
then sending it to the
RoboCloud for inter-
pretation. What they've

built couldn't compete
with Apple's Siri, but
it doesn't have to: the
current demonstration
is limited to under-
standing requests a
person in a hospital bed
might make.
All the programming
is free to use and can
be developed further
by anyone who wants
to participate in the
"We only ask that peo-
ple who use RoboEarth
and to gather infor-
mation or make im-
provements send what
they've done back to the
system for other people
to use too," said Heico
Sandee, the program

WHO: Pakistan city is world's largest polio pool

KARACHI, Pakistan
(AP) Pakistan's city of
Peshawar is the world's
largest pool of the
polio virus, with the vast
majority of cases in the
country and neighboring
Afghanistan tracing back
to the restive northwest-
ern city, the World Health
Organization announced
Some 90 percent of
polio cases found around
Pakistan can be genet-
ically linked to the city,
the U.N. organization
said. Even 12 of the 13
cases reported in 2013 in
neighboring Afghanistan
can also be traced back
to Peshawar, officials
said, showing the
challenge of combating
the disease in a country
where militants target
"If you do not take care
of this reservoir it will
keep threatening other
parts of the country as
well. Then the final erad-
ication would be much
more difficult," said
Elias Durry, who heads
the WHO's eradication

efforts in Pakistan.
Pakistan, along with
Afghanistan and Nigeria,
are the only countries
in the world where
polio remains endemic.
Pakistan has struggled
for years to eradicate the
disease through a series
of repeated vaccination
campaigns of children.
But that effort has
been hampered in recent
years by militant attacks
that have left more than
30 vaccinators and police
officers who protect
them dead. Two powerful
Pakistani Taliban mili-
tants also have banned
vaccinators from North
and South Waziristan,
two tribal regions that
border Afghanistan to
the west.
The number of polio
cases in Pakistan jumped
from 58 in 2012 to 91
in 2013. Of the polio
cases recorded last year,
65 were located in the
remote tribal regions.
Hundreds of thousands
of Pakistanis seeking
refuge from fighting
in the tribal regions in

Astrophysicists hunt

for time travelers on

Twitter, Facebook

(Mother Nature
Network)- (
An astrophysicist and
his students at Michigan
Technological University
took to social media in
search of the most elusive
of research subjects: time
Robert Nemiroff and his
team made an exhaustive
search of blogs, Twitter
and Facebook to see if
anyone had mentioned
Pope Francis or Comet
ISON before the news
items had appeared in
the present reality. Since
the pope was elected last
March and ISON was first
detected in September
2012, any mention in 2011
would be proof of time
travel, the researchers
But lo and behold, they
came up empty-handed.
If there are time travelers
out there, they buck the
general trend of boasting
about their travel via
social media.
In addition, they
asked people in
September to tweet

but to do it in August.
Again, not a peep.
Were they surprised?
Not exactly. While
Einstein might have
spent a lifetime working
out the specifics of the
space-time continuum,
the efforts of Nemiroff
and company were more
of a lark.
"This wasn't a major
research push," Nemiroff
said. "This was typing
things into search
engines. Billions of
dollars are spent on time
travel movies and books
and stuff like that. This
probably costs less than a
dollar to check on it."
Nemiroff said that
time travel isn't his field
of expertise and that he
didn't believe in it very
much before; and believes
even less in it now.
"Unless I go back (in
time) and publish lots of
papers," he quipped.
The results, although
rejected by three physics
journals, was presented
at January's American
Astronomical Society con-
ference in Washington.

recent years have flooded
into Peshawar, which is
also the capital of Khyber
Paktunkhwa province.
Those infected bring
the disease back with
them when they leave.
Hundreds of thousands
of Afghans also travel to

and from the city daily.
The WHO and the
government regularly
test samples of the sew-
age water in Peshawar
as well as other major
cities across the coun-
try. During the last six
months, they detected

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the highly contagious
polio virus in all the
samples collected in
Peshawar, Durry said.
The organization is
calling for repeated vac-
cination campaigns to
help get rid of the disease
in Peshawar.

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Pakistan has been
under pressure interna-
tionally to eradicate the
disease, which usually
infects children living in
unsanitary conditions.
The disease attacks the
nerves and can kill or




The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

WIRE Page 7


Page 8 WIRE


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

Voters overwhelmingly back Egypt constitution

CAIRO (AP) -Almost
everyone who cast
ballots supported Egypt's
new constitution in
this week's referendum,
results announced
Saturday show, but a
boycott by Islamists
and low youth turnout
suggest the country is
still dangerously divided.
Nearly 20 million vot-
ers backed the new con-
stitution, almost double
the number of those who
voted for one drafted in
2012 under the govern-
ment of toppled Islamist
President Mohammed
Morsi. Only a narrow
sliver of voters 1.9 per-
cent voted against the
charter, after a massive
campaign supporting it
and the arrest of activists
campaigning against it.
"Despite a milieu of
intense social upheaval
and acts of terrorism and
sabotage that sought
to derail the process,
Egyptians have now
marked yet another
defining moment in our
roadmap to democracy,"
presidential spokesman
Ehab Badawy said. "The

outcome represents
nothing less than the
dawning of a new Egypt."
The expected over-
whelming support for
the charter is seen as key
to legitimizing Egypt's
military-backed interim
government, and the
political plan put in place
since Morsi's ouster
in July. Analysts say it
also suggests military
chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah
el-Sissi, who led the
coup against Morsi, has
enough popular support
to make a rumored
run for the presidency
It was the first vote
since the military
removed Morsi following
massive protests in July.
Hundreds celebrated in
the streets after officials
announced the results,
including Hoda Hamza, a
housewife who waved an
Egyptian flag in Cairo's
Tahrir Square and carried
a picture of el-Sissi with
an inscription reading:
"By the order of the peo-
ple, el-Sissi is president."
Hamza called the pas-
sage of the constitution a
foregone conclusion.

Holding national flags and portraits of military chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Egypti
celebrate the passage of a new constitution after 98.1 percent of voters supported Egy
tary-backed constitution in a two-day election, in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, Saturda
lead up to the vote, police arrested those campaigning for a "no" vote on the referenda
little room for arguing against the document.

Now, "I wish el-Sissi
will be president,"
Hamza said. "We have
no better man.... If it
weren't for the army, we
wouldn't have food on
the table."
Morsi supporters,
who boycotted the
vote, immediately
challenged the results.

Despite being outlawed
and labeled a terrorist
group, Morsi's Muslim
Brotherhood and its
allies continue to hold
near-daily protests
that often devolve into
clashes with police.
"Even if 38 percent
of the voters took part,
that still means that

62 percent of thi
rejects" the inte
government, sa
Youssef, a mem
the Brotherhoo
alition against 1
coup and an ult
servative Islami
"They are trying
legitimize their
Egypt's High I

Commission said
38.6 percent of the coun-
try's more than 53 mil-
lion eligible voters took
part in the two-day poll
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Judge Nabil Salib, who
heads the commission,
called the participation
of 20.6 million voters
an "unrivalled success"
and "an unprecedented
In 2012, some
16.7 million voters
cast ballots on the
constitution drafted
under Morsi, repre-
senting a 32.9 percent
turnout amid a boycott
AP PHOTO by liberal and youth
groups. In that election,
ians 63.8 percent voted for
ypt's mili- the constitution.
y. In the Activists and mon-
um, leaving itoring groups have
raised concerns this
te public new election. U.S.-
erim based Democracy
id Imam International, which
iber of had some 80 observers
d's co- in Egypt, said a heavy
the July security deployment
tracon- and the layout of some
ist party, of the polling stations
g to "could have jeopardized
coup." voters' ability to cast a
Election ballot in secret."

Thai prime minister

struggles to stay in

BANGKOK (AP) announced that it will the
From inside her "war probe her handling of a der
room" in a temporary office controversial rice policy, I
at the Defense Ministry, an investigation that could a s(
Thailand's beleaguered force her from office if she bro
Prime Minister Yingluck is found guilty, jori
Shinawatra is watch- What's the best way to the
ing television feeds of deal with it all? an
flag-waving protesters "Keep calm. And stay est;
trying to bring down her cool," Yingluck said, by
government, flashing a brief smile as roy
The demonstrators have she rode an elevator at the fan

taken over key pockets of
central Bangkok, blocking
off their territory with
sandbag walls guarded by
supporters. They refuse to
negotiate, and they're tram-
pling campaign billboards
bearing Yingluck's image
amid increasing doubt that
the election she called for
next month can be held.
Yingluck can't order a
police crackdown for fear
of triggering a military
coup. And she is now
facing a serious legal threat:
The country's anti-cor-
ruption commission has


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Defense Ministry this past
week, headed for a meeting
to monitor the crisis and
discuss strategy with top
advisers. Yingluck allowed
foreign media to accompa-
ny her during most of her
activities Thursday.
Thailand has been
plagued by sometimes
bloody bouts of unrest ever
since then-Prime Minister
Thaksin Shinawatra -
Yingluck's older brother
- was overthrown by
the army in 2006 amid
charges of corruption
and alleged disrespect for

to t
at t


monarchy, which he
The coup touched off
)cietal schism that in
Dad terms pits the ma-
ty rural poor who back
Shinawatras against
urban-based elite
ablishment supported
the army and staunch
alists who see Yingluck's
lily as a corrupt threat
he traditional struc-
es of power. Yingluck's
)onents a minority
t can no longer win
the polls argue the
nawatras are using
ir electoral majority
inpose their will and
vertt democracy.
The power struggle has
en place against what
lysts also see as a battle
control over a crucial
nsition period when
country's 86-year-old
narch, King Bhumibol
ulyadej, passes from the

18 dead in stampede after

India Muslim leader dies

MUMBAI, India (AP)
-A pre-dawn stampede
killed 18 people Saturday
as tens of thousands
of people gathered to
mourn the death of a
Muslim spiritual leader
in India's financial
capital, police said.
At least 40 other peo-
ple were injured in the
stampede when mourn-
ers thronged the home
of Syedna Mohammed
Burhanuddin, the
head of the Dawoodi
Bohra Muslim com-
munity, Mumbai Police
Commissioner Satya Pal
Singh said.
Burhanuddin died
Friday at the age of 102.
Thousands of white-
clad mourners had
thronged the streets
of Malabar Hill, an
upmarket neighborhood
in south Mumbai. Many
were wailing and crying
as they inched forward

through the narrow road.
Singh said the stam-
pede occurred when
the gates leading to the
spiritual leader's house
were closed at about
1 a.m. The crowds surged
forward, with many
people getting crushed
near the gates and with
no way to escape.
Singh acknowledged
that crowd management
around the Syedna's
home was poor and said
police at the scene were
badly outnumbered
by the huge number of
"We didn't think the
crowd would be so
great," Singh said. "Also,
it's an emotional occa-
sion when police cannot
take harsh measures to
push back the crowd."
The Syedna had suc-
ceeded his father in 1965
and led the community
for nearly five decades.

He was well-known as a
promoter of education
and spiritual values in
his community.
Tens of thousands of
Dawoodi Bohra Muslims
from all over India and
several other countries
headed to Mumbai
for his funeral later
Across Mumbai, shops
and businesses owned
by Bohra Muslims were
closed Saturday in
homage to their leader.
Deadly stampedes are
fairly common during
India's often-chaotic
religious gatherings and
festivals, where large
crowds gather in small
areas with few safety or
crowd control measures.
In October, more
than 110 people were
killed in a stampede at a
Hindu festival in Madhya
Pradesh state in central

Merger to alter frequent-flier programs

American Airlines and
US Airways are merging,
but it will take awhile for
the two airlines to fully

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integrate and operate as
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however, are seeing some
Members can now earn
and redeem miles on
both carriers but must
choose between banking
miles with American's
AAdvantage or US
Airways' Dividend Miles
for each flight. The two
programs won't unite until
Another change is that
US Airways will exit the
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Alliance members. If you
want to redeem on a Star
Alliance partner airline,
do so by March 30, with
travel up to 330 days from
your date of booking.
The Star Alliance
change could also affect
United Mileage Plus
members. United won't be
able to offer US Airways
seats after March 30, so
that could make it tougher
to redeem the lower
Mileage Plus awards for
domestic travel.

There's bad news
for American Express
platinum cardholders.
For years, American and
US Airways have offered
free airport club entrance
for platinum cardholders
and a guest who have
same-day boarding
passes. The airlines have
announced that as of
March 22, that perk will
no longer be available.
I can't say it's
100 percent a result of
the merger, but with both
airlines pulling out at the
same time, it's my hunch
that it is.
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from Terminal D at Dallas/
Fort Worth International
Airport, American Express
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Lounge with free entrance
for platinum cardholders.
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American AAdvantage
Citibank card. Although
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Airways often, you should
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Airways Dividend Miles
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line, the companies'
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The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014


WIRE Page 9


1,004 white rhinos
poached in South
Africa in 2013
(LA Times) The
world's largest surviving
population of white
rhinos suffered its
heaviest toll on record
last year when poachers
killed more than 1,000 of
the threatened animals
to feed an international
market for trinkets and
potions made from their
The South African
Department of
Environmental Affairs
reported Friday that it
had counted 1,004 rhinos
killed by poachers in
2013, mostly in Kruger
National Park, along
the porous border with
It was the worst year
for rhinoceros poaching
since the government
began tracking the
illegal hunting in the
early 1900s, National
Geographic reported.

Clashes, bombings
kill 30 people
Violence across Iraq,
including a series of car
bombings and fighting
between militants and
government troops over
control of the country's
contested Anbar prov-
ince, killed at least 30
people Saturday, officials
The bombings struck
neighborhoods around
the capital, Baghdad.
A car bomb exploded
near a restaurant in the
western neighborhood
of Mansour, killing four
people and wounding
12, police said. Another
exploded near a bus sta-
tion in eastern Baghdad,
killing four people and
wounding six, authorities
In northern Baghdad,
a car bomb blast near a
hospital killed four peo-
ple and wounded eight,
police said.

Rocket fire kills at
least 8 in Lebanon
in worrisome sign
of Syria conflict

BEIRUT (AP) -Rockets
rained down Friday
on villages throughout
Lebanon's eastern Bekaa
Valley, with Sunni and
Shiite villages targeted in
one of the worst outbreaks
of sectarian violence in
months as the division
between the two commu-
nities over the civil war in
Syria deepens.
Residents ofArsal, a
predominately Sunni
border town that
staunchly supports the
Syrian rebellion, reported
that rockets fired from
a nearby Shiite Muslim
enclave controlled by
Hezbollah had struck the
center of the city, killing
at least eight people
and wounding 20. The
Lebanese National News
Agency quoted anony-
mous officials saying that
the rockets had been fired
from neighboring Syria,
but residents of Arsal were
adamant that the muni-
tions had originated with
Hezbollah, which also
operates inside Syria in
defense of its ally, Syrian
President Bashar Assad.

Priests take lead in revolt against drug gang
Priests take lead in revolt against drug gang

(MCT) In medieval
times, a powerful
Christian military order
known as the Knights
Templar fought during
the Crusades. Today,
meth-peddling gangsters
have taken the Templar
name, and in an ironic
twist they are finding
Roman Catholic clergy
among their fiercest
In the embattled
Mexican state of
Michoacan, Catholic
priests are openly
backing armed vigilante
groups that are waging
war against the Knights
Templar gang.
Some priests allow the
vigilantes to ring church
bells to summon citizens
to meetings. Others use
their pulpits to lambaste
local and state officials
for colluding with the
Knights Templar.
The anger of the clergy
is aimed with equal
vehemence at gangsters
and at government
officials, who they say
have not done enough
to rein in crime and

extortion. That vexation
will get a vast airing at
morning Mass today,
when priests across the
Apatzingan diocese will
read a scathing pastoral
letter from Bishop Miguel
Patino Velazquez that
accuses federal police
and soldiers of doing
little to capture Knights
Templar bosses.
"Their leaders are
fully identified and yet
no authority stops them,"
the letter says.
In his letter, Patino
evokes the Nazi era,
saying Christian believers
should not only console
the victims but also halt
the campaign of killing.
"We ask politicians,
the government and the
Interior Secretariat to
give people of our region
clear signals that in
reality they want to halt
the 'killing machine,'"
Patino writes.
Michoacan, a fertile
agricultural state along
Mexico's Pacific Coast,
has been the site of
criminal turmoil since
the middle of the last
decade, when gangsters

turned the state into
a hub for production
of methamphetamine,
adding to their marijuana
and cocaine smuggling
Since February 2013,
a vigilante campaign
by armed civilians has
spread across nearly a
third of Michoacan. The
vigilantes call themselves
self-defense groups or
community police, and
they have won broad
citizen support from
nearly everyone, from
large farm owners down
to tortilla vendors and
doormen at public
In barely 11 months,
the vigilantes have occu-
pied at least 15 town-
ships. In each, they have
disbanded municipal
police and run off politi-
cians believed linked to
organized crime.
On Monday, the
country's interior
secretary, Miguel Angel
Osorio Chong, stepped
in as the vigilante groups
nearly encircled this city
of 140,000, the center
of the Knights Templar

empire, for fear that an
attempt to dislodge the
gangsters would lead to a
Osorio Chong an-
nounced the deployment
of more federal police
and troops to Michoacan
state to quell the vi-
olence. He exhorted
the vigilante groups to
Since then, federal
police have assumed
security duties in 20
townships and rounded

up 308 municipal police
officers and moved them
across the nation to
the state of Tlaxcala for
ostensible retraining.
But for many priests,
that was not enough.
They echo vigilante
demands that author-
ities arrest three top
cartel leaders. They also
reject disarmament
of the self-defense
groups, saying it would
lead gangsters to take

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SANAA, Yemen (AP)-
Gunmen killed an Iranian
diplomat in a drive-by
shooting in Yemen's
capital Saturday, security
and medical officials
said, the latest attack on
Iran's diplomatic corps in
the Middle East in recent
Iranian state televi-
sion announced that
Ali Asghar Asadi, Iran's
economic attache in
Sanaa, was "martyred."
The broadcast said
Asadi was attacked while
driving and suffered four
gunshot wounds to the
chest and stomach. It did
not elaborate.
Three Yemeni security
officials said Asadi was
leaving the Iranian
ambassador's house
in the city's southern
Hadda neighborhood
when assailants opened
fire. They said he died
in a hospital. A medical
official confirmed the
diplomat's death.
Another Yemeni
security official said the
diplomat suffered three
gunshot wounds to the
chest and shoulder. The
two accounts of the
shooting could not be
immediately reconciled,
though conflicting
information is common
immediately after such
The official said the
initial investigation sug-
gested the gunmen first
attempted to kidnap the
diplomat by stopping his
car. When the diplomat
resisted, the assailants
shot him and fled the
area, which is a busy
commercial district, the
official said.
All officials spoke on
condition of anonymity
because they are not
authorized to speak to
Relations between
Iran and Yemen have
soured over what Sanaa
calls Iranian meddling in


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its domestic affairs. But
Yemen's Foreign Minister
Abu Bakr al-Qirbi quickly
condemned Saturday's
attack, calling it a
"terrorist criminal act"
that targeted bilateral
relations. Al-Qirbi said
the two countries want
to avoid any attempts to
harm relations.
"This operation has
targeted the Yemeni-
Iranian relations before
it targeted the diplomat,"
he told the state news
agency SANA. He said
authorities will pursue
the culprits and bring
them to justice.
Another Iranian
diplomat in Yemen was
abducted by gunmen in
July and remains in cap-
tivity. Officials suspect
al-Qaida militants to be
behind that kidnapping.
Negotiations to secure
his release have so far
Al-Qaida's Yemen
branch is the world's
most active, using
political turmoil in
the impoverished Gulf
country to strengthen
its presence there. The
government has been
battling the militant
groups, with assistance
from the U.S., which
has killed a number of
suspected members in
drone strikes.

......................... ....... ...

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A D D A U :v ,, ,:r:,: ,:, ADDED VALUE : ,noPil
1 A AlII
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14-Night Alaska Cruise Tour |
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Iranian diplomat

killed in Yemen

812 Tamiami Triml Ste. 3, Port Charlotte, FL



o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

d- -wr,- -A


Page 10 WI RE The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 WEATHERIWORLD NEWS


Mostly Sunny

680/ 500
0% chance of rain

UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today

4 5 4

1 0


Mostly Sunny

72 /550
0% chance of rain

Possible weather-related delays today. Check
with your airline for the most updated schedules.
Hi/Lo Outlook Delays
Ft. Myers 70/53 sun none
Sarasota 69/50 sun none

45 64 70 71 66 60 SUN AND MOON
8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The u Rse et
The UVIndex number, Today 7:18 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
the heater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; Monday 7:18 a.m. 6:01 p.m.
3.5 Moderate; 6-7 Hig; 8-10 Very Higi; 11+ Extreme. The Moon Rise Set
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive T 9 p 9 A
AccuWeathercom composite of effective temperature Today 9:14 p.m. 9:10 a.m.
based on eioit weather factors. Monday 10:06 p.m. 9:44 a.m.

Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday I
36 50 0 2J n6
Pei IS.. Jan 24 Jan 30 Feb 6 Feb 14
0 50 100 150 200 360 506

0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous
Main pollutant: ozone

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday
Weeds ooo.-
Molds". "
absent low moderate hie veryhigh
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday

Normal High/Low
Record High
Record Low
Precipitation (in inches)

830 (1987)
300 (1977)

24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday 0.00"
Month to date 0.99"
Normal month to date 0.99"
Year to date 0.99"
Normal year to date 0.99"
Record 1.19" (2004)


Month 2014 2013
Jan. 0.99 0.43
Feb. 2.12
Mar. 1.98
Apr. 3.06
May 2.76
Jun. 10.50
Jul. 7.38
Aug. 9.29
Sep. 11.12
Oct. 3.48
Nov. 0.01
Dec. 0.97
Year 0.99 53.10

(since 1931)

Totals are from a 24-hour penod ending at 5 p.m.

Minor Major Minor Major
Today 7:44a 1:33a 8:05p 1:55p
Mon. 8:32a 2:21a 8:54p 2:43p
Tue. 9:21a 3:10a 9:43p 3:32p
The solunar period schedule allows planning
days so you will be fishing in good territory or
hunting in good cover during those times. Major
periods begin at the times shown and last for
1.5 to 2 hours. The minor periods are shorter.

Punta Gorda
Today 3:55a
Mon. 4:37a
Today 2:32a
Mon. 3:14a
Boca Grande
Today 1:37a
Mon. 2:19a
El Jobean
Today 4:27a
Mon. 5:09a
Today 12:47a
Mon. 1:29a

Low High Low

11:22a 5:22p11:10p
11:50a 5:49p ---

9:38a 3:59p 9:26p
10:06a 4:26p 10:20p

7:59a 3:04p 7:47p
8:27a 3:31p 8:41p

11:51a 5:54p 11:39p
12:19p 6:21p ---

8:17a 2:14p 8:05p
8:45a 2:41p 8:59p


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

Hi Lo W
64 37 pc
69 51 s
68 51 s
71 51 s
68 41 s
70 54 s
70 53 s
70 48 s
66 34 pc
62 33 pc
70 59 s


Isolated RM. Rain

73 / 460
30% chance of rain

Mostly Sunny

600/ 390
0% chance of rain


67 / 44
0% chance of rain

I -f *
Cleamrater 0 "
68 5 Plant City
68 51 J70: 44 Winter Haen
I 68,45
... ^Tampa Brandunl
67/50 70,44 Bt '''*
Bartu* **.B,
68,45 "

St. Petersburg n a i
S68/51 Apollo Beach Ft. Mead
68/51 48.. Ft.MeadB
66 48 69/44
^..;. .:

9Bradenton 69 48
Myakka Cit ietn
Longboat Key4 i70/49 Limestone
70/54 Sarst 71 47
Sarasuta I "-

Osprey Arcadia
69/51 70,49 -
Venice H
Shown is today's weather. 70/52 North Port k ull
Temperatures are today's 70/50 | 71/48
highs and tonight's lows. Port Charlotte
S 4i68/50
Enolr.i,-.,.,n J--_ ..

Gulf Water

70 51 "'"

Boca Grande*

Forecasts and graphics, except forthe
WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by
AccuWeather, Inc. 2014

Publication date: 1/19/14
Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland
direction in knots in feet chop
Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs
NNW 7-14 1-2 Light
Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola
W 8-16 2-4 Moderate

Key West
Panama City

Hi Lo W
70 61 s
68 43 s
68 43 s
69 46 s
72 55 s
69 54 s
64 36 s
69 46 s
68 45 s
62 38 pc
62 38 pc

Hi LoW
74 60 s
68 45 s
70 45 s
69 51 s
76 62 s
72 57 s
65 43 s
70 48 s
69 48 s
62 46 pc
63 45 pc

Punta Gorda

Fort Myers
70/53 4

Cape Coral


Lehigh Acres

Bonita Springs % I

Aa,. .uWn h. kw ir-im "*

Pompano Beach
St. Augustine
St. Petersburg
Vero Beach
West Palm Beach
Winter Haven

*10s I -Os Os 10s 20s I 30s I 40s 50s I 60s I 70s I 80o 90s~
Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
S'. Winnipeg ..
.----tlte ^_.r.. ,, '. '^ .'-*
45."6 ,.-. Momreul

Billings 27.
49126 Olma*411
Minneapolis .29110 'hewYorK
IT- Derroit 4r
.San FrancisooDe-nV Chicag 2421
6 14 ve 30122 WNashinlgton
7 Kansas City

Fronts Pi

Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain
U.S. Extremes (For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)

High ...................... 87 at Corona, CA

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
Des Moines

Hi Lo W
56 31 s
33 30 pc
46 33 s
44 26 pc
49 25 pc
48 30 s
40 25 pc
38 27 sf
28 18 sn
30 10 sn
38 26 sn
50 26 pc
30 22 pc
32 27 pc
28 24 c
54 27 s
30 26 pc
34 17 sf
66 44 s
60 27 s
44 24 s
28 21 sf
22 -5 pc
18 7 c
22 -4 pc
36 23 sf
43 20 pc
80 64 s
68 46 pc
32 25 pc


Today Mon. Beijing
i Lo W Hi Lo W Berlin
1 55 s 74 59 s Buenos Aires
4 38 pc 63 45 s Cairo
8 51 s 69 56 s Calgary
8 42 s 68 48 s Cancun
9 50 s 69 56 s Dublin
0 31 pc 68 42 s Edmonton
7 50 s 69 57 s Halifax
8 45 s 67 49 s Kiev
2 46 s 71 50 s London
0 51 s 73 56 s Madrid
8 45 s 69 48 s Weather (W): s-s

Hi LoW
55 29 s
39 31 r
60 30 s
47 24 pc
38 27 pc
59 30 s
42 24 s
37 16 sf
20 0 sn
16 -3 sf
44 17 c
59 30 s
22 4 sn
34 11 pc
28 7 sn
62 32 s
34 9 pc
29 3 sn
66 35 pc
47 24 s
32 -2 sn
25 2 pc
3-16 pc
23 12 pc
1 -20 sn
36 12 sf
37 21 pc
81 64 s
72 48 pc
30 9 pc

Today Mon.
Hi Lo W Hi Lo W
45 39 sh 42 37 c
65 45 s 66 43 s
45 24 pc 40 22 s
39 32 c 37 30 r
97 75 pclOO 75 t
72 53 pc 74 52 pc
36 13 pc 30 23 s
79 66 pc 79 65 s
43 36 c 42 36 s
32 7 pc 23 16 pc
36 26 sn 31 14 sn
20 14 c 19 16 c
46 34 s 43 34 pc
45 30 r 47 30 s




s Snow Ice

Low ................ -22 at Embarrass, MN

Jackson, MS
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
Norfolk, VA
Oklahoma City
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City
St. Louis
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
St. John's
San Juan

Hi Lo W
54 34 s
59 30 s
42 27 sn
65 42 s
81 51 s
36 31 pc
48 35 s
28 14 pc
30 7 pc
54 30 s
42 32 s
60 39 pc
40 29 sf
50 33 pc
67 36 s

39 20 s
48 31 s
70 48 s
76 50 s
66 45 s
45 36 c
45 31 pc

Hi Lo W
70 41 pc
27 3 sn
24 -1 sn
48 39 c
30 0 sn

Hi LoW
64 37 pc
44 9 pc
51 24 s
66 44 s
78 53 s
39 16 pc
58 29 s
19 1 sn
10-16 sn
64 35 s
51 22 s
65 47 pc
42 21 pc
58 33 s
58 25 s
36 -1 pc
45 23 pc
73 49 pc
34 12 sf
30 6 pc
49 32 c
38 15 pc
59 32 s
40 20 s
42 9 pc
75 42 pc
73 54 s
67 45 s
52 37 c
49 26 pc

Hi LoW
72 43 s
7 -9 c
3-13 c
45 34 c
5-10 s

t 86 75 s
r 59 45 sh
sn 36 22 sn
s 84 72 sh
pc 79 66 c
s 45 34 c
sn 14 -5 c
pc 45 35 c
sn -8-27 c

unny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

Syrian opposition to attend peace conference

main, western-backed
Syrian opposition group
voted Saturday in favor
of attending a coming
peace conference aimed
at ending the country's
bloody civil war, paving
the way for the first
direct talks between the
rival sides in the nearly
three-year conflict.
The vote in Istanbul
came as food supplies
began entering a
besieged rebel-held
Palestinian refugee camp
in Syria's capital for the
first time in months,
an apparent goodwill
gesture by President

Bashar Assad's govern-
ment ahead of the peace
conference, Palestinian
and United Nations
officials said.
The Coalition was un-
der huge pressure from
its Western and Arab
sponsors to attend the
peace talks, scheduled to
open Wednesday in the
Swiss city of Montreux.
The Syrian government
has already said it will at-
tend the U.N.-sponsored
The Coalition's leader,
Ahmad al-Jarba, said in
a speech late Saturday
that they are heading to
the conference "without

any bargain regarding
the principles of the
revolution and we will
not be cheated by Assad's
"The negotiating table
for us is a track toward
achieving the demands
of the revolution at
the top of them removing
the butcher from power,"
Jarba said.
But many Coalition
members are hesitant
to attend a conference
that has little chance
of success and will
burn the last shred of
credibility the group has
with powerful rebels
on the ground, who

reject the talks. Many
members boycotted the
Istanbul meetings that
began on Friday, forcing
the Coalition's legal
committee to approve
the decision in a simple
majority vote.
The Syrian National
Coalition's media office
said that of 73 voters, 58
voted in favor of at-
tending the conference.
It added that 14 voted
against attending the
conference, two ab-
stained and one simply
turned in a blank ballot.
The aim of the confer-
ence, dubbed Geneva 2,
is to agree on a roadmap

for Syria based on one
adopted by the U.S.,
Russia and other major
powers in June 2012.
That plan includes the
creation of a transitional
government and eventu-
al elections.
The U.S. and Russia
have been trying to hold
the peace conference
since last year and it has
been repeatedly delayed.
Both sides finally agreed
to sit together at the
negotiations table after
dropping some of their
One of the main de-
mands of the opposition
was that Assad agrees to

step down before going
to the conference. With
his government troops
keeping their momen-
tum on the ground,
Assad's government has
said he will not surrender
power and may run
again in elections due in
It will be the first face-
to-face meeting between
the representatives of the
Syrian government and
the opposition since the
country's crisis began
in March 2011. Activists
say the fighting has
killed more than 130,000
people while displacing


Are You Hard Of Hearing?

A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field test a remarkable
new digital hearing instrument in the area. This offer is free of charge and
you are under no obligation.
These revolutionary 100% Digital instruments use the latest technology
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technology solves the "stopped up ears", and "head in a barrel" sensation
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If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing tested
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NOW Through January 31, 2014

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Port Charlotte
Town Center Mall
(Inside Sears)
(941) 315-8644

Inside Wal-Mart
(941) 451-7069

Merchants Crossing
(941) 526-0186

Herald) Two days after
Christmas, masked and
armed police raided
the home of Fernando
Villavicencio in the
predawn hours, hauling
away a lifetime of data
and documents.
Hours later, President
Rafael Correa said
Villavicencio an oppo-
sition adviser who also
writes about corruption
and the oil industry -
was suspected of hack-
ing into the president's
Ten days later,
Ecuador's state-run El
Telegrafo newspaper
wrote about a proposed
online media outlet
that is seeking funds
in the United States,
including with the
National Endowment for
Democracy whose Cold
War origins and "democ-
racy building" efforts
have made it a boogey-
man in the Americas.

There was one prob-
lem with the El Telegrafo
story: According to
Martha Roldos, a
former legislator and
government critic who
was pitching the idea,
the only way the paper
could have had access to
the information was by
hacking her email.
The twin "hacking"
stories shed light on the
small Andean nation that
has been hounding the
independent press even
as it builds one of the
most sophisticated state-
run media apparatuses
in the Americas, behind
Venezuela and Cuba.
Correa, a U.S. edu-
cated economist, has
repeatedly called the
media his "greatest
enemy" and leveled mul-
timillion-dollar lawsuits
against those who cross
him. This week, as he
celebrated his seventh
year in power, there were
no signs of a truce.

Hacking cases

rattle Ecuador

-Page 10 WIRE

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014





Sunday, January 19,2014 @SunCoastSports

Report: NASCAR mulls
winner-take-all finale,
*Page 8
Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence

* NFL: Championship Sunday

WHO: New England at Denver I WHEN: Today, 3:05 p.m. I TV: CBS I LINE: Broncos by 5
STORYLINES TO WATCH: While it's not quite Super Bowl XLVIII, it is Brady vs. Manning XV.
Tom leads Peyton 10-4 with the caveat that he's usually had the stronger supporting cast. Look
for New England to try to establish the run in the rematch. LeGarrette Bloun has totaled 355 yards
rushing in the past two games and the defense came on late. DBs Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard and
Devin McCourty aim to get away with playing roughly. Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno should find
holes in the No. 30 run defense. Manning is 15-3 at home for Denver with 54 touchdowns and
11 interceptions. Between the two teams, the Broncos have more unfinished business.

Charlotte 71,
Chipley 61

Charlotte: at Lemon Bay,
Tuesday, 7 p.m.


rally to

get past


Charlotte High School
bounced back from a
tough five-point, double
overtime loss to Port
Charlotte on Friday with a
71-61 win against Chipley,
the top-ranked team in
Class 1A, on Saturday.
The game was a worthy
finale to the two-day
Wally Keller Classic that
featured 18 games and
some of the top teams in
the state.
"Not too many times
you see so many teams
and talented players in
a gym," Charlotte coach
Tom Massolio said. "It's
what it's all about, it's
for the kids and getting
more excitement for high
school basketball."
There was plenty of

Port Chariot
Charlotte 33

Charlotte: vs. Lem
Tuesday, 7 p.m.
Port Charlotte: vs
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.



Courtney Roberi
Taylor Lindseys
a lot of points fo
Charlotte High
coach Kevin Pu
that all starts w
Stewart hit th
3-pointers in Sa
win against Cha
of an 18-pointd
senior guard wi
led the fast-brea
that generated i
team's scoring.
"She plays wit
her shoulder and
gets us going," F

tte 68,

ion Bay,
s. Hardee,



tes I
rtson and
or Port
School, but
rcell said
ith Katie
ler Classic
irlotte, part
lay for the
ho also
ak offense
most of the
thachip on
d she really
"urcell said.

WHO: San Francisco at Seattle I WHEN: Today, 6:30 p.m. I TV: FOX I LINE: Seahawks by 32
STORYLINES TO WATCH: There's no love lost between these hard-edged NFC West rivals
with similar bruising, brawling styles. The coaches don't even like each other. "We are not
friends," Seattle's Pete Carroll said of himself and Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers are playing in their
third consecutive conference title game. Colin Kaepernick is 4-1 in the postseason, 3-0 on the
road with a 92.7 rating, but he and his team have played poorly in raucous Seattle, where the
noise level produced earthquake tremors twice this season. Don't be surprised if it goes to
overtime. The NFC title game has been decided by seven points or fewer six years in a row.

* BOYS BASKETBALL: Fort Myers 61, North Port 58

North Port High School's Brandon Gonzalez passes around Fort Myers'Mark Matthews during Saturday's game at the Wally
Keller Classic in Punta Gorda. The Green Wave beat the Bobcats 61-58.

Matthews leaves

mark on Bobcats

Green Wave
standout sparks
win vs. North Port
when North Port High School
meets Fort Myers in the playoffs,
Bobcats coach Travis Slanger will
probably make an extra note in
his scouting report of the Green
Don't let Mark Matthews out of
your sight. Ever.
Matthews scored 16 of his
game-high 24 points in the fourth

quarter, lifting Fort Myers over
North Port 61-58 at the Wally
Keller Classic on Saturday. He
made his last five shots from the
floor, including three 3-pointers.
"He's the player we knew was
going to do it for them," Slanger
said. "He's a nice player, the guy
in the scouting report we knew
we needed to key on. Everything
goes through him."
Trailing 43-38 entering the
fourth quarter, Matthews person-
ally led the Green Wave on a 16-8
run that let them seize control
for good. He hit his first 3-pointer
of the game at 6:38 of the fourth
quarter from the left wing and

North Port: at Sarasota-Riverview,
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.
wary Manta Rays, PAGE 8

The Sun regularly features "face of the game"
and"shot of the day"photographs
of local high schools athletes at Sports. Z i

Get live updates on local high school athletes
and events on Twitter @SunCoast Sports.





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Port Charlotte 78,
Lakewood 68

Port Charlotte: at Ida Baker,
Tuesday, 7 p.m.



Attention doubters: Port
Charlotte High School
coach Bill Specht would
like it if people would
stop asking him what was
wrong with his senior big
man, Nicksen Blanc.
Judging by 32 points
and 14 rebounds he had
Saturday in the Pirates'
78-68 victory over
Lakewood in the Wally
Keller Classic, Nicksen is
just fine, thanks.
"Some guys ask, 'What's
wrong with Nicksen?'"
Specht chuckled. "When
a team plays a diamond
and one like Charlotte did
last night, they're going
to limit his touches. This
team gave up 32 points,
what more can you ask?"
The 32 points were the
fourth highest total in the
history of the Wally Keller
Classic a few hours
after Community School
of Naples swingman
Jeff Merton set an event
record with 41 points
and Blanc hit eight
of nine foul shots in the
fourth quarter to help salt
the contest away.
But it also showed what
Blanc could do against
bigger players.
If the 6-foot-6 Blanc
sometimes doesn't play
well against bigger
competition, Saturday's
victory showed a different
side to the Port Charlotte
center. Blanc thrived
against a Lakewood
squad that regularly
had the trio of 6-foot-7
Anthony Lawrence, 6-8
Michael Clark and 6-5
Jacobi Boykins on the
Harrison Rains also
had a huge night with 19
points and 11 rebounds
for Port Charlotte (14-6).
Boykins scored 24 points
to lead Lakewood (5-11),
16 of them coming in the
fourth quarter.
The contest didn't
just quiet those who
would doubt Blanc, it
also shushed the idea
that the Pirates couldn't
come through with a big
performance two nights
in a row. Last season,
Port Charlotte defeated
Charlotte 51-48 on the
Friday of the Keller
Classic, then lost 53-32 to
Tampa Prep a day later.
"(Specht) told us to get
after it," Blanc said. "Last
year, he beat Charlotte

Page 2 SP The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

Florida Lottery
* CASH 3
Jan. 18N .................................. 3-2-7
Jan. 18D ..................................... 1-3-1
Jan. 17N .....................................2-6-7
Jan. 17D .....................................9-2-3
Jan. 16N .....................................5-9-1
Jan. 16D ....................................1-7-8
D-Day, N-Night

Jan. 18N ..................................3-4-6-9
Jan. 18D ..................................0-7-3-1
Jan. 17N ..................................4-2-4-5
Jan. 17D ..................................1-4-9-3
Jan. 16N ..................................2-3-4-2
Jan. 16D .................................2-5-0-5
D-Day, N-Night

Jan. 18 ..........................4-8-13-22-23
Jan. 17 ..........................2-4-11-17-24
Jan. 16 .........................1-2-10-30-34
1 5-digit winners.......... $220,133.79
249 4-digit winners............. $142.50
8,763 3-digit winners ................. $11

Jan. 17 ..............................3-15-28-32
M egaBall......................................... 10

Jan. 14 .....................2........2-5-38-39
M egaBall...........................................3
0 4-of-4 MB.................................. $2M
6 4-of-4............................... $2,826.50
47 3-of-4 MB ..............................$789
1,032 3-of-4...............................$107
1,525 2-of-4 MB...........................$51

Jan.15 .................13-18-20-28-42-53
Jan.11 ...................7-13-15-17-51-53
0 6-digit winners ......................$10M
25 5-digit winners ..................$4,536
1,195 4-digit winners............. $80.50
25,989 3-digit winners...................$5

Jan.18 ...................... 13-14-19-31-38

Jan.15 ............................ 7-8-9-24-29
0 5 of5 + PB..............................$93M
0 5 of5.............................. $1,000,000
4 4of5 + PB.........................$10,000
140 4 of 5 ..................................$100
$113 million

Jan. 17 ..................1......-10-26-31-51
M egaBall......................................... 11

Jan. 14........................ 4-23-26-62-69
M egaBall......................................... 13
0 5ofS+ MB............................. $41M
0 5 of5.............................. $1,000,000
1 4of5 + MB...........................$5,000
33 4of 5 ....................................$500

It is the Sun's policy to correct all
errors of fact. To report an error, call or
email the sports department.

How to...

Submit a story idea: Email or call
Mark Lawrence 941-206-1175. Must
contain name, address and phone
Report a high school result: Call
877-818-6204 or 941-206-1126 by
10:30 p.m. the day the event is held.
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Kids, animal acts, Pirates and Tarpons

Shis colunm should
be read while
listening to "Omaha"
by Counting Crows
(running time: 3 minutes,
46 seconds).
There's an old showbiz
axiom to never follow kids
or animal acts on stage.
To this, we can now add:
Never follow a Charlotte-
Port Charlotte boys
basketball game.
If Port Charlotte and
Charlotte keep upstaging
a pair of state champi-
ons at the Wally Keller
Classic as they did
Friday night in the Pirates'
65-60 double-overtime
victory they might have
to find another night to
play. On the other hand,
it did mean a packed gym
got to watch Jacksonville-
Providence and Duke
commit Grayson Allen,
and that was the point.
If you think the "12th
man" stuff in Seattle is
nonsense, consider this:
The Charlotte and Port
Charlotte crowds drowned
out PA man/organizer
Donnie Wilkie on Friday
night and the Seahawks
fans are quite a bit louder
than that.
As you're reading this


college fraternities across
the nation are surely
gearing up for the Peyton
Manning "Omaha"
drinking games they'll
be playing during today's
New England Patriots-
Denver Broncos game.
(Manning reportedly said
Omaha 44 times last week,
guys. Have bread and
water handy.)
ESPN's Darren Rovell
said that the possibility ex-
ists that the "Omaha" snap
call could in theory be
switched to a commercial
product for compensa-
tion. Breaking this down,
Omaha is a three-syllable
word that uses a long
vowel sound meaning
Budweiser is in play.
Los Angeles Dodgers
pitcher Clayton Kershaw
signed a seven-year
contract extension for
$215 million, which likely
means the Tampa Bay
Rays will be forced to deal
David Price, but there are

still no takers.
It sounds like a good
deal for the Dodgers (and
certainly Kershaw), but
remember it only takes
three words to ruin it: Dr.
James Andrews.
Antetokounmpo: "Game
of Thrones" villain or
Milwaukee Bucks rookie?
While former South
Fort Myers standout
SammyWatkins would
be a terrific choice for the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
if he's gone (and it's very
likely), expect the Bucs
to think about an edge
rusher such as UCLAs
Anthony Barr or Buffalo's
Khalil Mack.
Then again, if the Bucs
decide they want an edge
rusher, it could be a possi-
bility they would trade up
for Jadaveon Clowney.
The Chicago Cubs
have announced they will
debut a mascot atWrigley
Field for the coming
season, Clark the Cub.
This replaces the Cubs'
old mascot that loud,
drunk guy one section
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or, and read The Hat
Trk weekdays at suncoastsportsblog. om.


Reed maintains lead

at Humana Challenge

LA QUINTA, Calif.-
Patrick Reed has been as
good as the weather and
course conditions at the
Humana Challenge and
just as predictable.
Another sunny, calm
day. Another 9-under 63.
Reed broke the PGA
Tour record for relation
to par for the first 54
holes, finishing at 27
under Saturday to take a
seven-stroke lead into the
final round.
Playing over a pond as
still as the plastic swans
PGAWest uses to scare
away geese, Reed birdied
his final hole on the
Nicklaus Private Course,
hitting a wedge to 2 feet
on the par-4 ninth. He
also had an eagle, eight
birdies and a bogey.
"Any time you set a

record on the PGA Tour
it means you're doing
something right," Reed
said. "Well, a lot of things
right. But at the same time
all that matters at the end
is at the end of Sunday."
The 23-year-old Reed
broke the mark of 25 un-
der set by Gay Brewer in
the 1967 Pensacola Open
and matched by Ernie Els
in the 2003 Tournament of
Champions, Steve Stricker
in the 2010 John Deere
Classic and Pat Perez in
the 2009 La Quinta event.
Reed was one off Stricker's
stroke record of 188 set on
a par-71 course.
Charley Hoffman and
Brendon Todd were tied
for second. Hoffman, the
2007 winner, had a 66 on
the Palmer course the
site of the final round.
Todd shot 68 at La Quinta.

Mickelson surges in Abu
Dhabi; Mcllroy penalized:
In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Phil Mickelson shot a 9-under 63 to
put himself in second place after the
third round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC
Golf Championship. Rory Mcllroy was
hit with a two-shot penalty for a rules
infraction that dropped him into a tie
for fourth. Mickelson barely made the
cut but had the best round of the day
with nine birdies and an eagle coupled
with two bogeys to sit two shots
behind leader Craig Lee of Scotland,
who shot a 69 for a 12-under 204 total.

Langer, Couples tied for
Champions Tour lead: In
Kaupulehu-Kona, Hawaii, Bernhard
Langer and Fred Couples broke away
with birdies on the 17th to top the
leaderboard going into today's final
round of the Mitsubishi Electric
Championship at Hualalai. Langer
shot an 8-under 64 to get to 14 under
for the tournament. Couples caught
him with his second straight 65.


PGA Tour
p-PGAWest, Palmer Course; 6,950
yards, par 72
n-PGAWest, Nicklaus Course; 6,924
yards, par 72
q-La Quinta Country Club; 7,060 yards,
par 72
La Quinta, Calif.
Purse: $5.7 million
Third Round
Patrick Reed 63p-63q-63n-189
Charley Hoffman 64q-66n-66p-196
Brendon Todd 65n-63p-68q-196
James Driscoll 68p-63q-66n-197
Bill Haas 65q-66n-67p-198
Justin Leonard 66n-67p-65q-198
Ryan Palmer 64p-65q-70n-199
Matt Jones 66n-67p-66q-199
Brian Stuard 67q-66n-66p-199
Will MacKenzie 67n-66p-66q-199
Ben Crane 70q-64n-65p-199
Keegan Bradley 69q-66n-65p-200
Charlie Beljan 68q-64n-68p-200
Seung-Yul Noh 68p-66q-66n-200
Jason Bohn 70q-65n-66p-201
ZachJohnson 65q-68n-68p-201
Chad Collins 68n-68p-65q-201
Jerry Kelly 69q-65n-68p-202
Jonathan Byrd 68p-69q-65n-202
Stuart Appleby 66p-69q-67n-202
Matt Every 65n-68p-69q-202
Rory Sabbatini 68p-67q-67n-202
Scott Langley 69q-68n-65p-202
Russell Knox 65p-70q-67n-202
Spencer Levin 69p-68q-66n-203
Luke Guthrie 69p-67q-67n-203
Martin Laird 69n-66p-68q-203
Kevin Chappell 70q-70n-63p-203
CharlieWi 65p-69q-69n-203
Martin Flores 69p-65q-69n-203
Jim Herman 67n-68p-68q-203
Brendon de Jonge 69q-68n-66p-203
TyroneVan Aswegen 69n-67p-67q-203
Ryo Ishikawa 66p-69q-69n-204
CamiloVillegas 70n-66p-68q-204
Harris English 67q-66n-71 p-204
Jeff Overton 70q-67n-67p-204
Kevin Na 68n-68p-68q-204
Brice Garnett 67p-69q-68n-204
AndrewSvoboda 69n-69p-66q-204
CameronTringale 68q-66n-70p-204
Brad Fritsch 67p-70q-67n-204
Bryce Molder 69p-72q-63n-204
William McGirt 70n-70p-64q-204
Justin Hicks 64n-71p-70q-205
John Merrick 66q-70n-69p-205
GaryWoodland 69p-71q-65n-205
Kevin Kisner 66n-70p-69q-205

Scott Brown
Harrison Frazar
BoVan Pelt
S Pat Perez
Brandt Snedeker
Webb Simpson
Davis Love III
David Lingmerth
S Steven Bowditch
Daniel Summerhays
Brian Davis
Charles Howell III
Ken Duke
Scott Stallings
Rickie Fowler
Hudson Swafford
Brett Quigley
Kevin Stadler
Chad Campbell
Brian Harman
Billy Horschel
Jhonattan Vegas
SScott McCarron
James Hahn
John Senden
Michael Putnam
SRoberto Castro
Freddie Jacobson

Abu Dhabi, Unit
Purse: $2
Yardage: 7,
Craig Lee, Scotland
GaganjeetBhullar, In
I Phil Mickelson, U.S.
Pablo Larrazabal, Spa
R. Mcllroy, N. Ireland
ST Jaidee,Thailand
MAJimenez, Spain
Michael Hoey,N. Irela
SRafa Cabrera-Bello, Sp
M. Baldwin, England
Peter Hanson, Swede
Thomas Bjorn, Denm
Martin Kaymer, Germ
H. Otto, South Africa
J. Luiten, Netherlands


bi Golf Club
ed Arab Emirates
.7 million
583; Par: 72
iia 72-68-66-2
in 69-70-68-2
nd 69-71-68-2
pain 67-68-73-2
n 70-70-69-2
ark 70-67-72-2
any 70-71-69-2

G.Coetzee, South Africa 68-70-72-
T. Fleetwood, England 73-65-72-
Tyrrell Hatton, England 69-71-70-
J-F Lima, Portugal 68-75-67-
Luke Donald, England 70-73-71-
Sergio Garcia, Spain 76-68-70-
D.Clarke, Northern Ireland 74-69-72-
Jamie Donaldson,Wales 73-70-73-

Champions Tour

Fred Cc
David F
Steve E
Rocco N
Bart Bnr
Craig St
Fred Fu
Russ Cc
Corey F
Larry N
Hale lIr
Jay Dor
Olin Bro
John Ri
Brad Fa
Kohki Id
John C
Loren F
Mike Re
Joe Dal
Mark M
Tom Kit
Mark C
Ben Cre

At Hualalai Golf Course
Kaupulehu-Kona, Hawaii
Purse: $1.8 million
Yardage: 7,107; Par 72
Second Round
rd Langer 66-64-
)uples 65-65-
'Meara 66-65-
Frost 68-64-
man 66-66-
Ikington 65-67-
hman 67-66-
Mvediate 63-70-
is 68-66-
/ant 66-68-
tadler 69-66-
rniceJr. 65-70-
nk 65-70-
ochran 70-67-
Pavin 70-67-
rsman 64-73-
elson 70-68-
win 69-69-
Chapman 67-71-
n Blake 66-72-
owne 72-67-
latson 70-69-
plett 70-69-
ce 73-67-
Perry 72-68-
egger 71-69-
xon 71-69-
doki 70-70-
ook 69-71-
Roberts 68-72-
1 Allen 73-68-
eid 72-69-
/ood 71-70-
ey 71-70-
Strange 70-71-
n Toledo 69-72-
IcNulty 76-67-
'iebe 71-72-
te 71-74-
alcavecchia 75-74-
enshaw 76-76-


Charlotte's Dwayne Reynolds, right, swipes a rebound from
Port Charlotte's Harrison Rains during the Pirates'65-60
double-overtime victory on Friday night at the Wally Keller
Classic. View a photo gallery at


Charlotte Thunder U-11
and U-12 teams: Open tryouts
will be held during practices on Monday
and Wednesday (6 p.m.) for the rest of
January, Contact coach Chris Birdsall,
941-769-7870, or email cbmoc3@gmail.

Port Charlotte Little
League: Final signups Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, 6-8 p.m.,
Harold Avenue baseball fields in the
concession stand. Birth certificate and
proofs of residency required. Fees:
$75 forT-ball and Grapefruit, $85 for
Minors and Majors, $95 for Juniors
and Seniors. Visit www.portchar- or call Darcy,

Englewood Area Youth
Baseball: Cal Ripken and Babe
Ruth tryouts Jan. 25 for boys 9-15 not
returning to same team, Englewood
Sports Complex. Registration, tryouts at
Call Bill, 941-468-3871.

Game Day Heat: 12U travel
team looking for players. Practices
Tuesday and Thursdays, 6 p.m. at North
Charlotte Regional Park. Call Scott,

Snowbird Classic: Seeking
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announcing, concessions, program
selling and parking. Event held at South
County and North County parks from
Feb. 14 to March 22. Call 941-876-3226
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Stone Crabs Booster Club
yard sale: Jan. 25,9 a.m.-3 p.m.,
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Trail, Port Charlotte. All proceeds
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Summer and fall registration for girls
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season. Fees: $200 for football, $200
for cheer. Free clinics: May-July.
Call (941-347-7200 or email info@

Punta Gorda City
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Wednesday for Jan. 24-25 event at St.
Andrews South G.C. and Twin Isles C.C.,
36-hole stroke play, 10 a.m. shotgun
start daily, championship and handicap
flights available. Entry fee: $100. Open to
male and female amateurs with a Punta
Gorda mailing address. Contact Don,
304-280-2538, or Mark, 941-276-5028.

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is awarding a limited number of
scholarships to qualified high school
student-athletes in Sarasota and
Manatee counties. For guidelines and
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Application deadline is March 21.

Franz Ross Park YMCA:
All Sport, Soccer and T-ball. Register in
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corn or call 941-629-9622.

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TOPSoccer: North PortYouth
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March 8. Players receive a uniform
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Middle and high volunteers also needed
to work with the athletes. Register
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org. Call Jennifer, 941-266-8454.

Charlotte County
Swimming:Year-round USA
Swimming team provides instruction
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Rotonda QuickStart: Free
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Rackets and balls provided. Call

Team Tennis Junior
League: Registration underway
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level players through age 18. Nine
weeks of Saturday play. Registration
deadline: Feb. 9. Register online at www. Call Sue,

Page 2 SP

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 SP Page 3



WHO: New England (13-4)
at Denver (14-3)
WHEN: Today, 3 p.m.
WHERE: Sports Authority Field
at Mile High, Denver
LINE: Broncos by 512
Patriots overcame 24-0 halftime
deficit on Nov. 24 to beat Broncos
34-31 in 0T.... Patriots coach
Bill Belichick 7-10 vs. Broncos.
...Game marks 15th meeting
between Patriots QB Tom Brady
and Broncos QB Peyton Manning.
Brady leads 10-4, including 2-1
in playoffs.... New England 7-2
in AFC championship, 5-2 with
Brady/Belichick. ... First AFC
road playoff game for Patriots
since title game following
'06 season, when they lost to
Manning's Colts 38-34.

Who's your pick for Super BowlXLVIII? Will it be Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots for a sixth time? Or Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos?
San Francisco or Seattle? Here's the case for each team. (By Howard Ullman, Arnie Stapleton, Janie McCauley and Tim Booth, Associated Press)

Brady. Belichick. And now
LeGarrette Blount. The
250-pounder struggled the last time
he faced the Broncos, a game the
Patriots won 34-31 in overtime on
Nov. 24, carrying three times and
losing two fumbles. But the bulldozer
with breakaway speed is powering
the Patriots'second Super Bowl run in
three years. In the last three games,
he gained 431 yards on 64 carries for
eight touchdowns with just one fumble
(recovered by the Patriots). And they
won by 34,14 and 21 points. "We'll just
have to gang tackle/said Broncos DT
Terrance Knighton."He's getting to the
second level untouched because their
(offensive) line is doing a good job of
controlling their one guy"But it will be
tougher with Chris Harris, Von Miller,
Rahim Moore, Kevin Vickerson and
Derek Wolfe all sidelined.- H.U.

SThe Broncos scored a record
S 606 points this season and
They're favored today for the 29th
Consecutive game. Although Peyton
Manning is 4-10 in games against
Tom Brady, this one's not at frigid
Foxborough, Mass., where he lost
S34-31 in overtime in November. And
This time, Manning need not bundle
Sup on the sideline between series.
Plus, he's got the better supporting
cast for a change. Manning set an
NFL record for yardage (5,447) and
touchdown passes (55) this season,
While completing at least 60 passes to
San astonishing five players: Demaryius
SThomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas,
Wes Welker and Knowshon Moreno.
It's a pick-your-poison proposition for
opponents, who can't double cover
Them all. Someone's always singled
Sup -if not wide open. -A.S.

Colin Kaepernick is carrying
himself with a swagger much
like a year ago, when he led the San
Francisco 49ers to their first Super
Bowl appearance in 18 years, and
for good reason. Kaepernick and the
49ers are on a roll, having won eight
consecutive games. They are healthy
and at full capacity in an improved
receiving corps with Michael Crabtree
back in the mix. Kaepernick has come
a long way since an embarrassing
29-3 defeat at CenturyLink Field in
September. He had been an NFL starter
for only two months at that point. "He's
comfortable. It's not a new situation
for him,"said WR Anquan Boldin. With
a receiving corps at full strength and
Frank Gore leading the running attack,
expect Kaepernick to mix things up,
breaking out of the pocket for big gains
when the opportunity arises. -J.Mc.C

While the 49ers might have the
experience playing in their third
consecutive NFC title game, today's tilt
is being played in Seattle, where the
Seahawks possess the greatest, noisiest
home-field advantage in the NFL. It's
where Russell Wilson has lost just once
in his career. It's a where Marshawn
Lynch tends to go "Beast Mode"in big
games. It's where the best defense
in the NFL resides and has made life
miserable for Colin Kaepernick in his
last two trips to the Pacific Northwest.
Sure, the Seahawks will be without
Percy Harvin (concussion). Sure, the
Seahawks'offense has looked drearier
than the Seattle skyline. They still
have enough punch to be Super
Bowl-bound. Seattle has won 16 of 17
Sat home and hasn't lost a home playoff
Game since 2004. Prepped for big stage
Sis why Seattle has the edge. -T.B.

WHO: San Francisco (14-4)
at Seattle (14-3)
WHEN: Today, 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: CenturyLink Field,
LINE: Seahawks by 31/2
NFC West rivals meet for spot in
Super Bowl. Teams split regu-
lar-season meetings .... 49ers
seek seventh Super Bowl appear-
ance, Seahawks going for second.
...NFC title game decided by
seven points or fewer in each of
last six contests, longest streak
in conference championship
history.... Seattle played eight
games decided by seven points or
fewer, and San Francisco five ...
Seahawks have outscored 49ers
71-16 and forced seven turnovers
in last two wins at home.





"When they play, they play. But when it's over, one
'Yep, I got him again.'"

of them will go,

Phil Simms,
CBS analyst and former N.Y. Giant quarterback

question: A r

atQB "

TAMPA- The Tampa DENVER Only one of
Bay Buccaneers are them can be the greatest.
not committed to Mike Peyton Manning could
Glennon as their starting be the one owner of a
quarterback for 2014. How record four, working on
could they be? five, MostValuable Player
New offensive coor- awards, current holder
dinator Jeff Tedford can of NFL single-season re-
watch all the tape he cords for passing yardage
wants but won't have him touchdowns and
and touchdowns and
on the grass until the first architect of a career-reviv-
offseason workout April 7. ing second act, the likes
All Tedford will say is
AllTedfordwillsayis of which has rarely been
he is evaluating all of the o whc haspr
offensive players. He also seen in any sport.
i T. r, 1 1^ Tom Brady could also
knows Tampa Bay holds To Brd c also
be that man leader of
the No. 7 overall pick in e Sp B eam
the draft five Super Bowl teams
"I see a lot of real and winner of three
positive things with Mike," titles, one-time holder
Tedford said. "Physically I of some of the records
think he brings some real Manning holds now and
positives. But I also think author of an undefeated
there's some things he can regular season. Healso
improve on. He realizes has that 10-4 record
that." against Manning despite
ESPN draft analyst Mel constant turnover on
Kiper projects Texas A&M his roster and a lack of
QB Johnny Manziel as the a star-studded receiving
No. 1 pick to the Houston corps.
Texans, Central Florida's Manning and Brady will
Blake Bortles going No. 4 meet today for the 15th
to the Cleveland Browns time, and the fourth time
and the Bucs passing in the postseason, when
on Louisville QB Teddy the Broncos (14-3) face
Bridgewater for Buffalo LB the Patriots (13-4) in the
Kalil Mack. AFC title game.
It's unimaginable the The winner between
Bucs would pass on the top two quarterbacks
Bridgewater. There also over an era in which
is free agency where Josh quarterbacks have never
McCown and MichaelVick been so good will get
could be available, what could be the last
"It's a quarterback say in the debate over
league," Tedford said. "But who goes down as the
that being said, it's not just greatest not so much
the quarterback. It's the because of what the win-
cast of people around him loss numbers will say but
as well." because this could be the
Rick Stroud, last time they meet with
Tampa Bay Times the stakes so high.
"I don't know that
Playoff blackout for there will ever be another
Hernandez: Former New England rivalry like it, or has been
Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez a rivalry like it," said
won't be able to watch his former John Elway, whose own
teammates play in today's AFC rivalry with Dan Marino
championship game against the Denver was held to only three
Broncos because he isn't allowed to meetings because of
watch TV at all, the sheriff in charge of scheduling quirks over
the Connecticut prison said. Hernandez their decade-plus careers.
is kept separated from the other The game will either
inmates under "special management" give Brady a chance
because of his fame, Thomas Hodgson to match Joe Montana
told The Associated Press. and Terry Bradshaw for
a fourth title or afford
Around the league: Former Manning the opportunity
NFL star defensive back Darren Sharper to win a second ring,
has been arrested on suspicion of rape, which would put him
the Los Angeles Police Department one behind Brady and in
said. Sharper, who played 14 seasons the same company with
in the NFL with Green Bay, Minnesota his brother, Eli, Roger
and New Orleans, was released on Staubach and Elway,
$200,000 bail. He faces a Feb. 14 court among others. It would
appearance..... also make Manning the
The NewYork Jets retained several first QB to win champion-
members of coach Rex Ryan's staff, ships with two different
including offensive coordinator Marty teams.
Mornhinweg and defensive coordinator While paying ultimate
Dennis Thurman. respect to each other "I
Contributing -Associated Press feel like he's been a better

* NFL:




'10m 0,

ood as it gets built for
SIthese 2

Peyton Manning, left, and NTom Brady, right, meet after the New England Patriots beat the
Denver Broncos, 31-21, on Oct. 7,2012, in Foxborough, Mass. Brady and the Patriots also be
Manning and the Broncos this season, and they meet again today in the AFC championship.

A breakdown of head-to-head
playoff meetings between Tom
Brady and Peyton Manning
(Brady leads, 2-1):
JAN. 18,2004: PATRIOTS, 24-14
Cmp Att YdsTD Int Rating
Brady 22 37237 1 1 76.1
Manning 23 47237 1 4 35.5
JAN. 16,2005: PATRIOTS, 20-3
Cmp Att YdsTD Int Rating
Brady 18 27 144 1 0 92.2
Manning 27 42 238 0 1 69.3
JAN. 21, 2007:COLTS,38-34
Cmp Att YdsTD Int Rating
Brady 21 34232 1 1 79.5
Manning 27 47349 1 1 79.1
Cmp Att YdsTD Int Rating
Brady 61 98613 3 2 81.7
Manning 77 136824 2 6 61.0

player each year than
he was the year before,"
Manning said neither
quarterback professes
to care much about how
their own head-to-head
showdowns will define
their legacy.
Don't believe it, says
Phil Sinmmns, who ad-
mits in retirement that
the smile was a little
wider after he walked
off the field with a win
over a Staubach or Joe
"It's always personal,
no matter what," Simms
said. "It's part of being
a competitor and doing
what you do."
One reason Brady has
a .714 win percentage
in the head-to-head
meetings and also holds
a 2-1 advantage in the
playoffs is because, more
often than not, he's been
surrounded by the more
complete team.
He has been anything
but a one-man show in
New England this season,
illustrated best by the fact
that the Patriots are in

the AFC title game even
though Brady threw for
25 touchdowns less
than half of Manning's
record-setting 55.
Without Rob
Gronkowski, Aaron
Hernandez or Wes Welker
to throw to, Brady made
it work, with a big assist
from head coach Bill
Belichick and offen-
sive coordinator Josh
McDaniels, who used to
coach the Broncos.
New England's running
game, led by LeGarrette
Blount and Shane Vereen,
has averaged 214 yards
the last three games.
Brady's 75 passes over the
last three games are the
fewest of any three-game
stretch in his career.
Welker, who played
with Brady for six years
before coming to Denver
this season, said it's not
stats or physical attri-
butes that define these
two Hall-of-Fame locks.
"They do a great job of
keeping guys account-
able, and their leadership
skills and everything
else," he said. "They are
two guys you want quar-
terbacking your team. It's
a toss-up between those
Manning has thrown
for 92 touchdowns since
arriving in Denver in the
2012 season, his neck
rebuilt from multiple
surgeries, his future
uncertain because of his
weakened throwing arm.
He'd be the first to
admit he's not the same
as he once was, physical-
ly. But nobody prepares
His record-setting
5,477 yards and all those
touchdown throws came
with a gifted group of

offensive stars surrou
ing him -Welker, Er
Decker, Demaryius
Thomas and this seas
difference maker, 6-f
tight end Julius Thon
But Manning had gre
players around him i
Indianapolis, as well,
never put up these sc
"Honestly, no one
probably ever break t
not in this day and ag
former Broncos recei
Rod Smith said.
Brady, who missed
parts of practice earl
in the week with theft
will be going against
depleted secondary t
just lost cornerback (
Harris Jr., which will
Champ Bailey inju
most of the season -
bigger cog for the De
And the Patriots wi
likely invite the Bron
to run- much the w
they did in their 34-3
overtime loss in Week
12 knowing the be
chance of beating the
is by taking the ball c
Manning's hands.
This could mark th
last time the top two
of their era meet for t
Brady is 36 and, th
relatively healthy, he
taken a beating over
Manning is 37 and
future will largely del
on how his neck look
when doctors examine
during the offseason.
No guarantees abo
the future.
"They're thinking a
it during the week,"
Simms said. "When t
play, they play. But w
it's over, one of them
go, 'Yep, I got him aga

the first kickoff back in
September, the 49ers
and Seahawks seemed
destined to meet for the
NFC title.
Time to get it on.
With the conference's
most physical, relentless
defenses, adept at forcing
turnovers and making
opponents think twice
about anything, Seattle
(14-3) won the NFCWest
by one game over San
Francisco (14-4). The
offenses, while not as
HOTO imposing, have the right
elements for a champion:
S strong running games,
at efficient and sometimes
dynamic quarterbacks,
and staunch lines.
to Their coaches have the
c proper pedigree, as well.
s Jim Harbaugh has led the
sons 49ers to the NFC champi-
oot-5 onship game in all three
nas. seasons in charge, making
at the Super Bowl last year.
n Pete Carroll had a 28-23
and record in three seasons
)rt of as Patriots coach, then
went to the college ranks
will and built a powerhouse at
that, Southern California, with
ge," two national titles.
ver That there's no love
lost between Harbaugh
and Carroll dating back
y to when Harbaugh and
flu, Stanford ran up the score
a on Carroll's Trojans.
that The sum should be
Chris a worthy conference
make champion to meet either
ared Denver or New England
- a in two weeks in the New
nrver Jersey Meadowlands for
the NFL championship.
ill Both teams are playing
cos down the drama.
ay "It's like every game,"
1 Seahawks quarterback
k RussellWilson said. "Every
'st game is no different even
em though it's a champion-
ut of ship game and all of that.
We talk about playing 1-0
ie every week, and the game
QBs doesn't change."
these The 49ers are not
intimidated despite being
ough outscored 71-16 in their
has last two games in Seattle.
his They won in frigid condi-
tions at Green Bay and at
his Carolina, which had won
pend seven consecutive home
s games, to reach their third
nie it NFC title game in a row.
"The last time we went
ut up there we kind of lost
it in the fourth quarter,"
bout said said 49ers defensive
lineman Justin Smith,
hey "but we're not too worried
hen about that. We know what
will we have to do. We're ready
ain.'" to play."

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 SP Page 3


30-somethings storm quarters

Li, Pannetta
roll through
fourth round
Australia Two-time
finalist Li Na wrapped up
a fourth-round victory
against No. 22 Ekaterina
Makarova in less than
an hour today to set up
a quarterfinal against
Flavia Pennetta at the
Australian Open.
The 2011 French
Open champion broke
Makarova's serve five
times and fended off
four break points on her
own serve in a 59-minute
performance to reach the
quarterfinals here for the
fourth time in five years.
Pennetta's late-career
revival continued as
she reached her first
Australian Open quarter-
final with a 6-1, 4-6, 7-5
win against ninth-seeded
Angelique Kerber of
The 28th-seeded
Pennetta has played
some of her best tennis
since returning last
February from a wrist
injury that caused her

WHEN: Play begins 7 p.m.
(Melbourne is 16 hours ahead of
Port Charlotte)
WHERE: At Melbourne Park,
Melbourne, Australia
TV: ESPN2, 9p.m. and 3 a.m.

ranking to drop as low as
No. 166.
Li and Pennetta both
turn 32 next month, one
day apart.
"You know what, at
least she is one day older
than me. So I will play an
older player," Li, who had
back-to-back wins over
the two youngest players
in the tournament tin the
first two rounds, joked
in an on-court interview.
"Not like couple rounds
(before), always younger
than me. Nobody talked
about the age."
Pennetta reached her
first Grand Slam semifi-
nal at the U.S. Open last
year and has followed
that by reaching her first
quarterfinal at Melbourne
Park in 11 appearances.
"I'm a little old, so I'm
starting to enjoy (tennis)
more," she said. "When
you are young you want
to win so much."

Pennetta broke Kerber
to take a 5-3 lead in the
third set but tightened up
as she was serving for the
match, giving the break
right back. She recovered
to take a 6-5 lead and
then broke Kerber to
close the match.
Five-time champion
Serena Williams was
scheduled to face for-
mer No. 1-ranked Ana
Ivanovic in fourth-round
match on Rod Laver
Arena later today.
After setting a record
for most match wins
at the Australian Open
with her 61st this week,
Williams will better
another mark today by
playing her 70th match at
Melbourne Park, topping
Lindsay Davenport's
former record of 69.
On the men's side,
three-time defending
champion Novak
Djokovic was set to
take on Italian Fabio
Fognini for a place in the
Djokovic is attempting
to make his 19th consec-
utive appearance in the
quarterfinals of a Grand
Slam the third-longest
streak in the Open era
after Roger Federer's 36
and Jimmy Connors' 27.

Italy's Flavia Pennetta bites the net in frustration during her fourth-round match against
Germany's Angelique Kerber at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, today.


At Melbourne Park, Melbourne
Purse: $29.72 million (Grand Slam)
Surface: Hard-Outdoor
Women's Singles
Fourth Round
Flavia Pennetta (28), Italy, def Angelique
Kerber (9), Germany, 6-1,4-6,7-5.
Li Na (4), China, def. Ekaterina Makarova
(22), Russia, 6-2,6-0.
Men's Singles

Third Round
Stephane Robert, France, def. Martin Kli-
zan, Slovakia, 6-0,7-6 (2), 6-4A
Roger Federer (6), Switzerland, def. Tey-
murazGabashvili, Russia, 6-2,6-2,6-3.
Roberto Bautista Agut, Spain, def. Benoit
Paire (27), France, 6-2,6-1,6-4.
Grigor Dimitrov (22), Bulgaria, def. Milos
Raonic (11), Canada, 6-3,3-6,6-4,7-6 (10)
Andy Murray (4), Britain, def. Feliciano
Lopez (26), Spain, 7-6 (2), 6-4,6-2.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (10), France, def. Gilles
Simon (18), France, 7-6 (5), 6A 6-2.

Kei Nishikori (16), Japan, def. Donald
Young, United States, 7-5,6-1,6-0.
Rafael Nadal (1), Spain, def. Gael Monfils
(25), France, 6-1,6-2,6-3.
Women's Singles
Third Round
Agnieszka Radwanska (5), Poland, def.
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (29), Russia, 5-7,
Garbine Muguruza, Spain, def. Caroline
Wozniacki (10), Denmark, 4-6,7-5,6-3.
Victoria Azarenka (2), Belarus, def.
Yvonne Meusburger, Austria, 6-1,6-0.

* MLB: I

Winter spending raises stakes

Can the team
no longer afford
to either keep
or deal its ace?

Given their financial
profile and the ongoing
industry-wide escalation
in player salaries, Tampa
Bay can't afford to not
consider trading ace
David Price if an unex-
pectedly overwhelming
offer came along.
But given the invest-
ment in this season's
team, with the 25-man
payroll extended to a
franchise high in the mid
$70 millions, and increas-
ing excitement internally
and throughout the mar-
ket about their potential,
could they really afford to
deal their staff leader?
Price hopes the poten-
tial for success is part of

/II I lIftn/AIik


Days until Tampa Bay Rays
pitchers and catchers report
for spring training on Feb. 14
at Charlotte Sports Park

the equation, and last
week, after agreeing to
an arbitration-avoiding
team-record one-year $14
million salary, he made
another pitch to stay.
"I feel like we have
a very good team, so,
hopefully, we can make
some kind of run," he
said. "If we can have
this team that we have
right now on paper and
everybody stays healthy
and produces the type of
seasons that we all can
produce, I think we can
do something special.... I
want to be part of it."

FEB. 19: Position players report
FEB. 20: First full squad workout
FEB. 22: FanFestatTropicana Field
FEB. 28: Exhibition opener vs.
Baltimore at Port Charlotte
MARCH 1: Exhibition road opener
vs. Pittsburgh at Bradenton
MARCH 31: Regular-season
opener vs. Jays at Tropicana Field

Price has spent much
of the offseason at his
family's Nashville-area
home, hoping nothing
happened. He came back
to the Tampa Bay area last
week to intensify work-
outs, thinking aloud that
he could soon exhale and
assume he is staying.
His premise is that once
free agent RHP Masahiro
Tanaka signs this week,
teams that miss out could
make a last albeit late
- run at the Rays, and if
that doesn't quickly lead
to anything, Price could
safely plan on reporting

to Port Charlotte a few
weeks later. He also
feels that he wouldn't be
traded once he gets to
camp suggesting such
a deal would upset other
Rays players though
team officials will not
make that assurance.
Muscled Matt: After a disap-
pointing and inconsistent 2013 perfor-
mance, Matt Joyce has put on nearly
20 pounds in hopes the additional
weight will lead to increased power
and keep him stronger throughout the
season. 'I think that in itself is going
to help;said Joyce, who hit 14 homers
through mid June and only four after.
"Everything looked great last year but I
felt a little weaker'."
Rays Rumblings: Though
new national TV deals are reported
to provide an additional $25 million
in revenue to each team, MLB may
withhold up to $10 million so the net
increase is significantly less. ... Radio
guys Andy Freed and Dave Wills are
signed to be back this season, as are
TV guys Dewayne Staats and Brian
Anderson, plus hosts/reporters Todd
Kalas and Kelly Nash.

* MLB:' '

New system dictates new strategies


Come Sunday, NFL
fans might see coaches
Bill Belichick or Jim
Harbaugh hollering at
the referee and throwing
a red flag on the field to
challenge a call.
And this week at the
Australian Open, players
will contest rulings and
then watch the results
be revealed on the
Major League Baseball
made sweeping changes
this week to expand its
instant replay system,
but the review process
won't appear nearly so
A look at how increased
replay will affect baseball
for players, managers,
umpires and fans:

Two outs, none on,
scoreless game in the
bottom of the second.
Batter hits a chopper in
the hole, seems to beat
the throw but is called

out. Should his manager
ask for a review? If he's
wrong, he will not have
any options later when
his center fielder makes a
diving catch with the bas-
es loaded and the umps
say the ball bounced. Or
does the manager go on a
fishing expedition, talking
to the ump to gauge if
he has a case and
giving someone in the
clubhouse more time to
examine replays.
NFL fans holler when
a ref goes under the
hood to review a play.
Tennis crowds gaze at the
scoreboard, clapping as
an animated ball plops
on the line to settle an
in-or-out dispute. MLB
figures it'll take up to 90
seconds to get the word
from its New York studio.
So what will fans do? Boo
slow-motion replays on
the Jumbotron? Hear the
"Jeopardy!" theme on
the PA? In other sports,
the whole thing becomes
an event. In baseball,

we'll find out. Tigers star
pitcher Justin Verlander
tweeted he's eager to see
how the expanded goes:
"Can't say yet if I'm for or
against. I like the replays
on big screen tho."

Face it, the spectacle of
a manager charging from
the dugout, flapping his
arms and shouting nose-
to-nose at an umpire
is part of baseball lore.
Will replay make wild
rhubarbs a thing of the
past? Well, rulings that get
reviewed can't be argued.
But Mike Scioscia isn't
going to be happy when
Mike Trout is called out
at second on a neighbor-
hood play those can't
be protested, either. Plus,
a manager who's out of
challenges might still
want to give the umps
an earful. Overall, we'll
discover how this affects
the rhythm and flow of
the game.

To contest a call, a

manager simply tells the
crew chief in "timely"
fashion he wants a review.
At least one other ump
joins the chief and they
go to a designated area
near home plate, picking
up a headset linked to
the replay command
center. They can't see a
video monitor, and the
replay official makes the
call the NHL does it
in the same manner. But
as one umpire told The
Associated Press: "The
microphone works both
ways, so on field can give
input and explanation."

MLB has been adamant
that no matter what, re-
play would never be used
to call balls and strikes.
Never. Too hard to tell on
tape whether an 88 mph
slider clipped the corner,
many say. But with tech-
nology improving by the
instant, is it impossible to
imagine someday? Stay


- There was an F-18
flyover, a 21-gun salute
and moving eulogies
by former New York
Yankees manager Joe
Torre and Padres broad-
caster Ted Leitner. Jerry
Coleman probably would
have thought it was
more attention than he
deserved. But the people
who knew him well felt
Saturday's memorial
service at Petco Park was
a fitting celebration of the
Hall of fame broadcaster.
Coleman, 89, died Jan.
5. He won four World
Series titles with the
Yankees and was the only
major leaguer who saw
combat in both World
War II and Korea, flying a
combined 120 missions
as a Marine Corps pilot.
He was a Padres broad-
caster for four decades....
Texas agreed to a minor league
deal with 31-year-old left-hander
Rafael Perez that includes an invita-
tion to major league spring training.

Clemson coach gets new
deal: Dabo Swinney received a
new, eight-year contract and a raise
that increased his total pay for next
season to $3.15 million. The school
announced the reworked contract that
ties Swinney to the Tigers through
2021. Swinney's previous deal paid
him a total of $2.55 million and was
good through 2017. Clemson had its
second straight 11-2 season. ...
Vanderbilt introduced its new
coach, Derek Mason, who made clear
he has plenty of experience recruiting
in the South, hopes to finish his
career at Vanderbilt and has very
high goals for the Commodores: the
Southeastern Conference East title ...
In St. Petersburg, Jimmy Garoppolo
threw a second-quarter touchdown
pass and Nevin Lawson returned a
fourth-quarter fumble 5 yards for
another touchdown to lead the East to
a 23-13 victory in the 89th East-West
Shrine game.

Skeleton team holds
no surprises: Katie Uhlaender
is heading to her third Olympics,
and Noelle Pikus-Pace and John Daly
were repeat selections when the U.S.
skeleton team for the Sochi Games
was unveiled. Matt Antoine and
Kyle Tress will join Daly on the men's
roster. Those five sliders have been the
American competitors on the World
Cup circuit throughout this season ...

In IgIs, Austria, Steven Holcomb
won his fifth two-man bobsled race
of the season, pairing with Steven
Langton for a World Cup victory. It was
Holcomb's first two-man victory on a
European track since February 2007,
when he tied for a win at Cesana
Pariol. .
Olympic organizers said Saturday
that Jamaica has qualified for the
two-man competition, though it
remains unclear if the fledgling squad
will get a chance to race because it
has raised none of the money needed
to defray the cost of competing ...
In Altenberg, Germany, Felix Loch
clinched his third consecutive World
Cup season points championship
in luge. Loch has won five of this
season's eight races. ...
In Budapest, Hungary, Javier
Fernandez of Spain successfully
defended his European figure skating
title ahead of two Russians: Sergei
Voronov and Konstantin Menshov.
Fernandez is the first champion to
successfully defend since Russia's
Evgeny Plushenko in 2005 and 2006.

American wins sprint
event: In Szklarska Poreba, Poland,
Kikkan Randall won her second
consecutive freestyle sprint event
on the cross-country World Cup to
underline her status as a medal
favorite at the Sochi Olympics. In the
men's event, Alex Harvey of Canada
won ahead of JosefWenzl of Germany
and France's Baptiste Gros ...
In Wengen, Switzerland, Patrick
Kueng gave his home Swiss fans
reason to cheer by winning the
Lauberhorn downhill. The course was
shortened by more than a minute due
to strong winds. Bode Miller finished
fifth. ...
Herman Keri Herman completed
her quest for the Sochi Olympics by
finishing second in the ski slopestyle
qualifier at the U.S. Grand Prix in Park
City, Utah. Gus Kenworthy winner
of the 2011 and 2012 AFP overall
titles took second in the men's
slopestyle with a score of 95.00,
punching his ticket to Sochi for the
third and final guaranteed men's
spot. ...
In Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Sage
Kotsenburg earned the final Olympic
snowboard slopestyle qualifier and
earned a spot on the U.S. team
heading to Sochi. Jamie Anderson
won the women's contest, making it
3-for-3 this week in Mammoth. She
had already secured her Olympic spot.
Rodman checks into
rehab: Darren Prince, Dennis
Rodman's agent, said the former NBA
player checked into an undisclosed
alcohol rehabilitation center to
treat his long-time struggle with
alcoholism. Rodman recently returned
to the United States from his latest
trip to North Korea.

Page 4 SP

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 SP Page 5


Sports on TV
NBC- European Championships, at Buda-
pest, Hungary
TGC PGATour, Humana Challenge, final
round, at La Quinta, Calif.
TGC -ChampionsTour, Mitsubishi Electric
Championship, final round, at Ka'upule-
hu-Kona, Hawaii
1 p.m.
FS1 -LouisianaTech at Southern Miss.
3:30 p.m.
NBCSN -Towson at Charleston
FSFL Boston at Orlando
CBS Playoffs, AFC Championship, New
England at Denver
6:30 p.m.
FOX Playoffs, NFC Championship, San
Francisco at Seattle
12:30 p.m.
NBC -Boston at Chicago
SUN -Tampa Bay at Carolina
7:30 p.m.
NBCSN -Washington at N.Y. Rangers
8:25 a.m.
NBCSN Premier League, Tottenham at
Swansea City
10:55 a.m.
NBCSN Premier League, Manchester
United at Chelsea
ESPN2 Australian Open, round of 16, at
Melbourne, Australia
ESPN2 Australian Open, round of 16, at
Melbourne, Australia
ESPN2-- UConn at Rutgers
FS1 -Villanova at DePaul
ESPN2 Penn St. at Michigan St.

Pro hockey
Friday's results
Columbus 5,Washington 1
Chicago 4, Anaheim 2
Saturday's results
Columbus 4, Buffalo 3, SO
Detroit 3, Los Angeles 2, SO
N.Y Rangers 4, Ottawa 1
San Jose 5, LIGHTNING 4
Winnipeg 3, Edmonton 2,OT
Toronto 5, Montreal 3
Philadelphia 6, N.Y Islanders 4
Carolina 3, PANTHERS 2
Anaheim 3, St. Louis 2
Colorado 5, Nashville 4
Phoenix 3, New Jersey 2
Dallas at Minnesota, late
Calgary at Vancouver, late
Today's games
Boston at Chicago, 12:30 p.m.
LIGHTNING at Carolina, 5 p.m.
Washington at N.Y Rangers, 7:30 p.m.
Today's games
Philadelphia at N.Y Islanders, 1 p.m.
Los Angeles at Boston, 3 p.m.
PANTHERS at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m.
St. Louis at Detroit, 7:30 p.m.
Dallas at Nashville, 8 p.m.
Toronto at Phoenix, 8 p.m.
Calgary at San Jose, 10:30 p.m.

Friday's results
Wheeling 5, Greenville 2
Reading 5, Toledo 2
Orlando 4, Florida 3, SO
Gwinnett 5, Kalamazoo 4
South Carolina 4, Cincinnati 1
Elmira 5, FortWayne 3
Utah 3, Idaho 0
Bakersfield 4, San Francisco 2
Colorado 5, Ontario 4, OT
Alaska 3, LasVegas 2,SO
Saturday's results
Florida 6, Orlando 5
Greenville 3,Wheeling 0
Reading 5, Toledo 4
Kalamazoo 5, Gwinnett 4, OT
Evansville 4, South Carolina 1
Colorado at Ontario, late
Idaho at Utah, late
Bakersfield at Stockton, late
LasVegas at Alaska, late
Today's games
San Francisco at Stockton, 7 p.m.
Ontario at Bakersfield, 7 p.m.

Saturday's results
Charlotte 6,Texas 1
Iowa 1,LakeErieO0
Manchester 6, St. John's 0
Springfield 5, Providence 3
Abbotsford 3, Grand Rapids 2
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 4, Portland 2
Hershey 5, Bridgeport 3
Utica 3, Hamilton 1
Albany 4, Adirondack 1
Binghamton 6, Syracuse 3
Norfolk 1,Worcester 0, OT
Oklahoma City2, Milwaukee 1
Rochester 3, San Antonio 2
Rockford at Chicago, late
Today's games
Hartford at Bridgeport, 3 p.m.
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton at Providence, 3:05
Albany at Hershey, 5 p.m.
Norfolkat Charlotte, 5 p.m.
Milwaukee at Oklahoma City, 5 p.m.

College hockey
Castleton St. 3,S. Maine2
Bentley 4, Canisius 1
Robert Morris 5, American International 2
HolyCross 3, Niagara 2
RIT 4, Army 3
Connecticut 3, Mercyhurst 3, OT
Clarkson 3, Brown 2
Cornell 1, Dartmouth 1,OT
Colgate 4, Harvard 2
Yale 4, St. Lawrence 2
Merrimack6,Quinnipiac 3
Union (NY) 3, New Hampshire 1
Boston College 7, Maine 2
Mass.-Lowell 3, Boston U. 1
Vermont 4, Northeastern 1
Alaska Anchorage 4, Ala.-Huntsville 1
Adrian 4, St. Scholastica 3, OT
Minnesota 4, Ohio St. 2
Michigan St. 3, Penn St. 2
Notre Dame 4, Lake Superior St. 2
Nebraska-Omaha 5, Miami (Ohio) 1

Alaska 4, N. Michigan 3
W. Michigan 2, St. Cloud St. 1
North Dakota 4, Bemidji St. 2

Pro basketball
Atlantic W L Pet GB
Toronto 20 18 .526 -
Brooklyn 16 22 .421 4
NewYork 15 25 .375 6
Boston 14 27 .341 71/2
Philadelphia 13 27 .325 8
Southeast W L Pet GB
Miami 29 11 .725 -

Atlanta 20 19 .513 81/2
Washington 19 20 .487 91/2
Charlotte 17 25 .405 13
Orlando 10 30 .250 19
Central W L Pet GB
Indiana 32 7 .821 -
Chicago 19 20 .487 13
Detroit 17 23 .425 151/2
Cleveland 15 25 .375 171/2
Milwaukee 7 32 .179 25
Southwest W L Pet GB
San Antonio 31 9 .775 -
Houston 27 15 .643 5
Dallas 24 18 .571 8
Memphis 20 19 .513 101/2
NewOrleans 15 24 .385 151/2
Northwest W L Pet GB
Portland 31 9 .775 -
Oklahoma City 30 10 .750 1
Denver 20 19 .513 101/2
Minnesota 19 21 .475 12
Utah 14 28 .333 18
Pacific W L Pet GB
L.A. Clippers 28 14 .667 -
Golden State 26 16 .619 2
Phoenix 22 17 .564 41/2
L.A. Lakers 15 25 .375 12
Sacramento 14 24 .368 12
Friday's results
Charlotte 111,Orlando 101
Miami 101, Philadelphia 86
Washington 96, Chicago 93
L.A. Clippers 109, NewYork95
Toronto 94, Minnesota 89
L.A. Lakers 107, Boston 104
Utah 110, Detroit 89
Memphis 91, Sacramento 90
Portland 109, San Antonio 100
Dallas 110, Phoenix 107
Cleveland 117, Denver 109
Oklahoma City 127, Golden State 121
Saturday's results
Indiana 106, L.A. Clippers 92
Detroit 104,Washington 98
Miami 104, Charlotte 96, OT
Chicago 103, Philadelphia 78
Minnesota 98, Utah 72
Houston 114, Milwaukee 104
Golden State 97, New Orleans 87
Portland 127, Dallas 111
Today's games
L.A. Lakers atToronto, 1 p.m.
Boston at Orlando, 6 p.m.
Sacramento at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m.
Milwaukee at San Antonio, 7 p.m.
Denver at Phoenix, 8 p.m.

College basketball
Alabama St. 67, Alabama A&M 58, OT
Alcorn St. 65, MVSU 53
Anderson (SC) 79, Lenoir-Rhyne 61
Appalachian St. 81, Georgia Southern 68
Belmont 79, Tennessee St. 65
Bridgewater (Va.) 76, Roanoke 57
Bryan 59, St. Andrews 52
Campbell 97,VMI93,OT
Carson-Newman 87,Coker 77
Charlotte 76, North Texas 74
Chattanooga 71,Wofford 57
Cincinnati 61, South Florida 54
Clemson 61,Wake Forest 53
Coppin St. 71, Hampton 68
Davidson 93, UNC Greensboro 82
Drexel 79, UNCWilmington 63
Duke 95, NC State 60
E. Kentucky 60,Jacksonville St. 56
FlU 68, East Carolina 64
Fayetteville St. 72,Johnson C. Smith 67
Florida 68, Auburn 61
Florida A&M 78, SC State 72
Florida Gulf Coast 90, ETSU 62
Furman 76,The Citadel 71
Gardner-Webb 67, Presbyterian 58
Georgetown (Ky) 89, Bluefield 73
Georgia 66, Arkansas 61, OT
Georgia St. 99, UALR 73
High Point 76, Liberty 70
Howard 88, Md.-Eastern Shore 55
Kentucky 74,Tennessee 66
Kentucky Wesleyan 92, Trevecca Nazarene
Louisiana-Lafayette 72,Troy 59
Louisiana-Monroe 64, South Alabama 58
McNeese St. 70, Houston Baptist 68
Memphis 101, LeMoyne-Owen 78
Mercer 87, Lipscomb 66
Miami 56, Georgia Tech 42
MiddleTennessee 80, UTSA 58
Mississippi 75, South Carolina 74
Mississippi St. 81,Texas A&M 72, OT
Morehead St. 82, UT-Martin 75
Morgan St. 87, Norfolk St. 70
N. Kentucky82, Kennesaw St. 69
NC A&T 88, NJIT 82
NC Central 62, Delaware St. 52
North Alabama 96, Christian Brothers 89
North Carolina 82, Boston College 71
Old Dominion 65, FAU 60
Park9l, Mid Continent 60
PrairieView 85,Jackson St.80,20T
Radford 93, Longwood 76
Richmond 73, Dayton 64
SE Louisiana 91, Lamar 65
SE Missouri 83,TennesseeTech 74
SMU 58, UCF 46
Sam Houston St. 77, New Orleans 70
Savannah St. 70, Bethune-Cookman 60, OT
Stetson 77, SC-Upstate 73, OT
Stillman 86, Lane 83, OT
Texas A&M-CC 70, Nicholls St. 67
Texas Southern 74, Grambling St. 72
Tulane 58, Rice 41
Tulsa 69, Marshall 52
Tuskegee 82, Kentucky St. 72
UMass 84, Elon 74
UNC Asheville 80, Charleston Southern 76
VCU 80, Duquesne 65
Virginia 78, Florida St. 66
W. Carolina 67, Samford 64
W. Kentucky82, Arkansas St. 77,20T
William & Mary 78, James Madison 56
Winston-Salem 76, St. Augustine's 67
Winthrop 73, Coastal Carolina 72, OT
Albany (NY) 85, Maine 78
American U. 66, Lafayette 61
Bloomfield 79,Wilmington (Del.) 63
Bloomsburg 77, West Chester 76
Bryant 95, Fairleigh Dickinson 68
Buffalo 71,KentSt. 60
Colgate 63, Navy 41
Columbia 71, Cornell 61
Delaware 74, Northeastern 70
Dominican (NY) 80, Felician 71
Fairfield 71, Manhattan 67
Gannon 71, Edinboro 59
George Washington 79, St. Bonaventure 71
Gettysburg 71,Swarthmore55
Grove City57,Thiel 54
Hartford 60, New Hampshire 43
Hartwick 96, Houghton 82
Hobart 71, Bard 59
Holy Cross 61, Lehigh 42
Johns Hopkins 67, Ursinus 66
La Salle 74,Temple 68
Lebanon Valley 78, Albright 57
Millersville 69, Cheyney 65
Mount St. Mary (NY) 70, Old Westbury 69
Mount St. Vincent 82, St. Joseph's (LI) 58
Muhlenberg 76,Washington (Md.)62
Providence 81, Creighton 68
Quinnipiac 85, Niagara 71
Rhode Island 71, George Mason 69, OT
Rider 66, Marist 56

Robert Morris 77, Mount St. Mary's 69
Saint Joseph's 85, Penn 68
Seton Hall 67, Georgetown 57
Slippery Rock64, Mercyhurst 43
St. Francis (NY) 74, Sacred Heart 71
St. John Fisher 83, Utica 65
St. John's 69, Dartmouth 55
Stony Brook 70, Mass.-Lowell 65
Susquehanna 79, Merchant Marine 64
Syracuse 59, Pittsburgh 54
SVermont 73, UMBC 47
Villanova 88, DePaul 62
Wagner 56, St. Francis (Pa.) 50
Yale 74, Brown 67

MIDWEST Ohio Dominican 75, Hillsdale 56
Albion 70, Adrian 56 S. Dakota St. 80, Nebraska-Omaha 66
Butler 69, Marquette 57, OT St. John's 49, Marquette 47
Cincinnati Christian 85, Indiana-East 83, OT Temple 58, Cincinnati 47
Culver-Stockton 97, Peru St. 83 W. Michigan 78,Toledo 72
E. Illinois 67, Austin Peay 64 Wichita St. 80, N. Iowa 47
E. Michigan 72, Cent. Michigan 59 Wis.-Whitewater 84,Wis.-Superior 79
Evansville 53, Loyola of Chicago 48 Wright St. 79,Valparaiso 65
Findlay 66,Tiffin 48 Xavier 75, Providence 52
Illinois St. 77, Drake 63 Youngstown St. 87, Milwaukee 71
Kansas 80, Oklahoma St. 78 SOUTHWEST
Kansas St. 78,West Virginia 56 Cent. Arkansas 67, Abilene Christian 54
Lake Erie 85,Walsh 74 Charlotte 92, UTEP 86
Lawrence 110,Grinnell 94 Huston-Tillotson 85,Jarvis Christian 64
Madonna 75, Concordia (Mich.) 67 IncarnateWord 67, Oral Roberts 64
Malone 95, Ashland 81 Oklahoma St. 82,TexasTech 56
Martin Luther 79, North Central (Minn.) 73 Rice 74, Marshall 68, OT
Miami (Ohio) 64, Ball St. 52 Southern U. 84, Ark.-Pine Bluff 70
Michigan 77,Wisconsin 70 Texas-Dallas 73, Concordia-Austin 66
Michigan St. 78, Illinois 62 Texas-Pan American 66, Chicago St. 44
Michigan Tech 69, Grand Valley St. 54 Tulsa 78, FlU 73
Minn. St.-Mankato 76,Wayne (Neb.) 57 UTSA58, North Texas 56
Minn. St.-Moorhead 87, Minn.-Crookston WEST
63 Boise St. 71,Utah St. 68
Minn.-Morris 81, Northland 41 CS Northridge 64, UC Santa Barbara 46
Missouri 68, Alabama 47 Cal Poly 107, Long Beach St. 102, OT
N. Dakota St. 65,W. Illinois 52 Colorado St. 87, Air Force 49
N. Iowa 94, Missouri St. 89 E.Washington 78, Sacramento St. 65
N. Michigan 61, Ferris St. 59 Fresno St. 75, New Mexico 73
Northwestern 54, Indiana 47 Hawaii 74, UC Riverside 61
Ohio 65, N. Illinois 46 Idaho 96, CS Bakersfield 69
Ohio Dominican 57, Hillsdale 55 Idaho St. 69, S. Utah 65
Purdue 65, Penn St. 64 N. Arizona 88, Portland St. 67
SIU-Edwardsville 67, Murray St. 60 N. Colorado 57, Montana 54
Saint Louis 70, Fordham 48 New Mexico St. 106, UMKC 77
South Dakota 75, IPFW 61 Pacific 75, Pepperdine 64
St. Cloud St. 88, Minot St. 85 Saint Mary's (Cal) 78, Loyola Marymount 74
St. John's (Minn.) 64, Carleton 56 San Diego 60, BYU 45
St. Olaf69, Hamline50 San Jose St. 74,Wyoming 68
St.Thomas (Minn.) 76, Concordia (Moor.) 60 Seattle 75, Utah Valley 67
Texas-Pan American 84, Chicago St. 61 UC Davis 69, Cal St.-Fullerton 67, OT
Toledo 75, Akron 61
Upper Iowa 96, SW Minnesota St. 75
Valparaiso 75, Milwaukee 62 College football
Wayne (Mich.) 65, SaginawValleySt. 61
Wichita St. 68, Indiana St. 48 BOWL SCHEDULE
Wis.-Oshkosh 63,Wis.-Stout 59 Saturday's results
Wis.-Platteville 80,Wis.-La Crosse 79 East-West Shrine Classic
Wis.-Stevens Pt. 65,Wis.-River Falls 48 At St. Petersburg
Wis.-Whitewater 97, Wis.-Superior 52 East 23,West 13
Youngstown St. 77, Detroit 63 NFLPACollegiate Bowl
SOUTHWEST At Los Angeles
Abilene Christian 73, Cent. Arkansas 72 National 31, American 17
Oklahoma 66, Baylor 64 Saturday'sgame
Oral Roberts 79, IncarnateWord 77 SeniorBowl
Texas 86, Iowa St. 76 At Mobile, Ala.
TexasTech 60,TCU 49 South vs. North, 4 p.m. (NFLN)
Texas-Arlington 56,TexasSt. 48
Texas-Dallas 95, Concordia-Austin 49 Pro football
California 76,Washington St. 55 NFLPLAYOFFS
Colorado 83, Southern Cal 62 Today'sgames
Colorado St. 74, Air Force 68 New England at Denver, 3 p.m. (CBS)
Denver 66, IUPUI 45 San Francisco at Seattle, 6:30 p.m. (FOX)
Gonzaga 82, Loyola Marymount 72 Pro Bowl
N. Arizona 77, Portland St. 56 Sunday, Jan. 26
New Mexico 89, Fresno St. 78 At Honolulu
Pepperdine 76, Portland 65 TBD, 7:30 p.m. (NBC)
Saint Mary's (Cal) 79, Pacific 73 Super Bowl
San Diego St. 63, UNLV 52 Sunday, Feb. 2
Utah 74, UCLA 69 At East Rutherford, NJ.
I Wyoming 67, San Jose St. 56 AFC champion vs. NFC champion, 6:30 p.m.

Alabama St. 92, Alabama A&M 45
Campbell 46, Presbyterian 43
Carson-Newman 74, Coker 56
Chattanooga 75,Wofford 36
Christian Brothers 75, North Alabama 62
Coastal Carolina 77, Charleston Southern
Cumberlands90, Pikeville87
Davidson 79, Georgia Southern 66
E. Kentucky 68,Jacksonville St. 61
East Carolina 86, Louisiana Tech 55
Fayetteville St. 56,Johnson C. Smith 31
Florida Gulf Coast 69, Mercer 57
George Washington 94, George Mason 68
Georgetown (Ky.) 98, Bluefield 77
Georgia St. 61, UALR 59
Hampton 80, Coppin St. 52
High Point 81, Gardner-Webb 77
Howard 77, Md.-Eastern Shore 75, OT
Jackson St. 83, Prairie View 82,20T
Jacksonville 67, N. Kentucky 56
Kentucky Christian 78,Johnson 65
McNeese St. 66, Houston Baptist 62
Memphis 48, Houston 40
MiddleTennessee 61, UAB 55
NC Central 75, Delaware St. 61
Nicholls St. 67,Texas A&M-CC 60
Norfolk St. 61, Morgan St. 52
North Florida 78, Lipscomb66
Old Dominion 80, FAU 44
SC State 68, Florida A&M 57
SE Louisiana 67, Lamar 62
Sam Houston St. 78, New Orleans 47
Samford 59, Furman 58
Savannah St. 58, Bethune-Cookman 54
South Alabama 72, Louisiana-Monroe 70
South Florida 63, UCF 38
Stetson 98, Kennesaw St. 75
Stillman 79, Lane 59
Tennessee St. 64, Belmont 51
Texas Southern 77, Grambling St. 63
Transylvania 103, Bluffton 77
Troy87, Louisiana-Lafayette 75
Tulane 73, Southern Miss. 71, OT
Tuskegee 61, Kentucky St. 53
UNC Asheville 83, Liberty80, OT
UT-Martin 74, Morehead St. 52
Virginia St. 73,Virginia Union 65
Winston-Salem 62, St. Augustine's 52
Winthrop 70, Longwood 49
Xavier (NO) 63, Edward Waters 49
Albany (NY) 84, Maine 56
American U. 72, Lafayette 57
Bloomfield 72,Wilmington (Del.) 43
Bloomsburg 88,West Chester 80
Bucknell56, Army 55
Buffalo 84, E. Michigan 83, OT
CCSU 72, Fairleigh Dickinson 67
Cheyney 61, Millersville 60
Columbia 71, Cornell 64
Dartmouth 48, NJIT45
Duquesne 62, Rhode Island 47
Edinboro 75, Gannon 72, OT
Felician 70, Dominican (NY) 65
Gettysburg 55, Swarthmore 47
Grove City 65, Thiel 55
lona 64, Fairfield 59
Johns Hopkins 71, Ursinus 67
Lehigh 87, Holy Cross 82
Lock Haven 66, Kutztown 51
Mercyhurst 82, Slippery Rock 75
Mount St. Mary's 89,Wagner 78
Navy 71, Colgate 40
New Hampshire 61, Hartford 56
Quinnipiac 70, Siena 49
Rider 56, St. Peter's 55
Robert Morris 83, St. Francis (Pa.) 69
Seton Hall 73, Georgetown 62
Shippensburg 107, Mansfield 65
St. Bonaventure 62, Saint Louis 60
Susquehanna 73, Merchant Marine 57
Vermont 63, UMBC 59
W. New England 53, Endicott 49
WestVirginia 77, Oklahoma 63
Widener 71, Hood 60
Akron 77, Kent St. 51
Baker 78, Evangel 76
Ball St. 79, Ohio 63
Bethel (Minn.) 67, Augsburg 58
Butler 58, Creighton 52
Cent. Michigan 82, Bowling Green 79, OT
Ferris St. 69, N. Michigan 61
Findlay 69,Tiffin 66
Green Bay90, Cleveland St. 72
Grinnell 62, Lawrence 48
IPFW 96, South Dakota 78
IUPUI 82, Denver 66
Ill.-Chicago 78, Oakland 65
Kansas St. 80, Iowa St. 74
Michigan 69, Illinois 60
Michigan Tech 76, Grand Valley St. 54
Minn.-Morris 62, Northland 45
Missouri St. 89, Drake 66
Montana St. 76, North Dakota 65
N. Dakota St. 83,W. Illinois 77
N. Illinois 69, Miami (Ohio) 66
Northwestern 74,Wisconsin 58


Glantz-Culver Line
at Denver 61/2 51/2 (57) NewEngland
at Seattle 3 31/2 (40) San Francisco
O-Opening line T-Today'sline
at Houston 5 Rutgers
at Cleveland St. 51/2 Wright St.
at Iowa 9 Minnesota
at Southern Miss. 4 Louisiana Tech
Green Bay 10 at Il.-Chicago
atW. Michigan 71/2 Bowling Green
at Coll. ofCharleston 5 Towson
atNotreDame 121/2 Virginia Tech
Oregon 2 at Oregon St.
Canisius 4 at Monmouth (NJ)
at lona 11 Siena
at SMU 19 Hofstra
at Army 3 Bucknell
atToronto 10 (206) L.A. Lakers
at Orlando 2(1951/2) Boston
at San Antonio 15 (199) Milwaukee
at Oklahoma City 91/2 (215) Sacramento
at Phoenix 21/2(2151/2) Denver
at Chicago -160 Boston +140
atCarolina -125 Tampa Bay +105
at N.Y. Rangers -140 Washington +120

American League
TEXAS RANGERS Agreed to terms
with LHP Rafael Perez on a minor league
National Basketball Association
NBA Fined Dallas Mavericks owner
Mark Cuban $100,000 for confronting the
game officials on the court after the con-
clusion of the game on Wednesday, Jan. 15.
Robert Covington from Rio Grande Valley
NBA Development League
ter Strickland from the league's player pool.
Waived G Antoine Hood.
National Hockey League
Burke linebackers coach.
DETROIT LIONS Named Ron Prince
assistant head coach/tight ends coach.
NEWYORKJETS Re-signed defensive
coordinator Dennis Thurman, assistant
head coach/running backs coach Antho-
ny Lynn, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar,
offensive line coach Mike Devlin and wide
receivers coach Sanjay Lal. Promoted Bob-
by April III to linebackers coach.
Spanos linebackers coach.
National Hockey League
Steve Mason to a three-year contract.
American Hockey League
AHL Suspended Adirondack F Petr
Straka two games for receiving a match
penalty in a Jan. 17 game against Hartford.
Suspended Utica LW Darren Archibald
one game for his actions in a Jan. 17 game
against Albany.
Zach Miskovic to Rockford for future con-
CLEMSON Signed football coach
Dabo Swinney to an eight-year contract
through 2021.
INDIANA- Named RobJudson director
of men's basketball operations.
VANDERBILT Named Derek Mason
football coach.

At Resorts International, Atlantic City, NJ.
(NBCSN), Curtis Stevens vs. Patrick Majew-
ski, 10,middleweights;Thabiso Mchunuvs.
Olanrewaju Durodola, 10,cruiserweights.
At Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, Calif (FS1),
Cornelius Bundrage vs. Joey Hernandez,
12, IBF junior middleweight eliminator; An-
tonio Orozco vs. Miguel Angel Huerta, 10,
junior welterweights.
At Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton,
Wash. (ESPN2), Javier Molina vs. Kendall
Holt, 10, welterweights; Rico Ramosvs.Jon-
Sathan Arrellano, 10, featherweights.

* NHL: 4

St. Louis equals

club mark in loss

Scores four goals LIGHTNING AT

against Sharks HURRICANES

By BOB BELLONE WHO: Tampa Bay (28-16-5)
ASSOCIATED PRESS at Carolina (20-18-9)
TAMPA- Martin St. N T,
Louis tied a Tampa Bay WHEN: Today, 5p.m.
scoring record, it just WHERE: PNC Arena, Raleigh,
wasn't enough to lift the N.C.
Lightning to a win. TV: Sun Sports
Two minutes into the RADIO: 106.9 FM, 970 AM, 1220
second period, St. Louis AM, 1530 AM
matched the club mark
with four goals. Then
Joe Pavelski scored three really be happy about it
consecutive goals of his (when) at the end of the
own in the second period day you lose the game."
to help San Jose rally for a Tampa Bay sustained its
5-4 victory on Saturday fifth consecutive one-goal
Pavelski beat goalie Ben loss at home.
Bishop twice in a span "Spotting him with four
of 21 seconds midway goals, it's lucky we won
through the period the game," Sharks captain
and added the winner Joe Thornton said. "He's
a minute before the been a great player for
intermission, a lot of years. He knows
St. Louis struck three what to do when he gets
times against goalie Antti the puck."
Niemi in a span of 7:34 Thornton also reached a
in the first period for his milestone, joining Hall of
eighth NHL hat trick. His Famer Bobby Hull in 48th
fourth goal early in the place on the NHL career
second equaled the team list with 1,170 points with
mark set by Chris Kontos his assist on Pavelski's
against Chicago in Tampa winner.
Bay's inaugural game on SHARKS 5, LIGHTNING 4
Oct. 7, 1992. San Jose 2 3 0- 5
ct. 7, 9. LIGHTNING 3 1 01 4
St. Louis scored twice First Period-1,SanJose, Nieto4(Marleau,
on the power play against Wingels), 9:46.2, LIGHTNING, St. Louis 22
a penalty-killing unit that (Johnson, Purcell), 11:56 (pp). 3, San Jose,
Marleau 21 (Nieto, Wingels), 12:52. 4,
hadn't allowed a goal in LIGHTNING, St. Louis 23 (Cote, Bishop),
six consecutive games. His 15:44.5, LIGHTNING, St. Louis24 (J.Brown,
Barberio), 19:30.
four goals were one more Second Period-6, LIGHTNING, St. Louis
than San Jose had allowed 25 (Purcell, Johnson), 2:07 (pp). 7, San Jose,
in its previous four games Pavelski 23 (Kennedy, Demers), 12:48. 8,
San Jose, Pavelski 24 (Boyle, Marleau), 13:09
combined. (pp). 9, San Jose, Pavelski 25 (Irwin, Thorn-
"I did appreciate them, ton), 19:00.
Third Period-None.
until we were down and Shots on Goal-San Jose 14-13-5-32.
the game was over," St. LIGHTNING 13-10-6-29. Goalies-
San Jose, Niemi. LIGHTNING, Bishop.
Louis said. "It's tough to A-19,204 (19,204).T-2:37.


Semin's two goals

propel Carolina


Alexander Semin scored AT PENGUINS
two goals in the third WHO: Florida (18-23-7) at
period to lift Carolina to a Pittsburgh (34-12-2)
3-2 victory against Florida WHEN: Monday, 7 p.m.
Saturday WHERE: CONSOL Energy Center,
The teams were tied Pittsburgh Pa.
at one until Semin took g
control of a faceoff win by TV: Fox Sports Florida
Eric Staal and shot past RADIO: No local affiliates
Tim Thomas at 2:31 of
the third. He then scored
Carolina's league-leading defenseman Jacob Trouba scored his
ninth short-handed goal second goal of the game 1:10 into
on a breakaway at 8:57, overtime to lift the Jets, who have
also on an assist from won three in a row since Paul Maurice
Staal. took over as coach after Claude Noel
The Hurricanes ended was fired on Jan. 12.
a two-game skid and
improved to 6-2 in their Avalanche 5, Predators
last eight. 4: In Nashville, Tenn., Nick Holden
scored two goals and had an assist as
HURRICANES 3, PANTHERS 2 Colorado earned its fourth consecutive
Florida 0 1 1 2
CaFlolina 0 1 1 2 victory. Jan Hejda, Gabriel Landeskog
Caoia0 1 2 3- 1 A ) 3.-h- 1.-
First Period-None. and Matt Duchene each scored a goal
Second Period-I, Carolina, Nash 5 (Dvor- for Colorado, which is 8-1-1 over its
ak), 3:37. 2, Florida, Goc 9 (Huberdeau, past 10 games.
Gilbert), 15:05.
Third Period-3, Carolina, Semin 7 (E.Sta-
al), 2:31.4, Carolina, Semin 8 (E.Staal), 8:57 Coyotes 3, Devils 2: In
(sh). 5, Florida, Kulikov 3 (Bjugstad, Ko-
pecky), 14:21. Glendale, Ariz., Martin Hanzal had a
Shots on Goal-Florida 13-15-11-39. goal and an assist, and Phoenix gave
Carolina 15-11-13-39. Goalies-Florida,
Thomas. Carolina, Khudobin. A-15,476 coach Dave Tippett his 450th career
(18,680).T-2:31. victory. Phoenix has its first winning
streak since Dec. 10-12 and gave
Blue Jackets 4, Sabres 3, Iippett his 100th home win with the
SO: In Buffalo, N.Y., Ryan Johansen Coyotes.
scored the only goal in the shootout
and Columbus extended its winning Maple Leafs 5,
streak to six games, which matches Canadiens 3: In Toronto, James
the longest in franchise history set on van Riemsdyk scored with 5:33 left in
April 3,2006. the third period and Toronto extended

Flyers 6, Islanders 4: In its winning streak to four games.

Philadelphia, Michael Raffi scored ody FransonPhi K l and Mason
the go-ahead goal with 4:15 left as Raymond also scored for the Leafs and
Philadelphia rallied. On the day he Joffrey lupul added an empty-netter.
signed a $12.3 million, three-year
contract extension, Flyers goalie Steve Ducks 3, Blues 2: In St.
Mason was yanked from the oame Louis, Ryan Getzlaf scored his 25th

after allowing four goals on 24 shots. goal, and rookie -rederik Andersen
made 34 saves for Anaheim, which
Rangers 4, Senators 1: In has won 19 of 21. The Ducks have won
Ottawa, Ontario, Derek Stepan broke nine of their last 11 on the road and
a 13-game goal drought and added lead the NHL with 79 points.
two assists for New York. After falling
behind 1-0 in the first period, the Red Wings 3, Kings 2,
Rangers (26-21-3) won for the fifth SO: In Detroit, Tomas Tatar scored
time in six games, and Jimmy Howard stopped all three
shots he faced in a shootout, lifting
Jets 3, Oilers 2, OT: In Detroit, which received tied the game
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Winnipeg with 26.1 seconds left.


Gators survive SEC scare at Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. -Billy
Donovan cautioned his
Florida Gators before
the game not to assume
Casey Prather would
instantly return to form
after a two-game layoff.
Prather scored 16 of his
21 points in the first half
in his comeback from a
badly bruised right knee
and helped No. 7 Florida
survive a scare from
Auburn in a 68-61 victory
on Saturday. Donovan's
warning proved
"That rule went out
the window after the first
half, when he had 16,"
the coach said. "He was
clearly going to play a lot
more since he played so

WHO: No. 7 Florida (15-2,4-0
SEC) at Alabama (8-9,2-2)
WHEN:Thursday, 7p.m.
WHERE: Coleman Coliseum,
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
RADIO: 930 AM, 1220 AM,
1250 AM

"I'm not so sure if he's
hurt again this game, that
this is a game we could
pull out."
Prather made eight of
10 shots for the Gators
(15-2, 4-0 Southeastern
Conference), who have
won nine straight games
and eight in a row at
Auburn (8-7, 0-4).
Donovan said Prather

looked just OK in prac-
tice Thursday with no
contact, but fared better
the day before the game.
"He was like, 'When you
come back to practice,
are you going to baby it
or are you going to play?'"
Prather said. "I said I was
going to play."
Tahj Shamsid-Deen
hit a jump shot with
1:59 left to cut Florida's
lead to 62-61, but Scottie
Wilbekin answered with a
fadeaway jumper.
"We didn't really have
anything going on that
possession," Wilbeken
said. "My first drive, I
didn't have anything so
I tried to give it to Casey
Prather coming around
behind me. His man
denied him, so I had to
make another move and I

just made it."
Wilbekin, who scored
16 points, made two of
four free throws over the
final 48 seconds.
Patric Young blocked
KT Harrell's attempt to
bring Auburn to within
two points in between
those trips to the line.
Kasey Hill made two
late free throws for the
final margin.
Young scored 13 for
Florida, which outre-
bounded Auburn 31-23.
Chris Denson, the
SEC's leading scorer, had
15 of his 21 points in the
second half to help keep
the Tigers close. Harrell
added 18 points and
made 4 of 7 3-pointers.
Florida made 23 of 33
free throws while Auburn
was 14 of 22.

Florida's Michael Frazier II drives past Auburn's Chris Densen
during Saturday game.


Fieler sets FGCU mark in win

Miami's Udonis Haslem battles Charlotte's Josh McRoberts for a
rebound during the first half of Saturday night's game.

LeBron lifts

Heat to win

- LeBron James had
34 points and eight
rebounds, and the Miami
Heat beat the Charlotte
Bobcats for the 15th
straight time, 104-96 in
overtime Saturday night.
James scored six points
in the extra period,
including two driving
layups to lift the Heat to
their second win in two
Chris Bosh added 25
points and seven re-
bounds for Miami.
Al Jefferson had
22 points to lead the
Bobcats, who were
playing their fourth game
in five nights.
The Bobcats lost point
guard Kemba Walker in
the third quarter with an
ankle injury.
The crowd of 19,631
was the largest ever to see
a Bobcats game at Time
Warner Cable Arena on a
night in which the team
began selling its Hornets
gear for the first time. The
Bobcats will become the
Hornets after this season.

MIAMI (104)
James 13-25 8-10 34, Battier 0-0 0-0 0, Bosh
10-162-3 25, Chalmers 83-8 34 9, Allen 5-11
1-1 12, Cole 1-6 0-0 3, Haslem 2-6 2-5 6,
Lewis 3-5 0-0 7, Mason Jr. 1-1 0-0 2, Beasley
1-1 2-4 5, Oden 0-0 1-2 1. Totals 39-79 19-
Kidd-Gilchrist 2-3 0-0 5, McRoberts 3-6 2-2
10, Jefferson 10-23 2-6 22, Walker 1-7 4-5
6, Henderson 4-11 3-3 11, Zeller 2-4 1-1 5,
Sessions 6-104-416,Tolliver 4-7 0-011, Biy-
ombo 3-3 1-2 7, Douglas-Roberts 1-1 0-0 3.
Totals 36-75 17-23 96.
Miami 27 26 22 15 14-104
Charlotte 29 31 16 14 6 96
3-Point Goals-Miami 7-21 (Bosh 3-6,
Beasley 1-1, Cole 1-2, Lewis 1-3, Allen 1-5,
Chalmers 0-1, James 0-3), Charlotte 7-17
(Tolliver 3-6, McRoberts 2-4, Kidd-Gilchrist
1-1, Douglas-Roberts 1-1, Sessions 0-2,
Walker 0-3). Fouled Out-None. Re-
bounds-Miami 52 (Haslem 10), Char-
lotte 43 (Jefferson 14). Assists-Miami 16
(James 6), Charlotte 31 (Walker 8). Total
Fouls-Miami 23, Charlotte 23. Techni-
cals-Charlotte defensive three second.
A-19,631 (19,077).

Pistons 104, Wizards 98:
In Washington, Josh Smith overcame
a slow start to score 22 points and
Rodney Stuckey added 20 as Detroit
beat Washington. Greg Monroe had
12 points and 10 rebounds and Andre
Drummond added 10 points and a
game-high 13 boards as the Pistons
outrebounded the Wizards 44-35.

WHO: Boston (14-27) at
Orlando (10-30)
WHEN: Today, 6 p.m.
WHERE: Amway Center, Orlando
TV: Fox Sports Florida
RADIO: No local affiliate

WHO: Miami (29-11) at
Atlanta (20-19)
WHEN: Monday, 5:30 p.m.
WHERE: Philips Arena, Atlanta
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 99.3 FM

Bulls 103, 76ers 78: In
Chicago, Joakim Noah had 21 points
and 16 rebounds, Carlos Boozer added
15 points and 13 boards, and Chicago
beat Philadelphia. Noah extended his
streak of double-digit rebound games
to 12, the longest stretch of his career.

Rockets 114, Bucks
104: In Houston, Terrence Jones
had a career-high 36 points and 11
rebounds, and Houston led from
the start against Milwaukee. Jones
had 25 points by halftime, matching
his previous career-best set on
Wednesday, and James Harden added
22 points.

Warriors 97, Pelicans 87:
In New Orleans, Stephen Curry scored
28 points, David Lee added 22 and
Golden State sent New Orleans to its
eighth straight loss. Anthony Davis
had 31 points and 17 rebounds in his
seventh straight game with more than
20 points, but that was only enough
to keep the Pelicans competitive into
the final minutes.

Timberwolves 98, Jazz
72: In Minneapolis, Nikola Pekovic
had 27 points and 14 rebounds in
three quarters, and reeling Minnesota
blasted Utah. Kevin Love had 18
points, 13 rebounds and five assists,
and Kevin Martin scored 20 points to
help the Wolves snap a three-game
losing streak that included losses to
Sacramento and Toronto.

Pacers 106, Clippers 92:
In Indianapolis, Paul George scored 36
points and Lance Stephenson added
22 points and 12 rebounds, leading
Indiana Pacers past the Los Angeles
Clippers. Indiana (32-7) has won four
straight, all by double digits,


Bernard Thompson
scored 21 points and
Chase Fieler became
Florida Gulf Coast's all-
time leader in rebounds
as the Eagles ran away
from East Tennessee State
for a 90-62 victory on
Saturday night.
A.J. Merriweather's
layup for ETSU (9-10, 2-4
Atlantic Sun) made it 6-6
just over 3 minutes into
the game before FGCU
scored 26 of the next 29
points over the ensuing
9:03 to blow the game
The Eagles (12-8, 6-1)
took a 42-22 lead into the
break and led by 28 on
five separate occasions.
Fieler, who finished
with eight points and 10
rebounds, has 597 career
rebounds, surpassing
Sherwood Brown's 589.

ETSU (9-10)
Rembert 6-12 2-4 18, Riley 1-8 0-0 3, Merri-
weather 3-6 0-0 7, H. Harris 1-6 0-0 2, Gads-
den-Gilliard 3-105-611, McClain 0-1 1-41,
D. Harris 2-9 2-3 6, Banks 0-1 2-2 2, Halvors-
en 1-20-03,Wilson3-12 1-39,Poderis0-1
0-0 O.Totals20-68 13-22 62.
Comer 3-6 0-0 6, Thompson 7-19 4-5 21,
Jones 3-4 3-4 9, McKnight 5-5 4-6 14, Fieler
2-5 4-48, Hicks 3-5 4-8 10, Shoon 0-0 0-0 0,
Cvjeticanin 2-6 4-410, Allen 0-0 0-0 0, Boyle
1-1 0-0 3, Blake 0-0 0-0 0, Graf 3-5 1-1 9.To-

tals 29-56 24-32 90.
Halftime-Florida Gulf Coast 42-22.
3-Point Goals-ETSU 9-30 (Rembert 4-8,
Wilson 2-8, Halvorsen 1-2, Merriweather
1-2, Riley 1-5, Gadsden-Gilliard 0-2, D. Har-
ris 0-3), Florida Gulf Coast 8-20 (Thompson
3-8, Graf 2-3, Cvjeticanin 2-6, Boyle 1-1,
Comer 0-2). Fouled Out-Gadsden-Gil-
liard, Merriweather Rebounds-ETSU 36
(H. Harris 8), Florida Gulf Coast 46 (Fieler
10). Assists-ETSU 8 (D. Harris, McClain
3), Florida Gulf Coast 22 (Comer 7). To-
tal Fouls-ETSU 24, Florida Gulf Coast
18. Technicals-Merriweather, Comer.

Virginia 78, Florida
State 66: In Charlottesville,
Va.,Joe Harris scored 18 points and
Virginia (13-5,4-1 Atlantic Coast
Conference) used an early 22-5 run to
take command on its way to a victory
against Florida State (12-5,3-2) and a
sweep of its season series.

FLORIDA ST. (12-5)
Bookert 4-9 1-2 12, White 5-6 5-6 15,
Gilchrist 0-0 0-0 0, Bojanovsky 1-3 0-0 2,
Brandon2-51-2 5, Smith 2-2 0-0 5,Thomas
3-7 8-815,Miller3-12 2-29,Allen 0-0 0-0 0,
Ojo 1-2 1-23.Totals21-46 18-2266.
Tobey 4-115-6 13, Harris 6-8 2-3 18, Brog-
don 5-13 5-516,Perrantes0-1 2-22,Mitch-
ell 4-9 1-3 9, Anderson 4-70-0 10, T Jones
1-1 0-0 2, Gill 3-4 2-4 8, Atkins 0-1 0-0 0.
Totals 27-55 17-23 78.
Halftime-Virginia 45-26. 3-Point
Goals-Florida St. 6-16 (Bookert 3-4,
Smith 1-1,Thomas 1-2, Miller 1-8, Brandon
0-1), Virginia 7-11 (Harris 4-5, Anderson
2-3, Brogdon 1-2, Perrantes 0-1). Fouled
Out-None. Rebounds-Florida St. 31
(White 7), Virginia 28 (Brogdon, Gill, Har-
ris, Mitchell 4). Assists-Florida St. 11
(Thomas 4), Virginia 18 (Brogdon 6). Total
Fouls-Florida St. 20, Virginia 19. Techni-
cal-Anderson. A-12,765.

Miami 56, Georgia
Tech 42: In Atlanta, freshman

Manu Lecomte scored a career-high
16 points, Donnavan Kirk added 14
points and Miami (10-7,2-3 ACC) beat
Georgia Tech (10-8,1-4).

MIAMI (10-7)
Kirk 5-6 3-3 14, Jekiri 0-1 0-0 0, Brown 5-9
0-0 12, Lecomte 5-12 6-6 16, Adams 2-8
2-6 6, Akpejiori 0-1 0-0 0, Reed 1-2 1-2 3,
Swoope 2-41 -2 5, KellyO-0 0-0 O.Totals 20-
Georges-Hunt 3-10 2-4 10, Holsey 3-5 2-4
8, Miller 3-5 3-4 9, Bolden 0-5 0-0 0, Golden
3-12 5-6 12, Poole, Jr. 0-0 0-0 0, Stephens
1-6 0-0 3, Heyward 0-1 0-0 0.Totals 13-44
Halftime-Miami 27-17.3-Point Goals-
Miami 3-14 (Brown 2-5, Kirk 1-2, Swoope
0-1, Lecomte 0-3, Adams 0-3), Georgia
Tech 4-20 (Georges-Hunt 2-4, Stephens
1-4, Golden 1-7, Bolden 0-5). Fouled
Out-Jekiri. Rebounds-Miami 31 (Kirk
7), Georgia Tech 27 (Miller 8). Assists-Mi-
ami 4 (Lecomte 3), Georgia Tech 9 (Bolden,
Georges-Hunt, Stephens 2). Total Fouls-
Miami 17, Georgia Tech 17. A-8,072.

No. 19 Cincinnati 61,
South Florida 54: In Tampa,
Sean Kilpatrick scored 18 points
to help lead Cincinnati (17-2,6-0
American) past South Florida (10-8,
1-4). in a game the Bulls fel they
should have won.

No. 19 CINCINNATI 61, USF 54
Rubles2-5 1-2 5,Thomas 3-4 4-4 10, Jack-
son 3-8 3-5 9, Guyn 3-4 0-0 8, Kilpatrick
7-172-3 18,Caupain 1-5 2-2 5,Sanders2-6
0-06, Johnson 0-0 00, Nyarsuk 0-0 00 0.
Rudd 5-13 2-212,LeDay 0-2 2-2 2, Egbunu
4-5 2-4 10, Brock3-6 2-4 8, Allen Jr. 0-4 0-0
0, Heath 1-5 0-0 2, McLendon 0-1 0-0 0,
Hawkins 6-9 1-215, Perry 1-6 3-4 5.Totals
20-51 12-1854.
Halftime-Cincinnati 30-26. 3-Point
Goals-Cincinnati 7-19 (Guyn 2-3, Sand-

ers 2, Kilpatrick 2-9, Caupain 1-3), South
Florida 2-9 (Hawkins 2-3, Allen Jr. 0-1,
Brock 0-1, Rudd 0-4). Fouled Out-None.
Rebounds-Cincinnati 30 (Caupain 6),
South Florida 36 (Rudd 9). Assists-Cin-
cinnati 12 (Rubles 5), South Florida 14
(Heath 6). Total Fouls-Cincinnati 14,
South Florida 16. A-5,322.

SMU 58, Central Florida
46: In Orlando, Markus Kennedy had
15 points and eight rebounds and
SMU (13-4,3-2 American) beat Central
Florida (9-7,1-4).

SMU 58, UCF 46
SMU (13-4)
Williams 1-5 0-0 2, Kennedy 7-9 1-1 15,
Brown 1-3 1-23,N.Moore3-103-311,Rus-
sell 3-6 2-2 8, Manuel 1-3 3-5 5, Frazier 1-5
0-0 2, Head 0-2 0-0 0, Cunningham 2-4 0-0
4, B. Moore 3-3 2-2 8Totals 22-5012-15 58.
UCF (9-7)
Spurlock3-11 2-4 11, McCrory 0-1 0-0 0,
Wilson 1-6 2-3 5, Sykes 2-4 2-7 6, Walker
4-9 0-0 9, Newell 0-5 0-1 0, Williams 2-6
0-0 5, Lang 0-1 0-0 0, Goodwin 0-0 0-0 0,
Haney 2-2 1-1 6, Blair 1-3 2-2 4. Totals 15-
Halftime-Tied 22-22. 3-Point Goals-
SMU 2-10 (N. Moore 2-6, Brown 0-1, Head
0-1, Frazier 0-2), UCF 7-27 (Spurlock 3-9,
Haney 1-1,Wilson 1-4,Walker 1-4,Williams
1-5, Lang 0-1, Newell 0-3). Fouled Out-N.
Moore. Rebounds-SMU 36 (Kennedy 8),
UCF 34 (Blair 7). Assists-SMU 14 (Ken-
nedy, Russell 4), UCF 9 (Newell 4). Total
Fouls-SMU 18, UCF 15. Technical-N.
Moore. A-4,905.

Around the state: Willie
Green scored 24 points as Stetson
(5-14,3-4 A-Sun) defeated South
Carolina-Upstate (9-10,2-4), 77-73, in
DeLand. ... Rakeem Buckles scored 18
points, including a pair of free throws
with 7 seconds to play, as Florida
International (10-9,2-2 Conference
USA) beat East Carolina (11-7,0-3),
68-64 in Miami.


Michigan upsets reeling Wisconsin


MADISON, Wis. -This
is a week No. 3 Wisconsin
might like to forget.
Two straight losses
after a school-best 16-0
start have the Badgers
thinking about defense.
Wisconsin got within
a point late after falling
behind by 15, but fell
short after Nik Stauskas'
3 with less than a minute
left helped Michigan
hold on for a 77-70 win
The Badgers couldn't
overcome the big deficit
in large part due to
Michigan shooting 60
percent from the field in
the first half. Defense is
uncharacteristically an
issue for Wisconsin.
"See I know the
weaknesses. I know that
people will find out even-
tually," coach Bo Ryan
said. "You know, some of
these guys have to fight
through some of this."
Josh Gasser had 16
points for the Badgers
(16-2, 3-2 Big Ten), while
Ben Brust and Frank
Kaminsky each added 14.
Caris LeVert scored 20
for the Wolverines (13-4,
5-0 Big Ten), who held on
for their first road win at
Wisconsin since 1999.

The Badgers (16-2, 3-2)
went on a 14-2 run late,
and Brust's putback got
them within 68-67 with
about 2 minutes left.
But after whiffing on
a 3 from the right wing,
Stauskas hit a step-back
from 3 from the left side
to give Michigan a 71-67

No. 2 Syracuse 59, No.
22 Pittsburgh 54: In Syracuse,
N.Y., freshman point guard Tyler
Ennis scored 16 points, including two
driving layups and two free throws
in the final 2 minutes, and Syracuse
(18-0,5-0) beat Pittsburgh (16-2,
4-1) in a battle for first place in the
Atlantic Coast Conference between
the two former Big East rivals.

No. 4 Michigan State
78, Illinois 62: In Chamapign,
IIl., Gary Harris scored 23 points and
Denzel Valentine pulled down 11
rebounds to lead Michigan State
(17-1,6-0 Big Ten) past Illinois (13-6,

No. 5 Wichita St. 68,
Indiana St. 48: In Wichita, Kan.,
Ron Baker scored 16 points, Fred
VanVleet added 15 and Wichita State
(19-0,6-0 Missouri Valley), remained
unbeaten with a victory over Indiana
State (14-4,5-1)

No. 6Villanova 88,
DePaul 62: In Villanova, Pa.,
James Bell had 17 points and eight

rebounds, Ryan Arcidiacono scored 14
points, and Villanova (16-1,5-0 Big
East) beat DePaul (10-9,2-4).

Texas 86, No. 8 Iowa
State 76: In Austin, Texas,
Jonathan Holmes scored 23 points
and Cam Ridley had 16 points and 11
rebounds as Texas (14-4,3-2 Big 12)
sent Iowa State (14-3,2-3) to its third
consecutive loss.

No. 15 Kansas 80, No.
9 Oklahoma St. 78: In
Lawrence, Kan., NaadirTharpe scored
21 points for Kansas (13-4,4-0
Big 12), and Frank Mason stripped
Oklahoma State's Le'Bryan Nash as
the final buzzer sounded to preserve
the Jayhawks' victory over the
Cowboys (15-3,3-2).

No. 10 San Diego State
63, UNLV 52: In San Diego,
Xavier Thames scored 18 points for
San Diego State (16-1,5-0 Mountain
West), which used a 19-2 first-half
run to beat UNLV (11-7,2-3).

No. 25 Oklahoma 66,
No. 12 Baylor 64: In Waco,
Texas, Buddy Hield scored all 19 of his
points after halftime and Oklahoma
(14-4,3-2 Big 12) stormed from
behind with a big run on the way to a
victory against Baylor (13-4,1-3).

No. 13 Kentucky 74,
Tennessee 66: In Lexington,
Ky., freshman Andrew Harrison
scored a season-high 26 points and
Kentucky (13-4,3-1 Southeastern

Conference) used near-perfect free
throw shooting to pull away from
Tennessee (11-6,2-2).

No. 16 Massachusetts
84, Elon 74: In Elon, N.C., Cady
Lalanne scored 16 of his 23 points
in the first half and Chaz Williams
scored all 20 of his points in the
second half as No. 16 Massachusetts
(16-1) held off several Elon (10-9).

No. 17 Memphis 101,
LeMoyne-Owen 78: In
Memphis, Nick King scored 18 points
and Memphis (13-4) beat Division II
LeMoyne-Owen (4-10).

No. 23 Duke 95, N.C.
State 60: In Durham, N.C.,Jabari
Parker scored 23 points and Duke
(14-4,3-2 Atlantic Coast Conference)
scored 33 points off turnovers to beat
North Carolina State (11-7,14).

Kansas State 80, No. 13
Iowa State 74: In Manhattan,
Kan., Hallie Christofferson went
more than 33 minutes between field
goals Kansas State (8-9,2-4 Big 12)
knocked off Iowa State, which has
lost three in a row after a 14-0 start.

No. 11 Oklahoma
State 82, Texas Tech 56:
In Stillwater, Okla., Brittney Martin
scored 15 points to lead Oklahoma
State (16-1,5-1 Big 12) in a rout of
Texas Tech (6-11,0-6).

* NBA:

Page 6 SP

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

SThe Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

* BOYS BASKETBALL: Wally Keller Classic

Future Eagles get acquainted

FGCU commits
meet on court at

Keller Classic

Norland High School's Zach
Johnson loves playing games
in Southwest Florida.
For the senior, who is
committed to play at Florida
Gulf Coast, its a taste of what's
to come as he gets to play in

front of his future fans.
After playing at the City of
Palms Classic in Fort Myers
in December, Johnson played
in two games this weekend
at the Wally Keller Classic
at Charlotte High School. In
Saturday's 71-62 win against
Community School of Naples,
Johnson faciliated the game
from the point guard position
by dishing out 12 assists and
scoring 15 points.
He showed off a different
side of his game than he
did on Friday night, when
he scored 21 points in a

68-44 loss to Jacksonville
He matched the scoring
total of Providence's Grayson
Allen, who is committed to
Duke, and did it while going
head-to-head with fellow
FGCU commit Christian
Terrell, who scored 17 points.
The two covered each other
for much of the game, which
was watched by FGCU assis-
tant coach Michael Fly.
"I love going against future
teammates to see how each
other plays," Johnson said.
"I get to see how he plays, so

I can mold my game to play
with him. It gives me a little
insight into what's gonna
happen next year."
Next year will be a big
adjustment for both players,
who are used to playing
almost the entire game. FGCU
returns all but one player
from this year's team, and has
five transfers who will join
the team with Johnson and
"I'm really just looking
forward to the situation, so
anything that comes up, I'm
just gonna capitalize on it,"

Johnson said. "If I only play
two minutes, that'll be the
hardest two minutes I play."
Despite winning on
Saturday, Johnson's per-
formance was upstaged by
Community School's Jeff
Merton, who set a new Wally
Keller Classic record by scor-
ing 41 points. Terrell scored 19
points in Providence's second
win of the weekend.

Contact lach Miller at 941-206-1140 or


Coin flip costs Charlotte I

Tarpons go

undefeated at

Jensen Beach

Charlotte High School
lost the coin flip with Fort
Myers for the No. 1 seed
for the District 7A-11 boys
basketball tournament on
Saturday, Tarpons athletic
director Brian Nolan said.
That means if the two
teams were to meet in the
District 7A- 11 champi-
onship game, it would be
held at Fort Myers instead
of at Charlotte.
The teams split their
two meetings this year.
Fort Myers defeated
Charlotte 69-58 at the
Wave Cave on Jan. 8.

Bishop Verot 57,
Suwannee 56: In Punta Gorda,
Thaddeus Ward scored 19 points,
including a pair of 3-pointers in the
fourth quarter and another in overtime
as the Vikings held off the Bulldogs in
the Wally Keller Classic. Kevarrius Hayes,
a Florida commit, scored a game-high 26
points to lead Suwannee.

Miami-Norland 70,
Community School of
Naples 63: Damon Johnson scored
20 points, including six 3-pointers as
the Vikings downed the Seahawks.
Community School swingman Jeff
Merton led all scorers with a Wally

later hit 3s on consecutive trips
down the floor to tie, then take the
lead with 3:43 left.
He hit two of six shots from the
floor in the first three quarters.
"Mentally and physically, you're
just telling your body to push
through it," Matthews said. "As a
scorer, you've got to keep shoot-
ing the ball. If it falls, it falls. If it
doesn't, you run the next play."
Malek Barber scored 16 points to
lead North Port (17-4), while Justyn
Miller added 14.
Jamar Stewart scored 20 points
for the Green Wave (12-8), much of
it early.
Slanger said rebounds were
a problem in the contest. Even
though North Port finished with an
overall rebounding edge, its inabili-
ty to get them in key moments cost
the Bobcats.
"They outworked us on the
boards," said Barber, who also led
North Port with eight rebounds.
"That was one of our concerns
coming into the game."
Foul shots could have been just as
much of a concern as the Bobcats
went to the line 10 times, making
six. But the Green Wave hit 23 of 30.
Free throws by James Brunson
in the final minute pushed Fort
Myers' edge to 59-55, but Miller
drained a 3-pointer to cut the lead
to one with 17 seconds remaining.
Dion White hit a pair of free
throws to push the lead back to
three, leading to one final North
Port possession. Miller missed a
deep 3-pointer and Vic Sinopoli's
desperation try from the corner
was blocked out of bounds.
Sinopoli couldn't get the shot off
before the buzzer on the inbounds.
Barber said it was the loss to

Keller Classic-record 41 points,
including 25 points in the first half.

North Gwinnett (Ga.) 63,
Gibbs 42: Tobias Howard scored a
team-high 17 points as the showcase's
lone out-of-state team romped. Barry
Brown scored 17 points to lead Gibbs.

Sarasota-Riverview 59,
First Baptist 54: Freshman
guard A.J. Caldwell scored seven of
his game-high 25 points in the fourth
quarter as the Rams held off the
Lions. Lorenzo Jenkins led First Baptist
with 16 points.

East Lee County 60,
Venice 56: Senior center Gerard
Tarin started fast, scoring 10 of his
game-high 21 points in the first
quarter, and the Jaguars held off the
Indians. Senior Dom Marino led Venice
with 17 points.

76, Lake Highland Prep
55: The Stallions used a 24-9 edge
in the second quarter to pull away
for their second win of the weekend.
Florida Gulf Coast commit Christian
Terrell scored 19 points to lead
Providence, and Duke commit Grayson
Allen added 14. North Carolina
commit Joel Berry led all scorers with
28 points for the Highlanders.

Sickles 47, Cardinal
Mooney 35: The game was
tied at halftime before the Gryphons
pulled away with a 15-8 run to start
the second half. Isaac Holder scored all
14 of his points in the second half, a
major reason Sickles was able to pull
away. Ryan McMahon scored 13 for
the Cougars.

Boys soccer
District 3A- 13 tournament
at Mariner High School
Ida Baker vs. South Fort Myers,
1 p.m.
Cape Coral vs. East Lee County,
Lemon Bay vs. North Fort Myers,
Mariner vs. Island Coast, 7 p.m.
District 4A- 11 tournament
Charlotte at North Port, 7 p.m.
Port Charlotte at Lakewood
Ranch, 7p.m.

Mariner 69, Lake Wales
59: The Tritons dominated the second
quarter 22-11 and hit free throws in
the fourth quarter to hold on. Rodney
Hunter scored 19 points to lead
Mariner, while Lake Wales got four
3-pointers from Shaka McGriff, who
finished with 14 points.

North Port finishes
second at Ippolito: In
Brandon, freshman John Cruz (126)
and sophomore Dacoda Flenard (138)
finished second to lead the Bobcats to
their second consecutive second-place
finish in the 36-team event. Host
Brandon won the event.
Anthony Tripke (106), David Towers
(160), Josh Pollard (170) and Marcus
Kirkland (195) finished third. Roman
Morales (182,4th) and Alejandro
Torres (113,5th)also placed.

Tarpons dominate: In
Clearwater, Charlotte went 5-0 at the

a possible postseason opponent
could pay dividends.
"It's good now that we got a look
at them because before we had no
idea what they were going to bring
to the table," the junior said of Fort
Myers. "Now we have an under-
standing of what we're going to see
later on."


top seed Bobcats

Jensen Beach Tournament, including s tr u g
a 63-9 victory against East Lake in Ls ru g gi
the final. The Tarpons (20-2) also beat
Berkeley Prep 66-11, Bayshore 65-12, By GREG ZECK
East Bay 56-24 and Seminole 66-15. SUN CORRESPONDENT
"It was fun to be part of that"said BRADENTON North
Tarpons coach Evan Robinson."It's nice : BRADENTON North
to close out our tournament schedule : Port High School held its
with a win." own against perennial 5A
Brady Mansfield at 152 pounds was power Southeast for the
named the tournament's outstanding second half.
wrestler after winning all five matches The first half was a
by fall. different story.
Six otherTarpons also went 5-0: The host Seminoles
took a 22-9 lead into half
Billy Kralik (120), Dylan Mooney took a 22-9 led nto half
(126), Ethan Tenney (145), Travis time to power a 48-31 win
Locklear (160), Ryan Adams (220) and over the Lady Bobcats on
Bucky Dennis (heavyweight). Saturday evening.
Charlotte concludes the regular Iwasnt too displeased
season this week with dual meets with our defense we
Wednesday at Venice at 7p.m. and didn't give up a lot of
Thursday at home against Mariner at points -but our offense
12:30 p.m. before districts, was totally nonexistent
today," Bobcats coach
Dodge leads Mantas at Tom Tintor said. "That's
dual tournament: In Naples, from playing a team like
Lemon Bay went 2-3 on the second Southeast, a pretty good
day of the Titan Duals at Golden Gate defensive team."
High School to finish 5-4. Bevin Mays and
Ryan Dodge at 160 pounds finished Keshawna Robinson
9-O.JackLipp (132) was8-1,and Bobby : each had 10 points for
Caspolich (152), Riley Castle (132) and Southeast (22-1), while
Dominic Schofield (120) went 7-2. Le'Kyra Smith led all
The Mantas beat Gateway Charter scorers with 15 points for
(42-9) and Evangelical Christian School North Port (13-10).
(54-12),and lost to Golden Gate (49-21), Neither team shot the
runner-up Key West (51-25) and ball particularly well early
American Heritage (36-29) on Saturday. on, but as each team tried
Palmetto Ridge won the event. : to hammer the ball inside,
"We've went through a very it was often the Seminoles'
rigorous schedule, we wrestled 27 length that proved to be
duals in 16 days,"coach Gary Jonseck the difference. Each time
said. "That's a lot of competing, our the Bobcats would seem
kids are sore, nobody got hurt and to create good possessions
it's been a tremendous learning on offense, it was instead
experience for us"' the Seminoles who would
Seize the momentum.
Throughout the first
Half, Southeast sustained
runs of 5-0, 6-0 and 9-0 to
help build the double-dig-
rit halftime lead, holding
North Port to three points
W and seven turnovers in the
second quarter.
Another 6-0 run to start
the third quarter proved
Bto be too much for the
Bobcats overcome.

Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or shore@

NorthPort 16 8 19 15- 58
FortMyers 10 13 15 23 61
North Port (58): Deas 8, Justyn Miller 14, Vic Sinopoli 10,
Brandon Gonzalez 10, Malek Barber 16. Totals: 23 (6)6-1258.
FortMyers (61): MarkMatthews 24,Jenkins 3,Jamar Stew-
art 20,White 6, Brunson 8. Totals: 16 (6) 23-30 61.

utheast 48, North Port 31

' offense

-s in loss

North Port: vs. Cape Coral,
Tuesday, 7 p.m.

But Tintor wanted to
look at the bright spots,
such as the grittiness
Smith exhibited. Each time
she attacked the rim in
the second half, the senior
would take a hard foul,
often picking herself up
from the ground and head
to the free throw line.
"She's always aggressive
and plays hard," Tintor
said. "She gets knocked
down more than anybody
I've ever seen."
It was in large part due
to Smith that North Port
held strong for the latter
two quarters after it failed
to reach the free throw
line in the first half.
"We held them to just
22 in the first half and
we thought if we could
hold them to 22 in the
second half, we might
have a shot," he said.
"Unfortunately, our of-
fense never materialized."
With another tough
matchup against Cape
Coral looming on Tuesday,
Tintor said he's glad to be
playing a tough part of the
schedule with the playoffs
on the horizon.
"That's the kind of
caliber we'll see then,"
Tintor said. "Hopefully
we'll regroup and grow the
following week."
NorthPort 6 3 8 14-31
Southeast 10 12 8 18-48
NORTH PORT (31): LeKyra Smith 15, Burke
6, Adams 4, Marra 3, Meeks 2, Williams 1.
Totals: 10(2)9-1631.
SOUTHEAST (48): Bevin Mays 10, Keshaw-
na Robinson 10, Mathis 9, Reed 8, Green
5, Gould 4, Gatherwright 2. Totals: 14(1)


0e 23z Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte FL 33952
Phone: 941.s89.7065
Fax: 941@889,7068


We Buy & Trade Guns!


| Kingsway Country Club]
L ^as. '"Eyperience Pure G_( f'"

Fort Myers' Connor Jenkins tries to block the shot of North Port's Vic Sinopoli.

SP Page 7

~Page8 SP The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

* AUTO RACING: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series



radical changes,

report says

16-driver championship
field that would be
whittled down to create
a winner-take-all season
finale is among radical
changes reportedly being
considered by NASCAR.
NASCAR chairman
Brian France has repeat-
edly said he wants to
place a greater emphasis
on winning, and he's never
ruled out tinkering with
the Chase for the Sprint
Cup championship format
in an effort to create the
"Game 7 moments" he
The Charlotte Observer
first reported Friday night
a possible overhaul to the
Chase format that France
first introduced in 2004
and has made periodic
changes to several times
Citing anonymous
sources, The Observer
outlined three major
changes beginning with
expanding the field from
12 drivers to 16 mean-
ing a win during the
"regular season" would
virtually guarantee a
driver a spot in the field.
Once the field is set, The
Observer said NASCAR is
considering eliminations
during the 10-race Chase.
The field would be cut
after the third, sixth and
ninth races. The proposed
eliminations would drop
the lowest four drivers
from title contention
after the third, sixth
and ninth races, leaving
four drivers eligible for


and then we lost. We were
happy with the win, but
he told us not to take
them lightly."
There was no letdown
Saturday, even in the final
game of a four-games-in-
five-nights stretch.
The Pirates took the
lead, but it was more
grind than showtime.
Port Charlotte held the
Spartans to 2-of-10
shooting in the first
quarter, then 3-of-14
shooting in the second
quarter, as they them-
selves attacked the rim.
"It was defense," Specht
said. "What they have at
halftime, 16 points? That's

a "winner-take-all" race
in the season finale
at Homestead-Miami
Speedway. The four
remaining drivers would
go into Homestead with
their points reset and
tied in the standings, The
Observer said.
A statement from
NASCAR chief commu-
nications officer Brett
Jewkes was non-com-
mittal on The Observer
"NASCAR has begun
the process of briefing
key industry stakeholders
on potential concepts to
evolve its NASCAR Sprint
Cup Series championship
format," Jewkes said.
"This dialogue is the final
phase of a multi-year
process that has included
the review of extensive
fan research, partner and
industry feedback and
other data-driven insights.
NASCAR has no plans to
comment further until the
stakeholder discussions
are complete. We hope to
announce any potential
changes for the 2014
season to our media and
fans very soon."
But driver Denny Hamlin
posted a series of Tweets
on Saturday afternoon that
supported the format if
NASCAR ultimately moves
forward with the changes.
NASCAR is expected to
officially outline any chang-
es later this month.
"This points system
change is going to be a
really good thing. Trust in
it and watch how exciting
each chase race is going to
be," Hamlin posted.

the name of the game
right there."
The Spartans scored a
staggering 35 points in the
fourth quarter to narrow
a lead from 19 down to
seven with 4:20 left.
"That's something we're
obviously going to take
out of this game," Specht
said. "When you have a
lead, you can't give up
35 points in the fourth
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or
Lakewood 8 8 17 35-68
PortCharlotte 13 17 21 27-78
Lakewood (68): Jacobi Boykins 24, Clark
2, Anthony Lawrence 20, Joc Ellison 10,
Watson 5, Dukes 2, Robinson 5. Totals 19
Port Charlotte (78): Smarjesse 2, Kyle
Collins 10, Harrison Rains 19, McLeod 2,
Nickson Blanc 32, Sean Phillip 6, Leggett 7.
Totals 28 (3) 19-28 78.


120Sn rsoblAePna od

Now Open Sundays Noon-4pm
ALL LOCATIONS are open Mon-Thur lOam-6pm
Friday lOam-5pm Saturday lOam-3pm
941-258-3400 941-039-ACME 863-884-2333

* BOYS BASKETBALL: Brooks-DeBartolo 70, Lemon Bay 51

Phoenix burn Mantas

Lemon Bay High School
wasn't moving with
the urgency it had the
night before in a critical
district showdown. That
combined with a sub-
par shooting day and 22
turnovers led to a 70-51
loss to Brooks-DeBartolo
on Saturday.
Michael Obi scored 13
of his 18 points in the
first half and the Phoenix
cruised past the Manta
Rays at the Wally Keller
Meanwhile, Lemon
Bay made one of 15 shots
in the second quarter
as Brooks-DeBartolo
stretched its lead to 16.
"I don't think we played
particularly great ball,"
Lemon Bay coach Sean
Huber said. "I think we
still turned the ball over
in situations where we
didn't need to."
Ryan Straub led the
Mantas (6-11)with 14
points, hitting four of his
five 3-point attempts.
But Lemon Bay started
slow, making just six of 32
shots by halftime.
Jio Molina also had a
big first half for Brooks-
DeBartolo (14-6) with
11 points and seven
rebounds by the break.
He finished with 17
points and 13 rebounds
as 6-foot-7 teammate
Ty Foreman missed the
game with a concussion.
"He does a great job
in the post," Phoenix
coach Brian Reeves said
of Molina. "He's got great
feet, great footwork for
being undersized."
began to pull away with
a 10-1 run to open the
second quarter. Straub hit
a 3-pointer from the right
corner to slow the mo-
mentum, but the Phoenix
closed out the half with
seven unanswered points.
Huber didn't want to
use his team's 66-49 vic-
tory at DeSoto County on
Friday night as an excuse,


excitement in Saturday's
game as Charlotte
trailed 31-27 at halftime,
but exploded in the
third quarter with six
3-pointers and 26 points
to take control.
The Tarpons hit 13
3-pointers, including two
by senior Ryan Collins in
the first half to help them
stay within reach of the
Tigers, who threatened to
pull away multiple times.
"We shot the ball well,
we made the extra pass, we
did a nice job," Massolio


irtney going,
or running,
en everything
e sees the
it's unbe-
un, we get
id she finds

Lemon Bay High School's Brendan Cutting scores two points during Saturday's game against
Brooks-DeBartolo in the Wally Keller Classic at Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda.

but admitted it was a
factor. Sophomore Joe
Garza scored 25 points
in that victory, but never
really got going, finishing
with seven points and
seven rebounds.
"It's hard getting home
at 11:30 at night and turn-
ing around and playing at
11:20 the next morning,"
Huber said.
Huber also said the
Mantas used the contest

said about the team's big
third quarter. "We can
shoot the ball. But we've
got to do a much better job
of making plays to get guys
open looks."
He said the team's slow
start in the first half could
have had something to do
with Friday's loss. Dwayne
Reynolds scored five of
the team's first 10 points
before other players
started to get involved.
"Tough loss last night,
the way we lost, but we
had a discussion about
character at halftime
because I didn't think we
were playing with a lot of
intensity," Massolio said.
Reynolds had a flurry of

everyone automatically."
The games where her
outside shot is falling, like
Saturday, make the Pirates
a "three-headed monster,"
and the Tarpons felt the
effects of that. Robertson,
Lindsey and Stewart
combined to outscore
Charlotte by 20 points.
Stewart wasn't the only

as a chance to extend the
bench, which could be
useful with the postsea-
son approaching rapidly.
Lemon Bay locked up
the No. 2 seed in District
5A-13 with its victory on
Friday night.
"The last two weeks for
me are just getting ready
for districts," Huber said.
"We've got Charlotte (on
the schedule), we've got
Port Charlotte. We've

eight straight points early
in the third quarter and
finished with 15 points.
His brother, Dwight, kept
the momentum going
with nine points in the
latter part of the third
quarter, and seven points
early in the fourth. He
finished with 22 points,
tied for the game high
with Chipley's Trent
Forrest. Both 22-point
scorers were named their
team's respective players
of the game.
Senior guard Mason
Bokon put the game
out of reach for good by
pulling up for a 3-pointer
on a fastbreak with less
than four minutes left, his

Pirate named Katie to
have a good day. Katie
Marshall keyed several
defensive efforts in the
second quarter to help
Port Charlotte break the
game open. The 5-foot-5
senior also scored three
points, all from the free
throw line, before sitting
out of the second half to
rest a sore shoulder.
"She's another one that
does all those things for us,"
Purcell said. "Gets on the
floor, will get in your face,
will take a charge and you
need those things. We're
gonna need her down the
stretch for her physicality."
Although Port Charlotte
had a distinct size ad-
vantage, the Tarpons
rebounded evenly with
the Pirates and kept
them from getting
second-chance baskets.
The Pirates were able to
break the game open and
pull away, though, by
U tl-', l, l ll llllll\ It l 1.{I hllrl

got Sarasota. We've got
Riverview. There's no
easy games left on our
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or

Brooks-DeBartoto 18 17 15 20-70
Lemon Bay 15 4 15 17-51
BROOKS-DEBARTOLO (70): Fitzpatrick 3,
Kitchen 8,Jarred Anderson 19, Huynh 3, Mi-
chael Obi 18, Jio Molina 17, Kemp2.Totals
Lemon Bay (51): Jackson 7, Huffman 2,
Garza 7, Rowley 3, Ryan Straub 14, Hill 7,
Cutting 2, Clary4, Beltz 5.Totals 18 (6) 9-11

second trey of the game.
The win put a positive
ending to an intense
weekend of basketball for
Charlotte, which will start
district play in two weeks.
"We try to play a pretty
tough schedule every
single year just for that
fact, that's what you're
gonna see in the play-
offs," Massolio said.
Contaat Zach Miller at 941-206-1140

Chipley 11 20 1614-61
Charlote 8 19 2618-71
CHIPLEY (61): Trent Forrest 22, Tyrome
Sharpe 11, Justice 8, Hall 5, Cambell 5, Hol-
ms 4, Floyd 3, Sims 3. Totals: 21(3) 16-28
CHARLOTTE (71): Dwight Reynolds 22,
Adrian Ivankovic 16, Dwayne Reynolds 15,
Collins 7, Bokon 6, Montoya 3, Tyler 2. To-
tals: 27(13) 6-9

rebounds into fastbreak
"I empathize with the se-
niors just because they've
been playing behind some
kids ahead of them for
quite a while," Charlotte
coach Mike Robishaw said.
"This was their one year
to have a crack at a lot
of different things. They
work really hard for me, I
love them all to death. It's
tough, against your cross
town rival to kind of just
implode like that."
Robertson scored a
game-high 21 points and
was named the player
of the game for Port
Contaat Zach Miller at 941-206-1140
Port Charlotte 18 21 25 4-68
Charlotte 9 10 7 7-33
PORT CHARLOTTE (68): Courtney Rob-
ertson 21, Katie Stewart 18, Taylor Lindsey
12, Treasure 6, Marshall 3, White 2. Totals:
22(5) 15-28
CHARLOTTE (33): Lamb 8, Bartell 6, Chris-
tine Vartiainen 5, Victoria Vartiainen 4, Tay-
lor 4, Scott 2, Bunch 2, Magaw 1, Kotlarski 1.
T i l I hli I ,,

dllUl tlldt{* VVII
opens up. She
court so well,
lievable. We r
out and go, ai


%W m r"She gets Cot
Before Noon After Noon After 2pm she gets Taykl
S Includes 18 Holes with Cart &Tax. Rates expire 3/30/2014 q ,- --1 .'- TI

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The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014




Sunday, January 19,2014

Using a microfluid chip
to 'outsmart' cancer

Veterans ease post-combat
stress with horse therapy

Steps to fend off
the lure of sugar
Page 12

Back pain overdiagnosed
and overtreated
Page 19






:Page 2 The Sun /5LIrICI~1y .I3rILI31 y ~'

Feeling Fit


President and Publisher
David Dunn-Rankin

Feeling Fit Publisher
Dave Powell

Feeling Fit Editor
Karin Lillis
f,,,h noll ,,..,I ll ii h .. dl, ,,iill

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Feeling itis ,n ,,,. v ,,, l. h ,iij l9
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Drive fi'i' i.i, l', ii *954.


Building a healthy community

This week I have a couple of things
on my mind. The first is the 5-2-1-0
program that CHIP (Community
Health Improvement Partnership)
is helping our schools introduce to
students and their families. It is just
one of the steps taken by our chronic
disease subcommittee to help reduce
obesity rates in Charlotte County.
The message of the program is
quite simple and children can easily
understand it: 5 servings of fruits and
veggies, 2 hours or less of recreation-
al screen time, 1 hour or more of
physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks.
This sounds almost too simple until
you recognize that a large portion
of our young population get little
to none of the veggies and fruit that
they need or much less than the
five recommended servings. You also
have to get kids to play outdoors,
run, play ball, roller skate or any
of the many, many things that kids
do. This simple program is being
taught to third-graders who hope-
fully start bugging their parents for
fruits and veggies. The committee
is also working with the schools to
implement a program of community

Like your

Feeling Fit


t --i.

U Enjoy it



^. )


Dave Powell
g[iideiin thliait tle tudeints \til leaiiin
l io, to pl-i t, ;. iV nd li;-i i\est
vege ta1b1les
Til, iS ;-i _agieat idea 1 \Ivas ilalned ,-is
a child m Philadelphia E)uimg \\,,ild
\\;-Ii 11. c1lvIh -I veie e c, -im _ged to,
plant vliat veie thell called VlCtoI\
_.ildeii-S \Ve lhad ;-i v;-ic;ail l bellld
._-. ll[.-.le arid i \ paiemtl ialoiig

Sithli inii\ Af thle niieigliho, planted
g-iideiil I ;-I iniliiduced to diggig
plaintinIg,)nd c ai ugd,,1U10 foi ou keetalWe
I leineihbel tihait tie hilrt \egeta-
hles to be hliii\ested veie iidilsies
;iid I caiii leiniheieel ptullig tihai himt
ciop ,uit ,I: tile l:,lgiuiid \\e stbshe-
qtleiith g:)lekx ciiiot,-. _e-iiis. peasi.
co I ;-IIId tonlm -itoesl To,,dav.,i\ ,, too in;-II
ofo ui1 chlildiel h tiik thIiat food ILis, t
colines. fio1 tlie _giocei\ st-le
Thle secniid tiling oiin i\ Iniiid i
thle iie campaii to .-.t sop sm.-.nlki:
in ciiIl lieie cliildieii aiie paissen-
geits N,,\ \\e all kn,_-,\ that smoking
is thle iiinhbel -lie cause ocf pie-
\entiiable deaithi _tudies liiaee sIinii
thai t Sin -,kli l: ju t _-'lie cig: iiette iim ;i
caii withli tle viid,-,v ,_o-peii _-1 closed
iaiieS thle pailtictillte le el t ,111
extieunel\ n lS-.ife level Callfoinma iS
V 0-,l klg cm- passI_.g a la\v t,- pievemt
S l,_-klg m aII ;- ;i 1 that hlia chlildiell
-I. pi-i-eiigei_. Om clii 'l-ic disease
co-linnittee iS v,_l ikig w ithli C hi-iltte
CouiiVt\'S t__l cc, e- s-ii,_i, pi :_.1-iin
,on tliese iss,ues,
I m\ill n, get off m\ s,:,ap b,,x a;nd
o,-, back to: V-Itclmiii. I \ T\

t .
",' ,./4-A'U?" 'J ,o

YOU head Sontheset Florida s ONlY
weolIv uldo Ilo oildoor recroaUmn

Eve Thursdav In iM
*.Inelo. II I'1O~l@1141 y'bl1l*l

Identity theft is a serious and growing
problem. It is also expensive and
frLustrating to resolve. But you don t
have to become a victim. Learn how, to
be proactive and protect your personal
information. Join Lus as Inspector and
Federal Agent Mark Cavic shares tips
on how to combat identity theft before
it happens.

Call 941-637-2497 to register.

Preventing Identity Theft
Thursday, January 23,2014
2:00 3:00 p.m.
Bayfrorit Health Punrita Gorda
713 E. Marion AvenuLe Punrita Gorda
Medical Office Plaza 4th Floor
Lih. tt ieiestirmei ts \ill be se ed.
Ar ioieno\ ottenid',7ti oeer
seaotilgq is limited.

) Bayfront Health
Punta Gorda

:Page 2

The Sun/Sunclay .lari, aly y !'-:I,4

The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 3



.... i;.lll fllqM M I ^ S^ 1^ .... ""' ": '*lflB .. i.:t' ''T" ... ...
... ,,,,. .: ,,, 4. .... .. ..... = ,, .. .,
". .. m s ... .... "" ..... ... ............. ......
....-.... .. .. .. *".. ....... e' i- .

............. :,, 1

.. -'---- "- ,-.- .... .. ...-
.4..f -A Z'

ii -.... -J 1
If a t ..- .. .. S ... -.:... : ..,
B t k r l :: ~ "" *.. "::* : ..
H k,. .-*,,-..

^ ^ V -.. ... :-* 111 .- -,,-.__

: s -,;;-.,- ....

WN Wa-, .. .. ......



a .....-::E:.:EEEEE:"

..... : .=.... ..


... ... ........

iXSL ,' i .::E E._

.. .....

1 I


--- -- I

Fawcett Memorial Hospital

Ve m PFmamn (aaU^Uy 54 ?joa4

Ch dr,. 'on,
t Lt...
oid C
2 2031

ft ,.r&
.11~~~~'~ A.



: maiii! .. ...

/ K-,'

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 3

. ...^Sh'-Sk...

iX f ... .. ...

.. .... .....

... "...# '"..

............ | ||Ul .... ... .. ... .. & ..... ..... .... : : : : :


. ... :- m P .. 'v ... ::. '''''. ..
.., ,, ::: :...~~......, ,..._... ....

10 keys to happiness


Because I am a life coach and work
with hundreds of people on life strat-
egies, I am often asked about what I
think makes people truly happy. There
are probably many answers, but here
are some common themes that I see
in my work, and in my own life. Use
these keys and watch happiness fill
your life:
1. Take responsibility. Take full
ownership of your actions, moods
and feelings. If you can take responsi-
bility for your life, you can change it.
Blaming others for your circumstanc-
es only keeps you stuck.
2. Feel your feelings. Don't stuff
your feelings until they become toxic
or leak out. There are no "wrong"
feelings. Acknowledge them, let
yourself fully feel them when you are
in private, and then you will be able to
move on.
3. Practice gratitude. Make a daily
practice of asking yourself, "What am
I grateful for?" Keep a gratitude jour-
nal and write down 10 things that are
good in your life. Do this at bedtime

Gretchen Sunderland
and you will enjoy better sleep. Being
grateful for what you have creates
space for new energy to come into
your life.
4. Live in the "now. "Don't drag your
past into your present. Don't try to live
in the future. Be here now, this mo-
ment. When you fully engage in the

piesent, theie i. n,:, loo,:,,m t,:,l(-iaggaige
friom tie p.iat ,i1 fe;u if trle future
5. Control your gremlins.
"(Glemll-hl ;-ie tliose ii;-iVt\ o,_-,he
in y,:,Ul head that teat v,:,u dn ,Wn
You knoi,, tlie one that isa\. Yci'ie
not good enough" ,01,' Yull ne\ei
amnolunt to, anilling You ,culdn't
even sa\ tliose tll tog t,:, \, i best
friend, :,ould M u-' o fnd thos-e
gieminl iand zaip thliem Hn-'\\'ite
all ---f them down, 1sk \,ulselt if \,:,u
reaIll\ I\ ;in thliemi c-ntiol \o _,L.
anid tlien icliiiange thliem into po-.itike
afim[iatis iii-ne-id
6. Practice forgiveness. Fig ie
evei \,:,ie e\en if it', jul t ,-i ;-i imeiitil
exeicise Othiei v-le tlio-.e people ;ind
situitioii-,i g;ainl poxei o\el \,,t ;iand
lihe in \oui lieaid. lent-flee .\nd. ,of
couile. fIoigi\e \,ouli.elf o\,,ui did the
best \,u kine h lio, iat the time Todia\
is ai ne dai\ Lettrig go of ,iangei ind
reseiitinent w ill set \,:,it flee
7. Connect with others. Let tle
negank ve. \ living people in \,out life
find .,-,me,:ne else itoi coimplaiii ili
You di-in'tf haive ime t-i it ,uiilund
youiself withli uppil tie iand p,.mrtike
people Don't kno i ;in\ people like

tlii-t'' Putai ;i m ile -,i \1 i i-LIface ;ind goi-1
hind thliem
8. Manage your energy. Leaiin t,-
,ai\ ni,:, to ti ak mid people \lio-i di;-iil
Vo,_it elneig Le-ii11g to [ ,,-iv ,,o c;in
be difficult, but once \:,u do, it. \,:,u
will expei mence ai neiex level of pei,-,iiial
poxei ;nid \kell-bemg 'ia\ \es to,
aictiite thliait gie V,,il eine ig L Mlike a
lilst o- tliehee actwi\lies ;-ldi plain t1 do) ;-I
tfex thliem dail
9. Give back. Feel good-Id kbv \,lhmi-
teei mg to li help. memoi,r,. 0it peid
nin e with-l li o ,_thel hIo, do-,i't[ eilll,_ \,_-,it
le\ el if ibundaince (Gi\e i,,ut p,,smtve
eiieiga ;miid it ill co-me back ri i \oi_-,
min\ tmmnes
10. Change. Chligie is g,:,,:,d Be
tlemble Life is alx;rli\ tliuio i:ng neex
iltuff ;it VouI Gc- withli tlie fl, ;ilmid
hliape \- iut life the a;xv, \-,u V;-Li lt it
to be Keep le;iiimmig. ;id;iptmig ;iid
elhbilatllg thlelie\ en;ild \,_-,ldeiful
thllgi tlhait ill slioLi imp Iii VOLi life
(i cOWlilcii 'ld0i lildil'd 0 I i7 'Oi cla'iI
till lIIt' lI' --a c1 Ollt"1 a1[iL'[luc uoacil.
p_'iSO iUil [ii7il'. L'OiuOia[h' a'OiL'cli idid i7
lif I t' citcifI co cl' I liL' Itics nII ['IuII
(moii7 Foi IMWuic ii iloIi7ii. IVISI
lI'li'li t'Oilt'l i t'itC'L' I i C i

Hypnosis can be a useful element of anti-anxiety therapy


Q: Is hypnotherapy effective
for generalized anxiety and panic
A: Hypnosis is not just a parlor
trick. When taken seriously, it is an
effective relaxation technique. And
some people say it helps manage
their anxiety.
Here's how it works: You're invited
to relax. You focus your attention
inward. You use your imagination to
alter your perceptions.
The hypnotherapist may make sug-
gestions. But he or she cannot control
you. You remain alert and in control
of your own thoughts and actions.
The goal of hypnosis is to divert
your attention. By turning your
thoughts away from what's bothering
you, you may find some relief.
Some people are more easily hyp-
notized than others. This trait is called
"hypnotizability." About 10 percent of
people are highly hypnotizable. About
10 percent can't be hypnotized at all.
The vast majority of adults can enter

at least a light hypnotic state.
Psychotherapy and anti-anxiety
medications are still the most effec-
tive anxiety treatments. But hypnosis
is worth trying, especially if you're
motivated and reasonably able to be
Hypnosis rarely gets rid of all anx-
iety symptoms. Sometimes hypnosis
can reduce the physical discomfort
of anxiety disorders (muscle tension,
trembling, unsettled stomach, or rap-
id breathing). By controlling physical
symptoms, you prevent them from
making you more anxious.
Panic anxiety symptoms are forceful
and concentrated, so they're tough to
manage with hypnosis. But hypnosis
may help you master your fear of the
things that trigger panic.
A hypnotherapist may be a psychi-
atrist, psychologist, social worker, or
psychiatric nurse. Whoever you con-
sult, that person should be licensed in
their field.
Also, don't start hypnosis for anxiety
unless you've seen someone who's
trained to evaluate your anxiety
symptoms first. That person should

- If h l -~---

FILE PH,-.T-..

be aible tr pi',:vide ,:, ietei ,:u t,,i flodtcal Sclool and an assoctin'
whiaite ei ;"ii\iet\ rie-irlleii \,_-,t inlli\ pii'st'iil ar Bod; IsiacI Dcacouiiss
need lcdticDrl oniwi. BusWlii Foi ilddili7iiiil

Di MhcliUL'l Ci7tg ,lllL'i In assis- consi ilt'i Co shu nlta t io n iton, isti

Emegences Wlcom

Lse umTerp
mlns* Etrctos

Willia I cKezie Jr.3 4 4 3

E ^l..3443 Tarniarni Tr., Suite D,
Located in Professional Gardens

:Page 4

The Sun /.urnclay .lariialy .-,2 4

The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ E Su SnaJnay1,21 elnftcM EDICINEspprsne ag

Charlotte County's exclusive
resource for robotic surgery.


Skilled 3surgeon


Using the robotic-assisted da Vinci Surgical System with
Single-Site" technology, our surgeons can now perform
gallbladder removal through one tiny incision. By performing
surgery through the belly button, Dr. John Guarino, board-certified
general surgeon, enables patients to experience virtually no
visible scarring. The benefits do not stop there; patients also
experience less pain, quicker recoveries, less risk of infection
and shorter hospital stays.

we're the only hospitals in Charlotte
County with the da Vinci system. We
are proud to offer this revolutionary
surgical procedure to our community. JOHN GARINO, M.D.

Call 941-637-2497 for more
information about robotic surgery.

j Bayfront Health

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
2500 Harbor Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
809 East Marion Avenue Punta Gorda, FL 33950


In the battle against cancer, doctors
and researchers often talk about the
need to "outsmart" the disease in order
to beat it.
That battle is on the verge of
reaching sci-fi proportions with the
development of a microfluidic chip
that can detect circulating tumor cells.
The National Institute of Biomedical
Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)
said the CTC-iChip can "play an
important role in early diagnosis,
characterization of cancer subtypes,
treatment monitoring and metastasis.
By measuring a patient's CTC levels
over time, clinicians can quickly deter-
mine if a particular cancer treatment is
CTCs circulating tumor cells -
are called the "seeds of cancer metas-
tasis" by Baylor University College of
Medicine, Department of Pathology &
Immunology. It's easy to see why. CTCs
break off from the main cancer tumor,
according to Baylor, and circulate
through the body via the blood stream,
somewhat like seeds scattered to the
wind. When the CTCs find "fertile
ground," it will metastasize, or in plain
English, spread. There are millions of
CTCs flowing through the body at any
given time.
Finding millions of CTCs sounds
like it would be an easy task until you
consider there is only one CTC cell for
every one billion blood cells, according
to NIBIB essentially, a needle in a
microscopic hay stack.
In the past, other devices could
dependably find CTCs in red and
white blood cells and platelets, NIBIB
reports. Unfortunately, the CTCs could
not be "easily retrieved for further test-
ing," such as mutations, which would
allow physicians to more quickly and
accurately chose the right therapy for
a patient.
With a grant from NIBIB, researchers
at the Massachusetts General Hospital
Cancer Center had created an upgrad-
ed version of a microfluidic chip to
detect CTCs.
Microfluidic chips are not as new as
they may sound. Only about the size
of a microscope slide, "labs on a chip"
as they are called, have been used to
diagnose diseases for years. The chips
allow for faster diagnosis and are rela-
tively low-cost. According to CBS news,
chips can be produced for as little as
$10 each. Because of their quickness

and cost-effectiveness, microfluidic
chips are often used to diagnose
outbreaks such as AIDS and the 2009
H1N1 flu pandemic, which killed more
than 18,000 people in more than 200
countries, CBS reported.
Researchers combined existing
microfluidic chips with principals of
magnetism. A blood sample from the
patient was mixed with tiny magnetic
beads coated with specific antibodies,
NIBIB reported. Some of the antibod-
ies attached to white blood cells, other
bound with CTCs, allowing cells to be
"labeled" for sorting.
Once the blood sample was placed
in the device, the whole blood cells
were separated out and sorted by size
- red blood cells, platelets and other
particles were detoured out of the
device, NIBIB reports. However, larger
cells such as CTCs were directed
into the next stage of device, where "a
series of S-shaped curves aligned the
remaining cells into a single file and
then passed through a magnetic field,
quickly and easily separating mag-
netically labeled cells from unlabeled
cells." Essentially, the device is acting
as a security metal detector, and the
CTCs set the alarm off and are asked to
step aside.
NIBIB reported that magnetic
separation has been used before to
study cells, but previously, large beads
or numbers of them were used. This
caused a low yield and often a contam-
inated one. The CTC-iChip's advantage
is that because CTCs are only allowed
to pass in single file, only a few small
beads per cell are needed.
Cancer patients will have to wait a
little bit longer for the CTC-iChips to
be available. NIBIB said the chip is not
be a substitute for current cancer care,
but will hopefully make treatment
more individualized and monitoring
faster and more accurate.
This latest development in cancer
treatment was followed by more good
news from the American Cancer
Society (ACS) which announced earlier
this month that the death rate from
cancer in the United States has de-
clined by 20 percent between 1991 and
2010. A total of 1.66 million new cancer
cases and 587,720 cancer deaths are
projected to occur this year in the U.S.
according the ACS.
Renee LePere has a bachelor's de-
gree in journalism from University
of Florida. She has lived in Charlotte
County for more than 25 years and has
reported on a variety of issues.

Feeling Fit

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Englewood and Arcadia editions of the Sun.

Using a microfluid chip

to 'outsmart' cancer

o Independent member of the medcal staff

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 5

Eulogy for my mother

Tom Cappiello

I was diagnosed with stage 3A locally advanced
adenocarcinoma (nonsmall cell lung cancer) in
October of 2007. lam one of the few survivors of
this terminal disease. My diary is written to give
cancer patients hope and understanding about life
after a cancer diagnosis.
This is for those who are being treated for cancer
and those caring for a loved one. If you are
interested in becoming involved in lung cancer
awareness, research and early detection, contact
Tom Cappiello

Ann D. Cappiello
(Anna Mae Donovan)
July 14, 1923-Jan. 10,2014
One of my favorite movies is Frank
Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life" starring
Donna Reed and James Stewart. The
movie was made in 1946, but it is not
hard to imagine that it could also be
the setting for the story of our moth-
er's life. In the movie, Mom would
be Mary Hatch, the character who
marries George Bailey.
The central theme of "It's a
Wonderful Life" was self-sacrifice
for others and how one life touches
and influences many other lives. My
mother's life touched and changed
the lives of many people.
Today my family members are the
beneficiaries of the love Mom heaped
upon us. Her dedication to our family
helped make us who we are. We owe
her a great debt of gratitude that we

can never repay.
For 50 plus years Mom was chief
cook and bottle washer and head
cheerleader for our family. As family
matriarch, she never stopped rooting
for us. She beamed with pride when it
came to family most especially her
five children and 15 grandchildren.
In her eyes, we could do no wrong.
She loved each and every one of us,
Mom was a Depression-era child.
She was born to Tim and Mary
Donovan in Bristol, Conn. on July 14,
1923, when automobiles were still a
new invention. Mom arrived on scene
just five years after the armistice that
ended World War I. Mom was proud
of her father's career in road construc-
tion for the City of Bristol, his military
service in World War I, and her Irish
heritage the Donovan and Moody
family lines.
She was the first child and only girl
in her family of four, followed by my
Uncle Bob, Uncle Bill and Uncle Tim,
who was, she kidded, literally a baby
brother who could have been her
baby. Tim was 17 years her junior.
Mom deeply loved her brothers. She
was unabashedly proud of them and
all of their many accomplishments.
But even more, she was proud of
the personal courage they displayed
in the face of adversity, which is a
Donovan trait.
Mom was 18 years old when Pearl
Harbor was attacked, triggering the
American entry into World War II.
She was a young adult during the
war, which ended with the bombing
of Hiroshima and the dawn of the
nuclear age.
After graduating from Bristol High
in 1940, Mom enrolled in school to
become a nurse but by the time she
completed her medical education,
the war had ended. In the 1940s she
found work as an RN, which ultimate-
ly led to her meeting my father, who
was one of her patients. They fell in
love and were married in 1952. Mom
never worked outside the home again.
When did she have time? In the
1950s Mom was nearly continuously
pregnant. She had my brother Frank
in 1953, Jane in 1954, me in 1955 and
Linda in 1957. It was the dawn of
television and newfangled electric ap-
pliances. Disposable diapers had not
yet been invented. It would be safe to
say that my mother remembered the
1950s for diapers rather than for the

PH'-.T-. PPC'-., ICDEDC,
Ann Cappiello, second from right, is pictured with grandchildren (from left) Jessie Cappiello-Devine,
Tim Batten and Mike Oldsey.

bitlli ,f lck '' oll' NhI\ sistei Peggy
didhl't collie alonw util lP-1651
NI\ mom I in ld d;id vikLed liaiId tI
ctue -, ,it i l failil t- :;I \e-- e \\e
:iex uip ii lhe _'0he tlhe \Vieniaim
eii aiid canine of, -\e iii lre 70st
FImill. IiI tlhe mid- lh'-..0S. Dad sold
li, I btlmies, Tlie\ in',oed tIo, Flildai
ait tlhe d;\vii tle h eit elt i:e I,-,
eiil,,\ tlieii timlighli" \eais, Fl-i iiealh
c,, decades, tlie\ lvhed a c,-,,-,i-table
le ieiel el plai\in ol__, tiaveel ,_..
lolimi,: iemieldS ,: i ,l Iildge ':i pokei.
;aid keeping_ a blV,\ -,clal c;ileed;ii
ait tlhie Bit lloi _lie ii, ,-,v T]. il llei
Comiin Clusib Tliev iad minam\ go:'d
Seiieds Iii, PuII,; G-olida
III ai lifetime tlihiat lated 'i0 \eais.
thlieie ;ie ai lt of,-toile b. Iut II i tihe
miteie. t ,_, let ime jlii t ,ai\ tlihiat
NImin liaid ai \,'n idei ill\ imcli life,.
dedicated I tlhe taimn il ind fii enid,
,lie lo,,ed
Nkl inn asi m\v tiliei's h, it mid
onI\ love a;nd lie \\as lieis- Tlie\ \eie
de 'ot'ed I,-, eaicli ohiei cieaitmi_ lie
iock uponii lhuchli ill ,A uis chiMldieni
;nid gi-uidchildien -- built uim lhves
IMomin iigliht i, ut lie \aile thliat ill
c ui\ oI i ,_ toi tgeiiei l. i tI.,-, co-ml e _hlie
\xill alxa \s be leeinmembeied aa ;i l-\inig
in'lihei iand g.iiidmnotrliei. ai devo-'tred
tife. ;-i SISi .;i _id ciiiHiMCi )memid
Tlhie -ie people III tlihu :l d hli
aiie ieplaiceiable F,_iemoi,-,t ;-1 aimog:'
tliehe iie ,iii in'mliei,We \\e :nIl\ lihiae

lone. aiid h lien tlie e\ e _o'lie. i t le-ive,
a g ipmg while in ,Im hieatiit,
Nk-in -li ed ai 'xvldeifliiI life diliiiig:
tlhe im'-, iiit eiesillc 'f t, ne il ie
'tidlcied anid cliaiiiged inmiii\ ie,
.\id ih;tloughi e kii;, shIie i, ii ai bettei
plaice liiappil\ letiiited wil ith im
ft[lhei anad ;-ill tlih_-,se shie lihas, kI,,ii.
\hI,:, lia l e gone bet,:,ie tlS -- shie will
be nuised b\ ;iall i u. ,, foie\ei, loed.
;a1d iievel ei ,-,ligi-tteii

Team Eye Consultant

Tampa Bay Rays
Charlotte Stone Crabs


fl, 2011-2013


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The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M 4uW/udaJauay19H01EALnfT HYm wwSENIORSs~etPae


are pleased to offer free educational lectures on how to live
a healthy, active life. Each week, our experts will present the
latest information on a variety of heath topics and answer your
questions. Choose any or all of the sessions offered and watch
for others in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, January 22,2014

Arthritis | 1:00 p.m.
Physician Speaker: Leslie Tar, M.D., MPH, Esq.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
Medical Office Building
Fourth Floor Conference Room
713 East Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda

da Vinci* for Women I 2:15 p.m.
Physician Speaker: Charlene Okomski, D.O.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
Medical Office Building
Fourth Floor Conference Room
713 East Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda

Wednesday, January 29,2014

Current Treatment of Venous Disease 11:00 p.m.
Physician Speaker: Laura Gruneiro, M.D.
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
2500 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte

Leslie Tar, M.D., MPH, Esq.
Allergy & Rheumatology

Charlene Okomski, DO.
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Laura Gruneiro, M.D.
Vascular Surgeon

PAD, Peripheral Artery Disease 1 2:15 p.m.
Physician Speaker: Brian Triola, M.D.
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
2500 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte

Brian Triola, M.D.,
Interventional Cardiology and
Cardiovascular Disease

Light refreshments served. Seating is limited, so registration
is required. Please call 941-637-2497 to register.

% Bayfront Health

o Independent members of the media staff


Benefits of mental exercises for

seniors persist 10 years after training


Older adults who received as few
as 10 sessions of mental training
show long-lasting improvements in
reasoning and speed of processing
skills 10 years after the Dr. Michael
Marsiske, an associate professor of
clinical and health psychology at the
University of Florida (UF) College of
Public Health and Health Professions
The study findings appear Jan.
13 in the Journal of the American
Geriatrics Society.
"Our prior research suggested that
the benefits of the training could last
up to five years, or even seven years,
but no one had ever reported 10-year
maintenance in mental training in
older adults," said Marsiske. "One of
the reasons that this is surprising has
to do with how little training we did
with participants, about 10 to 18 ses-
sions. This would be like going to the
gym for between five and 10 weeks,
never going again, and still seeing
positive effects a decade later."
Participants who received the cog-
nitive training also reported signifi-
cantly less difficulty with daily living
tasks, such as housework, medication
management and shopping.
Funded by the National Institute
on Aging and the National Institute
of Nursing Research, the ACTIVE
study involved 2,832 seniors aged 65
to 96 who were divided into groups
for 10 training sessions in memory,
reasoning or speed of processing.
Training was conducted in 60- to
75-minute sessions over a five- to six-
week period. Some participants were
randomly selected to receive booster
training 11 and 35 months following
the initial training. A control group
received no training.
Researchers conducted outcome
assessments immediately after the
training and again two, three, five
and 10 years later.
The researchers selected training
programs in memory, reasoning and
speed of processing because those
cognitive abilities are important for
activities of daily living and there is
evidence that they decline with old

age, Marsiske said.
"If we can boost these basic skills
we think we can also boost everyday
functioning or help people maintain
their independence," said Marsiske, a
member of UF's Institute on Aging.
At the 10-year mark, nearly
three-quarters of study participants
who received reasoning training
and more than 70 percent of speed
of processing participants were
performing at or above their baseline
level compared to about 62 percent
and 50 percent, respectively, of
control participants.
While memory improvements were
not sustained 10 years later among
participants in the memory training
group, older adults in all three of the
training groups reported less decline
in their ability to perform daily tasks.
Future research may examine wheth-
er longer training periods or booster
sessions may help older adults main-
tain gains in memory performance,
Marsiske said.
ACTIVE investigators are currently
studying ways to extend mental
training beyond the training sessions
to activities that older adults can do
on their own, such as computerized
training programs and workbooks
that couples can do together.
Marsiske and other researchers are
also evaluating the effect of com-
bining mental exercise with physical
"With the ACTIVE study I think
we've permanently shattered the
myth that old dogs, and older
humans, can't learn new tricks,"
Marsiske said. "I think underlying
that is a clear understanding, not just
from our work, but from the work of
others, that a critical thing to do as
we get older is to challenge ourselves
with new things. Oftentimes older
adults will ask 'Should I do crossword
puzzles?' And yes, those are a won-
derful thing to do. But if you're an
expert crossword puzzler, late life is
the time to take on some new chal-
lenge. So play video games or learn
an instrument, because learning new
things seems to be the real secret to
maintaining mental functioning in
old age."..

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 7

Veterans ease post-combat stress with horse therapy


A growing number of combat
veterans in Central Florida are learn-
ing to deal with post-traumatic stress
disorder (PTSD) with a unique and
rewarding type of therapy horses.
"The idea started out as learning
about a class called 'Medicine and
Horsemanship' that was being taught
at Stanford University," said Dr.
Manette Monroe. "That was actually
used to help medical students with
their bedside manner and with stress
related to medical school. When I
learned a little more about that, I
started reading some more in the
literature about what was being done
in the community with horses and
helping different populations.
"I started reading about the PTSD
work with the veterans, and it just
made so much sense to me but
there was no research being done.
There were a lot of good stories and a
lot of good results that were out there,
but no one was doing any approved
Monroe an assistant dean for
students at the University of Central
Florida (UCF) College of Medicine and
a lifelong horse rider decided to
perform an official study, and became
its lead author. The study followed
eight Central Florida veterans who
sustained physical and emotional
injuries through combat in Iraq,
Afghanistan or Vietnam.
They were the first to go through a
new eight-week Horses and Heroes
equestrian program coordinated by
UCF, Heavenly Hoofs, and SADLES of
Umatilla. The study determined that
the veterans were less depressed and
experienced fewer symptoms after
participating in the new local thera-
peutic horseback riding therapy.
Equestrian therapy is a relatively
new approach to PTSD. So far little
scientific study exists on the programs
that do exist in some parts of the na-
tion. That's why Monroe is working to
set up a national equestrian therapy
center in Osceola County that would
be properly staffed to document what
works and why and develop best
practices. That way more veterans
could benefit from good programs.
"Horses are prey animals," Monroe
explained. "They run first and ask
questions later, so they live in this
state of hyper-vigilance. They are
keenly aware of their surroundings,
they tend to overreact. If a car back-
fires, the horse will go (running) in the
other direction as fast as it can. That's
a lot of the same feelings and emo-
tions that veterans with PTSD have.
"By putting the veterans together
with the horses and the veterans
learning to work calmly around the



A veteran works with a horse as part of the University of Central Florida's Horses for Heroes program designed to help veterans deal with the effects
of post-traumatic stress disorder.

horses and have the horses be ci:,m-
fortable with them they're aictauill\
training themselves to be movie cailin.
work better within their own eniivini -
ment, interact as a team member i i i
another very skittish being, and leiiu ni
About six months into the enideav,1:1.
Monroe went before the Osce'lai
County Commission to garnei hi iii-
cial support for the program. Slie
said all the veterans were extiemelh
shy when they started the progiaiin
- even among each other. Yet ;-ill '4f
them showed up to the comni-.ui', n
meeting- and four actually goit up t
"These guys would have hai dl\
made eye contact with anyone -.i\
months prior," Monroe said.' Tihe\
knew they were going to be oiin televi-
sion and in front of the entire c:untii\
commission, and it was really ainaiz-
ing to see the transformation "
As a result, the commission aip-
proved building a $1.4 million tiiei-
apeutic riding center at the co:unt\ii
150-acre Chisolm Park, just mniiiuite
from the UCF medical school The
facility will include indoor areiiai-,,
which would be available for \ eai -
round therapy sessions. It is schied-
uled for completion by spring
One of the outcomes that hai-.
impressed Monroe is that the ieLutIl-.

Hei e;iil\ Studv included iIIduti\
taiind;iid test, fi [PTSD aiind depies-
S ,-,01 ;-IS \ ell a, ii-ii-tve ev;ilu;-it,_-,
ith eich f te ach_-he eight \eteiain,
Be' ,ie tthe equetI ifi ll ie[ tineiit. the
\ets ilneii -,clie -,i BecksE Depiesi,-,iil
Ih dex n;-i, P-' 4 -ithi ai a ;inge ,:,f 4.; t,:,
X. \tei the tieaitmeii., the depiesi, ni
,coie di,,pped to, 8. 5 ;and a-u iige -Af 28
t, Thle in,-,t inpiei l ,ive letult I ;-ir
;I veteia1n 1 It-, began viith ;i c,-_ie ,f
4:;. ildicatmi1g1_,eeieedepieS,_-.o ;-i1nd
ilpilo-ed t,_-, ;-i I; ilnlml ;il depie-
-.111 aiftei the tlieitip\ The rtantiticil
iesultl \\eie backed up bv aioi \ in'm-u
11;-11 cit lve colln nel1ts
I bhiiughlit thlie itt gitup bick aiftei
_.;i\ months. ald tested them again"
N1Ilie -aid. ind tlie\ haliid iet;-iied
aill', ,t i peiceli-t oh te impil,'ve-
imelt tlie\h liid ma.ide It laist- Irt- not
|utt ;I Baind-Aid "
hi the futuie, the tud\ will e\paiind
t, deteilinle liethliei eqtueSritl-ii tlieit-
;ip\ ;iids iieuiopla'nthtici\. tle idea
tlhait tle biiia i cliliiiem ai1d atilpliieS
bec-uls e o, el iflo_-, elniiit;il -ircti.
s.uchi ,-is Stless _qhhucli ;-icht,_-,i ch-lge
cellk mn pait -Af the biam that impact

pei-.,inahit\, -elf-iegulati,,n, aingei
alld ilellm_-IV PIevi,_-,tl Stthlles ilave
o-uid tl-it inihiidtfullieh -bhaied rties
ieductio-n i II v_-inmei vtli w clii'-iic
fiatigue -, viidi'-me c;ii iekei,e ,-,lme
blm-iiii ;itoli\ and impil,-ve c,_gn-
tive futiicnli-,Te Tile UC(F (-C'lleg:e '-f
Nlediciiie hope, to -ieplicaite tlihait ,tud\
withl ve1tei-lii- ;-Ild al-so look ;-it lio
equesti 1 talliei;hipe lielps, disabled
\eteialin, pli\,icahll\ lomoe al-,o hlia, a
,1iiit t,- td\ th lie imip.ict oi eqtlueti-
III thlieiaipv o iitltilthic clildieii
If people aiie -Illing it: clialleiige
tlieml.el\e, ;-ild take ;i cliuice ;Ind dc.
,,ometlil g ,:utltide if t lieii comfl it
zone. then thie\ |ie g,,Ig t:, e;ip a
Ict ,f benehts fom thliat piloceS.-
N Imie -.iaid I liih e people h lii' n,:ii
lihae been tluough the piogia11 aind
lieae g,:ne back to, college I li[ih e one
guv1\ \11o aictualh hali a ,alpilput1to,-,l
xlieie lie lihia l,,It lii, leg ait thlie hip
;-IId liis tiI iied o,,it t,-, be -,'lie f
the leadeis, II out piogiall He liha,
leaiined t -iide ai bhic\cle I aiked him
lit,, lie did tlit. ;iiid lie .iid. e Yo go,-,t
imei o-i l ;i lihi, e S, iaftei tlih 1t.I felt
like I could do,, -imhig '"

N CIA 11 Cul Cll,__ CIcl$dtc K lld colII''llm[i
dc'lllIloll CCClI \VlI lll Olll 1 \\ IIIdlrn I% 10( _'-,C
\ Oil ll l% l d l ilji -of-llc-Jll lccliliolou\ lld
dlul'OiiciiC lcqLiiilinc l loi Cf l i\ (cl d i'll iiccd

192401) Quesnda .Avenue
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
(941) 743-7435

Standing L to R: Malcolm Kerslemn. DDS. Roberil
Coseo. DDS. Ashley Reynolds. DMD Tim Palmer
DDS. Richard Gelder. DMD. Sitting L to R: John
Walters. DMDJoseph Bender. DMDA

1 -I-IR I Rq -
.Cl n k N ol lo. 1) (.1 E

I U rs r^ rawa^Kra Mm .xju

........ ...

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The Sun /.urnclay .lariialy ,-,2 4



| Brain regions tune'activty

I ... ,to enable attention

The brain appears to synchronize
the activity of different brain regions
to make it possible for a person to
pay attention or concentrate on
a task, scientists at Washington
University School of Medicine in St.
Louis have learned.
Researchers think the process,
roughly akin to tuning multiple
walkie-talkies to the same frequency,
may help establish clear channels for
communication between brain areas
that detect sensory stimuli.
"We think the brain not only puts
regions that facilitate attention on
alert but also makes sure those re-
gions have open lines for calling each
other," said first author Amy Daitch, a
graduate student researcher.
The results are available in the
Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences.
People who suffer from brain inju-
ries or strokes often have problems
paying attention and concentrating.
"Attention deficits in brain injury
have been thought of as a loss of the
resources needed to concentrate on a
task," said senior author Dr. Maurizio
Corbetta, the Norman J. Stupp
Professor of Neurology. "However, this
study shows that temporal alignment
of responses in different brain areas
is also a very important mechanism
that contributes to attention and
could be impaired by brain injury."
Attention lets people ignore irrel-
evant sensory stimuli, like a driver
disregarding a ringing cell phone, and
pay attention to important stimuli,
like a deer stepping onto the road in
front of the car.
To analyze brain changes linked to
attention, the scientists used grids
of electrodes temporarily implanted
onto the brains of patients with
epilepsy. Co-senior author Dr. Eric
Leuthardt, associate professor of neu-
rosurgery and bioengineering, uses
the grids to map for surgical removal
of brain tissues that contribute to
uncontrollable seizures.
With patient permission, the grids
also can allow Leuthardt's lab to
study human brain activity at a level

v i

of detail unavailable via any other
method. Normally, Corbetta and his
colleagues investigate attention using
various forms of magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI), which can detect
changes in brain activity that occur
every 2 to 3 seconds. But with the
grids in place, Corbetta and Leuthardt
can study the changes that occur in
Before grid implantation, the
scientists scanned the brains of
seven epilepsy patients, using MRI
to map regions known to contribute
to attention. With the grids in place,
the researchers monitored brain cells
as the patients watched for visual
targets, directing their attention to
different locations on a computer
screen without moving their eyes.
When patients saw the targets, they
pressed a button to let the scientists
know they had seen them.
"We analyzed brain oscillations that
reflect fluctuations in excitability of
a local brain region; in other words,
how difficult or easy it is for a neuron
to respond to an input," Daitch said.
"If areas of the brain involved in
detecting a stimulus are at maximum
excitability, you would be much more
likely to notice the stimulus."
Excitability regularly rises and falls
in the cells that make up a given
brain region. But these oscillations
normally are not aligned between
different brain regions.
The researchers' results showed
that as patients directed their
attention, the brain regions most
important for paying attention to
visual stimuli adjusted their excit-
ability cycles, causing them to start
hitting the peaks of their cycles at the
same time. In regions not involved in
attention, the excitability cycles did
not change.
"If the cycles of two brain regions
are out of alignment, the chances
that a signal from one region will
get through to another region are
reduced," Corbetta said.
Daitch, Corbetta and Leuthardt are
investigating whether knowing not
just the location, but also the tempo
of the task, allows participants to
bring the excitability of their brain
regions into alignment more rapidly.




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The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

Don't like your doctor? How to make a clean break


The last time I saw my gynecologist,
she glossed over the issue I'd come in
for and gave me a test I didn't want
- without even discussing it with me
first. In my previous visit, she ordered
me a mammogram and brushed off
my attempts to discuss the exam's
harms and benefits. It's clear we
have a communication problem, and
frankly I'm ready to fire her but
how? Am I obligated to tell her I'm
switching doctors? (I'd feel badly if
she found out by reading it in this
column.) And what obligations does
she have to me?
It's okay to just leave without
notifying your doctor, said Michael
Prameko, past president of the
Colorado Medical Society and
executive director at Primary Care
Partners in Grand Junction, the city
where I get my medical care. But he
said it would be best to hold off on
firing your doctor until you're sure
you have a new one. Most physician
codes of ethics suggest 30 days as a
reasonable amount of time to provide
emergency care but not appoint-
ments for routine care while the
patient finds another physician,
said Reid B. Blackwelder, president
of the American Academy of Family
Physicians. After those 30 days, you're
on your own.
Before you move on, you should
also consider speaking to the office
manager. Many practices would want
to know if one of their providers isn't
doing a good job, especially if the
problem is severe enough to drive you
elsewhere, Prameko said.
Doctors have added incentive to
monitor patients' opinions now that
some insurers are using patient-
satisfaction measures to help evaluate
providers, Prameko said.
If you don't feel comfortable giv-
ing feedback face to face, consider
sending a letter that explains why
you're changing doctors, Blackwelder
said. There's no guarantee that your
letter will change the doctor's bedside
manner, but "you never know, so it's
worth doing," he said.
If the problems with your physician
include unprofessional or incompe-
tent behavior, then the appropriate
response is to report it directly to your
state's medical board, Blackwelder
Once you have decided to leave,
be sure to request a copy of your
medical records. You can have them
sent either to you or directly to your
new doctor. Ask that they include
lab results and such things as MRIs,
X-rays, EKGs and recent hospital
records, Blackwelder said. If your
doctor has sent you to a specialist,
it's a good idea to ask for copies of
the consultation notes from these
visits too, he said. Legally, the records
belong to your doctor, but as a patient
you have a right to a copy, said Rachel
Seeger of the Office for Civil Rights
at the Department of Health and
Human Services.
In some cases, the best approach
is to go to the front desk and request

All the news you need
Only in SUN

Chrlotte DeSoto Englewood North Port Venice

your records yourself. Under the
Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA), the
doctor must comply with your
request. You may have to pay for
the copies and printouts, but HIPAA
mandates that a practice may charge
only "reasonable," cost-based fees.
Blackwelder said a fee of $20 is com-
mon, but the price can climb rapidly
if you have an extensive medical
record or if you have an electronic
medical record that is not easily
formatted for printing. You can ask
for a digital copy, but some software
doesn't make this practical. Make
sure you are charged only for the cost
of copying the records. HIPAA states
that health-care providers "may not
charge fees for retrieving or handling
the information or for processing the
request," Seeger said.
If you're taking medications, you'll
want to renew your prescriptions
before you leave your current doctor's
care and make sure you can see your
new doctor before your drugs run
out, Blackwelder said. Don't let the
old doctor bully you into staying. You
have a right to move on. When you
do, bring all of the prescription and
nonprescription drugs and supple-
ments to your first visit to the new
How do you find a new doctor
that's a good match? Start by seeking
references, Pramenko said. While you
can find physician ratings on sites
such as the one run by Healthgrades,
keep in mind that these tend to come
from people who either really love or
really hate their doctor, and they may
not be representative or reflect what
your experience will be, he said.
You can check a doctor's credentials
at the American Medical Association's
Doctor Finder Web site. The site lists
physicians' degrees, training, board
certifications and hospital admitting
privileges. But the best way to find a
doctor you'll like is by word of mouth,
said Pramenko said. It's okay to call
the practice and ask some basic
questions about the doctor's policies,
Blackwelder said, but it might be hard
to determine in advance more subtle
things such as a physician's commu-
nication style.
Since communication was the main
problem with my previous doctor, I'm
asking questions about philosophies
and approaches to medical choices so
I can find someone who is committed
to shared decision-making. It's a lot of
work, but a worthy investment.

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The Sun /SLrnclay .lariialy I':, 2'i 4

cnta1 cfthe-Art treatment

far JenfIUS disease that cawl

"Prominent, painful, varicose veins can
be a thing of the past with the state of
the art techniques available at JVAI."
-Dr. Joyce

"I am so pleased with the results that I have gotten from the
vein procedures. My varicose veins were one of the worst
cases Dr. Joyce has ever seen the varicose veins were
very painful and ugly. I wouldn't even wear shorts until now. |
I am pain free and my legs look great. All of the staff is great
and they make you always feel part of their family."


Relief begins with accurate
diagnosis and treatments
tailored to your unique needs.
treatment at JVAI combines state-of-the-art technology and
a specialized diagnostic examination developed by Dr. Joyce
to establish treatments specific to your condition.
RESULTS: Since 1998, Dr. Joyce has developed, refined
and successfully uses Laser Ablation surgical techniques
for the treatment of incompetent venous perforators and
saphenous veins that cause venous leg ulcers, varicose veins
and chronic venous insufficiency. Through his methods,
Dr. Joyce has achieved 97.3% success rate with virtually
no complications. His surgical venous procedures have proved
to be highly effective and well tolerated in the office setting
with the patient awake and comfortable.
VEIN TREATMENT TEAM: A professional staff including
Triple Board Certified Surgeon, Douglas H. Joyce, D.O.,
Certified Physician Assistant, Joni Thompson, Certified
Surgical Technician, David Elam, Surgical Assistant,
Elaine Redmond and Ultrasound Technician,
Rena Mintrone make up the team performing these
proven revolutionary surgical techniques developed
by Dr. Joyce.
State-of-the-art venous treatment
by internationally recognized Vein Specialist
Douglas H. Joyce, DO, FACOS
Triple Board Certified in Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery,
General Surgery and Phlebology (Venous Disease)

c/n f S. -cs/lw/ic sus/aec
25092 Olympia Avenue
Punta Gorda 941-575-0123
Visit us at

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 11


Steps to fend off the lure of sugar


My name is Jennifer, and I'm a
As of this writing, I have four days
clean and sober from the white
stuff. However, I probably should
admit that there are three Brachs
Peppermint Christmas Nougats
lurking in my pocket that I'm dying
to have with a hot cup of coffee.
I turned to an expert for help.
Cassandra Green is a certified
holistic health counselor who just
happens to co-own and teach at
Cambio Yoga in Colorado Springs,
Colo. She's teaching a four-part "Kick
Sugar to the Curb" workshop, starting
at the best time of year after our
post-holiday feasting extravaganza.
Letting go of the white stuff can be
a challenge, my fellow sweet-toothed
friends, but it's a worthy battle.
"Every time you spike your blood
sugar, it creates inflammation in
the body, and that's the root of all
disease," Green said. "It's closely
linked to cancer, heart disease and
all degenerative diseases."
I always observe that sugar oper-
ates as crack in my body the more
I eat, the more I want. Your body gets
accustomed to having it, Green said,
which instigates a large release of
insulin to deal with it.
"What goes up must come down,"
she said. "You go through a cycle
of high blood sugar and insulin is
released, then blood sugar plummets
and you crave sugar again. And sugar
releases dopamine. People can be
addicted to it just like drugs."
She's not lying. Here are her
*Eat five mini meals a day to keep
the blood sugar level steady. Make
sure to consume whole foods and
not processed foods, as those tend to
unwind as sugar in the body, Green
said. Try almonds and a piece of fruit
as a midmorning snack. A healthy fat


~~, p.

**.4" .

~; &*~~

FILE PH,.,T,"..

and carbohydrate, such lia ,ii ipple.
can help keep you fi':,'i feeliiing
Once the blood sugai is srtabilized.
the body is less like to cii\ e tiugaii
"The body is mouning iiiiihit ugaii,
she said. "But once it's s ralilized. lie
body can react more dipli:,initic;ill\
You can have huge cliiainge in pei -
sonality due to blood tiug;-i i iou c;in
manage stuff in life ai Iort betteii e lien
blood sugar stabilizes i "
*Take a multi-vitainiiin iind ai hli ,,il
pill, which contain minciciliuiiewi,e
and healthy fat. Due t lHie S tiiidaiid
American Diet (appiop ii-tek called
SAD), many folks dclii't get ie piopei
nutrition their bodies ieqtiiie. liincli
can lead to sugar crai\ ii-g
*Fats can help conmbit ci\-ing, s,.
have some nuts or a piece if clieese
One also can mistake liiungei fi,

thliiSt s-,t ;i\ Ivd-irIted Ciiinniamon-ii1
is lo ;i as laVin -spice to) l-ai e s-i it
c;en help c0n1i:,ol blood i-gii Gleen
recommend l ;i balked applie witlh
c il' tl -. :,i dessei, i [ c;F i in ies h tt iit
tin, is ;i deliciol, l h ti ii;ii e i
*Sti ck il itu Bv ;i\ 5 of ;i sug;ii
cleanse, lhe l-ci VIings will dldisipaite
Be ai\ ,of lhoth t cup of coffee. t,, .
she said (CA ffeiiie caln tu.i ei iug;-ii
cl;i-MVII Ilt's like shes le;-idlig in\
l i d I
It's psochiologiccal \\e'ie used
[1) lih; -i\ ll: c le es e ca ke a ln d ;i c u p ,: ,
coffee.- she said Foi ai lot of uls.
tlhe caiffeiie ine ;i i a;itllal i m eta, olisin
speedei, ;iand it piomps \,ou to l~\e
inol,,e \eets lh-iii V\o inoiono ill\
,,ould Ca effllie ;iland su ;-i o l:-hand In
hand "
Of coui-Se. moderationn in ;ill things.
i gits Emat ell 80 peicen to ,,90

pelce of t lie rnie. depeidmi:g -,i
\01.1i ;-ICI\I [I\ level. ;-Iia tie t vo-, elf
eei o\'ice III ;-i hlile. iIccolidmig I ,
;-iI -i cide o-,i l hve,-til:_ co_'in
Ia mi\be I'll liia\e onie 'f hli-,,e
temptmilg tieeit, iii mI\ po-cket. ;iftei
;i nice big bIl ,f kaile Anmid tlieii Ill
blm tli InI\ teetli,. ihclich I\ Imn;iai;i
;id\-ised me t,:, d long go, Shie M ile,,
fought tli lie iuga-ii dein',ns. in',otl\
1-\e i ;- caii' -ii -11 ice cie;im ;if[lei
dililei eei\ inglit Slie \asl ul:_ih,.
rli-tl:ghli ;- i irt in' _-tllh doe, l help
SI,-p ;i tIg;-ii bli _ge iII Itr ilick-s
If \\e Ioo:,k baick before pi','cessed
foo-_d \\a-, ieidilh ai\anllble. \\e
tlhat people died o:\ei nine. fioin
iifectnl-, disease.- (ileii ,aid Tlie\
didn't li a\e ; I, lot of degeieiliat\e
disease, N' ,\\ \e see \eLie d\1 i1
of de'geneiait\e diseaises Tlie\ e
rt-imig -, ut i, ;i Icellulahi le\el"

Try these tricks to recharge youri healthy-eating resolutions


Most goals are a work in progress.
Sometimes it's helpful to take a step
back and re-evaluate your promises
to yourself.
The key to staying committed to
a health goal whether it's to fit in
exercise three times a day or to cook
lower-calorie, low-carb recipes at
home more often is to renew your
vows. Then troubleshoot the ob-
stacles that are getting in your way.
Here's some help:
The problem: You're too busy to
plan and cook healthy meals.
The solution: Simplify. Don't try to
prepare gourmet meals every night of
the week; stick to speedy dinners that
require few ingredients and are ready
in 30 minutes. If your schedule tends
to be unpredictable, skew toward
recipes with ingredients that aren't
The problem: You miss your
favorite foods.

The solution: Eat tliem If \o,_tie
giving up all the foods \_ ,tl Ilo\ e.
your "I will eat healtliei" ies,,tluini,,
needs tweaking. Ify,,iii g',il ts ,:' eait
healthier forever, it's aicrtuill\ e-ssen-
tial to make sure thai lie chiainiges
you're making are ones \,:,i cain
live with. Budget desseeits -- sm.ill.
reasonable portions. ,of c,:,msie -
into your eating plan iM.iake looimi foi
a slice of pizza occasi:,iiall\
The problem: You blew it.
The solution: Get ,o\ei it F',i 'l s
of people, going ovei bo ':d ,:n. s;\.
brownies or pizza setrs off ai d, ,ii-
ward spiral of eating hliait cain last f,:,i
days. (Oh, well, this \eek is sh,,li I'll
start again on Mondai\ i Leaii n tii, see
little lapses for whai tlie\ aie little
lapses. Acknowledge. foigik ee aiind
forget. Get right back oin riiack b\
planning a delicious, lighlit ne\xt meil
that will remind youth jti, Iio,:, \iimm\i
low-calorie, nutritious meielsk caiin be'
The problem: You're working hard
to eat healthier, but the scale isn't

The ,,lution GiCl e \,:,ul-elfa about ,-s bg ,l ;i g,:,If biall
lefiesliei ,-It poiii i-, izes It c utld N Ie-itliie -ul t tl e lecinineiilded
be \,:,ti'ie eatigii mioie thain i\ou tilink poititiin ,- ceieal before \,:1 dtiin p it
\ou ;iie Tlhiee tluiilce ,_-, ineait 1 in \iii v-t b,-iv ;-iid ,ee lio t;-i i t ills
otiei pioteiiii 1ook- like i deck of tre blt Find omut lio inuicli \,_,Li
ciid,. ai minediumin p,:tati 'lih ldhe be s.oup ladle lioi ,l, If it' .'4 'f 4 i cup.
the size o-f i coinptiei nln,_-t ie aiid i \'oi'll ,,foievei kiii- thi ih t t c, -,, p
qiai tei cup of,, a \thilmig hliulcl be equal a ,;ati4 img 1 -1. 12 cup se,\ik g

Complete Dental Care /i

Monica Tabbita. DDS I Joseph Proscia. DDS
General Dentists
1940 Tarniamri Trail. Suite 102 1 Port Charlottlle
Call Today! 941-623-9415

$59 Cleaning, $1.00 Emergency
Examni & X-rays l Exami
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I...,i ,,,. ,, ,, I I ,I I.. I.I.I.. III I II

Thousands of Health Stories from Feeling Fit & WebMD

S-FeeingFitg 3S M

:Page 12

The Sun /Sunclay .lariialy I':I 2'i 4


Weighing in: A day in the life of a successful dieter

Weigh ing in: A day in the life of a successful dieter

Look fabulous this

a Ck aW

A Make an appointment now
for Holiday ready sk'


While there's no single answer that
works for everyone to boost weight
loss, focusing on your diet and tuning
up your exercise are two key elements.
Another? Having a plan. Start out each
week by planning what healthy meals
and exercise you can fit in during the
upcoming days. There are also some
things you can eat and do at certain
times throughout the day to maximize
your success. Here's a sample day in
the life of a successful dieter:
8 a.m.: Eat a bowl of oatmeal with
banana and walnuts.
Science shows that regular breakfast
eaters tend to be leaner and that
dieters are more successful at losing
Weight and keeping it off when
they eat breakfast. But choosing the
right breakfast can give an extra boost
to your weight loss.
Eating "slow-release" carbohydrates,
such as oatmeal or bran cereal, three
hours before you exercise may help
you burn more fat, suggests a recent
study in the Journal of Nutrition.
Here's why: Slow-release carbohy-
drates didn't spike blood sugar as high
as eating refined carbohydrates, such
as white toast. In turn, insulin levels
didn't spike as high, and because
insulin plays a role in signaling your
body to store fat, having lower levels
may help you burn fat.
10 a.m.: Grab a small nonfat latte
and an apple.
HOTO If having a snack between meals
helps to tide you over, make your
choices count. Snacks are a great place
to fill nutritional gaps. Choose foods
S that provide calcium and fiber two
nutrients that people often skimp on.
The latte and apple do the trick.
11 a.m.: Take a brisk 40-minute
Although the recommendation is to
get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity
exercise five times a week, research
published in the Journal of the
American Medical Association found
that women who exercised an extra 10
minutes five days a week were more
successful at warding off weight gain
as they moved from their 20s and 30s
into middle age.
1 p.m.: Eat a big veggie salad topped
with grilled chicken and a slice of

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F -.. ...... ... .

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C.u. I iVotei
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-2012C "BEST For admissions
f HEALTH CARE" information, or a
tour of our facility,
please contact our
Admissions Coordinator.

6940 Outreach Way North Port, FL
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Reduces the undesirable signs of aging.
Restores tone &glow toyourface
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A more permanent solution
Ito unwanted hair. :

Jamie Raisor



whole-grain bread.
The formula for a get-skinny lunch
that will power you through the
afternoon (and banish the need for
extra munching) is simple: vegetables,
whole-grain bread and lean protein
(like chicken, fish, tofu or beans).
Why does it work? Making veggies
the biggest portion of your lunch will
give you a satisfying dose of fiber, the
stay-full nutrient, while delivering
healthy phytochemicals, vitamins and
The whole grains also add fiber and
may help bust belly fat, according to a
study in the Journal of Nutrition. The
lean protein helps keep you feeling
full throughout the afternoon. Gram
for gram, protein will keep you feeling
fuller longer compared to carbohy-
drates and fat.
4 p.m.: Snack on fresh-cut veggies
with hummus... or not.
Before having a mid-afternoon
snack, take a minute to see if you're
really hungry. If not, forgo the extra
calories and wait until dinner. If you
are, follow the fiber-plus-protein
combo for a snack that will really kick
your hunger. Carrots and hummus are
a classic combo.
6 p.m.: Start your meal with a soup
or salad.
Filling up on fiber- and water-rich
foods first can help prevent you from
overdoing high-calorie fare later.
Research out of Penn State shows
that eating a first-course salad can
reduce overall calorie intake at a
meal by up to 12 percent. And in a
study in Appetite, people who started
lunch with vegetable soup ended
up eating 20 percent less than those
who skipped the soup. Whatever you
choose for your main meal, try eating
it off a smaller plate it may help you
to eat less while not feeling deprived.
8 p.m.: Indulge in a few squares of
dark chocolate.
Believe it or not, giving yourself
little treats may be the secret to losing
weight for good. Aiming to be "too
good" sets you up to fail. Chocolate is
a good choice (if you like it) because
it delivers extra health benefits;
chocolate contains antioxidants called
flavanols that are good for your heart.
EatingWell is a magazine and web-
site devoted to healthy eating as a way
of life. Online at

vp j. B- A I

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 13

Contestants kick off post-holiday weight-loss challenge


More than 70 contestants have
signed up for the post-holiday
weight-loss challenge at the Cultural
Center of Charlotte County. The top
three teams will receive cash prizes.
Most contestants have said their
main goals are to develop a healthier
lifestyle, lose weight and lengthen
their life expectancy. There is still
time to sign up for the challenge,
which includes a free month at the
Fitness Salon and personal training.
Combining exercise with a better
nutritional diet will aid in avoiding
numerous diseases that often accom-
pany being overweight and obese.
The combination of weight resistance
training and cardiovascular exercise
is the best way to burn calories and
to achieve your goals. Remember to
check with your doctor before begin-
ning any fitness routine.
For more information or to join
the challenge, call 941-625-6145, ext.
263 or visit the Fitness Salon at the
Cultural Center of Charlotte County.

Post-holiday challenge:
Week 1 results
Team name, percentage lost
Animal Lovers, 0 percent

A Weigh We Go, 0 percent
Beauty And The Beast, 2.16 percent
Busy Bees, 1.41 percent
Canam, 0 percent
Canucks, 3.36 percent
Carb Dodgers, 2 percent
Charlies Crew, 0 percent
Charlotte County Fatties, 29
Diet Divas, 3.52 percent
Dogs Rule, 2.15 percent
Gems By Design, 0 percent
Happy Sisters, 0 percent
Keweenaw Couple, 0.48 percent
Las Vegas Crappers, 0 percent
Leasee Losers, 1.24 percent
Lefty T's, .74 percent
M & M, 2 percent
Mick And Moxie, 0 percent
Misfits, 1.50 percent
One More Time, 0 percent
On Maigri, 2.54 percent
Quest For Success, 1.85 percent
Remedy, 1.41 percent
Rice Girls, 1.33 percent
Sexy P J's, 1.37 percent
Sibling Rivalry, 2.17 percent
Size Ten Again, 0.21 percent
The Birds, 1.81 percent
The Dumbells, 0 percent
The Girls, 6 percent
The New Us, 0 percent
The Spice Girls, 1.45 percent
Two Peas In A Pod, 1.60 percent
Young Robins, 0 percent
Grand Total, 1.1 percent

IL ~


PH'-.T-. PPC'-.,. IDED
Ted Robedee (left), manager of the Fitness Salon at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, helps
Chris Fountain get started on the treadmill.

Do fast workouts really work?


Finding time to work out in our
harried lives can be one of the great-
est barriers to making exercise a habit.
As an attorney logging 60-hour
weeks in downtown Minneapolis,
Amy Baumgarten knows this well.
Recently, she noticed a busy friend's
cut biceps and asked her how she
does it. The friend's secret: intense
exercise in as little time as possible.
This fitness regimen is based on
an ever- evolving theory that says
performing ultra-short, high-intensity
workouts sometimes as quick as
four minutes a day produces the
same health benefits as longer bouts
of exercise at a moderate pace. Think:
swimming laps for several minutes at
90 percent of your maximum heart
rate without stopping.
These minimalist exercises, as
they're called, are a part of the all-in-
tensity programs popularized by
CrossFit-style gyms and the bestsell-
ing at-home DVD workouts like P90X
and Insanity.
But skepticism abounds, as some
doctors say the idea sounds too good
to be true. The pace might be too
"This is working out at a level of
exercise where your eyes are rolled
back, or like you're running away
from a pack of rabid wolves," said
Dr. Tom Kottke, a cardiologist with
Yet other health experts see a ben-
efit in these short bursts of exercise
- if applied correctly.
"There's good reason to include it
in your workouts," said Mark Blegen,

head of the Department of Nutrition
and Exercise Sciences at St. Catherine
University in St. Paul, Minn.
For years, U.S. government guide-
lines have recommended at least
150 minutes of moderate exercise
per week for good health. Those
guidelines are based on multiple,
large studies showing that people who
exercise for 150 minutes a week tend
to live longer and are less likely to
develop heart disease and diabetes.
Newer research suggests other-
wise. Notably, in 2006 researchers
at McMaster University in Canada
studied participants pedaling on
stationary bikes for three minutes,
alternating between 30 seconds of
pedaling as hard as they could and
resting briefly. Researchers found that
shorter, harder workouts produced
the same health benefits as 90- to
120-minute bike rides at a slower
Using findings from that and
subsequent studies on high-intensity
interval training (HIIT), the American
College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM,
recently came out with a total body
workout that requires just 7 minutes
to complete. The fitness market is
now flooded with abridged workouts
that promise results without having to
devote hours to the gym.
Blegen went from skeptic to believer
after seeing the amount and quality of
studies coming out on high-intensity
interval training.
"You're talking to a guy who forever
has done 60 to 90 minutes of cardio. If
I can cut that down great!"
Blegen works out several days a
week, and at least one of those days
he gets on a stationary bike and

It von love reading j,4 swo-. be sure to check out
IF IiIlufu lhIi [i -ril;FID I1 100 jrl -- (- 01 I0
Not only can Youn read this week's magazine., yon can also search
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pedals all out for 30 seconds, then
rests, then repeats the sequence 10
"There's not much room to debate
that it will improve your (stamina),"
Blegen said, adding that short but
intense workouts also improve classic
health markers, such as blood pres-
sure, cholesterol and blood sugar
This type of workout isn't for every-
body, Kottke cautioned. The intensity
required for the ACSM's 7-minute
workout, for instance, is too much
for most people. If weight loss is your
goal, longer workouts at a lower inten-
sity are far more effective at burning
fat, Kottke said. "(With) this kind of
stuff, all you are doing is burning off
your glycogen," he said, referring to
stored glucose or carbohydrates.
Blegen agreed the minimalist

approach hais it, Iiiit He liiiik, it
would be a inistake t, sciap ithe iIInie
traditional, Ioinigei caiidi, 11'1k'1,uL
from your regiien lIiisteaid. Blegenii
suggests inc o, poa Kiiig HIIT viiii\:, t
weekly routi lie
Since heat iiig abiuit HIlT fiimi
her friend, Bauiiiin iiten lihia been
going to Disco:ei ,tieiiiSngi gn iii
Minneapolis In be eenii liei nine iii
the courtro:iiim, hIie's able to squeeze
in a quick fitiie,, p'iogiam Bu iii-
stead of doing i:,eeiail hi,, ik ,:, k,:,ut
over the couie 'A dlie neek. hIie pick,
it all into 30 minute, bu ,t o:nl once
week. Her tiaiiiei put.iIie, liei th iiugh
a series ofiiiteiine stieiingti exeicises
that work hei leg: aiind ulppei bo:d\
Now, she's hi,,,'ked ,in liei iiiiinm.iial-
ist routine.
"I have nevei Iloo'ked in ,ie itiletic
and worked out less. sIie sijd

S We Not Only Listen, We Hear


We have been herefor 33+years and will contthmne I, ,ni'v
Charlotte County
Dr. Janick and Dr. Halasz are Board Certified IntEWrnl -l,,.1
Specializing in Endocrinology A
JOHN J. JANICK, M.D. Voted "Top Doctor" and STEVEN P. HALASZ M.D.
^ "Best Doctor" In Endocrinology
Treating: Diabetes, Pituitary, Lipid and Adrenal Dis .-- T,.
Obesity, Pagets Disease and Osteopor,:,::
10 ov
R .Al~l ^*"*'"^o .j,/,. R-u
629-3366 '
201' 4369 TAMIAMI TRAIL I !?

:Page 14

The Sun /Sunclay larniiay I9 2'i' 4

Understanding, diagnosing and treating glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic
nerve the part of the eye that carries
the images to the brain for us to
interpret. The optic nerve is made up
of many nerve fibers, like an electric
cable containing numerous wires.
When damage to the optic nerve fibers
occurs, blind spots in the vision devel-
op. Typically, these blind spots initially
occur in the peripheral vision and
may go undetected until significant
optic nerve damage occurs, resulting
in permanent blindness. This is why
glaucoma is known as the "silent thief
of vision."
Clear liquid called the aqueous hu-
mor circulates inside the front portion
of the eye. This is different from the
tears on the external surface of the
eye. Normally there is an equilibrium
between the fluid secreted into the eye
and the amount that flows out through
a microscopic drainage system to
maintain a healthy level of pressure
within the eye.
If the drainage area for the aqueous
humor, known as the drainage angle, is
blocked or not working normally, the
excess fluid cannot flow out of the eye
and the intraocular pressure increases.
This pressure causes damage to the
weakest part of the wall of the eye,
which happens to be the optic nerve.
Early detection and treatment are
the keys to preventing optic nerve
damage and blindness from glaucoma.
Glaucoma is one of the leading

causes of blindness in the United
States. It is estimated that more than 4
million Americans have glaucoma; up
to half of them are unaware they have
the disease. Worldwide there may be as
many as 70 million people who have
Chronic or primary open-angle glau-
coma is the most common form. The
drainage angle is open but becomes
less efficient over time. This results in
a gradual increase in pressure that can
damage the optic nerve.
In some patients, the optic nerve
becomes sensitive even to normal
pressure and is at risk for damage
- this is known as normal tension
glaucoma. In either case, treatment
is necessary to prevent further op-
tic nerve damage and vision loss.
Typically, open-angle glaucoma has
no symptoms in the early stages, and
vision remains normal until the optic
nerve sustains significant damage.
Closed-angle glaucoma causes a
more sudden rise in eye pressure. The
drainage angle may become partially
or completely blocked when the iris
(the colored part of the eye) is pushed
over this area. This often occurs in
small or farsighted eyes. Since the
fluid cannot exit the eye, intraocular
pressure builds rapidly and causes an
acute closed-angle attack.
Symptoms may include severe eye
pain and redness, blurred vision,
colored halos, headache, nausea and
vomiting. This is a true eye emergency
and can cause loss of vision in a 24
hour period. An urgent laser treatment

(iridotomy) is required to break the
attack. Fortunately, this is much less
common than open-angle glaucoma.
Other types of glaucoma may be
associated with trauma, medications
(especially steroids), inflammation or
tumors in the eye.
The most important risk factors
include age (typically people older
than 50 years), elevated eye pressure,
family history of glaucoma, African or
Hispanic ancestry, farsightedness or
high nearsightedness, past eye inju-
ries, thinner central corneal thickness,
systemic health problems including di-
abetes, migraine headaches and poor
circulation, and pre-existing thinning
of the optic nerve.
Complete eye examinations are the
only sure way to detect glaucoma.
Only checking the pressure of the
eye (tonometry) is not sufficient to
determine if one has glaucoma- this is
only one component of the evaluation.
Additional testing includes inspection
of the drainage angle of the eye with
a special instrument (gonioscopy),
evaluation of the optic nerve through
a dilated pupil(ophthalmoscopy), and
evaluation of the peripheral vision
(visual field testing or perimetry).
Today there are more sophisticated
technologies to monitor for optic
nerve damage. These include optical
coherence tomography (OCT) which
is a computerized imaging tech-
nique that uses laser light to make
a 3D image of the back of the eye;
Heidelberg retina tomography (HRT)
which is a confocal scanning laser

ophthalmoscope that produces an
accurate, detailed 3D topographic map
of the optic nerve; and digital photo-
graphs which provide stereo pictures
of the optic nerves. All these modalities
give baseline information of the optic
nerve that allows for comparison in
the future to detect early progression
of damage.
The treatment of glaucoma involves
lowering the intraocular pressure to
protect the optic nerve. Traditional
treatment for glaucoma involves the
use of medications in the form of eye
drops or pills to lower the eye pressure.
Significant advancements in eye
drops in the past decade have enabled
patients to control glaucoma with as
little as one drop per day. Nevertheless,
all medications have the potential
for side effects and this needs to be
discussed thoroughly with the treating
eye doctor.
Laser treatment for glaucoma
became popular in the early 1980s. A
more advanced technology known as
selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT)
uses laser light to stimulate the body's
own healing response to "clean up"
the drainage angle and lower the eye
pressure without causing thermal
damage like the previous lasers. It has
approximately an 80 percent success
rate and may enable patients to get
off their eye drops. The procedure is
performed in the doctor's office.
Laser iridotomy mentioned above
for closed-angle glaucoma is a brief


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o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 15

Study: Cataract-surgery consultations on rise, but often not needed


Extra preoperative consultations for
Medicare patients about to have cat-
aract surgery have increased rapidly,
a University of Washington researcher
has found, but the referrals, which
incur additional charges, are often for
healthy patients who don't need the
Dr. Stephan Thilen, a University of
Washington assistant professor in the
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain
Medicine, focused on extra preoper-
ative consultations for patients about
to undergo cataract surgery, the most
common elective surgical procedure
for patients covered by Medicare.
About 2 million Medicare benefi-
ciaries each year undergo cataract
surgery, a low-risk procedure for
blurred vision caused by the lens of
the eye becoming cloudy. A routine
preoperative and preanesthesia
evaluation by doctor and anesthesia
provider is included in the set fees
Medicare pays.
Many patients also get another
consultation a formal preoperative
one with a third doctor, which is
billed separately, Thilen found after
analyzing a random sample of claims
from 556,637 patients from 1995 to
2006. In some regions, as many as 69
percent of Medicare cataract-surgery
patients get an extra consultation.
Referrals for these consultations,
Thilen and his colleagues wrote in
the study published recently in JAMA
Internal Medicine, "seems driven
primarily by nonmedical factors
including practice setting, type of
anesthesia provider, and geographical
Ideally, such consultations would
only be done for high-risk patients
who need extra assessment. But that's
not what has been happening, Thilen
If a patient who is generally healthy
needs such a consultation for a
"uniquely low-risk" procedure, he
asked, should all patients coming for
surgery get them as well?
"We don't believe that all patients
need to have a preoperative consulta-
tion," Thilen said in an interview. "We
have over 1,000 guidelines in med-
icine today, for all sorts of things....
But we don't have a guideline for who
needs a preoperative consultation."
Extra consultations were relatively
low in the South and West, but the
rate was three times higher for
patients living in the Northeast.
When he analyzed the data by
"hospital referral region," which
designate regional health-care mar-
kets for specialized consultative care


and include a major referral center,
he found a huge variation. In several
regions, no patients were sent for
extra consultations, while in others,
69 percent were.
"When you talk about a discre-
tionary service like this, without a
clear indication or guideline, there
is a practice culture that developed
- a culture that has taken hold in a
certain geographical region," Thilen
Although he looked to see if pa-
tients had any high-risk diagnoses
that might arguably qualify them
for an extra consultation, he said
the scope of this study didn't show
whether doctors or patients initiated
the request for a consultation.
"I believe it is very unlikely that
patients are driving this process,"
he said, but he and his colleagues
hope to delve into that question in
future research. Some doctors argue
that higher rates of consultations
reflect increasingly better levels of
care. Dr. Daniel Albert, a founding
director of the University of Wisconsin
McPherson Eye Research Institute,
told Reuters Health that the idea of
doing "a more stringent examination"
within 30 days of surgery became
widespread over the period studied by
Albert, a professor in the de-
partment of Ophthalmology and
Visual Sciences at the University of
Wisconsin who was not involved in

Need help?
Dial 211 to connect to more than
880 health and human service providers,
representing local services available
throughout Charlotte County.

I, /Iod ...

4k. 'o wlileI
Evenv TIuIsda W We
& 061 IWlIMIt0M414I

the study, suggested that the data
could be outdated, since the proce-
dure has changed significantly since
the beginning of the study period. "It's
much safer, and the complication rate
is far lower than it was in 1995," he
told Reuters.
In the last year of the study peri-
od, 2006, more than 18 percent of
Medicare cataract-surgery patients
were referred to such consultations -
up from 11 percent in 1995. At about
$180 per consultation that adds up
to a figure approaching $65 million
-just for cataract surgeries, which
are typically done in less than half an
Overall, a total of about 50 million
surgical procedures are done in the
U.S. annually, Thilen said. "The ques-
tion is: How should these patients be
managed properly, rationally, cost-ef-
fectively?" he said. "We have limited
resources and we need to devote
them where they make a difference
and we don't waste resources."
Eliminating unnecessary or waste-
ful tests and procedures is a focus of
a recent campaign by the American
Board of Internal Medicine called
"Choosing Wisely," noted Dr. Lee
Fleisher in a commentary accompa-
nying the study.

FILE P-i-.T-..
Such efforts to rein in "low-value
or no-value care" could potentially
save substantial amounts of mone\.
said Fleisher, a professor and chaih
of anesthesiology and critical care at
the Leonard Davis Institute, Perelminaii
School of Medicine at the Universiry
of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Fleisher urged doctors to begin
"choosing wisely" on consultation-,
and tests "before external forces d-- it
for us."
He noted that there has been a sluift
away from paying for each service
separately the "fee for service"
system. Insurers and government
payers, such as Medicare, are among
those most keenly interested in thi-,
Thilen said that in his practice he
sees patients who should have had a
preoperative consultation but didift,
and vice-versa. His research group.
he said, wants to improve operatih e
care across the board, and is in the
first stages of what he hopes will be a
long-running research project.
"This is uncoordinated care, which
we're famous for in the United State-.,
Thilen said. His effort, he added,' i-.ift
all about finding waste and cutting
that out it's about establishing
rational models of care."

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:Page 16

The Sun /.urnclay .lariialy !':I, 4

P IP-]

Toscheduleyorappo-i ntment :
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or v



Context is key when calculating health care costs in retirement






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UNIT 102





When I was raising my teenage son,
a typical conversation would go like

F v Me: Don't you have homework?
Son: Mmmmm.
4 I Me: Shouldn't you get started right
l Son: (Door slam)
I'm reminded of our conversations
when I consider retirement planners'
^ admonitions to save more for retire-
,4 ment. The median retirement-account
balance for people age 55 to 64 is
$120,000 far short of Fidelity's pro-
posed benchmark of eight times final
salary, or the 25 times annual expenses
Sor $1 million benchmarks put forth by
^ other experts.
rNow, Fidelity reminds us that we
will need $220,000 per couple in
retirement for medical costs alone,
mostly to cover Medicare and medigap
premiums and cost sharing. And the
Employee Benefit Research Institute
(EBRI) has noted that at 75, we'll likely
spend more on health care than on
food and clothing combined.
Feel like slamming a few doors?
First, consider that any cost projected
out over several decades is bound to
look daunting. Plus, Fidelity's $220,000
^SS) is already baked into its eight-times-fi-
nal-salary benchmark. If you've saved
at all for retirement, you've already
started setting aside money toward
health care costs.
FILE PHOTO Also keep in mind that the annual
amount about $10,000 per couple
^ in Medicare and medigap premiums
and co-payments "is not the
budget-busting expense we often
imply it to be" for reasonably afflu-
ent families, said Michael Kitces, of
Pinnacle Advisory Group, Columbia,
Md. A couple with $3,000 per month in
combined Social Security benefits plus

procedure that creates a hole in the
iris to improve flow of aqueous fluid to
the drain. This is performed emergent-
ly to prevent sudden blindness during
an attack. It is also performed prophy-
lactically if the physician believes the
patient is at risk for an attack due to a
narrow drainage angle.
Glaucoma surgery is typically the

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m m

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 17

$1 million in savings should be able to
handle it easily, he said.
Further, know that projections can
turn on a dime. A year ago, Fidelity
calculated that a retired couple would
have faced $240,000 in total health
care costs. The new number factors in
the effect of legislation that reduces
out-of-pocket expenses for prescrip-
tion drugs, as well as lower-than-ex-
pected spending among current
retirees. Suddenly, you're in better
As for the EBRI report that health
care expenses will take a bigger bite
out of your budget as you age, the
same report shows that other spending
categories take a smaller bite. Overall
expenditures, on average, drop by 19
percent by age 75, compared with age
65, and they fall by 34 percent by age
85 (not necessarily because you're
scrimping but because you become
less active as you age).
So everything's cool, right? Not
surprisingly, the answer is no. Not only
are most people behind when it comes
to saving, but many also don't realize
that they'll have to pay for Medicare.
Retirees with income below the
median will struggle to make ends
meet. And families who can't afford to
buy full Medicare Part D and supple-
mental coverage "have very little to fall
back on if they suddenly experience
something catastrophic," said Sudipto
Banerjee, a research associate at EBRI.
Meanwhile, long-term-care costs -
which are not included in Fidelity's
health-cost projections can cripple
anyone's budget.
But context is everything. Rather
than focus on a single number or a
situation that may not apply to you,
know your own risks and keep saving.
Plan to buy Medicare Part D and sup-
plemental coverage (or an all-inclusive
Medicare Advantage plan) and pick up
long-term-care insurance.

last resort for glaucoma patients that
cannot be controlled with medica-
tions or laser treatment. This involves
making a "man-made" drainage
opening in the wall of the eye and
can be associated with complications.
New microinvasive glaucoma surgery
(MIGS) is on the horizon which looks
very promising.
Although there is no cure for glau-
coma, early detection and treatment
can prevent optic nerve damage and
permanent loss of vision. Advanced
technologies and treatments have
made it easier for the physician to
accomplish this goal. Treatment for
glaucoma requires teamwork between
the patient and the eye doctor. The
patient must be responsible to take
the recommended medication and
follow up with the eye doctor as
Anyone with the risk factors men-
tioned above should have a complete
eye exam as soon as possible. The
results of that exam will dictate how
often the patient should be evaluated.
Adults without risk factors should get
an eye disease screening at age 40.
Adults 65 years and older should have
an eye exam every one to two years as
recommended by the eye doctor.
Dr NeilZusman is a board-certi-
fied ophthalmologist. His practice,
Zusman Eye Care Center, is located
at 3430 Tamiami Trail, Suite A, Port
Charlotte. For more information, visit
www.zusmaneyecarecenter com or call


Changing sleep routine, environment may help you drift off more easily


Dear Mayo Clinic: I've always been
able to get to sleep easily, but lately
I've had trouble falling asleep a few
times each week. What are the best
ways to deal with this kind of occa-
sional sleeplessness? Are sleeping
pills OK to use?
Experiencing sleep problems from
time to time is common. Stress,
illness, life changes and many other
factors can sometimes make it hard
to sleep. When sleeplessness becomes
more frequent, however, take a look
at your sleep routines and your sleep
environment. Adjustments in those
two areas often are enough to help
sleep come more easily. Taking over-
the-counter sleep medications can
be useful in some cases, but first try
approaches that don't involve drugs.
Most healthy adults need seven
to eight hours of sleep each night to
feel well-rested. One of the best ways
get the sleep you need is to stick to a
consistent sleep schedule. As much
as possible, go to bed and get up
around the same time every day.
Following a routine as you get ready

for bed each night also can help your
body prepare for sleep. For example,
about a half hour before you go to
bed, begin to quiet your surround-
ings. Turn off televisions, computers
and other electronic devices. Dim the
lighting. These steps send a signal to
your body that it's time to get ready
to sleep.
Make sure your bedroom is a com-
fortable environment that promotes
healthy sleep. Keep it cool, dark and
quiet. If outside light gets into your
room, consider room-darkening
window coverings. A comfortable
mattress and bedding that is neither
too heavy nor too light are key to a
good night's sleep, as well. For some
people, pets can be a substantial
source of sleep disruption. Keeping
pets out of your bedroom at night
may considerably improve your
chances for restful sleep.
Your diet can affect sleep, too. Avoid
caffeine several hours before you go
to bed. Do not drink alcohol close
to bedtime, either. Although alcohol
acts as a sedative and may help you
fall asleep faster, as you metabolize
it, alcohol actually makes your body
more alert. That leads to more fitful,

less restful sleep later in the night.
Don't eat a large amount of food
before bed. It may cause reflux or
other gastrointestinal problems that
can keep you awake. If you tend to
wake up hungry in the middle of
the night, eat a light snack about 30
minutes before you go to bed.
Exercising 20 to 30 minutes most
days improves your chances of
sleeping well at night. Just make sure
you do it at least several hours before
bedtime. Taking a bath two to three
hours before you go to bed may help
you fall asleep more quickly.
When you have trouble sleeping,
distract yourself from focusing on
sleep. Avoid watching the clock.
Thinking about sleep often makes
it harder to get to sleep. Instead, try
reading or doing another quiet ac-
tivity until you feel drowsy. For some
people, completely changing the goal
can help. So instead of concentrating
on getting to sleep, see how long
you can stay awake. This technique
may actually make sleep come more
Don't worry too much about an
occasional poor night's sleep. But if
sleep problems persist and you have

tried lifestyle changes, then taking an
over-the-counter sleep medication
may be helpful. When used on a
short-term, occasional basis, sleep
aids can be effective and safe.
If you take other medications or
if you have other health conditions,
though, talk to your doctor first.
He or she can review your current
medications to check that none are
interfering with sleep. Your doctor
also can assess your medical situa-
tion to make sure taking a sleep aid is
a good choice for you.
Medical Edge from Mayo Clinic is
an educational resource and doesn't
replace regular medical care. To sub-
mit a question, write to: medicaledge@ For health information,

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:Page 18

The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

SThe Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back pain often overdiagnosed and overtreated Page 19


What doctors call "routine"
back pain can really, really hurt.
Surprisingly, the best treatment is
usually quite conservative over-
the-counter pain relievers, ice and
heat, and gentle exercise. Yet for
decades, many doctors have been
ordering more and more unnecessary
tests, narcotics, and referrals for
"Most routine back pain will
improve on its own with conservative
therapy in three months, often shorter
than that," said Dr. Bruce E. Landon,
professor of health care policy at
Harvard Medical School. "Even more
importantly, when we do more ag-
gressive things such as injections,
imaging, and surgery- the long-term
outcomes don't change at all. These
things have very little impact on what
is going on, and they have the poten-
tial to make things worse."
The trend of overdiagnosis and
overtreatment is getting worse,
according to a new study by Landon
and his colleagues. They analyzed
nationally representative data from
1999 through 2010 on nearly 24,000
outpatient visits for acute, new onset
or chronic flare-up back pain to see
if these people were treated accord-
ing to established, evidence-based
guidelines. Endorsed by both U.S.
and international experts, these
1. Call for treatment with nonsteroi-
dal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS,
such as ibuprofen and naproxen) or
acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic).
2. Call for referral to physical thera-
py when appropriate.
3. Advise against early referral for
imaging (such as MRI and CT scans)
except in rare cases where "red flags"
suggest something other than routine
back pain.
4. Advise against prescribing
5: Advise against early referral to
other physicians for injections or
The study, published in the journal
JAMA Internal Medicine, revealed that
doctors were increasingly ignoring
these guidelines. During the study
*Use of NSAIDS and acetamino-
phen went down, from 36.9 percent of
visits in 1999-2000 to 24.5 percent of
visits in 2009-2010.


*Prescriptions for narcotic pain
relievers went up, from 19.3 percent
of visits in 1999-2000 to 29.1 percent
of visits in 2009-2010.
*Referrals to physical therapy
remained low at 20 percent of visits.
*Referral to other physicians went
up, from 6.8 percent of visits in
1999-2000 to 14 percent of visits in
*Referrals for CT or MRI scans
increased from 7.2 percent of visits in
1999-2000 to 11.3 percent of visits in
"It is hard to not do anything
aggressive, especially when you
are having a lot of pain," Landon
said. "So people ask for these more
advanced things and, unfortunately,
doctors are often willing to prescribe
them because that's the path of least
This path of least resistance for pri-
mary care providers is a treasure trove
for surgeons, specialists, and pain
clinics. In the United States, health
care for back pain adds up to about
$86 billion each year. When people
with routine back pain are referred
for MRI imaging, they're eight times
more likely to have surgery.

When people with back pain ask
for off-guideline treatments, it takes
time to understand their expectations
and to explain how conservative
treatment is better suited to their situ-
ation. Doctors may not feel they have
that kind of time, noted Dr. John Mali,
chief medical resident at Harvard-
affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center, Boston, Mass., and
first author of the study.
"It is hard to reason with people
when they're in a lot of pain," he said.
"I'm in favor of the honesty route. I
tell people with first-time back pain
that narcotics don't necessarily help
and, frankly, they are a risk. Instead of
reaching for the narcotics, I suggest
that if they start with the acetamin-
ophen or ibuprofen and get rest and
use ice, the vast majority of the time
this will get better on its own."
Landon noted that it takes five or
10 minutes to explain things as Mafi
suggests, but it takes only 10 seconds
to order a test or write a prescription.
"The way our health care system
is set up right now makes it hard
to do the right thing," Landon said.
"Orthopedic surgeons, neurosur-
geons, and pain medicine doctors
get paid for doing things, not for

If you have a first-time bout with low back pain, or
are in the midst of another go-round with it, here's
what Dr. Jeffrey N. Katz, professor of medicine and
orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School,
recommends in"Low Back Pain"a Special Health
Report from Harvard Medical School:
*Cold and heat. At the beginning of the flare-up,
start with ice or cold packs. After 48 hours, switch
to gentle heat.
*Rest. If you're in severe pain when sitting or
standing, bed rest can be helpful. But limit itto
a few hours at a time, for no more than a couple
*Exercise. An exercise program can help the
healing process during an acute flare-up, prevent
repeat episodes of back pain, and improve function
if you have chronic low back pain. Work with your
doctor or physical therapist to develop a suitable
exercise plan.
*Medication. Over-the-counter pain relievers,
such as acetaminophen or an NSAID like aspirin,
ibuprofen, or naproxen, are usually all that's needed
to relieve acute low back pain. They work best
when taken on a regular schedule, rather than after
the pain flares up.
If these strategies don't work, talk with your doctor
about more advanced options for treating low back

U. r,.w r.--n .ln r n .

General & Implant Dentistry v'ii':- ',,
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry W. .:g
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273 50461737

A nIU-rn Alr n n k C

Expectations influence effects of medications and placebos


The information that clinicians
provide to patients when prescribing
treatments has long been thought to
play a role in the way that patients
respond to drug therapies. Now
an innovative study of migraine
headache confirms that a patient's
expectations positive, negative
or neutral influence the effects of
both a medication and a placebo.
Led by a research team at Harvard
Medical School and Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical Center, and
published online in the journal
Science Translational Medicine, the
study, for the first time, quantifies
how much pain relief is attributed
to a drug's pharmacological effect
and how much to placebo effect, and
demonstrates that a positive message
and a powerful medication are both
important for effective clinical care.
Senior authors Rami Burstein,
John Hedley-Whyte Professor of
Anaesthesia at HMS and director of
pain research in the Department of
Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain
Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess,
and Ted Kaptchuk, an HMS pro-
fessor of medicine and director of
the Program in Placebo Studies and
Therapeutic Encounter at Beth Israel
Deaconess, took advantage of the
recurring nature of migraine head-
aches to compare the effects of drug
treatments and placebos in seven
separate migraine attacks in each of
66 individuals.
Study findings uncovered several
key points: 1) The benefits of the
migraine drug Maxalt (rizatriptan)
increased when patients were told
they were receiving an effective drug
for the treatment of acute migraine;
2) When the identities of Maxalt tab-
lets and placebo pills were switched,
patients reported similar reductions
in pain from placebo pills labeled as
Maxalt as from Maxalt tablets labeled
as placebo; and 3) Study subjects
reported pain relief even when they
knew the pill they were receiving was
a placebo, compared with no treat-
ment at all.
"One of the many implications of
our findings is that when doctors set
patients' expectations high, Maxalt
(or, potentially, other migraine
drugs) becomes more effective," said
Burstein. "Increased effectiveness
means shorter migraine attacks
and shorter migraine attacks mean
that less medication is needed," he
"This study untangled and re-
assembled the clinical effects of
placebo and medication in a unique
manner," said Kaptchuk. "Very few, if

FILE PH'.T,"..

ain. expei iineiir lia\e c''inpaied tlre
effecreeiie',_- 'if lmedhicartil-' iiidei
diffeient deegiee 'f infolimn;iitiI In a ;
ii;.ilt;.illh leclimigig disease 01.1 dsi-
c',-vei V,-,Vilimg rlh.iat r ,bject' liepi-,
'f p;i llkieeie iieal ideiitical hlienii
tlie\ veie ild thalit ;aili active dii'g
\\xa a ; placeb, a, hliel tlie\ eie toild ;i placebI- i- a 1 ;-i active dlitI,:
dein',:iirtate thliat trle placeb, effect
iS ;-IlI Hl c.ickii,-,\ lodged pa.iilei f_-,i
p'-,\veiful inedC;.iaiI,-'lB "
Thle im\e'tlgatri', 'studied 'o\ ei 4-50
;aitt;aick II 161; pa.ileiir vlh itr i ,ug .iii e-,
tlicl_ g lieadachcliesa cil ol \ ;.ic-
c-,inpa.iied b\ liialIe;a. \oikIltri iitd
,eniti\-it\ toh light aind ,:,id .Aftel
;i iiiitial.i i I tieae.iti eiit" 'Ie5 1l'i I 11
xvhnch pallelll5 d,-,ctlemted tlhel
headache pa.iIn and ;acconpm n\-iiinH
\ inptrlp'lll .i0 iimiiuteie ;iftei headache
,, alid ;.ig all I li i-,HI laitei i` 2
lihIu aftei 'Ienr. rtile p.iitlclpa.irll
\\eie pio\ ided nt ili si\ enmelipes
c,:,irt.iiiiig pill- tr, be takeiin f'i each
f lheii iie\xt i\ iinIgl.iiie ;aitt;aick
Of tle si\ tiea.tineiir. rtixV 'eie
ii;ide ithli p-:,iri\e e\pectarl'lb,:
ienielope, labeled MIa\;aill. tri
\wvli iieg;aite e\pect;ii,', l eiive-
lope, labeled placebol"i ;inad tri,
\ithl iieiltilal expect;.itiol ie enkelopes,
Labeled MIax\;alt 1 placeblo i Ieach
of the tluee lI.ituai,-,'l -- psitire.
iiegarie 0,1 ieietiral 'lie ,A trle It,

enielope, ciintiianed a ;Iax\;ailt tablet
\liile tle otliei colli led ;-I placebo.
Iii, liarel \ihliat tle label actually
iiidica.ited Thle pailelikr their doculi-
mielied tlheii pall expeilelces iii trle
saiame m;.iei i ,e.i tlie\ had linitih IiI
tle iio'-tieailnelir sesl'lil
Thle iesultlr c,:,lirteelirl\h li'h'ed
thliat gi\ ig trie pilll aiccnimpiamed b\
politi\e 'II 1[ mal .i[i_ lliCiii ie lime rlltl
b,-,rted thlie efc;icac\ f b ith thlie
aictilve lmigilie inedc.itil-iii ;aid thlie
meit placeb:
\Whelin parties ieceiked Miax;ilt
labeled a, placebo,. tlie\ eie being
tieated bx tlie inedica.iliii but
iflih-out ;r-i\ p -,tlrl\e e\pect;ai[Ii,"
ii,:l'ed BuiItreli Tlis i\-I ,all attempt
to' i r,,le tlie phlia ilaceutica;il effect
f MIax;ailt fil'Inm ai\ placeb', effect "
Co1n\'eiel\. thlie ineit placebo labeled
a, NIa\;ailt h ia ,a attempt t,-, i,',late
tlie llMlipact of tlie placebo effect fi'om
pliam llaCellutical effect
Added Kaptcliuk., Even thliough
Miax;.lt ih \\asupeoi,:,I t,:, the placebo
III teimls of alle lirlltig pai, e ,_fo''nid
thliat ulidel each thlie tluee me'v-.ig-
e. thlie placebo effect a.icctulted f,-,i

at least 50 percent of tlie dlsubjects'
,,eilall paiil relief W hen, foi ex;im -
ple. MIax\;ailt ;is labeled Nlaxalt.'
tlie subjects' iep oits of pi in lelief
molie tiali doubled coilpaled itli
ihlien ia\a;ri ;Ais labeled placebo'
This tells Lis that tile effectiveness
,, ;i goo, d phlinail icetlica;il I;i\ be
doubled bI ellialiciillig tlie placebo
effect "
Furliein moie. tlie a.ItlHoi, S eie
Slll piised r a llmd trliar even Mlien
sllbjects iweie ilven ;i placebo thalit
;Ais labeled -as placebO:. tlie\ lepirt-
ed pali lelief. compiled i"Mtli i,-
CoIItl;i\ to coiel\etirlo;iial ni-sdo'In
thliat patilenit iespolnd to ;i placebo
because thle\ think thviee ettIIg ,-11
active dItl'g,. ''ll lillnig leinfoice
tlie idea thalit open-label placebo
tieatlnelirt ll\ liake a thlelapeultic
beneh.t. -said tile authois. ;.iddillg
thliat xhlile fLitliei ieseaicli \\ill be
needed tr[ e\pl'oie lio:x thliese nnlldllig-
c0:1lid be applied tor chlicail caie. tlie
nldllgs, suggest that iii tile futuie
placebos nai\ pio\ ide a thlelapeultic
boost t dig tlrieatlnelits

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:Page 20

The Sun /Sunclay .lariialy I':. 2'i 4

Dinner and dance party to benefit Haitian orphanage

A local charitable organization
of nurses is inviting the public and
members of the health care com-
munity to attend its third annual
The dinner and dance party or-
ganized by the Multicultural American
Nurses Organization (MANO) will
begin at 6 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Punta
Gorda Isles Civic Association, 2001
Shreve St., Punta Gorda. It is a black-
tie event. There will be live music
ranging from salsa to reggae.
All proceeds will go toward main-
taining St. Marie's Orphanage in
Petionville, near Port-au-Prince,
Haiti a city that has never fully
recovered from the devastation
leveled by a catastrophic magnitude
7.0 earthquake four years ago this

month. The disaster claimed the lives
of about a half-million people, leaving
about 1 million homeless most of
them children, many of whom were
orphaned by the disaster.
MANO partnered with the Charlotte
County Medical Society Foundation
to build a 24-bed orphanage, which
opened in June 2012. The organiza-
tions are in the process of building
and furnishing an adjoining medical
clinic, as well as meet other needs.
Admission is a $55 donation per
person. Sponsorship tables that seat
up to eight persons are available at a
special rate. The fundraiser will offer
appetizers (shrimp cocktail, smoked
fish spread and crab cakes), a sit-
down dinner (baked turkey, chicken
curry and baked Cornish hen, served

with bread, a colorful French salad,
mixed vegetables, and white or organ-
ic brown rice, and dessert (chocolate
mousse pie and key lime cheesecake).
Alcoholic beverages will be available
for sale, with small bottles of wine,
Hatitian rum and Jamaican white
label whiskey shots all offered for $3.
The event is sponsored by The
Fshery restaurant in Placida, Stop and
Go Deli and Caribbean Cafe in Port
Charlotte and the Wyvern Hotel in
Punta Gorda
"Unlike a lot of charities, we have
absolutely no administrative costs,"
said MANO Chairman Wilson Gedeon,
a Haitian-born registered nurse with
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte. "Every
cent goes directly toward meeting
the needs of feeding, clothing and

educating the children, and taking
care of their medical needs."
Dr. Stephen Schroering, an ortho-
pedic surgeon in Charlotte County,
was so impressed with MANO that he
has partnered with Gedeon to deliver
medical care, clothing and education
for 10 boys and 10 girls.
MANO which also contributes to
charitable organizations in the United
States is looking for people with
skills to volunteer their services on
brief mission trips to Haiti, especially
those in the health care community.
Already, about 10 doctors and a dozen
nurses have gone, some on multiple
For reservations or more infor-
mation, contact Wilson Gedeon at

Sarasota Memorial Hospital honored among nation's 'Magnet' facilities

Provided by

Sarasota Memorial Hospital has
received Magnet redesignation for
the third time, a rigorous challenge
accomplished by 1 percent of the
nation's hospitals, the American
Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
Widely accepted as the gold stan-
dard of patient care, Magnet status is a
4-year designation awarded to hospi-
tals that demonstrate excellence and
professionalism in nursing. Less than

400 hospitals worldwide have earned
the quality designation, and 1 percent
have been redesignated three times
since recognition was first bestowed
in 1994.
Sarasota Memorial remains the only
hospital south of Tampa on Florida's
Gulf Coast to successfully complete
the voluntary credentialing program
for hospitals, first earning nursing's
highest honor in 2003. The ANCC
continually raises the bar to reflect the
highest standards of practice.
Earning redesignation for the third
time is a "remarkable" achievement,

Magnet Commission chairwoman
Deborah Zimmerman and global
director Linda Lewis told Sarasota
Memorial leaders and hundreds
of nurses and staff gathered in the
hospital auditorium for the official
announcement. "You are exemplary as
a Magnet organization."
Hospitals must undergo extensive
evaluation, including onsite review
of policies and clinical practice, every
four years to maintain their Magnet
designation. The redesignation
process began last year, after Sarasota
Memorial submitted thousands of
pages of documentation, and four
Magnet surveyors visited the hospital
in November to measure its perfor-
mance against 88 Magnet standards.
They visited more than 40 nursing
units and several offsite departments,
conducted dozens of information
gathering sessions with nurses,
physicians, community and academic
partners, and personnel from virtually
every area of the organization.

"Although Magnet recognizes our
1,200 excellent nurses, every person
in our health system plays a role in
maintaining our Magnet designation,"
Sarasota Memorial chief nursing offi-
cer Jan Mauck said. 'Achieving Magnet
status truly is a testament to their
incredible passion, expertise, team-
work and commitment to delivering
excellent patient care."
Magnet hospitals are more effective
at attracting and retaining "the best
and brightest" nurses, which results in
better outcomes for patients, accord-
ing to the ANCC. Independent studies
show Magnet hospitals have shorter
lengths of stay, higher patient satis-
faction, better nurse-to-patient ratios
and lower mortality rates.
Magnet designation also contrib-
utes to an organization's standing
in U.S. News & World Report's
annual 'America's Best Hospitals"
lists. Sarasota Memorial has ranked
among the magazine's top facilities

Charlotte County health department earns

public health readiness program recognition


The Florida Department of Health
in Charlotte County (DOH-Charlotte)
has been recognized by the National
Association of County and City Health
Officials (NACCHO) for its ability to

plan for, respond to, and recover from
public health emergencies.
This is the second time since 2007
that DOH-Charlotte has demonstrated
meeting the comprehensive prepared-
ness benchmarks required by Project
Public Health Ready (PPHR), a unique
partnership between NACCHO and
the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention. DOH-Charlotte remains
one of more than 300 local health
departments across the country
distinguished for excellence in
preparedness through PPHR, either
individually or as part of a region.
The Florida Department of Health's
mission is to protect, promote and
improve the health of all people in
Florida through integrated state,
county and community efforts, and
PPHR re-recognition confirms that
DOH-Charlotte has a thorough and
coordinated emergency response
plan in place and that staff have the
training to protect the health of the
community during an emergency.
Local health departments recog-
nized by PPHR undergo a rigorous
evaluation by peer review to assess
their ability to meet a set of na-
tional standards for public health


Anua PrinonSymoim21

Great Expectations for Living

with Parkinson's Disease

"Sexual Health and Parkinson's Disease"
Dean P. Sutherland, MD, PhD
Director, Southeastern Center for Parkinson Disease
Medical Director, Neuro Challenge Foundation

"Update on Parkinson's Disease 2014 -
The Revolution in High Gear"
Lawrence Elmer, MD
Professor, Department .1 \, u.i..'- .. Director, Gardner-McMaster
Parkinson Center; Medical Director, Center for Neurological Health;
University of Toledo College of Medicine

"No Bad Days"
Bruce Hamilton
Motivational Speaker

$15 per Attendee
l-'lea.-e Rl\VI- to Neurmo Chillenle Foundation 941-926-6413
or register olinei' at 'itit'l .iieu rochalle

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Registration and Breakfast: 8:00 am
Welcome: 8:45 am
Program: 9:00 am 12:15 pm
Location: Sarasota Memorial Institute for Advanced Medicine
5880 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL
(1/2 mile West of 1-75 off Clark Rd.)
This is a community event for patients, care partners healthcare providers and the community,
sponsored by Sarasota Memorial Health Care System and the Neuro ( '.. l. Foundation.

IflidaiiA~a _MAGiAZINEF
IIriErintn tm iNeuro Challenge MAGAZINE

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 21

rPaEVW 22 ww~uNO EwSpprnt elnftcmTeun/LII1yI.II3

Free diabetes classes
The Florida Department of Health in
Charlotte County (DOH-Charlotte) is
offering diabetes management classes
at no cost. The classes will be held
Thursday evenings from 4-6 p.m. for
five weeks, beginning March 6 and
ending April 3. There will also be a
follow-up session on June 26. Classes
will take at 1100 Loveland Blvd., Port
This five-week program is taught by
a registered nurse practitioner who is
certified in diabetes education. Class
participants will learn to reduce their
long-term health risks and improve
their quality of life. Some topics
covered include keeping track of blood
glucose, nutritional management,
carbohydrate counting, exercise and
physical activity, medications, and foot
care. In addition to participating in
the educational classes, participants
will receive nutrition consultation and
program materials at no cost.
Class size is limited, and registration
is required. For more information or to
register, call 941-624-7200.

Hospital event schedule
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
(formerly Charlotte Regional Medical
Center) has announced the follow-
ing support groups and classes for
*Cardiac diet nutrition class, 9-11
a.m., Jan. 21 and 28, Bayfront Health
Punta Gorda, The Wellness Center, 733
E. Olympia Ave. For more information,
or to register, call 941-637-2507.
*Health lecture, 11:30-1 p.m., Jan. 21,
Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association,
2001 Shreve St. Ophthalmologist Dr.
Joseph Helgeh will discuss "The Aging
Eye: Glaucoma and Diabetes." Lunch
is included. For more information or to
register, call 941-637-1655 to register.
*Health lecture, 3-4 p.m. Jan. 30,
Life Care Center of Punta Gorda, 450
Shreve St. Neurosurgeon Douglas
Hershkowitz will speak about disorders
of the spine. For more information or
to register, call 941-815-8548.

Health lectures scheduled
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
and Bayfront Health Punta Gorda
have scheduled the following health
At 1 p.m. Jan. 22, Dr. Leslie Tar will
discuss causes, symptoms and treat-
ment options for arthritis. At 2:15 p.m.,
Dr. Charlene Okomski will speak about
state-of-the-art advances in women
surgical treatments with the da Vinci
Surgical System.
The lectures will take place at
Charlotte Regional Medical Center's
medical office plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave. in Punta Gorda. Each physician
will hold a question-and-answer
session following the lecture. For
more information or to register, call

Yoga Sanctuary open house
The Yoga Sanctuary, 112 Sullivan
St., Punta Gorda, will hold its annual

open house from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Jan.
25, to benefit Center for Abuse and
Rape Emergencies of Charlotte County
(CARE). Bring your friends, your
family, or a neighbor. Join in their free
mini-sessions of yoga, meet others in
the community, learn about the types
of yoga and healing modalities the
Yoga Sanctuary offers, or just enjoy
some organic tea and delicious snacks.
The Yoga Sanctuary will offer dis-
counts on services and retail items
with 10 percent of all profits going to
For more information, visit or call

Stroke, memory screenings
Charlotte State Bank & Trust, in
conjunction with Fawcett Memorial
Hospital and the Alzheimer's
Association, Florida Gulf Coast
Chapter, is offering a free stroke
screenings Jan. 29 and Feb. 26 at its
Parkside office, 3002 Tamiami Trail,
Port Charlotte.

Free medical lectures
Life Care Center of Punta Gorda and
Bayfront Health are offering the follow-
ing medical lectures:
3-4 p.m. Jan. 30, disorders of the
spine, neurosurgeon Dr. Douglas
3-4 p.m. Feb. 7, skin cancer, plastic
surgeon Dr. Chris Constance.
3-4 p.m. Feb 27, osteoarthritis/hip
and knee replacement, orthopedic
surgeon Dr. Stephen Schroering.
3-4 p.m. March 4, shoulder pain/
non-surgical, surgical options, ortho-
pedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Bentson.
Lectures take place at Life Care
Center, 450 Shreve St., Punta Gorda.
RSVP required. For more informa-
tion or to reserve your spot, call

Prostate support group
The Charlotte County Prostate
Support and Information Group will
meet from 1:15-3 p.m. Feb. 21. The
speaker will be Dr. Eric Lubiner from
Florida Cancer Specialists.
Meetings take place at Fawcett
Memorial Hospital's H2U facility lo-
cated in the Promenades Mall, next to
the Sheriff's office. It is easiest to enter
the mall via the Winn Dixie marque
on Harbor Boulevard. The group is
supported by the local American
Cancer Society office and the room
and refreshments are provided by
Fawcett Memorial Hospital.

Arthritis support groups
United Rheumor Arthritis Society
will offer two support groups in North
Port and Venice. The second Tuesday
of every month beginning Feb. 11, the
Gardens of North Port will host the
Healthy Lifestyles Health Information
Support Group from 5:30-6:30p.m. The
second Wednesday of every month be-
ginning Feb. 12, Gardens of Venice will
offer the same support group. These
are free and open to the community.

Refresluneiint. aid liglit niiacks will be
provided Foi m oiii Il [,_- iiit[-i _ii i l ,ii_- 1 oIL,-
RSVP, emiial ino,2'Ula,:cie\ oig

Health fair scheduled
Port Chliaiite Uniited NlIetlihdist
Church pie.entii. tie Heailthli\ Foot
Forward lieahli t;in aind uniiidiaJsiei
from 10 ;ai in -iool Feb -'0 Thle chlicli
is located ait -' 10)75 Queie.idi A\e Poit
Charlotte Fo i in'lle iilOilinlitiol ii o-i
securing i eiddoi table 01 il,11iiiiiL, up
to entei tiil ;it tie eveniit, call Sliei 1\
Mearn ait '141 -2'58x-5':' Gi leiii
McLaughlili it r''41 -447-0801
The event is sp,:,ni,:oied b\ dMlPio
Home Heah li

Cancer support group
Abiliiinguail iSpaniish."IEiigli,Iii
cancer tluppoiit gi:,tLp meet, tlie
second \\ediinedai\ o4 tie montiili
Some paitieiits Stiliggle witli multiple
issues, hh ;-Iia1ncial difhcfiltieh.,
absence ,f otill iiieiilibeiS ;-tid ;a
chronic illiies%. ;-id c',-,-lidiiiitr,-i
Brenda (Goiizile. ai liceiined cliiiic-il
social \\,oikei i Poirlt Cii'lortte Fo'li
m ore iiif,, i itil,-ii. iiiclldiii_ in eetiiig
location ;i- d times., co,-II-ct (,-,wz-lez
at 941- 1- 6 1 :;'-, 4

Alzheimer's support groups
The dMzlieiine g i', a,,ciii1`1,n F Ilo idi
Gulf C,:a'it C liiptei-aiffliiated suppilt
groups ;iIe tIoi tu kiil\ eimebel.
caregiver aidd otiei, h inteiested in
learning molie i- ,lit .uizlieiinei'N
disease NIeetiiigs ;iie ':pen tr: eei ii\one
and free ,:, cliiaige
For piogi I ,i_1 it l -tIOII ;-ld to
verify tlmeetillg dates,. times. ;i-tld
locatioiin,, pleaie caillC .00----:;'i00 ,:,l
941-235-7470 L,,cail mieetiiig ;ie hlield
at the f:ll,: ,Wiing I:'ccatiii,
*Royail Paiin Retiuement Centel. -500
Aaron S t Poit C hliiilotte. meet iat
10 a.m ,oin trie ,,itithi Tedai\ o, trie
*Soutli P,_-I t Sqiiie I-HalI b-l Tei iacei.
23033 \\etclieste Bld. Poit, C -li-ii I:tte.
meets at.:; p in _ii- tlie tliud Tuesdi\ of
the montcili
*Saint Iaiimiliain K,:IbeC(tlih,,c
Churchl. 1441 Speaii S t Poit (-liilotte.
meets ait -' i0 p i:,n i tlie foii:tli
Thursday\ o 4 tlie mion'lth
*Port (-Cliilotte Uniited Netlih:dist
Church. '1-. i di-'7 ed A\e Poit
Charlotte. meet at' i:; p i:n i tlie tliud
Thursday\ of tlie iinmolth
*Chai I,,te HaLu bl -Heailicaie. 4000
Kings H Pgl\i\\ PBi( Cliai-l Iotte. meet,
at 10 oil tie second F idai\ Alie
*Life C(;-uie Cenite. 4,50 Slueve St ,

-* Ral- ..' I^
2/ 2012

Ptili Goid,_ i. meet ;itp:; p I on tthe
thluiid N on f t[lie oIIn- til
SPUIIi Jc:-,da isles Civic -,ci;-tI ,
Mi' iee1 Shuieve St Ptiia (,oida.i meets
;ir:; p In oi tile sec-,idl Ttiedav ,of tihe
*)est, Cotmm\i Public Libiii \. 12-
N Hils-bl,,uigh A e. \e icaidiai meets ;it
1 1 III ,n i tle t ilt \\heiedaiv;\ of tlhe
Iin' irh
FI I l:)io p,,:iIt I :iti- oi c, icelIIIiii_ -11s p-
pot gloups. ,01 fo, moe iftlmmatioi
,,i seivices p,'\ividedu thliog:hI tle
.klzliei l e A-.s, -,cl-t[I ,_ please call
800- ,27-;'- 00 ,l ''_41 5-

Vision & hearing assistance
Thle Puniii Ciidai Li,:,ni F,:uiidaii:nii
offels e\eglai..e. ;-Aid ti1eiie est:, t hlielp
pie\eit bhiidiles t i III idiidt;i-ls \vith
-l,_i-,l iilp.i-llinett The ,I-,tl I -ti,_-,n
a-so oftelsh lieal iig aids aJid e\xamila-
n,-:,s to:I, tliho-e :,li ;-ie li di ,,f lheal-
iIg Tlihe.e .ei\ ices ;iie :iffeiedi t, thios-e
Sh ,:,thiei wie :ulduM notii be ible t,,
get lielp In Ptiiia Goiid1i. c1onta[ct
Bill R mii _el tell ;-it ,.41 -.1;' -;- .-i,-1 I[1
Pi t ChliiilI-rtte. co_,ii -ict Tei Pi iOil ;it
0:41-1 -'24 -5705 I1 N,:,thi Poi, coI i
PeiiiV (i.e:,i1icli ;it '141- 40i-L*".10 In
Engle ,,ood, :,-l -; Jt lell Zo, -, ;it
q 4 1 46l(1-'-I'-I'-I:;

Trivia contest and potluck
T i via C'ontesrt Tliuida\ taikes place
l-ili :i;0 ;-it -)iice E ic ;:;-' N Access
R:'ad,. Enigle\\,:,:,d Fiee heeiaie. ane id
plizes B iig i alie;iltli\ disIh oli trle
flee potluck suppel ait 6 ';0 p in BIIug
kii':,o\led:ge ti trle flee tr i _i i ag ne
,ilm 7 -,. :;0 p in F itI m oie iiitoII[ i-
t I,:,l I. c II94 1- 6 I- IN_40)

r~= famly'


J.,...,V Mui.,in PUNTA GORDA
D M. D. ____________

Pih'.ia'w -.Ill n1111 ,- 11 iiiii'i[lii .
100 Madrid Boulevard. Suite 414
Bank of America Parking Lol
ii'i'"Ai Fi"t ciii
Fijiuji' ii iJi) -=^=
\tilln A|>|>|II\|'| iniril ^ VISA

I )Dr. hKirli' is i.ilrrel'lyl ri /is -'hh /earit's- 1 IL).
IeL'I/orrmiiif mIerrmLI i s lii 21.hi yLeIr ,iL'r/',iiuin,
L'e\.III-L'I/r, hin iml ri ti. ar m/iier L' i in /iih
141/i reari eL'ri it/ til three ( hiirhle ( omii l" Ho{ihiil%.
Experienced with excellent results
and an vrI'llnt hdrlird pm nna"r

In te Ofiesan-I teositl

STom Kartis, M.D.
1 \(\ x l \(( 1(( I'
7 j AI, ),,,/,i [,(,,, I 1 ( ,1,,L
Trained in New York and Boston



0 ** *0* .1

www.Myheartlungdo ccor


:Page 22

The Sun /Sunclay .lariialy ,-,2 4

s u F I

Alcoholics Anonymous
Charlotte Harbor, 941-426-7723.
Port Charlotte, 941-380-9177.
Punta Gorda, First United
Methodist Church, 507W
Marion Ave.
Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave.
St. Nathaniel's Episcopal Church,
4200 S. Biscayne Drive, North Port.
Congregational Church,
1201 Aqui Esta Drive, Punta Gorda.
Community United Church of
Christ, 3450 S. Biscayne Drive,
North Port.

Arcadia, 863-444-0763
Englewood, 941-270-7662,
941-475-1832, 941-697-4910,
North Port, 941-429-8622,
Port Charlotte, 941-564-6039
Punta Gorda, 941-639-8107

Alzheimer's Support
Port Charlotte, 941-235-7470

Amputee Support
Port Charlotte, 941-575-7022.

Anger Management
Port Charlotte, 941-206-2480.

Arthritis Support
Port Charlotte, 941-627-4643.

Bereavement Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-4356.

Bipolar Support
Murdock, 941-613-1450.

Breathing Support
Arcadia, 863-491-4245.

Cancer Support
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3000
Punta Gorda, 941-637-9575.
Punta Gorda, 941-575-7266
Englewood, 941-214-8488.

Celebrate Recovery
Port Charlotte, 941-629-0999.
Port Charlotte, 941-625-7435.

Chemical Dependency
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474.

Children of Aging Parents
Port Charlotte, 941-766-7991.

Cocaine Anonymous
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474.

Co-dependents Anonymous
Venice, 941-488-8025.

COPD Education and Support
Englewood, 941-475-6571.

Depression Support
Charlotte Harbor, 941-613-1450.
Deep Creek, 941-629-2633.

Diabetes Support
Southwest Florida, 888-DIABETES.

Divorce Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-3039,

Down Syndrome Support
Port Charlotte, 941-204-7509.

Dual Diagnosis Support
Murdock, 941-613-1450.

For All Your Family's

Minor Medical Needs

* Physical Exams
*Women's Health
* Hypertension
" IV. Therapy
" X-Rays
" Allergies
" Arthritis
" Diabetes
" Impotence
" Stress Test
SWeight Loss
* Worker's Compensation
* Minor Surgical Procedures

2525 Harbor Blvd., Suite 102, Port Charlotte, FL
(Opposite Peace River Regional Medical Center)

DAVID S. BALLESTAS, M.D., P.A. & Associates Internal Medicine

l IA.l. A AIL:

Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-7PM Sat. 9 AM-3 PM

Emotions Anonymous
Murdock, 613-1450.

Epilepsy Support
Port Charlotte, 941-629-3309.

Ex-offenders Support Group
Murdock, 941-613-1450.

Family to Family
North Port, 941-957-3626.

Food Addicts Support
Punta Gorda, 941-380-6550.

Gastric Bypass Support
Port Charlotte, 941-228-4153.

Grandparents Support
North Port, 941-698-1943.
Arcadia, 863-494-5965
Englewood and North Port,
941-697-7287 or 941-341-4268.

Grief Support
Englewood, 941-460-1400.
North Port, 941-564-1400.

Hearing Impaired
Port Charlotte, 941-624-2947.

HIV Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-2552
or 941-716-3041.

Insulin Pump Workshops
Port Charlotte, 941-484-1200

Intervention Program
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474.

Kidney Cancer Support
Englewood, 941-697-1212

Kidney Health Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-9985.

Lap Band Support
Port Charlotte, 941-624-4441.

Leukemia and Lymphoma
Ft. Myers, 239-992-5781.

Life After (Any) Loss
Punta Gorda, 941-585-9576.

Lung Cancer Support
Punta Gorda, 941-637-9575.

Laryngectomy Support
Deep Creek, 941-204-1515.

Memory Care Support
Rotonda, 941-698-1198.

We listen so you can hear.
If your hearing doesn't seem as good
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some real facts. Let's talk.

We offer a complete range of
audiology services for our clients
including the following:
V Diagnostic Hearing Testing
V Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment
V Hearing Aid Dispensing & Repair
V TV. Ears
V Batteries & Supplies
The Best of Charlotte
for the Past 10 Years!


rm= 941.505.0400 "
100 Madrid Blvd* Suite #315 Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Ricardo Gauthier, Au.D
Doctor of Audiology

Mental Health Support
Port Charlotte, 941-263-8033.
Englewood, 941-475-2000.
Port Charlotte, 941-627-2100.
Port Charlotte, 941-380-9177.

Multiple Myeloma
Port Charlotte/Englewood,
941-457-5478 or 941-697-7861.

Narcotics Anonymous
Charlotte Harbor, 941-624-1204.
Port Charlotte, 866-389-1344.

Port Charlotte, 941-235-0353.

Ostomy Support Group
Port Charlotte, 941-627-9077

Overeaters Anonymous
Port Charlotte, 941-258-8548.

Parents Group
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3982.

Parkinson's Support
North Port, 941-426-4624 or

Pulmonary Hypertension
Port Charlotte, 941-875-4224.

Prostate Cancer
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3000,
ext. 3800.

Quit Smoking Support
QuitTeam, 941-552-1283.

Respite Care
Port Charlotte, 941-697-5109.

Stress Support
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2450.

Stroke Support
Englewood, 941-475-3558.
Port Charlotte, 941-639-2360.

Victims of Abuse Support
Punta Gorda, 941-639-5499.

Women's Support Group
Murdock, 941-613-1450.

Contact us
To add or update a support group
listing, email feelingfit@sun-herald.
corn or contact Karin Lillis, editor, at

preparedness. These standards align
with federal government requirements
and other national best practices.
PPHR recognition also requires
health departments to collaborate
with their state, local, and community
partners to develop plans that ac-
count for all the constituents in their
DOH-Charlotte continues to
maintain collaborative relationships
with Charlotte County Emergency
Management, local hospitals, the
health and medical community of
Charlotte County, non-governmental,
faith-based, community groups and
volunteers to maintain a continual
level of public health preparedness.
"All disasters strike locally, and local
health departments are a critical part
of any community's first response
to disease outbreaks, emergencies,
and acts of terrorism," said Robert
Pestronk, NACCHO executive director.

Get Your Weekly Dose of
S Health & Hope EA T
J f In Sunday's Feeling Fit! AL
f Get a DAILY Dose at! F R P G
_ ^ ..eeling Ht- .... FROM PAGE 21

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 23



:Page 24 The Sun /5LIrICI~1y .I3rILI31 y


( *



AwadSlag rtopdi cr

frn ndcne

We're jumping for joy. Our orthopedic care earns another major distinction.
By receiving The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for Orthopedic Care in spine care
and joint replacement, BAYFRONT HEALTH PUNTA GORDA is singled out as the place to
be for spine and joint care. Thanks to our skilled specialists, our patients experience better
outcomes and faster recoveries.

We proudly add this distinction to our other recent industry awards for
cardiac care, chest pain, pneumonia and home care. Here, your well-being
is always front and center.

Call our Nurse Navigator at 941-637-2499 to discuss joint replacement
or spine surgery.

809 East Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

^Bayfront Health
Punta Gorda

:Page 24

The Sun /Sunclay .lar, iuay ,-,': I 4

0. DAr.F q

Red Carpet Glamourj
... .. .....

6 quick tips to get

award show glam

at home

It's that time of year when
red carpets are being rolled
out, stars are frantically
working out to fit into slinky
gowns and entertainment
execs are furiously lobbying
for votes. Yep, it's award
show season. And with the
Golden Globes and just
behind us, and the SAG
Awards, Grammys and the
big daddy of'em all, the
Oscars, quickly coming up,
it's the perfect time to add
a little Hollywood glam into
our own lives.
So what if the closest you'll
get to a golden statuette is
a date with Academy Award
host Ellen DeGeneres via
your remote control? We
have six easy ways to up
your style ante, whether
you're hosting a viewing
party at home, looking for
some fashion inspiration
from the nominees or simply
ready to try something new.
Here's lookin'at you, kid!
True, red lips on the red
carpet is sort of a no-brainer,
but in 2014, it's especially
trendy. At the Golden
Globes, gobs of actresses
touted deep red mouths -
Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth


From left, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence, winners of the award for best motion
picture comedy or musical for"American Hustle" pose in the press room at the 71st annual Golden
Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 12, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Moss, Taylor Swift, Drew
Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel,
Zoe Saldana, Michelle
Dockery, we could go on
and on. See, nothing adds
glam to a look like a swipe
of crimson lipstick, whether AP
you're wearing jeans and a PHOTO
white T-shirt or an Oscar de Jessica
la Renta sequined gown. Lange
Celeb makeup artist Dimitri arrives at
James, who created Skinn the 71st
Cosmetics (http://skinn. annual
com/), says to exfoliate lips Golden
with a scrub to get rid of any Awards
dry flakes. Next, line the lips at the
with a lip liner that matches Beverly
your lipstick, apply the red Hilton
shade and finish by blend- Hotel on
ing the lipstick out to the Sunday,
liner with a lip brush. Now Jan. 12,
you're ready to pout for the in Beverly
cameras (even if it's just for Hills, Calif.
your Instagram account!).
Inspired by all those gold
awards being passed out?
Treat yourself to a little
beauty bliss by opting for
makeup or skincare with

ril eIiuuseiruuuieUi
New year, new start



Jam Roll


. PAGE 4



4 healthy foods

you can overdo

* PAGE 6



How to get organized

for 2014


Perhaps it topped your list
of New Year's resolutions. Or
maybe the fact that tax season
is creeping up has you nervous.
It could even be that the
cooler weather, which has
trapped much of the country
indoors, has you tired of
ever-present clutter.
Whatever the reason, certified
professional organizer Cynthia
Lindsey says this is a busy time
of year for her.

.. ......

"Believe it or not, when
people hire me, they realize
it's not so much about all the
clutter'," says Lindsey, a member
of the National Association of
Professional Organizers (www. "When you start to
peel away the layers, it's about
something deeper. There are
reasons that people are holding
onto all this stuff, whether it's
emotional issues, or budget
Her company, Organizing
Ease LLC, based near Nashville,

Tips for taking better photos


From selfies to portraits
of lunch, more people these
days are taking photographs
in more places. But there's a
big difference between great
photos and throwaways -
and a big difference between
great photographers and
anybody with a smartphone.
"Anyone can learn to take
better photos'," says Lucas
Gilman, a professional ad-
venture photographer whose
work for such magazines as
National Geographic and

Sports Illustrated has taken
him all over the globe.
Gilman is offering photog-
raphers of all levels tips for
producing more compelling
Shoot images in the mo-
ment. Never put anything off
until tomorrow. The weather
could change, the leaves
on the trees could blow.
Anything that can happen
When photographing a
scene that mixes bright and
dark, the camera will lose

much of the detail and you'll
end up with overexposed
white and underexposed
Instead, look for mid-tones
with little difference between
the brightest highlights and
darkest shadow. Flowers
and trees, for example, are
often best photographed on
overcast, drizzly days.
"My favorite time to shoot
is right after sunrise or just
before sunset, when the sun
is low in the sky. It makes
for more interesting and



'pP Dermatology without the wait... So you have more time firr things 'ou iove_
Now in North Port
14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287

A weekly section ofthe Sun Vol. 4 No. 03 January19,2014

A1 -


The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


IT'S ONLY "A" GAME By ANDREW CHAIKIN / Edited by Will Shortz

1 Last name in Scotch
6 Stream
10 Bloke
14 Like blokes
18 Napoleon, e.g., twice
19 Steakhouse order
20 Test subject
22 Grand-slam drama
that stars Bacall's
24 Half an Xmas
"Halls" chant
25 1976 horror hit, with
26 Point value of an A
in Scrabble
27 Little to no
29 Heavily favored
30 All-inclusive
32 Beat poet Cassady
and others
33 Captain Hook's
right hand
34 69-Across, e.g.
37 Scrams
38 Astral saga that has
a Darth part
42 Cutting edge
43 Gulager of TV's
"The Virginian"
44 French Oscar
46 Bit of Google
47 Staple of a waiting

Online subscriptions:
Today's puzzle and more
than 4,000 past puzzles,
(39.95 a year).

48 Work on the roof,
50 "Movin' ___" (TV
theme song)
52 One of die Planeten
53 Kitty, e.g.
54 Count ___
55" Anything"
("Oliver!" song)
56 "The Witches"
57 King Arthur of
59 Kris ___ (music
61 Like classical
63 Fab "backward-
gram" & la "Sam,
aha! Bahamas!"
67 Burger topper
68 Segway inventor
69 Apple product
70 Bird's gullet
71 Chip on one's
shoulder, say
73 Kowtowers
75 Pilates targets
78 Take on
79 Poses
80 Stone figures?
81 Equal to the task
82 Objective
83 Louis Armstrong, to
85 Two-time U.S. Open
86 Houston's old
__ Field
87 Black cat that
packs grass and
chants "Jah"
91 Prefix with -hedron

93 Best-selling novelist
94 Great Basin
95 An op-ed has one
96 Air apparent?
97 Worships
100 "Common Sense"
101 Valedictorian's
pride, for short
102 Bygone Bombay
106 Landmark vassal
law act
108 Warm mask/cap
111 Burning desire
112 Puts away
113 Friends, in
114 Big name in
115 Depict
116 Swarm
117 Where Sharp
Electronics is

1 Chrysler Building
style, informally
2 Physical, e.g.
3 Smart-alecky
4 "M*A*S*H" star
5 One in a gray suit
6 Modernist Kafka
7 A bridge might have
8 "The Lord of the
Rings" villain
9 "Pop" goer
10 Online gaming

11 Gatekeeper's cry
12 Lawyers' org.
13 Picasso's designer
14 Tilex target
15 Latin 101 verb
16 Score creator
17 Style
21 Subject of the
documentary "An
23 Spoils
24 Two-faced
28 Haphazard
31 Gift shop buy
32 Sign at an
33 Apple product,
34 Recipe amt.
35 Skin soother
36 Gala that saw
"Black Swan,"
"Avatar" and
"Ab Fab" attract
37 Bar glass that's
half Bass, half
dark malt
38 Lama's art that
can't last
39 "Shazam!"
40 Noted political
maiden name
41 Designer
43 Comedian Margaret
45" hear"
48 Something woeful
49 Item of attire for
51 Square meals that
are round

52 Minneapolis suburb
54 Jackie of "Shanghai
58 Maine senator after
60 Striped Girl Scout
62 Knocks
63 Zodiac symbol
64 Pier place
65 Adams and Alcott
66 Most handy

72 '70s self-help course 89 TV/movie group
74 Word repeated in associated with
the "Superman" this puzzle's
intro theme?
76 Alliance 90 Agave drink
77 Meaning: Fr. 92 In the slightest
81 Flashback and 93 Apple product
halfbacks 95 The Adversary
84 Eyelashes 96 Jerk
86 That, in Tijuana 97 Day-and-night, in
88 Source of a way
excitement 98 Belafonte hit

99 Dungeons &
Dragons figure
100 Strait-laced
101 Elation
103 Reebok
104 Hike, with "up"
105 The East
107 It goes before E
except after C
109 Whiz
110 Vientiane native


I I AAsk us about our

No cash value and cannot
be used or combined
with any other offer.

Come join the National Cremation Society for a

FREE Breakfast/Lunch & Informational Seminar

on the benefits of pre-planning your cremation.

We'll discuss:
* Affordable options and savings
* Travel & Relocation Protection Plan
*Veteran benefits
* And much more...


Limited Seating Available.


Leave your wallet at home.

1740 E. Venice Ave.
Venice, FL

Wed., January 22nd
Thurs., January 30th
12:00 PM
To reserve your seat, call

1331 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL

Tues., January 21st

To reserve your seat, call

8501 Placida Rd.
Cape Haze, FL

Thurs., January 30th
11:30 AM

To reserve your seat, call

2095 N. Beach Road
Englewood, FL

Wed., January 22nd
11:30 AM

To reserve your seat, call

385 N.41 Bypass
Venice, FL

Tues., January 21st
11:30 AM

To reserve your seat, call

1997 Kentucky Ave.
Englewood, FL

Thurs., January 23rd
11:30 AM

To reserve your seat, call

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No. 0112

Game Day party tips for football fans


Entertaining this foot-
ball season? To make your
gatherings memorable,
you'll need to do more
than just turn on the
game and hope for the
best. With the right party
plays, you can treat your
guests to a spirited game
day and a memorable
football feast.
Try incorporating these
game changing ideas
into your regular party


Get your friends geared
up for game time from
the moment they arrive.
Hang a team banner in
your entryway and adorn
your yard with your team's
colors. Pump up your
crowd by playing your
favorite game-time tunes.

Even if all your guests
are rooting for the same
team, spice it up with
some friendly compe-
tition, like wagering on
who hosts the crowd for
the next game.
Have face paint on
hand and encourage your
guests to arrive early so
the party is well under-
way at kick-off.


Food is usually
the main attraction
at most festivities,
and football-themed
"home-gating" parties
are no exception. Give
your spread a thematic
look by making a mini
football field out of your
table. Use AstroTurf as
your tablecloth. Then
space white tape stripes
at intervals for the yard
But you can really score

big with the food. Dips
are the MVP of home
parties, according a
recent survey conducted
by ConAgra Foods. More
than half of the respon-
dents said their guests
reach for dips first. And
Famous Queso Dip
remains king at parties,
beating out guacamole,
salsa, spinach artichoke
and buffalo chicken dip.
So please your crowd
and make game day de-
licious with a quick, easy
and zesty dip. If you're
one of the many that
have never heard of or
made queso dip, try this
simple crowd-pleasing
recipe, made with only
two ingredients, RO*TEL

1 I can (10 oz.) RO*TEL
Original Diced Tomatoes &
Green Chilies, undrained

1 lb. (16 oz.) VELVEETA,
cut into 1/2-inch cubes

Combine undrained
tomatoes and cheese in
microwaveable bowl.
Microwave on high
for 5 minutes or until
VELVEETA is melted
completely and mixture
is blended, stirring after
3 minutes.
Serve warm as a
dip with tortilla chips,
crackers or cut-up
fresh vegetables.


No matter where the
football festivities take
place, queso dip is a fan
favorite. The VELVEETA &
RO*TEL Quesobago, an RV
loaded with queso dip, is
making a cross-country
tour to college football's
hottest rivalries to
introduce queso to a new

crowd. While it only takes
two ingredients to create
crowd-pleasing Famous
Queso Dip, you can make
it your own with a pinch
of personality. For queso

customizations, visit www.
For the perfect pigskin
party, make your football
fete fun, festive and
creatively delicious.

Find the hidden treasures of the rich in Naples

By Ellen Creager

5th Avenue South:
The main shopping
street. Designer olive
oil, antique jewelry,
artwork, bronzes and

patent-leather coats
for little dogs. Dine on
everything from caviar to
cappuccino to calamari.
corn, 239-435-3742.)
Naples Pier: Historic
fishing pier now mainly

Putting the top down on a fancy convertible is a great way to
enjoy downtown Naples, Fla.

used for strolling and
people-watching. If
Naples Beach there is
too crowded, try other
spots there is access
at the end of nearly every
east-west street (if you
can find parking) along
the Gulf. (12th Avenue
South at the water,,
SArtist studios: Art
Alliance Naples has 26
working artist studios set
up on Shirley Street in
North Naples; buy direct
from the artists twice a
month. "People want to
know where the real art
is," says painter Susan
Shipman of Grosse Pointe,
Mich., and Naples. Hear
schedule at 239-821-1061.
(No website.)
Tin City: Former fish
shacks turned into stores
and restaurants. A lot of
T-shirts here but some
interesting shops as
well. (1200 5th Avenue
Dream houses: Drive
Gulf Shore, Gordon Drive

and Galleon Drive to see
enormous mansions,
including two that sold for
more than $40 million last
year. Nice cottage, huh?
Naples Botanical
Garden: Best is the
Brazilian garden with
its colorful mural and
pond with lily pads as
big as car wheels. New
visitors center and orchid
garden will open next
fall. (4820 Bayshore Drive,,
Naples Zoo: See the
Snakes Alive! demonstra-
tion featuring Florida's
native poisonous snakes,
and take a little boat
tour. I was uncomfort-
able seeing the zoo's
seven giraffes wandering
in a barren pen, but
a better habitat for
them is planned. (1590
Goodlette-Frank Road,,


Everglades City:
A wonderful antidote

Hitting the Everglades is a good diversion from the beach
crowds in Naples, Fla.

to chi-chi Naples, this
rural town has airboat
tours, mobile homes,
the western entrance
to Everglades National
Park (
and Smallwood Store, a
museum that once was a
trading post (about one
hour east on Tamiami
Trail, U.S. 41; www.ever
SAve Maria: Ann
Arbor pizza magnate
Tom Monaghan's utopian

dream of a Catholic town
is now seven years old.
Created amid farmland
35 miles northeast of
Naples, it still looks pretty
much like a movie set
waiting for action to
start. Still, the Ave Maria
Oratory church is worth
the trip alone to see
the architecture (about
one hour from Naples;
Annunciation Circle, Ave
Maria; www.avemaria.
corn, 239-352-3903).

to*ft &scif the 29th AMtuaL

JANUARY 23 24 *25 26

Lee Civic Center
10 AM-5 PM: Thurs., Fri., & Sat.
10 AM-4 PM: Sunday

14 Area Dealersf iI4ying Hudre& ofNerwxvs!




OPW 100 vSaypers & LowiteredsF

LEE CIVIC CENTER From 1-75 take EXIT 143 go east (S.R. 78) for 3 miles.



&Sfem4Wtars'! /

Sponsored by: | Jj
Florida RV Trade Association Region One t assocIation

'I 0 MI$ 0TDR:y*T 80, I. T*JaNEE- EG

o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014



Page 3

abS9 ts


., A

~Page4 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

Look what I found!


Arcadia is bustling

friends and I drove to Arcadia for
the outdoor antique fair, which
runs on the fourth Saturday of
every month. There were plenty of
dealers set up on the street and all the
shops were open. That gave us several
hours of digging for treasure.
Almost immediately I found a set of
Bakelite checkers and a few Bakelite
chess pieces thrown in for a surprising
price of $38. I have an oak chess table
that's about 80 years old and I'd like
to find an interesting chess set to
display on the table. The problem is
most Bakelite sets that I like run $300
and up. My friend found a mahjong
set with Bakelite pieces for $150. We
did the test to make sure it is Bakelite
by rubbing some pieces between our
fingers until the friction makes them
feel warm. They then should have a
chemical odor (formaldehyde?). These
did. Another set were plain plastic,
and although they looked a lot like
Bakelite, the very honest dealer made
it clear they were just plastic.
Amidst all the antique hustle,
there was a table with several ladies
selling wonderful pastries and fresh
vegetables. We bought a pile of their
stuff and had to go back to the car to

unload our early finds.
Back on the street we headed to-
ward U.S. 17 where there are two large
lots filled with dealers. The variety
ranges from artworks to brass keys, to
door knobs and piles of collectibles.
We bought a few things in the $1 and
$2 range and a nice lamp at a bargain
price of $44.
In the park close to U.S. 17, I found
a really fascinating book published
in 1943. The title is "The Human Eye
In Anatomical Transparencies."The
front of the book has seven pages of
transparencies that delve deeper and
deeper into the eye as you turn each
After having covered all the dealers
outside, we then shopped the dozen
or so stores. I found a set of old music
books and decided to show my friend
how to haggle. I made an offer and
the dealer immediately accepted it
without the haggle, so no lesson was
taught. In a store called The Ghost
Orchid, my friend found lots of new
items for grandkids and friends.
Although not an antique shop, it's got
an exceptional variety of gift items.
One of the hidden secrets on Oak
Street is the upstairs at J.V. Stamps

and Antiques, located at the corner of
Polk and Oak streets. This is a high-end
decorator's dream. Beautiful furniture,
lots of oil paintings and room after
room of interesting decorator pieces.
Their website gives you a look at all
the kinds of things they offer, www.
If you do the fair you need to hit
every shop on Oak Street. There's 10
times the inventory in the stores as on

the street.
Finally, while in Arcadia you can eat
at one of several sandwich shops, delis
or fine dining restaurants.

Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. Please feel free to email him with
questions or comments at drjunk941

New releases from Iced Earth, Rev. Horton Heat

he week of Jan 21 seems to have
very few maloi label tieleases, along
with every Beatles album being
re-released to coincide with the 50th An-
niversary of the Fab Four landing on U.S.
soil sometime in February. So this week I
will focus on a few independent releases
that hopefully will attract some interest.
First is a new release by Iced Earth
called Plagues of Babylon.
Iced Earth is a heavy metal band from
Tampa, formed byJon Schaffer in 1985.
This band has had more lineup changes
than Elvis Presley had hits. They began
under the name Purgatory, but by the
time they released their debut CD in
1990 the band name had changed to
Iced Earth. Their first release featured
Gene Adam on vocals, but after he
refused to take singing lessons they
replaced him with John Greely for their
second release. Then after a three-year
sabbatical, they returned with vocalist
Matthew Barlow. Barlow fronted the
band from 1995 until 2001, then he
decided to quit to become a police
officer. The merry-go-round continues,
in comes Tim Owens (former singer from

Judas Pi iesti1 foi two albumIRs LuWtil Bai low
decides he wants to ieloin the band
He ietui ned foi one album in 2008 and
then decides to quit the band for good
in 2011.
Everyone following along? I know a
family tree map would be helpful, and
remember this is only about their sing-
er or vocalists I haven't said anything
about the constant changing bassists
and drummers, which I will graciously
omit. Later in 2011, a new vocalist, Stu
Block, stepped in and the band contin-
ues. As of 2013, Jon Schaffer is the only
original member, there has been more
than 20 musicians in and out of Iced
Earth since its inception.
Plagues of Babylon is their 11th studio
release and features 12 all-new tracks.
Oh, the way, I just read they replaced
their drummer in November.
Next we have a new release by
Reverend Horton Heat called Rev.
The Reverend Horton Heat is a
band name for singer, songwriter and
guitarist, Jim Heath, along with Jimbo
Wallace on bass and Scott Churilla on
drums. Their sound is considered to be

psvchobillv, i ockabillv :1 countIV-fed
)punkabillv The band took theii name
as an ode to Johnny Hoi ton with
Heath's last name shortened. In the
Dallas area, Jim was known as the
Reverend of music because he ran the
sound system for many bands in the
They first broke onto the music scene
in 1985, they were known in the region
as one terrific concert, high-energy,
loud music with humorous lyrics. Who
wouldn't like that combo?
Their debut album was on an inde-
pendent label and hit the streets in
1992. After their second release, the ma-
jor label Interscope picked them up and
since then they have released 10 CDs,
with Rev coming in at 11. This is their
first studio release in four years and is
back to their roots of true psychobilly.
My good friend Jim Senseman, owner
of AIIStar Paintball & Skateboard here
in Port Charlotte, is a huge fan and has
seen them many times. "Once you have
seen them in concert all other bands
just can not compare."I read this on
an online blog and it so fits here: "The


Reverend's demands are simple. Rock
hard, drive fast and live true. No band
on this planet rocks harder, drives faster
or lives truer than the Reverend Horton
The few other major releases this
week are from AER, Nick Drake (box
set), Blue Highway and a compilation
of Grammy Award nominated artists
called 2014 Grammy Nominees. Other
Independent releases are from Against
Me, Hard Working Americans, Los Lonely
Boys, Mogwai, Nashville Pu**y, Doug
Paisley (no relation to Brad), Scorpions,
Throwdown, Jennifer Holliday and
bluesman Tommy Castro.
Keep rockin', folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner ofTJ's CDS & More at 3275-A
Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. He loves reader comments,
and can be contacted attjscds@peoplepccom.

The Thrifty Traveler: Bandanas offer money-saving travel solutions


As far as affordable travel
gear goes, bandanas are
tough to beat. Inexpensive
to purchase in bulk and
made of fast-dry fabric,

they make solving vacation
challenges simpler. Handy
for both rustic and slightly
more luxurious excursions,
these fabric squares can
perform multiple functions.
Here is a collection of my
favorite uses.
Cleaning: While

camping our way down the
East Coast one summer,
my husband and I needed
cleaning supplies that were
quick to dry. Using tradi-
tional cloths which were
slower to dry would have
left us with a must and
mold problem we weren't

willing to tackle. One of
our go-to options involved
bandanas. Because they
are made of a thin fabric,
they were the perfect
substitute for dishrags and
Paired with a small squirt
bottle of Dr. Bronner's, they


Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer
all your questions and help with your selections.
Expert installation available-Ask for details.


223Muphy.s Nort'h Prt, FLis941429I.121fexti660

made washing dishes in
a bucket a breeze while
also pulling double duty
in the shower. A camping
clothesline hung near the
tent provided a fast and
convenient drying spot.
Eating: Bandanas
have also come to our
rescue when grabbing a
light snack on the road.
Whether we've stopped at
a street-side park to enjoy a
takeout sandwich or simply
tried to keep our vacation
supplies ecological by not
stocking disposable paper
products, these easy-to-
pack pieces of fabric have
been part of the solution.
They make a great minia-
ture picnic blanket when
you don't have room to
pack a sarong.
Simply pull one out of
your tote or jacket pocket
to create a space on the
grass, bench or picnic table
that's sanitary enough to
buffer your flatware, snacks
and any individually-sized
condiments like peanut
butter packets or spicy
mustard. Need a napkin

and don't want to purchase
an entire package? Whip
out a bandana. It will easily
wash in the hotel sink and
be dry by morning to
pack for your next day of
Protecting: Just like
using alcohol wipes for
multiple vacation needs
can help you pack light,
so to can having a clean
bandana within easy reach
when you need a quick
bandage and are short
on traditional supplies.
Simply strap a folded one
onto a bad shin scrape
with medical tape from
your kit until you can
reach a pharmacy. You'll
need to clean your wound
first of course, but this is
a workable way to meet
your first aid needs on the
fly. Other ways bandanas
can offer protection on the
road include using them
as a face mask while riding
or walking on extremely
dusty roads, and wrapping
them around your head
for extra sun protection in
extreme climates.

(941) 505-1624
16480 Burnt Store Rd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33955


Visit Our L
New Showroom! |


-Page 4

The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014


SThe Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

FLAIR Page 5


L,1 ( ,, I
Emm uMEPL'

1.5 LB TO 3LB $1 50 Now$11.50/Lb

m wFO 3



6"RABTW/IN LOBSTERS Seafood Marketo 2700 Placida Rd., Eng. (941) 698-8946

Suet Jam Roll: An interesting recipe from the 1930s

s uet Jam Roll"caught
my eye while re-reading
a bookfrom my favor-
ite British author, Nevil Shute.
It got my curiosity going, so I
researched the recipe on the
Internet. I'd like to attempt it, but
was hoping readers might have
made the recipe and can enlight-
en me, with or without the suet.
Interesting to find old recipes
from way back isn't it?
More up-to-date, my neighbor
Cheryl gave me a basket full of
zucchini, cucumbers, peppers,
celery, corn and a few veggies
I couldn't identify that she
received from First Alliance
Church. I rarely cook zucchini, so
was anxious to use them before
they spoiled.
After checking a couple of old
cookbooks I collect, I decided on
zucchini cake and zucchini pan-
cakes. The zucchini cake/bread
(cooked in a loaf pan) turned out
absolutely delicious even though
I was out of baking powder. The
zucchini pancakes were so easy
and tasty that from now on I may
just give up my beloved potato
pancakes. Maybe.
Thanks for reading!

3 eggs

2 cups sugar
1 cup oil (I used butter)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups coarsely grated
zucchini, unpeeled
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In bowl, beat eggs till fluffy.
Add sugar, stir in oil and vanilla,
beat till thick. Stir in zucchini.
In a separate bowl add flour,
cinnamon, baking soda and salt.
Stir in wet ingredients. Grease
two loaf pans and cook for
about an hour.

3 eggs
2 unpeeled zucchinis, grated
2 cup flour
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter or margarine
Stir eggs into zucchini. Mix
in flour, salt and pepper. Shape
into patties and fry in butter
till nicely browned on both
sides. Makes about 6 depend-
ing on size.

2 large avocados, peeled and
2 cups light cream

1 13-ounce can chicken
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste
Combine all ingredients into
blender container. Cover and
blend till smooth. Refrigerate
5 to 24 hours. When serving,
garnish with dried dill weed if
desired. Serves 8.

'/a cup dry sherry
1 can condensed cream of
mushroom soup
1/a teaspoon mustard
4 fresh or frozen halibut steaks
1 small can sliced mushrooms
2 tablespoons parsley
Hot cooked rice
In skillet gradually stir sherry
into soup. Stir in mustard and
bring to a boil; reduce heat.
Separate frozen fish and place in
hot soup mixture. Cook covered
till fish flakes, about 10 minutes.
Carefully remove fish to a warm
platter. Drain mushrooms. Stir
mushrooms and parsley into
soup mixture, heat through.
Serve over fish and hot cooked
rice. Makes 4 servings.

1 whole wheat high fiber

tortilla (Ole Xtreme low carb/
high fiber)
1 tablespoon natural peanut
butter (Smuckers)
1 banana
Spread peanut butter on
tortilla. Lay whole peeled
banana in the middle and roll
up. Delicious, filling and stays
with you. (Recipe submitted by
Lori Thibideau, Rotonda West.)

1 cup coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
Package of German choco-
late cake mix
1 stick butter, softened
8 ounces cream cheese,
1 pound confectioner's sugar
Grease a 13-by-9-inch pan.
Sprinkle bottom of pan with
coconut and pecans. Prepare
one box of German chocolate
cake mix as directed on box
and pour mixture into pan
covering coconut and pecans.
In large mixing bowl combine
stick of butter with cream
cheese and confectioners'
sugar. Mix well. Drop mixture
evenly onto cake batter and
bake at 350 for 45 to 50
minutes, no longer. (Recipe
submitted by Alberta Viola.)

1 12 cups all purpose flour
3 ounces shredded suet (or
4 tablespoons vegetable oil)
Water to mix
5 tablespoons jam
(Prepared suet can be pur-
chased from a butcher shop.)
Preheat oven to 400. Grease
a large oven-proof baking dish.
Mix flour and suet together in
a bowl.
Mix in just sufficient cold
water to make a firm, but not
sticky, dough. Roll out pastry
to /-inch thickness on lightly
floured surface.
Form a strip 8-10 inches
long. Spread a good layer of
jam (warmed if necessary) over
the pastry to within 2 to 1 inch
of the edges. Moisten edges of
pastry. Roll up carefully from
long side. Pinch top edges to
form a seal, along with the two
Bake at 400 for about
30 minutes or till golden
brown. Cut into slices and
serve with custard, if desired.

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions
and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297.

New year, new start

New year, new start

ith the new year, comes resolutions and promis-
es to ourselves that with any luck we will keep
We set out to be better people and do great
things, and when we achieve them we are so proud of
these accomplishments we want to shout them from the
We recently saw a sermon that included a segment
about setting smart goals. Well that's easy, right? But
what is a smart goal? SMART is actually an acronym that
stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic
and Trackable. As firefighters, we use a lot of initials and
acronyms, like EMS for Emergency Medical Services. So
we're a bit used to them.
Have you been examined, and the medic says to his or
her partner that your eyes are PEARL? Well despite what
you think, they were not gazing into your eyes hoping to
find love. PEARL stands for "Pupils Equal And Reactive to
In cooking, we use a few acronyms and initials, too.
Celebrity Chef Rachel Ray is well known for one she uses
all the time. When she tells you to coat the pan with a
little EVOO, she means that you need to put some Extra
Virgin Olive Oil in the pan in order to make the recipe. If

ti.. : ,4 ,:,crip'lee i r4iile ,::n I,:6 rie'rp c ,Ileij erieijiri CI-g :,r e)
12 cup cream of coconut
3 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup white rice
2 cups water
1 small can pineapple chunks
Dice chicken and cook in frying pan in EVOO until thoroughly cooked.
Stir often.
Boil water and add rice, cook until tender (add a few shakes of salt
if desired).
Once all sides of chicken have seared, add cream of coconut to
cooking chicken. Add the pineapple when chicken is almost done
I like to add the pineapple juice to the cooked rice for a little extra
Prepare Spring Vegetables per the package and enjoy!

you see a capital "C" in the recipe you might know that it
calls for that quantity in the measurable "Cup" standard.
So if you're at the firehouse and you look at the white/
blackboard wondering "What's for dinner?"you may see,

Free credit report from Target, popcorn at AMC theater and

meals from IHOP

Target is offering free credit reports to everyone after
an unauthorized data breach of 110 million customers
during the holiday shopping season, according to
The offer was made after the company reported
Friday that hackers stole the credit card info and
personal information on Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 of an ad-
ditional 70 million customers, including names, mailing
addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
Originally, Target placed the number at 40 million.


Get a free small popcorn at AMC
Theatres with a mobile offer.
No purchase is necessary.
Use your smartphone to text
BEST to 242424 to get the mobile
coupon. Then, click the link in the
text and show it at the concession
stand to get the free buttery
The offer expires on March 6.
Text and data charges may apply,
depending on your mobile plan.

Target will offer all U.S. customers "a complimentary
credit report, daily credit monitoring, identity theft
insurance where available, and access to personalized
assistance," according to the release.
It also reminded customers they have no liability
for the cost of any fraudulent charges arising from the
"We know this incident has been a confusing and
stressful time for our guests, and for that we apologize',"
said Scott Kennedy, Target's president said in a release.
"We hope this offer provides them with additional
peace of mind."
Visit for more info.


Get three free meals at IHOP.,-
when you join the chain's
Pancake Revolution email club.
Sign up and you'll get a
coupon in about 24 hours for a Pii,'
free meal valued at $7.99. Also,
you'll get another on your
birthday and on anniversary of I IiI
when you join.
Get the deal: http://www. 7 1 I'! !' '. Ol y in


You may be able to figure out that, first of all, one of
the medics is probably cooking, so dinner will never
get done, and one of the other guys from the engine
or truck will be preparing Spinach Salad, Steak with
Mushrooms, Mixed Vegetables and Sweet Potatoes,
Cheese Cake for desert. For $5, that's one heck of a
meal. Don't forget to pay the lieutenant.
Another great meal for not a whole lot of money is
Coconut Chicken with Rice and Spring Vegetables or
And that's BTFH. (That's Bringing the Firehouse

Firehouse Foodie, Frank E. Vaerewyck, isa graduate of Charlotte High
School who began his firefighting career in Punta Gorda. He is currently with
the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company 501 in Virginia. You can contact him at

S$B95 4
SJ U!Per Month 4

q ^ ^ 0 IFN]I Last Chance to Save-Exp 1/31/144
20+ Years 4
Experience T

Reduces Chlorine, Rust, Yellow i
Water, Odors, Bad Taste, a
Plus Softens!

', ) imaogination ot work

Toll Free. 855-462-8687
I www.waterTe wost
I*No Filters To Change Ever- I

Call I;

SToday I

I Toll Free: 855-462-8687 I I
L .-.Z .. .

Four healthy foods you can go overboard eating

any folks think"the more, the
better" when it comes to healthy
foods, notes ShopSmart, the
shopping magazine from the publisher
of Consumer Reports. The truth is, "you
absolutely can overdo it," says Jessica
Crandall, a registered dietitian in Denver
and national spokeswoman for the Acad-
emy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
ShopSmart lists four things that are
easy to go overboard on and why that's
a problem:
Sources: Meat, fish, poultry, legumes,
tofu, nuts and dairy, plus powders, drinks
and bars.
*What happens if you overdo it:
Overdoing it can strain your kidneys,
especially if they are already compro-
mised because of kidney disease, and
can also leech calcium from your bones.
A big problem is uber-fortified bars and
drinks that contain far more protein than
your body can use. Plus, Shopsmart's
experts recently tested 15 brands of
protein powder and drinks and found
that at least one sample of each was
contaminated with potentially toxic
heavy metals.



How to get the right amount: The
average woman needs about 46 grams
of protein daily; the average man needs
56. When you consider that a sandwich
with 3 ounces of chicken and an 8-ounce
glass of milk have about 40 grams, it's
easy to see why many of us get too
much. For most people, three servings of
protein-rich foods daily are plenty.

Sources: The biggest risks come from
eating too much of certain kinds of fish:
king mackerel, shark, swordfish, tilefish
and albacore tuna.
What happens if you overdo it:
You could be exposed to potentially
high levels of a toxic kind of mercury.
Even low-level exposure in pregnant
women and young kids has been linked
to problems with hearing, coordination
and learning ability. In adults, eating

high-mercury fish too often might affect
the nerves, heart and immune system.
How to get the right amount: To
consume a healthy dose of omega-3
fatty acids without too much mercury,
stick with clams, oysters, pollock,
Alaskan or wild-caught salmon, sardines,
shrimp and tilapia. Kids and women
of childbearing age should eat certain
fish less often; search "mercury"at for a list.

Sources: Fruits, vegetables, nuts,
beans, legumes, oats and whole grains,
plus fortified foods and supplements.
What happens if you overdo it:
Fiber is important for good digestion,
but too much can keep your body from
properly absorbing minerals such as
iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium. The
most common problems people have
with fiber are gas, bloating and diarrhea,
and they often strike when you suddenly
up your intake. Inulin, a kind of fiber
made from chicory, is often used to forti-
fy foods; it's more likely to cause tummy
trouble than natural fiber. And fiber
supplements can cause constipation if

you take them without drinking enough
How to get the right amount: Aim
for 25 to 30 grams daily. If you're falling
short, you can safely boost your intake
without side effects by gradually adding
more natural fiber sources. They're the
best because they have soluble and
insoluble fiber as well as other nutrients.

Sources: The list of dehydrated fruits
sold at supermarkets has exploded; you
can find dried boysenberries, guava and
What happens if you overdo it: The
concentrated dose of fiber and fructose,
the form of sugar found in dried fruits,
can cause gas and bloating. Dried fruits
are also high in sugar (and calories!) and
can stick to your teeth, which can lead
to decay.
How to get the right amount:
Stick to small servings. Two table-
spoons of dried cherries or blueberries,
1 12 dried figs or three dates contain
about 70 calories each. Brush your
teeth after snacking, or at least drink
some water.


Go for the gold: Treat yourself
to a little beauty bliss by
opting for makeup or skincare
with gold in it. Shown here,
you can glam up your eyes
by using gold shimmer really
close into the inner corner of
eyes and under the inner eye.
Use a soft angled brush so you
can really control where the
shimmer is going.


gold in it. Jane Iredale's 24
Karat Gold will give you
some unexpected sparkle
whenever you bat your
eyelids ($13.50 at shop. Prai
24K Gold Wrinkle Repair
Creme ($39.95 at hsn.
corn) uses gold flakes to
help skin look younger. Of
course, you could always
opt for glittery gold nail
polish to show off in
your own "mani-cam."We
like Ruby Wing's scented
nail polish in Strawberry
Shortcake outside, it
appears as a glittery rich
brown with red tones, but
inside it changes to a fab
gold ($10 at rubywing.
corn). Or, if you have
a celebrity-sized bank
account, pony up for La
Prairie's Cellular Radiance
Concentrate Pure Gold, a
gold-infused revitalizing
serum made to get rid
of those fine lines and
wrinkles ($615 at laprairie.

Amy Adams poses in the press room with the award for best actress in a motion picture -
comedy or musical for"American Hustle" at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly
Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 12, in Beverly Hills, Calif.


We've been there
before: You see Sandra
Lawrence/Heidi Klum/
insert superstar name
here on the red carpet,
and dream of the day
when you will wear her
haute couture dress. Why
wait? If you just must
have that gown, look to
labels including David's
Bridal, and
A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz,
who all offer styles similar
to those seen on the
red carpet without the
haute couture price tag.
And if you really want
that label sewn in your
dress, consider a site like,
where you can rent a de-
signer gown for a fraction
of the retail price.


The 1970s-set film
"American Hustle" is up
for a slew of awards this
season (Amy Adams and
Jennifer Lawrence both
took home Golden Globes
for their performances in

The Hustle: Pick a hot, but
classic, wrap dress to pay
homage to 1970s style but
with a little more class.

the film), so pay homage
to the movie and the
decade by rocking (or
should that be disco-ing?)
a few pieces from the
Me Decade. We like a
still-hot wrap dress, a
faux fur collared jacket,
halter necklines, sequins
and gold necklaces to
update that'70s style in
2014. But, sorry, Bradley
Cooper. We draw the line
at the man perm. That's a
trend that should never
come back around. Like,


Encourage the man
in your life to take a
cue from Robin Thicke
- whose smash hit
"Blurred Lines" is up
for a Grammy this year.
Look for slim-cut dark
suits, paired with open
collared-shirts and black
oxford lace-up shoes.
Don't forget to grab a pair
of aviator shades and a
little pomade for the hair.
Sharp-dressed men never
go out of fashion.


Mimic that fancy red
carpet hair by adding
waves (search YouTube
tutorials for advice) with a
curling iron or hot rollers.
Or, try the sleek, slicked
back'do, popular at the
Golden Globes (see Emma

Zooey Deschanel arrives at the 71st annual Golden Globe
Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 12, in
Beverly Hills, Calif.

Watson, Sandra Bullock,
Emma Roberts, Allison
Williams and others).
Stephanie Flor, a hairstylist
and beauty expert, says
the gelled-back side part,
notably worn by Kelly
Osbourne, starts with
damp hair and a thick gel
(she likes L.A. Looks Wet
Look). Comb hair with a
side part and pin hair into
sections, Flor says, coating
each section from root
to end with gel. Let it dry
naturally or, for a more
matte like, like Elizabeth
Moss wore, blow dry hair.

Wave to the cameras: Mimic
that fancy red carpet hair by
adding waves (search YouTube
tutorials for advice) with a
curling iron or hot rollers.


A L L L 'A L A

-C- AW Z NI E m| A SL S M E

-M- A -G"-'-'~cA" R" T A

-PTY R0_A|N| A
M 0 E N |L | I [M "





SPunta Gorda

Antique Show B Sale
Saturday, February Ist 1Oam 5pm
Sunday, February 2nd lOam 4pm
American, European & Asian Antiques, Jewelry
SSilver, Art, Glass, Pottery, China, Dolls and Much More!
Charlotte Harbor Events Center
j mLm 75 Taylor St Punta Gorda, FL k ]
f AiINW ~Fo mni'e inlfolmahtun Call/
A.1- T 239-877-2830

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The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 7 FLAIR

'That Guy... Who Was in That Thing'


In a week bookended
by the Golden Globe
Awards and the Academy
Award nominations, it's
worth pausing to remem-
ber some of Hollywood's
hardest-working foot
soldiers most of whom
you won't see on a red
carpet soon.
First aired on Showtime
in 2012 and now available
on demand, "That Guy...
Who Was in That Thing" is


Tenn., has grown over the
past seven years, and the
goal of Lindsay and her
team of five is to promote
"I love it when we've
cleared out the home and
organized it and the client
has an 'aha' moment," she
says. "They realize they
don't need to hold onto
the 10 bins they have
nothing to put in. The
reward is that changing
a space and getting it
organized clears their
mind and allows them to
be more innovative."
Kitchens, closets and
offices are the spots
people want help with
most, she says.
"Going vertical can be a
great solution when lack
of space is an issue; and it
often is," she says.
She finds great do-it-
yourself shelving supplies
at places like Home Depot
or Lowes, which offer
inexpensive shelving for
For offices, she's a fan
of Freedom Filer (www., which
offers color-coded filing
systems. For the kitchen,
she suggests products
from ShelfGenie (www., which
offers solutions to help
you reclaim those hard-
to-reach spaces.
And the first thing she
does in bedroom closets
is replace bulky plastic
hangers with Slimline
hangers, which take up far
less space, enabling you
to fit in more clothing.
Lindsey shops at Bed,
Bath & Beyond and The
Container Store often to
find space-saving finds.
Nina Smith, an orga-
nization expert with The
Container Store, notes
that being organized does
more than simply make
us feel better: It saves us
"We feel there's a Zen


dramatic lighting," says
Gilman. "Shoot around
these hours and you'll
be amazed at the great
images you make."

Once you've found
your spot and the light is
right: shoot, shoot, shoot.
Take different shots from
different angles and
unusual viewpoints.
"Don't be afraid to take
ten shots and edit out
nine later,' says Gilman.
"SanDisk Compact Flash
and SD cards are super
affordable these days."
More information can be
found at www.sandisk.


Something dynamic

a fun documentary profile
of 16 relatively successful
- if less than instantly
recognizable- male
character actors, ranging
from frequent heavy
Wade Williams, who
played guard Brad Bellick
in "Prison Break,"'to the
somewhat higher-profile
Bruce Davison, who was
nominated for a 1991
best supporting actor
Oscar for his role in the
AIDS drama "Longtime
Several of the film's

quality to being orga-
nized,' says Smith, noting
that the store's best-sell-
ing modular shelving and
drawer system, elfa, will
help you organize your
office in a snap, and for far
less than custom built-in
If you spend most of
your time in the living
room, that's likely a space
you'd like to declutter.
Pier 1 Imports has
plenty of stylish multi-
purpose furniture and
accessories to make the
job easier, says Aimee
Beatty, in-house stylist for
the store.
"The living room is
always an easy target for
unwanted clutter'," she
says. "Try incorporating
stylish storage benches,
such as the Zahir Storage
Bench, to add the perfect
complement to a sitting
area, while keeping the
clutter out of sight."
And here's a tip many
interior designers un-
derstand: All those cords
strewn across the rooms
of your house are adding
to the cluttered look.
"The key to organizing
all of those cords hiding
behind your TV and in
your home office is to
round them up into a
bundle; one bundle is less
messy than several loose
ones,"' Smith says. "Keep
the number of cords to
a minimum; you should
never have more than five
cords bundled together at
one outlet."
The Container Store
offers products to help
you keep those cords
out of sight, or at least
But if you have a
drawer full of extension
cords, she has another
"To prevent wear and
tear, hang your electrical
cords on a hook rather
than throwing them in
the bottom of a drawer
where they can become
tangled or frayed."
Take a look at some of
these space-saving "tools"

in the foreground adds
depth and scale. Look
for a high vantage point,
such as a balcony or
rooftop. Study the light,
especially when shoot-
ing from high angles.
Shadows can be your
best friend, and make
for very interesting

"Photography is
about making a fleeting
moment permanent,
whether it's a kayaker
hurtling over a waterfall
or the look on your
daughter's face when
she opens that gift she's
been hoping for all year,"
says Gilman. "These
events can't be recre-
ated. Reliable photo
storage is critical for
protecting your work."
A reliable external
hard drive data back-up
system allows you to

subjects, such as Matt
Malloy (co-starring in
Amazon's streaming series
"Alpha House"), are enjoy-
ing a small moment in the
sun. Others are perhaps
best remembered for old-
er work, such as London-
born Craig Fairbrass, who
played the British bad guy
in "Cliffhanger" (1993).
Jumping from inter-
view to lively interview,
the film is catnip for
movie nerds, exploring
such insider themes as

that will help you finally
welcome in that New
Year's resolution:
Kitchen Cabinet
Organizer ($14.99,
Store your kitchen wrap
and cleaning supplies in
this handy rack, which can
hang on the inside of a
cabinet door.
Threshold Color
Block Round Woven
Baskets ($24.99-$29.99, These pretty
lined baskets will help you
organize everything from
towels to craft supplies.
CableBox ($29.99,
Choose from white or
black for these handy
boxes, which will house
your power strip and
contain excess lengths
of cable. There's even
room for a power adaptor
3-Tier Expandable
Metal Mesh Shelf
($14.99, bedbathand This tiered
shelf will allow you to
bring small items like
spices into view.
Threshold Decorative
Woven Storage
Multicolored Basket
($29.99, and
Multicolored Woven Tray
($34.99). Whether you lack
closet space, or simply
want to keep items close
at hand, these colorful
beauties will allow you
to keep items like towels
in the bathroom, or and
magazines in the living
room, right out in the

typecasting, low pay,
professional jealousy and
the eternal mysteries of
auditioning. Although
"That Guy" does include
helpful still photos of the
actors in their more fa-
mous roles, I found myself
wishing for more video
clips. An early McDonald's
commercial with Rick
Worthy the film's only
African American face -
is a rare exception.
For the most part,
everyone profiled seems
to have a healthy, as well

Real Simple Slimline
50-Count Flocked Suit
Hangers ($29.99, bed You
won't have to worry so
much about paring down
your clothing if you re-
place those bulky plastic
hangers with these.
Chelsea Storage
Ottoman ($199.95, pier.
com). Kick back and rest
your feet on it, but not
before you lift the lid and
pull out today's paper and
the remote. We also liked
the Zahir Storage Bench
($299.95), which can serve
as a seat, a coffee table or
an ottoman all while
storing your treasures.
Scarf Organizer in Ivy
($9.99, bedbathand Gather
those scarves that are
stuffed in drawers and
flung over hooks and
organize them with this
hanger, which is pretty
enough to show off.
SLindi Trunk ($249.95,
pier .com). This classic
wicker trunk will help
you organize the rubble
around the living room.
Store family games in
it and use it as a game
Real Simple
Honeycomb Drawer
Organizer ($9.99,
Who doesn't have a junk
drawer? And let's face it;
you spend too much time
hunting for those paper
clips and staples. This
ingenious solution is sure
to save you time.
SCable Zipper ($14.99,

as pretty realistic, attitude
about show business,
untempered by cynicism.
Their commentary is often
quite funny, with the late
Stanley Kamel (1943-
2008) delivering some
of the film's best quips,
in his refined and highly
recognizable voice. Kamel,
who played Adrian Monk's
long-suffering shrink for
six seasons on "Monk',"
helps set the stage for the
documentary by defining
"character actor"- in
the context of a film or
Zip up those cables at
your desk or around the
entertainment center, and
enjoy a clutter-free space.
Garage organizing
tools (various prices, We
know you won't touch
it until spring, but let's

television show as the
guy no one wants to go
to bed with.
Perhaps most amus-
ingly, the film notes that
nearly everyone profiled
here has appeared on the
original "Star Trek" or one
of its many TV and movie
spinoffs, a surprising but
deliciously bizarre fact.
The guys make clear
that it may take a movie
star to get people into the
theater, but it's men like
these that end up telling
the story.

not forget that in many
homes, the area with the
most clutter is where you
park your car along
with tools, bikes, sports
equipment and storage
boxes. Clean up your
garage with some of the
handy gadgets we found
at The Container Store.

- .,111:0


Real Simple Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers ($29.99,

Scarf Organizer in Ivy ($9.99,

Threshold Decorative Woven Storage Multicolored Basket
($29.99, and Multicolored Woven Tray ($34.99).

seamlessly transfer and
store all your digital con-
tent with one system.
For example, the
Evolution Series with
Thunderbolt from
G-Technology lets you
capture, transfer, edit
and distribute media
files all within a single
storage system. Whether
you're traveling, or
at home editing your
photos, a high-perfor-
mance external hard
drive can make working

with your photos easier.
More information can be
found at www.
And you can simplify
the task with Time
Machine backup, which
works with Mac comput-
ers to automatically back
up files.
For more photography
tips and talk, follow
Gilman at www.Twitter.
Don't settle for fuzzy,
uninteresting images. By

U Illl 1:1 ,

Prestige HOME CENTERS, INC. M-F 9-6
SAVE LIVES. GIVE BLOOD. 4465DuncanRd.(Hwy17N), 941-637-1122 Sat. 9-5
PuntaGorda, off Exit 164 877-507-1122 Sun. 12-5

Threshold Color Block Round Woven Baskets ($24.99-$29.99,

paying attention to light
and being persistent,
you can take a better

photo. Just be sure to
protect and store your


o The Sun/Sunday, January 19, 2014 Page 7


~Page 8 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, January 19, 2014

4;N** A

/, '. .. ., .. *...' ; .; :^ ,. ; *
.. .* ...... .' ** "

Vote for your favorites

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Win a


including a 2-room Waterfront Studio Suite* at the Four Points by Sheraton in Downtown Punta Gorda.
You'll experience 3 days and 2 nights in the lap of luxury with their complete array of resort amenities.
Prize includes breakfast and dinner at the Dockside Grill daily...all situated right on the
waterfront business district of Historic Punta Gorda. r, .,.r
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Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V The Sun I Sunday, January 19, 2014

by parker and hart

S< c7 5i
aa in nI II

I) z7>


SMort Walker's


" 1K

Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, January 19, 2014

eA- (^/Afv~-t

Sunday, January 19,2014/ The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 3

4rfvidd t^rfield wrfield,


I -. ,, .-.CT-. ..-,- "*',w,


02014 King Features Syndicate, Inc.


2014 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved.

Today's terrific artist is
Ky-Mani, age 13

Submit your drawings to

The world's deepest
lake is located in ...
a) China
b) Russia
c) United States
-uoo pue deep e!W B JeOAO SI
a9lel eql 'eujeq!s .seaqnos
ui pebeool alBe ue!ssnd
B s! le)ie8 eg Bq (q -- jeMsuy

The fourth Find the six differences collection is here. Send
$4 (check/money order in U.S. funds made payable to King
Features) with your name and address to Six Differences
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HOW TO DRAW a frog 7 ---

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Comics Page 4 D/E/N/C/V The Sun I Sunday, January 19, 2014



K/ ^


wl\\ YOUm Vlwa ANT,.r^ \

r 'I

WHERE A MAN CAM Go 0 -o "5r
\ 6eKSl61LrIE5. ,A,


Comics Page 4 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19,2014/ The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 5






Sunday, January 19, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 5

Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V The Sun I Sunday, January 19, 2014





6- ^ C) 46

/4LAd2k 7w
e Vla Mi ACEq

Arm Ar


/'-^"^^ fv\
( ^M^ ^v rs\-"y-^^^ \
^/ ^7^ %a^tl *fcm


Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, January 19, 2014

Casey (Jesse Spencer)
continues to be in denial
on "Chicago Fire," airing
at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Christy (Anna Faris)
finds it hard to be at
ease on "Mom," at
8:30 p.m. on CBS.

Nicole is one of the
participants on "King of
the Nerds," at 10 p.m.
on TBS.

Octavia Spencer plays a
much mistreated maid
in "The Help," airing at
8 p.m. on TNT.

C o n v e rs io n C h a rt Com.cst C.. FoiOS enEngNPtN s PtCharSPG
Port Punta
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charlotie Arcadia Gorda Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 6 ABC- Bonita Springs- 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC-Tampa 11 28 28
WWSB 0 ABC-Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40 -
WTSP 1 CBS- St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS- Fort Myers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CB NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 -
WBBH 20 NBC-Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX-Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX- Cape Coral 4 4 4 -36 36
WEDU W PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3 -
WUSF 16 PBS-Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 -30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 -4 44 44
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR 3 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32 -
WXPX 6 ION-St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22 -
WRXY 9 IND- Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50 -
WVEA 6 Univision -Venice 15 15 15 6 62 62
A&E Arts & Entertainment 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 118 265 118 265
AMC American Movie Classics 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 131 254 130 254
APL Animal Planet 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 184 282 184 282
BET Black Entertainment TV 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 124 329 124 329
BRAVO Bravo 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 129 237 129 237
COM Comedy Central 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 107 249 107 249
DISC Discovery Channel 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 182 278 182 278
E! Entertainment Channel 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 114 236 114 236
ESQ Esquire Network 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 115 235 115 235
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network 243 243 243 12 17 285 261 370 261 370
FAM ABCFamily Channel 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 180 311 180 311
FOOD TV Food 37 37 37 37 76 164 110 231 110 231
FX FX Network 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 136 248 136 248
GSN Game Show Network 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 116 233 116 233
HALL Hallmark USA 5 5 5 17 73 240 185 312 185 312
HIST History Channel 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 120 269 120 269
HOME Home & Garden 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 112 229 112 229
HSN Home Shopping Network 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 222 240 222 240
LIFE Lifetime 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 108 252 108 252
OWN OprahWinfrey Network 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 189 279 189 279
QVC Quality Value Convenience 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 137 317 137 317
SPIKE SpikeTV 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 241 241 241 241
SYFY Science Fiction 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 122 244 122 244
TBS Turner 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 139 247 139 247
TCM Turner Classic Movies 65 65 65 65 169 230 132 256 132 256
TLC The Learning Channel 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 183 280 183 280
TNT Turner Network Television 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 138 245 138 245
TRAV Travel 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 196 277 196 277
TRUTV truTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 242 246 242 246
TVLAND TV Land 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 106 304 106 304
USA USA Network 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 105 242 105 242
WE Women's Entertainment 117 117 117 117 117 149 128 260 128 260
WGN WGN America 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 239 307 239 307
CSS Comcast Sports South 28 28 28 28 49 70
ESPN Entertainment Sports 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 140 206 140 206
ESPN2 Entertainment Sports 2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 144 209 144 209
FS1 Fox Sports 1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 150 219 150 219
FSN Fox Sports Network 72 72 72 72 56 77 423 654 423 654
GOLF Golf Channel 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 401 218 401 218
NBCS NBC Sports 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 159 220 159 220
SUN Sun Sports 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 422 653 422 653
NICK Nickelodeon 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 170 299 170 299
TOON Cartoon Network 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 176 296 176 296
CNBC Financial News/Talk 39 39 39 39 37 102 208 355 208 355
CNN Cable News Network 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 200 202 200 202
CSPN Congress 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 210 350 210 350
FNC Fox News Channel 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 205 360 205 360
MSNBC News/Talk 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 209 356 209 356
SNN SNN Local News 6 6 6 11 11
CMTV Country Music TV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 166 327 166 327
MTV Music Television 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 160 331 160 331
VH1 Video Hits 1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 162 335 162 335
CINE Cinemax 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 310 515 310 515
CINE2 Cinemax 2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 312 517 312 517
DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HB02 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
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On the Cover

'The Following' Returns as Creepy
as Ever

FYI Televsion, Inc.
Love it or hate it, "The Follow-
ing" is one fascinating series, air-
ing a special season preview Sun-
day at 10:30 p.m. (maybe delayed
by NFC game) on FOX. From
the mythology and creepy prem-
ise to the tortured FBI agents
chasing serial killers, the psycho-
logical thriller is full of so many
twists and turns it is impossible
to know where it will go next.
Last season, viewers watched
as FBI Special Agent Ryan Har-
dy (Kevin Bacon) risked life and
limb to chase down the notorious
serial killer Joe Carroll (James
Purefoy). In the end, Ryan lost
everything and almost everyone
he held dear. There was a fiery
and violent end to their chase.
But is Joe Carroll really dead?
"I love Joe

says creator and executive pro-
ducer Kevin Williamson. "I love
James Purefoy as Joe Carroll. I
felt like I have the rest of the sto-
ry to tell. I feel like there was so
much last year where they were
just trying to find little Joey (Kyle
Catlett). There was so much of
the cult and Joe Carroll, and what
he was about and what he was
doing, that we didn't get to tell.
There were so many of those sto-
ries thatwejust kept saying, 'Well,
we'll do those the second year.'
"What Joe Carroll is about
this year and what he's doing
is completely different than
last year. It's sort of an escala-
tion and sort of an evolution of
his character. It's kind of cool,
and it's really been a lot of fun."
Williamson says he does feel
the show is different, and there
are several new cast members.
"I think our characters are in a
different starting place, push-
ing forward a year later,"' he
says. "The entire show has re-
set, but it's also pushed for-
ward a year. It's all changed.
"I think the biggest dif-
ference is it's not such an
FBI chase in the sense that
Ryan Hardy's not a consul-
tant smack in the center of
an FBI taskforce trying to
find Joey who's been kid-
napped. It's a little bit
Sin, i', -it a character
Sthrill andarela-
'"A ti h inlip thriller
.- Either than
\ procedural
S FBI hunt-
\N, "i them-down
S thriller."



Ryan and Mike Weston
(Shawn Ashmore) are pulled
into a case when there is new
murder spree. The FBI needs
them to speak with the lone
survivor of the spree, Lily (Con-
nie Nielsen). Ryan is reluctant
to engage with the FBI, but his
niece Max (Jessica Stroup), an
NYPD officer working in the
Intel Division, becomes his ally.
There will be flashbacks to
the first season, but only to give
context to what is going on in the
present. And don't be surprised
when EmmaHill (Valorie Curry),
one of Joe's favorites, reappears.
"We show a little bit of what
happened in the past year,";' Wil-
liamson explains. "For instance,
when a certain someone is alive,
we explore their childhoods. We
go a little more into the psychol-
ogy of our characters and what
sort of made them what they are."
The show is dark, but Wil-
liamson says he doesn't sit
around with that intention. "I'm
not trying to creep people out,
but I do want to tell a scary story,'
says the executive producer. "I do
want it to be a thriller. When I
think of a thriller, I just think of
a fast-paced sort of page-turner,
edge-of-your-seat type of experi-
ence. I want people to be moved.
I do sort of want to explore a
bunch of different types of char-
acters this year, so we bring in a
bunch of interesting new char-
acters. Their psychosis is such
that it does make for some rather
dark sequences, just in terms
of their MO. I like the dark
"I'm not so much in love with
the blood and guts'," Williamson
continues. "I'd rather be scary.
The challenge, and it's a really
good challenge, is how do we
scare the audience, and then
also when it needs to be scary,
it's scary. When it needs to be
funny, it's funny. When it needs
to be dramatic, it's dramatic.
When it needs to be disturbing,
it's disturbing. I think the chal-
lenge for network television is
how do you do that without rip-

Lily (Connie Nielsen) is the lone
survivor of a murder spree on "The
Following," airing a special season
preview Sunday at 10:30 p.m. (may
be delayed by NFC game) on FOX.

ping heads off and showing in-
nards and things like that. That
doesn't interest me anyway. I
don't like grossing people out.
I'm much more into scaring.
"The show doesn't feel as
violent as it did last year. There
are some of the later episodes
of last season where you sort of
remember the brutality, and I
think the body count" says Wil-
liamson. "That's not the show
we're telling this year. It's just
different, but I'm not going to
pretend that it's not scary and
violent because it is. It just has
a different tone and feel to this
year, which hopefully that every
season can be a brand new show'

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Men's College
1:00 p.m. FS1 Louisiana Tech
Bulldogs at Southern Missis-
sippi Golden Eagles (Live)
3:30 p.m. NBCS Towson Tigers
at Charleston Golden Eagles
7:00 p.m. ESPN North Caro-
lina Tar Heels at Virginia
Cavaliers (Live)
7:00 p.m. FS1 Creighton Blue-
jays at Villanova Wildcats
7:00 p.m. NBCS Delaware St.
Hornets at North Carolina
A&T Aggies (Live)
9:00 p.m. FS1 Marquette
Golden Eagles at George-
town Hoyas (Live)
9:00 p.m. ESPN Baylor Bears
at Kansas Jayhawks (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN Indiana
Hoosiers at Michigan State
Spartans (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 Kansas State
Wildcats at Texas Longhorns
9:00 p.m. FS1 Butler Bulldogs
at Providence College Friars
9:00 p.m. ESPN Texas A&M
Aggies at Kentucky Wildcats

Patrick Kane and the
Chicago Blackhawks play
in a rematch of last year's
Stanley Cup Finals as NBC
presents "NHL Hockey,"
Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

7:00 p.m. SUN Wake Forest
Demon Deacons at Virginia
Tech Hokies (Live)
7:30 p.m. ESPN2 Duke Blue
Devils at Miami Hurricanes
9:00 p.m. ESPN2 Colorado
Buffaloes at Arizona Wild-
cats (Live)
9:00 p.m. FS1 Middle Ten-
nessee State Blue Raiders
at Tulsa Golden Hurricane
11:00 p.m. FS1 Oregon Ducks
at Washington Huskies
Noon FS1 Xavier Musketeers
at Providence College Friars
Noon NBCS George Wash-
ington Colonials at George
Mason Patriots (Live)
1:00 p.m. CBS Syracuse
Orange at Miami Hurricanes
1:30 p.m. MYN Georgia Bull-
dogs at Kentucky Wildcats
1:30 p.m. CW Georgia Bull-
dogs at Kentucky Wildcats
2:00 p.m. FS1 Villanova Wild-
cats at Marquette Golden
Eagles (Live)
2:00 p.m. ESPN2 West Virginia
Mountaineers at Oklahoma
State Cowboys (Live)
3:00 p.m. CW Notre Dame
Fighting Irish at Wake Forest
Demon Deacons (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN St. John's Red
Storm at Butler Bulldogs
4:00 p.m. MYN South Caro-
lina Gamecocks at Missouri
Tigers (Live)
4:00 p.m. NBCS Saint Jo-
seph's Hawks at Richmond
Spiders (Live)
4:00 p.m. CW South Carolina
Gamecocks at Missouri
Tigers (Live)
6:00 p.m. ESPN2 Pittsburgh
Panthers at Maryland Ter-
rapins (Live)
6:00 p.m. FSN Auburn Tigers
at Arkansas Razorbacks

7:00 p.m. ESPN Michigan Wol-
verines at Michigan State
Spartans (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN2 LSU Tigers at
Alabama Crimson Tide (Live)
8:00 p.m. FS1 Georgetown
Hoyas at Creighton Bluejays
10:00 p.m. ESPN2 BYU Cou-
gars at Gonzaga Bulldogs

6:00 p.m. FSN Boston Celtics
at Orlando Magic (Live)
2:30 p.m. ESPN Brooklyn Nets
at New York Knicks (Live)
8:00 p.m. TNT Portland Trail
Blazers at Houston Rockets
10:30 p.m. TNT Indiana Pac-
ers at Golden State Warriors
7:30 p.m. FSN Orlando Magic
at Brooklyn Nets (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Atlanta Hawks
at Orlando Magic (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN Oklahoma
City Thunder at San Antonio
Spurs (Live)
10:30 p.m. ESPN Indiana Pac-
ers at Phoenix Suns (Live)
8:00 p.m. TNT Los Angeles
Lakers at Miami Heat (Live)
10:30 p.m. TNT Denver Nug-
gets at Portland Trail Blazers
7:00 p.m. FSN Los Angeles
Lakers at Orlando Magic
8:00 p.m. ESPN Los Angeles
Clippers at Chicago Bulls


9:00 p.m. ESPN2 Javier Molina
vs. Kendall Holtfrom Little
Creek Casino in Shelton,
Wash. (Live)
10:00 p.m. FS1 Golden Boy
Promotions from Indio, Calif.


3:00 p.m. CBS NFL Playoffs
AFC Championship (Live)

6:30 p.m. FOX NFL Playoffs
NFC Championship (Live)


3:00 p.m. GOLF Humana
Challenge: Final Round from
PGA West in La Quinta, Calif.
3:00 p.m. GOLF Farmers
Insurance Open: First Round
from Torrey Pines in La Jolla,
Calif. (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Farmers
Insurance Open: Second
Round from Torrey Pines in
La Jolla, Calif. (Live)
1:00 p.m. GOLF Farmers In-
surance Open: Third Round
from Torrey Pines in La Jolla,
Calif. (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS Farmers Insur-
ance Open: Third Round
from Torrey Pines in La Jolla,
Calif. (Live)


7:30 p.m. NBCS Northeast-
ern Huskies at Notre Dame
Fighting Irish (Live)
7:00 p.m. NBCS Northeast-
ern Huskies at Notre Dame
Fighting Irish (Live)

12:30 p.m. NBC Boston Bruins
at Chicago Blackhawks
5:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Lightning at Carolina Hur-
ricanes (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCS Washington
Capitals at New York Rang-
ers (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Florida Pan-
thers at Pittsburgh Penguins
8:00 p.m. NBCS Minnesota
Wild at Dallas Stars (Live)
8:00 p.m. NBCS Chicago
Blackhawks at Detroit Red
Wings (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCS Pittsburgh
Penguins at New York Is-
landers (Live)


Station Freq. Format
WJIS 88.1 Religious
WMNF 88.5 Eclectic
WSMR 89.1 Classical
WUSF 89.7 Classical/Jazz
WGCU 90.1 Public Radio
WBVM 90.5 Religious
WSOR 90.9 Religious
WSEB 91.3 Religious
WJYO 91.5 Religious
WVIJ 91.7 Religious
WDDV 92.1 Easy Listening
WYUU 92.5 Latin
WIKX 92.9 Country
WFLZ 93.3 Contemporary
WTLT 93.7 Easy Listening
WARO 94.5 Album Rock
WWRM 94.9 Easy Listening
WOLZ 95.3 Oldies
WMTX 95.7 Contemporary
WRXK 96.1 Album Rock
WINK 96.9 Contemporary
WTLQ 97.7 Latin
WXTB 97.9 Rock
WUSV 98.5 Country
WBCG 98.9 Contemporary
WJBX 99.3 Alternative
WQYK 99.5 Country
WCKT 100.1 Country
WAW 101.1 Easy Listening
WPOI 101.5 Album Rock
WWGR 101.9 Country
WHPT 102.5 Album Rock
WJGO 102.9 Oldies
WTBT 103.5 Country
WXKB 103.9 Pop
WKZM 104.3 Religious

Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Punta Gorda
Safety Harbor
Punta Gorda
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Bonita Springs
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Pt. Charlotte
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers


Station Freq. I
WHNZ 570
WDAE 620
WBDN 760 I
WWCN 770
WRFA 820
WGUL 860
WLSS 930
WFLA 970
WQYK 1010
WKII 1070
WTIS 1110
WINK 1200
WIBQ 1220
WINK 1240
WTMY 1280
WDDV 1320 I
WCRM 1350 I
WRBQ 1380
WMYR 1410
WBRD 1420
WWCL 1440 I
WSDV 1450 I
WWPR 1490
WENG 1530
WCCF 1580




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Ft. Myers
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Pt. Charlotte
St. Pete

Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers

Ft. Myers

Punta Gorda

7:30 p.m. SUN Ottawa Sena-
tors at Tampa Bay Lightning
7:00 p.m. SUN Colorado
Avalanche at Tampa Bay
Lightning (Live)
10:00 p.m. NBCS Anaheim
Ducks vs Los Angeles Kings

5:00 p.m. FS1 UFC Fight Night
Prelims Henderson vs Thom-
son (Live)
8:00 p.m. FOX Henderson vs.
Thomson from United Center
in Chicago (Live)


English League Soccer
8:30 a.m. NBCS Tottenham
Hotspur at Swansea City
11:00 a.m. NBCS Manchester
United at Chelsea (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBCS Everton at
West Bromwich Albion (Live)


Open Tennis
9:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 Austra-
lian Open Tennis Round of 16
9:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 Aus-
tralian Open Tennis Men's
& Women's Quarterfinals
9:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 Aus-
tralian Open Tennis Men's
& Women's Quarterfinals
9:30 p.m. ESPN2 2014 Austra-
lian Open Tennis Women's
Semifinals (Live)
3:30 a.m. ESPN 2014 Aus-
tralian Open Tennis Men's
Semifinal #1 (Live)
3:30 a.m. ESPN 2014 Aus-
tralian Open Tennis Men's
Semifinal #2 (Live)
3:00 a.m. ESPN 2014 Austra-
lian Open Tennis Women's
Championship (Live)



1. Rickey Henderson
has recorded the most
career major-league
leadoff home runs (81),
and Alfonso Soriano
(54) is second. Who is

2. Seven New York
Yankee managers
have won at least 500
games. Name four of

3. Who was the last
quarterback before
Atlanta's Matt Ryan in
2012 to throw five in-
terceptions and no TD
passes in a game and
have his team still win?

4. In the past 15 sea-
sons entering 2013-14,
how many times was
Michigan State's men's
basketball team in the
NCAA Tournament's
Final Four?

5. Who was the last
player before Phoenix's

Radim Vrbata to end
one NHL season and
begin the next with hat

6. When was the last
time a Ford driver won
NASCAR's Cup season

"001Z u! 'Lpsng Jn)i "9
"886T u! 'SBU!N
SalaBUV soal aOl
jo aell!e!qoa on-i -S

*(OT, '60, 'SO, 'TO, '000Z
'6661) soW!1 x!S 17

"L961 u! A e3 uooJ9

*!pjej!i) aor JOBeQUW
soo>)UQA juoJJno puQ
ojjoj aor 'lo6uols
Aoseo 'ALIJQ31OI or
JalI!IAJ '>lnOH LIdlea *

4I!Nv '016613 6BIBJ0 *T


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WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 R Meredith Paid (CC) Paid (CC) Facts David (N) Beyond Heat Night (CC) (HP) Heat Night (CC) (HP) Heat Night (CC) (HP)

King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: I have a question
about the actor who
played Jared Leto's father
in "Dallas Buyers Club,"
which I saw over the
holidays. He looks so
familiar, but I can't quite
place him. -- Kyra T., via

A: You're thinking of
character actor James
DuMont, who's been on
tons of TV shows like
"American Horror Story,"
"Treme," "Nashville"
and "Bonnie and Clyde,"
and on the big screen in
"The Butler," "Ocean's
Thirteen," "War of the
Worlds" and "Along Came
Polly," to name just a few.
James was thrilled to be
in "Dallas Buyers Club,"
which centers on Ron

Woodroof (played by
Matthew McConaughey),
who works around
the system to help
AIDS patients get the
medication they need
after he is diagnosed with
the disease. James plays
the estranged father of
Jared Leto's character,
Rayon, who's transgender
and HIV positive.
When I recently spoke
with James, he told me
about working with Jared:
"It's a really powerful
scene we share. Jared
does powerful work
in this; as soon as we
finished our scene,
I tweeted that Jared
would get an Oscar
nomination for this role.
And he seems to be the
frontrunner at this point.
I've worked with Oscar
winners, and I can see
and identify Oscar-caliber
work. I get tweets and
emails from all over the
world where people tell
me that our scene is so

powerful, poignant and
heartbreaking. It's nice
to have a little breakout
scene like this after doing
so many projects. It's
tough for a character

Q: This past summer I
got involved with a series
called "Mistresses." Can
you tell me if it's going
to return, or was it just
something they put on for
the summer? -- Liz R., via

A: ABC has renewed
"Mistresses" for a 13-
episode second season,
which is scheduled to
air in the summer. The
show, which is based on
the British series of the
same name, stars Alyssa
Milano, Rochelle Aytes,
Jes Macallan and Yunjin
Kim. The story centers
on the lives of four
female friends, and their
involvement in an array
of illicit and complex

James DuMont

Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and

JAN. 19

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Sgram gram Jr., Rachel McLish. Pilot uncovers drug plot team of juvenile delinquents to fly planes.
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32 (HID) Rigged. (HD)) (HD)
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5 0 ('99)1 young outlaw sets out to become a member of the notorious James gang. (CC) Delaney. Una reaccion en cadena indetenible.
UNIV 15 1515 6 Rep dep. (Ill. (:50) Fdtbol de M6xico: Toluca vs UNAM desde Tras laverdad Mundo de El chavo animado Comodiceeldicho
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TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Dead Man's Chest ('06) Pirates make deals. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ('03) (CC) At World's End ('07)
TCM 65 65 65 65 169230 (15) Portrait of Jennie ('48) *** Sleepless in Seattle ('93) Son plays cupid. Lover Come Back ('61)*** _
TIC 45 45 45 45 7 72 139 SayYes SayYes ToBeAnnounced Mysteries (R) (H)) Mysteries (R) (H)) Mysteries (R) (H)) Mysteries (R) (H))
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Stomp the Yard ('07) Step Up ('06) Teens share dancing and love. Step Up 2: The Streets Underground contest. (:15) Dreamgirls ('06)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Bizarre (CC) (R) Bizarre (CC) (R) Bizarre: Las Vegas Bourdain: Las Vegas Paradise (CC) (R) Paradise (CC) (R)
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4USA 34 3434434 22 52 50 SVU Prime suspect. SVU Old rape-murder. SVU Tourist murder. SVU: Unorthodox SVU School shooting. SVU: Mercy (V1 4)
11WE 117117 1171 117149 Roseanne IRsenneRoseanne Roseanne R senne Rosenne Roseanne ARoseanne Law Theft victim shot. Law & Order: Patsy
WGN16 16 16 19 41 i11 9 HeatNight(C((HD) HeatNight (C (HD) Heat Night (C (HD) HeatNight(CO(HD) HeatNight(C((HD) Home Videos (VPG)



The Bachelor
8 p.m. on ABC
"Bachelor Love Stories"
Recounting some of the
series' most touching and
long-lasting love connec-
tions, including couples
such as Ashley and J.P.,
Sean and Catherine, Jason
and Molly and Desiree and
Chris; celebrating Trista and
Ryan's 10th anniversary.

The Beaver Brothers
8 p.m. on APL
"The Ferret and the Priest"
The boys have to overcome
a language barrier and find
the ferret mascots of a
local French school's first
graders; the priest from the
local parish needs the boys
to remove a porcupine from
the church's kitchen so that
the charity dinner can be

The Blind Side
8 p.m. on FAM
A well-to-do family in Ten-
nessee takes an African
American youth from the
inner-city projects into their
home, and with their nur-
turing and the aid of a tutor,
he becomes a high school
football star who is pursued
by several universities. 0
9 p.m. on ABC
"Hatred" Emily resolves
that she is not going to
give up despite the tension
between her and Daniel
still climbing, but her own
instability may prove the
undoing of her plans. (HD)
True Detective
9 p.m. on HBO
"Seeing Things" When Que-
sada warns Cohle and Hart
of a task force that may
take over their case, they
lobby for time to follow a
lead that takes them to a
rural brothel and a burned
church. (HD)

9 p.m. on PBS
"Downton Abbey IV" Tom's
night with Edna may lead
to something he was not
expecting; Mary heads to
London with Tom and Lady
Rose to visit Lady Rosa-
mund, who has also invited
Lord Gillingham to stay with
them. (HD)

10:01 p.m. on ABC
"...A Better Place" After
Sara's shooting, the two
families take stock of the
decisions they have made
thus far and take a tenta-
tive look toward the future.

The Following
10:30 p.m. on FOX
"Resurrection" With reports
of traumatic murders on the
anniversary of Joe Carroll's
death rising, a physically
healthy, but mentally ob-
sessive Ryan Hardy sus-
pects the mastermind killer

Co-writer and co-producer
Kristen Wiig stars as a
perpetually single bakery
owner who is afraid she's
losing her soon-to-wed best
friend, all made worse by
her BFF's new pal, who has
assumed control of planning
the pre-wedding festivities
in "Bridesmaids," airing
Sunday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

has returned to resume his
reign of terror with the help
of his followers. (HD)

JAN. 19

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ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (HD) PBA Bowling (Taped) (HD) PBA Bowling (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 2014 Australian Open Tennis: Round of 16 (Taped) (CC) (HD) Worn. College Basketball (Live) (CC) (HD) Worn Bball (live)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 CrowdGo FOX Focus | College Basketball (ive) (CC) (HD) Worn. College Basketball (live) (CC) (HDP) Jackson
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 177 College Basketball: Texas Tech vs TCU Worn. College Basketball (live) (CC) (HD) XterraAdv Ext. Games Inside Magic LIVE
GOLF 49 49 449 9 55 60 304 (10:30) European Tour Golf (Replay)(HD) lPre Game t1 PGA TOUR Golf: Humana Challenge: Final Round (live) (HD)
NBCS 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Soccer (live) |Premier ICurling (Taped) College Basketball (live) Skiing
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Worn. College Basketball (live) (CC) (HDP) Worn. College Basketball (Live) (CC) (HDP) Driven Lightning -1 NHL Hockey (live)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Sam & Cat (R) (HD) Haunted Thundermn Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge iCarly Dance escort. Sam & Cat (R) (HD)
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Powerpuff Grandpa Grandpa
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 America's HQ (N) INews HQ (DC)(N) FOX News(HD) America's HQ (N) CarolAlt NewsHQ MediaBuzz(R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Weekends with Alex Witt (N) (HD) Meet Press (HD) MSNBC Live (N) Karen Finney (N) Caught (R) (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Daytime (N) News Paid News Paid News News News News
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 20 Countdown Videos and news. (R) Hazzard (CC) (HD) Hazzard (CC) (HD) Redneck The Beverly Hillbillies ('93) *1 2
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Teen Mom Teen Mom Therapy. Teen Mom (R) (HD) Teen Mom (R) (HD) ITeen Mom (R) (HD) Teen Mom (R) (HD) Teen Mom
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 SNL (TV14) (HD) ISNL (TV14) (HD) SNL (V114) (HD) Forrest Gump ('94) A simple man changes those around him.
CINE 30 320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:50) Turbulence('97) Serial killer (:35) Banshee Search for (:35) Dark Shadows ('12) A vampire imprisoned Undercover Brother ('02) A hip ac-
INE_ 320_ 32(] 33 2 stalks a flight attendant. (R) loot. (R) (HD) for 200 years wakes up in 1972. (CC) tion hero battles squares.
CINE2 321 321 321 3213 321 422 MaicMike (:40) He Got Game ('98) A governor offers a man clemency if Bullet to the Head ('13) A hit man Swingers ('96) *** Lovelorn co-
n(12) his son will play basketball at his college. (CC) works with a detective. (CC) median's single life in L.A. (CC)
mDISN 13613661136 99A45250 Jessie(R) Jessie(R) Jessie (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Blog (CC) (R) Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Austin & Austin (R) Austin(R)
DISN (HD) (HD) (1HD) (R) (R) (R) Ally (R) (HD1) (HD)
ENC 150i 5 i0 150 10 Rich, Poor (:50) The Legend of Zorro ('05) Zorro puts on the mask again (05) The Grudge ('04) Female stu- National Security ('03) ** Secu-
S150350 ('97) to oppose a threat to Californias sovereignty. dent uncovers deadly curse. rity guards discover smugglers.
O 32032032040Date Movie ('06) Roman- RealTime with Bill Oblivion (13 One of the last drone repairmen Making of Rock of Ages ('12) *** Two kids
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 tic mishaps. (CC) Maher (1VMA) (R) stationed on Earth has one last job. (R) chasing fame fall in love. (CC)
HB02 303 303 303303303303402The Hurricane ('99) Boxe (:10) Admission ('13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A True Detective Past case World Championship Boxing: Pascal vs. Bute
H82 303 303 303 303- 30-3 303 402 imprisoned. woman's Princeton career is at risk. (CCO) discussed. & TBA vs. TBA & TBAvs.TBA (HD)
H803 4043430 304 44 (20) Presumed Innocent (90) After a lawyer's mistress is Kingdom of Heaven ('05) *** A blacksmith defends Jeru- (:55) Life of Pi (12)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 04 404 murdered, he finds himself the prime suspect. (R) salem from the Saracens during the Crusades. (R) *.1/rk2 Shipwreck. (CC)
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 365 (5) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (: 15) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (:15) Episodes Custody Sleepy Hollow ('99) A
W 340 34 34 34 34 40 365 (11) ** Marrying Edward. (CO) (HD) (12) Bella experiences a new life. battle. (R) (HD) town s terrorized.
3TMC 3505030303535 Col Runnings Jamaican):10) Sling Blade ('96) A simple-minded man befriends a boy In the Name of the Father ('93, Drama) Man Bunraku
Tm_ 30 3 3 3( 3( 0 8bobsledder. coping with his mother's abusive boyfriend. (R) falsely accused of deadly bombing. (R) ('11)C-u*
Ir ]TI ]- I,, ] I ,IT n ]T ,] I ,IT T ]I


ABC World ABC7 fNevs America's Funniesl Home The Bachelor: I: i ii-. l Revenge: Hl-1iii-, i- iilni Belirayal: i- |.
19C flellis Ih .: 6:30pm ou Videos i ,Ii ,-, i _,, ,- :_i. .1 ,, l l,,.: i ,1. i .,,i :1 .I: i i..,ii,, I -1:1, Tl I :11 >.- 1I,,,I 4 ,I h,-
II D avid M u ir i IH II :1ii :1 :11 i :-.... ii i in Hi1 .Hil. 11- 11 i.,ii -. i i. i) 1h1h.i i :i i. | I I H(|
HIII:.. illl |HI.1|
ABC ews Tii.- Iii WorldNlews America'sFunniesil Home TheBacheloi M..: iI. 111,i Revenge:i-1,.ii- ii,:i, i.i 1iBeliayal: i-.n.,-il:li..-
Il IIIIII V id eo s i i i IHIII I 1 I I' "| I .. Ii '= i i 111- 1 :1 I 1I, ,, 1 1 ) 1 1
ABC WorldNiews neisiu America's Funniesl Home TheBacheloi 1.1 II:i,. -iii Revenge:Hi1-i l-. ii, i:,i 11uBeliayal: .-1n. il,,i
40. I IIIIII Videos i" i i; I I l I } III| 'H | ,1i. ., I I, ,, ii ,= "I l mI :i1 in, I : I. I Ill
NIFLPlayoffs: 10 oNews Ti,,- 60Minules ,iiIl iIII NICIS: Los Angeles: -:, The Menlalisi: I-H,,I i. i,- The Good Wife: TI,,~ I1 1
C B S i: i i..l|H | llll I. .I l. .h li1.- |l, | U H( I l.. l l.-l.-. l,, | |l| H(lI ii i |ll| |U | l

CBS |NFL Play iir.-i lews iii 1ii1 60 Minules ii, ii iniMii CIS: Los Angeles: i:, i -:i, The Menlalisl i. :1,1, ii TheGoodWife: Tii.- I,- 11-,,
-1 "I_ T..1 11 1. I illl.-.h. n iII I___ M "I '..II.-I llll n__
flev sC channel N B C N iqhlly D aleline N B C i-, ni B ridesm aids I 1 i r ir r l ,, A j I i I, -.- ,III,,, 111,,1 .1 ,,,I
NBC 8 at 6:00 News News Week- woman happily accepts to be her best friend's maid of honor only to have her life unravel
L and weather, end Edition (N as she leads the bride and her bridesmaids in a wild adventure to give her best friend the
___ (H) perfect wedding experience. (R) (C) (HD))
NBC 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Niqhtly Dateline NBC (CC) (N) Bridesmaids ('11, Comedy) *** Kristen Wiig, Terry Crews. A lovelorn and broke
S_____ __________News (N)_______ woman accepts to be her best friend's maid of honor. (R) (CC) (HD)
FOX NFL NFL Playoffs: NFC Championship (Live) (CC) (HD) The OT (N) (CC) The Follow-
FOX 1 1 Sunday (N) (1HD) ing: Resurrec-
33 13 13 13 (CC) (HD) tion Joe's re-
NFL__ Suturn.(N)
FOX 4 NFL Sunday NFL Playoffs: NFC Championship (live) (CC) (HD) The OT(N) (CC) Following (N)
N_ IN))(141) (141)) (14D))
PBS PBS WEDU Arts The March March on Washing- Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Masterpiece: Downton Abbey 58) MasterpieceLondon
E _____ Newshour(N) Plus (HD) ton. (CCO) (R) (14D) IV House party. (R) IV Tom's dilemma. threatened. (CC) (N) ()(HD)
PBS 204 204 204 16 AskThis (CC()( P. Allen Chatsworth House 3rd NOVA Gothic architecture. American Experience: Panama Canal Ste- Seving Amer-
04_ w__ (HID) Growing tips. flower festival. (R) (COC) (R) (lD) phen Ives explores the story. (R) ica(R)
PBS 3 3 Frontline Life in N. Korea. Churchill Prime Minister. (CC) Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Masterpiece: Downton Abbey (58) Masterpiece London
Nl Li a (CC) (Rl)l (14) (14 Pr)De) (IV House party. (R) IV Tom's dilemma. threatened. (CO) (N) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 21/2Men(CC) 21/2 Men Mia's Big Bang (CC) Big Bang(CC) HowlMet(CC) HowlMet(CC) Modern(CC) Modern(CC) WINK News @10pm(N)(HD)
JI H D) (return. (HD1) (HPD) (1)) H(DD) (1HD) (Hl)_D)
o Friends Friends (IVPG) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men Mia'` CSI: Miami: Darkroom Photos CSI: Miami: Going, Going, Criminal Minds: Ashes and
____ Thumbs up. (C4) DH) return, in safe. (CC) (H1D) Gone Date auction. (HD) Dust Arson victims.
MYN 11 4 1 American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James (10, West- Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Republic of Doyle: The One Our Issues Whacked Out
S __ ern) *1 2 The James gang splits up temporarily. (CC) Truth Dog Wiho Got Away (HI)) (CC (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends Friends (CC) Family Guy Family Guy Knight and Day ('10) **12 An innocent woman is con- Leverage: The Tap-Out Job
XE Thumbs up. (CC) (CC) nected to a rogue agent bein sought by the CIA. (CC) Plans revealed. (HD)
IND 12 12 12 3 12 Modern (CC) Modern (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Glee: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Glee: Silly Love Songs Kissing Office Stanley The Office: Jo
32 (l(HD) (HP) (lli (lW Sue's Ian.lID) Woth. (CD(D P1un nsna (. Fair
ION 2 1 18 Leverage: The Double Blind Leverage: The Studio Job Leverage: The Gone RFishin' Leveraqe: The Boost Job Car Leveraqe: The Three-Card
2 2 iJob Dangerous drug. Country singer. (CC) (HI)) Job Terrorism. (HD)) (HP)) Monte Job Nate's past.
WCLF 22 22 22 2 The Brody The Watch- Peter Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Unspoken Rejoice Daniel Jesse
22 P2 File man Youngren Kolenda Duplantis (N)
W Y 2 The Good Life Peny Stone Great Awakening Tour Jentzen Saving the In- Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
S1 1(CCI) (N) Franklin vestor meant tion
TLF 23 23 23 95 10.5, escala de Richter ('04) Equilibrium (02) Christian Bale. A government agent be- El gran rescate ('05) Un grupo de soldados entra en
0 _____ *1/2 Explosion nuclear, gins to doubt the fascist regime that he works for. territorio enemigo para rescatar a sus companeros.
UNIV 15 15 15 Humor es (CC) Noticiero Aqufy ahora Periodismoe La rosa de Guadalupe: Edicion especial (CC) (lD) (:05) Sal y pimienta Tras las
626 Univisi6n (N) investigaci6n. (N) (HD)) camaras. (CC) (N) (HlD)

AE 222 6 ~ 51 Duck Dynasty: Aloha, DuckWillie's Duck Camping Duck(CC)(R) Duck Hunt falls Duck Testing Duck(CC) I Duck(CC)(R) DuckDecisive
_____A&E 26 26 26 26 39 181 Robertsons!lTripto Hawaii. gift.(R) trip.(R) (Hl)) apart. facility. (HI)) (HI)) Icontest.
AMC 56 56 56 56 3 53231 7(5:30) Get Smart ('08) **1/2 A quirky analyst is promoted Bruce Almighty ('03) Jim Carrey. A reporter who blames Twister ('96) **Y12 Helen
_______ 32 to help an agent fight evil syndicate's crime wave. God for his faltering life is given almighty powers. Hunt. Storm chasers. (CC)
AP 44 44 44 44 Finding Bigfoot East Texas Finding Bigfoot: Further Viet- Beaver (N) Beaver (R) Gator Boys: Tricked Out Tre Finding Bigfoot (CC) (N) (HI))
AP 44 44 44 44 36 68 13hunt.(CQ(R)()) nam Bigfoot. (R)(I (l)) Outrageous trick. (N)_______
(a30) Men of Honor ('00) The Rosa Parks Story ('02) *** Angela Bassett. A Freedom Song ('00, Drama) *** Danny Glover. A Mis-
BET 35 35 35 35 40 **2Ablack Naw diver, woman resists racial segregation. (NR) (Cti sissippi youth flg hts racism attributed to segregation.
O68 68 68 68o 25451 185 oThe Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of At- Blood, Sweat & Heels: Turned The Real Housewives of At-
BRAVO 6a 6 6 6 anta Athens. (CCR) (l lanta Jewelry show. lanta (CC) (N) Uptown Scene. (N) lanta (CC) (R)
M 6 66 66 6 (5:00) Without a Paddle ('04) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ('06) Moronic NASCAR Tosh.O Tosh.0 ((CC)(R) Tosh.O(CC)(R)
15M 6 6 6 19 *, Camping disaster. star must rebuild his life after losing to a French driver. (CC) Pedophiles. (R( (I) (HID))
cISC 4 40 40 0 2 17Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier: Cal Alaska: The Last Frontier Dude, You're Screwed Utah's
DISC 40 40 40 40 2 43 120 Hunting for moose. (R) Summer projects. (R) ofthe Wild (R) (CC) (N) (HI)) canyon lands. (N)
E! 46464646 7 1 Keeping Upwiththe Keeping Upwith the Keeping Upwiththe With the Kaidashians: Loving #RichKids of Beverly Hills:
46 46 46 46 KardasniansDelivery.(R) Kardasnians Camping. (R) I ar as ians Future plans. & Lettin Go (N) #welcometoBH (N)
n 827 827 82 B7 IB irsych: Bollywood Homicide How I Rock It How I Rock It Parks Budget Parks: The De- Parks: Bus Parks Election Worst Week Worst Week
Q 2 82 2 irfriend troubles. (HD (14D) cuts. bate Tour(HD) Day.
EIN 243024374 127 11 Benediction Crossing/Goal The World Over News from Sunday Night Prime Callers' Chesterton (IV Holy Rosary Dogmatic Theology Host ex-
WTN 2434243 12 17 2(IVG8 I(VG around theworld. (CC) questions. (IVG) (N) G) (TYVG) ploresthemes of faith.
FAM 55 55 5 55 10 46199 Miss Congeniality ('00) **/2 A tomboy FBI agent goes The Blind Side ('09, Drama) ***/2 Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw. A family takes a
FM_____49 undercover as a contestant at a big beauty pageant. poor youth into their home, and he becomes a football star. (PG-13) (1HD)
FOOD 317 7 7 37- 761 Chopped: Chopped Family Rachaelvs.Guy::Leis In The Guy's Grocery Games: Cart Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Cutthroat Kitchen: Soupsy
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 16 eudFalooda noodles. Fray Hawaiian fare. Wars Taco challenge. Favorite moments. Daisy 500-watt ight.
FX 51 5 5 5 8 49 530) Transformers: Dark of the Moon ('11, Action) Hugo Rise of the Planet of the Apes ('11, Action) Andy Serkis. An ape with ge- Darkof the
FS_____ 4 3 Weaving. The Autobots battle the Decepticons. netically enhanced intelligence starts a war against humans. Moon **/2
GSN 179 179 179 179 3 19 18 Family Feud Family Feud Mindof a Man Mind of a Man MindofaMan Mindof a Man Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
GN 17917917() I(VPG) 3R) 1IR) IR) IR) Game(R) Game(R) Game( R) Game(R)
HALL 5 5 17 730 21The Sweeter Side of Life (13) When Calls the Heart Eliza- June in January('14) A womanreceivesthemarriagepro-WhenCallstheHeartEliza-
HALL H S Hailing bakery. (CC) beth's scheme. R) (1D) posal she's been awaiting her entire life. (CC) beth's scheme. (R) (HD)
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 12 The Curse of Oakl Island Odd Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Ax Men: Log Jam (CC) (R) (HI)) Ax Men (CC) (N) (HI)) The Curse of Oak Island (CQ
HIST 8 81 81 8 6 1 find may unlock. (R) (HD) (HD) ______________________________N) (D)
HME 4141 4 4 41 Hunters Miami Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) IR) Hunters (CC) (R) Bargain Hunt Bargain Hunt Hawaii Life Hawaii Life Island Hunters Island Hunters
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 condo. ID) (HI) (D) N) R) (N) (N) I(N) N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Rarities Rarities Rarities Andrew Lessman Andrew Lessman
IE ] 41 14 House of Secrets (13) Gone Missing ('13) Mother sets out to locate missing Flowers in The Attic (14) Heather Graham. Siblings hid-
_LIFE W 3 3 3 W 41 vomans home bugged, daughter, who vanished during spring break. (CC) den in an attic grow close. (NR) (CC) (HI))


OWN *. ** r ,. Opirahs Lileclass ii I Opiah's Maslei Class i i...l Opirah's lexi Chaplet I Oprah's lex Chaplet Social Opah's Nexi Chaplet: -I iI
SPIKE 7 ii J'iTheShawishankRedemplion' .4 I:,11 1 T,, i I, TheDay AlleI Tomorrow4'4 I t,,, '. ,,i, : T.ii'u Iii. ,,lI.iiiiil hii ,i
S P I E "/ '/ / ,-) .. IN N ,1h ,, l',- dh lh I,, H ,, ,,II'H ', h I:I II ,l,,p'lI,-" I, ll:1 ,Ih .... .'l1 :1""k :1 11:1 I "I,. "IIINIII, :11,ill:"IIQ

SYFY ,.i i J 7 ResidenlEvil:Exlinclion,'' Zom bieland : I-..... i: i i,,h1.i, :1,1 :,, 1i ,, Underworld:Evolulion i,:i iii.- n ,, i,- i i,,
IBS 0 i. "",,i Piialesol heCaiibbean: Al Woilds End,'''-. Big Bang (" i Big Bang i Big Bang i Big Bang i" BigBangoli BigBangp"i
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I -B ,J "J h I, '1t 1"1"I-II 1: :111i- 1i I,:1111,: --. ,, l, :11, (I 111 (Hil~l} (111111 (ill llll (ill} (Hi.ll
TM Adam'sRib, 4, 1.- ., The Trouble lh Angels'':,' I*** :.-illH' Where Angels Go. Trouble
TCM ,..,. ,. ," ,, dam s~ b, ...I.- IH ,Ih .:.III1,,.Im (. :HI .,, T--: roublewiil ng l ,, f ,,. p,::l FoIIows,,:',,* '.-..I
,C 1 "'"1'1"|... ..... .- :,.l.-:..Illl..-....ill~l....N, I..I ___ T.-.-l,: i.u ll I| .1 i : 1.111|: :. Ih. ,.I 1 "| } ll|_______F lO S l? *.Ii,, d m s R b i4** '.ii-i i i(11i 1 i- ii.n : T e r u l ih A g l ~~l* n in i i :-n W e e A g l o r u l
,TLC J. i i. ,, Dateline: Real Life Mysleies Dateline: RealLifeMysteies Sislei Wives ii Sisler Wives i..,, .: i...,i..ii 90DayFiance:' ,iiii. :i.. i
MII rI h.-, -..| : ,1 : -: 1,| -| i, ( l ,1 (|II I)( IHII h li | ll i| i l: I li, 1,1" i, :,
TNT si i h i h i h t.i. Dieamgiils M,' 1.' 1 FI iiiii. .. I H, 1 I The Helpi1 ini iiiMill.. 1 l: ::. c. w-oim .jni i,-
_ _____ girl group struggle with the ins and outs of fame. turns home from college and nterviews back women about their jobs. (C_______
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 66 170 Food Paradise Drive-thru Food Paradise Wild-game Monumental Mysteries Deal Greatest Mysteries: Castle Secrets & Legends
TRAv 11 7 w 6 food. ((C( (R) burger. ((C( (R) with the devil. (R) Buckingham Palace (N) French fortress. (N)
TRUTY 63 63 63 63 50 30 3 World's Dumbest... Alligator World's Dumbest... Hot air World's Dumbest... Motor- World's Dumbest... Top 20 Funniest: Hits and
_ TB M 31 3 3 18 trainer. (R) balloon. (R) cycle wreck. (N) Base-jumper. (R) Misses (CC (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Cosby: Cliff's Birthday Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Gold Girl Gold Girl Gold Girl IGold Girl
USA 3434343222 Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
USA 3434 34 2 52 50 Unit Girl in coma. Unit: Remorse Unit: Manhunt (H1)) Unit: Painless (H1)) Unit: Parts (1M14)
WE 117117117117 117 Law& Order: Blood Money In- Law & Order: Sundown Hospi- Law & Order Dad buys son Law & Order Collision Medica- Law & Order: Mother's Milk
__ W "" 4surancescam. H(10) tal beating. (CO (H) weapon. ((C) (H1) Ition murder. (H1)) Kidnapping parents.
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home The Mask of Zorro ('98) k**k% Antonio Banderas. A retired freedom fighter transforms a
WVN 1 t 11 ideos Funny felines. Videos (1VPG) (10)1 drunken outlaw into a masked avenger. (PG-13) (C()
CSS 2 28 28 28 70 Return to Vancouver: Men's Hockey Talkin Football Return to: Snowboard & Return to
S28 28 28 28 49 0 Freestyle Skiing
ESPN 29 29 29 29 172 5 7 SportsCenter:from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC 30 for 30: The Price of Gold ((CC (H1) 30for30 30for30 SportsCenter:from Bristol,
N 2_____)Shorts (H1) Shorts (H11) Conn. (N) (CO (H11)0
ESPN2 30 30I30 30 6 5 7 (Tp\ Womrn. College 2013 World Series of Poker Europe: Final Table (Replay) 2014 Australian Open Tennis: Round of 16 (live) ((C (H11)
ESPN2,30,30 30 3659 74 Basketball (Uve) (C :(HOD)(HD)
'" 48 48 48 48 42 6 (5:00) Barrett Jackson Auc- ShutUpand: UFC Insider (N) Roadto Octagon: Henderson UFC Main Event: UFC 132: Ult. Fighter: Strangers in a
IS1 148 48 48 48 8 tion: Scottsdale Arizona (H1)0) vs. Thomson (H1)) CruzvsFaber(HO1)) Strange Land (R) (H)
SN 1 1 79 79 7M NBA Basketball: Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic from Amway Magic LIVE! (N) Inside (N) (11(H) Inside: Making World Poker Tour: LA Poker
FSN 22 72 77 ';V Center (live) ((H11) 1(H)0 Magic Classic- Part 2 (H1)
GOLF 49494949 5 304 PGATOURGoff: Humana PGA Champions Tour Golf: Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai: Final Golf Central (NPGATOUR
b_ GOLF 1 4 0 11 Challenge: Final Round T Round: from Hualalai Golf Club in Ka'upulehu-Kona, Hawaii (live) (10)0) (1H) Golf (10)
NBCS 71 71 71 71 5461 9o (5:30) Skiing (Taped) (HD) NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers from NHL Overtime Tour Down
NBS 17171 71 61 90 / Madison Square Garden (live) (C) ((1)0 (H0)0) Under(N)
SUN 38 38'401401 45 5 76 NHL Hockey: Tampa Bay Lightning at Lightning Lightning (H0) Lightning (H0) College Basketball: Seton Hall Pirates at Georgetown
SUN 3838 4014 76 Carolina Hurricanes (Live) (L (H01 LIVE! (H0 ) -Hoyas from Verizon Center (Replay) (H0)
NIC 25 25925 254 44 22 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie ('04, Family) k**2' Dad Run (N) Instant: Dine Movie
NICK 2252 5 2SpongeBob seeks Neptune's stolen crown. (PG) Hard (N)
TOON 80 80 124124146 2 27 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties -k'* A lasagna-loving feline Universe (R) Titans Go! (R) King ((C King Bobby's Bob's Tina's Bob's Linda
iON I ou N ,0 7is mistaken for a wealthy woman's spoiled cat. coach. birthday. Iparanoid.

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid IPaid Debt IMoney 60 Minutes: The Moguls 60 Minutes: Disaster (R) 160 Minutes (R)
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 CNN Newsroom Sunday CNN Presents One-topic Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- CNN Presents One-topic
NN 3 3 3 8 10 News and updates. (N) studies. ((CC (H0)) known Exotic foods. known Exotic foods. |studies. ((CC (H0)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12109 Newsmakers American Politics News coverage keeps Q&A Interesting people dis- PM'sQues- American Politics News coverage keeps
_____ 8 ___3__ (R) viewers informed, cuss their work. (N) tions (R) viewers informed. (R)
FINC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 FOX News Sunday with Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
N 6 6 11 Wallace (CC((1() wrap-up.N (N) (H) (N) (0) (() (N)(D) ertarian issues. (H0)
MSB 3 3 3 83 15 4 1 Caught on Camera Surprise Caught on Camera Web indis- Caught on Camera Camera Lockup The constant threat. Lockup: Raw: Prison Love
MSNB 83 83 83 83 8 40 103 offenders. (R) (H00) cretions. (R) (0) crusaders. (R) (0) ((R) (H)) Same sex couples. (R)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid Annette News (N) Paid News (N) SNN Evening Edition (N)
CMTV 4 4 4 23 24 221 1:30) Hillbillies Swamp Pawn: Dead in the Swamp Pawn: Going for Croak Swamp Pawn (R) (H0) Redneck (R) Party Down South "Li'I Bif'
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 2 *1 /2 Water A crawfish order. A new delicacy. (R) (H0)0) stands. (R) (H0)
MT 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 (5:30) Teen Teen Mom 2: A Means to An End Paternity Miley Cyrus Unplugged (R) Teen Wolf Werecoyote Real World: Ex-Plosion
MI* 33333333354 71Mom (R) test; Leah's news. (R) (H0)) sought. (R) (H0)) Anger issues. (R)
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Couples Therapy (R) (H0) Mob Wives (R) (H0) CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story Trio's origins & rise to fame in '90s to Single (R) (H0)
bankru tc illness, fi ghts & death. (R) (00))
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous ('05, Pitch Perfect ('12, Comedy) *** Anna Kendrick, Skylar A Good Day to Die Hard ('13)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Comedy) *-% Sandra Bullock. An FBI agent's former Astin.Anall-girls a capellasinging group attempts to defeat **John and his son tryto
___ __pageant pals are kidnapped & she must work with a rival, their male rivals. (PG-13) (C (HD)? stop a heist. (R) ((CC
(:1 0) The Man with the Iron Fists ('12, Action) ** Russell Banshee: The Thunder Man Assault on Precinct 13 ('05, Action) **'2 Femme
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Crowe, Rick Yune. A blacksmith attempts to defend his Alexs leadership is questioned. Corrupt police officers attack a Detroit police Fatales Infat-
___ __ ____village from warriors and assassins. (R) (CC) ((C) (1(00) station on New Year's Eve. (CC) uated guard.
Jessie Chess Jessie: Liv: Switch-A- Dog with Blog: Good Luck Austin: Glee Dog with a Jessie Good Luck Austin & Ally:
DISN 136136 136136 99 45 250 contest. (CC)( (R) Krumpingand Rooney(R)(1H) Lostin Charlie: Clubs&Glory Blog ((C (R) Homework Charlie: Family&Feuds
(___ __ _) Crushing IStanslation Accepted (N) (N) wager. (R) (H0) Rat-a-Teddy (R)
:15) The Flintstones ('94, Comedy) A man Black Sails Brave (12, Fantasy) ***, Kelly Macdon- (35) The Legend of Zorro (05) **k- 2
ENC 150150 150 150 150350 living in the Stone Age becomes unpopular Piracyin1715. ald.A Scottish princess named Merida must Zorro puts on the mask again to oppose a
___ __ _____ after he gets a promotion. ((CC (1M14) fight off an unintended curse. (CCQ threat to California's sovereignty. (C)
Rock of Ages (:35) The Place Beyond the Pines (13, Crime) After discovering that his True Detective: Seeing Things Girls: She Said Looking An
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 '12) Chasing former girlfriend gave birth to his child, a stunt performer gets dragged into Duo follows lead from brothelto OKAdam's exswedding.
___ _ame. a life of stealing and crosses paths with a cop. ((CC church. (N) sister. (N) (00)
(4:00) Boxing HBO first Real Time with Bill Maher True Detective: The Long Admission ('13, Comedy) ,** Tina Fey. A Dodgeball:
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (Replay) ((C( (H) Look Preview (TVMA) ((CC (H) Bright Dark Past case woman's career is at risk when she runs into True
___ __ of film. [discussed. (CO (HO1)) a boy that could be her son. ((CC Underdog ('04)
(4:55) Life of Pi (12, Adventure) 1:05) Identity Thief (13, Comedy) ** 2 Jason Bateman, Snow White and the Huntsman ('12, Fantasy) Kristen
HBO3 304 304304304 304 404 A man is stranded after a Melissa McCarthy. After learning that someone has stolen Stewart, CharlizeTheron. Snow White is joined by a hunter
___ __- -shipwreck. ((CC his identity, a man searches for The con. ((CC on a campaign to kill her stepmother. ((CC
(5:00) Sleepy Hollow ('99, Shameless: Simple Pleasures Episodes House of Lies Shameless: My Oldest House of Lies Episodes Matt
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Horror)NYC investigator looks Fionaworksforher boyfriend. Custody battle. Marty's firm. (R) Daughter ((C() ( H) Roscoe's receivesaDUI.
___ into beheadings. ,(CCI (R) (001) (R) (0H) interest. (N)
(5:45) Bunraku (' 11) **%2 Josh Hartnett, Gackt. Three Man on a Ledge (12, Thriller) *** Sam Worthington, The Rundown ('03, Action)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 unlikely men seek revenge against a crime lord and his nine Elizabeth Banks. An ex-convict threatens to jump to his **'/2 A bounty hunter seeks a
___ __assassins. (R) (CO (H1)() death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. (PG-13) (C(C mobster's son.


ABC 261 6 I lews ETih IExila,, mPaid ABC World levs Now il, News lNewsii,
ABC 281 al lews Caslle Praclice Paid Visions World lNews i,) News lNews lNews
ABC M 7 7 1 7 70 News Paid McCaiver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 10 101010 10 News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid (:05) Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS.iii News McCarver Paid Inside Ouldoors. Kickin'll I .i Minute ii, Ilews lNews lNews il,
NBC _l x x x x News Paid Slar WIch Paid Paid Paid Paid Meel Press Paid Early News lNews IlNews
NBC 201 1 lews Paid Bones Paid Slotms Daleline Meel Piess Early News lNews il
FOX 1 ic i i ic i Followving lNolice IClosetr Oclagon Judy Judy News News News il) _
FOX l X 44 4 Following TBA Glee (H4)) IComedy.TV 130 Rock 30 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News(N))
PBS 3 33 3 3 3 3 Masterpce. AsTime Keep Up IMasterpce. Masterpce. Masterpce. (R) (4)HD) Chasing
SPBSI ,,161 NOVA iN Americanih IPeaceCip NOVAih i American ih PeaceCrp Bolder Yoga
PBS.- I n 0 1 Midwife i, 111-1111 Makers: Women Who Make Soulhwesl Florida
CW 461 .. 'i Oueens IOueens Praclice Alien Alien TMZ ilIPaid Paid Harvey 70s 170s
CW ,", I Criminal Family Family Mi. Box Mi. Box Biker Boyz i. .Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYNah 111111 14 Ride Honor Ring Paid Bones OK!TV Raymond IHollywd IHollyscp Paid Paid Shepherd
MYN X 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer Access The Tomb ('86) (NR) Sea Hunt Sea Hunt Shepherd
IND 32 1212 12 3B 12 ThereYet ThereYet Mixed Nuts ('94) (CC) evrPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 2 22 1 32618 171 Leveraae L.everage Leverage everaePaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WLF 22 22 22 22 2 Tommy Awaken Awaken Prophecy Fruit CTN Spec CopelandCitylife Good Life Jesus CTN Spec Youngren Hmekeep
IXYM 22 44 10 Totally Awaken Awaken Ministry Life Faith Women B.Gouley Skunks Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 50 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo La cruz ('11) (COC) Byrnes ('99) (COC) Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 5 1515 15 6 Humores INoticiero Verdad AI Punto Como dice IHorapico Para amar Humores Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 Duck (R) Duck Duck IDuck Duck Duck Duck IDuck (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Twister ('96) |Bruce Almighty ('03) CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miam St ooges
API 44 44 44 44 36 6813 Gator Boys Bigfoot lBeaver lBeaver Beaver Beaver Beaver Beaver Gator Boys Biqfoot
BET 35 35 35 35 40 2221C Freedom Inspiration____l_ Inspiration Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 Watch Fashion Housewives Blood Heel Watch Fashion Shahs Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15 2719 South Prk South Prk Kroll Tosh Wrkholic Wikholic Wrkholic Wrkholic South Prk South Prk South Prk South Pik Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 Alaska Dude (R) Alaska Alaska Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 4646464627 261 Kardashian #RichKids Kardashian #RichKids Soup C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 8211111 Friday Alternate Friday Best Bars Best Bars Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24:2432412 1728 God Wps Bookmark Mass (R) Lianyof Devotions Sunday The Bread Suffering Catholic Catalogue Bookmark Cateches.
FAM 5555 5555 10461 Fosters Osteen IMeyer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Reign LifeToday
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 Restaurant Diners Cutthroat Restaurant Guy's (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
FX 51 51 51 584953 Transformers: Dark Moon (11) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 17179171 34 1 TheChase 1 vs. 100 Mind Mind Pyramid Pyramid Dog Eat Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 2 Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Gold Girl GoldGirl Gold Girl Gold Girl Fasier IFrasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 Unearthed Ax (R) Ax (R) Curse (R) Unearthed Paid Paid Paid Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 1Hunters Hunters Life U Life Hunters Hunters Huunters Hunter s Hunt Hunt Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Gone Missing (13) (:02) Flowers in ('14) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58 58 58 58 47103161 Op rah'sOprah Oprah's Berkus Rachael Phil (HD)) Dr. Phil
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 296354 Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67125 6418 My Soul to Take ** !Night of the Demon Dracula II ('03) *% (i)R) Twilight Twilight
TBS 5959595932 6252King of King of Kin of I Ko ing of]King of King of
TCM 65656565 16 Angels Go Souls for Sale 23)Wings of Desire Married a Witch ('42
TLC 45454545 57721 Sister (R) 90 Day |Sister (R) Mysteries IPaPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 The Help Unlikely friendship. Dreamgirls ('06) ***r-k (COC) Preview S'ville
TRAV 696969692 6611 Mysteries Palace Legend Mysteries Mysteries Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUT 63636363 50 301 Top 20a Dumbest ) Dumbest Top 20 Top 20 Paid Paid Paid Paid
TVLND 6262626231542 GoldGirl GoldGirl Kirstie Kirstie Queens Queens Queens Queens 70s 170s 70s 70s CurbYour CurbYour
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 psych (R) (:01) SVU (:01) X2 ('03) A genocidal plan. SVU (HD)) SVU (HD)
WE 11111111 1114 Law (HD) Law (HD)) CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Bones 30 Rock Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Dharma TilDeath Girl Wants ('03) (CO)
CSS 282828284970 Return to Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 NFL Prime. SportsCenter NFL Prime. SportsCenter SportsCenter Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 Australian Open: Round of 16 C. Evert Australian Open: Round of 16
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FSN 72727272 56 77 Wrld Poker INBA (Replay) (H)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 0:30) PGA TOUR Golf (Replay) (HD)) Golf Cntrl Champions TourPaid Paid
NBCS 71 71 71 71 5461 90 Premier Encore (Taped) Dakar Dakar Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3B 3840140145 516 Playing IGame 365 NHL Hockey (1H)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39393939 310 Greed (R) Greed (R) Greed (R) Paid Paid Car Chase Car Chase Worldwide Exchange
CNN 32 32 32 32183810 Anthono Anthony Presents Anthony nthony Presents Early (N)
CSPN 18181818371210 Q&A (R) Capital News Toda Today in Washington Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 111 Huckabee Hannity Stossel FOX News Huckabee Stossel FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 10 Lockup Lockup Lockup Meet Press Caught Meet Press RFirst Look Too Early
SNN 6 66 11 11 News (N) *News (N) INews (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 320 3 4 Good Day CoEd Cnf. Top (:50) The Watch ('12) Sinsations 0(:55) Outbreak ('95)
CINE2 3213213213213213214Z Femme (:25) Syriana ('05) *--* Banshee (:35) Lola ('12) (:05) The Paper ('94)
DISN 13 131 1 99 452 Jessie Shakeft Good Lck Good Lck Shake ift A.N.T. On Deck StarStruck** On Deck lOnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15 1501 1 1 3 LZorro Black National ('03) (:35) RoboCop ('87) IGhost Mars *12 Crimes
HBO 30 302 30, Detective Girls Looking IDetective Girls Looking |Oblivion ('13)(CC) Taxi ('04)
HB02 30 303 3 Dodgeball ('04) IChild Play ('88) Transit ('12) **1/2 Icasual Sex k*12 Out List __
HB03 303 M Casino ('95) Crime in Vegas. (R) Would ('12) ** Rage in Harlem ('91) Fig
HOW 40334(3436 Shameless Lies Episodes |Lies Episodes Shameless Sinister (12) |Stones ('13)
STMC 35 35 333 35 3 Rundown IGoon Hockey goon. Cherry ('12) *1' (: 15) Goldmine (98) Cigarettes


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid IPaid IPaid IPaid Paid Paid Behind Enemy Lines II ('06) */12 (R) (CC) Seraphim ('07) 12
C~INE 032 2 3032 (2 42 15) Ray (04, Drama) Ray Charles rises from humble begin- :50) Bullet to the Head (13, Action) **1/2 A hit This Is 40 ('12) A not-so-average
INE 3u 3]3 3( nin uuu gs to become a music industry icon. man works with a detective. (CC) American family. (R) (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Breaking Point (09) *12 (CC) Bridge of Dragons ('99) *1/2 (:10) Reality Bites ('94) (CC) Moonrise Kingdom ('12)
E 150 150 150 150 150 350 Crimes and Misde- :55) Pleasantville ('98, Drama) Teens trans- (:05) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engage- Roxanne (87) **/2
ENC 10 1(] 15 1 1 3u imeanors ('89) ported to 50s sitcom world. (CC) ment ('04) Princess' suitors. (CC) Manwooswoman.
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302 400 (5:10)Taxi We Bought a Zoo ('11) *** A father moves his family to a Mission: Impossible ('96, Action) An agent tries M. Hussein RedTails
HBO 3 0000 (w04) rundown zoo with hopes of starting over. to clear his good name. (CC) (R) ('12)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 The Legend of Bagger Vance ('00) First Comes Love Candid glimpse. 1(:05) The Lucky One (12) Fockers
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Whoopi (CC) (HI) Mr. Holland's Opus ('95) Man becomes mentor. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ('12) Big Momm
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Stones (:25) Uptown Girls (03) Brittany Springsteen & I (13) Bruce Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Marilyn (11)
SHOW 340 34 34 34 34 340 365 (13) Murpy. Nanny grows up. Springsteen. Rock musician. Events ('04) **1/2 Greedy relative. (R)
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (5:15) 200 Cigarettes ('99, A Good Woman ('06) **'/2 (:35) Before and After ('96, Drama) A teen may When a Man Loves a Woman ('94)
M 350 35 35 35 35 350 385Come y) Blossoming affairs. (P6) (CC) have killed his girlfriend. (CC) Battling alcoholism.
TOM 65 6565 65 169,230 The Joe Louis Story ('53, Drama) The Jackie Robinson Story ('50) The Learning Tree ('69, Drama) ***'/2 A Intruder in the Dust (49,
TM 65 65 65 65 169 0 ** The champ. (NR) Baseball player. (CC) black teen witnesses a murder. (P6) 11Drama)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Stooges IHart's War ('02, Drama) POWs' risky plan. (CC)
INE 320 320320 320 320 320 420 Problem Child ('90) A yuppie couple Spawn ('97) Murdered killer be- (:15) Scary Movie ('00) Killer knows Pitch Perfect ('12) *** An
_INE 30( ( uu uu u ado pts an awful kid. comes hero from hell. (CC) teens' terrible secret. all-girls a capella singing group.
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 422 Revenant ('12) **1 2 IHere on Earth *1/2 Teens grow up fast. This Is 40 ('12) Paul Rudd. A milestone. IHow High ('01) **
150 150 150 5 1 Gung Ho! (:50) Stranger Than Fiction ('06, Drama) A man (:50) Vamps ('12, Comedy) ** Female vam- Peggy Sue Got Married ('86)
EC 15015 150 150350(86) learns he is living in a novel. pires romantic struggles. (CC) 2*k% Woman in past. (CC)
HBO 3023 00 mCourage (:25) EDtv ('99, Comedy) **'/2 A store clerk's lif Fall to Grace Gov.'s jour- Life of Pi('12, Adventure) Suraj Sharma. A man Million $
B 302 302 302 30 302 302 400 ('96) becomes a TV show. (CC) (HDI) ney. (R)(HD) is stranded after a shipwreck. (C4
HBO2 303 303303 303 303 303 402 (5:20) Dreamz ('06) (:10) K-PAX ('01) Delusional man. (CC) (1 5) Madagascar ('05) (CC) Jack the Giant Slayer (13)
HBO3 304304 304304 304 404 Sabrina ('95) Driver's daughter. (CC) (:10) The Pick-Up Artist ('87) Kingdom of Heaven ('05) Fight for Jerusalem. (R)
SOw 34 30 34 30 (53:00)The Color of Money The Decoy Bride (12) **'1/2 An The Illusionist ('06, Romance) A magician falls AntiTrust ('01) Computer geek's
SOnW (33(44 (wwuu 86 w(CC) actress tries to et married, in love with a duchess. (CC) dream ob turns deadly.
TMO 0 0 0 Roster Our Song ('01) Teen girls tryto keep (:10) Reunion ('09) A group of close (:50) The Trouble with Bliss (12) ** A WanBack
M 350350350350350350385 their friendship. (CC) friends reunites. (CC) 35-year-old New Yorker is in a rut. (CC)10
TOM 65 65 65 65 169 230 No Other Woman A Special Investigator (36, :15) Absolute Quiet ('36) **'/2 Gung Ho!: The Story of Carlson's Voice in the Wind Amne-
I 65 65 65 65 169 costly success. Drama) Man stays at ranch. (NR) Makin Island ('43) ** sic pianist.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Stooges Stooges IThe Secret of My Success ('87) (CC)
pINE 30 30 30 30 3 4 (5:30) Off Air Station down- The Preacher's Wife ('96, Drama)** An angel (:10) Prometheus ('12, Science Fiction) Expedi- (:20) From Dusk Till Dawn
CINE 320 320 32 32 32320 420 time. (H()) charms a preacher's wife. (CC) tion to learn humanity 's on igns. ('96) ***
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Sessions Dark Wolf A werewolf hunts. An American Werewolf in Paris ('97) Juwanna Mann ('02) *1/2 (CC) Lola**
NP 150150150150 150350 n The Phantom (96) A masked 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ('00) Chain-gang (:25) Dude, Where's My (50) That's My Boy ('12) Adam
S150 15(] 15 15( 1" 0super-hero battles evil men. fugitives seek stolen loot. (CC) Car? ('00) **Sandier. Irresponsible dad.
HBO 3032032320 Nation (R) Harriet the Spy (96) **'/2 Harriet Redemption Canstaken Admission (13)** A woman's Rock of Ages ('12) ** Two kids
HBO 3 30 30 30 (HDI)) spies on everyone. (CC) for cash. Princeton career is at risk. chasing fame fall in love.
HBO2 303 303 303 303303 30 03 402 (:10) The Rocketeer ('91) Jetpack hero. Beach Kings ('08) *1/2 (CC) (:40) Won't Back Down ('12, Drama) Grosse
HBO3 304304304304 _304 404 Chariots of Fire ('81) Olympians train. Don Juan De Marco Romantic icon. Rounders ('98) Student plays poker. (R)
SHOW 34 340 340 340 340 340 3 (5:30) Life with Mikey ('93) Michael J. Fox. (:05) Dick Tracy ('90, Action) **1/2 Warren Wicker Park ('04, Mystery) **1/2 A man
HOnW 34 34 3( 3 Mumford A new child star. (CC) Beatty. A detective battles evil villains, searches for his missing lover. (CC) (HI)
TMO 0 0 30 30 3 3 3 The Rightto Remain :10) A Simple Twist of Fate ('94) A recluse is For the Cause ('00) Earth is in- (:40) Salvation Boulevard ('11) **
TMC 350 350 350 35 35 350 38 Silent 95) ** l/2 transformed by a toddler. (CC) evolved in a worldwide war. Church hunts member.
TOM 65 65 65 65 169230 What! No Beer? ('33) :1 5) Brother Rat and a Baby ('40, Comedy) Cairo ('42, Comedy) ** Two peo- Scarlet Street ('46) A man falls for a
OM 6 6 1930Man's brewery. Post-graduation difficulties. (CC) le battle a Nazi plot. (NR) dangerous woman.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid X-Men ('00) *** Mutant superheroes. (PG -13(CC) Die Hard
OINE 320320 320 320n320320420 William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's El Gringo ('12) Outsider with $2M is (:45) Wrath of the Titans ('12, Action) Perseus Bulletto
IE 320 320Dream Tale of hidden love. attacked in Mexico. rescues father in underworld. (13)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (5:30) Off Air (HD) IThe Man in the Iron Mask ('98) (CC) IJoyful Noise ('12) Singing competition. ISnake Eyes ('98)
N 150 150 150 150 150 350 Kranks ('04) Hope Springs ('12) **y1/2 Meryl (:10) xXx: State of the Union ('05) *1/2 Ex-con (:55) Stealth ('05, Action) *1/2 Computerized pilot-
m Streep. Rekindling romance. volunteers to save the President. ing program goes awry. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302302 302 400 Candela- (:45) Big Momma's House 2 ('06) FBI agent in Two Weeks Notice ('02) **l/2 Mil- (:15) Home Fries ('98, Comedy) ** Pilots at-
HBO 3 30 30 30 bra disguise watches suspect. (CC) lionaire in love. (CC) (HD) tempt to eliminate a witness. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Fat Albert Cartoons aid girl. |The Apparition k*1/2 Evil spirit. IThe Siege ('98) **1/2 Martial law. (R) (CC) IRoad ('08) (R) (CC)
HBO3 304 304304304 _304404 Last The Crucible ('96) ***Witches on trial. Hyde Park on Hudson (13) Switch ('91) *1/2 Man becomes woman.
OW 30 30 30 30 34 35 Wicker ('04) (:45) Turner & Hooch ('89, Comedy) **'/2 Case $ellebrity ('13) *1/2 A look at how (: 5) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ('12, Drama)
SHOW 340 34 34 3434 340 365 ,l/ of the slobbering witness. (CC) fame has changed. (CC) Sheik's vision of fly fishing.
TMO 350 350 350 350 3 3 3 (:05) Rooster Cogburn (75, Western) Unlikely Swing Kids ('93, Drama) ** Three teens rebel Deceived ('91, Thriller) Goldie Hawn. A widow
T 3 350 3(50 385 duo tracks down outlaw killer, in Nazi Germany. (PG-13) (CC) learns her husband was lying.
TOM 65 6565 65 169230 The Battle of the Sexes ('28) (:45) The Younger Generation ('29) (:15) Hell Harbor ('30) **/2 Lupe (:45) Private Lives ('31) **'/2
Mv a a a 16 3 ,,**1/2 Golddigger seduces. The social ladder. Velez. Life decisions. (NR) Ex-spouses reunite. (NR)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid The Kingdom ('07) Jamie Foxx. Hunt for terrorist. Scorpion 2
OINE 320320320320320320420 (15) Watchers ('88) Genius dog es- (:50) War of the Worlds ('05) Tom Cruise. Father (:50) American Reunion ('12, Comedy)*** Mavericks
_INE 3 3 ( 0 capes federal lab. (CC) protects kids as aliens attack. Friends attend high school reunion. (12)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (5:20) Go ('99) (CC) 1(:05) Pure Country 2: The Gift ('10) *1/2 ISyriana ('05) *** Oil and intrigue. (CC) IRevenant 12) **1/2
FNPC 150151010 5035 The Legend of Zorro (05) Zorro (:45) Raising Helen ('04, Comedy) **1/2 Girl (:45) Postcards from the Edge ('90) Actress Enough
50 150 1 150 1150 150_350 puts on the mask again. must care for sister's children. (CC) copes with career, drugs & mom.('02) *
HO 302023232303020Beethoven ('92) **1/2 A family Jack ('96) ** Robin Williams. A young boy Buffy the Vampire Slayer ('92) J. Groban Marigold
HBO 302302302302302302400gets a Saint Bernard puppy. looks like a grown man. (PG-13) (CC) A hero is born. (CC) (R) ('12)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Dragonfly The spirit world. The Wedding Date ('05) ** Oblivion ('13) The last drone repairman on Earth. Weapon
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Manhattan IThe Horse Whisperer ('98) Cowboy aids victims. (:20) Hard Times (1 5) The Merchant of Venice ('04) ***
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 (5:00) The Color of Money 3 Men and a Little Lady ('90) Child's (:45) The Woman in the Fifth ('11) (: 5) The Joy Luck Club ('93) Chinese mothers
SHOnW 34 3334 ('86) (CC) mom engaged. (CC) ,** A stranger in Paris. with American daug hters. (CC)
TMO 5 5 5 5 3 3 Grassroots ('12) k2 Man helps Liberal Arts ('12) Uninspired man (:15) Shortcut to Happiness ('04) ** Writer Why Stop Now (12) **
T 350_35_ 3 3 3 3 friend's political campaign. returns to alma mater. sells soul to devil for success. (CC) Drug dealer.
TM 65 65 65,65 1691230 It's a Great Feeling An (:15) Harriet Craig ('50, Drama) ***A woman Goodbye, My Fancy ('51, Romance) A con- This Woman Is Danger-
TOM_ 6 13actor directs. lacks courtesy with others. (NR) gresswoman revisits her college. ous ('52) **1/2


ABC 2 7 11 7 News INews Good Morning America News Millionre. Millionre. The View
ABC 2 11 News Good Morning America Steven and Chris RightThis Right This The View
ABC A 7 7 7 10 7 17 News Good Morning America Better America Supreme The View
CBS I1 10 10 10 10 10 News, 6am CBS This Morning Studio 10 Inside Jeopardy The Price Is Right
CBS H 213 213 5 5 5 News INews CBS This Morning LIVE! with Kelly Rachael Ray The Price Is Right
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FOX 4 4 4 (5:00) FOX 4 Rising FOX 4 Morning Blend Bridezillas Maury Law & Order: SVU
PBSLa: 3 3 3 3 Clifford Sid Arthur Kratts Curious Cat in Hat Peg+Cat DinoTrain Sesame Street Daniel SuperWhy
PBS 1 204 204 204 16 Yoga Lilias! Electric Stretch Sewin Quiltin Sew Room Sit Fit Painting ICook's Cooking Yoga
PBS ] 3 3 3 _Electric Stretch Arthur Kratts Curious Cat in Hat Peg + Cat DinoTrain Sesame Street Daniel SuperWhy
CWM 1'_ 6 21 6 Queens Queens News News News Fam. Feud |Fam. Feud Queen Latifah
CW B 9 9 9 4 (5:00) The Daily Buzz Til Death Paid Middle Middle Millionre. Millionre. Queen Latifah Justice Justice
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MYNX1 8 9 8 CashCab Cash Cab Paid Paid Cops Cops Steve Wilkos Show TrishaGoddard Jerry Springer
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IONM] 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Archer Archer Paid Paid Thr. Bible Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Married Movie
WCFU 22 22 22 2 Gospel Destined Today Meyer Digging In Copeland Parsley Youngren It'sTime KnowCse Life Toda Wilton
WRXYI] 22 44 10 Gospel IVariety Salvation Destined The Lamp Thr. Bible Gospel Meyer Hilliard Faith Life Toda Day
TLF i 23 23 23 95 5 Qu6 locura! Noticias Nacional Rebelde Las vias del amor Pasi6n
UNIV 12 15 15 15 6 Tu desayuno alegre Despierta Am6rica Como dice el dicho
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Paid Paid DogBnty DogBnty Do Boun tCriminal Minds Criminal Minds CSI: Miami
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 Orangutan Chimp Big Cat Big Cat Meerkat Meerkat Animal Cops Animal Cops Animal Cops
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Morning Inspiration Matters Matters Movie Movie
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Days Summer Days Summer Shahs of Sunset Shahs of Sunset Shahs of Sunset Shahs of Sunset
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Daily Colbert Sunny South Prk Presents Kroll Show
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Almost Got Away Disappeared Wicked Attraction
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Henry Mickey Chug Mickey Mickey Mickey Sofia Doc Mc Jakeand |Henry Micke Octonauts
E! 4646 46 46 27 26 196 Paid Paid Save Bell Save Bell Save Bell Save Bell SaveBell SaveBell Kardashians Kardashians
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118118160 Jimmy Fallon Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Christian Catholic Michael Holy Name Daily Mass Life on the Rock Variety WomenGr Rosary
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 Meyer Drenda 70s '70s 70s '70s 700 Club Interactive The 700 Club Gilmore Girls
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Grill It! CookReal INeelys Cupcake Wars
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Paid Paid Movie Movie
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179184 Paid Paid Paid Paid Match Match Blockbust Press Luck Sale of lPyramid Password Pyramid
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Brady Brady Brady Brady Home & Family
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Paid Paid Modern Marvels Variety Decoded Decoded
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QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 The Great Outdoors with Dan Garden Party with Carolyn
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TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 13919 Kids 19 Kids First Day Multiples abyStry BabySt 19 & Counting Variety Extreme Extreme
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ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Mike & Mike ESPN First Take
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live |FOX Sports Live
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Sports Unlimited World Poker Tour UFC Unleashed UFC Reloaded
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central Morning Drive Morning Drive
NBCS 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Paid Paid Martin Americana Winkelman O'Neill The Dan Patrick Show
SUN 38 38 401401 45 57 76 Paid O'Neill TravisJoh Headlines Dateline Heat LIVE! HeatLIVE! ReelFish Into the The New College Game 365
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Dad Run Dad Run Thundermn Fairly Sponge PAW Patrol Umizoomi Umizoomi Dora Dora Guppies Guppies
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Gumball Gumball TitansGo! Beyblade Pok6mon Movie Garfield Garfield Tunes Tunes
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Squawk Box Squawk on the Street
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 NewDay CNNNewsroom LegalViewwith
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Today in Washington lWashington Journal U.S. House of Representatives
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 FOX& Friends America's Newsroom Happening Now
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Morning Joe The Daily Rundown Jansing and Co. MSNBC Live
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 SNN Good Morning SNN Good Morning SNN Good Morning SNN Good Morning Paid News News News
CMTV 47 47 4 47 23 24 221 (4:00) CMT Music
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 21016 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Movie ITeen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 VH1 + Music Love & Hip Hop

... i& LA IkJ r-B L l LA : I :{ I 'I' I '],
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 (11:00) Seraphim Falls ('07) IReign of Fire ('02) Dragons rule Earth. Poseidon ('06) Trapped with fear. (CC) Twister
GINE 30022234 y 7 This Is 40 (:45) Deep Impact (98, Science Fiction) ** (:50) The Three Stooges ('12) ** Stooges Sanctum ('11) ** Storm seals
IN 320 32 32 32 32 320 420 (12 A deadly y comet journeys to Earth. attempt to save an orphanage. (CC) divers in unexplored caves.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Kingdom The Debt ('11) Nazi war criminal. (CC) Snake Eyes ('98) ** (R) (CC) Argo ('12) Iranian revolution rescue. (R)
EN 150 150 150 150 150 350 Roxanne (:50) Valley Girl ('83, Comedy) Nicolas Cage. (:35) Postcards from the Edge ('90) 1(:20) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engage-
m 5 15(] 15C nu ( 1 (8 ) auj popular girl falls for bad boy. (CC) Actress' struggles. (R) ment ('04) Princess' suitors. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302302 32 32 (11:45) Red Tails ('1 2, Action) ** Black pilots Just Like Heaven ('05) **'/2 Man (:45) Two Weeks Notice ('02, Comedy) A million- Presence
3 0 0 i0 400 htfor freedom in WWII. (CC) loves ghost. (P6-13) (CC) aire falls for his attorney. (CC) ('10)
HB02 30303 303 303 30 30 303 402 Meet the Fockers ('04) (CC) 1:50) Broken City ('13) Mayor's scandal. 1(:45) The Chronicles of Riddick ('04) S. Holmes
HB03 304 304 304 304 304 404 Big Momma's House 2 ('06) Brokedown Palace ('99) **1/2 The Chamber ('96) **k KKK grandfather. Infamous ('06) ***
cSHOW 30 340 340 340 340 340 365 (11:30) My Weekwith Mar-N:15) Stir of Echoes ('99, Thriller) **l/2 Hypno- Stir of Echoes:The Homecoming Mimic ('97) ** Man-eating bugs
340 34 34 34 34 i 340 365 lyn (11) sis opens the supernatural to Tom. (07) Soldier haunted. mimic human prey. (CC)
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 When a (:40) Dangerous Minds ('95, Drama) Ex-Marine Breaking Upwards ('10) **'1/2 Stage Beauty ('04, Drama) ***An actress
350 35(] 3C 3( 3( 3 8 Man turns inner-city teacher. (CC) Couple ends slowly. (CC) breaks theatre recedents. (R) (CC)
TOM 6 6 6 M Intruder Sergeant Rutledge ('60, Western) *** A Duel at Diablo **'/2 A group trav- (:15) Lilies of the Field ('63, Drama) ***'/2
M 65 65 65 65 169 230 black officer is tried for murder. (CC) els through Apache lands. Building a much needed church. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Hart'sWar The Recruit ('03) A CIA recruit must find a mole. 1 Behind Enemy Lines ('01) A pilot's survival. (CC) IGetSmart
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320420 Pitch Perf Hot Shots! Part Deux ('93) A retired (:15) Beyond ('12) *1'/2 A young girl (:50) Bowfinger ('99, Comedy) Steve Martin. Star AGoodDay
E320 32( 320 32( 320 3 (12) action hero returns, in kidnapped in Alaska. unwittingly appears in film. -,**
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 How High (:50) Chernobyl Diaries ('12) (:20) Alexander ('04) Alexander defeats the Persian Empire. Kiss Girls ('97) (R)
N 101011010 10 (:15) Hitch ('05, Comedy) Will Smith. A romance (:15) Predator ('87, Science Fiction) Commando (:05) Full Metal Jacket ('87, Drama) Marines
150 15u 150 15 150 350_ coach helps men with women. unit in jungle hunted by alien. (_head into the Vietnam War. (CC)
HBO 302302 302302 302302 400 (11:45) Million Dollar Baby ('04, Drama) A boxing Les Mistrables ('12) *** Hugh Jackman. Life of runaway (:45) Warm Bodies (13) A zombie
3 33 0 trainer takes a female pupi. Iprisoner in 1800s Paris. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)) falls for a human. (CC)
HB02 3303 303 303 30 30 303 402 Jackthe I Bigger Elvis (12) |Beginners '11, Drama) (CC) (:15) The Hurricane ('99) Boxer imprisoned. (CC) Making of
HB03 304 304 304304 304 404 Ocean's Twelve A gang reconvenes. (:15) Taxi ('04) Cabbie helps cop. (CC) 1(:55) Identity Thief ('13) (CC) RedTails
SHOW 3 340 340 340 340 340 36 AntrTrust (:25) DeadHeads ('12) Two zombies Far and Away ('92) A young Irishman facing eviction flees to As Cool As I Am ('13) Teenager
on333 5 ( 01 take a road tri p. (CC) America with his landlord's daughter. grows into her sexuality.
TMO 350 350 350 350 30 350 385 (11:30) The Way Back (10) *** (:45) The Other F Word ('11, Comedy) The ulti- Blue Car ('03) Teen conveys her The Third Wheel **A
3" 3(] 35 35 3 3 8 Prisoners escape. (CC) mate anti-authoritarians unite, burdens through poetry. dreadful date.
TM 65 6565 65 169230 Voice Wind (:45) That Midnight Kiss ('49, Musical) ** A Bannerline ('51) Tribute to re- Hit the Deck ('55, Musical) *** Three sailors
I I 3** truck driver sings opera. (NR) (CC) former angers crime boss. chase three women. (NR) (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Success Behind Enem Lines ('01 A pilot's survival. (CC) Get Smart ('08, Comedy) **1/2 Spies fight crime. Die Hard
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320 4(11:20) From DuskTill Dark Shadows (12) A vampire imprisoned for (:15) Mr. & Mrs. Smith ('05, Action) *'/2 (:15) The Watch ('12) Alien
0 32(] 3 32( 3 320 4 uDawn ('96) 200 years wakes up in 1972. Married couple hired to kill each other. invasion.
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Lola Versus ('12) Great Expectations (98) Artist's loss. Chronicle ('12) Super kids. (:25) Meet Joe Black ('98)
p 150 150 150 150 150 350 My Boy (12) :50) Harold and Kumar Go to (:20) 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ('00) (: 15) That's My Boy ('12, Comedy) Irresponsible
15015 15015 150 (R) White Castle (04) (R) (CC) Chain-gang fug itives seek stolen loot. dad reconnects with son. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302400 Rockof Ages ('12) ** Date Movie ('06) *Alyson (:45) The Island ('05) Two people escape holding facility to ex- Admission (13)**The
11 3 3 3 3 4 Chasing fame. Hannigan. Romantic mishaps, pose truth behind Utopian society. adopted son.
HB02 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Grosse Pointe Blank ('97) 1(:40) Namath (CC) (H)) Southern Wild Girl's search. Real Sports (HD)) Bourne
HB03 304304 304304- 304 404 Oblivion ('13) *** Vital resources. (CC) Safe House ('12) CIA in South Africa. Beautiful Creatures Family secrets.
SOw 30 30 30 30 30 35 The Scarlet Letter (95) A Puritan woman is scorned for hav- Mean Girls ('04) Teen makes hit 1(:20) The Words (12, Drama) Writer uses man's
O 340 34 34 34 34 340 365 ing a child due to an adulterous affair. With A-list cliue. (CC) manuscript as his own. (CC)
TM O 350 350 30 30 30 (:20) Southie (98, Drama) ** Man must find a Legendary ('10, Drama) ** John Cena. A teen Powder ('95, Science Fiction) ** Albino with
S1350 35] 350 350 350 350 385 way to care for family. (R) (CC) brings his family back together. special powers faces abuse. (CC)
TM 65 6565 65 16923 ScarletSt Nobody Lives Forever ('46) *** :15) John Loves Mary ('49) Ronald Reagan. A Clash by Night ('52) *** An unhappily mar-
( 1\ 30S46) Back to the con. (CC) G.I. marries an English woman. ried woman considers a fling. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Die Hard 2 (90) Airport terrorists. (CC) Die Hard (88) ***/2 A cop fights terrorists in a high-rise. (CC) The Rock ('96)***
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320420 Bullet to the Head Similar (:05) BASEketball ('98) Two slackers (:50) Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (:45) This Is 40 ('12) A
320 32e 32m 32 32( 320 420 e y invent a new sport. (05) *12 Pals kidnapped. (CC) not-so-average American family. (R)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Snake Eyes ('98) Wet Hot Summer ('01) (CC) (:35) A Good Day to (13) ** ](:15) Romy &Michele ('97) Journey 2
NMe 1n010101 10 3 in Black III (12) Alien assassi- (:50) Hope Springs (12, Comedy) **1/2 Married Dogma (99, Comedy) Linda Fiorentino. Two an- Hidalgo
S150 150 150 150 150 35nates Agent K in 1969. couple rekindles their romance. gels try to destroy the universe. ('04)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302400 Real Sports Gumbel Because of Winn-Dixie ('05, Fam- (:45) Taxi ('04, Comedy) *1/2 Queen Latifah. Taxi M. Hussein (:15) Big Momma's
HB 302 30200 (CC) (1HD) ily) Life lessons. (CC) driver has tips for bumbling cop. (R) House 2 ('06) *
HB02 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (11:00) Road ('08) L.A. Confidential Cops and corruption. Meet the Fockers Eccentric parents. Clear History (13)
HB03 304 304 304304 304 404 (05) Promised Land ('12) (R) 1(:50) Brokedown Palace ('99, Drama) (:35) Million Dollar Baby ('04) A female boxer.
SHOW 3 340 340 340 340 340 365 (:15) Cocktail ('88, Drama) **1/2 Tom Cruise. Amelie ('01, Comedy) **** AudreyTautou. (:05) Uptown Girls ('03) Brittany Dead
onI_ 3( 3 3 6 Hotshot bartender falls in love. (CC) A shy waitress brings oy to others. Murphy. Nanny grows up. Poets
TMO 35050303035350 Hidden Assassin ('96, Thriller) As- (:35) Heaven (02) A teacher plants a (:15) Limelight (11, Documentary) ** "King of The Amateurs ('07)
M 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 sassin on the run. (CC) bomb as revenge. (R) New York Cubs Peter Gatein. __ **/2 An adult film.
TM 65 6565 65 169230 5) A Soldier'sPlaything(15) Are You Listening? ('32) Emma('32) **1/2A Unashamed ('32) Man protects sis- :15) The Painted Veil ('34,
555 93('31) ** *** A public confession. man weds a nanny, ter from fortune hunter. Drama)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Scorpion King 2: Rise Vengeance. Die Hard: With a Vengeance ('95) ***Cop battles bomber. Shooter ('07) (CC)
pINE 3202030303232 Chasing Mavericks ('12) Training to (:45) Ice Age: Continental Drift ('12) (:15) Wanderlust ('12, Comedy) Urban couple Project X (12) **1/2
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 surf massive waves. Changing continents, embrace alternative living. (CC) Huge party. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Revenant ('12) **1/2 1(:20) This Is 0 (12) Paul Rudd. A milestone. (CC) (:40) Assault on Precinct 13 ('05) (CC) IronFists
NP 150 150 150 150 150 350 Enough ('02) Abused woman trains Bad Boys II ('03) **1'/2 Tough narcotics cops head up a tas City of Angels ('98, Romance) **'/2 An angel
0 iu n C n 1 to protect herself. (CC) force to stop a dangerous drug kingpin. Falls for a human woman. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Making of Red Tails ('12, Action) ** Black pilots fight for (15) Ocean's Twelve ('04, Comedy) A gang re-
302 30 30 30 30 302 400 ('12) Retirees' journey. R freedom in WWI. (PG-13) (CC) convenes for a European heist.
HB02 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Weapon (87) (CC) (:15) The Chronicles of Riddick ('04) (:15) Bee Season ('05) Family troubles. ILucky One ('12)
HB03 304 304 304304 304 404 Venice Identity Thief (13) Stolen identity. (CC) IMission: Impossible ('96) (:20) Date Movie ('06) Rock
SHOW 30 340 340 340 340 340 365 Joy Luck As Cool As I Am (13) Teenager (:20) Slither ('06, Horror) Nathan Fillion. Worm-like Being John Malkovich ('99) ***Y/2 Hapless
on 3333 5 ('93) grows into her sexuality. aliens invade a small town. puppeteer finds secret portal. (CC)
TMO 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Why Stop The Abandoned ('07) ** A (:10) Cool Runnings ('93, Adventure) **'/2 Ja- How to Lose Friends and Alienate People ('08)
3_ 3- 3- 3( 3( 0 8 ('12 woman enters a nightmare. (R) maican men form a bobsled team. -**1/2 British journalist. (R) (CC)
TM 65 65 65 65 169 23 Dangerous (:45) Torch Song ('53, Romance) **1/2 Broad- Queen Bee ('55)A Southern belle (:15) Autumn Leaves ('56, Drama) Lonely older
65 566 1 |3**/2 way star and her rehearsal pianist. destroys a marriage. woman loves younger man.
II / v 4 r I L l v 4 n '. : -I I I I 1 Iv 1 In


ABC 26 11 T Bethenny The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
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VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Single Ladies The Greatest The Greatest Couples Therapy Love & Hip Hop TI & Tiny TI & Tiny



Hart of Dixie
8 p.m. on CW
"Star of the Show" Brick
desperately enlists Zoe
to save the local cabaret;
AnnaBeth and Lemon push
Lavon to stand up against
Fillmore and their possible
merger; George and Tansy's
history eats away at Lynly;
Wade finds his new girl is
beginning to pull away. (HD)

Switched at Birth
8 p.m. on FAM
"Your Body Is a Battle-
ground" Bay questions her
ability as an artist when she
fails to impress her teacher;
Daphne needs help cor-
recting her mistake at the
clinic; John meets Kathryn's
new friend; Emmett seeks
the identity of the person
vandalizing cars at Carlton.

Sleepy Hollow
8 p.m. on FOX
"The Indispensable Man"
Upon reading George
Washington's Bible, Ichabod
and Abbie unravel ancient
secrets that hold the truth
to the founding father's
death; Captain Irving takes
drastic measures to protect
his family. (HD)

Lost Girl
8 p.m. on SYFY
"Sleeping Beauty School" In
order to help rescue some-
one that he loves, Dyson
searches for an elemental
Fae; while Kenzi is stuck on
babysitting duty, she comes
to the realization that the
child she's in charge of
might just be the key to
cracking the case.

2 Broke Girls
8:30 p.m. on CBS
"And the Dumpster Sex"
Max decides to go back
with Deke to his place after
their first date only to dis-
cover that his "home" isn't
quite what she was expect-


Bill made another heartfelt
plea to Katie. Liam vowed to get
some dirt on the Fullers after
Quinn warned him not to inter-
fere with Hope and Wyatt. Brooke
asked Ridge for another chance
at a life together. Bill surprised
Wyatt with a place of his own.
After overhearing a conversation
between Pam and Charlie, Liam
wondered if Wyatt was the hero
he made himself out to be. Hope
was touched by Rick's kind words
about her and Wyatt. Charlie
made a startling discovery while
reviewing the security footage
of the jewelry heist. Wyatt asked
Hope to move in with him. Brooke
made it clear to Bill that her heart
belonged to Ridge. Caroline came
up with an idea to ease Rick's
stress at work. Katie confronted
Brooke about Bill's sudden change
of heart. Wait to See: Charlie
finds himself in a scary situation.
Oliver's attention is captured by
someone at work. Quinn has an
ulterior motive when she suddenly
befriends Pam.

Nicole and Eric found them-
selves in a dangerous situation

thanks to Dr. Chyka. Jennifer
came to Daniel's rescue. Abigail
was embarrassed when Adrienne
innocently told her secret to Jen-
nifer. Julie confronted Kate about
Nick's disappearance. Theresa
figured out the key to getting
what she wanted from Daniel.
Jordan confronted Kate about her
bringing Sheryl to Salem. Mean-
while, Rafe met Sheryl and was
surprised to learn that she knew
Jordan. Theresa played mind
games with Jennifer, who then
turned the tables by informing her
of the other woman in Daniel's life
-- Nicole. Jennifer warned Abigail
to stay away from EJ. Believing
they were about to die, Eric made
a shocking confession to Nicole.
Brady blew up at Theresa when
she realized that he was drunk.
Julie zeroed in on Gabi when it
came to finding Nick. Wait to
See: Nicole makes a confession to
Eric. Arianna's christening takes a
shocking turn. Abigail has a moral

Heather cut to the chase in her
quest for revenge against Franco.
New evidence surfaced about
Silas' mysterious past. The worst

ing; Caroline begins to fear
for her life after having a
shady-looking car towed
from in front of the apart-
ment. (HD)
The Fosters
9 p.m. on FAM
"House and Home" While
Brandon attempts to find
her, Callie is forced to deal
with the harshness of the
real world after running
away from home; Mariana
tries to impress a cute boy
by volunteering at a school
play. (HD)
9:30 p.m. on CBS
"Leather Cribs and Medi-
eval Rack" Christy and Bon-
nie decide to come clean
with one another regarding
secrets they have been hid-
ing from each other; Violet
and Luke discover their
vastly different ideas about
how to be a parent. (HD)

Don't Trust Andrew
10 p.m. on A&E
"Crash Test Hubby" An irate

was feared when the contents
of Carly's trunk were revealed.
Patrick had some tough questions
for Sabrina. Shawn questioned
Morgan's loyalty to Sonny. Lucy
confided her secret to Felicia.
Heather's masterful plan to frame
Franco for murder was almost
complete. Julian told Ava that
he had another long-lost child.
Lucas returned to Port Charles
to comfort Bobbie during Carly's
disappearance. Scott was forced to
issue a warrant for Franco's arrest.
Wait to See: Bobbie is thrilled to
have Lucas home again. Franco's
arrest is imminent. Carly's life
hangs in the balance.

Hilary was worried that people
would misinterpret her inten-
tions toward Jack. Chelsea was
surprised when Adam allowed his
father to attend their son's naming
ceremony. Billy thanked Adam
for setting up the foundation in
Delia's name. Kevin and Alex's
search for the hit-and-run driver
intensified. Nikki tried to discour-
age Dylan from going to Indiana
to find his father. Abby and Tyler
began to seriously discuss the idea
of living together. Adam was eager
to move to Paris. Paul reminded
Michael that the best thing he

Vincent (Jay Ryan) reveals
his true identity to the world
by going on a national talk
show to prove he is still alive
on "Beauty and the Beast,"
airing Monday at 9 p.m. on
The CW.

wife asks Andrew to get
revenge on her husband
who bought a Jeep instead
of buying her a new car
like he had promised, so he
hatches a devilish plan to
get even and to teach the
man a lesson. (HD)

could do for Fen was to work on
his defense. Lauren planned for
the unveiling of Chelsea's designs
at her store. Esmeralda fed Sum-
mer energy pills to perk her up
during her modeling shoot. Jack
was intent on finding out what
Victor had on Adam. Wait to See:
Nikki's worst nightmare comes
true. Billy makes a shocking
discovery. Lauren receives another
mysterious package.


ABC7 News @ABC World The 7 Entertainment The Bachelor (CC) (N) (4) (01) Castle: Limelight Castle
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) and Beckett must investigatethe
2 6newsofthe DianeSawyer News(N)(HD) (HD) death of a rising pop star. (CC) (N)
_____ day. (N) (HD) ______________________________________(HD)
ABC NewsThelat- ABCWorld TheList(IVG) AskAmerica The Bachelor (CC) (N) (HD) Castle: Limelight The death ofa
28 est news. News (N) (HD) (TYG) _________ _rising pop star. (N)__
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld A Millionaire? A Millionaire? The Bachelor (CC) (N) (HD) Castle: Limelight The death of a
7 7 7 10' 7 7 News(N) (CC((N) ((CC(R) rising pop star. (N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) How I Met 2BrokeGirls MikeMolly Mom Sharing Intelligence: Mei Chen Re-
CBS 6pm Local Newswith tune (CC) (N) (N)H) YourMother: Deke's'home." (CC) (N) (HD) secrets. (CC)) (turns (O (N) (HD)
10 10 10 10 news report. ScottPelley (HD) Unpause(N) (CC)(N)(HD) (HD)
CSNw(N) (N(HD) (HD(
CBS 2 2 News(N)(HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) InsideEdi- How I Met: BrokeGirl (N) Mike Molly (N) MomSharing Intelligence: Mei Chen Re-
213 213 5 5 5 N(HD) tion (N) Unpause (HD)) (HD) secrets turns (CO (N) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Hollywood Game Night: Party Hollywood Game Night: The Blacklist: The Alchemist
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News;Tonight (CC)(N) Boys vs. Game Night Girls Ce- Thinqs That Go Clue-Boom in (CC) (N) (HD)
8 and weather, events. (N)(HD) weather; more. (HD) lebrity teams compete in party the Night Celebrity game show.
games. (_CC) (N) (1HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Hollywood Game Night Ce- Hollywood Game Night Ce- The Blacklist: The Alchemist
S_ )News (N) une(N) (HD) lebri game show. (N) lebr game show. (N) (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Sleepy Hollow: The Indis- Sleepy Hollow: Bad Blood FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of the day are examined (CC)(N) (HD) pensable Man George Wash- Loyalties are tested within the ries of the news day are up-
3 3 3 and reported bthe FOX 13 ington's Bible. (CC) (N)(HD) town. (CC) (N) (HD) dated bythe FOX13 Nightly
___ __ News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Sleepy Hollow Death in Bi- Sleepy Hollow: Bad Blood FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N 4_ 4 news; weather. (N) (R)(HD() (CC) bble. (CC) (N) (HD) Loyatiestested. (N) news report. (N)
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Boise Antiques Roadshow: Tulsa, Independent Lens Man helps
M 3 3_ 3_ News (CC) port(N) (HD)) Diamond necklace. (N) OK Cane; guardian. orphans. (N) (HD))
4PBS 204 2420 1H SBesame Street: Bears Tryto CatinHat(R) Peg+Cat(CC) Europe (CC) (R) Rudy Maxa (CC) Travels Anni- The Travel De- Globe Trekker Peru and
m 204204204 16 Hibernate Not tired. (HP (R (R) versary. tective Cusco. (CC (R)IeTkrra
PBS BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Boise Antiques Roadshow: Tulsa, Independent Lens Original
m 33 News (CC) port(N) (HD)) Diamond necklace. (N) OK Cane; guardian. films. (CC) (HD))
CW 6 21 6 Modern House Modern Poor Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Hart of Dixie: Star of the Show Beauty and the Beast Talk News @lOpm (N) (HD)
A c flip. timing. (HD (HD) Local cabaret. (N) show exposure. (N)
CW Queens: Strike Queens Better 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Hart of Dixie: Star of the Show Beauty and the Beast Talk Rules: The Rules: 3rd
__________ One friends. (HD) 4(HD) Local cabaret. (N) showexposure. (N) Bank(HD) Wheel (HD)
MYN Raymond: Seinfeld:The Family Feud Family Feud Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Cops Re- Cops Re-
11 11 11 14 Diamonds Library (WPG) (IVPG) Unit Self defense. Unit: Grief (HD) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland(CC) Family Guy Family Guy Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
S 4 (HD) (HD)) (CC) (CC) Unit Self defense. Unit: Grief (HD)) Unit: Chameleon
IND1Modern House1 1212Modern Poor Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims The Office: Office Action
12 12 12 12 flip. timing. (H (H) Unit: Chameleon Unit: Infiltrated The Fight movie.
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Criminal Minds: Cradle to Criminal Minds Killer takes Criminal Minds: The Performe Criminal Minds: Outfoxed Ad- Criminal Minds: 100 Finding
AC 8 Grave Mothers killed. eyes. (CC) (HD)) Touring rock star. vice from killer. (HD) the Reaper. (CC) (HD)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith& Zola Levitt Great Awaken Tour Love a Child Richard Rob- GospelTruth Jewish Jewels Life Today
22 ness (Nhealing. (CSC) e arts (CC) (CC(K(N) (CC) t(CeC)
W Y 22 M 10 Meyer (CC) (N) Entertain- Marketplace Great Awaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child Meyer (CC) (N) Place Mira- Prohecy in
S ______ ment Wisdom cles the News
TLF 2 9 Fuego en la sangre Seduccion Pequefios Gigantes Talento Boa vs. Python (04) 1/2 A 70-foot boa constrictor is La marc (12) Un microchip
0 23 23 23 95 5 vengadora. (IVPG) ______ infantil. (CC) (HD)) bioengineered to fight an 80-foot killer python. (R) (CC) controla la mente. (CC)
UNIV i Noticias (CC) Noticiero Mentir para vivir Oriana PorsiempremiamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
S15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) cambiasuidentidad.(HD) v maldad. (CCH) ( Isin amor. (CC) (HD) Humilde hoqar.

A&E 26262626 50181 Duck: DuckWillie Duck CEOfor Duck Gys DuckKorie's DuckWillie Bad lnk(CC((N) Bad lnk(CC(N) Don'tTrust Mayne (CC) (N)
SiA& 0 1 -Yonara(R) races. (R) a Day visit lake. cousin. worried. (HD()) (HD)) Irate wife. (HD)
AMPC 56 56 56 56 30 53 21 (5:30) Twister ('96, Drama) **1/2 A storm chaser teams The Bourne Identity ('02, Action) **** Matt Damon. An amnesiac Boume Iden-
I 0 x 30 M3 Z3M up with his ex-wife in pursuit of killer tornadoes. (CC) wanted by the U.S. government searches for clues to his past. (HD) Vti ('02)
AI 44 4 68 iWildman(CC() (ToBeAn- Beaver(R) Beaver(R) Beaver(R) Beaver(R) Gator Boys: Bad to the Bone Finding Bigfoot (CC) (R)(HD)
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130(HD() nounced Riskyandmuddyob.
BET 35 35 35 35 (5:00) Freedom Song ('00, Drama) *** A Mississippi 2013 Soul Train Awards R&B and soul artists are honored and presented with awards in
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 70youth fights racism attributed to segregation. (NRI) many categories. (TVPG) (R)
BRAVO 68 6 0 1 81 c Real Housewives Beverly Real Housewives Beverly Ha- Real Housewives Beverly Vanderpump Rules Tom Real Housewives Beverly
BAVO 6 68 6 6 Kyle's fashion show. (R) waiian party. (CC) (R) Sacramento. (CCN) breaks down. (N) Sacramento. (CC) (R)
COM 666 6 152 % c7 South Pik (R) Tosh.0 (CC)((R) ColbertRepo DailyShow(CC) Futurama: Re- Futurama(1V14 SouthPrk(R) SouthPrk(R) South Pik: SouthPrk(R)
_COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 (D41D) HD 10H) birth ( R )( (HD) (HD Pandemic (HD()
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Gold Rush: The Dirt (CC) (N) Gold Rush: The Resurrec- Klondike: Part One When gold is discovered in Klondike,
S40 40 40 40 aired. (CC) (HD)) (HD)) tion (CC) (N) (HD) two adventurers head to Dawson City, Yukon. (N)
S#RichKids of Beverily Hills: E! News (N) (HDP) Kardashian(R) Keep Up with the #RichKids (N) #RichKids(R)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26196 A#welcometoBH(R) 14_____)__)_____) (HDKardashians: HowtoDeal (HD() (HD
m Burn Notice: Mind Games Burn Notice: No Good Deed pych: Shawn Gets the Yips psych: Bolyvwood Homicide psych: High Top Fade Out
ES 82 82 82 82 II 8 160 Widow threatened. (HD) Barry needs help. Ocer down. (HD) Girifriend troubles. Cryptolgist dies. (HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 1 I2 EWTN Mother DailyMassCelebrationofthe The Journey Home Call-in Evangeliza- Holy Rosary TheWorldOverNewsfrom
1WN 4 4 17 \ 8 Nightly (N) Teresa Hoy Eucharist. (R) program. (TV 6) tion (1VG) around the world. (CC)
FAMi 5 5 5 55 10 46 199 The Fosters: I Do Lena & The Fosters: The Honeymoon Switched at Birth Error at The Fosters: House and Home The Fosters: House and Home
FA 11 5 0 1 Stef marry. (R) (HD)) Callie runs away. (R) clinic. (N) (HDP) Meds'side effects. Meds'side effects.
FOOD 317 3 317 -1 76 16 Diners French Diners Elk Guy's Grocery Games: Cart Rachaelvs. Guy:: Leis In The Rachael vs. Guy: Food in- Mystery (N) Mystery (R)
FOOD 37373737 76 164 toast sliders. (R) Wars Taco challenge. Fray Hawaiian fare. vention. (N) (H() (HD)
F 5:30) Something Borrowed (11) ** GinniferGoodwin. Bad Teacher (11, Comedy) *%y2 A teacherwith a bad ArcherA Chozen
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 An attorney bumps into her old crush. (PG-13) (CC( work ethic attempts to win a colleague's heart. (R) suavespy.
GSN 179 179 179179 17919 Family Feud FamilyFeud Mind of a Man Mind of a Man Family Feud Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud
GSN 179 179 179 17 34 179 184 G(IV (r (R ( ) (1VPG) (iVPG) (iVG) (VP) (IVPG)
iALL 5 17 713240 The Good Wife Witness sui- The Good Wife: Affairs of State The Good Wife Client crisis. The Good Wife: Death Row Frasier (IW) Frasier (WIVPG)
cLL n1 7 4cide. (VPG) (CC) (HD) Eli's big favor. (HD)( (TVPG)(CC) (HD) _Tip Stay of execution. (CC) (CC)
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65128 American Pickers Texas Club American Pickers Harley; bear American Pickers: Feudin' American Pickers Harley; gun; American Pickers Memorabilia
H I I 8 I I I in film. (CC) (R) (HD)) trap. (CC) (R) (HP)) Pickers Feuding family. more. (CC) (R) (HD)) sought. (CC( (HD)
HOME 41 1 41 41 5 42C165 Love It or List It Kitchen reno- Love It or List It Hazardous Love It or List It Victorian Love It or List It A growing fam- House International
HOM 11 4 4 vation.(CC( (R) (HD)) stairs. (CC) (R) (HD)) home. (CC( (R) (HD)) ily.(CC((N)(HD)) Hunters(N) (R((HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 1 9 151 ProForm Health Home Event Home Event Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr.
IEr 36 363 352 140 Premonition ('07) ** A wife receives news that her hus Flowers in The Attic ('14) Heather Graham. Siblings hid Dirty Teacher ('13) Josie Davis.
LIFE b6 36 36 6 4 14 and just died, yet he's home the next day. (CC) den in an attic grow close. (NR) (CC) (HD() oyrend seduce.


OWN 580 58 40 in IBreaking Down the Bars Breakldng Down the Bars Vic-lyanla Fix MyLife: F My Diva ilyanlaFix My LifeDivorcees lyanla Fix My Lfe Sexless
WN58 58 58 58 47 103 161 Amanda shares songs, tim's mother. (R) (HO) LifeD.J.'sfamily. co-parent. (R) (HO) marriage. (C (R) (HO)
S51 515 5126 4 The Shawshank Redemption The Day After Tomorrow ('04, Drama) **''2 Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal. A clima- TheThing('11)A shape-
SPIK E 7 2 3 4 A man in prison. (R) tologist tries to warn the world about a catac lysmic shift in climate. (PG-%3) shifting alien is unleashed.
c 6 1 6 9 1 Underworld: Evolution ('06) As their tribes feud, a for- Lost Girl: SleepingBeauty Being Human Relationship Bitten: Prodigal Elena tracks
67 67 67 67 2531-64 180 bidden love grows between a vampire and a lycan. School Search forFae. snag. ((C) (N) (HO) Mutt. (N)
TBS 59 59 5 6 52 Seinfeld((CC) Seinfeld((CC) Seinfeld(CC) FamilyGuy FamilyGuy Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang ((C) Big Bang ((C) Big Bang ((C)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 9(HO) (H) (VPG) (C) (C) Nightclub. (HN (H (H
TM 65 65A65 65 169! 20In the Heat of the Night ('67) ***% Sidney Poitier. Mis- Bright Road ('53, Drama) *1/2 (:] 5) The World, the Flesh and the Devil ('59, Science
v 5 5 23 193matched cops investigate a murder. (NR) (CC) Devoted teacher. (CC) Fiction) Three people survive an apocalyptic war.
TIC 45454545 5 cToddlers and Tiaras Beauty Bakery Boss: Bigger & Batter Cake Boss (R) Cake Boss Cake Boss(N) Cake Boss Al- Bakery Boss (CC) (N) (HO)
45 45 45 45 57 72 139 pageants. ((C) (H) Lidia tries to cope. (H)) Life-size. (HO) ligator.
TNT 1 1 5 5 Major Crimes Stubborn at- NBA Tip-Off (N) (CC) NBA Basketball: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets from NBA Basket-
N 61 61 61 61 28 M 5 torey. ((() (R) (HD)5 "_ Toyota Center (Live) (CC) (HD) I_1(balli(ve)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 2690 170 Bizarre Foods America Food Bizarre Foods America Cricke Bizarre Foods America- Bizarre Foods America: San Hotel ((CC) (N) Hotel ((CC) (N)
9 69 9 9 2 170 in Toronto. ((C) (R) cookies. ((C) (R) Fan Favorites (R) Diego San Diego. (R)
TRUT 63636363 50 30 183 Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Full Throttle Saloon (N)
3 Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Towing Tow(R) Towing Tow(N)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 343434 3472252 50 NCIS: Extreme Prejudice After- NCIS: Recovery Missing NCIS WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HO)
34 34 34 34 22 52 50 math of bomb. (HO) officer found dead.
WE 117117117117 117 49 Law& Order: Rebels Biker bar Law & Order: Savages Bad CSl: Miami: Open Water Cruise CSI: Miami: Rampage Horatio CSI: Miami: One of Our Own
117 1 1 murder. (C( (HO)) drug bust. (C) (HO) ship murder. (H) hunted. ((C) (HO)) Horatio's vendetta.
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home WGN News at Nine The head-
I I I V 11 V ideos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy Videos Reel comedy, line news. (N) (HO)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNrTE (HO) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, (D College Basketball: North Carolina Tar Heels at College Basketball: Baylor Bears at Kansas
r 29 29 29 1 \ 8 Conn. (N) ((C) (HO) Virginia Cavaliers from John Paul Jones Arena (live) Jayhawks fromAllen Fieldhouse (live) (H)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 1 Olbermann (N) Interruption 6 Womrn. College Basketball: Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2014 Australian Open Tennis: Men's & Women's
33 00 94 j (H) N ((C) (HO) at Tennessee Lady Volunteers (Live) (((CC) (H) Quarterfinals (liveC) (((HO)
FS1 48 48 48 4842 691 83A FOX Football Daily (N) (CC(() 48 48 4 48 4 83 (HO)) V Wildcats from The Pavilion (live) (((C) (H) Georgetown Hoyas from Verizon Center (live) ((() (HO)
FSN 72 72 7 72 7 Miami Marlins Ship Shape NHL Hockey: Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins from Panthers Live The New College Football
72 2 72 7 7 (HO)) TV (R) z/ CONSOL Energy Center (live) ((() (HO)) (HD) (N) (HO)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central (N) (HO) The Golf Fix (N) (HO) In Play with In Play with Feherty: Live! Behind the Feherty: Live! Behind the
(HO) (HD) Scenes (N) (HO)) Scenes (HD)
NBCS 1 71 71 71 54 61 o (5:30) Pro Football Talk (N) \ College Basketball: Delaware St. Hornets at North Skiing (Taped) (HO) Skiing (Replay) (HO)
76 Carolina A&T Ag ies (live)
SUN 38 38 401401 45 7 7A Xterra World Champion- Supergirl Pro Surf Hall Fame Insidethe Heat: Chris An- College Swimming/Diving Coll. Gym. (Re-
38 3844 45 7 76 ship (HOD) (HOD) Heat: 28.2 derson (Replay) (H) play)
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 ,2 Sam & Cat (R) Sam & Cat (R) Sam & Cat (R) (HO) Sam & Cat: Full House FullHse FullHse((CC) FullHse((CC) FullHse((CC)
N 5 25 25 25 24 44 252 () (HO) #YayDay New band. Danny sdate. ___
TOON 80 124 124 46 20 257 Adventure (R) Adventure (R) Adventure (N) Dance Universe (N) Orange (N) King New kid's Cleveland (CC) Family Guy Rick Morty (N)
P02 4 2~ pantsed (N) lesson. (H1i) (V14)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC(() he Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC(() Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper 3600 Piers Morgan LIVE (CC(() (N) Anderson Cooper 3600
NMN 3 3 3 3 1 Room (N) (N) Beyond the news. (N) Breaking news. IN) (HO) (HO)) Later (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12109 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
PN 8 18 8 8 37 109-- Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
C 4 6 6 71 Special Reportwith Bret Baiei On the Record with GretaVanThe O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S64 64 64 64 4 1 Trhe latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (HO) talk. ((C) (N) (11)) dates. (N) ((C) (N) (HP)
MSNB 838383 83 185 40 1 PoliticsNation Rev. AI Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MNB 3 3 8 03 Sharpton. (N) (1H) Political issues. (N) litical panel. ( (N(HD) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HO)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) Paid IPaid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N)
CMITV 47 474 47 23 4 221 Reba (H4) Reba: Labor of Reba (H) Reba: The The Dukes of Hazzard Fighting Pretty Woman ('90) *** An emotionally-detached busi-
CMTV__ 44 7 222Love King and I corruption. (HO) nessman hires a streetwalker to be his companion.
o 3 3 48 10 9(5:00)Brin ItOn:Fighttothe BringltOn: InlttoWinlt('7, Comedy) ** Ashley TeenWolf Deadly teenwere- Teen Wolf (N) (HO)
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 21 Finish (7) *12 (Hp Benson. High school cheerleading competition. (HD) wolf seeks love. (HO)
VH1 50 5050 50 43 23 17 Love&Hip HopJoineddesti- Love& Hip Hop: Red Alert A Love& Hip Hop (CC) (N) (HD) Single Ladies (N) (HO) Love & Hip Hop (CC)( (R) (H)
VH1 50 50 50 50 4 nJes. ((C) (R)(HO)1 new rival. (R) (HO4) __)_________ ____ _
(15) Fantastic Four ('05, Action) ** loan Gruffudd, Banshee: The Thunder Man The Campaign (12, Comedy) **% An (:40) Wrath of
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Jessica Alba. Four astronauts acquire superhuman powers Alexs leadership is questioned. unlikely candidate challenges a long-time the Titans (12)
__ __ ____ after being exposed to gamma rays. (PG-13)(((C) (CC)(R) (HN1) -congressman in North Carolina. (C(() **rk
(:15) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ('02, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe. An Go (99, Comedy) *** Sarah Polley. The (:45) Life on
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 ancient prophecy seems to be coming true when a mysterious presence begins stalking paths of six hedonistic L.A. teens collide in Top Feature
___ ____the corridors of a school of magic andleaving its victims paralyzed. one frenetic 24-hour period. (CC) 02 ('10)
Austin: Glee I Didn't Do It: Teen Beach Movie ('13, Family) Two high (45) Cloud 9 (14, Action) After a young snowboarder with a Liv and
DISN 136136136 136 99 45 250 Clubs&Glory Pilot(R) school comradesfindthemselvesinside ofa huge ego is kicked off of herteam, shemust improveher MaddieTeam
___ _(R) 1960s musical film. (NR) (((CC) abilities with a former major competitor. captain. (R)
0(20) Love Potion No. 9 ('92, Comedy) **, Tate Donovan, Roxanne ('87, Comedy) Steve Martin. A fire (:50) Peggy Sue Got Married ('86) Woman
ENC 150 150150150 150350 Sandra Bullock. Two nerdy scientists decide to become the chief with a very large nose loves a woman contemplating divorce goes back in time to
___ __ _____ test subjects of a love potion. (PG-13) (CC) but helps another win her. (CC) her senior year of high school.
(5:30) The Presence (10, Mission: Impossible ('96, Action) **-*, Tom Cruise, Jon Oblivion (13, Science Fiction) ***,, Tom Cruise, Morgan
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Horror) ** A woman is Voight. An agent embarks on a scheme to clear his name Freeman. One of the last drone repairmen stationed on
___ stalked by a ghost. ((C (HP) after being branded a traitor. (PG-13) (CC) (HO)) Earth has one last job. (PG-13) (CC) (HD)
(5:50) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows(' 1, Action) Real Time with Bill Maher True Detective: Seeing Things Girls: She Said Looldking An
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 *** Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes and Watson (TVMA) (CC) (HO) Duo follows lead from brothelto OK Adam's exs wedding.
_____ must track down Professor Moriarty. ((C) (HO) c_________church. (HO) sister. (HO)
(5:10) Infamous ('06, Drama) (:15)Will of the HBO First The Sopranos: The Telltale Big Momma's House 2 ('06) An FBI The Making of
HB03 304 304 304 304 304 404 *** Friends recall Truman Warrior (C(() (HO) Look Preview Moozadell Bronx Zoo; break-in, agent repeats his disguise as "Big Momma" ...: Identity Thief
___ __Capote's life. (R) of film. ((C) (HO)) to work undercover as a nanny. ( ()
Mimic ('97) (25) Uptown Girls ('03, Comedy) Shameless: My Oldest House of Lies Episodes Matt Shameless: My Oldest
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 ** Bugs Brittany Murphy. A childish woman becomes Daughter (CC) (R) (HO) Roscoe's receives a DUI. Daughter (CC) (R) (HO)
___ __ _____ mimic people, the nanny for a precocious little irl. interest. (R) _
Crash ('05, Drama) Individuals from different social and The Brothers Bloom ('09, Adventure) *** Rachel Love and Honor (13,
TMC 350 35035035035050385 ethnic backgrounds have their judgment and actions tested Weisz, Adrien Brody. Two swindling brothers may have Romance) Soldier tries to win
___ __by prejudice in post-9/11 Los Angeles. (CC) picked the wrong mark for their last hustle. ((C) (HO) backex -irfriend. ((C)


ABC[ 2 II 11" 7 News Kimmel Nightline IExtra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News (N)
ABC3 11 News Kimmel Niqhtline Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC I 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Kimmel Nightline IPaid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS M 1010h10 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS a 21213 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late oTMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News(N)
NBC CC 8 8 8 8 8 News Leno Fallon Last Call Today (R) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Leno Fallon Last Call Dr. Oz Mone Early News News (N)
FOX M 131313 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News (N)
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS Ci 3 3 3 3 Ind. Lens Romance Rose (N) AEp antiques Masterpce. Masterpce. Masterpce. (R) (HD)
PBSBW 2I W 16 Smiley Rose(N) m Europe Trekker Travels Travel Adventure Avaton ICompass Yoa
PBS N3 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley Crossroad Antiques Masterpce. Masterpce. Masterpce. (R) (H)
*CWM) 621 6 21/2 Men 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish TMZ Harvey 70s 70s
CW 4) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Commun. Raymond America OK! TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Let's Ask Hidden Shepherd
MYN 78) 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King King Dad Dad Sunn Sunny Til Death Til Death Paid Paid Shepherda
IND I2 12112 318 12 Fam.Guy Fam.Guy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne ThereYet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
IONA 2 222 132618 17 Criminal Criminal Without Without Paid Paid Inspiration Today
W-LFI1 22 22 22 2 Kingdom Awaken Awaken You and Me______il /CVance 700 Club aiYoungren Hmekeep
IWRXY 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF L1 23 23 23 95 5 La marca IDeportivo Boa vs. Python ('04) Deportivo Paqado Pagado Contacto
UNIV 5 1515 15 6 Noticias INoticiero Familia Ni contigo Cerocond Casa risa La rosa Gordo Primer Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 Maeyne Mane IDuck IDuckj [ Badink adnk IMayne Mayne Mayne Mayne Paid Paid Paid Paid
AMC 5656 56563053231 Bourne Identity ('02) Poseidon ('06) (CC) WId. Hist. P. 1 ('81) CSI Miami
API 44 44 44 44 36 6813 Beaver Beaver Gator Boys Bigfoot Beaver Beaver Beaver Beaver Gator Boys Biqfoot
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 27C Mary Jane Wendy Preacher's Kid ('10)(CC) Wayans BET Inspiration____
BRAV 68 68 68 68 551185 Watch Housewives Vanderpump Housewives Watch IVanderpump Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15271 Daily Colbert Imidnight South Pik Daily Colbert midnight Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic A. Devine Entouraqe Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 Klondike: Part One Gold Rush Gold Rush Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 16 46 46 27 261 C. Lately News (R) IC. Lately Kardashian C. Lately #RichKids #RichKids Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82828282111116 Notice Notice Alternate lAlternate Alternate Alternate Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24242412 17 28 Sacred lWomenGr Daily Mass Journey Faith Theology M.Teresa Wisdom Jesus GodWps Backstage Mny Face
FAM 5555555510 4619 700 Club Switched Fosters Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 37 37137137 76 Diners Diners Rachael /Mystery Mystery Diners Diners Rachael Chef (R) Paid Paid
FX 51 515151 58 49 53 Archer Chozen Chozen Archer Archer Chozen Wilfred Wilfred Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 1791771179 341791 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. FeudFam.Fe eu Baae Ba ae Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 7324(Frasier Frasier GoldGiru Gold Girl Gold Girl GoldGirl Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 American American American American American Paid Paid Paid Paid
HOME 41414141 53 4216 Love It Love It Hunters Hunters Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 D. Teacher (:02) Flowers in 14) Dirty Teacher 13) Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 47103161 lyanla Fix lyanla Fix Iyanla Fix Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 5757 57 57 29 63 54he Th ing ('11) |Cloverfield ('08) *** Jail Jail |Jail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 67 25: 6418( LoZst Girl _1 Being (R) |Bitten (R) Helix (R) Trek: Next Paid Paid Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan lOffice Conan Office Stuck on You ('03) Married Married Manled Earl
TCM 65656565 1692 Buck (72) ** (R) (CC) Odds Tomorrow -*** The Angel Levine *** Home Town
TLC 45454545 57 7213 Cke Boss Cke Boss |Bakery Cke Boss Cke Boss Bakery Paid Paid Paid |Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 NBA (live) (CC) (HD) -Inside NBA Law (HD) Closer Closer 7 S'ville
TRAV 6969696926C6617(Hotel (R) Bizarre Hotel Hotel Hotel (R) Favorites Paid |Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 3018 Saloon Lizard LicLizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lie Saloon Saloon Black Gold Stings Paid
TVLND 6262626231 54 Queens Queens The Exes Kirstie Queens Queens Roseanne Roseanne (:49) 70s 70s Nanny Divorced
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 1616 161941 11 9 How I Met Rules Rules Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama Til Death Paid Paid Paid Paid
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 292929291258 70 Sports Sportso Sports Sports NBA (Replay) (HD) Sports poS
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 (9:00) Australian (Live) (CC)(HD) NFL Live Australian: Quarterfinal SportSci.
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports Football |FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker NHL Hocke (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 Golf Cntrl Feherty |Feherty Fix (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCS 71 71 71 71 5461 90 Premier Encore (Taped) Skiing Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 38 3 40140145 57 76 Coll. Gym.3 Wide Boxing (HD) TAaiPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Money TBA TFBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchanqgealy (N)o
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 3810 Erin Burne P. Morgan 3600 (R) Anderson P. Morgan 3600 (R) Earl (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 37 1210 Capital Capital News Today Today in Washington Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71118 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318! 40103 Hayes (R) Maddow O'Donnell HardballHayes (R)I Maddow First Look Too Early
SNN 666 11 11 oews iNews Ntews Paid ews (N) News (N)News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 32 3 3 30 4Wrath CoEd Conf. Banshee F. Four ('05) Lingerie Wanderlust ('12) **1/r
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Life 2 (:15) Means War ('12) Killer Joe ('12) (:40) Noise ('05) Revenant
DISN 13 1361136 99 45 25 Jessie Blog Good Lck Good Lck Shake It |A.N.T. OnDeck OnDeck Wizards iWzards |OnDeck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENG 15 150151 1 35 Peggy Valley Girl ('83) 0:20) The Temp ('93) IJones ('04) *-* __ Gung Ho! ('86)
HBO 30 302 132,2 40( Looking Girls IDetective Real Time |(:15) Anna Karenina ('12) Courage ('96)
HB02 30 303 303 402 Boxing (Replay) (CC) (HD) ,Girls Broken City ('13) **1,2 Wedding ('05) DreamzMio
HB03 W30 3D 3* Marigold Hotel ('12) Girls (:40) Idlewild ('06) *k*__ IThe Crucible ('96) 1 Making
SHOW 34( 340 343 65 Episodes Lies Another ('13) Inside (R) ISeed Chucky |Rome (R) Money
TMC 35 35(353535385 Honor 2 Days Family visit. |Monster of '% IDetachment |Rooster ('75)


The Originals
8 p.m. on CW
"Apres Moi, le Deluge"
When Davina falls ill and
the French Quarter be-
comes affected as a result,
Sophie reveals information
to Marcel, Klaus, Elijah and
Rebekah about the Harvest
Festival; a guilty Hayley
shares with Elijah her part
in Sophie's plan. (HD)
8 p.m. on FOX
"Bully Gene" When Eli be-
gins to date a single mother
whose son bullies him, her
son acts out and snatches
the prototype of a brand
new Ghost Child game;
Warner starts fights with
Camila so he can sleep on
the couch rather than their
less uncomfortable bed.

The Biggest Loser 15:
Second Chances
8 p.m. on NBC
Ready for their makeovers,
the remaining seven con-
testants get treated to a
day of pampering courtesy
of celebrity stylists Ken
Paves and Tim Gunn; every-
one gets a chance to catch
up with loved ones before
the next double elimination.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8:30 p.m. on FOX
"The Ebony Falcon" Terry
seeks tips from Jake on
how to control his emo-
tions for his first task back
in the field, and winds up
busting asteroid ring; Amy
and Rosa investigate Gina's
apartment for a case involv-
ing a breaking-and-enter-
New Girl
9 p.m. on FOX
"Birthday" Nick has a hard


On Thursday Jan. 23, at
8 p.m., The CW celebrates
the 100th episode of
"The Vampire Diaries"
with the episode "500

Nina Dobrev

Years of Solitude."
Katherine (Nina Dobrev),
who is sick, has several
flashbacks to the year
1490 as she remembers
the birth of her daughter,
Nadia (Olga Fonda),
who was taken from
her right after she was
born. Others in Mystic
Falls remember some

of Katherine's more
notorious moments.
Meanwhile, Nadia is
determined to find a way
to save her mother's life.
Hard to believe the show
has been around long
enough to celebrate this
milestone. Time goes
fast when you're having

The "Puppy Bowl" is back
on Animal Planet Sunday,
Feb. 2, at 3 p.m. This is
the 10th anniversary
and the network is
celebrating big. The
Puppy Bowl will repeat
throughout the day with
new content added every
hour. At the end of each
airing, fans will get to
vote in real time as to
which pooch should
take home the title of
Most Valuable Puppy.
There will be a fantasy
puppy league, and new
segments within each
of the repeats. Penguin
cheerleaders will be on
the sidelines, and there's

time trying to plan the best
birthday party ever for
Jess; Schmidt puts in more
hours at work in an attempt
to help Cece with her new
bartending gig; Winston
and Coach get competitive
during a bake-off. (HD)
The Mindy Project
9:30 p.m. on FOX
"The Desert" When Cliff
breaks up with Mindy
after she lies to him about
running into Casey in Los
Angeles, she determinedly
tries to win him back by
meeting him at the airport,
but Danny fools her and
takes her to the desert to
see his dad. (HD)
Killer Women
10 p.m. on ABC
"Warrior" A veteran misses
the adrenaline rush that she
experienced during war, but
taking justice into her own
hands seems to take care of
that feeling; Jake issues a
subpoena to Dan to testify

even a halftime show
featuring kittens. There
will also be updates
about the pups that have
been adopted.

Jane Lynch and the gang
are back with "Hollywood
Game Night," beginning
at 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20,
on NBC. Don Cheadle, Ol-
ivia Wilde, Taraji P. Hen-
son, Kaley Cuoco, Jason
Sudeikis, Julie Bowen and
Christina Applegate are
only a few of the celebri-
ties scheduled to appear
on the game show. The
idea for it came from
Sean Hayes' game nights
he held at his house in
Hollywood. That's why
the set looks like a home.
Lynch will continue as
the host, and the series'
producers have created
several new games for
the contestants to play.
At the end of the night,
one of the non-celeb
contestants could win up
to $25,000.

If you missed the movie
"Salinger" earlier in
the fall, PBS is airing it

Tuesday at 8 p.m. on CBS,
when a Marine who special-
ized in K-9 bomb detection
is killed on duty in Afghani-
stan, his wife begs Gibbs
(Mark Harmon) and the
"NCIS" team to hold their
own investigation into his
in Molly's divorce hearings;
Becca suspects Billy has an
affair. (HD)

as a part of "American
Masters" on Tuesday,
Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. (Check
your local listings). The
documentary features
interviews with Salin-
ger's inner circle and
shows how the popular-
ity of his book "Catcher
in the Rye" forced him to
become a recluse. There
are also many of his fans,
some of them famous,
who discuss what the
book meant to them.
Philip Seymour Hoffman,
Edward Norton, John Cu-
sack, Danny DeVito, John
Guare, Martin Sheen, Da-
vid Milch, Robert Towne,
Tom Wolfe, E.L. Doctorow,
Gore Vidal and A. Scott
Berg talk about the
influence Salinger had
on their lives. The film
doesn't hold back when
it comes to discussing
Salinger's personal life.
The filmmakers interview
most of the women he
dated or lived with, and
some of his wives. The
movie coincides with the
release of a new work
from the author.

JAN. 21

SABC7 News @ ABC World The 7 Entertainment Mavel's Agents of The (31)Trophy Killer Women: WarriorA vet-
ABC 711 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) S.H.I.E.LD.: The Asset Skye Goldbergs: Wife Step fam- eran misses the adrenaline rush
26 newsofthe DianeSawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) maybethekeytosavingscien- YouOpened ilydrama.(HD) thatsheexperiencedduring
_____ day. (N) (HD) ____________ Ltist. (CC) (R) (HD) the Door (N) _____ war.(N)(HD)
ABC NewsThelat- ABCWorld TheList(IVG) AskAmerica Maivel's Agents of (:01) Goldbergs (:31) Trophy Killer Women: Warrior Veteran
A est news. News (N) (HD) I(YG) S.H.I.E.LD.Missing scientist. (N) -Wife (H)) vigilante. (N) (HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld A Millionaire? A Millionaire? Marvel's Agents of (:01) Goldbeigs (:31) Trophy Killer Women: Warrior Veteran
______i7 7News(N) (CC) (N) (CC) (R) S.H.I.E.LDMissing scientist. (N) Wife (H) vigilante. (N) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of Jeopardy! (CC) NCISB: Seek The wife of killed NCIS: Los Angeles: Impact (01) Person of Interest: Liberty
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Local Newswith Fortune(CC) IN) HD) MarineasksNCISforhelpinthe Outside help forSamand ReeseandShawmustfind a
31o1 news report. Scott Pelley (N) IN) (HD) investigation of his death. (CC) (R) Deeks. (CC) (R) (HD) U.S. Naval officer during RFeet
N__ ____ (HD) (HD)) Week. (R)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- NCIS: Seek Killed Marine. NCIS: Los Angeles: Impact :01) Person of Interest: Liberty
23 2 ___ __ (NlHD [ion (N) (CO (R) (HD) Help for trauma (R) Feet Week. (R)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Biggest Loser 15: Second Chances Ready for their Chicago Fire: Tonight's the
N B C 8 al 6:0 r .-: lN ew s ,,,-,,i 8 al7:00 rl.- : Tonighl ,,i lii ,:il ,-,, ,-,: il,,c i ,n ,: ,, ,,,,i,-:i ,ini: ,-i,i i j,, ., l i, N ,li 11 .!... i v ,- 11
NBC rl 11ews i I.i NIBC flighlly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! l The Biggesl Loser 15: Second Chances Ml.. i:. : Chicago Fire: T..|.I : 11.
20-1- flew sl -i lune nn HimII __Iii n I II-,, -l h i,, 11 1 )1ii 1-111H 1 1. i 1, Pll-', .-I-., i ,-1.
FOX I36:00 lNewsl I TMZitii i' Thelnsider Dads:'ii, Brooklyn lNew Girl: ii,, TheMindy FOX 1310:0ONewsTfs i,:.
F OX l .. ... ,-n :,, n, -,h i, i, ..... i ...... I IIII, .,, ,IHI : ,,,:'*. h.- n ,,i : Nine-Nline i, li ,r i ,,: Project C m i, i .... i :, .. .. : ,1 n, i"|"1.
I3 1 I" I" : ,,, | ,-|_.i,=1 |,: Ih,-1-, ,' I. : i m h. .n l ,- i i iii 1,,^,l,, : i l|:> r, |I| |H(I:I 1i. l.: r[.l.,,i nil .l} :i.- ll, Ih ,i- 1--,;, l ,Ih l hl. l l
F O X 1 i n i __ ________H H ___ e 11. in :n ii________ 1 1- I. m 1 1 _
FOX FOX 4 lNews al Six i ii JudgeJudy TheSimpsonsDads: ii, BrooklynI-i New Gidr:i ii, Mindy: Tih FOX4NewsalTeni liiI,
,,,: ,: lh ,-i Illu F HI.11 _i- I?, ,, llt IIIIH H I) _tll_ II'- ,I l} ,,~ Z: I ll -.1
PBS BBCWoild BusinessRe- The PBS lewsHouri '-I il American Experience: .111 AmericanMaslers::.iiii,- i_, iii ,i ,i ,il, iii-
3 *{ *__ r__ ews i } porilli __HInn______ I_,=11,=,-_,iH= ,I:: ;i..,,I, ,1___ iIii ,l,,-,|,|..|,-,|||..|h~lh,,II, iiiii..n.,=, ,,=1: ni ____
PITS l_ r 1_ SesameSIreel iii CalinHal iI) Peg.Cal,,) FalherBrown: Ii.:',, ii: 1, MarlinClunes:ManloManla Vera: ,ii, '... TII: ...,I,
ii iI II'HIIHIIMHiII _in _______rl:iii. li |il r.hliiliiiii. i-:l I 1i,,Mi. IIIIIHIIII
PBS BBC World BusinessRe- The PBS lNewsHour" III, American Experience: I.1., American Maslers: -ii h 1, A Ripple of Hope Ii 1
3011 flews I, I porlIll __i) l} I_,_1-:11 1 I,,,1:- .I 11. 11i..1111' |II|H |1_H I -- |I|H HI___-_"
CW Modein IMIi lodeinii BigBang IlI BigBangl',I TheOriginalsi :iii:iii ll Supernalural: ,:ii ..ii Ti.- rlews ,I IOpm IIIIMI.I
4 6 -_' __ 1"H I _____ m l ______1H I.II ____ IH I.II ______ |ll |ll| |H Il.________ l :I- i..1 -I |11|| il } H I:1 _____ ___________
CW 4 Queens: -,iii.- Queens .l1,,,, 212MenI') 212MenQ') The Originals ,,, iiii: ill Supemrnalural: I:iii.i Ti. Rules: Rules Ji ,M1)
M V V V Too thief. (HD) )(HD) (CC) (N)(HNl) First Blade." (N) (HD) Surrogate(HD)
MYN 11 1 Raymond: The Seinfeld: The Family Feud Family Feud Bones: Judas on a Pole Bones: The Man in the Cell Cops Re- Cops Re-
11 11 1 9 Dog /Pen ()VPG M(VPG) Brennan's father. (WVPG) Nemesis escapes. (HD) loaded ( lH) oaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland(CC) Fam. Guy (CC) Fam. Guy (CC) Bones: Judas on a Pole Bones: The Man in the Cell Law & Order: Special Victims
11 (HD)) (HD) Brennan's father. (CC) (HD) Nemesis escapes. (HD) Unit: Deception
IND 12 1212 12 Modern (CC) Modern Going Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims The Office: The Office
32 (HD)2 viral. (HNI (H) Unit: Deception Unit Eco-terrorisfs. -The Client Desk ob.
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Criminal Minds: Mosley Lane Criminal Minds: Solitary Man Criminal Minds Kidnapped Criminal Minds Hotch's Criminal Minds: The Replicator
ii Child abductor. (HD) Kidnapping trucker. nannies. (CC) (HD) brother. (CC) (HD) Replicators target.
WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Henry Babers, Richard Rob- Hannah (C Perry Stone Life Today
22 1 1 ness healing. (COC) Sr. erts (CC) (NCC) (CC)
W Y M 10 i Meyer Peace Savingthe In- Hannah (CC) Great Awaken Tour Connect Meyer Peace Place Mira- Stakelbeckon
S22 of od. Investor of God. cles Terror
TLF 23 23 23 95 Fuego en la sangre Seduccion Pequefios Gigantes Talento Agua roja ('03, Accion) Una pareja se enfrenta a un tiburon Agentes libres (12) Policias de
50 _----------vengadora. (IVPG)______ infantil. (CC) (HD) y a 2 criminals mientras viajan por el rio. (CC) Nueva York. (CC)
UNIV 15 5 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero Mentirparavivir Oriana PorsiempremiamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
2 (N) Univisi6n (N) cambiasuidentidad.(HD) Vymaldad. (CC) (HD) sin amor. (CC) (HD) Humilde hoqar.

A&E 26^ 2626w 2650Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (COC) (R) Storage Safes Storage Storage (CC) (R) Storage Wars Storage (COC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (COC) (R)
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 (HD) (HD) (HD) found. Nabila"stown. (HD) (R) (HD (HDP(1 (HD)) (HD))
AMC 56 56 56 56 53 231 (5:30) Get Smart ('08) 1/**2 A quirky analyst is promoted Mission: Impossible III (06, Thriller) **** Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman. A for-
---I-- -- 5 5 30 53 3\to help an agent fh evil syndicate's crime wave. mer secret agent's peaceful life is interrupted by a friend's kidnapping. (CC)
API 4 4 4 4 3 6 1 nding Bigfoot: Further 70 Wild Hawaii Pristine islands. Swamplands USA Unique wil- Yellowstone: Battle for Life Animals in Yellowstone Na-
L 44 44 44 44 C6 6C Bioorac. (R) (HPD) derness. (R) (HD) tional Park. (CC) (R) (HD)
BET 35533 2 01067 & Park Top 10 videos selected by the Daddy's Little Girl ('97, Adventure) *l% Laila Dagher. A teenage girl re- Being Mary Jane: The
BT & 3 3 4 viewers. (Top (N) (HD vceives assistance w(ih two big problems from her ate mother. HuxtablesHavefallen(N)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 25451 185 Vanderpump Rules Tom Real Housewives Beverly The Real Housewives of At- Shahs of Sunset Crossing 100 Days of Summer The
BAVO 6 6 68 6 breaks down. (R) Sacramento. (COC) (R) lanta (CC) (R) the line. (N) Deep Dish Frustration.
COM 66 66 6666 152 127 190 South Pik (R) Tosh.0 (CC) (R) Colbert Repo Daily Show (R) Kroll Show (R) Tosh.0 (CC) (R) Tosh.0 Tay Tosh.0 (CC) (R) Tosh.0 Pick-up Kroll Show (N)
(CO M HD) (HD) (R) (HD) (HD) (1HD) Zonday. (HD) artist. (HD11
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 1201 Moonshiners Tradition re- Klondike: Part One When gold is discovered in Klondike, Klondike: Part Two As winter descends, trouble plagues
S40 40 40 40 2 sealed. (CC) (HD) two adventurers head to Dawson City, Yukon. (R) the city and miners; Belinda betrays Bill. (N)
S6 6 4 4 10(5:30) #RichKids(R) E! News (N) (HD) Livefrom E! (NShakira:(N) With the Kardashians: Loving Keep Up with the
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 #RchK (HD) (HD) (HD) & Letting Go (R) Kardashians: How to Deal
ES O 82 82 82 11811816:00) 1(Mecum Auto Auctions Fdiday Night Tykes: Weak- Friday Night Tykes: Whose FridayNight Tykes: Friday Horse Players (N) (HD)
ESQ 82 82 82 82 8 Classy muscle. (HD) ness Leaving the Body House (R) Night ykes (N)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17 25 Culture Jour- Mother Daily Mass Celebration of the Mother Angelica Live Clas- Evangeliza- HolyRosary Threshold of Hope Pope
EWNnalism. Teresa Hoy Eucharist. (R) sics MotherAngelica. tion (1YG) John Paul II.
FAM 5 5 5 55 10 46199 The Middle: Middle (CC) Pretty Little Liars Ali's diary de- Pretty Little Liars Analyzing Ravenswood Sleep clinic Pretty Little Liars Analyzing
FlM 11 5 5 5 i 10 4 1 Piot (HD) (HD) coded. (MY4)R(R) info.(Mt4)1(N)H(HD) danger. (N) (HD) info.(l14)1(R)(HD)
FOOD 317 17 37 37 Chopped: Unsung Heroes Chopped: Cook Your Butt Off! Chopped: Amazing Amateurs Chopped: Gyro We Go Again Chopped: Hoofin' It! Pigs'
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 rzzV ingredient (R)(HD) Fatty protein. (R) Sea creature. (R) Heartsof palm. (R) feet. (N)(HD)
S 1 1 HowlMet: 21/2Men(CC) 21/2Men(CC) Thor('11,Action)***ChrisHemsworth, NataliePortman. Awarrioris Justified U.S. Marshal. (CC)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Spitsville (HD) (HD) HDbanished to Earth, leaving him to fight off evil forces. (CO) (HD) D(H)
GSN 179171917191719 179194 Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud The Chase (N) The Chase (R) Family Feud Family Feud
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 (W i l il_____P) (TVPG)
ALL 5 5 17 7 3240 TheGood Wife Tensions run The Good Wife Personal crisis. The Good Wife Client's free- The Good Wife Firm faces law- Frasier: Proxy Frasier (IVPG)
ALL 5 57 734high.(VPG (HD) (IVPG) (CC) (HD) dom. (FVPG) (CC) (HD) suit. (VPGl)(HD) Prexy (CC)
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 128 Decoding the Past Caribbean Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Cars: Electric Cars: Pimp My Counting Cars Counting Cars American (N) (:31) American
HIS 8 6 conundrum. (1VPG) N(HD) (H)) Ride(R) Bus(R) (N) I(N) (HD) I(N)
HOME 411 41 4 c 416 HuntersMex- Hunters(COC(R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters(CC)O(R) Property (COC) (R) Property (COC) (R) Pmroperty Vir- Property Vir- House International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 icohome. (HD) (HD) (HD (HD) (HD) gins(N) gins(N) Hunters (N) (N) (HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Cheeks Footwear Healthy Home ProForm Health Cheeks Footwear Cheeks Footwear
IF 6 36 36 41 10 Wife Swap Moms trade Wife Swap Moms trade Dance Moms Abby's an- Dance Moms (CC) (N) (HD) Kim of Queens: Diva Decons-
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 homes. (VPG) (CC) homes. (TVPG) (CC) nouncement. (CC) (R)(HD) truction Spoiled diva.

JAN.21 w j7 I SOM ME
OWN 55 5 5 10 Oprah's Next Chapter 'The The Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and Have Nots ihe Haves and the Have The Haves and the Have Nots
OWN 8 _____ 8 8_____ Butler" cast. (R) (HD) Benny's condition. Campaign crushed. (R) Nots: Famiy Issues (N) Bennys condition.
5IK 5 51 5 51 29 63 54 Cops Drug Cops: Coast to Cops: Coast to Cops Drugs in Cops Stolen Cops (CC) (R) Cops Eager Cops K-9 pur- CopsTranny CopsAuto
SPIKE 57 57 57 63 54 deal bust. Coast Coast car. (R) vehicle. (HD K(-9 unit. suit. (R) stabbed. theft(R)
v 1 1 1 612 M 1 Destination Truth Banshee in Destination Truth Hairyhu- Face Off: Sexy Beasts (CC) (R) Face Off: Cosmic Conspir- Opposite Worlds Past world
IY 16767 67 164 180 castle. (CC) (R) (HD)) manoid. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) acy CC)N)HD) vs. futureworld. (N)
TBS 59.59 59 62 52 Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld(CC) Fam. Guy (ITVPG i Bang ()Bi Bang (CC) Bi Bang (CC) Bi Bang( (CC) Cougar (CC) (N) Big Bang (CC)
TBS 595W 9 5 32 62 52 ) U (S D,___ ) __01_) __Bang___ (CC) ) ________I__ j H___ 1) __
TOM 6 6 6 1 Desert Sands (55, Adventure) Ralph MGMParade The Goodbye Girl (77)*** A single mother, her Elmer Gantry ('60)***'
TM 65 65 6_____ 5 6 Meeker. Legionnaire falls for an Arab girl. Show daughter and an actor share a New York apartment. (CC) Preacher's problems. (CO
TIC 45454545 512 72 3 SisterWives: A Wife Decides Escaping The ProphetFLDS My 600-lb Life: Olia's Story My 600-lb Life: Penny's Story EscapingThe Prophet: Exiled
' T I 41 4 4 7 139 Surrogacy. (R)(ND) ( Whistleblbwer. (R) Seekng surgery. (R) Lifestyle changes. and LostLost boy.
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: Wrapped Up in Death Castle: The Late Shaft Talk Castle: Den of Thieves Thief's Castle: Food to Die For Castle: Overkill Competition for
NT 01 1 1 1 a 5 Mummys curse. (H1D) show host. (CC) (H1D) murder. (CC) (H1D) Frozen chef. (CC) (HD) Beckett's attention.
TFAV 69 69 69 69260 66 170 Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food (CC) (R) Man v Food: Bizarre Foods America Pop- Bizarre Foods with Andrew Gem Hunt Emeralds in Zam-
S 1_ _1_ 66 170 Local delicacies. (R) (1DH) Knoxville corn shoots. (CC) (R) Zimmern: Chengdu bia. (CC) (N)
TRUIV P:,. Al Conlainei Conlainei Pawn' i,.i,,Pawn :-iii, Pawni :ii,,::Hardcote Hardcote Container Pawn* i Pawn., 0i::..
Wars hi Wars hi .-1 1.H4- I, ii Pawmiin Pawn (Ii Warsn (I l.'il|.n
IVLND ,, ," i 1 Gliifflh Griifflh Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 1 1 1 1 Law S Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law S Order: SVU 1, lii.,- Modern Fam- Modern Fam- Modern Fam- Modern Fam-
USA n n Unih: .i--i,, 01(Hill LUnh: III- T I (H l il l IN ( Hily l .IN (HI|l ,N (Hlyl.,
W E l I i ll i', Law S Order: I.- .1 I, II. Law & Older: -i. .1 ii: I ii :iii ,. LaW& Orlder:i-ilii,. :i i,,1 LawS Order i-i i .r i.ui.11 Law &Order: :'i.i.:i.. :' 11
l:lll| I h ,- | H IIl ,- II II,1, 1 : H II ,I,-1.1 -l,,ll : 1ll ,I IH III I- i llll- --l :l H I| iI "l. in I, i ll (HI:1 |l
WGN InI, 1 1', l, 1, America's Funniesl Home America's Funniesl Home Tears of lhe Suni ,' iip.. I '.1:1..'iii, -..i ':'i.: i:i.i HomeVideos
_V id eo s R ., i,. I I V id eo s i .- i I. 1, ,, i 1. 1. 1 : 1 .: I.. I : ,.I hi.I..: Ii..iii i .i1.- i. : I--1 o.. I ,, (Ii IffF
Ten- Golr Weekly
aCSS x *x *x h 1 GeicoSporisfllTE ilII To Be Announced i 1 iiii .B. .ii iGl :ek 11111 1iii 1,, I,, ToBeAn- in cly
ESPN SporlsCenler: i .1 :1: o College Baskelball: ii ,iii,,H ,:. :irii .i. Iii.i, College Baskelball: Ti: -.r.I ,,,: ii .1 .i,,,
-- __ __ __ I i 11 "I I HIII _______:l l. 1|-l i m:l l l: l- :lli .- 11- 1 (I...IIHiII _______Ildb. ll: 1- im 1-il|.|. m (.-l I (i|, | HIll_______
ESPN Olbemannii Inlemmuplion College Baskelball: :, : :1 iii, :i ii Ti :I I iii 2014 AuslialianOpen Tennis: .1- :. ii -.iii,. -
I ES PN 2 P., P*I 1 *I P 1 (Hll (I II(Hll|Hl|- l i..ii I-- I 1-i I- 1' .I ( I_- (HI'IIl':."Iill.-1111 I: .- I_,..l (ll||HI)ll "
FS I I A I A I ,.. A x FOX Foolball Daily iii iI W omen's College Baskelball: 'l iii ..... :._-...... ii College Baskelball: I,1-1i i1i. -, ,i : .I. ,11ii,-,
F S 1 'A (H l I. I* IH I_________ I. i l -i I. I ,- 11 -: l ll. .11. I:-I IIII-,.. F In l .i i l:.IIIll I ji i l In i I.-. I. (I H ill______
FSN rUFC Insiderml Icons: i 111, Magic LIVE!ij NBA Baskelball: 1, ,ii..l,.1, t .1 i .l ii :1 i... ii, Magic LIVE! inside IH.I
,. I ,( i I. hi -H ill i ,i (HI:llI lil, 1 (l.- (l 1 L 1 (Hill |(Hill:
GOLF Golf Cenlmal il IHII Golr Acdmy Learning Cen- Feherty: i l-iii. iii- Feherty: (l (iHii, :ii Feherly: 1-, -i I..I
GOLF^ ^ ^ _.___.__._rII "____ lem ,ii :' M.l: I .II
(ill ,I(gC Hl
NBCS 71 71 71 71 1 Pro Football NHLTop10 NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey: Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars from American Airlines NHL Overtime
NBCS7171 71 61 90 Talk (N) / Center (Live) (C(()(4) () HD)
SUN '38 3 1 i 1 (5:30) Inside the Inside Israeli World Poker Tour LA Poker Golden Boy Live: Josesito Lopez vs. Mike Arnaoutis: from Sports Unlimited
SUN 18 38 401 401 4 7 6 (1) (HD) Classic-Part 3 (H1D) Indio, Calif. (Replay)
NIK 2555544 Sponge (CC) Sponge Em- Sam & Cat (R) Witch hWay(N) Nick News (N) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse(CC) Full Hse(CB) FullHouse hFullHse
_NICK 252 25 25 24 44 252 FR barrassed. (1H)) (HP) Basketball. Steph's band.
TOON 80 80124 N 124 46 2 57 t5) Johny (:45) Adventure Regular (R) Gumball (R) Grandpa (N) Adventure (R) King Canadian Cleveland: Ou Dad Stan's first American:
TOOTest (R) (R fami Gang kill. Surro-Gate

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) T' he Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper360 Piers Morgan LIVE (CC) (N) Anderson Cooper 3600
CNN 2 3 3 3 1Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. IN) (HD) (H1D) Later (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 3 12 109 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
SN 18 18 18 18 37 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
C 4 71 1 Special Reportwith Bret Baie On the Record with GretaVanThe O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FNC M M M 8 i\ 11 The latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (C) (N) (HID) dates. (N) (C) (N)UND)
MSNB 83838383 185 40 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB 3 3 8 8 8 Sharpton. (N) (H4D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H1D) News and views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (lD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) Medical Paid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News(N) News(N) INews(N)
CM 4 4 4 4 23 24221 RebaAttention Reba Reba RebaReba's Reba(HD) The Dukes of Hazzard Fighting Leqally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde ('03, Comedy)
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 span. seeks ob. new job. Corruption. (ID) *12 Fashion major heads to Congress. (PG-13)
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48210 Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 (N) (ID)
MTV 33 3 3 3 3 48 kids. (14D) kids. (HPD) kids. (H1D) kids. (HlD))________ _
VH1 50 5050 50 43 23 217 TI and Tiny TI and Tiny Tl and Tiny TI & Tiny (R) Single Ladies (R) (HD) Love & Hip Hop (CC) (R) (HD) Mob Wives (R) (HD)
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217Talk show. Sweet 16. Chicago. | (HD) ____1___
(5:30) A Good Day to Die Hard (:15) The Dark Knight Rises (12, Action) **** Christian Bale, Gary Oldman. Eight Banshee: The Thunder Man
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 ('13) John and his son tryto stop years after the Batman's battle with the Joker, the Dark Knight encounters a new terrorist Alex's leadership is questioned.
___ __ ____ a heist. (CC) leader known as Bane, who may prove to be the ultimate foe. (CC) (CC) (R) (14D)
(5:15) Kiss the Girls ('97, Thriller) (:15) Shaun of the Dead ('04) *Jkr* 2 Simon Pegg, Kate Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ('12, Showgirls'/2
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Police and victim stalk a serial Ashfield. A slacker takes advantage of a zombie attack to Horror) Abraham Lincoln was a vampire Becoming a
___ ______ killer. (CC) try to win back his girlfriend. (R) (CC) (14D) hunter prior to his presidency. (CC) showgirl.
Jessie Austin & Ally GoodLuck Austin & Ally Jessie: I Didn't Do It: Liv: Switch-A- Austin & Ally Good Luck Jessie Stuffed
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Homework Magical Charlie: Rock Ally is signed. Krumpingand Pilot(R) Rooney(R)(HD) Ally is signed. Charlie: animal. (R) (HD)
___ __wager. (R) (HD) typewriter. Enroll (R) Crushing (R) Accepted (R)
:05) Witness ('85, Drama) *** Harrison Ford, Kelly Kindergarten Cop ('90, Comedy) **12 Arnold (05) Raw Deal ('86, Action)
ENC 150150150150 150350 McGillis. A city cop enters an Amish Commun. to protect a Schwarzenegger. A detective poses as a kindergarten A former FBI agent infiltrates a
___ __ boy who witnessed a murder. (R) (CC) teacher in order to find a possible witness. (PG-13) (CC) jang. (R) (CC)
Warm Bodies Josh Groban: Real Time with Bill Maher True Detective: Seeing Things Girils: She Said Looking An Real Sports with Bryant
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Zombie's Masterclass(N (TVMA) (CC) (R) (HD) Duo follows leadfrom brothel o OKAdam's ex'swedding. Gumbel (N) (CC) (HD)
___ __ _____ romance./ church. (R) Isister. (R) (lID)
Hot Fuzz ('07, Comedy) ***12 Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Jack the Giant Slayer ('13, Adventure) **1/2 Nicholas Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 London's top cop investigates a series of murders in a Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and (TVMA) (CC) (HD)
_____ sleepy suburban town. (RCC) (1(H) (# giants erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (CC) ________
(5:50) Red Tails (12) ** Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding True Detective: Seeing Things The Sopranos (:45)The Ocean's Twelve ('04, Comedy)
HBO3 304 304304304 304 404 Jr. A squadron of black pilots faces racial segregation Duo follows lead from brothel o Holiday Making of...: **1'/2 A gang reconvenes for a
___ __during World War II. (PG-13) (CC) ()ID) church. (H1D) surprises. Admission Europeanheist.
(:15) Slither ('06, Horror) Worm-like aliens manage to infect Silver Linings Playbook (12, Comedy) Bradley Cooper, House of Lies Episodes Matt
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 the citizens of a small town, turning them into flesh-eating Jennifer Lawrence. A former teacher leaves a mental Roscoe's receives a DUI.
___ __ _____ zombies under the control of a hive mind. institution and attempts to reclaim his life. (CC) interest. (R)
TheThird Why Stop Now ('12, Comedy) **A boy Halloween: Resurrection ('02) *1 2 A Virus ('99, Science Fiction) ** Unsuspect-
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350385 Wheel A trying to put his mother into rehab is taken contest to spend the night in Michael Myers' ing passengers and crew of a sinking ship
___ __ ___ dreadful date. hostage by her drug dealer. (R) (CC) childhood home turns deadly. (R) (CC) find a questionable haven. (R) (CC)

JAN21 =- i.-i = i.=:

ABC[ 2C I 111 7 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News (N)
ABC32 11 News Kimmel Niqhtline Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
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ge lack Gold SoaePi
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 24 Kirstie The Exes Queens Queens Queens Queens The Exes Roseanne Rosean70s 70s Nanny Divorced
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FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports Football IFOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker NBA (Replay) (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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CNN 32 32 32 32 18 3810 Erin Burne P. Morgan 3600 (R) Anderson P. Morgan 3600 (R) Earl (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 37121 Capital Capital News Toda Today in Washington________n Toda inWashinton
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 401 Haes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow FirstLook TooEarl
SNN 6 66 11 11 News Iews News Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 32 32 320 320 4 Co-Ed ('10) (:35) Scary ('00) Hidden ('13) Into the Night ('85) Off Air
CINE2 3213213213213213214Z Showgirls ('95) 2 (CC) IGirl's Gui Girl's Gui Reaction ('96) MST3K ('96) Sessions
DISN 13 13613 136 994525 Blog A.N.T. Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. On Deck OnDeck Wizards Wizards On Deck On Deck Fish Hks Phineas
ENC 15 150151 150 35 Raw Deal (:50) Predator ('87) (:45) Blade ('98) (CC) Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ('03) Phantom
HBO 30333M Detective LBoxing (Replay) (CC) (H)(IGumbel Making of Safe House ('12) *** aknf
HB02 3333 4Roxbury ('98) Stoker (13) *** (:15) Dragonfly (02) Tinker, Tailor (11)
HB03 3Ocean's 12 Looking Identity Thief ('13) (:35) Americans I Still Know *1/Making of
SHOW 34( 36 Shameless As Cool As DeadHeads ('12) ** Apt Pupil ('98) (CC) Mumford
TMC 35 350 35 3 3 3 3 Cockneys ('12) GingerSnaps (00) Creep (05)** TheJob ('03)*12 TheRight


The Middle
8 p.m. on ABC
"The Carpool" The bus
drivers are on strike and
Principal Barker asks the
parents to begin carpooling
their children, but Frankie
isn't the best at time
management; Axl becomes
an expert in Astronomy in
order to tutor an attractive
student; Mike has UI tickets.
8 p.m. on CW
"Blind Spot" Laurel turns to
Arrow for help in investigat-
ing Sebastian Blood, but
events take a turn when
they get too close and
Laurel's drug addiction is
exposed; Roy shows off his
superhuman abilities to Sin;
Sarah shares a secret about
Laurel with Oliver. (HD)


American Idol
8 p.m. on FOX
"Auditions #3" Singers of all
walks of life and all levels
of talent take their turns on
stage as the third set of au-
ditions kicks off, each hop-
ing to impress the judges
enough to progress in the
competition and become
America's next singing
superstar. (HD)
8:30 p.m. on ABC
"Victor Ha" Sheila and Fred
take in a foster child named
Victor that they believe will
fill the space Ryan has left
behind, but Lisa decides
that this kid is a con artist
and makes his life difficult.
8:30 p.m. on CBS
"A Small Nervous Break-
down and a Misplaced Fork"
Christy prepares to go out
on her first dating attempt
since she gave up drinking;
Bonnie takes it upon herself

z iL

S _B Z
g t"
LI" ~"Z

to teach her grandson Ros-
coe how to gamble. (HD)
Baby Daddy
8:30 p.m. on FAM
"The Lying Game" While Ben
and Riley's relationship is
put to the test by Angela's
constant presence, else-
where, Danny makes the
decision to finally get his
own place, and Bonnie may
find new romance when
she goes on a date with a
younger man. (HD)
Law & Order:
Special Victims Unit
9 p.m. on NBC
"Jersey Breakdown" After
an underage runaway is
found beaten and raped,
the investigation leads to
a New Jersey strip club
owner, but when the local
law enforcement fails to
properly assist the investi-
gation, the team suspects
that they may be dealing
with a cover-up. (HD)
10 p.m. on ABC
"Just for What I Am" Scar-

Extraordinary Premises

1. Many comedy films
are based on wild
situations that could
only occur as a fantasy,
such as the overused
idea of two people
switching bodies, one
of the earlier instances
being this 1976 Disney
movie starring Jodie
Foster (remade in 2003
with Lindsay Lohan).

2. After stretching the
truth with a mystical
guru, this fast-talking
literary agent finds a
tree in his yard that
drops a leaf with each
word he speaks, and
when the tree is bare his
life will end in this 2012

3. In this 1997 movie, a
child's birthday wish
forces his neglectful
lawyer father to say the
truth and nothing but
the truth for 24 hours.

4. The same actor
plays a character who

Dr. Gene Porter (Stephen
Collins) makes the decision
to help out the town, which
inspires Rachel and Char-
lie to render aid as well on
"Revolution," airing Wednes-
day at 8 p.m. on NBC.
lett is finding her career
taking off as of late but is
worried that the demands
of fame are more than she
can handle; Rayna asks
Deacon for help on her
album; Juliette is losing
concert venues from her
tour and her label head is
furious. (HD)

becomes all-powerful
when his constant com-
plaining to God results
in the spectacular
lesson of being given
divine abilities in this
2003 film.

5. Ultimate power is
given to a workaholic
architect through a
magical universal
remote that controls far
more than his TV set in
this 2006 film.

6. That actor again is
able to change reality
when the elaborate
tales he spins to his
niece and nephew magi-
cally come to life in this
family comedy.

,,sa!JOS aOWupag,, "9
,,>1o!10,, "S
,,fALUq!wlV aonJg,, "t
,,JBI-l JBI-l,, "
,,spJoMAA puesnoql v,, "
,ep!j A>Jeajj,, '


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6 2 9 7

7 1 5

9 5 3 6

3 4 2


ABC7 News @ABC World The 7 Entertainment The Middle: Suburatory: Modern Fam- Super Fun Nashville: Just for What I
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight (CC) (N) The Carpool Victor Ha Fos- ily: Three Din- Night: Let the Am Scarlet's career is taking
2 6newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) Busdrivers ter child. (N)(HD) ners (CC) (N) (HD) Games Begin off. (CC (N) (HD)
_____ day. (N) (HD) ___________strike. ____________(N)________
ABC I News The lat- ABCWorld TheList(IVG) AskAmerica Middle: The Suburgatiy: Modern (CCON) (1:31) Fun Night Nashville: Just for What I Am
28 est news. News (N) (HD)) lzzy Lee. Carpool Victor Ha (HD)) (N) Scarlett's career. (N)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABC World A Millionaire? A Millionaire? Middle: The Suburgatiy: Modern (CC) (N) (:31) Fun Night Nashville: Just for What I Am
7 7 News(N) (CCN) ( (CC) (R) Carpool Victor Ha (HD() (N) Scarlett's career. (N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) The Crazy Mom First Criminal Minds: The Road CSI: Crime Scene Investi-
CBS 1 1 6pm Local News with tune (CC) ( (N) (H) Ones Brain- date. (CC) (R) Home (CC ) ( (HD) nation: Boston Brakes (CC) (N)
'10 10 10 10 news report. Scott Pelley (N) (HD) storming. (CC) (R) (HD) )
S_______(N) (H(HD)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Crazy Ones (R) Mom First date Criminal Minds: The Road CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
13 1 (N) (H ND tion (N) (HD)) (R1 Home (CC) (N) (HD) tion: Boston Brakes
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Revolution: Captain Trips Law & Order: Special Victims (:01) Chicago P.D.: Chin
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC (N) Gene decides to help out Wil- Unit: Jersey Breakdown A run- Check The team discovers a
8 8 8 and weather. events. (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) loughby. (CC (N) (HD) away is found beaten and large ammo cache. (CC) (N)
raped. (N) (HI)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Revolution: Captain Trips Law & Order: SVU Raped run- Chicago P.D.: Chin Check
2 0 News (N) tune(N) ()HD) Helpting Willoughby (N) away. (CCO (N) () (HD)) Large ammo cache. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider American Idol: Auditions #3 Singers take their turns on FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events of thedav areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) stage as the third set of auditions kicks off, each hoping to riesofthenewsday are up-
13 3 3 and reported by he FOX 13 impress the judges with their vocal talents. (CC) (N) (HD) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy Paradise TV American Idol: Auditions #3 Singers try to impress the FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
SB___ _____ 4 news; weather. (N) (R (HD) I judges in the third set of auditions. (CC) (N) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS 3 1 3 3BBCWorld BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour (CC (N) Nature: Meet the CoywolfHy- NOVA: Killer Typhoon Storm Chasing Shackleton Mountain
M News (CO) port(N) (IHD) brid carnivore. (N) (HD) and aftermath. (N) trek. (CC) (N) (HD)
PBS v 1 116 Sesame Street Making a Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat(CC) JLumley's GreekOdyssey Old House (R) Home(CC)(R) Chatsworth House Wedding
24 2m040 1 friend. (COC(R) (HD) _____ (HD (R1 Greek adventure. (HD1 (HD Hbrochure. (R)
PBS 3 3 3 BBC World Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC (N) Nature: Meet the CoywolfHy- NOVA: Killer Typhoon Storm Chasing Shackleton Mountain
3 3 3 __News (CO) port(N) (HD) bridcarnivore. (N)(HD) and aftermath. (N) trek. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 Modern: Flip Modern: Hit Big Bang Big Bang (CC) Arrow: Blind Spot Addiction ex- The Tomorrow People: Rum- News @lOpm (N) (HD)
A C \- Flop and Run North Pole. (HD( posure. (CC)(N)(HD) bleTraineestested.
CWQueens: Strike Queens (IVPWG) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Arrow: Blind Spot Addiction ex- The Tomorrow People: Rum- Rules: Handy Rules: Re-
9 9 9 4 Out (HD) (HD1)) (HD)1 sure. (CC) (N)(HD) AbleTraineestested. Man union (HD)
MYN 1 11 11 14 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud () College Basketball: Teams TBA (Live) (C) Law & Order: Criminal Intent
3m| 1 ____ (WVP) (1PG KW __________Murdered architect. ___
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood(R) Cleveland Fam. Guy (CC) Fam. Guy (CC) Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent: Law & Order: Special Victims
8 1 8 (HD)) Chastity. _____ ______ Murdered architect. Gemini (CC) (HD) Unit: Vulnerable
IND 12 12 1 33 1 Modern: Flip Modern: Hit Big Bang Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Office (CC) (HD) Office: Garage
3 12 12 12 38 12 Flop and Run North Pole. (H Unit: Vulnerable Unit: Loophole Sale
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent WWE Main Event (N) Burn Notice: Seek and Destroy Burn Notice: Bad Breaks Old
AC i 8 An actor is shot. Ambitiousex-cop. Art dealer. (HD) nemesis. (CC) (HD)
WCLF 222222 o Christian Fit- TodayFaith& JackVan Imp Great Awaken Tour Destined Richard Rob- GospelTruth Supernatural LifeToday
22 __ ness Ihealing. (COkC) Im Get Reign (CC) erts (CC) (((NCC) i (CC) (CC)
WlY 2 Meyer (CC)(N) First Life(CC) JackVan Im Great AwakenTour Faith Life Dr. Charles Meyer (CC)(N) Place Mira- Angel Braham
M I122 D44 10 H) (CC) _______Church Martin cles Show
TLF 23 23 23 95 Fuego en la sangre Seduccion Pequefios Gigantes Talento Serpientes de arena ('09) Un peloton de soldados Hombres de guerra ('94)**
50 y13 9 vengadora. (VPG) infantil. (CC) (HD)) americanos se enfrenta a serpientes en el desierto. Revuelta islena. (CC)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero Mentir para vivir Oriana PorsiempremiamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
2 1 1 1 (N) Univisi6n (N) cambiasuidentidad.(HD( maldad. (CC)(HD) sin amor. (CC) (HD) Humilde hoar.
7- v ,1 { Ilm J 7 ENNA I in ;HJ~v 7 ; IEW -llV J 7I 111wi~llJ 7fl IIW Ii
E 26 26 26 501 The First 48 Hard case; Duck Dynasty Surprisewed-Duck Scooter;Duck Duc k Korie's DuckWillie Duck: Life of Si (31)
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 rookie. (CC) (R)(HD) ding.(CC)(R(HD) turle. (HD) cousin. worried. (N) Wahlburger(N(
AMC 56 56 56 56 53 231 (5:30) Die Hard 2 ('90, Action) John McClane battles terror- The Rock ('96, Action) **** Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage. Two men try to rescue a
------ -- 56 56 5 53 i ists owh plan to take over Dulles Airport. (R (CC) group of tourists that were taken hostage by a madman. (R)(HD)
L 4 44 44 44 3 6 30 Finding Bigfoot: Further Big- Uftimate Treehouses Grand Beaver (R) Beaver (R) Treehouse Masters Custom Treehouse Masters Decagon
APL 44 44 44 44 36 6810 foot photographs. (R) treehouses. (R) (HD)I tavern. (R (HDi treehouse. (R (HD()
T 5 3 5 2 106& ParkWild-Out Wednes- The Game: The Game Being Mary Jane: The Jason's Lyric ('94) A young man from the Fifth Ward of
-ET 3 3 3 3 4 7 day. (C (N) (HD)( Trashbox (1M14(R Huxtables Have fallen (R) Houston deals with his traumatic childhood. (C)
BV 68 68 68 68o 25451 185 cThe Real Housewives of At- Shahs of Sunset Crossing Real Housewives Beverly Top Chef: Po' Boy Smackdown Top Chef: Leaving New Or-
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 18 lanta (CC) (R) the line. (R) Sacramento. (CC(R) ( Orleans staple. (R) leans Last challenge. (N)
COM 66 66 6666 152 7 10 South Pik (R) Tosh.0 (CC()(R) ColbertRepor Daily Show(R) SouthPrk(R) SouthPrk(R) SouthPrk(R) SouthPrk(R) Wrkholic(N) Broad City (N)
(41)) (HHDi (HD (R) |(HD) (HD1 (HD1 (HD1 (HD1 (HD)
DISC 40 4 4 4 121(5:00) Klondike: Part One Trav- Klondike: Part Two As winter descends, trouble plagues Klondike: Part Three Bill seeks revenge on killer, but The
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 elers head west. (R) the city and miners; Belinda betrays Bill. (R) Count seeks his gold; Tlingit raid city. (N)
4 1With the Kardashians: Loving E! News (N) (HD) #RichKids of Beverly Hills: Keep Up with the The Soup (N) #RichKids (R)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 & Letting Go (R) #welcometoBH () Kardashians: How to Deal (HD) (HD
ES 82 82 82 82118 118160 (2:00) Mecum Auto Auctions: Muscle Cars and More Brew Dogs: Philadelphia Patri- Brew Dogis: Seattle Caffeinate The Getaway: Eve in Kingston
S8 8 8 8 11 118 1 People bid on classic and muscle cars. (CC) (HD) otic beer. MvP(R) beer.(1VP6)(R)I Kingston, Jamaica.
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17 285 EWTN Mother Daily Mass Celebration of the EWTN Live Interviews on EWTN Holy Rosary Catalogue Vaticano
EWTN 243 243 24 12 17 85 Nihtly (N) Teresa Hoy Eucharist. (N) evangelism. Nightly (R (1G) (TYG) I
FAi 55 10469 The Middle: MiddleSchool Melissa(CC) (R)i Melissa(CCR) ( MelissaJoe's BabyDaddy John Tucker Must Die ('06) **12 Three ex-girlfriends of
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199TheTrip picture. (HD) (HD)) newob. (N)(H) a high school jock train a girl to steal his heart.
FOOD 37 37 7 7 3 76 161 Diners Dallas, Diners (R) (HD) Restaurant: Impossible Latin Restaurant: Impossible Au- Restaurant: Impossible Restaurant: Impossible St.
O 37 37 37 Texas. restaurant. (R (HD) burn, Wash. (R D) Douglas, Mich. (R)(Hi) Louis, Mo. ()(H14))
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Thor (11 )*** A warrior is banished to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (10, Fantasy) ** Edward and Jacob try to American Horror Story Super-
IX 1 1 1 1 58 49 3Earth, leaving him to fight off evil forces. win Bella's love as brutal murders shock Seattle. (PG1-3) (CC) natural horror. (HD)
GSN 179 179 179 1719 179184 Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud MindofaMan MindofaManFamily Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 179W (Ti7 734 179 184 ) ( I) PG) N N) (IVPG) (FYPG) (FVPG) (IVPG)
iALL 5 17 73240 The Good Wife Lawyer ar- The Good Wife WendVs case. The Good Wife Class action The Good Wife: After the Fall Frasier (IW) Frasier Niles'
WALL 5 rested. (FPG) (CC) (HD) (IVPG) (CC) (HD)) suit.(FYPG)(CC)(HD) Office politics. (HD) (CC) Isurgery.
IT 81 1 1 8 o 612 American Pickers Motorcycle; American Pickers Centenarian American Pickers Memorabilia American Pickers (CC) (N) American Pickers Rare auto
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 reunion.(R1(HD) Jbike.(CC) (R(HD)) sought.(CC) (HD) (HD) picks.(CC) (R(HD)
ME 1 1 1 1 c 1 Property Brothers More space Property Brothers Slow ren- Property Brothers Spacious Buying and Selling Starter House International
HOME 41 41 4 41 53 42 165 neeed.(R((HD) ovation. (R) (HD) property. (R)(HD) home change. (N) ()) Hunters(N) (R((HD)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Hot in Hollywood Hot in Hollywood ybf Beauty ybfBeauty LOXStudio Wei East
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Wife Swap Moms trade Kim of Queens Pageant Kim of Queens Pageant Wife Swap Moms trade Wife Swap Moms trade
L 36 36 36 36 41 homes. (iVPG (CC) coach. (CC) (HD) coach. (CC) (HD) homes. (iVPG (CC) homes. (iVPG) (CC)