The Panama Canal: Preserving a Legacy, Celebrating a Centennial


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The Panama Canal: Preserving a Legacy, Celebrating a Centennial
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Grant Proposal
Russell, Judith
Schipper, Rachel
Hood, Barbara
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla


This proposal seeks funding ($22,500) specifically to install and exhibit the 37 foot model of the Panama Canal from the Nationaal Baggermuseum (National Museum of Dredging), The Netherlands, and the exhibit entitled, “Global Impact of the Panama Canal” at the Warrington College of Business Administration, which will address the initial construction and current expansion in commercial and economic terms.
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Sponsor: CSX Corporation

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University of Florida Institutional Repository
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University of Florida
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CSX grant application information (most answers must be 500 characters or less) Agency contact information and EIN University of Florida Foundation, Inc. PO Box 14425 Gainesville, FL 32604-2425 Contact: Judith C. Russell, D ean of University Libraries (352) 273-2505 EIN: 59-0974739 Organization Mission Statement and Type The George A. Smathers Libraries supports the information needs of the University of Florida community through instruction, resear ch, service, and by providing access to the world’s knowledge. (The University of Florid a Foundation, Inc. is serving as applicant on behalf of the George A. Smat hers Libraries at the Un iversity of Florida.) Type: The University of Florida Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3 ) organization that receives, invests and administers private support for the University of Florida. List of your current Board of Directors and their titles List major donors and funding contributions 64 library endowments worth over $13 million support the acquisitions and operation of the Smathers Libraries; a $477, 312 National Leadership grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) supports Panama and the Canal projects Project Name/Title of Request ”The Panama Canal: Preserving a Legacy, Celebrating a Centennial.” Support is specifically requested for the installation and exhibition of the 37 foot long model of the Panama Canal from the Nationaal Baggermus eum (National Museum of Dredging), The Netherlands, and the exhibit entitled “Global Impact of the Panama Canal” at the Warrington College of Business Administra tion, which will address the initial construction and current expansion in commercial and economic terms. Amount of Request $22,500


Project budget and a description of how th e requested funds will be utilized Transport and install Panama Canal model for display from Oct 2013-Dec. 2014; including video production and online disp lay of installation with signage at exhibit/online exhi bit to acknowledge CSX as sponsor Exhibit “Global Impact of the Panama Canal” at Warrington College of Bus Admin from Aug. 2013-Dec. 2014 with CSX speaker and reception fall 2014; present ation to be recorded and included in Panama and the Canal oral hist ory program and online exhibit. Community need that is being addressed and desired outcome of the project Greater recognition by the public of the global impact of the original Panama Canal construction and the anticipated impact of th e expansion. This economic growth will benefit port cities and the over all economy in the st ate of Florida. Improved access to historical and contemporary information about the Canal for students, faculty, and scholars, as well as businesses benefiti ng from commerce utilizing the canal. Annual organizational operating budget $34.3 million total budget (with $26.3 million in state funding) 501c3 tax designation letter See attached Estimate the breakdown of those you plan to serve by ethnicity, age, gender, and veteran status All ethnicities, genders, ages and veterans Expectations of CSX’s involvemen t and how CSX will be recognized CSX invitations to Centennial exhibits/event s, including 2 VIP tickets to Centennial weekend concert CSX invitation to speak at the Warringt on College of Business Administration CSX author invited to write article for Centennial publication Prominent CSX logo and signa ge on exhibit/online exhibit Prominent recognition in Centennial programs and collateral materials, website and publicity, including news articles to Gainesville and Jacksonville newspapers Sustainability Plans for the progra m upon the completion of CSX funding Funding will cover transportation and inst allation of the model and the Warrington exhibit, speaker and reception. UF will be responsible for preserving and maintaining online exhibits to sustain acce ss after the centennial events. Summary: The University of Florida (UF) is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university. The state’s oldest and most co mprehensive university, UF is among the


nation’s most academically diverse public univer sities. It is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities and ranks first in Milken Institute’s “Tech Transfer” Rating (transferring technology to the marketplace). The George A. Smathers Librar ies at the University of Florida were awarded $477,312 in National Leadership grant funding from the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for a thr ee-year period with a matchi ng amount of $541,976 provided jointly by UF and the Libraries. The project was conceived as the result of financial pressures due to the economic downturn that caused the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole, Florida to close in 2012. The museum was the only one in the worl d founded to preserve the history of the United States in Panama with a focus on t he U.S. construction and operation of the Panama Canal (1904-1999). The Libraries, along with collaborative pa rtners, will lead a multi-institutional centenni al celebration of the opening of the Panama Canal in 20142015 to promote public understanding of the achievement and make heritage resources available for scholarly, educational and civic purposes. In developing a network of international c ontacts for the centennial celebration, Associate Dean Rachel Schipper visited Na tionaal Baggermuseum in Sliedrecht (the Netherlands) during an exhibi t featuring the Panama Canal The Netherlands has two out of four dredging co mpanies in the world who specialize in canal work. They have built and designed much of t he equipment that is used in dredging the Panama Canal. Their exhibit featured a 37 foot replica of the Canal, with inclusion of the intended expansion to be completed in 2015. The B aggermuseum offered to donate the model to the University of Florida for exhibition pur poses, if transport and installation could be arranged. Partial funding for the fabricat ion was requested withi n the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant. If funded, the CSX sponsorship would allow support of transpor t of the model and travel for the former Baggermuseum director/conservator, Hans Wijn, to assist with the installation, as well as production of a vi deo to be made available through the Panama and the Canal Digital Collection ( The Smathers Libraries host over 100 events a year in the multimedia pr esentation room, complete with 10 display cabinets, with a capacity of 304 and seat ing for 126. The model, and sponsorship acknowledgement, will be viewed by thousands of visitors from the University, the local community and beyond. The “Global Impact of the Panama Canal” exhibit in Warrington and sponsorship acknowledgement will be seen by thousands of students, faculty and visitors to the building during the six month exhibit period. Centennial celebration:


The Panama Canal model and the Warri ngton exhibit are important component s of the University of Florida’s 2014 Panama Canal Centennial Celebration, which will attract people with an interest in Panama and the Canal. A publication will be produced with 10,000-30,000 copies to be distributed th roughout the US and Caribbean and will include an article on all exhibits and prom inently display CSX as a sponsor. A CSX author will be invited to writ e an article about CSX’s commitment to environmental leadership and American businesses and communities. The following are collaborating institutions, organizations and corporations with the George A. Smathers Libraries for the celebration: Autoridad del Canal de Panam (A CP) [Panama Canal Authority] Association of Southeast Research Libraries Friends of the Panama Canal Museum Collection Museo del Canal Interocenico de Panam Museum of Science and I ndustry (Tampa, Florida) Nationaal Baggermuseum in S liedrecht (the Netherlands) Natural History Museum of San Diego Panama Canal Society The Society of Friends of the West Indian Museum of Panama U.S. Institute of Mus eum and Library Services U.S. National Archives and Records Administration U.S. National Scienc e Foundation UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA: Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere Center for Latin American Studies College of Fine Arts Florida Museum of Natural History George A. Smat hers Libraries Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Warrington College of Business Administration The exposure will give CSX several opportuniti es to promote its commitment to helping protect the environment and its investment of $575 million in the U.S. National Gateway project to accommodate trai ns carrying double-stacked intermodal containers. It will also provide an opportunity to highlight CSX as an attractive potential employer for UF graduates in business and other fields.