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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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ZIO." E. SUNAY DE EME 7t. --1958--,



1:;. : -- L _; _
SFlorida Captain's The Case Account Of
S Action At Abricots The Drama

s'He yelled words in English By Emile ROUMER From. TESTIMONY
bat bdunded. like 'ubo6t gheet-,; .Te 53-foot diesel-powered
,ind.threatened us with a re- An- unfortunate incident hap- xtravagan dropped anchor.
L7 -,Extravaganzas dropped anchor,
vl6ver .niade us jump off his opened at Abricots, a community n Neer2h, a
'*.*, .,. in .Jeremie, ,November 25th, at'.
,yacht and into the se-a, one of .f the Arroxldissement f fere .i Jee .. a
'"i r -*' r n.AU* ^ n 12.;45 P. M. with Captain Ri-
tie three suirvors of the Ab- nie. Two Americans on a fast 25 P.M. with Cptain -Ri-
-: .. .. *chard Rhinehart and crew memn
iots bayr incident wrote in tes! ypcht barked in the town, pre- char Rhine t and crew rem
.... etr 'Richard 'boldya. aboard_!
.timony now in the. hands of ,z ding they were short of ga- ber Rh ldya ab pyar-
i~~mo~~Cy ivsiaos 0Cptain Rhiinehart and Bokdya I-
-the Army investigators who ioline. The Guard had them pi and .'" "
a're looking -inito the strang .ign the necessary. papers and went and met the Aim-'com-
"'o of "a m'ander .of 'the distikic 'ahda.l_ 'af-
behavior of a Florda yacht ,wbrkation was free to reenter m-xdey prhestr it s3 i a- -
iapn. whoe action caused te potnofua ,t-: Monte- purchasing. .4 o.gasp- "
"the death by drowning of a a t ..- ne returned aboardd 'thei vess
n.o-swimming AbricotsTaxi ,o i Tn" RhineThi s'd- .-b ..
levtor. d~~~~one, tese men ien d~gi~hAdr
etor. )akedthe .next .day at Abricts- a adertisement wathi- alct.he
,. tti ark d!the ne t .ay at bn ot .... ;*' ".,+_',.-' ~. ., .. ." ;: ".**" .,;r -
-.The 'incident,Iccured in i o^Oe xd of, hiS~s sgelaid:lse~
ay of.The ~ieldd v ii i -The: Military-Post Chief 'nade.-. : -C`61 .
..).y off the sn aln vlage of Abr'i reepotcoiteindM de B- .. va an
cots, Haiti,'-on the soth :' .. z, as charter essel stating
sot.er rack responded they were de- -. ..-. isG
.agf hs.- to-jremie'the B-'-i rs. GM,.
-ninnai bn Nov.mber 25th. that the "" -motor SE .
i- Rhih el iir, linqients who. liagd no right to .r '
tic'ia C.. iihinebr, ft l '& oj n ht dieserpo6erbd and-.ha.s dacron
k-i sil e -in m a-the Haitian : -'
s .l f e, fifty-.r. .. o .-. a .-. t .. ,isacb fo-
eP2 o- .', ,, ... ; i'b 'ither seagoing BIe
pq-;a y T -7 t who* T 'i At A)Frie -ftself, .h'i6 ..,. 6 *
jress -is. 1117 South pB pu.- for offshore -culsing or m shel.,
vWorth tfl6ri~i, trayelling with ii6ton-.had fraternized.-with the f4-r;..tff--r" c.isig OrT. h
rth Floa travelling with h i ereAc waters t
i.. W- ier," Rhar- white met to of a doubt-- ". v ey,.. -
....ls t4 T'- :.i. & wht dhdmas-who. had'ioticdins for S, tsd'e
-.ito eivt. inei crewt,...... paon e" 'ha. r;.f -f idip,
o6:Tvemtter-i, 2 and 4. oz'ij^othrsfootft the Gezi:ag ien ane older pS, 1117 .
-n.ed gdipiline {or'$3S4; IMIT ?nd Jhrr iiieteie Post. W4%e,.ke lumet: .'/ii., ,: ,-.,...
...i ... .i .. ...ie -. :iven 1 .,of n dt..-, on page '- ,
""est atio a s M o n te t M' d 2 )

w -t
rnitaJ?' :.
'.~~~~ slaioi .sMd-dr.es: i: r; z ,:

on_ (e p 2)-.- : ....;i I T u F,.
__-, _c, ___ e2.. "1 C(astro ra#ttSisin
:- e tWh ooKil S a ilor

Sp ;ltTo Head En he amia ksitt&ofSo-
C' .

Iiti. lnsuance' "., (AS)..will
g tiagainst-the ten Cu-

ban pi.tis'ns .. iaFidjl Castro
who were responsiblee fo? the,
death o~f Joseph.B~azile,. a-'sail-
Or," .when. they .'hi-jacke~d the
A Barracudla.," in'. n'- ttempsg to
------ -Continuedonpage 11)
C -
NewhlW Sailor.- i

World's'&st F
* ",.. "i : i ':" -:- ;-* ';*;*

-;; :* ..' .** *: .. ., .. =.;* .: .--.
(Top) Vetean 3Hooper is. t" -ye.ar.ld a
sisters JoefHe (8) -_d Ger.aldi' f)fFlorin
Fisher (12) i ;a Ii4p. maras - 'and WGisele hopppalout& arba&R' oiI
my -Abith : ; .'-C: : -* ?:,
^ '-. ". : '- ".* ." .- ....1:' --;

-1 a naged ,t.: escape ~hop
Rtck. .-'ni-tM ,'.and .re 61io. a.ni,
,:,~~ ~ .. .
-joles. b'uti'.has ..as bed-e s-i
dily to" i Hula aoop 'rI- no
Today; in" cHati Thomaa>,;;E qi 4
the -Ecole 'Po1&yJtniqu Swbett 1i
it is recognize"bhy. studentss ;:j i -e: ,
juiL a matter of. .yrewt4n,' ..w.-;ft-
t' ... -' ." .' ^ ** *- ,!'--"'.;: :''***r .-; *
of motion to Kyonh* Jeac]a: ': -.
ho e-. .,. j,.,h. o,. -. ..%,...:.-.[,,. .
others. whok even:.hoop' in"t.-ew ..
the imported aport has '-takei .4
over an& is straining muscles .-
both stomach aiid-' eyC .., -,.,
W'ith the arrival o'52 ;aien
hula hooopa fr'i6 MAdikn ao .-barL .0
T, I:
Wednesday.. ddsflrtda+ cl, i | Q %
sal.S l es s. A. (F-a" "k'-.
/^ "'' *r '.. ... ,%'* "+.'-_. '!v 1 rle '' '
irnpr soare6a. .ver.'returBi
citizen no matter how.digndie
landed from thie, States witha
~~ ~~~ ..... 1.


?anama Line Fleet. O-tC
-_! *... ... t h1' "' -;,..', '' T.'.r,,,en ,= T ,..ieT l.n.'

fl .-rince' fbs'fhL ,
-S.4: t.U. .a- :,,
e... r.. : -.+
-. I Tuesda.y, 'Deceidi~er:-
Ellen-;er. .has-t.e-n
of .e. United' a sa-
since '936. -elr'C.-
ie.., portant C'OO
.,Agidulture And;,"

tq~rst ,o .g ash re~i .Pot-puPnno ,,-. .. -'..\.+.:., ...' x~c~f i
-eU -as.a Tahking.'i
the Appropiations
--The. Se.nator l.. has ..b.
:inj Ufiited State.s.(
w.n Zruitiy and Ie =.
In k.oird i 4 v-o.ew

.,ir rIfBadsteutste fl ,rve -y .h ..gyp ._ ; .- wiuni^ ;_ ..
:l'anmb, Cane Police- Boat 'whiirls: permit e e ,e.' sic14 ,d -aged a
The cooif oirtal vessel "name4
tiw ist o go ashorein .Po.Ppee-, .
After the mosquito thht'spreidis yeV er l esbetwebn tlen oa..6 t
Ih' iei. whe thd. Pan.pn Liner berths to the wh fy I4 RoS
Wjpby r r Johnsiclk Panamq Line Manager some o#:e u 3 iv e. N.'t
tourists *fxko cail hii-'iArt aniiualy with toe Pan-finatiniers .who findA lb.LM
,.iert1"!4 'id Strenuous .%rk will travel va the Aegypt ..
.... .. .. ..-. ; +
i[ ,-- ., I '' ". .
}. -. .-:

Vim o

I i f ,i' : ,',1-".. g


=44 _- 3 -1. d 45%=-2 MUIR

i: cL: ?.:_i :%.. .:"',,. ... .. ... ^ '''. .
Meorida-Capt. : N The Case
(1 -.hi'u '-o, ;*. ). At Abricots
R fr"m page Con"inid' from page 1)
'1?; ^ .-' ''" "" ; "" ," "" '*. "^ "-.. "** *.* .
.ad&. a 'hi, ,rs..later.&iiw: -er' to' questions., The
q.. a ..zai,. rtppqd ;a ipj I'g Thomas had. hd time
1M-` thtag'iitg 16-at "the other- spoke
14.. otfAL.jeremie. .reoie..'andA declared to their
.Y.1.,-.o.. ...'it-A an,.tifs;.,th if 'the' white
-e-wrnot tro thieves, they
f AR tlhgihtilt "n:ee .." hil e a',.
tlwio..P.l!&English,'di 'did :e .enlae. a. signature.
N U'i.nuto AbrCcot% to :l 0:idy. paid any, attemption
^ weiatier at e. tq the oubting Thomas. The
at sea~i ... ..
OPT 0, d-in cargetok4 whtC^meni'asked' to be allowed
Ms-g.t d&aemg .tiim aboard their, yacht td
'a s"S.,.witSpe- .termeal. It was granted..
.:iit.J.erenie-th e, .-y.-,ung Alricotiana with
rL a M e. ., to.' "..re-
q..mtt ore- "festxtive of the tax of-.
ad. ,.fc ,acbcmpanied them. .
e^ '"4 1',of sixia m-comnx-r ^
n i1"!*'- *1, \ : l'1-," ..'!*/ '", :'. :Ic: a -rf i *i' *
..ter of ... nthef, the ych't set sail

--....... N :&..~'. ivih--'the -four mmen. aboard. A
*- "Ul .^t ^ .?." : : .' : =. ; :" ,: ... ';. ,',/-' .. .. --'
d1dae~'".nl ... 1ar.. white-'man told the otha dr to
-. .3- ape eaed
tlcaii]cain fhhig e .' gotoingx, revolver drawn. Re
i" ordhe ~d alt:"ui' Three' young pedple es-
i f ordered the four Hai
S'b.ard.. ... Thre..' of '"" 4 d 'with their lives, 'bat the
&ord, hee,.o{ d. .
....."written:i"y'sf T: officer, unfortunately, was
-Aaenc.n Utmn rownedn:
..sho after 'tm' j 1. -Taamas sas r6pondonguea.
,mdI Athe bullet./iodged .,i K I
:ofthe shoe -ofoe" '- FAIE flES. ABRICOTS
q6 q oneat~ : ...
i".e ibod..y.t..e.,..}' Oun affair, malheureux passe.,
.whbn.,did1:knot 6o-._.o: Commune' Arrondis-
W.imk was wa.s-ed. oit-..;.'' S J6r"mie. Deux m6ricainh
ia:ch tlie-follog*ing' day;- -80,oin yacht -iapide t6 d6bar-
t,,,,... ,4,., .. .
xavaggaz .'axme,,., .,la la..a. dernier ile ga : sous
Ita.y;'Aby ..lipp ..g blx.eP te4 yo te manque gasoline.
n -tc s. e Y .. ',i ..C :. t L. G a r d f & .Ag n ir u p a p ie rs n e -
.' ,' ":,: v"-- ig :, r' s -,. es" s"a "iiw '4 em a .'x on a.a -
itiii 'A-.y.i-ves tgatofsb ]re.uitrer an p6rt Naci
tro discover 1.
l .vo....o.. ldi'.covei .1 Md.tego Baj,JamaTque.
i .thenenwcre Sir c ic essie:r, yo, ,'db"r-
,. y rw, .ve Clt quo e l.iidertaincAricts. Coef
in 'te mi-f,_ta V;a.a f7. rapp brt
11 W O. `2 0r o C. MAa.m:stole ap
ieanu' .... ..... .. .'A "
Jrervinae, Ca,,e.rn es respond"
" a; ,dNouber &a tenu 'd6linqait qui.pt'
n, gain, 4oit', promenii libre lan
:i -. ''btout.,psr .itiei -
1:-' bricotsmie, ,pdpul atio. a
Cifatenise adbncs yo malgre
l i',.d -'ti St-, Thomas q lan.bu-
.... '. .;.,:,, ,. reau gendarmerie t6,ou& -youh
-.... ....dta e drpre- pcrie' l'autre pour reponde
e. ". ',".t ", : n':'.-"a :m..mgn.Ri,3 otnlet' .i./A a.'. ." '*-.- '
4j .4t&-.;. L.. l -'': ..nm -e a ,enseignements. ri
s ; r iae.... l.mte-, ; -," !," '" ..
.- "ejs '.,S:Thpmas a t gain temps, de&
ed ige;.;'i .pI~a.e'd 1. ........ ,.; ,.*
.-'.4.-., ..- 4 coufl h.."q.e .Zott t6teparie' creole,
m <~ w .m t]:e ,' >w -t.^ ...^.: .:.- *
.. ,, .'-r.'.'' i wr.cta Abricotiers yo que si
rA flttfl9 Q b 'p dat a
,~~'i .t* i'. ,nc yo :pat, dens voleurs, zott
b- v -'- -.'..'e :?" .. .
W all '03er ves-,'
.-....a .. .", .a a m~ e signal ture...
inthcse. -waters pa ta am
'5./P. '" : Perb"ne pa.. occup&' ti St.
y aheCptar&in~ntidfne .' Pestn pa insi
; .... Thomas a. Blanc..yo mand.
has a-eiapity fo.r pour remonter h.bord pdour plkn
to .e asse vena- re yb. Trois jeune Albrico-
,ositof-xhArtfr, accdrd-. tiers.suive yo ac pr6ps coritri-
34 e h billm they'eftit i i. tin a : .
Fe 4,00 a.week.or $2;400 $Bi.d6 yacht drapere; se fra,
n,.ijt,..tincliding food tsrfiiateq.rs yo, oun blanc dit
!;/.. "- .": ",. .f ,ott-. s aget sway, revolver ]an, poi;ng
e...:',- R 3sultat: troiajeun'e .gus san-'
s not knownl what action '"6 e ye m.n...po contri-
.~ ~ ".Y'P. M ~ i n p i -e p o s o n r t
u.jitice'.wl take in. the utis a' noyer malheureuse-
ttIhidath of.the-.ta, col. ilEarL Talamnas -sans, repondon-
,'&n....- Mo.fyL'.uiS Aho 'gu ... '
S .-. .."- -. 'EmiJ,-:ROUMER
400- 2.-
';; :, 4 1'-" .' "": ', :,** ** ... # "~ _, '" ., .. ..- -'_
: .d .' ..' .-;' ;- ; : ; :
,. y.Serapi tin' The ,'Coiinision;' Bated at i
,6esOn'Trial Casernes D-"i'.liuqsi presided
T. an c .-SMrapin over lyy .l aOr Danilh'BeaUivoir '
v .* *, "'* 2, "' .' *' *.. ._ ; ',^,*- "' .' ". I,
rf l.entliminn".. ty with Lieutenant Jean Gateaun as
kli^ii ,y1fo!j'&A" g tl." the., Milita'ry Prosecutor. r
a e&&M .hotierea bomb Attioney Georges Bouqhereau
B',e .'wah e cedunder .iieads' defense counsel for tle (
.nt before aotaiy Congrefssa c.o
eiibih:this.wea to face.. ,' c
|7 of plotting against the Miss Suzy Jean Jacques left
i security of the State, on'-,tbe Poca.
: -. 4

South B.'Lake Worth Florida
(rates for charter of the boat
.given as $600.a week or $2,400.
Food and fuel extra.'
When the, yacht was inspect-
ad at Jeremie nothing out of the
ordinary was discovered. After
contacting the. District Army
Commander and buying' gaso-
line, the two yachtsmen return-
ed aboard, fished in the harbor
ind weighed anchor at 3:00-P.
*M. with Jamaica as their des-
Instead of going direct to
K;'ngston they went to Abricots
-where they anchored at 5:30
9 M. Immediately, the popuila-
tion,turned out with the..soldiers
of the out-post, thinking' it was
4 landing. (Invasion)
The soldie-r ,Casimir Lucien'j
temporarily' in" charge of the
post in the absence of th6 Cor-.
.poral who. was in jerethie,; cal-
led, the District Commander in
rerami'e, and. teh Sub District
Comniander asking: what. to do.
Meanwhile .A!die Louis and
Roubys Ba p1tiste, W'frred La.
Tamour and Fortulis 'Mont-
Louis 'took a cano .nd went
ouit.tq 'inspect th' yacht. Arniv-
.ing. aboard they were offered'
cigarettes. -.
_-When Aire, .-ui' refused,
the'- Captai "n' akgds hk m f:dhe
didn't si- i F. ;'Fortulus "'WMont-
Toji_ w h&sp-ea-s. a little'.En-
glish asked him, if. they. wished.
to enter thishhllage. heQy rO-
plied 'in the affirmative.-.qnd
went ashore. Arrivinfig t le.
beach, :,ihe soldier Casimir LOA
!qien feft-thetelphowie and we
down to 'meet them, 'escort
.1m- to6 the,' miiitarVi out
where" with Andre Louis, fb
0-q' oen they wrote: '
Richard .Boldya .
SW.-Palm "Beach Florida "
Name 'of -Boat Extravag
za .
-We are- boqnd. for Monte
Bay. Jamaica-.
.Richard C. Rhineliart "
West Palni Beach Floqrida
Afterwards they ivere esc
ed to thb presbytary where tl
were interrqgated by thfe pri
Father Dominique Henry
uhd6rstands 'English. Dur:
the i-terrogatioA they said t
",ere on a pleasure trip4 t
:hey had come from Flori
They also stated they had. be
to' Jeremie, where :they."
Purchased g a s o i n e a
had no difficulty. They had
ected. ABricot, they ififornmx
as a shelter to. avoid 'bad w
her oh the s'ea. The' priest of
ed to buy them bottle of
'hut 'they .refused his- gest
and 1 6 f t 'the parsonage
eturn aboard..
During this time the sold
asFimfr 'Lucien had. return
o t'he -telephone to attend
;ommunicatian with Terei
"-"I after some difficulty mai
-rt tn get the Military s p^

d' from page 1)

there. He asked the Corpc
to request the Coinmander
the Sub-District to 'confirm
presence of the yacht and
give him instructions as to .w
measures should" be, taken. -
While awaiting the reply, 1't
soldier noticed that the two
reigners were already on t
beach and -he ran down to st
them from departing. They
olied that they were simi
going aboard to eat, and wot
return ashore afterwards.

In spite of this the sold
hesitated to allow them to
turn aboard. At this they repli
that hi could come aboard a
see their papers. Upon tie ins
tence of Fortulus Mont-Lou
CdEimir went and picked up
rifle and went "aboard the yac
.along with four men of Abrice
Arriving on board, the yac
the, men showed the soldier the
receipt for -the gasoline boug
in :Jeremie. ,With Fortulus ihft
prating, the. soldier told t
Americans he was going ashc
to communicate with his super
ior" officer and t e 1.1 hi
"hht thAey.had bought the gas
Jliie in Jeremie. Taking the
caipt, he, returned ashore, lea
ing aboard the yacht: Roub
Baptiste6; Wilfred .Lampur, .A
ire Louis .andt Fortulus MOi
Loji'. the litter they pdir
ed out on the map of H-iuti, t!
tons of',Jekeremie, Adse du .Ie
,Dame Marie, but Abricots w
no 'marked on the map. The
asked Fertulus to "inmdica



i' "?'"J!
when he returned he had Ack
vdiver in his hand .and & a
it shouted many times a W
'in -English which they und
tood as meaning: cAilez-v',
en. (Get out of here). .-:'
four Haitians jumped into-"
sea and the Captain firedw:4
shot after them, the, bullet,
netrating the sole of the RouIl
'"aptiste's shoe. '

Without even lifting anchc
-the yacht left immediately. T
veiling at full speed it was sod
invisible. '

Of the four who jumped iitd)
ier the sea Fortulus Mont-Loui
re- could-not swim, and his body.!
led was washed up on shbre th"'4
nd next morning at 9:00 A. M.
sis- '
is, Mr Joseph Nadal ist ba'k^
his from a business trip to the.U.S.
cht ....
Dt The Simador choir were i&4
ch their usual good voice Fridaj
eir evening and attracted a largei
aht audience to_ the French Instii
er- tute.
h e. '- ---o --. :. '*,.. ** ,
're '* ~.- .. ".: i
ar- The 'Reverend' Father Jean-'
m Baptiste ...Georges, Maiti's Mi-:
s'o- nister of National EducationlA
re-returned Wednesday from.;
Lv- Special Missidn abroad. .
)ys I ___O- :
n-" Al No..stas, &nd,daughtef:.,
4t- Therese clippered to the Statds,.
it- Friday.jLa BlleCreodlEs active'
r prpietdr isexpecfed home ii'-
rc, ten days. '- '
rat -'. .-
ey ThQ return to the Capital, df,';
t Minister of Interior Frederic..,:
Dfugneaud 'from several weeks :
'in Paris is announced f6r the.
15th of this ino ih. iir Di.vi-",
gneaud went ot 'Erop to-
attend his-son who weaist under'
surgery. ,

y Our Special Correspondent.
'4 of an ipch thick- which comes ',.
tireitiiing is very light- and is.
of fashion'aile ..people of either
full name oHOULA HOUPa or
situationn on the hou.like in.
people. crazy.It caused riot in'
nd and a lot of fun in the States.
plain nobody if. you don't know
chniquek- tSaiturne roucou]a'ntt
ficudi .Triple c.erdle.
Swide-eyes Colette Martin and
augurated tfie '-houla, on a me- -
vin seems lost in the middle of'
Michelle Armand are just start-
chelin, Daleicourt jnreiendwtlnat,-
iano .playing, we know for a fact
Sfor some choula. .
re playing rugby G6rald Lavaux '
elaxe wit ho.ulas.'Dadou Brun,
with shoulal; but undoubtly' the ,,.
oticaire Jacky Sejourne.
ouping girl of' the Haytian colony .
n last week to Maxo" Lafontant.
: if you are invited to a choula .
misake of going with a choulas,
[ka or gin'- for houla is also the.
ited at -La Villa.) one half gin"
of'lemoa "juice -r- and, brother, ,
oula" any style. I ..

F p EC1EMBER 7th. 195W

kuU.6 A iuoAUtifllN 0fOUUKAAI
iuarunnli M

l Max Fomnbrun and Haiti's
ALS Industry grew up to-
"ther. aMaxo as he is known
Haitians, American residents
ij' tourists, left off his Engi-
ering course at the University
SHaiti in 1946 .to enter the
'urist trade which soared from
couple of thousand annual
ors, mostly by cv iisehsip,
9 60,000 a yar sdn-Fun-pnd
again Seekers from North
erica in 12 years.
-With the opening of his own
iew and stylistic Tourist Em-
rioum on Avenue Marie-Jean
n.e in the Cit6 Dumarsdis Estimn,
axio has. taken his Phd. in
LTo0 sm, dane post-graduate
Lork and is now a successful
IDoctor of the Trade.
'. With his Architedt-Engineer
brother Gerard doing the design
%. ing and building,, the. wStore
.'Club. is iuiihique i that it .is
-pe-ihaps 'the only store built
-'here expressly for the Tourist
'trad-. With distinctive modern
..ine6 the stote has' a balcony
%bntd which Tourists mdy soon
j'relax, sip a drink, ease theit
'.eyes on the cool distant gi-een
.-moufitains, -and look across the
.:city nr the bay while they con
i template kurchases from Ma-
.xo's complete line of Haitian
Thandicraft items.
Wihiii,' &he Stoire Clib is
-.sodti to have airconditioning.
The good. which range from

- Clu

shelves while locally made
jewelry is attractively displayed
in glass cases, and paintings
hanging on one wall add a co-
,orful touch.

Also, in the 'exporthg "busi-
ness, Maxo has not forgotten a
refreshment bar. A tired, thirsty
'ourist is an irritable, impatient
:us.omer who is seldom dispos-
d to buy even a nut-cracker.
A- member of the Diner's
Club, Maxo is a polyglotte and
ias won many friends among
the foreign residents and the
\rnerican tourists who find him
agreeable, and pleasant to do
businesss with.

The Store Club, in our ever-
expanding City today, has the
-d vantage of easy-to-find curb

- ,HATI SUN* -A E. ..



Due to, 'the highly arbitrary
Lanadian legislation in matters
61 immigration, a two-and-a-
.ialf months old baby, born in
Canada of Haitian immigrants,
is actually in the country and
received' orders to leave Cana-
I-a. This history of a young Hai
ian couple and their tiny infant,
':ctims of the law and the pa-
radoxes which it contains, is

After having completed his
primary and classical courses
in Port-au-Prince, Mr Jean 0.
Volcy came to, Canada in Sep
:ember' 1951 for the purpose of
pursuing his studies then to re-
turn to his native country. As
he planned, he entered the
Saint Hyacihthe School of Tex-
tiles, graduating five-yeiars later
with -a diploma of Textile tech
nician. During the school year
1955-56 he was elected Clais
President, presiding over soma
30 colleagues.

His studies completed, Mr.
Volcy decided to remain in-Ca-
nada. During his sojourn in-fhe
country, he had lost his mother
'nd all contact'with his friends
down there. On the other hand,

(continued on page 10) -

Spillet To Head Esso In Haiti
(Continued from page 1)

Mr. Spillett came- to Haiti as
heid of accbiintilhg and ih 1954
1rahsferred 'his interest to mar-
keting andti operations in which
he has been engaged since. He
had joined the Compaiy in Ja-
.naica 'in 1949 as an accountant
wvhbn he was transferred to Ha-
iti in 1950
The new manager ivas born
;n London, England, and Attdied
hi L :.,j!'

r-on Army at aoloinhttnt fbr
evangelical and sbbida woek iii
the Caribben area and Central
America with headquarters in
Kringston, Jmifhaica.' He left this
posAitioh to join Esso Standard.
Shpruiy after cbnkihg to Haiti
M r. Spillett married .Gladys
Ftitz, daughterr of the late Not-
'wegian Conaul General, Lcif
Fioeid who was dean Uf the- con-






*RT i -?

WkST 24* T ^- 'it ''' t--k
'- :
wsTOR 24th sItit -,-
""l 3' Day diec to f-e co~t obf New,-York
Cl|Y...moDarn kit i~ct bh.~n Flag Cruise n .",- Ship'.

o~e fAlOqt 0 N ". ,o."l _'_ ... 0 .... "^
5ailings Mond4Ys and FridaY .,
;vtiV cinno~o usWt WrI VpUATM, ,.AT..H
-- -, ~ ~ ont s am o o6,14
URP-i -O f ....E i PWA4CU -.
". g-O~tWIsM4Wj3, ""OL

Ask about round-tirp ea fir dflss.
Ask. je ac" --g information .Ony fr "
complete accurate -t" o '
s3Oit--i.U N
Rue Ab raban Licnln

"I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ %. .. ..*1^ ^ -,.. -_,
_"*---**--*. 7. .-" ". '-.. :. ..;: ::-


.. -' ;~ .--- _.- ... _- '. .
~X. ..OR..
At the Fiesta bf -tli e Patron sion will, carry a -.4ieciail .1 3 -'
Saint of Port-de-Paix, the Pre- sage froi(.fhie. Chife-,bf Statet6
sidett sefii a 9-member dee- the peojl8otple" ie Nt.brth-We.'
gallon, 6i Friday 'mornng, to Menii6rA' -f th d/eleiga'
the North-Western town,-as his include Measie'UrsAndr6- St. f
personal representatilves- lpuy Theano, Dr. .la!de :&a-
They will spedd five" diys in ontaiiht, Jean Sassin8, RaiuiRibg
the Departhient of the Northb- gindDa Geird I-M#ikWC1, %Ire
West, and visit Tortuga Island A*WiTor10.., Golone'-l -Man .'-L i
asid the social service worT c e- fontant and Germon Anlt-'.:;'3
ing done 'by khb Bevgeitd Fa- The-Delegation is expeMedAif.r
their Riou. return to .the Capital on DecQ. 4.
The Presidtbit's GbodwtiWi Mis her 10th. -.:

lt-ccountanc, uitq, UU econo m tf~UiUcsUIda lserviLcAin flaiLLa najlJ DLL u.
Sbowls to Ounga dolls are corporate law and corporate se- for 40 yeas. fo -',
inged artistically and design crelaryship at Skeirrys College, Mri. Sphlett recently retuned The Grand Hotel- Oloff h d
on a serve-your-self super- London. In 1935 he joined the from spending five monilths in -
'ket linia. Salvation Army and 'during the Admiiistrative Office of the Pregehts, .:i
Prom Maxo's own Bel Air World War 11 engaged in orga- Company in.Hivania. The year ,",inR k VT00D(TT i fl-n flf
id-carving enterprise, wall nization of civil defense and before he spent three months .R JVI riUu VUUJJPATOU0
'ks and some uniquely Store r:ecue work in London. In 1947 in Puerto Rico .observing the f,'
b items are arrayed on he was assigned byPthe.'Salva- Company's operations there. SHOW OPENS DEC. 8th .
.. ..'- 4"
." .'m a ...:;;.,. .* '" **'' .* .,"^^ ''' ..-.': ..........:. ..^ <.... ^ ^ "'** ^ -''i*">T -s~'*sw *'''; '^ < ^ ;> ^ ..S % AS^ ^ ^ ;i^
*" ^K. ^S If ^l9- --^ __ "' -'.' ____ ^ -ffw-.BsK '"

' I AI ^ AShop .at Miami's. *': '"
[J \\world famous Lin- -"
coin Road shops.

e Your choice of President first class or Rainbow tourist service i' .
on DC-7B or Super-6 Clippers*... with radar on every flight. Relaxat smeof
I For reservations call your Travel Agent or PAN AM. the world's most .'

Kue Dantes Destouches-Port b. Princl--Tel: 3451 f -. luxuro.uh ." :

r ...m' 51'E x.:

T ,"r:T,::.'.- :".. .
..,:, :*,,:. .... .. .. ., ,. '.b .: > : .... .. .. :** .*

.: a m a ..,

..Haitif first', Cxreole Musical
.--CTI SONSON., is a festival
of'30 songs and 20Q dances. The
musicalal, based- on a Creqle
:poem by Dilia and Jean Brierre,
Ad staged and'direeted by F.
-.Morisseau-Leroy, with the par-
*'ticipation of the Capital's best
"ar'ists". .
:i- .'Ti Sohson- will open .the
winter.tr season on December.
.12th, at 8: 30. P. M., at'the
Theatre d'Haiti in Morne Her
:.-ules at Petion-Ville.
:'I O .n.the' southern peninsula,
:the-.sea and the people live to-
"gether;. thus their songs and
-:.dances are bon.
':,Ti Son s"o n should hAve
. kn6wn. In fact he knew he was
! in"love with -the sea.
., Excellent seaman he was .too:
*.There is nothing to says, .as
. `. .xey say in Creole when there
-'i. too .much to be saia. His
'.-father hbad been killed by the
.:sea. He -was not born to die in
-".a-bed. .But so young, Fri
"''No complained, .Mistress (the
goddess) could- have'-waited.n
:i..Duri. g the wake,- all kinds
of -games aTe played. .There is
short ceremony in honor of
:; Agoue, voodoo god -o f the sea,
Sin order to give a farewell to

N # 3

.. .o


IRST CREOLE Haitian Sculptures:
An Art
S'AT THEATRE Or A Business?
DEC. 12. By-Dave TALAMAS
the dead.
Minminne, the mother, also 'Haiti is fast becoming a tou-
knew that her son belonged to rist resort, and so haa the carv-
the sea Nevertheless, she wants- ing industry been increased' tre-
the sea to respect her mourning mcndously as' a big business in
The artists weave almost a the last five years. In my opi-
ritual of Phe story of Ti Son- union, mind you my 'brother
son in 30 song and 20'dance. Wally and I were tbe first in
Haiti to sthrt the, carving in-
Sugar Mill For dustry on a large scale by ga-
Torleck thering tie finest 'carvers to-
Te arrival of the Frenc In- gether five years ago) the carv-
*Thie arrival of the French In- 0 ,,
dustrihlist, G. Beaujolin, is an- ing industry has three different
nounced for the. early part of class.ications:
the coming year. Mr. Beaujolin a) TYplcal designs such as
headed Athe Company to which woodcarvings showing peasant
*he Haitian Government gran- woman with basket 'on her head
ted a contract for the construc- or haitiarn man beating a drum;
tion of'a sugar mill in the Tor- .b) Surealism designs- This
bech Plain. is where -the tourist is usually
Fooled, for any apprentice wor-
Attorney Raoul Alexis who ker who has no common value
represents the Company in Ha-, of the art of sculpture usually
iti recently inspected the vast iries to classify his work as a
Iand's planted in sugarcane -
-6-hirl' 'ill serve to furnish ma-
teil to the sugar-mill, and the tl- Matin in its December 4th.
owners of more than 4,000 car- edition.
readux of land will be contacted. The journal further said that
cHowever concrete acti on Mr. Beaujolin had renounced
must come to establish confi- his plan for *a hydro-electric
dence in the company, for the power plant at St. Mathurin.as
producer in the South has he- well as the Television post to
come distrustful after his mis- concentrate all his efforts on
fortunes with the Sugar Mill at the sugar mill, upon specific re-
Desalines and at Simon, in the quest of the -Haitian authori-
PIain of Cayes,, editorialized. ties.


JL .



piece of surealisme art. Designs
in this classification includes
free form heads or entire figu-
rines of shapes and an'atomies;
c) Voodoo Designs Those
are'hardest to find but wall pla-
que's with ver-vers or free form
bowls with voodoo designs can
be classified as such.
In Haiti, the'art of carving is
a natural heritage of tb'. Hai-
tin artisan and dates 'back to
primitive wood carvings from
deepest Africa. I believe that
tourists besides returning to
their homes carrying memories
of a wonderful time should also
carry back an interesting and
worthwhile -objet d'art, such
as those carvings of heads, and
masks that Ca'nap6 Vert store
has in .dozens of original de-
signs which I sinoerly feel can
be compared with the finest in
the world.




At Hotel Splendid
From 1:00 To 8:00 P. M.

$ 2.75

Telephone: r1l

1# Haiti

Sone name stands out

"-p /.. jI


gtvB-IU^C/^ ^L 4o I
|wv :* '. ^ ^. .. .. .. .* .'
,,.U .



: We Sincerely hope that you will have a nice time in Port-au-Prince and we are looking forward to being
1U .:. of service ti you in our store and factory, where we can offer you an immense array of figurines,
S" bowls, trays, carvings and sculptures.
r" David and Wally TALAMAS.

^ft OF^ n/ln fp l ^
*0w GRAND' RUE No 144 -





Of 1


, ." ... .

Jean Dantor?
Folklore Troup'C
Casino Patrojii
Authentic Tast&:
Haitian Voodoo
Jean Dantor, the'young!
talented artist who hea4
dance troup now being prese
at Casino des Antilles is then
who is giving tourists who':
Haiti a good look into auth.
voodoo darl4ap and songs.,
Jedn's group has conseh
'he local color in its perf6n
ces, and the voodoo rythi
faithful to the best peas
traditions, such as those to
seen only in certain regions
the country. .-
SFor the tourists who wisi
have a real experience/of
voodoo of the country, J
Dantor is offering exactly w
they wishl in his Show, ev
midnight, at the Casino.


..." SU ,. ", -ASSEZ DE MOUCHARDISE :a. :"- .: toisique ,V.e a
APPL^J~riAN EN^Trll^aANGU4&E NSWS^4PSP Mr. de Catajogre whosq cop]paratiy#x'^pet s4prj f'- wt
B m ANJ*"; T _**" '| '' ." ^ r~^ ^ ^^;'j "- +"? "" :r "f "ff Sy i.hpyp" rf;S^ud ^Jae:tL.KS
ittH ^Vlcc'.ly Pui.lished Siunday boring" career in New York is marked by the ifatihmt ish. j '- "S.- '.
R B d it4JA '4-lI S liaJWt S P i .i f able colleagues, he has joined the battle for the promotion of' que pour refute"-.ne opinion
.J' S """PAUL NAMC Cap-Haitian aa a Tourist town. -..-, lib-ement. h.4p4j ...pt .'
2 -',: .. ._ ___.__ W welcome th e newcomer. ". Sun, M.. ,e
.. .. ....-. ~ ..- un -r.d.
SP FOR A NEW < .... '- -'- -,'to read ..4torials and. ancles appearing. inj the .>gSj.- w.hi ci .c -e-. .i t .6..
L .a94L.t.Qp, ;y.. oitaJii un f a modern slaughter house gloifi.ed ana- defended Aap-Ha-teen. eter.als-sas a Tour ...."""e:' ....o
-Cp-fltiena I:t..ti:r- s"a o"rsi "
_11A1 sex Moirveau:
p f J,-i Pb 41 G(;oreIL-icat Dcr:_' (lutei wN'emher 26, Coptr.- M-ne, :eO. t V--"" '- :' -
,"ir ,' Mondei o r CifR e it..a.Oi'e, *
i'e.a Haytan Am.ric.! Meat and ProidiH Ctjpsny. .We recommend hat r. de a e o ,tA.i pa S .': I 'ou"na ...de.af ,
contract granle.d to a New Yo:4 group is expected to CaTgne consult the tourist .-... .
te dcttic-.nei i.or the old iron-framed Abattoir jmpor- terests in Cap-Haitiei, i. parlicIar, Mr. Eric Etienne,nW ano w f logr .-.vau.ais 9U.qBqr.
%1A'deni it ippoiyjtc in 1396 and set up. in .,,La Salini, able collaorator'of dLe Nouveau Monde,-and& one of. fe-mel q.e ,Ydu aeza .0d.,to. u",
Si -in the country,. Vwo"has' u .selfishly and oisisteptly'battled for the"p, omptionleSb Pt omp il -
line a .pr the ciy and a du it the Aba- tourism in the North. lHe wouhva do -well .talso ,o hv .a a iis f" 1 .et .'a"gla i as-. qmsai .
thnsae;.tjn 0the Cou ntrY..a dulp witthe khat.- whouh fnan 1:to wan C ptncopJfe.i
'maincontributor to the .Eye-sore. with theb hotel ,-Ragers. sssettoutes le nuan ..c..s
al population beset by periodic droughts arid other ,di- e are'gratified to learn-that CARIBAIR will serve Cap-, d. i '...leit. "
'- ..atifi-e.--t. .
-igrated to the city of promise and ended in La Saline. pnd will i no way interfere with COHATA, Since -... ..s- -" .-
enew contract, it is noted, that agterin of cattl- ha.s c rn ,traiscenjs th interest of .hy o sption of cout- .. ". :.- '. -
oihidden wtllin 15 kilofieters of the-:heat of the city try ad at dfendn ..b cuptr. as a whol.-,': -" :, :
rrily and aims at defend-.g .he cu .p. .. A:,
j e pia s .; ., ,. .- y ",, '. '" .. ""..- .;" *' -" ; "" .*'' *-*.^'"" ,. ." -^ -" 7 *
's. been feeo-gnzed over the. years that' the ancient cons- We recommend that people now heroically battling for the .' ,._-'-
n scrjng as slaughter hose and the consequent ope- Tourist DollAr foa Cap-Haitien o pot aiienatetthe ya '--y- .-- --
s an d handling of meat c uder conditions which lurtled and support which thep North, a4W al as 'Fer aetii;iz '-- :: r :. -',. ...'
1ps of s:anitationand hygieae, would have to be eliminated country Are'in need of with their'oI&.Qa ac ,-' ',
.:S 'positioni which nhot o. y threatened the heath. of "the "" "" :" "" *;
P -positionimwhich ~gm~ oh ia34soq t
,_ '- -..th thr ..i o 'hea o th e f the young .pewspape. at the Cap wishes to reprint rtieles -._.-..,,
s butsepn.trasted. wth efforts of urbanism wheie residents i so r we w oi f -.I
..ajfyjing th~e N b as a Jo.nirjt resort, w~e..wiU. providee, .fron : M4 ...... sts. c p'lai, ed of. thesandyor*.the. -a-,. ,.- _- r ." w pi, ..' -
flaists complained of. the orfensive sights and odors. :- / T-.: "n t .- g ir 9 *
r *: .... i our xus enoue tex to KeFep us raglish-section "pleme-.or- W .
o the need for appropriate s4ocklryardd and fattening sta- .. a
wais pointed opt.a It was suggested that. ner the sea, not aot-hetune y.ar -. .- '-.-m;.
om .the. Haytian American Sugar Gbippany' mills wasan -. .
location, since it wodld facilitate loading and unloading .. Sun comprend-il le. frandais?'"" '."
^an'imahli. traisport'ed by se., fromiSthe South of Haiti, This ..2Jff e me demand vraient-LIe' "
,ai .. .. .. ,m. ..- = :, .. i -.e -
.himinate. the cattle trpttinging inbo Port-ai-Prince from :gram- youveau Monde' compren',an
ns, -covering 200 ._llomters led by._th'eir. herders, with '...... glais. Qa'. aux ,nuances" ii" lest ".
dera]lo loss iii weight .foram fati.ge--and hardship during certain .qul ie i sasit ps '-
9U. -certtsin 'eq~a '-.l s. saisii ,p~as ok

gratifyingyin. to eee that-i.le pri,3tive.beef-raising methods B.a c. d : "- ep's'esdeni.s .a. t siu
cohfied in. cou ry .e,.a'.te.o i.e acoverted' into ie que vdt"jo-rnaine
"R ~~eque Vdtre.Joturna d. a-i nea ...."
.. : .. ... .,. M r Bernaid'.Diedericb, R." '" ...
e-ra -g.V.
r cientific cattle-raisin.g..... en.fa..ur-i deL&v .p.L...-.-
re. .farmer's .pliht, will-.be considerafily'im proved and his ---in ..... .. .- n.... u .d.. ., ., .-..:.. .- .,:- .,
encouraged and.-he will- obviously Jncowe more eFficient .' .. .. *.. =-.--", .
roduqe t letter quality. ca tte,. ho )(g goats, etc. The centra- A _.. '..'-. :.. ... ".."..
n of the slaug pg. enterprise wll give 'enough volume .i POPO-:,SA Yodp, *dl e .
its_-,'wayr aby-iprodue- fadory *wiic will' be benetibial- .joi.
rity ;g La.n ". .a .
Interests o the Stte as .ell. With effective *a4itary $nar'esg4
zo1 the.s ihdtzst&. w 11. permit refrigeration- facilities, freez- lag-4D ns y -m gas n au.,a- .j -
oom, cooling roomp -Lding ooms in the Capjtal and rin. duqtion Dr- Ti ton qmi i. -
* a'town of the countryy 'which .will iee commerce anjd in- cement trafle fle-,aies na.ve
lHaili. Then_1too the stafidard of thu meat pro uced Zott .oe jpy6our. 3 yeut pai U.
fr. raised and. ptipes owoged, througb'i thb by-jyirodpcts Ppees ,. .. .P _. .
r -j hDr. l 4- .Leapile1 -gr d paine
..ry o: : ." .... ... Q,.:. ,.. ..V.. N,-
.famous "Chicago meat packing concern; Armour and .Corn- reglise mie. b poxA.np., p-r- *
;-.streamlined the utilization of inedible .portions of meat tie ga .nm'.pa t' Ltr i ]'- pre- t- .
valuable by-pioducts more than forty years ago, and esta-- tes'.e Hatien Ibandits tropl0e;. Ce"6 -" '
ed the precedent of developi'4g extensive by-product ope- pun..poison cq- ae...et /.... l- i mW
Which oduced at that -im&i more than three -thousand moune, iethe valer "graines yo: "
pt tprdtct'm.fon ut.li zipg e artss formerly thrown qui -iffent .. ,I* *
these by-prtidfiets "took 44.'." f the weight of the live CoA i ricaius -dit .tun ..b- .. .. '
.... ; i :.'..:., .... e:rc,, H l rn-p q l'r 't c-
gal, former lost in the process of dressing tnd l elinjnatLn, gaine, Ht.n, rtem- : ""': ;.-:-
nomn.edil]e parts; and'" .were zhgde,.int vqluable jiten.s. me si e6t6- l'Evangile. Depuis -. .- "": ,mp '....
x'.. .. en oi i, mpn cber Die- -

d.. noi caj fa it. .a i VIou" .MIn. ...tW* .'
plut~t oun maignifique' ingrd- W 4jjlfllflSttW nsISU
dent po.u confiterie. t e :Dsittnd .M'eh..i,"t -, -*-
-. ~All aire'.Vodor-Dll qa d-fvqfb AfOLs'
--. r ... ..!.,,1-....,,:
UU".I..' tt. j..,,-n". ,ic.i.,ic9 aOLh.." I. ,

v'd tierchienho- n ilt que u n I' en- .t .b :.r
.7g. re. Ftuber cflstJj
pCutsinplemeo n .oun illistia- I '" VPus urez mci, Aim.:,...:
4-.tion lumist~erie MWliqa nsac Il&- 4k
-, =i, ,4 .r d... :~ ~~ pi-,e

..iiens egare..,.. .-. .

Decemberr3,1,58958. prti 1*6RIk
-.. ""Novem ber 21, 1058.Y.,nstV, -
4. Ia : e 'i .,:-:,:

yTMonsieur le Directaur, .fl. ...

J'ai lu -avec indignation 1 'ar." "r' : Y .: ...
It.a. dneae"a rrill
6 ~Thi ee-sremayson vnih. Madezu ars 'e itr: ...i .....: ti.-
'4ovember 21, 195:. -. -, l : .ra.i. -; .. .*."#,',.. ....

n. a.HA1 SUN it
,,,, R, x ,.cavm, ,
,,.g~p .., .,oo.:.;.*.. *... ... .. .. .'. **.. :. **... ~iMLA.L S'IM *,, ... .. *.. u .* -^ ^. ^. ^ ^ w
,:......"i 9.0 YEAR OLD Mine. ZAUHAJARA ,
-- r ,. ,
"","m'"'$":" "n."in '. '' P. AU P. STOPS IN CIUDAD'TRUJILLO
<. '- '...ra.ont.. a i .W hen 90-year-old Madame but finally agreed when she dis-
1o p,- en -p.e", m' Ran-de Zauhajara flew into covered her mother was at the Z
flue~R nc i pleinsht rntin ahec u e
N:easw:emi e; m it tc.l,... New York, last Sunday, from airport to meet her.
;:i :" :' :." Cabinda, Angola, with her Pa i a i "oe d
q^i'CQY.opai .' 0 d11 American. Airways ticket made eItt was aso-dis/overe, artdh
A~z ono ~episn Madame Zauhajara .caried'atq'
P; ..te. s.out for Port-au-prince, Haiti4 ZDa a c
^Eosrmifpre^ H Dominican Passport. ^> i
.V iropos giraumont, par~eS--- .,.Cdompany .officials, on' Manhat- i
p ': 4:P1uple, la"dit johmu,. t l wired Haiti to en- The pilot, overhearig the con saroft
oljbePouogrm u sure that their aged pagsenge versation, interjected that the ."". w ,g
who poke only Arabic, got'VIP lady's grandmother wad no i
p..ona ".a. generi.c treat ent o"'arrival. down to meet her because she 1 Sr lult h
L oL.O iague S n, : tramezt on! arrival.wz
bili' ". "li quezott. was minding an aged aunt.
S. diretem t;'ac phon .qe. B...ou r Bwea Field official waited ...B. JOSEePH NADAL &w
E.-' ; o ri s: i. md'.c ._ in vain. Wh6i-athe Pha A eri- .. A -
: o t oris.taure. ga sgo i e. can direct, flight 217 touched.
," -. ... -. ,
Set- n'a ou ue. ,e sav'ints; savahtissimes ;et juviaiasses p6t6 mouhe down here at 5:00 P. M. Mon. -
cajsuIa ouri pas te(neqmlifpas.vlehmteresliera a,^^"*"'^ 4 ^ f
.."i". on q oo... nn pago day, 'th'. lady from Angola did
Yropre a e o. ," not appear. ..
.'Cizper qux signifid -ieustraire et hopper, moune ci frappd I
Sorteil yo. -,Enf ezenpes: pas manque.L temp. pouir. Pradel Blonde Miss Jean Morris, air-
o mpfi.s e Axh ztt comien' iecles francien t6 prend pbour lie hoess, aid of cou she
.... .... .. .. -' x.-.. '"." x Y. :) ... ... .. .. .. .:.x n -- n r
A r.n. m fa.n?.. ...6 .- remembered Her., Everyone on. lkh.,'[LL L '
,h e-.n.e-,;: :... : ,. e, or ,ids fascinated by the
Tlmeritae ar. t 'e lady 'of enormous size'witha- ton theblaK :/ i
D.. ...' _. -. .. Z- tooes on the forehead and chin, .
w.h-o hid.. a ,r e -be .ew
wt:., 'i-. : / words -of.A'abic spoken to her Y .' -
:," W jt '. dow,,m. -in tard
fuil. l,.,... .. cha ,", .by the. -c aot on., the trip "*'-
....... a. ....t, 2 M ', Z h .. ... "' ,:
.,^ ..:' .. '':* as'u' ,. '.u ajara .. "

;. a n...m ,,n..... i o gruy commen i n odaoin Zauohgajara,.i of f in iigid .

a'pt :d.stm"gue,;-t'n,. a ac groupie. "- ": Truji-"o, M o.is informed, .. ;
n ; l., z.tt v .er o aia.ha.J..uana' yo--pas connin pprtez armes! adedixge tbat she had prot-sted *.;
JPIIsimple soldqi, ce oun reve tiabit galonn6'ac'pilumesctodiiide ', [." .'"-- -- -:*-. '.-^*' ^'f l S^ B S i~ '*.^
4 ,"f.rdple, cc 'Oun construction cote e.iplement, -" sem"t, 'hum- 'J' "" .' "' ..... = .... .
tlezjgiit -.As he'
.ie -4aj.haqu ,;:ityen dpue ^ter .]i .pierre. Ciaque''tron- "* "S
..,n o tei tId mett erl '- ai Jnmasse' pour ",.ipar.,.. ,1_.1f i .i -

;o.emp.oj...me, graommanreCe curieox pour noter.:t ffer I .. ., ,*
locall D^evant qui I .-' 'inforwm.ed *' "
a, enas france hait4 apue lidio n wj& 4 tacot' et *
." .. .. .+ ... .,".' --.*-*: '* -.. < ;". 5 T jk '' *. t >- P M- OT 1"0 'f
i)L -rha qk .j0- m_,~ e.a~r = adw .ta she" had Orot&Lted "' '. :"j

tae~hd ac usat nju g-I a-- gu onnin pipitae a

on ten /II te 1v ,g-grw" n ,,mb4-o'us ouhn rgl ,pro- V3 a,
o creol& gn e il (Pre..er. le.on l.hode ., | '.- !-- .. ..:,,e.s.cl.i-\ ....
.. -.Lan.a_.peuS. t es"phontjq.e nona -t' a it g ,ui 'on.n q '7 .
Dim p.e.4re.- ,. "., A
tEon dt anc' oufl Served extt. anS 9.Leadig
5'lq ,.n vpour guignon jam leeulement oun ad- GEEFAR __ HOTELS&RESTAURAT & B CONNOISSEURS -^

^^ca~uinia~~~ggoat Cre4ole mexie, former 'vebhe ""*' .L~ fl.RA\ THRUGHOiUaT THU WORLD
..,vvr ..-i-. e "uigriOmi U--e- o nentalite haitien, joinne -.00 '-

"" ,'n',i... ;.a "," ?- b :- er e ne r e ir ni s digb n '" .

,^:Ltn^.affamrei~cflBbe-ga, agn-trop'igeneraJhi' mande 1- Ti .y; T h 1A *
_...... ... ... .Lunch i .et
A $ ROUMER9 *- By0The-SEA-SIE l)
.'1"o n .. H ave'" "" ." ". .' .
Ypir.:Omeui. !I.t4. pmw n ",..
w A | KYONA BEACH :-....
1 0 t toa r .e. .yfi e .. 0 0 ". e P a u l .0 .a .

^^ .^ 'SciBtch W dnit !.-t*^'i~ k'* **.*'' **-- *..'.**
I Swim, Spearfish, Snorkie, Water-Ski '* e
Da 'ag1111] r P1 "are a. |,

W u;J.(^3 And' Sail In Safe 6Coastl.
aeNWae sy Froih Kyu
,. o^8n: pirler lo*] D*an. ou'uoo9~-ue T-m ... info.a T.fttti-.v.,.a,.. 'i*'..
>Ii' "., "*.^f'* '" +' +"' "' "'* "" "** **" ..... ; *:"*.... v "" .. .. I *" 1 ,, *, '+ ..' .. *.'

A.Aane -:.ep s.., dE e' m a t -.0 0 -

: .:,; :.. ,. .0.: .-,' ..... ..-, ... ..u.e te'.'.t.e- fr' ,,} ='o ..
., 'f- P us-. e "l p ic r } u 'o oa e ou r ":'.. ...' tr' :" "'"' W I ""I''' ::
,, ...-.1 i ", -' N ed+;+. I-. M y M 1 p -.I.- .. "/++ : 'e

'' e ta i .. .. .. ..en ... ,
tLe`m`tr e .erver4upa, iLa.G.yni eu,'L dig ani...L$P U ELSM S I.E ... -"
.... .- 1. Agl. jr p!0 0 4 4 glp ]. ., ..m' .. .-.
Q '-k.. -'" HA T E N S

U .,, L _
M.no. gam'"Y ONeAoBtEoAnCad- -'

mv~~ea ..,Sw son ,..m.ister eneoeri,.e, W a.itersr-.dgini..
LAnd Sai ne f ....ast"al
i ;:g.'Water '.,h. ..... o'Hae ads
.... Z. ... .. 0:;.. .'- u h

S ,"' 4, I. ..


-.4- nua4)fai

liVhigh has the best imports from all/the corners of"the world. You can 4'We-t
iin U.S. prices with, your duty free allowance of $200. over 48 hours and
P .days outside U.S.A. Fisher's will be'a roalsbopper's paradise. Not only free p
but modest mark-up, because everything Isconcentrated in one large building.
I',9Cat _.caI t% in euinn at li lh r' "

1e'laln '- Liberty of London Fabrtcs .
Kulton and P'rrin Gloves IlIawick -
Po11land' Cashmire Sweaters Lubin
+ a.'iin WCil --Knize Griffe iPerfumnies
. poleon-- Godet-- Louis. De SalUgnac Cognacs .
Sr(tiis l'I)c Mqntcsquieu Armagnac -- De Kuyper
I ueurs--- Aalbor Aqujavjt Danish Poree-
1 plains and Silver Spalding of England
?--Sportgoods -


"- ...-.. -,

b ..I .. .., ,T
,' .

i : : .. ,--". :- .'f. '.. "o*':; v:y ; ..: : .-

Mahogany quality goods fro'uourown w HOps: "+,
~~Sisal and Strait-goods --Vodoo .Drums Dolls a' ^ nint -......
**" ** *lecrords.- Boots leilmr -Plarq: Blat~f.:; : i.-f -?
-. .- .
'-. -/;* ; 1 : --. ^- ^^ .

4 4 ,* *. ., ." '
.. : .. ,..' -. .- -.' .. .. ....
. ,..... : 'i .... :..- '" "e ": "+(:+"
: '-- : : ".: ..- *4: ; "
....- .. ~ .1') ..,+:+."'<
.. Muoay uait-gos ~ou~trwekm~oas +,."- ,,.'" ;

,,. COMPLETELY AIR CONli 1iu.a4..;s

.:.SROmERE fr.om MADEii a
:. ftRoi06Biea~. fro,- lAPEmA|i r 9^


jaitlan Embroidered Dresses Blouses skirts
-- means shirts Cubae Guayaberia Sh rts -
:allan Silk Scarves Swiss Handkerehiefs -
ible Linens N'aded Bags petit-polint Bags
Cashmire Sweatews Pqrrin f(i-vo Liber-

Liqueurs Brandies -
Art Porcelains
Royal Copenhagen
Bing & Groendahl
Royal Vienna Augarten
Lallque and iBohemian Cry.-
Mareel .Frank Ate.aw
Sw Watdm

I .

in ti g .:.. ., .. *.- .. ', '.
Native lewelry- :.
;. .. / -Sisal Shoes Basl" -- :": >::
"- ,, o rtob l, Jewelry" .:;

"r "' :".'.,:' ...* -. /. -. '. .7:' ." ...../ ...
.. ** *" '.'..- "' ".- t "', : ". ..
""*" "^ "** ** .* ,; "-* : *- % ":}/ :' 4
";" "" "" '"' .]. ':" : "'? :
/, .,.4,4 .
./.: +" .

W C* .. ..

F .H E. .. -. ...

'" .'..

SFisher's, the Aneflean's favnrit siQp. ; .
*al prices are clearly marked \on every Itsi ?
- Where a well-trained and,-courteous;staff wr t ".
help. you to solve& your shopping problems.-
1Where checks and foreign banknotes are aiesp
ted, and your- purchases shipped. We .wi 'adlj A '
give you free information, aboutU.S. custom3 r?
ID t7i'Sc gulations and shipping costs.'
$500 over ..... ... ...
ort prices '
Are yow .. I
l :..:+-, ~ ~..+.'- -..,

: 'he s th' e e 't '. .. *' ..,"'*' n 2: Ij

S H:""+"OM.ES C"". CARNIVAL BAC, Cuban Economic Noted Edudc
i_7:':: :- .. : .* ":.. P ass~e A :,
I. : '-. .....N Mr ki orqtius Lave. 0
ST.' srick .o .anNa*l Frolic fu an ralter uQ t q uO .Ur iS ed educator, died biv
-Z"- .. ". %pr drd .d p s anim a .... .e.onR ed Is
iaod be kept outside of the await at the .r c, acted .U i nce-on Rue de la R
a,-M.a:i.n:o+t +" : on the old Fair 4rdsuP #0p t on t.iursaaY mo nig-
iM t '*ate Harry S. Truman B Jvar f.- i ber pf the an 5 yea-rs of age. F <
., .: ftw... the age. "
...se "..ag .aga.. "k 4'io4 -e ep then where. the Ross Manning Show Economic. 4ifip, wLho .aryed vices -were h.d at S"
*- oia-,... i" k 4 W The water ad for drew crowds on its first'" tour here 2 week agq, o confer mat nt' .Church op .
IFcaJ J "@well +a trash;& here, during' the Bicentennial local officials on the country's noo... ,
'' .tji, ite "i hobole. .celebrations; .The shoaqr brings economic, and industrial' deve- The deceased,.,wps-
1'H"Ae"- -iecessai to scrab the floor with.itC P% tl4flls a-4 l p,.ep.t |r$W-a were closeted ,er qf -the PdI4t Collg
TheDielrine i .day in .'om4d to .pick up. -azse t 0 t.- t r '.W T'.rsd0 Vincppt ie Paul where.6 r
Nri.. iJB.U I zone 411% -* *.T his'yow i headed : t M. N si+ Cptm cil f0 4 1e-O f tZ' 4S received the
...in a .oaead insects. ,T. :
c;in tm -Sue in3 (W a a el
Bamore .thman.-l3,000 per 6 ).u-' The effect .of the ineectii by L. P. Br dt, 0. nier apd; Tourism. plastic ormatin. "-t
ebeneittd. d irety. a'ide shoul "one year; For Operator of .1r s ,During his long care
Th ,Seri a, repaint g of the Shows of' Mia*li; *' r jfiag A cj4)l eprapg of .v ws teacher and school p!p
'iaapis, .and e:]p rp* P s po t. oall x. wafin g.he should i, a.'.ed b .i S t l pk place at this m meeting, and 'M r Lavy nature was -an;
to + I nea a 0 -'_os it-Opps,: R l i : av.oided. The aspe sM ons will "p. U -b w'fb f d b t 4 the ,'e.ns'F
aad cat&iland e ecA B4 3 ^ 4 4 ip$ M itda ,Wr.., tis #.. tete de l'Oeuve 'hu .
jiaus Tsta) llah t P A cses of malaria' "" -which he found. .
Ae -Saktiy Bureau^ 6?" nt m ee Q gthe. public Dr Rididal Assad, President Former Infpectorofd
Ie'Worl Health J...egmoa '- malaria must be brought to tbe of the Council, assisted by Di- be was just recently grii
:a.- : -_,. ...: .. ;.. : :ateutio.. the 'sanitary author. Tho.._ lbw c', omprises 110 rector. dneral ohf Tourism special pension by'the H
ih ppn-, hospitals an~d-dpensarl (s. i~,`0'Ih N ih
Ider fortec g Ridds/ 10 Shows, Neon Lights, Jacques Honorat and members. -Government in -acknowge
....0 f alri: b: e F::"- es" 4"lu h-'wi o w i n dund Booths, A-Prize Every, of' the Council- partipated in of bi devotion to Nation!
jtio QrftLSN S o thSNE free of charg FreAc ad n :edu.he oab: cation.' .
rp -Po .T0, .i :- P.. ho
e.po atioiio oEre -the 8) ,..T.his" pgran is not- for cated horse specialty. ____
L-o. R0 TE L:,, -f: PtL 'hpsE f ipTvu T
: general asin, ven Observers have found it in.- ,' m l I '
^.li ^ ^ ~ ,^ .." -. -. t .- .- .. .- ', .^
: -- te.- r ere .ting t.b note -how' this .-Car- U
of. ".. ". r, U~. ,VeP 130ni4al has ita-Haitian imitators.. -- (Under AmericanMaaagemet) .
.. + Un RE A+ ... ... ". M ntePs to Downto.wn otatiite P
L ; -'.f;o.L^ ']bnW. Ag duplicate Carnival l's been t Doton Port-an-Prce
S'S^^S'''i~~~a~~flW^,i~~iop ^-S f^^'^ ^^'. e;u und the fair grEd ^'MT^*~TTT ktVrwv**f
-.-- W E FY. ATMOSPE ._E
950r N. # ..I e I IHaitin..akIg.".g -the. LARE: SW N OOLBA RE
%t -j.( AUR'W)
:b vl^) !~ eiPhere one of gay-and cor ..
"''.' 'al coq hition. .. wmrn' ri
#g- ji Ni "aai ".e ii -Ta a; P W..--:-.q .S .iy ,j a.'
,5l bta' K eh n+aled been Oln n- -", + ... ., .. ...=....+.. _. :, -.,.,. .+
..ee -.i tf ... .i .i ,- .. ,"-

g a or: WATa H. Ry-0 EDL
'of Aetu by .iitematol N LOR AU -' nnhl WL
& ,4) Du'.n th aspe.:r.io.n- c.ii- # .. A PANTAL D.D"" iM
r-it7 "' "

o...i;^ :. ...-, ..-. >; .*.- *>. -~ .+ .. .. ., .* *,+..- .... ...JJ '' J ic .. *
"f-- .4 y-ice, a r
OF.T-HAITI" De..q-.s. -... Rush.: ..

..-. ." m '-ofJ .--.. n asoline '.c,.t.... ,e *

", D E P .ACE AND r.n"R
gh ls os Sisal

:. FTHE'm"lete inorato n t Q. ..tt+tt f
~~ '-Stiuifls tn&. ot-e .eta-ls whc will.je.-. LdSt, PON: :4

'__R. '- .. S I "-" "E "

L V ;,. I '. *' 3W TV 'IUS, 9.-. : a i- -. k... ,. -- '"":
AU. -T p:..-
,-_ kh.-. i 2s 0" Ow .

0147 a .if--nHit e
F6v-r3o`"*Pbfte. i-f -RPNrD "UE 66 ,. -6]

TheE nT UA E
the.1.....o... -oau -P rincees th e t

.Dower .-,. f.=r yornes..ta.oe.t ~rcada
sa.vings:i; ."." ": .. in-; gasoine cons mpt"''

,=:':; ~~ ~ ~ J." ., .. .
": '~R "o "W. -9,. .

.Y i'- ..",-... The new' STUEA R oe,mies the t'enxw.,4
,,o:,,-,<',i::: the road of the prstdet cassyedn h
i'":... -"savings in gasoline "co'nsumpti HAT... A"

I. Do Your

ig ".Mut
,:; in Hamt

.4t is getting so that people are
.t-king vauatiops ;as much to
shpo :s .t py gol,'1i.qge in.
ti jp. r Aid, T O
f ^ ? f f f .. F ^, t A d .
er when you consie te
sayIng'to be' hadthrougli Free
Prt-'Shopping. A .c iplT who
,Arpwlly fljight sped4 jqo 6p
ttz i s f ins they can
uyithe same gifts, in free-pbrt
shops, at savings up to @o$ of',
U. S. prices.. So, for the';'5.0
.or so ,tby iv..e, AthVv ehjqy a
",.. wiiert l-ati in i' aiti.
SRprhaps the most famous fe.-,
S rt'shop in the world is La.
"- B'-l ,reole. lo.cate4 in the
-... -eart of facinating'.Pbrt-au-
. prince. Haiti. Here one can
* *4 "d .a veritable. wozderland
.. of the world's .ost. de--
S' .sired merchandiie.. Swissi wat-
&&3, C..asnieress, Han die
-V astovels, Cr.ystal, .Chinf,
lye, French Perfures, -a(,
)M znurq, ;LW ase ra
Sily endless atray of native'
-- ahdiciiaft make 'La Celle
~ ._-uale ..ore .a.oppj=" cn-
:. ; We Can buy .e
n wrld' m' ost famous Swiss
.- watches .- Patek 'Philipe,
SOmedga, Ulysse Nardin, rist, ;
K..yadj, Jaeger,.Le ,k nnltre,
L Bprelrjuyenia. &udesMars Pl-
- ,et-At discounts of 50% ofI
,the. .U .S. Advertised pieces,.'
Li and it-is no wonder that -La:
i' eUt .Creote is afaousr The
V.Wm"e applPe- in China, Crystal-
Sad t st -ev fine erand
: is represented ; Before byIng;'
0-. expensive.watoh it might
:b,.e well worth your. time -to
.conid r a trij to -haiti.
C : -P ti. '
i' Al Noustas, President of Li"
SBelle CreOle and Haiti's m0os6I
S. vzgor.eus..promoter of toiirism,
.. is perhaps another reasion for
Sthe- surge in popularity of
Sfr.ee-port shopping. His aVd-
S.vertsing in'support of travi.el-
tA ahpping has appeared inn most
leading U. S. publications and
h he continues -to pursue a poz
.' licy of cooperating with .tra-
S vel agents in their various.
j promotions to 'increase tou-
I;, rian. Amog them-inost popular
innovations he hai-s created is
..the practice of sending a bot-
Stie of free champagne to. ny
visitor .tq. Haiti who happens
1 'to be celebrating a wedding
Anniversary or to be on 'a
-3 This year La Belle Creole is
Itself celebrating a 10th an-
i" nversary and Al Noustas has
...-:doubled his efforts to make
the world conscious of the
. advantages of' "raveling-to-':
'phop. The store Ivill hold a
two month long sale offering
;.even greater discounts on fa-
... -mous- brand merchandise.
V. Zveryday exclusive items will
-*be selected to be sold to visi
,,. 's .at prices that will as-
Sound. them.-No doubt thou-
Ssandsa of tourists this year will
Some home from vacations in
L;.. Haiti, richer, in a way, than
*iwkn they went eawpy.
,1 ;3"

"I -

." r""*: ', -. l" .. .H ^ ,. "' ..

a. -- 2 :.i
.. .'"^ o-- -.' ,..* ,:** ^ '^ ^ ^




-* .- .. : ,. '.- "- ":. ,,, ,-.-,*-^ .,"- .?.- :..', ? ."- .. ,;..:" :

..t!I v' '-^ PORT SHOPPNG ETE6 ::
. -", .. *' P B x^ f -'" -:." -. j N." ,*: :.../H_:.2 ,
R A O-;*'
P .. 6 : .. ,- .

;' --- -' '-' -' J .,, '2;', b .-': : '..

... xon Oo"NHAGEN, AUDEMA ,GE. -
fl GE L OU9h ,
R-OYAL.-'WORCESTER, '" -.,AGL. O'..,
OAL .DOLTON, aisflDN, I '
S "-. i i Z : .:' ,'. .. ^ : ...... ; *, i*^: ;*^. ..
A=NSLEE, COALPOBT,. '. ,, .VULCAIN.. .. "' .;"
SGUSTAUR .; :- :.., -...: -. '- ,:

.-^S' .. # ... '' ^- .... r ..- y.:

-i .'- -. ..* .J^ ^ ^ PB N I ;A .. .'. ._ ... ,...
., F. ., V. BM :*.f,
W 1 I T A y ~l A t J ^ .;- r- -- N '
...~ ..T T I .
GIKORGE ..4FENE. ." ... nis DOESIN, .

'-I." kkiGiwLE vBkatLiaTYE 7*.
The Finest pf FRANCE.EM AT"
-. ITALr; .AUSTR9; M" "..
LAIJOU- .. RA-VC:. : .A- ..UA.n E"

.WE BB & CO, "T

'"-,IM A Iu

. .-..




and BAZELAN-C(JMS- pl'- Irv
.* ". '* *'. : T f" .^ '.r _. ^' .= ^ ^. ,' -J' '; ";."4
,.. ..t..'-.
: .. ':."' '- ""=:*.. t4; ""..
.... .I:; '


VWDoo j

..ir e ..

- r']' vi^^ SPORT SHIRTS


t .

Typical Costume-P=euqqd $01,140

9 .Wer^,F^^qu RUGS

rUB.E '. -:

*- *, -'. -

htr7 OuJet.,.,

Thq-Best"' .

,' ..

'I -' -



Have us send gifts tb I- Iumimsint' e
without affecting your quota.-. See Us .fe- IWote o
"* '*' i' ")

^ *.- *^*-. :,<>.. ... ..:
",;' W a".., .- 1,.-

,-".. :,?l ., K-
C.-:._. .".' .; .: -...A
.;...' ': "ri *. ': -".'-^'i;

;"F :\ -.r .* .: '..,
.':- -.' :.. ... .:? .,.,

- '" ti ', i-.. ; : ..: ,
..:. -*- :: --.. =. _.s .:- .:

''.* .- -" "jLji :"iL'.^'^ B '^"
:i;. ",3 ..4 -m ..:
:M -. t'j ,I ".":

*-.. W' .. :. '.'S.."
.... ". .. .. 4,?; ,

*'; --'i,.""/ .- *v'ui -' ta- j
*^ *? '"**'ft: -I.'^-.R*- *** ^

i 'sto get a new igra~ts the Company thie exclu-
a .:i.t). M,..acoag. to], 4Ve right to .build, at 'its' own
bud' 'Pretidenia -Ae-a-iaeanoen.luhe
wes.iiwa.. tsweek of ihe .xpenee, on the outskirts of Port.
bhdiaiU r d..'e]~nll.('e. au-P rice, a modern slaughter
a'" :'....w'.,ork" :+hoi with a capacity of ap-
g p ttaosm.: proaimately 300 head of slaugh.
eiapackig& for' locai onsmp' tera ,''cattle per day, and 'the
d a ,'tx .portafion. c. ondession rights 'are exclusive
t .he: /increase. and improve., fo'r.laughtering i. the limits of
.. ,:-,..., ii a. -fp.. : o.. ."h.e .
fent,.. uattl&-raisng in WHat.i Port-au-Prince. They are. non-,
.Aew.if eloeal consumptionn 'exclusive -or thief. Sales Coun.
io t WlLbe' ter' for sellig meat wholesale,
yerten'by..the 4ew, 6oqm- and in detail to merchants hold-
nan, ,.ho... res dent..sM ing'patents.
Q 'md&on f. Du.ai oBrnv ... '-.
N&- aYorC .Mi. Ma all-' At the e xpiration of the con-
",, 'a" Ne.w.. York. -:- ... ,
of:" "'yl"' N """ '"1":"" Ahc
oancy of ew.'York Cit,, i vi tact,.. the slaughter hose, and.
.. ....ridie.t a .uk:d Treasurer.. Its-hoildings are to be returned
e..i -Voany s .rep .resente'd to :the City Administration ..in
K|^y]ir..S i1e Ferbhr o Brook good condition, without, an_ in-
yn,' n M. Jaques FreI demnity except the Saies Coun-
Wei.c y _f.Cap-Hai.ien and.. te or,:other warebuses, pastu' .
r.jetaojaVilla,-duly authorized by rage and breeding stations aid,
tea n ofte hBoard (ofD i.. the: cattle,. which the Company

of the ;Hoyta -Americani aU have established.VThe'Com
Meatanti'Provision Company-, PIy reserves the right of op.-
f n'", .: ':' -. "tion'fora new period if-the de-
S'-<".. ",' .' \..I manlide within a months
pT.'T',mpa. engan- peOeeding the. expiratiqn of the
:'1 fc.' .. ." -' ," ......,- + ',. "
&d!' a .nssion'foivkperid ot "firt..dripa. -- ""

"I ""ea r s ., a n .a y e ew.e'. ." "'*.:' *' .* '
S'siigature'ot oitra4c; All. slaughtering of, cacte is.
qh'iflayda'mei axi ad ^forhfdden within a radius of 15
.povCsion'ompany$s. reqiurel kildmeters of the Pora-au-Prin
OV2.. 11. :71!a y .S.T qll........P i
6 to..bS-1ept -it..the amount of $100, ce.icenter. Meat produced put-
.o..o'a "the.Natio-al .aii.. ; side this limit cannot pcietrate
.OO0fi,-at. the, Ntoa q, ate
.5Ctii':ai cautiona.L :..'' into the' reserved zone. 'The

',... :. :...:.. .. .price of ..the6' sale of meat Qwill
o.h..opa.ny. ae.' j' 'be fixed jointly by the .D epart-
,"'"f:Coni-in' ort" au-.P.i' .i'e.. o'f Commerce hnd' the City
..and:.thugh.t. th-terri'toir itA.thinimstration.. .
'a. Repiaili for- ti 'alepnf: C p u begin

t..The-.nn.e, r of .. 'Cot The hegin-
T i.-e jpnointly ihy 'consti.loff of the slaughter:
p"i partmet ; m ce e.oue'ntlaer tha aye .3 s'f

i i. ,plans- have been accepted bj.
,p ato cils ^;..cn.d t.~h~; Qity. Administrtion.and d.'
NO 3.. inj e~nnent
Goe;n:"K me nt.aservices '?ncerned
^ ietrmrigyiie.ortd i and. the reconstructionn :work. must
&Sal:1;s "" ""ice ..jbyprr b`e':oempleted .within the follow.

iti preiared for -thle local .g eighteen' months. Foreclo.
a:si,:Pel,,s for eporta: sure will he tb;e penalty if the'
on" -; ; .'.. ........ *agreement ii not carriedl'ut.
?li'Tih6Cornpany~will.. bgv th *'**:1* .^"
to -iimport; citlp'for its The administrative personnel
T .pa.ying.'; regular, cns- must -be Haitian,'except foreign
d.utyIf'.edyt'. t61 "ifo: .ibe.. specd alists' and technicians re-
ffllanghteied boiel. ix' i fTaired' by 'the Company in cases-
".:". monilf. .., e,., Company ineas
ap.roveme 4, t. He.,lldians posessing, the same tech.
^entr ,ut,'"re.,, and. 'the Crn- niwl knoledge.
..:foi..raising and.where..t.xe.e.is.a.lack of Hi
i ~iU"in wifork:for developriedt
9:: "" ; ." i ". ".'ded
.'p$cattle raising during its first The .Public Health Service
Diitar.' g Ith'e first five years. together 'ith the, City Admi-
a i.it, atioi- the Company aistration will-see that sanitary
; *is. exempted from income"''tax, regulations for all slaughtering
.and .ilt--naterial and equipment and sales of meat are observed-i.
AQl' cQnutTcution and function- -
g. of the, sa:ughter house and A program of development
':'meat industries may he impor- and improvement of Haitian
'.4id 'duty free. ** cattle will be. prepared by the
: company in collaboration with
The customs rate for e.xporta. the. Department .of Agriculture
Stion of meat andits by-products 'and Rural Development.
s to be modified and .fixed ait -
,qne cent (American) .b.y net The contract was signed by
.ftweight pound. The' Government Mayor -Antoine Rodaolphe He-
tjd facilitate the' .mpany-.i .rard of Port-au-Prince 'and Sa-
:'."'taiui9ng the land necessry for' Ael 'Ferber and J. Frederic
its A"e ploitation. .k Magny of ihe Hayrian Ameri-
i:.... : .. ." .; .... -ioan Meat and Provisimn "Co. &'
: i3e C..ity.A' "PorT.au-Pi'r A,. t A "'-, ""K-. .,. "
{^ :l..: -,- :. .,

sW.f: .. .



(continued from page 3).

;e had made numerous friends deflce permit and naturaliza-
in Canada and'particuiarly with ion, is concerned it is, all in
Lnose of his own nationally. Lne hands of the' same Minister.

Lforeover, the fact that the tex
Lile inaustity is .bnly developed
ouh -a small scale in Haiti caused
nim to remain on here for an
undetermined period.
About a year. and a half ago
some Haitian folklore dancers
came to 'Canada for a series of
performances, in the different
night5 clubs of the metropolis.
Miss Andr6e' Jean-Louis was
a member of' the -group and
had no. intntion of remaining-
iin Canada. 'It was af this time'
that Mr Volcy and Miss Jean-
Louis' met and a everything
changed": On August 4, 1957,
the young couple from Port-au
Prince were married.
"tat.. August 21st, Mr and

Mrs Volcy celebrated the birth
of a daughter, Marie-Elne-Ma
galie..." ,

SThe *happiness of the young
couple, however, was not to
remain without cloudsduring
the first months of their mar-
riage. In fact,. in September
1957, the Volcys had their pass
port revised.-After having vain.
ly awaited' the\, response over'
four months, they. received an
order of deportation. Stupefied,
3hey protested. t'ihroigh the
-courts'Oi.IJuly_ llth last, upon
he..'recomgaendation of the Jud
1,gp4-:"Mrs Fairclough.,Minister
'ofiJmmigratipn, annuled the or
'"der .n the grounds that-it had
beqer. made without advance
notice and a chance to appeal
the case... .

Upon the birth.of the infant,
on August 21st, Mr and .Mrs
Volcy decided to. establish
themselves in Canada in order
that their child might be edu-
cated in that country and re-
,quested a Permis de Sejour.
More. than two months -later,
on Monday last. November. 10
th, they received a letter from
the Minister of Citizenship "and
Immigration advising l.them that
they were under the boup of a
deportation order; the child hay
ing been born in Canada, and
by 'this fact is Canadian, is not
included in the decision.
From a strictly legal stand-
pQint, the order is valid. For by
virtue of the Canadian laws
on immigration, the Minister
of Citizenship and 'Immigration
has the'rjght"and 'the power to
deportt,: and this without re-
course to an appeal, those who
came here as immigrants and
.-hive ceased to be. Such is the
case.'of the, Volcy couple.
Further, "insofar as the' res-

According to Mr -Volcy, it
is very difficult for a Haitian
o obtain this residence permit:
it is still more difficult to be-
come naturalized. The reason
for this is that,o no exchange or
Accord on immigration exists
between Canada and the Repu-
blic of Haiti. Relations between
the, two countries is based only
on the commercial and -diplo-
matic level. It is therefore use-
le-s, according to Mr Volcy, to
address'the Haitian Consul to
Canada. "You settl.-it by ypur
self,A he added.

On the bther, hand, Canadian
legislation on matters of immi-
gration stipulated that a child
born. in Canada cannot be de-
ported because it is a Canadian
citizen. To this right which- is.
recognized'- for a Canadian child
is joined another 'righl, natural
and fundamental, that of being
raised and educated in the coun
try where it is born, in his na-
tive country. '
Therefore, if the'ddportation
order 'which has juit struck Mr
and Mrs Volcy is carried ouit,
this double right'of the little
girl of two and' a half -mionths.
of age, born of a Haitian couple,
will be violated. For th6e depor
station or 'the parents'will rinot
fail t6 cause the deportatioff of
the child: it would be too. inhu
man tq deprive an infant of
this age of the tenderness and.
affection of its mother; to thus
deprive her of the protection


of her father. And if, the V
couple decided to leave
child in Canada, it theri
would be thp law itself w
imposed such an unjust aii
human gesture: it wotdh
hish the child by deprivir
9f its parents. It. would. p.t
the child for having been.
in Canada of immigrant pai
to whom permission was ref
to establish themselves' im
country. .

The carrying-out of the :c
will then, at'any Tate,-pr-i
a striking" injustice and .a.
foundly inhuman gesture
nally, the law-will alone .'bE
only one responsible aii
svch, those who have as n!
to make and apply them;
The case will be carried
fore the Courts! in a few .:
declared Mr Volcy. He. was
ed to pay a caution of $2d
in order to remain free,.'"
the 'date of the' receipt of
order,- Monday).. The Q
however; in' cases treating
migration, does"not" con
IThe merit of the. case or pf
persons implicated, but dn.
the order goes againstf thd
or not.:

COuj fate is in the hand
the Minister of Citizenship
Immigration,u declared M
cy ,in terminating...-nPublic&
ion, the 'only thing that
move him, is our last resii
(.Le Devoirs, Wedne
November 12, 1958).
(Translated from La P11

that's Why every

hits the mark ,

CamwOF HrIT S..'
-OF HRI-r ,R





DECEMBER 7th. 1958 A ..3 U iVn / PAGElS

rst Town Founded in Haiti Retains Exotic V'iavor.

TOURIST WHU Imu nu i n n iVlISS


any tourists to Haiti leave
C out realizing they are pass
l'up a once-in-a-lifetime ex-
rience, the stuff that dream
ps are made of.
itn the north coast of this
tic Caribbean land is a.mel-
Stranquil town where the
ts of French colonial plant
and their Af r i c a n
aes seem to walk. Not far
ay stand stirring monuments
ailing Haiti's blood-chilling
pry as if it were yesterday.
ong the hill-ringed, rocky
it are ruins of French for-
jation. Overlooking the har-
is the rubble of the palace
pauline Bonaparte, sister of
poleon, anrd wife of Leclerc,
.jll-fated general who tried
maintain French rule.
Iot far away is Bois Caiman,
Fe of the Vaudou ceremony
aching the slave in.surrec-
. in 1791. A nearby planta-
'is the birth place of Tous-
St L'Ouv'erture, the slave who




x-rince, where tourists from the
States disembark from Pan
american 'Airway's planes, it
draws only a hfiandful of Haiti's
thousands of visitors. And those
who do visit 'tlie north coast
oftep confine their sight-seeing
.o the monumental citadel built
by Henri Chrisophe atop a
1,000-foot mountain.
This winter, however, Port-
au Prince travel agents are fea
during a package tour that in-
c'.udos Haiti7; sceijic country-
side and historic Cap Haitien
us well as the fabulous fortress.
The tour, lasting three days
and two nights, costs approxi-
mately $65 to $85. That covers
r-ound-trip automobile transpo-
iation. hotel, meals, horse and
guide for the trip to the Citadel.
Ideal way to make the trip
however, is to drive to Cap-Hai
tien and return by air This
arrangement by Southerland
Tours,-costs $75.00.
The 198-mile drive to Cap

aized the fight tor freedom. Haitian never lacks interest.
at outside te city gates is The road curves around' the
ere battlefield, where Jn. blue Bay of Gonave, winds
ies Dessalines defeated through canefields, banana, co
French in 1803 in the final conut and sisal plantations. It
6 for independence. A few cuts through the mountains,
i north are the regal ruins dips down forest glens, skirts
ins Souci palace, built by' brooks, crosses rivers and, duir-
i Christophe, the Negro ing-the last two hours spirals
r who crowned himself np 3,000 feet. En route, it pass-
and gave. the, historic town es through the drowsing seaside
Asent-day name -Cap town of St-Marc and Vustling
n.- Gonnives, where tihe indepen-
hough Cap Haitienlis on dence,,, the French, colony of
a0-minute .flight or a scenic Saint Domingue was proclaim-
itir drive from Port-au- ed under the Indian name of

r r~f*"^




5 imoot ExcL&x4e ecautoo
offae Toup em V ws

^nktn6 eay A e entiseCd^,
be VaLj 4Canap4 Veot and J&

-Aaiti in 1804.
. The Ponrt Ester bridge pre
sently under repair wiUl be
.eady for the post-Noel season
the Minister of Public Works
informed this weeW. This will
illiminate the -1 o n g detom
through Marchand and Dessa-
lines which makes the present'
trip to Cap Haitian overly .long.
" Traffic on the road runs heae
vily to peasants with baskets
of produce on their heads and
heavily-burden burros looking
like walking sheaves of cane,
Buses, bearing placards reading
WI believe in God-, ania burst-
ing with pigs, chickens and hu-
manity, zoom along at break.
neck speeds.
Today Cap Haitien is a sym-
phony of colors. Red tile roofs
-surmount *. houses that-"are--a
pastel rainbow of creme de
mentie, lemon yellow, shal
pink and robin's-egg-blue. Tall,
massive colonial doors are can-
dy cane red, holly green and
royal blue.
Winter European plan rates
at the Hotels Mont Joli, Roi
Christophe and Beck are $25:00
a day ,double' and $18 single.
Two of the hotels are swim.
ing pools and one has tennis
courts. Fine' sandy beaches lapo
ed by the Atlantic are only ten
minutes away by car. The
sporty can hike over the hill
"o the beaches inside of an

Pensions noted for .their ex-
cellent Haitian cuisine charge
approximately $8.
Air fare by Cohata, the Hai-
tian domestic airlines with the
world's finest safety record serve
es Cap Haitian daily. Fare is
$14:40 round trip.


Haitiano Liberian
Association formed
On the initiative of Senators
Victor Nevers Constant and
Ulrick St-Louis, a group of per
sonalities met at the Lyc6e du
Cent-Cinquantenaire, last even
ing and formed the Haitiano-"
Liberian Association. The pur-
pose of the Assbciation is to
bring about closer ties between
'he two countries.

A temporary executive corn
,mittee of seven members was
appointed with-Senator St-Louis
is Presideftt, assisted by Depu
'v Max Menard and Mr Alex
A committee to draw up the
Constitution and.. Bv-Laws of
the Association was also formed
-nd includes Mrq Fnrtunq fuA
rv. Renptnr Conctnnt. fTlnntiv
Rameau Estim6. Professors Par

.,aic, Jn-Baptiste Romain
and Leslie Manigat, and Mes--
a.eurs Jean Months Lefranc and
/ianney Denerville, journalists.
Mr Jacob Willis, 2nd Secre- i
.ary at the Liberian Embassy
Tepresenrted Ambaador I.
Francis Marshall- who was at-
tending- a dinner at the Spanish
Embassy that evening.
Walter Pickering, member of
t he Libefian. Embassy Staff, -A
here goes on annual leave to-- i
morrow. Mr. Pickering is ex-
pected to spend his- vacation
with friends in Cap-Haitien and
will visit Port-de-Paix and at..

tend the Festival
there this week.

taking place

". .I*
-0-- -
The third'of thed French Ins
titute's uMArdia -will present'..,
as Lecturer; .Professor Adrien
Martin who.:.will speak- pn. the.
subject'- ,Jeux du Langage .t
Idu Hasard. ....
The documentbr filn -Pais' -,
Atlantic. will follow the lecture. :'

Mr Henriot Zephirin, H.itian
Ambassador to Rome arrived '.
n Port-au-Prince, Thursday.
.. 0 '
Major Franck Bayard of
Haiti's Armed .Forces left on '

"a social misioin abroad th'is
week. ..

FR / :EN C '
i~ ~ -- ,l '

ring CAR TAE


.- a .,C
.' "+. i ,-^,

., Fdr all kinds of French perfumes^%:
v ^visit Haiti's Smartest Indian stAwe .

Select your favourite perfume
from our large collection--

mp We offer you the world's famous
brands at free port prices .


etc... etc....

ml -

,. PAGE 13

... ~ ~ M).. ^ IN

f .

I -

I .

DECEMBER 7th. 1958

F ,.t.! .

"-- ". *

.oe. .

: DaDvid Mauzy to is thinking of building a home in Cap Hai-
tien i~s. presently living it the International Club... Admiral and
S.Mrs Wilkie IBereton who havee wintered here for the past five
-'years .ra. spending this one in Ausralia. Its Suminmer-time down
S.under.. Cliff Ryan of Gibbons Feed spent two days here at
.-houcoune conferring .with his feed users Poulet, Haitienne S.
A... This was Mr. Ryan's third visit... Helen Montague of the
'.Mc.Cahill travel .Serv'ite .dof Phoenix, Arizona overstayed her visit
Ai the-International Club because she loved Haiti... Mr. Virgil
: R.and'olphe who has an up and coming Ballerina daughter, re-
f du frbs i tW e'iJy in-S N. Juan Tuesday... Ernest Moore
sevenn a yearsU N..inancial advisor to the Haitian Govern-
: men i herein retirement.... Claile Robinson is back in Ja-
mlr n l is -r -i r ~ -
-maiia' .checking oi-.his Canning Indu.ti. ud making arrange-
ments for tEe establishmen'of a saft .efiery i e ai ti..

.;. Roland .-Wieier :wa igr.aduated frbm the ise" Colleges after a
three 6day course.on beware of giving directiobis to Spanish speak
injg stange6is:.. Snator Elect Efnge of-California, t6e man who
defatedGoveriidoKnight-tor the Seniate seat visittef town briMf-
:.ly Tuesday as,p.a pasenger-on tWe Panama lier enroute to the
an Ia, ".Vhactor dd his wife flew into bother over Haiti
: on a trip through the Antilles and Central America when their
radio adiennii rfoke on their Cessna -180. They eventually got
gas: and flew on. Their new home fs iin Tuscon, Arizona...

'- Willy Lamothe is havinghis new brch i d recrtled'.... Tlhe
Sfrns the Cuibans dumped& into the sea when arrested by the
SCoast Guard were three Krag-rifles; guns that went out. with
...-the Cac-& but can nevertheless still kill..., now being served at
Grand, Rue restaurant are delicious nuthurgers ingredients cas-
:hew witdi relisse sauce... Tourists want to see the Marine Gar-
-'de6s and a.re waiting impatiently fbr the Comst Guard to release
the .Barractdiir. The management of the tofirist boat ditln't
ollect .-,eit Ifroidi tit so-callbd. Puerto- Ricahs. They always.
i',ioi.t hi the end oa the trip..- .- Mri. Saloniob Talamas Was irn-
Jtened at the CQnape Vet this pabt wek m` critical ctrediion...
Sat eite Dunham is .writih her bodk at Chez Pauline... r.
i:-t- We .l bf. Athilta C6rgia was. diwni to see the handi.
tappedd at the Center and Saint Vincent's school... Director
!:ajrVey .Latu.ent of ODVA-'closed down operations of the vast
..fintonomus onrganismi for the Artioitite Valley last week dnd
began- reorganizing. Of the 700 employees of the ODVA, he
i aiti ieikkoletifi per'soiihel of 125 technittcits to.handle urgent
mattorse.: Etdmoilogist Emmanuel C. Paul and Dr. Nicolas of
41.'e Mateinity Service at Hopital General tendered their thaxiks
-o. artist-Pierre Blain who organized a gala folkloric show tor
t'h."Ae benefit of- the needy Pediatric and Maternity pitienits, .
li: of which Was furnished by Dr. Paret this past week... ,Cham-
hier of Deputies President Rameau Estim6 protested this week
,:'against a hote published by a confrere. In"f an opeh letter, fbhe
"-.President- of the Chanim-ber expressed the disagreeable surprise
.-&mingled with indignation which- he experienced upbin reading
.. of the .indelicate functionaries, especially the cparlial2entaites,
*Jio/give- the impression that they are taking care of serious
matters when they decide to take up a good .40 minutes of the
valuable time of the President of the Republic. -I protest against
-this irreverence of your organ... and emphasize that the Depu-
7..ties of .this 38th. Legislature are conscientious men of duty and
? responsibility and if it.happens at times they go to the National
S.Palace, it iU to talk wth the President of the Republic of serious
problems 'in their respective districts. It is not the Congressmien
who prevent certain people from approaching the Chief of State
to obtain certain favors or to fill his' ears with idle talk*, the"
SDeputy from Verriettes concluded, asking the confrere to show
'more courtesy towards parliament menibers... Haitian-American
-Iisitute Director. Charles St. Johns advises students interested
in scholarship grants for Americain universities for 1959-60 must
Seend in their applications before the 15tl. of Decemhb-r in n 4-'r
*-to be eligible for the preliminary examinations... Dr. Rindal
'Assad, Tourism 'Council President spoke before members of
e. :emmerce and industry at the Wednesday Luncheon or thl Tn-
8l" omreiJre. Lively -i.cusqn.ns 'follow- 'h e
lia.ta vI .i t u ls treidft i'ortube Bogat "'Anima'ing

i -3U .Iui U, SSUN


ktn nju u6AAgUinulNAL bSANJi

. I

i .

is irrevocably allowed the Na- use the funds destined for the
tional Bank of Haiti for the amortization for the par value;
service of the Government's
debt to the said Bank.
Article 2-The Haitian Go- I
vemment is authorized to issue
Bonds, payable in installments H
up to $13,000,00-or 65 million N
Artile 3-These Bonds shall
be issued ih notes -having
a nominal value of. $10,000,00
or 50,000 gourdes each, pay
able to the bearer, carrying in-
terest of 3-1/2% per year-
Each' Bond- shall carry a dis-
tinct number. "
Article 4-The spad Bond4 $/ /31s
will extend over a period of 10
years from the date of the pro-
mtulgalion of the present decree -
and shall be payable every six .-- -- -_ __
months and in installments 'of .
$650,000 or 3,250,000 mill
ion gourdess, from May 15,
1959 to November 15, 1969.
Article 5S-The Bonds shall
be remitted in 'total to the Na-
tional Bank of Haiti which will
credit, on its books, the advance
es made to the Public Treasury
up to $13,000,000 or 65 million
gourdes. ^
Article 6-Each Bond shall m add omli
be signed by the Secretary of
Finances for the- account of
'he Haitian Government and|
countersigned by the B*RH '
as Fiscal Agent in charge of '-
recovering these obligations. M- -m
Article 7--In case of transfer Crole Buffe
to a third party, which in no A
case may be done a& a fax lower and di


it may proceed with thd
cization, gradually by cdlf.1
the tax of $4.00 above mj
ad, in using, the fuhds fr t
purchase according to the^
of the expiration of thl4

Article 10-The mtereuli
ed by the present bond.t
be exempted from incorM
Article 11-In case of,
truction or loss, only thd
"registered shall, be repi
the owner. of these bonds'
furnish guarantee, satisfai
to the National Bank of'1

m0e rAHALAWLti juvqernnlenl
-. ardCS. LULS.C acLion to gua-
cantee tne inancit i solvency
,i wie IN.Lional flank of Haiti
and to un d e r w r i te
.ne exchange value of the gour
Uc oy auuiorizmng the issuance
ox *.ii,uuu,UUU worth of Bonds,
.ALlowing a reserve to be applied
on the Government's debt to
ne bank.
The publication of the. Pre
sidential Decree, dated Noveni-
oer 21, 1958, gave the follow-
ing provisions in connection
with the Bonds payable in ins-
tallments, extending over a pe-
:od of'10 year&.
" Artcle 1-The reserve of. $4.
provided for in Article 4
of the October 30, 1958 Decree



r PHO /a.%w 38.c 7&iRQ
5?.RHue dfes Casee

agie drum

t and Dancing



Lian 901i re L registration of
Lme noonas at tne abrio is fa-
cdItaLIve. iTne transfer of the
uonds will be done on the re--
-,erse side in favor of the buyer
and a notice by writing made
to the BNRH.
Article 8-As long as the
present title is not reimbursed
totally, the Government is en-
gaged not to disaffect the tax
of 20 gourdes ($400.) mention-
cd above.
Article 9-The money com-
ing from the reserve of $4.00
above mentioned shall be accu
i mulated in a special account
at the BNRH and used for pay-
ment of the amortization of
the capital and of the interest.
The BNRH is authorized to

Article 12-The Haitii
vernment reserves the rigi
reimburse the total amouI
the Bonds in circulation i
their expiration date by i
the interest due to the da
Article 13.-The prerefi
cree abrogates all Laws, :i

1050-, "/ : .- "7 :;}d.'- 'I,>': ; ':' '
-'DEC B ....SU N .. ....S s
F ., .. ; .,\ :
-.^ "Miss Suzy Jean-Jacques left GRAFFIS' ANDRIDDLES-7 LEAV
.-. *, N ^ *t* -" ndon Friday's PAA clipper, the r a.d' me or *' t "^::w .''. '
oo ne icPocahontas' enroute to 18 This has been the Riddle:
Ia months of studies at the Drake and Graffis week.Transfr tu ne
stSchrtocl in Bi ooklyn. She& will has sounded for the two:couples
take secretarial training courses who have called Haiti their
bb. da specialize in laboratory home -for more lrt..r "-.sypJars
SP Saeschnique. They leave t i6'W. nf tkH
S--o-- the drums of.te.: 'e il -are-
-. '. lnMiss Marie-Ange Daverson well parties still' resonis in "". i

a, -> *'"^ t -hr t h'peddH ~lo Pos./ "i;c" : ^ -. ^ ,.':' ^ ^ :
.. "nd Victor Oriando will make tho:r eas, and-.th.ii: memory.
a...,er trip to the altar on Satur- wiil always b kept ..greenr'oin
G cordon Abbott returned Gr-om-elect is Chief Accoun- day, December 27th. The nup- the 18th. paraleL' iii
his-Indianapolis patients ant at the Department ofCults, tials will be celebrated.at the aAu, revoir ..ncdcktiails"-and

Ssla. ohe, Fa. e co .uy ehr-qc m ai .... ..y' .omp..e.c:'a : .. af :,.st. ou.yashfsbe tan
he 'fine molars he saw a d son of Mr and Mrs Annibal ,glise du Sacre-Cceur de Tur- dinners, lunches d:sndeven"i6asI
zst to Port, Au Cap. and Momplaisir. The bride-elect is-.aau at 6:30 P. M. '1thepre ccupatio of-their
es in.company h i e daughter of .Mrs and the. ,0 o many -friends .heret 'dg1Pthe
.e.and broth Dick and late DeFii- SDrres. Dick Abbott is back from two Pst..wo "week..""-....
ebbott. The Dentist and 0o day Pan American Airways'e Although- the. R ,-.iddle' o E-sf7-7.7...
e spent their annual va- Cass Jone. from Nevada' re- qieeting' of Caribbean district'-sot., 90 to the-aiighbcrh Ja

^oye~frm PurtoRicoFAO..rpresntaive?.Matin doo, tomWsintnt~ h .ontr.*imsef ^ frme elhg4Mpn."Irc
edwith Panam .Manag6r t.trned to- Port.au-Prince,'Sa- Sales managers in, Trinidad. .of Nassau;' the Graffii's" ofthe ..w.e
s Abbott at their coun- 'urday, to escape the rigors of' o0 U. 'S. I, S. goback o...aghi
.near Diquini, v nter back home. Blonde Margaret. Fergusbn as ton, D: C., a :o? dta'n -out-
Bnoenr F' D. on e
o here- a tthe"-Soendid Ho e], o posr t. ise,-"..
ikal, the third daughter Mrs Jackie .. Deschamps wa her secod visit. A travel sp.- -" .. U" >'.*.. ,. ,ID"I*
..qan and Ghislaine Des- given a farewell by the,-'family, cialist she Works with Jam.s "D u ,a fou g-andta-halfyer PSiTesai-O;tl'pA l
r. .da r. j e A b r'.dd e,'..M '
.e .ly' arive 1.00 AM. 'ind fJqe ds at Bowen' Field SO- oyad of.. .. io... ." b'e'i "" ...,... -
-ad fN id, fa6 G ddlb,.4
6er the First at Canap6 3rddy whed she left'for puerto S. Public ,Mf iti tf.ez i sic jEsso ,'in, PoAt'aPkinceb for .et:b
Hospital. Mother, Father PRico. Rudy Reiher.s-acConifani- i 'tpiae. competence0' pe. e '
,NO. ,.-ay....-. o p
| ter are all doing fine, heralso flying' to Puerto '-.. ;L o Souther]and. : paqsesd a er:. an i t act as. p f or yrsdt e asa- .te .ii sit
fn..h d....of 'r "7 "" ." "e he r ough Fride. eo ute ht-aes ".-.. ." ,' mt ,-. t ..p.. .fe r'r .to a ..ss .. .
-"e..lady-is lighting in Rico. ". ,. -,h ro. fom n Fridy -enroute ome i. Service ;"ereFhinan n tha, t en.ourt
.:'-..,i:-" S "
~&i egtcab to C. T. -from a sWi d~ to k .tre-hwitha.).owldg, f'-n .of .. byig Ab412
Mr. D. Bn Finn. D&to'5f Rio. *. ,C-e*ie,. Mr DGraffis worked e osd ondedtby.n h*isfeywn,,etirftAAer-

p.ort- '.It.. ,--o-en "o"day. M r'';. "D...-.* 'B /i*n "*:re t Rib. '" "* ":., ":::^ '': *" ""f ':'":ge <* 'td ri s'," i:: an *:'conae:.^':.'"" :--;oy....'ms .. ." '" :"
F:h ri fr h FA i' ee-,o -.. ,.... :, ... .
SLeggett the vivaciousw F:shees for the -FA ,s' : Ch e '.' y'wi the ano ity o la- f ir*elaelSo.eaii.Aneor, a wwar
r re ""_"'-' "'' M"" "a "'of" "-':: '...,;..
-"f Engme Cha". Leg- for thiee days conferring. -with Mrb Rayiiond' Mdi'se'fiew... ...A .".......nib
.Enine hrie Leg- i .. .- ."j^,'..- tn andn,, schooWs '..teoug hoout. Tix OSS.,man Aduh ;0to ,

bee ..n cifueehb i^ :* *d 'aboa 'o\ conul 3.wih sand COliniiLnua.
:y lfrom Puei-gto ,Rc.FAQ representative* ..Ma.rt'n- down from Washington, t, e ,to" i. e .A.u.".r o fi.le.'"..e ".t. "s to ay .-. .
over dowi her sick a it N tys- interest in Hait e'.

^.~~~~~~~A repr^^psentBPi^ii^^.S.' ftito oordU&./Di wgr
oyq. 7r~ -0~itR- .. .^ .^^C ^ ^S^^ ^ .' :rc~ ..n -,afi wih' I- '10 < t& -.., tqe country, C'Himself-ifo e mo .hi. nip y.lted i:
te many friends she ro Uth. Mlr Finnf"h .-irst. 'ie.", evthe s .. ; *-r-' ..ie ire.
... M tD ..- ed 'a .te .;: spee..,, the ....bi .a cdf.. *.r. .... ..... .ha:. .,;.. .
nesapi,.4unamwho4.aintern=Hii' e5
fete. during the' building Haiti in '1y 38, asr C^di..r Mrs. Elena. Alddnat 'ie Gin' -' nerlisi,;,and.'lter'texchangedd i" Mont' jo"i "i ......i b re..ll
rrt bo .0n3ite"Bro. ect.. .... .. .... .. ... .,. .',.,. ..... ; -.- n -''g *"W H '3 1 ., .,:. r_..,4 .., ... :. ~ t.':' "J
eat of the ..na.e' r -'> o wi.'rae of the h5Jin indts-. "' w li...o ms ed 'bythe. C aji-t.l.....oci.,.t.
aeRletifhe isan-erwwitca i rneit8 waek r hig c Mseop lent sep.ada. 6 nd
...aaig the'bsta idi nghothea'e- M. .'-.s t hee .evn t .iv. ," e t "odtherto :lems ofhl eFo rth Mr .A...Sp ft'Zw hs je.-'
e-61o:`glcu e m. ''ad unar oflA3.JLfl a
':. Rc f e a j ut ... -.i L "'M E P ee anhd h worked into-c et. fp h d ....
bomi, d .,01:, .., .,"

"iield sts t in the o B be.wed on'". W.- s" y b5&M 'n .. i Mrs 'C ...e.' ..p... e p' r aon it.e .th .ew .The1rn.s H..... 4- "" iS ici
I. t*ate f 7th at' a sared Heart 4 Gis w fthe-NitratesSpial Program elten replae M Rddsle.
some twentyChurch0in:c"in a g of Chie Boh.bn idspek- h ot- n h 4le.tmet-

fW7Sa Jui 'Si to M. 'cremoy flB RUent'RP J n ec~n French wie was -aie *.ver -r. cre nd.-1
iMs Gne estand i most beu ^J -'^^ "ouis Clsder.0' Mrs 'Grdffis' sue'so~'unand dag'rL-:nee BinagetaHnf *eir li-*:'-
estof-'It open M f s W -, ..' '( Ecae-k Mrobetlen Hwaaon e---- Ay ". A
.r... .., B st S *ai. ..* eQ-

acgls Servdicdesaned -ut era^-^ *LretShpig.ene' .^ and .Frencit;,ho timbvely P.iipdkf $tRose ie ictra'.is,,
B~~tyl e andehibin r^ edMO abroadr e ue-te oa to, At consultr wfith" sa-ho ^din~ t1~r 4Anuar~eo 'ifl b
fieldsg itods Expas ,.ront

t.-a -. no.e Ke. K w? I.uav td. heirobese a eof.: e at th esich .o.olan. on'.
I, sdk 'evningnat ,fclasis fl vzfla -
Plaza d cMibe .fud n ne A d ..di.ain g.. friends -D' P
yd .aqch r n..an d ro v a i ther.' ,.- D e o hi: -L 'S'i----.-
anAi& 6 i t a wt3fv l
,,..l R c 'k e 'f e r't ..a n d j s s t .. : > L ; F ta t e .ie r d a k e d i,.c r !e i it l 3y r t i e .1 o

'Wej h ng ar t in- Ha:.iti.A C- dagtr Stecasma. Gen-
-be Wedr.ore oWednesday.eeGrafwith'iMrs.'ihi:M erino. -i? Zi-..) of...the--.'.M..RQy1A6 !

byleand'Joduitiel this'era A0Cs X -nFrdy FchArlns

oiince th9 bi an f e:veh, ndrTh,, T sal, it l'ieid J 'Vaher':.lit. i-'t'i7
'tllen Wel~e yo do th e h 6 -.lbs... ,' s ..- .. .'..... ,.> ',,', -peech,'..v the ,sscition's.... Th reiJs. wee'-bi ""he. ""cti stated .*' t....hatv-..

of y Eddihe 'an red Helene '' dent 'i ftboinet. Jeanspoke' 'of KLW ; 'illhbsre 0 incre.
oin- Ntsombe. 22e th. e comIStenc al*: d ya Se6 Vi'*" **niCiba\.ear- r ,:.-lv
bi~a~th-o e.. manag.' e-' .ith:whic MtChurch.afisrgeaac-.-in a 6-.3,0L1Company.ohnile. .tBitUo
a"t h H uan.-'Said n to" p.I-ed er .thes ent.' e i coun.try...eun- o h dle yp. .e.t..:-.. K..
.... .. ..'P. M .' eremoY ." fhiient .:.Fre nich -: --. -, ...' ,...'.
-'nethestpandtmostfobeau- u- And-a-hall ear:.:.bti4-. -
0 .-t.open:M onday. .. .. .. '" '. .... ., ,-:..,'Exchange ..stu efleits,"H'M tian :"
-". t A oeicatio .o f Hlad-.it s erv ice .ioti,-' o..'. m
Mlsy. ua reSt-John .erssw ahd,ssipe cidlistesd who $r vf1is M ".-Ralp W ..... a..ted

"-, ----I- !' 'from-New. Yofko,'.Saturde. ..imay-.'i '
H a iti a .- A.dc a n-n' -' ,. .
1 ..and-Preffnre ethibi i-2 ..abroa t t heo din w Ichli".is`"sp Pu.""o'aon
"ehost at evening, a-T ;list'in-their. various

6ctal. an.ufft~-'- RUN RP ~ aue pca crol dises aC ate~th-es Firs,-ibolqo~n--
Plaza descn-ibed as f~u~n'd an wnderstaxiding..fiendI .. ....eu ..
'dxcntFec wierensva-w pnmr'theaDirector,_achre.`nd7"

Mrs Gene rfi at-TuitCap$18 r rfi'anddduhfereL..ke Baet an.'-'
I rke ctrofte .5H iac 's-- Grafis andMrs J-3-Chi:,
hair-sty hin g a'Erf.'ii. it p. "ern i s A -.. "a-s m": ,''. ." '; ...
SServie a C "..~u* a srim Emb.aies Asy .-:".M r. is. maaben -
era, .. '71 Service of KI Royal "D caion rep ored ,_~. of.the Ca- w& r atager.ne, ont-Ane on.i .;
-UArnt dail a we p.4 Dedeib h"t 6: P. ,.
'irc Div u4n. :.- M' ,Roya-l
-.,.. o-- :' recior' Gene Graffis v~itla.nn'.'r D ...."o:*"

e': D. ars o h .. SeYu rae gn... o oow he he sils ..
6bytand-al Corps, willNoth-y'te anmaLier'Mthvl...ofa antd-PLynn:
eFr itzMoplaat;siArCsaudon.AFriday'- Ag- ch: Aliaiest.
u~nced thq bitrM' f 'l~ tevenin a .well,:tuned ....fo-s 'Oas..e s.
uPen Wesey, the 6 Ibs., speech,: t he.Aswiciationel dagresZPiW lx 'are see Hiti with.
': f E d i '- n el n d e n t 'A rito in e L J e a n s 6 1

jer 17h in n 11:0 ~ S~t'Jtt4" 'thLydia aOndPst aitn'wiym be terircfters Lomedathe
'. ,' 3 .. .:, .,. ,.: 'f Y .
on[ n.Novemfber '22nd. :_h cm .eee:d~ ,;mathy :ri6 .'- ,.C bba erl
Wdh i Tiura'auwhichhefle i G'raffigo accom-.- -19 "
i/shalls are the'managetK...... 1S...
.,.e" H ait ia n-A m nerica n'' "p lisl~e d.. h s M issio n h ere "-o v er,. s ev erg l h ig h R j, u k _q~ i 'f,k lj~ jjt j.d ..".
F.e n g sabillets e past four-and-a-ba f..:-year. f Li n4i 'Itfi- Wb,-346. ". KIMi .,'
.e .s3bis n -z..
"he'-Assopiationpof ;"18itian iwVice,'"
"::" : l~~oufnali,.sW divloma' of Menr':'':"" "
Mrs" ----Charles St-Johns,'''' r!
d:M s -:.-. "' '. ,: ... fro k ',N ev -,''Y ik -6-l : .Sir: Iturd a ,,
aitian -A m e rica n In sti- .'" es n t e drnr w i h o u u 1 rr ~ a ~ ~ a :
"hols a an ,Au-e- .." .. ..aatures special. Creovle- dishes ''at. Ciaje tit: 'ds- F~ r, o
-t~ail .-and bufffet for; ROUND TRi .n.xPetFec'W'e'aipnied"' Mrs,..:raac:.n.
TRIP GeneGrafis ls "-Tonst iasse9n.0 Wie'ai p.. :"-'.
-XviGen Grffislas. Tdrit Clss 9 1.80Mrs Graffis-' and daughter. Ly-1 nidee, .Brijett: Hanf...,.
t-H.,.otel Splendid. Mr* Cheajpeit Shoppin.g Center i '-d;.a,- Mr Robert Klein w~ho *e -- ., ..i
director of the U.'& Best Shopping-.Center pacd& Mr.' Graf~fis and" Mrs .".:.. .....,.. /,"
i Service, and Cultu '*Largest Shoppi'ng Oentdr"', Klein, adn'cfFrench Embassy. M" i- ':' m" k'" """' "" a"vi"
atre.the AORneDisover en route-the .Royal Pre* Attach6, Mrs K~ ri.izan, ;.... a-'" ... ... ...
77e. Ser-vice of KLM Royal Duec, qnd .represen'ativei. of the Ca--wd at~lgi Sin-.ne :n;
-i -- Airli nes. dal'. ejd 'r s. c;,t 60 ,
i"D. Setres, of the s,,L ,bitt"S d Ilyar e~ y rs, eei .i.27..... .:
oIrrc#" See Your rraVeI Agent. 'T rirp .,W e' h" i' ..... .. "=
etarial.Corps, will W : ,... '' .; North h. y.tlqe Panam'a Liner, ah,,-a U4

' -.. ,
"!5, ""'- "'*t ;... .';. ;) '' : :... .*
Nnuister J. A. iagioire
)~aitiheX Probteins '
3e.pepn...n. aq .asia of one. .month after
'iY' ..had-waet.&thee or four
=44Ii'"thi jsbnths.. iairay they erke
nionBi; tome s068,06o.00o6 by the De-
cr-.car 'e, ,penat tj,.tm ne wbhen it is
Otrat4, afoWtwipossille.' to' find mo-
i~~q. t., ilpo M .'to...i 'to
4^ntt4 ii~ney t67iinta' 9ur streets,'and
iy-;DO* ui6ufli and. repLair o u r bridges.
Fundsfor this important phase
..ft:O of the. Pufrlik .'Wdrks Depart'
,'% V u" j" .
Sment he found. were-being cons-
,' tandy I.detoured -in order to
t'fSJ? 'f i,** .. l/-. i,-: .i .-* .. -* ..- .. .
iT ata. a ubsels Bureaucracy
whh included a Jarge number
: o%.ptChasfefei's with-np vehicles,
aiAr .of.a .. fice .employes andty-
P.,a't-' -a
i t P ,ts W1 t40iters. .
:.'W isng to-put an-end o this
re 4i~hs -.a-.-
^^*,: 1s.^adftinistrative nuin,, Mr. Ma-
ijns.0 -gloire explained' that. be pro-
,t::,'. .- ..eded at-once .t dose dow1
dif thrtentral Oeffe of the Do-
-. .pratment for one month. -
ie also found' that )purcase
g ca '- s '-.:':'-"" ",' "... "- ,, ,Z.
'" from- abroad. were,.being made
jeu jy- ar- .> tA--i-'; ..- ** .- ... ..- .... ; .
_-Z-.0ct !erbally without the. Account-
'*.' -S '-* mg-*S -* rvti" 3 ei "*-^'* '*'r.' *\*"*
fbethef,.b .^. g -ne et-
wr re:nor- after -witho'ut
Aoh9tA abtl'adget provn-
-ep^ : ; fc :...^...' i*.. .. -
..ions, -.-The. sm th". g;w" Deae-nt .t
Pat work in

--4rnopen*1 climgfmoey-i theicld
P, :, d -
*iDep- 4 -, i-3 'r0i te -^. -.
r F rw- C-" Fg
1141114itadeui'-eckhor~c :were. -eov.,&ij-
-^^ PgW Decpartment. to,
)r >isflm anef Ij dis tem, idolud-
i.ein c t nioal Haitua

,-^ '^'*^ '^^*' 'S :-.- :"* "~ ']-n :- .
g- etflm ipme d .

S-W**-'^.^' .- \ -, ** i *: "-""" ,'' "- i *' :' ,
.- g' ".. ---- '.- -. -"-
VI l Pem ...g.. i .. ai.. d"

-i t -e :.cjt~ ith .rt) t ... j ".i 'tJ t

^:wte-ofth ^0Aocm6ttreMatdit1s Ia
4.. -3
M, a 4I~i wt m ,W.. P-u bse

-.a. :p,,.,-: (.icgs,

t*fl~essn- s':berimge saingthe srvc- -old
-.* ... .. -..
tawere Deahreaio d6i- f tudis ar
r .u o--
L as.t~g'

y-'-i ^ ,- .. : ;,,.. ., : *. v' -:.,,.,. ;. s *:~,
ue'xmer mme wund .Cpnmni
f~ m c .- tid ....rih .,.-. -,would
w ere ,ie ei C a~ of t: .. an
V.,;M"I,' .conro- d o ng, of tie -ees-

all: Lhese *W gr.mretho&-' to .gunrdnte& the.
be paid ;abtyof te State' property
-K .v. ,. ,-,.. ,.i
ri-- w-isthne-^n of t "Engi-
J,",", .a aa -,. ,. ,

r- Ui '. i' n er an.. lie A....tectk. T, o.-
w p.ar .....an -wiW-- ., ca.a- le f-,. .

:ds pro-c dencOaying 0thd. arrying..out of
irks an3 Ynmiediite, poiitico-sovial worIka
of an urgent nature, "tat will
-' open -work "fields to furnishi
-ere. ork and Orelieveg uno0- desloy-
. i5 ..he :. .. 'h.:.'. ,
ic'.a:use .... ... e .h i c o-m !..

9.. 'rho National Coinussnoni of

j'$o'IS |!c: V*of P^ebi~ary,21'1958
*M 432 .'o .".d gtpdhe Mminter
t ..... ,.. ce ther. Seryin ..o
lia d rdiaten p psfficientatoifulflor

^^~t.t''fi 'task of such a Comm ission.
rkdirs. Ci- 'h e'
f -i T.ha -:urgento nature,plhat wis
"'. ,iope~x: ,work fieldss 'to' furniali
ohs ,~ r th":o and rp.lieve -.;,un.bmlloy -
u the .. 'e t... "2",. Y_!.,,
hi h .i: at- ail, : ",
"V Th ,toal"rommissiou. of'
.o. Ji ka .., e. -th, : .

WA dt Eo- e aCmm.Xon.~'r

"'ithe .-, ii$-.qt :iJ 'he" epi~icis

"- : -< ". ..._ .*

'* .- ; ..." .. -., ^ .

,..-. K.o

,' -. .- .- '.- ,, "*
... ... IW'
*- -' ", ,'- ',

*. ". ^ -. ; : ;."a
.. ,- .: .* .. / ; o :.- .
.*/. ""* ";" 'J'3
; -.. -' *.'" : N

'. .: Every year the Olbffson show draws more. people than we can .-:.
accommodate. This year' ,From. Patou to VoodooD ;will dr aw 'a-"a
S'bigger crowd than ever. .. aot l" .- ls
1 -. *o '' .* .'*' .'.'- .. 1 .^ > ^ .
-- That is why the Managemen of the Hotel01offson..as-estabhi.h- ,,,
ed reserved seat system so thateverypone imay 'be -prope.ly' senate .
; N. ACE.. Tickets avilablAe now at HoteI 'Oloffsdi foar .nj ow. .
." d.u'g4the Seaon i December- 8h ti' Aril 15th ,1959. ", '

Raei4cclhtibiis- $2.b60pet per~fi -

Siandii l om i :bar: $1.90 per person i
.. .. I ,_ '. : A ..
'" : ", ,' ".3 "* "" ; ^ .- "- ." ; '. s f : ..'' ," .* .*' j,

--Dinner and show $5;0 pw persoit : d
.'-' R .."- id t 'iie $20 :pe .- /per :.:i "; -'*;;, '^ '- '. :::. .""^::..

/ lfsnhas' gohrmtd?'cuisine): ..- .S^
.. 3.. .-
^*^N^Oi^ Y NE, .as.-nourI"""o' '. ..,ei-ui^
l -F-A 4 A'
Standi^k "L-LES *'" *.: "",v.l -n ihe.-p e h n .& a .... ..o.- ...s.'.t..e::
.3""' "t ic.r 1eCate alo "f ......s "re^ oci "e ......... ""eci^
I .. n' ., "."-pn- a'-,a. .I-. ", i.'.--
r V ':,Di S.el-..n'-1 ;h w-.5 0 e-'pera n. (lay:. .. wj'rV-..-|
'- -;? + '^ i-. ". ,.. ..' 'oj ;a.^ g. : ': ". ." t." an "'.''' "- .. p r on l' '" l''
.-AT 9:4 5^.-. *-' r .... ." _a

:o .e g-o.ur e e iun s m e. :.- ; -. I- .," -
.\ B LE;;E val& r and d_.hen thAb r b e t topaiy" e .

3 ^W y dtf -r *Dforated tallio Hitis-iof ore k the 4naLa -
.- o- -.'." f .in l o .l ." -y t-. aite ian ir'm /- '. ,
","efo'I. -,: ;. o.,, ", ,U ." .... M r e 'e pp ""'" isi n af"ri:... ....

M^^o~ptsu SS16N- ,ei tiiiiniktg tMsie-on "-am ; Januarfy, oI =8WptI
andKING. q 4K. '.

_oihi k-n i x v .". b '.. 1& d ethus a rn t s pec a .o o .the'.. m 1
-.l# l n, thell 4,.. -. aiahr .,evera l Majh -

enatial .atoomusi t4i% U S ms~edd&ryI. siufigiab6^ Bodrin- *D.',; CoCel u
i'4a.fi". c po.4 ems, ? i an '. Cr o. at Mao je|.
I.. "-, .. .-

-: "tio & i'.,m fit lon-' gtted... ,'c '- er

-tg p almonth thep aWhend b
peiA "e4 g ne ;t6cot ( t d "ir "ah-l"g": ".Missi5;.- Jnuaryon ly flew 'aj
asmbeisi.t... .-.hy ri'.

r-theb A jjstationas wl tat"s dbr-oudiec ffth is expd ete to ;i
no tgthe Pa g Uic l Wo r v iced 4ve.ry ,86. Cheiamp n'r ang. C-ham
pr .,.i., o, f iuAuF- aoi-.. '
p ..L,:em: a n "2i .-; .. -;+"'.. ;'- h "ed j"::"

~Mitwm afjaw reof1 Mnguix an na'.te
... -.je ." ..

in ith N s b- hi e e fs v~ dls-ed aglas=.9.1
-t. '. a .rta: ... T-& c w.p.- B de :. 4 .'d'or--.P

Corps ben64whfc-Ast ic d6drll.thedn lmbroft
I controlof driy .g AS.- =h 6Thib de Mission ,-a fle ba".

Adiminsti'atio~n w ell&soi -'t :8`% hde the Ch oiom-"edxStatesdat -e'
o the." G.gail l m,' -& f
ojV "" "va be.de'. .. "'rlbun.'"ko.. prmsl!"'s'everal'. i h

.. 4 ae.o ,: pr sobDi~iI ern' e..-Girieeahngr and M ea th
in. y:ih Inceae
..... ,. hei-'f6V `6R. <. .... i .fpl ay4 i s
e,,oqbjiteWiA h""iR p '_.".f r:fg-pidieiJG
,.~ ~i~a~l,titn C" gr be .4.... "fa ", +
*if,..,;Tn.,, ..... control--of d,. m.,- ih rh ~ ~ dir"'M issin, fle' ...... i
dm om-'d.taes.. 73D.!
. th Garae...a d gY h.dl.ee v ie..ma041

-,. ... ERSHOES


4 .- -

.. -- .'suN
n L:; .'* .. .. CUL n. SU__

' *.-m "h '* .* .* .: ,
pr ~ r-,,7.0t P

i ,:- y::- = .-" ,'-

M:'ina ei --- "C axaea'y e'ng
[e&S.terdeflaie 'Pb<
-rs..etc .,. pro ;ii.e '-;,_
alii a".

...6 c. "" 'e m':. .*:. ; '":
rlie hadbIie ve a .lr.
a xe sa.En : l ,a de ,

&iieai. ..en:.'oy.e:
i' e.o f.-. .

, "ile'. Clrc-tp"e i f"

,.'. : ii- ;B.,i8 .vere I
.... *- -*..-' -."

'l,':..- .....-:
,,* "" ,
S:/ :'.. -"*
N"<*, -

*I;. .. ^.ODOM*

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