Example User Guide Publisher Template for the African Studies Library Digital Collections


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Example User Guide Publisher Template for the African Studies Library Digital Collections
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Thorat, Dhanashree
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL


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Documentation towards a standard or template style material for creating user guides for digital collections. Guide for Creating User Guides for Specific Digital Collections & Digital Libraries.
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Created with input from Laurie Taylor, and created for the Holistic Supports Mini Grant (http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00011752/).
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This template to be used for layout and text creation/planning. Please see the UF Director of Communications for creation of actual user guides.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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For answers to these questions and more, go to http://ufdc.ufl.edu/africa1 What are the African Studies Digital Collections (AFDC)? What kind of materials are held in the collections? Who has access to the AFDC? How can I find the resources in the AFDC How can I save or share my search results? How can I use an image from the AFDC in a presentation or publication? How does the AFDC address and comply with copyright and other restrictions? Where are the original materials held? Where are the digital master files held? Are there resources to help me use these materials in the classroom? What are the requirements for partners? Who governs the collections and provides direction for collection development? African Studies Digital Collections Special Features High Quality Images with 360 degrees view The photos in the Arts of Africa sub collection are rendered in 360 degree view to simulate museum viewing. The photos are shot high resolution, and allow close study of the objects. Citation Help Each item includes the information needed to cite the item. Check the Citation tab when you click on the item. Thumbnail View Certain items also include a tab for viewing Thumbnails so readers can overview all the pages of the items. http://ufdc.ufl.edu/africa1


Searching in AFDC Google Search If you are accessing the collections on the campus, you can search using Google. From the Home Page The basic search on the Home Page allows you to search citation information across all items and collections in AFDC. You can also access sub collections at the bottom of the page and search directly within each collection. Advanced Search If your basic search returns too many results, the advanced search feature allows you to restrict your search terms by categories such as title, publisher, subject, keyword, country and more. Full Text Search If you would like to search through the full text for a specific word or phrase, simply click on the text search tab. If you would like to include the newspapers in your search, click search, click the check box below the search bar and then type in the search term. You will receive results that include the term either in the citation or the full text. If the term is found in the full text, box at the top left of the screen. All Items Use the All Items tab to access all the materials in the collections. African Studies Digital Collections Mission The collections were developed and are managed to support the past, ongoing, and future needs of scholars. As a part of the ongoing mission to preserve material, new material is digitized and added to the collections. Scope The collections are multidisciplinary and serve all colleges at the University of Florida. The collections support scholarship on diverse topics, including the study of the African continent, its flora and fauna, peoples and cultures, and natural resources and wildlife. The materials are in different formats, ranging from photos and maps to literature and journals. myUFDC Anyone can sign up for a myUFDC account. Once you log in, you can: Send an item to a friend via email Save an item to your bookshelf and add comments to the item (comments are not displayed to others, but will show on your bookshelf) Manage your bookshelves and saved searches Save a search, or browse favorite searches Share an item to social media. Submit an item to the collections http://ufdc.ufl.edu/africa1