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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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VOL. ii i % V-1 PoAiii~ti~i] au P r i n0 aii ni i ti Te 2061 Sunday,'il February 5th. 195.6 29
-0 W

ii~~u iuii-iain di

'IO J -o r 's n u


Int au lettv- addese tot~ the tionftix to tephn Ca0ino Suda[ ebranab -<

A pitifiily ~sinal 16-yea r.oi4
bcvwent before the Tribun1alg
Mauric2D Jen t broher of Paix in Sdouth Port-auPrin- thisya' ac-rs arpo
cThursday and1 was formerl prviu
cIhar2 w xyi the stabbing to
aantoeH gues Getillon, oet f his 17-year-old cousin. inent.
author I of th e crinie, actually in- n~tonio Dorisrnond, some- HsEclecyte rsdn
arc d a Port-au-Prince, times called Antonio N elson, of-h Rpbic-iloe h
20)e stabbed Lebien Banheu~r inth dacn dt otes
neck during a heated quarrel a
J~y--d of his, homeo 3rdeal'Snymoig.
?ue,B130osse, Monday after-Qeno h aiwHb hs

cable,-ram ffom T~~~~he young cousins -plae i n f elgne
softball on rival teams Sudynt h
IV~~driesda-y~~ theuze that thtionrie h c
l-.1ish iiii a' diec shipin ser ic on the+ Ex oito Gr un s near et et ...

ginning ext Apri. 'UnderSe- teamwon the match adh m n
State, A !e gly ; heim
Boheui'a &Go,

and after being separate b
T r me Goenment the crowd. Boinheui left.i I
ounger cou~sin, -to NEIHBOURIN
cusom cn essiiinvovn get even.QUESJN
parties f, ~a PtiteIndstri ,The following afternoon,
Auh0s'ia~n loo hm aroundL one o'clock, Boieuireh
~~thi year 'accrdin to Vie Citee yh'Pl
and- &4.6tions willbe, prs ris-od th yad tht e ia he qouad .1'
Dail ClippeiL eerparterew p down i
bisiiia A ....v..... .the e i 1( t S oi n to tri- i nR>
i, E iRIIJEllli xtray clip Add on tin said that as hhe pi from the vro 4 ',h
iliiPiiteiianew i s runoruai n.s ae: capital ar: s- Emilie....
e iClipper him fit eni Zn o t Eieth Tiss

PanQ~f ~Ameriang hav vaia etif lip aseging tohetrik
jr- R ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~l~* 431432 wailylipe on thhue Mi5 nivertha houler adi re ohsan ih-ad ,n.Suh
1-ni-Ja gtesi hhil he flth at Iss

_a0 (Continued o Jacq u
'*W G -os nnu ime.s x ue k ife uo the work -ie ani0l
Tie n t6 piys cot e li i z! the line D=upre of
aft e ranae dapiyC 4 'TheA) fiS IJiiiitOaa zbPPP-r to'
govter Gn Jaiqii Aei Gran q aiII us. fon sa qiu 4er liirS thet a tbe on Gn i.'hapo f

m i' ee 'rvre ote nvl ota-t~ rag~a s.ericer uore nAeigdme
en Allem ?rne, en le, tout departit.C6 J buiqie hsouerna-ai. aent between Caon PrR eu A i sow
....... .... i.........alle 'sIye o u n 432 w il b sch ed u le 15;mi- ; r t lie s h e t a e toin J a ai a r

Sousiuaj'arng ten C6u' mangeoi as river Maonr 431~ Mim an Havan~hay been'i~m~atl e~ge
ce. Yojuuer' U'oo'g capaier' nant tiegs qu oftnisadsa oa Caf- -h
Nan~~~~~ ~ ~ (otiud prso Pagi co4)e ac Pieo jouine Qp o 28-yea ol. Je- Claud .~r e p trii
blu 1 Hi mine, t i~ maohurux i'aevier qul fran quteen e#e abzr hemlc Iso Brab 6- andint-
lams~enn Aot pay u t l'4ela Yocssrte li bas tripu yoe boxnbh. She~ill bet held3-oe-31
inalhureu al. pas~e' oi x yopu dans. CUB AHEAaDr En XachVI ofU NO t1maned teym ins tKeaitthleen.r
d egou s a n min i Pi en t of tRE series plyed too mQdea ii iieiiiilil iireturn

~~~~~~g pea .l1 aI teat Riouon wil reapabn pou' -~ete Cuagierw tlt at neitli pae b nw

outs. Jous Grandout 4&--gi ospUou' -er ois ksies qIi fu 'Ryaed Girid of -Haiti 1etuilgto h
otiso, U jtnil t~ii~i cntr~ c etaPto : a ch am C he a n hat mpiotn ad s CO.
-au li d a rel 6-1 64.. i tou e ClueAran d merothh ly o i is im "
_J~eue q I'tvri tiU oute iue Port yer'dulecalpo ..wsd o.Wl~ a
boutt' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~hro raho wiel Qun io e.OuiJnps o.LalelE omwa tiftpat ihbt enCadeAn o
col ~ji ~i t n p enn u gnS.D m uu oi n ainen li be p en tube eto s t e r es lt wdas'p ea otr.So&f
Ham.~~~~~~t Reyald who to sajscd. tosreinsedig61 u
!iuselienpi, an getro toute Prince llie i lmebeathis rothrub a ny ChL- Brything immangediicia ed is
lever s sa ous iiit les jouqi e l i pd a onaissi- in, wase freatedto an fir dis, t mend go defensive y t o fn- at a iiai will rersn Mii

Naioanolar prisonpi lbig ~ctuea Pieirre pitie ion a godcmond ba Clade noer eping upa'erii'a
-~~~~~~~~~~ ae lee yo patich 6-1 annd~ in thees fhmora l u a~ e~t
i~aori, I cuer1 canne t6 1 oun ute cauHltese;ii~ pi krnac orctc hir ee arq sht acou i anit qu'al ravi l nansl Ausf floncanle nE ove the et. s in tefrthog Haiti w ashlewith a ro

yoa- ornt upu grntd pag 20) C6 heont n PueBroeh Pero RtI- anl~7
coniil1!ii~iiiiiiiii qi!!i!iia lii di iilarii oiun parole 11~ pa jiimii lie ! iiuii Jiiiiei sbui ou .$ li 4hi gan ;piui; leviei nous iiittei! iiii f! Reynaldoii Gar ido ofl ;Cubi a be-atiii Hll! ii~l i =i= [!iiiliiiiigh of the i seven to$ii ni d- iii~
ilt H larion.i vete a Puert R!ii!iiii i can cham Char-i n!i i~ii~~!i []iiliii iiih ofiii tni s wasi thei! doubiiiii!i%! ii= l es,
Sot H ia ioia pr s n iiiiiiiji!' inne travail. Li c iioiiii n! !itrer ac lie P ai s4i!ai!i!;iirii ell 6-1, 6-4-. li : lii!!iiii qiii f!llilii~i!~iii ll
i! !!i~! ii =i i i iiiiiii ~iii~~i!ii [i;!ii; iil.ii ii;iii;;!!ii~~l~ithe Cuban brothers Orlando,!!l !!iiil] ii iiiliii11ii :i;ii~iil!;=1 i'lii!iiil liii!l il* i!I iiiui; iili i~iiii [iI i~

P 2 HAITI SUN Sunday, Februaty 5th. .. 5

e is Ncoe ~oif~t MSSGerber's Present
MANCISEFretderique Naude and Miss Mi-
elle Rouzier. Each of the young Of 600 Cases Of Food
Te AlineFagise esqta- ladies" were awardedl handsotne 61 children, salvaged from the
a wrco o ihts souvenir prizes in reognition eroded mouiltain section of' Nou-
a Saturith of their charm and beauty. velle Terraine, devastated by.
ual -Baat Hotel o The Committee. was congratu- Hazel and subsequent drought,
Sat)d Presient Magloire who by the Madame Miagloird Foun-
eading distinguished presented a chek Q300.00 td nation, Rl Crs And Public
lip (i gest, er-e' P*resitent the organization as taken~ of Health Department are ejyn
e Ptaire, Andhis ap t of e work a strange new diet..
ad Mrsde being accomplishd i the .d-. The c re n'are be
boercegol,,de.-Lile 1 1ilantro-fitnfrmagtshpeto
%ainea,, ...... cutue and Ph...il+
ments the evening, On the receiving ine to we presentd locally by: Joseph Na
withsom fotyiol prizes~ being come their many guests1 i iere: dal & Co., sent 600 cases each
wo0 y-ut partciating in Dr. Mauarice Armand, (President with 24 tins of their 4Vitamnin rich
alotest. These zs of Alnce Franaise, his caught Vegetables meat cereal and
wra'conrbution from the e,p Mis Jeannette. Arm3and, Mr. Frit varieies.
busnes irxs f hecaital and Mrs.Calmann-Levy, Mr and Voluntepr Red Cross
A n Mr Maurice Dwiquet, Mr and worl e,r s 'care forthe
gaoMiss Ernst Trouilot d Mr. tiny tots 'N". are making great
Jo. ++ .. + .i' pro res at .t
tae e en1 uner-ui and Mrs. Robert' Nadl-,ges t h Madamne M~agloi-
re 'Qrphanaae nt Cite 6lgli'
FeLa c Aux Etoi19s OnW~
F.;ruy 11 th will hel to re. 6
habilitate unfortunate 'youngst-
-N w H P E Ters such as these. Tiny Tots at the Madamne Magloire Orpfranagg' enjoy

GEORGE GRaAHAM their diet of Gerbr.
With alarg groupof~ ;yung
...fried hers 'on
hanid at Bowen Fie~d to see i
off last Tuesday morning, 'George
W. Graham, for two years ava
\ lued collaborator' of the Haii
_n G Sun's Editorial Staff, cnlmbed
aboard a PAA" plane for his re-
turn trip to Jamaica, his bore,
and ftirther studies.
~The young journalistic o
AN E ER1ASTNG IFTHaiti ~in 1954, just two months
D:SSR Ae ET ore< his 20th birthday, fresh I
fro.m the c.asro
College where lie h majord
'CAND E-S~r.CKSin Frenich' Irge d byjore7
chance to pratige theoffici
langilage 0f Haiti, and the pos-
A A A C I A I TM o a career 1n the do-
ON DISP Y N main of the fourth estate, Ger-
ge eagerly accepted ani offer to
A.Doaohr work with the Haiti ,DunAfter
s tree-montsX eprobationary pe-;
oi~aion $,, riod here, he abiliioary e

Sales C r a ng amon f.tOe. A. f. ... the
~U e j ~erle d~~tn~~Gerbers sent 60 cases of their azssotd Bab Fod.
oea the rewsmd.sitn
'S S1.U ~complex secret of the conpos- A

Lnmeaepde. In the meantime, George pro-
ON ORIETALE needed toiscover Haiti, and
')ask Ii the intricacies o the
For, suit lenths ofsee magnificent Faibrics, enrenc l..uge. e mastered
'Creole and thMinge n
w erf to iiud choose your Suit. oons became popular member
of the.Capital's 0 unge'r set.
[Our loss is Jamaica's gain,
eorge as taken p his new re-
BLUEAND ROWN poter Pos't with The zDaily Gle?,n-


GBChristening' Ceremonies, with
7C. E C._ Monseigneur Poirler pronounc-
ETC.. ETC..PTing" the benediction, take place

this morning at 7:30, of the newl
B ernadettLe of Martis'sant. .Ser-1V
ices arc being conducted b I
0 Father Alexandre, Vicar of thee

With ll ofPort-aiPrince~ ace1-
Iig as' <> anid H~?~' rnijm) the2 new bells will be of-i LNM

chol nod .a nre-Be rnadette", PARIS "A E. "
A and be, bles, sed+ by the Arch. .s- .+.
hop Of Iathti. A morning ef en- COIN 1
Joymncnt is further offered with IR1
Fo .aIHREa &,OrandL X,2rmesse on thelSJPJG ES~ET
grounds of the church. SOPNB Ui T


~Jean I.~on Destin6, Haitian
A m basdj o zv" i "nFf the .nce al BEAUTY PJLGDUCTS I AT[

unnday, February 5th. 1956 HAITI $UN P 3

NO L CAL IAMO DS IKaufman, is president of the
NO L C L1)A O~J) Kay Gardens Chapter of Ha- William D n o S e d 1 o t
FORHAII.N BAUTESdassa iq New York, her youthr Wit Siud'. Her As Traine
fi'|ij~ HAITIAN BEAUTII5 ful mother, Mrs. Regina :Teitel with I..I.S A T
bauim, is also a top official of
Haitian belles who love tho 'tady aprnticeship is iees- tl e ZL:nist organization devot Mr. William VM. Dunn, a new pleted two years of svice
diamonds l -rge and sparkling' say to form an even slightly ed to send medical supples to member of the staf of USIS, he United Stat r
will have to continue .... i' killed worker,>) he pointed out. I e, and to help children and arrived in Port-au-Pince, M he asa' sp speii n t
them frQrh nbrosad, according, to~ .ijnlonl cutitin~g is as highly newv inniig:rants in P.alestine. ~day January' 30, it 'was. anmionced Signa Cops
expert Moses Kaufman, of an- a wtchmaking. >> At Jean Fosy' Laam's ultra this week by Mr. Jean A. Graf is,

A uetatorMr adhad iof e oi an
hattax' and Kew. Gardens, N.Y. A us a Hoiel Dambala, modern j~eielers stoe M.ad ea othInformation Service R /

M.Kufa aebin had ultural a +'e
(The same goes also for ladies thle1,isitor was accompanied by r. .I'afan rebig ndultrlattach6 of'the Ame-
who ar ,;ntisfied with smaller his charming'wife and mother- son jda~in byte na- rican Embassy.
and ot o bigh gens. nlk.' -he frmer Mr. Gisela inT Pit-au-Pince busin~essman. "Mr. Dunn, 25 years old, has
soil ~ni~~~ nbeei) assigned to Port-au-Prlince ?
~r~K ~ ~o7 ~as a trainee in the overseas in-
notr the 1 arth-. need formation program of the Unit-
ed+ lot d, ,While you ed States. In this position he will
have may dry aluil river remai. 'in Haiti approximately
~b~d $~. 4nt o th~ 0.'inihs after which he will
~nd~f' h is one inbe' given' a regular as1guEzx
the Baia ,i~o c.-ss area. in the Foreign' Service o f the
-n inVnzea f) oinstance,. U.S. Information Agency.
~it doe notappear thtny such Mr. Dunn' is a graduate of the
~explit ato oud exist herUniversity -of Georgia and has
Concening the Kinalso studied for a year at the
SuhAfri.a tyeofde mi~n- 'University of Rennes, France. H~e
mng, so th,2 other hanid, no'test has had experience as a .news-
drilngsbavehee cariedoutpeper reporter for the Gainesvil-
dxilin~hi~v k~~1 ar~re~,outle Daily Times in Gainesville,
here so far.'i
A prte in the New York Georgia, and' has recently" corn-
S.& afrn8m diamobnd A

werp, Belgiuml t~chiiian stopp
ed over in Haiti this week after
setting up a brac sho ii an' '
Juan, Puerto ico. He consider-
ed the possibility of 2xt~nding
to" Po t-au-Prince a~rther re-
moz, .< At least oeyear ofJeweler Lahani, Aloses Kaufman and diamond ,BEML ROI R-JRME
Latifundia perdidere Italiam; grand~ habitations- af a c
ARGE~NTINA'S pou'm pa fourr6 devan4 yo ga oiu'n &crivain romaint6cr ln
sous gril, parce que tractewirs, m'achiie ar &Mn
qu' cab mete qa Four fres yo tonn& esclvae
TH IITING TIGERS a~ l the fil aginst a tour: of 'Brazil in .1953- won poracepter ouni rble de donmestiques, A
International football wil e- the Haitian selctin Febuary eight matches, drew three and _gonxe Roe -1tv, op o~
turn 't'Stade- iagloir h 7, 9 and 10th. lost three.~ This is a ~record to c gon~qoi' Roe atve 1u bon paroetppli
week wth the arrivral of the The re> are rat- be proud of considering Braizil rmmiei 'u
Tigers" from Nrgenine,. ed ix th in the ,~ Benos Aires Iis rated, as one of in the world -Ou trompe oil mon chr L 'oni M aitn -igi
Th farnus Sout Ili ercall Champ ip. The visitors ,n Ithe best teams 64 crrex tb, pant6 band, sel tot er~gles v1..
M'paraite ac ounnpg qui dil
-Mn..........hbtain lnteenlgn rot..... ++ +

-Camaguey~ ptancade Orient u
-pAhl4! nilU ce6pas enaiti q

IDs queI evie ou6 fanmii, oui 0
pou Ii, Pajan'l ppilesss!...
Ac bureaux action clnnmunautaire Ini n unagb7me
mot impossible pas exists. Mme gnoun -aiataafa
bete cab Miilionnaire Cuba, mne gen I' cab dboiI'

blkme nun gouvernemnen pour 6tudier raionqufaton
chct ouinoun citoyen important desk que' qitt-py'.
Npa d~espreparce que m'crou que hiabitat os:o
"gfain Dun valeur extraordinaire. LitemnpsI 'Don toutesSrie
Gonyvernement qn'ap tavaill an v'lle J~rm -t yoen
Senmble pour executer oun p~rograxmme.
em' point raison pou. con 110u y6 a, inousp l 630
ecarreaux terre en flgue-banane ac af6 dt
te exert &tranger mWt chapau bas. Hazadqift o
gain dd zqioxnmes coptents Ian ville-l cab atp u oV

The visitingg Tiq~ers'Stanitdng Fromfl left toright Bo'resz Rugio. Brnett, idalgo. -Squ~atting: F'rom. -hi'lbe orraie rjt u 'ntt-o
left to rig1rt De Boirgoing, Mendez,. Butrgos, -Aguiar, Cesareo.


7'A policeian threw his hands collected 120 in the ahi ?Wdneqdav, in 2exs- cefrteyear's rental
operation, anJ at the -same '~'e"The ,rightful owner, ,E arnine GA
burned the ear of his tormentor. Saxpedi, stormed into the Poliice
<, said 'the police- Department Tuesday waving th
man indtig a" medium-sized phony c(Itract which brought
individual, in' a 'yellow sfiirt tht,3 ,name back to tiiiii line-up f010CtI
.with a snare sword-fish bu..t- for recording.
i- 'out Te'middle, < diacity to come in here (La Poll-
ce nearly every week and give *'F*N FJ3,
a different name!>> The' law E-f viaie AU Fg'10J11
'fioc-r flourished a stack of blue ArrivesS1 Feb.. "6rth.W~
cards and recited such illus-1 sII0 k* fCAFGIb
trious.. + .. ,nane a: Justin T..... o up .... 1 + T .e Very +++ ++: R ++everend Thther+++++ :
///i +: :/?+,++ Pk+' +++++ : ++: sam,++++: Justin Exun-le, : : ++ Au ut ++uggiotti+.: Is-epete I P rt
-L++++ .. ++ ++++... ++ ambert ec .,.. etc"+... i nam P.... on. February 8th.. ae I

*Tapan, ++ ++ u, + Aurta+++ a ia, the X+ te
Pireh d'oe hou5++h in +Ot' edb s 01Ca d.Fte Zg
inly foun al t~nsant, one M+a- +ue 'for of St Y e nd oso [neoe ixenohe r k hi
dae uiaa ~iene o ho oude f he"ersSaesas osp Nda ndCopny hyben ieSt
eq~lldb~hs a-Lk (mai'I. h~ uhedopa thgg doradawl pn or~~sInHii hman g 99

PAGE______4___HAITI_______SUN___ utIr I Februiary <$h. 1

JAC sepVenicer Mirrors

; amou Througrhout The World


-Txie Tco Atur Borden tooks the 'air to New, York. Mvrs Their 13'reuth-Taking B~eautyj
Bode is chrigte baofGonave in the Full Swingv II.. Dr.A dPk~ esG at as4
JoseEnrqueAyba twce mbasado toHaiti was appointed taryof tateforPublc Halt ini the Dominican this past week... E
Ambss dorJos Raon odrguez -left Port> Tuesday after .7 oith
totk D. yar.odps at Freign~ Office. The new Domninican ~~iMagleit t)h
o~ u~t., Wh~ ~repi~edIbo Lele, is blond4e Surgeon's
T drv' Daiedid' good urn 2AM.tTuesday we iepce
upasaio onth exposition wh~o had lost, his bearings also, his cloth- $1axtfrmBto Cie
ing A andia of te SS gUNBEAMA the sailor said he had1jbeen~ Oppehnemeu. Claire has baen
skinne afe opeo rns. drienne D6joic has ibeen. acclaim cml l pl-d1~~~~
ed ait's arta.Ktt.atth.Ooffson every Tuesday evening -her and will bc among the Mardi-
Q~plnGras revelers.
voic iscomng longtoo'..Keeinga weddin2~g promise Burdett Ash-,
A nis lyia hme-for'MadiGras from~ Indiana with h~is n~ew wife. Crsoh' IAE
Haol llusciu iawa HAEat Cap llaition. Ha pies at thi intpl'
MontJoh o pove lai mad inPort last Fia..GogsLuu, T~r&Tae evc
.dee~pe te b~tG.o colour film- ever seeni in' Haiti as Jolicd.cur Tel: 77.
fortesimny ndalokaf hi collection... Reporter Herbert D. lveweiss
o If ~aiy eReod in Nw York is at the 'Oloffsoxi with wife P~.OBxQL312
D~~orettem fo e aejour... Thiey flqw to the Ca~p when the learn-
dtefr a ot $5oun -trip... Lt. Lanor Augustin is headingI
P.C.I drin Cat. JTacqe e&Eennle's absence... Telephone out of order
ihi ~. usp j~ic ed < ph ~one Monday anid wastod .-.
ifraion wa'utf order.. Shasa is gonna introduce somn~e snazzy

abada ugigciprtikn hey were a bnchof ioar- UfJST ARRIVED FR IOM VENICE
ies...Doe ad Mar e ren yre rod home to Kansas~ City Monday
on~ ~ ~ '. ihypls~dImhgn~o promising to eturnfo mr ALREADY FAST DISAPPEARING
petar. Te Ren g Co bas letSudy o C b r~ lokor ORDER ONIE NOWT FROM
.neyah.Tiyea the will visit most of'the w orld including MAX U. DLTVIVIERJ
Talt.Atr meingui it up atth Allance F7rangaise gall aturday 1. Orgzinizer of Tour's in
nigt.the a e ece treturn plus souvet-.Hi.
V~rissge f~te. wrk of the~ Domnican Artst, Xavier Amiami esoSaet
oo pac onFrda, rd, aCentre AA4t from~ 5:00 toA7:OG pam. This eivleOfiu
Wasth-11th Eposito oranzd by Dewitt Peters a~d his~ growing -
cors f xtst.. ew attrction at the Casino, billed as America' BO0Y 16 KFE11LS
newst:spprcubpesoaliy blonide D~ee, Cameron will. take the COUSIN 17
spot~tat idniht.. Te e has 'reopened with F61ix D~jeain
a -Manger Th Br ad Rstaran ae open daii# from breakfast in(ontrnuet fropm fpage

is ~ba~mn, Horror-stricOven <. fl51mflnd
lilfwoandace ruie> of the Italiani artist ts at~ Cahane Ch<~egne ran to is e',home iDr Cb'r-
wasrtiatd.-,rider B e hrea Agent of
is back to duity after a mnonthr the < ~~cTirsday mon -PICl~ i
e a e -!r-, ery hlw ee.. A -te y pe
-Pap, ce: t -dneya-ith a strine requet 17saw theaboo istrt
kn te arff.,teeyea old sonG refired to go to gure in the-yr i,,rse h
to s Papas fizr'bldes n the street The~ sight wounded boyt
thAttle~ truants, and st~nwod'h
eh iuenn an Ciit b ~ ie ll hag as the -M
D~oise os tey ereaparath
baS 10v gtome O

Mard!'--6aw he otia tar o Frdev ohi Mona.. iMea eThe

Frearln has black~ inceoea1

sad~ Tao DvisandMadme are due back from1. their two- and
T, Ma ~ bV

fo r o th'ol Gr n te de France severl ire tourist shops aure _

sprpuing.. ....

M f~eJ~nb~S40 A*~jlJrmPr-l-rIct
$2 ~ Penil.$900S&< ~Cu~n ot~T

5 PCV ~~~ Pencie S9ou Sani o e alny.

$ 90~ minut b ubanasel~j
The conveniM et kyigh P
tak yo ,$t- nto tl ~ utS4S1

~ st~isitiromantic atmospheren of theo

[IA IJ -28~Ru 4rihzu Lncln- Pon ?1X
3hnl*~ qoesan~ S2 ~OlN LY~ .tlacFr imn.(i
~~~~~~~~~M Pear ofen 515 ecl 65 ocPyod "the Aniles
<2 ,-
se yorIfelp to i o
Arola ol wt u

Sunday, February 5thi. '19 5 HAITI SUN PAGE__________5_

[~~~~btl had paidT H aitian duty. V.I1I ugR ie
HAT SUN 'Yet, it, was cheaper to buvy' y t C aiis D jg To R lee
Commnunity Weekly Puablished Sunday Monn, ri's volum-2 purchasing power *An ite 4iA 7n id N u oe
EITOR-PUBLISHER BERINAD PIDEIJCH and thie qick availabilty than ~ iq
GERANT4IJESP(INSABLE PAUL E. NAJAC through any other source, Fran- ,1
___________________________c__ Incl~icuded I by a~ Wall Street Journal Staff Reforer

Turk' ~~But we'carnnt buy if we 'do' Eqa,,LtetI41 &ffl1C8

ia natural source of supl~py for be Safe, Non-Habit Forming adalso ha8s somne efcso h
Expoe Island '1frade With Haiti Haiti And natural. customer, P~ruewvo: al -oA new vp (brain

Dea Bernie: of salt, al1l small hav been~ tou lat Tailor-Haiti Stick~ cal wa1r againIst mental Illness sufferin from tenso-prdue
sh-ipped, >too bu I ,tis i1s u.nfor- to your fr~uits' and veg'etab -les and anxiety is expected to re- pain-he4aaches atthbae'O
The Siun 'for 9Qctober reach- tu1nately but epeerl and let urks lslanlds trade its port top the' nation's "drug corunt-. t ed e about a week ago. (They The~se 'och n this ~salt Salt for,What it _'need~s and ers. shortly. plailnts' of tjih elns at
go round byRobin I Hood's barn, are carried. y C-ico s~ soops an~d Wns'" > uce n etesngt
you kno~w, before corning here by Hata 'swl.An ti Its name: ((QUANIL) exEquanilv nbe,3J mrv
via N4ew York and Jamaicti,) I unsa ifroN retrteC Sincerely, "'Its producer: Wyeth .Labora to 'uchi an extent tha thavo
have noted with~ considerable cos man to reunIwt an~y quaxn tries, a subsidiary of American blens were of nop moecnen
interest and grater disagree- tity of dollars inhi pketl In- Grad Trk B W.1 Homce Prod~ucts Corp. W ment yur editorial entitled. deed, he Frqenl buy dollars > rad u'.B 1 perhapsmoseprmntnoas. creasd an' Hatian conoy las andhis alt-reigb d olarsSalk polio vaccine. But it 'also tra stes and a )aoriyo
Would Bereftd ~IIn Eooy]aresp in Hati he he cllans' turns out an array of items rang pad zns bo~thee bypyh
findnelt4r something to 'buy ih n'' ing from ;.)nicillin, and vi~am~ns~ m~ati pains associat dwths
find~~~~~ thpainfulue4intrt
Aren't~ you, infc, avocating thm though pos-azef-export tg tihes hnde used Iin~ rad ma dites ~ftn
just what terst of h world restrict ions3 tov pyevtffesi lent dea the frmttesin: eidto hfe ni, wer?
>so st1tongly crtcz.;te nited made 'this ardH u fehtpeeteahro rtls--ivdwenhytok.Eq-
Sttsf amng at a ntlo- vegetables and fts, co'~rn, and V, naked bites.. nib th~e company clis
wasl-ufcey -o mater other things. He raids-Le Cap's. Wyetl's ier drug is expected Physician hage be bet
wha te-ost n~mttr hwit Elevnt Street for clothes and 'to be Aval on d 'rspouersflsep
hurts good customiers and other articles for his wife and HOTTER IN HAITIcltontn
makes them poorer ones ?In- family, goods that the limited, advantages, claimed 'yW t aetetdwt Zukf x
deed, aren't you just plain talk- stores of this 6000-population de-'Da Eio qxprc ae: noqn ih brnscp ofesosiq~seo;
you suggest that Haitians who Grand of Altieri how much bu- lief topol h ufrfo
have worked as day labourers siness they get. Ask G3eraldl Go- Catching up on the Miami tesns n kxe ad t E IEIN A4 "
at naga hve hekno-ho m-z a Prt~e Pix batitnews we found Port-au-Prince ths re ythe sriso O
atIau av h~kowhwnzatPr-4Pa ht~ made headlines. While the play- fa't-paced nnidei iing. The MrWimt-.Daswoh .
in ( ing> ~? Turks Islands and Inagua from les~ les Tures and how Srou n oo l Sotmeu < hay eben in the business for much fr produce of improverished reut -in orfotnt 7oepe(?u coer fr'o m chinroes baa- matl in fiepol Lo0don
generations, Turks. for igh onto TFortuga is taken. As them~ sre w oe a t Pee mnention o ~iical tde f 0 n n Rmwl epaepbg
three cetuies,, anid no fortu- which way >the balance. of thi inyurcsun
ties are being made. tra e is (Cutos figureswon't thi inyu ounEAXE CyiEi4RyAI MUSCLE Emas eeo.teScn e
tell you, frteoutgoing tAsnhtc-eiaieo h r eulci h ol.Fr
Y!ou 'Say; o.n thing Haiti least are quite ariica) Ask -'Signed drug propanediol q~qani hasN me -ieia masdrt
'as over other saltprducing Batisse ai~d Josise and other, WavadCnet4 aslcie interneuronal block- Hat- r~rhsbe rner
conres is the major reqire- -Hatani sloopovw4ers how worth ___________ n cin trlxsse e a
mnstrongsuni, I that wvere while the trade is to them.
the maor iqiremni wbuln'
,.h semigAriazoft loligd nortunately, 'the current
et I t;ge i temporary and
.t. ... SN not too.we..f....d d..........' if itc es

sralt '.evoaton. quatiy r alli~5 pieaeo
Hii is o tool~iii welitte for tyies ttr wher fciieii:is!l are i i!i;!i!iii~i

lity.. I can't talk quantity s I average the same. One-w
hiave no figures, but I have seen trade iAs to Purto Plata, if a
Hatian salt, on the market at all, two-wa istLeCpo
ap-Haitien, and it does nqh Porti Triher e's still aii
compare, wit Trks~ Islands strong< unfilled demandI f~or''
sal roduc 12 -ile s away: fr' stuf ere, but aen '0~

tIhe Hai plj agrees ith other comitodities. Given reg* i
me. Buit for the onerous duty of ar "salt shipmn~ts to Hati, the ~
over digiltftimes the Turk~s Is- ,Caicos sloops wil id dito
lands FOYB price, the Haiilan-pu-, n age'eidstesad
blc oudbu Trk'Isansard oranges, plan~tains, avock
salt as it did a half century and dos,- eddoes (tayots)cotn andj' '
a century ago. And, at most.on- such like. Given a competitive e ie,
ly an uneconomic industry would cost theyU 'take sugar.' (Right
suffer, while Haiti would now Haitian export on sugar is
benefit -'-.benefit by a 'lower about' equal to .the delivered onl
Prioe, benefit by a .better"9quall- the Jam aica product). There are
ty (advantageous to that tanning other commodities, too, but
industry you mention), and 'be- Ithese, being slower turnover,
nefit by being able to sell more Iwill have to be 'arranged for. 1>KLSC<
of her produce Ito .a neighbour. EA E OONU_1
-What else' can' Haiti
Let's look' at' the facts: 'Haiti provide? Two y ea r-r ago
has 'the fresh fruits% nd vegeta- in Le Ca I was shownn
bies and the 'corn~ which the some Haitian maade socks. Not~
~Turks and Caicos want and can- the world's'best qualit and not ''~
not produce themselves, at pretendingg to~ be either, but it
I ast not' in sufficient' quantities. would be, quite feasible for the'
For over half a century. these ,Haitian manufacturer Co sell
Islands have been shipplng'dried 'here. And. 'to. sell some other
conchs' lambis 'secs to Hai- clothing items, too. And if 'first I
in recent years nearly 'three cost on Haitian cigarettes, which'
-mllo 'conchs have g'one[ an-' are of good quality, were no
null to aiti payingg a subs higher than first cost on, U.S.
tantila~ dutyto get in), atnd these' cigarettes, the lesser 'shipping
Provide a lowpriced and. im- costs and the' nearer source-
portant addition to the 'Haitian of... ,supply would open a marketi+ii+i iiii! 3i .... ............. 1;= !i i!iii11]:II!iiiiii ii
die. Las y aruas I : be~iiiiliiiv+!~i, i&;: a few.............. carton+s. =+= o=+= ++++++Creo+ ....

unod 20t oitesme'o~ i nesan lqors(I anedhaf

$moilith o wini~i g to itian salt ove a 2'nnt prod Ys. N il T
shortage,....'a.number...of..cargoes this was a re-export, hut everyi!!!+ a

PAGE_______ 6Suud1 SU February 5th. 19 5 5


Dont CuntYour &LPintade>) Before They /Are Sht
Ove'aye go hi column eporifig fr6m Croix des Bossales gave
a sortng ccontof a Wild 4Pntdschasep in down-town Port:'au
Priic: hatenedin cures, threats is~ery and even~ a leter to this
Aurnal romas far afield ag the United States city ofPhiladephia.'

Fre Sith Rger Lareu ad eoge Uizk who where named thn
byti ounahmin -Pintade. Baggers*. The challenge was QTLPLZ
soo fogoten s s much summer air fro'm a Pitdeess city. Then
aln aels ensa A really fateful Wedniesday for, threi ha
yon e. h hcing detail wer~e made aailabl to th uis space & a

laephi accmaidb Elie? R ichaofPortauPrince motoredI to NT I Ai~~
huningteritoy btwen t. arcandGonive. Fomearly morning ENITDUBIMT
til ary ftrnon-hetro rape -pnue dwrvine through
pgikypiqanti he dcrhn trpca.sun 'usng iate~ and praying
frsmfraihlcthtwuddlvrteqaniyof Pintade /

HIEA21 OF OAK typifies the dependable quality 'of our peasant.
women, rep~resented herby Dlavier Leconite, a mahogany carvet EAU1~o
from Fritz i es factory. Duclavier confesses hesredered to a
sudden inspiration when he produ~ced the eigh-otig fire of
a market woman carrying a basket of vegetables'o he hea.

Believed to be the largest of its kind, th~e big *litan oaktatue
Inavnavtie' uier woitee n a itade feather they retr-'s forcefully' worked and faithfully detailed cohnexpesion YU (CANTRS
'ne t :hecaran~dov pf owrd .hoe. Stppn enrute to St features are all characteristic. The Mevis are keeping the 'sate on ex
ot L!~t m a ~l1 hibitio, sayv the~y will not sefll it.4

ce ~The 26 year old sculptor, borni in Port. a~u Prne has studed for
atho~ ee jpast 5 years under NumIa Germa in, a fellow woke at the-Mv Passaic,- New Jesy
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u jirL hole1,r9 establishment. Duclavier wh pent-a mononhs-aktwm,,
6~~~n uph for waor offnsad otnudterh w SJKAN-~ HAITI

wol aebe a o xpen v6 atralbecaue he charges use N 4N
At dsk-n te -ontoui-Pot rad he unters came to aN screech
i ig sop her,,awhoe fmil Pifad wadle lzily out ac#ss the
Oietly,~t oinoctof -o-th'd
un -r ee the~ guns were

-gae ,,'& the genstleme
L tow

1e epl esmk n-
up: cee of1 their C shrtiig
tj': LVoleurab lae Vo~br Cabit.quD E L T
N 4N pipwr

S~r raxfursjt rarejj W

Maam.. L, plAs petite
Air.atqu 6tachW duLAN -monde...~?p
Lp!ns de precisions atu Newoi &rn ]a
Akeotr le)S CALIFORNI andt CHdAG 30da imtrurti
pog. 'en'cag auu nlAomanAi~ne n~rhag wwquexcrio mreont ya

L'oe~1 /un.fqe -ncoatingkqe

JpsFri Nodala & C., eneal gens
*r. se T)y .1100 Ar Ecusiniar

13 ~ ~ ~ i pg4 A,. HAAN ... ... :0 m AV N
Ar. NrW OREN .(S)42 m$4OS
1 30> da limit, round-tri

_________H_ AITI~ SUN Sunday, February 5th. 195G.

T~J~A JJR~ edrafia flats. which cost$1
LIF TI E T EA URE n te .S ndselfor~ R4M OTE L 'VI LLA C RI E 01 L l-
TI~t H ITFS HOP te Caribhban~ republic.
-Halti now is virtually a f ree
port T~[WO years ago duties on
gO A P I C a in .* t h s ,f c s o f n h i F re n c h .p erfu n es b ra n~ d ie 1 -
tion~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ so.,)ainhs--bagi-byntoMhgn aase.queurs and wines were slashed Pi, to include
ma rign hoelftime or 14-incii sala bols 'costing! ~ atOctober the cita A inir itiner~ary
treasuores. cing~ iiv legislature cu~t duiest to five Per
Hee lindad ahoga-Idual boiwlst0 cpnts ,aiee. en~t on a rnumb~er of item~se-
ny .iirniure slsfo and a se fsevr fo 6 5 dts. voted b~y turssA axesult *
'Plywo'-d P prces e xii- Alahogany tray and bookeds pwfss watche are $10 to, $250,A
goilpantigs y.gitd ~self are also favorite qpurcases, peti p~int bgs from $10 to $60,
~~ ~ $6.50 Kislav gloves,~ ar wds
'$35 -od. oodsculturs' hatcrystalw~are, English. china, and
4re~~ ~ tel-okso'at ag ati is a agricu~ltural, con German ca s are approxi-
mately'a~ thi1d less. than the
gtateside pride.
SA systeml fo selling tourists
77,1s f1kn~~hboy ~ Monday Night I
is no~w bein-et 11i .This means MOIDEL-NITE:
prices Will be' free of taxes and Fashion Show Durinz Dinner
fro i7to25.Addn year- try and ssl is one of its~ chief ixpport duties. Right now, h1O-
long~~~ ditictonto y hom exports. This product~ is 'made wgver, the finest French bran-
are~he'handspn and into attack lve handWags and dies ,and liqueurs cost $3 ac
handoomd.:flaqcsand rugs. hats as low aS $5 a set. Bedroon i bottle..
ConW,*a~softh Lltter p* slippers and bean eis cost from Many awomn.r1h
dee r~te he nitd .N~tns 75 cents to a dollar. Luncheon he rLward~ohe in Port au PrInce.
6ulinsinNwYork sets are under $2. H{and~fmbroi dercd drse a- TUSA
ny~4 tms u~s f~~ srswge 'rm $1 to $65; bl~ouses ~fom.UR~A
fe 6bl oi es ac hoeas abound. Gay hats, in La $3.50 to $22, and skirts fronv -FA110US CREOLE~
poss o 'rolem Pn Aer- sze, ndpefec frLbeach~ $6.50,tp $25. Men are jutag a BFE
canWoldAiwas'lo ,cot o grdnig un fom 7 cents. er to buy the sp rtS sits with~ >U
$.0 ye-ppealildra gay Caribbehan designs othat sel The Great aItivid* 0117"
ttlotafo uhJessiltclbsesftevery purpose- fivm $ 5 to~1 $7 *A
of~~ ~ ~ th US rcCfe't~! inc, aktn r as waste Anr excing addition in~ Port Lfix V1UC4o1is
'to'Irg ~~ Li iP~ricee stores is handmade k.
ove,, .Sf ,cstos r~lai~n hal~sn prchoreven living- t~QQ QO Imotifs. Sample picesTusaNih
alow..Amfianreidnt $06, oodisuse their uise as lun. ~rc: -arrns $1.7, necklaces, BARBWECUE ~4g
wothofdftyfre god eer dyhampers. Al ma e bought $.0to S1; r acees $4 5 to ORCHESTRA HIINTL
ationb,_rvi6d th soin2atop hie cuff1 links, $1.50 toIAF4T.~T~
6ey,3 das uiutusbrorufrm5 "Practically, no tourism leaves t
their L~o tmr6m 01tod the~rf U.S. las cet L$.0.Hiiwihu svrl ote
Asr-iefprtwihfe- prfumes wen ahlf ounce 2
Aan t1dr~tthiean turst botleof cmTrme>) is $8 4n con '
trast to $1 p u 10 rcent
'.luxury t.xback home, >d"1
is 5 a hafounce ifitead of _
VIL eTOICN .~~z~ 1)a t ,

jfer the Solutio fo thsewo rfe he eroalzdi

stead ofEN~bN $25 pusVta. rA

RESNAL RAE hitrcCpHatd Aao

Saura Nih its Thway CABANx CaHiiCs U


-1e Wamou &.hFamo..aBeut ?rouatsA

J0~tP h feature &y 4rpeia Line.))C tipel~ t
Bot orei~ersarent th onl
connissers o,, fod. :4tn

-Sunday, Ferur 5th. 19 5 6 HAITI SUN PGE1

.N E PS by th Goeneta a xe h workr had hoped to:ge
U .N.H ELrimet. lan arenow undr $5a sck.The hotels willuuigly
jB~iI~ -' IIQ c way to~ repeat the process in paid $7.4 Q
,BRI G P O G-othier localities of Hlaiti. C ooperative membership in-
Project Started in '5 cr~eased to fifty-three after the OS()
InMai'eh, 1953, 11. Mouton first news got around. Outlets
RUESS"TO launched cooperative with for the produce h'ave bpen es- 0

Ht-fA IT I aged peasnts Eahpledged a Valli~res, where in four months ,

~Arzu~ur Epet fcontrtAr garden th~at also fully graded and packaged ve-
Obcr w an noSe rved as 'the agricultural getables were sold. After the
IdlCmuiyschooL. The Belgian found them tourist. seas 'on, the surplus is ~~
prompt, diligent and earnest, as now bong shipped by Water to
B NHENiMcLAUGHLIN well as intelligent. Curacao.
~ They knew' nothing of see Profits have gone into tin
Speai o te Nw 1orkTh~ selectton, 'the-use of fertilizers 'ot whgutters and cisterns
UN$JITED NATIONS, N. Y.,soyi~~ rsi ~l!s to~ catch: the rain w~ater. JIn a
'Water' was in short supply a~ community that h~ad never 'had LES PLU~S B~ELLES >MOAQE
Jan. 2:1 Until 1953 Fermathe had to be purchaseda 'trans- a cistern, the collective value~ of HAITE N S
'w~ n bsur~~nunai vll~ported from a distance. Tbythe stored water last year was
-re in Haiti whosekfarners led ea~~~miybon asV estimated et $1,000. ,Ferniathe
a primitive, -difficult 'life an~d yisadps, nd homes al~so have new f rn ii-
where, family income averaged, maIesid ~We ~tte ngs, and their inhabitants far PLA~jCE EIA'4 A
$60 yay. Today it, is a model fo their inferior 'seed better clothing ,as well-'as more
community of agricultural. an Deeper and more :thorough and bectter food ze ta
economy progress. preparations of th l was in-
Enthusiasm and hard woktro~duced 'and taught, and, thie te -f'e I.-___________
by the trc-radnr there, best imptwted see-Is, including
aided by moxepen tools and mnew and 11iffereMt ve'getables, TJEO Y
thd l1u .ced biy the United Were 'lated and carefully <
,NatonsTechica Assstace sprayed agai st isect attacks. L IP O N
Amnsiavion, are ceie.o h is avs a .sna PUR !FRUI
the m1eta inorpiiosis. Incomes tUon not o~idy in Fermather but
have soared. The area is also inl Port-auI~princf J li
>1xporfinkT- enter. Large Vegetables Pru4u~ced
Children are' in school. ihad -Undrid the tropical conditions
Kof toiling> in the fields, New and e nd with tne bst of care the
better homes. exist~ anid others, imported~ Seeds produeed' toma- '
tare. planned. FormerIy b~rfoot- toe and" rotatoes, and~g s 4l, his~ lfCgic d~rum
efarmers now wear wvorkhos two pound 'ech one head of~ ~ 4T4E Y4
each wek-dy. Smd venpos wie. caba~ge weighed neary .F A U E 3Y IT
sess pocket watches. tenp pouns adaed o e-. ELi RA CTTO1 TIEL

etails of eltiumar c ctmore n oe pon oL ..
qarvtr js recid isgn eagel. 1Spinach, eggplati nd h ird~ -e\eu

to 'adise the HatanGvern- fo.mlsaround. %CENT
Inniesblshto adm At the re iof ou of the (D n e a cn E RANCHO)
on-stration ei te Frmut16 was qcoirativm bes M Mo
choen 3, e ste,,.-iththetonS01 41POA-aua(Prince 1,500 _______HaitiradingCo.,_&A
groudnd equipment fiacdp ciso pttesfe hc

4 7,

'4'rb.feu de la'.irai'de
4A l -d r4' < ~

4 P,4 '- i b 7fue
4 4 ~ 4t~'~'~ >>Af

'4' ~ 47'~ 4' 4 ~:444?,4I
444 44
4,, W



iui L Chalmers ~ciabisizig in bill collecting, inatu- A FRESH PAUSE A JS~~
ri Jtdii| A dr alization, Pejrmis de Sejour, HE GENERAL
.. Contracts, Divorces and other
Nw b t civil Law questions.

His partner is Andr6 Chal-
mers, long-time find and fel-
Cie. Electrique this week. low lawyer. ,Descended from an
Louiis, born in Qavaillon and 1".jjiia Iw eeatosbc
American itwo generatos back
schooled in Les Cayes, was train who m~igrated to Haiti -at 20,
ed in~ the Instit1t 4 Ethnologie Chalm~ers i. an old boy of Tip-
in ort au~ Prince for tw o years penhauer College, St. Louis de
and woni ~Law degree at the Gonzague and the Port au Prin-
6 de Drolt the same time ce Law School.
ahis ethnology diploma.
Son of a veteran awyer, An-
~Armed with both, diplomas, dr6 has been a fiend of> Lamar-
~Lou \ Laimnrre> flew to New re for the past 12 years.
York where h~e spent a. year at
the French cole> ibre des Office hours are before 8:00
Hautes' Etudes studyin Poll- a.m. or bten2O)p.m. and
tcl scine.e,' 6:00 m.~ and, the boys proudly'Cl lc e
reveal, English'ad Spanish are Under the Coca eny st i esien
.. ackc in Haiti, Louis Skimmn~ed spoken in the office. The nium- Dr's house at the General Hospital; Director General of the Hs

ielsurfac ofitoh varou 1&f er t cPe a (Brssri de
~h srfce~ arou pofs-her is 2345, an easy one to re- Pr. Loubeau. Resident Doctors Ma ahgr ofCc Co a raslied
sions, studyi-g accountancy at member. La Corronne) Mr, Richard Forham and Sales.manage Paul E. Najac.
Marel Robin's business school
Lamrreopns ewdoor andl working as a. free lance tra-
.... agent. R )URAL POLICE SCHOOL ":"H T :
is L.re, graduatey law- Finally after three years spar-
~ oxtnt drn> ~ud e a eiddt PEE QT Angle Rues Christoplie Colonib & Fort Per
rec operatn ene SlopesffrsrMr. Octave 'Hipp '
lyte, inspector of Department ofOetR sEJtracksxer iiag

,,Th ROAT T: r~ REreL SERVIC is operan ting :
f ~the south, offiiated at the 'open
...ing of rural Police school in the week-end Touisto (idad Trujillo, including round trip
I -lth uralsecion f 4uiu ri-transportation by plane, hotel acconiodaions a~t the Ja-
A- day the 27th. Mr. Hector Colas, T it of t and a
ine opening speech, explain- ragua or L.apaz, ii fICt sgteigad-
.. t importance of the school tour of :BxcI chlica Beach.

eeivethei tmif- T e -o "The $SIiedule is particularly con~veient to business people

under ii, .io of M G 6 oepoutv, ::. :, ..
dert re ~ tretr February .1t nte morning.Ua~

0, ___ *

7 > /" 1 ter i ar ... Ti.<" ac.... o pe :" t :ng
*~~~~rr -a~ae wa inagarau3gurateud fu 1-i

in the pr 4 o, civilian and ror 0 ethan A to wogs .. Set r vie .
... :':' :" : "comnik o weltp trcos t ..i.. Ra T
W. ... bine can o a nep>v

..e... ...o...o o. .e. ... .. .. ..r.. .. ..
Amo rplrcie D2Ta* oeaigi
Equpd ger, at b Pullor i r
toldnbold plos6inhe eempinvery~ n
sheavyisobild riaei~eeai tc
wateilg pod1 leve ares fill hor, usho 0

Utcnlso bhe equipe tratosthi loade
rhea pertef o ane lps r(v-r

N~'agicultra yhbod stere acktbs oer ,;
tooln ba sr e pe qur nc ha ,

wihti. an and oan tractor,~ you so')l-
cemainstore of nI asie totl Ku

MAUIC umpNFs builranagerdtle n tc
HAITI~~~~~aern ponds"N leve S1,A or HAIIA TRCTi i~ toIP~N -O1hac

Sunday, Feb~ruary 5th. 19 5 6 HAITI___SUN__PAGE 11',SV
AY O IP AU U A INsisting of a barracks, person and The, Chief of 'State was gr~eet- After a eeptior ganze
D O annexes, the gro are coi- ed at Grand-Goave by delega by the
plete with large swimming pool, tion of teachers, students and cee Fanstin S ouque, the
courts for basket and volley ball, public functionaries, and a Win Presidentila paty madethere
IN PETIT (G.')AVE a .garage, and gasoline, A game d'honneur>> was~ offerd~n i tr rp oteCj t opp-
room, an barbershop are also honor by the Devieux -family, ing in Leogane to lay the car-
-ent Magloire motored tal are thE modern construe- a 'part of the < vit 1y Wedhesday morn- tion s executed under the Pre- The Lyer: de Petit-Goave i ; eding theAnau
Petit-Goave and spent a sidential plan of-developing th a, vast olege euldingand smonies- ,te ae cotio-
yday inawgurating three 7rovins., fills the'need for increased edu-
Sbuildings which the> Go The Barraicks_ a two-building cation al .aci.ities in this town.
onment -as given this Pro- ultra modern edifice was built The Pavilion of Surgery and its
viia n town The new <'Faustin at a cost of over $75.000.00. and installations of the latest equip-
goi Iuque, Barracks, the ( Sad the < of the, Notre Dame Hospi, gineer 'Seymour. Godery, bon ofpublic health.

C iu.;7 >

TPhe new &PFiustin Sou4otuque-. Barracks

S11,12 13
hisutx ore Agent d'oaP


:*M D. PA:A, : i

The new Pa1tillio of Sur#gery, A
419 I::ot 40?,

/ a

....1 ..e..oege d ic.e .Faustin Sou .ouq.e. re. ...l. completed I
byl Govxern'ment at Petit-Gobve.' ~ 4A E~JASM~~~


TeManagement. of the Hotel Ibo Lehl< tkspleasure i, V'> .r' presenting to you the program of its Social Activities FOR THE 1S 11111EVROLY- .
Cr~ this WINTER. SE.4 P4 E M D L
TeShango INight Club

EVERY evening except on Pridays, from 9 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. Rue /, ,,v Re
A FLOOR SHOW at 11:00 P.M. ... 'a+...
.over Charge: $2.00 per person.
lease reserve your tbles. Tel: 7287 & 7886. 4 a ,a,

Ever Friday G a Night

DInner~ Dan~e iro u ; A'.M. *0 1: A
A" $2.00 +eutrasnet +fee will~ be ehre ETfr Gueess
l~vn eevdtheir tahles for DINNER.:

N,..ver N~ght:. ....The+ Biiaut Acevement o!!:: 16...e Is ide+1tii :e

....~~~ i, .e.anew ckail :t
ake Ig' ~he lew &W wol' tw, so!t f

N 18 HAITI SUN Sunday, February 5th. 1956

x.S Na- Nadim A] Khals. *' been living in Wisconsin is e
Two young wives of U.S. Na- Xx x pected in town on hoHidays.,.
val Officers from the Naval Ba- Manufacturer Jean 'Boulos is The younger set gave a fete a
se at New Port, R. spent a presenting the new license pla- Thebaud's (C a s t Ieh a it) ...
we-ek-w m d-a-half in Port to keep tes, black 'and white, to the Pa- (P.A.A's Lamartine Touissaint
a reidez-vous with 'their hub- lice Department... DA. Ray- sixth child, Maaita ubse rve
bies whose ships were docked in mond George d'Adesky who has her birthday yesterday...
our waters .. The two couples,
Peter andt Connie ;Benuliel, and TREASUJRE TRM1L WINNERS H R
Lester and Diny Mouse had a HERE
happy reunion taking in the
amusements. of o r \Capital.
A g They were entertained at the
~~ Petion-Ville home of 'Major and
Mrs. Paul'V Coprvington, ,and were
JenPne h sjs-tback,4 x4x received,at Knscoff byr Senatorj
n The folding visitors were in Rene Roy.
a year tudyin cor, aiti last week represening the The group, friends of' Mifss .' --
atrainingjob.atJ sF s terao World Travel Mis Jacqueline Godefroy, isited
stor. Son. Myr. and Mrs. 2Harry -J Haiti last year Mr~. and Mrs.
xll soox Batt. from N Orleans, better Beoliel are Philadelphians, and
Mr.Jan aca wilso known as th flyta ar~ wth her daughter Kan) the famous, Ponchatrain Vf
tomet e hsbndB~ach' Amusement Land. Former Manager of Haiti
xI xC x .. and Mrs. J. L Tips6n fromD Tours Robert Roy is appointed '-I
Oneofthe best < tcoe-uoftePntagon is the WOiHl& Famous Wines '& Cars. Bob- looks very busy and~
Colonel R J.whosent 7-Up, says that Renauld and SIMCA
fe a shre recently' as The dititinauished visitbxs, a_ e the bests small cars of the
gues ofCommader Robe~rt having~ spent only two delight- market.
Chrs the US. Naval m- rul dayke plan to. rurn
io.or a ln holiday, Artist Madeleinede Prdines
Rxx x x will soon fly to New York to 14,
iona uerade Gerard Gebara the well meet hey sister She will stay
Bal ofCrle 4-au-Prlncien knwn andi <
n C ivalASnd4ay, th mr twill soon be open- :x x
Fern4~t.Tecildren.will Iig a rubbe shoes factory' with Student at the' Medical Colle- .. w4,~ .4 ''"
frlci h fenoadthe i hs brothers Lou~lou and IHenri. ge Roosevelt Lamri. '<'Frerot> IN,'' 4
clu's alloomxt wll~ be taken x xx '-is observ~ing his birthday anim- 'N
oe'by memb1ersi and- thelr Gerard (Bo3uboule)' Montas. is versary'today.
gussfrom 8:00 P.M. on Prizes, back from ,a 'Jamaican < a sua, ill be~,awar ed. for the, ix x x Popul~ar Mayor of L~es' Cayes
P 4t dis. Clausel Sicard was in' Port-au-

<.. ..........
x x x Judge Abner Sayler, old Aao alxore. is back in~ 4 Haiti ) retired from the Su-xxx
Hat o vaain He was sight- prenib Bencih 'of Balti~aore, ar- New York I exporter and> well- TAN-NING IT UP at HRotel iviera are. Mrs. Louis Torino a& Mtrs.
ed, ate ad~ darn World War, rived by 'h~e Dutch Line, Wed- known Scotch 'VNbiskey stock- Jerry Tref4Ecfie vwinner's of Frisch's ,Tpeaisurc Trail, conte A o
I~fo hi wok~i Ocupaionl nsday, to winter in St. Marc holder, Albert Bildn~er and his iweek Island h opping, trip through the Caibbean was w arded th e
therphy on entll disturbed and Port-au-Prince. 'Mr. Paul E. wife,, left XiJ-rday after a week" two ladies of Cincinnati Ohio by the Frisch Restaurant chaM. The
veern. ei o workiung~ o~n Elio, the 'Railway Superinten- spent visiting the Catadel, Jac- lueky people arrived on D~elt'a 'airlibne3 Saturday and after a trlhg
a huh-us, toicprject., dient, welemd the Jutdge. mel and Port-au-,Prince with the visit continued along the trail Tuesday.




Te fmous HEI~NZ ready to serve SOUPS anid LUNCH S

Stew Beef Goulash" ',I,

~ 'Chicken Stew with Dnpiungs

<. Beef Stew ', .7:.

L.am.b Stew". .. .. ...... ..

Chicken Noodle ... '-' '

Chicken Rice ''" ." ,


,~, "'Vegetarian
: / m g + ": : D : -+ 4
+,++ ..... -... ..r o m '.. .. .. .. <>
/4+ ++ + + + + +
+++< ++++++ + '+ .? / + + :+ .: + t ..C- E T C D :- "4' +
4 '4~ 4'

.. .. ... ..'...... .. ... ... e gt4
N /+: ++ += ++ :Y. ", + ++ \> :+ ++:+ D ++::+ .. : .. _+ + + .. ... + + :: ...
7IS Z; ::+ +
A44 "A .. : .. ,1 + + ;,
IN /;
>4"+ :+=+ + ....
...... ?+ ) ++ + .+: + =+, + .++++ +A

S dy, February 5th~. 19~f 5 6 AITI SUN pg -

Odee and Chantal Lacomb~e
_____ ent to New 'York on~ Friday.
-Venturing forth into a chillier
clime list week was pretty Lu-
cia Duval who clippered North
on a short trip Stateside.
Businessman Hilderic Carrie
and Yvon Lafontant wil wel-
come a group of Venezuel.anZ
teen-agers. and bbby-sowers

wh~o are arriving this weefo

William Abrams, wife Beatri-
ce and lovely daughter Marjorie
visited the country twice 0'd.
Jpastn niont Adjusting their va-
p~anic 'Eghe OYi psig Colonel Mcilroy arrived on cation itinerary, they ch~ecked/M

n o ed th e. week, on his fourth visit to Port tuning on January 21 st for

vii Eof, the itook. Th litte au-jPrie, When hie igets + i co- more. They, were -lodged at Hotel
Us .. ..sity U Miamii

w +i++++++f++++ born+ on TuesdayJanuary I nve ew x
e W~en,~ri stee- xnonths, tlII' tlpfe 'ilM]r. Edgard Bruin and~ Miss
Benar,& stabish~es Trax d )wn 'a nd ha chlosen Haiti as Liwcile Kemizan exchanged wed-2
,Gyhisinrand Mrs. Georges hi-. periWancrithome. ding vowvs at the Saced H~eart
.Faei oy ann t~e. <> XX x~ w urch last Saturdayr. The
,gadp an, of the C~apital. Lou'3 ,AppQonlies to New br;&4, and 'the groomx were ac-
~ x OI~ ~ Ey.)coiipaznied to the altar b'y MVrs.
Fir p.Oo y cane back from L ZIouis B3--tn, sister in lw of thle,
Paswhere h was visitig his3 bridean ii1 1fr. tKernizn.
ev win g aimiy lat Sunday. At M ea+,' qverthe veek-end, N x x
Mr. and Mrs. Li.onel Fombrun Pt fete
Miniteror ubli Helthandgave ai fa-bulous hoiusewa~mnlng with the~ tainily of Villa Creole
'Elie V ilaxd received His party. The insurance man, and
F.E (any and~ Mrs Paul Ma- noted crooner has a house that xx x
:gfoire, at ther t~te-de4l'eau r~sidi- will. never grow cold. Orches- Rn 1~e reir
eneast evening. .traS from the Riviera to the from an extended~ lusjiness-cunI-
x X X Morne La Selle atomnc jaze 'pleasure tri'p around Northi Ame

'jo ined thir cconfrere> in an rica Tuesday. Back -at Sun d
AIL-c Lafontant flew in fromn unforgettable bambocJhe. Life>> te' Veteranz Iimurazice- One of thze largest and most cle ofthe bride wh ctda
Rcetronfel s x X man reharked that anyone who beautiful of the season's iyedd- <~ri>
x x x ~~Maison Qrientale -B. B.'s mzoth- relishes cold weather can find ings took place on Thursday, h rd a teddb
blr~d rs.avn vrdeia elta er Mrs. Sitabal Dadlani, return- plefity minutes north .of Haiti. evening, January 26th When four -onra law hti laaa viesay e clta to Ningston yesterday, after x x x Ais qGislaine Etienne anq -Mu'L~ius'Ms.Gay
x x x thre week's visit here. Frant Ggneron is oftoa ClueFequiere. were miarried !;leMs Jculn' eue
I~!issAnlr~Jeano site forx Othe big. city. in a doublc-ring ceremonyr .at and~4
Dr Armanido an~d lded Se--Wdnesda at -:O 6-0 M Els eireo etion-Villw ri a on yMs ar-
,o Yves Je1ant, shot to death hedowp n dfo e okt h ar Sca- sige M u at Tgie brien waofssdieTis
-an tre ,u qtiiathree weeks ago,' l aed ar New An&4k to's EveSea lin~rGy T& ~~~a~ d~se i
sedFebruary in, the Capia. Duroies wil wlk up the~ aia- gown of1 satin with large, billow-, fed is'XreFoe-
is hom, from New* to see Jalala' e Md 'o m
he~r moter~. She will~ he hereDji havetknahue Line o obu wi1ll be b est broidered Ince, mth exra-ln A opu~w ~~oo tte
fori about fifteen days. I'x I, He 11ier

x xfi x++iii man. trin He -fngr-i vei of ilu einVle il f-r n
ix x !; X : : ii i I
X ~ ~ ~ lLuecrown,- and sh carried' a b~pu- lqwe terlgiou cemoy
bcfrmHavana after 'a onieYUpehp~6
week pleasure~ trip~ there o huso teVlly
Ifr fyid tarrd no atnt' gw was created by Mr.Ro- Ciir hnyoninKnc
A x'Xi b~PA1 ert Andre of La f1laute Coture. The ard stedihe f
M~s A Indr6e Me. AUn~ CH NT CL I Bc~laneri at aconra~
Cornan o~iasfy Afti~er ((a Ma aqu cocktailst Mrs. Charles Feuee ohr r.Cadeic ten. Te
AiecnEbsywill ooh~ fl ,'lb ed o neo u i rafss of the groom, wa eMai3>groom iste snfEgne
toSa Jan H ave pa cs,-a an egs orwhatever esorted by Recrie uTbcDi omrMnitro Pbi ok
A Youl be kinden toytfried ad rector Fernand E. Magloire,. um- adMs hre ?q'e
Jac Scott of~ Scot Trading better al ocp'wt oreeis
Coflew to lN{~i York yesterday. (THE CAETA"EE LSS
Welknow Bishop /Voegeli Suda nightR~~ Fe~bruary 1t

........ to New Orleans!II:, last Frida x x
a~nd' will ;je bJac~k after fifteen, have their gayest Carnival Ball. Commane JohnyJhso
days. T~he c60 was the finest ro-o h Naa BaeatSnJn,
X XX Michele Sansarlcqlflew North- Ce1rcle Port-au-Prlncien renew ed New Year's Eve, and thiespi- Pet io soe o sop
Mr id Ms Fatty MaIeran this moring fr a sojourn n ed itsExecutilve Commttee on rit of 'theold Club h sbeen. ..-in...
ceob~served 'their twenty-seventh NeOw York- Tueday. President Fernand juvenated but definitely.X,,

y, rf weddieng-bliss on January x x x Crepsae is bc for hi fourth i xMahi&I eiorjJoseph,
mbrunWho ere clebrting The Board of Directors of th Emmaanuel Ethzeat, Vice-Presl- eatfl nd Mi
thl i se cond year of marriage. Hayta Ameican Sugar o- dent, Antony St. Cyr, Secretary Mathleethiere Will f to on D e 3t s h
.pany (iASCO) a 6 to 9 Recep- an arry ipipenhauer, Treasiir tr i
Mirs Helga Bogat flew to Mia- tion at Hotel Villa Creole~, Fri- er. Council members are:' Fran- Wuly Sine moiling Herd In*~ gomohr a
last-'Fid;ay, day evening g President of' the- pois Mathoi Jules A.ndr..' for .about tbiiee years. T Andre Em. Jeanty, 'wife..
Last Friday Mr. Ren6 Jean 'Board, Mr. Hassle~r who hasfor Christian Latortue, Antony Ri- XX x he ltDpt fPr-u>rn.
thWto Montreal via San Jua the past, week been the house vi~re, Jae'iues Carbonel an~d e. Dr.Hnyt Vee,'l-
,ihj his nephew Louis who' wil guest of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Elliot Maurice Elile. Author L.Claysn Wfd
Itay study in Laval 'Universit 1. He Warmly' welcomed his' many A sumptuouss reception follow George Haiuer t in friends to the Fete. ed the election of offs. i i D.C. is' scin Haiti with Was- WJ te

daughter of Senator St. ILot, hlngton frend' W. Pery-Te isDretr of ,L rmnor>
x b L are closely associated to La Go- t fo
b E2psode. pictures wee Tuesday night birthday Dr. and Mrs. Samu~el Fern- mna th aig lhreist.or-
egoes every week. night at rurgeau, Tennis Club. berger of the University' of
x x x Members who ceebra e their Pennsylvania were guests of
birthdays over the past six Kurt andi Mrs. Fisher during
months enjoyed a portion of two their" thzirt trip here for the GSOM
'4'cakes and festivities:' They were past ten da~ys. Professor of Psy- "O e
President and Mrs. Gustave chology Fer"'berger is an Ar-
Gilg, Mrs. Sidney Simmonds, chaeologstof n.o. and has
Mr. and Mrs Walter Hirsch, Mrs made major contributions to the
Gerard -'Vital, Jules Phipps,, Roi- University';; Museum., The cou.It ms-_
Si- -i bert Basan .iIi i4 -A.- C-a for

'ou i!! ) : I~ adse Ma u ti R.cassaclmeKrtFsr'

!iiiiiliiiiil i ~li :i !i ii iiii ii i!:i?'!ii + i erii! D eiaiiiiii i ,i~?iii! i:ls ;?,c i iii iii i u sei u m.!i ii i il~ i i!i!i]ii+i:llilii[ ............ lIII ii ] :li !
I ~ li% ill'IIIIII:i% ]~li!~iIi~lI!!i~i!iiii!iii i~ iiii!i;!~iii!i~ii ill~iiiii [ii!,i~~!!iii!i~ii~~li+~iilililili 1 iiiiiii i[ii~,iiilii i l~ ii!I]];lilii!! ~*ri~ ilI!ifto n tof i '~'+ 'lqi +i
i~iii i~ii i+':= il iti' must be~ tL+

'Pg 2 AITI SUJN S unday, February 5th,19s.

(Continued fro pge~ ACCOMPLICES?
(Continuied from page 1
Q:aacher bien. Li fai'l blen ac toifte moun~e. Li ou cote an~d four other persons, at pre-
dtes fois toute Itraialleus ftgy.Yo di yo pap' traales sent at AuLXAgaswnie
yo pas bi yo p lIigent. Chefs olls, vini di yo gan raisin. accuses as being accomplices. I
Li oD e t6 toul oun jow yo fai oun. gros trou nanI Vstomac It is stated in this letter that
HAIT17-S Paco ore qi1 t6 conne defepzne travailleurs yo. jEt pi oun the crim~e, e-on eiyed at Auzx An-
Jou, sans pas gan nicn I i n gendarmes, le lieutenant vini glais in the private res di ence of
ac mitr ieses mines, guns yo trier toute Haitiens. Yo Justin Frangis, was perpeti*-
commncertuyr yocouous ou? cot6 y'ap eraser fournis. ed at the Captal byItugues G~en,
k' egs mor-o 1tes. tillon becausee through co*w*rdi-
Yce, th-vydidi pot dare to carry
Ali Hilarionr~ussl chaper. L'sauver ap- Cl1aire Heureuse, out the project in, Aux Cayes,
a i pie IA. oprend chemlin 1roniIre Haiti grace ac toute foi- fear of i-eprisals.
moun quiga emu qui rider yo. Tracas yo passer sou route Invoking the provisions of Ar-
ca-a chpeltteMisre yo grainlnin avant yo river syou fron- tidles 45 anrl the ensuing clauses
t1~~ ~ t c apa ler plus loin.~ Coii'I fine tra~verser, of the Penal Code, theDslt
cou' senii souI t d'Haiti-Tomas ac oun gos soleil tout Attorney. is requested to pes
louge, q 1 ev~er, Ii viref' tote Ii pou'l mourl, Claire Heureu-, put public action~ into movement
W~~ Vf ;e l Ldil : ((Min ll, otul, solell IA. Ous a di Jean M~ichel aginst Juxstin FIranqois, Emmia-
0 lyirhu gro bonjou pour G~nral So- milel Delt xi,. y7arneql Franvgiis,
F elaatlfennlnn zyux son of. Justin Frangois, Antoine
and Raphael Pigeaol, all accom-
Ca ta pend trope temnps pou'lu ta raconter tote Iivre _IA plies of 1{iuges, Gentillon.
Mdoui aitije qui1 li', nimporte a I'ye, pas capali mlin- (Tanslated. from ((Le Matin))
me, acHitenqi pas 'i. iMaigr6 la mis~re, pays-a, bel, plein Feb 2 nd).
bons mniunep I dans'l. Hilarion, Christian, Dr. Jean MichelL E SE(
ou ti neg Poste Marchand qul ralinin la vie-a, Qlu senti ous Ml
taChtapolous caus6 ac yo, jouer carte touted apr~s-midi Et ~ ON KOREA,
Jsaphat qui rainmin te-a: ((Quand* ,ois cassez piti-nii, 4ous M. Alber Le 122l, represent
ene' nanu calle, quand ussmbe zepis maJ~6is, ous i tatie. of 1'hel Bureau fTcn
oun gro ganne; lo ous fi, u boulez jai.Quand 6iis ca1 As-istan e of thefT' U ite a
emptez Q.- r~co4te-la bail, a ous t6 planter. Oun seul grainne tions was _nost speaker at In-s-
balcet deux cent s us computer a raite ma~nger)). Gan can- titut Fi anpais Tuesday evening.
pils tu, cou lieutenat MaIrtin~ez, cou )Winis-!e jPaturlag 1. CO He w'as in educed by Institute
t Aei p alrd FArtibonite, c6 pou iilercher conflin'l, DiJr' tor 'iimon Landlo who
A lableIiti 6cot6 ti fi-a soti nain rag6-a co1 oui pitite sk~etche en tbho audience the'
la sggape Jj manger compte li nan manger. es zanges-I, !et brilliant mi t~ career of the.
pi, 11 Vireir d~o' syaler cou'1 t6 vi4i Toute c6r~monie iian hou speaker.
l~ Iaine L~gae benraconte Et crise Sor Choubou- IRefrr jn:, to South Kore.as
loue-AEtcot6 Hilarion, flanquer Caire Heur'eus oun sou- the fletepoul fai comprefte ioune pou rider, laute! Et Clahp, calm mniis>A jr. e liel V
Heureuse qui comprenife toute suite! opened his speechi, telling of th e
C~u Jcques Aleis cotencio F rnstances of the inya~on
qu~AlxscotntJ ap tecri. bythe fo:,s 'of North Kjorea
i fdh6 rouge Ud 1rujillo fai, touye r HaitieA~ by i A
V Coll- nd the 3truggle that took~ place(
tetcnr im naxn Pangnol oun~ c~oe o ata Cruz, btween Che Oosingx camps
oul ficn menuca Betances, oun liutenant co Rodiuez,,util the si,-gnaturc of the Axrnmis
una bo gncj C ba i1 Ui a faIii an bagille nah o oc ic in Juy 93
leaves uoi ouin zi'hommne fa fine d~sespereinette W 9
e4Inii ~ito~LAir. ~rjM L~e Bel then spoke ofth
jacue Alexis nnt u! Lie-t -aie fiine6anis Co vr gai. restoration wor u~indertaken by
JacuesAleismete on pic na fanc-a.Co loousf- the United Nations with 45 coun
longtemps- 1. ranger, ou ap g I~A I~~i .~ti orIe
ormaio renegers-e Isal-,Ple~s- pitoi--il"fo-ti reha
ous ovenr ol al Cnevst al oun com~patrite qu C1 bilitaton of Korea. including
te un gilotacou pisacduriz pu us o ecoqund 700 builing for the unshiel-
ous rivez a bien fe New York ou aV~ vnYa butered and the. restoration of
whikey acber uBaca~rdi, obs bien content, bie ga Col taswaio acilfe. The
.tQotemoune, maiti Icaille4IA reler ous, li di Pap fai ous United Stts oe 2000,000
iunplaisi, Ii ba ous d1eux doigt gaiJW~s rhiim\ Babacourt 1 for Ko rea!) aidand the URA
e saerr( po otis, c6 con ii 011 seuiti ous I lo Gus con0 e qul rsne a pi .oject for $490,000,A
ques bons ti nots Creoles, t phrases, ti jroebs r~g s A- 00or a sstance to this devast
A exis, foui'yer emps en temips nan livre'l .C a motne ecf asatic country.
ous y6 toutes ti. nounes ap' tier Conte ac lui la ,lune The at1iiEiwe applauded enthu
cliesou cheque fqpffle Oa6yo., C6 effita ous ~Chita sou, Gunl siastically at the close 'of the i
Aihas ous apl outer oun vi6 captaine bateau Dame-Marie speech which 'was followed by
buIAnseAPts racoJJter cyclone 1.2 d'Aout-. a film-, The~ Long Voyage.>>
Causer-a tellement bon Jacques Alexis souvent blier tate
l a-dans'iI.'Li r~pter proverbes, gai des .cot~s,'pou plaisi pap.WOLSBIG T
Ga~n oun I'aute reproche ton, ya fai'l. Yo di'l dt~ji. Yo di I ML I$L
ivre Ii a, c6a yo reler en France oun iiyre qui engage, clestPE TER
A die tut-emps 1W'sieur op 6cri, li Pas janmeiblier a li y6
toutme S c6 t6 ouin I'aute neg qui tap 6cri Ii ta fai toute DIESEL ENGINE
uhe qui rider la~rigni IA yo catholiques, li 6a niettr I'E-
gise ac hondieu nan chaque -page. Yo yas--eapab di Jacques for
Alexis pair reconnaite nwrite toute chr~tiens vivantg. Li borle.
toittep a yo. Min, non toute histoi- a, gaii otia paquette bagail- COMBINE$
les Alexis di, yo pas iannie di avant et qut t6 besoin yo di yo. PUMPS~~'
C6-ou am'di: e6 oun livre toute' Haitlen t6 dou6 Ii. H~ISTSA

(1) Jacques Alexis, Corqp~re G67nral Soleit (Ga flilnard) COMPRESSORtS

HA TL Ff' V fJ RITE HO E AWhaeo.o

ij~~uEneoemse us ner -o lowicL-
NOm nt~ ADerinIue Lessons- dwnae ~l ~
.iie..ii!m i GUARANTEE,
,i i ii !
,< : Ci4liiii1il~iliiliiii yA!iRiiiii~iii~~~iiiip!ii! ;A 'i~ iiiliIl~~i li~ii0IjIA~liili~iii(il I $ L L O E Siii~iii~ ili~iiiiiii i=ii!iiiiii Ii?~~iil~~ili ~! i !lllli!iiii1iiiii

............ ......! ... 111111 .... .. ...O R .. E V ER.O C C SI.N

iiAiii iiii~il i i i ii i1ii ~ i~iiii i!=!!i !1 i I!i iiii i ii ii' I ii ~ / i i ii i i i i ii ) i ) i

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