Haiti sun

Material Information

Haiti sun
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
R. Cheney, Jr.
Creation Date:
November 18, 1951
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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S.a ~ little-Thanksgiving Day of Educa Viss

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S; :". or reservons, see oir Travel Agent

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Professor Ali Hysseip wa "
also impressed by the. seri-
our mienmand gentle' nature
'of the Marbial peasants .who
doggedly .fight to earn' a liv- .
ing from the soil despite! .
heart-breaking odds. He said I
it was a shame that the pro- ;
ject lacks the funds to carry
Son its.batte "against disease, 'i
ignorance and illiteracy on a'
large scale. But the profes- i
sor added even with the:.,
small funds at 'it command,"
the UNESCO team -is.'mak-
* *. ... ** *' *-.

,,b *

Department Of Labour
Undertakes Creation Of A,
Series Of Centers For The
Education Of Labourers.

Intensifying the campaign
against illiteracy, the 14-
bour Department recently
*created a number of educa-
Ition centres for workers in
ithe Capital and in other re-
4j gions bf the Republic. The
newly created centers have
been established in the fol-
lowing localities.
new centres have been es-
tablished on the Shada plan-
tations, and two at Trou dd i
Nord and Ste Suzanne.
There is a center at jean Ra-
bel, Bombardopolis, Bord de
Mer, Bale, des Moustiqueg'
and St. Louis du Nord.
Arrangements are. be i n g..
" made with the managers of
Plantation Dauphin a nd
Plantation Cook, in regard
to the education of work-
f lj ers.
Two centres have been cre-
ated, one at Grabde Saline,
and the other at Desdunes.
Others will be established
on the.sisal plantations of
S Shada at Mont Rouis.
S .Forty-six centers for adults
resumed' work in October:
i centers have been establish-
ed at- Gomier, J&eremie,: and
one a Aquin.. Plans are
being takeii for the establish
Sng of centers at Miragoane,
Anse a Veau and the 2nd
Plain of Petit Goave..

1 Syrian Educator Visits
Unesco Marbial Project

The Syrian e p6rt on ba-.
sic education was deeply im-
pressed to find that children
attending the Marbial classes
thought so highly df their
chance, to learn. t6 read and
'* write that. they walked fivd
or. six kilometers to school,
'often having to start fifm
their. mountain homes as.
S early as two-o'clock in the,
morning to do .it. -

JOSEPH NA)DAL and CO., gents

a .t, % ,

; ',, P *' -.. ;

Qx and asy
SPaintings a lot easier when, yOqu ,ha sanio h-Eloi ng
Central paints to brush on. Th pei io tgagives roat ,
covering ability, ad I4gh-grad -ig"ent s .frh,
car celor even under, severe weth and' uvi co
editions. Formulas arp e .prgdcot of afat*polQiq ,
e search .- .. ...'. t'
T ,, pm"w .; n. .. ,
and rarni'h- a ir arl parpose.- ,.
:' .r" a" a

.. ,- + *
,- -.
: ,,


.rage A


(ARMOUR" Is Proud to Present Their Pure Lard
In The New Green And White Three Pound Tin
1 I


RAVUN distributor -,





ing rewarding progress in ages from 30 to 40 per cent-
easing the hard life of the The Professor came to,'
peasant families in the Mar- Haiti .on October 23 on a'
bial area. UNESCO scholarship. Hq
And he said that the gov- plans to study basic educa-.
ernment of Syria hope" to tion methods in Mexico,
start a similar project in its Canada and France before'
rural areas, with the inten- returning to his homeland
tion of reducing the national. to put his findings into prac-
illiteracy rate that now aver- tice.

- / A

A .]=*** % ,a,

SSU ND, 'ov. 18 th .HAITI SUN ,. .

1 PEPSOAITY- OF Th3E WEEK'. Unique Occup action 4 .'
S(Conlined) (Continued-from Page 1) The SUPER Refrigerator
t programm for in. had .its ar ent. It insisted -
,tuliural relations hac, the.dauphiers a: d Aons Staying only a fw we.ks another Serva r Ypr eme
Il the .21 American "of smalage1 rers should "i each place Mr. Baggi con- -
be1 offered.the same eduica- Eacts the Education aulorn.
-The' professor expects kion -as the more fortunate ties 6n his arrival, 'and if
S .siortlyforr Mako Ci ,4pils from wealthier homes chey. are willing, he give
o ak o the dutiesof ....pupils who d even- special course of intrxiction -
new poPt,. placiaig the na-. tuahll take their place in the in his hand work'. to "

se. diplomats, of the "e when Mr. Tviviet i;irl A corpulent man, with ,.
-ri. .' ."' ", f -"e.A.. t h ''bier.. eyes behind dark gases '
P.Tprofessor s fatie. ser- At the present moment, tir Baggi's fingers are never 'i', : ,.
riter toDuvjahing howevrona word :arThe two: go still ile aches, tleas h '.
S awelJasHaiiazr Fol vernmentrtri 5pe ools'in mYvery halting English,n Tf
(im er, a ereta, Haiti with an atehdanc f .t"'consdiiing a very h '*. I :
e fdrEdugation. some-4(t pil^.. hey; are red lunch at the Hotel Bell- A ,: ;, -a
g. ils beg his IisnDem'and; Ecole ides. Vie where 1h- is stayitg-duf-r*.' *t4^':-.3.
.the- Semiiaire. St. .Arts~kd Metiers of thtFre. i:ng his brief visit to Hai4,
an atytheag4e.f{ res,'alesiens... be made ina few.deft mani- N U
tO. Frane to do.. tin' d class w,' nted .*o pulatit ons to w th h is fingers. .
3 4, _

d ton. He spent 'The nextphase of Profes- ad the help of a pair f
.atsJeanson d s o.s'to.-s dozens of little uni- :
-y"io o ear athe So. areer c a es then a .t- .. t..s
let he guns' of dent. One of his fopr daugh- coil of golden toloured wire UjIS T hfflh ItP '*^
Wr.W r'wrote.another find. i suitable frg m his briefcase in .sev- 4
I 'teH Paris nesai*?, a IGUCARD S., e gin
j"t.o! v. e.e sc .'ro sc0oo; i (c oll ..n ye ry halting m ngde .h, p.o..-

_y t fh. beqHtee iBtseresed Inthee clai .journal Dnanc he d b'. .... ...;'' .. h'

wifk hi Morsiefr e .i' ,
i '.r-eprcl ses- and, d l .it cfnthsi..r..-ncuwg hAs br, yits it i S H.,. >. '",, .,,w h'i..e '-- a-M.*4, "h *.'.. Ar
9..6 *t~ta, h' es is 8O ade ofrt teM .ldoft anfi- Qarolina"dtot'CI''" C#

ye,, ane t-C 't.a : .r pea,^-w St. 9ingm.t. -

ii h chool( i 0 m res hicA t e .erl oepaierS tNort,
y .ad h T h' e d ed u c t o r '..a n.'S .t r.t',
Ien td oters onal&ahistth dune '-' .hotiy B i.ssrsdoensr at asler any- ? "iW e' aeu p
'&oi Pfeor ef k.ep shi.ere But a Fencreivier SA. fVr-? d clverMss
i1adye as ......rta.nt s rif ,m the forim. erci c. e ..h because .thenstat ,. K:'g"t'. R.m:. ho ote, -'d
Stl*eato the H t ee Claired. Eoa.ery a nieansp rom e os Avizsrs. hit eByJ c1 Aeed ichile
,-IawdrVtembryoln t sons a their -Dy w ..itterayfh. W sp-

'T the ,,t of e sjeunes 7l o ed t ho sing erws luladd. aad a andav ani ss a Kep'rts ofWdi '

Sd ieoof, h it ycen P e- adThe 'nngrey-hairedi educator o."m ateny. s n aehthe hhf' q whipr b '. se' Tetor ..ins s s. ;k.i._ero
o ini12 -repoD'ter's'oprini has littie f me for t hobbies Bad'gi. p e stays any-.. o n 2t nerar nlu es o l t'
SProfessor'-uvivier himself but. nothg can keep rim where veiy long, he refuses Thomas,' Virgin--Islands, at Syi.,era' .l uxu..ou
R" 406A. ier ric atco an d C agnse

,re director of the tLyce e- walk, finding it an recent up-todate h. hasn't quit Ca Thel r terminates tat'e"il folore pe"fo ..
jihree yeari he held the post Though ihe h as never hi's next port of ca' will be, M b members of the vat wi

... gae, his pupil a chance mingled il politics he has re. Cuidad Trujillo,. Jamaica, ..r:a.' i M ^ m

' rical repair bnokt binding Plants with tw'tellow Ha.- tish tutor of, -"'. Victor to o'hdr men.bers of the vast .. *
nd other. skilled occu i.a- titans under the; auspices' of. Henry Christophe. Th pac- associationn upon their re- Agronome Andre Auda.nt
Sons. It ired, outr a :be a -ie Office. .of the Coordina. let contained a lengthy essay turn home. bone f .the country's fbie
highly controversial nv'. tor 'of Inter-America Affaires won Haiti and letters -writen most specialists on questikc
T;.hose in fv.r ofit hinted And recently was a toelegate during Mr. William Wil- Leader of the -group is of entomology was recently
out thatnsny of,the 700 sta -to the Fifth. General Assem- '$oa's stay ut San .Souci. It John S- Gavigah of New appointed as .professor qi
/ dents at thie fmee government blyflf the Pan 'American also contained a bible that York, assistant director of, zoology and 'entomology 4a .
school would Benefit greatly Instjtute of Geography and once belonged to the Prince the AAA's, international tra- Damien. Specialist Auddatt
y such i practical' course -History, held in Santiago Royal, a -iturgy. or form of iel department. has a high recd 'of sertief
since their parents cpuld not Chili., ,, common prayer for the. use in the' Department of A At
afford to give them a leng- As a historian, te Profes- of the Haitian RoyalCollege Others making the trip are' culture where, his colalaboa
thy professional education. sor. had a crowning moment and a FrencS-Creole diction- Diarmuid Glennon of the ton has always lren- coa.-&"i
,An4 it was also pointed out last July when he received ary printed in England 1806. Automobile Club of New -petence and sincerity. Thr&e,-
hat .Haiti would' benefit as a precious packet. of docu- Letters of King Christophe York; Charles E. Pugh, AA years ago he' was Chie
'well since .skilled labor. menti from Mr. H. Miller of with a specimen of his signa- Travel Service of Pennsy- the Section of oology
has always betn a rarity. Ottawa, Canada, whose wife ture were also included in vania, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- entomology of the De~atr i
But the opposition also is a descendant of the Bri- the treasured packet.. vania; Miss Opal Roberts, ment of Agriculture. k Y

I o ni Direct to tifani by *. So lines E)ery No 'L)eeASO
:' "- ... "r be

SFor Information see Age mt ROBERT E. ROT, Expo sillon Stand No. 7 P.O. B ox 228. Tel. 2167
." P
Ne w a .7- ".
b. r .
Inatoat. the. -o r ue s d e s ,. ,I: ,

Ofib of. th ioriatcnandalntyesytr oe n f.,h onr's, ,e.'

cHage 4 HAITI SUN,, SUNDAY, NOV. 18th

WISE and 4TilEWSE'W Modification Of Traffic
ujrephrep t byT.J.GRANT Lw
.. In the sPort-au-Prince To complement his aPer- methods to solve the qity's
-'" J~" Tip esu of No. 16, 1951, the sonality of the We -series, growing traffic problems."
following advertisement-ap- the Editor. hs-asked me to : Captain Brierre has nine
".. peaIed.i rite a few cbcise studies years of experience" in fih
IL bcal agent wanted to 6of persons prominent in the Traffic Department and re
take orders for Siamese sing- business and social life of cent visit to Washngton,
In ducks. If interested call Haiti. Herp is something en New, York and Puertio kco,
A.Confidence Tdik more importance day by Takin Eue. Telephone the first subject -he gave me. -in company with Lieitif&a
S Olde rimes .. day with the increasing of. 109. Rene" Florville n
foreign visitors to these ............ heir latest methods of ir
t This 'is to be considered shores has shown marked im Interested, I called, intro- fic control, to assist him in
in no way detrimental to Mr. 'Denys Bellande assum- dicjng myself as a repro- NOCIViRNiE drawing up of the modifiqc.-
Sur confrere Le. Noavel-. td the functions of head of tentative of uHaiti Sun, and tion to 'the traffic laws: Tn
S- listed but an advertisement provement in efficiency since lalf an hour later was face I cannot understand a 'recent interview with $jhe
5, as the one that appeared in this service. \ to face with Mr. Eue at a Why Marcel Getity Traffic Chief, your eporter
S heir issue of Monday of tablp in ,Aux 'Orchidees, .Sagefd so. much money on heard the news that the aty
'. eek resembled m a --:0:- -Over a 'whiskey soda, which Lotions, creams and oils. is. to have shortly fjve tiaf-
slight way a confidence he paid for, he told me about fic signal lights on uns-.
;trick of days gone by. We' New Appointments his ducks. Or why he wastes his closed 'street corners ote
iast no. suspension on the At gtaiic Office ; I saw them. They are ex- Time and, energy: rubbing city. .This will 'le 'in te
,p' ^avertisers of Brookline, Mas traordinary, incredible. I Them on his head. in form of an expei]meqpt ate
Ssachusetts but once upon a Tuesday morning of last felt like the man, who,- see- A futile effort to keep hs first, buc later at Jeas 'fifty
Time people use to offer week, in the presence of the n a -giraffe for the fist' Hairfrom falling out. 6ne signal lights willbe
jobs such Director Administrator f unme, cried: .There aint no placed boui the capital.
d reads:, do... the Census Bureau, Captain such ptiimal. Doesn't the man know 1A commission probab'
S Ja _r ^ 12,,oQ d ,0. jo- Robert Bazile, 'the Director Blue, red,,'bronze and yel- Scene ha proved made up o. per -nsfro'a 6 t
S,.arsbto f2or ofcs.e Joes General of the' Department low feathers. Tails: marvel- That premature baldness Departieat, o'f justice, 1n-
S.plo ye r w or o- of National Economy, Mr. ously colored, raised in,a fan Is a. sign of terior. Police )epartinent
o exe ner or 'l Guy Laforest, Chief of Ser- like those of a peacock. Bills: Virility,, oCiity H ,will copyene
ss .fp 'wr. witio vice, 'Mr: Marimilien, ;and gieen with white stripes. ',' '-, t. at eome 1.uture datI and
assesof oth employees, .Minister teet. striped like the bs. Adu't reaiztat r over the' ficaton
wth the Government Jules Domond, installed Dr tWey '-ight 'have stepped A shiyTad heal would" t-the 1939taffic es a
prf-iat enteipriss in th Lucn bbt as or ht. of the e Arai Advertise h i -tedfies.. g
S..... .. of, -ie HaitiOan f aic Sta- gghts.i .. Amona hos. me..ber...ofe .io.ns ppe ..
L .,.. .. s Xtarcs. In beae .. d e.. ..,e..b .or. .. .
t.nd as\ a esang Jor 0 or, ,a- Sex wh .are interest '
ti p.i Fr any in- 'h'therw.iistldqc. ir whis- 4re iad woid .' .'" '
t nation &tcerzing, these .*.n.he p -tie is low ,and elaius~ I u st f efibned.
i oy~menits.ap'. whliere .to cacns of.. .: ,brc, te.. souric of a flute. / -

oner46, Massa'estt pr t of .theX ($epsu -Y e t-

Sve Doinot send your bureau, rc. supp3lythe Goy- 'Amazed, Ixked M1 Eue other. grecmentp on,$ttgI. -
t licapion elsewhere. No iernentb with first hand .why these b ewre otber
el ..cliarges. 'Delivery gtia- hicd-atl o e me -., n t o' of e -I ....

ieed: ARE BONDED l decent of ,the t few ye ag
.elay o, : month for unry. they.were brl eaclusi kly
end dollarr moire Engineer Marc '.Dehoux, io the royal family, as were Of
V foel. .f f the ?-rllrs do' a.o delivered a speech in of Sla Now,, ,anyone cn .
., e a R n y.t)a.--ppli which he:pwelcomsed *ithrihew .f on t40m, and they are .._ ,. :. o-dp.,-.r ...

S ... eor. At the same re being exported in ever- ,
.0.i, y eiu "eMy receivedreas ng n. -

*qf nmzgratoon 7tg Osca
S, hn,.Lit n, rAsca t.bois .r a .. ... 'a Mr ...'S m .,' 'He
o'mand Amisial, Edouord D6- qJJSe.%s19-e*5 b yt amad H
... ..y ,h se b we e .....

K *'tt I J ThiWpr1a Office sert, Maurice. Sanfel,. Lopis. coqclcded opr converg3jon
a-, as pet-.enot. the Smiath. M'. Alh Ambroise- by saying: .Siam jis .r "ly..

.Vng enlarged. h4s been appointed 2nd cla-s m zoecoufttyflp4y34.v
nv ce ligatherse techNo c4B. h, 1i<. *n-.t .walk tinbo g -a'.
,_ '4 1, '. AR 'BONDE 6,. f.. .- ..years ag' g i.0 .m....U..-..,1-

f as any Russian n w ek ie
ay the.Kremuin and th ey as

'""- .with Joseph. Stlin. Ielave .
S' ner been in Russia? sO I' ,
I I Mr. ue w be ad to

A'~, "vc jshov' b4is ducks to any h si-y
,.Brek ims bo cau sed -p r

at Parc V.ncen. b. a ge Esper he m retuinm be- pISYOT F. ECTI
he two basket all toth fi the pi are at allthe pretty girls ..

-, .'4 "irate t "i; Edo- Later A, showed e they .could qnly read ,a ', ,, a
rec, edea '. hade S rok# three ribs. We dbing: Manufactured by rpprialti.ical h If,) Lt4
Mdaow on ^e right side hope to qe hhn back at the How 'horrified-they'd be. fistributors in Haiti-TRANSW9RLbD wRAfNr C., SA.
Sou6g Magloire, of Parc in no time. ..........
1q of I.. .*' 'S L ... "
? cou '". ..**, ,

F been1 Albo c d'
.. m ', ... v ... .- ..., .. .. _, .. ...., .... !-d n ... kno w o'ut' ,,4 .-,,,'...ha.t. .. ".l ? ".
.,'. .*' -a o .lm ct,, ~pmthe"(i 7--'- :". -- ,; W.-1".,."'b,.'6 "

.: *, ."b J ; .-" : ," ".
-, e ,

sDA, Y'V.sth .. -.... aHAfTI S.UN. "-

.... ,,,, Am, 1 i,,v. .&H



i. .. "
-2. ..' ,,. I


S avershiTim
: k" ,a nBu. ied

h ou haveDLAL D rNY
Ax .. "-.a.., ve 'yigc M-7-7 7ery ,
.qa..'... .M .*. .
Y.. -lfl?.... .fl D D IT I : r

".i a."a. 'ie a A UetL. JU t.

3. orI

ants s c

Pho-e 339 t-
& l, -. a ,id .. f p a n

,i-,I- H.-*. 4,, '.:;,
r. R u -4 -- ,

..- ,.-.'Phone 3394

O ... :..%,, -.'* ,

, 4.t...-N

1W 'X,. ,, P

-.'.- .-,'

Ik E

' -AN -: ....

E C hI *'*
RVZ.,C.E ,:.--
n-relm: ,,+ /' ,

Caslera's Mafepuitk :

'Clinic '' A' "

Dr. George Castera's codn1 :,
fortable and completely i -.f-.i.
dern 12 room Maternity. .c .:i..
mnc is at ybur service. This
" up-to-date clinic ,is located A'
in the same building as the,
Pharmacy'Casteia, opposite .
'the Telegraph and Te' M .
phone Building. ,Clt 213t1. .

.7 ; .

r 1 I

Page 6 uHAITI SUN, SUNDAY, NOV. 18th

an American :Thanksgiving Masses can Affair with its invita- for prayers of thanks for vic Good News For Farmers'
Scheduled For Rio, Washington tion to prelates from the stories during the Civil War
other American nations. but there has been national It's good news' for farm-
(Continuei-kfromnPage 1) supported it enthusiastically. Pope Pius XII supported days of thanks called by Con eis everywhere, that there is.
of Latin Ameripan scublics (%My purpose,, tr. Russell an international Thanksgiv- gress. each year during he now available a new producs.
and from the tJnited States. said, a'was to bring jnto clos- ing in November, 1949, Revolutionary War and by to aid them. Storage of corner
Among -the first of Aem to er relations the republics of when he conceded a agdi- President George Washing- and grain sorghum has al-
accept the invitationlfrom the Western World. As ence to a group of U.S. Con- ton for the adoption of the ways been a headache for the
the Brazilian Foreign Office Christianity had first taught gressmen. ConstitutiG. In 1815 Presi- 'grower, especially in south-
were Cardinir' Fran6is J. the brotherhood of man, it This year the Fourth In- dent Madison also proclaim- ern climates such as that of
Spellman, Archbishop of was. appropriate that the ter-American Congress on ed a day of thanksgiving Haiti, -where the weevil of
N ew York; the Archbishpp celebration should take the Catholic Educatioq meeting for peace with England fol-' the Angoumois -mpth.'tom,
7, Asuncion, Paraguay, form of a solemn Mass. For in Rio de Janeiro in August, ,lowing the War of 1812 plates the destruction of
Monsignor Anibal Mena it is at.the /Holy Sacrifice proposed that the custom of Most of these days were these grain crop in just a fe-
Porta; and the Archbishop that .all nations, all langua- holding a Te Deurn on the fixed for November ind fol- months, if protective meia-
- jof Guatemala de la Asun- ges, all conditions meet on last Thursday of November lowed a precedent set in sus are ndt taken. In most'
Sdon, Monsignor Mariano an equal footing of brother- be observed in all the Ame- 1621 by the first English set. cases fumigationis not prac-
Rossell Y Arelleno. hood. For 16 centuries the rican republics. ltiers. Their first winter had ticable, because of lack of
In Washington, the an- follower of Jesus Christ, go The congress resolved by been a hard one and, at the air-tight bins. -
Snual Pan-American Mass, where he might, would be acclamation that all the re- close of the-first harvest, the .
first celebrated in 1909, will sure to meet the brethren, publics of North and South. Governor of Plymouth Col- ' product, Pyr
b e attended by U. S. qffi- be their race, nation, color America should hold a so- .ony ordered a day bf thanks- none Grain Protectant, is
.cials atd the ambassadors of or language what it might, lemn Te Deum Mass to focus giving, in which the Indian por that is easily ap-
the 20 ..Latin-American re-. before the altar of the Holy attention of the world on natives participated together plied to .the grainrasit a
Spablics. at St. Patrick's Sacrifice;. the fact that a. free North with the colonial settlers., stdre_ A"ty method_ that:
urh. .The Mass, more than any and South Amerca, through --- gives ,gbod coverage of th6e
The first Pan American other single influence, has the voice of the great mar ears, and kernels with to-
,'Thanksgiving in 1909 was been efficacious in teaching i .of ts.sons, is proud to 'J iiL' der can be, used. You can:
i' the idea of the Reverend Dr. and developing the truth proclaim the formal ackow shake it from a b
Williai. T.- Russell, Rector that all men are brethre in ledgment of Divine Provi- NAD Sor dust t on
I of St. Patrick s, and was held Jesus Christ. For this union dece which governs man duster. Complete
.i~on obediedie' to a request of nations it was meet thai and the Christian moral I we is secured fr a f
cod which is essential to the -," .
s weailinaltGibbons. Pre- we should thank God and I e which is es or longer., / .oo:
'"keI.. William How ard felt no day, could be more progress of cavilization..
members of his cabi- fitting thin our national. "Formation of yo ui t h's ,What is mosati "a-ra v
i., and the diplomatic re- Thanksgiving Day.n character can only be ful- I ." of course is t oe
.; preseaitatives 'of the Ameri- Brazil celebrated Thanks- filled through ihe acknow- this, prtectomn..Tet"
pyblis in ,Washing- giving Day -on Nlovember ledgement of Christian Doc- of the f'r t'i 444
6 attended. It was the 28, 1918, a't the end of the trine and the, observanc of V-,, i -ree ,alfi" l ;g
?first ,time in ihe histdiy 'of First World War and in its laws, if youth is tosur- :t's 4ao non-tokicr
S .. 'Wstern world thaf re- that yea th e Brazilian vive Communism's mui-imit- '
.. effort. to *- .-tte..the Vj
p .itarives of all the re- Union Noelista, a women's ed effort to eradicate' the" T BUG-.A:e4 .d"'; e-ton s
Sweresembled for social'and religious organi- m tio of the oly Namd easy. &git odor of0a i0fodN t.
E fco,... nation, first .oped its -am- of God .from the schG ool"o th ,a S 'Sr--""... /. .
S1%buco, Who paigi .*,ake th,- ,vensas 0 rooms, and p' ble gather- -t .,.-- sto
.p's ai;6assador to annual daie. T e :anp a gs, ascaem. t fh ar .I- i-
ashiton at the time, con bore fruit i.. O.6ber, 149,t to wrt- *.- de.
gatillaed. Fr. Russell for his when a decree was issued, Originated, an racism, .. tails tp: ,- '. .
.iaion. Ir. Russell said calling for Than agnosticism -and in mate-. .
te hd been 'planning the servanced in % vemblie .f dilsi, ommunisms-objec-
vent for more than a year each year.. Accord-ngly, ce- o' s
HfidBad suggest it to John lebrations followed in-194 fluence -and thought of -
.arett Director of the Pan and 1950. 'Ifyis year, the life after death.> ie
,a fntkaq Bureau (now the. Brazilian Foreign Office has .' The United States Thanks
Ydt cani Unon),, who ;made it a truly Pah Ameri- giving as a annualntipnnal .. 'Y Al" n "'
.. holiday began with a=pro- rAS and' -... res"W ab"ve m..-hnk"l "
ryr rin wa wUtl U u ife. clamation by President Abra f Td'& turei '' ; .;
S- 1 ham uincionm it h863 calling g.,Gfa R '' '.
-c -u Filnest F av. 1 or '
.. .."-y..n- d. "'"r

.' a k .- o a ''-
.-. a.
4 4o
.. 1,. ..1

'* ni cary, rr'':lry
AhelName your fa N.,1.vor.'te- y*
a.' Dry dt firs'nameo in",
t "_ a little 'y "A -.
ZXf I ..

.K D OAY 18th

Sby Wilam Faulkuneru

Sanct ar is the most po- called the greatest li
iulaad 'aisb the rbsts io-. erican writer.- Cert
tne nqovetiome from the critics ,wi. admit th
er .of .the .one of the most
t; aulk- in imagery. His nm i
i ot only anothdir- .as created a mythic
Jticbapter in Faulk- try, peopled it with
er1 talqs in an ima- meaningful popular
: iin Mississippi ; woven a history *
ut ii..a so .a far deeper plains its begiani
m i ,,n'as 4ilkner's ini- continues to the pr
brp"ett Aiiofe present And his genius has
y ni.o "'gl; and econ- ddepih and richness o
iciusien, of the South. *ion which can be s
,td itself concerns by no living Amer
e- 4'%&sflr 'tempt ocf -thor. Faulkner' sco
1tt s l 'towten law, rhetoric and his
t '*. r 'b;-"--w who almost baroque -pl
S\ 8 e "- Wim difficult ,adif
Sto reg hi self- narrative is viv a
epect l jonce fighting. se ex cting.
,ot 'n s.',.e Rei wed I by ..
"-" 'rwh itEchols, ths. buoA
"'me 'W ',4-ts Be the many avatla
.. y at HE aitiat Ameucei
auOkner .iB that the L brary. ,' '
"ike am pe ny b ate w
II a tee rs p

are playe- d the char ai-..
.er0a,Gowan Stevens, who
aia. and learned t6'drink '
lik dagentlemnana but who 553 N.
an awayfrom h.ii. Pt en- MigC, 31
Moufiter with evil, and Tem-
ple.'Drake, -a vacuous coed Mr. Bernard Diedr
0.aho is sweptalmost mutely. Editor,
her fate by -the powerful TIHE HAITI SUN,
current of the plot. Pot-a t-alinice, Ha
The'characters are none of Dear Sir:
hemj lifelike, but rather lar-
er thai liff, overdrawn This is to than
6mbols. Popeye is always' the nice write-up
'ekcribed- in mechanical ter- gave Mr. Al Pflu
s-- his eyes looked like John Pflueger and
brubbC knobsn and ,his face ble self, in the iss
t went' awry lile a wax -Haiti, 'Sun' of O
'11 set." too close to the 1951.
re-, ard Temple never e- We succeeded in
erges as more than a brigh- a car ohn that day
p painted mouth. Yet .the with you, and too
story is not merely an allego-% across- the Cul de
nor a tale of horrors, it is Damien, and up
.'powerful and.intense'expre hills as far as P
sionl ofthe author's'feeling Rouge.
or. the -South. This feeling On the way up,
enems to"be at once a fierce one of the des
bve and a brooding fear snails (Liguus Virg
hat the. South he loves will and we all stopped
Destroyed by ignorance l-d collecting. In
a.d gfeed.', hours of searching
William Faulker has been and "shrubs on bot
-, .. '
NEFFi c iu

MAGAZINES-Are Now On Sale at All


;i'* .". I
-. *. .*



:HAITI Sl UNs Page

road and a few 100 feet up .
into the hills, we succeeded '
ii collecting about 500 speci
Sens -of this very. beautiful'
anr brilliantly colored tree-
snail. .
It might be of slight. in- *
terest to you, to learn that .
this species was the first of Pierre lOlf ihoi edi have the opportunity of is-
S- the Genus Liguus-to-be des- TO Allte' -AInternationdl iicing American art galleiei .
cribed. The genus Liguus'is At Prgamma a museums.- .. l ill
represented in Cuba and also r, 'ra have' han cet ~meet Ou".1.A
ving :-Ai in. South Florida, by many '. artist from' 'ariOt' cun- ,,
9n 1 t e -, b The Information and Cul-* r f" ru ." o ',n
mainly his IolIO varieties, of about 4 The Informaton and Cul- tries throughout the wbru .,
at he s species but the island of ltral Servce of the A wh o ave been chosen aPng
werful Haiti has only, one species, rican Embassy takes plea- wth him to attend the In-.
pp' "rsure in announcing that Mr. A.
gination .though there are a number re in announcing that Mr. ternational A Programpe. -
cal coun- of cqlor forms, all very Pierre Mnosiet, an artist The expenses of the trip ar e
deeply beautiful, and much desired attending the Ceintre d'Ar ttobe paid by theorganize
ae, and by collectors of land shells. has been designated by the ., ; -.,;
h e id We did iot find any of Selection Committee of the ------:--- ,
nhgs and the giant tree frogs, as it was U .S. to represent Haiti at the
sent day oo dry- andt I, personally forthcoming iInternational ur plsIlEpiscopal :
given a do not thinkthey re found Arts Programnme, sponsored Cathedral Receive ,Wide
f desrip in your par-of Haiti. I know b the Rockefellr and' For;Publicity Abroad ..
surpassed that they do occur in the tro-h his tri to the U will
at- S oh "histrip to the US. will n -f ,orssof.hD-P.
rican au- ,pia rain-forests of the Do- In the current isstie of t .,,
nplicated minican Republic, where cMagazie of Art pub
involved, they were discovered quite a i in the U.S; five pages ,W.,
lots make number ,of years ago, and une cole internatiohale. EC devoted to a feature e ti -
gY, ibt his described By 1r.. G. Bou- nyus' vost ec ritns pour by Selden Redmuni,."tht
hd inten- lengerf thf B ish, .Mu- v usdire que.notre local est last mural to'be painted
I seum of National History. 4p ,e, et que nous avons. jhe Episcopalian Holit-;,iz .,.
Mary T. Again thanking you, .and Ieseqin. d'argent ..pour bater ty Cathedral. The .iural :'
it 6 'wit~ bes t, ithes and perso~i- :'udeouvelle ecole, pour que racl~ of Catna paLnted' Ib
Sat.the al regards, beaucoup Wlus d'enfants puis ,Wilson'Bigaud is well ill
institute Y'ours sincerely, "'. ek venir travailler er jouer treated in the set of eig i,
i chairtd '. ckert. avy us. photographs of the Catbedr
,PORT-AU-PRINCE, Oct Murals appearing al
S 2'- ,. -, '.Nos .parents ..orgatisenti Mr. Rodman's article "'
STlursday .ct .the arrival i ui grande .. fete- au Cercle ,. ,-
of three unusual -tourists. Port au Princidn, Samedi ., -.
SThey are Mr. Richard Deck- Premiek D6ec are; 6. &- ..
eCt, an artis whose hobby is r&s, et vous y etes tihu ns iziH IIftip T b.:,
. .acollecting-land sell, am- "tits. I1 y *aura..d tcpkhit I tAb -
phibians, and reptiles, Mr. des jeux, de jolis cadeai&ka i
S65'St., Al Pflueger and his brother acheter..pour la Noeii Les At the begiininhg, of n
B tlo S.d'' John, who are naturalists at grande personses paleront year a number of Haitid
S.Slo i heart. These gentlemen re .$1.00 l'entree, mais'l'entree paintings are to be exhiit.
UichS- here id. search of tree frogs' sera libre pour toqs les en- ed in Guatemala and Mex-.
,,ch )the largest in the wold was fants qtils accompagneront. ico. This promotion of H
found here some years ago) Les billets sont en, vente. tian art, abroad is being
,ii and land shells. Saturday l'Union School de 8h. a 12h. made possible by the Chargd'
morning they. were in search A.M d'Affaires in Giatemala.
morning theyere se Coradin a i. n e.First
of a cab driver to take them Ce sera ine fe irraiinent kary af thed Frst 'Scaet
S'nteri or ce sera une fee vraient te tian Embai
k you for to, odt Lats o die termi international, sous le pat- in Mexico, Mr. Remli
which, you wheie saue).things,,a up-, .U i M, ..Remy. a&..a .
which, you wheoe e to eist. a s ronage de M.. Eix-Diam- tien. The works of- thef6
eger, Mr-. pose, to exist bois, Minstre de 'Education lowing artists of te C ti'
I my hum-' hofje. to leavee W elnesd#ty i "'
s my hum- ho ts o ill ifo esdy Nationale et Madame, de M. d'art are to be sent abroad .
ue of the .. they will inform us o Jose Torres Talavera, Am- : "
ctober,21, their findings. bassadeur du Mexique et Gesnbe Abelard, Gabi ":.
btining U tre er i Ax Madame, de M. Howard K- Alix, Xavier Aiiama, Tous
i obtaining Une Lefre Onvere. Aux Travers, Ambassadeur des saint Auguste, Castera' Bak ".'
we talked Enlanti De Nos Lecdeurs Etats Unis et Madame. z;ile, Rigaud 4Befieit, *.
)k a drive Union School, son Bigaud, Matirice-3orno,
Sac, past I. Port-au-Prince. -, Venez jouer! Venez dan- Wilmipe Domond,' Rita %Do, .
into the Chers Petits Amis, I ser! Venez manger des bon- cet, 'Pr6f6te Dufaur, Raioul'
oste Terre Peut &tre serez vous sur- bons! Amenez vos Papas et Dupoux, Hector Hyppolite,
pris de recevoir une lettre vos Mamans, et aidez-nous a Antonio Joseph, Jasmin Jo.-
Al. spied -de trois enfants aue vous ne' batir une nouvelle Union s e p h, Daniel. Lgfortune,
sired tree connaissez pas. L'un de nouts School car l'Union fait la Adam LUontus, Pierre Mono- ;
gineux, L.) est Haitieh, un aurre est Force!' siet, Philem6 Obin, Pibrre"
d and start American. et le troisieme esr A blentot, Allen Theobhile, Pascal, Fernand Pierre, Wil-
3 about 3 Domiriicain. Nous sommes Hasta la Vista, Maria Aybar, ner Pierre,-'Roberr St. Brice,
g; the trees membrec d'un comier d'6le- Sev you soon, Michael J6r- Alix Roy, Louverture Bois-
th sides of ves de i'Union School qui est maw. *son. luce 'Turnier.

US iDAY, NOV. 18th


The telephone number of the

Has been changed to

- : .


Please call to reserve tables for.or ,'
-Tuesday, and Friday Dinner Dances
On THURSDAYS and' SUNDAY beginning
September 16th, from 6 to 8


with Ernest Lamy at the Piano

* *tz.I.


- .. .. ,
W.... 5,00 Feetf,...I
4 "- ..... ,, .. -, .' .... ', 4- .1,,

S*.- ,:.7'.'' l tA Mie Above Sea-eve ..
:. p. Oz flyf5 Leisur"ly Minute frdm Tokwn. :-,, "
i '' ." ,- i ,' "

3 N '-^-9 -. a YCHAI'aELET DES F.8 1 i
, ''** ,.' ;;..' ,, ^ -: ".,*:*^ ***-'**, .. .. .. 4 *, "-.- .;
.*'( **4' -,:'-,, .T I, *. I

,| '. ,- a' :. 1 "
'' '* ^ ,' ; '' ". ", '
he! .,"tj. "lace' To Dint ad Ide '- ,-

,.-.... ..... K oS IN O i-,
i ,. .a,. d ,
~~~~~~~~ .Ld. v"" "" ," S; "
.. ,.. ...,,,..K, ..'' ..-.. ,, v ,i .
.L~o't. % t.'): :' -,r- ;:" J' L '':.; "' -
"'-, ',' ., ,'- -" -k

ific ila "room s,' .. ; ... .
1ti a .an. Ameri C .-1 -'
z at, very modernr -

may be. arranged M A .
w h to stay .,. ... -

5' At the Montparnssse -cor- Tessier,, Ferhan -Ledoux, Mi-
,,. menacing. thi,- eveig' Sun- chele Alpa, Jeap Marais,
___ ^ da^y 18th andt showing, McA-, Pierre Larquey, Jean Ts
:1 ,9i .:-',, ..,l-'1h',udsday'.20th, 'ier, Mila Parely, Emmy
',.. .v, .,., ": '.s a ,,Ist,-ari,. .,. ..ynn- ld Georg-s pMarchal.
. Stoe is day Z, ,is .the interesting Pri e ,of seats: Sunday
tie ocatfi n n and worth while seeigi: 30 cents and 50 cents
RU'in .the ?har- ,French movie WLek days '20 cents and
e ing 40 cents
pest LeLi A Colonnes. -
Sden ,: .' ,iday 23rd. and Saturday
AppR-es' -o 24th --the filpi of fte year
" '* e i ", "
SJoy Valeptne sh a
4" .7 / ,.4' .,-4 .
,'" "." I, [ '

str. ., riiit'c e o .s "i "
rM ri

-Gorr P % .
M-IL .i,Suf'DAE53.'


Y6GiURT u vzl
6AH Mi1, 0- ER .5 ',-:',

5AflDWIC r--I :: '
,' ,' -o F _. :-..,

S, .,,

, .. ,,L 11'E ')
Y. ..

. '. .. .


,ATTEI- it "'-.OR I..'

1. V F 4 i

o1 4- 1
,.I.1 :. -; a-.

en oythi t a 's,,s, 6 pm e.t
," ..h."a,1n ," I :' 4 :% ,A.i .. ;, :|.". .'- "''' /i'. .

.. :li A`.
... i r -. 1 a bl. r, ,i..

A n ''4 SUNDAYS4 .i '*"

ydu Aiihini Suits'. .. s im,\ \ ". ^: .m
.da.c, ..'select,,our..

*, ;. ,' .. .
d -.m ,

"' ., ,' '
a, fablo :us

-, 7- ,-~

.SUNDAY, NOV. 18th "HAITI SUN ., age 9

Miss Carmen Horelle flew 0 :- '
SCr Ci C Vcq, e ela, Thurs fToday is Madeam L on
"day t6o .t w f her nie p,'s bi rth ay.
Th le, the former lath i h -:0:- '
St After spending a fcw 4ayp
._: in her home town, the Cap, .
Ti r(wq, pyn. of t.e Mae %a4 rqt e4 W C' ,"atoi "
ST!P C4 g q r 'qpe by.. the neAdy t". g aw l j.AiF Hospital Chapel
S$Sage ,pr church in T ur- t WA g qr 71o wjll Sundiy Mass at 8.30 am.
4, gies 4wp reason fpr cPMipay Wr pn a V rn si i l iB

wto *a012o. sd w t, dy of his wedk a r Masses at 4.6t8.30 t.t,.-:.. .S
-JI,",'- w h. Y,'y*. a, tJg is5 .ls h y ... how epse ri -n'g :'cr-e- Cathedral Basi.i ....

elose to' the IAr.tic ,- the doo. on the Television r:0- St. erard (near Olffsn) -
ae Ms. leslie #ra.dt, .,tdi. al Kiy Aspl.nd or -:0:- ggie Vincent is a uday ses530836.39

Ste;r W .reillp. Mw The Beachteqnber stubs eibnille' last Saturday night cao eyen out of season. Chapel on the ExposjtionA
iPdt a4 ler daughs r his toe. Last 'Week he with a fitting abamboche. rs.incent jas b e vaca. -grounds Mass at 9 a.m. '
Sft l qpf tgaf-a f ay reeorn l'that Ma : 0 -:0- tiooiig at th ogat'sl home scopa .p '
d of last month. ie Therese Malebranche Local ichtologist Leonce n Kenscoff for more than a Holy, Trinity Cathedral'
Uti t:O- celebrated her birthday at (to) 'Bonef i returned month Sunday Mass "at '4 asn. 6.
en f i Mr. Stan- l er parents' home in Rue'St. ThJsean isf frmstudyindg fish
h"t dd Mr Henr y iMo. Cyt The f Beact e istI tctu re inte SatuEast ongh Wcinesdye Misi Marie. 9.30 onm in Englshto'.
t. h e a s i iSt ahe anniversry of .r AOW -i "
i t ae Aet- the aited nations t a'
Oithwi:tgoMilw ie Spday, night!It wa, a -:0:'' -- i
tld.oreh las Wovisit rela- g Thed aesaie buffet din- !cl Rochester ,New York, S)-e'sccfh the morued han akoTrevity a" :
. h e (- td see a ent- J rtto engnee aetret miy clebra Papa Sunday: S -tte a.t a m' : ."
"..i.0d n s wl dv Sp-n's birthday., ne e Ebglih.hd
' 'cil.r. who' have j rents home inumenstfy. 'an fod wdl da home r:0:- 0' a. 8 a n______.m _'._'_
febero 5 Mrr -oap 4es plant,

mth-.MrHer More- a party .on from the Northeast The. aiti S
h t ~g s week are Mtisos frf r"p .be.arly this oe
..,any, M. SLittle Miss Pp..pette t Nicle j-ng 'h dqparturb of ..

auiee fo a short 'vi- lame MuavrieT, dOughter ,of R q1 Mi e M0-isz conteGpaaiaig Editor 'edi' staff, photogrk-
t:f hen go on ip -Nte- RIoberth a ivwaer. chebrataed A r O i ag to the U.S. to cqq- pher on a fly]ib trip aro.ta
to ,visit t friends hEr ecod b rthday Noem- C ofee porter Ma Bolte plee her studies. Zikie is in. e uba lic digging-up .
n family. er e ch g ii ortess and willre e for public ti .
-:0:- aw tin teari f a d the Capital tis week Mon tr .to Port de Paii early here and abroad. .-
saearie.sen'si, ba j abd aer i. bss. -%-oWte n ,ee '-.
Ous secretary to lthe Unitd *! agrn wia ,the tteh- Ek hm o L -
Iif aS iSte Sergeant at 'oca-:0- c lher lon 4 is departure forH -:0-- Plantiton Dauphin a -d
-'-Ter-an e aeroo -- ---.... Rau n.. 'a n

f d .etut rned .fiaiti Tues ..Mrs.. .. .g e- s ,Ja e.t_' .'C ,that th i e fertu ed Laten itns guest, Mrs. Fured Perky' f
... .anied 'by Mr. headingtTiie town"'6f her qpp .s-le *is year ...when M'e Josr ae audee Ma.sahusetts, visietd P-au-
ers Foid, Baltinhore At. birth TLondon)on t he-{ e i. .eQ ally ripens ugh c.r.ed the, fdayr Prince for a few days.
0.. ., ..rbih.d a in birthday. sh..

Miss Geneau arid Mt of this month. It's'"udour- the weIt .wil t be rollin in 'Marc 15 h arie :pinp for H itien 'crafts wds&
ih:lhere ti o stra ten Oed e thntwl.e eceive lia.s ..... aybe! a deJsto'- e -. .i. n purpose .of .ti'i .
the -r of .-, he a.. t E arRe .S .- o e a brun. u t it developed th .
i-lm II which has graced land et ruryc f- 'T" e wP: Mi girls- c l- extianin. e the a prifii-ea
harbour for the 'best 'rm m the tte f brte their birthday the -:_:- as the' focal point of inte-
Sof nine months. They pa.. -, i. week. Denise's birth- Mr. oy Cheer, Distric rest. i
.'staying out at Captain '. r -:Mp:- t's ay fell o Wednesday and Supervisor'of the Sun o ife -:_0:-
's w.he.e the -boat Has Vic Lamps.on, local man- today'is Lucienne, Carnival Assurance Company of Can- The Workers' Attache of
mnooredo this past~cmonth ad er ofd Firestne, has a Queen of 195M' birthday., ada, leaves today on a health the Argentine- Embassy i. n
-:0:-- ange of plans ... his San. -:0:- and business .trip aboard. Port-au-Prince M. luan For-
JRso':Oatractive 'young fe-' a radrt ip will be shl Dr. D. E. McKellar, Ad- After a stprt stop off'at li- mika, returned to the'capit al
ouris took .efuge ed ti returns .fro vertising Manager of Fire- ai Mr. Cenet will visit edesday at 8.00 p.m., -
fro.. a.NEwYork' Tele- .mas holidays at home in stone Interamerica Co n- New Yqr)c and Mntreal. He er spending .four daysf -
='del Helen"" "s "pe'ndin four ds n'

"o t tud o-last Whursday... Ohio. -' oany of Akrop, (Ohio), left will end his. month 's stay in Ciudad' Trijillo. He ,trav .
f :love' with their -0:- Thursday after spending two naa o sailto Euro to le by plane in the company
..p 'and its inhabitants Mrs. Alexandre Lilavois hectic business days in the Jshit eis son who is studying of his .wife and daughter"
now they don't- want mother e f Errnest Chaivet, capital medicine rat Lausaqe in "
save... rthedi finances are Haiti's permanent. delegate Swi Tterlan. '
.nslighlty... they are sta- to the Unoted Nations, had -:0:-e a n -b:0.-' -
a birthday on Thursday ... The wedding of Miss Wdnesday it was, Made- l W4iqes daya on
S" know to one and all as Anne Marie Lovelace to Io- moi ejie L'anoise Bazls's
C ~. aNannanw she is one of the bert Fanfan has been set for Kth'bithda'y. Fi-anqoise is the Wlednesday at 6.30 Mrs.
Ssweetqst and gayest old December 8th. Robert id daughter of Captain and Blanchet presented husband
Slahdies in the world, well known to football -fans Mrs. Max Bazelais. Adrien with their first chil4,
S,-:0:- as a first rate full back. He -:0:- a baby girl to whom they
b Mamava Qefly at present in plays for L'Etoile Haiti- Thursday morning er. have given the name Marie
^ |.we-h New.York, receives her copy lenne.s Charles Alerte, brother of Elizabeth. W Mrs. Blanchet is
Sof the Suns airmail. -:0:- Reveresnd Father Alerte, wed the former Gnladys Greger.

t ynt l companies to the altar by ond child into the world last
l Mile Leonide Alerte, sister of Saturday. Mrs. 0Fequiere d
4.r M. MAaNAe' m1amo sn Ic om the bridegroom and M. Geor her new daughter at Clini
G.[FAAD MAlK -ouS Si*e-- ges' Kallil, brother of the que Bourand are reported-"'a
-f-a titae f bride,. fine health. r

Page 10 H HAITI SUN, SUNDAY, NOV. 18th'- '.1

T0 T A over the world. I can get t :
1 he oad To Ac ievement along all right without any
JAMES A. ARLE special aids to memory, but I
by J do not always trust to mem-
ory alone that is too risky.
Chairman, Coca-Cola Export than to draw from my own Throughout my life I. have
Corporation experience some of the les- hinde oit a habit, not only in
o, h s a sons I have learned about politics but in business and
Common faiths as a factor this art. In doing so, I will socially, to help than mem-.
ip making great people and discuss a number of import- by keeping a brief memo
,a great nation.... Unselfish- ant points to remember. randum of anything which
ness, honesty, good manners, In the first place, a person seem important, and at the
a sense of humor and tact as who is concerned with per- same time. incomplete and
instrnents for wing the suading other people to do unfinished. I keep .that
hearts and the minds of m4n. something or buy something memo uiltil the matter is
The person who is'in busi or just to be friendly and closed. It is a simple, easy
ness is in a sense like the can helpful mist have good 'way to stay abreast of re- aes A. Farley is pictured above carrying on a diso&s
.4,idate who is running for .of-, manners. This is something sponsibilty and pending si- s with the former British Minister to H ti, Mr. C.,C
fice, only the businessman more than knowing how to tuations;, let us call it a pro- Rout h.' The occasion was a banquet 'at e Petionvi
must go to the pol4,every hold, your 'soup spoon or fble bit of detail to have Mr-Farleys honour during a -visits ere in 19
hour, and every day. Whe- how to 'dress when you go a hand. Seated on the left of Mr. Far ley are Dii. jfan, 'Mdnage
msg to the oabe bo vit E .n 94
theirr hq 'succeeds or not will. ko a church wedding. It is Another good rule in bus- of Brasserie de la Cokironne and President Paul E. VMA
be determined by the num- much more than a capacity, ness and daily4ife is always gloire. i ) ,,'
-ber of customers who vote 'to' say the pleasant but insin- to keep., in mind the fact -
for him. His purpose in ad- cere thing. It is much more that the other fellow is'deep- --
vertiding is the -same as the 'than mere tact. It is to feel y concerned with himself alted by the appearance of choice ,of words you use. b
/purpose of the candidaxe'for and, above all, to show that There is a lot of unselfish- prosperity, when it has for- Many movements '*a
,office-to keep his name or,; you have a genuine concern ndss in this world, but there gotten its fundamental prin- been.cairied through to sp
the name' of his product be-' for others. It means caring is an awful lot of selfishness ciples. Those are'times when css onthe basis of a single
fofte'the people. There is also for people, respecting them, too. Our own problems se the public needs to be re- phrase; Oftentimes aI-phr
the; problem of keeping -pe-. treating them as equals and us to be. more important mined of the more' serious will convey_ a-.volume .o
pie *ho are voting for. 1yoiu sharing their fears arid earth- 'than anything, else in the aspctsof life, when it needs 'mdaning. 'Take, for"
in ,i busiiess' kihidly' disposed, ty concerns and their ideals. world.' We want to her to 'be checked iniits enthu- pie, the iGdod Neigho
Toward you. That is whtit -N>Wen these matters are felt aibouthem;e want to have siasm. There a r e other policy' This phrase.,w
I' called g6od.,public elation ,and show, there' no the' other pe address us times, whdha'deluded public carefully selected' by p.o4
Sf we are. .. ; 'the' Ter, about winning cOnfi- ter..s of uro is i need o# harkh reininders who help President u
/ inig, ,,We' are dire reg-, dence and winning friends, and aspirations and ideals of solid truths. Grovem eve elt ,toe s bthe right1r
ing t&e'.heards and m ids tor. th it attitude will make and desirsd .One of the 1and 'w~ the'e greatest ex- ltionbJhip 1etweei, a b
of' men, "and ouf .skil' I a itself known i "a hundred greatest mistakes a candidate p.onent o6f straightforward country ,tnq nre bo. lei
1eaiher';dependsupop pr 04 c a s.. .' for office can make is to ask .ruth-tellig, not only when distctf i a fearful little
g;at pg op-n.0 those ind .. people to vote for him be- d was't.e~gov.erhor O the countries. xleWh the wor
,, and hearts to what .w hak e Closely, associated .with cause o something that he mate of' : New York, but nNew 'Deal. put tog
,-; f6 inipart .in ,e y. ofgood, manners is what w~- himself wants orthat he him when hewe.presidq, thf fe there ihe autos .scrcel|
: knowledgeg. and panina.f. f, call good humor. By that I self feels or that lie himself UPlted ,tate.. Sometimes realized ithe 4portance
we ave" .aut ority ;b e ,m.ean the manifestatio f aas o eted 'When the pub- he mad tt.em.ies but i the wh.t they la4 created.
others we must win'mtleirre ,calm, and friendly- disposi-'ic .meets that sort:of appeal longr the 'Aierican .peo- the press took up.the6jras
Lae4 anda confidence beforeton in all Outward dealings i.i ^ es likely totu way P p ned more and more and carried it dcfras the des
Swe can expect, obedience. 'with the public. This is'spe- g 4 likely we havetot.e i for him and is slanm- cription-of politi
SI .... .... ..... ,. and, say ell, wehave .
cially true inpo ics' Wee obles ~ ur ow'n. We pe y. program., ,
ae '.ma. aging 4a bal" fave learned in that very will let you take ,care of wl 'as l t Another thing, that isn'
"w we must deal" not -. cPmplex that4 ti most / I w i, lso l t sy t to reembr is
"- the .players" but.ith cert ain waY that a m an Tha gs me to what. oas Uth Bible. a. ler t'aid-itii
he. publics, for with t-a defeat imself' is o get an- might be called the personal: .. .n-nb s', h es seta- to repeat
f.i'yorable p ub lic there gry Anger does notattract; note in addressing other peo.. wrd And weiga peadd ... ..
.iulcd, be' nothing with .it repels. t causes the vic- pie.' The most successful ap- o .t. ea I wnt I
ich to pay the salaries of timflto say and, do things peal, .that we'. can make is, f e ppses ofr.g I wa.t now to emh
.i: e players. that he wo-ld not otherwise got ly at least' to s the hear$sand mindsoYen the most important ,wa
ay and. 'do. He. loses his do wi. them, thl tn o .ot l the b nang ling athe a ;heit
Siwe W tohe.hano judgment. He them, ask them 'abut their the .'en as the o.mid
i" 4 iife as well as apro" makes uistakes.dHenreveals p ei nife;t asn iit i There ar e s Y waysie -rlln&il '--,y

;" i d theL4ay. have nd in is own ides. te erms of their The fact is that te huse orf ,lbh n 'appeal muP
is-o. eia,,t.toeaheirmnds Ins h" If w ide.op .- to ves aif there own thunder- "words has bbecooso mporr i. i ts is.

suat' r. I so"ti.ties dlbase. Sometime it is notl ivsand By hae I. de't tant i economics and po 4 c." "': up elf"
t ii that ,Thoias Jtefferson f to minaint a calm at- ean uing. down t peo-. d its aad i m other fi elds' that inreni d earl
; the pursuit.of t at e, b success inlif, for that isthe most of- ey, hav"e invented.a W.rdt af" h.l ti fi
friness, t-u t win aning ou rn p 1reo and suces fensive thing that' can be beoo dbrbet, m.,wet
e.fie.nds. .... g our doe It is not; of idea When'I was-in IWashgtion,, iiself Idioh
: of miod, are gained only by t ~o on 'the s n lat sed to hear a gdo, 'deaf by *hat this hipe
S ..his winning of th hearts, meeting situations with a o lo os mo about semantics ,andI used erns ar whola m a
nd minds. of others has smile, by turning aside criti- .the'ou l^do Mayhe s oe toear a good-many people, ..- c
( been a recognized art for ciim and the' ill-natured .at- Stan vodo. Mayb e doe who were expert it.-Soi;, .
a long long time. 'Tiere. tacks of others with calm- o, b' t yu., o' .an times thought they we.., Bebht ., kd-f'. rrelan
Swere books written about ness and. c a d n to say very wit elo gs
'it more than2,000 yearsago have mentioned good bit' of h ity is never out simd things.. :That'- was efai
:, b the .rteks. Arisotle's manners and good humour. place. especially, tue. aipng.the he aioa
'great book on rhetoric is a .And now let us consider an-. xxx .,many economic wi.rd&al ..tegfi.ty*i-i,.
discussion of how to use other "attribute one for In initiating any caml visited .the calpitil. Iq.n W4 .Aii orth..ehin t
Words to'wia the confidence which I have acquired some paign, whether it is political event. this much sedrac highest eas a
"obers ,. slight reputation for excel- or selling or educational, .i itice .has a solid * .tial'nearness to.Od.
S".. ece-- a good memory.- It is, very- important take it,: It;.m t ;be z that t faith 1i the
4... c.. s i o t tO t '.
itcorse, -t i hard to is truethat have pretty note in the beginning of there are all sorts soways analysis .move! thet
S' to 8, a fo.n. -tst 'how good memory for names and what might be called .the. ofexprjeuuing, a thought and and 'aids m&&en. it
an e~.~.usd mas.t- faces, and I have met a great public 'mood... .'The! public that, you at eli~t g t ltfy. faith, that makes great
s .esst-Iy. .plwever, I many people in my life, all Mood changes. There come different response from your pIe and a great nation.
nothing more helpful over this country and all times when the public is ex- audlence,- according to tha ('THINK. R''
.. '. b a '- -
o, m b,, :. p -b i -ther ry de ,.d tr ct ,,' ., Win the ., ....
.: : ... : : + .t : .: : : ? h : : .t : -, : ; W 2 7 '. ." : : .- ,I t < -"no" ".i n' '# : : '4 g-o'th e r'.p- .o
-' 'v -.t{; ....... '-';.. .. .. .. ". ; '"t .." .. .. .. .. ..- .. -o .. ;"n .....d ;w e"" "i... .
; F "s / -; : : -. vi '- :g ht'. :!- .i k: -d.- ,d:' % = / r a t :

I~----- ~---- -


ai i.d c

.! '* *?'* '. '
IV^ *1 ^*


TI1 Republic was blessed The funeral services were
Sa. especially bright held at Sacir 6 Cour Church
's, in6on .this'we.k. of Turgeau.

SChrylser's Central Ameri- The Haitian delegation at
i anid Caribbean service en- tending t h e ,Agricultural
[peer Roy Van Steinburgh Conference of the FAQ. in-
nes, for Cuba today after ludess Miinster Domond,
idg 5ldays here ac- Agronome Claude. Preval,
tinting the local mechan- lander Director General of
*with the beautiful new Agriculture 'and his collea-
'cylinder' 180 horsepower gue Garvey Laurent, techni-
Sew Yorkers and uSarito- cian of the SCIPA. "
i. Mr. Steinburgh has Pa- ,
Ka as his' 'headquarters, -:0:
Ain piti he calls te ho Aboard Thurday's after-
"Majestic in Petioiville noon clipped from Kingston,
ie. .. Jamaica,' was Miss Evelyn
S_ >,H. Atkinson who is on an is-
-:0'" r. 'lapd hopping tour of the
proposed' Haiti as a of Clifton, N.J., ,is one of
date -for a membership that State's foremost health'

l of mth UNO Mr.S that
Economic and Social educators. She holds a posi-
alf th NO. Mr. tion with the New Jersey
egarde is Haiti's Ambas- State Depaitment of Health.
to the UNO and s a taying,ove the week-end
t attending the sixth at the Thorland International
al meting of the UN Club she being competent-
a -:.s- ly squired .ar ond the city by
--.0:.---- a member of the Briseut So-
.he. Secretawy -of State of cityy .
k'iidture, Commerce and -
jional Economy Mr. Jules -:0:--
nond, flew Wednesday Mr. Ctiett J6hnsson of'San
3f0 for .the United States Angelo, Texas has recently
i- ,where he. flew on to come to La" Plantation Dau-
to represent Haiti at phin as -storekeeper.' Seven
iConference of the FAO, years experience with the
;' -:'0:- 'United. Fruit Co. in Costa-
e. offer our depest sym- Rica and eleven yeaks with, the Rouzier and 'the Panama Canal project in'
e families at the news the same capacity makes it
Pe death of Mrs. Geprges apparent that Mr Johnson ,is
,de, mother of Henry most apdt suited for this po-
ide and-Mrs- Raoul Ron- sition. He is accompanied by
i, 1Mrs. Odeide passed, his wife and tho smakL chil-
last S.tunday and, was dren. -
gMonday niorning. --:0:-

f A'est pourquoi -- dan
Re* ...w -'tI d fnins fnrts toni

? it -


le monde enter,
naffes sont transnortes

sur pneus pids lourds Goodyear quo sur

pneus: de toute autre, marque

es entrepreneurlde camionnage etde services
S daunobua sS*ent que les pneus pbids lords
Goodyear font preuve -d'un makimum de
longevrit et d'un maximum de rendemen *
,-- "-

kilom6trioue- tout en assurant le meilleur
service qu'on puisse attendre de pneus poids
lourds. Pour an maximum d'avantages -
achete,. des pneus poids lourds Goodyear!


, -.-.

Pane 11


oosit Good Neighbour

Lately private citizens of
both the Dominican and Hai
tian Republics have quite.
unintentionally boosted the
good. neighbour policy. Last
week-end for example, 100.
Dominicans crossed the br-
der. arid were entertained at
Ouanaminthe by Colonel and
Mrs. Max Chasiagne. From
Cap Haitien a group is re-
ported who have gone across
to the Dominican Republic
.to spend their Saturday night
and Sunday. From Port-au-
Prince a group of spirited
young people Sunday morn-
ing pounded along the high-
way that leads to Jiniani, a
(small Dominican town situ-
ated five minutes from the
border to enjoy the day. On
arrival in. Jimani they were
warmly received by the Civil
Governor, the Mayor, ,Chief
of Police and Army Com-
mander. .After the surprise
welconie had worn off they
settled down to a pleasant
day at the t6wn's first rate
hotel and swimming pool.

Jimani, 3 model community
which has been built up over
rthe last 10-year period, af-
fords' excellent facilities for
a day's outing reported the
group on their^return to the'
Capital Sunday night.- Sun-
day afternoon the' hotel or-'
chestra \ provided amuchisi-
.mas meringas., The group
who enjoyed last Sunday at
Jimani were: David :Bigio,'
Glayds -Bogat, ShiblyTala-
mas, Mary Boswell, Gdy Ho-
relle, Denise Rouzier, Leslie
Bogat, M. Th. Duvivier,
Carl Siegel, I-lelga Tippen-
hauer, Victor, Aybar, Robert
King, Albert Chreme, Ray-
monde Bayard and Liliane



Rue Magasin de l'Etat
Two shops from La Belle C





I. '

Permanently waterproof ccOyster, case -

Silent, self-winding ePerpelualn movement
a t
Clear, automatic date indicator

Official Swiss Rating Certificate -

Phone: 3294

25 Rue Roux, opposite La Caravelle./

Great-riding, COMPLETE
MOTORBIKE- amazing low cost!
Want the best for the Least? 'Then here's, your answer--
B.S.A. Bantam a British built complete motorcycle, with
features galore and riding qualities which make it a real
stand out. It's sturdy dependable handsome.

Contact *


- Grand Rue opposite Haiti Motors :


I ,




- -. ;

PANTS in 3 hours 'cost ................ ....,, $6.00
SPORTS JACKETS-in 4 hours cost .................4'7"
SUITS in 24.hours cost ............... $15.00 up ,
SHIRT$ in 2 hours costt.......................... $2.00

Or select from the latge stock, of the finest variety of

P 2
Ame -12-----------

Le Matin Publishea td 1go. Franck Magloire
tu~ui mFrolm asroad
(Continued from Pege 1_)

Republic manages- to, thrive, tels an Cap Haitien, Kensco
as a tourist haven. And he and ?etibaville.
points out that Haiti and During his business an
'Switzerland greatly resem- pleasure trip Mr. Magloi
"ble each other geographical- attended the ASTA confe
'.- We are in the heart of ente of 2,500 travel repress
*,he,mericas ... while Swit- natives from all over tt
zrlapcL in the heart of ,world. He distributed sma
Eprope and our mountainous. Haisian dolls and folders d
scenery is -a natural" for at- scribing the "beauties of ot
tracting tourist dollars. -Mr. Caribbean republic ... gif
MAigldre indcs that' Swit- that were eagerly received
zerland has to offer us He also reports that td
i4 the waiy of valuable les- Haitian Travel Service w
)sons off that score. made a member of the I:
S- '. tdrnational' Air Transpo
,' e praised the Swiss effi- .Associatiob. On their r
:. fiency and onganizatiin; turn from Europe, the M
their marvelous 'rilwy sys- gloires were met at the Ne
em, of highways York dock by Mr. Ral1
"and good hotels with well- 'Reed, president. 'f Americs
r ed, wel'pai4 helps. aExpress, Irbh spent quite
Y: ., an. leave .your. bag' bit of time discussing cruise
', an.hee, and, it .wil even- to Haiti and ways to bdo
a *ltid .uop in your' hotel 6he tourist flow this comil
re iI&n-,.'Mr. Magloire. said, .season.
&bsikiEng the importance:, Before crossing the 4tla
& Aefficiency in hand- tic, Mr! Magloire attend
IiM. large tourist trade. He tire historic Japanese pea
praied the Swiss re- conference at San Francis
Sforttii6n. programme and. and paid whirlwind visits
sd tested, ithaj a' similar' Miaiii, -New Orleans, Da
,'pla- in this -country wold ,las and. Chicago.
-. 'only -pisetye~the beauty Al{ in al1 the Maglojx
:'"" *ait~~but. _lp, itscono- are happy to be back
their spacious home abo
,: jg0tre met-. .'with ,a etionville where- they ci
o &SwiSsds li.Bel" experts haVe 'a cianci tb get'bia
talk over lthe -ossibility their breath: No doubt -t
'o'milding thee'-hotels here chic Madame. Magloire wi
SiHaiti giving he' country soon, be taking the breath-i
250'e rooms to6 take care Port-aurPrincians. with cr
isitors 4idpung:the heigbt, tions.from Paris. The Frenc
t.h-e tourist season. He capital must have given li
"oed es that a Hai-- plenty-of instirations f(
f '.n S iss societyy might' be. keeping Iier .title 'as onq
: ied d.ea; fu~e t he best dressed womnih
flJ' icrst-dass resortf ho- Haiti.' '
:.; -: b- .' .

S. ..
,, ,t

i, "

_,.'-' ; .. ;' ,,, A ,', ; '

,. : *.?:, f *_*.. .-.. A
3 4 I ^ ; ; '

4 C *^B^^H^^-H
6.4 >'^^B^^^^

/ :-A "

FL,^.'T, .. *:*

''IA- ^ 't -
I 4r. -*' .
^A >;**"~-* .; .* '"

. ,
.. ~ ~. ,,

S,, .. f* -

wows 'rUmdastxr
mous -iouX "







(Continued from Page 1)

dent Paul Magloire that the
Committee wa* most favor-
ably impressed and what
struck them most was the
remarkable developments
shown in the field of agri-
culture and health. The Con-
gr.ssmen were greeted on
their arrival at Bowen Field
by His Excellency Ambassa-
dor. Travers, members of the
American Embassy Staff,
Chef du Protocole, .Mr. Dan-
iel- Theard, and Mr. Denis
BeUande, Chief .of Imimigsa-
tion and Emigration- ,
' In our next -edition wet
will presenti for. the interest
of 'our readers .in detail ithe
interview between His Ex-
cellency President Magloire
and. the visiting United
States Congressmen. "' ,



ii~ -.-

r 1*

": Z? -, f, "y q'-" ". '"

. "'1" ,'. .

wall i,
-'. L / g --','. .. .".,-.

tn- -
ed flis Britannic' Maijesty's ,. -
c? Charge d'Affaire desires to
c .. tafik all those ,who contri- -
tO .btitedto the Poppy Fund' on' -
a .Armistice Day., .The tota /
amount collected was 291.40 I/ res, dpilq-..' comp ard with: _, "
in 252~92,4ol rs in i

he -' h-, ,, ," "" ..t
ll ,. j. Q ... ',. ,


" 'op ild -oue N aiton le" '. oe .a *-'' : "' '.^^ L
;- Ao;e 6p.. ,a. ,,-r; ....i.iii"": ..v t .., ,

healObfesi cornplktdnd no
he, 7.7 Agkic lt ral Bik-
will The nditionin o thel .
ines. M

r .rp beaut '-ful h oiein:e. :. "' ... ;- '
Petionville filly fur.ishbe&, Ff,., .-...x .......... ..
st .c d i ,- .
.,hes. Con. ik -;'


odern he qated .4
Laropge fou bedfuos, one --i" """""
Ptiosed porchfidly, fugarish VlrT,
iving nd .ding,, ro, --,

o date kitchen and paventry, .. '
ellp g at 14,000 dollars. A' oiO MflCe E.PSO xo..t.,
,uch as i, s .. -. '..: ...

fai, picefo fine home
': ,, as, .' i.,.


1 4', ':

G v .: -J' .,',,.J '
3i SO...

F r : '' ,1


.'4. ,. .,




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xml-stylesheet type textxsl href daitss_report_xhtml.xsl
REPORT xsi:schemaLocation 'http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitss2Report.xsd' xmlns:xsi 'http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance' xmlns 'http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss'
DISSEMINATION IEID 'EYECLOQE0_78V315' PACKAGE 'AA00015023_00061' INGEST_TIME '2013-08-08T18:05:10-04:00'
REQUEST_EVENT NAME 'disseminate request placed' TIME '2014-06-18T11:37:04-04:00' NOTE 'request id: 301175; This is a disseminate from Traveler Wendell see CAS-44930-P0B9' AGENT 'Stephen'
finished' '2014-06-18T16:17:59-04:00' '' 'SYSTEM'
FILE SIZE '31777' DFID 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file0' ORIGIN 'DEPOSITOR' PATH 'sip-filesAA00015023_00061.xml'
MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM 'MD5' 98393e4e7d4f8c317afaafec1caa4585
'SHA-1' 223240c9d28778295b38251ca6e2e871ba9ab4f4
EVENT '2013-08-08T18:01:17-04:00' OUTCOME 'success'
PROCEDURE describe
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xml resolution
'48865808' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file1' 'sip-files00001.tif'
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'49446692' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file10' 'sip-files00004.tif'
virus check
'9041' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file100' 'sip-files00004.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
WARNING CODE 'Daitss::Anomaly' Invalid character
Invalid character
'2086' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file101' 'sip-files00005.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'9068' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file102' 'sip-files00006.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'10462' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file103' 'sip-files00007.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'4077' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file104' 'sip-files00008.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'8988' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file105' 'sip-files00009.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'12056' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file106' 'sip-files00010.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'6356' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file107' 'sip-files00011.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'6937' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file108' 'sip-files00012.txt'
Invalid character
virus check
Invalid character
Invalid character
'23319' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file109' 'sip-filesAA00015023_00061.mets'
cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'mods:Origin_Info'. One of '{"":abstract, "":accessCondition, "":classification, "":extension, "":genre, "":identifier, "":language, "":location, "":name, "":note, "":originInfo, "":part, "":physicalDescription, "":recordInfo, "":relatedItem, "":subject, "":tableOfContents, "":targetAudience, "":titleInfo, "":typeOfResource}' is expected.
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xml resolution
cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'mods:Origin_Info'. One of '{"":abstract, "":accessCondition, "":classification, "
cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'mods:Origin_Info'. One of '{"":abstract, "":accessCondition, "":classification, "
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virus check
'48819220' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file13' 'sip-files00005.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'49775592' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file16' 'sip-files00006.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'48981412' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file19' 'sip-files00007.tif'
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virus check
virus check
virus check
'49855336' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file22' 'sip-files00008.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'49002992' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file25' 'sip-files00009.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'49560656' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file28' 'sip-files00010.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
virus check
'48767484' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file31' 'sip-files00011.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'48939092' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file34' 'sip-files00012.tif'
virus check
virus check
virus check
'2035134' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file37' 'sip-files00001.jp2'
virus check
'2069248' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file38' 'sip-files00002.jp2'
virus check
'2020954' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file39' 'sip-files00003.jp2'
virus check
'49685172' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file4' 'sip-files00002.tif'
virus check
'2059316' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file40' 'sip-files00004.jp2'
virus check
'2033147' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file41' 'sip-files00005.jp2'
virus check
'2072993' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file42' 'sip-files00006.jp2'
virus check
'2039955' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file43' 'sip-files00007.jp2'
virus check
'2076350' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file44' 'sip-files00008.jp2'
virus check
'2040841' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file45' 'sip-files00009.jp2'
virus check
'2064034' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file46' 'sip-files00010.jp2'
virus check
'2031040' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file47' 'sip-files00011.jp2'
virus check
'2038164' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file48' 'sip-files00012.jp2'
virus check
'835092' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file49' 'sip-files00001.jpg'
virus check
virus check
'100199' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file50' 'sip-files00001.QC.jpg'
virus check
'790871' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file51' 'sip-files00002.jpg'
virus check
'99576' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file52' 'sip-files00002.QC.jpg'
virus check
'911458' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file53' 'sip-files00003.jpg'
virus check
'106824' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file54' 'sip-files00003.QC.jpg'
virus check
'879174' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file55' 'sip-files00004.jpg'
virus check
'105788' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file56' 'sip-files00004.QC.jpg'
virus check
'801056' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file57' 'sip-files00005.jpg'
virus check
'103099' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file58' 'sip-files00005.QC.jpg'
virus check
'901972' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file59' 'sip-files00006.jpg'
virus check
virus check
'108159' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file60' 'sip-files00006.QC.jpg'
virus check
'876827' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file61' 'sip-files00007.jpg'
virus check
'102883' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file62' 'sip-files00007.QC.jpg'
virus check
'778199' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file63' 'sip-files00008.jpg'
virus check
'97177' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file64' 'sip-files00008.QC.jpg'
virus check
'896419' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file65' 'sip-files00009.jpg'
virus check
'106043' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file66' 'sip-files00009.QC.jpg'
virus check
'956220' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file67' 'sip-files00010.jpg'
virus check
'110791' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file68' 'sip-files00010.QC.jpg'
virus check
'807246' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file69' 'sip-files00011.jpg'
virus check
'48525884' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file7' 'sip-files00003.tif'
virus check
'99711' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file70' 'sip-files00011.QC.jpg'
virus check
'819033' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file71' 'sip-files00012.jpg'
virus check
'101286' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file72' 'sip-files00012.QC.jpg'
virus check
'42148' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file73' 'sip-files00001thm.jpg'
virus check
'43021' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file74' 'sip-files00002thm.jpg'
virus check
'42319' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file75' 'sip-files00003thm.jpg'
virus check
'43477' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file76' 'sip-files00004thm.jpg'
virus check
'44378' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file77' 'sip-files00005thm.jpg'
virus check
'44088' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file78' 'sip-files00006thm.jpg'
virus check
'41986' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file79' 'sip-files00007thm.jpg'
virus check
virus check
'42508' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file80' 'sip-files00008thm.jpg'
virus check
'42602' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file81' 'sip-files00009thm.jpg'
virus check
'43421' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file82' 'sip-files00010thm.jpg'
virus check
'41798' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file83' 'sip-files00011thm.jpg'
virus check
'43063' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file84' 'sip-files00012thm.jpg'
virus check
'177186' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file85' ''
virus check
'136133' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file86' ''
virus check
'212650' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file87' ''
virus check
'211341' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file88' ''
virus check
'38049' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file89' ''
virus check
virus check
'206101' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file90' ''
virus check
'257444' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file91' ''
virus check
'93505' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file92' ''
virus check
'230179' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file93' ''
virus check
'306285' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file94' ''
virus check
'155183' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file95' ''
virus check
'153075' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file96' ''
virus check
'6208' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file97' 'sip-files00001.txt'
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virus check
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'6133' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file98' 'sip-files00002.txt'
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'8402' 'info:fdaEYECLOQE0_78V315file99' 'sip-files00003.txt'
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