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The Jewish Floridian the voice of the Jewish community of Palm Beach County
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Jewish Floridian (Palm Beach, Fla. : 1982)
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Jewish Floridian of Palm Beach County
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Miami, Fla
Fred K. Shochet
Creation Date:
October 7, 1983
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4 v. : ill. ;


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Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Palm Beach (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Palm Beach County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Palm Beach


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Vol. 8, no. 41 (Dec. 24, 1982)-v. 11, no. 26 (Aug. 30, 1985).
General Note:
"Combining Our voice and Federation reporter."

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University of Florida
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ewish flor idian
ultz Blames Syria For War In Lebanon
Ion (JTA) -
^rpest criticism
j's role in the
ke crisis which
[State George
was blocking
a national
[that country.
ring before the
[Affairs Coni-
fer before the
In Relations
fused Syria of
its commit-
[troops out of
lining armed
Ds to enter the
evacuated by
id thereby of
l>r the con-
ot' Israeli
se soil.
ecretary of
I is using its
Lebanon to
bed has
pi opposition
and armed
engaged in
Secretary of State Shultz
lewish Material
in Egypt Again
(JTA) -
sh material
>ear in the
J despite that
Ipeace treaty
la report is-
Institute of
IT. Raphael
the Hebrew
on Islam
Mory, con-
in the
ind Zionism
war Sadat's
DR. ISRAELI'S report is
based on his forthcoming
book analyzing the Arabs'
stereotype descriptions of
Jews and the wide ranging ac-
cusations levelled at Israel.
Of particular concern, he
writes, are a number of
publications, published at
least until 1981, which were
based on the infamous
"Protocols of the Elders of
Zion," and blood libel
He cites two popular books
"The War of Survival
Between the Koran and the
Talmud" and "The Jews, Ob-
jects of the Wrath of God"
which were in demand by the
Egyptian public during the
Cairo book fair of February,
Federation Opens
in Beach Office
Federation of Palm Beach County has
I opening of a regional office in Boynton
pg to Jeanne Levy, Federation president.
e located at 3625 So. Congress Ave., Suite
IBeach, FL 33433 and will be staffed by
mpaign associate.
bonding to the tremendous growth of the
pnity in the Boynton Beach area," stated
hulti-faceted community comprising Jews of
>ve expressed a desire for services provided
federation. The need has been articulated by
each area to have a central address for their
pi is being given to providing counseling
Pay a week by the Jewish Family and
pice, according to Levy. "Other programs
["I be introduced to meet the needs of this
p unity," stated Levy.
srrnation, contact Sylvia Lewis, campaign
e Boynton Beach Federation office, 737-
military actions against the
legitimate government."
Shultz appeared before the
Congressional foreign policy
panels to support a resolution
that would allow U.S. Marines
to remain in Lebanon for
another 18 months. This is a
compromise between the
Administration which wants a
free hand in Lebanon with no
time limit and many members
of Congress who have insisted
that the President invoke the
1973 War Powers Act which
would give Congress authority
to order the Marines out of
Lebanon in 60-90 days.
The Secretary defined the
U.S. role in Lebanon as help-
ing to create "a kind of equili-
brium" that would encourage
a cease-fire leading to political
accommodation and the
ultimate withdrawal of all
foreign forces from Lebanon.
He warned that to pull out the
Marines now would jeopardize
those objectives.
criticized French Foreign
Minister Claude Cheysson for
saying several days ago that
France, a participant in the
multinational force in the
Beirut area, dissociated itself
from the U.S. decision to
allow the Marines to call for
air and naval support if they
were endangered by gunfire
from anti-government forces.
That decision has been
broadened to include a U.S.
response to gunfire against the
Lebanese army, even if the
Marines are not in danger.
"The French Foreign
Minister made what I would
consider a very flamboyant
statement," Shultz said. He
contended that Cheysson
seemed "to position himself
between what he described as
the U.S.-Israeli forces and the
Soviet-Syrian forces. 1 don't
think it was a particularly
helpful statement, very
Mondale Urges Strategic
Agreement to Bar Soviets
Former Vice President Walter
Mondale urged that the United
States forge an "effective stra-
tegic agreement with Israel to
restrain the Soviets and the
proxies" in Lebanon.
Addressing a meeting of the
Conference of Presidents of
Major American Jewish Orga-
nizations here, Mondale, a
candidate for the Democratic
Presidential nomination in
1984, blasted the Reagan Ad-
ministration's Middle East
stance and charged that the
administration has no policy
in Lebanon. He claimed the
Administration harbored "il-
lusions" in the region.
He listed these as the belief
that Saudi Arabia is a moder-
ating force; that King Hussein
of Jordan will enter negotia-
tions with Israel; and that
Israel's withdrawal from Leb-
anon would be followed by
Syria's withdrawal from that
"WE HAVE troops in Leb-
anon but no policy there,"
Mondale declared, stating
what he believed American
goals there should be. The
U.S. should not accept Syrian
domination of that country,
he said. It should not tolerate
wanton attacks on the
Marines. It should work for a
compromise between the
various factions to broaden
the government of President
Amin Gemayel and then forge
an "effective strategic agree-
ment with Israel to restrain the
Soviets and their proxies."
Mondale charged that in the
past year the Reagan Adminis-
tration has pressured Israel
alone on the issue of Lebanon
and "took the heat off Syria."
The result, he said, is that
Syrian troops are still in Leba-
non and PLO Chief Yasir
Arafat is back there as well.
Mondale was the second
Democratic Presidential aspir-
ant to appear before the Presi-
dents Conference, and his re-
marks were highly favorable
to Israel. He said he believed
the U.S. should move its Em-
bassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusa-
lem because Jerusalem is
Israel's "undivided capital."
HE SAID he did not believe
Jewish settlements on the West
Bank are illegal, asserting that
the fate of the settlements will
be determined only when ne-
gotiations are resumed within
the Camp David framework.
Mondale also expressed op-
position to the sale of sophis-
ticated weapons by the U.S.
to Arab countries because the
introduction of such weapons
will only accelerate the arms
race in the Middle East. If the
Arabs are sold sophisticated
weapons, the U.S. has to pro-
vide Israel with arms to defend
itself against them, he said.
Mondale called for good rela-
tions between the U.S. and the
Arab countries, "but not at
the expense of Israel," which
he called a strategic asset to
the U.S.
Asked if he supported a
statement by Sen. John Glenn
(D., Ohio), a rival for the
Democratic Presidential no-
mination, who said in
New York that the U.S.
should end its even-handed
Dolicy in the Middle East and
Israel Signs
Oil Contract
Israel has signed a contract
with Norway to buy 300,000
tons of oil from its North Sea
oilfields over the next year.
Norway, under heavy Arab
pressure not to conclude the
deal, stressed there was no
political motivation or impli-
cation in the deal. Israel buys
about 40 percent of its oil
from Mexico, 25 percent from
Egypt and the rest on the open
spot market. The Norwegian
deal will be part of the spot
market purchases.
Walter Mondale
tilt openly in Israel's favor,
Mondale replied, "I have
never had to redefine my atti-
tude." He stressed that as a
Senator from Minnesota and
later as Vice President in the
Carter Administration, he was
always a staunch supporter of

Jewish Women's Assembly:
Looking Back
Jewish Federation
Names Finance
? LOi t>E KKS
~* e- ** \merxai Jewsa
eac: -
:-:- :T-r^- txY "^
Bayer- ;^a.ri :c sj^e
I rr
Air -1 :.;- s zs :: _n;
2J3 x :ae "nc .*r^a
- :' .:--> -rr jt
" ~ '-'_ en T-~=mBBBl ; I to
Jcvtsa Fsierxicn ::' =i_ tt
Ceaao. tac Leal
BB-ctonaaa *X3
ri _i : in- rrs
coiac rr- t \.ax.
: i k trj -; or* a:
~: ^*>C iJ-C .'? .: 3 la-
-:-: ia-e nr-r test sc
tear e ;.: w rowa uioer
:*: "-": :- i_r ---. --.--
rr;t-i 7* :
~ -" ::c:
**i : : -a- a j
-twj nt'i _:: :??;-.:..
?r nrr Ma -je
-* ~-" : a w ; tk -ec
: *: r nrr a 5 i tt :;
- :- i -
SeaC3 ~*: "i: x
7eci7i BBB1
Aemtoj i lastfiMHri
t am* enemas
'- t i
n re :ri : - ": i : i T>^
- : : ?-:-; "car :-: m
: aaccK a;
: i jre
a; v ; 4 r:
.';-..: '* : -f I tost***
\braaas. who sa:
ike r^*~ the fast
:*;i :o the Jesh
: -; ::' -".:"
i i -i-: -;-:< i-":
- : ; ti.--- : : '
-; .--'--:-:'
a 1*11 the Jewish Women**
.; .$ moved from ike

7* i 7 e
raia-ii_:t : l: tr; t
r" >'X. re rr t a*;
ail r: r _r r >L:
at ffrrmc iroi: -je ir- u
i a"; I~ "a ii ~ ;'
am; a: in :: uk l~
jfiT.T i'ta- ;sra-i itc :
3 r tt "Tar L: i : :" t
rs ucsrer. :^ :; it rjc
r*: car : : .. w : :-
- i ti ii-; 5 :
S.-S < i. t-z rro.-
.' x i_ ~ roacar, i~tr '<
Mob Imbsi Dnvot't
Tjcti r*i -is i-iccasw;-^. ;<
'.T- 21 'aa.i *i~a"
tt: l: :i ; i :-tiia-:
srei-ia- t-.a- ^cata- -; TTAi;
re Tke? m rjaa:
l :~r : Ami fed
* : .: _.; r*rA : -'ar: -
_ : "e 7 it: : .a*
T'i 7 Tear i i ->7T L s 1 .. %:. :- Man r aMtaj to ex-x has alays Jte size of the e have a explained
. -- ;;a: V -IZZ -: .'a*ish "777.- .7.:!.is Adek Sifflon, and Marr.a Ml Leah
5* ;7
: it --.
-; Si :t : '.
- Tvr
i .> "^ 7 77. a~ \ > J77. -
. i. &i-rara Pern.
i- 7 -a;-.: :'% :-
x. -roe r-'ar i ; ;.
7 i
'v v -
Pre-Scbool Survey
a^ tiiui aaAer fin ean *f aft a4
k? fee ira FetotDH't TaA Fat
Charles W. Yowaf, fo
erl> conpiroUer of the Jewish
Federatkm of Palai Beach
Count*, has been naaaed to
the ae*!y created poshtoo of
finance director, accordiaf to
Jeanne Levy, Federatioa
"In addaion to the dafly
rinancial manafeameat of the
Federation. Mr. Yoang vfl be
responsibk for the Legacy aad
Endowment Prop am." ex-
plained Levy.
A graduate of Adeaphi
Lnhershy with a BBA in
accounting. Young worked for
the public accounting firms of
Touche Ross and Co.. and
Arthur Young aad Co. He was
treasurer and comptroler for
a public printing conglom-
erate with subsidiaries m the
entertainment, data pinirnmg
Charter V,. y
and construaion mi
Prior to joining the Fe
staff in April 1982, Yoa
aa accounung and
Receiving appticetiom for admission to tne 12W||
long term care stated nursing facility
For iMformmtkm Writ* or Call
The Jmpa L. Mara* Geriatric Center
wftfl Fred Gladstone Drive
West Palm Beach. FVaida 33407
Ann: Social Service Department
A Facility of the Jewish Home for the Aged. Inc
A 3e^e'c^r> Agency of The Jenrisn Federationc
Paim Beach County. Inc.
Can We Talk?
'c~e~ 5 r s c~ 5
oans For The Comtno Y
Our Support of Agenoes And Services
-ocaiHahonai And World-Wide Jewry
Tour >nvotmein m Our Future
of the
to torn us for our
Open Board Meeting
October 19.1963-8 PM.
Guest Soeaker
ComiTHinfty Reimtions Consultant
*^eesersoondbyOct.i7 f5,nc,odS!cor
tt Fs

ishei Sholom Donates Torah
JCDS To Hold Siyum Ha Torah
Friday, October 7,1983/The Jewish Floridian of Pahn Beech County Page 3
L inscribe a Sefer Torah
Led mitzvah-every Jew
I perform it t least once
Li, life." So states the
iud Consequently, when
lora'h scroll is donated.
,jew in the community is
i the opportunity to take
kctive part in its corn-
Sunday, Nov. 6, the
| of Palm Beach
Inc., will hold a
Ha Torah on its
,s facility on Parker
e, West Palm Beach.
negation Anshei Sholom
fdonated a Torah to the
l0l, which will be
fcnte'd on that day.
be program will be high-
led by a procession of
|hs from local synagogues,
limiting with the inscript-
of the new Torah in the
Ik a* (multi-purpose
Iding) on the school
Ends. The first Torah was
Ited to the Jewish Com-
jitv Day School by Eva
[Barry Krischer in 1979
Mr. Krischer served as
tdent of the School.
Harry Z. Schectman,
ti Emeritus of Congre-
bn Anshei Sholom, ex-
led that a Siyum Ha
ph means the completion
Torah scroll. "People
attend this ceremony,"
Id Dr. Schectman, "can
orm the mitzvah of
ing a Torah by purchasing
Iter, usually the initial of
hamc of the purchaser. He
ne is then called up to the
ph and with the help of a
writes in the outlined
|r A contributor can
olically write a section of
llorah by purchasing a
Ion or a book from the
: as though the scribe had
len that section as a sub-
tle for the purchaser. In
Inianner the Torah scroll is
Iplcicd and the ritual of the
Im Ha Torah is observed."
fmng on the Siyum Ha
committee representing
Rrcgation Anshei Sholom
foscar Slutsky, chairman;
Ibi Dr. William H.
piro, co-chairman; Rabbi
Vandcr Walde, spiritual
i ot Congregation Anshei
kmi; Rabbi Emeritus Dr.
>\ /. Schectman; Jack
co-chairman; Jack
F"ck. Victor Duke, Boris
dman. Jack Hoffman,
h Perlman, Jack Roey
[Rose Slutsky. Serving on
[Siyum Ha Torah com-
fce representing the Jewish
Imuniiy Day School are
|y Krischer, chairman;
D,c Brass, co-chairman;
Siskin, Program Chair-
Ion; Toby Lewis,
[surer; Adcle Simon,
|a."on Chairman; Ronni
le'n, Public Relations; and Rabbi Joel
fin, President of the Palm
w County Board of
M Jewish Community Day
Jlof Palm Beach County
[founded in 1973, and over
I'ast ten years has grown
an initial enrollment of
nildren to the present
P body of 182. The
? Avenue campus, a
acre site, opened one
ago and includes class-
r< Horary, media center,
F and music center, a
fc laboratory, and a
J. which includes an
P.0rlni and chapel
W|th a kosher
Junior High School, grades 7-
9, provide an enriched
program of Hebrew and
Judaic studies in conjunction
with a quality secular studies
Families Observe Commandment
To Dwell In The Sukkah*
Cantor Elaine Shapiro of Temple Beth El welcomes many
friends to her home to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot. After
saying the prayer over the candles and for bread, she "quizzes"
the children about Sukkot.
Castor Elaine Shapiro aad Michael Zimmerman Invite friends
to observe the commandment to eat la the sukkah. Their
backyard sukkah Is constructed without naUs or screws aad Is
large enough to accommodate 16 people.
Sukkahs come in all sizes and shapes. Jordan Tartakow takes
special pride in his family's sukkah.
Project Renewals
Our Partnership
In Israels Future
Sorting Out Project Renewals
An Israel Experience
Of all the social programs born of the partner-
ship between Diaspora Jewry and the Jews of
Israel, none has generated more excitement
and controversy than Project Renewal.
It has been called "the single most important
program in Israel today" because of its attempt
to remove one of the last barriers to a just and
equitable society in the Jewish homeland. And it
has been identified as a "critical priority" by
politicians, scholars, military leaders and average
Israeli citizens.
Interestingly, although everyone seems to
have some definite opinion about Project
Renewal, it is one of the least understood under-
takings of world Jewry. Its commentators and
critics tend to fall into two groups: the
theoreticians, those on the outside looking in,
whose views are based on what they read in a
skeptical press, and the individuals who are in-
timately involved in the program itself who see
Project Renewal as the very essence of the
Jewish concept of Tzedakah charity and
For the involved, Project Renewal is full of
idealism and is a means for world Jewry to play a
direct and personal role in helping 300,000 Jewish
men, women and children make places for them-
selves in Israeli society.
And the truth? I found the answer in Israel, in
neighborhoods like Amishav in Petach Tikva,
where Project Renewal is happening, neigh-
borhoods where residents are already involved in
Continued on Page 4
The Ben-
Adam Krischer holds a palm frond, which reminds him of the
f 'he Robe D'. KSpori Lu"V',D h,S ^^ **
Marci Adler welcomes neighbors to join with her aad her
children la aa afternoon snack in her and her husband's, Dr.
Moshe Adler's sukkah decorated with fruits, vegetables, aad
greeting cards. Celebrating Sukkot together are [left to right]
Zachary Shook, Marcia Shook, Joaathoa Shook, Matthew
Adler, Marci Adler and Michael Adler.

Bemcz Cofirtv Fndar Ocsober ". :9B?
Mica Adopts 'Refuseniks'
Congressman Das Mica D .
Fla.) wil speak os: ccc-
I systematical ]
freed ocr
and his fami-
ly, aow denied tkc rath: tc
the Soviet Cmoa
is a "Refoseaak'
a Rota: Jew who has beer
rer.sec --ijo..;- :: ti'z tti
Soviet laec several names
Mas adopoec of ike
Achadmc* famw? as a coanatn-
~tr: :z a. se :?: r.-r i"
b family, a: every ap-
propna:e zaeeraaooea. arc"
poauca: i
arc ro yoaaL
vvinas of Soviet
"The Soviet
waged a reicartew
t kas
Tkc repressaoa aad
of Soviet lea-
oar coasoeace ace
seasmwhry And yet. we
arc remanded, once agais. thai
:;; Sc tr. : f zzzrz: acts
:rc-: ;* *; afl
-; >.-.irc i: ;; _.-r_> *.Js
Soviet Jews arc
iers of :* R-:- i- ;:-
Tr~. are systematical!)
persecuted. *'
Serge ?--*. Tashkent
:v.':::.Lzr ssr.lssr
Famih Background: Israel.
June 6'. 1952. Locksmith;
Wife. Liuba. March 3. 1956,
Typist; Son, Alexei, Jan. 14.
:9"5: Daughter. Susanna.
Relatives Abroad: Asher
aad Tamara Achildiaev
Israel's parents), Habad
liaa-:-. Kiryat Malach.
Visa Application History
Date o! First Application:
Sept. 7. 1978; Reason for
Refusal: So reason; Date of
Fim Refusal:! Nor. 12. 1971;
Most Recent Refusal: Feb. 21.
Case History-Additional
Comments: In September
1978. the Achildiaev family
submitted applications for exit
visas to Israel. Asher, together
with his wife Tamara, their
son, Israel, together with his
wife Liuba and their two
Two months later, Asher
was summoned to the Office
of Visa and Registration and
told that be could leave for Is-
rael with his wife but that his
son and family were refused
exit visas. No explanation was
given. The family's appeals to
numerous officials were not
"d his son's imelu
** no cause for J^
cause they would iZ ''
*l*o told that if JUS
"tire family JjM
obligated to rem*Ju!d
USSR. rnna"Hni
. A,thCT, and Tamara J
m Israel on April 26 i
Although affKlavitsS
the family to Israel we*.
as instructed, the famy,'
again denied exh visas i
Because Someone Cared
.4 per lima/ new from tar men
Exec* me Drtctor of ike
Jew-tsft Fmmuty
A. case
at tkese arjeaes mt ftcimtomx.
chn: mformmtom a: Jemsk
FmmJt mtd CkmrnYtn 's Sen**
a arid at :ke sxnetea of
A CranCtrcr.acr
3 approached
rsae rega-c_r{ j~ t rosaaki
of iwr ^.:a:r| cc-rtact a: the
:Y tzz -.S -.. :,:. s of her
seemed raiber odd :c ate :ha:
she was aaqaaraag aboat what
sptafic aveaaes aad roaaes we
: ; recc rraes ; t: izt
year oii graaccaxgaser *koaa
sac expe ~ ec r _
her ery skortrf aa her Floret
-:rm r.i.t -; ::-;-
Li T-i". "i ". '-
^>.r. nzzijczitz a"t'.rt-
tzz .rsr.
i- ." ';' :r lzz. i ;;;: ; :
*- : Z
- bz :: rce -
tke bos: saoc-
aoas beaavioral paueras of a
aaac year oad gar. seesec to be
take, la a raskec -r rashaoa.
- kz: ::-
Ae laaiffi of dau Hfc girl
Ar?arr:u, =>
or t^a n^ad
ton. As it was taking
e adjustment in her new
job. which was necessitated as
i fiuk of the divorce pro-
orcdiags, matters were in a
complicated state of affairs,
izz :~i -r.'f Heft :ha: a
oac semester vacation" for
her daughter, in Florida,
- _-: :: r; Bad 2 bad ;dea. I
oetec.ed few. if any discernible
cwdcaces of psychopathology
which would lead me to share
at graadmother's fear that the
arrangement might become
ore or less permanent. How-
ever. I dsd fed obligated to
share with the grandmother
some of the various ways that
work counselors
^arate Firstly, 1 had to
reassure her that not all that
we do is "mysterious" mind
probing. Social workers, just
as others, are concerned about
practical avenues of choice
option and action. Should the
reaauoaship between grand-
mother aad her granddaughter
actaaily materialize as a dif-
ficafa one, counseling could be
aaiiabk. through an in-
terested agency such as JF and
CS. Should the link girl's
of being separated
iother and other family
embers prove insurmounta-
ble, or should graadmother's
abtkty to eve for the needs of
a pre-adoksceat in her own
retireaeat years, the agency
coald then begin to make
aaoairy iaio other reasonable
coaaaaaay aheraatrves for the
am puses of relief.
la Great Britain, this aspect
of roaaiflag ts sometimes
:e:'e-red :o i> -vector
la the Lnced
e call it "environ-
odtficauon." No
has n is called, the
lerabie fact remains that
for a sagaafkam portion of the
popasatioa who present them-
sehes to Family Service Agen-
caes or m ratal keakk ceaters,
tke aaost effective aad ex-
: reamedv avadabk may
be prolonged
therapy, lastead. a careful
tke doesopaaeat
of tke problem fre-
reveats, to a traaaed
profesaaoaaL cenam opooas
Tke removal of a
pareat's koaae
"Trinar minim ami
or aa wterested reU-
ncs koaae agkt qaae poa-
wwjr ae a aaore effective way
*** ckald at that
rather thaa
^tke echaabaa of
fata** therapy or tad>-
psychotherapy srsaoas.
la effect, the graadaaother aad
ker daagkter coadacted
py" al on their
they decided oa the
reaaoval of the

Project Renewal
WmmmmWkmltm j8W8i Tne story I
^"""Bllltif B
the program's
of Amishav
of all Project
The process is a highly personalized one, and here I want I
to introduce you to Jacques, a Tunisian Jew who camcto
Israel during the great ingathering of the early Fifties, and
whose life reflects the need for and importance of Project
Renewal. He is a community leader in Amishav, a neigh-
borhood Linked with die Greater Chicago Jewish
Jacques served in the army and fought in the Six Diy
War. He married and started a family, struggled with low-j
paying jobs and hoped someday his children would knowt
better life. The Israeli government made several attempt! I
to rehabilitate Amishav aad to complete the job of ab-
sorbing these immigrant families. But each attempt wit
disrupted by war aad other drains on the nation's limited
resources. Jacques was not enthusiastic when he heard I
about Project Renewal. He had been disappointed before.
"Two years ago. organizers came and told us about
Project Renewal. They told as that we would decide what |
needed to be done and that the money would come froa
the government and from American Jews in Chicago. We
had no reason to believe them." The organizers were
ignored. But they persisted. Finally, they found the key to
change Amishav's mind aboat Project Renewal: either
local residents participated or there could be no progru. |
A steering committee was formed.
"The people from Chicago came and worked with as," I
Jacques recalled. "Tke people from the government ad
the Jewish Agency came aad listened. Soon things beguto
happen lktk things ... a aew program here... ina
community worker there They started to build tat
police station Better has service was arranged. More
people joined the coafinte aad a change, a feeling of |
pride came to the peopk of Amishav."
Pride in oneself is a step toward achievement and,
today, two years later, the day-to-day life of the con-
munity kas improved. What is most significant aboat
Jacques and all the residents of Amishav is a change of |
attitude about the future aad what can be accomplished.
But die benefits of Project Renewal do not flow in oah
one direction. For the Jewish community of Chap.
satisfaction comes front hctpaag neighborhood k*4enm
acquire the skills they need to effect social change, m
from seeing such ct_
la the final analysis, the residents of Project Reatwil
neighborhoods can go oary so far on prid< ud Z
determination. The fan imlapairat of
democratic, setf-adp uusbibi depends upon J
providing the acaghborhood residents with the toots m
the funds to coatinac the rehabilitation process on m
Sawaar expenencts art aaapeaatg m Hod Hah*t*
Jew** Femermiom of PmbmlmK* Comnty 'srwwwerf*
-Jewish floridian


Friday, October 7,1983 /The Jewish Floridian of Palm Beach County Page6

"0^ *

''ASMS*,, *if
with Ultra LowTar.
That's Success!
Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined
That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.
*"*-<.- -v>-.. ,_.--'

6 The
of Palm Beech County / Friday, October 7,1963
Organizations in Hie News
The National
ill have their paid up
ibershsp luncheon on Oa.
19. U1:30 a_m. at MacArthurs
Vineyard. Holiday Inn, 4431
PGA Blvd. Palm Beach Gar-
dens. This -i only open to
members whose 1983-84 dues
have been paid by the time of
the luncheon. Call Freddie
Shaftel. Chairwoman for res-
ervations. The dues are $15
and the luncheon ts $5. Guest
speaker, Ellen Hoffenberg,
Director of Florida State
"Guardian Ad Liiem" pro-
gram Chief Juvenile Judge
Emery J. Newell will also be in
National Com
will hold their next general
membership meeting on
Thursday, Oa. 20. 12:30 p.m.
at the American Savings Bank
fWestgate). We look forward
: o seeing you.
Coming events: Week-end:
Nov. 3-6 Beau Rivage Spa
in Bal Harbour. For further
information call: Etta Levine
Hastings 1-145 or Maxine
Foster Canterbury A-4.
Women's Americaa ORT.
Boyitoi Beach Chapter, will
hold its regular monthly
meeting on Tuesday. Oa. It,
at 12:30 p.m. at the Roval
Palm Clubhouse on N.E. 22nd
Ave. and Federal Highway in
Boynton Beach. The program
will be a film, "Nothing But
The Best," which will enlight-
en members and guests about
ORT's programs of rehabilita-
tion and training in their man)
schools in Latin American
countries. A completion date
of 1986 was announced for the
Los Angeles ORT Technical
Institute. To help support
ORT's programs, the follow-
ing event has been scheduled:
Oct. 27 Deli Lunch and
Card Party at Lake Worth
Shuffleboard Courts.
Women's American ORT
West Palm Chapter coming
Oct. 11 General Meeting
at Anshei SboJom Temple on
Tuesday Oct. 11. at 12:30 p.m.
Program wfll be film "Here
There Are No Losers." All
members, husbands and
friends invited.
Oct. 17 Luncheon-Card
Party. Monday, Oa. 17, 11:30
a.m at the Captain's Galley.
Call Anne GeUen or Betty
Gold for tickets. Many prizes.
The Lake Warm Wast
Chapter of Woaaea's Ameri-
caa ORT is sponsoring a 15
day trip to Israel, from Nov.
7-21. A few open in gi are still
Centary Chapter Women's
Americaa ORT will bold its
next meeting on Thursday,
Oa. 13. at 12:30 p.m. at
Temple Anshei Sholom. The
guest speaker will be Sylvia
Gale, National Board Member
of ORT. She has been on the
Region Executive Board for
many years and Region Chair-
man of Chapter Life. She was
the special speaker and Instal-
lation Officer at our last In-
stallation Luncheon. Everyone
is welcome to hear this
dynamic speaker.
Oct. 16 Saturday after-
noon, "South Pacific." at the
Lake Worth Playhouse and
lunch at the Oriental Express..
Call Rose Wehberg.
Oct. 22 Saturday after-
noon. "Pal Joey." at the
Royal Palm Dinner Theatre.
Please call Rose Weisberg.
Oct. 31 to Nov. 2
Another Epcot Adventure
Please call Lil Davis 686-0585.
Nov. 13 Sunday evening,
by popular demand, "Listen
to the Music" at the Musicana
dinner and show. Please call
Nov. 24 to 26 Fort
Myers, An African Safari, an
Everglades Cruise, Rooftop
Restaurant, Thanksgiving
Feast, plus "Everybody Loves
Opal" at the Naples Dinner
Theatre. Please call Lil Davis
The HaverhH Chapter of
Womea's American ORT in-
vites you to thro a*a> your
calorie counter and join our
"Fressers' Frolic" (Mangia.
Mangia) on Wednesday. Oct.
12. at 7 p.m.. at the North
County Senior Citizens Cen-
ter. 52P W. Lake Rd.. Lake
Park. Enjoy the food, good
company and entertainment!
Tickets available prior to the
event, S4.50 per person. Pro-
ceeds will further the ORT
school building program.
B'aai B'rita Womea. Mee-
oraa Chapter are planning a
matinee on Nov. 23 at the
Marco Polo Hotel, Miami
Beach "Sheer Madness" a
comedy. Thanksgiving at the
Deauville Hotel, Miami
Beach, four days three nights,
free gold, cocktail party and
entertainment (transportation
The next meeting of Otam
Chapter will be held on Thurs-
day, Nov. 3, at 12:30 p.m. in
the Social Hall of Challenger
Club House, Poinciana Place.
Mrs. Shirley Wolonitz will
chair a very' exciting meeting
on Community Volunteer
Services, featuring Susan
Wolf, Director of the West
Palm Beach YMCA Abuse
Ms. Wolf is in charge of the
"Hot Line" for women and
child abuse, which is consid-
ered a wide spread problem in
our country today, and
demands the attention and
concern of women who care.
A second speaker will be
Ms. Cathy Kamber. Attorney
at Law, who will speak on
"Women's Concerns."
We invite everyone to come
and be a part of this pioneer
project Refreshments wfll be
B'aai B'rita Womea. Boya-
toa Beach Chapter 1523
coming events: Beau Rivage
Hotel on the ocean at 99th St.,
(Bal Harbour). Nov. 10, three-
four days, three nights for
SI 3" per person double.
Deluxe all the way. three meals
daily, free golf, tennis, sauna,
whirlpool, punch parties at
poolside, dancing nightly, en-
All taxes and gratuities for
meals, pool attendants and
baggage included. For reser-
vations please call, Mildred
Perry. Edith Becker, or
Miriam Pearlman.
On Tuesday. Oa. 18 YM-
dksn Carter* presents two
singers. Aaron Savitt and
Helen Kaufman who will do a
series of duets for us. They
will be accompanied on the
piano by Mildred Birnbaum.
For the second half of our
program. The Women's
American ORT of the North
Palm Beach County Region
will present a very interesting
film, entitled 'Here They Are
Not Losers!' It is a dramatic
and educational film depicting
what ORT is doing in Israel.
The Oa. 25 program of
Yiddish Culture will present
violin virtuoso Harry Levine.
He will be accompanied on the
piano by Fanny Ushkow,
pianist and direaor of the
Sam Klein, executive board
member, will read briefly for
Miriam Binder, classical
panist, will play.
The first general meeting
of the Womea's Committee.
Boynton Bench Chapter will
be held on Monday. Oct. 17,
at 12:30 p.m. at the Royal
Palm Clubhouse. This is a
paid-up membership meeting
and your membership card
will admit you. You may pay
your dues at the door, also.
The guest speaker will be
Professor Watson Duncan III,
who will review "Road to
Tara" (the life of Margaret
Mitchell) by author Ann Ed-
Nov. 12 lo 15 (Four days,
three nights) at the Regency-
Hotel Spa. Bal Harbour.
Good accommodations,
delicious food, free massages,
etc. Husbands are welcome.
$135 per person. For informa-
tion and reservations, call
Helen Milch, or Thelma
Lake Worth Chapter Brae-
deta National Womea's Com-
mittee will start the season
with their Annual Study
Group Showcase on Monday,
Oa. 31, at 10 a.m. at the
Poinciana Club House.
Enrollment will be open for
the 20 courses being offered.
The Study Group Leaders will
be there to meet you and ex-
plain in daail their curricu-
lum. You will be told about
the many trips, museum visits,
tours and social functions that
have been planned included
will be a Deluxe trip to Epcot.
The Royce Hotel will be the
scene of our Annual Brunch
on Sunday, Nov. 13. at 10
a.m. Besides a delectable
brunch a most informative
and stimulating talk on Fi-
nance will be given by Dr.
Haviva Lang. This will be fol-
k>wed by a musical program
featuring Irving and Gertrude
Kupfer. For reservations
please telephone Beverly
Kline. Transportation can be
arranged with Bella Schultz
Donation $6.
Brandeis will be having a
paperback book sale Books
*s well as workers in various
capacities are needed.
Please call EsteU Cohen to
offer your services or paper-
back books.
Palm Beach West Chapter
of Brand eta University Na-
tional Womea's Committee
announces the following
Wednesday. Oa. 26. 1 p.m.
the first meeting of the season
will be held at Congregation
Anshei Sholom. Entertain-
ment will be provided by
Rosalie Williams.
Monday, Nov. 7. is the be-
ginning of the Study Program.
Check your assignment notice
for place and time.
Lucerne Lakes Lodge No.
3132 B'aai B' nth wfll open the
fall season with a Bagel Cream
Cheese and Lox breakfast, on
Sunday, Oa. 16, at 10 a.m. at
the Senior Citizen Center.
Dixie H'way and 2nd Ave..
Lake Worth.
Mike Levine, guest speaker.
will speak on "The World
Today."Mike Levine is known
as the most listened to radio
host ih Palm Beach County.
He is well known for his out-
spoken, fearless comments on
the contemporary scene.
Members, wives, and guests
are cordially invited to attend
our first Breakfast meeting.
Breakfast will be hosted by
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Klein, and
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Lee.
The Ladies A axillary of the
Jewbh War Veterans No. 408
will hold its regular meeting on
Monday, Oct. 10. at the Holi-
day Inn, outside the West Gate
of Century Village, at 1 p.m.
I.rrat Club. Pioneer Womea
Na'Amat of Lake Worth will
hold their regular meeting on
Monday, Oa. 17 at 12:30 p.m.
at the Sunrise Bank, corner of
Military Trail and Gun Club
Rd. All members are urged to
Planned activities are as fol-
lows: Membership Tea, Oa.
31, chairperson, Ada Fried-
man. Theatre performance
"The Night of January 16,"
on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m.
at the Palm Beach Junior Col-
lege Auditorium. Contact
Betty Gethins for further in-
formation. Special movie
matinee at Lake Cinema HI,
Jog Rd. and Lake Worth Rd.,
"Brainstorm" starring the late
Natalie Wood, on Wednesday.
Nov. 16 at 2 p.m. Contact
Bty Bean for further infor-
Theodore Herd Clab of
Pioneer Womea-Na'Aaaat
Spend Thanksgiving with us
Musicana, Nov. 24, $18.50
per person. including
gratuities. For reservation.
please call Hannah Schwartz.
At*erie Jewk.
"Hning events "
Oct. 17 -. ,230
meeting of season,,*;
Savuigs Bank, t
Shalom West ran
Hadassah will holdTuH
Enbership luncheon?
Oct. 19meeung,l2ll0",
Congregation Anshei I
aeaung u iimited
pn is by ticket only al
$2.50. For reservations a
call Dorothy Liebemi",
ular meeting will f0yot j
p.m. Entertainment *a |
provided by The Perfo
Other aaivities:
, -2'.22,23.ddttei
o Epcot. Call Florence*
or Fran Nudclman.
Nov. g Youth am
luncheon at Royce HoteLl
Bertha Rubin or
Nov. 24-27 Thanks^
weekend at the Kosher I
Gull Hotel, Miami Beach (
Mae Podwol.
Nov. 23-25 St. Pa
burg. Tarpon Springs, Bt,
Gardens. Call Florence Sin
Fran Nudelman, Esther To
Yovel Hadassah. Weitl
Bench Chapter coming eva
Oa. 20 Mini-li
Membership meeting. Co
gation Anshei Shoia
Boutique Shopping at
ML Luncheon at 1 p.m. I
lo*ed by an entertaining L
sight into "Everything Y
Always Wanted to
About Hadassah But
Afraid to Ask." BecauxL
limited space, this function
for members only at a costs]
$1. For reservations, Ri
Seaver-Chatham H or
Carman-Sheffield H.
Nov. 2 Hadassah
Market and Bazaar fj
Palm Beach Auditorium.
The Florida Central I
of Hadassah has issued inn
tions to all Area Service I
sonnel (Region Chairman
Membership, Education, r
gram. Leadership, Speuml
Bureau and Fund Raising) ul
attend a fall Board Medaj
and Membership Institute I
the Royce Hotel. West Pi
Beach on Monday, Oct. H
The agenda for the mua|
on Monday ill include i KM
gion Board meeting **l
p.m.. Dinner at 7:30 p.m-.|
Area Service Personnel Ma-
in t at 8:30 p.m. and in Infor-
f\ Radio/TV Highlights J*
MOSAIC Sunday. Oct. 9. 9 a.m. *j2
Channel 5 with host Phyllis Shever Girard *u,t
LCHAYIM Sunday. Oct. 9. 10:30UD.,-3
1430-AM with host Rabbi Mark S. Golub-TheJe**
Listener's Digest, a radio magazine.
Oct. 9. 10 p.m. WHRS-FM Stereo 91 with W*"
Simon Silverman. .*(
SHALOM Sunday. Oct. 9. 10 a.m. ^
Channel 12 (8:30 a.m. ON TV Channel 51) *** ^
Richard Peritz.
Sponsored by the Jewish Federation ofPd*

Get-Together for all
bpter and Group Presi-
. Tuesday, following the 8
. Conference Workshop,
highlight of this meeting
be the Membership Insti-
1 (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
li,h will be presented by
llella Kalmanson, Nation-
klembership Chairman.
;trmella Kalmanson of
st Hempstead, N.Y. is a
ember of the National Board
[Hadassah. She is currently
lairman of the Membership
Wment. She is the former
firman of the Expansion-
Celopment Section of the
tonal Organization De-
kment and of the National
brew Studies Department.
I Kalmanson was co-chair-
I of the 1981 National
Lvention held in New York
L and was co-chairman of
11982 Convention in Israel.
I has held many offices on
(regional level as well as the
ley Stream, N.Y. Chapter
Including that of president.
T Kalmanson is the imme-
[e Past President of the
kg Island American Zionist
kration. She was a Hadas-
fdelegate to the 29th World
Dist Congress held in Jeru-
ia in February, 1978. Be-
ke of her vast knowledge of
[y aspect of Hadassah and
jnbership in particular,
\ Kalmanson is eminently
lifted to present this Mem-
Ihip Institute.
lelegates from the Lake
Yth Chapter who will
Jrid this Institute are: Ruth
|el, Fanny Schwartz, Flor-
: Metlis, Helen Turbowitz,
h Sommer, Honey Cox,
bice Engelson, Frieda
ler, Hannah Wasserman,
Tlye Wolff, Anne Perl-
n, Berenice Kassler, Helen
In, Sylvia Beck, Billie
trney and Jean Schlenoff.
ho: Henrietta Szold
M of Hadassah
1h*U General Meeting
Phen: Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1
'here: Auditorium of
eside Village, Lillian Rd.
Y of Congress Ave. in
i Springs.
|rogram: We will have the
or of having Mr. Milton
J, member of the Board of
ctors of the Jewish Feder-
of Palm Beach County
mJO us on Israel. Mr.
is a Life member of the'
fid Zionist Actions Com-
e. He is also Past Presi-
| of the Mid Atlantic Re-
ZOA. These are just a
|of his credits. This should
i interesting and informa-
afternoon. Come and
your friends. Refresh-
es will be served.
on't forget our "Chai
peon" on Oct. 31, at the
p Hotel. Contact Fritzie
frberg or Ray Weissman
jr next "Study Group"
take place on Monday,
IJJ- 10:3 -a.m. See
wood for reservations.
Friday, October 7, 1983/The Jewish Floridianof PalmBeachCounty Page 7
homas A Kelly To Address
'Middle East Dilemma'
B'nai B'rith # 3041 Lt. Col
Netanyahu Lodge of Palm
Beach will open the 1983 fall
season with a program on the
"Middle East Dilemma" to be
held at the Palm Beach Ocean
Hotel, 2830 S. Ocean Blvd.,
Palm Beach, Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Oct. 18.
Thomas A. Kelly, Editor of
the Palm Beach Post will be
the Guest Speaker. He re-
ceived his degree in journalism
at Lehigh University in 1938
and rose from copy boy,
assignment reporter and sports
writer to managing editor at
the Morning Call Newspaper
in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Three years later his career
blossomed in Florida from
1961 to the present date,
beginning with the Florida
Times-Union in Jacksonville,
the St. Petersburg-Times, and
the Palm Beach Post ,i.
Mr. Kelly's expertise as a
panel member on a number of
TV and Radio Talk Shows and
his provocative views that are
editorially expressed are well
known to the Palm \ Beach
community. He will discuss
the turbulent issues concerning
the Middle East Dilemma
which could vitally affect the
future of all of us.
JCC News
Thomas Kelly
Audience participation is
welcome during Question and
Answer period. All B'nai
B'rith members, wives and
; friends are cordially invited
i and encouraged to particiapte
in this stimulating evening.
For further information,
contact Publicity Chairman,
Lester L. Levy, at 3460 S.
Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, or
Bernice Tannenbaum
To Be Guest Speaker
United Israel Appeal.
The Hadassah Israel Bond
Luncheon will be honoring
Carol A. Roberts of West
Palm Beach and Mollie
Fraiberg of Delray Beach for
their accomplishments both in
Hadassah and in community
The Jewish Community Center will be offering three
different courses for people of all ages in this new and
exciting field. This course will give one the opportunity to
join the "Now Generation."
Seventh and eighth graders will meet for three con-
secutive Monday evenings beginning Nov. 7, from 6:30 to
9:30 p.m.
Ninth through 12th graders, three consecutive Mondays
from 7 to 10 p.m. beginning Oct. 10.
Adults, three consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7 to
10 p.m. beginning Oct. 12.
All will have the opportunity to learn computer language
and experience an "Hands on Training." This course will
also introduce one to the micro computer and the general
concepts of computer operating.
Call Harreen at 689-7700 today for any additional in-
formation and registration.
The Jewish Community Center's "One More Time"
warehouse has taken additional space at its same location,
3420 West 45th St., West Palm Beach.
The expansion is due to the many beautiful items from
small appliances to large pieces of furniture and items of
considerable value that have been donated to the Center.
The public is invited to come, browse and discover a real
bargain. Second Hand Rose never had it so good!
The warehouse is open daily from 9 a.m. to S p.m. and
appointments can be arranged by calling Harold at 791-
The Jewish Community Center is providing workshops
of special interest for Singles, Tuesdays, at 7:30 p.m.,
entitled "Divorce Adjustment for Women" to be led by
Fran Gabaldon, Marriage and Family Therapist and
Founder of the Marital Stress and Divorce Center. This
will be a six session workshop.
On Thursdays, 7:30 p.m., Dr. William Martin will lead a
workshop entitled "Examining Our Relationship With
Others Through Self Analysis." This will give the par-
ticipants an opportunity to examine within a personal
framework those elements which contribute to success or
failure in forming new relationships (self concept, family,
depression, anxiety, sex roles), etc.
For more information and registration, please call Joan
at 689-7700.
, Havor SMMUM
No Saccharin
* Sorbttol. No Salt
No Additives
***TD fuWOS
18 POKOQ. & hOftdMoQ
O** or MO to
DCUiich CftNOv
* Short H*s
Bernice S. Tannenbaum
Bernice S. Tannenbaum,
Past President of National
Hadassah will be the guest
speaker at a Hadassah Israel
Bond Luncheon to be held on
Nov. 15, at the Hyatt Hotel.
Mrs. Tannenbaum, a life-
long Zionist, was elected
chairman of the American
Section of the World Zionist
Organization at the World
Zionist Congress held in Jeru-
salem in December 1982. She
is a member of the Board of
Governors of the Jewish
Agency, a member of its As-
sembly, and a member of the
Conference of Presidents of
Major American Jewish
She is national vice-
president of AIPAC
(American Israel Public Af-
fairs Committee).
She is a member of the
executive bodies of the
National Conference for
Soviet Jewry; the World Jew-
ish Congress-North American
and American Sections, and
chairman of its International
Affairs Commission; a
member of the Board of Di-
rectors of the Jewish Tele-
graphic Agency; a member of
the Board of Governors of the
Hebrew University and of the
At Unbelievably Low Price*
V* carat to
1.00 CARAT & Ul>
We Recently Bought
Several Accumulations
of Top Quality Diamonds. And
Are Offering Them Considerably
Below Usual Market Price!
Compare Prices Then
Take Advantage Of A
Unique Buying Opportunity
We Will Mount It For You Free of Charool
HOUati titt ..m.-fcO0 p.m.
v*r**t ANA & Chawbw of Cwiwwn*

Page8 The Jewish Floridian of Palm Beach County /Friday, October 7,1968
Senior News
Hot Kosher Meals and
stimulating programs are
provided. Two seatings are
available in order to accom-
modate everyone. There is no
set fee, but participants are
encouraged to make a con-
tribution at each meal.
Reservations must be made
in advance. For reservations
and further information, call
Persons who are
homebound and need hot
kosher meals delivered may
also call for information at the
above number.
Round Table Talk for Men
and Timely Topics for
Women. Tuesday 1:30 p.m.
Speakers Club. Thursday 10
The C.S.S.C. will again
affer a variety of lectures,
.iasses, discussion groups, and
social activities this fall. Palm
Beach County Adult Educa-
tion classes are scheduled as
Lip Reading Begins
Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 4 p.m.,
Darlene Kohuth, Instructor.
Arts and Crafts Mondays
at 2 p.m.
Know your Car Begins
Monday, Oct. 10 at 1:30 p.m.,
Paul Oblas, Instructor.
Yoga In The Chairs
Begins Wednesday, Oct. 12 at
1:30 p.m., Bea Bunze,
Positive Life Attitudes
Begins Thursday, Oct. 13\at
1:30 p.m., Nita Young,
Healthful Living Begins
Friday, Oct. 14 at 1:30 p.m.,
Joan Fox, Instructor.
Writers' Workshop
Begins Friday, Oct. 14 at 9:15
a.m. (advanced) and 1:30 p.m.
(beginner), Frank Bostwick,
'Pre-Registration Required.
Call Rhonda at 689-7700.
Edie Reiter, health in-
surance coordinator, is at the
JCC every second Thursday at
2 p.m. If you have problems,
stop in and Edie will help you!
The Second Tuesday of the
Month Social Activity will
have its regular meeting on
Tues., Oct. 11, at 1:30 p.m.
Mr. Jack Lieberman, lecturer,
will discuss Wills and Condo-
minium Law. A question and
answer period will follow the
lecture. Refreshments will be
served. For more information,
call Sam Rubin, President, at
2415 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach. FL
COMPUTER CLASS Oct 10 (9-12 GrJ Nov.7(7&8GrJ
S.A.T. COURSE Oct20th
BOYSCOUTS Wednesdays 700 pm
For Re^strabon &Addiond rfuiimiuii
Hadassah Founders* Mission To Denmark and Isr^
the groups inspected n
sah's extensive heal,?*1*)
medical, educational *l
rehabilitation S H
reclamation project W
also toured Israel's ^21
development towns l; ""I
sites, etc. "ISIork|
nesday, Sept. 28 a mission of
83 Hadassah "Founders," led
by Rose E. Matzkin, past
president of Hadassah, arrived
at the Imperial Hotel in
Copenhagen for a four-day
visit enroute to Israel. The
Mission was composed of
donors to the Hadassah-
Hebrew University Medical
Center and to Hadassah's
educational services in Israel.
They came from all parts of
the United States. Ann E.
Hopfan, from West Palm
Beach, attended.
The special trip to Denmark
was planned to honor the
Danish People for their
courageous actions in rescuing
Jews from the Nazi forces by
hiding some and by boating
others to Sweden on the night
of Oct. 2, 1943.
Mrs. Matzkin, a resident of
Delray Beach, Fla. and the
mission co-leader, Blanche
Shukow of Huntington
Station, N.Y., took to Copen-
hagen a rare limited edition of
a lithograph by the late
Jacques Lipchitz to be
presented to the Friheds-
museet (Danish Resistance
Museum) in Copenhagen. The
lithograph, called "Tree of
Life," was based on studies
the famed sculptor made for
his final masterwork, a 20-
foot bronze sculpture at the
Hadassah University Hospital,
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem.
Six other Founders joined
the Mission in Israel where, in
addition to the dedications,
The new Young Leadership Development / Young AaJ
Division Cabinet met recently to make plans for the npcoaZI
year's programs. The 1984 YLD program will begin onOcU
and the first YAD community-wide program will be held it
Royce Hotel on Nov. 12. Pictured above [left to right] Stinf
Levy, co-chairman YAD; Jim Kay, Soni Kay, Marci Adler Drj
Moshe Adler, co-chairman of YLD program; Mark Levy'nil
chairman YAD; Michael Zimmerman, Leadership Dtvelopnnt
Over-All chairman; David Schimmel, Gail Schwartz, J
Kulkk, chairman of the November 12 YAD event; Dr. Robert I
Wacks, Laura Balas, Dr. Alan LeRoy and Dr. Steven Schwiru,
Not pictured are Judy Schimmel, Marilyn LeRoy, Philip Bila
Susan Wolf-Schwartz, co-chairman of the YLD program, Mir' 1
jorie Berg and Barry Berg.
The Jewish Floridian:
I he residents ol Florida
hour Seasons Manor vush io
lhank you (the Jewish Federa-
tion of Palm Beach County)
for the services on Fridays and
sending such wonderful people
like Al Weiss, Elsa and Jeanne
also for the refreshments and
dinners on the Holidays which
they were very grateful lor as
so many are not able to get
around by themselves and also
no transportation lor them as
most need a front scat in a car.
V\e all wish you and your
stall a Healthy and Happy
New Year to each and every-
one for the best life has to
oiler lor all your wonderful
work. God Bless all ol you to
continue for many years
Moving &
Clean Fireproof Building
Private Containers Available
Fire and Burglar Alarms
Piano Moving Confidential
Pick-up 7 Days and Evenings
You Will Love Our
Long Distance Rates
BWD (305) 923-3300
Palm Beach (305) 659-2222
yrrrm i rrrn in rrrrrn11111 iivi n 111 rawmw
A Division of
Computerized Switchboard Live Operators
213 No. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33480


Friday,bcto1&-^i9ra/TheJ^ ?*&*
BMgeauasBiBs^ < <
k. Hnrnslein Elementary Knesset Officers are: [left to
PL Se?h Vinhup, Treasurer, Matthew Kuril, President,
M EfcrikE! Vice President and Ad.m Krischer,
[he Rapaport Junior High Knesset Officers and their
Idvlsor, Mr. Jack Rosenbaum. [Left to right) Mr. Jack
Unbaum, Brinn Rny, Vice President, Jeffrey
(himelman, President, Mark Leibovit, Treasurer and
eborsh Pevsner, Secretary.
wish Community Day School
Sleets Officers To The Student
lesset For 1983-84 School Year
[The Rapaport Junior High and the upper grades of the
ornstein Elementary School held their Knesset elections
kt week.
JFor the first time, the school has two student councils.
[The Rapaport Junior High elected as their officers:
|President, Jeffrey Schimelman, Grade 8; Vice President,
rian Ray, Grade 8; Secretary, Deborah Pevsner, Grade 7;
kasurer, Mark Leibovit, Grade 8.
JThe class delegates and alternates to this body are:
DELEGATES: Elizabeth Lerner, Grade 7; Rachel
fcvsner, Grade 8; Edward Stein'.off, Grade 9.
LTERNATES: Bree Dellerson, Grade 7; Shari Cohen,
Jradc 8; Jason Glick, Grade 9.
|The Hornstein Elementary elected as their officers:
[President, Matthew Kurit, Grade 6; Vice President,
lint Ehrlich, Grade 5; Secretary, Adam Krischer, Grade
[Treasurer, Seth Virshup, Grade 5.
The class delegates and alternates to this body are:
[DELEGATES: Jordan Tartakow, Grade 4; Beryl
Bhen, Grade 5; Joshua Weingard, Grade 6. ALTER-
VTES: Shayna Bloom and Jessica Gavrin, Grade 4;
ivid Pomerance, Grade S; Kenneth Church, Grade 6.
[The Knesset, in each instance, will plan a whole variety
T student activities. The advisor to the Knesset is Mr. Jack
AcMagfHoawLof Apt! h*JtM Property
'MFihWv Oftte*
living Lehrman
To Receive
Avodah Award
Mr. Ivan Novick, presently
national chairman of the
Zionist Organization of
America, will speak to the
combined districts of South
Florida ZOA at Tamarac Jew-
ish Center on the evening of
Oct. 13.
Novic, who has been closely
associated with all the leaders
of Israel and a frequent visitor
to the White House, will speak
of the recent developments in
the Middle East. Recently
returned from an important
mission to Jerusalem, Novick
has brought back a message
for the American Jewish com-
munity from the leaders in
Israel. This meeting will be
open to all people who are
concerned with the welfare
and future of Israel.
Rabbi Irving Lehrman,
leader of Florida Jewry for
more than a quarter of a cen-
tury, will receive the prestig-
ious ZOA "Avodah Award"
for his successful work and ef-
fort in behalf of Israel and
world Jewry. The award will
be presented by three leaders
of the South Florida ZOA, Dr.
Mortimor Abrashkin, Mr.
Henry Karp, and Mr. Ber-
nardt Oolie.
For information call 566-
Someone Cared
Continued from Page 4
What seemed to surprise the
grandmother was that profes-
sionals, too, sometimes do the
same sort of thing. As the
various community options
began to surface, through our
discussions, she became ex-
tremely relieved to see the pos-
sibilities available to her in ad-
dition to counseling, should
the worst materialize.
(The Jewish Family and
Children's Service is a non-
pro/it agency designed to meet
the social, emotional and
counseling needs of the Jewish
community of Palm Beach
County. Our office is located
at 2250 Palm Beach Lakes
Blvd., Suite 104. Our
telephone number is 684-1991.
The Jewish Family and
Children's Service is a ben*
ficiary agency of the Jewish
Federation of Palm Beach
I County.}
F Rt f GIF^
It i Fun To B JW" nd now W%
My to com* -*rr For mw m "d
rs tun to m jiwh
lUMll| """
-cmtotiour 1
Community Calendar
October 7 ,. ..
SEMINAR 8:45 a.m. Jewish Community Center
Family Shabbat Dinner B'nai B'rith No.3041 board -
,2:30 p.m.
October 9
Congregation Anshei Sholom Men's Club board 10
a.m. B'nai B'rith Women Mitzvah Council 9:30 a.m.
Golden Lakes Temple Sisterhood dinner and show in
October 10
8 p.m. Women's American ORT Poinciana board 1
p.m. Women's American ORT -Palm Beach board -
9:45 a.m. Temple Israel executive committee 8 p.m.
Jewish War Veterans' No.408 9:30 a.m. B'nai B'rith
No.3132 board 10 a.m. National Council of Jewish
Women Okeechobee Unit new membership brunch -10
j a.m. American Jewish Committee board noon.
October 11
B'nai B'rith No.2939 7:30 p.m. Hadassah Lee Vassil -
board 10 a.m. B'nai B'rith Women Menorah 1 p.m.
Temple B'nai Jacob Sisterhood 10:30 a.m. Temple
B'nai Jacob Sisterhood board 10:30 a.m. Yiddish
Culture Group Century Village 10 a.m. B'nai B'rith
Women Masada 7:45 p.m. Women's American ORT -
West Palm Beach -12:30 p.m.
October 12
CAMPAIGN CABINET 7 p.m. Yiddish Culture Group
- Cresthaven Temple Beth Sholom Sisterhood board -
9:30 a.m. Women's American ORT Golden Rivers -
board -1 p.m. Temple Israel Brotherhood board 7:30
' p.m. Temple Beth David Sisterhood board 8 p.m.
I B'nai B'rith No.3046 8 p.m. JEWISH FEDERATION
October 13
. Temple Beth Sholom board 9:30 a.m. American
Jewish Congress board Pioneer Women Na'Amat
I Council -10 a.m. Women's American ORT Haverhill -
i board 12 noon B'nai B'rith Women Ohav board -
! 9:30 a.m. B'nai B'rith No.3196 7:30 p.m. 'B'nai B'rith"
Women Masada luncheon-card party 12 noon
Hadassah Bat Gurion board 9:30 a.m. Hadassah -
I Yovel board 9:30 a.m. Hadassah Shalom board -1
Brought Back by Popular Demand!
Sunday, October 9-10:30 A.N.
Miami trial lawyer Stanley Rosenblatt cross examines
outstanding personalities on location in Israel.
Quests in this WPBT Miami production include former
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, former President Yitzhak Mavon,
former Defense Minister Arid Sharon
and Labour Party leader Shimon Peres.
Don't miss the inside story!



o / r L Q
Wte for Brochure & Rates or Phone Miami Office
f GARDEN RAVIOLI \_________________
I The Jewish Homemakers Guide to Delicious Italian Cooking \
I Calls for Chef Boy-aiHleeCkeeteRmvioli.
2 |adues (10 <*. each) frozen
I chopped broccofc
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan
I cheese
H cup finely chopped onion
1 medium dove garic, crushed
Vt cup chapped red or gra
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
2 cans (15 oz. each) Chef Boy ar-dee
Cheese Ravioli in Sauce
Cook broccoli according to package directions; drain wet. Add
Parmesan cheese and mix well. Saute onion, garlic and peppers in
butter until lightly browned: combine with broccofc. Place Ravioli
in saucepan over low heat; stir occasionally until thoroughly
heated. Add half of the broccoli mixture to Ravioli; save half for
garnish. Arrange in shallow or IVt quart serving dish. Garnish
dg with remaining broccoli. Servit. 4 *+&

Page 10 The Jewiah Floridian of Palm Beach County / Friday, October 7,1983
The Rabbinical Corner
The Power of Community Worship

Temple Judea
Simhat Torah has con-
cluded our Fall Holy Day and
Festival cycle. In recent weeks,
your rabbis and cantors, and
the regular worshippers who
observe the Sabbath weekly in
the synagogue, have noticed
the yearly pattern of attend-
ance which begins to taper off
beginning with the Shofar
blast of the Yom Kippur Con-
cluding Service. Every Jew has
the right to pray to God any-
where because we believe that
God dwells everywhere.
However, the synagogue as the
sacred place for community
worship, becomes vibrantly
alive on those special oc-
casions throughout the year,
when its walls are filled to
These walls can be filled to
overflowing more often if we
take time to understand why
community worship is so
powerful and so spiritually
satisfying. Community wor-
ship involves the senses, the
interacting of voices of dif-
ferent generations singing and
reciting words hallowed by
centuries. Community wor-
ship involves body language
and emotion. Community
worship invoves the shedding
of tears of joy and sorrow. For
every person who enters the
synagogue prepared for
prayer, prepared to interact
with worshippers in prayer,
this experience is indeed
memorable as it is uplifting.
However, we are all guilty
of entering the synagogue with
wordly matters on our minds.
We are all guilty of discussing
inappropriate matters with our
fellow worshipper during the
service. We are all guilty of
Jessica Sloop
Bat Mitzvah
Jessica Amy Sloop, daugh-
ter of Dr. and Mrs. Ron Sloop
of Palm Beach Gardens, will
be called to the Torah Satur-
day, Oct. 8, at Temple Beth
David. She will also conduct
Friday evening services. Rabbi
William Marder and Cantor
Earl Rackoff will officiate.
Jessica is in the eighth grade
at Howell Watkins Junior
High School, where she is
president of the National
Junior Honor Society.
This will be the first Bat
Mitzvah held at Temple Beth
David's new home on Hood
transforming the synagogue
into a social club during the
worship service instead of
helping to elevate the spirit
which is ready to be elevated if
we would only will it.
Many of us sit in our seats
reviewing the synagogue
service as if it were entertain-
ment. Many of us sit in our
seats reviewing the congre-
gation. The Service is holy
time given to us by the synago-
gue to review ourselves week
after week after week, to uplift
ourselves, to help ourselves
find new purpose and meaning
in life. The High Holy Days
are not the only times set aside
for spiritual review. The High
Holy Days set the theme for
the year, a theme which
uniquely touches each of us.
But it is that rest of the year
which provides us with time to
begin to actively keep the spirit
of God moving within us.
A spark of God is in each of
us, and we must maintain it as
an eternal light. The spark of
God is not intended to -be
kindled once a year for the
High Holy Days but every day
of the year. Ever time we enter
the synagogue, we must allow
the spirit to move our thoughts
to the heights of Sinai, to the
words of the prophet, to the
poetry of the liturgist, to the
message of the psalmist. We
must feel this power, sense the
beauty of the music and words
uttered by a community of
men, women, and children,
who are renewing a covenant
sanctified by centuries of tears
and laughter.
The ethnicity of the Bagel
Palace is no substitute for the
spiritual experience which can
be discovered weekly during
the Sabbath Service. However,
to leave services with this
feeling, we need to enter the
synagogue with the strong
desire to set aside weekly time
for the holy, for the sacred,
which really means for each of
us. Indeed, God created us
just a little lower than the
angels, as partners of the
Opening day for Temple Beth David's Religions Srk..
5th grade students Craig Mazer [left] tidDwUill
collaborating on an assignment. For the first time tJT!
David's Religious School teachers are able to decorttMk.
and windows of the classrooms now that school is betatui
the new Religious School building adjacent to the newt!!?'
Hood Road in Palm Beach Gardens. Classes had n^Sl
been conducted in rented facilities. p^*
Tell us What you Think!!
Send letters to:
The Editor, Jewish Floridian
501 South Flagler Dr. #305
W. Palm Beach, FL 33401
Religious directory
ihm Terete Congregation
1401 N.W. 4th Avenue, Boca Raton, 33432. Phone 392-8566.
Rabbi Theodore Feldman. Sabbath Services, Friday 8:15 p.m.,
Saturday 9:30 a.m.
5438 Grove Street, West Palm Beach 33409. Phone 684-3212
Rabbi Isaac Vender Walde. Cantor Mordecai Spektor. Daily
8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m., 5 p.m., and a late
service at 8:15 p.m., followed by Oneg Shabbat. Saturday: 8:30
a.m., 7 p.m., Mincha followed by Sholosh Suedos.
Congregation Both Kodesh off Boynton Beach
501 N.E. 26 Avenue, Boynton Beach. Phone 734-0802. Rabbi
Avrom L. Drazin. Sabbath services, Friday 8:15 p.m., Saturday 9
Golden Lakes Temple
1470 Golden lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach 33411. Phone 689-
9430. Rabbi Joseph Speiser. Doily Services 8:15 a.m. and 5:30
p.m. Sabbath services Fridoy 8:15 p.m. Saturday 9a.m., 5 p.m.,
Mincha followed by Sholosh Suedos.
Temple Beth David
4657 Hood Road, Palm Beach Gardens 33410. Phone 694-2350.
Rabbi William Marder, Cantor Earl J. Rackoff. Sabbath services!
Friday 8 p.m., Saturday 10a.m.
Temple Beth El
2815 No. Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach 33407. Phone 833-0339.
Rabbi Howard J. Hirsch, Cantor Elaine Shapiro. Sabbath services
Friday 8:15 p.m., Saturday 9:30 a.m. Daily Minyan 8:15 a.m.,
Sunday and Legal Holidays 9 a. m.
Temple Beth Shoiom
224 N.W. Avenue "G", Belle Glade 33430. Sabbath services
Friday 8:30 p.m.
Temple Beth Shoiom
315 N. "A" Street, Lake Worth 33460. Phone 585-5020. Rabbi
Emanuel Eisenberg, Cantor Jacob Elmon. Services Monday and
Thursday 8:15 a.m. Friday 8:15p.m., Saturday9a m
Temple Both Zion
ITa An^TCTce,iLDr' Royal Palm Beoch- filing
Address: 640-101 Tra.l South, West Palm Beach 33414., Sabbath
Serv.ces Friday 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. Rabbi Nathan Zelizer
Cantor Chaim Baltuck. Phone 793-9122
Temple B'nai Jacob
HV-, SBLCL0T" Ave West Palm Beoch 33406 Phone 433-
5957. Rabbi Dr. Morris Silberman. Sabbath services, Friday 8
p.m., Saturday 9a.m., Monday through Thursday 9 a.m.
Temple Emanu-EI
190 North County Road, Palm Beach 33480. Phone 832-0804
Rabbi Joel Chazin, Cantor David Dardashti. Sababth services
Friday 8:30 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.
Temple Emeth
5 ^euuA,Ian,iC JAVce"Ue' Delra>' ^och 334<0- Phone 498-
3536. Rabbi Bernard Silver, Cantor Seymour Zisook. Sabbath
serv,ces, 5 p.m and 8 p.m., Saturday and holiday, 8:45 am
Da.lyMmyan, 8:45 a.m. and 5 p.m. .
. The Treasure Coast Jewish Center
(Martin County) 3257 S.E. Salerno Rood (opposite Winn-DiiiJ
Stuart, FL 33490. President Lief Grozi: 1-287-7732. Fridoy servial
8 p.m.
Temple Eternal Light
Boca West Community UMC, 8900 Boca West, Glades Road pi
mile west of Boca Turnpike). The free Synagogue, P.O. Boil
Boca Raton 33432. Phone: 368-1600, 391-1111. Rabbi BenjoM]
Rosayn. Sabbath services, Friday 8:15 p.m.
Congregation Arti Chaim
Century Village, West Palm Beach. Phone 689-4675 SobbJ
services 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Daily services 8:15 a.m. and6:30
Congregation Anshei Emuna
551 Brittany L. Kings Point, Delray Beach 33446. Phone 4997U7
or 499-9229. Harry Silver, President. Daily services 8 a.m. ond5
p.m. Saturdays and Holidays9a.m.
The Reform Temple of Jupiter-Tequesta
at St. Jude Church (Parrish Hall), mailing address: P'oza222,
U.S. No. 1, Tequesta 33458. Phone 747-4235. President Jm
Tarsches. Services the second and fourth Friday of every nwi*.
P m Temple Bath El of Boca Raton
333 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton 33432. Phone 391-9
Rabbi Merle E. Singer, Contor Martin Rosen. Sabbath n"**'
Friday 8:15 p.m. Torah Study with Rabbi Singer, Saturday*,
a.m. Sabbath morning services 10:30 a.m.
St. Helen's Parish Hall, 20th Avenue and Victory mV^v*l
Beach 32960, mailing address: P.O. Box 2113, Vero Besai,
32961-2113. Rabbi Stephen Adams. Phone 1-569-0180.
Temple Beth Torah
at St. David's in the Pines Episcopal Retreat, Forest Hill Blvd. jj
Wellington Trace, West Palm Beach. Mailing "0*"*J1
lantern Tree Lone, West Palm Beach 33411. Fridoy [**"* !
p.m. Rabbi Steven R. Westman, Cantor Nicholas Fenakel. nw
Temple Israel
1901 No. Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach 33407. Phone833-&J
Rabbi Howard Shapiro, Cantorial Soloist Susan Weiss *"*""
services, Friday 8 p.m.
Temple Judea
ot St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church Social HaV"
Washington Rd., at Southern Boulevard. Robbi Joe i ^
Cantor Rita Shore. Mailing address 1407 W" Lane'
Worth 33463. Phone 965-7778.
Temple Sinai
at Cason-United Methodist Church, corner of Lake Ida ^
Swinton Av*., Delray. Phone 276-6161. MoMmc| oaa j
N.W. 9th Street, Delray Beoch 33444. Rabbi Somu'
Friday services 8:15 p.m.

Friday, October 7,1983 /The Jewish FToridian of Beach County Page 11
Candle Lighting Time Friday, October 7 6x44
Services will include a Torah
Seminar and intergenerational
Birthday Blessing on Friday,
Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. at St. Cathe-
rine's Cultural Center, the
corner of Southern Blvd. and
Flagler Drive.
Rabbi Levine will call to the
pulpit during the reading of
the Torah, children, teenagers,
and adults who will be observ-
ing their birthdays during the
month of October. The birth-
day blessing will indicate that
"Torah is our life and the
length of our days," and that
every birthday is a new day to
renew our Jewish lives.
The Torah Seminar will be
devoted to Noah and the
Flood story. Everyone is urged
to read the story of Noah and
the Flood prior to attending
services in order to partici-
pate more fully in the discus-
sion which is always part of
the Torah seminar.
Representatives of the
membership committee,
chaired by Candy Fischer will
be available during the evening
and at the oneg shabbat fol-
lowing services. For more in-
formation, call the Temple of-
[he committee met to finalize plans for a
testimonial Dinner and Dance to honor
libbi Harry Z. Schcclman on his retirement
torn Congregation Anshei Sholom after
bven years. The event will be held on Sunday
venine. Oct. 16, in the Mercaz bnildiag of
the Jewish Community Day School. Rose
Slutsky [center] will chair the dinner assisted
by her co-chairmen [left to right], Charles
Bernblit, Jack Chiat, Aaron Rose and Victor
Duke. For more information contact the
temple office.
I On Sunday, Nov. 6 at 6
Ini.. Temple Beth David of
lorlhern Palm Beaches will
jld its Dedication Service. In
Separation for this event, a
Ime Capsule is being put to-
kther. Susan Mark is Chair-
fcrson of the Time Capsule. A
nail bronze plaque will be
cated inside the Temple
ating the location of the
|imc Capsule and the date to
| Included in the capsule will
congregants names, chil-
hn's ages, micro-film of his-
Irical Temple photographs
Id current artifacts. These
III be sealed in a special box
Id placed into the Syna-
fgue's wall behind a Corner-
Dne plaque.
[Anyone wishing their name
i be included in the Temple's
kpsule, can send an SI8 check
Ith names to be included to
|e Temple office: 4657 Hood
1., Palm Beach Gardens.
|Rabbi William Marder and
avid Blatt are in charge of
|e brief program. Many local
Ignitaries will be included in
lis special dedication service.
pr information call Temple
lOn Nov. 6 there will be a
lint sponsorship by Congre-
'on and Sisterhood of an
fening social, called a "Get-
to Know You" party.
his will be a good chance to
Net our new Congregants
t& Sisterhood members and
po renew old friendships. A
jini-Supper will be served.
[usic and dancing. Chairper-
)ns are: Abe and Molly Sil-
Nate, Esther Masarik, and
Jemple Beth El West Palm
Beach will begin its Adult Ed-
ucation program on Oct. 19,
9:30 a.m. with a course on
Parent Effectiveness. Psycho-
logists Dr. Elizabeth S. Frei-
lich, Dr. James Hibel and
Mrs. Judy Hibel will be lead-
ing the sessions.
Beginner and intermediate
level Yiddish and Hebrew
classes will begin Oct. 24, 7:30
p.m. The instructors will be
Dorrie Dacher, Florence Poel
and Renee Seal-Lange.
Rabbi Howard J. Hirsch,
Ann Lynn Lipton, Jewish Ed-
ucation Director of the Jewish
Federation of Palm Beach
County; and Rabbi Theodore
Feldman, spiritual leader of
B'nai Torah, Boca Raton, will
lead sessions on "Issues in
Contemporary Jewish Histo-
ry." Subjects to be discussed
are "Religious Pluralism in
the State of Israel," "Geo-
political Middle East," and
"Foundations of 20th Century
A special event, "Media and
our Jewish Community" will
be held on Oct. 7, 7:30 p.m.
Members of the panel will be
Rabbi Howard J. Hirsch, spir-
itual leader of Temple Beth El;
Tom Kelly, editor of the Palm
Beach Post; Jack Foster,
editor of the Palm Beach
Times; Chris Mobley, editor
of the Miami Herald; and Dr.
Sandford Kuvin, serving as
moderator. For more infor-
mation contact Temple Beth
The Sisterhood of Temple
Beth Torah, the reform He-
brew Congregation located in
Wellington, will hold a
Chinese Auction-Costume
Party on Saturday evening,
Oct. 29 at the Green Acres
Day School on 57th Ave. at
8:30 p.m.
The Sisterhood will provide
wine, chips, coffee and Beth
Torah's famous homemade
Anyone wishing to donate
items for the Chinese Auction
should contact Joyce Stein-
horn, Sandra Cordell, or
Muriel Friedman. All items
will be picked up in advance
and will be greatly appreci-
ated. It is requested that any-
thing donated be in good con-
Anyone wishing further in-
formation about Temple Beth
Torah or any of its related or-
ganizations (Men's Club, Sis-
terhood, Religious School
Youth Groups, etc.) should
contact either President Saul
Goldman or Membership
chairman Lenny Friedman.
On Oct. 12 at 1 p.m., Sister-
hood of Temple Beth Sholom,
Lake Worth, will hold a Des-
sert Card Party, in the Social
Hall, at 315 N. "A" St. There
will be door prizes.
Temple Judea Sabbath
Area Deaths
nil* ** Drive, W..t
..^.weft Plm Beach.
V Ptrnou> PI*. Century
h^uUS .BlnUe Drt- w
rthy F** Cnap,|. We* P|Jm
4 l- of noi s. riattor. W..t
Palm Beach Riverside Guardian Plan
Chapel. Wart Palm Beach.
Sam. 78. of Weat Palm Beach. Menorah
Oardena and Funeral Chapel, Weat
Palm Beach.
Louis, 78, of 8871 Pelnclana Drive, Lake
Worth. Riverside Guardian Plan
Chapel, Weat Palm Beach.
Lenore. 78. of 2809 W. Dudley Drive.
Wast Palm Beach. Riverside Memorial
Chapel, West Palm Beach.
Edward. 74. of I1T Lake Frances Drive.
West Palm Beach. Riverside Quardlan
Plan Chapel. West Palm Beach
the 0pntf npl attasr
in 1968)
Statement of Ownership, Management
A Circulation (required by 89 USC
3685): 1-Title of publicatlon: The Jewish
Floridlan of Palm Beach County. Pub-
UcaUon No. 069080. 2 Date of filing Sep-
tember 80. 1988. S-Frequency of Issue:
Weekly October through Mid-May. Bl
weeklv balance of year. A-No. of Issues
published annually: 48. B-Annual sub-
scription price: 88.76. 4-l.ocsuon of
known office of publication 2300 N.
Federal Highway, Suite 206, Boca
Raton, Fla. SS4S2. 6-Locatlon of head-
quarters of publishers: 130 N.E. 6th
Street, Miami. Fla. 88182. 6-PubUsher,
editor, managing editor: Fred K.
Shochet, 130 N.E. 6 Street, Miami. Fla.
88132. 7-Owner, Fred. K. Shochet, 130
N.E. 6 Street.Miami. Fla. 88183. 8-
Known bondholders, mortgagees and
other security holders holding or owning
1 percent of bonds, mortgagees or other
securities. If any: None. 9-for comple-
tion by non-profit organizations: None.
10-Extent and nature of circulation,
given In this order: average no. copies
each Issue during preceding 13 months
followed by actual no. copies single Is-
sue published nearest to filing date: A)
total no. copies printed (net press run):
11.798, 10,800; B) paid circulation: 1-
sales through dealers and carriers,
street vendors and counter sales, 0,0:2-
mall subscriptions: 11,267, 9,648: C)
total paid circulation: 11,807, 9.683; D)
free distribution by mall, carrier, or
other means, samples, complimentary
and other free copies, 40, 40; E) total
distribution, 11.807, 9.688. F) copies not
distributed: 1) office use, left over, un-
accounted for, spoiled after printing.
488, 617. 2) returns from news agents: 0,
0. O) Total: ll.TM, 10,800. I certify that
statements made by me above are cor-
rect and complete
s. Fred K. Shochet, publisher.
Highly Trained Professionsls
Quality Service
Personal Attention
2875 S. Ocean Blvd.
Title Insurance
Title Examinations
Resl Estate Settlement*
824 U.S. Hwy 1
Suit* 100
Condo For Sale:
Walk to Synagogue
Modern 2 bedr., 2 baths condo,
many extras,
close to beach,
excellent buy.
Retirees and Students
Earn up to $6 Per Hour
Need friendly articulate Intelligent people to help pro-
mote a special project for handicapped & under-
privileged children. Must have good speaking voice & a
desire to help a worth while cause. 25 parttime
positions in evening available.
Call 626-9606 after Oct. 2nd for Interview
Board Certified and Fellow of the
Royal College of Canada
Jaimy H. Bensimon M.D., P.A.
Medical Director of the
Joseph L. Morse Geriatric Center,
is pleased to announce the opening
of his office for the practice of:
Morse Geriatric Center
4847 Fred Gladstone Drive
West Palm Beach, Fla. 33407
Tel 305-471-5111
Office Hours I
By Appointment
Richard Kachel, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Michael Ray, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Robert Chait, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Are Pleased To Announce
The Association Of
Dr. Norman Erenrich, F.R.C.P.
. For The Practice Of
Cardiovascular Diseases
Cardiology Associates
Of The Palm Beaches
2617 N. Flagler, West Palm Beach 33407
Tel. 833-3324

Page 12 The Jewish Ftoridian of Palm Beech County /Friday, October 7,1983
Warning The Surgeon General Has Determined
That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health

SOn PACK 100s FILTER. MENTHOL: 2 mg. "tar". 0.2 mg. meotint
av. pet agacene. FTC Report MAR. '83.
5 mg 5 mg
We've got your number.

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