Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
December 6, 1953
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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.. P i rI r in-IIe Riul iu4eL DHAITI UNDjY i iJ/ : ?3' f DIE. y .I-R/ 6l
YOW' "Vma :. T ------.Port-au-Prince R publique D'HAITI SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6t
- ^V ^--, :-- **; *

:" ,

hove:" Bvelyn Aidrade c rowned iMiss .amaicda 1953.. Ti
pr-old Miss Andrade arrived here Saturday afternoon o
'iMer prize awards donated by Martin's Travel Service :
.dmifnican Republic and Haiti, Miss Jamaica,, who is a
ied by her mother, is stopping at the El Rancho
0 k as guest of the Haitian 'Government. Mile Mad
.agnol and Max Wilson, Public Relations Officer o.
fitst OJfice welcomed the Beauty and her mother to to

nfessed Murderer Rameau Croi

; Released From Jail Monday
'a long arm of the law re- fore the Court of Cassat

d Rameau Croichy last Mon
And apparently the con-
sed murderer of the P?;-
oir's French Chef is to all in-
nts and purposes a free man.
he news of his release was fol-
w'ed by a report that the Gov-
zInent Prosecutor in the sen-
tional .case, Me. Prezeau had
dismissed and Me. Andre
bilus had replaced him.
he jury, despite Rameai's
mission of 'a confession, had
'l'hung six to six on a ver-
,,t, forcing the Court to acquit
.e' Defendant.
Later as Public Opinion loud-
d'tlenounced the move to free
qolchy, newspapers reported
be was still being held in
O n and would be retried be-

The following story w
lished in Thursday's is
Continued on Page

Tax Collector Robbe
Wife Stabbed
Police are trying to cr
ease of 'he Missing Tax
at Gressier.
A thief broke into th
of Gressier TAx Collector
Geffrard on the Avenue
losse Monday night and t
district collections for the
month of November.
Mrs. Geffrard was cut
leg with a sharp instrur
the volcur made his ge
She wac taken to the 1
for first aid treatment

Today Third Anniversary Of.

Inauguration Of President Magloire
Today the Republic of Haiti is new fatcttries, The Caribbean
observing the Third Anniversbry Canadian Chemical Company
of the Inauguration of Paul E. which will process pharmacu-
Magloire as Chief of State. A.ld Cortinued on Page 16
typically the Programme of
Events stresses two main fe'a- illinois Senator And Wife
tures of his Progrejsive Admin- Vacation Here
i-tration Social Welfare and
Industrial Growth. Senator and Mrs. Everett Dirk-
buring the course of the daV, son of Illinois were- welcomed
the President will inaugurat? to Port yesterday by Me Georg-e
the new Civic Center at la Leger Fils. The vacationing
Saline and the Orthopedic C-3. Senator is a member of the Sen-
tenr of the Institute of Social as- 'ate Judiciary Committee, the
surances, for which he laid the Senate Appropriations Cdmm't-
Scnrnerstone one year ago. tee and the- Senate Government
He will also ,inaugurate three Operations Committee.

Napoleon Wanted For Murder I

Godbrother At Saint Martin

with Napoleon at Saint-Martin
,His jugular vein had been s,.-
ered, probably by a machette
Napoleon, his room-mate was
missing as well as all the dead
man's belongings and the uay
he had collected Ihe day before.
The body was discovered by a
neighbour, an 'elderly woman
who peeked into the hut to learn
why neither man h'ad made his
usual morning appearance.

* Police are searching for a job-
less lalbourer by the name of
he 17- Napoleon who is wanted for the
)n one murder of his Godbrother, El-
a trip tl-eus Frangois.
cco.m- The Public Works abourer
for a w'as fotind dead Friday morning
eleine in the one-room hut be shared
f the Heavy Rain Causes
wn. Loss Of Life And Damage
In Limbe Area
chy One person 011 ost his life e 1
farirrs suffered heavy proper-
, ty damages due to the hea,'y
ion. rain which swept the Limhe
as puti area November 27th. Roads
sue of were made impassable and two
15 tourists, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Collins of Michigan, were strand
kd ed by the flooding Limb6 river
on their way to the Cap. Pref-,t
Possuet Mathieu gallantly of
arck 'h
tered them the hospitality of
Money his home.
Voyagers also report that the
e home
road between Pilate and Gr.s
Jos-oi \iorne was heavily damaged.
de Bo- And the flooding Bayeux River
ookthecut off the community of
entire Borgne.

460,000 rGros Lot)
on the Lottery tickets have gone on
ment .is sale for the Big Sesquicenten-
bt-away nial Anniversary Drawing. The
hospital first prize is 300,000 gourdes -


Senorita Norman Aardnjo y.H ,rndndbz with all the oo'nph end
finesse needed in executing popular mambos, guarachas, is spen
above in her song-and-dance routine at the gala opening of Hai-
ti's unique roof garden Wednesday evening. The hotel Ch6u-
coune roof garden with its unmatched view. cuisine and music
is now tops on the ,diner dansanta circuit.

. >- ,*. '. '1 ,.-' "

i- ;. -. ,




t' L

* ~11

a.~, ~-w- .<.- ArS~ .2.. .s..~




0. 1953 No. 12


Jasmin Joseph, Haiti's most
original sculptor, is a short er-,
tremely shy little man who
moves Pbout as quietly as t1h.?
pet mouse which shares his -
ing quarters on thp Ground Flo !r
of the Centre d'Art. But t .e .
world has been loud in its praise ',.:
. of the 30-year-old illiterate brick ,.;
worker who lovingly turns ot. ,
tprra. cotta figures that behr a 7 ;"
strong sLmilarity to the famous '
sculptures of the Han Dynavty
2,000 years ago. What is te-
markable is the facrt thqt Jasmin
had no opportunity to even see
.a pRotNgrph of eaNly Jie

or Mongolian art. T"he 'figurines
he fasione in a t oin y Cs aille at m

tion than his own imagination.
Today noted art experts shake
their heads in bewilderment '
over Jasmin's Oriental looking .
lions ancl fierce dogs, muttering
vague theories of re-incaran,-
ston o <,

Jasmir's story is simple arv l'
heart-rendig. He was born in ,
Grande Riviere du Nord but can-t
Continued on Page 14

Grand Rivere cii Nrdbucan



Page 2

M. Armando Carvallo, repre-
sentative of the Cuban Aviation
Company, met with the Port au
Prince Press in the Office of
Tourism Tuesday morning .to
talk of his firm's new flights t.o
Haiti and the effect it shou.'d
have on inter-island travel.
The airline official said the
price of the flight from Port au
Prince to Santiago, Cuba, would I

be placed low enough to encour-
age visits back and forth be-
tween our neighbouring Repub-
Ucs and thus strengthen the ties
of friendship of our two Peoples.
Members of the Haitian Pre s
were offered a courtesy round -
trip flight at their convenience
by the Cuban Aviation Com-.
pany. A much appreciated gps-

Opens At Paramount Tonight
A powerful motion picture on clump of blooms to another but

racial prejudice opens tonight
at -the Paramount Theater. I
is called .The Pit,. and is in -x
traordinarily good 'aste in I'

dramatic presentation of its mi,
happy theme.
The story takes place in
small town in the United State
. where apparently whites and Ne
*-;'groes live-together in harmony
The opening scene shows a litEl
eightyear-old. Negro girl, Caro
line, picking flowers in a field(
She dashed_ happily from on

.'. .. .
,. .

,. ..-Y. tue P.avee
AIr the Electrical Appliances
,.,.." you need.

t suddenly disappears from, viiw
t as though the earth swallowed
- her.. She has fallen in an abin-
s doned well.
1, The mysterious disappearance
of the little girl upsets the en-
a tire town. Suspicion eventually.
falls on the white nephew of the
communtiy's leading industrial-
ist who was seen earlier that
e day giving the little girl a few
posies. Gossip swirls through
both the Black and White neigh
bourhoods unleashing the re-
pressed feelings of both. soc-
tions of the, community. The
ugliest aspects of Racial Preju-
dice come to the fore -- the Po-
lice are helpless .against ) the
threat qf an' all-out riot.' 'Hate
and fear fill the air.
Suddenly a stray dog comes
across the trapped child and
barks until he attracts the at-
tention of a passerby. Black's
aj'd whites tm.nite immediately in
a desperate fight 'to rescue the
s.a.l! .hild without precilptit-
it g a caVe-in which -would smo:
their hei. The man directing
the operations is .the same per-
son who had .formerly been ac-
cused of being her murderer.
The plot is based on an actual
rescue of the same type which
filled the -headlines of. American
papers several years ago. Dos-
pite its melodramatic overtones
it is stirring because of the
sincerity of its actors. A movie
thait-should not be passed up.

French Radio Men
c.Csvier 150tib Fete
-,' Ith. Hotel OJofisun for' a
""ree-day visit were Mr.. M,,x
Petit and MAurice Georges 'Fau-
re, Caribbean representatives of
France Presse and Radiodiffu-
sionr Frangaise. They. stopped in
Haiti after covering Queen Eli7a-
beth's.visit to Janaica. While in
Port au Prince they arrang-'d
fnr coverage of-the 150,Annive'r-
;-i. rF'te.

A cocktail party was hel
day evening in. the Cl
Building Headquarters
U.S. Mission to Haiti to
duce three important
from the Institute of
American Affairs. They
ed :

Latin American Agric
Advisor Edwin Astle, a ru
dit specialist formerly t;
in Uruguay and now in W
ten. He left Tuesday f
where he will look over th
nlan programmes.
Rural Education special
Fitzwater who is spend
next two weeks surveyin
ti's progress in his field
now be is in Cayes and
from there to Jacmel an
oits points in the proving
Mr. Eugene Clay, Dire
the Northern Diviskm o
Latin-American Aid Prngi
The recently appointed off
calling, on Haiti as part
aget-acquainted tour- of tl
tral American nations uni
supervision. He spent, th
in -the Artibonite Valley 1
over the Bois Dehors ar



d Mon-
of the
Inter -

iral ere
ation'- i
for Pio
e farm

list Dr.
ng 'he
ig Hai-
will go
d vari-
actor of
)f the
ficial is
of his
he Cmn-
der lJis
e we-k
ea and

in Cayes where other Irrigation

projects have restored unrra'llu
land. He leaves next Tuesday.

Madame Antoine Garrand -
the former Cleante David is
in prison awaiting trial on cha'-a-
es of attempted infanticide.
Early Wednesday morning, "o
member 25th, she tried
rid of her recently born baby
Ib' throwing it in a cesspool. .
Neighbours alerted yells
along Avenue Magloire Am-
1:roise saved the child's life.


The-Santa Fe brothers left
Cap-Haitien Thursda3 morning
and cycled to Port au,Prince, ar-
riving Friday afternoon 1:20.
,,The cyclists spent the night at
Pont Sonde.
Ohn the invitation of. their
congenere Jacques Clement the
Santa Fe brothers remained ;n
the capital and yesterday after-
noon gave a cycling exhibition.
ar a mass meeting in Magloire
City [St Martinl.

B. F. Goodrich
Tuck and
Tractor Tires


~ ~ -
Porl ad Prince

A Cayes
BOUCARD & CO., Jacmel





S. -
-i" i




i ^ ... .... .. *,',:i ..,*. .,.: .*... ;*;-\... ",-. .< ..^ ^ ^ *,...;.,: i !/ ,% ..:L ,. :- .. :.:",-", .- "

Cuban Airline To Boost

d nalsIr etnI Travel .

Three VIPs From The Institute Of

Inter American Affairs Visit Haili


. In


*ii _____ ^ ___




Rue Danties Desloshes.
Pour 'iarqiier 1'iuiiuguration de sa nouvelle installation ORGANISE :




ae-i lots sont des plus int4ressants. /ugez en vous memes.

luc rLx : Un Radio Philips 1954 Super M, Modble BX535A, 7 tubes
--4 bands
2o Pri. : Un Radio Philips 1951 Super M. ModIle BX427A, 5 tubes
4 bandes
3n, ot 4o Prix : Un Rasoir Electrique Philips a deux ttles
50 et Go Prix Une lampe Infrarouge Philips
7o et 80 Prix : Un' jeu complete de lumiere pour bicyclette [Jeu
Philir mld rvn rr m -n xn # t A

.. : L-LJIILU~ynet] Udynamo~t -- la!.mpeU a1\ant et arriere
.,lp.;9 au 26 D~cembre 1953 toute personnel ayant acheth au Showroom de la Cturaca{ Trading recevra tu',numbro qui lui. donne droit
. A. ~ariciper A la Loteri.e qul aura lieu le 27 Decembre au cours du Prog anime Radio T1heitre au Cin6 Paramount.

,. .,

I *

' *' h
.'* *" -

'. *

3-- i :,-


N'; '

La Curarao Trading tenant compete de son volume de ventes dans le- appareils de Radio qu'elle a enregistr6 au course de 1'anriee
1953 se propose, dans le but d'encourager les acheteurs de demain d'accorder de meilleures conditions pour les appareils Super M .
1951. No ez bien que la nbuvelle taxe des Radios est intcgralement pav6e par la Curagao Tradfng Co. et non par les acheteurs. Nouis
reprenons en change n'importa quelled marque de Radio centre un nouvel apparel Philips. ,

Unie vraie revolution dans lpente des Radios en Haiti ,
Visitez notr9 imn-tillafiort -'Re T nt es Dest'ouches
Demandez une Demonstration sans autune obligationn de 'otre part.


* -,, /%





Do hombreuses personnel pensent quo la radio a attelnt
la perfection. Loin de la! Le conlraire sat prouvb par
l4e d6couvertes seneationelles plates rbcemment par
Philips. L'une de callesci eat toe nouvealp tobinage
- 6quiph d'un moyau do Ferroxueboe.

Ce bobinage, plus petit mals plus etlicace, est r6ellement
une revolution. Son noyau de Ferroxcuje, le nouveau matk-
riau super magnetique, concentre et conduit les courants
magnetiques dans voire poste de radio. Ceci veut dire:
pratiquement aucune perte dans les circuits accords. Voila
pourquoi les nouveaux pastes Philips ont un circuit d'une
remarquable qualitA, donnant un degr6 beaucoup plus ilev6
de sensibility et de s6lectvitb, -

BX 327 U
Super trols games lous. courants
Cinq tubes. Prise do pick-up.
Contrlle do tonallt6 ; deun

Ceci n'est quo I'une des
nombreuses noueautes
de la series des poses ra- .
dio Philips 1954
D'autres caractiristiques
Importantes sent:
w Antenne incorporee laut-parleur-
Super M Tube do sortie dynamid|u6
* Etage H F Etalement de band
* Nouvel oell magique
Demandez'- votre magasin habituel une demonstration et'
le catalogue attrayant en couleurs qui tousdonnera tous les
details sur les nouveaux Pastes Philips de 1954.

I --F

Ba'115 U
Cinq tubes. Trots versions dilf6rentes.
Haute sensiblllw. Grande pulusance
do s Foacuoqtin M r resmaouuxs.


Philips est tdujours votre meilleure acquisition


a a

Page &

Quelques 'points nouveaux de la series Radios Philips Super M 1954

La denomination Super M indique le champ Electrique et ManCllique. Nous pouvons donic lire Super Magnetiaue"

Quielles sent les sp6cialitls de la s6rie Supeq 1954

lo Une plus grande sensibility
2o UL.e recherche plus facile des Stations
3o Elirrinat.ion tofale de l'anteinne extNrieure
Ao Un nouveau type de Haut Parleur daris chaqye apparel
50o Elimination des interf6ren6es, du Secteur avec un Ferrocapteur
60o. Une plus grande puissance de Sortie
7o Les appareils-mixtes sont pourvus d'un dispositif pour rechar--
ger la batterie automatiquement. Ce dispositif faith parties de
1'appareil meme.


A l'intention de ses clients du Mercredi 9 au Dimanche 27
)6cembr- et Leur present la nouvelle serie de Radios.

I ^fI.
'M '
* d

I r


i i I





* -I ':

4 7-nw-- ~ tr..t, '~. r



Among the distinguished guess
at the hotel Choucoune this pa
week were Jack Simon, Pre
dent of Dearborn Steel and t
beautiful wife, Sandra. Jac
a homee de lettres' and Sa
dra, a patron of the arts Co
aired down on a tail wind fro
Chicago Sunday and stopp
over to patronize the opening
Faiti's unique roof garden W.
ntsday evening.
Other edistinguesa visit
who stopped over for the ope
irg of -the roof garden include'
Louis and Pearl Goldberg, co
genial owners of Chicago's Sen
ca hotel and Canadian Ace Bre
tug Ccmpany, among other
things. Myron and Phyllis, Mi
mi Vice Presidents of the Can
dian-Ace Breving Company, an
Harry and Selma Price from th
produce business in Patteryo
New Jersey.
Jean-Baptiste Alexis and Jea
.' Jerre Toussaint are behind. pi
" son bars this weekend. Bot
men were arrested by sub-lie
tenant Aubin Gramond at Ci
Vincent when they came t
| blows the evening of DecembE
S'Jean-Pierre Toussaint recei
&' ed several blows on 'the hep
from the coco macaqueS'
Jean-Baptiste" whose shirt wv
tcrn to pieces by Jean-Pierre.

E^ .. ; r

Solitaire Shoe Polish de Lux
gives shoes a four-fold beau
treatment -,cleans dirt from ti
pores preserves and nourish
waterproofs w and polish
with a long-lasting brillia
shine. Makes new shoes last f
years,-. old ones shine like ne'
In all fashionable shades for a;

S_ vSeH POLl
4.. a* ; S r sMn' .
AL ,,: ,,_

Excl sive Agent in Haiti
On sale at all Better
Stores. '
<:. .* ;

asti Joseph report
i- II
The burglar who knocked off,, successfully, Mr. James' ma-
hogany shop in Bois-Verna was nabbed by the ever vigilant
Recherches Criminelles in Aux Cayes. He was identifi-'i
as Gregoire with a sizeable police record.
n: Nancy Hamburg of the Press section of the American Broal-
ie- cas;tng system arrived at the Oloffson bv the SS Ancon laft
,-v weekend for a fortnight vacation and search for magazine
er articles ... a 4-4 Mens' Bowling Team has sprouted at T..a
a- Plantation Dauphin. The boys on the farm have a regulation
a- alley, automatic pin setter and get their 5 cents a game bank
id in liquid form ... Sailor guest: Gosh, I'm sure thirsty. Hostess:
he I'll get you some water. Sailor. I said 'thirsty, not 'dirty,...
n, Po t-au-Prince and Gonaives are going to be securely linked
by a -peciaJ telegraph system for the anniversary celebra-
tions ... Minocal Seide. a hot-headed chap, is now standing
n- trial for dealing blows to. Anne-Marie Jean-Jacques. The in-
ri- cidc.nt,took place November 25th ... Victor Stephen has be-
th come a Haitiah citizen ... The arrival of Emperor Dessalin-s
u- has been postponed in Rome as a leg of his horse was broken
te in moving operations ... Ti Charlot and two friends were in-
to jured and shocked when their Plymouth did a series of back
er flips on the Croik des Missions road Sunday afternoon. The
automobile was dragged to town looking more like i ground-
v- ed 'flying saucer- than automobile ... The air-borne flying
id saucers that trailed smoke across the sky 11:30 a.m. Monday
of morning Port-au-Princiens have been told were nothing but
as US Air Force Thunderjet F 8? pyomenading ... Sonora Ma-
tancera is reported returning fon her third visit with the
conjunto and their 'La Bella Cubanas for the Independence
oelcbratinns ... Haiti is among the 33 countries which have
adhered to the General Agreement on Customs Tariffs ...
,i i Next door -at the 'Ligue Feminine d'Action -Sociale, was a
startling exhibition of ladies' chapeaux..' Mile Cicy PoLux
is responsible for the creations ... Mr. Leon St. Remy of
ty Gonaives has purchased sixty camp beds for the use 1'
es friends who will enjoy turkey with him New Year's eve in
es the City of Independence. Son Pierrot is camp superinten-
or dent ... Vic Lampson is at Firestone head office in Akron,
all Ohir, making his annual report .,..'Daniel Santos, Puerto Pi-
can singer well known in Haiti, was the recipient of six
*j 'bullets over a woman in Mexico this past w6ek. Funeral
services are to be held in San Juan ... Felix Vieux went to
Miami Thursday ... Nonoe Peters is inviting his customers
to order bonne heures their delicious Christmas and New
Year chicken 'pates. ... Edouard %Craan flew to Miami' Mon-
day ... Mines Sylvanie Perpigan and' Lucienne Joseph qr-
Ived from Cuba by CCA this week ... Justin Paul was re-
-: erred to the- justice this week for trying to perpetrate a
theft at the Argentine Embassy ... Dentist and M*s. Paul
Sejoume hlve returned from their Mexican 'sejour- ...


Affable Daniel Th6ard has re-
signed as Chef de Protocole for
reasons of health. He recently
returned from the United States
where he underwent extensive
medical treatment.
His Excellency the Ambassai--
or of Cuba and Senora Arce af-
fered a dinner at their home ;n
Avenue du Chili last evening
for the Minister of Foreign Af-
fairs Pirrre Liautaud
Mr. Franck Magloire. Direc-
tor of *Le Matin', has been do-
corated by the French govern-
inent with the order ,Medail!e
d'Officier d'Academie., The A.fh-
bassador of France accompanied
by Mr. Simon Lando of the
French Institute handed the de-
coration Thursday morning to
the publisher.
The new American Vice Con-
sul, Mr. Stephan Johnson, arriv-
ed last Saturday aboard the S.S.

Mr. Emmanuel Leconte, In-
spectin of Haitian Consulates
and Embassies in Europe, arriv-
ed from Paris last weekend.
Mr Rafael Aparicio Larraor-
do, the debonnaire, First Sec-
reta'ry of the Guatemalan Lega-
tion here, flew to Kingston Tues-
day on a visit.
The schooner Tepee became
highly diplomatic ind interna-
tional last weekend and under
the command of Captain Crandal
sailed forth to Park Bay Conaf
island. Aboard were: Alberto
Perez Saez, Minister of Peru,
Manuel Dagnino, Ambassador
for Venezuela, Luis CanulU, At-
tache of the Argentine Embassy,
Carlos Valenzuela, Charge d'Af-
faires of the Argentine Embas-
sy, Gonzalo Fernandez de Cor-
dcov. Ist Secretary of the Spin-
ish Embassy.
Robert and Florence Folsom
are back from their fortnight
vacation in San Juan.

FRIDAY from 8 to 12

Featuring: ((The Ministrels

of the Caribbean))
(Choeur Dejean)
Haiti's Unique 40 Voice Chorus
S (Singing exclusively at Ibo Lele)
A TUESDAY, from 8 to 12

The Famous Ibo Lele Orchestra
Reserve Your Table.
Andre Roosevelt,

', .' : i
,x:Go. I
*' t.J

y. .: .-. ...)<~ 7.'-
*A."...v,..;.' :. ,.L

pp'. .4

In The Diplomatic Circle

.i,'Same oze. a.r e. or..



,* : .


Por-au-Prinden Reports

On Queen's Visit To Jamaica

,When Henry Bermingham re- like this: Everything was going
turned from Kingston this week smoothly. The sun was bright
he told the aSun, he had nev r overhead. The people were cheer
witnessed anything like the wel- ing and exultant. The launch
come Jamaica gave Queen Eliza was waiting. The S.S. Gothic -
beth and the Duke of Edinburgh. acting Royal Yacht rode ma-
He said Kingston was complete jestically out in the harbour.
pageantry and summed up the And all eyes were on the Queen
Jamaicans',feellng for the Queen as she walked along the Port
%* ith .a description of a" cartoon Royal military ground smiling at
that appeared in a daily news- those who cheered her.
paper. In the cartoon, he snid. There was no warning. It hap-
was a man with his hand wrap- pbned so quickly that it, was al-
ped up. Asked whether be had most over before it had begun.
injured his hand "the man re- 'Warren Kidd who had a place
plied: *I ain't.going to wash that by the ropes guarding the parade
' land again, nor shake.another ground, took off his cream linen
. .ahd, this is the hand that shook' jacket, was' under the ropes in
"the hand of the Queen., a flash and had thrown it in the
pathway of the Queen. He threw
Another incident Hei ry is re- back himAelf as if in a jitterbug
telling in colourful Creole is an frenzy.
incident which created one big Brigadier Jackson was even
. departuree in the three-day pro- qUicker than Kidd Before the
gramme, arranged for the astonished constables by the
4ffeen's visit and was sent wing- ropes had time to act,' the Bri-
.ing abound the world by foreign gadier ha'd dived for the coat,'
news coirespdndents who seized flung it away and pushed Kidd
an opportunity to report some- back with a straight arm right
thing which was not on the for- into the hands of a policeman.
mal I.programme.. It happened He resumed his plate just be-

*flAIlTI 3Tl,.

hind thp Queen, unruffled.
While all this was happening
the Queen kept on walking with-
out a falter in her step, still
When the Queen had departed
Kidd was booked on a charge
of lunacy and held for medical
He is reported to have said he
belonged to no cult, no sett, no
group That it was a historical
occasion for Jamaica and he'
wanted the Queen to walk on
his coat:
No one knew whether or not
be was trying' to follow in Sir
Walter Raleigh's footsteps. Le-
gend has it that Raleigh is said
to have gained entrance to the
Royal Court and into Elizabeth's
favour by taking off his coat
and laying it across a puddle of
mud which was in the Queen's



The four ships of war nof
U.S. Navy in Port this week
are; the USS Everglades,
USS Kenneth. D. Bailey, the I
Anteres and the USS ('utlas

Haiti Considers "
Participation In
Central American
Olympic Games In March

Haiti is seriously considering
entering the Central American
Olympic Games to be held this
year ip Mexico mid-March. La-t
year a Haitian football team ind
weightlifting squad received fa-

The new addition to SONACO's f
machines is this EC10 Tournacr
the Sonaco headquarters on the .rp
end which can lift 10 tons without a
the pieces and' was assembled in thr
USS. co's ace mechanic engineer Eric'
s of attention Wednesday evening
into J.immy Plinton's dry cleanii





left to benefit in the


which we offer until December 15, 1953



You Get Belter Service

If You Shop Early.


t Trip'

SNew Yorl

Ask For Reg

[ ,,

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.. .'. .' "- .. -.
i8-:',,. ;'A ..e:.,a .-, ,..,., ,.. ',,_. :-_- ,.., ..,. *, .

in our







-------.--.-!- y.4

vourable mention at the Olym- '
pics held in Guatemala.
Spearheading this movement is *
the bureau of Sports. Which
attempting to organize a football,
weightlifting, volleyball track', ,
and field teams. All efforts are
being made to secure thq servi '
ces of the famous U.S. field'and.
track coach Yancey to put the '3
athletes in trim. .

family of heavy tine-saving*-
ane photographed in front of" .'
position The big Tourriadrafne .
rny problem, arrived here in ten'. ',
we days on the wharfz by Sona- :'...
Cane. The crane was center ,.
'hern it moved heavy machiner. ". :
ng plant on. the Grand'rue" ... -.



a I'I ions.

Ji o
one~~~~~~ ploo4a*e Inf^nto

osition* The big' Tourdacra

T ''".
10 *- 1|

k Free )

, .','EST.*; .-.**'-.- .h A Sr


' I

. J'


Do You Know Haitian Art ? a dozen La
STHE EARTHLY PARADISF. painted the artist was 71 yea,'s tries, said I
by Wilson Bigaud was the ta- old. about -Yank
bleau that appeared in. this col- Wilson Bigaud was born in .There is
umn last Sunday. Port au Prince, January, 1931 us in these
That painting and lives at present in Bolos3e can do a lot
represents with- with his wife and three small the Senator
out doubt the children. He is a very steady -I am firmly
Highest point vet worker, frequently painting lite result of my
*. reached by a into the night by the light of a devote much
H. large daylight. bul. Bigaud ecm bettering our
Haitian popular
no longer be considered a 'pri- Latin Amerih
sel taught motive, painter, although he is
painter. In many
painter m an entirely self-taught one. His aWe have
Biaud I technical ability in drawing, corn minimum att
respects it is comparable td ,he abt r rn tries in dispt
masterpieces of early Italian. vice. I thin
able and he is a brilliant, hqndl.- vice I thi
painting It can also b co of light. He is represented in disproportion
ed with the work of the ce the permanent collection of the for such ser
brated French -Sunday Painter-. useum of Modern Ar. New the world a
'* Le Douanier Rousseau. The York and in many import t that situ
York and in many important
artist devoted 2 months to 'he private collections in the Unitad The Senate
conception of the painting and tates. ed by two d
k three and a half months to it __of Dr. Milto
execution. report to th
e Anniversary Of
The painting was exhibited in The.Discovery brother or
the Carnegie International at Of Haiti Tday tour of ten
Pittsburgh in 1952 of the 300 pie- Today is. the 461st anniversary countries las
tures exhibited, this painting re- of the discovery of Haiti by Dr. Eisenlh
B ceived, nirith place in the popu- Christopher Columbus of Genoa. -
'lar vote of more than 125.000-vi- The outstanding navigator land-
sitors. Ed at Mole Si-Nirvolas Pecemb-T.r
At the time this picture was 6th, 1492.,
I U.S. Senator reports.:


,' WASHINGTON. Nov. 23 tral Ameriea a problem' be
S[euter] : said, demanding greater action
Senator Bourke A. Hicken- by the'United States.
J looper, Reptiblican, Iowa, said Hickenlooper, just back -from
today that there is a every se- an inspection tour of United
rious, Communist threat in Cen- States information operations in
."..: .... _________SEVATOR h

to crown th.f -'i-ffect moment, of
pleasant coni'.a:ionship. One of many
occasions fqr,.drinking Hennessy.

S. i bsekh Nadai and Co., Ifstribubtrs "


I ,

tin American coun-
ie found agitation
:ee imperialism.,
a basic respect for
countries which we
about developing,'
said in Interview.
y convinced as t.he
trip that we should
more attention to
x relationships with

been giving only
mention to these coun
ensuing technical ad-
k wehave spent a
ate share of funds
vices elsewhere in
id we should rea'd-
or's remarks follow-
ays .the publication
on S. Eisenhowpr's
ie President his
" a two-month study
South American
t summer.
lower, President of



Pennsylvania State University,
recommended greater economic
co-operation between the United
States and its southern neigh-
Senator Hickenlooper said he
regarded Communist encroach-
ments in Guatemala as posing
a ,very serious threat.* But he
said he believed progress '.as
being made in convincing the
surrounding area that the United
States did not wish to interfere
in their free choice of govern-

Saturday at 5 p.m. Mr Pradel
Pompilus, Director of the Ecrile
Normal Superieure,. lee.ured av

the Trianon circle. His confer-
ence entitled : *Meditation a la
veillp du Tricinquantenai-re 'le

A reception followed the con-

When you come to Cap-Haitien en route to mighty
cCitadelle La Ferriere>, make your stay comfort-
/able at the new Hotel MONT-JOL.
Here awaits you a new and attractive develop-
ment atop Carenage Hill, overlooking a resplendent
harbour. .
A fabulous spectacle : ibight from your window
in our spacious and airy rooms, you may have. a pre-
view of the Citadblle in the fiery setting sun.



--. ..'.


-~ -. .: .:*.



e U Po w Lp.. eghi.
,^ Mm wMght-44.200 Ilb. Diesel
Gmad D- i. m-g y-30,000 L.
Safely'tm hndpduut iRa Boom HoWT
Co sfrvieas a Dragline,
C!am el. TamI Home., DWr aWmd Cram.
e* Positive Clii Crowd for Shomv
Adfd. Sam md Suism. -d.a.ym -
Distributor in Haiti CHARLES FEQUIERE
54 Rue Boux Tel: 3279 2245,- 5,173

- U--.--
I- ~


::IL: I N Kt*..,B:E LT,::::::
............ ... ...


-uase t.




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.1^ NPRI .1

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tioners. You get this Extra Quality w]
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er ~ Do,,a '
hen you,


I, ...
S.i .lt
,. i if..:-..'.:","'" -: :.,: : .'.

"Lev6 Sou o
"Lever sou ou bon pied, in
the morning is one of the be:t
known ways of making the day
* We all' need to 'rang6 corps
nou with a few physical or men
tal daily dozens while ,n'np
chasser' our bad dreams of last
night out of our systems and,
thinking of the great possibili-
ties 'of what we can araliser.
before next pay day.

*Ampile moune steal those
precious last ten minutes of
sleep and then break the speed
limit with their *d6jeuner. and
caf-., and -commencer, the cdy
with a handicap of 'inentMl 'J.-
cers. Then they asaisil why
frustration has set her pallid
mark upon them.


--... 71

n hbon Pied))
*Essayer'lever* ten minutes '
api bonne heures every morning '
and reading inspiring words from
Emerson cou, Racine cous St.. ;1.
John with your coffee, you'll be -
*etonn&e at the attitude of.poise ,.
and serenity with which you'll" -
meet those dragons -qui g&ne"
ou during the day. *
uEvidemment, the battle of
life would .be -monotones f
there were ho obstacles to cornm- .
bat. But victories we can win if 'we. rre
prepared to play the -game
qtuand P'heure pa nou arrive* 4,s .".
Life rings no scut -
.occasions seulement., This is .
the land of opportunity. for those .
who get off on the right foot In
-the morning and keep goizig'a cor-
rectement, [right] all day. ,
lo _d




Haiti Playing A More Constructive

Game, Says Jamaican Manager
of grown athletes their bedtime time before Jamaica has such a

hour and what they should do
S- and what they should not do.
", ,He is quiet-spoken, well-groomed
W. Keith Brown, Treasurer of
The swiftest way ,the Jamaican Football Associa-

A dapper civil servant who
divides his time between : the
office, putting the Football As-
sociation on a better financial
,basis, enjoying the sport from
the side line and his pretty
wife and two daughters, Micheie.
aged 9, and Daria, ten weeks.
W. K., who observed his wed-
ding anniversary here Friday
-- the wife observed the event
S at home in Kingston with the
,. children started kicking the
football around while he was
knee high. At Kingston Col-
Slege his kicking became expert
and he captained the football
team as well as a track team.
On leaving College Fie went to
the famed Melbourne Cricket
Club where he kept off the cric-
ket 1itch.but played football for
the, next 15 years. Today in his
.The thi tie me early thirties he has retired from
Thethriftiest the field of combat and is secre-
*:" N-W tary of the Melbouirne Club. He
N o told Your Reporter that the Ma-
I -'gloire Stadium' is tops and he
explained holy it will be some
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rican's famous "Thrift Sea-
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i "mlnutas Flying
R4 time...daily First .
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see your Travel Agent or
!,::- P A W~ AnXT[r ,

;e ..' Experienced Airline From 8 P.M. to
Rue Dantes Destauches aort.-au-Princ. Orches
Telephones: 3451 and 2522* Ontsfa
Save time and money- use, -ENTERTAIN
PiwMail and Air ParcelPest
,. ,. S.. ac.- *.

". :.. .:.-' .""k'... "
.. ;...... ..,. .; ., .. : .: t ... .. .,.; -. .. .. .




i Room-

I A.M. -
ending Artists
ore Show


The man who managed the
Jamaican team during their
visit was not the type you would
expect to'find telling a bunch

Colombia Soccer Team
To Arrive Thursday
The -Atletico Nacional de Me-
dellin,, a professional Colombia
soccer team, is scheduled to ar-
rive Thursday ancd play a series
cOt-three matches: 12th, 14th and
16th with the national selection.


Grand Hotel


On sale at: Bichara -
Docors have Izmer ,. .Au Linco1n,
been ecommendlw. Bazpv de la' Poste,
Cupp,'s "BY M
ho, ._ 1.if O' -w Bazar National, Geor-
byq sI.- ges C-Coles. Maison
Simon .Vieux, Mme
SJoseph Maglio, Bazar


usi Oe Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513

4 A .... '.

cage S

stadium as each club in Jamaica
has its own grounds and niaich-
es are alternated between the
grounds of the various clubs.
This is Mr. Brown's third trip
to Port. In 1944 he first saw
the green mountains of Haiti en-
rotute to Turks Isl.1and where as
a government accountant he
audited the government's books.
Hle is high in his praise'of Hai-'
ia= football. He feels it has
improved a great deal since he
visited the country last year.
-Today Haitia,'he said, ais play-
ing a more constructive foot-
ball-, and added that the Vio-
lette side that recently visited
Kingston was one of the best

..&. .-.~i.

ever seen in Jamaica. Mr. Brown? .. -,-,.*.
knows the game. He saw the top THE FINEST
English teams when he studied Adding Machines
internal audit in the city of Calculating Machines
Bristol for 6 months in 1951 Cash Registers
He also travelled abroad in "
1946 to witness the Caribbean* Z
Olympic Games in Baranquilla,

Saint Louis de Gonzague
To Play St. George's
In Jamaica
Twenty-six young athletes of4
SPint Louis de Gonzague acconim.-
panied by two sportsmasters will ..
pay a return visit to the Saint
George's Catholic College in ''HE NATIONAL CASH '
Kingston, Jamaica, this month. REGISTER CO.
The schoolboys will play a e-. Agent in Haiti:
ries of three football'games and LOUIS DECATREL & SONS
participate in a track and field" ?P.O. Box 596
contest for .a cup donated by
Jocelyn McCalla, a former St.
George's student.
The group which will leave De-
cember 14th and return on the
23rd will be accompanied by Di-
r~ector of the Bureau of Sports.
Mr Felix 'Baker, and a 'monf-
tPur. of the Bureau of Sports,
Mr. J. Clinton, who is responsible
for training the Gonzague boys.
Lt. Max Deetjens, sports writer r
for aLe National*, has also beei
Invited to make the trip.


By T.
Continued fr

As I closed the door behind
F ',me, I looked around the bath-
JToom, It. was- empty. The three
i.racketeers had. vanished into-
thh air. Beria was up to his
trucks again.
' .F6r an instant I was perplex
e. only for an instant. Then
.I was dumbfounded.
.. -When I am dumbfounded I
fstrt to ponder. I had ,baiely
stated when a miniature atomic
.explosion took place in my head,
an intuitive explosion. It was as
if all the convolutions of my
brain had coalesced in a flash.
- In that flash I saw what had
happened, and -knew what I had
: to do to save Haiti.
The brave racketeers -were
.I-standing in the bathtub, hiding
.behind the shower curtain!
Slipping the key out of the
'lock, I stepped back into the
.bedroom, and locked- the bath-
Srqoni door. As I did so I heard
muffled.voices inside. My intul-
Stion has -not failed me.

Taking' the key from the lodk.
'-I turned, and saw Mrs. Walgren
Scrawling from ..the trunk on her
hands and knees. This once
d.s vital woman was now
a ^ e object. One "side of
her face was swollen twice. its
normal size. At first I thought
she had a toothache. But then
I remembered. It was the heel
of my shoe which had caused
the facial disfigurement.
I felt no remorse. The woman
%had villified and maligned me,
recommended me as a willing
tool to gangsters and a wild
. beast from Russia. She deserv-
ed punishment.
Lifting her hands from the
floor, she knelt before me in an
attitude of prayer. 'Please don't
hit me again. Mr. Grant'. she
pleaded. aI can explair every-
I doubted her. But I am a rF.-
sonable man. -Deciding to Ilet
her talk I said, 'Explain and do


3 Grant
'om last week

it quick. I have work to do.-,
She began, 'A friend of mine
introduced me to Costello and P
Guzik in a. Miami night club.
'They were looking for some one
who knew the country. I did not
know that they were gangsters a
She went on for ten minutes un-
folding the plot to me.
% They had forced her under
threat of death to go to Haiti
and meet Beria. She had to re-
commend a front man. She had
recommended me because, in her
own words, I knew that yo-
were the only man who had
enough courage and intelligence
to cope with them and foil their
plans., As she said this tears
flowed from her eyes and roll-
ed down her cheeks, those on
the left side taking longer, as
that side was swollen.

' For the third time that night -
I felt a strange urge within me,
a strong inner compulsion, i
stronger than my will. To-
'strong to resist.
I'stooped and raised her to
her feet? I took her in my arms.
I pressed a passionless, brother-
ly kiss on that swollen cheek, on
that poor bruised flesh, that
miniature monumbrit to my stu-
There was no reaction in Mrs;.r
Walgren. She hung in my arms
like a long liverwurst sausage.
You know, flexible and'spicy. .tr
was time for me to go to work
Time to forget sex. I seldom
think about it, anyway. 0
From now on this story is go-
ing to be strictly a relation of
what took place. By that, I
mean what happened. I promis.-
ed to conclude it in this'issue of
'Haiti Sun- and I will keep that
promise.-whether you like it or
Have you ever held a long
liverwurst sausage in your arms?
If not, take my advice. Don't
try it.
I dropped Mrs. Walgren She

Ip lpag
- -------__________

stopped flexing and quivering,
grabbed a chair, slumped into it.
She reminded me of the way
Edith Efron sits down. Insou-
ciant like, you -know.
I strode to the trunk ani
pulled it fully open. What I ha'l
expected to find was there, in-
side. A revolver, a coil of rope
and a corpse. Having no use
for the corpse I left it there,
taking only the rope and th?
gun. The trunk. I left open. I
wanted Costello and Greasy to
see what was in it when I had
them in my power, as they ?ay
in the Comics.
Mrs. Walgren stirred in -er
chair. 'That's Beria's Indian
rope,* she said '
I took hold of one end 'and
threw if up to the ceiling. It
fell back to the floor. No rigiJ-
ity whatever. The secret ,was
not in the rope. But I had a
use for it. -
Handing the revolver to Mrs..
WiAalgren, I asked her If he
knew how to use it. -Yes*, she
replied. -Every girl in Swed'n
I[ taught how to shoot.' That
was the first time she ever ga''e
me a hint as to her nationality.
-I am going to bring those
bums out of the bathroom, one
by one,, I told her. If they
make a false move, shoot them
She smiled. -Please let me
shoot them even if they don't
make a move,* she said.
I am not an exponent of un-
necessary slaughter. I repeate'l
my instructions. Then I slitbh-
ered to the bathroom door, un-
locked it and flung it wide open.
*Come out. Costello, with your
hands up,. I called in a firm

There was a rustling, sh'if-
fling sound in the bathroom.
Then CosAello appeared, 11ii;
"hrnds ahove his head
Mrs. Walgren kept ,he revol-
xer trained upon him. I led h m
to a chair. and with a few twis-ts
of the rope, bound him secure]v
I called Greasy, and in a tri-c.
he was roped in a chair. Was h
I never carry a gun. The P)-
lice Department requires a depo-
sit of ten dollars before issuing
a permit. That is too mur'h
money to be tied up. So I car-y
a razor, an old fashioned raz7ar
like the barbers use, in a poc-
-ket in my right sleeve. It slips
out, open, into my hand when I
need it.
I called Beria. He came on1
cringing Away from his ap
panages, etc., he was, as I sus
pected, a rabbit. Leading hin

to the center of the room, I said, I
'*You and -your Indian rope h
trick! I know a better one. Watch
this. s
Taking a table tennis ball t
from my pocket, I held it bh- I
tween my thumb and index fin- c
ger, high above his head. H-? t
tilted his head back to look at a
it. exposing his throat. As he a
did so I slipped the razor from
my sleeve and slashed at his
Peck, cutting the carotid artery p
and the vagus nerve just' below
the circoid cartilage. Cutting the i
vagus net've inhibits the action .
oF the heart, stops it in fact.
Death is practically instantane.-
ous, and there is almost no blend
ing. You see, I didn't want to i
spoil Mr. Nargil's floor. e
Beria collapsed. Frs. Walgren c
threw her arms around me and
cried, -My hero
I pushed her aside and turne.] I
to the two miscreants tied in
the chairs'.: I am going to turn
you over to the police,' I said.
,What they" do with you. I don't
care. But if ever you return to
Haiti you will get the treatment i
Beria just received.' I
Turning to Mrs. Walgren, I
asked 'Who was the Voice?,
"My husband,' she replied.
Beria wanted me, so he killed
him when I was down in the
Bamboche room with you. Beria
was not a gentleman.'
Poor woman, twice a widow.
I started for the door. I had
work to do. Out in the corri-
dor, I had a thought. Opening
the' door again, I looked in. M's.
'Valgren was putting lipstick on
her mouth. 'Mrs. Walgren,' I
asked, 'have you still got all t1'-.
money ,our first 6 husband 'oft
There was a touch of sadness.
in her voice as she answered.
*Yes, M Grant, and now I wiv1
inherit all the money the Vc":e
left. Ho was a rich man.'
I closed the door, went down
stairs and telephoned the Police.
'This is Nelson Rockfeller speak
ing,a I said. aI am here incog-
nito. Two murder. have be?'i
committed at the Hotel Riviera
tonight. You had better inves-,
tigate., Then I hung up, went
outside, sat in my car. .tarted
the engine and waited.
iWhen three police cars roared
in one end of the driveway, I
drove slowly out the other end,
home to bed.

All the next day I was ner-
vous. If Costello, Greasy or Mrs.
t Walgren talked too much, the
- police would be after me. I wan-
- dered all over town, looking for
Information. Nobody seemed to

4 -

" Time" & "Life"

The Leading Amnerican


-Are. Now On Sale At All


have heard of anything unusual
happening the night before,
When evening came I could
stand it no more. Driving out to
he Riviera, I walked into the '
Bamboche Room. Mr Nargil
:ame towards me, smiling in .
hat delightful way of his. Fo Ia
all right now, Mr. Grant? h, i
aYes, why not? I ansivbred.
-Oh. Nothing much, abe re-
plied. *Except that .you had
quite a- time here last night. In .
act, -you left.;..without paying .:Q
your 'bill. "
Was Mr. .Nargla kiddng me?
Did he know something?
I .:resolved to find out. Look- .1.:q
ng him right in the eye, I as k
ed, Has Mrs. Walgre'n-checked
out yet?' .
He stared, right hack at m. 'm
*Mrs. Wagren? Neve h.'lrd of
her. 'a '
It struck me that'" she h:.T .
changed her name when she
had married the -Voice. So I
said, 'The woman-in No. 12.U
-There has been no one in 13
for a week, he smiled. -_As .
matter of fact, we had sone
ien working, in there today.
Scraping the floor. It was rather
spotty. You would be surprised
at some ofi the things people ;:
spill on floors. It is one of the
problems 'of the-hOte business ..,
As he said all this he looked at
me in the most innocent man- '.4
I paid my bill and left, hbed-
ing straight for the home of Dr.
Peirce in Petionville. I found .
him there. I told him the whole
story, as I kn(.'w J could trust .AV
It '-all started with. the cigar-
ettes, at El Rancho, TommyD, he
said. -Do you happen to have
one left?'

I had been so worried alldlay
that I had forgotten all about, -
the throat soothing cigarettes. I
felt in my pocket. The rest of
the pack was there. I handed it
to him.
He took one of 'hmn, broke it
open and smelled-the filling.
Then he tasted it 'This is n't
Ru,ssian tobacco, Tommy,' he ,
said. 'This is marijuana. You
have been' having hallucinations,
my boy, dreams induced by the
drug. You imagined it all. None
of it ever happened.-
There was something else in
my pocket.. I took it out It was
a handkerchief. I showed it +o
him, saying, -You may be right, -
Doctor. But if you are, whe"e"-
did I get all this lipstick on my r
That perhaps, is something I
will never know.

-- '777. r~r wr7~ ....~ "~v~-~


uCan one conceive a more elegant, more comfortable,
more economical and a more solid car)?

4 -a


That statement, enhanced by one of the most charming smiles,
-was made by Mme Ernest Champana, direetress of a big small
industry workshop, and owner of a FORD RANCH WAGON for
over t year.



----------a w s w



Dinner Dance Every Friday
L' o.

Jazz Guignard A

i Please Reserve, your table.

S Tel. 7887.
--.-c----------- m--: -u -.- -
"*-*.,.. T .. ',

Denise Roizier Resigns
From Haitian American.
December Ist marked the re-
signation of Mile Denise Rouzier
as administrative assistant %'f
the Haitian American Institute.
The Institute expressed deep r -
gret at losing the services of
NMle Rouzier, thus severing *i
connection of more than cix
years standing.

During that time Miss Rouzihr
was secretary to three successive
directors; for the past 5 months
she has in addition to her own
duties carried on thp work of a
second administrative assistant.
On Friday, November 27th the
staff of the Haitian American
Institute held an informal coke
,and cookie pdrty for Denise at
the home of Mr Brown, the Ini-
titute Director. They presented
her at that time a small gift as
a token of their appreciation and
good wishes. Miss, Rouzier re-
signed for reasons of health.

Military Cadets
At Vertieres
. Monday morning cadets of the
Military Academy went on
manoeuvres at \Vertieres prepar-
ing their act for commemoration
of the, historical battle which
took place there November' 18h,


Post-graduate dentist of the Uni-
versity of Michigan, professor at
the Paculty of Port-au-Prince, of-
fers his services to the'public.
Bois-Verna, phone 5234 Consul-
tation hours-t 8 to 12 nooli, 3.
p.m. to C p.m.

t 'ee e 0 ecceece00 cc a

in Cool Kenscoff
For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
above sea'-level
Tet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the Capital


Ilnexcelled American French German Haitian I
Cuisine and Beverages ,

Le Picardie


Specialities -
Union soup
Pepper Steak
Escalloppe de Veau
Picardie -

For Reservations Tel. 7416. -- .. ...... .
l^ .%.a 2^: .-:.: L:: Z.::.^ >.,.-.2.::.r Naw .L:% ^.. ; : ..' .-.g..-....--U._-.:.-:2.5-..:z.wz z n:. r
1.11111111111111_________., A ,f


*.:: : ,.;' o ,.


i i'. '" '..:..
/ 'S

.. .//.,


,." .... !




Y I:, .." "' :."' ".":
. ,. .. 3. .. .
;m K,/-yi -.,/ :.- .,''' ,. ": -"< ":v..*



' al,,, J

m- mu




i sent along to Federation member
A Letter From The Publisher Andr6 Th6ard the letter we re-
WHITHER OUR NATIONAL SPORT ceived from the V.A.C confirm
'Why haven't the Championship Football matches for the ing agreement for 200 dal-
Pradel.Cup begun ? lars to be paid us after the first
.. Why aren't the teams practising? match. The payment principle
How are we going to finf new talent? was therefore established by the
These are iust a few of the questions we've overheard re directors of the V.A.C. themsel-
c'ntly concerning our National Sport. But the biggest one nf ,es
all is the question of whether we have any amateur football left I am disregarding the claim
;in Hailt. made in an article in -Le Nou-
Articles in the Dailies of the Capital this past week have velliste charging that .certain
,penly admitted that our Football 'players including school- .Haitian players put the higher
vys'- receive money for playing. Alid Andre Theard, Secre- interests of the nation below
'.'y of the present Football Committee, published a letter :n lat4 their own personal interests., I
l.,nday's -LE NATIONAL. promising a cash allocation to each believe I have proven my patrio-
of the players now selected for the football tournament sche- tism in keeping my nationality
dtled for this week with Colombia. despite certain advance's and

According to the rules of the Football Federation amato:'i telling people wherever I wept
'oyers who receive money are to lose their standing as arna- that I am Haitan even when I
.played on foreign teams in In-
eras. They are, by definition, Professional players, and should
Lernational Matches.
,e identified as such. w
I formally declare to those who
If we have placed o'ir National Sport on an oll-professional
i to hear that I am not at
d-'.ndinq, we should have regulations that cover the matter ,
-. Tal! decided to play football for
thoroughly. It seems to us that the players should havr an ovpn
the profit of certain individuals.
obligationn tp their employers except" when they are planning
I Another point :
*n all-star team selected for an international match. In thick
After the Gaetjens Zoupim
cese, it seems to us, they should be allocated certain fixed fees,
match the following amounts
,.' be decided upon under regulations of the Football Federation
were distributed to amateur
Lei us no longer abuse the amateur standing of our pla;'ra,.
players of the V.A.C. :
if the4 a-re to remain in this category. The Government has
Haig, eight dollars plus 10 dol-
done what it 'could by providing jobs for most of the good play- aig, eight dollars plus 10 d
I lars for X-rays;, Ti Jacques 10
ers so that they would not need to turn professional to gain
dollars remitted by Zeupim, Ker-
eating money. We must decide once and for all if our National
%. by and Blanchard 15 dollars re-
.'Sport shall be' mnqteur or professional. And in making the -
emitted by Joe Gaetjens to the
'choice we should remember that an amateur plays with his
prjes, -pasV.A.C. Treasurer Maxo Joseph.
Heart, a pr.fessjonal-plays with qn eye 'to hsQ. M etbook.i "
heart. ,a 'w ..t. h q .-": '" --- ... y"-." b k ...."-.. 'The match had brought in 300
S' dollars 40 per cent of the re-

SAETJENS' 'LETTER 2,000 dollars. The proposition eipt remitted by the B.N.R.H.
ON PAY-OUTS was accepted and the V.A.C. con After deductions for equip-,
The following exchange of firmed it by letter ment expenses, drinks etc. we
had 264 or 132 for each team.
letters occurred last week in, Agreement on the second h132 for each team.
I have given every player
&Le Nouvelliste.: match was, not as easy. Mem- who played two matches [incull-
SM. le-Directeur = bers of the, V.A.C.didn't want tong mself 1 dollars and 5 dol-
For the first 'match of th e ing myself 10 dollars and 5 dol
accept the price of 400 dollars lars to the remplacements]
Viplette Jdmaica Tournament iemanaeo by the players nd' If all matches are to be play-
members of thek V.A.C. made a only found this elegant solution ed for the 15rofit. for example, of
proposition to Zoupim and my- to complain'to the Federation the works of the Sesquicenten-
self to' organise a team whih that we we re not amateurs but nial I WILL take part in the
would receive '00 dollars plus professionals who asked to be matches ad Zoupim with me.
10 per cent of all receipts over paid for playing football. So we But as for playing for the pro-
O fit of certain individuals, I re-
peat, no more !
J anne Joe Gaetjens.
Jeanne November 25.

M le Dirpecteur:

4, Rue de la Reunion, across from 'the
Hayolan American Dry Cleaners

-Announces the opening of her shop -

THE SHOP will have gifts, accessories,
lingerie, blouses, skirts, cravates,
perfumes, jewelry, scarves.

[Exclusive representative of Christian Dior Boutique] .

Concerning yqur article an-
pearing in yesterday's ,Nouvel-
liste entitled -Joe Gaetjens
Precise. I will take my turn in
making the following points *
1. The V.A.C. had made a deal
with Zoupim and Gaetjens for a
match against the Jamaicans and
in so doing the V.A.C. has not
violated the rules for amateur
sports because it was only f'.1-
Inowing the example of the' Hai-
tian Football Federation which
several days ago permitted the
two players to oganise a match
of a professional character CO

per cent of the receipts to. hie
Federation and 40 per cent to
Gaetjens Zoupim.
2. The V.A.C. had never com-
plained officially to the Haitian
Football Federation Committoe.
3. The latest proposition of
Gaetjens .- Zoupim *to play "n-
other match for 400 dollars' had
been rejected by the V.AC.
Committee which isn't interested
in considering any such proposi
tion, knowing in advance that 2t
would have been impossible for
Zoupim'- Gaetjens to form this
famous team for the good and
only reason that certain -ele-
ments in this formation in.their

Morisseau-Leroy ;
In Puerto Rico
For Two Months
Our *Creole parole, Creole
combremnie columnist Is in Puer
to Rico for two months in con-
nection with his work as Ditec-
tor of the Information Section
of United States Foreign Opera-
tions in Haiti. Morisseau-Leray
is contacting specialists in Tech-
nical Information and following
a training programme of Audio
Visual education.



B s


1-"-" 'm..

-. '

- '

/ : "...-

'. : '. ...* "'s
,4 d


i "i



turn, were not at all decided to
p'ay' football for the profit f
certain individuals. And for
proof, I refer you to the team.
of the 4th match of the V.A.C. '
Jamaica tournament.
4. The 43 dollars remitted to .
the V.A.C. players as %the share-
o" their participation in the .
Zoupim Gaetjens match, on "
served as part payment' 6f .the- '
medical care given to four.ol
ihe V.A.C. .victims in the course
of, this match.
Dr. Etheart's bill stands at 92
dollars and Haig is not well vet
and the X-ray bilr-of Dr Hippo-
lyte is 18 doUars, fa. Haig ad -i
Blanchard. .
As you state. M. le Directeuuri,..
if certain elements. of-our- Foot .'.:
ball organization' refuse toplay..
for the profit of certain indi- '
duals, the amateurs of .te
S "" .'- *. '
V.A.C. offer themselves'as ,eon-:- ,. ,
petition to all Haitian Fbot '4.1.' *.
'leurs even if the V.A.C. must .,
pay for their injuries. .
Recevez, Monsieur le Direc-..V,
teur, mes meilletres SalUta. '
tions. ;,.

Max Llijo Joseph. '.

S86 P" "P

et, M

r rA "or m^npc -



'" -


... HATrTI

'- ..V- < .-- ..- '.. .-. '` -. -. .-%.* .- % -. -* cinme Inous le fa
c"" n ciltiv6-s qui ne c

POINT DE VU LE et dte r6confort A
Spr-ofondement pein
S*~~Pt**-*- LUCIEN MONTAS --'**- *** /

U, peintre et un sculpteur se .sont rv'4!&s
cette sem:ine gn public hai'en. Un bon pei n-
'M1rriage is now
tre, 'Sn 4tonnant sculpteur. Ce sont Wilner
Haiti a problem
P" ierre et Jasmin Joseph oui ont eu jeudi la
simple solution.
prenii6re exposition dep leurs or-uvreq an Cen-
i young girls do n1
'fp i swear *St Cathe
Tres jLuir:s, ils n'ont pas six .:ns depuis qu'ils s'adonnent M d
C Mademoiselle seek
I peinture ou A la sculpture. Ils n'ont pas eu A proprement pr-e the pas
acquire the pleas
ler de professeurs ou de maitres. *Et djha, nn peut parler chez
*E -, r a Madame* which '
eux de m6tier. C'est IA, le miracle que chez des Atres tout sim t enjoy the
to enjoy the num
pies, d'une cuJlture non 6labor6e. on retrouve ce go0t, ce sens
I" ,: ges attached to t.l
.- de qla composition et de la beauty. he she rea ize
i Le cas de Jasmin Joseph est A ce point typique. C'est 'tin she is close
that, she is close
-univers A lui qu'il.cr6e de toutes pieces: ses sculptures d6gagent
-uivr that. the 'knight
quelque chose de fantastique. Leur autear fait preuve d'une h e pah
: without reproach*
'. imagination cr6atrice telle qu'il nous ramine aux sources pures
.. ing 'himself, she
* .- dela vte. Frappe dans son art quelque chose d'insolite.
disconcerted, lose
-t aSous ces doigts agiles, 6cri, Jeanne Sylvain, surgit un uni-
to speak and ca
,' ers'd'animaux de ses r6ves, des animaux trbs vivants au rictus .
grave mistakes at
re!equ'humain... II y a toute une strange fortt don't chaque
terly regretting t]
L' cne est simgulier en sa multiplicity, don't chaque group est un
: .ymbole fecond... C'st nn .rvthme 614mentaire A la vie qui em- As to the young!
portQ en un meme rythmeT arbre, 'animal, i'humain et le divin., who' for the mos
Wilner Pierre qui rappelle 6tonnamment Antonio Joseph thet the luck to b(
1'i, r,, avec Line certain Tnaniere qui-lui est personnelle, peint des son, nor the cha
S scenes populaires : un coin de'rue, descailles, nos'bas quarters, a very' remunera
s scenes de, la vie pavsanne : marchandes, danseurs, d'e? pay- his fate leaves n
sans cpilant, du caf4. sired. There is
A Chz lul un colors tres riche, le-sens de la composition, ufhe ceiving ourselves:
orservation aigue des choses., m" an marriage is
l Un peintre promise A un bel avenir, sil'perseAere et travail.e. status which"aaloi
e..d. him wholesome s2
s'il ie delais-e et ne -perd do vue,la source son in. him wholesome s
i' .s''iratiri : lP peuple. EC, surtout s'il tiouve le climate de corn- 'the other relation
prehension pouvant favotiser "!'&pnouissement de son ta lent-. supply social pl
: ". est vrai pour lui,.jour Jasmin Joseph et poiur d'autres., difficult in a mi
.. :.:' .. most trivial gossl
,.. X X X /
S.. 'The young man.
De comprehension et d'eniouragemnent, il est n6cessaire, de,' to marry, With
..parler. Et c'est la double exposition W'lner Pierre--Jastnin Jo1- sources, at his. co
ph gqti'hous en fouriit. 'pce-isiori., most often the
Nous riVavons pas 6t0 le seul A observer, au vernissage,'le dpes not wish a si
S'.titrombre'de gens..h avoir r6pondu "l'invitation du Centre' without fuss. It
i:''k Art'. N'etail. preseni,; p'as .n. membre ..dti D6partemenrt ".de as it has. always b1
l'Edueation..Nationale.qui ne devrait pas rester indifferent atix perly ': a well-stoc
S nanifectations que', e soit de la pens6e,' de p litterature ou 'rl the latest thih-g i
:, .Art haifiens. Le d6couragem-ent aurait pu em'ahir le.jeune in- smai't house,,a re
:.!l 'lectuel., le Jeune ecrivain, tle jeune artiste"s'ils ne'trouvalent -tie car. On this
e quelques-tins,'-is ne sont pas -nombreux inais: heureusement young man has re
'- ;ux-seuls 41s font dfi pqids -- I r6coufort, encouragement ne- great saviot which
:. .. saires. '" ""dit and he crosses
U..n representant de la Secr4tairerie d'Etat de ]'Education Na- One does not -taiv
:.'' ale auraft du' tre pr6sent 'ces verniissages. for the dark side o
a'E t nom de ce Dipartement don't depend le Musee'des ,Stralkbtertfi circi
eaux-M'Ats, Ie-Mus6 I'National, les bibliothhques publiqups, ce soon fblt in the
'"- teprdsen.tant pourrait fairel'a'qtlNisition d'un ou deux tableaux de follows and son
a"' a : rtfstE qui expose. .stanle amid dishor

S.n aurait double aVantage A cela, on *onnerait ainsi une, NEWY,*w
i.., p ve manifeste d'lnt'r4t A i'artiste en faisant" ['acquisition de -L gLk N oE
.h:-o. tableau qui irait constituer et enrichir une collection na-
"" ;tionale, .
;Car. l tfaq? qu'on'y pense. Ces oeuvres, pour la plupart, vont .- "' '.'
'etir'*hir des colleclMons privhes A l'dtranger. Te principal aek.U-NA UAA
r-,.'.' ... .. -UJ NAH. ,vAVIOATi
,it:rl:- o. .. .tus-de.ottes en Mlli,; r't. |'t.ranget. .D'ores eT ddjAl, dnnc ) : S.

:' '. -st indiqu4 qu'on pensec :a creation de cette collection national l

ft,. ,
t ie I '
., -. .....: ,. .. ." !:, ,. ., / ,.., '

___ P ______

isait remarquer une de nos haitiennes les plus
esse de donner des signes manifestes d'rnterdt
nos courageux artistes. Elle a t~6 -esplement
n6e de cette indifference.

HAITI This then is where one end
* NO when one aPark without rr

w becoming, in
which has no
In effect moost-
not propose to
rine's bonnet.,
ks eagerly to
sant name of
will pei'mit h'-r
erous .advanta-
his title. Also
s, with fright.
to thirty an I
, without fear
is not present-
finds, herself
s her head .o
n then make
the risk of bit'
rhem later on...

g Haitian man.
t part has nei
be a rich man's
nce of finding
active position,
'uch to be de-
no use in de-
In Haiti for a
a necessity, a
ne can afford
;tisfactions,, all
ships, likely to
measures being
ieu where the
ip is king.

then is obliged
the slight re-
immand. t"But
imple wedding
must be done
been done, pro-
ked trousseau,
n furniture, a
cent model lit-
* account the-
Pcourse to that
b is c. lled Cr.- -
s the Rubicon.
e to wait long
of the pIcturP *
umstances 7're
horne misery.,
3etime. ven



flpxion and without serious pre-
paration the grdat problem
which marriage is in -faiti.

From Lecaustique, *Le J.ovz',
23rd Nbvember.

., .' ,' ,^ ^ ,, .

Let the Insuranoe Company do the
See immediately :- NORWICH UNION.
Joseph Nadal and Co. Agents. Ti

for Distinguished Beauty and,Unpar:
Accuracy Always Choose


S 'eL t

. 4,- 4'2

Insurance Go.
el: 3486 "

alleled v

.. .

~~ ~.1'..e~

ler pne"S s gf6itsl

Le .pfieu qui vous done de,.
I avaritages inesp6r6s sans de6- '1
ense supplementairel .' i
Unetnerche stable et dahce ...i
Smoiuis d& risqucs de dErapage
...upe'carcasse extra-r6sistante'
d'une ,tenue ingale en-..
resume6,e kilom6frage "/e Ipfs.
S Ilev au prix 16.phs baa.

aS Iee mande

tJ~ -


_ .-


SIssa pi Saieh returned from Next Saturday, December 12th
1his annual pre-Christmas visit to a Grand Ball will be held at 'the
ie.t States Saturday on the S.S Cercle Port-au-Princien in bon-
Ancon. Mr. Elias Noustas of La our of the 150th Anniversary of
'Belle dreole flew to the States Independence. It will be under
;|Mfonday for reasons of health the high patronage of Presi-
S'--:0:- dent Paul E. Maaloire.
' The managing committee of
V the Cercie Port-au-Princien or-. :
Augustine Sully Bellancourt
ganized a -cocktail dansant, at Bellancou
the Cercle Port-au-Princien last and Francois Murat have returR-
iS nd, m honour of two charm- ed to the National Bank after
Completing a year of study in
Ing gir of our society: Nicole c pei stud in
Mallebranche, on the occasion of Belgium.
4. her efiancailless to Gerard Fom-

Sbrun, and EdwJge Fouchard, Mireille Bomb is to be fet2d
whodls celebrating her return to e Ti Boite
the country after a six-year stay cis in Pacot today i observance
abroad. More than 300 ,ieunes of her 15th birthday that hap-
Sg~ns, attended. opened December Ist.
.- --:0:-
Gessie Godefoy walked down
the aisle of the Sacre Coeur 6
Mr. and Mrs. Selden Rodman
o'clock last evening and became
of New York and their young Mrs. od Cra.
child 'rrieMrs. Raymond Craan.
child arrived yesterday on the

Panama Line for-a four month
stay.. Tlu. ihave ,tenup resi- -
dence in. the Eddy Matton. Mai-
J.on in Bizoton, and Mr. Rodman
is settling down to write a
book. /

Mr. Andre Verbagen, KLM r'e-
glonal 'finkfgei*, .i in town for
five days 4parle, with represon-
tative Tony Burgers on the new
four times weekly KLM service.

.:0:- -- -:0:--
At the Sacre Goeur Wednesday Franck Roy, assistant man-
Gerard Miot and Yolande. Crep-. ager. of the Ibo Lele, was'fet..d

sac were joined in holy Matri-
onony. Matron of honour was
Mile Denise Miot and the bes'-
mran, Mr. Ferdinand Crepsac -f
the Club Port-au-Princien. A
.reeption was held at the home,
of the bride's parents in Laluei
following the nuptial bqnedic-
tion. ,
'Mrs. Gaston*Mangones left Fri-
day to join her husband train-
ing at the- U.S. Coast Guard
base in New London, Connecti-


by the. direction a'ad fellow-em-
ployees to a champagne topped
dinner Tuesday evening at the
Mrs. MIarini observed her birth
day last evening. Son Rene cele-
brates his fete tomorrow.

-:0:- .
Mr. Victor Boucard returned
Thursday from business in the

Mlle Alice Obas has returned to
Cap Haitien from studying in
Mr. Pierre Lambert of Cimpne,
d'Haiti and his wipe Elena Del-
gado arrived from the States

The Ulrick Duvivier family,
Mr. and Mrs. Duvivier and daug'1
ters Frarchou and Marie-Thereme
returned home yesterday from
Mexicio. Mr. Duvivier, who is
working on the cultural pro-
gramme of the Organization of
American .States, expects to I 2
home two months.
Vice President of the Panama
Line'and Mrs. William Pfizer are
vacationing here at the El Ran-

A big fiesta is scheduled n'r
the -Cap- today the christan-
irg of Ti Raymond Laroche, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Adrien La-'
roche. Ti Christophe is presiJ-
ing over his grandson's bantism.
Numerous friends and relatives
f om Port au Prince, including
the Siegel family have motored
north for the occasion.

December 11th at 8 p.m. will
be-the birth anniversary of Dr.
Max Bissainthe, our national lib-
rarian, the author of *Dictionnai-
re de Bibliographies Haitiennes'.
For the girls it will be his 28th
anniversary; for the politicians,
his 50th, and for the registrar,
his 42nd. He is thanking in ad-
vance the kind admirer who will
dedicate a wonderful Parker M.1
to commemorate the occasion '

Yvon is instructing the Naude
family including Frederique and
Mitta in. the art of crocodile
hunting today at Lake I Saume-
t'e. We hope the caimans are
not tempted to change their
vegetarian diet. -

Bill and Bobby Vrooman, Kit
and Bunny returned to Thor-
land Saturday by the Panama
Line from several months 'Hi
New York.
Mr. Robert L. Webb, Direc'nr
of Delta-C&S, is leaving Port au
Prince today for one week in
Atlanta. Georgia' for the An-
nual Delta-C&S Sales Confer-
ence. He will Super Convair
back next Saturday.

There was a quiet family and
employee gathering, at Chez Jo-
seph Nadal in ketionville Thurs-
day evening -en l'honneur des
futurs marines Marie Jose et

Tamous since 486-2


Yves-. Last evening at the Pi-
galle Yves Gardere was given
the traditional ,enterrement de
sa vie de gargona supper by the
employees of Joseph Nadal and
Director of the Canape Vert
departmental store, Dave Tala-
mas, observed his birthday at
the Riviera Thursday and pro-
vided champagne for all.

Carl Behrmann is presently
visiting the monstrous Fo1]-
plants -in the Midwest Unitedl
States. Mr. Behrmann is asso-
ciated Ford, Mercury and Lin-
coln representative inf Haiti.
Engineer Weber Lassegue has
returned fom examining Europe
and the States.'
Gerard Jean-Baptiste is -leaving
today to take up his duties as a.
now, Haitian Consul in Havana.

Vacationing in Port with his
family is young Raymond Price
Mars who is a prominent mem-
ber of 1he Pan American staff
in San Juan.
Engineer and Mrs. Charles Fe-
quiere have returned from a 3-
month visit to the U.S. and Eu-
rope. Mr. Fequiere examined
various hydro-electric plants and
latest engineering achievements
in the countries he visited.

Mgr Francesco Lardore, Apos-
tolic Nuncio in Haiti, returned
by air Tuesday from visiting
C T.
Bigonet folk bamboched and

Mme Max Dorsinville. wife of
the Haitian delegate to the Uni-
ted Nations, returned from New
York this past week.
Raymond Coles' has return-:.
from studying in the States.
Arthur Vincent of the Savoy
restaurant is back ftomi N:w
England. Mr. Viircent's mother
recently passed away in Maine.
Viea- of Verrettes Father 1o.-
seph C-lajean returned -from
abroad o. 'he S:S.. Helder.
Alix PoL: ce is home 'f-r
Christmas frcm study-in Jama-

Vinton Burns is New York
bound this weekend.
Max and Simone Pasquet are
returning to the United Nations
today after short home leave.
Franck andc Michel Jeanton
went to Miami yesterday.
Georges and Lucie Carrie are
going to the States this week.
Therece Gauthier was Miami
bound yesterday.
Franck Martin is clippering to'
his second, home in Miami to-
day. -.
Marie Therbse Berthoumieux
is going to Florida today.
Edith Roux and Anna Berthold
returned from visiting the U.S.
Ti Fou restauranter Beatrix
Prosperi arrived home from San
Juan and the U.S. Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Fisher
spent the weekend in Cuba.
Max Maignan clippered to the
U.S. to reside Friday.
Major Pierre Prosper has re-
turned from his New York ,se-


pupils of the Pasteur Ledan. Mr. Jean cle Roince, Inspec-
school sang songs lhst Sunday tor of the Bank of France, \
when Pasteur Ledan inarugurat-.Doctor of Law of the Faculty

ed the clinic he built with his
own funds.

The Club du, Petit Chaperon
Rouge, former pupils of the'Jac-
queline Turian Kindergarten
were entertained, by Madame
Paul Magloire and daughter
Yola Magloire at the National
Palace last Saturday.

S -:0:-

of Paris. will commence evening
courses tomorrow at the French
Institute for the theoretical and
practice'. training of the person-
nel of our financial institutions.

The stork paid its first visit
to the Edouard Deeb househr d

Little Swiss Miss Marie this past week and delivered a
Christine Shenck, here meeting lovely little lassie. Mother, ihe
relatives, observed her 5th fete 'former Eugenie Baboun, and
Thursday at Chez Marcel Gentil daughter are doing fine.
with her new found friends. -:0:-
-:0:- Marie-Carmel Elsie is the new
Einar Madsen had a coming member of the Latortue Bris' 1
of age 5- party at. the family. The blessed e"ent took
Lemke's Wednesday. place November 28th. Ma is the
-, :0:- former Ermite Dalencour.

Pawe la

cHAITI Stila>


,, -.,'. .. w
,- ..-.

eare i -t

Personality Of The Week
Uontinued from Pae 1)

not recall either his father or
his mother. Frbm infancy he
lived with his aunt, a teacher in ,.

Cap Haitien. When he was
seven, they moved to Port au
Prince and Jasmin says ,I
couldn't stand being beaten any
t*" more, so I ran away. He be-
'a' came the .ti moune' unpa d
. servant of a sympathetic Ar-
' ca'haie peasant woman who lived
in a two-room hut with her six
r,, children
. At 18, Jasmin got' a cleaning
job at the La Baudry Brick-
'-. works in his home community.
There he came across the soft
clay that so pleased his fingers
he tried making a Mttle bird'
From then on, each night after
S york, he would sit by his kero-
sene lamp in his tiny room and
rmake little animals to present to
his friends as gifts. One .day in
1947 Jason Seley, an Americian
i' sculptor associated with the .rLt
... Center, looked at the little figii-
S'.res .and Jasmin started on his
'. *iuad to fame.
In the Noventber issue of
Americas, Seley. tplls of lhis' iqg -
,covery. ,. .
S'Every montb or so we
w.' would take- our terra-cottas for
firing to the kiln of the La
D faudrv brick works, twenrlv'-
.. five -I' s of bad road out of
Port au Prince. This .was real
back .country; the peasants of
the region seldom. went dowvn to
the Capital and "knew automo-
S.biles only as dust-raising devikc.s
i''that appeared infi-equ'ently and
frightened the animals. Here i
i tirdid boy who looked to be about
I' wi bwelve knducted-me to a thatch-
ed hut containing .fifteen' or
more' terra-cotta 'sculptures -
'psth merely naive copies of the
*.w'&ks uwe had been bringing to
: thekf a few entirely original
irn conception. HP.alone,. of all.
Stlose who watched us so' eager-
Ilv -"hd been. stimulated to pro-
duce sculpture of his own. VWith"
--... m' limited Creole, *I could. not
tell him, ho'v niuch 'this' discnv-

ery excited me or how impomt-
$" ant i *was: for. him to' express
himself rather than imitate
: others. I could only offer him
..;.':' the change in my pockets and
......wl dt was 'left of a package of
S cigarettes for one of his original
". creations.'
*On my next trip, I learned
ofl thl'ough an interpreter that his
S'ame was Jasmin Joseph, that


clarity with his material thus ac-
quired accounted for the excel-
- lence of "his craftsmanship]. I
explained what we at the Cen-
tet could do for him : display
his work. sell it perhaps, help
him in other ways. Before long
he was able to leave the pottery
and Ulive 'on the proceeds from
his .sculpture, though at first,
since the pleasure of working on
it was the only reward he
sought, it was only with diff!-
culty that we prevented him
'from making us a present of it.
The day of my return to Haiti
last March, after a thvee-anrl-a-
half-year absence, I dined at a
nekvly built private home. In
.this house is ;a very beautiful
and original .window, made of
hand-modeled terra-cotta bricks
pierced .so that light plays among
the figures and enters the room.
.in a fascinating pattern of light'
and shade. The artist was Jas-
min Joseph. He was then at
work on three similar windows
for the Episcopal Cathedral of
the Holy Trinity in Port nu
Prince, for which I had just 'exe-
cuted a. life-sizp i' Crucifixion.
,Critics have acclaimed his work,
some fincrig it reminiscent of
Han Dynasty Chinese Sculpture.
While I myslf thing it bears a
g'-rater resemblance to, arehnc
,Etrluscgn sculpture, any discus-
sion of such ,historical c6inci-
dences strikes, me as meaning-
.less. 'Jasmin's work ,is his own.
with a purity of concept andl
lively imagination typical of hi
At present 'Jasmtn's work
largely consists of coral-like
forms resembling trunks of tees
out .of which spring delicate
heads. These, be tells us, are
all spirits.
He loves to work In semi-dark-
ness and in a corner. And when
he finally overcame his shyness
enough to' join the" sketching

be was really nineteen, that he .class of American artist Paul
could not read or write, that he Keene, he typically, set up his
'worked at the pottery. ithe fami- easel in the furtherest corner of



I i"


tillage made easy

4'.. :. '
*a *. '*

/ '
/ .

A Caterpillar Tool Bar can provide
new efficiency for your tillage work. It
helps you takt advantage of fhe full poWer
of your Caterpillar track-type Tractor.
The tool bar is attached'integrally with
the tractor and. is a mounting bracket tor
tilage implements.
T.'lial .f .i' implements, which caii
be attached to the tool bar are chisel
shankss, subsoilers, ditcher, spring shank
cultivators, disk ridger and listern. These
tedia canr be biled to ihe bar ity one man

and spaced a6 desired.
A forward push oh the hydraulic cqn- '
trol lever sinks the implemeinklt'Ai-e
desired depth. A pull. on the lever '"a
the implements to clear obstrictioni or,.
to permit moving frotin filed to,'field Iiin,
the "float": or neutral position the imple-
ffients seek their own level. A 'manual
adjustment allows you to vary the angle'
of tool penetration.
Let ui show you more about this
versitile tool bar.





\ ... .. .. .
,' .
-_ : ., .. ": '" "
uK ,:: .-rtS z'...:,, t ,V .-',-, "'- .,...

Maurice Bonnefil

the room.
His continuous creativity is
astounding to the Centre d'Art
personnel. He is constantly at
work either painting, sculpting,
or working on ceramics. The
cream of his) latest efforts can
now be viewed by the public at
the current exhibition which
runs through December 16th.
Also on view, his three new win-
dr-ws in the South Transept of
the St. Trinity Cathedral depict-
ing St. Francis, St. Jolhn the
Evangel st and St. Marguerite.

The most 'disting'uishpIed ;o
men of Port-au-Prince were pre-
sent, Tuesday evening at the
Champagne Opening of Madame
Gilberte Vieux's new Parisian
dressmaking establishment ir
In spite of the fact that it is
the first house of haute couture
in Haiti, .the prices are within
reach .of moderate pocketbooks.
Dresses sell from 15 dollars 'ip.
There ate also purses and other

Two specialists from the haute well.
ccuture houses of Paris caine to Among those present at the
Haiti to help Madame Vieux -et Opening were: Madame Paul Ma
up her new workrooms whi-Al gloire. Madame Marcaisse Pros-
should do much to aid Haiti's "per, Madam'e Mauclair Zephirin,
reputation for women that 'are Madame Daniel Heurtelqu anrd'
not only beautiful but chic as Madame Roy Tasco Davis.


Ask for Hot Roint Appliances;
SRefrigeratprs, Ranges. Water Healers, etc.


., ... -- ,



confessed Murderer Rameau Croichy
Continued from Page 1 he made a statement saying he
CTe Boutilliers Affair : had never signed the verdict
dge Oharmant Must could net keep Rameal .Croichy
fke His Mea Culpa.-, and his fellow defendants from
mit HiS Error attaining their liberty. In effect,
i The Com7hissaire dui Gouver. if this Magistrate believed thit
ment, Me Alphonse Racine, the Jury's declaration' was in-
declared that he had not chang- complete, equivocal, contrarlic-
ed the vtdict of the Jury and tory. or irregular, it was his
.Tat Saturday morrang, taking. duty to send the jurors back to
to consideration the conditions their deliberation room immedi-
* under r which the verdict was arely to make a newq study off
hinderedd, he had decided it was the case If he had been con-
-ithin his power in thp interest ''nced that the jurors, while
)f the law to make an appeal of observing the rules, still were
lhe case to the Supreme Cou-t. deeply in error concerning the
however we feel that the Coim- case, he could have declared on
bmissaira took the wrong path of. that grounds that he was sus--
si'stice. Article 283 of the Code pending judgment and would
of Criminal Law specifically bring the case before the next
'says the declaration 'of a jury Session of the COLtrt to be sub-
can never be appen'ed. As r mnitted to.a new Jury Art.
Judge Charmant. he' i "'at 284 C.I.C.

Since the Judge had not re-
called these articles in the Code
d'Instruction at the time he was
presiding over the sensational
case, it is too late to do anything
now. He can only make his
Mea Culpa [admit hir error].
The declaration of the Jury,
tl-ough it was equivocal and con
tradictory, acquitted the accus-
ed, whether or not the Judge
signed the verdict.

It is now up to the Minister
of Justice, Me. Dueasse Jumelle,
who is a full fledged iurist, to
issue his word on the question.'
- Translation front Le Consti-

FOR 4~1" ,
The Dutch ship Heider arriv-
ed in Port Tuesday with 10 new
hbbrses for the Haitian Army,

that tfftnfa Ratfn

At -, i ni&t

Haiti Trading -o.,' New Chamber of Commerce Bid g., Exposition

,. _______

They were chosen by Lt.
ippe Dominique who has
spending the past year in
mur, France.


Dutchman Hagen ,Johannes '
-Vander, a shareholder of th3
Curacao Trading Co., is on a I5,
day inspectign9 trip to Haiti.

Kiddy Photo Contest

Twins Emmanuel and Charles Tribie a comfortable
S30',pounds enter the Haiti Sun Kiddy Contest all smiles. The
Twins are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tribie. Mi*. Tribie is the
Squibb's salesman in town.
-" : '

Caille Paille

C Proudly Presentis

.The Merry Neringuers,

. For Dining and. Dancing
U Every
/From 8.30 P.M.
A .-.- .

don't say "dutch beer" but always:

'Heineken Beer'

( the best beer'of all dutch beers )




cr6me de nuit nourrissante
- crme de jour non teinte
id6al pour un d6ma.quillage

4c 0 71 &4




4 n



Page 15

-.s -

Page 16

Today Third Anniversary Of

Inauguration Of President Magloire

Continued from Page 1
tical supplies; Les Usines UNICO
t-te new mill for manufacturing
cloth, and La Haiti Metal Com-
pany, the new factory for manu-
ficturing aluminum utensils.

The three plants will help con-
siderably in cutting down on the
eost of basic goods for Haiti's
underprivileged millions. And
the new -Cement Plant which is
now in the process of construc-
tion, is expected to cut down oni
the high cost of construction.
I+.'s all part of Haiti's rising de-
*terminatibn to develop her in-
'dustrial potential and provide
her market with local rather
than iniported basic commodi-
The full programmre for today
is as follows :
8:00 a.m. Salute of the Pre-
dential Guard;
Thanksgiving Mass at the
Cathedral of Notre Dame.
9:00 a.m. His Excellency the
President will inaugurate :
a) The Civil Center of, La
Saline and visit an exhibit
of Handiwork. done by the

Opened 1st December
on Rue Payee opposite
Royal Dry cleaners'
where you will find
a large selection of.
.. orted European handbags,
t "ether goods, French evening
bags, silverware, etc.
All suitable as Christmas

young girls of the district.
Speech by Mr. Milfort Josa-
phat, Member of the Coun-
cil of Administration of the
Workers' Cities;

Presentation of a wreath of
flowers to Madame Ma-
gloire by a young girl of
the Domestic Arts Cente".
b) The Orthopedic' Center of
The-Institute of Social As-
Benediction nf the Center;
Speeches by the Director of
IDASH, the Director of the
Orthopedic Center, Dr. Cl-r-
mont; the Secretary of
State of Labour and a Pe-
presentative of the Work-
c) The Customs Office at the
Chancerelles Airport;
Speech by the Director of
the Fiscal Department.
d) The factory of the Phar-
maceutical Products;
e) The factory of the Carib-
bean Canadian Chemic-d
Company St. Martin;
Speech by 1fM. L6lio Dorni-
nicue, President of the

1,:00 a.m. Special Programme
dedicated by le Jazz Lamy
to the President of the Pe-
public at The Radio Thea-
tre in the Paramount.
Noon The decoration of J!is
Excellency- the President
with the Grand Collier of
the Order of the Liberator
by the Ambassador :
12:30 p.m. The Commandant,


Shot On Martissant Road
Late travelers on the Martis-
sant rcsd Monday night were
shocked to see a dead body ly-
ing along the highway. It was
an unidentified burglar suspect'
shot by two detectives whc hjad
noticed him walking along with
a package and acting .suspicious-
The package contained 2 pa'rs
of trousers and a bed-spread. In
his pocket wer? three knives

The line-up of beauty in selecting Miss Jamaica 1953, a beauty contest sponsored by the Jamai.
can, Body Building Association. Miss Evelyn Andrade [winner] ti. seen fifth from the right.
aa r -


The -Sociedad Cubana- de An'i,
CUBAN DELEGATION gos de Haiti, are organizing th4
TO ATTEND '54 CARNIVAL tour an Ia plane is beinEfput a
A Cuban delegation will coi3e their disposal by General Ta-
to Haiti next February to attend bernilla, Chief of Staff of the
the 1954 Carnival it is reported. Cuban Air Force

officers and soldiers of the
Military Department of 'he
National Palace will receive
President Magloire at Ca-
sernes Dessalines.
1:00 p.m Special Festival Pro
gramme over Radio Com-
3:00 p.m. A special motion
picture presented by SIPP
in all the local movie
4:00 p.m. The President of the
Republic will inaugurate :
a) Les Usines UNICO, Cloth
Mill at Thor;
b) The Haiti Metal Cot., a
factory for the manufacture
of aluminum and enamel
utensils at Thor.
4:30 p.m A greased pole climb
ing contest and Peoples
Ball at the Pare des Palm-
5:00 to 7:00 n.m. Reception at
the Casino International or-
ganized by the Public
Chauffeurs of Port au
9:00 p.m. Theatre des Caser-
nes Festival offered tb
His Excellency the Presi-
dent by a group of Haitian
Speech by Jean Brierre.


" .' C. .- -- ; .

Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387



-.. .. *-. ..: ., : .$ l


E Roncha


SThe Best Quality Cement at
flh Lowest possible costly

offer their

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