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Haiti sun
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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.............S-C HP TR :S "'....>:k +- ,..." '

-Fe"ture, Of Haiti's

Minite evieux gives CUB WOOS

Fou ba eses

i';.To theun tun ofu~a a a: "h Cht'
with~se asipl gentl ripkuseo am o;en -beatiei m

.~y thofm
Sertr o ",: Stat for .. ........ the Cuba deleaino toor tnhthe AS-heva nuaorve ouhe.deehh beor .he xnena !i"

-ce,- .ra-ck .....ux undder whoseie ta h:teehn;: orro a te o

bueari z falls an he Touis Of- Accrdng to:ht ae c rave $xpti Th ge-oe-ogt btt :. .
wase madenc the inugra soppany ptttin isn;, the'n newos easy goig...

The 26 members the erhe Cuba attde ousd yer Uncl arn '
R grup ,o~jjt wit theie ownenl
'wecoin t neSouhas~ed ChapPt-!em io6ty h sa ednyi

orcesra wer strig the77
er of ASTA delegates, to Haiti. to ackteporm-ih> og
ramart ofHiin'o35nFr-'h,

11inste Deieu~sai:' istof ffi( rc~pi, rid

men an th ata epe ut urn hi ord/ ie

aVost~ coia Portom to the ~ e OnFia morning thepbfl CubSU A4 an t5

Mix~~istea the~u gives V1J4 We
delegatio hadres ASTAnte PrER

_g I dent Magl~~~ire witha ofe-'te'hoteattC'i
cr~~~~yr osp~~fr o~rtecbal Cuba~in toa-,ad a
number fro hex Unitd Stahs (TA) Alliedio egnrlavilyo SA;C .Hl (t eesbrsec, h,
.aswel~a from there forienl'Fa) rsdnto h otes hatr nescea ff S t e Sotna~at e
cones ofe ',tIribguan o omec Aleaih tOnir cMnime~u 1omc~ Frnc thviux 1-stio "
FF~~Tbe presence in the, group- deofuaovi5
n-enuali coe nto o the yershsC ap e h .t-l -A1
of the Cuban Touris Coiems vevrn 10 n''ti~~p
~~iiiot andd Manny Far 1peplesidentA
< feceie h~iei of ofr Tour gnad a~s~ top eSik
~o fi S' NO ;EXCUS USTa The TRUTHto f 1ec~wnln rmi mdember i Florid an Cubo, ate-
Jg etontfte United State tesA)s tolie thewr~ seriousnes offATA Cuba' ke ui~ 'Si ?eterb.,

'wic eprsnsa extremes ee efforts to bring ths STA. dee
i~ge syJtc P&id marketa for Pttourismcet te
not nlybedueitU1 tan Your- visit to Haiti is the concern. of th~e niation froim th ...-
5~~~A~~i eadsdedo tha 1h4~~th

Palas Naio nal iv Ph ort P ince to iade Laith
duce yoni Po tis is i
Uilonn of~eJ~o Amercas rerome other the realaft.j tetnCo-eJy~
1in the oriljinto th~e ofmeth naTi-isulued> ign te mon-!rad hniaVi
thiro Kac~s les Yourn preeceou aowdfaul scin fta- o
ndivi~~~u~~zing~~Wil ofin the eSituation ma i 1lttepronllx
elraion n t ade asHiigesntil bfr h se or
hav toerismking jto dependt the oucmeriof teurocs. oor9o-o h ot:euiu'

es 2ou Thel nw,i hvenhe thd dprtunsy which youatfrtCbaideetnAh
thNer he i of th is Rgi e prugh c' croe otafic, edca ional epand Chla afaPrfth a
cul~~D~mnqe1,Jotuarebgl ude Yothel tcha gidanc yofr ngisth corn fo the has~on Ojher benArtt~
duct~ eo sel an asel Arave care:ke- D MIN
Tragedy stucethflml~T ection, tht ay ealize you a tome nnoaceis th ra el of-pasre- Mit 4un Raulake Luirg h 'r.
'Mr ad rs lll ~on urin ete riant rparte n f t tuheato' uthe e beoremen~g~r at~ and thee 9.egu-omitesf thi
sutheir thi agrasoes ldae verin recheon and~i fatttlesso cubaiy and the"
lY' sn an~1wa whn s~u4ounoicethtth i yur at ted lhtl fine afte a ist o heCiadl
seeints. ute dun you ~, Mite el~eaet yhoue tt or kenhataizn theATJE AEN1NI tn nd'lb

p ndso o heppmnetPot-usdin othe sordea Du tin es orcn Occatibeone the U..hie ur acomdtos RIDEic,'- arid,
etitly ~ ~ i goetouri~ drctywsm willujustby tdpcnmpany putnoimte oen nethial be TiiitOfc isces lie~f ood~ ~
r eating h~n1)and wau s-tpinssehos nst appartl iace icli-materind o srvcice Cubn of Faesiah theoort- Folloin-Miisr.fC
*th~~ ~ theertea uti anyi of~ outes just foumbe you4 eareer to ey-wtns tom ndi
Dan a Wrji~~ds the appenlydirgbohty istanfrmn Por~at y-1o rince ietoal prsetdPercho 'Gsa nd. atan consu ?higdres coui 3Isom f
ce f 0 o ~0 etrs ro tetyoeofis our pHavanc, ishertoa downain bye thei' wouaift ateario wereikm~x~~iey
b~d wen deny is ri2d Ths. gpin d renchs~aes, arngs dirt munds whc youtayI sat frstCua ~elegatio ae pdpl Dr Migue ,_
curd im- alE'-g t~z h~i contslaver ankeyesr n which kn case da sipee in thr ue ea ro~t he A n Etenze D~s hireco of ,p
th whhyea iIogthi oigoe s o frcar gitrde rug cnrioded affi the e expained To la caffir ofteCbnSae (oniudo a 4
( of(~ er Frppge) beac uiRu -j r d

at Ihe Studio of
'(Ecole Antoihe de ,Paris)
Located at Chemin-des-Dalles
(near Petit Four) ,
Assisted by:
MIdame Darothy Richard, Spe.
handling every type and lass

SUN D A Y, MAY 6th, 1956 (HAITI SUN) _

eC:oniimdfrom page..
ing that something was wrong
wll~th bygo M. au H~aiti played host this week to businessmen and tuib:
with the boy, got Mr. Paul Alson n te ii f emn
toend to the Miami a4 Miami of the main sellingg po
togptoth rsCe r~ils o rBeach Busiessmen's delegation the grup is the advatgs
boat. which was sidetracked from its: mi..L over N~ewYorkfo
The motor boat would not start Lt A le tour bte Sun
~r mi nutes and. .... .......
for several iue n when a ~ese
they finally. reached ihe spot Nine of the seventeen business-
where young Domnique ~ipd go, ~ men oha the tour stopped off here tion's itinerary lU
4 down he could not be me and presented the golden Key to Por-au-Prince t Cara
diaely loted. With the use of the City of Miami to Preident 6; Caracas
a glass bottomned box his by4 Maglore on behalf of the mayor Mrcab' BanqilAayc
was finally found 'after a hk ofMiami. The 'Miami Builnes
-hour se-uci Caiavan> is traveling through t. nzls ay1;Mfi~
All attempts at airtificial irespi ~.six Lti~n Amnerican countries;M !d.e I ay 7
ration on. the beach failed and' and~ Haiti, during Pbe month of de1U4ne am2,May1,
whnhe 6~d beim taken to -the M!ay and will convyerse, wit#i T4- naai-Sa JoeMa26 n
General, Hospital doctors and 'vel Agents, hoel 'mnagers, tour~ seGuatmala CiyMy2
nures worked over him for an agns. journalists, radio :and te- temala City-MimMy.2
hour to~ no avail. He was pronoun- levlsion rhen, the heads of~ edu- Oing to
ced deadl ate Sund afternoon. atonall institutions and business no 4 si +tff w abl,.
Soi~rowlng relatives and friends Mr. l eT ~dBltibs diretor of the United TFours of Miai Who mien, in order to explain the from~ all walks of life gathered hls dtictiono sending more tourists to Haiti than ani one dulties Southernz Flid~a offers press tim~e.
together at the M~ethodist Wesle 0in enii ~~to~a h aiz4Plt~ ~ itWlo
3tan Church on Monday to oay f Puerto Ric~o Tours, xnd E. G. Bern, vice-preient of Pnagra.
farewell to the well- beloved n CUBANS P Y 10MA E
youth. The enormous crowd1 at Inaura 'crQCompany RedTCross Day
te funeral included iemers of Convenion Here TOA) H1A~IIN HERO}ES
the t(lub de li ense to' The Britigh American ife, In-Crmne ~y1
whic Dnny belonged 'sho ma- siprance Comnpany, largest Insu-
tes, maenmlers of -the %-choir aai rance Company$ in the Caribb~ean~,
membJerf the G1i Gifies. opee its sales Congress in~ the Prsdent Paul E. 1Magloire
CaJJAIS pital on Friday. wilpa'ticipate~in the H~aitian
T~~afis:+ Red.+++ Crs omeoaiv ee

This year's convention,--ed x~sc~nenrtiece
D NNCN;i the. 35th 'anniversary of the Coin- mne f #y8 nte4~l
TOP AMR POWEiR pany and is attended by 59 es se~o h ain~P
('C~t ~ re~n~ivs fom theUn~dlace, in honor of the <(World Day 1
The counr beides its fiter States, Bermud1~a, Jamaica, and o h'le r~s
power.ha three B-17 Flying For- Trinidad. Mr-. Georges Perry, Di-
treses wbch onfamxTe .briig- rector of the Haitian branchi of'
Ing Geipn't er knees during the Com'pany -is attending the
Word W I-Beievd t bese meeting with three of his' sales-
cond inair st61t in Latin A- r'en
1merca is Venezuela hi ca 'Friday evening the. delegates ~
put inorb fighting craft into the attended a supper' at th~e 2El Ran-
air thavn ny of its neighbors. cho and flew Sturday morning
in ddition to its air force th to Cap-Hatienlon) a one day vi-
Dominican Reublic has 'a large sit to the Citadel. Mr. Lauren
commercial~ airline~ which fle F. Lee president of the Conmpa-
interniational- ny held the' Company's annual
banquet at the CabaneChoucou-
ne: laerSaura + +i

nHAEe Xa~ OFFra TO PARIS Pierre chauve ircor of the aitinTuistOf~,esit-
Mr. Lalier PhareaTS attch oarwymg of the wreath the ubndleai pcdontemuml
at the-Consel des- Secrtaire SALNAE ZAMR VISIS SUNto Haiti's Heroes of the Inepndne husdy
d Eat,z flew to Paris via New vPres~iet of the Chambner of
York. last' Sunday. Mr. Phre Deputies Salnave Zamor, W~iho >h c
will study' training and~ special took. the seat formierly occupied Whensou hoot
ation courses in the School of by Secretary of, Stte for Inte' Cross Receiving a gelft shipment '
riiiration of -Paris on a s j Afars d of Grber's B- fod
'~' ~ the ciim.. on T~hursday, enabling On the birthday -anniversary
us 'to congratulate, him' on his of Henri Dunant, founder ofth
MEDCALCHEKILP nw ppointmnt as president of R~ed Cross, more than 6,000 Hal-
~R flE the Chamber. tian Red Cross Ju~niors will hold
MI Erm Trorchf a, '.head of -Mr. Zamor has had a long anld a~ pulblic rally and 1j386 student
the Nursing Division of SC~ISP brilliant career,in parliamentary from 23'fll-i sc~hools will launchh
left Friday for a medical check- works and is well-known for his a campaign against erosion, one
up at the Naval Hpspital at Guan- knowledge and ability In hail- of the greatest enemies' of Haiti,
tanarna -Bay i a' n bre usl by planting q tree apiece and pro,
msing to take ewer of it during
he yer.
her of thrLigue o Societis of cm
R~ed Crss sic 63 as~ .ha'd Aeia steol i
five presdents since its found- liet opeemr
ing in 192 r 1dlh hi-ta 3'0 rsig
mant, ;Mr EdmondI ]angQnle, -ewe h .~n
Mr. Ans"< weallier, -Mr.. Cl-
ment Mag e iimdDr. Joseph
I Buteau.

The Haitidn Rled Crosg iss4ill~ TrvlAeto
helping thousands of, victims of
Hurricane Hazel, gives counrses>I '
on first aid, helps n1edy famlies
distributes toys to children andl
clothes to the poor, operates 162
canteens for more than 22,000" EA cU
IF schooI, chilldren, supplies rural
medical- centers with medicine
0 and food, contributed to the thiou-
sands of lives in the : Tel:d3451'

the so>> area during Hazel and the fol-
mfanPoe P ywig+ t 1 mrseuLeroy's Jdalest d:+rainstoim, io'i douhtanli as~iing1
Lierry(~at ; re eiw at'h' heatrel d'Hi s considerdtIi Public Health De a nint in IrBn
thegreatest thing since h~ rnslated Sophocle's Antigne ifromj th te care of 65 undened chhi~n WISUSJ!.S -'
+originalGreek to C~eole. I.,Antigone in now to be follow- of" N.+vll Toura+ne... +Chi'f of t. ...
;ed by: Shakespeares s' 1+cbeth ,jul: Crq~le. The, turning .of: Macbeths ______________ M.Eour-.Bnai,.-~rieeo
: witches into: laitian Zoibies.+ At his' 'Sunday literary meeting :at. the ~' eeayo h ata ain~ or fie
Th: ,eatre ,d'Haiti,,+ bilt j3y., Moxiseau-Leroy, the famed' Haitisn .,pet, MRS. SAVRI,' EPIS TorsOfie 30B L#e1pntin
,) :wearing daik gla'Ses; s surn ded by: Poet.George Castera Jr., whose 'PaaNwYr;hsbgiif~p

? noine and.Sen~ator Emile. St. Ld4 :!t the' table. The two ladies are Mrs,+the,. New o'"''ik+ Am ..terda New gmelt b LS +xeion;+"~
RetBlac n .++ii+++;th wifeof t+f Chayg d Afa ~ieso Cie tanding left' on+ TJUI+ daT++ jifte +" 'ees ni iyof+C',e

Gk > (RA SUN S V ND AY, MAY~ O0*, 1950

.0i RAC v was tr's First Touist
J, Y

Orn atendingthe Iner-Am

a4 deeae th Haitiane ony~re

a 4_ise' oui Shprp

anmhe -r an aibend

the to -~~mrcbgf uris shops~d andl ~
jiis P-dntrly ooUESI WS

Petep-Tical~~ri peiatcCrs at a:4u 0l dresss biZ~ t'i'h Cs

of .11hd e1h anNLY eIZ I jli oelTu

00 4iitr ter year

-the~~~ hhii inqN t h mria nv n Ml

asns sdht lesr, nevere. tos5 -seve

Ax.'ise ephsze;of'Zbr d3oaionwte &,6~ rankIF~ of Knigh1 oenoo withe Iahom 2dyImonn
FbRe ,ET roIms ,!lcis-tldlieT ,anP&B fore serats ihb~
;at ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ om the' se'tvaiurauts wirh (bath- iahos6 a~t tur
friendsex~ wila, dattin teiohVel room, i&tchen 6-ae~yr with "I s r n
e, ASNA'and, asril) Proend-deoo honor tree Telephonen' sixth corner, ~n ceo'
tero m battiroon' LITAng cal atl 1ea Ru couvecere ineteiatin-
exo thatseex<: ie

SVN DA AY_ 6th 1956 HAITI SUN, -PAGE_____

1iM ISNour coastwise shpping, iti, order there ~wil lti befie-.N,
Commui~nty Weekly Publishd Sunday Morning m~~
GEI~NTRSP(~SA~~ PUL E ~NJACsomething can b1e done alon
these lnesin Haiti.

Ths ha bein thie J s~t importnt week for, Haiti torig I thoroughly enjoyed yoaur edi
since the New Yor Chapter of ASTA brought 180 mebr tra a couzple of weeks ago on Bernard Diederich
down here last May. the tondition of ourcasa sb1-hHiti Sunv.
The Touris Office is busily 1edig the super saesmen 'of ping and nioticed a similar editr- Dear Mx. Diederich,X,
trael n, he S'dtheast U.S. thrug a~ < pake 'lal in a recent Miami Herld. I am in compete adacod
itnray'of four days in H-ait. Te Hotels are oudigeachi The UieStates evidently with your editorial lhst We
other as thesothe precious~ cogs intetuit nuty hsthe' same sort o rolem that Kosad.,des rI.: ,11
thiaeThe souvetheshsae diintei prdut exists in Hlaiti and the U.S~. Sen- e r, Safty Dvics aybeOes
to th eegtoromn the Sunshne States hoin iy 'wl aercnlaprvdaCmec cients, u : "m .
retun'hme ithplenity to talk about anid sell poetv Comittee, bill reqiing Coast spe srsosbefrms
client theie-o isendkp their Caribbean vacation 4nat Gur inpci of all vesels clet-eihri at ou
e eni t's onl to mk ot hl ucae aring' six or more passengers. nweel.
h~e Newy York Chapter, IHaiW ti AT,''i t11)~e nsOtd monthitr~

ths isiors areso da'~r to Haiti.
Ths ear's ASTA delIegation has the advantage of ejying S Acnt
mniy ne~w touristic attractions not, on p thrser latyear t4musthn' it .'pe
,prctically every hotel h~as sprouted new luxurwy rooms and a, reoibefrth vrtu -
nowfetr nixghtly entertainment. There is Haiti's only sky- Igo'h moe., e tpt-),'*
scraper 'ipte, the Castelhaiti, that opened jus rcently. TheinfotfthHte verito
scenic trip from Port au Prince to Cap EIaitian is now over wesao hsdie
a newly paved highwayr. Haiti's night life is second only to nitohesabine.
,Havana. Cap Hatian is' gttiiig set for a tourist b~oomn which,Le'.cakdwonseHk
when it gets rollig th a direct airz connection from theadrekssrir.
Statespmses o ve Port au Prince '< a~'h dilds hpe h~as held meetings in Ja-
maica, Cuba, Nasa ad Panama. The New Jersey Chapter

Diefo PeeChauvet hs statierncohese~ trips,
tha -
mrk~ &1.crease in thie amount of tourist~ business directed to
each area.*
M rwin )Rb'n 'ditor and publisher of the monthlyA- W
Cari t~id La. Aerica <> is back in
townk te"-isn ASTA gr~oup. Mr. Robin~son, hpere last
year wihYkChapter onits first meeigotielFia o Nwy .g
of the UntdSats sa old han~d at < bee'if 6 *~ime in hageofHaiti's pulicity -i he.Stts. 'Delta Ai Lts Maniager Hank1cIerea eot htksc"Iayhs01fsnTeldesvie 94
sai, F~m Ari lit de are a very inadequate subtue V ae $2 q4t
Q~ ~Wcu~nty3) Now the influDlieieb te~
,es 4 fASTA isi town sampling the country anid
wil eurn't.t4r'~e ovne htHiirnshg

Wflo you rep4~ shppn f sore
porste Ve ]t.Hat iss oing,br sin$,00,00 nt

ateron 'ol ner reF

urtd ar ith-rcns of61 comptedpa tocopeeCtrilrSas.yu
ameo pehio the et ag i uonbU.t
Acoriboas surenaet na y AiPrt Amio A~rws, aishoer
tremenos Ve vement drwi- i4e0,778 mg, a air contoscoprdi to~
13,0 idrrnta551iTe sDoivi RepubL lac oearl dobe t
touepri offrgsern 1301 'cmaeto 07 nh
sae pveiodsth n eant before,> an. Haot /ob Cateri World ~p~in~
Frairti'shetrave gon wnt e' f oo 10,590 t -13nc.
Cubar's Inenon al Airot, tRialingcto furniasshe
theendu veiprhvthets witsne Fouildmajor. an irn ar
ting firort-cleland aopn uipor adio sericney ete
prewai foreveand Na.tey uisttrlu e kyear to a-me
tie oali and most mode n airprticnth aribbansHit
eCte -ilarnaon hasiha theay arerinc ind sriig s
hrepresultive ~a is Nass~aa irheopein P
et~~~~~eerh metallurgy, and.ot~in tecashturs-raei ta ti~
Nassfeau's Wndo unde coI rcn ad wilb aale o handin bet~ re-I
tserepors whenthey g etsinto 8,000c fea e s heoce acozo~Tey nqe &*romc
tare expkecten ausew $70,0 Doga tD- etsna -bnd eing Q furnish
thetve w wich the lsasngfor ts. Fouw s jr~iewl airib y Arec
use.gtis beieeo trbt the fineoo eldp adthena tervical bewlenfe j bs~
heYand we sau b Tgin wrincl ure ackort hEastent Na

Tho t eult ohe allins sa airline to peition Whtaoutn
jet tatswillsake irecte iterattioaldflig ht possible? to ii euo oeplcrSprs.rc~nbypie
servedtl fode furom yotesir outhorzed feetila toqcommda

rayfornuse, efrtelages, fr 1967n, different in quality anft
When~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ do weE beiTRrigoAorarDE mroeint

o*'4 NEW.

A mas.erpi6cc of the Swiss WatchIndustry
o. 1 (n the buying list of every tourist visiting Haiti


................ . . .

Onco0 RO **
flito Cusn



_________HATI UN



il iI

'-OSEPH. NADAL and Co.i= ist~us Besti 1 P 4i

a Bs Meat

60, i! i _k)*mw0 K' OKAY, P AL IMiP.

-~~~~ 0AH F5TC~1
< iii. I. P riiW7 ITHTH fI6 TPZ5 ., SIRii~i71 Ai~i7= LITTLE IR i~!i Ii =Np-i:!i~ iii
ki YOU-li BU ': wo' %Y iViEi ..... 5L E WLDA 'Yo~~iiiii~iii 4 ;1! ii i17 i~i
iiio m yi D gl-R IT S R A P-P W E L P,:!I< ,< P O TV T IN6! S C O O 5 0 1;ii~ C Ai !, Q p !!- ;i / fii lii i

F~C~ A

.................k R RA SP RT60NG WG T. .. (5OVEZWGN -NO LIKE... IT5,FLYS Y5

-71N To. :1

~~14 STEPPE INTO,4 YoAI J~ OIpc A P4
= ~~~~~1 _,4VPyq V1 Ii ~i=il =ii i

I o
SAYSTSC_, NO ON3 HAS 59-: YO ME, I'v sac-N iii 7ii=]li~
NEAR SA A AH! 0 1i ii]iil ;i

Pi .ii7i 1[ li P iiil =7!

Page 10 _-_ _

e~ Wbrl.$amo Be-Lt Products Are
Solo Disiitaors f,r Haiti 179 Ave. Magloire Aiibroise (an/ape V p t,
q. MRL ROPERT FATTON .hone....8
Phoner 298

A -Y

440 Wlrll AL PAc-HT

'I c!

1 N /V O OL7/// HIMVEAe V/VIE -CO'A' IZg' N A', S -~


S U D MAY -th 1956 (HAITI MOPAG4E11 !

The Haitian peasant, barefoot and ragged, is the proud Atlas que>) had ushered the transgres- ce. But a newy customer enters, hesitates 4Iow much doy4 i
supporting the globe of Haiti's e c o n o mny. From home sor back across the aisle, cmar- and suddenly the women are ab- off er?? t
'in the mnountains, the peasant woman walks the weary miles chandise> ond all without wast- sorbed with their bartering rou- qThey arte not Do o4
to the eapital'9 market 'laces, there to sell the vegetables and ing a second. They had been ene- tine which theyeoynoh to want seve-flve enfre
fruits she and her mate have tolled to produ~ce. mies ever since. Then that day forget, at least <> (Fifteen cents)
These simple people biave the elements under pouring rain, anud walk proud1 a~n erect under ai tropical sun, wilth never daughter to the market with her, perstitlons. nmouinmw
flagging courage, so that the tables, of city dwellers may flow- as Is som(etirnes done by the mar- The women of the hills have - er'iwith fresh fruit and vegetables. iTheir'task is, ennobled by ket folk. 'Suddenly she noticed another mission to accomplish (Sixteen cents),
an awareness of their significance and they take pride in ful her sworn enemy watching the when they bring their garden' Fitine feigns loss of intLsti
filling the need of, the country. child, in a strange manier, and produce to the market-place. A the customer who strstotll
It is to tie market woman that she haF made the ((plus belles )) the families mu~st look for their electien.; for the beautiful cMa- as~ she drew,the little girl close. woman to bring to his ears all < < and she considers dame)). Ali, that looik, she had seen it be- the 4tripotage, Xgossip)) and news ty-five cejitime>>,(Svet
herself far above~ the domestic You gratefully pay the stipul- cns
staff in the wealthiest homes ated aaimttrt (which she goe ao tae-it-pr-lev> teg'
where her route may lead her. great care to eniumerate for you to her voice the cookisushr
The term commercee> elevates in Creole,) s(vigt-deux gourdesutmtm
her to a higher rank, a place of soixante centimes)> and leave the v l e o "I I commnd in the scheme of things market feeling somewhat .of a Quatre-vingt cent s Sixen
land she tolerates~ no insolence queen~, yourself, or at least Ai fore, but she would stop this tidbit 's from town wh~enshe~ r cents)'~
from~ the well-groomed butler nor member of the royal family, for before it got~ started. Puliling ,a turns to the 4~cailleb in the mnoun- the white-aproned soubrette; 3. where else on~ earth could you ac- red kerchief from hier bosom, she tains, The ,teldioh as the grape- ses rares seinaie-gai lasic
she 'will do business with <(Mada- quire go much produced --and at- tied it around the-left. armx of her. vine is known~ in H{aiti has power- tine.-
me>> onof tention. for so few gouride daughter, in protection against fulmeans.of propagation to our~ < Given he natonal rnk of (h& 7 he evil eye. This action did not still illiterate cousins in the cojun- gen- pitieD (OK~, I'm on,
bitats 4e peasants' love of~b s~p the useic pe th fei try. Through its system current. yes, my mneiy is litle), h
land i l 3y equalled by their Ring neighbor who -immediately events pass swiftly to, the fou noitrices and turns olae
prid i bn an indisensabl began to~ quarrel loudly,, corners oP >the iRepublic. Th~e < eement tE-tionapaten (('est conte wap clherhkp she gran~dlinies of poiticlmoves and iies itine, pusing thg oao
Be ~ ~~~ ~~~-insinuated. (LookingL for a fight?) important achie~ements are faith- towards4 the girl. th itle
ketplaie~ is a 1admr in evryLougarou)) shouted ((pratique~o, fully reported to the peasant by, bargain~ hutrhsstl nho
town an village of the coutry. ~ucue wap mang6 11? Map fait his women folk who pickup_ ost one up her slee n eaf
i~ith~ s~ii~r~mge~ o ou ~clia V~,p~e!.. of the news in the maket.places. eir market is. heldQ perhaps only think you can. eat my cild. I'l Midwaiy across the lare hall for go esr) h~ffee
twice a week, the market$plce is) I how~ you~ someie We Titine, a splendidl ebony-. vend hit
ther ~xy ton~iA hedJab,) (Moter ofte -ei),h huedi, graeful womn siifingly 4esi
peopledresu nter$n eil the other, ( best and stilt theit as if to' min, tant pris s~u plait)) (Don't the cook fromj a wealthy Bois~ L< a. social gathering. There \they .spak to me, 'I'm telling you, Vernai home who jis~ making he Bo Diupro.>(sHiin'
find sinil1 pih t~d~ le! ((Malfectese!. Ouaflga mid-wek purchaes. StandiIn God f orbid).
socil OUfiP frm Plit _gton euse) spread cpratique., before the counter i also th E-
in the 21abilations;5 fok' he~ma- (Evil one ouiana mnonger) (cAllez glish housekeeper fromn a famousconeshwteefcso. e
ket-place is the headquarters of vops~en.), Get ou~t ofhr) Mrisnhoewocutsut nlagtfte ppeb
the peasant eroyaum.i((ade-An mouIn, p~as r,&t five hundred gore o the ven- siness slw- ~ n ad tnE
4~~Mg_ bitsve of' i~
acyou, tn6 ut- e pan. She d s befrei sh evstem fnstm oec

HE (Lo here, Iaes that have to take woke~~nedhrig~ t tiith h e 'ittte her kwmee ,n
I~ Uapi int a cityin order fhrold hee ihe treated ahil ancme herp of theg aneo nhr
of jealousu Inigbo YOU undcilershe ~~o tand.
ccb~ ter~t th~t gar, Man:r ehe has sowl
reeee smlern larg market- La pien fipeace)th rank by' ? iie n h tes

lages ~ flursh on week c\h, save~ pay her ceme est la her aminlconnd

into~ ai~ snarigtiges soil he~ th ones hlnautoh
don ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pae their cones isd sinoraods for & Mdmlelj.. idy so J wii f eunt bh
andeaalousn th n erigbra to -thi p c ild Tiwartengr totk of the~ oa-sueigt oai~ ]is a ~
q~arc46 Valb~reD Id coyusntegem & hen feudd oP ha gu r one Buasoo the whistlellr e tyo haetmsae teeie Terhbtto sprhci
ofLIS bendsol~~deating o seveIn res oriercand therouig v,~ thee~ he 4
the0'are places mocpeabrkethr r traeedwt xp~i~
theli thatnu day.h Wh~ only Wiati shoul they deid to'mpnag neat-Bon-,~t~ ties~.
waret-kac between thesee two. Tce op-smoigteqedre, eL
Ii thes pni t- mfntn wenV5L

41nT te, on th wa oahiketh vnor a 4 ethe lde ncage fnl1mil--Aiut areig otnewtski 'fcrrt;'bescabaeL
airby the clnateri, utdg fwedh:onn testtaxat colect ment oco ...!f a i anoser-'e t~i n ge.ueS Wihigoe,

space table itd contrs ofrhoo too /iu~ tsL1',h a crflyarne
pica~p~ee fiui an teethes
nyrosituted ertewiaf Sb uhn naedo h eu't al h ur sal et-t erti o h

'tle.)Ti alst ba reaic ofmn ae Al-v rneenie~, h lno oqn nwoee

maktpa wil vokeipcei.Q a t ri h

youiaore willbe plaantly served.j~o snan n~ranm,
at the MaetoaneImres-mtcl o ni hpc
tha by sh chttrig gsiulat Bec in Canp Soucilaend HthCtellerof K dntoh
stg ore n wh egUvrteo
lthyares aii puns o troi- ~ayt ec 'oota~ic Oju

fussed orui and ~vethtles.T
wrorsectv ways.. spelnutom.n
e'th ..special appidor.
One yoret trp oth a-
ketfaewelmn, bukt tisif.
oney tot yoil chir~e senss, the
vt alrom tor they neater f rgetr n h u re ri he C r b ea
asopper Suldr you m ay re-
snetly fi rind sl iclei in
rich, wuithaou acntqstopserv- h otlerewt ~~oil rhhcuead itrcbcgondofr a-'
i Bn yu, nolti y armer oAnd niiethldyofsnadetraiCviTe o~ nCpHiin ihSA'
youaten but osiv l n n thellri 4aect PL
polising youris trtpiea purchtclbasesnrsopad rnc uiie
foin~mi ngieio~tbe
shed fua ak you haie Viws o excursionssto Sans Suicalac and th Ciad~ of* Kin Chitp
]der e oune,,bt

'Naio'sComere alncd. n fedsOfWomen PJBJFS $TS AN ?,A.NS OFF TO FRANCE
aysewudwlthmiles PrtauPrne. As thy asse johnz bf tirin>> She~ also had Why did she have to follow the//
a~ e ~ v~sremenmber~ed the blue dentim for mnan when he went calling on
to han e a sml bas dresses and a Supp~ly of incense thant womn on thie other side of
et f pachsanda tn f tiny from the phiarmacy. 'And there themnountain. And now, just look
trawerre to e eivered to a was still a goodlyi supply of coins what had happened. Israel was
pecal< raique> at Petion-y lle in the sack that she would be good and mad about this insolence,
n,-te wy to take home andi put in the saying that when he is through,
Thy ere joned by 'the wo- old tin can bidden in the tree oi n ly a rien A faire-. 'So Fran-
ignfro Jamelwh took the tunmp behind the little thatchied goise had had to leave; the Tni.&
5o ut tote caalb rs < niage*) was broken up, and she or-
thernontan uehindLJKe She would talk far into the dered out of the'ecille, that very
*~f hi akt ae ihngbt with Volcius, telling him of day. Since her tearful departure, ~Pr ~ i~
%emetywhtpoaesfm what she had learned during the Israel had been\ working fast to Last Manday, a group' of priests anfd nn flef or u rt y
hergrens in that~ region. dayv. First, the season a rp get~ the place in -orders at once, for PAA clipper for Sa~n Jan where theyI will 'take tbhe <4Antless for
Thyreced.PtionVil at fortuis andtetw was thne favorite wudb v- France They~ were: Sister, Marie Lebris, Sr. M. Jeanne Cazm, Sr.
9'eoc i th mrnng s eover-flwn witthm On 'the i t take up reidec thfl R. Marie Rosselot, Sr. Marie C. Cavtin, Sr. Jeanine Emeran (Haitian),
9 lielywit a gng n teir e~k trp sh wold ry t cary ay.Sr. M. Georges Lanse, Sr. Franpoise Le Rai (Haitian), Sr, Marie, G.
a. _pyo h&am-bses Atouhsesi o oea-Bhn (Ha~itian), Sr. Marie A. Millard (Hai~lan), -Sr. Marie P. Mioan
e~btnsqisriKncf, they had woven o be sold to the ou the matter to Volcius, Tiie(Hi) thrAzPere1rBee F 'T r.lC 5
awtorit hosreole ~ten an there to do her r. Ev~ G_ a~ r ea .Ro r
bes tosteer Volcius to the atar ~ Galc r nJ. Purem, FrT. Ali# H. Picart. Fr. L6mn M. rin
1,, C,. Wa- fi mwV ..0 Then there was th~e good news~Mnas p~ible. She would go,
~l mL~ere! of hb, hospital being built by th~e to see the goo~d Fatlih ~ F.~ .~'a n r rni .L lch
((E .. h!Mai Mdae ar Amifcans in some Place called net> tri down. By 1. S. L. Uwm
~Pa..Deselapelles. That was near enough
.Wm6baile adiene.Rto Peligre, where her br6the Fritz N~4av aBck
T,,'toppng fr br ath t the Was Workinig as a laborer, to guiar- Mtn Fritz Malval reurned to
1-arch" HAA> a Ptin-il antee quick care in case of an ac Hiaiti 11 st week with a 'Mastert
e,.tey oenedther food can~s client, instead o'f them being, oJbli- Degree in Library Science after
i~id.parook f th ispply 'Of, ed to transport th~e wounded allffouir years of studyr in the United
Cassve>>and areg> washed, the way to the Port au Prince boa- States.

In obtaininis ererm
~ o oh, yes, she has learned from the University ofs Atlgree Mr.m
lbei detintion Whn dwn1 a. m~archande from thie Cap that Malval wrote' complete biblio-
~~ir ~ n twegrp1 had Passed away, graphy of all the booksongat
eav bak _-ts an ealyshopi) one died abroad, and~ the other, a published in English i the Uit-
Aforme egislator, died at Cap H'ai- ted Ste 'Lip until 1953 and4 an-
-No,,it astie to r~etae tien. Anid Haiti 14ad a new~ Arch anaysis which evaluated 'the
hei stpsaalws in reai- Bishop, ad onsbineur Le Go.. books on, H~ait o be found in A-
leg. ithth moeyfro ,her az ol e oigbc from ,merian Univrsityr Libraries.
.-ck iiehdmd h Put- abroad to ie ou his retirement The young librarian worked~ in~TIE WEJYT
ha~ h o~ edt ae rmteclergy in our T14REEy tWEEKLY,~MenriIi~rr FLIGHTS TO
ack ithher Sh ha fogoten itie would listen patiently to in' the Congressional Libr~ary' at
q Oin, hee n erbase wer Vl' us news, not gettingg himi Washinton, for the D~epatmn It
tlheboxc of atchs, newpp knwt4a she hiad aleady heard of thye.~ h eIne

etenFran of Agriculture andl wason the~ cir
on)>of ookng ilandthe cois and his Cosin, Israel1. Well, culation staff of the Unversityr
<,phba>>itip) hih hefai-itwa eally Fra~ e fa t, for of Atlanta library.~i




I 40

10~ $'~ I212 (TS
ROUN naalorTuRIP
.30 DAYr


S.. ~vi yourn forI~~ito



i~AO 30 ~y m~t ro~tr See yourL Trve P A gn or

~~~~~WRL' MOST 8X,(CW'510n11 fae oo llMOS RNU LNC

LAN Thw ur ric

HAAN .~o &C. B. .opes .onato cram or.4 p! 2OCLSNGY

Direct SaIedin' at Newuiv Orietriufar


eas $10)

is keynote of night
?ortau-Prince the
istication of a New
ris underlined by the
beat of African tam-

male Dejean Cho:
forms at Hotel Ib,
day evenings du:
son. The El Ranc]
Ro Ro, Haiti's nur
miner, and membi
tional Folklore
Friday evening a

night is also the
king rips into the
to attend the pea-

swank estab
staff import
Carlo, is c
points of in
sumer aT1l
sons. There
excellent Ita
visit the ga
are meticul





Located i the shop is a bar
where one an sip, Haitian rum
punch, tea, coffee, soft drinks-
or where one can have a'tween
rieal snack -f sandwiches, ca-
ke, iee crea'T, while shopping.
The combination of cool corn-
fort, spectacular view, exmel-
lent merchauclise, andrefrsh-

tian mex
der the


Nearthe-Casino in the bree-
Keswept. Exposition Grounds
is the Open Air Theatre de
Verdure where visitors can
attend the bi-weekly shows put
on by the talented National
Folklore Troupe.

Around the curve of the bay
is the newly remodeled Hotel
Riviera with its huge air-con-
ditioned Bamboche Room and
circular bar. The bar's revol-
ving center serves as the stage
for Michel DesgrOttes tri-lin-
a] Crnnnanc d i. nni1

*.*and order



Don't miss a Sunday with MAITIS
favorite friendly NewspaPer.

bir "HAITI 5UN" CIM$i olun rithe a fd




out I a. m

l mendi and Rosario
Franco de la Rosa

i~t you rally
I-- wanttobee.
otne acquain-N
ted with H'ai- WR U S S I N
man ther: ciyadrEeUUT O I
ti hee ae for which you will have a new roof habitations of peasantts andi .,w Ihis trip will be full of ,,-
especty You willI have a new arrive in rural Haiti, where life Impressions.
tngti for 11 attractions of the t ('ir- on as it has for centuries if you are pressed for tiie,
whihtafor You will fell a great pity 'as if, the, city below did not you can fly to the Cape in 45

-Haitian life for the jaded characters who exist. LE PERtCHOIR, modern minutes, and can make the- ,m-
'wic yu a~othave not strayed from the bar oasis on the mountain, offers tire pilgrimage in aI'single day.
wihyucno'ani ousince you left... And, of course, the faciities of its restaurant one of Haiti's most beaifulid
.Confine your sight-seeing to th o ill have a good reserve of -and night club, its Terrace Bar,becsRyodl Bi.
C iiyiito andiiiiii its of La" Bell beahe, ayon l ais;

eratoalamuito t ad't bacho L B~ Ce Two hotels there, clean and
Most of these trips can be last ,you for many months. Ole Gift Shop to make the trip -comfortable. Plan to stay over-
made in conventional automo- So, starting with the. shortest even more ejy* and profi- night at least.
~bijes, others require the more tips first, here are a few boiled table. Afe udw ih ORET DES11 PINS
versatile jeep to navigate' the down suggestions for travel in wraps advisable, and gentlemen .(Pine Forest)
rough spots and river crossings. Haiti: -are asked to-wear coats in the 'In south-east Haiti, a drive fl
'All of them can be made in sa- restaurant water 7 p. m. Allow 3 A CI'EL.- some 60 miles from Port-alt'_
fety. BOUTILERS MOUNTAIN two hours for this trip plus If you want another trip Off- Prince is a beautiful pine forest~
AND LE PEUCHOIR time to eat. the-beaten track~ go to Jacinel, at an elevation of about'70.0.
(Ler Pershawh) The Perch) on Haiti's so~ith coast, Jacmel, feet. To arrive at this 15P00,i
The iiiost pectacu:Iarview 'in ~once a flourishing town, stl acefrsoedives 1i~
hsa considerable export bu- terc ua ael~d
"1 ~ Haiti: 2,000 square miles of ness, btitpcaofm y teCi e Sac plain,' 4
__ ~~~~ Haiti spread out before yo~u his'trp and geperinc It isrug and drgin
a miracle of color, form, sun- lI~i oyadgorpy ti n oteeg fLk
light and shadow! Port-au-Pri- adventure and 'a pilgrima~ge Sumatre, famous sait laeM
ce lies at your feet (3.000 feet which you mu'st not'iniss.' fe~ sted with crocoiles, 'lyl*3
below) like a giant map. -To get :f the frontier of the DomiiWd
There is a Hert.-Drivet ti ni Repulic. There the climb cl
YorslfAeny n on hee eable and unforgettable view '.mences to thue cool Pine ForpW
.you. can rent a car or a jeep at Du~ ride 10 miiles FroMl all~-' .,'-~'
reaonabl rae; oryoi, Prnc, trogh he rety itle" ,Haitian provincial sea-coast This trip will take 4m.'
reasnabe rte; r yu Cn Pince thoug th prety itte,'towns. waiting for 'better days turning to yoiur hotello
rent cars, with or wfthout -,tcoe Jacmel' has a flavor corkfidls -and dinner. P
oahauffers, elsewhere. The Hai- of its own. To .get there you through a number of small Hai-
'tanAr ore rvies -af ~hae~etiewere.can take the easy way by air, tian towns and villages, itf
.aud eficentairtraspot t comen tht yu L~i~ thee or .the adventurous 'Way by fords a variety of uri
most important points in Haiti .W~l : od bhnh 0miepatia-o Hiin1
'days es~d-g to C ,ap-H;siaen by,, ~ tls patcl fEatinlf n eg
atvey eaonabe ats.Asdars.i g, ~ ~ ~ al vey mile of which has q'> Take- a wvrap for you isA"4;
a h ofr heaso e trp as is nyo it mot; s
your hotel manager or your of5o4husbtriver crossing. Near Ja~t is 'its.c~ 4'tee
travel agent for~details. h. yuhudaeaot'or
special attraction.: From the Cap Haltien's confortabl ho-
longer trips you will return town of Petionville, then up a tels. 'For..the night, go t9 the'
with a grand thirst, a hearty winding mountain road, borde- Citadelle the next day, ret'ur-,, : '

appetite, a delicious fatigue', red by flaming giant pointsett* ning to Port-au-PThmnce the third.' .'"
quickly boanishd .by a hot .bath plants. You pass the tratched day. Ee-vry mil 44 every ..'*-~.-

&f&....PECId IT.ES. t


For iFor


I I II .. .. . ............ ..... ... .. ....... .... .. ...... ..... .....' .. .....A....... .. .... .
0 0ZO o00;!!iiiu ~ ilfl i i !!~ p ;ii~iii~ i .......=... .=.. .. =..........c"
iii ili i !!i i i -II L E P c i ii~iii iii~iiii! !i iiiii~ii iii i~iili!]i i iii~iiiii ii~ iiii~iiiiii i !! iliiiiili i
& I ? i o & i~i: ~=ii~iiii~iii]il;iiiiil~li li1i~i#i
,t I Iii l ei mt!S i v i!__ i ii lii_ _= ; :=::' ='=='+{ ,n =., ; ..:"=' = =ii ii!iii~~ii
4.l/ju z 'U& i& FREEPORT SOPS WW.....



+ +. *+4 G. & F. A. MOURRA
Colonial Cathedral TT AMGPEUETS

12. Bowen Airport TOMlS SAINT
13 Trinity Cathedral TOUSSA
14. National Palac. VODOO SHOP
15. Fort National Mme FRED WOOLLEY
C'anada 16. MAGLOIRE Stadium
,111hedral T7. Cemelrry |8Haiti Surn '



S UN D AY, MAY 6th, 1956 (HAITI SUN) PAGE__ __1__


M_,agistrate Goarard M I.Barthe- was no drainage. Now the water widto genra imporsr th ct
iciy. progressive young mayor runs right through the city and and gatskins. At the~ peentim
of Mi~ragoan-- and graduate phiar- when it rains the streets are clea- their coffee is xotd hog
iaceutist, iias a full tine job ned automatically. Petit-Goave~ bu~t when te handling th reins of city govern- The Deparxtmrent of Sanitation's wharf is emopee te epc
ment every morning and evening (CCI) recently sent a truc~k to to ship their owncfe omr
and spending afternoons running Ztdrti ~~snttinp~ e wa~ ilspamc'-Plarmacie Ge- blemis an~d maeou4ta etaled ket. Dumon Belnesalii
rard AT. Baillielerny. planx for the erdicon of m~os- cesepdtrfitoadr M6'
The bosq of the city of< MVira- qute n lisadfra ag on, scntutigawafi
gone. who previous to his elec- scl saitation campn -% thii e aea beidthjiypalA
tiobw two years ago served *as Th ~yon bacellor mayor h peet iesipn t6
member of the city qommnjss'on Sa'4 dock.: tretsar ~
asserted< that during his teirm of care oanelcrit as bee
~office his niain pltfom sh promsd in th narfture,
developments of tecity, closer there reanpnly two major h aitaes4 g 4'

santaion Ipr~edschools and les, connection etc., mus beteFteo tJono'h
Mfrs. Ernst Lioautaud htelps to frame a picture of the Tabl Bidal lirr and the cultural develop- bought'to car the eetricty to o ue l fti ilb lcd-
-Basket, I~nent of the people. '* the city and into the~ h~omes. In ne hhibptoag fTe.
/r lhog ate- border to reieve the govern- siet alE alie hw,'
ITT ~ ~ ~m~ 1Vsei~I1I an d tac men of any expeses in the a hoe il*vn
CU FL WIU -1{1G LL n hebouh the businessmen of Iter wve plan to get attorneyr Geor--hc en omc oorc-
0 Or -A 'the city togethein a mve to ges Leer, an M~anager Ryani of y.DptRelSot wihu
r DAMIEN TM Y XXLJF JI D -havethe streets of' the cityr as~h- Reynolda Mining to furnish the hs sitnew cud
Flowers and plants were the this fantastic tropical garden. le anid obtained the generou se items. 2) Mifragoane ha no hv :-e alO
teme of the Daiens May Day The foliage plants brought from c {r5eth YJp8Itmaktpa oipe~t bg-will be~o han
Fr this year, with prz veget- quba and Puerto Rico' suffered iaIn Mii. Co. andDeuty Re- ther and .l thei products. A tion.))
2lea. running a close second. Th~e perhaps from too much bildup. nie Sorel, Congressman of the ar-'
sccs of the floral exhibit and Such~ local exchbitors as Mesdames rondisseent de Npet~hc
th qu~sae of the large pub- Paul Corvington an Daniel Male th~e ciyo Mi oNl~e~ beogs wA B .4F T L P r-a -rnehH ii
ocwhc participated in the hart- bmunche had presentations which ReI~ynolds Mining fuirnished the
itiiral fair is an indication that were more 'impressive an~d beau- rock, and gravel and-road bui4l- WELCOMlE TO kSTA
is fst' floeif lfi~l. *ing equipme~nt and th~e business- donated' what they cold to
So faultlessly w~as the exposit- Mrs. Ernest Liautrnld 'showed finance the rest ofthe, project.
ion organized j ? the Departmen1t off, with prda table c'enteirpi- The townspepple gave, anywhere
ofAgriculture that even the in- ece of fresh pink carnations in a from 9 5 and.$ 10 to as much@ as
sect and plant disease exhibits~hpa ~e Two eye-catch- It$-hpeucn 100 and $ 20 a piece to pay for
were interesting.. ers of the Tabou exhibit w~'ere the the asphalt, labor and other ex-
Madame- Paul E. Afagoire, one bridal basket o~f pure white roses penses. incurred in fixing, their.-
ofPort 'au P~rince's great 'gard~en-. arranged along classic lines, -nd4 ret.
g enthusiasts, filled one of the the yellow chrysanthemums and 9.Magistratee Barthelemy, said,
vast moms with 'perhaps 1,000 yellow birds of paradise for a~n "x oeynols. Mvining has been of
suare- feet of foliage, plants and~ iv4rsary gift.A great assistance to the people of
-ctflowers 'from kher own gard- The tedlhnique, employed by. the Miragoane. Resident ,Manhger
enpesenting an, aspect of rqa Tabou florists in arranging their Jack Ryan has been wp derfull
gnfience. flowers is based on the elegance and tries to help us inevery way
Amo~ng the commercial artists OfI' simplicity. With three, four. or possib,16., Their 'cooperation in
ithe cut flower business were six stems, exquisite floral pieces helping to asphalt our streets and
te three Roy sisters, Mesdames may be created, at little expense. their promis to.- furnish us with
Xangon~s, Fomlbrun
Soan Mrs. Philippe Doznini- winners, muve-colord orhd ayis tryingt do for Haiti.2
qu, werofDalu Flower Shop. by Dreyfus, h~i iCorbeille Diplo0 Th sa ~nitainpolm a

te~ mosquito bredn pools, there befoende -for lonS during Sume Season:

aiNd the fower aind
t rseftfuW bys hav ghew greati the 4cta

rped tremo us sucateset d ai an cou lo er to SbeET H lT
19,- 56

eddo, i ing, eeto adayi your O Saod i
or dreatie tha Aep dYEAR OF ACRE
a fo~ei*shy, and ad The~ne hw pitisen Pen inslvaia
of,,6 a ~y an q a queth look b lusint res ofe Maxn Le-
d A~ts mill/heel urin gdou btefl oel rendasncn
t to tonsacoopanimenthefctimflocw- SEEeTHEo vacation with
ridg&'riwthmSpanishe mo u d rop rs.Jsp aiaadIi.a
goers therailing t ii e te Mrses. a go wn Bu thinude 7 ~ SO I T UIE N
Wit nw hthsands j wer an trip toh Alel in thA P
is ow rrsAngthe Agstuffed Ne~r fsgtsendyn h
ng~ too,,,,Pennsylvanian'stoHeeek

SJ.V14tU4 liit J WV 1 WiJUL V'M UaI1Q !
an and Madame Marcaisse Prosper of ber of the (
as the Madame Magloire Foundation ized, some s
had moved Miss Doris and her With tin'
lent charges into a new home in one handicap t
of of Petion-Vile's exclusive resid- Home had
;on- ential section, paying the ;ent 8 constant wo.
me months in advance. The day of Miss Burke,
ief the Xmas party found the children, per month
un- happy and gay in their new sur- head, when
no roundings, and Miss Burke receiv- Madame Mz
Wis ed a fat check from Madame La her regular
Of Pr6sident. It was really ,,Merry X- ionage,. an
e.. mas.. In the meantime, Miss Va- found a so
tm1 lery Torchon, and Mrs. Roland De a building
eLandscher consecrated, themselves home,the if
ler to the spiritual and scholastic for tributions oJ
ae- mation of the children by holding were being
d classes at the home. in a few s
re Meanwhile, the First Lady and, receive the
in her assistants 'were planning some
dway of organizing the Doris Burke The happ
se establishment, eliminating the pro- day mornin
ed plems of. money which tormented local reside
it Miss Doris 24 hours a day. The faction to
al health of the kind-hearted Jamai- done gracio
)n Avisi toHaiti is not complete without
h- el. We Specialize in the Citadel Excursion
e- Experienced Guides.




r Organizer of Tours in Haiti.
Cohata-tiekets on Sale at
aPeinjnvile Office



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U Y, _AY 6th; 1956 ,ITI SUN PG 17...

Magloire Reveals. ~er Magloire. Major cause: the un- site meant chaning the dmsde
expectedly hig yost of sign from a pe ar t a
State Of Nation biggest Project the Artibonite ir sive buttres, which, along
rigation dam. U.S. engineers, who neeed canals, brought the co
In formal and flowery Frnch, first estimated that the project up to $30 million and senit
the president of the Haitian Sdn- ould cost $17 million, found un-bck to the U.S. Export-Impo
ate opened 'a neW session of the itble rock foundations at the Bank twice for adtnl loans
legislature last week with praise ornal dmsite. Changing the ,
for the < i ity of President Paul Maglire..
VThe chief executive bemed-regal- }+ LF I T E--)
ly,. but let Interior Minister Adel-
phin Telson make reply. -We have
not let down the nationm Telson .
modestly conceded, 'and :homage FiMIST JN SALES
may also be directed toward YOU, V
messieu~rs les sin-ateurs, messieurs
les~ d6 6.
The oratory established a irecep-
'tive mood for both the sweet and ...
the sour that followed'in Msgloi-
refs state-of-he-nation message
H J7 L R GEST IA read A S r iAwas impressive. More's five-

FEATURE OAF -NEW CLINIC '~rpa sams nsleI1
The Rue Capois ,'eical Cen[t- The Center, open 24 hours a ay, of recent years. School enrollmnt
r is the latest addition to the will include O p, new clinics and ectric
clinics of< Port'auPrice. 'gologyand Obsttrcsbrance by n wee" kny
The .very latest inmaterials and~ next july. Th Cete hoe o pending tourists who find Ma-,
equipment has been used in build- include a hospital by next year. I loir' retor~ation 'of the history-
ciic d it &at one of Dr. Chevalier financed the .id
the best X apparati in Haiti ing of the Center himself a en a i iig:traction .- hke qua.1
-installed at a cost of $16,000 carefully hand-pick~ed the peso- Oruiled since 1950, now total 60, -CIGAR~ETTE OUTPUT BY BANDS
The X-ray machine, according to each docitor has this own~f patins T~he bad news Wlas a sharp~ rise Bkafid'B027000.0
Dr. Charles C~hevalier, >operates and yet all of themi'are on cal in K with a power supply of 500 tmlli- their own speciality' to treat other f rom ,00,)000 to $40) million jind- 1Biro- 420'6
tryhave only 200 milli-amperes of WrNST k, 0.-.. o

The staff headed by Dr. Cheva- Center, built by architects Mal- pat..nts and their visitors.
ier, Surgeon and founder of the branche,. Baussan an illmeay -RevrenAT'Father NLaitin, of the lii'- 60 j0,0
'Medical Center, includes: Child has ja speciul chidrn's seto Sr&Ceur .Church, blessed the
Specialist Dr. Harry, Bordes; Skin full of toys, dio6dfls owers. Th~e opening - Specialist Dr. Hery6 Boyer; X-ray surg~ical instruments are hdeinArl2nd.'aiid 'the entire cowmu- Emile T~xi, In ~- 77Ru de irce
Seil- Dr. Lon, Cpoon Histo- drawers so as 1o~ not ighe nit is b~enefited Sters Cliics toPort +shNsDEe
r 'Icond- au Prin~c 's pther, h a h p oet
Pu ey and Jean Pereira -ae oBned 3.-A room cni
magazines o at, literature and ingmicG

.Ii.~1, IF 1'0i+ il
4 < I"

'... plA. 4he, FACTS'


.New York La Befle kC'4 Io 1
?JJ ~ ~ ~ ~~Pic Prulce~e~it .

Omega -18K gold Semnaster p400.00 ''1'0 j
Tissot 18K gold 225.0 99.00
< Georg Jense, (setting of 6) Z.20 90
Han ... (se i n of 6)> 5' 2 0, 29.95


Orans o f eeGiegn 1.50

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4 J? L V +" > : + +' J + .. > ''... .' "': R j + A'

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Lwho retired f
days prior to

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9an1 ush

Ar i4Z U.9. PHONE: 2634

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Kerosene Rerigerator
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.iSU DAY, MAY,_ 6th, 1956 HAJT1 SUN P 19
PATIENTS 1IKE FOR MILES. TO O LNi ii duatio uilh oin 9

~With patients trooping into the 'is increasing mnth by month and dani Etiennie of Port, au Pince; is nothing but~ praise for the ex- in 194 Dr. Jeager evdo h
ynolds Haitian Mining Compa- we expect approximately 1,000 dur- X-ray Technician Charles Poux of excellent job eDocz Jeager is doing. Sanitosg saf of p
any's well-equipped clin16 at Pail- in~g April. Port au Prince; Laboratory Tech- The path to a medical career resident chest surgeon.
]ant from as far~ awayr as Aquin, The additional of. another dpetor fliciaf Gerard J'anvier, also from has been a long one for the ex- MARCHR MEDICAL~ REiPOR
Fond des NMgres and Anse-&.-Veaii, to the staff is a -vital necessity. My the Capital; and a store keeper, resident chest surgeon at the Port I~n Doctor Jleager's MXarch, e
Dr. Fritz.- Jeager hias : seen his wife, Mrs. Jeager, is a graduate cleaning girl and laundress. au Prince Sanitoriurn. It was at ecal eport t~o thie manager o ty
small practice grow fro~m a tiny nurse and anesthetic nursee grad- the Saitoium, that he met the llolds Minin~g the Doctor 'itd
office in the colonial ruiiis at Mus uate of the Port au Prince Sanit- On July, 7, th4 energetic young charmiing young urse he~ married First 'time vitsits of naonemppe
sotte to close to 1,000 patients per orium. and~ is a trem~endous help doctor will have completed two in Sept~ember of 1053. Now that he patients, 519; :Old nnpby
month.' to mne.- years with the Reynolds Company. Iscn~ra~ ig i>~ alns1
The 36 year old Haitian doctor The staff is all Haitian and con- In andi around the mining area, h'9mie at Paila4t with hi ieit, 40;odepoe ain
has never turned away n sick per- sists of: Practical Nurse Mrs. Gior and as far as Port au Prince, there wife and Jo~vely .10 Year '70; Toa ains uigMrh
son and as a consequence his prac- ol agtr o iue'th 82;'Talumrofptitsv.
te has spread until the Reynolds wit gotr the -afl clinic soe mlci
-opanyis planning the addition m~emtores his acetros ast: more than onevit,10;nme
another doctr tothe staff and Dco egrbgi i eia fdesns 8;pncli ht
will s Rd,% a ;ving, on, the cli-
jic, turniing itinto a 2 bed hos- eMdcl$hobuhsetr ii rincinsadpub-
Vit, beds fo fpur women ca w e i for,90

an eigh me. ig.,n
andlk locidr404 woke fo 'andetmci n thrie
d. he aiptery tehician IonsU
t deagbehind the Redical Thei kiesewe offen, offnre by.

inc wasn frete car of~9 era38 od-
eesr andt loand resets i-ra d Afer five months of Micr8 otiolgy tr&Ah 4
iacndte auien frminn rean studyt 1pst ofe Urniittgo Majnp by stf, t, llwh visit' th l
Bte edial srves~y we ofer Al hugdco work as anii atu the peasant's4 ston belief
lumera oa demeitio tha a. shoa with a needle.p isfCthe
cure foar ael aimets e s, the

berjacl~~~,ad~ed, factorl~ theh phefihom~ hi im t iIl3l
,rar tests anwces X-ays, thann, a n ini May of 198gt i 'ucs
Attrad a pates tl~ from far beon firs tae oo ofin thep byvr*~~$Z8c

e~~~~C~~~~inic.~~naioa Thel-Cmpn oisi Can, petient inttto created forw~ the~ ~sie~qu~pd>pt~~ 1~l.jltgig u nsr
!IIE ofUu Phem all IAres {WII$at

o. -Hitan

Sp?~etrne ofkr' 1949;iv Doeedsic
e. eviry tieaIMove

to the linic. he stlofatientr Doc, ttJssais slne firm iateW hi s fel-ired ntin rom o;on&utoetieadga- Tef .scio fteSrie
VENTER~~~~~~~~~ ~'Ifrmto etwr yourgg. wegtles agih ak IuI6nggn 'k eie,

z~~~ully.i nower iscte an the-,~ Airl beuilCede-$ r

ing ao ther nothatst.e f h
Come"E lf ID E "*-,H. H -T Place wholea Springale 'adjacesnetan fc~. adu~

r n Spe oir a s pce Mortimer
1~h Maao~i..~ foucd tdy

Cervice -O d'Infonerceo BItj I Ic6 i
ve fo heAeia Pv116
CMd 'xoiin hciI o
Aor 'ow
==; ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ 6b toi vi iiiii+:iiiiiil i!:~ii
4 ,6 new'-,1 ,n! iii iiiiilili

ra~~~~n fs.. .... .... ..

eeJ g tihin As al bauildingn~e el t f lfi : i +tpe++Ii,,'i
++: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~a 'J + as ib Pc1 V + ++ ++ =+ ++++ +++ + +1+1+P++ ++++ ii ++iI +
iii~i+ ii i!~ii~i? + iiii l!ii~iiiiIii= ii ) +'!il~ii:ii~ iii +iiiiii iiii i= .... ii6mi 4 i!iii ii i-iiiiiii ill !; IQIi:I++II~=+ i i !i~il i iiii~iii ~ii I i IL i i ++i; iii'=! I ;! [P!+! i~i IIYi [ 1 ~ i 'JI!!II~II+I~i!+i! IIil[iii;eictiii i]i;> op exaniiiiiinig,~
ii 4 U ii +!+II+L + a ly iiriii K y Miii i iii! f++ ii ii i+! ii i ii =i!i ii.iii! + c + + IAi!iii~iiii ii ii i iiiii I 1"
.... ... ........ ... + + ..... ... .. + ... + + ... ... ..... .. .. + + .. ... ... ..... ... .. + + +, + == + ..... .. ... .. ., ,+ +=, + ,+ ++ + .. .. .. + ++ ........ .. .. .. .. ... .... .O r i d a yi
V ,+ -7i = + I +]! ii + i i f + f i + ii i+ f ii :i : i i + i !i ++ !f1 1 ii i i i ii + I i i! ii :! i iiii i 1 i i i 1+ i i! i i i : ..+...

7' O I ]ilk!I I 4 i i i. I ';=Ii i !~ ii! i i i
TELLS THEf TALE iI iii, ii ",+,+ii =.ii ii i 1
S i ; i il + i i= ii = i i ;= i i i! i i ii iiii iq!
Spri~i !+ i A i r' excllii i) i luive cove es i gnsii 1 I i Iii i[ii ii
po] i+ i n ou theI fiii i rm e m] i dscti on ...... he I +1 "+ +......+ i=i].=~i=i,+ i
es i lieift end sect i of ev r fl e a l +th I+ i=iii+~iii ]I
Ce te M attress.i=! iy L! u ca see~i~iiii t!=ii~i i ii'v o'=ii liii.i~ii i
secreti iiiii iii+:~ iiii~;+ i i of healhfu sl !ii !!iiiii i I ) 1+l ii~ i ioi~ iiii iiiii+i! i+11
i~i ;: :I;=iI!!R~ i !2 1 i~iiiiii+ii~i ii[ i~iiii~ii ii" !i~iii] + iiiii!!i'~ i~ii~iliI i+IITI~ie Spring b li emi

==: ,+~~~~~TRC OWNERS~;++ :: 1 i; +=

y flights to take
antic atmosphere

Mondays, Wednes5ys, Fridays, at 1:25 p. m.



.7.5 Z -EMP~y

UN A Y, 6th, 1956 (HAITI SUN)

Creol Ex jert Maurice kasile writes Touching Piece.
Down From ChicAgo Jn TheLate flivther Gam..el
Dr. Raleigh Morgan Jr., profes-
sor of French at North Carolina Nextweek read he dedic e i
College at Durham, arrived last 'F. Baile, a frmer pupil of the la
Monday to hold six weeks of con- eni of the Haitian teachers at St. Ls. dO Ge
ferences and course es on the best it, *6lehneds ofth &el the
methods of teaching English, on hly ese,
phoneticj and on the structure red musi. At the time of his deth Brother Gi
of the English language. compo iiig the~ hym 6n~ be played at hI~is wn uhi1 he,
The om~father-of two chil- asel y fe eh
-. The 7voung oftwasii sed.aWay before com~pleting Ibis In
dre-a il llso conductpanels and. .. 7
semn:ars'for English teachers f 4
Haiti, under the auspices of the.
United States Departentof Sta-
te. Dr. Morgan a specialist on
the Creole language, will hold a
conference o~n Creole as it is
spoken in~ Louisiana.
At ED. R.rga ha been1 a memer
oftheNot arolia College
.A ars Off TPo. Ditty AtD.R.Embassyaiy since 1945 as a teacher
Washing!toflAfter Hal~f Detia& Hjere of French and linguisics

t Scretary of the Domin- The distinguished young diplo- I ated M D
-aEmbassy in mata-r~c rt met his1 Haitian b~n ~ ~ a~ a a
'Vcor Aybar was gIiven a large h~ere anid Piey~ were married in, For Out'tanding Toil
oedff at Bowen Fied Wens AU5 with 'President Hjector Tru-
morning when he enlaiied illi giving the bride away a t te A....g the large number of
Washington, with his attrac- Sacre Coeur Church. p persons receiving decorations on
wiMoussoJ and 'three A, fine cabinet-maker in his May. 1st for their outstanding -U,
year old son Rahael, to take up spare time Victor is also a ollec achievements in the domain. of.
hlsae pot s.First Secretary~ to, of inlatur~s the interest- busesan industry. were: Mr. ,weriiaurie F. B~asile wo has
,fteEmibssy in Washing~ton. ngkn-iur ehstknJmss.Plinto, F. Gorges *tyt his feeling f&~ the late Broth-
Th eabe young couplwill his collection, 918 miniatur ue, MissAdele Sassine Mrs. r o....
fsedfrom diplomatic cir- b ot les to datealong to enlarge Mia .rackel Mr. Jos Beau
csadtile social scene., Victor on in the U.S. Capitol.' iboeutf, Dr. Edmond Lo Bau- n
w, s here five years and rs. Jean Marra.
-egt months and has done much NEW SECRETARY O~F THE ~ enM~ra
tfotr better relations between D)OMINICAN EMBASSY j~
toRepublics, is no stranger Luis Hernandez, who has held TIVRORO AND DRtUM
U.S., Victor's father was .various positions here at the
in San Francisco. where Dominican Embassy. off and onO TO M I[CO
handed school His father for many years, haS taken over! Ti-Roro, skilled Haiatia tam-
w o ambassador to -Haiti the reins as First Secretary- of bouriner, left Thursday on a
tie, -ad noW holds the polrtfo- th~e Domiinican Emibassy.~ Mr. three-wieeks tour of Mexico, u~
f o'Mnister of Health in the Hernandez Iis married to .a Hai- der cmitract with the manage- -- V.At
DomnianRepblc.tiazi, the fome Berthe ]1onini- inent of the Hotel of Mexico. Threi a birdal Astaites should meet.
They have three children s ,Th dlteh 7Ae ... i 4tra
10" Ynefigi them.' h -brd-is -'ulgol 11U 0 jk&h

r 77"
7 rutiul yi n r ut ofipt~t h olr f sd h s-p ,d
b fistnptbast sa~iafr
'* ld-own. e to f a e 41 ferbngxinth iqrm
heflutrom upr t e radihet ~itcdhe'pnn--6-b eeg

icet tra
Oreneio ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ares ofzs .ietro eC~a A~rtIt~~ SSOf lii1 the husande flor tanaem r to ie 'ine

ands se t h
fere trumpe blsenerstas lo afte ther ast rum ig ha 61osd
its ay dwn t Poi. the Prein-e xlar ns;h ece hsritb
a4 spra be me.
4 .N f l~ia n fo m b nhe a ti n c hl i k e acgd n
Unik SAhe JULitnt tif T&

Viasi 270 mphlg SupepConair evey M .,

upa for Newh movemen -ip -las n

Jog toda &ul Co., Geneal Agent
gogeu Te 1;atane ATruveI ofi

peraod ofg 'inausitiv JJbY TJ19Ii

_0e t~ 1 peree togt ust~~~r~bo e th ec~.i
+ ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hi fotcmn dioc Uea"-s "m ..... 1{'J']. ... 7 .: :
ouis Intiut is" n' er %I ...




:4 >AIT",


An brng a. soi-m a i oee.S hddn

4~< edcto n h o

4enty ed t ino 0. ti. tain

opn C He4ue u onw i and le-1 rotcino h yad Rev Father ~ Gin be -4 Pe
osia4 une h a ne neesit of ..
bprsjC,,,hfF~~~> 4444
4'c ed-~~ terp a her ia 4o t a p eniehp 'i h or-uP i cefo4a
2-2 O he ri ay sp a er w re M C nt r ofSt: a t"36't e
gfo~~~~~~~e~ h l A m serve er eod t

4f _n wautea 4sj eIsiu rag s.hen e$ StatC m on ndMssL6, aTae 4ho '
444uriene DU' ic4tnat' om si44s i4
in- the. Y4 to iyo Scol fSca evie1 hrso.Sholo ecoh4-h
4 I4eIr"W rAa 1'~ri ia.Dprm n-pyitea soeo'~ anpit ~h,"otXj

-loU.4'ry uha-trn ps.meig gna rmtmro ni, a 2 h Ifflt er 44mge,3 th debates wil44a wih h Cli'-erussca

onedJoring jue Fragoi andA'M. Joedsaes44 ile,'h
al ,,o ,ssin,'M ai!
11-W~~~~~ ~- of~pat s-",4~~~44- 4 'wt-th'W rdH at
Ift or0 jai- merian Insitue f h, flA#>the prolm fne aoTreu iltin~le
zain nicely tt y andC4J forT L44
Aeto ofT idrnt rersn saken~ chlde in at.A-~rslgtsi h
l>44'4aAd4rca < 44
-Afskllc tOX theO CAEA

... .-- er o W udse,+ 4drgig d4i- -ensay nrig ei-
ti?,4 w asEDE RAifiut e~!S
c:4Und Sh ., 4hrtaio~a atvte -ihdwlNd
But, erre
ni L4>44 -h l 4444
s 4444te soi4 "SoVomn4ddesLae-n4h a
Ode, 4m en-1 woud";44i 444<>e,'es

-S UN DAY, M1AY 6th, 1956. (HA[Tf SUN) PAGE 23,.

Lhe se Ihr to f ind special nour- ~ nu hav t aid Dr. Lucien Leonte >WedJ.
ishtnent, but alas, -the poor bird
~---died of its injuries, ---
------ Dr Darrel T. Mase is here from
Gainesville, Florida, trav elling
with 'Mr. Eugene J. Taylor, of theft
Ne~v Yox~k Times Editorial staff.
-~ ~ Their visit concerns the organiza-
tlqnal asilects Of the ?work~ bei ng"2
done for the handicapped cifl-
LW dren of Hfaiti.
Dr. Mase attended the 2nd In-
7 ter-American Rehabilitation. Con-
gress held in Puerto Rico, before&
Mr. Taylor ~who is on his 3rd
,4Th:Chenet brothers are united, one of the pillars in the Tour- ittoHi oneed ihte
th first time in twelve years. ist Indiustry Elias Noustas of La NwYr ~est' elvi
'aul Chienet arrived here Belle Cr6ole and Le Perchoir isMeIal
N~w York last week to va- stilt~ in Europe and is expected M..n rsRbrtSm s
tinwith' his Pa~, and Mal the home later, this month.
IRIoyChenet, Seniors of Petion-. Jeweler Fosy Jean Laham took flew back to 1 ew York Wenes-
4V*e Leslie is down~ from Cana- off on his first cruise into theda fefle akddyso
an ony, fils is local.* stratussphere Friday as hie hopped s~tse~,n~tcu~na
a visit to the Ciae.M.Sin~
over to Europe on business. msI Pei~to h etfe
Mis Edith Ingersen, Amba~ssa-
--ArTsco Davis Secretary has A little off course Ollie Nan~bl ~o~~t fzi~~ef
Moed into her new resid ence on Fisher was th sole representat-, n e ok
lVo~-the eeiWl-eftle Miwest Chapter of AS- ~ X
m'Msn. T intownlas wee.~ I~hey~g The historic town of Milot, in
x X X lady of Corydon Travel Bureain j the north, will soon be, supplied
Linel Paquini and, Fernando Chiicago was shown the city bywihectciytwa nur
-ix (Nonotte) were' -marrxied Mrs. Armand of Mahgic Islarid Trs this week.
3oday evening. The 'remony Max McGuffilo and Lloyd Cod x( X X Vs oiu hue, a~h-~ vi f
,-.e:capagnwe b fml4ro Plezasre i .o p oko.or-un Sixty breeding-,cocks are for ei- of Mr. and M~rs. Lucien Cha 2 re. College StMailChr
iiapagie salasr ri.~le. Interested in Road~ Island vet, became the bride' of Dr: Lu could be her ba iu.
-.dustrial magnate Q~wald J. Elsie Laraque feted her 14th an Wfifte.Leghorns. Please con- cien Leconto, younger >brother Of ditions of'cuc ign
rndt left Thuirsday' for a short birthday Saturday might -at Lt. tact the Jean Desquirons; at Cor- M~adame Paul E. Wagloire, last~ Folowing th eiiu cera..
uess trip t Jamaica. and Airs. Jacqu~es L4aroche's home al x ~ee.Satuirday evening in one of the ony, the scene moved toi th$al-
x x inTureau.Se'entyfiv, yong ear's most fashignable weddingss. 10 des Bastes) at Paasaio
Mr an Mrs Jon Wuegeau ownersfv~ yi Shoelagh Burns is back with' Nh mara e w s pefr eayl~oei e
*a Ms o-Wls w friends. ate~d Johnny from the H)ialya .. Shee-O The marriatgte wa pe re byWere the no e&~1th an -et
Ofh famous Harlem No. I east- Rtue Nv~e business-man Loulou ahrtre rmEs fSe h uea h Basiu otr wr oo wt rlin e
,,ryand night spot~ spent a plea-~ Marcihand is in. New York. lahrtre rmEto ~zDame C~athediral, iii eth presencec -andi~venb
awe ie.Dc nd th~e Bill and B obby Vroomam of the t M~~~ _~on seigneuir F is"Prer, Maame Magor.At oa-
Misus did the country from Mar- International 'Club arrived back Viio oeijiaArch Bishop of Poru-Prine. n thebiead orincr-
Asat to the-itadell, piloted by from- the Virgin Isad in time tre plntn in the EaSt. PresidentPaul E. 'agloir4 Was pagne'h r~ietn .-h
Ii sod friend, fello Wold War for -the ASTA meet. Aux~ cayiens, Maryse Sctn est M4an, and Mrs. Lucien Chau- taditioa dsurduPran,
If fgter Instruco Ri~~y i uby Babouit Hudson auodel Didier Maisoneuire are enpgaged lut of the bride was Ma- poltig u the resoib1
3 m hey stayed at Hotel C~hou- e'' ia flying off to the States to of the~ new. statusr of the f -o~ionr
s~ ives have nameId the youg Th e large number of gues
)t X X ~Mr. F1lix Baker, director ofthe Spi~~~~T "-tending included CbnfMmta hysol olwWWa
IBra des Sports,, returned to bers, the Di-alonatic Corps, o te h tom nt sao
eile Gladys Djoie is~ of to the the Cpital this week after a TiS~b a~1S is li~eranking Army qffieias, mom-; mtion.
W4i8~tst erfect he Engls. m~nkth in theStates (a a guest of from a Iip )5acrsste U.S beis of the -Legslative and~ Jui- ae h-usswr no
T i Kne l ong-tie resident JU.S sports figure Clar~ence flus- The enagement of Miss (linet c~ia Co~rps, the local Pres, Math jigbxofii-P.!can
hii in-twni with the ASTA sauit. tenae -~d ie a~li~Aate fIds~ '4c~i~
,pole rpresenting the Eastern Mr+. Dor Jn-Baptiste is back bae ofW nStjra el and social leaders of Port-au-Tetrisbciia er
gi Pn Lineof Flrida.- froml a health trips to IRavana. evening when i was announced by Piice an Cap-Haitien.-Ipae I ''Plce01ihsr
Mraahd Ms-ritz Dupuy and Cabinet -maker Beauharnai Dal the lovely Brimetto's >father', Nas- The large 'animhuposing nup- fotdtra
andMrs Vaeri Caez are zoen was decorated as a Cheva- ry -Bab an du~ing' a !eot~ T >til cortege included young army teypc'd Mee. so -s
t~oi n a.mnhofsrn n lier- b~y the Labor Delpawmeiit on their home. artfues no of'a5 officers ini uniformi escorting the WedieMac:1t" itvf
aittan and t0f, inaltenew Mvay 1. Babo'1iui1 who -resides in ? Meio-,beV\y~ of debutantes who waited througot h vnn'Ve a
adway~show.Maria Fraenckel, of the Hotel camne back last year4 from, si. n the bride as . if o pledil, asmae ~ ~hev~ir'~yersin Central Amierica. Ginette 1 '
fttigFrnt.11raxisof o Slidwa-adMaayeale-yer I Tes 'andalh Iow ]arase of 'w gick
ie Unte Stte fr -.Kve year on ayI'a~c rieturnedl reentl from Th'bi.1gw a O ihmuieoOac'*t ildb
t~pn o sudy Fants departure dhe fassistanc gven to a woun- in the U.S. with oer diploma fro embroidrd lace, a, superb crea- sl ht-cnghi~ a
clim lege i~~~~~~~~n Virgiia tion featuring an original 'oe ral amre >teuss
ambchs.- ondayight th Ma- wouldf have~ warme d the be~irt of Abe Issa, Jamaica'* cdi du piece do hOe graduatingupfo Th i'igmed-nw es
orZaors hone was the scene of flamingos 'oving Ambassa~or .Am- Tourisme is eipected to atn h aseln o h ek i lpe wya :0PM,,'n
aba-. There as nontiin6 our, Drs. Geoges Hu~odit and the ASTA meeting. two leai-ofme secion.wredient encf& o
',.t GtoBtere'inBabiole Bird Spcals CtBnefil oper Aldrn h eeoytetowik'oemo
esedated on the -vune Wving of th~e Mr. andl Mrs. Ellswot Blathck-emny
Pubiser axC~tve,, if pik laeng giento a cueanewel, ahip ooees wreehoord RywhopTa's of' cnlrtaLp-ifr et
d so exe' du bac to a rm-ra Cado.Te inalid wa at a reeption last nigehnoatdt e ug rad C.ts beautfu shew-trmlaei e (alkrr
2eieeof store at Place Geff>rard 'yesterdayfas)ohi"
daNwYokFire qjous afmig pecialist to 'Jbouin. abZ:9A.Mimerhe1ty
4tronage of the Ptesident of theHmpoo ~ i -1sa .-eS.
Repuzblic. o vsitHat:whnto

to Vist.- ht Consl sonThe initer- of Guatemala andWie &- sh~e wsjie y
Mrs. Robert HE. Valle Calvo are Ms. Co~'B~e'of'ai~r
William an ,(,4wen* Mellon entertaining ata re0aswihhra
Sunday from. noo o20 .M h 1fsn r.M~a el

v,, ak, fom teir rip o th Miss Paul Dunc~an, ow~nero in
\ae r rand ~rs.~i t te Haiti's -only .air-coniditioned
~r r n is dinbeaulty shop, was among th T e mos Aubeli oicu
fius and~ Andr6e Roy. ~persons decorated on M a -rt bevd hs it a n A h
ay D.4i ott ia~ y the Departmnti of laor ,Kh stle. 'He was
Miss Betty Hermale taflywih n-ro-b o eu
Adpnnrts tomorrow after "a wee beudrigarndfstMo
at bo Lele, for her home in da nigh athe~ ~
-~Geat Neckc, L. I. he used Tanm Mur-.

/ ,Vd the, big boss andOia group of his pals sud~del blintoton
/And, your wife who clainis you've been gettng slae agesfryas.
P T X I sayjs SHE isn't going to sla~ve in the lcitchen tgiv hi a orpo

Feature .

a .OfF

of thE

in Port au Prince
rted from page 1)

di- had j st. completedd a 530.m...
wel- mountain tour to Boutilliers,
ntro- Kenscoff. La Decouiverte or an
'H& inspection of the hotels ,nd
gen- shops and a Shops Associationl
I of exhibit at the City Hall and a
7r R. cocktail party. They were prep'a-

at ti


a two day look around be-
)n home.


Ir. Presidents, Ladies and
tlemen, permit me to tell you
more that you are, welcome
aiti and express my sincer-
vishes for the success of

erald Editor
vering ASTA
Ned Aitchison, travel edi-
f the (Miami Herald,>, is
in town coverinR the'ASTA
ention. 'I',
. Aitchison, who is staying
he Castelhaiti Hotel, visited
i last December 2 and retur-
to Miami and wrote an ex-
nt artieie on Haiti for the







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