Back to the Roots: A Conceptual, Residential Redesign


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Back to the Roots: A Conceptual, Residential Redesign
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Sturm, Emily Elizabeth
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla
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Residential Design
Green Neighborhood Design
Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods


By the year 2060, Florida's population is projected to more than double. Based on our current rate of development, by that time, 7 million acres of land will be converted to urban uses to accommodate this population increase. Within the modern day realm of development, the current trend is for inefficient, sprawling, low-cost techniques to be implemented, instead of developing land with a sensitivity to ecological systems and resources. Greater emphasis is placed on the built environment, and green spaces are created in isolated patches with left-over land, instead of being an integral element. The projected numbers above are a result of continuing this trend. The solution is a combination of smart growth and sustainable design. My capstone project is an exploration of an alternative to these development trends and involves evaluating an existing masterplan, applying a set of 'Green Neighborhood Design Principles', found in Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods, by Cynthia Girling and Ronald Kellett, and proposing an alternative masterplan based on that analysis. By applying these principles, I will not only be able to reduce the impact of development, but also make nature a more integral part of the residents lives, therefore reconnecting humans with nature, and bringing us back to the roots.
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Landscape Architecture capstone project

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