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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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lcc - Newspaper 2117
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SHAITI -.Avenue Marie-Jeanne

li i

- CITE DUMARSAIS ESTIME Phone 2061 Vol XX Sinday December itth, '1961 No. 1
| I .

Point IV "Self-Help"
Gains Popularity

: r : i ,
Shown above it Haiti"s first rural ltermediath School, dediaated
at Laborde (near" qayes) -Oitobe -,9 constru.te at, o;Ist o
$85,000 by C.E.P. this is one of the :largest schooL complexes in
either rural or urbkn Haiti., t includes student dormitories, caf-:
teria, bakery, lau4diy, ware.;..pf academic classrooms, an
industrial .Arts building, Rome iE o saes paiiding, library and
-Agricultural Warehouse. '
S .
Port au-:Pdaw e Recent, re cetiv. tdlring .th, past few
:^ .c^'... i^ '-:' ..^. .'*.^ .1. .16

hel cation program istgain-
ing.ai* ever increasing popular.
Ity. .amongst 'rural Haitians.
.And accotditig to Chief dduca-
~on .Advisor i'haries '1riggs this
.trend should, contin .possibly
Sat an -even faster p"ce..
Personnel oi 'the Haitian-Amnf-
i i c a n Co-pperative -.Education
Program' ( EP) r'eportd. that:
-1). During the second week of
November alone,. rxists frorh
17 individual corimdlnitieb in the
*P lateau Central for .construction
o.f ruial schools were received
'-by a CEP co-ordinatlr' visiting
that area. More than three doz-
en such requests have been re-


S, _-- -

: 'w ^ 'y s m
r' fIr


Miss Bahamas'
Miss Panamerican
Of Tourism
On Thursday night. Dec. 14th,
in -the presence of 3000 people,
*were held' at the Casino the fin-
als of the Pan American Beauty-
Contest, organized by the Dep-
artment of Tourism.
The' Juty, coilposed of 'six
Ambassadors :ad the.'Ielbgate of
ONU'in Haiti, elected on the sec-
nd. ballot round,, "Miss Baha-
mas:,' Miss Leonord Rogers,
"Miss Pan American of tour-
ism". .
Miss Bahamas 'as 'born in
Nassau on Augut- 16, 1942. She
works as a TraMfc'Clerk for the
BOAC ii Nassau, Bahamas.
The 19-year-old beauty was
elected over thirteen Contestants
including Miss Argentina, lVMjss
Canada, 'Miss Chile, Miss Col-
ombia, VIiss ,,Equator, Miss Visit
USA,. C:ss .ii j,; _.ss Jamaic_,,
U Atsg 4"?I. __

nne !4 ~ ,e -

I,".: ..'.r(uonunnea.on page 1) i

'pTaret Back

Ai. paret, w' as granted
a-two-year scholar p.'to study
Journalism and .Publc Finance
at Pdhtificia Catholi;ca'Javeriana
University of Bogota, dame back
to Port au Prince last'week.
He Visited the HATI SUN on
Friday anid told :u it how he.en-
joyed his 2-year stay ii Colom-
bia." '
Alix Paret' is aPui employee of
General Administration of Con-
.. .

n Beauties

..~Sweeter than Sweet Maria Gudmundsdottir, -Miss Island,- is
thrilled n reading the Colum "In Haiti This Week" of the SU...

.. .', "oB .ju .. opn.page_ J)

Doesn't Love
A N.w Hat?
SMrs Fntz Gousse now's the
woman who doen'f find a lift
in a new hqt hardly exists, .
'At .r .-shop 1t 9o. 2 Ruelle
S.Cyr;'she has a showing of
chapeaux. in all styles, colors
and .materials, -today;. Sunday
December. i7th,. w.bich will be
wprth seeing. You men might
rnembPme that A. new hat. is. a

res S h ake
Whether four ft pythons es- three weeks ago according.-i
caped from Katherine Dunham's front-page reports in Port au
Zoologial garden at Habitation Prince' Newspapers and now.
Lectrc and threaten to take threaten to take over the natirin
over the entire island of Hispa- in a few, years. .'
niola in the est few years is Haitians were lamenting .We ~
difficult to ascertain this week. thought, we h'd all the world's
SMiss Durham. ridicules the problems and now .we have snai
multitude 'of reports published in kes to contend with." .
the daily press, on radio and Haitians have always consid""
TV, and carried throughout the ered, 'themselves blessed tha
nation by the teledial that in they have no poisonous repile
fact the snakes did take to the on this overcrowded one-tiird,6 A
woods. in Island and',this snake sqqareJ!
The famous American Dancer is really worrying tari. .
earlier this year set up .an ex- Whether' four snakes actu ,|
otic tourist night-club' on the did .escape frWm her little zoo
fringe' of the City in ,what is is hard to 'pin down. Mifss Kathe'3J
known as Habitation Leclerc, rine denies .they escaped' anmd.
naned after Pauline Bonaparte's said this afternoon. while eedi
General husband. Although Pau-' ing bananas and tomatoes to
line slept about everywhere else t vo little. Capuicine.,monlieys,
in Haiti but Part au Prince, Le- a 'and Felix from Birail som;e '
clere has been given a historical one not a'well-wisher *ant-sthis;
past and now a zoo. propaganda to have effect o;A
On,a small terrace before Bar rpy. business".
Geisha and Salon Guinee at Ma- "This morning. we received "
dame. Duriham's '"Habitation Le- visit from'fdur -armed' erimiMl-
clerc" four, fat pythons escaped (Conned
l i ,' .,. m., ,p .+
. :" -' : ; 14

to' His
cois, I
the c
ini 'thi

Inesday. morning, the gra- Salver is a gift o the Clo
Miss Lyda Descolar, beau.- bian Departtfent of Tobiism.a
eenof the Republic. of .Col- a speciala la;opie aid ge b- y
a, accompanied ~1y Senor Colombian People to the'Hain
ssador Doct6r Reitd4io del people and also to the manyser
I, offeredd Silver Salven vices rendered top Panameri'
s Excellency, Dodtor Frair- anism by PresidentDuvalier".'
Duvalier President of the The Chief o State, in -his' r i
lic of HaLtt: Minister of ply, spoke of his deep apprecia.":
mn Affairs, Mr. Rene Chal- i on fqr -the gift, of the Sister.
and high officials attended Nation-of Colombia and 'thanke.,i',
ceremony which took place the Queen and ihe Diplomat.

e Yellow Recept m

.. (Cutind .e~a pag4 3) of National Palace. The Silver -"'


ReadingFriday morning, the Secretary .'
,of State of Justice, Me. Sitnon"i
Desvarieux, accompanied by the',A;'
General Secretark of this Dep-":
S arttnent, paid a visit to Habita"-
tion Leclere operated by Mi. s .
Katherine Dunham, to investig.:"
ate the rumored escape of foul ;
pythQns which the Port au Prin-".
'. express is. making a to-do abbut:
According to urgent instruc-
lions from Prefect Windsor Day.,
all reptiles of indigenous or for--'+i:
eign origin caged, at Katherine: '
Dunham's Habitation Leclere c
have been carried off the plaee:
and are now at .Damien, where .
they will be careful identified.,I
by specialists of-Department of.
Miss Denmark, "seduisante" Sonja Helene Menzel was delighted Agriculture.
with the story written about the Mannequins of 4he Comite' Fran. No reptiles can be found. at
casde 'FElegance... L eclere now. '
.. ..'. .




_ C~r~rp*

I .


Sunday Dfcember l th. 19i

In Haiti This Week;

***Mr Gruenther Geisler, a German Producer
from, Washington, D.C. and ,wife Eleonore, an
Austrian journalist arrived last week-end and
were joined here this weekend by 22-year-old
Unit Manager Sheldon Rochlin from New York
and lovely wife Diane, a model, and Kurt-Wer-
ner Drews, a German Cameraman and Klaus
Manfred Eckstein, a TV Director from Berlin.

in Compton California made a stop here this week in sv.'inIg throui;'.

the Caribbean. The
try and planned tc
was delighted with
Claude W. Timmon
and wife Elizabeth
Horace Ashton at t
***Mr and Mrs E
first-born child, a 1
14th, at 10 p.m. at
the happy father ai
bett wishes tn vnu

T..he party is housed at the Sans Souci Hotel. They are making a **Mr Warren Nc
'.documentary film for the Dorumentary Programs Inc from Ger- 9-year-old daughter
;',ay. Gruenther and Eleonore are writing the story for the pro- Warren tests missi
i$luction. Bil Godsey arrived from the U.S. Saturday to act as control Department
second cameraman and" Assistant Director. We warn them that Grand Hotel Oloffs
.thfy can't do-anything good for Haiti without the Haitiar co-opera- ***Mr David ChJ
'oiin. pretty wife Barbara
iT.**'*Roland Pierr-Louis and lovely Betty Mevs, daughter of Mr ed here by Mr Jacq
nEid M-rs Paul Mevs got officially engaged in a ceremony held on guests at the Villa
'.,iWednesday December 6 in .the home of the girl's parents. Best
'***Salesman William B. Veneris and his beautiful wife Lotus A NEW
fm Chicago stopped here early this week for a few days at the
E.Rancho. Lotus works for a showroom in Chicago. This "sympa- fine Christmas pre
gtiue" couple is delighted with Haiti. Iady in your life
.. -. Thu ay night. I
Xii**~Mr Louis Philippe Mongeau, an Executive for the HASCO Thuresay night
the presence of 300
d wfe Josephine are back from their vacations in their home finals'of the Pan A
i:i Montreal... Mr Clarence A. Bain, a Law maker from the Baha- and send the lady
:.is stopped here early this week. Clarence is also a.Travel Agent, own selection.
.Realtor and a Hotel Representative... Mr Claude Paul Ducreux, Mrs Gousse is lo
assistant Director of the Wilson's Travel Agency in Beverly Hills ed in the businesss
real flair for mil
Clofornia spent a few days at the El Rancho this week. The Wil- reals hr showing.
'7 miss her showing.
'on's Tra~el Agency is specialized in travel for actors of Holly- in case you don'
.jobd, mostly thbse of the Twenteth Century Fqx and Metro Gold- word ."millinery"
1wjn Mayer... Dr John Gould, ~a surgeon fro mtle States and wife wak back when M
J:an Ann are current guests at the El Rancho... Pretty Mrs Mar- straws for the first
g(garet Allen, a-Travel Consultant for the Compton Travel 'Service Milan-ery.

R T T I i Real Estate
La viia Williams LOISEAU
hone 2
lfounexs Special Courses beginning Jan. 4, 1962 in Cable Address:
the 2 new dance crazes:
-. Renting of Hou
..; .L PACIAN A!r!" '. ments, Bungalow
ST T Houses for shoe
i period

as well as. other Ballroom dances Buying and sell
SBolero, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango,l Boogie Woogie, mercial business
,aittian Meringue, etc.
S. Bars, Restaurants
R reservations at

.'-' cOl Located on the COhainp e Mars Joseph
i: next to the Rex Thealfer. Ma






..- ",.,.:....^ ^ 8 ^ ^ ^ .,.,, .':: ." -

charming visitor got entranced with the Coun-
Smake a longer visit, with her husband. She
the show of the Bacoulou Night Club... Mr
s, owner of an orchid nursery in Naples, Fla
are currently visiting their friends Mr and Mrs.
he Villa Rosa...
rnst Forestal are rejoicing in the birth of their
boy named Guerlens, last Thursday, December
Canape Vert Hodpital. We wisl to congratulate
nd mother, the former Giliane Pinard,. and our
ng Guerlens.
orlin and charming wife Florence and lovely-
Paula sailed down here this week from Miami.
miles at Cap Carnaveral, he is in the quality
. The NoHrin family is staying a week at the
risty in Banking Business in New York and
a and 10-year-old son Sulzber-Arthur were greet-
ues Berne and Geo Deslandes. They are current

'sent for the
It you can't
Dec. 14th, in
0 -people, the
merican Fes-
to make her

ng experienc-
i and has a
linery. Don't
By the way,
't know, the
comes from
Milan supplied
straw hats-

& Co.


ses, Apart-
us, Camping
rt or long

ing of cqm-
es such as:

I, Hotels etc.
Hotels and


- -

lu" ul ar

Not a soap, not a
cream-Halo cannot
ne dulling, dirt-
catching soap fdni!

'"*Dr Arthur E. Falk an
stetrician Gynecologist f ro.,
Lansdale, Pa is visiting t
week with his charming wi-
Mary Ellen. Arthur is meeting
here with schoolmate Dr Gerar
Gross who is introducing hin
and his wife to the charms i
Haiti. Eugene Lamour. the 'syn
,p'athique Maitre d'hotel' of ti
El Rancho is introducing Mar
Ellen to the Haitian rhythms.I

Marcel Ch, Fombrun, who.,wa
working with the United Nation
Organization in the Division a
UNICEF at Brazaville, has ju
been transferred as Director Ge
neral of the same Divisioni
This promotion is a new prod
of the consideration given t
Haitian personalities by th
World Organization.

"Soaping Adulls hair_

Halo glorifies it ,

Gives fragrant
"soft-water" lather
-needs no special rinse!

_____ ____ ____ __ .

Removes embarrassing
dandruff from both hair f
and scalp!

Yes, "soaping" our hair with
even finest liquid or oily cream
S shampoos leaves dulling,
dirt-catching film. Halo, made
with a new ingredient, contains
no soap, no sticky oils.
Thus Halo glorifies youzp hair
the very first time you use it-
Ask for Halo-America's
favorite shampoo-today.

Halo leaves hair soft,
manageable-shining with
colorutl natural highlights!

Halo reveals the hidden. beauty of the hair



N w

I 'A.


illiIlIll IN 1 11 i m I



Sun-d Detembecr 17th. 198. H A I T I S U N PAGE .

Penigre Cordially GreetedThe Queens

S(Translated.from "LE JOUR"
for "HArrTI SUN")
PebUgre---w\:itin the frame of
'solemnities planned b the Dep-
zartinent of TQurism on the occa-
sion of the Pan-Ameqican FPe ,i3
rival of Tourism. ODVA organized .-
.a.. party. ,%vi'ch gave rise -io *a j ]
colossal demonstration of sym
pathy to the addr. s of Their
gracious and ephemeral Pani-
iAmerican an'd iranlian Maje; le9
T he y t~ e're enthusiast:.in 4 "
cheered, on their wa'y (rotn Port.
au Prince to Platent( Central. but .. V..-
cheerings 'increased in intensity
'at Mirebalais where aU the '.,.
Stq9wn's houses hqd bebn'splntan-
'ebusly dbcrated and where the .15
whole population kept gathing The Caribbean and JLatin-Ameican u dnb ofd. B uBt artad 'the program of nautical port or anized by ODVA at Pelige,
for thee hours ijn the General : D
B.njamih Noel St.eet ih, oi'de. t6 ; ,.,
applaud the.beaties o ur At thie entrance q the Peligre Mrs Roger K. Cantave, zinatmen- plane races 'Queens 'and people '1ouged that excursionuup
SCp .ty and hose, ot the, -Ni CAMP, under, a rushice ,ar. ot be'b of ODVA's CDA; the Wel- ini'ttdd todk their. places on the p.m. Rowing on the Pelig .lse
wo n.ld. o t. .Ltriurmphy.the ODVA.DirectoF aani come Cdmmittee of ODVA', the .floating barrestaufants and the has .been pat of the ekci .
.. Directorlof,.Pe gre Darn, E gjin- aftendadae assembled"pnder'bow- The attendance_ leftat nig
:Robert Miot, cordially great% 'ers on.'the hore. 'got more ac-
ed the Queens and guided then quainted to the typicaltid tiay, Seretary of Statq.. Vi.to -:.
,toward 'thg, lake, Ion the. shores creole 'cooling. rs'tonistant, oblingi l
of which a dense( crowdlI Was '. -usic from two jazz bands w"s ruptpd his occupations Inr"
gathered: so amusing and the surroundings while and devoted himself o th
-First; .an-. a trpctiwv aqiati:i sob appealing that e queens prp- part.' ..
prok.ram fobk pladee: swvimmeris,."
piutgpes,, outboard;, and- aqaIa '-, .-

ISi I' I
A Square' At: St,' Martin

,Vth (ha ,ul;, cooperation' of' ll
tehiantp, of the Iecohd1 Cit_' of St.
Martin, the Directdr' o0 A -CO,
Mr 1'anck Stertln is building .up' :
a ieb park on tihe eas side of
the :"Foyer Sinmote .Duvalier. 1or
S. : Each lodgeri contributes for $1
Set- ronth. The sq are ti\,U ,ve
a kiosque and a Musical- ounit-
ain; benche- will be placed .,' ."..rr
Along the sides of. the park :
The second City of St. .,ari .l ... e "n
:''- -needed tis... park- fo e i 8 rrounkling Miss iaiti, th ltih: American 'Queens
*' ..... '" b n .dneetederthis. p f .hi '. -f
its inhab nt~ and their chit- participate to tub plcturesques babeeue organized .
dren.. in her honor by ODVA at Peligre.
: 3. 3

Melle MAntl! -Mis Haiti,- accepts the homage of a'fisherman, a'e
a beahtlfil'Oarp, during the festivities organized by ODVA..at Pe-
l gre in the plan of the Pan American Festival of Touris '

IDrambuie LIQUpR



The only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotlao, oi ,
the basis or the finest pure oll SCOTCH WHISKI.
indispeusable f4r festivities and for eve y occa- ,
Pion: Z Hii arIt ,itecuiiea nu telOlffn, awi
EXCLUIFIVE AGENTS: C Haiti's "Glngetbread Palace" and famed host, are pool,.is the haven for the uninhibited. ..
L. PREE ZMAN-AGGERHOLM 8 CO. Haitian architecture, ePnquisite culsine and contelery the Grand Hotel Oloffson, show plsa ":-
.a. ,$ooc'.02eo. o t Wandt gardens the Olatfson, co mlete with mnlat ted living. Set amongs a myria of tropical trew,
4, 1 it : ". .i, 3. : ., 2i. ,. ;:


I .

, Sunday December 17th, 196


he TroubledDomnnican
In Transition

1'By Thomas P. WITHNEY In the back of the room there just a few minutes earlier, just
stood guards with submachine prior" to- the President's entry
wDusk was falling over Waito guns. Near then w:as a group into the room, the announcement
Dungo on Thursday afternoon, of officers-some of whom were that that night there would be
November 23, and nervousness looking.. out 'of the open doors an all-night curfew from six p.
Ung in the. air of .the office ar onto the veranda of the palace m. until ,five the next .morning.
: Southeast corner of the Na- where several other guards with Everyone there was acutely
Dijal Palace -of the Dominican submachine guns. patrolled up conscious of the fact that
hpbicj. Tired-looking President and down and loZked out into throughout the country there
a u&er .was speaking --iead- the twilight above the city. Sev- outside that crowds of Dominic-
Sfrom a prepared text- into eialh planes were circling over- ans were' looting properties of
ire microphones in front of head.low and slowly. The roar of the Trujillo family which had
'm. Two..of.,tpe/pages of his their motors droned monotonous- been gone'from the- Republic not
ee stuck together and he dy aid penetrated. into the 'room. even a, week... And President
tered"fora moment until one where the President was speak- Balaguer .was particularly c.n-
I .is aides succeeded in pulling ing. Every minuute.of so came the scious of it, I listened to him
StWo' pages apart so that he sound oq ah explosion from.the speak...
d::.'.continue his, measured city. For those -familiar with.,
Sin a voice which was at- such sounds -as was everyone .
tig to. convey to his listen- there at the National Palace He proclaimed his intentions
i'a.. sense of urgency and em- that night- thesp could be re- of restoring order and blam-
ncy 'but which was not. the cognizedd asi noise bombs, harm- ed the looting op Communists.
i o:of an orator. less grenades intended' not to A far-fetched accu s-atia n,
: ., i il but to scare. They were ob- it seemed to me. After all if
"Aiaye~lin the Eoom in a -,rO jously' being thrown by police that day the police and army
o .ep'td ~h'e President's left and army detactiments in' efforts .had provided adequate protec-
d fbl miemers of his cabin- to6 get groups of Dominicans to 'tion to the properties being loot-
'i-seys.eie'ed' troubled, and disperse .and scatter, E'eryone ed they probably would not have
;.'ad listSened with attention. there .in that, room bad beard been attacked. Maybe there.'had
S. ':. .. even been a willingness on the
/ .part of the government to let

." ':*"- '. '.
*: ..

SSo Soft...

. .-.

i .. .
; W ,

,.' sc 6-26 / S
iLamp 'Post Shbp


N INDB OR 50mm F:25. LENS.
aSkmm SINe..-LENS-



things get. out of hand so as
then to be able to come down
with a firm hand and disperse
with force the crowds of Domi-
nicans which' had been continue
ing their "freedom", celebration.
right from Tuesday on. I wond-
,ered at any rate...
I heard .Balaguer declare:
"The era bf Trujillo is ended."
And there on the wall right be-
side him at his right. hand.there
hung a full-length portrait in oil
of the assassinated Generalissi-
mo whose spirit ovdrhudg that
Stese gathering there that even-
ing. And'it seemed to. me that
no- patter how things worked out
.that it was not Joaquin Bala
guer, who after all had become
President of the Doniinican Re
public by the will 'of Generaliss
imo Trujillo, he could put ar
end to the era of Trujillo.
I I-

His speech continued and he
announced to the Dominican
SI people that as President he
9-26 ,
Place Geffrard (Continued on page 13)



... '..., ..

Come and Enjoy
At The


(Mariali,' 10 minutes from town)
Wherever you may be in Port au Prince...'
You Are Near
P.O. Box 85 Port anu Prince (HAITI)
) 4 '. .-,




Oniih-s of first quality are available at -th
sales counter of ODVA at the corner of Rue
des Cesare and Rue du Centre, at the following
prices: .. '..

lOlbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes '
50lbs.-Bags 15 Gouxrdes
S Wholesale orders will be filled on the basis
of Gourdes: 2.75 per- 191bs., bags (Minimum
1) bags)-and Gourdes: 14 per 501bs:s (Minim.-
um10 bags.) .


Beautiful Peligre Lake

for any and all who wish to partake of the beautiful
goodness of a peaceful vacation amidst the sur-
roundings of nature's own greenery.
38 Mples"From Port au Prince
HUNTING ............ FISHING

........ RELAXE


I'or your resrrvation, call up in ODVA Radio-Station at
Corier Rue du Centre and des Cesars 68.

Caribbean Construction Co. SA.

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD

Phone: 3955. P. O. BO,- 284
..i' \. .j




I 5


, j



"undly December 17ti, 1961



Community Weehai Published Sunday Morning
Gerant-Besponsable MAUCLAIB LABISSIE
ESTABLISHED IN '1iM The Director
Le Nouvelliste
Port au Prince

Mr. Director:
Haitian commerce has two serious handicaps which
increase prices to the consumer public of the country I have read with interest the
reproduction of a short parag-
,d increase costs of exports,- in competition with sim- rrdph of Le Jor and the answer
lar export crops of other countries, given by Mrs Katherine Dunham
The first is the position of Port au Prince, situated about the news of the flight of
,t the head of a long bay with two long peninsulas ex- the snakes of the zoological gar-
ending a hundred miles or mohe to the West. This den of Habitatio .Leclerc
A neighbour of Miss Dunhnim
auses an increase in steaming-time to reach the .port and her husband Mr Pratt for
if .4, to 6 houri incoming, and another 4 to 6 hours the past four years, I have been
teaming-time 'for the outward voyage. This costs mon- able to observe with all the more
y for which compensation is obtained from increased sympathy the progress of their
reight-rates. The increased freight-rates in turn cause realization that myself, net to
them, I was undertaking the
creased retail prices to the consumer on all imported task of building my future home
articles which enter into the daily life, i.e., steeL some up this charming neighbourhood
otton*goods, vegetable oils, etc., etc. of Martissant by gradually build-
In turn, coffee or chocolate exports must pay higher ing up my property, by up keep-
reight-rate than the same products from Santo Do- ing month after month the ac-
cess road to Leclerc.
ningo City, or Vera Cruz or Puerto Corte. cessToday when KathLeclerine -n-
Today when Katherine--Dun-
t ham took over this job of the
,The solution? Difficult. Perhaps better air-freight Commission of Highways, .nd
facilities. Perhaps better roads for camions to Jacmel. that in addition, the development
Ye have a friend who says that a canal 'was dig about of her tourist center insures this
940 frori the Bay. pf Gonave to Iake-Saumatre for aandone, i the to unte the
abandoned, with a future that
drainage. He says a similar canal to Lake Enriquillo, I hope brilliant, I can only ap-
ad from about Lake to Barahona would be a circle, plaud to whatever may contri-
l1 sand and silt.' Both lakes are below' sea-level. Maybe bute to the success of her enter-
he Sea Bess would be intrigued to do it. Not for large praise.
is bu t'for the Gonave-type boats. She has herself underlined the
The second big handicap arises from our wharf in social work she offers by the
ort au Prince -a portiop of which collapsed this week care she provides to the needy
f old-'age. Ocean-going ships Ue out at the end of a at her clinic. As far as the tour-
harf, probably 400 or 500 yards long, and accessible istic interest that a place such
or passengers only on foot, .and for freight only by as Habitation Lecerc offers, n
wilay car. Believe it or not, all out-going freight ar- body do
ivin4 by truck must first be unloaded by hand-labor It is, I think, in the light of
o the Customs weighing-scales, had then by hand- this misee en valeur" that we
rucks and manual labor to railway cars. The rallwa m must appreciate the idea of the
ars,-pushed by rail to the end of the wharf, are then zoological garden. From the
gain unloaded and freight transferred by manual lab- start, I have shared, without re-
servethe enthusiasm of Mr.
rto slings or mechanical carriers. All this manual lab- Pratt for it is difficult to dream
r costs and costs, and must be deducted from the of most appropriate "ambiance".
rice received by the Haitian farmer or manufacturer. 9ne can easily .imagine the at-
In other ports a truck drives on a platform scale, is traction that would constitute, in
weighed, unloads at shipside, drives empty on-the plat- these natural jungle surround
m scale ,and the net weight is obtained with no ex- and colored birds, qf little mon-
austive wasteful hand-labor in shifting cargo twice keys of various species, of small
ii6cessarily. The present wharf is costly-an unned- curious mammals, or rare fish,
y tax on every exporter, every importer, every etc., etc.
nsumer and every farmer.
The money saved by a proper wharf would add to .On the contrary, the idea of
including in the collection rept-
e.price that could be paid to the coffee-grower or any ies foreign to the island is most
other producer in the country. contestable. And this, I am say-
Probably as much or more than we need a jet air- ing with all the more freedom
ar, we need an adequate modern wharf, accessible to that I remain a convinced parti-
tommobiles and .trucks as well as by railway cars or san of this zoological garden.
I foot. ,
Agitation and' patience... and we'll have it.'

Monday Night ,


liango Night Club

A *i.. -


However. I confess '-v. iig
been rather abashed by Miss
Dunham's unequivocal decltra-
tion in her answer to the News-
paper "Le Jour", saying that
nothing was tue of the rumors
about the escape of the snakes.
Indeed, about two months ago,
I was visiting at Leclerc, ac-

, iU

'The World's Mos


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companies by my wile and by
a couple of friend of ours. I had
learned that one of the little
monkeys was dead and that the
others seemed sick. It was dur-
ing this very cordial visit our
friends were introduced to Mr.

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ipAGk 6 "

he sNew Incomf
'Article 54.-Joint or individual enterprises financed by the same or by absorb
Capital are subject to consolidation of the results shown at the end Dividends
eachh fiscal year in the various balance sheets submitted by withholding
ih one of them. in every cas
.'The same capital" means funds advanced, loans for establishing personal incc
[' investment, credits for manufacturing, selling or purchasing, The corpor
Kany means placed at the disposal of one enterprise by another statement to
lhodt visible compensation. (Particularly purchases of shares the 15th.of
"ia bonds, and granting lines of credit). under penal
V!Con-olidation .of the results" means unifying in one single re- o sums.
qzt profits scattered among various balance sheets submitted by Forced rec
'which are interdependent with regard to means of financing,
Taxation of the total or integrated profits as if it qere a ques-
of one' single balarice sheet. In, case several bills should be
ed for purposes .of taxing the profits shown in the balance
ets under consideration, the additional income tax will appear
a bill to be issued for the consolidated profit to the account of
-firm whici finances the others.
lie"Internal Revenue Office, for purposes of consolidating the
iice sheets, will take into consideration close relationships
.g am6ng the operations carried on by the firms, as indicated
actors-such as: absorption of production or sales, deliveries at
consignments advances on current account, payment of in-
aces or obligations' or any other transactions whatsoever which
pot justified jy necessity for the financing enterprise to alien-
tpbrt of its capital or to invest it without drawing any profit

ier indications shall be considered, i.e. blocked accounts, de-
accounts in cases where authorized capital is insignificant as
pipared with the assets of the enterprise, loans or constituant
fers .of capital remaining unpaid, identical shareholders in
us corporations or identical boards of directors, identical own- S
partners, procurators, managers, etc.
consolidation shall also mean unifying dividends declared pro-
rionitely on investments of a corporation which holds shares
," ." I
S others, in which case these dividends shall be added, to" the cor-
dpr's profits, or when they are declared p portionately to
estments of a particular individual they shall be added to the
fis shown in the balance sheet submitted by his firm.

cle 55.-Te following are subject to income tax on their per-
income: all'salaried personnel whatsoever' private business 4
sbes public officials, persons, engaged in liberal professions '
any other gainful non-commercial occupations, money-lenders,
owners, holders of securities, and all persons who possess any
C f income other than industrial or commercial profits.
.of partners in commercial and industrial companies be-
Sto thd general mass of their personal income, and are subject
Ijonthly withholding at the source as in the case of employees.
of merchants and businessmen working for their oW-n
m bunt are not subject to monthly withholding and are declared
xed with all other items which constitute personal income.
cle 56.-A payment of dividends exists whenever there is a
t obution, wholly or in part, of profits to the shareholders of a
rpration, either by paymentin cash, by clearing to private ac-
tts and, in the case of mergers, by transfer of corporations


IHomee of the 1
Exciting, s
C in a new repertoire
Complimentary Meringue Lesson at 9:30 p.m.
Ili .. .a a-

",. t e .." ... ,, r ,* .. ,.
,...!t '4 ..
--F Ai 2 ':6:;: a




e Tax, Law
option of one corporation (by another.
shall be subject on the part of a corporation to a
at the source of 10 per cent, which shall be acquired
se; dividends shall not be included in declarations of
ome. -
'ation shall transmit the amounts with an explanatory
the Internal Revenue Office between the first and
he month following the declaration of the didividends,
ty of being personally responsible for the amounts


will involve for the

corporation the usual sur-

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;unday December 17th. 1961


The accident that accmUT6e
last week when a big truck of
the Fire Corps hurt a Jeep Sta-
tion Wagon "Service de l'Etat"
plated, is the illustration of the
necessity for our drivers to be
more prudent. '

The trucks of Fire Brigade, in
HAiti as in. all countries of the
world, have priority in the traf-,
fic. When in service, they can
"burn the red lights", drivers
of private cars must remember
it and stop their cars when they
hear the whistling siren of the
Fire Brigade.

Le nouveau Traction Sure-GCi:
de Gdodyeair a te spdcialeme .t
conqu pour vous donner vne
traction maximum. II est ni-rui
de longues barres pour vour,
procurer la force de traction
rbquise'par les tracteur.:.
mod&rnes. Ilmord en biais e
grace g son profile a
C-E-N-T-R-E O-U-V-E-T-T,
il se nettoie automatiquement.
Ainsi vous obtenez .ute tractor
constant. II vous Coute
moins de temps, moins de travail
et moins de carburant.
Allez le voir encore aujourd'hui
Schez votre dealer Gqody c:'.

Spicialement congu pour donner une conduit
isee pour une meilleure facultM d'adap-
ation, pour n'oins d'usure 'allez voir le
Super-Rib de Goodyear. Et, tous les superbes
pneus tracteurs Goodyear sont construits a
entoilage 3T "Triple Tempered", une exclu-
sivitd de Goodyear!




m 1 1~lll ~ ~l ~g l



Sunday December 17th, 1961


S Ui N" .

.. .; -.'. *.: ,*.

, '.'. L',"U : .



4 .. '1 s 1



".: p-. Box'. 676, PORTAU-PRINCL, HAIT, 1 I:

Savl 40 ttopu a m
.,; '. ,.

;v -I .71
's. .. ;, -.

4.; 1
'9O W 1, A,. O T .Z.IP .. O I

@N, WUBERGWd9 0D.1''
a Y C R W-DAIB1 ,, J" '.P ""T' '."e ..

....-. 'P E O 1 O ,
.'.. *'' atP"AMMUW OZ I'v.. '4, t' POtEVPJL9N. .. I I

,, A 4AJ55aA4 A*' ",O,_, ,, ...,

a. ,.... ; ,s-.,
WNO .,JCAN- W_. ..,,&
D., S I.Af.xif .

t h It .
tA S GtM ,' ,%1., ,.Gv

AiM A MI.or ,i A 4.. .

"'9, 1.- ... 4. ri'.
-A I 42"4i I I
-. .._. D. A AT,.5,,.

.6 CE.. .r o a .,. ,. fo a
auIvn T Z WA xaMs u'
#.: ,. I" v.

Hai, # ss tHou re i:.n ,the U. .

a '1 .. : n. 4 ,~n
-is.s.n. to: your'. ,.,ds -in -the U. S. A.

4 fe ... ...rb .. .. ;
v,.. .,'. -S.,. .:+ .:., :. +.. ,.,.,?

+ .

,. ., : .. .,,+ ,.,, + ..
-; ", t ,- :,.' .' 9 '. ,'.". ; .. ,+ ,,, i :
,,: .. :.+ ... +,
.t .a' ':.': +. '" ',.' ,,
_, .] .i ", ;:i ; Y t .. :'.' .. .,'
h? |I ~ _


PAk 9Sumdray December 17th, 1961 HlISA I TI S U NZ cI15 9 aeo

a on6 thef beg fm the ah f m t i a n hi te G :
the month du~rn fdol, the dedueton. shokid have,o len id and 2%c- of h1.0 to 10,000.0()
ZICOZre lH f a Icly t ,tdia against IIIe sad maog,,. 3", Oldald ex-es Of G 1000.Il tood 2h0Old0.00
in e e w n co m -aThe latter 111 also do liabbl [o ftn Of I-o G, I000W to G. 5% old ho -xces 'f G. 20,100f00 to 0,000l00
1 000 0 o fa to fill t I ther r to ,,na boe G 30"'M0 N)
o m A o ofael t Ir I'l h 'n 1 a d shall bne py se loy A ie 6 o ol .e fle to payntbd oy the ioric
I oQ ,acn .. m ath da a tat', of No ") o ` a hc hirsae cAnome t6 ta. w te y be the resolts of th1e Telrtr
t". If 10 ontreal TO, iin tho Fldez( I, tntas dedoetdthe thd thu o oiia nd oYe's A ""ea"'OR To oa om
aa n I code,. A' cngniqo I riceWti,-0o ,Ihis ,ot,
01a u.d t h urd pesonlohI ovrm', h iiseso Public tainm ti~ous expee, ..... by neI mnee I, fAllre to subm BA'IS ON ADJU-TEDIN M to t nom al too, ls, than~u G,b iIOD
Ot I'll forward to tle te al ac tayeR. en.aaed an p fes tijonal 'hItio i nI
A p~,s.Ay hyepi~d snro e- ta Aud l, 0I 1a ilfo fedi"ll n
G G 3WAn ph sic l p re ithoe ,hothi prona I, om h Ofice" I, Is It, representao-,ves iln the Hedquarters or Commupes- causing a deceas ill dpene rl an sel, n ase-m salary. the dle- Aree6 -esn eggdid iealpoeso ri ah I e "O folwiuCanm s d sh llay fret noetx
Ifi5000o G a h e is tfat thh saed oturu, arording to the j cl oh- ill, decar nt doo oothe 63 Plul o o cal ouatfon mofe Ind r a,'] follo ..
air ~ 'I pot s quedtf ilea eronlnom a reu aresp fonterdt till monIthl following tile uonle -1d fo ,h declaratbo should have dlhos lho ~ors-ss any lorc ofmoeohrltha Onus raloa stasCm ues er ea- G.100
,coqre u yyO.-G. mp
atw n ite firt and the f0tht, f Septeteh o each far a A tl e e ten made chtl s t foed Iom tax b 2nd nans Com noes per -year1. G. 112.5h
ci ace rcqlteed to u1b mb thei denl a Ion t o rift et ,InuInd -d,, ealnye to tps yes oth..'. ...G 1
L~,ldsr 13,,.ho, il, h-h If 1111111 11 ea
yar eginhtif g with the onitho 0 b of :ch fisc' -c I O~act f'oims to nhe DI then d General of nh" InteroalnRvonie OIL,, AGll 61 o h a Atrile d I" 5 th1 112 ,1
G1vef 12hlamehn tmut fhd of tax due ro oelI Shpeiontvndenns -ya chtir ct1Coltor lnd opefor r o deah of d nu b t h l be cal-ule d to adjus3ed a f the I'll Ae, .7 G TIC ir
deh tch 1, th f10m their sal to. m-' 0 aithh ne I th eao Cettral tile dons thro hfnc Pl alu toce sub anond u l be detind dn accodn ith dIotle 1I a dt hp 67 y
no 'i .tCuI d-fl-il-tl "lhe vid dod, alt~ l dIt ho, ro nil in,, v ns n eat, c_
lba f mande hi' the heads o t tIn ja,, f i" ontbyh etile t Od c d ol sio the tahis o tie oego
0mplyee, tohe taidto th1 n ar1t I1ter ene 0 c c h m k d af ill aheiotrnthe o atd aaains of til predi c th s a lo ) or01,, A cle Iu, axa r -d th e ,,iI s1 w 17 l t d te l, on .
noth a hitatemnent, chimed b the' itantater at tot latest oyofFnaceo 'lw hbl-ns abemdaonte aaos fth mriacmpoyoradpatnrehicuota ad o mecalto ubec tanyentfentfre nt-donx nth bss rtce 8 ytapye ubec n ayet fth "of 't
the5hof the amonth totlowalt toe qaorote Or f orhic he saaen t plic mayesad*sal owadtoteMnereso croatos n hepnlte pec 1 htenae loaph o heradutdtr mnaardn o h floon rgrsiv a nmeda ag 0
the btonnaitn. Bnhs Itiad to ata, t Tll lt alisoofaits a tters t the h,
ln1tn tnnt da eubttey d ato l e onarter tmaoe on the very dohe5r mil A c da-In of the casds Lsm. qeueta a o
ta myn ha acomane hi'~ an notl of-lu Ittlorcaspe "P,,, ruoll
hll Izh folw th, rhuarte forlII tih they ha)e been oar which oes het ithhoig Llet be request byj thesiat IAterna 65,nu Mroe PSSI l O feW t ,ala
IptaiItep 1!Itl

fihtemetms b.. ed II aomaiied by l hel amount of 'I'cresod Thn1te e aid rl -Poy' a nishl utheid to thndu baty fices Orfc eo tpoeransto with bold ;,,,twelft -bi the tac ach Pthotographnenohool
hIg ax.dl Pbl th a iew toueaaigtethrns of l b,, Gov,,en ofiu mo) of, If deduc I,,l Vhe amounts I-h addltiona taxe due pnt'Y Pet11dile R Id Noo 11

tho dtta a mnlft cod y t _ldeat cb heap EPN
Al a h "an u a a l a r Y d a y e r m e t t h ei i r l e ml, a l E l i tud a tt i c Ier on t ~ ,a d 1 .
m m of tlhi sucn fa t i lontes so ei a ot r f tbdil1ho t tile of ste ot fmaa
To ftal p, )aotnal e6 1tlon s tal or Inc weth a,,, !,cn whf8
"'s, ill itpnl r, Prfesi na

4ddeeto -

3-Toteaeol o adNoti4 nd 5 nantbov ~ te n dlays after fthr apo ed tshaco e ble a s prp
o t nn ua thns coenof Tila corlee wi Ovat po oh istaxod ed t du o o

Aounoc of ananul ton saa beg oa fr rmitho d atei h he Offihoee v

I andld" ha euhar11, asr tIIIOI till Catrpillr qIfat S O '- g 1 8 t
lo 1,bt th, ,,I fa, srt s : bean ,], 0,yc o
69tal 'UL DU11 QU1l 'I n


0hLet l n h 1Uu. t_ ,t
5l I B S h, ,h LTY ,1 rl ;
GO c, he, P I ..... .. I doctors th'i, bit thar ill, Pi"Ii

l I R NC t LhUM dnd ill soIlUO Il to thl 3N ofea Nt ....... ,_
.WOOY-D C1,NG h. A hO As, lnpett otethi nit u, ithhe 8


7et t dotr sy

I'd ~ ~ STRA NI, ,"15 aoT in i IT
Ill t ng fm'1

nee ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ drnt from Caei wrintteprs ne
aCia E LA.

~~i~~:ru ictI'
69,AU D QAJTheal cffe nsantcofe wthth
f'etshae nthr u" ase
WH T TOB YTh lim ,: ttue,' II I -A-
IM R I I : ,,Itsn scetta eta ofe ensmk

0 oecmeio hnfcur at opcfctosloe hn'ofeetagod 3cocde-ose

Mt lO.. At l I SU N '.'' Sunday December 17th,.

r TIIE NEW INCOME -TAX LAW Article 80.--With regard tol income of a'marrted :)-;p:e. I'<' BO BEACH"
.. (Colnm:cd omn page u return must show tlhe umulatii: incomee ,'bl' husbr.-d and, ,:' A iLA
V. .,., .' regardless of the nature of their matrimonial relationship, and the ONLY 30 MINUTES
me tax on the professional .basis, gi the absence of final re- tax is established in the name of the Family Head, 'FROM POP.T-AU-t'RI
j s or in case the',lTternal Revenue Office Is unable to calculate Any legal action taken against the husband for collecting the ENTRY (INLUDIG
afnount of taxable income, will pay the "forfeit" tax according tax can be directed against the .wife's m6vable property unless ROUND-TRIP '
,place where -ie practices'his professiorras .prescifled in Art- &he proves that she owned the said property prior lo her marriage, TRANSPORATION)
661 of the present Law. ori that -it was acquired by inheritance, donation: or through per- ONLY $1.00
je 69.-Any document issued by a lawyer, attorney, physic; sons other than her husband. i Children 0 C.ents
engineerr,. architect, notary jiubli, surveyor or other pro- 'The .above provisions with regard to cumulative, income apply Private Dressing Room s'
Shal s nt te registered if th se'taxpayers cannot pr ve also to incomes of minor children and of parents.'wheh tie latter n Wtte Sand Bach
yhhve paid their income tax on the' "fofelt" .professional .have legal control over' other children's inedme.. In such cases, the pWATER SK IINC
;the fist r-secpnd hJof the fiscal year during whic.' (Continued ln.age 13) SKIN-DIV1NG
-pi racticifg tHeir professions. -'"
1 I t .
"A".T.. ,--Th:'said doclmient mist "mention, along wit I th '
Sth-e. eioba aconce nd.e uinmber '

paid iis income tax. If the document nti nAI0e' .
lien .r -iner.entio f several. professionals th t ab ,. .. "' .'
s b'l i ci.ed soach one t per .. tt

e -gages4is,- i t 6pay %=ir to the i
a:rof t hts, a"fodeit" ibconie tax.equal to on tw elf ta
m"lie est e, regardless of ,the .umber" .. da o-
wohichun- iorn from date of his -transtction .
i .No s' pt" a. im -'-b n ade except dpo.i : v sa '

,' N B SIS ', ., ,- th 6 ,ta, Y publc '" '
Fle ally.' o fe ;it in.- t~f 'n p t.x t thq, rate "of
R9. aOU es ae sgarao e t c sone tdi s ri nl opeatuio

01.4erh s, letor 'lpenal pf beingn g a hie ld res sible fo
r., 9St. Oreta FN,,t a EoUn- 'AIb Il is beDa '
,e A h.-A irnaffice bi ween the is f,3 :'io ao thb
,:ons collection has been, sne .'- '

,er al 7rosio a-" e.ure u duied tp :dliveb ,a eceipt, d .. d" '
"-d ", aout if ir,edcli "su eted ad '~es.
.i.p.f i anjad t ,rempn.e ratio sia. the na .' '
"^sn ltii re ei se wit, oue hade in. dupilia t '
er;prof-essiaed -are' equfied d posses le dgear, yi : '
x e4 beere s by" he .Ifiern .. .d
V .... o rea viat.o.,P.essional-A
rer wi Yafbe i et d the lbdgger s Spe thhWin "doig
,rred: e.. .or.hi
nditired as 4 ble h are At ad at-
l nheri'n th e P o 1iProfe sibn ant which r ing gqidens a
L r.g tl ble fscal ye--'
-,Ebh ". esio'l newII idctiing .. .,,
11-3b# 'grated, a re#adtion o( 4a f9r fie fitst y Depart Podrt-aaPrince n Tuesdaj
us,; to i :i t his r t .r ardayat 1015AM-Friday,
a;.-;.~! t -il30 1.Giaiit -Pan Americiin
', ets hisk you f ria to
7.--:Offi _ls. and public p"ployees, as the Mexco'it Yu'llU arrive in th Con-.J AM
6 INoradthe fiscal 'aws, a; equire to mina ai oid. tints ost cosltopbilitan qapital, '
dties th st doijplee secrecy on,the subject if profits ju e ptis -or dinneraioft. Clas
i 'of; taaas when they become awBre of thepehro h Complete rounr' trip E'iAomy Class A
e od t yeof Jaws, unger penalties prescribed ji' 'Artile sreciseUS$253..1 tp
Ien l Co d .- ParitAm's neweste ot servicealso stops
~T' NZW ....,-TAX. AYx.- RS TO SUBMAT A 'PE.R in. Meridg on- the Yucatan peninsualad.
,ICO A R Ujl!ON THE M F P Explore.ancient arhaeologal ites ..s es
j "' SIS, pf the -Mayan civilization. Luxuri-
Ti~ .-All 'new taxpayers are required .tb notly the I.te- -us-hote laccoinmodations are .vail-
o e Office ol the~Aif establishment for the purpose of ,prac- -able at bargain Mexican prices.
Spoessioial actiies. -Fdilure to comply 4h tli provision And- Mexico City has everything.
dn asqhe has filed any ,document connected. s ylth his. profession Smnart shops, a bracing bttt tropical)
r him ia e to a fine of from G. 1O to"" 500. clir-sate-bll5ghts, supqb'dining and
OeRSON-AL I eNtbErFI nA r R'.eTUN e B la.abinternatbioni Mabaretxiae. .ee your .
cle 79.-All persons who practice liberal professions, as. well '[ravel Ageit or Pan Airtodqy -
lders of securities, moey-lenders nehats, pensioners, and discover how delight a ,hsli- ,
all other personwho pdsess any source day in jet-close Mexico can b
of Source....idcome not incl'ideE E
commercial l "d industrial profit, are subject to payment of dI H ON 'IPRICE'S ST EXEPERIENCE AIRLI
Pr ~come tax on the basis of-a final i-eturn a \income.
concernss buildings keasd without charge to relatives, friends PLACE DE RP BUOUE ARGMENINE. CITE, D L'miPOSIION
,iheestinated rental vale 'used at a basis. for the .ental .- ..d > '. RT(AUPRINCE, TE. 34.1.
,. 1',S.II ',
"' ; .

y December 17th. 1961 A I T SUN"


LETTER TO EDIT R (Cont'd) .on is far'superior to that of the
-mongoose: OnTy three years is
ele, the manager, and to came on my property near our sufficient for one pair of a new
Dynham, that the latter water spot and it was recaptur- species of snakes at liberty here
d, without being asked, that ed there. This last incident to literally invade the whole isl-
was deploring the escape of shows how important it is that and.
snakes which got loose the the specimens of the 'oological 'o
before and which she had garden of Leclerc be inoffensive Shall one say that such a ca- I O RE
yet been able to find. animals for if instead of an igua- tastrophic eventuality may help
na a caiman or a snake was in the cause-of tourism? And what
The.intonation of this remark question, it is evident that I it to be said about the living i:./
casual and the way, wholly would never have considered the conditions of the people! .
ntaneous in which she aade matter in such -a light manner.
did not allow any doubts on In conclusion, Mr Director, I The success of Leclerc for Ka- "
e truth of the information. It believe the realization of a zoo- therine Dunham has everything /-
possible .that the errand snak- logical'.garden in these surround- to gain from the elimination of
have' been recupperated. in the ings to be not only perfectly. ac- the snakes from the zoological iI.
anytime. I do not konw: The ceptable, but meriotorious. But collection. AR far as the well in- .
ies of the snakes in ques- it is evident to any same. mind derstood interest _f the country,
n has not beerL:mentioned ei- that it is disastrous to let into there could be no doubt that'it i
Sbut what .I .certify,. with the island dangerous zoological requires a very strict interdic-:
testitnony of Mrs Mariannes species. My very frank opinion tion on the import of dangerous N-ITHl A
dof our friends, is that day. about this is that the wrong exotic animals and the destruc-
Swas Mrs Dunham all right, comes from the responsible par- tion of those that were so un- J..
o herself, mentioned the flight ty -of the Customs of the Dep- fortunately" let in, and this,, be- -
her snakes. Following this, artment of Agriculture whose fore Spring 1962, time of tleir
talked about it and met other job is control. Let us not forget reproduction.
lpe who were already infor- that the person who introduced Yours truly, ASSEA
ed of this: It did not seem once into the island, this appar- 'Albert Maxgones. B ESl SA M A T I C
uh that this affair was a sec- ently offensive animal, the N.B.-Let us ediphaslze'that in
Smatter! mongoose, is in the end respon- al the zoologcal gardens of the '
S- sible for the plegue constituted' world snake are exposed in
n the other hand, it is 6vid- by the omnipresence of this an- tightly fitting glass cages and 9 CA M ER A S AT fEll: I'"111 Pilll:1 : .i
t that the .danger of escape .imal everywhere in our country- that at Leelere, on the conIrary, na
,real since less than fifteen side. they are shown in ordinary thin .
is ago, and iguana of the Le- The. snakes are oviparous and' wood boxs covered with petal
c collection broke' loose the rhythm of, their multiplica- netting of the'tyfe used for ,poul-
F 4lfi %WA///'r -. t r try houses. # O i s&
t ." "RUE BONr E FOI
.. M..e S. Phone. 2350 OS
i HA -O Kelldme-i.i -- J ,A
4' 7. T1 -l? ERWBON ALLXY SUPERVI SED lu a r s M t'r


S '-: ,'e forthflghtly sailings of the. -

.i, ..L OUSES TLep.on,.: High.land 51.7
Franklin O-7229.

.-. i : .' .. ..?"",

53.55.miue duQuai ,

4 '
v30sse ASd hiGtsER mFAdeEon F M PARE FOR HAITI
ond delioe*vd i 24hors. One Clas
We .bip fohe iStates C


S P E NM'N'T G H, T L Y'


Entrance Charge $1.00 Joseph Nadal & Co

-A S
ooo.oo-oo .. *.- *, ~r ..:iSoSo, ,.I..
o ....:.~i k 4... .. -, ..... .-, ,' : +, .. -... .... .,. ,-.'!,. ... .. + ... ... -, .. ,: ....._. .. : ,.;+ : iR ; + ;,.+.: -..iL i +.,

- -- ~ ~ ~ I -~


'Different And

Island Republic Offers Visitors Rich Rewar

S y Thomas P. WHITNEY ous western third of the island the famous
Port Prince, Haiti This of Hispaniola, which it shares built on a
egro Republic is in some ways with the Rominican Republic. Negro King,
the most rewarding place the Its population of nearly 4,000,000 Breatl
merican tourist can visit in the is estimated to have the lowest Haiti's at
daribbe'n. It can also be in per capital income of any nation ful. Few sig
father ways the most frustrating. in the. Western Hemisphere. cent as P
It is rewarding because it is stretching o
.vital and different and has an Haiti has been independent with verdar
original national culture which longer than any nation in .the ing along it:
".ofrishes despite desperate pov- hemisphere except the United feet and m
Irrty and acute economic-politic- States and has had a turbulent, be particular
problems amidst a wealth colorful history. For most Ame- over a cup
I natural beauty. It is frustrat- rican tourists, Haiti is its .cap- sweet Haitia
because its travel resources italf Port. au Prince, the only morn :after
e so inadequately developed city in the republic with direct dancing to F
.d used in comparison with air. connections with the outside other rhythm
Vieir possibilities. world. But some visit the north- the city's h
Haiti occupies ,the mountain- ern city of Cap HaitieL and see by one df P
1> ,

No In Operation

he new SHELL STATION at St. -
Ma "rt- (next to the Vehicles Inspection

Centre near Bowenfield airport) fully
4 ... 1
equipped to meet all your needs. ,

: Under the direction of Mr. JEAN-

SJACQUES, the motorists friend. -




,i TRY IT,




SUN" Sunday December 17th, 19614

rds Despi te Its Problems

Citadblle-a fortress
mountaintop by the
Henri Christophe.
taking View
tractions are plenti-
ghts are so, magnifi-
ort au Prince Bay
out scores of miles,
it mountains tower-
s shores up to 4.000
ore. This view can
rly breathtaking seen
Sof black, strong,
n cbffee on a sunny
a long evening of
laitian meringue and
ns played at one of
otels or night clubs
'ort au Prince's ex-

cellent dance orchestras.
Creole cuisine provides in
some hotels, and in many small,
unpretentious, rest a Ifr a n t s in
Poit au Prince, what many cdn-
sider the most tasty food in the
Caribbean. No one who has mis-
sed grillot-grilled Haitian pork
-knows what can be accompl-
ished -with the flesh of the pig.
D'riz djon-djon is a delightful
black rice. And turkey (dinde)
and guinea hen (pintade) prepar-
ed according to Creole recipes
are new taste sensations. It is
a pity that Haitian cuisine is not
better known abroad. At pre-
sent, the only place it can be
found is in Haiti.

As the dishes indicate, the lan-
guage of Haiti is French, al-
though the majority of the pop-
ulation speaks a Creole patois.
Port au Prince has excellent
entertainment. Shows at night
spots ape vivid and colorful.
There is an active outdoor folk.
lore theatre-Theatre de Verdu-
re, as it is called. Tourists who
wish to witness voodoo ceremo-
nies can find a driver to take
them, and It will be a new ex-

Ifems to Buy

Shopping is interesting. Aside
from the standard run of free-
port merchandise on sale in
many other places in the Carib-
bean, there is attractive mahog-
any work available'in the better
craft shops. It includes well-de-
signed bowls, plates, serving
dishes, utensils, and also objects
of art such as original statuettes
and large and beautiful busts of
such historical figures of Haiti
as the brilliant Toussaint L'Ou-
vertur -and ruthless, dramatic.
Henri Christophe.,

But perhaps the finest things
to be bought,-in Haiti are Haitian
paintings. The flourishing art of
this small nation 'has- developed
only in recent years 'td is char-
acterized by brilliant color, pri-
mitive force and striking indivi-

On shqvy at4he famous Centre
d'Art.,in' the: riddle of Port au
Prince or at the smaller but now
most exciting Galerie Brochette
at Carrefour on the capital's out-
skirts are works by native Haiti-
an artists such as Duffaut, By-
ron, Lazard, Denis and a score
of others.

fo Duty on Art

Many are priced reasonably.
It is worth remembering also
that little'or no duty is charged
on art works, which can there-
fore be purchased freely above
and beyond the United States
tourist quota.

: ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ -"P ~: R~:~r~r.-rlsl~op~~""c
* '4rp i. l..;. 4Zk!*:e
I.'**. 4 ~~iiL~:

SIn shops onk gets -courteous
S treatment. And, .in fact, perhaps
the. mosiu enjoyable thing about
Haiti for the American is to find
how hospitable and friendly Hai-
tians are, and how much they
appreciate those Americans who
enjoy their county and its cult-
ure. '
In these circumstances, it is
particularly unfortunate that oc-
casionally ~e experiences for-
eign tourists encounter with
Haitians are unpleasant. For in-
stance, the tourist strolling down
the streets of Port au Prince
will often be besieged by boys
who offer to "guide'Ylim through
the city.
If he is so ill-advised as to
give the slightest word of encou-
ragement, he may be assailed
b.V a whole entourage of annoy-
ing handout seekers. If on the
other hand the tourist takes a

(Continued on page 14)

Delightful" Haiti

SSunday December 17th, 1961

(Continued from page 10)
income' tax is established in the name of the family bead, .and any
legal action for purposes of collection is directed against the nw)v
able property of the persons whose incomes have been cumulatedl
Article 81.-For each marriage occurring during the fiscal year
for which an income tax return is to be filed, the tax is determined
in the following manner: .
As regards .the husband, he shall declare his income beIore
the marriage, as augmented by his wife's income beginrmrn
from the date of the marriage.
In the case of th other spouse, the basis shall be her vr.n
income-up until the-date of her marriage.
In case -a marriage is dissolved or in case parents cease to
exercise legal control over their children's income, cumulation of
incomes is no longer compulsory beginning from' the date of the
SArticle 82.-Persons and children whose cumulated incomes :.re
part of the family head's must be considered as. his 'dependents,
and consequently the family head will b'e granted exemptions ol
G. 1,500.00 determined. per person, or per head.
I '
Article 83.-In cases of absence, false declarations, errors, oqpis-
sions the Internal Revenue Office may class within a .peiofo 'not
exceeding 5 years the payment of the full or supplementrn'y
amount of the'.tax due as of the 31st of January of the fscal year
for Which the tax should have been determined, taking ito account
any surtaxes incurred.
.Article 8,.-In case of death of a taxpayer'tsubject to t4e pers ,nI-
al iftcome tax,: his heirs are responsible to the 'Financial Adminis-
tration, proportionately- to their inheritances, for the full amountL
above by virtue of, the facts_enumdrated above 'remaining under
de qdjus responsibility.
S .
Article 85.--he return for personal income-tax on the. fihal 're-
turn' basisshall be filed at-the nearest Internal \ Fevenue Office


S(Continued from page 4)

would be.accessible to them. He
invited them to come to the Na-
tional Palace to see him.

And outside there that omin.
ous evening there stood in front
of the Palace tanks with their
guns aimed down toward' the
capital below, and toward the
gate, the well-guarded gate, of
the National Palace itself.

It seemed fairly clear even at
that moment that Joaquin Bala-
guer was not the man who
could guide the destinies of his
country through the trarjsition
period between the departure of
th .Trujillo family and the in-
stallation at some time in the
future, one hoped, of a freely
elected ndew government of the
Dominican Republic. He had
been too closely associated with
the regime of' the Trujillo fam-
ily-to be'able to command even"
a -modicum of public trust and
confidence. True, there' had been
that one ,moment at the very
erd of the Trdjillo'trule, just.a
few days earlier before that
speech of Thursday,. November
.23', when' he might possibly have
been able to capture the public
imagination and emerge as a
national leaderr able to achieve
.a fran'titiof for tie nation. If
on Sunday, November' 19, and

b) the 31st of-January of each year at the latest for the fical. I nday, 'Nore1ber 20, when the -
year ending the 30th of September of the previous year. -' ieon bggeir j s through i s crisis -
Article 88.-The said return shall be completed by the taxpayer wtrujiljos were induced to leave,
on the forms finishedd by the 'Internal Reenue Office. when thereafter the 'Dominican f '
T 4'retdrn shlminclude tax deductions resulting from' collections public jor one brief day w'as
made'at 'the'-surce by employers upon salaries, and' fr q the 'still numb, and quiescent not .
S. h. 'quite believing-that they had de-
"fo feited&' 'amounts advanced, by taxpayers subject there. .. pate hose o days Ba- nnnM l a .n
(To be continued !net Edition) laguer had seized the, initiative P '
S, ,' ,__________ on the label

S. & ..;


.. dH Hi O.

Eclusie Agent::1
r Exlush Aget I;
H *FUADA. MUIIA Sevedtxcwl wv atHa'll'sLeaing
L Avene JeanJacqae Dnsalnea HOELS & RETU NS&BYC NOSUR

__ I


CAN IN TRANSITION from the bominican body p 4,
tic which was aimed at savii
he held for just that moment in for these elements much of the
order to take a series of decis- authority and influence on the'
ive measures, the more obvious, body politic. Balaguer showered
even. some of them unimportant upon the country a series of neWrf
things, he might have saved his edicts coveting all sorts, of. h i
authority. But with indecisive- jects: increasing drastically th'h
ness seemingly characteristic- of wages of the members of ~policit
him, he stood still for that time, and. armed forces; lowei4"41
and that was enough. Dominic- sdme prices, equiAly drastiaUfl4
ans made up their mind quickly and thereby cutting in some
-and with startling unanimity cases tax revenues; cha
as the subsequent general strike names of places and all'sortsof
aimed at getting hirt out of of- other things so as to remove the:
fice showed- that they did not Trujillo name from the boini-
want Balaguer any longer as can map; 'dispatching abroad,
their President. And from them often as diplomats, some oA the
on no'matter what he.viould 'do more notorious Trujilo .peon
it would neither be trusted nor alities and& likewise a few indi
accepted. This was an infortun- vidualq, such. as Generalm.Rd6.
ate fact for what the .country riguez .Mendez, who might cist
needed desperately at that vune- his, government. trouble I
ture and what it still needs- now many other measures. They,
is some kind of a constitutional abodt them an: e]elent of'ra
bridge between past apd future. tic haste -and se ned to bS~
a bridge which conceivably could aimed either at giving gteap4
have been given by he Presid- pearance of activity in mr ib
ency if the Presidency could have ing the heritages of-the Trilijl
succeeded ir gaining just enough era or at buying the'support o&t
public confidence to.-carry out important, elements or forces
that task. Perhaps it was an im- the county. But none of this, ts
possibility from the start. was obvious even on that-T inrs-
'day evening as Balaguerl spoiik
SAt any rate wHat Balaguer on the radid and planes cicli@
did attempt to do was something overhead with the capital irnik-
quite different .He tried, evid- ing dbwn into its all-night Cuir
ently,'to carr; out a rear-guard few that President/Balaguer. !n,
political action on behalf of the longer commanded sufficient b!iql
elements of officialdom which port or prestige. to be able f.
had the most to fear froTp a ho- carry out, the. functions ofthe
rough-going purge of Trujilloism Presidency. ,i

S. .' I ; .' '
p E .14 '' H A IT S UN" Siunday December 1th, 1961 1
' I, .'* .- i I .. "
Point IV "Self-Help'" Gainp. Popularity 'DIFFERENT AND DELGHTFUL' HAITi ,c''e" coit .11.Sn c~A'net. 'is
S' i co:veied drinks. diin'er and'-tA c
S.t.citfiintied froa page I' Tough designed fo accommodate (Continued frpm-page I) ,the' hetert of the city facing the show, whica included amihdoq
preqentatives qf two rural co&I- 200 students,'i classroom attend- Champ de Mars'which run as rtual at an outdoor amphithea
MunMees in the Artibonite Valley ance was not expected to reach driver, as'he often must, hq may ow as $7 a day fr a couple tre and Mnp Duntidams own
redda, substantial sums of m6- that figure; before ,the. fall of' alSQ have a prpblehi. with ieals. dancing. i
as ll as theirtime, labor, 1962. Late attendance figures, tourist drivers om A middle range o hotels ns
id. naterias. to assist CCEP in however,' sh6y 0360, children at- Haitian. tourist rvers rom d Taiwihin the city, of Port' un
Lpaniding their rura schools. tending the ..cora nnity school. times ry to take over their pa ful luxury hotels lofty eutio- Printe generally are 10 cent
') And at _gc ,d'Aquln .bchpol CEP personnel speculated. that 'ronrts whole stay. This may fhUi luxury hotels ip lofty Petion- u prute generally are 10 cents
And at ac dAquin' schol C nEP personal specustlt moed wrk out wsaotiSatisarly.' and it ville charging up .to $50 a 'day .ride, if one is able to 'explain
odane oubied .siee many fnew families.. had moved ma not Driers often t to for a couple with. meals. Excel- to the driver in French 0ir pig-
omsopened theeorhe intothe cd'Aquin-qmmuity steer their charges .o places leht dinners may be, had at res- eoQ English where one. wishes
id, six weeks, ago.- bealse ,it' Ipr ridepi education where they have spiecialarrange- taurant in the. range of $2 to to. go. One should also be will..
Agr icultieral sisterr'/ Andre opportunities' for 'their children. ent tiere have bee $3,50: Drinks, particularly rum ing to relax a bit and wait one's.
ard noted thratthese reports I-lf~ancdedwiththe outline some cases hen theyhave re drinks,are vory reasonably pri- turn. wile-.otller Haitian pass-:
i ; !h womhnity f e aided "silhe" project outright to'deliyve tostrists ( d i .post' places. engers 4re delivered to their des
ev ment. F eah.cormuni agreesto un- to establishments they- "wished Voodoo .Ritual i'-a, Itiations.-Such'.a rid .:is.as gobd
,"s pf-h ," projects. erit" .. ..unskj
projects eitish unskilled i6r, pks sant 'to see. e'ee going as' faroon pc- a. a'as anyof making the -
W -.depA'bd4,.upw'o tihe," .''teaaesfy ,easany.f a ingthetfc-'
ddupon the test, Sna. gpvel'as ,iel as one-half casion as to. eliim .h oers An evening at: Katherne Dun- quaintaqce of these delightful
an anddyliamismof p its to two careaWtLrof$ and.,For its vere dead- r the store .shut. ham' famous, "Habitation Le ople.
tit ..' ...pat CI.P' provides hther- build- '
i~~flg so noed htthis was i*'m materials skil, 'labor and 'The Problems "" ,.
lbit ,ime .rural communities pr.tesqrinqf u.guJdane. The stand- ; "
offeredd mbne .todiassist.C.- r fo-rom school building, Neiter the boy "g nor .
'-i ohdho:olnstrctidfi. The 4c'bomfiodating 200 c hiI d ren,
Alon st rcotsd oindtig3200 clilden the officious driver are prpb-
r nfte .vges tdo do, so costs Poipto0 $3 les r.i.4ue to Haiti, .ogo urse. I i
-Ei'ilbert, aid, HauteFedllje, D u The" .. ; months a B, i 'i ito b ontro' i
Butw tt glp .' m.U, the as .f ,tpntrol .. "i"' ....
.9 6 .s; ai. p r' r ii t e ly t o ta l f .," .-.
I w appropriately totalo. 14 nw rural schools has. permitted; them s emingly ,
ai ong". th'efirst e rp I v bben-.uflt'upder. this po to- get.- mpn o~ut. of ihM id' .
.bl"s cntructe in~. Haiti iuding. Haiti's- first, ru elsewhere.: I '- .
T itt CEP.,," ',' ,,* ral I, htuirqediate /school .a l La- "
"itte n-om" both ~'tll gei % 6 6 ea p..... a "'A [ u. A n. ...ni.tr E. E
.r.m-bo7h..'s ide.ea .Ca;esSuAnother1 ; Su bles are indicative I '
? Fpedquartes t pa- ^ '-under Constructibn. f genera. .sate t affairs
c.'eai h voluntderin .-' h h as ld \ to a decne. .
ie s.' eveh dffere to. -,stove any reh ger for Very p~'.i si radS" .. h f a-'. ".lie
i rs a lt ea .es :oouems F. H 7 i g H a
of te" pom tnity ti h l rk d recqnt'--years m .iHaiti's, tourist
-twe segpls. The o-m- Deat the. .e orisb e~an cets,, a.ut it: ith a '
S.mh et wit h 'Miniter Wi.y C .amot .W t e. .tcs n. lpartic nuart,- i. .h f .. '..
.. ,'ediscabsi poCsblitib o o t'hree .bediroome io.. hn o .a .bat .l ,aric lar 1i '

S^school tfs. .TIGiler ar. Moeni tln With sw isw be innsr i aig t-.h' Haihp Ci t in De. rs
ta er's.sala i cio l qlds aqnge w aO Haitian politics baO e .
.,iuch il-needd n.. ol.. : .WaH ,....I. dermnip ,oine-: of the poI A;YJ U MAY -

sgtoo nenilets9o6f the mlneity i er rsa a -'
I !". ...lp,aBr anch of NO BLAC CO" tI ; ... a f ct e t uraden o th in" a .ne nedt ... 1'. .. '' /". "-
S at Bac d t forirlstaice, at the heigt 'of th T R aO ET RS
whose.l t;rpom. t School, polntact. Wr Stecnhor~ tler w season thearisa e .law a DURING E. .t- ITA
w. dedicated d o.l&.a.t n."o ate c utueirhTurgeausim .b ,honue de659. d rd and this d.id'trot help DAY,. WE; RGET. ,TYi.O'- A"O
:, <"*'.Ld ", e n ren t a.d ntusi Q RS FOR sCYLINDERS OF
I ,:,' ,,.., .: "'. .. -, .. ..... ,','~ir^ '' .... :.. all Pdriht n~ t istrobtes no-a- H A '. Y O U n -, w. '

hj93-ffiB ljC ESTRA 1H WhateverI problems Haiti has T CAL GAS C PANY I wi
S for tourists, it neverttieless pTro- ST "GC A
16E niisealays tohbe a particEul- ,-E ABLE T I-fA LATU. blER IN 'DSEC
'-- .. ; *. Ir" t a .. ....l. ..who.wish e.g e the,. '.. -
o b tat 10: M ET feeulof a cultdae n thich is p.
differ ery- aliveand ver ,.
it.-id tby H.f W M iESaIe coful Fir such a traveler it' ORDER eb AP,
& yiE may not -,e. ,niattr, mnuph thya Port 6 T'W Ie'ER n p d
"l ". :.h'ce i.nota: clean 'town il. T E ..
^^ p^|. GIJIGN^;TT^^rAaP>&f*"*t' ORDICHESTRDA' Ithat ifr still '1I& virtually no use- COMPANY IC,
There aree I6a1ious '-pE'sions iiA
|aPANTALGC~1T~A i^ ^ ^l ]telep-pne Ss othat. TROd.ICAL 'G S PN NC .
.- ance tote country bl ..
.. -,- -- ... ; '" '" air, tourists are charged the pet- '*. .. ",. 3 ,, ...-
'or ~ eser'atiot .See ",,O-.,ETTE : ty but ann..ying a mountt of|.$2 .R ,.ue Payee -- .-eL 38 8.
'- .E -'. ".a -" "; f o r a t o u r i. .r o. e' d n' .
SURI .... ... I.

;. ,* of hotels and acti o ... ..... ...... .
'a'" e' Th- .er pHe .are aciu pensions ..'*H

UM-0 o4 "ugi qcli, Qua

E ctu ptRe' PAOfDT.N
SXQU1SITE | 3 OF SELECTED ways :tb apu PAI B i bu0
..De sig '..Rar ishAs tooSgee tteho

.Quoal .-.'&"eu auroowi '."o.M.& S.isal O.D UPERR RDIN
i "m 24 at. 10 :0.. P ..M ... .f .-

di:ff "rent,' ". ,. -y- PO 'NE *" \g &" i '" :" '
'.. ,ot.,.ma uh tha' Port T "'' ." .- ,:

'- e cou by, .
:"" ":7 ", "' ':': % "" ...

:!~r:: -' '. .ali ._,, .- ... 4, ,,,,? .O.DUA.P E~:,DRRIER L. .N.,T L .aiezL=ard

.'Qult '.1 2" M= AC" Si"s a k : '..'"i"e' : : .
,.(RU.E ..A,-, m ilVIA .. : .':.. '. .: -.-, i" ... .. -'' ..
:. .; .14 0 ,&.* =. M P'...H..ON,'E 2 6 ...."' : .. | .5 ,4'8 I N '~ egk,
.:l ':.t d; "- :, i .: I. : : ', : '%, r ', .." :..t :- ,= z ", ..t : ;= L .' .,- ''M"". "- "."".
ji;b,,, :.. .; 'k. "%W.:' 0...,.. '. ..". 1'..::,,'. ,

[day December 17th, 1961


)fftie Telediol
ere's a magazine called Drum in Africa with a circulation
er a quarter million among black Africans. Shows how mo-
that continent is. One edition contained an article called How
ethe Hostess with the Mostess, listing 7 points for party
s. The 7th was How To Erd It All. Quote. -It's six o'clock
e morning and your guests 'are all set for a second time'
.So you appear with a tray of. black coffee and say sweetly
ith an air of finality: '"Well; hasn't it been fun?" If that
never, never scream at them. Unquote. I guess parties are
ame the world over. -Miss Canada' was seen with a hungry
in her eye last week. She explained that she loved Haiti and
having a-wonderful time, but OH, how sheJonged for a cheese-
r! The hungry look is gone... someone tipped her off to
Rendez-Vous. Don't know which she enjoyed more the
burgers or meeting Dan! -Marie Jeanne has opened a
ch store in Petiorville, next to the NationAl Dry on the road
oucoune. One day the shopping district up there will be
er and better than -he downtown section.'-I'm going to run
of map" soon, but .before then I'd like "to know the why of
Stwo-Trod 'Bonbon and Jacquasse. The latter might have
left oyer from the days of the Marines, with a little different
ling, eh? -Looks like Scientists are beginning to chase their
tails. In an article on the.chemical boom it was reported that
onger can chemical companies succeed on new products alone.
ssive competition has begun to force down prices... profits
shrinking. AND the chemical industry is exploring the front-
of marketing as avidly as it explores .the frontiers ot chem-
'. -Those paper and paste Christmas churches are around
in, this being the, season. Michael Quinn's Pop bought him
at the Choucoune the 9ther nite By the 'time Michael and
eert Marini finished examining-it, it was alxaady apart at all
ns. Didn't bother Michael .tho': all that worried him was that
chrcfhh didn't have a. cross on top. -Haiti should be interested
he fact that Old King Cotton, who lost large portions of his
Pkets to synthetic fibers' is making dramatic new plans to
in his 'throne. Watch for new uses of cotton to. be announced
i. -Tuned in on that English language lesson again the other
ning and came up with "Claude Duvalses", and some pretty
resting sentences a la Berlitz and every other language
re. One was,' "There were Del Monte asparagus cans on the
ng room table". Poor housekeeping,. I calls it. Another was,
were sitting on Choucoune beds". How's that again?? Who
;eS those things? -From where I sit it looks as if the fea'r-end
he: ,wharf- collapsed last week. -Father Burnough's 'mystere
thd week was how, come the organ bellows was blowing back-
ds?'-Cap Dick Weinman is in the States to attend his father's
iral. -Cacao Tycoon Scharf is in Canape Vert Hospital nursing
couple qf kidney stones. Mrs. Sharf was shopping for some
colate covred mints for him (she referred to him as "my
rinte husband" -The sidewalk entrance to .the Casino is lined
mahogany ware for sale. A tourist was overhead to say, "My
! Do you have to buy something to get in here?" -Dashing
Hart is back in town and plans to be around for a while. Stopi
md tell us about the details, Irv. -Despite the rash of rumors
he .was sick.., had been, shot... was dead, the Editoi* arrived
Sin town last Sunday, none the worse for wear. -Looks, as
(Continged on page 16)

You know

It's a rea y & 11
Scotch wibn iKfl






(Continued from page 1)

research officers led by a lieute-
nant who asked for a complete
list of animals and reptiles we
have here."
"This is third week of camp-
aign. Didnt pay muoh attention
to it at first. We paid for two
days of denials but the stories
have grown bigger. One story
this morning said the 'Army had
captured two of the pythons and
another in the Matin was that a
head of a devoured man was
discovered not far frdm here. Its
pretty convenient if you want to
get rid of someone," 'said the
American Dancer.
Department of Tourism at
noon Monday advised Dunham
without reason tomorrow's Party
at her Place for the South Ame-
rica Queens participating here
in a Pan American Festival had
been cancelled. Tele-Haiti that
night said it was because Brazi-
lian Boas were on the loose.
Miss Dunham said the zoo
yvas hobby of her business-
p.artner youthful Swede
Dick Fr-isell who "has giv-
en freely of personal funds
and unlimited devotion towards
success of the Night Club with
its authentic Voodoo dances and
has started zoo as a sideline."'
Asked whether the Haitian res-
pect for Damaballah the Snake-
God of Voodoo cult has not inten-
sified their fear of these four
romping rovers who will lay eggs
in the spring and eventually
swamp Haiti, Katherine said no
and that Damballa happened to
be her god. Added she generally
did not like snakes and feeds
other animals in preference to
feeding weekly white mice and
occasional frog to the sole py-
thon who shares a cage along
with a Haitian sleeping snake
and an emerald tree snake, both
also non-poisonous.
By chance our story was
shown to a friend who has a
farm neighboring Habitation Le-
;clerc and chances to have some
biological background. He said
that pythons are not uncommon
on. his farm and he has seen
them there over since he owned
the. farm, at least 10 years. Py-
thons are not poisonous and the
relatively small species would not
even attack an animal as small
as a cat. Undoubtedly they do
eat rats, mice and possibly small
chickens. They will not develop
in arid areas, probably the rea-
son they are found mostly along-
side the small streams east and
west of Carrefour.
The Haitian Government has
an effective veterinary and plant-
quarantaine service which con-
trols the importations of new
animal and plant species. It is
doubtful that these well inform-
ed serious people would have
approved the entry into the
country of. any poisonous or
harmfull new snakes species,
even with Mademoiselle Dtmham
as the charming importer.




i )




i .

. -, .., ....,.

S White Labelf IS YOUR
A famous name to remember, wherever you are.
In every golden drop you sense the glorious soft-
Snes of patiently malted barley, the faint lingering
fragrance of the peat fire, and that delicate flavour
-rare qualities, these I

"White Label"


Agent Distributor:
48, Rue du Magasin de 'Etat Phone: 3721
P. O. Box 1207
', .- ..



PAGE 16 A f t SU N Sunday December

SVoyagez par.. coSI

..I 't U 7 I' g nus m I tO

If lMiss MiVami is going to go through life with that petulant pout
on her cute. face, Too bad. -Somebody taught Mary Rose Paul,
K GGirl Guide; the AmericAn slang expression 'y6u stink on ice'. I'd ', rlI
like to see the face of the first'tourist she pulls it on. -Back-
.ground music fpr Radio Commerce's 8:45 morning newscast is
the U.S. MIrine Hymn. Sounds good. -Haiti is featured in' a full- .,
S page ad, in the Dec. 11th issue of U.S. News. It's the Universal
Oil ad which says "today, as in past centuries, the perfumers'

S news Ito me and I'll bet there a story in it. Who can tell me?
V -.,-Heard a man .ask Rose-Ann at Rendez-Vous, for a pack of Ches-
terfields. She handed them to him' and said fifty cents. He said,
Fifteen cents,-that's easy!" She repeated F=T ce nts. "Not so
easy", he said "I might even.stop smoking'at the.~e'prices.' -The ..
Christmas .tree are .going-up all ovhr. P4A,'has'a big one in its
window -in the company ,colors; ,Dan Allen has a silver one on
his' piano. whidh shivers in' the air conditioner's breeze and has
colored Ighlts plaWring eoit-.. Ad this is tei last week for Christmas
shopping. Lt's go, everybody, and-a Merry Christmas to you All.

Panama, Mss Peru- and Miss Ti7e Beatlt Queen was croAn-
Venezuela, by a Jury composed ed by Mrs Jean, Rene Baucicot,
by the, Ambassadors of Et'iopia, wife of the Chief of Staff of the
France, Italy, Liberia, Nftional- Armed -Forces and the. Socrethry
ist Chia, .Spain A'nd te United ,of Stat" of -Tourisnij `W Victor
Nations Rep*esentative., Nevers Conitant".
V Miss Arjentina. Virginia. de She opened the ball with the
Carlo and M ,s Haiti. Evlyne Minister. of Tourism, and was
IMlot were belf ed First. 4wl.Sec- congratulated by- a rowd of ad-
:, 9nd Princesses.. mirers.

I -

., .. .. ..

In Gnva since 1755


Avenue Jean4acques Dessalines
The Beauties of the Coiiite grancais de l'Elegance, from left
to right: Miss' Elegance, Marie Christine Tempez, Miss Pais; n4 LE CONTINENTAL STORE
Yiette Minec; Miss Islaind, Waria Oadmundsdottir; Miss Berlin, ile BOe FOI
Renate Hutte and Miss Denmark, onja Helene Menzel seen at
the lovely Hotel Ibolele.



Inpriets sur lesr Presses de HAITI SUN Ave. Ma e-Jeanne Cite de l'Exposition Pan au Prince



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