Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
June 9, 1959
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v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


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Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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University of Florida
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A spokesman at Army Headquart-'
ers this week said the "affair ,Carl
Henri Fombrun" was in the hands
of the Court.' The officer made no
-other comment and the
morning newspaper "Le Matin" said
he, had readwbiout it. '
Carl Henri Fombrun,- a strapping
young tourist ,guide -was-- releasedd
from 'ighteen hours detention Tues-
,day afternoon at-. four from thg Pe-
nitentiary' National on provisional
liberty and hospitalized immediately
'for ,injuries received while under ar-.
rest. He stated' he was.: charged
i .-with'out questioning fot "subversive
,utterances". .. -. ;"-
It is believed .thfit,Cart Henri Fon-
Sbran's walingQ si -daiicej
floor during the pla g a '
sident Duvalier' nmerinu sparked
the incident.; -
Shortly. aftet .his rela".e frhiiCa-
n' r'p Vert Hospjtal .wetc h'ercc.. ,
ed .Lvatmienft for'a iead l uwond .in-
fdeted-by- a coiniat ue an er

..,( i n~~ne n n

President Francois D1uyflier 1e9.i-
wsd Ambassador Gerald A ". Drew'of
te United States in. abrief audiepe.
Monday. The envoy reported be- had
"found the President- good -sit"-
its." Rumors about the .Presjiden's


The-'uban Ambassador to Haitir
n-. Antonio Rodriguez Echazabal, nar-
S: rowly escaped death early Saturday
m irnig 'when gunmen ambushed
h____________ imn at the entrance to his Bour-
.V9 ,H, 1959-- No. 35 Port an Prince, HAITI d6n .Home. ., .
'.____ The gunmen', firing submachine-.
S_ .-, ,. -. ', guns, wounded the chauffeur Ce]-
Shom e Pierre, in the head, sh6uld-.
er and stomach and the Ambassad-
orA Buick roadCaes ter. was riddled
vwith 52 bullet hQlds-. The chauffeur
Ci still in critical cobdiion at. the
Canipe!Veir hospital:.
-Wekrin a blood-stained suit, Sat-
*I- "- tnrday, morning at.eight,, the- Ambis-
S sador refused to.nake, a,'statement.
saying he was in. touch with. :hi s
foreign office in Havana. ; .
,He..was believed to haWe folghlt.
off the': assaillants with his autbmii-
tic pistol. :Thre ,empty -pmagazifie
clips wete boated on 'the back s6at
of the' window shattered'adtomnobile.
Senbr tCelestin',Ferhaxidez Suarezr
forier .area, coordinator of the' 26'.
..o., July, movement here ahd now
had of 'the Cuban Wdrkers retit'e-.
-ment Fund-was nicked in the right
":ours after they 'miraculously escaped from an ambush by gunmen arm by a bullet. .
A m baas-a d r' Antonio R. driguez'_. discuss. battle with former Senor Celestino who spent .a week
*Julyz 26 coordinator -Celestino Fernahidez. Note the entire back window here returnied to Havana -by Delta
hield ws asttatteed by *llet (Below)-'The.uban Envoy pointing out airlines. Sat-dayvaftna ly
-aar miss to hs countryman who was wounded .In the right a'm. More a rlive t a ale udito
4 t a ze-n bullets pirced l he .river door and window' shields The to -l Heragaooes old-timere Ambaso
Chaf",.eur, ,." in. dt,., pi.' .- oo=-courageous,.old-timer-,Amba.
e i, intrial eqadion at hospitaCanalpe Vert. sador' l.odriguez ,whio it ivas hintted
...... -..-, .- .' -ortally woundedo of his attack-,
VIC.. ers who were beieyed to have num-:
..... ber a dozeiand travqling-inthre%,
vehicless .- .

on the main -Petionville-iroad Saitt
day An- employee'oothe Clni-ni
Research office was noted 9ttlkng
finger prins tiMe emp'y ',dicle
brore itwas' drive to Po.eeHead"
quarte .,.
A .h.eavy- detail of steel'.hemted
soldiers closed off the Anribassadoris"
residence sbhoitly.aftlr tue incident;
.Interior Minister Jean :Magloire,
:chief 6f"the Ministerial Council. paid
call onthe Ambassador and' pre-.

residence and examined tha bilet1
punctured 'automobile. 7. '
At a meeting of ql .diplomaific-mi
sion heads credited in Haiti at.t
residence of the D.ean British
bass.dor Sydney Simmonds a
test .wqs framed Saturday night
which the fDiplomats protiete. td
.attack ,by. gunmen on the life.'
Cuban, Ambassador to. the' HuaWiL
Governments '" '"-
nri May 1st an attempt. to; .blot
the, Ambissador up was oiled .EeA
the quick-thinking envoy Mnade Ui
grenade dropped in his stationed4,a
tomobile act'-like a bobmerang. St"
ting vith'wife and pregnianit idaun
er: at, Nobbe-Bonjel .; eiving urb'
service ,he _hae i.away' ,
a, ..
dropped into his-catb by a i
iho said -buenas noc bhss
i'o." The- griade expl ded i
air and pitted the rest .riitrat-
Keeping t dipiomaife illibt9
jtether, he' rqognfed an :.
assailants with tivrd' that he, n
fiit mke .a' reor: to his ii
Minister AibassadrrsRodri
jiartej E onday afthroodt *, -'4
.. -Shtlrdayi.
beto.,'Agramorite 'ecae. hilii
whvo'y to'give a &first hand repotqa
the 'atterinpt; o.rhis. life.' : '
SAt, the aiipot ,Monday Ambassad-;
or Rodriguez stated that, the Gov-
ernment had 'J: up- safe .odu

'bhasy. s.nce .-tli 'de th
ibard last April.'She 1e
ng. day .
i Wth'his hgt ih dti

health have ben c-ircuaiating ,j e-" _..r .Y ",sented his .qgrets and .sympathies.,. : '. 4* --, D '.g '
'.WU -officer and Pbic e,.
ingly since' -he .wvas stricken Ia eerl officers a l ie o ta e
... Chief' Diel.-Beativo vitd the .K; "
25 with what the Mimst-, of Infor' 1 .' .ne .-...e a._'
nation describe 'as, grippe. r PACInTc ST LMAN "_' .
W'., .... IT ECONOMIC P, T II^

.JUNE 12 -. s .
U.S. SenatoHomer Capehart In- Haiti is about tobecomea.the:step- mean to the community is Hawaii. show proris,p er h perha fi, Food for the needy .of laiti; 'an a
diana Republican,. is arriving in brother of Hlawaii. The relationship ,Last year they had a-gross revenue moiths after planting. The .tehmi :,pew capital investments .- by;-UiS;'gi:
o: .'brt ai Princ' from Miami by Pan depends on' whether Papa. Pirie of '$124 million .dollars from pine- al phases of, the planting are con- .snessmen particularly those d i.ti
American World Airways June' apple, a formidable source oa wealt apple -alone;-' about four times the trolled by Atherton Lee of,Chatelet sneote- coast, is the dualb.iy Us L
flight433 11:45 a .).-' for ati Patic .:sland,- finds this total, annual event of Haiti; from des Fleurs and the'.over all 'control .etrid the visit of ,S. B; isibu
rrom daiti, Senator Capehart tra- West-lridiap' Island's soil as fertile, all sources combined: The venture of the' planting is by, Messrs Jack :i s ,LAngeles, California oto Haiti.
Svels June 14 to Ciudad Trujillb,; Do- and aciommqdating for Keynolds has a ltage eleurit'of Ryan. Mamnger.and Pat Reilly of 'The 54-yedr-ald Poultry,. Farme
minicah Republic,. and Jine Tie match-Maker is Reynolt's Hal- alirium; pineapples are' ar, expen- Reynolds Hainan .Mines. The pine- ho a riv0 J ori June 2ndw oif; l ofiL
.tive' rpp to glow:'.thel. heed.S150, ap?1ifatm will"located on the S ,- on
Caracas, Veiezuela, before rtturi- ia nes. sive crp to gow: the need15 ap fa willlocated the Srohi e
ing to New York by Pan Am -on This 'Bauidte exporting company to $200 per acre fop fertilizers alone; ,Croik plateau over the town .f ,il ~ ,and hfis local- news-
June 18. received a shipment of 50.000 ant ig that out for'1,000'cres: Small ragohne and din land -from whic 'paper, on.the situation of Ha.ti'sun- Ve.-'
r i a a'i hof 50p pler-*, Lo fuai t' unt -,
Senator Capehart is a member o o the Hawaiian-type pineapple this trial planngs by Re-nblds to date bauxite has -been extracted. deruried population, andto r-
the following committees: Banking past week. '. a.ize an effective .campaign and;
and. Currency, Foreign Relations, Because few pineapple growers aS' I h t h .n a omunity foi 'ldiyg "-.
ement O&eations and Joint are larger to help, develop a corn- Ft r H o m e s Amthesean. people, ides Spending the
.'(monitt e-oan Debfense iProduction." petting. country these plants were Amecan people is spending two
.not... ob". P a tie -n ts oA weeks on the island. '. ".
-DEL-TA'S YAL -c to e o e The' tall, greying poultry specialist ,
'.'Cosiderable commercial diplor- / whose life spent at work in the opean,-
CARIBE 'FIESTA acy is believed to have gone into is testified by a sun-tannedcomplex-
o'yaCALLED b'ba' acquiring-this first shipment. A number of patients whohave land State Hospital Research Dep- ion and vigorous carriage, told the
Delta's Royal -Caribbean' Fiesta A draw bqck on arrival here' was undegone successful treatment at armient, who for the past three "Sutmn in an interview Monday,mor-
departed fromr- Haiti Monday with that' both plant ,inspectors wererin 1 aiti's new P-ychiatric Clinic are moths has been in Haiti to aspi'st ning.that he was forced to admi-.;';
fon memories of the' .usual'warm'. the': provinces when 'the pineaples 'faced with a new bewildering prob- the organization of the new e inie that -to 'months ago he had never' ,
-Haitian hospitality Piractically ll arrived atter a 'thirty days enroaute lem upon'leaving,the establishment. which is under the direction of Dr. even heard of Haiti, and iT he hid .
S.twenty-one trael agents were suf- and th6re wasg hesitation 9n .the part They arq in. need of foster homes Lous- Mars, is expected to hae his 'connected it in his mind with ta ,
eti pasant exha-stion ; after .a of' other- officials to pass them. where they may remain for an in- assignment extended for from nine hiti" in the nearby Pacific.
Series of sighting 'tours, hotels ..Some.of.t'he plants will undol)ed- definite period during the time they months to a year ,on a U.S. Gov- It was while listening ih on ,
Sinspections, gay cocktil parties, ly' survive the long delay,. belbre -aie requited to report at intervals emrnment grant obtained by MED1- mid-night program known as.-
luncheons, and dinners. platig an authority on pineapples for check-us observaton' by their CO. Owls of the Radio Station EFIt* .
S this group arr-ived at noon Sat r-, ,rm doctors. e heard a newspaper report .
( "' inued on page 2) Air idea of what the pineapple can Dr.. Alaln Sanseigne -of the Rock- (Continued on pag 16) (Continued on page .J. 2
1. '- "-^ .^ .^x^'..'- i .' .' '-
J .".":".

flit.: ..'.2.'.S.-72 -......--
*'A.~.. -. .
S 4%. ~. -.


:(m.ited lrm page 1) blow on his had was well delibe-
e. the left band, he gave an rated and similar to. a-golfer teeing
o events that led him to otff.
Knocked senseless he. states be
Otu ing AmericaAn toirist Betty was'shutteled off f6 the Police Sta-
otfIndianapolis on a tour tion where he endqd up i,.the pver-
b t iU (spots in his capacity as night ,common criminal pen.
assistant t thiss 'Sister in her Magic Worse than the beating. he says
SIsland Tours, .he declared they oc- was the stitching of his. bleeding
ed a. table nett to a group of head- by a Police first aid man.
young Army officers at the Casino. Placed, in the criminal research
H ',e admitted during the course of office line up against the wall with
the evening he sat down from time 'out to be fingerprinted and
dancing a meringue which was iden- photographed with a number, he
tiff;d as a- "President Duvalier" was sent to court in the afternoon and that one of the officers, and 'booked for "subversive -utter-
I-lut, Tasty finished it for hi. ances".
^ /O'mbrim declined to state wy he Sent from court .d Prison be was
V& ,sat.own during 'the dance but-he sighed walking after an arnimed
Pointed out that. he was an indepen- guard, across town like a survivor
dah and completely apolitic. -from an airplane crash.
' H" partner Miss McCommon said Fombrun said ito add to his woes
ij an interview that she noted noth- his wrist watch was destroyed 'and
,t'rmn.amiss and thought they were his hospital bill hit $56.00 to say
ttg .down because of her dinc- nothing-of the pain it brought his

. ... pregnant Ameridan wife, a former
i L'JeanTasy; he, reports came employee of- the American Embassy
ito .their fable i a. courteous manner here. i'.
..w .minutes after he had .gallant- I
'.?"lreained 'Madeleine Marcel's ear- '.
Wft.ihg.during a thrilling voodoo dance, CARL FOMBRUN
.i-. 'said "I see you don't like this VICTIM POF BRITALITY
," nidsic "This will not ypset you if I (Translated from "UE MATIN",
Sdance-with your friend." June 5th edition).
: .'"-Fpmbrun said he .iifetred that he "Yesterday morning we received
-.-w4 an Independant and cordially 'the' visit bf our friend, Marcel Fom-
.t.:'ispnted to, Tassy's dancing with -brun -who during a cordial interview
thieTouist. He said Tassy and he /old us of the brutal- treatment in-,
'".. h4a'` been on good terms and flicted .upon, his young brother, Carl
:.'Sseeini eaeh .other in Panama. when Henri Fombrun, Tuesday night the
I. ihia ,. I with the. Haitian legation. 2nd Wednesday 3rd of June.
. ere ... Young Fombrun. was apprehended
.:' '"! ''Army officer escorted the after a dance at the Casino Interna-
. [Ib-'teqe .Tourist -back to her table ti6nal and conducted to Fort Dim-
.'.an.,ijbinied.'his -cornrades. anche.
A ,A ting the gircoh to bring'the His brother .added that be had
~: $ll.Fombrun and his client danced ..come home from the.police station
.-a.. boloro. No sooner back, to the covered with blood and in such a
4' fable than, according to Fombrun,' state that his hospitalization was
i.'..Capt .Monod Philip. and Lieut. Tassy' necessary.' .
I:."imotionred. to him- ,telling.' him to We do not know the reason for
ome qnoutside". .the. altercation. with. the authorities
:;Oenhi Fombrun, states lie did' and what brought about Lie arrest.
'asp ty bid but no sboner 'otitside But. 'we sincerely deplore, the incid-
th .'the roftghing up began, .without ert and its consequences, Liasmucb
a~reliminary. -' as th country is presently enjoying
:. L a-lpitgary escort had according- a beneficial period of tranquility and
:t ofhobrunb picked up two cocoma-, the majority of citizens are more ini
agues. with were uped in the Ca- clinded to work than to give, them
inofloor Aow. selves-over to activities which mis-
1'iss .McCommon, said she was understandings may cause them.
%e*d#re d by alljthe talk .n creole These .citizens therefore have the.
but ie4 noting, 'ya W.-rong' right .to, a better: protection 'from
eWit,.j,.fitbhe, army -. those who are 'placed, to assure, the
.fe 'i.d-"EJa"tablie :twitth he.stick.. security of all. .
has e tab ... We are making an appeal to the'
Wgn. handled as- a.. punch -respor ible authoritiess, 'particularly,
the a mobile which carried., t'ithe Chief of the Armed Forces
a .rtDimanche, Fombrun of Haiti, our friend, General Merce-
doup de grace was admi- ron, to demand -that' his subordinate
d wit cocomacaque... This be more VaJm mid more tolerant.
..- ,
S- .

..a long trip home rom the Casino. Carl Henri Fonbrun 18 hours
after he sat don.
-;-- 4?"", : ...,. .
4"-"' "'' '
-:."'7 .1 "

a.:.. .,ong ta bon rmteCsn alHn mnnI o-

'a~1. ,
.. .* ''; '. ,.
. i '. "% ,.. ** "" .i. .-



Bel-Air was again the scene of
drama, this week, when the diffe-
rences existing over a lawsuit bet-
ween two cousins was settled in
blood. :
Dead is Gesner Jean, of i.mues
ed he'be was tracked by
his assasith to 'an outhouse, and bru-
-tally haefed to death.
,Maurice Jean who plunged the
dagger into the heart of his cousin,
during an argirent over an inher-
itance, was arrested by the Police
ohn the premises, following the cri-
The body of the young victim was
transported to the morgue after 'le7.
gal formalities had, been carried out
by Justice of the Peace Pierre La-
Last week the populous section of
Bel-Air had 'been visited by vand-
'als who committed sacrilege upri '
the Calvary monument ).during a
'nocturnal 'binge..

-/---r "
150.000 SACKS .
The sugar mill season at Centrale
Dessalines in'Awax Cayes was ter-
minated this week after 150.000 sacks
of-bron.i sugar had been manufact-
ured- The production ol tUis sugar
is reported to have left $1,000,000 in
the country. .
The M.V. "Emplberger", docked
at Cayes is sa;d to,Lc :,ck*:c: 75,
000 sacks of this sugar for,. trans-
porting to the American market..

(Co ntinued trom,4pagee 1)
day, greeted by a'receptibri-omimitt-
ce at tl1e airport, including, Jean
Jacques Honorat, Diector of" Tour-
ism, -Aubelin Jolicoeur,. hotel own-
:er, and Pierre Chauvet an:d -Mrs.-
Alexis. of Agence Citadelle. They
hardly had. time to enjoy their wel-
come cocktails while' being whizzed
through Customs and Immigration.
They followed a very busy and ex-
citing itinerary.

Off to the U.S. early in July will;
be two outstanding members of the'
Haitian educational corps. Lycee F.
Duvalier (Arcabaie) Director, Mr.
Emile -Crispin,, and Gonaives School
Inspector Fucien Denerville; wi' go
to Washington, D. C. to study the
administrative, aspect of education.

--- i .-" '

(Contidued from page 1)

had just returned from Haiti, ex-
plaining the situation of famine
which was dogging the foot-steps of
a large pqrt of the population of the
French-speaking Negro Republic.
The condition of these Caribbbe;n
neighbors haunted Fishburne'.
dreams that night and he worried
about it all the next day.

He checked With friends and niegh-
bors and found that many had also
listened in on the radio broadcast
and were shocked that children were
dying of starvation on this island
so close to the eastern coast of
their own prosperous United States.

A man of, modest means, Mr.-Fish-
burne could not personrdlly offer the'
'kind of help be felt these couragqa-
ous people needed. He talked with
his local newspaper publisher and
found that he too was impressed.
.The Editor saia 'that if someone
,could go .t6 Haiti and bring. back
details after personal experience and-
contacts, his paper, the "Tribune",
would-go all-the way on publishing
the report 'and sponsoring a drive
for help abong its readers.
The 13-year-old .non-profit organi-
zation "Meals For, Millions" could
be contacted, the-Editor and' Mr.
Fishburne agreed, to receive dona-
tions and to handle the expedition of
the multiple foods to the people of
(Continued next edition)

Colombian Is- Third. Forelgun
Vanish in About a Year
The effects left behind by,,
bian national Senor Raia
Velasquez, were taken into j1
ion by the Police investiti
rm'sterious disappekranic
from El,"Ra'nchd ':te.
marre, Miry
tion-Vle is'condung
gatioe, mia any info.ati
ing the whereabouts of the
Colombian should be sent to'.
Lamarre. -
Ernesto Esguerra Serra-po.,
bian Minister to Haiti, appeal
public aid last week in. tra;
missing Colombian, .Rafel
lasquez, the third foreign. tb
vanished on this island ipt..
year. .' ..
Senor Velasquez came her'
Ciudad Trujillo, in their
Republic, and dropped Qutl_
three weeks ago. ...'-'
Alfredo Perena,- 43 yea
Mexico- City sales mrnhh-tr
been missing since F'ell' ?'
he took a plane to Ciudad'4-
Airline records say he a
but the Dominican ai'lide
-they have no such,.record.'.;-
The third case involves" anf-
flew here last Julj from Ciuda
jillo and disappeared .seve i
later. The police -believe"ift.
have been posing as Yittd
glia, .Italian-born private s4
of former.President Juan, ".
of Argentina. ,...


and hisa magie drum


Smart Rendez-Vous 1 !

Monday: International Bufft

Friday: Pool-Side Barbecue D


to HAVANA *52*


SAN JUAN *4300
, *Each way on round-trip excursion

Phone: 3313 Ticket Office: Jos. Nadal & Co. Bldg.,
Jos. Nadal & Co., General Agents
or call you' Travel Agent

,' \



I d '





1 .TUESDAY, JUNE 9th, 1959.



Monsignor Alfred E. Voegeli, head
of the Episcopalian Mission here,
presided over the deiication- cere-
s":: monies, Sunday, of the eighth school
p. "_ilt by this congregation in Haiti
this year. .

1-The ceremonies at Port de Paix
'Iwhere the construction of the new
'."i'Holy Innocent Schobl" provides for
.*300 mixed, pupils.

The dedication of-the new school.
in.. this city in Northwest' Haiti, dis-
p'enses with the two and a half year
old school, in a rented house,. and
opens up ten new class rooms, and
brings the number of school build-
ings constructed by the Episcopalian
A congregation 'for this year up to
p- ight. ,

The "Holy Innocent School" will
function under the rectorship of the/
Reverend Father Rigal Elisee.

The congregations boom year of
school building includes schools .in
Port au Prince and the Provinces.
It. -*

*' _"HAITI, SUN" .



, The modern, completely equipped
St. Peter's College, a mixed second-
ary education establishment, locat-
ed on the Champ-de-Mars, next to
the American Embassy, was opened
earlier this year.

The girls' school, under the direc-
tion of the Episcopalian nuns, locat-
ed on the property of the Saint Tri-
nity Cathedral, was the first school
opened by this congregation at Port
au. Piince, and is presently being
completely rebuilt.

Bishop Voegeli recently observed
his'16th anniversary of consecration
to the work of -the Episcopalian Mis- Haiti, and over the years
numerous chapels have gone up in
the back country. -

Through his. continued efforts,
Haiti's first organized school for
the rehabilitation, of handicapped
children was established., with Bos-
ton-bord Sister- Margaret Joan, gra-
duate nurse and specialist, as Dir-


A three weeks spent in Ger- 'LONG BEACH, N. Y.
-- 4-*r .1b0 MmIOw** The Cty of Long Beach, lang Isl-
eminent; newsmen Lucien Montas, and, has just named President, Dr.
Editor-in-Chief of "Le Nouvelliste," Francois. Duvalier, an Honorary Ci-
and Franck St. Victor, Wor of tizert. -., ., A-
"La Phialange" are back in Port ,, The Mayor of Long Beach pre-
au Prince.. sented the diploma designated for
The Haitian pressmen were invit- Haiti's Chief .of, State,.during a se,
ed to visit several centers in the ries of manifestations taking place
Federal Republic, of Germany, so ,in the New York beach resort city
as to have an idea of the economic .from' June. 3rd ,to 6th.. ,
renaissance of the country, since The' Municipal' authorities of Long
World War lI and its p sentt situa- reach have. Organized an extensive
tion in face of the manoeu'vers of program- of technical assistance to
the Soviet Government, several cities of Haiti, and it is re-
Arrangements for .the voyage of ported that Saint Marc is to be the:
the representatives of the Haitian first to benefit from the plan of
Press were made by. the German a number of American cities to
Legation here: through which the adopt certain localities in Haiti to
invitation was extended. aid with communityy development.
Messiew-s Montas and St. Victor .
returned, deeply D impressed with DR, BUTEAU
;vhat they had "seen and with the QUESTIONED BY. POLICE
courtesy extended them by the mem- pr-. Joseph Buteau, veteran surg-
bers of the Goyernment at Bonn.. eop, with offices at Rue Payee, was
They are expected begin pu- summoned by the-Police, Thursda.,
blising their report in their respect- and interrogated. 'The citcumstanc-'
ive newspapers shortly. es surrounding the affair have not

I r I__________


For the first time in Haiti. the,
school year 'will close on the- last of June.
'v./ Communique from the' Ministry
of: National' Education informed this
week that 'the Summer vacation
will be proclaimed in, all the schools
of the'Republic on June 30th.
This measure has been taken 'in
the interest of parents who will be
- dispensed from paying school fee-
for their,ehildren for the month of
July, as in past years. Also, the
pupils will benefit from a 'longer
period of rst and recreation.

been made known. -Dr. Buteau re-
turned to his home following his
meeting withithe authorities.
Also questioned .by the Police the
same day was Max Etheart who
was allowed to return to his home'

Senors Vicente Dominguez and
Celestino Fernandez, spent several
days here this week in connection
with the Sugar Central Dessalines,
in the region of Aux Cayes. Mr. Do-
minguez is the ex-Director-Propriet-
or of the sugar factory in Haiti, andi
Mr. Fernandez is Inspector General
of the Sugar Factories of Cuba. The
Cubans, spent two days in Cayes.

Six individuals are ih prison at
Fort Dimanche following the Police
investigation of the attack on 'the
religious monument known as "Cal-
vaire" in the Bel-Air sector of the
Capital, last week. I
The suspects were taken into cust-
ody last Saturday and questioned
in connection-- with the Calvary
scandal and other misdeeds report-
ed by victims of vandalism recent-
Police had spread a dragnet foll-
owing the incidents and it is report-
'ed that several individuals had or2
ganized themselves into a .band to
spread terror in the zone of St.
Martin and the cinema obf the city.

Education Ministerthe Reverend
Father Hubert Papailler, left by
plane, Tuesday on a Specidal Gbvern-
ment Mission to Washington, D.C.
d Quebec, Canada, and is expect-,
ed to be abroad for one-week.i

A streamlined version of the say-
ing: "Ce que femme veut, Dieu le
veut" is reflected in the new policy
of. the Club International de Com-
merce which found that meeting
Wednesday over the past-several
years had been, fine for their week-
ly discussions over'-"food and wine."
I -1:j 1 4- .."Ir -
But apparenpy the agreed that
there .was something lacking Ipr all
that: This. week the Club members
reversed- their policy and added
Henceforth, on the first, Wednes-
day of each month, a special meet-
ing in the evening will be "'Ladies
This week at the Hotel Sans Souci,
members were accompanied- by
their wives, and. right after the
sumptuous banquet, supervised' by
Gertie Heraux and her staff, were
entertained by a Fashion Show prer
pentirig sore of the loveliest manne-
quins in. the Capital. The show was
organized by the Vaison Jacque-
line" with a bevy of creole beauties
modelling" the latest fashions by.
Jacqueline Carrie.' '



Patrician-Featured, Fr
ing Barbara Could is the
rican artist, presently i
a U.S. Fulbright Scholar
the Buenos Aires Conve
am. The young painter,
fledged'celebrity,-is a na
York. She is taking, tin
month to go home to
man of her choice.
Barbara'GouJd lives a
-her art and 'is happies
stands among the sma
her primary courses al
school here ,and watch'
uicanny aptitude with
apply themselves to in
gentle, maternal instrun
She expects to spend
Haiti. painting, lecturing
methods here, and teach
ers and advanced stud
arts. ,
Her own academic ba
so well-rounded that wi
that Barabara takps he





ench-peak- her stride, and she appeared. mutchb' .'
e 2nd Am&- more eager to talk ,about the Inter-..
n Haiti, on national Educatipnal Exchange Pro' '
ship, under gramn of the Unitdd States, 'whiel'-s'
ition Progr- 'make such scholarships as the Ipl:i.
now a full- bright and grants .
tiveof New The .purposes of the Pora is'
ne off this to promote better underistandingo '

11 pupils of points of these awards arel d ...o .
t St. Trinity upon abroad as representatives of ':.'
the almost the. U.S. and American higher du-'
which they cation, and they are expected, 1 s'*,.,'
terpret her further the basic objectives, tor
tons. program as well as. .to carryy out.
a year in. competently their study or research
ig, Tstudying projects. -- -- .
thing begin Admnitration '
lents of 'e program uhder the Fulbtbiht.
Act is supervised .by the .'Board o.
background is Foreign' Sqholarships, dornposed o' "
e. cotild'feel .
'r honors in (Continued on p.age : .-"'V'",
'o ,- po ''I

S .. '..


: WEST 24th SR eYork
Only 3Y Days direct tothecente r rise -ships.
ity modern 'American Flag CruIeS ShIps-.
~" Ct -'."sn .. CRISTOBAL
A iCOling Mondays and FridrY$


4- -s :SMM WrrtPUVATS si


*iLac' c'ephafe s.i-



- ,, *.. ,.-... .. ... --.
; .. -



Miami heraldd Latin America
Why is. there so much1 martial
7- law and talk of revolution, and so
mawy threats of invasion, strikes
: and riots in Latin America 'now
that all but three of the dictators
ba e been kicked out?
-' Tlk of revolution and invasion
against the Trujillos of the Domi-
cr."- Republic, the Somozas.of Ni-
caragua and tough Alfredo Stroess-
'.i r of Paraguay is never unex-
pected. ,They aref dictators. ,
But there is also talk or invasion
in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras
a" d Haiti. Reports hint ot a count-
.. e-rev1ution in Culia, assassination
,plots,'in -Venezuela. There are-
, strikes and riots in Argentina, Bra-
-l-,l and Peru. '
S These things.are happening now.-
:. -n Colombia thousands and thous-
ands of people, have died in a re-
Svolution that has been going on for
10 y., rs.: Why?
', Adr 'mtting that .it .is a mistake
'' to lump. Latin America together as
.-;-,-a group because each country had
;-: individual Broblems that are diff-
-' er ntj here is the best answer:,
S. money. Oi economics. Or pros-
i'p Thdy all add up' to the
-. :,ime thing.'
he strengthening or deteriora--

I .. -. ....
'- .. %'= nJA%"%%% 0%




Of Latin Unrest

tion of Latin American democracy
is linked intrrimately with the econo-
mic situation, today more than ev-
er. Economics and blitics are tied
together indivisibly, making the
maintenance of democracy increas-
ingly difficult within an unstable
Those" statements were made
last :week in Rio de ,Janeiro by
Braziliai Prlsident Juscelipo Ku-
bitschek who warned that-the en-
tire system of inter-American eco-
nomic relations must be revised
if .the American nations hope to
,consolidate their democratic insti-
"No nation can remain calm as
long at it depends on the sale of
raw materials for its basic susten-
ance," Kubitschek said. "We have
felt in-our very flesh the. unspeak-
able evils caused by'price fluctua-
tions' in importing markets and by
competition .of all kinds."
There is another kind of econo-
mics tied. into the political unrest
in .atin America. Government is
usuIly the, biggest business there
is in most Latin Americah count-'
.ries. ,
.Politics and economics' are tied
* so closely together in this connect-
ion in some countries that the out-
going politicos empty the treasury
when they leave.

Many Latin American countries
have one-crop economics suger,
coffee, tin or something else. If
the price of that single item drops.
that government is in trouble.
In some countries in the lower
part of South America they want
to do business with us, but prod-
uce only products that the U.S.
doesn't wheat, meat. wool, etc.

It \Vl1 be a' very difficult job to
,stabilize Latin American econom-
ies, but' until they ale stable -
there is likely to be more political





:. .. ....

.. ..) :
/ '." ,

tI' ; -I,
h ; : *

'"I ?
. ..

--- ^R4 ~* 1iv -

:. i .. ..


- -



W- avi e n >***
""';" "<" ,- :: '
,,c ncpe wuerc

fl;iti% most exciting FRC ORT STOR C

4iti mostfamous'MAlqofRi EPcTOR9
*- ** '* '9 *R I


I ,


*"rench. eLr "mes Uernek

? s *Wis afckes

- SacWdod

J3a qs

. Otlia.rt l-es

* Cac5mere SW)eaters

- flT FREE,

Grand'Rue No. 342. -

* lmog.e

~A1. c1LLc~'s

Jtalrtn .evelrg'

S. Atormi ers


- 4 -

TUESDAY, JUNE 9th, 1959

" SUN"



would be happy to be

honored byqyoup
6isit at

__ __ Arm ,

? It's Money

Admission: ** ***
COiUPLE 3.00
FAMILY 5.00 -
(family not exceeding 5 persons: father, mother and 3 chil
-I' 1J-

I1 .

A m


u" mSuAY, JUNE 9'Ht, 1959 "HAITI SUN"' PAGE 5

L ..A.. TIN AMERICAN PRESS In answer to the .question of aid Mr. Arthur answered that the 1e-
H, .HAITI SUN SEVIC CHIEF MEETS for forming jodrnalists, h explain- cessary' recommendations on "-
THE HAfIIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPEP HAITIAN NEWSMEN HERE ed that the number of scholarships subject wquld be made to WashingE- -'.
S Community Weekly Publshet Sunday Morig ON- TOUR abroad were limited, but it was hop- ton for next year. o .--'
D I H]TOR-PU.EMiTTa BERNARD DIEDERICH (Continued from page 8). ed they would be increased in the .Another newsman'pointed out that
: ArW-R BLSP SNABLE PAUL E. NAJA Haitian pressmen wen -te to earture Mewhile large coll- the Haitian often obtain scholarships
meet Mr.'M. L. Graves, Cfi.f -of abortion in the'-exchange of cultur- in specialized" studies abroad; but:-
ESTABLISHED IN 1960 the Latin American Pres Service al personalities could. be arranged.. upon thbir return .they experience.
for the State Department, on Satur- great difficult ~. placing Their a.c-
"- ", 4 day morning at t U.S. IS. offices A newsman, Tardieu Duguella, quired knowledge- into. pctice. .^,-
BIG "SYMPATHIQUE" COMPANY BRINGS ,BENEFITS of the Aml-itan 'Embassy mentioned, the recqpt gesture of the .Mr. -Arthu'stated: aWe'.aS
The advantages of having a' big *'sympathique" -company such as Mr: Graves is on an officialtour Federal Gbvernmeift 'of Ge'rmany ing al the: meauis orig .'
-ReynoldsHaiti Mines" in the community was illustrated again, this past of Latin Arherica. At the' meeting which permitted Messiurs St. Vic- The close -of, the..
Reynolds d a, .e ec tl herei B as. assisted b Embassy tor and Monts to .make a trip to took placeI --ith Mr. Gratep.-
:ek when Reynolds director.JackRyan sat .donat. a Cnference table e Chief Theodore Grmany Jto.visit the center there., i. g the:. Maitiia juinais
:'wiil Arthur Haas, Murchison's .representative' and.,Government officials. th, and his assistant Mr. Robrt and asked if so"ethng .could.anot interest ,they haid shown 'and"
.They met and ironed out particulars for Reynold's -advancing of Taxe Klein. be done along the sae line b the pressing his satisfaction. fot'&t}
a:' d Royalty. money. to pay*.for the construction of the' often dreamed of -Almosi at once, Mr. Graves was United States. .: meet ng .
.. ahel' wharf, -- assailed 'by'questions from locall .. .
.,. e as to. his opinion of free-
One of Clint Muitchigson's "construction firms, Tecon of Dallas Texas eow-e ast hi.s opinion of free- -OY I '
- .", ", "... "' .. .. d Oiof the. pr-ess in Latn.America; ..: .-N OW JO H !.-r
.- as doing the building of the wharf which will be a boon -to this S6uthwest, in connection with the grave prb : m: N : -
... .- .- bu. ,. the ,in.connectiqn 'with the grave p"ql. .
P. rt, an,important coffee center. ., : em of these counties, Mr., Arthur .
:-" ice the big Bauxit MiinigCompany, affiliate with :onieof the pointed out that his was not. '..' easu re....
Largest .S. companies -- Re nbls Metas--aeto Hhit has chalked is a Press Cofere nce ', and that
: Mr. .:Graves,- mission was: to obtafih .-
' U-' an: impressive reco d.of goqd deeds" the comrr nity. information n o nte cutris het obsit- . in 1955 whenthe was' building its is allations its watn e 'd.- c h v
Stanker, was .instrumental i h quenching th,' stubbo rn Mrch fire that A newsman asked what would be.
threaten t destiny the entire neighboring town- of Mirf gone. theq-possibiities'.f -aiding the Ru-ti .
The company casme forW ard with crushed rob.k and rder when the.- anpress to sae its prptlems of an
-, .e. economic -ature Mr. Arthur replied! '
S-tbwn Fathers decided it time to pave the streets .For this 'and other acs' that it was not possible to give -fi
Sthe town i .i'etHrned mrde' Coihpany ifanager vetera-nminer Jack Ry an Jci al.d t the pess .but 'added:
an .: -.use-- : .... ^ ,. c : :- ," .h .-:c i-"-eth a e aidt he pess -bu -a dde' -'
,an honorary, citizen... -- .. ,.We have discussed.d possibi )
sides opening their medical. and health facilities to t e neighboring ot increasing the number of avail-
able cliches in 6oderO to ender s rv-
fIm rs. Reyolds drilled a series of wells which-eliminaled the necessi r
jobr many youngsters spending die day hiking .up and downi vnes i o
Search bt water for hliousehold. Now-.the 'ildren can easily be spared 7 .
m hous.old c bdres'.- ,a .'O PHILC a TROPIC 1 3 "-'
:.' 1.Te1 .T-T- .-e of.i hico mas.; r.-. 4:..i..: *iL
PG 'g RIListen to the- High-Fidelity biIMi o st
.'oPELIGRE t'iu D. 0) T you'll tiliing y '- th_, st.dio, o keen_ and ear is evpry, ... s-
,-. .. ,,
~Ar ef.ll .tent, the4ev etcf Hiaritisthe -'But that's only one oftis odel's'any fine features;other L
sherouage o f.- .p i .. '-. "he i' .. rt:'i-n-:d y ti p 4 'a CheOMPI ..e ort :Wave an- lO-rd broad" st rception,- .-i
byo aibser.e .of eal q'.' oll el iti- nb 'diFa bting 'yori -ow' stdyling-fun, f. _i n amin. width-with ner -
t' ih- the dinin is. 'aweek f hg'our and. haf anddp lg ei e s d s peakr
C:rg i.a t -la lrngat--conin of the t-rIeb..-- uit.d -tea. .. -". .

"n. zu 'br"a" .. ..An tma..
SArito eit .sl -y nti- iari fi s .iw di &ta ds the long ss ud treble io .r

The rgcy o ading hydr ectric to theTex t Offering al the adantagesof larg car to 7 passengers,

: L' aLitle pTennes"ee a- -ey .au5e'i-st.y" .ptrojeet."B. l.". Sr.ability, Comfort, Powieri ani-all-th advant'gese 6 .te sma .- e,-_''. .
Sie .a ..r'f ingpe Ton. --..

In-h _. -ea- :_-. T N ...-OMOteBt"-E I' %d, -r
'eg aet hfe l pr4ointsand de .s wonyak, im -

yN ,ow atta rsoidf thirty invin oe'ty-'rth thi ;buied ;e t anuctu-e Pic p and :ck -- #
inectm hand- t&e ie .uyoumr M L
await ho t +7q4sat- F E *oe j!TE heR, CAte .

.,P- .s e' L 'o K g .e

."itt e ta'ta bLae. o*u.w c i'wt'* e :- S a: -'o o-,---eati on. a-&'h' ad a e :o t'e.eii t.. a -. ow.5
esdes, en a a aite apndt a ..tpeblto ,tush-
qs ubel as the A efbortVi r pria 'THE Ieop-

-----------------------------------------------------.. '"" '----'-..------A
v b n w afso t afsst Laft by 'S*PUL)EyBAKEIve'ACKARD U

eitcitib wou die Neither large n.orsaia Cu o-.---. ..

nn apre ate at0bi w. d tae.l ,'.T ......OBE'N -S... A.. e. 4TIK '.
n /idrtarit. tn Lidecisionfe.Jl are un-itaen a -'r *' 31 3
the: ran'a qiie& Il- r

:,.. he r itv, is. a 'a t in' fight'ingr -6fdi46 T e ..a Ow-

imtl d eanti asse no ley ot0m0 tl i'met his -w e ei tt .n ldiy. oenkci 'r a d-u ira .>
(Oocttn isare ne: oU srn e &$
'uede prints and thi decision.'bak:r"ndir...e

her- e it is .R --.un s .tibg g'eat tiynmo f o rm '-- .-
... .. T..,..... PRACTIC SIDE5OF'ORSM ; .
"Rdprlnted Fimn Th "TRAVEL aEEKLI" I'o t ..

'n mbjet t: he need for -more i tCrai- i +l,. .rael-iepo--
(;'k tou-tet r boards. b r I,
11 q'feree" was in no 'way intended to detrn-t from the "i ,

-,ent-.turT bureau. 'Ther .re od cubiaks f-or' itself. But ., I ..'.. -.
are th "e' the. GEN .padiest pA. fw-s W
.gPlace Geffrard, Phone' 3216 or 3929
: by.pbzaaonaeo Garage, RueRdes Cesars, 'ort-ah-Prince. 1ait 11

kW2+;:": '::. -j .. .. m ...r"v"l "e
A-:'t V "- .1 `.. .-


,. N ,ATOR FOR Domini
FO A r Saturd
the wa
S a Press Bulletin Thiursday; the embassy
Caribbn Mills, Inc. announced and a
'that itsgift of an electric generator person
;,foi-- the -city of Cabaret had been e
approved. without reserve, by the The
.Minister of Public Works, Mr Mi-' the t
'the tw
cd. hel Lamartiniere Honorat. more b
; The Communique informed that on Jan
f,. the material and equipment necess- ugen
.. ary for .the generator and the cons- shooting
b .truction of the power plant had been
E$t .ordered the same day. Constructions
In th
K is to begin shortly.
SThe Caribbean Mills, Inc. stated Mario
it must be 'kept in mind that the- Jose Re
ad no excess electric power avail- Cuban
able to furnish' the cities of Arca- Federa]
,.Jaie, Cabaret, Saintard and Bois- A seO
EI, ..B'- W tr lit h is 'add-' 'idio
esse o th Secretaries of State was fat
&i2 t ,ned.4at well as to Hi-sExcell- On of
ency p "-Francois. Dualier, on lavizfns
SSep irb 6,a. -. Later
".Se. Ph.iport was, accompanieqL by Cuban
..udi s'.made by the professional and

C64 'ontihg engineers :
1, ectification of .these -commun-
-:ities being. objective of firti' i-
S&--. portance ,for Hi'. Excellency, Dr.
;;-Francois Duvalier, President of the
.": IpubLc he communique contin-
..uede r -M2Haas has offered .tihe geih-
-'.'.eraobr equipment for electric power
" gift to the cit' of Cabaret in
'tesi o .-the interest-. which the
'v .Caibbean Mills,. Inc. is taking in
T '.the development and .prbgres of
:, l,--iatian Community.
., are only awaiting gerrniss-
S a*: ,oa the Bureau -des Co/tributions,
thI 'cqisitpn o .the, .land upoh
v.vhi6- the eleotrc- :plant will be

1'Vi M .ucine Estime, widow of
'4/th'e. atea President Dumarsais Esti-
.-mn'e -:who tas. named .Minister Ple-
i: mpteintiary and Envoy Extraordi-
!-a" y to 1.Brusselg, leff Tuesday to
-,l''.ake, up her post. Accompanying
tJ2.her.-.tb Belg-u rh were her two
,daughters Marin. and Regine.-
A" ong those to' see he 6ff A
1-.,'Bowen Field here was Minister' of
inteniog. and Mrs. Jean "Magloire .

The SS "CRISTOBAL" 9f the Pa-.
i ama Li.e will arrive trpm New-
S ork at 7:00 A.M June 9th, 199.
' n -board mre a total of 112 phss-'
engers of. which the Iollowing -21
S.will.disembark'at Port au Prince.
.' -Mr. & Mrs. George B. Bringmann'
-4:,-Mr. Edouard Serulli, Mr. Robert,
,. -B, Cross, Mr & Mrs J. Severin DIi-
." Vj, Mi. Gerard Duval, Dr. Jean.
',,. audino, Mr & Mrs A. D. Gonzales,
S.iss Pamela G. Heinl. Mrs Frank
Jeantoh,. Mr. Guy Michel Jeanton.
SMiss Amanda Mouseardy, Mr & Mrs
.-William O'Reilly, Mr Robert Pe-
loux, Mrs Sophie Shapero, Mr & Mrs
Irving Wiener, Miss Barbarpa E.



tions between Cuba and the
ican Republic dropped again
ay to .a near-freezing point in
ke of an attack on the Cuban
sy in' Ciudad Trujillo Friday
other incident in which two
s were killed and one wound-

eyer-tense situation between
'o- nations, heightened even
'y the flight to Ciudad Trujillo
i or former Cuban President
cio Batista, flared in two
g incidents in the.Dominican

e first, two Cuban diplomats
-Rivas Patterson and Juan
eal exchanged tire with three
refugees in the lobby of the

I Reserve Bank.
ven-year-old Dominican boy,
.Mindez, son of an, attorney.
ally wounded in thdt crossfire.
the refugees, Luis Perez 1il-
so, was wounded.
in the day, as a group of
refugees-picketed the cmhas-


t 'A
S. ',&:'&

4', '

:k On Cuban

sy to which the diplomats had retir-
ed, a shot which Dominican police
said originated from within the em-
bassy mortally wounded Emilio Gon-
zalez Martinez, one of the pickets.
The mob of refugees immediately
stormed the embassy, wrecking
some of the huniTrure and trying to
burn the building. They were eject-
ed by Dominican 'police who stayed
on at the embassy to protect the,
'two Cuban officials.
*Meapwhile Cuban officials in New
York and Havana submitted strong
protests of the Dominican happen-
,ipgs. In New York, Cuba's Ambassa-
dbr to the Organization of American
States (OAS) Raul Roa submitted
a protest to the hemisphere group,
and iA Havana Foreign Minister Dr
Roberto Agramonte submitted an
a.q:!y -..t.-r- r.:te tor te Domuni-
can Repub!ic's charge (I affairs'
here, Jose R. Vicioso.

fa'his protest, ona identified l ie h,
two Cuban officials attacked in Ci' Do

inside. The two Cuban officials, ans were carrying weapons
was told, took refuge in the upp- i
floors. of the embassy to. avoid He said that Del Real had head
-rm and that by the time thea mission to Ciudad Trujillo di
mniinican police reinforcement.i r- minate Batista, now ;n exi t
1." .--.-- -- 2

qt rFi ksRe d

' \

Sr 'a~~-
-r- '-~




Do, a roomn raan ndexpres

I: :*"A
,."- 9 .,


Select your favorite pholstery 'p-
terns and colors from a wideioariGe of
fabrics. Enjoy the comfort of:spring-
filled cushions zippered for easy.
cleaning: Tables feature mar-proof
bloudlmahogany Micarta tons.

\IN '11W,

At -'

Agent Distributor: Haiti Trading Co.

Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

;" :

,t. ',':
*. 2.'

' -

" r 3 .! .. '|

4tt/i 'it

S.,' your individuality In an exciting

yet satisfying 'way.

d Embass-v .In
dad Trujillo as Juan Jose del Real,
Cuban minister in the Dominican
capital, arid Mario Rivas Patterson,'
secretary of the embassy.
Roa stated that the two were at-
tacked by persons linked with the
"tyranny of Trujillo" who were fol-
lowers of former. Cuban president

In his note delivered' here. Dr.
Agramonte said that "indescnbablt
events such as the one that I men-
tion worsen even more the existing
relations between Cuba and Santo

Agramonte was informed that a
crowd of approximately 100 person'
had taken iart in the attack on the
Cuban embassy, destroying furniture.
aud shouting threats at the person-



, l


C. 7.
rived on .the scene, most of'
takers had left.
In Havana, meanwhile,
lice "l 'd 'po.ce
guard 'the Dohminican emlbu s
consulates here and in other.
cities against possible reprises.
Reporting on the incident, Doi
can attorney general Luis Sueo
that the embroglio in -the bA
between the two Cubdn 'ltifi
and three other.Cubans idni."
Roberto Perez Rodriguez,; Jui
Arias and Villavizenso. ,He :
started in a political disc'lio
ween the five men.

Suero added that the w9ound4
caused by shot from a &.8 cal
pistol belonging to Del R de
said that "none of the' othri.(


13 -11 l ,

.-;. 5
.V .. .. ..-,
", _:

.. .1 ,. ..- I 1 i. I .I .
SU DAY, JUNE 9th, )59 "HAI SUN", PAGE '-
r ., ...,

a .- 1 .
W YVT7' ': -1 -' "

t is getting so that people are
'taking aoations as much to
;, ... -,, ; I I! :. .... ,. .- .. .,

j as to play golf, lounge .
esun or Just relay .ndn ,,
fjavings to be had thr'o g fPr' J' i .'"' -
,p.rt-Shopig, A couple
Nknormally DgC p@Z
s'-, d. -p- ........ .... F ... A:-, .".%... .
-. ,' .. .

Christmas fts nds h. ,
.._ _. ek- I .. -. ,.$ I _"'

,.... the same g re e-port "
r b x ., ,. ... of: ... ',.' _.V,,

rI,. ops, at savings upe o / %.
a prices ,o ,, thein ...

...r o t uy,. sa e, .Ve : Ijo a
, .er u vacation ;.ai ,. .. .,. .. i4 .-,,,
-ra e m st r,: .. 'I -, ;, ,- '" "
.t;,i jbrt .th 'wah; ia "'F fREE.n.l... -.
Creoleo i' Crytal 1. *i .
4?,,; n r- D..'..; ". ,.O.,.
W ner.... ..quo.r. .,. a.,,e... ,
..!- m m ... .... I.. .. -'. .

',h art of fascinatibg ql of .r ,'r. '.'*".;.., .
C l'. Ir. H a iti. r on c" .. ... -.. i 4 .
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r A m o .en they-. -s pu .: .:
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A,1,., h. am it~-n f ee d t .i .., 1 7 t `,
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W,'.': e s elected toa bp ae sol to svt"l :''- us *, ..." F>-
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aentins oftouists , wil -. Hae,, us'sen yur frindi... the U.. S. A. ;
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i.en they w .a.n t I ."
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.....- "iif of "a c n th )O r ,1 '' ,: .. ..-- A L %,,1 i 1:._ ..:.;" ;
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: ". .4- j, I ,; I -' ,_
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to you fre d I -h I. e. A A. "::'
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'_.'; -I. r. ,- 4.,.I _1.I ,N f V.' .,,I T _i ..:.
v.',., ,.. '_.t -" t '. `' S '_ ,"t V ,1 -- ... -.
-'K .'! .. o r .. .. .... --_
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.. .:= ... -_. ..,
; :: r .... I.. A e I. :...'. ,-=1 A i .,'- i- ,' 1 1, -" ''
1". .- .J '. I."- ; ""I. "/ :,' "' ". e -." O-
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-.'- .; : ,1,-: : -, A" I '1 I ". ". .Y ,I ,, .. ., .. F ...J .,I .. t _r.. .
... y;., at ,% o.,;.,.; :" < .... .. "' ..... -, d. ... %- ... ... ,; .. :..', : ?--%- 1 4 -.e

S--+ .. .. ... + .X-C ,, '.,, .. .
:^e i s. ',. ', ,, .... .- : -.'; ...
,,' ,. 4 .-
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" C.. hldreia Born Out Of Wedlock Is Root.i'

_........ Of Caribe' Problems
"j',:5"' -__-__"_"____'___--___-_____
% .:p:,:..'. .. ..
S(;: ..:, ". p .'',,,


,What. is a child
It s-a par. of.hands to work for
'on, :andsomeone to dode your eyes
when-you die."
SThis is the answer given by a
"4.! group of women to a welfare advis-
" d ger in the Caribbeanm Seven million
rons live in- the area's 30 count-
and many ,are undernourished,
.+' itosed ,and nsatisfact-
i- conditionsns. But "this jis .gradually
:..l-e-ing-changed .hrpugh '.social and
economic c .action, ..hich .includes
iwok beingg done in home economics.
ms.'a is, not an, overnight develop-
f:nor is it a panacea. The gov-
U "'iaent.s,and. authorities,of the. 30
W pqtiges have long been aware ,of
., need' -to -improve ,housing condi-
i 'd to -raise 'hea standards -of
1n itio; they *have- introduced
S-Ji-nomics a direct and
-ai'.wayq f -tackling.-sueb'pro-,

atea simply, home economics is.
otirigthe 'welfare of families
.' .c"qqragmig.-family, life by,-jfor
.le,': teaching., people -how.- to
o, most nutritious,
C those commonly available,
4 Qow to improve and make the;,
A.thpir hqmes. . home economics was,
i .-may of the, Caribbean
s. 30 years ago but ,it is only

since the Second World War that
progress has been rapid. This has
come.about through the initiative of
-the governments- and Jocal authori-
ties, as well as' through the action
of the metropolitan powers such as
France, the Netherlands, the United
Kingdom and the United States. Sup-
porting this development has been
the recent. k. of the specialized
agencies of the United Nations, and
that of the.United:States Internatio-
nal Cooperation Admistration (TCA).
First. Survey Points the Way
So far' as the Food and Agriccul-
ture Organizationr is concerned, the
story 'started in 1949 whin,, at the
request of the Caribbean Commiss-
ion,- the Organization. sent Dr. Mar-
garet' Hoclin of Canada to survey
the situation.' Arising. from this sur-
vey came tli" first- Conference on
!Home Econrmics and Education i -
Nutrition, sponsored by the Caribb-
ean Commission and. FAO and hold
in Trinidad in 1952. The Confeience
was *.organized by, another FAO
Hfome Economist, Miss Elsa Hag-
lund; of- Seden. Miss Haglund was
askea to continue her. workwith the
Caribtean', Commission. for a few
hmohths; 'that stay extended to many
-years during which she has investi-
gated conditions, recommended pro-
grams of work, organized training

-'-.i ;p r. -- -
A ,. ." :
"- ''5- ) "4 "' ,- ,

'5 ICal
,,..i ', ,.

| .... -....< ... .. .. ;,

% .-i '., .o S, <. ... ; '. :.. ^ 1 *. ." : '.

i^ ,' ; .^ ,: ;** ,-, *, ', -- .',% ; *
B -' -_."" ." ., "' 2 :.'." '" ..'
..: ,}' .*;!-"**; '-.. ..- .
t :,': -, .' :, *-

-. i -. ...
. .' ,*: _. 4 -
t' "*; c: .'; 5 1". : .. : -" **' *.'

| ; ." '.K .... *'." '. *

.,: .* :: I

||- For Yo~
| ;..,r, ... .- .

'i-' "CARE"
-?*' : '! .. -. ,
; .** -,. .:. .. .*,
'* .. r

centers and stimulated the work of.
voluntary nutrition and home im-
provement committees-in most of
the countries. She and othet FAO
experts have co-operated in much
of this work with other internation-
al bodies, as well as with local gov-
ernments and organizations. For ex-
ample, a three-rionth training course
.or --participants- from the British
'and Dutch parts 'of the 'Caribbean
was. ganized at the University of
ierto Rico- in: 1953. a conference
on' Education arid Small-Scale Farm-
ing, organized by the Caribbean
Commission and UNESCO; was hold
in 1954, and, the First West Indiin
Training Course in. Home Economics
was held -at the University College
of the. West. Indies in Jamaica in
1955,- uidei- the' sponsorship, of the
Government of Jamaica,, the Deve-
lopment- and Weffare Organization
for the West Indies,, and FAO. A
second- training course' was hold'ji
1956 and a third course in 1958, both"
under-the direction of another FAO
expert, Miss Queen E. Shodles, of.
the United Slates.
'The report' on this last course is
the 1,000th technical-.assistance rep-
ort issued by FAO.
Other examples dare a home eco-
nomics senmnar, held in Trinidad.
last. year:. a. second. Conference on

Home Economics, organized and
sponsored by the Caribbean Comm-
ission and 'FAO, and a number of
brief training courses of one to two
months" duration.
As Dr. W. R. Aykroyd, Director
of FAO's'Nutrition Division, points
out, the basis has been laid for the
Caribbean countries to build up eff-
ective and efficient home economics
programs. Such an end is,. in fact,
an objective .in providing countries
with technical assistance; it should
enable them to carry on and ex;
pand the activities initiated by F
"XO and- other experts'.
Iack "of Stasbility Ji Family Life -
,The root of the problem in the
Caribbean,' as Miss Haglund and
other FAO experts see it, it 'is the
lack of' stabilized family life. The
fact that 'the majority of children
are born out .of wedlock adds to
the problems of malnutrition, pov-
erty, overcrowding and the instabi-
lity of society. Many fathers are' dis-,
.inclined to accept responsibility
for maintaining the children and
their mothers.
Many. children born 'in these cir-
cuistances and living in- overcrowd-
ed and squalid homes suffer -from
malnutrition from their earliest a'ge.
Even where nourishing food is av-
ailable, some of it' may be wasted
through', bad -coolkig.- Sometimes
food is wasted -beca'use 'of sfupdrsti-

tion; the West dian e
in Vitamin C, is in,,
t h.a..n t '

r e

unI Lo pro aULC -apj
Such problems as these, :si,
they appear to be, caif onW
ed by continuous instrue
practical demonstration
means the people and'-.
are encouraged, for instead
more of the nourishing, ,i6
available, such as the c"n
paya, guava and mango,
Furniture made to meet
needs. ,
Overcrowding,. heps". i.
such. diseases .as tnbhAi
lack of hygienic -hahdli4
and lack of proper sanitai
rages flies and para"t-.
spread of infections.tA
.er experts have founi th
places only one mdangi tp
how to use a. saw, br
and paint-brush andhtliti
of very poor worr .'
how to satw and .A..J'.
themselves or their c-hlcrezk
1 ,..* ..,.,
As many. familes 1.
small houses, often.tWithou
en and with limited.
washing and" sometimes-
out a latrine, there w6.
!point in. setting up. expense
houses, Instead, Miss Ha
a typrcaJ small, house,'-..
whai could be done tob'
*' (Continned on .

- .-.,4 -4 ~

ling All Bakets!!
*. "' '"

'ou Can Now Buy


king Graham, Bread

.* .. .

ur Customers Delight



.5 '4.

4..' --
~ c2~tS.n **'~*W 4.* W'S4tct0J~l~.$~dt~LiS': S -

- *
- rt~j
- t'
- *1


S :A. l o
-' .

.* sat
-- +!:+


'* "'

I *
** ^ *:1


-- .. -^', s
* '. /

e." .

-..... ..'?"


-'." ZN-.',

-,** :** ..-' '^' ..-',




I .

&SDAY, JUNE 9tb, 1959

I -. '* -'
.24 A
I *, 'A

, t"HAITI SUS" '


leading American educators and
educatinal administrators appoint-'
S"ed by the President of the United
This Bo~Id Approves all program
oss, designates participating
.p..t.utions, and selects grantees.
M, ents applications .are screened
i' Institute of International Edu-
V'afoi of 1 East 67th Street, in New
-'r.'"' fbor graduate study abroad.
Fd'doteaching in elementary or see-
Sind 'schools'abroad nrid for Ful-
bi'lu'ght summer seminars. Tor teach-
': ersof French, Italian and Classical
:.,studies, applications are made to.the
|.-.J.S. Office of- Education's Depart-
S ment of lrealth, Education andV Wel-
i fa., in Washington, D.C.
The Conference Board of Associat-
`$.e ~-Research Councils, at. 2101 Cons-
2.'-titultion Avenue, in' Washington, D..2.
screens applicants for university
.',teaching, lecturing,' or advanced re-
S .'search losts' Ph. D.).'
Participating. countries in the-Fut-
.bright Program include, Australia,
Belgium and Luxembourg, Burma.
SCfile, Denmark, Finland, Germany,
G,.reece, Idja, ;IsraelItaly, Japan,.
t'Neerlarids, New Zealand, Norway;
:;Phiiippines and the .-United. King=
dom. .
i The Deia rtment of State, respon-
sible. for the administration of the
i program. provides the "secretariat
'.for the Board of Foreign Scholar-

(Continued from page 3) '

ships and coordinates the work. of
screening agencies-and the US. -E-
ducational Commissions and Found-
tions abroad., "
'These Commissions and Founda-
tions are responsible for recommend-
ing -country programs, ..arranging
institutional affiliations for candid-
ates, supervising grantees abroad
serving as the fiscal or, disbursing
agents in -canrrying out terms of
awards, and recommending foreign
nations for travel awards.
The Buenos Aires Convention ,'
Under the Buenos Aires Conven:'
tion, 16 countries, of Latin America
are included the .Inteerrational
Educational Exchange Pr6gram.
The -prermitnary recommendation. of
-candidates, is, made by bPe National
Selection Cohnmitfee .of ,the Institute
of International Edication, ,did 'the
governments of the respectiye'.od4n-
tries of application make, .the 'final
selection of grantees. _
-Awards inchide transportation pro-
vided by the United States Govern-
ment, tuition,' maintenance, andr
sometimes incidental expenses pro-
vided by the host government. The
maintenance allowance in :certain
countries requires supplementation
by "the grantee.
.Confitries. included' in the, Buienos
Ai'res Conivention_ program
. Bolivia, Birazil Chile,- .Colombia,
Costa Rica. Cuba,. Dominican Repu-


( i '
blic, Guatemala, Haiti,' Honduras,
Mexico, Ncaragua, Panama, Para-
guay, Peru'and Venezuela.
, Selection is 'made on the basis of
the applicant's personal qualificat-
ions, academic record, value of the,
proposed study or research, and-suit-
ability for placement in an institu-
tion of higher learning abroad..Pre-
Terence is given to applicants not
more than 35 years of ago.
Anyone who has held either a par-
.tial or full Fnlbright grant. at the
graduate' student leLel may not be
considered for a second award at
that level.
The awards a this program a're
intended'to further professional com-
petence in the' 'fields iin, which the
applicants have majored, and appli-.
cant- are advised -to satisfy themn-
selves; that- 'appropriate study and

'research opportunities in their fields
exist iri-'the country for which they
apple .
By ,completing two sets of appli-
cations candidates .are permitted. to
'apply in> Ibot'h- the- .Flbi'igh(- arid
Buenos Aires '.Convqntion competiti-
ons. -
The Ovqrall 'International Educa-
tional Exchange P rogra .
'More. than 6,000" Americans and
nationals of over ,8 foreign count-
-ries are awarded grants each.'year
under, the auspices of the Interna-

aLLh n f thU '17 Q n. Ui.i l

uam, as a parJUt oi t e U.S. oUlUcia
cultural relations with countries
The United States Congress auth-
orized- this program to fitrther its
international1 relations. Under the
program Americans are given grants
to go abroad, and foreign citizens
come to the United States in an ex-
'change of study, teaching, lectur-
ing, advanced research, observati-
on,. consultation or practical expe-
rience. ., .
Among the 'means designated to:
promote a' better understanding' of
the, United States gi other countries,
and to increase mutual understand,
ing between the peoples of the Unit-
ed States, and those"of other count-
ries is. the followlri' objective:
".' educational exchange serv-
ice. to cooperate with other nations.
in the interchange of persons,. know-'
ledge, and' skills; the rendering of.
technical' and other services; and
the interchange of developments in
Ithe 1jeld of educabon, the aitse, and}
sciences." -
Although. this concept' of adding
to the understanding of peoples'
through associations based on com-
mon interests is not new, the signi--
ficance of such contacts to official
relations between the U.S. and'cth,.
er governments is a development of
recent .years. ,-, ,
The present official programm was
,started on a small scale in the'late
1930's' with exchanges of' persons
between the United States and. the

tional Eiducation Erxchange Purgr-o~ther American Republics..

:. -" ,

.qyn na

This was the .Fulbright .Act a-d
provides that ceitaln foreign curre z
cies owe:toor o.wied by the l3ni~
ed States as a result of surplus"-pr6
perty sales abroad may b uski t
finance e.*changes between the n
ited States. and certainu fort
countries for study, teaching;.' 1"l L
during, advanced researelh or"'t
educational' activities. Pursue T"
this legislationn, txecuti"ve "k*gE
ents are negotiated.""rith 1 i.di.vid
countries to provide for edua
.exchange 'programs,
'The Fatlbright 'Ac"aame6.
by Public Law 400 weithe e
Congress fasseld'the MtihSecr
Act of. 1952. The am n .erifenLt L
ides. f6r .the use for educ;-,
change of foreign currency
owed or owned by the-U:nitLej:'S
'and. not required, ky law, dra
ent' to be expanded or used. o1I a
other purpose. :



iDp'RlA CAN^/ Aafr 0Ar' rf

-elered-,., IP h --
American EXpreSs And Din, s Club Credit Cird Honored
,, -. ,,uono

''''''~'~''~A"' 'I
AAA~5A. ,A ''' "'S

A d

' /
s| ''


FR PlEE: S pe

Road maps,
Pick-up and delivery .
from, hotels, airport
and pier ,

B 'IA'.



51", .' .

For Remrvations, Road Maps, Mile

Write or Cable: Sgro,..SOL t- IN5URRNC E

and Suggested Itineraries

1 ." -
~Poitau-Prince, Haiti .

Am*:" ** "" A
S. .. .. A A ,'- _.
*A''. ; = '" -" ,'

;i -.' ... : ,, .. ., ^ .': .,,- .. J :'.. ...*** ^ .; ; -" .. s"' = l.. "" ." .. "' i',. :- .'-'.-1,5 -"


i '" ic 3' ii

Prn 4


^ .'**:.* 39


Following the close of World War
11, Congress enacted legislation es-.. ..
tablishipg this program on a\world- -
wide scale, and the. 79th Co gres :"
of the Uti'States'passed the' I
bright Act, or Public Law 58L 4. ,
The U.S. Information and i
cation Exchage..of 198, usually
referred to as the Smith-Mundt Act .
was passed by the 80th Cone
These laws are the basic-auLth'ri-"',
ties under which fund'.re m e' .- .
available and the Govern.ent's,. '
tural exchange program' is

1. 1.. .__ __

: .' 1

0, 1


- ~ ~ V

K: "-" to asce .
-mitt "Ta

Not so longago there lived Whil
in Haiti a couple of .creatures attend
fuwhose exploits have lived on he was
after them in folklore tales I T
which are recounted around Ta
.the fire after supper under the was a
'. pou tree. Brise
This story has pothkng to do daught
.4 H % ,.: r. .- With m -nd N


jKgo'iNewshawks say. that long, long ago, before, shearing, a local hero
r 1to his iltimate friends as Hercules, did"'ui. a bearded 'monster HOS
seven heads which was giving the region endless grief.
.4'.Actiually, the straight, pcoop. was the classy bimbo, Tante Doune by
k .. e s
cllmopiker, had three bpys. The eldest. was named, Brise Fer, the second <]
'e Roce and the youngest, Brise Montagne,- handled the. first base
on. 'For many moons, Fer to: Roche to Montagne was the coolest
l .combtpao.n that ever hit Miragoane. Udnfnrgiately, Roche
5 pro.. but tl it's another story. .
Soe morning; Brise Fer.and Brise Roche grpbbed..their.rmitts-
he i tfi heir mother, who alternates a', base coah.- Brise
t'' wba. t .nyssed.,.. apop-up the previous dpyi was left in the
9p. tn .' rec4tiaud pot of savory mango juice, complete with
';"' re .
ajzaesl the' seven -headed monster fell in, before Brise- Montaghe -
arb caand~ 1i.jg you-in a iff," "aid Monty and, in
"; e bw'*u-tov .athe moving. room attired ib a e-29. shit, side zipper, 'is tweid shoes He was the gonest gaite 'the. monster had

.a..-se. .wih w as. ra b+I .you'1ddo t ori
I. 0 ,-

['rt I ;san he. 1y n nty the ten-count ,and' bbund him; .up
fne. 'go'aty.....moohnung from the sve'n heads. The monster
,pt n oe.'9'f a'nda' ho fiet ereission clobade&d his face.

o" we u'seAd the J"f a" l'eigthter fluid

"' -er an conceded ,th mnst eran cut for the. hills in a corvette.
Sthe ghit kiie wasraned out, his mother and brothers slid back
.'t ecale and 'ound'-Monty. stillpotted. Monty shot thedw.athe' poop on
ti monster 'an decided- to.hit the rack.'
e ,n&tday,Brise Roche throughbt he'd sit 'pout *a sqt at ,the caille
'Moty, Iron Man.and the old lady beat out a quick' nine frames.
o,, Senoueh, Se'en-aerr blIw. in 'on schedule. .Roclk began to pitch
low -nd inside'-and there ifoUoed a skirmish from which he
secoAd best. There he was manacled with chin hairs. The Seven-
'er ppar to bil him in the pot, but at' the last moment discovered
e ,w -ino. w otasr o- taand so took'the A-train to his Jlair.

When his two brothers and the old lady breezed in. they found Rocky
-,:A t orable-, i ,.; I "

-.Man. are yo. 'thick;'. gaffed the old lady. You were born stypid,and
been losing' ground ever since." .,
as agreed'thatRckc had a head -like a dry gourd, so Brise Fer,
't Trn Mail, volunteered to fan the home fires the next day.
a unup. the monster showed and said to Iron Man, "You're so skinny
IL'. yu'lI barely niake a healthy hours d'oeuvre.. but what the hell things are
-. ogh all over.'" Whereupon Iron Man,' insulted to the core, grabbed a .
bts' b y and prepared to glve.Seven-header the deep six. "Ydwks,"' gurgled s
W ite'.monster avd cut out for hispit.1. GBo
S ut Irw Man was no square. He lowered hisef in a basket, aced
ahiself, swung the brassy and' did the nionsther n. Thew brass! split in
t, as did all the monster' seven skiils..
"Shouldt have used'a nine-iron' exclaimed Brise Fer. "Oh. well."
When he turned to climb oat of the pit, Brise Fer noticed that sowm.
cmay cat had severed the rope. Happly, a general wandered along jut
_.__,_ i .im e. ,, -

Excuse me. doorman," queried Brise Fer, "but. could you show mer
the way out of here?" -t .u
''Sure, man, but it'll cost you a mitt."
Skay, Sam, just so it isn't my throwing arm."
'Whereupon the general hauled out a saber and lopped aff his mitt.
-"Easy come, easy go," commented :"Brise Fer.' -
"Now that arm's really gone," offered the general.
"I'm. hip," said Brise Fer, "It's the coolest."


*'. .'
:.^ ^', .-' 1 fr :

: ''-.



' ;

'f ,"%,



. \, ,

S(SERifES,%I ,
,- ,,

AIfimt i cf^ ouce.of. surplhis.s eiht
ii' th: f"e. dern at. plants! Theye
shorter er than-te fa 15
and' .D318' Elg4'es.- which a-e. still ailt '
able for jobs whewe their weight and length'
are an advantage. But nothing has been sac-
riced same Cat quality liiruiii"'"anr ,'

wet-type cylipder liners. No."or.*
Lng.n life--'many Cat En.ines'
rated mote than 100,00) ho r'a
Worldrig witliefficiefcy ann

Check. these specific
S CATr D315,.SeriesGi.,D1S '(

-de'peiidability. 1 Descrpo ,1
Horsepower ....... 11
Check these, advantages typical .of all Dimensions, over-al .
"-, lengtht '. .1. ..
Cat Engines: heavy-duty'. engines not idti .. 5.
modified ,automotive types. Burn a wide height (excluding exhaust) .'
W eight'" 1985...
range of low-cost fuels. Full-length cooled, .Tubacharged .verion. "'**Maxomm4.*,

1~.C i. ad La a, Iaptar.d ril m ai .. .. a- pi

,. i



ay, Brise Fer then jumped on the. general's back and they began NOTICE
nd from the pit. En mute, the general cut off Brise Fer's other The et .gh
Traveler's tax," he explained. minds no-residents of ai.
i they got to the top of the pit, the general gave Brise Fer bac I .ensco h a t -
," off Kenscoff_,2 ..that 'the.
is. of 2 .00 (TWENTY-DNBT
aks," said B r er payable in advancef
thing to it, gate," laughed the general. "Give me some skin." e i. a d an-i"
again," yelped Brise Fer., ho/hurriedly caught the'. noon balloon July 1st, 1959 to 2-M ne.
calle. must be paid in a
e receiving the King's thanks, Brise Fer recognized one of the mu Compagnie d full a
ants it was the crazy cat wh? had cut the rope, for which action trque ort au
s immediately given his walking papers. Rue Dantes e
nks a million," sid the K 4i1 I e Fer. "That beaider monster Det.ouh
real" pain:" .. 30, 1959. '. "
Fer was rewarded -for his noble action by the hand of the King 1959. .
er which even today sits on his dresser between his catcher's mitt E Ec "i-
-oTe aEiebt.ic Lig'h,. o
o-Doze tablets. without advance nbti
.- electric service of
pay th, require, d

June 30D19596. .

omers of La-, e.
H to settle their bi'.'
Mhe Most Wonderful Hotel in Haiti*. e,
delay in ordel'tq qv
S.' New York Tinmes pT MA'

The Only hoIl in town with; Port au Prince, e

Conditioned Roo Swimm pool -

ropicl park- Magnificent verandas- -

Tennis court. .


i""/",l AY, JUNE 9TH, 1939 "flAITI SUN"

tiJOseph report OF WEDLOCK
S' continuedd from page 8)

Sing conditions. For -example, in ma-
ny houses there are not enough beds
for the family and some members
have to sleep on the floor. A nest
S' of beds three simple beds that
can slide under each other during
.'2-V4.rte Florea'Ce Roy is returned with honors from two years at the was constructed. A mov-
hbuxArt's in Rome... Jerry Reich with General Tire in Lawrence, Mass able screen was made for the one-
,0ei on his second-visit in four years at Oloffson... The Pierre DAdes- room house in older to provide
;.y launched their newly acquired' motor-yacht "Future I", from the some privacy fo ents and child-
Harry Truman Blvd-this week... The Kurt Net family of Li Belle Creole ren.
.is moving back to Switzerltand this summer... Latin diplomats feted Ve-
...-. Tables .large enough to accomd-
nzuelan Ambassador iPoet Vicente Gerbasi at the Roxy, Port au Prince's
it;~ ate the family are not usually fouind,-
..TradekDi'Dk's, Tuesda-'ayhfternoon... Colonel Colon. of the General Staff
and parents and children eat where-
leaves iS.lhtdt for a. fortnight trip of Marine Corps installations in the U.S... and parents and children there-
S. ,ver they can, often out in the yard.
WaOl Street Financie Mir Mashall Dancy left Monday after spending the
.,. *' *-. i.- Miss 'Haglund showed how to make
SeekeId' in APort with 'associates Sainkiy Ferber and .the Slaughthliouseaglund showed how to mae
I a folding table"and bench seats out
bdildersi:. Mrs B. B. Dadlani, distinguished Sari wearer, returned from
two months In N. Y. on a, health trip. Mrs. wife of the director of local wood,
.o other inexpensive materials. Cup-
of Mason' Orieitale... Pretty' Miss PAA, Gladys Mercier left on a short
Striptfl Miami T~iesday. G(ldy's is soon to make the Voyage to the altar... boards and other receptacles were
made to stress the importance of
-. M,.Raoul Aglion returned t6. Havana Tuesday... Francis Salgado promnu-
eht. he ity.lavwyer clippered to New York Tuesday... Lilianne Behrmann making the hbme a pleasant place
:.".'took the direct.flight"to New Yofk this past week... Ed Sheridan. USOM to live in.
S-. Wherever possible, the FAO home
.'execugve officer after two and a half years here has been tentively ,
g ecopomist set up a demonstration
.assigried to British- Guiana, ad Point IV chief. He is presently on a short up a emonstraion
h house so that the. people could see
.iVisit to D.C. His family is busy packing... Chief Warrent Officer and
how even a small home could be
J.Mrs Thomas G. Brooks and their two sons are leaving after a three a
made attractive and comfortable.
year assignment here. He was. LAGS adrminstrative officer... Michele
.uel a-t b.. P urs:ed.- 'atho this week... General Pierre By such practical demonstration
iA-rcods drivr who d'a y this past Wednesday at the General as these, as well. as by actually
lakee. *' driver, who'. tipe- awgly training people in the use of tools
aHNspital was. formerly the cliauffur of EI-Col. Marcaisse .rosper and raining peoplee in the 'use of tools
Si',,' .'to make fun-iture a,.d fittings,
succeeding Police Chiefs... Doc Taicher returned to Miami Wednesdayfurniture ad fittings, s
Haglund was able to carry home
and wife Betty stopped over with radio ham brother Jules Tomar in Gros
":* n *' Big. E .. -visi 'economics work to the people in' the
--orne... Big Cliff Jones rti-urned:-to Ls..Vegas Wed, after twvo day. visit
-'to his Casino here... 'lhe actual "di sector general" of ihis'Hafry T'rmn towns. and villages,
.: o '.. .. ., "_ : .. The team also demonstrated the
Blvd operation is Las Vegas -Vet John: fidick.. Red-hladed Parisian-o- -
constr'uction of a simple smokeless
landa- Madrer gossip colunni$t for the Fort Labderdale News left ElRn- cn in of a simple smokeless
ho with regret and note is. fireplace 'made of clay as an im
cho with regret and note sh; ais amail^tg ^ a la t.
..- .. ... .- ..... provement' over the open fires which
paper desires her services... Browny, the seasoned. greeter at Bowen Field
.- *.* .. ..are often seen. Families were taugh
lost his tail'this"'week. Believed :the brown canine crossed the pathof a re often see. Families ere taugh
to grow vegetables and fruits whicl
machette swinger. Numerous stores and establishments are clbsing.durinng
can improve their dik; and, wer
the afternoon .this summer... Te tile engineer Frantz Brandt flew to Jamai- and we
," encouraged to ke" poultry and trab
ca dnhbus ness Thtursday afternbon... CoL.Oscar Johnson, U.S. Air/Mission bits as soureds of proteins.
-Chief-rethrned Thursday..from a four day visit to Washington D.C... All the work and trai caie
Alphonse Simon and .ii trt6fnpet returtied to-New York... American Ex,
South in the past 10 years amounts t
press Wxec. Pacul Burns, foster' father:uf the. Haitian Hotel Assn- divided tackling th
his stay here between the Moptana and El. Rancho. He made the trip with home 'economics problems in th
his wife and mother-in-)aw MrS; Quinn. 'They. had attended, thp C.T. Asta Caribbean. Theproblems are vas
meet....Marie-lee iris ome'om Mahattani College, Mile F- but, as Miss Haglund has found, the
sher had a i'eunion tiher old Florida alma mair before hopping ome'.f people themselves have the iesour
vacation.,.. OlWiiudi te Fouchard i- retrng rom a -year of Ai.dy n. ces, to overcoe their ditfcultie
Germany anu Ftrah pe' Brunce eniderspoi of-Time-Magazine s'as here foi In ber years of work among there
the week and left with a' ease 'of 'gtipel?/ Dicr "and Nancy Armstrogg os she experienced their eagerness an
th Luce publication are in town on their second honeymoon.. Friday Sans p ose--fulness in tackling their
.. turned on a royal barnboche .for. proprietor. 'Georges Heraux... problems. She found both'th stu
s birthday... 'Lovely Mireille Merove 'Pierre is home from attend- s and the public enl an
Iig college in New York '- '," response.

... .'I J t MODERN CO


Through Its Stamps
'* -:' .- -^ ^ *- '. T ""." ,

For complete-information in Haiti
Stamps and othei efaik liich will b
furnished you froeeoo 61 aarg;, write t
p.O. Box 723 Port-au-PTrt-au-Princ
-' .. ..




S Returnoiing after an absence onf


Raym ond Baum el, a tourist ftro m ... .. .. .
Florida told a pretty airport emplo- more than six months in Florida
yee Thursday afternoon shortly after to Plantion Dauphin are Mrs Rip-
checking in for the Ciudad Trujillo pey and her lovely grown-up daught-
flight, that he had lost a thousand, er Judy. The lively couple flewn in .
dollars at the Casino here. to Port Thursday. from Miami. .
*' \.
Seconds after volunteering this Edith Godefroy flew off Thuisday .
statement he fainted, folding up al- to work in New York.
most on top of the employee. It Dr Larimer Mellon went to 'Nw ..
took the airport doctor and other York Thursday to join, his wife and
employee-; *with the assistance o i Lccomplish business for their Arti-
anmonia to bring him around. Vi- bonite hospital.
sibly shaking he departed later for *
Ciudad Trujio. Raymnonde Leveque clippered- to
New .York this week. .
_______ :------,-------_-----.- /.:.,,'

Caribbean Construction Co., SA'.

Builders Of The Military City
S .

Gen. Manager: Gerard THE

Phone: 3955. P. O. BO.. 2







N 01 -TA]


e a ee

E E5AMEden ANT/es ms Po,#,



E.1. f.L S8,Ns 0 UJLC
A Distinguished Hotel In The Heart Of The City
Conveniently, Located To The- Shopping District
All Air. Caoditioned Rooms with Private Baths 'and: Hot Water
New Pool Terrace with outside Bar and Swimming Pool
Unsurpassed Cuisine! Finest Service -Air Conditioned Bar
From7:00 P. M. To Midnight
To The Rythm of Joseph Duroseau's Ensemble
In the Relaxing Atmosphere of the Tropical Flower "ardens
Choice Menus at $3:50 per Person
Cocktails, Wines and Drinks, Reasonably Priced
No Cover Charge No Minyimum
Mdke your Reservation for the Best Tables by the Pool Side


:ARD -

.84 .... -i'


-*-*-- ^ ,^
V I. '"..

.,ILLE ^ -:'-

.P AR l C .. :

ARM. l-.
". ,"C- "-[

.1' .





-" v <- ?fi -e- -z-- -- "- .i-. ^' .:; ;; ;, .
V^ ^ ^^ ^ ^- 33^^* :-: "- ^' '- -*
'c : -, ? ... ; 2 [ -- :7 + -" -"
i -&-" "" .' -. ". 'F.

3 -
-' t" :'. S
PAGE ;:+.. 12+ _


m SUN"

_. _ck (Irony Market: This week. the prices of beans, rice1 cbrn and
trains were not changed. The hotel keepers have found there all kinds
;..t Kloc fresh .fruits 'and' Vegetables for their guests' contentment.
S Tomato (accordingly to the quality, dozen) 50.50 or. $0.60
Potato (tasty potato from Keiscpff La Fraiche) can
S ord. armite of 5 pounds ........................ 0.30
n -.. .. 0 .3 _
Pineaple (piece) ........................... ..... ... 0.10
SGrenadine (piece) .....................,........ ..... 0.10
Sopr sop or corossol (sweet. and juicy) '...........0.08
Papaya ............. .......................... 0.07 up
.Water..melon ........,%...;...... ......... .........,. 0.12 up..
French melon '..;.................... ......... r.... 6.20 up '
':. Oranges (from Cap-Haitieni a dozen ............ '.;
lCALEVpNTS --3 ----- *
-'Bak in Haiti is Is aQtifu] artist Ernilie'De MiUe, 'frm New York. She's
-A' accompanied. by her boy-friend,' drummer Cyfril Jackso
-Emilie is a dancer and fashion model. She nas danced here and in
fJ 4(w York with -the Bacul u troupe. .
,.e r__egved a cable last week from Odette. Wiener' requesting that.siie
N akeiher place in the'Troupe for tie Bpcoulou engagement at the Casino:
Fech, Journajst,. -Jan Allary, Correspondent' of the Agence Friance-1
.. in Latin America 'rmet with Mr Ma. Chauvet, PiFblisher of Le
~-lbhvellisteg which uses the AFP New.
H ere. on' a visitt is Journalisf, ,a4y .Chiltgrl Abbot, Corresponderit of
.Te Charleston. West Virgixra :azete,"-anihdher- husband Mr.' L ,Lewis
'bbot, Public Relations, for ,American Trucking Assocjation {nc.
4 -+onday Lawyer Robert Lubic and wife Benita arrived 'frosnWaishington,
and Behita. we remarriedMay .3v 'stand flew here the ne- day;
-.3 e,3-b .- -3 '; '' 3, ,-
.we k si'atre Fslhpon'artists Mare Gi1no m.or e, and;
,nl ,g, -'fom. New 'York. FTeridds of E hmilie D Mill' who wo ked
fd ecae' 'iere thewarm Tecominendation
r... d. T rou ,, ... ., -,-.---. .' ,. ., .
.3;., .;-.. To.p_ _.... -1 ., -,' -" ^ ;,'-..: '- -"
S.P '.enyerh eand-.lws i-ain. from .fe Haven, Conn. are in-
nit: gaul :fhaies ;Effective bale Carnegfe Courses.: They
'10|e batateh, Castetli .. -
Ia cian 'Roy' Becci apd 1his t arrfing wife ,Dee: 'arrived Tuesday.
.-L wept di ecfly to Cap-Jfaltien 'r thr' days, aocompanijd ends,
n g e i ial .- t- ,
'r .cis '-.a in. aond H .' '._ !e.l Cld.s ,"f June .,1-59 announces its
Scemni tfEerises Fnday -,eme June 12 at ,eight o'clock in
HghSchoo Auditonun. Alex.and"-,':Virgina This Swank y School
,.o.QLcst.VA j. w.l..-lbiov.r. ther merit ,of- a young and beautiful
". ` i- -- '. -' '. ,_ &,dr and'
j hr oraiti-.Miss Jill Sbuth McEntee, oda te mmanddr and
Gard L dsey McEhte III, fror'A1exandria V. Jill-wil go to
next September. '. ,. '
.ay Ma-y-23 .-oloqeoLa*#iel .M,'BeaiH,..' Po Au d Priicee.Chief of
S4!&S.I'ed. lovely Ginette L.aforest .of Bbliotheque Nationale. The
.of State*,"br. Francois Duialier. attended the ceremony., _
S, nega, Seco & .ecretay of.the Ethiopian.. .Eubaes reported*th-Liberat1qn Anmnyesary of that"Afi'cai.n Epire was markd
qi'aiK P aand spoiWdour Tup lay May-26. .. .
"7':sd.igayfmornig-May.M 24 two flights of Pain Am. broAght 78 Members
r Motors Girls -1ub to.Port. These girls of Detroit, Michigad
eon .a 15day Caribbean Holiday Tour. .. -

L. :
ti," 4 .-


A new company has been author-
ized by Presidential. Decree. The
'DIFISA was formed on April 28,
1959 to import foreign films, rent
and sell them.
Me. Jean-Claude Ieger is Presid-
'ent. and Arnold Herafd. Secretary
Treasurer.jf the Board of Directors
of the Company which has a declared
capital investment of $2,000.

The Sacred Heart Parish Feast
was observed here today. It opened
with a high mass- chanted by the
Reverend Father 'Pouliquen, Secre-
tary General of the tatholfc Se-
couPs, at 8:00 A.M.-.
The sermon was the
Reverend- Father Eschrich, Profess-
6r at Petit Seyninaire College St.
Martial. IHe. is predicator of the

' men's \retreat ,which

Had proceeded

the feast. .,
The large congregation assembled
before 'the church at 4:00 P.M. for
the.processionwhiddb led through ,Ihe
principal avenues of T.uIrgeakt, .itf
members returning fdr the 'mastk at
thie Sacred He irt foa'lv.tiL the pat
ade. .
The church editc'.hc been eqmp-
ed with several headutiful ne-v v ih-
,dows ot religiT s .subjept.s. The: Re-
vereod Fathet Nantii is'the' Pabish

Imported, ivingrbom;,
dihingroomrn bedroom,, cest of draw-
ers veranda, dinette,; pany.,, gas
stove, bookca de sk, telephone,
"Royal". typewriter, lamups ,large
rug19 15, Iarge .efrigeral.(en-
era] Electric) all new. Also .iLnmo-
ges china, 'electric -apparatai for
cleaning house, Singer sewing ma-
cbine, new, portable, Westinghouse
Corisole 'machine, movie screen. 50,
x 50, Zenith radio, portable, phono-
graph nevw, violifi garden tois, Iawn
mower,l iarge st p-ladder, Vacuutm
Cleaner, portable GE, stove. Presto
Cooker, vdriety-, 6 of objects Apply
Mooore, No. 32 Savai9ne Sale;e Mar-
tissabt (3rd house to the right after
the small bridgeI. .
.-*, ... L. ._ .j i..-..-.-- .Jt-A-Ai


.', ..- '

The bi-monthly newspaper "Les
Informations Techniques & Com-
merciales" appeared on 12 pages on
June 1st with -interesting studies -by)
Julien Lauture and Francois Lator-
tue. .
-- ,; .-, .. .,#.

' Mr.
sur te

Latortue's "Considerations
Probleme Agraire" and his

answer to the probleims.ofI
ture in Haiti is the uxten
lopment of 'Cooperatives,
farmers. .'""

Mr. Lautire's observao.
commendations on "al,1.
and the United' States:'+
"Magistral". '
j :":M+:i


\ '

. '.? .

STHowMe TH o... i'.

,- &HE. .N.'.?I.p U

-b -L ,. t /b t "I ""1 .'0. ,'tt.+t,.ttt 2_.,

New! Sensational!

1 1

b -
* 3
.3. "


On Sale Ati Canape Vert

Aux Cent Mille', Artiles .:

Dadlani's Maison Orientale.

"1. .* 1.-

-.-- -'
''-' 1'-'
~t"' ,p.3 '
.3 3 ,q




- *. ,
;'. "* -' .L -t 5'.^

- .- :


I7 : "Ito

A tc KAE LE. SL A.
fe i-m iUM CE ^ ^ ^^ ^

I.^ ^*1

moU 0

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TUESD-Ay, JUNE '9th. 1959 % "HAMI SUN" "PAQEIS
,- ",. ,'.' ''- ..- ., ', ..' ." -i,. .,._____.."___ .. ._______- ________________- .----.. ----,---' -- >- _- .'

iTe Practical Side Of Tourism
1 ,
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.-.ese'here,-.too. But, in view of certain events which -have
'trp~ ihd. the West Indies during the past year, CTA.
_i i"v i d t i k n .. .
LRA e tc.f onerean. c l For
P.r e' year.its tourist icoe biad-f en, yieus y -
lbit y political tufimoil. In 7 desperate' stimul--
eew it 'thflow of tod ist trafie, the goveriknelnt set-up.
:;jaAtonmoon tourist. btaiad. Its~-dolar-a-year members
highy' ".'bapalble, ddi'ot. ed iien, 'all directly, a" aciat, e
ttav4 .deyloprxintr Tie dard- was- prnahre
I. .'fty as hrged'.with bhe responsibility ;of b tin.
ws 'd.ggi g economy .
-f the, board's first underta.kins "wa to rmg order
..,, .. 'fl.S W 9 ., ._
ot. h'os in. he loqal.,tra' sport situation. .'he taxi ,driv-
is or g, sized and i"p.,rfji' p lit kially, ha d- been .ex t
b.fitte from loc&A'ti.opkeper-saa frorm some hotels a.Es
S .ne itaible, resi.sthat giving tourists were
W-6drtd 'Eron the Tg heir 4'(l iaiy bodk-
je n'i-ir' 'by ,a' travel' agent; anti. were switeh-.
e promises paymgi- ie iiver e 'coinnqp
rather than' to the shp de~ ad 'I*.-- the t6. ..t.
'- Cj' 4... -,
ati, Thade- lidi t eWortfl -edi'caate the
abuses, d.'ieverA tlhratehndi a istike. They-dehma'ded the,
touritb ke is hands fhei.domain. Later they in-
th"at .k.perhe i--ited-froni.olperatipg 'branch-
-, -the li' itel. -lih. u st ,.boa d. rejected -the de-
d e ADhe r ou1yaparhadyzed the
T.he..... riv-- ersc-.-'k- ... .. ""aid "virt'u'al" .. -" '

be ot pre -ssre.

'i t!N.R.d tpolotticpt _t1io eg--

,4uesE coniceptof .t.he 'assigni- e thit.: n-. them The t ..
4dnYers emerged .trornger tlan ever. The' hho tels
aee g out, 'perep e e eases a on-,

.'.'s ni ohe-t xh iakons pdesrtiedis' s. & a gai t
'the nrenE n ilal^nhud tqysteconclmy! 1~

some of ee typteitsiti
S'commereiail, an.ia" iy'- treig it. the name of, td"ri.t- service.
L., rw &- -

SSelet y r favourity perfume
from u-r argi collection

I m We offer you the world's famou
Sf brands at free pT prices '
SGL N ... -

..'. ".,..-..CAkVEN. .
..-, .m .t :.. e ..- 1 t W -,J ,.lh La



etc... etc.
," u

UsTr 'RiCi. Iu -iuu.m.oY.r.


_.' = .

ItVFo Ral, ntI .or-

*._ -;../.+.

I 'r >- '"
- ., ;- -" .L 'J. atat'-*I.
.-aIr '- .l :m~ n ..1 f'-\. ?-' "

A new Order of Chivalry-has been .Those receiving, the decoration of. Bourdbn, near the Christ-.... ch.i. t-.Ag,
created in Haiti perpetuating the the "Sylvio.. Cator Order of. Sport-' large new hbuse luxurious
memory of -the late Sylvio Cator, ive Merit" shall have a Vspe al'pla, sWd, every comfort,. roomntw
n o te d spotsnaii 'a ad Olympic cd ii al the-ceremoies6sand 'public -bathroomsg, -beautifulv ew-
Champion. manifestations of a sportive charac- very reasonable. Apply -"ai
teristic organized on Haitian terri- lynice near Razar '" b-"
SA lawwas passed by the Legisla- t .. don. [ a po .
tive Corps this week establishing ory. don .
the "Sylvio Cator Otder of Sportive '. ..
Merit" ich-- decoration : irl' be .
conferrO .L aose whoijby
theitaeyo"tl *p.-rft- pa ce 'r
ance i .sti utis he livess i the'
senice to S rts .in -Wthe Haitiarn
community and elsewhee...

The. Oiradeinirmari ; t rrr .x 'u .4.3
Grand omm.nnande:r ';
To be a aide ton 'n ersd i of .of .. .. .g ... .. -' Fedpration- SS SpOr and....p
D..irectors Generalsr -f po'S a
I rnaaonal\ExCan

D or kt Federabo leg Z1 _

Sons_ R _gion l i Campions and .e '- =' '."
SClKiplons;, S-par ts.Chironiclers I
'-- ....------ ,--- -- ,-- e ,
en er. ou tstn r.s-'-. :.- conti.tat"a"i".-ra.l..
.! Spo-rts n d i m". -- ...'- *- .' : -:-:.-' -' l -'''. ;- "" -- ...l-
hie ,-. ,-.. ..I -.1.. e; w.'.. "a pd.' '- .i t' ". -

a n sr l n ic h a' of t h S y l v io C a to .C *^n s b i i n r' ) T h 1 b ,- } e[I2 1J f e tr ; t
-ba'l-r pi$-portive MeritdcoaionM..t's".t-bo M *nda !lwloeJp.i' pedigree::t+si

.. te t m ma nd ram mnk 's .f p; :" ..._ ...' o i" t e _l .. o._to .," "..rA4P' .A i ,
4 On i f. lawless gx. .
Se r- hav'ig engraVedf e .m al i ., "" -- ; ;

n 0eP e
have the bus*o Haltiab 'b '. d" ..!
'-'- l c-.: .mpion b -o C. o v..
*, s- -accomplisd lu-ihg" ms : .: ',S, 4i7
,ui*d SUA. 'Iy. a.

wrds Sportivie Merit willxi I i WS-
et ir ed -an 'the -ord ..a ta

)A a rnhon-one
'-ana al nceswdi pliI-Sa Coastal
o de ank is Waters From reyon

4 c,.e p. g. ; th -m .,ed .ali.,.'i s ."-
.. .,'i.. d --' -. .i-_.-f3'L 2772'.
-e ,Lu-..h D Have toektads'

f ..Zf. -_

,P :..

-o- And.'- Sai-InS0, :Coa ail
," "' Water".s From yona.
.. F %,. --,, -F,... .. .'":o ,-, i t,

4- ~1 .-
.-. -.. .. -r -
1 ... r .. : /"c

'.W "




- 'PAGE 14
:i = = =

,TUESDAY, JUNE 9th, 195:






dans un forbamc dor


* I'.





A ~


.~ 'S

:- i*."N1

* / 7 .- ,,i
.~~ **'"l
. ;': i

,1 .it:.! -
I '*'*
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5. _

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. o**:.NK
. ',.:^'

. ..:

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*: t'. a

A -BIB itA

, .,7.. ,:

R- UN-'Al l.. -. -

.4 EBDAY, JUNE 9wiH, 1959

A A.
-4 *

' ..

| ,'- 5

Burns of the American
i visiting in Haii, lectured
rism' at the Chamber of' Corn-
SFriday morning. The tour-
pert way presented -under the
esof -the Hotel. Association. of

-A A.
., .- ., ..
P'Olympique Richard and .-u-'
u.pre will be married on the
v emgg June 20th, at the Basi-
S tre Dame. ,

'.e! Marzouka wyas among
sors designated 'o receve'.-his
i$oma from' the. Hargrave Militay
fcadem.y. in Virginia. He is the son
.Mr and Mrs Kalil M. Marzouka
TSp Haitien. He will obtain his
iplomni after the summer, courses.
,Senator Hugues. Bourjolly r.turn-'
ed this week from. a mission in the
United States. --- .
It' i -
S'British Ambassador;. 'M .":- Sydcfiy
''.Simmonds and, Mrs, Sintrnmhds wil1'
"dnterjain at the residence here at.
`Debussyon the occasion of the irLth
day anniversA'y-of',the Queen of
SEngland' on: Saturiay:.June 13th/
"Thvrecepbon:will 'take~lace from
11:30A.M to: 1;.00 P.M. *

Panama 'Line's local ,.Managetr
John Cusick .'an' Mrs:''Cusic made
,a trip to .Panaa .oa.t SSfAn-
con" last weekendn. .

The'"E\vangeline" under the com-
Srand "o. Caplin Stanley Saunders,
arrived, hee from (ingstoo with
22I, pssc:.igeri o its cruise enroute
vto Vbissau. The ship's crew includes
j." Haitians: Aurelie Thimtoleon,
Dh St. Thomas, ,Rene Adolphe,
Guerrier and Jeaii Noel.

*to Caoada. to tart life anew
OExLieutenant Raymond Chas-
ae Erad.ife Michele. Th6 young
Iple left .I:'iti Thursday. by the
etAAclipper to New York.
s qh Pe is the daughter of
d MrafRob6rt Baussan of 'Ibb

..Ga 1e Taylor' aaId. Marc
r marked, obn Thursday
he rist-Roit:.cucrhbiii

61..war Mattron-of-Honor,
.;Cotanl 'Pierre-Loiiis as

Wer Q. -F. Cichowski's
Wtuined from a short trip
r ieda .--

keVi/osca .Jbhnso-i, U.S. -Air
hef in Haiti, arrived on
N y--fiomi four day mission

'Miss Myrna Davis returned to her
home in Miami. after spending six
weeks vacation here,'She wotfk as%
an Executive Secretariy with a lead-
ing Florida firm.
1 4


Mademoiselle Meinberg is home
frnyn studies in Florida.
Miss Michelle Roy and Bill.y Ray
Steed are to be married here Sat-
urday evening.
Young Jacques Armand a local
boy who has been living in New
York and studying at the N.Y. Uni-
.versity spert a week fiere visiting
friends and relatives enroute to
Puerto Rico. The' young student re-
ceived a scholarship to 'study Span-
ish at the Puerto Rico University.
i':" .. ..q' 7
*- Nurse.:Monique. Denize wife of the
wellinown surgeon gave birth to' a
baby girl at Canape Vert Saturday.
*4- *

-Denise LaUlemand returned from Etzer Racine was taken back Iq
a vacation in New York this week. hospital last- ..veek from -his. Croix
The Moore's formerly of UN here, des Bouquets home after lie.contrac-
are'sid 'to be' pulling 'up roots and.. .ted pneumonia. The former Mayor
expect .-to leave their Savanne Salee w'as badly injured in an auto acci-
villa, during the summer. dent on the Delmas road. some
months ago. .

The Kindejgarten run by Jacque- Mrs Ndrton Ford the former'Ghis-
line Turiari at, Impasse Layud will laine- Clerie is over. from .the U.S..
inaugurate a-first grade section with managing her families .)ark hotel on
the opening of .classes min October. the Champ de Mars. The Park own-
Parents may register their youngst- ers are in Europe: :Mr. and Mrs
ers for the first grade.classes begin- 'George Drouin, Melle -Louise .Clerie!
ning June 8th. and Lily Villedrouin,are on the Con-
Stinent for three months. ,
UN Representative for Latin Ame- Mr. Benjamin Freeman III, ret-
rica,.VIr. Edouardg. Alieftal arrived turnedd toHaiti/ this week from his
in Haitf,'hisveek post as Secretary at the biberian
S' Embassy in London;. He. is expected
Canadi.A. A.TbasbsaIdor for 'uba,. to' spend several' weeks heremat the
the Dominican RepUblic and Haiti, Embassy .on an official mission.'
Mr. Hector Allard, arrived' from Ha- *
vana on Thursday,? to. make. his Joseph Harmouche,.Beyrouth, Le-
goodbyes .to officials,-here. ., panon newsman and. ptiblish6e is vi-
siting Haiti as part. of a Caribbean
The gremlinS sthwed uptihe .narries tour. He is .acdiompand JBy Mrs.
and places of a Germanr..baroche Harmouhcie. They are being' shown
here last 'week. Richard Dobrich sthe sights by Nad. m'Alkhal.
.the nephew, of Mr. Sally Khan of ,..- .-
the Camera Center and came over Victor-Assali- accomparued by' his.

to Port from Wiesbaden, Germany
with cousin Rony two. months ago.
Wolfgang -Treinies is .secretary, pof
the Consulate of the German Lega-
tion here.'The bamboche duly noted
by the beachcomber was not in. the
Potato Woods" but at Eric Bondel's.
in Pacot.
| t. .
Former Marine Embassy -Guard,
Pete Pearson, left Haiti Tuesday,
to try his luck. at :work in his home-
land. .
Pete departed with Haitian wife,
the former Micheline. Iefat, and
their three daughters.

Peruvian Embassy Secretary, Ig-
or, is leaving.

The newly organized "Orchid' So-
_ciety of Haiti" met Wednesday ev-
ening, 'at Villardsa, the Horace Ash-
ton' .estate lti I orchids overlooking
-Tfie bay.

Dominique Scott, new daughter
and third child of 'RdA's electrical
wizard and Mrs Raymond Scott.
was baptized last week.

The Reverend Mr. Philippe Van
Putten, of St. Paul's Methodist
Church here clippered to New York
this -week to attend a Conference

Klein & Saks firm is pulling up
%roots here.

wife and son, clippered to"'New York,
Tuesday 'afternoon.
I.Claude .,Baboun returned home
.from college in the U.S. this week
with a'lovely young wife. ,'.
S .
Nasri" Baboun emplaned for the
!States last week-end.
.Naji. Handal, accompanied by his
wife and daughter, werit to the U.S.
this week,.
/ Habib Jitani, former grocer, is
back from Lebanon to visit with his
family, ,here after an absence of'
tqn years. .

. Small comfortable house in Pa-.
icol partially furnished. .1Refrigerat-
or and Hot Water heaters for rent.
See 'Raphaet^Riviera at' Delta Air-
Lnes. .


U.S. Army Caribbean Command-'. -
school during the theatrical invasion. ,

*Edith Gardere went to New York '
this past week.
** .
Antoine and Josette Salgado flew .
to Manhattan Thursday.
-- '
Raymonde Leveque left for abroad -
this week. t-:: r
.. ,-, 4 .i ,
:71. '

.i ,
r "-"r '.'& = ', S' S

, : You droie of up o 60o miles per our -- ,"e'-. :^ ,. .-
o.. derfj f new Jet Worl, of a Ameri- .n .; J .,-. .,
r2..t "e r .* "' '.' '. 1
., .______'_'_,_-,"." .':. :x:''
__ > ;..2 *',.
:- Youc~uiaeotupiln600mileaperhourtnfl I "
-oftd9I! fleW Jot World of IPan' Amerlqon ""

.,- .1 '1., 11, A, '

,.. ++-z .,.-"....":. .. ,',,;. 1
: r F.',.,+ T. .' ', ,,."+L|- '+.. '




W- -i

". ; -. RO,ME:.





Only Pan--American flies mighty Boeing 707
Jet Clipp'ers* from NewYork to London, Paris
and Rome ...and only, Pan American Offers
Economy Class fards for jet travel. Si ..ou '
:of seven jet travelers to Europe choose Pan
American. To arrange your flight to Europe.
by Jet Clipper see your Travel Agent or


Rue Dantes Destouches-Port'au PriAce--Tel: 3451
I -'
-. *.-,

44f~4' 'A


NZ 4.'4

~t **,

I '.'

-". 4'. ,^'
.' ,t,-1, ^ *"^ -'
.'- 1,' :.,..:
I-:'' ,-
: ,'" 1'.

:.'* -.; -'.;!:

:..* *.,:

-. ,. .


/ -" ^ ';


Publisher of the "Fodor Travel Ma-
gazine, M. Eugene Fodor is over
from 'France on a visit .with his
charming wife. They are being
shown the town by Jacques Hono-
iat director of the Tourist Buriau.
S *

Lt. Johnny Borges is back from
three months special. training at the
USAR schoJl in the Caribbean with,
a -medal. Lieut. Borges was at the




1' ... -

: 11

Val Washlingfon was -here
aST MII ITA Y brief raission this past week.
times called "trouble shooter
TACHE Washington, member 6Lof the
:-blican National Committee h
Th first Cuban Military Attache nority questions, 'is said to
.o be accredited to- Haiti -since 4th quently called in by Presidi
-. Revolutionary. Government of Pres- senhow(er on minority matte
ident Urritia took power, is expect-.
ed to arrive in Haiti- on.
The, new Military Attache is a While here, the distin
i' rded ,Cap- n, frmei* Castro gue- American Negro visited wil
U'.-la- fighter; and will be accompa- clais at the National Palace
by .t auxiliie. U.S. 'Embassy, anA si.: expe'
O ,.;. the last two Militairy Attache
That came to Haiti,. under the Batis- rett to Haiti in July.
ta-'.egime, "one,of them, Col. Ignacio
? .Leonard CasteRs went before the The only- other Latin Ar
-.fig squad. the other Co. Pedr6 Republiclwhich has a Miltar
A'4; Valdivida is serving five yea"i che accredited in Haiti is I
ip1o minican Republic.
-S itplonment. minican Republic..'
w";C '.. : : ..' -




.on a
r", Mr.
or MI-
be fre-
ent Ei-

and the
cted to

ry Atta-.
the Do-




%It 4 ..

".i .' 'ST9AK 4a poivre
I a.uUtiqd CBIOKIN a 1'Haitienne

.^ .4 ', V. 0 .,:^EaropeSP: rPlan '

Every oom it Private Bat; '
"y '*.,-- *.* ,'" '' A I *_ r ',

SFg:le $500 Double:- $7.o
l-'rther, for 4i -' tte
.._Dt." .o Bo x 44
S ':~~~..- r 'il .i e poncec, Haiti ov .. .; .
'p 0 a
Vy .: e." one '.; .._ ., ". ., .

,. .. *r. ; .
,' *.. .: .

4.'-" 4 4 '. I
"~0 I'
"tip,. I.
~".i'' 'I





.. .. ... ,. .

.. .-,. .,


that's why every .

ROLLEI shot'

hits-thq -nark



Each Jtune seventh the Inter-American Press Association celebrates
the Freedom of. the Press Day in America,; and all the: newspaper' that.
are members of this continental organization, and which are not Sutlijected
to censorship, d dicate a commentary to this topic of upmdst signfic.Ace,
for the democrat c'life of .the nations of our Heritisphere.

Freedom of the press is one of the strongest defenses of democracy,
and for' that reason it has had to suffer- many blows from arbitrary reg-
imes, because they know that in order to eliminate other public freedoms
it is necessary to annihilate the one corresponding to the right of the
people to express freely., .' ., -

Ee.ry citizen conscious of his political responsibilities, whether active
or not in politics should' defend the frLeeom of 'the press in
his country as a social and pqltical necessity. Freedom .of the pre ss is
not a privilege of the press, it is a fundamental right of the people. .
S- ; -. '
-The. Int'er-American Prbss Association has won important and beautiful
battles in this field, the only one of a political nature in which this .insti-
tuton projts. -The Fredom- of the Press C'djmittee of the IAPA,
throughout all'the lopg history of this organization, has maintained an
effectiveattitude' of igilnceanrd 'has always counted' with the support.
of all the agencies and '.the General. Asembhly of. that Association. There
are in' America .mantd, examples bf the'victorie's attained by the fAPA.
in avor of the.freedom of the press : -.
f i 4 "
In this, great day for continental. democracy, Diario Las Ameticas,
dutifully exalt. .the merits of the freedomof tlie press as: a indispensable,
functio r .'. -" "., 't
furtion'tor te progress and "rthe political dignity of the natio and
makes knbwn its protest against the' regimes that violate the right of
the people to.fie inaoration 'and orientationrby means of the press.,

Ui a %J i

-- --- -,- I '.-;
1,'--u's '. P**i' _.'lai


. ,' ,. ..
- ,' > '

I 'I ,


~I~jL, ~



,' iPt*h~

* Atji




... ,-
**- *** .i' '. 'h"A "
.\ -^ ^ ^..: ., :: .o, ;'l

.1 '*~

* 4-


The. noted psychiat int; %',|
his wife .andO ,15.year-
hav~e been. living -at M -':
Hotel in Petiori-Vill 4 ia
CeAn of himself ean Ql
tVe patients, after their i
at th clinic. .' .
\The- heedy patients "
ips.utiin' when sdis
haeye proper clothing no--:i
return to. The doctors i
foster homes could be .
these patients if. Woul-;gr:,
Late their post-treatmet
nic and thus,.co..tribu
vard their rehdbiolitq-oq
This 1s a po
.tably-conscious ciOtit ;
bit towards assistil
erful work of the qodei.v
clinic which .was, ia'
Haiti. by ,,donaqnk'
American dru .irins.'
Dr. Juliusi w' e
,,on a return visit.-shblt
the aid of theseidr(g' V
Haiti's noted psychiatY' a
De, Louis. Mars, s -ia
establishment fe

A top Ntw -Orleans&.'j.Ap
(birthplace of: jazz). ,riht'LY
si Street, is .intsted 4t
.ope-to-'\vo-nigrt .stan in'"
deal .is: Anyone Jint rp"e&v'
ing the bandto'fxu
to the'."he 6Di,.k,
leader Franick Gopdsi.. j..
boys play all ki.ids t' c.. iic .a

ricn, and what have', :
swept, h.. t, 'rc ..'.j- -

. i r ... .






4 .... .. .. "
-. .-.. .. !. W -. :', J ".. -.' *^ : ^ ^ .-\- ^ ;;:' .


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