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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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.yj, I..X .SUNDAY, *EMBER 14th. 1958 No. 12 PORT-A. -P .-uCE
-- ". ,-
. "** -' '' .'* : ** "t ..." ':.* ^'. F .. ." > -...V L C S N A ,D C M E 4h 1 5 N .1 O T A JN E," -
, V,}. -,- *. *.-:.. '. *.' s '" ... -..! ...)/ i / *:."," ;..l...... -..-i


aitj' ..i.e4 "r"es ok K O "f"91 aj,. Go= Fiai L
iew look.,Suindaymon-ng. General Flambert I had 27 ye'rs of .s. id1
Colotels'.who. 'wearthree' Ad Roumin" s 8had .Brig.,GCTn..%ui,:6i -.
Saara. on their pajulette .,ith 17 Colonels i mai4 hip adiutant who. ao '
*. either in, retirement or go- -Retired :..; I int iorot -t '- ..,.,
ito retirement.S)o n weere four. 1 e, 'rlref i5 : Gi...Pierre Mer-':
itan Colonels Wo wear stare wa .e.utCGolonel PierreI ceron is. ia:r:r.of:ithe," 941 -
gold stars, leaving thia. Ar-i Merceron, P6rt-a-uPriuce Policej proMotioUn,; conidersk .6b 'ie
as .. gv n a the .
ifter more than 25 years Chief who was'given a silver. the most remarkably cap-able :
.ce. .st .ia .the ranlofBkigg.Gen. -ilas: to "everi gadiate .fror --
e: by' ,Presid6nfit Dr.`-Frai gois Dix- Haiti' military, Actemy: ;
olpacing 'Maj. Gen. Mauric, a.m. ceremoe.at .. ..... .." '' ..-...
bert ho .wore -two silver tie,. National 'Palace ndy (Cnie on age 16) J-
obert .-;.C.: '" .8 l


aerican 6
,.e., 9.1"
,t JacmeL -W.O Are Be li' 4 a......
lpoae d sheas rnshor ,iie.
henaisianm e" A n
. ...... a .. .. ha. vei. w, o jn o

::uan. ne~ iT Pelrt
iboatds.p-'", .o
ui .... v. ..1-
m0 8an, 1 ', R 1,
ElatiN. B.. erow.ei r-
u.6 a:h.-- -cm a. e s. -.
other con ai o jar y;Te

i. ; j-... .' :-; a ..

..:' -,/. :,, .v." .. ..... :--''''.. :.A s s.,f. *-, : .- PS !':.]'*;"
[aer.Slmue,..aymrnt;ingedisedii ^ ^
aCeba tiit~z -hm i," .o.bn
i m f"a ..... .L
?Apnse&f do d

recbnif 4 adwqeiL 7"..

, .."k" J.. ., m :i, .0,. .. ki",s ,
The' s*i:Tbiere Cb'V iI

'b rto Be.,riz. wok wi.==.., th. beei,. i':
.u.r puic -a.nd-t ./ i' -FT T
bellkiee j ~
to.'uelo- pd'.eg c

a ,m, ied onpag'k6f 'Tot
&Ophi t~nk -,6-'te2r-'bl .Xt.r. 4 .
Ila~ltirrnt. rmeedfINWZflTL

.:.t ..-

1non .profit vrganizaltowforme^
:^-I inm Poft~au tuPir lo~'[''QgEj^

,- P.char d .-..isi H.. itin,. ....
A. ;Maurc Maximiiieii^'

"" ":?, '< a > :'. "_ '. .-._ ,_!,, *.. '-'ls a ss
6v' ,Anra an,.L materaz ia

devotec-tto :-t&arfe..

are underway -and d if the me
-- r ..,. -V ,

,1 -. m .." 1.. :
resident Doctor Frauois Dun-
Vpinig! silyrb QtattaiiiarC
l .'ee..terceron ,the. ral.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ % 1... -16 .. ,
B er-General 1dn'..QO A: M.
emoJny Sunday, at^atiohil?
ace."" "
I i
SMarine Hero -
: Congress an.
vereaux Spending
WeekendcHere ,
.. .. .. :pesV ;. S. .D '
iux ,SMC :4Ret.) tReprese&.
ive "to the Uiited States Con-
as from Marylmnd is'. pet4-'
Sthe"'wekendkjiere enro'ite
Puiert. Rico.' .,
Ais, believed that Gen. De-
piu who-is stopping at Ho-.
"Caste haitiL O.6noffinial b.,
; .. -% .. ,-. .,
students of the Pacific'war
lyrecall when'h'e Japhnese:
acked Wake Island-'Iin'194l^
bold words of the commnan-
r";of the Marine garrisonn,"'
": the- :ighi.a' C ""m a k"- "
i'wlIhf' the besieged, Gadis-
t.wated (Supplis, :e.'.) De-
kiaux replied 'send' us'more

". .: .1 -,

.-A.i .4.9 "
w.'2.narnk""i J; Y.:,.. "
INNc ilrui]&W r plil2.k
,remt vrsr ditions .as' we1i1
IS. .w. .

ixhv~fa,,..m fawsto, ,tbenii

4" ,,uogft the Giyenment.,.
1 Q 5nti~ued.. 'on",a. .)' .
v. K50Due: -.CnhU ;
Olympia ,"Tomorrou

'rresident Franq~ois..Duvalier,.seated..with Driadl~r-.GeneraL. Pierre d-& i 6MSL,'Of: rj "' I
of General Staff (fkonh let.'to, right): Ca.ptain Mow T H'bl Major M~ax ,Al&& s, tgitheait.. [Col.ns D....,.Da-,.I:,.... .
' Da eauvolr,, Colonel, Prosper, Colonel Paul Kaaue,.Colonel Ga.to Cosatf."Cql~onel;3ei%. R b"tm-'. 3' I-.A
,'.:-:..~i,. A %"I" tg,,nt4,., ,,
"" -
M '

Wn.M- Z
P IN, : V : H A M 'I S L U N ))
a yi V L Fai .i us.Germ. "..
41431$ UP PjS1.eUd
.J V &.. ... -, .,,,inn .. .., ... ... ..
..i...b"'... -an&,..,D .P t aniaf .r~setted .
4~i A P~idjtktk JUiK1&LCI OB In'HotpfMontanra
-*";:::,^ """" ." h "R ecital
'..("e a c a "*f'.tt lt -i*-d c a ll ":,.."W A ..-..,.- ',. :.-." .", -'.'" ,
jSb..-.f.ir.-t:- ti :,ie:fr, will be un4ertaken. ei h, The noted l ehan pianist,
ii'^b i Mt & kigjtt LHver and th4'jro-I and radio, qrtist,-Asira Willeke-
;f ssit be 'orga-3 e rli ; as ented- here
Iwn^ i .ar -:r t.ed- "ut2kot.i Rj. Ipolie wilr'b& 1 a n its.A't itel MtntAna:
.Wh""' ''"' on Wed-e")ybwve m.. "Alrge
___s' I:*g^^-^-' -,^' mua"""" nic.loM~&~h~pgi'A1 l atherl Wto
'as .'. '* .. '" -f' 'r'lewa fr the poppu.- bear the 'wold-fakno.us virtuoso
Aiid''nes-'n S' 1 i1 small tows and. wbhoe anomimand. of :the key-
.E "'- r c e... .M give tCrea- board, and exceptional style
W l'. '-ft* b..:d'6.(de 4 d t:cilities.'for-thepasarit'.and .as woh. her-the 'title of Am.
dvd. i_ 'g.h.&'.ei- )sa'ii'iary .coaclitions of living for bassador of the Keys.
"'Ii r:i g 'oa:tx V w"Xberie with edu- Miiss Mesiserlian's program in.:
-6idefdi i1-pr4 It children. ad,. adults.,61 ude.d. selections from Bach,.
-- ~*' *~ braiuized
i..e'".'.: i.u.::, i..S .life .organzed for -Btethoven, Brahms, Choi opi n

a..t 6h Th sos austed, beyond ..... '
-:..te n _pr p n, ,-f be- 'fertilized; "' _.
.. s, '* .'- .'-'** t-" i' **' **:. f ," ";** ,- : '.' '. *. : ''. i ^ '
V en orcials.-and '"" &L rou" increased fu ..
,d expoxr't
'S^ 'f-A ",* '*v i j. -''i "-''' "'' : -* *" '" '*" "** ^*i "' '"'' i if
: ,,-nsumption ad E
.e.. .w... ".. .o 4 .
N Aiixia.n Gen rd :.iEDiretbo,, zile ; in his :. ..'
.u"i --,r& ia et Q .?.. -:peec:. .puth thng .tie,- above .
...a&. ti-0 : .... w ih e ai w e
nniensesaid -that in!the depti
cerem w f took 6f hs 56ul was .-ot. of .an-'
:4sf Cap ~Jfaaidt^n' i '-gu.sha... thought Ia In-
,::%fl :: ii: I
:-,tn 'o"s.t:. iapeii f"6b -" capac"'e*-''I:"WOu
y^ T ttae oiB^^,B ape< ....,.. '?:..':- ..: '..'"V
a*ou -. l b
"'"' te.i" ted:.tqr g .,- t f h
B :.., "^*^A'^'4:^-g h *T' : **'."*' '* *' "^^l
y mMat f; s e ,f i : -a t.-..1- a thsix t"f n
W ;,-,,-, -towet d nt
IN.;' moabln to.at..d4 ntr.%-andt.here p" f "o r". .....':. :""' ''
,lt~;:.^t^ ~tius^ pert~h iandof thosee -who hiav4'.*'^**.-* '.*. '.*-;' *
=-:; '. : L ,: ." % :'. : *** .'3 .'* ..*'v1* ." '. t ." **"-".' : '" ', *'- ''. ..,
.;n'a-" sit- re.ne f "r "placed their con" id"ence in" "me ." "'"" "-" :
f"liherni DetpolSv did. -'fobid. '.my deviatii Nb"w : flne.i'
.oke ..of-.ip..ofo t e .straig.-,eo, -.f..,: .. -s ..
"fi,',e...,li',^'t'..l n..:,.. "- "' ': ", ,':: '-"' : -* "'. "^ ( n "" r =
"^ ftjicSqd SS^ vSti, T-'tje. added .that wth,'i. tf 't he., .e.- ..-:,..., ...- ....
-,e br;q h .*,Mi.ed-coun c -" '..:- ;: -':< ': :
,i^^ p l :.7- .,' .' --e ,..;:..::". ,. ... ,* ^ ,^ -;:*
C a" -~~, n,,i sectorr --: ,
,o an f "," ,' .y''rr' tJSO M -
f-teie people.,, '^ vrnetDepal Servic
:-..".... .... ...e'q -: fd r ,wth 'ie;:"id of the
...i...-Ct :iO.. P je& p.the dity of Cap-Hai-
"< :':" i ""

,, t.he. mat ato tie y- theaiitlre Department,
A ,. e. "'J .
ae-.ooonon wm^ill i the H4 nfjaih J r (whio aided li-=
Otitrermment and 4ieiAtiitnIt'*ih h work :Mr Hazile-... -'m H H
.... I ... -, ;f f'- Jo ,l *h.:hi
I dn O. t.'IehO.t 0ogenus)-w e

[b,!'%nS -rt' 4op '2jb. ,acawn -. :. -
:KtW&h1 #a :. fu:frther.. spoleof the coa.' '- ""'c- '7"' --

,: .,._.i.,.e'd-.tnb.tion .n made b .y .notables ot *.-.
-- no inau ints.,

d.:.A' : a.. t: rt.Cap.- -, ,N i- .
'., r p'. 'w, ', 'made f -',' M4 -,
of' and theGoo
:tA9 W .,,,. ,f I: 1

.JM ':q ,',d : ,fi ; ""- -"he .' o f "

; te. ,. .. .. e P o lt C o l e u p o n e o m ,* ^ ^ "

rin"p.t. tie..:cncretgation .of the Pan ] .e;t'ng: F nch LunQ
(_in: of- .A erca ideal-ad theGod' .*rflng en uc
dgr policy. MrBazile a Daqun service I.
4.4de t coco- .clu.ded, aAml .i. seems t '. -4.- Junior Captaii

S',enew m'.a th a it cannot-be i.puted' for b yo'ung~tt ..h R. i
.res. .to'..pu, azard that the-region, '' ... y 6the. f
bna.'oft ouit sele.d oje- ,o P'.,. -t-
and sugar hca ...,, ,efit'--. -:fln d.''the e Gd-' .. '' Superorw
Le Ifoithern.:Plain, ale M5 ra v n3nient '.. ue ',****;'' '
'L" .... :bf thO s.
^ ;4~ i to liia, 4 image, 'Uihint&d Stati f iai~thejh nie .* '. t* ii'tl:*lr A fl'S
kyfff.,V" bEintahde 44 incOmf theheo- -* VyW
of*, ervic'

it -6i2ada: t.A 'tW i e b io :h Oelcomed '- almoPst .. ..'
,ft.SA" 'h t6 .d. u .4 1. ; ,
'" :.'.,.,F.ankli Delano Noose-
~ ~ ~ H '"- "' oAe avant done, 'Ore

srlaterl~ piMi jMent rbsdt zihtiitrs-a 'i'amaut. 'for a pros-
^tt4ASiiii io# dth #diII perals, Haiti, all together mPOG I t^Fciy~ech we.
- -oppe.The protecton' TE-CLE.
: : ,: ",. .. .. -, .:.'.,:.. ,, ., .. ./ su.s).

He.r s ercelient techniques iui r
i on;'i' .Toiata' .-"deeplv in"i, 'br
pressed-:her.IAltnerst th
; ''. ,: \. r ***;. '"" ,,t -* ", : ": ".'r "*
r. .- .. o-
SIn Kbntchadourian's uVals '
Caprice* sebb proved her agility s
dexterity and precision, ti.
Her renditions of Bach, Cho.-
pin and Brahms were touched arn
'With thre same sense of 'rythbn mi
and'power, of expression which da
qualify this brilliant artist, tio



(URY-."m S.i

,.: .0 .
-^ .^' n '' n -' 4 ... -"'
** Ii ^' ^ I I I .. =*? IIII

-"- ,'.'s 'fe '
.! /^ ^ ^ -l*.^^vw


and Katcliadourian.
Her,.interpretatioi of Beeth6o.
vjn..S.n.to Largo-Allegro)
A agiosAl, egretto was virile
and passionate, opposing the
shailbws and the'lighti in'dra-
matie intensity.'




I; t i -
,.;:.. **.

y .... i

heoh with yintage Win'd. -.
Fast Baggage Handlina ,
ii and Stewardess Wingm
iar'guided Velvet Ride'.
eatures at no extra farelK.
ir 4 xury Flights also t j


with connections to
I, ,
y 6n round-tr"p .'


*. I I.*/ i I I I I 3i
Phone 33i3,, __
ticket Office: Jo,.Ndodl & .
Co..Bldg., Jos'Nadal .& Ca A
-General Agents. I, ,
or t6e y cur Travl A" -- "

' 'I'

* -'3

The. ,iA ,oci4,6i' o.':
identiof the S&acredl
jgeauWGollqge wUil-ni"
Qruing, after -t ihe -tradfi,
3U. -A. M. Mass held' .
iaypel of tb% Institutidih'g
uiize their annual Chiii
ee. Airs. Ame;Marie
uli Aimaiid-re-is Fcoil!
. Aspdciatiqr"'- ..., L.b
I, I """ -'"

Lois Kiley of Capital 'AiM
a pretty fourth timer-tofi
Her home is the 'Mointai
Yashdeu and.'Kanta DadiR
e over. from school in M
ica for their Ch'bistmaB e'
y wiviLh their parents- n'I
mville. .- .

ECEMBER 14th. 1958


g..:businessmen and- in-
st&-were told of the oh-
gid accomplishments as
Pthe .-future policy for
Etg the country's Tou-
ential, by Tourism Pre-
)octor Rhindall Assad,
s guest speaker at last
Jay's dinner at the Ho-
g the personalities who
,Beau Rivage for the oc.
'cre the members of the
ission, the members of
aonal Tourism Council
Excehlency, Mr. Andr6
Secretary of Finances

7issad stated that the Go-
irnts over the past ten
badeen pr6gfessively in-
i' in Tourism. The late
1ent Dumar-ais E s ti m6
&" vigorous stimulant to
;brist movement by create.
We-'City of the Expopition.
"iter said t'at thea pre-
jDirectors' of the National
;M.f Tourism had' accom-
ii-.-marvels in their efforts
imote this industry.
'inting out the objectives
6oned -by the National
"i-of Tourism, Dr, Assad
J:they wished to introduce
Sreaisti economic con-
t4 of tourism, and a.change
9iod, in the direction of
M affairs. He made pu-
hommiage to President Dd-
fii'or services rendered to'
cause of the industry by
ag it on a practical com-
i. bai bij--he. creation
anes- but -directed and
oled by. the Council com-
I of member uniquely in-
ed in the-.evolution of
DIM, and ansa*erable to the
rof State..
,_,,on as the Council was
I d it went to work on, clean
,- problems of an internal
l as external nature; They
'4 a- budget of $380,000.00,
hich more than- 60%' wits
1bed by a Bureaucracy leav
ry little fuilds aVailable
advertisingg abroad, some-
i1more expensive but the
-important for the touris-
idustry. $70,000.00 w a s
0--.. -. ..

.,, i. ,
owed' abroad, and $50,00Q,90 at
home. Impatient foreign, credi-
tors threatened suit and the
Council had to'-begin giving sa-
tisfaction to -these creditors to
preserve the prestige of- the
country. This year the internal
debt of- the. tourist office was
paid in full.
*For the big maladies, big
remedies., 'Dr. Assad said he
had had to adopt this principle.
.t was necessary to win back the
confidence of travel agencies,
and Directors of-the Navigation
and Airlines.- Thes' same was
done for winning hack the es-
4eem of the Advertising Agen-
cies and 'the Public Relations
Officers to whom money "was
owed. Now the advertising ac-
count for publicity abroad is
paid monthly in advance, and
they hav-- refused to sign con,
tracts for this service until all
debts have been settled.
When the Council in full 'at-
iended the ASTA Convention
in New York this past month.
they worked to have a conside-
rable increase in the cruiseship-
that will touch Haiti during the
coming season. During a Lun-
'cheon wiih the Directors of
Cruiseship services, the Council
members informed them that
with the new wharf and luxu-
rous motor launches 600-passen-
gers can be. brought 'ashore in
less than a half hour.- This in-
:'re'asee by* at least two hours the
.time ashore where taxi chauf-
feurs, tourist-_shops, cqntacts
ad" odh liizfgt ?xat 'be'done
to .make the-visitors happy..
The Council has instituted a
new landing cdrd and drawn up
a plan fbr a jiew system at the
-airport in-.agreekent wiih th6
Pan American Airways local
director. The Customs Director
has been requested to arrange
for a more rapid verification of
the tourists baggage, And all
kinds of measures bave been
taken to facilitate the tourists
exit from the airport.
The office 'of the Hotel Asso-
ciation has. been reopened at
the airport to control reserva-
tions so that the 'tourists may
nqt be detoured from their ho-
.., ,' .

eh c1ice. The Police and the
S8cial Welfare Service also have
their part to play in order to
prevent- beggars 'and tramps
from annoying the visitors, an
all important measure for the
touristic industry. -The Chauf-
feur-Guides have been selected'
according;to their qualification
and issued-new cards. An offi-
cial transport tariff is- being
printed and the .rate card will
be posted in each vehicle. -
'For the past several days we
Kave been concentrating our ef-
forts on newly legislation, 'for we
can never accept that the future
6f our Tourism which makes a
giving for thousands of families,
which brings in revenue to the
State'and to the entire Haitian
economy, be put in peril by. a
few indisciplined and undesi-
rable elements, the Tourism
President declared: -This is
the ensemble of the measures to
better receive the .tourist, and
kep -him with us longer. For,
it is not sufficient to invite him,'
welcome'him, transport him, we
must c r e a t e an atmosphere
which permits us to guide him.
Countries much less beautiful
than our qwn have considerable
advance over us from a tours-
tic point of view because they
are better organized, bptter- dis-
ciplined,. "
'Obstacles to 0 be' overcome
were itemized byA' Dr.'.' Assad
as .follows: the absence of well.
paved roads, of modern airports,
of various beach attractions...
We must protect the tourist
-against beggers and churls. His
health must be- protected.
In speaking ofthe evolution
of the HaitiAn touristic indus-
try, Dr. Assad said that. in 1950
exactly eight years ago, the
country received Visits from
8,400 tourists, and the number
has been increasing considerab-
ly ever since They were 13, 579
tourists in 1951, 17,708 in 1952,
-20,000.in 1953, 39,719 inf 1954,
49,971 in 1955 and 65,766 in
1956. A progressive increase of
from'10 to 15 -thousand tourists
per year took place from 1952
to 1956.
Statistics published by the



-- M... H' -t'
. ce trof Y
Only Day, directtN Y .

Cty s 'i s"modern American Fla Cr i-'-

-ii Mondays a.-d,-':t

W.- E.. .AbrahamI l:c r4n-.Yer^-- ^ -- ^^" g
B0uyrS1DB rrjnsPRVKrnn
oUTDOORy..LjSD "woL M r ,od-

-Ask about run IiPse- Icket
r C~lornpint accUFrSma f"~'~bl r~
- P.-. -PA.' /A"u'. L
Ru AT' LDncol"
-- ~ ~ ~ R .. iOb''DO ..a -n A .O A ",-: -" ...

- ~1'
I...' '*



Sft" ..-

, ^ _Pnly one member of the family pays full fare. All others can save $200 (dollars) '_:
each on a round trip tourist.fare, or $300 (dollars) each'if' they fly First Class. -'
S On a round trip to Rome, for example, a family of five can save as much as :
-- $1,200 (dollars)LFor reservations, see your Travel Agent or. Pan Ari. :

*Rue Dantes'Destouches-Port au Prince-.Tel:. 3451

11" P" i I.rE5... .I. .. ....Y

- I

,S,. t

L + SM-a-RCH AD1a1919


S"-i, "j
I'* .'**.

,* ,:

,L ,( -

: ., ...-'* "-.^
Si I ~

t* y4



Fiscal -Deps
tional- Bank
Office of J
the position
try's econon
was., giveh
scale-.of na
lbwed by 5
and Tourism
1953-54 the-
fee, Sisal,
third place)
In 1954-55 i
Tourism (k(
gar and Cc
1954-55 she
(irow second
sugar. Touri
' The day
comes a rea
their -said, 'w
road systemn
our beaches
electric pow
peared, iit


j~~- .-".G--
-* ': '" ^ '^ **. "- L'- *.'


artment of the Na- 'crowned .by, an adequate. t.ras-
k, and the National poriation.;i;-Itenjmj m 'poied'of:^U
tourism shows, the airplanes,. J;9sses, it i s-certai-d
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e -y. ,.. .. ..
which the touristic that coffee -whic already iBsl '
cpies in, the cpunL jectecd' to--fluctuations on the.
py. n 1952-53 coffee forei._eign et, will be. ,a'-.
first place.hi- 'the planted im tie national' econu.-' -
tiona] revenue, fol- my-by Ton.is.,.' '.';':
5isal, Sugar, Cotton .', ...4 : :4".
. In the -.fiscal "' ... A .o'n:cru "ion- Di' :A,.
scale ran with 'Gof-- stated tiat.'the atmospheree of i
Tourism (gaining peace was'an iqdispensab.le -fac'-.
SSugar aid Cotton. tor if-the tourism, potential was-z
it was Coffee, Sisal, to bring full returns.',He made ."-
eping its place) Su- an appeal to allt. wo to-
oto.n. 'Statistics 'for: their to assure a Iinmate 0ofpeiaces ,
)w Coffee, T6urism aand cahm.;to attract ,the :'yisitoia,C
d) Sisal, Cotton and to our. shares.-If- -they'arei Wa
ism continues .to' run; ured of this peacee' they wilUs
.' come tocontemplate' theli..onK- i
when the" -st try in its colorfdlnes; its can-s
of the country he- 'gs ,its originality.. :- --i'.
hlity, the orator, fur- -cThis peace 'is -reclaimed-. ....y...
ritbh, the opening of 35000 Haitian families ivn.
is giving access, to by tourism,nhe declare"--.'The"'
swhere-the- lack] ob fntiSn so .terribly mutilated 'by.i`
rer. shall have disap- 'th-uiost'vji elernt eiectoaimi .
th the whole being aJgn in its history-semandfsait')
.-.-. ~' .. ., -_ '
-. *, '* ".- -. -
-:l "* "*); '- *:" ; ^ .*


5 a 'se u auin ta u inas ssi ofReaded igs which ia. two beautidful photos ".
S:. -iof paintings by Castera Bazile and Hyppolite. .
S.. .o. r ec- .tlii pfo .p.n! aq..nt, ,, eg ,a! a p r.at eanic a
.o .. .td .^',,ol~r, ,de< i c ',Si? o~ ~ i,..03 -7 .,and(,Pe,t. r'fiotwp, h~useboY ..,, it
^fi^iP^ CIi 9j%;Wi efr .W^ i!"asp~i.ner^qm.Ftqpanic t .

%0 19 f^ie^t whlo3ngelF c ne" e~b^its.^tdfnmand tries '.ftrly,,Ca~iforntay.iPeters .,,was ta, c
an. art "leaaon The [it : to sell.tth f.Prthynj.,: ... "icisfl ane .hfie in
.,.,' 'L~g- ".nrL.Pe-- -r
ing he ol bouht 9S2(~f ,STc'3f "4 ,tiB to PQ-u 1 C~t- z~armei, ro,,a^ nqfe,
dae jwp-^ nu %-! $ff. |F-Wtp c faiyAii; ^ l$9lnrsu,. qg.? qip4 FW qd319sftvrf P ^4

"ednsdere^^,one9i^hi,fvt',,. sBtas, b.. ..,amntngj toaver~ig '.S, gvprnmenlt .on aig09p--^l, 1:
f~^ ~~civl Al uYI^e?1it p 'W thrn. ff UiF &. CRIWI@1,9, 4q rqjoila At hf nd fe days ,f

oEi :8aif B-"^ who110^ !-& 89f^.pg9lB,,an,'i .h s" oi tian. Jiigh-,cl~oo.l pupils, Peters c
... ..;.-,-'

y aopeg sP,/MW whe e, (jnteJ egqwro .qnjaa.ned with w.anderedJ .rogh Port-au-Prin-
a isn oq..lTl fcatitoj fprLa frL nnci n onate ve p

hoe, sld ^ f ~efeffSc.. ht# qf.lt.#e .$W( ia g .,a "mg, and painters. Astonish in g-
Tb-ou04 xt8; a.a qVc0,t0swct"!qhane- 9c, qe p owe. t

hf.... .Iqnfgphce iio^Es ,. .toot boy who hadt walked 30. don't jbelieve it:, h~e sai'd.,
ojgeep~jmahogan^-.n iron' rne,: owB,,frni^e, hills, with J4i,..^ ]and ,. where ;ni'sic .and. )
pn erompJl d. jq va]t t ijo,(mqel .-p, tqid waiting "n da cingt are.- ins" ftiv e ,anrd
.. ,S. So11- r.o.g ,bym,,ide,sk..,.i ...... w~h,mr,-auFe i dl,, plo.des ?n
pl .,na gaito.iW-j5ab ',. Im ,"I %. a minC no o evenrt
igtgxtpMia lbecom4. imoJqa.t4qpX ifbjelh-ewA~ paint4igs iajtis% ;ioo1nt puis P.er

HOH Irusen iahgim~ sa, aifad te~gj ~roqo.aff. e wit wand..;- *^er^ ed ithog Pot-a-nPrin- 8,ha
ap tmwhro rh tWe 6nuewiea"ns A it1i and paiiteser Aboui sbing-

^^te^"3^? f~rt8 t] e pe.x~Tnutived, awmg,6*.h lnad lh-tfirvte Bqt thyq owed.,1
S p.^seen slgns Of- atenp aebility, anjd ye...;g]r, ly ent tp4..e.u n'e
a hfoMde sdn Habrog fo tI boy wwohlawaMdbe gven his 4a propfrle itur ge ds, 5-
e. fr9 r ij1e(pi.vl0'i A a!cqtqfa waiting mx-,o4az*q.cimgge 1p9&c4iv9 -an

pi 'ua" ., .. iou,,M.....1...1naW t i MjQt!h-de 111

RnV-t..f.t anl i e; $C4hane .i...- :. '.. .. iaar. attet cqld .4 m sde-tp.0faft ,.

,wu ", q',p..;t'i.:. ,t,,e k.-x]I ,t ,- pg. .... a,. n tin w art .i ,te. -. ,ex
0r ? inorrow4' Petet sanid gejtly .igshfolsiiptipnbgd4he.i_ P'-
-f ,,..,... .oj.pr.mp ton.,Lt ...d- g.l
ha errTd thjoR.rouLhI V J al- andtouW4At hsassstngjtq.eipgl S,a1'~wq~h1I

wiv n s.n.'r ta.et w : aong .tem" tie voodo Peters started a oe-man am=
:ala-. toh f tv h
j3, Wk 4 : Ua4A 4g4ot fatl 8,iii&, Wp

:. '., .. -. his t t hrouegh.cP.rqge 1-P
Fx.pIyate d&ftflHaion. a boy w!qaril.l be 4ivpier
rtzon odl~ I l. h u tt isah' n Pt 1rap ,has rib~ Jk o5 Iffl d r i. A tonis ingn
Do~ra o ar 4 t' fb,*9j.4-.4 e 4L49 W L'=
.9 'rA~- y R9 ftki boy anwinoinhage 4o.1O o fo0 d aristsi.tecniue Next
them th w'tigIin voodoo Peters tared a ne-m .an:La-
justf tale*pnt-*ioio6dek0-*-
4y y1 ,expl- 'de -n



- C ..'- : 2

>aign .6 get Hiiti tq. set uip a group exhibition
aatiopal art.cente r. For months painting. An en'hd&L
e hIaiited' offiil, ]ureaus, mostly goviermie
selling his cause, but skeptical and well-to-do Haitia
:. :"" /: aid 'c ainn... J i,"
;fyerflmer o 66iia ltf"Iie ard t& iai'; QAW
o say 0no 'Finally Peters got :pamting 23 were sol
to e he rie iesiiit of tle coin- Tt-'' aiiives' s6 ,tti
-y, "ftief LeZcot. wnowere destmea;d
"l,. if
".fi ,":e .nm .. I -. .,tK' "h -.r "? ":d ,C'|
;onted on', Peters says, ,was t oo tuni dto.,ve i ar
on] F r "J- Yatv
shared enthusiasm for paint- 4ifsLt day,; ,'out outsrl
g. The Presiident, i his youth citement was uniesf
nad tried his hand at it perso- tiers lead a clamor
ially on neckti~,. L'escot of his office windob
ittea ,- .. "a in o (p i, ;.,tjV .Ii .l J .1
..tea has phone and in one its messengers ietw
mnmuite de thrdit ihrustrai- 6the framer with a
ions of nmodths. Ain empty staite- wrapped iapamtn.g he
Sontroed masion was maade 4uyous, ppaudg r
?vailabe, anid itf hait s d i Na- &9e'. Thei, B.ait.a
i'o'' i" A *.n-er.'** ,,' :JS I''i i .'- "i ::
iona At centerr. & movIed y the ta6e1&
In May 1'944' the Center o. d-Sr own' counry
eed i doors to tie first (Coninue o



i^D'Y DInNNEi']

At Hotel St afllf.
Fr- o :' a To 1& P. U7
,Froim 1:00D T& 8:00 P. M.

S" $ 2,75


Teldph6ne; 5'.S,
" 1 ^ ...

W HAiti .

.-.ene name stands out




- :--Oa'


.': *" -*- -' --~ '= =. =*' j" "
- .. : K' t ^ e. '. -. ., .:

' d^ms. WaTCHES
"" ", :IT FREE



a. a

Si T I. .. I., W E, 1,R. i
0 s TEHIL BEtlED 7319 Q..

S tle ICI P/~ ia-^^t'*ict '-,.S',^

We sincerely hope that you will have a nice time in Port-au-Prine4 and we are looking forward to being
of serviesto on in our store and factory, where we can offer you an- immense array m f fituritew,

bowls, trays, carving and a sculptures.
,; \ ,, .. ,-

David and Wally

'flDAflF' 9ur KA.



"*M&AWns! 6AP CRSiSERsN #OsHqps h5$Ottk?-104
] ] I 6? Nf.... 1-b?&] i SHQPS RSSOC/RTION I



*~g.j~ 11)21MM E~q.-aW


* a

*I ; *^ .

At." -


= 1



DECEMBER 14th. 1958 C SS.flU Sfl~ a -

. -, "____^
'omxunnity Weekly Published Sunday Monung

-ashnoot wuen you see the-whites of their sails)
fte--ofce hospitable-coast, where villagers and fishermen
&ed. the foreign sea traveller with smiles and humble
ie.s,"all is changed. Today, 41,2 months after the Mollie
into Deluge and landed an invasion force the
e is different. Now coastal. peoples' smiles turn sour with
[Jn on sighting a sail or motor yacht and interrogations
.,placed greetings. Gifts are no longer 'exchanged-it is
4ten an affair of gun fire. Hardly does a week pass with-
e.being an incident with a-yacht on the Haitian coast

.incidents are bringing Haiti world-wide notoriety.
rto Rican yachtsmair recently told readers of El Mundo
*.had enjoyed bullets with his breakfast while anchored
P.ole St Nicolas. A lone round-thq-world yachtsman, in the
on Globe of November 28th, told of his personal experiences
-g two days in the Jacmel prison, for sailing int6 the har-
'.Instead of bathing at Carrefour- Raymond, he enjoyed a
jlong with twenty other prisoners. ,
i.e latest of a long line of incidents sent up a. cry. that war
titaimost around the world. The yacht cEleutherias which
j.up from Aux Cayes during the nikht and anchored in the
V-e harbour awoke'suddenly to the tune of bullets whining
iid them. Their '-SOSs Mayday call-for ,help, we are being.
Bsd,u was heard in Puerto Rico and transmitted to Haiti.
.e.e is still a certain amount of- suspicion surrounding the
&f:fthe -Extravangzas which resulted in the-death 'by drown-
|.f'a tafx collector at Abricots. .
"is .understood that the recent-change in the Armed Forces
Ilso change this situation on the Haitian coast.

|he four-and-a-half months old-Censorship was lifted this past
iicn incoming and outgoing cable news .This is fieralded as
jfiportant step hn the right direction. "
Jnisorship has done:.great harm- to this Nation.
lbe free flow of .4'iS will help redeem, toumis and squelch
estoris such. as.lit appearinfig in a column in a New York
T., Dec.ibe jj%, 4gq-the effect that Haiti *as on the point
gshootit.g -match. Columnists print these planted .tips :*hen
. know the" county is under censorship.
censorship is interpreted abroad as meaning all is iot well
te country that maintains it. Itnourishes suspicion and')aiin-
:.sympathy. rn&-a recent editorial we reminded readert';that
Ber countries nor persons are islands, .but are a part-of the
& human.. Continent.
ik-tators and totalitarian governments, go to greatest lenghts
&der to mould all their citizens into one miould of thought.
kse efforts constitute proof not only that human nature utterly
kts the idea of thought control but also believes that only
4a process of debate and interchange of opinion the best me-
-4of exchange for all f coud be evolved.
oTftaire's: declaration: -L.disagree with every word you say
-I shall-'defend to the death your right to say it, still stands
the epitome of, the right to differ among- civilized beings.
acts, however are different..Facts, it has been said, are sa-
SAmd it is often in the realm of fact that Censorship is most
tiful. Too often it permits the facts to became distorted, and
#often irremediable harm is done..
When the people of a country decide they want the tenor
t-e news dispatches changed, they themselves must change
flavor of the news they make. -

. (Under American Managemtn)t)
" 5 Minutes to .Downtown Port-as-Prinee
t^,- AT
8? .*

Censorship Lifted
Port-au-Prince, D.ec. 11, 1958.

Dear Editor:

I commend the lifting .of cen
It was as if -somebody had
put Haiti in, a small box ,and
was sitting on the lid.--After
.four months she is out of that
Vox, flexing her limbs free from
suffocation and-breathing deep
ly of the healthy fresh air. That
is what censorship bf outgoing
and incoming.: cable news was"
like. "
Censorship hihdt&dd progress:!
atd ewas a great liability both
to the Government and to. the
(s) Affected. -

Charity Ball For..:
Benefit Of Haiti's
Handicapped -
Riviera Dec. 19.
Proceeds from? the .Charity
-Ball' to be 'givn by the Haitian
Associationr-f6r the RIehatilita.
tion of the Handicapped, on
December 19th., will be used
for the -three centers now 'func-
tioning1 here.- The grand. Fete
will take place at Hotel Riviera.
A quality jazzhband, folkloric
shows, and, contests are being
organlz...ied ld r iKeoccasion. .
ST.e centers whZ4le iandicap-.
ped children are being "rehabi-
lita-ted are-located at Rue des
Casernes, RIue de la Revolution
and at Freres, in. Petion-Ville.
T. he mEcole Saint Vincent
Pour lea Handicappesa is main-
tained by the Episcopal-Mission
in Haiti at Rue- les Casernes,
with Sister Margaret Joan as
Director of the work.


1954 Studebaker, excellent
condition Apply No 42 Rue
Fernand Riviire Canap6 Vert,

S'' Au

g .. x

.'' --'-T %..'1 -" -' "" "

V 7-

.4d2..' "
."r > + ".^ + ...'." ".- ,
And PETIONVILLE. rternatiOniiC- Antabi
*-. .Chodconil .- ;;-
HOTELS: BeauRivage, Cas. FLOWE S Ta
zelhaiti, International Country : OUSIIn SERVICE aii&
Club, San Souci Hotel, R ie- SIGHTSI.
: : = ... .; .. .... .
ra ..Hotel Simbie Hotel, Hotel and -Magic'I und-Tu
Plaza, Hotel Splendid. At, ,-fIs t hiDve: Het
.-.- ". Sy s: .-' ,"tem .~" '. -..-*' -*- .
'* ; .. ... .....,, '! .. .. : ,

.J h ,-- ... .- ... .; ,.

sanes. Nobbe & Bondel, Sa.o tel Diambila-.-,dIb&abX .
,.-: .. -. -A ( h i o .. '. *:,( ": :-7;. s,..-,"..-t.-t.:

.Restaurant. Ho* V. il .-,,.... :.r.:a.
; *; .>.^ -. =* ': "-( -..:-C ,^ '' I "..;4;L:-.<.;. *? -j .-:', "., "' :

lb .n Sou Ho ve- SCreolel,Hte;lBt.Hiestic7IT .-P
GIFS HS S:HOPS.LEa iele ^chojJE 4igifl
Creole, Boite iia"' Mi15..e.,(all AT- ,HA T ,: .,-l :.
Haitian records), HCaiaoYer HOT ELS:.
Fisher, 'Friitz Mfews,- ,Haitiait Clurhstdplae- -^^
Craft (Airport), Mbe on roien-tb-,, -- -Io .W*vo
tale, Marie jea hne,"Na otte '""RoJi "
(embroideries). Ramireiz Sh. Eop, '- 'J"ep.rt c tai ve. .' .
Store Club and. Ta-Tm. -I R lJee:;_

.. e. ,-

--7. "B^ -^ :

**- Xjt rWES^
jk. -30"

.* ..: -. ".:. ...--....'.. .. ,_ .. ..
nfl 5Kt f
'...4'.. .,'t2''x7 ,.--

GI S s^ p ;:. .' Im" -^SS-'Y' ~-'_".+ la '""'"s--'-' ^s'

*~oe .B t it .-. *.. aI,,/ATT T *-"*-*": '* -^a'i''

-. ..- 4 rr. 4L a.-- W 4 --C,0;,


tD -t' ... -d.ttf+ ; .d ..-

.. -.. .: -..-: ,-. -' .
c-. Aro,.mlo ,,4s'--tahMuwv.+i' ,
A.......cfh fl ..... :;6

Thrftiffh ts PterdwIf dStart'i^^
Forcomlee pfrmatiqutnt-^nlob -.Ngl
Stampr~deis) and-ther: detail- whici.i^

P-..O -o :_.723-,:. -- "' xA" -L
.' '-' '-' :

-p-- ,eam'-.

Di.-co :nt 'tin, tA-CtN 1Q -


For"- coplt ifraion in-' H" i ""
I... ... ..


+ _m .... :. : i ...:: ."- .......
Thro-ug-- ts'--"gta ...'s ,.. ..::+ ..
..rco ple e nf;"a 7 .-, -
Stmp ad Ohe _.ta~. w._ d o,. 1-b :=

iDECEMBER. 14th. 1958

a JRAM *Ln ,


(",: .continuedfr:o pge I)t : usually just. perpetuates the got under way. It was carried KL
^rcporLt &n "f ituation and abuses.: What they really re- forward with hard advice and Peru'
rc9-ir AiiWhat. they real
., P.iaker' commandations. .quire is tough economic reform.n expert knowhow instead of the' deve
.'.-. idi. aid.zig onh the\arri- A Hiartard economist turned crash programs and big missions es by,
i.ryvi.and miission.of the 'techn- management consultant, Dr that cause criticism of our In- He b
';.al counallbr., Le 'Matiti said Kleihn can back up his state- terhatiorial Cooperation Adminis es, sr
Y:in its Dedember .12th. edition.: ments.-. tration. holde
- c cOne.cainnt }ut grve apprp- .CaUl e n to prescribe prosper High amid 12,000-foot peaks struck
Sh:--ation to., measures as logical ity fo Peru nine years ago, at Cusco, 350 miles from the made
a! ,'*'.. % -."", ', ..
4.ind-as.-matlonal as those taken -fr instance, Klein found a wel capital, Inca desehdants react, iridus
,. ',.. .. j. r(| ..
2 *b.*y iie. Government at.,a :t1e, fare state with private enter- ed to demands for a bigger ed ai
'..hen all ..countries 'are. -cal prise hamstrung by so many food. supply by agitating for Way
, ..j.A technical coiellora..-fior 'contodls .ind tEaes that the eco the government to take over .a h6ni
.tp &study of. theii speciic na-' iomy was stagnating. There large part' of farm. management S. c6
'.6' W i of r~ Ls si t ag at n.jua
%y ti l problems Ies.po bp. weo o controls over prices; ex- arid responsibility. Klein hurri- 00d
7!Frtiat tIese, specialists .wl j'1 irts, imports, exchaiige. Prac- ed there with the appbval'of 1vffil
dt a we0p ci;zeiveiA l.pan and' .tically e66i'y phase f 'ecoriomfiic, the President. jobs 1
Swhicl .'above all ..will l'aLe i"ito life. was harassed by an avari- t h t Un
:...: .;:.:::'jii i -' *- **. "'. -' ;u ,': ", -*.;'- ." ., *** .-.f -*- .. *' *- ; .... ;* *-U
He. covncd' '""a""
7. ..account the i realities of this Aous ureauccy. that ey
rios-breaucay hey~
countryy 'ie- Bidalnce -of psy- kkli' itd diit e hutcler needed instead, a low interest
m1,, of .., .- .resn a _- shops aM over Peru were empty; agicultdral banking system that p
audz the "greaiter-s itebt
Qtca e g cared in e reaterthere was so little relation bet- could finance crops and provide W
." '*' iS.','t;" .:*'.*;l.,; <:*" it.... l ', '.'.S l' t.' ii-,, i. ,,a ,,*,,;', L, .'* .. ..._ a
--part by several .preceedag years wen-, the posted gdviriiiiient ihovable 0pols, of machinery to [8u
Yft.anaciiu.'a .ndeepensve eak- p.ce n '. uia cb tat be. snared by.. the farmers

.ic^ fl b9F F S e. o 6ff yoir. mreat pnie con i an' organization, already expe-
an-d' Dtgm.: J F.'hf.elt 's mm itelyF he demazi riencedin dealing with persons .
oa ePx/ i ox ,..h -opraie Thn.
S-. of Spanish background; he-br
PRSd:IS--dR '0 '- Wene. this was fitiafly done rowed an executive who in. lesi
Ia:1 az A- .1L over ,protests. of the bureaucra- thiai a' yea tran formed a semi
...C.N ... ...E... cy, Uae cattle that growers had dmiant overn, nt institution ..0

A-"^^ '. 1-? heen holding back started cdii into .a thriving development uvu
stiens^u jiour oiBt' ing down-to the shops in droves.. bdtldng bbaiA will yfounig Pe- ^04
S "...l.. """ Pri`Tes fells i .tedad skyrocket. ruviars already in .training' tope
air". --' ..." ing.'as the prr e of 'wi& taken\over. Meanwhile, to get n-
^St,'or.g.mr'ar;.," erhles:1? '. s w:lv**" ...i. ,*. fishim
there :.r._ :ii i -i i'j"ti ooQntrQib .. had predicted. Meat men. who would teach new me-s
C r i Wao ... ..
: "" ...... tA.' again beca^ne "a ofthe., natiol thds to the farmers, Klein, paer
rc"onsi ta 4..'-' o,. tii .lat diet,-eand stock, farmers had ,LTtherin, relied on doubled
:u ::-sm~ant*//wffosends ou .l .,* .- '. -Spanish- and .

ct-;.;-*,.." ". ..: ....... "r ..... icsh to spend. -' "' ". force of missionaries ient from KL
-e.rmiands. fr f -n."A --.....'.-^..' --' the United States by the Catho Klein
K^f.ieee r :.t7E Ahi"f.......... FREEING AGRICULTURE. lic Maryknoll Fathers. uThey'l.. buri n
....e.e e "ll '4 U I ...Now .you see hWfi controls understand the people better restm

&i:.-.conniV;bz ,- o oei under Perua, .Klein explained. ihan mor bureaucrats will, Unitei
.-tron. He -o cost ,,-. ga6,.. -,- d .ea
4)ayerr^y' E.t i- his mnethi. '._ NoW':ift pricb controls from he said. a Knnd E

rstadffibthe hefdof tiae- eVtr yin g d-e. 'Take offmport -hen
:.'isCn tries 'f ovCr th5 world t'ltnctionr. End artificial rigg Successful Cattle and sheep wealth

"'re stilI sick from wartime.and ed exchange rates on your cur- reductionn increased. So did Real
|postwar .excesses, costly re n,-c y., Encourage investors corn, wheat, potatoes, sugar. same
snd" ste. explains abroad' put' noney into worth Two years after having to ir- perce.
-gigantic :"wase, ,,oi pre
,i.rl e while-busiess ventures. Elimi port. 40,000 tons o rice, Peru condit
i^et"',z ieiie.t' .e..t he .-... Bu.. na.je b~aniers-that prevent ttien* sati'ied its bwn needs aid ex- tens c
^^ -lr re i|-'anc Dorme~stic from exporting their profits. Do ported 30,000 tons. The agri- not oi
"'.and iow lead of. these things and free enterprise cultal bank has evolved into county
l.e.i] & .:Saks, which-fr. a ge-: will enable Pern to 'rise to the country's largest, with-70 the t
Eira 'has" served as businesS, hpighls, impoasibe in a'y so- branche'as "nd its own agricut- Thi

_ZratgtoAmerican"i'ndustries aistic state. "'' t tural experts ftar btter serve its peare

ri.n govern' enl... s. ey In time; Peru did all that important customersnathe men and
... .getwell if they rely Klei- asked', and tle 'biggest with dirt ,on heir boots whd phase
pgitti *fromr3 ab6road,..That' boo .in its history, ,gradually ,want to better-their own lot. of the
"'"5 ": 0 and z
...i. -.*. n" I-a the'fe
o Lunc, Din e Have Cocktailsd that

the Unite by, the e-thepc
|i< M l.... By Bey The eSEA-SIDE.-
i-. .'c il 0O- 'd' Vsia

... ... n.uu M.D M LNa'--"Lti
'.'i'a,. :' wil, -fashior

if sk; S-peatflh, Snorkei Water-Sk ipon

'a-:, And Sail In. Safe Coastal rg

i 5 f i'ti z 10: -cWaters From t Kyona gi vena
a -"00-Order
u1-'h bsns ." his aic
i ." :. ". p t i. n s sc
R:.-1-zf,, ci ..d11Dridc from exotn thi prfis Do 'pre 3000tnsch -nto
'-Sa 6-r.. J'd -a hs h s nlfe ettrs uti~lbn a vle nocu


ein's mission modernized
's government along lines
loped for the United Stat.
y the Hoover Commissions,
brought in business machin-
diffed out superfluous office
,ts; established a fair tax
lture. / Then, as.. all this
e for a climate in which
try could grow, Klin Id6k
round fotv investors. The
was patred for thb Sout-
Pdiu Coppet torp., d U
fibihe to spend $20b,000,
on a mhiihg ddelop'heht,
hfigs thuis fair pfovi'dil
for g,d d'-persohs.'
der ,the. dirbEtidta ..of Hir',
'H -or;.e Jr;, die, of the
L'n leadidi 'ieopi*Wscal: en-
rs ,j niew-,bil t bloptib-n
*&A., Sfl*aji ,,.p ,. 4tfih
flif iflE-1I niM copinpfie
e. l"a-rgesui' pt,
development. Instead W
itihg-tiih cBmpoitlti6tl; Stahl
o' N&4. Jeey,, r rich-pre-
.- MP. tW flbte-pr'tt
taoitslr; wiAs krb efiour'g
." "th .Jtl d ii 3ifft

tev e i6tnt' v prtdai of
wit A $g,dbb,ddd e- ieii,
r project'also was started
imulli6 wenit..Into new
-M8 wii. .ii '4'
g, food' processing,. Tire,
,r paint textilesi chemicals
... ;. ,: ', -. : .. .'
weather industries. .
mission left Peru in 1955.
g its six. years there, iiri-'
ents by. .itizens of .he
d Statst, Canada,,Pei0n
,urope'ii'.b0ta^ e
value of.', the:. country's
h producing industries.
national income in the
period' rbse nearly '50
it. Jobs, and better living
tions, were created-.-for,'
if thousands of. persons,
nly in Peru but, in eery
ry which contributed to
e reforms have not disapi
d despite a nxew. regime
ttampts to reverse certain
Sof the program."In spite
e grave declines in copper
inc prices,' Peru is. one of
ew countries of the world
have abandoned most of
iost-war controls to exchan-
ports and import. Peru-
)olicies 'toward foreign in-
ent are' still recognized.
ong the most liberal in
America. r

at Klein stands for is old-
tied American enterprise
idividualism with modern
sibilities. Peruvians have
e for it... sThe''Klein Doe
Their government has
him a decoration-Tlie
of the Sun. Other govern-
-Brazil, Venezuela, Chile
uatemala have sought
)untry can follow our ad-

vice and get wdll bd"
s answer to it, and to'
else,,, Klein expains.. Q
deral aid officials'can't`B
such. drastic remedies.k,
being resented as age'
foreign power interfere
some-body else' go9.e
Their only alternative' .
to make the patient codf
with expensive gifts ':a"
vice.u '

-Bhk-at the outist of;
War I, Predident Wilh bf
Ed yohirig Protfss6r *Ri
Harvaid to- est'abisnlis!
American Division it.fl"
partmi'ft oif Cus:lbec,
attdh4 serc' in gautit
f~iid i'c i -
a. ie,. hi -"fist .st

Sgdbin' to '" waite. Hie
*hreeimothsU puSr g:
hei mfuitd for wbiich hein

over herop sd *hi nAr
'ilT-" ., .. '. =*-" *

,W ,i'y not set up a cd

overwna U. S. fritrops ,that n
away.. lie,. 'uge. Whe3

".and expeie.ce, h~e had'odc
rtment of C.ommerce^
down. a. T. S. firm. that i.n.g
its. money and knowledge
them. He had -aliforni&5.
e iperts of .Spanish: ba'
brought in,t6 hfdlp ..C
Towers improve their pr
and make it fam.Os .-.
cowioissers every-where..*i-
.. Klein's work wai.so s.
lari that ,he waa b.orro-ed .'

to take over te Dip
SCommerce's -Bureau- of'
I ~ 'i ...''3
'ign and Domestic CoY
for Secretary Herbert H
nnd build it, into a PO
instrument of mutual ,iri
tional assistance. .

Through all'.this-the Kleins:
ed a modest two-bedroom,
,ent in Washington. They,.
.i't move when "Hoover, onj
'"ming- President,. 'made
.n Assistant'Secretary of
merce and top professiona'I:
ministrator of the departrn4
One 'of- the tost unpreterintii
men in' all .Washington, KI
gave away his five-year-
Chrysler because he found li"
need for it. He bought a "
suit only because his wife:
nal'ly handed his threadbt
Dold clothing to the janitor.'
Klein oversaw the sending'
commercial attaches all to.
"'he world from the Depart.mi
of Commerce, but they -we
inlike too many of today's.:
plomats and ICA represent
tives who may stay 6nly brie
at a post, live aloofly and rare
bother to learn the "langa
Klein's associates settled .6.,4
for years as part of the comil
(continued on page Il).

L, DECEMBER 7th. 1958

^ y.. .

flRT& IR& i

., .. ,. o ", ,%*


Which has the best imports from all the corners of the world. You
i..U.S. prices with your duty free allowance of -p200.- .over 45.1
.days outside U.S.A. Fisher's will be a realshopper's paradise. Net e
.t modest mark-up, because everything is-concentrated io'ene large
1gest assets in buying, at Fisher's>
hriain -,Liberty of Lbndon Falbrics
iltonu.and PWrrin'Gloves Ilawiek
tland Cashmire Sweaters Lubin
c.in Veil iKnize Griffe Perfumes
0oleon -- Godet Louis '.De Saugnae Cognas -
iqi.ifr. De Montesquieu Arniag1ac De Kuyper -
euiirs --- Aalbor Aquavit Danish Porre-
q.s and Silver- Spalding- of -England
portgoed;. ,
^*.. : *; : .:/. \-. -. .

.'.. '; ',"


..:FAB Sr.- lofS^ 1rjlLC^

% iievreDress'- Blouses skirts
en I..hrts. Cuban, GGayabera Shirts -
nSilk Scarves Swims Haadlterchlefs -
.Linens aladed Bags Petit-point Bags
ashmire Sweafterm xPsrrn eve# -
.f non li

~~~~~1 .. ."-%:... 7!

Si-anogany .u,,ty go.k frou ow workshops ::.:. ..- '; <
Sisal agdStraw'geods -- VeiMDIn:tLsr--h.,.
record& 14l 71mw Mlae Sats Q .l
--'*: **, :,I, j I I i ... ....*. ..... .. .i, 7 ."

7. .. ,

t'ti-mg .=.- .' ," .-.,",'. *"* ... ". '-, L qu u s B anf,^ -
"I"' s' :, ., .', .. N. :,


05- 1--
\,,,. ..,, ; o,, .. ,, Sla h ^ a B .'; .," ..**'*-.*, ..,. '*',.. ';."E'rce& <| .. : "-.W ^e**^

*/.'- -, ?! ^- .... '/ .. ... .... ;... ... .. (.;.


-'-1 xZ.
Liqpueurs L Bande -

.- .... ', : ,- *. .,-Ba .ing & Groendi ;ahl .,. ..
'~A L 1;gff&? S~ c s" ** ^ ^^ B y l e ri n a ^
*..'''" ^ .*^*. .. "' -' "" ^ ^- wlft Bw r^^
*.r.~ A smnAUg:o ~ in. NC m
Sisal sad *, iw'g^d- -*-- t** d ..D .i-.,Urrw. $...-: ..: .
".'tI W "t e h .- -. *; ,. .: 4 .. .
| 4; X'5. z "" '' ,4 v o."..l ..
=: .,. ,.. .-. V:.. e P ra nk,. Ate ml.- a..- n.:,. .;.,. .
.. ." *. ., ..' -- -o i^ _, U A 'r .'.<.'.' ". 'f m .^ ^

.'-- :' -." :" ".". .' -^ ^^B
Fr_. -. ....
.: ,. .. :;'" -,, ..:,,. ,W- ;r-w
t /..- '..:-".". ;, P b.""'w i
i ., '" : ;, ;. ,. : .:. .:?.

] ./ =" III ... f "..- .. *,.,...* M .i *.. -
" ;- : ^ .*^ .^' .*'..'" ." """ : ., ~ :; ;'i ^ '

'" r ^ ";, ... '; -'." -:.'.**" .- .- i'v.";' *. ..-: ,.''^
; 'i .... -* '.^ *"-"..

H O P,. ,t-0n.?;6.

/ .pices cl.,early marked o.nevery ." e- .
..- ",.Where-a well-trained. and c...teous .stf: ............
j^^^^C^T-S^help you to solve tyour shopping reblems,- 4'.i*. .'
Fi| Where checks and foreign banknote p are accep -. '
S'tel, and yur purchases shipped.We n w:iell gladl
give you free information about U.S. eustomU -
cau ,ill up to'%, g*ulatious o*'id shippuigeosts -. .-, .--
...uis and $ 500 over -.*n I ..' -.

.ly free po-t prices .. :.
!building. Are yotr : /< ,--. V^ ^ ,., '.*.A ^
m :. .4 r .e.

HER'S SH, .P,...CENTER ... .
., .., ;
'gi e .ou f b .;.. a io a... _S:-! -.u-. ,,... ..:.

atian* zsfa'hl4'sgwtS`t
..'f e ., rl- e po-

,- ,, ,1 "': '.. : .'!
3. building. Are:yon. "
iH r-_S-.,ii /. .. C-.- ., .-N T., ..'.,' .., ..".,..l
,// "" 4Y .N-T iVE N C4 0. "'";. ". R:
.- '| s .... L .,".-%" "IWOO.


.. .tU,.....S.... SUNDAY,.DECEMBER

<<" '- .... ". ....

* K, : ",=?
-t- .,INF'I.j- se-s-._, aiums
.1. -. E W.f "UEE.fl.S

.. .......... B~~~g'$ ',.. ,,
< .___ __ I 'Ib.IA."-- '. 5-'a s.".-



f .

the best parking places in the city, where even men who pay
a million dollars year income tax cannot park. All this comes
under the head'rng 4gki*Ing 4lhe b.h.'.je son of the people the
opportunity of F.td.Lg.'.. imselfr.
I expressed, th^ 4^hi h ,: I., tai', er j-'-
ponsibilities ''li lyjv4 iJl" '.. .' e. 'e '.ave'
tvo-taoi. M W9XrdC t^.w iS9P 1''s
hours. They work froltj /o1jt"T'. ..o tq | -%om 0 p.
m. to about 6:30 p. m. Water that, whe.i .^^,a tax, .w}tl
have to do is to walk down to Sa.n Lazar. and .r to ,.r

|1-",w+rp lat for an- a6Vi-tmeifitt however a' h .to ,6
'il-fi f .0, .* 1 *j .. .. "'S .. l ., ~ j ,- _, L-. g. .ir
i. A4, entered the sacondo tid l int& *rv. asked tl
&olnm our'.ar to .gve hii a. pus.,, or,,s li call it 3topj
44i :telooi-Wesllowa..- s ,'kof capitpliim, .o.v16ver,
...-.-...j.'w'qe hm r e.ain there helplessly
-< --N -' i ....
, 'r innda4, Jtld Mari& *at" it was straikg,, to me
:chap dl ~~n ajkjthe frt$i
EJ^ram rn~d$ Rau $Iged t at i1-.I were. a'pu'lic can'
tt -:'.l me wee kept in perfect order.
_.'p het h ai.p;d-" 1 to the responsibilities
SI'> tW r *. mie 'licp tat driver,. not only here,
^ W& w4ttji.asnedfor a nominal fee,
,-"-"-;s& .



Snails, Oinrt



- --s i. .a
:. :'
%.-:. .

Ion de Beau


Phone: 512 -4

'Etsy -Pierze-LJi

late of Madrid' (

e .. -

a .".

i",~. :.: ...,,... .i ,.asg it is whirling. along towards the Pra-io or 0 arue Mace, a
*. ..'; .. ..-process which taes iout 20 minutes to half an hour.
S' .... ;:" ... j... "~ -' nc hc a e 4ot2 rdoerJaqeMco
--Ah -Th mimble d re Peole Ne dr1 atlfh '.tni-who 'arevery'
^ -:--- W ^ f sS t e "**'* '* ".P, D.'TS ^" "^ -^1 T"- J .-'"
A~.., : .O..-:, .. ,',. .. cityeof fi, act .l% iby RU,.o awot ha d Sal
.At" "U "
hear d; ,, ".. .' ..v :.-,-" -t h" .. .mes Iand very freque ly th ,'No he hecho la ctuz. mean
'2ot.bnce but qn man.y.OcCif i hIve en and, heardmthe imes. m -m. ..
X.AL.QI Isf -vIw
p'ng, cap to, a 'eL.,t 4eI .Myt]
...:.r---" "x ..>.. ""'"'r :-.:' ... on~eeztion, is q, Y ,-fo ,-r_, M. r
i-a -calital e .tpluite t 6f: t me aes, -and adding injury con. e ons vaiaflp tor mnl e -(
TlaaTICosr #!m'g 4!w hfaoto'feq rhsnlc of blimess I;~le W
44rt......... w im ...pi c wit inj... t .... s"mtiej ,~~ ilyu~o tn
,t I .... S I.. .. .O N,

edrt wd.-en. one examinq of the. party of ae. L !Lt.,y.r.
:-.,t. r .no d would0t o t anyone.: ,I
M-04 dso6ne fdthiatesatarted -life:as i'oesghjne boy or
r vendi?'f- newspapers'. By -working eight -hours a day,.. Te aov.saon iujed to.q e..'ggM. .and I .ade the statement Gradu
gi> iS. k u o ~t L .ea't~g'on, ujLt;'f oall purposes no. ...nee&. '
lig9n/, amhnmiri of food, -weartpg on suitl fr alt purposes, thjat djer6's I nea& for begga ;to haveto 1qg for f o&L What
i:cohiA zitiy applyng-ha-.ingedty to t various problems hey tuay be for' is money to put in lbe 'hank. Even lit,' -' "
...cr.p..senfe.,d. th.emelyes, "he adl. ae: to .t..r.. P olice. .en y -, the cse of the dnaping of a young baby,
prito off a --dnpi~gof
,r,. -a-"n:.e ...- .' : '. :- "':' an .organzz d' ra-ciet 'and the babies are.w
-inst 6k.nin
.- n:...:-.:'_ .,- r.the t ... ... .. .
-Th e' "'i -mo- .... n ... .. .. nenede'for the.Ibeggars to haveZZn their arns to attract sy mipatdby.
,T~hen, listed .-p f edmg'41 money in -the mang- ank._a- ,:ie "---. .... -,
..... -:, ... .... .. mSiuome of t'e .eggars in thi own own apartment hoiges an.n
.raon the'iba mcie;o dvtg-4is time to iitandig On ., .,* J f
.. ;,..o- .,,.... res.....* devo.. g.h t .oat .t..nding.1 on i tated that if- any effort were. made to' remove tbimn to' some
lie, street1 ,a^krka3 .-?r"jcbornie.or shelter where they would be given anldthm n g.Ad
O jd.meals,'a day, .theywdulcf pro test hittey rnd .hie .a 5
^jh^dy^ jJ j.S)dh' __'qt~i-^ky~te&^r^^ 1 I. w*ji~secure a writ of habeas corpus. They ddikneed .food
MEi hes They eid money ..'o buy property .and., ok u.l
R.teI&,ht L-y. ey 'I ad,.is ,' ". ta.:
-4 1. ....j jfr ;a
` it t% atApoint, our driver, whose language .tipngasI, t^a.
..... "a ""a,,- .."'.- ",. ". i ,s l
"--..- *ery. go, p intrje 'ct him:If.to

nlryi6ill* thai- s.ai 'ywist m- r- A

i~ ssiid^plig ^ grde -''Trity stalng .!. .. p -tob rep ese t :' ""I ..sai.^m tig vb[ .. .. H "
o,,. comparingtxi

...heve. 'f e Te lieds h 4'am not. Quite apaaert--dm--n I ai 7
-s J-talking to you- and. Vit you~h ib. .
r '.-N--. .. -h ..h & .a. n i
"i 6 g wr r Man 'l d er sation, your original language i" ._
lRiav' Weveirdone .a-edBeverA p e U1e an f4 i
w^inaacnra'r-W -b wag staying andthehpssat ntIdon ge np P,
NO, 'A" '" '
UiLarIpnwit'sthe vontrzstianab1 th iiefthe it bums. I wif talldtg u hbeso n oft y pole

Igda' s^r^e but he gassngrs whc ./'." de &hfiniANA, C Ip it f-- i:
-. ~ uhrk-aa nthr ke11,:.ischar edfm" N.

rof. e venr t hie ough they ofo ^iftirotAs Tineomai kxw4rtwl what* I- was.-,- --sa-- --vi-ns---- ** jo twis my k
........ .. .. .. f .' -
0.. ._ p-,Us. ,"d c i o e .V, i ..e 'I PJiJ d d '
ev.-..o ment on: i. It f o im "ne w ,i1, .-we, i" w.ath b I was s Iyix --to'

xumsssnd lai) rn-grden :variety -stealingI- 16r torep resent that I ad said -.sbmethh4-*bg A1iiver r
4j.y heh"-..""':my mind.,Why, he-should.co nsiderhimselfjr
.%.: Y R: C .. .. v. ; ..... ,1. =qd

n' e p ,-a paid spokesmen for to' take'part in the.conversatio n, I cannotuimagine.
r~~eij .1iiins&ninyowe"kW u Ire l4 avre often stte'd Lhatbh6 wanti tobe Ale totell hifellodivnIrb&'ok5
ar;,oednie tj fn ',Mfim1 at po, h~ut wellikoioii npi~ieeFfmiy rad gdttieraginstftosagao. --- qaaa.-
gra ea u fa'ain'iimofiinqnakd Listac. oppresasor.thoaugs f.apkemn f a
........ "9 ssiictude for is..fel w workers if 1 p o t:. "
a677, a worer.aid me o~uri 'f a ig' ore.Mny0 w.onderbwyh'rfseisieous t h stlelo
M4.uMii s if-ec n r.. ..s.!
M ,-I'. -.. en ..
ion :1.:a k e' 'a"A 4W3-Am fi oa 6e'. ..... .6"m wo" ( crker m .. .,:"o. "' d' h heews. d b'f xu t e "':''etoo n' t he' p ;0 'A%'" ;, ,,''

_4 i~klcalkls- aiijseeral thi.imen.e' n6,lf i. 44, JQ#' I one~iat. 14 %fihellowv worke-r would have own hands fofip
run -- m t~.yards -II } -e had been. able to coaitiniu& 6biilhi
4. .-A"' '. t h o W .' "k b'-- V t ", .:u.e'v e-i'r.. c...b'.' ..i- d' l ':" e""',: "T

"t wifIAvei"doAn`.or dert me he lbancaadl% lady he~ad, inkpdof standi-qg thdre lhelple~s1~y siUldon 'the LEk\PLUS
SJhOt, oJi "orI of u"oi v pe isqnle 4w. iy- a ta
(jj~jg. ii1a,~r ad rsMrtn anan Iv~rit A14i4te-n'hiiih and your Ancient Chr'onicler, i4'ho wa
Jolla 74 sport li a4 tM-'ah.a; Mi t blnhso .- jj c y sicitude fhaumbleoson of 'tfe f pIle
~fIge o teIoaN o w tokWitipA Te j4CU-ab13A1.
: ":"'-L ..; "., ,.k ,''- i" ..',"

L"thje-fifrer tax` wfi ws alled there- 9U Tidca oaijhel~~eau. *
mCo push the car do the hope that rfwi uMslr. t 1T4 IFjjRUa~ 'ECH
,two.ilk to aoksto teaondf'rIiia "dawn4 '
n e wpmr6o blritiwieriitibowmpoever 1am to,.4endma: ..h.. ." "'I
M p .:'.;:- a. .:"7 ,.! ,.-h .! .. : .. .,
-tain g : :el ~y a -odxm~fuqa.lopsr



AM "-',f

.rThe v! 9 ,of,
.......t ,

By4tiattwLainia *Wiu '
- *a1 .tf;j,

": :.. ; ,-.


^/ :

M M-S'fSGK* *.,* *


-4 -

.r"-..~r ~ ill
-Vt..... -.
r &W~ -

.3 At -~

. nnfM .. .,
... A Y Z .-.. .. n :. ..,

| :* Youir

1 ,rit =. as

r 5Smoppisq
-^,W ~IP"2011 vacasunpPh to
-p as to play golf, 1ouagc int
S.. t~ep or just "elam. And! 9
wonder when pdu-cq nside0tb

i', d: "var a .l'.t s .pn on
W< ieitas. _#msfids theytCpn
-ythi 1am gfts, t4nfree-ort
r a uvswrMi,:iEUp toG6'% of
?PflE.ji. PMiCe9 Sp, pi Qw* 250
B'- ,r so ty-q eaa t AIey e so ,
onderifeful vacmaton ii HitL

pin the .rld Is La
.:- B... .-i eole. located At0
tbeast o-fascinatiug. Rort.w
4.. -q 9 ".y ,. At oeand.
ttW ., s;eritablo'. w s0'.
."pof the world' iostd.-
Tid me r i-e,^ -Gsh-'ibr; bairn, a
%.-ts, Gloveg CrystalI C

-.7- 4-

L 1~ 4
t4 Cee' ~fl
dtmaflsar 4t *!


,* ~ .

, -- "
*'.' _....^-
'* 4^r-

'i ;'. *~ ~ .S' r --';- P~ AS^

....1 -%'-7'

" .. % '. '. ,*., -: '. '" '. -

04$, vc".c "d'- ,-4
., a 10.

- 1.~* '-

fls.Audesnars Pi-.
g, "-* i .eF jQ%. o f.
!C Y4526-jw Kmi~ -Uayi

iie.applies in China, Crystal
u,, the re e-vevry fine brani
i; represented. Befote-buyre'
-3 expeavye watch 'it might
Sw ..orth. you.ti tuie to
j ..tripto H aiti.

Al NM-1 esdnt p a
0die Creole and- Haiti'rupbst
. gous prboter of. tourism,
Sperhaps nmothe.r season.t
S-lmep s-urge in popularity of
:free-port shopping. His ad-
whctining in. support of travej-
.#opping has snpeared ininst
leading g U: publications and
e continues 'zt pursue a po-,
;SAc of tooperating with tra-
M f agents in their various
&iB mongtHie most popular
Iois nations be has created is
Ae practice of sending a bot-
..e of free champagne to any
tar -~4r'itdI11w
Scelebratg a.
iinwrsary or to be an t

his year La Be 4 Qnoe
JW.,W- ..gjf ..
"Ikeaf -celebnradug *a, 10th U-
# Mhary apd Al Joustas la
aMed his efforts Jo make
h.e world conscious of .the
M.-Advatages of traveli4 to-f
4m-. The store will hold a
we movth long sale offering
!s'w greater diucouts on fa-
*ms brand -merchandisi
wyday exclusive jtums will
t Z d to be sold to vial-
|, at price th will s-
d thm. Xo. doubt thou.
of tourist.'this yew win
banem-from wauis in
richer, i way, thn
they w"n a y.

S; ,. .'-'.;
, A. -a,

w. .
L1* ':-

- -. a'x.. '. ." .
X4 .- ...1 p is. ...

',- .. : ..: ,:. .o ., .--... .. ,- j. .-i ': '--o- L .. ."....

h ,- -.-

-- IGb!. !AwMNmm
k" ..... 4444 .,- ''. .

STU.-ART ;" -, .....a .-.... -: : .: ... 7...

it_ 8,. ,.. .
4.-"-." .. -
:;Gson ,"A;" "" .......

...-w. ...,m., -- *'.. .
I- ., -. ,, L..0 .

wo 2,SHT *.' .KA. .. .QAN ...T

,:, :-, -.,
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... A ~ i':':" : ,.:Lm' "S:,o No .- : -:,. j

Tys Ve 1ue Rwu' poua***]H2 'XB 9 -- $/''
S- ,-, ..- ..-. .

H R U, OaA a
4-6 -., l I E*.M

-.,,. a t -... g fl4 .. i t. $'.',

i. '.- ^'.;. -'*" ,. : r--
..I.... .-. .,....-:
"* ,. : -. *: -
*.'."'.,:.',;..: '-"""^**..y-s
*' :,-.; -:.,:,- .:? ..-.aa -i"..

-..:S a ,

" : .. "- '""".. .. ." ': 5: ": -i. .7.' .7. ,.
.. = I .. .. .
..-,. .'. .. -. -.. ...." ..
. : "-,- ,- ..',* .:. *. .. :' :t- '^ ..::..:.'..' .:. ". -:""=-



-ullAX, xD Iti Y WLUDfi, .tW.:

::' *"-**..'.. *- .'....'...,. ..' ": -. ... c *n LAMI'J U

SELRANCHO .HAS. FAMOUS CHEF New Haitian Envoy war against Japan. Ambassador opportunity, of United Sti
::' .'. .'. Bonhomme also said that afte democratic system. '.
IAREER..... INCLUDES 5-YEARS WITH Presents Credentials the Second World War Haiti Mrs. Sampson said, .WeA
9.: K /DUKE OF WINDSOR -. .Waslngton-, December 8th- was the first nation to give a rican Negroes total 16 mxlh
OUL, F OFWND O Wahnto,':"mer8h
Decoration to President Eisen- with annual purchasing pow
+ ... ..." .. "Mi. Ernest Bon ~omm visitqd
t"siiFnhon. ,:; the T.nited St among Eeshower. of 19.000 million dollars 4
++. teh.Die e. United -the W hite H house' yesterday to
taoanm- te ..ni :J acksoin Falls-.Hon. hi credentials to Pre- The Ambassador 'said that year which is greater thaij
Dec21 8Pr.s-nth WhitHos'er yesterday to Pe
,-. .' ': Uwamqshire, Sa presented as the new ,,this was. not the first time that tal purchasing power of Cai
S .invle,3e-.6h.- HoeMiii Beah, Bahia Mar sdent 'isehwer the e he had visited the White House dihan people. We own 12 million
.- Haitian Ambassdor to trihe
sla. "t"' t" Florida.' thief old HTi AbsaoHe said that hbe had visited the acres of farmland, two mili
Hif ::. f' 'United 'Statl s.
v._eiinihnt i:ropo -.ieS-etoiiusthiistirj,|yeari);-G.rqwigers, the Statler Ambas.ador Bonhomme said student to study budgetary. af' magazines, plus numbers 'of.b|
Haiti,El .. oHotiloDg[: iston, and manyothers. only that he had paid ..a cour- fairs, and he was very happy sineases and industries in '.I
eader. in .the ho tel inustyPerhp.Mr. Pasaes's mos in- .tey yRit to present his creden- to be named to represent his United States. '(
iit' as a big forward, 'ierestingsn'gugement for over tidis, but that the Preaident had country in the Uhited States;
dei'by importing an Inte.na.- years" was with. the Duke of -been very cordial,: / Mrs.' Sampson has traveei
iiay F a.m-6-Us Chef 'Mr. Winds oi Oa' his personal travel.3 wily in Europe, Middle 'a"
iipins-' Pasailes.-.for'1 ki-: .ig ef. .'that- capacity he He then said ilat the Presi- Far East, North Africa, and'jia
fIr..ddjaion, itte hotel. is. travelled with dihe :'Duktin -14. dent bad spoken of a previous U. S. Woman Lawyer now cotnpleted her firs t0
Swaitina'+r:l fi: h .. ......wl .. witer tri toHaiti some time Tells Of Negro's through 8 Latin Americ
!::.a~il& ] '" .....io~i'ihr10 of. .the .wor1'd,"i2n'cud-' Witrtip oughati 'om8 Latin "A.e....
.e;order a.fnew;apeial ago, and eat the climate inrogress Countries. ,You are wro0|
....... e .. sp ca ki! ,g.:-:Africa -..-" ag ,.n '{,a _.h ci ae i
'J :.eqiasipment. aware ,il 'n. Pasales is a.member of Haiti .was particularly agreea- Mrs. Edith Sampson, noted she told Rio reporters, ain.im
.wa.ree dishware,6 lme.t .ete e.. fratentyo ble. The Ambasrntor said that Chicago lawyer and former al- giving that the United, Sta9
'uiihwigive E. cu csme, ,t6s ..'it-ernational he ihad told the .,president that ternate delegate to United Na- has, replaced former inperiali
P :a .~4 ..~lr-.Xandw.".. Asoiation fChefs. after the attack -on Pearl Har- Lions, Thunrsday tolda Rio press nations. The United State iT.
DW0r, ~m -,p4d U*:i. it
jiil:o-an '. tigratiertent it'ntodui f the new her, tnd before the -Congress of conferencee. of. tremendous pfo-. in world affairs are based ;
pit..,... .. -r. d- 0. worl ..f r ar based ..
Ate 1ItnoidS'appoins tie:of ce to th guest T"":" c ;"''the United 'States had actually gress made by United States humanitarian approach and
... ..... ." .... ... :c l tgth '. guests i ef~n c .h h m an.itarian. approach and .
..en 0 h ... :. -- at E l Ran eh o -" d ecla e d tar, H aiti d declared N egro es b ecat se o f freed o m an d im p eri list o n e .
S rno d'hdtPLI at El. Ra -nc o. te. the \ l IoteI e ones
.. ciatb ffeton' -. e. a"
-ew ChefGD&e,8t'h. 18 Thursday. _eg,.-ec-embee r .
|i-+Passa1ee,.accomi .ed 'by: 18,at8 pm. and to market -
+.'Z'd,, -ev --' of','. ..
-ari-ved -nHaiti oinLNo. c"asioi a Pspeclal evening ot PORt-Aj-PRlNA t HAITI W 1
-'9.eandr e s&hat3im1e; en, axeinment and h waneIg wT L :
l.....r. anigii for hii'n-dt to lbe-th Ce uets of,'E L,
'ER.a. ch .,..Hotl Hotel, that.. nigh t. The.' ...
G iiarecenier^ m' p thz -bFiffet EiQ iSner bF SEI'dTED
sb mn -,arv& a pe :persng AND Sca.UPERB *ai.' AANDFAMOUS'I
;I &:I U. ... o..t..,ne ..tio n :, .-nd s a. lso .pla nni -a Tape ciat es r-., a...J u, u m *i AO Si n a l
i~. iI a.raoa '-a.'l gw':"uh the 40a ".. ..A"
t esentaticn ,-m large,-' the p rise Q% d 4*wSrlaa.
3e1;..tcn Mrn.8M Passales "hr 'evehing. '' IRAND RUE S f' M
-, -. ..,
...... ....... th. r n telisoi 1 One of the. enter nieut fea-" ----- .-. ._
C ,tl.hed d. arde Mao- t(s of th'e evenring willbthe '' -
e^^roLttafl aedi^ -. tE IC T^s:'. "~lk l& eVh1 v'* ... .''e \' ..'. '/."..,,',
'.l 7,. .n g' his ei en o. 'fl ""p: e. t. ion S ..6 .
towelk and Em XV11t Stai. tLLL 0h

wSt- i ofLyelinesas, preseted THE AMERICAN VEHICLE, IDEAL iOR HAlT
".Qg-prpductions are -s,tIlf as an'exclus~in feature for the 'V.. is the gLRK malatle hy.STLTDEB5^,-AK-PA CKA RD -A Ajs .A
K s n d'i'cs f lay -, hotel.tr le A el sn .
.0.cas.. a.o.n d ,..e.e.l :...- SENSATIONAL.OB.:S AT Ieragl

,..'.-...., ..-,.. -' ...... ..Sa.sine... .. is er ne Qierin all the a~d' ,antages ofl'ar-ge'.cars, 6 to' 7.-passeng ers,." "
WdMg~roibl- th -.Sarony H.'i.ip .at El Ra-fdlid this month.- 'NtjjyCoorPwrndalheaangeofhesalar L -
ri t e .h. .-' .-. A:. ong the. a' ,. as.e-y .. o fot o l e a'ges pe nsr *-.
t oi'.".Greek immigrant pa-' features for those dining at El fuel-consumption (30 'to -32 miles o a gallon. ,
inasamunetta, .a Easy to -ve, lenght reduced p r" -
4-t'P'asS B.pston, en.em'.-plye Rancho wPill bi ei'Shiak-K. Weba to.';-
sale- h .bee.,emplyed-'a i P c Reduced Prices' 'n spite of its great luxury ^
-- ansny.years at leading ho-' ier Roasts 'and niimuiial buffets. Ir for i
r.: ..:l ,: '* .." .!,..^ ':. .. .. ; -.. ': ."," '. i '. u i o j al." *. 'isa i
t .*' .....:-" Ask for a demonsfration' at' "" <2'
.,:. a Place Geffrard, Phone: 3216. or 3929 t

.,+<,.rs 'ij ,.. .r,, Mr."^^- Garage, Rue des Cesar's, Port-au-Prihce, ..aiti. ,' .^
io --l r try City Ask.asfr a demonstration of the Pick-Up anrd- Trucks their saving of fuel
1.-. S Hd.". ,,,, : .. ';slidity, power *i and capacityPare alrldth universally .lknown. .:' ar.
M',,":- v:, fuel "L (30 16 ARD o4' a gallon.
.'*' 7 AO Rue zt:;tz::z":mtu y dion at

LU a ". a~.... A
..... ... b...
::+:!n:..z., ,,,. .... ., .ie .. ,

#a .. .
... .;y .e ...r-..-t, 7... ,

E r .: -" .,,, .-..,'... "'W v J ';
THE' .' _.B AGE14C S.
&: i2t,,~t~*-
T.M .. .

-wJ hitfhS W",iot" f io. Place ,''y' P n --- "-9
Ask d4. ab g-a~sraa of th'

,.W "."" : _"-
-a,. "-' .' cap alr s ;
139 P',-,- 0 -.-'-2.,84 M'

W 4'. ',.
'n 4 .'..


1AY, DECEMBER 14th. 1958 ... HAI'

: '" '. .the ideas he is
STUDIED- BY KLEIN coud be put to
S(contiinued from page 6) around the world
Their instructions were above ,fl, encouraging private Because of emph
Ino.just to seek customers for -terprise, both national and official gifts and
imerican wares, but to help reign. the public isn't ge
ese countries develop stable1 To head the battle to straight that American pri
ionomies with the assistance ten out Chile's finances, Klein es are contribution
..,merican capital and indus put his firige- on sdch men as :han our governor
ial experience. J. Prescotr" Carter, whAi had nomic develop
Ili.When the functions of Klein'h Just retired as a key executive They are producing
beloved tr-a d'e ambassadqrA n the Liatin American opera- billion dollars per
iee -taken over by State De- tioris of New York's National and services in I
$artment- diplomats With- the City Bhik. At the FedWbrhl Re' alone, bringing ti
d. &dof the Hoover Administra' srive Baik in New York he a. billiorn-dollars
hion, Klein formed the present found to*6 hatuiilflize Atfier. e:gn exchange:. T
Dartnership firm with Julien' M. icans from Germany and Aus- firms pay a -biltic
104ks,,a rising young expert in "ria who 'were among the year of..taxes ai
hl}tributirri ahnd finarie, and world's leading experts on prob. \the,' goovbrimehts.t
I tSi slitowifig somie of Amer- lemns- of' exchange' and inf'ation- -ent of .all rifnu
can's biggest industries the wayi Chilean promoters who made Aiericanr.. goer:
healthy profits at home and .-vlck money oit of easy loans i-.y iotilihe bill
road by modernizing their opposed the mission's demand wages to 600,000
iprations and opening new.mar frt-" higher. interest .-ates. Corn- ican employes. TI
SWhen the call came to tflirfiist have tied toslow d6*h 'rTasfer skills to
ive to nations. the, same sort ,itpbt" ptbductlen; Stuident agi- tions..
economic guidance7 he w*as 'tdr:.thave phfadbd with 'Klein uPrivate erterr
prepared b Hoiib- signs- Th6re- have a lot more", says
,ein's pet abomination 'is recently :ei befriboi set1backs,. governnrrfent gave
e traveling survey, team of In the recovery -'ate, otftiably coitragement as a
-and. efficiency- engine. because of the collapse of cop ing the less devel
swho. make .,a quick visit "ar pibeg. "ft4i lei, with '6 help :thiemxnselv
1a-country, hand downa.FivN Le rcohflft d Bidkifg of the makifihg federal ail
'ed initself. oni
Far Plan neatly blueprinting 'theiiien Prdideit, the KleI end, i itself. Only
klthe'needs. of .a new era froni Wn" ha eihi :abie to put .the' private enterprise

iiroad .to irrigation, thbn1 di rI-rakes on the country's feverish
appear without. esponsibilit increases in' living.,costs
jr.:making the program work. O P-V. .u ..TERRI" '
.953, Chilean-officials show-, .,. Cnih is iit web 'et,i Klei ,
SKlein six volumes of multi1 'ays, buL- it is a lot less sick' ,
-iOlliaddllrIrp .as. put than it was. If the people can'
either by three suchi missionsL '-r.ire a lttle while 'longer the
.W.lich ofthe conflicting ret inevitable Aftermath of critical l
mmendations should we carry -surgery, -we'll.be able to reborn'
9. -
h le wap asked, mend: that various American '"
0Hold them all up., he ad- companies join forces with na- l
Uer. aFor decadei'-Chile has -"idnal prtners in iebuilding'the n ,
in to finance a welfare Chilean economy. They are -
e that can't endure. You've .eager to help develop Chile's -
werwritten grandiose / social abi-.hdnt resources and have
Purity and defense deficits confidence in the repeatedly-
printing press money. till. test;'ed courage and resilience of
u, have a ruinous inflation'. th& Chilean people; We must
Need strong medicine to make sure first, however,. that .
welll, but you'll have to be t' e reforms in progress are-go-
y sick befOre you're willing :.-ng to stick and are fit prema"-j
iswallow mine". relyy discarded as mere emer i.
]PCTOR FOR THE SICK. -.cncin measures..
oY'-ypars later, in 1955, Chile Three' years ago the U. .
That, sick; the emergency government, already spending -
came for Dr Klein. Inflation 3?19,000,000 a year oh aid for '
,:so6 out .of hand -that the Guatefiala,. hired Kleiri & Saks
oI f .living had almost double o provide that country with
i a singe year. The welter 'Ie imimediate advice arid guid-
bsocial securityr devices was .nce needed to attain a balanc-
*rastic .that a'-r -iian might 'd budget and stable govern:
f..retically retire,'t Ifull pay nent. And Giatemiala has since
,"W ob---cept that there foundd the money to hire Kleiri
.... .Sa'ks dikecl.
.an.t funds to pay the 'bill .Sa'ks directly. g
:._ .Herdfs a
le.- owned railroads' were.. ,',e']l be much more valu-' t new D
g over 60 per deht If their -,Me ffbmh h.ow -on,- Klein be- w D
.I.to their -retired exetdil- li-v6s. He is convinced that LOWBOWI.
^^?he sale of fout or five r,'-itemala can hbo become. bigger, monr
[ilems was mitdapolized by progressive, self sustaining codi fecly imatcl
Rtete, with inexectrable Iry; with ,a balazited ecooimy- 428 LOWB(
oi-n the tisury. 7d a .tapering off of large-scald scraper beci
o.in began applying his rmergency relief -aid. The Banlk signed for lIs
'remeAies: balghiipg the of Aminerica; lhrgMs in the world, t inl. Check
.4: ending paralyzing res- "1P established 'i Guatemata
ison iners+-penit capital. 'ta first Latin American branch;
Bng stifling bureaucratic ,-'ll have an important part .A'
JIjs, abolishing- government '7 financing Guatemala's new '' 4r ...,....
dies, establijhgnf, a more retrialial, mining, forett'y, house
1ble tax structure, and '"" nad farm expansion plans. Hay

SUN ....: '. -'..
---- "- = .. *:. .. ./ ;.'.^ ,. .' ','^. "
believe that Claude Baboun lative:at'::West.Poitnt; e.Uia :t
proving out Carries Haiti States Military Acadcmy
SC arr m s a-iti .. .. e .-17,=
greater use Banner H'igh h.i. ::: rlioughout .Jiss years at" Har:,
? Definitely. Haiti is 'proud o0tAbe distinc- gray'%..Captain Babouin has bee'i:
asis on U. S. Lion conferred upon one of the, rer .active ,in-extra currpidar-
aid, he' says, son. of its interesting Synan: "actiies. At present- 'le is se-:,
enerally aware Jamilies. Mw, and Mrs.:..Nasrn .cretaryof .thegaSbre.C Ciu.b'axi&
vate enterprise Baboun.'are.receivih..congratu, r e n ... cthe Ca.i.lie',
ng much. more lation w here and from'abroid: Ch'rcigroup .wich means. e"
lent is, to eco fo6i the. suceiss. of 'their .so4is- .'on.. the -Christian. Activitiei.'
ient abroad. Claude'..who is attending Har. Council..',::- :. .. .
ng nearly five gr.a ve IVliltary Academy" in. .i..e- t .a-df ..-uthe Mukf.ct.eI
year of goods Chatari, Virin... -"/ ta..grciPde"in ai
Latin America ,:!=Yo~un. '" ~ g pr~ i'e"an4...-....
Latin America 1X w4n. Claudew.,ho -'went toC' Ga dfi botnlbWoa'
nt,' o- G. q -B. / ,' ..f#.
hose countriesY :Hargarave-ifiy ear ..is' ,',;.ave ,'rom .-'i:
l: ye~ar of for; Senior, 'a niimader: of, 'Bq ycareagomiathe'4Cadetd of
The America4'Gouupmny. BIo, rod at theiA-! Mnth^d Oi*.ihx -9"-,
on' dollars. ica demy. is. ean iade. :. .- "-. ...:. '.... '..
. royaltiess td -LdstMotith e.ws amed
hSe -15 pe;. G. "'.the Mbnthi' ,fdr this AA
ii ofAhe LatH' par. Tleienewi-"was~ayouaedUd afldi t a -4R. .
ninent. .TThey ifi a ihie' Mfiketeer,'-lhe' rgkzn From'.,tl.:irtisa':,cI-5at1,.
io-i a;er 'iAg of ti h Acadc my,"-.: :,':. '---.. ; "'arriving-b" .'ca an iidpen t
gur.t f h da'd~ -y-y.o .. ... x.-m..p
Latin Amer- Claude-.has made""ainiadMi- at. thetbrbomso-ig'f
'hese industries e....d. .. i.. t So... ... ... ..
iee industries able, record "while' a'ttending ine'dActionoale-py-
lbbal potl... Har"Vlijurnsasd.ue Expojtion ,City ." s k-
8 J .*. .*f;;"' E[ *leaa-"fc^ ` an eaid.lneer-n'^ ^ ^ t^'
.ise .toul...do.. p4..- wi ati i'.d ,. V.. ,D'' """ '
... cake :", I -, .1e

lrein, .four .... poi"'ic iastitu."Howe'v. r, sal.bi'The '.
it stronger -en. t thereiat "be handicraftst itemsi. ch-1"':"'B.
I tposereil ita
-way of help- wil -iscount', present conductedby..Miss .ae
3-way of .iihseputy', re:. -e .. .....,......
ped countries' -- rese Colimon and her s.enb"IN!
es instead' df' 41 k1ncIof t tit I I hontd iat' ad`:nhaneed ythC E
1 spending an which all the -" h. people.i have" acal.-Of&6 i -'sme of::"e:
y enlightened chance to im their e'tal'b o "ut standmg.-tcord.n
can produce beingrs bh.'eet-'' ....." 4'

'.4 1
-,, "~~~ ~ ,:", : "' -.L. \ -, ,

"; ; "'" :

Ednin- C .t u..4cy. Diesel.,,
..00. HP -(niiua4imim u 1p.).
D ."Meld.ed..".4

D l -,p -pd .s.pe Ical
for the. DWI 5.
r i- -n .-10-- .rwd .. s .ped fr.o .-2.7
-to 37.2 MPH.2 reverse 1pueds

Per -tunsinless spa14 G ISM -
nicbey-hkkirig 'team for you *-- ... -, :,1.6r b.:
WW eie^ E)- and- No\x.1 428 fe....;;.... W cd o ." 6..-6
W1 (Seis E) and No. 428 for increased floaon, macil-
mumn tractionii.'Tubeless i.-`
S Scraped its a eu- .. -.-- "ign, .,iinates. .o.
3 powerful than ever. Its"pr-.-' ,,,. :d6o n',e : ,,. ,.
ed. teammate is the new- No." .', .CATERPILLAR*'MH. 428
":,. u o- 1.I P ". .

)WL Scraper a faster adin' LWOWL SCRAPER
-use all its componients-_are de- capacy .. Struck)... "c-.' yd.
ss.maerial-against-rhatenalfric-- ..w. o ci:' H e'. --O c" *:
~ ~~ ense us! ***.W~rt 6~c,...9 ;j& r< ^***:
these features thensee : un h 'T -- :
-". M a x .. .., *., ^ :. z. '....^ .,*>...

-,Spr ad V6 '., ', '2 *"iho .*. .**
W l Sr i g E ) a n d N O 4 2 ,. a a m
.Scraped It' a l ri6W DB. S:pE :l.-- ***.\a:'* :...: *.. '.- :^-g @ m, :. soy ., .:r'*^

IE PI-AoL"S K t '72Lon~ 2ij-' -
'.;l~ lt.i>!-i~i ra~ rai~ (Ci'i,.l! 'tt~'Cl .', .. '. ,, ,-, .. ", '.::, .'; *.-:' .: .

3 Ir4' "q f iI'C, 'l u .- "" ,i.c"r."
had teammate is the new-N6:" -.ClATKRPt&R*' H.,48=...

tian Tractor Go. S. A.. MauriceBonf..l:BoM.f.gr"^.
-* 'w ., '.. *..
-" ,I.-:._r ... '* '*-. >-".": .;' ;-: -.":": ti
the e f atu es _t en-ad sl, '. .X, p #" .. ...... ."' ,-. "4.4
:': 6f"$ re~d I"6r.'u .-,....-N..

'7 '- *" ". ""'"* ."- .. .
l* ?' -: .-,;'" .r- -' ." "' "',* / "" .,

ireTiHugeSuccess With ,-De P A T 0 U f
'.,** ,S ,.i.; ,-,.- .' ...- '.* .
f s~n's 41 atou hTe, Costers proved that folklore airs wereF su
"dow "We "ie -onM-Mon-. they hadthe secret of drawing incomparable Jacques
jep.i- oed out as-he4 every, secret from local folklore -Exhibitions of soup
'2 slitih'tltt-Thesieas- preservingg the-art in all its au fine form wore seen
!oe lqd'-auff.CostefI' thenfidity and combining a bit via Louisnis Albert I
[ay-'ighvhb.oLsr-.got off. d'"sbiphistication just for the ne, Edner Antoine
a recordd"
Witgwth r' arj e-ovation raord: Nelson invoked ^
c.: o:"f. ,risides .arid i:ihe'" artistic event opened cRoi Mascaron, Le
tcrwft wdein t'h.patia \idthl.creole beauty Nicole Du- and aPapa Ogou."
t "u'r .que-S, .I&ji 1pesgy. "svelte -and elegant wear-
. ae d.. ,'g,.*:;..i_.. a"black-bathing suit as she Cecile Joseph gave
'".-.'"-': "-:. -.iake4- gracefully across the ing fire dance, her b
-0' .stage-carying .te:words in red licked by the fam
jat .Wbfang .agn-er-a betterr c-fle Patou Au Vodou. torches as she aband
aan. nationaty. ...- \ :Ro'ette. :Ba ile, Mi a green self to the ecstasy of
fWiyth tle. Conqttta creatozfiorm. te Simone Mevs The musicians GerE
X an'waof.the -lepbulid. nedid,6_eperts -crooned tunes vil and J1hstin- Dorne
'^iiental ::"e'te.e..thins fromnMontmarte .and, Haitian their best. into' the a
-'-oi'"""...' 'n n'* *-fo.re .songS The autientid meint for dancers ar

;i:;*^ ;_", : !*. '* ;:: =,." .,.. ..-'".. -* .a "- .. .
,*:^a ,.... ,. a t, -

ku V ODOU ,Opening

ng by the
ess5e and
when Jno-
Louis Jeu-
and Louis

her amaz
iody being
es of two
Lbned her-
her art.
ard Duper
ette threw
id singers

-^ ^ ; &'.^ ^ 'N- **- -* ..
4 ^; ";""SANTA CLAUS > .-.

...,',- :. ; : 'j ; "-.. *. : .'" L 2"l7 '*" "

'.OFT.W -
:-., ; 3-'." ":. "" ,:" .' "7-' 1 4. "- 1 *"-.".
S f S ;-....,. .-:'..,F A,. ,_.J -.....,, -.,. -. ., ..: _. .

'Offqyou "t' wonderful toys at -
..... : .-A
.....--. .,.$ ,, ,

^tJUPIER n)Missile $0.10 -AIRPLANE witAi gas
TEA>.e Xi150 engine. .....-. ,.- ....-..... $9.20
.f..ie Sewing Machine 6.50 Missile .... ... 9.20
.: .- .? -- ., .. .. .,. ... .
-" :.W E ': -. 0 8 ......'....... .."... ..

....... DOLL CRADLE L... 1.40
J20.Q ...BO -- -3 -_ COFFEE SERVICE S.....- 3.80
v '" .. flash- ALPHA Mis .ile 7.50
a .en .- ........6.00.- 6-. KITCHEN UTENSILS ..,.1.40
: :/--:- ., ;: ..... =...

i TER.ISTO ..-- 0N40 -:CHRISTMAS stocking 1.30
.4ELOCIPE--* *..12.50-. TRAIN with battery ....3.60
bOLL 4 in.:es)...... -7.00 (8 lamps)- .. ...1.30
g CH~tITMAS CARDS (25 DOLLS, beautiful 'and of all
wit h -'envelopes) -......... 1.50 sizes from .... ...... $1.20

s -, ^ = '-.'- ... -:.; :* -: ^ *: '' -" : "

Come iidchooeyourgiftsadhlav thehm on deposit at.
9A tog d leive .. t-. -



:: .. ;!.."-,.'" "-. '=_ '- .-.'. -
L-0.;-' :*id' .-...: .0 _A lP d wi. gas "

-y S;',;CE ..- .---.- .::.-.0: ( '.D L CR D .. ...... ..1 4

. ... -
*1'r .. t !fah... -- M sil ... ..=75

with the rythmn flowing out
into thks. bloodstreams of the
folks in the audience,

The satisfaction of having
reached achievement was given
Roger Coster and his wife
when at -the end of the Show
the public converged upon
them with warm handclasps
dnd congratulations, a reward
for t h e i r assiduous three
months of rehearsals converted
into a remarkable Show.

U'SOM Scholarship

Go To Alphonse

And Delmas
Daniel Alphonse and Roger
Delmas, of the Rural' Education
Service, have-been granted scho
larship to follow specialized
studies in the U. S. by the In-
ternational Cooperation Admi-'
nistration (ICA).. .

They will participate in a
special tqaining'program at Wih
consin State Colege, in La'Cros-
se, Wis. Thie grant is for one

Mr. Alphonse is presently a
staff member of the Department
of National-Education as'Diree-
tor of Rural Schools. Mr. Del-
mas is a teacher at the Damien
School as a staffer a fthe-Ser-
vice Coperatif Haitiano-Ameri-
cain de l'Edncation Rurale (S.
C. H. A. E. R.).
The schioliTiship winners flew
to.Wisconsin on'December 1st.

Gypsum Mines In

Haiti To Be

American capitalists are ex-
pected to .exploit the gypsum
minerals to be found in Haiti,
.as -well as to engage in agricul-
:ural exploitation on a large
scale placing some four to five




hundred carreaux of la',
der cultivation."
Mr H.. S. Jobbins ofb
Flintook Company of NewV,
arrived here- this week in;1
nection with the- mining
jcdt.. accompanied by Ha
Vice-Consul Jean Excellentj
accompanied the industrial
on an air inspection trip:'.
the vast Artiboni:e Valley|
Prospection ,materials
equipement'for the large. -,
rican : company is-said to":
alre-dy on board a- ship bo1
for Haiti. -

200 Fans See Lude
Win Tennis Matl
"- ** ',
Two hundred tennis f;i
.'urned out ot s'ee FrantzA]
decke beat American te'r
man, Walter Rosenblum, on.
courts at Port-au-Prince T.
club Friday.
Jean Edouard Baker woni
match he played with the,.
man player, Wolfgang Eh
Singles and doube 'Isw1r.
the Turgeau Tennis club1i
night to provide, funds #to
Haitian boys who.will 'pla
Miami. -'e I

Me. Bernd. Celestrntul
this week for three yeau


The American Embaay
noun.ed Thursday the 'ai
for a courtesy., visit of threejU
ed States Coast Guard C4
number -953 6, 95327
95328 to Port-au-Prince id
the period Ded. 23-26. .;:
These ships ar. expect
-'rrive 'at 8:00 hours on '23
cember 1958 an they wilide
8:00 hours on 26 Dece&
1958. -
SThe commanding offices
the above ships will be L'i
nant (JC) James Mai"
respectively. -'
.There will be a total
officerss and 41. enlisted^
aboard these ships...
| .* ...'




and his magic drum

.. -- m6w



Ay, DECEMBER ljth. 1958


i'" (continued from p. 4)

"ic.n F"' in a wild, new en.
Next mpxjL- -pfteps found a
S.poorly, dI -e B -year-old. la-
hIs .$f~ i hold.
^ i aliv~f ^ 11

y: j i e ..flp ,r..d -ljepys. .X.
I *4to l ,jadi,1hepr4 flap;
ate~day jcqb mnp y hAlice.DN
.sid K thMis plic' fopaiitinjs,
0 -aid he% hoped to sell his .vase.
.asked 40 dents, a day's

.' w-gtTh.
eten nough.t. tne .vase. .Th:e
wfis hl had pointed were
'.c&a, Peters recafla, .hu f.
-^" a., (..:;.., '- ,|x J i : z' hy
'1 die sane mtewe colrr and
h~BS -" t,,-i ,to.c-s ?:*
-e .I ad recogzed iii
aifian dances and uqicfe
- peiol. could Tpt, th. bpat i
y rt boa4 I new 1i
djscoyerl. my first true primi-
:tive artist,.
-.. --s
",TbThee wee later Be t -
;':i.SW S pri.-,t '* ..
.'tn d .with -. pa.,itigs.
%'twowqre -ctre Jpxa q51t ,l

'.gpeshed ,witk ;uninl bip4 ^q-
]or, and thi glird; was 9f afirt -
jgolke imniT inf a dwse fg-
'rs Beautifu drawn- w i t h
SO ]ct) ey.. tX,..-' .- .' ,
';-J;MigsixplicQ ^hef kit
t-etkr'beihrt as well.as .his eye.

hy were al N had hoped
wer:- le
,, L: '.' "-
.3Soon afterward Peters heard
tfaf .in remote mountain vil-
i'es there were primitive ir-
ets. who painted with whatever
materials they 'could de-
.le; Loading his jeep" with art
ppies, and taking with him
aufeur-triamlaiator out-
de the cities, tie people speak
my a Creole ialect Pe-
&i headed for the mountains.

I .:W~at he found reaffirmed hi.
1&lef that Haitians have a na-
ural urgd to express -themsel-
s in art.. Unhschooled natives
l:g from long days in. the
fds would ..turn to painting,
g chicken feathers for bis-
furniture enamel f6r'aint'
'apprng paper for. a' surface.
ers gave them brushes, paints
avce nad the .chance to exhi-
t. and sell their pictures. '

e da,, living h.o.me
.n gh a tiny. coastal. village
-ine ome of his daittsts hunts-.
Peters made his greatest findL
noted the doors of a bar de-
Crated with incredibly painteA
ids and flowers, and ws it
Shad been dyni a
pri"et Aia EeetO pj
h e-.",,'.. $.j

;e. I .. ,
liKdae na biagnr T9b
6 pIO Silo fliers,
SCi *" '' *

eS., '91a, the .aIe a
sym l of hpspiat. This

;$ypp,4 ti. He Had alre1y
4 ".a" i, ",'

lush 4P ..H S } d ..,-!I
seen Pfters ar-val. 3 i
*-'' s id' a B !:~K .
...n C. ,.%-1.'t1 %1}.A ,9i'
he said, and was coming to
greet him.

ThroA i"wqeke. IfWer. y pIqlite
aptp^rEeci aj te.-Qei6r -jith 16
paintiqg indr cpin 45d.:p se-
cond vision: ib arI bI wOudi sell
five of these pictures to a fa-
mops nan. Tro, d4ys, later An-
m. ": 1 ^.... : 5,".
Breton, a renowned expert
49, 'sr- ..~f 1. 1 rr 'ftn;.
n rench eurrealst art, saw
ih .- :-f '.t I .)f.T:. f
the pietes and bdiought. exactly
.; Yr V*^ f^ tr V T.i:, L.7
fives paying ,$40.oro .ay, tin
years after Qlle &i,
the voodoo' priest is acclaimed
as2Jaiti's greatest primitive ar-

t a? J r c.r. 4 -. '. ,,- *' -
By i9S the eater Iaid be-
di.. 1 1) S S ir C;"'
gun to till w paintings, and
Peters was anxious, t, show the
;* ;',; U r ".'*** '* .t *r. ...; -."|'
rest of the world this unique
_ .w:, .' i : .# y -di
The Lyceum Society in havana&
sae him his first opportunity.
J 7 -is ti-
The -response. was unanimous;
_ f-.I -" :. "; I.. -- I.
critics-j.nd public alike were eu-
thr d 1,k these prmitives
. 1 t 4 ..-Y, .3 "m.l
whqse subet rjg, *from
-carousing street carnivals to
mysterious voodoo ceremonies to
gentle Biblical scenes The paint
ings traveled to Paio,; were
thy. 'on tolp notid.s at th e U-
"NESCO. International Exhibit of
An4 and from therA thqy wenl
Ito .i mijof cities of Europe,
"- ..




L UK. mt it

**' 5 :, t : ia a .""4 s a ':z *I
For all lkindi oet FreneclZ ta.g
Peor l -: kin ,
visit Haitfi/ Snzatteat fd.

-rom .'lar c e
-^ <'; -I t ; .*3 3'- "* .:''jf

orEAN it" l'-ATOI'-e "l" 'i .

.- NINA-. w :-. -.'Y.
i.e. A .V L .a n .-
LKANs.AO V'' ......KICS. "
.T O ...;,; -..


wrobtr i..r
fe.... e. ." .-._ .. : .
--brands at f'ee port pries -

** *. ^ .. .

(JHA NL -. -
ars. -gs. ..

etc. M;,e. .. : :.
.: .

- C -
*- "4

i 1.- '.. .. -.1 ,* .- -
South anSd Central America and

-l.rf .' r. iL',?.'.-' -,* *-*; ,2r.-.'h '. -
loTay undress of ourists
aze-,drawn t. Haiti, egoh .jLi
to see and buy these extraordi-
nary IVrk4e i# V Aie Art
Center they find pictures rang-
ing z.W jiit fjon,.eLA500
or more. But on every side in
Haiti 4i, p .wo-ld .just
for the looking from the 25-
doC iiiai i. thed airport wait-
i4 rAbow t fG& yWtvi? pini;6
Smost ot fMe major' .otel;d
Mos spectacniTar n teII ;all
of the Episcopal Holy Trinity
.Ca'ffefdrao fs f ,ia i13.
.Ina eo'Mal es a magmin t W l-
; ''"hH1^9: T;: Ma "I i .w.,i'
o f rist. It Rsa poetic m ixre
o spir eta ss an emno-
:tion in w icn aLl ihe' fffilicaf
characters are da rlcsld#4A,
J.p.a r e" d3 an.'F *-3ii
,r4gtlz gared natjves.j.-wo
gC. ,hnn
m tropical Iattian v ages Jns-
tead~ .o 40 oy.;Lnd. The
panels were all painted by Pe-
ter's artiitE,. am- i p t e .Ri-
gaud-Benoit of the 40-cent vase
an.d a.tra..Wazfle once 1ejr s
houseboy. and now. one of Hai-
tis, foremost, a'ti-ti. -. I :
T1e Cehter selA alid'nt 100 0
paintings ann'ualyif iaid ..each'
eari thie workk of mor- !aid
more iifisis' c.i6s through its
d6ors. In the past, Ywis patrons
have given ptures to ,a single
or five or perhaps even
ten. DeWitt Peiersa h-a inspired
a wholi nation. of painters.

-.." ..T"",

-- '. ,: : p-1. .

I .


~ -


... Slavih. a sheep rao-ch. .from Argentina, when asked at
eRarchO- th-is:weekwthat- hesdid for a living replied,
6oqd-tare of np w ..Be ,tiful. Senora Slavin. is Amer-
rum o r I', .- """. ve. i, i 'rt" '
I ,b "drumore.a.thriee:"-.five milliodoll textile mill
1I shere... Madam,,Edouard'Janvien.jo:opening the XIWe
& .eyPoyer 4-e:. Art-.PlaestaI. ,witf.z a-.ohe-man-shiw. Its
S..tpe atrn of" D&.Aurel oseph ktnder Sec. of-Interior...
o' o0"'e' tht 4as in bed after Hula-Hooping
childreflce;.: jean'Pierre-Gardere counts his hul-twirls
tt 400. when' stoPped. by the.-family' under protest...
wa-n.-1an.y.i; Hdfer .6fiTel-Aviv was here on the SS Jeru-
WdiWeisday, and boughtt word that friend Herb Gold is
: ^ 1^ ^ : ".-\w *:"- .. '* :.

^g^Pcklng~up and ~etunng to Louisiaha are Dr and Mrs Terre-
bnAof SCHAER..Sefatr Victor Nevei Constant flew to New
r 'Thursday. 'Is. etrnixg: Sunday.:.' Rock n'. roll, disc club-is
'd on th Ch-ampde Mars -chez Sada... Dr Carlo Mevr
Ieto aWashngn Th a for .three days....... Sinclair has
q- ., a-." -, ,.:- T h.. is"a. .- ... "
-'a gasoie station at La.salin&i The Shopping Center
r .-The-encea.nd Starlite sigi. stirounding the land iii
efit.'W-est this past webe..k Several new racy, Mer-
S oscars joined the traffic this .week... Firestone on Rue
avthet- most ey'e-catching. christmas display -window in
t A'-rocket in mid-flight with hot red flames issuing out, its
: .. ...
kfk .l3o.receivd .a shipment of Hula Hoops for Noel...
ff. oking voy ehic- Thursday, y.emplaned for'New
M-fs.Wiener saw her off. She intends to return after the
h ear -..Bailoi. was;--full Hous,-Wednesday with an ex-
bi Fr-teswethee was aninpromtu rock n'roll
n.Ms Claude..Gentil' and her son are expected home
Li z. Fgan a.- Fockeiellderist, saw Jacmel, Au.-Cap
-hofl.-John foa
.yg as. house-guests of Marie'Josie Genil... John kolan
Nom:ew Yorklc he's waiting.- foi- Haitt to get TV before
4 .Skl li1is j.ob,,-New. Y.or .and taking up estate on La Gd-
e,,-isabesl-_'_Leggett retuimed to. -Puerto Rico W hdnesday-ian
ican. Isabe:wife of Chd'lie Leggett-'renewed old friendships
'r... .
... '' '.: '. ;. : ,. "
V ; :-s, ^ ; > "r' : ,~- .,
i Shapo of Avis Rent-A-Car is '-down from 'Detroit 'to
w ionie with Manager Georges Deslandes,. hoping for a record'
n.. Cubans look aftr National The Cuban Am-'
n-ad'Military Attache oft hearing that one of the Jailed
;-,..,"-' ,. :.", ..-..
) wa:. a. an.asthma suffrerr offered -tO -fet an- Oxogen
4 Antonio guez hi s third week attending
n oneeC61.llegex... Amateur radio operdtortare praying
t, on Hams. will be lifted:.. -Textiler Renh ArmanAd
saw.fabric used in a Paul McCobb designed room in the
i siiue -0 House ;Ahd "Garden The superb fabric
o .he pu.ose by a Belle Creole... Choral El Saieh.
Aebute: atIChou&%une last Saturday night. The ininii-
Lin- ,amy was. conductor. DrPaul Timioth6e resigned
Sears in the Haitian Army, Mopdky.'He wa head of
teary Medical Corps... Wealthy Italians in town were,
'Peretti and :Gai nbadele. They lodged'at Montana...
Mrfisqticl of the -La Rousse- dictionary publishing firm
19 fiom Belgium... Las Vegas lawyer Cliff Jones and asso-
h J Kqzioff, have' reportedly made a deal for the Casi-'
rii$.;Mr Felix" *Bochensei's cracked rib has-mended... Senator
Iedenr- enjoyed hig visit was greatly' impressed with the1
"'i, industry here, especially City Shoes.........:..... five"
t..io sand laborers are being recruited at Leoganej
^i os. the border to help the Benefactor pick up,' the sugar-
ne crop. They-will work for 'the Usine Hayna... Ambassador.
ernest Bonhomme preAned: is h credentials at -Washington;
....on December 8t.... Captains Ren..Leon and Antonioi
Dioulette returned from five months studies in the Panama
CEn!one oan'a U. S. Government grant Officers Louis Charles'
E!Iyz6e a lsa checked in from the same zone with speciali-
W ccertificatsfrom Athe, U; S. Military Camp,:. The "Graffis!
,4wcweeks-of beg lioized in social and diplomatic circles'
.PSihe .9.ff for. a. new, post in-.Washington on the Panama
S-S. -A Mo nday evening Lavinia Wiliana. Yar-.
broughshowedoher select ballet films to a large art-loving public
riday .evening at the French Institute...... Morisseau-Leroy

"R ; ..-
... U.
;FL":;' -: ._ '

. HAITI M ..

bowled them over with his Creole Musicale at his Greek-model
Theatre d'Haiti on'Friday evening... The new U. S. Embassy
construction got under way in the Exposition City this past

Martin Routh

Off To England

Back In March
FAO Fisheries Advisor to
the Haitian Government, Mar-
tin Routh, left for a Christmas
in Merry 'England, 'last Sunm-
Prior to departure, Mr Routh
informed that his return in
March will' coincide with the
arrival of $5.000 worth of fish-
ing gear which has been on
Mr .-Nemours Bernadin is
now Director of the Govern-
ment Fisheries Offic6.



1st National City
Bank Vips Abandon
SCruiseship For
Brief Sojourn

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Too.
mey, New-Yorkers, .decided to
-1op over for a vacation here
iff their cruise sbnp the S. S.
Jerusalem., which docked in
Haiti on Wdniesday.

Comfortably lodged at the
Majestic Hotel in Petion-VilJe,
happily sightseeing anl shop-
ping in and around the Capi-
tal, the First National City
Bank of New York official de-
clared that he and Mrs. Too-
mey would like td-go on stay-
ing here forever.

Business however calls them
Nome and they will board their
ship on its return trip Decem-
ber 19th., to be back in the big
town for 'Christmas.


S. Ambassador-

And Mrs Drew *.I

Receive Senator i

The part. at the home of U11
S. Ambassador and Mras Gera14-
Jrew,. last Saturday evenin-
gave many distinguished person.:
alities the opportunity of metsh
ing Senator Ellendei here on,
an official, visit. Among those,
who attended the.reception held.
at the uVilla Rosa, residence.
of the-diplomatic couple Yere
the following: Dr Louis M'ars|
Secretary of State for Foreiglt
Affairs; Dr Auguste Denize, Se-
cretary of Public Health, Mj
Jean[A. Magloire, Secretary "t
Public Works; Mr Andr6 The..
ard, Secretary of'the Treasuryi
Mr Jules Blanchet, It Ceua
seUlor of the High Court of A&
-counts, Senators Luc Stephea|
and Ivon E. Moreau, Mr Harri
W. Yoe, Director of USOM,-
and members of -the staff of th4I
American' Embassy and the U,1
S. Technical Assistance Servicei'
in Port-au-Prince. "


.':. -.. ,- .
s Buirdette Ashton had
tieason to cabcell her trip
Sto.- Indiahapolis Friday,
leday evening -the aily
rnas wcadeau, arrived.,'at
.0tHospital Canap4 Vert
'oy who put in a surprise
RAnce is' John Burdette
" the Third. Overjored
going fine are mbthlr, baby,
i.arentsMr-.and. Mr. Ho-
d Papa Buidettle back

j.iar. Renp JAiii .. fe-
ularday and Std~y oh tMe
iion. of his birtHay. The
,toasts flowed from the Ca-
?to Chounoune Hotel.
aX 000
of essB Robert A. Riecio of
nw.versity of, Puerto :Rico'
the I0o Le'e with his. wife
Sn-day' visit_ -
^ *': o^'o:' ". .. ..
Mi .ss; Wifiam- J. Ei.-
m down fom Philadel-
:Wcationing at. the. Inter-
it*Club. Mr. Eiman ie in.
4eof advertising for -Smith.
"and French. They vished
itadeL. -
:, ..- .
0K Oro0
+Roland-de, .Vertenil Ma-
llte qyaiB444 '%i(a-;
lav~eo fr h .and life.
d^l,'.,' -if *
Sal Canada. Today Mr.
|'aT4Anidahian will get
an'd 'sght of .snow for
fBt inime.1.H expect to
i: our das .:.
Sul:s. Max Weinstock
erican. Mod.e s in. Mi-."
a.re h'oume-gest of
eTomar, of Citj Shos.
tiun to Miami "f6r the
Football gamine.
: ,.'.o000
wson- daughter of Dr.
s. William Larrimer'
-is having a December
=| : '/ 'b o 0 .' '. ., .
'xd Mrs. Jean Fouchard
6fd their 24th. wedding
4ry'last Saturday night.
party etded at Choucoune.
i'.Eonmee 'Pap mathde a
4ride Tuendy when she
e in Holy 'Matrfmony
4eh Reihir, at the Eglise
u T'i Tuigeau. The
h'Mr.n William Pape
.gavethe; her away.
Reilirie smother of
m was matron of honor.
.'A." *: .
O. V .. -- 0 i ..'*

aos. Eric Meinplerg
day for Tampa Florida.

.a a a .- I
.'"- Werding At Solages ...
a -" Homes- Other --
r^"S" Daughter, Engaged;".
'. Miss Moniquc Solages anid
BB' : -./. Georges Miranmibean were joined
-ih HolyXatijnqri hqt 'Satnz-
"cae ve ning at Petion-Vil.l6
Eglis.e St. Pierre. They.w-e
S .Ol:. accompanied to the altar' Fr -

.. ,.". .. >~, .~,. P ar i .. N asse ,ne
,Mourra. -
A ad wt Ru The bride wps lovely in a d' Y.
Mary AbboLt and writer Ru. ...
'ation by MTn. Paul ,avain bf
bin Doiin of the Philadelphia Po t-au-Pr r's H. a.u t e Coh- 6
-, .*_Portsu,-Princ'EN H1aute Coil- ''r.gr.
Enquirer and the Olornn, .-". s,; h ... is t da',. *e of M.
,^ ii ? '.sl- '. tiie. Shie'fl..lhe daughterof Mr, .^^ ^
lI4r13 cbmp&et1 'tr.albiMit- a *
m, ed cr a'- i f- and Mrs... L:dti oages, owtner4.
day cake. a' a'Wotel Oloff.on 'B o-. r-, '.Prn
of.Bazar oya,-in Port-a tPfrn'.
opening nig-W Monday. Neither m goom is th6 s ot
knew the other was observing e an t .Th lom s th Do t-
', Mrs. and the lat-eCharles 'B0 "
their Mrthday .and the 'New .. '
York theater' wrfteW got in the ', ...,
first pu,. "* ** i- '" The1, popular young, couple,"
first pliff. T opdlar- 'yonig' con jie f
S', are honeymoonipg it enskoff-
Ebt .... and will, aet Up housekeeping
* Joe and EehNut are ., *,. ~
e a [ Ebeth N.ustas a- ," their newehome in Petion-
returning from stiLdiewin-New their ne whom in Petion-
York Tuesday. Vil. -
*Yr ,- Duriag a esumptuouB recepo-
[ai. CJ' anei O r].twe tio'n at the home of 't- brideas- '
Leslie; Lanez left last w'ieek, .to
\0to parents -in 'Nerettes (Petion*,
join Fife Bunny .in the States. pariet... .i "nr t.'te "tn- F
*'..* 1', j: *VHifr #oflowing the religious"- r/W"B
The young couple are expect- -.
n n hi f C ceremony, the. engagement bf m
iiig an heir for Christmas. e ge's daughter
another, the Solage's uhter, .
"h' : .- Mrir-Tbherese to Gerard. Flai.
S .. .. i .' be* was annonncoeed G radr e- '.' .
John-ian Flal-ft Jhns 4. me *..**** ,h -;.,;.:*- .iW ta
Ela.~ Jehi: *' -centiy returned trom attending
Airmission gave'a send ofpar- l in the. : '.'
ty last Si dawfor Ah- anad Bdtty. Zho ,... ,. r .,,....,, s
Riddle 'which -was a riot' for T-i Sboi bns>o n: i, g '" "
the, g.ysiay.s .*st.wl i'he Ssirnasses AnatoJe O. thToVA
mentaTly fit. 'Elaine H7aralson M oris'eau'.LeroV's, Y.!y 1r,
wdn ithe guess"-l .tabnt.O t bea U4eat.Perf&'A po
with Di4 kbbb- gpd ..o c Re d- -....
cod.Jacu~ie err. ji maceFidw8,:30 ....y :h
cond. J ac'qulne -Perera won Some two hundred person .ciorman'ce."
he ,Hu Hoop. The 'hooping applauded theg eauitif-l folk- Vacs voie
prize was' awarded for jerseve-, -o f. the .sea, interwoveni beauty :dspeci
ra.nce.: -,. --"- j.with the exotic dances of the .chalts.. ..
f'.il- "' '
000 ?' onniy folk:..and" ridi,,.iK-,b'_ -*-1 eiexe -
e icb, ai'it -.t 'prfs -Creole and..'spi. li we-kf nq i
Ranhoith l- thee jople who are'caught up the 'ol' of -
-- -.. .... ele'vef D '-1 ".t
-i-elyD,'DLiA.ePs. living-frkqm the sea, in cTi Son- aucy and flin
The Da1eas fel in: love with son*-; Haiti's first, Creole usi- Ion-.to be aele
Haii.. a i abiiacs.-an pr'hased ca.- Friday. nig'lt. at' Theatre sible".'i Sbn
.Metral ,cois ,at-: Ua Blle Cre- 'daiti, *:. : .. .. bero jdin in
Ole," In .adapting tHe.poeniwxil- mes-athisa
-....a. es at.hi.
.. .,-- ten .by [elia .d Jean. .rerre', '.,Qdette W' e
SMiss.. Mawie-Therese Martea- Mori4Seau- Leroy, ,hds outoone .Tro.o .Bhcbo
ly will' be wed tco Ludovic Co- hiuifelNf,. hut the -.plae.rs-. ilpa "- Mit
ineau on the -evening .of De- most are the s aame c:aa t ther-o f ihe..d
cembet' 18th. The Port-au- who. ftUed the French Institute who .ha- alarO
Prince young copplq will say r three Sari in 1957 with tAna- 'n th e Wsa. 8
their vows at the Basili'utol artoptaented adir borih &ae t wdh w
Notre-Dame. o Archer in t
a- .. a- .* .. -t chase the-.Bea

IT a
W. "s ve
a.. C, f ".tJ T: r tiono4f .the ae
i m.si i B &t^n,~^ ::,-'
*- [ "-^L ^, ," "' ,: 1 11;,. i. a' cross" the at
ij.. 1 sh= ow "0
With.Ie oa
a ". amu les.'
,,, b .3 ". Tht Greeks
': 'V.A'SaTi **"*. .*"; *More lfercul
"Wt ^rat-l .!" plyih L
-- l".gil, 1,i b
..VL S A S m '. ..." ago,. vad th
N.o'. H aitia n C reo l
of an authentl
n *Nra'03

., .., -.. :. 10ot2'..,.o1 .alt
-inuu&". i.onf"
"" '= .. into .-the ixasi

:'."" i :

A:o": p .

li.-iiL-t"ie ,.~mon. ."'..;-"..
et. ficce T' "

raebis .e iiatOae.
-, .,.. o"s. :e^ .
- Oa .a a'*- = ~'\'... t ..

,.; /: o ....; .". -de', La -, o^ ie^fd i]
a... a...'a ...aa~a


lxas~xtraoidmaxyl rard .ont
dlsunited for-th;e Te nui

MreDosier, t- -
!ofe5io..ial played' Sacred' E
ae Lihg, bad the only M:..Mir
e to s'e the: .invi-s, fronm Wi
s who n left- '.his nvedt-iast
u the dating *kid wif t 0e;..4
>wn wake.' :' .it .gh
n Direor'of]ddr'f .. .Li.
lots taden*S'BP' ot Harlr;
.i1ii- -.v .s-.the'!MOE t n. .
downedd fidsble&ia thi Relk
lo9l her hfiban n in
e iipears in 'the trigitt

est indla o to ofaiti
Oeut-B. hboenand sghn4e i
her loss'."--. ''.... a
voicesh :bi -fbe Satii44
*',.h iiterpeta- lje. f.;u
a songs, as tia e Sh6wO.t.
eir ca'. .mOving htc Reli
;ge) gav6 areal-
S thei 'r prowess lS Peirh&
r, -an rippling Thun.sday
a L B e a c .<

style Theitre at Melf's 1
es. built by poet- .oW to tb
rby three .year Mr. B;
e. plays, raising 6wn
e- to -the heights' jja' 7
ic language, tog- Inter io
Scast .'of peasant. uvi'ghA
m3onstrate natural 'ibon"''i
e.- the audience afternoon
ie crest, of the fin<'Il
the.-' drums bacae' 'ame. to'
al village.--_ PAA clip
. "- --


0 fii" Hel'ao 'a
ab -Dre cto -
A Hanif, j kan 6
sea hiy'the W^u3
ia a-u vs s 4h*ea
a ..T k.i.c M .t .

night, kaz2i bTd'iaffai/
Mlos rHotel bloB san
Tunff-Aara P'd-
** *, -.. ,, : *!- -. ... ,,: ..: ,

tidM iDirecbt. Aubta-
i2. Mr'epi :la

e .ening 'and K. -.,a
.day'. ',.-^ i,
^Tawiah 'rdturiis totoS-..
ti6 .U DieS ,-"-* ...' .-, .:;(-'

oLa o:..a" ';''.- Or
itb. 'H- iii.4bRm*g;
l'Olm~ ., -'.,*^ ^
= .. .. ... ., ; .* i.^

r Minister .rderi,
ua'rstu rehnitt irom a
W~i Europe; ^Satnirday.
:J^.t Dav~igeand flewa
ltaat;) Stew rork a#.
lPort bythte dainec
per. .. : ..*,.,
r '. M*'.s"': ^.:T-*d'.'*

', ." : .^ "'..
a :. o k ..
a. '., : ., .. .= :



E: M S 'FES ;"TIVALS.... ...
.(Co$titiiUed" from .page 1) -. '' .
P N-
S.m ied-of the State Depart-
tIabip. e "C.-t m Ioje b that he is V E M
y;:,"".1"t f EVERY .
eP" 01'"b lndi& iphshikgire aitida owned
-,l si Haitiai .,operated, -nd he stress .
hei -of. {o- 'ethe tlac t he., himself is
WE:it...'mbet" n6t .jvedv4,jn any ownership. .-.. '
:C W." is from TH "**E "
concdrb~ wil wl se iect grantefo
4., "drf -0W, "me
Wk "iif-'-^"rwitf a r6ep"i"' geat. Aierican Fpnidations and ,
ter The chase so count on receiving funds .
tocktclts. 'wil be. from te Music Festival. They .
YA- ilaf h -invitatio- ,r-nly, 'a are encouraging amateur musiM-. A
j guarantee .cat .activities and also, forma-' ((FRM muI
re 19e.ev.. Io f mu# c m .business. The '
INt- a. I f"i... Xii-rect iEzemble Instruimental Quis- .
l ie'sa C...l e0. was presented in itd
~jjs thoe vi aie,
.queya,.. .a.,.
.hose, rvices the"' +'e am; 'debut at a Chamber of Corn.
?4'.j,.dopsy1d -g,:,Mi merce Beau Riage. soiree. '
l. [:eh '"tiimgi~a '* '
Tlhaereby .raismg.funds '. Thie org.andtion of the mu-
.4OrtheNation afied in Haiti n im- tEvery year the (
rvatryher ... portaht". business 0 6w-nwth. aceomodate. This
NK Thi j.i"i, each The,'Sqae'&de C rt un- iggr crowd thai
A y.Jtefto yyCHM dertaking this work which /
HiBER MUSICE i F 1 festivals unique offers a. gold .min of. possibili- .-. That is why t1ie M
A"in thk m-.e.hlfit i t. one nd contacting ", .- ed a reserved seat
S.with thhe move.tq :make mi.fi the Columbia Artits'Cc and s ..' WE SUGGEST T
i a, loige. op,:or. its -National Artists. Cor hich VANCE. Tickets
|| .^ ',w ." p o l l e 'o '* .,..,.-, ., .,. -, .. ,* ., \ '-
,PiCW' bit, i .eO .brngmg. .control concertt sales fr' the' .
OiW'do the high-hte1.iHarp-', t6; -worl- a medium for.-bringing ': '."
the "i "vo... .. .. ....
e.rackof "'The'. n"'- eonrt -to.' Haiti and sending .
;nau hetep'~ou ~J4~
.:I. come: iout Haiotian aris to the wotd, ee.n.... t..a S 2.
o-lda ttwoh .ey .are. eservedtables 200
fl.:srYi-.. L ,: ,j ;.rin.g ..aitian arti -sts under Sa dig R om a..b .
-~HA -'eptat(i
..........-... .. ,.., ... ; ,"........- : Standing Room at-b
'".' .': "S.+ '.. .'. : '.' .. *'
i+';:" ". wf' d .... ^ w, : ... .. H. g i. ... *<.'.-. ... i "' "" .
"# 4flrTcA sCHWEIT-ZER- 1:
;o. .:.. o. ] ~-sho $'.., i ,Dinner and ,hw
.. :.. .i... :,, sthe nam of thsubsidia -
*! ^ :oF[w ,J ..., ..... -. ,: '::" ...
""a.--.i s '' "- d a-,
,l'h.... --.oAT ., ,group P WLII tw ao e "
?rIjgm invite a A iith an -. f f ese h a g o ur m
-B t aclbet;Ch ,iz i onra e i :s. Oloff son hag'
~Ptocox6 -- i `Cot;4 Itfrmm
tZmiM~~i^h-r^ toba fianeeatio
lb I' .pp 6anagnent firm
b "+ x .- --.. ;..develo the to rit atrac-t. I "s "
.,. b .o ... h* ^1^: n So e o
,. .e % c i
'^'$" IpjlVS1 p^"eopes 7tdn indautrynicsee markmlletsuaad at pr~d h
Blm ,, :t. oadrd: ecazor; ii- d. per-, .

ihr f a.,-is dwm 'l a p-.. icwlar in ter-. '
n:;> development" co" m 'est 'int isoral h.riemane"groups. Mar'" s.
pt cellist,.and-.I i,. dancers and drummers. .,uban Delfpation-
'.b M e conduct, They will shorf .nouncan Winds Up. Mission
e' Druam D bir so'.dition. date -for' te oppose, (contiAued frs o page i
S co-n-i ,- hof sigelecting people to which" "..
tf: '. :..".i.ji award contric.:. It appears that dthis bank mis
.M.K.". "....L,'i-n .'i g .. 'he .Society deo .Concert is. .iou coies asa result of agree
V.Wand-.a....... I.,i .p-.re. mosed of Mr.-RAphael and mnt -for clser, collaboration
-.elje fo~ rtig,1^ ni'.'n vod. .eer ,oe i rn ok I
.. p I.*.:leven yeai oldHaitian' Camile Stein Lavin'a aWi- e '.the govesnsints of
4j.j.....gy.has...'hifn e g lian', oMaurice MaxirHMi.en Cuba and Haiti 'sparked by the
irre /Hlain-to'ple. aot the" '..and: Eward Laboyn Aimeican, visit not long ago to Cuba of
t.'Teafree Verd-ure" n. Dec, '2f1r1 o ei, sal es representative., a' Haitihn delegation headed
qiihtter-eo fact tswhol' ch a i t E winrL,.be watching by 'or iga Minister Louis
-'Of ...- .I .f ...
; develojmeni.t omes: interest this musical hurricane. Mrs. -. a
Ni ,o* the dlAstushed ." By LYNN GROSSBERG .Thereoistalk of a subsequent
egro artists ekcoint&r wit e Cuba agicultarei mission'to
-',Max.nuen faniyin Ne-w M tn .- s extend-soe help in building
his su..e..e. t '"utel I- M dA, -Lobby Has up tobacco plantation and give
S~ageo ,,th+eirughter. .NewLk advice' a .d' 'le
-'4 .. -, I .,:- ._ .. .. \, +
fterestn'1Haiti grew f' jor breeding .to viade NP1e
-..e,;' b- -.ach -d st + .."
,',a i t -recepi"on- W..da re-- Ey..da.chin. and .a.t6 levell of the run down Hatian
.!'from critics::,i dmusi voodoo vevers done in Iron 'stick.
ma i.dd .their thee month work 'has given the ,lobby, bar- Another possib ty is -the
irY NTw,"-Yorkt .. .c dinmgr~n of Hotel Mon- sending of study groups to Cu
-.e interested tania a new look. This Gros ba to become familiarized' with
p -to 4nd about 5' Morne Sophstication is'appeal- the housing projects.
of each year.here. Theing'...]' The banking delegation will
who has raeived.such 'Architect"- En&u reportt back to their bank in
g.pfor EwSI"_ s dain out the m, Cuba which will in turn make b
.yoftli~ piano.hae-toured ,in' ior~d~oratng and refur,*sbh a report ;n their findings here. t
t e under the 6qosorship. in' thme. Cuba while having a hiaherl t

DAY AT 9:45P"P.,M. ':


', .'" -'. -: =- ... .. '^ '
-, .* .* '
.. .. .,+ .I

)loffson show draws more people than we can.
year cEFrom Patouxto Voodoo'will draw a.
iever. '. .'. ,y
.- .. ; ,:

available now at Hotel Olff.on
'" 4'- ''

ar: $1.00 per person '

5.00-per person (The '''.
e t ".' -.:
it cuisine) : .:.


iii. Wls- n
NEW,' G(E.I.ERAL "Atta'hei" W"....rn
(c6ntinuec froioi'page a) Col. Aoine Multi
StFraigois Romain,. 'C4
Members' of- the General's ierrp, CoL' oane i
at.f who-are aJso.pf the 1941 Laurenceau .
promotion. were trained by spe- Co Max Lieuteau t
the nitd SttesAr-gny 'Elie' and Lieutepgiit
cialists oftheUnited States Ar-f nls Gustave Degraff 1'
ny. Those who succeeded in en-
,Je .n, Marc Gagneron a
ering 'the Academy iL. 1939, JMontes.a "
nany of whom had" university 'Mo '-e
evel educations'- all were dol- Salmonio Taliu
ege graduatess some lawyers and jpaSsw Ag wa
engineers didso w: yrth'" gseat A-
competition. Some of-the con- Hardware .merchant'i
ry's. most able young men en- mon Talamas passed :
ered the army that year. Wednesday. He ias 83
Retiring officers include: Maj. of 'age. -x.
General. Maurice P. Flambert, "'The weU-kndwn meinl
3rigardier Geniral Louis Rou- Port-au-Prince's Syrian',"
naim, Colonel iJoseph Goban, was -laid to i-esat, Thurs4d
Commander of the .. Coast ternoon. 'i-
Nuard, Col. Maxi Duthier Mili .
ty. 'Attach e in the Dominican" "'
Republic, Col, Gaston George0 FOR'SALE -
Military Attache in Havana, s i
:ol. Adrien 'Valville Military Cash onffly English Fo
III. ..,phyr .1955 .Cnvertible,':
-tandard of living than Haiti rately priced, very good!
has a per capital income of only tion. Mak be' seen
'300 hs compared to $1800 of working days. Unlted-Ti
h9.U.. 0jOffiqe Cith de l'Ezpod0

T)"'ri I :": WO:RLD

FAMV'-S ...,. '-. .


SSHOES,... '


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