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Haiti sun
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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R^dubUque d'Ha' Acneonstratin before the Cuban Embassy here Tuesday
'tiii.-I p i,: c 14

Case pf VVilItion oli;' 1. Embassy
.- ....,. *.--..
'mbassador FrancoiS Returns
Students Demonstrate Here
Ab.Assador Jacques Franvois were slaughtered.
return from Havana on Tuesday The Embassy was riddled with
Vw.itt -l- havihg presented his ere bullets aid ransacked. The bou-
dentials to President Batista was (Continued on page 20)
, a sign ificant ind ication of the .; ~... ... -. .
strained diplomatic relations be-i 'Op U.S. Women
tween-Hati and Cuba'following -Writers to visit Haiti
the violation of the Embassy 3' wo dozen top women repor-
.there ot October 29th. tos. who cover the U. S. capital
Recalled by his Government, for leading publications, news
Ambassador Francois who had services and syndicates,, televi
flowni to Cuba to replace Ambas o ad radio networks are putt
sador Pierre Rigaud, transferred ".- aside their typewriters and
to Liberia, arrived in Havana on king off on a tour of Haiti and
the eve of the memorable day the rest of the Carib this month.
whet gum fire between, the Cu- The writers, members of the
ban police and refugees role a
bloody chapter into the traditi mis National Press Club at
nal Cuban-Haitian tics of friend- Washington. Ely to Miami 'No-
.:hip, when the ten men seeking member 23 and the next morning
asylum in the Haitian Embassy take off by PAA for Port-
Mr H mmorcanla (continued on page 21

*k-jki et j l. JL cXKK *1~ l kll i.- F. *-.l 1.
Says His Group Have
Big Deal for Haiti
The building of a large airport,
slightly smaller than the Idle-
wilde in New York, is one of the
.public utility projects that will
be undertaken for the account of
the Haitian Government, it was
announced here b15y Mr Alex Ham
merscole, of the Haitian Corpora-
tion of Haiti, this week.
The new company, Mr. Ham-
i ferscole stated, is composed of
, a Board pf Directors, headed by
1:-Watson Perry, well-known bank
director and millionaire, who has
just completed the Arizona De-
velopment $500.000,000 project.
The corporation documents al-
ready filed with the-Bureau d'En-
registrement, the transfer of
funds to the Haitian Bank prior
to the signing of the contract is
in process as final formalities to
conclude the affair. Attorney
Jean-Claude Ldger handled the
legal matters in connection with
the forming of the corporation
The capitalists had visited Haiti 2

Katherine Dunhani
Now Touring Australia
..The great Continent of Austra-
lia has been throbbing with the
beat of the Haitian, tambour, re-
ports Max Wildman,-Aussie dance
band leader who is presently vi-
visiting Hajti
Max who has taken Australian
bands on tours of the Near East
andi Europe said that Katherine
Dunham, on an 8-month tour of
Australia, has focused his coun-
trymen's attention on the Carib
Of the first' all-Negro cast ever
to play in Auslrala, he said that
two are Haitian, one is the well-
known drummer Albert Laguerre.
Saxophonist.Clarinetist Wildman
who has been stopping at the Sim-
bie Hotel, finds Haiti has much
to teach his own country about the
development of the Tourist Indus-
try He said he is returning to Aus

weeks ago and contacted the Chief tralia, full of ideas, some of which
of State said Mr. Hammerseole he hopes will benefit Haiti. He is
'who is Public-Relations Interna- Iven carrying a recipe for Tassol
(Continued on page 20) home.











^k { :' t

*~~~i :A.
^^p '" ,iJ{:

iti Telephone 2061 Sunday November 11th 1956 :.' No. 9 ::

Football Season Opened j C

8 Teams In Pradel Cup
,----- A large crowd was on hand Friday night forthe 'Violette
Sloop Master Bacardi game opening the football seasoff at iStade Magloire
lA colorful parade by the eight Clubs participa oing in the Pra j
Target Of Stone del Coupe tournament preceded the -match which ended with
elilding" Granld the Violette team trouncing Bacardi 2-1.. Trounce
Weilding Gran'd

Turker POLICE ENTER Vlette Trounces
GRAND TURK,. 24 October Bacardi 2 -,
-The whole community ought to COLOMBIAN mr
be ashamed of young. His honour F T Ow The first match was inar'd.
Judge B. K. Moniteith told Ri- LEGATION with a contested goal. The secon..i
chard Carter iii Magistrate's Violette goal was ,scored after the
Court yesterday. %You must en- linesman had signalled hat .the
courage these Haitian traders investigate Theft ball as out of play but the t refe-
who come to us by having honest Of Minister's Spectadles ree seemed. not to- notice iL A .'
dealings with them. The stranger And azor small brawl resulted off the field :
within the gates is entitled to the between the players five ninut3....M
fullest protection of Her Majes- A squad 'of police descended on before the end of 'the match. .,
ty's lawsa. Carter, a Granid Turki the Colombian Legation at Bour.- Excelsior met'Victdry last ni6gh
resident, was ch a rged within don. Thursday morning after' be- at stadium Magloire and the"esult "!
w ynding Jean Objelus, master I"g summoned by messenger from f the match was not available t
of the Haitian sloop IMVIACU-i:he Legation. At 8:15 AM. the gre -time : '
LATA, of Cap-Haitien, with a Legation chauffeur and Maitre .-oi veteah player told the Sun. .:
stone. d'Hotel reported to Police Head-.this wee'l" thta the 'iorecat I for,
According to the police ac quarters the -theft of Minister this season is the rise of ;bhe old ,
count, Objel".s w'as outside a lo- Ernesto Esgurria's spectacles and favorites Aigle Noir, Violette,'Ra- -
cal bar last Friday night tryingt'Remington electric razor, cing and Victoiry to first place. '?
to collect money owed him and; ., Petion-Ville walked away. ith .54
was engaged in a" argument Two detectives, a uniformed the Pradel Cup last year ut" is !-
with a debtor when Carter inter- .-endarme 'and photograph! led not beli'v6d to be as strong this ',?
fered. A fight ensued and in the by Lieutenant Jacques Laroches seasofi: '',.'' :'
struggle the two men rolled on of the Recherches Criminellesi The eight principal teams' of'"
the ground. When bystanders se- made an on-the-spot investigation .'.
patrated them Carter picked up of the theft of the $100 specta- (Continued on page :20)
a loose stone and threw it, strik- cles and $30 razor. A neighbor's ..- a,
ing the Haitiani on the 'temple. ladder left against a second-sto- Young Cap-Haitie .
The captain appeared in court rey window indicated the manner o ng 'P Itien
with bis head ,well bandaged, in which the burglars gained en- Mother Of Three
Cartel's own version differed try to the Legation. iDies Ca i OaAh ,
materially from that of the. poli- Senorita Esgurria reported hear Dies' i oiia5I Zi-
c-e and included an account of Ob ming a noise during the night and '. ..e. y
jelus, knife in hand, .chasing Car- screaming -Papito! Papito! on' .t apf""aitien. was h .cd by .
ter three times around the r-atching sight of two strange men death of Madame Victor ehajpini, .
building'. He called no witness in the house. Her father, the Mi- a young mother of three chil-.'
build, g, He cledno winess niser, answer ,.Qiene?, ad men -who, met her death .ina -,i...
in support of this story, which sister, answer "Quienes?. and drnwho et her death in a ca-
Judge Monteith characterized as the two burglars made a rapid mion accident on the Quanaminthe .:
impossible with ia tissue of exit. One violated the office of Cap-Haitien highway, last Friday;'- "'-
lie running through -the whole the Legation in making his esca- Chapini," wife of-the owner ;
thing.b The judge then imposed pe. The'othcr left by the front Of the Night Club *Yanvalou, .k '.
a fine of 5 on. Carter "with two door of the residence. "who was travelling to Ouanaifiin-
weeks to pay or an alternative .,_ the with her 9-yeair-old twin daigh .t
rf two months imprisonment. ers and 14-month-old baby was *.
Charges against both Carter and Managing Editor the only person injured when two ':,
0 ibj el us of disturbing the rac ail camions. collided between T*r- '
Queen's peace ',were dropped. Journal Visiting here!
Jo ra V stn h The young matron was taken :,
Student Pastor's Mr. Horan, Managing Editor of from the camion and placed on the ,
tde ntl P t rs Mer y Engnlish,-lannguage newsr'road with a broken arm and,'. al. .;
Body Flown Here the lively, English-language nevs though in pain expressed worry
paper in Caracas, is expected to I'bu t wf o h r .. Ilr
Il rrive here this morning from Ve-about the welfare of her children ..!-
From lWilberforce arriv.e her'e this morning from ye- .,
r ~ ~ ~ ~ .. ;U1 V H ei re ^ ^ ^ ^while Edouard Espe who arrived" ':|
nezuela, and a few hours ,later his ; -while E-ouard Esper Who. aived-
Haitian student who met his I ... on the scene shortly after the ac-. ,
wife is due to arrivie from New cid o d t F i
death in an automobile accident York. The: Director of the Cara- bent occurred, drove to Fort'i. i .
while studying in the Unite dSta aiy Journal, a berte to ftch a Judge de Palx to
~~~C-ls Daily Journal, a well-present-i0 ":"
tes was interred here at the Port- ed 24-page tabloid, also conducts make the *Proces-verbal.. :
au-prince Cemetery at 4:00 P.Ml a weekly Television program call-,
Friday Funeral services were hlield ed .Window on the World.. Another camion took Mrs. Cha- ;:i
at Eglise St. Paul of which Reve. When the Horans arrive today pini to Derac where" her arm was ....
rend Philip Van Putten is the pas- iat Bowen Field they will find an set at the Dispensary.
vren Vnc E automobile at their service Late Friday afternoon" she passed '4
tReverend Vincent Edmond Tho-1through the courtesy of Jack away as she arrived before Hopi- '4'i
mas was killed on November 1st Scott's Hertz Car Service. tal. St. Justinien. Although there
While driving his car under a hea- Mr. Horan is expected to write were no visible signs of other in- ,;;i!
vy rainstorm. The vehicle crashed of his 5-day visit to Haiti which i juries, Mrs Chapini whose last ',
into a tree causing instant death, will include a safari to the Cita- words were for the welfare of her.-'v ]1:.
He was thirty-four years of age. deile. The Horans will be lodged children, had apparently received .:.!
(continued on page 20) at the Ibo Lele. internal injuries in the smash, -.
-, .. "'" <. < :*^
..; .. .. .:.' .,, .. ." ...'*' :;'.'; *. '.,a ::- ;^ ^ !j i& a t





I Sunday November 11th 1956 HAITI SUN

,; Government Organizes Aidr
T.: ro Flood Victimse.c ac

Y. ', .! .oetSoit of t,.. Meth,,s .oeg Miise Ch.e ,ecmsAbasd'F oe
.* ~ Aid rushed by the Government .o
and humanitarian groups to floor e dc
v :. I ctim in various parts of the covr *\ w(
try has alleviated the situation co
ofthe flood victims.
President Magloire called a meet
ing of several Secretaries of State
on Monday morning at his office,
i n the Palace to co-ordinate an sVe
C intensify the program of assistant t h t
ce being carried out. t t
4, Steps Already Taken
t. The Department of National Eco tr
nomy handed over to the Haitia
SRed Cross, 6000 pounds of salt fis a dcat
from its Offices des Pecheries, de: hi

A. 'ined for the flood victims. be
.: A'stock of provisions including' tt:
15 ,000 pounds of powdered milk of
15,000 pounds of cooking oil, an te
1,500 pounds of rice was contribu
ed by the Pastor Alain R6court c th
the 'Church World Servlce (Bene-
vorlent Society of the Methodist Foreign Minister Charles welcomes Ambassador Franoizs home.
%f Church) through the Haitian Red
Cross. Ambiassador Francois Returns o
"; e. thousand pounds of e lo a i'
41R" powdered imlk, and 50,000 pounds S students Dl demonstrate Here
i -., f 'coru meal was donated by the
Office .of Catholic Secours, through (Contiaued front page 1) twveen the .wo countries: (1) A
t6e Reverend Father Pouliquen. doir of the Ambassador's wife new note of protest was sent to
SAn important stock of clothing was invaded and Mrs. Fran.ois' the Cuban Ministry of State by
I-. was offered by the Madame Paul trunks, wardrobe and personal the Haitian Chancellery on No-
SE. Magloire Foundation to the vie- effects were scattered about the member 3rd re-establishing the
time of tshaetidfl wave that struck room. Her u ne'ected experience facts ad asking action to the pre
Cap-Haitien, destroying homes and and quick return to tie Capital, ceediig protest made by Haiti's
ving many without shelter. simultaneously with the publica- Embassy in Havana.
h"e regions particularly affected tion of the violated bedroom by
iy..thefloods are as follos: At an irate Haitian press caused lo- (2) Copy of this second protest
t:. .etit Goave, loss of lives, wounded cal public reaction to reach al- was handed by the Chancellor to
iand matqrja1.lo~ss. At Grand Goa- most to the stage of white heat. the Cuban Charge d'Affaires at
yti. .. material losses,- and destruc- A demonstration before the Port-au-Prince at 12:45 p. m. who
on of the streets of the city. Cuban Embassy at Port-au-Prin- stated his pe roal chagrin con-
Material losses and destruction ce was staged Tuesday morning cerning the incid'-it ini Havana.
Sf- crops were registered at Leoga- by students of the Univdrsity de
e, Mathieu, Mellier, Brahe, Aquin mandin reparaton to the Na s 0e President Batista cabled his
tes'de Fer, Mole St. Nicolas, Ba- tional Honor. regrets to President Paul Magloi
radbres, Jacmel, Cayes-Jacmel, andc Ir o' Novess ber 5th coverit g th
: Carrefour-Georges. A youg Haitian cadet on a ecvrnts ad recognizing the fact
scholarship at the Cuban Milita- hat the Haitian Governmeutwas
P:: The Haitian Red Cross annoeic- ry Academy, in -protest against considered entirely out of the
e: hat $500 had been received the deplorable incident of Octo- ci rT-2 in the events that caused
06m -the Chamber.- of Cod.nmercee ber 29th, wrote his superiors ,h-. death of the Chief of Cuban
: this week.
thi.w. wk that he would no longer wear Police. statig that the relations 0
S .Port-au-Prince has not escaped Cuban uniform, and authorized by '.n he two Governments TI
." om.tAe consequences of the hea- cable to eave the Aadem after ,oIld -tide under the 6aner
y r.ains..and fl6ods. As..roduce at ;,wo years and return to Haiti. uf Pan American. principles to tl
the city markets is becoming scarce which both have subscribed.
and a considerable rise in prices The Foreigh Office issued a 6-
'. of foodstuffs is resulting, the resi- point Communique on Monday (4) President Magloire aitswe-
i ..dents 'are feeling the affect of the summing up the exchange of di- red the same day, emphasizing
P recent floods.. p 1 o m a t ic correspondence be- -ne gravity of the violation of
,he Haitian Embassy by armed
policemen and the killing of six
IT WON'T BE.. L NG NOW! Arfgees th sauf ond-0ts
'. 3 S6,tASStus. and four who entered the

PQRTUN0HiTY CA4N'T LAST FOREVER.., the tragic .happenings. He also
Haitian J.Mission Chief. The Pre-
YTHING YOUNEED FORide cable also spoke of theAI
0-i .7' NOW .AAND LATER. IT WILL BE A LONG Ipreeminence of the essential prin
:V '-'LO G TIME... 1R-, BEFORE YOU..ciples of right of asylum, and
Expressed his hope that both
SEEPRI8CES $0 LOW AGAIN. DON'T SAY countries would be guided by
,,% Y de these principles and that a satis
S"TDIDN' WARN YOU. BUY ALL YOUfactory solution would result.
M -'Look dt OhesTiM typical Bomb Shell Specials !
k -Anl see hy prerion is taking advantage ai

Reg $2.510 Aune NOW $1.80 Aunie
X. Reg $5.00 Aune NOW $4.00 Aune 1



I. ., e h rrln s a iga vna e..


(5) Ambassador Jacques Fran- PAA Raidy .lohnsorr
is whose nomination had been Proinulea To (Caaca'
;cepted by the Cuban Gevern- i
ent but who had not had the: Wulltam Rart:all J.'.: r-o.- .1r.
opportunity to present his cre- airport' tra'Tic mian3oer for Pan
e'itials to President Batis'a i Aineri.i WVorld Air.'-,,s at Port
would he called back to Haiti for au-Prince, for the latt fourteen
nsultations. inon'l'-is is being IraFierred to
the amnie position at :Maiquetia,
the airport at Caracas, Verezue-
(6) A note had beie sCn' thle Ia.
urbann Ministry of State on No- o'hi.son will be s.;C-:eeded at
ember 4th requesting permis- Port-au-Prince by Re.'nolds S.
on for an occular inspection of Heriot, who came o PRAA's Ld-
ie building occupied by the Ha- ti, American Division raffic and
ian Embassy by a Junc d'Ins- sales headnuaters i-n Miami

The Cuban Ministry respon-
ed that it was incompetent to
become involved in any affair
before the Cuban Justice in vir.
ue of the principle of immunity
f jurisdiction, that by pure cour
esy it wauld permit a simple v;-
['. aid this without verbal ins-
ruction in its seat.
The other Missions accredited
i Havanla have been informed
n this' matter.

three months ago alter nearly
three years in the dis.trJk-- ales
offic- at Washington. D. C.
Porn in Hampton. Yirginia.
and graduated from Cte Univer-
it3; of Virginia in 1951, Johnson
served two years in Korea with
the U. S. Army. He was dischar-
ged as a first lieutenant in Oc-
t.ber. 1953,' and was -.,th PAA
at Miami aid San Ju'- n, Puerto
Rico. before going to Por.-au-
Heriot. 28, is a graduates of
the University of Florida.


THE BIRTHDAY BOTTLE of Grant's Scotch Whiskey went to'3-year-
od Michelle Kenol who observed her fete November 5th. The Haiti
'rading Company birthday gift was awarded the daughter of Mr.,and
Irs. Eugene Kenol by a Lottery and was not presented \\;th the :n-
ention of weening the child away from fruit juices.

D HA II". S. A.

(,luicl Fabery,
L'UOrriheslre de Port-au -Prince,

Chanteuse Cu bain.

Avec le .faes'o jiOE TROUILLOT




0 00

S5 (U.S.I
30 Day Excursion Fare
See your Travel Agent or

ue Dantes Destouches-Port nu Prince-Te: 3451
T. M. Reg. PAA, Inc.


mnid.av November llth



4I am very optimistic about. H, Haiti's Willys Overland
whi hin 10 ypars of the establish
er-nlant in the Artibonite Valle
comitry per so. foot in the Caribb
filent about the future of his cot
from scratch and has progressed


Came Here In'Teens
In the latter part of June 1921
Kingstonian born Jules Farmer
came to Haiti 15 and half years
old. This Jamaican, born of Hail:an
parents, visited Jamaica in No

vember of the same year. He re- 7.u




ER CONFIDENT country's economy as idcren Capt. Georges Elie, Jr. to attend Firemen'sa!
.ibcut 20% a year. However, due -, ..
'S F T R to the resourcefulness of the )eope) Annual Convention being held in Mia im i;
Jided by a good government, I The Haitian Government will be said to have learned to fight.
ie country i steadily recovering be represented at the Annual As- lire from the cradle, and worked>
Sis ''m has its greatest number I sembly of the Firiemen's intern- hit way up in the ranks. He suc-a
I jejps ever on order for this tional Association, to be held in needed his father as Fire Chief OAR
,I L..I The country's tourist indus- Miami, by- Captain Georges Elie, the Capital upon his retiremetit
Siry lhs ib.:,en increasing every Jr. who, left by PAA clipper for two years ago. Capt. Georges Elie'..
.ad, because of the low cost of the U.S., yesterday, accompanied Jr Ti Pou.e) is a veteran otjr
i'.,iug and the courtesy and the by his wile Yanick. titeen fire fighting and smoke'.'.
:fS :" .in.pitality of the people. The 4-day agenda of the organi- eating years in the nbow famo'UB,
zation which held its 1955 Conven Brigade.
,,".'."' .- t tion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will 44 Delegations from the 'Five.J
SStar Cyclist be devoted to the latest methods continents are attendingthe &rn-^
'.'- of fire-fighting and fire preven- '.vention presided over by, Firer
lion Chief Fitzgerald of Seattle Wam"
Th *yDLtcrmination is the strong-point Captain Elie is the Commander lington who visited Haiti Iau
:1 Il former cycling ace He of the Fire Brigade here and may year.
.n- Haitian i champion 192s '
.'tih.n he set the unbroken road-S r.
.ace record of 41.5 minutes over
2a, iles alter having been thrown .
.,orn* his bicycle three times and
eceivIng several serious injuries '1i
.\ training scheme of 40 miles a .
aiti's future-) says Mr. Jules morning had given him the con.
distributor who feels that edition to beat Leon Chipps (Hai- "
tent of an hydroelectric Pow- tian) and Emile Benar (French- ..t
y Haiti will be the richest nan) into 2nid and 3rd place res-
)ean. Mr. Farnghe is very cln- dectively and to win the admira-
untry which has had to start ion of the Laverne Diesel repre-
with relatively little outside ,entatives in Haiti. Mr. Clements
wanted to take Jules up to the
U.S. to pair with the great FreJdie.'
roud Of Country Spencer for a 6-day race. This capa- .
city for continued effort has serv:I
This naturalized Haitian citizen ed .Mr. Jules Farmer ingood stead ..'
very proud of his country -his in running his business. He belie- .. -.
arming wife is a Haitian and ves that anybo,:y who is hard work--
nsiders himself a native. Welling and honest whether foreign- A-:;
aveIe! he has been to Vene-, er or Haitian will be a success
cla, Cuba, the Dominican Repu-.iin Haiti.-- By D.S. Fire Chief Elie off to MiamL.i.

turned to Haiti in Decembere and hlice and several times to the U.S.
has .never' been back to Jamaica "Ile speaks with conviction when he
since. Mr. Farmer, a hard-working says that all things considered Hai-
man, worked with the agents to' ti is the best country to live in,
General Motors, Ford, Chrysler as He loves the courtesy and good up-
ga.rage service manager and Sales bringing of the people he says
manager for 15 years. Then in 1936 their good manners is instinctive,
he went on his own and started their culture, their national pride
the business which is today a land and their good neighborliness, their
rhark on the Rue Pavee. He started well-known hospitality and pffec-
as distributor of house paints, bat- tionate disposition. Mr Fdrmer
teries, electric' materials, car parts says -your headache is their head-
and accessories. In 1946 he became 'che'. He feels that it would not
the agent for Willys Overland jeeps ie,- boasting to say that Haiti had
Li Haitli. I, n remarkably well in her shorl
': ,,ory, especially seeing she had
Fine Building '.o ver.-y little help from outside
with all due respects to Point
Mr Jules Jeep Farmer merits T',ur). As a businessman the ima-
indeed the Certilicate of Merit he' oe that came to his mind was .I
has received from Willys Overland w:vould liken Haiti to a man who is
because today he is among the' r:nring a business alone and has
1st tive distributors of automobiles to do all the chores, sales, clean-
i; the country. He recently put ing etc. for himself. -Haiti has the
up a new reinforced concrete fire-j?,ood record of paying her debts
proof buildings at a cost of appro- -romptly: Haitians would rather
xjmctively $300,000 on the Rue' .trve than beg.-
Pavee. His beautiful show-roomr
displays every type of Willys
Jeeps in it's spacious cool c'ean
interior. Mr. Farmer is also the Hamiered By Hazel
agent in Haiti for international Te-
legraph, General Tyre Co, Chiam-
pion Spark Plug, Deep Freeze Re- lhe pointed out that the hurri-
frigerators, Steel Furniture and he cane Hazel of October 1954 has
'.viil soon be getting some small hampered Haitian economy a great
European cars. deal. Before the major disaster the

Farmer's new Rue Pavde building.

A cGrande Kermesse4 will be The open-air fete will be a n helping this completely Hai:tia
held today at the Ecole des all-day affair and the public is religious order in its noble work
Soeurs du Sacr--Coeur, at Tur- iilii2d to attend and visit the Sister Lohier whose it t
geau, aniourcdri Sister Loflier (ou-.ters of embroidery, cakes, tPremiere Compbgfe,& the. D b
on a vis: 1 to the .,SunI Wednes- .-f' drinks, toys, etc. The bene- rectress of the all-Haitian coan
day. .'ts F'om sales will go towards gregation of the ePetites Soe -r.
--W-R--- -E---7-- EV IES de Sainte Therese,* was aecbr-'
POWLRFUL -E 57 CHEVVIES v"rasitn-.$
paidby her assistant, W

J' RE ON T EF STREETS rese.Colion of the Liue-F
,, ^nine d'Acion Sociale. The ordeE.":'-
Srz--W^,*.7/:- .---"', ^, has a Committee of Ladies ao ..
C, ^'*'-- ...t.I.Y, : -"i c the Capital as sponsors .
.,.!.^ ... ..,.,.., ......... ...^ .^ k ;'", '.f., ..... -slvl
*,,;, ::.\,,~.~~^.1nd rl in DeceT beof-1948'
.. '..,..:...-' by Father Louis Charles, the
-.-... i iun s began work at Marbial..o

:"c rr' i "od l v n "n 'ip a "-, S S 's "how o oms'" n o ^ s c n e r t d t o a
gcr. -J year ago the sisters moved o'-
Port-au-Prince and set up their--
.headquarters at, Riviere.. ri i.
near Carrefour. ..i:

Now five nuns and 16 pos.akd
Slants work together to.takemeQ.
of -the 120 children and adul."A
cf the region who attend', the
school established by thesister":
This praiseworthy religiouid
Clevroret's 1957 models went on display ant SrASA's showrooms !on. order is consecrated to seo ..s":
gcr. iower, more powerful and with more variety in style and color lt.. a end educational work a rong the
ever before ....... ........... ..................... nasants has now obtane 'i
I nf land. and is making- a drive
.'-!',," .:' a. a" o:ertd [his er by tLe U.S.'s ing m'- for funds to erect a more smitah.
;or mal-r- are the first U S. fuel injection .ystem for a paissowor-tcir ble school building. At presentLi`
-optional at extra cost- and a new type torque converter automatic the sisters are obliged to 'plae sS
transmission said to eliminate any trace of gear jerk. their more advanced pupils iib
other' establishments,,. hnd sever'4'
0Ocrall le: -,ih of th2 cars is increased to 200 inches, although wheel- al have been accepted by ..Mada--i
n3se.s remain at 115. And the.appearance of extra length is added by me Boisson, MademoiselleCons'
low lines and flared rear fen -s. ..tint. La Sagesse and Bel Air i
A C C--- -li --L

A\ cnoice of five oasic engines is offttered in the 1957 models n
straight six .t 140 horsepower and four \V8s ranging in power rating:
from 162 horses to a high of 283 in the Corvette V-8. I
Displacement of the six-cylinder engine and the lowest-cost V-3'.,
remains at 235 antd 265 cubic inches, respectively, but wider bore on
.he bigger V 8s gives an over-souanre engine measured at 283 inches
Ex''.ist mainnifolds, distributors, ignition and clutches are among th?
'-""ine anid nower train items on which Chevrolet engineers claim
1957 im provem ents ...... .... .............. .. .
The Turhnglirle au'omatic transmission, featuring a single forward
dr';vin. position, consists of three turbines and two planetary gearsets
cr mbinrd with a *'ariable pitch natoal and the conventional torque con-
vn 'tir i ..i .. .. .. .. ... .. .
A ti.Itil nf -I,"l mn'i!-colrni"r iombinvtoitns Ire offered a third more
thnn irn 1? pd' thnire are IA colid, and 15 two-tone color choices.
~V'inrV,'&' a-e bi" 't 'r ,and in'-tr,'.lnn!;,!s arP rn.ce'rated tinder a dash
n in n IO0 '. ........ ............ .........

in English
(Including a tax calendar with
comments' and also English
translations of the income tax
andl tax exemption laws)
B. Charles Fernand PRESSOIR

:- ii
..'.' =


.: .* ,*s




.PAGE 4 ______ IHAITI SUN Si'ilay N',"LlbWjr 1t1th 1956

-- altian Cadet Renoiinces AMBASSADOR LOUIS DECATREL. a f t e r d.coratmfi Panamanian
.: Scholarship at Cuban Academy i ?Yrq [ o t I pcrsonalities on Nomcniber 7th. gave a party which was the highlight
a,":.. teae prte, suyn o a of tihe social season............
'Jean Gaetjes, studying on a ATOM BOMB HITS PORT-AU-PRINCE.- Stanley Graysom, alias .At-
s.c-.. airship at the Military omic Bomb struck the Capital with an explosive promotional idea
S d years in Cuba fogestur the of protest .two -- which may be more devastating to city commerce than the first bomb
years in a gesture of protest
V'iZ. against the violation of the Ha- _- -- on Hiroshima. Time will tell whether Stanley's Coupon System which
_.I .: tian Embassy in Havana renoune- is controversial in the U.S., is of benefit to this country.
el his scholarship, and has te-
.:t, .turned to Port-au-Prince.
Gaetjens was in Havana at-I
tending the funeral of the Mili- COMPANIA DOMINICANA DE AVIACION, far from suspending ser- ...-'.
taty Academy Director's mother vice between Ciudad Trujillo and Port-au-Prince which was formerly
|.:." when he learned of the incident, scheduled for four times a week, has actually expanded its services
an. .id immediately wrote his su- !o a twicc-a-day schedule. Local Manager Thezan lost no time in calling .....
periors In Haiti asking to be re- our attention to the error in our October 21st issue, and emphasizes
leased from the scholarship- and hat tights are regular, evC'e on ho'idays carrying the vacationing Fed-
consequently from the obliga- ders over from Ciudad Trujillo.
t'ons of wearing the Cuban uni- BANQUE NATIONALE DE LA REPUBLIQUE D'HAITI received 500,
Form. Authorization to return to 00j Goiurdes in coins list week. The 5, 10, and 20 centimes pieces ar- ,
Haiti was immediately cabled ive'J in 417 boxes from the U.S. Hotel ces lonnaies in W ashington. l
The e young Cde t e d s i The $100,000 tU.S. currency) will sic'ttry be put into circulation by
__.}.:.. The young Cadet i,,formed te B n .. ... ... ..... .... .
th-Rat the military ni- RADIO COMMERCE's and SHADA Director EDOUARD GENTIL is'
.form andpobsOOk maDiuelo, back from a business trek -o Detroit.
;.. armes which had been on- 'MONSEIGNEUR' LUIGI RAIMONDI, Papal Nuncio and Dean of the
sted nssfrom the Embassy be" sDiplomatic Corps returned from abroad Monday. PF
Longed to him. He reported this
S to y the Direct hAcademy, adCECILE TABARl talented French painter arrived from fhe U.S. last
i claiming that the uniforms and week-end to put the Haitian scene on canvas. ,
manual were his pernaitian pro- HUNDREDS OF SERVICE DE L'ETAT, vehicles were remarked
'.. perlty. ma issonparked near the Police Military Department Monday afternoon.. The.
... '"-_ surprise measure is rMeported to be in connection with the State' cars,
.. Despite this, Havana % ewspap- being used outside of regular service hours. 4 ,. .. "'
era. publisYied th these objects LIBERIAN AMBASSADOR WILMOT DAVID, visited the Ecole. Nor--'-' ,
1.1 belonged to the o refugees and male d'Inftituteurs. and the *Ecole d'Application, establishments Mon-
S that it was obvious that they r day morning. The latter bears the name aRepublic of Liberia School'. e u industry at Mole St. Nicolas. wornen clean: fish from a rca tlor
tha It wa berstatteeNwn
S wee using them for subversive a The Ambassador was accompanied by Embassy Secretary Freeman a catch by the new Offe e Pheries station.
A ,' purposes. visiting Dean of University of Monrovia.
Although Cadet Gaetjens i n-, -BAZAR POUR LUI ET POUR ELLE., the Rue Magasin de l'ElatW
sted, nb satisfaction was given shop wis the Prey of tames last Friday night. Proprietress Freda Roy WHAT A BEAUTY111

fel tos this wnasbuedans sing carolst)sac neooi eeomn tteCoirsaitd lni h
:a" hun 'by the Academy, and he estimates losses at $8,000.00.
.. festfoetts aSusnged awhas b ianrunjt aMSaAGLOIRE ST. AUDE's latest work Decshu. is to make it's a ppmear ... "ag o poe "nin p o'"'n' t t "top
bisis for accusing the Haitian A
Diplomatic Mission. ance in the literary mart shortly. A generous contribution from Pre- .4 I b I o
S' ; sentt Paul E. Magloire and several of the author's admirers gave a ,e V Th.. *...:, ,s s
h! ix earthy boost to St. Aude's efforts to print his book. Fre.. .nch.I." 5.- se f.c ''l o.e a b .'Yn old-c
-9 YULIE CUSTOMS iN HAITI ARCHITECT DANIEL BRUN is back from the Inter-American Con- 'I IT K I-'alu.i m' r 'jdeA t
:' The serving of turkey broth is gress of Architects and Engineers and a month in Mexico. ', t '..
'. part of the traditional observance I TRUJILLO is the inventor of the Foro Publlico. published regularly] ; '-,x .- -.. .%,..-"i' .. .' -t.J 4$ "
i:: of Christmas in \ Haiti, the Pan in the Dominican daily -El Carihe., it was learned when a daily repro-

meia Un on says.t p h Th weal_
Aelduced an article by Dr. German EL Ormes, published in the Havana ".
.'thier families usuily have a rlie Post. Termed the most frightening of te rMs invented by Benny the
frelt, but the poorer homes mark Fictor, the -Foro Pubtico. is said to- be an. wmumna variety of Lettes -
f' the holiday with a manger con- to the Editor, and aimed at subduing the people
S slating of a doll in a crib. eHill ;RAOUL ALEXIS. prominent young lawyer rait-rned from a year of
.":"folk beat drums while in. the studies in Paris. last Saturday. He obtained a U.N. scholarship for re-
towns the inhabitants sing carols i search on economic development at the Commissariat du Plan in the
popularFrench Capital. and at Geneva's International Bureau of Labor. Mrs. The longest, lowest Ford convertible ever made is this 1957
.' (From *New Yoty Timesa) I Alexis accompanied her husband.
ive HAITI A AM SAD R Sunli-,er which is being introduced along with 18 other com-
HAITIAN ABASSADOR LOVE 0- LE (Organizationa'o Amen pletely new Ford body styles. The new Fords will offer a
Gol Lafontant was brought to can States) flew to New York last Wednesy Mr. Lger i a member broader range of improved engine performance, with the top
tears with the result of the US of the Haitian delegation to the X-Ttth General Assembly of the United power plant being the optional 245 horsnower Thunderbird
elections. Nations. Special V9. The Sunliner is a member of Ford's new cFairlane
.FATHERS FAGOT,. MARTIN AND RIAUD, three young French pri- 5M> series, which will offer a band of gold-colored anodized
Kiki Villard is in Miami on en- ests arrived here last week from St. Jacques Major Seminary in France, r aluminum side trim with two-tone paint selections.
A gineering business. and were assigned to their respective perishtbi

.Canada National

Best in Cap Haitien Hostellerie du
B sa'Film Board.
a Shooting Haiti

Representatives of the Nation-
"the .. bbea] Film Board or" Cahlada are
here making two firms eCultw--
QFrenchQuarter in Caribbean ar ,geo.omi
b.<-:,a] Haiti and -Economical Hal-
The Hostelleric with a colonial architecture and historic background offers a mag-
nificent holiday of sun and entertainment. The only hotel in Cap Haitien with swim- 1 composed ofL
"r 'am omnsedofLe-
m-'. ruing pool, tennis, tropical park, night club, souvenir shop and French cuisine. .rd Fnirst, Michel Roy, JosIp
Fascinating excursions o Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle of King Christophe. Chanoagne and John Gn have
E t r h m r ibfilm e d in te rv fe w s w it h P re s i-
Easy to reach from Porte ai drni Paul E. Magloire, Arnbassa-
S's bycar. Write orcable for information, reserve dor Belmar, Rector of the Uni-
versity. Dr. Price Mars. a,,d play
=.7:':ii I i i .... : ti:i %%,',right Morfsseau.-Leroy.

P. The firni men hav'e takeir see
s 'ine, i Kinscoff. aeti,,iies at the
.,-.. ..tO s arid. a. icu bural cent-
MI. rs nf the National Folkioric
... Tj-Qj'pe Cercle de Danse a'nd
: .., d : the La\'inia WVilliams group.

'-' cjfstelleae i Gross sailed to Caracvs last Fri-
dia" on t1h_ Dutch Lire's S.E.
Views of the Roi Christophes' tropical garden, attrac- Cap Haitien, Haiti Cable: Christophel I ccuba."
tive French provincial dining room, and modem pool. -Represented in U. S. by UTELLA Associates, Essex House, N. Y. 19. N.Y.
.Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Miami, Fla., 55 E. Washington St. Chicago, III.
7;. .=.... -,. -

Sunday November 11lth 1956

Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

Student demonstrations are a recognized sign of protest in
all Latin Auterican countries. Port-au-Prince was gratified to
see that their students had not forgotten the old custom, and
were proud of the .orderly manner in which they paraded be-
fore the Cubani Embassy carrying placards demanding repara-
tion to the national honor, for the violation of the Haitian Em-
bassy in Havana, by Cuban police.
their si4gihl speech-making, and marching displayed their
sentimpnts'bf d gnity, and discipline which was a credit to the
student body.
t .. _'.
The right of asylum is a humanitarian institution, older than
codti and treaties. It dates baWik to the beginning of mankind,
and opa 'natural law practiced at thd worst periods of human
life; -.was applied. in Gxpece and in Rome. -
.The Inter-American Conventions of Havana, Montevideo.
apnd Caracas have codified, the 6cRight of Asylum* which is
one of the greatest conquests of the Rights of Man.
The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man;,' approved
by 'the Ufnited Nations General Assembly in 1948 states: odIn
case of persecution, any person has the right to seek refuge
an4 to enjoy it in any country.)
forty-four days hence the birth of 'Jesus Christ will be
commemorated with religious fervor. Those who like to be
reminded of the other side of Christmas see page eight -
(Perspir-ing in-Decembern.
I[ .
The United .States showed their satisfaction and confidence
in.'Dwight Eisenhower by reelecting him President last Tues-
day. We. offer our congratulations to President Eisenhower and
also -to loser Adli. Stevenson for waging a clean, intelligent
campaign that failed to .triumph over the great personal po-
pbarjity. of Presidqhit Eisenhower, even with the help of a
Haitian ouanga..


The drive to Cap Haitian and a visit to the Citadel..are never
to be forgoTten experiences. '" -. "... '
B U T ": ': "
1 ," ,, '. '* --
For the highlight pf your vacation you .iistv:imake 'lie dri'fe
,, ;', "' i.' .:.
via Cap-Haitian and Santiago ,
Round Trip or One Way No Return Charge
ONLY $30.00
And! The car is still yours for sightseeing and night clubbing
uni.l 10:00 The next Morning of course you may keep it Longer.
For Road Maps Suggested\Itineraries-Information.

'iftif itLICENsEE

16 Rue Eugene Bourjolly. Telephone 3742 2643


Beauty and not a mere occasion tainous chain,, with Haiti "ad 'yet,.."
S for disorder and .mardi gras. Cuba mas a tremendous nickle *
--B-t--'- j'' jl' dancing. Rather it should promo mine on this end of the island and "
*S^ yte good typical Haitian music they haven't found any here, gold.
and make the pubLic better ac- is being dug in 'the Sierra Maestka j..r,,
quainted with the artists of the. Mo'htaS',of Cuba but is tle.. ...'
country. Such a Festival could gold hed, oil. has'been discovered.'.... .
"" be h'ld in the Stade Magloire as all over the island of Ciba ,bat -,
'each Public it was done for the Retablo de if there '-is any here the dillers' ;'
prprpeciate Theatre Maravillas, the Venezuelpn Folk- on LaGonae island are seeing .-
L.'Jpcui g ic lore. Troupe which visited Haiti it mighty quiet it's an old tax ; .
Dear Editor, early last year. dodge. h
Dear Editor,
I think it is time to make the In the Dominican Republic ..,
The variety show for the be- people accustomed to such ma- there is an entire mountain'..of :'
nefit of Lumane Casimir Funds nifestations, for they are part of salt .Salt Hi.Ullp and Miother-,'
not only showed what human un- general education. I don't know of gypsum being 'worked. .Thy.;.:..
dcrstanding and good will can if you remember and I don't expect to export 100,000 tons 6f 4..:..
do, but also the many talents want to say here how the people 97 p? r cept pure plt" nd 40,00. -"
that can be exploited for the cul- reacted at the Retablo de Mara- tons of 8. per cent pufe 'gVsui. .44
tural edpanouissement of the villas show or still reacts at the These miaes'are i4 the Ba16iy f
Haitian people. National Folklore Troup exhibi- mountains in the Sbut 'of te. ...,,
Lions in the Theatre de Verdure. minicdn Repgbli an 0.th6"' Tim,
I read with much interest eHa- It is a shame that up to no, the cover into '-Haiti. Doesn't 'ie s t.
iti Sun:, reports on that cultural leading artists of, the country 'nd. gypsum also 'run ovet' wiT,
event that took, .place last Sun- have not thought about that and Haiti? They plan to ship 'gypsu'..."
day ii the Theatre de Verdure. if 'they did, have not worked to to Haiti, to make portlanh ".e- .
Now, permit me, Mr. Editor to j bring a remedy to it. What is the menf, but isn't there eou'too er "*
'~s n, ,r i n. t."" e
make a few suggestions in this use of Cultural exchanges with to be exploited by this coluitry. .
connection. friendly countries if 'foreign ar- Signed ??? .. '
tistic groups are to be razzed ''i
iAccording to what I read in when they come to Haiti or what J '.
the ((Sunb, Lumane will recover is the use of a Conservatory if
soon and will be back again on the people are not educated in a
the stage. There is no doubt that way to understand and apprecia- .. .
she is still 'the soul. of the artis- te the works of the artists? Jv > U
tic movement in Haiti-the re-
cent manifestations of sympathy (S): Simbie r
have proved it, so I suggest that
your paper make a campaignofor 2 \
the establishment in Haiti of an l)1c HAITI g T "
Annual Music- Dance Festival ,
with the participation of all or-
chestras -ensembles., Glee Clubs, Dear Editor. I
bands singers etc..I.1 think that ul'lltJ r"
the Music Contest, organized Knowing next to nothing about
usually a few weeks before Mar- mines and mining there are f'
di Gras, though it is very popu- few questions that arise in m. CmaO "t c't
lar, is not sufficient, and lacks nina that possibly yo'i cani f _,_, 1"-4 "e____ .
the spirit of such an artistic ma- the answer to, and publish them f-
nifcstation. in your interesting weekly i I "S r1
Af is claimed that Cuba is on __. ,... '. ,.. ..
It should be a manifestation of I the same rock formation, or moun- ., W ,- .

..',- ... '". : ~ ''

wby take a -I 21 h:7I

cd.Mnce with .
..:./ --/ .- ^ ." _,. ,.. :...- j a
vii I ~.t '. ''.' ~

take a ..
-s ***.* :*,*.,.- .- J .... : ','-*-*.,., ,1 -:'.* *. **, '-- .ffl

"- --- "-' "" '""""-

I -

when. you can be S-URE of crop with h
< i ^ M *' HA = ,. ", *. i *.. .. .... ,** -' ;'w ....
~ ~ _,, .,."_ .

eI_-1 .-r' t '' *." ,..,.
-. n .,.' ,.,:S.


S" What's more they run unattended, burn low-cost, non-,premium .
,~~~~~~ Catepllao sfr addiesenl E ~infor: tin n spcfctosbfor eyA'.''7
~ uc o te'ri s liinte we yo power you um: s ,. ... -

fuel and require only routine maintenc at prescribed intervq' "
Many~bngines of this make have recorded more than 100,000 wprkin0'

: ,: *.


:.PAGE 6 '.
.. I PAGE 6___

S. *Institute D

.: "If you think -June is bustin' out
allover, you should'see the Hait;
isnn-Amnerican Institute! The build-
1 ,z nhg has a new coat of paint, every
i:,'' available chair and desk'and room
qi' 1u Ibing pushed into use, and fast!
S.$dents are 'all but bustin' out
V.' thp u 'eas, -but take note, .they're
:I 'butin' out in English! This is the
g^ j:.'.jst student body the Idstitute
I=', -as ever had, and it's a surprising
eyep' egr.ofie since the combined
cp.,. a oU Dr. .Charles St. John
-^'.? ... RBymond Chambers have
., ti.htened up. 'the courses and cur-
; '"eieloms .tmil it means hard stu-
ti: dyigto get through the term.
i w, ."Evein one year the new system
G';' .is beginning to .show results. First
y year students from last year came
g colors- and- could
ik' 'jnoft-adiquately- handliethe an
.,. :iguM.atfiae previous first br even

sec4nd.'r students. '
ii. .. 4'.*...The 'new 'directors don't want
"scare,- the students.. away, and
1 *.W.a[pparently they haven't, but. they
: ,want them 'to know English when
ey finish, not j aew well
..o:, :e., phrase. .tha .'an'bd inter-
e.7:....- d into someone else's conver-
:' .sAtioi should the occasion- arise.
-|;.|They -want students who can start
i' 'and finish their own conversat-'
,u-'-ions!^ '

.'.' Engliish i popping out at you
: ; rom-'all coriiers, grated i's not
a.: lways- right,'salways. en-
-.: thusiastic. People might stop you
iute wi. ie'pro lems
N.any x nrnIlan I
':,: or words they're. not sure about...
M:'. one student was haivitg a terrible
,,' .' ..time trying to spell and find age-
;:i:, .sundheit, in the American die-
i:- ".tionary. Then (here's the student
: :who thought the class-he just left
I' was, gi .had; We don't worry-:about 'dor-
.^i'.:'rec.ting the mistakes says Mr.
SCliaffbers, that can easily be han-
;17i died, it% getting the beginning
An Q student to talk that's the trick.
S Always encouraging, he can often
'1" heard to tell them, 'Yes, you
c an say it that way, but it's
: : wrOng, .. .
..., .
I."- Actuallyr english isn't, the only
*'II' that ges on. -at the Institute.
pi'F. enl h speaking students
,..:. make up t latge number of the
st t- y, so the trials and of another language
: gon daily also. And just to make
rhi' hatters more interesting, the Ins-
"ite is offering (for the first
V d6iiue "Spanish classes. These are
real [ly international in flavorr as
the d"sses are taught by various
':::members of Spanish speaking Em
Q:-- ay persop.eistitionjed 'here in
16t/ ".iau Prince. The class got off
(t.' o 't a *rousing start with Hugo Ace-.
;! .bo of the Cuban 'Embassy. He
:: taught for one month, then Juan
Wik Vegh from the Mexican Embassy
A took over. The Argentinian and
-r Spanish Embassies will follow in
=. months to 6.ome, Mr. Chambers is
...' particularly proud of this class
:-, since it was his 'brain child- 'and
as far as he knows, this is the
f.." first'Institute to incorporate La-
S tin American or interAmerican
,. .' efforts into one class. And from the
'howls of laughter and spouting of
: Spanish that come from the class
sessions, the students must be en-
; joying the combined talents. Of
course, most of the students have'
;- lamented the same thing. When
S practising, they like to order a
meal in Spanish but to date they
can only order one complete dih-
ner and they're tired of .eating
that same thing. Won't someone
please give them something else
to eat at least in their vocal-

______________ *____HAITI SUN


)oincg Remarkable Job

If the International Spanish
class is the ChamBers prize, then
organization' of the children's
claises is Dr. St. John's. We don't
say he's eager, but he hasn't let
even the milk bottle set escape
him. No sir, the cradle coo-ers are
the only safe ones in Port au
Prince it seems. And if a child
doesn't want to lean a language he
can come and paint to his heart's
content instructed by Ernest Mar-
tin or take creative dramatic
training with Eleanor Schlomann.
The children :number 96 of the
student body (which incidentally
is now 538 the highest enroll-
menit ever).

The Library is another speciali-
ty of the Institute, it being the
first and largest' landing library
in the city. For sometime, it was
the only lending library until re-
cently the German Legation add-
ed one. The lending library is a
typical American. project, and it's
being introduced here to facili-
tale learning English as well as
to give members a chance to read
good American books. And the
system is fast finding avid friends
here! The Library contains some
4,000 volumes on-almost any sub-
.ject. It's a bi-language library con
trainingg both fiction and non-fic-
tion books. Children's books are
well represented and thera is a
special seotion"for the fast grow-
ing collection of books about Haiti.
But-perhaps the most popular cor
neris the magazine section which
is stocked with English and
French magazines. The American
magazine is an institution in the
States, and the Haitian students
are beginning to browse through
them just as intently as an Amer-
"can does. Esquire's 'Girl bf the
Month- has as many Haitians bug-
eyed as she does Americans, we
can assure you!

So much for the 'studying end.
of things, but fortunately that do-
esn't end activities at the Institu-
te. 'There's the ever popular so-
cial side. We say ever popular be-
cause we have put the social side
of life to the test and found it
successfully carried out. A'recent
tea dance was held at 5 pm sche-
duled to last until 7 P.M. But 5
found the Institute just as wet as
the rest of Port au Prince and so
everyone involved drew 'a long
face and about jotted this one
down as 'called off on account of
rain'. But sprinkling or not some
200 students grived, and at 7:30
P.M. one of the faculty., (dance-
happy Milo Brun to be exact) ask-
ed- if he might stay -and keep
things going for another half
hour. We don't know how he ever
stopped it then, but apparently
he did, as there was no dancing
during classes the next day. When
a danse continues in Haiti during
the rain, that's something, and
the directors and faculty are still
glowing. .Apparently they don't
'have to push getting things start-
ed socially.

Every other Monday night' there
is a Scrabble struggle. Everyone
must play in English and you
should see the figuring that goes
on at eyery table. The beginners
are happy to get a word down -
any word that someone doesn't
challenge and that turns out to
be English; but those who played
last year and more advanced stu-
dents are struggling 'for every
single extra point available. It
takes either Miriam Seligman's
hot 'chocolate and cookies or cool
drinks and' cake to get the play-
ers to look up for even a minute.

Friday night is film night and
if the institute doesn't find more
room or more chairs they'll have
the audience in the newly painted
rafters. Usually the films are in
French but occasionally they're in
English to give the students an-
other chance to practise training
their ears to hear the strange
sounds. As for subject matter....
that's a problem to catagorize!
Audiences have seen everything
from films of President Magloi-
re's trip to the US to films ol
past Olympic games... from Indial
dances to Haitian.. singers ..
from Australia to A4aska, not mis
sing much in between. No doubi
about it, the film -night at th(
Institute plays to SRO audience:
Almost every Friday night.

Wednesday nights have jus
been earmarked for adult, ar
class according to Ernest Mal
tin. He plans to teach painting a
well as discuss what makes ,
great picture, and to -bisect
masterpieces verbally so the no\
ice can better understand the an
ists work. Especially interesting.
to us all will be his discussion.
on primitive art and artists.

Still on the agenda scheduled to
unfold shortly is a night for chess
players, and another for folk dan-
ces American style. If the dir-
ectors can just find time to work
twenty hours a day instead of the
usual sixteen, they're sure to
work these things into the week-
ly program. Just 'hold on a bit,
the Institute is about to 'bust
outs some more.

~~____~____Sunday November llth 1956

To Learn


Institute Director Dr. Charles St. John and Secretary Afrs. EugeneIe\Kenol

Veteran Eilglish teacher Milo Brun before his class.

New Witness

Here From


Hugo Acedo of Cuban Embcesy is the smiling Spanish professor.

Mrs Chambers at the helm of Haiti's Largest Lending Library

Mr. Donald Rachwal, a Watch,
Tower missionary arrived here by
plane Wednesday, the 18th. He
was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
and lived there until 1955. He has-"
been a minister for Jehovah's wit-
nesses since 1942. He was Assis-
tant to the presiding Minister of
the Milwaukee Southwest Congre-
gation for four years, and during
this time he was also doing mis-
sionary preaching over a large

area of Milwaukee.
He then attended the Watchtow- '
er Society's Gilead school at South K
Lansing New -York from Feb. 22-
to July 29, 1956, receiving his., %A
diploma at graduation on July 29,-i
1956. He is carrying on with eightI
other missionaries of the Watch I
Tower Society at their Port-suj
Prince home. ,

-. .,

Haitians Show


Sunday Novembet llth 1956
--, .C-


They Trncd On The Porch Of Churches -

LMARCHANDE BOUGIES. In some cases black aniline is church with candles for the
First to get up in any town of poured into -the boiling wax to whole year. Usually it is one of
Haiti are the emarchandes bou- produce a special black candle them who is in charge of renew-
gies, who at 4 o'clock in the mor- that superstitious people burn lug the oil of the eternal lamp.
ing, go to sit on the porch of, in Vile churches to ask God to When there is a certain accal
the churches to sell.candles, re- venge them from their enemies, mie in' the sales, the marchan-
ligiods medals, rosaries, scapul- to give them a cmadichbnz (a des spend their time spinning cot
ars, etc... curse). When the person is say- ton into wicks. Or they may
With a scalf around their neck i.g his prayer he holds the black make artificial flowers and fune-
and a large straw hat on their candle et head they sit on a small chair in In every church there is a spe- of their trade.
front of their barque, in which cial place to light the candles, During the day, they may
their" religious items are display- but usually the people stick leave a little girl with their .bar-
ed. Their face can. hardly be seen them near the baptismal font, que' and take a few minutes to
in the dim light of a ctete grida- on the foot of the statues or the sweep the church and dust the
pe- lamp because they are sitting & pews. That's the time for tripota-
in a mourning madona-like posi- ge, rats tongues are always feeding(church
tion treieahaftnteo-ratsu tongues Eire always feeding
^nto recite at halt tone, the ro- A ^ ^^ fE ^ ^
scary. on some people; usually a girl is
The .marchandes bougies, may h. their pray.
have also another 'commerce.. Right where they sit in front of.
Some of them sell hot coffee to I the church, they know what is
churchgoers. They are helped by going on in the town or the village.
a few edomesticques. who prepare li They represent the best informa-
the coffee and serve it in a clean ion agents of the old ,cure'.
white cup to buyers who usual A Although they are associated to
drink it with a piece of bread.. | all Church activities, they sell
Most of them are elderly wom- some items that are forbidden by
en recruited amgng the widows, the Church. Tihe Catholic Church
who have no inheritance to live is very severe against supersti-
on. They buy the wax from'the j-. l- tion and puts a ban on every ar-
peasants and melt it in a large '. I ticle or object that encourages it.
achaudierep. While waiting .for &( These marchandes sell also
'the wax to become liquid, they l.SSsome mediogrely printed leaflets
attach several six inch long .B g I which have each a special prayer
wicks (according to the size of, j. tor every circumstance. The lite-
candle they want to obtain) to a. -" BBK rature of these coraisons, (ora-
small-stick (about five feet long). -" -- --"-- tons) is quite interesting for it
A. they hold the stick with one rucixes or riht in rot of is a mixture of French, Creole
cruifies orrigt n fontofand Latin. Oration to St. Bar-
hand horizontally, the wicks are the main door of the church. tod oation to St Pouss (for
suspended in a vertical position. The candle marchandes big- oration ato St Pouss (for
T h e can le arc and s b g w om en in Tabor), oration to S P :'
They have only to pour a 'gobe- gest days are the feasts of Vir- B ene s who are
let' of wax on the stick. They re-- gin .Mary, Ascencion, All Souls iBouievers (f rour enemies who are
peat this operation continuously and Rogation days and when hun b breks a toe in a football
until they obtain the right am- dred of kiddies are making their breaks a tole in a football
mount of wax on the wicks.I After- first holy communion On these game, and old t ayers onton cumay re
wards, they place the long waxed occasions the candles have to be cite .one of these prayers to cure
w icks on a piece of board, cut ordered days before, h ______
them into several and equal pie-' Beside the usual customers of -FOR SALE I
ces and then roll each individual-, the town, the parish priest helps 1953 Oldsmobile, with hydra-
C]y to give them that round firm the marchandes to live. These matic transmission, power brake
standard shape. 'devoted wo m ei supply the and power steering. Four new
--- ....................-'- tires, all in excellent condition.
S'Owner leaving country. Apply
O *ou o| eGerard Boucharin at United Na-
S'. flUL L flo couneio office, or try to telephone
>,0TEL .noucoune 2235.

1%. THU iSOM night

Or-chesfre- and ,8hoi "-
. ,^- o. RO ^ D N- 1

Ca n. C oucoune a

,,l. .' |' "-'"l ^

SiMaruoro -
IN ONE _.I. 0 D
A. ot.tS 2

No. Shortage Heroe ~






f -tI

T M.,t|

Direct Passeqger and Freight Sei




All rooms

Air-conditioned dini



4 "I

PAQE 7 ,'
:~ -'r ::'.

d. ..

H ^'-1

G ..* -'a
ur ". .*::'"^

H -"

S :.'...
:' :*-*
: ,,

.Q .m :;. ,
A ** ; ',;.|
a S" I .. .::.!!
i 11 .., :

'- : : '-^
1 **

li "A: :

Y ^' ..'.
... *: .}

"*, ': :. f

ing~rrom ..'..,

.: :{;

.2' j

ng, ..ui.m

HAITI SUN Sunday November llth 1956

*' .. .t .. ;o *r.,.,. -. I
.... ..... -' '-" ..... .. '- ..
S ~a a ;~4k .4

1. FAfMILY TRAVEL PLAN ... in effect November 1
through March 31. Wives, and children between 12 and
2 5, fly at savings up to $300 each under regular fare.
Family of four saves up to 3900:
2'-;" 2. SPECIAL KLM 15-DAY FARE. Saves $97 even on
,' already low, low Tourist Fare tickets!
Coorl all year. WD
J For full information. l W
see your Travel Agent. K L M


Nous Reclamons R 6paration
Honneur National,' were, the
words printed in large letters on
the white banner carried by four
cf the hundred or more students
on their march of protest to the
Cthan Embassy in the Exposition
area, Tuesday morning.
These students rp' csen;.i d the
Reaction of the st'dnu: bA:ly to
the violation of Haiti's Embassy
in Havana by the Cuban Police
on Monday afternoon, October 29.
The Haitian hi-colors and an im-
mense wreath of white flowers
were borne by the students who
with sober faces and suppressed
emotions were greeted by
the Cuban Charge d'Affaires on
their trip to demand aReparation
to the National Honor.*. The
wreath was. destined for the Des-
salines-P6tion tomb.



EITd Fr Ul 'fVlu UL/I UE > R I
ssy Tuesday .3 Concrete Densifier give:
the request of the Police that tbh4ey Repistance water-tightness
dispersed .pd retupied-%to their Hardness
school. Several hailed '-a -iss Hardness
taxicab and with P d li-*keath
were driven to F comple-e" Ift
task of paying homageo ,h thb.e-
roes P~tion and- DesAlines'
Under-Seeiry .i te Interort
Roland Lataillade, notified of the
incident, arrivedat the Exposi-
tion City and added his counsel
to that of Captain Jacques Etien,
ne and Lt. Beauvoir, and the stu-
dents separated to return to their

Minister Lataillade paid a visit
to the' Cuban Charge d'Affaires,
explaining that it was natural and
logical that the students should
stage a manifestation, under the
circumstances, and gave him the

CORDIALLY GREETED BY Iassurance that'nothing would hap
CUBAN CHARGE D'AFFAIRES pen to increase the tension actual-
Senor Calixto Gabriel Breton ly existing between the Haitian
Perez, Cuban Charge d'Affaires and Cuban Governments which are
here, was visibly touched by this actually doing everything possible
manifestation of Haitian youth, to conserve their diplomatic rela-
He declared that he could unders- tons.
stand perfectly the' attitude and
the inquietude of the student bo- JOURNALISTS INTERVIEW
dy of Haiti after the unfortunate SENOR PEREZ
incident at the Haitian Embassy. Reporters who followed
in Havana, and added that the the trend of the student
matter was being given the neces- manifestation were invited
sary consideration. The diplomat I by Senor Perez, the Cuban Charge
also stated that the ties of friend- d'Affaires, into his office. They
qhin which haveu lmnia avexitedA A ,i- .-. .L--- _......

al Anthem. They so ejamly received position area.



Program is being Prepared



If you want the most
for your money, use

B. F. Goodrich
They're made wth
fr Heavy ServEs
WILLIAM NAfR ,Port-au-Prinee
boucard &. Cie., Jacmel
Raymond Laroche, Cap-Haitier
Mason Jean Boutgeois, Aux Ca.
Michel Desquiron, Sucessors,



n~ r >wt~r IA' >~




Fisher's, the American's favorite shop where
all prices are clearly marked on every item. ,,'
Where a well-trained and courteous staff will
help you. to solve your shopping problems.
Where checks and foreign banknotes are accep-
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give you free information about U.S. customs re-
..I -I -u -__. --1


Which his the best imports from all the co rners of the world. You can save up to 60% gulaons ann snipping eos
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Qua, 4..

A-K~,A~!-~1~V-'-~ ~ -~ V

-.- ___________________ HAITI SUN

':!!&gs^- ''-^w~a-1'C^ COl

77. 3 An ^O^^-/1 ,E-/

EL! |\_IIr-j J U bA1FN '9 P.2pa

T hI ,, _.._.._ _


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I '.

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-. 4







L '7.
E:;: '.. .
i,, ,' ." .

1^;:. .
1":.'' "l W e
II- ; e

/ .. i '
;?. .. .*-

Ai'. t .
.:.'- .,
I'?-: *: '
Ill:. .
sy -,:/" -
l.l li- l' i l
*.- '
!,..,f. :..
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^ ''

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Sunday November 11th 1956 HAITI SUN ?AGE 13 .
______________________ --_______________________-- 4."' .
Thursday night, The Casino contribute towards an enthusiast- [Montreal this week) will give they .
International was, as usual ic acceptance. But, let us not for- Haitian public a last opportunity -,
overcrowded with people seek- get that there is only one Jean- to see their interpretation on
ing distract. But, next| door, Louis Barrault, and one Laurence Tuesday night, at the French Ins- iOL
the auditorium of the Institut Oliver. It is well known that the;;titute, with Dr. Jean-Price Mfars
Frangais sheltered only a few spec- public, in general, goes after a as guest of honor and patron of P 0NVILE
tators. Very few friends of what name, a name with fame, and that the .Compagnie Amphytrion." MkM N A -:A
can be called the genuine theater authentic actors may very we!I be' On the other hand and
can be called the genuine theater a : rne1^ it ~ ~ an yu /A f-^^
gathered that nightt plu h etaiei ota~rne May interesting handful of young
actors' of aAmphytrion: -Patrick we say that if one desires to see Hlitians are gathering every.
Antoine and Mattrice Dllaire, two A good performance here, one day at t t end 'the dra ma
yiung ien'with arem-rkablema. should not miss a representation luse, of Patrick Aoine. A 1
tership of the stage. Nevertheless, by sAmphytrion.. few Months fro n, gp Y-
,trion w il The able to present H ai-t m i
it is a fact that they were present- One day, Patrick Antoine will t tors to the public. It proves a i and o
ing a new kind of spectacle to. the probably see his nare in light I hat in spite or its new formula, to t .... .
Haitian public-the -theatre en as a representative actor of the [ theatre enrnd decidedly frua ,
rond"~~~~~~~~ (wie iscnevdo h Fec the -theatre en'rond, deciel
rond- (whicb is conceived on. the French Theater, and is a former is, beg inning to interest the true
same plan as the theatre 6f Se- pupil of the great Charles Dullin. lovers of the theatre, and will su- t
geste). And representative plgys IT site of his experience of only rely succeed in winning-over the
of the -theatre d'avant-garde.' hd ten years in the theatre world, his most stubborn .retardataires.' nd hi S gie drumLt"^ ^
been chosen: -La Fleur A ]a l-ou- troupe found enthusiastic welcome d u
che. of Luigi Pirandello, and -Les ina many town's throughout the I- -----T* I m.mawnkv
Mdfaits du Tabac. of Antonr'Tche- world. He has played with th -'.',';' /.' MAY' & THURSDAY BUFFET-DANCING FtI
kov. But as it is well-known, new Maria Ca-ares, Michel Auclair and' 1't ." : '" '
approaches to a problem are al- Sylvia Montfort. In North Africa, N"'1 "' '-, ...__- _-_ _..._ __,-
ways disconcerting to certain ped- he appeared with Pierre Brasseur sI rn.'x"'' ..O...' L*ES O S. .
ple. If we want to analyse the i"i.Jean Paul Sartre's .Le Diable ri, iFRENCH LESSONSvo m g 'o -" ".-
cause bf deception to our visitors, et le Bon Dieu.. He has just arriv- ,, Experienced lanriguage teacher will give lessons, private.or in C-ups, .
faced with such a small'audience, ed from Montreal. Within a year, .'" '" :'. Intensive work on pronunciation and everyday coiverpation ..., i"
auine ,d fro Motral Wihi ya" o
Fr~~ien works for hlrn epry Saturday morning Jrm9...
we can see that the repertory they his theatre en rond> has created .. French Course for children every Saturday morning from 9 to 11
chose was too -good, that perlhps ,a revolution in the large Canadian c .: ^ **. Courses every afternoon from 5 to 7 and by private arangemeit.
their program so carefully select- city. Thanks to him, the Montreal- Miss Solanges Dominique, Intructress
ed does not answerthe demands ers had the chance to cheer Syl- "' ":. B.A. Olivet College, Michigan .t-
of our public. -Ah! 'my dear,.--said via Motfort, Michel Vitold, Eleo- M.A. -Teachers College, Columbia University, N.Y. ., ,.
an eotfesiisnac Dipoma TC.olmiUniversity.
an enthusiastic spectator to Pp- nore Hirst and M'ania Balachota'e ..' Porfessional Diploma: T. C. Columbia University. e ..
trick Antoirie, -if you had only (who is considered as the succes- ,.*B Address: 12 Rue Camille Lon (Ecole Mme. Pierre Paiirer ..
chosen Athalie.... sor of Ludmilla Pitoeff). telephone 5956 Before 8"00 A.M. between 12-2:00 or after -. t .P
Even after viewing the situa- Haitians residing in Montreal i *
tion, we must admit that in Haiti who saw 'the work of 'Amphytrionf, .A .
we have a literate public which there recommended: lGo to Port- m LA-IM .. ', IL
is capable of appreciating the au-Prince', there will not be a JH w3l -""' L:
avant-garde playwrights. After all, theater large enough for you. All
Ibsen, Eliot, Tchekov, Pirandello th e tickets will be sold out mime- :'
have their places in the family U- diately., These words were repuat- I t m ust '
brary. We cannot treat them as ed tb us without the least sign of be" goot d f
strangers. it is evident, though, bitterness. We would like to feel
that ,Les Vignes du Seigneur. or that the prediction pf the Haitians .- .Wa boo *
any other light play would be more in Montreal will one day be a 'real- f orbefo Walker muso bSt c oods.o frem oi in3 b
likely to draw the crowds to the ity, and that the Port-au-Prince pu- i t b Sooto pass r of ers

theare. ite? must bel~ good to ActSr thef Antod^ ofTIB T R .IisET IANA G~I&m :
I'rn oP proudlh present-fo over A3T yers,
theatre. But how can we explain blc wil prove that the exiled were Be t .
the failure of those who pretend right' with ve 3 Y s pene
to be well-read to show at least It is possible that many of our2 5 ,i W AL R
some curiosity concerning the per. iellectuals are stUill -unaware ofi JOHNE W
formance of cAmphytrion? the fact that we have the )Corn- a2ON 'O I GONG sRNG, 2.5
We have to admit that Patrick pagaie Amphytrion. here. We .r tt y *Pl11gEJ'srwgood n' n'

t~Tr ito~l~ tod 9.006w
Antoine's coming here minus the were just advised that Patrick d.&t& tf'ft
build-up that a theatre Stars re- Atoine and Maurice Dallaire
mutation would have helped did not (Mr. Dallairie is due to leave for Actor Patrick Antoine TIT tUITOR. .3,.

Ne York It, fr- r>oe its.

nI.iiz 1 I..
Tissot18K gold 225.00
Georg Jensen (setting .of 6)- 72.00 49,06 '
Hans Hansen (setting of 6) 52.00 29.95 ,i'
Kislav Gloves 9.00 6.00
Orlanes Ro .lu Bee Gream 16.50 3.50 $9.
'Cashmere Cardigans 29.50 18.50



I4PA 14.

-' Perspiring In December
It's not too early to begin think- and industrial operations, the
ing about the dither a lot of folks blic is being well served.
will find themselves in about.. 'a The creation of a Christ
S month from now, and with the savings Club by one of our b:
approach of the 15th of next month ing institutions would encour
'they'll be perspiring freely in De- thousands of modest wage-
i-: cember as they pour over that list ners to use these facilities.
of Christmas gifts. As the contents emulated by the thought of c
S of pocketbooks dwindle, the list ing into a lump sum for the
;'' just fairly stretches. It happened of-the-year's offerings of gifts
,. .last year, and the year before. The Christmas time, and equally
items followed by .M. majusculee) gain on the traditional Jani
really are .musts, and even with 1st Fiesta of the forefathers,
-'. the aid of a machine a calculer. wage-earner would welcome
-the figures just wont add up. Some opportunity.
0' u r scornmerqaiitst wc
thing in the budget figure again,- r a considerable increase
S and if there should be an account their end of the year sales,
marked 4savings- for a rainy days eny of us who are tsoo eb
manyofuwharto b
they'll hear the .ptter of rain in shy because of obvious rea
:spite of the brightness of the wea- would gain confidence in our
i the ouide the bank, as they again abty to e able to produce
p., ..resolve to 'make it up. on next carnet de banquet. and wu
p!.'",iay da. aredebqu adw
pay. the figures rise monthly.
;'.. A Christmas Savings Club would The banking business woulc
m, come in handy at times like this. on the increase -but defini
!:; In the United States banking ins- -and in the future when Dec
S titutions have for. niany years solv. her 15th approaches, a lot
r'. ed this problem for their deposit- folks might find themselves -i
Po .rs by encouraging savings of small pining freely, but for many
*:. sums during the year in a special would, simply be from over
SXmas Fund account to be paid on haustion from making gr ':- demand a week or two before the in the shelves of thi spler
big day. A depositor for the sala- new shops and bazaars that
r': ies which is generally the rule business men of Haiti are
;)m /" ly the rule
: in the U.S. the subscriber pays in ducing for our shopping p
: his .dues. in equal amounts over sure.
"the year, receiving his total depo-, .. a o spells fur
sit in a tidy su at the time of p-n aessll o onur magic island
S the year he needs it most. Should
"he fall by the wayside, and not _____
C. keep ip the payments regularly,:
"the amounC paid in may be with- WANT TO LEARN
,.. drawn at the regular expiration A LANGUAGE?
;ii ate, anyway. Many pe: le got -A
-".ir savingso habit through this' Learn to speak and write
S"-ggement. t or several foreign languages
i'. n ...aiti great strides towards Iglish French Spanish -
the en3 cifgi-ng Qf. savings ac- man). Private courses or gr
counts andf thift are 'evidenced sessions for adults and child
', bj the increased banking laicii- as well. Also courses in Cr
'*,. es' being offered to the public. ( tor adults only),
;.w; "'l ng services which were for-
-' -moely limited to. thle National Jules Wiesel, Max Bocher
t: ",mBafl of Haiti and the Royal Alberj Charlot, Jacdueline Sn
SBank of Canada, are .Bahque Po- Dr. Harlie Smith Jr. Emile
;pulaire Haitinn-Colombo, (about \ phir.
-," ,-SWO: y.ears. .old) and the new mo-i
:1i; :mdern .downtown branchh of the. Registration: c/o Wiesel
i Banqu "Nafionale. With Banque 19- Rae Capois, near Hotel 0'
gr icole handling agricultural son, opposite Dr. Helmke.
., '*. '' .. ____ "__-_______"__".__-.--.


A'***5. ;* '

^ L V0

?^'- The 'WorM~Eamd Bea~utu Products Ar

A .- OnSafaeat.

r ': Canapdp t/r
Ca/rape' t/rt :&JfcaweiLa&z

-- -- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i -- ---- --- ----- ^ .4

P- p ^ a-feV-
maPas Pi Iu
ear- Dear Mary Doogoode,
com- My boy friend is a bold parti-
end of the Boukbachi and when
at the war broke out, he told me
Sa- that he is going to enroll in the
uary EgypLian conimandos of death.
the lHce is a very good boy and we
the love each other' very much, but
1 amn afraid that we are going to
muld brake for I am sick of all these-
. in discussions oni the Middle East.
and Whom does he love, 'Nasser or
ink- me?
isos (S): Aida.
own |
e a Dear Aida,
itch Your hero needs your love bad
ly. This is not the time to break.
I be Otherwise he will go wild. I aug-
tely gest that you take him to the cli-
-em-'nic of Dr. Mars for a check-up.
pers ,(S) Mary Doogoode
y it
r-ex- Dear MAlary Doogoode,
idid What happened to you? Since
the a few weeks, according to what
pro- I read in your column, it seems
plea. that you are tired. You don't co-

me any more with constructive
ideas. Why don't you go on va-
cation to refresh your mind?
(S): r'aithful Reader.

Dear Faithful Reader,
You're right. I am awaiting my
annual leave.-. You know how it
is difficult fr me to give satis-
faction to every reader. So, be
(S): Mary Doogood.r-

eole Dear Mary Doogoode,
SMy boy friend and I were very
much. in love, when that otherg1rl
eau, (Sexy Type) walked iL and ranm
iith, after him. He has been flirting
Ze- with her. saying, it was just hav-
ing a good time-
I broke up, hut am worried-1
o you thiink I did right? Do"7 y 7
loff- think he was in Ihe.with me '.
(S) Worried.
S Dedr Worried,
S You said that you and your boy
S friend were' very much in lpve
and new you're-'asking me if he
'was in love with yo. Well, dear
Worried, you know bow men are.
You have only to challenge your
i sexy-type rival. Put your worries
aside and go at the onquest of
yoUr, lcsl hearth'.
(Si: Mary Doogoode.
Dear Mary Doogoode,
L How can a girl manage when
she has 3 boy friends at tie
Sesame time'?
pe ISi: (Glamournus)
Dear Glamourous,

Do you mean that you have
three boy friends and want to
know how to manage? Or are you
just wondering how a girl can live
'in such ;a situation? That is the
(S) Mary Uoigood'.

Sunday November llth 1956

afor 61



Henraux Tours & Travel Service

156. tue Danies Destouahes
P.O. Bo.W W5 Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I. Tel: 3871


Car Year Scats
FORD 1956. 5
SIMCA 1956, 4

Per Day


iefd. Deposit

1)-All Gasoline and Oil.
2)-Insurance of $10.000 per person up to 5persmns between
age of 16 and 65; plus $10.000 Public Liability and $5i;a
Property Damaga.
3)-Delivery at airpaut, Port or Hotel in Port am Prince. and
4)-Maps of Haiti and Port-au-Prince.
REQUIRED. Valid Driver's License.
AGE LIMIT OF DRIVER: from 16 to 61 years Old:
WEEKLY RATES: $50 x .10 and $35 x .08.


The Chic Place To Dine & Dance
Every Saturday Night
Speciaf "Diner Danantb,


/A1 IPJTA hi L Bdg

Des4gns A Rush
t Qaalil.- 4km"S*~$as L Sisal.
SjPAo u ti d ttb ettt, PNOI.26f4
AND PUEi l ill ,0, I

SNowJ kr M"deTadfc ,

and oilier poepulr bflRd., ...
, -.--__ .- a--" %rT:'--- : I-- _- -".--'--' ,:, wi-

l,-SEN8ATION BAZAR Emlio lVIAximillIIn-77 Rue deS
Mlrudci.,= 2,=M4IAMINS tiE L'ETAT' I

S. A

^ :


Sunday November llth 1956



Centre d'Art Preparing Brilliant Exhibition Schedule

..'We expect the most brilliant
exhibition scheduled in the history
of the Centre d'Art, said the Art
Center Director Dewitt Peters on
his return Monday from the sum-
met in New York.

Luce Turnier Carpi will open
the season the first Friday in De-
cember with a one-man show at
the gallery.

Dewitt who was working on a
book. on Haitian Art during his
summer asejour, in New York
said that he has arranged for se-
veral .one-man exhibitions by indi-
vidual Haitian artists for early
next year in Manhattan. '

Enthusiastic over the Center's
two newest discoveries Pauleus Vi-
t l apd Byron, Mr Peters said he
is, seen Aptonio Joseph latest
wirks since returning and he was
excited by what he saw.

* But the leading artists of the Art
-Center are still the Jfamous nine
who did the murals in the Episco-
r,alian Holy Trinity Cathedral.r
Jasmin Joseph, the sculptor and
well known Courgue and Antonio
Joseph the non-primitive" painters.
Of course tourists have their pecu'-
liar taste and the top-selling ar-
tists Joseph Courgue, Bazile and
Bigaud. Luce Turnier Carpi and
her husband are' rated highly by
visitors. (IncidentallUy s Cioni
Carpi and young Miss Edith Latail
lade are the only two female mem-
bers of' the Centre). The manage-
ment finds that .majority of tourists
that buy paintings and carvings at
the centre are those art collectors
who have come expressely to get
samples of Haitian art.

The Centre d'Art
STraVIelling along Port-au-Prince's
Rue de la Revolution one's atten-
tion is caught by a high sign at
the gate of a 2-storey stone build-
ing which has little to do with mi-
litary action: -Le Centre d'Art,
Entree Libre (Nb Charge). Libre
is the key word to this art center
founded in 1944 by Mr Dewitt Pe-
tes aided by a group of Haitian

If t is -libre, to enter the cen-
tre and libre, in practice, to be
W mernber, the artists are equally
;libres. to paint what they want
at home. In other words the ma-
nagement's policy is to avoid -as
much as possible imposing 'a pat-
tern on individual artists and then
influencing one another. To order
a special painting smells of the
shop and to fore a paint-

Art director Dewitt Peters and assistant director Pierre Monosiet hold
up paintings by Vital al. Byrqn the Centers two new afindsa.

er into a preconceived mold is mitive painter also from Jacmal, is
often to stifle his spontaneity, says twenty nine years old and selling
Assistant Director Pierre Monosiet well. Since December, over 15 of

whose administrative duties have
forced him to give up painting
since he sang his swan song in a
1952 exhibition.

his -tableaux. have been sold at
the centre. Young Edith Latailla-
de, student of talented Luce Tur-
nier (Carpi) is like her tutor, of
the impressionist type who 'has

However classes are given by had moderate success with collect
artist Antonio Joseph, 1st Haitian' ors. Considering her age, still ii
winner of a Guggenheim Fellow- the teens, she is perhaps the most
ship in creative painting, who ser- promising.
yes as -conseiller. to the Comit
Consultatif, along with Louis Du- The centree with its registered
bois, Castera Bazile, Francine Mu- members is used by about 100 ar
-at, Pierre Monosiet. Film shows tists at the moment. It is subsidies
on art in general sponsored by the ed by government to the tune o!
American Embassy are regular fea- $225 a month (formerly) $400)
ture at the centre and lectures are The nominal 10 cents (U. S.)

sometimes given by artists or art
critics. .(Bishop Alfred Voegeli
has made a -magnificent film based
chiefly on the murals of the Epis-
copalian Church which is a good
document of Haitian Art.)

And how are artists discoveredd?
Mr Peters always on the lookout
for talent scouts around markets
and veeoodoo temples. When he sees
a work of promise he seeks out
the creator and eventually he be-
comes associated with the center.
Subsequently they use its facilities
and sell their paintings and sculp-
tures in its 'display rooms.

In the last two years all the ar-
tists of the centre have shown
marked improvement, land three
new members have shown great
promise. The top-selling of them
is Byron, of Jacmel, now in his'
middle thitie, whose primitive
canvasses have attracted especial-
ly collectors, Bidaop Veegeli and
Hotel Oloffson's Coster and Mrs
Kennedy. Stephen Magloire, a pri-


monthly membership fee for mem-
bers is not paid and the centre is
run off the 30% return on pictu-
res sold. But this,30% commission
is non-profit because it is used to
help the more needy of the artists.
Painting range from .$5 to $500,
but the average sale price is bet-
ween $25 and $75.




o tzo, s5ef ;tfWe


Ouanga foLl

'h -r ." "ll o .- 4Y
iQ ^ '";I

,, 3 -. .i ''.''


islands in the West Indies and Louisiana,, basabsorbed a great many ;i

words from what is called the English Ia'h!gUajge during the past half ':a

In Haiti, at least in the cities, the influence oftourism. American '
contracting firms and the definite trend towards moree business with. ":||.
the United States since the end of World War U, has been responsible *.^
for the infiltration of English words into the Creole language. ;^j

The'many new words that have been acquired by this warm alingb -. :.
which ais makeup of French, African, Spanish, the Greek and seve l
other languages, are taken from the automobile industry. (e.g.) dynarM. -',
flow means something smooth and there was even a belt called dynaw yj
flow because it had several holes in it like the front of the Buick Ms.' '
IWith dry-cleaning came the word dry, with washing floated the. word :i^
clean, with tourism came the numerous expressions that are reserved ^
for use in cotratonv oEn with the visitors encountered in the streets '
give me five cents, thank you, taxi mister, where you od-nt go, &ie. ^
,. '," v :.

dollars and so forth. h e ':|j

As distance between countries becomes shorter the Gre ence .o;.:ii
languages becomes greater. The 'American language is no(tekown to .^ 1
sport several Creole words which no doubt will appear in the Buevisked *;r;
edition of Webstairs. But a language which does not grow is like Latin di!,.
cune langue mortes. And in this industrial age it is understandable J;i
that many words, especially technical terms, cannot be translated!and,.
people are forced to borrow them. ii

Nationalists need not worry about the corruption of Creole in. ;
modern-day and age, even with its new sprinkling of English words:',:*"-
eitreionoest aarm and colorful language which is spoken by some d ngsein
I i

15,000,000 people i the wo th wording to, a Crele chronicer
Cationlestheeno war ovrnclry oft the Hai rutia n p op rele as.well ofother

Emile Roumer.So e e '

Em". yp F

wor mDhistributors HattJi Trading Co. p h lf

"--',"-. "n

RK -225____________ :, ^. ..,^
InHitatlas n h ctes.heiflec of torim American '
th ntdSttssne h n f ol a ha benrspnsbl


for te iniltraion f Engish ordsinto.he Ceole.anguge.,
Th mn e od ha aebe curd yti amcmd

On Sale At all Bitter Grocery Stores



PAGE 16 _':_ __ __


..It will solve important health problems.

IQancy Has New Miracle Machine

For People With Stomachs
Ponce de Leon reportedly searched over this area for the
Fountain of Youth. Whether he ever found it is a point of dis-
;cussion for historians and the medical profession. But Gerard
(Ti.Oe) Chancy has made a discovery even more startling than
.. Ponce's could be, ad leavs no point of discussion for anyone.
Mr. Chancy is in possession of I Gerard Chancy's discovery of
i .- machine "t will revolutionize the Drachenberg Products Mfg. Co.
S- mahnfitwllrvluinz

matters in the domaine of the of St. Clair Shoresjftlich's easy-to-
-'.Pb'/ health-seeking public, a machine operate, easy-Lo-clean eJUICEX
., ..4"that will give many of the ailing was- made during his recent so-
i4 "and unhealthy and even the heal- journ in -the United States. He re-
thy, a new lease on life. The turned determined to introduce
-JUICEX. Dual purpose health 1 this product to the people of Haiti
-j'aid machine is really'two machines'as a bonafide health aid.
in -one it electrically extracts
I -!

'b'. eg" bejie adwt t i

.. table juices and with its li- M Ar. Chancy pointed out the re-
.fqueir attachment which fits on suits obtained With cabbage juice
-, the white 'Juiceux base in 2 se- for ulcered stomachs. Six Glasses
i.conds raw fresh vegetables are con a Day Put' Ulcer Away,, a Pulitz-
a-. averted into health sustaining nu- er Price-Winning Science Writer
*- trients which are lost during the declared. A San Francisco physi-
.cookTing of these vegetables. a cian treated peptic ulcer cases
The new JulICEX., machine with raw t cabbage juice. A 26-year
" arrived at Gerard Chancy's old woman suffering ablominal
.,; Rue' Pavie tore, opposite the new pains from a cratersg or scooped
.; .pI-ree building. is made to stop stomach area, with ulcer quite
v yo.ur. suffering and prevent your m.frked 'in X-rays failed to fine
-:. pre find

S mg yin, despair because e it per- relief from customary treatments
't. rla oaiu to dinks Goy's n Itural during six months. She begar
S:' ataess'n liquid folih -is is taking six glasses Qf cabbage juice
rs vina g source of lii-giving a day. Four days later her pair
., tri.elnts which are more potent was gone, and by the end of thc
!'i evening fruit juices because they minth day the ulcer had healed.
p7 4onatin more natural vitamins and. With-.this new. trend towards
it aud minezals.I'f your food does- better heajth' efforts,. Mr, Chance
1. #ta.. ie n these natural'nutrfrnt; and the machine that extracts juice
W, a*.hif be. in yoter d an frm-olids in the tinkeling of ax
f.e- .is- in. tbe. t blod, nop t in th e eyen so simple to operate, Wos
^.. d .esh; m a 'briigd'better: health to Haiti.
p 4: ': :' ,," ,::.: .; :;. r 18 l': ;: *;*':^ '" ....
P. .. ." ",; :" ". .n
R.:, .'.... ^ ^ ^ "'. v: ^S" -

.tj :-. 34 tJ^ ^ & (lli

y., '- L4t4 btrFo

4 j'*, .
J655 Ditbu tor A'k 1 __l v
the :e b w'.r 6,64. ore etRue Bonne Fol ee d e

APhone: 2028
'.; ." ..,. *,


M't' ao fail un mot crois6 angle, lors n'tomb6 sou oun mat
difficile, oun synonyms pou l 6zard. Cruciverbistes francs prend
olin resolution oun fois pou toute employer mots qui l'en dic-
tionnaire Larousse. Min m ilicain pas com) ca. Aussi m't'ap
cass6 tete moins quand oun mot creole chant sou langue
moin:agranman!...Oun agranman e oun gros zandolite qui
conne change couleur suivant cote I'yd. Haitien qu'ap parl6
francs r6ll' cam6lIon. Bref, c6 agranman qui fait m'joinde
mot m'te besoin a: agama!... againa ou lizard fait rm'boucher bou
cle la. A remarquer que si c'6t6 oun mot francs regle la ta
jou&, nous ta' dit z'aganman corn z'ceufs, z'yeux, z'ailes. C6 o-
rigine angle agaman qui fait n'dit: aganman!.
L'en paquetes journal yo voye pou vioper ce l' 'ians vo
ni'devach6 cross word puzzle pou min'tuer temps 1'en jours sp6-
culation en denrees pas mniach6. L'en point bagaille nt'pinr-
min que prend plaisir ac mots drole, rare, amusant, comnme
par example taroupe, vibrisse, faguenas. En attendant acadt-
mie phlmes codinde realisA oun dictionnaire nous oblige gain
oun orthographe qu5 serr6 francais pros de te4e sorte que nuus
cab joinde signification terms yo 1'en oun ti larousse.
C6 france qu'ap tu6 nous. Oun chelbec 1'en Contributions
prend mot usine 1'en sens li vId. Oun ti beurrerie ac oun ba-
ratte, oun ecremeuse A main qui baille cinq livres beurre pou
la journ6e, zott gain droit nommini' manufacture ac droits et
taxes adequats.
Messieurs Port-au-Prince yo mander pou chasseurs cesser
chasser pendant oun periode min pou moune aui vId travaille,
ceer" oun ti industries 1'en point repit. Ce I'abomination de la
d6solatifn.r- -
Par example papa Dessalines comme dit Morisseau-Leroy;
quitt6 terre J'Haiti 'pou nous min parler francA ac solkcisme,
non sens, contresens fait que colbindecs prend pose gardens,
pas meme deux-moities, gardens terre pour oun espece de
blancs probltmatique qui par oun inessianisme imbecile ap
. portA l'honneur ac bonheur pou zott.
* Li temps peu. yo coupe lombrite nous ac Ia France. Creole'
Sc6 oun langue riche qui capable rendre toute expression, zott;
Squitte 1'en friche corn douze mille carreaux terre en bois de-,
* bout que paysans ap reclamA jodi a pou yo va nommin presi-
Emile ROUME2

ihree convenient weekly flights to toke
you into the goy, romantic atmosphere
of the'Peorl of the Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Santiago de Cubo by CUBANA!
for information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Rue DOantes Deslouches, Phone 3451

Sunday November llth 195"


4 Monday, Wednesdays. Friday, at 1:25 p. m.

SONLY $25'.



Sunday November llth 1956


Inter-American Cultural Events Postponed

Although the country's indus- i to do .. the new type oe cincw wL The first InterAmerican Music ed, musical compositions especial- of the 21 American republics.
tinalizatinn nrnfrraiim iQ rising to n .finacn. had tn ho rldo n D.'c. e' Fotival nnri the firct lntaramr.r- Iv nrn-u arnarl fnr thn eonaccinn will 'IThr p ,vxnnin;tn nf Cr n,,tIAmnn,


encouraging proportions, Haiti, an troyed and the former pccics ican Exposition of Contemporary be chosen from among all of those ry Art will consist of approximate- 'i.
essentially agricultural country replanted. They had i.juC. lh: Art which was to have been held submitted. These compositions ly 150 works of art of the ,most '
; looking to its -terroir, as an losses were running much higher in New Orleans in 1957 has been will be sent to the committee by distinguished contemporary paint-
mportant source of income and than when a portion of the harvest postponed until 1958. Richard Jo- the Consejo Nacional de Musica ers of the 21 Latin American re- I
employmentt for its four million of the original cane production had ncs president of the Casa Inter- of the Western Hemisphere, an publics, all-of which will be ex- ,i
iihabitants. to be charged off to -workers. national in New 6rleans, has an- organization which exists in each hibited in the Delgado Museum. '
With three Sugar factorici now consumation.. nounced that the events have '"S
o produce the fruits of Ohe sugar HASCO is the oldest of Haiti's been postponed to allow more S R O A
cane harvest, the output :!,i corn- Sugar factories and can count al- time to make a complete success Jj "0 R EAD:'
prison to former yea'-i will reach most forty years of existence as an of the-.m. T IN P NT
astral statistical proportiind, important part of the national eco- It is expected that by 1958 New: .T'lE NC PINTT i ;
HASCO LEGEND nomy. Two new Centrals -Dessa- Orleans will have a new amphi- ..: L
The success of sugar production ines an pHaitien were ad 'theatre where all the musical Haiti is an old word of the Carib I nidians which means .
in this country is largely due to ed this year to provide 6 months events can be performed to bet- wooded mountains And Haiti was well named- for its sur- .
the Haytian-American Sugar Corn. employment annually to the peop-' ter advantage, face area is 85 per cent mountainous.
pany (FIASCO) our Amerncar ca- during the happy, season for Jones said that both the art You have not seen Haiti until you have been in its mount-
pitalists found -that the peasan;I thousands upon thousands ot exhibit and the music festival will I ains, and what could be more pleasant than a 15-mile drive up. "jj
c .hsit'tned a considerable am ,cci.anil tr take place under the patronage Ia picturesque road lined with flaming Poinsettias, to charming A
o(f the soft juicy cane while hana (i f the Casa Internacional andI Chatelet des Fleurs in tall pines in cool Kenscoff, ,
The sugar cane crop on which .. .
ling it. They decided to improve the poc..ontce o f th with tihe active cooperation of the Almost 5000 feet, almost a mile above sea level, Chatelet _J-;.
matters by changing the type of product n structure o me Organization of American States des Fleurs exports cut-flowers, Carnations, Delphiniums etc.
island] is based! is also raw 0Ier
the product to a less luscious spe-I msl er .ries New Orleans was selected as to other Caribbean countries and the United States, and also .:
cics. Many of the peasant work- a for the rum seres headquarters this past Junes after operates a delightful small restaurant and serves beverages. .'.'|
eros l~lny o thepeasnt wrk-[Haiti.
ers advised against such a change T, variouss meetings between the di- Most Frenchmen get a kick from the operation by an Amer- -
but orders ,vere orders. The cane The Commervce Departmen t's rectors of the Casa Internacional ican of a restaurant with such a Parisian name, but the guy. *
fields were dug up and during the Statistics Service registered acon- and Guillermo Espinosa, director just happened to study high-school-French. ,
planting season they toilet to ,siderable increa inrasin the sale of the division of music of the Chatelet des Fleurs also manufactures tropical perfumes, '.-,i.
plant the imported sugar cane. a HASCO sugar in Port-au-Prince as Organization of American States. a high-quality Haitian product of fine value.
type much harder on the mola-.s. well as in the provinces for Au- The Interamerican Music Festi- It's beautiful autumn weather now in Kenscoff. One of your ';
It was not until the company was gust and September, although re- val was created by the Interamer- most delightful experiences can be a leisurely visit to mile- "
lacing big losses, that the HIASCO fined sugar sales have somewhat ean Center of Music, established high Chatelet des Fleurs. :. l:y
officials saw the .sagesse, of the increased. Raw sugar sold during formally by the Interamerican i "'
counsel that had been tendered AuSu-t and September are regist- Cultural Council of 1951, as a non JCrif: I.:e..... : (.. .*t
them. There was only one thing ered at 92,328 bags. profit cultural organization with -Am.: J l,: eri..t, Haitian Cuisine of -: C
headquarters in the Panamerican Unsurpassed Quality at Charming, ,
Union Building in Washington D .IDE rii Nr Dnr DE W Dot "
During the fiscal year of 1954-55 and that of 1955-56 the c. "AnA T.. ... FLEU-RS
codd t a xortations from Porta ICo
Fiscal Department recorded sugar explorations from Port-au- According to the plans outlin- In Coo Kenscoff. '"
Prince as follows: \ ;.:.

Koiea 6,096,741 6,0965 BRASSERIE DE LA COIURONNE, S.A.
JapLn 4,570,940 4,570,940 A .4
Netherlands 3,199,896 3,199,896 ANNOUNCES -
United States 2,483,253 2,483,253 1 ',
Opening O0' its Sparkling New
The Rum exported during the Fiscal years above mentioned j- ..'
were shipped to -the following: RETAIL SALES DEPARTMENT ,

1954-55 (Oct. to May) 1955-56
Cal- da 7,843 7,389 .A
United States ,522 kilograms 2,346 ::

I '* ^tl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ S k ;.,^H^B -"x^^^^^^^^^^ K^ "t^^^^B flH :. : "': *^s~
Bahama Islands 1,764 1,859
Dominican Republic 782 180 .
Curacao 461 180
Germany. 261 ". .
Cuba 239 207
Virgin Islands 207 261
Canal Zone- 190 27 r
France 128 12,600
United Kingdom 18

._ -a C -4 ..' '


--- .~~. ....~r- ,CLT -" TOR :EE. -CE

'i ^ -^- ^ ^ '' '""'SU DAS :0 AM t N O '" -::-,
-------------- MF .- '.'
Shop and Save


OPEN DULY 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
[ ~ SUNDAIS -- 7:00 A.M. to NOON I, "- ,.,




.1 -

* C

PAGE 18 ___HAITI SUN _______ Sunday November llth 1956


i*.*,... ..^ *., .
& %:

k L,

: Writer Jacques Larges leaves
S' this weekend for two months in
New York.
.. XX. XX
aiti's popular Ambassador to
S Venezuela S.E. Pieire Hudicourt
:. is in the Oapital for a week.
"X X X
S Engineer Will Hartman who
was here for three years as pro-
jbet engineer for the Geodetic
Survey has returned to the States
; .. fo. Re-assignment.
'; ....* ". :-' x x x

'". Mrs Valmar Chavez is buying
ni" nothing but blue for her expect-
i ed boy.
*:.; "x x x
Vif" .. X X X
::':' Mr Marc Pierre-Louis, Minister
": Counselor of the Embassy at Wa-
p:':hington returned Monday, via
t Cubad.
Mr and Mrs Marc Lacasse, of
Qu6; ubec Province in Canada, arri-
-ved this week, and are admiring
:,, among othet things, their magni-
S: ficent vie4 of the bay from Hotel
-. Castelhaiti.
X X'X-
i: Dr and Mrs C. P. Marble tra-
... veiled to Haiti this week, accom-
: panied by their friends, Mr and
i' .JIs A. A. Vestal. The foursome,
-' associated with the Mellon Bank
Sof Pittsburgh, Pa., have suites at
:.1 "the Castelhaiti.

4 |


V i

'Specialist Kenneth L. Bierman
who was recently assigned here
with the Geodetic Survey return-
ed to his home in Los Angeles to
attend the funeral of his father.
Mr. Stevenson Vice-President of
Frederick Snare Corp. is in Haiti
inspecting his companies work
in Miragoane.
George Naude clippered to
New York yesterday.
Dr. Gerard Gros flew to Havana
Patrick Raleigh is the newest,
engineer with the Reynolds Hai-
tian Mines. He arrives Wednes-
Jack London and his wife Ann
were at the Ibo Lele this past

Nicole Mpgloire flew to
York on the 7th.
Helga Madsen returned
Miami Thursday.



Our dignified Ambassador Pier-
re Rigaud who recently complet-
ed his assignment to the land of
Jose Marti is leaving this Tues-
day for his new Post-Liberia.

Frantz and Janine Brandt are
back from Kingston.
x x x
There was a WAVE in town for
ten days with the grade of Lieu-
tenant J.G. in the US Navy Lt.
Jane A DuPree who is with
NATO headquarters in Norfolk
Va is the french translator for
Admiral Jerald Wright Supre-
me Allied Commander Atlantic
Div Jane a guest at hotel Splen-
did is an oid class mate (French)
at Georgia U. of Bill of USIS.

BA-SIL JOHN, back from attending a Company Sales Meeting at the
IHotel Commodore in Havana, stated that among the many projects
disrus.sed by ihe delegates from eleven countries was the December
Maiden Voyag:, of a new 20,000-barrel tanker.
ERIC CANEZ. in a cuICe at the Contributions Ofliee to pay'out the
annLial taxes, found his wallet with $120 missing from his back pocket
\\hei Iie arrive:l at hie pay window
LA .',lEi{ ?JPRTEALL:XR THE PLATFORM of oPas de Questions..
C1.0:'. t. niiais temnps at Saturday and Sunday of last week. Gros
George Perry pleure li d6compos6.. Twenty-five engineers o'" .Pas de
Questions, were convoked in an emergency session that outlasted the
United Nations by an hour. The new pier of Joe Anson was also badly
Jimniaged by the rough sea. It is believed that Foire Etoi!2 de Mer will
be organized bientot to help to build the new platform.

PLastic Surgery
without Scapel

Look at this charming and in-
telligent lady whose radiant
beauty does not betray her


Will.Do The Same

Vor You

In such a way does the press
Only Sqrol DRP permeates
Ihe epidermis with extract of
fresh placenta. And only PLA
CENTUBEX contains Serol D
RP. You will be surprised at
I he results. PLACENTUBEX
'rejuvenates tired skin, does
,.way with lines on the chin
mtnd neck, and restores a young
appearance to the hands. PLA
SCENTUBEX is very easy to ap
ply. Just spread a thin coat of
PLACENTUBEX on the skin.
then add a coat of your usual
cream. Each tube of PLACEN-
TUBEX comes with detailed
instructions. One tube of PLA-
CENTUBEX is sufficient for
several months.

Grand'Rue (opposite St Louis.
de Gonzague)

Nobbe & Bondel, Bazar du
Champ de Mars, Violette
Beauty Salon, Rue Capois;
Mine. Duchatellier, Turgeau.

Sunday November llth 1958

IA ~id.


Twelve members of. the Amer-
ican Automnobile Association head
ed by Robert B. Binner Manager
of the International Travel Dep-
artment of AAA in Miami are ex-
pected to arrive here fot a brief
visit next weekend.
Annual Ball of the Excelsior
club in Jacmel was held last Wed-
nesday night. Max Bolt6 has been
re-elected President of the Club
after an absence of two years
trom the chair.
X X X.
Jrmmy Stewart of National Air-
lines is in town at the Ibo Lele
for the weekend.
Selden Rodman Ls in Mexico for
the Winter writing about it. His
latest works is -Conversations
with Artists' which will appear
in the Spring.
Mile Ginette Dreyfuss celebrat-
ed her birthday Friday.
Arland Smith of SCISP is leav-
ing Haiti after six years. Assigned
to British Honduras Mr. Snith
says his family consider this Is-
land their second home arnd will
return here. whenever possible.
His daughter Arlene recently gra-
duated from Nursing school in
the U. S.
Milly Verdine of -Trans-Texas
.Airlines and her hubby Riley of
GM's.'Oldsmobile division were at
the Creole this past week. Riley
says the Os is right up there with
Caddy .this year.
S xxx
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Rigaud re-
turned from New York last Sun-
day. Roland was feeling much bet-
ter after his, health trip.
Mine MercedcesMeniau is expec-
ted home today from Kingston
where she studied English shorth-
and for six months.
Jocelyt .Tdotsie- Jones return-
ed to her studies in the Domini-
can Republic after attending the
Wedding of her cousin here.


Combined Jasaranceman Jim
Drummond of New York here at
Villa Creole \tlh wife Maliy on
their first trip left yesterday hop-


Today is the birthday of Philip i Miss Col
Merovee Pierre. attache of I
x x x Buenos Aire
Mr.-and Mrs. L. C. Denker of several da
Seattle, Washington are visiting soon fly to
the country Mr Denker who has ington
27 years of travel agency experi-
enc', ig connected with the Hon- Swedish
.2y Hansen Travel Service of Seat- rold Saland
tie. The couple is stopping at Ho- post last S
L. -1Castelhaiti'. sojourn in P
Mrs Christian Latortue. wife of Lt.-Colone
the Banque Nationale Ceuu.selor, and Naval
observed her birthday anniversary Embassy he
on November 6th. Prince 'last
Mrs Yolande Mercier (nie La- Jeweller i
-"nque) went under the kni!'c, sue- ral Gables,
cessfully, Tuesday at HI'pit',l Ca- viera enjoy

ing to return. .ape vert. i the trek to
xxx IXXX

Jacques Arman.d observed his Dr Richard Prindle SCISP Di- Mrs Nouc
birthday Thursday. rector a.i., left Wednesday for a heart attapl
week in Washington, D. C. 'to be rushe
Colette Martin left last Sunday x x x 'ols de Sal
for Collegio de Santo Domingo O Att:.activc Elaine Stephenson is improving
spend a year with the Spanish lan "uundl up a six-day visit here to-
guage. Colette is the daughter of day, [lying back to her home in Lieltenar
Professor Martin of the French Morant Bay, Jamaica. While in tian Coast
Institute. Port-,.u-Prince, she was 'the house from New
x kuest ot Mr and Mrs Frank W.
Solange Paultre celebrates her Wilsonl at their superb Bourdon Miss Mot
tomorrow. liate.iu. Mrs Stephenson's hus-i from six m
birthday tomorrow. band, Owens, is the Morant Bay Rico, 'with
P cX x h lv x e Police Department Superintend- therapy.
Paul McQuade and his lovely
ent who visited Haiti early last
wife, Nora, left for their h9me in ls
New York Saturday after five summer in an official party of En- Philippe
New York, aturda, ater ive gLish Lord and Jamaica officials, latest book
busy days here. They flew north
bus ds h. Ty fe n State Department officials Don- Haitien Ie
for a look at the Citadelle, and
r a lk a a aid Stetson and James Croke arri, wife in Ha
saw all the attractions of the Ca- ved last weekend, accompanied by ion of Ame
pital during their brief .sojourn, their is the Cur
making a note to return for a i celwil
longer stay. They were lodged at x xx exhibition
Ibo Lele. Mr. McQuade is connect- Mr Eric Tippenhauer and Sena- Pd by U.S.
ed with the Pan-American Grace tor Rent Roy returned Saturday
Line,',a PAA affiliation for air from a business-cum-p 1 e a s u r e Finest f
cargo transport from Miami to La- jaunt to the U.S. and West Ger- seen in m
tin Ameriea. many. the Rivier
Evelyn Pic
a regular
sort Airlin
here regul
now with

Poppy D
ge, red po
by disable
two wars s
globe throw
Ear' Haig's
Poppy Day
the wound
In Haiti
wife of ti
lrs Sydn
_,.'unds, as
13rs .Tean-F
an der K,

I*', .... .. U.S. projects Irom C e Ev
Ihehi id ,ic1 dcs!:. 'tice Rivier
Juirin t a .l i,-.;ion womar sit. rmiiss C-
bowlnir in T;:., f.i-j the Hiatii'.n w M. Wc
merielguc as fine a pass-time as hails from
SLou Ai
Eraginecr Payne, prior to his dc- former Hil
n-atirre, saw the completion of the day Nover
new .PeJgre Thomonde road days please
that Akirtstthe new lake for some xico City a
21 k lonimters. The artificial lake
"ius i sen to within 8 meters of the
,%-- r!-iow.. Travellers to Hinche
now make trip via Peligre be- Flour M
cause the old road from Lascaho bert and I
bas to I-Lnch2 has been covered ing to mo'
by tl'e new lake. The old Dessali- on Morne
ne.s bridge is under meters of
water. i Doc Taiche

The Howard Paynes of Brown I
and Root bid a fond farewell Tues
day to Haiti, their home for the
past 45 months, and returned to
Project Manager fdr Brown and
Root. nni thln Artih~nitp V ; n

,.0 t u 0u ine Ai t FrolUUJIJ t J e'El ,
SOver a hundred guests were en- the mild mannered construction
tertained by Mr and Mrs. Luis engineer with the ruddy comple-'
SFernandez of the Dominican Em- *ion and the Texas drawl said he
i bassy, last Wednesday on the dual was sorry to leave Haiti and hoped
|'celebration of their tenth wedding to return for the December i6th
.anniversary, and the eighth birth- Dedication of the Relikre Darn
day anniversary of their son, Car- with his wife Juanita who shares
los. The reception was held at Mrs his sentiments.
SBourgain's Hotel du Champs de The man who has helped to
SMars which was brighly decorated build seven dams in the United
'for the occasion. Mrs Fernandez States and a number of other vast
is the former Berthe Dominique construction projects said in Haiti,
f his first overseas constphction job.
S he has made many friends. Because
*',.' \ "-of the state of health of his aging
Smother, Mr. Payne declared he had
C% to leave suddenly and was unable
| to say agdod-by, to them all.
Returning to the Houston Office
of Brown and Root, the man who
was project manager of the build-
ing of the Peligre Dam W'ill super-

: REG.TRADE MAR. Ta ous in(

Fari-ewelled by Tom Boyd, Brown
nnd Root Safety Engineer, and
other remaining Brown and Root-
ers and Haitian friends, the Paynes
had a at Savoy Restaurant with the Vin-
cents as a fitting last minute chore
before plane time Tuesday.

ce -

Mrs. Micl
mer Glady.,

Do you lik
Ynir s

SIf you. di

Where eve
You'll goI
yol:; coc
P. S. Ne
in:'her owi

'O ,0pen 24 houi

l ,, .* "" '" i"

"PAGE 19 ..
., ,, ,.0, .V"

ette Turnier, formerly daughter arrived from France .:.,
the Haitian Embassy in this week for a visit with oad, :*"
es returned Sunday for commervant-4dusrritl Fortbne
lys vacation, and ihl. Pugat. '
her new post in Wash Valerio Canez. distributor in g
.- Haiti for International General .4
x x X Electric Company, Pierre L. Rou, '
Consul to Havana Ha- dealer for said tompanj in Port' .2.
er flew back to his au-Prince and Robert Laforest, re-
saturday after a brief presenting Leon St. Remy. (deal- -Xi
Port-au-Prince. er for Gonaives) left on Sunday .
x x x November' llth fo" .Mexict- City .i
1 Louis Rostain, Air to attend the General Electric Ap- 7.^
Attache at the French pliance Preview convention held l
're arrived 'in Port-au- at the Hotel El Prado- of Mexico O;
Saturday. City. The Convention is to last a ..,
x x x full week. Robert Laforest is be-
Gloria Robinson of Co-- ing accompanied by madame (the ',
Miami is at Hotel Ri- former Marie Claude, St. Remy;)- '.::
ing Haiti. Gloria made "xxx x
the Citadelle. Rachel Lowman is back at the C
x x x Riviera after visiting the family- .
:he Degener suffered a in North America. Rachel wasimis
k this week, and had ed from the local scene more ;.
ad to Hopital St. Fran- than a month. .
as, where her condition i x x, -
g. Mis Jean H. Elie was seen at' .:
x x x the wheel of her Chevrolet con- :t
it Raoul Daguilh, Hai- vertible this week, after return, ":
Guard officer is back ing from a short trip to Canada. '
York. i x x x -
xx Xi Captain Albert Maignan,.. Haiti- ...
unique Gauthier is back an Airforce, flew to Miami, last :.
ontfis studies in Puerto week. ."
'a certificate in Physio- xxx X X
UNESCO's Regional Center Offi- '...1.
x x x cial, Dr Oscar Vera is expected A ,It
Thoby-Marcelin whose here from Havana on a special .
is -Panorama de l'Art mission shortly. :
ft this week to join his. x x x '
avana, for the Exhibit- Two Registration Ceaters for re _
erican Art of which she cruiting workers for the Domini- I -
ator. J 4r and Mrs Mar- can Republic sugar factories are
go to Caracas with the scheduled to open in Leogane to- '
which is being sponsor:- morrow, under the supervision of
I.S. Department of the Interior faune-
x x tionaries, the Bureau of LIbor and .:^
figure in a bathing suit the Immigration Service. Afi esti- .
any a tourist season at mated 3,800 Haitian laborers will ,-.
-a 'Piscine, belongs to find work in the factories of An-" -'.
chette. Evelyn who was gelipa, Cristobal Colon, Santa Fe- ',
visitor to H.iti with Re- and' La Romanal. ,
nes when they- called x x x .
Jlarly two years ago is Mr' James Albert Croke, U.S.
Delta Airlines., Stff member for Mutual Security "
xxx lef -or .-Jamaica, Tuesday,. as~part va
)ay was last Friday. Lar- of is information tour of the .Wst" 't
3ppies, made in England Indies. ,.
ad veterans of the past x x x ...'
send them out to British The tennis "Club of Port-au- -. .
and Embassies over the Prince .and the Tuigeau' lt s ",,
mugh the British Legion Club have joined up to promot. .
s Fund. Donations on greater interest in the spoi4 by ._
Y go to the support of importing a Tennis Coach. -ITU.S. :
led from two wars. Cultural -Attadhe Jean Graffis has ..
a group headed by the facilitated things,-and the arrival '.-J
he British Ambassador, of a coach is expected here this .:
iey Simmons,- went the month. '., ..
Sdid Mrs Glyn Davies, .-x x x.
Pierre Legrand and Mrs Dutch Consul Hermann Burgers "
Iy s back in town. "'. 'A .
x x x x-x "
elyn Gunther is over at Marie-Thdr-se Duvivier is back .
a for her tri-annual vi- '-r.m her three-week vacation' iW.
-unther who is with the Medxico, and reports that .'Mexico .
odfe Hotel organization, 'City is doing away witli its color- '
Miami. ful old street market, much to the. ..
x xx consternation of the tourists. .
iguste and madame ithe
Ida Canez) left on Fri- x.x x-
nber 9th, on a sixteen -'
ure trip to Havana, Me- Mrs Marthe Lafleur is hbme.- ,
and Accapulco.. from her trip abroad. <.. :
X XX. -\; :
x xx .Pete, Gregory, (Brown &Ho- :
ot), departed *from Haiti after.'n ''
till manager k.S. Gil- .nearly three years. Mr 'Gregory '
irs. Gilbert are prepar- was- Chief Timekeeper Dor the- :
ve into their new home Brown & Root Artibonite Dam ..
Hercules. project. I -/ '
X X X XXX.. .
2r is in Town. Marie Wallingford, fornierly- ..
x x x of Point IV here, is expected ,on, ..
:hel Monnier (the for- the S. S. -Cristobal tbmorrow-'. :
s Bogat) and her small morning. .;.

e your -French Inec, cr,sp and hot? ...
salads crisp and'-ld" c,-
o)W Welsh rare bits tangy,? :::^
And your drinks j:ppyr .:ii
o you'll like ::
ry. dish Is individually prepared to suit your' taste. '
homo '.ith such glowinr.g reports that your wife and .
ik vxill be jealous.
'xl time I,'smg yoa wile along and leave the cook to stew : :
n juice. t ,.

.. .. ^ ;
rs A Day.. 2 RuesligaudaBotsVerna .... .^j
,. ... .- S'." S
:: =' .. :., = ,.,.. '. :, 'a ::., % {.;= : '. ...

'.PAGE 20 _N__.. ". HAITI SUN'__._- -Suz-d".November 11th 1959 6 : l

Mr... Ham merscole .. Body Of Student... Vincent Edmond Thomas was laid
Continue,.; from page 4 to rest here, following impressively
( Continnl .1 from page 1) ceremonies at the St Paul's Metho- *
U.onal Officer of the Corporation dist Church on Place Sainte Anne,I
returned this week, accompanied A student at Wilberforce Uni- with Pastor Van Putten pronounc-
ay Seymour and Bertran L. Kan- versity, ot Will~eriorce, Ohio, Re ing the eulogy, assisted by Dr. I
or. The Kantors who are here to verend Thomas would have finish- Wright
nake the windows for the Gonai- ed his studies in one more year. A
*es Cathedral, are industrialists He was a former pupil of Rtverend
fronm New Rochelle, N.Y., and arej Van Putten, and had gone to the TOP U.S. WOMEN...
)roprietors of the large manufac- U.S. three years a'o for advanced
during concern All Season Win- studies id Theology. He was ac- 3ofrom pa'e
low Corporation. This cdmnpany tually Pastor of the Central Cha-'
upplies\ the American market pel A.M. E. Church at Yellow atf-Prince, HaUitL They continue #
with all the items in aluminium Springs, Ohio to. Ciudad Trujitlo November
for modern honre construction. 27, anid to San Juan, Novemberf
rhe two representatives will be The body of the deceased arriv- 30, before returninig to work Do-'
Iin charge of this special type of ed here via Pan American Airways czmber ;1
work for' tfie Haitian Corpoirtion on Thursday afternoon, accompani-
pe o Iaiti od by Dr. Milton S.J. Wright, Pro i Makiig the :our willj be Dee-I
O Lessor of Economics and Po.'ition na Clarke aid Hope Miller, of!
Other members-of the new com- Science of Wilberforce Unive.'s ty Diplomat Magazin_2; Betty Pryor
'pany. are Claude Hooton, Engine Dzegated by the University Pre and Hlle,, Thomas of the United
er-Architect International, who is IW_!,tdb
Vice-President; Dr. Milton Con- _:dent, Dr. Cliarle3 Hill to accorn- Press; Urcel Daniel, Bureau of
rad Treasurer. The activiti-es pany the remains of the high es National Affairs; Beryl Denzer,1.
eab oe teemed young'Haitian student, Dr. Columbia Broadcasting Systemn;
the compAny will be directed byWrgtwscoe beas liEinr retR dr'Dge
1Manuel Leconte, a Haitian Go-Wright was chosen because lhe Elinor Griest, Readers Diges
"eminnt Cuncilmembr. acts as Advisor to the Foreign Helen' Anne Hilker. Library of 'R
____IStudents at Wilberforce. Congress; Katherine Johnseim MO
I -- I ""Aviation Week. Alice Janson,
At Stade Mauloire Dr. Wright an outstanding edo-. Seattle T in e s, Dorothy .H.'
cator, lecturer and author, told the Marks, Democratic Digest, and'
(Continued from page 1) 'Sun- that funeral services for the Gladys Montgomery, Busilcss P
deceased had been held at the Uni WI
the Capital meet only once No re- e o e th Dr. I Mollie Slot4, Chicago Tribune-
tur omtces'. is the new rue :o Hill delivering the funeral eulogy.NewYr esSniae a
turn matcei h e rule for[ y.
Dr. Wright explained that fweral N ".'
ibis season. I a,anmet ..'yo Judge, U. S. Department of i,
I'rinng-zlar ToUrnwaient Schedule'iiar'rangements had been made 3SJdeU..Dpatnto1
orJ December 11th jointly with the Haitian Consuls-' the Army; Shirley Spencer, New'"
o te at Cleveland, Ohio who travel I York Daily News; Isabelle Sto-
A Triangular Tournament with I r .ya,, National Park Service: Es-
Costa Rica Curacao and tled to Wilberfore for the funeral their Vai Wagoner Tufty, Na-
/ services, and that Ambassador tiTnal Broadcasting Company-
is scheduled to open at the Sta-
is shedued o opn a theSta Mauiclair Zephirin r-ad' assisted TV~ and Tufty News Bra;A
dium on Decembe Ih r~eu A andB- .r .;
with formalities for the returning ruerte Ward, Fairchild Publica-
of the body by plane to Port-au- Lions; Anse Wheaton, Republi- q. "
PARAMOUNT Prince. 'en National Commitee; Dorothy'
Today VWilliams, St. Petersburg (Flori-
A seond funtal service was da) Times; Majorie Young, Sta-"
% 3:00 P.M. Don Winslow held at the Central Chapel A.M.E. tion WAI'M-TV and South Caro- "
5-7-9:00 P.M. Mes Six Forcats Church. at Yellow Springs. and lira newspapers; Margot Grubb -1
Bishop E.C. Hatcher made the fd- and Shirley Scheibla, free" lance '
"-Monday neral eulogy, writers, and Lee Kdight, Wo- t
,6:00 P.M. Les Rats du Desert mei's National Press Club exe- 1
iTuesday On Friday afternoon, Reverend tfie Secretary.
6-8:15 PM.: Mes Six Forgats

-' d 'Stops Perspiration! Stops (
IiiI 6 .8:15 P.M. Del Can Can Al Mam- Kills Ge s that cause-do
bo K~ em htcueoo

SThursday "REMUM Reg. Size
6-8:15 P.M. Tant que soufflera
la Tempetem mw9e
6-8:15 P.M. Mes Six Formats 1 con.'Size
Saturday 98
5-7-9:00 P.M. Don Winslow. Plustax
3:00 P.M. Don Winslow A
5-7-9-:00 P.M. Jules Cesar .gncy Ois iMcAllister S.,A


^Above all, comfort and friendly service to


*via connecting airline
Phone: 3313 Ticket Office, Jos, Nodal & Co. Bldg.
SJo.. Nodal & Co. General Agents or see your Travel Agen'

,./a ,, ?, ,
.,,,R S N-.,&, ...... or ........

Rue Pav6e



, I



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