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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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POS AUPRICE AIT AvnueMad-Jdhpe- CTEDUMARSAI ESTIE -Phone 01 Vl I udy aur ad16
04 3d0 4KH NN3

John Fitzgerald.. Kennedy, 35th President -of the:-Unite -
-was inaugurated to office and sworn in by Ithe Chief Justice of
heUSSupreme Court, Earl;Wafren,, on the steps of the Capital
-Building, Washington, D.C. shortly after noon Friday, Jan. .

Attending the hohir-long ,cere- tes' -first Roman Catholic Presi-
2nd d ge mony for Kennedy,' aged 43 and dent, was inaugurated before a
one of the youngest U.S. presi- huge--crowd gathered in Tront of
dents to- date, were three ex-, the Capital Bu'ilding despite the
presidents outgoing president 20 degree temperature.. Also pre-
Dwight D. Eisenhower and for- sent were members of the diplo-
mer Presidents Harry S. Truman matic -corps and high Govern-
A, 90-foot Bailey, Bridge ea- And Hierbert E. Hoover. ment officials.
marked for erection over the M~o- Johni Kennedy, th'e United Sta- (Continued on page 18),
mance River, 16 miles from Port
au' Prince- on. Haiti's vital South-
ern highway, arrived onboard
the USS Wood County at the. Co-
lumbus Pier in Port on Thurs-
Within an -hour of the LST's .
arrival Navy, Seabees began 'un-
loading the bridge in -prepara-
tion of its overland trip to. Mo
Wo LIVOLOR HELD left by Miss Haiti and an -Air France The, center span of the iron
h rnernbers -of Air- Fiiee staffit vith guests, attending the: bridge near Leogane collapsed
in,..October, -1959,.making fordingf
1 1~~ th, fir is nsart new, office: bunding. Frion left. h ie h nykehdo

'Leoichwrq, Jacqess.oTuner

in hl i Ed

it is believed that th sto i
KENND SPECHpae 18 of an acting Apostolic Adrmimhs- i
NEV MQMANCE BRIDGE 2 0 tfator of the. Port au prince Dio-
'1'50 D RAVI & cese has been filled with an ap-
pointment made by the Holy
H-A OINllOO.NCI MET 9 See. A Haitian priest whose na-
PAA PLGSIAITIAN SORT 14 e has not yet been revealed 0
HATI`W W NIES AFIC 10 is' said to have been appointed-.g
PANl A -CH OANGE 7 The Port au Prince Archidio-
AIR TTNE C "E 16 cese has been -without Govern-
(Continuedlk on page 4) ,BOUND FOR AN ISLAND honbymoon, nevdly weds, Herve Dufeat
and Malrie-The6 ProsPro
l4334 4Aca -Indies

Written by -John Scofield,- As- fpom a gleaming four-motor pla- work feast, out there somiewhere. able .and Scofield is, to be con- fromh head to, -toe with black
Nist ant -'-didtoL ,o Natonl o- 'ne into Pomt au Pri -nce's simny Farmiers, t-ve gathered, -to, help gr-atulated for highlighting the paint and charcoal.
graphlcl ajfine, ti onlk vbi Baejiite4on fdusaieg r bld -house. The beauties of 'this country and its From these examples it can be
story constitutes one of ti--.iesit', robbed -faintI from- a distant drumflbeats mark ,he rhythm. of people instead of picturing see- seen that John Scofield chose
pliblicity plugs 'ever* appearing. hilL their songs." n. Ies of squallor etc' which many his subjects well but he doesn't
on Hlti cotlld, vistor o ThsN. the introduto gvno his predecessors htve .done. stop there; threm is the double
this coinstri.. on ',sweral ocea- ,16 -a, Cukn to bqidn -gay- by writer photographer, Scofield Among the photos. generously -jpage photo. of women. amd &Irs
slonse, -came here With hlis wi~fewith murals, pairited by, the fditi to his 34pa Ig .eIartele in Nation- placed throughout the expensive vilrking at sor7,in bdains
Audrey anid daughter Sally last ed primitive artists; of- -Haiti, we al Geographic. T'o -a, factual, article, are: a full-page frontispi- about Whom teut.Write,
ye"r and spent a man.onth Writing moved up- to have our. papers well-w-ritten story th~e'author has ce showing two of Haiti's drum- "they are alhs U6 -alert
and ta dg photographss for this stamped. Still- the' fa r- a w a y add b Ot of th best 'photo- mers against a_-backdrop featur- for spoiled beash and veabbes
great artiqle-wvhic-h appears, -in drums boomed. .1 wondered to grdphes' of the republic ever to ing'col6rfuL-vootoo symbols; one-that growers sometimes tows inito
their February kU 1961isileoth my ieiftesnse voo~dor6 be'displayed in an overseas jor'of the best shots yet'of the iron the bags to trick the scales. The
internationally read', ei o hsngo eul6wsra-nl many of the- shots are in market, so good that- the figures bright kerches and- patterned.
Mdagazine:.,- lyIetfs I 1 inbodpdylight brillaiat, color and -set out as almost spring out, the page; div- print dresses attest -the Haitians!'
"UNiffTEDBT C R 71 lotdles p-in itrn~. Jl gs r JanCoio plucking brfl- love of colors, V
!Gtwniciude' H" d on

INGPROLEM, C IB ustnis npe~ctor, ov rv 4nt sea phumes, from the Sand Supple ntgte otrah
lENS CEL Ui eiItre h' dt vaddoo, he 'Scof,ield obvious3y wvent -to. ex- Cay Marine Garden 'and a full es are 2. excellent colof ap
FIGHTS FOR A II INMTIE dgn luhdtolerantly. -His pensive pains to ensure good -pic;.page picture in color. of a Maidi The. first showing the- fying tim
.NEW WRLD SUN." english ca're a .,'so accent. of tures of Haiti. The.:accompany- Grs figure sporting horns, nose to Haiti for visitors from,,"am
"AslIstepped With my family, France.. There's a comnbile 4 ing captions a4re equally merit- rig and plumage and covered (iContinued on pr 0

333 344 4443~ 3,4>
4444 033244V3

44 3 3 s a~P

3304i~ 40

3 3 3

*c 3/434 3 333/33 3334
4~i 34, ~34:

0 3 3 33
0'ar 43 4
4~'" 34-4%i ,I1 '~*"L"~a""~ -'-'~i g~elr ~ ii ~
~"~~ ii
<43 3333,3 4< 4s~

33$ 434 31
V~~t arl 1~~.fren, one~~ine S;epS ~; lbs


Sunday January 22nd, ,1961

In Hati This week




-Aglaja -the youngest of the.Three Graces- is among us this
week under the name of Pamela Levy. Pamela arrived Wednesday
in company with her husband, young American financier Morton
Levy of New York. Beautiful Pamela is a model for Harper's Ba-
zaar, a painter, and an actress under the name of Pamela Loren.
Pamela born in Paris where she has been educated with 3 years in
the University of Madrid raised the most complimentary com-
ments about her Spanish type of beauty. As an actress, Pamela
made a film for an Italian movie Company last year and very'
recently lack of time forced her to turn down- a contract, with
famed Producer David O. Zelsnick, for Pamela has so many acti-
\ities such as modeling, painting, acting and running a telephone
answering service. Mort and Pamela are travelling along will;
Mr Alvin Benjamin a builder from New York City and his blonde
and charming wife 'Rose. Asked what she does beside taking care
or her family, Rose replied: "I collect the rents". These'two cnu.
ples are current guests at the Hotel El Rancho. Pamela and Rose
are two keen exponents of the meringue.
-Mr Hans Richard Maria Heitkonig, Sales Representative foa
the Caribbean Mills Inc, and his wife Charlotte came back last
week from a tour in the Caribbean where Hans had been to in-
troduce the flour of the IMLinoleric.
-Young Haitian Merchant Herve Du[ort, graduate in Business
Administration in England married on December 29, beautiful
Marie Thr.ese Prosper, daughter of Dr Pierre Prosper, Chief of
the Service de Sante des Forces Armees d'Haiti, and flew on Satur-
day January 14 to San Juan for a honeymoon trip in the Caribbean
including Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The honeymooners were in
transit here Wednesday en route to Jamaica and they came back
-Marie Helene Roy, Jessy Liautaud and Michele Sales flew
San Juan Sunday to resume their studies at the University o; I
Ferto Rico. The three lovelies spent the holidays here with their
-Colonel Robert Heinl, Jr. and wife Nancy welcomed
Ihere Sunday Lawyer Bernard Koteen and his wife Sherley from
Washington, D.C. The Koteens spent three days in Port as the
Heinls' Guests.
--Sally Kahn, Owner of the Camera Center returned Sunday
from a health trip in the U.S.
-Prominent American Lawyer Milton Polakoff and Businessman
I'inbar Kenny were met Surklay by Prominent Haitian Lawyer
Georges Baussan, Jr. and Architect Robert Baussan of the Ibn
Leie and Ibo Beach. They are current guests at the Tbo Lele. :
-Right Honorable Lord and Lady Colyton, of Netherton Hall.
Colyton, Devon, England just spent ten days in Haiti. They have
shared their lodgings between Ibo Beach and the Grand Hotel
Oloffson. Lord Colyton, former High Commissioner in Italy during"
the war, later became a Member of Sir Winston Churcill's Govern-
ment and Minister for the colonies of the British.Empire in Sir
Anthony Eden's Government. He is presently a Membcr of the
Privy Council of the British Empire and has just returned from
a tp~fof Central and East Africa as Chairman of the Joint East
Africa Board. *
Lady Colyton, former wife of the world famed cartoonist Charles
Addams, is an International and Corporation lawyer from New
Ytrk City. Lady Barabara Colyton still maintains her offices in
5th' Avenue. New York City. She visited Haiti for the first time,
fve years ago with Charles Addams, and they stayed at the
O!ofHson where a room was called after the great cartoonist.
-Attorney George Warren Hellyer Jr. and his wife Pally" Ann
of San Francisco, California are current guests at the Olofson.
-Restaurant operator Wayne A. Davis from Windsor, ;Pa is
staying a week at the Park Hotel.
(Continued on page 4)'

On Monday, a very intimate
wedding was celebrated at the
British ,Embassy in Port au Prin-
ce. Miss'Mary Jean Shutte was
married to Mr Charles Wechsler
from Singapore. '-The wedding
culminated a 3-year romance
which started in Singapore while-
Mary was Secretary in the Bri-
tish Embassy there... Mr Wechs-
ler came to visit her in Port au
Prince last December and could
not 'return home without her, so
they decided to get n)arried...
The couple, who spent' a few
days at the Sans Souci, left for
Jamaica where they will spend
their honeymoon. We wish them
a lot of happiness!

Two young couples from the
Canal Zone, Mr & Mrs R. Saari-
nen and J. W. Gorham spent a
couple of days at the Sans Souci
this week.
Businessman L. K. Hulse was
in Port this week...
Mr Elio Fergnani from Nash-
ua, N.H. spent the whole week
here at the Sans Souci visiting
with his daughter- Delia who
works at the U.S. Embassy in
Port au Prince.. Elio is a 76-year-
,id and drove from his home-
lown to Miami all by himself
lo land in Port by PAA. He is
returning home by the same
way, via Miami

Expert Harold Harp arrived
hee last Monday from Sherman
Texas to repair the big engine
which is out of commission at
the Light" Co Power and which
is causing the present rationing
Harold thinks-he can finish the
iob in about 3 weeks.
Mr & Mrs G. M. Friese, from
Plainfield, N.J. are vacationing
in Haiti at the Sans Souci. They
'isited Cap Haitien, Milot, and
Ihe Citadelle during the" week
and made the trip in a sports

Sas described ini the T.RO.NO GL. :
Mrs. ALAINEL .I.Z.A wu
HOTEL CHOl O)UCNE during the m-oith f e.
-'--' February 1960:
"OUR HOTEL, the Choucoune, was about ive miles alhvo
lihe city of Petionville. This is the.residential section where'
houses are modern and the hotels are lavish and.Coi(blblel b
,id the food can be highly recommended. The usual meal. night.
,iart ofL with a rum pinca mixed with wild honey ald linie. ,
Snice. The next possibility could be flaming lobster, tried
fih rice and black muashooms, and then perhaps a sweet patof
Sudding. This would all be topped off with a strong black- cup
(f Haitian coffee.
Aside from hotel night life, PetiovUle.posea. aes a. n14i1 b
aiqoe In the West Idies, the CADANE CHOUCOUNE, a build.
Sig of bamboo hbap d like a- Inverted' le-cream l One. The
terior looks lke the chlefs Jhut il an African villgeabut the
terior contains a large, smooth dance floor where a .good
chestra plays the maal m~e~gu. -
Z <: ,, ,. .,,- .,.,

New, Sensational!

., .W 4. .- .

.^c ig




.y :


,; ."

Ii' I


News In Brief ". ;

Mr & Mrs 0.Schulzfm I'vi- umrn,, art gallerie; bmi f s etc.
anston accompanied. by their and were enchanted with their
friend Mr J. Mullen, Ojp Man visit and walks. ..
from Oklahoma are spending a Mr.G. C. Oswald, businessman'
week in HFaiti. They made the 'from N.Y: stopped a. couple of
trip by car to Cap Haitien, Milot days at the Sans SQjcih. ,
and Citadelle and-w're delight- Mr. & Mirs J. H. a
ed with- the oIuntry ide. The NI-Y. stop'pd .here'on i -
Schulz' and Mullre, -reported that eymodoz for..a -tew days. r a-
in San Juan at' thb PAA Office vis, in Mlls early forties, jist;
two returning passengers from 'married.a 'cute English girl aged'
Haiti discouraged them from co- 18. During-their stay here, Mrs
ming to Haiti, but they insisted Davis had trouble with her wis-
they mustse d. our beautiful is- dom looth and had treatment at3r
land .and came anyway. They Cliniqud Thebaud with' Dr' Ar-
are happy they di gand. .i..., ."
: : Bankeahd M .:B. Molrris
Mr & Mrs Norma -.Jaltz from from Kansas' ty a down here
Chicago stopped ri Haiti at the for one .wee l.va i tion~ at the
Sans Souci: during their Carib- Sans Souci an 4i ischeale '
bean tour foi itbree' days,-vall- visit.Ca aIatain^-Mflpt-
ed all over .town .visiting mr.ise-. atdel .iei e ,,.'

! BEST FOODzi-tN rr'ta-' RMS i<

'j' ''. I : '' I". ~ I::'?` :~ x.:. ":
~c~ : r
,Y S~T~-*~; :~
.,, ie
1 -j"'

_ __

-.1 2


- -

1 I


_ i


~ L .--- ... .--- ~-.; .~.~:
'''i :
I! ;v
--:I .id~.:~~Fbr~~i~
: i; bil

*t :1u -
.S ..i .Af- ry i'" ,n'4,19- ". 2 $": 'A- I.... P- S." fl ." .. .. ""

A' .rbt'elatishofl awit-s iv is l to 22nd of thato. tthe #xpoi (ides" '.is --theL naple p i0sti
,7:,,ler :1 d ;, ~ia 'su:"y fe+_

M tiie lred h6 ehod;-fnish-by d o e c
furilt ,, apts... amp, .:o .in1 s designd: bY' he :joint, efors of haitian c arp et ,This one-, '..4
l1. f o 1 1 .I | .

Ioust ofioiher ie aer sjgrie ls of EaWd ''and :-Wolff, -'together feetrb3 7 feet or 2 fret by4-fet
b ,lended:.- tog.ei r .in "...,patten wi h paitin ,.gs- ad ltu s., b i ,priced at. $35 and.. 7.50 .res-
i'c lo nd aDiht -` :ta ~ r ,~ d -: -E w .... ... .

j k:laiai. desi, ,o o, hn d up some of Hti .,stop v af.tsen -pectively au,: is patt r ed with
to ~1e--m uttetiW i' .se'New pnrinciples.In carpet.iWd qsci atingdines -hlke a sea wave:
WelaI-owina tc.Frhis arcit te na,.,e n ormeldaimpr ntm, part .The:-third' styfe is ca sled Qui
ral.an itrodecorat.g wr f -the..iald. showroom .icosla i. -an*d is, ttened i -in
MaxtEldi i' caftsmand Desned y. Max ald andE Lelong barse- eop wh .ite o.. 'yel "
Iv p$romoting eHai desgnied h-w;and wea foirm sisal by Hai1low backgrund This carpet co q
andl manufactu'red furnishings 'tan clts.in::, .th carpets, hin nes ii 2,.. eet :by 4 foot size.
Working -With fellow rhite t ithree- styles, are very colorful s' : r
Rcharido.f wadd- recently amtfpatterned o in the latest con ompl t.clety 4d6 i tfofi Haitian Ih
held "a dlisplAiat .hifr s'howr o" .m :tc-mporadrY st y lin "TheG.ee G .ow sisa Lh thir. carpets '."take
riled on kui Bonp. Foj d'in The L ry'' arpet -priced at h $60 is .o6bouit a week, eapch, for the big
ac itd building entity .fedtset by"- 9'eln feet and' coies with o-cs, tom anufacture .e Wrked on
led ..t -Hai. nne" and.,A,. e bakgro .und sbaded either in. wi several pe ple, the carpets
ve4d enthislakticU suQnpoi4- t osa e orc ysel "This" petsi -atn c made up lb. oneb .foot. wide .
coatiuous. -stream .o.. yi;weir. termed i ith bars. -squ.ares SirL p and en or-me dtogether-
ed9roim D c mber 'tio the i-6l "rful .balls T .-l he. wo7tkers m; a e-.th ir olo-
.ted on ::`;:. Ru _.,Bpnv .:~. P.II-- nl,' r'i. a -' a .. .. carpets by fqilobing.. paint-
leI-,,.-I..s i.i. of thev sterling given them.
.- 4.;,;
-. i- Ewald. Already these
or.covcrings have, prov~i very
+ ..a r in .Hditia homes and
Mfr Lw-a d *is -cutentlt' -Workinig
*r I a promotional program to
entroducc. the. carpeting-t tour- '
jy sts
COLONEL RICHARD. :CURTlS, the new -head. of he US Air Ft

Viw f Afh:I sit- "
j: ViH.o ~ t~ie mods 'at Mair t.Ewalcvs shbowrwoom..

-t '.4t t.7SW. i
44- 1

MIF-4 "'

i ~ ............
I, ~?cc-- r- I
~:-w;1~~2~~~ L~: ~ Lu-;7~~

I.. iron ,lamps are- another big
.feature at the .Ewald. showroom.
-tp ifl -ji-ial' itiari in -hape, the
i" iron stands':- e tinted with a
Sgolden. copper' finish -and. fited
with a ~i4evariety of fascinat-
ing shades mALde fom palm,- si-
T:" sal, straw and' common sacling
which w.hen:it has-received a
NJ colorful .cotLon tinting decoration
,5~nahesi a very" potdar ihouse-
hold sabdde .- ..
jChkndelier lamps -are, on dis-
"ly 5'i.s6.. as are table -Ilanips
'6ith ises carved by Igcal scuip-
-tures. Some of these7iases are
fitted. ith cigarettebox- ad
ash.ti ay-and 'all- have clean-mo-
dern lines: Prices 'fOa the shades
start at a'low $2 while the table..
lamps average Between $14 aUd
;-- I0.' ..
.any -of the shades tlize the
'pppT--fAr'iand fabrics w icb
a76reited inlight pastel shales.
Rasy Vait d. idunghe cairs

., ,
"- ;'_" "l".,"". .L~ ,e

S' `'

i. i..:

-" :. -.'.
" "L :
':: ,iP

Mission to Haiti, is seen on his arrival here at Bowen Field. Taking. ._
over from his predecessor Colonel Oscar Graham Johnsoqn Colonel:i
Tur-s was greeted at th airport by a number reddent US Airi
Force officials. .
7 4
-. .

-.. .


i t lk o00 afitdde ye+F o_"IY 7minute5.
from the hear: 4" PoRT-Au--PFlNdE _

*- The:.mos exquisite 'ievtsooerlcoRn theiy -
eth tleir l th_ e out;n

betuious donhnenM -dusmne an5 uperO
Servid_ -

Ptsonobzed -atent e to enery guest. A

*.SmrJim~min P wit Lunebo ,Laune 1
qn Ba "a'.Cl. Pinorama-Terpode A -A

Air-dondit;oned de-juxe- raomb


7:3o t F oI to injni gf9l-r
-rurI SC)A .M :II 'o+J d c e aO ir I .1)arilii fro--
`- "f 'Mevlnque ;nsTruciobn and dotest '

-. .Dvc .. "7 0 -." '
: b, ,,gel'-to:
Y"GryiHO 72a -to 8

ILL; u.):ia-piytd-
-.-4 4 4 f el e % .. 4. .

'F ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ j ";~
LL :-
'":""" "' :':: '" '. &Ado'',, ""-


Sunday 'anuary ,22nd; '1961

(Contlued from page 2)

-Mrs Ann B. Fahrner, a talented painter and writer of-Moore
stown, Pa arrived here last week with an assignment from the
North American Newspaper Alliance Inc. of New York to inter-
view President Duvalier.
Mrs Fahrner is on her third rip here. She makes portraits of
famous personalities and men of importance. She recently made
beautiful portraits of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Munoz
Marin of Puerto Rico, Premier Norman Manley oi Jamaica and
President Francois Duvalier of Haiti. The North American News-
paper Alliance Inc is interested in seeing exclusive interviews
-with the above leading personalities and has assigned Mrs Fahrner
to the job. The North American Newspaper Alliance Inc, located
in the Times Building at 229 W. 43rd Street, N.Y. 36, will distri-
bute these interviews to over one hundred subscribing newspapers.
She is also a correspondent of the Latin American Reports Inc
of New Orleans, La. She is guest at the Grand Hotel Oloffson.
-Mrs Regina Weber announced the scheduled arrival of her
mother-in-law Mrs Weber. She will stop here on cnuse onbonrd
of the"'Empress of England which is due here Mondayy morning
Regina visited Haiti in 1957. .
-Dr John P. Bergstrom of Maryland and surgical techmncaiii
William P. Totin from New Jersey deplaned in Haiti Monday foi
two months service at the Hospital St Antoine in Jerenie foi MIE-
-Lovely Mary Louise Watson, a 20-year-old artist from New
York City is current guest at the Marabou. Mary Louise is ar,
actress, a singer and a dancer known as Issa Arnal.
-Tall and stunning blonde Troy Topping, a fashion nmodel from
Las Vegas stopped here Monday. She flew to San Juan the next
day planning to come back here this week.





-Dr Harvard Ellman, a physician, from Beverly Hills. Califor-
ziua and his charming %wife wiere visiting Haiti -last week-end.' They
have met with their neighbors, Dr and Mrs- N6rman Rotenberg.
Mr Anton Kneer has greeted here Tuesday Mr Harold C. Hose,
an Executive from Larchmont, New York, wife Selma and lovely
blonde daughter Kim, 21. The Hoses are staying three weeks .in
Haiti as guests of Mr and Mrs Anton Kneer.
-Beautiful blonde Joella E. Cain, a Terpsichore from the U.S.
stopped here in transit Wednesday enroute to Port of. Spain where
she was going to perform at the Normandy. Joella plans to visit
Haiti on her way back.
-Young Canadian Engineer Gilles Fortin of Sillery Quebec ar-
lived in Pjrt Tuesday in company with his two lovely sisters Use
and Andree. Gilles is an Engineer for a railroad Company in
Quebec, Lise.works for'a furniture factory and Andree is in.,the
3ell Telephone Co. They stayed at the Park Hotel. Andree and
Jse have shown a warm interest for the Haitian art mostly the
'litian meringue they dance very well.
-"Charmante" Margaret MacDonald, wife of Palmolive Repre-
.eutative James MacDonald is acting as hostess to 'Betty Aleher
md Jean Martsinkin, two lovely nurses from Ontario, Canada.'
ii~ young visitors'are staying two weeks with Margaret in0 her
lovely- home at the Village Willy amothe.
Mrs Juanita Hansen, a beautician from Miami is current guest
of Mrs Peggy3 Magloire in her gorgeous hotel, Chatelet dejla M6dn
tagne Noire.

-Architect Joel Fletcher Lanllon and his wife Fricda from :1
Peona, Illinois are staying-ten days at the Villa Creole.
-Young German Merchant Bruno Himpkamp from Hambuig had
a special welcome by the PAA liere. He was greeted by -the Sals
representative Jean Saurel. H is staying 4 days at the Beau-:Rivage. n

)ver ,The -

In Haiti This Week

4 _

-, ,


44 .-RLD.S LARGEST AI UALU Ne.-lsoS^^.Bit>< "-I -' :.T^1

4 -

SOFFICE: Rue Dantes Delst"b *3,,

seeYour Air mFnceN

O FC Pl';E" p- e" "
__ueDante -DeAhW :;-:W,
.. .'- ... s wr. m m' m ~ m : ",-.. .rLN




-with comfortable looldhg''haipe'es,
with dark toned _woods and.-
bright upholstery are airother-
Itrem on- display. -'Many of the'
chairs 'were 'designed by arichi-"
tect Richard Wolff who has also-
started another line for the:show-'
room paintings by Wolft done.
with paint made fro mcdcoa and'.
Fully in keeping' with- the, ted
towards furniture with a Haitian
character are.the different sty-
les and- sizes -of tables. Featur-
ing delicately carved legs, the
tables- are- fitted- with glass ops i
emblazoned with voodoo !'sii-'
bols. As Ewald explained--"thbse'
are to- give the -tables .a -local
.Some of Philip Sterlin's best
sculpture wbrks are on display
at the Ewald showroom, iniiludinig
his beautifully formed statue 6f 1
"Aida" which is priced'at $250.

Small fComforitable Modern Ruin- *
gaiow --for. Rent Near. Sacre
Coeur. ..
-Appty -fArTL SUN.

-(CdOtUierd from page 1)
mentdsince-'the departures of Bi- -
my Augustin, the Vicar
General -the'Rev:"Father Paul
Bellec *and the Secretary 'Gene-
ral Pg-tthe 'Archidiocese --Fran-
3cis Le'Nir. : J

:: '. :..-4


8~~~~~~1 "d Jd ArM r-nd P6, HAZ I&" ?G

Edtoi-Publishir EiRNA fy DvkD ICI"



Oihce_ again 1P~rt a~u P-ri ~e is uncefr-:,u t8lio Y.
powe (T~iquig" ad lack louts. 'The-oniv differec
rpolmeeni thils mid otber'power cuts is that theshb 6ae
the thioct- stringent and distuipting to date.

Tfhat the 'black ouths, occurring day and: niglhti are
the wordt so fax, ihdibatei that: -instead of, improving-
the Company 'Eleatric is depreciatin 'at a rampid rate,
-t Ao the detrimat, of? business, the 1hom, -economy
and 'Y~tim

TV to.-Ibu times, a' day powris shut -down in,-sec-
tions of the city -and w1bugbs, 'for "hjur-h.hg Periods,-
peic lP Ihht exe costing. mbney and apg thp-
tientdfo als 1tiloqeffec~ed. Businesses w-e struck hard.
Miiclhaery dabnint flunctidw, freezer unlitg -tome to. a
stan g .til ahd fironi this 0,spodt,alone 'retaillasof Pei'-
isiaibles stand to lose, consideftableamouhts of money.

This- affect jis repeatedi in the 'homes at xight and
is coupled ,wfth ihle facfjgtudy is made nerve-wra-cking
ifot b do ile uhyit iethLt-hlose resgpon--
sibile or' itvss powq iym -realized that electricity
is a commodt thihbit,* e_ cannot do ithut--it'
is an eendatiad in everyy walk, Ual Way of life and 'to I
reniove thbit e8entW is dukhaging_ mi more ivaye6ian

This. is a subjoct beuhdor nd reif erate by Whis
nevt~paper manmy times and it is hot a suibjoot Whlich X s S
We Like thing bo0 bome batck bo, time oind agtain- The
ahidwer lieoi fbr am to 8ee H11ti deeds double the, elec-
tricity it is getting now. Peligre dam4, lags fisPreident JOHN F. KENNEDY and his Cabinet Heads.
type ofAi rctb.i he wordii lilds -behind its-
mi1mh. an uieqing 41 oue of power and yet
it sisa r dl evingg no purpose butk of, joat 6o muhpCo itdld Ihave, Uf inly, the Ke'nnedy Agrees. Cn aibbe'an "'Workshop'.
11C eesoary eea equipmefit Vwbre .installed. 2 0l.tnP lt

WahigtnJa. 8.Prsi- The President-lc said that ability of Puerto Rico's facilitie,
Of,,course the reply forthewmiqgg to this suggest .on pnt John F. -KENNEDY Vfas Peurto Rico .had been a Idbora- for a meeting place and work
is l>ut, thbit would cost-a, ldt of nicoqtey. oltthi~ssa agreed to make the Caribbean tory that has enabled thousands shop where we in the Unite
tehn unttteisGrdisuedRe1t0i also esi island of Puerto RicoF "a meet- of Latin-American pulcof-Stesadornihosn
eG wt isD Is but i ~ i e e S T t o 6.ra e b hie rican publi o ovng m eop et o e o r c andi State -a dossib nlitge hbor s t ie gr
Wi~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~n p~oeh~lhv be os nso e fgos ul p iace cnin icnomirc goth by an stueonle tcinvemerica tmay lecarn more
wihu disOf thtd wibth al ie' PWenditute S it.1h~ W "gr iedSate acievmeits. whLhvafelycosntowrkb rokigtoehe.
b~~~~~ ~~ ~ t "rsk hd r aig sbc note6obsrv thei ,-demarkabn loe des- abouenedy mutual prolm Mund,
relon before pe1peua mdarkey orhi solin nmt 1 eu-tcainwt h ntdSae. a omiti ls o
neceAa tohaM~sPreli~e i~can nighbos*Govelomntof dmuocrc and the piostibion is forth e hgradeat
wi'' mored tUhn t itv been, Jad ethe an'paato lef goLois;Muoze~ Main ofPlto economic ures to i an peope %vaci-itevemnts tadnitrwcnattion
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~l~a fi h urn eaaor en e o uchi~ed with ore Gv
O pa pltanodctien, eidp rex for lms, who havee frelahoertrirmyaokigtoehe.
tre oute their de tiaso Afterned aske talk Munoz Mno

d er i the whic S pakinglu bc nor the aoys _eed in- claorsec-iton ta
0~~~~Ti decisii ak 2sue e t u ion stats thneresutands
aton wit th Unit-t d wtr Mhru tot manti cls Amrisoesd. s
i s t n l i t i A 1a t i e e h o e u n a m n g stal e t o e Ieo u o
he~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yputy r b rd a ioii h ete ork -r0 o Munoz IFRET -F
1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o t' ep rt hn ii ca atif 11e dei niatf hatm. ad DeTHE
Z, GovLo ave dv withsfo
It',is'exqw tha itd w M1. bake., DANCE$e

i o
i'AcjE Ui

Tourist Industry


A "'iomote Haiti" club was Kahn of the Camera
formed by members of Port au treasurer. Carlo Meys,
Prince's tourist industry at a tative of the. tourist s
special meeting held at the Ho- members E. Pageottl
tel Riviera d'Hairi early last President of the Chaui
week. des Association; Andy,
Basic concepts of the club will Director of Southerlan
bi- to arrange [or propaganda Herbert Martin of Rivic
Ia\oratlc. to tourism to Haiti by and Andre Khawly, loi
nit .s of foreign advertising ir. essman.
newspapers and on TIV, especial The cluob will ha\e
ly ii the United Slates. In order !purpose the further
to arrange finance a committee tion of advantageous
was elected at the meeting; this for this country and

cornilitte Ihcgan budget suppor-
hng collections this week.
The seven members of the
committee elected at the Rivie-
ra Iotel meeting are: Coordina-
Ior, Robert Baussan of Hotel
Ir, o LeLe and Ibo Beach Ca-
('ilqc Island: secretary, Ronald

'offset unfavorable pub
Haiti which has been a
in the foreign press.
Also present at the
were: Direclor of the
inent Tourist Bureau, J
ques Honorat; Dr.Jules
of CastelHaii; Kurt F


,' IS ,4 MUST

t'The BARRACUDA II leaves the Ca'
' Pier daily" at 10am and returns at 1pan

P VSc I-? PI



2) ART & CUL



-- 'AU EN

.. srR-d

,a -,IJ .




1"0 .60 Per Cent




". -. --
". ., t. t ", .. : ,

.. ,.. ..:7,+,., .

H" AI.TI """ dY anuary ""n"ft

'ForrnsHai tiMODER HTA

, Club .,. PA!N TING

I Centre. Fisher shops; Eric Mhinberg of -. B- ? MAX PiNCHINAT 4.
represen- Meinlerg Brothers; Gerard Wet- : -- :iln Show Now t.. At .
shops and ner of Ittels Majestic and Ma- G-ERIE PINCHIA T -: -
e Andre, i-abou; Louis Law, United Na- -106, BOYS VERNA
feur Gui- tions advisor 'to the Haitian Tou- .isI before y9a reaeb'tlie ",CPONT ,MOK,'I" briCge"."
Anderson', 'rist Boaid, the manager of Pan -. .-- ... '.-
d Tours; American World Airways RiCh. -. ALLERV not a
era Hotel ard Abbott: Mr. Be~fjfils of Del-- Thisi ART '.., picture s~op,-x-
!al busin- ta Airlines and Mr San Milan of hibiting 6-'-,ir.--100 of the most "attractive FRAIM4I D
the Chauffeur GOdide Association. PAINTINGSS.made' both in Port au P~rinceeaind P arisy
a double, ________FAMOUS -AITAN PAINTERi AX. PINCIIIM r.
pubtica- IrOW ion lranc.-'
efforts to
licity on American dejiar'tizg, Exceilep( AND ABUQAD- for the past. 15years. -.comes .bacllt
appearing opportunity to buy househonldd Haiti evvry five yeai- and for-I5 to 18.months rene-ri
decorations, suitable for Christ- tie contact with iis soure 6..--hin sop- '
gathering nias Gifts; antiques, reproducl- tion. o d suc inp"
Govern- ions, hand blown glassware, or-
ean Jac- r-m.ents, etc. 193s .4 d o r IN the- GALLERY .PINCHINAT are -grqou d
Thelbatd'l Sedan rui 7.8000 mile. at bvbrgalix some paintings of the 15 years of. work by MAX PAN-
'isher of price. CHINAT. from.1945 to i960" riJces l'i veohbt~been r-
-m l-=" itrarily based on 'beauty:o-the o iifainting; but onOts
Sublet attractive- -2 bed-rom orno
_house, size, just like Paris fashion for MAX-PiNIIIN.AT
and OTHI.E WEL. LXNOWN AO_ ST.Visitors..4wn-
seen between 10:30 and 12:00.; onsnlt the paintipgs price list if they--"wish 'to. t
RItTI Apply :Maison GIEIGER, be- All the taxi drivers know GALLERY- PINCHInAT
hind Albet ROY's residence al NIND don't let anybody tell you that the GALLKJI* is
MJssEAU. d closed.-It is not. ,' ,..,

rThe GALLERY PINCHINAT' :. .. epre..n-
tative and sales agent of PINCIUNAT's'paintings,4as
exhibited a few sampIes.only at ..oy6rr Arts Ps-
--tiques", "Galerie Brochette" and'Giaiei e i'is"' #.'
Open:from 10 AM to-5 PM, and' on' appointees d .+in
- I~ .v 1the evening. ADMISSION tf Eb -,

.--~i~ ._+' _(.,+- :..

si. .. ". ."--,

1 ATTHE- -" 2
lh -- -- ../ -

3~ka&4T : SALES 2Co UNITE

Co.. _

tT-R!CEs oP. SOLD BY SACHOF.,100 "Pot .os
:,TT-"R.CE SHOPS ( PRIC'ES. .-:".."

(TNE -FO!.
Blue Bonnet..: de-A .: 10.50 or O. G.d. ,-
Blue. Bronet Gra.de-B. 859 or 2.50- Gdetl .
ACROSS FROM C-U Blue_.B et- q1.e-' ,.,,radc -. 5-80 or 29.;0G;-.d ,,

*r Di~Pouukif $p es o i4~Iifitn i
1.- -,.-, bd7f~~ tht ., ,lto M .,.t,

'Y FACTORY s ..- .- :Va(l.;y ..-. ,
-O "IPR ni,,,: ~,~:.Sf ."-.;'j'j ; :'.-
... N D C"I "". *.,a: :"- -..- ,+. P.,- -, I .b' :,,_.i

--~P~RY: Die mt-'i4' e :7 f. .. :.
-. ,nr-~ yc: e~a-n, -. ts ,of,20 :sackO

/INDI lIFTS' :-w OT Ch N S :TA "T'OiB! A--,
...,-'- *. .H-E -E.,O,..-'''-"'N", --,,"" a
U ATI"- ... .... ..... ... ..: ....

U-.4:1- .. ..A'
+ : --ir$L.t:+'::.- -
: ""-+' ... ,'+>: + .s. ,+ -. .; .->,+...a : .....-::<,4.. \:-+ ,., :..:..1 'rn.a--, 4Nbitd ,, .... -..:,-. ..-..a ... "-;-.: ..-_."' .'= : :-+,.,-':i", "'..,".+_ ": +,,' ., :, ; ; a' .g ; i- ...

UNTON, WF;Bs~.WOOD,. OMEGA UEXr~agxamrm.

"0.: Bo. D-R PN,
<4 ? ;- 9 4 44;~98:
Sa e. 40-t4'6 r~


ROYAL. DOs 0aos~rc~u





talean n0 BAaMAove

us~an Ba if-SorPred li .A.I
44l4cti4i4 our L>o Ir its -f ore4inf'rma44on

$iti~e7- Factary Qd~tt

l t RU B944
M4-a* _U -send, >4> 44444 444s
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9~~, 44944 4<44 444

e Haiti Sun is
ded globe trot
laiti bewailing
leins caused tl
ing facial ado
man Norman I


walking dc

his wecl-bearded Beale at first minic
vas reticent to give his name tiousl;
ut finally opened up a little ing fi
nd told the following story: anoth
of co
Deciding latelast week to pay diselo
visit to this country Beale left
is lodgings in Ciudad Trujillo, He
omninican Republic and procee- Princ4

in- TIO IE
Sinclii. Gs-.Satio fil
5 hopfdislace frul al

Phone: 743


EL (4


t e ti
The-o~erting., genes o eg

ce t te J it o ni .4s ma isbai fr i h etr ia4
Ix mq es4 by teAit o n i n fh w wllo o ool-,
cil an ut e t e J i t4o n r j c s pe f r e .T i
ci shl bersosbefrea es i aiiae we

4 a446f- srn ,jit re nlte"rgosolaig l-te assac at-i ytm tcmto fisye
A o -US M ,fi ii4 ii s.as a as s or an n ce s bo a d ev ew b se o a
ihd or~fih omi~g y ar N ad u dvi ors ar of:the--j int Cou shal b '
fu~~~~~~~~~~~~ t 44 eii n n asit n e ci x m nti n o ~ ul w r e -

tb.4cno4e- deelp vial neetdi heatv e4aheeth ns fetv s

met fHat a exesdb praiigt yorrepctva f asit c prvde o.Hit ite wih r-udr a adfomd sitcmprs4ih h

DA, J~ Kegh ActrigDirctundrst d hat n~frthrane o obectie a a asi fo planin an im wok pan. oodevauaton er-
prvn fuueassac cii-niudo ae 2
o,bf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ erhp the, UntdSae0Oea o~r o opeigtepe l geduo.(
tiohs Misidh (USM).to ait,, araior ofaciviy. lan- fr Al -ropsal. b' te Gver-
.atAh ron -al metn fyu.>aiu rjet.W ae nn fHii o rjcs adM r e J a n
the, ased ou;to cmb h re odayot~-asisanieshal b~prs h
tan`A erca XointrCbu4'

cil or conniicandTecnica tobco~ne beteracquintd wth, ed"and- reommnde "to- te AR-CO DITONE
Aid to ait hed Jn. :0. he'funtios--he JintCoucilJoie-Cunci. Te JintCoucil

-.-,ollwing is ry ou -intr- Will reiew ll uch ropsal

a srnm erfoms ad toshow

;~:;~.: ~

. .- ... .- ,
'= '" ." ". -. .? .%-'J 4: >: o ":


AGE 10 HA I Tn S.U.u" Snday; u fi'.:

Haiti-West Africa In West I I

(Continued from page 1) thor Scofield, on a visit in 1957, \ve paintings by Haitias top art- $500,000.'So far Dr. Mellbn has .-Naturilly -the -Citadelie.andt
.lurida and the second map is arrived in Port au Prince in the ists and the ever poifular shdts paid most of.that out of his.-own Sa i. Spdii palace receive *big
one of the republic giving com- midsIof a demonstration against of sugar cane being loaded from pocket.-But no one is ever ttur- photo and writing coverage W8-
pir.liensive detail o[ cities and provisional President Joseph Ne- a bullock cart onto a ttairi. ned away from the hospital."' Ithough Scoffeld .becortiesa lttle'
towns together with prominent mours Pierre-Louis. Pictures qnd a section of the Giving wide coverage to. the gruesomern it' .tlfi8tk."~.sna lea, :
places such as the Citadel and "There was no rifle fire or feature deal with the devoted island and its industry John Sco- and beheading.,of Pr dent ld-i.
h Alert Schweitzer Hospital bloodshed, Scofield r e p o r t s. work in the Artibonite Valley -of field described the work of .Point brun" Guillaifrrie-Sam and the.no
in the Artibonite Valley. Shops closed. Gasoline stations Dr Larry Mellon' aria his wife IV, in the Artibonite and -the torious death rarch.-oi a squa-
locked their pumps. Everything Gwen Grant Mellon. Scofield North,..the West India Fruit and dron of Christophe's. -oldiers
Most eo Scohield's camera on wheels quit running. Town- writes of how Dr Mellon gave Steamship Co., and goes into right, oven the edge .of-the mou-,. '
v.or'k has been devoted to Port folk; such as the chicken fan- up his cattle ranch to become long detail _oncerhing the beai- tain. fortress. .'
.,i trrice and it is bere that cier pictured,, stood and glared a doctor apd start the Albert ties of Cap Haitien, Limtbe and Voodoo of course.plays its part-
hiri phItographic skill stands out. at the presidential palace. "The- Schweitzer hospital. The author other areas. (In connection with in- the story and-.Sc&ield giyes.
HIs writing ability is equally as 'se strike ees a powerful thing" slates "the Schweitzer hospital, 'travel to various .cities of the detail of the man whio itnesS6d
good e.g. captioning a busy city a soft spoken Haitian told me. tending to 250,000 people in the island -Scofield gives CQOHATA an .egg being .cooked with cold
street scene during work hours "It ees' the weapon of people area, loses a yearly deficit of airlines an excellent plug.) water .and, n6- fire. '.'The man,
eoln[lel d rites. "shunning side- who have no weapon." brought his own .cooked .-egg
wdlks, pedestrians flood Rue Ma- "Faced with the shutdown, to the priestess. just sto make
cral'ilX in downtown Port au Pierre-Louis resigned." sure..She placed the .egg in.,a
Prince. Automobiles view with Scolield's camera has captu- gliss of cld water and placed
m:in-poei'rcd carts rolling on red Port au Prince's National h is haihd over it, covering it in.
dirc.irdid tires. Radio towers Palace in a mood almost magi- a t ;, .tr1 with-.her own"'hand. After
and the Church of Our Lad)' of cal. Taken in the evening with YOU IJOw a few minin~tes the egg was.taken.
Perpetual Help crown the hill- the last brilliant glow of the sun- 'rom .the:glass and'with the ex-
top ui tie Bel Air district, the set tinting the hills behind the ft' I rally-fi ception of .a .li.Ve layer next. to
ily s oldest quarter." palace, the building is bathed the.shell tio eggxMyis .boiled;'"'
with lights in the front and shad- SCOtch When it Scofield. -icludes graphic pie-.,
v,,.iln to ltaiti in other ed gradually to blackness to- I fOHN TN OH I/ tures of Sen -iies^o '
:...,.r .i .',in Scriield h.,s inclu- wards the rear leaving only an J 11- -Ville Bonheur' fr the ritual ho -
ri r ;' *Ior til;ca'n here in 157 outline. The lawns in front of W ALKER poring Our -ady of Mountr
i. rn r:irl:;.ly the only picture the palace are crisscrossed by mel arid.tietires taken' at
,i. I:e ;.rr.rc!o which touches on the ligiits of passing cars captu- water. ceremony conducted' .at
.,l:lic.; I Thawing a peasant in red by the time exposure used .e H * a the .100-loot cascade at Saut'
i,,. ,:,I 1 a rro(l with a lighting to make the picture. d'Eaua.< .. '
1 : I, ta;sd mderi one arm and A full-page example of Haiti's .fI L The ."scadal" :that followed
7 ',j-rled "Stony Faced Stares pipe-smoking peasant women is N H word -'Haiti's l.afchEds sell,
I:,-l; i.')! i A PI--rsirdenl" Within included in the feature as are Bora I Si--.ll go'ng strong'' i U .uched
'"' p" ,1 'lt 'ad[C a new method tlhe muralled walls of the Episro- -" .- Oril hy'I-Joh ..or...."q'.,
t(. ,iril, tlhe general strike. lhas palian Church, artist Castera Ba- Ints, eri.t lchb
iri,'.td its power in Haiti. Au- zile, his wife and child, primriit- bISlTnIUTOR PREETZMAN-AGGERHOLM" nds) actuagly-p Uetle .
len-gths .of- ofot-odatfie. 48ian:yi 4'.:'
star: Upiite States biann'E hat;-
__ -__ their. customers turn '
.a- -- .., -.c, ". o -. ..-. ''!

/^ *- ::

ai tlii on -,' -',
69/ R L -" W ; .-_,.,.

TO B :. "-. .: .o

..*. : A N, *. .-,
y- -.' .- :I '- .. ":P".. "- -n"

,/,,, ,j. -. S'TePHEff^^ :,,E
.eISAL. BAGS an BELTS. -. :,.,."

FRLNCH PLRFUML5 and LIQUORS -. ". M H., ,.:M l. O".
\ .WOOD CARVINGS MAHOGANY -. ,.ho a su.n. .--,,.'
WADIG ,D m-i
-TRI I. E,
T -i ,. .TORTOISF L.. 5HU LLL ,1** -'. .;, .; 'iH
/\ /0 P- ': 1"am!Po$ 's-1 a I flb-o
.. ... .: ........ .... ... ..... .---

rr n ere^ ^ & ^ rvM ;:.j v. :-e h., e: ,

S ; .._L -'r ., S, ,...., o -l, I-. .
.. ," .L ,'... ;" v ,,, o .,, -, : "L'a a '- 4 ; #. .,., ". '- i '/. ; .. "- ,-.- -' ': ., -.' .

**- '. ..' /- r t "* "*' t'. *.'' "" -' A' -
-. -'-- 4. .~

Sunday January 22nd, 1961 .H AIT'I SUN". PAGE 11

The.author of-"Haiti' West Scofield makes a very percepti- only Egypt's pyramids have im-
Afric -lnm the teit 1ndies"' has ye 'sitfement: -"higter and high- pressed me as deeply as did
madcnonly a* couple of minor er we claimed into Haiti's moun- Iis crumbfing monument of a
mistakes in 'the entire article tains, to stop finally beside a Negto King."
and neither of these is glaring. -dam that towered.250 feet in a In conclusion the author deals
To regular-taxi patrons Scolields cleft in the Valley. behind it briefly on .the trials and tnliu-
statement 'that "the town taxi sparkled an enormous man-made lations of-the world's first Negro )IfW- '7' --'T
fare ,costs one gourde two US lake. Republic and prophesises "b u t vt. S
nickels" W4lI probably-be alarm- Haitians have not lost heart. In
ing but anyway that's a fait- "Already some 55,000 valley what was France's wealthiest co- .'
v price for tourists. tacies are under year-round irri- lony until'ltsslaves rose against
garion Ewvnlually the total may its masters ind in 1804 declared 7,OJ.F. T) i
Hotel Tbo Lele, v..crec Scofield, c 80,000. themselves free. restless energy Of^ Ii l '-
survies amd thepobed 0"n
his wife and daughter stayed, survives amid the poverty, an- ]t' acl j a (a 1U
receives commendation as does Someday a hydro-electric plan: there is a desperate eagerness Ch I itd 'l .-
the work of DeWitt Peleis, Dir- will preside -10,000 kilowatlts o; to catch up with the rest of the l e 1NS1 j' a c"w( -'
et-tor of 'the Centre d'Art. Per- power, today all of haiti hac zest of the world. ,9AIr f .1
haps one of the most pleasing only 20.000." ________________._ fi; IL
commendations is Scofields prai- f 1OA f' i.o''Tlu'. riluJ.
se for Cap Haitien's ''miles and Going back to the Citadel again CALL AT THE 'o Ct I 1C ir(o' s.l
miles of beautiful beaches." John Scofield gives his inner ptec c | (1 55a s
On the'Eleerricity problem and most impression b.k stating "for P11 ST R CLUB -, bows S(
the Peligre Lake Barn, author sheer-bulk of accomplishment STORE CLUB ;aJ!LiYl Nd L W
carej'-Y'" lo : a
AND VIEW o,,Pjtiea ,,1 see
__________________________ THE COMPREHENSIVE co^( Y 1lEcO

Mahogany & Sisal goods,
Paintifigs, Jewelry,
n un, ^ -Tortoise shell
ia lp" "di as h a by Haiti's top Craftsmen
" oap-Mn"" nI~ hatr.. ,_,,, ^.,
JHao glrfies iW STORE CLUB
Offers Top Quality
In A Modern Store
With Full
Visitors, Ask for MAX
fit Petionvifle ~-T
Mrs- Gerard BALTHAZAR,
W. Manager


ir( a 8oap, not a vs ra c* *
vLaiii-1alo cannot bW.g'an t
wun, dialinrg, dirt. I soft-water" lather
.samhing soap film! -"eess1spedalrinse)

nFrntea embarrassing Halo lea 'es hair soft,
wdruff from both hair fa manageable-shining wiih
and aalpl t colorful. natural highlighul I 1 U

Yea, "soaping" your hair with FOR
eveirfinest liquid or oily.cream The 1P mFOR
shainpoos loarc 'Ilulling, AThe iargel '
dirt-catcHingf il. Halo, jiade sei
with a new i'prdtrut. cunins se Irig NN
4no fn,, io sticky oils. 1 sa poo BETTER C1AKES WIT1 i
Thus Halo l-': if ps your hair in
thevery fit tin you uee it. >^in A
Ask for If;,)-An 's A. America,. ETTR TA T
ftavorie shaw.pdo-today. REiAR TA T

,rlo reveals thi !'" -n L-cau usy of thC hair '
"*- a :.; i ./! Pie !; '- ;"-- :-:;* ** 5.J -K *i*'i''*":.. ;-^ ':; -'-- ^ ^

A0E 1.
.0C; CI.S
\~":i ~ ~ :X
1'r~fr Eai0 ini i"~,e ai Fol ~
ppine as"" thedrcoro h eife~ tiAe j
tentoniCoprto M'I- rin raiosinW
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inz Wahi~tn D../ sos~~ u~c
____ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ ____ ____ n~~actdi n -T*-~o

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*g Jon (punii.
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roulement~ ~~~ J"lf. u tados
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ro V#,s u
plat *~i~4 dd ac
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Sna22,19HA I

A~ fe toth ago Pa-A pu t aboard 575- ie-an-ou je Cip
Worldide Mrkefig Setvice or ,Pn Am' Carg- ustmed fina tink in its trckai cargo 4pers.Ec passenger plan car
plan gyy irc sh pments fromrikes a cagot landdy. Whl thi_,

has eenreaed y Pn A eri, Pn A 's hre deade of lo~st arifs r s eed where thyaes Iuplaen je t Cbi pper Woiththouh th~eet p e~
cun~~~ ~ ~ ~ World Aiwy to cht.,h inentoa cagsrnpra truins n itnegn lpetsfo sk~in hes iht aend w APny Am

P ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d Ia abeanh of ar ag.sipr'to xIpIeine lsseilzdery e-atrghopse e ,to' frignu cafregoCiperis lwanding o at a
coutres -Icoin shpmnt in off~ som plpn a4$25ace.

of.th Wrldtoanthe. il prvie nfomaio onsuh hre oynw frm heword', be snge st f ocuen- sngage plae na anyrote

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wla c i ttrf a2 C t sp e u s_ o ue icr bcu ii lv y ag sve whm h irg e wa d e t .o
to-d I e--urrecy ate, acordng Ailin roting. atualy m re conmica t o the caro bing'cariedof $50,00 ach
.toWilur orrionexeutivl 4 Cobi na ti on ai-trck imeseve fo heay godssuc
vi e reid n o P n p erca 's r utng n i gl w ybl, s om ppia ce a d ma hi D S O V R H E F S C N A IO

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...... sit a


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40. rene

Best regards.


S) Roger Wolin

PortL au Prince, Haiti
last stamping, grounds
of the fierce tribe of C
dians, who once popular
islands between the No:
South American container
become a posh resort for

liesesdes Caciques, or
of trie chiefs," in the Bay
naivcs is but a half hou
flronm Ihe airport where-
arrive by Pan .America
prs froNm Miami, New
.South America and other
bean islands.- And ift has
thing rare in Port au Pri
a "beautiful beach.

At present the resort C.
of 20 beacheside twin be
na cottages of unusual cc
tion, with thatched" roofs.
cr twenty are abuiildig.I


neiZV %jit O1r Mi ''S 1 ,H PURES -TEAE WATE1r ,I
.! -- IO I'll HEALTHI -I "

.* 1 '- -, ,, :,e to 't s-x 1 -ek stri 'I"l m December,1, ..... Arr1e- N E W Y O R
"Ir ca -os o -t an ar ,3 A l co..e -wt' ri bega :lin direc -,_-ghts _
1 ,, .th ;esor -T Isln' "ia ,rle to B no Mre an 77,Zo1 de Ja II- NE- YORK
-c Idr~ q .op "Ihi ,- _, ne o At th a e tu e a
iv ho`,4,- -f -Je ,h 'I, Ih m m t"m a ,r A- '1 mtod ce d ec s.lc Iu -,'I- -ur tre te w- I ,atI
1r1 in ,anI on ,hal* h ur, -, u P, ge fror u .-t- eac --d,-e.tb: -top -tC:r_4ao
lai i ,; n lgh s -_o Ii m Ie k _, ac s I or of Spn George,. I
ca s e. onIe- ro v ia e -n e,7ra ,' -, ::.
ve er s t ,r op o t n t to vi ,h ;san .op t Ihp t ---BIelem ; 1 I- "
s 4t ote esrt islnd ,,he man -14- ,ih .m ,I,._ 1I. .. % ea di
enr ut I to 1 : 1 or eti% m fro ec oI bet ee Ii m and -H al 1.. ,1-,,.," i ,",,.-, ,, _",", _:I :.

:n Jull Nazon, f sa, ThiIs _

-u1d.r T h e Mit r .... ;oom -it 1 Ios m ne In ; '.
:n M aar Ge a I.THEA4RD-'i,. ..o ,s ; sun 1", 11 i
One: 3955. P I -. ,. -28 rmc TROP_-'"-' -IC -03 INTRNTINA BAN RA .,-
CA. U IS AN ,ite o th _ihFdlt bhac of .h PIlc maste.I.I ,
7, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "B BE CH _l and .o "hn yo'r in :h ,tdos -e an clea i -. ,k,;s i:,

.-1 @ D Bands ,. -acntn ',n -lw ,styI ,In ful .ft i -w .-
li% : ,,, ".,, r O U N D T R wit ric wn "i is e cabinetI.. .t
I :; z ,:;, 1 ':",T
A ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ HghFdlt Ion f1o ,pae etor o- du cn .1,-. __ ,, II,, _-,!;'? i-. ,".."
TR N POLAT O ) "pae an ,ya i .,d __ .peaker._,' ,
,NL ,& Seart bas '4Mre, udoeutos
1.~~ff h lab c a ,,-,, P-- .o c.n-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rv t ,r ssn jRooms -J 1 I, ,,, ,:. -- -II .
h t : a n : B ea cIh I .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fu Retyc an -Suack:N Ba.r s- I A E-i `- 17
__ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A E SK- 4 1, ?:,. J t ;,1.- 1.1


Air France Office Inauguration :Caravelles


A large party attended the Air France's office here is
Jan. 24 official inauguration of newest addition in air line o
the ne, Air France office in ces here, the first to be inaug
Port an Prince. Situated on the rated for 1961 by Air Franc
Rue Dantes Destouches, the eye- and the 39th now a part of t
pleasing building is under the North, Central American and C
.management of 'Philippe Legui- ribbean Division.
During a press conference The new .office building h
held Saturday last it was an- nearly 2,000 square feet of spa
nounced that Air France, the to accommodate a ticket office
%%oilrt's largely ;urline, hopes lo a mezzanine with executi
be 11,ing Ficncn Caravelle jets quarters, and communication
into Ilatl by the end of this reservations and service area
year or early '62. A flight of stairs has been er
A party of Air F-rance person- led to the roof in preparati
nel came to atlend the opening for the addition of a third flo
of the expansive white and blue when the company comment
finished bureau Saturda3. This Ilying operations in this country
party, supplemented by local of- Installation of this new offii
fcials and press members, in- according to Philipee Leguic
eluded Count Rene Costa de ard, represents the beginning
Beaurcgard, .Jacques E. Turner, an extensive sales and servi
Regional Manager, P.ierre Mlul- program being undertaken in t
lot, Public Relations and Pierre Caribbean and North Americ
Licombe, District Manager for During the last two years, A
Puerto Rico. The party 'vas hos- France development and expa
tcd by Air France's District Ma- sion have been paced by tl
nig. cr h-.re Philippe Leguichard. integration into Air France



/////////////////u///// l//_/le7/





U ME "



Dwesses and. Shifts made on order
e and delioerd in 24 hours.
k ,We ship to he SFate I,

S -
-4-c-.- ,

- .r




SSunday n"-u iy 2 d -. '.96.

Sunday January 22nd, .1961


fleet, of 20 Boeing 707 Intercon-
tinentals and 33 French Cara-
velle jets, which now serve more
cities than any other airline.
(The Air France system series
6-continents and 76 countries.)

Following the inauguration of
the office at 4pm Saturday Jan-
uary 14, a cocktail party from
6 to 8pmr was held at the Monta-
na Hotel. On Sunday Mr Legui-
chard accompanied the overseas
visitors to. Cap Haitien where a
cocktail party, hosted by Cap
Air France agents, was-held on
Monday. The party returned to
the capital on Tuesday evening
and the overseas members of
the airline departed for their
respective posts on Wednesday.
Adverse newspaper criticism
has been levelled in some ins-
tances at Air France For setting
up an office here "without any
planes." As Mr Leguichard ex-
plained this week during an in-
terview with the Haiti Sun, "The
addition of an office such as
this to Port au Prince can do it
nothing but good. It is common
ogic that no company is going
o invest money in putting up an
expansive office if they do not
intpnrl d ndurti,-ncr bz ic fnmnI

If you're looking for office furniture that really espresses your
individually, then take a few moments to call or visit your
MARABOU dealer.
Beautih.ly designed desks in striking .blonde, distinctive dark
ivalnut,-woodgrain or traditional plain gray; also available modern,
dramatic tire-tone arrangements.
REGULAR SIZES 30 x 60 tops .
No. 5004 $ 89.95
'No. 5005 134.95



v ^^ *-. B~*^*


Indena c o tf o jusess rom W E

"There are three basic reas- j -
ons why the Caravelle jets are j "
not flying to Haiti as yet: ( 1)
With the vast world of jet- tra-
-vel rapidly increasing Air Fran- T
ce found that it did not have ,h.,5,-.
enough Caravelles and more
have been ordered. _(2) Haiti
does not have an airport at the
moment suitable to the safe lan-
Sding and takeoff of jets. In Eu- U TWICE s EA
rope the Caravelle could land TWICE a fAST
on the samb 1 length of run- TWICE AUTI L
way as that of Bowen Field but TS' I R w Iaf
in Haiti avou have to contend APPLIED TE NEW 3 O LLER K- ';|, .
with the heat which makes pay- IOSEPH' NADAL. AGENTS
load and otheifactors different. .
We could landhere iri the cool /
of the evening but then there, 00 0* ooO
are no landing lights available .-. ,
at the airport. a
SAVE -UPe TO 70 per- cent "'ON :.
"(3) We are conducting con- "
siderable promotion campaigns D
in Guadeloupe and Martinique D .. -..
but up until now neither of these
islands have had sufficient hotel
accommodation. They are working VISITORS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF
on a rectification of that pro-
blem now and by the end of the
year both will be able to handle
a lot more tourists which will P a -
mean increased flights to them .
and to -laiti if the way is clear."
Mr." Leguichard stated 'that
Air France's expectations 'of fly- lPl RAUNE'S. -
ing to Haiti were "not a pto- "'
ject but a decision. Before you O:GIFT SHOP
bring planes in however you EST IFT SHOP
have an office which Haiti now 4 .-,
has, This is our corner stone." OFFER-RS 60 BRANDS TO

He concluded that it was a de- CHOOSEFB OM "
finate hope of thb Air France C O
organization on to start regulardu
service to Haiti either by the
end of this year or in early ..
X "





-- ~ ~ ~ > s P- --- Ih 11111d1nt ;zDec1I..em,,ber
FeF 1,6 ,ler "h 1usin

"' I- -f Op o e b- Army
.1 ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ of, th -e -uam "aa ..... 1 whichI ,--;,
,.."- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lt0 -o or I at- -h -ie ;n -th- IArmy,-',. '.',: -"":,- 1, ,,,q 1 -1 ,- I::
.,~~su t m e P p o e .l sn down- the. ... ,.':, ,
rud th lin "fhe !teunship industry 1.1
-" ", 'T,?`;,, tha I '' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e o-r ,d -.:, -it-K 1 .
-, ~ ~~ ~ ~ sinc 17 -ub a t.l -Presufent ,-, .
I -', th- "h --poa t, ,h
!i~~~~iin t o l ,h co m rc, as --,1 -

-h ,e e to Mr ;e n d s. M o ad wh c .fer y a
t.~ne by ner, al -h ...s ;-1iio thIc tIp an Re, 1 III
mem-r Eisen ower cli e In the y:r (a the of1ca mat Iv "
.1er doe n t ap ea to be Ne ch te) gold fiur Id I l ,
q- .. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n re.o for ast ac io -in-I,,.- .' 1 : 1 '
F!,, rm. I nating th .peratio ..." A
--so, it Iu g se ,t a stp -.be. :- .
-. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tie tI Iee s-c terminatoIIr-- -;1. II
~o a. period, o at -es six,\
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ots so '7- sub, I cIommittee ,, II .-
-, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a -eaut the siuo -n M O' -V AD" 1 ,- ,: -, : .,' ... ,`I
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rik reon a in based; ,. I ,I'lII .: -I 1 ,I-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o a- ,oi record.1 :, ;-. II >
11 I :, .' : _; R- .. I II- w : I-, red O N S LE AT M A ISO N ORI E N T -:--,

i. ( I It h. "n h e -a n o p o r.n t t o I I I 2 1 1 7 U- ,

1~~~h Paam Laa' L ucs- IND S EN A L F . ~~~~fi -pra.o is 1oI .gre t -po--- -, .-;. :--,
.. ., -1. --- 1 1 ,; ..an.. ce'; and she" wane tha ,ICHR-, II I I ST A A N- 1.T .
1. '; Iay. r eci:- ,a'' Ic t o- -h .ef-I -I ::
n ..e ,f -:%p ,ol I 1o i- IH N E Y EAI: I .11-
1. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b 1ai /--e Ioperat -1.1-tI.1.: I."' I on to a-y de% e, .-.1 .II : .!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i mos uis "Mr Suli a ,GE E I eI.. ; 7I-.;I" ..I '., I 1. 4 4- .- 7, r-.I Ic- 4eVv-1 1 e

~;fesso"i~~.a of~ Enls a&>enh : ae
the:ai; U~.a'-w Ti?~~i;av~al: D ~~~i~s~ qwear~t~e
Kclenrnr~ In t r Int

1!iliwb~g s ful testoli ;
Weedogsee toa y o aie here en o fom ithe- geeost f to e wlii
der. ermnets ,'.-.,-; ',cas can-we e ce~tain 6ey 611

fsory of Earty sht a eevldtbrai,4 -n

end ashe,,rarl l a a n L hI .. .
wignifheing SreNewal asso we toa we ar h ea er f htfrt enwwlcm Sbeaehe-p' f le -.Bt nihrcn w ya
Hagitad i ght ro h a evosupiorany d th yse aor ngyo the frewees'Lt 1- negboi k p efugop.ofaqs *
sothat oath four ooebaf coresia foe- lin coue r le u
Fried nary evnn ashintony and fothfrmaitm and place, ofhalel
th. quarter ago Tois -muchh~ tojede -,c 6a4 hei prset,
The world isd'o hery dpfferen more.
tebatbads the- poegra no aboish tu rie nd 'apnd foe- wli e, wthot o ar,-grst'_o uvrio s' o' Sde vr th frme bal oof rimng Povery ant thae wechha beeng patheb epae y frmr-Y
tose atois al form ohe hunriun "6thuI brens Utrted there~o o
life.~~~ Aaywdr yet th -a~ reol litl we cano 4oV Znpa hl
wifoe calles aogt ae sthrle gather- born in this e n ttl~y temcped wasepc t id he u o
this 4!-its--l
and bitter peace, -prod of. our. shalt oil

O J n a 2se

a it ra -nu i gJ J tae y fs4n
Following is fullAtext of P 4esiW

t w e o m t sw r o ad t e mt4no _

d hn4t,.

udig o ths u irgt 4-a-
Lions; ls s OP"I,

a[ too s

to 4 wi ti ntn a aw sg444 t l & is e
M fl w iz sb r i -n h tg '-a em 4i C de a
b m o4kn
-u ]o t --'to-

4<4w 44446 of ,4.4 444
<-4 beco44 4-4
;:i,*;bo lorre w At-i w

ssr the sur-4 s444 -rqie -ntbcueth Ro

cb n l c t a a n uc o itot en o W

-, of t e-- 'Fina us
-ow For 4444 m nhlsi mo- To444{J44 ths l44i fo n di

tal ha ar<4- an

alfr o hu npv t an sae w pl g -t loyaltyof4dar powes Ofi -ii
th fw h ae ic.reth :ite',poe
to bolsh ll or Of hum n fitfulfrinds Unte, terei 7 epulic Sothtrutio uleahe, b s ne udeL -heL sout
-our sist

To cl

lie n e h a e r v l ite w a n t d n a h s f u ,b r e w fe p n uf al iii-in to &





specify '"Clpper-argo-- .-.-oten ceap-r nd al

Kennedy's Speech..
: (Con ltneih-i pagfrU)
dvies- oian: "tyranny, po~erM
disease and war itself.
--.Can we forge against these
.enehiies a grand and global a
iance'; 'No'rtfii -and Southj, a
Ja.,3 West, that can assure
more fruitful.' lie for all max
Ikjd? wvil you join in that hi.
toY~c- effort?
j1n. the long history of th
%o"ld, only afew generation
I.ve been granted the role c
I A.nduig freedom in its hour c
Mxtmumu danger. I do nc
.ink from'this responsibility -
ivelcome" it. I do not believe
AUat any of us would exchange
places with any othel-- people o
'any other generation. The enei
.gy; the faith and. the devotion
which we biing. to this endeavor
willl light our Country and a
.who serve it and the glo
from .that fire can truly ligl
'ie world .
'And so, my fellow Amelican!
ia sk not what your country wi
do for you ask what you ca
do for your country.
J^, i.-- '-
SMy fellow citizens of the world
;ask not what Amerioa %ill d
for you, but what together w
can do for the freedom of mal
Finally, whether you are cit
zens of Anmerica or of the world
ask.qf us the samne' high stani
_ars''o[ strength and sacrifice
t woHe sa: ask of *you. Wit
a good conscience our only sur
reward, with history the finr
judge. of our deeds, let us g
fortfif1..1r6d-eiidie land we lovi
lovIb;-aslnfg i blessing -and hi
help, but. knowing that- here--c
earth God's work riust truly: b
our own .






Sfaday .Jan.ary.i. 29nd, lf6. -..

plt H son.tao,,_ge-
d"plomI rTmia clleUeNi

~icire' ~9






soour -in the U. is wife A rey and

'-ScS. turnedd here with. him... "Whitey" of the ertilizer d
pl.At is-'6aother resident -recently. returned here after.*a break
.iatlid ;'a Soucl hotel displays a touch oMronic oumor with
tif]r n b Jtieiaced onh fulldview in the lobby. Under theobibg letters
*today's 51-a]" are the words- "po ter rationi ng" Uu "tunAte
1i's not erM. appetifing....The Carnival bands are. in fill thH.ij
"gain on'Ithe, arch towards'"tardi- Gras-myb. h ad' tho -ea,
day gan...slam.....'A bi party was hel Sunday' ni.ght. ,td-.Qa.. '
larines Bub-Beieck and hie 'Bab; both bovs have beailtl:rai, te e pa
I ak "to 1te-''-U.S...". Port. .rince's longtim'"e ''-.wate ." i i-
oestsecm- to. b:'afhfertig the. hi.Ga Rue. pumps the aertiir
rouh s th cl:'ock bringing w'arteer. tpro m under the. a badg S
.h ,-.,orsld War. ..

ihtpwhihg -down. the -a~st.dr.': Gae' of me1J.. tiin, hs ml
Iroing likely- ien-of d91't i eam, espeaslatly !Ap;ki-e r

lie .. ...i .. -&Z-cBsf ii^~a to Haiti u"staing atjthe
Iotel Sans Souci for a monthh" Mlae has been teaching here for
-'ell over a year... -HPBA members are starting to patronize the
movies again, come Ion tourists... It's surprising the number of
people who-have't heard about the pwst office's recently issued
and very coap1ep.ien cen ir lem'r er.... Nothing oha re heardro n
Bud Sgalo" sihmce his take-off for Philadelphia just before Christ-
mas last... iany of the young tourist guides around the town have
been deluded by the flood of US. Confederate. o20 dolar play-blls
The boys finally woke. up to it but even then were trying to sell
them for 10 cents a piece... There should be a law making-it
omperitive for all cars to have properlyl functioning exhaust pipes.
Hot rodding' straight pipes' are all right on drag strips but 'in the
close confines.of the-capital's streets 'the ear-splitting noise, espe-
cially at two or thee in the morning, is nerve and sleep -shatter-
ing... Latest thing in Haitian football is a propaganda co 'mittee
composed of press, radio, etc., to,-popularize this country's parti-
cipton in the coming Central A ierican atid Caribbean soccer
tourneys... The new BaileybiMdge for. the Momaace bridge is ex-
peeled to be opened for traffic this month... Viviann de Buren
noted Swis artist living.,Jn Haiti for the past three years, is to
loldi a lisay ~of her paintings in.New York from'January.30 to
February II... Haitian made Guisinesso stoves are proving very
popuir -cooking apparatus- in the interior of Panama... Mr.John
Hlaveck NBC China-India and Tibet veteran covered Univer-
sita y onintg Mondayy as did cBS team headediby. linguist Erie
eiser forpast'iour years, ahief of CBS Bonn Bureau... UPl's
SCharles aSchma, a flew in from New York to see the sights alter
a year's iabslce. Max F 'p tol chief'Correspondent of the New
York Tome.in .the Caribpean Is currently i doing a series on this
crlo.s His wile tend son whmt. tie has hardly seen since returning
Igo. 'Moscow last Summertare- having enjoying a family reutitn

-'i as -t o t pa t y s to




day tey hae a lant o.be

re w- D NMill 1M1 Ems
eo t I v/ .:



combatting erosion with


Sthe new revolutionary- stove
E. join the fight -tio preserve Haiti's Riches

CUISINESSO, the remarkable little Esso

.stove -manufactured by 'HAITI METAlX

especially for HAITI and already selling ri|

S other LA-TIN AMERICAN countries..

CUISINESSO the quick cooking econo

mical Arlter arains erosin and a C(tS W'l

ESSQ-o1,Y costs 11.80.


kerosene and- help .-promote. and preserve'

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Sunday January 22nd, 1061




Sections of the Bailey brid-
ge for the. Momance River
come ashore at the Colombo
Pier Jan. 19 from the USN
Wood County. Supervising un-
loading from the workhorse
IST are Navy Scabees and
Hait;an personnel. The brid.
ge will be transported over-
:.and to ils.new site.

Hand% linked In friendship.
Thes6 big eases contain sec-
tions of the Erector Jike Bai-
ley. bridge sent to Haiti from
the United States for the Mo-
maince river. Representing an
outlay of 30,000 dollars, the
B.iley bridge will be utilized
lime and time again as a
vital link to keep Haiti's
roads opeit.

Bridge Arrives On Wood County

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overland transportation to the
South, until a nearly railroad
bridge was temporarily converted
for small vehicles. Flash floods
and a changing sand and gravel
riverbed made transportation
sometimes quite hazardous.

Haitian and American engin-
eers decided a Bailey bridge
was needed to replace the col-
lapsed span. The bridge comes
in sections and can be adjusted
lo [it almost any bridging pro-
hlm. One engineer described
it as a "giant 'do-it-yourself
construction kit." Haitian Army
engineers, the U.S. Naval Mis-
sion. the Ministry of Public
Works, and Point IV's Coopera-
tiv Public Works Program, plan-
ned the bridge construction in

One observer noted "This is a
truly splendid example of coop-
eration among several different
Haitian and American organiza-

A rush order was placed for
the bridge, and $30,000 of Point
TV money was made available
to cover its cost and transporta-
lion. The Haitian-American Su

For Momance

gar Co. Railroad
bridge spans to

will carry the
the Momarice

It is estimated that within 3
weeks Department of Public
Works engineers and employees.
will have the bridge's founda-
tions and remaining spans
strengthened and ready for ins-
tallation of the Bailey Bridge
section. A Haitian Army engin-
eer who studied bridge construc-
tion under a U.S. Naval Mission
grant in the United States, will
act as a technical advisor to the
project. The engineer, Capt. Ma-
laher DeGrlaff. a student of
bridge construction at the Basic
Engineer Officers course, Ft.
Belvoir, Va., was on hand this
morning to look over the bridg-
ing equipment.

Col. Alexandre Laraque, head
of the Haitifn Army's Engineer-
ing section, and Cmdr. Maxton
M. Midgett, from Norfolk, Va.,
commander of the Wood County,
were also present for the unload-

Hopewell, \ra., engineering ad-
visor to the Naval Mission, esti-
mated it would take two--weeks
to place the new span in place
once the bridge's foundations are

The finished bridge will be 240
feet long. including the new span
central of 90 feet.

Plans also include dynamiting
a long drainage ditch from the
road to provide better drainage
of the -area.

' The Bailey Bridge will even-
tually be dismantled' and recon-
structed as part of the Cayes
access road when that public
works project starts, a PointITV
spokesman noted. The bridge
was originally ordered for the'
Cayes project,-and can be mov-
ed to several different bridge
projects, with. a minimum- of
When completed this will be
the third bridge constructed un-
der joint Haitian-American aus-
pices in recent months. Last No-

Maj. Edward Jones, USMC, of lvember a 200 foot long pontoon

bridge over Lake Miragoane was constructed across the Voldro-
compleled by a team of Seabees. gue River near Jeremie, by Hai-
One year ago a large prefa- tian engineers' of 'the Public
bricated concrete bridge was Works service.


--Mrs Paula D. Grenbouse, Busines Manager of.TThe Diplomat
Magazine of Washington, D.C. arrived Tuesday on board the
Panama Liner SS. Ancon, in company with her sister Mrs Annle
Freedman, an Office Manager for the ladies Specialty shop YEAG-
ERS in Silver Spring Maryland. They are guests at the El Rancho.
Mrs Grenhouse is looking for the opportunity to help Haiti into
a good position on the tourist map. The Diplomat Magazine is a
prestige, window on the world.
-Fran Kaplan and David Talamas of the Canap Vert Shop have
made a. very nice couple -for the last two weeks. Fran is from
Kalamazoo, Michigan. David said that she works in a Lab where
they make tife Kaopectat. She was guest at the El Rancho.
-Mr Albert John Reynolds, Director. of the Zone 2 of UNIiEF'
with headquarters in Mexdco arrived here FridAy and was ivel-
comed by Mr Jean Richardot. Drs Otto Siebert, Dr Henry,-.Ber-
nard-La Pomeray, Dr Alfredo Jauregui Mollna and Engineer Adal-
bert Vogell. .-
-A dinner was given at Le Perchoir last night by the intema-.
tjonal personnel of the .OMS in honor- to Dr GullUermo Sam'ane,
Representative of the Health World Organization and the Pan Ame-'
ican Sanitarian Bureau in Mexico and his beautiful wife MIma. .,
-Platinum blonde Rolly Jordan is enjoying -her vacation here i
dancing,the meringue. She is guest at the El-Rancho. '"






-a -a _. -. ii- 5- f .N

*-... '. "- .
"'.' '; ^ : ; : :*'J .";



i" d A

* V-. ..

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