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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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I 'g.S W*




et VOL 11I Port-au-Prince; Rdpublique d'H


IF' ather Grienenoerger points out the qualities of the modern
classsrcs in the new Seminaire block
U Cint S.._c 'Mae In .aili


E:nFtlher Grienen verger points oult the qnabt itzS of the modern
classsrc-c, ns in the ntew Serninaire black

! Ciant 9~atxc liadc in au l-at
; Venezuelan Destroyer Takes
S Delivery Of Alexander Petion
With ine giant 'statue of Ale- The magnificent statue which
ij. -xandre Petion carefully stored in was made in Haiti is the work of
;.:,;iits hold, .he Venezuelan destroyer an Italian artist, Professor Monta-
i:... 'Nueva Esparta left Haitian wat- gutelli who was commissioned by
'ers, Friday, after completing its the Haitian Government to execute
S,-two-day. special mission of taking the work.
delivery of the gift offered by the -
-. Haitian Government to the father- il
.:. land of tbe Libertador, Simon Bo. 3 Killed In
K... -livar. Saturday
Welcomed with a 21-gun salute aturUay Night
S from the batteries of Fort Natfon- B a l
::' al upon arrival on Wednesday raw
Morning, the Venezuelan 'arship, rhree persons are dead, several
S under the command of Frigate wounded and 30 others behind
.6 Captain Rafael Rosales Alvarez, bars this week it was reported as
.: assisted by.Captiln Manuel Herre- a result of a 'free-for-all, in which
\ ra, dropped anchor. Its crew con- they became involved during a
i' -sisted of 16 officers, 43 sub-offie- dance last Saturday night at Diegue
e;,*" rs and 234 marines. (near Marlic) in the rural section
'. During the two-day visit, many of Petion-Ville.
;'- manifestations of Haitiano-Venezue The bodies of victims were trans- I
Slan Ifriendship furtherr cemented ported to the morgue of Hopital
he t-ea- o fraternity .egun by General at Port-au-Prince follow-
he ies c4fraernty egu bying the crime. Police rounder up/
: AlexandreiPetion and Simon Boll- the crime Poe rounder up
var the forgers of. the Pan Amer- 30 suspects during the inquest
icanism ideal. and placed them under arrest for
complicity in the murder of the
I three victims.
Grant Scotch
s.lJ 'Death stalked the -peristyle.
Whiskey Birthday under which local merrymakers
A ynrlolq To Onon weorn naourl in o. nin. sh,,.,-i.

,-I LJiJ F ace. A* V %..jfr, we^
Again In ((Sun))
November 5th
The boltle bf Grand Scotch
SWhislket which delighted lucky
.'. birth ay viners over the past
year cr i i" 'will be opened again
S"by the Haiti "Trading Company in
the column, df the 'Sun.. starting
I with our November 5th issue.
Mr. Theodore Donner is the ac-
Stiv%6 Director of Haiti Trading Corn
pany which is located in the Cite
d& l'Exposition (Chafnber of Com-
. merce Building).
The King-size. bottles of nectar
from the London distillery of the
William Grant & Son. Ltd, of Duf-
field and Glasgow. Scotland will
be awarded weekly to the winners
drawn in the Haiti-Sun Haiti
Trading Company atiragb. '

'dieb and imbiting white raw ruin.
As passions rose, lucidity vanish-
ed and the party developed into
a criminal 'tableau.

Sunday Cockfight
Draws Blood
Man Slain
A discussion in the excited at-
mosphere of a cock-fight arena at
-Loiseau' in the rural district of
Petion-Ville, ended in bloodshed,
last Sunday afternoon when one
of the adversaries used his dagger
to settle the argument. The victim
who is said to be well-known in
the region was savagely attacked
and slain by his younger adversa-
ry. The Police at Petion-Ville ha-
ve arrested the dagger-wielder.




Telephone 2061


Sunday. October 28th 1956

Inauguration OfSeminaire

Hew 4-Storey Ann
--------A tribute to hard work and
faith, the large four-storey annex
VET. LETS of the Petit Seminaire College St.
Martial opens today with the P'e-
sident, and high Government ojfi-
CHICKS DIE cials attending.
After tlie opening, the man who
Almost an entire shipment of modestly credits the Haitian work
7,500 baby chicks .from the Florida ers and the great understanding of
State Hatcheries, 'in Gaine ville, -.. .... .. ...
are dead as a result of Damiens
chief Veteriinarian's. reluctance to atchet Used
act under emergency circumstan- On Ma
Toh cOhn Mambo

The chicks arrived at Bowen

rieil on Nfe -AA clipper at iu:
30 A.M., Thursday, consigned to
the Desquiron Chicken Farm as
has been the practice over the past
five years. No health certificate
accompanied the shipment but
the waybill stated that the certifi-
cate was enroute via airmail.

Jean Desquiron drove to Da-
mien to secure the services of the
man in position to sign a health
certificate in order to have the
sh'ipmenti 'released mmie'diately.
When he finally caught up with
Dr. Eustache, the Damien Veteri-
narian who was in the city. they
were only a sport distance from
the airport, on the main road,
near HASCO, at about 1:00 P.M.
Dr. Eustache flatly refused to act
in the emergency of fulfilling the
necessary formalities,, as it was
the closing hour for Damien em-
ployees. He insisted that he would
take care of it on the following
day at 8:00 A.M., even under the
protests of the chicken technician
who warned him that- the baby

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Land Dispute May
Be Motive

Madame Yis, well-known -Mam-
bo' and prosperous farmer of
rurb6, near Croix des Bouquets,
is making'slow recovery at the
General Hospital from a hatchet
wound behind the left ear.
Thieves who broke into Madame
Yis's cailles late last Supday
night, inflicted, the head injuries
which left .the voodou priestess.
Lieutenant Joseph Lamarre,
Commander of the District, has
arrested three suspect who were
reportedly in litigation w/th Ma-
dame Yis over a land dispute. But
police pointed -out that the wo-
man probably kept a large amount
of cash in her home, and this may
have been the motive behind the
When Madame Yis' condition
improves, she may be able to help
police identify the person'or per-
sons who .attacked and used the
hatchet on her."

Irwin Robinson was jeted by Tour ists Interests at Hotel Sans Souci
las, Sa7!urday vig'ht Snapped junng cocktails: Hotel Association
President Dr. Assad, Irwin Robin eon, Kurt Fisher, Haiti Tourist
Shop Association President and Tourism director Pierre Chauvet.
(See story Page 17)






ex Today'
a cooperative .community jn mak-,'
ing this block of ultra-modern
classrooms for 800 pupils -the
last word in tropical architLcture
- will take the.plane airid,fly to
five months' in Europe for a well
deserved vacation and rest "after 6.
years as Directbr.and Father Sup-
erior of the- dminf.iie faor the ,P6
res du Saint-Esprit., He is the go-'
atee-bearded Efiglish-French-Germ -
an speaking Reverend Father Gri-
The Father Superior took the
press on a pre-inauguration tour
of the recently completed edifice
on Tuesday morning at 10:00 o'cl-
ock. He was accompanied by En-
gineer Hermann .Chariot who plan- -
ned and supervised the :entire
work, free of charge, as his' cOq-
tribution as a devoted '.Catbolle, '
and not as a paid technician. I
Father., Grienenberger exjlaihed
how they had started out with
$5,000.00, and-through the gener-
outs assistance of cold b6ys,;1fri-
ends. parents, and even the, puttpils
themselves who denied their sweet
tooth to hand over their spending
money to. the priests, sayin -'.Put
this in the Building Fund. .
The estimated over-all cost othe.-
work is $130,000.00oo The" o st
spoke, in glowing, terms of'thuj*pir-
it shoivn by the Haitian to rs,
and ..how within fifteen. tfi*ths
thdire :was never an accide7tnjany
seribus-. eomplieptions. The riifher
Superior pointed out the SolarCm /
satng'that Engineer Charlbt and
himself had supervised the pouring
of .the concrete, adopting a night
and day shift which included-the
sayingio[ prayerl,- the chantiingof
-Coumbite. songs, and that besi-
des tdolifg out. Blood, the workers
,were givdx-. a* +I; e' ,.h okr
wtere given-a' .lile ,clairin. as a
s t i m u l a n t "' R a.. a
SThe-.ground. .floor is open a
.large room with mosaique mooringg
will serve as an Assembly m'aU for
the school: One end .is a huge mur-
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New Officers
Elected To Chamber
Of Commerce.
New Chamber of Commeree0At-
ficers elected Friday evening are:
President Marc-Aurele Lafontant:
Vice-Presidents Daniel Heurtelou,
Elias Nousta's; Treasurer Jules
Taylor, Secretary Georges Sic"rd;
Oonseillers: JamilnAssali, Fortm6n
Bogat, Clifford Brandt, Elie .Jb-
seph Fits, David Gosset, Alain La-
raque Fils, Jean Pierre Legrand,
GC6rard Boucard, A de Matteli
Fils, Lyonel Paquin, Ernest. Si-
mon, Gerard Thhard, Harry Tip-
penhauer, Roger Pepis, Thomad
Desulm4, Wilbert Neptune.


SInauguration Of Seminaire's New 4-Storey Annex Today
(Continued from page 1) re is also a statue of St Joseph. o)ed with glass jalousies giving
Sal map of Haiti and its coat-of-arms Both of these statues were made Ihe maximum daylight to three-
The other end is a large, marble in Haiti. quarters of the large room. A cool
S counter the French version of Entering one of the classrooms breeze wafted in through the
Sa tuck shop ,where refreshments where 44 young students were glass jalousies. Between iwo large
Smay be purchased. seated at brand new desks of mod bhlackboaids was a small telepho-
Climbing to the first story, Fath- ern design the classroom is' equip ne. This is a system of inter-com-
er Grienenberger explained that in munication, new to schools in
-. searching for architectural perfect- Haiti. The Father, pointing to the
S "ion, they had found that the stairs new-type desks, explained that
,. at Simbie Hotel would solve their $12,000.00 had been spent on fur-
stair-case problem. The wrought- nishing the building
.... stai- s The wought- tH.%I' B B Four special rooms with all con
., Iron bannisters is the world of the r w
S .pupils of the 'Saint Esprit,- Fa- P -veniences have been set aside for
... them at the' Carrefoifr Re-educa- ..~ ~ *. -the 15 lay-teachers who teach in
I'.thars atthe- Carrefot& Re-educa-^|| !M ey lrT fal^
Stiont Center. the new block. This facilitates
Sn orth side of the build- them so that they do not have to
.. O n which faces Eel Air and t S go to their homes for lunch, and
ii..'".,which faces Bel. Air and the
O^thedral, each storey has a long, `,^ may rest and prepare their cour-
S era, each sorey as a long, es in the'* school. Each floor has
pillared, open' veranda. On the toilet facilities.
south side, facing Palais National,.
S and Morrie Hopital the veranda on On the 'thir floor are the stu-
each floor hasno vis! On thethird lo retesu
..:.. each floor has no visible overhead "' dy rooms and dormitpary of the
S^ structural support at all. B Sminarlans who are later to take
The first classroom La Salle up, the priesthood. Their Chapel
: de Projection, is dedicated to the also has the advantages of the
..also has the advantage of the
;.. President of the Republic, His x- full-lighting afforded by the glass
: hin Paul Eugene Magl6ire jz.lousies. It is perhaps one of the
G" whim! Father Grienenberger stat;.- most revolutionary-type chapels in
t. e. had shown great interest in the country. Its wooden El Greco-
': the pr0jecj and had been gener- type, crucifix is the work of Sculp
'. u in his assistance to the school. tor Andre Dimanche, and the sta-
: At the head of the bannisters, lions of the Cross were sculptured
a< t the entrance to this room, is in clay by. Jastffin Joseph, another
a '. large statue of Ste. Frangoise Two of people who helped in the Centre d'Art artist. The altar, and
Cabrini, the American nun who building. Rev. Fathers Antoinepews are of mahogany and are the
in.' 40 years recruited over 4,000 Schmitt and Schumacher. Above ,work of the pupils of the Carre-
'".. n1s, and who 29 years after her Pere Schumacher installing the four Re-education Center and
Death was eanonized a Saint. The- electricity system. those -of the Petit Seminaire Col-
: ... .. lege St. Martial.
Up on the Solarium which is c
140 feet long, one end a house has f
been provided with 55 showers for i
each of the Seminarists. Here i
They do their gymnastics before c
taking the morning shower. They I
rice at 5:00 A.M. c
At the side is Haiti's largest 5
spiral staircase which is 75 feet
high an eloquent tribute to v
Haitian ingenuity. It is of reinfor- a
ced concrete. The Father explain- S1
ed how bids were requested frbm a
the United States and Europe, m
and the figures of the cost for
such a staircase went up into ma-
.- .. ..ny thousands of dollars. So as not -a
e h n i b to be outdone, the Haitian worc- t
ors threw in their lot, and built fi






B ..V ol uwMsrs ,iW

aw_ IDIA_._r._=

it themselves.

Haiti joined in the 'spirit of
the ideals of peace and justice
of the free nations, of the world
in commemorating the 10th An-
niversary of DayD on Wednesday, October
24th. 'In the Capital and all the
towns of the Republic the occa-
sion was observed by manifes-
tations with civil, military and
religious authorities participat-

At Port-auPrince, the ceremo-
nies began with the hoisting of
the United Nations Flag and the
Haitian bi-colors at 9:30 A. M. in
the CitO de l'Exposition, in the
presence of delegations from the
student body of the city.
Speeches were delivered by
Dr. Jean Price-Mars, Rector of
the University, and by Mr. Al-
bert Le Bel, U. N. Permanent Re
presentative In Haiti, after a one-
gun salute from Fort National.
Mr. Le Bel, accompanied by
officials of the U. N. Mission and
officials of the Haitian Chancel-
lery, placed S wreath oh the Mau
solemn of Dessalines and Petion
at 10"00 a. m.
During a special broadcast'o-
ver Radio Commerce, President
Magloire's United Nations Day
Message twas read.
Documentary movies on the
United Nations were shown at
6100 o'clock in the evening and at
7:00 p. rn. the Palace Military
Band offered a grand concert on

During a pilgrimage to the Cited
Stevenson is photographed before

Confident Of

Adlai's Success

Mrs. Louis A. Schwartz of De-
roit, Mich. a member of the Exe-
cutive Committee of Volunteers
or Stevenson-Kefauver of the
State of Michigan who is visiting
here at Hotel Oloffsdn said, con-

el Presidential Candidate Adk' .
Christophe's ammunition. ','. ,
(b) The Republican cliche ..
'Peace, Prosperity and Progress,
is a distortion of the reality, na-
mely that there is no real or se-.
cure peace, that prosperity. is
spotty and is confined to big bu-
siness which has profited by pre-
ferential tax refunds, and pro-
gress is a continuation of the
steps initiated by Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, *and nothing new las
been added.

earning the candidate for the U.S _____
'residency, that Adlai Stevenson's Dr. Louis Schwartz, professor of
chances in the coming November Psychiatry at Wayne University
ith elections are increasing daily, and lecturer of Psychosomatic 'Me
The principal reason she ad- dicine at the Michigan Medical
'anced is .that there is a growing School, arrived here with his wife
appreciation of the people for Ceil on Monday morning. Mrs.
Stevenson's awareness of basic Schwartz who is in charge of the
and fundamental issues which Volunteers in Michigan for Dem.
nust be met, including: ocratic candidate Adlal Stevenson
told Your Reporter that she
(a) A necessary vision and sen- was so sure of Stevenson's success
sitivity to deal with human 'needs that she accompanied her husb-
:hroughout the world with a and here for a good rest. The
fresh and revitalized outlook on charming couple will spend a week
world affairs, at Hotel Oloffson. -

the Place des Heros de I 'Inde- te the rights of man, its disarms-
pendance. ment program and aid furnished

to Member states in te comaine
The work of the United Na- of technical knowledge and prac-
tions throughout the world-the tical arts-is aimed at making
extension of the ekAtom for Pea' the world a better place to live
ce.- program, efforts to propaga- in. ,


Today, October 24th, the world is celebrating the Day of "
the United Nations, the ahni v e r s a r y of the Organization -
which, after ten years of efforts and of sage action, has im-' .
posed itself in the conscience of the peoples to whom it per--
sonifies the noble aspirations towards PEACE.

In the name of the Government and of the Haitian People,
I am happy and proud to join my voice with those who, from -1
the four corners of the universe, art being lifted in the same I
fervor to render homage to the work of the United Nations .U
and to offer testimony of their attachment to its Ideal.
For the first time in the history of mankind, miracle made '
possible by the evolution of science, all the peoples feel them-
selves members of one human family. They are participating -
in, Peace with the struggle against- egoism, ignorance and hun- '
ger in order to fortify the tree of liberty there where it Is "|
already sprouting and to implant it in the lands which are'
still awaiting it. .

It is my conviction that the Organization of the United Na-
tions will continue its task with the same passion for Peace .
and that humanity, because of it, will work on for a long time,,.;
in all tranquility, towards improving its condition 'with the :
aid of modern technical methods. .
I am very lnieased, on this day, to send cordial greetings :
from the Haitian people to the Member States of the OrganiiA. :
tion of the United Nations and to assure them of the unfail.. '
ing attachment of the Republic of Haiti to the high principles iF
of the Charter which binds us all together..,,,,
Port-au-Prince, October 24, 1956.,|

,'.- ieer Hermtan Charlpt aid F uther
* .: ; .. '* ,; .,., .,.* *. .. ____


A ".' *: .



Sunday, October 28th 1956 HAIT _SUN_

-- __ ----PAGE 3
. .

-It was noti un il 15OU that the
sequester was lifted and my pro-'
pirty restoredito me. At that ti-
-me I was able to obtain my pen-
sion. I am grateful to the Junta
and more particularly so to Gen-
eral Pail E. Magloireq. I was able
to reconstitute my library and to
continue to educate myself. One
can be educated at any age, is
.ny motto,' Mr. Lescot said.
Declaring that he could have

movement whatsoever. ed along the highway from Car-
I. cAn do only one thing,, he -efour in the directionii of Port-au
added, -pray for the best inter- "rince at about 1.1:30 p. m.
ests of my country and that God Raymond Guilba'ud, driving
inspire those who are at the. di- 'heo Plymouth saw the dangeri
sections of its affairs.. -,d attempted to avoid an acci-
In stating that he had not been -lent by instantly stopping 'his
disinterested in the social,- politi- car. The dhevrolet, however,
cal and economical evolution of mashed into the Plymouth with
Haiti while abroad, -the former such force that it overturned
Preslffidnt' said that through the and landed on its side against an
newspapers and conversation's he almond tree.

", --'
Father Elisee in his- crowded .Class-moom ,

Staying In Town Till Clhristmas --
eo1- President Mr. Elie LeSco[ Vacationing In .. .
Former Prs n r- ec*.cao n.

P6tionville After Ten Years Abroad :. '
With ten charming grandchild-turinod to Haiti in 1950 had he i rld had with compatrioits in Franl B" :""* i
rei to admire and get acquainted vished, lie explained that hle had .c as well as in Canada he always ..1 *,
with, ex-Chief of State Elie Les- not done so because hlie was obli- -;cpt informed on the progress he -
cot; back from a decade of resi- gld tr. continue the education of -ng made in his country
deuce abroad, is enjoying his re- his children i -I was able to havena good idea of
turn to his native land and mar- "he praiseworthy efforts-and mar-.
veiling !t the progress and chan- WILL RESIDE AT CAP-HAITIEN velous realizations of President
ges that he has found in the Ca- Stating his happiness at being ;,Iagloirc's Government,' he said.
pital. able at last to return to his coun- Lescot replied to the questions
At present, living at the home try, Mr. Lescot said that at his concerning his opinion on the va-
of Mr. and Mrs. Gkrard Lescot on pge his health could not support rious presidential candidates, that W I
the Plaza at PetionLVille, the Les- new winters. He is going to live he had not had the opportunity to
cots plan to establish residence at Cap-Haitien where strong me- read the platforms of the candi-
once again in the North, their mories are calling himh back to dates because he had seen no Hai-
native region after a month or the city of his birth. He announc- tian newspapers recently. He said .
two in POrt au Prince. ed that he would not gq' to Cap- he did, not know who they werb
Belying his 73 years, Haiti's Pre- Haitien right away, as hA intend- with the exception of Clement Ju- Singer ad Pastor chat during school break
sident 'from April 1941 to January ed to spend the Christmas holi- melle whom he had visited when rSinge Finds a d ri Cause .,
1946, had stepped briskly down days with his grandchildren. He Mr. Jumelle was'in Paris, before I Singer M'inTdorthy Cause
,he gang plank of the SS. Cristo- tins purchased la car and said he there was- any question of being o d P a i
ial- Monday morning. In excel- would make the trip fort au Prin a candidate. HN said that he had; T i ort, e c o. ,nc1 l
lent physical form, a white fringe cc Cap-Haitien as often as pos- talked with him. of- the future of Returning from her recent trip ing as. best they can with heir
of wavy hair receding far back. sible. Haiti and that he could see that to the Northwest -of the island, school.
from a bald pate, he was dressed Mr. Jumelle was a competent and Americanfsongstress Diane Adrian -In spite of the optimism of Fa-
in a gray,suit of elegant, cut, and HOW IT FEELS TO BE BACK well-read technician. was enthuilsiastic over a< school other Elisee and his assistant,* Miss
carried a gold-headed cane. He HOME 'J'AVAIS LA NOS- '," r" : .- r and the pupils she had -come Adrian said, I could see thfiat they
was accompaniedd. by Mrs. Lescot TALGIE., BROUGHT FOREIGN-CARVED across while visiting Port-de-l have several crucial problem' to
end their'daughter Eliannei Sail- ':,It is an extraordinary joy for TOMBSTONE i Paix. Diane had found a young cope with. They need a school buil-
ing fr9m Paris on October 4th, me to set foot on. my native soil Reiterating that at his age one missionary Priest of the Epscopa- ding. Apiece of property has been
they had stopped over in New after so any years of absence,* does not build new projects, Elie liean Church bringing in his self- purchased, but there is no money
York at Hotel McAlpin for se- the ex-President told the news- Lescot, who has experienced life less Way gle pain de.l'instruction' with which'to build their school.
veral days before taking their men. 'You might say that I was in -many countries chose to return to the poor and needy children of Alsp, the simple furnishings and
boat that would'bring them home out of my natural ecrin'", out- to Haiti his beloved ,patrie to the Holy Innocents Church parish equipment to facilitate the work
after ten years that began in Ca- side of my mold. I ,ardently desi- finish oses vieux jours,. \ there. The ground floor of Fa- is a great need. And there is the
nada, but were spent mostly in red to return and to remain. My .1 have oily one project,' he other Rigal "Elisee's residence had matter of a salary for Father Eli-
France. impression now is that I have re- concluded, 'that of. living with served for the classes that have see's teacher, for they-have built
Greeted on arrival by Protocol entered into the eerin, that was my family, my children and grand a total of 125 pupils. She learned it up now to the point where corn-
Chief Daniel Theard, Presidential made for me. It is like finding -children. I brought back a tombs- that he had been obliged to give plete elementary school closes
Military Cabinet Chief Colonel the mold for which you are made, tone for my family .vault aL Cap. up one of the three upstairs are being given to prepare their
-Francis Etienne, relatives and for and where you would like to re- Haitien, my native city'. looms of his lodgings to "the pupils for the Lyc&e.,
mer collaborators, 'the ex-Presid- main perpetually. I have again With a touch of humour, the'ex- little ,school organization, in'order IMiss'Adrian. stated that she had
ent was given a motorcycle escort found the, train of life which was President added: I hope the ti- to- accommodate the growing de- returned to the Capital with the
and one of the Presidential limou lacking- J'avais la- nostalgic de me when'-I shall be laid there is mand of those who come seeking memory of those bright; youngat-
sines to his temporary residence cctte ambiance.. as far away as possible.., the light of. education. ers and the courageous efforts of
at P htiontVille. "oy sn c a ne- The Holy Innocents Parish I the Father to carry on under such
The return of the former Pre- HIS VIEWS ON THE church- was established, in 1926 great handicaps having her'
c h u ch w s ab is ~ dW i I2 6 g re a t ,. h a n d ic a p s .h aw m.tin g h e r'
sident was given ..front page po- CHANGES FOUND HERE Ford Sale Executives at Port-de-Paix. Father Elisee was fhought. This week she mention-
-sition in the leading dailies of the I have prayed that Haiti would Have Close Brush appointed to the curate by Bi- ed the case to several friends and
.Republic. He granted' cordial and' advance more and more on the t e shop Voegeli of Holy Trinity they came across wvith unexpected
informative interviels with'n-Le way, to progress,, the former Pre- With Death Church, in Jnuary 1953. AT' the generosity She was able n end
mie~s it'-.LeChurch, in JAnuary ~1953. A( the I
Nuesidentdcae.Tepriis generosity. She *wag able. to -send
Nouvelliste's. Lucien Montas and sldent declared. The patriotism .. / time he. took over the parish, Miss $ 100.00 to Father Elisee as an ini
with -Le National's. Ulysse Pier- of. the Haitian should consist of Max McGuffie and Max'Eheat Adrian'informs, the Father found tal getIre-of the aid-shetinks
re-Louis which were of great inte- doing what he does welL The ma- Ma Mcan a e no school there. He founded thehe should be given. -
rest to the public this week terialprogressof the country b of the Ford MotorComprinY. aave no school there. He founded the
S manifst. Enormous progress has proved once again that they are Holy innocents School subsidized I Diane Adrian- who is appearing,
ANNOUNCES VISIT TO been realized here. I mar.vled at auto-cowboys and qualified to open to the tune of $4:q0 per month Iat. Casino International.in a reper-
PR ESIDENT MAGLOIRE theSIT beautiful Delasroad leading their own auto circus. Monday, en- from his Bishop, and $6:00 from. toire of Creole son's,.,sayas' that
hEN as f oto Netion-Ville which I tiavelled route to the 'Cap in a 1956 Ford 'the Mayor of the town. she feels that Father Elisee would
rWhendering a visit to Preside mounted Ma- this morning, and the splendid vil- Pick-up the two Max'sskidded off Chioosing-one of the youngsters be greatly encouraged 'in' his hu-
irehe Evs oPresident pmp ls suspended over the neighbor- the highway at aCaries,, near Mon- of the parish, Father Elisee gave manitarian ,work among the ,ehil-
gloire, th e Ex-President promptly ing hills fi ed me with delight.rouis' and sopmerfaulted ;loJ n a him the $10.b0, and together they, dren -of ,the rural-section of Port-
announced wthat he athad r heqs te r 1 year a I. n steep slope to within inches of the taught 30 pupils poportioned -e-Paix by help om a generous
v uin'Atr11 yproportioned Icande-Paix by helpfrmagnou
nauinewith the actual Chief syf yeatre ifrseofabsecesscanro-uibli'and she. urges that 9ral
of State even before his arrival in s IL this is' the most beauti- seaA turning over three times. The into three different class pro- p and she. urges that can ead-
SHaitie and that it was fixed fuil country which exists from the Ford men who went somesaulting grams. .. ers contribute .all they can towards
'Tuesday morning.t was fixed orstand point of real natural beau- to avoid hitting. a cl*uf. left the Miss Adrian stated that she the "missionary. school. .
Itsis not a question of proto- oty. pick-up with its foua wheels -in found that pupils are admitted t4, ,- ... .--" .:.-.-
col, he declared, it is an ele'- I have heard about the city of the air, uninjured. this mixed school where no.dis- ;.R.al .miqsm ns with- annexed
mentary courtesy on my part. Pre Cap-Haitien which has been cornm. Max McGuffie who has the local tinction is made with regard to, schools being directed-by lay-read-
-sident .aglo is oneo my Pr p letely transformed. I shall be record for auto somersaults this color or creed, and that they hap- ers in the region are: La Transfi-
friends arid even if he were-not happy and proud to return to this year his total is five complete pily form an interesting, lively guration, at Chanisdlme. St. Jailes,
the Chief of State I would pay city, so modernized, thanks to a turnovers said that it had been community, and study in an at- at Digoterie, Holy Name of Jesus,
him 'a visit.' son of the North. raining and as they passed through mosphere of fraternity and mu- St. Michael, and All Angels, at
some water on the road, only one tual uatwderstanrding. lIe de la Tortue, and at Polvo the
.. REGARDING THE aTELEDIOL, brake functionea and caused the Since its foundation and in spit4 Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
..MAKES FORMAL DECLARA- 'To a reporter who stated that car to skid off the cliff. If multiple difficulties, Father The two priests of the Episcopa-
'TION 'NO POLITICS. his return had naturally excited --Slisee directs his school with pride lian Church, although residing at
*I am obliged to make a formal certain interest, in the public and .- nd devotion. Today, he is assist- Porl-de-Paix, travel out into the
-declaration: T am not entering in- that the -Telediol' would connect Taxi Driver Iltjured ed by father Renard, also a 'teach- rural sections to preside at rural-
to politics,, ex-President Lescot his arrival with the present poli- r Thor Accident 'r. and together they .iremanag- congresses organized monthly.,
declared to his interviewers, tical situation, President L nescot or cc ",
Stating es that it was the circums- smiled maliciously, as he.'replied: The highway between Thor nHI B" ,'
h-nces of the 'time which obliged I An ex-Chief of State is like d r w e ,

him s to remai rind^ Carfo1 was the sceiile,' ]a-
him to ,remain away from the food from which the 'Telediol, e last Saturday iight, of a vio"
couitr' from 1946 to 1950, Presi- cannot desist.'It is normal that it lentlcollisionS iivdlviiig a Chevro f.
dent Leacot 'said, that it was no has been working this over. But l -y.
secret tnanyone that he and his as far as i am concerned, all it t taxi-and a Plymouthe Chevie
soshdbe blgdt okt The 'driver of the Chevie ,'. .
"sons had been obliged to work to can say is inexact. At the age of which turned over on its side ?.". .'
earnn'thler living during this time. 7,3 years, after having passed 11% \,as injured and hospitalized. *
1'i6s property had been placed un- years outside of afll political acti- Th Chevrolet, with driverMa
"de sTheChvrlet wthdrierNi
rde sequestration. 'ities, it would be absurd for me o Craan beind the wheel, re- .
nP do Craan behind the wel. re-
PROPERTY RESTORED IN 1950 to get mixed up in any political ,)nrtedly was coming at full spe-
_,4 ...... ... ...... .... A... .. .. '- .', o,

.U. "'M"4I,..N "* ounudy, ucuuer ,..
*A'0 : 6" '" "_ __ _,_- rt "f ________'', ---.- "-"- l'
Lr ,tadDrivs Tru Town .'" : A STRIKE ON THE MAIN STORE
Doesn't Turn Comers reort --
... ..h ^ ^ .. .. ,- .-.. ..- -;? ... ..........

',nobil. ;Monday n gc a dam-
Bel... 6f'charming e, drove '"-. .
through Rue des Ca ernes. Some-
!:.'... where along the, way her reflexes _r r^ -- "
evidently went. cen pannxe,, and
.4" Ajie-sent the' vehicle into the wall
".:.. Of .house !with wco~nse'quences .
:, a ou^. wit 'coe qe MAX WALKER received decoration from the TEXACO organisation
ATr.'--,...... .s nn.e't....
miIgrves...C;LfL*1U1 ~ OLAO~~
S.The Juge de PdiAx had some hea- on the occasion of his 20 years of faithful and devoted service to the .
i: vy writing to do in his *proes- Company. Mr. Walker, considered an exemplary employee by his sup. .6
i.. verbal, and the local Police: settl- eiiors, was highly congratulated upon' receiving this new distinction.
6d: 'ed by simply .t Ahrowing the book ROBERT KENMORE and his lovely French wife, Rose Marie, left '
t the bc.harming damsel when Wednesday-after 10 days vacation here at Hotel Oloffson.,Robert, a
O .: ; W m score was taken. ". :..New, Yorker and Public Relations abd Financial Consultant visited the
The clash of steel'and concrete country four years ago/as"a `vacationing student and spent six months 0. 0
caused injuries to Mrs. Gloria as guests of the Fred WoO.ley family.
._.=Louis.- Jif~ae~j wh ..wa Hotels lf n Darn. ,.,...,... .:.,
"Louis .cdues who was standing VICTOR RE KEYSERLING, former manager t' Hotels Oloffson, Dam ^ ".
,' on the igalerie, of the house at bala and Simble,'is now a staff writer on the New Jersey Star-Ledger, .. \.'., ,.r --
t h e m o m e n t c r it iq u e w a s s tr u c k a .S u n d a y p a p e r .. .. ... .. .-.. .. ...... .. ..._., .
-; th vehicle," nd had to be Dr. LARIMER MELLON publiFity shy. builder of, Hospital Albert .. ..\ .
r.. isheqd to the -hospital. Mr. Ben- Schweitzer is said toisigh every time a story" appears, on him and his ,This galgling rig i- not a Commonwealth Oil derrick as .ny
N a.in, Jocelyn's house is minus work-hoping', t is the last' The latest issue of Look Magazine called picioas 'Pdr ,: Jariciens huct/suspected. 'This is a Confry'i4t
l wal'and plenty 'of everything for. a sigh of proportion as his. work- was spread .over 4 pages in color, gland Wnter(fIorer 'which uws on display for several weeks at ffte.ttr
'se' Te nice auto is seriously A MIGRATION OF -YUGOSLAVIANS' from Santiag9 to.San. Juan section :of. Rue des Casernes and Grand'Rue illustrating erosioinlI
I; .* caused a stir at Bowen.F. ield list week as they switched from a Cubans how it is made. Water from the wefl that will eventtwlly make Mfl
B'u" y zt We' 1 cloue de l'affaire. is'Airliner to Delta Cbnvair to make the hop to Pnehao Rico. The Yugos for a telephone cable ate deep trenches into the"hard asphlt and
S, t!Miss Desgrace' Dardb who are a famous orchestra under -the baton. ofCan American. They. call basc. -'lf.'tees.,had been planted oa: !its road.'as it is being done oi'.W1
j t..amin~l wthee '
a so charminglyat theel of themselves Yugolalan-Sostdi. Zagre -, '' I puntais the erosion would have been held in check. '.
M he'..te'ae- had been driving, of 'all THE F'DDERS are no longer streamuing in here onthe Dbminican '" r ;
r ,' ..A ,
Sis, ;-Sans licence.a Lodged inI Airline from C.T: where 5.Q00 of them,'are going: to vacation, this year. -
1'_A Iaussia' is' chauffeur Antoine It is rumored that the side trip to Haltt-was cancelled because of jea- BLANCHOT Frech special in thermal waters wi am
`94iemane.Hegae -er th Mzs BLANCHOT French specialist in thermal waters will a"-v~i.
A Slma,' He gve he the lousy and the Tourist found a.arjgerlivariety of *souvenirs to buy at. e of
._. xinre verte" to drive his iar here' sobn' to study the' 'curative possibilities of the Sources Ca__des_.
'tie resulted in c onseuen Fee PtPriqes here than iC;Ts ': and the Sources Puantes, following a contract signed between .the .Hai--
Ns. Consequent SOUTHERLAND TOUR$ operation- in the' Domihican Republic has tian Government and Mr. Ramah Theodore. ..
had its.ground Tour rights taken away and given to the local Taxo Cab ..
:i'i! ~gibx toak]-Xa the] loa Tax Cab ..
-Syndlte by direct orders of the qBenny9.Thefibeor, nt is reported. R "
,. t Sdicte by S ARtor it is re:. HERMAN APPLEMAN, Assistant-Director of the daily ANew
'. pSSin-Blau Girl Killed CESAR TULfO DELGADO, President/of.the QAS's Council, and Co- Yor erica arrived hee with his wife from vana Friday fra
~ Th ~ 12 yea-o d E tiis lum bia's rep' -&iv at t e- ''heYork--m etican'm, arrived here with his wife from iiivana Friday fo'
u.ibosdy ofrepresenative at the.'uil,.was nored'by the Haitian few days.visit. Mr. Appleman who is author of a book on the Statute;
h1 Bastidn had to be dug out from Government as Haitian Ambassador to 'e .iOrganisation 'of'the Amern- bf Jcrs'Behind tihe Iron Curtain, will return'soon to Havana for the1
... le.s of a smnil house at Bas-' can States, Mr.I Lovea 0. tcl,,presented .him GrandCroix. losingg session of the Inter American Press Conference. ,
ftq'Bleui on:Sunday, October 14th, of tbe National Order of Honr. and I'Merit at a s_6ecial ceremony held .
J~h ;ha cavedin in the -Paf Am&!'can Union BuU tli.gtn i"g~tonfliSt bvek.' ..."
tr t structure 'had caved i intheP American Union Bldi wsHnt6ntast eek. ReV, Fr. .TISSANDIER, the oldest priest bf the Archidiocese clergy .:
wing .te'heay rainfall that MINISTER..OF 'ABOR SEJOU.R, LURENT. visited the ,chantiersr passed away in the. Hospital of Jacmel oh October 22nd. His funeral.:"
Whigtfii-havyrainfall ta O ilelte
.swept the region.' Celiie Bas-, of the Sedren in Meime. last week-end Mir4t Laurent. miet withithe was held in the Church of Jacmel Tuesday morning. '
I-Ahlpield, th -rmaisonette, ,.beads.of .,he Mining-,Cmplany anda.so i t .raoes .'. ..'ws"
st pie the 'maisonette heads of the Mii-Cmpany and also with laborers / Ex-President ELIE LESCOT is proprietor of the first 14)57 Chevie
ka 4ifltave4the alarm whezri t'crum- Mr. 'NEMOURS PIERRE-LOUIS, Pregsdentfof the'&Tipungal of Cassa- to be seen'nfthe town. He ordered it In New York. "a
Kfr, ."iJt '-.buprying the little girl tion (Supremn Court) is.back from l1s three..month -ino, to Europe. ..
t; '", he heap.. I ]ast Thesday,"F.ENCH AMBASSADOR apd'j.r..LCIEN FELIX 'T"V ONT]ON'.N3D., the taxildriver who has been chauffeuring Roussan
:' i;C-hauffeiif d received at h luncheon in their -Manoir-des Laurienm res-ridewe a group Cariille white Cadillac for the past year died suddenly of' a heart at: .:
i': i' ng T .iniserof officials and intellectualsincluhinj hanc.i.rd'andr-ars D, Carles, tack last week. The -Sun- as all Tonton Nord's friends grieve his pass-.
IS Vaiienaers Inued Minister 'of *Ilteiior add -AMrs. A. Rrs.a an Price-Mars, lag. ', I ............ 'l't" .'^'
.. .9.a ~ ,, ,.. .,, r e -. r zz .......... ......; -... ,..
-Due to the heavy, rains; a sta- Ambassador Jeap F. Brierrq. D.r,.tos. arr r. IFreiedri tiKdbreau, ON TE.NIG -T CLUB CIRCUIT this past week the Hotel Riviera
fon.-,wagon fumbled into a 'litchk Professor Paul'Rivet aidd'Mr.P Ferdinand Fafton.,; .., -., .has bep featuring a Trinidadian -houngan. whose lady partner ofl
,the road, at Bassin Bleucaus- Rev. Fr. OUIS CHARLES, oned... th..Inos..eternrising Haitian 'Guadeloupe rolls on broken glass while he gives an Afro-Trinidad show."'
V eu- .,.inres. t9 the -hauf- priest and founder.0f the tLtde Sisters .bf,,.S^"Theter,,o the''Ccnd 'and'-b t the,steel drum. They a'sd featured limpid Lupito .opez who|i
i hiis' passengers, Jesus, saw his dream fulflled 1 .the Ahb-is l-'6Po.au Prince .hals' from Calif 6ornia by way of Calcutta and Hong Kong. She is equip
.:0-A??1 '.... .hbsPializeA. *Mgr. Poirier, blessed fast Sunday ninjiidg the corner 'sone d cyn-' ped ith an AC DC motor. v ......
'Mgr. ~ \#ih.a AC. DC motor.
; Jolivert.for the Petites Sieurs in RivieFroidre:'... '" /
a fatd for chest wounds. Th -, .. ,*... .'*... \- "., :, ... .>, .' : '.. ...
4",4aigers Who 'were treated at "" .
.4,:YA' s ilwere: Mrs. Jceph St. ,',- :EN
;::. dgl 'ss Edith Newbold, Adi- ,'. ,?' .' ,,' .. .. -!
:"eide lizaire, ,'; .Bielr:r-. o s .,

F A Mr. Deril"a Des-"
Ni Jean Joseph and Mrs.'
Ltnafr,' Prosper. d .'..,ir

I.'F' Ordsof Thanks f l/I .
'ean Price-Mars, Rector 6f
TCAhkuiversity, infinitely touched 1 -I1 t
BA nn H tbnt-he numerous testimonials and 9

by!hr.,i e nof ds A French Quarter in the Caribbean ."

......am......takes this opportuni-,
ArY' of extending his sincere- thanks The Hostellerie with a colonial architecture and historic background offers a mag-

All.- the cultural organizations, holiday of sun and entertainment. The only hotel in Cap aitien with swim- .
the Press the Radio Stations, ar- g pool, tennis, tropical park, night club. souvenir shop and French cuisine
S Hts, writers, journalists. and all Fasinating excursions to Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle of King Chnstophe.
;'o ." w r.. it,::, ... .' m er st, infin it l touc ed :

^ others who in any manner gave Easy to reach from Port-au-Prince,40 mjn. by air,'5 5'4
...their assistance duris of p gH
S.a ownt c t d rin e J r. bycar. Write or cable for information, reservatior is.
rideelebitations 'ognzd.on
tfsoccasion. .

ti: Rector of the University of
Attractive room, cool, well fur-'
MO wit Con-
.... private bath.
t .Ai t- ot atr, witesthi opr without:. a :Yr.H
... '

,.. n quiet r ese Al sectio one- ot
k..oopsI. ths cont antoat-onir
furn';[tie rssthed of u Stauioshed Appl Vuiews pofl thenRn his tohs troii paigtcalugade, aouenrac Chp a pd Frnhaitiene.at al: hit e
f:=':" orle~ wh a intmn aty offier gaii-tve Faytrenchfpromintialudin ing oo ,40and modem rpool Rersne InUS yUEL "s"ts se oue ..1,N
B:i ni.. Chamer.ftCmmece ldg.Miaialo.5e .dWshingonStheicgo.Iu-

,-.., ,A

1 ..fJL...... ....Jil
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

Migration Of Haitian Technicians IN GERMANY
Seventeen-year-old Jean Pierre Hudicourt has treated a U T N RMANY
problem of general interest concerning the exodus of Hai-
tian technicians who after specialized training, accept offers Heidelberg, 14 Octobre 1956
from abroad, or go in search of posts outside of the coun- Dear Bernard,
try, because of the better salaries and working conditions
to be found. Having obtained his Baccalaureat at Petit Se- it gives me a great pleasure to
miaire College St. Martial, last year, Jean Pierre is at pre- drop you a line about me and to
sent doing his c Philosophie* at the same establishment. We're enquire how things are going
happy to offer for the pleasure of our readers the following with you and the newspaper.
article written especially for the eSun by our young colla-
borator:- I've been here, in Heidelberg,
The Haitian technical corps, these days, is being more Germany, since the 24th of Sep.
and more affected by the exodus of its members to foreign tember last, after a long journey
shores. Yearly, large numbers of nurses, doctors and efigi- at sea, aboard the freighter SS
ieers drop from the local roster. For economic and social -Wuppertal- of the Hamburg-
reasons they leave the country, often obliged to trust to America Line. The purpose is to
luck in obtaining employment in other countries. A recent carry on some research on philo-
case, for example, is that of the number of Haitian techni- sophy which is my main field of
cians who left the country, under contract with the Knap- interest and activity, as you know.
pen-Tippett-AbbettrMcCarthy firm which closed down here I hold a Humboldt Foundation fel-
after completing work on the Artibonite Valley Project. lowship at the University of Hei-
The Medical Corps is one of the principal of our institu- delberg, and my friend and collea-
tions which is being affected by this situation. Have you gue, Prof. Max Chancy, holds the
ever considered the case "of the water-carrier (porteuse same at he University of Mainz.
d'eau) whose can is perforated. She works hard to cart her Both together, we are looking for-
full vessel home, but when she arrives, she is astonished to ward to.. a good year of study
see that a quarter of it has leaked through the holes and which will advanceus uther in
tour respective field, keeping, in
gone. ". mind our future teaching activity
Well, the medical circle finds itself in a situation quite a- a tihEcou eNroachSng acie.
nalogous to the case of the water-carrier. Of the four hun- which is a part of the University
dred Haitians engaged in the practice of medicine, only of Haiti; as you know. Meanwhile,
three hundred of them reside in Haiti. Two hundred are we're very much interested in the
practicising in the Capital City of Port au Prince, leaving goings on in Haiti and find it that
about one hundred in the provincial towns. The hundred liv- we can not do without our HAITI- I
ing abroad are scattered over the American Continent, in SUN. So, will you please see to
countries like Venezuela, and principally the United States. it that we get a batch of the pap-
This exodus creates an economic problem for those coun- er at a moderate rate every
tries-a profit for the foreigner, a loss for the locals or na- month or so. The Sun has become b
tionals. For example for every Haitian doctor working in a Sunday companion for every 1
the United States, American society gains $ 25,000.000-be- good Haitian by now, and it is a E
cause this is the stipulated sum that it costs the United States pleasure to congratulate you on t
to make a medical doctor.
Meanwhile, on the other hand, Haiti supports the deficit of
$5,000.00, the approximate costs to make a medical doctor in
this country, and the other consequences involved. This last
would be only a bagatelle* to a country like the United States
with its high standard of life, but proportionally speaking, it L a
is quite a blow to the Haitian economy. .Why .lake .a
The most important however, is a social consequence: the
penury of medical doctors in Haiti is increased by this situa- ha c itL
lion. One good example is the matter of Histo-pathologists Wcance wit
there are more outside of the country than in all the Haitian h
territory.'I thlS99
Thei same is true in many branches of the Haitian technical
corps, a situation which is a scene of the tragedy of a country
which can support hundreds of ocdocteurs-feuille*, but not its
real, qualified Doctors-of-Medicine. '- 2--

Iy Jean-Pierre HUDICOURT -

Canapd frt,

esing newspaper such as it is.
Whenever you would like a, r&-
port on what goes on here, if it
be of interest to your readers,
don't hesitate to afk me, and I'll
see to it that you get it. I've not
completely forgotten about my
training in the trade, you know,
let alone my experiences therein.
I think the SUN is doing a good
job for Haiti abroad and should
report to its readers on Interna-
tional matters also.

But, so much for that. I'd be
interested in hearing from you as
soon as you can. Meanwhile, keep
on the good work and here are
the best greetings from Germany
to both of you, Mme Laporte and
yourself and also to the members
of your staff. They come from
lovely and romantic Heidelberg,
the cradle of German intellectu.
al life, one of the most beautiful
spots of the Wurtemberg region
which I can admire every' day
from my window down on the
Neckar 4iver valley, dominated
by the ruins of the old, legendary
Castle of the Count Palatinates.

Good Bye, for now, and let me
lbear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Max Wilsbn.


October 15, 1956
Dear Bernie:

My September 23 issue of the i
Haiti Sun. (which, true to form, b
has arrived exactly three weeks
ate) informs me that Your Baby
has reached his her its seventh
birthday (what's the protocol on

like Mankind, or feminine like:
Nations?). Of course, I could hard-
ly let the anniversary gci by with-
out acclaim from your Brooklyn
fans- and though I cannot offer
my congratulations in person, as
you did so charmingly on my Hap-
py Day in Haiti, I do want to wish
you, the staff, and the paper, many
happy returns with bigger and
better circulation every year!

You know just what the Sun
represents to everyone in Port-au-.
Prince; you've watched it disip-
pear from hotel desks every Sun-
day morning, and you've heard
your news items supporting Mon-
day's conversations. But perhaps
what you don't realise completely
is what the Sun represents to a
reluctantly *in absentia* admirer
of things Haitian. The Sun is my
living, link with Haiti, duringthe
bleak time that I spend in N.Y,
and if anyone wonders how my
enthusiasm for your country was
kept always alive and renewed
even during a four-year absence-
well, you can tell 'them that the
Sun was largely responsible. I
hope the sly banter, the personal
tone, the wide interest-range of
the paper never change,
however much it expands- and
I know it must. There is an
intimacy in the pages of the Sun
that sets me right in the middle
of the streets of Port-au-Prince,
and almost tempts me to call out
the names of my friends there; I
haven't even tried to analyse what
specific traits make m= feel'this
way about the paper---all I .want
is to be able to enjoy it for a
ong, time. etc.

Judy Ross
Brooklyn U.

..-- -

.--, .. = ... l ,

-k-." P -Lz i/g

As 9'

U car -

" -- -- --.- .- -"- -
-'--, ---.. s .-._ .-a -
,- '

--" -^--^

when you can be SURE of a crop with this?

_> ^-1- ._ -- .S rt

"I -, Much of the risk is eliminated when you power your irrigation pumps
,4., ~ with Caterpillar Diesel Engines.
They are capable of 24-hour-a-day operation for extended periods.
What's more they run unattended, burn low-cost, non-premium Diesel
fuel and require only routine maintenance at prescribed intervals.
Many engines of this make have recorded more than 100,000 working
hours... convincing proof that they last a long time.
Call on us for additional information and specifications before you
plant your next crop.




'' : ; "
: PAGE 6_.._P_
.:.' i" .' ,*' .' I 7

++ ./o v
!':,, "... ** -.. E"
i; This interesting article of how
a Britiher finds Haiti, was. writ-
ten 'for the Sun by Rosemary

The Most Delightful People I
L: For. years the fantastic stor
.* dependenve had attracted me.
i".'S1leiak 'ni'thof Scotlaid o01
#.. "Waace aid B tiuce, but als(
u'. tusaint fLotiverftre, Dessalb
., ose. three mighty characters
4' events of,. violent,Shakespea
.eaget. .nay jnting, to see Ha
W i.hrth df Stotland, but finally
': stories of the famous trio con
:. head, I had forgotten there w
S thing, I didn't' expect so many
witty and sparkling people, so
b: .,beart.and generosity and hosp
4s.. who possessed all the virtues o
,. vices- a people whose men v
6 were all Venuses, and whose po
and a dignity that only a Lati
S.* expect let'ss face it) ouite so m
;: I (didn't expect to feelf to utterly
S' feet touched Haitiani soil.

,.': :. .. ".. ,
.: First, the laughs. If, like me,]
a are equipped with inadequate I
1-4 'French,' non-existent Creole, and
i."- /'"general dumbness, Haiti will
i.. be fl of laughs and ridiculous
... .misunderstandings for you too.
| 'We'arrivedi on a grey Sunday af-
teinoon in a practically empty ho-
tel, with rain pouring down, and
-"." a strong suspicion that we were
not going to be able to cope with
the two different currencies, Hai-
6,A. tian goiurdes and American dol-
&,A "s,. (Do not visualise a sort of
S.. large tin milk-churner; a Haitian
-'s':" '. ourde is a rather tired limp ger-
my piece of' paper which has pas-
; sed through thousands of friend-
J'l* y. hands, and is equal to one-
1 fifth of, an American- dollar. You
p: may' get change in either curren-
S cy, or both. To those a little weak
S on the mathematical side this pre-
: sent endless cob&usion, particu-
r "p as the coins of both curren-
: 6 cie look exactly alike as their
.,..markings have frequently been,
Wi ru"bed off through much paw-
p^t *'** g).
;. To lift our spirits, we decided
,':, :ver.,Britishly on a cup of tea.
,: '.' Ttus voulons du thd!. I cried
t.o, to he pretty little maid in my
e t. Parisian French.
... She flashed a brilliant smile
Sback-at me.
Qji.' madame, c'est 1'6t",, she
agi '(Yes, madame, it 'is sum-
W*'. mer.. She had made out only the
L.".- ast syllable of my sentence -
a '. the.)
i:: I felt this really wasn't getting
us -: anywhere, and the cup of tea
vi,. seepedd to be receding rapidly.
di' Non, non,. I insisted despera-
I-. ely, flapping my hands around
:". ungracefully but I felt Frenchily,
oi,.... ...us voulons boire une tasse de

V'': -t '.
... Out, madame, 'ohe replied
izi.perturbably, C'est l'6tk.
; I gave up. Tle longed-for cup
"\ of. tea vanished into limbo. The
.inevitable Haitian politeness had
c"..'. covered up' the little maid's as-
6.:- toishment that one of the guests
from' Jamaica was really mad
enough to go around informing
r:;: responsible people (with gestu.
M. res) that it was summer. I'm only
thankful that I didn't choose to
i s vit Haiti in December.
.". iDuring .our incident-packed
s;: ,..tay In' Port-au-Prince, two things
.constantly puzzled me: why, did
tA:. 4,drivers always hawe friends
.Y- w.i.h them, and pick up more on
i4' e ; i.journey; and why were there
.. ny newspapers lying around
het.:.. l hos and people's houses dated"
'.".i .*" ".the.:19h July? Later it was ex-
:.- :':. plintd to me slowly and in words
. :,.f :ofe. n yllable that the taxi-driv-
e',". ers wee ngt generous types over-
: loaded with friends to whom they
.. .. F

u know


Suday, October 2t i
______Sunday, October 2grli' "t

What Haitians


Evans who is a frequent contri. you will require immense stamina colossal monument to Negro ge- with Baptiste's rapid Creole-fiha- '
butor'to Jamaican newspapers. to sit through all those hours of nius (the Haitians, after all, along voured French, and rapidly '.I
Ed. frenzied drumming. And even if with the Russians, were the only think up my opinions about zoni
you are known to the participants, people to drive Napoleon out un- bies, kingdoms etc... That even'inb
a the .world you may not be allowed to witness aided) the Citadelle was never fi- some Americans in our hotel made.-;:,
the whole ceremony. A lot of rub- *nished, for Christophe worked his me wince by asking if we would'-.
y of Haiti and its fight for in- bish has been written about Voo- fellow-Haitians so hard that they like to go out the next morning:
Fed from early childhood in doo services by sensation-seeking rose against him, and, stricken to see the ocean bed in a .gass-i'
p, the dramatic stories not only travel-writers, who. like Seabrook, with paralysis, he shot himself ra- bottomed boat. I felt so wret4pd-. '
. of their Haitian counterparts, thought they were witnessing their than be handed over, power, ly glass-bottomed myself by' at _.11
lines and Henry Christophe 'blood-maddened, sex-maddened, less and ill, to his enemies. Im- time that I was obliged to decline, :.
s whose lives combined all the god-maddened, orgies, whereas in mense, gaunt and lonely, the grey and for several days aft rzyds -;'
re tragedy I had long. been actual fact only the authors them ruins stand brooding over the was unable to sit, stand, walker "i
iti. Zt was a long way from the selves were too-many-sensational- northern Haitian plains and the dance. King Henry Christophe's .'
I got there this summer. And, books-on-Haiti-maddened; such sea, whence the hated French yes- Citadelle may have added years
istantly bubbling round in my books have naturally .annoyed the sels night have come. Useless now to my age, but it was worth it.' 4.
vas a modern Haiti. For one cultured Haitian middle-class, in the days of/atom-bombs, they All too soon it was' time to '
laughs; I didn't expect so many 'But certainly on Saturday nights remind one of some ancient Gothic leave. As we stepped across to e th
profoundly full of kindness and and on public holidays you will castle overshadowing the Rhine, glittering white plane in the dan- ..
itality;.1 didn't expect a people hear. the drums. Maybe they are or a dreamlike Wagnerian Tinta- ing sunshine at Port-au-Prince air-
f the French, and none of their just beating for tourist displays, gel. Inside is perhaps the mopt im. port, it seemed as if we were leav- I
vere all Adonises whose women maybe they are playing for ge- pressive monument in Haiti becau. ing a dear friendly home to go out
forest peasants had a gentleness nine Voodoo services, for such se ofjts extreme simplicity, Henry into some strange and unfamiliar
n civilisation can give; I didn't things do take place even in Port Christophe's tomb, with its proud, world. aPartir, .c'est mourir un
any open drains; and above all, au-Prince, only a few. blocks away moving and brief inscription: ICI peu,9 said the Haitians around us,
y at home from the xhoment my from the centres of sleek Americ- and then added that they hoped
an cars and Parisian perfumes. Up REPOSE HENRY CHRISTOPHE. this would not'be true. As we wav-
f. in Cap Haitian, in northern Haiti, ROI. 8 OCTOBRE, 1820,. ed goodbye, from some nearby ra-
were (as I thought) giving lifts I became one of the too-many-sen- dio there floated the strains of
at my expense, but that everyone sational-books-on Haiti-maddened Here,, on the top of La Fer- Choucoune., surely the most
shares taxis in Port-au-Prince addicts myself; I listened one Thurs riere. and next to another moun- heartbreakingly beautiful of all
(they are very cheap), and each day night to the frenzied pulsating tain attractively called Bishop's Haitian folk songs. The plane rose
customer is deposited a t is des-, rather far awa ,y but fright. Bonnet (Bonnet t l'Evque), Chris up into the boundless blue sky;
nation., in turn. eningly distinct; I heard all the tophe unfortunately built his for- the friendly'faces faded, the hills
Moreover, nothing dramatic had right sounds and thought all the tress because it involves a two-hour faded, and Haiti became only a
happened on the 19th July; one right thoughts.There. I said to horse-ride there and back, and mist and a memory. Our holiday'
ofth deaily papers had simply .'
.o d the 1 y. myself, hThere beats the savage agonising trip for the unitiated up was over.
been founded on the 19th July heart of primitive Africa. That is and down slippery precipitous Rosemary EVANS
one.-year before, and flaunted ^^ ^ ^r h tnssihr---------
thisdae, inear gletoeriswunder what the French must have heard paths where the stones slither
this date in large letters under l .own as the horse prates along
150 years ago, when the drums of down as the horse prices along
its title. Below this it publishedwa Henry Christcphe beat out their them. Horses and I were' clearly
up-to-date news in the c current ate. y, fierce rhythms all along the jun- not made for each other; I don't
attachingtherefore took me some time to gle to let the freed slaves, know think I have quite mastered the
catch up with the latest news, as Napoleon's armies had come art of horse-riding; I didn't real-
'I had several back issues tread, again!. Bang wallop! Bang wallop! lse you were meant to bounce up ,
but a gaserle war iun Korea s The blood alternately froze- and and down in the saddle as the
but I gather the war in Korea is
over. thrilled in my veins, I felt the beastly thing trots I just sat
spirits of my ancestors rise in me [here, and in the end was yelling
The telephone in Haiti is, tq. say (even though there would probably with pain, till finally I made the f# .'
the least of it, exciting. Most of have been more accustomed to bag- boy ride and I walked, or rather
thetime it doesn't work (or march, pipes), and for two pins I would staggered, at his side. Baptiste, our "
as the Haitians so vividly put it); have done a Voodoo dance round chirruppy and witty guide, riding
you make a telephone call in Haiti the room. It was only next morn- happily ahead of me as we came
nuchtgspi that I found the city's electric down, would frequently turn and
in much the same spirit as you buy
a sweepstake ticket in Jamaica plaht lived opposite my bedroom, try to engage me in one of those
you dotexpect towinanything, and that all I had heard had been arguments that French-nurtured .
but you just buy a ticket on the it thumping and churning away people love, and indulge in at the
offchance; s' you phone in Haiti to itself as it did every night. Voo- drop of a hat-Catholicism v. Pro-
without any real expectation of doo drums, of course, don't beat on testantism: a republic v. a king-,
getting through, but you just Thursdays. Someone once said: 'A dom: did I believe in God: the .
might, and when you do, you feel dirty), mind is a continual feast.. psychological explanation of
faintly hysterical, and inclined to So is a vivid inaginatiob, ghosts and zombies, etc., etc...
weep. The telephone marched only ,, B^ ^ a^^ flK i
tweep. hen telehne Harihedony And so on to Henry Christophe's Unhappily grasping the horses's
twice when I was in Haiti (when
it marches it makes a strange self- incredible ruined Citadelle. Like mane, wobbling dangerously over
satisfied hiccuping sound, and a mighty clenched fist flung de- it as the animal stumbled along
wn 'it is nt ma rcing it gives a fiantly in the face of God, it domi- the precarious little paths, floun-
when 11 is not marchnmg it gives a _j j*j B^KsiBiBBHBMBBBii /'
when itivt m hin It gis a nates the summit of La Ferrifre, during over iti head and into a
father plaintive sigh). It is a plea. one of Haiti's highest mountains, stormy sea of French subjunctives I
sant, human, and very Haitian
little device; it means well, itia like some tremendous crown. A I tbreathlessly tried to keep up .
friendly, but of course in a crisis
you wouldn't use it, you would P I6m I.. |I I 1**-I. Ij
rush ina car to inform the police L, n .aU hEfU Ehl tdue U

that your house was on fire, or
that a hefty burglar was breathing
down your neck brandishing a ma-
chete (though there are actually
very few burglaries and. murders
in Haiti).; but I tremble to think
what of a dithering nervous break-
down Thomas Wright would be re-
duced to if he ever had to cope
with Haitian telephones.
What about Voodoo? Yes, of
course you will see Voodoo dan-
ces, but only for tourists (they are
not so very different from our own
Pocomanla ones, though of course
the drumming is not the same);
what you will see will be a copy
of the real thing, but these dances
are only a part of a religious ce-
remony, and that you will have
great difficulty in seeing unless
you are a personal friend of a
priest or houngan, and have lived
some time in the country, and are
known and trusted. A real Voodoo
service will. go on all night, and
end about 6 in the morning, and
even if you manage to attend one,





* w<

Sunmy, -October 28th 1956


Psitt! M'sieur! M'sieur!, is be- perfumes, cheap watches, codel-
ming a familiar sales call for de, (old) shoes, ties handker-
en in Haiti who in a achieves, wallets, and inevitably
rge number -re involved the lottery tickets etc...
the -ambulant hardward- For other regions they will dis-
.ade. A few years ago they pose an abundance of laces, silk
unild have been subject to rough and jersey textiles, false pearl
iatment by; youngsters who neck-laces, ear-rings, toilet soaps,
eid have provoked them by hats, and. imitation jewelry, be-
fling out .gagon-ma commA (ef- cause in certain regions men are
minate), more ', 6volue6s, than women and

In fact most of these men. used -
to be effeminate and often i',ried /
to imitate the mannerisms and ha- A
bits of women, especially the" (
man in her way. I
Now, certain trades are no
more a taboo for Haitian men. As
a result of the progressive deve-
Jopment in the country where '
work is almost a matte* of life or
* death, nobody cares about what \
kind of profession one embraces,
'providing it brings in' a little hard
But the 'M'sieurs. do not tra- .
vel with a barque. which is still
used exclusively by women. They f '-,_'
carry their goods in a, few band-.
boxes, or in a large .malette.
(suitecase). Usually they travel
by groups. This makes it easier _.
for them in the province where --- --- -
in common they pay their board ,
and lodgings if they have to stay They deal chiefly with the ame-
a few days.' rilans, (country gentlemen) and
They know the religious calen- the 'eriliasm (country belles)
dar by heat and never miss a whom they visit regularly. In or-
dar by be~ar nd never missa1
fete patronage in the various der to stop then from buying at
fete patronaleb in the various .. .
towns of the Republic. For, usual- credit at ,,negociant.'s 'bouti-
ly before the town's patron saint que" in town, they sell their arti-
feast there are two or three days cles at a cheaper price, but cash.
of fair and fiesta. IHowever, there will always be
Besides, they know the needs some *negs sottesv (fools) to al-
of each community. Ftror .certain low themselves to be fooled..
areas, they will concentrate their When they arrive in a town or
sales on flash lamps, belts, chains, a hamlet, if they intend to stay
-cheap cigarettes lighters, knives, there a few'days, they rent a

fUOTELL 'Choucoune
i, ___._.---

* .. ,* ,4-9 _. .
Ro ntrDENw

S Ohesft-pe and Shouw

Cabean Choucoune
^p~flfle^^ fe


Us --






-RK-225__ON .SALE




Direct Passenger and Freight Service .'

A lroomswith bath,'

-'. Ak-onditioned dinr..roor

.ji-m, .,133

EVERY MONDAY AT 6: 00 P. -M.- *'

.. .. .: .....




small scaille for two or- three
gourdes and hire a ccuisinihres
who, besides doing the cooking,
washes and irons their clothes.
After a workday, they may play
cards 'bois nan nez, with the
country folks and may also at-
tend a dance tindingue. It hap-
pens sometimes that one of them
discovers his future wife at such
a gay country parties. I
These men are very practical
and business-minded. 'With the
little cash they have in hand, they
buy food crops, eggs, chickens,
fruits etc-. which, back in Port-
au-Prince they hand over to their
wives to retail in the markets.
With the benefit of these sales,
they invest in another business
and renew their stocks of mer-
chandises and go back to the pro-
vince to resume their commer-
cial pilgrimage.
There is no doubt that they realise
a substanc;al gain in this trade. I
For these kaki-clad men are al-
ways cdean and some of them have
a wrist-watch and wear blue sun-
glasses etc... (a sign of 'bour-
Many speak Spanish, and it can
be guessed that they brought this
tradition back from Cuba where
hundred, of thousands of Haitians
have worked in sugar cane plan-
tations for the last quarter of a
century. Another point which con-
firms this is that they have a
strong liking for jewels, mainly
for gold. (Naturally the chains
and bracelets they sell are only si-
mulated gold.)
When they become prosperous
enough, they might hire a few
men to do the trade for them,
While keeping up another and
more important business they sup-
ply them with enough goods and
draft their respective itineraries
throughout the country.
.W. wc ,. .



-- ."-" ^ ..?S ,,;|
___ __, .-.,

:-_ ._-_t -

The slightest n-.ntioi o. your wrist windA the revolutionary : .-.?.
ne\<' mechanism of these- Girard-Perregaiux Gyrbmatics,'
storin-g -ay more than 40' hdurs-running iMc. Thes -
extremMly precie mechanisms are protected by the Most '."
elcgnnt of watcrpr'or cases that Switzerland can prodtci:. 4
Rif. 700S.' A 'iantsomie o;sj watchc, vailabke in stainless
sit.el r'soid! gold.
Ref. 70;1: I4,,r. atuch of e.craordinary accuracy, dvnilable-*.'
in staineiis steel or wrhIj solid golel. bezel, .-

Prnnounce Girard-Per'go
C1i m Watches sinct 1791"' -,A7



I -Y
,-:~~~ 1 ,. P..2:",.. ..i,

,, ^ ." ;.',...

C' KI 'K :,zE



*. ,


; t ,": .'"

':* Y
1. '
:. *: -*

|- : ,



W.y. lorful best, are'!
Christ, who is' tti
water into wine.
S .Baptism of Chi
picted as taking
*. ing similar to th
|;x- farmer.'
I'.: ,*.. Touches of 1
r". ,phasize the d
i ton of the mw
SIn the Grden
y^ Eve-presents Ada
ilj lemonLike fruit
;v-.; :Auguste never ha'
le. o.ou.aint also lai

.. ..... .....

: .' ."

I. ;. '

I'. "'.s "Lto A
1: .
*..' .. De

,*- ... *f

...... -i i .

shown filing by
ning a tourd of
fist also is de-
place in a sett-
he laitian small
Hiumpr only em-
eeply religious
of Eden' scene,
mn with a large,
Artist. Toussaint
d seen an apple.
d difficulty imagi

York November 6.
PAA has made available its fa-
cilities in each country to be vi-
sited and is working closely with
the agents to promote travel bet-
ween Europe and Latin Amierica.
Others making the tour' are:
Mr and Mrs Manuel Marti, Mr
and Mrs Ren6 Esteves, Carmen'
Serrano, Jo$efina Figueqoa, Ulises
Laboy, Martin Soler, and Isabel
Arteaga, all of San Juan, Puerto
Rico; Arturo Cuadra, Managua,
Nlicaragua; Jack W. Hardy, Kings-
ton, Jamaica.

ida. d' Pioducts Are

zdott e (flit

pa lrt4&iuWa%,

end when I picked up a young-
man who was hitchhiking near Fer
ni Tes -- t. 11111-A iiiLU vi. -ar

!mates, I met lm am in .sever-
al nightclubs, he pnly sat at the 3)-D
bar and follow my comings and F
goings. Once he passed clbse to
my table, said heUlo,, but did not 4)-M
ask for a dance. Since the very REQI
day we met, I have a feeling AGE
that he loves me, and my own WEE!
heart it is also %'melting' when-
ever I see him. Should I attack
him first or should I wait?
S(S): Lonely Heart.
Dear L.H.,
Well, dear Lonely Heart, it's
uo to you to make your decision.'
IL he is timid just go ahead and
knock him down.
(S): Mary Doogoode. ...
Dear Mary,
My girl friend whom I trust
and who trusts me frowns at
me whenever her fiance a
gentleman shows gallantry to
me. I am quite upset because' I
think she should never think
that I may take her chomme,
from her. Is it wise to. break
with her?
(S): Malheureuse.
Dear Maieureuse,
Your girl friend is apparently
jealous. In your place I would'
look out for a honme of my
own; this will kill all suspicion and
maintain that long friendship.
Don't pay attention to the gal- 1The
lantries of your -friend's fianc6A
(S): Mary Dloogoode. I--

PAGE _________________' HAITI SUN

Stories and pictures brought ning a camel. In his picture of the
home by tourists have drawn art- Holy Family fleeingg into Egypt,
lovers .from all over the world to a strange, bumped animal with
the mural-filled Episcopal Cathe- the head of a donkey follows Jo-
dral in Port-au-Prince. seph, who is wearing the be-tass-
A d artists and critics are.unit- elued knapsack of a Haitian moun-
ed in their enthusiasm,. hailing tain dweller. _B ____g __
the murals as vivid -pro6f, of Artist Prefet Defaut's impres-
one of modernalstory's rare art sive *Last Judgment, is detail- Dear Mary,
- reuaissances.. V ed with meticulous, almost geo- My boy friend keeps asking
S.Sponsored by the government metric precision. It Is a stark, me for money. He always says
of Haiti popular attists- the strongly moving scene of groups that he has many debts to pay.
, so-callyl epriiatives' have of anonymous little figures, I am very generous to him, but
painted the Bible story as they each holding a burning candle, now I start to doubt about his
envisioned.. it. The 17 artists who carried out being sincere, though he still
The artists found it natural to the project have devoted their shows that he passionately loves
picture the life of Jesus against lives to art. Many now have pro- me. I really don't knot if I
the tropical backdrop of their own grossed past the -primitive stage, should please himn when he is
everyday lives, instilling emotion- Others have remained as child- asking me for money or if I
al evidence that religion is a vital like in their concepts as ever, se- should tell him to go to hell. But
and living thing to the Haitian renely indifferent to the fact that I still love him as the apple of
psaMnt. their paintings -hang in some of my eyes and would not like to re-
.. / When a visitor enters the iron the most distinguished museums main a ovieille filled for al-
lcathedral gate, his eye is caught' in the world. though I have plenty money I
Sby Philom6 Obin's crucifixion agree with my mirror, I am an
scene, which extends from altar ugly girl.
to ceiling. Joe Rodriguez (S): Catherine.
Painted in an off terra cotta,' ah
'the body of Christ hangs from 'Member Of Travel'Dear Catherine,
a cross in the center-bf a street G o r It is most likely that your
in a Haitian town. Shop doors rou Visiting beaup is not interested in you
are shuttered, and massed citi- Ip, -. but in your money. I understand
zens huddtte in silent sorrow. urop e that you are in El very delicate
To the right is the 'Wedding at situation for you still love him.
Cana, as ,pictured by Wilson Bi- Joseph Rodriguez, of Agence Just wait and see. If be doesn't
aud. It could be a marriage fea-t Citadelle, is among a dozen Cen- change, let it drol. You will al-
in any Haitian village. tral American travel agents who ways find another boy friend.
The father of the bride sits at are touring Europe with an eye Don't worry about your face, a
Sease in a rocking chair, enjoying toward promoting travel on a doctor is planning to establish
a cigar, while a black pig, main world-wide basis, here a clinic for plastic surgery.
dish of the feast, lies on a huge Headed by Juan Homs, Pan So, dear ",Catherine, use your
leaf. Children and -dogs, excited American World Airways'! Latin mind and be hopeful.
by the preparations, surround an American Division sales manager, CS): Mary' Doogoode.
orchestra of drums, bamboo pipes the agents convened in New York
and a flute. for the trip to London, Paris, Ro- Dear Mary Doogoode,
Sfme, Barcelona, Madrid and Lis- I was driving back from Kens-
The guests, dressed in .heir do- bon. The group returns to' New coff to Po't-au-Prince last week-

delivery at airport, Port or Hotel in Port au Prince, and."
'etion-Ville. .. :.
aps of Haiti and Port-au-Prince.
JIRED. Valid Driver's License.
LIMIT OF DRIVER:, from 16 to 3:5 years Old. '
KLY RATES: $50 x .10 and $35 x .08. ,


Chic Place To Dine & Dance



.... ...

Heraux Tours & Travel Service
*' '..':
156, Rue )anies Destouches A .
P.O. Box 985 Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.) Tel: 3871 :

Car Year Seats Per Day Per Mile Ref. Deposit ,
FORD 1956 5 $10.00 x $0.10 $30.00 '
SIMCA 1956 4 8.00 x 0.08 20.00 ,'
1)-A1l Gasoline and Oil. "
2)-Insuraned of $10.000 per person up to 5 persons between .
age of 16 and 65; plus $10.000 Public Liability and $5.000G.'
Property Damage. i



Ae QS-uai

Which has the best imports from all the co rners of the world. You can save up to 0%
from U.S. prices with your duty free allowanee of $200. -. over 48 hours, and $500 over
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Fisher's, the American's favorite shop where
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Where checks and foreign _kiotts 4'e accept
ted, ard yolir purchases shlippbd. W u gladly
give you free iifotmition abbit U.S- cubu re-
gulations Mid shipping costs.


Liqueurs Brandies -
Art Porcelains
Royal Copenhagen
Bing & Groendahl
Royal Vienna Augarten
Lalique and bohemian Crys-
Marcel Frank Atomizers
Swiss Watches
French Pipes

Guerlain Liberty of London Fabrics
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lains and Silver Spalding of England

Native Jewelry
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Haitian Embroidered Dresses Blouses skirts
men's shirts Cuban Guayabera Shirts -.
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Mahogany quality goods from our own workshops
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I' ...

n.:'' .

'..,. .'

.44 .. -

a .ir".!.


p.-.... *


'.,.., .

S: : .. *

,.^. -,. ''
ii" "

fc:- : .
:- .:.
i, '" : ""

;* : .*, ..
*,... ."..- *.
*, '.,*"* *

-:.' .,.. i
.,. 1
:: .

; ,
;*'**.. ,

>,.-'i -* .



-.-..' ,

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OSEPH NADAL and Co. Distributmr



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A- .


Enfin voidci une'huile qui reellement double .
la vie do votre moteurl A la suite de nom-
breuses experiences faites aux Etats Unis, il
a t; prouvi; quo les moteurs lubrifies avec
OIL ont parcouru 50,000 miller sans dete-
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Vous vous devez b vous-meme d'adopter
oujourd'hui le nouveau "PREMIUN ESSO

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_________ '~- 4

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Sunday, October 28th 1956 ___________ __HAITI SUN__ _____ -. _

.lMI4n WTT% A X/' XTTi'I AmeL -:.

1D A TTL T" U'T TYTT T .k'lI


We proudly present the FACT



Ne York La '! rolee
Prlc, PI 'ce .

Omega 18K gold Seinaster 400.00 175.00
Tissot 18K gold 225.00 99.00
Georg Jensen (setting of 6) 72.00 49.00
Hans Hansen (setting of 6) 52.00 29.95
Kislav Gloves 9.00 6.00.
Orlanes Royal Bee Gream 16.50 3.50 ,
Cashmere Cardigans 29.50 18.50

J3^ J rd a ^


- ;


Haiti Gets Boost On M SJDA 1 IV lbl I jlAiNDU r ULli.JUR L
Wallpaper & Carpets, r" SHOW DIRECTED BY LAVINIA
The picturesque native life in / LESSONS BY LAVINIA AND PRIZE
Haiti inspired noted American de-
signer Vera in the creation of
Schunacher's Haitian Collection of 1 ,
fabrics and wallpapers. Designs .. "
reflecting the flora and fauna and Haitians reputedly use more soap than any other people in the world.
rituals of the country have been They do not eat it. They use it with water to cleanse their bodies and 6VU
captured on a variety of materials, launder their clothing.
aSide Streets, has a stylized fa- No greater sacrifice can a Haitian make than to forego his bath
cade of a typical town dwelling water, and.this is just what the gallant citizens of Morne Hercule did i
and palm tree in Port-au-Prince when the Theatre d'Haiti opened in their midst.
repeated regularly on a heavy tex- The road leading from the Petion-Vile. highway to the wonderful
tured 50- linen. Nut shells and little Greek-type Theatre on the green threatened to disalear in a
leaves march across MR' 4" sa
leaves march across She cloud of hqavy, white dust that made Los Angeles' Smog look like a
Game', a 50' sailcloth in a rhyth- sive."_ /
mic horizontal stripe. An interest- The unpaved road had a silt lining that arose in a great blanket and t ne O" d 4 Uui
ing treatment of detail is used in hung in the air as a solid wall when the twirling tires of an automo-
.Papillon, with small boxes of bile churned through. ,
silhouetted butterflies on both 50'" The citizens rallied they wanted, the world President, Minist-
sailcloth and 100% Orlon sheer, ers, diplomats and intellectuals to visit their Theatre and see -An-
-Savannas captures the delicacy t0oe
o hSavanna, captures othe delicacy tigone and Anatole, played by local artists, and not end up in a
of the various grasses of the broad ravine under the blinding conditions. a d h i ma g ic rum
savannas on a 50" silk and Bern- .En forces, they laid a fountain bof water on the dusty road which
berg sheer turned into a pleasant paste and splattered the green grass bordering MONIDA J TA IURSDAY BUJFFET,.DANCMI
Strings of' -Voodoo Beads, the road. ;
stretch'across a 50" sheer of 100% Te' work of emptying gallons of l.1'eau, (H20) onto the trail took OMN & "
Fortisan symbolizing the Vyoodoo energy and caused perspiration to pour from all bodies involved. PRENCH LESSONS
practices of the country. Seismo- Opening night over, the Morne Herculeans were happy and pleased Experienced language teacher .1I -1 give lessons, private or in groups.
graphs, and abstract,'pattern of 'to see all the dignitaries pass successfully over their mountainous Intensive work on pronunciation and everyday conversation.
flowing lines on a 50" Bemberg highway to the Theatre, and home without mishap. French Course for children every Saturday morning from 9 to 11:00.
and Fortisan ,heer suggests the But alas- They had used up their week's supply of water controlling Courses every afternoon from 5 to 7 and by private arrangement.
pleasant breezes blowing in from the dusty road, and for one week nobody but nobody would have Miss Solanges Dominique, Instructress
the sea or the: warm currents in anything to do with a Morne Herculean who had to sacrifice his shower B.A.:-Olivet College, Michigan
the- Gulf of Gonave. water for culture's sake. M.A.:-Teachers College, Columbia University, N.Y.
Two woven fabrics .Citadel., Now, the Morne Herculeans wonder if it would be too presumptious Professional Diploma: T. C. Columbia University.
a varicolored stried. linen and of them to ask- the Minister of Public Works to pave their road for the Address: 12 Rue Camille L6on (Ecole Mine. pierre Paillire)
*Azua, a superb example of the sake of tourism health cleanliness and culture. Telephone 5956 Before 8:00 A.M. between 12-2:00 or after 4 P.M.
hand woven 'look in a horizontal -
textured stripe--com'plete the fa- t- ---.....
brics in the Schumacher Haitian l :. ': ." --" -
Collection. I -r. i:h e *, '
Four of the print designs are S. ... .... .," ,.
also available in Schumacher hand ..
print wallpapers. A
Advertisement on the Haitian
"Collction appeared in the Sep- ".
tember issues of House ind Garden .0,
. and House Beautiful as well as ',.'"':',
the last issue of Vogue. The adds
also appeared in Interiors and In-
terior Design which are two ma-
gazines for the decorating trade.
A small silk scarf was given as a
t6ken to every cust9imer who
bought a samples of the Haitian
Collection. 4. .



1. FAMILY TRAVEL PLAN in effect November 1
through March 31. Wives, and children between 12 and
25 fly at savings up to $300 each under regular fare.
Family of four saves up to $900.
2. SPECIAL KLM 15-DAY' FARE. Saves $97 even on
already low. low Tourist Fare tickets!
Good all year.

(From Time Magazine Perso

Most correspondents like to
spin yarns about the trials of
newsgathering in remote corners
ot the earth. But for honors in
exasperation, MARY JOHNSON
KLEMFUSS, back in New York
after four years as TLI's Haiti
stringer, nominates that. -Carib-
bean republic. Says she: -Cover-

__________ ____ Sunday, October 28th 193I *

the height for Mardi Gras, sent "
her eight miles up a mountainside
IF to find out what kind of manure ."'j
a certain flower farmer used on
E his plots. With every taxi in town
anel sewed up by gamboling natives and A
whooping tourists, Mary met her
hour's deadline thanks only to a

policeman who sympathized with
the problems of the press. He corn
mandered a bus which wheezed
up the mountain to the 'flower
farm, then hurtled back down to
the cable office in Port-au-Prince
with the answer ( a selected blend
of cow, horse and pig).

ing Haiti is like trying to swim It Daily
an Olympic event in a pool filled il ia aly
with molasses. The natives only Flight
work from nine to one, and it's F ih or
the only country I know of where December
UN Day is a national bank holi-
As a-reliable instrument for, Delta Airlines will inaugurate
getting the news, the Haitian te- a daily service on their New Or-,
lephone rates a large minus, shdI leans-Havana-Port-au-Prince Ciu-
says. The Kiemfuss telephone or- Idad Trujillo San Juan route
deal: I left Haiti in July, and during the month of December it
the la time my phone had rung was disclosed here this week.
telasttm m hn hdrn The Airline presentlly' serves
was in December. About the The Arlne psently serves
fourth time I complained, I talked Haiti with six flights a week.
to President Magloire's brother-in The route is to be operated
law,'who soothed me with the in- with the new type Metropolitan!
formation that the president's I 440 Cqnvair, a larger and faster
phone hadn't worked right for.- version of the present Convairi
months either.. equipment. (
The -increased legwork necessi- i
tated by inoperative telephones PANAMA LINE
is further complicated by Haiti's NORTH BOUND TRIP
almost complete lack of street ad- CANCELLED i -
dresses (You just tell the driver
you want to go to the house The Panama Line announces
across the street from Senator So- with regret that, due to a threat-
and-So's place,). To make matt- ened strike of longshoremen .in
ers worse, most of the newswort- the port of New York, the call of
by, Port-au-Prince, live in the the S.S. Cristobal at Port-au-Prin-
hills and rain makes the normal- ce on Monday October 29th, 1956
ly hair-raising mountain roads has been cancelled.
Virtually impassible. The strike, is supposed to com-
Against suth odds, Stringer jmence at midnight October 31st.
Klemfuss had many a .close brush The Cristobal will' proceed at for-
with deadlines. One Sunday after- ced draft directly from Panama
noon a TIME query came during to the United States.,

Georges Cl6ri6, c6 oun citoyen qu'ap tu6 tte li l'en recher-
che la v6rit6; bibles grec ac h6breu pas manqu6 la caille li.
Lors nous joinde c6 question va n' trait ac musique indigene.
Majfh.tenant li dit m' Epitre St-Paul aux H6breux dur en pile
pou traduit en creole. Comme m' song que professeur philo-
sophie Jean Claude te souteni devant m' que laugue nous cab
entreprendre toute l'idees abstrait, m' r6ponde Georges Cle6-'
rie que pas gain problbme: Traduire c6 oun metier, n'importe
qui moune pas dou6 met' l'en t6te yo _ue c6 facile quand d6-'
jIA dicton an d6clare: Traducteur, traitre... Done, 'en nous
seyer preambule la: '
-Bien souvent et sou diff6rentes forms Dieu jadis t6 parle
grand moune nous yo par entremise'prophtWes. L'en temps
qa qui dernier temps li parl6 n' par Le' Fils que 1' 6tabli hdri-
tier toute choses et grace a qui 1' cr6ee l'univers tou. Crist qui
ce rayonnemnent gloire, empreinte substance li et qui souteni
tout ac oun parole puissante, pur4i Wi' de p6ch6es n', puis al
chita A droite la Majest6 1'en plus haul ciel la ..
Min m' pas crou6 6criture Laubach cab permette moune at-
taquer traduction parce que chaaue mot vivant con oun pois- i
son qu'ap batte 'en privier. Gain d6 arrangements consonnes i
ac voyelles, allit6rations, movement phrases qui appartenu n
A musique plut6t que litt6rature. Laubach c& oun sauce qui s
pas convenu creole du tout, ce oun point d'honneur risible pour M
malheureux qui lors yo btW6 pas cab di: Mea maxima culpa! -
Helas, 'en qui predicament
colbindecs mete moune?
Pour batte chelbecs ac rest6counes
n6gues dare fait serment.
Mauv6 jardinier, Laubach pas t' ou qcu'ac oun chlordane
trop puissant li t'a tu6 toute bon insectesv toute coccinelles.
D16jiA, l'en kcrit creole gain lois language qui 6clat6 corn grains
palma christi l'en soleil. Influence angle6 fait que adjectifs yo
invariable sans computer verbes, substantifs qui ingren6 corn
spices F'en tablette roroli. -Predicament? Creole adapt mot qa
naturellement ac m6me signification angl6: situation ennuy-
ant, moune'qui m&16 etc. Negues dar6? Dar6 vine en droite
ligne de dto dare qui signifie ,oser>. Done oun n6g dar6, c61
oun negue pongnette.
Colbindecs? Comme en pile z'anmis qui pass l'en universi-
tds americain t6 tiqu6 l'en boulage moin, m' oblig6 6cri col-
bindecs au .lieu de master of.
Chelbecs? Mot ca, ce creole pur qui vine rang6 sou ligne I
malfrats. demeur6s, zombis, bouquis, bakas. C6 infdrieurs, sa-'
letes ciu'ap change'chemise selon que tel candidate d'apr6 yo
,gain plisse chance. Verte ayer, jodi violette yap tende demain
pou tounin caca-jaco.




Concrete Densifier give:
Resistance water-tightness'


If you want the most.
for your money, use

Sunday. October 28th 1956___________ 1


,DLU PLAISANT AU SEVERE I New Competition Now Opens for One-Year
In American Universities Scholarsships
L'Hypothi'se de Rivet est-elle fondue? Word has just come to the automatically be disqualified.
Haitian American Institute, from Candidates must have success-
Par DANIEL ARTY Lthe Institute of International E-. fully completed all requirements
Pa AIEL[ ARTY education in New York City, that'for the Baccalaureat degree, se-
STthe competition is now open for cond part (philosophy), includ-
Ceci nous amne Aconsid6rer le SECOND POINT: le courant de qualified Haitian students who ing the oral and written exami-
r'imndigration parall~le a la suppression de la traite et A 1'abolition. wish to compete for one-year ,atio, Candidates must supply
On sait en effect qu'avec le developpement de la culture cafeiere, Ie scholarships in liberal arts colle- written proof of this bearing the
Bresil fut forct d'encourager lI'imigration d'ouvriers agricoles euro- ges and universities in the UnJ- official seal of the educational
peens pour remplacer les noirs libtres qui delaissaient les plantations, ted States. These scholarships authorities.
De 1884 A 1943, ce pays aurait ainsi accueihi 4 millions d'immigranits will take effect at the opening Candidates who qualify to fill
don't: 1,224,441 italiens, 1.142.128 polonais, 582.793 espagnols, 172.326 of the academic year, Septemb- out the regular long forms ofap-
allemands, 85.856 autrichiens; 33.058 francais; 25.270 anglais-et enfiL, er, 1957. Haitian candidates must plication, may come to the Hai-
188.615 japonais. Ces derniers mis & part, on peut dire que les immi- be in good health, must have tian-Amerlcan Institute and re-
grants appartenaient tous A la race blanche. Aussi Pierre Chaunu a-ti good moral character, must be ceiv advice and help on how to
pu 4crire dans son AMERIQUE LATINE: Le Bresil a 6t0 transform able to speak French well and jill out these forms from Dr.
par le flot venu d'Europe. Grace A plus de 4 millions d'immigrants, to read, write and speak English Charles N. St. John, Jr., Direct-
pays noir et indien au debut du siecle. le Bresil est en passe de deve well enough to do work on the or of the Institute and Chair-
nir une grande nation blanche...La proportion des blaucs grace ci university level in English. A-me- man of the Coninitee on Study
grande parties a l'immigration europdeene est passe de 1872 A 1940 rican colleges and universities and Training. Such students may
de 30% h 51%z. Si uine population blanche ou jaune se voyait un jour which are accredited by the Ins- come to the Institute at 10 a. m.
submerge par un flot d'immigrants noirs, un observateur superfic.e titute of International Educatio on Wednesdays and Fridays. The
pourrait vite dn conclure que les races blanches et iaunes .soot domi- maintain -high standards and six best applications will be se-
nes, pour employer le language mendlien. they will consider only serious elected by the Commitee and for-
Oso e, il faut le reconnaitre analgr6 students who have already prov- warded to the Institute of Inter-
tout: le Breisil n'qt pas une nation themselves by outstanding a- national Education, which will
tblanche. Dans B Ln recent ouvragen cademie work in Haiti. This is make the final selections. An-
Sblanche. Dns UN rAent outrage sur not to be considered as a vaca- nouncement of the names of win-
les RACES HUMAINES, Vallois af- dion, nor 'as an 'opportunity for ners are expected next June.
irmie que les noirs reprsenteni t en- permanent residence in the Uni- Women are eligible for scho-
core 30% de la population. Selon ted. States. All Haitian holders of warships. The attention of women
d'autres statistiques, ils formeralent scholarships are expected to re- is especially called to opportuni-
11% de 1n population, et les mula turn to Haiti and work to' help ties for advanced work in home
tres 26%. Encore convient-lU de rap- their own people. economics and nutrition. See Dr.
peer que ces'chiffres sont pure- All candidates should report St. John for details.
-' ,' ,.ment indicatifs puisque au Bresil .at the Haitian-American Institu- ,People who fill out the long
t. toutes les teintes sont nuanctesa et te, during the regular business forms must supply very detailed
I que, d'autre part il n'existe dans c: hours, Monday through Friday, information on their background,
'I pays aucune aiithmitique politi- and ask for a preliminary appli- personal circumstances and edu-
que fondee sur des categories racia cation blank. Only those stu- cation'al preparation. They must
les. Lorsque Chaunu parlp de 51% dents who fill out the blank care- take a physical examination.
de blanks, on ne doit pas oublier la fully, il English, will have the and supply a doctors certifica-
vieille boutade bresilienne: opportunity to fill out the regu- te. They must write a composi-
-Aux Etats-Unis. un noir est un homme qui a une goutte de sang.noir lar forms of application, which tion in English at the Institute
Au Bresil, un blanc estL un homme qui a une goutte de sang blanc.. Oi are complicated and expensive, under supervision, on a date
conqoit que Gobineau aft pu ecrire qu'il n'y avait rencontre qu'un seu" Any candidate who deliberately which will be announced later.
homme de race blanche: l'Empereur Doran Pedro. Faut-il rappeler 6ga makes a misstatement about his They must also persuade four
element la just observation de Rober tAllen Christophcr: (Americas, background or qualification will persons of good reputation to
Aout 1953) 'Ce n'est un mystere pour personae qOe beaucoup de br6- ,
siliens considers comme des blancs dans leur pays passeraient pour lHj
des negres aux Etats-Unis. Les bresiliens le savent d'ailleurs tres bien
ainsi que l'atteste expression courante -EL TEM UN DEDO EN LA ....."..'.. ...'" '
COZINHA' employee pour designer des individus apparemment de ra ,'. .i 1
ce blanche, mais possedant des traits ou caracteristiques propres A Ia l s,
race noire. Ce faith est encore attest par l'emploi d'une multitude d'ap- .......
pellations destinies A d6finir la grande varift6 des types. Charles Wag- 'f '. .
ley, de r'Universit6 de Columbia,' faisait remarquer A ce sujet que ces q- ?,
definitions (pretos, escuros etc.)'ne sont pas un signe de discrimina- *3
tion: elles prouvent simplement que Ils brdsiliens sont conscients du
marriage des races-JYai cru bon d'insister sur les modalitts du people
meant dans le pays tout entier parce que les structures 6conomiques e
sociales 6tant de la meme essence partout, on pourra mieux compren f-ll, .:
dre *ce qui s'est pass it a Rio au course du siecle dernier. pour repete I
Patti R ivet. ............ ......... ...... .....
Mr Rivet pense que l'afilux des immigrants europeens etLla dimution ..;.
de ]a fkcondit6 chez les noirs ne suffisent pas pour expliqu e Rio .
soit devenue une ville blanche-En premier lieu, il n'est pas cer- ..;.:.'
tain que Rio soft A proprement parler une ville blanche: ainsi que
nous i!avons d6jA dit, les caracteres particullers de la race noire
sont apparent chez un grand nombre de blancs du Bresil. Mais en-
re, nous avons indiqu6 que la preponderance numerique des noirs
au siecle dernier ne rksultait pas de leur feconditA, mais encore du
commerce des esclaves qui fut supprim6 en 1852. 11 semble done
que Mr. Rivet aft tendance A mininimiser'l'importance de l'immigra-
tion dans la formation humaine du Bresil d'aujourd'hui. Ce mouve- ...
meant, favoris6 par le developpement de la culture cafeiere, le pro-
gres de la navigation A vapeur, les guerres de nationality, l'afflux .-H '
des capitaux europeens et la mise en valeur des terres a necessaire- .." B
ment contribu &A l'essor demographique du pays. Que le district ..$
federal ait bentfici6 de ce fort courant, nous en trouvons ]a preuve... '. -,.
dans. ]a repartition de la population. Tandie Cue la density s'Al-v e -,, "^....,' ^^
A 246 habitants au km2 dans le district federal, A 55,44 dans l'Etat de HAVNA :. 1 A i:R Z
Rio de Janeiro, elle n'est que de 0,29 seulement en Amazonie, de -'- J.-t
0,31 dan- le Matto Grosso, vieilles regions de peuplement colonial.
Or, c'est precistment dans ces regions fermdes A immigration mo- 1 *$
derne que la population noire est preponderante. Comment conce- '.. '
voir quelle constitute 70% de la population A Bahia, qu'elle repr- '::.
senate encore plus de la moiti6 de la population en Amazonie? Si la -' -FS,'N'T-.AGO
multiplicity des unions suffisait A expliquer l'Alimination des noirs jL .., .'4tt. k ,'? t',
& Rio, si les caracteres particuliers des noirs Ataient dominos au "211 P1 % :t4,%4.
contact avec un autre race, comment expliquer qu'ils soient en P
mnajorit A Bahia et en Amazonie? P,% X. .;m
(A suivre)

S H A N G 0
Open Nightly
With Best Band In The Land
Reduced Drink Prices

Tree convenient weekly flights to take
you into the gay, romantic atmosphere
of the'Pedrl of the Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Sontiago de Cuba by CUBANA!
For information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Rue Dantes Destouches. Phone 3451

write letters of recommendation
for them. These letters are to be
bent by the writers directly to Dr
St. John.
The Institute of International
Edlication has announced that it
hopes to award two'scholarships
to Haitians, one on the graduate
level and one on the'undergra-
duate level.


Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, at 1:25 p. m.

s25 _ONLY $25






T ramb&''

_ Chemri, ceslld/Yes_




iinuiraini nIems r
'machines. Explaining: 'We could
certainly jet out a bigger produc-
tion at lower costs with machines,
but if we do this, we would be obli
ged to let many of our workmen
Sgo. So to avoid this we have de.
cided to use only the necessary
: machinery for the manufacture of
the rope we use for our carpets.
For them the machine is indispen-
sable for guaranteeing solidity.l
Today their Pantal factory hums
with activity as more than 200
workers take riw mahogany,'sisal,
... through the dozen stages to com-
Repi. Ig" tte o one. t the numer- pletion.
0W sisa nl ygod letters. ta the 800 workers are kept busy in
IV.'. ,*. et' es daee ro cutom- smaller enterprises annexed to
i,:- ..,heas. :avelld from theft
er;. :.einsk No thM W and thef the main firm making beautiful
Cribe anis Mr... waiter Meinu f woven sisal rugs, straw carpets,
finds dictatin the cur superbly finished coffee tables, sa-
a:,W .1 his e tim s dir-'t lad bowls, trays, finely chiseled
; n.. g. b d ofw oOt.ging book-ends and figurines.
IA#" h e ib-se..i This factory has done itsbestto
I' '. reduce the unemplokement pro-
Ao large rambling two-storey blem in various sectors of the
h& mtoflding at the Northern end of country as well as in Port-au-1ri-n-
thb.s Grand'Rue is the home of one ce.
,: of Haiti's leading mahogany and
sisa goods exporters. The workers of Cotes.de-Fer
SFrom here mahogany and sisal find the factory a market for their
ware, has. travelled to the four straw braid and sisal twine. The
:, owners of the globe for the past Citd Magloire and La Saline cot-

Y; .1 years making the trade tage workers sell here their fans
: mar 'gPantalcraft famous for e f woven straw while folks from
;i",uality. Thomazeau furnish small rope for
carpet-making and rush squares.
.: The chistoire. of this 'petite'More than a dozen specialised
.. ndustrie, has a novel like begin- sculptors find a market for their
s: ing. Two brothers Waiter and figurines which are given the fi-
*;:-, Erick Meinbaerg spent their earlyanishing touches in the Meinberg
:- years making -similar items to' plant.
those they make today, out of A monthly payroll of $12,000
...Galalith, fore-runner of plastics -is an important solution for many
,7l.. -that- had an ivory look when fi- a female and male bread-winner
ni.shed,;,in their home in Braun- in this community. The Meinbergs
schweig, Germany. like to point out that a good nuit-
Adolph Hitler and his Storm ber of their workers have been
:;B 4ut Walter in the infamous 'with them for 15 to 16 years.
k.'.:7 -. Afhewald concentration campI Most of their quality products
.and rick in the Dachau concen- are shipped through Mr. Fred
tration camp. Upon their release Schimer of the Continental Im-
tiey put the Atlantio between porting Co., of New York, who
them and their former life and finds Florida and Califoinia be-
set tO work in the peaceful Hai- cond best markets after New
:.tianc. ommupity. making practical 1.York for their produce.
ma'.ogany, sisal and rush' items The Pantalcraft goods which
-for'.export. are also on sale at several local
stores as well as at the Factory
.V-f ek Meinberg explained in an are marketed all over the Carib-
Mitei1Mew with the 'Sun, this bean area where Haitian handi-
'-wedl that they managed their crafts are successfully competing
!Pt/0utpit with a minimum of with local' varieties.

: .. :

Manywmien are employed in the task of putting a perfect polish to
nact'bowls and other mahogany items in the Meinberg Mahogany Fact.

N o Shurtage Here of T



l.Sensation Bazar-Emlie Maxlmilien-77 Rue des Miracle

At the packing department where tourists can. also make direct
chases a large variety of mahogany figurines are on display.



Smiling forces of happy workers greeted your photographer when he
made a surprise visit to the large rambling two-storey factory this past

Small salad bowls are given a first coat of polish by a young worker.
Mftny of the Meinberg employees have been in the factory from 16 yec-rs

WASHINGTON Haiti last'>
week conferred one of its highest.!;
decorations The 'Honneur et
M6rite, Medal in the degree of
Grand Croix on Cesar Tulio Be]
gado, Chairman of the Council of
the Organization of American Sta.
tes (OAS), for his contribution to
Inter-American Relations.
The presentation was made in
Washington by the Haitian Ambas.
sador to the OAS, Love. 0. Loger.
Ambassador Delgado also repre-
sents Colombia in the Council.
The citation, accompanying the
decoration, noted the Chairman's
efforts in strengthening the good-
will and understanding among the
member nations of the OAS and ci-
ted in particular AmbassadorDel.
gado's distinguished Chairmanship
of the Extraordinary Session ol
the Council at Panama City during
the recent presidential meeting ol
the American Republics there.
(By Academic Daydou de Paris
Graduate) Classes 3 times per
week- Morning 9 to 12 After-
noon 5 to 7 Special Children's
classes Saturday. Foreign students
may receive explanations in En-
glish and Creole. Apply Miss Ma-
rie-Jose Poitevien. Corner AVe.
John Browrtn, and 2nd Impasse. La.
vaud. Tel. 4270.
Brand new, four burners gas
stove with oven and broiler. In.
quire at Rue 3,'next to Mme De.
niz6's residence or inquire 'Haiti
A small comfortable house (Mai
son Captain Victor Blanchet), be-
hind the Hotel Riviera is for
rent. Rental $100. Contact eHaiti

^Hl<^ Vto sea e sk

c9Z^no &{e~f'cWs-'Qj^
of 664nidt- nqf





- ....Sunday, Octobe



Irwin, Robinson, after a
t of one year, hms been reap;
lto handle Haiti's publicity
United States. Mr. Robin;(
of the industry's veteran
Relations experts signed a
tract with Secretary of Coi
Mr. Alain Turnier Saturdd
Sning and in the evening
SHotel San Soyci was guest o
at a cocktail party hosted
Hotel Association and Haiti
hop Association.

S Mr. Robinson who. has f:
ly visited' Haiti for t]
S seven years is very well-k
the country, and parties
AW,0 '-VOW9 I'5

Why should you buy your toys
a#:retail prices when SEARS
fering you all kinds of toys and
household articles which you
will need for the Christmas sea-

er 28th 1956 ___________ HA;TI SUN I ,-"' PAGE 174

S N DREC ALLED .lantic Liners Queen Elizabeth, has rendered, great ser,'is to Ambassad r -
M .. | S RE ALLEDJ 'I iQueen Mary, Mauretan'ia and Ca- the.catrse of Haitian tourism, de- Asad o*
POST rinia Were put agaii into service flared that .the new Public Re- Zp irin Oth
PUBILICITY POST atter the Second World War. lations programme for thisyear Zephirin ''O e .,
uB. LICITY iHe has been 'in charge of a Pij will not fail to publicize abroad latin American -
,' blic Relations' programme execu- Haiti's -.touristic attractions. The 4r -..
lapse 1lie tourist'ic circles He is pie- ition in the United States and Ca- programme will include, also EnVoys honored ; .;
pointed scontly the Director-Proprietor of ta,3 lor the British Travel As- wide publicity for the tourist KANSAS CITY, Oct 22 Hai .
in the a monthly tourism magazine, the sociation. He lent also his services shnp and .the increasing hous- an Ambassador Mauclair Zph' l-. ,
on, ne .C2xbbe.n and Latin American tu the touristic organizations of ing 'facilities that the hotels of- ri of Haiti and diplomatic repre-''
Public travel Courrier- The man in Mexi:L and Guatemala. Besides, fer to visitors. Special attention sentatives of 19 other Latin Amer
S con- 0h.arg6 of Hl-iti's Publiity abroad Mr. IRobinson is the author Of will be given to a project of de- sa countries' were'feted here L n'
mmerce" '1as former' 'Public Relations Di- hundreds of articles on tourism velopment which' is being pre-i over the weekend at the famed
Iy mor- ie.?,r of the American Society published in the U.S. newspapers pared by Mr. Robinson jointly American Royal Livestock and
at the f. Tra Agl. '3 (AETA) an.' di- and magazines. v..jwith the Direction General of
of h orinr .' or f tile -A s ia T ravel N ew s. i h h s b o d e p r e e h T o u rism .o. H orse 1 S h ow an d at -o th er even ts .: ..
Shonor -.'oyci- t1 Ihe -Asta Travel News. With his broad experience j ui s*staged by Kansas City civic lead.
by th nig'-zie. H v worked d also as Pu. touristic affairs, Mr Robinson Ie d K l I
ere s..
Tnuris' "I-4' Relltion5 expert-adviser with ,,1- all Le requirements to I Irwin Robinson.who flewback '
"I t: I Latin American'Ambassadors'ar-",,'
,everl privann and official orga- work successfully for the impro- to New York last..SOnday will ed in Kansas-City Friday after-*'*'.*"'
nisations in this Hemisphere as vement of the relations between' -serv eis Techlcal Adviser of '..,,
requent-. well as in Europe: Haiti and the American profes- the Haitian.DelegatloA at the noon and returned to Washmio., ;
he past Robinson was the head of the sionals on tourism: I IASTA Wori'dlConvention .which Sunday niht. R Bartl
known in CLunard Line's Publicity Depart- will be .held; In Chicago early Kandsas Cit Mayor-H. RoeBas
ularly in ment at the time the big transat- Mr.'- Robinson, who in the past'next month. .. a e pndd tae' D rtm e n the c i
" *.__wb fi.pnhaa ~a- aaaa Intarh*'t' v Air Facconirpanied the group on the
,-r. l sl t:". ., l flight to Kansas City. The U,$. :
Air Force provided air transpotta- fs.".
tion. ,
The Ambassadors were greetS.
J at the Municipal Airport Frldiy by"
'' an honor guard from the Radisas$.. -
City Police Department, a'12O pie-'

ce bandardagroup of Latin Ameb"- '"

NY is represented in Haiti. by ly invited to ma'.e a visit to the
PO)RATION. S.A., Franck W. RATION, S.A.; situated- at Rue
'.son. President. ..-s C-rrner. There you will
In, buying from SPARS ROE- find a well-trained and courte-
RUCK & COMPANY, you may ous personnel at your disposal
obtain th. isama-. price wholesale -,.'" chlnc, of y6ur orders, and
nr in detail. i nc-st cordial welcome is ro-
Therefore, you all are cordial- served for you.

ican students.
i Some 11,606 persons aittended4-'$
.the American RoyalBall-. Friday
night at which the Ambassador,'
were guests of honor.,, ,f ...
Frior to' the ball, the group, with...
Latin American officers and their!.A .;
wives from the U.S. Comn.and and-4*4
General Staff Ccllege at lort Lai.,
venworth, Kansas, were guests. !-at '.i
a rerention and dinner given by
'he Directors of the Kansas'City'.'
Star. Roy. A. Roberts, Director of
tHie Slat, greeted them.not asla..:,y')i
'tin :\peiicns but as fellow Anmer&- .!..-,:':
icans.. Mayor Bartle then propoar.V,"I
ed a toast -to those who lovefr.e-
dorn and who want. to make this .
Hemisphere solid, united and free'
for this generation anii generala.-.!'
P .14 ..,
(ions yet unborn. .
Ambassador -llector,.,.David .Cs ...
tro of El Salyador.'replying' :'
the visitors, said. 'Some time a g.
we made a"peaceful pepeftrai'ono p'-.:.
behalf of Souih America int6otheP'-.'*2
eR.pdublie o Texas. N-voir we a
here in the Tieart of We
States and in Oe$id ulItu
pi-, of the .Wdd,- A,'o
v ery enthusiastic abat' id uf -
here,, 'I V .: ':- ',
'Satrday, de"' "'V. .
again the attra On, L
icn Royal rd paa.e..
open cars befiind i dol
massed flags`. ra l -The ,, I._ ..
an nations. -_"'''--" -'
They were guests of'1the.."4!4 r
her at Ia 'luncheon in npd-air
tuodn and -were .mndu4eZ b. 4
brief tour of the. 'Nelsn;q.
lery. ." is .,(. a
The EKansls City Comissiol bb
international, relations and"r4 -
wu host at "diner after wlii
the diplomats were taken; toP .
liv, ock' anid horse ,.owi" as
gue6h4&the., Board %t Goverizn -
o 6the Ainericah Royal. -
iSuday, .the y attended Mass'
et Se Cat~edral'oqf..-Imnwulte.
Coneet'oln conducted by the: -
T Most Rev. John P. Cody Bishop of
the Kansas City-St .Joseph Catbo- ,4
tic Diocese. Lunch at the-, Saddle i..
and SirJoin Club wound up their "f
visit to Kansa'City. -
Before departure for-.Waslhwg- .I
toil from Grandview Air Foro,,'; /
Base;-the diplomats wete taken..
on a conducted tour of the U$AF .
basp "by Maj. Gen Jarerd W.,
Crr-bb' Commander of the Cen-
tral Air DefenSe Force, and Brng," -..
Gen.,,Edward. W. Suarez, dep~uttK.
commanderer. '
Everybody to UNIVEa*SALT "' During Saturday's parade, sm _
SALES CORPORA4IQN, "RTAe les and laughter were' '.okd -"'C-V FS
j5s Ca."rnes. Claim your C'hri t from the envoys..,Ah, this is'won-
mas Catalog for 1956. You 4iave derfula said, Ambassador Man'
until November.l Aith'to pla'e -clair 'Z16phirin of Haiti A.tid Am-
vnrr orders to be sure of" reehr: bassador /ose Luis Cru,-alazar
inq the items in -time for 'lhrist of Guatemala. declared. "'I have '.'
Phone: 3068-3350---3081--4223' never, had more fun., .Others*,
mas. echoed these expressions. "A
>" "~ "" :.'

.... -i, *HAITI SUN
.raun*w __ ____________ -_.----_ --____ _-- -
_Ak:',:'", "':" l ^ I Venezuelan Ambassador Luis ani
,i..,r:. 1.Parcjo left yesterday for
,:A "s nv. posut in Managua, Nica.
Irigia, leaving many friends here Di
after two years at the head of ne
,the Veezuelan Mission in Haiti the
..,. ~ :'. |The tall, distinguished white-
06'> W '.,aired d.p1omat, a former Pro'W*
''.;.d %. "- .. '. *o Aip n -- = .v L^ coal Chief in his country, did
;.. Lt; Colonel Bernadin,'Augustin, Mr. Adrien Roy, Minister of Pu culuranprla b
inspect ofmc toadspomtn clse
'. Inspector of the Military Depart- blic Works,, was entertained at a n Ve u .
L" i oo Many receptions .nonormng m-,
ment of -thq National ,Palaci was reception organized in his honor ,r t
....I ... t. :. --atinibassador PareJo since the news
t a-year'older- on Monday October last Tusday'by e Associationbs
' of Haitian. En...n.rs d Achit- of his transfer was made public
N. ..... 2 2n d of Haitian' Engineers ad Arebit-c.g
'. X X ,,ects. His: predecessor,Mr. Roul have b-en Orgaiiz~d during the
...".,. x xx- J ets. Ilis:'geaecesor, mr olio.ia '-lst week .
i",....N.Miss Gis6le C.lestirt ex-hanged St-Lb and ex-Minister of Nation- Thrrsdav evening inist-
";wows with Raymond Viala.zast Sat- al Education Mr.: Fraick Deyieuz n o origRatniongs ,nd s
'.A, .s. urday. evening at Sare CfVuf de were also honor guests of the As. re we. .hots at
I ..- "h D. Charles were-,hosts at
I ft, r u rg e a n. j, '". 1
,. q 0.-gurgeau. X .siaton. .i a roc'ption from 6:00 to a-00 /in
.. ..- x x'ho or of thn Ambassador at
.Last Thursday Oct. 18th, Mr and _-. their P, ot residence.
,.W.a.. G.rard Sansaricq, had a visit' Mrs. Lina Matlion Blanchet ret- Tie .Diplomatic .Corps gave
.', :"'"i the stork a healthy boy na- urned here last week end. She him a farewell reception on Wed
"'".'.reed Reginalds. aaman is the was accompanied by her husband e.-eday evening.
O'm- 'iier .Colette ,Ligutaud. I Jules Blank.het a collaborator of .
.. 1 x x x the Pan American Union in Was- Aribassador Parejo's sucess-I
:. Mr. and Mrs. R. Perault nee An hington as Financial expert. Dur4 or is Dr. Romulo Araujo who is
'; Ji eMrie Lamy, received a -new ing Mrs. Slanchet's absence her expected .here shortly to take'
,, d skion. t.lihe.l-famHily, d girl ma- music school was ruhn iy her siuat-1) his post at the Venezuelan
_A :2tned'.Sylvie. er, Mrs. 1ritz Denis.. '. Embassy. ,
aB .:*;- *~' .1 .x x ** I -
^ ,..,. : ; X; X X X X X C --x _____ ____
*r, .,Er. F6lix Leys passed away last e" a rn '
.!': Saturday afternoon. His funeral Mr. Staniley Nd0throp, Treasur- T M I
l'..fook place at the $acr6, Ccur er ofthe Cadian Seabright Co, DESTI-NE IN MEXICO
'- Church amidst a large number, of Peterborough, Canada arrived'in .
"' .mInourning relatives and frie qds. Port au Prince with, his'- wie' last Jean Leon DestinA who'earned
in.r Fliie Leys is survived by the Monday: At "'the Riviera Hotel the title .Ambassador of Haitian
4,7 7gercers," the Leys, the-Nicolas, they' B found w the; friend Garth Art. and his company returned to:
he Pressoirs d the-Roys. Hti Brown who-is also1from Peterbor- this .side of the Atlantic after a
,Sun' presents its condoleances to ough. Mr. Brown,, a wealthy'busi- successful 'tour of European Capi-
r,,'"- the bereaved family. uessman.and hetiI.abig fortune. tzi:. The troup is presently tour-
,-.' x x x '. 'is traZgllifnl t hr harminng se Iing Mexico. ,
f-,.q : Maiud Papilon' wis-married to cretau M 4.'MVWuMa seen 'Kennedy After the first performance i
-'.Gerard E. Angrand in the Sacr aRnd..is.®liktel, to;.be,-interested -the auditorium of the Mexico C'ty
.t 4 .4~ui last Saturday evening. in investment' in Hait .... "J College,' Destine was unanimously
7 ..

________ ~Sunday, October 2&th ..,

raided by the Mexican Press. r-'i..l -I; at' the"Uni
he -News,' Mexico's Englishb-lapn- vprsit.v of Mexico was preseA
age newspaper carried a long by the Troup on October 25th,, "i4
ticle with pictures of the artist they are scheduled to give a-show,
d his Hatian Dane Trop. ',t the Palacio de Bellas Artes.' :I
W Jean Leon Destine will tA hi
With Mrs. Lilian Mendelso, troup to Havana, it is reDorted':an.
rectress of ;he Institute' Conti may probably include H-Ili in
total de Cultura, Destine put on his itinerary i
e record-breaking show. ..:

Whin you choose

..extra" vacation in :

NeiwvYork'""'inotextr z 4

,l~ Da ,{ ,f, .CW',
cosit. What's more,Nl10n,
Anyo can ihe only airue' a
line~to complete more
than 55,000 crossiDn4i
between die U.S. and.

For full details see your
Trivel.Agwet or,

Rue Danlor, DelloUlcos-Porl au Inn'
S. Teh: 3451

1' '

9 "-o o ,o++"' + + :+

| +a

A w

*;' ;

* "1

O' '/ '9 ". B'"



'4 5. *." '
,'. ". ,..
?1 .q ,":.

* '.1


i Sunday, October 28th 195

British Embassy Secretary an
Mrs. J.K. Robertson are celebra
ing the recent visit of the stor
who dropped in at the America
Pavilion of St. Francois de Sale
on October 23rd with 9-pounde
.James Kenneth Robertson.. No
daughter "Sandy. has the "pet
frere' she had been praying fo
and the Robertsons have the
pair. Mrs. Robertson is Jamaican
born Suzanne McConney a reside
of Haiti for the past 23 years.
Jean Saurel an), Suzanne Ste
enson were married last night
the Sacr6 Cceur. A description o
the wedding will appear in "ou
next issue.
.Sgt. James Edward Tannehil
U.S. Embassy Guard and' beaul
ful Barbara Louise O'Hea joined
destines at Our Lady of Lourd4
City Hospital Chapel 9 AM yeste
day. A receptjli followed the 'nui
tial Benediction at the resident
of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pillsbury.
Dr. and Mrs. Hungerford of He
lywood, California were at th
Castelhaiti for a weel:. Doctn
TJI 1 h -....A.e__ t-_ Aft .


Antoine Khader, accompani'

*s_= _~-- rby Rose and Helen are due hor
S tomorrow, trom foreign climes.
Panama Line's McDonald ai
his wife return from the U.S.
the SS Ancon' tomorrow, aft
P. month celebrating his rece
d decoration as the oldest employ
gof the Steamship Companye
t Commerqant Antoine Talam,
his wife and their 4-year-c
daughterr are returning from thi
(w tU ) U.S. tour tomorrow.
SGerard Martino comes home'
id At Castelhaiti Hotel since Tues morrow after several weeks
t- day is Dr. Carlos Alvarado Mexi- New York.
rk can Skin Disease Specialist. x x x
SnX x x aLe Glaneur" joined the real
es Dr. Haime Valarde of Mexico is of 'hebdomadaire. publication
er a guest at Hotel Castelhaiti. with their first issue appearir
w Among the guests at Hotel Cas- this week. Publisher is Norir
it telhaiti this week is Dr. Oswald Leandre, and the paper will d
or Da Silva from Lima, Peru. vote its columns to reproducir
ir x x x for its readers extracts of speec
n- Visiting Haiti from Costa Rica es, articles and' iocal news fro
nt are Dr. and Mrs. Jose Guerera. the daily press.
They are stopping at Hotel Castel- Captain Edward Oriol of tt
haiti. Haitian Coast Guard is back fro:
SDavid Eihorn and Eugene Baum, an 8-weeks training course in fir
at U.S. businessmen arrived last fighting and defense against A
of week and set up" residence in the omic Weapons and Control of
ur Dumont G. Bellande home in Bel- varies, at the Philadelphia Nayv
leville. Academy.
SLaurore St. Juste is home fromI x x x-I
II, two years 'specialization in the iCOLONEL PROSPER ON TRIP
ti, technique of "Archives, in Fran- TO U.S.
ad ce, and resumed his work at Ar- Colonel Marcaiase Prospe
Chives Nationales d'Haiti, at" Pos- Commander of the Military De
esartment of Police at Portu
er te-Marchand, last week-end. artmnt of Poe1. at Port .
p Miss Lisa Armand left for New Prince. clippered to the U.S.
'p Ms iaAmn etfrNe- Tuesday morning. The distinguls!
ce York, last Wednesday, enroute Tuesday morning. The distingui.
to Paris where she will further ed officer will submit to a me
her studies in Home Economics. cal check-up in Boston, Mass.
She is a staff member of the large group of relatives, and fi
he Home Economics Section of the ends, saw him off at Bowen Fiel
S Department of National Educa- Several Government officials we
r tion. there to wish him -bon voyage

nungenrora nas aesigned over ,0u
cinema theaters in the U.S. and Back from New York is Hai-
?uggests Haiti contact the movie tian delegate Parnel Marc who
people if they want a big modem attended the U. N. Congress on
one-built hIre in the near future. Nuclear Energy-.
x x x Cnban. Expert Andres Castano
SBack in Haiti after a four year Tejerrina of the Frederick Sna-
ibsence is Kostas Boudouris who re Corporation .arrived here

spent five ye4rs here with the
Standard Fruit Company. Kostas
who is now. with TWA in Puerto
Rico is vacationing at Villa Cre-
ole with his charming Aussie wife
Jacqueline who is Manager of the
Ticket Dept. of Puerto Rico Tours.
The' Boudouris's are on- a Bus-
man's holiday examining first-
hand Haiti's tourist. Industry,
from 'Port to Au Cap.
Dr. and Mrs. Gustavo Molina of
the Washington Public Sanitary
Bureau are here on a visit and
Share: lodged at Hotel Castelhaiti.
Windy city- executive Thomas
H. Steee and his wife ended
their tour of the Caribbean aniG a
S. vacation in Haiti last week when
they flew back to Chicago. Mr.
Steele is connected with the Wes-
Yon Oil Company and is Manager
of Snowdrift'Sales in Chi.
i xxx
Joseph Bernard leaves soon on
F UNESCO scholarship for stu-
dies in Puerto Rico, Mexico and
Canada. He is Director of Mar-
S bial's "Centre de Formation..


Thursday morning Mr. Eugene
Gregg President of Westrex Corp.
passed through Port au Prince in
transit. Mr. Daniel Lafontant di-
rector of the Paramount theater
with whom Mr. Greggs Corpora-
tion does business had a short
confab at Bowen Field with the
distinguished gent.
x x x
Maitre Leon Alfred is expected
home tomorrow from a month in
New York on the SS Anconu.
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Caprio will
be welcomed back tomorrow from
their sojourn in the U.S.
Bichara Izmery, active propriet-
or oTthe -Boulangerie Franvaisec









among whom were Minister of
the Interior Alphonse Racine, Un-
der-Secretary of the Interior Ro-
land Lataillade, and Brigadier-Ge-
neral Antoine Levelt.
The extent of the Colonel's so-
joftrn in the States is expected to
be of short duration.
Ambassador Pierre L. Rigaud
who has been transferred from
his post in Cuba i's expected to
leave this week for Monrovia, Li-
b:ria, his new assignment.
Major Daniel Hritzko of the U.
S.i Army arrived.last Thursday on
a special mission.

Dr. Annis Thompson arrived on
October 16th, sent by the Grant
Foundation, as a new specialist on
the Albert Schweitzer Hospital
staff at Deschapelles.
British Embassy officials Cecil
and Dorthy Ryan arrived here

last Friday.
Mrs. Becky Ludlow, Travel Con
sultant for Provident Travel Ser-
vice in Cincinnati, arrives at the
El Rancho tomorrow for a week's
vacation with her husband.
Ambassador Jacques Francois is
leaving by the 11 A.M. Delta pla-
ne today for his new post in Ha-
vana. The former Minister to the
Presidency will be accompanied
by his wife.
Madame Maria Delfly flew to
Havana Tuesday accompanied by
Georgette Fortune.
'Marie-Thdrese Duthiers, of the
Panama Line went on vacation to
Havana with aunty Viola Miram-
Georges Castera flew to Miami
Ren6 Piauion returned to Port-

and large 'Epicerine on the Gd' au-Prince this week from attend-
Rue returns from a vacation ab- ing the World Congress of Negro
road tomorrow, i Intellectuals and Artists in Paris.


VIG__ jt4

I Accompanied by Mrs. Ernst Gold Pierre Valois, of Montreal and
man, three St Louis de Gonzague his party wind up the last eight
raduates leave today enroute for days of their Caribbean tour in
Mexico where they plan to study Haiti and leave Thursday afternoon
for the next six years at the Uni- on their return trip to Canada.
versity of Mexico. The "old boys' The visitors are being shown the ho-
of St Lous- Fritz Goldman, Guy nbors of the country by Miss Jac.
Noel, and Lys Montas who passed queline Dartiguenave who less than
their -Philosophy. exams last Ju- a week after her arrival here from
ly have planned their trip for a four years in Montreal, where she
long time. I studied and worked as Secretary
The group will visit Miami, Ha received a cablegram announcing
vana and several South American the arrival of Pierre and his fri-
cities, and then will go on to Me- ends, on October 22nd The group
xico well in advance of the open- includes Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Rob.
ing session of the University in zier. Jacques is the son of Edouard
February'in order to brush up on Rouzier of Port-au-Prince. He has
their Spanish. The students will resided in Canada for the past ten
follow in the footsteps of their years, and his wife is Canadian.
fathers: Fritz will be an engineer, He is employed at the Fina Opj
Guy and Lys will study medicine. Company, Ltd. of Montreal.
Mrs. Goldman, wife of the En- Others of the party are. Pierre
gineer, and member of the Fiscal Bouchard of Simons Company, Ltd.,
Department staff, is Fritz's moth- Leopold P. Bouchard, of the Zu-
er, and will return to Haiti after rich Insurance Company, Maurice
safety establishing the *Three Bouchard of the Aluminium Com-
Musketeers. in the Mexican Ca- pany of Canada. Mr. Valois is
pital. Sales Manager of the Alex Brem-
Sx x nier Company, Ltd.
A dinner party was held Tues-
day evening at Le Corail Freres Piloted on a courtesy visit to
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jean Des- the offices of the "Sun, on' Friday
jilutrons. A large group of friends morning, by Miss Dartiguenave,
from the city enjoyed the succul- Mr. Valois expressed his surprise
ent dinner and toasted farmer and admiration for the modern
Ghislaine or-the occasion of her Capital City of Haiti, stating that
birthday anniversary. his party and he had visited Ja-
Ddminique is the name of the maica, Puerto Rico and Havana.
new baby in the engineer Fombrun and found that Haiti had some-
family, thing -very special, to offer. This
The Gerard Kenols have named is his first trip to the tropics, he
their fourth child Bernard. said but he will be coming back
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Jen- to Haiti.
kins of Chicago visited Port this
past week and attended the open- "Unfortunately, the Casino In-"
ing session of the Treponemato- ternational didn't make any pro- '
sis Congress. The Jenkins called fit on our party, Pierre Valois in-
on the "Sun' with regards from formed My friend Jacques Rou-
Ch.cago Defender publisher John zier who had only $5 as he 'walk-
H. Sengstache. They also visited ed over to the Roulette, for.
with Doctors Hudicourt, tSalgado his first try at the colors walked
and'Savain. off a few minutes later with $170.
Young Roland Rigaud, son of O0 in his pocket and believe it
Dr. Georges Rigaud, flew to the or not, Jacques stopped right
States accompanied by his physi- then..
cian, Dr. Holland, on a health
trip. He was accompanied to the group plan a trip tomorrow
airport by his father and wife to Deschapelles where Miss Dar--.
nie MIfich'Lipne Brouard.toDsbplewhrMis a"
Nae nMicheejoi and her babyrd. tiguenave has just joined the Mel-..
Nancyug DrTroretaninho Ion hospital staff as private secre,'.
daughter Tara are returning home tary for the Director 6f the .A-id-
from the States this week and bert Schweitzer Hospital ,Dr. Sku7-"
will soon take up residence in tu who arrived from. New Yorik o ,-
John Dobbs of the Londonla Lan Tuesday. It would appear that an
John Dobbs of the London" Lan. understanding, has been reached
cashire Assurance Company was betweend the two friend iwh'met
in town this week at the Sans between the two friends who met :v
ouci on business. Mr. Dobbs wo in Canada, beeaise Pierre modest-
. ouci on business. Mr. Dobbs $xo ly mention .d that be. would. thaw.
s stationed in Jamaica may move tned that he would have
'o New Zealand in the near fut-to' ake, a trip to Haiti again this
.r e. coming year. ,
x x x x x ... ,
Sherman and Liz Badger left Nem rth n'
Friday morning for Time Magaz- Miam -boub November ithe2nd'
ine post in Washingtoi D.C. end. isthe Jack Webster faily of the'
Plantation Dauphin. Jack wife
ing a three-week honeymoon at Virginia, 5 year old daughter Am,
the Hotel. Oloffson. They plan to antina and 3 year old Otto are
return next year. going off on their annual vacation.
Friday, Madeleine Price Jlars Hotel St. Michel's proprietress
Scott clippeed to New York. Madeleine Lagazy -is leaving for
Boubou Vieux (Gilberte) left Caracas this week-end on an ex-
for New York this week-end, tended visit to South America.
S L. B. C. Director Elias Noustas
NEW DUTCH CHARGE is New York-bound today accom-
D'AFFAIRES ARRIVES panied by Ton Joe.

Following the appointment of
Mr. Van Der Kun as Charge d'Af-
fairs. a.i. of Holland, in Port-au-
Prince, and acceptation by the
Haitian Chancellery, the diplomat,
accompanied by his wife arrived
Thursday afternoon on Delta C.
& S. Flight 401. He was greeted at
the airport by a Protocol Attache
and Honorary Consul of Holland,
Mr. Thony Burgers.

Mr. Van Der Kun made courtesyI


Today 3:00 P.M. Don Winslow
5-7-9:00 P.M. La Veuve Joyeuse
Monday 6:00 P.M. Prisonniers du
Tuesday 6-8:15 P.M. La Veuve Jo-
Wednesi'ay 6-8:15 P.M. Napoleon
Thursday 6-8:15 P.M. Le Grand
Friday 6-8:15 P.M. La Veuve.J6-

calls to Foreign Minister Joseph yeuse
D. Charles, and to Protocol Chief Saturday 5-7-9:00 P.M Don Wins
Daniel Theard. low
He is soon to present his ere. Sunday 3:09 P.M. Don Winslow
dentists tothe President of the 5-7-9:00 P.M. Tant que soufflera
Republic. I la TempOte

V a



HAITI SUN_________

Sunday, October

- i.- -- '
-**;* *.4.',

'N. ~1
& *< 'A t-^ ; .."*t *,

air field cargo depot.


SDistributors Haiti Trading Co.

if i On Sale At all Better Grocery Stores

(Conitlucd from page 11
chick.' v would perish, and \vere ex.,
posed to being devoured by rats.
When on Friday morning Dr.
Eu.,tache, the Dainien Veterinarian
got around to giving the certifi.
cater in' question, it was already
Ico late ior most of the chicks des.
tinid foc the growing chicken in-
dustry 'which is Haiti's answer to
the problem of furnishing dressed
Vow] or local consummation, and.
its efforts, to encourage home in.
Arrangements for a tourna
ment between Haiti and Argenti
na for next January were made
by a delegate of the Argzntiio
Federation of Football with the
Haitian Federation last week.
Delegate Ratiniaff arrived from
Cw'acoa last Saturday where lihe
had concluded similar arrange
meats with the Federation there.
The eFerrocaril 0 Sstev and
c.Jymnasia Esgrimadeux wbiL-h
ranked 6th and 7th in the First
Division Championship which in
eludes sixteen teams, are sche-
duled to arrive in Haiti early in

Powell In The News .
Haiti Involved
The name of Congressman
SAdam Powell, of New York turn
Sed up among the 19 U.S. parliam-
I ent members and their families
who have travelled on free pas
sage arrangements aboard the Pa
nama Line steamers, -Le Nouvel
liste. published in its October
S23rd issue.
U S- dailies front-paged the
news following an investigation
undertaken in -connection with
Mr. Powell's declaration to the
effect that be bad travelled to
Haiti as a guest of the Haitian
Government to discuss the matt.
er of .the sugar quota with the
President of the Reiublic. The
Congressman was quoted as hayv-
ing stated that in his opinion
Haiti did not have a fair quota
and that he had come to have the
figure increase.
In this connection Le Nouvel.
liste opined: 'It is very kind 'of
our friend Powell to have had
this thought in favor of Haitian
sugar. But as ,far as I know, the
quota is fixed by the United Sta-
tes'. Senate. and not by the House
of Representatives. I was a wit.
ness to-all the trouele M Hhsler
had at the U.N. GenerO Assembly
with the Senators: and, U.S. dele-
gates. I never heaird-th, name ofo
Mr. Powell mentioned. He may


have acted in another sphere.-
Adam Powell, Jr. had recently
received the honors of the U.S1
Press, and attacks of the Demo-
cratie Party leaders for having
abandoned it and announcing his
intention to' campaign for Presi-
dent Eisenhower. He's back on
the front page now, and this time
it is a question concerning Haiti
IDASH official, Dr .Jacques
Coieou left last Sunday for a
month's training and experi-
ments in new methods appliPed
in rehabilitation i and professional
re-education in Puerto Rico's A
mnerican Traninig Center. The
Center is operated under the di-
rection of noted Physiotherapy
Specialist. Dr. Putene n H. Weis-
s.mnber! who visited Haiti last
year. Dr. Coicou has served at
the IDASH for the past three

Dead and dying chicks litter the

l'i Ij


Li i'S




i.'.". ,
Ww'1" "''-tK

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