Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Notes, July 14, 2014 (Notes)

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Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Notes, July 14, 2014 (Notes)
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Data Management / Curation Task Force Materials
Taylor, Laurie N.
Norton, Hannah
Hawley, Haven
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
Leonard, Michelle
Neu, Edward
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Meeting agenda


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Data management
Data curation


Meeting agenda for the UF Data Management / Curation Task Force.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Data Management/Curation Task Force1 Monday, Ju ly 14, 2014, Library West 419 Members : Laurie N. Taylor (co chair), Hannah Norton (co chair) Joe Aufmuth, Cecilia Botero, Erik Deumens, Rob Ferl, Haven Hawley, Blake Landor, Michelle Leonard Peggy McBride Val Minson, Ed Neu, Sara Russell Gonzalez, David Schwieder Invited: Matt Gitzendanner Chelsea Dinsmore, and Suchi Yellapantula Attending : Laurie N. Taylor (co chair), Hannah Norton (co chair) Joe Aufmuth ,Haven Hawley, Blake Landor, Michelle Leonard Peggy McBride David Schwieder and Matt Gitzendanner Draft Meeting Notes Group membership updates Data Management Librarian, search committee meeting next week Task Force c harge update underway to include: o Focus on author disambiguation with ORCID and other authority systems and identifiers o Discussion of other areas to be included T raining program updates o Hannah will create tickets to have Adobe Connect rooms for recording all sessions DMPTool updates for next meeting Michelle Leonard will be the liaison/lead contact for the Elsevier Text and Data Mining Capability ( ) for inquiries and LibGuide reference, etc. Data Day/Event: October 2 o N ext meeting, will discuss on activities and/or scheduling because this m ay rescheduled with Fall Research Computing Day DMCTF charge will be updated via email Next meeting will be 8/11 Next Meeting ( 8/11 ) Agenda Items : DMPTool review, discussion, update plan using the spreadsheets D ata Day and RC Day for Fall 2014 updates/plans Plans for DMCTF to email and/or set meetings with other groups o DSP for follow up on grant systems o IRB, for discussion on destruction of social science research and options with the University Archives o Angel K F and her research files for Engendering Business (contact after T&P training time in summer) Data Literacy Course, discussion if more information is available MSL opening event on 8/27, any role/activities DHLG updates Updates on lab spaces, etc. Open discussion 1 Data & DMCTF resources: Meetings for 2014 are the 2nd and 4th Monday each month. Meetings rotate locations: HSC Library C2 41 and Library West 429 (MSL also included, except whil e MSL is undergoing renovations )