Haiti sun

Material Information

Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
May 27, 1962
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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PAGE 2 HA T I SUN'' SUNDAY MAY 27th, 1096

S-Now that the holidays are over, and you'ite probabjy-lroke, One of. the oldest man-made Bay of Biscay, the cylinder 6roke found by .the; stamer Frogmau.
', remember that Scotch Pinch Bottles bring fifty cents each in the objects .in- the...United Kingdom adrift. The ship's crew weife re- rice and eventually taken to th.
Smarket- -The party at Al Pcard's. last Saturday night wound up --Cleopatra's eedle, on the Vie- scued but .not : without loss of 'iames .and erected on its..pre
in the swimming pool Sunday a.m. That's one -way to put out atdria -Embarkment -alongside 'ife. An inscription on the south- ;ent site in 1878. .
-Was it with malice aforethought that the Miami Herald' London's River Thames- was al- ern face of the obelisk lists the
fi. -Was it with malice aforethought that the Mam He ready ancient ..when the Roman names of British; seamen. Nqot ev.en'.ten was the cheqq
f"Tojay's Chuckle" was placed directly under the' article on, Haiti? st eirle the capital ho "perished' h, aBl61d attempt ered history complete., Beneat
''.. ,not, somebody's..slip i showing. -Hearuf so&"eolne call' Ra'.ia A 'oftnad about th6 middle' of to suCour..the' cew of the obe- t6e chiselled' hieroglyphics of th
*the .Cafenol of the poor -people.,-Pat Weekly's flying ulcers, flew. 'theond centup.y" 'sk ship .:Cleo6patra during the -Egyptian 'scibed, can be. see
back to the U.S. again t last week. Can't figure dut whether he storn, October 14, 1877." today the splinter marks cauqe
. ets 'enr hae and. cures 'em there, or vice-versa. -Best service Quarried at. Syene Upper Eg- by enemy bombs which, narr.'
and best election of meats in town is at the Boucherie du Chanp pt,, the Needle was.- erected at Atlantic, Cleopatra's Needle was ly, missed Cleopatra's Nee le .-
.ei .oa i w is t e e ca he Temple of Isis,. Heliopolls, After'.days of drifting 'in -the two World Wars. .' -....
V. e'Mard. Their slogan is "When iticomes to meat, we cannot be near Cairo, by the, Pharaoh -- -
7beat", and they earn it. -Apologia:-TMD sorry, I had all oth IIIaboutthyear1500
all Tliothn*s III about the year 1500 '
oo intentions of obeying your' comInand .performance to 'the .i.e. T'wo hundred years later ;' ODETTE WIENEB. ".
.'Le ter", but -just couldn't make it.. Busy, busy, busy! 'Hope Rameses the Great had carved .' Presents -
I4W'tre feeling better, anyhow.'-When Al Noustas leaves at e.o.m., on its sides the deeply indented" OUPE S BACOULOU D AIT
'1he's, going o -attend the ASTA -Convention in San' Juan; hop to scptions, washed how'. wth T U D' HA
i then L.AL, N.Y. and Boston, but he wor't -be any fuller e rains of centuries, which. still Every Wednesday Night
then L.A N.Y. and. t .h .catch the. sunbeams reflected- ... .. .c ... ., s
the.week was.when a. lady misread the FA ..poster explaining. from the river at its base. ..
going great guns, -I hear the PAA bigi'sbots were around 4ast .. ', .
ekend to get the jet airport under way??? -Biggest laugh Cleopatra's .Needle had virtu-,
.I the week was ;wh na, lady~pzisread .the :FAB poster 'xplajning ally nothing to do' with 'Cjeopa-
wto get a' cup'n'saucer 'at Mullr' & Co. She thought "cette"' tra! It was one of a pa"r which.
s meaniet seven cups ~ or one. go Sen hhouseboy the p Em.perr Ai.sts .
| ^ t**four .itnesi.'- .N to- t hb t&:ditPr: -6M O1 deal
ack" f ?.N o iet y -tth ditoc'.h: e s ildeal ha q gC. and had, transpoite to Ale-
trbeWhig go i;bull, tqirproye ec h e, stndria'totiadorn the hpalace. of
lThey riot&in.a ;hulky;.. .why .should yoU be? -Who lost the, Caesar.where., opqra had
f e.,theC cancer Fund iioney"by accidentin a lxi,.and iad lied :seven years before. ,AftLer
a ode -d herself ? OuoC thdt lhure -Sawa:V new camionette .1,600 years o.e of ,the par in the
R .'.Tous'' which I'm sure will never 60 oist. 'palaceefell-- no'
S ', makes' gdod 'Spencer d.epas,who retr..ed'a week cLondoln. .
;d.',ag= wAias'aaked' if-'he was in the.U.S. oh'a 'scholarship'. Tellt on,,- ., the i ~-l.s
W 1N o 'e -E '. '' t f het al isp'
e ther. modem f IBth. .erity inscr.ip- t4*r"
whlybird 'erIAMPCO he reports to them that b nn 'l edle wlivire s
azebra.mixed;n'wit tio cattle. Wild, dto'n- jmagid Ths obelisk, -prostrate fopi .cen
S.that boyf' gftv--I hear the Bien-Etre is martying couple es :on -the -wsids- of A 'Eht
hav da cid ohave oe on the way, -, and fdreve wa rented toth
'itthlye: .t the. chld' L; ,.. O t-. 8I9 -
d bltve'f flt .dQO e a
y ,!L,&, M-_ .. .. .... .

':r-.... -the gds te. o' the. N"ie on. a
t Is e b R avotge,,tV"nAie :Wb" 1801 Abr-r

a r! a. h ad '.. ,'
'"'.''t1 h:; eagAbe thercrombea' seao
.. ers .of.ot "b t ..coui".
A e tei W .... icin M,"

l-il But a/sereree drm gn. the T ILE 41 I
4'. '. k,.i rr" t ",",,.''. =" ,"',-A *","''u e"'" 'aeS 't'" ";I -" I i- "'"' i' i' -' ;
:,: .^ ^ -V. M",I.,' : : : 1 n. .A.... 0 .'r m:

":i; '"... ... .. .. ; r iS LA EST FREE'd :"0 PRICE iS
"W" = "".... ".' diNOP ReE7 BONNra fO. i be

,:- 'f ro HOP''4. .ERS4 1OW-
"* ..1' .. ". n M o .:': ;W .. ..'..l ;.... "

.. m e.v '....--

^'.s. ; '"* ; '. -i .",' ,.R. ,"D D"NE' CLUB .C11PTD: <..""
wrrrrir t i only a I .., -W M
;T,.- ..A..MirTen, ,at Pee Ot.' a B CO LOvJT,~.
.. s -.,' a .,
it '; rI Bu t ..'Cstomein, th e ..: d' I OI'LE -.HA T. .; ,. .

q. ui.tus ..." -D,9.. ',
.i ., ,. '- '." I.""." "1",.'" "-"R"

DAY MAY 27th, 4196?


arpenter Completes America's

IManned Sace t
t d.n his M ann
,floating'i; This 45-mintte .
period prvid& -the tensest mo- r gular adio contact with 17 plicate of Colonel Glenn's pion- "Friends of Mexico greetings
ber the figt because there tracking stations during his or- eeririg mission three months igo and especially my friends 'at

ctradio: o!t e bits;- Throughout, he 'calmly. tot- Comn ander Carpenter's, probl- Gua y mas There. are uiany
d ck ed good performance of ll light ps were: different, ut no les clouds below, they ate very
I -U6tihtd hiu t e.antd ysteips.. Ras io reception condi- a' challenge to his skill and pri- pretty. The vsatiier is very
:I t. him ab ft ? ti ."oier many areas ..wre sence of mind.-- good. Greetings, Frieaijs of Mex-
-a ,r~. though interference did not. Cape Canaveral, Florida May ico." -
pree '4scr" ", p.ytent ay ,vital exchange of 24 Astronaut Scott Carpenter Commander,' carr d.r* .com-
eeting escuers,-the As- in ationS M sped into his thiAd orbit of the pleated the second orbit .in 88.3
Whirling t h"I feelu g space at For inost of the" last two or- earth .at. 15:43 :;mt Thursday, minutes.
SWhirlinge (28,05-throu space bits, the Astronaut controlled' three hours and 12 minutes after Over Canaveral at 15:53 Gmt.
er 532' miles an (28,05d r.rfilter his craft manually,' considering takeoff from Cape Canaveral. Carpenter reported that he- was
ter ouet Cohismander Carorbiter the fuel needed by his automatic. Commander, CarpPrter..a n d unable to cut the tow line. of
eo'letd hoihis. th*ee orbits in control system for a successful scientists on the ground made the balloon. Scientists on the
offt hotdAnd. 6 nkriutes, the the decision to go- for three or- ground assured bim that this
arye time that stronat John -entry. bits 'as Carpenter passed over would pose nb problem to re-
Glenn ihad taken ona February 20. In perfection of orbit and in Australia ori his second orbit; entiy. The balloon weighs one
SComimander C teiter was in .speed, his flight .Was .a near Du- The, Astronaut reported over pound.
.. : Bermuda'that his fuel and oy- Twice as he passed into ap-
-;ti't"tF'^ "".:: -''1 '. ." "'. J gen were' about norital and the preaching daylight, Commander
.'. .".. groundd stfationsto watch to fuel Carpenter reported. seeing small

supply closely. He told the Ber-
mqda scientists thdi he let' his,
spabe craft drift as he passed-
o,%er WboMerea *-i' the CAMim6t.
.slan.ds on the first o .bit.
Oi% the -secotnd. otbit, aver .u'
chea- scientists. toi h im. thlai:.i.q
suit.ten peratiie s' O .-hup
f t.CiArpeoiter told them.' it' "as
i'itte, com1.ortable. he sid'
Stli, plastic '. .e hi was ...
ing'wds .l15b6ISi f B a b- t'ii
fo eld ont a' tinbw a mo Vi ng
I aetozmelinp'

I'le reported .- i W-oi. ra
i. L'"he l rtit pwle alt,'
0'llBoug". the bite.size sih'lis., hd'e
u[t[ . '1- have, tar, dO' s0WA#6,'af of
water," he said. Colunel Glenn,,
the first, Armerica ,Astonaut,,
took ver little watr on hi,
fl ig h t F e b ru a r k 20
0 'er -Hawai in the second or-
hit. the ground station ad\-ised
,Comnar.dcr Caroe-iinr to conti-
TYue steering by man ital c.introl
.-cca-lso tl'e tuel'sup:'.v' was a
'bit low. Agail Carp-erter said
Tlhzd he saxv a fewv more, of the
snowflakeke" u irctes ne obser-
ved on the first I*wbit as he crime
into su-rise. At this pon't. he
'said, the miulti.'pi0ted balloon
.\ as blow him ind st'ead>.
SHete -is thte text 6f Comf.mnr.d
er Carpenter's iles-ige 0o the
people of Mexico broadcast cat
lis first orbit:

IN -



- ~

frnm 1,000 feet ( 30 mipt .'.ov3 4
diy land or ,-e-i' w' ...s, S. '.%I
close t e reumr4d 4--e--I"
Astronaut tCarpen .r ha'
his capsule for 'a ecirt..'
The p.archute f ams .
special.iubber " to -k.ep-_,-
pacecrift f atih'f 'in Qe'
face uwith d shib r
rived for' pic lhp. i.

Astonsau.t, the '

Several-,of Ih ".S. -
aJready used Res't ,
rqes to retcive .lis erer.'i
lites mrop p"d t. am -y:

near acut.
- r. 4,mt J.A. t~,. ..a S~

luminous objects apparently si-, r r A r l.. W:
first j.iipc'd frxoir
milar to that Am.-i 's first As- first jump d o '
tronaut John Glenn had deserib- cuemater' Aa*icr t
ed as fireflies. ".' say it qIdild 1961, to saure a pi
be a light 'sndwfl ,"' -Jhe kigr. instrumentt ,,
tronnut reported.. ome 200 miles ( lilo
Over Australit, Commander.: N r6 1 t
Carpenter noticed-ne w'ts facing' mel speit' li I Sa
lightly behind hi; crowded sete- rfts ile ciing a
dule of experinmnt-l d ut.' e s. edrclights Eari th '
,Throughout the. fl ht inis volcei and s Eaiv

,.* dropped 'ito the tac t
Because of clo:d cover be wR" back precious glntilQ 1- #4

*traba A]g, the NAVn .'o .I *l W a

ATLANTIC OCEAN f :l Ndtatpiod int .''
:th o.. ,,' the ra tin c di'p e',' i "
Cape Canaveral, Florida, May. -h emh ree.y nere'
24. The Meraury Control Cen- ra b o p
.,ore... rto r e,..

ighter here reported the Aurora-7' a o i"t,
Space CapsuJe carrying Ast/ 'c e '" "y
a.,at Scott Carpenter landed ini tARP 3E )W ns 'b
SAtlatic Ocean at apprxiia- * 17:41 GMT, ,Thursday, 135 Folloig I .a" hrordoot
iles Northeast of Puerto Rico sas ori fig
The Merdury Control Center Commhr y' r. S. lt ,i.tby o
had lost direct radio contact with'. ,1 GM'' Atlas, Roe1*
the Capsule as it, descended! Fireb, Ufthig Carp nt'r i mtn
through the atmosphere.. laiuhina paid if the
.Space Capse carrying AstroJeven" 4ae Ca e -

Officials said recontery .teams'nded in C .ul : i.K
.'th Atlantic 0cean. at appr ia- 47. a l -i

were convergiTg on thursday, 13 5,. C'
'and. that an electronic contact n .40 o
has been made with an electronic ove the earth and ,.o.. e.' .I
beacd lost direct rwas supposedntact git es,drop of o hedul
the Capsule as it, he sceaidedl,

gh capsule the at1250 GMos. Eg
raingng re-enpd 'ity. e '

PARAMECS DPOP TO Capsule separates from
cials said recoveryte sule enters rbit.
er Carpeniter reports he is hbaflft
Cawere canavergal May 24-The a ig the capsule's 'control.
rescue teamtich paeachuted to 13:00 GMT.- Capsule pa:
the aid of Commiander Carpent- over Canbi'y islands.

er in the Atlantic 0 :ean 155 miles
Northeast of Pue .J Rice had
undergone long training for just
such a task.

13:03 GMT Capsule pa9se,#
over tracking statioli at a.t.b,/
Nigeria. Commander Carpe*Mr
tries out control' system pedt-it-'

They were one -A.f .,veral ,re- ting him to regulate -the baci
cue teams stati- d arom.*nd the nd forth circular motions' of
world beneath tne oibilal path, capsule.
ready to fly to the scene of any
landing in an irc. other- than -13:19 GMT. Cominandp.')i
the planned zone. Carpenter makes coita".wit h a':"
SThey had- planned to jump (- (mifaed' 'u. P .
.* ..- ''- .:* .. -. *.,', "- ..
.-.- ., t = :':. i :': ...:- L.,, :,,, .';...w' .*'J .g=".=' ,- ,*** : '

Carpenter seen in the 'Capsule "Aurora-7".

Ni kkorex

i -

PA#4H Al T I S UJ N8'''SNA AA.

fo tinu4from page 3)

had waited, to make the. respy-
raingsp in the Indian. Oce- e'ry; ship nd planes inecIat
rs all going smoothly. ely gWep iconvrkn r6oIv-
i335GM capsule -'Makes ery area.
thtaking station at '18:20 Gmt. -'Navy -Plane re-
Autalia. Coumiander ports sighting floating space-
spts all going well, craft and a 'Ifecraft bearing
cmperattureepo spa" 'Carpenter; medical" men para-
a itl above normal. chute into water to aid Carpen-
GMT Commander ter.
'Contacts CantonIs '
,_"and tialng station in the Pa- U.S. SM~NTISTS PLEASED -AT
mantains contact for OARPEN4TER FLIGHT
ates, He reports seeirg. SUOCESS
out. frefipes" pbserv-
stogtGlenn during -Project Mercury officials are Leonard Beriistein -The interest of the people o h.US n Pee t I a
istreobits. COM- highly pleased with the success- serious music is at an all-time high. !The mrny fn esmhn edition in-'the U.S. tht teqn
spne dsrbes them ful three-orbit mIssion of Scott orchestras,- the opera companies and the solo P~erfoirmers have won dco fmjrs
likelight, snowflake carpdater.': wide public acceptance. Leonard Bernstein, h yimcytn chestras be fromt Eurp. E
es.tGlrtdretro conductor of .the, New York Philharmonic orchestra, haEs cnri Leonar Irenstei
/IT- apdlecotacts Project'Mercury said late Thurs- conucnrof heNe
terl racin sttin dy 'weha a er god ght,,butect greatly to U.S. interest in,and tinderstahiding of fihe mutsic. ha oncn158e
omander Car center and "got a large amount of data 'Still in hiseryfoteBrtinsiseo proi ne has been -first, U.S.. borncn
im~sage' in, Spanish while to, supplement" that gained on world-wide. An extremely ver tile person, he not only conducts, major symphony..Ol O 0f yaA
erGay sMxc teGenn flight. but conp oses both ih n serious. iusic and:.I is pan .ccomolished od tta 'p Berte 'a
sthin miutstheA- "lleet did an excellent pianist. .fulil led his ap
trnu ceases a baloo and jo6; today.," he told newsmen at
of smal1p10tiT di-cs a.pesconference. <
e~isperception nde He added the Atlas Rce
essI perform d perfectly" notingg:
-1414-- sile completes. first latheolhodirthe entire 'e
countdown, was for Hazy. Weath-
QCapue pass., Cgt-e ver the launcP site this mIM-
'y- san m.:o th~e second orbit, rug
i,5-Ckitule mihkeg secqond
sn fWest Coast of Africa. .Gilruth said the fact that Cat-
Cotniader.Cirpenter oienter' overshot telnigae
na ts ucelag "Australia' .1w'- :by: 200 miles'- (320 kilomotai's)'
Wf 'I St.Atronaut' _was due: -o "Aurora-Sevin" :be-
'$tWdib 4a Pove ph tin out, E attitude st'.the-
An atipade of As I ~ d5 ktt Braineitd hol-
mIes diector -of Nasa'sMne
_*d, r aniSpace Fli t Prgramr and -
Capsile, 8'na'"Is WOo-nior, Naga I official, at the 'Prbss
Is Coferefiee` said "You have seen
F,,,13agaia stucces-sful earth' orbital ,
C~unrietCa HLonrda~l --f e temission." e said that Nasa Famil -L0ar Bernmtein Early. Boyhood -Youngi Bern` PI enti a
es 11 -an,,fml rnt, scientists 'Leutrned a Greht Deal, was born. 'in Lawrence, Massa- -;stein wsetremely. sports an8 aboof hs tr
e~ase ovr~Wet,6a'st' Today." chu'setts, in 1918- pfi lirnts,. L&Mn' 'sp ll.. .of hspale her
d .aini Ne said the, U.S. Manned Space were' Russian immigrants. Thve _,ln lyn either`',b'aseal G a dy
"I'eend orbt heassulimed Flight Progrdm' ; is a. 9tep by- father had, through hard wor, 't$ maind' of
alLconrb-,666Spacecraft cgt ep, Engineering. Project, add-, established a successful cosmet- :ten yeir -nio mo e1 J
"I" ifing that t US wl cntiue ics business and in the niornal bfi i he-, me e
Mricaq EAi Otligbts, irr the GemifinI and Apollo course of events it was epce ieat ese
P-1.; rghm "and" with 'the help, that Lecrnard wepld follow inhs geadIeaspDn.
es ostof Godl We'll, land ,oi4 the,.Mofon," father's footsteps and ent r the- hi teachers and, .eo sbool e: moer
Arc.or third, tilmel -aycerthat the' family bus'ns.T tel
es. cntact -witi lenjigli of the next, orbital flight
cl'n thp In ; Ocean.. must awdift anlssof data
,-Indiant Ocean tracking gand -today.,
#p to:A all Casl systems: %alter Willias Operations
1 bnnnoimally. Director for Project Mray
CA8te fires -retI 'said that; t e overheaiding of Car-
frrety peniter's, pressure suit was not a.
Carpnterin vo~ice malmfuinction butaqesino
-6 ape Canaveral, autig herglto?, top -the,
ape Canaveral ad- 'cooling system. one 'Carenter
t`g' e knotm~ wind an~d wvea-, found -the, right ad'justmient. Wil-,
in landing ara li'ams aihe stayedcmot
Radi cotc'os liable. Williams nqte~d lso that
P"Osonizeda air around Caenter' controllbd,itheatt-
ntrupts transmi-ission de of big Spa~e, C1:raftirnaUaly
exetd., from Hawaii on7 the .third orbit
Rdocont~act still, in- to r'etrofire, and that he used "an%
tdCanaveral expects.,re, unexplained excesI sive6 amount of
entmi of conlta~ct tmornen- fuel."'

"7,8 Radio contact. still in- Dr. Stanley C. White, Chief of Experiments-Bernstein 4aick- Lessons -Bernstein soon re- Decision. By Apthe "Ieo
Caavra rpotsNaa' o LfeSyte Dviio, egan experiment with the alized he needed formal training ard Berristeit Was J ye
te.s ldiga'nticipated 'adthat Carpenter' experienced piano. He found he could pick Jf he were to 'really, unlock the he had Jfully decided
J,0 railesFast of, Cape,, no space sickness and that the out simple melodies and took magic of the piano. It didn't take music his ca eer. Wh
R 6 I HOOL excessive body temperatures re- great delight from this. While mnuch, for him to co66 ehsna i father of his decisio-" m
Glt.-x9Pacecraft paga- cordeId on, the ground were due he 'didn't forsake his other inter- rents to let himi take lessons. His strenuous objections. Hsf
o Atlnticat aspotprobably. to faulty information ests completely, the lpano do hitter anihooowo waedLordoe.
> iesNrhes f aiedbc. esidohr e Intd hi e. He already felt, man,' quickly recognized his, ab- the family business. ..-
co pact. was ,:about dical dat recorded indicated, privately, that music wst' be Hity, and eicouae him totk e oftre 'in mnais.,
beyond, Avea where his- temperature was lower than' his lite's work. 11is; music. seriously- ial esaedh
TS 'Wg psideateo ky, dta 'being tadi62d- ,:warwr4 )r.


n ty Wes< rPublished ..mlay' M8 lng

"".'" DE D YM

I '-
thers' Pya i Haiti .in the last Sunday in May.
H flny 6 tries Mothers' Day is the second Sunday
i.. bga^.the divergence in the timing of the obser-
ai'r dates so far back that the reason has been.
t gotten. ,
. e day is probably given greater attention here
Js in most countries. Mostly a father and children
niflimake a considerable event of buying flowers on
he Sunday morning. The mental attitude of both the
children and the fathers are pleasing, impressive; they
viously enjoy the anticipation of giving as well as
the giving.
May others' Day this year in Haiti on the 27th
ieh t 'all the families, with the pleasure, love and
verence attached by tradition tp aa beautiful observ-

Spe of piti, iiclhdtg citizens of other
pI. JPlips, anau the American colony, thrill to
d;jtbeac hievineftt of controlled space trav-
t Scott C. .. ter, a lieutenant Comman-
S vy wa'Ts. rcket.d -into space,

.n i ue, in e ov er 'foi ours.
ttI _r:wqbi 44a dy communication
tg ao tie flight and talked with'
Sii ie da aid' of course Cae Cana-
tlral.hme over Mexid hle broadcast 'greetings
to peor friends sofhis 1 Iuaymas.
.... sWe d ntrbinu (a r~'s insuperable cour-.
pge, ,devotionito training and technical skills. To. this
-we add,plauditsdfor the tens of thousands, perhaps hun-
Vdreds of thousands of 'other citizens of the United
A*States and other Western Demoqacies, who each coin-
%'tributed their skills, their perseverance, and training
.fo make such a feat possible. We imagine tlere were
Some Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Chinese as w611
as British, Germans, French and Scandinavians, citiz-
ens of probably all democratic nations, who participat-
ed in the planned orderly organization of equipment,
materials and personnel for the suceesful flight. Such
;eeeliical knowledge, application, and team-work will
n ever be conquered. .,

* .1 r .


Avenue Marle-Jeanne, No. 5 Cite de l'E






In the,.ine. of the festitvi es of
'y 22nd, a '-naugurted-'- a
nice square built by the bire&-
or General General of OACO,
Mr. Franeck E. Sterlin with the
full cooperation of the dwellers
of 2nd Cty of t. Martin. The
ACAAU SQU is the first
step of a wide project of impro-
vement carried out by the ac-
tual Administration of OACO. A
big crowd of officials and assist-
ants attended the cerehnony.
The Chief of State was repre-
sented by an officer of'the Pre-
sidential Guard. After a convinc-
ing address of Mr. Sterlin and
a speech of Architectt R. Saieh, b
.rinks, cookies and sandwiches
,vere served to the great deal. of


Canadian De-Luxe Wild Mink,
Dropped Skins.
Address at "HAMT SUN".


.NEWS IN BRIEF Andre, Malraux, French Min-
ister of State for Cultural Aff-
airs, in an address at a dinner
of the French Institute of New
,York City at the Waldorf Asto-
ria has this to say of the Unit-
gd States as reported the New .
York Timq for Wednesday May
15th ,
"For culture, for an Atlantid'
'Civilization, for the freedom of
'the mind,. I offer a toast to the
nation that has waged 'war but
not worshipped it; that has won
*e greatest power in the World
but not sought it; that' has
wrought the greatest weapon of
"'ath but not wished to wield
it; and may it inspire men with
dreams worthy of its action."
To the man on the street, the
ribute from an intellectual, a
statesman and politician in the
position of Minister Malraux. k
presentingg a large segment of
opinion in the French Nation will
do much to cement the friend-f
ship -of European nation with
the "United States, sometimes
.eroded by nationals of less vi- '*

Real Estate Agency
15 Bourdon
Phone 2620
Cable Address: AILOICO

Renting of Houses, Apart-
ments, Bungalows, Camping
Houses for short or long


SThe IrectionAf &e Casino International take
pleasure tp present to its amiable clients the Spec
4ade of the Season:.

)in the lime-light, the Falklorio Troup of the Casim

directed bythe / V

aa. a a. ~ .. aa a a A OLaa

w^Pwew^r'c.?re^^re^n :^;

Caribbean Construction Co. SA;

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARI1

Phone: 3955. P.O. BO 284 '

Mo|g dulls hai
BMale glorifies i*


SNot a soap, not a
,/ cream-Halo cannot
leave dulling, dirt-
v,04i catching soap film

Removes embarrassing
dandruff from both hair
and scalp!

-needsoft- no per rinse
-needs no spedca rinsel '. "

-period. 0- ..J
SYes, shapingg" your hair with
Sales information available even finest liquid or oily cream
h ampoos The res
( ais .. for sugar cane, cotton, fruit, di. rt-catching film Halea i, aTheer est
sisal, etc., plantations and with a new ingredient, contains
estates of various types and no soa, no sticky oilgs.
Sizes and in improved and Thus Halo glorifies your hair shampOO
unimproved condition, the very first time you use it. __m
Commercial business such Ask for Halo-.-America's In
bars, restaurants, and hotels favorite shampoo-today. n aI
bought and sold
Joseph LOISEAU j

.- m +.+ + .-- ..... H al .r veajrs the bidden b eaouty o f t e
-.. H ,.l.o.., -. .. .-_ .... -


i Ill

^S^J^^jC^ ^ j'^1'j^S. -





.. pve




SUNDAY M]IAY 27th, 1986

U.S. Scientists Report New Blood
sensitive test w h can S most serious insect-carried dis
the production in humaniSfWase in-the world tA'i.
ensitive tess t o Dt l a rs. .a -* The United States tieid5fs to pro-
os immunizing substances aW emeaa
bodies) against malaria is vide more than $10p ns ion to
used with good preliminary beennowayof knowingowong -tions to determine whether or Malaria research it t. Na- ide mor e the diseaseund $1 control
s by soiehtists at the Na- the antibody-producing cells 'of not' different species of malaria 'tiona Institutes of' Herlth -con-
.Instittes of Health near the human body can maintain "an shlre common elemenis 'vhich statutes only a small part of an Malariologists,. e~ttotiologists,
ington, D.C. adequate s u p p I y of antibodies ,stimulate produdtlioffbt antibo-i international drive to wipe out sanitarians, and, malaria eng&n-
when challenged by diep. what" has been described as the oers -many. of .them drawn
y report that the test could section from the U.S. Public .Health Ser-
helpful in the progr'un of vice- are sent ibrr eaTi year
action of malaria, a para- Inthis test the antiody dnt- by the Agecyfof Irnt eri;tioni
disease which afflicts about aining blood senurhi of a malaria t S Development to-wor' r ith.local
lion people throughoutt 'thffe suspect is applied to u blood Ca e d s health, service officials and, ex-
u smear containing malari" para- GA DEN PRODUCTS perts from :international .. rgan-
test, Dr. Sanford F. Kuvin sites. If malaria aritiboriies are izations in the antim alia drive.
e National Institute of All- present, they will react to the i Available Exclusively At o- ver the years, traveiiig teams
and -Infectious DieaFes malari.,parasite.. Are Avaa e Exclusively t have lent a helping hand in mny


hted out, is the first reliable. AU LINCOLN GROCERIES places. For rxampre, airomnu-
,od test for investigation of an- Dr. Kuvin and his associates -i. 'Western ava, .ith the
body production in malaria in- have flow applied the ee6hnique and RIGAUD GROCERIES cooperation of Western va, .vdonesia
.o.s. cooperation of th6 I donesian
..dons. to blobd tests of nine normal hu- Government, the Agency for, In-
:' man volunteers infet'td with High Class Iceburg-Lettuce ternational-.Develot miAt .and the
Dr. Kuvin noted that the test Plasmodim vax and Plasmo- Sa w 'rld Haifth_ Org! nization,
S.,might, be, employed., to de- dium malaria. Thus, t tr'awberfs, Brocoo, Water-Cress. togh malaria conzr-d' increas-
mnie the number"' of people they. were able to demonstrate With .Unsurpassed Standards' of- FooduBurity ed its riceprodic'tii'".-% 50'per
firing fi mmala.ra wio d antibody ..eaction about three cent.- Spraying brodigh' health to symptoms'of 'the. dis- weeks 'after ilurtld -a-section of Laos where almost
.Wif6fiut. siich. a determina- antibodies..stUldetectib.- in cer- A every man, woma-'n and c.mJld
xi, many human carriers of tain cases 325 days aftez infec- ariubean CoC nstruiIl 1 o. :O wa' infected by "nVaria. Mala-
Sa g.o undetected. t' .. ia eradicaion neair. in
I the absence of a roitine. Onf the Bsis of ith n. 'a- uilders Of The Military Greece.ave helper ring bt ,
ive' malaria test .fdr anti- .ciis,.. the scteitistsr-tmy begin .. 20-fold increase in .annual rice
bpfyo actionn, it hi:s'ril beei' sdies oti.the: rel4lii p pt an- / producti0In..I hei Ind' other
aw how .currently-used drugs tibody production to vuatrus ty- n. eMa g-er: lGer .E i A : -countnes united rft'. is 4tk,
rte the antibody response to pes of antimalarial '.d&ug treat- ig, heli nd ecdnomie
dis eaqe. Srmly ma nt., They. also pl. inve.tig'a- PH Lone 395 PA 0. BO..284 it .

S,' FROM A L 15 .O DECE BER 14

". y R ate ( .i..m u " t.00 p s c p r M e" '' "
,-'," 'Da*y" ':' "a ( 74 lok-8 c"'-b p":!.r ',e

wv+' '#ru.. h eidy Rate a 35.00 plu18 t er Mile
"", ..* A ...aNr .n "' .'.'..?.:-.'
r.'.r.:U d' tt"oN LQNG 'R"A N
.. ... .. ,4 U- ..Y i .. .. ... .- .u- z4. *.

RA ES LUD : : '

FROM Insu 'J* apsIL
ARae",. 0otq or 'Phier: Pik-tps or D elerie ii' ile" .. -

V MG oaateter


AUTO S. A., Gneral Agents (Net to A ll America Cables)
36&A'venue Jean-Jacques Denftie$
Ph.mes: 3134 2772''
.. ..,SUB-AGENT.
P.O..Box 46'

11 .., ... .. I

d. I

TI ,. TLE-HAITI -WEEKLY SCHEDULE 7:Pm-aews (1st edition) Review ,of the day's events L
IMAY 2pth; TO _TUNE:3rd,' 1962 s, Pm-se&aunt.I .
..., v, '. + t"S."m-Le' IWr ner d Mohitn s p aesente *b. .B.nqne t*oi?- V.,.-; ,.. '". .
,M.onday M.ay' 28th, 1962 .,.ald Haiti,. .,t
:30 fPiograni (Mir E 9 dihti
5:55pi-]venig General Pb te ssoog eporer.. '. '- .' :
6:00ppi-Let-sLearni"English 9 05pm-W.demoiselle der Paris, ',
..Aflfl........,. .. S .-.g 'aIh Se, S4 e",i 5
.6:!40pr-Chdr 's, program 9:30 -G Smoke. .
TQ 0(il-The Whiser *A -Closef a pr gram National Antherm -k N: A I
7:3p-'Children.' program (2nd prt) Sat.i1y0;Jine2"
T 7:4im-Telenefs (1st edition) Review of the .day's events :30pn --.isical Progr ,i"i-pm--The Ford Show, new series: RIE :0 PresenttiofEvengP am :, i '
8":3 nAflred Hithcock '+pr ents. ; 6:0lpm-L t's 1ea English-Reviet.'of th# o e ofth e' OU
= Mphm-Tleids (2oid 'edition) Summary ot .the' late, news, "O- in dsPriF Ai' Cartoon. Y A
ewsT. e : 1 m '. .. i- -! f I.. .
,",' -,... seated by the Egso Reporter ', ..,. T' pm-Teene-t ediloi) RevieW f the day's events Awi., e tSpea. iinnoS
:05p-Powell Industrial Work' weekly' program ,"I LoiI Luy" 8: 00pm-U .MIS BROOKS."' ''''
pp4 .Conrt ,, W orld a -n r
:. D P ....l. .. ... .n*h.n '.90npmAmeaca world Airwayq Pro. razi&'Ii -"ntprpol -.. Sa.e"C ah".tet--
:..0p+ ose of program National Anth.m .--. .,en. ": e 2nd o S te "e s.. .. '
4' W in Teldne*s '(2nd ed(tion) Sumz.a.-of th.jtebo ews.0 pr- .
.... ,.;.'*"*' %late W... ... .. .... "ls hted .. + ; :" ... "+,,,.Di
T. y.. ,.e..d y.he
-"'esda "s 1"+ .'- ,o.' ,' <'"' .' 1 9(p erna .:AActuaifies.with GeI .olio ,. ";1 h' ,B
5:3opm ~~-usica prdran .( pm-t ee.le- j port .
'5:55p1 'EVehing GenezT gram Scodue' n-Ad of pro ram'- Na'tonal Anthe
.:00pmi Let's .I arn English .. *. S ..... ..
L .. .... .. j .... ... ..A "- ....... *a'#4 ...... a *'.
35 4--Weaet epor T
40qprm -hlden Preo..; ,:- ,;- :, T h..
*..t-f N BBE &N.BONl '.presents:' "MY Thrie s" : 30m1pm-ucal;ira. e Tel .
l qipn-C 0idren's .ptbgram:.. ecod edition g 1: po-i'rogr S' schedule y, '- .
.'"' it..... .' 'kn om-wledge .AND .O
, .ste.dltion) Review the y' eve 1:0 m-Wde~; yur owledge.
;t ":p ri .. ca pak ou 1 A 1, :30p Chi .'r:nA -C,,
S .'pm .l-.ed-ne mai:," t) 200pm 'l-T o ur a l, ,.".-, .. .'.', ., ,
:0pm'TelneWs~2& editidq) Summarf the. late n s, am: 'D-STI" ON ,DAb ER a
snte b th&e' Repdrter ept' 30pn Wa. piTr ; ;

j..Ot oe Na" .ne' ', o N o-m4 \- vu
.1 -A." : : "'" .

--o a La ^ 11?te preseita''a n re n areiaie S: :.'. 4.4LA' .."

... rnted bG.y sr.a l r e o ,,- .- .t ..', A e ,. ..... .. ..| ..I ..|.,- .. .. "*e b ie U ...u l
'"E ^' f! I i ',
e f,' "ra Uo- -Sa al nth "" "1 A..- .

-3-LlS4-JI-jI A
o i e-n.. ..... ,-- .,'. : '.:, *. 'N., ,,. .. i;., Fr.. aurn .. ...
.;4^ pm- eencts 1'od h 3 v 't i u a i ..* .. -. ..i -, V't +-.. :

A:55npm-Eenidr General Program Sedioe Si-**r*
: 3 n 5-ter p b a a' I t ... L

J"An ore res rro emva ononaloASmn
,bf.,.pm-r hin ,.ren's 1ogd a S o fth le a tws x- '4 .. S

L m.t. s' Iot t":" e
oI.4 Nationa retret :o '' .. .p ".' *6 n fit Pol l
B'i .i (4 "' '44 A
A ,p ".A l .4, .: ;. t ., .. 4 -" ;.
:, Rue di,, 0., / es

:jipni-ICI ,TodaO (lasumentawe rp")
-.i 7:."m-Cld of programm ( 2nd edition) -t 1bg." ZM'4

& 9:pmL--TonCews (2nd.. ed"ion) Summary of. the latenews,, p.

A sented b'y tphe.ndsso Reporter M S Constructin 3

.. Progam (Mre Tele-1di ..6

4Hiti's "Gingerbread Palace: and famd ho.telery, the Grand Hotel Oloff-on, show pin e as

:440pm- I-e program Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine and contented giving. Set amongst a myriad of tropical frees

.SOpi. -Hr, e u.L'antne No. 2 and wardens the 6Ioff.n, teml.atpe with miniature.'pool, i thehaven for the unlnhiItd,
,:' : '';" I 3 .. '' '"0
'i'- ''" ... '"..."'-A"&

, shall
ie Law


Duvalier Li
(Continued rom
"Cooperation", "Cooperative Moveme.
ators" or any similar other ,names, u
of Gdes. 250 that shall be pronounced
Y.'; against the founders. In case of non
articles 386 of the Penal Code shall be
1tition df the .offence, the fine shall be o
:'. imprisonment; the Tribunal s411l more
t' .i.e/activities of the' Society. These fine
:i'.'edit account of the Department: of
tor' .the benefits of .its program of Educ
&' Article 313.-The Codperative Soeieties
t$ according to the methods adopted by the
-ati6n. They pre compelled to submit this
'ary proofs' that they are functioning ac
She .present ldw. pn requisition of the In
4I lhese inspections provedd that -the
present la. Or a prejudice qUffered by
he Inspector. f the'Coopqnativesshall
iounn .- ab6bit it and. the. Committee bf
a'es o0 correctionn .to adopted-. '
'In e a -serious. inringement; th
j :l,'provisionb of ,the PeanlL Co"de" ',
'S The. mifringereits to Hvl 301'and
.r 4nts duly -noted; n ': the: documents' of:
Aothe concernn, :in.,'the: balance phieetd'.
a 'Plice; dourt. and 'sHall be puniqhec
16d, .dy to one mninth and a fine
d ".es; .i, d br both, .-. i ,. ..
cases are jude' wVth priorityfy
i :fr .iits.turfntp- d-bie.'
I:, Pe" &.i fr siail, %'.'"ke the initi'tj'
Ithe' quest,.if :te.'Nf.ana'l C0unil.i
if .,tte- .on a .fM'.-V 'dit .i: .. .i..hii.

'. 8i **.thai
S o ean I .'
.11. ,. ...J, .

Vjdn V ^ins 4*r cI

ppqrative Socml

.. "W,'O ', 4, -
p .,,i "

SW,.. ..
,,.* :, :.1 : % $'
hIN K EE., ......-,. .., VL:.
", b. '" mif lin r"" :."-.. "

. i.

SUNDAY M4Y 27th. 1902

1 time schedule shall be adopted on a simple administrative, det:-.ion:
abo frbm 8 o'clock .a.m. to 2,oclock p.m. from .Mondayi to rn. .Vrd.. 'y
'page 9 Article 317.-Overtime shall be paid only in case of emergency, ,
as requested for the needs of the service, when the work is done C LA 5STEX
nt", Coopeiatists" Cooper-- .
at night, on Sundays 'and legal holidays or beyond 10 hon's daily.
mder the penalty of a fine BATTERIE 5
byIde the Trebunalty .f a'L f In this case, the employee shall, beforehand, 'receive a written BAT ER
by the tribunal Labour order, bearing the signature of the Secretary of State o', his re- B,
payment of the fine, the M u I .j ja 3
I, payepresentative. This authorization is necessary if the employee should jl.I da
applicable. In case oftrepe-
appca, ble. In case o rp'- be paid the overtime he has furnished. ,
of Gdes. .1,00 or six months For the application of the present la*, the term night works
over, order the' stopping-.of
Ssh d sited' n thb covers the work executed between 6 o'clock in the eienrug, to 6
S 'b orclock in .the morning.
Labour and cial Welfare i
Article- 318.-The officials that occupy key positions siulh as
cation of the Working class.
those of: General Secretaries, Directors and Chiefs of Seririce. of:
should keep their accounts II
d keep their accounts Office or of Section, hare not entitled -to overtime. 'The samhe is
.National Council of Coooer-, .
true.for, employees whose salaries reach or are over Gdes. '00
s accounting, and the ece.s-.
s an, a month,' and the employees whose main "watching".
cording to the provisions of ,
pector of Coratie Article, 319.-All. overtime 'work shall be 'paid on th, basis of
c oati oneo hundredth of the monthly* salary. .
the was, o vdty o e Article 320.-The present law does 'not apply toi .offidiai, and
the .Society or its members, ... ... ..
employees of Custom Houses, Immigration offices quarantine ports,
I kdvwse: the. Administrative ,
Sevo as w al hospitals, to which, special regulations presently in' force shall be rM .
Supervision, as wel.for all ; a .,'
^ applied. ,' *' '' "- "
',, However,. works done on Saturdays, during regular hours shall
fe l de: r not be consiFered as overtimem. '- -,- ; A1T I
tesenious cookW1 0 ac- : A T E IE
"t ;' ,. :......" ",. CH A PTi "..-' .. .. .. ,,.'. .,E .
the adcountin, dcr.partralefht C.& Pi .1 n '.' -
apd rdportsa are subject to On :,
d nby .im isonm ent 'varying ,L. ,.. a
S'b mpn, en varying "rtcle 321.-Are considered :as 'seia those, who devote their i '...
va -g-~m,,Gdes .200 to
,,,.' ,. ful., time in a permanent way .to .earingworks .nd other cMvi- WITH'SPECIAL
nd; 'can, t".".; be ,,.'e 'ties related to the maintenance .of a hoeme n, good. conditions, Are W P ,ES RVINGS
inc iled under the terms, bome, r. -W.esidential, estatek' private ..
S, :. vills e benevolent soeUms .operating.wiiouta. .GmmrA..a p5t
ve .of' the .#,'pt ive a t' io9 ,' h, ".' -e .-o .. .. to : o .. ... :' .. '
o fitbeasaheo'r objective -nelther fo .@e o employers themqel nor Y
Sr'dte.zrewmbtrs ot bis 0tarn.njiyon.FJ V
aeed upon anI p ubbshed t le' 322.--Unless othemwie provided' lor in'the agreemeO.,; h OO Yi FOR UI
pmenat 'vanI i 'pearft twR
st tI...."p. .i"-... .. '. -, .. '.
'-- .d .mehlaS of curreht.paljty -'

,I- fore kguq. ,' 'w.ot. .V :. w, i,'.- s "'a
S'. "' re. signing tract' d .prelT iies .to .
ph sentation of dc rificate o heof liveret'w i '..
ac tsb'. ; th"y days preveus t the Sgm .q .tead' contract. The B. G .DRI
S t said- certificate Shab .de ,a pysi'i employed by 'i
eeu w.. th,- ,, ,o. the Govenment nd must ,rant fred or any,: charge e cA. ti :tid :, I ':'l

odes ^ c4' ^ ^ jTofl qfthse irVant'is not erguldtci by1 '"a. GemM a14d JlWUJ^fel
.' :..dd,.Lo- h -,-- ::' : ,a^-' ;'n1'

-. .j 2aya.,d* r a.f .

AC d Insitutios'.I ", '". .

7 a,.day'and40- oi.--TI :O .. ...H
5.. nei the. ftllcowihg .;' Gat y...b'.

.." ", "R .."INEW ORMATION '. 4.[
.;" ,A' O



r ,. :-.,... ..

r N '

SUNDAY MAY 27th, 189O2


Df Maor..L
a .

(Continued from ,page 10)

he t o k lit adayh 3voyk,
[to e c tcerm the weekly rest ax4
4pgys 'are not applicable, to them. /.
e servantss are entitled to the following rights:
# plso and absolute
Stein hou t these ten hours must, be

Ss'tAd miryd a on le p l',.Bgavbolfdays; the servants are Enlttled
J l i t leifeflryrest of: half a, day. They are also
r'ie.ato Jlf a day off 46r each week of work. .
,*Raiftft who aie. illiterate may, without: any, diminution
.a,.aies.and, withjout.any opposition. on the part of
'e itattend, thrbe' times a week, special courses
Wo. weii..en, by ttet Department of Labour andf'Publi
Weltre. -. -
jAfcle '325.-'R. ses ofillness: are brought under, the following

a)-_ conitagious.diOsesee.o theft employer or other persons
S :li t'in th ge' thIe w reithe t living gives the
l Btriifh to "canceljhis'contract .unless it-is 'a disease
I g .gat uch il'm ,e 'peMteitiveb measures have :er. tn aken.
i emiiloer on thd 'other hand.: has the same right,. ini
case. e servant :suff&si of"an infectioaf'and contaglous disease
S,-unles- iht' iseai,.ha bhn cAtaghtiri- thd conditions foreseen
i t "paragraph "d" ,'' -"' "
,.z I 4ie caught b serva;t, if "it is benign but pte-
vents hjm-from his task during a .wee for Jhe' iroSf
compels the employd, prbvidb 'itedical assistantie- and
t it -a'iemedies.. '
ic A' ese. caught by the "erhnt,' if it proves to be severe
i 'ia 1 evts working -more than a week, gives
the lyeth'g,; the wdr is not insured, to .'.n-'
,..cel' the contracts at the expiration "opf the. said week, -without
SiW eaidyyqker a pecu-
,fniary- cbmpensait6On''aryng from ofine'toI fo;nd.m .Q-.salary.a.
d..L ;the,.' p .:..;edlng:t.ragrap.. i,.the
d) Inthec p inthe priced
MI. ngpar ..,-,. 'p...ji
*disease has been caught by the servant' hldirect, cdn;.
tact. with the employer or persons living. inri l the ouse,j the.i
hi s "-nt 9e0 ei receive paynet Mn r fu'l ofliTs
,.., NOI c ple e very of his. Ae.d .... to
b' reintbtired 'bf b"al expenses incurred during his Illaess.
e)-In case the. illness requires hospital care or isolation, the
employer: must 'ee to the admission'of the patient in a hos-
pital or: at the nerest benevolent Health Center, hiust pay
'the transportation fees and other emergency meastures adopt-
ed. Hb must'imniediately advise the patient'sa relatives -that.
,, live in the nearest.-ineighbourhood.
f-In. case. the servant dies in the employer's house, through
his illness.' the latter must 'pay the. fees for the funerals in
case the servant was not insured.
.'Aicle 32q.,-In the contract of work signed by both parties, the
i-"month shall be considered as a period, of trial and every one
he parties shall have the right to cancel it on his own will
'tiout any respasibility on his part.
After more than three months of service, the servant must be
\ven an eight day's warning or be paid an amount equivalent to
his period of time. The provisions of the present Code related to
e suspension or cancellation of 'the contract of work are also
pplifable to the servant worker.
Article '327.-Any. contract of work signed on Haitian territory
workers who' want to go to work abroad shall have to be written
three originals, one of which shall be deposited at the "Direc-
bn.Generale dau. Travail" to be registered. The said contract
bevalid,. must stipulate that transportation fees, maintenance
es, i.edical care for the worker be at the expense of the em-

r On Transportations

Article 328.-Are considered as workers on sea, those who serve
aboard of a -merchant man and give such services as are con-
rei te itiherent to navigation, under the orders ,o the capt-

4 I 4 4

aim oo the ship and receive in exchange good quality food u a C CIOUE S A$
good salary.. .. ..."IBO BEAO .
Shall be considered as .services of navigation, all the services ..
necessary to the direction, manoeuvring and cares to be- given to pR.. f A.M p-A f-PR i
the ship, its cargo or its passengers. "U'Kina NoLu m'4
Article 329.-Is the employerr, .any ship commander who, as an' s ,, ROIND-TBIW .
owner or. not of the said ship,, commissions" the la"t "4Ieqig j4I
diA a -vi .l U.-T-IL hi.LJ -LU on Ameutua -' f sg 'eurng h;--w

d na makes it sai muner hs. own name and at m hirislr .en thd$
the~benefits,. apd assuming all,.obligations- attached to dhe ship.
Article 330.-The captain of the sh~ip shall be considered:,before
,, (C ontingued on page 1]1.),

1' *. _
.. .";*; :'- ..- ", : .'*: "* .< ., .*
.* :..** ., -: ,- ,\ ,, ,, : -* <-* *,
1 ,, -., ,' ," 4, ,,i ,
,. K ,' ''* ,. ,, j ,, ,, ,
.. .: : ,, : -, .
' *, i- : '. : '. F f .. '. ". : .. : .,

*,-: ,/ ,. *' -A : f ''* -,:.,; '*
'* "* ,'* *- .' .," .' ^ ? .- .

tt:'. t< ..... ....4 .+ ..
.. : : : ', -. : ,

Ci, ldrenoe-P0 iy
Private Dressingw
White Sand ch
/ -

,., 4,., .. ,,. .. .. .. '. : ... 4 *.' s. .

4'-. ** ." i. :.. :.

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S. _- .. ...<. ,-1.. ..,...+ .. ..L.' ..



N Lff 1 4, 11 k


1. il

. L .:


. I

' PAGE 12 '

t! Joseph report

.Madame Gerard (Odette) Wiener left Saturday by Pan Air for
ouston, Texas. The Bacoulou Troupe of dancers left by the s&me
ste on Monday., They have a 2 week engagement at the Cork
C"ub in Houston, one of the clubs of outstanding status in that
(ity Following this, they have an engagement in Dallas... Mr.
iohert, Secretary of the U.S. Senate dnd Mrs. Baker were one day
visitors to Port au Prince last weekend... Pan American World
itways announces from New York that they have placed orders
lobrtwo Jet Airplanes exclusively for air-cargo; each will have
'capacity of 40 tons. Air-cargo transport is said to be growing
ikuch. faster these days than' passenger traffic... The invaluable
Monthly Letter of the First National City Bank of New York for
y is at hand. In this issue appear the statistics -perhaps or
6 pe .significance to us as U.S. conditions are reflected in Haiti--
otihe corporation earnings for the first quarter of 1962. Summa-
ton .of all industries earnings were up 29 percent as compared
Vith the first quarter of 1961;, minus 9 percent as compared with
he final quarter of 1961. Prospects for earnings as 1962 advances
lir modestlyy optimistic. Industries with the best earnings show-
I-g -were "Electric power,, gas .etc. up 25 percent and "Services
" pl"us -.21 percent Amusement" Such improved earnings affect
i,'as they influence alfluelrce of our principal market and hence
ei4tly foreign aid.... Chief boatswain's Mate Otis McCall of the
iYS.'Nat" attached to the U.S. Military Mission left viA Pan air
ztrday afternoon. He has a short assignment on a technical
Iaisio' to' Panama.;% Colonel E. J. Dollard of the U.S. Marine
., Mitary Attae at the American Embassy left for Puerti
!,via Pan-Air Saturday. He will visit his son of the U.S. Army:
;I ithe latter Jeaves ,for. a post in Germany... On the occasion
w 'fete.e of the Argentina Beptblic, Mr. Angel Pombo,
fte iploma l.ission in Haiti, and wife gave a. party at
ei (p irdon) from 11:30 am to 1:00 p6in onri Ma
-a Dltector. of the Banque Populaire Colombo Haitlen.,
.tGolotbiaand United States last, w&ek.. Mgr Collignn,
esaccoipanied by R. P. Bedard left Ion U.S. for
'u AUt;3arric .is appointed delegate of ,the "Church
e.Servi'ceMondiali des Eglises) in Haiti... Mr. Jean'
S, (Conftined on page 15).

:,. < ;,, FRIDAY NIGHT .'

o .0 4.
A^^il^@>^^^ i^


Drarnhbuie LIQUEUR


,' AND
oy t LIQUEUR made Scolad o
S+ei tnes.t pure old SCOTCH WIUSE- .
enet'for festivities and for every Locce.

&i[I R11IkioimI&IAi I '

SUNDAY MAY 27th, 196'2


Since 1945 when the World re-
covery program was initiated,
the U.S. Government has distri-
buted more than 90 thousand
millions dollars in foreign-aid
of one kind or another. It
amounts to more than $500 for
every man, woman and child in
the United States, according to
the Miatni Herald. No wonder
Uncle Sam is called Uncle Su-
W. R. Grace & Co. which op-
erates the Grace Line, the mo-
tor-ships of which service the
commerce of Haiti, held its an-
nual meeting in New York Thurs-
day according to the New York

The Grace Line operated in
the black in 1961 according to
'he report of. the president of
he company, Peter Grace, but
"he previous year, 1960, the ship-
ping operations incurred a loss.
Total, revenue in 1961 was
about $360 million of which more
',an two-thirds came from sales
of chemical products. The coni-
pany also owns new oil-wells
and a pipe-line in North Africa;
The stockholders woted a 2 or
1 increase of the common stock.
Althout shipping operations are
a minor activity of,W. R. Grace
'& YC.; it- was staged, that -the
coyalny is negpti ai-g to, buy.
the Bull Line wlipH-operates in
!and-outf of Puet miw Adi'the-
'Domlnican .Republi. 'Such --an:
acquisition couldt podsibl&e 'm-'
',pfy service to Haiti. '
"Interesting figures on .water
usage ar4 furnished by the-.Ni-
tional (U.S) 'Water Insitittel
. Whereds in. thd1, ear 1900 the
average per capital use was. 50]
gallons a day; in t1960 it-was
30 gallons 'per day.
Water like land is having
-eatly increased uses and. na-
.-al supplies are .not increas-
-ing. In- 1960-the average per ka-
pita. per- day -, for. industrial use
was, 849 gallons, and -for agricul-
uradl usd 766 gallons.
As' an example' a ton of rayon
'ises' 200000gallons .of water in
its manufactures; a ton of syn-
thetic rubberr 600,000' gallons; a
ton. of steel 70,000 gallons per
.',v. i An ;acre of ranges needs
300,000 .,gallons per day. Here in
Haiti we certainly need water

(Continued from page 15)
tion, and helped-by no one, she
'ot so far on the socialladder
that her hope is to persevere in
what she Is doing and go fur-
'er up by being sooner or
later the owner of a big res-
'aurant, -

This woman is always seen in
front of her little house selling
0r tasty food believes in the.
d Ft, ench proverb; "vouloir. pouvoi'...wb.Er&-..terei..


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.1i IiO.fee0 altitude ,yel only 7miilue "
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SThe most exquisite Qievso &erlooking ihe6aty
8a bay, tle plains, the mountom;n' .:

Delidious dontinental dusine and.ouperb
Servide '

Personalized attention to e2?ery guest I.

P S imming Pool \iii Lundion .Loun
and Bar Panorama Terrode .
Air-donditioned de-1uxe rooms .


TUESDA9 :InIormal,'r eo euI', "Dandirnq froi
7:3o0 RM to midni
J meringue infTruchon ,and dAntest .
al 9: 3o .dosual dress.N]o dmits,io h{ee.
v)EDNEs)A: mnliimentarg. eget-tog0lberlPuneto ,
prfq' from 7p' to 8 pm..
FRiDAy : Cala Dinner-Donde from 7:3oi.m to
1:-- 3oa.m. SuperbShow at lO:3o
Jo adm5lion fe .
LL OTHER 1Ji4T.: dockIail hour from 7 to 9 .v.i;
notice dombo



*4,; ',

SUNDAY MAY 27th, lu2 .


It -

the law uas employer'ss tpresentative, in .case he is not the
employ hi sel. He shall, legally, bae tthe character of. an
authority .n the cases and with the attriGutions and duties entrusted
o him ees diommon law. ,. .
Az^ 3,^ charti-patty may be paiss Xr a determined
ural i0 de aiine. period o r a voyage .
'" contract.with a determined ,i'rk undetermined duration,
the shall detenine the- place where 'the worker shall be
taken Sack, iinf.4' i fore the voyage,' he shall: be taken
!back to, the ce w .e beeh embniked.
fl~The tl all coirize the period 'beginning
fIathe '6k'xbalg Tt~ ior an ending at; the corn-
lre~fl on e unloading n the iit, which is expressly indicated,
Ir tiling to do so; in the national port where' the employer s do-
;ilici. ed ..... .. : '

~A'" i dle 33t.--The-employer shall always be obliged to take the
j'sailor back to the place or port indicated in the preceding article
ai and .f ehlS dlssof contracts, beforeputting an end to that
.cntrat.' s provision shall be applicale even in case of wreck-
age but not when a punishment amounting to imprisonment is in-
flicted on a worker r for a fauli committed abroad and in other
isinillar cases leading to an: absolute impossibility to apijy it. -a
SArtcl 333.-T a aitian ship changes iits nationality or is lost
"ii 'a wreckige, all- contracts passed at the time of embarkation,
-shall be reputed as cancelled on the .dale, when the obligations
prescri-edmin the I pret g eied shall have been met.. In such
%6Qs ti hissel Aty, wittlltp to more important advantages to-
'en .1'atdn of the provisions of t e law
o r, oe "'h''.e .:-i e c o n ,.n t i o n s ; .. '". ... *"

"'.Aktlete.._..-The co.t etfrs 'cannot put an end. to a- contract
even it a. legitimate rea exists during, thp voyage The ship
shal b cisidere: ttiaveling, wan hhe.1i -:at'a, or in a na-
ttona *, tf'eign iport .er th#7,. k.,hete ^ rKe should
be t. ,enjs j ;. 'e '.
l r1 during the .atay of a port the capta finds
S .- job, the on rract
'. .seial. piesertins. abour"tli# -
tract of work are respected. .,,

ArtBle 335.-The employer 'shall rightfully be entitled to put an
Lend, e'-cotract.of employment on board of a ship, apart from
those provided for in the chapter concerning the cancellation of
contract of work in the present Code. -
a)-The voluntary, and obvious disobedience of the workers to
orders passed to them by the captain'in the exercise of
his duties.
b)-Desertion of .the watch on the ship.
c)-Breach to respect due to the passengers.
'd)-The fact by the sailor to be drunk in time of work or under
1. the influence of any narcotic or other similar conditions.
Article 336.-Are deemed good reason, on the part of a worker
1i4.put an end to his contract of work on board of a ship. apatt
t'om those provided for in the chapter on the cancellation ot the
6entract of work contained in the present Code:
i,'a) Any -chWnge in the destination of a ship, when it occurs'
before thd beginning of thi voyage for which the sailor has
'- bedn engaged.
b) The existence, beforee the departure of the ship, of ews
concerning epidemics or any other dangers prevailing in
the port of landing.
c) The death of the captain or his replacement by another one
who does not offer the same guarantee of sec'trity and
ability, before the departure of the ship.

Article 337.-Accorditg to the nature of the works or duties as-
sumed by each worker, the more or less great emergency of such
duties on specified cases, the fact that the ship is in port or at
4,sea, and any other circumstances to be considered, the parties
:all within their legal limits, enjoy the right of freely regulating
day's work, the rest, the rotations roll, holidays and other
similar questions.
Article 338.-The sailors engaged for a voyage shall be entitled
to a proportionate raise of their salary in case of prolongation or
a delay in the voyage, unless that prolongation or that delay was
,ff ^ .w .- -..#. ., *. : ,.

caused by circumstances outside one's control. If. the duration
of the tip is shortened, whatever the reason may be, there shall
be no reduction in the salary.
Article 339.-After all efforts to reach an agreement have failed
and a judgment of condemnation has been pronounced by the
Tribunal of Labour, the ship, with all the machines, the tackles,
the cargo shall be affected to the guarantee of payment o' saliries
and indemnities due to the workers who shall have the priority
on all other creditors. I
Article 340.-By the only fact that the ship was voluntarily aban-
doned while the voyage was still on the worker's contract shall be
righteously cancelled, without prejudice to the legal responsibili-
ties incurred by him on this occasion.
Artcle 341.-The worker who fails ill, while the ship. is travelling
shall be entitled to be taken care of at the expenses of the em-

(Continued on page 14)

a a.


' : ., ..
y b ..'" ,,-.'




Specialement conqu pour donner une con
aise pour une meilleure faculty d'
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sivit6 de Goodyear!



'[ 'Nw- ...s,
"a u .


Le nouveau Tractip Syr -Grip,-J
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conu pour vous donner un .,
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Smodernes. II mord en blai. dt' :
gracea son'proif'a
C-E-N-ThB-E O-U-V-E-R T,
il e nettole automatiquemeirnt. i *.
Ainsi vous obtnez une traction'.
constanfe. II vous coumte.
moms de temps, moins de tiavaild t'
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Allez le voir encore aujourd'huit.
chez votre dealer Goodyear. :

dufite '

units A.

-- --- -- L -- -
.. .. i" .. .. .

.. a


Unfurnished, modermand
villa located at Sa'aza ,al8
(Martissant) behind carn^ 9

'ifcent bb cr'h
rooms, andi foe terrace e .
dern kittehnj closetO and
bathrooni. Cold and hot ,i
all 'time. Permanent .brae
Gardens. &'
* Apply to Mr or, Mris Dou
Penson lervaxn, Clervani
Petionvlle. After 5 p.m.

Pftf 14



*li~ loOt

(Continued from page 13)

player, whether he remains on board tihe ship or lands. fe shall
m'ipreover be entitled to half of his salary after fifteen days of
illness and after his recovery and his repatriation without any
ution of his salary.
..fif the, worker who is ill was insured. he will enjoy the benefits
04pans due to him, in such circumstances.
..^-rticle 343.-The payment of the salary of a worker who Jied in
mhe course of tle ip, shall, take' place -according to -the following

un-Biy unit of tilne spent, if .the salary is stipulated by, unit
of time.]- the contract was signed frt the whole trip, the worker
:. .- shall be entitled to half of tie amount that was agreed upon,
in case he dies during the first half of thq trip, and to the
whole amount if he dies on the return of the ship.
If the contract was passed on benefits to be 'maae, the
amount belonging tob.the worker shall be paid in its integrity
Sin case he dies after t1h% trip has begun. The employer shall
Sn6t lie obliged to any paMwnt.-it the death oecurs before
.' the. date of dep e of t ~I .
Ajrtle.343.-Is cornsNeted as a stari'sbtke dkelared' by the
r.kers when the shp salt seatr., a4iM stid a pot: -
Wien the strike is decihah in aport,:.te crew music on
,"Slihip, except, for the watchmn wiho sill 'remain on board for
ulty ot r maintenance a .
ticle .344.-If the ship anchors in a port for repair,, ind, it
Sbysal conditions, db. -i. a.l .to te,. cs, .i ., ho- ord,
..e;oWneri tf the ship is 'coipllUed tI see ittM fteoiu.of its
TP-,s b'bligaon 'i e a, cb} ., i :ca ,. i .ejni t be-
6-i40a Hatlan: pd at t oo it th;on (-i. ranpe dvn] 4
'Signed. In one or other case, no expenses' s'a be suipp t
Ik members of the crew. : -..
cle 345.-Are co'sidefed'ras wvorlers in lbl#. tbr porrtauit
ise,. who work on. a car affed''to the tran,.of go dl s
Piassengdrs o both ..
.rtice S.-Are 6'ott. subject to 1a. normal da*db o t. ...* '
Tlwoi.lers whosBeg jo-b iti drive vehic oi a ire

..Ai workersis who diOiv& Yethiq lgyj hat are, afet ted me 3 '
e v,0ral,. .mutdifip., and whose work is uemBaerated with,
| a 'ala& fi' ,accordligisto,the, trip. Such a work rljry uo'
e d by other.meapq...t re.m.erition. -
6cle 347-Is: considpned,. as casual, labour, ob agEws'of its.
S p ..., ersns, who ..are employed ii .t.. dwnig otf
es. at;.s'e 'the publcJ- i such cob vUa..t*-

It le .34-'te. conItreter'f work of wo'ltp4.,6ffectA- \ e
,"jd.,' t.; "s. o .. .. ,for .H ,
"nbew 'ot 'a'a".r," : towg!,eri 'by 4 oii"" -A contained. '
carpcles:. Si ; 325,: 326, 327 or the lp4d'waeir,.'
mId lity dimssaf, gi leaves, nqo itefssM6ndl iihesses,
be granta;.bd acrding to the usual '* .1i .
4tcle .349-T ie widrlng day of workerueMo bm. diM!. lyiivat
a; begin at any month* o4 to od r ie
V.u, -, th, eight hou 'B't'vU "Midqd ."the
4r r *k 9b#4 n ot. go' beyond. 489 .... ( -A


Study In preparing for his; Tanglewood Bernstein next Philharmonic-Bernstein trade e
career Bernstein'studied with a .-.tudied .with Fritz Reiner, inas- his first New York appearances
number of teachers' at several much as his irterdst had shifted as pianist' and conductor" during
different schools.' He later atten-: to conducting. Following. this he. .192-43, He 'received enthusiastic
ded Harvard University where! Worked under Serge Koussevits- notices for both his playing and
he worked with Heinriel Geb-. ky, conductor of the Boston. Sym-, his .conducting .and- in' ,te late
hard, piano, and' Walter- Piston. phony. This work took place at summer of 1943 was appointed
in cori'positidn. Upon-his pradira- the famous Berkslire Musi Cen- assistant conduct6r of the New
tion, from 1939- he ter- in Tanglew6bod, Masacliu- Tork 'Phlhaririohie under. Artur
lookeQ.' more stldy. setts, a fboal point of U.S. music P.odzirisld. .
Study. .' .
." "' '" '~~~ ~ ~~~-- -_ -- '. .' ; "

.'/' '. "... ..
Endietdr-In'I]ate 1943 .ean- Comopser +- Although" ,ti pu- Musical C1oiedi rn.ei 's
,ar.d Bernstein's big- opportunity blic image -ofLeonard' Bernsteit PcAtf lAeiftotf teresiseedcp-
'arose. :,; ondodctor Brunio Walter -is that-of a conductor-hp-has also' ,cd. by -the ifact.lptatr' he.has.coin-
was forcedi- by illness, to cancel; been outstandingly. suocesiFul as posed ftle scoeg- fr;h two. highy y
an engagement to .conduct the 'a composer of a number of tyoes siccessfulT m .us ic a I. .eqrnerie
New.Yorik- Philharmonic. ,Bern- of music. His ballet Fancy. Free Wonderful. Tow"i and West.;' de
stein as .called in at the 'last was aft 'instant success. 'te has Story' He' liais' ao'cmpsd "-,
n piieul as Walter's subtitte. T.also composed works for vriael- cdental pusIf tfor. monon pic-
l6 peronmance he gave evoikd ists and several numbers for in- turesand is..'an avrd'.3 lerr in
rged;'i"ase' from both public strumentalists, all weU received j Z *Wbieh'h pborms fen. '
an ntis... .. .
S m, ." ''. .
m/ iiir ..... -- -rz ri. ;.. ., ...-..

% e- ART NO:

And Sunday by appointment.
B ;'A.*



$PsreManabe lbitlon hlag 1n ftte suSmiS. Second btore
-tr -m.t show hangs the. galrs, loon
Pe n wit a appreia of art wit berewad-
4d ^bvfistlng the Art Oenter.
AlA. -'

IN 144.

w. deo la flevoauilIJ
i,+^L l 1*.'.- *'

Children'- One of the greatest Family Bernstein: was mar-' Tfe Man Beftstein's-love of|
contributions Leonard Bernstein ied to- the Chilean-born artress music hd- his desire, to linparti
has made to the understanding Felicia Montealegre.Colmi inrL851. his knowledge to all-who.-a~e-in-,
of music is in the work he has They have a son and: a daughter terested makes him one. of the
done with children. His television !-nd Bernstein manages to speqd g r e a t e s t contributors.-to the
shows, broadcast nationally, have ;a good deal of time with his fa- spread of culture in the' modern
brought culture into millions' of :mily, in spite of his -ea'vy sche. world: His tours through. Eiuroep
homes and smulated the muc- dule. Although music is a'vilal and south Amer have de
a] interests of children and their cement i the household, a bal: him an internadonal figure and
parents and ends. tince of interests. -.maintlned6 he is respected'wVdteve'he- I:

An ~.4AV,
bi- ~ fj -


J .M ..." ,....'.;..V. ..,. T T' A .. "'S U N.r ,.
TI JOSEPH PQRTS..'.' .O. pa X"
Vuibmn.0 niew PFefedt at C a and Grandp RivIere
SNordl, .amlyuies *"w .W 9ea7nd May 20th' 1962... Sam' I
Wrhr Nfew .York o -irFlight 43 -Monday
ad is .teetie l.a Sazn has dont e.. ... d. .
V.e M ost o. ...1X W c 'fiv v:.:r
: .7: ,..." -M ost. o!t e people he... e .' enjoy, "" ''" le "'
t.m.0 both ne g "maehann fi and 'u riz, ap. pori.(rje ahd. q spec al tt Ak
A m c anI, n wIm at Pan L a ratb'g what eaas fi 'n tenp cent "' t .... : "
T* ",.La ".....t.,,.,. ", :and ,t. ,. -."''W. t.- .i.
W a as itduripgte #eel. Cfa they r.n
Snat thm p Th., are '. A dtlfebnt kinds Lumena.. whd your rif dr er A st2khtr nAbe
-o lao to be i he "wed .st Sa dy a a :
ti'ni ,D le TT i i> I"imi eb "R "i:" "' to.. '.. "d ..; situ

.... .UR.- .n.hene ita omai.e.. b o rt. in -flle-Bonhe, ,in. 1898. s e
... h. : l, "" =a to th taspr.

.... her s aff. takes .he .first. she cas to the as b&n q t;
,. ... .. .:.: si .!] .; ..L-6"8. wh,'as, ,al muse, m:-n. U ap g-r.... gn.: i. &

i\4 hr numerous clients at1 the capital was in 1908) he, has -use Nafre ious QAiM the Caital daughie whd, st 'go, us harried ,cam a.- co' t .
-Allr. .16r= ;. o

o ` U. i n da. ti de ifie theo n i ".ad 'a sor' who .ist .. -it
.sr4:.o .b e .g L.. .. ii e f h e

l enera rAf ork 'in rout: b heybouts, hi chalcs. She is .4 niasier if the' I, itua til
pit'rtftppi flat,.isnnnd. i4 a'?. general' -"J".'"" :'
,,I. a ,..". : ,: : I, '' t i .
I'... .e -. th .. ,t o k p

*tas abe Inspector Genetg the evehing and who, beside art. and' it very actie She wo.ks appreciated
'Med berst the e some rexceptiona-.occa'im6ns iueb knows in advance that i going wbo .low her- "
s the year "Fe st Pierre" on in the Icity and is* alw s told, y report
La's.a S. .. ..

et .Petion.ille, "Fete Mont Ca t- amronr the first 'ma ach .nn fn- since. motvated by er'
( mea"'lPort au Ptine, "Fete kles' tq be here,; espheial
p..nd-oPc ae..diAe -erge. de. Sant' .'Eau" at Vile- w.hen.itf s a good .occasion 1o. I o .e .
.Mr.-gust. "o df.. ig,," ,... ardie. Wer pr -"
rbab&o $l4l li i sll&ti'qt.In~e; o Ms. ''e- -v~n .m, :w I 'ls e n i..,e ":" ..,aev.. Se.Wrkt a ~ '~~d

2trf9er A. bt" e aiz sobered e an some ,-ubbe m 'ii.
d u.,a A... i b, Aeeoy- ,e tatio in the c 'aital o else- -. '., ...,
att sadbr"r- 'qu4. ?j'pi;eL .s le'. *
.. "'EM P A7 I ca", .," "." '

whtre tion e e-aln m e .
... .some rapi sales, never. 'moves
M i... k w wo v' nae *o l ..' .
eacSk ld fs r ener liddises. to this cat&-
aecoAi t'dTso t'_bln
? e lo Lumuen -at whose
ofl b4-'Ket -" A fiIehtus to
a Lta -'4 *irirepo~rtand a'group
"~~"..y .'.er ,e d. wre hav.d innu a" p 'e -

.0. griclng 1 he
0k so a aU E E,
.t aand:. .k`wsBdsl
Ag2 .ow "a d ,Lhen o neeC ..'mb tes ,II W:"O
is.,,..i.e .,.,
.,~ -'., ..... ro o9 l .r"Lbusenh ,atr '.whos es by'i.,..A.IN'T.N4SI;-.

prear.. f "'na, pesee ,wt 1.:
: t "b wot, athae ". it.a
':.> i I p hoe m he s I *

G ioe "",.h rice -P p" R. .,

cooke to6 the justw LnAtis
uWhly she ebuys sma ll 'fi &t
Pe ,. .,,,:s l

st at fr rolk es. :a' '-
b .i shA..aae tu e .a. ish p
at: grocery w .ere s he -buy,5 W O .. .
.ur by. the pqF nd an e ry .... i' L "
nowi arnd',then-, eookiang oil' by theTA TN A n7 TV AZC

gallon. Wih the bananas
rep.areS' diane pe see". with
vc -i,,oi.ethe potd a"...ate.s "Patate Frwi" and
with the. pake she p prepares
rGrilloet"; the rsic and peas are
c 4: cooked together just' as it's Us-
O e .l ,y sparedd and- tm. .e small ....

'oTO prepare the "whhen -pe-
.4.o'a .. R eh m r i n..a th e s"-n a n a s
m eby in forThe oval look". th b an a
Aa It a u tS- gold le at.. cuts each ot them in two or three -

ero (a01ur ful gas o w ther o
pi.dn diu,....a.,, old'o-louruehal .pieces C'all'o t f-
-e i -

yo ..ur 'fezent sizes), puts them ito
..ova, wl ,,.offet :"-a .q'. water Ton 'a few ombinat
,slo" thrivee tr'ium.phant e 'bmn h c

A'~~~t Ref.rov.e them f ataes te -n pri es
.O f.'tn n e :ni ir v .. ..". .. v .

'a ni t mo ve- 18 L, tw ro all d es .g-of flat .. -"
"Swiss"Observato"ry ait ''me,' gold '' sdial'. (o ek,:.
goldf~gre ~,,Wood and'puts them totry. She
'oeA the same thing with' the ''
potatoes. The "marinades" are
made- by mixing flour with"at-
,LM ORIAer (a fill gliss of water for a .
A NDI. '.pound of flour). S the 'p s salt
-owp and pepper in ing th e combinationR IAY "
to' improve the taste iand fThes e :E ',
DNEO TH ROFGRES "dureprei,"Baan is -esee' w*ithnda "-' ,M,.I,;G, .... ..,. ....IN."C.E,.SSE '- A"RO .

Them separiately (one '-big fullA
510NE AEL MASSON ORSIE for each "marinade".) J.
"g rilot" is potrk fried ina.s
particular way. It's very tasty. lPRESENTS .' r
EThe poisonn Fi" are the small TWO GRANDPR
EVERY SUNDY NIGHT which, after being scraped 1.-FRIDAY JUNE 15th .- 7:45p.
EVERY SUNDAY NIGHThcleaed. ou... fre.h

.ind The Complete Baliet of:"LE..S.TPEUaetp" ae-e
DANCE ON THE ROOF. GARDENS -i"d neacpois" rhe .band L A GA:E O
at' at private houses. L-FRJDAY JUNE 22nd 7:45 p.m.
rri a 'easlts. The Adts of "THE SLEEPING BEAUTY" Ballet'
es fl UCO unThe costs of these things are:
Hoe .1 c u e"hanane pesee", "patate Fri", Elitr~inee:.' Reserved Seats: $2.OQ
MICHEL DESGROTTES" MUSIC -id "marina" one cent each; Genteral Admijone $1oa00
,rlllot". two ce.ts for a. snal TICKETS SOLD AT: Librairle Las Car ellep R Theatfer. L .v .i-
.0.' Wila School oftl~io~h Balmlet on pie:Cbas del ee~in o he i- :;,
i Uvi lFREE NTRAN"C. piecet "oiseson fin" (fried fi;sh)..iO'Scolo ale n le Capd as
." i"".4 A ". ". "' "

t'E 1(6


SUNDAY MAY 2fih.. l.*


A -

Y _, Voyages.p...

, O P *F.tQ uuu. .- -.. uuW gu M. O Mou N '


4pftused and less and less acceptable for certain poor
-:Y d ,- f ... .
,."We haWte saie na to abjection, we have said no to
ikavii."'of the '*ehao by e white pian..we have said
uo to slavery of the e the Negro, we have said
,' evendiin tAfuhe ;.sseuiti values of humanism...
.,,.'.lilrty will.. beifusied to Us, in the name of .a&
O t, be ini to be exported in view of
Et adopted ti ...ty .illl be refused to .us because
.p. are. .pidlrand' froutb"' jegroes in theoname of
S.. ,.y ,- .

)^th9. td i'.aoevhy *,r "cdup .coloial"smi

iTen I .not. at all ,their errors toward
3iti-ybepthely. adnotIread'to
,tsd the HaWifian 1tin.. -
a.ia .r..y, -o ...there s q een is
of tye

-b, e...pea@*t .-prrtLe.^ptD
I 10, 19

CA' .

+a:m *4v.j.S ''. btdrsi bf', :,'

_ ,

,h ~ t ; ,. ;i; -','. I' i

ta "Jo a-de
i .iesi ..nI of. ae.d w onf-.6D
u2 ~

AT...b. t e ti -nh

rn.. e ;o"
ne.y, brt,
lp 'the
d- ne pcn~ h thgo it i

... ,+. +!i thd + + : .- i.,.b, er. t...o ...
meni---- meau,1V.ove.
:)aYP.A, 4. v'4l.... .....J'' '... ...
*.--- :.-."Y-<,. .. d... lkS"-. j -'i .< $" "e-: -:, -." -=i....- ... ,.

.e abzw o. ie"J.wly ie:. "' "l '' ..
-vean*4 e ~ RcnnislFor f.O~ -.. &,,t- t,,-. 'Mg ,
g';;. j; 4b

d. thea apr eaie t~, s -ress -.......-.
j "p .T cS e g es treLthe eagN Z D fS.. no hbyr .- the- U. :-.'-
?n acko a ts Ba co jlie y41 3nd Miszo o t4 Maw (UAI)- ag o l oroii e
r;ia Rckw.o6t1'el "- h Jr' the endi u ,

h-el.t... .S s4$ .
fI -e to tona" eofat. toDa y tiu n ...e o 0 ft -ia
'- "'' of..o,"Pr,..C ,.,"A ""t ".4'
-:, ,.a ] gi.dge0 .. ..w te "" ad ..~g & dptl of '"ee J ~u
-"- "' i": -""-"'" .... ..., I 1. ..-. -" "

.- ,-eks P.s, .two ,.01:
.. v d yoT. H-!f' .'u.e,. W-i.''-'
.-.. L. .

fof.. barg,. .A.ei,', fist)
4 nta lre af cIpesr 1' -2-atlp g cra: 1IL ea ant 4 n di ty. .... -I I= .,. ,. -S
Commander .rne

.. ,, ., <:. ...' ., e i& C ef). --
4 Th h t vete hae Paf frcodtfn

curr. ....en.t e-'merg.ncy ,Afsl. + #O ,:-Us ", ,m-me
~P~rS pas oe O *fi Pt*t$conmfortmi yourihbomn. office immediately., ; i
An' ado ".,

,>l .-.fWp.. :: i, d-i! _i' lam ;t i".... g* .. ....... ""-""- .'" A; -"f ..
wa eeks Phpe't" -!lJh~e tl&
.. f.,eF,.'I'. A
w14)!Ro: > Wit I7 taked&

Vor QV'... ....r.. F t R S % ..I. k.G,,.PK
4''cre ,1Z. s :,r,, r-
d.. .

S ,. .

- 9'. -..

TN ,,



22nd May Celebration;
At 8;30 p.m.,,.a t' e same Fai
culty, Dr Fanc6di. DwvalerB, Pre
.sidentqL t.the .epu jic, u ieceivec
the -felictations apd homage o
-the Haa fi Joy.imal sts. Mr. Du
.yr .pQarer, secretaryy ."i
;ral:-t tjhe AHI-I. A os ~ti det i i
journalists, Iihens welomec
he Prespdenpfl'the namee ofth
Aqsoie ,op. '.The Prsiden.t of -

$tatp received kind, ach o.
colleague. In a .sp,-ch, the, ec, -:
retaryt Gfirngl of thetAsifoJ itioir
@of paitap Journalists, edcplainedj
tA peaning of- the. .ollaboratiof eHitian ress .sv'uh the'
Government i' the Peident'
aliepbli.c,,. ( fra -is,
-, .-, -. ... ,
:. ...G E O ..., ,"

-A*fte, .th solemn A4ece.f

plao t .."1, -,souc.Cext e- des.... nn -the. nn-hflQinfl IEthe1


St *" .- ;,

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