Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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VOL V11'. Port-au-Piince; Wpublique' (I'llaid Telephone 2061 Sunday FEBRUARY 3rd.1957


e s

"A"ftes U r

D _Wn
1,41, 0-

6 radio broadcaits', this ,,PQpqt AX"REST NUA S
urd iiO-
1, pOss qe ,Sat ay--
week luirling reer.mina 10 S upon,. -719 -AdL
9ccusing, 1h PO
itna.'recr" nation; was b pin'g ;qf',S jbot4gind 016k revQ'Ption. by,,we 4y "',013 4, kh t
1,ine fee 'y up, suspqc m,,tbe,
cussed Jn, yound
urelin,-c n,,T e De idi
Rd&6sed A e er o..
tt t the lhniVtZi
a Lln
Tel. t h a c iu I;,: 1. sis thAt
In. a ,4:00 P.M., eeting "'d 11i-e ipve- of "qr p as
2 ?.T:(PTf to th Chhffiber1k al'
Acouncil, pa, dr.
of, S eciet
d" a6 K.' qu6 ions .., in
held A _the Na n ace, .9n,
W1itli" ex
dpy_ & "was"r6pogtod presiwnt, if k ad
night: 4a :,,bfew.o th6 d
Tierr4--Louis thtou ',,the in erine:fz Th eik andeUw h troubled
the ri es4qn- e' we
yatelsi: in,, t C Cabinet
da' 't
d, i ur
al-, j1resid#fLV'- Joseph. Ix
dWmt#resign on-
P ter
WVLe I IUS- Minis Wi
Presidenc 'Ua
'the g" ji., 111yestiga on.,
Rn piept, -,of,, go,
"earch- Bur"'
i tid"i :D-6fens-e-
gc, group Of 1,h& P.vra "dir, whon -,,'
p sts Friday."Mi
M'a, 4 ich' &k'.Oftc, Ahe ,Ad6lph"
Anne Paul, Louis qiassagn.ol fob"
1 0 inplo ee-Ednor.Day -Th'
Smiverainiw-,Niere ar 'tb t' arsday. bx
1DWqd wi his. resignA ion, Vn, er.
k4L" whi e. ecretary of
W: poliei t. 'b":'Ptesw
kith eer 0 State f6h Agri la&r
or a Sejq,4r,.. a" t
igt sf6 Niis;
lac it *,e4re also _1 I
'i W*1
F-V I -vt t.g ti-
r 6luti .-?Y th6,, Sjpecial, In
'A 9, Q4,
e 'in his re ignati6n, to the si:
First hon ture: of Bobo dn Gr j Th -71-laiti Idt, the XTM
eymopn pw egg uarez m Ha i takeil r Went
rl, Inj el H e d
qereL 'I,6upie- i itie ,b d-cotdxtLA gbte
Thu day sh"tly aft r their arri.vd at Hotel R v c&in ts
AT nan
US BOX FOUND o he, Lioh6f-H
y P_, Lkct WALL nora la
d d red out- Co ib
An excite crow gatho n..
Y side the-Pialace on Monday after- Ex Mjnj t r; of ''ffi 'Inbt or,
w -qql ri an
ei suspicipus-lookiiig
no o' see t a onal'Defenit. Ye'Alp "6ns Ra-
earmOld r, t.8
44 Itkn,',box that someone had placed cine W is, _ti
near the walLon the. east side. of M491dir6!s --Iomer ge t'
;h building. Firemen summoned a ry ,' ,
Miss, it ni XtieAne,'a d -_ '' L
a ne Mi-8,,Re:
t the pofcalled thb. Police. Offi- n6 A noux were also btgihK
cers Comte, dolon and Ri'vi 6re
yR1OOfi111O"9,,At, R*viera tli.,. were later Arelgmed ajj
n e; an ey
wed se t to the seen d q
Weari g two wed I 1 71., -,
in ding rings bee t rigerly gathere c ,up a' d' hed ning
ame 17 last w4eekAnher and h n rus
#ts, id's Onts w. en ho-agreed o fly i
beautiful 17-year-old blonde Fre- jestimated $ZO million dolli& for- the co he box out of the zone. The fe-
d ;k is honeymooning tune. whe- 'It t o_
eric a Sigrist I n- page 2)
n she Teaches 25. Hugh Shanflo'n and 'wife' Betz,, sti s o he % examination 6f the,
at I
Hotel Riviera witk husband The couple.eloped from Nassau mysterious, tin, box have not been
'Gregg Juarez -after -a hectic 3-day to Haiti last Monday and when (Continued 'on pa ge 2),1
search for a Caribbean Island legal Obstaclgs were encountered, IF Wo
,, ,v ich would permit them. to mar- here Paul Weesner, owner ot 4he
ry., Haiti would not. Riviera, flew them off to a series
I In'terview With Two Candidates
MXs Jua-rez,. daughter'of;the late of weddiifgs in his Cessna 310. Seek Senate.'S % atl:,% -,
Fiederik 8igrist,,co-founder of the Mr Weesner, Best man at the
H TO, The 'Presidency.
_awker-&ddley A iycraft Co., who San Juan wedding, fell. into Cu A
X, v
IV'byh n d klared, pqracanqicla,- -
National Bank -Strikers And j
or tlie'S6ate this p"'
Manaqe, ment Still Mvi&d' INo ot ca 'h
N', were eard frolp,
galleiy, and- nobad ga j.e:,-',;
one hundred seventy-five three banks of the Capital do not
Bronx-ch er. This
Ational .13ank em, 16yees were open for business on Sat was- not th
fa menta un
dn_: strike at week's end as a (Continued on pagel 30) 0 '0, ."ear
son in Ahe, 15 year-9
heir Msociation's. stand b
6n thexpurging- bf corrupt,,b e
Magloire Quits Today, th6-1V n o
M the subsequentdis- f are
c -Jmssiz1 'of their 12-member Comn, 119 the xerdise.,df thjejjjjtjjf1 ,,
Jamaica Feb. 9


Aglore Qits Jamaica Feb. 8th 17.Year-Qld British Heiress Honeymooning Cabinet Resigm.
(Cotined from page 1) 1 At Riviera After Sensational Elopement
(Continued frctn page 1) (Cwitinued 'tm page .)
gfl~ pQ~- ~19ir ~r~ e~~reiet ]Estim6 (the mn who widow of Argentine Sliippiug mnag 1 in ~eps nw er
pulc, ehd been~ accepted and Mikgloire ousted care here. u nate Alberto Dodero, to CNuda, I some de~tectives who9 tried to flI Police descended on certin e-
coufd hae eained quietly in ex- the Haitians, now on the verge of Trujillo after Flor de Oro T rujil- Ilow us in -a chartered. plane. At 'sidences in a. search lor arms and
il, 1uiwe the people of Jam- a Nation~al Election, fear the close 1io$, telephned ain invitation to say! every country where we stopped annuin~tion in a iroium4-iu of tar-
L 0ac ere of the. rpecsi proximity' of Strong Man~ Maglore~ 4 dos where she~ had wedL Rai there were. messages an~d announ- rorismp. Among tlhe'arrested per-
gan amovimnt i~flispreagitatr andi that e rosa at the all of fifteen. e~n~t or, us, but we didn't ac- sons were Sylvio iemux, Michel La
!,gentle hintiwill seek to inifluence the affi The loyey young, couple who; cept any of them. It was prss forest, Mozard, Salomnon, Eugene
Wihpsspors to Japaic sus- of that country They wan~t 1'n have alo i alleni lovepy with flaiti perhaps,, but everywhere we we~nt Pauil' Xavier Darisca, Seide St-Cyr
p~dd_4tdpsfiling to return further afield. and~ may, make it their hom~ie looks e' had the~ feeling that o~ur pur- anid Georges~ An.6
to~ ~ ~ t1etQ le e ir s. AAGLOIRY has iti ate d ti m~e out. froin su r ,Tl i s i t e c le e .w te sp rs his! u er re only all 'hour behid Othe r's arrsted were G Z-ragd

dusrisith mvemnttoge -id ot.I sm oinonthatilrg Juaez oiezr ofh House, Te cpe were, told the c''ould GabiIel, Roger Rigaud, Pierre As-
of Mgloie enwbaled.thbsinrst of that friendlyr 91f Juarez 'intero deig firm in~ be mur d in ;Port aui PrinceanIi sad, Benoit Aiouido, Danmas ,An-
dersan rtile pperin in a -T e mia and. Hait in1955 M aglieSrr atDc.6ha a dinr on today, But they discover- i iu 'Az~mar.
tDa ed n amic pulia- shoicul1d be-give hint by ou Gv at ie b ac ae in cte mnim~um age-~ for marriage,'
to~i~ reevei ne 4on Mr.: in faiti is 25, -and th~at all cou- TJRU BEAT DAMIEN~
a noe cou mu s wat eih day afterpf ~

Ver Jhns Sys d andoff wthin24 hors. cme wen sh said.'sh depeat-d Tu'jilo at th~e urging of T a-, 3O-4vn Personne stoppedi wok
Ma~'lore houd B Gvenelyneeed n xtr ma. H me: ill' daghter, Flora whbom theyl F~riday monn anie.otito

CP It shuld be Bobo thee, and~e aygvi did talkedwith thee tmes on te te- the vast hlso h bidn t
covee to him~ea, nfumint
A f h e r ll .,ni g t .d3 :0 S ue e

1inmediately~~~~~~~C no 'teJmicnpole-bsde hnus 0
Jamaca a& Jrnaian a
tl er 'isuptngboh.frend3Kan dpj he 1thbithlay Jn.18 1pro.,th_ eddng teywee 'ol tatcarex Arowhaa issedgo; b
-geaY.hoouedin95 ierdn O~aic-rlI ti n btwenJ,. maca d Ad i ddtht'onI rceitla ri s~dte acliitvey oplWatDaie. heh e
n Ttr wen e rceied nd'alt. Iam.sur th witin er U6 ccetedv, 011.The~tred o, avethee- useL t reurntw hei rispetiv

an offcia viit romthethe Pr 24hous o hi deartre Greg hg ben in N ssal snce% qremnt aivd, ut inaly ad ost. ad wite, wil

ever- a .ge.
sidnt o te Hitan Rpulic tin wllsetlebak fal edsinig te ntrir f. d esrtto cvi creonybe gou asembe- ibar
e~ieatMaloie ad is amiy aai. OkesI ot6 t~tis (Aoce.f~he eac inth oftheistiutinli6ra rts&ta

Jamaica0 matte beforeve fh asho r drp vn -

tan eait 11e tte eets $2twotle t1~9~~{n
togte in' fin rccpdwt.mtes--h.feunl- eure7 er&Nxt onng tey oathe piarfpgtture of d Agoom 'F-

oeertion 0ik ad couople, ooefowI oren r owinglesa~t

--one e sfcl tie thn BrO~Y love -.yj exav it is~ae ise~b
ica s apriai,' i- o. o, t smth I hir 'whn ;he as 1 y arsod n, aThe past' as t thebik f1 rpthe uhd; beeth lS66- 6e
nu one ebu~~ y.~n ,l~ d
izen~~~ ~~~~ dand -to. etdnei(lli th bfft weddins otheD Mii~r'Abii5 'i
At15se egnstdyn fasion: sitop tlro.obos
d: sclptue a the r eoke I~ ed ehtav d Of hufungn giu ua g
wih-i fafln. en OaNhc hy a wn -temt'.awScio,
Pro~~~~b or Which afte a~g hijl, vt
rgr~nc1i as inufe nt.6uR~a g i6, eTwo 'itrofssr I'
fp jam f~e UNIt 'SC OO Deo e in oais fro tnag than, hetnaacly nrpa
Hatiti hat ge'itle-16n she'i'turned only afew dys be- Wftu Ditican ea2'yea Olds Bobo ai hefsa/de boerners wh:b

.11. 1 iI o e he e I e

1; JoIi~ i i eU.S. Ambassador Roy Tasco Davis presents Tennis Cup

ByeI G eeraiemxc Stern I Poytge amod Yo can hav chamios in Hait.a thng aaepa tea hodn jthecp jth~eI 197Fobl 6a ste

tQo t geogra~phy in school. Th ehe a~ ma intruded itse.o wouldhave evental bee ply. tea taingny the ut ofiv,5h Theturaet nlue
litl vIvepikepuihs eeei m utrpn bedas tokaeeo.nd y ny fw dimerd* ho Hatis atonlteni cahe-seie oatre mtce
yeen years when I f n~l yselfi Imagine, my surprise to, find I wn e ercs or jutlt soe. onsip (mn E1fn ) begin Sa The visiigtaaerml
in a nw place, a little confusedha come all the way to Por au isshdldtariehr --
Q abut'jus Where I am. After r-Prince tinking I was ongt.b oda h ensCu ntw.dyb pca L lgt h
ssting~ a fewv days, I somretimes on the Car b a Sea andi s' uhadyo' laazdAhztImdaeyatr hcmeii ejrc rl rne n h
te a sideways glance at a map, oni -the Caribbean tal r' nhshpeesne n n ihteaa go h ae ls ihte-ir? ht
Afone~ happens to pop) Lip and th lf oi f GonvsmtigI
lok at~ me. I rarely seek oie out. e neer en herd ofI in
A map did that short12 afterI by this bit.~ of nietlitl
arivdinPrta-PinerA ud na we 1 octd a 'elad w. e, aiiiAaou.toeno- ornmnt ileotiie ih ritlto Clmba
hain itag own, Drvis Cu.1e en obe eig hlbneeete 17 eec
dy evntyyer an had just d isco ere tha ti nteCr
been sngingthe -paises oc ibnean Se.WtIit'iefforgnlcpiige owht sMih-tCece elve O-br fth ata ainlta

i-de attheHotl W lfsn o laend in etwe t he n l r r negigetnieta

fac er e Jnmisphere al biz~e. hoyaent ioa

H ti. ndte o ecutee a Cotnd on ag 10)..e to Jtchl. e
mostt~ toitl promot Coasts town, wh ..oi h orsa ff ihte t-uC .O.
hasuis shownr oushedn sprtma. pi'4oentl iopiiOmeii Tefltwn atinfoha- .
ersd 'upotr toke het shoul onr Women pbrseit:,s i
ssvhite thre timesrit to the ast 2year

'th most sough afit aifeen leagues of tthe d aentbi
e~~end ond Mc Chrc' yuth''
Ito di ehee antin cup Tue ditagnse IeMinist ati n cn-w o
Chur an statti. an hist6 wache recently Tege se
-anhei team.l rturned thavis British Jacques bit'o Pheipp
ter al uel desrve rnriest ty tbe qieen so.Englan aveBo
elatga som. Innhs. ai Cil~~ on Sa- Champagne Yeaabotitte e~~i ris
26th. Theyy were last-lin Suno at thel and.s Singer
portpe'r bye ao grt rSrvc n h 9n <
e~~~ ~cmn yeathoris Church.all Frncherieugdasoahte
aasdr eveing raco welcome 6:30pe T, evcewe ~pe
in h~i~ hnoraVed on~cp~or lies Ie~ay M.a to ofe Putin up wht he~ re-
of~~~ere the asrc on6 he~j Daavisoe orlaea te a<
Vlio byp memer do Daiis-s; tr' t il a

a~l g. trate di4i oro a
epoula 16rmehrh asl(o

doede ab rotaaurea GEp durng hiS
tehe of.~s STARTLIN D cPi
ta ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 3 veymchi nitnsead
is proul*S heldSE ASy \te"'eu

t Ljl reL'I rtfiV
:Gvn CenSeet

'I niteiview with the ,Stin, 'Si nou v16 p~du tan nou, 1~lfon6 >grou~ zanmni.
sie yoo n Preident ofu Sinou v16 pa jouinn gnou diob, t~1~phon6 pairon-aii-nj To ra-
S1 Oonpr9pn vi' Ii alS~, t6l~foD6 infimiL.
prssd issaisacio a bin F~rENTRAVEL AGENTS fom th -Sra M~~I~arquis T'1ravel,1 re Si nOu~ V16 sui
~Qffl~t1O~ i~i erar~m ?ot ~ 6 ayi~it ~2~ra~ titThe Si nou V16 yo kas6-n nap travay nonl, t616fon6 di n'ap jjieta.
~fltE~ldt ~will ~eetd at ~ ~ii~ hY e n e Si, 11Lo v16 paran pa aSIAt-n nan gnoi busoy t
hos nthenigfJaay 7.~ $neu ra-mn ba yo nan rvns
'sge by Police Chief9 ~ k~ ~nu p~du okasion pou l6tranj64 t&16fon6 Pain Am'erican.
~ ~ a C ie~ a a I~ Thedf bi i rin a spe ia pr a i Si nu V16 p ~sonn. pa konniin 16 n u t u i a y ~
PireM 4Arln, undard>ate ffArc"tr n th SCS is prp koi noiu4riv6 nan ayiasion
19,atsig thaocelebrte th~is aniesr.SAiO no ti no~u dekonpoz& et .si nou v16 ortl~o, o~
E putnS6pa zanlmi yo ki mo6 S6 pa pattron yro 1ki 1~4
rested~~~~~ bec us h wa in ov d nO 'pa finli} y kQ inov6; s6~ pa ponpi6 Vo ki nhalo nnet; s6 pa pa -
Vsie aManeque bu ba bee ra Voki alonnt; S6 pa Pan Ameican~ ki malonn~t, ni se
rince Speiais Da. wiU visi the S4iicnepi before
-' -qustine4by he olie OlY o -u-P Hedq'ates i Caal one paf~tdok6-a. 6tlf- yo ki f& gr& p~ptuel.
S 'Min1 6-a pa Ain chans, mlan ki vini pou s~vi int~m&
ed dringthepolie ivestgatin.. an rvIa, ay ons~y pou ant6,4tout fil t~l4f6q1 d~pi
Theleter ertfie futhr tat ousa- tot a iru Tho;L-an.Prince touinin tomb~.
'Wilon'srecod i thePolie D- vied t pariciate t, ti~aTdl'fo-nnoui ant~r6; min bony Dieu bon, gnou j~ ya va

jzertficat was eing eliveed to

:, \ .SEP E, ATM N, r. ad H RAC : W.DAVS ws reeivd b Mi

s~~~h war hnf th iiJfIneir adNtoa

4 oto~~o~ rerseteie Footsvernrh pontd epetijI
efv 4HACai &Your...i:~l
aaua tpoin hbd 'ats de Adiitrtf at~ the LaSholflownahndsgnno Msr.
itianed.~~~~~Mi~ foFqesinngb h P-dubr t
-s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ later MESSRS LEY.FI DMROYUIE AERO.PnA'. ,O P N

SW S WA C "Ru u!ari6Fbur

a speci aait ,,nwLbay:o'ea am'.d t nx o r
etih crmn:idb,'eidb h Mnse fF'eg ea
fl, ndtpAa A r ihc6" Ar e

Sunoy FEBRUARY 3rd 1957',

try. ln my opinion, the charm of would greatly h Ie p in Ing,
HAITI SUN exactly t
Haiti is the atmosphere
of intimi- to the peopip what ake., s
that is found in the hotels. place iir the -political meetingsor
Coihmunity Weekly Published Sunday Morning -candidates ou-
Tourists are hored with their 'Own, on the.touts of thro
EDITOR-PUBLISHER BERNARD DIEDERICH way of lif e and that is vhy they ghout the country.
GERANT-RESPONSABLE PAUL E. NAJAC travel abroad. They want to see
meting' n something
What Part Did U.N. E cpert Moore Play. so lew origin- I think that the businessmen.
a I something that Will make ihem wh' are interested in such ZF ro-
Salvad6r's President 0 'ealise th t th p
Although the Dpt.,of Finance has not said a Word yet con- forget even for a few, days the ject Will r ough the
cerning the, present financial situation from the standpoint Sets Example place orthe'things they are' se- Haitian market is limited it is the
-of the budget possibilities of ba lancing it, continuing the-rou customed to see, to feel or- to right time to introduce Telev ision.
tine of State financial affairs, public opinion is, raised in spe- Dear Editor, smell. in Haiti, for there is no d odbt
were an A*rican I would that just -because of the elections.
culation over questions of deficit, repressions, salary cuts,
etc... rather go to Mam'i or California there is a prospect of relative
Here I come again with this ly.
As a matter of fact what is happening to us? The Dep, question of Information. This time ra-ther than spend a lot of money good sale for T.V. sets. Moreover
to go and confine myself in asu- there could not 'have been,
ment has issued an (-an enumeration anci recapitum I 'won't be t6o- long, For the edi-
lation. of all sorts of credits for the account of the StMe. All per luxury hotel abroad while in ter mean of publicity for. this
ficition of your readers I -am
A ".
my country 1',could find [he same grande invention. wh h 10
this amounted to approximately 323,000,000 ourdes. It'is quoting tod ic r
9 ay a news dispatch
and. even better.- most Haitians is isomething entirie-, t
clear that this amount represents a net increase of the public 4rom the 'tiny central /american
debt. Butthe nature of the expenses resulting from this is nof, I don't want to discourage Mr, rew, than thp electoral battle
many aspe for after- all the o- which is one of the. rare events
discussed in the <>. ress6mble to the. re-J
For the present we will not stop to discussit. W will a6- public of Haiti. 'Here is' the dis- possibiliti6s here are rez.!t. iu Haiti. that have a nationwide.
lyze the di However, I think the-. more we hAerest.
verse points of the public debt at some other time. patch: -President Jose Maria Le-
avoid to be ttoo convention
What is of importance to know is the role played at th De nal,, the ,N
mus enjoys a -,broad popularity. T,
partment of Finance by the United Nations Economic Finan- more-we will attract tourists.: A Station to refransmit
among the Salvadoriain and
cial expert, Mr. Ernest G. Moore. f areign journalist for his polic (S): Magyac. ams from Miami to S611th Amen- li
Moore, Specialist of the U. N. Program of Technical Assis- ca; I suppose, would cost
of permiting the press to have
Haitian Music-, than ,an ave ge local _J
tance, has given the benefit of his <>, invononlic fme and pTompt acceEjs Lstation.
I Mr. Edito'r,- by this latter?
and financial matters to the Republic of Haiti, riental source4l of. y not start
vernii Informa- .11
W( know that the different reports and recommandations tion Since fie 6in f (our.recent 'article on.. CalYps (S): Anxious viewer,
e o. power
submitted by Mr. Moore were aimed at creating conditions Tradition -,was timely and., educat-
President Lemds' ha's'.establishbd
ofbarinonious developinent.for the Hatian economy nd.the a p 1 e. "w4en are. you going to give Dear: Mr Diederich,_
ractice of, holding a monthly
us in idea about the Meringue Tra'
ury. press conference during Whichhe
-rec On- a sw dition?,. In the same' last Sunday It was a. goW iddea to 'blis
Mor'dover, these'reports, and bmrn andations did. not c n ers to a large V -of pu h
.cern the current period but its hypothesis extended.,over the issthe.I-read. that a n w dpee cal- a story on.' each candidate to th -
next teii s. In this way, he was able to-exercise a prepon- Ibo Wa % launched atz ere eir.pic-
(S y: Al'cibiade'. o the P resiOiicy I have, s
n -iancial poli -more tures t 6' lee, c no
Aeraiific iti's eico omic and fh Bell'evue.-I Can t you gfve us p.a5ted.on h' 6
s a direct on e, 356- read al so arid. read t eir, programs
6*e'iiot infeiri-fig thai'.his responsibility I information, about -itf, I h many.
in 41 ign ma azine that. ., t e leaflets
ut a 'te cal ar4 6coriornip for6 Counselor he could not have 'th t 'Are ci'rcula ''in
f 46d-,hiloiesi DearEditor, .Carabinez',4hich' is.'a:. ver .,pqpul; tmyn but M 9
I I f
e..6thek side. of the,'
w 0 -the reeomii-fandati- I se men. -an .;you;, or so,..
;We Would like to kno ar akice, o n 'th, Th k'
t what extent was surprised 'and
ons of Mr Mbo ehave or have not contributed towards the. I arii bc der is' a!sd of' Haitian qri g1h. 046 c -.a. J,, grniing- yqui-,: rda--.
edifi Istha -ue.
resent financi.Al'cri8is. Will be 3,50 robyri hotel., I -hope, diat, this
(Le Nouvelliste,>> Friday, Jan.' 2,5,,1957) ;,Musicand Dame-.8tuden6y-gi
time such a gr at -t Will e (S 1
-SHES come..into rea ty. But What about aI Ian
i OA-VAU-PRINCE -. (ASSOCIATED NkGRO R'ESS);- the super 'luxury 2G0'ro:o;-m!',::Hotel:Mr Edi or,
A 4 1 1 1 .1 1 .
-alm 'agairf., The ''average visitor would have'trouble Mr. Cia LP
:*oq *as 9 oin What. 'about' tb6. project of, FIOR RENT'
-ago a po o, -buil '7
46aiizing tha't jusCAfew.x Tke 6 t! I
ve4s litf,61 revolxiWil cost' t building ;a vision, Sta on in.
.,ia pI7" en seat, nd W Oeld out the top bracket., people' In -1 Would suggest tfi
'Wg at the Beau -furnished 11.,
Port fince W c ,was made tifully
note, goveIrnmental nard -Chain build, three: or 'four public -'In newspaper private 'h oh ie" all' M6,dern c9pye;...
-fl6-od-of-tiotiiist.,--%-hicir-has Veen growing y leaps and s all h6t6is 'ather an A specta2, few'-w4eks'.ago?.
jiZ ds' every year ndw -that -,North America has rte ally. bti mp l
'N n'9" tha t -W-0- at the el Ca
-bular Aliply Rue -3
as r' though'th "b
4ered Haiti 'e ig cruise ... ... kevisl
h esumed its.,h .*."Even lutionh e,, Wi 1 4 '40, indus full; Un
Wive not beguil their.season e"t '14ne 6-,ar" X x
al cru-Ises y I P,
,_Ardpping S of
hiindred tourists ally.,
ov on rnment under the ea erstp of v,,Pi
The"Pr isi al Gove
otlis as,, egun ne onu
"- '!Sident, Ps6pb Nem6urs Pierr&t- h fu
Mk are going about the stmt -in, perfectly nowal 4ash"
"'d itical campaigning has stepped'up its tempo as.t.he'' U
Mir or five candida or the presidency resum ed, Wbohig,
r e. vq ers pen ng the elections,, icheduled for next April.
Bishop William J. Walls of the African Methodist Episco0al, X
Z16fi church and bis bride spent part of their honeymoon here.
In s first visit'4hd, like every.
-au4hince. It was the bishop
r or[ h6 w s rted'-1w 4ew'
e who visi s lovely isle, a transRO

This visit to Haiti has been a revelation to mez the bishop.
said_ <(I got the' th H of my life as I obgerved-peopI6 of colo
witbout effort or strain running the affairs of government'
fie 'and m J intaining a sovereign nation I recombielid It high! 11
to all Americans, in fact all peoples. >>,

'y con no qoj
benefits" _01f electricity

You'd don't have to be near huge power plants to enjoy the
benefits and comforts of electricity. Now any, community, no
matter how remote, can secure permanent power with one or
mor6 Caterpillar Diesel Electric Sets.
at Single units are oyaila e to produce from 19 to 315 K
For larger communities two or mc, be synchronized t1o

PAGE 6: HAITI SUN Sunday FEBRUARY 9rd 1091

ent by distributing, State4iwned tot;ndingly long and buoyan't
land to the peasants, and would plank,, and 'includes -thrift obliga-
give a year's delay to citV resid-
M e. .A lfred'. Viau tory savings which shall be 10%
ents who refuse -lo exploit their amount of earned wages-
land. This land would be seized of the
CANDIDATE TO PRESIDENCY -1buted to This 10% will be deducted by pri-
by the State and disti
6,,.WOULD FOREVER ABOLISH EXILE FOR CITIZENS the peas'ants, The Goverp.- c it vate enterprise employers andby
,.,-.,Alfred Viau"proved t6 be a ma would advance fund's to the fa"M- 1 the 'various Government branches
". 11 ',an Appointment to 4 post ou upi- I y foreigner residing in Hait
:-easy st ers gainst th ir harvests.
to approa6h. I found him at I ed b a friend and to which he was fo at ea five years' shall,, if he a. for which individual savings ac
-th&, holl e of relatives' in PRion- d 'Foreign construction companies,
nominate without his previous so desires, become Haitian with- cotints will -be opened. Obligato y
1 iIoy. Ville where, he has been living conseht.' out having to pay any tax, and he would be encouraged to establish
.:. : -.1 1 1 insurance will be maintained for
-smee.returning from exile oii-ja- Born in Port-au-Prlncv, April 1, shall be eligible to vote and oc- themselves in Haiti in oi dez -,o
nuaxy 6th. -ant cupy all public administration permit each Haitian family in 0 j n employees.
1899, he is the soil of commerce
"Th e white-haired, bespectacled Lon Viau and his, %Wle, n6 Bru- posts. its home or furnished' apartment.
."v man interrupted his talk with A foreigners becoming His reforms in the moral and so-
nette Cadet.
He had begun brilliantly as an Finance and National Ec.ond)a.! afer five years of residen;Je,
friends rose 1 to receive me. quite cial structure, of the masses encoa
educator, teac public y the right to winter,,% I prop-
inf6rnially and invited me to join fiing ill and The country must produce, d enjo
rage, marriage, religion,. W sup-
,;,the,, group. There was something' high schools, He was promoted, to keep producing, he believe ; in erty ownership.
pressing fees in rural sections and
6f the man of the classroom in the, poition of Inspector of Scho- order to exist' and pay. its d He advocates combatting ti e
"thb, correctness of his' gesture. He' ols in portoau it;,, complete effacement of the vau-
-prince,'i later, given', (70 millions foreign obligation). vaudou ,4nd, African sLiperst
turned on me' the regard of the a chaire at Ecole' d Drott. Mr Visit is against contiiiued;bo,-.-,, which are, chlins enslaving 1he dou prevalent among the peasants.
professor, indulgent but primed Abandoning'public service, t6jn rowing mdneyj accepting loans. masses -and retarding their spin. Protection of children and aid- to
for thie questions which. must be, pprarily, after his huff with We He Wout& accept aid from Other tual.,and, material, evolution. the families by having the Go -
treat I ed when stlidi! The Government would create
nts are avi& Governrifents in thie limits of,''n-
officials over' the promotion,. A] vernment take exclusive charge d1i
for InRirm"Ation. fred Viau kept his friend bu ternailonai agreements c h. Municipal Police, engag g I
I ),,, jo!. the expenses and education of the
tTalking through a large- ha dle- w -hard tinies Ail sistance." -Coric'erning,' the vice's of aii.American missb
sa this purpose-, 5th child of country families, The
bAf mustache, :hair cofnpletely his school in.- his )small residence' Peligre Dam, he, thinks it. sh nld
standard of living.,among the peo
white too white- for his'37 e taught be coffipleted,'under the 'trtotc .0blig-atory Military 'Service
at 6enue ChrisiGpilib. H 5, or .
Government by arrangement
vyean, he'laughed off the Eac.t that his classes from primary sch 6 trol o fhe' wourd: be required, male citizcyl 3 ple to be raised
Q I to
r 94 o 1.4,to .0 years, -to form, for long
fib- had bebwehalleng ed to A due] colleo, pq sonail ',.J-Jis own-chlldZ Cindidat Viau desiies.' for il f 2 -an ar -time loans -and by' fur-,
Q ren never we T d lm charged exclusively With the -- iiig Jurniture and b usehold
very 'next day sifter his radi nti'.dtif of their fl6m c: ca italists to invpst theiT fun : in, nish 0
cast Ad the naition announce to s6hool'uhti 'eyw-er- r ead Miu for 6xploit 4tion ot. agricult.'. f defending the
J th yJo _g count.ty. bffects to Young couples_ to. avojJ
6andidature to the Pxesi- er the ni Eduxaiion
i _,ent U veirsit.y. ndust#', commerce seharls b6,mar-
-In 1942 'he" e6tteJ b ic hospitals e iiniversities,' arid..iec 'All education,. MrViaq i si'sts. delay of waiting years o,
ai 'an does. n0t come, from rFrench, a.1 ried-. lie also_ C!B.; -thit unborn
sprvitceto, occupy We, post of As ca institutes., He'--lWould, givi, f4- shiill be in- angpa e '(,f %;
ars.. exi e fjght'" js sistant Mfiict, Attd ne .! coWb te protection cultilte,] im all forms and c l children should. havp, protection
-,V., ; .ei t q af.- the ign', cap Ai
e, Civil Col -Prniml'. Ap-- Y degrees, of education., HO r, And that a system shou .'be esta-
Jta'ted,' IMOy. alle is too the tea an
th. same Court blished -requiring those intending
glad 0! ching oi English and'Sp'
poin iu iel
k ton Jsh shall be obligatoryfrom pbb- to
9me, by J sfl= V;i i ur&!. OrganUah
Ast. T.he; cup' pj6Udbn
.6)dl & married to obtain medical
.41 mitchjftust- ic
V f d
wap .1 ,sch6d;ti hi
A. is r -a r iau, eels gher, 6 ucation.
certificates of health ralso to' ab-
it d6 lopnie'it,, bi A bbctoratb in L riguages liall.
0M the', 'in'e, he went i exi -1 e oike Or.
P,.ry It olish:, exile -of cjtiz ns by democra-
-,the 5. Dep- tic
Liq y,' A uld JOY becreat d In each of Government.
Tr sl Uptry. 1 PaW
My.' couliltry B In eed- Mr Viau 'w. oh of choo ilts -.4 the,,
Ate L
P' 1 9 60 fts'-w .,must fight-An P1 als c urpheis', tell, versity shall hi- cre-
nc 'ipje -hd American Un
to, Tap :the-,' t, ariial I- .. I ., ;
4UA eeth I n, -a ted f6ir% I& teaching f
tj e Ollege
114 ,, ui :,. im. .1 1 I I I I I il k W ISS WATCH
lim he i : e Ins I uLl_ abd,:,goograp
-c Re, 6 'vat vc tes' th t"t' hy-, of theAmericas,
continue; sp St w GohzAdi.16 9m d, L ch
quietly h i y ,Vili -!the etidn'- :ob a _'the aanguages uEe( on
tr tain6d,0,,hls, g ee ;On 6 -Jtural 'Police, distine
depih:, of, his. entirpe t
Ints.., W M aw Xrom..;_ t; Ai-Ter, pAratpd1'.fr6m1 -the, Army. of, 131ahi.- .Cqx tin n
A '4
ot A) d al Tiie' Latin 'professor has an as-
to h' t' n-i uradao' fouifil. Oul -,ai he ,, rur: '! Movelll.
a s or pjour in. .C
rom tii6' A
gravi yo wori-m--, iiii 4h 6 1 6
An d ifie jija ijje, ta him!4 t ',
g 'perini or'!
Us-at the'cr6ssroaids e nqtl-e -thd. Uhirislty
ge,,, ia, n li ddy .. Ax
19,_deotiny. morning, :was
1; ave San
we, ._y w, en J could. b Proids or:, of LatirCaid
I -Haiti
Y. back .., to, e YL11 reek.' This
have'been 16' f w w4i& T4 "fi 61 d
PV or,, t.n Win: th6,,Ne
e F r'
we are all back. 6*' aitian,' I ye
'hi's chAir fori hr
am I nOMe a Idvam atn se
P-1 1, %_ myl
P i
At the servi -,e A' J h s
% ; ., t r
..0 My
Omeh and 1" ebunt re to obtain,
-died ,by Paul loglbl
ucato 6 :an keIpp t ower li ,'s e3.
'-,built- 6 did it And W6."th U,
q ose 1 :. a. at'wheii rnany-:-,q es
ec al Qs_
"ornes n lost fi h oughe erce wlien ,ne. Q' n" I -.w y e, 9
speaU" ery an
the mis d p-pov'ert'y pitalfty in' t he -ne1ghb6ring;:' p
.-peopl.e,,,says is'-un I& w4ak
.0 in tile 4& ?)w
ningi for
says .AhAt,.,he, e6t n 61
Su ge. an P
and th"'Presidency is joTinn -yis, 666 elf A dhatealidn-lFrance
C(un &ni the sbarAe';;6fik 'to
qii d h6 i _, soiiles
1.,gol ell exile' .1-
ance-anidwom h' 6a
and suggcst t at' theytry.,
is' rethrn from exile in' Jing With a wife,.iah' ,,Jiine
the, -Domfifican:Re'bublic, he. avs. ren, all minors, Wd. se
has been swe6tOne,4, b from Haiti: the lot
the visits ofnume frien& who, fli At
rous moderm passage rates..,
&-iL spend-, hours with hftr dail-v brin-. Maitr Vis u is confident 'th6t:
ing. him the comfort and, consala-1 basic reorganization and 'the ins-
7- tion Of their attachment and con- tatiog of rigourous honesty,;,and,
ft i 4n. him -and in h13 patriot- integrity in Governmen Haiti ... .......
Ite declares that he r'kf.ver can be' devloped, its soverigntv as
once allo wedthb problems of' his 'a free state reserv6d and its
own c6tintry to' sli from his ffi- pres ige main Pr pe"t,
ri y,, MtAMI
remost thoughts, and although he declares must-come through
--.7._;cenSor hip. prevented direct com- lifting the.'si ndard
'61 of .-Living'
municatiop. with Haiti, he kept in masses -of Haiti through :inteMe
H AVA N A .. .. .. .. .
1b h with the situation through concentration n education. health
'friend travellifig abroad who sent and production through increased
h im- neWs of Haiti from Canada, agricultural: -and industrial devel-
the US. and'Eurbpe, He watched opment.
Jor the opportunity that would Farei n:$.Policy
a OW
11 him to'-re'turn- He had to Candidate Viau sees the need SANTIAGO
'Avait..eight years and four months. for loYal collaboration betw(len
:!,v1au, had fled froin the cou'n- Haiti and other countries, of the
try. with his wife, and nine of their Caribbean and RT-%U-fRINCE
n. following the tragic c-Ar- but particufarly with t1w United
cumstancei'of the death of his 'States by creating stronger cultu-

Raiticin' G.i.0ne

PAGE,4~ 8i~ji1 Suda FERUR 3r 1957go si ~

The Dominican Repuic has- isist vestigating Muirphy's disappear-
ed kbad bloodp exse between ance, inching a charge that he
ssn yiWz GG~ L~e wa7s killed because lie knew t~oo ~>
Mupyof Eugee Ore. ant h~e much about the disappearance
Doinicanpilot, acsd o mu- of Dr. Jesus derng im nd hentakng i'sGaflndez, a Columbia Univeri-
ow ife ty professor and foe of the Dom~
13 T L A t e .D r nic l ei dni n e Tru i gov rn en a -.
B rstl ne s e th t tem U.S aile n N w Yok I s a
11 4 'A

an iranOctvi Atoio i l Avaton C. Bras sad chfef p- LESW? BLES 6S-AMQ4 VS

de a Maa omnite sicdeTheatore enra said the PLC GEMARLD Pt
shortly~~~~~~~~ thratr USchredafisinCudad,

one nd nly I ras aidde~l Maa cofesed Tujilo oas reset w. he hes

in~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~ a ucd etr hth udr' esn'wr itroae n

ed Mrph andthrw th boy (hen he % reterted ad let


-t L

beena Peea+,

r ere

Ns oIgoi
acts I S 0

Me Frank ~ Sy, t ai



By Baron Qoi Hobac pl n tagtowr ag -a~isPeiet aepae
ucg to the effect1; thtMgotsterl' fbod assi n

Q c*
temi0fieWudcm oa slihpudrrisedo e
Franc Syvini asl acs
en nM 1t,15 n o n udn hped

siblein hs ofice n Grnd'u

onMy.5hd97a h rs-akdaothscin

opposte th Garae Mayas

Opl ol aei.Asacne eM.Slvi adteh e

' e C ea olre rwn

qunetewoecutyrs rsnsta hr'fre b-3bWj

trobl wthuser. n ac oe he
up-gis aliew e er-tei oiD ji n rn,

getsthe imprssin tht Fanc
fue ogv pofc t h as'uair0htist'syle eerto

' Syvan isegrt sey uta
li e wl aetevts ftoewoSoc


t be as. ben witingon 'yu f1
Vouto wa 'rtal'sbV)elfel ta dus.eoV s o
quite ~ ~ V~ a~V~ V lo gtm ja o e atr bl o s e a og m c o aCpiait rso t.....
confidentiV mesag to dcV1 *<, an io toe
scoo ciicrn anVsrnm n'hu
Franck ~ Syvan son ~ of ,6
A of,( th rsddaAw6 a'iabsDviirs t_
Sylvain,<,V~V~ wa onVtG ad'G tVao tep
timfg/ eV4V V>VP >fo6W oiii,

'o pu nVV'o tesri a

ve,~4> aQ wetr tw itae
th 'lttrs ero rg some~VV fit kilometer frlnP

rAGE 10, HAITI SUN Sunday FEBRUARY 3rd: 1.457

not simplified by my painting gates and terraced gardens down
Fresh Look At Jacmel equipment. They were going be- to the sea.
JO LIE JA CM E L achward. Wonderful, at least we' 'A nicely dr an ij3side
11 get a swin. I was succeeding in the, gate answered us, as to who
staying a respectfull di4tance from in the world's beautiful house was
the machete carried by the man this? -Madame Vital's- she said.
(CantinUed from ixge 1) -you come in?" We went
1 next to me. We were rolling ni,-;e- tWon't
on : 4 looked all the way pp asked him, How many fooms ed tip speed getting out of town ly along. We should have taken in- the gate. A stately woman wat--
map of Haiti and found, have you9. Five*, he answer6d. on a stretch of roek road. the camion in the first place. eringg the garden told her to take
!,i-.Cap,;Haitien, where everyone goes We exchanged sophisticated glan- We becran to get pleasant and
-BANG!,, No, not voodoo this us in the front. Betty whispered
y plane or car and then catches ces and felt even charming again as we surveyed time too. Another blo
pout. Im- to me that she had read a book',
Slow oanut "ble. We were
and bumpy horse to see about staying with our original the banana groves and coe possi beginning to Vital was'the coffee king of Haiti.
,' 4, the Citadel. ThaVs, on the Atlan- plan. A five room hotel! That'G a trees and peasants along the foad.
reitlize that the rocky roads of This was really southern hospita-,
,"fic. So it wasn't the Caribbean at good one, We certainly would Jacmel is beaittifull How straight Jacmel Were very hard on tires, lity.
into,. which Christophe tossed have heard about anything new those women and girls walk!. I'm to spy nothing of tourists We were shown into a magnili-
#is ',slaves When he got impatient in Port-au-Prince., going to start practising with a Everyone piled out. A sp,,ire cent entrance hall with a stun-
_V', With their taking eleven years to Through dusty itreets xe wete, load on my head.. Maybe it will go, w
tel. The 'one I better than the scotch on the as put on, with dispatch. Every- ning polished mahogany stair -
,,haul -rocks ups there and put taken to a dusty ho one piled in. We didn't fit ai coin- case (rto dust here), in front Of
4 together. toile't didWt work. The outside roOksI tried-to ba-19ce at a cock- padtly.'A took a little i3ersuasion which sat a life 5ize statue ofa
n- 64 party this Xmas.
I had made some discoveries. shower was not inviting. The a for my friend with the maelicte dark"Faced little, boy, wearing two
When..I casually threw, out the, cient Peds-w6re not made up. We gBANG! What, was, that? it ove up a bit. We w, re off to caps on his, head, one going to
infor ation, I made another one. were unhappy, spoiled city folk, wasn't a Voodoo drum.'It. was. our Plage R ymond,
each side, a..req jacket and knick
was the only one who didn't, And the place had four rooms!. rear left tire. The driver oDened ers. The, poor child's leg was in
"T know all that. Thepeople I was 'We did not unpack.. We'wo4ld the trunk to mak6- a change. The And lovely it is. A beal-ItifUl a cast from recent repairs. T I is,
k"1% 0yihg1 to, impress said, %We're a 10 to Me beach and spare Was flat. -The icamim will was an old fa-
get 9 c r, stretch of grey Gand beach, lined the, lady told us,
be along.sOofix- he* said
there. this week r
flying dow -end, consider our, next move. all, unpe -, with palms and bananas and pea- mily heirloom. Obviously,6 things
k, Why- don't you join -us?, I did. The Kbest 'ca'r and driver in 6rbed. We.stalked over and sat Sants" huts.'We' bathed in
-the Car were well taken care Of here.
..The flight's only fifteen min- town- were called The. down on' a tree -t u k alongside rib ead. We 'ested fr '
r OM our hard- -Would you like to see the,
t6,,,' tesii,,they said ai f I ive of us got matter of, pricewas. discussed 6d the, r6,.pd ,1,,..W-h1chever way,' ships. I
I I i painted. Nice children We were overcome by
on' 'is. -going gathered ar
a. Haitian ATink plane at 8:30 concluded as the drlVer wai W -V we.. it the. 0114d us.
11 I 1 -, 0 We bathed the -generous offer. That's very,
SattiN rn Y., Ot driver spid:
ing.- the bni' h- it., We' started ut, dis.putled,
py -, To' agaM, ur driver reappeared with nice of
*.a aking, ofil : th you. But doesn't someone
yis by jeep,, crossing, a lot. pouti, m e weakest
live here? Won't we be disturbing
ff rt at being
Thattakes a few hoUrs.'. e'l good sports.- We'
them? Madame Vital lives here.
C-" 6r 'A"few to plotting, we,
days, if you get stuck.. set 6w coutd, et 1
,t', garden. -A
You saw her'in the
better -than jeepi ng -the Haitian Army, e us back:
monsiear? -Monsieur Vital is not
a sensible. way'to get Sunday instead !of having to W it 7 7
-living. -Would you like to ree
4-W tlw,, Caribbeam, 1: looked for the next-schle luled flight'Mon-- We regoineCdcti jon o
f Plane a.-'different, car.: He drove us back' some of the rooms? Rooriis?
my seat belt and' day. Our-- driver convinced 'us
pog,Jibility-f r Suhd4y..i; Bee had at e It was about 3:30. We Yes', Madame has just'opemd her
d, not there was, 40d a 11 the Casino, How ab- lu
,hoped the-41tituft woul O Obe, for h 'doiie we at to j m
had n h. We di vNot the one
*Ai'fect7 my aks h -a I Ifth. dn't. unpack. Bet- home as a hotel.
f I :Out.., ch6T-,tVr- ane ,for us. ty and"I took: a little walk, lea' we heard about at the airport?._
to v-
-Yround at I I :
-c e e It was then that we d 4 Sh th
at:uhh4ppy.. After all hig : ee', Sa Betty and I ga ed at each other
in and John on the'
4A.i'ceuvered n trin AiAbdar, it and weregCwe urroun e by b ?I porch for the' dopes we had been. -Tbis
7ing us.a o m mostof. ;t an Irts an., C11ii6us peasahts( t4,p ed, and. *6 q,
be good spo ',Le s.-walk up- that hill. and is the Alexandre?, -Yes, this is
M ow after, a
y',e s, 6 -must b Me anged ed d lchok at the' hou 's- up there,.'
rious g auc*s an se the Alexandre. That was Mons]-
thiing,- ,, -' e .' 1, h if
ere ibbiit, fri#d1y_.w6rdk ,snapsI
'said, here Was a turn 'at Ehe top 6ur' first name.*
Alt'~ i evqn. n 'We ah, ditribui ec
had ist lhiW 6& if ot -many come., ':-ihb exP t -d of the 'road, with' rows of wooden We floated -in a daze through
.elt buckle' whe ni J h G t
sOe aGe-e'ime-five.san meesus.; e- s 6ck .4o
wth b' an roves ch_, s c ose oeach other. Moth the fabulous -place. Five rooms, in-
N, -,A. groves aro el s et evd'*
"I'm rim' looka' ., un4 wi- 6,d e five -.,sants, ni6iier Ali eft and 'children outside and deed! Madame Vital's sonRay-,
_roofe "h" 1he' p' an at: to see t
Jd,. sm -eA J e a-, 0 ering
at. we6cou y s-idegave. us smiling j.bon soirs.. mond, who was at the airport had
k1]L1,h4wn in 1 61, W"tiiig ITS o 91'. 'nut, pa a f I "I
A" -d 'Oier s dikeetio nt
,;4 1, looked further to the bf d-
-air W40 t-' up., the road. quickly tried cou
O e, 1-16, small, a u ere..
sh6kj own- cocoan t'
4: S.-Y sat the most gorgeous white xoonis -to answer our q
t- 'h "" fi s or us, Oestion. TJpP
di 6d if W d o e :re e "ets' 'to drink
resting elevations- t4,tke t.-,
:ma :1 eshly_,- paintedL Nvith the. el6gani stainedse t1iro, ugh','16 '
erva pq ed du,t I$o,,eaN: dark h tt b
goin lt did -an, A, 'T --k,,green, s y ers looming "up vely bedrooms, NeAutiful aths in
That jooeiious -adject y el was, bur- -a. Alf ater' o.t 136tty. T
if: i I 1__1 "nStial
to,,.t h( only, place. i ';Jai ihel A he skk.' Lobk oo, tired thp Freiieb manner bidet and,
''the bod M6 And L a eoverej, ,- uek,,, ar t1 y open to y 10
le youtig mm I, J' rx re tired And on to a' huge filed Aerracell-
ys! an girIs., hdi on'j e sid s a
ud' ,Y Ah'ben6hP a1J -than bidy
ari4y. but.,something see- that commands the sea. Another
4- Z, 'h V a new ot that )n OAg e RISI e., It 'Wa.
e e q Men wi unbeli vi d nagnef 'p,
Al el h ag-, wol pack--, nie toL me u to the flight to the salon, the di
...... 'Ai '' ning
1. on. dir le4ds. And d M'fh',:
oq S Betty was willin'a 'W b in sumpt"11
'd e e S rooms,- murti
i6limii,,th'Plage Ray'- r IM, f 'd
ins, e, and came
or US Qu', t6' more incredulous as, we got
,t- re JEr t 0
as k u in- on
ng in mond 1Y Was closet
amo our driv r'said. e. pie The conNgion "and:saw handsome
ron (Continued n page j2),

A,~ 4
k e..
F 0,
an -12
;sh- 34
a/%/sa to







The 200 Passenger ships of the'Panama Line sail every seven and or ',every ten
'&ys -&ed to West. _24th Street n mid7to Manhattan.'The 'from Port-au-Prin
ce, toNew Yoik -tikes V d4vs, AN rooms have vfivate'bath. Fimous 6uisine in the

:c j

9tiniby VEBRUARY 3'rd 1957

Makloir e asserted that 'he had di- V
rected the Haitian Ambassador at This almost inivifably ni ans,- :i%,.,
Washington to protest to the Unl' a low statdard of Iiiingp cultpral
[Vind, an 1CS6 I I
d. Pol'ot Haiti
led tates government against and economic. Literacy (age
intervention by some Americ- and over) js'11%. Latin Americas
ans The intervening United Sta- lowest, Newspapers in 1955
tes interests were conveniently lated at the rate of four per 10001
a r v i V ( r ie tte s not identified, At the time of the population, again the lowe t fi
'President's final withdrawal he 9dre for Latin Ainerica, aiti
again accused foreigners of wor fewer radio receivers an anY
Cd like a thinly dispised end The g6vernment's. economic I)o- sening the Haithan crisis. other Latin-America state.
iun.zround constitutional limita- sition has de ird fesson is that assistance t p
0 S to r m, ., teriotated badiy. Its A th The number of inhabitan s _er ie
tions on tb!-, office and very soon annual budget is a little more than to U-nderdevelgj3ed' countries is pihysi ian (10 000) is higher and
thereafter the opposition cry- '$25,000,000 or less -than one-fourth nior palatably received W I hen the number of hospit, I beds. t
stallized in the form of agerleral that of Los Angeles which has extended through the chaiihel per 1000 population- (six-tentlis)
Of Los Angeles Calif:
whichi after a low, days, about tvothirds.lof 1-laitis popula of the United States Gr in is lower ban anywbere eAs'e'An
forcpd Magloire -again from 6f-
Now that -the dust ill 41faiti tion. It was rumored in early De- the. Western He-nisphere,, better Latin America. The gross labor
Jfice-;and this time! Xrom the
ember that the on of Americaa product per capital, ($74) or
seems to have settled down it govern, fmt still, the Organizati p r
country. The chief justice of th e
would seem in order would not be, able to ineet: its IJ)- States; The OAS provides an ave- employ6d erson ($191) is'lower
for Sdp eme Court temporarily as- Inuary payroll. The National Bank nue which removes from a--,sist.- 'repu-
some political meteorologist to _jh- th-a-ri in Pnv cther American
sunied the executive power.
Of Haiti was said by an authorita- ce- any -t int zof Yankee intervc'ji blici Monthly electricity pr ue
try to ass.ess-what may have call- Now, all this does not happen averages od tip
is- tWe, source t n w 11, 1 1 ., I
$30.000- tionx eve hen that cinterven-
sed the weather flurry in the in a vacuum, o hold about less, thalq in any other.-
Many tlilings 00- Ij t
land republic. 000 -of -,t4e gover ment's papdr. ti-on, isAnte-rided to bolster a sag- New World co n ry.
I bably in complex -relationship,
-One lesson. to be
The brief kquence of develop- 1 must lie beh All ,these
iiia 'any' subb, deve- learned from ging economy iii a sister republic, figures, and any:
ments was this: Gen, Paul Eu-, lopment. In Haiti's cELs- the. recqnt Haitian: situation.) The OAS through its in tell more included in the statisti"4hl"
e it I was
that- of the, extraordinary poss :leadership in recent.years i abstract, addup, to a discojragi g ,
gene Magloire had been the Hai-, n part literally. the weather
tian str6ng man for 10 years. He effectiveness of the gen eral s I rike ing an be
-,which caused,' this political, increasing impact in t picture. -Ra--a-Jjh jjessDn__ mM,
a'd f
e tioned: that. in spi
was elected.. President in Octo- as a political of em, 1111 4
storm. I )veapont It has. been, inter'na tjonai Affairs the h, n L- --
demonstrat of' course, in Hun sp ack
of 151, 115 such concrete 6 i6n6 eo of
.her, 1950,,'by a vote ed hen ,.A -W6,uld; provide anjde
Hurricane Hazel, in October, I co R -di
to 2.000, The Jerm (six years) wrought enormous aMg ore Atainati Ily;, ut ai ;c annel for multilat ral, aid, and deinelo 7-1 1' [ca ion
d -b h ele
1954, If
have ended Dec. 6, 1956, ti, proves. it. Testerit supervision in', just tuch cases as
_to Haiti's economy. ,. In the tinie, anew'.rin 'a, 1A
but a constitutional provIslon., men s in H
t In qmisphere, environ t., ithi a S. un d. J er -aps -Tli'e'
since then a serious drough al I.
whose interpretation Was'disput- th s
px c s s of r, lesson' s that,
north and an rain. e
ed, migght have -Tnadeit end ei I '. I- in other parts. reduced, peopli, r The strik6- *as,, more than 90%. peciajly.- in-, uhd r-developed. coun-' t at";.' Iaitian8 avoi e a- @do 7.
b to
ther on Ma' 15, 1956, or the Rde4.
-de !1f ec, 'i've. veW ,ivi service,,V
,a near situ tioii An In- 4 E tKes :politicls'is inevitab y tied lb"
sperate a
same date a ye-ai later. lbr::
6umbent administration -often getSA a6quato sub Aitut -Disorc
-Some of QIp .a
0. Y, erg joined. it t;.
*fine ,Aqd' 6wina Iona economy..
Mag-Joire did not give up the
blamed even'-for the eather.- tri utim halted,. and,--.qo did. An- Veltitiolis ',in the 'SWistfcal Abs- a evidence were al a rri-V ,
office last May And -from that W
to b of LAin:, in
an us es, Dock.w6rk.. rjct ericai rec6t.l 'IEEaiii
poinf on a potentially chaotic si-
Th6n, too rhIked 8ut and 1120'. Ships mov- publis h d by-yUCLA s CominittI60 any, at ansxould'even maui
'tuat' certain government 017S W.
i-on existed. The President h nor a on
a ed MemhAtts c1cqed,:And sl on,
rid actions, bciomeranged; Qt -. 9' tin AmerjcAn Stdd* a,: cb wry 111
surpfised ,everyone by kes
announc. policies
)0 not' :"as,
agl6 ,s Sh6w-' ed their, f bly: uinideideve
ne of Gen M P or'a-
ing he would quit 'in 'December a ew hosp!Ws'.dosed,. Mag lld,.bieit erst-wfflld
-ind he did step out briefly on I case* undertakings was the. cw Jdire on ion ofIZ-Haitim et0ho
truction' of. a large dam in flie! A w.As faced w1til. an;)overwhe T14 po ulation a ,Olu .315-00 S:. O ostAi set
6. Ai the arm3 s request he .0
nite' Valley for, power paralysk of pubut,'hie. er
,Teas, immediately 1 tibo -.,develn is -the-',-deJns'esi of aiflatili-Ain I c, F,
ment Apd. irrigation ill anotherAe*ji.AsY b riesr', ilnore -than 318 er:
.As. C;ommander in -chief to serVp Tts fcost was an e tint
domistic', pol;iti'ca 'squjr mile.1ndustry pypyide-,, no Hai bas:; kJong-an ard roa
the,'COUntry is returned planned At $1.4,000,000..., To date d I d
is sa.. e, h 19 n
a out $AOOO,000. hasli till as. ioften 'fashion-, reRLk'eli a on. is -bIlf It has s.
en spent.l.-It. ef the po;#61 tj
and an estimated,:'$io 666,poii,'I hoft,. jabk to blame e ni e 8tates mraLBiff, can dw.'; so
iy, IgO6,
-,jo Many Haitian eeded to comple e, I 1;f ; -11. 1 1 1XIERor.
s this ound I t is: ardb., ei
is n' 'it. I d h

G 0

I q



"4 r

'CV10"'T TICTAft jjr*ijur cir -urnT)T TY0 VT-Vt0'Tr IDn A XTY) C%

i C-1
2 22

them were frolicking in pr -ear- I active 62, aMy chil(Iren are all I last year with my.daughter in
JO LIE TA C M E L nival shenanigans,, in InI and married. Jean, the oldest, was the, Long Island. I eela she went On,
BY GERALDINE, STERN costumes, following the. Meringue last to marry, 'five years agoi. athat opening myliouse as a hotel,
Coittili froqa paq lin steady rhythm. Througa bana- They lived with Ine for three I will be like traveling. I'll see new
I plantations' and across rivoi-s; years. Since then I've been alone.:faces at home.*
pdrooms and batlis'and another, Raymond told us he and his Modame drove us throu-n not so The house is to !big. I -decided to Vou know the Haitian woinen
t 0
even bijiger and more broq'I Joan went to school in
.1 shallow 'streams, undauil tiurn it into. a hotel to give myself are revolting a little' now. As it is
breathtaking than the, first. Betty Paris and New York for eight Mair o do. Some women do n ow, Madame Vital explained,
gloire never did anything something
sunk into a beckoninglyears. They both work in the fa
for Jacmel,, ishe said. -We should nothing at Li, but, I can't. I women can't move without auth-
swing and gaped at the Caribbe-in linly''s biishiesG whiuh i inostl I
have had more bridges and' better brought extra bedroom furniture, orization from their husbands.
and- each other. coffee, but' also hardware and roads and more schools. YOU from two houses we have in Pocl. 'They can't travel ori property',
By five o'clock, five smiling dis- steamship agency for the Holland go..- 'I
know the strike started nere. Vie' au-Prince. I think my servants 'on their own. We are: just ing
believers were installed in the': and French Lines. Their grari re "very proud of that. Madame' will be able to'manage alright for'to be able to Vote for the fir4 : t
Hq 61 ., Alexandre, imbibing rum! ther, Jean-Baptiste, stirtei the Dejoi6 pin VQTEZ D E the guests.. Besides the btitter. time. Perhaps,. she smiled,' tfie
and soda, A: la terrasse-, and lolling business when-lie came from Allar- JOIL" -is my little revolt.),
-All :of Jaunel is for D6. i there' are two maids, a, cook, a -hotel
us lividg.-Madarne,'Vital, monde, Fraric'e, near B.nrdlea.u., in joie for president, she said. ,He iau* dress and t'
handsome charmingwomap, ask' father,' Ale#ldbo, owns land and factories here' I I c' hope it will! Th week following my,, vi it.
ed, her butler Roland to bring us'One of,_four sons was borA. in Vital,, the women
do things for the pe6pl be- with, Madame
j jore rtil and soda. He's a vene- Haiti. H.,s mother was a HIR 'It' c use he. do4 lid. hill wer
n't need the money,'. i can't fail jo, I sia W e, granted the vote. in:
I .1 I do your'children think aboul your the Chamber of Deputiesin Poil- _
.,rabl wfiite. haired Haitian who's and his wife, Janine. fNfuzaic Our I fox himself
been wi .th the family 28 years.Madzmie Vital_ was, born ul. Jt(: WIC: 'in V:-'
started to, climb-- Lip Cn dheisionli, :They think il's :i good au-Prince.,-1 thought of Jan
She made us feel we were'lier.-per- mel. Rayniond d J
-_ j ii house on. the top,:' h-1-1 ided. 'They. have their lives and I tal. I thought bravo lor her. Sife's
;7 sona, guests. h o a i,. i
I T e house is. fifty'si ters: XarceUe, IS Ina rj0d -in 'Lavannau, &erl6oking mount- have inine. I 'don't like ILIS' oci,'o Inot letting the world pass III
years Old,, shQ said, -frerich m to Alyce's-. blrother, Jean 'do Le ams. an Countryside. .1 e my liov-, on to hok
t, was, built act0ity..; I lik e. I like ; She's inviting it right
onial architecture. It Was built. liinas5e,, a, youn 'A JaV b his _,gr andfatl to work in'the.; garden nd do'llowh terrace, on the Ca Mean,
husband e and ColetLe-who
by a Mr Anderson My all :01a. 'COtin'tr n" orl f il cooking. I Ijk, a,- I'll be back soon, Jacmel.
Y house; rLisitic a d s _e 0
35 Years ago 'and we is Mr "'Gueril
shhplC,.W natural gin veli.. too., My husband :and :1 used-' Copyright' No part of this
raise our famil few-
here. I'v6,,just Isl and,,.New.,Yor -. 4i6i"busbiind :is dons.-.lioas j p0st "every. tropi- years article, can be reproduced, "
ed puttin everythingArt, or, an American:. in'. the, F kaVi here. with, the, Children, for aibo wA n of A
cal plantand ower., jcan,_ out permissid
:to- open: as a ave c6116t,
-hotel'and iyou. business. Th'ply h' months. Author.
a gentle.., Qharnij g jojj6W .1 I spent several inonths
6tir 4-
firi guests. A wom- Daade- Ma da-pi e.,,, er
grali inght 'd e-,: N'.11,01
igh jj
an,, Nvas 'here two day's last week, times. Olk er e Villar, oj,.,. or .
Wt w e weren finished
t quiliq : It-had, b6i6n: a, ig'day. We;were air-pri q;.thl 1,()t
:i7 :il! DIrther wPs'ieady.'W 'e seri wer hos'0.1
sung.., a -,s,,.eep. tality-' rl Coe, tal s 4,
Ve on rrace, looking d'own, d the'. -sw"PI strain a 1. Afem;
the..te an tb olit a4lil
the sed and the other; f isitanc
ew ringu6,Bilihd, jil; d h Z.
W ee, T erries; a hed ffee
jaige''homeS 0 'Jacmel. The cuisi- woke C
p t thil, an .naturalc f.f is ow-.:
is Prench, Greek 0 e.e as, Job I n
and chi6 ch. si e U";L tittnugh thi&!doffee','planf on,
,Madanjd,-her:. b 6th6k iand 6 "'the' 'toft'ace','. ifi tl ob
e. hql beliA is i lii e gir is
e, a y- d' d
who u in; an 61 p aint6d 1he dixis is 6f., never j6tting go, 0
ir*,, had dinner.. in., fh6: fizil tage bbiy
rny.. van o-
p int. C,
'11a tJih M got back
roGrl yAiOnd a .:'hand-: cina g.F ad Wbill eW ti th A I ez.
e young man,'G '32j in ean art a $It IT, F
drive 1 ovii r,, an Fi qj
wit i-v
er, attract V 'Wif family'.,:-She e out t e Madame,- was 'Ve
IV-as, ,Jyce I LespW a distant li I this H 'ti'
asse., f, light, o his lousi ;ai ai an,
and, jk I.Onl Nil rilo.
U.9.1 .-Hervili the night b, ally w u- ivicht, ec
F, OnorWc v,4.eedvhaii
ouca&d. They t6blil ,. to,:6e mliii. in a.Ail A-ith' a,:mosf'C3-, 'td.iturh b, h, Onle a:- otoj W6
jage q '. ii. F. -,A. .. 1 6 1 i __- 11 '. .. A.., :. :.,
r494 'near; t hq sl I I ;e, "I ..............
Uare, 1131 TIl"ill A illi6q, I&I fie-elf., 9 P O'&c in FrbriQh, as.lid E glish
,ruria, and'. s da fd V-
4 h.6j4ro,&uS 1thf b -o-Aind-'F ',F F,
ug y-
our ftPreeiatioh.,of Jacyne; as ive indWe(Asi I' ift : 0 e, Years-- h t _fU
acme J, o e, gi s y
ai 113L 'IA'e :Jadm'e1Js -neW' Hotel Ale ;uni Ac ofjhe'. ;dqt beaup
ur -e, joyment Of-, Sdt&-,to;"Ts tori busaii 'HaitiansF.Nvere wer ried when
th W-a
he,' kn I 1,, 4
out iiu th damil
-,Y0uI1,,1., wrid



.. .. ......





,Golf Toun-,,Ini S



200 P-M
TEE-OFF TIME i.' 4, 1 j- .1

Sunday FEBRUARY 3rcU 1957 HAITI SUN PAGE.23'..

Two Italians Arrive'Here On ,The 25-foot, 6-ton sailing bolAt Schweitzer Inspires U.S. Couple
was built, by Vincent lacoplicel,
.,.15-Foot Sailing Boat From Italy ,,the bearded partner of Frances To Operate'Own Hospital In Haiti,::,:,
Rome-born Rocchi told [he Sun From Monday's New York Time's
p and down eglo .1
Bobbing u co 'lie Setting sail from Viar
lie became interested in the ad- By STANLEY ROWLAND Jr Dr Mellon and his wife told of
'rhythm. of the meringlue on ne June 1954, tile twQ young-11C11 Vi- I
venture after reading an ad ill a In the chill, pre-dawn d2rk th6 Haitian people they all pay,
po'rt-au FTince bay, Lklarta the sifed successively the ports ofi
1 newspaper, about a reasonable ness yesterday an unassuming something for treatment, and.
.latest arrival at the Casino Pier, Southern France, Spain, Gibralt- i
lprice sailing boat built by a min physician boarded,, a Iane for when they promise to pay they-
pausing for a few days rest in ar, Tanger, Casablanca, Canaries
%ffAitj o.n a long trip from nati%;v Islands, Cape Verde Islands. I living in Bagni de Luca. He imme, Haiti with his. wife and a crip- do and described their health
diately went there and met Iaco- pled Haitian chii1d. hey carried needs, which the. couple, are deofi-
.,jjaly Ahat took her 'to scores of I ar
pucci who accepted to travel wilh a guitar, a microscope and an cated to filling.
,PQrts in Africa, South in.] Ccn- After crossing the Al.111111.1ic in 1him though the latter hid no c,,,. tificial I leg for. use in the hosplit- Dr Mellon wasn't always ,,;6 de-
tl2I AiTierica. 17 days, tlie-y called into Recif
'A' 'H j4 i. dicated. -In 1929, havin
the tri in little sailing boat and Rio i-i Dra z:1 nld %T)1( ciowi perience in sea travel. al they had'just opened, in g quit Prin
I I 1 eian was Widiwii La- ceton after a year, he,.marrie
(Iropped anchor at the Casino to BLICnes Aires. Froin .- rgeio.ina They look enough cann I c] fu(,,d The p s j se-
(since there is, no' motnr they rimer Mellon Jr. of the Pittsburgh cretly.'In 1935 he started the Ap-
Monday morning, two spony they saile'd, up the coast visifiqg
Mellons, He. and hi3 wife were in ache Maid catt
Could not carry along an ice-bo--) le ranch in 'Rim-
yolling men pulled down to half the ports of Uruguay. bl'c izj I I
and af small dog as their miscot.. New York foi: a- brief fund-, rock, Ariz. -1 was.running from -
Iliast the Italian Tricolore and French' and British Guiana. Vere-
Vincent Rocchi,, 'a stocky bui-fol raising appearance for their hos- an up4appy knarriage, and frain
T jised-tlie Haitian fla.g to the t6p A-.i, T -inidnd, C,,i_-,-icio, th, F!-)-
ifl. man, knows a good deal ofT-Taiti- Oital, the Albert, Schweitzer Pittsburgh, he said. After a div-
of, the mast. lll!TAc lo Repnb ic and soon H,
an history and takes great inter- pital in Deschapelles. orce he married his present wife,
Gwen in 1945..
est in the achievem -We doWt need staff, hCID, but,,.
-LTS 824'3-M-60 ents of the
l4aitian peoplee. He and facopu eci we do need"moneyx Mrs M.ellon Two years he read in a
are busy visiting Port-au-, Prince. said ii an interview. the day. be- magazine about Albert Schweit -'
""L U X Toilet So, ap'' They have got thel' le g fore. the" deorture. 'A zer, who had given up A brilliant
'f : land soif-spok-
back and.-alre dy have learned to en woman with graying hair, she cart!er as a, musician and theolo,
.dance the meringue., Wore a navy blue dress with a gian. to become a physician in A
Is really- beautifying!" I They will, head for New -Yqrk iOad. white, collar. frica. This was Ahe start of an
a Havana, ana Miami sometimes ;The child :has- nothing to old idea that took possession of Dr,
JOVely,, film Star MERLE. OBERON, V' is e
radiantly th w ek., Rocchi. declared that: with the.,djospitalw .,she, explained. Mellon.
We're, ringing him;bac for
9. part of the The Mellons sold. the ranch and,,
the most interesting he went back to
adventure. is the return tri sorne, peopleafter txeatmenthere. at the age of 38"
'Asked 'whatp him to The gditar?, It's gooo, tohave mu- finish college: and go iough m-'
cross the Atlantic., in a saw dical khooJ atTulane Unlyersity..
lig sic at pital.*,
boat, the young Rolman Dr Melloh Wits Amsed- "in M s Mellon learned, to'be a. Scrub-.
lighe ts.,
that.16 like, gray spor jacket24fid -Ox- n kse in charge of iwtrument
s hards and, sports _U
and- since suich a trip th, ford 'gray, t1kicsi explainej,, Jn. an the'opetziting room.*
hey quiet terse 'tones. thai his- s nrel uring. the. school years ey
t decidedd to.mako--the. attenip t the
which has;'prove 9_uCeeSful: to W. e Mellon milhons was in a, w r e in c :, (>in I mt I inica tioil wit., r.
...... ex d
'date. b "ei "' er, w o encourage a vi--,
fundAhat ax y;,pay,4outx c we'
Rocichi -als at-.,,-fh it d andeta tropical, med
o pointed out, th
:n t6 Dr. 9611on when he -visited
ny' benefits he got from t6t 4ripi o eed nytcirerj-iacilffies,
from the'educationa e9p0cially b J:, -tfie ye6r 'before, gra
tubemulosis" ,c I' rica, du'a" t ion
powt., bf. laic,
view. He was.a a' ,an di .1 sch'001 J 1653.
ble,'-he said;tboij It'iti with ;the disease k 'for from: me ica
dy niarirlel-ijif6 to contact-oi five or six, hd r I The, fifty bed, Albert Scliweitzer
:pe( an 2 e ave-, o; urn* .,.;away opene it ors
)Ples to n4w more,' about thei tal d; s' 46, las(
ulture 6d. their..,Way, bpause, they woul jb d the lives. 6 itild mm
oflife." A':'.contarnmate ne an
ers I ub6cul6sis ig. the maln ilori- center on it and the ne6d
Iler 1heLe.3k T, e.peo p e IIIAbe 'area.,-
D e
.......... of de'rn cial
..On Mission, Cente
,TO: S E
Alton, A %Davi ,, v Isi g_.
I lu co
Ni ou of ten ;film stais rel on, ANb CO
ine t 'cu I -
na ger A e, povw er u : U ago"
pure, mild Lux Toilet Soap j6,,- Defender,. left' Tuesday -for 146
U fte, 4L
'j C1 H
V y .. L .. 1. ." '.. .1. 1, %, T L
their -daily beauty cam- r three, y h6re 'Mr I R
TOILET S, Merle Oberon is no CXCepooj Davis' Visit W. as L in, coh ee on- U
She kno*s that the skin-toruc with ropakanda campaign Jor 4,
action of gentle Lux Toile the. fe tjvi kes t TIM,
of "ili : .- ." -1
Soar) keeps her gkin rii(:fiantly e Emancipation. of the Affiet-
clear., Alwayg-use Lux Toilet icaft Negro een er.
Soap and you can have a -Iec:ted as. seat of the, cejebra ,
lovely complexion M tion to be. held in 19.6
Mr Davis Was by fri-
ends Attorney 'and Mrs Fox J
but of 10 flim sta Louis to- cdnta6t several personam,
SOL Hties with regar to forming 6_
se LUXToilet ap
aitian. CGMmi"tee f6t he
ennial of the Emancipation of the
Amerie. Negro.
He Was ----- ------ .....
entertained at re
on in hiG ho
v! a Ahe hoi of
e .9t e n t,
'M 1 4 i Youic
the Jean-Louis' at orne vaire,
19Par W9
ay Z. a,
in Petion-V e r
ii1e, last Sund pen
ing. On- Monday he, fl 4 Cap-
Haitien for a visit 'to 'the Citadel,: -and a Vi sjt toL the Citade 1, are never L
The drive to
st6pping at Hotel Mont Joh, Cap'Haltian
OU to, be forgottc e
Mr Davis who ann noed that
he L 13 IL, T!
will'return to Haiti at the
For the highl; aht of
head of a delegation 'to' your vacation you lnu t' make the dilve
invited' the Haitian people, expres
I sed his admiration and pride for
Haiti, synbolic' of the greatness.
of 'national solidarity.' -'C -AU T-111 XCE TO CIUDADLTIRU

via Cap7Haiiian and' Santiago
IN ARLS Mrs TOBIN WAS HERE Round Trip o Return Char e'
r One Way No
Mr Davis Aile here was lod PORT AU PRINCE TO CIUDAD TRUJILLO (via the South)
ed at Hotel Castelhaiti. DAY
Mrs Edgar Tobin, well-known .00
ONLY $30
society matron of San -Antonio, And! The car is still yours for sightseeing and night clubbinRL
Texas left, this week in litr nri-j- __1 _4V

-PAGE HAITI SUN 9-anday VEBRUARY .1fd 1957

lborder words of the stamp, (Uht
-Andre Roosevelt
blue) with the words ATOMS
Backs Ike's Idea IFOR PEACEA flowing across the
Ibo, Lele's Andr6 Roosevelt, ad- I face of the, Western and [ xsturn
In g of the
vpqktes t. e championin
scheme, of meniorativo leinispliereF.
the com Several nations have already 0
stamp embodying President Fi-' fered to hold a convention with
senhowes sp ech before the, Unit the purpose, of developing Presi- Doog
ed Nations on December 8, 195 l. delit' Eisenhower's superb idf-a,
.To find the way by which the which has been. translated inlo 38 Ala cli&re'Mary Doogoode,
:,'. 'inventiveness of nian shail' be Janguages, anil Mr.' Roosevelt I read with the, utmost interest

-consecrated lo his lifeA are the thinks it would be good f ur us to your newspAper every Sunday. 11
getthe ball a-rolling in Hahi., noticed two things' that have
-Mrs. Eli ted me towritemy cGnfes-
zabeth' B. Robbins, promP
Wron ."Fiancaffles';." N olujj- sion. Being.a woman who now has
9 Chairman, Committee 01
ATrs. Harry Delaquis called at teers, announced that t4e students- the right to vote I looked t the LANC6
dur office Oil Monday. morning of Bloomfield College and Semi- candidates advertize on your front
J. voted page and'I onfess I hav
and asked us to. be kind, 6pough, nary of Bloonifleld, e a] len
i6! rint a, correction. of anote, car- in love with, and I reah7c I
Unanimously to make the retain one,
,-'r! d in our,.January -sta a"n nct beina honest when I-select
20th: edkion pg 'Of the nip by the U.S. Go
s follows- ( Madame Josette d joy heartan'd not,
vernment a's a' candidate by
a regular. iGsue,
Poy aild: Mr. Harry'l3blaquis. an- student I projeet.. It "may be onie, bY, mY' Ifead. Would. you kindly'
nounced their cfianeaill6s., last e, world. le;Jive out'41 le, I pictures of ca dida-
side used througlidut th
wee RoosevbW'suc- sts,. that. rhis in.ihe. futdi6 s 'asI and mariyl
Tvfr S Delaq' is starnp I benaade a regular issuj n women like me do not, allow bar-
gustina Rainds, armed.. with her 'ome 4xivolved emotiQ-
this cbiintry.., selves to bee
-riage lic s showing '.the' )ust 166kin
!mar, g at, the imaje.
date of eirl marriage, as Sep- idat6 -Pr n
a cand t6l.he. eside ell'.
-.-tember, 27, 19,51,. wishes-. to in-
S). opatre.
iorm ti"at" she very muc ob-. D ar. Cleopatr
j 66t 1o t4e note staiing:that- he' 1, wpl talk. to, ffi6,, ikontroom.,,
1 wfufiy poUse.'is-- wedl4ed.,s, (Si: 1V ary ooocd
Cis t other woman,
Dear'Mar -6gog e
UId d"
e s o -be anne
from. our eas
CAR VEL BOOM r t t rdbiAn-
tie ones., et t, o. car-'
will bring.640 0'. ervic
Xx v e
ist the' W e., t lndiei 'i ihis, 'An t- d queez-
I h:" 't ls-
re ar
gion,.s. o I istA kwe J)anies Destiouche's
Win". me, to more t an',$162,0b( pek'-aiid we .a mush L
P.0 1111Trince" A iti (NV.1.) T 3871
-MF ITERikNEA14 VSFS. ce-Ft u e, circus, ere Vas, ,.
-re :it
go. a ing t is,, year.,, eq4o$j t alyagdbo
I u 4it,
-.the Middl- eq. o i, w o ha&a terrific i o6wer I V E YOL RSELF RATE
over,.,a girl.'. W o, ev6 tddl S i0eklba il if
Som erican nqs,,-,. ave %%n C
X UP 01 6 e ar ear ts, Per, TU e Re Deposit
=s e linets'to OU fO x ;$0.10, $ F
Mm" Sj, R 00;-
o e-in -and Ven" Ad,
iican s. Weverth' & 0 .iiou s 1956 4 .00 x .0%.08
,, HVG S g "ets. the-t6ok one'.
ai. ng -f6r LAt U.,."Alin' z
er 6oked- a an to' m'to b a it A"-J
Co.- 1)-- A I 'Gd oljnc'and Oil-
eca e, -o
4 inondis, dkaxiee of $10.000.piar&
!,f)SEPR- T AD rson up to 5 pergons
-I------- ---------- f 6-afid 65; phu $10.Wo Pub
F, lie'Liability afid $5.-
er ic
b di Rrop mage
y e t
y 41 awpQr Ott 'ok, H u Nince.. ah
WOO P obelIn Pbrt';a
-kava -TajsGn- hec1c, -Vflle.
lie aps of Hkiti and- PorVau-Prince
1P. I 4) IV
Ahill 'RE Drive
-oog d LGE V,
ary Qi e, fiqih 16 46 (;1 it
Vear',Xalry I Cogoo e 10:. 4rid
1,4in i d 'th
M -r
.4a.V b .'. tya
1 V1, p, 04p
velli -toge er.:,
'S ON,
..... co-Uritryqt time, w ssed,;a,
river,.: my dend who is c rivulg.,
s the xai cp -t 6:

's" '46, di guh;e
is -at V 9JI., h WHO
soml he
atinies kMs1ijhg
c otthes they should. be wearing.
J WK It- ts;,both d" air and Una-,
-4t I.,d
tUra on to: re,
prirband- hi je- t
m9na.. Lisa.
Y, b b k.on art
I sugg V. you,- ,uy,, a, oo
RESTORE YOUR ALTH and..carry it %0th'ybu the 'nex't
4im; ; yp go e country Wit.,
to th.
.,y ur-, bo friend:.'. Mien ',You come
zee -.Them. Toda At
p jo-, a r?,v r,,.if ere are young ]a-
dies' wiisjaig i;ri it ask your beau
Ao -sto the ear, then, get ou't and
..make some quick -sketches ot be
.aiyiazbnbs nd aiscoss th e in and
their attributes on an
Tfi.e4,nei, st ,Salo)i de B
with'the boy friend. iii'this NvA 17iolette- which 1-is locette 6
ds to Rotel Oloffson and ot aste
not, only willyo6 e able to talk Rue Capois. the i that tea
will bc. hc&i,, Ladie. L of the Capital arc call at this, !net
about the subject, but yo -ccommended to,
Hair Salon to see for them'selves the establishmeiit and t q
ible to ask his opinion.
(S): Mary, Doogom, of its, services. Adv67:t. ,
1, V


_$uhday,,FEBRUARV,3rd 1957 VA 25' '

Co ser Occide, canty S
19 INJURED 1,N CAMION 10th Anniversary
The 10th anniversary of the
Three were seriously injured, sharpi turn, to the left. The whe(',Is death of%'famo Haitian musician
ZR'* d 16 others suffered minor in- of the vehicle became stuck in a ahd composer Occide Jeanty was w
juries last Satuday, when a ca- hole on the side of thp road, arid commqmorated, on January 28th. N
Overturned into a ditch on Ianded in the ditch,- the four radio4 music festival was or- M,
1'udd near Cayes. wheels in the air. ganizdd by'Radi'o Commerce Von-'
qarN 11979 owfied byPierre day evening in onor of the occa
Rerinann wa heading north on The three, seriolAsly injured p, sion, The;; til ab rde na-
the road to Coquette. when an. sengers, as yet -unnamed, were tionaL, was skel, ed by Mr De-
'6ther camion No. 11301 driven by were rushed to 'the neares dis- pestm Spl!Uve, who,, explain d,
C,_,- ,- Owa'ld Pierre, going, in the same pensary-hospital. The other pas- and c'qm d on tlfe works of
.direction attempted to avoid -stri- singers were, t eated for JY the,
the former by making a bruises and sckatch6s.
;:, ?%Ix and Mrs CLAUDE BARNETT, of the Assot, 1,r6 FETE
Vress were received ixi a, special. audience b y, His. Exc.', the-, The Feaki of- Saint. Fkangois e
zProvxsional P esident of the Republic, Mr:Jo6 h N. Pier. Sales, Datro'n'' 't ft6, vell-
146sp ta ocath at? Rue
Lbiuis 'Monday. morning. know-4- 14,1, de
LOUIS ROY1who,,r6sign4a- few week$ ago ag blk dor- 1!hnte48i Ott '-,and. whiefi- ear&Ji*s
lCe'-que' femme'veut, Dieule veut.v The adage, fits.. the 6 o.: em''
_., of .t e Port-au-Prince Tuberculosis' Sanitarium has resumed na*e, Is being'. qfi 'vedioday_
ladies of,,Ligue Feminine d'Acfi SocLik, this
U -,w -week. Coll.6668, S k $pe'612. I.,h] af.8-00 AIA week's lu
ork last andpatients, is Well"idu ed:-
on. 61it of,1he 116 the iq 11 1 inthe Grant Whiskey. Birthday Contest, Celebratin 23 ye of e
accept his resignati )r-R0 is, also Presid
4ser edthe annivers U V
ie attiRnA. V ary on
an q b*-,.'1W6 hurses ey,
t R d Cross..
.PC. ar&,Zs t 16 katingthe recent' congnest:
Fr.ORIGENE GRENIER- S.J*-' from Shawiriij;an Ouebe and-ioiherii of fuu f
alled as pastor o the p iiar iOr
was ins vy;
9: bottle:
T 4th is held by.,Leigue ft 'ss : Lydi
Mgr -Cousinea;u, .1a's", k ekdentm
wee t, k, d 111;
< a 41e i 0es sjtdonie,
Affi A ou,.' ,Mrs.""An&6ie ,Witty Sepq, with,; rs ih, fij)ht_,0f_
,,digal Schools and the 9CHNER feleased', its un,061, se wer6. ej iA. i i
s' ed-.aliA-664 v eraf
The, magaziiib I very well print e
,66rard-Bastiew,,at Eg 6 St.
d pmerit. o r
ely articles on-the functioning an -d'eVe1o pr A.
schools in Haiti.
0' afternpon. -,The" )ung m4i&, W197,7
h -bben ailjy a shorf W
ION is, lod d in the ne'' andex of the B'
0d, her cmhe 44
i6, 6n-Sund4
on Rue du Centre.
a GA, prise, to,. 4 ,
Mr. PIERREBENOIT, fornierly'Chefde ,B Lreauai ifi De
e, Sbe_14 s hei h bhn
urv v6d V1,
partment of Fitia iiited-.S V Dirktoi 6fthq B
rice, was appo
*66 Small, chii A
drin an. 'a, st
C.H (Banque. Pop.ul, a
iire Col6m bo-H itiefin6),
M15 Josqtt ouyon1
Benoit has just return 'd from a tripto' Boi6ti Aete, he: %
-ferred withthe heads. of, the Bank.'
W se, s
e4hig 61' !D U 9r,
-the C b 4,% tho; "f ij!st,
4fed last Monday at midnight. So ap ecame,
n to have, a modern
11-lNaitian tow sys. em
teiephoii ','t
r lcruisi of'-the Car
Am bassador JOSEPH L. DEJEAN Haiti's mpresentative'
.0 ibbedn' 's-'1eads','oi the '.Westing-
at,,the Court of St James,. w' s-h nore7d v the, eiicai 't _F
is ibutor s' group.
.< prnment witN the, Order 1, ', i- 1, 1, 1111 M
11 a P_ the
Aber insigpae of the Ordei will he handed 0 Soo servi o
m,, n w f hich
,'$pecial ceremony at the Mexican 'Emba's .>,_y,' 1- 4 w o 1":54
Mx 'Clift "Wilson 'is t -, conduet6r.:
OF, CAN fs ma i li&,6:4,
;Tfl I -Art
gng its present building tellers-w1hdows,!-,M.,d I t
'group,_ ctio t4 hi
added to speed up the batik's services.
Ighi h the'is-
Dr LOUIS University. of Madili.::Vpq e in, Rp, Throug,
lands"Ar bi o't', 11 d.,
rau bUi
Literature;- lectu6&- at the, Hkian Arnexican Jn
Frida hg' no' dos Ae s'us'p
y-eveni on, < the zritakiiii, 6'n''t, e
b Ahe;,
-fastMarti v, Ruben Dario ) '.
;Mr GUY LARAQUEj Tourism
....... ..
'atjfib' Club International d6 Comme ce un eon,' e S6
Week. Mr Laraque spoke on,. the actu'a I sttuatim o 4'
stn ih "the c6untrV., J
:-'THR GRAND' ORI ITI, willbbserve- the'l
Iliversary Of th&, foundation, of its- lodge,,'toda' SW fl, _7
tk Lieutbnant-'Colonel EDOUARD ROY,-fo)rrfier-.1 and-. 77
t 7-
ef 6f the' Aviat I il
ion Cprps ew 6 the' States, o'm% tho, ..eek 041.
to f 4
s res
ew month t.
NESTO SE RRAN0,. Min r la
te Coldifibi ow
re urned frori a'shdrt trip to. Bogota Tuesddyifftorning.- RV1.11T. 7.
Mr JAZEMDRAi8AY ominican-d6ie g T6' fo,:ihe. In't"
'nfe n Labor, was een. ransm>:. ere:Tu6dav
o4 to Geneva
Engineer MAX L. ROY, -World h- rga 2ation deieg
,_ lie t6 Afghanistan, is back ffi Haiti
eave for a study.,trip abroad, soon..
nr L 1; t
EO H., GARDINER r passed' away a St' Frzmgoi of
a16 Hospital Tuesday.', Mr Gardiner is surV ived bv
nine children., J ERNE&LALU
Mr IEN HECTOR, speciall in rural education
RAER technician,'flewto the States' for: three-months A kTIC Eb A-,
&11_ es on an ICA scholarship., It OL I '. L V
br-. ALIX THEARD, brother 4u ,
of Protocol ChiefDaniel Th&
back in Haiti after 'more than 5 years residence in
7, Yrahce

f R-S


P: G 26 HAITI SUN Sunday,, FEBRUARY Y 3rd .1957

Mrs Sylvain-Bouchereau
CoMinued front page 1.)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti United the time I cameback from Haiti speaking republic, three hDurg
At a political rally organized at
States customs officeo in Miami with a five-foot druni dangling from' Miami to Portau-Princo_
sant by Mrs. Andrde, Witty I -
say that they can spot a traveler from my back and a straw hat at Pan American World Airways cut
is epe,,noted feminist and co-:cham-. its round trip, 30-day excursion
pion 01, V-onien's rights, Mrs,. Bou- Who has, been -,to Haiti, by one least three-feet, wide tilted over
-A-P rom.
chereAu -addressed 500- peasant quick look. fare from Miami to P fi
one eye, $135 to $105.
w6i 'n, explaining the meaning of
The evidence of a visit to the Two or three times a year, A visit to Hait can be packe-F,
their new status. She was intro-
Caribbean island, only five hours either by airplane or steamship, with excitement. In addition ta
duced, by' a vendor at the Croix
des" Bossales MakkeL by air from Miami, will be from I head for Hai;ti. The country and shopping which is
a 3oy and adventure, and not
Qther sp e a kind of a grin on his'face and complietely strange- a deep
eakers wer Miss 'Paula
Aflss:, Marie-Therese,, Cali- what is stacked and clutched und-, draught pf a different life that' much strain on the pocketbook),
there are trips to the mountains
MW and Mrs. B. Laurent The:av- er his arms ffiere probably w I be cannot be entirely drunk in by nn
social activities at the various ho--
.,4fenc'e applauded thunderously an enormous basket bulging with occasional visit. But one ban get tels and clubs, tennis, golf, swi*
;ken Mrs ouchereau I in
told th
N sisal shoes, bedroom slippers a astimulating, sip of it by a ming sailing,: spearfishing, and
thal; no Haltian woman' had :.the
such continental delights as
n. indifferent.,to the. several mahow, wegkend that will, supply muc.l even
right t4jlomai handbags and m4s
_31 a National Casino.
'new, w6a qp, s 4e,- has just re6eived gan pieces and',fpvp ,.,,,bottles of to write and talk about and weeks
to ) ag6 'against the ..conditions:, five-starred.rum. Opened suitcases of memories.
Enchanting Countryside.
bla &Ing the pro&ess of the cqun- Lady Senator? will reveal exquisite n edlework ; Loss tha:n a century and a-half 'Hidden in its history-packed. in-
or French perfumes or a sprink- ago the northerh part of the Ca- terior ar
4-Ahe masses. l'' ; -!.: I I I % I 1 -1. e amazing grottoesi en,,
ne's career is nothing, short of
-:W I I "g. of Chinese., and East Indian ribbean republic of Haiti was the chanting waterfalls, limpid lakes
,en, :,,the Registration! 'Bu- -i
brilliant inbel(ts'tiat bring -ho- and along its curving, coas t-
j_ reaux < -now for -the articles. .,kingdom of 'one of the most, fabu-
breathtaking natural beaches cD-
4me;,thqre will 'be a place on the; nor to members..of, the tr, nge
eill, I 1. '_ I I lous men in wrestler Hemisphere
book for Your nanies Mxs., Bouche-_ sex, and tb her gbe$ -the distftib- vered with the rich, patina. of
Look, WhuCs rTaUdng 'history-, the' ex-slave turned
-W.olaen of Haiti, do tion of bdina,,the leading olerndnt folklore and leg nd,. some, predat-
'4ing, Henri Christophe
to daim .-your the feininist, 6 6niek- inAlal,, ing Columbus' times
cari ina in But,"who; pin I %tq -Jtalk about the
T t he feft
Mw -behind But if you iire like I am.
above 411, fail to use 'It ti. pumen.s
heit"fellow. You should have s he himself, a traveler who likes an injection
t are just as striking
on ection da The hour of the
With a lawyer.s "degree seen, -the 4661
from the. k on-c of ur ieddlk the'giant'stoh fo
woman has. Ares jutting in- of now, sounds, smells.and ideas
H aitih4 sounded: 2. 1 1. 1 11 I % I 1. ., 1.
I I.; (- t -tfe I f d, V1119
Prdy& that you know what to do University of -Haiti, she drafted AjjAfiii.,Cus toini m8pec ors, gave; md. dib y. rom. a mo ntain peak tosatisfy an Appetite for ti H
0: -feet ib0ve the Atla'nfi -ge, H, rtio
with'' m6rcise 'df y6i;'fua and projects 6f, Mj isjiition-'fdr the -,p -the E over, 8 000 c chan aiti fits this pa War
MadeIehaw ossesses i-,. reperto bill as
e magnificent teme-
equal Political rigW P Oc an and th probably, no/: other of
11tical -and. emancipation, of 7;
)fs. Ro h I ing' dgalace America's Sun and Fuh La ds
ue ereau 'need ry. o9i slipepskins from,,.; ead Sans S6uci, lying in Che
'no in t wo her coun4y, ;fnd can do.
e man., va y 1; low. They pre. the rem-
trod'a'etion. to. our ieaders. -Ameridan and opean Univdtsi-
preseifted'..-thern to e ,Qons ti-
me, tit nt of one mah'8dream. of a Picture,'if you can, a city that
e in',
':-_,pnd;- b oad Tlh _&rile t ,Wo-ma ties among': whilcih' a D 6c orat greets the dawn with
ante),. G 19M tvhic igave'the, Hai-m qeat'Negro civilization. chua-ch
ocio s d ca-
lead lia t 6h S 10 1 er t4lent: ah e
er s 011 e MW4 of-, right to Vote': for gy. I bolls clanging, cooks crowing
6. 'onian, the; remparts
isitors Who treV the
dogs. barki ors cryizvg
world s hips ln.fof the ng, vend
Oapitals- i ir'lief. aves. the, first iaftie Munici A Aor. fia s won, her- Professors anvil-sliaped Citadel or
f(reign ie ds, 1 6 1 tp4t of 'A. and the rhythmic tappink of
f-I h [g JP rit' the stone 'staircase. of the
ures mave,'skct6e&'.t;h4 tia'. elec ons b '1955. mou
1. 3 oys beating sticks on
tdon;&rtabl6au'liefore. tka au th V, versity (if' royal paia e surely,'must come
elience .Made eine was, e'.F under and,. ,her''p9stin, 'e. ni
Wooden boxes. Imagine a, spot
away e. ing
ents, : .that tl& heroes -(,f
wi er orn. which,
-tin' 'th h President of the gue' F ji Hambdargi 'Ge'rdan f bi
of tft 80 and Li where' the nightis filled with
..ei irune, th accomplished much tow-
pew siie: ,.ha goned-inf6rhational d Action Sodale.J) ;,1934, addl ..,'sh6.obt*.edJeave. lait,'] overhber_, sounds of' constantlk crowing
ard. a drearn into I-
a -rea cog., fi
on cocks blood-chilli4o
recogniti for, her' coun It t6vel t I N :W4ere,. ;4 I I -0
s 'rected,.its- cbjnppign .through," -Pe: to "Jty -
61. t.-f bl- in
and throbW g voddoo, drwns.
fe I ople'_,q years w wc;h. Is being reinain, throu ou be e ec.: thatched rod huts cO'n st
'th tra
gem o Jurm uthor, victdrk:today a,0,,tW6 to ".:Ompaign, to kssisi 111 the-, Tourist. Fiellities.1nivrove with modern villa-fype homes
minine ,%,
poet-diploinat Georges-.,.'Sylva&,sAHai gd, tq-,-. po, last few .'year j Haiti and hotels -clinging: to the sl9pes
.-D -:W a tl
AV: ei02 Of 111hr noutain P6a:s-
,orl a M &16 e acing
ers,_Xad4&. thems lias e a 'nior, cons effort
_Aass us. 1iiP.
TT, IA, ,
6d U6"ERS4WAACrs. ants b '
j inip;:o e ,its visitor Ncilities. With' caAeades,,
_111, or bak6ts of' fruits and vQerw,
oiii ez of the' .,UD 6r' ab q Qq6 Arsi
YW baidniced oft theii- he as
THQMA$ s1kc did',, a, Oti 't i't 'i 'd" e:'rooms and: approxi-
L4ter are
D" CE 8-T A) form enffless*, -procesifork;
166." i eond Class, esta
4. Y' in
a th. bound for' the maketIn the
'161ishnieiits, all with private ba'
)UN M-$ ter of town., -The, Tifoi*, ptb lx-
7 am, inia di many small
--1r, h'i d ti n,- rous lounge upon tiny- urros
F',"IT aen I pension and guest-house-size ho-
!Pion with straw blilg-,
GO was.aha.Chairm4h 0 014
IN -1 ;- 0 nges fr m ing with prodwe...Fk4ffish -,aAd
ivic a equate to excellent and the pri
R erica;L =s iss'themirby-4n
i eb I of its Po-
4, 'a on oni7j,:-of the e$ an cap., n spite
ti. 4 o ches.
Y 0 th
pularityo e r circuit this Haiti g on about its busi-
re 1 11414 g z ne
ss. of being, aiti.- andnot mia-
I 1 41 4W 11ai year.
X V;W416t '", mi YOU
a, md i = 6' 0 f Hift" bl, Lt ec t .
toe, ftm Ell "' 11 -;h,1 i a '- Beach Here win: n -
e nt item in a mistake where you am' and,
dm r 1 er-, rse J -"-.,f
T Ha&n fi lidl ag qon W never or&t, tha yoU,
openh;tgen uipyor ft...qf been here.
the 'C'Ost geriiiiii tp this i h
pen y ro XDLto
,Win ki *ritihk
e pea mg-
-Way does tb e pre
Free &,ante WOW Pladw roe s
world,- -sh( e ;IVM F __ .
:, V r e
0141 _'Ogiftinl, 9 -gathlo rel 'i to" VM-ft
t a
iew book; o tr6atment.:
_Wi -, ow l-
Fre Coun S nly !56rol DRP RcT ea es
the epift s wlt t. e
., een\ released:b 44 fi
urg. p cen d 0 P. "
Hainbo CV41"FA
?77- t D
RP You *in be Sqrpriqed at.
uh. I i,6 fs
rejtivenateg t1r6d skin. -does
1way with, flues on th lci rm-
ind and restores a young
IppeArance to. the hands.'PLA
PENTUBEX is very easy ap
/* ply. Just 8piead, a, ooatof
(A TAE. on the,
'then add a coat of
E POSIT10t your usu
3 i cream. Each tube of-PlAcw-,
TUBEX come with detaXed
instructions. One tube of -PLA
UENTUBEX is 'suffi t for
several months':'


Sundaiyi FEBRUARY 3rd-1957 HAITI SVN

Day, (inter-American worth, Technical Counselor at the
._Eugene The Queen
Geodetic Survey) arrived here on U.S. Embassy in Port au.-Prince
flew to Miami Wednesday.
an official -mission Tuesday. >
Is Here
Mr FerAnand Surpris, Director
Voted Queen of the CaribbeaA...,
of Ecole Darius Denis, observed Joseph E. Patman Jr. and Ho-
by a SRD survey this -week- 'beau.
nniversary Wednes- race W. Francis, State
his birthday a Depart-
tififf-blonde Mrs Charles Aeid;.C
day. rnent officials, arrived here from bral 1s" visiting. this -end of "#e
San Juan on a special mission Wed
island witk her:newly wed.hug-,.,,,_
Lt. Colonel Joseph ',E. readw nesday. On the we -end Ute visi-
ay' band Mr Cabral is an engineer
U.S. -Military Attache tors had importa talks with
and among 'other tbing built. the"
Prince ari ivcd, here Wedniis6y. Ambassador-Roy Tasco Davis 8nd
*Dominican, Fair she has bmld,.
Architect Chester Nelson Went- Counselor Paul Barringer.
moral here on the.night-club ir
cuit with Her fine dancing.
Andr e Polynice returned home Joe Patman, of the Educational
ThuTsday. Exchange Service in the U.S. COMMUNIQ'UE Mr. Phelps- Here -
x X x State Department, Washington D.
Fritz Th6baud flew to the States C., spent a brief but'gay vi. To" Pla
I ort this past week.
x HAMBER OF COMWERCEinforms its Members that Mr and Mrs PhelP ;,of hill
X x X X x The C
adal was off to New ,elopm6nt 0 re in town. These, fabuloi*.
L iliane N Mrs Pierre d'Adesky and son it has followed withinterest the del
York on the 30th. I I 1 1 6 e le are,. here. to make rangemeut5,,_., -
Lucky 'Pierre are the best cust- brought about by ihe ctispute 6 pposing since last, *eek th
ciati n of'Eitirtbyees of for. the largest airlift -of 61edt ral,
6mers of Kyona Beach. They aFri- Di ectlon of the'.,.t3NR1-1 and t $ As o io
and Marie Nelson tdok.;'ved honic from Texas recently. this Institution and that, -in:face', of the. th I reat f a crack in, Mtributor in: the his ry f avia;r
York Wednesday. all Ihe c t 0 offered: itself as tion. and tourism.. Mr Pheipws, of,,
for New x X X qu4. ry S, econ _1111C stiluc tore,, it has
medil i the, PeiTc6 ing ai. th Ab6*
Jacqueline 03odefroy studying in -Phelps is- stay,
ator to try to find a soluiibn lo fho dispute. betweei
Rates New York for the past six months -part, S'l, Madame will- see that
'alie-Boulos left -for the L 01
Le in cause.
Manhattan. atr s 5 airloAds ofjiis people. get' ha
will, marry in aistrative I a 11L1,-,
'Wednesday. Council :,lfas i modiately -,un ertaken -
le steps neat1he Dire tan- f the'BNRH and theiAssociation.6f py a ,ng,,hqre, a. r.this'laonth.-
X X c
Louis" St Cyr is b 6 able t 'submit its, cir-
Dumaine -backi my the Em loyee.,a'. wenand hopes t6 A Mt ,DOson of-.Ahe -Lond,6uDi&
town. p
cum$tancded report soon.
Mr and Mrs Harlie L. Smith are .1y Exprqss 3vas in'-towri"this- 61 ok
.P4t.a Prince:Febru
ond Hog,,Lifth flew. in Tjiurs- paying a two week-visit to the Jr,- to-- cover- I
Fof'tlfe. AdmihistratiyerColincil, the elo .bf.nent- bt
4y division t L-L,
of the, Smith Samily Mr. Sir .1 1 '' _. _.?, gr1s.
.,.Rob6it P
Smith is President 6f'the,,-Board._.
cre6ry Qeniaral!.
MY'. to New of Higher Educat n r the Dis- Naney Cheird is ba6k f
.fta "R6 PAX-eld i fo
Ra mofld:.Flamberf. r New:L
daesday. ciplesof Chirst, which he explains Ahonths;in York. Her 'mother
and cousin rrain
is a christian. church ofthe *id e Dora
Painphile -took off for west and WestAn the V S; also c; vmto feel th -'Si
last Wednesday.
X V I1-K
'haVeo you misedeour a&?11
x X X x x
OmpOint flew to New
-on Bert Nickso with ,EVery-ev-enlng at I k iir-Conditfoij Lots of people,
the 30th. n (formerly oc 11
HABACO) Ailivet-
hight effib"a' d 9 pr gr
-x x X_ ccor. inglotfi i6fiolw
t ,leaves Tues.; for a two. 1 14' 'eVle 'missed gefti h
Robert ,'Salhave Claude week visit la IIU4* 2Ad YOU- Wl Ak,,,NEV-fR.'
to Caracas, Ven D ti
and ezu
he'll E-r Wit Haywo th
-,B nchard are expected, to Then back t _pick -,up: ih LOV
milY and, take them, al b y; 3kd D SA4-
?' 'shori business -pleasure- trip 00., SUNDAY Fe ruak ALAMITY JANE -AN
to-Havaha t ih s. week. X X.x.. RbWafd DUff UT' 6J1A:N'tECjLA1k-
Sr. Mariano. Basel MONDAYFebruar.y 4th-
X-X x 94 of-Alie Spa SLIGHTLY"FRIgNCH-Vith' W
er _,b;ae
sh Ernbalggy entei i4ed, -it
Nft ,Albbrto, Molina Menocal Mi -ta Vorothy Lam bn'b Anieche d, Butll.M
_x t6r Couns6ldr,'at the ny -others, the, yisiting R. i 'TUESPAYFebruar.y:: 5t h, .".,.-,,.', C ALAMITYIANE AND SAM tec rin;g- Vdau an
_.Iaii e'gation BASS -,wlth,'Yvd 1 6"De Carlo, An'd owardlbudfl,'".
in P rt4 -Prince br- at li l t
",,T1vc,:1 here Wednesday. Wll ,D SD J61INNYL rn a a6;1,com!mon in t
The dist- 1%l E 0 February 6t] DARK n eseA-
Agujshed diplomat is mpan x ec nicolbr, W1 an
I)Y'.'M -wife aiW their oin
'kitaen ai ,ous -us,, roin
Koslow" President of the Ca.
to Secretary at, ribbean. Forwarding orp; leaves ti]rne,',an t1= our, :mi4
OVE RitA,'Rayw
e )j otis c, LfER 4it q
jjj, tjthoUghtg 'Of
d, 'Pal WelY.e
-welcome,,, _.W1
an Embasy in Cara-cas, to ay. a is a.., d; on out
_vitito i",FRIDAY,
again '-and dr'
is Post Thursd these Parts, :and spends a good
'di PH e.. eiv
t guar
X' x time travelftig b-6t en iiornc n
deal of her
s:': virgi '17 1.- _, $1
P-au-P and Ny. Iiiciderita Pat
tio 0
nia Garcia de Flores
e -of -th vould make an y
e,' Mexican "vice-consul excellent d! petite .
't esd amps 0.
xico with am er of Coin Th h 'Glad'Ao -be 'back,
al JS to.any Haitian Ch b
lh6 A ajty6U25 houmiW,-a"V,
two, AA meree as'she usually spe We nowaw'l
j- tighter Mi Garcia is nds
:to %arrive her hours flying time
_e soon; coming'hefe,,'
-telling all the pass6h ers, the won- FORSALE,
V XX _x Ilers Of Haiti and urging them to
E_ Alnerlbafi! adi' -- ,
nqo6er Mar-eel Lauture stay longer,.
ving Aon for New York x x x A. -,t ub ei_ b d--
Allen Schwartz final ingl.-wesfin ous,
will set up residence. 11 got his- ishiug pia
delaye k -Singer cabinet
d.;plane Fr'id;jY getting him chiii
fse wj Plaeh ne p outh
!x-x x back to tfie:_,Uni 14k il jym -
studies at v. of:
hand. vacuu I
MarylandHe'.was visiting is'ujj c eapers, fine,
esi, or
in .Richard, Hellas, deleg-
.he I 6le (tennis coach" unenU; Ehgjis
te 6f "t h
or rican Allie Ritzenb- 6use
ode ie Survey) is'back -froip a erg) in a quick between' term v for. ik t ,XaYlie
-_fO Cana seen d Y e
I zone.
'eailGP6 A2 Tt, No. 49,,
X X x
Rao co,
Aglion, oun,
ic- x x minerdia
sellor of Fr
an e in the 'West In-
4t. -, PARAMOUNT- 1 4
r b u s Mayor"Barth of Kan-
dies, a riv rOm C:T., on
ss on ed hiam f
Cj tY Mi ..i will lead a party the 29th.-
ultimilhonaire' business- TODAY-17_3.( P J
Inen an a flying-Caribbean, scout- LA MEUTE ANGIL
Mr Raoul Nelson, Secret
-,;. ng. party this month., The group ary at 0 and:9,00 Pm...
in. L'E PORT buDE'Sli,
companies by hi
U'S. inv6stment starved' s wife flew to his -M9NDAY-__6:00. M.
otith of t st, Wednesday. THE GREAT CARUSO
7th This dES all &n P M
here-on strictly I be-au' iL11 S11111''v little.b'abv was bofil last week at Pprt- T 6 OO
1. G&rard Gourgues returned home LE PORT DU DESIR'-
-Princes No. 1 print
Tuesday. delberg p shop I Weighing everil tons, the He!- WEDNESDAy.-6:QQ and..6,i6"
ress, the work of tbeJamous' Gernjan firin bv ha t
name as the same old famous Univ'ersit %in has a speed U
Mich, line Eth6ai range'. of 2000 to, 000 sh ets an -t flew in Tues v tQ\ TH RSDAY- an& 8,1
day. our. The machine's LA VELYVE, E
< is a JOYEUSI
Engineer Paul Schilling
who settl ad 6,
the little beauty in htr -s c FRIDAY- ot) and 8:15 P
yrnond and Serge, d'Adesky A. Malleb ry cradle with the..:holp ofli tl -PORT DU DE
Ra ranches' krane. SIR,''
took off for the States Tuesday. I'SATU.11DAY-i.
Making less noise, thdn-,a sewing machine, Robert, Des-; 5,-0(). 7:00 and A-finpM.

U,," 'PAGE 36 HAITI SUN Sunday, FEBRUARY 19,
(Continued froin page 1)

The Bone of Contention construction work at the bank'. He then asked for the recalling
,The principal director of the av
The Communique of the order to stri e, so that.the
-Communique signed by the institutton, Mr Chatelain contin- em retuyft, to their
ion qommit ued, against all professional eth-
Employee's Associat various posts at the bank.
tee informed that the eniployees ics, operated a personal loan at His third recommendation was
were manifesting their refusal to the bank, serving himself, and ge 'the Commission appointed to
collaborate with a 4,half dozen co- nerously, for the financing of a investigate enter the bank imme-
quinsx that were a d6shonneur to pprson'al enterprise. .1 refer' my diately and carry out a through
listeners 'to Le MioniteurD's N
the institution and whose place 0. and effective investigation that I
should be in prison or.-in the. enw, Uth edition of July, 1956, and a 4ould wash away all traces of sus-
I "'iechamber of the Juge d'Instrue- certain 'SociW Afionyme., This picion hanging. over the instituti- 10
tion.- company and the mannerin which on.
it was' handled' establishes the -to-
Bank President Resigns MrArthur Herres 'Explains
Bank President and Director tal irresponsibility of the mana- Position of Board
_Cb istian AimA resigned 60m. hisTgers of the enterpris :with'reg 'd erview with' the aSunv,
of to tlie -tiers crea
post the next day. The Board neiers s w 11', on. Monday rning, Mr. Arthur
Dir ctors of the Bank hi!aded by as, to the;,other amociates.a Our Herres, an American' and Vice-
6n: 1!6tional',-Bank anted a fi
Vice-President Arthur Herres c inancing President of the National Bank
vAened And vptpd to discharge, the bf this 6onip ny 'which, amounts stated that following the cComr
t the S'um'6f bne million
12 employees signing. e c9mmu- ourdes. muniqu& of the Bank Employees
niqiie, and 'letters of dikhaite' wtthou.tJucqng it necessary to i tib the Board to
re Assoc a f Direct
Were'delivered'to their homes'!o qtiire,, inortg ges or"i eal, equifty 'ors'held a meeting'and examined'
Sunday, morning. 'of. any' kirid-i- tj
e ma er, The Board voted to
ily Mol ida
175. Stk Y., I Dr. Chate ,ain de ended..,his p9si- .dise arg-9 ihe 12, employees whose
4 day mornipig when 115- em.; U, Ong se .of th
41on 'in e -, ge,-:', sigqft ui Vs w 11 ere carried at the bot
fierii sitUafto
ow. e d -up'. b a; n ik o' fibns. )1-'at., Banque Ion-,
idyees st Nati t6ra conimunique, which re-
;as n e 6 to, th
j.5 ing protest agaost:I e oard of
-by' tr k ief, r d '& off cials as -a half, doz-
UP, es. the' tc.,
ge. their. _$ : '' attitu 6 in r6voking
pr en coqunis,
vl(- -by -baxikio, ici S, 12-ifi, ttee of,,.the Ehi ]Wk ,Herres, further stated t at
su. ykds 43
,wen oii, .aa- u plo would be
the emp oyees. on strike
e. r, cent appoin ed!, stiw y aPP! a ng"' to., a,
particular y ',41dwed'11P. fesuhie'their duties at
iation eo'rnmis "sidn'_ !r i-org nd tQ.
el iut that the positionof,
makirig an office' al',iiivi,-gtiga ti6ii.:-of APOrt th6;',,, mo enWht of the the 'Board vis4rvls; the '12 signers
Baiik 6__ployee.% 'of
ti onclud6d,
the bi w6m ons. an egu. ari, the of ensiv
YderIng""N'ti ,e t' e communique was
.,Aies ot e Mzgloixe i 69ibie4 *ere 9 'air th .. ... rth
Q ,eontlpue uc j le*. Hi p er stated.
by, t e-.,Jiqxt ftk -
J?&ihg urged the s rikeirsi:ta, -A ons'., at the inAit H6
th i,,qper ti n
.. eu, aft kninediate- inquiry m 6.- were con ng n
VheWarti-d# 'Peuple orifially, with of'
bai op4ations., Haf B Ace filli
0,en -4u ;; i 9 ng in to assure the
ppgr s, aijk banks; various 'services.
'Silvere, ger He4te Epip 0
4T-he ators of.;the
letters -in sexe aiV
addj tb Peuple haitiens",whose Qitestion..
Soir4 rai4i 37 shed Otlt'L in Meeting.
ai atibn"J r6sidenf',-and
Associ or
the 1 'Iiery',.s es, over
d1ne of Ae _'di',scbar ed:'em l pqeqh :
6 4i es 'on. We gN, 01 the-',rSun contacted Mr.
oy"S' d L nesday ev
b ChAte Ain
osep Aeries,,6 -telephone Friday, mor-,
POS decl4hrig that, they r6f
ifi0s Enip
o Oap 16y eg, I d they w& h(A'-
intimidatecL-i T4 criti" d.-the; h state
lfi.,.a', radio S eecfi;: 16 J rob ey
yornihjE nt for !t0eiating. special meeting on the
"Chathlain" Pkesideiit of,-:th p -tdgtion at wi
Ifa' si s -represen
i'IL _, 1 baukj declared tfi6' i A both dg
-were: eartil ,suppo ngthe'Lnio : and before thd: end he
el _y A ii ve oy's,
iEnip oyeeg, arific&'tfie, p situat!
melt, of,, the : sjr kink baiij- Inp xpep, e, the on to 6an96
ti shiker4, t-
ozi-of th -_ -one way or the other, and'sta
the'y, ish6u!mfih. .
Dr C lain :stafed- _many '- tcd, -yoiir're, oltition'! i's 'that' he, might have further
L tion
-had given the, ac of -the ASS9-'
cidtio Interpre
a pol.4 4 L tation
to' Haiti, 'E 6$- 6Hed !]I, From
ng-t at -they' Were
ti V H61
working jnthe'i'iidte di7
rests L 0 can -b, 'd- ers of-
last','dead- emb I If
Y- o the Reirei told tt Sun. on
ft 4
8A "da Morning, that,55 of the
(h rari, FQup1Q W4tie'' iur y--
a8-4 Amels te 9, cor e9"Rf9iitd lnteryenesj do renlai a. n",
1111;6_,Prdfested' against being
1. 1., .., 11 .- 1 .00" d t oughout the sW k6Y'Thir_
lu a night, th "0. P.M.
Object 'of"., 4keffiO'a'cious. c 91nny4*. RaOib Ciaxp ib es 1y. bank officen aho
J a 0, au ence, of .e have
'rd; ; -, -, '' tl 11 1. 1 ... tQ 'assure)the ader
an ,be&-!; l !y
17 glous ', )y
-11#, ftie& Ing, .,o e tservice since th6
or, r rg"- R Aig agd
certalm pe4 piirpogelyi
tneg A, iliort' req e.,
httl4t e e' acc' ti b Um to
asa ous;
H al 4 10 -niployces
said that
PrQvq it 611, solidarit ,, by t it & cesr' t, "tin e (ffe6'rs had been called in
dim bs a opiniorV l
_car ]M4: ftbM the -bank
the, v, isjs _s in. the F),rovinces
A!recis d
of, lu na; ika prA em 4&d. are4urnishing valuable'ai in
th Bihi A L' -Lid' ;146 keeping!..the bank -service, going, sa-
ias,- sk00h'eq byr pi- Riga
.I a Ift) ch, ain::, 6"
socia t a f Crdr fh6 tisfactonly.
_point s6 Ution
i6ngr 6iMctions as
t ctu al V, crj s I S andr-r'Inisun nd- Mr jkrW fup.ther stated that
necessity 611'1, & t1ye, jStinglL
)h 11 1 day. morning negotiations
be twbcn th6 a em. since'.,Fn
)C5 ,.";int4r, stg of'. between the Bank and the
and- m( d t di ors.,--:
v. :the oersbnnei working, in, i s 7, 1 9 Association have been un
.h6 a gko O the Wynedi. p oyee
tution,,, to isa e-i a '1 Pr. d and. that the dep ates.are
s I, erway
our, plo:. continuing.An agre6men ay be,
Ait. 6, twQ. yeLMOA r'. BAnR,,,Ein
prineipa. -otab is n olf cre, ion
S so Ic- at. onimf who reached at any moment, Mi H r-,
V i-partisahs o all tli6 -,rario Ise
Ids' lbeen res said
A -1 11 h6 d.
ava er
belJoie; in'.1,4botnni6n effort. to, 6
1V in improvement an'd tlie in
'ess EL
pensable redresgment
for the interior of the instit on:*
Mr Chatelain stated that the ob- PPXSENTS THISWEEIK NIGHTLY
Ject of their Association was to
obtain the elimina ion o nepot- IN SAMBOCHE ROOM
isffi, administrative ebrusbs. .and
The .-Varibbean. FolicloreTroupe:
inside hierar
the tendency. to co ) 1. 1
k.c ty in-, positions. and re-manera- The Famed S WghSifiger-Ester Valladares
'tions 'as ,a- personal, affair, bpn-
Thef American TopDan6ors Azuquita
--dition& wl ich lia.Ve pirevailed for
reOn hed t4e.1 ukzi
)aia AndX
Ja l'ng'.tini& HP
smali favor,% heape&upon'tbeo-gio Tulgoarcito.,, the tomic.singer from
G:, AR 1: I.

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