Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
April 5, 1953
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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.People ofHaiti, the perversity* of the propa-
The midnight oil is burn-

Called to the Presidency of gandists and above all the..
ing in the Jean Chen.t house-
the (Republic by your free simplicity and receptiveness.
~ ;~ ., Abd fhui acid fme
hold int

gard it my duty on the eve of population- not familiar with
waft across the hill where one
the opening of the Legislative statistical figures and inclin- of Amherica's' most talented
Chambers in the midst of va,- ed to acceept the malicious as- elrdsiesis.uil
rious rumours regarding the sertions of self -styled experts tunn u. hefnlpee
Nation's financial situation to although they are no more ac-
of they stunning. display of
talk with you directly .on t4e quainted with the field of fi-
,;1tA of a poorly constructed building. It collapsed when a usinbff h Gven anetantec handgwrought costume pieces
smashed a support. Three persons from the car seaped mnsbitsreotnth Toea heepedoe-that- will go on exhibit at -the,
Phot ~aiti$un>>Ouvroir Na~tional Thursday,
Ary. P o << Sun)ealstate of' the Nation DEontinieCon Page 15)
SFriday and Saturday of -this
to the Leislaure s reuire

SL U ePLICE PATROL ENDS week. Proceedsfrom the sale
Front Of Shop Caves In On Au:oHaci, thE will po to the oiladame ir-
A~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~ ~h Calsledt te Preodey ofit annd ssadabv l h n~ nteJan hn o~

Wv hteos onn APilatober 1950, of an U LETS t ooirf Foundation.
WhchKncs ow Pillrd iosat myadut or. the beveost ua~o~ntfiila cos~h i~hr n

interests of the Nation, which Two unidentified amen nerel-
oand Airs. mt. Fire Chief Elie ptnt
has always been the basis of killed by police bulletss tais
eardo and their 10-year-old ed ofto the pile of crumbled
my administration, should past week while trying to flee
aughter had a close brushi stone and mortar ard re-
keep me from paying atten- from the hand's of th la at
'th'death Good Friday evnn markied, < tion to the circulatlyn rum- the seei of attempted our-
yl oen their cream-colou i a lot more houses built like
ours, one more absurd than glares.
eevrolet swerved inito a thistone ioo Port au Prince.
the others, if I did not know (Continued on Page 16)
t tr of the Aux Belles Chos- (Continued on Page 16)
op and the ntire front he ssing Of A

nof the building crashed Oreat Personalnit, President Anno Rnce R Members Of
...-on theirTcar. The rubbhelebsolut d fadihnd
r in the roof of the auto Haiti is mourning the loue d e

rs. Tneard was.the only of one of its most colourf ul
Tuesday afteraioon the Pre weM. Rolande Lataliade In-
tbe injured- and she esb personalities and gayer t rae keep ote fr pubing atten- ferio teJnNofHENEa

eahGo rda v mrie Imari ther arentio tof the Reubic atnn rum- therir MADAME ofA attmpedNET

hewith a small cut on hea conteurs. oAndre (Cheu) Chie-
ed the members of the e M. Andre Sam, Public

6 had., vallier passed away- last Sli. The petite designer, Birook-
Haitian Cabinet..They7 ar as Health.
o eat nih Pote a Prince, t mother -br Widdn o (aoson,
daf thet Aufxollows M. ClaBude Preval( Agriculo
icials at the scent Of at the age ofs agd with im always had a a for art
Atacc~~~~reident are htpoM ua JuelnSene- vewesO

e ah went a sense of humour an and enjoyed doi thingS
etion and engine public spiritedrs raelcot of the Interior, Natio- A re a(Cestinde y 2)

esposibe fr te cl tine inonehidvidal al Defense and Justice. 'ers with short b iograph'es of
.epniii te rofor the cuol Haitid is ,l morindivtheal.~UUU
M. Theardi wasin the- they oe oneser of its mos cloufu

of the enti e builtiin (Continued on Page 14) 5. the m eri of the new M iAndre S,00 Dollars Worth Of
tary of the Presidency dn comnnge sues
:Wf~ Wa; r~lja .-Original Jewelry --

ya8, passe a las SunHaitian inet e ar To Go as Salea
dna e T night aftves sHort ili M. Claude Leal Aagricul- lynr Anel Moiss Opening Iia
aOfy a ala freffora

Has Firts ClSS Tannery H e iny n ait to Bradwayeos oso
sNatioal Edtaitiont the ovwroir National on tt

Report a 'who olwo we averted into a wsernsoe item M. Lucien Hibbert, Secre- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moss Expostion ounds Tus-
ctia yen for a snakekin worthy of an <>, man tary of Finance. were notion hand Thur.ay day, Friday or Saturday of
aw the makings I nOf o Upon investigation, we M. Roger Dorsinville, Sen- Might when the Broadway this week to view the $50t;
9 across the road in learned that this bustling retry of Labour and Public production Sl wntakte to Aeltr Prveas a bthe aitins M.lg~ DanieHurtelo, by hak o to, hean negeic ouher Ial-rear ofAg icutre and oof PyPrefsnt e. reid Doon'rt fadhrset f to l top b a
Ie mad nFibpstio ians Tannerya am t P Commrce neEasbckn hepaybttatxhiita am Tu

i ransp4~'wo awrted tBi uPincwto a w arrbeit sems M. Guenre Cauibbr, Secre- Mr.ean were ju a havn t~oo Ea morni~n. Grounds oTaurs
en8 feorie at the anV worthyofog anowEuiedg man tary of Fbinace wok. odae ntim on handi totrdake daye; Fwl gor ato te cayof
oneday last ekwand small industry was launed Health. n U r e ar m>a o opened on the Big, jewelry created by Art mDe-
TXT__ Ait u o a )--
wet ftr ~ ftrZOyersa~ b hel~arins, 1..I~~nelUerel~u $e-Wht Wy'An tey 1~~d sgnr iife~ (heL h
:B I:1-V
y' -whak~o two. t~ a ~negetc Suthrn Ial-'reary ~ Anie~ur '~n god~ra~so ~ hei i~o- FrstLad herelfwi:'op

Si~~:: 4/ Ai~~

-: ..Page 2

Personality I
(Continued fr

with her hands. But her pa
,.^ rent's, thinking of her future,
wanted her to be a teacher
and she dutifully got her
:1 degree in English Literature
x' at New York University,
S. then went on to get a M. A.
';in Education in 1938. She


Of The Week
om Page 1)

paintings all made their New
York debut in the petite ar-
tist's studio and were well
publicized. ccThe Haitian Baz-

prietors. aar became a spot where the
Her first creation was a cHigh Fashion* scouts lo.'ed
medallion of bronze, copper to find unusual items. And
and silver which was so at- Winifred's jewelry became
tractive that her friends beg- featured in stores from Newv
ged her to make them one and York to San Francisco. She
soon strangers were coming. wisely did not turn to. mas.
with orders and Winifred's production methods which

-; worked for awhile as a WPA business got so rushing that 'would have sacrificed distic
I:. teacher then became an ins- she had to move her equip- tiveness and originality. Sh
:I'. truotor in handicrafts at the ment out of her mother's kit- used smaller stores as o0
.. hIarlem Boys' Club and along chen into a Greenwich Village lets so that she need not gi'
i .' about that time she started Studio which she eventually up quality in attempting
'.making jewelry for herself, renamed the nHaitian Ba- keep up with demand.
,.learning most of her soldering zaar.> And she never copied d
metal-cutting techniques from She had always been inter- signs. If a customer wanted
i': obliging hardware store pro- ested in Our Republic and in an odd piece of jewelry mate
| '* 1945 she was granted a Ro- ed, Winifred would adupl
,.:. -- senwald Foundation Scholar- cate with variations* creating
S- ship to spend seven months a new pattern that harm)!
.', in Haiti observing the techni- ized with the original Shi
V- an Heusen s ques used by native craftsmen firmly believes that jeweli
S and gathering ide3ts. should conform to the per
Said Winifred,' I was disap sonality of the person' wal
V nispun pointed to find that instead ing it and enjoys creating sp
sport" shirts .of producing original patterns cial pieces to afit, her favcui
: tp ts' ey were copying European iteclients.
i', .' designs and getting almost She moved to Haiti f, u
,. all their jewelry from foreign years ago after her marrlag
.... A countries. She herself. was a to Jean Chenet who :s hell
steady browser in 'the Muse- ing her turn out the love
um of Ethnology. and tho-. items for her Charity E%:h
e -rough scholar of iHaitian. bit later this week. The C,1
Folklore. nets went into production u
Haitians have a ri-i; heri- home soil when their eqUip
tage and Mrs. Chenet feels rent arrived from New YoC
,' they shouWld make greatest a year and a half ago. An
''' se of". it for inspiration in the.Chenet bracelets, earring
i ; their creative work. necklaces and rings at V
I .-;'.. She was' so enthusiastic Belle Creole have caused man
a "'e n'.n b'b w- about the promotion of Hai- a tourist to exclaim over ti
PI, ; t e& tian handcraft that she, aid- craftsmanship and artistry (
VS ... :.. '. ed by the Centre d'Arts De- design.
Wip' 'witt Peters, gathered togetherr Winifred's heart lies
... '. 'the best Our Republic had to helping Negro Art and era*'
R .:';s4 .e anew.:raon offer and. brought it back to rnanship attain the i:"om;.
:.. Pt:i; Spod.t irts 'New York-to fill her viflage rnce and recognition it de
slky: and.xurious. Infact;..l
.--. ,"':-,,.- s .cp. The .ligljt woven belts serves.
; h. tey cme. as 6cose,.to lookp. .
i.- ,.:.:le silk' as hddnri. scincf ,...Eahtiin peasants. .td around ..i t'ihlik.?, .says Winifre
&.;' .- chnia" sem.', e a donkey's middle went over tthete are definite culture
Y i:,. like the. moder r big as belts for gak summer t.ez connection NYegro -joflU
S styling tt features pick draz7ses. Haitian .woven goods, t':os throughout the woi;
stitcbinq d;ulcollar,'pockets, ssat pfLiu.s:I, -XamdaIs an,. And it is importt;. r i tl
..* mid "tuniai'ad ffs. You' l l i. '. .

'- ike the new colors that will
Sl;anet e:r fadein ar br sun.
A, r And you'll ik9 the, pride


Aenl. ai:
Lv' -X
m norje A.-Npura

Tel: 35 13

iX' e[e ccBramelts and eavrings whien are among cne uuoQ colle
tion ,

.r .. i .::, .... ,. "':. ', .. ....,' i i '.'. ., ,: :, i.4", [ .,:. ,'








current struggle for political
self-expression and econoutic
emancipation that Negroes
everywhere 'recognize 'nis
cultural kinship.

Ii Ge Chancy is streamlin-
ing his office machinery re-
pair shop on the Rue Pavee.


The Walcott Marcih
'fight has been postponedV.j
May 15th, owing to Marcia*&lo
getting his nose fouled up-:im
sparring. ':.s4
Guy Boucard celebrated..hi*
fete a week ago last ThurB..


Ti resfto n


Outstanding spark
plug for gas economy Last onger
rand rmotor perform P Cv mor
.. znce-.stMll artodiy, A Pr-buy

\ ...t

NY ~ NY t~ YW -



ast Wednesday Mr. Kurt
ieh, a well-known West
man journalist and econo-
Sarrived in Haiti from
gston to look over the
iilities of boosting trade
e'n the Caribbean coun
d his homeland.

Fiebich has recently
a six-month tour -of
es where he was a
f the State Depart-
Cultural Exchange
e studying Ameri-
omy. production me-
iad laou-manageme&u
He also delved in'L,
1ial interest popu-
Smanpower. Later
leadditio'al surveys ?n
Ind' Jiamaica. As a free
e contributor to about 2,-
paf newspapers and m -
te, he has kept his hor.e
s informed on the coun-
F.isited and hopes to do
Y;e cial articles on Hait,
i(about his early impress.
Siihe remarked that he no
/a wonderful relation-


Rarely has ap artist'been
isauccessful in Port au Maria Miirano in
at*day's performance of
nback's EE.* One'expetfd it sone
w, iefvi wari \'.personality
i ce, seemed especially
therole -.f the gol-
e Helecn of Troy.
.n showmanship was
ent of Ethel Merrnan
ary Martin's memor-
p~erformances on Broad-
in such hits as ' ific.>
.for. the audience, it
to 'be .having its best
n!decades. It was the
humour of (Gay Pa-
at-was! brought to the
Theatre's stage. Every
every m dy was a
a.pu; double enten-
~t he notes themselves

ship between the President
and the people, even in time
of crisis and said that he
would very much like to call
on the President before con-
tinuing his voyage through
the West Indies and South
America. Later he will attend
the Moral Rearmament C'n-
T.rence in Japan.
The 32-yeaf-old world tra-
veller was the youngest mem-
ber .of any state parliament
in Western Germany after
World War II. The British
appointed him to the legisla-
tive post in Oldenburg but
later he was elected to two ad
ditional terms bj popular
vote. He resigned in 1949 to -go
to Hamburg to complete his
studies in economics and so-
ciology. But this fall he V'!ll
take another leap into the
political arena by running for
the Federal Parliament at
Your Reporter's jeep serv-
ed as the lawmaker's sight-
seeing chariot.

were jumping here,and there
and everywhere, as in Offen-
bach's <(TALES OF HOFF-
MAN. '
Basso DE VERCORS added
much to the evening's success
with his genuine Marseiiio
accent. Pierre MORLIER re
vealed a good sense of hu-
mour as King Menelaus and
Baritone -THIRACHE was
not only in excellent voice but
also was notable for his stage
presence. Ten o r Richar:
GAILLAN was troubled with
a cold but succeeded in domi-
nating his handicap ,to gi ce
us one of hi. best .nirform-
ances as Paris. The BOUIL
played by M. GIVAUDAN
himself. And tenor CLAUDE
TOUZEAU'S comic -intics as
was an important contribu-
tion to the success of the evim


-n u ni i qTv

Mile. Irmgard Goldenberg
was married to Cecil L. Fagu-
ry Saturday evening at an
impressive ceremony conduct-
ed 'by Rabbi Daniel Davis in
the home of the bride's pa-
rents in Petionville.
The bride was beautiful in
a gown of French Chantilly
lace with long close-fitting
sleeves and i high brocade

Her short veil hung from
a tiny crown-like bonnet. TI .*
bride's sister Hertha, as maid
of honor, wore a gown of
gold guipure lace and a pinlr
ma.nteau of georgette. M
Elid Joseph conducted the
bride to' the white-flowered
canopy called the cChupal -
where the- black-robed rabb.i
was waiting with the whitr
prayer shawl or aTallith
over his shoulders. At the e ,l
of the 10 minute rite the bri-
degroom crushed a wine glas..
with his foot--the traditional
symbol of the destruction of
thd. temple in Jerusalem.
After the ceremony, which
took place just after sundo v-n
of the Jewish sabbath, a
sumptuous reception r a-

by far one of the best m)-
ments of the Ses on a,'d the
French Operatic Troupe has
been asked to hold a repeat
performance at the THEA



held at the Goldpnberg re.i.
Witnesses at the civil wedi-
ing which took place at 4 pm.
were : Dr. Price Mars, Mr.
Jules Domond, Mr. Bertrand
Bourgeois, Mr. Midouin Tur-
nier, Dr, Sydney Marks, Miss
Anna Baron, Dr. Yvonne SyJ-
vain, Mr. Antoine Jabon, Mr
Marc Lebon and Mr. Ray.
mond Bourgeois.
Rabbi Davis, a tall blacl
haired man, is a graduate of
the Hebrew Union College ;.i
Cincinnati, Ohio and served
for a time in Lancaster, Pa.
He is now Executive Directc-
of the Metropolitan Conferen
ce of the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations ad-
ministrative head of all th?
liberal synagogues in the
great metropolitan area in-
cluding the state of New York
New York City, Long PIland,
New Jersey, Connecticut and
Philadelphia. Approximately
60 of the American Jewl;'i
community is in that area
-some 3,600,000 persons, al-
most the population of Hait..
He is an outstanding
arid is vitally interested in th2
upbuilding of Israel. We we-
re surprised to see that he
wore no beard and were eve i
more surprised to learn 90-
of the American Rabbis ar-'
smooth-shaven. We found him
to be gracious, extremely to-
lerant and understanding ...
someone who shows a deep
love of humanity.

Thursday. at 4 p.m. Racing
,beat a,,,team made up of, th
future professors of football
who are being tutored by Mr
Baron. The public after wit
nessing the game were of the
same opinion. Mr. Baroi
should open a school for re
ferees. He gave an ,xcellen
display of how a matcl
should be refereed, The score
~ --"^^-~--\--'-


San Michele
in cool Peli6nville
French and American
Cuisine; Hot and Cold
Running Water:
Special monthly rates.
Telephone 7894.

The Picardie restaurant in Tete de 1'Eau is gaining local as well as foreign acclaim for its
excellent French cuisine. For reservations one should telephone 7416.

I ~'~' \Li

A.cF' NurQo .DOmlNLieNO Cdi

LetturCeL I LuXurtouJty

For information see Agent ROBERT E. ROY, Exposition Stand No. 7 P 9. Box 228. Tel 216;

7,, .- I.,.`- 1 c::~

SThe Arts and The Theater

rano 'sTriumph (La Belle Helenen

Angels Miss Opening
Of Play; Preferred
Haiti to Broadway
(Continued from Page 1)

tain time. We haven't ye
-heard whether or not the con
edy turned out to be a hit or
a turkey. But since the Mos
family are also eangeling:
Pal Joey they can afford i
ibit of a gamble.
During their 10-day stay
here they stopped at the Vili
Creole. and were squired abou
by the Hetzler's (he's ii
charge of building Cite Ma
gloire N6. 2 and Mrs. Hetzle
is a veteran Little Theatre di







r ,

- .-i
t 2

S .







S age 4 c HAITI SUN,
'. : ..; .

Mr. Herbert Ros'nineld and
Though most of the best crowd and past their astoni family, David and Sarah
A:,critics are unanimous in ed eyes, he arrived at the abu- rouge) and wife, returned to
e. their acknowledgment that vette ( refreshing-room New York lastweekend by
-.'Moliere is one of the greatest which hunger had made mth e S.S. ncon. Mr. Rese
;. the S.S. Ancon. Mr. Resehn-
'.::comedians the world has ever conceive spontaneously. Pre-
feld spent a year here coor-
known1 Your Reporter, wit- senting himself, sweating an donating the operation and
dinating .the operation and
r hout fear of contradiction, as- panting before the Aineriwin ss of La Bele
systems of La Belle Creole.
certains that he has discover- atent, he received a small asoneavefrom New
Hewas on leave from Lhe New
a.c.,edaeomedian who a quantity (serving big quarti-' York Certified Accountants J.
serious rival to the French- ty being not necessary) of ooe Cohn and Co.
I-;r. Cohn and Co.
.- 'wman-in this day and age, were of the beverages in a paper -:
it possible for the zombii* of cAp. After, swallowing his Wil F h obse d
.*; 0Willy Frisch observed his
'i,'-.-the latter to waltz out of his share the man' ekclaimed b :y M y i a
walt birthday Monday with a cti
k..-grave and start.wViting agan. rMessieurs, pas b6tis6; ba- fete de famille.x comedian is nore other gaille la pas arrive lan ven :
6.V-- than, the Haitian,.. publicn- tre moin.> (don't bake fool, th pre
... Overcome with pride this.
d2. Their humour and .multitidi-. of yourselves; the, drink ere'
weekend is Frapchou IDuvivier -
I'.: I.noys remarks haye too often didn't even reach my intesti- who st her first tooth Trs
who lest her first tooth T1-urs
.been passed over, by the writ nle). 'Amd the distributor was
^era of this culturied age.; so kind as to pour a much '.
P..B more.generous qbaritity of,the
'' -- generous qa Enrque Tarazona, Domini-
.PUBI- C GUINEA PIG'S other liqids in his''.cup. And,
UINEA PS iqids, in his; cup.' nd, can .branch' manager of .he
'.. 'While passing before the when asked to say whincb of N sr is
National Cash Register is in
,. Au Lincolni grocery last the drinks he judged to be Ihe e s i
.. town installing now accoint-
Friday afternoonh the sight best ohe,, after drinking the town installing e. co
ing' machinery for the Cura-.
-: of an unusual crowd in said, he replied quietly : co Trading' pany
S .cad Trading Pompany.
grocery induced us to stop and CMoin minm, moin ouA toute
~,- .. ... :0:--
-. enter, hoping against hope 'ibonm (in 'my opinion all are
.P 1 e Vic (Firestone) Lampson
.. that it was news. We found: good). And, aft.t, thinking a and wife mtored over t
and wife niotored over to the
i a most unusual gboings-ona. while he added: wServe me
.A member.of.the staff the another portion of the first Domih Republi for Eas-
MF a ene, i g ter. Daughter Paulette and
i'-Bi'asserie de .la Couiranne. :, d'ink; I fogot its taste.i'
son Vic Jr., stayed at home
i'.was seated like a grand sultan ,That made the American t.
-, ":,."".with 'Grandma.
!'of Jahore'and distributing kola agent, the owner of the *
small dosesn of'E liqIid' -from grboceiy,, and other p5e6ple lit- t e
.- '.'"-" M.ovement at the Argentine
:- four large'.-t appears -tle interested inhaling thbi: m y met at the e A e
-7,. .a .s"e.'-&n n' wis ,- shre s Embassy this past week. The
This .aut. manyw share, smie, but the other
.. ^.. ".-JI' .:'" *" .- '.1- -i new Labour Attache Edoi ard
"t to -._ ;oni, f four-bev- tthirstya persons chased our ne Labour Atahe do ar
-.. ..Garacia arrived. Hector Nligo
-erages .andilac. it on .the fellow, out 'dt the store with Garaca ed etor go
employed at the Embassy re-
.]ocal miarke had sent one of' the rather harsh epithets : at the Emass re-
S :", ~ turned to the fatherlanmi or,
r- its scientists &.utlnto' thecty :-evicieux, vole, assassins 'glut
tr '' vacatio-4
to .gain the pUbilih s ,opinion o, robber,,assassin), ard the va .
.on the matter.-Kling another climax for Yor. Reporter hap- -::--'.
Mme Vve Detaguls of hne
.bird with thio old business opened when an old mai, sorry
one they we to see, torna Paot mahogany shop observ- .
stone tey we6-ivg sm- to see;.that /the importunate
p esto.. only person-.who made chap had seriously jeopardiz- ed her birthday Thursday
.i,; .' .., '- evening.
p: purchases in the store.- ed. his. chance of swallowing evening.
STHE' JUIDGEMVENT something for the first time .-
S:Tourism liaison officer Hen
.- As.per usual th-e public we in the. day, said, almost with
ri Merceron celebrated nis
re playing their part as Brod tears in his eyes : fete Friday (27th) night afceri
way actors do off stage. Bit. re cochon. an; ou pa pe quitt6
Sit happened.that a cgoinfte* anilinD (look atthis pig's fa-the football game
'" (glutton), cgrangou p a.s s ce; he won't leave anything).
anyhi n An engineer busy teaching
chin (extremely hungry ) cA la oue ou "neg gain pou his wife e how to drve one
though perfectly well dressed, ou& avant li mnouri h.s wife -how to die one
was passing by. After carv i(How mant funny things night last week hit a camion
ing his way through the eager one must see before dying !1. and severely dented his new
,. -:0: ---
Mr. Gontran Durosler clip-
For Brass And pered to Mexico City last iveek
to visit- with his daughLer
Copperware Marie Therese, her husband
SCarlos Peniche, and their lit-
Sf tle daughter Pichi.
DBRASO -:0:-
..;~s ^ Back in Haiti after a year "
of study in Agents in Haiti beauty institute in New York
SCURACAO TRADIN is Mlle Flora Thony. She v.ill
CO., S.A. put her knowledge at the ser-
-. vice of the community.

I: ,. r


* '** i- i '^ j

I.S. Assistant Secretary For Inter-Americ .
Afllfairs To Arrive Here This Week
.". ""'''
,.+ 4 'r .;.,

.. 1 .%' % ,,,'
4- "4; r,. r w S

Mr. John CObot,' the Stat nesday for a two-day visit. II
Department's, Assistant Sec- is part of his tour of 1'3 L
retary for Inter-American Af tin-American countries.
Eairs will arrive in Haiti Wed- -:0:-

Here improving his Prench A lobster made a brilliant
Eilary Lewis who, is stopping ;public appearance atthe cKa
with hi 'father at the Gja- Pih Wednesday night. It ia
;emalan legation, is leaving been live'boiled (cooked mide
next month to continue his a grill) and treated.
studies at Oxford in England. and drawn butter. Ib-was d
l viciouss to say the least.':,'
-. +: i .'.

r.M I s

Convenient Daily Service to


Soi. PBn A*i i lin. In* tru .a

vIU run AMlercaulln Toer 11|- i nIigstVon
connecting with C&S Constellations

SDIRECT Lv. Port an Prince EST 10:40am
CONNECTION IAr. Havaa 2:57p
In New Orleans to*Dal-
.a, Los Angeles and A. New Orleans CST 5:17pm
San Franc Ar. DaHas 8:46pm
S Ar. Chicago 11:15pm
SUNDAY.S: Ar.lLos.Angeles PST 2:05nil
C&S Constellation ser- 2F
vice direct to New Orleans and Chicago at 10:2AM
Joseph Nadal & Co., General Agents

Ticket Offices: nd fl9. a
Jos. Nadal & Ca, Bldg.



" f"

STel: 3313 or see Your Travel Agent

11lIT SMllW

JiN VESAY-' OF THEMDATH OF dent, of the Republic. Pre- facilitating any action whic r
TUSINT LOUVERTURE sidential hymn. might' appear nesar n
)Th tate Officials, the de safeguarding their interest n i
OF, the~dral, guardedd by six ofr
legations of the HMitian such matters.'A
R O E'S) fibers 'With black a'rmleti.RO
Army, the Ministerial de- Changes of address, ojr dem. to gtant.
.21, c'nnon salute wvill' be-,
partments, the schools, the parture from th country yul.b
-ca'tedi'l orerly : fired' fromi the \<`Fort N~a-.
political, cultural a n d, should, likewise be-notified',
usain tonal at the moments of
sportive asoitosps nd it is important that, te-
i,'6;1 timed thei general, absolution. A~i rO
by and, set the gistrations should, betenee
nts 9,of the Toussaint Lou _'WOODBURY
th Ialis kecellency the Ptei
verture monument. BiihLgto
jhfun. dent of th-Roblc ii
Noon PotauwPrince,
dabihet,. and the,!staff of "WODUT.
'Ali activities Aid, traffic 27th March, 1953.'
'k the'Aarmy receive the ho'n' are to be stopped for.ami the sa
s bee W1r beforC th oussaint
A_ ~ute of silence. (The signal,
the', Louvertur monument wilb ie ytesrn. The delicious Chocolate
Desaiie n.Laxative WOBR
'Radio programmes'devof- S0KA
le- A cotdlegton han ed, to, Toussaint Lou'ver-
to the'Preeiden1t the torchI ture will 'be transmitted
he of Liet gtdi id vrall broadcast stations. 61 Flitn thfieyo prl8p.A
ar 6th. e Great manifestation at s
c):, 6i8xcl1ngte s-:: Masillon Coicou theater
.7n 7_7 th7euli st honouring the. Father,

res. hh h t e shDuign theweek f rom 'April'
a a aint louve i ure, monu1- 5th to l2th Ontl ihra Izmery, Atr&
of mnt. A, speciaI exposition de- Pose, azr NCiolesGe'g
hon ) Mnut ofsilete.Son to voted, to Toussaint Ljouv~er- VieuxMme. Jsp lgi
aih l -the'dead with three veiled, ture will, be orgaijized, J NDONIE OURRll COP.
-clro inte national museum Exclusive Distributor forHat He ''hnd.53
tin ~ 3 e)ef~ jymnh to. Toussaint Lou- through public and private
ma s n a1the verture sung by Michel De- 1
of te`etiblic, jean' hoi In.Cap 11te T Fr Distinguished Beautyl angUipr
c- )Departue oth Pre i- Pirima ge to Breda, the AcuCyAwa
..;birthplace of Z~oussaint
e ~Louvertufre, April 6th and
7th, Committees respon- R L
,4sible for' organizing ma-
nifesain ho0n o during
Toussaint Louvertur6 W-ll
be formed in all communi-
ties of the Republi.


Q "aThe attention of Citizens of
ethe United Kingdom and Co-
10nies resident within this
Consular District is called to
...the desirability of having,
their names and addresses an- US RRS-
Af os't of Gru. tered in the Consular Regis-
rninge^l Ad' e ter.,
mg Minding Is
ea- 'retSuch registration aff ords
t nt of eninb th~atd the most ready means in emner
un ovr agency or difficulty in epiab
y~cou Power. r
axt i tator ling all proper assistance of
btter snewarfe advice'to be afforded themThsmeig.Wd7
ing ant1he1 to ee and Of avoidingth dea
9 etat W. which might in certain cases
ing m ser, i v arise, pending the production

Bi:$". ~-
""" ;"i.. ...'

pw:e~sr i;;ii I~I~~~:*i ,,
-i, i:-i.
ili~.~ i~ii~a ~~~~ :il IIiii

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ZII ri,


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~t~s B~'ir~r c I r.i~iii~

I, ,I,~ ~~-~i~ :,
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1, '~ l~aa rn:!
a ,,
i ~~ ~~ ~8"" ""i~~ ~~ F-iai
:,e :ii~~
-,- ::---
~~isai ii
eliii81~Ee i,,
I~:-I -1 s~~e ~~~~
I~ .i,
~~jji~l~~8~i LI~~i .i~a~
L S"g~~
:~a~~il"Pa;"~.~l~"~~~:~~~:::~;ii~~;. :~; ."".*"'*'~1;--";;":;; ,~~ lilf~;gili':A
;i; i-9;.:ar
~ -r
~~~i~ P~~,~,,,~t~:: ra~
B~~ ;1~~~B~ g.I~:~,sss?:;:F~:~~:~i
I~ .. IIn.
~~i;g':::: ,,
i-;-. ~, n_- I~~8
7 X~"S
~:~'E:~ -
;:al i. liP~1~~o~see~
a~.~~ ~i:Di~ i;"s~i4~l~
i~i~ii~~1B~~~~ii B ~? -%I~Al~:? n~bal:r-- ~5:~

?~~ja ;;i~~:~i i~i,:;% i"--: i`ei;a-- ~iia~
?i ;I;r iP~
ii I.i. E lallL :~

aton on the A'e. Franklin Roosevelt
li harmingtrestaurant by the sea
6a breeze available day and night
I tp till 1:30 am Week-days
niAul till 2:30 am Sundays and Saturdaye
:and Amnerican cooking. Bar service
C'redle ,.- -.MAtl're available at all times.
!.".3..u7-AO@ ,---.----,


Pa 7


Wanted, salesmen .. with
an inclination for selling.
Radio may be old'hat, but
television is certainly old mo-
vies.-Tallulah Bankhead.

Many a man has cut his
ow0I throat on a sharp busi-
ness deal.- The. American
People seldom think alike
until it comes to buying wed-
ding presents.-Wall Street
Journal, New York.
< well offi>, said Aunt Agatha,
when she saw that yet an-
other house was to be sold by
Private Treaty.

there's nothing like your own
hard-earned money, I say.>
AQuite. old boy-I haven't
had any luck with the Pools
yet, either.*
Woman, it appears, is not
as changeable as we have been
led t6obelieve. A style author-
ity says: AThere's nothing
new in corsets.> Calgary
quarrelling is senseless. Let
us be friends again !
< need a button on now?>>
Liquor spokesmen are ac-
cusing Uno delegations of
bootlegging which seems
ridiculous. That would call for
some initiative.- New York
World Telegram.
A political has to be able to
see both sides of an issue so
he can get around it.-Wall
Street Journal. New York.

envelppant comme li ole

parfrm de


Curio -Shop -
Rue du Quai
Social Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

Ask For

'Jane Barbancoui

Still Produced by

the family -



SINCE 1862

'Jane arbaocom

S' I




o! .r,

i 'tl
: ,

(AU LINCOLN,, Will.Delivar Groceries to your Door

? ,. i 4 -;. :,
'. .:; .' ,'s
,.', ~ ~U.r-', 'i
,., ., ,.. :.'.?, .' ,

lo, ,

,.; ke8 HA.ITI SUN,

E' I WT A D -. and the Teutones, driven from DANGER IN ASIA
; A their homes in Jutland and Fri- Therein lies the danger of
-' .A'EAI 'R:. sla by inroads of the North Sea,. csia's hungry multitudes. Where
i', y"-" w B: werd homeless and hungry. Seek- conditions of life exist whiah
a 'SP raes' g ming land and food they descend- change can hardly make worse,
S.. ed like a cloud, on the Mediter-. where poverty reigns in such
.. ': w r ranean and it required the last fashion that freedom is little
.:,:.c _* frantic effort of Rome's military more.tha, freedom-to stare un-
'-:f:f ." _-' strength to destroy the threaten- tided, and where peace is so bur-
t sVS ing hordes., dened with hunger that war at
I least means' loot and regularea-
PRESSURE OF tions, there is ever the peril of
People wil. fight, .said Sir POPULATION some party or some evil genius
1 James'Sctt-Watson' the other, .' arising to canalise and conen-
H "day, .rather .than .starve. The trate a mighty discontent. Hun
'- urge behind ,many epic, world That is why, 50 years-later, gry men are fuel for Cohimun-
V conflicts has been the need for public opinion ivas behind Jul- ism. i
moreifood resources.' How true ius Caesar when, as governor of Hence the truth of a remark
,' :the words' are. Gaul, he decided 6to cheek the of the British Food Minister, Mr.
;- We,, of the favoured race, sel- threatened migration across his Maurice Webb last year. cThere
i.'::dom, pause to realise how hun- territory of the Swiss tribe of can be no respite for .anyone,,
gry "the world has been.,and is. the Helveti, whose mountain he said, so long as there is hun-
.The Golden Age in which peace pasture lands would no longer ger in any part of the world.. If
Sand rustic plenty are significant- support the increasing multitude. Asia and Africa are to be saved
i-;. ly. linked has a place in the leg- Hungry hosts set in train incal- from tyranny, and their peo-
F ?ehids of most peoples. The myth culable series of events, and the ples directed into ways of liber-
Iii:"arises from-a folk memory of the march, of the Helvetii touched ty, the starvation which men-
I;,'.- rich returns won by the first off- to Gallic wars in which aces both continents must be at-
l.ti agriculturists from;- the stored Caesar took his conquering tacked. It is true that the only
;ii.; topsoil of immemorial ages. No eagles to St. AlbanS and the final solution must be a volmun-
l i:,doubta sharrp rise in the world's Rhine, and -won that power, tary limit of population, but
', tiny population followed, for the which enabled him to overthrow there is still room for the pro-
.:.1' old stories record the passing of the Senate and found the State .duction of more food. That sur-
the bap ty. days, and the birth of ,we call the Roman Empire. pus can be used in no better
".wat as growing tribe-.pressed on fashion that in quenching tha
v,.tribe.:" The. haunting memory Deterioration of soil often lies smouldering fires of war and re-
;'lsrvlev.o ofthe days when behind the wars of hunger. Su"h evolution which threaten the
-.':. was the, ease with the Huns who free world. The gospel of plen
o'i Zd $Saturti lived rode'into Europe in the fourth ty bn earth is the great allure-
': A lif }ile this.on eartf. Not yet century and with their iomad .ment of Communist propaganda.
was heard successors the Mongols, a thou- The promise is adequately coun-
iThe bMrT marital c .Tai s .o sand years later. Both of these tered by its realisation.
.:.. .:,y .et.. ,.' .*,, .- fiendish peoples depended for
On-e " .iV loudly ~i i S their livelihood on the pasture
I.: swo,.'; lands of the Central Asiatic CLIPPER SETS NEW
S' steppe, and it is a fact of clima- MARE BETWEEN
o Vergilewriting iwan age hag- tic history that the whole of that SAl JUjAN f AITI
Snridden .by war and appealing for area had been dessicating over .
!I:a return o .old qimplicities and the period .which human mem- A Pan. American World
:.' ieace. BUt peace and the ory can compass. Hence a deep Airways Coniair has just set
f: 1 .ll ew w l:sildeby side. claustrophobia. and the savage
,&:.Ve!jts Roimewasreachingout policy of the steppe dwellers to a nonstop Clipper speed re-
t^ t' days for .her .final, drive back the encroaching tilth cord of one hour and 38 min-
Sboundaries.9~ the Rhine and the and depopulate vast areas on utes from San Juan, Puerto
':Danube. Fundamentally Rome's their perimeters. And so it fol- Rico, to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
i': .,expansion,' in that age was *a lowed that hunger created the The new mark was reveal-
l,:` search for an elusive stable fron conditions in which evil and dy- ed in the pilot's log of Capt.
< tier," .a frontier search which namic leadership can arise to Louis N. Jack ifor Monday
it Ra 'Rom to her ultimate cost never play an historic part. But for (March 23)
fo .L A deep fear, distinctly the fear of hunger it is doubtful
'i, audible&l Roman literature of whether either Mongol or Hun The extra-section flight did
1.:. her greatest century lay behind would have produced Genghis not make the regular stop at
'. the marching of the legions. It Khan.and Attila, and ha"e he- Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican
was a fear as old as history, but come the far-flung scourge Republic.
Just before the beginning of the h'Iich lives in the world's mem- The former nonstop record
|r, last century before Christ, it had ory. With the death of these of an hour and 43 minutes for
been sharpened to panic-point, two chieftains their tribes funded
Central and Western Europe curiously from history. An in- the 407 miles between Port-
were suddenly flupg into confu- stinctive fear conditioned the au-Prince and San Juan was
sion by the migration of 'two nomads for the savage, leader- for a southbound Clipper
m large German tribes. The Cimbri ship of the two conquistadors. flight. ;


.. ..

\... .:. 'i i S-. '. j ..j ..k t .. .rV,h-.., .A... I :. ..... .C ...


S. J'::,: .' ...:.-. .

,OL M ..D 5 & LONDON, o
Guaranteed Dstilled in Scotland and BoLtled '
in the Old Country by the Sole Proprietors

___- ,

.: .'* Js
4 #. -.*

d.. ,' -n .. av*ny.
.....' .. .'
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Motorcycle Model Fox 4
speeds, excellent condition.
See Lamartine .Toussaint,
PAA Office, Rue Pavee.


A two bedroom house chm-
pletely furnished with a view
of bay and city, situated be-
hind the hotel Riviera. Tel.
3520 or contact Lt. Jean
Beauvoir at the Police Station.


A new house 'in T.
for rent. Cbol and. qi
cality. Modern:' acqofl
,tion. Four .bedrooms, -
rooms, one upstairs ai
downstairs. Apply M
Georges Laroche, Tel.-

STEL. :/20- .-
*^M~iVITA R.1
EMILE 6nDct~fhP l

-- Distrib utors 7-

= I


- -C --IIII




, The Leading American

A. o .' t



ncy Fund (UNICEF) offer- .,
to pay for the antibiotic. gJ .
o distribute it, the oHaitian *
governmentt set up injection
enters. Checkups a year lat- "" ..
showed that many suffer- .
s were still being missed.
he U.N. World Health Or- .'
anization's technical adviser,
r. Ross Nichol of Canada, l
sen switched to horseback
dealers, operating from door
door, like Fuller Brush U- ir
en.> By last week the itine- '
ant medical-aid men had l
eedled 1,760,000 patients,
alf of Haiti's population-; i.
ey expect to finish the job '
July. Cost will be: to Haiti,
50,000 dollars; to. UNICEF, ~* Ii
50,000 dollars;t. F ,
The old Sanitary M -ission, A .. '
christened the Inter-Ameri- "| Vi :
an Cooperative Public Health A.
service ,(abbreviated to SOISP
om its French initials), has
ow taken on the job of hold- -
ag yaws to a negligible dan- '. -
er, onci massive attack has
lade the disease controllable. QU! GABANTIT iL PERFCTIO, HECAHIE
n SCISP, Haiti has, matched
.S. Point Four fu lds three
o one to build 16 clinics. One| ,,
f them is a 30-ft. trailer cur-''

ently at Mirebalais .(pop. :'
,800), where Michigan-train- i,
d Mr. Martial Pauyo is head G A :
physician. Next week at Mire- .
alais, SCISP will open a
leading, new permanent cli-[
ic. The citizens will mark
he event with a festive bam-"I W H JSK
oche (shindig), in confident .
anticipation of an early con- -l
nest of their country's ulcer- :
us afflictionll .
(The above article appeared in
he l~arch 25th issue of ,TIME.

"rench Alpinist To Lecife 'i
t French Instilute '

The famous French Alpin-"
st Maurice Herzog will open ,
he third series of Tuesday(
lectures at the French Insti-
ute on April 28th with a talk
n the conquest of Alnapurna.
te will show the audience a
ilm that he took when he led '.
he dangerous French moun-
ain climbing eWxpedition to M. GRANT & SONS LTD.. O) BTILLERS, DUFFTOWN, SCOTE llB
he Himalayas. HAITI TRADING CO. S.A.

Are How On Sale Af All

I^t-------------------~ LCY~C

^ o \ Le nreilleur des pneus giants!

i-Mller IB

.i-Miler '"Al Weather" possede la fameuse roulement "'All Weather" de renom-
,.mondiale qui assure une resistance au
page et une traction exceptionnelles sur
S*les sols.
i 2-51-14 F
-r i

Page 9

victim go
aws is ce
d con- er
persons, er
early in TI
poverty g
.refoot D





seems to immunize the
against the other.) Ya
transmitted by repeated
tact with infected pe
and flourishes particular
tropical areas where p
forces people to go ba
and skimp on soap.

rough a remote corner of
in Haiti last week rode
.rious, brown skinned
leman with a medicine kit
fa4.hypodermic syringe in
.:iaddle-bags. Studying a
'.ed map of the area, he
jched out every resident
E.could be located, and
Ied each in the buttocks
.ihis needle. The word of
inission had got around,
:few protested. For some
.em, the treatment would
l:foul, rotting sores on
i',;flesh within days after
|needle was withdrawn
others, it wopld prevent
fores from forming at all.
'. ..
phe task of the medico-on-
eback, and 72 others like
Iin Haiti, is nothing less
tic than the smashing
e republic's historic dis-
~aws. No killer, because
i not attack vital organs,
gaijevertheless lays on its
y'a living doom. It can
i and twist limbs to use-
iseat away features, or
by ulcerating the soles
Although yaws is
real disease, it is
a spirochete like
syphilis (and as a wry
action, each disease

Haiti began fighting yaws
35 years ago. The Rockefel-
ler Foundation in 1924 found
that 78 per cent of 2,500 peo-
ple it examined were infected.
The first weapon used was ar-
senic and bismuth, and over
the years the government
gave millions of shots. That
attack failed because too many
victims, satisfied with initial
relief, would not finish the
full three-month course. A
U.S. Sanitary Mission, taking
over in 1942, found little im-
provement. Three years later,
the mission, experimenting on
500 cases with penicillin, got
100 per cent cures. But peni-
cillin then cost 4 dollars per
'rhillion units, hopelessly be-
yond the mission's budget.
By 1950, penicillin was
down to 55 cents, and (be-
cause yaws strikes heavily at
children) the United Nations
International Children's Emer

Le pneu -qui vous donneTdea
advantages inesperes sans d6-
pense supplementairel
* Une march stable et douce .
moins de risques de derapage
.. une carcasse extra-resistante
d'une tenue inegalee .P. en
resume le Ailomefrage le plus
dieve au prix le plus bas.

i .
?. L

SeDans le mondei
ientier on trans-
- porte plus de
pneus Good-
year que sur
pneus de toute
Saute marque.




!Time" &" Life"



i, ..e ...
-c sI...., rifd-d"- Y^ 'Wr"ft. t

Mo -4.'. W. Mb ..- 060. -' -no 44M.

'yv .u x ,. C4C .
w.dl W
," -., '
; Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi-. |
lionners. You get this Extra Quality when you f

i Better Designed
'More Carefully Built
:7 Installed by Experienced Engineers

Westinghouse deliver more cooling effect per Dollar
-n4 .. 2. -

As a young man and wo-
man walked along a Glasgow
street recently the woman sud
deadly stopped and, twisting
round, examined first one heel
and theri the other.
aWhy did you do that?
asked the young man.
aOh, just to see that my
stockings are all right.,
cBut you're not wearing
stockings today.*
'Gosh! Neither I am.
'Daddy, this is an awfully
dull book you've given me for
my birthday it's only suit-
able for a girl of my age.
A bachelor is a man who
firmly refuses to allow a wo-
man to supplant him in his
affections. The American

If your wife doesn't laugh
at your jokes the way she used
to before you were married's because they're the
same ones.-Wall Street Jour-
Every American boy has a
chance to be Presidert' when
he grows up and that's just
one of the risks he has to take.
-Boston Globe. I
I am just an ordinary sort
of fellow, 42 around the chest,
42 around the waist, 96 around
the golf course and a nu..'.
ance around the house -.
Groucho Marx.

meet "
Mee urf: .Gmd Ir



AU R#MJs lead

m e a a aa a a a

Dinner Dances


Hotel Ibo tele

Every Tuesday and Fridal frbm 8 pm. io'12

Every Monday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.


.' ':


a s e 0 0 p o o

- OP C o 000000 0 ....

in Cool Kescuf' i'
For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
Almost 5,000 .feet; almost a mile
above sea-level
Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the Capital

Unexcelled American French German Haitian
Cuisine and Beverages .

Dimrm A^^

tmi IwA ^
teecnwye- l 4o


A^ lp
Xa 13A t".


- .4

cHIT U n ag il

FROM~av J.G AN o t~already done so only Would we noti shatte it to' Hearts Desire'! .
LE TE RO RA T goes to show the truth. of the bits-and then Eih yEih
TO'EDITH EFRON old adage, like a wIoman scorned.>>
Miss Efron; 'ly gentleman of the old school, 3. That if one of us walks VISITORS TO CAP liAITIElf
e sa eent aotgallant and chivalrous to a into a room the other imme- The Palace of Sans-Souci
ic cme fomwihi:fault, you hoped that I would, diately walks out. The Eighth Wonder of the World, King
9,:(v~cli 'comes from within:

at eac wth ysef.after your 'appeal -for -help, This is half true, on f sChristophe's Citadel.
'og th nstyruour 'categorically deny the nine ru- does.' You should have made The Indian Caves at Dondon.
Fou o mlevlet>mours -mentioned in your le't- it clear as to who was first in The lovely beaches of the North Coast.
,sonare spreading about ter, or slant my comments in the room. At Your Service the Oldest and Most Experienced.
i to distress me. your favour. No dice, Miss 4. 1 said that you should be Cap Ha~itian Travel Ser.vice
thing that life holds fo Ir Efron, my comment on these imprisoned for the public Apply M. Leopold Sanchez
i dstes o dstrbrumours will be in the inter- good. Cap 11Haitien, Rues A-23
T.:have run the gamut of ests -of truth and justice, with- False. I was thinking onlyTephn45
na moin.Bt oeout bias. of my own peace of mind.
gcn and do astonish 1. That you hate me because Th ulchsntigto do
.-ne f them is the fact of a leg of lamb which tu'rned-with iti, o a yuwr 01 1 0 S
you,'have brought'\ ;these a

ri rumours into the This was probably started planning to run over me or
your recent letter. by some half -witted house- ,CAer meTIE
er is your description wife who doesn't realize that 6. That I have taken to my
rself a weak woman we intellectuals, living on a bed because of your steady
o'eplac'e is in the home,)> higher- mental plane than shepeectos
wed; by your statement does, never become annoyed ,We o etHiim
ypu are -counting on my or vindictive over such inci- bodpesr rpe lr
eingly. Dr. Waag recommend-
2. The rumour that I hate ed r
'Wh6ar you trying to de- you because you refused mpy 7. That you left Haiti last
meor the public? hand in marriage you. are inSetbeinlghfrm y
wicked attacks.~~

0ing me to be an elder- a position to refute. That youwiedaac.
You know, Miss Efron, 1I
OU Iv thought those men in the fly-
ing saucers had eliminated
A A Iyou from my life.MR -
8. You got divorced in New
York, and have returned to
marry me.
Nonsense, I'm going to marcoacteoweMeYeeBue
ry Susie. Carenage Hill,i
9. That you have perman- Cap Haitien, Haiti.
gently left the country because
ours is a fated passion and
,t/ 'life is-no longer endurable for
'' ~either of us.
agYOU left, but you came
'Mar back, didn't you? I was get-
ting along all right with

Ido not agree that the lib would perish>> if they
knew th'e truth. With the ex-
ception of a few of my friends, C
the public would gloat.
If we could only start qll
IS Y UR P OTEC IONover again, Miss Ef ron, as the
poet said: **
P Obtainable from all chemists OFP.2 with Him conspire
anu actured by Imperial Chemical (Phar; aceuticals) Ltd. To grasp this sorry Scheme
distributors in Haiti-TRANS-VWORLD TRADING CO S.A.o hns nie
of Thngs .. **
;,1, L~I~~~~I~"x:::: ~ ~ :ia
th" a -ev f
P Lirio ~ ~ ~ *,: ~
N 4~~

R j o a __ I I 7 15 -T A

pa- Daddy pulls and

Of aga


I in our

i seen

a ... Night-

at a time. It
high demand
dame molm
sions.' Well
what he is d<
my mouth-or
strument, me

In the field of what people wear, cc
There have been different opinions,
tongues, as to what constituted good


ors in Haiti : Usine a Glace Nationale

We are building up our
home-made orchestra, that
has to give spiritual food and
recreation. It's quite some-
thing. John plays the drum
and know all the voodoo-
beats, taught him by the drum
mers of the neighbourhood.
So he plays real good music.

in w

- -.- -- --. ~- ---- -- ~ N -r -- ;- ;- -i ~ I
A ~ n rr -*.




(v. 0

'idn!t think it would hap
.mes, said pretty Leona
kuers of the American
ssy, whose engagement
ielm Jahnsen, was "an-
6ed during- birthday cele-
'ins in Welhelm's ho,,our
i28th. Wilhelm :s a
-professor of chemistry
ifiaculty of medicine and
~Cauers is an employee
r American Embas.':y.
'.lovely Ashton Villa in
oin was highly sociable
Wday evening. The Ash-
intertained the
a.Company and members
art-au-Prince society to
tails and folklor- dane-

-:0:- .
a Lucienne Deschamps
ied from her vacation in
U. S. Thursday accom-
",d. by her mothdir and
d Antoine Dieumunsch.
ine, a native of Stras-
.,France, met Mile D)es-
ps two years ago. The
Iy is scheduled for laier
~. Carl Madsen went to
vThursday to visit her
j ter and family. --Her
ter's husband is Chinan
Ve d'Affair in Havana.
tand Mrs. Georges Baus-
'~orges is the architect
Uiiilt the National Pal-
w to New York Friday
Daughter Aline. They
kying this week-end at
.Victor Noel of Rue Ca-
Aid her niece Rita Bar-
ire Havana bound on va-



cation this week.
Air Mission Willet is b*.ck
to his 'billet, after sampling a
cricket match in Jamaica: he
was not impressed.
Congratulatiens to Gerai;-
Tajuy and his new br'de Ma-
rie Claire Van Bokkelen
They were married Mar-',
1 -:0:-
Mlle. Ghislaine Jacob ha
chosen April 28th as the day
sh2 will exchange. with Anton:o Mellon.
-:0.- -
This past week Phil Nash
decided td give the deep sea
and La Gonave the < and
'trekked from Furcy to Jacmel
ica pied.) His companion and"
guide was his lovely New
York society bride. This week-
,end hobbling around on crut-
ches with feet firmly envelop-
ed in bandages the Nashes
have decided to'stick to ex-
ploring the Bay of La GoCnave

Albert Dadlini has return-
ed to Maison Orientale after
a ten-day visit to the home
office in Jamaica. Albert had
the rare pleasure of witness-
ing the first covers>> of the
cricket test match between
India and the West Indies, cur
rently played in Kingstor
In Caracas Thursday Mrs.
Raymond Baker celebrated
her birthday.
* -:0:-
In town this week is Mr.
Dario Brossard of the FAOi
who is making a tour of 'he
West Indies, Central and
South America preparing a
Seminar on land problems
The Land Seminar will be held
in Sao Paolo, Brazil, from
May 25th to June 26th. Haiti
is expected to send three 'Je-
legates aloh'ng.

jI -B

The Ebullient Andy An-
derson is now in Puerto Ri-
co where he is co-Manager
of the San Juan branch of
Southerland Tours.
Mr. R. E. Ross of the Ri-
viera Hotel flew to the Cap
Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs
Clarence Moody."
Barbara Southerland and
daughter Bliss scopted ever
from Ciudad Trujillo to spend
Easter with their old friends.

When lovely Lydia Sanchez
of Puerto Rico came to visit
Haiti a little over a morth
ago she didn't expect to i:nd
cupid 'hiding among t h e
blue uniforms of the smiling
immigration officials. B!ut
the little fellow with the bow
and arrow was there all toe
same and yesterday afternoon
Mlle. Sanchez walked up the
aisle of St. Pierre's Church in
Petionville to become the
bride of the Immigration De.-
partment's handsome. Rover
Paul. Arsene Magloire and
Claire Paul, the bridegroom's
sister, accompanied the pair
to the altar. A reception was
held 'in Kenscoff after the
Mrs. Paul is an instructor
at San Juan University in the
Puerto Rican Capital..
The motor cycle wizard and
Commerce tycoon Henry Ber-
mingham celebrated his fete
Saturday in no eccentric man-
Mr. and Mrs. Don (Dau-
phin) I.ungwitz arrived from
the States Tuesday w th
daughter Bunny and son Ti
Joe. Ned Decoppet arrived
on the same plane.

Mrs. Max Ketell celebrated
her birthday last evening.
Jean Sergile is to tie tne
knot with Mile Suzan Baus-
san next month.
Gussie Higgins a
false landing at Bowen Field
and has returned to Miami.
David Weber threw a party
last evening to celebrate his

fourth birthday.
A sumptuous buffet which
included spicy Haitian dishes
was the highlight of the b;rth
day celebration of Mrs. Franz
Siegel which was held at ihe
Siegel home Tuesday evening
from 6 to 8.
Cyrithia Polly down from
New York is enjoying t .
weekend. Her fiance is .ver
from Puerto Rico.
News for both Cap Haitien
and Port au Prince is the en-
gagement to Mile Frangoise
Silvera to Harold Bussenius.
Mille Silvera, the-daughter of
.Albert Silvera, recently com-
pleted her schooling in the
States. Harold, whose mother
opened the Mont Joli hotel in
Cap Haitien last month, is in
the Coffee business.
The Everett Shrewsburys
are spending the Easter min
Miami with daughter Suzan.

Dave (U.S. Marine) Cassidy
is-expectirng his sister Jeanne
to visit Port by Resort on the

Financial Expert Ernest 0.
Moore is back in town -or
more figuring accompanied
by Mr. Frantz Oppenheimer
of the International Bank,
who is here to advise Hait, on
joining the' International
Bra nk.
Leslie Canez is learning the
length of a day. His pretty
wife-to-be arrives from Wis-
consin on the 1.9th. Their mar-
riage is to take place at the
Sacre Coeur on the 23rd at
6.30 p.m.

Sunday at the Petionville
Club children between one
and a hundred will go in
search of an Easter egg.
Marie Georges and Pierre
Mathieu are to tie the platri-
monial knot at the Sacre
Coeur on tle 14th, Pan Ame-
rican Day.

Patrick and Mrs. Paul Che-
net are eagerly awaiting the
arrival this week-end of Dr.
Chenet who stopped off in the
U.S. on their return frrm
Switzerland for consultation
with members of his -profes-

iPa~e 1.3

Tatmous since 186


P age 1I


From Canada comes word
of the engagement of Mile
Mireille Brandt, daughter of,
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Brand: to
a Montrealian.
The General Levelt maision
in Petionville wps a blaze of
lights and fashion last even-
ing, as a formal party was in

Mile Carol Madsen flew to
vacation with former college
friends in Palm Beach Thurs-
day afternoon. Mile Madsen-
will join her father Otto Mad-
sen in New York on his re-
turn from business in Eu-

Myriam Savard returned to
Westmont, Montreal,. T.hurs-
day afternoon with tears in
her eyes. After two month va-
cation here parting was more.
than, sweet sorrow Miss 2a-
Yard was stopping here wIli
her Aunity and Uncle Mr.
Leon Laforestry.

A little more than tr.idi-
tional was the christening of
Ti Fritz Leon jr. From 9 a.m.
to 9 p.m. the sea-side home
of the Leons was %en fete.>
Lamy and his
vided the music and cairpile
grog and manger. was provid-
ed for all.'
Mlle 'Edith Chatelain walk-
ed down the aisle of St, Ger-
ard Church. yesterday and
promised to honour and obey
Mr. Fenelon Sainte. Matron of
honour was Mine Adrien Chan
cy; best man was Minister
Ducasse Jumelle.

Col. Wiley Alexander and
.C-47 load of Air Mlisbion re-
turned from a visit Statiuide

Daniel, Lafontant, director,
of the Paramount Theatre be-
came a proud Papa for the
second time Monday. The new
addition is a boy, the other
member is a girl.
Herman Leconte nd hIs
spouse, the former Mile Foui
che, are getting acquainted
with their new son Gabrie

-. '-

5dvw j

~K; A A~> T1AITI SiUWv
Vage 14~
Su keTo BetPrve faiiandl Generos, told us the big- machinery to modernize tbe The PassnOf
Sna e T Bet P ove Hati estheadach~e he has is find- plant! His, son; Itialo, is get- Great Per
HasFrtLasT n eying first-class skins. < H~aitian farmer;>, he said, diploma from~ a college ini
(Continued 'from Pa~ige 1)j pressing, Then there are spray "at
guins to give the finis~ied lea- treat his animals and pre-, year. And his nellhew Dick signed' the Haita At
-illingness for hard wok.te i otn ~clu.Nx pare their~ skins for selling*3 is busily studying Tannin~g dependence an4lI h
hy tarted their establish- door in the co~bbler~s shop, a i~ eevd r~n50 to 75 Scec the rt nttt~~iiie istna r
ment by setting up two small dozens cob~bler~s ar busily, skins a day and processes up in Brooklyn. came a full~ Gee41
tanning tubs on~ the fringe of transforming the leather into to 10 dozen when demand is Haitian Army, byder
h When w stopped 1, high but rarely does he find e
f~illed in the land, added build ate e~ unn~otan batch that suits his exact- cola Mtartino, ~is in, chareof 'Salomon. Rut he w
irgsand equipment, until to- type of 'boot fo the Haitaii jig standards,. The condition the retail outlet shop, for }fia- tent to rest on, suc
day t~iy haveapan oe Ary itabadfleterof the Ia~nimals, wvho a~re left to t~ian custom-mnade she in laurels. He became
proud of. above the ankle like the para- forage for themselves, the Port au Prince. There's ani-, Secretaryr of tile~ne
Thr are -tree bjig drums trooper numnbers that made lack of knowledge- of proper other store in Cayes runi by and Chief ofStf
totn dye' and 'wash s~kins; such a hit with the soldiers in ~skinninig and curing techni- brother (Generos a ii 7 the dent Simon,-Drdn'p
several splitting. machines to World WrI.que all make the job more well-made shoes, which sell General Scoo of t o
isice the skins into thin pie-t, difficult for the tanners. Butt from 2.50 dollars up ar, PrinceSceayofte.`'
csof leather, shaving mna- Gainari M~artino, the smil- they are using all the < chnsto m~ake. them smooth, ing pla~n-pkncrafts how>> at their comnmand- to of u1ic f-iosepda-tr o~,i.,a
$esn-pknly jump at the chance to, and MXinistetoheD
-ai~ng machines, for, polish- nman wjho runs the Bizoton tan se3hsdfiut. ead1 e h~ md oo~e nf~ Rpbi ~~r
in~n plating for ne~ry with 2hisbrothers Geraru~d Jnow in New York buying new
many a favourite pair of bro- sin. Rafael Trrujillowa
Refrigerators to Port-au-Prince s~dl aebe et 41 cet14
M. Cu Barreyre, prominent Haitian distributor, of electrical appliances, is -new'IsI As1Secret
now an enthusiastic "Clipper Cargo" cutisomer. "A Cost Analsi Form cation with the ~e hoes A>eceary of th
;quickly showed me how I could save up to 15%\over surface transportation looking.~ evenbetrhate ndtofheA ki
co~st on atrecent shipment of refrigerators from Phl4adelphia, said'iii.~i M.oin Bar- ta h 'adit ft
xeyre. "B~y specifyring 'Clipper Cargo' on~ my order I avoid axg wed M Brt Veiin ocsJT
s LT originals.:

~course, Insurance is considerably' less."r~ the days of the Oc
It's one more sign that the Chevallier became th
----------- <, label can be and friend of manyvs
-made a symbol f or good crafts personalities ~includigF
~. .. il~ans~evo Tmea~id *manlship. With 50 emi~ployees~ liii D. Roosevelt adGn
yo -and a m~odern plant, the, Mar- MacA~rt~hu.. His booki
-'~ Wtino familly has, proved that 'little vignettes hv b
BOWTH W WMEW O .small industries haa'e a big treasured bits of hu r
F''prCbrl future in Our Fepublic. Avd picting Haitian life si1

~4 'that once the plrodlict estab- turn of th~e cen~uiy~y
-- '~lishes its worth, people arp great interest in buld
2 willing to exchange the im- sports has had a l
ortid label for rne that ys e n e oc
Eseta isto N w York ( "fulrelztht arfreight rates are often 0~iisierably more tha surface Aa man well rememberd
rL *y&M Max Quest, "fNtu h soL Grass, At
Lie etivrL n ote' ta. oilsote United States we hav found UI Tas o
thtw anav fast delivery on deedbe sce~s n ll the other Thank ToGo
advantageous of.'Cli ar

a yantaes 'Cl Cargo' and actually save ou~rselves money'. It is hidden IU I i
.s c~~ag agnd Docuenation that effet these savings which ileed'cio
F-tblissentf& Agico1' et Idustriels Lus Del Ie S.A. the lca 'Clpper APE h~seld las
wI L e ces> wash

/ *"Tthe' recovering Ltii
IE ';"i'AS ;E NTOT,);

Aes the above examples prove, a comparison~ of ~ _____ nor'.
FR I.C,,5rfreight rates alone does not tell the whole story.
SPI Progressive, Latin American businessmen are ,
uikto recognize that in the final analysis such
factr as P'acking, Documentation. and Broker- A
~age must be taken into consideration. Anad w~hen
time means money, that's one miore ~reason to.
specif y "Clipper Cargo", .. often cheaper and al
ways faster. Ac'~~

al PAA office : no
Ca"v Ybro '1be glad. to --

you shppn ro5 Rememnber, in addition to the regular, eenal atl-cargb
.service throughout Latin America, every. Clipper~ carries 'cargo.
So you can senid almost anything, anjywhere on all six tontinents. r
. . . .........

~ C By AR ISBETTR, Y CLPPERCARG ~ BST"Let the Insurance ~Comipanyv do the worrying.
te AA, 114C. Joseph' Nadal and Co. Agents. Tet: 3486
zaaaii Trad e~aingC.S. Dsubl

I utensils etc. Am I o ng the more sine -s~iis;;
~~~Dr 0 PEH AUesl t. no~ h o~ ssm?8xen and industrial lea accept, with, difficut tha
SIDENT S RADIO -SPEEUEA i ortant f actories are. an-~ rs of. certan cities of the R- this B in'o taekal t o
4m HE ATO their spinning mill, a soap pubjlicae8iot afid one wa or nohe to~
ge~tas~~ 1s~~ 1)~. -factory~ which fered their asitnce. Each hel a oennn hc a
A it n)essnmnen Are no being built. Fo j & da buinessleader4s w~pUra
te'resr ~ is theseve e na hbl to ,meet saereason the cuts made ini of their" ilj iges to contri- on thsogaiain hc:
ve~l't- ister il, had to go in debt thybde o h cnnhhe~i o of Hitian cei
et dyeveopmnent programme ill Fh~etes orend' ulsch

!.g s f rasto sa Ho ev rtho gh the pr ion Of 'food pr d ci on lan We are' co nv n e tha we l a si'cto ,t a t e


tobudac of theef en the Natgon. i
'e thine se hrn e r n L a a r l n


the reasons or~ thielo sisa prce theoo cofearn ut trw pnci

its~ urd wih neg-an ht sni
e I

inheas soe limited tov Hai-ta Thse are eh co
ke of mqi dt C Al

(Iarusngpuli measurs to golnc h cu- tin -hastW1 bs fi~ende~

e prsen 'lad gs prepar h et on ai rjina bmton' onipoigte tt, a ime toa ~ make apon oer-fudsm actlien e.

taxtio ofii :crti prion.t leJ~ hav trie to abam fo 1i I~ WA
i'sh caused sonl by tufo cili Pe ain aate onth aC lgo t~o
",htu otepe.Thi rii ha ca~Eused te 1 w ic brn pro fit to indvi th siQuatiQ Fo yprI' atM risn.Afvua~e
~ ~dualesp t ~ip woithu anny~ apps ealt is~ to.' ounc in a
aati ecoom reit Ontlrc a, nyi
Goavernmenta to'ecno ity than theun for~ e~e spre1 o~il

'fopig tade Or crtin bud r arof i ti ~togthe co md nith 6 iy at aifction wit th ~l oyal ths umuswa ra-db.
ea e We have aloase and co~tI rat liXei m pet.T enep~tcolaboratio th ~ s arc fo..t crmnl
or ou poverty ar iliuarl thosen theatre ouwfotithi 2tra htoir~o rce
f ~hteito1 cso teGv thie oadvJice bean Undercl- "eahto st~hese, fhoumed Seen- b, ieWri
elto otepi es its ow operatheg Iexpense s 0,oosii e i- putid eh of4ett ie secltr n
in ~ teitfai n ofeial an d publica Moorpoe es exartes and n th pn e'rtaries;cfe i Vte IA'-
ndl wol makt We hav decided itcr as nees. -coperpio at t..,a~et~i
fi ete of iThte hae'ffr me~" in) mett ion ofti- hotela'
ehree products thatesaryeto sent tovrn'a wontathatanciml expert of ha,
to4 cal bai ily on thie FiaiWea Develop toe de
i ue fte met~4 inogramme almnd u hae, of, ouanrednc, u rvt nustrtte
r '

J. A priority to~A.; projects A'
b k rf m project tha :ir
,C f for Aa l wit Ae a Atr 'Ar
prvdohrem-o.p er a

he ha sub ittedlast'ear.. siply
restand igh ri cnsieredof vtal se t th
ek -Th `S-0cilt

'tis enn s ih h opr-g

Cetinyr tifg tc
prseru ya eooy fth outy


f i's-e a rs, it
js10 u osan-gntbtwic emttd io f orinepet.Itdraen h'tak te evl I oi
-ie ow eu- il 'o'eetatem w ih, hs onn it .qetil. f ehi ah ;
al te amth eplymp -b o-ga
rnnswiho ag ume fwres h oidbs nwihorto, vrtedrciI fou Cniud nPg
epecusin wil coti'ungth b idin ricialintittinL cedt ecetaie o Sat ad
livig sandads f a ighay sste, th rets i no shaen t ha ha no oubs th th sc

,awre f'itsdutes

a s Y "

Ile I i.11 I Yft~~~
t'.sharly fllin tio to he pobles ofRV, oon ubmited~o -te Leis- ians, lway thes m
_ssw ee unilho seak usnghiri
alonth, rl ken ad dcaio. ha, s'laur, o wllbeabe o s, w o a

,e d::r nted the Bank of tl 6,ll!~~Lr
op o thelattr caionwillfollw asfar as choosi. ispesaris,, a nia- Te w
onyt h do'i osil, h cntrcin r to cnerwrkr' iieReulco H ii;te ra
!alo o hedrp gam e orHelt Cetes oas re hee liwig oresuy f heStae,-t Jbak-
ndRualaswllasCiythn hemos bauiulrut ny isfo-
'collct~d n imprts
.,,,i~p~nt~~i~a~'~s~I~ 'd
T~hto ~choos. spech, ur wih to ork fr eig powe 'woud hav a.-,
Inapaen or f I'viw'o wring f teprgrs o heconryvncd udst te oer"
6n utrako wr sotae o god whAisaan e'ae ratpesueinmnt heepoiicas on
siriesmen'A o Allerasof i- lernin tha oureffots i it aturl tht ou onl ere
r. n xes fcn-trntonltnso,,te o- hs ol ae en udr-dt sabihmn soldcn
Ai th tim ernmnt o the epubic ha stod sine utsid theof ent o giv speulatos an
fh -q.q1rtino iilqadnldi mioes xotr on ntecfe

I,. :" ., p. ;i.ede-+. o the

artist to th .hd I am certain that 'I can
." (ContinuReV patience arti am conjvin'cd- stocD that... all ,cts ,endanger-""' ',., :''.
that 'detectivs. will. sp'o .h e-:: ing the iqtnA i'"e .of..^Ke ..

justice as they have delivered court on the total understand- '
the criminals, who perpetrt- in, of the great majority of
Sed the crime atLe.Pe'rL oir. the Haitianr people,' people
Despite t i'a-naity of -the 4ko. have never .withdrawn
opinions t 'they epessed, their cofidence aid.,affec-
opini on. t .- they. *. j. t ..o
we6 have-taken a ]aipe-f4ire tion, in order tq follow our
S, attitude regarding .the fish- .iWyear pogtamnie which
S era in troubled. water s be- will permit.our people to gra-
cause until the. present .time duallyy' overcome a situation 11-31
Sthe" spreadof their rumours which will be improved tha.nks. J
has not angered the pub- to a firm, honest, wise ad.
ic' peace. We are a-,demo- farsighted administration.

".-... .\ ". o .

: ,
xAU.. >iihuaxi

*44' -- ',* '~~ ~ u 4~
I-'- i,
.f~ I'

' _


. terft'a1 h.,


a ; i .
SOuitreiensembleimontr6 cl;'
dessus .noqs ,pouvons fournir
aussi les 2'appareils que4votal
.ey .un chaniger 'de disques
oIomrpl6tement autom'atique 6 3
vitesses. Les 3 radior6cepteurs
onfuiie excellente reproiluc-
tion,. un porrecteur (r6glage
id; ,coloris" de la'tonalit6).et
d es bands 6tal6es.-r
l our tous details edressez-
ous avotre. ournlss.ur.




(iL I;



0 O

kg .' ,

SW..-. M
*; I. --. W
1: ."A". ..%WMKy

"T "'. Si-9CAR
(Cintinued from Page 1)
,Madame Roger Coster the
owner of the woniai's apare
shop.,said, Thank God no-
body was hurt. She should
have also thanked her owr
foresight-for putting -ll her
'merchandise in airtight plas-
tic- containers' :that huns in
neat rows undamaged by the
dust and dirt. Jules Farmer
the Willys distribiutDor, whoo
took a careful look at the rulir

'ed structure' said, cThis is .
lesson to commerce The
Chinese manager of the Ho0-
kawawa lundry gave an ri-
ental shrug.


aLe Mati-vt, celebrated it
46th -birthday Wed'edia
with' a special edition.
S- .

(Continued I p

Ear'y MiIoha ;
0' detectives onil,
Marie-Jeanne pa4
Expositfin Grou
across ,a man who.
.ed his y-, into e '"t
National ah.,p -w
custom made en
blouses and dresses(
to make a getaw& -
cut I.short by three
one'in the head a
the body ,-
Early Wedheia'.
the same 'police patrol
across a man who jg;
ed entrance to .the
Sthe customs houeSe.
tried to flee but wasF'
.shot. '

Hundred thouisa-Adi
Fire At Essentiald
IOil Plant -
""La Democrat~gi~':
this week
- tial. oil' plant..6f'-Af. g-
.Louis D)ejoie at'' i"
south. Their estin1a'
s damage runs .tb:1Q.0j
Y laro-rb,- L'('
. report from. ur w
Country epo -. e
__ .,' -. '_ .

lhI Best Qualu CeinI atl
he Lowest possible o


offer theif




Don't forget to do your ls
share in buyifig the special
Easter S9als put out by the : _.
Haitian Association for the
Rehabilitation of the rfandi-
capped. Your money will IN BAGS O 42 1/2 PORTLAND CI
help some crippled child win STANDARD H. 1 RAULICKgs NET 6 PLY
.his fight for health and edu OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
cation. Port-au-Princ Tel i 3387






..... .. A *

I .. -.

-,' .A..,, '"

'.4-..." ..Usz



lw9 41 .

:- --%j



I J :'*' -


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