Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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int jai awatin the-ine findings ei IJi~ United 2061e -drn anf ineyiw ANVAdV stte t U-8
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it thntrvj~i ~rm~ Cfiis~-hies of thed dnitoo punure the

circtrPirrad r a P i ad ale nsiee a
CSTRS ahndg eog-.- Riad rmnntp hrd" figr..i ter i'O to ur i-ati ::
rtybm nb tlInotia laer aistrmna
dut r U..A6rae th7N growt ogne tours corni A b sa~oivy l 1121

an d ma s oam tiigi n ntourdtna bu kl a wv Political. x t ath ptblic g
~~artii niel sugeston for" iats futrew dvprirt-otm~etino h ev-

rollt wuphty st liikes to ca l i PraS
-Lau. th iee ol tapuir heii
e!oir ctoe. Herei iuve It is .ea.d ha thirniz
nT With Miite of CommercesA hinnw iaf(Cm r a eprao

p iiiiIAiii esile lh iiercloScityofTrve !geit
A)~~~~~~~~ai Da4iraste~s ionf~ei h tu~ n~ogRg u tsani pCnime on a9

mt. Explaiiis Ktiimhassy Leag e'
I a ogdicsion with the Minister of Commerce M'onsieur ayouth
17vl eoedprigfo aiti concerning Tourism in~ Haiti. I usiilar umte
explainel to him tha myl first~ ship brought in Haiti was in 1939, and
haI been bringing shilps here ever since, except'during the. war. In The Editor, of ,Le Matin, ha
adifon, we also, send a large number of individual clients to Haiti. submitted a list of questions to
J amn very pleased to see the temendous growth of TourismP in the Anmerican Ambassador.
Halti' since the last war. Haiti can still go much further if. the Gov- inasmnuch as it is the policy of 41
ernment realizes the tremendous poetilt f Tourism,. the Amecrican Embassy not to gie1
ort Facilities, Should be Improved exclusive press 'interviews,h e
First of all I would like to suggest some constructive corrections;: answers' to these questions ar,
'e port facilities in Pkrt-au-Prince is very noor. The tendxler service submitted to all members of tk
einte. My first ship this year was the TS Ncw ork, whichHaitianp
arved in Port-au-Prince Wednesday December 26th. We cabled our Thes questions are:
por agent vising him of the time of our arrival an min. 1. Is it true that the Amerini)
fron the pilot and also the tender service. Embassy and, the United State!:
S Iownes.s oCoasti G ur enders Cunf t hping Timeqnv-nr ......ovrnnt is suporting one or

almost 9:00 Afe h edrDmblwslaewhich takes 2.i Isii it iitrue th~at the overn

asin thenrbour (it wa bg enoghe toi be i seen), th two nexii!itPresident ..............i...t.a.
tr th h a s th ta i~ iiiiiiii! ]i::i: ii~~ i passen ers wh were sti i i ne....i..........t~ tsi
ar4 ewaiiot mrning, could niot hlea fI iesip hielm ,

(Continued fJv. ,page I)

rather than o en and fre Cloctioris at an ea
led by a middle-ic te,
In addition the Government
Ambassador "e- tle United States of Anrrica
j pressed tlh ho that the tomj
n Embassy and rarv Govcrn'nte.t of Haiti and

t 7?

S"day, JANUA M 13th 1957


(Cont1nued from page, 1) proval. Captain Georges Elie, Jr., captain P6" Lafoh n
Italian Carpi To Open One-Man Chief of the Fire Department LI uten
pe ___pnt Christian
tant changes took lp ace. A new next door,- intervened and esta- Cadets Commissione
political bureau was f d blished order. A military parade repie' nf
Show At Centre d'Art Friday 18th eluding Jean Fouchard, Jean Da- Those who were arrested while al l tbe'various se 'h
-vid,, Edmond S lvain and Th"
9Mas in action at,, the' Laboi. Depart- my c, Haiti took, V1 ce on
D6sulm6, and it.Was reported that ment w6re ler, released when day mqrning on the. ch d
The Italla:n artist-husbpnd of time. This change reportedly 'the daily -Haiti-Journal* had been th 'Pie Afdrso During the Is
-Parti du Peu oleran eerew()-,,
Luce Turnier will open a one- toork place last summer when ceded to Dr. 'litivalier as his Of fi- i1aftien (PPH) v called on the ntal sove t 6n- cadets
ciat organ during his campaign. n. voin
man, show at the Centre d'Art. thi artist spent,' two months Chief of P91ice and pr ri ised ','io Military, Academy and
Candidate Duvalier returned I, I ,
11ext Friday with a 5 to 7 cver- painting- at Cayes and J acmel use his influence in chiming his S r vants were commisgj dnd,:'
9- as-
nissages with his wife tuc6 Tuiinier, from a week's tour of the Depart- colleagues. officiers. -by the President','' of 'the,
Afti-st Carpils show which is In the opinion,' of Dewitt Pe- ment of the North where it is r6- Rbpublip on th
e recomxqendpti6
his second in Haiti will be'the ters, of the Centre d'Art, a num. ported he wps' ovationed and Students Demonstrqte: 6L the Army Chief, of SUA G646-,
Center's 119fh exposition and I)er of Haitian painters could warmly mceived by political lea- ',,Magloire Out of Jamc&a.- t
will continue through till, Febru-. profit from Carpi's examRle ders at Cap-Haitien. Dr. Duvalier Over W,9 .1 1 11 ',
students, from the deliveredon this Occasion -by Lied,
ary the 8th. that is to become more cons- is said to be planning a trip short-, different faculties of th e I Univer- tenant-C91onel. Pdu.l-
Critics vho have 8een some of ciou:s intellectually of the direc- ly to' the U.SA. sity demonstrated, Wednesday pire 1'6J.
Carlii's tableaux comment that tion of their work. Mr., Carpi Senator Lou6 D6jdie on his morning in front of, the British
Referring sernlo'n I _pro-N,
art enthusiasts will see a great for his exhibition's bdochure. second week of touring the North; Embassy on Avenue ChristOPhe. nounced on. January -lot by -jhe
4d Artibonite Valley
.change in Carpi's :work th i8:1 has prepared Ws own forwor'd Northwest a the 4 iti4n. bi-.rolor, Re
to the C pital h v. Father Georges w o
regions, -returned a
baiiners, and pancarts, t ey form- -What We need are Sa"'ints, 0'-'
n Friday. The success of his trip.
ed. an. impressive and !orderly tl ie cbuztw Aci fro; a
while -'Commented at Port-au-Prin-
troop as: they 7 grched- an -into ObieltAt has 1
cc, with diverse versions, was pre- -P
La Dessalinienne,; and% the s u 016t6l C
sented graphi plly by a don' orvington"
ze nts hymn 4eallesge Etudiante.. mlg t; '" -that
&Haiti: Mi-, -4
photos., published in Although -,their cries: "Magloire we ne
roir's* edition of January .9th. wl6t ed *6,
Oat of Jamaicav dicP not, bring a to it ;and' ti)
The -gentleman's aeeement save
direct: reponse from, the British, national
reached previously by Dr. DuValm
Ambassador who did' f
ot appear, need al mefi; -ree; -mm,
re e
lier and Senator' D6joie. to join
after an hour's time,; their enthu :jr
forces in the fight against Magloi- ee, ont the exaggerated
siasm was n4 cooled, Sina -Fi6 of earthly r e es, men-jr ee,, fr
re for free. elections, now appears h
threateneil as % indicate Haiti- they filed. to PlacWAes this servile lRicliiunder',
.116ros d6 !4&peji4gij p,. p4,
'to cap p a .- .1 '. -
pretext of milry. isel
separate campaigns ture the p ine
the 'th
Notthern vote. re uce4 to a role iwl out
qq"f e_ fcp of Des- 8
Le Jour, in its, Janu y l0th eur. z
saline's monument.,
edition, reported the situ !on in must be d fended Oveii
the' north to be alaiwdn I avid- cm CM9, one's life
lent'oratory duels took'placeover Aofion,*?fst 97 nu_ Tkrowh
the iadio.AaIst nith between Ale-Spamiildid Strike, ,
xandre Lerouge (D6joie partisan) A strik6 was repo ed a the, -
and Luc Stephen:and Victor N6_ Ambassador Sidney Simmonds,
y told, ,the custom Hop$e! Oly,
vers,' Constant (Duvalier part isa
among ewor s aaa,
th keil bst, the5i6 ,
The orat. 4Sun- that.,.Mugloire andchis part!p
Ors pssed over into
ve Di. 1 "",nation of several ctio
had tra 0 tqilam4i
xe essive and, shocking langu ge 11J,.97
..... c passport sPsPee o eMg,
ma which f s:
reciprocally hurling insults 'at 'Were, 1 isaeq,.
the f ue
ngthe first- few:
e 6h other.*_ uri ours of the 4, reg
Carpi before his work...
Q this stcirmy atmospheiil onew. Provision4l 43.0vernment- The
continued vLb Jour, a grave al. I Ainb.assador. '&vited that his, Police kept oide'r.
WHAT HE, sign 'h
fair of sacrifte was-added. The ere, has: no .-direct contOct *oin Aux Cayescam.e the 6Ws,
d h Jamaica government
Cathedral of Cap Haiti -1 1 ,-
en was pro. aild that- th6,- studgilts Of -Ithl'
If one were to ask me what is 1 other elements. The subject of fane thA tbe.,, por e,
d 4 chalice -disappea ed from sts iniist bi -,Ai Vt-
a ri, gredt tAr oug
'the,,p inting should 'transmute the abe PrOPOV c On6ls 611,s ttr. eiagaiiiftl
.,in my opinion, the primary condi4 acle -causing
tion unnecessary in order io' percei- itsicIf into an organic: ensemble. alarm among the' rkigious autho- in London before li ng orw -1 theii: Director
Ll essence with poetry but rities,. and the Catholic Congrega- ed on to -J
ve and tolrepresent 'ie N atifre is filled bi ci piine 'wh
o aveit not
of objects I would unhesitatingly thiS poetryjsii ot sufficient in:it tion.; d move
rom t eir,,p6sts s
self to c,)nstitute a work of art. In view of the arrival of SIPP 9 ULL. ETIN
.,reply simplification, The concopl, Pro- fail, of tiie%"Id, Y_
-d d Ore must first feel this po&try. rmer
of synthesis has always avoi c fessor FignoI6 on Thursday,'and
fi k ct
e- which. OAp.,-proje
hen channel it through dra
the diffused and the disordcre [,, wlng the 5.00 P.M, meeting organized A Sl l? Bulletin dated Januaryj f. bY. studehU. of,", the
nd composition. If one simpli-
enemies of all art. by Dr. Duvalier on 'the -Place de 10th announced that the Govern
fies ard underlines the formal la Douane)o, 'things promised jo ment ha alre.
vin'. idy undeIrtaken when the Pr
But the road is Iona ard difli- :
-alues of an object one arrives At f i the I op4-
be lively, and gLe Jour, said its the action necessary foi obtaining blic granted f them. satisf 'e
-cult: all compromise with art, a',_ v
ine Jitably 'at a certain a st-rac-
correspondent had' advised tll atlthe displacement )f x-President the _matter:,of.havm'
concessioji, leads to its negation. tion, and this represents the lo- I :, #
the Police Magloire.and his suite from' Ja
Tbe' uiperfhi.ous is inadmissible, gical de0lopement of the trails- capd1se),.' est stir les exams postponed
denls, and that Colonel Zamor' that' the political
for simplification should be as I, maica, can only await: with cairn
f ormation of the obj ct i to a
rigorous as an algebraic formu- work of art. lias taken.''mcasu.res tQ and patiL-nc6 the decision of a. berh d P eveqed them"IMM Pre7-f, "o
'prevent the threatened disorder country with which Haiti has
Ia. The value of the line, theuse Wbat I am exhibitili today. al- paring for'-fhe exanlinatiow
anI anarchy. ways maintained. thp most cor- "The e
of the color may vary, aT1d tl eY besides some few work's done in
should vary (one's statos of mind CEindidate C16inent Ju'melle in ial relations. Nst,; again j -th&'presjdenVg,
195.4 and before, is the result of
are so often' in oppositioii) but my -in a radio broad6ast -over -,.Station Ila
ost recent efforts. The Haht ter en LOD, resigned 4 ,k '
the concept itself shoud remain of 1- ,aiti, so lik' MBQ clarified his positi n in th Chonges i? Consulate Genel-cl f ,
that of southern 0 e lekvin-hniv,
4409'011Y' IVproessors.
unaltered. From my po Kag r*6 n t in' order to The Consul Gene
int of Italy, after having bliride-d me, Ioire Qove ral of Haiti to st
view, the question is to resolve has finally collabv,-.,a.ted with m justify his intention of carrying Jamaica, Mr Reynold St. Syr, )V s in e e,
an equation, the equation of to-. Or, at least, i 'believe so e. cn his I cam paign for the Presi de replaced by Mr. 9 and ovationed the
0 n Carl Roy, this six teachers. 'Whe tracts were,, 1
iiality, of the line and of all the Ciotli Carpi cy, This week his partisans spoke week. Also ColonbI PhilippeCham c-
irculat6d accusing the.- riIe'mb Iers ,',
nighly over the same Stntion re- was recalled from' the Consulate of the Students Asso, Q,6*dd
futing the accusations made General in -Miami and re laced. by oi being pro-I;6iole and acting po.
Colonel Henri Fils-Ai
RATTAN FURNITO W SET 9s their candidate. -litically resigned in-4 14oekT
A", "A
stah 'y
ent body- &I Jel,'
imme 1w
NIR: Jllstice Poptlaire" Anny Cont nues Retirements and bled, refused to accept,..6e It'.5.i
The Coinmandos do ]a Justice Transfers nations and ga' the Tnnu iee
'opunire- uhheectful of provioul /a vote of confidence.
Amona the important 'cfianges
'3overnment warnins besiegec', At week's;end,, the
'r in the Army of Haiti this week hanging was.
the Public Health and Labor De-
;ill 'the t
'4 vere the retirements of te h
partments, then took on the Tole- oloAel agree to collabora wit the
gniphes Terrestres, Service to Henri Fils-Aiii;I6, Captain de Vais- sident professors in case.
vict from their post new appoin- seau, Colonel deor es Th. Bayarl, eventually retul"
in to their p ts on
tees who did not meet thch ap- Lieutenant Colonel Deus E. Dqy, the faculty.
7 _77 --------

verm Mondau At 9:45 P.M


i1tian Tourist Bu~reau, 4512 Lomita Street,
~ I ~Port-au-.Prinlce Los Angeles 19, Gal.
Jaur ,1957.

I wish to tell youi how much my friend Airs. June Deirmndnjian a ld
-No mad Ienjoyed ou. stay in Haiti, even though' it was during the trouble-
som~e period of a changing government for your people there. Proba-
bly, the principal reason~ we founi ,our stay so pleasant, and the peo-
peso friendly, was because of the warm welcome given us by yoIur
~ o ~ ~i~%1I 3 gurtaJ is ew sg i GashueFi~ln~Air. A. Jolicoeur. He introduced us to manyr charmuing people in SPort-
or~ ~e t ~atinquleanletWe~1theau-Prince and didl everything possible to ensure our liking& Haiti.
Station 4 aiuo der is n the t. Ma~rtiuevad between th In the men1time he w~as dJoing the same for' at' least. a dozei3 other
WailcriCuisne. lowd~intl~ chlet ofthe taton.touists. I am' sure~ that if other countries had men* as canabke as Vlr.
Jow 1~~ Stt~oi.Jolic0?ur representing their tourist bureaux the visitors wuld corner
Clevlan Wilso got hi s econd divorce, Wed n~day and in~ th~e wayflcig
tofadividen he won for theQ second, tim~e they 3rd, Gros Lot $4 ekn.~
C/5~ ha-DaO i h As for Ais 'Deirmendjian and myself, w~e hone soon to return to
Ca ,i onti we ncn zo your delightful country. Pilase commnied Mr'. Jolicoeur 'for all the-
~~Rico Wconsideration he showed to us and to the other~ tourists.

HasLndmnof mny who came across' to Haiti f ront, Li-inre,
fty: hen. n Haii in dugot canoe isa it again. ah-wh isJ~ a doctor of medi-.
inreortdly tre fro Hambourg, this time, and it' anybody's sAlcLenr
e Editor and Publications Writer
Iti~ r ~d ha n gr~b~n(Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army)
wil e uton th street tof the Capia and countryside today. ~ i
~Io'~rt ~eiir ~~ p~ag.Aubl1in J.olicoeur recei ved 'war'm flctioslast weeifomY
GUY, eLargn gaque Diector of th~e NainlOfc fTourism upon, --
Poe Malie- n Aude haspublished his Q ket D~flchu,. ec i aNtonl9 ef
oevn th abv leetter.

Thoas Witeyan P. anwhoS~et nneyear~s covering,
an is ats rlese teMoco see ndotertug pst omenedfaoaby n h
f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n didan Meinue orel anri hc h td
of Hntsparded hrogh he srees D n't esiate


r.eetpltcluion andasr whclaechdldtorsmtas 0 P

th, M o't oulr hyhm Fidy aspotoned o Janar 18t ncas the Haitia FedMaeon

sucs of~ th conr' eos popular ansport.~qy~kGatiei

The Chamber ofs, Cme c Adinsraie. omitesad)

tsviitotProvso -Presiden of the~ alepUWic atth astion- ADO h ~ve~r~io-
entitledcw ~to~letvi
Prfso 'ere wBoCWdin, edy of theligon~temprar the ncha to fcthe SMt~

nuoit is *n erd tn Te famespecili who arriv d herety~P~ZSEEt9 AS
last#edjoymie 2 tl ltre ando ofteici latt P~tu-y.zin rc!f

School-ue~ Fia~m th Ir. Bin became tof they are~TEM

ON ) -of Med cin ofdsuringrcty wa ILA
EXPOSIION Cpun esco dn t~sr.~ xQ ad1o th 'rnc-Hiia meic l are ee winhstled t resn
-t lel- a AQOe duina tone th pcrit,. Neuoloans 4g rln 380) tebches-
neulog tthe th y iea stdnoftauty fMeiin fsa.F E
ok Te Ai~tio f op of thean Sapintan Are aseivd & ~an iotan gt

shipment~~E~a of-upi u
e'> an aeilfo h eoSply im o ilrc'eO e ,
Fla4;~~~~ ~ ~~ last wek4eie.hssimn icue ahnr at o

E A I,9

-A A 13thTORP U !JIi1 9 B RNAiP JE
E FOREIGN -ii' J l. iikivi

HAI I S UNat: O MNE n tn h'Wpast de de= htyesftoin
TH tyAITii L U NEWPAER Editor, 't 11tvr
C tueity W eeky ubl ie SIunay Monig, Your such iliiii Ne
is- and ie~ drive r

GERANT-RE$P. iNfoBLE NAaA i il epr o the _iai 6th loiig til a -ia
s of qfae ........ oa tepriet imitryel e f.

my iii, out. ia .... ,f "n l ur _ie 4
Mian naton on thbq astt~p oead have knw ~oithe lryYureinofJmsrr

Wor<< asterity.> It is t ahapy o yful wor thao Is trbteoTusit.ou~t~eI'11 1.
Ig outr fr th ptsn'.cf 1'ts that 'You io

l i~iiil iiio i asoiatediii~ii'i= wiiith gayi] iiii lit!lI~IeI tropi'iicl Iile uc a tis wa w lcme w th gratsais m c isres.-gvertse dnsii
but= if" th Repub!ii lici;iii! intends to= 1iii pull itse= i out of the!iii[ fiiii~! i na cii acionat-a tme th t ot ai oi_
ctiansi ned t.trs hi

fai dip i > mus bu
whic cotanssomay lssn

more than she exports, alleviate tV of this peoA b itl Frnc c 0

goooo ti'dcunry

sports el as elpe Eonln out ofthaos-arpride.

shou l t ~ii~ i instated uniii=ilI~~ th country~iii ha ai=i faoral dola iii ai Particula affection fori 'thei im oran forig and11 iqtre h wndn ah t
Haitians Isfl itswi beotes t1M det to~IIU payl*t Ci eI6soudnee
'~haeknw the samee sucfftofer"

Seious '+ pi ation to set th coutr uip'li~i ins when it wil have nohig else"ilI to ged wit '-ocald Improve!~~i ii

on so tiw 'the same humili tioi i advarg eents, b4 a it s itJ t
a8,O-nero~a46 Autrt sol5%)h ,~ 1 t 6g u
lesG vr metepnitrssc a h anaiigo onps risi bcusatog doo ,ifw,'at og-pth4'rf:

which0 ths cnt engi iiin exesv (5ade rel[ti
T is woui~ld doi aw y w t the tr diio a pr s ntn Of c;e- vir;tues that makei; the Pridel ofi prvae/an fo eg ii ats.- molitale ..... TIP... ......
edr to 5riat Treetmryt Note isae by trufle a~ $

leaveci! his ipra ahfairs ofn 1tn1 ted Ixeu ien3 1 y
isOTEL fBr LELE -it aiterpi to TDieeI 1),i aui evlls 0

to surround the Presii dent and'shake hands with a newly -a love that s iar greatet,1"hnthey owl arec w ii ii-aid..l;
thE H hey are ed t
lU ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~taiiia singt and 103 .. uigth'm 4anale s~a iveeo~e4oe

ingl thei mone iiiEii speia to.omlin -but
lffiNTE PidntiaNT sa~yo $24,000 a yer ?otbi tebed.o Ra ndi ak

MV ER Y- IIi I o.r next .pe'r

or by., 4 ifii f
sn ig '4,
one. dhlp Govenetce toa eneOpte4ro i n Psiiyo. iehls utt lt~ h. eoig ,aeiVdt6

es cutua rc U-Dn

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Many A~ Lad sprng. To Be Kit Ace InAir, Bate

As heseson ofwn appro. given the same length and tied top that ha asei backviard
aes, kidies ar making plasupin the frm of anexa 9 anntwing
to ak te ot ofiti 'th ~tra aothroneaf the szc of tne
diioa f estial of kies standards stcs is fixed righ in oe-fo I thrai isaace
Saeof theireder se god the middle of the fist tranp i aech nge of4.clr rage
money i h ite idusty (theone on top).Wb Thnalte1 evsasfywelt di
Ydnges r prepaingi to 9hal seven ends are lined firmly wit th ite. A 4,o' ogthedi t
eng eac other. in those ei a p i~ece o tred atahd t ,iAseof he/
air battles that fo Hitian chld- This operatoo ne th whoeboto trange i scle
re are more passionate thian1 high o- ctur quu eL offerse
attitude jet fights betweeniU.S. fotpeeo aa w-nhwC oBoS W
Sabre-jets and Ru~ssian M s. i~upne oi oMiti i
KIite' c~uvln nFec seulbimci h iei h i. W Y "

fin e ag Inte o t fie iwihsmtme a.rva

th kitne industry ha ae n
-2 EIAL LM 1-DAYmi. aves 9vno
Whie kte aboad ae gneal-othr roprtin:themas -pro area lwlowToris Fae ickts

jpa eul naVsaefr iha deindies a ledatr oo l er

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T7 7--4

Resolution Of The Presidential Equation

"..GRA D F LKL RE HOWff(rmL the Form~ ax2 plvs bx vpuw c 6gale 0) pubis~hed in Razoir
October 15,-1956 issue.
by Ren6 Ch. Bfepbr~unT


We~ give~ today as henv year's gift~ (1957) to the Haitian people the
l outioji often sccc derec prosi ential eauation which is~ based

-0nmanepisth diinng cinceofNumbers. Now, we kno th~at evry number has an occult men~ing and that evry word an A E, w
question can~ be rersnted bynubes
'The presitil 6quatio hep to kno~w if one may hop f or theO
scs of acnitei the coming elections anmy ryeel the
diffiuliesta a candiat wil avU e to face in a~n eetoral cam- P LACE GE1TRA"U 0
pai ndth rol ceti eson' associated to himi may play

one radonl-,,The i~ePytagoas sai tht th Univer~se was com~posd9 of numn-

The uckin n eecton, or xamleis n rlta -rgression of

whc a ebght~ to th precsienial >e ucon wehae osd
In th di! Ma theatcsine A le pesn e,

wha a~f garithmic equaseons

We hd t ladownthefou equlitestat fllo'incoanifi th
amount ofletter-i the firt and seonnae:oechfh- ou

ii ~L RG S FRE PORT" 5 H ......... ...' ... '" P '' I



I j



on rue

Bonne loi'(1 tourist A


Port Prtces

Th nat osso l eJe newdmi tife emn wa made in~ Haiti are nlyhl as ;ln as e ire
tos g, e~s e gfs uo your ant sup af
many~o people aep coin fro ernlto iniats But as ison the1 Haite
the4 utns thatt~s you annonce Crol league then~ i proerb are misinaie sa abu the sic I

Thet Grea1~t Posesre ofal ihes end1qowe ma wto iea

spca senes: sit touch, haring smell tod tat.I o

sin when grea cebmp being wa I o
sese would~ ~ devlo more as ifp to .ak p orte rec
So, takin thi b wyo ilusrtin if yo u ke crtai eei
Hat' expooio drvea $1000~ gontr rih on te spo ast 1e es~swo i
precious ~ ~ abltes o oudmkeu o tien oter va s'''' aus n h a paigs-I '
.1~n~. aa offre toayn hocmutinu ein
bysom o4 ther trasr tha So ae o odtihuh

whl eoe bfr o 'gils faln htisqie(acedyadngh c; eenrosyaoutelelo edty gttetuh ic hi

'dy.Wette ee dy a n t mrs acodo pol r s olmtdeadt i
difretfomyur:te aibenReuld fHit.Mot Sy e
iended, th moe aaiie.ihtenedo h il addficly udr .ndi u

HatasdoDtpses h ice fkown o o edooune~h Bbeao

an rts ow hymk p fothsYo guse itaogtfuveytrdmngieyuspc.Oedyweotceda-

Jim they hee eaail exitd How Al
4ith everie 0huhte a e er OSS H RA

uablesies he mayd think:I tatha


edcto i, atelssmny swla h ht mntaesilCel.'W e o e qtt d -
he hs, he orehe peak ofit!wha kid-o conrapion dos h ND EAUY O TH CONTR
vace in lerigtelnug
The~~~ ~ 4 Haitia spaso oei ie noS edem n ics

a ata iltaeavnaeo
,big ~ 2 an nmnt mut: itesn aytigadterv n caint ucldo n
amont if~ iti4bu ibadle.o hs aig nyu.W af
his ounryandbigamontsif 'o tQ Hitin wrks on- ad di'yo sav, ou ay sk.. H
iti bu h ht a n hstlso.I e/sofrda o nwr N s epaig t
coutr. orexa pl: goupofan -te pic i fxed,,usaly, e ou wo't ndirtad aywy- i
er u o i nth ocue t ent on
Haitansw wil e del, qd yu w

sat-ae bayr of; Pota-rne tog e' b ut aaleewe oxd orpa ti
Tw giatctuitlnr ee fdigtejbhmef4mr ilmk o hn fasml

exchanging~~ poiinpe -utotnh ilhie w rmr oro agae

AGE 2 HAIT SUISundy JANUARY 13th11957

lus) n hsH l Isand Republic:

anwo iesfvehur'walk-~ 13,ort touist trade. The~ talk
Ing istnceup i th hils. e oth edcated Haitian in high-
,.hwduuulitrs nthe class 'Fech and te jabber of
truth ~ ~ ~ 1~ an tre oigt ur the peasant -npopular Creole
,iom tostud h Bile hil i Port-au-Princ is said t~o be a mix-I l
ino n.Snehcudno tur of eleancein crudeness,AL
,unarsan Frnc, e decde of sophistication and~ primiitive- Dear Mlary,
'tohav evryti in Cee h.i ess and of riches~ and. poverty.
toge n oh ruh Nievruly eecases. lIn My boy friend had atril
naiv arm terrible o
Alog 'iscop ofth Bilein the daytie auombiles honk' scenes with me last Satuday
11; C ..eoeFor sveal wekshe her orns, boot-bylacks bang eve~iin$g because he saw ame inIMA1
anddurngther ollo boxes to du-tecaofIicusnwho gave,
thi tme e adewoderulpr- buies,,wmen call out thX e a-id from down town to Y &LAd
ss o heexent~ ththewud wears and. m~en call off the tunb- my house. I dlin't tell hm what
%,; .i -of God erso te~ lottery tickets theyrIh~A fli ~hvn QA~
hsfinat ever opportun- sell. Vodoo dus, barking dogs, IV liteconlfi4Qein, me.~
Later~ hertredt i and screaming rostr carn .be I do't see any thing wrong
hoe nte il hr he ca herd 01 night ona f a. gir1 po bitch~ike, as this
Srathmessage) of od's King- qe~,i j i U custom is widely observed in
Maothat Jehva's~ witnesses carry on ie~~o~!& h
anter ocso eivit teir acivities of preaching the ~~~~~bY es eicait
the ~ ~ ~ ~ acf~ pulctoewbe icurego don't say bac1waro because~ mjy

nay hme Afer hetia, te l. heyjerr ontil brehn you- me had te chance to ta-~
'~~~~~e aabroad.1j Ii~ ~ 1r ~ 1I

4.u~~jt (Wgai (S) Te: 38rd

a.v e


th speakers loke up scrifsue esd hole and~ sh u tthtoso sl o te atasif.I o
fe te'ci for everythingd to '4Wat
fer~~~~~~~nc~~e ts their~en voices beiein tha thyhdhadte azdsgu

Thei ivHerux T us rave Sevic

-o esatin cntined n- mst iterllycr u odi~h ~igecuo h!mnat

Wrte The Miise futhermor th om toIn ame t-h aeto au'y7h
Of PublicWorks comsinetutetovauad

w ar O f stonT, 2s<1956 bee exctdbthm
Ilinentional political] lite- tie first stone.? To the Secreary of Stt yDprmn prvsama ocrig.tewrsbv ~e n
ratue th ujet the-.9dd Isn't there a saying~that: met s ofwgin war have pie who live in houses Pais des Minist~rs a utcm opoetterihtets fteanmsin
been traed -ar of nervea Mr~~1~dntt~' j ~ A. the Seretary of Stateo h tt hl atn o n cnrtltn o otl
<(ol w-r>) ec.Buti i os Th romplteprot of 4iin- I hav th hoo toinfr youz te Gvrmn oko h eh ntaieo eajsm'' od
bl ha ali/wih nth at tnig> lRpulc woul th~at the Departmen of Fianc vlueU ofte cnrcssg-sces.o hc y'eate.f
ta ethos of war il tombr- will1 b eetask of te di- g theQ Cmanies M a 5a-TiWl eterl ftecm tcclaoain ee o ~
rowps in-t th7e clasica st- nitive government, which, with an Th Giands ravaux deMr iso fcnrladvrfct-Ar h ertr fSae
tup-f k~r ofStons.)>the credit it will. eno in th scjievoteie fwihIflypr asrne fm .tigihe .
It~~~ ~ is no bcly nw ow th 1 inaicla1 circles of Amrica E

andarow reasociated, wthb able t6 launch teN io Ol ty fwrk nhe adr Genra at t e prmn f Sceayo t

f166 de outb ols (mak an'l mre lacee for7 all this uglines ib6Rvi
hiigifeant tig a w ao., ths ons hshro idy hv h aetig x r cs V g tbeJ ie
a i< the enemy) -still1apple With eveni lhe road ofseidn frw konte oaTr-
in topial oliicsand i te co'Vhl3ry imotac big a-re o e-Mieaas' eue U C
ret wo'l ssmle as well. phalted, where then'wold st- b h r~sTaa eMr
Incitie ha a v completely -z bfr_ :-cen -ro rI

to fin stone in th neig o pe'ptuh a th onrl h nel~au
n~~~~~eu sp ~ i e a U
Partisans search fo Othe raw- isew on ob h nyo
~mterial.9 Ih a to t eptut th tnsei
si a aiftto n ~f th'r peolentrhey
thi caeth

ecomlnhig sieideeraatibr a

Serear of, State.
of aru ets. r in' cadiaengsbcus e a

-State w-s ingtcs ne do o ,wl ee br pne- oteSceayo tt
insea, ofthe gls in-sot oftn th e tn stepout fm-I i fie
ro.Altiisola rain sr ahl-onfeus of the Mr.a thSertandf'tae
1~ t e eed, sofe te oung tepsaantfreo fe- -Ihv tehnr:oanwe
of~y-a itheih d Befying oacossunbofmr h ecpino ou atEcm

agsi th to rincg outburt Prsdn ildowl odrc hc o nome eod d
ohema electod omnxt Api i oiyi h iofil.ofwu eatet SeTeiTdyA
a15t e forithi ties, da1te tie.GRA CAC

ti n~rtob

rf Arl1twle atle eto
qIhv en stne to crafty bc
I hae cotne to dpe-

)4GE22 AITIUN unday JANUARIY Itl 197'

XV1 Sol, Broght Tolgail session. France was doing two- eral- Leclerc, who were sent b~y ti? Not remembJering 'his et
thjirds of all her commerce with Napol~on to take and conquer, age, or perhaps reeberjig ol
42this colony alone, and her nahr-' the rebellious slaves of his black too well the, guilloining f athir
AU FA R A E al riches gave Santo Domingo an pearl. There lie was f orgrten, friens, the bloody, teror an th
asPA OSO exraordinary prosperity.' when in 1796 HIaiti began her flight across -the ocen, and i
Thi sor ca betrth r ie-ou deth Pehas he aspro- France was soon-~to lose this fight for independence from Fran- Ihis boys mind bJla ned out th
tit'1dpndn nwih ieO dted by th Royalsts 'i the pearlinp the most ma~gnifien~t of cc. nadn'ess he had seen and becan
i'h itr ok yucr obhp that x whn hey reganed battles. HIypnotized by the~ words 'anew life in the warm sun~ of the
J~i ~x eigm thoghno mtterthethroe tey culdtake~ him~ of 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, INow ILts skip to the' n'otsoci-'.epef at9Culheav
sl yques bac to e poclamed ingbutProducts of~ the French ReVOILti- tant past, where an old an ji i g own a ie on n dag
00hse have, bee raised and sI would aoo time -ivrcm.Iae
~ ~v~vam Ipreeron the slaves of Santo Dongo making a family' tree. His wife's ers with the fun loving Haitians
like ~ q tanwrsoeYo do'tobleve that e was taken into rose as. one body gainst their maiden~ naie was France, the 'o-and taken for his name the nae
i~ p c~ py ~tle ~vohioiish ~d~masters and without arms foughtf ly such lst~ name in all of Haiti. qfhs4ctrty What do you
tale. s~ent under gur across th~e sea the soldier of Naoen BnprHe traces her linenge IbackY 'tp.think? I'm inclined to ,be~ie
Lous XI iswife Mari An the then flourishing~ F c, te, who had~ won1 all the cam~- 44K Cayes in the early 180's !that is what happenedt te
~ ~ nt~on~n0 (nOW~ of he FI~ue~x mperor. 1and then loses" ial conitact.~yggpiie htb~fo
in 193durng he alld Hii)~, dplaced n ior- CoQd it be~ thlat thle, Da~u finds out many things while. seir'*Pace and happiness and '
FrnhReouio-ut wht oftesthereo t>>he~ Ile V~aoe phi was Plcdo le A ching. through public and private' ed his line in what was one
-tei yun sn, hn o 8yersfain heoutprttono Aux Vaceb y toe who were records; bow the Fances all hiad F~rn0Sr~letai
a' -soni-- out comple- th~e same facial characteristics, injg posession.
~ i~e ~ e~ ii. i, ~e .andeir re'afl we'll to do, cultue ie d
nl wyt aet or to anaoo- fFac's motprizd, Pos hrtage? An so te young Dau tmpernmental, Rumors d orn CR Qt~ndllt
pnwaa political prne atin aking up a family tree, but OW NSONY
en loagthetalo tlqlr $400 Cash and or d bater
P island an learned he patois es and adding up the bit anid bu~ys you a~ AAOB E
hat' Gold n, I Tluri M' ) Ceol of hisguads, rowng niee he has gatherd, th o~ld 'Ry
aitl,~~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ irrcie es hn600tuit rnhcutlf nte anad o th youngjJ~ Daupin, forgo t- t-fnt r
,~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d. ., .ou -aih I fHii.T&curg Pui S-ENBC
..4 France andi Rue Camp-deMar
Miser Diec~r taenplce llbyitslf wtho ppaartp ndh~e hsb~idGp. -Tati hy'earwniin i fpn yJT _visAervGargeSe

aic d'vg~e

'.ithregad t thenot pubishthe ffie haingcontibued

f in
song inform ten hto aysoerfrst emd
.--,y a i! te Ntionl ursi4
our reder: ffie o T
'.,h Tehia4'ni f u ti~ usio f tcnol
y wa reatd b he aw e a uesion~f. trucura re

i~w eptmbe,. 1, 153,Thi: Lw ors (nd-notsimpe cangs o
th'4ga Cero~) eomswih a.o

Tors Spebr2, 15Y etb h ucto f ee a

ci contitte a scin f.ti itc eeomn.
P,_-~~~~ou oraim io;m orte upoe

nion~q as, yourselfr thatis th La
'Nationales Iafic ofeiTourism

TuitAuthovrity W~ho Brings Cise-Ships, Here Fv ildMn



(Contiinued from page 1) h 6
W e r able to get. the last passengers off of th'e shin about 113 s.PhloeetS.J qu v,$?
AM. ortunately for the 2- & A. the next Dwrning. Normally aCruise Ship sails aron- 5 r 'lc atSna airon.
o.6PM th samie day it arrvesq fw had lefta 5 or 6 'lc haie okpaewe
itwol have meant jthat thie passengers woul hav very little tini am njme vr n'
0n Potau-Prince to do their shpping, sighlt seei visiting htesbnm t' hedi rM .V ,.
an mn othe things where they would hae snen a eda e4n a xcuigacrena:.

LoalMechants Get Good Biess fro SS ((e ok)8,ontePr-uPic
Most of h enrchant advieL me.ta heyhad vy good uiesJc od
frm the passengers of te -e ok sz, andCn the lef g vr Mr aeti h a hssul
godaoun~t of money< in Por-uPic.fatrd an te 0iul..'
Shul Icrease Numbro Tenders one asngr eerse
We hogh tatou dffcutis were ove and1 tat our asn oteHsia fJce.Svrlt,

a inessage -from thesi avisigm ,ta w ftetn~spiswr lw oJce y
broken down 1an~dou ssnerwrfuteinovnecdDprmtofPbcH

e o call iioitt,

erL endemo (A -ritt wih'omrTuisgietrPer optl nN-
t go wen I ruh th ne hD h S LMI

S: ,30,P RA O N
In4 pith 'SahNen

tit beena prpae eccodit to th USAa0 n :5PM

-E. 00ad80 -M

at war~iel en the epnin of Mbrem Xd-n Biicti wh soA 6:f e
eo be~t andadS~fi Tr I~o sure-o specialistdo
o~~~~~~uot aii man ofthsrpoaneur~ t io
Rel eey Nem Pier eandip~ Cnnel Caine tho 'resieane in, 6 pBj n nluer

puchs wanter oo tndent that in he nrequrnfutnde, er ata n. of~ ,~ PrgasLEy
oie tote tor 5ha .as Iwaiti wrom bNei from toe theOO FRDA 6:0n an 8:15a P.M.I
--vic eewe hi n hored be cosre herel treted eould be o I ceve coi me Yokn5dM
cont~ sot oftwe the RiSGanenedo

and ~ ths vidtndr evie t I ealindntl o st miain ude cahdito dthls udj
thousand o olrand ay wthk ise r I usto left ntirlyi there
fo un mentrimerI suget that a nthe pen ersbeo tincaed m r Rm ee ayosp itl m:
media y iodto apeicd ntvl the ntstuism. f the should-be Coavswee ercie
~fore, indca th ree t and taiti itfser-
at present itWiln aGorvernment shatol as ay m ttc c toe ooish a be1or''r
Nee lipoegris, orso wh arAelqaiid oJ

Another ~ tmrv&i at 5Ae-arot TVM 6_M1

The -on deits als atede. An all out invitation, is extend- mnli~am. studios onRu Fu
'lie Ge ter Dnti, M i t od lb to Granny's many frins by bert in :Petion-Ylle is I1 he Y hldrnP tor and~ Mr's. theze ays -f- to a total ak o

N~~~r ~ an p r' u ao receiv- open hos rm 3,00 to' 7:00 h1od. H{enri's 30,000 gallon tank
ed tw e riasi hi a P.M. Ph January 8thi at their is begining to get very thirsty,
mil lat eekTh twins were hoine~ in ~ ~e l prnti'I 'honor of ad Hai & Haig just cnnt be
is~ DoQiiniquo and D e hm eo n where a ,,ho- spared by the visitors who d-
pw ai4 f onil At-~~hr i studio to replace, even
91 Xw afford all opportunity for a sml percentage, of the 4aees-
~yp~ ]~p fl~9~ eo dth veteran mflIssinay to~ reci- a d4ieQ ort
k v all her adaiiars. power pump laying ideifr lack
xx xof <> mateia~l.
'e Q- ugeu at atrdy th 5h D Ta s'11 i us plait x x x
i7~adi hainmin atth the *B cA
gr.~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ uc1i'wa doestliep fomrteFe n soitd tb e pteatrb

aX x X Dr. Ad: igana pra .Isuh doR st p ~ess

3,yar isionin l~ati-gey- i)ex4

a' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h Weneda and flwtIo h ..epr ncoeaie ,t LCNUF
The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u ditnuse dilmtadAlsbere iotn eav u~eJr stenneofte Ietet
Whhoi~y U
'"''7bpe freel atth arpot d he elivry halhy ay V ariv ine ign-it ca pe
n4 Onl ner s h preae

-L'U me~bes- f th Dilom- 11ama G' o gg6 t MISat he ana"de'" Ilieepiermi wih etrat o

qrp, te Achbsho an p Wrt Hsijtallas Jinulry1 1X XX res plcena~lnd nlyPL

1 -.Auniay bshopof ortau-ria x XX b d itee t. Perr, Po- ENT BEX o-iain Seol
ossegn urs 'irer ad A- Eniner Lcien Heard, br) Hotl L Gtlt ass
ee, 0 pr2-e'. atRP. ou wll.'e suprisd a
and byGvrmet'.4 hr fSntrMael Hrr1 d.a-a nteGnra optlfbersls L C N U E

wh 4n abod no>4* aleds

9, ~ a stwe.Tefnrlo euvntstrd kn os
)X X in196,'reurnd hlnelastwee. ldyi naiveof e- M Y 'ith liae on thechi
4>4 th Tottdnek n r4oe
Compania~~~~~~' *oiiaadi alayuc
ndc -1M4f t

TAAo 2&

Gelogis and MrsArthur Poi- Mr. MDeyr H. RBobinson~, ProdainHtihremtsag, op
rier flew toP\New York Friday aft- cr andI >Secre ty-Treasirer Of igtep
er 7-ay~ hoeympoo trpto Hii. Mnscheiltz Wefrom Ne~w whtanesndsy,
r;Mrs Arthur (Jeane) who is paint- York, terGf-~d h
er from Key WesL' was captivated anid M~aster San1dy were guests at4 tbnteVle.
by aitan rt:paitin sclptre he El Rancholast week Xx

day anniversary on the 5th at the Peggy Mohr the former Mrs. Cu.1'
fltl0.01 bakfo htnnatrson where e 'b Borgenson is k a rx~ aoe hap
and land she had moved :Atrtwo S~tates lookig prettier ta vrH' copne
days at the Riviera and one day and wearinga weddig ring.Th
at flhQ Le1e. neow s ou Peggy arre o lmnAd i ml ap~,

Lovely Jean Ero QA0$ lir~n ~71t7W'!,; ing her sister at the American ~ X Xe~ x Gern had etunedto he
M y e J s ~ A r Y l n l a E m ba ssy qiree K elly onJ in i t ow n su e v l n 0 m n t s e r i r. T e
Clare Alin Schneide 'and 'Do- ivi a- Mrs. Joan Baer, pjuble-ity drc n h o peino h e aiy apl none
tiohy Douet -are te blonde and mas, Anna Caprio, a~nd Elizabet~i Itor of: Seventeeii Magazine. and interie.,ae-oefrp v4.;
ruaett ~9 t1fle~aOn~ kIsper.Miss Claire: Birth, F~ree L~ancex
v:acatikn~ %i~m Jacksovill~e, Fla, Witnesses for the bride nclu. writer are C11 oyn a fothiight! Milton aiota, of New Hamp- CM U IU FT
The lovely schoolmarms who vi- ded Messieurs Joseph RizJk; s~to i~e hireenjyed his visit wth hisEMAS
>ten weks flew iii fo the Atoine' Cassisk, George IKaw?~, i~ di a4 11 hope's to lbe inie er erMjsy u
Xja hoiays. They were 4 !Jr. Rocgez Esper, Eli Joseph, wife G acentw akfra eunvst eh1 hsapitdWeei
between the Capital ad Fils, Jamil Hndal, Elias Nos o ekvst Mr Lae ~ ~ 2 Co- 1 xHnr rmne son
_,r~ or ie.Bond5e Clare iham, Fred Atti6, Josph Hari Ifo t Emire
-.-,n Celebrated & A rthday !son ~ead2rd~
',ere wiha bi bamboche on iIOni the side of th groom werexxx

Jon n Bety&G s -Marino RaphaelCaprio Age-sui.Sh lspn e'-
-anaunedthei rrival here on lo Cappuccio, Guy Vitiello, G&
] PAA Flight 217. rard A Mar~tino, Nicolas A. Mar- .- ,-

H~r a~ tXo X Xof ait, aee1
iti hyhv bojok~ed 4a suite carol Widmaieran Edodath lfsAturfteRylBnkfCna_
the 1offson for a rest and Kouri.
-,~clin i aiti. o Ed~r The popular yon coupleleft
for one of th McGra-Hill's Mr.da Gerro ienz, iinsaI ,,
.de pblicatirnsJhni a for- m~oon in New York, with a ut o' NvlW~khp t o-dro ot iai ota-3m
-1.r ews reporter. at the 4Waldorf> Astoria. Te kn
iX x wil also visit with th1ebrd'thcuswhcstrsnxcoDai a-vey-ucsflo-eenehsmsininHtiat-,
si~er, then cp tinue .t hld -not Mr oai~il'eld-e oueaoh ma&yrsdSndyadto fffr'i e
plii,3Bston and Ne Jrsey.
MSr. Andr6 T~. Thezn, dynai 1,edr n oo n is'otbj
1ngrOf the Compania Dom-i- goJwis
f cn de Aviacion C Por A, AllM and1 1Mis Gilber Gqo~~ r.Sli lseW1 i rSreCr
3{&ti has announced the closing tx ast Iy Aletlfofe inrreun r ly ais irtSce
4own of company operations as -a b~oy namend Yves-Rerad i'h a~mLn q I
January 31Ft. the 7th. Mother is the ftirerNi, jur Sesacopndbye fmCndaFdy.
Xlore than 600 guest attende d XX X-77 i

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The splendid bridal gowoa.nCr ofHeth selofrhga gcnsein Tenutalgw
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in Mari, Pearl. rangsod byii Mrs. thon eten


%> V

HANDICAPPE~D CHILDREN >Four thousand tons of food, af
gift ofthe American Government
The Committee of the Foyer~ the party. to the H~aitian Peopl~e, is reported
des, HaUndicapp~s distributed toys With~mn ite rpl~i enroute to Haiti. The .American
to the forty hanicapped children wheelchairs, and even those be- bsyhs already notified, the
sheltered at the Rue~ de la R~vo- ridden forming, a gay group ini theDeamntoFrig Retos
lution estalishment last Saturday hail, songs and poems echoedI that the shipment is destined for
Thi fo~o~<~dcloe o thoug th esablshmnt the population of the NorthwetV
c CAstveafternoon. ands theowe clotsee The thouhhaeesabism-t
the Christmas Tree Party whichan th Sohws.Teiab-
the group had~ orgainzed for the The Committee is comiposed' a ants of these regions whose crops
cildrent on Deeme 24th. follows: depend on the rainfiiil were re-
ported to be living under precari-
Tecidren were served sand- Mrs Alcide Duviella, Directres ua odtin olong ne-/
wiches, pat~s-~, biscuits, gateaux, of' the Foyer, Mrs Nelaton< Cmil- tended drought.
b~onbons 'kola;~ and were presented le and Mrs Denise Haspil, Asst-OfToSuyI Face 7
a~luminun golets balls and toys ants. Mrs Athi~mas Belleriye, Trea MrAblad eecos ei-
of mapy varieties. Under the 'su- surer, Mrs Jacquieline Cardozo, As- eto ntdNtosShlr
y; drvi3,of ~ the committee, the sistant Tr~easurer, )Mrs C~hristian ship, will be leaving for France
lite ha ndicappd charges blew Bayardelle, Secretary General, -n early February. Haitian Direct-
updozns f mltcolredbalo- rsAgie icet International
z~n 0 ~ ~or of the Hotel Training School
o ns ndhung he everywhere Secretary, Mrs Jean Liautaud, Mrs of the Repulbic of Haiti, Mr De-
Qyalo nde 1~nt lu ~s ntnu~ enclos will undertake ~a period of
with theothe decorations for I Soa, Committee de Propagande., practical training~ in the hotel
0: field for~ sixc months.
Airllie Link Montreal
Mlr and4 Mrs Roland Lefrpqtivis
of the Maritime Con~tra] Airways
Ltd of Mntreal leit this \N- e%
atr12 dys vacation, here at,
Ifotel Montana.
~Mr Lefrangois is personally~ in-
tersted in the Mont-Laurier Avi-<
aon Copany, Ltd., and Boreal
Airwayis, Ltd. The Mont-Laurier
is cns c(ering a direct flight fo
Miontreal to, to be
ptinto effect before the winter
of 1957-58. This plan was discuss-
wth National Tourist Direct
oGuy~ Laraque.
Th, irline magnate expects to m
raunto Haitiin March.%

Dal lpper sevce between
New uktheDominicain RePLIb)
lie Hatiad Jamaica, -s being
inuuaed Febu aryl 1 yPan

? sefli ghtaewen e Ylkc Cid-

tine o ontego Bay proiding
thrugh 'Clippe service between
ew Yokan he popularT Jaa-
can r~esort.
3 S~uper-6 Clippers swill be use
on th~e route, departing New Yok
at IA.M., arvingat Ciuda Tiru-

raonstrate~if the andct of thishnc ibansfim
Haitian Capital, at8:20 AM.. The
f light wll reae Mtontgo Bay ~t
10:30 AM
4 / Northbound flights leave Mvon-
tegoY Bay at 10:30 a.m., pausing~
at Port:au-Prince at 12:10,
Ciudad Trujillo at 1:30
arrivingin Ne Yora:15pm.

Ie ~~Among the passengesarvn
ye ~~on the SS qri~tobal fomNe

LZord tmrnrs moi Jiluar,
Mr and 4Mrs Geol med, Mvr
and M~rs KauPes Dr Apeanums
BartM .lr Vr and Mrs Bejaa-AbrM
S~~~iiE~~~an ATA~ E~R ~ O R ~ R Mrs Jbnu9 Boe V n

Sctc Mr.HnyA ulr1n -r

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