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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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"' *" ** ..r
,. ; j .


VOL VII Port-au-Prince;


R6publique d'Haiti


Telephone j2061


Sunday, October 21st 1956

-fl I" *
,-' -:. -. "
.-< *'-: .r
-. -,, ^ ... ,
/ '~~ ; ; *

~r No. 5."


La Belle Creole Watch-
H azel Claims Maker Dies In 150 Feet Fall
VTictim 2-Years

After Visit

Ruined' Man Takes'
Life In D1 tme Marie

Hurricane %Hazel., after devas-
t.-uting Southwest Haiti two years
.ago. continues to claim victims.
A few'days before the second
anniversary of -the hurricane two
weeks ago, in the small town of
Dame-Marie, Which ,was leveled
by ,its full force, Dub-a Dumas
took' his ..own life by placing a
bullet in.his temple. /
Pumas 'was a .Hazel victim. hay- .
ing lost his cocoa and coffe~e'-ian2
station and habitation in'the 115:
miles an hour wind tli't took.'R
many. lives and caused millions of'"
dollar's in property damage.
Early this month he came to A? 5
Port to seethe Weiner company
and secure a l'oan- that would free
him from.diltt.'and 'allow him to2
tartt ':.new."Apapientiy, he didn't
receive, the .insw e&-he' was hoping
-too "ifu, returned, to""Dame-Marie'. 4"
saying he rOusd' "-. put up' his
wife'.' property or- the loan.
Accordingto .'neighbors .tue le-
iected,;AD)uas who lit was noted
had riot been thd same. sive" 'his..4
;)Watchmakere .HerrdRose eV eneds
(.Continued uopjaye 2 2)as' eeo elpe'qe
12 ear''her o

Fuierai' S4v icc For Swiss Boys Tomorrow

New Teleferic Takes 3 Lives,

Th.e completion of Haiti's first
-TelepoheriqueD was tragically
ushered 'in with disaster in
'wh'ch three 'members of the
Swiss Colony of Port-au-Prince
lost their lives, and two were
The'-:funeril services will be
held Monday morning Oct. 22nd
at 8&00 o'clock in .the Wesleyan
methodist Church for three of
the accident victims. Bernard
Ro.s-.:, 27: Tlieodore Rubin, 23;
-and Albert Herzig, 28 years of
age who plunged: 150 feet to
their death onto the dry, rocky
bdcl of Riviere Blanche at 5:25
'P.M., last?. Sunday when a cable
car tl'.y were riding was knocked
off the cable line by another.
The remains of Rossel and
Rubin arqF to be shinpved by air
tn their homes in Switzerland,
tomorrow. Herzig will be buried-
at the Cimetery in Port-au-
Prin:e, fallowing the religious
services, tomorrow.
Two of the three men riding
-with Herig when the cabin
went haywire and raced- down
400 meters of steep cable line
"to crash into another cabin tra-
velling at a slow 2 meters per
second were Reinbold & Compa-
ny employees Bachmnann and
Meier. Released yesterday after-
noon from the Canape Vert Hos-
pital. where they were intern-

ed Sunday night, the accident
victims were still suffering from
bruises and sprained tendons.
SOn the eve of their discharge
fror the -hospital Baehmann ire-
counted for Your Reporter ,as
best he could recollect of what
.had taken place on the Teleplie-
rique last Sunday afternoon.

New Cinemiracle
Film May Have
Climax Shot Here

Bigger Than Cinerama
Ship To Be Filmed
Crossing Atlantic'

'Haiti may be the ultimate des-
tination -of the 'Norwegian sail-
ing ship aboard which the first
Cinemiracle film is to be made.
said movie director William A.
Collaran i an interview with
the 'Sun* Friday.
The movie which will be even
more stupendous than Cinera-
ma, wIvli.ch turned a 'page in
Film history a couple of years
ago, will be shown on a giant
screen aiid 'be so realistic that
the seasick-pron members of
the public will be advised to

(Continued no page 20)



Editor Petit
Released From Jail

Mr. Lataillade Speaks
To The Press

Thursday morningg, at 11
o'clock, Georges J. Petit, Direct-
or of the newspaper dIndepen-
danceb, who was arrested on
Tuesday October 16th, oA the
order of Under-Secretary of
State of the Interior,' Mr Roland
Lataillade, / was freed at the
request of the President of the
Republic. i

It was during the Press Con-
ference held Thursday noon, in
the office of Under-Secretary of
State Roland Lataillade at the
Department of the Interior, that
the represenitatives'of the Press,
invited Iv -the SIPP, were in-
formed as to the motives of
Georges Petit's arrestation.
(Continued on page 2)

ic .

And Injures 2

Meier who had regained cons-
ciousness, Monday morning in
the hospital, wads suffering from
temporary loss of memory and
could not. even remember gett-
ing onto the Telepherique.
Bachmann whs able to describe
how Herzig and Rubin, both
technicias of the Swiss cons-
truction company "that had ins-
tailed tl)e Telepherique had
first invited their Swiss friends
to visit, and see the work they
had done over the past year as
long ago as August 1st, their
National Day Fete, when they
were all together in Port-au-I
The friends,' Bachmann stated,
had all decided to start out on
Saturday night and travel over
he entire 26 meters of telephe-
rique line and spend the night
high in the mountains among
the pines on Morne des Commis-
saires. Because of the bad wea-
ther, however, Lhe trip was put
)ff, and Sunday afternoon they
travelled only to the second sec-
ion of the Telepherique system.
low It Happened
On their way down as they
began the last section of the Te-
epheric which is also the steep-
est, Rossel and Rubin were al-
eady half-way down to the sta- c
ion at the bottom, Bachmann ex-
plained. h
(Continued no page 20) Li








Treponematosis 9

Opens Here Todayl
The fiveday Treponematosis United States. .
Congress opens here today with .The btreamlined program'I.ails .
22 delegates'from Latin America for two sessions 'daily '-"..:QA.
and the Caribbean countries at- M. to noon; pnd 5:80 td 6G:. I "
tendling. Sitting in on the Con- *with length' of*speeches an .omi .
gress which will be officially open- munieations' ignited 'to 151 mninu- :.
et at the Palais Legislatif Tomorrow te%, allowing .30 minutes for dis-
are representatives of the Woria ctissions, and 'five ninutes6fdr in-
Health Organization, the Pan tervention$. .
American Sanitary \Bureau, UNI- Transportatioi perviceefor the."
CEF for Central America, and the delegates has' "been arranfged by '
__ .- ~a -committee. headed by Di.-.int-
... breville and includes. 20 vohiclis
3 Notaries Jailed furnished by the' CCI, the SEL
PIAN_ SdlIP, anif" the' "Pbi
Isdrsp, ala the Depar
ment of Public Hehlth; .Aeniie
For Falsifyingo Citadel,. is handling 'hegs'rvice':
of passports, visas"-arid oth tr t i "- '
vel bureau-'Ia Lac.ities... -
Immigrant Papers NeceSsar ,personnel Idl-o the.
Three Notary Public officers of Conards" is ,urmshd. b 'the .. .
the Port-au-Prince jurisdiction .Wrld -Health1 Oganiihtiori,-wh 4 .. '.
are in jail, accused of issuing wr. Cra.ig for-general -orgiz- *
fraudlulnt- documents t9 Haitians tion, Mi"s'Molgtin r .fQr' t iee. "
seeking resident visas in the Unit- tariat and Miss Rios for;cat41lpgu
ed States, slid cLe Jour. in-its ing the documents. 4:. :, ...
last Saturday edition. Tihe-'se6f&s-of i six stenograph. '
Awaiting. the findings of the ers is required.-for the 'work of :',-
*Juge dInstruction's* investiga- the" congress. 'SCISP has .e'ntribut- /
tion are Notary Public of Cabaret, ed the services 'of two 0ierwigul; -:
Maurice Basile, Raymond Metellus stenographers and te .dierswill ".
of Gressier, and Raphael Roman be furnished- b3..'SERP. ,AN ,. 'C
of Kenscoff. Their complicity in Public' Health -"Dgpartment Ian .
drawing up false documents to be several of the Enibassies at 'ort4.
presented at the American Consui. au-PrInce. i-l th ,q..
late by persons seeking entry to Tue Heal thDepartment i s 'a..sp.
the United States has reportedly furnishing the,"eryices of reoep-'
resulted in serious complications., tionists, ushTs, r -e-ton bu'
Numerous Raitians; attempting -reau personnel and ma ...serve.. -.
to side-step the immigration law Among the social, activities in-
requirements of the American Go- eluded in the pr'6grami;'e.of the
vernment, are said to have had Congress is' a.. reception /to be
recourse to the accused Notaries given by ,SCIP"tomorrpow. (Mon-'*
who issued certificates to the ef- day). The delegates will enjoy:,..
feet that they had some source of art'evening.of'theatrical entettain-
income here and were not sub- ment on Wednesday. at Theasi~i de
ject to become public charges or Verdure.,A banquet will close..the
seek public, assistance during Congress on Saturday nfght.
(Continued on page 2) (Continued on page 2)'

mne of the Capitc.!'s most capable B
Le Mirroir. uhder the shadow of
as been in the trade for many yea'
look for mo're on Barbers in *Sans

arbters at work in his smart shop
the Sacrd Ceur. Barber Goldman
rs and was at one time an actor
Blague. on prge 14.





I ,.



Illpylipill ppl 'pI ill



Sunday, October 21St 1956

Friends' Heads

Turned by Alcohol

-One Fires Bullet

A friendly get-to-getper over
Sunday morning rum sodas ter-
mifiated disastrously this week
and four pals are behind
bars, while the fifth is recover-
ing from a bullet wounds in the
Fremont Constant, Lionel San-
saricq, Frederic Martelly, An-
.. toine Mallebranche and Henri
Mollenthiel gathered for drinks
Sat the Avenue Michel Oreste
cmaisonette of Rossini Malle-
: branch last Sunday. While the
radio program of ,gay meringues
accompanied their discussions,
something suddenly went wrong.

SHASA reorganizes
The completely Haitian orga-
nization, *Societe Haitienne
d'Automobiles, S.A. which will
soon observe its 25th anniversa-
ry, is presently undergoing com-
.plete. reorganization, it was lear-
ned this week.
Continuous extension of the
SHADA, whose volume of bu-
siness makes it a leading com-
mercial enterprises has necessit-
ed adjustments and changes in
the administration which has a
five-member council. The Presi-
dent, Mr. Marcel Gentil has
been named as Administrator,
responsible for the functioning
of the Company.

A modern system of book-
keeping which permits the daily
control of operations has been

Voices were raised, followed inaugurated, by Messieurs Hen-
by insults and ugly words. Fists ri Borno and Maurice Melenski
began to fly as Fremont Cons- of the Accounting Division. Re-
tant and Lionel Sansaricq began distribution of the tasks of the
to match their technique. Fre- directors aqd employees has
mTont shot out his foot sending also been practiced.
'home a vicious kick. The measures were taken by,
the Board of Directors in the in-
Constant suddenly turned and terests of the Company and to
left the house, but only to re- insure increased efficiency.
turn wfth his colt 38 revolver. Mr. Fortune L. Bogat and Mr.
Antoine MallebranChe, realizing Marcel Gentil were among the
that things were really bad, founders of the SHASA in 1931,
started forward in an attempt to and with their associates havp
persuade Constant to put away built it into one of the great
the iron. His -little speecji was commercial organizations of the
never delivered. Sansaricq had country.
: already pulled the trigger and
a bullet tore into Mallebranche's NOTARIES JAILED

Apparently frightened by whale
he had done, Sansaricq is said
to -have fled the scene. Several
minutes later he was picked up
by the police, and together with
'his companions will be given sut
ficient leisure to reflect and un-
disturbed by the everyday life
of freedom, to meditate on the
consequences of too much alco.

Continue from page- 1)
t their residence in the United Sta-
1 tes.
I The situation became so alarm-
Sing that the authorities threw the
* three Notaries in jail in an effort
Sto put a, stop to the alleged abu-
- ses, and the investigation -is ex-
' pected to turn up information
* that promises to make the case
- look rather somber for the ac-


SExperienced language teacher will give lessons, private or in groups.
-Intensive work on pronunciation and everyday conversation.

.: 'French Course for children every Saturday morning from 9 to 11:00.
-" Courses every afternoon from 5 to 7 and by private arrangement.

;' ..Miss Solanges Dominique, Instructress

B.A,:-Olivet College, Michigan

M.A.:-Teachers College, Columbia University, N.Y.

Professional Diploma: T. C. Columbia University.

Address: 12 Rue Camille LUon (Ecole Mine. Pierre Pailliere)

Telephone 5956 Before 8:00 A.M. between 12-2:00 or after 4 P.M.

2 Rue Rigaud

Bois Verna


The announcement of the ei-
pected arrival toddy, on the 8:20
A.M. Pan American clipper of
Mrs. Madeleine Dennis and Mrs
Anna Cooper, outstanding perso-
nalities of Liberia, was made
this week by Mr. Freeman, Se-
cretary of the Liberian Embat-
SThe visitors will be the house
guests of-Ambassador and Mrs.
Wilmot David at their official
residence at Canape Vert. Mrs.
Dennis and Mrs. Cooper are the
daughters of Mrs. Sarah Bar-
clay, wife of the former Presi-
dent Arthur Barclay, and are
aunts of Mrs. David.
Mrs. Dennis, wife of the Se-

cretary of the Treasurer of the
Republic, is Superintendent of
Nurses at the Government Hos-
pital, was educated In the Unit-
ed States and has been a Re
gistered Nurse for 20 years.
Her sister, Mrs. Cooper who
holds Doctorate in Education
was also educated in the States
and before her recent retire-
ment was Dean of the Uniyersi-
ty of Liberia of the highest edu-
cational establishment of the
African Republic for 12 years.
The distinguished. visitorswill
spend several weeks in a get-ac-
quainted-with Haiti tour of the

Editor Petit ...

Continued from page 1)

Minister Lataillade said:
Gentleman, I have asked you to
come here in order to furnish
you t:ie precise information on
the arrestation of Mr. Georges
Petit. Mrs. Petit has written to
the Asscoiation of Haitian Jour-
nalists which in its turn 'has sol-
licited information from the De--
partment of Interior.

It has been reported that, Mr.
Petit has been arrested without
a warrant. I am going to explain
the motive of his arrestation.
Three months ago, the newspap-
er Independancei published an
article which was injurious to
the person of the President of
the Republic. I summoned Mr.
Petit and told 'him this: 4You
can criticise all the acts of -the
Government. You have never
been molested, you will not be
molested as long as you stay in
the prescribed limits. But I can-
not tolerate that your newspap-
er publish articles which are in-
jurious to the person of the
President of the Republic.s

Mr Petit -promised me that
nis newspaper would abstain-
from criticizing the Chief of State

If you again attack the Pre-
sident of the Republic, I told
him at that -time, I will 'have you
*D'accordz (all right), Mr.
Petit'answered me.
Thus a pact was established
between us.

But the newspaper cIndepen-
dance- directed by Mr. Petit
published in its Monday Octob-
er 15th edition an article com-
pletqly injurious to the person
of the Nation's Chief of State.
In no country of the world
would such an attitude towards
the Chief Executive be tolerat-

I showed the article to Presi-
dent Magloire who made no corn
ments. But I could see that the
President was extremely hurt by
the attitude of Mr Petit towards
his person.

According to my warning to
Mr. Petit, I ordered his arrest
for grave einjuresz to the per-
son of the Chief of State.
Mr. Petit 'had not kept his pro-
mise to refrain from attacking
the person of the. Chief of

When President Magloire was
informed of this arrest, I ex-
plained the reason." And the Pre-
sident said: I am asking you
to release Petit.*

On Thursday October 18th
I summoned Petit who agreed
with me that the note was tin-
jurieuse and that occupied
with his electoral activities he
had not closely controlled all
the articles of that edition. Be-
fore allowing Mr. Petit to leave,
I again warned him that if 'he
again attack the person of the
Chief of State, the same dispo-
sitions will be taken against
Mr. Petit was freed just one
hour ago. Never has Mr. Petit's
paper been closed. dNo one wis-
hes harm .to eIndependancee
and to its director. However I
wish Mr. Petit to respect the
.erson of the President of the
At thie question of a confrere
if other arrests had been made,
the Under-Secretary of State of
Interior answered that only Mr.
Georges Petit has been the ob-
ject of such a measure.a


(Continued from page 1)

The list of the countries and
their respective delegates to the
Congress is as follows:
Cuba: Dr. Danro Arguelle
Mexico: Jaime Vellardo and
Adrian Torres
Jamaica: M. E. Sutherland
Venezuela: Dr Antonio Acosta
Martinez and Dr. Carlos Julio
Guadeloupe: Dr. Jude
Dominica Island: Mr. Lestrade
Martinique: Dr. Hyronimis
St. Vincent: Dr. Cordice
Trinidad: Dr. Gentle
Dominican Republic: Dr. Alva-
rez and Dr. Manuel Richardo
Columbia: Dr. Gerardo Lopez
and Dr. Hernando Posada Dr.
Felippe Arocha and Dr. Josq
Gomez de la oree

,Peru: Dr. Enrique Villalodos
Brazil: Dr. Wery Guimaraes, Dr
Bicha Rodriguez, Dr. Saul Ta-
vares Maho and Dr. Levi Lafeta.
United States: Dr. Gustave Mo-
lina, Chief of Division of Pu-
blic Hygiene Dr. Charles 'Rein,
and Or. Charles William, Chief
of Latin American Division -at
the Department of Public
UNICEF for Central America:
Miss Alice Schaffer

Hazel Claims...

Continued from page 1)
mother's death on Christmas day
last year, went around the town
apd said good-bye to everyone.
They also remarked that he gave
an extra warm handshake 1o a
man named Lalanne.
When the single shot pierced
that Thursday afternoon the
whole town converged on the
home of the noted Duira Dumas.
to find his only dependent, his.
wife beside herself with grief.
Dumas had shot himself in a,
premeditated manner that was
almost theatrical.
After having bid tau revoir to
the whole town he had penned a
letter to Judge de Paix Marcel
Antoine, excusing himself telling-
of his intentions of suicide and
saying good-bye. He meticulously
prepared himself for the end'so
as to cause his friends little in-
convience in preparing his re-
Shaving and showing he lay
down on, his bed clad in his fresh
laundered underwear and placed.
the gun to his head and pulled
the trigger.
It was reported that the same
afternoon a messenger arrived in
Jeremie enroute to Dame-Marie
with the -bonne nouvelle, that
Dumas's loan had been granted.

Mr. Wntson Perry wealthy Financiei and Contractor of Texas, Chicago
and Arizona is reported here in connection with' a number of king-size
projects: a hydro electric Power Plant, a modern airport, a beach,
roads etc..... -
In -port for the past three months have been his associates Alei
Hammescole, Public Relation expert, Claude Hoston, Engineer-Archil- .2
ect, Dr. Milton Conrad, .and Publicity Director from San Francisco Al
Camile, his wife and daughter Jagqueline.
The group were photographed (above) at Bowenfield when theysaw
Mr. Perry's Secretary Suzanne Tchan off to the States on a special-

Heraux Tours & Travel Service

156, Rue Danies Destouches

P.O. Box 985 Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.),- Tel: 3871

Car Year Seats
FORD 1956 5
SIMCA 1956 4

Per Day

Per Mile

Ref. Deposit

1)-All Gasoline and Oil.
2)-Insurance of $10.000 per person up to 5 persons between
age of 16 and 65; plus $10.000 Public Liability and $5.000
Property Damage.

3)-Delivery at airport, Port or Hotel in Port au Prince and

4)-Maps of Haiti and Port-au-Prince.

REQUIRED. Valid Driver's License.

AGE LIMIT OF DRIVER: fro m 16 to 3:5 years Old.

WEEKLY RATES: $50 X-.10 and $35 x .08.
I / "1


SunayOcobe t95HAITI SUNPG

French Gov. delegate
Investigates Haiti's
Tourist Industry

Frerch Government Delegate
Engineer M. .1. Marmoz left this
week after completion of his mis
sion there in connection with the
development of tourism for the
islands of Guadeloupe and Mar-
,Given all facilities by Govern-
menrt. authorities to gather infor-
mation for a detailed report on
the touristic movement in Haiti,
the specialist inspected ,hotels,
visited the workers' cities, the
Labor Bureau and the Public
Works Department.
NI an interview with Hotel-
School of Haiti Ditector, Abe-
lard Desenclos, .Mr. Marmoz poin
ted out that a programme of cul-
tural exchanges would serve to
strengthen the tics of France
and' Haiti. His plai would call
for sending students from Gua-
deloupe and' Martinique for ap-
prenticeship in the Hotel School
here. Haitian students could fol-
low specialized courses in Hotel
Service and Management I'in the
French establishments.
The proposals of the French
Government delegate were con-
sidered highly satisfactory to the
interests of both countries.

:Senor Emilo Eduardo Bello.
Chili's new Amassador to Haiti,
presented his credentials to the
President of the Republic on Fri-
day morning.

Minister Lataillade
Ambassador Francois
Decorated by Venezuela

The Protocol Service has been
advised by the Venezuelan Em-
bassy in Haiti that two Haitian
personalities have been awarded
decorations by its Government.
Under-Secretary of the Interior
'Roland Latalliade and Mr. Jac-
ques Francois, former Cabinet
member, n-.w Haitian Ambassa-
dor to Havana have received the
rli'ti ct!o-i of' the Order of the

Wiifg Commander Clive Ver-
1oi, Britislh Air Attachd at the
Embassy in Port-au-Prince arri-
ved from Maiquetia last Friday.
The Commander wlo occupies
the same function in Caracas,
V'enezuela was met at the air-
port by a British Embassy repre-
sentative, and was later recei-
ved by Ambassador Sidney Sim-

Canadian Ambassador Harry Scott
Transferred To New York Post
Canadian Ambassador Harry Charge d'Affaires Edouard R.
S. Scott, left this week atet -tak- 'Bellemare Ambassador Scott
ing formal leax\e of the Haitian was received in a special audien-
Government, before going to 'his ce at Palais National by Presi-
new post as Consul General of dent Magloire on Tuesday morn-
Ca'iada in New York. ing. The Canadian Ambassador's
Accompanied by Canadian official residence is in Havana.

NEW METHODIST PASTOR Inauguration Next Sunday
The Reverend W. Stanley Spen- O St Martial's New Blg.
ce, Minister of the Wesleyan Mel
thodist Church and his wife tar-

rived here from England on Wed-
The distinguished and enthu-
siastic couple who intend to re-
main here indefinitely were wel-
comed at the pier by a group of
members from the Methodist
Church. A reception was given
for them by the members of the
Methodist Church's committee.
The new pastor will preach this
morning at the English 7:00 A. M.
service and also at the French
-9:00 AM. service when Reverend
Alain Rocourt will act as inter-
The Reverend and Mrs. Spence
who were taken out for sight-see-
ing in Port-au-Prince and Petion-
Ville by pastor Rocourt say that
they 'are charmed with the place
especially because certain sect-
ors just remind them their home

New Arrests made by
Police in Carrefour
MOB Killing
Twelve additional suspects,
mostly women, are, being held in
connection with the violent mob
killing at Carrefour, last week,
of Joseph Alexandre. Police made
the arrests; Monday morning, dur-
ing an investigation at the scene
of the crime. Four principals had
previously been arrested at the
time the mangled body with a
dagger wound in the head had
been discovered. The accused, all
members of local houngan Jeanty
Alcena's 'statfi are charged with
complicity in the death of the vic-
tim, a carpenter and gasoline
pump hand who was reportedly
ambushed and beaten to death as
he started home from a dance
held at Jeanty Alcena's home.
Lodged in jail at Fort Diman-
che are Monarchille Emile, Ani-
Ion Jeremie, Ermisena Solomon,
Edith Louis,._mntasie Monise, Ic&-
ne Decimus, Elita Joseph, Anne-
Marie Blain, Angelique Pierre-
Louis, -Dina Lazarre, Dafi David
and Adrienne Fontaine. Their tit-
les in the houngan establishment
are noted as hounsins, mam-
bo,' -la place, or "houngueni-
To date, the police dragnet
has hauled in a total of sixteen
suspects, and the indignant inha-
bitants of Carrefour are clamor-
ing for punishment of the people
involved in what they call un as-
sassinat lache.*

*Tourist ,Wagner
Who Boiled His Own
Hot Water Deported

The Petit Seminaire College St.
Martial, directed by the religious
order 'Pkres du Saint-Esprit,
will formally inaugurate its new
Seminarist building at Port-au-
Prince on Sunday, October 28th.
The construction of the magnifi-
cent school of 20 large, airy class-
-,ooms was realized in less than
fifteen months. Eleven hundred
pupils were enrolled on October I
8th at College, here everything
had been made ready for the
comfort and well-being of Haitian
youth. I
During the inauguration cere-
monies, the public will-be invit-
ed to visit the new building. The
Reverend Father Greninberger is
the Superior of the Holy Ghost
Fathers in Haiti, and Director of
the establishment.

Christopher Columbus Honored:
Italian Ambassador Lays Bouquet

ITALIAN AMBASSADOR Mr. SPALAZZI, accompanied by a group
of the Italian Colony in Haiti, laid a bouquet of flowers at the Colum-
bus monument on the Truman boulevard in the occasion of the anni-
v''ersary of the discovery of American on October 12th.
: .; >' .

Tuesday afternoon, at 2:00 P:M.
L .S. .Vice-Consul Stephen S. John-
0ou11, and Immigration Police plac-
..J th irty-one-year-old Gene Wag-
ner aboard a Miami-bound PAA
Wagner of Winchester. Kentuc-
'c who was arrested September
12nd by Recherches Criminelles
it Castelhaiti Hotel was charged
vith stealing a watch, perfume
ind portable iron from the room
of a fellow-Jourist, and possessing
1 25 automatic pistol and a quan-
ity of drugs.
Wagner was deported, without
trial, and sent back to the Urit-
ed Slates, leaving the administer-
ing of justice up to the U.S. au-
thorities who met him on arrival
in Miami.
It was Wagner's state of health
that prompted this action. His
stomach had been carved up by
the surgeon's knife which necessi-
tated his wearing a special cor-

During Sl0th Birthday Celebration

Dr. Jean Price-Mars Receives

High French Decoration


One of the highlights of the 11-day JubilUe Festival commemora ,-.
the 80th birthday of Dr. Jean Price-Mars was the moment when'Feifih. "
Ambassador Lucien F6lix decorated him, in the name of the'F.endL-'.
Government, with the aCravate de Commandeur de la Legion .ton- .
neur. ': ..
Among the numerous congratulatory messages sent to-.tiBe great
scientist-historian-author-diplomat on the occasion of his Stflee wee
the following:
Washington:-Message of Congratulations from Regina Flannery
Herzfeld, Secretary on behalf of Father Bihler, President of.the Cath-,
olic Anthropological Conference.
Mexico:-Message of Congratulations from Dr. Eusebio Davailos Hur-
tado for the Committee of the Pan American Institute of Geogiaphy
and History.
Amsterdam:-Johanna Felheen Kraal of Koninklijk Institute Voor
De Tropen.
Among the testim onials:
'Ainsi Parla L'Oncle' showed me the treasures of Negritudem dis-
covered by Dr. Price Mars on and in the island of Haiti, and taught me
how to discover the same values, but virgin and stronger on and
in the land of Africa. (Q) Leopold Sedar Sengfor.
-We have nown each other since'about 1895 in the courtyard of
Lycd PNtion in Port-au-Prince, and since that time our friendship has
remained unquenchable. Most of us later engaged in different roads
sometimes professing opposed opinions on matters of literature, scien-
ce or art. We have, however, remained united by the heart., (Q) Dan-
tOs Bellegarde.
*These studies were altogether arm and bastion. The ultimate arm
and the last bastion of the last charge.. (Q) Ldon Laleau.
...but the essays of Dr. Price Mars are interesting equally because
of the broad observation of the varied character of the racial, cultural,
linguistic folklore: direct observations, that is to say, not taken from
history, but taken by himself in the original and local reality.., (Q) Lie-
nello Fiumi. I
-Rarely has a teacher been so completely cherished by his students
for his broad erudition which is so wonderfully allied to a brilliant
and convincing oratorical art. (Q) Frederic Kdbreau.

CIC Members Give $100
To Lumane Casimir Fund
Tlhe case of artist and former
Bi-Centennial folklore star Lu-
inane C'simir was taken u;p by,
the Administrative Co,-wil of
tIhe International Club of Corn-
.ne-rce 1,F, Wednesday vt themr
weekly Luclicheon, upon the sug-
gestion ol Mr. Emmanuel Am-
One hundriced dollars was subs

cribed and members authorized'
Treasurer Jules Taylor to fdr-
ward the amount to Radio Port-
au-Prince Director, Antoine ,He-
rard who is in charge of the'Lu-
mane Casimir Benefit fund.


A small confoftable house (Mai-
son Captain Victor Blanchet), be-
ihind the Hotel Riviera is-for rent.
Rental $100. Contact -Haiti Sun-.

Without intending to make any comments here on the articles that
appeared in the Press following the tragic accident of the Telepheri-
que which happened last Sunday articles which are aimed in'the
first place to determine the causes of the accident and in the second
place to fix. once and for all, the responsibilities, we think that an
investigation undertaken without delay will determine the true causes
of the accident and fix the responsibilities
Roger C. MONIN. Representative of CABLE LASSO, S.A.
Heinz BOHEME, Engineer and Chief of the e-chantiers..

Madame. when you oass by. drop in for a while in the Gour-
mret's Pala.e, the Coles' Spert Market in Lalue, You will
find there all the delicacie and the delikatessen to flatter
vottr palate. Also the great marks of Wines -at reasonable
price- which Monsieur, as an amateur, certainly knows. What
a r-eat pleasure for him when you surprisingly present him
with a *grand cru at the time of dinner. A man is like a fish
and you have to catch him by the mouth.

:.. ,; ...'"&


Sunday, October 21St 1956

s.. rC* "-. ;. ...
SP 4 _______________________ HAITI SUN ____Sunday, October 21St 19564
`.PAGE 4 ', .. .':
e ... ,_ .Mrs. FRIDA KHAL is back in Haiti from Bad-Nauhein. Mr. Khal
niglh Living flew in via Fort de France, after 12 years of absence.
Tief's Downfall ti osi J ot Drs. ZOUKOF and TERVIS, prominent American dentists, en route
4 S j~jucj. o ^Vto the U.S. from Dentists Congress -in C.T. stopped in Port au Prince
Police caught up with a watch- last week for a few days visit. Both specialists pronounced a conference
who turned burglar, recently at the Faculty of Dentistry and were feted by their Haitian confreres
man who turned burglar, recent-up-
Swhen. they found him Bliving-it-up'-. in Hotel Castelhaiti last Friday.
"his modest 3rd Ave. Bolosse PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ADLAI E. STEVENSON in a letter.'
home. Recherches Criminelles des- of thanks to Georges Th. Lafontant said: -Our prospects are bright
: cended on watchman Andre Pierre indeed and November will justify our optimism.,
S of Usine A Glace Nationale' in Bo- Mr. ALBERT LE BEL,U.N. permanent representative in Haiti will
lossa 'to the tune of a new aceor- RUBIROSA TO TAKE 5th WIFE host a reception in Hotel Castelhaiti next Wednesday October 24, from
.'"losse'to the tune of a new accor- RUBIROSA TO TAKE 5th WIFE
deon which they found.Pierre play: PARIS Oct. 12 (AP).-Dominican playboy-diplomat Porfirio Rubi- 12 to 2 p.M., in the occasion of the United Nations Day.
1 big, seated on a new beauty-rest rota Confirmed today he will marry 19-year-old French actress Odile POFESSOR PIERRE DARLOT who arrived here last week to re
":' bed with a bright, red blanket on Rodin, his -most kind and lovely friend' during his polo game fall place Professor Jacques Butterlin at the French Institute, paid a cour-
,'y which rested his shiny, new shoes, convalescence, tesy visit to the -Sun' Thursday morning. He was accompanied by his
-not yet christened by the mud of She is pretty, intelligent, gracious and good,, said four-time mar- wife and Professor Paul Moral. The Darlots will set up residence in
" A' the neighborhood. ried Rubirosa in an interview. He said the date for the marriage has rue M e in Petion le. He is a very bright and sympathetic scholar.
S Persuaded to recount his life not been set it will probably take place in Paris in a month. PROFESSOR JACQUES BUTTERLIN, his predecessor was here for
S'-# story to the police, Pierre told how This will be the first marriage for the blonde actress, who is current- nine years and is now in Mexico.
!' since 1950 he had been working ly playing the lead role in 'Fabieno at the Bouffe-Parisiens theatre. THE BEtLEVUE CLUB will have its big ball on the 27th featuring
:p from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. as a MARY ZAK of the AAA (Automobile Association of America) of St.Entre dan le Monde, for young debutantes.
S Watchman at Mo Hakime's Sev- 'Louis, Missouri is in town at El Rancho. SISTER MARY JOSEPH, English teacher at Ste. Rose de Lima in
'- en-Up, Kola and Ice-Cream Facto- PYROFAX SALES CONTEST WINNERS spending five days of their Lalue returned Tuesday at 3:00 P.M by air, from Eire where she at-
*ry Pierre decided one day recent- prize in Port au Prince and Cap-Haitien are Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Peele, tended the burial of her father. We offer o condoleances to Sister
Syto'dn a little night work and Ellis Bayliss and C. E. Patterson. They were in Port at El Rancho. May J p
ly to'rp a litl Mah vokadry Joseph.
F entered, the Company's office with VINTON BURNS FAO Forestry Expert is on home leave at Diquini. THE NUMBER 4th 'ISSUE OF HAITI-SCOUT., the official organ of
I f Mr F C. THE NUMBER 4thge oISU OFe HAITreCigT therten ofica orgnko
Sthe help'of.night-watchman Eugene Mr. F. C. M. PAUWELS Manager of the Foreign Department of Ask Scouts of Haiti appeared last week with more than a dozen inetrest-
."Baza *. Mr. Foster,* was at Hotel Chotcoune this week on business. Mr. Pau- ing articles that should be required reading for tht youth of Haiti.
-' : In.h-tebrpke the padlock on wels wvas here in connection with his Travel Agency's forthcoming Mon cher Bernard,
t`Aid. csa'wohere he takings for the winter program in the Caribbean. Votre chronique francaise debute bien mal. Je vous ai fait parvenir
day's :'P Seven-Up, Kola Cita- GRAHAM GREENE English author whose latest book is the con- u t dactylographi6 qui, d~s la premiere ligne. a subi chez l'im-
4..-delle d.'Ice was .resting. Of the troversial -Quiet American, is expected to vacation here for two weeks prime de curieues modifications. C'est ainsi cue ..Javais accoutu--
i, .$470.0 -diScovered he doled out at the El Rancho next month. This will be author Green's third visit, p de accoutime. Vaugelas aurai faith une trs grave
t $40 0'.h~iscverd h doed ot SWI r 'md' devient -J'0ais accoutuim&-. AT. Vaugelas aurait fait une tr~s grave
S60.00-to Bazaar for his kindness, THE WOMAN's NATIONAL PRESS CLUB of Washington, D.C. will Daniel ARTY
KI,6.0to *za.frhsknnsmaladie... etc. etc. Daniel ARTY
:'and took 'off over the wall, leaving spend from the 24th to the 27th of November at the El Rancho. The
.t-aces of the visit of a -chevalier group of 20 will be led by their President, Alice Frein Johnson. CONTAINS HEXACHLOROPHENEI
de nuit.' But the sudden rise of NOT MENTIONED IN LAST WEEK'S REPORT 'on the 4-day educa- Sto Pers ration Stops Odrl
his 'standard de vie' caused his tional visit of the 25 U.S. Travel Agents of the -School-on-the-Road Stops_ Perspiration! Odor
"" 'downfall..The police also found a program were the following two interesting items: (1) The Friday Kills Germs that cause odor! -
new alarm clock and 29 Ldtery tic- luncheon offered to members of the travel trade at Hotel Ibo Lele by ----
- .ketstt .is'not known whether his Architect and Mrs. Robert Baussan. The comments were that the meal
, ..numbers showed up in the recent was excellent. (2) At the cocktail party hosted at El Rancho by Mr. 59g S
"- 'atirage. and Mrs. Max Nargil were American Ambassador-and Mrs. Roy Tasco 59c
.! --Davis, British Ambassador and Mrs. Sidney Simmons, and American Pf
p trae. HEE' an .rs Ma Nagi were AmrcnAbasdradMr.RyTscxv
"'*" 'Embassy Counselor and Mrs. Paul Barringer. e. MI con. -e s
CT-M'." CUBAN AI Y MADAMEf LEONE VALENTI, The French artist and dancing instruct- B
i- .GROUP CALL HERE" or is back from her trip to Mexico. Her courses at the dancing school
GRO in Impasse Lavaud have been resumed. Plus tax
. A fourrmeniber Military Dele-HOTEL RIVIERA D'HAITI was accidentally omitted from the report-
:"..v" fion u'r M itary Dale-age on the Mid-Asta group last week. Manager Arthur Vincent and A E T M AL TR
gatiozj ot Cuban Atmy officers
at Cbfrom n Pert fic r 'Otto Weiss gave a gay cocktail party for the on-the-roaders' Thursday AJ O MCALL IS, S.A.
.ar.t.l.V -froin lizerto Rico stop- o h o-h-odr-Tusa
p;ed over in port for 24 hours evening, and many returned later in the evening to hear the Labanese AGENTS DE MANUFATURES
.1" dol lhae Pav
,'' last week: They were received doll chante'. Pave
Sat the Cuban Embassy by Mr. THE BANb OF THE RIVI1ERA which was moving along to rythmic____
Gabriel Breton, Charge d'Affai-. perfection has retired and is reported going off to thrill Canadians in
..res, a. the. big city of Montreal. Michel Desgiottes has furnished their re- -
1 -Colonel Miranda, brother-in -placement. "J.-|
A' ,'w of President Batista, .'headed ROBERT ARMSTRONG, British West Indies Agency Manager for '"".
t",'e del egation which flew 'back Warner Chilcott Laboratories arrived here last Thursday after a flying
-*-- to -Cuba last Tuesday.., visit to the Citadelle. Bob, originally from the city of the Angeles was
t'. Cojonel Valdivia, Cuban 'Mili piloted about town by Patrick de Veftreuil. The two left last Sunday, e
tary Attachb at the Embassy in Bob returning to his home in Trinidad, and Pat is going to Jamaica S LOp c v
''...,Port-a!q-Prince. clippere'd to Ha- on business. P S ave
vana last week-jenL H. iU s expec- BURT GREEN lost his identity on a -voyage d'affaires' to Aux
4 .ted-t be away for two weeks. Cayes this week. Burt of the Sea Engineering and Salvaging Corpo-
S" .. -ration has posted a $5 reward for anyone returning his identity, card,
. n rAR 'C' tourist card, Cuban visa, notebook with all important addresses bu- ti
INONO AJY! CONS.UL siness and $15 Cuban and $15 American. The loss happened after l1
:9 CHANGES IN U.S. dark on the stretch of road between Petit GoAve and Port au Prince.
I'- .. '" Witnesses of the loss were travelling companions Jess and Emmy Bo-
, New Honorary Consuls appoin- ynton.
ted in the U.-S. include Dr.' Ro- ARCHITECT ROBERT BAUSSAN is sighted daily on the 'lie A Ca-
S..bert F. Von Tauber of Philadel- brit-, supervising his island project which is reported running on
kn esRaphJ.o
phla and Mr ,Ralph J. tsbone Ichediil'e. THe plans for the cottages have been completed..
of-Detroit. IBO LELE signed "contracts, this week, with artists who will provide
1 The Haltiani Consular Service a grand .winter program for Ibo Lele and Shango patrons. The chic ,
:. in Ohicago is now uider the di- Shqigo Night Club is starting the winter season now Without either
F. rection of Mr. Adrien Mallebran- cover or minimum charge. (Une bonne nouvelle).
ohe, Director of tLe Hitian Tou- Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD FIELD are guests at the Ibo Lele for three
rist Bureau in the windy city. weeks.. Mr. Field is Executive Editor for Consumer Reports'. He was
Mr. Mallebranche succeeds .Dr. formally Exec.-Editor of -The Nation-.
SUlysses Grant ailey, Honorary ANDRE EL SAIEH is no longer a bachelor. His prety young wife
'"- Consul .Who resigned from his returned at the end of last week from the States.
S ost PAUL WEESNER, the active owner of Hotel Riviera, is in town for r
a week.
J. BENTLEY, SQUIER of the New York Times is spending a week in
^ ^Haiti at Ibo Lele and Cap-Haitien in between Panama Line boats. He
is accompanied by his wife apd their friend, Mrs. William Clary of t.'. N. Depwbt niut Stn
SiHarlem, Georgia.
';> ', E A PHOTO SHOP on Rue Capois has honoured Grace Kelly by calling
I its studio after her...
14 ENGINEER HARRY TIPPENHAUER's picture appeared in the Me-
];2 'I^^ ^ S xican newspaper Nov'edades. which carried on its October 9th issue IJB H ^ He Shorage Here of i ^:
Jan article on the Presidet and the members of the Haitian delegation
t the Interameric~an Congress of Engineers which took place in Me- 0 "lL \A lll 1--
*: rnTI~r xico City at the beginning of this month. '| ____U A A|
: iHENOCK TROUILLOT has consecrated a special edition of the Re-
^ ^rue Haitenne d'Histoire, de Geographie et de Geologie to the eminent Ma rl o re
.l /* *. 'Dr. Price Mars whose Jubilee was observ\,i last week. [M| W J
:.-lff t/Qr tP Mr. DOMINIQUE H'YPPOLITE is the Dictor-Secretary of the newly -|ecretLaAVofLthene wly
I .r formed ,Club Philatelique d'Haiti, which is aimed at developing and dhoo I LTIR" IILAVOR.FLP4OP BOX
S ,. favorising the exchange of stamps between foreign and Haitian collec-
r 1 t tors. The administrative council of the club includes a treasurer Mt. IONS SIZEJ '- ..__-
,--- T. C. Brutus and twp advisors Messrs. 1Raymond Celestin and Joseph
'perier: 1.-SENSATION BAZAR Enile Maximiien-77 Rue des

' ,. : -

Sunday, October 21St 1956 HAITI SUN ____________ __PAGE 5

.... patient clinic and the Central Sup-
HAITI SUN ply Room. The admissions desk is
rTHE HAITIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER ably run by Mrs. Mellon's daught-
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning er. Jenifer. Mrs. IMellon's two
GERANT-RESPONSABLE PAUL E. NAJAC help wherever needed.
Very truly yours,
ACTIVITIES FOB GUESTS KEEP SYfIES SAFE OVER Deasesa y something abirut the
~A.OPPlease say something about the
V-A.U-P 1h". prices of vegetables of town,
Local tourist interests are in a very back-patting mood October 15. 1956. especially those that are import-
right now. And nobody can deny they have every reason to Dear Haiti Sun, ed. It is time you suggested to the
feel pleased with themselves. Who would have thought, say I am not sure to whom I should U.N. experts that they should
in 1946, that chapters of the American Society of Travel address ihis letter, so I am writ- study the possibilities of establish-
Agents would rank Haiti so high on the touristic list as to ing to your newspaper in the hope ing big market gardens near the
actually convene here as they have done twice the past two that it will come to thc attention capital where the necessary green
years. of the people who it concern's. t vegetable could be grown. Cuba
Furthermore, the latest figures released by the Bureau of Drinlg the past en e-ed, two cnd Jamaica have done this -
Statistics indicate a soaring rise in the number of visitors to erolanes apparently in distress no its up to us.
our history-steeped little nation. circled over P au Prince's Bowen rs) Hungry Vegetarian
orhistory-steeped litento.Field in an attempt to make a ts ugyVgtra
But there is yet a long way to go. With all our recent ac- Field l an attempt to make a
celebration, Haiti still lags behind other Caribbean resorts grced landing. They apparently
that can offer nothing nearly as scenic, as historic, or as ap-a aetpe as asoss h ing Dear .r
pealingly picturesque, as our justly famed sight-seeing high- a midnight, Sunday night, I
lights. AtmdihSudyngt" It i's with pleasure I pen a note
Roads hotels, immigration servicessaw the lights and heard a big of thanks, to the City Council or
Roads, hotels, immigration services, transport lines "all plne circling around the city. Public Works Department with
are being tuned to top pitch for a powerful and co-ordinated All I could do was say a prayer and the .ope that, you wili print it.
effort to attract visitors to the republic, and to make them hope the pilot didn't strike the On One Rue Bonne Foi, opposi-
so comfortable they will wish to return during succeeding fASCO chimney or the two big tc the La Belle Creole, on the Bi-
vacations, wireless ae'rials on Bel Air which gip store corner they are putting
A very important point is nevertheless being overlooked are without lights. ini steps and nolonger will any pe-
by otherwise very sharp-sighted tourist officials and hotel- I hear we are to get a new air- destrian walk of this high side-
owners. port, but in the meantime, it walk as a pirate's captive is made
It is not enough to bring tourists here in luxury, lodge would be comforting to see red in- towalk the plank. Thank you sir.
them in comfort, feed them in abundance. They need a little diclation li ghts atop these various (s) Thankful
more than an amoeba-shaped swimming pool, and sliveA his- objects that tower into the sky. GENERAL MERCHANDISE
tory lessons to I.-eep them happy during a stay of any length. (s) Salety First. COMPANY
Not every a stock-'ohker with the money fort a Caribbean THE SAVOY-PLAZA Wholesale Distributors
cruise and the culture for enjoyment of the finer things of Fift Avenue 58th and 243 North Water Street
life is going to exhibit the artistic under-current that will 59th Streets Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin.
make him content to sitf in his room and gaze at the majestic. New York 22, N.Y. October 12, 1956
purple-green mountains, and ponder on Christophe's glories. Port-au-Prince Haiti W.I.
There are more, perhaps, who will be content to sit behind Dear Sir;
the gleaming El Rancho bar and gaze at the pretty girls, and I enclose a clipping from your Dear, Mr. Diederick:
ponder on the smooth mellowness of Haitian rum, or the article on Dr. W.L. Mellon and
strange effect'if the Haitian tambour*. his hospital in the Artibonite Val- Just a word of appreciation to
The majority of 1a-oasits 'crave action, ley. In certain cases I believe you you and my good friend Louis
After the first few days of blissful, sun-drenched relaxa- are misinformed. LaMarr for the many moments
tiorn, the restless little spark within each tourist's breast be- Mrs. Mellon works, not at the of pleasure your .paper the HAl-
gins to glow- The pioneering spirit that made their ancestors admission desk, but in the out- TI SUN has given me -since I
seek out a new world and build a new nation comes to Mfe- --.....
beneath the visitors' toasted exteriors.
That is the time when wise hotel-owners drift by with a .11
cheery *Hello, there!* who is game for a fast set of tennis?
Anybody in the mood for a round of golf? Boating? Surf-
board riding? Archery? Horse-back riding? "
Jamaica's eTower Tle IHotel, for example offers all these -
attractions, plus tanderm-bicycling, shuffle-board, crab-races, -
bingo, fishing trips, pedalos and a hostof other pastimes.
* A tourist who can say he had a oboring vacation with
such a range of activities, would have had an awful time any-
where. There would have to' be no spirit of fun in the man.
Against this, chalk -up the combined offerings of our res- -
orts: Hotel Riviera used to feature a miniature golf course,
planned to organize bourrique rides; Simbie shouted about -'-''
its boating, fishing, golf, tennis,, horse-back riding and other iC.,-
attractions months before opening, but to date no tangible
evidence of such diversions has been produced; Beau Rivage
built a clay court for tennis which to date, has made a fine and h rea
garden for assorted weeds of frightening size; Thorland of- lw..
fers tennis, and horse-back riding and is now building a golf E o'r v s J
course but the other now numerous Hotels, so far have no
sports on the prog qmme. Earthmovers 'f-
SMost Haitian lHotels provide guests with a swimming pool. -
bath-towel, luxifriOus sleeping quarters, mouth watering cui- f A TR P
sine, strong, invigorating simb plent.Wf golden rum, also p f
plenty of atmosphere, and :aSlot too-4 h leisure. The onlyI P e C A T E R u L
exercise- is meringing. ..


In a recent edition, Le Nouvelliste brought the matter
of ,Fresco* venders to the attention of the authorities of the
Public Health Department. The daily stated that the vari-co-
lored ices being sold to school children under far from sani-
tary conditions was a matter of public concern. The standard
of the ingredients used and the percentage of coloring matt-
ers, if not properly determined meant that the ices were of
toxic composition.
In its October 12th edition, the paper stated that an illus-
trated booklet to be used by school children as well as by
the xFresco* sellers with certain recommendations was being
planned by the Health Department. Also. that a health card,
Free of charge, after a medical examination, for each vendor
of the ices would be required. Sanitary police officers would
inspect the vendors and their wares as well as require to be
shown their health cards.
Our colleague cannot be too highly praised for this timely
intervention in matters affecting the public health, and a vi-
gilant Health Department, open to suggestions, and ready
for quick action, is a great satisfaction to a grateful public.

. last visited your country. It is
Indeed interesting to note the
many forms of progress that
have taken place in Port-au-Prin-
ce recently. It is even more in-
teresting to see the splendid job
of news reporting you are doing
in the English language.
It is sometimes difficult for
us in the State to interpret the
politics, culture and business
custofns of our neighbors to the
south because of color prejudi-
ces and language difficulties.
You are doing a splendid job
in this direction, at a time it
needs most to be done. Keep up
the good work and feel free to
call on me for any help I may
Sbe in a position to give as an am.
' bassador of good will.
Very truly yours,
S Angus B. Morse
S Copy Editor


Government engineers and contractors ho'i ,sound reasons for their preference for Ceter.
pillar products, i
They know that Caterpillar is rhe only manufacturer who builds a complete selection
of track-type and wheel-t/,pe tractors, mctor graders, Diesel engines and earthmoving
They know that Caterpillar equipment is long-lived. As on example, the first Diesel
track-type tractor built by Caterpillar in 1931 is till performing useful work today. No
other manufacturer of Diesel track-type tractors h6s any machine with such a record of
They know they con rely on the Caterpillar Dealer in their locality for genuine replo:.
ment ports and expert mechanical repairs. Thus, their machines aren't idle for lack of&
spares and services.
Ask a Caterpillar owner what he thinks of his machine. He'll tell you mest convincir.cl-
why earthmovers prefer Caterpillar machines.


... lm ll -- -_



PAE6HIISN Sunday, October 21St 1956
....-- =-_ -7

at Hotel Splendid

Sport of Prince's Makes Come-Back
Fencing today, like model.I epee activity going again. 0
design, is smooth, trim, and fast. the most promising pupils
It's dropped the swashbuckling Mile. Jacqueline Godfroy wi
flurry of an old *Three Muske- cently left Haiti to study in
teers epic, the leaping-dashing York. She expects to continue
of a Douglas Fairbanks silent good start in the sport at th
film, but it's kept all the grace le Santelli while there. Bill
of movement, precision and tim- wwith USIS, is a beginner an
ing that make it one of the most left handed one at that. ie
intriguing sports today. Fencing great promise and will soon
is actually one of the oldest some of the more advanced
sports, although it tvas known dents some trouble. Two H
as dueling in former days, and army men began working ou
was practised for defendingyour have had to drop out alone
life as well as exercise. Since way because df Army assigned
settling a point of honor by But the group is looking fo
sword is frowned on in most t e at Sne
pcousnt oparies, fencing muas becomes at Ra n C bra emjoin th s eir r anks as Remy B .
the game of -the w sporting intel- ss ac in the n aris em g
lectualg Because it takes so isback in town and is eage
long to learn, and so much long- pick up a t foil again. o
er to be proficient enough to at- Fenc yers the world overt
Lain any ranking as a Hnational b end y our ear to tales about

Wnl atnth ranking as telnatinal n nteSaebt ocigSeas i amme fte15 ecneto ftetr
fencer (in any country where a r e t t b e
fencing is strong at all it usual ginn ers agree it can't o iohe be
Jy takes at least eight years to. I N an exercise in coordination
maintain a national ranking) is A timing, intelligence and spel
a sport that appeals to few en- isn't a sport for, those who
husiastic sports who want to t he fame and glory of a s
,,play the game right away. P ip Jacqueini e (;cfo rusts her foil atoact chambers in this field, since fencing sales ar
Frequently fencing has been ie- bl6odlers erwovithar toriously remote from the
ferred to as physical chess t eye, but once you have the
us it takes so much heaa work arm is just thn .ght distance out is his wife Sallye, who is the only you aren't satisfied until you
to be good. A fencer must be in to hit his opponent easily, yet American ever to have been a liy for a touchid. all your
excellent physical shape for alt- within easy parrying distance of member of a French National
though each bout (meeting of two his own target so that defending Championship team. While the Morisseau Leroy's
fencers in a tournament) may himself is done with almost auto- couple lived in Paris, Mrs. Chain-
last only 8 minutes for women matic speed and agility. A Hunga- bers teamed with three French View Of
and 10 minutes for men, the tour- rian coach who now teaches in girls and they successfully took Le Bas Fonds
nament itself may take 12 hours the States once called fending a the national team title away from Morisseau Leroy wrote
to complete and a fencer finds, game of some 2,000 dirty tricks- the defending champions. The October 11 issue of oLe
himself constantly on his feet which is true if cleverly defend- next year, Mrs. Chambers and two ;.nva short and judicious
fending, or directing dnd judging ing yourself can be looked on as fellow fei~cers from Michigan won f ,Les Bas Fonds:D. the
if he is indeed a proficient fen-c a dirty trick! ithe United States National Team lay of Pierre Blain which
er. There is no other sport that Champions Instruct title, taking the victory cup back stayed last Sunday in the
pulls into play so many muscles at Raymond Chambers, a Direclor to Detroit with them the first re de Verdure. Here is a
one time, and which demainds such at the Institut Haitiano-Americain, time it had ever appeared in that -act of the article: qLes
high coordination between brain is now busy coaching twice times city! Mrs. Chambers was also Mi- 'onds represent also a e(
work and foot and hand work. weekly Tiesdays and We.dnesdays chigan Stake champion, 721idwest ementb from ithe point of
Fencing At Splendid at the pool side of the Splendid Champion, and a member of the ,f dramatic literature and
Stop in to see beginning pu- Hotel. He was very active in fenc- US international team in Canada. ng. There is some boldne
pits at the Splepdid Hotel and ing in the States, both coaching 8be also is a member of the 1956 he conception of the three
you'll no doubt laugh over the and participating and having stu- Olympic squad, but dfd not re- I deauxtI. But it is a bo]
various positions these muscle- cued one year in Paiis, he combi- twrn to NY this year to try out that is conscious of, the I
tired students get themselves into. nes what he calls the best of the for the team. In her twenty some tion of modern theatre. I
But as funny or akward as the po- French techniques, with the best years of fencing she has won over convinced that Pierre Blai
sitions look each one is calculat- of the Italians,, with the best of 50 fencing medals. worked toward a eman
,ed to give the greatest reach, ba- the Hungarian. He was fortunate Mr. Paul Alberti, of the Hotel which has much ehanc
lance of weight and driving abili- in working with a brilliant young Splendid, is also an active memb- throw some light upon the
ly that a fencer, needs to get a master in Paris, and having had dr of the fencers who work at the tiny of the poeple and to
point. To appreciate the expert two outstanding Hungarian mast- lIotei. He is a former 6pee man crease this new conscious.
fencer aen garden (what you ers in the States. Mr. Chambers and is interested in getting some which is named social just
might call the home positions is also an international director,
since this is-the stance the fencertan honor who is bestowed upon
begins and ends his attacks from) some twenty Americans who have
you have' to be been to notice the shown such mastery of the sport Id
way he keeps both feet ready to as to be qualified directors ,".'
move at all times, the way his around the world. His prize pupil '




re no-
u qua-

-Chenin o'esk.Dd#es-

n the
latest 2." et11
h was
ail ex-
depas- En.
fvi ew ADVIE
stag- _-.R i PRIEE.
ess in-= 35
e octa-
n has
,ti-iies, STOCK OF
ce to ;
o in-
ice... MIRRORS



.. .. ; .
k: .... -,._. ,i

There is only one road to take when in Search of Good
Food in t romniantic setting

ne of
ho re-
ue her
e Sal-
id a
id stu-
it but
g the
r to

a be-
at for
a and
ed. It
occor I



Arab Club Finds
The Arab Colony of Port-au-
Prince has rented the forzner
Habanex building on St. Pier-
re's Plaza at Petion-Ville and is
scheduled .to open this month,
after completion of remodelling
and redecorating of the build-
ing. The club's furnishings and
installations are being delivered
from New York.
Unofficial sources 'have it 'that
the Colony will use the building
which is owned by Mr. Phiippe
Charlier, and situated on one of
thle choicest locations at Petion-
Ville for at least two years until
they are able to build their new
quarters on the Delmar Road.
The Administralive Council of
the Arab Club includes; Salim
Attie. President, Nagib Handal,
Vice-President; Nasri Baboun,
Treasurer; Jean Deeb, Assistant
Treasurer; Georges El Saieh, Se
cretary; Antoine Khader, Assis-
tant Secretary. Counsellors are:
Sam Saati, Jean Jaar, Roger
Saieh, Alfred Elie-Josep1q, and
Joseph Fadoul.

ud, ce S 19ATSPAGE 7

D'Ass owt-Man AndResquiliers Party Crashers

dI)'Assaut-Man" And uResquilieurs Party Crashers

Practically in every town of
this country there is an original
corps whose speciality consists
in assaulting (free admission)
nightclubs, reception and show
places, football games etc.
A d'assaut-man (the word is a
mixture of French" and English,
meaning the man who storms in
not by the entrance but by the
back door or over t~he walls) is
an caudacieux, who has no guil-
ty reaction in front of reproa-
ches or vexations. Unlike the
ftresquilleur with whom he has
some common traits, he often
has a few gourdes in his wallet,
but -he won't pay for admission.
Besides, he is a louis-jean, al-
ways ready to burst out, to de-
fend himself. *He will gladly
help another fellow to furnish
the table with enough rum-soda,
or prepare the way for other-
confreres to get in.
A (,d'assaut-man, is usually a
great dioleur.> (talker). 'He talks
loud and makes himself the cent-
er of attraction by his humoris-
tic stories which are mostly
,aneriesv (nonsense), but win 1
for him many friends and admi-
A d'assaut man does not use a
rope, or,a liana like Tarzan to
arrive surprisingly in a place.
He doesn't have -the benefit of
black magic to appear suddenly,
in a nightclub. But he can jump-
from a mango or coconut tree
into a stadium or over the walls
at a garden party with the great-
est of case.
The first thing he does is to
ask a friend for the stub of 'his
ticket. After inspecting the pla-
ce, he checks strategic points
where 'his confreres will probab-
ly land in their trapeze style
Police are accustomed to these
fellows and sometimes they have
a hard time to refrain them

from making such exploits.
The *resquilleurs;, are of ano-
ther grade, for they are the
most quiet and reserved persons
in the world. They hardly de-
fend themselves but rather al-
ways find a way to dissimulate
their shame (either by laughing
cri-jaune4 or by lying). They nev-
er have a penny in their pocket.
To enter into a place they
choose the right way that is the
entrance door. Usually they are
well dressed, but all is appear-
ance and bluff. In fact they are

iW~ -
deprivd of everything and have
to live as parasites on others.
They are well informed on the
social events to take place in the
Capital and they can easily ode-
nicher' a ball in the remotest
.'quartier. They will arrive a
few minutes before the appoint-
ed time. Just to check the tem-
perature of the feast. As soon
as they finish their inspection,
they post themselves at the
street-corner to smoke a few

SHOTEL Choucoune

& -- .
^^-SWTHURSDAY night *

f f-on TRoop- (^WT:)ENV


cigarettes, but chiefly to wait
and see.
A friend of theirs might know
the porter or the puncher and
hence get a free admission for
them. Or this fellow might as
well pay for them. But don't
think thai they are going. to stay

&Resquilleurs are base. Sc
usually they have a 4protec-
teur,, a friend who accepts to
support them in return for their
secretarial* services. Resquil-
leurs are good dancers, soflt-ton-
gued, and always ready to serve.
Since most of the time they are
broke you cannot expect them to
contribute whenever the bottle of
rum runs low In fact, they
go from table to table and ma-
noeuver a drink. By picking here
and there a bottle of soda or the
left over they might gather
enough food and drink to fur-
nish their own table.
Ugly girls are always too hap-
py to dance with them. So,.res-
quilleurs can enjoy the music
as well as those who provide
company. The success of ires-
quilleurs proves that creole pro-
verb which states:
<.S& sotte kji baille, imbecile
qui pas prendo (Foolish he who
gives stupid he who does not

Group Of Artists
To Organise
A ((Soiree)) For
The Benefit Of
Lumane Casimir

An artistic *manifestation 'i
will be organised on October
28th at the Theatre de Verdure
to aid singer Lumane Casimir.
The organizers of this g soirde,
are: Messrs. Clovis Bonhomme,
Felix Morisseau Leroy, Pierre
Blain and Madame Renaud.

On c sal A "


bn 'ale At Russo Freres

The slightest motion of your wrist winds therevolutionary
ne\\ mechanism of inesc Girard-Perregaux Gyromatics,
storing away more than 40 houis. running time. These
extremely precise mechanisms are protected by the most
elegant of %aterproof cases that Switzerland .an prodLce.
Ref. 7ULj. A ihaninlj oime mil" watch, availubw in staitnles
sieteel or solid gold.
Re]'. '071 A .duAtinty i l-. f exiratrordinar'y accuracy. available
in ii aa.rss ite,'l ort Iith solid gold bezel.

Pronounce "Girard-Per'go "
'ine Wa'tches since 179


c-a, "'T


E Q_


P* F ILTE R'S or


Direct Passenger and Freight Service


American flag
All rooms with bath
Air-conditioned dining-room

Famous cuisine



Sunday, October 21St' 1956




The tourist boom which has
been attracting new thousands r-. -- ... ....
of visitors to Haiti each year,
-has had an important effect i
upon Haitian sculpture and
For 150.years, sculpture has .
been virtually a lost art in Haiti.
Then, as appreciative travelers
began snapping up the free-time
carvings of Haitian carftsmen, ,,
more and more humble villag-
ers began to display their works.
Art-conscious tourists were
amazed to discover that car-
penters, peasants, even yard-
boys, were creating woodcarv-
ings of exceptional beauty and
Working in their huts and
little shops, Haitian sculptors
make the best possible use of
native woods such as ebony, ma-
hogany and horsewood. Devil by Dimanche
Themes and styles vary sharp-
ly. Some artists draw on reli- bowls and voodoo drums.
gious themes, some on fantasy Many travelers began their
and folklore, others on native collections with a carving or
village life. 'two picked up in curio shops
Andre Dimanohe, whose works in Port-au-Prince or Cap Hai-
have become famous throughout tLien, Haiti's two leading cities.
the world of art, makes effecti- The curio shops still offer a
ve use of the natural grain and rich- hunting ground for lovers
lines of wood for his other- of original art.
world carvings of demons and But more and more collectors
voodoo gods. are enjoying the thrill of disco-
Collectors' favorites are heads vering genius in the carvings of
of .polished mahogany or ebony. some obscure craftsman in the
Haitian artists achieve a notable small villages which dot Haiti's
economy of line, yet permeate plains and mountains.
their works with the brooding Andrd Lafontant has sold more
stillness of ancient African scuLp- sculpture than any other artist,
ture. since tourism got under way in
Another collector's favorite 'is 1949. Jasmin Joseph of the Cen-
an individually-styled, beautiful- tre d'Art is the famous artist
]y carved Haitian peasant wo- who works with clay not with
man, gracefully balancing a ca- wood.
labash on her head. Odilon Duperrier is another
In spite of the heavy demand Centre d'Art sculptor of note
caused by Haiti's booming tou- who intends to Open his own
rist trade, prices -for superb car- gallery shortly.
vings by village artists remain An independent artist who got
low, according to Pierre Chau- his training from Spanish ar-
vet, the director of tourism, Ltist Barreos Botello in his Rue
Smooth" ebony head studies Pavee Shop cGalerie des Arts
can be bought for as little as d'Haiti is a man named Desir.
$1.50, and for $10 or less, visit- He established himself in Pe-
ors can acquire an intricately tion-Ville after winning the lot-
carved mask laboriously finish- tery. Desir sells his abundant
ed to make it look hundreds of output throughout the Capital.
years old. In the same price His work is extremely decorati-
range are carved sets of voodoo ve and African. 'Iffi

, t







Doogoode y

Dear Maray Doogoode,
My girl friend and I have dis-
covered we love the same man
and that he pays the very same
attention ,to both of us. We
know he shows no more prefe-
r e n c e for one t h a n the
other. I trust my girl friend and
I know she is not double-4timing
me on the side. What do you re-
(S): The Twins.
Dear Twins,
It's obvious that your Knight
in shining armour, is not in love
with either of you and ,has a
little extra-curricula on the side.
Hlie's probably stringing ypu two
along as spares for egoistical
In the meantime, Twins, you're
ii rut- get out and shop
(S): Mary Doogoode.

Dear Mary Doogoode,
My" boy friend works in a
store which sells that smelly Ca-
nadian fish called And he 'dashes up to see me
whenever it's possible. This is
usually around noon. But al-
though I love him very much
and, I know he does me,'when-
ever he embraces me during the
day-time I feel I'm in
the arms of a case of
e thareng sel D, the smell is so
nauseating. But, now a psycho-
logical curtain has been drawn
between us. Even in the evening
when he comes to my home,' all
clean, and well showered I ima-
gine I smell Ehareng selh and
can't keep my .mind on other
things. It is so distracting. What
should I do?
(S): Competing With Hareng

Dear C.W.H.S,
Your love for your boyfriend
obviously is not too deep if it
can't .penetrate a little unsavory
scent of fish that once proudly
swam in the cool clean waters
of, the North Atlantic. Don't let
'hareng sel> bother you. If you
find the smell sickening, then,
have one of these new deodor-
ant sprays in your purse conti-
ruously or may be you would
prefer plain perfume or DDT.
rhe method of putting a cloth
peg on the nose is not becoming
ind practical for a young girl
n love.
(S): Mary Doogoode.


Young woman, recently return-
ed from 4 years experience in
Canada and U.S.A., seeks position
is secretary with reliable firm.
English and French Correspon-
dence, a specialty, bookkeeping
and general office work. Apply
-Haiti Sun for appointment with

P N.. Bld wo,.,A "'',4V 16re

Designs EP Rush
Qal itq AM &0% oozoism L Sisal.
GRAND RUE ; 0A .ipe *MOM ift'U..S. PHONE: 2.6 84





Be sure to include
on your itinerary



and hear Haitian

Tuesday Night
music at its best!!!


aSoyed a La Modes
Enjoy the Taste of Camels
The Cigarette of Smart Men
Distinguished Ladies
Emile MaximilIen 77 Rue

Filter Flavor Satisfaction
Fit For A King
The Perfection of
Clgarette Luxury
des Miracles



Sunday, October 21St 1956



___M~^ fa:/ ...

Which has the best imports from all the corners of the world. You -can save up to 60%
flom U.S. prices with your duty free allowance of $200. over 48 hours and $500 over
12 days outside U.S.A. Fisher's will be a realshopper's paradise. Not only free port prices
Sbut modest mark-up, becqus- Mverything is concentrated in one large building. Are your
biggest assets in buying at Fisher's.

Fisher's, the American's favorite shop where
MlI prices are clearly marked on every item.
Where a well-trained and courteous staff will
help you to solve your shopping problems.
Where checks and foreign banknotes are accep-
, ted, and your purchases shipped. We will gladly
give you free information about U.S. customs re
gulations and shipping costs.


Liqueurs Brandies -
Art Porcelains
RItoyal Copenhagen
Bing & Groendahl
,oyal Vienna Augarten
Lalique and bohemian Crys-
taiware .
Vlarcel Frank Atomizers
;wiss Watches
French Pipes

Guerlain -'Liberty ol London'Fabrics
Boulton and Perrin Gloves lawick
Scotland Cashmire Sweaters Lubin
Balinein Weil -- Knize Griffe Perfumes
Napoleon Godet Louis De Salignac Cognacs
marquiss De Montesquieu Armagnac -- De Kuyper
Liqueurs Aalbor Aquavjt -- Danish Pore1-
lains and-Silver -+ Spalding of England

Native Jewelry
Sisal Shoes Bags
Tortoise-Shell Jewelry


Haitian Embroidered Dresses Blouses sldrts
- men's shirts Cuban Guayabera Shirts -
Italian Silk Scarves Swiss Handkerchiefs-
Table Linens Beaded Bags Petit-point Bags
- Cashmire Sweaters Perrin Glves Liber-
ty Goods.

Mahogany quality goods from our own workshops
Sisal and Straw goods Vodoo Drums Dolls Hats
Records Books Films Place Mats




^________ ___ ______ HAITI SUN






through Miami Via


*&. A^ i&.*-- ai&. S^ I'ILL PHONE'--jf7"
_. __ WOO D




,,-7 ,,, -"___:

1,4A%/EI',,I ".--\ ,' THE BUTRBELL


^ ^sfes H .______._ ^, _____~~.L~v <



.i .

z V
'. A -". Ii GOING TO Dm
;" ",. ^ -aIIWITH ALLTHA-T
, ... *.- ... ..] :.

^^^.fei -:.-.> '..*N.^
j. ~ *i ~ I w

.' ...$-

m I

7 7-

___________ _HAITI SUN _____ PAGE I1



174 Ave. Magloke Ambloise
. ",' I. I, ione'-9t I


I -


eWreul'f .fm,0

S. -A"'.P.IE ..,_-HAITI 1%


ITI SUN __________________

-- O.SEl'IJIil \. L \i- *u ',. ;> triitLW-

EIiminzle carbon


avec .le

qui double la vie
Voici une huile qui peut r6ellement ^

,_ ^ ... ,, k, .
IPf yP l' *' *" ** 'f ll:* B
...~ l l \ '*" "l. "( ".. *

de votre moteur -,. -

dojbler la vie de votre moteur et vous
faire 4conomiser iusqu&'15% cd'essen-
ce'. Aprds de nombreuses experiences
faites aux Etats Unis, il a 6t6 constat6
que des moteurs lubrifies avec le nou- --
S OIL ont parcouru 50,000 miles sans
dt6trioratioh notable..
SDu faith que le nouveau PREMIUM ESSO EXTRA MOTOR OIL
Sgarde sa consistance m8eme dons un moteur surchauff6, ii
reduit la consommation d'huile, les frais d'antretien e. aug-"
mente le milldage. Voici des economies s. ,f..ugMs vous&
Spourrez toujqurs coinpter.f .... .,* _
^ -- -dtiy'i~~intr*''i~
Sfirifbuteur ESSO le nouveau PREMIUM ESSOJ
---- -- XTRA MOTOR OIL doam feblanc dort.


I ~


.c' r'

i i


,:.,-! ml-....p tif,

Sunay Otoer 1S 156HAITI SUN

What is a Yogi ?

After the recent visit of Hindu Yogi Himialoayassliar the "Sun, has
Jound a, foreign resident who makes his home close to the Cc-3ital and
practices Yoga. Although he would not permit is.to reveal hi identity
he hIas written a most comprehensive article on Yoga at our request
ani has signed zt 'Ravan'.

(Since many heavy volumes have
been written on the subject of Yo-
ga, it will be understood that this
article is only meant as an intro-
duction for those who have not
yet started to study along these
lines, but who would like to have
some idea of -what it's all about';
it being of course impossible to ev-
en begin to do justice to so deep
Sa subject in one short article.)
The word Yoga means Union.

set out to do. I say various syst-
ems, for there are six paths, al-
though never one single one is
taught to the exclusion of all
others. ,
The true Guru (Spiritual Teach-
er) will try to find out for which
path his Chela (Disciple) is most
suited, according to temperament,
natural inclination, etc. Since all
these attributes were acquired as a
result of our "works, studies, etc.,
in former lives, we might say, the
Guru Seeks, by studying hisi pupil,
- or if he is a very advanced Sage
he may be able to review clairvoy-
antly the chela's former incarna-
tion -, to find out by uiqh path
he had been traveling before, for
it is almost certain that those who
really take an active interest in
Yoga, and have the qualities it ta-
kes to -stay with it'. are not sett-
ing out on the Path for the first

-It might be useful to first give

we have made ourselves, the se- and Rebirth, he may then

suits of our own thoughts and act-
ions, in this and former lives. (Na-
turally this is not meant to imply
that we have created ourselves, but
that we have made ourselves what
we are NOW). Dont ever think you
have been handed a dirty deal. If
you believe in a God, you must
know. He is just, and not caprici-
ous. Once you become really con-
vinced of this, and are willing to
assume 6ull responsibility, you have
taken a big step along the path.

choose from several roads which
are open to him now. He may
choose to yet remain living for
many years (there are said to
be many Yogis living in Tibet
and India who are many 'hun-
dreds of years old), not for hkim-
self, for there is nothing any
more that can tempt him on this
earth, but to help humanity, by
sending out waves of thoughts
of healing, love, peace and pro-
tection, from where he lives,
hidden in mountain cave or
iJ t .igat Man wildlL ai.!mnAql 11W

T o com e back now to Y og a jun ,i ,, ,a ,i ,a ,,,m ,
Of the six systems there a friends, practically beyond the
Of the sixwo systems which have to be need of physical food. If he
taken at least to som which have extent, be chooses to dle, he may yet
taken at least to some extent, by incarnate of his own free will
all, even though sometimes only again, to come back to teach and
as a preparation for one of four agahe to come back to teach and
remaining systems. These are hep those along the
Hatha Yoga and Kama Yoga. path, or if not, he may go on to
Hatha Yoga is the road of per- find his place on some other
fectioning the physical body and pl3ne, but yet ever serving
God's plan of evolution, never
our control over it. It is this sys- out oexistance.
tern which is most widely known
in the Wesct Tt ,lif-rq ,rnm 4h4 '

Its ultimate goal then, is Union ..L i' here a short, -and for lack of .. *uste- i L 1 s a But al t w lan
with God, through that state which f :'. space necessarily very incomplete trOccaiing, in that items exerhysical But all the while he h was liv-
traiiig, n hatitsexecies are ing the life of the -householder,
the Yogi calls Samadhi, and which "i -, explanation of the Twin Laws am taing he le o the
corresponds more or less with what o Kara and Reincaraimed atleaching the body to he was already foLowg the
Karma and Reincarnatioforattain, ind remain in, certain -path of Kama Yoga, by dedicat-
the Occidental calls Illumination, these form the basis of all systems positions (Asanas), rather than Iing all his thoughts, all his
or Cosmic Consiousness. Were yon of Oriental Thought, and without to -perform movements. For the words and all his actions to God.
to ask a Yogi u Is Yoga a religion?, knowing them it would be impos- systems which have been adopt- Nor will he of course ever leave
he would probably answer you sible to understand Yoga. The Or- ed for the West usually give off doing at least some of his
-Yes, and no,, again, to the s. iental believes that life on earth is about twenty, and even some of Hatha Yoga Asanas and some
question -Is it a philosbplry, or, I a school, each life we may com- these are a little too .hard 'for of the other practices that he
-Is it a system, of training.,, you Nt. pare with one grade, after which those of us who did not start has learned at the school (such
might get the same answer. You ''-- we get our vacation, -the Greater practicing early in life. Ias keeping his regular medita-
tnight say it is all of these, rolled Life between death and rebirth- tion period). To follow the path
in one. f "' to come back, one grade higher or Kanma Yoga however, is one of Kama Yoga implies simply
The Yogi does not. claim that to take the same one over again, form of Yoga anyone can prac- to live life after the best of our
there is only one true religion, he t.l we have learned the lessons tice, regardless of his station in ability, dedicated to God and
believes there are many Paths Lpt... pertaining to it, depending on the life, his beliefs or religion, whe- our fellowmen. The follower
which lead to God, but he does way wehave lived. (Compare the their healthy or not. It is the Yo- must practice charity, honesty,
claim that the system of Yoga may Yogi HimalayL.ishwar who visit.- pavable of the servants with the Ta ga of 4Right Livingv. In India must abstain from- alcohol,
form more or less of a shorter road ed the Dadlani at Petion-Ville in lents in the Bible). Now the Law many youngsters first go to a drugs,etc. It entails also non-kill-
for those who are ready and wil- the course of a World Tour two of Karma, in our terms, is the school of Yoga. When they Lna.- ing in its widest scope, co'nse-
ling to follow this path. ...Like a months ago Law of Cause and EffectL (To save this school, they take up the life quently the true Yogi is vege-
long, winding highway, wi't,.clim space, I will not keep on repeat- of the householders, until tarian, nor will he ever use (if
logwidig ihwyv i'i. ,clim about thT age of fifty. If by the" he ever would be sick, which ro-
bing almost imperceptibly, will gra ing -According to the Oriental, a ae of y If y e he ever would be sick, which -
dually take us to the summit of (depending on where we left off etc., the reader will please place .he children are able to take rely happens if he has had train-
the mountain, is our natural evo- before), in any ease shortening by this before every statement throu care of ihemsehe, s and their ing in Hatha Yoga) r remedies
lution, which will gradually lead many the number of incarnations ghont this article). Nothing in this filed his orldiy, du hai dng full- which have been obtained at aion), or
us to perfection and to the ulti- which would be required if we Universe is ruled by chance, all is society, ma ,y th en go in retreat which have been tested ction), orani-
mate goal, Union with God. But choose to just drift along with the immutable law. Every one of our ac to dedicate the balance of his nals. Thus even while living the
there are steep trails, cutoffs too stream. Lions, and even, or, I should say, life to religion and self-develop- life of the 'householder, he is yet
difficult to travel for the many, The only way we can hope to and most especially, every one of ment by Yoga by the use of Hatha and Karma
leading almost straight up the ever be able to travel by' one of our thoughts, has its effects. We I Y pep h f t
Yoga, preparing himself for the
mountainside, which may bring us the shortcuts,, is by thoroughly ourselves, our place in life ,our Would he actually attain his time when he will be able to de-
to our goal very much quicker, training ourselves, and it is this circumstances, our talents and goal in this life, a liberated soul, dictate himself entirely to Yoga.
sometimes in only onbe life-time which the various systems of Yoga weaknesses, are nothing but what freed from the Wheel of Death Ravean.

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Sunday, October 21St 1956


PAGE 14 HAITI SUN ___ Sunday, October 21St 1956

I I) A M, Z'V^

orwA mco D./wAf CA
4 rE. [ele ICeON CxA
!w, 1a. c l A ^0.- O.

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Lanconie Laboratories,
will return to

Jean F. Laham's

and will be pleased
to give you her advice LI' PLUS B[LL.F MOSAIOUES
regarding H ITES PLU ENNES
H lE O
I,.1N\c O ME UHAn'naf


^^w ^^ ^^^**E^Sr^^^B-P^^^--l-------9^--'

One who knows has recently advised men to lather the face
for two minutes before shaving. The problem, someone com-
ments, is how to employ an active mind during this interval of
time. Indeed, what with putting on the soap and talking it off,
there must be full five minutes to fill.
This goes for seven days a week, save for those brief occa-
sions when, in defiance of his tribe, the patriarch allows the
stubble to grow. The annual total, on a rough calculation, is -
something like 30 hours. Give a man a shaving life of half a
century, and the awful fact emerges that he spends 62 days IN PETIONVILLE
or two calendar months, dawn, noon, twilight and the murk _____________ _
of night, staring at his soaped visage in a mirror. The econo-
mic waste is frightful. Consider, if you will, what you could PERENNITE DU BATIMENT
do with 62 days, or worse still with 37 working weeks of 40
hours. L
Verse Banished !
What then? Manifestly one must establish limits. Houseman ;
in his lecture on poetry remarked that when shaving he was '
compelled, with some effort, to banish verse from his mind.
Some lines of poetry caused a distinct physical reaction, made
his beard bristle and reordered shaving an impossibility. On
that score I think I-am safe. Some lines of poetry give me a
tingle 'down the spine, but as I shaved my chin this morning,
I softly murmured: A rose-red city half as old as time, and
the razor ran smoothly on. I do think, however, that thoughts EiANCiEMENT ABSOLU
of indignation, righteous or unrighteous, might well be avoid- Concrete Densifier give:
ed when the razor is in hand. One jet of adrenalin from the give:
stimulated glands, a quickening of the pulse and a clenching Resistance water-tightness
of the fist and comes disaster. Hardness
Therein lies the reason why I could not happily employ a _________
barber. Under the sharp, bare blade one feels bound and help-
less, the naked throat a soft temptation to one with a grudge
against society, a private ill to brood over, or a score to settle
with man-kind. Only once have I been scraped by alien hand.
Preoccupation, in fact, sent me absent-mindedly forth, and I
arrived rough-chinned in London's Strand. I took my forget-
tul face to a barber over against the Savoy for attention, and '
sitting lathered at the man's mercy bethought myself that it
was only just along the way that Mr. Sweeny Todd plied hgs
razor in Fleet Street and slit many an innocent jugular. 1There
was the barber of Paris, too, who despatched his customers
with one neat stroke. According to my authority, a neighbour-
ing home cookery shop in the Rue de la Harpe became fam-
ous for its savoury patties.>> And here was I in meat-hungry
Britain, with a razor hovering.
Injured Monks
This leads me, however, from the problem of the fruitful
employment of shaving time. The monks, bless them, had a
solution. First they reduced the task to manageable proport-
ions. A convocation, I find, held at Aix in A.D. 817, decided
that French monks should shave fortnightly, while a British IRUCK OWNER
ruling for canons names 17 times a year. We read that the -
monks of St Augustine in Canterbury shaved each other until |If you want the mon
A.D. 1266; after which, in view of casualties, a barber was hir-
ed. Soap and razors'\vere of the poorest, and medieval shaving for your money, use
must have left a considerable stubble. Consider the aged gal-
lant in Chaucer: G oi
He kisseth hir full oTte B. F. Goodrii
With thikke bristles of his berd unsofte, TRUCK TIRES
For he was shave at newe in his manere.
Even Shakespeare makes Hotspur say: showed like a stubble land at harvest time.)> The monks there- N L
fore must be pictured as enduring considerable torment as the NYLON
razors ripped at the beards. While chin and tonsured'crown SHOCK SHIILDS
were laboriously scraped, we read that they chanted psalms
for the occasion by the careful authorities. 1 Havy Serva'
I think, on the whole, I shall allow thought to take its course. R or
We are bound by convention, and must continue the daily de- WILLIAM NARR ,Port-au-Prince
pilation, silly though it is to cherish each feeble strand on the Boucard & Cie., .Jacmel
self-denuding scalp while fighting each emerging hair on the aymon Laronhe, CapBHaities C
cheeks and chin beneath. Maison Jean Bourgeois, Aux Ca-
cheeks and chin beneath. "
Michel Desquirou, Sucessors,


-....____________ PAGE 15


Lesson For Haiti And Dwindling

Bird Colony: Extinct Pigeon

it would be hard to find a bet-
ter argument for wildlife conser-
vation, said the -Canadian Press.
recently, than the story of the
now-extinct passenger pigeon of
North America.

The article which is of prime
importance to Haiti with its
dwindling bird colony and appro-
aching Winter Duck hunting sea-
son, explains that the passenger
pigeon was once so plentiful that
authorities believe it at one time
represented 35 per cent of all
the birds on the continent.

Certainly, the early settlers who
saw the sky dark with passing
flocks must have felt it would
be impossible to wipe them out.
But it was not.
Records and publications on file
at the Canadian Wildlife Service
tell the story. The first sug.
gestion of a decline appeared in
the Sixteen Seventies only half
a century after settlement of the
eastern seaboard began.
As late as 1.806 there is a re-
port of one passenger pigeon flock
in the United States that was es-
timated to stretch 240 miles long
and a mile wide. The number of
birds in it were estimated at
more than 2,230,272,000 or
three -per square yard.
The passenger pigeon ate about
a pint of food a day. So for that
one flock, food consumption ran
to some 17,424.000 bushels daily.

Nesting Grounds Axed

But the passenger pigeon was
good to eat and easy to shoot. It
lived largely on nuts and there-
fore required large stands of ma-
ture hardwood to produce crops
enough to feed it. As the forests
were cut down the birds were in-
creasinglv hunted, trapped, nett-
ed and otherwise taken for food
and sport. Their nesting grounds
also were destroyed as the forests
The main reason for the passen-
ger pigeon's eventual extinction,

in Ithe vieaj of many conservation-
ists, however, has been stated ter-
sely by a writer several years ago
in a New York State Conservation
Department publication:
'Man, trying to make an easy
Describing how the passenger
pigeon used to be hunted, he
wrote: 0
'When the passenger pigeon
arrived to roost or to nest, the
slaughter would begin. Hundreds
of acres of beech and maple fell
to the axe in the course of a few
'Families and towns made pic-
nic days of it, salting the squab
(pigeon meat) down in barrels
for winter, for market, for oil
and killing for sheer wanton de-
light. .. %

Indians Held Birds Sacred

'Gunners and axemen -swarm-
ed in every section of forest, swe-
aring and laughing. The noise of
fallling trees, shouts, shotgun
blasts, the flutter of wings and
the cooing of pigeons filled the
The Indians were angered by
the slaughter. They held parent
birds sacred during the. four-
week period in which they rear-
ed their young, and killed for
food only youiig birds that fell
from the nests prematurely, the
unmated and the old. But the
Indians' auger did not stop the
slaughter. Neither did anything

So the passenger pigeon's numb-
er wbre depleted until the last
known member of the species
died at 2 P.M, Aug. 29, 1914, in
the Cincinnati Zoo. The passeng-
er pigeon, raised in captivity and
called eMartha, was reported
to be 29 years old.
'During Martha's lifetime, a
reward of $1.000 was offered forI
anyone finding the bird a mate.
Another reward of $1,500 was
made available for anyone find-
ing a passenger pigeon nest.
No on, ever collected.


For the past year, radio
listeners and Hi Fi owners
and n e i g b o r s have listen-
ed with rapt pleasure to a
selection of creole songs by a -se-
duisante lyric soprano voice
which drew favorable comments
trom listeners who found that
'Panama M' Tombe,, and 'Tortue
Pas Gagnin Dents,- and other fa-
vorites were being rendered in
an agreeable accent and captivat-
ing interpretation.
Now the listeners have had the
double pleasure of hearing and
seeing lovely Diane Adrian in
person nightly this past week at
the open air Casino International
Night Club at Port-au:Prince.
The American artist came here
from an engagement at 'El Em-
oajadoro in Ciudad Trujillo to
find that her album of recordings
of Haitian Creole airs had prepa-
red the way for a warm and en-
th'lsiastic welcome by her admi-
Miss Adrian visited the country
in 1953, and made her first Hai-
tian appearance at Cabane Chou-
copne. She also sang at the In-
ternational Casino and at the Ibo
Lele super dances, singing con-
vingly in three languages in se-
lections ranging from comedy to
Born in Manhattan, where she
began her career as a dancer, and
was a junior member in a concert
group, Miss Adrian has appeared
in the Capitals of Europe, Latin
and South America. She appear-
ed in Hollywood films with Bing
CrosbLy and on Broadway in *Are
You With it?,
Diane Adrian is interested in




Well received on return visit-
Singer Diane Adrian

Haiti, and during her present so-
journ has found time to visit the
countryside. She recently visited
Port-de-Paix and became interest-
ed in a rural school directed by
Father Elisee there. She made
friends with the children there
and promised to return after her
engagement in Port-au-Prince.
She has told of her desire to
assist in the establishing of a
choral group, and feels that
there is enough talent here to
warrant more organized group
Diane is playing to capacity
crowds at the Casino, and as one
of her audimhce put it: She is
one of the most entertaining enter-
tainers that"has played in Port-au-
Miss "Adrian's show is no vquic-
kie.* The artist now sings in

Three convenient weekly flights to take
you ihto Ihe gay, romantic atmosphere
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Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
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Airways, Rue Dontes Destouches, Phone 3451


four languages, and is at perfect
ease in her renditions at all
The first time she came to Hal
ti she admitted that she was
lured to Haiti with the idea of
rest and a holiday. She came
back this time with work on her
mind and a desire to contribute
to the cultural movement that is
making the island more attrac-
tive and interesting.

After her engagement at Ca-
sino International, she'wlll leave
for commitments in Havana but
will return not only for future
engagements but to realize her
project of assisting with the de-
velopment of 'her passion: art,
and to promote musical activi-
ties which she says, in a country
of four million inhabitants there
must surely be an abundance of
raw material.

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A Language ?

vincingly in three languages in se-
Learn to speak and write one
or several foreign languages (En-
glish French Spanish Ger-
mnian). Private courses or group
sessions for adults and children as
well. Also courses in Creole (for
adults only).

Teachers: Jules Wiesel, Max
Bouchereau, Albert Charlot, Jac-
queline Smith, Dr. Harlie Smith
Jr, Emile Zephir. ,
Registration: c/o Wiesel
J119 Rue Capois, near Hotel
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Sunday, October 21St 1956


CA-VA1 0

Sunday, October 21St 1956


Dans son petit livre fort bien documents sur .Les origins de l'hoin
mie aniricain', M. Paul Rivet formule une hypothese originate vrai-
ment faite pour nous interesser puisqu'elle met en cause le dbvelop-
pement ult6rieur de la race noire en Occident.
D'aprs cette hypothtse, la race noire au contact avec une race
diffi&ente paraitrait opposer peu de resistane A 'absorption. Tout
se passerait comme si ses caracteres particuliers 6taient, pour em-
ployer le language mendelien, dominds par ceux des autres races avec
lesquelles elle se melange. Pour appuyer son hypothese, Rivet cite
I'exemple du Bresil, o laI race noire s'est trouvee en contact avec
la race blanche. Se r6ferarit aux descriptions anciennes de Rio-de-
Janeiro, il constate que cette ville etait, il y a un sickle (1843) une
ville noire et qu'elle est manifestement ,A l'heure actuelle une ville
blanche. Dans ce cas particulier, pense Rivet, il ne semble pas
que l'afflux des immigrants europdens et la diminution de la fecon-
ditA chez les noirs suffisent A expliquer cette transformation. 'J'ai
l'impression 6crit-il, que c'est la multiplicity des unions entire blancs
et noirs, conditionn&e par 'absence de tout pr6jugd de races chez
les Portugais et chez leurs descendants qui a 6limind peu A peu l'l&-
ment noir, exactement comme dans les croisements centre souris blan
ches et souris grimes, c'est l'616ment gris qui finalement predomine..
Etant donn6 la grande notoriet& de l'auteur, on ne peut croire
qu'il ait- pu se hasirder A formuler A Ia la dgre une telle opinion.
Malgre tout, je dois confesser que cette these ne semble reposer
que sur des observations tres discutables. Est-il exact que la race
noire mise au contact avec une autre race offre peu .de resistance
A l'absorption? Je n'ai pas autorit6 pour me prononcer definitive-
ment sur ce point, tout en me r6servant de citer A ]a fin de cet ar-
ticle des donndes qui semblent contredire ce fait. Dans le cas par-
ticutier du Bresil la multiplicity des unions entire blancs et noirs
suffit-elle A expliquer ce que M. Rivet appelle l'limination A Rio-de-
Janeiro de l'element noir? Est-il vrai tue dans les croisements, les
noirs se coMnportent. comme fles souris blanches?

Je ne le crois pas. 11 est dommage, nous devons 'avouer tout de
suite, que pour nous gagner a son opinion, r'auteur s'en soit tenu
A l'exemple du Bresil, en particulier de la ville de Rio-de-Janeiro,
ear cet example nous parait tres pen convaincant. En efet, M. Rivet
neglige de mettre en lumiere certaines particularitds de l'histoire s
du Bresil qui auraient infirmd 'son hypothese. Et d'abord, il nous
faut reconnaitre avec lui que les colons portugais etaient denuus de
tons pr6juges de races. Depuis plus de quatre siecles, les marriages
centre blancs et noirs se pratiquent dans ce pays. II y a mieux: les t
femmes noires ont toujours Wte tres recherchees par ces colons. Au- r
jourd!hui encore, l'id6al de ia beauty pour un Brdsilien, e'est /a ma-
rena, la femme noire. On aimed A citer A ce sujet l'air prim4 au car- "
naval de 1948: *A inmlato 6 a taZ> qui fut chant avec enthousiasmet
par le people tout entier. Or, malgr l'attrait esercA par les noires
sur les portugais, malgre l'absence de tout prejuge racial, malgre 1H
de multiplea alliances datant de plus de trois siecles, Rio-de-JaneiroA
etalt encore au milieu du siecle dernier une ville noireL S'U etait t
vrai qu'au contact d'une autre race les noirs n'offrent aucune resis-
,tance A absorption, pourquoi Rio-de-Janeiro aurait-elle attend, le f
XXeme sickle pour devenir une ville blanche? Notons bien que oa p
ville n'Atait pas, selon les anciennes descriptions, une agglomeration L
de mdtis des deux races, mats bien une ville noire. Aucune transfor-
Smation ne 's'observe done au course des siecles. Et voilA que soudain, r
par une brusque mutation, Rio devient blanche. Je veux bien que d
l'abolition ait accel&r' le rythme des alliances entire les deux races. D
Mais il nous faut admeltre que d'autres facteurs ont jou6. Quels sont .
ces facteurs? J'en veux 6numdrer trois qui me semblent prepond6- o
rants 1) la suppression de ]a traite: dis lors laccroissement de lo ai
population noire d4pendra uniquement de l'excdden.t des naissances e
sur tes decis 2) et parallelement l'inondation numdrique des euro- m
pens qui modifie la structure humaine du Brsil 3) les migrations si
internes. 2
Considirons le premier point: la suppression de la trait. Lors- o
qu'en 1888 la princess Isabelle, en sa qualitA d'e regente, sign le
dcret d'Amancipation, ii y avait dejA 36 ans que le commerce des c:
esclaves avait etW supprim6. La r6percusion la plus grave, du point -
de vue de la rIpartition des races, est cell qui s'exerce sur le volume
meme de la.population noire. En consequence, il n'est pas strange
(et ceei est vrai de l'Amdrique Latine en general) que de 1650 A nos
jours la population de souche europ~enne ait subi un accroissemeirt
de 620%, la population de souche non europ6enne, de 320%.seulement.
A cuoi faut-il attribuer ce fait, sinon au flot de l'immigration blan-
che? Comment expliquer autrement que la masse de la population
dans les 'regions temperkes de 'Amerique Latine, -regions favora-
bles A ['immigration eorop~enne- au Chili, en Argentine et en Uru-
guay soil revenue blanche tandis qu'au Guatemala par example les
autochtones representent 60% de la population? Faudrait-il en con-
clure que les caracteres particuliers des indiens sont dominos et
dominants A la fois, qu'ils offrent peu de resistance au Chili et triom-
phent au Guatemala. Ce serait absurd. II sem'ble done que r'affliiux
des immigrants europeens ait grandement contribute A modifier la
nature de la population bresilienne.
(a suiore)

S H A -N G 0


Open Nightly

With Best Band In The Land
Reduced Drink Prices

The famous French Professor Paul Rivet visited the Capital this past week and lectured on -Paul Vatery
and the Cultural History of AlMcikind, Monday evening at the French Institute. Dr. Rivet was introduced
by Dr. Jean Price Mars on the llth d'y of celebrations commemorating his 80th birthday. Above Dr. Paul
Rivet at left is introduced to President Paul Eugene MAagloire by the Amnbc-ssador of France Lucien Felix.
(In our French column which appears on this page Mr. Dawnel. Arty examines the recent book of Dr.


Monday morning the two houses
iof Congress met in a National As-
sembly convoked by the Executi.
ve for an Extraordinary Session.
The Presidential Message stat.
ng the reasons for the Extraordi-
nary Session being convoked was
read in the Senate by Cabinet Mi-
listers Joseph D. Charles in the
Senate, and Alphonse Racine in
he Lower' House.
The speech was accompanied
by a project of a law to revise Ar.
icle 22 of the electoral law of
uly 21st 1954, and revision of
he law of October 8th, 1954.
A Special Senate Commission
or study of the project was ap.
pointed, .composed of Senators St.
Lot, Pereira and Loubou.
In the lover house the project
received a unanimous vote after
discussionss and interventions by
deputies Bright and Jean.
The revisions were proposed to
omIlete the precisions concern-
ig the matter of candidates to
elective functions, and the for-
malities to be fulfilled. No provi-
ion had been included in Article
I of the 1954 law as to the case
f candidates for the Presidency.
With the revision the Presiden-
y has been included in the pre|

Scisions for candidacy to elective
functions and declarations maybe
made either at the Greffe, of the
Civil Tribunals, or at tile Gref-
fe' of the Justice of Peace of the

*Chef-lieuw of the Arrondisse-
ments or of the 'Communes.
which formerly only provided for
the function of Senator, Deputy
or Mayor.


On Sale at all The Best Groceries.


PAGE 16 ._

L'Hypothise de Rivet est-elle fondue?:


/gundamy, October 21St 1953 HAITI SUN ______-


l i
A pre
A jubilant Antoine Herard re- was left A" the artist of Bicente ,.. .vere most revealing,- Mr. Herard 1 the administration.. be:

aised j --
phi- ke
the ed
he ed
her the
g to cei
Id a clu
mine t
minute u
He- tri
the th
the aft
was w
that "'
g di- h

Why should youth buy your toys
at retail prices when SEARS
fering you all kinds of 'toys and
household articles which you
iwill-need for the Christmas sea-

NY is repre-.rted in Haiti by 13y invited to make a visit to the
PORATION, S.A., Franck W. ,RATION, S.A., situated at Rue
Wilson, President. des Casernes. There you will
In buying from SEARS ROE- find a well-trained and courte-
BUCK & COMPANY, you may ous "personnel at your disposal
the same price wholesale- or in in the choice of your orders, and.
detail. a most cordial welcome is rc-
Therefore, you .all are cordial- served for 'you.

turned from a visit to Des- nial famr. She could move her stated. They pronounced her Antoine Herard highly pru
chapelles' Aroert Schweitzer Hos- a-ins. her face had filled out, and lungs to be in a perfectly healthy Dr. Mellon. He said that the
pital, Wednesday, after leaving she shoved signs of a ravenous state. In fact it was found that lanthropist is constantly at
the beside of a transformed Lu- appetite. Extended on her com- she had never at any time been bedside of the patient. It is
mane -Casimir. 'I friable hospital bed she sang tubercular., who personally supervises
.C'est le miracle d3 la chance with renewed gaiety and happi- They are continuing the analy- diet and medicines, arranging
mis au service ,de la philantro- n.-! in a voice more pure than sis and Lumane will be given a be present when she takes
phie, the Radio Port-aw-Prince '-..r .-ljir.pie, to determine if she is meals, and is on hand to add
Director told the .Sun. inii an in- "W.oiking rapidly the specialists suffering from other ailments, drop or two more in her vitan
leri-view on Thursday morning. established the diagnosis: .Lu- apart from the IkLupus- already dosages or make some last mi
Just one week to the day before! pus., a grave nerve and skin ma- diagnosed, change for the better. Mr.
he had driven the woman he fear- lady. Treatment was bcgun with It is too early to determine the rard said he had never seen
ed to be almost beyond human the aid of the Cortisone drags and length of time that Lumane will devotion, and the morale of
aid the long distance from Port- with Hforr, nes. Numerous analy- have to remain at the Albert singer has soared since she
au-Prince to Deschapelles in the sis were made. Her systein has Schweitzer Hospital, Mr. Herard hospitalized, and the fact
Arthonite region. Dr. Larimer in an incredibly short time, res- informed. A special arrangement she is declared free of a lung
Mellon and his specialists had ponded to the treatment. at $6:00 per day or $180 00 per seas has helped her fight.
tendered willing hands to what -The. doctors made X-rays that month has been concluded with I M. Herard, in giving this

0.0 -`e 5-I

Everybody to UNIVERSAL
des Casernes. Claim youth Christ
mas Catalog for 1956. You have
until November 12th .to place
vorr orders -to be sure of receiv-
ing the items in time for Christ-
Phone: 3068-3350--3081--4223


urging news to the public, ex-
essed his hope that generous
nors will continue to send in.
eir contributions which are of
ecious aid. It may take months
fore Lumane can he released
mrn the hospital. Funds must be
pt up for the expenses involv-
* for hospitalization.
Upon leaving the hospital, and
e specialized care she is re-
iving, Lumane must be rehabi-
ated, Mr. Herard stated in con-
ision. Suitable lodgings and bet-
* living conditions must be pro-
red' for her. In asking that con-
bouTons be continued, he said
it if there should be a surplus
er expenses have, been met, it
would be used to assure a better,
e for the artist.


150th Anniversary


National commemoration e3-
re.monies were observed Wed-
nesday, October 17th on the
nccasion of the 150th anniversa-
ry of Hero of the Independence
Jeai-Jacques Dessalines, Emper-
or of Haiti. '
With the Haitian flag floating
at half-mast on all public edifi-
ces. the day was opened with
high mass and Celi.gious rites
throughout the country.
Impressive, ceremonies held
in Port-au-Prince's Basilique de
Notre Dame at 8:30 A.M. were
attended by President Paul E
Magloire, members of his Mi-
nisterial Cabinet and represent
ties from .all Govermnental De-
rqrtments. Delegations from pu-
blice and private scholastic es-
tablishments, ard foreign mis-
sions in Haiti were also in at-
tendance. -
&overed by the Haitian b-co-
lors, the symbolic catafalque
during services at' the Cathedral
was guarded by six officers of
the Armee d'Haiti.
Following the religious servi-
ces, the President headed La pa--
triotic pilgrimage to Pont-Rouge,
the spot where Dessalines was
assassinated in a surprise attack
by his enemies as 'he was about
to enter the Capital. President
Magloire placed a floral offer-
ing at the Pont-Rouge monu-
ment in hommage -to the great
The official cortege then'mov-
ed to the Place de l'Ind6pendan-
ce where the President placed
a wreath' at the c.Mausolde de
Dessalines et d-e PP6ion.v
At noon broadcasts of messa-
ges qf hommage over La Voix
de Ii. R.publique d'Haiti were
mad.? by Secretary of State for
't'- Interior and by the Adjud
ant General of the Armee d'Hai-'
ti. closing'with the National An-
them eLa Dcssalinienne.a


Todav 3:00 P.M. Don Wislow
5-7-9:00 P.M. Napoleon

Mn.-dy 6:00 P.M. Un
-aill A Paris


Tuesday 6-8:15 P.M. Napoleon

Wednesday 6-8:15 P.M. L'Enfer
au Dessous de Z6ro

Thursday 6-8:15 P.M. Napoleonr

Friday 6-8:15 P.M. Napoleon

Saturday 5-7-9:00 P.M. oion Wis-

Sunday 3:00 P.M Don Wislow
5-7-9:00 P.M. La Veuye Jo-


HAITI SUNSay," October 21St 195'
_____ : ______ HAITI SUN ______ __S-.ii.a,:a, October 21St 1956

Celestin, Dr. Herv' Boyer, Ghis-
laine Gouraige, Mr. and Mrs. R6my
Bastien, Max Nazon, Dr. Carache
Jerome, Dr. Lucien Leconte, Karl
Tippenhaier, Alcide Edouard and
Miss R. Sam.
Dr. Louis (Routo) Roy flew to
New York this week, and is expec-
ted to return in a week's time with
wife Mickey who has been vacatio-
ning in the big ci1 for a month

Mr. William G. Hopkins, Jr. of
the Girard Trust Corn Exchange
Bank of PhbIadelphia who has been
visiting Central and South Ameri-
can countries arrived here, Tues-

will study chemistry.. The Villard
youngsters are seeking knowledge
throughout the world. Robert is in
Spain studying medicine, and Jean
is in Puerto Rico taking Business

day. on the last leg of his inform- Administration.
ative trip. x x
Vice-Consul of Sweden in Aux .In town last week from Jeremie,
Cayes, Bertrand Bourgeois, also the new Prefet, also Roger Boncy.
Sinclair Representative, was in the *ancien Prefet. who is a can-
town on business' last week and didate. for the Senate.

and other popular brands'..

S1. Sensation Bazar-Emile M aximillen'--77 Rue des Miracle
2 Magasins de I'EtatW-

-' p' A I c
* -,.' .*.. ir* '. ..*'- ",i"L' ,. p.. .:

I, ~

-IaJ'r 5
j: '~,

* 'S :-*

. \"

- ,I~i
.~, V.


'nade a courtesy call at the offices, Edmond Pierre of the well was held at the baptismal font
J% of the 'Sun.. known Aux Cayes firm 'Wiener & by Dr. Gerard Maglio,' and Mrs.
-" ist. Dr. Marcel Poumailloux, spoke "end. It is reported that Mr. Pierre on Sunday, Oct 14th.
.. ')c-fore a large audience of doctors .va, here arranging details of the Miss Maud Papillon and Ge-
pi rStuidents at the French Instit-' Dairy Cooperative which will nmke rard E. Angrand were matried
ate on Tuesday evening. A deleg- h' area the fairyland of the Rep last evening at Eglise Sacre Coeur
ji te of the Confederation of FrenchI u;)ic. Oftf tlie record, the cooper de Turgeau:
Medical S.ndicates, he attended '.c prospecis are for S2,000 t) A girl called "Edwidge. is the
S..' .he October 9th to 15th General halfa-million dollars of dairy pro new pride and joy at the home
~d Vs-mbly of the World Medical As (ducts a year which would be about of Mr. and Mrsr.- Max Pierre-Louis.
0 ^ -/G^ ''C r~n U^^^ ociation held in Cuba. 'taf of Haiti's annual imports. The little Mis put in an-appea.
Dr P.11-I^C, W10t d1 ednesdq.v, Engineer Jackie ranee on October 5th.
S' Dr Poumailcu: who stopped Auguste, working with TAMS i. ini SEWING AND DRESS-DE.
'The announcement of the enga- Doris Osborne observed her Haiti before going to the Congress New York celebrated his birth-. SIGNING COURSES (By Acade-
gement of charming Lycee Ant6n- birthday, Tuesday evening, with a contacted several prominent Haiti.day. mie Daydou de Paris Graduafe)
or Firmin schoolmarm MissJacque- dinner party at her home in P6tion an doctors and arrangements were Invitations were issued by Me. Classes 3 tiuies per week-Morn
line Fils-Aim6 and Erwin Berthold Ville. Her Major hubby reporte'l- made ftor him to return to Haiti Antoine Telemaque Mr. and Mrs ing 9 :o 12-Afternoon 5' to. 7
was officially announced at a re- ly gavn her a Senbee. In ma!: feur lectures here after Nelation Caniull., Mrs. Berthe' Special Children's classes Stur-
ception at the Fils-Aim6 home in A:\. Gco'rze L.enii, the former the closing of the Congress. His Tracy Bouchereau and Mr. and day. Foreign tude cts may recei-
Bois Verna last Saturday evening. (ldwi-.e Fouchard, observed hlr 'cctur'cs will be delivered at the M's. Marc Abraham for the Octo- ve L'pranat'oii, in English and
Beauteous Janine Annoual, daught. ?lsL jlri-,y Wednesluy evening Freich fn:tilute and .t the Am- b ,.er'.3st wedding of thir grand Creole. Apply Miss Marie-Jose
er of garage-industrial Iren6 An-. t a dinner party at t 6te de Tre ".''t-tr of the' Faculty of" Me- daughter, daughter, son and ne Po- Conr Ave. John
nual is engaged to Yves Poitevien, Cine r'Eaud. S s e i phew, Denise and Ali.. The bride Brown and 2rd Impasse Lavaud.
Eldest of Colonel and Mrs. Cons- Cindy Stokes becomes a teenage. Landre Turner, a relative of groom 'elect will receive the Tel. 4270 "
taut Poitevien's sons. er today as she celebrates, at her George Washington, the first U.S. Nuptial Benediction at 6:30 P.M. Big Bargain
Albert (Bob) Hraux, Chief Ac- home in Petion-Ville, her thirteen- President is stopping here at the at Sacred Heart Church. FOR SALE
countant of SCISP became one th birthday, hotel Mon Rave. Leonard Turner,. Dr. J. Lacombe is in the U.S. Brand new. four burners gas
year older on October 17th. Miss Jacqueline Dartiguienave is relation to George Washington co- lor specialized studies in Labora- stove wlth oven and broiler. In-
_ A reception in honor of U.S. Em home with the family at Lalue I mes in a direct line from her great story technique and Public H-y- (uirle at Rue 3, next to Mine. De-
bassy Counselor Paul Barringer from four years in Canada. rioi- great grandfather who was Geor- giene. niz"s residence or enquire -Haiti
was given.by Haitian Embassy Se- nally from Anse-A-Veau, she is the pe's brother. Leonare is being Baby Roberto Niclas Vitiello Sun'
etetary Yves Auguste last Monday granddaughter of former President shown the town by the Stephens of --.- .._................
evening. The 'sept & neuf which Dartiguenave. Lalue. ,X THE BEST
took piace in the Pacot residence Dr. V.E. Chancy of the Schweit- Guy Villard, son of Minister of ----- .. -
of Colonel and Mrs. Leon Cantave zer Hospital staff at Deschapelles Health and Mrs. Elie Villard, was---- -"
was attended by Mr. John P. Hoo- was in town last week-end, looking given a family farewell at Bowen ,
ve-, Point IV Director, Dr. and for a'school teacher. Field, Sunday morning when he w "t
Mrs. Athndmna Rallarirva .,-Mrtinli nmnlantfrI fnr formanv where ho I ,aAJ',i

Sunday, October 21St 1956 HAITI SUN, PAGE 19

* sq


Twvo English diplomats arrived Dr. Fred Soper, Head of the Pan
il port last week-end. They are American Sanitary Bureau, Dr.
Mr. Robin Andren Carpes and Rein and Dr. James Dwinell arriv-
Mr. A. Wallick. ed yesterday to attend the Trepo-
American Architect Chester nematosis Congress, 'and are stop-
Nelson Wentworth returned last ping at Castelhaiti Hotel.
Wednesday after a trip to Wash- x x
ington for a confab with State Among the guests at the Castel-
Department Officials. Mr. Went- haiti are Dr. John Craig, Dr. Louis
worth heads the construction of Caicido, and Dr. Grant of the Wa-
the new American Embassy shington office of the Pan Ameri-
bui'ding goiia up in the Ci'e de can Sanitary Bureau.
I''xpiii.inn. x x x
Among the courtesy calls ma- Mr. and Mrs. Qeorges Merceron
de at the week was that of Mr. Gabard rine. on October 12th. The lovely
I Qacana Th., Thcnontnr nf f-ho

where he obtained his diploma in
Social Sciences. He has .travelled
in Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Uni-
ted States, the Dominican Repub-
lic and Cuba.
The young author was a student
at Ecole des Frires de l'Instuc-
tion Chr6tienne, and Lyce Tertu-
lien Guilbaud of Port-de-Paix, his
native town.
The 24-year-old student who is
scheduled to leave shortly to pur-
sue his studies in sociology in Eu-
rope, is also the author of the
book -Les Titans de 1804.z
His latest work Clerg6 Indig6-

Mrs. Harold Harp from Sherman, Ex-President Elie Lescot (19- -I I[:re.. ... .......... IC maman. is the former Rita Bar- ne- a controversial study of the
d p f S E Administration General des Con-
Texas, arrived in Port-au-Prince 41.1946) is expected on tomor- tributions armounced that he will rau. 1860 Concordat has found success
this week to spend several days row's Panama Liner, S. S. qcCris- run foray seat .in the Senate in x x x in the leading bookstores of the
with ber husband, Engineer Ha- tobal.,> The former Chief of Sta-' the coming National Elections Architect and Mrs. Hubert Eth' Capital and in the Provinces.
rold Harp, who has been here for te, his wife and daughter Elyane xx heart returned Friday from Miami, x x x
several months handling special boarded the steamer 'at New Mrs. Maurije Liaultaud wile of Mr. Etheart attended the Archit- Out of the 96 passengers travel-
repairs in the Port-au-Prince pow- York Thursday, on their return the Haitian Consul in Nassau is ects -Congress in Mexico and his ling aboard the Panama Liner SS.
er plant for Compagnie d'Eclairage home after ten years in Canada rallying after a grave illness which wife visited with the Philippe -Cristobal. 37 will disembark in
Electrlque. and France.
Electrique. Hap spent several days in The Lescot amily, it is po required hospitalization early last Cham. Port au Prince Monday morning
Mrs. Harp spent several days in Miami bound today is J-Claude at 7:00 o'clock. They are: Miss Li-
Miami visiting friends before corn ted will settle down in their na- week. Consul Liautaud flew in o.
Miamiing frindbefre cv tive Port-au-Pail, after spending from his post to be at her side. lianne Alxandte, Mrs. Andr6e Al-
ing to Port-au-Prince. She has visit-. ortaua n e pis Liautaud is the former Car X x x phone, Mrs. Maria Dietz, Mrs. El-
ed ait seera ties n te pst veraI days in the Capital. Mrs. Liautaud is the former Car- .. .. ..
ed Haiti several, times in the past a Sylvestre Lucien Montas, Chief EMitor of vire Ducasse, Mrs. Lucie Dupuy,
and is happy to be back here where- n S Le Nouvelliste. returned from Mr. William Frazer, Miss Maybelle
she i hasp mad be many f ee hriends Cati Potve ofteHiin Sae
LiutnatJoep.t.nn the States f ha Cuba on Thursday Fullerton, Miss Evelyne Gdrard,
she has made many friends. Lieutenant Joseph Etiene of Captain Poitevien of the Haitian afternoon. Mr. Montas represented Mrs. Stanley Grason, Miss Lilian-
Henry Wheless, Chief Engineerl tihe Haitian Air Force left Sun- Coast Guard left for England last Haiti at a Seminar on Journalism ne Hall, Michel Jean-Joseph, Mrs.
Henry Wheless Chieday for San Juan. He was accom riay on a scholarship where hea Clt ,. _lmia n_ ... e H..an M..h. noM.a Mrs.
of Reynolds Mining at Miragoane, paid by his wife will make specialized studies at:by the Colmba Umerican Press Ity sponsortitute,.d Eleane Lescot, Mrs. EliJohnson, Mr. anne Lesot,
flew to Jamaica, Tuesday to spend x x x Oxford University.by the 'Ameican Press InstituteI. E ie Lescot, Mrs. Elianne Lescot,
a week visiting his company's ins- Besides New York, he visited Brat- Mrs. William Ludecke, Miss Anne
tallations there. M- Ross Pierre-Lois, Ma- Dr. Schwartz, noted Professor of tleboro in the Vermont, Madison Marie Michel, Mr. and Mrs. Mario
s XhXrnager-of PrM .. i (Wisconsin), Chicago and Buffalo Montreifl, Dr. and ;Ars. Jesse My-
x x x nager-of Hotel Plaza, returned Psychiatry at Ann Harbor Univer-:w lo o oe an nw r, Dr Spn cer Mes.
Armand Klang, of Tabac Comme from New YorkJast week. sity in Michigan arrived from De- where he looked over leading .ews e Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Myers,
II Faut, returned Sunday from a x x x troit yesterday. He was presented papers and magazines. Theophild, James Noel, Mr. and
month in Paris where he attended Mr. and Mrs. Alix Fombrun are to his Haitian colleagues by Dr. xx x Mrs. Stapley Northrop, Joseph
sessions of the Supreme Council back from their vacation in San Louis Mars who has arranged for Joe Chalom flies to New York Pierre-Louis, Mr. and Mrs .Preetz-
of French Abroad. Mr. Klang is Juan. a series of lectures to be delivered today. mann Aggerholm, Emmanuel Pro-
the head of the organization in by the eminent visitor on mental x x xx. phete, Claude Rigaud, Miss C16-
Haiti which is made up of 45 de- Paulette and Fritz Anson got diseases. -. Lawyer Milton Polokoff ends an- ce Seran, Mr. and Mrs. Antoi-
legates throughout the world, back from bthe'U.S. Tuesday. x x x other visit to.the bo Lele today ne Soray, Mr. and Mrs. Ab6lard'
They held their Confab in the Fa x x X Dr. Jacques P. Fouchard has just when he PAA-s to New York Soray, Miss Claire Vilain.
Tulte .dele thirConeo itinens in-1 .-.. -_ I .- .. l X X F e x X h

Paris. The important personages
who addressed the group were
President of the -Republic, Ren6
Coty and President of the Suez
Canal Company, Charlie'Roux. Mrs
Klang is returning to Haiti by a
Hambourg-America Line freighter.
Mrs. Lyonel Paquin returned
home from Europe Wednesday.
Mrs. Vve Alfred Vieux and Mrs
Jean Fouchard returned from Eu-
rope this week-end after a stop off
in Washington to see the Guy Dou-
yons and Claudinette Fouchard.
Mrs. Edmond Gornail PAA-ed to
Miami Monday on one-month vaca-
tion. .
Last evening at St Pierre in Pe-
tion Ville, Clara Williams and Au-
guste Guerin were joined in holy
Mrs. Raymond D'Adesky, accom
panied by daughter Chantal is off
to the States to visit her sister Mrs
de la Place in New York and son
Dr. Mondy in Market, Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Birmingh-
am flew to Kingston Jamaica Thurs
Belgium Consul and city 'horn-
me d'affaires. George Naudd flew
to Caracas Tuesday.

/ 0



niJle nenecnamoers was nere at
the VJlla Creole this past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Shibly Talamas ar-
rived obamne Sunday. Shibly is busy
showing -wife Frances Haiti.
Dr. Samant, delegate of the Was
hington Public Health Division, to
the Treponematosis Congress arri-
ved this week and. is lodged at
Hote J Castelhaiti.
Robert Menos is flying to Miami

A young couple who have thrown
are quietly absorbing Haiti in three
--, ; .- l ^- c-. ... -r -nd *ff

complete d our years at mte Bei- XAA e I M t
levue Medical Center of New York Publicity Expert Irwin Robinson Marie Jose Laham is the -new
and was awarded his diploma in 's in ton on business. He returns addition to the Joseph Laham fa-
surgery. mto Manhattan today, ily The seven and a half pound
xxx xxx baby arrived Thursday evening at
Mr. Victor Assali and wife Olga lMrs. Nadim A1-Khal and Antoine Canap6 Vert hospital.
returned from the States via Sin Salim Joseph left Friday. by PAA x x x
Juan this week. for New York and Minniapolis to Mrs. Marcel Bertin galr.e birth
visit sisters Claudette and Nijmeh to a seven pound boy at- CanapA
X X.X -
M-r. and Mrs. Hugerford of Hol- in school. They will return via Mla Vert Thursday evening.
lywood are vacationing here'at the mi where they will spend a two x xx
Castelhaiti. week vacation. Martin Lowe, Foreign Field
SXx xx Sales Supervisor of Bostitel,
Mrs. George Naud is going to Lcuis Dejoie is reported flying Inc., the company that .keeps
he States by the New York clipper to Miami on the 22nd. the world stuck together- .with
he "___teNe _Yr ecl Geo. MQurra is ff to New York staples, arrived here l .&sday
today, from Kingston.
x x x x II a visit to the .Sun. on .Fr-
The *Cercle de Danse, a fresh day morning, Mr. Lowe discl6s-
and young folklore group has sign- ed that he. was in Haiti to hIap
ed a contract with a Canadian hot- a sales and promotion program
el for one year. The artists will tO acquaint comrherce and in-
fly to Montreal at the end of the di'stry with the line of products
month- which service over 1500 differ-
X X x ent industries in 50 countries.
Last Thursday Oct6ber 18th, Co The Company's" headquarters
'onel Stephane Woolley, Command are located in Westerly, Rhode
wr of the Militapy Department of Tsland.
'he National Palace, was feted by Famed painter of parisien'
." ,,his numerous civil and military scenes Mademoiselle Tabarg is
,'. .- "' '^ friends in the BRond Point in the expected on the S.S. Aineon-D
;,. occasion of his birthday anniversa- October 29th. She will spend
*:' -. i ^ry. President Magloire dropped in winter in Haiti as the house
on the party which was in high _guest of Madame Nouehe Dege-
spiroid wth the back d uasnd high ner at her new house at St Ge-
spirits with the Jazz des Casernes rard. during her recent trip to
providing the background music. the U.S. Noucbh persuaded the
xx xIxartist to come here to put the
S Gdrard Gayot, of Port-d-Paix and beauties of Haiti on canvas.
a off the mantle of -Tourist, and author of the recently published Melle. Tabarg was a guest of
weeks headquartered at the Cost- book 'Clerge6 Indigine, is a grad- the Pierre-Noel artist team in-
ch i,,i h qartein e d 'tte nf the University of Montreal Washington. I

her's Hotel Ulo0tson are ir. an tuU nl.a. .cwin ,-a..B,-
Sherwin who covers lhe Pentagon (The Military Grand Central) for
-Time. magazine visited Haiti on vacation two years ago and became
interested. So interested in fact that when he wed pretty fellow Staff-
er Liz in Wayne, Pennsylvania, October 6th, the first Haiti-bound clip-
per had them aboard as honeymooners. I
Mrs. Badger who works on the National Affairs section of Time ma-
gazine shares her husband's interest in the arts and just plain people.

* lfl l.I Ml% Il -, -S---- oo o

We think you'll agree with us in feeling that some of life's most
nmrmorahle meals have been the simplest ones. ,
H-Wr't thertc been times ,lien you'd trade a seven course dinner
,in a plush restaurant for a- platter of Limburger sandwiches and bottles
of cold beer shared with friends in a cool garden?
Among the more complicated dishes on the menu at
You'll find many simple items that make wonderful taste combinations.
If you're an extremist you can order a -Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread,
underneath that traditional -Bough,.
Vour choice is..more likely to be ham and eggs and a cup of steaming
-offee -your pick of a variety of cheese sandwiches and beer- garlic
hread urnd a big -reen salad smnlrpd s nlmon and chilled white wine.
Open 24 hours a day


i. I nAU1. MAKnI

Sunday, October 21St 1956



. -


i .(Continued on page 1) I
(Continued on page 1) take dranapin pill along' with
them to the show. I
post, our cabin started to race, from the smashed cabin lay the Was joined here yesterday at the'
aid Herzig who is one of the body of technician Hsrzig. Bach- El Rancho by Associate Direct-
technicians who installed the mann returned and carried the or Bardep Mace will cover the
system and was the third mem- unconscious Meicr to his car and local sceiie in tw'o days and
ber in -our z:abin, immediately drove to the city, arriving check its worth as a location for
'ooked down to see if the other around 7:00 P.M. shooting the Caribbean section
cabin was alsp speeding. When of the film. il
he saw that it' was not, 'he climb- i The recently completed indus- Bill 16ks' young for a film
Ad out onto the top of 'the cabin trial Teleplieric system was director who started out ten
without a word of comment. And built for the transportation of years ago film making with the
that, "said Bachmann*, is all 11 timber 'over 26 kilometers from famous Louis de RochemontI
remembered 'til I woke utip at th2 Fordt des Pins.to Ganthiers. who originated the lhTarch /of
the station at the bottom of the 30 miles from Port-au-Prince Time; and made such box office
Telepheric. was scheduled to be inaugural- ,hits as cdHouse on 92nd Street+.
'ted this past wcek-and was built by <,Bdom-rang;, <.Lost Bounda-
Bruised and bloody, Bachmann the Cable Lasso Company of rie? aid managed to crawl ort of the Basle, Switzraniidl f)r the Sha- i-11 ha" been director of,'the sic-
bent-up steel-frame cabin whli cih ce-r.ful New York T.V. show
has two seats f.acingZ each oth',r, .Hit Parade> for the past six
and awooden floor through Berna'.cl I -;ssel was the bet- years, aid signed in June with
which one of his feet smashed. ter known of the three boys who Prodrcer De Bocliemont to do
\Vith the assistanc3'oi the SHA- dic-d becaVs? of his contact with this Cinemiraclc Film.
DA machiiie dr-ivr who was the public as the expert Watch- p
w o r k i n g the Telepherique. maker of La Belle Creole for A[r De lac-hemont is present-
Bachmann dragged the uncons- ]tvo y-?ar;. The news that he is lv in Jorway securing ship aid
cious Meier from the cabin. It an only son has brought many crew to make the winter passage,
was only thn that he remembe- messages of ,sympathy and co1- across th? Atlantic to arrive|
red the others, hlie recalled. To doleances to the management of next year in Haiti sailing via
his inquiries. the SHADA oner- the large downtown denartment-I thp ITndri Islandsr

Sator replied that ha *had seen store.
the other cable car -fall aLter J The small passenger cabins Producer Bill who is refresh-
hey had over taken it and 'ride the main cable on two migly unhollywood in his ap-'
knocked it off the cable 'small wheels and have a traction proach to film making and sol
cable which draws them up and also Isincere about, the greatness of
Stumbling oftf in search of his acts as a brak? on the descent. Cinemiracle. Your 'Reporter has
friends, Bachmann found that A tooth -like clamp grips the trac passed on the word to local mo-
the cabin had fallen head-first tio" cable and it is -this gadget vie interests to commence mak-
onto the dry-river bed and that apparently failed to fune- ing a screen to fit the film it
taken its two occupants to a tion properly or was not closed, measures 95 X 35 feet.


is your




,.; .. ** .. '..'.. .
r Or

'*< *. 1 ^'" + I *:* ?'i

Ta -, S cal onh.'d-T.ip;

(EST) i00 am1 xc Fare r
. 2:04 pm HAVANA

.!CST) 4:27 pm

Dtr.cI connections of New Orleans for
Iv.a Delia and AJil'.an AIni.n, nlOia chong,, ie'rC)

Phone: 3313
i Jos. Nadal & Co. B'dg.
Jos. Nodal & Co, General Agents
or see your Travel Agent

30 day l;mil, round-trip
ixcusion faoje good all -ear




- I

~5. -



S.. -


If T

% a

'.. d

*. -. ;.


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