Meeting Notes for the Data Management/Curation Task Force, Feb. 10, 2014

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Meeting Notes for the Data Management/Curation Task Force, Feb. 10, 2014
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Data Management / Curation Task Force Materials
Taylor, Laurie N.
Norton, Hannah
Garcia-Milian. Rolando
Bennett, Denise
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
Sullivan, Mark V.
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Meeting agenda


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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Task Force.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Meeting Notes for the Data Management/Curation Task Force 1 Monday, February 10, 2014, Library West 429 Members attending : Laurie N. Taylor (co chair), Hannah Norton (co chair) Rolando Garcia Milian, Denise Bennett, Val Minson, David Schwieder, Erik Deumens Meeting N o tes Updates o New Digita l Humanities Library Group ( see proposal: http://ufdc.ufl .edu/ AA00014835/00030/pdf ) o NEH grant proposal on data in pr ocess (and targeting NSF for another integrated data grant project) o Meetings in LW 429 and MSL 107 should be updated to be in LW 419, for computer access and with construction in Marston, and all meetings now updated Discussion of draft for Year One Report (Liaison Team Model; Humanities Caucus; etc.) o Updates to be sent in new version are: After the executive summary, pull out all of the next steps for DMCTF and recommendations for others into their own section and as grouped by what can be done without resources for top priority, and for wh at needs resources and is top priority ; Next steps for should include collaboration with the I nformatics I nstitute Note that the RCAC outreach plan is coming soon Hannah will send HSCL workshop information to be included Add next step to have DMCTF attend library faculty meeting Add recommendation on presenting at the selectors model on the team model with liaisons as primary A dd recommendation for liaiso ns to include data when discussing retiring faculty materials, etc. (Deni se will write up recent example ) o With updates round robin edits for writing clean up (first to Val) Next meeting: o Feb. 24 in LW 419 : Mark Sullivan on IR@UF data support (ex. ); can this be a t ool/portal to provision din ky databases & data websites, like what REDCAP does for clinical trial surveys Possible topics for next meetings: o DMP Tool updates with new versions o Summer school opportunity for introduction/data science translator course o dLAB: Campus directory of data resources, campus resources ; consulting: o Open discussion; topics added by the group 1 Data & DMCTF resources: Meetings for 2014 are the 2 nd and 4 th Monday each month. Meetings rotate locations: HSC Library C2 41, Library West 429, Marston Science Library L107.