Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
August 26, 1962
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Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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' i. n i- H. *- Fr
MI, ,

pHle 7aeo"e CTE DU M.SA iSIME --PhoIM 2061" '

WiiiTols P
MO 1,L

--..'* .*'-d..-P-- 'a. .: --. ..--.-' .'-- -. ..-/ .
.' -:'-- \. -. :. *...'_. .. :, t -. 'eri, ... ; N "h "P a"a" -. .-.*-'-'": "- .: "".
.- i.itrniig;..~ fo-l-' tr.u.c. dk rivers f' -thie Capi- a.l" models -obf. ca-rs .arad ed .-willj AVmeic AirwOay 'f
,..n .ol ..c. .1i ars ,aade
loWMng. a jf :'0af the Presi-i tal- aridT-:ne 5provinces"rganized through the. streets .df the- cit l- ttogve
iof o.. ira tion' dfitiena-a mass, deimnstratibn I:ef5Jre t.. the N'ati-o'n al Pa 'a c e
ine'a'- i de "ansport; thte NionalPiatie -:. .he they parked- ohn ,the l
tourist ners --.ta. buses J: .d of es: rt;qks, bues-_and Palace- lawnv.-All those vehicles when hie iUi..e."-imoies laajt.
: ,..- .' departed: from the Federation thfere'titWi_'d ialje
Headquartexs ori the Exposition ope'rat I .. ib' ~ .
-grou, cite' Dumaisais .Esti- bean .: sa1eeoii thdile"e-t
-_Here is fhe z ,mutn.ifue ss--I il~( be us ,exluseiv ely :.tot
e ay before? by Mr. Ahil Serel. .
e .:Laros, .Pxesiderint of ":the ,. on o

(Opitinued on page 3) possible foi Haitibound t to tt it
to -travel the greater .. pat of t f.o-hvA,
.,. .. .,,,,. '" ;2 .-- ; i; ," ,. ,..2..' ,A&



~AEIph Du~lie

Velholes massed. before the National Palace
[U 4wi hvl1AM BATES.

'The Coffee Industry

OIIL--O tput Trends And The Role Of Price
It is often stated that coffee past seventy years or so may
is a'declining industry in Haiti. well have been that of a'stagn-
If -the, statement refers to coffee ant' industry, despite iapj.dy in-
exporting,- some statistical sup- creasing population pr e ssu r e
port can be found for it. If it and virtually no improvement
Refers to coffee growing, the sta- in growing. techniques, Looking
'tenient would be difficult to pro- at three boom periods over
ve. In fact, one remarkable these years, the following pic-
-thing about the industry is that ture emerges.
its production trend over the

:-Average Exports
9,Estimated internal consumption



Late .1880's Late Early
& early 90's 1920's 1950's
68.2 66.0 56.6
14.4 20.0 27.2
82.6 86.0 83.8
(Continued on page 4)

:.', ^.IMB+ j+-.,n fe0sor a id stidenat. in I.. o-l iop
WtniMste r"CSr Dvulesinai who medical sciences ofi Norifci Unfersits
S.spbke for .he presideiit, .l Ama lisit St of the T'h. a
l, i border to:.feel. flrthi.iad .*o. -
S ot0hI A nea..-.d-..: U-:.

:-Ap'.o.rwo m :a. g ve'
birth, to uadruplets .in
the small Soutiern coast-"
al town of Port Sallit Aug
10th, newspapi "La Gari-.
Sde" reported ishi week. :
Birth of the quadru-
' pets tobk -placedutngthe
absence of 1theirftather aid

tthe doctor- of the district
was. "intro- i..v abl e", the."
weekly -newspaper of Cay-.
es stated. -' .
The mother and the four
children, who included Sia- ....
mese tw@ins, died during SanJding (left to right) Dihf.OWblea ani .Belif. eA ;% i
the day. -* :andPnn. "

New York Orders ,Voodoo Objects"

Barred From Public Markets
By NAN ROBERTSON the markets engaged in -the ders werein the markets'at P.r,
(In the New .York Times) practice. Avenue between 11Mfh anid-b
His inspectors found, among. Streets, "and on.,.Essex- Br!B
Commissioner of Markets Al- the madonnas and-religious me- Streets.
bert S. Pacetta August 17 order- dais, "jinx-chasing i n cen s e," They face evictiqp andf--Io
ed the banishment of what he love talismans, hex candles and of licenses if they do :'ot qt
called "voodoo objects" from re graveyard dust to throw on ene- Mr. Pacetta's- ordei -iy r.
tail markets owned by the city. mies. One of them, when. told IY
The Commissioner acted after The nine city retail markets inspector that some of hi- 6oZ
he had learned to his astonish- shelter small purveyors of fruit, were objectionable, shruggkk~Wd
ment that all eight venders of vegetables, meat- and some dry repled: -
religious articles who rent space' gds. All-tte eight accused ven-1 -. ".<-tne.'fe
-. .. .. .

"r";gt T h is 11e I k, I I- 11- I- 11 ,--
Hf needed a l, .o .o o St "v.rc thr kilob

,rnor .hre Poet Vc- Prsdn of Hu,,l-- I .,. ,I -

,m an w, Ir ,erg H. Be net -Ph,---:Dv
jT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bat o- th Cor ,u pi.e on -t:,w!o: :-:I III% ."- I I I -. ,: -
I,. -Istan t I 1 s : ..1 "-, .'-'. -, .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ H i n -:,' depicted 'I" disgusting:I I. II I I; I,, .. I ,.:e : % Joe,1 : I I ,, ,.:'-,j I," ,,
," I Ita h at th U .. Ima s an Ii charmI I I-- .
~~~~~~ ~m o, t s two ,e tr. to rprs Diane :. I I -I I -1
, I Id MI. W Ia Mc la n n Ia a e of Pan .I-.., --1
ter C re oet, foIe GIero of New
iitr Goero of tl duin Ih IS-IcoInIId
,s A n h n H Ih n l r H e d o e n o m a k I Ip u b lic ,-
11n of CooI fome Judg oI th SupS NDYrU US.emep
; -ew cam toA b me Ihog Hrtt Arnos ILefeb-re
1~a wear:, '' ,r iv n h-r Ih In i n oI th I I- -

11 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r II' the sihs door ande grne sat the i .'oum s elvr scr o ,t -- T ,
with -oo Ton Ia diplye hi lov foIr L G

.)~~ saidiat sinc you have 'ar Wmrmber pftePair-frc,-rdigWt I ,

Los1- Jn ls Calfopi mad W shor vis. let .,"h
'i ~ ~ ~ ~ be ': Comec .n I h Ihe -f Ih -0,sJMacamr--ior F'~ y
swing-. .:,ug the Ca1ben Sh lie ii eogh t
sl m n Corain -r. Brhm t explaI
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a met Ier ,husda wi th yiis ofEI ,J IK E RI- oyr iitr-o.Fvne
,,Ise I aybe Dian "rvSster .femman istoa asbus e
I. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N Iostn In Frd -onn wa IeI I veI. f -dEop icAff jpaq nA
I Itn th i au t wI Inw artis -~rz :AI Irar -
'-!, ~ ~ ~ Sat ,. ,om erc .n Inusry Ir I CIobra:vf-thisi~t,e a
.. I ***P -Ei picos taesnd mad a mountpainteut 2fra molen Mi.IrtIza1' .
i-,-, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r oi a :w erveekbl visito' Cheree aset gu.t VieP esd n .of he.I bral oe e~q g q'
Chamber of .om re .r Ioi ..~are
Arnon an No yr Ieu mtodce to th aItia.
1 11- CW r Wold's Fai Interna .Coi o rationf for Indternaiontsal .the Ionhue hc I
Miss~~ El1i RI~rs a teichl ,rm Ne o

Yorky whoin arivd o tQutwhere las Sunday for au 3u tisfie.--rector B-r,4d.Died-rc
-1'; a adExii s and an~sdistnguse woBgoaifer ,Jea Ells. m ,dn utrla arrived Ier rda fro Tor II-
Ln o, Ii OGP W w i D. Gedrorg H.,Benett, w al enPh.D er s' is aIokeee.Riai.tae.n8
-1d .i Am .c wIt vi. In Iaa s .d tiepy Iian -Bo n ai agh n ce
ifa .s a onefixonp of his eightAssisants
"S' ,I, sane lioney, -k Iak II -rs I a e I itn, a mediwa ',.Anden hfron
atoi ficHantititr w ~ k an s shile depiced A as disusie aJoied th vpgltafit,

oher -, a6vr SoIa WoI -rie her on Aug tist at h ar
, '? r:,ol sti y s metat the aoirp dort tb e Mr. V aleti tEd a Ioe acaIn EI gne I Ii@ -i st ~~fo .tlm m
Le -o Nouely .ea Coasa Ver other, hon this Janetce a. -irenl .. -e- -oor
skin -ii bl,, bildre .f Jdsephine Ihittache, atus 11h Jae o orIn
',,1- .,.. .. a 6,i U.S.i Embassy Ynd oikis symmia f heetwo men treulid eoimpress Din -Haa cupto pilt
il,~~ ~ ~ ~ boy 'n wif rs9ot Geal Mandal Walterilliom Bethon n Maae&fPa '
brigh aid mesi- sh wa .rf Ioil fl wer, marriede since Decenbe

,-f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ur ,- ,A-,:I I1.Ine I- II ln ie H iiay a and sellbiome bale vh;si'. ba, k IJul e iiiat hheeR spk ffn
days- .i $1 Iu Ire iI vIitn thi -ve relationpany between her yois

, r ~ r 1 9 m ~ l l ed : M i i t r y -Go v e r n orio fe v ar y deur w i n g t h e l os e o r i a l l n Ie s l r ee p o mn H oh e f a fo g*o u e a n t h e t r t h f

,..:'SUNDAY AUGUST-26, 1932 H A I T I S U N AG 8

all the point ts of the -Republi." to find t i
S. Minister Desinor inhis iI The- governme4iack0nowedgej
DrAvers Call For Toll un e You came s our deierata."'
S,' '.morning to present, to this man At the: end, of the "large d
'(Continued from gage 1) my Staff, Gener4l Gerard Cons- authorizations to redress- the si- his greatest conteptment. be- monstration, a commnuique.i ;:
tant and many officials received tuatidn, in all its aspects. We, cause ,every day he is thinking the Piesident of' the THOYTP
FEDERATION HAITIENNE the delegations of Port au Prin- too,' are ready." The delegates. over your destiny... .your govern' Achill'e Lose'" iiformed:M .i
S DES' OUVRIERS DE' c' and Provinces and.the Fede- 'of Labor Unions of Gonaives meqt -will consider all 'the pro- "the, drivers shoitla pi-a'o, i
T- ANSPORT ration Haitienne des' Ouvriers. de ad Port d Paix,. Mario .olln Jects you have' yourselves sug- half the day foi -,he rentijg1oe
.'. Transport. and Rodrigue Alcindor also were gested for your own 'welfare.... their "ca .'"
'A the drivers are summoned head. he' courage of the Cliet of
*o 'stop their acciviies on Wedn- The General eretary of State is to continue'everyday to (Translated f Nouv"
'esday August 22nd at 9:30 a.m. fT. Guillaume Theodore President 'Duvalier answered: seek after tiat cboperation and list-", August. 2nd.)
it-,oitder to olin the provincial read a. lettext 9f petition of the I followed -.ith interest, and .. '
-delegation and participate to Federation to H. E. the Presid- sympathy the addresses, deliver- ''.,- '.
.'the demonstrations organized by ent of the Republic. The F'edera- ed here, by my brother citizens, ,\ -
he FHOT with the purpose to tion- stated its admiration for the drivers who came from all GOVER_ .MENT REPRESENTED. A'l "Ek.
"resent the desiderata of the President Duvalier ,and its 'de- part of the country to cpmfbrt .
'od.ration. to H.E. the Presid- termination to, help the govern- the President of the Republic. I "The high Members of the of_- Jolnation and. Coo iato th
it'"of the Republic* mental policy. "We understand would' like to hear. the 'oice of facial' Delegation which repr delegation attended the,,
These desiderata are as fol- your problems, ,we must help a man tho-was in the resistance snrrts the Goviernmeht and. the ny of the laying of theo da.
e e a ourselves, as-during.the glorious with me: .this man is the import- 'Chief ot" State to "the 'ceremonies tion-stobe lof- thepopula
SW ."a n esa. days. 6f 1803-1804. It is the duty' ant syndicalist leader, Mr. Achil- and feasts marking the solemn- de City of Cotes;de
Sthe law of i of the different sqcial closess to le Larose, present among ,us. ity of,St, Louit Roi ,de France,. .
t e September realize the necessary steps-to do Unfortunately he is timid to day; .patron-saint of Jeremie, left on Deputy Jeafi 'JulmeiSe re
mfw9s on the i a] Vehicle '' ; 'n.'5"T
S t what must. be done." for myself I am timid too, afier the Coast Guard ship "GG9'.' ry Ge eral of 'the R..
being contaminated. Thursday night setedthe xecutie C
ba--The appropriation of 5 per ..The' Federation presented the Ptesided by Mr. Paul Blan- of the aPtibnal. vemept"m'o
..of the revenues of Service desiderat included in the corn- I am riot only, timid, ..but a chet, Secretary of State 'of In- Renovation. '
d'Inspection des Vehicules for unique of its President and malen'dontrous laryngitis doesn't / .'
thereconstructipn and te ain-suggested to set up permanent permit me to thank my brothers .
oteninTe of tle'roads;' ? tolls, of all Port au Prince adhe .
c)-tthe'- appropriation of thie back country with the: fervor I NEW MENNONITE 4RRIVES FOR GRAND RJ..iE
toil -already set up--or to be es- Then, the Secretary General, would like to., I ask then to a : .' .
tablished -on the rtids, the brid- Mr. Dinas .Dejean, the Vice- minister of the CAbinet, Ca yquth Youthful Arlin- Hunsberger. at- Haitian 'doctors are assisting t6e
"gs 'and at the entrance of the Piesident of the Drivers .of Tou I saw growing. It is the Minister rived, from Pennsylvania 'with State operate .he .: twenty-oi '
i..osr important cities, for the rist Association, Mr. IV o 1 ne y of Industry who fought with me his wife and six month old 'son bed Grande Riviere'. dik: Nd6t
e purpose;, Beausejour and the .represent- .in the Union organizations and Friday to join. the 1erindnite Hospital. .They 'giWe some hre&'?e
1d)The compulsory assurance ant of the drivers, of the North understands. my revolution n ary mission at. Grande Riviere d thousand c ultaions m t
IS'invalidity 'and old-age 'bene- delivered their speeches, follow- concepts. I wish he will be calm Nord. Mr. Hurisberger 'will -re- at .the' hospital. ;obined
its~fir, professional rivers who ed by (Carl Wilfrid of Les Cayes. in der that he may express place, Sias J. Smucker" who. has their hospital :te Mei
ai:er, h e xpress plae. SaJ mcrW. in t th ,.n.. ,.
aie ptt aside, .a. needless tools 'This delegate said: "We are the ,happiness of the President of been working as' director of the nites have a, commanAlty dvelop-.
'hep they',.an ....olonger work sovereign anf. we decided' to the Republic, before this spont- Menponites here for the past two ment'project ih atdrulture, 'I
and are confn e to begging. maintain you in the Presidency aneous demondtrdion organized yeais. itatob and haiiafats.
n Thereunion:'will take place at .for the preservation of our by his biothers,- the drivers of also heqlp ,Dr. Mellon it, .
e 'building 6, the FHOT, Cite rights, We ask you to set up -' The Mennonites with ..twg.doct, Schyeitzer Hospital inO e Arlt
als Estime. tolls in the South and to take TRAINING LESSONS FOB. ors, three nurses alongg .wit i? dnite Valley.. ,* ...
N "A t au Prince August 20, 1962. any other decisions in this ivi'eW. ,SPE(IALIZED WORKERSM f *' '" '"
-, _IL LAROSE. ',Excellenc&, we 'are at your dis- -
dent. poal, entirely and only, at your. .Engineer Richard Leconte who ,.
"I tbhe yellow Reception Room. 'disposal." .- had a long training in Public NT 'NOTICE
:,e president Francois Duvalier "Works Department and camplef- T
urpuned by the Members .of Edgard Cayot, from Jacmel, ed studies in' France, Holland, '' '
the Cabinet ,the Ch ef of the Ar- said: "We Wish to give you full B'e I g iu m and Switzerland on Note To Art Connoisseurs
S, -'" 4 scholarships, intends to open a The CENTRE D'ART is. opeui ALWAYS dalj.
---special training school for the f 'on. 9 am to 1i:n 0 pm ',...
workerss who wish to improve rom 2 PM0 n 6 pm
Dr. RENE CHARLES -their Technics in construction. fo 2O m ,. ..
Massons, carpenters and others
-. For r m e of te t of Me dicne of received the ne*s with great joy And Sundays by appointment.
SFormer member, of the Department of Medicine ol 'e : lso fr
the "Mount Sinai Hospital" New York and'of "Strong since the finishing lessons fur-
t "MontSina Hspital New York and of Stro nished by Engineer Richard Le- Permanent exhibition hang on the gallery's cond, .torey
SMemorial Hospital" Rochester University ].$Y, conte and a team of colleagUes and a eqrrent shqw hangs in the gallery's first floor.' .
/.will enable them to acquire the w
wi enable them tical' acquire th Persons with an appreciationof art will be reward-
,, (DIA ETES, NALr n, Obesity Live, The courses will take placp on ed by visiting the Art Center.
(DIABETES, N tri etin, Obesi Liverthe evening ina center put at FOUNDED IN 1944 Rue de- la' Revol on0lo
Stomach testie) the disposal of Eng. Leconte by
Clinic Pape, 81 Bols .Verna tie Department of Education. '
I'hohe: 5025 Residence: SS3 LaIne. Education .a ,, ,' Aa'./ ,aa, ,t's..

Dramnbtie LIQUEUR R- i .


The only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotland ona
the bais ot the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKl. LIQUORS JEWELRY WATCHES
Indispensable ior festivities and for every occ CREDIT CARDS ACCE
L. Preetzman-Aggerholm & Co. .

S' .. ..

., I ''. ''
; .



Same as the average for tie velopment' data-altho
three crop years that" falloed.. i: t'.:e-' decin' 'gpr
SYet figures sho W`s the aver- out the 'Soufith either"
,T. h age crop in the traditionally centrated in Jeremie a
(Continued Jrom #Age 1) the conclusion'that the most im- percent from the peak of the strong' Cayes and Jeremie dis- and the rise concentrai
Admittedly the data is very portant single factor in determi- early nineties. This fits niqelyv to together)104,400 bags of 80 than the North. The Distri
unsatisfactory. Official records ning these has been world price. with a price decline which be- two tofr the three400 bag s of 80 than the North. u Theo
may have. understated exports Certain internal .factors, such gins in 1894-95 anoi carries price kilos f or the three years before be summed up-as oll
for the earlier years. Population as heavy ,specific taxation, have down about two-thirds by 1902- and 57,500 for the three years Average
L,. figures are nothing more than tended to magnify the effect of 1903. A faltering price recovery after Ham]. The loss was balan- 3 Years
the roughest sort of estimate price movements. Dou btless around 1904-05 is associated with ced off by a rapid expansion of Before
until the Census of 1950 and, fin- other internal and', external de- a marked recovery of output by, outliut in other parts of the Hurricane I
ally, some people iq the coffee velopmeAts have left their mark the eve of World War I to some- country-above all in the Cap- Cayes 46 doubt if local consumption on the trend Tliqe-in particular thing like the high of the late Haitien district. What seems to Jeremie 46
is currently as high as eight the upset times before thq Occu- eighties- apd early niceties. Se- be indicated is that V marked Aquiq 13
livres per capital. pation, readjustment to loss of rious internal disturbances be- expansion was' under w.a y Jacmel 46
Nonetheless, what emerges for the French'market in the mid- ginning in 1913-14 and disorgan- throughout the country, but was Petit-Goave 26
.'me, at least, is a picture of a thirties,, the Hurricane of 195-4 ization of the trade :n the early reversed in the South-thus leav-
more, or less stable, mature in- and shipping difficulties during years of the 'War cut export ave- ing national totals more or less TOTAL .177 '
dustry (stagnating 'techno- the World War. But even some rages by about a third. Unusual- constant. Port de Paix -21-
logy) and, as we shall see, res- of these have been, in part at ly high coffee prices during the Cap-Haitien 40'
'ponding somewhat sluggishly, least, caused by coffee price War and rising prices' after the One might be tmpted to write Gonaives 31
Sup and down to world price mo- movements or have been expres- readjustment.., of 1920-21 correl- this conclusion off as based on Port au Prince -. 30
v ements. The above detracts no- sed thru them. For example, a hte with rising output and an ex- unreliable data, if it were not
thing from i the seriousness of good case can be made that in- sort level by the late twenties confirmed by other, independent TOTAL 122
the underlying problezm--the li- tense internal disturbance is us- almost on'a par with that of the evidence. Although there Is by Taking five out of
-mited natural resource base add ually associated, with low or fal- early nineties. The long' and se- no means unanimity among ex- Southern districts as
-? stagnant technology.' With ,some- ling coffee prices: vere price decline beginning in porters on this point, three of the average, annual output
thing like a tripling of population '198-29, which slashes prices 75 medium to smail exporters, with three years before the i
.si.nce the1880's Haiti is still hea- "High export levels in the late .percent by 1940-41,' Correlates whom I talked as a-gro',p esti- .was .46,000 bags of'-eig
.',viy -dependent upon an export eighties and. early nineties are with a decline of exports which mated that output in the South greater thah that. of t
t,'.;r industry,. which has shown no assogiaitd with somewhat more carries averages down a. third would' be at least 50,000 bags year average after. th
-signs of sustained .long-term than a doubling' of coffee .prices by, the end of the. decade.-Ex- higher today had it ndt been for cane. This was more:;
.- ,between the' early .1880's- armid popt levels recover somewhat as the Hyrricafie. Perhaps the. most lanced off produce
'.Lookiig. back ovet the, whole 1889-90'Ekport' levels weakpri in .the industry readjusts to a bhs- interesting set b'of independent fi- creases in''the West ai
Ri.7period it is c Ie ar. 'that the following years, but no really -ic shift 'in. its., markets, before gures-a're the annual estimates -particularly in the
t tfbere, have been' several significant decline' occurs until .and during the War, and conti- of-the Proviialal" Branch Mana-- Prince district.
marked movementss up and the fir:decade'of the .20th cen- uesa slow rise in response-to gets of h National Bank in The : output implica
Sloown in exports within 'th dver- tury, when average annual ex- 'the most rapid and sustained Jupe-July'of each' year as to the, mmediae future.
.ll n' trd. ft is difficult to escape_ pqrts are off by about twenty price increase the industry's forihcoi$ng 'coffee '.frop 'pros- clear,'from t vhat has b
S. h history Average annaul' export pects. -, o' fat .'the as
:t.1 ..- -,, levels recover in thb early f.fties The Ba k. estimates support planting the l south .
to' within five to' sit million i-. the, general condusioni ,reaeTedr shhAde 6 aid offe
.:' ICAL GAS COMPANY. INC. 'l os o previkh when on 'he basis .. Control and. De (Coitinued on'
-. ,rise eruptedd by Hurricane.
S. azel M own guess,. ased- on ..
data prese*'d later .in this .sec-'
tion, is that 0th 1 54-. tQ 5- 1 ,-
58 average .might well have
'equalled that of M.29-30 tp 19Z2- lme tiW61a a rosy hut
SA ,iad- ith nt' been for Hazel ., .through the"sapphire crystal ._
I a G A As mentioned above the. Ot-' our MovaddFirn Mn t
put response ring e s r Moa ,r.t
S '" ." '" *" .... to .the greatest price, rise in. the
...".. .- ..industry's history." has' b en dis-
S' pointing-.t leas'tdate An
'adequate interpretationsn of what.
"veydao.'Olidy" i our e se hasU ccured seens to turn o.n
'.1 a.p. pi y... U isisal 61 the dfects pof urd-
te. 'loild Star Awkrd', er te TB OPIGAS rango. care Hazel On balancee it is my
l..i. .hr ra' e iiiiy here tpd.t j 4dgemept that th.e effect of the
.. ,,,... ,.. .... ,. ... ,- p ce rise was a ga
I.T TO .NE siglAme with substantial-thbp total epor .
U s, a'.Ett ,of adjustment for-.y y. cook,gum nd t s t
t..... ,.e.. .. .. .000 further 'that there ip a. good
SSliu hneed.- fronm fast boilina fryig l-down .to gentle etson t believe that. tle 'in-
''" .dustry Migbt hav reached past
.e.... keidrt-peA. lI td, it not been f.r
t.EQUA FO !QaN UNERS 'Mlkes possible: gi th HurMea-: It correct,
rfectiOL:. Heat is spreading. a:rectangular .pattern the ,.. .s s oul'snd, evidee o a
shape of the oven o to ptr, no col bstadtin shift :in: the geogra-
Vol: -C6V ihicprodudion 'balance, with
o ers. .. .., ,rge. rnceases or certn areas, I. 1 s. phir *
.y ... [z oe bp glearris with a rare brilliance. he oval look
S PIN'POIT PILOtS -- CooL e)nomati'. [ l 6iAt declines in those as (Depart- It hrdnes Is surpassed s god figure dial
Pilots are'onliy one third the size of ordinary pilots -- .ent of the South). badly affect- only.bythat ofthe diamond, ...
i :"' You will cherish your -,
,.flame r 0, tiny it keeps ange coot 'n any rather, and ,,. I Movado which offers you a
'aves yfai .,oney, too. e evidence ori this -preclsion thrice triumphant Rtf. 148, I
yo' eIn .three years (i't the official m inlature mru-
point is data on peasant deliver- Sws Observatory at. mn 'old 18 b
HUGE' OVEN with vifialite windoW. i 'es. as recorded by the agents 'bl Neuchatel). gold I'"ra" dial
"LIFT 'TOP .BURNER and-PULL-OUT BROILER tor the Offce de Controle et de De-
Iere, more thorough." cleaning.. veloppement .es Denrees d'Ex-
:ECONOTROL BURNER makes every ustesils .au- prtation t must be cofess
tomnati' 'at once that the Accuracy of the .. .
: 0. tilgc. .. figures leaves much to be' de-. '
W' Lifetime guarantee of all,burners. sired, particularly for the years '
i-oo -any features to i4t You' must see it to 1956-57 and 1957T58.
appreciate it. Easy terms too.
.,.. We know from Customs data
that the average exports during
TROPICAL GAS COMPANY INC. the three crop years bore e ONE SALE AT.. MASON .ORIEN
%U ,TE PAYEE .;e. were virtually the *AND;LITTL R P
""n. ;. : 2,: '- I- A-"
,,e ....:.... ..:.. : ".. V -.. *' .,.:: ... ..: :J..:. ,...*J., .."A.." ,p :..-j ... .., ..L.* .-;. ..; ." ...z ,. :,;" ': ..,. "-' -: : = "*. '10 v

Ug~f; show
th'-h cun
and Cayem
ted in the
ct ratheui
tabld" can
ws: -
32 "
-37j j

39 1 '

for gthel
hty owilo.
he three
e. Hurri-
than ba-.
ction in-'
L4 korth

es) tfi
ar", d
se. .

wi ,

PAcE 4

... -- -,- "-.. e
J****-- *-- .] SUN *n A1 othat.,coeu has t6i. 13- tA
.. T I s- U N necessary talent to present tfe' orp
-" -. .-"jolis coeurs"- (I beg your par- e AWrd' 'i t
i:E MATI-A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWRP&PER .don. for the joke) with -thei. -is energy ctic i toi-
nmunity .'Weelil Publuhbed Suaday M horsing beautiful.ace: who come to o.r and .-the spirit .i ab
io lel country to edjby its'e te e the Haltianb.0
adIjm Pu-tlu,"r BEKAAatu Dl-bRICh
,. A ; 1charrhs, the foreign b es, =-- Abal in 7 -i
"".u-t-.pumae -JMAUCLAiB LABSSIEB -- on investigation hip, t.e offi"iafs4 .is a'- 'ae
., STABS DIN I, Port au Prince, August 9, 1962 warmly welcomed here, the. art- tr. Dumrve, tosciosea
M. Lucien MONTAS ,Ists seeking after -our appredia- Praise the t
SChief Editor, "Le Nouvelliste" tioh bo their talents, etc. All y i' oW n fl mI ..te
SWEESNER IN COURT Dear Colleague: those presentations made in a always-ka.d.
TIME SOMETHING DONE ABOUT' RIVIRA Menbert o the editorial staff sparkling and living mood!' orp v
.. of "Le Nouvelliste". for 27 yEars, the merit is so bften.ort
e I H 1i i, l am entitled to affirm that you 1Dear Chief Editor, I wish the by theMdSflsnc, 'iMt'l
IThe Riviera, the largest Hotel in 11aiti, closed now- a n a d ou A or,
---h Riviera, heargest oteli ,cohave riot only .maintained but im- kind Aubelin Jblcoeur will not gives so.
for over a year is one of the relies left in the trail of proved the tradition of, this pa-. be angry against me. Please nation of an- e.fciprp tortIXK
Pail Weesner, now accused, in the New York Supreme per. So much the best! Congra- transmit to him -iny best confa- I certainly becaUie you
Court of embezzlement of. at least $500,000. '. tulations and go Ahead! t ernal c6dngratulations. 'He needi:scb d o "teor.: ad
S' themto continue his delicate job wohe "effort. Mada
The ew York Times front-paged the charges made Lucien, it was my with. the'same equal enthusiasm. Stael stated nee:
purpose to send you my musical Tlmhari*. yo. Shakehands: h eter-d-hdI In 4
against him as chairman of. the Bon Ami Company, chronicle, but "Tour et Pour- onstantin DUMERVE merit-, what is coser t
based on-in affidavit filed by his private secretary al- tour" of your prominent column- Lawyer-musicologist, .'Is the ""caplYy .a.o&aa
legedly in-volving a series of illegal transfers of funds ist, Aubelin Jolicoeur keeping Honorary Member of the and admire it" I; .
from Bon Amni, to a private corporation controlled b daily all best attention, .1 Beethoven Society .of nn, "
roeesmer A p i c y gave up in order to publish the West Germany. No, I. am sue thaIt,,
pWeesler. present letter. 'x x r are appre.lated' sif4'' -,a
n T E told ie. I ami reaUlly. happy R
Itis unfortunate hat a monument to Weesner's past According to my. own opinion, Mr. CONSTANTIUN DUMERVE-rae. .:
esuch as -the .well situated hotel Riviera should be left Aubelin Jolicoeur with- his fifteen Mr. Coristantin DUMERVE Satisfaction, 'a con
.b the termites and soft-rot years of training in journalism 'Lawyer-Musicdlogue of an .ffort derives f.rm app
'"teh. ,. a real professional, reporter. Port au Prince, Haiti. dlatio. p "'r-"feia
:An effort should be made to return this once glam- His ..well-minded attitudee .disco- Dear Mi. -Dumerve: -
-orous resort, to. the. tourist orcmit again.. ad soon. ered- the secret to catch the in- How .enthusiastic, how in Ditlg- potoievsky has! sald:..,:-
t...1.. ..... ,. &rest of the Public. opinion.' As ant you were when you consi- eve. could be i~an- ch.u .
S, talented. writer, he uses strik- deredmy effort 'as columnist in by a-man, if poi ays-
S. In .and- impressive sentences. your letter to the Chief Editor, action is valuable; he caHii!
.AND MORE X-jAES FOR IAfin: A u b Mr. Luclen Montas, published by oy feermgs of satisac
-' AND MO e O FO HAI Aubelin re port s the daily. -Le Nouvelliste" on Saturday is only when :he reaches th&
S events in 'short and sVeet sent- August 11th, 1962. It is really a. tisfactory ,tops that the_ nibun
"The New York Joutsal of Commerce. has. a story on ences, sometimes he turns to over estimated., panegyric,. peop- being wihes to outdo.!'
-e extension of a route for jet-airpIan to- Santo .D6- poetry and 'his various resources le will think. Very often you ---
nn. go by Venezuelan International Airlines. Vias a make him a perfect writer. have congratulated me and your I, understand, DearI-' Mr.
hich has gateways in the U.S. at New York New greetings. stroke my ers as this merve,.. at. only the eo
ich bas gateways In the U.SAL at New York, NOW 'Recently, his reports about -his cliarming melody whistling like ab]ie the gerlius -to: be. coV .. ..
leans and Miami with nine, flights per week to Vene- trip to Germany--a i-nodel., of a 'breeze through the -branches by this aureole that people, l
ela, wil' call at Santo "Domingo once weekly north-., concision and perspicuity- maae 'of the tree along the. limpid "grandeur'. Please be. sure
'aund to New irork and again once southbound. a. big sensation. Aubelin gave rivulet.' It was riot enough fo. will continue .to work .
S. ,.-. -, the proof--that it's not given to you to sing your melodious song, way, because I think that
heDo c Republic already has its (Copana any body to perform a good re- youi printed it in a scof ;b~a -a af 'ee .iof ne
i sporting.". largest audience.. e.- iesoc-', so I.'.I.ay be
erovias Dominicana) CAD making regular low-fore .and more efficient. For yd.6r
rights to Miami and-San Juan, Caribair, ('Puerto Rican Let us consider your column- Thank you, Sir,, for having de- all those who:, appreciate --
l airlines) .Varig, (Brasilian Airline) with regular reli- ist as a true psychologist. The cided to write this letter-of which task, I 11 try to do e
able flights to Miami, NetW York and San Juan as well arnrvats and the dartures. as the-persistent echo continues to Thank y6u. -.
ble igt Airays. Th a ay of the he reports then are- enjoyed by come to me by the ehanitel o.-f
Pan American Airways The adequacy of the air- the readers. It is out of question: the readers of "Le Nouvellite" Aubelin JOLIOElUR i
services in the Dominican Repubo accentuates the in- \ .--
equacy of the jet services ed to develop Haiti's U E..W M.
economy. :

A news story out of San Juan, Puerto Rico this week ::
orms that the Civic Aeronautic Board of Washing-
on, D.C. is going to reconsider Caribair's applications
el' additional runs in the Caribbean and South Ameri-
Although Haiti was not specifically mentioned it is '
believed that this means Caribair's long standing re-
est for a service to Haiti will be reconsidered in a *
w light.

angerr flights and non-scheduled cargo traffic to Haiti. 'i -
All partisanship aside, with the large jet clippers of ,
' an American World Airways over-flying Haiti, it is FOR
Reasonable to give an opportunity to smaller lines with
ess expensive planes to- service this country, sharing
n mail contracts and other sources of revenue. BETTER CAKES WITH
It is not a happy prospect in the age of manned space
ights, to see Haiti isolated and reduced to four mails 4 BETTER TASTE
er week. 4
Although the building of a jet airport would remedy BETTER TEXTURE
e situation, even if ,it was begun tomorrow it would
not be complete in at least a year. Something must be
done in the meantime. 44^4,^, .t^ ^ ".

.: -;:!:~ ~ ~ ~ 1 o',... .. --


U ~ tr arid to take risk, high coff,3e than coffee. Between the late
prices mean a change in thi-1ies and mid ,1950'si coffee
T h o f e 2 AIdthe tei-s of trade between cof- priceswn'pb oeta
fee and the small-list of manu- 7.5 times whereas k erosene
(ontinued from page 4 political cosiderations aside, a portant part of the explaatialon. factures (mostly,* imported prices did not increase; *fish"
woul expect :recovery in that..national coffee development` pro- We are dealing with variations goods) ,which the peasant buys. soap, and cotton cloth prices
dititbgtinning in a year or gramp should concentrate fir t in from high to lows of the four (Wheat cotton cloth, soap, fish, little more' than double and
to hen added ; to flirther that area. year averages of some ten to k e ro s en e, roofing and hand wheat prices quadrupled,
gr 9tfi their dstricts, iresuli- twenty million livres (even ex- tools.) I amn'reasonably confid-
in rmplantitnpg arid improve- Te second. reservation (per- eluding war years) which are 'ent' that when these terms of In the case of sustained high.
met p tlhru at least 1954, pro- haps not as imapptant in, terms large figures, indeed, as com- trade become more faybrable, prices thee must be a certain.
duction for the country as a of the next fe~w yeast) comerns piared with estimates of local the effect is to stimulate the' amount of planting, _perhaps even-
whlemight be expected to tile decline in world coffee pri consumption. In-adto coffee i ndu s tr y--evetn tho it in the sense of encroaching upon'
''rec new highs within the next ces, compounded 7by heavy spe- 'explanation does- not seems com may, at the same time, have fodd crops. It' seems certain,
fv orsix;years. Somnethingk cific export duties. If the past patible witti' lhe substantial lagl changed the price ratio between. that, except in very unusual cjr-
that may happen, Ibut I -have -is a, guide, any marked effect in marked output response of manufactured goods and local cumstances such as the.Jirst!
..on or two serious reservations. of these should appear only after from five to ten years. Changes odinavrothlttr yarrsootefveeapan
O:n the basis of early indica- a time log. -in total- produton must be in- practically, none of the planting-
tiqhs, -the 1959-60 crop looks like To return for a moment to the volve'd here, even those changes The peasant is not lacking in is fro' nurseries. Rather, it is
the largest .on record.) 'question of price correlation, may be of smaller than the desires for thin, bu hyse h rnpatn fIattt
answers to. the really. critical changes in export levels. so un-attainable--or o nly attain- seeded trees. It has been sugU
From what I can discover, questions are noi -at all clear.' The industry responds to mar- able; With such pain and risk- gested to me that -such- planting
there is very reall doubt' if the Does the export response- imply keO and. sustained agsinhthe masdowthavr isitcaatestco the ver
damage in the South has been something like an equivalent the world price, but just what low living standard. More favor- small holdings, 'but rathy ptl
made good. -In f act, there are production response? And,-if so, does one mean by that?, What able terms of trade, .if maintain-, "pliantaions" of (let us, say) Jep,
experienced people, in the trade just how is that output response are the other prices Which 'the ed over a period, of years, Ipro- heL;ctares\: Or More,. Where labo
who'expect output in the South Ibrought about? ; paatcompares with coffee abyrulsntiarecio mabehedoruch tsWo
continueie -to decline in conse- prices when he makes .up his of effort as 'is often assumed- teulreiohahares ldilsd
quence of exposure of both pofl It is possible, of course- that, mind to change his,, course, of but the contrary. It -might well Perhaps of even more iftiport
"nd' coffee plants and conse- changes in export levels come action? And when he does makL'e contended' th~ft such an effect aigee, when :ptices Are bigh.
uent mnoisture problems. In priniarily from changes in, the up his mind to respond, say, 'to 'will work so gradually as to be This last seems to be, even ,bet-
-lght, of basically fav orable -pattern of internal consumption. "high': coffee prices,. what does. useless Ain interpreting .develp te relished than: the first:
goingig cAnditions in the South Doubtless this, is a part of the the :sacrifice. in so doingleis- ments over a decade or so. MY two, but it is ,not helphid in
ti.IstraditionalI position, .as, story, and does much to-account ure otecrsShaeteown guess is that, if the. shift accounting for hafy ge
Aife No. I Haitian coffee produi- for .short-term, ex~pr rsos usin hc r ttevr in terms of trade are significant, output response..
S a-tea, government actionn -within two years or so of pri- heart of (be matter. On the ba- it wilf work in even a relatively
4 T.semildcte. ehascecane, uti ses.u- sof' present knowledge' "ans- short filrie- span 'The' two shifts To take the reverse case a
; would show that, likely that. it is the. most im- wers" must be very tentative. we have-had since the late 1920s depressed coffee, prices.. there.
A mrkd-chng (etus say,' have been violent ones. Between; sem -to b e 9,te vdnco
rise) in. world coffee prices the late- 1920's and. the'. Inte- sudden mass 61tlil of rs:
works its effect on the H1aitian 1930s coffee pricsfl 1 ve d replanting 6 thr ds
'T ENTION! a.Y U ofeltis ntre mai 60, percent whereas wheat prices The reports of the INational
Whos 1-itat, Yourage thetsic were virtually. inchatiged; cloth are, interestling- in:',this rega..,
0 VB Y~~~~f Pets rel~~~ationship. between .. cffee and ad.opcm o 5i 0T 903 eotsek e
OW AVAILABLE :4ocal food crop ad* deates- an percent and fish -40 percent.-nl
-e ,Rabjj V M incentve ra'hfigpaatkerosene was re afi Oy hae (ohe r,
Flea-Go-Powdet:&.LiquidSoa ao n ( op.ln
fronm food to export crop use.
Ystak and h iee This',effect rnma Weil be. tenor
OfhpirV'tWrinary q le r' (unles& coff ee prices conti .
KE A 'UN neto. -move u)since sier 1W I%
Vo e -o Wkmoney incomes and inelastic- (or
declining) supy of food soon
results in higher* food prices.
The second effect Is a strcaight-

hable to me that tfiis..has -gTa-
P ODUCTSdually, become of increasing, ini-
orace. Do btles8 it Was even:'
V A, ab -1 XCUSiVely At importat when Labor -was paid
W INCOLN, .GROCERIES ,almost entirely, in'., ood. As notedt9 AN IH
hereafter many, o the heavyQM
jobs such as clearing,. running .00
Hi Clai eb ,,,,,ttute an~d clearing have 'always re-. c.D' ktPERRMsf e
Str!WW pies: Bi -cliWatt~rCr S qited More, labrtn that-M R. R
W.ih- asurpassed Standards of Food-Put avYbt.snge M NH
rig own peasane

A, u CommON VIEWER--. 7

85mm SMG C LE N'BU-P I


Ne At: U TT -L~ Eil oin strng

Exclusive Agont L NEl-S D'ADESKY.

',- 'HAITI SUN ''


5:30ptn-Musical Program (Mire -fele-Haiti) I
5:55pm-Evening General Program Schedule & Weather Report
6:00pm--Lt's Learn English
t 6:40pm-Children's program
7:30pm-Children's program (29d pait)
"7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
"8:00pm-The Ford Show, new series: FURIE
8:30pm-Alfred Hitchcock presents. ',
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary 'of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05px--Powell Industrial Works' weekly program: "I Love Lucy"
9: 30pm-TV' Concert
10:00pm--Close of program National 'Anthem -

5:'30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
5: 55pm-Evening General Prograin Schedule
6:00pm-Let's Learn English ,.
6:35pm-Children's Program
6: 40pm-Children Program
7:00pm-NOBBE & BONDEL presents: "My Three Sons"
7:30pm-Children's program: second edition
7:45pm--Telenews (1st edition) Review .of the day's events,
8:00pm-America speaks to you
8:30pm-Telec nema (1st part)
9:00pm-Teleriews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre
sented by the Esso Reporter
S9:05pin--Telecinema (Cont'd)
'10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem

5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire {Tele-Haiti).
5 5:55pr-Evening General Program Schedule
S6:00pm-Let's 'Learn English
6: 35pm-Children's Program .
6:40pm---Children's program: Cartoons
.:00pnim--Dragnet, with Jack .Webb
A:30pm-Children's program: Cartoons
'45pm-Telenews, (1st 'edition) Review of the, day's events
8:00pm-Les Dames du Corps I3Diplomatique Predentent
;8:15pm-Actualites d'Israel
!8:30pm-Boulangerie La Poste presents a new chapter of "Ie
Comte de Monte Christo"
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition Summary of the late ,newd, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-Heraux Tours Program "Le Livre des Voyages" '
9:45pm-Germany Today (Documentary)
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem

,5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti,)
5:55pm-Evening General Program Schedule
.00pin-Let's Learn English
: 35pm-Children's Program
6:40pm-Children's program
7:00pm-ICI INTERPOL (last week episode)
7:30pm-Children's program (2nd edition)
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
8:00pm-M. SQUAD presented by'M & S Construction -
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-Telecinema (Cont'd)
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem

FRIDAY AUGUST 31st, 1962
5:30pm-Musical Program (MIre -Tele-Haiti)
5:55pm-Evening General Program Schedule
6:00pm-Let's Learn English
6:35pm-Children's Program
7T- 30pm-Hture 1'ulantine No. 2


7:45pm-Telenews list edEtion' Review, of the day's everils --
8:oqpm-Sea Hunt '
8.30pxm- Le des Mohicans presented :by :BEanqiue pm-
m dciale d Haiti" .
9:hiOpm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late. news, pre-
sented/by the Esso Reporter "
9:05pm-Tele-Sport .. .
9:30pm-Gun Smoke ,
10:00pm-Close of prograni., National Anthem

5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
6:00pm-Presentation of Evening Program
6:05pm-Let's Learh English Review of the courses of the& week
7:00pm-Children's Program Wells Fargo Tales and Cartoons.
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events s
8:30pm-Pan American Wprld Airways Program:,,Ici Interpol
9:00pm-Thlenews (2nd edition)' Summary of thf late. neivs,; pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-German Actualities with Gerard Jolibois
9: 20pm-Tele-Sport
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem .

12:30pm'-Musical, program Mire "'ele-Haiti
1:00opm-Program Schedule, ,
1:05pni-Widen your knowledge .
1:20pm-Children's Program
1:30pm-Children's program '
3:30pm-Wagon Train -
6:00pm-End of program National Antliem.

SRoanitif 11 P lirncr ITn It



Ten minutes from Port' aU

Large partially furniasbed House,
Spanish Style '

I bed-rooms 3 bath-rooms'
S Car .Garage 3 service roob
Swinuming Pool Magnlfmuc
Garden -. Orchard.

Contact Institat Francais (Ftii.b
rInstlute). .


3 L ,,VU.Ui.lLU..L -L V11 J I.JLA'JULJA '

for any and ill who wish to partake of tpe beautiful i '
goodness of a peaceful vacation amidst the rs- .;A'
roundings of nature's own greenery. '
38 Miles From Port au Prince' ... '
. HUNTING ........... ...... PISHING ', :
' BUNGALOW ..'. RESTAURANT -.. .'i A ..-
WATER. SKI .. ......... RELAXE :
For your reservation, call up In ODVA Radio-Station'at "
Corner Rue du Ceotre and des' Cedar JOSEPH NADAL & Ca 1,

Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine and contented living. Set amongst a myriad of tropical trees

and gardens the re pool, is the haven for the ninhib i ed.



R ..

;!, .i ,:;


/ .... "y -. o ": ^ i
Excellent Lobs ter .em.

.. .. ...' .

By. Te Sea-Side :A
Have Your Party A
i Y.-ON A.-

Swim, Spearfish,. SnorIlde
Water-Ski And SaO

In Safe Coastal Wateus
S. I

____ _______ -
__ 11 ;I, omm illlill 1
1,75" FIRI, "P -X,, %'_:, i e,-11711,',c ,-,'-,-111 -, A rTP ',-T1,71--_Z I 11 F
1,-,, _,1 ,'," M *T-'-16rv-r Ne- -A 1111111 X -4 -1 I ,;,, ""I ".. *
7. : _- _,q ""
". -,, I I '' I M ,11 Z --777"I 1 11 ;, "
.- -,,,' -1 ,_ T -n i'4M`P,_ f?, ,,,, 'I ,,T -l
E, 1 : -, ,,, t ,7 F, f,-,; ,,,4 1 11 1, 1, I I I~, ..' '14,
;_3 _11 -., T y ,,- ",;Z- I I ,, .,,_ I
11 ,_ I '' '1L)17_',; i,;,-",,,!,'. ,j '1"4,;,), I _'11 ::%;;", .,' _,r:I1, fll -11 r,,, _,,,T., 1.111111111 -11 -110_ 1'1%_`,', '111, I 11 1. 1 "'; "4",-V
i' .1 "I --,_",4,,,, _-'- ,__.',T-,,,', ,'-I -1 ,--,,, ,,,,
11 K 11. I I. I ,,-, il -, -_- ,t ;, ,,,,,
-, -` 1,, 11, li_ I _- ,-,,,-, ''. __- I 1. 1: I -, "* 't f t, I ,
., 111, ,:"" '.Vr I 1 ". J ,, ,,, 11"I",
'. I '-- ;,,J-1_-;,,',,, ,.. -,' -- I, ,,-_ ,- -- ,p -- --
", .. .... ,- I I ,,, I 11, ,.I,,,,,, ___ I- I -, '-_ 1, ", I I I I ,,:,', ,
4, 1i,-, m ,- 'I ,','_i ,,,, -', 11 I I'. ,-_ 1,- 1, ,,-, w,- "L,4_l ,
I I "s'--_ ,.-, ,, _t, r." ,,,' ,- 'I'r.- ". I I i '. -, "'' I ,_, 1 1, """ z',
., '. 1 ,_, I -L, 1,1' __'_ ,-_,._,- -, 4 11; 111 I ,,, '- '_!
,I -"_,-_ ,.7,, r,_, "I I I I
!'ti, ,, ,,, 11._,_. -, ---- -_ I.;. -, I- ., I "" 11
I I 11 I :1. '' -.. 1, n- 1,
_,-- I 17 ? I ,,I 'O I", ... : ._ _. 1.7, ''; V I L 11 1: I ,
._ 1 ,- -11 I Ill -, 1.1- 1- I I_- I -,_I, I 1
I- 1 __4 1 11', ", -, 1_,-,, 1 ,,4' 4
'.1 I ", 11_11- 7 I I ,,, ,, _- ,
: _, I I te 111F ".$" U ,
... .. :. AUGU __ 11 I ,_,_ :4 1,'-, 11,_,,
p -1 .1 _4, ". ,,, ", `6 I I ,; ,J,'r ': -, ,,, '. "., 17, 1 ,
- Fl_'11111
11 : I ._'_',;" ,,
!-_1, ,N, -, ,, -'': ,:, ,,, ,,, lil ''-, : ',''.-, -,.,,-.,-;. .- 1,,?;, S t _! I ,_ I IF; ., `, ',', ,- ,'' ,_ I' 11- ,"'I'l
: .- ,!, 1, ",` 1, 7 : ., f I T I I I I ,:, ',
''. 2--m I I I I ",
.0 ,, I : ,` I 4 ': 1 .- -,- 11 ,, 7%: ,, I ,, 1 1 I I i ,. I I ,, -
,. ". ,O ,_,,! ", ', ,,_, ,k ", I -1 ,4, -, ''., _"- li' -1 1, :! 1,,
.1 I 1,, n- .1 41 I 'I ''I I 11
11 I I ,, .1 1. 'A ,_ I _, .5:1..e 11
I I ? '_ ''. I 1 'I'll "', -
'. _77 1 I ., -, I-, I
11 I I .1 I .1 ; .' I ,, I ., '- ., ,',.Z,:, ,,"4,,, ,I, ,, ,,, ",_. ,_ ., ": ,,,,, -1 : _', ,
", I I I I I All "-
I I ,,, 'I, ,." N, I 1 ;1 i '_ I 2 ,.,q TB6 e -,,'t e riz,' U J' ")
-', -,- .- ., %., I ., I -- "' I --, ,, ,; ,. I -V I ,,,, F,!, ,,, I I -, erlandfh- bf., the -,pr6fem? ", u 1J I
,,,, "O I I ,',
,_ I _. 1 '', sama ime
:;, 11 -, I '.C_ ., -1- I ., -
-, I ." ., I _,:,,,.,-, -w ",- .. _" 1, .'I,, ., ". ". I, ,_, ,!'_ .ai ) ri 1, ,, -, ,, ;1 ',;" _, -
-.'_ -':", ",-:,,` ". --, I I 1, Abs,,,At ; 016 t Jjtlle' eVPff',SMal] I -1
I I I 1 ( ,, : r -
,k_P t, ,
,,, : I '' "7, 1, ,, """', ,I ""', I I I I ,_ -I':.- '- 1 I I alt','I,id4 e 11
I., i I ., ., I ., ,, : ( 1_,.1 I I s' t OnS4, :prAleiir, tiQfi` hv 4-the w ilig,,
; I .-,, :, I qQmew JAL Ulffi J!" it f,- I lr)iz'lg, at -were Dbubtless sc, : but- 'M ,

,_ : -', -- -,-, I I I '

,_ I %: 2 I '-',,', .- 1 11 -1,1- ," I L -J.,,-',, ,, r .,- "A";.,,v ae 11 I I ,, I -_ -, 'i ". I r '
fl, I -, : I I lff I i the Jong-run,- th
;_ I : -z -V : I I _r4' -1 I I I I I I 16 -1 1 1 T n ] & ,

; _
11 I I i -, ,, 1, r I with e persistehk I t I se is, a', very 'ough' One-

I I I J a u 0 ,, lt if 't -, '
tlus, i, ere ep I 4 W S, o I I I I ,
_`_ ,
I I ,I I ", 4 I I "', ; ':. I I i per* ve Afb6r
I I ", r, .s
_, I "I ,Y,-1YVV"I, 11 13%growipgl-, d cos _,J o a's. I I coo -
'. I f I I 1, _- :",- `,,bf-b *A ff, I '
.,-,, .,__ -1:, I I I I -1 I I 'U, ,, I I I I 4 f '
I .,
,; "_ ,_ '.. 11 -,,.", 1 "I J I I I 1,4 I 1 Renovation. 0 \ peaiwt are
: ,,, e --:, -1, ., _. ", ', ". '. 7" ,' I :. I ,f '. ,4 I : c I 11 -
I ` .. 'al. pl:n
_"`_-'_ ': T,- h -, I I I .,,, ,, .r., 1 I ), raptices L" -- 'J'- __ I
tITY n114 I p
I n I ,,, I I q tea: on r pfant a ,ornmerci
'' MM
.- I ,, I : I L I % lion, may -vcli Involva cutting I -,-
"I I i I 1 .. .t, .1 I "' "', '. 1, ., I 1, ; ,", : -f "" _' I Lng the tax m eclianis
': I 11 11 I I I _., I -;: ",- ", -111 ,: "4v ,,, 1,1;1:1_11, "; ". .1 I I -\.', 1. 4 1 I I I I .
11 'r- I I ,, 1, ., -, I I" ,,
I' I -_ ': I ., I 'Z' -'o I S "', I : 7- SIT 1. 1. -
% ,- I I I '. '. ,` ., 1,; '?, ''. I L 1, dlon ,, '. e L ` al g rees in
I I I ., I ts suspi the '11 11, x t 'order
11 -0 I own, ,- e istin
.1 I I I W ,u pressure for better -D'ri
I I I Vzjj:` A" lu -" gl prac s ,; an'tfVthe piogr,M tiVer-.1wo',
It e county, wi ut',lag';b6tve6ri 'the: asi I : 11
1 I thb 'f' 1,"c 41 -certdh t al- t s ,, ,The, 116n` 'ist of 911CIL "'
-11 (eoritinued from page 6) throughout, h do ., I .p -in ,)n rna %, I I I that those,, remaining may bear. hldin'L
-1 : than the usual amolint of care getUng ., e impression t at ere 'qpffeo., -g,- al Ile. in'' Haitian:1 co ee,' ,1 If e I
_' t -6 ',in .: "S, illid I
I wherc.A o- hll, bi ins -.. ult
-th' h ih ` .-prices X` I i ". ,, ,
I I Avall- ,pii -'iaoffe god,, e X_ 'I -,', g, t1re" _h irlplants, had buen apl)rov !, finally -h a"'ino
. 11 I I till &' deal 8f land '," ces. of ,:& lfts UYS. ';,,_ _] -t 64 .. '' I he I _;!, 'j,,-'l I ficen .w4krlown f.r`,at' 'ic4s:t ank, preniiums:of $2iooo 1 d more heavily. It inay even mean
: I .1.1 being 'given to the trees, but e-', is s -A go .d -1 1, p I-- "Pal I -
_xpe &ft6j exr)ert L Col ei'46 role for the speculaft
1, 1' I ,,- _, L rl I I I "" ': I 11. I I iludl renewal of ,sutaantial- ,A ,r_,_,,',,, ;.:..
1, I 1, I ;.-, r.; J ; I 9
rse e study H iti 11
I '', h al, an co ee, 1
I b 1_t 9 soin6-,3 890, pasahts. The Ser- al I IL ""'.", ,,
, ports that there was no destruc- able for coffee c u I tv r-&Jcllld -The'.91, xerriaing'- o 11 coil -, tle ff situa-. ei g ty years, ,and;,"h W nis I I acr eage which- 'hy` ,6& 0 I
I .
1, t I I ,a I I _1 _, _I ,,, see Ce 'e I onItplained I It 1. eAails iiiissing', -a 'hkibn 9
I a and ` have- .remaine -unchanged,
tion. The, 1932-33 Report, com-, w produces i7e6 liftfe,& the `timu Jus'iii'-& Jl b of -1 __ d' lged hat it "'could I ,e,6 1." ': Th& is -, ,
.(F `tiri,-I proposes itform, L -goes ;to I a.,good de,
I I I crop d6ri IDg ,two br three L -,- ` I ,
I- priees I '' ubi
ments on th _ippV '1166ar",f `A .'On" hat" Seedhig-'.`, ,axe i four men' for th6'-spe,- -
__ oo I -d J tliail V6 ry s -T)epe ndance L. ding """ !' ,'' -a I ,,, away-, convi nc(N I fij
fact that thee had piesent time. -'Perhabs e-efI e, rea:6tidli 'of ,L bbl 1, and then a few years more." 'of r'e7 ,.ln 11 I I I
I I I '-. I .. I ,,, ,: _. I I -, e t in ,co e 'circle
: Rat _; taiit forfuture pcMicy -for-' be ; i I I I eI -fon altb6atibrl ,,of labor ,,and S6 r, in,, .o u I tput t-ather- thaw selection, in nursex- l c6ff'iel worl;and that the' I I 11, I I '
been no destruction her the imp r 11 I I antiW increases are I I I I I d notiun 'ished. ,c
,- 7 d _- hi L. 'I .. I 1 I I I I i il ,v,
I ,, I I -d crop'.
pressure usually seems to take Imation-it is perfectly.cler .that .land ar o rih 'Of lari& ss. prac6 ble';' ofteh I W I -, I This is. a halh.. in- "I I
ar_1-, les", -POO L, I covj'.,, 'satifled peasatil" "' I It 'k, I L -.'.L ", I ,
9 '' ., lt)ill rly. planned 11 ada, covj'.,, bsidyA often L, I I I I representla- ma .
I -.1 7., 1 ,. I : _- I t en program
.. chah could sub- labor.) -I I "A" ,;,, Tropose 9,,, I r Se]
the more'gradual form of, cut ges in techniques I %; I .- ,"- ` 4, time span.,, ,- er; plants ltbo close togetlicr .'4nd_, 2ds., A16-n '.about this same es in o It Jo
1-1 1 1 17 I i" omaxkably sho I ''I ,,, I 9 I __ ,, ", i Dhtry. N
I I I I 1. I ,. I 11 a 'very poor man.,,,,, ':is-
ting of shade in order, to increa- stanti increase prod I 11 ,'(T J6t',ni71n- the in '
'btlly uc- t 1, 0 n- ,7- c6n(' nio"n 'at, -: too old" little mulching, and no L e ,a e .11 -1 1, I
11, ne ,56corid ',policy corickusion statement is "'th 6 VLt 6bffl e,,e,perlment'tatjori ...,
se, interplanting of food crops with no pressure on land feour. ` I I '' I I that mudh 66 at':
I I I to d6n; illd be, ac- fee sells a preffii
0, ect 'price PU I rlo. I Fk doubled "to' tripled use or fe d'- il-
11 is tb6t'- measures t .aff I I IR I t' ld b rtilLzer; ina equate pr _- is. set',',up'in the Sonth'at F6ild-.1, I ,;1, i, ._ -_ I '
and thus gradual destruEtion'of ces and very Ii' 11 I Aibi', ,:,ii: '_Z_ I I -, I I ', ,--sinlpleNy6rld market-the p
ttle: on- labor. alo adequate "for complishuod .1 sudh
ne, Will not be years.. Maurice de ning and cleanng;, and even s- ': i' I 1% I I I I
_. I I I I _. I I I I I I -, I i ,, I 11 Neges. But, as'fftr ,a.$ aTiy-: I .1 ,
I I I .1 1, t ,',technique$, a9-,'bettermcI1cI4ng,- 'entlal.usqally runnin
the coffee plants. I There are ,public policy impl,, tile Job at- .n .' P `6es. ihhe -. otung,, s .at Ahe, conserv ve' poor, use of'' available land', and:' kno, oday;, the'effor lWas" I I., j,
,- I ", pruhffig, ,,alsld Ila It ittip more,
cleaning suffers at such,. times I iji, th t ha. I n'd 6 i, th ., I 11 -
e pas ve' f&ilpd torev.6',, e ,s c, -L I -r iou_,s ign-,,,,,c earung rvbst, e.n ,,or-
catiobs from all of this. In 1958 i'lp P ctrum when h( jun bling tQgRher of V a ) meagre or oo poorik d-
ins certain that pick- I 11 lc:flce I 11 d I
I I 11 I I 1 I I I I "l, 't.: 'M y, it I ,ige, for pile. .1
and it see qtioihz6 -ppasant pVA, s'. 'Thy' 's crops with liffie.attention to soil f6; hhv.e a -,91 ifi I ,'ing.) An nust`lwas' aver
aid ,that standirig groves aye t in 1, I _-I I I I I
just as coffee; i sagged, the' I o 1. I I lki ,:_. 1, I I I'll _,_' 1. f- gn L can _Vac
rices I I I ,, I '' 'rth' b* f the' 195.0'ts t
io 1 _' S, ,:,, ,_`eem S ,hat
..p 5p,rc6rrtf'ada h L 11 1:6 h peasant t e,: 00m 0,
ing is less thorough-7particularly 11 ba ibtJess' bad' some e ec only producing 50 'to 7 ptati n, S61t,,.goes-rig t,01, thc overall,, tuation, :- .., e ,
TII 1 1 I '. 'th A-' I I ..... i I t6r'. -I
Govern ent substituted a heavy on Ve% do' I if sc'ieb-', ILI, ` ,' U I I I factors :Wbich r ally '6 inine mean "a. prennuni- o ,,
if labor is hired for these tasks I I cleaning and pruning, on o- of ,what they could yild ru ,,improRe stin 11 t f ;
specific duty- for the mixed: ad I ,- 1". I I ,4 rve, ng me- In ,192 laws were pkss4 ,ex" I 1 I I '
I I :, "I .. I d ilars per ba- of fi
pulture prpcip es ,were, s*'' -/' income I rom cofee ar6 bevond 0 1 .
There is doubtless something to valorem and specific coffee ex- lgbess I Oi picking. an I pri- tife I f, ,
rot I I J d .. I ,"ap- thods-'and,6ae]Q ,.pleparation. 10 .r culture, ., __ ,,, 11: I _1 -
I I I ` I .., i I I 1_ ,,, I I -1 I idingl- controls V11 '
rinionly ,, ,,, ,,I 1 er- iI6antges'4
I .1 ,. -, 11 ` I ,,-. '"hi ,. tr tirbingO, Or rairrfall,'-,
the coi held belief that I .- of 'natural-- ebd-. Ije'd I :', ;* "', ", "I., actice, int:1 the c64 s 'I coil port tax.,It seems probable that transpiandriW I .. '-'- ; 1'! 1",, I _, "DJU I e .commer-. T 11 ,-,-: .... .. 11 -I -_ ,:
gradual pressure for food crops .1 I ;, eii ,!' -'_M"b'e'r.,of' ,-, ". I "', i lim ti .1 I dit. 1 I
n6, but that, isab u -, Fur- "' .` 1: I _., ,
the new tax wilt'take a third or li 6 JL all. I I ,-,- ." ; '' and. small export dut coi-,,,a 4e, c ; Jhe waslliilg, process, I
.1 A J I ,,,-.;, a 'a, 1. I "."',-," ff ts to -teh ,' ,,,,. I 11 no ,,6 URI importance_ I
e ve I I,, ; .- government,;' emp ex datiom. _4 out
has pushed coffee into higher more of a substantially lower ther, ,,the'price 'changes h I i '- "'' f h i,-4ulture and,.to change ss I -iinu flut put eq ., .
'- ions, wee mado-fo bettell % ,-, '. -1 ''. I 'i ,_ _.
,of the eNamino' have. come .from; the There ,.,seenlts. 'to be a fair-L. co ee ., 4- ` wh ich, no "ond), seem:s.,16', under fit' b ,,Tect
akitudes in some parts FOB price in the next few years. I I :11, 1, 11 I., -,_____L' I 11 nt,,j)+ eparcd' coffee. .A-year, ,later I I _:, 1 h;11t: .. 1_rrug e,,,ex e -a
I I amountlof agreen!eht'amoh9jn--pcaS S 11 I -1 __ 11 -,r "doiitro,
I.. I ", UVI
country-altitudes where it has I I I -11 actide ,' and, only,'ml- rtro over, "t stand; 1'"' d, p'r,"Id''es w A.. 4 ,e-tor 1 tian Govern-' I I I I the 4p eknkf coff ee 1, I ,,-vary ) 1- '
If the past is any guide at all, 44' market-, Hai. ; formed '. people ihat`-Ahn 114ian' oor,'41eeting III "' I iffnj',' prac ces
; I ".. Victories,: h the' I _1 k -;' -_,.. ;," "'
some natural protection since the effect on, production and ex- ment has. very limite&Jr66edfo 1, I : I,, nimerce wae'pt iih the harid, substahtial4,,', aDpArently it -fhd -1 'arve ti I I
iole,': ecorio-,middI6;,i920'A, -a ear a1ter, .th e' -, I v'li ill,;, -,-, i -, 1. -
I I., peasant1s, on t e w] I y I I ie
conditi6ns for alternative crops shifillig' iax'biirden I III qerT6 gov6 cherij s can, e spo
ports will be marked, so marked "If ,action in I '' f 'jiijild ,- _-- '_- L I 11 the. Ext6nsion Service, aid,&dl I O1`,1L11W 1. ; I ", 1. I I" ,
are nothing like as-favordble I mical -. ed veri-- s arp..Jn,,.,Extension ,,Service-Was establish- 11'' I I I 'IM, q ,1 ", ,, eas y and
,- I 1 ,, .-
indeed that de facto devaluation, or. cutting the "fat" out.of1gov'-, the rural police and the' s;, ,, ,ent ,,,,, :, _, :, I ii of reducti(
_111s bLISMeSs Pr'aCtiqps_. Word'A ed, small surns were made avail- 1 I "I I 11", I 1,
krnment, expenditures -in order, ,,5 I I I Service.,Soon thereaft I __. I _, : "1-,, ,', ` "6'i.161. brokealand flatt
.1 It is my guess that coffee out form'. of a, complex Sys- J to,, a e, or ':a .special coffee pro-,, ,
in the I ,". I I pri _e' I rendes among corii bi, 'i", llnto ,0 4q,, ',, plots; ` Wi
's I .1 cfzxid th decor
behions&atioii, -' fiu64er asso
to c ange internal, coffee prices. ,I,,, ," i':W 0 the pro&ani!i, On I depres-:, ,, .. I I
put in Haiti expands and con- tern of ex'Change' control might I- I ,L peting buyers. Jravels rapidl "'.". I 1 6v is CtiltleS4 ". '... I P
A The main, -objec e w,' I I -., les -, 't atgoes,',mOrtar. rdpori6nts of
I. I As- Will- be inqicated in the'next ,, -_-y, grarn, rt i d an ,h -, I I
I la, I J, S f'aAiai' diffi I I ., ". ,
tracts with minimal effects on result. The casefor an- immed' I 11 I 1, al I i d: ,,, __ ., ,,, 'r. "I "I_,
11 -an immeoiate : I I doub 1699 -the; an
,. I I re &, and brings res-' to -eMend chltureL-proiniums De- 4ith- it `ate esst contend
-section, line ect action: is re-', l 111_'.,. e.NperiMent,s-tation'l.virttlafly ,,,;- ,,, .- svyer Ing,, prod, 1_1_
production of other crops. The te reduction of the coffee export I 11; I .1 11 pobse; dicrepatnctesin. weight-' ng, n ,i_. '' ,,,
.. s ift pa4 for 'new planti u der _1 1, ".
,- ''IJ s decept ve y easy, o.say' would be",an immedi
quired'. I- I '_ 'i. 'ut1t i. 11,
11 :. .1 I I 11 .1 C ised to'f unction, becawe, bt," ,.:' ,
I r, i_ ., .1 I I 11 1. I It ,
labor position is, at least for tax and revision upward of ini- I .1 I : `, ,a'.- "' d "'' t 4'ap -1 Ill -, or' w ri tie 4' 'f bm
I I 11 I I I -.- I I t6 spotte ,quickly an file thoas proved 'by C servl I I t` ,Thp H6itian;.. tiori. o ,' keii, bfack,
:; t_ -" ;_:, I. I
1- 11 I a 1. I est4 on ,'Of c JclletT I '.Y.6rds,., 11 ifi
I i n ,.: I I 1, -1
ae -,an, asants year.,peri I I I iJ 11,11v ,. ., m I
most of the year, one, of surplus port duties (particularly on n6n. -, I I t '_ d 11,, l"', '' 6,11-1- I I a pay- I e iffit' well fb!pofid f6-un ersi2ed- beans ,(
,to ,courr pe, go o cQ., -ver a.two oc -I new-, campaign was. injtiateal asant' mig ,
M L" ',6ENtkAL P I 16_ I2Yt -,, -
because of the drud- essentials) js extremely strong. UOIk EIV 1;R n o,.r m 6 u:s pbysical. effort t 't a I ,, -,
-primarily I 1, o- rqen s, were" ade 7'Oh. n ,, = I ,
I o '_ _' '; --' ,,
". I I _- -1 aprogram involving sever un-,#erc,1nt of the crop to
--Low F*66 I 1. .. I I 1 I I ., 1. N. "' `, '' _3 ,, 6 -,
'L -I". ,,, -1 '' y'- -, ,t ", ,
I % gery and risk involved' in any There may still be time to -try I I 1__,- ,,, ,,,.:- ,' ."Z, ; 1r. l, ". -: "t ginnirig in! 1935-46 when C.'X. I 1. 6ik ,;, "., ,, I 1 6 en't ` -
"i, -,. "i,
_"dVITY. I : I ; I '. ,'. 1, 4
I 7 I : I I 1 1, ,
I., I "', _' _0_11 d' al," cated, : Jniagifiative-`
-, I A r__, ,,- ew York'Coffe'd' --; JWth, dare
,'- 1, ,- .1. -1 I I-, ,, I 11 ,,, -,
is, dfi 11 le" ., -. -` I ackey -of the N T" '. _.
The- h 'dLin th : %; '' o.: __.- I '' I
attempt to increase real income. it out before more com lex I 7i ', -,, ; '' -
I T I I I '
0 ,
se ", 1, _. ": _- ", I !:, .": I :,:". '-' young,''Mdiljii f "'
11 ::!. 11, 1 "I"! 1 ,. 1% __ '' -'!;,'- pa- uYihg;
.1 (in, Is ,,, 11 I I L_ ib ang'e 'was invited down 'to t, -, dcirri pre b' ihey, believe
` .- I l I I I I cli
In addition, there is a strong measures b e c o m e inevitable. chosen with- fordthbught.:,Only a 1 2, -,, I ;` ,, _:,,, '' .-, '. _; ` L, ,-' '
''I ,, I ] ;_` I I 'diiI I ,, I tl,: red n put 'twenty
11 -. ,, % I I I I ,, :_', .: I w ," iii'
'- ." i 7:11;_., 1. I ded. ,,,-' -,,,'Zlv,-`i ,, years rr4ght_ e ,, e-
belief among, the ppasants, (pro- (One majoi A if f i u I t' 4L I I I I I ation: Apparen f ,
Ith (1, ", "- d i ,:!i, 1; -, I- rv(_-y_tbe. situ -1 I..
Wl lew,yearsagol. N(Ys an -car. I y, ; .,! I ,., I I-- Was ma V&s intdi,,k, e_- '--
-, .,,",,,:._- _, 1i 4A ,,lj2,L
The price-., differdria
-',.,, ,; 11 1 de primarily .,, lonely rural
bably justified) that the land re straight devc tition in the, _1( ;, '';, ,." al 'A' ". 1- ,i-,t I 691' ss Ing. Ut u I s I I Sl C iv triage_
Hai ''probler'n Was" coj 11 .1 .w er'ei, axe l It I 0" and
I I I s '' -'A _'
.1 hrily, in( terms, of -t:, YwR3 7_, )_ ,t .. I I I 11 I '', I I r- UU -- ose: g(
,, ,, I -. ,
source is often specifically, adap tion easeis that, since sue I a ., Ifaflati,,n ((' h "d-surfa f6 -1," Whe : coff 6 I Tuns
It ; ;_ I 1,1_ ,f I -
sidered prim e Und?-,
.. j d& ',, -severl, hunled -'
J,'ff ". '' : I ymgW `tfbrms_ ,a 0on tne ,
p'r' e' "" coffee. I ciltii!, over- !,: ;,,-, ._,I-- na I 'I, I __ ,.'xt6fidfng. ` I 11 -_ I 7 1 I I 1, -,
tedAo either coffee or food, And very high oportion' of peasant I ., '', '' ,, I, orp ., U 7 _, P,obaibly no fdrt 4-five, ,
'' 1, : I I I I e t among the ,to for pei
-e-a v i I y populated as .cash purchases' axe imported _. I I et I ft u _y, -
:i I I-, I 1 1
Cre -:, .,. I I 1, controls' "r practices I ` I :%,
Idther than in lil I I' I It:~ '' ; ;J.
I more land, I I., e 'iW .1-- 1hod u 1_.cJLW.,b
.1 -, _. I ,X ,,,, I 11 11 -11 d the o -' Tien .-_ ,
11-, I I -1 ; __ I i ?:ihternal ., IedAffiei',., or SO'. 1, I 1
.1 Haiti is, it is hard to travel- items,- .tbere,.mill be- very little ing, prodtictivity from cift-reI, I ,. I '_% ', I I ., `, I ", ,-,_ ., I I I 111 ,1. I I I I I I : ;.-`-, I., I .. -1, _;1, I 11 ,, I-,; ,,, ,,, ,,, I I #6'wed ,sa
-.1 I I i ,, _`ll -1 I -'.' _" I I I "- ,, ," 11,.,- f I 8 i gn-s ,1 0 taking_ 1, I' 11 I '' OU I _' I ". I -
I I I -_ -aare4ke Slith was,,afte-a I tfl !, ,--_ '' ,:, ,', '', 1. 1. I "'. ,,, I I e arly important 1, in
I I I :4 ,, in Damien every tWo'or'three
.1, .1 I I ,_ I JL9,38-9 these -- ,es .
I- I Id,.` In, meagur' fro
., I I I I traditional, approach., In I :_ I : I 1 te 's- -- I I I I I -1 1,Z 1. I I I : 11 f "'years A'-',,' sh ajjif`6, -'at i6ai I sLag'in
"" `., I., ';, I ni lre'Opplerriented by 'a- qiree ., ,-, -7 1 1 1 -1 .11.11 '., ,-
1' 1 1 -- I ,I I I I 11., ': .. 'I., I 1.
m 4sirrg I 101'. I I A l I -; U R_' mIg I 1h -,,,I ", .y -wh
111. I I I I I I the commerce Lh t wenl: -to thh, -_ -1 "elAv, 5 101 w 9 ,,,,,;tra -_ I 1 4 1 I I 4 .0, mW""I'' R' ,, 911. ti, h( be 'to subs antiaf, tt ere, rain is 7W
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.. towns and then .to ,- I I ,_ -_ I T I 01"
I I export was I ---' ",,.,.I ., numbers of '.e6AIt. boys : ,e
-1. I __ ., I., th 'thc J ., G I ,In -_ '. ', ,
,. ,EAT'bJST htl;.- ,,:,:` 1 te ,ine' "',WATCHES OF. GB I I '' I aft, the, U 11 71 ",
I N CTION -, :, the p'rimary- teiest, 6f -_ .,-,,,,,-, -i, 1-111.1 1_ I 11 I I ,._ ,, ,I ..
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i I I I., ,.,a,,, I 1- 1 or d,
"I I -1 .1 I 1, I I I I J- I I I I '. ,; ". ,- ,,, ... g plantations .. 7''
- 1. 1 t,:' r _114- `- '' 1, 1 le Contract, ew ; 11 I I ,
I I 0 hd'edftc at -asses,.- I I ,- I I ,.,_. I -11, ,-. 'o 11 I __
I I '
ment -and ,t (4 ;cl ., '., I "I .,. ;. ", _. I r 'tirlip ee I-- I ,- eather at'; tfiis cri,
-TO GIVE AND N, `* it .1 I 11 1' ", -, ,_.-,. _,. 2 it", ', I .r_1 ;: ,,, ,ve,,opened-`p-,147, drylngplat _,4eiisibi ,- I" ., 1 _,
VEAR 41, this I I ': s ,'_- `,-.4,' '11" I' ,,_',,,,'".."I:,_ .::",- _,T le ., ii,:Wsld d lo _1 ;'ft
., ,, I ..Whe er ,appr6a&!'assuuI4 i -,` ,_ ''. ,!, .t I I -, ; "', ,, 1.
.1 I I 4- -. "..- -, I I 4 I
: I 11 I I 11_,,t_','.', V ,,, I 0 ,
... ,. I _': I "I, I -
z: & I I 11 I ,'' -'- I ,- an ,,, 's are o en7

U WUSS ~ ~
rr U 'WV I



dependence on washing plants
means that he loses the advan-
tage of ability to store his crop.
In the years of rising prices up
to 1954-55, the argument seemed
to have real weight-and a less-
on once learned may be hard
to unlearn. Unless the peasant
sees a very clear price advantt
age he will prefer pile, particu-
larly since he values the labor
that goes into its preparation

to t


at little or nothing. In fact, the pile
Present differentials (tax plus making of pile, although hard thesis
market) amount to some $-1.5Q work, is often a social occasion. comE
per 50 kilos in a $35 coffee mar. The season for washing plants was
ket which leaves a sizeable pro- is a very short one-usually las- the I
fit margin. Yet, there hasibeen ting three or four months, and, coat'
no move to build washing plants since the exporters are not per-- shou
in the past few yegrs, and, in mitted to purchase coque (dried comr
fact, a number were closed cherries) from the peasants, be t
Down during the 1958-59 season, they cannot prolong plant oper- ance
Exporters are hoping for an nations by making cafe decorti- had
even more substantial tax dif- que. Apparently, this law was parc
ferential. passed in 1952 to pacify the spe- ing I
There is a real issue involved cylateufs. cure
: here, of fundamental importan- would
ce to development policy in a Lack of adequate transporta- lots
country such as Haiti. Besides tion facilities makes the taste of would
the cost differential as calculat- repairing breakdowns and keep- ing.)
ed above, there are a number ing plants running at full capa- pure
,,: of other things blocking success- city an extremely difficult one. woul
ful extension of washed coffee. Risk of damaging the cherries The
As might be expected, the 'is great-thru delay in bringing costly
". speculateurs are deadly ene- them to the factories. Transpor- to tl
i B mies of the, washing process, station difficulties being what ing
P.They make the point with the they are, the cherries are and
peasant, and a valid one, that brought in by burro or on foot- proba

(Continued from page 8)
vestment over a period, even as
short as ten years, means a ca-
pital cost of only about $1.00
per 50 kilos. Out of pocket costs
may add another $1.50 per 50
kilos for a total cost different-
ial over pile-of $2.50 per 50 ki-
los. This may be considered as
a break-even point for a good-
sized plant working under near-
capacity conditions.

The Coffee I dustr
I*I I'l *

extend operations
etice is to ring ti
i buying posts, whi
rse, expensive.
nally, the violent
s in Haitian output
cult to adjust plant
he industry's needs
se the risk of period

y tax discrimination
(subsidy of washe(
e difficulties might
e-if the tax discri
severe enough'. But
blocks should not be
ed over" in this w
Id be cured rath
pensated for. Examj
he following. Peasa
might be lessened
the choice of kee
he (the product of t
plant) If he did not
nt price on cherries
d only work for
and, of course, the
d be charged for t
Permitting' the p
chase coque and e
d be a major impr
present prohibition
y subsidy and poli
he, speculateur.\ Co
for primitive trans
communication fac
ably a poor subs'ti
t expenditure to
n. And finally, even

.' lent UUtcaions b i annud pro- .ods inevitable. (This is another cal agriculture. As far as cof-
Sduction can be itigated by a reason for a compensating re- fee is concerned, the plants
Stood extension program. auction in the overall duty). It would provide a ne-w marketing
Si o I seems unlikely that Haiti- will alternative for itie peasant, by-
SWhat is the proper overa o- ever have more than 50 percent passing the speculateur. Mach-
P:iH licy? Does one push for basic waeied coffee ie decorticating also would
IDENTIT POTOS -.PASSPORT POTOS efopm to reda~cehigh costs or greatly reduce present, lss thru

DEVELOPING- ENLARGEMENTS REPRODUCTIONS der that they may operate dei- little mills might provide a
pite them? The ,answer is pro- 'In a peasant economy, suffer- more or less "sure fire" point
tF'.. ASTEST SERVICE iN TOWN bably a little of both, but, at ing from lack, of organizational in the productive process at
the least, policy makers should centers to focus 'economic and which to start and from which
A ", Avenue arle-Jeanne, o. 5 Cite de I'Exposition realize precisely what they arq other aspects of rural life, one it would be possible, ultimately,
AveueMae-eae doing. is always tempted to play up to reach back to 'such problems
In the prsent situation, there cooperatives as the panacea. as credit, joint use I of equip-
N. is much to bb said for further The temptation is even greater ment and better land use.
experiment in widening the tax if holdings are small and "frag- 4
"^. ~. 4 differential as' a stop-gap meas- mented, and each 'peasant feels Commercial Plantatgons .
-. ure. But whatever differential is himself obliged to diversify to
tried it should not be created by .the point of virtual self-sufficien- As indicated earlier, there are
a simple addition to existing tax Fy. Finally, as has been stated virtually no commerical planta-
I rates'. If further discrimination a hundred times before by other tions in Haitan coffee growing.
u 'p against pile is to have the de- authors, there has long been an (Contnued on page 11.
1 sired result,' present prices to the
peasant for both cherries and i o
4 pile must fall. The price on pile, .
4 would fall by about the amount
S-LA' ESSO STANDARD OIL S. A.. of the tax and that on green e A &
Cherries by an amount less than u
LIMITED s the tdx-jusf sufficiently less to I ,
Persuade" peasants Th sell the s The Direction of the Casino International take'
4 undried beans. Thus, the state's
V6US'-OFFRE share would be substantially pleasure to present to its amiable clients'the Spec- A
S- greater (much greater, until" 4.tscle of the Season:
'r UNE PROTECTION EXTRA 4 more 'w a s h i n g plants were 't h
,E Tbuilt). For a time, at least the "FOLIES ANTILLAISES"
U NE.E. ECONOMIE EXTRA "differential" would act just hi the lirne-light, the Falklorio Troup of the Casino
about like a 'straight tax. in-
A lVEC ESSO EXTRArp t crease. In the present situation -A
AVEC ESSO EXTRA of extremely high taxes and fa- SHOW AT MIDNIGHT
Sling prices, that is the last step ICHOICE MUSIC BY
4 differential tax is increased, T directed by the 4

ANS, E FERBLANC.. .DORE. .reuetion of'the specific duty by MAESTRO QUESNEL DUROSEA. -
:. something like a corresponding .
amomt.. .';O etC OOO.00 00s $s eo -1
.. ...., :..

pA'1y: 10

Inevitably there are disadvan
tages to a program foste-ing
washed coffee. However, they do
not seem to be too serious.
1-A part of the processing is
the usual taken out of peasant hands -
he plants and, i nothing else changed,
ich is, of this would mean lower income.
As to whether or not the releas-
fluctua- ed labor would represent wasted
make it labor, no one seems to know.
capacity At the least,, it seems certain
s and in- that the peasant would gain by
idle over- improvement of harvesting prac-
% tices; reduction of loss from
water damage during the dry-
n against ing season; and reduction of
d coffee) bean damage thru improper de-
be over- corticating. There would, of
imitation course, be some rural industrial
some of employment.
e "sugar- 2-Some 'experts contend that,
ay. They if washed coffee became domin-
ler than ant, at least in certain areas-
ples may inability to store and reduction
ed if he of number of buyers in any one
She area would undermine the com-.
pmig his petitive structure of the indus-
like wasthe try and' expose the peasant to
like the exploitation. This is a real dan-
esfair. -sized ger. Fortunately, an efficient
peair-size washing plant can be quite
hewash- small. There are still likely to
e wash- be a number of firms operating
lants to in any given area. Also, the
yen pile shift to washed coffee will By
movement. I
ovement.'o means occur overnight. For
3n is a
tical sop some time at least, it will be
sial easy for the peasant to return
mpensat- to pile, as long as some specu-
portation lateurs are around. There are
"iities is
tute or many Icoffee areas where lack
te of water makes washing plants
improve impracticable and continuation
the vio- of something like' present meth-

indigenous element of cooperat-'
Ive ;'chaviu1 among Haitian
peasants-various sorts of com-
bites, or work associations.
Haitian intellectuals have long
been interested in the cooperat-
ive movement, and there have
been many experiments the
usual experience apparently be-
ing collapse within a year or
so. Cooperative programs are
underway today and are in the
opinion of many of the inteli- .
gentsia the most important
strand of an attempt to modern-
ize Haitian peasant society. A
successful program is an extre-
mely difficult .undertaking, ir-
quiring patient education, first
class business management, and
guidance over long periods of
time. Perhaps it even requires
prk)r development of an effect-
ive extension'system.
In-any case a promising line
of approach, bearing on the cof-
fee industry but having wider
Implications, might well be mil-
ling cooperatives- small plants
equipped to mill corn and. rice-'
(where appropriate) and to de-
corticate coffee. 'Equipment for
such plants is reasonably inex-
pensive a small decorticator'
costs a little as 250 to 500 dol-
lars. I have seen a complete, pri-
vately owned, plant Which might
have cost as little as eight tb:
nine thousand dollars.

Technical and managerial pro'
blems' are nothing like as com-
plex as they are in washing,.
plants, and the milling could fit:
into the seasonal pattern of lo a-







ii auuua GU H A 1 r I S U'N : "". "' =' "" ,''.: ..".

Sat Haiti is wedded to raising porters' dol ay a differential of ihe- proportidnoiwo. ai.
B IBfits coffee on small, fragmented price. in accordance., to .qua6ty. pxoduit rather han.' ]d
S peasant holdings--with -all'.the of '.pile '~ought.-a differential as i-. t ca srwit i
.difficulties that entails in the varying frori one dollar to two, The Spe e
S- r -way of introducing better prac- dollars per. fifty kilos. But 'it The- specUiateur. ieii
(]Couftnned .from"page 10) mbreial plantations. I am relia-
tices. seems to be based primarily onithe nearest. thing to
The- Census of 1950 turned up bly informed that there is still. seems to be ed primary othe n earnest ing u.lay
_,water content- thorougless of in our little l.i
Dnly twelve holdings planted to sope .private interest in such Tax Discrimination peasant drying. I am tod. that there .is.,.aythlig, em:blg
coffee of 25.8 hectares or more undertakings, and that means of there is some differentiation on. devilxcept',
63.8 "acres)-the average for encouraging coffee plantation Government has attempted for the basis of cleanliness and size ic ppdrtunity .apd
these twelve 'was 36.5. There 'enterprise has been. given recent many years (since 1929) to fa- of bean. y reaction to c.l o se ,
nay be:a good many more'than consideration in government air-. vor certain "types" of -coffee -tibn-smce -the useulness
he Census indicated, particular- .des. An old idea. which has a thru differentiation in.the. export .Coffee people, tell me that' .tdes", seldom &apprecia td"
y if. scattered holdings owned very real appeal, is to require tax and, thereby, react back on present practices in.. the trade al[o since t ne mone-l'-1
y 6one--man and worked on a establishment of small riodel exporter and peasant' methods. being what they are, no one hated in -all peasant society!
shares4 basis are taken into ac- plantations as a condition for The type classification Ts based exporter can* stand out against. an4Q with :some' 4ason,
*ount. ,But they still remain rare being a coffee exporter. In or- onr number of deects-stones; the tide and offer real differ- that, who'isr
exceptions, .and. it, seems pro- der not to handicap the smaller other,' foreign matter;, roken entials for quality. The custom able to fill his.funduionhowhI.b
able that only two of the. total firms, the number of hectares. beans; yellow and- black beans,, of -. advances .o speculateir-s badly performedd).. Si.thl'.
ire, run on anything like a mo- of planting might be made con- etc. Under present legislation against, "tel quet"; or6whatever -a 'real.'trouble .:st'bin tl tide
ern commerciall basis. (The lihtonal upon the size of' the the rates rup from exemption the quality may be, is so -srong It.'migbi be wel,' to.goba&d\-
sovernment operated. SHADA firms -exports. Such a program on type 1 to -2.50a' bag of fifty. that an exporter who attempted it in time.. '
plantation at Bayeux and the has its dangers, but if it 'were. kilos'for the lowest type. to discriminate' would lose his .. :
ihutt plantation, both In the designed simply to "set the speculateur' contais. It- is diffi- By the end of the 20-
North). tone" .for peasant culture it Besideg, encouraging washed .cult for an economist to see why crops, .exceeding.those of
' .might make a, real conitribu-" coffee, there'might be two other 'a buyer should be discriminated 1930's Were' being handie -
There is -some evidence that tion. effects' of such a -ta. It may- agAinst ba seller because he'some 700-speulaturs so
hip.4vas not the case 'even two ,The prospects'- for widespread well have served f increase ex- stands ieady to pay a. higher what.-more than a ;4i.d:.o
r.--threoe generations ago (at development of plantation grow- porter expenditure on .hand sort- price:, -But. there it is-despite *number. operation today.
least as to size of holding). With' ing ae 'by no means encoura- ing. Even this is not certain repeated' questioning the answer trade. was, ,a icensed9. oia
output at something like current going. In .part this is because of. since :better sdrting not only in- from..the exporters .is always the fee five do0larvforait:h;~'t
levels in-.the .1870's one author the decline .of the' Provincial creases the amount of, higher the same. Were it not. for the 'on. ApparenUy .t:here..,w
reported some 40,000 cultivators, towns and the increasing divor- type coffee but also the animount inflated -speculateur cushion;be- many.amonhg the specula
or. less -than' a third the number ce of men 'of education and of low type triage which is hea- tween. exporter an- peasant, it some stature and. sub
now in coffee. Another report wealth from the economic life-viy taxed and sells at a dis-mig be possi design.a e local.'eo'unity opea
lainms -'.that there .rwere over of the countryside. In part it re- count on .the world market. On tax that would. engtt i'..part-at least,, independent
3,00., -coffee plantations of some suits from residual anti-colonial balance, if'hand sorting': has porter selectivity and react back' oft hdir. own capital...Sh
size before the internal disord- feeling. Strong state support been encouraged, it represents. on .peasant practices, theieafte;' te.e tax was"rdu 4
ers preceding the American oc- (necessary in-acquiring sizeable a n'et gain to the Haitian eco-, and requirements ma rke
cupation. These years may well holding in a single block) is not nomy-a recognition' of the fact In' any -case, -for the past loosened--by 1933-34 there ere...
have. seen the rapid decline of likely to be forthcoming; and-that- labor is even more plenti- year or more the qualityy tax" over- 5,000 spqculateurs, 'fi4
mddium-scale growing. In any state regulation of, and interfer- fil than the low minimum wage has fallen into. ill repute. With ure which .doubtless also reflec-t 1927-28 the annual re- -ence with, lare' .plantation en- of seventy cents a day indicates., government revenue needs at a .ted the econopnic diffidculti.esi,'
port,.pof the Fiscal Department terprise is greatly feared by ex- However, it does not seem to critical level all coffee tends to. the times. Whereas their active i-ational Bank raises the. porters who have considered" me that this -should be the pii- be bad coffee and the system ties had. been, .restricted .to.. :
q pstp of., why there are no entering the growing end of. the mary objective of the tax. Ex- degenerates into little more jor coffee centers, they4::og
plantations, The report states business. Lack of adequate tran- porters will almost certainly than a flat tax and bitter bick- were permitted to ooperateni;'
that suitable land is believed sportation facilities continues J. find it worth-while to do.a subs- ering and suspicions between many more rural" markets. InI.. '
tor-be available for purchase or be a hurdle and, finally such en- tantial amount of hand sorting government and 'the exporters. study, published' in 1935,, -..e
rental; 'that internal security terprise requires, stable govern- simply in response to market Und-e.r present circumstances Chief Agrofomiist of.the .Departi1
now, .exists: and that there is ment and respect for law and premiums. there is much to be said for prent of Agciulture pointed 'to.
abundant. labor. orded in the countryside. Part- eliminating all differentials ex- deterioration in the profession'
icularly in disturbed times there A second possible effect might cept that in favor of washed of speculateurs as a. major
i Changing culture practices 'are perfectly justifiable fears on be to exert pressure for change coffee. At least this type is.eas-,:,cause of the .recent decline. in:
end expanding output would this score. oT peasant practices. It seems ily reconginzable, and the wash. quality of Hiaitian coffee. '
doubtless prove, much simpler clear that, if .this has been. the ing process results in i reduction (Colpnued on .pge 13)
and more rapid if it were poss- For the immediate years objective, the policy has not '. '
ible to foster a move to comrn- ahead, at least, it would seem been a success. Apparently ex-' '
. :& #Sc&' ,e^cS ", ck aok^!!t(^ ko o c I ":


SOne Cl '

4 -





'300 PASSE)










kph 'Nadal & Co
o o4o4oAflo oo o44oo,

REGISTRATION JIAILY FROM 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ,i
Beginning September 1962
l.-Classical Ballet. --
2.-Modern. Ballet '
3.-Tap Dance .
4.-Haitian Folklore
School located on the Champ de Mars, next to Rex Theater.
5.-Ballroom Dancing and special training in 'T"Pa
de Deux", and Choreography;
I~~wie. ~ ~ ..ya :he ,wvL

- ...--.
.. : .- ." *
.- ",.*c .' :. ..- .: .:.r<. r ...-. .. .. : .. .. '
., j .- .. ,, .::,.. .. = .. :... .v ',4
.. -,' ., %',, ":' -:_.- ...,_:.' : : -..,i

r: g


?- I*




'*, *'' ; "..
.10 *

CQ 'r '7

S s .


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.. ,. : = .I V, '.::,." .'-', :, ...,' U.:., v :.::-',.'." -:. :g :!: .J'%- ':; .:." ,'::::. ..-..-:;.L,) ..,......::u ::[, ..:.: ,: ...... ;.,. .; .-:.,) -,L ..:.z~ ,,,.4-.M 3L-. ...

M P-2 ai



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." -.:. ,*
-..*..: .

' t4


....* -, ,_ '. _... ,,,.. -, v ':. .. ," .,,...-., -. .., ,. .. A .. :. -".- .
't f -have risen a bit ab ve the peas- problem of. -cred for th ppe-s e co-aes to
,' I :, .-ant.y. in education and wealth, ants. Uifortimately"an adequate 10ie spccul r f!, i .
Wj. ife NUN 'a yet who have no 'real economic yetl responsible; system of peas. jdst 0hoi. re Mlinp "
N' '. ":," opportunity. Deeper, down, the at credit seems for off, indeed se r o-.,.,-",,
.onti.i.,romjpage 1) "experience b- b cmbned with in- .ragmentatio coffee holdings A moof fre-naily sAggetioo, f- :;!, a B
re a am oity 'of specu- t al disturbances n ano credit quen ..* *
S .... ,- i .. .
ar'e .not iriiepenient tr: c&on' the NatioriafBank rowep has md, te task of, "' '- ',,, 1... .. t -.
et. rfley :ave. ctedi't ties to -have resulteds. in substantial gatbe g si g ao The. t i co- i ". "'" .....
cia r. expofers 'and' are .ghtening of ciedit to th spe- mber ospeculateurs ma be .
numbh r of.'pseeulateusrs may be'-
pTsedt worikicrith ae singl pulateurs and extension on as parental reflection of this ,
p'oh term as a' daily bsiAp- P D un
p.o e a onheoold denying situadon.' ', E NS -AI.. .... ...
e Uo-' (axge, exp6,' r t 'tay parently a good of E"e, ed't:sc .Niht 1
7 g wth as',ity ras debt is still to be liquidated In a good to average crop ..... Ee
0 SoPeculateurs) The, which,- odwy enough, increases year 'speculateur may ,- ,.
S nissionage' the speculateur's"hdld ver the .e'ive a.three dollar margin per E'ATURJNG H :AT'S.s. ""
fii'i-'i iit meiately- exported. Colledtin ts 3iSffl tt 50 .klos-offe -dollU.a of which. it,- -. GROUP OF ENTER, g
txpo rs, with whom Ib to impossible y legal action;. Jo transportation Thug -', .%-;'.e: ,
w tlped," look .upon. the sne1 the: exo' ter' muse cbnfinu .he, their ijet 's p r e ad *nay run to ', ,. *. .R.. *.'.. ..:...
i~.a'g drepo nde. relationship andinaku- therround one m'onioar,, or '.,BACOq LOU CABARET TIHA kr'A.: .;
Sce,-ahM 'thosd words imi advances in"e .blopof getting an average of "00l!each, wheb ,- '. (JFee Meringue essn a )..
.e 3o iagint". im ies his moneybak. .. 000 are.. opratin tth. trade. '*' Pn, : IONVIO 2,...' .. .- ,.. '
nehis encounters uite a nuni.4-
,reeo supervisionh and con- **, ,*' '
.mny exprters .ton.' As indicatee earer the "a er 6f proposals as, t. what should
i impossible under dances are usually nadeagainst bedoe about the spebulateurs. THEl POPULAR' RBOND POW.
"e "ict'isstances, or. at delihven3yof "tel quell or coffee .None. of these are rally new- U"der '.ie p personable' ia n age t
p .xtreely expensive and as. it comes" which, is -alleg the problem -his l1ng been with- .IRYSE ttEAU, .the& ainr .
I,,,? *!1 : ''., to exclude: differentiation as the industry. One also encount- 1 s Sot g atnosp'tere u.iia"" 'i; |"

fUtl -a' yeri pr andled eac- Step -w'uld be.-io permit- direct ther wiv osh t.lh. in lhia,
I t g'substantiale advan- undeines incentives purchase of oth'.coque .and pile -" Then.usesan's fu rs.ll. u
#I ',o'sp ulaf urs early in- the *for "better quality ot -improyed' by the .expottes. -' [. l ay v 'arietyi "' s ".50 .O ...w' .. es .e .av.orite A.
r. t e- practices. ,..,:, "Expanding washiig capacity '41 ". o ....,,

.Hi He vo. k' '
O'.tb s 19For, an e a a gurbeo w speculatursO isp' Iyh the r min ost. co e h th an .t ........ .. b&^ 6
0 0 0 00o 0Ia0 0.0.' Iittne.'',' 0 "' 0 n .
-Financial Jos- also, indicative'Of'a bdtic 'o -.' d gi:.i ,'ih the f r ^ ^ ^; |
-(.N athL. on advances) .7Yic problem iri Haiti (as ,-in' 1 ,u g-r un,, cooperative Iillin '. d ,. .. .., ,,. ". n g '" '

s -. of p d, 8 c'pe Mileorse
.;, .O l 1 an ..aF SP CARS SLIGHTL .f ..'. ..g '. '" ..

SO AUTO S. A., General Agents (Next to All America Cables).,

PNET CH: 31GE FR2772
0 :i ...P. pe. e A
A OAHou.y Rate (enerl4 HoAts) ( olA-l8 mite. MilCa
P e Da33 4ate (24.H ) "0' A 8 -

-."-'. '.--'-ASK FOR ON .TE

oMorris Oxford
-7 A N..i


.. report EXPLORATION HERE After a long :llnessJn A
Despite all its efforts and the Up to now, th.e miners have Maurice Castera, former Lucie
considerable amount of money always refused to work on Sa- Tancrede Auguste, passed away
sper.t, Sedren has not yet been turday; however, the Company Wednesday August 22nd in her
able to. produce copper concen- had many meetings with the The funer of the deceased
trate in sufficient quantity to Union officials, and hope that The ureraTs of the deceased
make its venture in Terreneuve thanks to the good offices of the took place in Sacre Coeur church
-- a payable proposition. The Corn- Department of Labor they will among .a great number .of
pany is, not in a position to fill reach a mutually advantageous mourning parents and friend
...Mr. CLOVIS KERNISAN Rector of the University flew to the all its pending orders, or to ful- agreement. Thursday afternoon August 23.
U.S. on a health trip Sunday. He will return at the end of Sept- ly comply with its financial obli- The corpse was exposed at VIL-
ember... RAOUL SICLAIT former C0iarge d'Affairs in Santo Do- nations. It is true that Sedren On the other hand Sedren has LA PA the same ay at 2:00
has successfully succeeded in just started some exploration p.m. p
mingo was named Minijser Counseler of the Haitian Delegation at hasovig most of her problems wors, at a place called Cas us Haiti Sun presents its sinc re
solving most of her problems works, at a place called Cassqus c to. h ib I.
,OAS... "LE MATIN" tvrote Wednesday: "One announces that the but the one the Company is fa- where a bed of native copper ndolenes to r husband Mr.
: Service de la Voiefle of Public Health received some vehicles cing now is a human one, one was discovered some years ogo Maurice Castera and all t
which will be affected to the carrying off the detritus in our prin- that has to do with the ability it is too early to say if the others parents and allies. t
cipal streets. Excellent acquisition"... Mr. GALICI WLADZIMI- of the Haitia htiners to increa- volume apd value in copper of .
ERZ Commercial Attache of the Polish Republic flew abroad Mon- se the output df copper ore. This the mines at Casseus are worth
i. day... Mr. ROBERT THEARD has been appointed Mintster Coun- handicap, the Company hopes the large sums of money that NEW MEXICAN
to-.resolve it by establishing k will require the exploitation o7 AMBASSADOR DUE.-OCTOBER
Sseler of the Haitian Embassy in Washington... Mgr. ALEERT new time-table, a six days- that new venture. Sedren has ,
SGIOT, Bishop of 'Port de Paix flew Monday to Rome via Mont- week of work, and by increas- proven to be a very important Tile new Ambassador-deslg.-
real-to participate in the Councile taking place in the Vatican on ing the number of mining shifts. element in the economy of the ate to Haiti' is Dr. Bernardo
'i.,October 11th... On the Champ de Mars, near the bandstand, the The .miners will have to work -country, and we are seizing Reyes who has had a long and
: progressist ANDRE JUSTE, has erected a little stand where he on Saturday and will receive 2 this opportunity to wish to our colorful professional -career ,in
sills coffee (twenty cents "Haitian"), nightly 'al6ng with sand- and a half times their regular friend -Fortune L. Bogat, Pre-- diplomacy, Law and teachingi
o n l 0 a A h pay for that extra day; actually ident oL that interesting enter- T :'
Switches, hot dishes of griots. He stays qpen till 1:00 a.m.. And hot no one will woik more. than 8 prise dur best wishes of suc- DISTINCTION .
the coffee, is added "LE MATIN"... Tuesday, among the camions hours a day and 40 hours a cess.
Our distinguished compatriot,
att the bus terminal, a vendor of "nerf de boeuf" proclaimed in week. 1., i
:-,, -;. Maurice Sixto was, appointed,
i publicity: "For the family want of peace and 'quiet! Counsellor to the Cpngqol~e
,isdy otome "rigblzes"! I sell them wholesale and 'retail." MILLER's % Cha-incellery by, thq Government
Highilife CLAUDiE MAR'I'N returned Monday from the- U.S..; PAU-A T ro of Leopoldville. A' distinc6i'b
'TETTE MOREAU, daughter.of Mr and Mrs iERNAND' MOREAU MALI AND GUATEMALA -ENVOYS which does credit t us, rep
Kenid ROGER CONSTANT, son of Mr. and Mrs. RICHARD CONS. PRESENT CREDENTIALS ed "Le Martin" August 25th 1962-
1.ANT will married on: Sdptember 15th at the Cathedral at 6:3) ________ /.
M.I ... 'Wednesday morning, UVt: EARL O. FINNIE, director of '''
a oint'I in Haiti flew to Miami, (Fla) by PAA... By the same The new ambassadorss of'Mali colorful costume of bIs African -,ja _, A 3 .
.lMne, Mr.' IEDMOND .KHAYATT, Plenipotentiary Ministe'r of Liban and Guatemala presented their nation.
I.:n Haiti, flew to Caracds via Miami. He'is transferred'to Ottawa credentials, to President Dr. Du- The new Guatemalan Awibhs- LONGLIFE
i."sametitle.. ,JANINE DENIZARD became the wife of PIER- valer Tuesday mornlug at the sador Colonel Francisco Consen-
National Phlace. oa Galvez who Mlrved earlier FAN BELTS
R ',R ,. LOUIS in a nuptial. ceremony held at Christ-Rol dA Bour-, National la alez who ved aier
in th .week..,laced a wreath
.don on August 25th at. 6:00 p.m... The Department of Tourism is The 86-year-old Oumar Sow, along with Ambaspador Sow on
gi-my preparing the progi-am for FESTIVAL OF TOURISM... ALEX envoy of the :sister Republic of the Mausoleum of the Heros of. RADJATORu avSm
.DOMINIQUE, named Secretary of Embassy and Consul General Mali 'arrived here by air Wedn- the Republic after meeting with -
',f:' Rio de Janeiro, flew to Santo Domingo on August 17th nsday morning in the flowing President Davaller. ...
1) b- PAA 431... Mr. RODOLPHE BABOUN, Consul deneral,of Haiti'. -.
M' iami and. Mr. JACQUES 'ARCON, director of Economic At- ,
lairs, at Forei Affairs flew to Miami, the second on special mis-LAR POLISH NVOY LEAVING
b, ; Dr.. JACQUES AMBROISE, attached to the Health Center
..A La Fossette. at Cdp Haitien, has been granted a scholarship of
.JAei World' Organisation of 'the Health flew Friday to. Canada to .
:speciaize mkPublic Hygiene and Social Rediatry at University of Mr. Alexandre Bekier, the po- been acred$ted to.Haiti as well
-Iontreal.'. The -following localities: JEREMIE, ST. LOUIS DU palar 'Charge d'Affar of Po- as Mexico. Edrler this month
and who visited Haiti regularly, the Haitian Ghancellerle accept-. .IIA NW
ST. LOUIS DU NORD, QUARTIER MORIN and POINTE A overs the past three years .from, ed Minister Grudzinsld's noi. al
iIaUETTE fetd th6 "ST. ,LOU.IS OI DE FRANGE" their pa- Ms ridenoe in Mexico City is nation. ,
:.iln saint: on August 25th. In Port au Prince at Turgeau a solemn returning to Warsaw' to assume MATtR I
a. s was said -in the chapel of St. Louis at 7:00 a.m... an Important potty in the For- Mr. Bekier, ..a former .news-
"..'RANCK MAGLOIRE publisher of "LE MATIN" and Mrs. eign Affairs Ministry. man himself never failed during dt ,lem e AccessAe.Wd
-eplacing ItMr. Behker Is Mi- his visits here to meet with his .' ,....,
...A. GLOIRE will leave September 15th .for Bonn, Germany on a Replain g Mr. Bolder Is AV- hs visits here to meet with his
nlster Jerzy drudilnaki who has .collegues of' the press.
i the Feeral German Republic. The Jlagloires' will sde .Hamburg, ,- -I-----O '! "C AL
OBerlin, ,Stuttgart, unich and Franclort on their three-week tour... E D
5 3 SACKS of 60 kilos of coffee were exported from October Mass.)-...After a reunion at the local, of the -Prefecture of Les JUST I
.... .. I Cayies last Sunday, the DRIVERS, PROPRIETORS OF CAMIONS Br and IzHI
.st 1961 to August 21, 1962... A worker's City is tob constructed aTires and Tubet ---BaatV
6 t SAVANNE (Cayes) under the sponsorship of the MRW... Port nd block's makers, informs Mr. GEORGES FIGARO, Under Se- PORT AU PRINCE
u I"-ince'.s CTY-HALL is sporting a.much needed coat of cream cretary of State of Information, that they decided to cooperate in PIERRE SANSARICQ -Jerethi
.int 'The AFRICAN BAR on Avenue Marie-Jeanne has renovat- :e building of the WORKER'S. CITY which will erected at SA- GEBAR iDELAQUIS '.-.
Ei it's, facade. Well shaded display windows improve its appear- ANNE by tlhe MRN... MARIE-ROSE MATHURIN and RAOUL NABIBm EL S. L E -Sai,
HAITI TOBACCO S;A. has established leaf buying posts' t 1. MY, Lieutenant of the Presidential 'Guard will' exchange vows in BOUAP COo.
.&EUX BOURG, LASILE arid .CAVAILLON. "LA GARDE". ca1ls.'r nuptial ceremony at ,Sacre Coeur Church Monday August 27th, CACIOUE ISLAN |
2 .ii similar post at PORT SALUT'.vhere tobacco Is plentiful... 62 at 6:30 p.m... Captain JEAN BEAUBOEUF and Mrs. former '"IRBO 3EACH"
...Mr. NAGIB HANDAL, president of the Haitiano-Arab Club re- ICOLE JEROME celebrated the birth of a new boy called JEAN- .ONLY 0 MINUTYIS
S from vacation-trip in Europe, Mo3 en-Orient and U.S.A. He BERNARD at Cangpe-Vert Hospital August 8th, 1962... OM PORT-AU--PRI N
long visits, to BEIRUT and BETHLEEM. He was accompanied ...BOB ROBERSON and SAM MCCONNELL, officers of the Roda ROUND-TRIP
a aO ,.OU D:R
.h'lsv wife who studied in a Colleje bof'Geneva... Mr. SALIM ELIE Airways of Fot Lauderdale, Florida, were visitors, leaving Sa- BOAT '
4OS.PH flew. to. Beyrouth via San Juan P.R. Friday afternoon... turday in' one of their company planes', for Atlanta,' saying they TRANSPOBTA.IO )'i
lti -FRANCISCO JAVIER AMEZCUA and wife Doctoress, JACQUE- would be back... Mr. CHARLES HOSPODAR of 'Fort Lauderdale ONL'Y $( ), a'.
TROUILLOT .are in the Capital.for',a month of vacation. The a: welcome visitor to Port au Prince again, staying at Hotel private
S'is worng at the hospital r B6i Samaritain of Boston' Choucoune.... -., ,. ,.- ;

: *** h uthes, graduate in history' and" ciece-f th
-v.y o : .f Wisconsin.andwife EmmaMfy, te ostt
... .. i sit t as -if be g bckArts at the .Institute.of CiVcago were. araied. oii a.
)n the shuttle ome, who may run it hie i -Another for ain ive here a few d er-.
i lomplaint about. the annoyance. to shore excursion passenge gue ts at the -onta. -
Sa cruiseshjp which stops here weekly, is about to descent *6Ru olPh L: Hoeltzel f the Mar
i the Tourist Boar--as usual, because of beggars, y.eddlers, et B esAdve-ti, in.. arrvedary.thitwe .h
l; who ply their trade".=so fervently they are killing t,.e ,g:f i chai.ante femn.e Ma, a Se t for N- a -f ut
slaby6' the ~olden egg. How's,that for mixing .metaphors?- -Jud- .~ ork'onei the:oldetoe:W l p seeing
'gfu he faces you don't see around anmor, don't yoq agre: Countries giving aid in a ta eld ai i es u e
S tithe r '' ? '. ...' i'^ the' ai!.m- agnC r" -'.^lda .
aUSOt, could recoup some unds by .coming outwith. a book development to Countres o.the iNearast. .Red ha M
e,, sure-ti tle-EXODUS. -Car repairs, .g4rages. andi me also n artist, sings -inaCoUoegi to aasini.n grup
p 'an. mopethan, conversational bait a founl .these *parts-and ple nduted AbraamKalan, thd,.wold fambusn
I opp;.l " 'the N.Y. Times last week made, it-all too. clear: ndui'tor Who i als Lear.o the.-Jilliad. Ch s.- '
'haf the same conditions exist, even flourish, in. the 'U.S. capita.l. ... .. .1 ,. L o J a C hu.. .. t .- -., :,t
f l~nm-i ar. he complaints sound so familiar, .te is arsc, a.'and Mary Cap Haitien Th day visit
'everlySdesignedto .'-flll.aiart after 3 years, and every echani iel. They left yesterday after a isit-they calleddelighf-il. .e.p tee
ih-".his spealety .and ;wouldn't design- to take Care ..of aniythfig ere guests at the Grand iotel Oloffson.i .. : -.a
-nd e ibillis. always, $6 upuil iraf repair brils are ***Donald Driver, a. 'teacher from: San .rancisco varied re
i%.'s= $37T50). The article" said thi -set-up particularly plague .early \isither-Mister.Dr. 'Rachel Driverat tle Albert Da" 'epsag
o" .p ,c, 'ffor a new .car every two' yearei : In heitzer Hospital in Deschapelles,. .
t,' about ,to become 'a political issue,--Medicare for CCars '
-e, Alop #pJU.S;: R-ubber)..was. in town last-week with quite' a..'. Marie Roth book. printer from Chicago .ard his ,pret y,
bul iT f sf etchablte stdribs.. Another .pleasant iitetruption t Annmared on'Ausiis 11 spet part ofi their honeymddi iR #on i
ea Ite. so called) .aeation. --Some kind soul with a long' r ionel Tussaint took them arouldtown-a cuid ntry.
6'emo "yfinally-obrought me afew small naghets fromn ove ynid: .. R.hardSege a, physical met'alluhgist' from. Champai1gn,1 ds-.;
.f "rishi li -st-.ful 'ej, can be. Merci,.iille tois; ost d"wife Pam. a teachers were married on, Ai gust 11Th' re
Minh l. rdesIert" 'o ih .season iis Papaya Sherbert-kmade witq ,c-.rently. hrieymnooning here... : : -' ;'.. tWiss:dt,.
g Wixer-ei papaya and simple syrup with as- aiy dab e ** yBll M haon, Manager ofas es an agree d .:be eai*r I m
4:pe uiceas yoqpirefer, :ten frozen in ice, ebe trays. Yumy. -eek, his charming wife--Hattietand son la'Ihard ..,
e-a-, .o zen.... .....6 ... ,'.... ... Com ,p.,& .
EarBoatma,: Briggs: >haven'thada chance to see you, but Marce.l
irwe m foun gourdes for that keiy to the little gate:.Don kni,t "*Earl Thollander, an advrertisiig artist, and,-a fine artist arriv- ng .at ,a'niptial ce n
fm .... ...tare:w. erehbe Was. i.. etg': rfeence.nxhterlal,-''orat th'epbaW! f, the e
11t coits 80 cents to hMieone made -hee,. but it does-try it- fom Martinique where e s tting re
self -Seems as hv-~: e'sli i if~ild epdemic.ol colds g6oig .children book to 'be published-abou this Island. Earl "who0 i. d
his'l --. '. blonde' w'wife 'JaneJ 1s fro -San 2M?.-" i .s-
rpd-a nd ,th all the ascorbic adid tablets T take, ''m.a v. .- aveng with his pretty blonde wifeJanetis f an rancisco,
m"to l ae jus-t .upped bthe take of" Barba rt. -alifon. He .made in t-e. Islands he visited beautiful sketches agd.. i:ois
WildBl er scheduledd to pull up his Haiti stakes .".M., turned into paintings Earl and Janet stopped -at-the A t"e'iddn' i
-e wo o ." o i i for -real this time? ill's ,pet grpe is b d ... Palace... n -V o .t g
e dhtt he-s been- paying on plug tobacco since he's been herc. -
-..._ ., .:... '. '.... ,-, Stunning Jijdith Ripple& and Galle. C. mens..ere e at couple nt
.)_,a .i. s op,,ogo, man. -Sammy- Ferber s i. to.wn. .. ',- '.... ....9 .
grI"peis that'his Snsubseription [ snt.reaching.home.' the ti week by. Goloiel Albert Maignan ltfor.-..- Kesi i.
aJ :Editor?? Let's .go the show on the road! -Ghisele.Ca- nation 0auphin. Judith is, the daughter. of' American Investo, '""
ap duvets Girl Frda is on vacation... but makes erge Ripley working as a scientist for Plantation Dauphin '
eeto. e" hM et.- 'T at's devotiod- to h Ga is her room mate in New York. Both" work .at the Uited,& o.tsI
.b, for youw night _watchman steal" the pther Natipns as Secretaries. They-.will spend a 'month In aiti'.. F J: y4;
im. I had answ&' hfmely, caO. 6i iatrwa I spotted *Petir C. Drummond, a Harpetologist 'from-. the University of AND .ER
haulingig a .great ig plank across the sea. wall. He was so 'lorida arrived here this week to hunt snakes. He was hee..two ,
Wai lhe neatly fell into the sea; cut his ankle on a the years ago with Dr. Westfall to.. hunt damsel flies. He is guest of o..eo.::'.'os .av
ya ag .'. D." hunt damsel flies. He is guest oft
did l in ..the courtyard trying to get away wi'hl- Horace Ashton... Sylvia sliephard, a.British nurse from~j.9 Yr tup n the .ia.ges
i g recognize He doesn't know how well I kpow that old and teacher Judith Cohen are current guests-atltiq xeelsior... b. C oporals, Fthese posti
ih:,hat his ir the moonlight. Buuigling arlateur! -Handsome re ur some appre'iab
loyd Lawience is back at the Majestic on vacation. He went to .'-Bellissima" Maria Eugenia .de la Pena, of Mdxico stopped ices to- the brave:
,'I tible t bringing along photos he took last year.of Carieri. ere in transit early- this week enroute to Sapto Domingo -to i Againstthe' aponsof he
e ... 'thist-.h"oi d ...nso of.. the qD
ie barmaid, and Gerard, the waiter, only to find both had .gone. !er parents, -he said. Maria, a blonde,, was aeompanied by her Aliers d..n e
rnnien-to'New Yorik,and Gerard-who knows? He flits from job ,,ster Diana, a brunette. Maria is a student in- Pychology .and commented this;week:.
job. Personally, I remember Lloyd particularly for having sent Diana is studying Business.;. ,' -. : .''
ie most gorgeous Xmas card of 1961. And isn't that an awful .. '
?ought? How many shopping days 'til Christmai? Don't'tell me, *"Drs. Arthur Steinman and Stailey Pavey, two.Psychologistu: FOR. SALE i,.
EdoA't ~aht to know;,w .KAY MAJOR. ifom the States are current guests at the Oloffson. TO I-IGHEST '
SArthur teaches at Trenton State College and. Stanley teaches :R
ana counsels at the University of Maryland.. ..
'H PU AR BOND POINT RESTAURANT *"Pretty Nancy Razen, a journalist from Clifton, New Jersey TIUOK HALF-ToN FORD-.:
.-Ubder the persU nable management of MAXJ and traveling along with Miss Marcia Schwartz, a teacher, is being AND TRUCK QUAE *TN t..
UYSer Bt EAU, he manditioned turan stored by Tony H. Shindler, Assistant Manager of El Rancho... ILL .EE '..
A YSE- BUTEAU, Ahe ai.onditioned restauman
its soothing atmosphere --quite stereo music-- e from 7:30 a.m. to : ybe a
g'g-uu ois ofsrts, especially for businessmen and *^bO$O#O^OOO'( fo 70 t. 26 *:"?
the wives who wish to lunch in the City. FRIDAY NIGHT v.s. Naval Mssfd. (au i
The businessman's full course lunch with day to Buhding), U-nmp de Mar.
lty variety at $1.50 is now an established favorite.
Some of specialities of the masonon, Haitian in .Forms and ins ructions t
p cular, have been handed down for generations FAMOUS REOLE BUFFET 8 P.M. b in se bids are vi
and have no competitors. They are "Lambi gratine, NATIVE FLOOR SHOW 9 P.M. at asio Ml t b&b Mlwast"
ecrevisse. homard flambe, poulet a la RAsse, tassot DANCING TO THE MUSIC OF THE received before 1:00 p.m.: I:.
de dinde, tassot de filet, griot, escalope au gruyere, | CASTEL COMBO UNTIL 12 PJL September 1002. The Naval t *is-
steak an poivre etc. o reserves right to ref
eau povre 1 acoep'ance o f any and all H id
.., "- .* : .

P.! ii .. H A I T I S U N SUNDAY AUGUST 2-6 193

"' j,,- .. "-"- ," J -" -" -' -- .

(Continued from page 1) 1 Vial of "Bat's Blood" Latin American-Coffee
".. '!The people want it-business The assortment of what an Meetings of the .principal cof-
businesss" aide called "appurtenances to fee-producink and consuming na-
co. unter Mediums witchcraft and voodoo" was col- tions of the World were initiated
A couple of venders displayed elected yesterday in the Commis- on July 9th at the United Na-
ia"certiicates'of mediumship" be- sioner's office, 137 Centre Street. tions in New York, according to
fore-their stands. One certificate The objects included an eight- the N.Y. Times, and have had
issued by "The Temple of Div- inch high "Death Unto My Ene- a definitely successful trend.
,:mine Knowledge, Inc., "announced mies" candle with the curse in The United States delegate to
that the owner was not only English and Spanish under a the conference, Michael Blumen-
r-empowered to- teach "Religion skull and crossbdrfes; a vial oF thai, Assistant-Secretary of Sta-
.i, .adopfea by this osganiza- "Bat's' Blood" for' hexing .pur- te, expressed the opinion -thai' (
tio .," but-also "Philosophy, Spi- poses: "Peace at Home" lotion; the successful solution of coffee-
s.xittal .,Science, Astrology and a "Money-drawing Candle;" tal- marketing problems was essen- i
.'S'piritual-Mediumship." ismans for success 'n business, trial for 17 of the 20 Latin Ame-
C;he: Commissioner. removed love, gambling and other pur- rican countries which are de- i
te certificates yesterday. suits. p. endent on coffee revenue for.
''hais- latest and unexpected de- The qualifying Words "alleged" economic security. Without suvh .
VIeloement stemmed from. Mr. and "so-called" appeared occa- coffee-marketing stabilization the
Q.Pacetta's investigation into crys- sionally on the labels. However. Alliance for Progress could not
,,?Ial-gazers, palmists, t e a-I e a f, Mr. Pacetta said the words ap- succeed.
daaers and pther kinds-of for- peared "in such small and-hard- The crux of the situation is-the s
.tiui-tellers begun last week. It ly discrenible print that the la- acceptance of Latin American.
--s agaist- the law for them to being constitutes an evasion of coffee by the European Econom- c
Predict the future -and charge a the law." ic Community without being pen-,
Sefor it. Today, the Commissioner will alized in Cultoms taxes as corn-'
.The Markets Commissioner is meet with representatives of the pared to Af.can affiliates of the
responsible for preventing 'mis- Reuben H. Donnelly Corpora- countries of the E.E;.C. Mr. Blu- ,
i advertising: tion, -which publishes telephone mental left the conclusion that t
Ts applies' to-any eeo iv-. books. He said-That he was "op- "It is ,generally understood that [
I.-le -type of ierchiaifdfsd -and, timistic" that t'1 might persuade tully acceptable pledges have.
aces-'"fobr -aale, MrrV Paceetta them to. remove the -listings of been offered by the G.E.C. to
Yesterday' "I' don't- have astirolbgers' n a m e s from t h e work for gradual reduction and
Ipo tooirder.p!inate stores classffie directory : eventual elimination of these
iriove products, but'I J'co-jd: Twelve nanles are'listed unddr, barriers to trade."
e-. legati5 of some ."A4to"'. in the New Yoi'k The meetings are of fundamen
i .. "iel.low" Pages:" fl'ijnportarice to-'Haiti with' the
-Ypreponderant, proportion of.-our
S ... exernal- d'eyedrie defendant oi al
............. coffee.
tCt on (o. S Western Memisphere coffee. bf
Arabian varieties has greater -
."-;-6tflf ie MI iLtary City consumer-appeal than the Java.
varieties growft- in Africa, and
r i^lE' M D elimination of tariff barriers in
S M nager er Lrope will-mean the gradual'

.... .. .. ".-',^ -' .- ...-- .. .. -a' *::rhe stun of Latin, Am erican cof-.
o -e sales t.ere ....

S Prince Hait .

-7 pAC NA S.A. .* -

(Continued from page 1)

rolina 1962) a graduate assistant
Parasitologist of the University
of North Carolina School of Pu-
blic Health, Chapel Hill. His
research interest is trichinella;
Dr. Mary Jane Branhon,' PliD
Tulane 1943). an assistant Pro-
ossor of Biology at 'Runting'don
College, Montgomery, Alabama.
fer research interest is .stron-
ryloides; "Dr. Lois W. Chi, PhD
Southern California 1953) Ass-.
stanI professor of biology at


Immaculate Heart Collego. Lon
Angeles. tier resealikh ihteresUf
are oncomelania and -schistoso!
miasis; Dr. Practor.L. Chii4
MD (Albany 1949) Chiet .;of,;thf
Pathology' Service at..-.;,-W.iith
Beaumont General Hospital, "E
Paso Texas; Dr. Harold .
FHowes, PhD candidate, Rutgerkas
Pre-doctoral Fellow :ih Pad t
"ology at Rutgers.' Unlvers'it
New Brunswick, N.J-. His ire
search interest leishmn al
organisms. ,
--. *.2 -'

(Continued from page 1) In MIontego Bay at 3:15 p.$i6O
Similar cothbined p i s t b n-jet foui days each we"eek_' a i-
ervice -will .-be provided from will d6paf'di tegh: 'ay"Sat,2;
Po.t au Prince to both N0w York p.m., arrivig-g in' Port. au '.Poz
nd Miami, : -. -a rice at.5i05 .iS: : -
,The s p.e c i a l piston-engine Pan. American Wie fid #fta.
lights also. will offer service be- '..'1
ween Port au Prince and Santo -
Domingo to provide for tourists MAN I T
traveling to Haiti by way of the "-T EMENT
Dominican Republic, served*,by "i" '
'an Am Jets from New York le i le death A'W
'nd San Juan: .-i minef. 'A&'Ir
Starting Seplember 7, Boeing to 9rdseiT e 'ag
etliners "will 4 pae wsto -eg d .
ne .Clippers-or Pan Am's island dB' da ..-
.p route -from, Miami pl .ed : ... ""
through the Caribbean to Mfnte- Thfe-fero, flye children-
go Bay, 'Kingston,. Santo Domiin- fatie oSf 0 iti"be si
Ro and PulertO 'Itico.tThe ~ at, tpflave. cdlmb'edw :tO; the -ah
rightss .to serve _Haitr are nece- er cyli det. i. t Fo6 idMfi
ary because Port au -Prince'n tofir /pa eiaethini
e;" i sland 'hopping roite, att pe py,T. Te ri er. was somqintTw..
-ent, does notyethave a Jet ain mo heads
port.. '. .ewspapen "t'e. irr_.i,
"The "et will tdesiat a that notlh"t if"nWa T
ach" day at 2100 p.., tryingg f iunaterirts ""t -,

_. i

2. At. te time ot. purchase y, will '.recei :
Tick for eah F. -STONE -PASS '
(TRE you butf i CASfH Drawing
- "" -'" "P S m.

on Septemntei 2.- 1962aii a-h
Winning NUnber ceives a h ap rnrc
Tireof the sane-kind he.iNought foSETE of

Come in t your FIRESTONE SS ,O

SYour chances of wihining to, FREE TIR"
excellent be 1cause62, theanCONTES e
'- "" 'is only...O E..

i *,4.a-; t'j :2. :,*'

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