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Haiti sun
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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4 .

VOL Port-au-Piiuee; R6publique d'Halti Te.lep'hqne'2061 Sunday, JANUARY 27th 1957 Noi.'."-A8, 'i

hers''61mve'. 0mien t 'O
Ch W
M, n,

..,Ex: osion Ta s,-,, Doo i r

u at to o, .0r mla..-
"'day evenin t ..
The Political Weei eiided F g. ,yi a,, a,,
n: and bleW
tplosive rnade, loud:detonati6
n un nown e)
350-Room not 1 the rather d6org-of the Legis ative Palace at 8*3.0 P-1
'i 6 6 do Ors to .,Piece s 7 a shattl .re
Tbe 6xplbshrlp tore' nd
Fq-6r Haiti,.Studied ov6r the steps:-of the Chambe'r ;'j just, eigh t fibuis., Dftdl
Corps hk passed awgiving.. F-Women,
i the history. of 'the. Republic, tfib riklit t 9 Qv.ote ipn _, s
Ke'nnard Chan,
and residential' elections.
:,,ARTIST DESIR ad miriag his Haitian Mona Lisa. The stafiie, which %ter Udlii9
1) e' Ir' 2' 9 s Is n 6 t fini ied, was sculptured.out of a live mahojany tre After twen xsuit o f 'i
-ty-five. years in an. unre enting pu
Big IRA&
in th -ardens of th6lEl: Rancho. One arin will be added Wer. -xight ,.
plains (See Story 'P6 ge 1 d'Acti 86ciale led the struggilb'. -
'Asurveyer o thO, Kennara Hd W 11'enEiqip 16
',Jainury'25,-1957 go,-doWriin:i,100rVl'as,
tei c h aii is. expeq e ere n6xt t 69 W m
P, 'IM WEEK idy pta ticabflitk
ENDS we eki t 0 sti or Yq the nation4l' elee c
be eh.Wle (V gy., in
of buRding -a7 A e inil'
r and for the resi ency..,
lion d6l1ar holfal in ir fti.
W1 d -ais
Wesi ent Jos(,eph
opiniba Chambem 'opened 'on Tuesday. -Th 't Lpi
of, r 'S a-
I er ese traets 1A7 -as
question e s0q
14 y .. ie .6 9 th t 6. th
eonv& tion. 'd Pre identiat were de "oi A r
!a ma e by. s circulating around dit au 6i i. e ennard-u 0
e Af dise 11 1
t q lling the -thambers to Prince. oWners.of St. G 9 lylll$ re -r or
en slature be ed, for. its fii f oric,
Xlew 7,
siOn; 'and th Candidates Intells wepinethse 'quesfibn. The Ify three,, ays he're- t p, tHy to the Oal of the count
Wfree ',.el action and Ahe Fr d a n 1. 4- k-, *3 40m, 'A
lnpafg n: y ; l 0
hatL-,AVrrAr' Sgpjl
s t6c xq
i losl n that tooi:;:tW.0 of ihis"zounli7y, 0 e Sena ;,t
doors of -'Afii ('chamber,, was'-'-&.Y' rofessor Daniel Figno16, bac Aec6Tno ie P,
C:Gf 1pur_ from his
Artiboxiite tour, held 'a Koves,, G eta Direet a of flie vata i th tfie,-M-a 0
of Parn Chai er iffer-red tj
en 69 niemb mass meeting at Rue de VEriter n Mr. K stenbera
ons, j.he women, in 1955, senf seven of'their can.0
jilefit ved fro m' 4h Pr& cF.s, rement, last Sunday afternoon ivith.Minister of Commerce Marcel va ous Citv Commiss ollls ., 6 1 6 1 victor ,oa the ..' r, f t 6 'Cou !r7v
rumours cir&itlate& about town where an imposing crowd gather- Vaval, Director of Tourism G,13r
were electe Ma th
Id yor. eir comT
that,:there, was -aipossibility of im- ed to bear his two-hour-fong ora- Lara4ue, Architect Alex, Ewald, tj 'o sdtis actbry.
disbrder ,,rpsulting .:from don. and city.,bankers. M,
the dividf :qpuuons on whetner Mr Figno16 resumed his niaht- The 'hotel the Kennard exec"ti- THANK PRESIDENT AND PARLIAKENT
the Government shoWd Fecognize ly broadcasts over Radio Carai ind will- be designed
Pes, ves have'in in
the6 Legisl6ti've, Chanib6 s .,which defending himself against the at- to draw the convention business The Friday morning session at jhe9 Legisl
hundreds of woffen who'waited with co,
man onsjde red to'bo' acks of his:adversaries, and reit- to Haiti. nfide 0:9,
bq y 'o f M aglioire eratin,4 his accusations they lineVj viould be forthcoming. They hear tl
Liste ne 6: ih;' Mr. George Kenn, Manager of in th6 Lower House by unanh iega
s t e, brbAdeasts,. ov Dr Duvalier whom j16 called a nous vote
er oLa Voz Dominicartan ";heard a trbitor. to the Movement Ouvrier Hotel Montana, said his two upstairs to the SQnate, they followed.,
speak -h from, a tract that ut the )Tdia Jeantyj Preside-n-L
er quGti or- guests were enchanted abo y Miss L of L
Paysan 0,10P) political party *'Led b FA h AQ
dppounced a plot to'ags --A
assinaTe Hotel possibilities here, and' en-
8,onator,, Louis, D6joic when the (Continued on, page 2) joyed their short visit., Coutinued: on page ao)].:

/V Of
teww ndt a ,
ith Four Pr

yh Bapon

4 ag wr"Ier D aroa
Holbach on req est. 0 e:j
kSum) has interview fout
bf the 'to thepre-, I
AlthoughAhe Writer,hO

ay aiter- cq would be a Municipdl institut-
Drtege aid ion. Ten years without paying pa-
La. halan- tents rt taxes, he would give, in
edition ve- order to encourage new local and
. Clerveau [ foreign enterprises. NUt more
Ylillan and than three close members of oeie


BY ALAN BAKE R godown to Rudy's camera shop 2X~N$WTJ
It takes one sweeping glanc an get the latest -GermanmodelI TME
fromi the window of your Pan Am of an~ underwater camera adtk H IE
Copper as it skimis over~ the beau- Isome photographs of ma~rine lie.
tif ul bay of1'ort aun Prince to A twenty minute drive thru NOW BOSS5
know it's a home o kn~yr ne or wo ofte ,most primc~v LUXURYIJ RO(OMS
On cloer exam~ination, the home and\ interesting Hitian villages
becomes a palace. The waters are will take you to Ile h Cab 16 to
ideal: warm, colorful, teming where one of th fshere wilng wit aors.I iagroe
with aflvarieties of fish, and take yo abou a mle ou a tewinter sesnwt th opn
most important, vson that is a]- series of shallopw rei file with i,,g f5bnao s n e
most unlimited. All to a sknies aaie tifu]. cora foman s.F the Rachoe an henysup
ihee waters are particularly 'more eplecddvr h l ee iigtesayttrswl
suited to divr without much ex- de la Gonavye 'wol betebs ii t heeprs we l

sonis: the reefs are shalow and groper aire a~s bg asca bepa n1prs(h ntwt Q
Scub~a devices are uneessary. found any+1iere. hnn ecas ezsot
Incidentally, Scuba is an tunder- a ocl ou w? nldn

I~ss pear em.alws and1 la'cpd gada
being athr isg oi -ia slt anaeut eafsiga-:nisc r.'J 6-4WI,,
Theifq ovefloing kithe ha helfes-frgrud

successful spea at a ot dvstosmqit

ne qi S'

wo~l hols ade eore,

lamo la nds. aalbe.ti pplr ors
totaln of 5y luurou' r

theOI ElOR R -ASo is t '9

oi itlauel m 1r
moe0lreet r

g~~~ te &as gro ahre chlden hi andi Mr hie naetX

en~oit tu u aeater qy.of

under~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ phe bottnom- in' an rest over feliiloewt aiiatrehe
4~~~yle view .ur!te I rol tU~z ~ns
Catan aon o viitedA Fac aend e ta foo- one thetl Sispry xae~ TU
bergti Au Cr aoi abads fth Carai Salvao hon Wils~ tale o atrmki oiso h
yahe Soutr ftr afe wel ek jon Californi wits withun HllanVsto whc ieateUN JA
of 'hliday by MGrnt a oee- aer, Antin re hidr.' wno onet or i Arl
low'f Mi reviou an hemploloy- g C hie Satoris guieT to % n fti etssin t~t
whv~atod has> wohrkeun hevc If'~o 'rscsom ~n iew~a
laces s~4Beu Rivae Ge- ega frd as fog tie tognc aond t'Pyee ot
-Aac KMogrecuii Jaz CV;aema NOI'gEtoION --L-,.~
tri to4lfri hswe. 'ores sesfrterctnr

1 "7HIT U SUNDAY Janury 27h15

tJpor TO Toa> decision was taken at the National Council of Football held on Ja-
nuary 5th 'because of financial difficulties. The coniuni(Jue sltcel
mbasado D~itesBell~gazaeWe have~ been obliged to take this grave measure because the.
~ ~4 decision taken in December by the Council of Secretar'ies Of State
11i" ost. nd~ the FUF to cover the, deficit which occurred in the last Triangu-
e '''~nw hsoindpo lar nmee will not be carried out for at least' three months,

'f~hs,-thr jhmostof he on-MISSLILIAN- HELLM~AN,. famous author of ,Children' a Hou~rv and>
0 O E T D Y ~ U I E ~~ sxttv o Lw will America i battle Foxesh, is enjoying. a few days vacaion at the Oloffson. Miss
'his, c~u~fry in th Unte Airv ROBER neVE t UNCFrpresentative fr ati Ameia iit s H'ellinain intens~ to meet, the Haitian writers at a reception given 'in
Ama6.dr was acsma-n. Mr. Da~ve who visited Hiaiti in L dtitteeh O yN;~rwstewe~ed
hi' Wifi ebl anadh au~vce ~ t h Mr. 'AT bA exper, atrrived here Thiursday for a 4-day visit.
Mr. OMINQUEPROPERI replaces Ai Raoul H4ector atth di- Dui iqoourn in~ Haiti, W 'Atten Will ,study~ the comniuity dle-
etn of th OAC (rganisation et Administratio des Ci06 elpnet gr
vri~es* ........ ... I ..... ... A.UN exp&t. lin Meteorology will 'be attached to the Departmn t
'V,~J am1~CX,~ ~ok~enne o, the new specialist has nopt been revel-I
th nuuation fhslts bo Te oeo Fner Prn s ~ in Pea Itigtiov
A A1 gt Mim ai Moneg gay NOVLL iQUIPE is the naine of a nfew volitco-social-' an d
epartur time f 218 New A mist SRGE GAOUTE wll be uest ap 'liteary weklyttht appered weeow: The wee. The a isr ieeited

4;,Q-P nsed f104 MESS ESA$4 and DICKENS, delegates of the Organization'
Cohe41itO othPan Aerican Op2Lic Game~s tobe~ held in Cleve]-
Dr GORGS SEGES, hie of heAO ervce f Ariclturl 'ndOhi ih 199, nded a 2-day good will miission here Sunday anxd
gson the next stop of their Caribbean itinerary.

ANK FFILALSTheFAO'exprtha .. sme mporanttals wih te Mnistr o Fi
hanc MrP. -ass gn t~i-U e Peranet Reresntaive nd he4
HEE Une. -ta'yo tt:of'aiu~e
bak. ffcalMesrS. ogsrssA.b~tLSCT duitk fi-rsien li eso
cry p~nyon ober Midle-willsi -i t irsFrenh' ll-ngro.cas opeettac.ati o th
4,,ad 4Fai KmalarvdgcIln*'itnjityb alD-.
4ess.Abr 4~eez n
misson Wdn. on'tHesiate
bn:d, pecal rnd. Vi' opreta wllhe pesetedby te Teate Lyiqu Frn-4

Iee~e mcet With: th4ed mrca P ai'B
oper 4s- ilas'fauewrd ae
el, DVA(Oraniatio etD6 ancr a e~tfi Duhamandhor~all6"i.""The6pertta mil b, 4

Vlir,!a.,nth rgt-msio T)A PIruar 6t e Mr FraikbC4freuen vfit- willl e~

1-ris.udrae nte b otroanired engbineer MAR B YUR pZN O chief:n of bee

I ore: Lof flying backtt &o Cash Pa Aieri, Union 'Scto ofCoprtie Tetwlivte

i~f ceMr.Pau Ca ffirs. he; e pin fture: fpJn de b th Is Dea eAri i c t4 4

d mak anies atig4oton Aci "d~~t~ article; So il
~ ~11e1 v -s to 'themA E HE JI

ocucc -wed arrivei her Ve-!Ader.i th tliae Aivhh Tave ar
~~t~~~ieO ofofa Portn2 ax ixlP1in hi l ID tavef Trcid
Arv 4NO ay. i

di deGR isa -ntoa fot! A ~

I~ q ii esos-awl as~ kepn-a
peeedf9 drwes

sunday, JANUARY 27th 1957 HAITI SUN ..PAGE 5

IIAIT 'SUNknow whom -they can count on Where Can We
U rather than listen long praises ab
THE HAITIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER !out the wisdom, the patriotism Get Bar....
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning ,and the' intelligence of -His- Ex-. Rum In. U.S.A
EDITOR-PUBLISHER BEJtNARD DIEDERICH I cellency or the good heart Of The 'Haiti- Sun.
G EN The, State's official journal %Le Gentlemen:
S WOMEN OF, HAT I h Ltl hns '~t~~

:!.meat;eur coul publish Nemiuy, PWe0 t were: inat Haiti two years...
WeOfficial documents On govern* ago we loved it, we lo e
Sr GEThat Count mental ffai adthe ,publication people and of course were delight.-
STR GGL O ER O- of aCnded with arvelous scenery
Information And Not greatly help to inform on -the de- clate.
The Message of the President of the Provisional Govern- bates. that take place in the However we will never be the
mient, Mr. Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis to the Legislative Propaganda -Is What Chambers. same again, for we are unabl o."
Corps on the opening of its Extraordinary Session, January We Need. Soewill object that there is procur'e your fabulous Barbj
22nd,, represents a great victory for the Haitian woman, as no mey vial o uh-a.cutR .Nvrcrdfr=
much war. thepos tio hich she is the object as for the Dear Editor,
form in which' it was presented. It was a pity that at the open- tn aiian, poliwat.cs anotubi ad-rent 'IOur' buBrhaned sl dthat
According to the Constitution of 195, in its Article IV, the erg of the Chambers extraordinary miisHati, o l s a e p ice a en Oare pucshas p n-
Haitian woman was not to enjoy full electoral rights until session Tuesday morning, one minstrto? nesac we iv ao go e cared logack, wit we hc-aik~
-three years after the elections of 1955 in which could hardly hear the voices of theto deoy itiul o so g ab
she could take part for the first time. orators who rose -~up to talkg tonome ybati fun isrwat ryee. IO~ it.aVeylttei epre
Through the organ] of -your news- Giveunformation an wht we nieed h yekowar wolitle ible....t
'It was up to the Executiv~e to advance the exercise of this paper I am. asking to whor it sive uoseainfortion Ad ill eah yeau could fidbeutossibme
privilege by presenting a proposed law to be ratified by the miay concern tht microphones be Gtop tosearcforthe anldio ewla wher Icould brid so to .
Legislative Chambers, because the. delay was not to exceed placed in the'rostrum so that the Gie s wilnotrma y an morwspar wthe ~isoenet
three years. However, the Senatorial and Presidential Elec- audiepice may, hear what the persubwiyno 'Gv cry an-r I' weizth e tetisUn
tions were fixed for 1957, and the. fallen regime had' taken speakers have to say. f cn orm 'Gie usi n- Iu eal is ther frequent -s nds
no measures in, favor of the women's vote. veniences- iare found In every Par and we will1 avoid those who 1jOs- your rLIM.-
liament building the world over
The D~ecree-Law reestablishing tfie situation has been I don't see why our Palais LUgis. ses. tJe Ak-o hoHiooltckVriTuY'Y s
taken. President Pierre-Louis' Government has- drafted anid lati should be so deprived. The faor an we l. bie ues Ineagr 1r.4. Hroknw Dive
reseted the proposed law for passing in the present Extra- time is not for caeesesand It isrs certain decision of Rcor.Ilos

pit th onrsmeaueieve r
;odiar Session of, the Legislative Corps. thtogehmn temevsa e govonnment.RJcnfr. 18th o 1957
The long strugle 'has ended for the women of Haiti. fnot excusgble for'such a g p Theth vin t.anrY1h187
little things count much. 'Mat's .In a real democracy, people it
theuseof skig adat fo~ oe'sis said, are liberated from fear. 'hs Venezuela StOl Going

dah, us fakigadmfoyns
region when a congresn can- Information is for fear what free- To Give Us Airport!
notseeth enessity.oa doh of work is for the hungryM
With~ Inauguration Of Saturday Excursion not see th yeest famco ou ahr Dedrningh nwae
or'ndroySuhea n freedom of expression for theutthn
dphFrooritne~ in the Hall where he has aI o r unn esae
Flight Jacmel Bid Fo ors olrs I/to discuss majoro pblm with oppressed. te idotte nom yu
his colleagues. Let he' be dar ix'd -A few weeks -ago, in this same readers about,' what happen. -to4
With the inauguration ~of an excursion flight to Jacmel yester Iwith his 'dam! But for the moment, column, I have suggested that the that deal with Venezuela.:Ou
day, by COHATA, the prettiest coastal town in the Republic, let's have the micro Iphones.' Information Service be' detached dear 'Sist-r-,Republic was, oni theb
has now a chance to enjoy the tourist dollar., I am even asking for more. It from: that of~ Propaganda.~ So far point of giving us money and techt
has been done 1i Ythe, past, it can nothingg has been 'done, rather~ the nicians to build an airport. I amn
Hard-hit this year because of the failure 'of the coffee crop be done now., The debates should. same methodl is being. "followed. sure that the' deal was wt
which is its principal stabilizer, Jacmel will be introduced to be~ broadcasted' both in the Sen- But I aml confident that those it country and not-with a president.
the tourists by this new flight which leaves Port-au-Prince 'ate and the House of Deputies o may concern will read 'carefully So, could you find o'ut what : h~ e
at 8:00. in the morning, and leaves Jacrnel at 4:30 P.M. the that the people may have the' my' second- .Thtte4 and' act 'accor. delay is now. A personall firiend'
same day for the return trip.v, chance. to know what is going on dingly. anof mine from Caraeas wrote tme
in the Nation's Affairs. It's the I With many thanks for your- that the matter Was signed and
Day tours are being.organized as well as a < end,>> by local interests who are represented in Port-au-Prince people will be more interested to ALIBIADE (S-Petionist.
by J.B. Vital. & Company at Rue Bonne Foi... t

met's Day Tou "incl 'Vs w e ruin cocktail atltel x'"-
celsior, a visit to the town and market, a stop ,for complimen- '-
tary cup of the famous Jaomelian 'coffee at Hotel Alexandre, ""il u n
and a typical Haitian picnic on the beautiful Carrefour Ray- '-
mond Beach where swimming, snorkling and, body surfing
may be enjoyed up to plane time.

This is also 2a chan ce for Haitian tourists to join the mnove-
ment and enjoy Southern Haitian hospitality. *: .F

~9' Mme Ft'ect WOOLLEY's


~ ." ,beneits f electricity

au~~t~zj,. benefits and comforts of electricity. Now any community, no,'
!d sb- CteaLL"oi matter how remote, can secure permanent power with one or
more Caterpillar Diesel Electric Sets. -
Single units are available to produce from 19 to 315 KW
-For, larger communities two or more sets -can be synchronized to
0 produce the required kilowatt output.

my Government its constitutional
character which is a guarantee for
our liberty and our peace!),
President Pierre-Louis continue
ed stating thata it is for this rea-
son that in the special case of the
placing undairsequestration of
,the property of members of, the
former Gover ment, he desires
to be armed With 'adequate

nion, the Nation is disposed to
show confidence in the President,
personally, but within the limits
of the legislative work in mat-
ters of legal just amplary and
peremptory decisions which they
are expecting of the Provisional
Government. .
-o know Mt. ierre-Louis,,

the publicist told the President,
-you have a noble, and subl'me
task to accomplish that is of
bringing the Nation back to the
point of having confidence in its


Look Out IFor The Original Masks


Down every rue Suday afternoon now until Ash Wednes- here a few years ago and puhhiciz-!
day m agns bandes will dance in thec streets of cities and~ ed by Westerns, Black SerisS
~vjila-oes of the country ti the traditional festivities that are res. People m stly wear them in -
observed throughout Hiaiti at this time of the year. Bls Ma3u6si or in auiton e
cony~)ys during~ caniva~l time. In.
,-Aarcliad'VIasques- w~ill soon, 'Ilrse hair previously ydesi k a ic meantime the confection of
openu the sale of masks, costumes te or sisal may be used to add ockey haits, cowboy sut,an
and decorations that~ are needed hair mustaches or beard. FHorils matll sta hat hiav steailyde 4effW
to disguise the groupes or inivi 'for' the mnasks t~te bcxu4, co, -eloed.
duals who will participate in the Adoup garouv. TNcolor oteiltht ae M of r
.mnardigras. 'But the giant headls that pre -nstlyakdi h soso n7
Imprte maks with rosyiseen in the big parade three d, heesnofd1 toi-
cheeks and red lips have> not hili- Ibefore Ash WVedncsday aireae's are red genlc ad F
fdered the development of the Hlai- by skilifull artisns7 or sculpture mAne Ote0 tm htar on Nt
tian mas~ks lidustry which produ- ifte aqe-aeairc
ces m~asks-that ar6 borrowed from -piAas ers e ik1 AIL ~A9:CN i fetNvme
the legnds nd folk of the cowi akeeivstn, has organ- troihMrh3.Wvsan bletbtwn.1ad
try. The reproduction of proeii- -irfd airc~6 t..Yne~ drrui ae
nent figures of the Nation's his- .01 ,Fml ffu ae p ,90
tory ineof the original decor- t I al frtoeWoitn ods 2 ~eA van
ationsA that contibte more to I S
-give a color of its own-o the carl- epiigeolprpaeteGidlya

Every Haitian boy knows" h~owbeuiuthnanie.ninSoyurTvOAn.
to make a~ mask oif a -haute tor- i oudoitK
me,. The only material needed atre Th-hwanwislasm-
wrapping paper and starch. Paint40ADUC
whicha is. rare isrelcdb ii'md.Te-ha as r:-ae
line or red bricks grindeil into wit sml -lbse-''gud
powder o1 -noir de fume serat- d 'rii ofcr.Tef~jte
chedA from kitchen wall or lanp' with ti.UlkAte onre
glass. nrfr -akr r odbtis
Clay is used ifi make the mold. edpolbu cntsvadFL E TH& C U
After giving the> clay the shape a IT THN
or the form of ~a person's face (or P ra ecftes
the beat' face for a -masque ceo- Th -ms poua raiino
chon) it is died in the s -. hn mrIgrstm steoamyte
the mnold, is etirely covered with students and they miaght reuaeet h osu n nte ,
gle md ith~ 'arch; afer ao ar~fPefll
fir'si jiyinpg of paper is pastud naors. Miniters Bouq ma41 -srrsefr5cnies"Te wl
pon it, after~ it dries a second Chouicoun1L etc. ntoe h o nesyupy
layer i adddnd s ahuti lthe. _mask$ that use~dto cos 15~ Acb h lmyte o a o
mask becomes olid~ TIo take of rue pr .d nov "a ~re' ti l iad znoia I

only break the latter. 4s is thle skloup- intou I edTherl fca ao _

lyin.dwrd bcutd bynbys whoWantnt
mak auutan Andtl cah toa well canamed fo EFtCIV FILTPATie
BE >8 pUEr cent f -orwuntaindsietomaeusn.'t
Tl~eil hey imnaterh voice.t tha an adultle Ei~ I dG 1 E
ed 1 w Eth FIamin PoRINTia! p~chatraod eijre'nlse
~pinby andnd whos mih take off ~ A~
Hat'saKodwr t -CrbIian se~pf~ whc ie hi ak nd ctry -mri-
<(oddurs in) Andr H ci'-f rs wants, ell namedifor s te. ipa 6 u.
fae rea i 5 e r~ ceontrmountan us the U itede tises ai inoen!
Toii hre no~ngt ait nil fo the eention yt a on.gmbtwhni'i oeb
fis n whstiulu wit morh plan tahsian na mi rv paut t-s o o fe dial
,a~iituesurd line withd fIlaminch oisettat hchn owat.oes oe,
Chtltdes leurs ialo Pinsnufcrtoo ca pen cfum. bo shocinda pcues ha c F le

Almost 500tfueeriealcest can bie aboleisra elyvsit Cto ilt xlanwtth lsi 5
gh~~tdes Fleur s, 40,1r, antos Dlhnui ecwrs

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Ptsbauiu ratm eent ccui WORKoff One of ourTIC TI

most ~ o Trouhfue pene an e aleisrelyisi tof ml..... FLAVORt UCHECIO LESSI
high9t Chatele desFleL
LAYINI cim 7ecGn jj, Haitia Cuisine of

-is~ QcialiM. to 1:30 .Ivt
Co~90" "Mon" Do"SS As nl.
CA TE E' D~S F E R kW" h*ma&


-S.NIDAY January 27thi 1957 HI~TI SUN, K

f e*have Lseen him day-,after day lab- And so, with' hoinest eetos
I it i f)otiring with his own hands ini the he is confident that he ;wil e
(i1,f&J "fields. eighty percent of the votes.

,By BaronVo Holbach erninent a Agrlnomist in variouli i i

oVe ne thns'facanididate ted Presid1en~t of the Chamber 'of his enemiessathtews rb
'for the i of Commerce in 1945. Louis Dj e to the extent of one hundred.,
impatient codrepinclerks wstieelected Senator for teandfitthuad olrsSCTHW IK
and usher~s immediately spring up Departarnent du Sudl, first in 1946, >Such are the trials of tile. ri
selflhi11 isciiig hsy

beforer leee and reelete9d in 1950. triotic- and ef-aFii1, TJ
Louis flejole's house at ~Pacot,, Senator. Dejo1e is, inarried4 ha.s malignity hurts the Senator even/
wvas, no exception to the rule. Yet three children and nine grand- more when hie thinks that liez Pb$dnya~tue Jnjjte~~~Zsn2 dihs500w~ihbrl>
the informal mannerin which the children. no need f r the salary which the
-oatr received me in his. hbi s_ H~e started~ off~ pen.niless. Governmentl p~ as him as Senator. / T Wh*
robe immediately put me at tease. father losi eerything in Lis Instead, he is pouring hndreds. The
The Senator~ was tip since 5:00 A. World} War. By herd work C h ~. of tJIousaq of is ownmoney in-Clbrto
-11. and had been kept 'busy all in fhe country thSeao h1im-, to the soi to further agicultr Sctc
~morning. There was no~ time to self works. the wholday in the 1 deelpmnt and prvdewrrl
waste, so I~ wenit straight to Ri fields) he has amassed a propery for a starvng ppuation.
point.~ of live thousand acres. He pr-
~Son of Justin Dejoie anid Louise' ides work for ovrfithu id As Loi Deoesei,-at'
(Cesvet, Louis Dejoie w~s born at people, ,at salaries rangig fronchef ;pobe isu ho torvd
Port-au-Prince,' at Chemiin des three-and-a-lialf g46 aes (7 .A okfra savn ouiin
Dalles, oi Februar .23, 1896.... it nierican' currency) to one th~u Heepaszstath sno
was~ on' Sunday at 1:00 o'clock' in 'andy dollars ($1,000.00)~ per mnt. iianbtaeciinwfia
the morning. It rright be "1itrest- Thos who draw te highest aa conepto ofi o o'na at
elttihkas ati mm/amdidw

ing~ to note that among s ancs ries. are all H~aitians., Louis D prduce moe
toswee(Iuth s' d'n- joie owns fourte factories and 7, .' ...
nery, Govero f an Dornin- p~roducesN essential oils, wich an epoys ninet pent ofteO .AEA LCETE GOEY'TRS
gue (died 1776), (2) Niolas Gef> used in perfumes. etc. wh or. Tei, jrit aehr-
frard who was. one of the' four The Senator, though caipita. r to _fat hoei
generals- who 'fought' for the I~n- itst, wa~s 'brought u 4i Be'giu poe ithywat tokept"i
dependencee of Haiti, (3) and Fa- andl has socilist tende~nces 'jb. mlye het evr
're Nicolas G'effrard. President entr pltc inodr o de-~ iajobll -otlse ter'osfr
'As Hati and son of the General. 'fend his inter ests andx h ne-on ls hr 'i no hoe o o
Asaboy, Lois.stuied at Pe. hto thumn s o eric
tit "Seninaire tolleg St. Martial, As enatorudr 'it Dr L~ si yasltr
at Port-au-Prince.' Next hewe ii t flt L
Belgiuim where<'hex continued hspsdtewl fth atrwe hsaomnbe stain e h
studies at the Jesuit College St he began to use ue mouaic ie-ifesta ofr ata rs
Michl in Bruxelles, ad p( pow .. He
Institut Duprich. He then attendti a.H wl upr anon wl 'esalha cinrc fted

'he thnk is doing1!i theI riht
ed the Institut ,Agronomiqu e de NIO he toli~ ope Li arcutuann
Gembloux where. he~ receivedi his thin, cl~tra de*oret'adDr~

6j i6 Senator,, s,: p: ........ or IY e'h n e il i -7
diploma G f -' naineAgronoin Liouis 11pi Se fr itp
in 1920: '. ed PresidTent jagoiim be e uce 'mor caia :into the Y31
hieattending shoo in Bel- thughtat th Prtie oud (1i une '

i!!m, Louis. to fori thei co'untry. When, -as
m iiok a ely interest 'do good isinco- 11e I n s
in sports.' He ,helq* the Be1gia how ts Ehed
Pole' Vaut Record tor ten yeas re was pocketing hal of tosgr fay atce
(91.3 to 1923) 'and gulia p country' mney fok fish o frig capia e wilnt'

ein r capt in[ -in opp siio His lov cep it.!:i, ii i) ;s
eigne, catand 'the' Beig ia put up a' fh i~.
team, for many years. for~ his country has caue hi M' 'Dji s'hnsl tecni
j .eturnigto i in 1 1may a hard knock. He r s i! '
Louis Dejoie was, a overnne flt; that IL he Goen n nd eeys. o all 'the possibilities of 4
functionary for eighteen years, Hie 1 three million dllar ($3,0000 0at. H a adpatcl
started as Director of the 'Ec~l gently, an dto~ show tli a Hai riee with sanbsns
Pratique d'Agricuture. He late tian had eough credit in th U w s a
taught General Chemistry at the lifed States. he took it upon isadanefip ,owht ar
Lyc~e P6tion, at Port-au-Prince. shouxlder~s to obtain the eurdwr and.H ok oute tl"4u
The Hatian-American, Sugar lean for the Haitian GoveneI eolsady6mfiei h'ir
Ced him a at the small rate :of o nerc er 4;i g tl dus whe 'in the co
iComany' chemist. For his hal-d work lie eceivIetl a try. 'Thi he feel i o of the Cly
From1924he served the Gov- commission of only' five 'thousand gratest 'datae fo eol

ii~~i~liN, Y di i i!
r i >

,night now as taxi driver, now as ing them. He has a scheme where
factorywork now as salesman. by 300,000 more children will be
This refusal to giv6 up even able to attend primary school. His
when faced with heavy odds ena- aim therefore is to change both,
bled him to pursue his studies in the attitude of the worker and
Public Finance at the University the employer to make them rea-
of.Chicago from 1945 to 1947. His slie that they cannot exist with-
hard experience of life in the tT. out each other, that out of pa-

P< Aw-

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Fihe's th mrca'.fy14e h4,_hr
n >444s.' e lal doneeyie<
Where a4 weltanda~ cutosAf
41< (hel you4 to Sov -you shpin rb<
Where chcsadf4eg ial 44IT -9SL R E T FE P~ H P1td adyu4t4hse p&,iw
Vve4> y~ ren~ ainibn .. r-

Which~as';th betipxt rmalte oreso>Ywrd'Yo a~ae p o6%
from~~~~~~~ U..pie il yu uyfe ldw c;o 20 oe 8 ors 4 n 50 oe

'_1 dyi o tieUSA ihrs wl earasoph' aaie o nyfe ot~e

bu.mds ~ ku,'bcueeeytigI ocntaeion ag uldn.Aeyg

biggst aset In uyfu atFishr's

471 '3e 1 Peue

s-Aa~brNqua -ircelah

RoyalE VinaVgre
~44< 'ZVI'
Lalque 4n Boemin Cyi

aMace Frank&o Atomizer
pornwis WatchesA44
Frenc Pipe N L N4I


Sctad C s mr w aes Lbiniss Z ia4S os -
Balein eil- K iz rife erfme



'4 TO~iTS


TN2. 1 $ 2



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IWk'A V-0 K U '
FN 1 :iE -A

01 BE



-9E QIE ? ~ ;2

O L O p NT



sad 211- 1 T~


.................... ......... ....... ....COUPON-........................................


FOR A MONTH ( 4 issues)........................0.50

FOR A YEAR (52 issues).......................................... (overseas $10)

Remittance enclose.

Please Bill me.

Haiti Sun
Belle Creole

Name U G G ESTIO N S -. *................... .................. O...........
A ddress. ........... ............-------------------. ..........---............ .. ....

........... ........................ ....... ........ .. .. ...... .. ............. ....._..



nday from -U2
Fliag, 8 a. u.-5 Sm

lyexcept Sindays


oex opositfon GraumRs
from 9S-


her Infor


lion Grounds


Rue d-M

Phone: 205

mday from 3 I



de Notre-Dam


Oldet CT
in Port au P
For visit hois
Your .TravelI


Ru~pe (Near PAA Offices)

Famous for its beautiful HaitanMUM


Aux Palinistes, Exposition Grounds
Open Tueuiays and Thursdays
evening for folklore show


Rue Durand
Boxing and Track Field events.
Football (Soccer) Matches
Thrice a week at night
For further inforfnation Phone: 0IS



Aux Palmistes, Exposition Grounds
Eight Saturdqys afternoons
and Sundays -orning




Air-conditioned tar Dancing
Excellent orchestra, folkore iloorshows


Dinner dances on Mondays, Thum
and FrIdays


1130 Lii.!

Dinner lanc on
Tuesday and Fridays

Phone: 8s I_






i there are
nany intere-

-up of
if you
to the

an be

(for which you will have a new
re~poct. You w have a new

test for he a(ttractions of the
city. Yoo wilt fell a -great pity
,or the jaded characters who
have not strayed from the bar
since you left... And, of course,
you will have a good reserve of
conversational ammunition to
1atyufor many months.
So, starting -with the shortest
:ips Fu-sI, here are a few boiled
d- .Wn suggestis fbr travel in

roof habitations of peasants and
arrive in ruralaiti, where life
goes on as it hac for centuries
s f the city below did not
exist. LE PERCHOIR, modern
.xriis on the mountain, offers
uhe facilities of its restaurant
and night club, 1s Terrace Bar,
vad its branch o L Belle Cre-
ole Gift Shop t- make the trip
even more enjoyable and profi-
~'A~*. -er 1unowvn llghbt
vraps advisablei anl gentlemen
ire a. .ked to weir coats in the
restaurant &ter 7 p. A low
,tI*) hours for t'is qtrip plus
Aine to eat.

is a; experience i
geography. It is an
and a pilgrimage
must ot miss.

Li 1 M iluesand at
5 or 6 hours, but
,ake about 8 hours
ost. So to one of
's comfortable ho-
e night, go to the
next day, retur-

hour of this trip will be full of
u nforge;teble inmxsressions.
If you are pressed for time,
you can fly to the Car in 45
minutes, andC=n make the an-
tire pilgrh-nage in a single day.]

If you want another trip oi!-
tfhe-beatqi track go to Jacmel,
on Haiti's south coast. Jacne],
once a flourishing town, still
has a corsidervable export bu-
siness, but is t ical of many

1 raitiai provincial sea-coast
towns waiting for better days
to come. Jacmel has a flavor
of its own, To get there you
can take the easy way by air,
or the adventurous way by
road, about 60 miles, practical-
ly every mile ofr which has a
river crossing. Near.Jacrnel is

one of Haiti's most. beauitlf
beaches, Raymond les BaiuL
Two hotels there, clean and
comfortable. Plan to stay over-
night at least.
(Ping Forest)
In scoith-east Haiti, a drive
some 60 miles from P art-au
Prince is a beautiful pine forest
at an elevation of about 7,080
feet. To arrive at this 150,000
acre forest, one drives through
the rich sugar cane lands f
the Cul de Sac plain, then
through and arid region f eaa-
tus to the edge of Lake Bang
Sunatre, famous salt lake, Iz-
felsted with crocodiles, lying on
'the frontier of the Domln-ica,
Republic. There the climb com-
mence;s to the cool Pine Forest.
This trip will take alU day,
returning to your hotel for
cocktails and dinner. Passing
through a number of smalt Hat-
tian towns and villages, it af-
fords a variety of impressons,
of Haitian life and geography.
Take a wrap for yo-ir visit
its cool up there.


4 i~'dt~e ~'4&~1~








il I



. A#




Elegance and culture pride and grace conversation in Freck
Sanih, German and Hglish and the mystic me ag of the drums spin,
a web of enchantment for visitors and pleasure-seekers in the -Petit Paris-
.1 the Caribbem.
With gaiety as the keynote of night life in Port-au-Prince where the
atmosphere of a metropolis isfused with the artistic primitive, visitor. are
in for a precious gem-to enter into their book of souvenir..

Whether nibbllg at canapes and
caviar, or enjoying the best in
French cuisine, by'Swiss'Cook
Zehler, guests dine at a 3,000 feet
altitude and admire the emerald bay
from Le Perchoir, Haiti's smartest
restaurant, air-conditioned by na-
ture. From comfortable places on
the briezeswept terrace, t pano-
rama takes in -the stopping of the
cars at-the Dominican border 20
miles away. Whether it's a thick
state-side steak or an ethereal Rum
Souffle, the superbly prepared and
elegputly served food at Le Perchoir
leaves diners with a sense of being
well cared Ur.
The Casino International, a swank
establIshment run by a staff im-
ported from Italy is one of the major

ed lUe C)ryum Uc o a op Crel
orchestra, while excellet Ita- the
foodistobehad. Theganming deco
s at the Casino are run under ryth
upervision of the Haitian Go- Cred
ment. The Beau Rivage Hotel Cs
e opposite is run by thesame that
agement and is famous for Its Ville
in food and winain elite

Near the Palmist Section
Exposition Grounds is the 0
Theatre do Verdure where
can attend the Wednesday an,
day shows put on by the
National Folklore Troupe.
Around the curve of thebha
the newly remodeled Hotel
with its air-conditioned -Bai
Room*. stage for Michel Desl
tr-lingual crooning and a
floor show.
Special dinner dansantso
twice a week are featured
leading hotels during the
Visitors should not miss an
tunity to hear Haiti's interns
known male Dejean Choir, p
on Friday evenings by Rol
Lele at Petion-Vifle. El Ranc
tel features Ti Bore, Haiti'sr
one drummer, and a fine F
Troupe and other special
nights onFriday evenings. D

,.nUray eV
in a gala ti
th music and
)f the enter
- Choucoune,
ofed night ci
the mecca of
visitors on Si





5 pce.









anal 44Ozo 7

by fire on
after mid
tion, and
opened to
more won

n it wi
al night
fly, and

a i-renc
is also
of a tri
ItvTach tI

n- I

0 -:ff: t



, I








-... Mwf i tl











""JAM AlCA--.=















Haiti's ONE PRICE Store









C4. .N




V ~66.

71 a

A, W1 n .P

j9)=l WO we& sr,


A ~ 4OF

j~g~ 7



lAw k..41 1 ,1 N tt AN DM

V, J






c ARIVE u~rIN 'ME.W. P~nF


K~~o '(~kitAvenue

ic s: 14 Fr 6t Pri e

,,i:1.vuu~sie r''O',I' -tt44

:9:4js 44 444e

.. .. io ch Pe4

F renh -Crtstal

French Nd.: bag
Madeia'. ahle'Line

on nlnD ipe

c444 P,4

Ca w144C4
F i -<
tb-e <4pscoq s n Ahr'aosSi' ak

444 stal4 ware"4 D ndS.Labr

4~n e4<4 4~ee tal oh r m4aer'ad lea rse

SUNDAY January 27th 1957 HAITI SUN 21".

sketch 'to make adequate mention 'the proletariat of the towns
~k ~ of all that. Figno1 has done as~ the peasants about national prob!
Pr f s o'D aniel ig ol 'erfildof constrctionofschools,~~r

Candk~ate To Th& -Presideticy ievements: he made the Lyc~e des sonnel of Bigio Factorisdlb-I _
ran utlie as tillthee iml-,theJeunes Fiills deY Port-Af-Prince rating working conditions
By Baron Von Holbacl ran out e was ill here smi revolution o 1946. He cola- re emocratic. This aristocra- those who a a mere 2 gode
ing and saying ,cat your service, borated -with Estini 's Govern, ic institution did not open its deor per day for 12 hours work. Under
I couldn't understand it: a taxi Sir ineit. during its early years when to girls from the masses. FigpoI the same conditions the sote
driver didn't know Fignol's ad- Throughout tie interview I felt democratic principles reigned. But made this possible by creating (trieuses) earn only 1k g
dress. Another refused to take W, myself in the presence of a vol- when Kstim6 began to employ tbe the classes isixi~me, septinioo, Among the superior, wor erst
to the district. Was there soni cano spitting flames and ready to methods against which the revo- 5quatri&meg. The district of Croix foreigner's -minimum salaryi
aura of mystery around this mian erupt, yet I was absolutely safe luion had been- made i.e.,~ when des Missions has 5 schools of $300 dollars per month -Whilc--3
who was so immensely popular in for they were flames which bur- he -closed political parties, syndi- which 4 owe their existence to tie. Haitians with the sam 6
certain sectors of Port-au-Prince? ned only the guilty. cates, student associations and efforts o Minister of Ed- ence and capacity as. the foeig
When I arrived at 'the house, an Daniel Fignol&7 was born of jnewispap~ers, Fign6l6 opposed iuchr ucation... Never before or after er do xiot earn together more than
even greater surprise awaited me. poor parents, 43 years ago at Pes-t anti-democratic measures. in 'the History of Haiti has any $3 (three dollars) per dayl
The words 'Ecole Figno-ld. pai-It- tel in the Depalitment of the Minister done so much for natLo- His last quotation is from
ed 9n thQ outside served a idel- $9qtb, In 'spite Qf hi, $Uce, it Under Estime he was Minister nal education in such a short CHANTIERS. Wednesday 19,
tification. ) the primary school .Ecole Natio- of National Education arid -Public time. -March 1947. Through Fignole s;
There was no large crowd, no iale Smith Duplessy'& he was for- Health for.65. days,' from August Fignol did not-stop at this. He 'Cation the workingan 6 y
huige building which are associat- ced to repeat the "(a septi~me* at 19t1 to O~ctober 24h196 He went' ainorg the workers and pea was reduced from 12 hours to
ed with other candidates for the the 'qLyc6e P~tion.. When, doing led the ;opposition thr~oughout the Santl1An def ended their rights, hours.
presidency. I began to wonder his -philosophic- 1936-37 he felt rest of tim6's regime and w By defending Mr Bazn, a factory
whether this was the house of the the urge to teach and gave privy; imprisned for 17 daA in 194. worker who was fired without be- According toi Fignole..h tl ji
Fignol6 I came to see. ate lessons in order to help his Il m fseected' first D60ukfo -in ~ m tldt reason, for his dismis-' problem of this country is- that~o -
The school mistress assured me poor mother. After leaving, secon- the- wArrondlsee'n de_ P' a he elf to bthe
-me-O dg*poiiasca anded ecoiumiL
that that was the correct house and dary school, he entered the"Uni- P' to defe

fin iiiiati eniteiii
sent me upstairs. Two men sat versy re. ect""li h fn 4 of the worker. Fat from 'being Pect, He attaches cheimpo

...... Law 'Sho.Tefiaca M
talking. I introduced -myself aind straits ia poor famiily~ prevent-, 166. s ~ -~ueh sa~Dgi- t h oilapc.Ta

in t 'e pre
explained my business. There wag ed hiini from t~ -4j te#s he- ~p oer as mp et~~f congau onr suffers frozn hl&e
none ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ alor~ ofte uulwiig *~idO. -~ft tatorial regime Hsto witnby G~overnment- offi- evil' of official elect dns ith~
formality of reception clerk and Hke made his debut as a-pofes- purty was. closed aid' subsequent- cils in- 1946 -prove. democratic elections I haei~
usher. Nothing in the -two men' sieonal teachers at the Instut Tip- IY he. was taced4- like.1 a wild of succeeding. I have defia,e
dress betrayed' which wasc Daniel iPenhatieri anit% ce then' -has beast ,Iagloire' sent his soldies DIFbur,197h wsafle capital ini 50, adI~ h 'vdfete
FignoIl. taught MAths or' Social Science in to -seize i press, and~ printing head 4ip les' tan 14~ sydc- aia in 150an 195. 1~ haeve ''
It was after the ,two men disap- at. least 13 other inti~n. materials. t ruing the Ynight the tefToA low!n du~taion will' def eated capital in 197. M' a-,
penO.adonly one x- I -e that ..h decisive moment o his house in which he -ie at Bel sufce, to show ,in what, line. Fir. veirsaries. fear comparison:, thr
I uired to, ask *-hethel' that life caine in 1942, when'- hega i ws-tie nbre. ngiol6 has ork~d: 4h~e initiation have defended their 1atre"-
was thne man. Indeed he was and -fired from~ teaching -Math by the Octob& 195 machine-gun fire of~ the: Haitian s'di~edica their dividends.. As a '
Ftm tervery tr ysm bictno heg naazn &OINgn pteofhs tic'-novement had ;clean cit and I liaye asked for and. have e,,,,
at m~ he ver tr my y- Lso ie blcoofhecmagaie af HAN Ip n ite pof~l hbis o- immunity as Depu-' -Precs ie o whatit -was im- granted. aid for ,,ther cbs
pathy was aroused by his voice TIERS-'. In this magazines~, hie took ti' hea w a wfll imrsndprat Oaheeo n nold a e fo~r an
which,- though. strong in its aifir-, his stand- against -eeo' -oliar for thre mnts-adfive' days -uil level. -lnI has no :fitr wies It i t~~h ese teams -of co'
mations, -wits a voice that had sul- chic reim whc le him 6e under Maglokre.. His" two newssa- ed the' masses; -he has tried to} P~is tht- eol
fered. The man was so interesting ter politics. -- -- e --"rs '*Coistriictionsw and Hiti be-lp, themn to usderstaitd ithe'Coil- -is. merely because -I al -
that I plied him with questions -Thl, publicatiOn of, -CHANTI} Dernoratiqde were shut don -iin of lif injhi iie.F Plcal peast,- that they _ae: 6fn
,for 21/ hours and when my stuck ERSci had a decisive influence on It is'-impossible ini uch 'a -short go6.-ha-etknti ntutdd.


r TO

AFG 2HIISUN SUNDAY Jailuiry 2th 1957

Nation hie has Used the most mno- FOR MORRI111S and HILLMVAN
!fr~.n oi iiv li rdern methods of UNESCO that isOWESNL
to say he has carried out the ne- $24,00 Cash and your old battery
'D r ~ a'n ~ t~s aralfercessary sociological, anthropologi- buys you a new NABACO BATTE,
cal historical folloric and medic- RY
Canddat T T e Pesidncyal res;earcles which are essential with a 12-month written guarantee
0. prelininary investigation of any1 USINE NABACO
plan that is to meet with su~ccess. I Rue Charnps-de-Mars
By aron Von HolhaaJh has inade at double inquiry from

Dr Dvair' Ofieat points of~ viw anJasemetEery Monday 5 :4P.M.. acsO
Hat ora, wa n ftencin uptht the1; HJ TARLIG Hit
the mos cowdd a e at e mss s a ee in asta e of ynoi-
maaterv ial and~ Seri~ I OWV~ THES HOTEL~ ALF S ONPLI

u an do nt e ar. soucoteatolcan ._ro

The irs tie Iarrved t hs tstat cerg to elpme o s~ve LAST YER'S, S4OWWASPRAIED S (COMELLNG,

, "fic te cr w w s o tik ro ,-t

Ki K, iK~a h epe uesi YT EUS R S
ha no~ chnc ofKen i1_ P rcie.
and ad t %e ontet wih an".P

poinmen forthenext da. At,-r Dr Dualie h s' tudid 'oo

annunin myself totercp cetfclyddalK~~s s
_'~~~~~~K~ j, Ii-MT A A IYMII U 20

pQ;U aa4pt ,u n;

pa ace ndeeno -isseeh' hir ri t
e6 eivs"euaeten
FtpoisDuvlierwasbomon inete utb& iiti~ e

inaE 1928.J~ ][,h pepl .lrsp k th' sk4sp ....
years~~~ oo soia~ pra aleof lak har
tie. e ored wih he A r:of ihe.T's61flt

aAXMn~ -"raisto inP the! not.

wre t h coi ito Pf the'ra rd I~b <
's d Iu~i elh a n j-wicl drov~ew Dr os liere int fo-,.
ofde Miciga inh the~ Unte lit c in 19
and.n 194 ando 1945-

hones to bdmnfr6i nids vI yO ZQ
w~il e. eIon 1R49ent an d

jusai 1950<
pubichea' Al

an lao.Ki ercosd
Ki e;!(K
(osh Of -A~ _

Sunday, JANUJARY 27ti 1957 HATISUPAE2

Young Teacher Dies In New York

Same Week Expected In Haiti /

Miss Benita Schuster who had turns to the U.S. she announced
hoped to come to Haiti and open that she would return to Haiti and
an English-language Kindergaten, open her schoo During the past '&0
died at her home in New York years Miss Schuster was employed
on January 10th, the very week as a public school teacher in New Dear May,
she was due to leave for Port-au- York. She had earned her B A Is it true that men 1k good
Prince, and M.A. from American Univer- food? If so please send me the
An American, Miss Schuster sities. best recipes of aitian cooking
was the niece of Miss Doris Burke At the time of death, ,.he wps you have. I have a boyfriend 1
founder of unshine- Homem 30 years f age, and is survived who i always reroachi me
and visited witp her aunt here for by her aunt, M!iss Burke of Port- f IgANdih
six months in 19 She fell in au-Prince,i and her mother Ms. !beautiful itchen I hvahome
love with Haiti and upon her re- Alice Fran4lin', of Nw Yok


IMONSEIGNEU1L LUIGI RAIMONDI, former pap nuncio in bu
-au-Prince has been accredited, to Mexico as Apostolic Delegate, -repr-tmaetsy'dhsfote,
ed the Vatican newspaper QOssrvatore Ropmano. in its January th ti
edition. temuh sai reta
MR. JULES BLAJCHET~ w s salle~d Professor of Politica E4 e r iefih u o i
nony and Public Finance a tte aw Faculy by Dei f
week.B sdswhdoyuhv to
A CABINET MEETING was hd in the private r o
sident.Pierre: Louis in Babiole last5aturdamini
discussed with thte President important' poltclqetosmilqu nte-rnMre a fv
the project to be submitted for the approi
at the Extraordinary Session opening Ja y 22nd.
AIGLE NOTIR v/s Racing, the leadinteamso this~ya e lar
pinship for the Pradel C tied the-coe in e o
cult football games, 1ast Saturday evening MINISTER OF GUATEMALA AND MRS~ VALECLOwre-'leDiL Dsoce

I av bauiul-vie u
tertained at a dilomnatic reception by Mr -Ernest Eysgura.SrfoIPO o-95 0--uPic at (WI-Te:37
at the Columbian 1Lelation last Friday MiVany diplmt accrr edtdi ybyfieddentape
Port-au-Prine attendd tis frwell party and presentdthigre-ca t.Isnfoi mnngo
wh a entransfei D VE'Y L S L RA S

day, The 'wo)rkshIop ofthis' da'was slightly damage byfrwhc towaevrboytikramCr Yar Sts PrD PrMl' e.Dpdt
started in the press moo. The daae are estimated faQrmbignt.Weecp;FR 96 5 $00 01
Dr GIDIO ARTO Itian Ministe Transportat
-panied by a jonns 2Buno' Marinii, of the -Crriere Lmaro
Milan, an4 ,the -Giornale di Brescia ended a three-day visiwthheI-l aoinadOt
Italian olony here last
Dear~t MoiegPoprt Dmae.

YOU. .4 to. a 0 a te lo te m,5d4 I n in )Mp fHii n ota-rne


bhe frient mayoi de tke withk
Rue io afters the thatl tis not4. LAoE VISI Te <, OL E~Jsn4tT
onalr Saho tvic hee like inemete tyou.~tsi
Give ~ ~

lonest loestFor C~weribl evr mde "Using9~ our tongue Show hi
Whio~~~~ha isu being 7-7.g777718-t77 c

Reaonbl priced use furnit-t
pino Wrt A o 5,k

.Se Them TodayAt

ast few years. Today the tourist is the SASSMAN'S LEAVE AFTER
ar earnings for Haiti, surpassed, only by VISITING HONEYMOON
ending in September, 1951, 16,851 visit- Dr and Mrs S. E. Sassman left
ical island republic. Of this total, 10,06g o'n Monday for. New York after
by ship. revisiting Haiti where they came
'in September, 1956,' a total of 65,766 on .their honeymoon seventeen
and spent moreethan $9,000,000 during years ago. They stated they had
passengers, who are 0rnlv two hours and found the Capital city's 'face flf-
ni via ,Pan American, totaled 29,387 last ting,- a geat change for the eye,
ozq ano- 'orq.26... but that the hospitality of the

Wailia'n Cuisine

oot onsist o.y MONDAY NIGHT 'LAUDED
good candidate.
ous and cautious
ce resides chief, The guests of Hotel Villa Cre- by Olga Silvera. Pat John was a lo-
.political regime ole were treated to an unusual jvely vision in. grey organdie with a
in Haiti fashion show last Monday evening scalloped hem and neck line. The
not consist of There were Irnany' outstanding irrediscent slip gave the gown
intry on a new gowns but a few of the higlights an unusual lustre and to complete
eating a totalita- that drew special .ahs- and as- her ensemble she wore a multico-
exreme rgt. were: a China Night,, a blue lored silk stole with a large vel-


which immiediately But the problem is not as simn COUNTRY'S ILL-EXL IS N RA Q
theatention isvaudc~u al-pl a i appears. Others have a!
tio vuax p ro o oeinos ific jinvestigat- Just eight years too young to be a candidate for the presi- the caddte oa
ed---u) (Symnbols of his- ion of the matter. Is voodoo a re- dency, 34-y'ear-o14. Andr Jute Cabintmaker n Toilst be included it thmo te
Ipoetics). One interpre- ligion? 'What are the fundau4Dt- Guide, in, a radio messae to te Nation, last Sunda ldvanced teamofte qau ioav
Woud hav voudou comne als of any religion? an original iplan as a curefor the coutr~y's is whc he proose. (Oous
Vuois~. by establishig. And they answer: The division no aie ltanciig would tff-e the~~ ~nwok
a1g etween rites, and the oft rd in t wo p of ai s the for thea Presien~cy, patclrytO o n for theconrcul
aacs of the Vaudois saced antd' the prdne It He also suggest lwanas soon ~d~ ~pf

be n td t a h o dsce i~ s t e n mn tJ se d srb t d i c o p ih d b a~ t e~ ofe me rtm nt is b fo m d t the
116e teei a. more recent other spiritual beings but also to full~y exmndtepafr so o ptn n fgo il e
ibinterj retatiqoi wichv1 trees, lakes, stones, and so on haal gow o o~ nterrsetv
tha vudou comes from Evens today onep has onl oi-btntcmlt.dmisb ie h eu~d coc ftePeiet'fte
and4 VQOb h6'ei efi of Roe of pte St Stioleeece ydrc
.ap&e~ where, spiritu~al ofryn ouo eh mao par othe cia roie of atsPrsdnt
ar.ecried out. Te fact America tibiestoNeae. tha voteof-tepolfo atem fth prg m.e ecns ihscSs i 1prvin
sso thae,~r~ i conty' tafar isu ie Chesotrtewud b
earnge 'onilgpio ,~ Naioa Eductio to Proeeth

s fthe Dahliom aath cnson that~ voodoo is a 0 n-~reAdi a oprcr amn., wud b H ocdshvrhls ht
f~ aa voodoo lead reiin that voodoo9 ha Sa Vor hadeFrinRltos n etbtenhs.:on athi h-Peiet ;hv e
favurthelater interp shp, (cult said to) of isgd.a" hs f.M1c-emrA plt:hmef i

pies cereonies ada rlta sonproa
isaaeat contrversy as Idition whic has hadd o ~ oegt'h ea a f M.,ut oned ~tta nsd vr-teoon .i
the vodo. s eligiorn essniaso worship evntog

the atte opiion ela e W giveas rto th diverit fs ntebek7

or wgrle tbatuhe aopai-hofaitb-o h'e-l-odrI uLFitrs.

a1l~ 1ceheten ofer veto hebacs'y heF oermn
:lce, oscn its d ncs own :hi ecg ied c m etne Wfie -.T i',h ay ,th "ohd w ud pe en h o nry wt

doo swihther faitho~ wihhsarayah n n fItecniae eet a.t nt ~c,.oc a A meaoflucigteNin

blee wattctie stoie Yi ts k

e: good Chiefte af" to-'cop a a~v'eou n1wyt elh elha

ean t't popos thar'W one -ore_,___________alsotookpositio

kll o te udeirbl chtr u smrlytefnatg ofso aa~nn HealosadvhierivT l
at tinq, the aod ofht~ "th maone, mpblcdbtcnfotng
de oe t vep esnt hch igoes back t each4 loe hscutysncr-Aa6aW e- adto ebgnb sahn.-h,
through th mef the the ismwek o fMoses, -a relane Y an -l ietefl e- roettewrdti f'e ftePeietfo h
is~ol~ to. They hscho in k th nfi,

to represet t vitme com8parsonpabetwen ~a relsso eetTis-o oetrw eaor~ h mses.wudhv h
of irisdidat o the f~einalc saeinn:usalmpr thenwe Jdoutr and prdovejo tehate upne can~
s- Coi~ne ingQhisai bete thernse thes tomnh.extiold b n ~
mor ad, or ns of ity voltonwnnteritpe- oya

J,; 'ino te, ~li ain the i r ly fcp 8 stag f4t dvlomnt. piov toI
il th e soeo1 prvte he.c dalled aitse
ges o ob heve-i ea strke aalste -c a-io o-lae hmel o qh
fulel and completed theo nign- in ln- w
voodood s acrug sheer thant odo da'n morat meey-runsesae.Heas d~s
whne s6&-Ptpsttisan-uns
ar wekepsn
ior- 'to Chita moraity. -,Th yeoGvr:etwiht O ore s -. e
to hin th t e t- .6 1- 1.._, 1~, 1. .
.eason~ ~ ~ ~ hipaeotecniae. n usepooen aeu oepan
ths asii

~Van Osten, Dutch diplomat, ar'iv- on January 22nd with a f 6t6 jm Mr. Syl, in Perdrkl
~ed here on anl official missioil time,, at his Petion-Ville~ home. away Tue~sday afternoon. Hs
> last week. XX1 eral were slung in St.AnCh
Mrs xaca xendn ieo Mrs Jean' Elie (Jean-Claude's Wednesday 4:00 P.M.L The de
Mrs~m th, atia AiBaradorin wife ofpretty mother) spent several days ed is survived by his N.Jo,
the aitan mbasado inthein the Capital this week. Mrs3 Elie three sons.
Domninican Republic flew back to is an active Capojise)- and directs

Ai1r Geor~ges Siegens, FAO offi- a' he Captl deoite Minst
cili nw town onaseil Raymiond Villard is the proud& selor at the~ Haitian Embiss
misson.fatter of the first snin hi e eioflew to h1is ps p
x x neration of Villarcis, The baby morning.
Maam L~on Cantave, wife of boy was born on January 18th in x x x
th aitian Army'sChief oftaff, Hopital Canap6 Vert. Exconsu o Hiti in ia'

-,HMA hrstinse i ex Reernd nd rsAlbrt ud ryJanar 21t.x Xx Monday aftern1oon.Hewwa
ed hre 'oon to eplce M wig Misionrie of he Md-Ms- RX XDr Joseph Monane and his- mo- panied by his wife an son
u sa~sstat-screaryat ionof apiists inJacnel wee M Roer orsinvllb Haitian tlier, are expected here from~ Day-
theUr*''Elwy-in twnovr hewek-nd TeyAmasadr o iodeJaeioen ton Beach on January 31st. The ~x x
X, X were4ccomaniedby Mr. Lud ded hree weeks vaa ionin'Fr doctor~ is a. noted Psycho-Ana1yst. Sgt. Brue M~chem and is
1 6ra, ifeof he ig' faher Jese Tlesdow mahes onthewee-end and flew They will be the house guests of are entertaining theirr es
Oxfod, Mchign tospen bac to is pst. rs Maion Sa~ul, at Canape Vert, m4oterina~ws from DeneC
Cpb4 flw to IfyanaTueday. fou monhson hs frst ripto XX ad Mr onne is1 expected to rado.

Ll sow het iseg~ thko tyn his ami.a

4L1' PNW.~a -. Aaio Conlr at~ theGema
if Mrs Facor Masdiwayatt
X X X naic. Fr~iiif.Dr.GullrmoSa~aze, Wold'erofMr ndMa Biherro tlzm y o is oficalviithee oni
Colupb~ Xivste Seranox Xx Helif- Ogin~tio oficia dee- -xchnge vo inwih Gerge o Mami

lair~ic~ u
,of th. BCH?(BaquePopp e s NioleAda beame hcHaii*.Mlnste -toGuaemaa r- Te Sriancolnyin ortau-nera sevics tok lac at
nli) Ae rdeofAirClifor B~zi inthe tur e: hom lat, und y.a n nue r u civil and Ae C uc od y atr

Lefatcasisantdiecor o Na Scr C~u lat atrdylvenil..x x miitrypesoaliie ated 0

tionl Eulotio',-Mr Catece'X XX, r Roolpe Carmnt etur- te wddig. X

Fr~ft~i, lis torof rimry, ane. Dl~ecolr, ils ed fro an exelied-ourof he x xArtst osaie c~aillre

Sotranin ontisls Snnffi aki tw.e rinst cctisithr.,

-of jr ad Ms FrnckDale-. mdi ~onc Bo
Xx ou, asa ea, 1.,da. r'hamalt asoviitd a-x xtinvll Vll Turda a

10 (iri-Thr~s), al x x ar1in,,Seegaj her hewasre-Yvone asagnl- lew to th: Gess o hoor Wer Mtan

ledr ouuydto hbo-4i-Phlp eie y tqPpien.o heSae Tedy re adng..rlaiet

az t, ptwee-ed, o, ci ofGo.) s bac inton. rech!Wet Aric Cuncl.Hisx x ormr .S.Prsidnt

4oitP& S:0 ~q'bin ox x oEyt*gcneld e endteSvr okoffrxxX

Baltimioreans Bruce and Nancy
iEaton, four-timte visitors toal
ti returned for their artnual vi- 0
i sit. They were accompanied by
.the Carr Dormans, of Charlottes-
ville, Virginia. They are stopp-
ing at the International Country

MVr. and M~rs. D. Emnory Bren-
irc iema n, of N~ew Jersey and Ga-
nanpque, Ontario, Canada, 77
expected here on Wednesday. ?W
7They will be the~ guests, of Bob- 4'
Wchay and Grace Feldman at. tung Cp-
Micae allae Feldan r at St Ann Churchi Frtiay tJWatoa C ~Yontry Club The
tune o ale tramad nin:afternoon, amidst a large numb- Brn a1,ro~ h
tasy Ling~erie F~riday silkeeping e r of relatives and friends. Shie
ime to the contageous Haiian me- x xX
ringue. The Feldsxnans were squir- Out of the .140 pasegers tra ar ontei eodvatonn
d around town by Jonjon and 1,- veiling aboard the P'anafma LinrHii
Botgeois: S/S ( 46 disembarlka in
x x Port-au-Price Satur~day mon-o atxu' audcllbrtr
'M.Adrien Boucard made ing. They were:. Mr and Mrs aF nc Bilyobevdhi
sl' Lip to Mi mi l~ e~- on Alpert M r and M r .Fr n
In Ancona, Mr and Mrs. Lwen
A~oit D etoMr and Mrs. HIomrer N aer,
iaater aonth's visit at~ Mr and Mrs John Chitn Mr1hn rsdne
fotel Olofon. and 'Mrs. Fritz Dahady, n
Mrs. John Scot YonesMs e ieCnrco onGzl n hs rt.t iefe f oJmm
Robert Devieux~ clippered to tflude Forman, MradMs 1 luI<
scool n'FPuerto-Rico, Thurday Robet Frrest, r akGno at ssaig vr.tlTus ihpiti hi aiba an ofr

R.CAtop wire-man Mre Haiia situti. forhisns
Sct n hslvl wif hve ahi two children Mr adMs ,II TeGzlswowr~hw h ihe y14rn or ~1-
onces arrived at the Clnic Caste nety (th fomerEttaiieen
ra 'Monday. N~orman Kennedyr.Gog
xX X Leary, Mrs. Augsil-elrq
Winners' of World Healthi Or- Mr and Mrs Harol LisiM rv rbf ~o,4D Yhne

gnztipn' schlarsiy 15ianeMs Wallaceyn Mrmand
isnad hdeard al ;vrh midwes 9~a New~ma Yok 4 hcg Ta-HiinTors nu
M -~dt Mrs.~n ~oMac Waodeik-r ada .yn.abr',
petrso theC. C. 1 Mapre Pxi
al Wrier endid a uy -a ae o so oh nn-visift
cobud oa o n a n n tcomCumetraioa d Cm-Wl
eo monthe Me~r trs Benr Scif Mr -an
std Ctrip..They an are rse. WalcfromodM ndterenig-

Ier Dr.,er Egidioy' Country, Undrub.b
sean ienrd Eidad Pruiel~ri XK
,E~~~ileil Halibin Mauir aale
herea fronteon be~n dhr~ eed rest; wiheoglatr~ oae olfuythtCl.Rvou ,o
rFande Mr. Care Du.iot ene ewll on

Tde Joseph Cha cotation r oftewl-nwNXcodwne n ehp ocn
Mrs Eisir these the -for-.enf ofc hmthtHiii the plc NoXnyi heBrac
temnationalie HGoel szne Mr.or aner.Roet
r ied ofr Clarda~bi 'Brerai pila s m,.
PickngepliKt and dietore ofinHito ter RicoStda to thwot.Rm meringedac)a
Tanniona gai Coona Factoryl b4 they hovespiwth-h
Vretdatte~ copes athe, anoh e we Yr-Tms a'aet

Cr arl Fihr GemayIo Country Club. xXxn ahvr(ea rbn) aiyo h ata .e~ei ]

sive h-in frgon bakamaicarp o anJun
in toan hisrs Bost Thursday.amuhSaly ottan(hsWek hluuyhtes d rt
gdae. Ceneiee retAuurmdwtgustaaie)in,'ip NB'C)'hg adsm ax rv
Helia Road plastic Broadcasty 4-
ve2nent lie wis be ivedh wih r hy-sM Ni lwt
oWn Conany two ss~on
'~i nol d. :!l ngli = er C;. Aiiliii s-

a < eqipentasHaia Niew Yorknon oanuary bei tobe-
are iii!ii!iii]ii enjoy~ liiiiiiiiiiii!iing a fe' da s v c et .N go P es, W liai .a o-fe ,t t tu it.

ill. Cubea here he
vinii Robnso (Hit' Pubiici Re andtheparitkenby h

elase ate the nes htnerio-e

fild, rs Phlarlhac aLore Wick l Clereai boos Georges Torimu.l.
tineHat, onwlyedrsThe cisit. diedon anuary 18th, at h~est.
Mr.~ ~ ~~ ~wr married lastan Saturday ofen serve asrou Bestion ofl and Mulshdtrornxtisu.
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n aann ooia atrf The taelled ith thre other K3isHon.Y Che. oung brlQst
Bgsonis xpetedat he BO oAlbe theponarones theMil-' yfrero e.Mrs Huot. a sen

Lele~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ netFburaesan h yrfrane-mc ieiyHiiadWsel 1I Wa til ans Sc Whi y. Blrhd 1- 11riz:
-a e &softce ti
top immediatiiiii~ii e

13thMfr a
i X i ix x iiii yili:-
ii i iiiii = iii!ii 11 1. 1 : ii,
Mr~~~~~~iiil Carl R,2y, theI new aitinatrs r.)aI n
+ Ii~~~~- Viiil"i iiKI
ii1{ 'ii i4
conul rs.av. V ilJr

Kinsgn le
fieWI toi his Pos Thursday.l!'ii i i=i iii
x iii!il iiix l X il~ii W'

passednaway at his residence on
therDelm Road lsthiie Thu rsd
Janary42t H is !!oii h sd iyvedii~iiii by

an rl. Engineer C. ugus

Woerl serrvice oft: roads. a

Noungg Eres Lias too
iil =~ ~i iil i ii ili i ,i : iii ~i: iiii~!i~ii i iii ~ i!!!!iii~ i iiiiil ii ii!ii.. ... ..
:iffilthisii weeki~i for C ubaii wher li Iiii~ii~ii~iIiiii!ii:iii~iil
klim e cla se ati the ...... .............

HAITI SUN Sunday, JANUARY 27th 1957

Feature Haiti, In (Continued from page 1)
Caribbean Tourist
L d'Action Sociale,-the women then sttpped'forward to shake
Boom Reportage hands Nvith the congressmen.
Stan Wayman, top Miami pho- They then senta messenger to ask for an audience with
toarapher left Saturday after- President Pierre-Louis, and were given a rendez-vou,-, for Sat-
i ncon on S/S (Cruise Ship) Ho- urday mprniin-9.
ineric for St. Thomas after shoot The Pr e Republic received a- delegation of
esident of th
in:-r Haitian angles of the Carib- nine members of Ligue F6minine d"Action Socialee oatt 1100: 0
bean Tourist boom here Friday
thro-ugh Saturaay for Life Ma- A M., at his residence in Babiole.' The women expressed their
thanks, on behalf of the feminine population of Haiti.
Dick Stolley, a Life staffer Th e President told them that in presenting the, law giving
them their political rights, he felt he was only paying off a
arrived here Saturday and coil-
debt which he considered owed them. For more than a vear
tinued on to Virgin Islands with
when as President of the Supreme Court, he had 1)romised
Mr. Wayman yesterday.
to do all he could,, when the women had called upon him. Pre-
sident PiOrre-Louis stated that he was happy that destiny had
Life is preparing a special pho
to placed, him in position to give them satisfaction.
graPhic reportage on the tou
Wrea ths on Tombs of Leaders
rist boom in the Caribbean for
their February 14th issue and At 4:'00 P.M. Saturday afternoon, the members of Ligue
Haiti is getting a sitabl plug. avinine -went to the- Port-au-Prince Cemetery, to place
Photographer Wairnan shot wr,6 hs 'on the graves of three noted feminists who had
tourist highpoints. as' wen as fo e shoulder to shoulder with them on the question of
choice m&ehahdise available wom nsl "!rights. They, knelt at the grave of Alice Garoute
.for the'Morth'American visltor.. who: passed oil in 1950,, shortly after the Constitution had
Carlos tourist, Shop, on-the Ex. been voted. They stopped at the grave of Denise, Guillaume,,
position assisted lawyer, along'with Ia 'ho died in 1948, while' Sec. retary-General of the Lea-
Belle Creole in presenting a dis- gu -. Their last stop Was at -.the, graveof Cleahte Desgra'ves
Play Of items, cherished by the,'Nalcin wha died, while President. of the 1 e gue. last Near.
6argainhunting tourists Af t I r payffig homage to their dead, the womeft ret ired to
in a hired Haitialn Army fight-. plan.,,their program. for participation in national elections for
Wayman photo th
er, mr. graphed, e &st time..
the v Honie plosion, At Legis ative Palace
-arri'al of cruise-ship. 'Ei
as, It entered the lower. rea. Th&.po itica si ce of the:exlilosion that ripped the
ches- of Portau-prince *bay. doors ft 6m, the.,north end of the.building -housing the Chamb-
ers is not known, althoUgh:,it appea s that the explosive, was
Of the same.type used on the door 'of Brandt s Usine Man-
Jb e e.
o:-Launch &,l."': o4v
It liot beiiev6d,'Jio' r, to be the wokk" of an !rate li'[S-
At BelleVue Club .'band, oppp ed to: his wff.els coming into a: nevV i3olitical her'it-
agu 6i f' er an' equal voice-in the. electoral affairs of
re fl
Cercle Bellevue sponso, &
t lib n0A on.
soirde de, gaW i Saiturday eypn7
.,in featurihg the'H dance Q
whii h, would :be, -incompatible
b rMussean 4tecor&i witli:., the :'character of 'the Ban-
_- e, 'hi 'i4 6ed P.: -Y o .On-
w cajs Do que. National -and the caTiso we
ail Q, -are,'
ijrom-thea I uarte -Hoiv- Strike defendIng that of hones-
'Sed'. by,:. J&ry- and .:dignity.. -The 'declsidn "of
au '.Demdnd1te1ftbV
64 -. 6f the: bo6ok tItts n .to the .225. quiployees and officers,-
zngue. .. C t me mbers of'our'Association 'is
_Hai um I e Ime i
0: ancembfeih bein te d-,.so th' tall th I u, Which certain
WMI I Men 9 lariti s of
4 The_: 5,empoyeeii.40i6mlique,
soon presen me, tk: may b r6
y 4 rthirt lffilr_
tona e. a pq. q4e .. 6
and ;-41i '_ d'Hzd pun
ray m New- pr sed a d
Fred Asta in ished.*
& 'stagqd :a: 5- 6 strike Fri-
York and in. Havana. e. The y i-eiterated their refusal
day, rn6=ing,,, inpr6test aiiaw a
Over 0 'been st to coll4porate with half :' doten,.#
2 Ibo have already,
the maintaining of Ur Christian.
is Ggi S-Who.aM dishonoring,'the
enreg' ter, .. y ca zsse-Au- Re-
Aim6* 1 r&Jdent And. D&ctor- titutij)h and.
and one! 4 them tLi ills, whose place
cor&3 -Bon
General.,-. The, strike -began at
Chouchow''. ig already- on sale. should Ve in- prison, or in the
111:bO and Was ,suspended
the chamber of the
Others, will e iel6ased in 'Judge d'Instruc-
at,11,1&,A.M. with th building
neat future. I ust(xn tion.>>
packed '.with c ers who The Communique also declar-
At the soir6e,. in Cercle Belle-
crowd.the bank weekly oz Fki-
ed- xWe firmly decided to -have
vue yesterday Mussedu-rRee6rds da-
Y 0 compete.their business,
presented also the ne*.5tar.of strict rules observed concerning
as he- banjus';are. closed on Sa
5 t turday. Red dishonesty in a Credit establish-
he Haitia song, 3-ft. Auguste
14 s the ohlyAntet- Posters. advising of
Durosier wh16' i ment, )
,the strike were placed in the, tel Asking for the return to the
preferoftfie ibos:,enregistered 11P: ler's wi dows.
He was ace ba nli: of the funds found to be
to now. ompz ed by, Tfie
iogers Felix Guignard 'and Re- decision of the employees hort orirregularly handled, the
to'90 on strike came about af ter
n6 Dor. Auguste Durosier who Association said:,. 41 the Association of Barak Emplo-
-is thebrother of the famed Hai 'h Population, weary and ir-
yeesiComraittee met 'with the b tj
tian composer, and singer Guy j3 ri 3e tolerance and in-
NRH Administrativo Council. I dulgenc2 shown towards the ex-
Durnsier sings in. FrE h, Cr6O- They dedared they Objected, to t-o
le, English, Italian and Spanish rtioners, we esteem it is -nn6ces-
wor1king with Mr. Aiin ,and cer- sarY to manifest our
as well.
tain othef'.embloyees whom re-
Musseau Records is a record. and our resolution through a pu-
gard. a a .<,:dishonor. to the ins- blic means.
company founded recently by ti
Messr -Willy La otbe and Lio They warned that. further ma-
Ili, a C-0111munique the erriplo- nifestations Would follow, if'
nel Fombru-ti foi thd -promotio, yo
s stated: We ate abstaining
of Haitian music in the Arneri- fr nothing. is done to correct the
all disorder and- violence situation at the Bank.
cas and the world over.


Jacqueline Baucard was New pRES'
York.bound Thursday.
asquetPAA-ed to New IN BAMBOCHE
York Thursday.
Alix'an& Jacqueline Carbonel The.Cafibbe'an Folklore Troupe:
took off for New- York or, the The Famed-Spanish, Singer Ester Valladares
The American To Dancer8Azuq
Marie Marcei returned home P uita
an the 24th.) And Kuky -
'W nn -a Tannf- I.f+ -P-4 +1- MI) LTI F0,R.

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