Haiti sun

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Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
May 13, 1962
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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. O-: OT-A-PIBtiNCE. HAitI Avenzne Marie-Jeanne MC1E J~fUMAJSA -ESiJ0--.fh 061 Vo lC. S-mday MAX-:Mth, 1I80- NpC.2.-.

C r Gitopar To Dry Do

N al Base BT
,..:* ^ '- "[ ^ "" i .* ".- *- ..- '-- ,,...-...._,-, ......y..:..An....oject:to. im -.-.o.e- :,. .
., prove iiti" er- i ta-oca drdoc.,,d
e 0 '" HO N- cia y dock Aing .' ,ac .ite- tie, "aitn ."rdhan :: ." ve
Phe arrival Friday mio- firmn whereby .it would supply SEVE is ijriitesfld st o km-^ w aebd
^ May 4,- at Miragoano the ;U.S. Naval. Base at Guanta- Opletlon, project I engineerr tlh nua1. a aos
the TSS Atahapa high. namo Hay Haitanxrock a:nd san. -.. ... J. Thcroddnr reported this *ae expiA e .
d the suei of nit- fo construction purposes.. Haiti wee. h
e Naval Msion i f- thus replaced Cuba as -a supply teful Ceremon at .. *, s c
6inHcrteasi 'cnQ'At --source ,for sUdirfateria.^ s n dea 'h100000 epair aid renova- oiede, eig the fist a
4ty'.i- n.- thi. Soutr ... Since Nov.embr four U.S. Na- c, n...g ,.-. the -la,. i n ailw t plished.10 --.otr0io ...
Se t tugs hauve docked a at Mirago- t s beig --co let dy dok apd, Hict c,'y
ane, hauling away. nearly 8,000 h iunderoround snrine thc#pderickSpne CorpdradOf years ,ago ;rhe .esez |
the i 1nspr"ipp o -the ;tons oprock.aggregate. The uSS -suP "o Bala i otf New York under co"it"act to ..renovat
a isdqs!ot-- lja.liaia Atakapa was the .ffth tg. to ar- near Thomda4full'of -IE- ihe 1S. Naval Mibil nIn/ Haiti ton, railway fritrongdi&
b^.'was negotiated in .ovy ry under this contract. t gn a skid tobe whic' is admimnaiti aiely .re which ships r *ed Art
ewithaMiagoane busei s continuedd page 1) d evil spiri, ponsi for thi roiec sre.- the watel and' std. .i
"o/' -- pla c where.t r h. te inocit"atiol. ess. applyingg the funds, how. fock, aid N'o 3 the iha-,"C.. ..
'"" ^ -- '- -- -~ ; l o as" mund the-Pauitieon ever, is the U.S. Ageca oI n in- g Iec i ai b ige'. b
lu.r Rstorat B W' Voo.oo, can ,i ,ot bestow Lcrnational DeveloPm-ent. "iss- Snce wo.I.,eg
0 e ub hs ;e. go or l the ba. d lot, ion lo. Hait.derUsAiD ". .i. Jh 'buha n wt-
.- rig hy wrog1y as the McC"odderi -estiiaitd 1h the tougl have .bee i co nsrple.
.. ^e..abee-,H...l Iscene ofZ t O ge thi d tre presto reair -work "-. would be i.o & re vd,. a
weekend, aordig: to nfshed bY ii .S.Nth--e end of May m td n
: ..................................................... ,... ... ............-..."a
"ir,:c; .. ai dugs.h v e. tI o aea ra e mec a tMirago- p ia4ea
.. .t. .y o k.' -e

... -_g-g eh ni conStu- .t'eri tn es t o soeri o t e otik ,of ""

nwi' a300w000 we of construe- i Bcersons'railled' together 'in' a substantial improven A Mver Coast' Guard Base li' -
'eI I abo b:- -hc' Seabnee the motpaing by .a bougan ao- the railway's c t.di ion Ir dry dock is usi iti
our addtioa- Sea b"es 3 v -r (*Conti:nuqd o page 1") ..6. '- e(Co...i.iue on zi. but .'ne. or tvn sr, .ac ft. vssel.:i,,
Or ....theu PPnA.. -
jjai4ld. At-. 'h Attaim .hS" the _,itlo tgEg. to eli -H afd up S dr1

As Woman- .; 4'

.9i t Missingain Spaniard inine A.
.. i,.. p :-., e r, '- ^.
- tth aMiaganebusi' (iitinued o--pag -. ai t v i eye-lashes and stipii.y legs fit t
hted anto white hi 'ht-heels s siant-
Les :up to'p -ra sionecai chha ne.i.iiIathe .Ji
o* ":t desk of P n a .Caucdo air-
... .port. in She Db mintcan RUer3ubiio.{l t t
wamed up for tihe P.0r t of Spain,io .ait SA

aining-her real identity nneogo
ret ab a vlgllhat, Im-nigrateicn
.. wro. officer, who noged *-llerean

e passport and identification curd.
The lady, w. no lady, but.

It was in Ville i-s custody, that .
to who -isappe.r. in Trjillo-.

land se,.ral years. was last
..At the time 5A:~ Tr .illo gov- M S HIGH-HE and make-up Salvador o u
ADY NO ADY-but th'.$300000e former second in conu i Salesman for Mexican Pr- in charge of S at te same arpor several ears before

disgul-ed as a DoA n n wom an a ttempting to hea:moint A .b.,a Ivhougan i n eralway's d noti a rrived from HaIriY Dominicans at the ali
-our ..ddioial'Seab- ees' '. "L -.( i.o. ued o. Anoge:. ) tie":.on 7

We, -6.4 -desk of Punna .- -iAucedo, ir.. i4

A.. .. ( o. ...... .oil'.. ".N. A.... . ., .. .. ...: .
6 1 dad -., .:..' -- r ,- :, ., ,, .'. + L ? ,., f ..,..,.:. '-: .: V V : "; '< -.2 ,: '::.,'"',.': ''., ,.'':Y" '' >'. : ,.L
.," y: '" ...- i ,,:,,.; ,.>;:.A.". '_.'.. ..+x ,.:. .. .'S :k :-. :;':' --.e. : :;:. :.,, ,. :':' ... '.-:'' t:.i .:; :' '. ".

- 2.

SUNDAY MAY 13th, 1

Jff the Telediol

anks to Radio Haiti for -their' broadcast Monday evening of
rg_ e Shearing Quintet program. It was. good listening -and
minded 'me of the -Ehbers. Club in N.TY when.he played there.
ifora for this week: never count one of those packets of "ourdes!
Sa string aroaid tie middle, without pushing the string up to
i.nd.or the other. That-lets the Itdried-ones fall loose! That's
ltthe*.,tell me. -Dizzy Definition: A camel is a horse designed
committee. Not so dizzy if you've ever worked with -a coqx-
'ee -.Funny how trade- names- become generic, especially in
t lFr'instande, all- refrigerators are "Frigidaires" and now
det~agents are Colgate's "FAB". I hear people asking for Fab-
le, or Fab-Omo. That miut kill P & G!' -Almost without excel-
eve song in. the Spanish language contains the word
*" ; repeated several times. Somehow that. word al-
.'..akes 'me -think oi the trade name for a patent
S-ne.' Takes, all the romance .'away. Last.- week's
!bout- Col. Heint came from oofe othe *horses' outh,- but
ej"fon pays it, isn't ,so and wants-it retracted. So be it. As
Ti' concerned he never put .pen to paper. It wasn't told
SI only.heard. --TMy- dessmaker insists on making life
fB.ltior me. She knows I speak sortie. Creole, and-.he speaks it
..sawing girls, .-but she -insists upon. sticldng; to French
,,--which she knows I don't dig. Shelber? -Well, of all
ele'Palic Works Dep't. filled in the ditch I've: been falling.
.e..t believe -it, was because I sent tip a prayer 'last week...
.r'. .nyhow, thanks large, --rInm 1, .the markl.t for. rud
S M 'oning-.boaid.- I ;any one Miaos t peotple
'stuf to get rid.opf ltn-'yeourtor. is:,over, please
huh?:'-Fine Idna of sendoff the -Dick:.'-.bbctts
last Tuesday night, of. money, dbthes, radio,- etc.'-The'
to, remove a pane. of glass somewhere. --The BillU
..W.ekly fumble for the, lunqh check still g'as on. Last
tfwas Pat's tuin, pill had. a &0 cent cheec': tPat arri. ed
F was- not sure), while Pat. had a $1.80 'heck. 'lThiN
t ..theateins to order a couple; of'hapnbi'6ges-tos o whe,'
nt -.-This. weelift w .Mac Nabaco-Neal;s tiun to lunch
n hti dg."h fte; th6C$ 'rwet (Clubl et .his.iQl e.
T1spwa uaaettirelP'Clinese MerhteaMd h-latpr".Dia -
h' one- coffte- bean ,said to an.ther'--t can be mad,.
1'b.t -.ll .er 'ie.-slow- gUnd. tYicks, Wi a 'ill rraser
1t1 ."gourdetk-n .the new lottery 'firs rarki out of-
w as hed i :ga.dp4Mgp say ihem as .,git.'.' .tt' it"s.Bn .at how .everyoVe;-iaoitght it
S ,m.nt..y aftera" i. Ias- been anthounced- t.-.t the
'' li a it .w nder. -Well:; well.: .Wednesday.
ashd ,o .the again, andc during: the traffic
KdH4 k wel i (on the .wrong side cl the
S. -.MJtq t ^lled himn 0ou-the text morn-
t ngto g out.of m yard.; It had, been
a ,..e:an, l=aboU. It looked &olid 'enough; until
I Igotle d omt t- but what I cant understand
uL|^.ag .-w. t ...1l the *ne-xti raLi is sure to-,turn
.^g ay ire asdthe': whoe --trucesss
i ua b the parther--are jiist
P| 1 4. ,t s .:. 1'e that.,'- Fpr-

a b.-.-,t .tJ: .look .-at-.ism- scowls'! -For
Cttet b;au.had a. bai,- odiio,,r to s.Y
h^h -d a-bh-.ayell aB set. but: wie',ithey opened- jhe. hous-
S a tiier t ide The'price ,dYhp-
4^ th^ eC ia 4es v heard of. -Did yeoi-see
I ka a olt-cover ok
81t will send sbibserib-
books? TIat' teeAly good
A-6 teeu Ia^ ,o too. They've-a'ready sign-
theyre chai heiasystem on if S- |ihories!
-d, B .th ime t t "";'*";'i e-aved up
i t State will be. exotic, foreign land to
I. I n I looked ike tid wek Queen .Farah of
^ d +lpA ,J ^ ....1aybe., 11'Witho4ut a word of ad-
.- ,l.b e ..
.'UnJ t'-mw :ht.tb-rn

Mangoes Manna To 1
s the vitamin-packed mangoes of
a dozen varietiess flood the four
U A.I A OA b corners of the Repuolife to fist-
ter the palates of rich and Iloor
The collosal ,mna3,', season is -really- on" like moauna lates o a -
as well as serving as the basis
from April to Septmlber is eao -from heaven, this exotic tropical al nouriwtment 'of eil The pamgs .
ture's greatest gift if tihe people fruit steps in to relieve the presB- of hungry disappears from ien
of Haiti;' and proves thie truth :.are on the budget of National o n n e n
ol their -maxim ltha "Bon Dien" Economy for six months ihe loaded tables in the maediest.
a-xi. The loaded-tables in the maik-
places throughout the country, -4
rI'AB boxtops and a gourde. -From all you hear about the filan and, the "bhace" of. the httle
cial position of Point IV, it should'now be called Point 'iimnus IV. "marchandes" furnish more than
But the new initials are AID. What do they stand for" A.hvays in is needed as lovw is five man-
Debt? Don't go away mad..,. that's a.joke, sons. And at this poiit goes for 1 cent, depending on the.
a little levity .can't hurt. v. variety and size. .
S.. KAY MAJOR The only people. on. our haptyy -'
island who suffer !rom (he mnan-
-. *go season are the bakers. For
aCh atele te F e r .them it is the. dead scuson.-
La Bread consumpti dro'ops 35.o ,
Chatetlet deL s rFeurs
tlh.rds per cent-ad"the' he-ght of
the season. -
..GARDEN PRODUCTS In early, times it was, during-
the season, of the mango that's '"
.,' revolution could be- expected, for
Are Available Exclusively At a General cold eed his army
S" on the march with the juicy vi-
.AU' LINCOLN GROCERIES tamined fruit of the mango.from
the massive green trees which
and RIGAUD "GROCERIES enrich all the countryside.
In "the North oPf; H t he" var-
S- High Class Iceburg-Letituce ietylnown-ds '",anosl. l blanc"
S. ,(Mango-white treauI bigs foime
Strawberries, Broccoli, Water-Cress to c ap Haitier. h- .>. a- i-
dame Francist'. (oom njly col- ca
0-, i'led"'hYthe people. M Frgo-Fran-
With Unsurpassed Standards-of Food-Purty cique'),-.origmate un. vast i
liri;.- ate a'ain,: a ,p.lA"nt nwo-
'man, M Franim R. Mor-
ne la small Ciei I V-o-.
naives). The 1"Mtgo :,arne
SPETIONVILLE .. comes from fhe tc : rTira-
AN' goa1e_, .and -9-le,andt:e_.Tik)"!Muscat"
from-the regions ofl ort .6ai Prn-
ce. Th 0. "M .ar .-
.. JIT. d4I A ariqty.- alq aui
O rr ti^ "* Price, an wa.i
Sfruit of forfner'y,r.eTs 1 u"
A r'Rfl.I3 eef L I. 1 7 1 ^3ornfi. The "Ma. Je ie:a
.100 t eek a only ItE .A variety of the. souta .pnm,," "
fr. o he hea oft PORT-AUPARIQ i i used:tp faoertn'ha hy the
S-,- reiniens _eause at.: te .nn- q
SThe mo exquisite 9ievOso0eMookin t d' :edibility of. the ; olit. due ta
.- 1wous. Other mangoeF..are., LQ
tha bay,the plains, there mount o n -'Mango Ai cot" Man-
(iontlinPed on page 6-:0
| l -. se:Hide. -oBath.
.(Costipued from page 1 ).
SPer'sonlie aIhntjon to: every guet the -undegroupd' caveF peasde .s
Sfor their going' 'into the-cave is"
,vimmin Pool!wih Lu t.on on not .exacMy. kno. but one ean.
S-virn r P" Wi -'" 'L "-t -imagine why. At 2 p.m., soixp-.:
aonld Bar PahlorarmaTercde body was astonished to 'ote-ihey
Aw-dc0ondrioned de-luxe rooms had not emerged from the caie. i
"When a relief party went into
X' fag>"' S ) "lc the cavern' they dis6overed-the
S 'orpse of the- unfortunate' hou-
VtEKLY ENTERTAINMENT PROt.AM gan floating on th .surface of
... the. source., Some divers offered
STUESDAU :Inrormal dreoce u f, n g rom themselves -and, after laborious
7:5o PM to madniq .- operafkins extracted from the
v erihgue mstruehon Ord -.nteat sliy bottom 6 cocpes the .i-
-aI 9:3o.dosual dress, o'i.dmsion ee.-- ents of the cliarlata. --
WEODNwErA: emplimentary g9e ta4Pun oes a -
Ports from 7 m bto -p.m. The. Judge -of Peace of-f Croix
FRItMAy 9 dal iDinner--Dande fro.7:ormto d4,s :Bouquets.andi: sotd ra
-- l3oo.m. uperbShOat 1O:io o the Plice station. ver'.
3o %. Uiod'raion fee qusted for the legal c,rtifled,
r io e 1 t Treport.
BLL oHE-liT:r CckIta hboum' "ii7to 9 vip The fuae rai ceremonies"
*- rotie o .bo -.. these compatriots t ook place
S Monday morning ut Thomarau"
X. lte at c...%,"".


.7 0 .: -.) ,I ,.- -,-.m.
5 --:d.&
P to D~iggo 5 ad Shui, S %,- -, 'C"

-th eshflbqiid-tar

ed in C d. ge

tzu'etiroanettsat the ea
ea. 9 -....o64 .... .- ,.',."",, '. "'-.4%6

o6eaeM IowI4- l.g15 era1h,"nd dai
.,I E % ';-., -:. r"" '

feko h r b el al t of Ell l a ablslitl ibg
.k.9-o1-2W ;- .2j'n
.. .4. -w W u au
-I ~b~ttea -b sgcsvemptckq%
a--1 d "t a..-'hg P ore-- .......s ae Th e a ruten D en in I, brntc
hig bresmn r ye a'%poi Th0 e WC)
gtko e! P" n ei A. 33 ,.b. :pitV, .e r'4-U C 17&.Olnl 4,j,

ys W 6 t ekc-,iitb K Se eluy
'Do*t thU.......-a,.f.w--h Pe fte t n uied rg i. nu"
i W'a- a.
4C Cifi .T 110, henket iU tlise reu connecin f t od, Te ate: tTis era p
ays laterb!swil erV from the hosadn

I" L l" '
i0: aiaA t w a t d(h -g ar 1.

ahlefligt the "- 'bo~r, nio_ r,. '' in"-,,,,,,o 'h" ""'oun '., e
.- oTl -u .....ira Je p sed ce bou,. d for. .'
e alne adli Pril & adTrtil asr i"9 e vI%,qt A
P u tt1er_0 rm wibndO-~-

Pe .n as not be er h avasroal 'thereeP'aenae auteen9a prim'he r afternoon r

dyour- Nho a .... ..
S Va, A- .r.Wt u ...deli.atoi phed e '.a.. .,tlitnle o.. h..ediy6d !

~YYIY YW N hs *a va-rep sa o word; ied? tiheyp als. aono nicll t 'Ye 'iih? sn :-esa'r n-
S,, A.Z..- 8 0.:-. .},C o '.00 ,- .m.- 6 -.Zo. 1 -
7-eixd' u' ti

4SYsawwiy ..a6efhing b a eA anand t ar dit so
L. ppto, e.d-to ]hne- ." She p oliu Wa .."be (oai'.So e. ..._ _e

E~pdia Batia .,.t 4 A zghate, penMgo e gavetlmeiva-sEnlis ofpef4C iie- m da:Co ay-ier

(" ..L"- e bru's 1, &",st.. h-95,9a g A 3l30 bu t eula.qaI.ity b_. AOe l_*. iA'.~i-
U. TV1 ,

CO- J1INGtEAS al~~ i no at e~atig tat gre ult t ahe e ca thebranit? Dalhe$qr t 4ix i fi2'gne

Pornrimd1,.ua.ede ned t-arr .t, was A bfor,. ain 1 ,9o0 a.-i j ...eeYn "Xd.-n: .'.
Vii W.106 OIN ON. .9 .' -Tab'
gt"" -br"-"a. !.vt" -it "- D '-M "~~sm'"'- r x>:.,, r .ntpn.. j ,-WO wtas teso, :~ tnto ."s c aua Pt ,-nn .
airr rEE 4 P *$~*r~;.-~J.n4a ~ pez'hf4 tr

1-3 ,o,.- ..'g..., 0te : c -,.-'.t., s

A.:l :i:. T. I.,.L R $petq 1 ', .-'-owr b rimm ed lasse Buro es- thrr ouglh qut' as .. born) ,*~s~3 .t4i4"s~
q ASTI' :aR,-u,
Rpbi was x a

irFra eba, pl ced-e M loan th az y:t ve e.. V I'a ..hd_.%.ld., o..
_corroorted oew -'t o t s e:,.- "
edereas'4rp194Fightdid 4'nu4oZ P .ehb

hh ... .'- .
r.:!-:-- 4pp l-4- id
nia &eFtlj ~O i g -Cbx~iong ,Ld.r ,'~a I"l s.,....
ortha bt4icrtohhw ivig ed..enetar2 1
gi4 f "4Ale6d-lz:-thfi-F-en onr ~ rceeof Fodu tilg8 a -44
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**. 'e's g$4
poiic eonoka -ii eta& Lr id.k N1$qeenx-si~i2 -Spa.7%iii t b neo 1~
pam to he 4D~u~ni4~a Repub A~t 2te>~eddAg- te4:r~&Otoa~vts~4L
s 'ard e o "{vsat cd & i~ reqn ay L99'P' .n1
AY Vt RIDAY arinateenZ AeLp!.k.6
"the arived at lnva t I
4 Thr-7rratone pri -cqeathe~rnoon

TRE2A UN CE E ON .. .. 'as r ival' bP'y thelastingey pujl~zs: economical 'he v-.cho9 ppH-sal Win thaamal

vb* t MOZA TeDU OSE.& 'S O chesta7- ISA.P41""tI_, 'T".ture-e 1. toAnch-Dz'i-itVa-- kiA.-o.
EvaX~JhW ~ 4 ita zcrLt la.I.t* a tal -
~ *~ CO !ThL S4 INQ~OF' laky aliwearng'a gy' sit.baikerd th. 'alr4yZ augter~j~f(~~g o~dkdy ikef&
4oi' 4 -ii ;& .-4~
eECLEI111 n buef4 P yep 4ena gt a i-2Oa' tog t i Za ofr go elh
-- &IAVOIT PLASRI~PA K O AirFrncebag, aptoahe th Mtic ad te anilytraeled hetim ad hd'askd oWted
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wfg 1 A LN B N PR Etiktcune3fCbaad vi-t YAuut&oftesm" rpae
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-it Rush
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..'.--.v 1..-S : .. .
1. 1., j .,-.: .:.T ", .. ._ .I ..... ,, .. .""f.,,
lm .:.':;."_1 ;- :.."1, -:-, -...i. .S. N'DA. ..'MA.1. ...
.: .-I-- H A-..T__U. ..
... ....- -...
K ... =,; HIT'TU.N...'' ..!. "N: .A.M A.-.i. "-,-,. ...." .-.;t "
., yv., .. .-
4. 4 .- ." .. "9'9. ....
,.... ..,.". ... -.,:? '.. .. ... xcdptionaiiy wide'learning gain- hag' what tI hope *.iil!t
.W fth..e. Haiti.aneop.-aiA.t.heir.. ..I..-....-...-
I "I I'. .., _, -. / ... .- .. ........... 5 :. ," ......I .:.- .:
.....w ...... ..............,. ........
N .. :,-.:!". ..., .. .- ... .. .. ...." .b te m k s o d s i h ~ s % el s is s n e "-'
th.o"..4-er 'r: :i.i r"I". I.. .I, ,J-. .. .. ...
. .: ..z .. I -' %.:. .... i -,,...... .. .. .. .

I .-:. ..: ".,i..writ.i' a vivid' An-thropological' and-Lot e of the tdrej le is lo e aq n gai n-d b d oe l Atih o D e.n p oi
..1 .h-: l. .G ..., I z .. %. .. -... .".,... .. .. z_,--..e t oI H...-I t d a ;a s t t d B a o l C U L N E i

Il..orlnd- els .of the oc _ia.:scbences aid ti:e 'picture of. the vodun cre- a o
.a et. "t the ,%c&,ot:ld hibisipras well... ason .Haitian' rTnon.through thle meafhs of songs ifn the prefacee, .he. hoped "wher- k~qley, Uiniversity -.uf Call to
.. .. .. ,' 1: _. ... .,Au .

.. -4a- tiv ... : e-role .:; an-J..endim- ..... liter-tif .e.,ves. .. ,. ny.. ". ..... and IncantI .ohs-.w.hich ,pe.-,ent ev ,er-.. possible 6 ou y ea ras t some. of Cress:,t190h0' xv, 71- pp ., ti"
03d ln .ha p- du d-a t -. to :an ,over -econcnfratlion in lb "well ."the Them es of-. the liturgyi '.the flavor. of. Haitiant' think in ted. -,' .-~ ,.K '"
b .' .: ; d '"."...... .. :." : ". '-

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.99)cdwit l y :L e- ,4o'p. .i. concertung'" -the-.HFaitian :tereshng,-ra're, n1teoii n o hpesdvt d '-to tb 4o ,. ot..
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1W Y.,i20-d~IA1 a tura~d 'vod~nthethro!HdHiantian inu~c -whil ar& pthsnr
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4ilnnai ~ t~b .auth.t.h "3 rfleld of writioggtli~ faiW'.{tt -4-. v ,*..
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'I tu-'-'- fie '-qcIw. -fL -_ # 10Cr`- ihs--> % as'-6n al- m Ha by f-6 the mAI IUW of.-shongsi.-q h rfc, h.hpd"hr'jl" -,_C"i

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..6Z.% '.,.4W -t .ps...! ,.,,.-1"h. .-.-A for !#i today...",
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.1.-. ....,-::.-. .. ,. .. ,- I ,.r ,. ..I,-...._.- ... .",.,_...-. _.,,,, .

But because October and November rains are ways
HAITI SUN followed by 2 or 3 months of severe dry season, May is -
-. HAIT rIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAP E the best month in which to plant your garden, or road
okmmunlty Weekl Published Sunday Morning side trees, or most commercial crops; usually June, +-- I
SEditor-PWbsher BEPNAS D DIEDERICH July, August and September have intermittent rains
dt.- ter BCNAR DInDERIH which take care of new plantings.
ESTABLISHED IN MO Quick-growing crops for residents in the country of COMMUNIQUE OF THE'
s0but 2 or 3 years, of course, are Bananas, Papayas, there SELRETAR OF STATE
is a tropical Raspberry that yields in a few months. 01 COORDINATION
READER-CIRCULATION OF Among the flowering plants there is nothing much AND INFORMATION
HAITI TREMENDOUSLY INCREASED more rewarding them the brilliant'multicolored Bou- .In vl.~ to arrive by a most
gainvillia varieties. Plumerla (Frangipani) with their eife tive ,un1ol-register of 'he
traffic, to prevent the accidents'!'
S/ ragrance root early and bloom early; Oleanders alsowith which io e rate le s er largc i
We leisurely opened our Miami Herald Tuesday mor- root easily Ylang-Ylang is a tree with green flowers with ed and to protect the life of the "
g May 8th with our coffee and were electrified to a wow of a perfume with fragrance in one or two .'ears. citizens, too much endangered.'
ee one of our editorials carried on their editorial page: Tuberoses, with bridal-bouquet fragrance grow easily by the negligence of the drivers.'
title in bold-fake "A Bootstrap Plan for Haiti?" and fast from bulbs, Poinsetties with half-shade will of the vehicles and the non-obs- :.7i
from the Haiti Sun." .' thrive in the Tropics at sea level. ervance of the regulations, the
Our valued subscribers may wish to re-read the edi- A few pointers on planting: Prepare your soil before Secary of state on Cordinahon .
trial which follows: you bring in your plants. If you are planting trees or the formainstruction f s Ex-
I"Economists visiting Haiti have said that one of tin bushes prepare the holes considerably larger than the cellency the President of lie
basic needs here is investment capital; capital to start spread of the roots. Plant at the same level In the soil, Republic, requested to tne r',lie
industries, create payrolls and jobs, improve standards as the plants ad,. before excavation; neither too deep, Department to the attention of
f living and establish self-respect: i' i.bich the stems may rot, nor too high in which case the Traffic service. ro check ,ib,.4
There is no available capital in the country. Where theeroots will dry out. new measures and propel dispo-
t least $100 million are needed there are only hesitant After planting dater well, both soil and foliage. Per- ilation by system nf the a s in-
*undreds of dollars available. With legal rates of in haps t h e r e a f t e r sprinkle foliage daily. Protect bile traffic and impose wh re.
.est one per-cent per month, 12 per cent per annum foliage from drying sun with branches of other plants solution the penalties affecting "'
ere is- no incentive to risk even such meager funds ir .or tied-on newspapers, perhaps for 10 or 12 days. Each the, violators.
industries where the returns may be. delayed several kind of plant will have its own likes and dislikes as to Port au Prince, May 10, 1962.
Sears, the chances of loss are great, and returns of amount of sunlight, shade, water, insect and spraying Paul BLANCIP-T'
lore than 12 per cent per annum are doubtful. problems. The seed-dealer can usually provide detailed Secretary of State.'
; Further, with the seizure of all assets of foreign pri- Tinormaion. THE DEPAIrMENI OF
vate-capital invested in Cuba, and'more recently the TOURISM AND THE YEARLY ."
seizure of a communications-operation in Brazil, owned HAITIAN CHILDREN S DAY
by International Telephone" and Telgrah Co., the ex- SOME HUMAN CONSEQUENCES OF Proeram ,f he first cumm"
7.. P .oratiOlrOi.Ahe 31arl: Child
ectatiuti-of imyestiment by foreigWif, e capital in OUR INCREASING INDUSTRIALIZATION ren- Fete instituted tv te z-
IiAftt. American country musf- be remote, even nhi'-- of Tourisi Mr. victon
ough no fault of .the'government or people of Haiti. S Novees.Consta,: ,n hi speech Ia
The alternative to private:., enterprise is sociaism, It is a great error to regard economics and industry, as arrays the President &,f- the Rpublic,
usually accompanied by authori.aerian formseof govern- of statistics and masses of machines. They arel ools for the ach- Dr. Francois I)u..a!i', .n May ..
ent, sastrous to'civil-liberties and standards of liv- levement -by human beings of certain purposes. 2nd. ,
..i _.. to -. a Industrialization, based on science and technology, is an exten- First PART
ould vestment of nds from the Al sion of man's power over nature, emancipating him from many 1-National Hymn by the fenil-
esould investment of f und s from the Ala onside Pred of the limitations of qnimal life. It enables him to detvot more ne h stra n lioe Jean Marie
n...I equity-financing of industries be considered w ic e oa Menrai School.
ocialistic? Certainly Governor Munoz-Marin in Puerto anymore of hs tie and energto pursuit of int whi 2-Gerard s Company --
uico used his U.S. and Puerto Rican government funds, mark his humanity. "Les Enfants.. so Anmrs".
kot to develop socialistic enterprise, but developed ex. It is algo a mistake to think of industrialization as having created g-'"La Mort du Cye.' by .,
tensive employment, payrolls and fine standards of liv- man's dependence upon his means of getting a living. Men have Melle Jocelyn Peti' *i.
ing by encouraging private-enterprisealways, since the beginning of time, been utterly dependent for 4-Fritz'.Casir.r acc-mpanied
Sin by their bread upon some, means of earning it. Our industrial, society of R. MaWtinez.
t It could happen here." merely sets a new shape in place of the old, and requires us to' 5--National FoU'.'.r,2 Trup.
The State of Florida has a population of close to 6 organize ourselves in different ways. 2nd PART
million people and the largest concentration is in south Industrialism is fundamentally productive teclmique based t.pon 1-Langicklhal e
Florida, reached by the Miami Herald. It is one of the the discovery and development df improved methods of producing 3-Competition cf La Twist
newspapers read by. President Kennedy and Senatol goods. To use it effectively we nbed to learn about Uhe nature Ihe Departrnient of Tourism
Rmathers, the- latter on the Senate Foreign Relations of man and his material needs; the nature of manu' as a social invits all the fatrr- .* hnd uwrTh-
mmittee, and especially interested in Latin American being, and the nature of industry as it contributes to material and ers, indiserimin*itely, to paiLiri-
airs. We in Haiti with our low average income-per- social well-being. pate with..their children and cc-
capita, low percentage of literacy, consumption of elec- INCENTIVES.- lebrate, in a pr',;pc-manner the"
city (a measure of mechanical power in use) our The old incentives of bribes and threats -the carrot or the stick- inauguration of this Iete -which
slums, our poverty, are only 712 miles offshore from have lost their effectiveness. In states.which havo unemployment will tke place thits fteoon, in"
-moi- city, ntb f its no v t t t fire ha lost the "Place dies Nations Uni:s",
,Miami. Miamt is a fast-moving city, notable for its mo- relief funds and free medical service the threat o fire has lost (Cite de l'Expo, tUon) at 4:00 p.
Sdernity, jet planes in volume, usage of electricity, neon, its punch. m. *
nylon, fast-moving vehiculer throughways, associated
with last-minute space-physics and mechanics. Money is not in itself the most important incentive One corn. FOR SALE TO IHIGEST
When they appreciate the proximity of Haiti with pany attached to every machine in its factory a motor ;hat ticked BIDDER
ts numerous basic problems we will get some warm- up a fare.. It was found tha the workersSHRDLUCMF'WYPVBGK AUTOMOBILE I.YMOTH
hearted effective aid to self-help, payrolls, emplo vient, -u aEDAN rsDUOR
hearted effective aid to self-help, payrolls, employment, up the wages of the worker just as a taximeter ticks up a fare. ODEL 1-D
self-perpetuating progress in many ays. It was found that the workers soon lost interest in these meters. The car may be sten from
J Here with our warm appreciation to the Miami Her- They found it better and more interesting to keep their minds on 8:30 a.m. to 12:0.) .m and frm,
l.d. their jobs. 2:80 to 5:00 pm, Monday through
Most people get satisfaction out of meeting challeugts success- Friday at the Anmerlcari Embas-
MAY IS THE BEST MONTH fully. No increase in wages will ever make up for loss of happi- sy, Cite de l'Exposltion.
le o mn Sealed bids will be received at
FOR PLANTING IN HAITI ness and contentment at work. It is a principle of gopd manage- e b ids native
There is no one month that has the most rainfall ment that people must not have their self-esteem injured by any flee Euntil 5:00 mifey ?5,
ear after year- in Haiti. Records show that April is action hat may lower heir status in relation to that of others. This 1962. The Embassy resurvas the
sometimes the wetest. other years it is May and some- .is something lar more important than the prestige of having a right to refuse neeptsnce of any
Ses it is October. (Continued on page 14) and all bids.

SUNDAY MAY 13th, 1962

I At 8'

' H At IT N *


oms taxes. etc. cost is High as shipment of =on2 'iem linKe
f f *21 cents per MAango ..nd if 5.000 $257.00. He wise-cracked: Tirn't
a w:a n w aI M aeu a rot the loss is I jolt One man go to the Casino If you want to
from lie des Fl.u:'s salt' last gamble; shipping fresh fruits is'
-T o tn year they Look a loss on onc a bigger gamble.
To Haitians _____

(Continued from page 1) $1.00. In Haiti, "Bon Dieu est larvae and eggs'in he fruit, fol- |
B eu f", a huge.-cor-r grained Bon!" and we needshe apprecia- lowed quickly by ro's It does no! Time takes on a rosy hub
t1' meaty fruit; "Mango Prune" and tive to have this nianna-like food, exist in the Unite.d States where through the sapphire crystal
"Mango Canelle", thi-rlatter with rich carbohydrate's, proteins and they have orchards of susceptihile
,the spicy tang of rivamon. vitamins, overflowing in abinid- fruits valned at billings of dol- of your Movado "Firmament" watch
Large truCks-loil millions of ance. Of the oig har'.'cst of nan- lars. For this '*ea .n with conm-
.mango ils bln' in the North goes in this country, only about plete justice dhe United .StMtes
and "Mango Medam-m Fr;anis" half is eventually eaten, many Department of Agrereulure pi.n-
; at Gonaives *ransportiig the are simply was'cd, and ruined bargos all su,;c,.ptili!e fruits .'
'produce to the Gonalves Bay by bruising and rougn handling. That is why w.; havy 'he Lh t L I "
^ where it is transl'ipped tc. little Falling from the loaded trers to of mangos in In the last '

actionn Large qanLities Af this quantities are devoiued by tr- come utip with pa'ents tc. kill the ,ie -.._ Jif
'"fruit find its wa to tue beaches rant animals. fruit-fly eggs in t'ie fruit; with Grand Turc and Ihe lesser freezing, and by o'her means,
Bahamas Islands. What should be done about Ihih- and has permission from the II. ......
important item n our nationI' S. Department )f Agriculture for'
Haitian mangor's are (.nsumed economy -There should be an entry of fruits so healed into .. .
,as a fruit, and tourists are setv- industry that coiil.J use the nan the United States The Haitian
.'ed fruit salad il an exotic and go by canning or other marine, Government, the foi
agreable flavour in the various of presLrving them. stretilhing Progress and Ill such entlils ....
hotels and resi ,irints. ['rlicious the season from :ts tIesent six are cooperating witn Chatelet
ice cream is niade from the pulp months a b u niance for Ncar des Fleurs to turn itl. former '
. and juice of dio Ma'igo rrancis. round consumpticn. Our technic- Mango waster into a source of .
-;From green mangoes, a local ians could certinlv :omne up material revenue for P'iti The The Movado sapphire crystal Ri 2654,
American IHusewife turned out with a satisfacto,' formula for dried-fruits of .Califoinia annual- gleams with a rare brilliance. "The oval look",
1'.delicious pastry. aslig an apple- employing the by-products of the Jy have a gross ,':'lue of about Its hardness is surpassed gold ligr dial E
re'pie, recipe. Delicioujs chutney or mango in the manufacture of $400 millions. Chatolct des Fleurs only by that of the diamond.
I You will cherish your
confitureiture" is another prepaia- something or other people say some day v e mEnry Movado which offers you a
:--'tion to please the pala'a. get 1 percent, 5 percent, even precision thrice triumphant Ref.N 148
Many tropical fruits are host 10 percent of su-'i value from in three years (at the official miniature mve.
;' Although in Ih!.ti, the price ol 'for what is known as Ihe West' our fruits. Swiss Observatory at m. d L,
mango never exceeds a few Indian fruit-fly, which. exists
&::cents, in the North American throughout the Caribbean from Haitians will be proud to k]iow A%
.market, a "gourmand" will huve Jamaica to Tri-i:dd including that their Madame Francis Mar.-
to buy one fqo sumerhing like Haiti. This fruit fly leaves its gos are being distributed and en-
'" joyed by consumi-'r as far away
as San Francisco. Cahlfornia. .It ,
is the new soci, e anonyme
SODETTE WIENER (company -Ile des Fkurs, a sub- M O VD9 -
Presents sidiary of Chatelet des Fleurs,
TROUPE DE DANSE BACOULOU D'HAITI whiqh ships the. Mangos in at-
tractive cartons to -their dis'ri-
Every Wednesday Night butors, Calaao Growet of r ai- ONE SALE AT MAISON ORIENTALE
--it.. LITTLE E
taste-appeal of Ihe a d a AND LITTLE EUROPE
SFrancis Mango,. but he advei-
t-ising of Haiti on the boxes, cre-
ates a fine mental image of 'he
country with Amr'ueic: consm- in
'; on indirect product of in- Ca ean Construction o. S-A.
measurable value.
Ile des FleuPs spends a mini-
num of $100 ad 'sit all Builders Of The Military City
Maingo-growei-s 'n the -provin,.G..sR
4"-But the Mangos car rb't in 7 Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD
days and the businos; is fre'mcn.
.ously risky., P. tuiniva. Phone: 3955. P. O.' 'BO 284
tion, transportation U. S. Cust-



U .It.E r LUE IJU 4 U-

('Free Mer.ingue Lessons at 9:30 p.m.) FSHOPS AND MAHOGANY FACTORY
.,-'..NV-LLE. H,. ,
.. .. .. ... .... ..... .... 0'

F SNDAY M9 18th, 1962 ___
'- I-.-.. ., / "--------

SMAY 14th TO MAY 20th, 1962

Mdiday May 14th, 1962.
5:30pm-Musical. Program (Mite Tele-Haitfi)
5:55pm--Evening General Program Schedule & Weather Report
6:00pm- Let's-Learn English
6:40om-Children's program
7:00pm-The Whistler
7:30pm-Children's-program (2nd part).
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
S8:o00pm2rhe Ford Show, new series: FURIE
,.8:36pm,-Alfred Hitchcock present ,
:,a:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Simnmary of the late news, pre-
sented by. the Esso Reporter
:9-o5pm--Powell Industrial Works' weekly program: "I Lqve Lucy"
"Q9:30pm-TV Concert'. "
10:00pm-Close of program Natioild Anthem

Tuesday May -15th, 1962
5: 30ipig-usical Program (Mire .Tele-H )ti-)
5:55pm-Evening Gdner&l Program Schedule :
6:00pm--It's Ledrn Englis ,
6:35pm-We- ather. reportt'
6:40op.m-Children. Program' '
7:OOpm-NOBBE &'BtO90DEL presents. "My. Three, 'ns"
S7:30pm-Children's program: ;second edition, .'
7145pm-Teieh-ews- (1st edition) Review of the day's, eventF
:'8:00pm-Azherica speaks to you
7. Clt' parl) -- .
J9:00pm--Telenews (2nd- edition) -Summ ry pf the late news, pre
Ssentedby the Esso .Reporter
.9:05pm---Telecn ema (Cont'd) -. -
10:00pm Close f. prograi. 4.a, rional Anthem

Wednesdth, 196 .

5: 55pm -' $ oemep ire "raIfS h .....'. 7

6:35 m-Weaer report : ..
40pm-Children's ogram: -Cartoons
67:00pm-Dragnet,: with Jack Webb -
.7:30pmi-Children's program: Cartoons
S7:45Bpz-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
S.15p=-Les Dames.. du Corps:,Diplomatique presentent Israel
Actualities -
..8:30pm-Boulangerie La Poste presents a new chapter of "Le
Comte de Monte Christo", .
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
seated b. the .Esso Reporter
9:05pm--Heraux Tours Program Escales
:S45pm--Germany- Today (Doctnmdntary)
i.o00pm-CIlse of programm '-' National. Anthem -

.iurady. MSy .17th, 1962 '
B30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
.i55pm-Evening. General" Program Schedule .
600pm-Let's Learn Englisb
1 ,,350pm-Weather report -
S i'40pm-Chdren! program '
7:00pm-ICI-INTERPOL (last week episode)
: 30(pm-Children's program (2nrd edition)
45pim---Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
..J'.00pm-M. SQUAD presented by M &- S Construction -
i 30pmr Telecinema
'...00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) .Summary of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
S:05pm-Telecinemna (Con'd)
SiOOi-Close of program National Anta.em

it'rlay May 18th, 1962
5 i' tn-.5usical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
5 General Program Schedule
":, pm-Let's Learn English
.jespm-Weather report
Opm-Children's program
Opiii -Children's Program Wells Fafgo Tales and Cartoons
E'.ls .pmi--He'jre itantine No. 2 .
VS~p -er a


7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
8:00pm-Sea .Hunt-
8.30prr- Le Derrer :.des Mohicans presented by "Baque 'eConi

min ciale d-Haiti"
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of th.I
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm--Mr demoiselle de Paris
9:.0prm-Gun Smoke
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem,

la"e new p

Saturday May 19th, 1962
5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)'
6:00pm-Presentation of Evening Program .. .
6:05pm-Let's Learn English Review of the courses of the wee
7:00pm--Children's Program Wells, Fargo Tales and Cartoon
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
8:30pm--Pan American'. World Airways Program: 'Ici Interpol
9:OOpm-Telenews (2qd edition) Summary of. the late news, pr
sented by the Esso Reporter-
9:05pm-German Actualities with Gerard Jolibois
1000pm-Close of program National Anthem .

Sunday May 20th, 1963

12:30pm-Musical. program Mire Tele-HaitL
1:00pm-Prqgram Schedule ....
1:05pm-Widen your knowledge' .
1:30ppm-Children's programit-
2: Opm-Tele-Journal
i30pmn-Wagon 'Train
.6:00pm--nd of program National Anthemn.

lfor pany an apl who wish to partake qf the beautiful
(goodness of a peaceful vacation amidst the sur
roundings of nature's. own greenery.
38 Miles From Port au Prince
S WATER SKI .. .. ... ... RELAXED
F or your reservation, call up In ODVA Radlo-Station. at
Corner Rue dua Ceutre and des Cesan. 68,

Haiti's "Gingerbread Palace" and famed hostelery the Grand

Hotel Oloffson, show place on

Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine and contented living. Set amongst a myriad of tropical trees

and gardens the Oloffson, complete with miniature pool, is the haven for, the ulnljlblj..'. ',
: -'>;.:. ..." .-% 4..... .4 4 -

S- 'LUNCH Dfl aEAflvF

- -

." .,. A SPEOKE fLtY ; .,.,

ByTheSea-Side 4
At -

Have Your Pa 4t$?
ck KY 0 : '""
s. Swim, Spearsh, Si..
Water-eki nd SaI4
Safe. CoasralWa
] Fro, .KYOWA
E-e- IIDNEi-ga

... .. ......S..: .





Sforthnghtly salwng ofm
Mla am-Port an lue n-a.

MIAMI AbDPESS: -* "*c'r

I Telephone: Highland 5177-;v

b- : r .

:- i, 1. .. ,;l

.' -- 1.1 : '- ":


,_ .. .,'5

______ -_ .' ., 1 ',::.;-, ..!... z I ., I 1
,7:',' ,' -
------ -- ___ 7,7:,T,-w gIYII f,;,r`-'' T -11, _,!,:_j 'I." ,, ::, -
,, ,,MMWP5
-,,,, -,IT Tt _z ,,%_-f,;r-_ '
n-,,-.... __-',,-_,_,--, -` 7_177 ,
t ...... --, 'A-',- 1 ,7,., -, -I- ,-,..
I'll, I,-, II, '--`---"__ 7 -_ ", ` --,-- :
,_J; "T, 7, ,, Z, ,
,; 17,
., TicI, r 7,
T; 1 Il ,,, _;.
""t f:; 7, "
1_,t 11 J ,-_ :, _1i ` -, -1 -- 1, -- 11,
,? -1- I I ,
_-,II, ,,, ,- !,T 0- ti_'t', Tl,?;$Vl ,-, -
11 -1 -I t, ,-,;, -, 0 _,,,, -11, _. -, _` ti F_ 1, I Z1 : -1 : I I
1 1-1 !--T -0 P_ ,,I,,II 11
iI -, __i, -, r, ,;' 11 .. ,- -
-,' -,v,-Ti,, ,,;-L-:,Fp-:7`, -I- I 1, 1
I I I ,,, ,,,
I_- t- I I % aIv I, _- I -,,__,F"_,,-, I- _, I, IV; ,- ,' '- 1 I I I I ,!-',-----,,,--,-,:--.,e:,':t",.i,z -,, --,-,, I I I I
7-t 1 I 11t -_ P' 7! '_L -
I ,, -, ".,r ,,,4, t, 4, 1_ -_ ,,, --- t I e- 1. ,,, I-t' .. .
rv -
I 1 1' ''T' I I 11 I ", 1-, 1 I _- 1-1- ,. ,7; ,,, I
I ` I
,I, I, ,tt ,- ,",-. 4 t I I .
D,; __ ,-' I t, "--t-.- I ,, I, I- I IV- ,, _,q_--7"" I I -, ,I- 1_ "". __`- !'_: -. ,- I I I I
-1 '_ 4 T 11 _,L::`_-, _. -
'" I I I -N -- ; '' ':
t :'J,",
1 I I -, 'T ,,,T_ I -.:, :T .. :,. ', ., I I
''I "I ,- -, '' I -I' :- I --:-_ !,-,',,'71'-, -, -,-- ---4, ,,I, ;, -mt ,,_- ,,, I a ,-', ,,, .1 .11. ;- -- .
-, t" -- I I, .1 _, ,, 7 Z, I _; _
rj" ON _-, i : ';':, A`_ ", j, *,; I -1 _, ,,-,, S,_ I. ;,, -- '. -_ 11 I I -
I, Z ;
I I I I I ,a I :
t' NTIN UED. FlM L4 SX Ir ',- -_ : f ',-%-'
1_ I -_ '-t'* I I -f, ,,-- ,,, _,_ I I -1,, -_ 1. -1 -, -- I I
I I t, I ,- ,,, -_, ", r t" +1,4 1-1 ...
-:I, 1 4 1 1 -, r _' I~- I I I-- "I' _r, '__1, 1_ -, __- .. I I PAGi
I I ,_-4W-- fhe I, e sli I I I .,, _. __. I I
7 1 'L ,, ," t- _jr)oTsLttlo tj,,ur eo,&ic',F! I I ___
-_ _, t, __,__ ., Iy ctaj)l6v Ould .;,:idea o 1', 11 ded the _di8puto jwj ; hj said to be on. The 11 I _- I I:- 1- -T ", __, -t- I I I I bave, brjen f,,,- -
'L, q',
11 11 _I t" ViIlarlby I I
I I __Ilr, I r ,3L f siial'-ment-bawc, .1 oilly I
I, Ir. t, r '.. r_ ,_7, I- cvns`-inicnc sih 'Teljia I CHAM ER IV .
: I I t I I I t 11 1, _, _- I~ tur I 'r _,4 _---'--' 'n t,
AW_ I i I L _, I ___
II, A*, -1 ,'. -,!` ,,7 "' -r- -,' -,zI I I ', ?, 1 11 ,- -_ Ith u rn,-dia- I ,-
I I I I 1 I arbitra n : -, t neither oneLpor th O -
I I ,., A 1 I- -
_J"I,' `_ -: j I _, : _, I entitled I, e th ,PPV shall be I I I I
r r ,'' ,, ,, 'I -? ,_ 11 -
It, '_ titil ,,_, I Malie -,ipp-al- 1 :& oth I I
I I I 'r r I : ,t J Z 'tj :q 11- U _V AT Ae % If*-, ,:- .- 11 I -tt 0M ` '!, I '4-1 -', -, I I ,- e _, I --,, I
(I ployers I On A0 SuperiqF
1", ` -- -_ V-,b 'thjs4cffcc, ,,rWPjXS,, tj i tr th_ -_ rl, I er one; nor to prevept
,*:, I 4" I 11 i I I It, I ". I _' -'kinjion-tor' th%'em r Rde Ln, f -119.Itg -1 I I I COuncil Of Arbitration
_,ol es0-1 .1.11 ` rights; -Frorn.,th. Council of Arbitration shall have
_. I ,-- 1_J % .( I
.'-;..' -_ I -Tni(tstTA OF,i e'uthe -,,paTtY,,ad orl-o ire6'repre'i tati.e of the ti
i;11 ", iLl IF6;TA 1, A IR ; t :,, '!', r", v -- ..-
32,,,_-,- ,---- 11- I
I" 1. ,, I I,- -,,, 'r 4
,t,-- I:- ". I I I I t_ I I ', _- liltja I cltaijyf ,.,._, 1, .; -
I _, ,4a -i I or the DG'1 .9- fwork_ I :Z. I -ft
,, I I I -, IIt, '" -- ,,- wkes if- I I I allctem- r Shad '-be sjbmi ed to ,tlie,.4pprovaL, IJQ%qn at I n
-, I I I -_ _', ,:,' ,, Rijow iW,011eril A ,Uy -ot, mI writing I() 9 tribu o s: -
I_ I -_ __ I I -- 'i.- I 1--q I ,, K '. -
", Llogt; aLi -e I ` ,- I ay all- recourse against sentences pronoun
;; _t, i-- j _. 17'pi-i _, awse epn- t, ,` I -1 1) it shall he
...,, : "", 2 L- -, ,,
; I I I I I __ 1 1. '_ -,- L 1. -- I ,, ,v -I- 11-t-., -- ---- : -:..1--- I of 'Arbitration; ,
"I I
I Icjaijng -h) thin ,,, I I L I I I 2) 1 c
I ppi" e Qtj y -A'rtjd -'KTbc Pr0Xi6jS "', cePt if- they bay 'a'v I
_r I -
_aclgl: le" d tx byAh B I
r -, I I I I I c pl,,tth 11 I f, ci;-,;_-, 1, pae-sent theniselvi, -e -, & arbi -
:71,. I ,It' V s e ali e oard
L -M Arhole 111LZ-'rhQ-L __11_ _Mj[Sti -
"r -, '.d_; WM IE I I- i'nt iay_*silbr@t 'Q 11 M, "' 1, I 1 or h
t ,-,M_ ".. I .. L 11 L Tr ., ; -L _-,-,- -,i'r- e9 -the-can jet 1, provided iAShl suffi- C ., ;'__Nmc ')_)( `Lffi,,`:'a o I L lef6i L I ", r I ,,, I 1'is L ,,I- I -', I land
11, ;: 'IM OF W ORK r 'DGr_6tthjr,yerb L ly L,-Qr _iq ,, I -A(, 'at .- Me J- 'I, r I ,
I" v VLlm 0 tibgT thetitighw -Ispecio 'le" q ,, _cicnt-jioWers,-AY 7 lattt,)_, sh11 deein it ri iil to' &rffsh & m all possible out.
'-'. -61, by,- ___ b t ic, L I ;" ;, ., '. 1_ _tadp Uicc 1alnht -- ,--", __ ; 1r, p4p ,"'A-agreeme : r I ,
1, L-1 -, .,, .- L I, _of 4" 1 represenliq v4 the, workf eft, t, eonce I are lable to lead fo I 11
7 _t 1' e"is'a''Pipen M -,L, -,, -, "L -`,-- ,:,A-i 7hipa)jrt6mtas -rs brtb -ade- itdormation r4g` the ijlJ[sput6 that-
-, r 'I 'I -_ "%-' I .- I I ,- I
I I L ail I _r -1, '- I -,,-- I I -1 z I
,, -'v ,, ': _,:* I I .1 -_ _b(A u
I I, -, -139m u h, h4 d i;,todr -
I -xi I~ _- I -imio'n'scia -ranse --to receivL i e delegationn'If ,thpdiscussio& A. I,;ojijomTheJriforrnatloni offerinkL'ii 66rifidentiai'charw6ter Should ration shall meet, a
,14U oplp,+naots maybc ce., ,, :, L Ll -, t- I" '- I -, I I Article 200-The Superior, Co ricil of Arbit
'1jr 1, -,I I _, 7' 1
It I et Sev"iec ciethe-D6T,-6nW i4tl.,'_ .. ". _1 I I J'r 6. L ", _i -, _T _,_ I, I '' _-_ be' thc ititorst shall not be allowed to s;14Lte having beensummoned by the Secretary of State for Labour
Qanh6l-bic-uadqrtakuealTp ,,,a I liows re"spit6`,lcijlb ,_-r iteq -, threat A, a.'I bA
-41 u ItIt ` % -_ '", --r t- _- _nce;,, 1 M, I _1 _' ,, _' t4 I I .
t F ,_ .. '. I I., I I ets Of 1,w ork fe & -, ,__ _4', I ,
I I I I- I I .
__ "re6'bo, the oil lauclu ,all,,sunfmbl _` t d thein without the a
''. : I `-'- L fius bc,n re the eornp it : '.
,,, 0 Iftal I ,- I I I I lo, _L I ._ ii& e o.of Itlieperson that shall have given Social Welfare, at the Seat of this Department and Q
ci-"4),, -, -- I I I ,: 'L: 1. ,:, tall consist
Z-1-1- 11 T, Tl; -.- I :-:, in, t'L
t t-,. : ., ,- -. L I :.
tt, I I r :I _, I ,, '77
ill r' : _, ;, ,
of "' pti""; ,Iihia pei6cii If, .,, Ocr-q Aftcle' I I ..". I I _- -, e ii,116 'of '14IIhours--in"or 0111 .1 and Social Welfar--
`,;iff & 46T ,k coyo' *oek is._=y disagreeTnent oceirnri!. tbe_ b '- n ,, 1 ,L'i. I Se I' e a La ur
,. -Theit diLratiii qf- oti n's that I ull Litte ,-- '_ I.-` ., I : ., 1) -The creta y Of Stat I r bo
.1 ... 1741 ., I i- 1:1 I I 1-1 i -,t -.-' `, I_ T. _- I_ .' .1 qj at r :ue -, of the .1 ct I I I I -,--, I ,i i hiliYaft I I I .. I I
-,' e ep an, etriol ei, djjj enip oyee abolit -the ,,J.,,tjhg (,o,,th_ rec6nci c- the parbs, If thAt par do,, Tot,, firt 'Lt-- 11 settlPinent'i haTi,'.be fixl4_-A,,_i I I ,,,bl t, I 1. I I '-appear 'at,-this --,plare wittdivilt"'fr-, Nr Licle _1wL 111.rempdon of the reque
,; __ 11 I ,11,-- L, ,%- I ,, I I I : I I I I -
P, I ny an : 1: ,., I I -, Lii"i"i, in ,th R_,,o, h ,_ ,.-_ : ,.. :_ 71 1 1 I.., I I I I r ,,,,c.,,j'oii bL,,Iio! b,, -rj it- -I thetjw:tj sLall,'-deein convenient hoev(A%' %N, en 'tho, it 1 n i I
'it, tions of work, ,; ,, .:..,. 1; I I reqoesd, it s ia L receive it v_1 I I 11 .1 "I'll, IL '1' -_c 1. -1 I-
tot I I I i I I' r I I I 'Ciiet I I -_ 1.r
168,-A,,n 6i drk can klieWbVidual or, (ollech"e: 'ed thuf a ,c joq MoKf-j"t eoiiij)LijQry jetrconLetwflubour, ', "6iL,,,,,,L4",l,,,sicLf InswcV if) evei;,'on -o'
,L, AfticR I 6neqia" I 11 -11 I ion cdTwQ7cd,, hal mtervene,, aS a good will arbitrator and sident;
,_, .. --- ', 1, _., '- I _- t '. '
L I I I r I I t 1 I I-- --- _- ,:-' L 1, I -_ __ I I ., I .
,, 1, ". In C, th _'6ther"I'l'] c A f, I" L ed z ; t ak .1
-,`Al Is IndcIld4ail wiltn-it-lacta I V b6W& ,' an, empQVel 4ed variols "'Se e t,;,Ieitcs *At '.5F-(nrict-,,;tUitl'19rl"VithUL Uij" j L _rU_([UrQ-t!"4h"]'.j) grvea:fhr.A vvit en ys -a ter L it e oi_,rung of ThalLsumnicaijhe .
parheg, in o er a m eanattompt to reconcile 3Y The President of the Chamber of Commerce as a Metal
It r -` :-"- 7 ,_", I _tT, 1, r 1, I '. I ". -_ I ,. I
M'', I .. ; .., .., I, I I I I L "' -` hin, [if ne iatjoi i .. __,,-,, -_ I th, Trl ,_ ... -, '-" I ___,
_n, .conditions of wot", without aiii; I ei, T -_ 6rdec IL t 9, t. I '- I "'. 1, 4) The Ceneral Director of IDASII member;
- ImQniberg of his 6 I he serttfee' of ln3fi,,vtion 61 the DGY .half kt.'r, 1. _L ,_- ,, ,- ", I ,
','tt'T I I I .taff a4i,,4 6 9 I I T y ,_ I. IE I -or I 7:cstAjt ,Vtilo I The President of a Federation of Trade-unions or, in
I I I- If JhQ falls betweE e )Iovrs ,U d
,'pfhieag, the ftffi _- histifutions to eonlt,wifllin thu'jl,%L !,,_, 7 ,_t-r, ,,., 11 I 15)
of th -. ,I I I hoir,' S"", T Lai6i iation I Ithe'- IW*e("- __-:A.Up,_14 mf I s.- epicebf reconciliation of'the DGT shall hear
nornw. etioning, I -7 __ ,, .,F "' _r, ,,, 1. I I- I '
,, on, jc, b-, ,b,,Ji 'Ihj to procfii, %,i bit ,!-,Lnagi,Qitnbn I; I Alrawn, up on 'the,-ap-
c es related to clatins of Salzirie' -dtfc, or op -Lrk is sv I "I
_,_, -6- tri Al, : ,- 1 _T fooinctits the proxie, of eachTarty separately, Shall., Make tjc-iiecessary absence, the President of a Trade Union grouping at b
t,,, I Arbele 169-' .j, I -, -,- I ,,,
V, ,ft ... Vlti I I -1 11
.1 I I I _--' -7,t, ,, L '
*, i : 1'% I Epe tot' -At 'tlbi, LinIe jftheparl, I that.brcib(-11.f rrtehcd,-;aiidr a Co cbere,pnrldin 'to A ,,YyS; S 1, -' d' -Member; .
', either in li4yme ht,'of ovettime. ateh work,- leave wvcklyresfapd plyuig' to, t e sekliecc ot, rr ei 1 I L, -1 1-1 1 -1, I I ] 200 workers
h i, hpI()rleiial, I Ali Sligkest or olal:4hittshdll be deenied -useful or
I 11 I- I- I I .
,t 1-1. I _. ,, I ,t,or of lhe oii:icn r,-f -d- I 1- d' -d re, I A I I __ 'T w hirt, I ti i r c e, -the' signa!_- i .,an I. ageebncrit. The p -Bar of the Capit I Membi
I, hjidayS, 0 11 A te-i i spi e use, t cone, it,.%Yill -b- comi ere irill- be addresed i(Y:',the3DG I I 1nfihe ariiiik t. rocedure _a
r in.paymen't,,'of. & teen! cljc-,_nT.ust 1e submit n t I I -_ ',- I---- I .. -,days After fair aocthable to ,- 1, 6) The President of the Haitian
" '-- ,. :, ., an jnfLjjgcr.L A 'rcpor ,,:b .'b' hil 'the ,
1, I I I 6 ., cbrapeten 'serjik:cs. of the, 1)"T L I -_ ,_ ,_ I -L '11t rof rQc1jnvi]nd -bt,:6 ,_ I I I I
,iI tieh, ti I 1, th i I 4t, s hal 111 e -drawu up7 1w t e,-,satd_in'j1PCtAr L 'jrc'6" jC'agrc,niQi1tL,, Ueouji_ ,ooo.; office, oftjie, f" citlig, j. sliL ,b,yend eigh(days. 7) The General Director of IBESR, Member.
' '_ I I" 'L L __1 L I 11 I I -1 I 1, 1. '' ",
_L to the rn a on of; 1-1 ::: k- : -, -,- -1 1_ I ` __ r I I 1- ,- I
1'_ I _,:v :: lo'j -int;tiic r6fiisriqby, tfte, partyto dhey (fie, )Nritterl -airdors- W'j"r It -1 ,: 'L I ; r ,r ,Vticl, 1cf):-If. aa-4lgrecmentdsc reached_'the.. dispute, AshaLlbe I I .
,L;r', draw up a repoft. on ther matter.,- ... ... _:., -Tek3 cd 11 I L _"ItAr 1-
tW "
'7 ., I silL,447),,ht:kf. tk,ji'daadi -I -, ` I j I I I I.. 11 ,b I ,- I -
",_ L'," Article 1 ions,,'dr) ,.ni` and-, 'par
'f s' pravx4 ,for in the precediAf,, and thewYiolie inatter -Artiole -IFI.lf t ,c, direct ii6goti -,ta5t- result in Ati wrve- considered a- 11, compelled to sign Article 201-The Superior Council of Arbitration can only :
,0_(lainig og. salitrie I ,of 1ib 1, I '. I Pps shall e
I tl il, ....... ,, I I _r -,'_,_' ,_ -, -_ I ,,, 'en[ _c,',,k rll,_NL-rker of At 1-:1 I -, '- _' I it _-Ljaj()V4), of, s4all a maj
%, -, ,11cil 1)6 presented a. the-M i An order to 'obtain it,(-' ix. I -, -, I L __ -, "' r'_ I -:11 I To L th_-, prol ,Lrker b 'r(l to cxc cute U101a W the'. delay that
t 1,, "l be Jixed with 'ority of at least five members, including the Presi(
article -* -, -4 : 11.
I 4' ,,, -, I ,- I ." _z__'_ : 1. I I .
; L 1 -, ,]Tt,- _, -,cL -!Jll ,rft
"i" I I _z' 'trO `e cemid .Prlpllll s'- ,jf,`,intti11AiuPjjca1 a jbf 'oT their _' I I ,., 11 orthe Vice President. ,
I- I I I M'tocf,,' thut- -- t'y the DGT ,- -, 7
latter'g ixiterventj j.;au ar tdri can % cred, evell .af le I I e I -, I ,; -11, I I -1 I I I
74 1 I I I I i Alti 'Pils -to'apl6,3_ -',I ,4 _FtT1 ,- -1 1, I 11 'I -
cle 713-jf,, after the ffijauticlio, the pdtt7aecc I I ,, b
ml I I 11 I --I- ,O P(Iltcdcd
It '. I 0;. o :a: L-nti, pe 6 jrom t h-,' I I ,e _'fjf, j l, to'111( joth" I L,
I ,! 'brehqd1fig of ,the e my far .... ,_ L' ,, I ,
11 -1 r I id, to I h e 4))7T ,- 1 I Vhen, tifl inea"', of reconefliatinn. shall 'have- een exhausted, if the President is away the audience shall be directed by
, I I 1. .1 7 z_: _, 11te OTT .hall-boic-Lbotb parto,', "ea iiieii ,,,ctc,U ,, I stajjn, of fte proposed' Settlement. Vice President. 11
these C n13.-- '_l -- d`tT I I : 1: : z -: -1.1 -- I lonby the Paf6S
-, I I I _' _- -'z-,A-rtlt4' 185-7,Jic! lisLof the zI ance', J he'-date Id &hidj,`--Tiijjcjt iniv at:,qqat- 11 I .
,,,'; IMm itsition of let, I Ir'. __. '. htqj A I d L't ,---,-,I '_ I ;--- 4 _, .,;
I ,:-,-- b I -rib(41 d anKre 61T b -I' L "I 1 rf ,
,It .. i, .. shld e V ow ,-, _, I ItH- __polt of non
", and whoiii_ th6 _Mll addre' ssecf L ii
.. 1. I 11 jndicAEL the -iiaturc L I cle 202-The y, s I e"jim v a.,stzrv -, Ir ,1, _a;6ZoncWa)ion',between_,,tib' pa
,A maxitriUra jseantq to;, e:,Vorkers Mlol I I ter sball- t t ,,tnkctcitr Z -,IIrtetlr I of, 6c,*IN ITT, T, -, -t -- ': .- ", -, ,- :_ e I I 1 1, I
4, 1 I 1 zAid-e,,en alL 03q,'17L 6pin I ionleir o-t4,61oploy(lrs "r 'ou ers bbinifthig t In "' Xjej L j1p- -, ,, 1. .. ,_ 1, 1, : I I can deliberate only in add numbers., In case they are in c
v 410.,!!Orp .. .. 'd -- I I fbLU _F ,,
at the sarwe a -1 I I -, ''I I I rr- ., I I ,. ". '. I I
't, .;, am .. .. ;,: he ; it"- I cours,("_,oz ae Viejocluest pf.,onu of J ie paties., ICL "A LIcjtert ,, ,; 'L, -- -I _. Iiai v -
__ I-ew ras -A, r Iperi shair I L, I I ;,_ .---, -q _Pi4ct,8 wilette Ill Y have,o e;,- _tALillc__L _4 i 'a:,. ddlay of 24 hours; Aibe-Dm rocoLd in ber, the vote of the President shall be a casting one.
1- I od i L .1 I L Ije ati orv''f the I thap,111unbc], 11 "., I I em
(.41" tbc 0T. ny _._, k7_-, ball give -to' shall u ', ", I -1 I I .. -11, _'' L 'f 'e'L Z' jojjb,,. -_ ,- I ,
,ri, .- ; 1. I~ advices _Et lje, L ,,p alUpo10)suzr-tan-i-1ii1 -, L ,_ I I I I I ,
;,- -,, 6,,rl !, -L 'I I' L, :, 1, I I I- I 11
.. ., *_ _" ,- -Itar4-1 16ved 1h ffrsttaw i 11
I", ,. I I ,-!.,, C 11i I! I I-e secondj)unig( I "', -' ,. I Article 203-The audiences of the Superior Council of Arbitra
be diredtlY sit 11 I I ,:- ", ., : -I,', ", -to hotlCI)Eatos, ,,, I .1 _- rAIA I ';T-, I -1. I I ;--
W tii4 to i boal ok4 0t :, W tr reach eoo'ijiEt ,Soiuton Accep aliJe ,,j I '., _, -i's ,
.1 t : : ., : ".. : 1, "I I I ,- ,, ,,, -, _,
". I ",. ., I 1:1 q 1, ,, 1:1 ,., 7, : ." 1 _. ,I, I 'I, -,!, ;" ` : -, I '-,, t,_ ,ase lhe:,c4fiic prulgingout (if the i
L I ,,, -,, t I "-,:,, 1_ _" firovisio ts -con' shall be public.
"a- -, I -op' % m 7 11 L ,, I ", .1 I .
-- -, --- `- ;,I_- I -cla4,Afll i I'. ,,in I f ,,appF .:,, : 1 11 I : :.,_: : I : 11 :: i- ArliclL 174-NNThm t4 ,,Mditfjujrned js- sitjyciv iJu4)lj(ntjv I "Ill, I I ,
11 I I I I I I 7 t1.."_1nqQ[1 -4 cv1,,traci,;:6f:" jk nticeship a[nd as a:,rule
1,,:; en whiaii, the, fist- __ '
I:_ ,; : 1:1 :1 ,,z a,4 ., __ __ I!
-,-., .- ''.-..,_" 1 :: _: '_ ,;- I creciencO se-eliAsLe1 I I -1 I 11 1, I I I 'A If I a -The Office of the Sit Council of Arbitra
I I: I -: -- ,,,-,'or jf 'this, I I 11 L "L I jI I
,, I I I ,, :i recogni'Al'by ()ce of the P le, r I 1 .: pericie
lk I -1 -_ t- -I ., ,, I It, : te
- ", : '11 .,",.: ., I I ': Ir 71)" A _IY th- _qti' *)' ,T
-7 -J : :I :11z I 1:_- I t 't'y
I ,, r il egal si
I I 11 -- I ,4; i 4, ,con ri u on's IM Ors :SO w
11 ,4tulg some 'disp a, ,Article 204.
-; t, _Jtf I I I -1 -,,-I -
,_ I 1 -it o j)6,Jt_ Tj pos&,,,.' ., 1 -, -1 I q _, hiployees of the Department of Lal
I I I I bj,Ilcd I ,j L or I '" "t __ _,i ,-- ` _,T 11 n" ,,, -_- I ,,, -1 --,-I ,f
.. 't : 1 4 I to';' _, b _' '- ,' L, -N __ r, ", L11 L _7 _, _iilaton- ,-legislation a work the re- shall be filled by ,some c
., .k7,, _, bt f __Ui", refatcd to :6 i; '
.1 Hie, (to t P, IL-, 7 1, t AI 1_, fs,,Il 11" I an a :-,I'
.. .. ;, ,._, _. ,, ', __ T : --,. I 4d& ssed far all useful Social Welfare. arv q reasoria ic ncla j -paylne,,cle 1 ,'kt-,_ahl' 'I ` -
.. twj ',- : I ) "-L_ 2 "t '', _-iT-l 4 '_- _,' I -', I I I '6'rlhahon shall. be,, I put, and I-
_l I ,-I I!_ -roc
,jtjV- an jnfjne Ion" oPAy1,jtalj Le t-,171 1 ,. ,
;`, ;, : jj(,L(J _Td I -
1; ,, 1-1 -, I i "' ` "" the sm ,JcQ. '441`1 -1 I -yort;c. 11oll -:, I I -
u o to :-- -- _'
ation c7f t 'dlduUavu W
_L1"7T1Ur'TV1" 11 I 11 ,_ F ., kied, f6nL by tb present
,;;t4 .. ,, z. 100 & i 1,
__, IL T 7-, ,)'d of' qbiq.tiala
),Tes to th ,o prov.1
L I -4 1' 'I, `L _L1 T aw od t 1d I
I I c-
1- I f 4pcLjQjt ,A, the lw 11 I --iff-r- U 91 0 U -it I I
.. I L' f, 1, pcctioil_Genei '! -1 t h6d _ftii
1 I _L i. L __ ,_ ,_ -, *
: `L, I P .; ,!. 7 F. I I I L' tL I I be ,.,
-, I -1 ",I,- & ',-- I I I I -, 1 Tiat A tws purpose. I I I (Continued on pago
,: '7 iTtff' arty'` -- T) x I I I 'I 'L Z,_ ,( ''I, 1. I., 1-1, I I -
r- I I I I I v4tch ciWc, tic, -111 ney rFftjse' 4 -`-! "L' L"' ',.T,!_L I 11 "k. ,,?,?, li "', -1 11 7 'I., P, ,, I I 4 I I I
.." .1 __ ,t Artic] c :1 I I I _, L -_ 111-,.,,' ,.-. :, ,- I ,, L, _, I I -.,..;, I II 1-1 1, -_
I_1 I I I I I ,..,;I .,_. ,- ,,, 4 __ I I 11. .I ., I .1 I -
:_ q -, am ant elairned ITIIy gtven" it,-shall, Ue, consldeicd':&, -_ --' -,- -- I
I -I I ,, ; "' _. the n I ih:IN i I -_ I I "--, __ T, -. _- I I jft
' I ,; i ,> 1. L I '' I ," ,-. L I
'- _." ", I'll hjitrii ill- :1 I .,
': Al. '' __, '' L 'th6_ ttoft _- L, ", I I I I I -, I'll- _- I 0 I
Wn 1fi bf II]Spectoj I, I ,- ,, 71 1 L 1. I I _. I., 1 I
'i ,"' ,. I "I el) g, Kr, RD -erimg, -A, reliort sbdl be -dra ` i E" ,- ,-. ,,, U' I,,, ,_ ":_'_t : ,,- I ,I -- ER-111 '- -. .
-1 I ; I : .. ; -1 I cOntTa -_ I `._ -- -_ ', I- _, 4 -- I -, C" 14
,I I I 10 11Z 717JR I Lal)Out L nbuj 'ifi, -rfit. t Lh _t t Jc ,, ,N -11 I I I -, -1
_, ,:, I 11 11 I by e piz y; u ,ubvy oide4 L i' ,,, ,L,( I ." ." I I
,! I I 4 A _- L
-, I -111, I''
I -_ ,, -, I '.1 11 : ,,-. -i, I I '_ I ; I
11 1, ", 1-11" I .
;oiid je ,- -'-Y
-1 4 1 -L- I I ., 11. r, 1. H. ., ; --
M, -ite taie L 'Y 1sucl I)y lje sm jjjt j / I, I-', ,
LI I r -I-" -, -, 'I Article T .-The Board of arbitration sh, -aeal with an conflicts W ATCHES OF GREAT DISTINCTION '11
k_17__ I- 1
-1 I I_ 1_, I I I -'_. I I 1, 6 I I )
I bel rufer _4I [I __ _: ,
I 11 I i .1 '.- I ,,: ,,', 4 I __, I7, ,' I ', ,,,: I I I 4': j _,_ ,n ,trjes, conditions -of wqrk ,that are.not fixe by the
,:, : ,- ., ". I I I I ,. I _. .I I 01 1". I I I 1T ', L' I C I I IT__ _', ,,'__.11 ,... 11 ,,,:.:,: pa ; ,- d ,Inspectcrof Labur, __ ,-t I_ -1 ': rcd,16'jbr TkibOpa of Lahour. 4- 1 I I rejjtcl to s,11, 11 al
1. r I I I ,,- I L I- I Z I- ation ti, ts elated I 9 j
-j L 1he .1 --,-,"? ,,, I- L
:: I I I .. ... "" L I I "r _" force, and those re US
1 I ,, __ Artie r'i:_Y ans hNv,,-'brcnnsVL ,,*(hJilt I I ; aw regI; s, colle(-ve agrepmea in
; I :i ,,'. I I --- I I
I I I 11 6 -,' ,- _` iein ziR ann jjbje A ,_tedidr e, 1 ... tt .--"-, I
I I I ,,
_-oi*,, 11 .71--, I I'
11 I ,."', f, 4. _. -, I 7, 1 11 7 L I i I a ", 't, I I t- I I ,- I I I a
- 1z : I I I I :,, lif, ,
I L _- I i 11. I Ifilt coUcl kx converition.,_ ,. 11
_; I I __ _. d I -0 fT, _-, I .
, I I 11 1.11 I ,., -, I I ,_ I ,., aioy re'snlt, a _ropurt Hhitlt be- drawn lip b I I __ "I r; T i
1 I I I _, '. ,
L -, ,-, I I __
.1 I : .,4, 1 '_ -,". -.. I I .11 ., 11 I L I __ ,- .. 11 1. -, ,:. I '- ,.,,, ii I- rt _,,')Y Of ThUt rLpt L''shAU be addIle 'd-to f, -, ,4, 1, Articie ,193.-Ihe', -ogd 11 at establis
11. ., .1. -, ,.." I ., )r ss Ait ,icri Ii -, 'i 11 f _, 6f,'Arbitration sh I b I .
I L _- .iq ,', .1, ,- I its w I I _: L, 1- 1- 1, I
-, t, I "_ ", __ ,_ /I -% _,- _'_ 'T a nd sbidlco
1-,.' I ,. 1.1; I -TLboarior, a j _on Ihe matter. 11, I t, T ;I ,,'4 I 11 -,-'. L L tu, DG lists Q : -. I .1 I 1 I I I
. :, I 1 11 I., '. t 11 ,._ 1. I :.1 '' W I .:..:, t I ,of L 11 cisien I I I -_ I, I "I L ', '', t ,4; 7L J I I .1 11
.. .. L I ,:_, 1 ,Ilx,) rej uTe -D ( T; I .... :
"I I -7 a.; '... : 'L 5 t I L, -1 ij ;` t')T ntU
I:~ f7' -' Tht? PLU thUt has" 4tiTen surninonett. )Y '_ I e, of the:
., '' -1"/ I' t6_,,M.T: \1 I I -,
1- I 11,._.;.._ '. 11 A(rtjqlq I r "I I 11 r I
.., ,: I I I -eN4, 1 1- ."
.- 1 1, ,, : I -. j -sh, ha,- -, '
,,, '.-, I in- view of l".."i'Tte 'oritiaiion cili ,to ;a in -, :, glate"e' ot 'ork
', I 7 _-, 1 2,,, One rpl;rese
'. I I I -s fi P, _, __
," I ,I., -_" L' __ '' ?- I I -,, `: 1
I 11 .. I I _
,:,. '.A,, ,.' : : _: --- I _11 ,'a' ,
::i I q t) I L i 1 prese lb a-s ,d- Tfroxy_)iavjn -tne, poxer-'fici t -, -- T V, 1__, I I 3)-,,10ne represegtgii,u'oT.Li,--elP16yc ;

) re nted Y L' liem rs-, I- .1 _- 1
" 4., J-, i, ,, I :. ." __ __ I -T,_" I 1-1-
-I I L 1, ,.L_ j", ,,, ,,,' 7 II ic Coninitihal Adrriinistratkin where
I -
,." : L ., I- T ic-,,Qu2agemcntlt ', e ,ofttl
_, -, I 7- I L A), e- reprPsental L
I.I.: %;,,', .',.- __., ,.Z!:, I fo and -in the, j;inlc ,o- the- plvcipaj, al_'t't' _" L ,t_,'j 71, ,,, ',', ( 11 lawu- __ 1. I -1 I
I I ,r, Tffi't I" I L, -- _,. -, "I I -,-- .- __
,_' I I ,,L_:jI, I I I
,Td:co of "o, If .1 I o-
I ., ,, 1. I I 1 I enpgeniervL, tafevftiy-tnis spGial ,_,_'-__ ,,;: "t I e concern is ldca, ,,, _;j. -, I 1-1 I
` ,_ io the k, 7 ie _L th I 1 I I I -
L I I I I ,, -t,, ,.; I I I I
_: "' C 1, I I", t I- -_ ;_ -, 4 1, I ,, I '
I .1 ;;; I __ 4 gft ,
, ,- ... 11_C "'
: -'al _`_ --' I~ )&-, ,- ,,drd ;of -Atbitratiori 'shall only, be entitled, to-
.::,: I I~ .; : 1, Prc?;yj -6 binding for jhcyprincfP61-, "," ,- '-, _- g -c__ I ; Aiticlq 194-TUe 43 ', I 11, ::
,__. I ,,, L, 't _-Tt-I, ,,t ,, -L, t'- -_,- I L_ I
SJFaitW i 7
'i I al -, t ie v P Etilant'bo,onaat 'L T L' I" 1' hedrL I d by t)e DGTqU ose -res u ling from future -,,
I I t ,
,,, V m i -h ,L ,.e,-'L 11' -, I I L I
,,,,, __ I L "' ,`-, __(17 ; 1, _" ,, L_- ,, ,,, I ,
:, 1: I I li "I _' L' '_'!"I' f7 _:" r _, I "
1-,tV L I 11 I 1. _
I .. I" If '' Ii "' i j_-,- ifi, I -
tari ociusIy-tQ, the T) ,-.all tAe-complain -',h an lfaveliiga _T, ia thA
Is (LI:c ;L ,'- 11 : ,,- -zi a afe rbltcd to jh' (c)i -t -

'AGE 10.

Duvalier Labor Code
: (Continued from page 9)
Article 205.-All appeals to the Superior Council of Arbitration
shall be presented within a three day respite, 9lus the respite for
S.the distance that shall be of one day for every 40 kms, from the,
; day the sentence was given by the .Board of Arbitratiun.
Such an appeal is not a stay.
Article 206.-Any appeal is presented by letters in three" dupli-
qates registered and addressed to the Secretary of State for Labour
: 'and Social Welfare, who is the President of the Superior Council
od Arbitration. The appeall riust contain the sentence that was
p rbiniqunced and a statement of the grounds upon which the. judg-
MCent is based. .. ..
Article .207,-Any appeal. shall be entered at the Secretary's
*ce of the Superior Council of Arbitration in a special registrar
'.,nn.r.idt t' th4 d*nnla of thair arrival1

,n accord
4- Artcle 208.
fare the
hich .shall
A-rticle. 209
zeid th
at a-
sand to
it audience

aibe tak
4 dThey

o ,
M .M1 touro

'cie 211
t liab]
-,.:.. -

:; ..un:, ,.

.. ... ....
Q' diabt



I, i

A '


On Strikes And Look-Out

A-On htrike.-

Article 215.-Is called strike, all suspension of a work when it is
concerted and realized inside an institution by a group of workers.
in order to obtain satisfactions for claims presented' to the em-
ployer, which represent the condition without which the work shall
not be resumed. *
Article 216.-A strike is said to be legal when:
lo) It is made by a group of workers representing at least a
quarter of the staff. The number of strikers cannot be in-
ferior to five (5);
2o) The objective aimed at by the strike is to promote or de-
fend the economic, professional, "social or moral interests
common to all the workers;
3o) It can take place after the formaliti'es-contained.,in' the pre-

SUNDAY MA"It3th, 194-

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Children -- 50 Cents
Private Dressing Rooms
White Sand Beach

W W H--J-.-5.
A %"FU U BR E & 5 AI

S, L L.... ._ -sent Code have been reWspected.
-By the care of the Department of Work and Social e N F
parties shall be informed of the date of the hearing Article 217.-A strike may offer 'various aspels: 0. LIFE
S. lo) It can be "'spoken" and is thus characterized by the fact
appear in one of the daily newspapers of the capital FAN BELTS
a h d n o t that the workers stop working, but remain at their station. FAN ELTS
9.-When the matter is evoked, the President shal
.' 2o) The warning strike is characterized by a complete stoppage -
e parties of thqir lawyers who must be regularly reg- t a
H a .i i t l m of the work, but the.premises of the.plant institution are RADJATOR HOSE
Haitian bar to state briefly, and orally some observa- not. abandoned. A A IU
not. Abandoned.-
draw -up a memorandum within the 24 hours of the .
Sdreatu to em e A n e he* 3o) The disengagement, which is characterized. by a complete .,
e related to this case.
** .* ,-stoppage of the work with desertion of the premises, .
.The decisions f the superior Councl of Artt 4o), The sympathetic, stake, which is started by a group of
.--The decisions 9; the Superior Council. of Arbitration ... :
-. I .. ,wpkerts to support another strike. ,-.A .
:en as decrees within three .days after the. case -was '. .
shall begindby, tie formula: "In the name of the,Re- "
shall end with the foong-instructiosi, Article 218.-To be legal, the ca'canny strike must riot:last 'qver
I all end with the. "f"o.loing....structi-o''s:,-' are made of
t usher are retired to put t present Decree ito 24 hours; ~1e warning and disengagemenl strikes are authorized .. .
onlyaif ihete Initial sb'ikepIs leg.".t" .: .....
n-all Officero'.the Public'Prosecutor are required oi1l.I- initial stikeis legal. GH
stance, all ommandmens and other officers of the V y 'exceed the. duration, that had been foreseen, the .strikes
must, support 'and order vhen they are legar" lly the first paragraph of .the resent: article. shall-be QUALTY
do s- r likened to an omission. on the part of the workers to do thpir wgr'l
and shall bring about the penalties prescribed by te;regltin MATERIAL
.of the institution ad by the, la ,;. "
t.--Th decisions or te Superior Council of Arbitration .. a b. y .
TI h d.. e o# ..bis'.. Aio lcle 219.-The legal' trike, cancels for the time-of .its. ,dura ,4Aheld Ics es, Sod
ieto be broken by an appeal and shal" be published .w fr i t i we .
a specl bulletinthrough the good offices of. the hon all the. contracts, of workin-force in the institution whereit .
Ib l.bours and Social Welfare has been declare. .. .. EE YOURDISTRBUTOR -
.-In all b case .of strikesor lock-out, the. Secretary However, the salaries all be due to the. workers during the Commercial '*"
Iabour an Social.Welfare shall summon the Super-. length pf the strike, when ib has been established that the'employer WILLIAM' :NARR, SI
of A.rbitatioq i seofo need who has failed to fulfill his obligations i responsible for the strike. JUST RECEIED:/
a n ite parti r eir '- Article 220. he strike should limit itself. to the toppage n( B 'GOODRIm)"'-
h48a1ll .iite e- r ..partie. qr teir pmoes tio-appear' ... "Tires- d.
". "- alnandonm6nt of the 'work: AI' acts oficoeroton and violence'against[TM e a,
thqappoinbted y. an hour inorder. to find-a. solution sonme od. -u w. acts o, oeron and violene- against Po ~
that dividesthem:': :. somebody 6r his propetLies shall )e punimhsd by the usual repress- ePito '8 '/
I.,i. case of ~itrie orlegally declared lock out, the aulorile Gerald, DELA
i o ArlIfation may,.: directly order th inilitary (Otinued.d ifpage B11) NOU"A,. I
..keeip ..tbu~ tttions. whr'-*W phe aIsut 6 ." -e shut,
A, t..the: ;p.iotetion .i ealivan anpropei rls. '-c..F$. 0.-- .0.. .
irn cq of strike or legally delaredlock-out, the '
.c-,W .Arbitration .may .so ask th civil and dmili- U.
.i.rt g taraitee. by; alb rt atlieff disposal, A
o gan l te ase of Servmes of pbUic utility',
;2 vate conert the State. may to this end assume r
One Class



a ...-re.ll -. COMBO-SHIPS (52 PASSENGERS) FROM 155




o RIaW.' ... Qa.osep. vA i O I. O R

*. 5
: .1.. ..

t AY MAY t3th, 1962

large Foreign Corporation will
rtly require the services of a


candidates who must be will-
,to undergo a period of train-
overseas and be fluent in
ch, Creole and Englishl
ld possess the following qua

)-Excellent organizing abil
)-Engineering Background
)-Good disciplinarian
~-Industrial experience
|)-Ability to handle and su-
j pervise labor.

applications and curriculum-
e should be submitted in En-
sh giving full details and
mes of two references to P.O.
433 -Port au Prince. ,

(Continued from page 10)

Article 221.-No strike is authorized in Public Se
blic Services, should be understood those that are
the employees and workers of the Government or it
However, when the activities of these Public Si
likened to those of Commerce and Industry, their ste
to the provisions of the present Code.
Article 222.-A strike cannot be authorized in ser
public purposes. Any dispute arising between emplo
ers shall be submitted to the Board of Arbitrati
agreement is not reached, it shall be brought befoi
Council of Arbitration, according to the procedure
the present law.
By Services for public purpose, should" be under
by workers whose presence is 'strictly indispensab
functioning of some private institutions which car
activities without causing grave and immediate dan
health and Security.
Article 223.-Any strike which does not respect
containudh in articles 215, 216, 218, 219, 220, 221 and
,The illegal strike puts an end to the contract c
between the employer and the strikers without p
sanctions that may be taken by the public author

S W .

... -,
. ~ ~ *' t../^ i.
r ,'
; L-.'V


_ i


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. i

Ci..r.illw mid Cal hI lstm*du Tiadmnrks of Caterpilloi Troarla Co.

Maurice Bonnefil, Manager Chancerelles


Note To Art Connoisseurs
The CENTRE D'ART is open ALWAYS daiyt
from 9 am to 12:80 pm
from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm

And Sundays by appointment.

Permanent exhibition hang on the gallery's Second more
and a current show hangs in the gallery's first floor.
Persons with an appreciation of. art will be reward-
ed by visiting the Art Center.

Rue de la Ilevolution



t H4 A




strikers. It should also be understood that the employer cannot
be held responsible for breaking the contract.
However, in case a new contract is passed, the employer can
?rvices. By Pu- '
performed by stipulate for the workers, conditions -less favourable than the one'i
that existed before the illegal strike was declared.
ts institutions.
services can be
B. -On The Look-Out.-
Article 224.-Is understood as look-out, the closing down of ani.
institution of work or the stoppage of a work by an employer, .
vices aimed at
or his refusal to keep in his staff an important number of his'
'yers and work
employees, as a consequence of a dispute when this attitude aims".
ion, and if an at forcing his employees to accept certain conditions of work.
re the Superior :
provided for in Article 225.-The legal "lock-out" is the temporary stoppage.L75
of a work. ordered by an employer in a peaceful way with the :|
stood those run exclusive 'intention of defending his economic, social and moral '1,
le to the good interests.
nnot stop their The lock-out shall consist in the total closing down of the con-',
iages to Public cern or institution in which it has been declared.
Article 226.-The lock-out shall lbe legal if the employer .
the provisions a) Respects the provisions of the preceding articles:
222 is illegal. -b) Gives the workers a 48 hours notice. This notice can, be
of work passed be given' only after the Board of Arbitration has pronouftced e
prejudice to the its sentence. ,
ties against the Article 227.-For the duration of the' lock-out, all contracts of
work are considered cancelled, and the workers shall not be ein-':
titled' to ask for the paynment of their salary or an inddmnity".
-"," .'." ; during the period of stoppage of work. --100
S' Aticle 228.-The resumption of the work shall have to be de'
j'. ','-' cleared at the DOT by the employer or his successors with the
unique objective of putting an end ,in full right, and without any
I I 4 responsibility on the part of any parties, to the contracts of the'
workers who will not come to work within the 15 days that shaltl3
follow the da9 of resumption; of the work. .
The works shall be considered as really resumed, when the !
DGT shall have been informed and when the employers shall have.
advised the workers about it through the Press, the. radio of by.
the means of posters stuck on the door of the premises or plants-
where the lock-out had occurred. :

Article 229.-Are applicable to the lock-out, the provisions cont- ",
ained in Articles 218, 220 and 221 of the present chapter. -
Article 230.-Is considered as illegal, any lack-out that does ndait
meet the provisions of articles V7 and 228. Shall also be considered'
as illegal, any deliberate action of the employer making it ma-.-V
terially impossible to the workers to normally perform their work

Article 231.-Any unlawful lock-out shall bear the following con
1) It authorizes the workers to ask for their immediate rei:-!t
tegration or to put an end to their contracts with the rightf-i
to gather any loans and legal indemnities provided for 'in:,.
these contracts.
Sa 'a' 2) It compels the employer to resume without any waste- of
time, the works that have been stopped and to pay the saf,
^ ^ *laries that have not been paid to the workers during the.!..
illegal lbck-out. '

-,I? ." (To be continued on ne66t Edition)
4 '', '




go Paul' of Bell,'-Anse, Ihe re-
Minister Herve Buyer who oc-
cupied the seat of the Executive
asked permission '.i speak and
deposited four important projects
of Law before thL I.egislature.
lo)-Creating at the 'Jrpal:-
ment of Fin. -,'es and Fco-
nomic Affairs an outside
service called Offic- of the
Budget. It is 'charged with
the elabo,":iiin and of
means of presentation oi

the Budge; or th'e :inuiial
hnancial pi!;-r ,f the R.'-
public. This Alice gathers
and verifies the facts ne-
cessary for the submission
of this finan.'-'I plin to the
legislative puwe-. proposes,
if necessary. modifications
to be brought to it during
(lthie ex er is e. fixes and
amends budgetary allrica-
tions. It s also in charge
of realizing studies aid re-
searches in ,"iew of better-
ing the :nd effi-
ciency of tlih' liitian ad-
ministrative system.
It comprises: a' the technical
sections; b) the services of ad

The meeting April 30th, .if the
Legislative Chamhe-. to which
participated 44 D.puties, began
at 11.05-under the presidency of
Deputy Luc Frau *uis.
The first point of the order of
the day: report of the commit-
tees and commissions; ;o De-
puty asked for the-floor. How-
ever, the members of the com-
mission; of the Budget had de-
posited the report of formation
of their office. Dpuiy Gabriel
Augustin is'its president, and Hu-


9 j


Le nouveau Traction Sur
de Goodyear a etd special
congu pour vous donn
traction maximum. II est
de longues barres pquI
procurer la force de tr,
requise par les trat
modernes. II mord en b
grAce a son p
il se nettoie automatique
Ainsi vous obtenez une tr
a constant. II vous
moins de temps, moins de t
et moins de carbi
Allez le voir encore aujou
chez votre dealer Goodyc

ninistrative rese C ) the
service of corresi9ondence.
It will be direc;ei by a direct-
or general depending of the ,Mi-
nister of Finances He is helped
by an assistant-d'rector .vh i will
replace him in case of absence
2o)-A law modifying the laws
of July 14th 1955, and July
15th, 1956, creating cust
oms 'de!r;xe". faciliting
thus forei-r' visitors.
3o)-A law unifying the taxes
of customs tarifs for im-
portation in he interest of
the administration of com.
merce and tax-piycers.
4lo)-A law :irnmGnizing lists
A and B .ti:hd l-~ tl-, law/



SUNDAY MAY 18th, 196.2



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.4 .1

,.-"a .. ,- -u -

^k ^ ^^ ^ II e

law of D.crnlier i7th re-
pealed by that o! Jnti 2.i,.
1961 with ch" new customs'
During the questions of gener-
al interest, Deputy Gelin deman-
ded to the Exe,'utive Power to
speed things no so that Bois
Laurence, in the North be made
a parish. The wish was voted on
in unanimity. (However we draw
Gelin's attention to the fact that
concerning a parish, he should
rather address himself to Mgr.
Cousineau, Bishop of Cap Hai- a
No other DopL'y *asked to
speak after that. the meeting
was closed at 11. i5. (Le Matin)

- oSv t
.. p -o' '-, .f.'.t'.-."v..l, ... "-: ', .* .; ,'* ....* .^M wP "*' :' -,. "t .. co .-. es. B.' ut, .. "" ;. ti,-.sit-ftr.. l' ,. :..*^-S ait if
It -.. .
itX d.. y.S i. hts ... .S i ."
;:. :" s/ t pi a '.' :.^ .: *.-'; "' ....... [. ,. **." ."- ,, ". -'..." ., 7 ":^W % .", ; ..':' ..,. .",.. .. .:' :.:. ""

. ..p m '.. 1.....ft
*A A i .. ,: A ieei
1A- -l d. notfee- Uri >
ee ..b p p -". "i's "o-ee '' "" .-." :-

,Td. 1hef md t z la.-a.. .her;c ",.sB t o-i t& '. ..'

jestA sans s: sb'rW mg be' ap4a;Q1oihir; for Qx4.fetst
l'owa ^ Sm .:"tr -. ..s. ama- A... Qolp ....r heduly| %
t or k.. .... ... .. ... .... .. .. .. aW w.. .k, wo.... 4. N..4
-."' 5.. --- ... "." .^"^ S ci R^ ^ ae fi iy tp ^ a aQ-,&^,' l^ :. ,,"..a;.,^ gii!l

-itt e-- A"gials whic fle b a war -pitchers, t. r

V oe-grene i ls the o
': 4 2 m",,s"' ":'is aroun ...he world; ""-.. tha la, d urro a" bf eg, hgerd an"add"u" ih-.Wrle % L-.': Swyar
P bdd," *" ljea` ':.. wi a ...-liets- ...,.e .. ..... .
..,,r.v ,-. ... 'da L... ,:. .

AL^ ^y 1 c'~ T^ ^ *Lhri^^'11 -

;-^ &^^ai'k i. ur%'ingi OhSiW 0
.4 -e ,
'of-...."o orma .cene -i are; txa'tert_ eti
p...cted.,- T he expettea ;: "ke: s a, pe .t -htte girlsand-. -, ; a..-. ...... .. "
cu" i"" a" j"nI a '3-gg-, .eet .premon '" cmmo scee ,,'n t '. "-' If- ..o.A,,.
{vqs 9f211t The.. ..e. a, n :.. *.: 3,.ts, ..ig..&... ... ,, ...,-.-...'.,
-,4 .y,"A5Z.,'.-. " ,:' traw lat L,'.P.'.I(L.8 .--,w.-
ciy dU i .e ane ..
-* ............. ....... ke it s along. agaiffectoni : J t-O.' 'last'n.Saturdfr~ti.nj
g ,bed e"r"nplythe'i, A. "I-%--'^ ;Jn.
tAr a ."1.,qr ,pl: ave:.,B W-I'd,- ... .. ty- C( ...... ..,.. .
touris Irti~ba ubrnw r .~4b at ~ l
i'nae~s .......... .... f y .a<$.II:I,
bid, i-bat...N..!

W r 2 -' ...... n "one bis. 'bonnets, pru aed ed.Aq.::1.the .ebb ., t 1'. OW.lfU .e...a.
= ..r' trials'/ : s.. ..'othed .'..rhe= "" r :' ,: ?.:6' .o
S4 ... ..
o#,.'= oq,..iwam.-sm'd ".c .w ."
Imwma- M&-i-A Bas r. 11
__j -,<-i: e.-..,.a. ......
.... .-.' ." "&.s o%" sou"{,en. ":"er't'u. .:i. add C o:.R oro
*rori," ,- "- e ir, thg' '. amb ": -: -- o.&. :' "" a "
'U<= .-- _.'.I1, U-. ` t, ." ..... ",-,w"'.- N.--1
r.: L~' ,.. ...-' -. Ukn.:L..aj.,'-- + avaO la.l" ta"nw1-
,l-.e-,;- .o. ... .,. : .. .it, .- h' l.s gn ";6,8)

vit #& r> d i".. .':,....:i "p"ov&",nd :"b! "r G &rt.. e le. my"? :,.'
... eme ....... GO :e-.5 ..:'j.'.,", .......

it. WB- t.e;: i,-a"- i.-.t <.i 41 -6, a ounhittr.oved O:' i !,.- .s
. r Soi, l1P1Si rk :.,t,--',.. & ...,,,.,,.... .,., .... .-, .,., ,. --...... ....I24 4' .. te...
:QVW V. s. n"nn:nn v..- ." -

dl tae-":"N'flL P' """' HOTO': "" 'flSS":," OUT-" ,rn' ua "'."a.*,t.e-t"..-:i4 l,. i V
-n 1- 0~ Qi ~ 9
-. -- t~~~~'i.. Y'T i *reeam p o O d
a' LD UAk I 'VI;q~~>'
0 #0 0&
~od Lt ,4 '4An.. xx t .7-w~ts .2' t-9iI .

!L PRO "APRIL 15 TO DE!MBIE$ 14 ..

4"....." .. '''" .. .- '_:.-..; ;3 L. .'
S.-.0-.., 4 '

pu, d1p


Si' Pier Pick-. nVDe-es


GAUTO S. A., General AgentMp (Next. k

P. 0. Box 46

G Roadster ', e
cW61 ..a.

o All America Cables)'

.AITI ., ...
.AlT .'. .

***** 0 0000 ~ __________
'~ J ~ a ~rg~rre -r s s .~ r,
r raw ~~#4* ."' .~'-. .'- -S'. -: .: a.A ~- :-..';.~ ~ W4t

^ ^ ^ ^ *---*^ -- ''^~~~--*-t *: -- *
-,, ; !. ,: /*.., -** .'. 'I -- .. .. .. < 4 "
_ .- .. *. .... .. .. .J. :
-i t .. *.'" '* ,-. .

S ,U.N '


,' -., ...-';..."- ;""-. *. :'. ."" ." ,- ",- i ,, .. ,. -, ,,
Sit' essioa: look how the-floor, of heaven
(^yfffli& -'hfnthe > .vHismaliest orb -which thu .behuld'st .
I ('thm p o-But in his motion -like an angel .sings.
r-or, ge ft t.away first/weu the tratfi light a ang'. to
t quizi'g t.r thi young-eyed clherubims
turstnal -iida. s s e x o is in immptai soulr. -
cid aflt-raS6wble doubt, .humal beings need to-obsseqr lpt whilst tl muddy estre ot'-decay
jt,.ofi -se within 'wfhlChthizf tbrk makes iese.' They.
th grossly cloe it i, we aundt ear it. -
.e. t .t a.e ... :ed o, "So ich, so varied, so august,' say$ Sir John, is the tradition."
S,.. oethis i prison, Alfred, for the education, of hi p-ople,
Piuray' to 6 -Ibut preserve.-inA.hurman beingsstA!6 instinct
surance be eede the to .

'-- .. .. ,.... "liming out ye e stall spears .
Oe bluese s n- humnaneas'
iI .. ."with ,.:.your pineold harmony... .
Fit.d Q F Th& S phe ee, w ,t whether. ityould.be6air, -ifscenee to6k the clearhum from
: Dy (ft~uifiP -the-. alar discO ahd t-furmed -t into music, as .ceriep doubtless
.5 2 .,.-3' .u -ld-..s;quite ucertain.,Someoruths are" better .sprituarly is. .
is eisi th a sl c isptrraed to .io. noider a Pythegorado
S-- suianny gsts. iSuchwa-te habit of theh.o1 philosopher .
... ... -I'^f: .... .. "r -^ ^L :- : '-- ': -" : --'V. : o, e ," i;.*--..'a"d* n *A..--s .s! ^... O

,e.. V ,
.' .'".U'U.' "

pl.s"bl& I ot Iiks'spm d.,lo6., eviky-.ceii-'

3- *t :.
fluAm 0vfVJ04.'ID
aAoiZw CO-

),f N c'C...'
S- -L .. L4-1
,rl,- A ~ ,4a?

(caunue8 from page 3)..
-- -, ... ..
ena's .aecreta're'i.c .ed
post' card froln w sayi
"Wd. have a new man in;.Portr^
iu -Prince. I will .-write -later". :
The card was dated Feb-.- 19.
February 20 -Pan American- re-
ports Pereha took flight -433 to ,
Ciadad 'Trjillo at 2- 45 pm 'and.-,
arrived'at Gludad Trujillb at 3:35 -
om. leds bfai anL'hour later,.. il
Portq- au-.- Prince. .Perena, .was, take. the PanrAme-
rican 'flight .31 instead of-,43.
but.:fligbt433'left. thirty minutes
earlier" so Perenka-d-e'c ied.-ctid
take itl Jse Rioldaie aasV f'not'
present- at-: the;irp f-fWhex ?.-..
ena. savri d because' l;e' .pwasjj -
ut~s Ite. What.matle e. .a -;
te' thisparlier f ig s a- mys-
iery. Wa_ .tbe eonvln"ed '6
smeon"-e.'.interstel tp bhave -hi;'"-
mv: uMaUM '1plo:1th1 -
out bnng seei.. b". friends? r:.
vas it a sUiple get ,
Xho&- eairiet At .any rate. an
\ierican iasW name on,
heimaniefe hs aving' arrived
o eudad Thaill&'i.t1 0V Pap
4xehidan. refuses aA Id
. enti j the uuimitgraTou ofiwes,.
--i uda^ trilv 4e

jd, ''cohi~nte( qwf ll step lieo
br tikMo.-lhndea' i

r, '-,--!_. _-.
T.. ft ~ .~'-
-"~ astsLeirwi ,

....~ .q ...13-1., .;
.-.. . .... ..... ,/".-...., .- ":...

W!,, mTT wereMas i Si -
inmInote SbnIXr&Vo-atn-e-fA
asS ,r-i Nb v.l-"j.. i

la. mi r. .. ..
~4e~#iit -. ,P --" ..
fita& tngjthe, F~~(~nne oipg
Lskc thei ;-#.;t "- rp (ofsn~ oficds4';aS7Aen.. st.,:,

"WafA" 'wr z! --pr~.- 'j~'y dmen -we -t sizwd-
'wasyo'0 g d r..ot i.inat.. As r mb y

, 750 .e .lon09k
;U&r _C NE.... ...

,s o .e .1ein
a. ce'..aa. V-.

s l aa an
b ",cL"eas u a uslmsi "" it.i& "Lj -
0 ;e". 7-:,,O ~ r .log

wr o ni'ith", e in a s,
.'--,,l f'ava.I ":d.
-, :. r: !A.' e-'.~ ft. .p~y ct.: :,'"'"' -
.......nesko-n h v_-.f aft':e,-'athis

xr gd lsajoi e antg6d, o rcvmaq asr fpdal4
"stl"of b de"e:ers""" ,-"e'. "'iuso ;." m"" into th'. '

Mrgai& zo Mrh tr~i2
taed Aia a

,lf.. S.1j% ....w......s hi ca n "net eaio apu e.
iikVT'C'Se% ,son .61';;tdop"il L5
"n.b,'agPok- ,and -oo-

Wi_"4a a, I ,r -,m.'!VW._- N, vpf M
T V;.e... ..nd .!

'M "e :s- -"'-
.4: ., .,.. ..EL i vith O '.- -. -M....o n"- chos"en' J...
... j"4 N .ecor -... at-._, ..... ... u C...- ._ 8 .... .. b a~iv rl ston.' ol) 14 {(:x il .
t GwahapnoBa' 2)Banur t
knAphew laqt n h SAS o a~j~Wll~s eqftBde! -'ieit 'With:a in~'

sinou "al~~ iytei:aiiP Its'~W?
iilw MmfldTARs ..So;1-
-, feJi. .. le o ,E,-t'. alt a.. .... ....
.. .... 4, .. _,z .. m m s ,. .. ...I ';Z-:-
[ i .: .. .. ... ...0'o" .... z" ... .. .. ... .
6 ... .::'::.'-. .. .N ;6- ,-; J. ....: .. -I ':


.. 1 i II .-e

Seph report -

SKleinkaMr, President of the sHaitian American Fertilizer. Co
visitor' in Port- au Prince returning for a few days to his
in. St Petersbtirg, Flrida, via Panam on Wednesday..:' Ber-
iMadhiere'headof the ,Cement Distribution Office -of the Gov-
nt returned. last week.:from a 10 day business trip to' New
Sam Feber left .Monday for New York via Panam. He said
uld be back in 8 or-10. days. He will brighten, well anyway
the town... This week, Mgr.; Choquet, Coadjutor of Mgr.
au Bishop of Cap Haitien, left for Canada on vacation...
y eight the:Diplomatic Corps gave a dinner-party in honor
*. iReene.-Ch -rs, -Secretary, of Stte ,f6r Foreign Affairs,
tel. SaeSiSou0:.. MI1Cr-IcIA- Baumec, Secretary -nf
C H:ealth-,JDepartmlnt, miisti lla flssBJeasne Allien -as' Execut-
tcretary at the sarime Department Wednesday morning... By
onsion.-of theI W a*t t56ti ablfo'M aIc .D. Miciel
en appointed Judd'4at '-Appeal' tourt of Port au Prince; Mr.
lector, Judge at" Civil Court of.Port au Prince; -and Mr. Jn-
ote Menard General Attoriey at Civil Court of Cap Haitien....
o"seph. ar; Minister-Counsellor of Haiti in Liban, a good
of',the': President of' the Republic, arrives this afternoon at
y'PAA 432... The SBADA made an -important-' distribution of
to the agricultural workmen of- Mont-Rois,- Graidd'Anse,
des Commnissaires, andl Morne Rouge to permit the citizens
back-couitry to .participate ih the commemoration -of 2.nd
Fee..Jin the Capital.. Billy 'and Michelle Stued. ave a baby
-arrived? Saturday morniig. ..-
Ambassador Raymond Thurston, flew to the Dominican
blic-with WMts''Thurston 'Thursday afternoon. Thiey expect to
ck in'Port al'Pribed Sunday. Theywere accompanied by"
nd. f -Earle.'Finameyr.. Mr. inney being the director of..the
can Administration. for Triternational Assistance... The an-
report-'Af'.Pt -Anmricea World Airways -for 1961 is n the
Pertinent figures are: The company grossed $460,400.000
th'e"year, almost a half-billon, dollars. Net income after tax-
i 8,,,000. In other words they had a profit of less than 2-
!on each dollar;of gross revenue. They worked hard for that
; Yet their net return' was better-than that of most airlines,
can, European or Asiatic, -many of the latter being govern-
subsidized. The company has the primary contract for- oper-
the Cape Cpnav'eral. Missile Text Center and Missile Range
uth'Florida which makes it -much more oE a_ growth stock
their air-transport companies... The Caressa Company which
a shoe factory in Port au Prince, as well as others in the
'States reported. quarterly progress to its stockholders in
recently. As' can be judged by the-high class of the 'shoes
ctured the company is well in the -black and expecting to
in the United States... The-SS- Orsova on a world cruise
hundred of Kiwis and Kangaroo types from down-under
the world, and Haiti...

w market in the. town of Areahaie, "Cite diu Drapean Hai-
will be inaugurated by the President of the Republic, Dr.
Is Duvalier, on May 22nd... This ,week,. Mr. Noroy Theodore,
r-proprietor of, the "Imprmierier-'iheodore", gave a check the Public Health Department as his personal-contri-
to .the building of the 400-bed hospital of Bel-Air... Dr. Jar-
Foureand, Director of the (IBESR) Institut du: Bien-Etre
accepted his-election as Vice President of'the PAMA by the
ittee Director of the Pan American Medical Association, Inc...
victor Noel was installed as Chief of Researches' Service at
irection Generale of Public Health by Under-Secretary Mr.
Daminec, Monday... Friday at 3:00 p.m. a reunion of the
is of the ,Executive Committee of 22nd May's Fete was of the Mouvement do Renovation Nationale. Pre-
Sre: '.Engene Mellon; Max Guerrier, Ernst Cineas, Franckl
ea,,. Jn-Marie Eveillard, iMme Malherbe Labissiere, Ro-
Franoois, Edner Day, Augustin Raymond, Andse Supplice,
Front, Gustave Sylva, Vianney Dennervilles, Yves Char-
tx Larsin, Jacilues Tassy, Jules Taylor, Alix Cineas, Jean
6art, Adrien Raymond, Morille Figaro, Raymond Roy, Rene
.aIi.W.'.Cve, "EL aT baud, Gerard- Th' rd, Lamarti-
N." ,._ .. -... ... .= .. .... .. ... .

SU.. -N' -. :
4 A I T I-

ODVA. And The Celebratio

Of'Agricuture AndLaborDay

Large appropriated placa
stressAd -the importance
cultural. materials in tlheffi
action of ODVA througf oDu .t Al
Artibonite, In the afterntoio thq_
sands of visitors were b
t se fs'or tllerpselves, at !:bA S
stand presented, by.0ODVA, v

operatives, .An' allegorical- een
was ihown: at. the -top, m 4.-b
picking, off grains -ir tL-i
ears of.corns while -at the bbttP.-
eight-pairs of arms wer aeo.
making the same -work with
A.quotation:. IThe zinachine isi. tj
Nb't gathering drm-in- rrin '" EAs A
gives strength." ,' ":
S-FifteL.n.1 ar ge pictured j.
-__ -_ -:.r_& plustrating various activnti
-. Acooperatives,- while artistic
One of the agricultural. mac i es shown off plays presented samples: ofid '
by .ODVA at tehe Laboi Day's Parade. tomatoes and onions' harvy .
.. by cooperatives of ODVA.
'DVA's contribution to thec c ..
leiration of Agriculture andr La-
bor Day has been noted: In-the
morning, the Labor Department
organized a .large parade& before.i
the National Palace, and one
could see different.jypes of agri-,
cultuhral equipment, figuring at
the right place, .and which are
being used by -ODVA. for the pu-r- ,
pose o! converting gradually the
,4tibonite into a varehoilse(loft)

for"storage of commodities. an.i,
mr re n and more the. Arbbonitc is
becoming. that loft. -

here were two- scrapers, one
on each side of.a 'big trailer
which was hauling sprua_ oers.L Two
tr:.eks perfectly decorated were
transporting loads of rince fid
tomstoes; the latter wk .ry. -
wll displayed on large flat has- A iew of ODVA's Stand at the Agricultural Fair
kets:" -,
of Damiens on the Agricultural and -Labor Day.


S -A new building. property of.
w A rn w a. Mr. DrDlet, -mermber of _' Z rt
Sdes Jeanes"'-~ellap-dcV at Rue -
The Direction of the Casino International take 4 Mgr. Guilloux; near of the Sa .
-4'pleasure to present to its amiable-clients the Speo. natorium, Monda's at 10.30 pm- :-
tale of the Season: 4 Two workmen: Franck Remy".
Sand Wales Jule.- were seriously
"NUIT MAGIQUE" injured and transport-d to the
Cc G,.nera. Hospital -.
iin the lime-light, the Folkiorie Troup of the Cas imo-
A small house opposite the Bi-
SHOW EVERY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT 4 zoon Dock, property of Min
CHOICE MUSIC BY ed after a landslir1 from a r.leb-
C O'MUI B4 Emilienne Pierru-Lpnis, ccllaps-
THE CASINO INTERNATIONAL boring knoll struck it during
directed by the rain of Wednesdro.v night.
Firemen of th Thor Station 7
extracted the 3:.:se if Joseph
..... X Eliacin and seor-nJl, injured
= = i _persons Pierre Phselian, Jacki,
niere Ade, Alfred Dorce, Raymond Odige Ciness, Elie Andre, Ga- Rose-Marie, Mar'cr.a- Pierre $rom .
briel Brunet, Gustave Charles... Father Roger Rion, cure uf the the house
parish of Ile de la Tortue, spoke of "Hopital des Faluistes" which ie Emillen_- Pi 'rre-Louli
hle directs at the weekly luncheon at International Club of Conmer- who received severe injuries was....
-ce... hospitalized. i -t


bridge at, Miragar~sr and ieha- Starting at apprex..V~EJ
biliated 12.,miles of adjheent ap- a.m. Saturday _romgy.tey
W h aiefwestoproach rod n the, national, gan -unloadirig' 'e vY
highway to Cayes'. 6,uipmenQmP
two, Phs e. Hedesr~bd 1). tnseIncluded in the present Seabee MOUTH. ROCK:*
es.nfwp He dscrbed ha following a request from the Hai- contingent are 6 equipment majo- whrI Some mae
trutiriBatalon 4,a etch-'m"o te pro~ E. s emergency tian, Government.' ators, 3 construedonn mnechanics, 20-ton capacity crweroifi
o reen frtercol-. hisisth scod iie itin3steelworkers, 5 buiviers, skil- on a ponton barg, -n
asofthe. won 4. T Aedam- the Jus 8mnthtteUS led in masonry, carpentry and pacity mobile crn, .t0a
ons a4 ihoiM bandteconcrete work), ,one eiectric'an, hauiling' truck, 3 pcu rcs'L
Seabees for- emerrgefcy services and one utilities man, all of and mniscellaneouohreW
_Viall imorantwor )xfl coe dive uder the selpwrd end. of b1o JenI the 19`6 I0-a. Seaboe whom, are enlist-,' men, of 4,e mnent and: tools.
from tiox B8 defach nent, chilstr 'e a:Pofiton United States Navy.,

Corp of n,,wers'Th Pha6 to, ILt. ,Peltier report-
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U.S oaf 1hebe andthoe tor Reyes Spincoa coeports pia company co6to Aeea Via tenihri
of'. buesione als. Thie be ddit. thero itdRoRoa aahtacm-tgt teei
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`4ily Corps oforin tov Trtutillo .-.ha snuglewepeeos tolin l Then 7!ee ae
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menon to-ods work side Pebe pe:Elily eladdorlorepd e. l
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wil brers hel acontest n wa -he Havana. Atp th :
onon theirec saemei Tho prizeb tor Ka 41t three'fit 'the
o h ine twhe Chtief of td mloyees of themona amorig heiWhen
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yeeurit' -Polie in t liuda d yo ug Dos Th bsy ... tabled Whlaug ,Ihi m.ngea to-tePln:node~
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Il el ehed'told. Jomdan he
Snotr- want to"iklimo RE N AC
-0i oumnter any more. or gagve no
-henatonY .o his chage rat-ea

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mei,6aterly fer held 9ii in Mex-Atfi
wh i h uTh jobrizehd O .tl
id thejir sandlesmena visi memettre"-d en

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