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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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n- a----nw4 ,1 =- -PEW.
1z -t-k.~i ~
-:. ,O.........n.n.-..*.:'_l."C. ..tv- ,i ri 2061 L ..
-ern l w 'e lms- `k* ,.
I r L-u kfJ' rt LU4h *
:;"".- ..<"-..i' : '.; : .... '.-a" "- ~ ri ".-' """-,':: J .' o,- ea enme` "" Xl,; DU E TM '.-eoh 01--VI] ..$,,,B oe~~ : i@. 9L.

. .7
.. : .' .. : : .,.

GatherigMmentum ..

"Thp' Face the ,' -" ':- '
B.ns MIii P America
Haiti and lis' Caje.-The
SgbetM iki 3e'i ^eg3
alk ti. h e. toinl. lit "i1

re locA.. -ielles t

". .' '. .
o'. wf w ar

b baR 5i let Uar. $9. K
i s lia.iR flC6, O O,..: .xi
^-..^i, .4.si4m .e., Lq..ifljB-i H IR

..., ."*-,...k ,Pp .a 'I= L L'.w-, ..
.,.:. ?.:..... b,-:, .. .: PP;,.f .. .. ,. .
'- ..i._:.-.i r,-.:::.--'. o,: -. .... '...",'. t~~;,- -i::;' ; .." ; "

._":l!;:.o :-


0ap in


. .i .epart
^^idtue Priesident;
.ist6ph_ Bernail.d p
g n&0izft,,, Pierre De
PiCt.ofe,% members. ''
delei 1t'le o 1.Wnes-
#-' e .--- aty. *-;,.;

b16oled jthenioadi

|^ o:t.hdnkinig3

:e*rsm spl ahed iii,


,l. ....., s H.6 PA
th r dr do a

Ae gea
-, i'-i foud" '.to vei

.c.ed fo .bic.1kp ; i'h:..
S n the iLver banig and R.bin'd
rin e*as ng foundn.,
-. th. einoe'.f.e t mi .. i.mbe;
eaceful..'-sund^ "tn oay a g -

tednpage yards m the.ro
ante^'.ec uat bodyo:f the girl was discovered-
.- publedY on 'the river bant and Robin-:
t -iIw. wek Ben- .son's. body. was not immediately
iid..spa'seng- futi; ..
to .:swimminng (Continued on page 16)
ed on page 10) ;. : '

Ajpg Villaneva G.
ti DbIiicaa Consul
-_Ge.al ,-Here
-J. wi.

e,"e. V,-;ev. a- u ; m.
'4e .'cofte iD )ominican
'Cr his ;panst-

try 'Ariliassadbt' to Na 1lAs
: .: ..- _
,Chin: in Formosa.
-rin .Puerto Pta .ana
N ---^.(Cont

^ -. -^ ',, ,. ._ : .. .=.. ^

.. F i"" '

tops-t dd .t t-

nager: Nw ok a0
The'Award expected to

sidn likely early ext year
pb 5.:t", -"T-'"-"- ie;." f"-"

pg -.atpris -.or:.S.. eto
bAi new .vesselsi'are --under v
t .. i, .:sii der ,_., !i, .. ,,,-
The award, is expected to6,l
- .-:: it -o .- 1.
cisidn likely early next .year;.
_,-l ., ,' __r '- *._

.- .L *. L J % 4 W ... 1 A;

K .. Lu ". ap. -

'Major. General IArsmendl'.Trn- eern Tuielo .former:
illo ;Molina,. (Petan) who left insider of the "Cocuyos" Fire-
Cidad :.Trou lo ,.last Tuesday Slies) peasant army in La
aoaiia.ltI ominican navy Ere Viga province, and proprietor '6f
gaifb :;Piesidehte Tiujilo" bound thp. Voz Dominican Television
.'t .- pitreiiadelouj Sttation ..in ..Ciudad Trujillo ap-
wh iO he.was set~' led to. parenfly is enjoying the balmy-
Iy.u:;i'.:his. maily .~t.urope .Cribbban' i'd- the salt spray
A;'i n C, .;Hai. it!a N liU'. .ft.r overcoming his first im-
;i3t';ia...: et : .l the. Nor:teini'- i -l rrIs m AiiAt the ;fregate -was 1 a

is-l now a-free. lance 0t
has Yitten. one.'bdokg
scheduled to aplear'in: J-
1962. It recount is exp i6
over a period oQ nine yearF
1944 to 1953 in'the 'Soietfj-
as a dplpomat: and foreign_
d n.,-. :' ;=,' "
.**rs ~fliinna m

. .Aag




Htaiti This Week
L .
j": ***World famous and versatile artist Harry
Belafonte; singer, actor (Island in the Sun) dan-
cer is having a rest .in the islands in the sun,
healing ,from. an ailing throat, and a bad knee
in comrpany'vith his beautiful honey skin wife,
the former Julie Robinson also an artist, she
tised to be a dancer an actress. After a few
days 'in. Nassau, Julie took her son DaWd back
to New York in taking rendez-vous with Harry.
Fl l.They never travel, in the same plane for-fear of an acci-
'bidtl 0of; them. 'Julie arrived Thursday afternoon from New
was joined here by her husband two hours later. Harry
.anied',by ,writerW-lliam A. Attawayfrom New York.
i of nole are'having a wonderful time here in the
Tcompany..of i atherin'e Dunham, owner 'of the celebrated

.r.g of th. calypso, is, a: presumqble grandson of our
eig Henry C tophe, builder! of -te Citadel. He is ohe
spost successful American .ingers. "Eachb one -of his songs
faiimar aid ifamos;hih .isRot from .a remarkable car-
ias'a. Htiaan suite i his p raap.i.. However, \it :is too
Hii rebaptised Cbuocoupe, whicli became ,,Yello' Bird ..that
caa'are :. shameless to.appropriate.. ,
Julie. re'on'theiri "fourth trip, ''iand Bill Attaway on
Pt;gu tSdoan country U.atry
Sony attenback rider a mentor. .
e f panlbMauf l.daughter pf Mr
udez'a ewife Ledhor, and 'Serior" Eduardlo
do e .6rof ear Admira Emilio Barron: S.' and
tie'nft to the Althe "Saturday pCtober 196thi .. f
a 1tl.as.held-.at .12:30 .p.l. at the Basilica dela.-V en
Isidro, Columbi. The announcement wai dby
t. A very. nice iqeception followed the religious ceremdnyb
g brunette Miss Dorothy Granum -who arrived her
ridl: th't'artan^ .Tours wds called Terpsichobe'- 'the
S df:Dance- fori; er beautiful dancing. Dorothy is with
0i olice.:D. part int, she was travelling- along .with
i;sen'includidg. blonde Miss Beverly Strike also from
iith psin ,Te.; ~ party.,wa 'delighted .with.-Haiti. They.
the El tancho. .. -
ieI _d-GrbeJfbg an lovely w e- Jacqubline an in-
ator from Chceago 'got married on Octbber 29 an.' ar-
..ie,-next .day. -They stopped At-th elbo .Lele... Lawyer,
e-Magengis' and wife Johanna from'New York City are
g'here, thy ,were married on. October 21 and aitived
e '30.. Pharmacist Haivey Ackerman and wife Francine
asto._ New. York. are. currently honeymooning here,
1gA' it :the."i choir Edward J, Keher, a' cabinet
"i a trolmirn1. rthe' Bronx Nev York-are also hioney-:
tthe. El Rancho... Misses Judy Fritz, Lorraine Sitho,-
Irand. Violet Moravec of he .International Harvester .i
Ast'yig. three days here, Lorraine Sitko is i beautiful
s1lss'es JoAnn Ruf in business in Denver Colorado and
i .Uer( a..bookkeeper are current guests at the Villa
', *,. '-o 0

; :0-P NE.N .,N ILG H T L Y
;,G. *' A M B L I N-GO




S Entrance Charge $1.00

~JI~rJ-a'.. -A a a .a -

Creole Hotel; JoAnn is a keqn exponent of the Haitian megrgue...
Ike Saul.. Manager.of the Night CILJ & .Br.'of thaon rtre
Hotel in Miami Beach and wife Eleanor a1e. vitg s we in
company with At Bengis, of the U.S. Post' Ofic; inmli'm i .B& h
and wife Sally, they are guests at the' MAjestic Hotel in Petionville...
Misses Maria E. Vrattos and Margaret (Peggy) Nevins, secretar-
l n. f Ir thM N tl t Airn lin in i lnRnton rtnnnr md hpr nanl, t.hi

unay m.,anj ui .**.... 0

**Mrs Grace Phelps is back
this week with. her 20, month
old child' Gregori. Mrs Phelps
a talented.' artist works with
powder enamel baked on cop-.
per spent a few weeks in Phila-
delphia with her parents.

', "' '. '
. ". =,'-.ii i ; i ',
,.U z ", :

It's the same the whole world over...

Behind every map of the world lies'a great tradition
of exploration and discovery.
Behind every bottle of "WHITE LABEL" Scotch
whisky lies a great tradition of blending- that has
made this fine old whisky famous far beyond the
borders of its native Scotland. Today, "WHITE,
LABEL" is known and appreciated everywhere.
Wherever you are, ask for '

6White Labdel


Agent Distributor:
P. 0. Box 1207 Port au Prince, Haiti
48, Rue du Magasin de l'Etat Phone: 3721

4 t .II ... '. .. -
? *'. '' :', 4.., *'e ', .. .. *.
"A I''A '9.
Mama r

U' .

-- ------- ----~-'-~-

1Cs L&LE n L e orm Lasr nJCL uA1esl n* L oson sJoppeeL r LA y. Cl 1l* Us
week for a short visit in a swing through the Caribbean, they cal- **Mrs Katharine Slade New-
led Haiti the Highlight of-their trip... Dt- Frank fhotmpson from begin., 'distinguished .wie of:tie
Montclair, New Jersey is having a three day vacation at; the Hotel U~S. A; i ador in 'Hait Mr
Chotcoune... Mr Robert C. Gibson, a railroad Sp& from New R6b t i begin arrived, lst
York 3 a Sundy Jean -L "Gabriel'-. a
York is staying.3 days'at the Ibo Lele....aberte an .- .
.-.. pn frigi'n eer a -RqldR,,
accountant from Quebec, Canada is spend V YouirifiaE n dia.Ee ,tq ..
Creole... Royce Grimm, an.Engineer from Miigu the WprldBank, in- Whingtq,.
at the Ibo Lele... Lawyer Marvin living Wiener mi D.. prrive&'also d n
stopping at the Montana Hotel.., Architect George St. were. joined here h.t
Louis, Mo is guest at the'Castel... So are Peiry 'The t Raincho by te;:Ii:Re-"
nell, a refrigeration engineer from Atlanta, Ga aEnd :,, cpnomit, SeiYo!
Beautiful Audrey Yvonne Brake, "Miss Bell" ..agaie rodrl cank'
from a two month trip in Europe. Ltie,.d es.
a clean liqei' washed in lavender.-'She, viei -rett
Italy, Spain, Switzerland. Audrey'is a beautin a .g4ifn..
a. ip pie.; 't. n Pb. s .
Rancho. ,e N..r-

***Mr Max Chauvet, Publisher of the S 9".A0to
liste" and charming wife Janine and 11' '
her studies in# this field. !
arrived Sunday from.a two morth trip in Europe and .the United *.,
States. Mr Chauvet went to Germany\as gu st of the German Fe- *. Atache lof the'. Colrebian
deral Government, he visited many Germar. cities including Ham- embassies in Central America
burg, Bonn, etc. The Chauvets spdnt man', weeks in Paris and arrived last Sundayi with ife
,New York.' 'rMaria Mercedes.,
'. : *,. ,
_t -
." .



' -I t!. .: ..-,," .# ,



Sunday NOVEMBER 5, 1961

Village Radio Program

To Fight Illiteracy

Roger Constant, director of the American-Haitian Foundation,
returned to Haiti this past week with an ambitious project of the
3enr-old Foundation.
Through the contribution and assistance of well-kown Anierienns,
the Foundation plans to establish literacy centers throughout t'he
country and will broadcast education \'i radio. In a Foundatiop
clip-book pictures of several of the distinguished' sponsors ap;ienr
presenting 'small transistor radios to Foundation director Roger
Constant during a recent visit of tourist lMinister Victor Nevers
Constant in New York and party in his honor aboard the Grace
Line's Santa Paula. One newspaper clipping shows Adm. Wilfred
J. McNeil, president of Grace Line presenting a radio and another
shows Joseph M. Singer Eastern Public Relations Manager of
Reynolds Haiti Metal Co. handing over one of these educational
devices. The Foudation's call for assistance carries this plea:




(Continued from page 1)

visit f

to enl
be ab

for U
on N
at th(

Close to four million 'Haitians share the 10,800 square rils;:of made
mountainous land which constitutes the Republic of Haiti.: gii4g p re
Haiti a population density. greater than that' of' India'of China. cards
Ninety pe recent of these Haitians are illiterate, unable to read or
write, living in widely-cattered lone settlements throughout the Mis
Haitian hills, untouched by life as we knhw it today. For example, be se
although Haiti is primarily a rural economy, it is probably tl_ ber 3
only country n this hemisphere where neither the plough ior the going
wheelbarrow are generally used and- crop rotation is virtually un- 10th,
known. didat
To Simon, the one Haitian out of ten tucky enqogh to be able shime
to read and write,. Liv-la .pale ampil. bagay'" .- '(The book speaks d'Eleg
I many things.) In the book he ieads, and therefore knoos, that scene
one must wash' his hands 'before eating; that poil erosion can be rive
*stopped through terrace gardening: that.one must clean and d:ess are c
a wkound, using an antiseptic, not mudrtr charcoal. of fa
To the majorit-i of his fellow Haitians,.the book is just a "bagy,'"
: Next
-a useless, silent "thing". Steeped in ignorance, unknowing and \ll
untaught, thousands of peasants mothers ill continue dying in the c
childbirth; half of all babies born will continue dying of tetanus; sucKl'
erosion will continue to eat away the best parts of the land -and in 19
Haiti will continue to be ravaged by disease, starvation and ignor- thrigt
ance, a little island in the sun that epitomizes all of, the eviJ. of Touss
will I
an underdeveloped country. .at S
Lacking the necessary funds and time to build schools and train
teachers, the most practical and most expedient way to bring 'lit- The
dracy and knowledge to the people is that of Radio Visioi, as has for IV
been successfully applied in other underdeveloped countries in ttee
Latin America. Through Radio Vision, one central teacher can gloir
reach countless numbers of village groups, bring literacy and new ML's
ideas to hundreds of groups of peasants. v i si
And so, to help Haiti hurdle the Illiteracy Barrier, the AmeriSan- daugi
Haitian Foundation is launching OPERATION KOMBIT. Using Haiti'
the printed word as our Kombit drum or "lambi" (the traditional rerDa
way for Haitian farmer to summon help for a special project', from
we call upon all friends of Haiti -Americans and Haitians alike- conte
to share their rfunds, knowledge and technical skills to wipe out head
illiteracy in Haiti. i
in H
The A;ncrican-llaiti ,n Foundation is currently discussing plans place
for launching a Pilot-Proiect, with the new government agency
ONEC (the National Office for Commrunity Education).
Operation Kunibit will thererore become a joint Haitian-Ameri Fa
n n a p Beau
ican program on a people-to-people .cooperative basis. So that the set ft
project can be integrated in the National Literacy Campign. the l
"Slavery is but half abolished, emancipation is but hall-completed So fa
while millions of free men with votes in their hands are left with. have
out education. Justice demands that the still remaining bonds of this
ignorance shall be unloosed and broken, and the minds as well as cha
. the bodies of the emancipated go free." insc
of gr
(1)-KOMBIT is the Haitian Creole word for "let's pull together", that


late For The.. .

carefully screened even to the only the best in Haitian tbeaut
point of taking intelligence tests. but the most representative .p 1
One supposes that Mr Casseus chritude-plus-poise that Haiti,'toJ
is responsible for this wise has to offer. The eleent is prac
move, in ordei; to secure not tically assured of great success.

, .
Beautiful Peligre Lake

for any and all who wish to partake of the beautiful
goodness of a peaceful vacation amidst the sur-
^V'+I .. %M- 1

e. under President Mrs
ella and Vice-President Mr
Fouchard, is authorized to
families with eligible daugh-
to obtain proper parental
mission for the young belles
ter the contest. This meais
girls from the most repre-
tive families in Haiti will
le to compete. So far there
eight candidates officially
up, with more to come.
's are not for publication
November 12th.

angements are under way
he first parade of- beauties
november 10th at Club Ca-
derie. Next Sunday at noon
e Beau Rivage the first of-
parade will take place.
al arrangements have been
this year to give the local
s s representatives official
in order to insure good

s Haiti and Miss Cafe will
elected in contest on Decem-
rd, with Miss Pan America
to the post on December
with some fourteen can-
es from Latin American
ries, apd Miss Haiti. At the
time the Comite Francais
gance will-."appear on the
They are expected to ar-
on November' 27th as they
on tour for the 700th year
ihion celebration.

:t Thursday Ernst Casseus
appear on Television with
candidates' from' the first
beauty .contest held here
59: they are Misses Car-
it. Benjamin, Dreyfus and
saint. Maurice Duwiqupt
monitor the show. Tune in
o'clock sharp.

*re is a meeting scheduled
monday of a Special Commi-
composed of Mrs Jean Ma-
Mrs Baboun, Mrs Roy,
Madsen, Mrs Denis, NMrs
que and Mr Craan who will
t families w it h beautiful
hters to insure the entry of
s finest and to remove any
inning vestige of stigma
nice girls entering beauty
sts. They will appeal to the
s of families'for permission
explain, if necessary, the
stance of this annual event
aiti's bid for her rightful
in Caribbean tourism.

lowing 'e: first event at the
Rivage, other parades are
or November 19th, 26th and
last Sunday of the month.
.t, $4,000 worth of fireworks
been given to Haiti for
event, and Mr Abraham
gave 1000 balloons properly
ibed in honor of the contest.
st unique this year. and
eat significance, is the fact
the candidates are being


Drambuie 1IQUEVR




She only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotland on
Stheli-s ol the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKI
d ale for festivities and for every' oe.
Ssion. .




Onions of first quality are available at di
sales counter of ODVA at the corner of R
des Cesare and Rue du, Centre, at the folIo

1Olbs.---Bags 15 Gouides
50lbs.-Bags 15. Gourdes
Wholesale orders will be filled on the ba
of Gourdes: 2.75 per 10lbs. bags/ (Minim
10 bags) and Gourdes: 14 per 59lbs. (Minmi.
um 10 bags.) ,,, ,

I.... i,A.A4 ..3i.~ -3 ,~ 2 *.' *

ruuniuigs oui future s ouwn greenery.
3- 38 Miles From Port au Prince '


For your reservation, call up in ODVA Radio-Station at:;.
Corner .Rue du Centre and des Cesars 68.


:D ? ; :'T ;-'7" '..
Sj '." f : ;

I :
1... I --



I ...
I: l., ,

+ ,,. ..
|', ,.'
1,: s
;.: ; .. .
2." 'q

a.. -
?:.. ... .. -.


-.-' -,
', .
i'~ '=.-. '

J" i

I -
I -. '.. ,.
p 3.w .

*c =Pt- P -

"L. ,'s,
7 + :" ,

--**, r 1
": I" )
':., .

-, I ,

. .. /. .

[,. [---, .,.'

~i:''` .' i' V _L`r:S'i~~ ` :I


RY RECITAL OF THE CENTENNIAL ORGAN GIFT s so well .known -it needs no in- the classidal boy's soprano V
troddction. It should be mention- ce!
OF MADAME EDITH CUTER ed, however, that this is just FINALE from SYMPHONY I
By The Rev. Canon Henry C. Burrows Jr. one of five Toccata and Fugues pour l'Orgue
that Bach composed for the or- Louis Vierne (1870-1937)
Sainte Trinite tune was sung by the tenors and Homilius was, a follower B f gan.
After Trinity the joyful obligato, melody play- Bach and learned much from Vierne's ,rgan S phoni
2, 1961 ed by the strings. pach arrang- him: This unique and moving FLUTE SOLO along with those of Widor's ma
m. ed six of his cantata arias for work by Homilius, Organist at Thomas Are (710-1778) ked' a great new era in org
I E the organ.. Diesden, was recently discover- composition. Vierne wrote si
N Father Burrows will play. the ed by a professor of Harvard The England of the 18th cent- such Symphonies. This brillia
70-1453) original chorals first, so that the University, Cambridge, Mass. ury produced many composers movement is probably the. mo
.of Chaucer. melody will be familiar when it USA while doing research in who wrote music that wy s char- famous and popular from
le's life is appears in the Pielyde. Germany. ming, colorful and gay. Arne massive output. Vierne was bli
rs call this I was one of these. Arne was .a as have been and" are today
t contrapunt- BASSE ET DESSUS DE TP.OM- RECIT DE CORNET Doctor' of Music from Oxford many of France's greatest or
in the senr- PETTE Francois Couperin Ie Grand who fought to become a musician anists. Famous for his improve
loyal' and is Louis Olerambault '(1676-1749) (1632?-17017)) against his parents wishes. Fern- stations, the services at Notre D
amous. hymn This ."Trumpet i. Dialogue ale choral members are especial' me Cathedral in Paris, whe
Iry of Henry from the Suite in the First Toile" F. Couperin was the most not- ly indebted to. Arne since he was he' ws organist, were not
Se-Battle of is played to illustrate the quali- able of a, distinguished family the first topwrite choral-musi for their remarkable organ mu
hpian's Day, ties of the top.and boftom of our that flourished in Paris for more for women's voices rather than sic. -
Spanish Trumpet en chamade. thad two centuries. He was Roy-
Clerambault was Organist so St. al Organist to Louis XIV. The
.Sulpice in Paris and Music Dir- Recit de Cornet is from the sec-
oice Is Cal- ector to Madame de Mainteneh. ond of. two Organ Masses pub-, t
(1685-1.7l0) lished in. 1690.
arranged by CHORALE-PRELUDE: "
I' chorale: Gottfriedl Ho6lu .(1714t47 Marcel Dupre (18-...) ;
Sm .This example of modern ro- HOh TA tA
i tEAT DISTINqTION mkntlcism, by 'the present Org-
EAR WITH PRIDE -anist of St. Sulpice, Paris, and _
S. VEAR WITH PRIDE Hepd of .Fine Arts, Conserva- '
i' +-e toire National de Paris, is a ie- I.I bel ~ lf de ,. onl minutes
markable piece of picture paint-
ing. The Cortege -slow, short, h e of' PORT -AU-PRINdE .
moving- is quickly followed by s -
N, the Litanie with its :piquant 1 he exquisite OieV',Oeookino g leddy
-S .s:' ".theme contantly'rpeatd. The t b: ,e.plainf. s e n moulntai .'
SLitanie grows, in. steady insist-.
.incqy and volume as the confid- an. d '
C,, ance l fetoor of the petition- e os dopinenlal ine ana superb
ers develop. At the end, the Serigide .
themes of the Cortege %and .of
.'i 'the Litanie(are combined "in a rsondlsed attenton to eQery gueS .
pulsing' outburst storming the .
.,gates of heaven.' S.imrnmn; Pol \AWilh Lundeon ounge ,
.STATEMENT'1953 Ba Pan a..aTerade
*''S' David Burrows (193rs...) .
>* ofselfwidndin G'! .,, Air-dondit i ed de-luxe rooms .
-. otron powered.' '
i;rard-Perregaux This oftsplknly. contemporary
!most jewellers. p piece, of music is tle first' com- '
position written ol'the 'organ byEEKL ENTERTAINMENTRAM
this young Cqamposer and Ins-
S truclor in the Music Department UESDA9 :Infovmal l rol e Pul fet- ,landIns from
of 'Yale University, New Hfaven, r, 3. o oPM to midni. .
Conn., UIA. Statement 1953 is i nevingue insTrucidn ane Coatest
S 'dedicated to Father Burrows o19:3o.Cosua0 dress.0oddmissionfee
who believes that the contempor VWEDNESPDA:C'emplimentr' 'et-togetherPundibojl
ary composer should always b Partfj rom 7pPm to pm.
represented on recital programs FRI DAY : la Dinner-Dande from7:3o'Pm to
;. k H E today as they were in the past. :30 a.m. Uperb Sho ot o :3o Ao
S E A T T H E We cannot bury our heads and .. admi;son e .
ST O E S hearts in the 19th century!LL ta Ir k i .h ou 1,om 7 i
R;LL OTHEK N HT.S 0c il hour frm 7 9 VIlk
J. 8. Bach (1685-1750)
This monumental composition .



. ROY, Manager

OUS-BOIS" of Bizoton
'acy of your own cottage
Spe of Hotel service.
.4 W4YI~

'4',4* C.



=Quoali.-u4 aM sodse aA Siu
I GRAND RU.E 1f e0atccLtt toe uin& PHONE :

1111~111111111111111~ sl

flunday NOVEMBER 5, 1961

A.. --. ... -M



Sunday NOVEMBER 5, 1961



Community Weekly Published Bunday Morning
Gerant-Besponsable MAUCLAIB r.M I



Highway tree-plantings ar& a suggestion, not dram-
atic, it is true, but easy of accomplishment and fruitful
pardon to pun. "
The thought comes to us, when we notice the dam-
age to asphalt highways from excess rains and sun,
and how spreading trees protect such paving. But equal
or perhaps greater advantages come from the comfort
of pedestrians in the shade along roadsides, the soil
and-water conservation and not least, as a source of

.Unostentatiously during the past spring~ and. sum-
mer months mangoes become the source of, export re-
venue in the form of dried and frogen mangoes. Chate-
let des Fleurs developed and 'patented. the'ypropesses
which made the.,maugoes acceptable for entry into, the%
United States, .and the .products seem to,.have ready
consumer acceptance.

The mango .tree resists drought, it' seems to resist
hurricanes, it has wide spreading foliage to protect
Pedestrians and asphaltage. Some of thy Haitian var-
ietiei have outstanding, consumer-appeal,, particularly,
thi. Madame Francis. A good-sized tree could yield .a
revenue of one hundred gourdes per year, when we&
estblished. ." .

But there are other attractive trees';for roadside
plantings. On the Ocean side of the Hotel de -illh
building, at each corner are Teak-wood trees, which
havi been bearing seeds for. years. There are other
sparse trees 'near Miragoane. They are well adapted
to':the climate. here, similar to that of Thailand whera
the tree is native.. Lumbe.: can be harvested -in 8 years
and the trees ratooned for sd od dan d third crops. The
foliage is spreading protecting asphalt and pedestrians.


SS Atante Oct. 3

Dear Mr. Diederich:
. I thought you might like to
know I'm no logiger with Cunard
Line and expect to return on
above ship on their first Ameri-
can ship series due their sat.
Nov. 18 'and Satj Dec. 16 arriv-
ing at anchor 10 a.m. depart
3 a.m. next morning. This will
be more 517 trip to W.I. Miss
Penny Bancroft will be the host-
ess we expect to shift to SS In-
dependence in Jan. on their W.I.
series; there will be 3 more
stops in Haiti on the Atlantic

Grants For The Study

Of Creole

Three grants for the study of
creole were awarded by the Ins-
titute of Caribbean Studies for
the summer of 1961. A two-month'
travel and study grant went to
Dr. J. L. Dillard to visit Aruba,
Curacao, .Haiti and, Jamaica to
make preliminary comparative
surveys of psychological.and so-
cial aspects of the use ofcreole.
He also attended the meeting of
the American Linguistic Society
in Austin, Texas, in July. Dr.
Dillird, who last year was di-,
rector of the English Language
,Study Center at Inter-American
University in San German, Puer-
to Rico, will be with the depart-
ment of English of the Universi-
ty"of Puerto Rico, Ri6 Piedras,
in i191-1962 HeU has also been

after Jan. 1962 first cruise is training personalities in the ci

sold out. Thought you'd like this
Watterson LOWE
Lecturer Aboard.
'Ed. Note-Mr WatteCson Lowe
is a lecturer, world traveler and
raconteur supreme.
He is one of the most enter-

field, Mr. Lowe gives fascina
ing talks on what to see and.-d
in the (aribbean spiced Aitl
personal anecdotes, wMilch'iid
become an integral part of CGn
ard's Sunshine Cruises to' ji
West Inlies and South Ameieie
-as well as delightful. addltiofi'
fo .club programs ashore. :

YJ E17

W`. i ;




For tourist attractions near cities nothing excels named a research associate in ( n a TI
avenues of Royal Palms, for landscape effects. Theu the Institute of Caribbean KStu- A, I H UL:L
there are the spectacular spreading Flamboyant trees dies, where he will assist in the I- W rld o., i a
also native to Thailand, which thrive so well in Haiti, teaching and research phases of Th World Mos f ly- ad
athd the shoes trees, some of which are native to His- the OAS social science program. a MQNY A ING INTD
"paniola here,, but scarcely known giving spectacular Professor Carmen Mauleon De
SBenitez of the Faculty el Busi-
.pink mass of flowers; and other variety is yellow ssA inisraion Universi By ubecribing to TIME at the special rate shown below, :
bloomsof Pueo Rico received a three- sav o money and enjoy theodnvenience of having your pe
Aril and May are the best months in which to plant, 'weel travel and study grant to opim Aslveared to your door or post office. bpx. Stia
today and enjoy TIME's crisp, clear, accurate i-eporLinp 11er-
but now in the best time in which to plan. visit the Netherlands Anties, w y enjy Tn e 'ets i: c repor. i
week's signidenat eveiits in:
Haiti an'd Jamaica, where she
gathered comparative material Intornaonal Aiiri n Medicine .Art
to supplement her study of lin- U.S ew sPrest
S "'HAITI GETS -DIPLOMAT guistic patterns in the Loiza Al- s, r. Theater Mua"im
: NOT SE.CRET AGENT dea region of Puerto Rico. All th era news of Latin Aericn the edition
N !AG thi' plus extra news of Latin America in the edition
Dr Mervin Aiie, of the Depn- rrecei.ve; candid, often courageous rdporti.g of events'*lo
It is gratifying to see that President Joaquin Bala- Dr Mervin Aleyne, of the Dep- covered elsewhere.- .e
o .t 'neighboring public hs a- artment of Romance Languages, -
guer of the neighboring Dominica Republic has ap- University College of the West Fill out the coupon below and hand it with payment to y94
Ppi.ted a distinguished career man to the post of Con- Indies, who last'summer receiv- .subscription dealer, newsagent or bookseller--or send td'e
l General here.'. a ed an Institute grant t' study address shown. This-offer applies to new subscribers only. *,
I "- r ,. -,". creole in St. Tucia did similar ImImI m mfmmlssmm I msM I
Oonsul General Jose Villanueva has dedicated half research in Haiti during. July rime Intern3tional, C/o B3 ique Nationale de Ia
his 'life to his country's foreign service. Serving for and August. Repub que d'Halti, Port-au-Prnce ..
Sore than a decade in United..States and important Please send me .ir-speedei TIME Latin America *",4
iital around the w.orldhe. ha little in come with for 40 weeks at the special introductory price: G 35,00 :',i
of his predecessors here, one of whom it was .no Pro essio
secret, was a SIM man. (SIM was the dreaded Domini- Photographer School Name ..-. ..
'tan Miitary Intelligence Service). Petionville, Rue Rigand No. U Addre.s or e O. Box ---
.. ,w ....... ERNST FORESTAL
ABienvenue to the Diplomat who carries no cloak or Manager citCountry
g. iii. his l ggage. D-VLO GI .P G .. .i
... g h..- is."... n .. ,...'"..." DEVELOPING -n:. .,.
4 y i.-.r
-4 4 -c1

.f *

P t.C, -t .*' .' .n : "-r w
4 -" "HAITI SUN" Sunday NOVEMBER 5.,
...i -- ">" -"1 n n nn -- JJ .
S .. :In essence,, the "great new

U"- l c E st delegates called is based on two
S- foundation stones: an! increased -:
WORlBD BRADSHAW But, even if she were told. the -A'hie~ng''a 2.5 per cent- ap- welfare, and the guarantee of his flow of capital from abroad, ande
child probably could not conpre- nual per capital increase in pco- freedom and dignity."greter self-help efforts on the
Brid Badha, recently hend the decisions made id-the nomic .growth, or 25 per cent -Maintaining stable price Ic- art of the Latin merianna-
-a,, o""~~ tions for the end- mentioned in J
ress .a ser to tb Soee-. ightly-lighted hall. The words more by 1970.: This, naturally, vels, avoiding both inflation ahd th r m one : i
Sof the 6AS, has in 'the, final"' document -the would be reflected 'i :individual deflation. the Charter. he foreignn capital
ta-.t-, tuter-&rno "Charter of-Punta del Este' inco e figures, and. would be -A'elerat dn of the process iuld be required to provide
iWflng' since 1954 as an signed; August .17 by twenty of accompaied 'by a "more equit- f economic integration.e goods an seices that
: Pres corsnden :tl en ie-A ele '-pp bi -distiibution of' national -in- .. Latin Ainerican nations them- i
.. ....iA e ican -bc .Ine tabl .pm.-the W- o t 0 ,' -. ., selves might, -e unable to sup-'
Acan. the same time,. the, .eclara- ply..It' also' would support 'th
of dri] Bufi they are Uon of thPlid that e
..ds tat i ect .e liminar b ion oa the Peoples said that the sel-help measures. .
n .g dec : n r: mar-y l education for, each ,.
Sbrill at m. A *,Puntadel ste 1 by 1970 gedchis would mean ofepresentative democracy can Treasury Secretary. C. Douglasi
Aat Puntan dl ste' h" y ":" jnc by 1970. ,This would mean stf ..-, c can
';rl, her br'wn' i .'thd. sni 10. oie childr bes satisfy, man s. aspirations. Dllon, said- that. Latin America .
and patched, st W d pines weeping7 i odBe t ing schoolby the s a guarantee tue can reasonably expect an inflow-.
:a.Ie urp the i e, nations took a th d school. by tha e t 50p roess less, it affirms "the of capital over their next ten yeai~rs
i at p sf tori e forwa The es .adats -ulbe .ior- ty the individual which of at'least twenty billion dollar:--.
weoe t b d Iolutoio.or-...d-rar. e.. tehl. ade ultsur la und tionof civillooridin oleir to provide i i e- :.
':wai s egs op'Z' s e a e .. .all at i t.h- .. .. n.. (Continued on page ii: 3
i s ; 511e stops t a d against h gerI sea '
:'d poverty ii 4 q :"Ldp Antincrease in life expectan-. '
a ,i~way, aw bhue "plljnce;;tliat; c 1 4 'i~o r by. a *inimum qf fpie years r -
to t-bles. a ins rE f b a e .p e p d t .ait ia,. an. th- ,r .l .". -
i._ ti. ,.i ,'. .,. .meiati s r' a i ,3 fo ..r- r i -, ,i. ;. -. .

Ea1 i a t hundred years ago. an men; proiio lor ian ade- .- .
.L"W.ite n-'-se 's .,. ""ite 'inptaile ater supply for BACOUI tU CABARET-THI 'TRE -,..
.. ... hb. n ioris ta signed -th 0 per ;cent of the urban pcpula-T ,
$t :-cu a u o *'., -:: "' .'. q b qI"i' '. E h'.
h e (Cuba alne abstand ios. b the end of the decade Home of te .
ro sd' ; sy i o~>m1P ait .With t iaDe e c a s.compared, within 61 per cent at 4 n r :i -. ,,- ..
,odoym bo o;! the Peop.les:s o ra resent;. and healing .the mortal- -m -.- tgi
-.'i-erad.i .. s ,n-p. Al.. ity ate hi .u.. ._. under five .Soted
id enerip educate al the -Aancf'a.lea4rs.o of agent now averagig 32s a 4 t 1.
.na ,. j s.' ealtih T .ese,, I th dry bt startna .. tho.s,.d for all of Latin.,. .-
n : n "o ,l i a ---. -a tbi-AL 50., ] :. -ind a l "X -of at-e ast *- d la

:.e u a l .on of. td sti :,_: antAore ; .."T

,s 5t -. t h e -thee.,17 A T
.-# e ii t e -,c""hid e'-. '* -- ....e Wh '. -. .'...'': ""
n 0o .' .:-- e f'4'4 -d -s e ef t Co:- me ..plimentar en:g ;.' at93::0 p,'.m.
-. ri'+; -';. rbv s 1Jon a lu a -ne -

t.Jn'erJ. T-EAR' or the an whou works n if the a
i'..'-' :" '. bat is of his economic staBili' :. .
a op nation o hi" incr-easing

$o:-1M9t5. -- PPRT BU-PRINCE (DEPARTURE b4 $a
S S 1 ii2 PASSENGERS) $ 13 -,ALL ,YAR

I ,avoay, .' t' ,V7 bu3l bo.- CAMER b ,S AT Fminimum oti fiIe:a

SINFORMATION .1. F O $ .-.... ..39 .., .-e. ... .,-,
trI-COM fl'ACQP'flPRQ" -r AS&LD LAI.

MtjA INFORMATION -ar jan t ~'oti 0ibsni t

MW 1 Pna0oe A .
d. ,..,. ..-p-i a tp ,o ns ::''t he e nd of th.- xd. .'. .-* + ..' '. ,IB CON DITI E ,

a -..' OR.YU TAVEL A. N ,-,Man.:. ag. ,
.. ".... cg. l, o 1. e .
"+4" t A W-i' '.+ 4\ 't hi' t .r-a t -'c. .
eOi twder &t 'ew"ed
Aw,, '. .. .. N K"
'e ., .t .. .. .. at.13.4-
taree .:. e- a 'If n1 rmew 't
T o. l wo l In s, .

ih" ,-bynd'at- 6,'.,, .. "- ..

if ," HIPS.,, .. 52., .. N. ....-.FROM ..155,

",4"" Phone- 2350'" [ u." '
')' SI H '(2" PASRNGItRS) #1 --Won..ge- ER S ', "
;.;).. : +. : .. ,,. .
+';'OR .. .. 'T'
+ ++.,. ,.. -. .. .. ., ?

u nday NOVEMBER 5, 1961 HAITI SUN ". AG



.v P. 0. Box 676, PORT-AU-PRINCE/ HAITI

SNTON, WEDGWOOD1 J I .n i a I aa '

., -.. .. ..^ f BOsENTHAU SPODE; ATLANTA. 8X0X,0. -- B D:uCABVEN, LE'. G ,&IO
:+:*.. ,.. I corI, -,' *^wo,^, .. ," i

~GOs JE .- ENG SH DOE '. i

'.- oaEK .O. : MiEL. o ON ... .C n

. "".MIM W T,'.


\.'..... .ITALY. A. ,IB _SPA N -; ,.MG .. .,
S B' A o G a A. ,:., `
Si. -"ST T. IE. AN- a

SiT Y A,* ''t R,:A.L 'U O ,'M3 ., 'i_

-. .;-:,1 .
., ,

', iheIA,= W


4a. 4tj ,- ,

.Ha'u s send g.ts to your friends in the U S. A.
S.th.ut affecting .your quota.- See us for more information.
i* *. .

-., ,.- .'
IRA, W. -
;.:pl 1~I Ii 'i T__.
J +"P +:'""'

S :.: Sunday NOVELMBE 5, 1961 '

S. i. The bdst explanation .of why cial Dominican party, so, long as-i
i 1 enor osleguer and General Tr- policemen and hoqdliuns bieak
.9 1ji ""Jllo, both'.of them notable rren up,' potical ralliede (and even~i
S' -' nahts of the old sptem,''.are par- occasionally assassinate jiOposi-';"
ticiRating in this' "-democratiza- ti "'leader), and -s lotg as:;
'U:',e. tiori" enterprise is!that the, alter- thete is no free press and radio,.
n.. active could be an open revolu- le6tonsare boundto.beiiaire.
s,^ a ':. '," tionf.ar a collective intef-Ameri- iThe backdrop. or this scene o i,
f Ne' or i s ia ti;9n and the Uinited States a pleasantt 'nd :linnOcuou can itervention ortf" 'i s thing political confusion is the steadi-'i
.,a' "Whle. inter-Amerc eure-- is 'atpipting; the al- alto g ee h e.r unpredictable *By y. deteriorating. economic :situa-
i r tAt S7 A iO sysl n re deeply -engaged in';' m impossible 'Jb .of do4ng outt lending 'fhemnielves to the ne' iti of i tht Dominica4. Republic.
l. .ii e aa .. 1 cal freedpim ipasmll, ,,r,- police they are io6vio help- Ine~ipoyment .is .pait. .Ii-
ton,' k 28- Latin- -. .. :, d oses to natiogthat has .ing to .salvage a greaetdeal .for come. from. sugar, the cousitry's1'
iplonmat ma d rled the e i h, rl ,py .as.i 'm ,ine ati.ng themselves_ and the 7ar-flung principal, proddeC'- has dIndd! i
alf dest, that no-. o. .'ill hen'ot on pro d defianWc, ilo '.lan. Iri so doiig', t.- y alari ngly, ', parti'ular)y .ine-
Sd rth ~olheirpe ere'0' t td t ne er ha any npa- ae also contributing: in a tash- the Udited State, giving. 'tst
I'~e g e 11g aK6 lAedrst hised & & f ote gadu'al icess of in.thatis a reasobly 'feas- own. nterpretd.on ito~. e econo
In.1 ,e ubc. XI u k o ar. -ohif o. i ~e t~ani froi i iron 'dicta- inic ..sictions ,nipodi :b thei'
th unk of 4'car.: 4n". i h a v, f. itteA','onsim by. thd ..:
S .ure t hr ent t Era o tos'p tl j-'at~future -demrocrac inter- meribaft system :ast yal-
i t a ntr tit rupt nded, and a' danger : 4 Viows :." inthe? ha..ds of a nation thatras, after ':AmerI-ssi JTru jil bl-t
en c ake oody transit tor a a ri tiis no.raca da tfperience wi the Icme solved in trying toirom
a d, .w-i b.o 9 QleSS a e. .' I t'la grujir .tao tf i t creasiease ei

grne's- odums t rc public ae egU pped Doamni- e"es.ession .
.t i -m ed 'e h, -. '. ..ned t hav.. e. 'allowed "..-'a' 'A' gintta' de4if e4Ien.
-L 'Lt *~ "i -.-Tr '-y-'
S them ^up with %? Ahi :it stil aphon igitating lo th ali 4 < e itll political iiagiiu|
Si -.ec f ti a od'all .yest n fail to -.'. cn- .o' he. Donz an RepbAlf1l|
.-h dI cra regline. cession na sirdts i a o? whi h Ives wit the fuwi : -
cha 5p i l ha .i lel-ed hiteu lp 2FD io.f '
: .. ;6:"4;40 i i. 4'i "I sill
t,. th ,ha

utpj"..- ..L4,Uco.etrw 'ngs
Pa e .-. other. things,.' the...or '7 m\'stJ. yq jqtin, justv, e. 'coes e i ot <.- ba'.
R. ,.-JrgF ., t.a .: ....uto flr-.'.v'.'-^.,
rpt bo thr'gor.palag... and, ''' :; '':- ,X &4 ,
'b' r! ogles ih

;^ rer1istsit-'in We' viy d^fiA. 'tCyfe omeemle *o thilislijeiKbut a. 'manAi#l
PRal e; ra t e atie -,Tp is :U ..
'uV 'me.'A t old : 'em "' r.,- "t ',ie'?t geZf"e:,

J. W O-OD iir C N ari gTYhe, b .
.f.qp, .:,:..; "W'.. ,'e ," h ",, : '. ,- ...

Joar~ B"' ai~ = l.n esr greant,"n' noro.-strtnne d 'f..... -
*j TW :'eiout "tfntlpta V' r oncessi af 'aftr T e ,:,,.o -'-" .s.o. erhp' rn cure .L*wj.i..
B o mj i e t1. ...... .. ... the ........ eiongs qsgtncoptro,1 ,' 'heritp ,' Mo."e Stl
GeperenjipaA'd"'.'., 'oeg" .. *tM,
.A "r : "

.. .. ... .-,E S.- j'RI SEDp
17" 't I.7,'11 "*_*" r' f '. ,., ..*, ..h." '' th

:', ...,t ,"% 1 ;; 1 ,1, .I.^ ,- .j l ', 'i
"t '. ,,/ t-.'-,:;' '*" -' "Ei:n is,,, ,he.b.'..... .,t t:

,' i' O D.. X e-e UO A
)..-.7 t -'.,- <,). -. ...Q.-...', ^ ^ ,P;-.. O S .

:k '. w ='1'31 ;j] ," ".,1 Se.' : q. I a l- -o t "" tp

1L4 '^ "'&0 PIk M A'DD 'kj "4....
Cj.,: : "" i'. boh B la. ,...., g'A"

.. .. t, ,,, p.- .- .- .i .,
'. itta n i.'.t -, "","f,'s ,;

ef ".' e i'i
4 )1"^ '0 r l ,..i., ".4 i .:g../ '. : *n.;th
Yap.am.. .LI ... .:." I '. '

4- t e

"l B '- 3 "::
"",, :i '.. ,_ i Wi .. e. :' "d "ie

WA7 ".'FR t4CH ,nd LIQUOR
,: WOODo:. CARING.,, MHGN ao,. -.
S- .. a"'' .(: -o ,

[.4 'i TAW',G005 PAINtiiG
Re' ". -. ERVE HAl AtND FWRIA.

: -, i *uy& 4< .d u ..p. 4-i- I, '.
ID'' -L IM FAD R.$:.. '
f ", "".. .A..-.5 p:, ,.,.: ele wn :.m i~ r6, :i
4."f'HA-",1""" """"""': 2 ;"', : um BU
"-'"".-S ISA L" >'+ : +'" "" ),::;A Y :,, ." :.':+-''' '' .. ". ": "[":: V":,: .:" = % .' ,, :
+ ,. _,. ;: ... ..,,;, ,i _,:.,,-... ..... :.. ... .. :,' "--., M ,." ..'.... .. ." '.,_,... ...ROS ,..',,_.

S I SUN" ..
11, ,N
In' .a ager, sense, the United American' Governments hav e nation, refused to recommend Opposition 'pa r ties will now General Trujillo ultimatelj'tfl
SStates believes that the inter- beep singularly reluctant to play in July the lifting of the anc- agree to join President Balaguer his uncle 'in: exile ab di
.i Ameikicn sxsfexr,.as arsdvied thi~ ,rle: in',the Dominican Re- tions, the OAS itself,becaniean in *a coalition government, of it may be possible to say:ei
Sabaaic responsibility for the es-: public. Though for long years element in the Dominican pic- transition -another point, pshed too lohg and itn utter seriq
:toratfon of democracY in 'he Do-.'oe 'of the. most fashionable ture. by the United States with 'both ness that. democracy is p
; minican: Republic, not only eO ie inLat rnerica has been ides- and that the denloci tiz- proApring in the )Donrinichi
;its own sake, hut alio as a living the charge that the United States United States Suggestions ation process in 3he Dominican public. Biut.in the unpredicta]
exampll9 of, all. that has been was aiding or. at least, tolerat- Republic will finally enter on a climate of Dominican 'iitj
preached for, decades about de- :ing the Trujillo dictatorship, the Although some high officJals smoother road. nobody is y&t'ready for til
mocba.. in the Americab, i reaction.,,now .is, that 'any orert in .the United States .Government if that happens. and young ury o( even cautious ot
: ..., .,, -v partici option in Dominican af- were ilihned last month to. s'ug
Gov. .." is .tMunoz MaNrih of airs could 'violate the hallowed gest a- partial lifting of'the san- .... .... ... -
-Puerto Rico, a' profoundly con- principle of non-intervention. tions, the loud objections of the a*
.cerned neighbor 6 the'.Dpmini- ', Dominicah Opposition killed this f ". ,
Ican. Republic, ,'g ,.even further. But tp decision.of'the inter- idea,, Instead, United States di-
i.p his evaluation of ,tlheimport- Amek i system last 'year to plomats -aided importantly by RP fR IEN AND THE CTA
r nc.e .ot.te.expe tiutnow:.un- impo sction.on the Domi. a few Latin Americans- beca- ONe WAY LA oONE WAY Y LIM.UIN
iroUingi 4ie.i'Tfjilloa and. He nican public, has inextricably me -engaged in.a quiet effort t .
Sthinlksftat.,to restore demofl.cy tced, Hemisphere to the Do- negotiate new concessions from A
.-andb'bu jsly .te .ecft fqmy fi problem,,andno amount .the Balaguer-Trujill6 regime. -.I i lA
in i hat had been foi three de- ,o s I ran. e hae, Jthi si- .
cades, private pres&r4of .he tuatio ; The first major result tame OPERAfTE si
Dictator's ;family i the eats' thistweek when 6ens.' Arisimon- AV.ENUE FA AME A
Sopportunity the. inter ericcal cpmmssion of dia and. Hector Trujiq, th late a. lT ION- I-
I pstem has ad q;demonstrat e i ation .pf American dictaflr's brothers, agreed to P .O
that rdic ,revolutio'a not Sta t '. the'.Domini leave the Doninican Republic. iPOBPX.
: ndie to. bnhappiness ch b dh i'.nsistence There is a possibility that the '. .. .
Sto a La erican ,, ; ,. I
tia U .' ,. ofC .

tu io s .3 assass
AlO ,. ." _
;.. ," a w. ., ,

ON .Ax' '',: "


"-: : #" :'. ':1
: .: o .... ~~~~~~

"'a .
.. K. Il ,4.,:r .R I ,
": '"" '':

-b. .a .

.; ,....-,.., ,IThe all coffee instant Me wfth "ith -"he I -
"LWt's have another cup" s e.

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coffee extra good. 43 choice,

beans go into every flavorful cup of today
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j. Th all c

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$..c. : rved xsun at' Haiti's Leading

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sunday NOVEMBER 5, 19dt,7


I- 'Bianca


''sober, serious New York Times of last Wednes-
yen.ber first carried a story'date-lined in Wash- (continued from page 1) on
SD.C. which reads: pools and toasted themselves on tru
>.. 'the sundeck. Then from below hois
S350- employees Of the IOA (that's the -United came a muffled boom. Within thr
Overseas liion) im.p y. overseas personnel, s,e conds the twelve-year-old., spe
rerseas jo y .sydexire -upn 'French-built Bianca C, a queen ven
een given notice tha hr obs wi expof Genoese Ship Magnate Ange- hol
I.4e 0.ol ag~gopsj Wela tion or lo Costa's fleet,, was burning the
a-el-a..tighter furiously.. Fer
,ea onf.' ". sPkI' En route from La Guaira, Ve- finE
L Ime iude.at !s twenty. nezuea, to Genoa, the Bianca C Bia
.i.i..., e ." had called at Grenada to :take bla
.' .Y 4 Zll ,. -:; ,. .

C' End Cruisei


a few mo
ise ship
st anchor
ee diesel
wing bur
tilation sh
e in the h
. water L
rari, 56,
ialy tried
aca C; Th
sted loose


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e .as to hbw that affects US
ency etravagaazashave lo!
--i l.-* a-.r e .-vati
Amkncns .iwo are mn pnvat

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a.nd delieecid in
WAe alisN atof ih

- U'"

ore passengers.- The chain and secured a line to the
was preparing., to stern. But as the frigate moved
when one of its ahead toward a nearby reef, the
,engines blew iuf, towlinelb'roke in shifting winds. ':
ning fuel into 'the Forty-eight hours .after the;:,ex-',
iafts and blasting 'a plosion, with mos-t of her pass-
lull three feet above engers.picked up by the divert-.
ine. Oiler Umljrto ed Italian liners Amerigo: Ves'
died in Londonde -pucci 'and', aurriento, the 18,4.1:
to beach the gugd ton, $8,000,000: Bianoa C sank
he.! frigate's frogmnen stern- first, in 120 ft. of- hissihg.
! 'he liner's anchor steaming 'water. /

de o 6 aeer t

t e r ola.f''Tr'detiction

.isep'.ar leg t "teur:' s*: ',
S' i a If ettoie aut ma, iqu er .

:'costante..I.v.us c o5te.
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..ins de carburant..
A cosuIpbvenrours daujneurduni
i. ti maxituniil er t oy '.
4'.J.16gues barres pour vous'-, *;.
j recgerIla fore' .de fractiol.n
S 'rej .quse par le tractei.rs ,'
,.detnes& mb.diy .."'.-
t" gcea son:prpl .
E' ... -. ,' ON-T-R-E O''UV-E- R T.. ;:.
d.il sooeettoie autdmatiquemeirit .
., Ainsnifnous obtenez une tractioa
cophstante..Il vsus c "te q.
/ imoiis dpteemps, moins de travail' .
Mt rihoins de carburant,
Sw "'les l vqisr encore auj'ourd'hui: ':'
he 'ot ,dealer ovody ear. ,
.. Ise'net.oi ay Im a -um ':-""
r .,+ clmtnte.llvus'out ..

I .

SSdpcialemeneit congu ppur donner une conddite
0- .aise'. ..'pour une 'nmeilleure faculty d'adp-
tation, pour,momns d'usure...'allez voir le
'Super-Rib de Goodyear. Et, toas les superbes
pneus tracteurs Goodyear sont constjrits i.
entoilage 3T "Triple Tempered", une excllu-
: sivit de goodydak! '


.' .... G L IB ,,..i.. 249.-L- S-



nnF-T c~Dl~a -~-'-

Sunday NOVEMBER 5, 1961


Report From Punta del Este...

(Continued from page 6) cretary General- can constitute Council, can help in the prepara-
diate impact, he also agreed that an -ad hoc group to review it. tion of national- development
the United States would provide But the governments do not ne- .programs by providing the mass
more- than one billion dollars cessarily have to submit their of Oetailed information that may
from public funds for the year plans to the panel. This later be'needed in each field.
that began, on' Marcb 13, 1961, provision was included at ,the
.When. President John F. Kenne- insistence of nations concerned A further resolution, included
dy announced the "Alliance for over possible infringements on in the five-annexes,to the Chart-
Progress'' in a speech $ t the their sovereignty. er, recognizes that the "vast
white House and. called for. thd program" of the Alliance will
special conference to carry out. A further tnajor t-ecommenda- require "understanding and act-
.e plans. .' tion, approved in the Charter, ive cooperation fom .all the
OtOver the next eighteen months and also rising from OAS-back-; peoples of America." It there-
'.r so,.the Charte' also specifies, ed studies, 'calls for'a b~'ecial fore recordmends that the OAS
the Latin American nations are meeting- of financial .anad. trade uncil study the possibility of
.to prepare long-range plans. experts before November 30, convoking, as sbon' as possible,
.These. plans will constitute .the 1961. These experts, would study .a special meeting on informa-,
:ase on which 'the bulk of the a proposed international fund for tion media that would seek to
,long-Lange credits wilL be ad- -the ,stabilization of export re- determine. "the most appropri-
v.anced. Since his reti'n from ceipts, as well ,as a separate ate acton for informing public
nnta del Este, Dillon has indi- proposal for a fund to provide ,opiniqr on these development
cated,.that the. tbtal cost df the compensatory financing of ex- pla.?h". The resolution also di-
Alliance: pirbgraif, ;.,in national' ports:'It, I was .felt that if suit- acts that the OAS Department
:and 'foreign currencies may able,:and agreeable devices' c f Public InWormatlbn give "prm-
,apouhn-'t o: one nfil ed billion be found-in this direction;. ie ferential attention." to the deve-
'dollrs. guarantee of minimum. -xpor. Joprint efforts tb be: undertaken
A Key' point -in th cofife6ence, earnings over the ten j&hs' of through :the Alliance.
called throi~ b the OAS,--aiid the Alliance' ,rogra ..ould be -
titled 'Special -Meting of-thte, a major factor -thi, suring its Ail told, the English language
SInter-Ariderican. Ecoboinid- a il'ecess ... versions .of the "'Declaration to
Social C cila the I Mnisterial "'I -,- .,. the Peples," the "Charter of
Ievel" 'iwa&the meca ns.' n m 1t'p ith1 fiei~: of economic ante- Punta del Este," and'the. five
help guide' this ,' massive '-plas- groalo; thie .sbject of. a appended resolutions coved fiftVy-
aning effrt'' thatPresdent Ken- bas docuent.by OAS experts, two pags,: and give' a.multipli-
imedy --had gpid would ble the the harder' suggests. the esta- i -of '.retai 'dn just what is
'heart of the'Alliande. The. OAS, blishment'of "adequate relaion- cpttemp lated under, the. Alian-
the .Inter-Americai 'Dvevopment ships" between their. tin Amen- ce Th CharerK "11ke ihe earlier
Banl 'and the United Nations can'Free Tra"d Assdciatioii aid. '"Act of .Bogota;" appears cer-
Bank.d.m a' ':'.
.EconomiidCmt nsdidionA for i-'a- the Central Am an .conon tamn to become a; hiMtoic dpcu-
rn Aieiica- (ECLA). "all Te. t9 Integrfion ,- ai. -The'I:eiI ment, -new. milestone. -nter-
'oopgrate ih .the '.planning prog- sin i. recent nionl markets American. cooperation. The ele-:
arim,, :and strengthen' their" a- inIatin America, -t said, is "an ment'of.a high d gree of.cooper-
4ready : ,well-deelloped procedures essential condition for hasten- ation- in. economic affairs has
'for.coordination, ing the. blocess 6of ectionoic de- now, been: added to the. long-
SBut the'Pnta -del' Ete "dele- velopmeet in the Hemisphere standing New World tradition' of
gates' working. fro'tm,.aasic do- Not, included directly in the cooperation in tilical affairs.
Cdument prepared by a group'-of Charter,: but i an annexed .re- The economic relations of the
expertss "named 'in, May by OAS sqlttion, is -a 'provision fpr The, Hemisphere have 'moveji aw'ay
.Secrefary Gen.eal Dr Jose' A. creation, by the OA$ Secretry from.puie bi-lateralis to mul-
ora agreed on a new' group Geileral,,of special 'task'.forces ti-latersi,. .
.or ,apel.: of nine. experts that in the fields of eeducatin, lan .
i!also can assist in. preparing and reform,.iand public health. 'he T
viewingn' national development three baztbe .upplemented h og man seakin per
plans. The nine are to be jointly others in. such specialized fields r
i French 1i trilling, for better
nominated ,by the -AS Secretary as labor standards and labor re- frainhig i Englih coersation,
General, the President .-o' the nations, marketing cooperative tq contact a British or American
Bank, and the Executive Secre. movements,. laid use .and land citizen who is interested in im-
-try of ECLA. When. a national itenite, p.u b Ii c.-administration, proving his knowledge of French.
plani is presented a. special pan; and investment programing. The For more details, please apply
el ,,-three from, the permanent task forces; reporting to the Sp- "'HArrI SUN" offices, all work.
iroup- and up to.thre t'-be 'es- crbtary General and' the Inter- ing days from 8 to 12 a.m. or
pe ially named by'the OAS Se- American. Econolmio and Social cal..


.,_ ...




BAR Geisha &SALON Guinee





S. .. .I .

,- ...I

charming Hbstess IKA^'HZiNE' DUNHMPffi
.-. I ,. .-. :- ,
-* ,J PIE3SE i... :"4-,
; : a...,., ::. .,. -
"-'- ... 'r- ,.. ,, :-,.- ,:, .v.. -' .... ...
.A~~t ',, ._

Sbrand: fpectiei

S,. ...4
At the Peristyle DANSE VAUPO N-

S Wednesday!;:i



Dancing Special Sunmer-Cover Charge $1 50

,4 s -' -!



.60 Per Cent ON IMPORTS

-*__.7 r "
,t ... .- .. : .''. rx -" 0 ,1. ,' ", l% r .I : :. % ., ..:. ,

a m ms' ,' ;.:-'=-o :: ,. --- o W:.-. M U-8, .,,,. ".: ;:.: T .;. .i::`..a``. ma`.::` :.:i .!:`: .:` :L::... :.. .`:`" a,- .-.iwa.



r .=.,... ._ T




o^ -
R -. .:" .


iday November 3rd, opened ronceray.
as~elhaiti the session of the The program of their stay ihb:the
iat' Congress of the Carib- Haiti was established as follows: he
? Federation for' Mental Friday morning, visiting the ins- tou
1 t h.. The 'work went on titutions, sightseeing ar o u n d pat
gh' Saturday November 4. town, shopping. From 2 p.m. to the
't.' morning of October 4:30 p.m., meeting at Hotel Cas tha
io 'of the fifteen foreign telhaiti. 8 p.m. to,9:00, dinner cia
lgtes arrived: ,Drs Alain at the hotel. 9:30 p.m.,-dancing ar
boux and Louis Yang Ting gnd show at the Hotel ITbo.Lele Com
ij~dpesented 'Mgrtinique. The (Petionvei.e)., -"'
arrivedd within forty-ejght ..
Saturday November 4th-:.from
.. 4 8:30 to 10:00 a.m., meeting of
h the Congress. 10:0b0 a.m. ,'Coffee.
-;H a i t i a n Comniittee iW 10:45 a.m. to 12:30, p:.nm.'tieeting
e';of thedelegations and of of the Congress." 12:30 '2:00
Congress is composed of'Drs p.m., lunch at the Hotel. 2:00 to
i4-arc Bordeleau, medical 5:00 p.m. meeting; 7:l 30 J.m. to
or' qf Psychiatric' Center 9:30..p.m.. cold buffet at.iLaboule
aiMars, 'Emersonli :Do.uyon, eOidency 0of Dr Bdrdeleaul -10:00
ologist'.at ther.Instittte of p .i dancing 'and show tt Ca-
SWelfare. Mrs Madeleme bane.
i. '-Misses Sol nge Doqe- ar-
inee: Telemaq`e and u' 'ure' of the dea
i1wC6 jamin and Hubert .'.. -- 'f MAN)
"'A :...' .. 4 .4. ,

S'T ,
..- .. ... .. .

Ftimtin iannptunces in its, edi- wished member 6f the Paanaeain
"o .N&vmber 1st, 2nd, and society; Miss'Paez .'o guez is
tat thea Republic of. Pana- panama'.sQueen. 44ouiti .She
Iofficiailly accepted the will witi ',arnid
oni, 'ot oiur govkrhment'to maybe6ie6r ftii:: A'-'*.
pate. in'. the ,tourist festi- ,Le Matiralso- .ah ounces that
,-'will t place In'our several :,ina'm,ean :..olklore ,:-
qlIh take 'pe in ut everaulP.ai m Joclore
'o'-' december !*st to groups may visitor i ouitry' at
: this time.
'Ambassador Raou. Rouzier is
;ana'i ica beauty who will doing a great job promoting our
;is .piathis, occasion is said Tourist, Festival with both the
a:iiss Gloria Paez Rodri- Panameans.and the Residents., of
il.ughter of the Epso Ma- Canal ,Zone editorialized Le Ma-
ip, anama, and disting- tin.
I. ','"''", ... ,



. Theatrical Dance ...-- .... Roland Wingfield
..'Dance ....-. ........ ... Louines Loois
ming ...- ...- ...- ..... -. Louis Celestin '.,
SDnce ..... ............... Gerard Dorsinvil

DULEtr':" "
n:ers Mode Theatrica Dance monday 5 e p.m
;ers' eim Theatrical Dance .. Monday 5W e 6 p.m.

ced 'Modern

iers Haitian



a ;. .
SI Darice (Meringue)
S.J -


Thursday 5 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 11 a.m.
Dance Monday 2 -3 p.m.
Thursday 2 3 p.m.
Monday 3 4 p.m.
Monday 2 3.p.m.
Thursday 2 3' p.m.
.- Saturday. 9 10 p.m.
Wednesday 9:30 p.m.

rTU drumming classes for children and Modern Dancb for

I r;s may enroll for Indhidual classes. L '.
i'the classes fees, scholarships, special arrangements for pro-
1inal, dancers and visitors inquir, daily in the afternoon at the
H:OTEL MAJESTIC Petionville Park, or write to
D. rD f." 'WIENERa ,
SS. a... :.in, I

- Departure Of
{ongolese Officials
0ri October 30th MM. Luc -Ba-
'ala and Oleophas Bizala, of-
ials of the Department of Edu-
tidn of the Congo left Haiti
Sthe USA on flight 432 of
A. It seems that the stay of
,se officials from Leopoldville
re was fruitful. They got in
ch with several of our com-
riots who want to teach in
SCongo. It is highly possible
t the number of Haitian spe-
lists of Primary and Second,
y Education leaving for the
ngo will reach one hundred.
(Li Matin)


The Haitian motorboat Carib- the crew were able to gain the,
bean of the Jeremie-Port au ashore.
Prince line Was wrecked Satur- The Caribbean was on its way
day at about 11:30 p.m. off the back fromneJeremie to Port-when
Cayemites islands near Barade- it was caught in one of the sud-'
res, vith 10 crew members on den squalls that have been me-
board. "Fortunately there, were nacing the South coast for the
no passengers. The members of past few weeks.

Monday Night

Shango Night Club

- '-,,,l ~ ,,, .

.- Sf Qc6Va'?ince 1755

Exclusive Agent:
Avenue Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Rue Bonne Fol


_ ._ 111~

Sunday. NOVEMBER 5, 1961





: ::'

Sunday NOVEMBER 5, 1961

AGtl i -.


**Mr Tcheng Tchouong-Kiun, provisional Charge d'Affaies of
the Chinese Legation (Formosa) is doing a beautiful job here to
promote relationship between Haiti and the Free Chinese Repub-
lic. His very efficient Assistant Mr Claude Fong 'Ging distributes
books, pamphlets which show the progress of the land ruled by
Cbang Kai-Shek who celebrated his birthday on October 31st. This'
Legation just invited Mr Pierre Gousse Director of the Service of
International Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Haiti
to visit Formosa. He will leave soon.
**Mrs Richard Lee Winters flew to Montana this week to wit-
ness the event which will. make her a grand mother. The wife
od her son is expecting a.baby... Dr James Cole, his iife -and
three children flew to .Jamaica for a short vacation. They are with
the Point IV liere... Misses Annie% Laurie an educator for thie
USOM at Damien and Irene Martiln, a Public FHekltt Nurse .foi the
SCISP went to Curacao for a short. vacation... 'Clarence Lines
Powers also went abroad for a short vacation. .'
"*William Mellon, a writer photographer from MassachuSetts -t
and I Pl.T. L....l...h i

Haiti Winter
Indications of'a good late 1
and Winter tourist season
Haiti ~iere .eyident today as I
American Airways intensified
three-decade old campaign
keep a steady stream ,of va
tioning tourists from USA, ma
Caribbean points, Central
South America flowing tow
this island republic.
Ah aggressive "triple-thre
$1,000,000-a-year program is
ing carried out, with ot'en
visitors being made aware
Haiti's charms and attractii
through three different appr
ches, each keyed to.Pan Ar
'Come to Haiti" theme. "T
three basic approaches are:
rDrnna- nt nnnl ntant ni

_ I _LI

anI iuovey wiLe LLegrandLU, a photo-sound technician flew down here 1-LUreCt, personaulO uLoLLc *Ilth D
"Thursday for a three week vacation with .their parents at the travel agents. -From Pan Ame- Time takes on a.rosy hub -
Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles. *ricans Latin American Division
Sales headquarters in Miami, through the sapphire crystal .
'. two teams o'fisales executives i ofyourvacut"F-rmamentsw t'h
**"The Caribbean Federation for Mental, Health held its execut- are .now' touring the major p- of your Movado PFrmament" watch
i've Board meeting'at the Castelhaiti this week, to promote mental pulatior centers of the ,United
health in Haititand'discuss mental progress in the whble Caribbean. States. Each team is m~de up
area. The'-delegates 'comprise psychiatrists, nurses .and .social of two veteran, skilled. sales ex-
workers of Puerto'Rico, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Trinidad, Anti- ecutives. -Their mission 'is edu- ,
gua, Urited States at cation,of travel agents and Haiti-B
is a major item on. the agenda
.They include Dr. Philip Boyd, Principal knedical Officer ofat eir eetngs. In each- ity
Jamaica and president. of the Caribbean 'Federation for Mental three meetings a day are held, '
health; Dr Bertram -Schaffner, Consultant. for the CFMi from ,with trairel agents and news- F
New York; Dr Francisco Berio, Deputy Secretary of HealtL in paper travel editors in, attend-
Puerto Rico; Dr-Aida Guzman from Puerto.Rico;' Dr Ramon Fer- ance.
nandez Marina; also from Puerto Ri'co travelling along with wife 2--Hiti was.i cd the Pan
Luz and soni Rainon; Dr Michael Bedubriit,' of the St Ann's Hospi- Aeric adnclued in the Pans in
A American advertising plans in
tal in Pott of Spain,. Trinidad- traveling Along with his lovely wife bofh individual bne-coudry ad-
Stella in ,Newspaper business witf, lfer father, publisher of the vertisements and as.'p rt of the
West Indian; Dr Alain Certhouxc, of the' Hopital de Colson of Fort "Caribbean .Circle Totrs" the
de France, Martinique and Mir Lpuis. Yang- Ting, Head of'the airline has, been promoting for
. Administrative services at' the same hospital; Mrs Maria E. Guz- many years. These adiertis e-
than, Directorof nursing at the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychia- ments will appear in newspa- heas ad rae phillance. al 1ok -'l '
try; Ms avis, Marguerite Brown, a nurse m' Antigua; Mrs pers magazines covering It hardness is surpassed lur dl 'ol
most f the United. States, but ohly bythat.of the-diamond. 8 '
Helen Richardson; a social worker frni St Thomas, U.S. Virgin ptic y hited y cies u will chdrih ou. d
Islands, and Dr C. Winkel from .Curacao. The meeting wasinau- within .e 4y distance of Pan Movado.whilh,offers you a
gurated Friday with Dr Emerson Douyoq -as Chairman and the Am's gateways to Hpiti. t three'years at the offriiam .mlnlaure ma-
Sin threeyears fat the of"cial .miniiaure mov'- .
closing session was held yesterday. i. Swiss Observatory at ont, gold 18 ct.
The delegates visited between sessions many sites around Port: Also part of 'the advertising .. Neuch~tel) go figurdial a .:
au Prince. They were delighted with the voodoo show at the Ha- campaign ,was the placement of htru go r
bitation Leclerc where the w6rld famous Katherine Dunham made literaturS aSd posteral s with the
30,000 U;S. travel agents with
an appearance in an Arabic dance. which Pan Americar is in daily i:.
**"Misses -Doloryes Flaum and Estelle Kohn, two lovely visitors contact. The colorful Pan Ame- "' .
from New York are current guests at the El Rancho. Brunette! rcan poster, on Haiti has be- A O
Doloryes Flaum is an Administrative Assistant to the President1 come a standard part of travel ,-Cf O
an dthe Vice-President of Hall Mark V, a new advertising, agency agents'-window displays.
and blonde Estelle Kohn is Media Director for Irving Serwer Inc,; Anotler facet of advertising,
but listed as a-sales aid, is Pan'
another advertising agency in New York. Doioryes and 'Estele l stedasaaes aid is
o are being tutored by Rony Kahn and To attenback American's $100&000 sound col- ONE 'SALE AT MAISON ORIENTALE
who are being tutored by Rony Kahn and Tohn attenbackare or film "Wings To Ha" whichT
two or film "Wings To Haiti" which AND LITTLE EUROPE
two fabulous dancers.
**Mr Jean Richardot, Permanent Representative of the Tech- __
nical Assistanqe Office of the United Nations in Port au Princed Lunch Dine Have Cocktails
flew to Santiago of Chile this week to attend the meeting of the
Permanent Representatives of UN in the Latin American, Coun- EX(ELL T 'LOBSTER DISHES A SPECIALITY
tries. This meeting will be on- from "November 6 to 9. Mr David _______ I I S
Owen, President and Director of the Bureau of Technical Assist By The SEA-
ance of.the UN in New York, assisted by Mr Paul Hoffman, Gen- SEA-S D
eral Director of the Special Fund of UN will Ibe the Chairman. K V OA B E A C
Mr. Raul Prebisch, Executive Secretary of the CEPAL will attend N K Y O B E A
the meeting.
S***"Simone Sassine. and' Elza Armand shared the great success .-
if the Night of Loveliness last Thursday at the El Rancho. Simone "fAVE YOUR PARTY AT KYONA '
Sassine shown her beautiful winter creations which are called "
Kyona, La Verite, Paris Canaille, La Parisienne, Ou lala, Paris, Swim Spearfish, Snorkle, W ater$Ski r
Creme de Menthe, Lido, El Rancho. And Sail In Safe Coastal
Elza Armand shown beautiful suits, panchos, skirts, coats and '
all kind of tops for suburban wives, beachwear, winter lounging W waters From Kyona
(Continued on page 1 4) DEEP-SEA FISHING EXCURSIONS
Z '' .. I '
-: : ', % .. I .. .: % ,. ." i ', "c 4 '-' :.

Tourist Season Bright Becaus
IAM Promotion Campaign
Fall has already been seen by mil- tions department in Miami.
in lions of viewers throughout the writers and photographers
Pan world. With sound tracks in se- periodic visits to the island.j'
.its veral languages,. "Wings To get new material and the Ha
to' Haitr' has been used on many information files are kept up'tf
aca- hundreds of television stations date witl data sent'constait
ijor throughout North, South and by Pan Am's staff in Port.
and Central America. It has also Prince.
ard been utilized many thousands of Feature stories ilustrat
times by travel agents; airlines, with pictures, pictures that,
at" tourism/ agencies and clubs for a complete story with a si
be- showings to private group ps. caption and short informative "i
tial Bookings on the full color film tides of, a few paragraphs
of are being increased for -the with Haiti and its attrgcti
ons 1961-62 season, as the subject- are regul
oa- 3-One of the most effective scheduled for release"to the'
m's parts of the airline's "Come To vel editors of every major ne
'he Haiti" campaign is carried out paper in the United States.'..,
by Pan Amferican's public rela- (Continued on pag.

Ith 1

.:AGE 14

,if I

I Reported from Petionville that a happy holidayer hdre while her
juaband was in the States making contacts, was Chicago-born wife
O :Dr Cheddi Jagan newly elected Prime Minister of British Guia-
li. Janet Jagan was the guest of a small reasonable Petionvillt
Amotel... Jean Claude Nadal and his wife return from honeymooning
South and North America today-by Grace Liner... Ti Co_ Rou-
Per who used to run the popular "Black Cat",boutique in Turgeau
turned for a three week look at his homeland last month. Ti Coq
d family are now residing in the States... When the famous Greek
sip owner Aristotle Onasis took up with La Callas, Grace of Mt-
co, a fervent catholic and a friend of Onasis' 'wife, refused to
$ake hands with him. Furious, Onasis decided to take his revenge
i'pulling his money out of the Principauty, and planned to build
io1ther Monte Carlo, complete with casinos, resorts and all, some-
here else. Iie do la Tortue, he thought, was perfect for this pro-
ct.- The sale of pur Ile dq la Tortue off Ijaiti's North Coast wa_
t l oly because the papers heard of the story..and naddedit public.
o oon... Michaele Malval and Tony Khawly werq married on
october 28th... Dr R. Wells, young orthopaedic surgeon from 'Atlan-
Ga. Gaspent eight days here* operating at Hospital Schweltser 1i
chapelles... Dr Gerard Leon and wife Voni entertained Vomi's
;6in And brother-in-law wen they came to Port as' pEcers in
SFrench Squadron....

J 4"

.Come and Eqjoy ,
At The '


(Mariap, 10 minutes from to%,) '
Wherever you pay be in Port au Prince..'.
You Are Nea .
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In Haiti This Week
(Continued from page 13)
.made with "the hand woven fab-
rics by Jean Claude Armand,
the same kind of fabrics which
can be seen hanging at the UN
General Assembly in New York.
The models of that evening were
Yolande Toussaint. Najelah Ha-
kime, Monique Benjamin, Alice
Dupuy, Gison Dupuy, Michele
Bourjollv. Nicole Debrosse.
"Misses Elaine Ida Sams'and
Ann Durell arrived yesterday
with a recommendation for May-
oor Jean Deeb from Mr Rafnie
Rosamny, a friend of his brother
in Brooklyn. Lovely and lively
Elains Sams is an Administrat-
ive Assistant to the President of
the International Feature Serv-
ice, in New York City she is
.an editor as well and charming
red head Ann Durell is a child-
ren book editor, she also writes
children books. They are stay-
ing four days at the Gingerbread
Palace, the Grand Hotel Oloff-.
**Tom Lownes, an Editor of
Show Business Illustrated arriv-
ed early this week and was join-
ed here by the photographer
Flip Schulke of the same Maga-
zine. They are here on the in-
vitation of famed artist Kathe-
rine Dunham, Owner of Habita-
tion Leclerc to write a series of
articles on our tourist attrac-
tions. Tom Lownes met the Min-
ister of Tourism and the Com-
imisioner Winsor'Day.
:*',Ravi sante" Miss Lois Ani-
ta RollipM a student dancer
from Sah Diego California flew
down here yesterday to conI-
plete her dancing studies at the
Katherine Dunham's Ecole d
Danse. She will spend six months

n Haiti.
* '


II I Agents.
M PA ....




Nikkorex CAMERA! I


IIk'^^^^'* ^?^^

Corporal Paul Acloque of the Armed Forces of Haiti currently
studying the X-Rays at the US Naval Hospital of Philadelphia is-
about to make a radio of a patient.

"Soaping" dulls hajit

Halo glorifies it! I


LA .

< ~:~;:;~-

Not a soap, not a
cream-Halo cannot
leare dulling, dirt-
catching soap film!

Removes embarrassing
dandruff from both hair
and scalp!

Yes, "soaping" your hair with
even finest liquid or oily cream
shampqos leaves dulling,
dirt-catching film. Halo, made
with d4new ingredient, contains
no soap, no sticky oils.
Thus Halo glorifies your hair
the very first time you use it.
Ask for Halo--.merica's
favorite shampoo--today.

Gives fragrant
S soft-water" lather
-needs no special rinse!


Halo reveals the hidden beauty of the h

A 11-AT SU




-- ,



"H 1- A I-T 1




S_ i: a sensation. She should make a lovely queen or two or three. In Haiti This Week ".
.T h 'i Weill, why not? Miss Haiti-Cafe-Panam all rolled up into one. My **Dr Neil Dugald Buie -aindi
S.;ote's cast. -There's about to be a revival of that old song Thanks wife Clarita from Marlin Texas4
".'. *for the Memory, which says, "Candlelight and wine...", but with arrived this week 'in company
Sa specific meaning for the local eatery by the same name which with Dr David Ernest Liston.
ok as if the variousventurersin the lobster game are about is about to undergo a sea change with Ronnie et Cie, new blood ,and wife Olga from New York,'
ooks as if the various -venturers in the lobster game are about for a tour day visitThey ai]
and U-no-what. -Dr Frank Barton from Boston, Mass.,who with for a four day visit. Th
o>oin forces. -Bud Spatola and John Ehrling are both back in. guests at thevilla Creple.. Mi,
his wife Frances and Mrs Ethel Conley visited Haiti for manyE. Wintb Perkins, lla dscrp~ '"
own and Dick Nolte was down from -Cap. -There's a new can- E. Witn Pernsa dscp
ate'here for EQe Hand's former piion, and a ver kel years during the spring passed away,October 22nd. He was a noted architect from Arlington V
110ate, here for Eqde Hand's former position, and a very likely 'arch!lect from Arlingtoi,
atta She's eona Brisoe who s g g io be medical man and Trustee of the Boston University. Haiti lost a and wife Lila, an accountant.*
In -at -that, She's Georgina Briscoe who is going to be studying Ll a gc- .
i good friend. We extend our deep-felt sympathies to his widow. are current guests at the Gran
here f e next fieyeas. Y 'l b s -Biall Seriqent, popular maintenance chief for Pan American Air- Hotel Oloffson.
i.ITV- too as accompanist. -Andy Kahawly is flashing a card I m fe toU |
o, as accompanist. -An Kahaly is washing a car ways at the airport is back from a month vacation in Miami. **Vic Lampson flew to' Ueni,
d_ fir'Space Parities for; girls, who think... 'well, he'll show it to "
i.-"Space,Pate geht es?" Max Bouchereau of La Caravelle is back from guay this week to be the He
u.'-Now-I've seen a tap-tap famed' La Resurrection. Gives you of a new project undertaken
S,: 'several weeks visit in West-Germany. -Oops it's that time .
use for a couple of thoughts, hat .one. -Daniel. Vulcain of Tro- t ttt there by Firestone. He was ,Te-.i,
a k off for M t S Hw tt by h s t again. Wage negotiations are being conducted between HASCO and ped he by Mr William
as ook off for Miami. ast, Sinday. How that boy hates to ,. .laced here by Mr. William,
Stomake another tab at ma thae home e t e employees as is usual in the month before harvest starts. -Prin- Scollay who was recently a es
s gpoinmg to.make another stab at making the home office un- 'Soay w ...
S cess Margaret Rose, sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England gave Manager for the Western Hei ,
stan, .'how things 'are in'.I aiti". Hes probably back by now,
ader.but wiser. -The 'French Squadron ,was' a sight to behld, birth to a blue-eyed boy who weighed in at 6 pounds 5 ounces on sphere at the Firestone Int6er-
de wiser. -The French Squadron ,was a sight to hbebold, November 3rd.' He waq born 18 months after her marriage to the america Co in Akron, Oo.h':
they 'had voices like sick cows. -I'm told. that the Frepch Earl of Snowden, the former Anthony Armstrong-Jones. -Mrs Jac- Bil Scolla is Teoritorywi
ors are given very different- treatment than the American gobs quelie Keedy, wife ofPresident John F., will visit India and ger, his authority will
tB the beggar don't bother know better; ad quelihe Kennedy, wife of President John F., will visit India and ager, h a w "co*b'tg
t.1 the beggars don't bother them,-they know better; and other H1aiti, Dominican Republic
them-ty er Pakistan end' of November. She intends to see mostly educational the Bahamas
are very kind to them and show them around -the sights. he Pakistan the Bahamas.
er nd o the mii centers. She will pay 'her own way on this trip. -We have com- He" plans to improve the ne1
'merci' waned' from the Amimek is hard cash. -Vic Larmp- '
Sm wned from the A s hard petition: There is 'a I-ayti (no, riot mis-spelled) in South Dakota. retrain shop of the Firesto
n is off for Montevideo after'all those years is Port au Prce. Seems that the two Frenchmen, the Verendrye brothers, liked the .here and also the store.
oner if he'll lose his Creole. -Ellas 'Noustas hopped over from I I L -
a aif he'l lose hid s Creole. -Eiasolong time, this tover ap 'name er3' much, when they settled there. -To our "lonely";' driv- here with wife Ruth add: 'ch:l&
ast Weiesday. Hewas gone a long time, this trip. ap ~ers: Have you dne or two heads on your shoulders? It-all depends ren Richard 14 and Carol
"Foux is another map puzzler. It is near Mole St. Nicolas, but His elder son Robert 15.i
w. whether your car is parked or moving. Get it? --Our corespond-n Ohio He w s
ere's pne called Foux Cap down Jeremie. way. -Dizzy Diction- B g College in Ohio. He wants
l- ent from West Berlin reoprts that life there is quite gay: plenty
y says a Committe is a group that keeps minutes and wastes run a iarofitale business inm;i
urs. -Now that, the hea rais have stopped I t of good shows, operas, concerts, excellent food, fashions. Every- ing to the customers the best
ours. -Now that, the heavy rains have stopped, I can't comp aint .
o th te a a t body should come and visit to see for himself that life is dalm services he can. He said tiat
bout, the mud on the Martissant Road, but Ye Gods, the duzt! So rush on over."
"B .and peaceful and prosperous, So rush on over. the retrained tires of the F
id Papa Manigat's iioess look, as 'if-they had had their faces K stone Shop will costvery
,vdered. -A lot. of 'people were puzzled-by .the need to be firger- 'less than the new ones anytwi
ted for-Permis de Sejour' when they had-.already done sd for give the' same -service; -,':.',.':
her purposes. It all depended upon with..whqm'v.fou were dealing. Mr Guy. Barjon Salesman
mei.oto tb fingerprints last a lifetime, -unlike a lot of chief is his'Key man. ,
'"- ; tn ... "- S p... r as uBeaulieu' is h'ome for 'a"Ii~t"
bhe# nglbrfi^prhe;Sll^^^^ oneihaB Q ut:. ,t three places before.I tould firid olne that had i visit. Seui ge has o-beei' wor'
-.:A~i Rwoi s g.at.".i~i:.'... .mosquitoes. --Tom : visit. Serge has -bee-i wo1
SAnyhow, iwokls great O.es. its, apd, mosquitoes. -Tom H for two, years as a Security .%
s vacation in the.States included 17 appearances on radio or ficer for the United Nations'
CTv.j ,.~i'~~ :.i~ingji~idga :hot'tr`ver QAM in Miami on Alan
aons, mlding, ihalf:hourover QAM in Miami on Alan AL. 1 I LEI Near .East, Middle East an?
ey's iog6afimithe Julie *Benell show in Dallas; Mary El- e R Africa. He arrived here in
tf'L in.amn ..~ew Orleans (where, he was. rushed from the' pany with Mrs Sylvia ',r
tl:tod the station), etc. More -work than.play, but a real boost Karon, President of abmiin
rnSm.,ir he.Cure Boutique is' thenBnme of the shop Mrs. n. 'f ultS b es
e.In sopiIl- [ $iir ~ rAINITIN w Puerto Rico.' He suggested ~ :,
evs has-open.d behind St. Peter's, Church next door, to the Mara- nry E. Zoller froni W ii
'u... and cute indeed are her creations. -The Meringue Shop in .FRANCOIS o K and'Fre ChapminainnIfro" .
e mountains has just..undergone a few changes in the way of DU ERR'IER, J' our Denver two prominent 'busines--
V.Denls A- 'i
isplay shelving'and a paint job. -The' Bellafolites arivved at El 'ERR Rento come here to look ve.
Ahcho Thursday with'.his manager, Mr Attaway. There's a -new r Gabl he opportunity of invesg .
:-month-old in the family, -but they didn't bring the youngsters on DiMANCHE Serge return soon to Afica:
thistrip. -La Belle Antillise, the yard-goods shop hczoss from' or the Government'.'
anldpown the street from La Belle Creole, is expecting a whole :; '. '
n f stock of mouth-watering materials from abroad about mid-
..ifnber... just in time for Xmas. -Eileen and Tony Whitehouse
'..' British Embassy are going to London Town in December '.:
tqelp re-celebrate her parents' 50th Anniversary, which they
ealidn't make last yiar: Their son will meet them in New York
l&t. -Harry (Poker Face). Bellafonte picked up two G's at the
'as.ino. Thursday night, but put some-of it back on Friday. -Fe'lix,
e of our favorite bartenders, is on the critical list. He's the
tk oi ne at Choucoune. Hope he makes it. -The Convention issue
of the. ASTA Travel New~s has a good -article on Haiti by our hand-
sqmJ,. J. Honorat, but oh! that picture of' Jacques is just awful.
--Pa: Marini ,is busy gardening at the house they've rented to
mnMvinto when the Choucoune changes hands this month. Speak-
ing-i.that change,: rumor-mongers are saying Geo ,Gonzales-\ 'ill
o: r.eo there as Vic Gregerfs second in,'command. I'll bet. it's not
io. hat would be carrying. coals to Newcastle. How much charm
.cant.'e place hav\? Those two 'operators' under one roof would
too, too. -The group of visiting travagents at Castelhaiti
.I.feted at El Rancho on Thursday evening anji at the Montana ..
JI where Rodrigue Scott's ballads rolled them in the aisles. '
leggy Michelle at the latter was aclin'-shakin' all day T'
hIecit_ e she had to introduce the show id Geo's absence... her Faiti's "Gingerbread Palace" and, famed hostelery the Grand Hotel Oloffson, sow P lace .
p o the mike. She need not have worried. When you look Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisie and contented living. Set amongst a myrlaA of tropical woe
SAT, al you have to do is stand there and smile and you're and wardeua the Claon, complete. ~r midst are pool,. is the haven for .the m ibited.
". .. ,-'. a

I "- ** I AIR PRANCE (
--. ra dweV uLz 's m...a a
". Petan Starts Cap Haiti Winter Tourist Season Bright Because NEW 6oUNICA ONNST
Ton-s irge. I l (CodtinuOed f-om page 13) than $400,000 annually in- Haiti (CoMtimned .from-page. i) ..'A genial 'Iuily mn
SPetanj fir s la. dll was. Jq AJso released on scheduled for ayyrolsls, 'riaintenaice of air- poitant Port on .the" Dominican's :oy. a 4y ',o
L dO ,,lthen ,he turned ardunl basis are "routdup" seriess on yrt and rnway facilities, iutili- north coast, C.onsul General.Vi- t[he" ,ons.4.r era b
J I4laded back to Hispanicol al Caribbean ~ints, including 'ties ~nij;ther purchieses: laiuevai.. asspent twigent'one of-.ek refiush.ig..i
'si4 n u p to iap .Haitien" an Haiti, and. feature stories on. With .as large. --or perhaps his- fortyone seas i the .For- add st
6~ e0o off Lenumonade. geL e- an Am's,. Caibbean circle larger--, a finaiciql stake than eign .ericm. net
.....,:: ameQ .view ..C tC ulr; in. htich Haiti .is usually any.- local operator. in the -i ': Duiing'.almost a de "I '-- .
,oqx.,i. en .. ed. back.i .n D the first stop, In .Spanish the. toifism picturee, Pan, Am Washingti-n t c. 'e ad to6ei
driej 1492. same material is distributed to conttinues .is'. constant uve9 isy.. Elizabeth Fedei i
Sariva o the Preside 'bllcao ds throughout L. a't i meit o6f' air' travel to thq islai ". Po .*ciklrien" i aroa.:ou neen'
iithen.'h t urned oa round- ; ..... .
et qof a round f ru s an .Ameridan "--and 1c e rei Ct- is 12. we.l orn '. th,.
Pac.to US, aPa... en.o-',mN 6XePf. %
R ai.atn. fiter~d down i o.Poto "'" of .eito-st .-brld-- looks'.- o -. ,. a ti... -, -".. ,
S e rgat' pssen$- This t e of actit bs W ad to 1e day wher ,hais.i Besids .his. a.ibh n I i" ... ,
aslt a ncdlng',Prsidpt creased each year snc Jan- forthcoingjesize t flP sh --
.-.Ra.se n a r. ua. y 9,'1929> whbn' Pan Ame er' e' tikug ese, lhe. ,Poflgtede'wakp~hl mfoSxzt. ,l, ii
; es., de" -' Pa'u E.' 4~tfj air: 'ended ,rIeifrs- ieni-iso ght t. a "r ie .. 'te --. ....' .iVoi w
it t th fi st inera istsg it .the-big Pan Am 'jet -'e 'i i d-'
thsisland'iippers- sfe. most v tie JeFredhi "e-is.i ing .lc-eduInedwto.e.Be
iMlsof Lthe 62-yer- be orso ; s'r,' .in .ir r. lanesu o alpcas a aoid mno qie :- -
e' slain Generas ow. PA p gcags aigh c o c -noin
eli-l lo 149 e. Eli ianportlint o Wi S
'Overe:,sI the te........
Theare n.oi.a avai h *s won ev one of the % ., ._fdd..O l t
whether le .t a H. O jep- i -'. .'-
wtaeeor :even ci pF
I. gat_"e ar- Anr .timulated irafiT to ",Robison -.e Por a .PreC' ..i Ce C 4 1c ... i... .. ..
r o ...... .. i .- ,B i s n T.. _-,. -,. Port 'au Pr hice' -" .. '.. :'.,. '"" ;!:cY ," :- r.,,,' .... 4,-
.'todock to .kon freh ,te osl d-r. evey h or: Capiti' fed I i..eath ete r- C',
vt and pe;rniti We -i -pat ofthiapwonld in drlr to adding t-andeai-::r '- "-lS
ard to cec an k fe.-ed. the:c sta gtions e crossed the ed
ot t a c. er Clippers that re operating er sotly -after dark.-
crt-s -i on a T cohnstaitlfy increasit fre-i ii-d sdof' the prsonable -M mToI
No-tpe Frega to .5' '
the hip unapproa ..- ,qu .cy: ..' .- .. p rhasing"":agent 'wera And hie ais W- ,_'_ -
s And, .the airline's importance ta -ii dtily xplaiirig theiitiy
d'it Psideit e t il- te tourism picture kpt cadeideta a t.o- .his youn wife who -
jphed nd it is Iel iresing ye a *cn
li2 t a ,course, forei 'adelrur4. tq4ay -- vPaiwhn Ta 6 tY 0 0

p r i t e r ne brini o k 0!
eike iidi he fol;-.. ..l.-......O

'tO ek4,Ih.t ,o-eOTO 't74 ..S
opndeii' o bu rligng bon. :ithe. trid
'.ith-the' ofuri smct yq.ougiie. ,. sand s... fo -. t," pl g... .,. to 6i

!Ehere are those who givel-ttlesof thi9
whieh#-iy have nd tey give it for -
a-mand their Sdtleuydesfi) makes their giftl '

A nd ,tre ae -. those who e litt6 an.d give it
These are the believers -life and'the bounty o '
S. 'and. their coid-.e's is iever empty.: ,,
ROThere' are those ho.e with joy, eiad t:at'
their rew 'd l
-p.in- is their btaptiism .
And'there are thee w.rgi :" nl. .knownit pain,

mridifAbness o virtue; .
They give e- in y yder v .vley the inyrtle breat-
2its lfrsagreanei ino:sp c.

.;'.-.-ti -, -n...,Exclusel Agen-t : ent:.. ;
-.Avenue n. e.n-Iqmues D, es.eanes
I and LE CONT'NTE~ OR R He Bnn ole Prop.het

'k thqAThe.e W i'h I
~~~~~~~~~t It i": :, .: :- -:... .. r:-
:, .,.;.., .:.:'.; ,.: ;,:. y :.. .:.' .. '; ,. ..".. .. .. .. ...e

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