Haiti sun

Material Information

Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
June 3, 1962
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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le!hadersh.i p,0 you wa.. .nt.. p the t.m nae o. e _...:- ( ,".a ,-:..... ;, .
X w o p o t e d- b y. --,M. ., i-n.. . :. . r- ,%,. .. : ,

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'' __ -- -- 7 1 t'rl
I __ _.... ". .1.1-. t, I- -17-,ll,,,-'i,7"-l-,,-",;w ,,-irI 11
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-e'-- :1 .. 1, _'_`::''J,, ,-,-.,.".-,'-.,,,-i.",:"-.,"'I -: I ... --4:,Y,..' -_,-'?,- 'I-",,-,-";;,'-,',,,,,-!)
.1 ,; 1, I I .11 I I I .. _; .. I -,_ :.,Q:
1: I -%% :: .. 11 I I 1. I _Fi., I : I -, I : I t 11 4 '
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, ,,.,,, '_ _1 ,: ,_.,: ., :, I '' -1 'I 11
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- 11- .1 : I % t" .) 11 I i, -, 11 11 .., : I., .- ., 9 :: '. :- .. _..?,,.,,.,7 -
' 1 :, I I 11 I ; 1. I I I I ,,, -, :_ ,__ ..;_
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:,,_ ,. I I I I 1 ... .
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,,_,: : I I 7 N,,_ I -_ I I I '_ I I., .. 1-1 7 : I .- .- 1; I ,
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I I I I .1 I _:11 :. 1, .::
9 9 V, ','',
-6, ... -PACt '2 I i I I I .
'.. I st" Av MAY 71 ".,
- I- 1. I I R A I T I S U N I I I- I..
- ,.-' .- I I I I I I ., I I ,_ ,. ..-,. Z,
,_, I.. I I I I I I \ ., -, 7 :1
;, ,:, I I I I I I ,
'' % I I I I I ., 1 11 ., : 1. I I_
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I I I I' ll I I 1, ... I J ., ;;
-_ ,,,, 1. 11 I I _: I I I 'I I I 1 0 I 1- ''.., I
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----Y1"-_- '' ". I A I I P re s I 1P 111. i!
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.V 1 I '' I_ 1_ I I 1_ i ,- -, I I
5 -1 :11 I 11 1. .
, '1,!__A)6,,V ,,,,.,- :_ : I ,
.1 '. '' -1 ,F- 4, 5z A :: I lil.w. I I I .1 -:; k I I I 111 I I I ,;, ,
j,' I I .. I I I I I I -_ I ,
.11 ':, I .. I I I I I 1 I 1''. I I I I I .1 ', % .- %, "' ta t 'j iis
f "O I (Continued 'from a d;' thdiiii; we have: are znddn hl'i I
- z. I gpl) ov rpowere .
,/', : ,, I I I I
L ,, ;Z, I .. .1
,- :: -1 I 11 I I I e .W er$ so 18 be'.
., :. -1, '. I 11 : I I 11 I I I )f ,the State,. tq serve your int 7 stOligapped the, dis; Q .. L-rstood, I,
.. I Ili I" I I k I
I'll, I ,- I ,.. I : I I J .
;,., 1'_ .rests, you, .: the im hid ,,ht be pursued, the' revolution Femembered by all, .the, Histo
_ I- ., 7 .. I 11 I I -ppveris e ,1 z_. I
: -,, -, .... I I s u,,, the middle.- classes f -order,, iij which Haiti 'e&-_1& 7H'ai `
peace, _
_' "Y ,.* I I I -tion)" 'discip., e, I in %view .. 1 .. ; -d;,
_-,_,".,._ _71 1 1 ,. -, : without economic organize ,in of the crea- -have., the-Tigh to e6 :
- --1V I .1 ., I I .1 11 I I- ,alone I 11 t,, D 1. ek,
I'- 1, ,. I 6"_ ,; ; I I : I : : 1. _:_ '' I I .1. 11 I I I I
,,,, ., 1 --_ .-;; .. I ." 1, % I -Now 114 _11 .. 11 ;1. I _d1_i7.W Qt,,
I I '. I ...
, *1 1. % you, social strata, more 'Qr less -,, t .- n co 6 W I
I I .. I I P I I _, I tion. Of t1he.: 1 ` ...
11, .1 :11 N I I '. .. __ I ,- I __ 1, I ": 1,:.,':_ .. :_ I I _
, I iomically securei an ene, : -- I 1, 11 I .. .1
`b I .. -;
..'' "I, 1__: 1. I terests qf th
Y- Y.101- 8 ft- e D6mifiiqii4'A bgh!ter oi Dr., and `i iiii4nel. ,,econ ,'. -- .., -., "a,'. oi
,, .1 ,.,'_ I _, r ". C, 11 '- .1 I ia tra& ioil I I '. ; ., I sfian5 I ction at I 11 1. .1 _. L 11 I
-j t a' .y -ofa
CUeS_'j6 p9litid A*; ,'for in P ,pf fun
11 '4.Aauie1 _11- I ` I 'r, 4' '- f- of fPQ r en ,'- bicoifi& the 4i e of I sohof mr. and, MT 11 ", _' ', '
i, t I _:

Prd I
.,.,. ,.- _11 11 I br '
-,, I '' -, I ec6 omical privileA ,-::_x' helm 'of tfie" : goi
,_- -.,,4- -, 7 ia ,, 1. 1, _Wn ,,, k q ; -Powpr#_ P ,kw
I W I I r 1, ,_ ', I- 1 9 I '. ,
: ....
Sxemooo .
-1 'ur Church, on. Juiie t1i S a'm % &`tay, to .:,, ,,, J I M P :
41, 11 an. in, a nupual. ceremony ,at I I e safeguaril al id
1--,, 1 '' 1, I 1 :common ways p W ed,
., .1 I -7 -: le- ixoplediidjoT fhe,
.1 ". M
,7_: -, v 11
cretary ( i I I I thiQ
- ---Rf 8:0 a.m.,. Mr.'Abdoulaya, Se V, the E anEmbasqy : i __ et -to: :, ikin ,to 011'tfsway'
, ",- -,- 71 I '. I I I National, Unity. ''I I I I ,do ,'E 66ihiii in,,, of ", -_ I I
I : : I .. : 9 1
I 9 1,
,, I I I
14 Hiiiti arkved i6ia'.ai,,'noon',i4e,:,wiiii, WOOm- by"Mr. Ahte, ;, ., I : % ... I O.- ,-1 .- -o:a
,_ ., lsiW e 16u .,in t -, I .. f, 1. -, ,ain t&'_ I
14el,_ 1_1 I'' ,:, I 1. "I I 1, )- ro 1i ''. -T, -ivp,. ac ag I ,. .: ,-- ...,:.-- I 1-1 I I ,,P, -,,.1 .,` -:,--,...-
W of, We Kingdom i4 Your 'at6l.riduaice :at tfi s Iirst_ boingj...-to- 6e ente', of the
,,,.,,, 'Inarhian 'Ambasadoy. ,m aiti- Mr.. Willidin B. ,to 1- f I ,
,, I ) I _.,, I I I 1.1- ,: s o, pember 22b ,,
,. I .1 .. 'u 11 _. _-, I I eu ii: .. _... T I I'll
L --.." I affirm,
17, 1 ':5th I --Prid'4it'yq i t the ,- I66,..nio4, particulAii-y`of
'Tub -, President of the Liberian keubhc benefit d a i,n- anniversary, re ,,, s that the, I '.. rl,,,orIguis, o I
I I I I I 1. '. __ i ...", "I -1
-i, nmm e ;- j ". I __)O
-,, ,- I I I :,,.--, ,. .."r ,_ .. I ,, .1 -
,,, -,; em of passivity of the- Haitian;,groa os-,,,o _,Xqur-,,tra oni % an& ,2,2 ,,I.qkl, W I e1lgh,
T,-` .dat:,U94 19,68) J)y resolution of theAAberian Legislative- Chairnbei. ... ,.. in diti -1 id ." hen.11W '
", ,, ; ., 1.% 1 :
'_ `L' I Z' I asses, enjoying now the.,, li ht I 1A I I 1,- _. I V '' I I .1 ,
-ihoa]sure.-. .,,your.. history -esA ,,, 0 yourl ,represen a,
if i6 ih6l I 1. it ii,
,':'e-" 4j, aoi$ I __ 11, 11 __, ". I
7 jrtt I ". Polite, Ambassador,. of,'#piti; In a" da 'arriVOd I -, I 9 1:11 -I..., '-; I..- ,., :,." 1* ink WZ :
1) 11, I I ,. -
1- 11 \,- ,T -1 It ,_.,-_ ". -, 11 I 1. _- 1. 1- ; 0 I .Which, wah s ate oth& W r'; bm g .,
I ",.,.X, I U-the -,actiqh.flame.of'Duvalier -,,,.a i 11
5" n3as I If_ -,,,,, J -
1 .) zift tvyo- years of studies ". ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
z;', In, ito.w_ ,,,, weeken ,.. Fritz Sybv6stre er I I 11 ., 1i ,,,6 ....
t -1 1: -',- ., ,: ", '.. a ",
I i .. -_,- -: c r 00 on .1 ,. -.. __;-I& -, _. I
4'A', I I ,,A 4--.1 ., ''. ,in, is'definitely over. Since_-,ior .;tha4.,th&t Whi ." ., -i,.: 1! 1, __` so emn.,an ,, sPY14M _d
I M `b, ` at -Howar& the 6gko :6 I I 'g,
e-,in .U.Sqreiceivddhis A. 6gree x niversi y ,I -11 I I 1 1 -_.. ?\ ,,I, I p'Or I
I I ., I, 1. I I.-P
', : ',: _
all J h I '.. I
.11 .you, .Du ., erisin js", strugglb' you, ave ,acc te' i 11
-`_ I ''I ._ v c ep d '- 'A- 1. I
", I I .. I A : I ': .", -, I )W '_` the,,identlfii
,W-, kt6n, last.,week..'Our comp.tri- t th 'It<' bol, .. I .,., -_;,, -,-...,. _... 11 I I :, -
.qf- wiiso --.conscience of -struggleta ', -, .11. .. __ ... .::. "";, I 7
'o e. P. 1 imon was I 1, .. .. lliffity-xern 1' I _'' : e coniirme'd,-
Jns ,_`Ian 401'r -61
., I and My tespqni Z I. ce' -1
1 11'', I I d ., .
I I .1
": 'a ouaxyes -d .1 I.,J& 11
-o es B 6rn W G e is the I 'nd. $_ ". 7_ I I I'll, '. 'N_:- -1
Pri ti in 6e. I 1 h evl fri '--- !r
,-,, rdain,6.MonfoiNln 11 V& Om misqy-, ,_ dark- _' : 11 t
tenure ,
V k, I I I shall irinain,. uring-_.. e ::in n valling- o ya
`_ 2 -__-, ;. __." 11 11 .1 y re61 I ,"', I -1 1_
I I ,
nesR;- o-, iensm ds a. I "
I f qu al, .11 M 11 r -a m re",
"ANth lowd", _Frh*... it I umnr ue hm caused S! r iht a'6attle,plak_ y P -Nsgov&rnmentjit ay-22nd, jestiny, -to Aconque_
... .... 11 ". ,. I ", -1 I I .1 ": I I I Of I .1 o e
', It` ld ,, -, 4 I 1. I A -_', 'I 1- ', -.- ;_ d t, ,
,:,4 ,4gT n perpe co ntati '_ If
0 1" er, on.- the, Ile de la Tortdo._ Tfie' oxen are,- catned, "I t4ai niro i ,-171fe; n er, 'rea Y o '-
th6 ,,Al- -what it ias beoli,'. -,'oNPrese obl
n",- -- -:", ,, I 7 P I I .11. I -, ,. 2 I ., PlY 1P -nan ,
.11 ,. -1 1 I ,
p ic,' ')" fes-

'' 'eat' I I I /_ '': _,, I .
tity;FbY-- --Hex" Fossoy` 0 _0 techn1c, y 6' y- eople, P ,-Arm defined' this, WaY-:. .. ,;Y 'h
-'t great, quan' the'Alail... Mr. I f tfl! al d I _o6ple -hars ti
.. I I ,MY realWesol hard: In
,-,,, __ ,,_,,_ _., 1- 1- I I -/ I... 14 _.;. I I I I
'. I I iny.withAliev"tness!'of. Nation-
""iisl t I P 6 I I., I 16ti4 1" to -
tl"s is ance on "Les Pr661imnisdc,l'Edikea,1.1iii: 11iti,_ I polii did- T ,c anr I j'AI4,the ,,ia&ifics nchl5
__ I I 111 I -- _' I '11.1_ 1 -,, ,- -1. "..
.1 ., De till ` __ I -, ", I- li- ,It 'ifiae-of_
,-.; -- .x "I I il i ;,, '11` ,
P _t L ." .0 all A"' Sbu. O s
9 -, ,, I I:,. I I :,:,q,, re.,, .i .,, _- -,,,,,,, .-, _,. .,,hg_ our,, ve ,,
-int4britila ol jle: "d yi,'30 ..,,, qnp 1, 1 7 1. '. -, --, to, VIL
,, ,a J f4i commerce, Wedhestay M4 Oih bj S'-Yj I '. ." ,, ... -.,f 111; I I ". 1 ., I I I -
i- 1. _44_ I :_, ,, I "I -1,1_ ,":- ., -, ,,, ent digm h
., ", 1 ": tyiof the umaia ell!Ig; 1:, t' mobiles I )'our, In
"' -6f:A(P61014IL41,'Lof _Cjti_ Haitien qx ,,A I -, I I I _- '', b I
n,.tlie jrn_ t P I I ._,., Let,, me .! I : F', ""
1: $Poft to.,P u i7= e- .on th I" I I I _. I 11 an'tyou, a' ., _& 1, I ope,,,-,T111 il_'-'I;".-L1 L,
.4, _._,.:_.. ,. -- I,- I -k- I :.", I 1 I '' 1, I '411ton, 'b-1AY1'Lj1s to 46ad... "I
1, _) I;~ _L, .., 19. 14 responsi _. t h ..
1, I -canuorr- of: W ., Non 6' Nov 119 I .... .. ", 'YVPS, ,, -
e-occa.sjon ', of 2,2, ka'y Fete, ffie, P 1 4962_ Tf" yo to .Z, r., dn6iV6IS L 1_'L
11 4L-, _, _1._1 I '] 1_ I., 11----_ I 1. -. klrftlis T -, -6 1
11 L' 1 .el : MaY 22nd 'I --iiiuhtrv, ti 'Piq ,,: I e
,,, I -:, I ;%,. ". ar I
"."'., rne up I eu'v',r e;--approkCinptive for-th6 ,11johtal -ind, nlLal.. comb -, Y_ I 11 ,! 11 '.
tu d 'sld4 '06Wri neai the Rvlne -w- Cool I ", P ,. '. Lin of ,
_L_ ... -- I 1 1. .- I '', ,, "I I I 1, -_,": 11 1z "I. -1. -V ahil gr tu 'An'. I 1, I _
1,, I -, 11 ,j4 I 11iii, I I .. ... ,, e, i.An.. ,Our, -app kuses, by your .-,
,- : yo I.'' -.
'W anc6' and is'ey"ek'al.1ni ifleis,,,,eport 'U -Nouveau on-, o vyou are giving o by, I -11''. I --, i', i. -_
,' :3 Oedgi. 1. ed I I .. "I _- len W smf,, y yoWr ) urnn
;", _1 I ,-I 'I., .11 1 I ', ._ ts, histo I 11 rdspo- ` ,i4 Y`1 ,T r1c6l .oilgin
I'l- J ,"., ", '. ,_ ,,,, b fburn
.'H -t L _' -,, "., ,,, :,. -'. -, -, t bn-4g.. j'ne ,, o ffi I ,` 1, 1 I I I I I L 11 I
61, a3 27th; ),'Pi&rier 4 Dfiz4eo, 1: awyer of Cao ffhifi6h, A gness 0 ,- 't-ge,. er ', -'l ii.V I .: 1. 7., -, ,,;hl',
11,41 w V fIJ62.'..,_.M o I x I ;Ibilityj ,. .1 --aith, YOU-Lhe -rile lt6-6 ',
,,L -, I., _r ,- ,,,, __. '_ .1. I edt e freconci .
71 1 1 : ": -,- -, N J, L,_ -_ I 1, ,J, 1 .1. 1.- ,qp _'1-1 ,
,. ', 'j, 'ATI Y Ivil Prbeedur6 Code, left-4br '4he, )P. your, e p,,4p ,,,ypur;v u '' Wt ats, own ;Iid' 4fh 7 -,
4in. ., i, ,- 4' 1 6i hA a '' al ed 'iation" N4 ,eight i ce-,L. 4LIPhe"ji
jt-rqt.thp.. notated Ca I '..ih -- 4""" I&~ i pea
I I I 1-1 ,11--.,__- _. ", '_;__-:_ iii-o- .. 'L -1 -1 :.
11 ,. ; ,. '';,, .. ."
-, N -adho-sion ,to,! C6 policy, ib, my, go-- I I the I I ti I
11 :, -reconci a op -.t,(,ctiv alize ,"
C9 I ... ,,. 1, i 1i jwe
') '111_ I."". 11 _,U.,_TII6: ,. .- ,.
.. ,
.`._, 1-- "_ -7 e rn i "% ".".. fi iolng I ,6 I 11, L.' I I- .1 I I-
!" 4e '& ill ,4,., 1 4- III H;,ff -and", 3" ment- It _i sl
-, ., I M me "I .11 _L_ L : W W, e truth Of 'O hted,
-, .. ''. _1 1. I., I 11 urp T, -j eyond.. rV '_,' I -.,. -,.,_ ,z,-,. _-, I- I 1', -- '' 1,
tt4c CIUtul: _. ___ .,. asY_ M Jh .1 I Jr 1.,y urse is: "th th -to : be,, bora -a L'lt(Y'l ,
I I I -, e 1, _. f I., I z self-limitati6ft "apa -- Of -all these S +1 1erjjjahen ()f W
ji,-hoiipr .4 -i .1 .. I- 11 Louf,,:histor Te -t .,"4.h:A
R,F'eCe;'6 "' pro essor, o ,- ". I 1 L y, I Ce L I :
iffi offer---. ,W, tyi, Av.:4.'_W# 'ri f I 11, I 11, ,- I" '!' 1. !* I _- 1- I, : ,_`W. I 5_1
'' p I ; 1".. -- .., i_-, t emb- I ,It
__. ,:, ,, _-, '_14''_ "I ,that ,0. e. gjyerninn ril bylitic I&
-, I I ..." I 11 .1'.., 'gue ,X, I '', -a pbrisi ihijeis" V J*tW.Jnade, fheniic- dtno tial I
". ,. I q:" ibi ..,. .. ]. m y 1, ,
b* Attheoi ., & ..Jaxii6,''South Ben,Ifidil a,; 116night, -; i'. x 'ithi their' ,. t-_, L I_ 1_ -
I-~ 11 -,,, L -,_ ", --) ,- -1 I o' epD e .allIni- tt6-,
I'll I I I ers I ,i e v i `hic "'is `e'
I "! o;*" i ;- ,_,; =, Is _f -mY :, L" "
-1--T i L .S .'Lopis'du N ;J'w.fl ." ., 0 yolutip y, -
.30:,` h 1i.wwwckkks4- f" 9 11 -, ,, I liv- ,,,
-, ? I 1 I .. .., or i 1. 'soon inau. ur-, v -01, I loyal'- collabordtiolf. .It v, I ving
,,' I -1. -1- I ,_ I'' ,. -, ., 4 1, _. _, __-- ",-_- 1 .- epple,..,i'n'y.-'bii.1y',teb-orie
,) .., ... ,,, ,-,,. -. 11-1 I '' -or, hoeye.of alL'eyOI1' A 6f
,,,_ _. 11, ..
r,,,, 1- --.- _.,,.,,,Ok, ,:_', I I.M -")- ',
-1 0 -,,'.,.;, Voiffind -0 I ,- 1 6 energy,-; gr qs al ", -1
., :, -'., ,.,!n 1 ': I',- 1, ,,, ( 4 R ge : V ., "-:,_ h 1. I i 11)
'i ; I I I efi 's_ P, I A I E -,,
,. I ` ig ,, ese, tels 4iisibilitie are st ,& -, -,-
1,_--, .- _,1 :,;. ,:, L I I I 4 r', L, one .- f,
1- )_, ; 7 I 1, _, I I -'' I I- .. ly
-1 _''L I ", : 'I I n I ,L,,'_
I .- tli ,, _
-' I I ,w r y health .' and.. IrP I I~ -1 1 $
,, ;., 0,i,.. __,..,_$, .... .. V) V. __' I I I e, Y cou]. t-caTinot dry, i ,6
.1-1 ,,, ,, ,, i.; ?- 11 I .11 --,.,, _I- t e ,4min6hel
,., I I ,: .... -.1. "". I' __--, ,., ,, pod "the"L tksk tL
I L 11 ; I -, -. 'I, 1., _-.. I .. m _. h -
': -7 ,-,,: "',- "; ., PP gs, -
I.. 1- I ,
'. __ I z ", ; ,, _:rg,",, L "C i ,L_ _,,_
,7- -'; ,_. ;,- -,, ; :r .-, .1 L Y'. ,. ri _
V i ,:o,,, ., Iff h ,:- .-, A- I 1; ,.. 79' t 11
11 I :.':_ e. "\4 ngiens,.xn ... .ft -ti
I I ..,. : I I
i '' ,F, I y", -, ,., _" L.%. "',_. I (_* ,,, .-, i i', kn6w-.-J-i 10 ,, the umtotal ,
L4- 'L .1 ...". I ) -;. ,,, ,: ;, A .no 1. 4 _.Pnr ('ore your. .,eyes L'*- _-Z''': -,- -!;"A'."i. ,, 1, "N" In, : 6 J r,,- -_ I -, i
1, ,;-_ .. ... -, ,L .... ...... ,yqur-Sociial ail ,economic';res_,- s -_ f I I ., ,., "w*0 "L
,-_K '. _i ;, 1, ; ".., .. J, ,- ., ; _: I d hi toriw -_4: d -I iiave e
,, .- !- 1. ,,, I .1 I m e a g 11 I i:-; _. "', ,.". .. ". I L' '
', I., _. 11 1, 1.
IL_ I- .- -ro s C.,-," ,-, : P 4 ,,,, .5 1 I th -- -,it. 1111 11 11 i ti, __ I'
_Y, edtloh.' It 'becomes an ppssible rIS
': :, 'L 7" I .; ., ,...-_-_ : I I'_ I I .1 -chi to be.
:il ,4 0:=r- T ''.1", !. ine-tnot -is- mbuild `q as
: ... ... .. ;., I 1. I I- '' I _V ., ..., g -7, n o c __
1 1 ,
-,- .- pr
.11 I ".. I ,. I 61 I ,.. I
f ..,. I -
: L ", w 'iii ,,,.,-- t, 'L
:,,, t I I .1, -, "' i !ffi ., ._ L
7 ", ,o give ,yo- 'e 'order for-Ahe _-Lnd organize I
11,V_ lhropo the'460phlte V'_' 'P, '' 1'. I I I :,iho,- economy L- i -,, air' ams,
':7,,,, '14, '' '. '- -, ';Z L 7, ''. __ ,_ '_ .. I
') __ th '' I 11 '_ ,
-, -,, 7-_-_ .4 .', I -Thank"you"Aor L Y IV
'I L I 41;,I-w .tft th'. .,
]", --, -, -, Vl; VU.,- 0 aii6n`,'-:46 ace n I I
'", '. I ,,
,,, di), 1f '. ._74 _- ,-. ,.: U, e ePted ,avebee dl A
,.Ofyo r Mi6va., ,',kiatliii atch, -'I- ;_ 1. 't -_ ,,
11 -11 I V I ;.,_'.. 'r : i'4h _J ` I 9t,; L __ r 4 1 4
r_', L I I L '' _; ,,. 4dehG.ex %el_ d thi !Wl L '
pectauuw v e ita Vd,'And
.: ;.1 -- -, 1 -1 azid-p uctiVeVor ; -tp fee, s you are
.1'. 11 %, .- 4 I 1. 1, I I _. 1 -9 3
_'_,,;L", I "' -.. ,.., 'r j,!N .. ": ',, fare ,ahil _q I ,,
I 4 ,, "I I I I I ___
,,, 7_,
11 ',, .1. ,'tle ., c ange you. -',are ti- ple Ohi& 'hungry'- "'be
__ ., i ,to free also imine ey,, qqp* '_
,' -,,-, li?, : ,,:, I '-. 1--,' _-a, .. I .., r "i4" 11 r ,q
t I., I .. 1A ,; L no'61e.- L I "; 1. I -
I "I' aie di&, 'hijn f r-,o M litoney, 'to L U )
_,r I 11", 'jY't', ,, ,n -,;,foF,, an W, 'G -'-' 3 '0_
,ging '.. I I --
ii' c I ; .:
` _tt't :', .. I
L I 1.111, I .,': ,-, i : I ,- ,
;, j. ,. .11 I -. -, ,
,,, ri I 'e2t 11 I : ;,,,,%
piany -nepe I "' I 1 "'. -, ,-:,
., ,, -, -Mve 2., ,,
". -:;A ,,S -, ,, SO Jh" h i to .e .1
;._.- 'r'L 'I, '., .., 1- k I M ". d ep4h; r ,1'1:' r- L ." ,- -
14 ,_ 11 I -, ,,-, ., I., -11 I d, 1_ ,-- I V
'17- ".. ., __ dlainis., -Thai& I ., 6 11 ,
,- I :..,.Y, "W e g, Re
Roving ,Vd:b- 4 ist of-

SUNDAY MAY 37th, 196 4 4i



I '

S Tokyo Bureau

| TOKYO.--A Japanese trade mission reported it made
favorable progress toward elimination. of discrimins-
itory restrictions and overcoming of Japan's unifavor-
ablb ttraide bilanee in Centnl Ameripa a-d the ,Carib-
.:bean during a recentt tour. .
i In an evaluation of the tour; a Foreign Ministry official said
prospects for trade expansion are "good". but that "maily'.iti.-
Tculties must be. solved first." -- -
Ichiro.Teraot,senior-managing director of Mitsubishi, Shoji aishia,
Ltd., who headed the eight-man government mission, said Wewvrral
r;tcountries in the area were abolishing or easing trade restrictions
against Japan..
.Mr. Terao's-group,-which left March 3 and returned March 31,
Visited Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama,
uHaii, the Dominican Republic and New York, where Jappanese
trading firms direct much of their trade with Central America.
: -" Japanese deficit
A Latin Amierican expert .in the Foreign Office said "the mission

No e

i, The Mouvement de Renovation NntionaJe (MRN) re-
Aquests all the vendors to whom was confided the-billets
|of the "Rafle A Trois Chances" (Ford, Opel cars and
a Television Set) for sale here and in the provinces; to
Present themselves before 'June 15th at MRN Office
||.(Avenue Marie-Jeanne, Cite D. Estime) for the settle-
'ment of the accounts. .
The drawing of this "RBfle" will take place on July
1 1-st, at 10:00 a.m. at Casino dAs Caraibes.
Port au Prince Junejlst, 1962


Who Love- Your Pets


Fresh Babies Vaccine ,

FleaGo-Powder & Liquid Soap
: "(fleas, ticks and lice)
4 Other Veterinary Supplies

1* a s 'nne w


NIKKOR 50mm F:2.5 LENS.
u5mm SINGLE -LENS---

Ni kkorex

At I SUN''

was generally successful" in accomplishing its purpose.
He stressed that the mission was important at this time because
'of the unfavorable balance of trade"between Japan and the Central
American and Caribbean nations. It was estimated that during
1961, Japan suffered a deficit in trade with the region (except in
Panama) of about $152 million.
The official said that main aims of the'mission were:
---To ask government leaders to improve their nation's attitude
toward Japanese goods ("some of these countries have taken dis-
criminatory measures against Japanese imports").
-To study concrete measures to increase .Japanese exports.
-To publicize Japanese goods.
-To study the economic development of these nations.
-To study the growth of the Central American common market.
-To meet personally with business and government leaders.
Some of the major .trading problems of Japan in the area are
with Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.
Artip 35 .
In Haiti Mr. Terao said, governmental authorities promised to
study the negotiation of a treaty and the dis-Invoklng of Article
35 of the General Agreement 'on Tariff and Trade and to propose
these measures for the consideration at the current session of
ailiament. (Uqder Article 35, a Gatt member may withhold most.
favored nation treatment.) The government leaders' attitude, he
added,- appeared favorable, although that of. parliament is "'un-
In calendar 1961, Japan said approximately $140,000 FOB worth
of goods to Haiti but purchased $1,610,000 CIF.
In Mexico, he said, government leaders told the mission that
a .commercial treaty with Japan would be studied but that they
"foresee difficulties". He said that the Mexican government was,
asked to make more governmental purchases iff Japan.'1o over-
come the imbalance. He pointed but that last year, Meico bought
$21,124,000 FOB from Japan but evported to Japan $135,990,000'
CIF for-a 15.2 and 31.2 percent rise respectively over 1960. -


The National Association of Ceramists is open

ing its first exposition, at the French IntiwutePtiep

day June 5th at 6pm.

The name of the. Exposition is ."Pa Guin Espoi

San Zefo" (there is no hopewithout effort).


Madame Franck Cardozo is opening anAniusual

exposition "de bois d'Art" (sculptured tree roots)

with a 6 p.m. vernissage at her residence before

the Hotel Montana Tuesday June 5.





L "

A book entitled, CHILD DE-
published by the Food And Agri-
culture Orgaqization of the Unit-
*d Nations and the Caribbean
Written by Mrs Ruby Mere-
lith, Principal, Shortwood .Train-
ig College, Kingston, Jamaica,
;ie book faces 'frankly the prob-
ems of family life in the Carib-
ean and offers some construe
ve solutions to them. While not
neglecting the importance of the
technicall aspects of home life,
focuses attention on the role


USS Sebago Contrite
To Fort-Jacques
Reservoir ::
USIS The American Coat
Guard Cutter, USS Sebago, lt
a memento Satuiday of its we..
-nd visit here by donating $3Q
awards" the construction oe
nuch needed water reservoir al
'ort Jacques. .
Each of 'the 138 officers 0o-
'n of the USS ,Sebago cont
luted to this UN-inspired: r1
lect that will bring, potable water.
o two-thre thousand rural Hali
ians. ..' .
As Gerard Delmas, chief oo
the ILO (Internaticnal Laboi
Organization) Mission to
reported, the majority, of frna
s in this mountain region
sently walk 3-4 miles to obiaiu
water. With a 24,000 2800
gallon reservoir these burden'
*ome trips will -be. eliminated
'nd filtered water provided or
the first time, he added. ...
The 'reservoir will 'be cost
i at the "CeAlitre Co-peratift
Artisanal de- Fort Jacques' A":
er UN technical guidance p4d,"
designed to catch the. rain .wa-
ir falling from the vocational..
center's. roof. Two filters' and':'
,nd-pump will alsobe purha-

Though the USS Sebago is& sutc
lying adequate fund for bullt-
ng materials -and 'equipnaentsr
- al Ha t fe mers will pr
video the l bor. Sd. of their,
'ect' at prehentation_,.,eremiiesJ
Saturday afternoon,,,several do.z-
. farmers enthusalAttically o'
-,red- their assistance., .
In presenting the $300 check to
Tr. .Delrias, Sebago Command-:i
r:, ptain Raymond G. Miller, '.$
'd be and his men welcomded-
his opportunity "to help Haitlahn"'(j
Ap theoiselves". '
Earlier Capt. Miller, his de- ;iA
nuty and four enlisted men from :I
Sebag were taken on, a tour I
of the Co-operative constructed -
n 196L .under UN sponsorship to
'develop handicraft:skills amongst ".
he local Haltiahs.- a

IN. T:WN...

Jovia Aarofl -Maer, 'Iresident 'j
af National Bellas-Hess, New
York, and G e.o r ge Strasser, ;"
Sales Manager, arrived in Halp" .
mid-week to visit the Port au
Prince store and Mr. Daniel '
The business trio dined toge-
er on steaks at Rendez-V:Vous
,n Wednesday evening. .7

2 To Visit Nat. China
(Continued from page 1)
Kai-Shek shortly according to
"Le Jour'. -
Quofing'a bonnee soures" "Le "
Jour" stated that the two high -

nonuuco a of the foreign office
are expected to spent 3 weeks a.
of the family in prepa
child for life, and places p
emphasis on the effects
ental care and family fies in:n
human deveopment. -


I. -


Haiti Beat Jamaica 5-2 In Final Match
Of Soccer Tourney

by Jamaica Gleaner Sports ,
HAITI swept the three-niatch
series with Jamaica May 33 with
n 5-2, trouncing the local players
will not forget in a hurry. Haiti
won the first two games A-3 and

along, but by then it was too late.
Haiti kept to their pattern of
striking first and early and after
-inly seven minutes they swoop-
ed down on the Jamaica goal
and completely disorganized the
defence. In the scrimmage goal-
Johnny- Fraser, playing- for

-, After showing so much promi- the first time in the series, fell
so in the first game, Jamqica and right winger Nemorin. tried
in the next two games showed a shot which Ken Barnes, also
.they still have a lot to learn making his debut, collected. Bar-
abqut- .'the 4-32 formation taught nes waited for Fraser to get
'" em over the last three months back into position before clear-
l -by coach- Jorge Penna. ing and inside left St. Vil poked
S' 'is foot into the melee and scor-
S Penna himself regarded this ed.
series as practice and t1e play- ,
-ers must have learnt a lot. Cer-', Fifteen minutes later, centre
tainly the .second half of last forward pelices made it with a
S, night's, math showed that. they shot.from just outside the area
-: had picked. up as they went iat found Frasei hopelessly and

.... ^-- -----,-- -----
Rex Theater

|- .1

--,:, .
:'TWO GRAND flhfikjTAEN2*iiNS,

-fE IDAY JUNE 15t -- 7:45 p.m.
The Complete BaUle f l 'tEsS PIDfal
26-FRIDAY JUNE 22id .7:45 p.m.
hetJj c.$A s o StE s PI lirBEAUnt" Ballet -
S Ei entrance : served ts: $2.00
.- ", t
; General. Admssio: $1.00
-TI T SOLD AT: Librairie La Caravelle, Rex Theareir. Laviiia
S Williams' School 6f Ballet on thei Champ de Mars.



:-k-.. ,

.............. .. .......... ........
N9DL C .- GE
:.:.. :7-I' ."" 2"4. ~ &: ..', .8 ..Z-4.8 6 ".

inexplicably oat of position. The
Haitians then swung into their
slick passing game which is us-
mal, left the Jamaicans stranded.
The goal of the match cane
'en minutes from half time off
the flying boots of Joe Pierre
who taking the ball after Delices
had sold two defenders a dum-
-ny, slammed it into the goal.

The players went into the pa-
'ilion with- the Haitians three
goals up.
After ten fast minutes of the
second half, when Jamaica look-
ed far better than in the first
half. Guy St. Vil collected his
second goal for the match with
a flick that deflected a Delices
pass to the right of a diving Fra-

Jamaica made one or two en-
terprising movements immnudiate-
* following this goaf, but the
forwards were not aware of each
other's movements and innumer-
ble passes went astray. These
miovenments, however, blossomed.
'1lo fulfilment five minutes .after
e Haitian goal as A itoiy Hill,
t-oved. to centre forward, drew
'way from the throng and slam-
med without hesitation and from
outside the area to theright of
keeper".Vertus. -
But the' Haitians soon had the
local boys jigging to whatever
tune they, the Haitians, chose to
play. St. Vil scored his third aMnd
Haiti'6 fifth, much ib the manner


Unfurnished, modern anud new
villa located at qasaue Salee
(Mai'tissant) behind taritie Ho-
tel, in the mount0 u, with roagi-
Ifleent beach view. Three brd-
.ooms, and four terrcees. Mo-
.rn kitchen, closets and two
bathrooms. Cold and hot water,
all time. Permanent breeze.

Apply to Mr or Mr i Douyon,
Pension Clervaux, Clervaux St.,
-Petionville. After 5 p.m. -.

Real Estate Aglency

15 Bourdon,
Phone 2620 ..:
Cable. Addies: AIL1CO

Renting of Houses, Apart-
ments, Bungalows, Camping
Houses fort short or fong'

_________ <:------------


Sfit 1.100 fe altitude .ye' Only 7minuteb 6
S from the hear t o PoRT-AU-Pfti dE .

tThe mostexquisite iewvs-,ooerlookin 3lbhe-dty
a ayth pld ,he mountains .

; Deltdous 6otin0~n1al duisine an Superb .'
? 0 3 r e r* ... -

r* rsonalized affention To eery gues

.. a' .
S --n O .
'* --rnn'h"nna 4 de-Lu' r b *

g itEEyTTE 4TWME !P! S M

TUESDA9 :Inf oro ok.9uafet ,Dacritng roh-
7.Mec5 to 1ntSimd -., -t a
S.Mieringue ns4uhon, a"nd G6ntest
oat 9:3o .dosual dress.Noadmision ee *
E DNEPAI: i'epirnenarge ge-tgete*un1Ah be68
Porty from 7pmo 'to 8 pm.. -f '
FRI RAI ala Dinner-Donde rom 7:3owP to
S:30oa.m: 6uper S O)oat 10:3o i
a ': *''*": ,.". i -.L'n..a __ P* r.-....

w w w w.. .-w, w w w w w

IS Li_,

Sales information available 4
for sugar cane, cotton, fruit, ..
sisal, etc., plantations and
estates of various types and .
sizes -and in Improved and
unimproved condition. U
Commercial business such ) 4
bars, restaurants, and hotels 4
bought and sold
Joseph LOISEAU J --
Manager :UN_

SUNDAY MAY 27th, -


SHilFs anid the Haitiaps t'en j-,st it's sparkle, though' ed.
"'ok a little time out for a me- enjd the Jamaicans made.'A'
morable display passing among, of .their best movements dof
themselves. series, two of them being ini
Fifteen niintit s froin the whist- id by left back. Franck B4
le Elvin Schloss, inside rial, he team's outstanding defet
sneaked Jamaica's second goal,
,ut there were no scenes of iubi- Referee was Pip Case *,
nation neither from players nor Neil Dwyer and Happy Del
crowd somehow the game the lines. -.

I 1 l l I

In I .. ..

SIYS PAY JU SE 3rd, 1962

:- .HAITI SUN '*

..* .- .. ,t.,
Community Weekly Published Snday Morning
Gerant-Besponsable MAUCLAIB T.AfAI

IThe Haitian football tour is over and the visiting.
eam. convincingly-swept the series 3-0.'Few people ex-
pected the. Jamaican team to win, but-they did eteect
rather more convincing display after the three months
if intensive coaching they have' had from Brazilian
expert, Jorge Penna. The public was disWppointed lto'
ee the- team, after a promising first game, which they
only' lost 4-3, deteriorate so much in the succeeding
,matches that they were finally trounced 5-42.
" We are surprised then to hear. the opinion expressed
., by Mr. Winston Meeks, President of the JFA, that "al-
, though Jamacia lost the series the improvement shown
!in standard of play after ONLY three months or coach-
-ing has-been phenomenaL" .
4I' Ti" *soun-dfp.r s rliku Ior.".re helpful
4aS., ra6ach of i tiMaWn 4h, ,Mr. An-
tnid of JaiAicai W i'jtkough he
,: gr were now a that sic-
essl 1 eddg iooth teamtnrk thought-
tout M .ig. mcenen4, not t c h run tac-
ies iG ""d" o .h reii the. Ja-
u.2-" ball ." (But.
sufeal c -itrol is one of the first principles of soccer
oo iB ... ; .
i1i; NO'"dpubt Mr Tassy is right, wlienihederes that
SIeainacRI leant to ,ont~iUl the balj properly and
"mike goto their own players, thei become
a goo et All this is saying, very o iy, is that
nce Jaigaica learn, how ,to play soccr, thy will -be.
good .odtta.ll players. We hope that they ill improve
a. gr40 i eal more in the: next .thrbe moith, so that
ithey .i give a good showing at the Carib Games.
! ".' ...,,,,* ,-* : ", ,
SWi thte torrential seasonal rains sweeping the rich
.top-soil of haiti outro Iea, at this time of the year, it
is illustratin, enough that trees and onlytrees can
f.pld.*&e ..o.i.o .. Haiti together.
Th i4idflAbor Day began in Haitwenty-five
years.w ntf.inaePresident Steno V'nt's Go-
vernlmet -sponsored its "Campaign de Reboisement",
culminating in the historic'"Arrete'" of 1938. At this
Spoch the situation of Haiti's trees and forests had
,'beached a crucial point, with the peasants indiscrimin-
::itely cutting down and destroying 'trees everywhere to
ed their charcoal industry. President Vincent became
Sarmed at the decrease in the' tree population of the
i:.untry .and the resulting state of erosion that threat-
ed national agricultural production. The torrential.
opical storms during the rainy season left only rocks
the fertile top-soil was washed down' the slopes on
way to the sea. The country's meager water supply
menaced as the springs dried up.
The President summed up the problem: "Our land
which is not at its first stage of virginity, which has
ready lived an intese colonial life and has for a long
e been resting on its laurels of an unfortunate leg-
nd of exceptional fertility, is singularly impoverished.
an's instinct, naturally tarnished, and a lack of care
as placed it in a most deplorable state. But all is not
ost, and in many places there is still vast fresh land
which it will suffice to exploit seriously in order that
riches may spring up. But our land can be cured of its
lady, and saved only by special organization of cre-
it, by farm tools, irrigation, drainage and replanting
our trees and forests, technical care which alone may
.new its productivity and establish it on a more se-
re and rational basis.

4t i s wifttlit'fe transformation of man by education,
g the:Iland by the assiduous. care which it requires,
tt th1 VeacefuiPexistence of the jNation will be guar-
a'nteed. To produce, we have everything. Our forefa-
thers said: "Liberty or Death". Today, we say 'Produe-
tion or'sure Death", and we cannot repeat it enough."
,; p 1 4t h was personally alarmed by the spect-
.ac!of misery ad ruin-which he had encountered on
bqis trips throughout the, Republic, President Vincent
resolved to? undertake ,urgent measures for the saving
*of the country, and said: "This cannot. fail to alarm all
those who -ae interested in the future of. this country".
'" On'Juime 23, 1937, the Government issued a Decree
fo6'ly; forbiding the cutting of trees on the slopes
and outiau under. penalty of prosecution; also for-
bidding .,th ...panual cultivation .of this laid, without
previous authorization, by the authorities.
An .edudation-program, heartily supported by the lo-
cal press was then undertaken. Lectures and courses
on tlhe. respect and utility of trees was sponsored by
the, Government. In. the. schools, contests were organ-
ized and prizes. awarded in order to stimulate'interest
in the new movement in favor of- our 'tiees. No "stone
was left unturned to capture the national spirit of the
people in support 'of the 'tree-protection programme.
.'President Vincenit' famous "Mepsage to- Haitian
Schoolchildren"' was' issued on July 1st, '1937: "Have
you. otten asked yourself what is the utility of the trees
which you' see all around you? Have you ever thought
of .what would happen if all these trees should disap-
.pea.r? '
These trees of wliich, several furnish. you savory
fruits, and products such 'as coffee, cotton, cocoa, ba-
nanas, coconuts, etc. --and which constitute-the -only.
wealtit of our country, and which by the way, we 'ari
not producing in suffiient quaInt"itie-.'.these tree
which also furnish us wood for our houses,' wo6d forz
our furniture, for our canoes, our sailboats, our wheel-
barrows, and many other utilities-play,. still a more
important role in, our lives. .
Do you think you could live, for example, being un-
able to'quench your thirst? Without. ever wasinig your-
self? Do 'you know that it is the trees that guarantee
conservation of our springs? When it rains, if there
were 'no trees, the water .would immediately run the
length of the steep injines and go rushing to-the sea,
leaving huge crevasses everywhere. But thanks to the
(Continued on page 6)


j ^^>>^^<^ ^^

' rf'rq rC Nl-q'p lWlC C Iqw C Clw- -WAw w -V ,- -
moe rce5STx!CececnAi

Drambuie LIQUEUR

4 4

The only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotland on~
the basis of the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKY.
Indispensable for festivities and for every oces.a
sion. .
L. Preetzman-Aggerhohn & Co. .

0.. 0 .....'.'... : 0 ."" ,. .. 0 ., .*, .,.., K .- ,. ^ a'. .i

'Jk'v.4.k a4 t4 'fl *- "~ ~ nj. -s -

Letter Fre $1
Poet Enmile e1
Mr. Bernardl Diedeich /
Directeur HaitI-Smu -, .*'
Port. aiu Prince. ."
Cher Monsteur. D adeb,:
Bientot m' pral fe 'aOMu'ti
pie Port-au.Pripfce pof.r .*pu
tion oun plaquetteoen areoler
Rosire 'de Sothets! '
M'ecri 1' 1iu m .ormo rrta1c
ce-t-a dire que mitralte -1pa
mysteries yo a;n`qui09
me la ou sbonet deo
ecrit ac premier Veos. haa
piece qui precede '

M' pas croie, on plitSa '.
rature france pas am parl
couronne sonnets et ce,Qu n.u10
sir pot m'rin retnl r st "
ole alors que m' p .pas.u
ga possible. *,
SD'iutre part, mn' gai plu
chains' m' vdye baille *1
GuUllaume pomr;J)'tore.
-rue pare a .qu. ad .l .
Television ra eals.-.'et'!(ahl,
raibe InternaHonale a Ste -l
pas tniaquetagos jt bisfi
C eredles conmpo eW'o oeme '1
teressants -ae Oun ,tilospptb..-

v aresseadi ee a .Ub.t%
i Nouve~e p .mi' obteut. pisd

'a seijienent in' r&cewtl et'qti
servi -ni' pour *eia~rer oun me-
trique creole tic6table'
.poOr ?ecrlie poamexs ^toc te.tgx
pose 'd'abord, d'autait- plus .Li.
langue nous a ac oiu'lon;..
grain -dur et serie torie: 6w
vehicle ideal 'Por p oiu i
sensations, sentiments aet pe
n.oun article HaltSun
m'll que oun colianorateur. o
parle de creole espaginol po
13e La .trinite. Ca amise sti en
ile connlin que ce 8a Arte pan-
gnolr m'ap servi. '" :
SEn effet, lan d'antan St..Dn ".
mingue, blanks angle toe acupeq
parties Sud Haiti, justeo nt e 'cute
m'ap vive con nous ye a. at 1
national ecossais haggish, h11bi
tants la Grand'Anse prepare 1"-
sou non corossol Cabrite. E-trbals
coute fusils Rigaud, Britan&iqueS
yo te quite ac en pile indl"nes"
pour Trinidad. Lan project ao
'Anse d'Hainault m' to. gain-.oe
casion reicontrer Monsieur le ;
Verteuil et cocntroler que crtele:-.
Trinidad ac icite ce meme ba-:
Come la France pas 1' jam
occupe la Trinite, ce preuve que
creole ce oun langue reelleednt..
imperial parce que cote 1' pose,.
It cole dur.
M' voye sonnet *Le "e ,ix.
confessions" ba ou plour a" cons-
tate que creole' ce grand moune
ac toute plumes li et 'que 1' pV s
besoin bon apotres pour te ca-
deau propre ignorance yo.


PAGE 6 d t

(, ( tCo0 iied L.c'I page 5)
i ,,ygh.. and roots of the trees, this water is stopped,
.: held In 'the soil, feeding and purifying the fresh crystal
water .of our springs so necessary to our lives."
The water also carries away with it the good top-soil
which our plants need to give us our daily bread, to
.'make us grow. Sometimes the impetuous torrents catch
i. ,'up children, animals and even destroy our -homes in
S 8;wjts wake.
trees are also useful for giving shade to protect us
against-the ardor of the sun. Trees also influence at-
If" mospieric conditions. They regulate the rainfall. In
;.te6, countryy regions where irrigation is not possible,
.t. rin is-. useful during a prolonged drought period
t.: .t cap ruin a crop. .
2'" It lias been found-that in many regions of the Re-
public, the mountain crests and slopes have been com-
.^ aplete:-y: denuded because of. the ignorance and indiffer-
r a ence of. the inhabitants. Such a situation is. serious.,
!'our future, men and women of tomorrow, is seriously.
il 'eatened. What will become of you if this is not stop-
.i4, if -we do not take the necessary. measures to re-
pair. the damage that has been done? We must change
!fR .attitude ,of indifference with regard to our trees.
.W ue must love and, protect these friends which are at
.e'sarh e time our e.neaeactors. This love of trees, no-
within yourself,- ust be active. That is why your
'dent isasking you Wo form a vast organization of
SFriends of the trees" which will be..coumposed .of 'all
';' ^p"- tyh of the schools, boys and girls. It will not only
agai sts destruction of the existing trees, it will
also be forthie purpose of increasing the ui.~-ar of our
trees;i;to plant them on .our mountain sloa', .along .owu
ighlways, in .6ur p'-'Aic parks, aqd on our streets; to
pit'-trees'which will not only give us luscioqs ruit,.
au goodd shade, but wii: emnbellish our streets, our
,.q.ns and oiur countryside, bringing us wealth, healtht
Sand happiness.
ii.icerlye'el f that 4my'appeal will not go unneeded,,
.anj.knlt ll of u of the rising generatin- will go- to
&.v,w -' in ,an :.ffort to insure the future of the country,,
Si, also your ownu future "
On thatit -r "Fete de I'Arbre" in Haiti, official co-
'remonies and hundreds of school children planting trees
i:.markied- .a'pew area as the country became conscious
of'its- dutr to protect its national wealth. The President
[! the-'epuhblic personally planted the first mahogany
tree one of hundreds now growing along the road to
i'amiens. The 'road to Carrefour was set .olt 4 o *w,
'.,continuous trees. Kenscoff' slopes a"d ravipe were
t- planted'in'Eucalyptus trees, a species recommended for
Its ready qualities of absorption. The high-way to Pe-
% klo'tvHille planted in-Flambpyant trees flames into bloom
.inthe moifth of May nialjing an -enchanting and color-
.'S $iij into the famous mountain resort.
Fi euds,,.there is, still wp k to be dopne.


Jamaican Says He Could tick H'
With 1926 YMCA Team

The complete rout qf the
-best that Jamaica has to
.offer on the football field
,by the- visiting Haitians
last week should .give those
concerned, in that sport
pause to think. Three mat-
ches played three lost.
And the reason in my opi-
nion: No team-work, too
much individual play. It is
an elementary rule that
only team-work can win
-matches and gallery play
seldom ,get a team any vic-

We did not have that sort of
thing In the roaring twenties and
T, for 6ne, killed it where the
YMCA side was concerned. I
just wouldn't have it, and my
'standing orders were, if a play-
r had the ball and was being
tackled effectively, another play-
er better -positioned would clap
'is hands. and the ball was pass-:
'd to him immediately. That cur-
bed the fellow, who hold
on to the ball. to show the crowd
YMCA teamwork, won matches
and eventually compete t i o n,s .
Starting as a young .team- in 1921..
in six. years we won every' Se-
nior competition in ,the island-
(League Shiw.d, -Martinez. Cup.
Knockout Cqp) and wTre the' on-
ly. club side that .beat.-the ,first
visiting Haitian team to Jamaica
in 1926. (Jamaica had won their
only match 6-0). .

e dpd remember the. ThY
ggap WtwAl wa. p ejrd at Sa-
bin, Park oqe pmwy aterneon.
Our side: Lesole Hylwp, Jolhny
Iordecid, Harry Walker, Vere
Johns, (eapt.) Robble Melntosh,
Bunny Counninghan, 0. A. Car-
bin, Linden Bethune4 Locksley.
Moody, Reauben RUey, E. L.
'Maxwell. The referee wns a sol-
dier named Vickers from Camp.
Thbq .pj tq drew a record crowd
as It was the last of the tour.
I won the toss and elected to
defend the southern goal. We al-
ways liked to kick up the field
in the first hilf with the bree h

left-winger, and fro
him in-previous ma
ched from left to rig
der to take care of
fast, but I was fast(
ningham. -

First Bloc
The Haitians attack
gour, using this leh
they gave Hylton pl
n the first ten Im
the winger put a bee
right across our gou

.a. k

Present -
- Every Wednesday Night .. ".

.... ... -=..... r. -

.which aUis in the second hal. (ree Meringue Lessons at 9:30 p.m) : '
The Haltians had an .utstanding PETIONVI LJ" HAMWl
: -

v -- -, ..


SS .1u.du-Qu
Su lptures by PAlwrigb.- STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY -: .
.edr .TRANCOiS 4 or ON 'HIE BUE DUL UAt --
r. DU PERRaiER. .T.E.Gourgue .
.-I O.PR J.Lizabr -SAVE UP TO 60 Per Cent ON. IMPORTS. 1

i ~ i' ; '@ ;. ,,-4 = --l. I~' ws....~'n'rr y'r n... "'

aitians inside-right beat Lesie
well-placed header-. F, sti
Haitianm 1, YMCA 0.' *i

By this time I noted th
Haitian left winger was
m observing ing in a bit of gallery pIf
tches- I swit- would get a' pass and 'theui'
7ht-.balf in or- away with me in hot p'
him. He was But instead of curving'..'
er than Cun- towards centre as he ra4i
would go. straight down the'
to the corner flag, and "SQ
od the ball across the goal
eked with vi- As a result I would curve-
h-winger .and mark their inside-left while
enty of work decal came across to tackle
minutes. Then winger.. .
autiful centre ..
al, and their (Continued on p*

TBTEL#fHATI WEEKLY SCHZDULE .7:m45-m-Telenews9i Ost edition), Review ol the day's events L LUNCH 1)11
PR-Q. TUNE! 4th "TO J.UNE -rOt 6 '6. "oopm-Sea 'Hunt .COOT
r. p S 1840m-Le I-Der\des Mia0s presented by Banqe Corn-

Sr-venin Ga PrO K-nteby the Esso, Reporter.
p6:.O --Let's :Lear Egs-' ''';' 'n-Mr.denoisele de Pqri .
i:40pm- a dre0 eus:. ... .. %.. : .', n : -
;p : '" "' *'*"" "ose of a.og.aff National Anthem. ,. l NA
.D 'm .lhMene i a .' --. .. -'4 '-,-f.

S:opm-The.Frd Show ne eries. P3 r /^ausicaf Pom (Mire Tele-Hait) e Yo r
*:sopn--Alfred Hitchshck pre sta, : stati6n:o.f Evehin-Program YON
p :OOpm-Teledews. (Zf paitfi) 'StmnwrY of -a s le5 Engish Review of the coursess of the week
S seated by the Esd Repor '- -dren's rogan Wells. Fargo, Tlies' and Cartoons. 'Wafer-ki-A
9:05pme-Povwpl Indust il Works'. weekly prgam: "I Love L" 7:45p i -Tel epewi1it, eo Review of the day's events.S
p:30pm--tVjCoricert' ', ', .- .. ;( .Frm o.. ..
:Opm-Close:l of pitgramn ,- Natibnal -b 8?3-Pan AiW*zican Wo ays Prokranm: Iid Interpol DUPSE& E
V` 9:00p -Telenews :2nd mmaoy.tle late' hw, pre;
T.esda.Ty Jie 5th, ,N'B. .- :ed he '
5i3p v 0 9 ati t'Gerard Jvr: uboiM.ISO-OT'
*55Pm--Ev-nin..G 9a. *: 2-p e-; .STE ENB

5"'.ry -une10th, 96 T.-'ERS

Le6:()O bs Nati:3Op r e- hin

-Cho.i'sa. pro.rern
,* .at. ... d4 :K Yt IOs ,"o H

38liI14a Prorq.Mric
# o.w: t5hy4. d. ele-. _.

5 ." E a .. .. 9:s .2 -* 4..d
m-' IE OI (Mrl '" d ) g p "

45p9n e ne ti ev e .o th ed entM IAs IIA D D RE0S ,
a .,-1 ..,AD,' r.L Const.cto 1.

11M .o n i s of7ntpf,' Iwgremeryt"" ije.'7"-.

e d y e s otevi tte a* vets '- r -, t

L. National Anthem" t...... 1 ,,

I. 4d* .' o f-
aod&y un4 Poit

K!30pm--Mustcal Program (Mire Tele-Haiti) .
55pm-vening General 'r'gram Schedule Hait's "Ggrb Palace" and famed hostelry th Gad Hotel Oloson show place n
pm-Lt's' Lea English '

t6:35pm-Weather report tiwas architecture, exquisite onine and contented iving. Set arbougst a myriad of troothtal treed
.i'40pm-"hildren' s program -.ei tin ,)
41. -ip .h M M ,,.

p-Children's Program Wells Fargo Tales and Cartoons ,- .. .
T.le n an t"' ( ont )I d.e" the .,. : .
rMi National Anthem-,

pm M..l'Program (M -eHditio ) r.
"5pm-E"'Gene ral r Sc hedu le Review ia and famed o.n t Ow

U:. .O.m-. hld.e s." n's-p'.gr. Haiia acietr exquisite c s an. n ent : oo a oe-, i a m

aS .n- H .ne No tion l .. A h.e .
.S. _.. E N o. 2
,.'(] eum ~ ta_ ), '. ,. ". _., .. z,,.

!7 ofa boorklt c" gre ythe. compertn sal ent servicesrs iyfo aenty h biato rvde o nth rsn
CONTMJED MOM 1AST EDM -Agcontracatithesalien workers shta lle be entitled wtksop equal remneaton n beoe athe p hresu ed odathe oftem chld's irth
OffAP1'El ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o D ril 5 nalmnsgrisAn n xrcieidsre i epand ritanamen -of--A ~olriens marnond t Htinwh cnpovtathehvel- Atle 4-The employer ishalliged -care ke r the diffrker nt
th draio f h Torig ous hllno eced 2 aii Dai piloasd aubr certficate o"pofregsiontrhabti o r :n Artic pet le 317T rvstions related to the obntraimnt ofa beer- bewen ther po indemn w ity fh o ysr maternity padbyte Iav and altf
On ins ll( uarie Ious wd Adig hurs a dayfcinee duy Identity card Worki sWinot at least th ree years sucthe Hais: nwi salar to bpe givnal the worked womn who i st o in a11nst ate of bre
Artile 34.- millmu resinghourof ne hu9 iid udill 3Tiael 6f birth, layjeno t b fi c shAlall wbo deliere Hotn hlrnadca rv htte hesaeopenn
-For~~~~~~eei therci fillingo poiton ofe directnt orptr adiithto in aun to thn mthe caset whe tave IurnAh isou obligf tohs MtimrilSats Npay ani inubrodei aebeni h cutysnc tlat he er .Atce38nA h rqeto tewmnwokr h
covers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f boole enterAise a]he aui wore privately beiar schdul 101 entepris The for matedrnity. the nobligationrnaesan a prommbvidetd legyan 'h saf o dplmti msforicl iniatstmetend npreeseenthptrshllb
flon o raw aterias locted uner grund T e in te nor al durtion th wokipg..timi Thq rst 11tir shkU -D matltanhedhmtosinsfaamedlyeworkHstiop elivershafll obe natchahee bharegepooftthehysemplooyet.
covers E ]IV Arepie ite uleorpiae etilen 3llectively~nee dkst and y-n onte horwihut 6Tad iupoesintrjb hchh asdl ChrTistfianneraioa rgnzain hvngacntat eanmamerPblcHelh
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For durpliation of the preen wopesol hpirsalb ped vrkn fi uvb as sohall n turex teed- 6"ie an nub etfcteo eiad e atdy spent ic at l a n e years inwheounr "sd havef b eend int ohefr poesito whleaeht shal e enjoy her m ternt leave and ata
On a woe An hor apr fwoetek and eihhundyrkters s f n anaddy day. d-Naent and marriofth laet ed s ine b at coetastio three duyears tfe yteLgsae to therHiia iesei~ eited uabl toe work on acicounth ofan lles eaused th
clines, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rice 354 -Aso ametd t negon ors hl etesinimu ,oresting hour otaf one -a co er exet ( Iat.. bt Placht e wofbrk il aded v h m e. nati ibe hepoiin eae~otemtriylae
natreof he wo s o w ic heis affctd;excpt w~c s allgie te ~ rier El rihtfor c/ penatdhour oi atnen i an amuotfq r rt haf f te ontl alr aowho ha dve r t ulHaitianh s t c rcyhilndr- Innrdratnbdacand provee, s tihated n htheeyn
Articl 35-Frteapiaino h rsnhaptr, works iso d tai st ar I.t t jshll fxdbyteShprrCuve nth rdt ieo about utoeni h nm et rterpurdp fesoa giig Mroe, h etiileiniaig
minewors, xcet tosesuprviingthewo; or hets *- arogr onai l StEdatus-om po f, t heWor wifeg -ls. Number of wihcwatfoidemi fwok
it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u wihot ,omly hvgtoprci en y Ail e 357.- o dtrrili, 0h haveor beenie in dtthcti rount9.Arymlo rh since tatrvcsof lens the years'78 Th Articletio of5-A the requks of the womaun wokrteores
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woraer s anysenterprt dise eith er e Pub ic' for lows a ti tis en medical cerifi ate mentone inay the pre en chapten, su e i ea n li'bsild r m G ,0 o Gh.4 0 if iMd k t n e en ly d n st o k tr rs sal
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k-hl q ary overs an enepie eihe pulc r pivtbetkn o l h sblect ive blty; o un w kst ted hald kein one horeceivmou p6-Tadt h le'o prof besson.- jhi rowint.--li li b remploed to nl st ilaff of Iterinational Oraniati onlavnaa cntatle.t I H a
nieswhr the opnarexliai nofmterialc s do~tned'thruh aleconstrucsltiono inh cnetatshta h as1eonhrsicalacort o ru pprm otitooannoda .lae rile34 'Art stbihm n o'ok sete hep preo
er ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7 oiise worke toti the Haitian State Artcl moment 'ease of miscarriage thept premheaptutreo biroth dctino Wrin H inora hHtantcniin salbeepoydi
var~ n o m n thr e fish t "srt a" of ie b twhe n soil. s ou t Article 3595- O hertien wor f mrished wby as. inor s b eyo ind 8 / etic us0:--lbld poitorke s L ofat is a d corson dingy whon i, 7 vepr ons ta nonvill inf nt the worker woma shal bere entihoed tonsi-
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Article ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ it aK-o an aperiatio oafs theou presentc chpto shoul lehis pi ,pC, pirarision trps :aermant tesriceos nemlyr
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b e c onsid eredo asa ah m inor" used taro receivy at theen d atee ona which th e Ole ve b e aneiR
a)~~~~~~~ril 3In-I the pminent chntyr perso affcte tWoon unegrud wckludhllbes nan svibe
Awhicl eveAlla beih therp enesrs that employs himi atisat eth 's tir ,n pe s oI fema bee ap lca l tove ag ,
p o n d e xcuivl mp o e to tmaintewones or a nero an six m uthy work, Art li erd' rene ma reed i pe
rnedidil,..36:- he pperrmit.c oufia sti wepia areal' de Nl ae I ER I article 376.AhwomanI of-or canno be r g rts ant tobl ains alie
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for~~~us pe sons filin ahi position tof watch m an orf M a ag r whoia docto Abtcl 3 .-Fti as art clk the worker womuan sh l presen the employer ato
A ice 3562-Athe end o th e s erof- sh ie & are d etermiqstnced Rorkor~d rcc~tato o hsaror iv e a salary eitu to n t e ponbe~ find to Ha itia worker o th aving
any hand orks.'sfontla b roddasi salary a eq fie by te -Supeig rtiorq futh 1 c on 'te- tsd fa.seid Tutoe n-h s~vVt excrifct.dcaig
frite bah pividd forliftie~lw, sch a~thec celatin ofpeor thca cepeia q uinedictnkteproes meda draten Mo rover thie-
b) ~~ ~~ h Intrc th qurres any workeri tha Isnes busy, dirctl oridowevSlais eariertO--Lbur n oi Wlase r thet mentlo e tor matrn ty.ev p roise iiihse hl eevehr lr
for~~11 nc cae asam train trsomeao Haitians, unde th nrs hes as (Cnine shn peageilwok

Artic in--n mil minep s workso excep therer superisin te work or feavithdawal of pais permth ofSH wo erk. i eth o
tios, rovde ropdacic nd herpeuic itdct gaist ina pogaiqp takesinfo it .Worongiass. naltygual ntle nthsistto o
di e t n it w i h u n r a l h v n tiat c p t n a y Atr i c l d g ve 3 5 -t o O rh e h ee r s tru c y ar to r o p isa l a r e d ,is .1 .h tr Att e e 4 3 9 y e mtpln ity ths ratc e w l u e t e .s r i s of a 'a ,c '3 T h e s p rcifi at on 1 o f all w o rk s e nto b e rx e ate d f o r o a o
hand work.t h le ryed t e c c s o maeray-esds al e p li:begny afeottID;H hsh e oesf o a
sh ll e mad-Te m"Epie enterprise mnre ob ,i"d top~ ob nasev a peuti -o inor h m lo s, mthe S orce & I comtm ons and Sate Orngyi uaniz tation s, and a lso r ofav all-g i sf-w tr lt
Arile 2 Th d rtion of A S R a ok in a mneigaluaed o la6 "ethons ore s -ared b hoe, whopartne:t offet I dbou"underg ouncat neUam, ifferent.meantime thIeonerevisions onfthertieclee3:he paracontract b offcncessioior renpthatnsh llefixshe prop rtionao
it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W anfsdtrie olw: actvtes, andthir H salary PubeWor always.b 25percent.o and Ciom der ,salbe-ined Ido m' aGe the toawds dated k etme 1d ulls -rh aeir.eisig as e
e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ in p erb reme ber beree emou Ir eyedaio in sitena worksn ond enterrise "Suiypc fodnr aergltn aent-ev o a p r ol evsarsf
ho on hewrertfisresentht d ind~u (). [ i .or 1h .hl' bih Ilu si wek .fe Ih cofne et .h 1n sup ol.nauahghihs
of thes sufc iors. gf pounced byte rbuialaWiro l pdrv h;,netinn ofIminvirtu ofle saieda contract ets. nete bfr h
a)me Aat woke is shildd btot be preser thn the mine from thom-ren toa thatp qir
& 4~~~a e o rh e 'Poirld A rb et oi s a l reh a n dil y o bep e nd o no th e q u alifi e O ffi
whrfe oe dwnino~hepi, oth mme4,e oms ut Arice 5.-Ayd epritth qrkhinr tansferrmit6 m nth sufae o,- a6-. A slp31.cWtnthr ofn Labour. afterb the presume of", Ma l new~i inrd tcla
-h u s oun mof phy ia l dia biar a d u statb r ned, shall ke pf o rive ne o ps e 0) datelr th a ni ,hal b p r on e tot d t oft e hlds ir T u a r
P~~~~~~~~R speial acout of the.v eatsm of Labou andme Soia Welfare Artcl Socialn elrema C M ER I n th u a rt y-'esth ablihea nt to f becmporkwh takenrathepropitoerev Srttm yuu
deem ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fr~h applicabion Tof hi childof Eduatinh ohfl notr be Inghsrao, fl-mr

th woke is s id to diU bepeetfo he moment wen he of sev "cd as ~ sw dept min'r CvAlass Hai+r tian or -iume MHaia tr r o ecnicin s shl be emloe in erv asth ie e ut fte

'* H.A ITI SUN''

SUNDAY JU: 3 846~ 19

uaalier Labor...
*:. (Continued from page 9) /'

5. tt she has had an infant, so that it was prematurely mis-
ic ed, with and indication of-the date when the event ,took

of the leave that, she needs.
e 387.--If, as a result of her pregnancy and eonfihement,
Odone,:by a woman proves to be injurious to health and
at' ab 'proved by a medical certificate, the employer is; the possibility of changing work within the same
a Case this,'change of work:shall prove impossible, the'
Sbe,entitled to an unpaid leave that shall; not exceed
i ays .without prejudice to the provisions related to mater-

e. O7It 3s forbidden:. '
"0o m "T"Oknl' crimin.ptlon' between a married and an uii-
wopAn,. for 'anything, corfcerning their rights and
ii w.*, the 'etfct.ive conditions of work;
Ome WIrker.-women for their state of'ptegrianqy
SAny dismissail6f a worker woman in this sitia-
ie d, e- the :,DGT, inh view- df
,.o ,atig ,
q kn-m woman in 'state of pregnancy ,to
aIr t three: months precedingg the confinement
i reqi*'I.A' physical: 'effort. t .ha.t iunable

... WT!

V5 AWR^^ Ipfjr tht -has -a! sa umbering riiiAre.
.. ge;a n irsery, .wheiie
I orlflhg -hoi0&'
*Eepby .the said
4_3^0 ^and N X Ri


a lentr shat b ed t theIC
getstr, bfl. 4;se b4 ...f:_,.

ae.It a r n.beutthenat Iwe o'rwo

nin fo ll ap fth-p ,homenfidroee s pah i e suo ed con-.

b e toed to tndergrod wqrks in at. i
..epoe.t.negondwrsi wn.~~.
Al~ Ie:';lt- p] ~ed

0ia- 4 4, A *.*.

-' ,. fr-MW &.-a .f l, : .. *

Work For Under Age Boys
Article 395.-Under, age boys shall have the sain rights and
obligations as the majors, as far as work legislation is concerned,
without any .other exceptions than those that are established in'
the present Code. *
Article-396.--Adolescents. under the age of 18. cannot be, engaged
in works that are known to be unhealthy hard or dangerous from'
the physicalor moral'point of view, nor 'in places where alcoholic
drinks are sold. .
Article 397.-The provisions in this chapter do not apply to works
done by children in! professional schools, .provided the working con-
dition prevailing in these schools have beb., approved and are
supervised by the Public Authority.
Article 398.-Children, less than .fourteen years of. age, cannot
be employed for works in Qgricultural concerns, whether public
S(Contio ped, on pagoni

-'U.. ._ : '* **".' I W j* I '" ,".,. *'- ,

9" .. ,f. */ : '." .
PD.'INZT" 7'
A ; ."
A. "




: o, Lr$La.m' .
I B .- *
et a.... .. a. ....

, f:-----------.


Sp"ciiernent conQu.pdur doner un. cond.ite |.:..

ppts ,tracteurs (oodypar, pt etruits a., .. ,
etoilge 3 "Trile .pered ,ne exclu* ; -
.sivit ..d...o.-

Specialementecongiutpdur donner rimconmuitse
aisle... pour une meifedre facultE d adlap-
tetion, :pouar moms alib vor l
.uper-Rib de Good.Yer.E., to.sle,:u Se..
-. plus..,tracteurs `o dy..rson t coizatruits'
en 6ilage ST- Ta une e liu- ..: .W4% ..*t &
.ivit6 de Qo9yearI ':-. -N*- =
a". .. .- aim
..S.. ..,


:AGE 10

a:-r -:

FSI"""[" JUNE 3rd, 1962

(Continued frofm page 10)
i or private, br their annexes; except during hours devoted to school
teachings, and. the work in which they shall be engaged, must not
.,, be such as to hamper their, assiduity to school.
S"Article 399.-In view of the professional training of the employee,
the -time and teaching hours may -be regulated so that the children
may be-,employed-.:in light agricultural works and especially in
harvesting works. However, the total amount of. school days cannot
be reduced at less- than'eight months. -
itHqle 400.-Twelve years old children shall .be. allowed, outside
the hours fixed for school frequentation, to do light non-industrial

vorks,, provided these works:
-Ipre not harmful for their health and their normal development;
2-do not hamper their assiduity at school or do not contrary
their faculty of improving their education through the teach-
Sing that is give them;
3-do not exceed two hours daily, ori class days and on .holidays
.- as well. ..
The total number of hburs, devoted daily to school and light
works, must not go over seven._
Light works are prohibited: "On Sundays and public legal holi-
days." .. -
4--puring th, night, that's to say, during an internal 'of at least
twelvee 'consecutive hours,' including the period between six
o'clock p.m. to six o'clock a.m,
Article 401.-Children 'and youngsters less than 18 years "of age
- cannot be employed" b 'a concern, unless they' are capable of ful
- f.g the tasks to which they are attached, following a sound
niep 'ex, aemination '. -
S'"ej. ed'mical 'test.of capacity must be done by a qualified doctor
vA !ft t- fAgreemehft of the competent authority. That capacity
must be' duly ascertained, either by a doctor's certificate or by
a note written on the "work certificate".
The ability of..the children and youngsterss to ,do the. job they
attached to shall be-confirmed by a medical up -1 thee age, of-18.
These medical tests: shall be made free of ,charge 'for the young--
stMI ..f for his parents. Some appropriate measures must; be taken
b- by.. the .DG.T, f6r the reorientation or physical readaptation' -tnd-
prlofe ional .education of the children and youngsters for whom'
tlie.,pmelical examination shall have revealed inabilities; anomalies
*or, defpencies. -- '. .

*aPE w

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i- HA IT I

, .i.t w.- .

:. .- "' m

S -


One Cl







T Joseph Nadal & Co


------------------------^ -- ------ ... .... I ,.I r .. .- ......... .. .-,: ". -
Article 402.-Any employer who has youngsters14 ye .sr of age AM
at his service, must keep a registrar with the following ndtes: ini'-k -"
1-The worker's age. To this effect and for all works .done by But I elanged t.....
minors generally speaking, the Civil Record office, of the Johnn.j In, position ap .
Tribunal or the competent Offices of the National Archives, iWinger, to the corner. ,I
shall' deliver some extracts of their. registrars., free of any catch himn every time 'sB
cag was bout to c entre
him over in a L ,
2-Name, Christian Name, domicile and residence of the Worker. hm arge.ovesur ilt
3-Name, Christian Name of the worker's father .-and mother The Haitian skipSer.
or his legal representatives. .. ing his now ineffecfvedief
4-Name of the concern, of: the employer, the .latter's domicile er, and.the Y's-FlyiEng. in
and residence. sept -to the, attack ,
5-A written authorization from father and mother of the work- twinkling feet (best- dr
e, or. his legal representatives; the. whole to bear the su- osedays) rew
S, neal pass snt .
pervisor of Labor's signature. i .. n g t ,h .
6--Posiion filled. mm iMoody, hbrtlinI tbrMfmg
6-Position filled. one into the net.,SLOC L
7-Time schedule. -, .. 1 YMCA l .So-it remaidi
8-Nature and amount of reward or salary. half tii.ze..
9-Date when the work started, ThePenalt l
10-Statement indicating that the employee has fulfilled or is Play for the better '.,iartf
fulfilling his .school obligations.. second: half was" fsaily ~
U-Number and date of certificate or permit to work delivered th sides tt d
work de"lver m both defencesBtOod.141 Wr-i j
to the the minor by the DGT. came a-dramatic .ri nt
.This -registrar shall be presented on any request made by the melep in front r l :hr
Inspector of Labour who may ask. for any proof that he will ddem goal the hand of hINi:r ri
useful 'to have, in order to check. the authenticity of all inform- .caThe in' contact vith"a,
ution furnished. The registrar shall be revised by the Inspector ball, and Vickers w ai.edt.
ql Labor at every one df his inspection of the concern. "Hold it L eka[:. .,
: "Hold it Iofseliie. I 4Sf"
~ ". heplaced the b iimind pri
Article 403.-Any -.minor bof both sexes, who is less than eighteen to kick "I'll take.- 'i". W1
years of age, must obtain, previous to his .employment in an .agri- eri and the '.roavl -egasped
cultural, industrial 'or commercial concern a certificate. or permit- was well khown that .I ,al
to work,' delivered free of charge by the DGT. shoot for. toffee. I. -toodA'
the ball, the whi.lle I
All minors less than 18 years of age or more than 14, must have lRaitian players te 'ea, lI..
walled up, put my rlxht t
tle explicit.authorization of their father; oa oter4i sence r the ball and 0
of the latter, of their grand parents or any persons or establish- hesitde Slle, $1 1, a whose charges they happen *to be or eve Mayor the crtwd. gave .-iea t.revi
twice of the .plcp latab nation for what was 06K
re 404.-No'h ess 'th fy s be fee s, ,jest

Article 405.-The certificate required in article 403,. shall be
ir. three copies and, shall contain in ddicatons. about the age of the fe and wqjkd ;awa
worker, the nature of hs work, the date. he enters the work and blew h 1 whistle iortp
leaves it. It shall be delivered only wien the o has been ob- tuiae. Oar a4n stime
gained that the minor has reached -the age f 4 and possesses fore the fin whie i
the necessary physical abilities to perform the work. Locksley through to beaf thw
S (Continued n page 12) (Continubd --on pag


DUVALIER LABOR CODE placed .in some one's care, shall be empoye in housewok
(Continued from page 11) that are above his strength.
When the workers are minors of both sexes, above 14 years of Article 411.-To have under onie's care or at ones serie, sev tia olefrte'scnein-
ag At mtist, moreover, be proved that they go .to school during eral children, one must present the following cofiditions:- SCOE MA2Hii1Th
morning -or that they have obtained their Primary School 1-B3e 21 years of age; crow et id
Crificates. *-2-Have a certificate of good character- YMAtoedy o ace
',-.ircle 406.-One of the copies of ,the permit bf work shall be 3-Possess sufficient revenues to ,fulfill the obligations provided ontw thns-ea orad'I
-hned to the Chief of the Concern and shall remain in his pos- for in the present chapter; 1ines Rue w N moig
seson while .the young worker is at his service and placed at the 4-Not be suffering of any catching disease.duigaIsso1anfcure
osl f e nsecio o Lbor.Article 412.-Any person, before taking a child at his service
,The said copy shall be returned by the employer to the DGT mnust obtain a permit of employment, delivered, free of any charge, ( ~. riiga ovly
icase the minor ceases to work and when he has reached 18 by the DGT after a strict control of the conditin massaged bor G.aC
s f ge in the preceding -article and on presentation of the medical. Certi- ;1 ostr(tl on to. o h
'Akdcle 407.-1Winors of either sexe who are less than 18 years ficate and proof of age. :beneir o oa'syugtr)
geand whose trade is itinerant. (sales of newspapers, lottery ce Fo e
its- pddlngof ood) ustliae aar frm te ertficte Article 413.-This peri of employment containing the names, m
metionedA in the.; present chapter, a special, sign that shall. be Christian name age,' pl Iace- of birth of the child, Ithe nameschspl
delixtd free of charge by. the DGT and, which they shall wear tian names,, address of the person who 'tak'e's, the child at his tioinadn Mfowr ws,
aan identity sign, service arnd any other information deemed neces ar, shall be-e,
Atidl ,e 41)8.-Any employer or Chief of a concern who shall eng- renewed every year, until the minor has reached the age of 18.
nhseitablishment, a young worker who has. no cetfctOn this, occasion, an examination of the child's physicl momate waawsl-andpac.,.
peinmit to work, shall be liahle of a fine varying from Gdes. itletacniin hl aepae
`-01 Gdes. 1,000-for each penalty to be enforced by the Triunal, Article 414.-Any person that has one or several children -at -IloiCr
atid~ be A placed at a special account.,of the Department his service is, bound to, treat them as a ea< ahr t uns i
1bo 0 and. Socaln Welfare, in view Of the development of his them a decent ,dweli, suitable clothing heeththy and Mcutosficient-
i'pdgif of Labour Education. In case -of non-paymnent, imprison- food anid to provide them sound amusement. ortis- rkr:Wle, omr
frorm to 6 months in" case of repetition of the offence, the They also engage themselves tod msend'- Mooy,: to schol t ea-
liy hallbe oubld. 1, once every day .and to give them -a professional training in-conl p
formity with their
hlenl oe es e IC Article 415.--Children in services uust. not, be forced to house etal f h .I"eeain'.n
works, that -are lable to harm their lhealthf their normal develop- Rileas.B:Jmiaci tl
Aticle 40.--The State protects the children who live aind work mento the waerrot prjdiethiavute-osholme u
bw Arritheir pre ns homre,'so as to see to their material and A el 1.I Is .obde -o thoseo theseoda alindn n
sort of work (messenger* boy, d,,iI f god ii*_thee.. tq)
4tce 1. 4o child less. than 14 years, of, age who has been Presn l
(Continued on paj6 13) combnd5D

Sumer Rate's


Ho.. ly Rate (Minfimum 4Houirs)" 1.00ou pl4 us 8 c Per Mile
D iyRate (24 Hours) .0 ls8 c per, Mil
eeky 8 c per"Mle.


Gas,- OilJ insurance and Mp


CIA, H4oel, or Pier Pick-Ups' or Defiveries

MG Rase

HERZ -it ItN
0-T SA.GmrlAgents (Next: to Am Cb~
36W AvenueJe~anJacquOs D~ee
Phbhbs:'.314 2772
1-P. 0. Box 46
Momrs Oxiford AIATEN-H

SUNDAY JUNE 3rd, 1962.

.- A I, T I- ',- -." -., ..,B
'. -\ t' ". *' -, .."' "* *: 'K -" ;i

:- .- .-HA T.U.N3'...- .. ... .......

.A", V ..- "e .w

out of a scrimmage, Haiti ne-
.'ver looked like being in trouble'
-It any time, and at the interval,
tional goals by 'Delices at
center forward and Joe Pierre
.it inside right gave them a com-
forthble three goal -lead.
Tile Jainicans Went into- the
Ssebtld Ealf. with e.xt"a zip from
-. pep ftlk by Mie coacl. 'St. VII,
bqwever, co6d nhot be checked,
in the tirteeith minute he
Scored his 'second .gal a well
placed shot' pait goalkeeper
SJohiy Frazer.
Mid-way this half, Aithony
Hill who .had a good match, at
the centre forwaid-position scor-
..d his team's.first goal with,.a,
good shot taken from outside the.
SAfter an exhibitionr by.the-vi-
sitors, who mesmerized their,
opponents with their dazzling
play, St. Vil scored his team's
Sfifth'goal and his sixth fbr thd
series, with a blazing. shot just
outside the area. -. .
When Schloss scored for Jam-
-aica to give his team their sec-
ond goal, the applause from the 1
-1,500. spectators could scarcely
be heard outside Sabina Park.
The gatne was referred by Pip "
S. X X
The Hampshire Regimeut in.
their farewell match defeated the
Japnaica B team 1-0, in the first
th goal. scored -inthe first
half was by inside left Eric

Star Sports Reporter
The presentation of all the ma-
jor football trophies won during
W the 1961-62 seasoi,- was made
Last night at Sabina Park after
Sthe final filU-Jaidaica nara -
t by Brigadie er~eLiistt- -."
k mander of the Caribbean 'Ae,
., The Garrison Cup was won by
"" Compi'y, for being the
champion team .in Camp. The
goy Morin Shiel d (Fusinsss
SlHous".) hy Desnoes and Geddes,
., the Vin Sasso Cip for" Divisi6n
>3 by Lucas, the .Junior Knockout
CtCup by 'the4Youft '.abs, the Ed-
'win Charley. Challer, e. Trophy
by 'Kingstoun for -vietary in Dii- .
>sion 2, the Eric Morin Knockout
Atrphy by St. ',Girges -Old. Boy,
jT' The Frederick Matiiezi Cu'O was'
presented to .YMCA for winning
-'.the Senior Knockovt the Mc-
Grath Cup for country parishes
won on a knockout basis by St.
F James, and the Senior League
: (Division -1) and All Island
'Knockout by Railway.
; The Haitian team was present-
*ed with a silver salver, and
,members- of the team were given
Buttons with the JEA creAt.-
-., Short congratulatory speeches
were made by Mr. W;nston
.Meeks, President of 'he JF'A,
nd the Hor. Bob Lightbourne,
The reply was made by Mr.
rnst oriol, Haitian Federation
tall Vice-Presidect.


1-During class-hours fixed *by the institution where they are
regularly enrolled.
2-During the afternoons of Sundays and legal holidays.
3-During the night. "
Is understood by the word "night", according to the present
law, the interval comprised between 6 o'clock in the evefilr'g
and 6 o'clock in the morning. The children must, 'moreover,
enjoy a non interrupted daily rest of 10 hours.
Article 417.-Any person who has one' or several.children at his
service,. shall be obliged, every-six months to send them to. a
Health Center or to a dispensary, for medical examination. ,
'That person.shall also 4e obliged, 'in case or illness of a grave
nature, to declare the child's condition at one of the above-men-
tioned offices that shall see td their admission in a hospital if ii
is deemed necessary. -
*Article 418.-No corporal tortures shall- be inflicted to the child
hi ; service; under the pretext of punishment.
The one 'whq, incontenipt of the above-mentioned provisions shall
have. inflicted wounds or committed "any ,other act of violence
against these children, shall bp denounced to- Public Prosecutor
or the Judge of Peace so as to be prosecuted according to td.
Penal Code. .
Article. 419.-As soon as he reaches the age of 16, the child in'
service shall be considered as an apprentice. It.jnust, consequently
be given a salary at least equivalent to, Half the .one, usually
allowed to a domestic servant working under the same conditions,
Lhis without diminishing the obligations imposed- to the patron in
the present chapter, and relateU to lodging nid food.
Article.420.-Anybody that wishes to discharge himself of a child's
cares. and services must make a declaration, to fihe DGT and
advise the parents '
The child -Lhall, at the ,employer's expenses, be handed to his

on the label

.* T. ,

Oet mi a hW olE 14;
a P. S l. 1< aule n Orb &T C ,,o
P." t.., rIn *0 "'| ".

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S. .I ,.I
s he provisibns gros I for- iipn
ralso fe r esp e d "* i -the.6 .soa V36- 1. S. ,.
changes His domicile. ,
Article, 421-.-No 'child someone's service, cat wi
izatiop of the DGT; delivered by his parent caun be paeed 1y
4 -- .-. '. ." .-: r,'^
employer. in another employer's service. .. '-
Article 422.-Whin "a child in service ;abandons i'-ecetely
root' f the person at whose service hle is-for..vgabbndage .*:Ja
other reason, the person in .whose custody the child as, p
must' denounce'the'-fact to tie Police or hi tdhe"DGT. '-
Aiticle"423.--The 'Inspectors -of-Labour shall.Ibe 'athorieu, a'
denunciation of the fact ot .a complaint du. made visit thep hj6f
whei-e. te'childrep hap e been placed, make 1al nd essary inquhiri
on life cobdi.ions there.
SWhen thp inquiry reveals that it is ,qot adv-nuageous for.
child to remain at that person's service, the DGT may, aeco.n'
1o. irqumstances .send the child back to iiis parents or a-fti'
latter's. consent, place- him 'in another family br in a publl&ieds
cationa establishment. ?.--
SArticle 424.-In-..cas .&-pviolation of- the ,provionW s cont
the above articles, the offended .shal,.-be.llable, ac.. r.g1to4.
seriousnesss of the case, to be fined- from .10 to. 500 goi.d. .a,
imprisonment varying from.- to 6 months to be ag.pie-.
Tibunal _9I.t Labourk The fine shall' be.,put at a special' c
j, the Labour; Departmeet and. Scial. Welfare .h. view' of Ih.
.lcpment of.oit Education of, .the Waking B i
sire fines small be appJid .to any. person that ay. tide -
house orin ipany othpg. pl .e, a child that~. ot-place
'is guar.ianshir'. .. : .
-Aricle 425.--In the towns -of. the Republic, whefe tUere eifL
.olfices: of'-Labd(ur the "Compaunal Administration" shall c.
the application of the present 'title co6herning .'children tism."
and shall 'giveall authorizations and necessary document; .

Caribbean Construction Co.. SA

BiAldei Of The Militatry- City

Geln. Manager: Gerrd THEAR

Phone: 3955. P. O.BO .B 284

"L" *

.PAGE 14


SUNDAY fJEt!E 3rd, 16

Off the Telediol' Pres. Duvalier Speech.

-I thought I was dreaming Tuesday morning. When I went to
sleep on Monday nite I turned the radio off. the program was the
English lesson; when I awakened Tuesday, I turned it on again -
same old English lesson! Did I sleep, or didn't I? -My friend
Habibe tells me .the Talamas boys are doing fine in Miami, work-
ing in hotels. Wally is dt the Carillon-singing like a lark? -Last
Saturday nite's drenching rain closed Rendez-Vous early after
six people finally mopped up the floor. -The few vagabonds left
who, redistribute the dust on your car at Rand Point, still use the
"derrier of the lady statue to hide their dirty rags. -Love that
Cap Haitian orchestra, Septentrionale du Cap-real rhythm riders.
- -Heard Harry Belafonte's interpretation of the old Irish favorite,
"Damny Boy". Good, but to mn mind it still takes a "schmahzy".
..Irish voice to make that number really heart-rendering (you should
,.excuse the expressions). -Smartest give-away I've seen recently
is' the emery board stamped, "Remember also to file... your inter-
Satio nalmessages; Via 'All America. -Dr. Denize, was all that
Carpeting for you that' came in on the very closely inspected
.j..tephens Bros. ship last week? --LThey say Carlos Pereira has
-.a bad case of Hepatitis. If he develops jaundice too, what with the
beaid and all, he'll sure look like the Yellow Peril. -Mr. and
1"V- M Briggs (he's prexy of Evinrude Motors) lunched withTony
er'at Rendez-Vous last Monday. They had Al Hill in tow too.
.4'Z wbnder why they can't can green peppers? Every recipe I
'1Ot to 'try calls for them, and I love 'em, but I can't .find any
lswi.nd.. n'ot even if'I' ask. for pimentos! -lf anybody wants to
'yJjow .anything about enlisted service man's rank, just ask me.
An-Ziha -gave -me a complete run-down (and run-up) the ladder
.'f gradI's the other:'day at lunch. Of course, the gal I- had a
,' with didn't -get a chance to say 'boo'. -Wild Bill Fraser
l e -back from San Juani. easily, last week; still, drooling 'over
-the steaks and the babes at the pool at.the Caribe Hilton. -Bob rT-
I Itmight:,be .interested in a smaliStudebaker if you'll .make me an
:interesting price, on the Triumph (I heard about the guy who is
.dyz.k.r0 one,' and you don't have one in stock!) and you know
.ri what excellent condition mine has been kept: -Carmen Casimir,
mwho was- thigeal behind the -smile at the Majestic-Aizan Bar,
.writes from Mamaroneck N.Y., where she is working, that the
flowers and trees "are beautiful there,. and the weather agreeable
llke in Hait C ta .wait until the snow falls! --A Pi-
$:'card i that last Tuesday vwas his 408th day in Haiti. He
sentt originally on a 45-day assignment. .--A couple of fellows
m o s seqn.-:buying cokes "to go"-the other day.-., They
?.'expl .hglhen the- asked their kids what they'd like to
a t ungsters cried, "Coke in bottles!" (They
e it in fountains over there). How Amurrican con you be?
T iunt of food Pat Weekly puts away never shows-except
4a.ti last ,. 'The one of the Marines was out-smarted
,the. other day. He ha lstdobed for a light and when it changed
be didn't, move last .enough for the guy behind him (a
tik, with, an ai horn). The guy gave him a blast that
ne aly. lifted -the. Marhie out of his -seat. He got out of
ins car and raised the hood, pretending motor trouble. The truck-
i'pan neatly pJaced his .big bumper against the Marine's car and
ntly moved it out of the intersection and out of his way. -Lorue-
w..osome this past. week was the man who neatly chopped
ff the head of a iwoman'at Carrefour. Nice, clean, job, according
:to an .eye witness. -To take a wind-up paragraph from Aft Buli-
wad:.If the Russians were really smart they would:i't cause
.;tl e West any trouble at all, because in 5 years we'll wipe each
otherr out." That appeared ift his column on the Common Market
..on Tuesday. And so goes the world, more's' the pity. But I wish
I could write like Buchwald' KAY MAJOR
'ili ..

.. at -
Hotel Choucoune



(Continued from page 2)
Sort, beautify life, enoble Hal-
in man, and enrich the ancesl.-
.'al inheritance.
Talking about democracy y,
would not this be the place and
.he opportunity to demonstrate
how much the analysts, the se-
mantic specialists, knock eacn
64hler, in the maze of contradic-
tions raised by the concept "De-
mocracy", either in our\ two
4mericas, either in E u r o p e,
where it is mandatory to recruit
tip leader of the FREE WORLD.
From a certain point of view,
democracy seems to be an ag-
trssive and abusive attitude on
e part of those who hold eco-
komic power; from another point
oF view, it claims to be an hon-
tieLable speculation of the spirit-
to4 and traditional values which
have to regulate, either of them,
the behavior of man, identical to
-nan, at the Pole as at the Equa-
4,. It is more fluid, when it; is
construed to mean, in our times,
qL tool ot liberation of man from
ht.i terrors, and from unequali-

Bacoulou Success...
(Coniumed from page 1)
t larger troupe with a little
more variety. It is all exotic,
with beautiful girls, v oo al o o
irums and -bainboo instruments.
There's a beautiful Puerto Rican
'amed Di Marie who sings well;
t drum 'solo which amazes with
jungle tempos,' calypso ,danc-
ing, humorous native dancing
and a voodoo ending which pro-
es to be literally a fiery finale-
one of he dancers runs two flam-
ing torchds over his bare chest,

ties in life: unequalities in the
hunger of men; unequalities in
he sickness of men; unequali-
ies in the capacity .and faciii.
ties to produce of men; unequal-
ities in eudcation; in the prima-
y needs of men; more fluid it
I&I say I unto you, when it call.-
for the possibility of establishing
a brother and just link, n the.
condition of accepting civiliya-
tion. And which civilization?

Civilization in subordination, in
subjection, a camouflaged form
it servitude. A definition? there
ire countless ones, unending. It
is' defined to stay more confus
%uand less and less acceptable
lpu any community, certainly


(Continued' r

--On conne ca Gaitane alie di pe
Vrsimen ti moune se t ans a


* ce trope desordre, mon chr., li pas' comprende aniilin-
Cen ca bel'ti maman tap babille sans cesse.

Lan iafes la Havane ac gros colt.qui'ap battle fesse.
S,'sa Blanco te dit, sad';ue a cents grignin: -
-JTidi a m' mange oun ti i-oute que m' finq prend sou panggin-
quand l'te sote flsiller Cubain. Ian fleur jeuriesse.

Min pendant m' tap parole' rontre pareile mechanceto,
-coument m' ta fe comptcnde que z'oreille tap coltd
a ti moune qui l'heure g ce-jouer.l' tap joue ac gnqu bonJe.

Pretre la te doue tender, battements z'ailes I'Assr.mption
Quand Gaitane .avoue 1' lan premier confession:
-Mon pere, pardonne m'rint parce que m' mange ti poule!

ides and arms as he dances. EMILE ROUMEIl:.
director Odette Wiener said it ;
vas. no trick, just "strictly voo ,..
doo." '

That's high praise in an area
ast recently, desegregated. Of
course, we all know that Ciceron.
does the fire dance, and that it IDENTITY PHOTOS PASSPOBT PHOTrOS
s "-trictly voodoo". It is odd .-
that the columnist did not refer DEVELOPING ENLARGEMENTS REPRODUCTIONS
i the Banda Dance, which the
club management particularly FASTEST SERVICE IN TOWN
stipLlated niust be included f "n
he Bacoulou -show. Perhaps he's
till a little stunned qnd forgot Avenue Marie-Jeanne, No. 5 Cite deo4'Expoqlon
o mention it! .'
The Bacoulou Troupe also'
playedd a one-night stand at a
private club in Corsicana, Tex-
as. Soon they will be as wel](
knownn and admired in the U.S.
as they are at-home. Eureki GARD PR U TS
Mrs Wiener telephoned home GARDEN PR U,
in Wednesday afternoon to say Are Available Exclusively At
'iat following their engagement
i Texas, the troupe has been
engagedd for two -weeks at the AU LINCOLN GROCERIES
nous Shoreham Hotel in Wa-
shington, D.C. and RIGAUD GROCERIES
Oddly enough, another group .
-f Haitian artists are perform-
q in the capital city of the U.
the popular Castelhaiti Or- High Class Iceburg-Lettuce
chestra, which was engaged at '
e opening of a new swank res- Strawbeies, Broccoli, Water-Cress
taurant. This advice cameoccoli, W te Cr
throughh Dick Allen, now a resid-
t Washington. With Unsurpassed Standards otFood-Purity



poor, and consequently under-4
velopped on the technical a
economicall levels,, where tho'
who hold the management ,
power are even a little fed froi
ke spring of a transcendent !
oanism. from which pours
fOve of men and the unchanged
%le conscience of the identical
destiny of all men.
Without false shame and faf
hiodesty, African branch with
rich from the' treasure '
"he who knows his strength an
keeps his ,kindness", transplant
sLd in the 'Spint-Domingue ghetfi
Qk. have said NO. to abjectioa
UMe have said NO to the slaver
of the Negro b'the White, of thi
(Continued on page 16I


om page 5) 5)

ere a confesse? \
B besoin communieri

L ..-^..:A.-^ *^**..f-.S.: .. :",

i ... "fl ed i. Cub... "estee""coumis t "" ""
m4 4,c P _Jno H

S. Coffnued fo pTae -B t lia A a.e n 2.-. ,9

e .e d .copy of--"5oirrcan Eiina" u-blsltea- lif Y;
aimoKarne. Mt- l a th0 i fv iMf i ,

r. ,.eturns ft e Gt. ..;.. -. .. z. T .A ..:
Mm -Hil. b j Coffee ...... .. .. .

god aid a indien ed oi rlng a thodie natl chierkonti \ *

'.-A Enat e ratql(
t. W -received a COPYOf "Mwiceat iu publisb ii
to C o7c.nbia %-w hk. h de. .icat'" :. t1 : A:. ..
e r .t. las t edfs 6-tion to Pr i.hele i y- : : -.. .,' .".
rat om nce a s r Week wIith rich. fre. L : .
e. :A. .. -.o -,,-: a
Jqwee kouc ., .itt e A i I-e"dare ". ath e Berthis
....... h rerself.t d tb o .e -. e r4 i+ Pf

aea at'n.I..o to.N. Yaaork.. A.......

e, h nd -e a e.- --.... ..
.se wow-a. oembJe : t h o ic hagel.s.e .e ,
Weiwth siwitchcs n a pqx iteiuveor theirr s ift;-Y The -
hervaniced 1Vast$ Fi 5n thefl 'ting fe ifral y t

tsle ,i hhe, .. o o d s -,.: D e pa rt 9 l ig h t b h 'nr P o rt a u r n b
We-wer r id ofl at by-sine 4-the l igioous r
.rei o gu"oe *hh .h -bre AteM ti---t..-

) ,,"elpt l",ers o ba-," .vat. r sand tiru- ao n indado gye-loe p m :* ... "'" *' *

.le prepa t f o .isola in fiom Wi.i, events, they : aturday.* -. .
tul ai o"ia +li om ( Mor. e by. on", ta faeW wi .- "" d usi""-: ;
o e- o saiipe u y d94aJetstoEui ope!Everyeweekvthe suar eP ls "'

necessary yo elun sacrp ce. -e t e
he W ,t, o' .l.. ... ..-i6. ..,.A T D .0 g KI GS O.. I

fthes. e t. Wer Phe n.erhh oers lipPer flights e-very dy fro- Port-auPne

0' u h," pr.. c..o.u b o t," '. m a d e .bi ,- o f
If ,:.i~y~e9 di 7 : "', "" 't on""n h ." or a s Dfth e q0 '
,as oc f,. s va.,'- b.. e -.cato ns. .. 'kI"
qpld,:, en.o + the adva taes: of ele'tri cieh-s, fueo
ore a e u i oi.l. la p. ..,t oi -.

b. a i--l. ion f m sl-, .vezts Sa y
otiM cconiylish -much more ..of Q6 ft Ee wedkthissu mt, 17 Y1 rb
-a-d-'00e19 atye a 'es..f e.tic-- l t Sods. S. eneveryouike. g O NO SOt. .i. EM.

, qq.


"Tote To Art Cbnnoise urs
Thie CENTRE D'ART is. open. ALWAYS dai
I tdi 9 am to 12:30 pmi
S rin 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm .

Afat Sundays by appointment.

Permanent exhibition, hang on the gallery's Second Mtore
d current show hangs in the. gallery's first floor.
Persons with an appreciation of art will be reward
ad by visiting tlhe Art Center.
OtJNDED IN '1944 Rue de la Rievolutil

Ltaly; France, Holltand, Gerrnaiy 'Norway. No change ctJ ( .
all. Telephone your Travel,Agent or .-theWord otE Ep.-d Airlin
,.- -:..

* .. ..PAP-325-NYC, P Y..,u


U. a..

ribbean Construction Co. SA. EXQUISITEUf
Builders Of The Military City esI gft

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD' e* Qualit -4

n e355..P.OBO.O 284 .



at ^ tHA Ti .SUN'. -. 'SUNDAYJ &d" Sr.,


!W-. 21 a l -. a

Prs. Duvalier's May 22 Speech

(ntinued ro page 14 ame of a democracy to be i- other nation? the South-Wst, the Grand and ro oo
fto ,tb i .t fite, and of the osed or exported for adoption? Would this be democracy, vr Anse, Haiti@d-,Psople, .such .are at :althesgoAiS,
-Aby .the Negro. We Juive a-.have nothing else to do but masqueraded. colonialism? tell the conditions we ae.livingjMn; oalocreyi deSnti
s NDiby eliping .'the'-essen-. cry, after the honorable Mama- i.e. In my observations as a s jut our .humanism pushes.away s. as a national
s w-les -ium- m -tced. dou..Dia: "do.not the Black people ctologist,- and at the government ie. democracy wlhih originated. i the -revolutibno
jssuIs ttei~ nour .flesh. represent 4&ipinted o. -the permanent' ive valde of h'imanity" note of the continiation6 of such to qonveIrion. Odrevolutio"naiO ,n the. one r" uutok u
-.".o xist pe, our n what might ad.'cold a abrrations, and Mi' rash going- at throws t,away.- Ou h~re- le e he nIceWijd
'.Liberty; Ethuality,. .Fratet- nation of. a. fee world base Ms .rs of the false security y on the cities., condemn it, and the D$ r amntal a nds to
s...i., -.p i'-. --' pretentions. to dictate, its, way of art of .the economically domin- .vallerist revolution of this -,kr le -hi o '.t,\ staUli
ho. .tjose tmnes of' contra life,.-or its .way. bf thinking to ng'peoples; take- note of. the abhors -it;- beghuse. it does. riot s it eir
."of a world t'ornim i. ip- another,-without, considering that .;otging g beyond s-lf- limits In ve, as Fraancois. Po oux-ay; hee't i.
St h41.bei0 '4ted to y6 u, it. commits. what m. our. tinie& hei ttitudesi and also:,of their r the respect ,c risde ia.tion l-,-Oca -
i i'(hep e i a de- -ome sociologists call a mentall, havio, l thing .whic thr wh man R4dt tain hc
yto be- Aoser e.- cruelty?" What clea, uhsoted rhe notion of democracy, and O ir Haitia',n demoay. nee tu-beon.
will ethie, o.el,- wbat'essential 'nu- their derocrey, in a- state of deed there lis one,. edy o' te d
S %o. i t at ien .ac an .vaeupsd.. coined 'with'tnobil ba.U4 cy ;- the ai- unri mic of-he Revolution otlibn ryt
e ity of sentitenmts,' or -righteou. ed about their- abe rations fo 'a i'ndeende dence-.of.10,* "m:- upo .l.e ";ret t
em acy n:ess -of he er aria behavior e.s' aitian ..ei. -, ; dered at> the. Prite Roug 'h. soveretspet. a
r aop- caI iltiva.ted humanist-ic ideal aus e i. t ay *. that itiey are, Dessalin- es, u reu d b Soulot- .ase4hesroU.t e k
-..' y- ,. -rais-e. to; }heflejte] of-proven and oftor. ady to understand.Thie- Iti- rue' and Salomon Jete";betmie ..ogres a las. .
Jib. ^ti :-o~youy- IaeLabhshed-uetample) could na: tian.Natiln-or'else, to giv deep ed 'bonth times, started again' iiof.seltishnert-npo
& i ion-of atee wrd claim in :iand. objecflve,-e nsideration .to '-.e Humble Pesatf ere est t
to try andimpose tsei to an prems. nd tha msais sBme, ea i on ect enaga
0ly' K: K L ^ re afaitd whbtdows)- tp si .10th,;5 -by t 1 ism tere
;. .,.-.,-; _..:' t, 1 .:n:. *.].f. e o Their-ow thny? A detipo .Caudi-ssi, e-u;m-anto al.fle.itsi of a"
.cracy taser on -qri e*pnbmiat 'li&taA by .o the 'VVOW otahinstH 6Ic,
-.d'- 't .-y d"... p "'" ... ."-- t nemsor"en- .i/-lV'"t__Y 6ui.s s.. in&..e..a..en... -A""""
-ibsstem ii th s'f a. derificract. t m-, .t o
.7 =.;: q.. ha ".^. '.,
......._.....-. Power ...... "i tsae6 se in.t.liei ."ti a 'tPi ''-ii fwe a it. oreas, ei. i'.-ae yii ti
'. inds of the ,...i t .: .- .. t-o r ztpO*_o.
r..-A,,:...h .. p.a, -. ..-- aiit: ttio % miW, .sta s P y s t, : i )t2E
-.. a,--e ns.:., the-A n ipo as.: -rd-.: 3 "o r'...a e r.9.. to .a s, ft-'.2 yW P.imtiIUI.*U'i- .
...e an o,_i, -ot ,..y- ,
Scgrag i -wld,' cannot btehg to. he 1-Y1 6e y Ow
,. .....ore beAsed as a rnod org.ats 4ehcisibeo-.i. s iins t .
"-el.- ". .,. :"eha nge ;' -'t't.hae i lr, .a change; i r '
rasa.& dl.e.b of.t ferpd iUy ma sic I, you are tforie. 2hthadve'e .t'm- c A
l- .. nation where the passivity Ifttidt'
_..., _' ,- as ias th5 o ay ou, lTees 'eu ofi*h notn- o re'-rdae r
ymore1 t ei -onfs science ._of keeping th&. wtch sctl" a .u.. :.
fheTr, "-as" d selerished".. tai t lertu s which t -e .... bac ..o ..' '
-.' _:,:,, .. ..._ -akeed; --nd i hre thert; .sub. of. histo-,ry ha..vee-J l a You'x es but" re l.e
.mission ':nwi 'ble. 'The -cvi revlution iiilco t ttere on o O
o which- st e offered ,muiMph obLtoy over,. 4't, *.' e e.'Hai: tr ovdei n;
b'4& *' ges to have & a- iire -umian -L 'G ne t. '
meaning, iw r'wivh'h mami dign- 'The H-" anemocr-a not ir..."tough
.,. -ty and .th bsiuace atre -e der .iian,- .. e den. -a td, G
....- "- ,-' "".....-. ; to h, yec i- o t "status.- hen y'it is a.o.ther t-he lor l..ite a t wok t ...
laws are b.ig eniacte.d in those ng ..nQr e U.S, t pe -, l
democbit e .i, i- ord er'io safe-" cy dei" ned in .ll acoo 'id l n i a
guar_ ~p ri.' they .ann6t h g' to. the ethnyx aI the.p~ple, capl ie. understod ee
sio ns, and eeven anker,, in the ija-. ciology, all ovetflowing with liu- .e ourselves, ifd We':.
povtished;. and dtenr theby 1n: fria nisni.. it.i ibnr. force, a nd -the t .pl o ref
cite them, --- e- paiW to consi- sfeeg~ o -con .sb tio ,h". o- -P ba .'
'er, anardi.y- as;the way olat, The rdQco .:iu-d o. enew eed ." to w idyeti to
'reat failing of such a concept of values ,idolizd it its .ocieW- .t uo to wor ithet i
the h r h ralitie-s- nobly .m- -
"-de. --in;by a'coitem raryaa-, --- .;,

Ort ''Fur 'a hiamge segment of
dhe .-,a'."pcaItiRESTOIVS ., K-',
.urba dealer, .mi- a tiesire "l"
the. doors -of tet huts; sting
re61uses rot ,in! the' i.y taeere, s'aT
-es o) i thom .ew s.Pe- Yo- oEST O Eo trn
-..i'-"e d'".ot'-0"

k-..eep.,p on,,t '...u.r. po- o l eqant s
-. gott.. ..n salte opened in 'wounf d 1-
Sto h'a .-And he says : !-Th"e-gre.atee ti l. ,.' '-'-
i .... In hiI the wo ld Iot tf pover pyt-n We Intl-a
.affor dj' rF" "
.can...OU .Sot,.-the North, b masses r" R E s' n
;:-;:..: ...-;.. ..... -::-'--:: :-:: :-.:.-;' -."4!- m e.I% U stining.: !, : ,:., ,.,, .,,

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