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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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S Sunday September 7th. 1958 Volume X No. 33 Port-au-Prince Haiti


'Two wealth yoLint: Argen- -d- die Aitenline Governmenuit
l.*?ine hiun einen trook the ii"- had etablisbhed the identity of
.tes aaddab]le me:an- or travel to Lucky To Be Alive Senor- Marto and Faijoo.
fr"uacao trom Miami. Saturday 2 Passengers Carried 33,000 Wlord from BLueno Aire, al-n
"'Augustl 29h, in the form of layed ny iipiion still in ihe
Dupount-for-Hire shiny, red, twin Dollars Wrongly Listed As nind, of die Police that these
engine Piper Apaehe, piloted Venezuelans L a n d e d men ",ere international dop.
by iwo competent young Miamnii tratfickeri, members of the Maf-
airmen. DEAD OF NTGHT fla, or %iel-heeled Comnimuni-.l.
Five days later they were still -
exnroute to Curacao for a ien- P... fou.r came under supi-
dez-vonu which had already "T ion %hen I I they arried over
nearly cot then their lives, and loud Bowen Airfield at 12:30
had giren .them a lie-da- peri- A. M.; i2i the two passengers
Speetive of the inside of, Port- were listed by Miami authoti-
au-PrineA old. yellow stucco 1eC am Venezuelan and cariled
F National Penitentiary. Argentine passport-s 131 one
Ahel Argentino S. Faijoo and
IJo oge Albert Marco, and Dupont i Cont1uniid on Page 131
3-Rilots 26 vear-old Spurgeon
1bDuncan, and Ernest Dobbins 27,@ AlZ j-ljj'
k'sere released from the Natio-. .

Sn a I Pententiary, Wednesday
'noon, and permitted to'efiuiiel
their aircraft and continue on
to Wilbhelmistad, Curasqo.
Police released thie foursome
after Haitian Embassy Officials

Arthur Vincent
r And Wife
Expelled From Haiti
SArthur and Eggie Vincent of
-e Savoy : Restaurant were
11eled.'irorn 'Haiti' last week
." Arthur Erilie Vincent and
"vife Eglatine, natives of Au-
burn. Maine, left by Pan Ame
rican Flight No. 436 to Miami.
Fla. on Tuesday.
The Vincents were expelled
from Raid by Decree which
,was published in the official
q'government gazette 'Le Mo-
niteur. that termed them aun-

Mahotiere Bomb
Plot Trial
Opened Last Week
Four men faced a Military
Commission. Monday, at Caser-
nes Desalines to answer char-
ges of' plotting agaiuls the ge-
curhy of the Slate in the Ma-
Shotiere Bomb Plot of April 29th
Yves Bajeux. Frank Leonard,
Holterg Christophe and An-
':hony Enrilkon were accused
on three counts. I 1 suibversive
activity, 121 acts of sabotage.
03) seditions in organizing an
armed band to overthrow the
The Military &runmis sion is
#resided over b%' Colonel A.
Multidor, assisted by Lieutmenant
Colonel Emmanuel Pierre An-
toine. Captain K. Delince i. the
Military Accusatalor.
Each of the accused had
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Shordv after bemg released from the Rue du Centre Wednesday noon (L)
Pilot Duncan. Senors Faijoo. Marco and co-pilot Dobbins.

Haiti's Newsmen
See President Over
Jailed Confr6res
Cle.me-ncy Sollibeited
Foi Oecenad. Petit and Arty

Pi:-idcnlet Fran,:oi- Dusalici
raceiced d delegation of the As-
ociatjion of FlHaitian Journaliat,
in a Apetial audience at the Na-
tional Palasoi on WednesdaJy
morning. Interior Minister Fre-
deric Dumigneaud and Ulnder-
Scretaries Aur-lie Joseph and
Geoiges Figaro were present.
The delegation comuiposed of

Off to study Hotel technique
in the U. S.. is Nemours Ernest.
ISee Story on Page 31

M, -,ieiirs Al-ide Edouard. Mon-
ts, Lefranc, Duquella Tardieu,
Max Chauvet, Jos-ph Thevenin.
Dumayri.: Charlier, and Mr. An-
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Hurricane -ELLA. left Haiti
behind Monday noon after anak
!ing its way across the South-
wert PeninEunlar on a 16 miles
an hour crawl. Winds and rain
accompanied ELLA- lashing
Southern Haiti and Port-au-
Prince from late Sunday after
noon unlil noon the -nexl dcpy
with flash floods temporarily
blocking the main highways.
Whon reports started pouring
in from the Southwest early
Tuesday, it was learned thai
.Ella. had destroyed plantations
at Camp-Perrin iCayes,' had
washed away the whai4 at Jac-
mel, and deprived 2.500 persons-
of shelter, in the Portan-Prince
area of Dansiens.
The highway to Kenscoff had
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Democrat Chapman Farewelled by Senators

enatie President Hugues, Bourjolly and Senator lVictor Nerers Constant
bidding bon \oyage to Oscar Chapman and his private secretary, Marty
Friedmaii who returned to New York Wednesday after a 3-day sojourn
here as gue-L, of ithe Haitian C.Goernment. They had arrived here last


3 Reps. Of African Nations
Tell Haiti's Press

Tlhiee young Representaiivei
of the independent block of
Africa came to Haiti this past
week on a umioionf coneerning
the destiny of Algtrja. where
for lour year5 war ha, beeu
wagecd.'They lectured on the re-
port of the Accra Conference at
Hotel Villa Creole,'on Sunday.
They were accompanied by
Mr. Abhdel Ghani. Counselor of
the United Arab Republic at
United -Natione.

Ambias-ador Daniel Chapman.
'of the Ghana Enibaasv in War-
hington and at United Nation-.
Charge d'Affaires of the Ethio-
pian Embassy in Mexico, MIr.
Johanines Radaegzi, and Mr. Ja-
mal Farra, Ambassador ol the

IConlinued on Page 161

Mr Chapman a leading
democrat, was formerly Minis
ter of the Interior under the
Harry S. Truman government.
He is Director of the American
Trust Company whose Chair-
man, Harvey Schwamm died"
in an air-crash' at western nan-
rueket-Mr Schaman had
visited Haimu two weeks prior
(See story page 16)

Episcopal Church
Opening College
In October
The new building for College
Saint Pierre of-the Episcopal
Church of Haili, located on the-
Champ de Mare next to the
American Embassy, is expected
to he ready for tLie opening of
clases, the firsl week of Oeo-
The building \,aus designed by
HI a i tian architect Pierre SL.-
Come and was begun in Fe-
bruary. It is L-&haped, with a
three-,tory classroom s e el i o n-
forming the long part of the -
land a onc-slory administration
, otion, the lower part. The
I Continued on page 31

Eight employees of SCHA- Minimster of Agnculrure Henry -,
ER and 60 of the personnel Marc Charles, and Dr. Linus
SACT, two services operated P. Terrebope, Assistant Direp-
jointly by the governments of tor of SCHAER, notified the'
Haiti and the United States, financial difficulties which the
were suspended from their res Service Cooperarif Haitiano.A-.
pectie jobs on Wednesday merican d'Educabon R_ e!.
morning. (SCHAER) .iJ facing, t tt ,'^
A circular letter signed by IContinujed on Pqe 3) '



War On Malaria Now Underway
President Attends Opening parliamrent, the diplomatic corps
Of Eradication Campaign and the press also attended.
The methods to be employ- Dr Deaniee announced that
ed to stamp out Malaria in Hdi the Haitian Government had
ti were outlined by Public purchased 25 vehicles to be
Health Minister. Dr Auguste used in the campaign, and ,;
Denize Monday morning du- that the malaria squads would
ring the inaugural ceremony of visit individual homes and
the ,Campagne d'Eradication houses equipped to destroy the
de la Malaria.. mosquitoes known as saqapho
les- the female of the ,species
The ceremony took place in the malaria germ carrier.
the SSalles des Bustess at the ''
National Palace. with Presi- Decarationg of the Pan Ame-
dent Duvalier taking his place ican Sanita-y Buraeu were
on the official tribune. Foreign read along with addresses from
Minister Doctor Louis Mars, the Executive Director of UNIT
Dr Roger Rousseau, Director CEF and Dr Carlos Davila
General of Public Health. re- Arenas, Director of the Neatido-
presentatives ol UNICEF and nal Service for the Eradication
SNEM as wel' .'s members of of Malaria (SNEM). ,

... .* ? ?',,? .: .... -
.I= ,. .i7- '7.:1 -'- ". _..

v how* at *-.tBEjl~o; njSU fGiij, ;i% 4 tffUistvd Stale.
E wAs ii ;qa'c 't bi %dM at Pl T- tTi

hel4 -d qhda-BStf~5 W a dl2 kie4 c h
S "' ...~ebpr.eire he.. ltta."l
ere cou nted iedue that bad
lo'ei~ sje "ih i.-- ;&S S e!- Ie first".ilis-t Ba-
ant' o.. beauit 'A-Wis- th a
stl 0.e eoe .:

wi inted a pifi-nc j n bonod eontle-.l is to be held
r enrn h perume boffeed yy at tj Wr ednesday show of the
." ..ly. Talamas on Ijehalf 'f Ca-' Baioulou oialst club next week.
a. i.Vrt. '. A second Miw Bacoolou, is to
The graiou ca ria elegant lhe elected, bringing the nman-
;.s tipbliuity, aud natural beauty be. of it beauty queens to two.
.r othe ; roung" woman had deep- Other contests will follow
."f.. -,.. "I .' ... co e "
y. ii.,preimed-the -judges and the Bacoulou initiative else-
W..-I as seleed" firom the- bev- where a fiew months there will
.. leveotly c~otestanti bv'a large be a general beauty contest to
!':mjornty,-and drew three verses select -Miss Haitian Tourist-

0. ~

.- .''""" ~ .'
At-the Mike Mlle. Gisele Armand, .4Mks-Bacounloau .. -
"of poetry from an. anonymous amorik the winners of the ini-
a.imirer who penned it-on his ti&-contests.
p. ballot. The big show which prece-
I' nintroduneing its first beanty ded:.t.e cpn!t.v; featured the
con.tet owners Odette and Ge- _guar tio.t'-.-th Odexte Wie
rard -,Wiener chose MeI. Kei- ner dressed in' pretty peasant
,e..nerly to organize it. Mrs. KeC, get-Lip taking-." the microphone
. i,'e-1y3 n her 10th vacation here with Morisseau-Leroy to recite
withi her bu.hband decided to several poems' in Creole.
'make the first competition in. Fiom Mil"o- Rigaud's
Coi nal and imipromptu. When .. kTASSO-
. gSe drew up the rides, she He- Gain 'dd jous
Sided that the v6te wold -be TI-bb's pea pi rinmin t6td
taken from the men .'of the Pass6 In' ta -inmin ou& whaf
tae rn. th m 1 t, (zibes -
'. a.ce I e l'.. .l M'al New Yoke.
il -e also made the age limit n a a -
:. I M' ran'ig6, lamb-stew,
E-keteenu. and 25: -owev-er 8- M rangd hot-dogs
S' ear1ld, blond NinaiRosenhlmn M'b.u6 leeL-eahns. .
v visiting Haiti with M .. fluriel .. -
'" eheodler, wa'lked -"gaily o ver.'Fom--
Shedler w gy. 'ver, From Morisseau Leroy's
.to %be table ani selected bhr, Diacoute;.
contetia'e card,. Nb. 4, then .Voyag nan la lune.
tumed. .on se of the. motQ. EnJas .icte l civilisation ap'
chamiumig ango bireaistible sihiles. Peter fiel nous
The apphiie fWlihe audience Civilisatibon ap' ouetter name
iliro6Aiel bolt the 'voi ei bf Ane 'no ous,
jmegs -Sw6 tried, I' gei -in a lI'pr' alle fam oun ti voyage nan
wM8' aB6dt Age'limti *- l. "- la mie
"Ahoeief 'ovety etftesatant was' Yo di mn' lb nan point ga
shs,'Cyw Ma Maag irisseau-Le. --
f Iy 4fi 1 l'uinde. ai" SHOW TO LEAVE
16yearold .& t it. Tia GaY- ND-.,BW YORK
r{i ifi, a bei e r' of le iali- "THIS MONTH
dti'o. .t .n"'.a.erade'-A Odefte Wiener will take the
ao"os. troop was periun e. B
-,,. a. "-..r ;I, 1.. .1 ." -138colu t rou p oNw ,r
amam ers to Send heii r exotic u oup to New br
bheay. to tie coitdst?. later ,his month. The artists
me in ne ,Mss Giele Ar- seemed imbued with special
-A-..e.one ofs ee fQ ethtstiam .and Vim Wednesday
a.. s, sone of the four daugh- night. They were introduced
te f Colonel and Mrs. Dur4c: P b Mr., Leroy in -Bamboche.
Atmand, and renies wibth Ihe Congo with variations, with
her par e-n ts in Petiona-Ville. Mataelleine Marcel, Tita Gar.
When her father was ment to cia. aid _Ceciliat (nlbert Lavea-
Gatantmala as Ambassador se- che): acting as saucy as ever
earal years ago. Gisele accotn- to the yo4lng swamin who could
panied the family. She has vi- not make up his mind which
sited several Central and South he wanted.



Ti-Pans his peasant hat al
a sporty angle, and his guitar
which always bring down the
house, was notably good. His
strumming and singing of ,CT-
paud ac Couleve",, brought up
the audience which gailly sang
out along -with him:
"Crapaud ac couleve
Mm, lo crapaud ou6 ca pas bon
Li entrer nan mandei padon
M' pas gros, mn' pas gras
C'6 pas pou gras m'np' manger
Ciceron; the -Hougan, did
his breath-taking Nago. dan-
ce; accompanied by the choral,
with Gerard Dorsinvii and Joe
Archer jumping high feet to
strike furious blows on the 7-
foot tombour in rythm to the
beating of Bacoulou drummers
Noka and Jiobole.
The nVoodoo Ceremony-
with Hougan Ciceron giving a
matchless exhibition of the
mBelle Danse., assisted by his
pretty conmganions the ,,Houp-
sisa was an outstanding feature.
Spencer Depas, the painter'
masked behind the head of
some strange animal did his
fire dance, passing the burning
nackaee of fagots known hIere
is ibois pain. across his arms
-dfl chesi. under and up his-
legs, until the. audience d-L
unIlv sweated
Madeleine Maroelle excelled
'as Dirot6 in Morisseau-Lerdy's
-Brise Montagne, with Dorsin
ille and Archer dressed as her
'nrmeritng devils, until Ciceron
-Brise Montagnen himself came
o the rescue, routing. the
devils, and thoroughly chastis-
;ng his sweetheart uDirot6.-

(continued from page 1)
cessarv for us to reduce our
activities beginning today and
up until further notice.., -
An identical measure, it is
ministration of SACT with of
reported, was taken by the Ad-
fices at. Damien.
Questioned by reporters du-
ring a Press Conference of the
Hilh Court of Accounts. Mr
Gerard Philippeaux, Govein-
m'ent representative at fe
Mixed Council, of Economic aid
'tated that the measures taken
were only temporary.

continuedd from page 1)
toine Jean, Secretary General
of the Association.
The Delegate&, in a Iong in-
'-rriew with the Prevident, 90-
'lited 'clemency in favor of
their colleague. of the press, ,J-
icrt Orcenad. Georges J. Petit,
and Daniel Arty who weie re-
cently givert sentences of five
years imprisonment by a Mili-
tary Coumilision where t hey
were char-ed wilh plotting
against the Stale.
The President gave the dele-


Lieutenant Colonel Franck
Beauvoir has been reformed
from -Haiti's Armed Forces, it
was made known this week.
The officer's retirement wst-
effective August last and wis
gran'tied a pinsiofl of 780 gour
des ($156) per month.
Colonel Beauvoir was former
ly Chief of Police at Port-aui-
Prince during 1957 and is now
in Bonn. Germany.


At the Wednesday Luncheon
of the Irnternationsil Club of
Commerce. Mr. Fortun Boaeat
delivered an interesting lecture

eatlion hii promise to examine entitled -The Automobile Tn
their request in all objecti-ity. 1959..


(continued from page 1)

,ho-cn Ihl delen-e counsel. At-
torney Emmanuel Cariin for
the dFfense of Bajeux, Attorney
eCkrveau Rateau for Leonard.
Attorney Simon Sylvain for An-
bhorny Enriclnon, and Attorne.s
Seymour F. Moi-e. Antom-iiA
Champagne and Clerii-veau Ra-
teau for Holberg Cislttophe.


The Reverend Father Mauri-
ce Balade of Frenbih nationali-
ty, whose expulsion order was
published in thie official gazette
-Le Monitetir on August 18
th, left by plane Thursday,
enrroute to his native France.
He had spent 29 years in Haiti.
0afher Balade's work in Hai
ti as a member of the Fathers
of the Holy Ghost, had inclu-
ded -Vicar and .Curd" posts
ih Port-au-Prince, Leogane and
several otillying cbtmtiy com-
The" Decree of August 18th
which *tas published in several
nrwspa'pers and 'read over the
radio stated that Father Balade
"shall be embarked by the
first occasion departing for
foreing shorts.' From his post
as Curd of Leogane. he arrived
at the Archbishopry of Poit-au
Prince on August 22nd where
he remained until the date his-
At the airport to see him
off were a large number of
priests of the Capital, the Peres
du St-Espnt.. the Sisters of
Lalue (St. Rose de Lima), Sis-
ters of "La Sagesse- and of
Mr. Alain Sicd. French Con-
sul here, was also the airport
lo bid Father Balade bon voyb'-

The German Charge d'Aff4
res, Mr Fritz Wussow, received.
.the decoration of the National,
Order of Education rank o4
",,Officer. Monday.
The ceremony took place at?
the Central Bureau of the Uni
versity. The Rector. a i., M.
Clov.'is Kernisan presented the';
insignia on behalf of the Hai-'a
tian Government. The Deanin
of the various Faculties andcf
youth through the efforts "of
Principales of Schools were
among those present.
In his speech. Mr Kerruzan'"
spplue of the many great.
services rendered H a it i a nt"
Mr Wussow. The distinguished&;
diplomat had been the intermed',.
didry in obtaining numerous.
scholarships for young Haitian"
students 'from his Government
the of Germany. 4

Filippo Anfuso
Visits Haiti
Filippo Anfuso, Venice-born.
Vice-Convul of Italy at Pitt@-
burgh. Pa. arri-ived from Puerto,
Rico. Saturday morning., and.
made the announcement thai he4
wanted to take in Haiti at least5l
for one day because he finds it'
more typical of-the Caribbean"
islands .
Fluently *peaking F r e n c I,-
Ipanish and English, the young
Italian consular agent, said in
i c-ourtes% rail to the Sun, Sa-
turday morning that altar only
Iwo hours here he had changed
hi; reseraution and will make
it three days lo allow him to
;ee King Christophe's Citadel..
Stationed in thdie LT. S. for th
iat stveial vear,. Consul Ai-ll
ineo spent hi- leave in his natJ
tire Italy, allt'-nded the Inter-
national Fair in Brussels and i
ended up in Paris a week be-
fore hie vacation expired. .'
H-is- thought tumed to the
Caribbean while he was eating
breakfast at the Champs Elysee
in Pnri. at 8:00 A. Ml. Wed. 1
nesday. By Thursday he was
'leppi6g off a plane in Puerto i
Rico and Saturday morning he
'moped a plane bound for 'Port--
16-Prince. It was here that he
realized, he said, that he had
made a mistake in allowing only
one day fdr Haiti out of his
brief itinerary. He stretched it
as nitich as he- could, cutting
his ,-iait to Jamidica witi only
the' few hours it'ransit there,
so as to make. his deadline to
the- Pittsburgh Consulate.
Mr. Anfuso's eyes caught the
"Olivetti-Studio 44. typewriter
in the office and said: -Con-
,ratulation.! I'm glad to see
that Italian typewriter being
.reful to this charming coun.-
try-, and hurried off to see;
hbout hiring a car to take him
to historical Cap-Haitien.
He is interested in Creole,',
nnd aid he would Atudy up on '
it so as to be finent on his next I
trip to Haiti.


L AY SEPTEMBER 7th. 1958

.'. Haitian Youth
r-Of Hotel School
tf'lream Come True)
eiemours Ernest left for the
nited States on Thursday al-
F enoon where he will benefit
froma two years scholarship in
alvsayced studies at the New
P .&k City Community College,
-tel Technology Division.
: The scholarship for the 21-
'r'year;did graduate of the Ecole
aHoteliere at Port-au-Prince was
made possible by Mr. Barry Gar
.:.field, a Now York publisher who
..visited Haiti a year ago- and
b-"jecame interested in helping
youe-young man.
Mr. Garfield is a personal
|.rie'd of U. N. Expert Robert
Mi*. elrin who with his-wife per-
91 D0ally arr-anged the trip of
1jemg" Ernir.t when they went
onhome leave la-t lNovemL.er.
r.Nniouj, ErneIt,. was born in
I'au-Prince, but lost, both
I'sia'rent early, and was raised
;.an aut. He has a sister, Ir
Erne-st, eight years of age.
emoturs Ernest attended En-
courses' at the Haitian-
.;erican Intil-tute here, mnean-
ee o ok a correspondence
erneF and obtained his diploma
t.i the Wine Institute of Ca-
ii'7e -Angelvin, became inte-

iCollege St. Pierre
STo Open -
C..- ontinucd from page 1i
,lassroolm section has seven
roems on each of the upper
,flors while the first floor bas
5on left opened for use as an
idtorium, for meetings and
-oter gatherings.
uuei. plans cal for a science-
m r5afory building and a li-
ity, with a sports alea iii-
ding a swimming pool.
.Ciege Saint Pierre opened
1956 in temporary quarters
_Bthe street, with the 6ih.
Sli. grades of the six-year
s.dTAy school program. Each
a" grade ie being added so
eventually the school will
..all cotnaes leading to the
alanreat degree in. Rhetoric
Hil3Jo ophy.
.Vcollege. in thie French
'.of education should not
lnfu1nsed sith an American
eG.g.oThe -'college- offers



rested in the quiet-mannerct
youth when he entered th
Ecole Hoteliere two years ago
and showed exceptional apti
rude for his courses, studyin
and applying himself tirelesel
as he learned the, different pha
sec of the hotelcl service trun
washing dislie, to luruinp on
an expert piece of pastry.
His patience, good behas-io
and thirst for knowledge so ini-
pressed Mrs. Angelvin that she
began more than a year age
giv-ing Nemours regular lessons
in English, in preparation for
any opportunity that mi gh I
come for him to travel to the
U. S. to extend his studies.
In an interview with the 'Sun
shortly before leasing, Nemour-
said in near-perfei It English that
his trip is a dream come tiue.
He has dreamed of going to the
States because he wanted to
learn more and feel- dthat umo-
dern hos.telry may be classed
among the -ien(es. Mr. Angel-
Vin, her said, had treateil him
like a son.
In slpi'aking of arrangements
that had been made for him, he
said.- that he would be met by
Mr. Garfield upon his ariral in
New -York, and that he would
live in the Garfield home; he
will work in his office until this
coming January, when he will
enter the New York City Com-
munity Colege.
He explained that during his

the equivalent of the American
high school plus the first two
year, of university education.
In Auguat. 1957, Mr. E. Robert
Yerhurgh. arrived to take the
position of Director of College
Saint Pierre. A Canadian, Mr.
Yerburgh had had several years
of experience in teaching and
adininin.traltion in Canadian and
American high schools before
being appointed a miseionaly
of the Episcopal Church in Ha-
iti. This )year he will be assisted
by Mr. Roger Jean as Censeur
d'Etudes and twelve Haitian
faculty members.
Enrollmeni thii year i, cx.
pected to reach about o100. huti
the school facilities are planned
for an eventual enrollment ol
about 400. The school i, co-
educational and is open to all
students who are sdiola.tirullv



See all EUROPE!

t -, "V 'Pan American offers direct ver'ice from New York
7to 17 cities in Euirope. Stop over anywhere you
'1. '" l like en route to your destlnatjon. There's no extra
iliiS ~"* f '^ T"T ==-. PA^T fare. 'Fur reservations see vour Tiavel AgeCnL or

F?^^^d^w .Sv M E flCaL-iJ -
SEEi- TH BRSSL WOLD FR T r g 0 19' Rue Dnntes Destouches-Port au Princ-Tel: 3451
SEE THE sRUSSELS WO08D 5 FAR--AplI I- rhtuogh Oclober1,

d two year cour-e in the Hotel Vincents Expelled Ecole St Vincent for Handicap-
e Technology Dis-iion of the Col- ped Children, an organization-.-
o, lege arrangemenuL- have been i Cont inued from page IlI of the Episcopal Mission.
i- made for him to woik part.time She 'was also known as a -"
g to der-iray expen-is He has a U. The 'expulsion of Mr and sportswoman, especially for
y S. Emigrant. visa, and hopes IGto Mrs Vincent came as a surprise horse- back riding, tennis and.
- perfietl himself in the hotel to their many Haitian friends swimming. ,- "
field so that he can return to and foreign residents who have Both Mr and Mrs Vincent -
Sseive in his own countr.'a tour- known the couple during their speak. French fluently. -,
inm efforts. Then too, he said more than decade of residence OY TILL OPRA S
hab n 8yea-ol siser o hre.SAVOY STILL OPERATES.
r lie has an 8-year-old -ister to here- With the departure of the
Scare for and educate. Arthur Vincent came to Hai Vincents, the Savoy Restaurant ""
The Director of the Hotel ti with his wife in 1947. For is being run by M erisier Vil-
School in Haiti, Mr. Andri Ha- a time he ran the Thorland ver,e a Haitian who has been .
Smere, i. presently pursuing prac- Club He also'managed Hotel working at the establishment --
tical training course at Hotel Riviera for a while. He later for the past 30 years, the last
Greenbrier, in White Sulphur leased the Savoy Rstaurant lo- eight years of wHich he spent
Springs, West Virginia, as 'In- cation on the Champ-de-Mars, under the management of the "
dusitrial Training-. which he and his wife operated Vincents- ,
over the past eight years during Merisier Vilvert was formal-
which they did catering wdrk ly handed the management by .
Churches Will Distri- for diplomatic receptions. Thei- Arthur Vincent before Jie left ..
bute U- S. Food restaurant was known for its Tuesday. "
,.-e U. S.. Food "
Donation To People: excellent American and Ha- In an interview this-teek..::
Government tian cuisine. Mr Vilvert stated that.every-. '
Makes Declaration Three years ago, Arthur Vin thing continues as usual, .ad -;
The Haitian Governineut ha, cent took a job wvth-Brown & expressed the '-hope, -thbat the";
turned user to the Clermuien Root in the Artibonite Valley, old customers will continue.to- ..
of Haili,the ta.k of distributing and the Savoy was kept up to patronize the Resta'irant. .
fo'd piodurts which have been standard by Mrs Vincent There has been rno declara-
donated to Haiti bv the Unite.I Familiarly know as -Eggie. tion as-to the reason tor clas-
Statcs Govcrnii,-ti from its eur- here, she actively partipated in sifying the couple-as- -undesi-
plus stork of aricultunil pro- local events, working with the rable." .
duct. "
In a Cireular Letter to the
Prefects and Mayors of the Re-
public,. Minister of Coordina-
tion and Information Frederic
Duvigneaud informed that the
President of the Republic has,-
manifested his desire that the
Government takes' n o active
part in the distribution cd Ltit
foodstuffs which the Rairian
people are to receive from the
kmerican. Government anid its .
people. g r --
'Only the Ecclesiastiecal body FIRS1 CLASS PAR CE
of the different cults will lie2 pORT'AU.- uPR
charge oi the said products-,0' PO -
Mr. Dusigneaud'@ cirenlai letter T
rated. -The stocking of thee 3IUUW yO RI
products will le made in the .h.R.
churches- parsonages or other WEST1 A.th sTREET o "
-ocinctwl eec- Ol 2'a Days d,rect~ft5' center oruisev Ships .
places upon which the Haitian Only T, D adre" !"rofldu
CIL, Modern Anv'w a |rig CPie hW
Government will exerei~e n o oA N G O N ,. CR 'i T B I
suI vier .iion. Its role will simply sain g nA C daysend Friday,
be to de-4ignate certain regions rsVtRY CSAtsW oUnase eTn CF rtdoy
of the eounrry; where it is ne ,t iL.co T.rnoNED Dmi4to POO
ouTDOOR TTT. owc?4T; NCB
",sa ry to gise aid in the form 250 Las n AGTA-s, ,-tD n
of foodsttdfas *
The letter fLu-tlher advised that 4 aboaw randadP elassaIr iiciels.
ithe Pi'efects and City Magis- Ciplr 1 a int~rfltbOl only froi-
tratrs are obligatorily required "PAN AA STEAMSH' LINE
to organize meetings in view or f PANAMA,.
explaining the political concep- "-.' Abl1S"" Li.eonn M .5
nion of the present Goeernment.

i' .

1 -:
^ *
&*:'- *



Some veTry interesting ici'I- The question was raised if it
-ing material it coming ofn"r the ioulddh't be better to balc as
press as the result of a clever the principal character Bou-
approach to reach the newalpha- iqui and Malice, folklore cha-
bets in the country. UNESCO'i racers well known to all lie
Marie Mfadelaine Rabecq, an Haitian peasants. M niq Ra-
experienced Fiench educator, is becqa objections that these ptci-

using all the gininic- to install
.the'love of reading in the mas-
ses and at the same Lime carry
on a fight against the worst
evils and waste' of the coun-
The tales tell of a family who
sent their boy to school and
how he imbued with his new
learning teaches his family and
neighbors to cultivate their land,
not to destroy trees, how to con-
serve soil, how to employ fer-
tilizer and how to irrigate their

This is all in a series of books
of pamphlet proportions, half
the page in Creole, the other
half in French with many illnu-
trations. Three of the books
have already come off the press
and there are actually' about
ten more stories already pre-
pared waiting only for space on
the national imprimerie. One
of the books out i6 filled with
Haitian proverbs.. The same fa-
mily iE used throughout. In one
of them Ge.rard. oar young hero,
lights against medical supersti-
lions. and witch doctors.

wonagrs are not examples of mo-
rality but quite to theC con-
trary are met by agronome Age-
nor in saying that these name'
enjoy a certain prestige and in
tranforming t h e i r character
make of them beareis of good
andl useful counsel-
On a que-tionnaire it "a.
suggested that the name be re-
peated rather than employing
the pronoun. M me. Rabecq
feels that this will extend a cer-
tain infantilism of style not in
conformance with the French
gendre with which the reader.
m u st familiarize' themselves,
and even possibly create an in-
termediary class of Rahellaisian
French in addition to the two
,categories already existing of
those who speak correct French
and Creole and those who speak
only Creole. However one may
wonder here if using a simpli.
fied style common to elemen
tary te.c such dire icsill
would come about!
Three of Haiti's leading ar
li.,L. George Romponeau, Nc
hemy Jean and Luckner La
zard are responsible for th'

illiastration. that are put in the in Puoitlo Rico to rcacli tihe
ani, coloi' a: the C r eo i d na.es-. Mine. Rabecq obviously
part of tlhe page, in contrast to made a serious sludy of the
the French in black print. Haitian mediuin and will un-
The Faublas method of Gre- doubtedly be" a real losti to Pere
ole i6 used which is -iipposged ,eorge, Ministe.r of- Education,
to be nimpler and clotcr to who is so set on tlii- kind of
Firenchl titan Laubachli. Also it approach.
is thIe Creole which has been Mnc. Rabecq who i, leaving
taught in adult education cour- at llic end of her term in Set-
&Ms member will return to France
Thanks to the goodl iiUi of ..
Thanks to the poo of where she established a formni-
many interested parties. many dable background. Dr. of His-
manruscripts. arc being volun-
teered. A large committee of tory from the University of Pa-
advio, from he educational ri, she was a professor for 15
adni~oia fromt the eduncational -
o oih ,h years there. She was o0 a com-
world ,o ovei the submitted W e e Minis-
m a ad ae g g it mittee which edited the Minis-
tiatenaj and are r-ing, it its t w
,.emn ,ter of Education's Revie, wrote
streamline shape. i, r
SI for a leading French newspaper
All lests and counleitesil arc Lc Monde., was curator of the
'being employed with a ques- Pedegological Museum, organi-.
tionnaire distributed to 50 ted an exposition for France
concerned partire.s in Cap Hai- and abroad on teaching through
tian. However, when only 3 of cartoons and pictures. fUmed
the 50 actually mailed in the *S-hoola of Yesterdky and To-
form it was, found more practi- day., won first prize at Venice
cal to have another group fill on UNESCO's documentary of
it out on the spot. The 36 ins.- the Czech educator John Amos
peclors at' K e n c o ff during Comenius of whom she wrote
a briefing course were also to be a number of book-. She also
asked to give their suggestions, created the ,Revue or Techni-
on the books when Mrs. Ra, cal Teaching,.
becq spoke to them Monday. This high powered rooubina-
This direct approach going tion of close knowledge of po-
to the hmrart of the needs of the blushing and educational ins-
people seems to he in line with -ruetion war. al the service of
Jo-n to iartlh unrlethods- nocd i|aiti frr th; past year.


W -
.- 7 : : '* '"" n' '

The new STUDEBAKER, 1958 model, combines the tenue
the road of the sports model, top class style and the adequa
power for your needs at a moderate price, and at gre
savings in gasoline consumption.




The big practical problem i. ,
that only 1000 copies have beej;
printed of each addition and eo:.
arvrangenients have yet been
iiiade for their distribution..:

Jacques Honorat resigned:.
his position .with Pan Amnerii"
can at Bowen Field this past.
week to take up the post of,
Haiti's Consul General in Nas
sau. '
Jacques Ho n o r at has..
the dynamism and efficiency;
necessary' to make the Haitid
I consulate in the Bahama Ca-
pital first class.
SThe new consul left for his:'
post Wednesday.
F7.Y T

-C/"emin 7esn.aK,//es-


Conmunuity WVeekily Published Sunday Morning

Miami Airport Authorities
Could Have Been Responsible
For Dupohit Plane Being Shot Down Here

Official- of Mliamui's international Airport migliht well have
libeen leapor.-ible I'or tli. untimely death of two young civil Pilots
and thei two wealthy Argentine pasiengers for a-iious ovei-ight
13@L 4eelK-nid. Oin another rount thie Miami oit'i ial were par-
tialy re3spon;ille for thl four men having to 1iend five das,
An Port-dii-Prince'i National Penitentiary.
Miami cleared the Dupont hire plane. a red color twin ingin.i
piper apache. for a nigl t flight into Haiti for tuel enroule to
Ci[ravao when the book -av" quite emphatically that Port-au-
Prince's only airport i; not equipped for night landings and clones
'at nightfall
Only in a dire case of emergency i uhe- a afiie or eng-ine
trouble) can the airfield be used at night and then it is at pgreal
riek is the airport is not equipped i-.h the n,:cesary guidance
Not only did thie Miami aiihoritiiea clear them for Haiti at
7:31 p m. Siatuiday niltt but the% % rongly listed the two Ar-
getliric pasport-carying men fro-.m Buenos Aire, ja. Venezuelan
nationals. This miltake melted ithe mind- of an already, suspicious
police to thie point that th- leid the ilafit- load oft to jail to
await word from Arg-entina properly establikhing their identity.
There, i- littit douJbt in the minid of anyone that it the tyiiu
engine aircraft with it, landing light cleaily riibfc shortly
-after nmidnigliht Friday had flow-n over the city it would -urely
have encounlered gunfire. The 1.ariacks, -till en ilite to the
,Juiily.9lh. _piiode would hate certainly reacted.
Fire da -Ialer pidor Duncan and uopilot Dobbin, d.-ticriled
. their honor on dining down otcr the Bowen Field runaway to
Inspect it oi hoje._ oi ruts only to have hthir powerful noae
searchlight divudge a mais of oil h-dums. A pr-reautionary defcns.
measure insLituted after the Jul) 29 tlandeatine wea landing
Two cool-headed young pilol. circled th.e- airfield and harbor
for more than twenty minuti.- bei-fore the-y were permitnt.ed to
land.after the defense. had been rolled away elearieg the run-
awa%. Pilot Dimean -aid latEr he could not u, hli6 radio because
he did not harv the -iame frequencv as the-airport.
Not t[he faiudt of the Miami Airport officials and io the utfe
sa-rprise of the pilots, their two clirnt- when searched discloaed
"thnt they were bi no mean' financially embarrassed Senor
Marco and Fcijoo here heeled to ih.- tune o thinty thoiMsand
Dollars cash.
All this each wac ioo mntli for an already harneased police.
They spent a little of their own cabling the FBI. Miami Police
.hief, Haiti' Consul in Mianti and to the Charge d'Affaires in
I- Bueno Aires for a. reading on the young moneybags.
Thie) were finally cleared live day, later I Wedne-da% I alter
- .irVing it uip in Port-au-Prince's famous Auherge Rue du Centre.
.When the tho airmen and their two fare. r.ok to the air'Wed.
"nisdhy afternoon enzoute.to Curacao they fully understood that
-they here all lucky to be alive let alone flying to their deslina.
\-tion fire days overdue.

hInder American Management)
S. 5 Minutes to Dovntonwn Port-au-Prince





ELents this paAt week pointed up that it 6 perhaps time thi
Capital city had a Quarantine Station either at the Airport o
in the cit3. Not exactly an Ellia l-land, but a few rooms equipped
-par-ely like a hospital, where airmen, seamen or tiAitlor wh(
airite without the proper papers, or are placed under intati
paluon ma% he detained, if naese.ary, without undergoing the
rigol- of the National Penitentiary.
An alteinaire to placing loreignere who are under investiga.
tion for a dioerepance in immig-ration or port of eitry regulation,
lormulitiesi in the National Prison would be to place them it
a hotel and with orders that they are not to leate the Hote
0rounda, or not to leave ithe city limits. Depending on the gravity
of dithe cae.
In the cate ol the Apache plane creti and pai,-engera their
could well have afforded the bext hotel, but got the National
Haiti's good name and her well-know boopilality muit nol
be. jeopardized by the lack of such a Quarantine Station and
the alternative of the rugged old walls of the Auberge at Rue
do Ceno-e.


Dear Editeur:

A campaign you might ifa _-
tigate is against a noisemanj -'.'
who is about to scare off eve si.
the Pine trees from the cool..
heights of Kenscoff. -
SThe gent is named Christian..
y ;He tuns the Kenscoff cockfight,.
and he has a music-box and,'.'
wants his neighbors to know" it.
Music issues from his j" "y
all might long sometimes uptill :s
4 a m. ..
The poor Port-au-Prien :i
who suffers year out the. eat-
and noise of the city for a few "
reddul nights Jmod puffs lfri
Kenscff's cool, tranquil, re-
freshing air now has to con"-
tehd with Chrntianl Well Ken-.'|.
coff aint refreshing no more, not
if Christian keeps up hTs co-4i-
fonded- racket. He will soon.
have Kenscoff- all to himself .7
and his blasting music. "':

(S) PeacefuL.:'.

Dr. Fourcand .'
Appointed By Presim--.
dent To Direct Red
Cross For 5 Years Al
Dr. Jacques Foorcand hac justl-'
been. named, for fire years jo
the post of Director Genera] of.
the Institute of Social Welfare
and Reiearoh. His nomination .,"
by Decree appeared in last Fri.:'
day's istue of oLe Monite.o--.'
Dr. Fourcand had been made j
Director of the ln..tiutte several.-g
month. ago; but the duration:'
of his term wa determined bhr'
the President's Decree last week5.
I He studied Neuro-Psvchiat'tr"y
[at New York University L"iten.L
years ago, later- attending Foot.....'
SCollege. where he followed- spe-iz-..
cialized courts, in aoial-'scien.: '.
e.. "- ..'

dl &Cc ide



da, Co Bl.'W

...,g.n" :.n








Not so well known as the
..'. Art Center founded, by Ame-
rican artist Dewitt Peters and
spoken of in reverent terms in
all books about Haiti, is the
Foyer des. Arts Plastiques
founded by a group of forty
A Haitian artists who broke with
the master.

W In protest against the 85%
kept by the center on all
.', their paintings sold and the
Concerted effort to keep them
.. .primitive, to the extent of pro
:;;.-ibiting-them even to go to the
.i!'library, not to mention being
:. deprived of any courses, they set
:". jp an association and winning
'..':.no change in policy they broke
*'.with the center and set up
-.'their own foyer. This all
-Isounds rather exaggerated but
:.:. it's the way the artists tell it

;.Only the leading primitive
:%..painters stuck with the art
; Center such as Castera Bazile
i',and Wilson Bigaud. The foun-
;ders of the new artist run cen
.ter included Rene Exumne, Diu
donene Cedor, Rolan Dorcely
Neheremy Jean, and Luckner
L..WLazard. They are still very
much alive sending their pain
thingsgs to various exhibits around
S-.the world, the most recent the
'\ Trinidad Festival, and sponso-
:'-ring periodic exhibitions" of
S:their own artist members.
Aside from the continuous
-.display of paintings, wood sculp
'.:'ture and ceramics the offer
;, advanced and beginners' cour-
'ses, coming under the Minis-
-..ry of Education and Tourism.
SThe leading artists themselves
give the courses-
,. j.-With' the break from the
":.igminal Art Center caee the
btareak with primitive painting
"for most of the group.
lesading example is Rene
'-.' EXLJme, secretary general of the
: Foyer and a productive painter
14wvho lived mostly from his

Location. SIN
^ ^flock/fpof,


Phone: 743 6


paintings until he was given a
clerical job in the post office
by the new government.
Starting as a primitive in
1948 he evolved in his second
stage to realism and classifies
himself as a modern. In his own
words, with which his coherts
found no quarrel, his painting;
are characterized by sincerity
of subject, scientific color
composition and emotional pro
foundity. -Calabasse Crasse-
reflects, these various qualitie;
One reaction to this the suffer-
ing on the faces of the women
while the milk spilled from
the gourd was that they'refle-c
ted the guts of their owners
literally spilling out in their

agony of suffering. The artist's I Mexico. Hamberg, Germany

explanation is more direct
The calabasse is a treasured
item for a a peasant who often
finds ten cents beyond reach
and used as a utensil for carry
ing precious liquids including
v.ateTr, as well as food, often
requiring long distances. Thus
when the calabasse broke and
the milk spilled out it was a
tragic event

Aside from six private exhi
bitions in Haiti %i'h the latest
in September at the Foyer,
his paintings have been shown
in San Paulo. Brazil, Spain,
Nev York, Washington, D C
Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Cuba,

and Curacao. This hard working
29 year old artist is often obli
ged to burn the midnite oil to
keep up with his schedule
which includes ceramic work at
the Department of Education
and teaching design at his high
priority Foyer deg Arts Plas-

Although Roland Bigaud's
uStill Life" is a striking pain-
ting his fellow artists were hard
on this young painter of two
years who they say is not in
the same class with the famous
primitive painter Wilsot Bi-
gaud, who has considerably in
fluenced the work of his brol





$35,mper- Week

Plus 86 pei M ile


WELCOMES YOU To Haiti and Recommends
Members to present their coupon Books to the
following Member Establishments Who will be
glad to serve them.
At Port-au-Prince.-
H o t e I s: Beau Rivage, Castelhaiti, Internatio-
nal Country Club, Sans Souci Hotel, Riviera Ho-
tel, Simbie Hotel, Hotel Plaza, Hotel Splendid.
Restaurants: Aux Cosaques, Nobbe & Bondel,
Savoy Restaurant.
Gift Shops: Boite A Musique (all Haitian re-
cords), Fisher, Fritz Mews, Haitian Craft (Air-
port), Maison Orientale, Marie-Jeanne, Nanotte
(embroideries) Ramirez Shop, Store Club and
Night Clubs: Casino International.
Flower Shops: Tabou.
Limousine Service and Sightseeing: H e r a u x
Tours and Magic Island Tours.
Auto-Rentals U-Drive: Hertz System.
At Petion-Ville.-
Hotels: Hotel Choucoune, Hotel Dambala, Ho-
tel Ibo-L616, Hotel Montana, Hotel Villa Creole,
Hotel Majestic.
Restaurants: Le Perchoir, Le Picardie.
At Cap-Haitien.-
H o t e I s: Hostellerie du Roi Christophe and
Mont-Joli Hotel U-Drive: Hertz System.
Roland VORBE, Local Representative
Phone 3830, P.O. Box 364


their However of 24 painters
showing at the coliseum this
year in New York. his was the
one painting which was sold
A popular style painter, his
work is marked by clarity of
color and diversity, is on the
formal side. leans towards coun-
try scenes. His design is some-
what backward in his works
generally but the artists disa-
greed diametrically about his
composition Emmanuel Joli-
ceour who is presently display
ing an interesting array of pic-
tures at the foyer criticizing
the central location of the trle.
However the more mature Exu
me rates Bigaud's composition
as good.

U. S. Embassy Army
Attache Sends Thanks To
Tourism Director General
Michel BREDY

Mr Michel Bredy
Director General
Department of Tourism -
Port-au-Prince. Haiti
Dear Mr Bredy:
I wish to talk this opportu-
nity to express the deep'appre-
ciation of the visiting United
States Navy personnel for the
measures taken by the Depart-
ment of Tourism and you per-
sonally to insure a pleasant
weekend visit to Haiti for them
during the period 30 August
to 2 September. Captain Coo-
well and Captain Gray. the
Commanding Officiers of the
visiting navy ships. Captain Ne
ville, Staff Officier for Admiral
Robert B. Ellis. Commander
of the United States Nqaval
Base at Guantanamo Bay. have
asked that I express to you
their personal appreciation.
The Haitian Folkloric Show
was tremendously' enjoyed by
Your spirit of cooperation
apnd your desire to insure plea-
sant and safe visits for visiting
navy personnel is a great indu-
cement for larger and more
frequent naval ship visits to
May I add my personal
thanks to you.
Most sincerely,
JOHN W FAHY. Captain,
Army Attache.

At St. Trinity

Holy Trinity Cathedral (E-
piscopal) announces the re-
sumption of Morning Prayer
and Sunday School in English
at 10 a. m, Sunday. September
14 There v.qll be classes; for
all ages.- including an adult -
Bible Class
The Sunday Schopl is direc-
:ed by Sr. Anne Marie. S S.
M.. and the Rev. T. Hall Par-
rick ol the Cathedral All in-
erested are urged to attend
nd will be. as always, heartily


,.. The Slippers Bos, of Peron's Cre'y-Shirted ,Aiian:ae Es-
caped Veneueln/ To Haiti: S'wnit Only Brief Exile Here.

Guilleruto Patticio Krell), the dapper Peronist hatchetman
spent a brief exile in Haiti at the Hotel Riviera last February
The day before he hired a car and with a companion quietly
slipped over into the Dominican Republic and joined his old
"-boss, he declared -Peron will ielurn to poet in Argentina
within a month asei the coming elections and without violence,.
Kelly escaped from the Venezuelan mohs and found refuge in
the Haitian Embassy in Caracas last January and finally cainme
to Haiti hir Uith. county of e.ile' rhe lair stagee of Kelly's
voyage home lo Argentina was dramatically} described thi. pa't
,week by -Timcwn.

i.etlt) (right) and compere at Hotel Ridera during his brief exile here

Kelly Caught.-
As a black Buick rolled down busy Santa Fe Avenue in Buenos
Aires one afternoon last week, a pan of police cruisers shot out
from the curb and gave daredevil chase through ireavy traffic.
,When a third patrol car raced out of a side street with perfect
timing, the Buick slammed into thie curb and three men inside
scampered out. The elstreet s armed with cops from the cars and
from a, stakeout in a nearby subway station. ,Give up, 'Give
up, Kelly! sh6ited Inspector Josh Diaz Galan. -You are
I His face p'ale, the hoodlum meekly surrendered. But as he
was being hustled into a squad car. the old braggadocio return-
.ed, -People of Buenos Aires!', he shoutd.. .,They are arresting
Kelly. Long live the Alianza!5 T'hey were indeed arresting
Guillermo PaLritio Kelly,- 38, the tough, slippery boss of ex-
Dictator Juan Perms sitrent-fighting gang, the Aianza Libtr-
ladora Nacionalista.
The man wh6 led grey-ehirted thugs in such chores as church
*burning and head'cracking. Kelly was wanted on eleven charges
.ranging from extortion to murder. LImprioned in frigid Pata-
gonia after Peron's overthrow. Kelly bribed his way out and
ducked'across'the border to Chile. Jailed there, he put onua'
blond wig and a black cocktail dress, strutted out past the guards,
lay low in various disguises. He slipped back.intod Argentina
from Paraguay, gave clandestine interviews to newsmen, boldly
took away hi. children, wvhb had been Living with their mother.
, IThey were still missing last week). He issued sinister warnings:
-Whoever plays the stool pigeon with Kelly. dies. Afraid of, a
-.mass reaction from Peron.sras. the, police made little effort to
find their man.
SFortnight ago Kellv'and 30 of his cronies took over the under-
ground headquarters of the Peron4sta tactical command*, which
'is supposed to carry oat the exiled hose's policy. 9ther Peronistas
.-engerfully tipped off the police, who rushed the. headquarters'
and seized 40 Alianza members and a small arsenal, Kelly him-
Aelf slipped away, hut the government told police to '"get hinis.
With further tips from Perouistas, the job was. easy.-
As the cell door changed shut, Kelly bragged: *I'll be out in
24 hours. Inspector Galan answered, -Not this times, and took
every precaution to make sure he was right. Kelly's new home
ii an isolation chamber in the top-security National Penitentiary.
'He sees no visitors, and a guard outside the door keeps constant

G Classified Adrt.- Royal Society of Arts in Lon-
SPosition desired. Young lady I don. Excellent references. For
"desires position with reliable appointment. Phone 5212 or
:.firm. Graduate in Business Ad- 2375, or call No. 1, Ave. St.
ministration, Accountancy, Se- Louis Roi de France.
retarial Course. Diploma from

Unener u nait

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reproduced on' cards and book cuff links say, you'll find the fashion, some' button type..
jackets. One artist noticed this lon, drums particularly attrac- Chenet seldom displays her
interest and decided she would tire. special hair ornaments, for once
do. sometlhing about it. She had Some are copper, others brass they're in the case they're saap-
*tudiMd art in the United States and all the same full-detailed ped up that very day, so you.
before coming here original]), dcsjgn. They're sturdy too so may be lucky-enough to find
and so naturally turned to this they're bound to hold tight to a pair of the hair pirns, but if
form of expre-sion. But anyone a lady cuff even though she not, you'd best ask about them;'
could already buy paintings by pushes it as high and as tightly They're 'ideal for the chignon
Haitian artists she said. so she as possible. as they not only secure the
turned her talents to making Notice too. the handsome lie twisted hair firmly to the head,
jewerly. This would be voodoo bar of copper with the long bet they make you as pretty.
inspired jewerly so that tourists thin design down the center that going as coming! Perhaps yoa'
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have them on something they same son burst is available in stop you. Just stroll around 'the'
Could enjoy and even use! a series of pieces. round ear- counter and enjoy seeing .how
That was how' it all began, rings with a three'alyed hang- atractlie this hand made vo-'
and since that time jewelry by ing disc, a necklace and'match- doo-inspired jewelry can be
Chenet d'Haiti has been a top ing cuff links. Then we bht you'll] find yoa'd
succts. at La Belle Creole. Her Sometimes the burst is made like several pieces for your own
jewelry which include, neck- more dramatic with the addi- jewelry box. And prieeiane
laces, bracelets, earrings, pins, tion of copper in the center dot' that's quite possible! So6 'a e.
cuff links, tie bars, and hair giving the effect of getting advantage of baring moderately.
ornaments are usually copper or wider and lighter as the rays priced Haitian jewelry at La
bras-sor both. The designs are carry the pattern out to the Belle Crole and do it to-
simple. the workmanship excel- third brass circle. One vet is morrow. '' '

,\ .

The Bfloods that ca-u'se tens of thousands of
dollars worth of destruction that damage,
our land beyond repair need neser happen
again! Powerful earthmovmng machines -
and much of the more> needed t6 do the
job-are ready to stop the floods before
they storrt
What are-we waiting for, then? Commu-
nity action! When enough concern ried folks
get together and set up a watershed pro- :
gram then vit he'll haxe acti'nn.
Federal funds are avaiJble for Vp to 50T
of the total cost of Je' eloping arn approve.l
watershed. Pubbe LaW .566 is d,ignried
specifically' for taitrs and far'ns %nih t.litr-
problems that canrnot be lhandkld I. thlier
own resourceLs.

The watershed program falls into two
' categories upstream application of soil
and water conservation practices stich as
terraces, grass waterways, ditches'and ponds
-and structural measures usually involv-
ing building larger dams,etc.. '
Check with your local soil. and water'.
conservation authorities on ho\v to "start a
watershed program. Join with interested.
farm and civic groups to protect- public
and private' property and safeguard outir
most priceless heritage our soil and waiter."

Maurice Bonnefils -

Manager, Chancerelle



inruA'rSEPTEMJIElI 7th. 1958 '~ .XA1TrSUNa. .. .. ________

B... &:.. ,. ....:. -A -..* S f SUN SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 70hL 19

! ,^i ",-,: -, -^ .. '
:'.* *. ."

NW( \U.KW/ \-


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f J.l S prices with yofi.-duty free allowsaace of $200. over 48 hours and $500 over
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-AT SEPTEMBER -th. 1958 .HAm m a FA B .-'
WHAT iS ((VOODOO))? Colonel RouiMain
WHATPromoted To
VN Brigadier '.General
By Melville J HERSKOVITS -
6. Colonel" Louise Roumain this',
'-That ia called -Voodoo-. thi, authority miintlana. i- neither Tht uiuot striking element in the Vudun cull is le manner week was promoted o0 -the rank
kl,]ack magic- nor unorganized pathological Ihyleiiai.: rather. in which the 'gods are said to .posses- hlieir devotees. Despite o.Brigadier General o Haiti's .
jits organized worship. the. fact that thick is the aspect of Haitian religion that .eems to Armed Forces, and Adjudant of .
S---- th. casual obsericr itl lea-t restainedi and least disciplined, Major-General NIaurice Flam-.
`TMORE than any other ,ingle term, lthe ,ord ,.onodou i- -allfld piot-eion o ur- JarLOIdlnfi to well-detined rules and utinder bert.
o.. mind whenever mention i- made of Haiti. Conceived an a ,peciliall) defined i.ircumlances. Colonel Roumiain held the.-
.1m a system of Afican practice;. it has ,me ii. lie identified When a person is pose--.ed. for the fist time, the spirit which the portfolio of Foreign Affairs'.
kirh fantastic rilte and to serve b. a symuhol of daring: eturvion: i, aid to aniniate him ik known as a IL.a bosal. an -untamed- under the-Government Military
into the esoletic. It- dark nimiteiien have been -o .tre,i-ed Lhi.t god. The word bosaal, whichh in the early days wan applied to Council which government Hlai,.'
it-has become customary to think ot the Haitln, a- living in newly aried Africans. has 0alsdV been a lerm of contumely, ti from June to Septeimber 1957:"
Lniaiverse of psychological teiror. and today the same f'eeling-tone is continued through the belief In the aborlive" invasion of-,,
.-What. then, is "voodok.. or \odan, as it will be termed heie, that since all thing. in the universe are subject to observable July 29th, wheat three ex-army .
Blowing native pronunciation, is a complex of African belici -'J'ulation .and animals and plants and human beings must all officeri'and'five American. sol ,'
ti.d ritual governing in large measure the religious life of the ihe according to these'rules, the loa, as members of society diets of fotblane comandeered"
aitian peasantry. mavy not maniet.1 the tUnre-trained and often dangerous traits the Casernes De.salines for se- .'
'I-"n Dahomey, the ancient \We.t Ah4ican kingdom whence th. of unpiedii table lichaio which- characterize them before the% ven hours. Colonel -oumain -p
snhas, come, Vodun means JodR and i, a general nain. lot harv- been 'liaptized- and thus brttif under proper.onlroi. who was held prisoner by h '
ill 'deitie-. This ,source of the word has long been known. Fir Bapti-nsm of a deit moiuo often oceqra when a hoy or girl is invaders, managed to es.eajpe''
nstane, iM. L. E. Moreau ae St-MEir, in hii work Descitipton spuses3.ed hv a fairmily Iona, specially il it is one which gives that from the bafracks -and .joiitn.'-.
npographique, physique. -civile et historique .i- ]a pailite fran- knowledge of healing and divination meant by the word connai;- the loyalist forces'who.defetiae'-",:
ists' de I'lsle Saint Domingue i Philadelphia. 179')7 and 17981, ialice Somietimes. though not always, this possession is -violent, the -Naiiot al Palace; ''.
.trote: and the' prosprcUte devotee rages. about the house, destroying -o0o .:
-.-Aeeording to the Arada Negroes. the real follower of Van- wbatevel conne' to hand. On. occasion, sinae euAl toim frowned on .
[aux in tHe colony Vaudaux signifies an all power rful and super- posue-ssion at a ceremony nol-given by the family of the one Poetess Wiener ""*
atnral.l.teing on which depend all the even, lhat come to pass pone'sed. posse-sions of this kind mean either that the oa needs Pub he s -. ,.
n..this globe". laptiin. or that, being bapiimed, its devote has beennegligent New Collectionr-: .
-. CATHOLIC INFLUENCE in ri-ving the god. ,
T'iTo historical facts must be kept connlanllt in mind. Tht BAPTJISM RITES WeUlnow. Baitiab pietd.ss:.
u-t.is i hat Vodun derives from a background of African theology No actual rite of baptirsm of a loa or, as it its-ald termed. acielie .Wiener ha. juirpu, ;
td..ceremomnalism. The second i- that Haiti's Negroes have of lav, vt.te, -w-.ashing the head- was witnessed by this writer. "h a olleion f
onfinuouly hbeed -ubjecled to the influence of Catholicinnism 'but thie tc.ount of the ceremony giuen here, obtained indepen- poem tnder the title Tfiniuf.
y ring Ihe centuiirie- that hame pa--cd since theiL introduction dently.frorn several person-, represents an adequate exposition by. e preoane wLars.W-ttea n
qualy Lxoui veon Lale' b- Wdhi'-j i.-
so the land. of th rite as performed in the town of Mirebalais. A room is provions books *of "poet' a-'
'Yet another poiht may prove suggestive in pirovidming a useful prepared where the person whose loa i-: to be baptized muat chided ,Une Fem 17eme ,hnfe-'
mint of -view I;r an analysis of-the Vodui cult. This bears upon remain for three days. The mat or bed on which- the neophyte ie o l lit a -
difficulty, impossible and happily unneceear;-to re-olve, in rests is covered with fresh sheets and -pillow-cases, and three be obtained at the b 'e oft.-'
g-iheld study ot religioni. This difficulty arises out of the changes of clothing are made ieady, one of which must be entire, -ATitho"-at No. 6. Avenue Do
egreo of variation in answers to questions dealing withli the lY new foi the lasm day of the ceremony. These are in the color cst. "
e point. These answers differ noi only according to the Atatui of thr god being 'baptized.: thai is, if the aon were. revealed Io _-." .
ithe individual in the cull, since layman and priest hate be ouch a one as Damballa..Aida Wedo, or Gran' Erzilie. every- ..
'derniandably different concepts ol the ,function, of deitir-, thing would be white, hut if it were Gran' Siligbo, the colo vs .. .
bt..also according to the extent to which an individual* has or .w6uldl be bhie and whiie: If Og-on, everything woulJd be- red;
ainrdifferent td religious inlereits if O*sange, blue: where the god-is one of the Peto suite, such je- j "
A flndantental fallacy resulted from the fact that except Jaseie as Ti Kita or Bosu. everything wnuld.be black. i
mre is an officially sanctiontd theology which make- for During the thlee day.' 'relreat" the one whose loa i' being I''
gna. and often for perfunctory worship, in contrast with Ihe cosgccrated lies alone. All day long the men and .dnmen of lit e e X
Mig dlnamic nature of Haitian pfasait belief and ritual family -it in die nrti room or outside the house. singing andI .
iete are no -real -answerc to qstion' in the, field 61 reli ao'i praying, tloihah al night they sleap, since, this is not a wake. I
student pursitung the 'corret'l statement will find that, no They not only sing the songs sacred to thie la being baptized ,
er ho, painstdliih his method and rHow extensive hji prc- but al:o the cainticle? oi the Virgin, while prayers of the Church | / I'
iirbs, the versions of different persons can never be entire' are recited tinder th& leadership of the prtl' savanne. the abu h- II II
giilied. Llesn a false appearance of trnth is given to his priest, whose ability to read the prayers makes hIni an es'serrtial r
'l figure in all Vodun rjtes. They may from time to time have -a -
:the underlying philbsopliv oi ihe universe held by the little procession. about the room where the novitiate lies, when Ct"i '-at ,
iinn o sumutarized, as it can lie abstracled from his expitc- small banners in the color of the god -re carried. Soft drink S C
bof relief and from hiii observed behavior, this philosophy and a rnangi -Pc a ,dry- offering are given the god. and r stt
thbe phrased omewhat a, follow.: The ruler ol the universe white tapers aud din oil lamp are lighted"-Chicken and rice
,its Crtlo, who shares this task with His son JeuA. ma) also he cooked for any hod except Gede, while lioco-
.saints of the Church, and the Holy, Ghost. Man has been late and rice with milk are favored, since it is said 'the aon
oed with a soul, and the soul. which has come from God, like-, desserts' a commentary on the very imiminediite anid
s to God for. judgment and, if necessary. lor punishment human character of these spiritLs. "
*end of its sojourn on earth. The actual baptism. oi .wa+hirig of the heiad-. it performed "'
roe-Afica GuJnee the Negroes brought other deities, on the third day of the ceremony by a Vodun priest or priestess "t -., '
ed variously loa, mysteres, or -ain-.- and these deities have i.ho ic ni member ol the family, though any member, who has
ianheriled through esuceceeding generations by the deecen- important la and the necesAary cornnkisafece may officiate if iH
blaof those who brought them to Haiti. the specifie function the membership of the family includes no priest. As at any bap-
te.'African- spirits in the Haitian system was given in the tism, there must be a godfather and godmother. and preference '
ttag teems by one of their devotees6 is given thone who are the parents of twins or are themselves i --
-I.s1In are occupied with men, their task is to cure. They twins- The officiant must be possessed at the time. since, it is .
Sltte a person work better than he otherwise would. When said. -one loa baptizes another-. f,
.losposses people, they give helpful advice. But Ihey cannot Leaves of the bastiliques tree are alsteeped in perfumed cold .' I
e- things that God does They can protect a garden, butl water, and the hands of the one who baptizes are first immersed
bcaot.madke a garden grow, For streams, rain and thunder in the liquid: then. while songs of the loa and canticles of ihe
j.o,. Gods. Virgin are sung. he washes the held of the person to be baptized -
'er Stalemeni clearly shows the same- concept: -God Possession occurs immediately, and the new devotee lies back, LES PLUS SLES 1N9 UES
e>e los, but did not make them so they might do evil half conscious, while all others kneel, siekihg word froni the AIlTlelNNES
j an purchases a loa for money. that spirit -iill do evil loa to learn if it is satisfied. If an affirmative answer is given.
-las-good. but God becomes angn- and will not accept these all retire, the person possessed remaining in the room to sleep
"il into the sky, and He drives them away'. iConlinued on page 101 L U[RA
t L *~mne onAC paTRe V0


New .Bidders For Airport And Wharf Construction Job

The Petersen contract lor A new contract to replace
the construction of an interna- the Petersen Contract wns
tional airport here at ,Mais placed by the Government
Gat,. Which was being studied before the Chambers this week
by a Commission of the Senate, giving the International Hous-
was rejected by the Govern- ing Development Corporation.
ment Tuesday morning Minis- of Miami Florida, the job of
ter of Pubhlic Works Arthur building the airport at -Maio
Bonhomme in -explaining to the Gate This company acting
Corps the reasons for recalling in-its own name and in behalf
the Petersen contract said that of the -4egeman Harris Corn-
to develop the resources and pany, Inc.' of New York is re-
exploit the riches of the counr- presented by its President. Mr
try it was necessary to have -
fo[eign capital. -Our country
like any other is obliged to use WTHAT IS

every effort and exercise all
its ability in order that the
interests of the people may be
safe-guardedi by negociatins
the Government undertakes,-
he said.
Pointing out that Jamaica
already has its airport, the Do-
minican Republic its comple-
ting .one for -Jet Planes,
Puerto-Rico has a modern air-
port; he said that only Haiti
.rette misbre d'a&rnnort., at

Laurence S. Caroll, Stanley L.
Stevens, Vice-President and
Reri iLilavois, Vice-President
The Government concedes to
this company the rights of
construction, maintenance and
exploitation of the new Airport
for a period of 20 years, gran-
ting it customs franchise for
the material and equipment ne-
cessary. For the first five'years
the company will be exempt
from income tax, and will


(Continued from page 9)
through the night. A -ball- but -not a Vodun dance, may cele-
brate the event either the next day or later, hut this is not
obligatory, and most ofien those plrcient,' after eatin-, quietly
The following day, the one who has been baptized goes to
the family place of wqorship and greets those who have helped
him. Only one further rite 'is necessary, and thi, solely when
the la boisal is revealed to be a hostile god. Then the loa, after
ha-ing been baptized, is -reslraincd. by being placed in a jar
and buried, so it cannot later emerge and trouble the family
r,f the-one to whom it ha, come.
To have a baptized loa merely means that the worship of the

benefit from a 20%" reduction the Haitian Commercial E
in income-tax for the second Military aviation.
period of five years. The International Houl
The company will be requi- Development Corporation '
-red to construct military ins- also be given the contract
rallations and to grant use for the Construction of a a
the International Airport to Wharf at Port-au-Prince.

Chancerelles. Isa is thereafter carried on in regular form. The worshipper i
l earnss how to mazrr.'or 'tie- hi. spirit, an aS to enjoy the Social -*. I __
The Government is" anxious aspect of a Vodiun dance without fear that his los will come
to have an international air- unbidden. Be gires it small offerings from time to time, and "l
port, be further stated, but if it becomes insistent, or if hiB family ig being troubled by it,
with the great possible advan- godQ. he lakes full part in the rituals that are staged. OFFICE Rue c
tages for the Haitian people. (Continued next week)

S. one name stands out







* STEEL BE9/DED "39Q-5

We incerdy hope that you will have a nice time in Port-au-Prince and we are looking forward to being
of service to you in our tore, and factory, where we can offer you. an immense array of figurines.

bowls, trays, carvingp and sculptures.


David and Wally TALAMAS.











r tiJ sn h report

Bertt and Carol Nlusgroe returned to Ohio Tuesday They
s pent the Summer here v. ithi their Geodetic Surv'e;"- parenrt- .
.With the promotion of Colonel Loujis Roumiam Tn t he rank if
:Bngadier Gerneial it j.. the first tune rence Haiti.' Arm,. %.-i
.reorganized in 1934 thai there hav.e been t'o Generals on
active duL' Lrs Ghi.ele Lafantanr of KLM office here is
spending eight-day.; inI MIVani on company busMnesS Chantal
D'Ade-key left Thuxsda% foe New York, Paris and Geneva.
She will visit with her brother Doctor Raymond D'Adeikey,
in 'France before commence her medical studies in S'.'.itzer-
lanad. Pan American New York bound clippers have had dozens
i of slipside passengers awaiting their chance on the hat this
past week Students returning to studies abroad Be'ore the
Coast Guard station at Bizoton the Guards inspecting traffic
hive a rno'el' way to check the female passengers for hardware:
: they ask them to do a dance, a jig... Elizabeth Noistas returned
,"to college in New York Tuesday .. Delta Airlaines regional
2 Caribbean manager Clinton G. Sv.eaeaea %%as in Port thru pazt
week on a frequent vrist. He stated that Delta wva. studying
'the possibilities of increasing their service to Haiti this coming
Winter season.. Garthe Cardozo flew. to New. York on the 2nd...
SThe mother of Dick Abbott. directCor of Pan An-i iran World
Airway lihere, pasnecJ ada. in Indiana last Saturdav. Mr.. A.hb..tt
V.'aS 65 )ears old [lick i expect ba,:k in Port thiu weekend
-pen Blgii returned Wedne-dav froni a Ion' and i'ntereiling tour
"-t'Soillh Aeriaci. fit;- young Textiler 4f Tourilst Aenue flew
ai far South a; Bueno, Aire: Teniiqji Made a name for himself in his native Cabs a, a re'olutionai'
student leader I'fl' from Curacao to C. T. Ihis past' week
Robert Peloux Ilew to New Yo.rk Tue-day .. Engineer Kiki Vil-
:lard in att-indin, a conference in Canada Louis Griswold "ho
i"rec.nL'h. lot hi wife in death at Cap Hailirn ll.:w to Neu York
. last Sunda%. to tliit with his mother in Long Ilaniid A Mr.
Brown and Mr. White flying a yellow and orange C.'ena 3111.
.-landed at Bowen Field with the last rays of daylight Tueda'.
T' The Ce'- na landed at 6.410 p. ni. and dal tight officially endel
iit 16:57 p ni. Their parked their cessna .at lthe Haitian Airt'orce
."lineup next to the led and cream piper apache

i Make Your Sojourn In Haiti Unforgretable


(2.000 Feet Above Sea-Level)
Enjoy Its Incomparable Cuisine
Its Spacious Swiihming Pool
And Atmosphere of Comfort and Luxury
At Reasonable Rates
SRestaurant and Bar Service" -
Nom Managed by Mr. and Mrs Marcel Lops


(In Cool Petion-Ville)
---.**~*~**-***.**-** :

SBecause of the large number of
guests, the management of Ba-
coulou begs its Wednesday eve-
. ning clients to reserve their tables
..I and order their dinners in ad-
v-Vance as much as possible, if they
desire to dine during the evening.
-Moreover, the Management finds
' it under the obligation of charging
-.a modest cover charge of Or 1.00
-to cover the cost of improvements
Made each week to the attractions.
Bacoulou's restaurant service in-
'cludes imported Steaks every eve-
ning. Good music is provided for
the special Wednesday Soir6ee.

Ella Busts
Furcy Hard
Furcy. This Weck For
the first time since Hazel. Fur-
cy'5 ,zandolit- chorus, was
drowned out. -Ellai. did the
drowi ng
Tuesday mo-ming when the
big Pine tre off the former
George De Leipitar'e property
was cut up and cleared the
F u r c y highway a complete
check on the damage" ,wrought
by this hurricane was noted.
From Sundca night to Moni.
day noon the following damage
was done
The front \ernandah of Dou
dou Denis' was deposited at
the back donr and damniage the
roof on its trip
Lionel D'Adeskeys goat had
died. Too much wind.
Mrs Foot's house lost its
roof The tin sheets were found
in the Ravine
The wndmill of the Fiere
St Jacques was damaged.
The corn crop is probably
lost. Bc-, over by the fierce
winds and rain. The mountain
farmers say new only rain rill
save them.
More pigs, chickens, goatrs and
cows wet. lost to Ella than
1954's Hazel the farmers

Jean Brierre
Taken Into Custody
Released Thursday

The poet-diplomat. Jean Bri-
erre who %a6 taken into custody
last Saturday bh Police wa0 re-
leaserd five day. later. Reasons
for bis arre-t have not ;el been
made public. Mr. Brierr., is Di.
sector of the bookstore -Indi-

\ iliam MN Gaines and Joseph
Orlando, New York. hat., diffi-'
culty remembering whi.tliee tLid
i their lth. or 6th. rerit n to
Haiti and DAMBALA.


Dam Builders

Mr. and Mr-. Lorenzo St.
Jacques back from a trek to
Cap Haitien and Peligre. Mas-
ter Engineer Larry who has
built some of the ,orld- great-
eot dam. in Alaska. Africa. Ca-
nada. and the Ulnited States wsac
riioufly impressed by u lihat lie
va% in the Artibonite. They
uould ha ve loved to rtay. but
they s Le off to throw a witilch
that %ill open a dam of Larry's
masterminding. Bonne Chance!


ituident,. at Wa'yor in Detroit
Mr. and. Mrs Arnold RMnnallI
and Mr. and Mri.. Stanford
Harper. enroute from listing
their families in Jamnaica.

This is The Finest and Fastest Service


At Petion-Ville: Mrs. Paul
S- Corvington

At Port-au-Prince:

At St.-Marc:

'5 -
S -

-Joe Gaetjens
- Albert Reiher
- Excelsior
-- Louis Garoute.

-Nettoyage i sec

Rue Pav6e
Bois Verna
Ave. Christophe

Ave Mag Amb.

For all kinds of French perfumes
visit Haiti's Smartest Indian store

Select your favourite perfume
from our large collection

We offer you the world's famous
brands at free port prices
etc... etc...

-~ II







DtownFa Ecw Rue

*FRESCO!." ",FRESCO"- at the back. Two non bars or" indulgentrl, a

-The joyous cry rists from the

throats of ihe vnugslters as
they hera- the special knocking
by the vendor on his wooden
'box container with a sticcato
nTrsvement of this short sticklo
as the pushes the roller-cart
along 'through the streets of
the Capital.
The "Fresco- man is to Hai-
tan children one of the most
vital persons in the Re-
piutlic. He is to be found
alifost everywhere in front
of schools, pushing through the
crowd- at the football game,
weaving through the stalls in
the market place. He is always"
there wheilever the people -are
ans- especially where there are
THey stand expectantly as the
vendor shaves the ice with his

various lengths are used as
axles for these wheels. He has
probably been able to build
his cart with an investment of
as much as Six Anmerican Dol-
lars or Thirty Haitian Gourdes.
For the syrup, each bottle sets
him -back fifteen Amerrican

, 0
A1 s

nd is -3 master of

*oddly shaped metal-"box slit l One of the most familiar of
"oddty sliaped' metal-b/ox slit
at- the bottom and containingJB^J LN the -Fresco. t'endors is Ray-
a flat sharp blade which he. mond. bor in the picturesque
passes over the fifty-pound Southesern coastal t o w n
-. -of Bainet who came to Port-
block of ice From one of his do- -- of Banet who came to Port
zen or more quart bottles of va- au-Prince at the age of 1.7.
riously colored syrop, he se- cents, including the ingredients with a family who hired him
lects one when a child calls 'ie uses to produce the several a yard boy.
out fraisess. (strawbe,.ry) and ;ay colors that make the cart
pours it onto the cubes of-sha- cheerful and the refreshment I Raymond was imbued xith
ved ice in a glass making it a delicious.- the ambmon of DeLng an in-
.kind of water-ice Others give The .Freco. man is an ear- hepa in le. Fniantt en-
thu-r orders and are served y -nser for he must be prompt ahead c g fe. Fndtnou litle en-
,*_t,_. ,, couragzementl to nounsh his am-
frrcmn bottles ranging from trans it the factory to buy his first iou n t h or o bid
r-.rint> A j i -ic r L c*>^bition, he worked on but bided
parent to deep *red or bright 25 pounds of ice or so by 6:30 iti e wh ed 2 5
ii r L ... -his tlme Wthen h'. turned 25
yellow. -Cminq cob,- he tells M. he leaves his house, hi hs wa ea t taut
he was ready to start nut, and
thmm as he collects his one- -yrups in readiness iHe makes cose the ade of Fresc
cent coins and drops them into for one of the schools v.,with ice Man because he could put all
the small box. kep' along with carefully preserved by a piece his artistic impulses into crea-
the bottles. of thick sacking. an-rrivng there tig the eari-colored ices which
The children always seem, by 8:00 A. M. v.hen the chil- ting the va-colored ices which
Tascinated while watching the' dren arrive. everyone gnedh Tms a ade also
would gain. him access to the
-' -places where crowds were at-
7 treatedd so that he could see and
and learn, and make money
at the same time.

"-Fresco- man fil their orders.
He passes the small metal box
with' sharp blade visible
through the slit in -the .bottom
over the ice in q smooth, svi-
shing motion as a carpenter
would plane wood. The ice is
shaved into the box which
when filled produces a -fres-
co. the shape of the interior
of the box-
His push-cart also interests
them. It is usually home-made.
61 Wood. *ith three metal
wheels one in front, two

After the classes, begin, he
then pushes hir cart through
the streets, far and wide whe-
re customers are always attrac-
ted to the gay colors of th.
syrup. He picks up his second
block of ice and returns to the
school by 10:30 A M When
the 11:00 o'clock gone sounds
the children rush out and clus-
ter around him. sir.?trhing out
their hands, chattering all to-
gether, quarelling and figh-
ting in a desperate hurry to
get their fresco. He sen es them

He does not hide his humble
origin as a yard boy, non-sa-
laried, .ti moune qui ret6 'ac
moune" and is rather proud
to say that now he rents a
house for his v.ife and two
children, paying S 9.00 per
month for it. He admits that
he has kept away from cock-
fighting himself, but never
misses a Sunday at the aga-
guerte- to sell Fredcoes'
He days he has the satisfac-
tion of being able to purchase
necessities for himself and fi-
mily, and can even send an
occasion five gourdes to his ta
aged father back in Bainet

Raymond has one deep-set
ambition now. and tl-t is to
see his two children going up
the ladder through education
to a better future. He is very
firm with them about regular
school antendence and studying
w h i I e he goes through
the city p u s h i n g his
fresco cart? -Parfois,- he tells
you. -mais Bon Dieu bon-,.



tiL profile arn6lor6 de sla bande do
roulement donne une traction et unef
security supplrmenl cires.Un ingenieux
dispositif de silence rhduit les diff6-'
rents bruits d6sagr6ables du pneu.
tandis que la construction 16gcre do A
'Super-Cushion Sans Chambre lui I
permet d'absorber les cahots de la
route. Vous aurez moins de pneus & -
plat, et mo;ns de delais parcel que la
Construction Grip-Seal exclusive de .o
Goodyo.ar 6 limne praiiquement les ,
crevaisons habHuells.-



Report From France Students world: "enougsF.
About Haitians Spain, was the word for Ons
Prezeau. Martine Armand id.]
(From Our Parts Correspon- Anie Borno who started pa.
dent) king after having pranced sp
nish. The next stay: London. In
Paris, France Aug. 26. England, Jacky Stjoh-ne..i4
out from Notre-Dame cathedra already practicing english,-1'
le. last Sunday was Rvd Father Paris all summer was Dsddi
Kebreau from Ste Anne parish Bruni preparing the "Externalt
We teased him a little shoving Seen on the Champa.Ely.
all the hatless ladies entering sdes, Carel Trow, of the Ha
the church. Nevertheless the tian Music Conservatory. I
severe priest did not approve: Trow who is not only an inter.
"Most improper!, peter but a composer is now
working on one the highly tio.
Under the Rivoli's arcade, dern peice of music we. hd
we met Jean Etienne hurriedly .the pleasure to hear last yea.
doing some sight-seeing before ":
leaving for Germany Paris August 26 195lj


his art. So acti.,e a- his hands
that he can prepoic te'en
"frescos- in five minutes. r The
hustle and bustle and excite-
ment of his small customers
snrimulate hun.

He stands his watch until
2:00 P M. when the pupils
are back in their classrooms.
Then only does he go home
for his own lunch, after which
ne starts his afternoon journey
through the streets. By 4.00 P.
M. he is back at the same
schooll to make more rapid
A good day may bring him
in $3.00. including his regular
.sales and if it is a holiday or
fiesta, or a football game. his
ake increases:

'SUNDAY SEPTE31BLR 7th. 1958

tContinued from page 1).
asa found (to thie surprise of were taken into custody, the night landing, since the July
,i.even the pilots I to be carrying two pilots diaclote to the United 29th. pocket-size invasion, were
more than $23.000.00 in cash; State. Embassy representative removed and the plane was
lastly events of thie past months heie that theii Dupont Corn- permitted to land.
have made the author ities plain. pany bad in-trueted them to
- e). 6apiciou.. pick up two fares for a flight Argentine Consul in Haiti,
The plane, pilots and pasen- to Curaecao at Miami'% Interna- Senor Valerio Zuhieurre, said
gers were all taken into custody Lional airport, Saturday. They Tuesday in an interview that'lihe
..the moment they touched flii stated that they filed a flight had identified the two'Argen-
-ian soil at l:00 A. M. Aui-Il plan at 7:30 P. M. to laid at line national. 'Faijoo, he. said,
.i 30th. Port.azi-Prince to refuel, and- he himself knew as a boy, and
took-oft with clearance from the that his family was prominent
When the p Ia nue appeared Miami International airport at in the Textile business and had
over Port-au-Prince. harbor and 8:00 P M., AunaBt 29th. ufferied persecution under Pe.

Airport it panicked an already
tense city, rife with rumors ol
c landestine landings and bomb-
ings by unknown rebels.
It is certain that this small
twin-engine aircraft that droned
around the harbor and airfield
-for almost twenty minutes that
moonlight night would certain-
ly have encountered gun-fire
had it flown over the city and
near Casernes Deasalines behind
the National Palace.
The barrack, and palace are
fre4sly pock-marked, from bul.
lets of the July 29th. clash in
-which three Haitian ex-AnmN
officers and five American &ol-
diems-of-fortune died after con-

They flew in from the sea to
the nearby Port-au-Prince air-
port. They state they did not
fly over the lown.
How it happened that the
.men. did not know Port-au-Prin-
ce was not equipped for night
landings -hows an oversight on
the part of the pilots and the
Miami airport officials, which
might have cost them their lives
and the live, of their passengers
After circling the harbor and
airfield for twenty minutes. with
their landing light, making
them plainly visible throughout
the citv, the 'aircraft landed
with 30 gallons of gasoline in
it., tank.
l tI r,-.mi nInl rkM rnlareri at

When asked whether it was
significant that Senor Faijoo
wa, carrying $ 23.000.00 in cash.
Consul Zujiuerre said: 'No.
The family is wealthy'.
Interviewed prior to taking
off to Curavao, and fresh from
the Auberge Rue du Centre
and a diet of pear juice, the,
showed cleanly-shaven faces and
informed, marveling at Haitian
ingehuitl);, that a fellow in pri
son gives shaves with a single
Gilette blade, using no razor.
Mr. Marco replied to thb
question as to why they wen
carrying $23.000.00 by correct
ina the sum to $ 33.000.00 and

in Miami. The other $ 10.000.00 They had not foreseen hida.
he had cached in his shoe. delay, he sighed.1But from what
Marco said they had rented everyone tried, in French and
the plane be cause thay wanted broken Spanish to make. them
to get to Curacao in a hurry to -mderstand,- lie said, was that
meet with a member of their they- were luck) to be alive
family who was there in tran- alter flying into Bowen Field
sit. at-night.
Society IndustrielJe de Mat6riatux -
de Construction '-
P. 0. Box 1273 Rue duii Magasin de I'Etat
SPortail de Leogane Zone ..
(Behind Union School) .
Balusters of varied designs '-'
Local materials -
Ciment Blocks:
30 x 20 x40 ,
20 x 20x40 -
15 x20 x 40
10 x20x40 R ,


_ wl s a r ea ].ie ^ |BL^;6^


C..^g t ~ .. g ^.,... e, r... nv no... _o a-,- I ,'loin I 62L-sill going strong :h.
in Florida. [ eight on the Port-au-Pi since air- declared they ere thinking or fo r- .. _' iiv
Thirty-six hoonrs after they field to obstruct any clandestine buying a house for the family "- -_ ,".
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A ". ': -., *.:. ." -
"'- f.:' ',<**' :. ** ":'L ". "' "- "
-. a-ac "o "-.- .


r- A

.:.. ~L. A, NO RIVAL OF HAZEL turnedd to Port-au-Prince be- JASPER WALKERS GOING
canle of the high sciab and wind,
g. :.F .. -_ :(Countinued from page 1) "- w T d n r o rai
J- he*, to summer vaca- ease to the population who TIe steady downpour of rain M. Jasper Walker who.e of U. S. 0. 1. Su.anne id rowou
r'tiehist, .and:conuom ivrs by a were left homeless andl isolat- and eay cloud all Monday husband with the United Stales bining bh-ine9, with pleasure,
-_-ug. tre.elelhy the winds. morning kept sheoppers off the Operations Mission to Haiti, was As she ie with Tho.. Cook &''
Ati Miragoane a ..number of Haiti's Red Cross broadcasted streets i downtown Por-au- feted by her friend, at a fare- Sons, Travel Agency, New York..
'. -limnes ha .ld..Ioet their "corruga- an appeal Monday for boy- Prince and most residents kept well bridge, luncheon and .wim Cir', ,he i- making thie rounds:
to their homes.
-:ted tin roofs, ad the road to scoots and volunteers to report ming party last Thuradav at of hotce here with an eye t,'r
Pa zllaint the Reynolds Mining 40 their headquarters in Port- B eary afternoon, anxiety DAMB.AlA Hotel. The Walkers plainng up tourism in Haiti.
eased, as it was reported that
_.sne,-had been washed out and au-Prince in readiness to asist take up residence in Cap flai- 000
eec -any iotims left in-Ella's wake E. w m dtou ian on September 1st. Among Mr. and Mrs. B. Robertson
d -any eft ls clashing out to the sea opposite the guests wa blond and beau- of Maracaibo with Mermaid
T--.Althpogh.the extent of dam- while commercial radio stations the town of Aquin. with no fur- tf Sund l beaug of D aracuibo wilA Mermaid
'--a i's ha not yet been officially sent out continuous warnings to ther interest in Haiti. a aughl e of daughter Ann, and son David
Sreported, it was ascertained no alert Southwest, Haiti of her Vast i r. and Mrs. Paul Allen, also and Philip.
a--.- V 1 ast areas planted in food --____ ____
$ls of Me was registered when approach. produce at Camp-Perrin ere .
MWh. ;.. ..^ .,r produce at Canip-Perrn Acre-
Ioof -Ell". visit had been Pan American and Delta Air- flooded during the fury El-
ly- -, ., flooded during the fury of El.
7en.. .-- ,lines cancelled bghts serving la.. DISCOVER
Haer -predecessor the 1954 Haiti, leaving many island-hop. The Jamel wharf was corn- DISCOVER THE FASCINATION
"case!. whose itinerary'. across ping -North American tO-Uiats pletely demolished when wares
p'' '^ r88PD^ ? T ^l l ete19 demolishd when wares
laii in.hwest. Peimsnla in stranded here on Monday mor- leaped 20 feet and
954 wronghtliavoc and devas- ning, and Haiti's interior Air pulled it in. A
taiaton desAtoying millins of Serviced cancelled all light I
gm o canceled 'all ig to the regio n flooded carryinver
.ollarn woMf c g qrps, caused scheduled for the day. The Pa- n the region flooded carrying
''-- '- '*i-- ..... "' .'. "r;" away all that it met on its rush g h
s'-nore than 6folrihndred deaths nama liner S. S. -Cristobal a Through Its Postage Stamps
isaid heraiedst-rvaLtion andS di- which lifted anchor for Panama down to the sea.
-________________ _________________ Communication by road betI
"-^^ 'ween Port-au-Prince and the f .. .

., "* ... *

'Lo-in minouriL, fai belle veil]e pou moin
W M pa* pr'alle ni nan paradise ni nan -'enfE
i."-: Pnga p6 paler Iii n nan tLe moit.

,..-:... o 0 -o
-Lo'm moouri, enterrez'm nan la eou-a -
Rassemble -tontes zanmii. fai belle f6te -
Pinga passer l'dglise ae caa'ave moin

' ......... 0' 0 -
S." Lo'm mouni, 'e6 -pon routes mouneasbien gai
Ri, chanter, dansei, baille blague
'Pinga crier; riler nan z'oreillea moin.

-. 4........ 000 .........
:: Lo'm mouri, m' pas pi fine aller nette
Tout e otd qn' gangnin belle bamnboche.
4t -ot, ueg lib, faut yo noumnin nom'm
SF. Morisseau LEROY
S-Vocabulary.-- -

Comment on ye? How are you?
:."' par la So-so. -
.--. Pinga Be careful.
': Na "one Ill be seeing you.
SN'a oune a I am taking the risk.
Pita pi raide Later tougher.
Vine icite Come here. ,
S Pas btisezl No kidding.
Tripotage .Gossip.
Tripote- Gossip-carrier.
SChits Sit down. -
Minnage Boy friehid .or Girr friend. -
1 Bebe- Airartive girl. -
: Gader- To look.
Rimniin To love.
S M'rinmin ou I love you.

Caribbean Construction Co. SA.

S Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Geiard THEARD

Phone: 3955. P, 0O. BO.. 284


Southwest were made impossi-
bTe. Winds tore roofs from se-
veral houses in Jacmel. Bainet.
small town of the region equally
suffered the winds of the hur-
Five hundred families sought
refuge in the large Agricultural
Department building at Da-
miens after being forced to flee
from their homes threatened
when the Riviere Grise quit its
bed' and flooded the fields and
habitations of Santo to 2 feet
I 2. These families were depri-,
red of food and medical care.
Cattle and several homes on the
Santo road were damaged.
Aid was given them by a
Committee of Volunteers who
aided in evacuating them from
nearby Groix-des-Missions. The
distribution of covering, vita-
mins and milk was made,
From Jeremie came the call
for five rolls of copper wire to
repair the telegraph lines se-
riously damaged by the winds
and beavy rainfall, preventing
communication with the neigh-
boring towns of Grand-Anse
and Tiburon.. The service was
I a t e r completely interrupted
slopping communlcalion entire-
ly from that region.
In the summing up of losses,
the people made the sign of
the eros as they went' ahout
resuming their daily task on
Tuesday -Pas t0 gan mioune
mournri Bon Dieu lion..
Ooo /
Dr. Fodo Here
Dr and Mrs. Andrew Fodlo.,
.Chief of Polio Rcseararrhl of thelc
United Stalta Public licAlili
Service (Coimunicable Disease
Center, Montgomery, Ala. lhave
just arrived from a series of
conferences with Puerto Rican
health authorities on the possi-
bilities of immunizatinns nf |o-
pulations against polio witli in-
noculations of the live viutis vac-
cinde. .

V.E tunllipvetv Inlormarlon In Haiti
Stamps and other details which will be

furnished you free of charge, write to

P.O. Box 723 Port-au-Por





1& ftfoat 6(clte toct& oo
Nffesi ar Xwmcempaoa= e ViUas
eOaolookutg U~ie I~ayj ,tkie entice Ctj,
t6e Val 4 Canap4 Veot anaL1the
JV~ouztains. *-
043SA#E eAn itoks AWN 50e1 -ygI



Meringue and Mood Orchestra

Finest In Food


- I -..L


xxx Reggie Oe Matteis is reco- rsElza Armiand leieaves on'
:. = Mary-Helenef Fipher is tIea- verihg from a reocumrint Btb-' a coimBibed vacation and busi-
v. ing today to continue her stu- mach ailment at the Canape nes ti-ip to San Juan and.-
diFes. -The daughter of Austrian Veirt Hspjtal. Rt-ggle is 'r& New Ybrk this Tuesday. Hu1-
Consatl and Mrs Kurt Fisher ported out of serious danger 'baM dean-Claiide Will join her
wll attend Manhartenville Col now. His mother and father ifn the Statis and daughter 9Sa.
lege in White-Plains New York. flew back from San Juan on briba- fill stay behind with.-
Sxx receiving news of his attack. her .grasid-parients. -
The lovely Summer breeze -a-
S" l s leaving our fair city Mile ---- -Patricia Roy daughter of Mtr.'
&:..1' Karine Burgers left Tuesday and Mrs Fritz Roy is returning'.":'
''A to visit with the Tooley -twins Rene Odedde (regular rock to school in Paris. Today as
1' Mi ami.' before entering cleas- n' roller) fitted his-return to last Sunday the .Latinow or-
-' Willy Frinch and wile Pau- Mr Moore arrived here list ses at Georgetown's (D. C.) studies in France Tuesday with chestra will provide the hottest
let'te are home from Seventy Tuesday after visiting Cuba Visitation Convent. a bamboche at his family home meringue in-the mountains for
, .ias Paris. aod flamaTca.He said this was Her Sister Marek returns to in Petionville. a'fete at Cher Roy in Laboule.
54ay'-n Paris. an~d Jarnaca.H-e said this was
4ayhis first trip to Haiti. and he Ciudad Trujillo and her last 0 -0-
.'Lina Assad wife of Tourism had greatly. enjoyed it, and year at the Santo Domingo -0o- Mr and Mrs Frantz Brandt
'Ainister Dr Rindal Assad w,.u'd be putting this country college, return to Port .today from '
:flew'to New York last week- on his vacation list from now xxx Gladys Leveque gave a spending the Summer in Eu-.,
Swith her two daughter and S oiree artistique. at her home rope and United States. The ; -
e Alb Svera Gerard Alten is back from Sunday night. -The young 'Pia Brandts. sailed home from New.
r .ex M an Mrs Lionel HaSpve Swtzerland where he met Mlth nist recently returned from ,-ok, om..the,S..S. Cristoba.- .:
""He'nri Wiener flew the Rey have named their son sJoellet. fianciers and businessmen. playing at the .Brussells World 0 .. i.'- -
is.. Mnes Cessna 150 to XX Mr Allen was away from Port Fair. The young music-lovers Attorn e. -and Mrs George.
this past week to get a ooo for more than a month and moved on to .the Laboule home, .N. ,Leger -pre sailing intd Porti.-.
S'moto "r E nest Baibolt. Inpector at made many contacts of.Marie Helene. Fiher for" a .today on the 89 C/istobal.'Thea. -
Ste Department of National xxx little of Modern- Haitian music .noted-lawyer and his wife have -,
SJean Robert Neptune sonr Education, took time out from Elillyb' Ray Stead is back provided by ,this yvars top or- been on their annual vacation
o'"f r and Mrs Wilbert Nep- conducting t lie Baccalaureat from visiting his family in Pa- ch.estra the".Latinos. Mile Le. to New'York and -anada.,;.Mr'.
.returned to his school in e xa in last weekend to pas .ris (Texas). Billy is with Te- veque oeturs'..tb Euroie this Leg'r is known in canada for .
States Thursday. around the eights. His new son con. coming week. .hs fishing" prowess.
)-.r[ born at Clinique Dr. P o u x, xxx -0---
.rs Damel Roy arid son (herking in at 7 pounds, on Sa- Buirres5 and industrial":
rad left on a trip abroad turdav rounmds out the perfect Bonnie and Ti Joe Lung- HOT L tycoon Franck W. wi'laon. and-
u reday o ri dwo the Gonaire-baon were down to see Charlie -' MisVlison entertaintea at'tea, "
erdaor.. Smith off to school in the Ste- CASTELHAITI M tana
xxx reer educator, at their home on Montano
.,Dr Victor Laroche flew to 000ooo tea Charlie was a summer 1. ". 1-1,11. Thursday evening, in ho
"_vdlington Th'rsda. vacation friend at Plantation ni-of visiting Liberian offi-
nt .T. "'Mr. T. W.'McKinley, ICA's Dauphin. -'" t" Haiti.

r kMarried are Marie-Jeasse (Ft Tree-man and his wife are ma c -ooH -aiti
.i -and Pan ',neriean's back from Washington where Arthur Haas. President of Jick Ryan, Mianager of Raey-.
t engine r. Bill Sermon. th attended the wedding of the 'Flour Mill is returning to, noldS Haiti Min e .and Mrs-
tow Tuesday.-"... Friends here ...'
wedding took place in their only son. Mrs MdKinley ton Tuesday. Friends here 'e Rv ceivod friends from 6.
'ct intimity Monday at 6 b30 back home here says her daugh hopk this is a sign that Mrs i 'to8-at Hotel Riviera,.Friay.'"
..-f1 ter -in-law. is a real lovely girl. Haa is noow out .of- danger Thi -aympathique Mr. Rvan
'-'" xx. Junior and his new wife are and on the road to Tecovery. 3 recent.i promoted. to aupervi.se
ringette" Boucard daughter of making their home in San Fran Mrs. Haas was reported serious -evold Ba.axite Mining in
a.and Mrs Roger- (Westing- cisco ly ill after she presented Ar- Poolside B- iti& 'Guiana, Surinam and
.ise) Bouard" has returned- thur with a seven pound boy .. BAR-R-Q H.airi, will make hi official re..
iCanada to continue her edu two weeks ago. at -8". a. ad si dente hertz.
n. American Vice-,Consul Jay I- OUTSTANDING 'Fie will travel regularly to the -
c.-.r Amrc WaHte .iradley regulaney to th
xx Long. is aboard the Panama Walter Spradley attorney FLOOR home oioe Akana where
,. 'Pierr Weiner tiew to liner sailing to New York thi for Carilbean Mills is also ex- HW hom Ryoi il Aeaidensash her
e .YoK- 'lThursday, ehroute .weriend with his wife and paHted in town this wee-k. S OW a ya wi i ttie
'.r : ...... daughter who it, attendi-ng ool-
0ol -'. daughter Catherine. Mr Long,. ., i w ext Fridav lege..
Swho was here at the Embassy The Carl Fergusons of ICA Nt F..
.. =.. mwho was here at the Embassy ,
ifa" on her.first long Stateside for two years has been reasie- are .back from their month-
n ion m t(wo years Dorothy gned to Kobe, Japan. long 'State-side vadatijon "' -
sister of Mrs. Anton ma _.x .. ")
t flew to New York on Nadim Al Khal is heading -/ l f -
S '.Thursdiy: -, off on a tour of Colombia be- Mrn. Daiv Gold an& blonde N V
o. xxx off on a tour of Colombia New daughter Celet" are spengring! Pf
of on'wek at toh'e offs .Te/ I. .
msieur Darrasson of the York soon. tWo weeks at-he Wffb. They -
eat d'Haiti left -for New XXX- arrived last Saturday from 4il-!.
k N o." a ol n M G q
I'c Thursday after a two- The Shaws .of Turgesu fare oi. North Caollna. r. OGldi -_
-tvisit to Port. This is Mr. welled the Summer vacation j a journalist,, writer -.It WAb,'g, *
4asso's firet visit to Haiti with a party Wednesday night.' lorerer' aiind'poe"i. Cleirte i a, ..
years. Mnrian Shaw and Mary Ann schoolmarm in New 'ork'where ,
... xx Mongeau (.who is off to college, 'ier' bhroer John Gold, Jr. is f. a a n i ,,. .
saiti's Ambassador to the in Montreal) organized 'the' workingg in elkctronli.. -
atid Naion's Mr. Edmond aBal-. xxx
vain returned to New York, mX ..
ay after a brief visit. The Gerard ..Vitals are lea- The Right Reverend C. Al- ;
..ae. ving for New York today to red Volgeli. bishop of the E- "N lilS mauic drrUa
Ci'.a- -" l attend the wedding of Ingrid- -,izcopal Church of (iati, tre- I n Ret
S.'* I .. f Monday and aidm hitjes-a Fiesta
=ee ,omrMms l e ni uoeweeb ._
ba a is the new daughter, Vital daughter of Mr and Mrs -urns to .Port-au-Prince Moon,
$"and Mrs Gerard Leger, Maurice Vital- The wedding day. the 8th, after spending the
thoege.r ..t fome' Mimose 'ill be in their Long Island summer in Europe where he Monday
.eain d.,Sabrinma are doing home. tendedd the Lambeth Conie- '
S. "ence. This gathering of all-the Creole Buffet and Dancing
I M. X Mrs Louis Ferdinand Sch- shopsos of the Anglican Comn-
H. arrest Moore, News Editor midt and son. Junior and -nunior is held every years at And
dc''.:Cameraman of WFAA-- Dietrich are travelling to Mia- -imbeth Palace in London.
..-Pal.las,. Texas flies home mi today. Mrs Schmidt will I 'hop Voegeli was one of the Friday Poolside Barbecue Dinner
rrow after spending sLx visit New York while the boys '(10 bishops in attendance this
here at Hotel El Rancho: remain in Miami. ear anddancing.

-rAcU X

Reps. African Independent States
(Continued from Page 1i
United Arab Republic, at Rio and there will be no peace as
de Janeiro, came to Haiti to long a, war subsista, in Algeria3.
discuss the Algerian question Mr. Radaegzi declared.
with the Haitian Government. Mr. Abdel Ghani, Counselor
Advocating the unconditional of the Delegation of the United
liberation aad national indepen- Arab Republic at United Na-
deuce ;f Algeria, Mr. Chapman tions stated:
pointed out tlie. danger for the 'We believe that the Accra
Small countries of a state of Conference has a partioilar and
war, such as tharwhiich is taking precious signification for the
place in that African country, people of jlaiti, due to the hi'-
.-Our visit to Haiti his a par- tortic re nations between this
iicalar me-a n i n g for three country and Africa-. This con-
reasons, Ambasador Chapman ference demonstrated the unity
declared, .first, the Haitian of the points of view of the in-
people are of African origin; dependent African States and
secondly it is a nation which the African peoples.
fought for and won its inde- Ambassador Farra who said
piendenee; (31 it is a nation that the delegation had been
w hic h has friendly relations most cordially welcomed by the
with France-. Haitian Government and 'that
He further stated that Haiti they were made to feel they
is in an ideal position to play were in a country of brothers,
an important role in the search expressed his firm opinion that
for a solution to the Agerian the Haitian Governmient with
problem, its ideal of liberty and conform-
-The sympathy which the ing to Haitian tradition would
Haitian people have always, gi- do everything it could in the
ven io the cause of Liberty is interests oLtheir cause.
well known in United Nations .The appeal to peace is laun-
ciieles-. Ambassador Chapman ched to all, he concluded, 'in-
continued.: I have been at the eluding France. This peace is in
U. N. since 1946 and have seen the interests of all and of Fran-
that the attitude of Haiti -has ce'.
always been applauded by the In its September 2nd. issue,
African Nations-. the daily -Le Nounvellite', edi-
Mr. Radaegzi, the Ethiopian toriauized: 'What will be the
Minister declared that the de- attitude of our country in the
legation had' not come to Haiti face of the Algerian problem?
to negotiate a resolution 'or to Wbat position will our Delega-
demand a special decision. They tion to the coming General As-
came to ask the approval of a semibly of the United Nations
text and to ask for political and take when the problem is evok-
moral support. ed before this body" We shall
'Peace is one and indivisible soon k6nvW..

Miss Sterlin Home himself .for many years, and
From Studies visited Erop.
In England re. Marie-Rose is one of the six
Miss Marne-Rose Sterlhn re- ..-
M is Mari e ose Sirom children of Mr. and Mrs. Ster-
tuned this past month from Lin. Her brother Jean who has
studies in London and on the .,.
studio in London and on the been studying in Madrid for the
continent, where she spent 27 past five yar is eXpec
months. She is the daughter of i ydar.se:r e hom
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Sterlin of in October. Hepretns with his
Port-aud-PrinSe. degree in Chemistry. specialist
Port-au-Prince. in the confection of soaps ant
Miss Sterlin holds a diploma in the o feti of soaps and
in Business Administration and combustibles.
High Accounting from the Two ol her brother are phy-
Royal Society of Arte in Lon- ticiann; Dr. Carlo Sterlin is Re-
dad. sideni-Internal Medicine at the
For perfecting her English, General Hos p it a I here. Dr.
the young Haitian sfrtudent en- Pierre Sterlin returned last year
tered Victoria College. She also from four years of specialized
attended Norwood Technical studies in internal medicine in
College, and there was elected U. S. hospitals.
Secretary of the Student's Asso- Raymonde. a younger sister
ciation. She was also elected graduated Laureate of her pro-
Honorary Life Member at the motion at Haiti's Ecole Normale
same College. Superieure of the University.
She travelled from England with eburrs at thlie French Ins-
via New York with her lather titute this past July. Rend, Ju-
who took three months vacation nior, the youngest of the Sterlin
from his post. as Head Account., children is a studentt and will do
ant at Don Mohlir's large store his -Philosophie- this, coming
here, the first he has allowed term.



alArri SUN

Of Ministry Of Agriculture
Awarded Study Grant
By Usom Haiti
USOM Haiti announced this
week that M. Rodini Conte,
of Port-au-Prince Chief Admi-
nistrative Officier of the Minis
try of Agriculture, has been
awarded a ten-month grant for
a study of administrative affairs
with the Interntional Coopera-
con Administration in Washing
ton, D. C Mr Conte will spe-
cialize in budget and personnel
work relating to his position
with the Haitian Ministry of
Agriculture He will partipate
min the International Workship
in Administrative Management
conducted by the Training
Branch, Public Administration
Branch Division., Washington
from Sept. ia 1958 to June
* The first period of the pro-
gram will consist of four months
of intensive in-service course
-vork in Public Administdstion
Principales, Supply Manage-
ment, Personnel Administra-
tion. and Fiscal Administration.
three months will emphasize
practical observation and will
include actual experience in
Federal. State and Local acti-
vities. -
Mr. Conte, who is already
widely travelled and trained in
Agriculture, has studied pre-
viously in Puerto Rico, Italy,
and France; he is a member
of the Association Nationale
des Agronomes Haitiens.
Continued from page 1)
to his tragic and untimely
The American Trust Compa
ny wasg the late Harvey Sch-
wamm's own bank. He had just
began working a project for
the economic advancement of
Haiti. Senator Constant told
the .Sun. in an interview this
past week. His plans, had they
had rime to be applied, would
have uncontestably led to the
well-being of this country in ge
neral and particularly in com-
merce and industry.
sit. he was guest of honor at
Durnng Mr Chapman's vi-
a reception given by Senator
Constant, Tuesday evening. Mr
and Mrs Jean Deeb also elter-
tained in his honor at their
Petionville home. I
On Monday morning Mr
Chapman and Mr Friedman
aere received in a special au-
dience by President Duvalier.
at the' National Palace.
The distinguished visitors
who were lodged at Hotel Vil-
la Creole, made a tour of Port
au-Prince and saw the work
being undertaken for the eco-
nomic advancement of the

IL a



Introduces ROYAL JELLY -

THE ROYAL JELLY USER E ff e c t s can be felt moeti
quickly with the double poi.
Here are some of the Symp- tency S U P E R STRENGTit
ltooms of approaching old age FORMULA but satisfactory re.>
which make men and women suits are ABSOLUTELY GU&-
over 35 feel devitalized and RANTEED with either -For-
splayed outl before their time:- mula. :,
Physically, Mentally and E- SEE HOW JENASOL RJ 60.
emotionally. aFluman Dynamosi CAPSULES MAY HELP YOwT
slow down. Dizziness. Weak "
feeling. Vague aches and pains. Today, we are proud to -iW
Listless, don't care attitudes., able to place this wonderful
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tigues easily. Fails to get rest hands. JENASOL Capsuled
from sleep. Sexual weakness. contain 10 times the minnuh*f
Loss of mental efficiency and daily -requirement of VitaUipi
ability. Unable to make simple B-i and more than 1-1/2 time&
decisions, C a n' t concentrate. the requirements of Vitamin V,7
Nervousness. T e n s e feeling plus a full range of other in-
Moodiness. portent Vitamins. We feel 495
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gy to those in a weakened it. Simply use these capsule:
state, in single or double strenXgth
'oyal Jelly alleviates sufferT concentration. .
ing of men and women in their ...
critical .years in a sensational ""
Royal Jelly acts on weak-
ened, tired eyes, giving instant-
I) a sensation of new light.
Feelings of tiredness disap-
Royal Jelly gives a feeling
of increased sexual drive' and
energy, specially to men and
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Glandular studies may lead & .
to new hope for men and wo-

Royal Jelly produces a plea-
sing state of relaxed well-being ,
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It is no longer necessary to
sake expensive injections or pay CAPSULES
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the much wanted results by
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ves, releasing the super forces PRESCRIPTION
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work immediately, inside yore
own body, and help improve Ask your Druggist for J
you- own natural functions NASOL available in bottles
which may have become defi- 30, 60 and 120 Capsules, si
cient or double strength. ,'



I mi X i W W

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